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,1 " tl a vJL JD jt J jr . M, jt LM rj? - ff fif : f -ri : ' ,. ' f- ' .-i sl ' ' t -u.l ' , 4 , ' T- J » ' n »i U ' - %., •I • k h. . t ! dk : kti JEI fi- SfSfci .. ' fa» tfi-lM ' ' i. ... ?. ik: Lj e cement seeking the edge of its mold, Tulane sprawls across its campus, between the regal sentry of Gibson Hall and the clean swiftness of Claiborne Towers. TitlJI SSiiH ; j£ a! ai.fsi The University Center is the beehive of Tulane; the central cog in the student machine, the huh of the great roulette wheel that comprises daily life at the University. Afternoons, and two facets of the student; he is the lonely student returning in solitude from a lab, and the energetic youth, vying in Pan-Hel and intramural matches. .J ' s ' - ' ■I ' ■ • -; ?? ;- ' - - • ' fi -: He 15 je scholar, immersed in the baptismal waters of knowledge at the library; and the artist, sparkling with the momentary flash of creation. SW- . ,yS ' _ He is the organization man, giving strength to the life of the University, and the lover, strolling sublimely towards the gold of sunset. Blazing bonfres and spirited cheerleaders usher the week-end, which settles in the deep greens of the Sugar Bowl upon a tightly packed student section. v:-. ...... After the game, alone means together: for dinner, for drinks at Bruno ' s, before the week disappears in a sun of midnight neon, beneath the twelve-bell toll of the Cathedral. Tuldne University is a diamond with 7,000 facets sparkling, reflecting in each the bright and immeasurable light of knowledge. But if it is knowledge which shines through every facet, it is the intangible substance of well-rounded growth which gives the diamond weight, depth, and dimension; growth that comes from exposure to an environment that is cultivated, international, unique in the United States; growth that comes from the carefully planned leadership of qualified and experienced guides; growth that comes from innate equalities and capacities, each as different from any other as two snow flakes; growth that comes from interaction with others, from particular achievement to group effort; growth that comes from individual talent working in co-operation with the parent body; growth that comes from inter and intra-scholastic contests, physically and morally constructive; growth that comes from living and working with others, from the social graces; growth that comes from the financial support of the cultivators. Every year a university alters itself; becoming constantly different, yet in many ways remaining the same. These pages record the brief, fleeting, yet unique moment that was Tulane University -19 63. INTRODUCTION ADMINISTRATION CLASSES THE UNIVERSITY FEATURES ATHLETICS GREEKS ADVERTISEMENTS 196S JAMBALAYA Editor: HANS A. B. JONASSEN Business Manager: MARTY BOORSTEIN Pandemonium She got a bid?! An hour before confusion begins, 18 When the Fall of the year is beginning to spread, hot and damp as always, over the Mississippi Delta, the new year of the Univer- sity begins. September, to paraphrase, is a cruel month in New Orleans, and it is even more bewildering to the thousand- odd stu- dents who face Tulane for the first time. For the rest, it is merely taking up where they left off last May: the same friends; a planned curriculum; renewed social life. But for the new student, the Freshman, the transfer stu- dent, September is the moment of crisis, the moment at which the forces that will guide his growth must find him, and he must find them. There is the chaos of registration, which no one handles efficiently. There is the guick- ly-made but important decision that must be made after a week and a half of rush. And then he settles down, relaxed in his personal groove, to immerse himself in the life of the University. Iii ' i ' " iali ' " You walk across the street when I tell you to, not before! " Cash a check? No, we don ' t believe in them. " Rally ' Round the Flag, Boys " The first contact of the student, new or old, is the force of growth that he does not choose, the strict yet compassionate Father image that exists to exert a pro- tective control over him. The administrators guide the path of his education, ensuring him the finest education possible and the curriculum most suited to his aptitudes. The Campus Police Force protects him from the capri- cious acts of immaturity and teaches him to accept a regulated life. He is provided with a cafeteria and a bookstore, which guide his physical and intellectual well-being. But the sum of all these forces is the impor- tant phase of his existence: an organization whose essence is to help him grow, to lead him towards the preferable road of mature life, and irrevocably away from his childhood. 20 Big Brother is watching you, ' i Is Peace Possible? The Mice that Roar. Light up and live. For whom the Bell tolls f e TiD Spirit is the most intangible aspect of a student ' s growth, for it is one that he assumes almost without realizing it. Spirit pervades the University campiis and becomes its atmosphere: spirit that is the excitement of the LSU game despite any odds; spirit that is a bonfire, a sacrifice to the " gods " ; spirit that is drinking, toasting the Green Wave. When a student comes to the Tulane campus, he slowly becomes a part of the feeling that spreads silently and untouchably over the University; he slowly takes on a deep and unbreakable sense of pride in being a Tulane stu- dent. This pride is the first checkpoint of his growth, the first mature identifica- tion that he can make. This pride remains with him forever: as he grows older, he guards within his spirit his allegiance to Tulane. Use only when score exceeds 63-0. One tiling about Tulanians — always full of spirit. The primary function and responsibility of a Univer- sity is the fostering of the intellect. A student comes to college with the mind and background of a youth; when he leaves, he should have acquired the quick and natural intelligence that characterizes the college grad- uate. It is part of the essence of a University to provide the student ' s mind adequate opportunity for growth: like an infant, it grows quickly if sometimes sporadi- cally, always in many directions. But it is part of the essence of the student to develop the capabilities for finding knowledge wherever it may lie. He learns to study efficiently, to absorb what he reads. He develops a taste for the fine arts, for literature and the theater. And when he finally graduates, his mind is the firm and polished intellect of the man, anxious to know, willing to learn, never satisfied with its limits. One should have a regular place io study. Well stacked, well informed. 24 In between coHee breaks. The Best in the World! 21sl Century Ashtray. n ' M i fiir la-.w .i :;!,. m. itaAl i i ' -a v,ii j-ii, Light and airy like a fairy. There is more to the growth of an individual than merely the nourishment of his mind: the cliched adage about sound bodies is irretrievably bound to the ever- quickened pace of modem society. Sports, though, can be any recreation; any pastime that relieves the student from the pressures of his academic existence can qualify. The student finds recreation in an informal co-ed football game, or in the hard-hitting rigor of Pan- Hel competition; he finds recreation in the new fad of winking tiddlies, or the intellectual battle of chess. But each time he pauses from the day ' s work; each time he stops to relax, it is not relaxation that he finds — it is growth, the rounding out of his being and personality. It ' s such a comiort to take the bus. ... -.. 28 Hanging of the greens. The growth of maturity is also essentially founded upon the ability of the youth to achieve a manlike rela- tionship with the world about him, to get along with other people in a sense of equality, to lose the egotism of youth. This, the University cannot control, the student must achieve this measure of growth by himself. But the University can supervise: it can supervise the Tug O ' War, a contest based purely on teamwork; it can supervise songfestg, Christmas caroling, that add the spiritual to his relations and attitudes. And in the end, youth comes to realize the necessary philosophy of Man and men: that the most satisfaction in life, life ' s greatest achievement, is working, playing, existing among and in unison with one ' s fellow man. " God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen " 29 Man is a social animal, and must above all be able to get along with others, not only at work, but at play. A large part of the growth of the student, his molding while at college, is gained at parties, at dances, at social functions in general, where he acquires poise and the social graces. Most of the organizations on campus and all of the University sub-strata offer social as well as intellectual outlets to the student. The branches of R.O.T.C. break the discipline of their ranks with ban- quets and dances. The schools let loose once a year — Architecture with the Beaux Arts Ball, Law School with the Barrister ' s Brawl. And there are fraternities, and University-sponsored functions. When the laughter and the shouting ends, when the seriousness must return to his life, the student regains the order and rule of every-day existence a little closer to true maturity. One, two, three o clock, four o ' clock — ? Musical Middies And the end product is the finished diamond, pol- ished, finely-cut — the well-rounded mature individual who is the Tulane student. He fits into no particular groove; instead, he represents individuality in the same sense as a flake of snow. His personality is his own: the bold professionalism of the athlete or the amateur humility that is purely human; the timidity and coyness of a growing girl or the polished awareness of the almost-woman. Yet in the end, he emerges as part of a heritage: for all his individuality, he is indelibly marked somewhere inside his being with the pride and assur- ance of someone who has attended Tulane University. Breezy! There is only one. Royalty. The Pro. The Young at Heart. Every school has ' em. The CHEER ful 32 ■ ' L. iL. L The Moody The Socialite ' M Experimenters The Rebellious The Aggressive Happy Wanderers MR. JOSEPH M. JONES President MR. CLIFFORD F. FAVROT 1st Vice-President MR. DARWIN S. FENNER 2nd Vice-President MR. JOSEPH McCLOSKEY 3rd Vice-President MR. LESTER J. LAUTENSCHLAEGER DEDICATED This JAMBALAYA, our 68th volume, is dedi- cated with pride, respect, and admiration to the seventeen members of the Board of Ad- ministrators. The position of the Administrators is seldom a glorious one: their role is to control the University, instruct its policy, to insure that it remain a well-oiled machine. Their actions and achievements are never performed with desire for credit. 1962-63, though, the 129th year of Tulane ' s existence, was a year of crisis for the Univer- sity; thanks to the seventeen members of the Board, it became a year of growth, the year Tulane came of age. In December of 1962, the Board delivered the now-famous, nation- ally-hailed decision to admit Negroes to Tulane. It was a bold and courageous action, and one that does not deserve to go unpraised, but, even more, it served to underline and re-emphasize the existence of a group that is too often forgotten or unnoticed. To the Board of seventeen who stand be- hind the University, who in actuality make it run with smoothness and efficiency, we dedicate this year ' s JAMBALAYA. 34 Mr. Gerald L. Andrus Mr. Richard W. Freeman Mr. Leon Irwin, Jr Mr. Sam Israel, Jr. Mr. Arthur L. Jung, Jr. Mr. Jacob S. Landry Mr. Joseph W. Montgomery Mr. Isidore Newman, II TO THE BOARD OF ADMINISTRATORS Mr. Ashton Phelps Mrs. George M. Snellings, Jr. Mr. Edgar B. Stern, Jr. Mr. George A. Wilson 35 S. ' nJfnii ■ T ULAN E U N 1 i: H S I T Y NEV ' ORLl-ANS 18 THE PRESIDENT ADMINISTRATION ALUMNI STUDENT GOVERNMENT Section Editor: GRETCHEN BIROSAK ADMINISTRATION 37 - TUIANE ' S PRESIDENT The short time that you have been in college has been a period of momentous events and changes. Colonial empires have withered, giving place to new, independent countries, and drastically altering relationships among the nations of the Earth. The growing use of jet aircraft has brought every place in the world within a few hours ' flight to the commercial traveler; astronauts have circled the globe in 90 minutes. Telstar has pointed the way to instantaneous worldwide communication. Molecular biologists have made basic discoveries in the process which determines whether an organism shall become a bacterium or a human being. Yet such developments represent only feeble beginnings in man ' s efforts to find a peaceful world order, to conquer space, and to dominate the mechanism of life itself. Stupendous achievements in these directions will take place before your sons and daughters are ready for college. Some of you will have a part in those achievements. Because of the new knowledge and techniques which are constantly introduced to the curricula, your college generation has had a better education than any previous one — better than that received by the scientists and leaders who are transforming the world. The accomiplishments of these people have been possible because their education has never stopped. They have continued to learn. College was only a propelling agent in their higher education, to which there is no end. Here at Tulane you have advanced appreciably along the road of learning. How well you continue will determine the parts you play in the wonderful world of tomorrow. HERBERT E. LONGENECKER At a Naval reception , and with Queen Sandy at the Homecoming Dance. mwmm « m ' -mm T ol Plk fl 1 : ' l ' ||f| 39 The Board of Administrators Tulane is a privately administered, non-denomina- tional University; as such, it is governed by a self- sustaining board, incorporated as the Administrators of the Tulane Educational Fund. The original members were selected by Paul Tulane, to receive and administer the gifts for the University. Today the Board consists of prominent Louisiana citizens, as well as three ex-officio members, the Governor of Louisiana, the Mayor of New Orleans, and the State Superintendent of Education. The Board of Administrators is responsible for the con- stant growth of the University, the enlargement of its vistas, in research and educational service as well as every phase of higher learning. Under the competent guidance of the Administration, Tulane continues to be an outstanding University, but strives to become a better Mr. Joseph M. Jones, President; Mr. Clifford F. Favrot, Isl Vice-Presi- dent; Mr. Darwin S. Fenner, 2nd Vice-President; Mr. Joseph McClos- key, 3rd Vice-President; Mr. Joseph W. Montgomery, Mr. George A. Wilson, Mrs. George M. Snellings. Jr., Mr. Lester J. Laulenschlaeger, Mr. Isidore Newman, II, Mr. Leon Irwin, Jr., Mr. Ashton Phelps, Mr. Richard W. Freeman, Mr. Gerald L. Andrus, Mr. Jacob S. Landry, Mr. Edgar B. Stern, Jr., Mr. Arthur L. Jung, Jr., Mr. Sam Israel, Jr. 40 Dr. Robert M. Lumiansky, Pro- vost and Dean of the Graduate School; Dr. Joseph Chandler Morris, Vice-President; Dr. Clarence Scheps, Vice-Presi- dent and Comptroller; Dr. Fred Ray Cagle, Coordinator of University Research; Dr. John Percy Dyer, Dean, Uni- versity College; Dr. Thomas Thercn Earle, Director, Sum- mer School; Miss Beatrice M. Field, Director, Alumni Activi- ties; Dr. William Ray Forres- ter, Dean, School of Law; Dr. John Randolph Hubbard, Dean, Nev comb College; Dr. Lee Hamie Johnson, Dean, School of Engineering; Dr. Walter Levvfts Kindelsperger, Dean, School of Social Work; Dr. Maxwell Edward Laphara, Dean, School of Medicine; John William Lawrence, Dean, School of Architecture; Alvin Leslie Lyons, Director, Devel- opment; Dr. William Wallace Peery, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences; Horace Calvin Renegar, Assistant to the President and Director of Athletics; Dr. Howard Gra- ham Schaller, Dean, School of Business Administration; Dr. John Henry Stibbs, Dean of Students; Dr. Paul Carey Trickett, Director, University Health Service; Robert Louis Talmadge, Director, Howard Tilton Memorial Library; En- dicott A. Batchelder, Director, Student Records and Registra- tion; Dr. Cliff Waldron Wing, Jr., Director of Admissions; Dr. Thomas E .Jordan, Direc- tor, Center for Teacher Edu- cation; Mr. Jesse B. Morgan, Business Manager. Officers of Administration Einar N. Pedersen, Director of the University Center; Louis Bemdt, Assistant Director of the University Center; Mrs. Mildred B. Barkley, Reser- vations Officer; Mrs. Susan Pace Guma, Program Consultant of the University Center; Carolyn Yenni, Program Secretary of the University Cen- ter; Hodding Carter, Adviser to Publications; Rev. George D. Hopper, Coordinator of Religious Ac- tivities; Dr. J. Karlem Riess, Adviser to Fraterni- ties; Dr. James C. Ching, Supervisor of Forensics; Dr. Samuel S. McNeely, Jr., Director of Interna- tional Office; James D. Schneider, Director of Placement; Mrs. Janet H. Hansche, Guidance Of- ficer; James Davies, Assistant to the Dean of Students (Men ' s Residence Halls); Agatha Nevi;itt, Assistant to the Dean of Students (Cultural Activi- ties); Mrs. Georgia P. White, Secretary to the Dean of Students; Tom McCay, Budget Officer. Division of Student Life The administration of the particulars of campus life, of the personal growth of each student, is directed and supervised by the Division of Student Life and its staff. It is through the efforts of the various departments and divisions of this branch of the Administration that Tulane students receive counsel, information, advice, and guid- ance. From the top of the hierarchy, Dean Stibbs, Dean of Students, and Mrs. Ricciuti, Dean of Women, to the bottom levels, the Division of Student Life is staffed with m.en and v romen experienced and talented in their re- spective fields. DR. JOHN H. STIBBS Dean of Students MRS. DOROTHY RICCIUTI, Dean of Woir.en The aim of the Student Program, as it is envisioned by the staff members of the Division, is three-fold, for it seeks to give the student an opportunity to comple- ment his formal studies with social and cultural growth, to give him opportunities to develop his interests and appreciations through companionship, and to help make his college years enjoyable, both in actuality, and as a memory that will remain with him throughout his life. The Orientation program at the beginning of the year strives to acquaint new students with Tulane, and to assist them in making the transition from reliance on others to reliance on self. The University Center, in all its many aspects, offers the student recreation, both in- tellectual and otherwise, while at the same time provid- ing him with meeting-rooms, and many activities. Every phase of the University as it directly concerns the stu- dent can be traced to one or another of the branches of the Division of Student Life, whether it be Forensics, Publications, or Fraternities. The new faciliiies created constantly for the student — new dorms and food services, renovated athletic facili- ties, the health service and University Center — are the testimony of the Division of Student Life and their un- selfish labor for the student and his benefits. But the respect of the Division for the students is only equalled by the respect of the students for the Administrative branch. Advice from someone who knows. Dean Stibbs and student work out problem. 43 lulane Alumni Association Miss Beatrice M. Field, Director The Tulane Alumni Association was incorporated in 1898, dedicated to the broad principles of loyalty and service to the University and its Alumni. During the past sixty-four years it has grown from a few local alumni to a world-wide organization of more than 35,000 members living in each of the fifty states and in sixty foreign countries. The Alumni Fund, inaugurated sixteen years ago, has provided $2,674,746 for needs of the University. The Association ' s contributions to higher education have been equally important. Alumni clubs provide scholar- ships to deserving students in their areas. The annual Tulane Conferences, presented by the Association and Alumni Clubs, bring to many Southern cities, programs in the specialized fields of science, the humanities, law, medicine, engineering, social work, etc. Other activities include Homecoming, reunions, local clubs and the principal publication for the alumni, THE TULANIAN, sent without charge to all alumni. Presiden; Waechter crowns ou; Homecoming Queen Dr. Mortimer Silvey, Treasurer: Douglass V. Freret, Vice-President; A. }. Waechter, President; Woollen Walshe, Vice-President. 44 Newcomb Alumnae Association Myrtle Gastrsll Williams, President The Newcomb Alumnae Association is composed of some 9,169 alumnae, graduates and non-graduates. The office is in the Tulane Alumni House, where files are kept containing current addresses of former students. Clubs of alumnae are located in leading cities. The Association has two national meetings annually, at Homecoming in the fall and at Commencement in the spring. All former students are considered members of the Association. Newcomb Alumnae in Mexico Cily Con ' erence time again! 45 student Council ff .Tr- Hailan Schmidt President Gano Lemoine Vice-President Sandy Noble Secretary mk Louis Fishman Representative-at-Large ll Tulane Student Council 1952-63 was a year of both turmoil and progress for the Tulane Student Council. It was during Harlan Schmid. ' s reign that Freshman Herb Stanford introduced his long list of University reforms, in the form of a peti- tion from a group of students, that should alter the con- cept of student government at Tulane in years to come. Gano Lemoine assumed the presidency upon Schmidt ' s resignation, moving up from Vice-President, and imme- diately effected several reforms, including a Constitu- tional Revision Committee and the appointment of Sherri Brown as Chaplain. The second-semester reinstatement of Town Mee ' iings helped underline the importance of the Council as the representative of every student on campus. Schmidt gives it up!!! A student resolution is an important cog in Student Council Machi- nations. The Student Council is the central governing body of all Tulane University students. Its elected members supervise, by means of a highly complex legislative- executive machine, the government of Tulanians. Spe- cific problems are discussed by specially-named committees. 1962-63 was a key year for the Tulane Student Coun- cil, for it was a year of new directions, a year which may be remembered by Tulane students in the same way that they remember 831 B.C. Harlan Schmidt was Student Council President, riding in unopposed, first semester, but upon Schmidt ' s resig- nation, Gano Lemoine, formerly Vice-President, suc- ceeded to office. Guy Wooten was elected new Vice- President. Louis Fishman was Representative at Large, and pretty Sandy Noble was Secretary for the entire year. The most crucial event of the year was the December petition-reading by Freshman Herb Stanford, who pre- sented a list of complaints and queries as to the running of the University, and signed by a number of students. Upon Lemoine ' s succession to the Presidency, action was taken on the complaints, and a Constitutional Re- vision committee was formed. Lemoine also named a Chaplain for the Council: Newcomb ' s Sherri Brown. The active leadership of Harlan Schmidt and Gano Lemoine made 1962-63 a great year in the annals of Tulane Student Government. Dean Stibbs gives Administration views in open cell meeting. Newcomb Student Council. ! University Center Board The University Center is the setting for a dynamic communiiy life at Tulane. Students and faculty members spend many informal hours in the various lounges and recreational areas, the bookstore and cafeteria. Recreational and cultural opportunities are unlimited. Scheduled throughout the year are such programs as dances, talent shows, lecture and film series, concerts, and art exhibits. These activities are planned and or- ganized by students, who compose the committees of the University Center Program. The University Center Board is the coordinating body for student activities in the University Center. The 10 committees of the Board provide ample opportunities for students interested in service and in leadership respon- sibilities. The Board is composed of four officers, four division heads, and the chairmen of the 10 committees. The University Center program is actively fulfilling the purpose for which it was designed; that of a unify- ing force on campus. Anne Franks President Mar ' .in Rothberg Vice-President for Adrainislrallon f . _ ' jL .. Georgellen Costan Secretary Ronald Goldberg Vice-President for Finance The Tulane University Center Board. Sealed left lo right: Chairman: Carolyn Pratt; Secretary: Diane Cole. Seated left lo right: Buddy Fink, Chairman and Florette Snyder, Sec- retary. PUBLICITY COMMITTEE The Publicity Committee uses all means available to publicize and piomoie all University Center sponsored activities. The " Hullabaloo, " W.T.U.L., and posters are three of the various forms employed to keep the Tulane-Newcomb student body and faculty informed of v.rhat is taking place. The committee is also in charge of conducting and tabulating all public opinion polls to determine the efficiency of University Center program. FINE ARTS COMMITTEE The Fine Arts Committee endeavors to bring to Tulane Cultural programs v?hich will supplant the fine arts and humanities depart- ments. This year the committee ran a very successful Fine Arts Film Series and presented continuous art shows, drawing exhibits from the art school, school of architecture, and from art associations. The Dame Judith Anderson program was handled by this committee, also. Expansion in programs progressed firmly in the field of theater and dance, with plans for a campus literary magazine and English read- ings. Simple but happy. Virginia Weissinger Cultural Division Head Lynne Haddock Events Division Head Danny Schwartz House Division Head DeeDee Polunski Public Relations Division Head 49 Seated left to right: Ann Giraitis, Chairman; Paula E;.-, Venters. Seated leli to right: Chairman: Carol Gene Vi ' aldman; Secretary: El_ Mintz. Seated left to right: Chairman Mike Friedman, Renee Ferrari, Secre- tary. Seated lefi to right: Chairman: Sallie Weissinger; Secretary: Barbara Burnett. HOSPITALITY COMMITTEE The Hospitality Committee is always ready to make visitors feel welcome on the Tulane-Newcomb campus and to make students feel at home. The committee ' s many activities include conducting guided tours of the campus and University Center; ushering for concerts, films, and other programs; providing receptions for prominent enter- tainer, as Judith Anderson and the Romero Family; and sponsoring a weekly coffee on Wednesday afternoon. In addition, the committee sponsors a travel map and exam coffees. LAGNIAPPES Lagniappes, the Dance Committee of the University Center, sponsors a large number of dances during the school year including pep dances with the spirit clubs before every home football game, the Orientation Dance for the Freshmen, and the Homecoming Dance. HighUghting the spring semester Lagniappes plays host to the Varsity Dance and the Spring V eekend Dance, Throughout the year Lag- niappes presents several novelty dances such as the ATMO Dances and the Sadie Hawkins Dance with its spotlight on " Campus Lover. " LYCEUM COMMITTEE The Lyceum Committee has as its main objective the desire to obtain interesting speakers on stimulating topics for the educational and cuhural development of Tulane students. The Committee has thus created several series programs such as the Faculty-Lecture series and Green Room discussions for this purpose. Many other programs such as Student Life discussions, alumnae lectures, political speakers, and the adult Tulane-Lyceum speakers are programmed by this com- mittee. Lycetom thus tries to present topnotch speakers with some- thing of value to say. MUSIC COMMITTEE The Music Committee programs all musical events sponsored by the University Center. This year the committee once again participated fully in the pro- gramming of the annual Tulane Artist Series, featuring well-known classical and popular entertainment, such as the Romero Family and the New Orleans Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra. The committee also sponsored the Brothers Four. Another primary function of this busy committee is that of the co- ordination and control of the two music listening rooms, housing stereo and monaural equipment, in addition to over three hundred indexed LP ' s. 5° m ■rwrn . ' JI»«IIFI¥ i I f™ T1WW University Center Committees Seated, left to right: Chairman: Larry Goldblatt; Secretary: Jane Silver- berg. Seated left to right: Chairman: Lee Askew; Secretary: Ann Albert. PADOHAD COMMITTEE The functions of the PADOHAD committee (Preservation and Devel- opment of Hobbies and Decorations) are to keep the University Center as attractive as possible by decorating for seasons, holidays, and special activities. At Christmas time the committee sponsors The Hanging of the Green. In addition, the committee programs in the Hobbies Room where facilities for building and construction and free aid and advice are available. COSMOPOLITAN COMMITTEE The Cosmopolitan Committee provides a neutral-ground in which the 300-odd foreign students on campus may assimilate, and in which the Tulane student may acquaint himself with political, economic and cultural systems other than his own. Contacts are made with con- sulates, the International Trade Mart, and International House of New Orleans. RECREATION COMMITTEE Recreation lor Tulane and Newcomb students is provided by the Recreation Committee. By enlarging its program to include pool, bowling, bowling lessons for girls, SCUBA diving, judo, sports films, weight-lifting, swimming, wrestling, bridge and chess games, and a Health Club, the group became very active in student affairs. Con- venient, inexpensive trips to Europe and Biloxi were also sponsored by the committee. SPOTLIGHTERS The Spotlighters Committee spotlights talent on the Tulane University campus. The talent is seen by all in the Freshman and the All- Campus talent shows which the committee produces. This year audi- tions were also held for the Texas A M Intercollegiate Talent Show providing a wonderful opportunity for Tulane ' s best talent to be seen by thousands. Among its other activities the committee produced a Bridal Fashion Show and was responsible for bringing the Smothers Brothers to Tulane. Seated left to right: Suzanne Peissel, Chairman and Susie Ring, Sec- retary. Seated left to right: Chairman: Mike Harris; Secretary: Barbara Bienn. 51 Seated left to right: President: Gano Lemoine; Secretary: Junius Champeaux. Tulane Honor Board The Tulane Honor Board is the parent organization to the Honor Boards of the various colleges, for it serves to co-ordinate the structures within the Uni- versity. Under the leadership of the Student Council Vice-President, the Univer- sity Honor Board consists of two representatives from each college. It decides questions of interpretations of the University honor code. Newcomb Honor Board The Newcomb Honor Board is responsible for helping uphold one of the college ' s oldest traditions, the Honor System. The Honor Board is composed of sixteen members and the President, who is elected by the Student Body. The duties of the Honor Board are many. They give the Honor Pledge to new stu- dents at the beginning of the year; check attendance at all Student Body meetings; and direct all campus elections. The Board also meets to investigate and recommend penalties in cases of infringement of the Honor System. Seated left to right: Secretary: Bonnie Kaplan: President: Marilyn Cohen. I 5 iff Wt ' WTMimTT T. Seated left to right: President: Corky Steiner; Secretary-Treasurer: Stan Kann; Advisor: Mr. Jim Davies. Tulane Inter-House Council Interhouse Council is the co-ordinating body of all dormitory activities. Its purpose is to aid in the governing of the residence halls, to represent the will of the dormitory residents, to co-ordinate social activity of the dorms, and to provide for the general welfare of the student living at Tulane. I.H.C. tries to make the college dorm " a home away from home " where students can enjoy the main aspects of college life. Newcorab Inter-House Council The purpose of the Newcomb Inter-House Council is to develop and maintain a system of self-government with regard to individual behavior within the New- comb campus. The Inner Council of the body is unique among governments in that it combines legislative, judicial, and administrative functions, making rules, declaring penalties, and enforcing their own judgments. Seated left to right: Linda Hudson, President; Karen Peeler, Secretary. 53 k. a y % % I 1 fp ' ii 3 l-rt MEDICINE LAW GRADUATE SCHOOL SOCIAL WORK ARTS SCIENCES BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ENGINEERING ARCHITECTURE NEWCOMB COLLEGE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE SUMMER SCHOOL Section Editor: ZUMA LEE GRIBBEM C I A S S E DEAN MAXVaTELL LAPHAM Tiilaiie School of Medicine From the time he begins to wear the beige coat of the first year student until his graduation as a Doctor of Medicine, the medical student at Tulane University combines his medical knowledge with a feeling of service and an interest in the patient. Founded in 1834, the School of Medicine offers four medical fraternities and several social and scholastic functions which lend a much-needed occasional interlude from lectures, cadavers, and studies. Officers JIM BRAME President WILLIAM AKINS . T . ' Vice-President JIM BOOTLE Secretary " JEEMS " WHITE Treasurer First Row: GEORGE A. ALDRIDGE, Mathis, Tex. KATHERINE ARNOLD SMITH ALDRIDGE, Hattiesburg, Miss. WILLIAM F. ALEXANDER !I, Dallas. Tex.; Treasurer, Senior Class. Second Row: PHILIP M. ARONOFF, New Orleans, La.; Phi Delta Epsilon; Alpha Epsilon Delta. U. H. AUNG, New Orleans, La. DEE BARKSDALE, Fort Worth, Tex.; American Women ' s Medical As- sociation; Secretary, Alpha Omega Alpha. Third Row: SAM J. BARRANCO, Lake Wales, Fla.; Phi Chi; Alpha Epsilon Delta. ESLY M. BARRERAS, New Orleans, La.; Phi Chi. WILLIAM A. BLOOM, Fayette, Mo.; Nu Sigma Nu, President; Alpha Epsilon Delta; History of Medicine Society; Owl Club. First Row: JIM B. BRAME, Baytown, Tex.; Phi Chi; President, Medical School Student Body; Alpha Omega Alpha; History of Medicine Society; Medical School Honor Board. WILLIAM RANDOLPH BRIDGES, Abilene, Tex.; Nu Sigma Nu. CHARLES HERBERT BROWN, Mobile, Ala.; Phi Delta Epsilon. Second Row: WILLIAM J. CARR, JR., Gulfpori, Miss.; Phi Chi; Sigma Chi; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Scabbard and Blade. THOMAS J. CLEMMONS, JR., Kilgore, Tex.; Phi Chi. FLORENCE E. J. DEAN, St. Bernard, La.; American Medical Women ' s Association; Alpha Epsilon Delta. Third Row: RICHARD DEPP, New Orleans, La.; Nu Sigma Nu; Beta Theta Pi; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Phi Eta Sigma. DAVID DOMBECK, White Lake, N.Y.; Tau Epsilon Phi; Phi Delta Epsilon; Phi Eta Sigma; TUSK. EDWARD FARMER DOWNING, Birmingham, Ala.; Phi Chi. Fourth Rovr: DAVID J. DREZ, JR., DeQuincy, La.; Nu Sigma Nu. J. THOMAS FITCH, San Antonio, Texas; Phi Chi. RONALD J. FRENCH, New Orleans, La.; Nu Sigma Nu; Beta Theta Pi; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Phi Eta Sigma. Fifth Row: ROBERT MILTON GAY, New Orleans, La. ELIAS S. HANNA, Al-Matin, Tartous, Syria; History and Medicine Society. RAY H. HERNANDEZ, San Antonio, Tex.; Alpha Kappa Kappa. School of Medicine Sk Mfc Jr First Row: JON TEK LUM, Honolulu, Hawaii. RICHARD L. MACKEY, Tulsa, Okla.; Phi Chi. ROBERT W. MACKEY, Tulsa, Okla.; Phi Chi. Second Rotv: L. KEITH MASON, JR., New Orleans, La.; Nu Sigma Nu; Alpha Epsilon Delia. R. WATHEN MEDLEY. JR., Owensboro, Ky. TOXEY M. MORRIS, Hattiesburg, Miss.; Phi Chi; Phi Kappa Sigma. Third Row: JOHN A. MURFEE, Amory, Miss.; Phi Chi. J. R. NELSON, New Orleans, La. HENRY T. NOGUCHI, Honolulu, Hawaii. Fourth Rov : DONALD JEROME PALMISANO. New Orleans, La.; Phi Chi. MYUNG SOOK PARK, Seoul, Korea. MAUNSEL B. PEARCE, JR., Alexandria, La.; Phi Chi; Alpha Omega Alpha; Owl Club. Fifth Row: E. EARL PENNINGTON, Ackerman, Miss.; Phi Chi.; President, Senior Class; Owl Club. ALBERT PRIETO, JR., New Orleans, La.; Nu Sigma Nu; Alpha Tau Omega; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Alpha Omega Alpha, President; Kappa Deha Phi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Sigma Iota; Who ' s Who; Owl Club, President. JAMES WILLIAM RHD, ThomasviUe, Ga.; Alpha Kappa Kappa; His- tory of Medicine Society. School of Medicine First Row: STANLEY A. HOFFMAN, New Orleans, La. JAMES A. HOLLIDAY, JR., New Orleans, La.; Phi Chi; Kappa Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma; Pre-Medical Society; History of Medicine Society; Intra- mural Council; A Cappella Choir; Campus Nile; Tulanians. EARL C. HUTCHINS, Crookston, Minn.; Phi Chi. Second Row: MELVYN M. KANESHIRO, New Orleans, La. JON W. KNOLLE, Houston, Tex.; Nu Sigma Nu; Phi Delta Theta. DOUGLAS W. LAMPPIN, Mobile, Ala.; Phi Chi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Who ' s Who. Third Row: JAMES LAROSE, New Orleans, La.; Nu Sigm.a Nu. ADOLF M. LO, Kowloon, Hong Kong. RUSSELL CHESTER LOWERY, II, Birmingham, Ala.; Phi Chi; Lambda Chi Alpha; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Alpha Omega Alpha; Honor Council. First Row: ALEXANDER P. ROSIN, Sarasota, Fla.; Phi Delta Epsilon; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Pre-Medical Society; History of Medicine Society, STANLEY CHARLES ROSKIND, Charlotte, N.C. EDWARD G. SCOTT, JR., Butler, Ala.; Phi Chi; Alpha Epsilon Delta. Second Row: GARY SHARRON, Flushing, N.Y.; Phi Delta Upsilon. WALLACE HARDEN SMITH 11, Natchez, Miss.; Phi Chi; Kappa Sigma. ROGER LAWRENCE SPARK, New Orleans, La.; Phi Delta Epsilon. Thiid Row: JAMES E. SPENCE, Kappa Sigma; Phi Hattiesburg, Miss.; Phi Chi; Eta Sigma; Owl Club; Circle K. JOHN F. STEELE JR., Greenville, Ala.; Phi Chi; Alpha Epsilon Delta. ROGER C. SUTTLE JR., Gadsden, Ala.; Phi Chi; Vice-President, Senior Class; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Owl Club. First Row: STEPHEN R. THOMAS, Cheyenne, Wyo.; Phi Chi; Kappa Sigma. ROBERT E. TREUTING, Pittsburgh, Pa.; Phi Chi; Alpha Omega Alpha; Phi Beta Kappa. CHARLES Z. WEINGARTEN, Chicago, III; Phi Delta Epsilon. Second Row: FRED MASON WEST, Jay, Fla.; Alpha Kappa Kappa. PHILLIP EARLE WILLIAMS, JR., Dallas, Tex.; Phi Chi; Phi Gamma Delta; Honor Council; Owl Club. JOHN T. WILSON, III, Wichita Falls, Tex.; Phi Chi; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Eta Sigma Phi; Student Activities Key. Third Row: LOUIE CECIL WILSON, Leroy, Ala.; Phi Chi; Pi Kappa Alpha; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Omicron Delta Kappa; Sigma Pi Sigma. JOHN WADE YOUNGBLOOD, JR., Dallas, Tex.; Nu Sigma Nu; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. UNDERGRADUATES First Row: J. M. LAZARUS, Sanford, N.C; Senior; Alpha Omega Alpha; History oi Medicine Society; Owl Club. JAMES M. LONG, III, Cleveland, Miss.; Freshman; Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon; President, Freshman Class; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Kappa Delta Phi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Who ' s Who; Campus Nite; Tu- lanians; Medical School Honor Board. LEE TERRELL NESBIT, JR., Rayne, La.; Freshman; Omicron Delta Kappa; Vv ' ho ' s Who. JAMES ALEXANDER WHITE, III, Alexandria, La.; Junior; Nu Sigma Nu; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Alpha Epsilon Delta. School of Medicine .59 DEAN RAY FORRESTER chool of law Since its founding in 1847, the Tulane School of Law has trained students not only to be capable of practicing law under the unique legal system of Louisiana, but also to be competent lawyers in the rest of the United States and in Latin America. Degrees are offered in both civil and common law, through the doctorate level. Offieers GUY WOOTAN President DAVE FOSTER Vice-President CHARLES SONNIER Secretary PETE ABADIE Treasurer First Row: DOUGLAS ADKINS, Shongaloo, La.; Sigma Gamma Epsilon; Kappa Mu Epsilon; Vv ' ho ' s Who; Law Review, Managing Editor; Law School Honor Board, Chairman; Blue Key N.tional Honor Fraternity, President. TROY G. ARNOLD, JR., Winchester, Tenn.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Delta Phi; Scabbard and Blade. CHARLES F. BARBERA, New Orleans. La. Second Row: W. CHARLES BROWN, Longsireet, La.; Phi Alpha Delta. PERRIN CHARLES BUTLER, Metairie, La.; Phi Delta Phi. LARRY LeROY DEEMER, Birmingham, Ala.; Phi Kappa Alpha; Law Review. Third Row: W. GERALD GAUDET, New Orleans, La.; Beta Theta Pi. JACK C. GRONER, New Orleans, La.; Beta Theta Pi- Who ' s Who- Phi Delta Phi. JOEL KARL GUSTAFSON, Branford, Conn.; Queen ' s Bench. ii kSJa i 1kiiiW t iii2 First Row: MICHAEL LAIN HARRIS, Tampa, Fla.; Tau Epsilon Phi; Phi Delta Phi. HAYWOOD HANSELL HILLYER, III, Beta Theta Pi; Phi Delta Phi; oung Republicans; Young Conservatives. HARLEY BUTLER HOWCOTT, JR., New Orleans, La.; Phi Delta Phi. Second Row: EDWIN R. HUGHES, New Orleans, La.; Phi Alpha Delta. CAMPBELL C. HUTCHISON III, Shreveport, La.; Beta Theta Pi; Pi Sigma Alpha; Scabbard and Blade; Phi Delta Phi; Law Review. ROBERT E. JEFFERS JR., New Orleans, La.; Phi Kappa Sigma- Phi Delta Phi. Third Row: C. GORDON JOHNSON JR., New Orleans, La.; Kappa Sigma- Phi Delta Phi, President. JON L. LEVY, New Orleans, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Kappa Delta Phi; Student Activities Key; Who ' s Who; Phi Delta Phi. W. ERIC LUNDIN, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha; Phi Delta Phi; La Societe du Droit Civil. Fourth Row: TOM CLINTON McCLELLAN, Overton, Tex.; Sigma Chi; Phi Delta Phi; Varsity Football; Law School Honor Board; President, Senior Class; Secretary, Tulane Student Bar Association. LYNN R. McCLINTON, Conway, Ark.; Student Council. FRANK McGEE, Eunice, La.; Phi Alpha Delta; Student Bar Association. School of law 6i . 4k;» .Ai .Wi Jiik 2 First Row: PAUL R. ROGERS, Pineville, La. RICHARD T. SANDLIN, Lake Charles, La.; Pi Kappa Phi; Secretary, Senior Class; Phi Alpha Delta. CHARLES R. SONNIER, Abbeville, La.; Kappa Sigma; Phi Alpha Delta; Tulane Student Bar Association. Second Row: WILBUR S. STAKES, JR., Bellport, N.Y.; Theta Chi; Phi Alpha Delta; Queen ' s Bench. ROBERT E. STONE, Pineville, Ky.; Vice-President, Senior Class; Moot Court Board; Queen ' s Bench; Law School Honor Board. STEVE VICTORY, Shreveport, La.; Kappa Sigma; Omicron Delta Kappa; Sigma Gamma Epsilon; Who ' s Who; La Sociele du Droit Civil; Moot Court Board; Phi Delta Phi. Third Row: A. (WALLY) WALLESVERD, Gretna, La, GEORGE E. WHITWORTH, Memphis, Tenn.; Phi Alpha Delta. GUY WOOTAN, New Orleans, La.; Phi Alpha Delia Vice President; President, Law School; Intramural Council. Fourth Row: LLOYD D. YOUNG, Guslon, Ky.; Moot Court Board. First Row: MICHAEL ELLIOTT MANCHESTER, Santa Barbara, Calif.; Phi Alpha Delta. RAFAEL MARXAUCH DEL TORO, Santurce, Puerto Rico. AUGUSTINE MEAHER III, Mobile, Ala.; Phi Deha Phi. Second Row: GUNTHER R. MICHAELIS, New Orleans, La.; Phi Delta Phi. RONALD E. MURLIN, New Orleans, La.; Beta Theta Pi; Phi Delta Phi. CHARLES B. MURPHY JR., New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha; Phi Delta Phi; Law Review. Third Row: JOHN ROUMAIN PETERS JR., New Orleans. La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Phi Deha Phi; La Societe du Droit Civil. MICHAEL P. PORTER, New Orleans, La.; Sigma Nu; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Beta Kappa; Pi Sigma Alpha; Who ' s Who; Phi Delta Phi; " Law Review " , Assistant Editor. RICHARD THOMAS REGAN. Nev Orleans, La.; Phi Delta Phi; Delia Sigma Pi; Young Conservatives, President. Hi " J » JSM School of Law UNDERGRADUATES First Row: JAMES W. BORTNER, JR., Everett, Wash.; Freshman; Phi Kappa Sigma. CHARLES A. BRISTOW, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore. JOSEPH D. CASCIO JR., Monroe, La.; So phomore; Phi Delta Phi. HARRELL PAILET, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore. Second Row: VINCENT JOSEPH CIOLINO, New Orleans, La.; Phi Kappa Sigma; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Delia Phi. CHARLES EDGAR CLOUTIER, Natchitoches, La.; Freshman; Phi Delta Theta. JAMES H. DAIGLE, Shreveport, La.; Sophomore; Kappa Sigma; Omi- cron Delta Kappa; Who ' s Who. LOUIS V. de La VERGNE, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Delta Kappa Hpsilon; Phi Delta Phi; Young Republicans. Third Row: RAYMOND J. GAILLARD, Alexandria, La.; Freshman. W. PAUL HAWLEY, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Sigma Chi. JIMMY N. DIMOS, Monroe, La.; Phi Alpha Delta. T. WILLIAM DOWDY, Alexandria, Va.; Phi Delta Phi; Queen ' s Bench; intramural Council; Young Democrats. Ml ■ " - « , % ««c " M]feiiM2i 1 0 lifcifiililitull First Row: GEORGE GARY JANIS, White Plains, N.Y.; Sophomore; Phi Alpha Delta; Varsity Track; Glendy Burke Debating Society. RICHARD R. KENNEDY, Lafayette, La.; Freshman; Phi Alpha Delia, SANFORD A. KUTNER. Elizabeth, N.J.; Freshman. HARRY S. LAUGHRAN, Biloxi, Miss.; Freshman; Delta Sigma Phi; Pi Sigma Alpha. Second Row: GANG D. LEMOINE JR., Cotlonport, La.; Sophomore; Sigma Alpha Lpsilon; Who ' s Who; Phi Delia Phi; Vice-President, Tulane Student Council. ANN MARIE LOUGHRIDGE, Clearwater, Fla.; Sophomore. RAFAEL F. LUGO, Aquadilla, Puerto Rico; Sophomore; Phi Alpha Delta. JERRY L. MASHAW, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; " Law Review. " Third Row: BILL McWILLIAMS, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Beta Theta Pi; Phi Delta Phi. ROBERT L. MORRIS, Pineville, La.; Sophomore; " Law Review. " JOHN DERWOOD MORVANT, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Phi Alpha Delta. AUGUST WILLIAM MYSING, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Phi Delta Theta; Young Republicans; Phi Delta Phi. Fourth Row: EDV IN M. SCHROERER, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Moot Court Board. KENNETH W. SMITH, New Orleans, La.; Freshman. PLAUCHE F. VILLERE JR., New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Beta Theta Pi; Scabbard and Blade; Varsity Baseball, 2 years; NDTA. STEPHEN N. ZIMMERMAN, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Varsity Baseball, JACOB LANDRY, New Iberia, La.; Freshman; Kappa Sigma; Pan-Hell President; Spirit Council; Who ' s Who. School of Law i3 Graduate work first began at Tulane in 1883, and the first Doctor of Philosophy degree was conferred in 1887. The Grad- uate School which now offers Ph.D. ' s in twenty-nine fields, has become a training ground for scholars and college professors, continuing to attract students from all corners of the world. DEAN ROBERT M. LUMIANSKY Graduate School Graduate School Dean Walter L. Kindelsperger Social Work And Social Work The Tulane University School of Social Work was organized in 1921. The three-year program to which it was expanded in- cludes one year of practice in such fields as family casework, medical and psychiatric social work, child welfare, and social welfare planning. In addition to classroom activities, social work students participate actively two days per week with various New Orleans social agencies in their specific field of interest. 64 First Row: PATT ANDERSON, Aurora, III HENRY ANGEL, Charleston, W. Va.; A Cappella Choir, vice-pres.; Tulanians. DAVID L. BEAUCHAMP, Bishop, Tex. Second Rovr: GERALD P. BODET, New Orleans, La. CHARLLES R. DIXON, Marshall, Tex.; Who ' s Who, ' 62. JACKSON F. FERGUSON, New Orleans, La.; Phi Beta Kappa. Third Row: JOEL GARDNER, Encino, Cal; La Tulanaise, Execu tive Council; " Hullabaloo, " Associate Editor; JAM3ALAYA; Young Democrats, Pres.; Young Liberals; JAMBALAYA Hall of Fame; Who ' s Who. LINDA MARIE HICKMAN, Columbia, Tenn. JAMES F. HUGHES, New Orleans, La.; Beta Alpha Psi; Beta Gamma Sigma; Delta Sigma Pi; Kappa Sigma. r M First Row: RICHARD AUSTIN MATEER, Ashland, Ky.; Phi Delta Theta; Omicron Delta Kappa; Who ' s Who. PATRICK McGINNIS, Monticello, Ark. GLENDA RITA METHVIN, Anniston, Ala. Second Row: RICHARD A. NANCE, New Orleans, La. FREDERICK D. PARHAM II, New Orleans, La. ROBERT M. QUINNELLY, Meridian, Miss. Third Row: MIGUEL A. REYES, San Juan, Puerto Rico; Chairman Progress and Social Action Committee, Social World Student Organization. DUANE D. SCHROEDER, New Orleans, La. WILLIAM E. SPANGLLER, Houston, Tex.; Sigma Chi; Alpha Chi Sigma; A.I.Ch.E.; L.E.S. Fourth Row: JUSTIN LAWRENCE SULLIVAN, New Orleans, La. MICHAEL WEINROBE, St. Louis, Mo.; Alpha Epsilon, Pi; Delta Sigma Pi. E. B. (SONNY) WHORTON, Rule, Tex. Fifth Row: JOSEPH YOUNG JR., Springfield, La.; Pi Sigma Alpha, Pres. Graduate School DEAN JOHN R. HUBBARD Newcomb College Newcomb College, Tulane University ' s libsral arts division for women, is the first co-ordinate college for women in the United States. Although Newcomb has its own buildings and campus, the women students share the many benefits attendant to Tulane such as vast library resources and courses available in other divisions of the University. Newcomb also enjoys its own student government, as well as a rich heritage of traditions. Officers SUSAN SHANKLIN Vice-President JULIE SELLARS Secretary LINDA HINES President First Row: SANDRA LYNN APPLEBAUM, Miami Beach, Fla.; Sigma Delta Tau; La TertuUa; Junior Year Abroad Club. ANN ARNOF, McCrory, Ark.; Alpha Epsilon Phi, President; Newcomb Senior Class, President; Who ' s Who; Honor Board; Student Council; Tulane Student Council; Riding Club. ANNE AVEGNO, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Young Republicans. Second Row: ROSEMARY AZAR, Lafayette, La.; Phi Mu. ELENE RAYE BERNSTEIN, Houston, Tex.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Dance Club; Student Activities Board. SANDY BAGALMAN, New Orleans, La.; La Tertulia. Third Row: DENISE A. BAILLIET, Thibodaux, La.; Alpha Delta Pi; Art Club; Le Cercle Francais; La Tertulia; Air Force Sponsor; U.C. -Hospitality Committee. ROSALIE BATCHELDER, Baton Rouge, La.; Phi Mu; Mortar Board; A Cappella Choir; Music Department, Vice-President. MARY BATTS, Hawkinsville, Ga.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Senior Class, Secretary; Dormitory Council; A Cappella Choir; Tulanians; Angel Flight. First Row: JANE W. BERGER, EI Campo, Tex.; Alpha Epsilon Phi. JANE BERGERET, New Orleans, La.; Phi Mu, Vice-President; Beta Beta Beta. GAY REBECCA BIGGS, New Orleans, La.; Le Circle Francais; Tulane Orchestra; Junior Year Abroad Club. Second Row: KATHLEEN BISHOP, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. SALLY BISSO, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Angel Flight; Homecoming Court, 1961. JANET BLOCK, Memphis, Tenn.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Dormitory Council. Third Row: JENNIE BOHRER, West Plains, Mo.; A Cappella Choir. CAROL BOREN, Houston, Tex.; Pi Beta Phi; Barracudas, President. JANE WALTON BORISS, Daytona, Fla.; Chi Omega; Pan Hellenic Council. Fourth Row: MARY BOSTICK, Gilbert, La.; Zeta Tau Alpha. SUSAN BOSTON, Dallas, Tex.; La Tertulia; A Cappella Choir; Junior Year Abroad Club. BERNICE BRODERICK, New Orleans, La.; Phi Mu. Fifth Row: CAROL ANN CARMICHAEL, Kansas City, Mo.; Pi Beta Phi; La Ter- tuUa; Junior Year Abroad Club. JUDITH CASSIDY, Port Arthur, Tex.; Alpha Delta Pi. JANE CLEMENT CHENEY, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Who ' s Who; Army R.O.T.C.; Advisor to Sponsors; Miss Pauline Tulane, 1961; Homecoming Queen, 1961; National Football Queen. Newcomb Seniors Fiist Row: DIANA McDowell DAVIS, Baytown, Texas; Pi Beta Phi. ROBIN MARIE deARMAS, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. FRANCES MAY DECKER, New Orleans, La.; Phi Mu. Second Row: VIRGINIA SCHANZER deLAUREAL, New Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Phi. GRACIELA DUCE, Montevideo, Uruguay; Le Circle Francais; U.C.-Fine Arts Committee. PEPPY EVES, New Orleans, La.; Sailing Club. Chi Omega; Young Republicans; First Row: MARY MUNDAY CLAYTON, Tupelo, Miss.; Chi Omega; Dance Club; Homecoming Maid of Honor; JYA Club. LOIS JANE COHEN, Miami, Beach, Fla.; Sigma Delta Tau; Freshman Beauty Court; Junior Year Abroad Club; New Orleans Concert Choir. MARILYN COHEN, Houston, Tex.; Sigma Delta Tau; Honor Board, President; Kappa Delta Pi; Pan Hellenic, Secretary; Tulanians; Stu- dent Council; Urchin Beauty Queen; JAMBALAYA Beauty Court; Homecoming Court; Tulane Honor Council. Second Row: HELEN COLE, Lake Charles, La.; Alpha Delta Pi; German Club; Dance Club; U.C.-Fine Arts Committee. LINDA FRANCES COLE, Gulf Breeze, Fla.; Junior Year Abroad Club. LOUISE COLE, Gulf Breeze, Fla.; Pi Sigma Alpha; La Tertulia; Junior Year Abroad Club. Third Row: GEORGIA ELIZABETH CONNELL, New Orleans, La.; Phi Mu; Kappa Delta Phi; Art Club; La Tertulia; Opera Club; U.C.-Fine Arts Com- mittee, Secretary. KATHRYN HUBER CONNETT, Metairie, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. ANN ALLISON COX, Birmingham, Ala.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Who ' s Who; National Collegiate Players; Tulane University Theatre, Presi- dent. Third Row: MARY ELEANOR FAULK, New Orleans, La. ELINORE A. FELDMAN, Miami Beach, Fla.; La Tertulia; Junior Year Abroad Club; U.C.-Cosmopolitan Committee. BETH J. FLOWERS, Lexington, Miss.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Newcomb Athletic Association, President; Who ' s Who; English Club. Fourth Row: CHALON FONTAINE, New Orleans, La.; Young Brunologists. JEANNE FOSTER, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Philosophy Club; La Tertulia; Greenbackers; Tulane University Theatre; Cadet Little Colonel of Army. JOYCE FRANK, Norfolk, Va.; Dormitory Council; Inner Council. Fifth Row: VIRGINIA ANNE FRANKS, Webb A.F.B., Tex.; Chi Omega; Who ' s Who; Student Activities Key; Tulane Student Council; U.C. Board, President; Student Council. CONNIE FRIES, Towanda, Pa.; Tulanians; Sailing Club; A.F.R.O.T.C. Sponsor. ALICE CAROLINE GANDY, Jackson, Miss.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Honor Board. Newcomb Seniors First Row: MARGARET GILLIAM, Little Rock, Ark.; Oreades. KAREN GLOSSERMAN, Lockhart, Tex.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Mortar Board; Le Cercle Francais; Junior Year Abroad Club, Secretary. CAROLYN LOUISE GOLDSBY, Bogalusa, La.; Dormitory Council; La Tertulia. Second Row: NANCY GRAVES, Culpeper, Va.; Phi Sigma Iota; La Tertulia, Presi- dent. NANCY FAYE GRAY, New Orleans, La.; TUSK, A Cappella Choir. DIANE LILLIAN GURTNER, New Orleans, La.; German Club. Third Row: MAY RUSH GWIN, State College, Miss.; Le Circle Francais; A Cap- pella Choir; Opera Workshop; Junior Year Abroad Club; La Tulanaise. LYNNE HADDOCK, Atlanta, Ga.; Alpha Delta Pi; Oreades; Who ' s Who; Greenbackers; Spirit Council; Student Activities Board; U.C. Board. LYNNE WHITLEY HALL, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Kappa Delta Phi; La Tertulia. First Row: ANNE HAMILTON, Montgomery, Ala.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Oreades; Interfaith Council. KATHY HARMON, Butler, Ala.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Pi Sigma Alpha; TUSK; Junior Year Abroad Club; La Tulanaise; U.C.-Cosmopolitan Committee. MARGARET ANN HARRELL, Manhasset, N.Y.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Second Row: LINDA HINES, Houston, Tex.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Newcomb Stu- dent Body President; Beta Beta Beta; Mortar Board; Who ' s Who; Ne ' wcomb Honor Board. GINNY HODGES, Olathe, Kansas; Kappa Alpha Theta. BECKY HOFFMAN, Mobile, Ala.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; student Activities Key; Barracudas; Dance Club; Cheerleaders; Greenbackers; TUSK; Campus Nite. Third Row: CYNTHIA HOPKINS, Armonk, New York; Phi Mu, President; Pi Sigma Alpha; Greenbackers; Young Republicans; Panhellenic. ELLEN DOUGLAS HOWELL, Bryan, Texas; Kappa Alpha Theta; A Cappella Choir; New Orleans Concert Choir. LINDA HUDSON, Houston, Tex.; Kappa Alpha Theta, President; Resi- dent Student Government, President; Who ' s Who; Greenbackers; Spirit Council; Newcomb Honor Board; Young Republicans; Pan- Hellenic Council; Student Council; Student-Faculty Committee. Fourth Row: R. VIRGINIA HUSON, Natchitoches, La.; Delta Zeta. NINA FRANCES JACOBS, Atlanta, Ga.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Le Circle Francais; Junior Year Abroad Club. LORNA S. JAFFE, Memphis, Tenn.; Junior Year Abroad Club. Filth Row: BETTINA BLAIR JONES, San Antonio, Tex.; Pi Beta Phi; Young Re- publicans. JUDITH MASON JONES, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha Theta. Newcomb Seniors First Row: CARLOTTA ELIZABETH LOCKMILLER, Washington, D.C.; Delta Delta Delta; Sailing Club; English Club; French Club. JESSICA FRANCES LUCK, New Orleans, La. PHYLLIS JANE MAGRISH, Dallas, Texas; Alpha Epsilon Phi; A Cap- pella Choir. Second Row: JOAN BARRY MATTHEWS, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Le Cercle Francais. JANET A. MILLER, New Orleans, La.; La Tulanaise; Junior Year Abroad Club. MARION ALLISON MILLER, Mexico City; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Athletic Council; Young Republicans. Third Row: MARSHA MERRILL MILLER, Nev Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Phi, President. JUDY MITCHELL, Santee, Calif.; Math Club; La Tertulia; R.O.T.C. Sponsor; U.C. Board. PEGGY ANN MULLEN, Emporia, Kansas; Chi Omega; La Tulanaise; Sailing Club. Fouth Row: SALLY CROCKETT MYSING, Nev Orleans, L, MARTHA CANDACE McCARTHY, Dallas, Gamma. JULIA TEVIS NARZ, Louisville, Ky.; Pi Beta Phi, Kappa Kappa Gamma. Texas; Kappa Kappa Fifth Row: GWEN MARY NELSON, New Orleans, La.; Phi Mu; Eta Sigma Phi; Mortar Board; Oreades; Sigma Pi Sigma; Who ' s Who. SANDRA NOBLE, Gulfport, Miss.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Secretary, Tulane Student Body; Assets; Mortar Board, Vice-President; Who ' s Who; Nevrcomb Student Council; Homecoming Queen, 1962; Omicron Chi Epsilon. BETTY S. ORENDORF, Bowling Green, Ky.; Chi Omega; Dormitory Council. Newcoinb Seniors First Row: BARBARA P. KANTER, Dallas, Tex.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Art Club. JUDY KATZ, New Orleans, La.; La Tertulia; TUSK; U.C.-Fine Arts Committee. JUDITH ANN KELLEHER, New Orleans, La.; Chi Omega. Second Row: JACKIE KOHN, Atlanta, Ga.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Who ' s Who; Junior Year Abroad Club. KAROL ANNE KUERSTEINER. Tallahassee, Fla.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Art Club; Cheerleader; Greenbackers; TUSK. DALE JUNE KULVIN, Miami, Fla.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Greenbackers; Lagniappes. Third Row: NANCY ANN LANGFORD, Metairie, La.; La Tertulia; TUSK. ADRIENNE ELIZABETH LAPEYRE, New Orleans, La.; Phi Mu; Eta Sigma Phi; Oreades, President; Pi Sigma Alpha; Young Republicans. DIANE LASSITER, Jackson, Tenn.; Pi Sigma Iota; La Tertulia. i First Row: CHARLOTTE E. PARNELL, Brookhaven, Miss. MIKKI PELLETTIERI, Houston, Texas; Alpha Omicron Pi; Senior Class, Vice President; Student Activities Key; Greenbackers; A.F.R.O.T.C. Little Colonel; Angel Flight; JAMBALAYA Beauty Court, 1960. CAROLYN MANNING PELTER, Huntingburg, Ind.; A Cappella Choir; Opera Workshop. Second Row: KAREN SUE PEVOW, Youngstown, Ohio; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Student Directory; Greenbackers. JANE CAROLINE PHARR, New Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Phi; Kappa Delta Phi. GERRY PICTON, Port Arthur, Texas; Pi Beta Phi; Angel Flight; Lagniappes. Third Row: DEE DEE POLUNSKY, San Antonio, Texas; Sigma Delta Tau; La Ter- tulia; U.C. Board. CATHERINE PORTER, Mobile, Ala.; Pi Sigma Alpha. GAIL RANCIER, Wichita Falls, Texas; Alpha Omicron Pi; Art Club; Dormitory Council. First Rowr: LINDA RITTER, New Orleans, La.; English Club; U.C.-Cosmopolitan. HOLLY ROBERTSON, Arlington, Va,; A Cappella Choir; La Tertulia; Junior Year Abroad. JENNIE LOU ROPP, Glasgow, Ky.; Kappa Alpha Theta. Second Row: SYLVA ROTH, Louisville, Ky.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Mortar Board; Pi Sigma Alpha; Who ' s Who; Junior Year Abroad Club. CLAUDIA SALEEBY, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha Theta. BLANQUITA SANTIAGO, Coral Gables, Fla.; Dance Club; La Ter- tulia; Greenbackers. Third Row: SUSAN SHANKLIN, Ft. Myers, Fla.; Chi Omega; Vice-President, New- comb Student Body; Beta Beta Beta; Who ' s Who; Newcomb Hand- book; Greenbackers; Newcomb Panhellenic Council; Newcomb Stu- dent Council; Student-Faculty Commission. MARCIA SILVERBERG, Wilmington, Del.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Pi Sigma Alpha; Greenbackers; Riding Club. NANNETTA SMITH, Ja ckson, Miss.; Chi Omega; U.C.-Lagniappes. Fourth Row: BAY SMITHGALL, Gainesville, Ga.; Kappa Alpha Theta; JYA Club. CLAIR FAY SOLOMON, Monroe, La.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; JYA Club. PAULETTE SOLOW, Chicago, 111.; Student Directory; TUSK; Campus Nite; English Club; U.C.-Fine Arts Committee; Newcomb Service Club. Fifth Row: REGINA SONIAT, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Young Republicans. GWIN SORRELLS, Lake Charles, La.; Chi Omega; JYA Club; U.C.- Cosmopolitan Committee. JOAN SPAULDING, Winter Park, Fla.; Senior Transfer Student from Rollins College; Phi Mu; Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award; Student Council; Young Republicans; German Club; " Hullabaloo " ; Fine Arts Committee. Newcomb Seniors First Row: SANDY SPARK, Waco, Texas; Sigma Delta Tau; Pi Sigma Alpha; U.C.-Hospitality Committee. CAROL STEINER, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Epsilon Phi. MYRNA STRUTZEL, New Orleans, La. First Row: JUDITH WAITE, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Omicron Pi; National Col- legiate Players; Tulane University Theatre. BONNIE ANN WALLACE, Plymouth Meeting, Pa.; Alpha Delta Pi. CATHERINE A. WALLACE, New Orleans, La.; Delta Zeta; Beta Beta Beta. Second Row: EMILY WATTS, Chattanooga, Tenn.; Pi Sigma Alpha; JYA Club. BEVERLY WELCH, Toomsuba, Miss.; Phi Mu; Young Democrats. MARTHA WHEELER, Gulf Shores, Ala.; JYA Club, Orientation Com- mittee; Service Club; U.C.-Cosmopolitan Committee. Third Row: DONNA WHITE, Newton, Miss.; Alpha Delta Pi; Student Activities Key; Who ' s Who; A Cappella Choir; Opera Workshop; Tulanians; Honor Board, Newcomb College; President, Music Department; New- comb Student Council. MARLIS ANN WICKER, New Orleans, La. JULIE WILLIAMS, New Orleans, La.; Orientation Chairman; Who ' s ■Who; American Chemical Society; German Club; Athletic Council; Service Club. Fourth Row: NELSON MOSS WILSON, New Orleans, La.; Chi Omega. LINDA MAY WOODS, New Orleans, La.; Chi Omega. FRANCES CAROLYN WYNNS, Chattanooga, Tenn.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Eta Sigma Phi; Mortar Board; Oreades; Who ' s Who; Athletic Council; Le Circle Francais; JYA Club; Newcomb Service Club; Student Activities Board. FUth Row: MARTHA G. YANCEY, Shreveport, La.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Home- coming Finalist. LYNDA GORDON YATES, Jackson, Miss.; Chi Omega. MONICA ANN YATES, New Orleans, La. MARY CATHERINE ZENGEL, New Orleans, La.; Beta Beta Beta; Ger- man Club; JYA Club. Second Row: LINDA OLGA TEIJELO, New Orleans, La.; Phi Mu; Pi Mu Epsilon; Sailing Club; Newcomb Panhellenic Council. CORINNE CARTER THOMAS, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma, President. MARGERY W. TOWNE, Yarmouth, Maine. Third Row: SANDRA CAROLYN ULMER, Canutillo, Texas; German Club; Tulane Orchestra. JEAN VORHOFF, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Delta Pi; Newman Club. BOBBIE WADLER, Bellaire, Texas; Sigma Delta Tau; Dance Club. Newcomb Seniors First Row: SANDY ABRAMS, Georgetown, S.C; Sophomore. ADELLE ABRAMSON, Shreveport, La.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Freshman; U.C. Committee. LUCY L. ADAMS, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Kappa Alpha Theta; La Tulanaise; Lagniappes. CAROL ANN ADRANGNA, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore. ANNE ALBERT, Baton Rouge, La.; Junior; Alpha Delta Pi; Greenback- ers; Barracudas; U.C. Committee; Padohad. Second Row: LORRAINE ALEXANDER, Dallas, Texas; Freshman. SANDY ALEXANDER, Bloomington, III; Sophomore; Sailing Club; U.C. -Fine Arts Committee. MARILYN ALHADEFF, Atlanta, Ga.; Freshman; Sigma Delta Tau; Student Directory; Newcomb Service Club. BETTY ALLEN, St. Louis, Mo.; Sophomore; Alpha Delta Pi. BRENDA AMOS, Jacksonville, Fla.; Freshman. Third Row: EMILY ANDERSON, Atlanta, Ga.; Freshman; Kappa Kappa Gamma. MARY ANDERSON, Houston, Texas; Sophomore; Pi Beta Phi. FAYE YVETTE ANGEL, Miami, Fla.; Freshman; Sigma Delta Tau; JAMBALAYA. SCARLETTE P. ARMISTEAD, Lake Charles, La.; Freshman; Alpha Omicron Pi. STEPHANIE MERLE ASHE, Nashville, Tenn.; Sophomore; Sigma Delta Tau; U.C. -Fine Arts Committee. Fourth Row: SUE ATTERIDG, So. Miami, Fla.; Freshman; Alpha Omicron Pi. CHRISTINE BACKER, New Orleans, La.; Junior; Chi Omega; Jr. Chairman Orientation. BARBARA J. BAER, Oak Park, HI.; Freshman; Alpha Epsilon Phi; U.C. -Padohad Commitiee. DONNA RUTH BAGULEY, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore. SANDRA BAKER, Tyler, Texas; Freshman; Tulane-Newcomb Or- chestra. Fifth Row: WINKIE BARKSDALE, Nashville, Tenn.; Sophomore; Pi Beta Phi; Barracudas; Young Republicans. BETTE BARNUM, Oak Park, 111.; Freshman; Pi Beta Phi; Barracudas. BARBARA BARRY, New Orleans, La.; Junior; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Athletic Council. LINDA BARTON, Talladega, Ala.; Freshman; Alpha Delta Pi; U.C- Fine Arts Committee. ANN BAUGH, Tuscumbia, Ala.; Sophomore; Chi Omega. Sixth Row: YVONNE BAUM, New Orleans, La.; Junior. CAROL BEACH, Nashville, Tenn.; Junior; Chi Omega; Le Circle Francais. SARAH BEAUMONT, Birmingham, Ala.; Freshman; Alpha Omicron Pi; U.C. -Cosmopolitan Committee. SUSAN THOMAS BECKER, St. Louis, Mo.; Freshman; Kappa Alpha Theta; Sailing Club; U.C. -Fine Arts Committee. LESLEY E. BEHRMAN, Bal Harbour, Fla.; Sophomore; Sigma Delia Tau; Art Club; U.C.-Fine Arts Committee. Seventh Row: I. EILEEN BELL, St. Petersburg, Fla.; Freshman; A Cappella Choir; Campus Nile; Greenbackers. MADELYN BELL, Maryville, Mo.; Sophomore; Pi Beta Phi; Young Brunologists. MARTHA BELL, Midland, Tex.; Junior; Pi Beta Phi. DAPHNE BENEKE, Columbus, Miss.; Freshman; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Newcomb Choir. KI BENTON, Jackson, Tenn.; Freshman; Chi Omega. Eighth Row: BONNIE BERGER, Park Ridge, III; Freshman; Alpha Delta Pi; Tu- lane Orchestra. DOROTHY LEE BERGQUIST, Maxwell AFB, Ala.; Freshman- Pi Beta Phi. MARA HERMAN, Dallas, Tex.; Freshman; Sigma Delta Tau; U.C- Spotlighters. NANCY NEFF BERNARD, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Assistant Editor, " Hullabaloo. " BARBARA BERRY, Vernon, Tex.; Junior; Pi Beta Phi; Tulane Uni- versity Theatre. Ninth Row: GAYLE ELAINE BEVILLE, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Phi Mu; La Tertulia; A Cappella Choir. JANET MARIE BIERNERT, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; La Tulanaise BARBARA BIENN, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Sigma Delta Tau; Student Directory; U.C.-Spotlighters. SUZANNE BILLET, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Kappa Kappa Gamma. GRETCHEN BIROSAK, Chicago Heights, III; Sophomore; Alpha Omi- cron Pi; JAMBALAYA; Greenbackers. Undergraduates 73 Undergraduates First Row: LINDA ANN BLACK, Hot Springs, Ark.; Junior; Chi Omega, Pledge Trainer and Ritualist; Homecoming Finalist; U.C.-Lagniappes. SUSAN BLACKFORD. St. Petersburg, Fla.; Freshman; Phi Mu. BARBARA BURCH BLAKE, Memphis, Tenn.; Freshman; Chi Omega. MARY ANNE BLANCHARD, Shreveport, La.; Sophomore; Kappa Alpha Theta. JUNE ANN BLOCK, Thibodaux, La.; Junior. Second Row: RONNA LYNN BLOOM, Clarksdale, Miss.; Freshman; Alpha Epsilon Phi. HARRIETT BOBO, New Orleans, La.; Junior; Alpha Delta Pi; Assets; Dormitory Council; Greenbackers. BETH BOLTON, Alexandria, La.; Junior; Chi Omega; TUSK. MARTHA BOND, St. Petersburg; Freshman; Kappa Kappa Gamma. LYNN BOROCHOFF, Atlanta, Ga.; Freshman; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Dance Club; JAMBALAYA; Campus Nile; U.C.-Spotlighters. Third Rov7: PATRICIA BOURLAND, Dallas, Tex.; Sophomore; Kappa Alpha Theta; German Club; Dormitory Council. DUDLEY BRASELTON, Fort Worth, Tex.; Freshman; Pi Beta Phi; Sailing Club; La Tulanaise. DRIN BRATTON, Shreveport, La.; Freshman; Kappa Alpha Theta; La Tulanaise. ETHELYN M. BREAUX, New Orleans, La.; Junior; Eta Sigma Phi; Oreades. LINDA BREEN, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Alpha Epsilon Phi; JAMBALAYA; U.C.-Recreation. Fourth Row: GAIL BREMENSTUL, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Alpha Delta Pi; Oreades. BARBARA BRIDGES, New Orleans, La.; Junior; TUSK; A Cappela Choir. BONNIE BRIGGS, Lake Charles, La.; Sophomore; Phi Mu; Greenback- ers; U.C.-Cosmopohtan. CAROL ELIZABETH BROWN, Atlanta, Ga.; Sophomore; Phi Mu. MARY BROWN, Greenville, S.C; Freshman; Pi Beta Phi; U.C- Padohad. Fifth Row: SHERRY BROV N, Andrews, Tex.; Junior; Alpha Omicron Pi; Pan- hellenic President; Angel Flight; Greenbackers; Spirit Council; JAMBALAYA Beauty Finalist; Homecoming Court; Tulane Student Council; Newcomb Student Council. SUZANNE BROWN, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Alpha Omicron Pi; Tulane University Theatre; Sailing Club. BETTY BRUNAZZI, Texarkana, Tex.; Freshman; Pi Beta Phi; AFROTC Sponsor. BEVERLY BURGESS, Cariisle, Pa.; Sophomore; Alpha Omicron Pi. CAROL BURKHART, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Alpha Omicron Pi. Sixth RoTv: BARBARA ANN BURNETT, Texarkana, Tex.; Sophomore; Kappa Alpha Theta; Dormitory Council. JOAN BURNEY, Mobile, Ala.; Junior. PAULA BUSTER, Lubbock, Tex.; Freshman; Alpha Omicron Pi. SANDRA BUSTER, Lubbock, Tex.; Freshman; Alpha Omicron Pi. MELANIE HOYLE BYRD, Lumberton, Miss.; Freshman; Phi Mu; Tulane Band; U.C.-Music. Seventh Row: MOLLY CADWALLADER, Baton Rouge, La.; Freshman; Phi Mu; Art Club; Campus Nite; Newcomb Service Club. LISBETH JANE CALDWELL, Tallulah, La.; Junior; Alpha Epsilon Phi; A Cappella Choir; Campus Nile. MARIE-BELLE CAMERON, New Orleans, La.; Junior; President, Beta Beta Beta. EMILY CANTERBURY, Jackson, Miss.; Freshman; Alpha Delia Pi; U.C.-Padohad. JEANNE CAPDEVIELLE, Metairie, La.; Freshman: Phi Mu; A Cappella Choir; Opera Workshop; Concert Choir of N.O. Eighth Row: HELEN MAYES CARNEY, Memphis, Tenn.; Sophomore; Alpha Omi- cron Pi, Treasurer; Sailing Club. HYACINTH CARTER, Jackson, Miss.; Freshman; Phi Mu; " Hullaba- loo " ; Newcomb Service Club. SANDRA LEE CASELLI, Nitta Yuma, Miss.; Sophomore; Phi Mu. ALLYN CASON, Ouincy, 111.; Freshman; Alpha Delia Pi; " Hullabaloo " ; U.C.-Spotlighters. SANDRA CASON, Dallas, Tex.; Freshman; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Gjeenbackers. Ninth Row: SUSAN CHADWICK, Fori Worth, Tex.; Sophomore; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Assets; Greenbackers; Angel Flight. MARY JANE CLARK, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Alpha Delta Pi. SHERRY CLARK, Fort Worth, Tex.; Freshman; Alpha Omicron Pi. SUSAN CLARK, Clarksdale, Miss.; Freshman; Kappa Kappa Gamma. KAREN CLASEN, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Alpha Delta P i; Athletic Council; Barracudas. 74 Undergraduates First Row: ELEANOR CLAY, Savannah, Ga.; Freshman; Chi Omega; Sailing Club: Publicity Committee-U.C. DIANNE CLAYPOOL, Memphis, Tenn.; Freshman; Chi Omega; WTUL. PATRICIA COCO, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Kappa Kappa Gam- ma; Athletic Council; Greenbackers. JACQUELYN COHEN, Easton, Pa.; Junior; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Campus Nite; Tuiane University Theatre. LUANN BOARNET COHEN, New Braunfels, Tex.; Junior; Alpha Epsi- lon Phi; TUSK. Second Row: SARAH HELENE COHEN, Charlotte, N.C.; Sophomore; Alpha Epsilon Phi; U.C.-Recreation. ILENE COLBERT, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Alpha Epsilon Phi. LETTY COLBERT, New Orleans, La.; Junior; Alpha Epsilon Phi. CONNIE COLE, Nashville, Tenn.; Freshman; Pi Beta Phi. DIANE LUCIE COLE, Atlanta, Ga.; Freshman; Chi Omega; U.C.-Pub- licity. Third Row: CHARLOTTE COLEMAN, Conroe, Tex.; Sophomore; Kappa Alpha Theta. MARY COLEMAN, Lake Charles, La.; Freshman; Chi Omega. ANNE CLARKE COLLINS, Houma, La.; Sophomore; Kappa Alpha Theta. PATSY COLLINS, New Orleans, La.; Junior; Alpha Omicron Phi; Young Republicans; Sailing Club; Art Club. DINAH CONYERS, Halls, Tenn.; Sophomore; Chi Omega; JAMBA- LAYA; Greenbackers, Sec; A Cappella Choir. Fourth Row: GRACE COOKSEY, New York, N.Y.; Sophomore; Alpha Delta Pi. SHANNON CLARE COOKSON, Falls Church, Va.; Junior; Pi Beta Phi; Pi Sigma Alpha; Angel Flight; Barracuda Club; Young Repub- licans. ETTALEAH COPLON, Charleston, S.C; Sophomore; Sigma Delta Tau; Greenbackers; U.C. -Publicity. CHERYL COOUILLE, New Orleans, La.; Freshman. MARY ANNE CORRIER, New Orleans, La.; Junior; La Tulanaise. Fifth Row: SUSAN COSGROVE, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Army ROTC Sponsor; U.C. -Music. GEORGELLEN COSTAN, Lynchburg, Va.; Sophomore; Eta Sigma Phi; Oreades; Dance Club; La Tulanaise; La Tertulia; Student Activities Board. CAROLYN COUNCIL, Fort Worth, Tex.; Sophomore; Chi Omega; Secretary, Sophomore Class; Dormitory Council; TUSK. MARY FRANK CRAWFORD, Memphis, Tenn.; Sophomore; Alpha Omicron Pi. MARY LYNN CROUCH, Washington, D.C.; Sophomore; Chi Omega; Angel FUght. Sixth Row: ELISABETH GAIL CROWELL, Charlotte, N.C.; Sophomore; Sailing Club. CAROLYN CRUSEL, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Kappa Kappa Gamma. PEGGY CULPEPPER, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Pi Beta Phi; Sailing Club; Philosophy Club. VEREEN DANIEL, Atlanta, Ga.; Junior; La Tulanaise. DIANA DAVIS, Pauls Valley, Okla.; Freshman; U.C.-Cosmopolilan. Seventh Row: SUZY DAVIS, Tampa, Fla.; Freshman; Chi Omega; Sailing Club; U.C.-Padohad. KAREN DEENER, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Chi Omega; JAMBA- LAYA. FLORENCE DE FROSCIA, Fort Lauderdale, Fla.; Freshman CAROLYN JEANNE DEGELOS, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Kappa Alpha Theta; JAMBALAYA; Greenbackers. LYN de la HOUSSAYE, Metairie, La.; Sophomore; Pi Beta Phi. Eighth Row: SUSAN FRANCIS de la HOUSSAYE, New Orleans, La.- Sophomore- Pi Beta Phi. LINDA LEE DeSHAW, DeLand, Fla.; Freshman; Alpha Delta Pi. JAN DESPORTE, New Orleans, La.; Junior; Kappa Kappa Gamma KAREN ANN DETTWILLER, Nashville, Tenn.; Freshman; Pi Beta Phi; La Tulanaise. BONNIE DIAMOND, Bethesda, Md.; Freshman; Sigma Delta Tau; U.C.-Spotlighters. Ninth Row: NORMA FRANCES DIAMOND, Chattanooga, Tenn.; Junior; Pi Sigma Alpha. ANN DICKINSON, Glasgow, Ky.; Sophomore; Alpha Delta Pi JANICE CONRAD DONALDSON, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Philos- ophy Club; La Tulanaise. GAYLE ELAINE DONELLAN, New Orleans, U.; Sophomore- lAM- BALAYA. SUSAN ANNE DREFUS, Fort Worth, Tex.; Freshman; Greenbackers- JAMBALAYA; La Tulanaise. 75 Undergraduates First Row: ROBIN DUBBIN, Miami, Fla.; Freshman; Sigma Delta Tau. SNOOKUMS DuLANEY, Fort Worth, Tex.; Sophomore; Pi Beta Phi; U.C.-Fine Arts. SUSAN DUNLAP, New Orleans, La.; Junior; Dance Club. JANET MARJORIE DUNN, Lake Forest, 111.; Junior; Phi Mu; Eta Sigma Phi; Oreades. PAMELA RUTH DYKES, Crockett, Tex.; Freshman; Pi Beta Phi. Second How: LYNN DYMOND, New Orleans, La.; Junior; Kappa Kappa Gamma. DEL EAGAN, Metairie, La.; Junior; Alpha Omicron Pi; Beta Beta Beta; Eta Sigma Phi; Oreades. MILLIE EBY, Tulsa, Okla.; Freshman; Kappa Alpha Theta; Pre-Medical Society; " Hullabaloo. " MARGARET ANN EDEN, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Phi Mu. KATHLEEN ANNE EHLERS, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Sailing Club. Third Row: LETITIA ELDREDGE, Fort Worth, Tex.; Freshman; Alpha Omicron Pi; U.C.-Lagniappes. SUSAN ELLIOTT, Houston, Tex.; Sophomore; Kappa Alpha Theta. ELEANOR ELLIS, Amite, La.; Junior; Kappa Alpha Theta. VICKI ELSAS, New York, N.Y.; Freshman; Chi Omega; JAMBALAYA. JANE KAREN ENGLISH, Miami Beach, Fla.; Freshman; Sigma Delta Tau; Barracudas; JAMBALAYA. Fourth Row: BARBARA EPSTEIN, Atlanta, Ga.; Freshman; Alpha Epsilon Phi. MARTHA ESHLEMAN, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Pi Beta Phi; " Hullabaloo. " JEANNE MARIE ESTOPINAL, New Orleans, La.; Junior; German Club. DONNELLY EUSTIS, Winnetka, 111.; Freshman; U.C.-Hospitality. TANYA L. EUSTIS, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Alpha Omicron Pi; U.C.-Lagniappes. Fifth Row: JUDY EVANS, Shreveport, La.; Junior; Kappa Kappa Gamma. MARJORIE MAGILL EWAN, New Orleans, La.; Junior; Alpha Omi- cron Pi. MARY FARRAR, St. FrancisviUe, La.; Junior; Kappa Alpha Theta; A Cappella Choir; Tulane Orchestra. LYNNE FARWELL, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Pi Beta Phi, Rush Chairman; Sophomore Class President; Newcomb Student Council- Assets; Angel Flight; Honor Board, Newcomb. SUSAN MARGARET FAY, Memphis, Tenn.; Sophomore; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Sixth Row: TEETER FELTON, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Alpha Delta Pi; La Tulanaise. RENEE MARIE FERRARI, Mobile, Ala.; Sophomore; Student Directory; Greenbackers; Sailing Club; U.C.-Lyceum. SHELBY F. FERRIS, Vicksburg, Miss.; Junior; Kappa Kappa Gamma. JOLNA FIELD, Houston, Tex.; Freshman; Alpha Delta Pi; U.C.-Spot- lighters. JUDY FINE, New Orleans, La.; Junior; Alpha Epsilon Phi. Seventh Row: IDA FINKELSTEIN, Morgan City, La.; Freshman; Pre-Medical Society. JOY FINKELSTEIN, Dallas, Tex.; Sophomore; Alpha Epsilon Phi. ANN FISHMAN, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Alpha Epsilon Phi. PHYLLIS ANN FISHMAN, New Orleans, La.; Junior; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Campus Nile; U.C.-Lagniappes. MARTHA ANNE FLANDERS, New Orleans, La.; Junior; Barracudas; La Tulanaise. Eighth Row: INARAE FLETCHER, Gainesville, Fla.; Freshman; " Hullabaloo. " MARY ONIE FORD, Fort Pierce, Fla.; Freshman; Alpha Delta Pi. ANN FOTHERGILL, Kansas City, Kan.; Junior; Pi Beta Phi, Treasurer; Junior Class President; Honor Board, Newcomb. NANCY FOWLER, Paducah, Ky.; Freshman; Pi Beta Phi. ELSA FREIMAN, Pineville, La.; Freshman; Sailing Club. Ninth Row: FRANCES MARGARET FRENCH, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Alpha Delta Pi. ANN FRIEDLER, New Orleans, La.; Junior; Alpha Epsilon Phi; " Hul- labaloo. " JOYCE LYNN FRIEDMAN, Columbus, Ohio; Freshman; Alpha Epsilon Phi. MARY HELEN GALLAHER, Ocean Springs, Miss.; Freshman; Alpha Delta Pi; Young Republicans; U.C.-Publicity. GAY GARNER, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Alpha Omicron Pi. 76 Undergraduates Corpus Chrisli, Tex.; Sophomore; Kappa Alpha Brewton, Ala.; Sophomore; A Cappella Junior; Phi Mu, Treasurer. Guanajuato; Junior; Kappa Junior; Sigma Delta Tau; Alpha Delta Pi, Vice- First Row: PATTI GARNETT, Theta. LIDA LOUISE GARRETT, Choir; U.C.-Publicity. ANNE GREGORY GATES, Columbia, Tenn.; Freshman; Chi Omega. JEAN JEFFERS GATTO, New Orleans, La.; Junior; Alpha Omicron Pi. NANCY GAY, Plaquemine, La.; Sophomore; Pi Beta Phi; Barracudas. Second Row: SHIRLEY GAYLE, Lake Charles, La.; Sophomore; Chi Omega. ALICE ROSE GEORGE, Monticello, Miss.; Freshman; Kappa Alpha Theta; Dance Club. LESLIE ANN GEROLDE, Fort Worth, Tex.; Freshman; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Student Directory; Sailing Club; U.C.-Lagniappes. CAROLYN GIFFORD, Mexico, D.F.; Freshman; Phi Mu; Wafer Ski Club. DOROTHY GILBERT, Morgan City, La.; Freshman; Phi Mu; Newcomb Service Club; U.C. -Hospitality. Third Row: MELANIE ANN GILBERT, New York, N.Y.; Freshman. SUSAN DeBARD GILLESPIE, Vicksburg, Miss.; Freshman; Phi Mu; " Hullabaloo " ; Tulane University Theatre. ANN GIRATTIS, Baton Rouge, La.; Sophomore; Alpha Delta Pi; U.C- Hospitality. KAREN D. GLEYE, San Antonio, Tex.; Freshman; Alpha Omicron Pi. SANDY GOLDBERG, Norfolk, Va.; Sophom.ore; Alpha Epsilon Phi. Fourth Row: ELIZABETH GOLDMAN, Waterproof, La.; MARY MARGARET GOODRICH, Celaya, Alpha Theta; Barracudas, Vice-President. VIRGINIA GORDON, Miami Beach, Fla.; La Tertulia. TERRY GORMAN, Birmingham, Ala.; Junior; President; Dance Club. GAIL GOURGOTT, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; U.C.-Hospilalily; Sailing Qub. Fifth Row: HELEN JOSEPHINE GRACE, New Orleans, La.; Junior; Pi Beta Phi. SUE GRAHAM, San Antonio, Tex.; Freshman; Pi Beta Phi. JOYCE LOUISE GRAVES, Biloxi, Miss.; Sophomore; Alpha Omicron Pi; Sailing Club. CAROLYN GRAY, Little Rock, Ark.; Freshman; Alpha Delta Pi; German Club. VELEKA JOELLA GRAY, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Eta Sigma Phi; Oreades; Tulane University Theatre; Undergraduate Philosophy Club. Sixth Row: MAXINE GREEN, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Barracudas; JAMBALAYA. ELAINE GREEBAUM, Atlanta, Ga.; Junior; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Campus Nite. ANNE GREER, Dallas, Tex.; Sophomore; Kappa Alpha Theta; Assets; Dormitory Council. JULIA GREGORY, Versailles, Ky.; Junior; Chi Omega. ZUMA LEE GRIBBEN, Beaumont, Tex.; Sophomore; Chi Omega; JAMBALAYA; TUSK; Campus Nite; Air Force Sponsor; U.C.-Hospi- tality. Seventh Row: JACQUELINE GROSE, Miami Club. KAY GROSSMAN, Corpus Christi, Tex Phi; La Tertulia. GENEVIEVE GRUNDMEYER, New Orleans Delta Pi. KAY B. GUERINGER, New Iberia, La.; Junior; Kappa Alpha Theta. GAYLE GUENTHER, New Orleans, La.; Junior; Beta Beta Beta. Eighth Row: DIANNE GUIDRY, Metairie, La.; Sophomore. ANN ELIZABETH GUILLORY, Memphis, Tenn.; Freshman; Kappa Kappa Gamma. JANE GUILLORY, Memphis, Tenn.; Sophomore; Kappa Kappa Gamma SUSAN GUREVITZ, Columbus, Ohio; Sophomore; Sigma Delta Tau; Greenbackers. JOAN SQUIRE HALIFAX, Coral Gables, Fla.; Junior; Alpha Omicron Pi; A Cappella Choir; Campus Nite; Tulane University Theatre. Ninth Row: VERONA EUNICE HALIFAX, Coral Gables, Fla.; Sophomore; Alpha Omicron Pi. LYNNE HALL, Metairie, La.; Junior; Phi Mu. BRENDA HANCKES, New Orleans, La.; Junior; Chi Omega SUSAN KAY HANCKES, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Chi Omega. KATHY HARDIN, Fort Worth, Tex.; Freshman; Pi Beta Phi- La Tulan- aise; JAMBALAYA; Sailing Club; U.C.-Hospitality. Fla.; Freshman; Barracudas; Sailing Sophomore; Alpha Epsilon La.; Sophomore; Alpha 77 Undergraduates First Row: CAROL HARKEY, New Orleans, La.; Junior; Chi Omega. GAY LYNN HARMANN, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Alpha Delta Pi; Tulane Band. HELEN HARRY, New Orleans, La.; Junior; Kappa Kappa Gamma: Tu- lane Student Council; Assets; Tulane University Theatre. MARY CATHERINE HARWELL, Memphis, Tenn.; Freshman; Chi Omega; WTUL. CAROLYN HATTEN, Gulfport, Miss.; Sophomore; Chi Omega; Young Brunologists. Second Row: RUSTI HAUSMANN, Coral Gables, Fla.; Freshman; Alpha Omicron Pi. PAM HAYES. Bryan, Tex.; Freshman; Kappa Alpha Theta. NEDRA HEADEN, Metairie, La.; Junior; Phi Mu; La Tulanaise; Campus Nite. PATTY HEATHERLY, Baton Rouge, La.; Sophomore; Pi Beta Phi; Angel Flight; Newcomb Handbook. JERIANNE HEIMENDINGER, Lake Charles, La.; Freshman; Dance Club. Third Row: MARGERY HELD, Brooklyn, N.Y.; Freshman; Sigma Delta Tau; Student Directory. EDITH LATHROP HENDERSON, Birmingham, Ala.; Freshman; Kappa Kappa Gamma. JANET HENDRICK, Jackson, Miss.; Freshman; Chi Omega; U.C- Padohad. CARLA M. HENDRICKSON, Galveston, Tex.; Freshman; Alpha Omi- cron Phi. MARY HENSHAW, Lake Charles, La.; Freshman; Chi Omega. Fourth Row: MARY ELLEN HERBERT, Thibodaux, La.; Sophomore; Alpha Delta Pi. NORMA HERMAN, Galveston, Tex.; Sophomore; Sigma Delta Tau; Athletic Council. LAURA G. HERRING, Vicksburg, Miss.; Junior; Alpha Omicron Pi; Pi Sigma Alpha; Angel Flight. SUE HERTZ, Jackson, Miss.; Freshman; Sigma Delta Tau; WTUL; A Cappella Choir; Tulanians. PRISSY HESS, Houston, Tex.; Freshman; Chi Omega; U.C.-Padohad. Fiiih Row: JACQUELINE HESTWOOD, Houston, Tex.; Sophomore; Pi Beta Phi; Dormitory Council; Inner Council. ANNE HICKERSON, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Phi Mu; Tulane Band; Angel Flight. NANCY VICTORIA HIGHTOWER, Sophomore; Kappa Alpha Theta; Rec. Secretary, Newcomb; Assets; Campus Nite. JUDITH MARIE HILL, San Antonio, Tex.; Junior; Alpha Delta Pi; La Tertulia; U.C.-Music. SUSAN HILL, Delray Beach, Fla.; Freshman; Alpha Omicron Pi. Sixth Row: DEBBE HITT, Wilmington, Del; Freshman. DEBRA R. HOFMAN, Jacksonville, Fla.; Freshman; Sigma Delta Tau; Student Directory. BARBARA ANN HOLYFIELD, New Orleans, La.; Freshman. ALICE HOPKINS, Memphis, Tenn.; Freshman; Pi Beta Phi. CAROLINE HORSTING, Selma, Ala.; Sophomore; Alpha Omicron Pi; JAMBALAYA; Angel Flight. Seventh Row: TRACY HUDSON, Tulsa, Okla.; Freshman. KAREN HYDE, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Phi Mu. MARY ANN HYDE, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Chi Omega; JAMBALAYA. MARY LYNN HYDE, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Chi Omega; Sail- ing Club. ANNE READ HYNES, New Orleans, La.; Junior; Chi Omega; Art Club. Eighth Row: MARILYN JUDITH IDYLL, Coral Gables, Fla.; Sophomore; Phi Mu; TUSK; Angel Right. NANCY IPP, Youngstown, Ohio; Freshman; Alpha Epsilon Phi. MARTHA JAMES, Lynchburg. Va.; Sophomore; Alpha Delta Pi. MARY ELIZABETH JAMES, Grenada, Miss.; Sophomore; Chi Omega; Newcomb Dormitory Council. KAREN JANSSEN, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Chi Omega; Le Cercle Francais. Ninth Row: SUSAN JARVIS, Kansas City, Mo.; Sophomore. PIXIE JASTRAM, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Kappa Kappa Gamma. SUSAN JETER, Florence, Ala.; Sophomore; Chi Omega; La Tertulia. DOTTIE JOEL, Atlanta, Ga.; Freshman; Alpha Epsilon Phi. SHELLY JOHNSON, Tenafly, N.J.; Freshman. 78 Undergraduates First Row: BECKY JOHNSTONE, Mobile, Ala.; Sophomore; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Eta Sigma Phi; Oreades. JERRY ANN JONES, Louisville, Ky.; Junior. JUDY JORDAN, Sioux Falls, S.D.; Junior; Pi Beta Phi. LINDA JORDAN, Muncie, Ind.; Sophomore; Campus Nile. JOEY JUDGE, McQueeney, Tex.; Sophomore; Alpha Delta Pi. Second Row: KATIE KAMP, Coral Gables, Fla.; Sophomore; Eta Sigma Phi; Oreades; Campus Nile; French Club. BONNIE KAPLAN, Miami Beach, Fla.; Sophomore; Sigma Delta Tau; Assets; La Tertulia; " Hullabaloo " ; Campus Nile; Newcomb Honor Board. VERONICA J. KASTRIN, El Paso, Tex.; Junior; Alpha Omicron Pi; A Cappella Choir. ANDREA KAUFMAN, Houston, Tex.; Freshman; Sigma Delta Tau. COOK! KAZER, Miami, Fla.; Sophomore; Sigma Delta Tau; Oreades. Third Row: PAIGE KAZMANN, Stuttgart, Ark.; Freshman. KAY KELLER, Fort Worth, Tex.; Sophomore; Barracudas. KATHY KELLY, Falls Church, Va.; Freshman; Kappa Alpha Theta; U.C. -Cosmopolitan Committee. MARY MARTHA KENDRICK, Luverne, Ala.; Freshman; Alpha Delta Pi; A Cappella Choir; U.C.-Padohad Committee. PATRICIA E ILEEN KENNEDY, Metairie, La.; Sophomore; Phi Mu. Fourth Row: SUZANNE ELIZABETH KENNER, Kensington, Md.; Freshman; Alpha Delta Pi; Athletic Council; Newcomb Service Club; Sailing Club. MARY ANN KENT, Monahans, Tex.; Sophomore; Kappa Kappa Ganuna; A Cappella Choir. NANCY I. KERR, Metairie, La.; Sophomore; Alpha Omicron Pi. TOBY KESSLER, Orlando, Fla.; Sophomore. BARB KLINE, Sioux City, la.; Junior; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Lagniappes Committee; Newcomb Pan-Hellenic Council. Fifth Row: RUTH A. KLOEPFER, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Athletic Council- Barracudas; Young Liberals. DONNA LEE KNIGHT, New Orleans, La.; Junior; Young Republicans. CAROL KNURR, Baton Rouge, La.; Freshman; Sigma Delta Tau; U.C- Hospitality Committee. JOHN KOCHMAN, Waco, Tex.; Freshman; Sigma Delta Tau; U.C.-Ly- ceum Committee. JANE KOHLMEYER, Metairie, La.; Freshman; Alpha Epsilon Phi. Sixth Row: CATHY KORNEGAY, Patterson, La.; Freshman; Phi Mu; " Hullabaloo " ; Newcomb Service Club. DONNA KORNFIELD, Denver, Colo.; Sophomore; Tulane Orchestra; U.C. -Recreation Committee. HOPE KORSHAK, Chicago, 111.; Junior; Student Activities Board; Tu- lane Cafeteria Committee. MEREDITH ANN KOTTEMANN, New Orleans, La.; Junior; Alpha Omicron Pi; Art Club. RITA DORIS KRACHMER, Miami Beach, Fla.; Sophomore; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Assets; Barracudas. Seventh Row: ELIZABETH ANN KREEGER, Metairie, La.; Junior. MIRIAM DENA KRESS, Wadesboro, N.C.; Sophomore; Sigma Delta Tau. SHARI KUSCHE, Oshkosh, Wis.; Freshman; Alpha Omicron Pi; " Hullabaloo. " RICKI KUTCHER, Hopkins, Minn.; Sophomore; Alpha Epsilon Phi. MADELINE KUTTNER, New Orleans La.; Sophomore; Alpha Epsilon Phi. Eighth Row: LAURIE KYLE. Baton Rouge, La.; Freshman; Kappa Kappa Gamma. CHARLOTTE LACHICOTTE, Watertown, S.D.; Freshman; Kappa Alpha Theta; Sailing Club. BETTY LORRAINE LANGHOFF, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Oreades. NANCY LATTIN, Plainfield, N.J.; Freshman; Pi Beta Phi; Athletic Council; Barracudas. ARLINE LAVIAGE, Houston, Tex.; Junior; Assets. Ninth Row: DIANE LEBRETON, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Alpha Omicron Pi; Army R.O.T.C. Sponsor. KAY BETH LEE, Makati, Rizal, Philippines; Freshman; Phi Mu; Young Republicans: U.C. -Cosmopolitan. JUDY LEFFERT, Greenville, S.C; Freshman; JAMBALAYA. SUE ELLEN LEGNON, New Orleans, La.; Freshman. LINDA LEITZ New Orleans, La.; Junior; TUSK. k. wi 79 Undergraduates First Row: ELIZABETH A. LEMLE, New Orleans, La.; Junior. RENEE LEON, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Sigma Delta Tau. PHYLLIS LEPON, Houston, Tex.; Sophomore; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Athletic Council; U.C.-Music. MARTHA ELOISE LEVERITT, Decatur, Ga.; Sophomore; Dormitory Council; La Tertulia; Greenbackers; Army R.O.T.C. Sponsor. MICHELLE LEVIN, Memphis, Tenn.; Freshman; Sigma Delta Tau; Barracudas. Second Row: CHERYL H. LEVINE, Silver Spring, Md.; Sophomore; Newcomb Stu- dent Council Committee; Assets; JAMBALAYA; Newcomb Handbook; Greenbackers. SUE LEVY, New Orleans, La.; Freshman. JANICE LEVY, Birmingham, Ala.; Freshman; Sigma Delta Tau; JAM- BALAYA: U.C.-Cosmopolitan. SUSAN A. LEVY, Colu mbus, Ga.; Sophomore; Alpha Delta Pi; TUSK; U.C.-Cosmopolitan. JANIE LEWIS, Portland, Ore.; Freshman; Kappa Alpha Theta; U.C- Lagniappes. Third Row: LYNN CAROL LEU ' IS, Louisville, Ky.; Freshman; Alpha Epsilon Phi. lEANNETTE C. LIEBMAN, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Chi Omega. MELINDA LITTRELL, Albuquerque, N. Mex.; Freshman; Kappa Alpha Theta; JAMBALAYA; U.C.-Padohad. MELINDA FRANCES LOCKER, Rio, Brazil; Freshman. MAGGIE LOCKETT, Corpus Christi, Tex.; Sophomore; Alpha Delta Pi. Fourth Row: JEAN LONBERGER, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Alpha Delta Pi; Sailing Club. JOANNE LONG, Bismarck, N.Dak.; Freshman; A Cappella Choir; Tulanians. MARJORIE LONGENECKER, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Kappa Kappa Gamma; U.C. -Publicity. NANCY JEANNE LORBER, Melairie, La.; Sophomore; Kappa Kappa Gamma; La Tertulia; Young Republicans; SaiUng Club; U.C. -Fine Arts. PENNY LORD, Beaumont, Tex.; Freshman; Pi Beta Phi; Young Re- publicans. Fifth Row: LENI LORENZ, Tulsa, Okla.; Junior; Beta Beta Beta; Young Conserva- tives. SALLIE ELIZABETH LOTT New Orleans, La.; Junior; Phi Mu, Pledge Director. ANNE LOVELL, Thibodaux, La.; Sophomore. PAULA LOVv ' ENSTEIN, Nashville, Tenn.; Sophomore; Alpha Epsilon Phi; U.C. -Lyceum. WENDY LUDWIG, Shaker Hts., Ohio; Junior; Sigma Delta Tau; TUSK. Sixth Rov?: TRICIA LYNCH, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Pi Beta Phi; Athletic Council. MARGARET MADDEN, Dallas, Tex.; Freshman; Pi Beta Phi; Barra- cudas; Student Directory; Sailing Club. SUZANNE MAGINNIS, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Pi Beta Phi; Barracudas; Student Directory; Sailing Club. ANN MAHORNER, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Kappa Kappa Gamma. ANN MARIE MAJOUE, Westnego, La.; Junior; Alpha Omicron Pi; Art Club; Homecoming Court. Seventh Row: KATHLEEN PATRICIA MALONEY, Montgomery, Ala.; Freshman. ANN HODGES MANN, Petersburg, Va.; Freshman; La Tulanaise. HEDY GRACE MANHEIMER, Houston, Tex.; Sophomore; Sigma Delta Tau. ANN MANRY, Lake V ales, Fla.; Sophomore; Phi Mu; La Tertulia; Young Conservatives; U.C .-Hospitality. ELIZABETH JOANNE MANSON-BAHR, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; " Hullabaloo " ; French Club; Sailing Club. Eighth Row: NANCY BETH MARKISON. Silver Spring, Md.; Freshman; Sigma Deha Tau; Newcomb Service Club. CATHERINE MARSHALL, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Kappa Alpha Theta; TUSK; La Tulanaise; Sailing Club. ELIZABETH F. MARTIN, Darien, Conn.; Sophomore. MARY MARTIN, Blossburg, Pa.; Alpha Delta Pi; Pre-Medical Society. CLAIRE MARTINI, Atlanta, Ga.; Junior; Chi Omega. Ninth Row: SHARON M. MARY, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Alpha Omicron Pi. SUSAN MATHERS, Winter Park, Fla.; Sophomore; Kappa Alpha Theta. PATRICIA ANN MATHIS, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore. MURRAY MAUGHT, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Pi Beta Phi. ETHEL MAXWELL, Memphis, Tenn.; Freshman; Kappa Alpha Theta. 80 Undergraduates First Row: NORMA ELAINE MAY, Jasper, Ala.; Junior; Sigma Delta Tau; JAM- BALAYA. MARILYN MAYER, Sarasota, Fla.; Freshman; Alpha Delta Pi; Dance Club; Glendy Burke Society; AUSA Sponsor. JANICE MEER, Dallas, Tex.; Sophomore; Campus Nile; A Cappella Choir; Tulano University Theatre. JUDI MEITIN, Orlando, Fla.; Sophomore; Sigma Delta Tau; U.C.-Rec- reation. GAIL MELLOR, Louisville, Ky.; Junior; Alpha Delta Pi; Pi Sigma Alpha; La Tertulia. Second Row: SANDRA MELLOW, Dallas, Tex.; Freshman; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Stu- dent Directory. JUDIE MELVIN, Miami, Fla.; Junior; Chi Omega. CECILLE MENKUS, New Orleans, La.; Junior; Alpha Epsilon Phi, Vice-President; Honor Board. SUZANNE METZLER, Houston, Tex.; Sophomore; Chi Omega. CAMILLA MEYERSON, Atlanta, Ga.; Freshman; Pi Beta Phi; Dance Club; U.C.-Lagniappes. Third Row: MEBANE MILLENDER, Asheville, N.C.; Freshman; Alpha Delta Pi; La Tulanaise, MARILYN MILLER, Lake Charles, La.; Freshman; Chi Omega. MARY MILLER, Tampa, Fla.; Freshman; Chi Omega; JAMBALAYA. MARIANNE MILLS, Cartersville, Ga.; Sophomore; Kappa Alpha Theta. JOAN MARILYN MINDER, Shreveport, La.; Freshman. Fourth Row: ELLYN LEE MINTZ, Memphis, Tenn.; Freshman; Sigma Delta Tau; U.C.-Lagniappes. BETSY MONK, Dallas, Tex.; Sophomore; Kappa Alpha Theta; Dormi- tory Council; Army R.O.T.C. Sponsor. MARILYN MONSKY, Montgomery, Ala.; Sophomore; Sigma Delta Tau. JEANNE MONTEDONICO, Memphis, Tenn.; Sophomore; Chi Omega; Water Skiing Club. SUSAN MONTGOMERY, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Fifth Row: ELAINE MORGAN, Rome, Ga.; Freshman; Chi Omega. JANNA KAY MOSELEY, Durant, Okla.; Junior; Newcomb Service Club. KAY MOSLEY, Vidalia, Ga.; Junior; Alpha Omicron Pi, Vice-Pres. SUE ANNA MOSS, Shreveport, La.; Freshman; Kappa Alpha Theta; La Tulanaise; U.C. -Publicity. GRACIE MUSSAFER, Montgomery, Ala.; Sophomore; Alpha Epsilon Phi, Secretary; Vice-President, Sophomore Class; Dormitory Council; Greenbackers; Newcomb Choir. Sixth Row: BONNIE MUTNICK, Birmingham, Ala.; Freshman; Sigma Delta Tau; U.C.-Cosmopolitan. LYNN B. McDowell, Sarasota, Fla.; Freshman; Pi Beta Phi. CLAIRE McGHEE, Houston, Tex.; Sophomore; Kappa Alpha Theta; Dormitory Council; Campus Nite. MARY HELEN McGOUGH, Montgomery, Ala.; Freshman; Alpha Delta Pi; U.C.-Lagniappes. LEE McGRAW, Orlando, Fla.; Freshman; Glendy Burke Debating Society. Seventh Row: NINA McINTOSH, Memphis, Tenn.; Sophomore; Kappa Alpha Theta; Dormitory Council; Newcomb Handbook. GRIDLEY McKIM, Fort Worth, Tex.; Sophomore; Pi Beta Phi; Assets; Athletic Council; Angel Flight; Newcomb Honor Board. MARY SUE NELSON, New Orleans, La.; Junior. SYDNEY K. NETZORG, IndianapoHs, Ind.; Freshman; U.C.-Hospitality Committee; Sailing Club. BLANCHE HOWELL NEWTON, Greenville, Miss.; Sophomore; Chi Omega; Greenbackers; Dormitory Council; U.C.-Hospitality Committee. Eighth Row: NAN NEWTON, Midland, Tex.; Sophomore; Pi Beta Phi; La Tertulia. JUDY NICHOLAS, Shrevepori, La.; Junior; Chi Omega MARY ELIZABETH NICOLL, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Phi Mu; Young Conservatives. ANNETTE RAE NIRKEN, Houston, Texas; Sophomore; Sigma Delta Tau; U.C.-Music Committee. MARGARET NOBLE, Houston, Tex.; Freshman; Alpha Omicron Pi: Campus Nite. Ninth Row: NELL NOLAN, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Pi Beta Phi; La Tulan- aise. SUE NUNGESTER, Decatur, Ala.; Senior; Kappa Delta. SHEILA ROSE O ' DONNELL, New Orleans, La.; Freshman. MARGARET OGILVIE, Shreveport, La.; Sophomore; Kappa Kappa Gamma. SUE O ' MEALLIE, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Chi Omega. 8i Undergraduates First Row: POLLY OPPENHEIMER, San Antonio, Tex.; Junior; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Junior Class, Treasurer; Dormitory Council; Athletic Council; Campus Nite. CONNIE OSWALD, Memphis, Tenn.; Freshman; Dance Club; Le Cercle Francais; " Hullabaloo " ; U.C.-Publicity and Lyceum Committees. CLARA PALETOU, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Chi Omega. LOU ANN PARKINSON, Mexico, D.F.; Freshman; " Hullabaloo. " JOAN ELIZABETH PARTAIN, San Antonio, Tex.; Junior; Alpha Omi- cron Pi; Art Club. Second Row: LA FON PEASE, Gieanville, Miss.; Freshman; Kappa Kappa Gamma. JILL PEAVY, Dallas, Texas; Sophomore; Pi Beta Phi; Greenbackers. KAREN PEELER, Jonesboro, Ark.; Junior; Alpha Omicron Pi; Dormi- tory Council; A Cappella Choir; Newcomb Honor Board. SUZANNE LOUISE PEISSEL, Houston, Tex.; Sophomore; Alpha Omi- cron Pi; Tulane-Newcomb Orchestra; University Center Board. PAT PENN, Lexington, Ky.; Freshman; Alpha Omicron Pi; U.C. Com- mittee. Third Row: RENEE PEREZ, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Kappa Kappa Gamma. DIANE LYNN PERLMAN, Tyler, Tex.; Freshman; Sigma Delta Tau; U.C.-Fine Arts Committee; Newcomb Service Club. SUSAN ANNE PFEIFFER, Shreveport, La.; Sophomore; Kappa Kappa Gamma. SARAH ALICE PILGRIM, Mississippi City, Miss.; Freshman; Phi Mu. MERCEDES PLAUCHE, Lake Charles, La.; Freshman; Chi Omega; U.C. -Hospitality Committee. Fourth Row: PAM PLUMMER, Waco, Texas; Freshman; Kappa Alpha Theta. MYRTLE BENNETT POPE, Bunkie, La.; Freshman; Pi Beta Phi. DORI PORETZ, RockviUe Centre, N.Y.; Freshman; Sigma Delta Tau; U.C.-Spotlighters Committee; Tulane University Theatre; Campus Nite. DIANNE POTIN, New Orleans, La.; Junior; Alpha Omicron Pi. PROSLYN EILENE POTIN, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Alpha Omi- cron Pi. Fifth Row: BONNIE POWELL, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Alpha Omicron Pi; Barracudas. CAROLYN ELIZABETH PRATT, Shreveport, La.; Junior; Chi Omega; Tulane Student Council; Student Activities Board, Secretary; Univer- sity Center Board; U.C.-Publicity Committee, Chairman. MARY WALKER RADFORD, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Pi Beta Phi. MICHAEL ALLAN RANDALL, Middlesboro, Ky.; Freshman; A Cap- pella Choir. LINDA RAPPAPORT, Minneapolis, Minn.; Sophomore; Alpha Epsilon Phi; U.C.-Recreation Committee; ROTC Sponsor. Sixth Row: JEANNE RAWLINSON, Denver, Colo.; Sophomore; Pi Beta Phi; Tu- lano University Theatre; Angel Flight. ARLEEN RAYMON, Tuskegee, Ala.; Junior; Alpha Epsilon Phi. ANITA REA, Florence, Ala.; Junior; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Dormitory Council. KAY REA, New Orleans, La.; Junior; Kappa Kappa Gamma. LUCY REARDON, Northbrcok, 111.; Freshman; Kappa Kappa Gamma; A Cappella Choir. Seventh Row: JUDY REPHAN, Little Rock, Ark.; Sophomore; Alpha Epsilon Phi; La Tertulia; TUSK; U.C.-Recreation Committee. LAURA JAYNE RHODES, HoUywod, Fla.; Freshman; Sigma Delta Tau; U.C. -Lyceum Committee. TERRY RICHHEIMER, Glencoe, 111.; Sophomore; Alpha Epsilon Phi; La Tertulia; U.C.-Fine Arts Committee. DORA ANN RIDDEL, Lubbock, Tex.; Sophomore; Pi Beta Phi. KATHLEEN RILEY, Williamsburg, Va.; Freshman; Phi Mu; Athletic Council. Eighth Row: SUZIE RING, Jackson, Miss.; Sophomore; Fhi Mu; Philosophy Qub; Athletic Council; Campus Nite; U.C.-Cosmopolitan Committee. PATTI ROBERTS, Dallas, Tex.; Freshman; Pi Beta Phi; Young Repub- licans. VICKY ROBERTS, Sarasota, Fla.; Freshman. PRISCILLA ROBINETTE, Pine BluH, Ark.; Freshman; Phi Mu. BARBARA L ' N ROBINS, Houston, Tex.; Sophomore; JAMBALAYA. Ninth Row: ELLEN ELIZABETH ROBINSON, Miami, Okla.; Sophomore; Kappa Alpha Theta; Angel Flight. LINDA BETH ROCHKIND, Miami, Fla.; Freshman; Alpha Epsilon Phi. ARLEEN JUDITH ROGERS, Metairie, La.; Sophomore; Sigma Delta Tau; Newcomb Service Club; U.C.-Publicity and Lyceum Committees. FRANCES JEAN RORER, Yardley, Pa.; Freshman; Phi Mu; Skiing Club; U.C.-Cosmopolitan Committee. BARBARA ANN ROSEN, Montgomery, Ala.; Sophomore; Alpha Epsi- lon Phi; Le Cercle Francais; U.C.-Hospitality Committee. Undergraduates First Row: SARA ROSENBERG, Memphis, Tenn.; Freshman: Alpha Epsilon Phi; " Hullabaloo " : WTUL: U.C.-Lyceum Committee. GAYLE ROSENTHAL, Dallas, Tex.: Junior; Alpha Epsilon Phi. MARY LYNN ROTH, New Orleans, La.: Sophomore; Chi Omega. DIANA ROWLEY, Fullerton, Calif.; Junior: Kappa Kappa Gamma. JEAN RUELIO, New Orleans, La.; Freshman. Second Row: BILLIE JEAN RUMBELOW, Metairie, La.; Freshman. LILLIAN RYAN, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Le Cercle Francais: " Hullabaloo " : Tulane University Theatre; Young Conservatives. MARGARET SAETRE, Hattiesburg, Miss.; Sophomore; Chi Omega: U.C.-Publicily Committee. JUDY SAKS, Houston, Texas; Freshman; U.C.-Fine Arts Committee. MARY-MATHILDE SALAUN. New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; " Hulla- baloo. " Third Row: KATHRYN SALE, HaynesviUe, La.; Freshman; Pi Beta Phi. MARILYN M. SALERNO, Houston, Tex.; Junior; Beta Beta Beta: La TertuUa. SUSAN SAMPEY, Sarasota, Fla.; Junior; Greenbackers. MARTHA CHARLOTTE SAPP, Corpus Christi, Tex.; Junior; Alpha Omicron Pi; Beta Beta Beta; La Tertulia. VIRGINIA JO SCHNEIDER, Bloomington, 111.; Sophomore: Alpha Omi- cron Pi. Fotirth Row: NANCY SCHUSS, Rydal, Pa.; Sophomore: Sigma Delta Tau; Dance Club: Newcomb Service Club. LOIS E. SCHROEDER, New Orleans, La.; Senior. CAROL SCHWARTZBEK, St. Petersburg, Ha.; Junior; Alpha Delta Pi. CELLIA J. SCOTT, Boynton Beach, Fla.; Sophomore; La Tulanais9; U.C. -Hospitality Committee; Tulane University Theatre. LYNDA JACQUELYN SCOTT, Tulsa, Okla.; Freshman; Kappa Alpha Theta; " Hullabaloo " ; U.C.-Lagnaippes Committee. Fifth Row: LUCILE LEWIS SCOVILLE, Atlanta, Ga.; Freshman; Kappa Kappa Gamma; U.C.-Lagniappes Committee. SUZANNE JAHNCKE SEEMANN, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Pi Beta Phi. SUZANNE UPTON SELLARS, Metairie, La.; Sophomore; Pi Beta Phi. lULIE SELLERS, Mobile, Ala.; Junior: Kappa Kappa Gamma; New- comb Student Body, Corresponding Secretary: Honor Bocrd. BILLIE GAY SELMAN, Decatur, Ga.; Freshman: Germar Club; Pre- Medical Society: Sailing Club. Sixth Row: DIANA LEE SESSIONS, Dallas, Tex.; Sophomore; Pi Beta Phi; Assets: A Cappella Choir; Campus Nile; Tulanians CAMILLE THERESA SHAMIS, Gulfport, Miss.; Junior Pi Beta Phi. PAUL SHAPIRO, Shreveport, La.; Junior; U.C.-Hospitality Committee, Chairman. SHEILA RAE SHERMAN, Denver, Colo.; Freshman: Alpha Epsilon Phi. GALEN SHORT, Houston, Tex.; Sophomore; Alpha Omicron Pi; Lj Tulanaise. Seventh Row: MARSHA LARRIE SIDEL, Mobile, Ala.; Sophomore; Sigma Delta Tau; U.C.-Lyceum Committee. NANCY SIEGEL, New York, N.Y.; Sophomore; Alpha Epsilon Phi. LINDA ANN SILVER, Nashville, Tenn.; Freshman; Sigma Delta Tau; Student Directory. JANE E. SILVERBERG, Thibodaux, La.; Sophomore: Sigma Delta Tau; Glendy Burke Society; U.C.-Recreation Committee. MARY LYNN SILVERSON, Memphis, Tenn.; Junior; Alpha Epsilon Phi, Treasurer. Dallas, Tex.; Freshman; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Freshman; Chi Omega; Athletic Eighth Row: ANNE SIMPSON " Hullabaloo. " SALLY SKEEN, Milwaukee, Wis Council. GENE SKYPEK, Decatur, Ga.; Freshman; Alpha Omicron Pi. JUDY SLACK, Sheffield, Ala.; Sophomore; Chi Omega. MARTHA ANN SLINN, Miami, Fla.; Sophomore; Phi Mu; U.C.-Hospi tality Committee. Ninth Row: AMI GILDER SMITH, Gamma. BOBBIE ANN SMITH, Houston, Tex.; Freshman. SUE SMITH, Handsboro, Miss.; Sophomore; Phi Mu. HEBE SMYTHE, Tribett, Miss.; Sophomore; Alpha Omicron Pi NANCY WILCOX SNELLINGS, Monroe, La.; Junior; Pi Beta Phi; Athletic Council: Young Republicans. Birmingham, Ala.; Freshman; Kappa Kappa 83 Undergraduates First Row: FLORETTE MICHAEL SNYDER, Bastrop, La.; Sophomore; Art Club; Army ROTC Sponsor; U.C.-Fine Arts Committee. PATTI JO SOLNICK, Amarillo, Tex.; Freshman; Sigma Delta Tau; U.C- Hospitality Committee. MARSHA RAYE SOLOMON, Charleston. S.C; Junior; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Johnston House, President; Newcomb Handbook, Associate Ed- itor; Campus Nile. COLLEEN M. SPENCE, Memphis, Tenn.; Sophomore; Kappa Alpha Theta; La Tertulia; Cheerleaders; Greenbackers; Campus Nite; U.C.- Lagniappes Committee. MARY K. SPIER, Bastrop, La.; Freshman; U.C.-HospitaUty Committee. Second Row: CARMEN EDITH SPRINGER, Atlanta, Ga.; Freshman. PATRICIA STANGER, Baton Rouge, La.; Freshman; Alpha Delta Pi- ll. C.-Cosmopolitan Committee. ANN MARIE STAPLES, Alexandria, La.; Sophomore; Chi Omega. EPSIE STEINER, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Pi Beta Phi. KATIE STENGEL, Russellville, Ky.; Sophomore; Alpha Delta Pi; " Hullabaloo. " Third Row: CARLA STERNE, Albany, Ga.; Sophomore; Sigma Delta Tau. JEANNE STINNETT, Brenham, Tex.; Sophomore; Kappa Alpha Theta; Le Cercle Francais; A Cappella Choir. DANA STINSON, Bossier City, La.; Freshman; Chi Omega. CELESTE P. ST. MARTIN, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Phi Mu. SALLY STOCKER, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Barracudas. Fourth Row: JANICE STONE, Wolf Point, Mont.; Freshman; Kappa Alpha Theta; Pre-Medical Society. RENEE BEBIE STONER, New Orleans, U.; Sophomore; La Tulanaise; U.C. -Cosmopolitan Committee. LOUISA STRIPLING, Jacksonville, Tex.; Freshman; Pi Beta Phi; Pre- Medical Society. SUSAN STUERMER, Brownsville, Tex.; Sophomore; Alpha Delta Pi. JANE M. STREET, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Phi Mu. Fiith Row: SANDY STREIFFER, Metairie, La.; Sophomore; Sigma Delta Tau; Stu- dent Directory; U.C. -Recreation Com.mittee. LORRIE STUART, Dallas, Tex.; Freshman; Alpha Epsilon Phi. COOKIE SULKIN, Dallas, Tex.; Junior; Sigma Delta Tau; Newcomb Service Club, President: Pan-Hellenic Council. ELEANOR M. SUTHCN, New Orleans, La.; Junior. VALERIE SVOLOS, Shreveport, La.; Freshman; Sailing Club. Sixth Row: MARTHA LYNNE SWANSON, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; A Cap- pella Choir. ELLEN SHELBY TAYLOR, Baton Rouge, La.; Freshman; Chi Omega. SHARON TAYLOR, Winston-Salem, N.C.; Junior; Sigma Delta Tau; Greenbackers; Tulanians. SANDRA JANE TANENHAUS, Louisville, Ky.; Freshman; Sigma Delta Tau; Student Directory. JACKIE TARLETON, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Pi Beta Phi. Ssventh Row: BONNIE THOMPSON, New Orleans, La.; Junior; Kappa Kappa Gamma. FRANCES THORNTON, Columbia, S.C; Junior; U.C.-Padohad and Lagniappes Committees. SANDY TICE, Waterloo, Iowa; Sophomore; Barracudas; JAMBALAYA; Greenbackers: Opera Workshop: U.C.-Music Committee; Sailing Club. ELLEN ANN TRAHAN, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore. ELAINE TREON, Nashville, Tenn.; Freshman; Alpha Omicron Pi. Figh;h Row: JUDITH SCOTT TREPPENDAHL, WoodviUe, Miss.; Freshman; Kappa Kappa Gamma. MERRILY TRIBBLE, Shawnee-Mission, Kansas; Junior. PAM TUCKER, Millington, Tenn.; Sophomore; Kappa Alpha Theta. DIANE ULRICH, Park Ridge, 111.; Freshman; Kappa Alpha Theta; Dance Qub; Tulane University Theatre; Sailing Club. LEONE SUYDAM UPTON, New Orleans, La.; Junior; Music School, Sec.-Treas.: A Cappella Choir; Opera Workshop; Young Conserva- ' ives. Ninth Row: ■ANNE MEREDITH VAN ARSDALE, Metairie, La.; Freshman; Alpha ■ -a Pi; German Club; Dance Club; Sailing Club. CAROLYN D. VANTRESS, Atlanta, Ga.; Sophomore; Chi Omega. ANNE W. VAUGHN, New Orleans, La.; Junior; Kappa Alpha Theta. CAROL VENTERS, Tampa, Fla.; SophomiOre; Phi Mu; U.C.-Hospitality Committee; Pre-Medical Society. KARIN VERDON, Kalamazoo, Mich.; Freshman. 84 Undergraduates First Row: SHARON RAE VETA, Cheyenne, Wyo.; Sophomore; Alpha Epsilon Phi; WTUL. EVELYN VINCENT, Houston, Tex.; Sophomore; Alpha Omicron Pi; Eta Sigma Phi; Oreades. MARIAN WADLER, Bellaire, Tex.; Freshman; Sigma Delta Tau. DAPHNE FELICIA WAHL, New Orleans, La.; Freshman. PAMELA K. WAITS, Springfield, Ohio; Freshman; Kappa Alpha Theta. Second Row: CAROL GENE V ALDMAN, Dallas, Tex.; Junior; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Junior Class, Vice President; La Tertulia, Spirit Council; University Center Board, Lagniappes Chairman. TUDY WALDMAN, Dallas, Tex.; Sophomore; Alpha Epsilon Phi. SHARON LYNN WALDMAN, Houston, Tex.; Sophomore; Sigma Delta Tau. JUNE WALL, Harvey, La.; Freshman. KATHIE WASSON, Prairie Village, Kan.; Freshman; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Third Row: NANCY WATTERSON, Connersville, Ind.; Sophomore; Kappa Alpha Theta; Dance Club; Campus Nile; Newcomb Service Club. ANNE WEBMAN, Orlando, Fla.; Freshman; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Dance Club; U.C.-Hospitality. SUSAN TONI WEINBERG, Houston, Tex.; Sophomore; JAMBALAYA. MADOLYN WEISS, Memphis, Tenn.; Sophomore; Sigma Delta Tau. SALLIE HA.RRISON WEISSINGER, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Vice-Chairman, Orientation; Assets, Secretary; La Tertulia; U.C.-Music Committee, Chairman. Fourth How: VIRGINIA ALLEN WEISSINGER, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Delta; Treasurer, Senior Class; Pi Sigma Alpha; University Center Board; U.C.-Fine Arts, Chairman; Chairman of Division of Culture, U.C. JULIE C. WELLS, Glasgow, Ky.; Freshman; Kappa Alpha Theta. KARLYN WENGER, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Alpha Omicron Pi; Oreades. BARBARA WHITE, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Alpha Omicron Pi. NANCY WHITEHEAD. Jacksonville, Fla.; Freshman. Fifth Row: BETH V HITLOCK, Memphis, Tenn.; Freshman; Phi Mu; Young Re- publicans; Sailing Club; Newcomb Service Club. MARTHA DAMRON WICKETT, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Phi Mu; Pre-Medical Society. SUSAN E. WIECHERS, Racine, Wis.; Freshman; Alpha Delta Pi; A Cappella Choir; Tulanians. JUNE WILKINSON, Jackson, Miss.; Junior; Chi Omega, Treasurer; Junior Qass, Secretary. KAREN WILLIAMS, Mer Ro uge, La.; Junior; Chi Omega; Athletic Council; Johnston House Council. Sixth Row: MONICA WILLIAMS, Maracaibo, Venezuela; Freshman; Kappa Kappa Gamma. WANDA VIRGINIA WILLIAMSON, Baton Rouge, La.; Sophomore; Oreades; La Tertulia; Newcomb Choir. BETTY WILLIS, Montgom.ery, Ala.; Freshman; " Hullabaloo. " BARBARA WILSON, Kensington, Maryland; Freshman; " Hullabaloo " ; U.C. -Cosmopolitan Committee. LISA WILSON, Denver, Colo.; Sophomore; U.C.-Spotlighter Committee. Seventh Row: MARTHA FREEMAN WILSON, Baton Rouge, La.; Freshman; Kappa Kappa Gamma. BARBY WINTER, Fort Worth, Tex.; Freshman; Kappa Kappa Gamma. PHYLLIS WISCH, Shaker Hts., Ohio; Sophomore; Alpha Epsilon Phi; U.C.-Fine Arts Committee. ELIZABETH D. M. WISE, Nashville, Tenn.; Freshman; Alpha Omicron Pi; Sailing Club. SUSAN WISE, Houston, Tex.; Sophomore; Alpha Omicron Pi; Athletic Council. Eighth Row: SUE ELLEN WOLF, Atlanta, BALAYA; Sailing Club. JUDY WOLFE, Metairie, La.; Sophomore; Alpha Omicron Pi. MARCTA MELINDA Vv ' OODS, Tulsa, Okla.; Sophomore; Chi Omega; Sophomore Class, Treasurer; Dance Club. PEGGY WYATT, Jackson, Tenn.; Freshman; Chi Omega; JAMBA- LAYA; " Hullabaloo " ; A Cappella Choir; U.C.-Hospitality Committee. PATRICIA V YLIE, Montgomery, Ala.; Junior; Phi Mu. KITTY WYNNE, Siera Madre, Calif.; Freshman; Phi Mu; U.C.-Padohad Committee. Ninth Row: ANN YERGER, Mound, La.; Sophomore; Alpha Omicron Pi. HELEN YOMTOV, Birmingham, Ala.; Sigma Delta Tau; Campus Nile; U.C.-Hospitality Committee. MARY HELEN YOUNG, Campti, La.; Freshman; Pi Beta Phi; Campus Nite; Young Republicans; Sailing Club. VIRGINIA LOU YOUNG, Metairie, La,; Junior; Tulane Orchestra. JOAN KAREN ZAROWITZ, Miami Beach, Fla.; Sophomore; Sigma Delta Tau; U.C.-Spotlighter Committee. JUDITH ANNE ZATARAIN, New Orleans, La.; Freshman. Ga.; Freshman; Alpha Epsilon Phi; JAM- 85 College of Arts and Sciences DEAN WILLIAM W. PEERY The largest and oldest division of Tulane, the College of Arts and Sciences provides the student with a liberal, many- sided education as well as a foundation for entrance into gradu- ate or professional school. The diversity of curricula in the college, which enrolled its first students in 1851, leads to B.A., B.S., and B.F.A. degrees, while also supplementing the more specialized courses in the schools of Engineering, Architecture, and Business Administration. OHicers RYCK CAPLAN President STEVE WHITFIELD Secretary ART HEROLD Vice-President 86 First Row: HERSCHEL L. ABBOTT, JR., Monroe, La.; Scabbard and Blade; Cadet Staff Officer, Captain; Arnold Air Society; Pi Lambda Beta; Young Republicans. GEORGE L. ADAMS, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Pre- Medical Society; Young Republicans; U.C.-Cosmopolitan Committee. THOMAS RUSSELL AKIN 111, Alton, 111; Alpha Tau Omega; Tulane Pan-Hellenic Council. Second Row: ROBERT ERNEST ALEXANDER III, Dallas, Tex.; Philosophy Club; A. LA.; Young Conservatives. PATRICK JOSEPH ARAGUEL JR., Metairie, La.; Beta Theta Pi; Eta Sigma Phi; Arnold Air Society. CLAUDE J. AUCOUIN JR., New Orleans, La.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Eta Sigma Phi. Third Row: CLEMIT DURHAM BARNES, Bushnell, Fla.; Sigma Chi; Alpha Epsilon Delta; German Club; Varsity Football; Greenbackers. JOHN WESLEY BARNETT JR., Texarkana, Tex.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Pi Sigma Alpha; Scabbard and Blade; Cadet Staff Officer, Major; Arnold Air Society; Sailing Club. DAVID ROBERGE BAYNE, Selma, Ala.; Kappa Sigma. First Row: RONALD L. BECK, Metairie, La.; Cadet Staff Officer, Captain; Arnold Air Society. WILLIAM T. BENNETT JR., New Orleans, La. E. GARY BERGERON JR., Crowley, La. Second Row: TRULS GRIEG BJERKE JR., Metairie, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Tulane Varsity Club; Varsity Letter, Football. ELLIS LEEHY BLEVINS, Conway, Ark.; Phi Kappa Alpha; Phi Eta Sigma; Junior Year Abroad Club. MARTY BOORSTEIN, Great Neck, N.Y.; Who ' s Who; JAMBALAYA, Business Manager; Campus Nile, President; Tulane University The atre. Third Row: ANDRE M. BORDELON, New Orleans, La. KEGEL L. BRANCH JR., Duncan, Okla.; Phi Kappa Sigma. C. STEVEN BRATTON, Camden, Ark.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Naval Cadet Staff Officer, Lieutenant; Anchor and Chain. Fourth Row: MICHAEL M. BURKE, New Orleans, La.; Sigma Chi. JIM BUSH JR., North Little Rock, Ark.; Alpha Epsilon Delta; German Club. RICHARD W. BUSSOFF, Joplin, Mo.; Alpha Epsilon Pi, Vice-President; Pi Sigma Alpha. Fifth Row: PAUL P. CAMERON, Brookheld, Conn.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Eta Sigma Phi; Greenbackers. W. RYCK CAPLAN, New Orleans, La.; Zeta Beta Tau; College of Arts and Sciences, President; Who ' s Who; Honor Board, Arts and Sciences; Student Activities Board. ROBERT J. CARTER, Anaheim, Calif.; Phi Kappa Sigma; " Hullabaloo " ; Theta Nu; AUSA; NDTA. Arts and Sciences eniors First Row: HAROLD ANDREW DIECK, New Orleans, La.: Alpha Chi Sigma, Recorder; Tulane Band. RUSSELL J. DIONNE, New Iberia, La.; Pi Sigma Alpha. FRED DIRINGER, Mt. Vernon, N.Y.; Tau Epsilon Phi; TUSK; Campus Nite. Second Row: WILLIAM PETRIE DUNLAP, New Orleans, La. CHARLES DURHAM JR., Houston, Texas; Kappa Sigma. JAY EDELSTON, Chicago, lU.; Young Brunologists; Catacombs. Third Row: RICK EIGENBROD, Metairie, La.; Alpha Tau Omega; Tulane Varsity Club. GEORGE PATRICK ELDER, Pasadena, Texas; Scabbard and Blade; Arnold Air Society. JAMES T. EVANS, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Varsity Letter, Football; Varsity Sports, Football and Track; Interfaith Council. Fourth Row: FRANK LAURENCE FAUST III, New Orleans, La.; Delta Tau Delta; Cadet Staff Officer, First Lieutenant. RICHARD SWENEY FAVOR, Metairie, La.; Sigma Chi. MICHAEL STEPHEN FELDMAN, Newton Centre, Mass.; Zela Beta Tau; Young Republicans; Pre-legal Society. Fifth Row: ARTHUR LEE FENTRESS JR., Baton Rouge, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Varsity Letter, Tennis; Greenbackers. GARY WRIGHT FERGUSON, San Francisco, Calif.; Campus Nite; Tulane Band. RONNIE FINKELSTEIN, Hattiesburg, Miss.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pre- Medical Society. Arts and Sciences Seniors First How: CHARLES P. CARRIERE III, New Orleans, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Phi Delta Phi; Adelphcns. A. WINFIELD CLEM IV, Paris, Tex.; Phi Kappa Sigma. JEFFREY R. COHN, Chicago, 111.; Zeta Beta Tau. Second Row: ERNEST C. COLQUETTE, DeRidder, La.; Varsity Football Letter, 3 years; TUSK. GERALD RICHARD COOPER, New Orleans, La.; Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Sigma Alpha. CAROL ANN CRAM, Franklin, La.; Chi Omega. Third Row: C. DELU DAVID, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha Order; Senior Class, Secretary-Treasurer; Scabbard and Blade; Arnold Air Society. JAMES STANSFIELD DEACON, Beloit, Wis.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Green- backers. LELAND DENNIS II, Galveston, Tex.; Kappa Sigma; Varsity Golf; A Cappella Choir. i First Row: DONALD P. CACHE, Miami Beach, Fla.; Sigma Alpha Mu. WAYNE GALVANI, Dallas, Tex.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. RONALD HOWARD GOLDBERG, Dallas, Tex.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Student Activities Key; Who ' s Who; Pre-Medical Society; " Hullaba- loo " ; Tulane University Center Board, Vice-President. Second Row: WILLIAM E. GOODMAN, Memphis, Tenn.; Pi Kappa Alpha. JOHN R. GRAVES, Hope, Ark.; Kappa Sigma, President. DAVID M. GRAY, JR., Moreauville, La.; German Club; Pre-Medical Society; Inter-Dormitory Council, Secretary. Third Row: JOHN WILLIAM GROOME, Greenville, Miss.; Kappa Alpha. NORMAN ALAN GROVES, Sherman, Texas; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. ALAN MARK HAUFRECT, Houston, Tex.; American Chemical Society; A Cappella Choir, President; Tulanians, President. I W» ' f M M mff M M First Row: RONALD TOD HEIMAN, Farrell, Pa.; Zeta Beta Tau. SHELTON E. HENDRICKS, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Sigma. RUSS M. HERMAN, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; " Hullaba- loo " ; Campus Nile; Glendy Burke Society; Pi Lambda Beta; Young Democrats. Second Row: ARTHUR L. HEROLD, Shreveport, La.; Zeta Beta Tau; Arts and Sciences, President; Varsity Letter, Tennis; JYA Club. NICHOLAS EDWARD HODSON, Miami, Fla.; Delta Tau Doha; A Cap- pella Choir; Campus Nile; Opera Workshop. TIMOTHY JOSEPH HOFF, Sarasota, Fla.; Delta Tau Delta; Eta Sigma Phi. Third Row: DOG HOLLIDAY, Jackson, Miss.; Kappa Sigma. SCHUYLER HORN, Glen Ridge, N.J.; Dormitory House Council. CARRICK RICHARD INABNETT, Monroe, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Eta Sigma Phi. Fourth Row: DAVID H. JOHNSON, Pensacola, Fla.; Alpha Epsilon Delta. CALVIN M. JOHNSON JR., New Orleans, La.; Alpha Kappa. WILLIAM JOHNSON, New Orleans, La.; Phi Delta Theta. Fifth Row: HANS A. B. JONASSEN, New Orleans, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon, President; JAMBALAYA, Editor; Who ' s Who; Philosophy Club; Cadet Staff Officer, General; Greenbackers; Scabbard Blade; Young Brunologists. PETER KLEIN, Mt. Vernon, N.Y.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Cadet Staff Officer, Major; Arnold Air Society. ELIEZER KNEIDEL, Kfar-Saba, Israel. Arts and Sciences First Row: EDUAHEO A. LOPEZ-OUEVEDO, Caracas. Vsnezueia; OmiCTon Chi Kpsilon; Soccer Cliib: Delta Sigma Pi: U.C.-Cosmopolitan. RICHARD B. IvLANCES, New- Orleans, La.; A CappeUa Choir; Campus Nite; Young Conservatives. JAMES ROBERT " BUDDY " MA_RTIN. New Orleans. La.; Le Cercle Francais; Intramural Council; Ycung Republicans; Dormitory House Council; A, Cappelia Choir. Second Bow: MICHAEL H. MARVINS. Houston. Texas; A.lpha Epsilon Pi; Student Dlreclory, Business Manager; V TUL; Pershing Rifles; Army Cadet Staf; Onice -. Captain. MICHAEL MATOIAN. Oak Park, ii!.; Alpha Epsilon Delta; American Chemical Society; Pre-Medical Society; Varsity Sports, Football. RONNIE BEE MELTON, Nev ton, Miss.; A.lpha Chi Sigma; American Chemical Society; Tulane Varsity Club; Varsity Letter, Focfball. Third Bow: BUDDY MEYER, Jackson, Miss.; Alpha Chi Sigma; Varsity Sports, Football. " ATLLLAM PORCHER MILES, New Orleans. La.; Kappa Alpha Order; jAMBALAYA-; Young Brunolcgists; Catacombs; A.delphons. WILSON THEODORE AILLER JR., Gulfport. Miss.; Varsity Letter, Fcofhell and BasebaU. Fourth Bow: ARTHUR BLANC MONROE, New Orleans, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon, Secretary; Greenbackers; Young Brunolcgists; Adelphons. N " ETA GAIL McAFEE, Baytov n, Tex. L. V. McGLNTY. JR., SUdell, U.; Tulane Varsity Club; Varsity Sports, Baseball, Basketball. Filth Bow: GARY O. McKEA.N, Fort Charlotte, Fla.; Sigma Chi. Vice-President. JOSEPH M. D. NA-DELL, Dmhiirst, N.Y.; Varsity Sports, Svrimming. ALLAN NATHANSON, phoenix, Ariz.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; German Club; Honor Board; Ycung Democrats. Arts and Sciences Seniors First Row: ' . " LUAM FRANK KULP, Highland Park, lU.; Zeia Beta Tau. ARMANT3 M. KURIS, New York, N.Y. STANLEY KURZBAN, Miami, Fla.; Tau Epsilon Phi; Eta Sigma Phi; Pi Mu Epsilon; Math Club. Second Bow: WILLIAM DAN LATIMER III, Mt. Pleasant, Texas; Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon; Tulane Varsity Club; Varsity Letter, Track; Greenbackers. ERIK J. LEIKVANG, Oslo, Norway; Sainng Cub, Vice-Commodore; French Club. HOWARD ALLAN LEVINE, Lowell, Mass.; Tulanians; U.C.-Fine Arts Committee. Third Row: HARRIS A. UCHTENSTEIN, Houston, Texas; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Who ' s WTio; Pre-Medical Society; Student Directory; Tulanians; Honor Board; Pan Hellenic Council. EDV ARD C. LIEBMAN, Dallas, Tex.; Zeta Beta Tau; JAMBALAYA. EDWARD LOEB, Miami Beach, F.a. f J] First Row: RONALD NAOUIN, New Orleans, La.; Delta Sigma Rho; Pi Sigma Alpha; Scabbard and Blade; Glendy Burke Society. BRYAN EMERSON NEARN, Memphis, Term.; Sigma Chi, President; Greenbackers; U.C.-Lagniappes Committee. PAUL T. NELSON, Huntington, W. Va.; Kappa Alpha; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Pre-Medical Society; Young Democrats. Second Row: ROY T. NEWTON, Maracaibo, Venezuela; Kappa Sigma; Greenback- ers. JAMES L. NORR, New Orleans, La.; JYA Club, President. RICHARD D. NORTON JR., Metairie, La.; U.C.-Cosmopolitan Com- miteee. Third Row: SAMUEL W. NORWOOD 111, Atlanta, Ga.; Sailing Club, Commodore. THOMAS ALONZO OGG III, New Orleans, La. EDGAR OLIVER OLSEN III, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Tau Omega; Eta Sigma Phi; Varsity Sports, Golf. First Row: EDMUND N. ORSINI JR., Little Rock, Ark.; Phi Kappa Sigma. JOHN S. PACHTER, Greenwood, Miss.; Zeta Beta Tau. JEROME HINDE RAYMOND, Maywocd, 111.; Varsity Letter, Football. Second Row: JAMES L. RENNEKER, Texarkana, Tex.; Army Cadat Staff Officer, Captain. GEORGE M. RISER, Monroe, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Who ' s Who; JYA Qub. JOSEPH L. ROBERTS III, New Orleans, La.; Eta Sigma Phi, President. Third Row: JACK " BIG " RONIGER, New Orleans, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Eta Sigma Phi; Scabbard and Blade; Intramural Council; Young Brunolo- gists. LOUIS A. RUBENSTEIN, Shaw, Miss.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pre-Medical Society. F. ALLEN ROUSSEL, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha; Catacombs; Young Brunologists. Fourth Row: JAMES D. RUSSELL, Nashville, Tenn.; Pi Sigma Alpha. JAMES RYAN III, New Orleans, La.; Phi Delta Theta. CHRISTOPHER LEIGH SCHALLER, Earrington, 111.; Sigma Chi; Ger- man Club; Varsity Sports, Football. Fii.h Row: ROBERT R. SCHWERIN, Hammond, Ind.; Delta Sigma Phi; Navy Cadet Officer, Ensign. LARRY SECREST, Fort Smith, Ark.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. H. WILLIAM SELLERS, New Orleans, La.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Senior Class, Vice-President; Student Activities Key; Who ' s Who; Green- backers, President; Honor Board; Stuc ' ent Activities Board; Cadet Staff Officer, Captain; Spirit Council. Arts and Sciences Seniors First Row: THEARD JOSEPH TERREBONNE JR., New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha; Varsity Letters, Football; Varsity Sports, Footbal l and Track; Greer.- backers; Sailing Club. ROY TERRITO, Harvey, La.; Tailhook Club. JOHN R. WATTS JR., Ocean Springs, Miss.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Black Triangle Club. Second Row: JOHN H. WELLS, New Orleans, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; German Club; Math Club; Philosophy Club; Young Republicans; Young Brunologists. GEORGE WERCKLE, San Antonio, Texas; Sigma Nu, President; Pre- Medical Society. CLYDE F. (BILL) WILLIAMS JR., New Orleans, La.; Pershing Rifles. Third Row: JOSEPH D. WILLIS Norton, Mass. JOHN LOWELL WOLLNEY, New Orleans, La.; Sigma Chi. STEVEN ZARBIN, Winnetka, III; Varsity Letter, Baseball. Fourth Row: BOB ZEIGER, Great Neck. N.Y.; Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Sigma Alpha; Alpha Phi Omega. Arts and Sciences Seniors First Row: ELLIOTT M. SIEGEL, Chicago, 111; Tulane Varsity Club; Varsity Letter, Swimming; Campus Nile; U.C.-Lyceum Committee. TOM SIMONTON, Monroe, La.; Beta Theta Pi. HARRY VOSS SINGREEN, New Orleans, La.; Phi Delta Theta; Alpha Epsilon Delta; German Club; Math Ciub; JYA Club. Second Row; lOHN FREDERICK SMITHIES, New York, N.Y. LEONARD J. SFILLERT, Laurelton, N.Y.; Alpha Epsilon Pi, President; Pre-Medical Society; Student Directory; Greenbackers; Young Demo- crats. W. NICHOLAS STABA JR., Metairie. La.; Intramural Council; Cadet Staff Officer, Major; Arnold Air Society. Third Row: MICHAEL SANFORD STODDARD, Jacksonville Fla.; Kappa Alpha BRUCE THOMAS STOREY, Gulfport, Miss. WALTER E. SUDOL, Wallington, N.J.; Delta Sigma Phi; Pi Sigma Alpha; Scabbard and Blade; Tailhook Club; Anchor and Chain. 9 First Row: MICHAEL GORDON ABRAMS, New York, N.Y.; Freshman; Alpha Epsilon Pi; WTUL. TOM ADAMS, Metairie, La.; Sophomore; Varsity Sports, Baseball GEORGE M. AINSWORTH JR., Dallas, Tex.; Freshman; Sigma Nu; Pre-Medical Society; Circle K. BEUKER F. AMANN JR., New Orleans, La.; Junior; Alpha Tau Omega; Varsity Sports, Golf. TERRY ANDERLINI, San Francisco, Calif.; Sophomore; Phi Kappa Sigma; Sailing Club; Greenbackers. Second Row: R. BARTON ANDERSON, Dallas, Tex.; Sophomore; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. JIM AREY, Narberth, Pa.; Sophomore; Delta Tau Delta; Greenbackers. ROBERT ARON, New York, N.Y.; Freshman; Zeta Beta Tau; Pershing Rifles; U.C.-Recreation Committee; Water-Ski Club. MITCHELL D. ARONSON, Miami Beach, Fla.; Freshman; Alpha Ep- silon Pi; Pershing Rifles. J. SHELDON ARTZ, Shaker Heights, Ohio; Junior; Sigma Alpha Mu, Vice-Presdient; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Phi Eta Sigma; Pre-Medical Society. Third Row: C. ASHLEY ATKINSON, Summit, Miss.; Junior; Beta Theta Pi. JOSEPH V. ATTANASIO JR., Bloomfield, N.J.; Sophomore; Intramural Council; JAMBALAYA; Circle K, Vice-President. ROSS EASTMAN BAILEY, Daytona Beach, Fla.; Sophomore; Sigma Chi. RODNEY W. BAINE, Memphis, Tenn.; Freshman; Sigma Alpha Ep- silon; Golf Team. FRED B. BALDWIN, Slidell, La.; Sophomore; Kappa Alpha. Fourth How: RONALD BALSON, Highland Park, III; Freshman; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pre-Medical Society; WTUL. PAUL THOMAS BAROCO, Silverhill, Ala.; Sophomore; Sailing Club. W. LONNIE BARLOW, Cochran, Ga.; Junior; Alpha Sigma Phi. DAVID BARR, Gastonia, N.C.; Freshman; Circle K. BARNEY BARRETT JR., Pensacola, Fla.; Freshman; Zeta Beta Tau; U.C.-Lagniappes Committee; Dormitory House Council. Fifth Row: PATRIC BARRON, Atlanta, Ga.; Sophomore; Delta Tau Delta; Persh- ing Rifles. SETH FOSTER BARTLETT JR., Milwaukee, Wis.; Freshman; Phi Kappa Sigma. FRAN M. BASS JR., Nashville, Tenn.; Sophomore; Phi Delta Theta; JAMBALAYA; U.C.-Publicity Committee. TED BATSON, Brookhaven, Miss.; Freshman; Kappa Alpha; Tulane Band. PETER BEAUMONT, Melrose, Mass.; Freshman; Beta Theta Pi. Sixth Row: TRAVIS A. BECK JR., Mt. Pleasant, Tex.; Freshman; Tulane Band; Pershing Rifles. ROB BECKER, Ronks, Pa.; Sophomore; Beta Theta Pi. EDWIN N. BECKMAN, Alexandria, La.; Sophomore; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Eta Sigma; German Club. HARRY L. BELIN, Washington, D.C.; Sophomore; Alpha Tau Omega; Varsity Sports, Track. HILTON S. BELL, Newport Beach, Calif.; Junior; Kappa Sigma. Seventh Row: STEVEN KARL BELLAIRE, Grand Rapids, Mich.; Freshman; Sigma Chi; Varsity Sports, Golf; Greenbackers. KARL B. BENKWITH JR., Montgomery, Ala.; Sophomore; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. DAVID MARC BERGER, Shaker Heights, Ohio; Freshman; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre-Medical Society. MARVIN BERGER, Lakewood, N.J.; Sophomore; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pre-Medical Society, President. MARK BERNHEIM, Jamaica, N.Y.; Freshman; " Hullabaloo " ; Campus Nite; French Club; U.C.-Lagniappes Committee. Eigth Row: DOUGLAS BIRKHEAD, Frederick, Okla.; Freshman; Sabre Jets. JAMES A. BLACKWELL, Baton Rouge, La.; Junior; Sigma Nu; German Club; Pre-Medical Society; Campus Nite. STEVE BLAKE, Austin, Texas; Freshman; Pershing Rifles; Circle K. CHUCK BLECKINGER, Oshkosh, Wis.; Sophomore; Sigma Alpha Ep- silon; Varsity Sports, Tennis. STANLEY LOUIS BLEND, Houston, Tex.; Junior; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Phi Eta Sigma: Math Club; Pre-Medical Society; Intramural Council. Ninth Row: J. A. BOLLES, New Orleans, La.; Junior; Delta Kappa Epsilon. RANDY BOLLINGER, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Alpha Phi Omega; Hellcats; U.C.-Lagniappes Committee. THOMAS H. BOOHER JR., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; Freshman; Pi Kappa Alpha. GEORGE E. BOOKER JR., Mobile, Ala.; Freshman; Alpha Tau Omega; Varsity Sports, Baseball. PETER A. BORROK, New York, N.Y.; Freshman; Alpha Epsilon Pi; JAMBALAYA. Undergraduates •tTl P k79 P . pfKRi ■f m « wm 1 • , m yl f - ' J ' 93 Undergraduates ,0 a ' ■ p ' ' ' First Row: TOM BOUNDS, Fort Smith, Ark.: Freshman; Circle K. HERBERT BALL BOWERS IH, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Kappa Alpha: Freshman Class, Secretary-Treasurer; Young Brunologists. MATTHEW BRAATZ, New York, N.Y.; Sophomore: Alpha Tau Omega. HOWARD BRAGG, Arlington, Tenn.: Freshman; Fine Arts Committee; Dormitory House Council. KENNETH E. BREAUX, Washington, D.C.; Freshman; Delta Sigma Phi. Second Row: ROBERT STEVEN BRIER, Houston, Tex.: Junior; Zeta Beta Tau: Ameri- can Chemical Society; German Qub; Glendy Burke Society. JIM BROADWAY, Beaumont, Tex.; Freshman. KEN BROFMAN, Miami Beach, Fla.; Freshman; AFROTC Drill Team; Young Democrats. PETER BROWN, New Orleans, La.; Junior; Sigma Chi. J. GREGG BUCKALEW, Mobile, Ala.; Sophomore; Delta Kappa E[ silon. Third Row: RICHARD BUCKMAN, New Orleans. La.; Sophom.ore; Varsity Sports, Basketball. FRANK BUFORD, JR., Montgomery, Ala.; Junior; Sailing Qub; U.C- Fine Arts Committee. HUGH F. BURNETT, Pine Bluff, Ark.; Junior; Sigma Chi. JONATHAN C. BUTLER, Jackson. Tenn.; Sophomore; Phi Delta Theta; TUSK. JOHN MOSIER BYERLEY, Lake Providence, La.; Junior; Alpha Sigma Phi; Pep Band; Spirit Council; Tulane Band. Fourth Row: JAMES E. BYRAM Hi, Alexandria, La.; Junior; Sigma Chi. DAVID CAMPBELL, Forrest City, Ark.; Freshman; German Club; Math Club; Pre-Medical Society. HAROLD LOUIS CANCIENNE, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Tulane Band; Pershing Rifles. DON CANTRELL, Houston, Tex.; Sophomore; Kappa Sigma. DAVID B. CARNES, E. Gadsden, Ala.; Junior; Pi Kappa Alpha. Fifth Row: PRENTISS B. CARTER, Morton, 111.; Junior; Phi Delta Theta; Alpha Epsilon Deha; Phi Eta Sigma. GARY G. CATREN, Westfield, N.J.; Junior; Sigma Chi. ROD R. CHASTANT, Pine Bluff, Ark.; Sophomore; Sigma Alpha Ep- silon; JAMBALAYA, Sports Editor; WTUL, Business Manager; U.C- Publicity Committee, Recreation Com. Chmn. RICHARD KENNETH CHAMBERLAYNE, Washington, D.C.; Fresh- man; Sailing Club. ALFRED P. CHAMBLISS III, Darien, Ga.; Junior; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Sixth Row: GLENN L. CHAVIS, Chickasaw, Ala.; Sophomore; Alpha Phi Omega. JOHN CHURCH, Fort Worth, Tex.; Sophomore; Kappa Sigma; Honor Board. JAMES M. CIARAVELLA JR., New Orleans, La.; Junior; Pi Kappa Alpha; TUSK. BILL CLARK, Alexandria, La.; Sophomore; WTUL, Gene ' al Manager; Tulane University Theatre. WALTER H. CLARKE JR., Rome, Ga.; Junior; Sabre Jets Seventh Row: CARL B. CLEMENTS, Montgomery, Ala.; Sophomore; Sigma Nu; Greenbackers; Young Republicans; Inter-House Council. BAYLESS EARL COBB IV, Ft. Smith, Ark.; Sophomore Delta Kappa Epsilon: Greenbackers. JACK H. COHEN, Atlanta, Ga.; Junior; Sigma Alpha Mu. J. L. COLBURN, Valparaiso, Ind.; Sophomore; Sigma Chi; Phi Eta Sigma: Varsity Sports, Swimming. AUBREY LEE COLEMAN JR., Vicksburg, Miss.; Junior: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Eta Sigma. Eighth Row: DAVID COMBE, New Orleans, La.; Junior; Kappa Sigma; Young Con- servatives. CHARLES T. CONNELL, Minden, La.; Junior; German Club; Tulane Varsity Club; Varsity Letter, Football: Greenbackers. DOUGLAS BLEASE CONNER, Tampa, Fla.; Junior; Kappa Sigma; Navy Drill Team, Alternate Color Guard. JIM CONNER, Metairie, La.; Junior; Delta Kappa Epsilon. JAMES THOMPSON CONNER VI, Baton Rouge, La.; Freshman; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Ninth Row: M ' CHAEL L. COOPER, Prairie Village, Kan.: Freshman; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. hO-.ALD R. COOPER, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Helicals. H. ROBERT CORDER JR., Metairie, La.; Freshman; Kappa Alpha Order. MICHAEL HARDING CORLEY, Clarksdale, Miss.: Freshman; Pi Kappa Alpha; Young Democrats; German Club; U.C.-Music Committee; Sail- ing Club. BISHOP CHURCHILL CORNWELL JR., New Rochelle, N.Y.; Freshman: Frosh Football Manager. 94 First Row: CHARLES CORONA, Kenner, La.; Junior. LOUIS COSTA, New Orleans, La.; Junior; Phi Delta Theta, President. SIDNEY ALAN COTLAR, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pre-Medical Society. LARRY COTTON, Winnsboro, S.C; Freshman. TUCKER H. COUVILLON III, Marksville, La.; Junior; Junior Class, Presdient; Who ' s Who; Student Activities Board; Honor Board; Stu- dent Council. Second Row: BILL GRAIN, Shreveport, La.; Junior; Kappa Alpha; Pi Sigma Alpha. RICHARD CRISP, San Angelo, Tex.; Freshman; Pi Kappa Alpha. ALAN B. CRISTAL, Atlanta, Ga.; Freshman; Sigma Alpha Mu. JIM CROSLAND, Long Beach, Miss.; Junior; Phi Delta Theta. WILLIAM S. CROSS, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; Freshman; Pi Kappa Alpha. Third Row: HENRY CROSSETTI, Wellsburg, West Virginia; Sophomore; Kappa Sigma. THOMAS J. CROUCH, Washington, D.C.; Junior; Saber Jets, Com- mander. HERMAN R. CROWDER III, Yazoo City, Miss.; Sophomore; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. JOHN V. CROWDER JR., Bethpage, N.Y.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Drum and Bugle Corps. WALTER CROX, Cleveland, Tenn.; Freshman. Fourth Row: CHARLES RICHARD CUETO, Dominican Republic; Junior. H. HACKETT CUMMINS, New Orleans, La.; Junior; Alpha Tau Omega. THOMAS L. CUMMINGS, Scarsdale, N.Y.; Freshman. IRWIN B. DABE, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Beta Theta Pi. MATTHEW PATRICK DALEY, Mannheim, Germany; Sophomore; Alpha Sigma Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; Army Rifle Team. Fifth Row: PHILIP JOSEPH DAROCA, New Orleans, La.; Junior. TIMOTHY DARRAH, Winter Park, Fla.; Freshman; Kappa Sigma. GERRY DARVER, Dallas, Texas; Freshman; Zeta Beta Tau; Pre-Medi- cal Society. ALAW W. DASCOMB, Metairie, La.; Sophomore; Alpha Tau Omega. FRED VICTOR DAVIDOW, Greenville, Miss.; Sophomore; Zeta Beta Tau. Sixth Row: JAMES H. DAVIS, Pittsburgh, Pa.; Sophomore; Sigma Nu; Football. RODNEY FRY DAVIS, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Zeta Beta Tau. DAVID A. DEPP, Metairie, La.; Junior; Beta Theta Phi; Alpha Epsilon Delta. HARVEY M. DIEZ, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Pershing Rifles. ROBERT DILWORTH, Shreveport, La.; Freshman; Beta Theta Phi. Seventh Row: WILLIAM M. DITULLIO, Cranford, N.J.; Sophomore; TUT; Sailing Club. TONY DONNAUD, Phoenix, Ariz.; Freshman; Kappa Sigma. THOMAS DONOFRIO JR., Chicago, III; Junior; Pi Kappa Alpha; NROTC; Drum and Bugle Corps. MICHAEL S. DONSKY, Dallas, Tex.; Sophomore; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Tulane Band; Pep Band; Pre-Medical Society. FRED H. DREWS III, Hattiesburg, Mis.=.: Freshman; Pre-Medical So- ciety; Cheerleader. Eighth Row: A. EDWARD DRAGON, New Orleans, La.; Junior; Delta Tau Delta; Young Republicans. CHARLES G. DUFFY, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Phi Kappa Sigma; AFROTC Drum and Bugle Corps, " Hell Cats. " TOM DUNCAN, San Antonio, Tex.; Junior; Beta Theta Pi. DAVID A. DUTTON, Lake City, Ha.; Freshman. HOWARD L. ECKER, Chicago, 111.; Freshman; Zeta Beta Tau. Ninth Row: DAVID ECKARDT, Orlando, Fla.; Sophomore; Delta Tau Delta. G. SERPELL EDWARDS, Houston, Tex.; Sophomore; Kappa Sigma; Sv imming. JOE C. ELLIOTT, Houston, Tex.; Sophomore; Pi Kappa Alpha Frater- nity. JACK STEPHEN ELLSLEY, Forrest Hills, N.Y.; Freshman; Drill Team— Pershing Rifles. DAVID EPSTEIN, New Orleans, La.; Junior; Kappa Alpha. Undergraduates J tk tM 95 Undergraduates ' - »■- • - ft i - iikiiiiii fiSB. 1=1 First Row: LAURAriCE EUSTIS III, New Orleans, U.; Junior; Delta Kappa Ep- silon. TODD HARKNESS EVERETT, Veniura, Calif.; Freshman; " Hullabaloo " , WTUL; Spotlighters. WILLIAM J. EVERHARDT, New Orleans, La.; Junior; Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Sigma Alpha. DONALD OMAR FAREED, Los Angeles, Calif.; Sophomore; Kappa Sigma. PETE FARRIS, Chevy Chase, Md.; Sophomore; Sigma Nu. Second Row: STEPHEN A. FATTEL, North Bergen, N.J.; Sophomore; Tau Epsilon Phi. JAMES EDWARD FAVELL JR., Tulsa, Okla.; Sophomore; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Swimming. GERALD ALAN FELDMAN, Newton Center, Mass.; Freshman; Tau Epsilon Phi. HARRY A. FENNERTY JR., Alliance, Ohio; Junior; Phi Delta Theta. C. RAYMOND FERNANDEZ, Franklin, La.; Junior; Phi Eta Sigma. Third Row: RICK FIERSTEN, Springfield, 111.; Sophomore; Delta Tau Delta. BURTON HNK, West Englewood, N.J.; Junior; Sigma Alpha Mu; Fine Arts Committee. RICHARD FINLEY, KendalMUe, Ind.; Junior; Delta Tau Delta. PATRICK A. FOLK, Findlay, Ohio; Freshman; Pi Kappa Alpha; Intra- mural Co uncil. CARL EDWARD FOUGEROUSSE JR., Texarkana, Tex.; Junior; Alpha Epsilon Delta. Fourth Row: V ILLIAM F. FONT JR., Luling, La.; Freshman. RAY FONTENOT, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Sigma Chi; Golf Team. CHARLES ANTHONY FOTO, San Diego, Calif.; Freshman; Phi Kappa Sigma. ALAN FOSTER, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; Freshman. R. TIMOTHY FRANCE, New Orleans, La.; Freshman. Fifth Row: KENNETH B. FRANK, Owings Mills, Md.; Freshman; Zeta Beta Tau; WTUL. LARRY FRANK, Houston, Tex.; Sophomore; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pre- Medical Society. LARRY FREEDMAN, Washington, D.C.; Sophomore; Alpha Epsilon Pi. STEVE FREEDMAN, Atlanta, Ga.; Sophomore; Sigma Alpha Mu; Drum and Bugle, Spotlighters. JIM FREEMAN, Dallas, Tex.; Freshman. Sixth Row: JOHN FRELINGER, Lake Forest, ill.; Sophomore; Phi Delta Theta; Swimming; Greenbackers. GARY D. FRENTZ, Metairie, La.; Sophomore. LEE FREUDBERG, Memphis, Tenn.; Freshman; Zeta Beta Tau; Lyceum Committee. DON J. FRIEDMAN, Fort Smith, Ark.; Junior; Sigma Alpha Mu; Rec- reation Committee. RICHARD PAUL FRIEDMAN, Great Neck, N.Y.; Junior; Alpha Epsilon Pi. Seventh Row: ROBERT S. FRIEDMAN, Metairie, La.; Sophomore; Sigma Alpha Mu. I. RANDALL FRISCH, Charleston, S.C; Freshman; Sigma Alpha Mu. ROY H. FRUMKES, Harrison, N.Y.; Freshman. JOHN FULLILOVE, Shreveport, La.; Freshman; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. NORMAN RICHARD GALEN, Brooklyn, N.Y.; Junior; Pre-Medical Society; U.C. -Hospitality Committee. Eighth Row: DANIEL R. GALLARDO, Honduras; Freshman; Intramural Council; " Hellcats. " RICHARD CRAIG GABRE, Crystal Lake, III; Sophomore; Sigma Nu; Phi Eta Sigma; Pre-Medical Society; Alpha Phi Omega. JAMES GARDNER, Shreveport, La.; Freshman; Delta Sigma Phi; Pre- Medical Society. CHIP GATTO, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Phi Kappa Sigma; Pre- Medical Society; Swimming Team; Honor Board; Sailing Club. KIRK PHILLIP GENTUNG, Rochester, Minn.; Freshman; Phi Delta Theta. Ninth Row: STEPHEN LYNNE GELLER, Freeport, N.Y.; Sophomore; Sigma Alpha Mu; Varsity Baseball. EMANUEL SOCRATES GEORGE, Miami, Fla.; Sophomore. RICHARD JEFF GERONEMUS, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; Freshman; Zeta Beta Tau; Lagniappes. JAMIE GERSON, Houston, Tex.; Junior; Zeta Beta Tau; American Chemical Society; Queen ' s Bench; Anchor and Chain. MARSHALL FRED GERSON, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Sigma Alpha Mu. 96 Undergraduates First Row: STUART GHERTNER, Ladue, Mo.; Sophomore; Zeta Beta Tau; TUSK. GERALD GiANTONIO, N. Olmsted, Ohio; Sophomore; Alpha Sigma Phi. ] ' KIRK GILOTH, Glenellyn, 111.; Freshman; Phi Kappa Sigma; Pre-Med- ical Society; Greenbackers; Sailina Club. PAUL M. GLASER, Newton Center, Mass.; Sophomore; Sigma Alpha Mu. • STEVEN GLASSMAN, Houston, Tex.; Sophomore; Zeta Beta Tau; German Club; Campus Nite. Second Row: LARRY STEVv ART GOLDBLATT, Dallas, Tex.; Sophomore; Sigma Alpha Mu; U.C. -Recreation Committee. A. RICHARD GOLDMAN, Chicago, 111.; Sophomore; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pre-Medical Society; Sailing Club. PETER D. GOLDMAN, Glencoe, 111,; Freshman; Zeta Beta Tau. DAVID L. GOLDRING, Greenwich, Conn.; Sophomore; Zeta Beta Tau; Owl Club. HERBERT GOLDSTEIN, Chattanooga, Tenn.; Junior; Sigma Alpha Mu; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Phi Eta Sigma; Pre-Medical Society. Third Row: JACK R. GOODMAN, Flushing, N.Y.; Junior; Sigma Alpha Mu; Alpha Epsilon Delta. STUART GORELICK, Chicago, 111.; Sophomore; Zeta Beta Tau; Lyceum. RICHARD THOMAS GORTON, Spring City, Pa.; Sophomore; Pre- Medical Society. DALE W. GOTT JR., Valparaiso, Ind.; Junior; Varsity Basketball; Varsity Baseball; Greenbackers. CHARLES M. GOTTLICH, Dallas, Tex.; Freshman; Zeta Beta Tau; Pre-Medical Society; U.C.-Recreation Committee. Fourth Row: THOMAS HOV ELL GRACE, Kimball, Neb.; Sophomore; Alpha Tau Omega. CLIFFORD M. GRAF II, Homestead, Fla.; Sophomore; Delta Sigma Phi; TUSK; Anchor and Chain; Dolphin Club. CURTIS GRAF, Mobile, Ala.; Freshman; Phi Kappa Sigma. BARTON GREEN, New Orleans, La.; Junior; A Cappella Choir; Cam- pus Nite; Opera Workshop; Tulane University Theater. C. RICHARD GREEN, San Jose, Costa Rica; Sophomore. Fiith Row: DICK GREENBERG, Atlanta, Ga.; Freshman; Sigma Alpha Mu; U.C- Fine Arts Committee. TOBIN GRIGSBY, Shreveport, La.; Junior; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Pre- Medical Society; TUSK. JULIO J. GUERRA JR., Clearwater, Fla.; Sophomore. THOMAS E. GUILBEAU, Lafayette, La.; Junior; Kappa Sigma. FREDERICK G. GUSTAFSON, Ft. Lauderdale, Ha.; Sophomore; Delta Tau Delta. Sixth Row: PAUL G. HADDAD, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore. RICHARD HAMBURGER, Yonkers, N.Y.; Freshman; Tau Epsilon Phi; A.F.R.O.T.C. CHARLES HAMILTON, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Alpha Tau Omega. JAMES J. HANAFY JR., New Orleans, La.; Freshman. WILLIAM A. HANCOCK, Cleveland, Ohio; Junior. Seventh Row: CARL C. HANEMANN, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Eta Sigma Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; A Cappella Choir; Tulanians. VAGN HANSEN, Jackson, Miss.; Freshman; " Hullabaloo " ; Pep Band; Tulane Band. J. ROBERT HARDCASTLE, Atlanta, Ga.; Sophomore; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. THOMAS W. HARDIN, Mt. Pleasant, Tenn.; Freshman; Kappa Sigma. WAYNE HARPER, Bunkie, La.; Sophomore; MTTUL. Eighth Row: JOHN HARRINGTON, Tulsa, Okla.; Junior; Phi Kappa Sigma; U.C- Hospitality. GEORGE S. HARRIS, Montgomery, Ala.; Junior; Sigma Nu; Pre-Med- ical Society; Alpha Phi Omega; Young Repubhcans. HUNTER HARRIS, Houston, Tex.; Freshman; Phi Kappa Sigma. STEVEN A. HARRIS, Teaneck, N.J.; Sophomore; Alpha Epsilon Pi. SAM G. HARRISON JR., Houston, Tex.; Freshman; Alpha Phi Omega. Ninth Row: HARRY ALDRICH HARWOOD, Bloomington, III; Freshman; Sigma Chi; Lagniappes. DALE BLAIR HAUFRECT, Houston, Tex.; Sophomore; German Club C. ANDREW HAYTON, Palos Heights, III; Freshman; Pi Kappa Alpha. MARK A. HEADY, Florissant, Mo.; Junior; Pi Kappa Alpha; Arnold Air Society. JOSEPH V. HEINERT, Guayaquil, Ecuador; Freshman; U.C.-Cosmopoli- tan. 0 m rf r| I . si »fc », F f C: O (F f f ' f 97 Undergraduates C f. U i h ' i r. J r.; i: n. -?» 9 M- : f f f « fc-:, l- l C 1t ' " ' fe ' - " C " , «? ' First Row: MARK BRIAN HERMAN, New Orleans, U.; Freshman; Zeta Beta Tau. MAURY HERMAN, New Orleans. La.; Freshman. DAVID A. HEROLD, Winter Park, Fla.; Sophomore; Delta Tau Delta; Sabre Jets. ADAM M. HERTIG, Hempstead, N.Y.; Sophomore; Sigma Nu; Varsity Baseball; Greenbackers. MARSHALL A. HERSHBERG, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Alpha Epsilon Pi. Second Row: RALPH C. HEWITT, Winter Park, Fla.; Junior. VICTOR HIGDON, Ouincy, Fla.; Sophomore; Sigma Nu. FLOYD M. HINDELANG JR., Gretna, La.; Junior; Pi Kappa Alpha. CHARLES A. HODSHON JR., Clearwater, Fla.; Freshman; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. CHARLES EDWARD HOLBERG, Chickasaw. Ala.; Freshman. Third Row: WILLIAM M. HOPKINS JR., Houston, Tex.; Senior; Kappa Sigma. P ETER HOTCHKISS, Hollywood, Fla.; Junior; Sigma Alpha Mu. PIKE HOWARD, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Delta Kappa Epsilon. CHARLES J. HOWIE, Texarkana, Tex.; Junior; Alpha Epsilon Delta. GREGORY D. HUFFAKER JR., Lake Forest, 111.; Freshman; Sigma Chi; Lagnappes. Fourth Row: WARREN G. HULLINGHORST, New Orleans, La.; Junior. GRAY HUTCHINSON, Arlington, Va.; Freshman; Sigma Chi. ROBERT CHRIS IRWIN, Atlanta, Ga.; Freshman; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. JACK IVEY, Fori Worth, Tex.; Sophomore; Pre-Medical Society. BEN F. JACOBS, Dallas, Tex.; Junior; Zeta Beta Tau. Filth Row: PAUL W. JARDIS, Salem Depot, N.H.; Junior; Delta Tau Delta, Presi- dent; Navy Mark I; Tulane Pan-Hellenic. JOHN A. JEANSONNE, Alexandria, La.; Freshman; Phi Kappa Sigma; WTUL. BARRY T. JENNINGS, Phoenix, Ariz.; Freshman; Student Activities Board; Cosmopolitan Committee. JOHNNY CLAY JOHNSON, Helotes, Tex.; Sophomore; Cheerleader; Greenbackers; TUSK; A Cappela Choir; House Council. RONALD ADAMS JOHNSON, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Alpha Tau Omega. Sixth Row: BARNETT JONES II, Stanford, Conn.; Freshman. JOHN M. JONES, Houston, Tex.; Freshman; Phi Kappa Sigma; Pre- Med. Society. MARTIN L. JONES JR., New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Delta Kappa Epsilon. PHILLIP C. JONES, Tulsa, Okla.; Sophomore; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Greenbackers; Art Club; U.C.-Fine Arts Committee. TOM JONES, Dallas, Tex.; Freshman; Beta Thela Pi; JAMBALAYA. Seventh How: INGERSOLL JORDON, New Orleans. La.; Junior. SCOT A. KAGAN, Huntingdon, W.Va.; Freshman; Zeta Beta Tau. MARK KALISH, Miami 43, Fla.; Freshman; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pre- Med. Society. WILLIAM (BILL) KALISH, San Antonio, Tex.; Freshman; Delta Tau Delta; NROTC Drill Team; Tailhook Club. LOUIS KAPICAK, Ocala, Fla.; Freshman. Eighth Row: CHARLES DAVID KAPLAW, Hollywood, Fla.; Freshman; Alpha Epsi- lon Pi; House Council Rep. RICHARD KATZ, Houston, Tex.; Freshman; Tau Epsilon Phi. KENNETH PHILLIP KAUFMAN, Raleigh, N.C.; Sophomore; Tau Epsi- lon Phi. RICHARD C. KEENAN, New Orleans, La.; Junior; Delta Kappa Epsilon; JAMBALAYA, Assistant Editor; " Hullabaloo " ; Young Brunologists; Batallion Commander, NROTC. SEAN A. KELLEHER, Bellaire. Tex,; Sophomore; Phi Kappa Sigma; Inner House Council. Ninth Row: DAVID M. KELLOGG IV, Weston, Mass.; Sophomore; Phi Delta Thela; Eta Sigma Phi. VIC KENNEMER, Lindsay, Okla.; Freshman; Sigma Nu; Pre-Med. So- ciety; Pep Band; Tulane Band. WILLIAM D. KENNER III, Rogersville, Tenn.; Sophomore; Sigma Nu, Recording Sec. J. D. KENNEY III, Houston, Tex.; Freshman; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Track. JAMES L. KENT, Monahans, Tex.; Beta Theta Phi; German Club; Pre. Medical Society; Tulanians. 98 Undergraduates First Row: HOWARD B. KENYON, Baton Rouge, La.; Sophomore; Kappa Alpha Theta. JEFFREY L. KERMAN, Roslyn, N.Y.; Freshman; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pre-Med. Society; WTUL. WALLACE H. KERN JR., Roanoke, Va.; Freshman; Kappa Alpha. EVERETT JAMES KERTH JR., New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Newman Club. ROOSEY KHAWLEY, Miami, Fla.; Freshman; Math Club; French Club; Cosmopolitan Comm. Second Row: MARTN R. KIRBY, McGehee, Ark.; Sophomore. ROGER KLAM. Monroe, La.; Junior; Delta Sigma Phi; TUSK; Alpha Phi Omega; Pre-Med. Society. DAVID GARY KLAPPER, Miami, Fla.; Sophomore; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pre-Med. Society; Student Directory; Intramural Council JOEL VICTOR KLASS, Miami, Fla.; Junior; Pre-Med. Society; Fencing; Tu Sailing Club. CHARLES KLAVENESS, Houston, Tex.; Freshman; Phi Kappa Sigma; Pre-Med. Society. Third Row: KARL KLEINSASSER, Dallas, Tex.; Freshman; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; TUSKS; Tulanians; Young Republicans. KENNETH G. KNEIPP, New Orleans, La.; Freshman. ROBERT I. KNOPF, Dallas, Tex.; Sophomore; Sigma Alpha Mu. CHANDLER KNOWLES, Pensacola, Fla.; Freshman; Navy Drill Team. RENE KOPPEL, Dallas, Tex.; Sophomore; Sigma Alpha Mu; Phi Sigma Iota, Hospitality Committee. Fourth Row: KENNETH W. KORACH, Shaker Heights, Ohio; Sigma Alpha Mu; Greenbackers. MARSHALL KRAGEN, Fort Worth, Tex.; Sophomore. ANTHONY C. KRAYER, Miami Beach, Fla.; Freshman; Phi Kappa Sigma; Saber Jets. D. BRUCH KRUGER, Kansas City, Mo.; Sophomore; Sigma Nu; Young Liberals. FRED P. KRUGER, Houston, Tex.; Sophomore; Intramural Council. Fifth Row: KENNETH K. KUSSMANN, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Tulane Band; Rifle Team. ROBERT A. KYFF, Bay Village, Ohio; Sophomore; Phi Delia Theta. JERRY LAHMAN, Atlanta, Ga.; Freshman; Sigma Alpha Mu; " Hulla- baloo " ; Lagniappes. BUFORD LEWAYNE LAMBERT, Hattiesburg, Miss.; Freshman; House Council Rep. FRANK E. LAMOTHE III, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Alpha Tau Omega; Tennis. Sixth Row: JOHN G. LANKFORD, Montevallo. Ala.; Freshman; Sigma Nu; AFROTC Sabre Jets. H. T. LARZELERE JR., El Dorado, Ark.; Sophomore; Kappa Sigma. TOMMY LASSEIGNE, New Orleans, La.; Junior; Newman Club. RICHARD LEBOVITZ, Memphis, Tenn.; Freshman; Zeta Beta Tau; Lagniappes. BOB LEE, Ft. Worth, Tex.; Freshman; Sigma Nu; JAMBALAYA; Greenbackers; Circle K. Seventh Row: BOB LEEMAN, Marathon Shore, Fla.; Freshman; Sigma Chi; Lag- niappes. GARY LEES, Houston, Tex.; Sophomore; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pre-Med. Society; U.C. -Hospitality Committee. BILL LEGGETT, Little Rock, Ark.; Freshman; Phi Kappa Sigma. GEORGE LEHLEITNER JR., New Orleans, La.; Junior; Alpha Tau Omega. LELAND H. LIFSOHIZ, San Francisco, Calif.; Sophomore; Tau Epsilon Phi. Eighth Row: CALVIN LENTZ, Neosho, Mo.; Sophomore; Delta Kappa Epsilon. ALAN B. LEVAN, Miami Beach, Fla.; Freshman; Alpha Epsilon Pi; " Hullabaloo " ; Glendy Burke Society; Publicity Committee. ELIOT S. LEVIN, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; " Hullabaloo " ; Lyceum Committee; Manager Freshman Basketball Team. MITCHELL LEVIN, Washington, D.C.; Freshman; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Lagniappes. DONALD LEVY, New Orleans, La.; Zeta Beta Tau; German Club; Pre- Med. Society; " Hullabaloo. " Ninth Row: EDWIN W. LEWIS, Forest, 111.; Freshman; Phi Delta Theta. JEFFRY B. LEWIS, Houston, Tex.; Junior; Basketball. RONALD W. LEWIS, Lake Charle s, La.; Sophomore; Pre-Medical Society, Alpha Phi Omega (Pres.), Pres. Irby House. MARK LICHTENSTEIN, Atlanta, Ga.; Junior. RONNIE LIEDEKER, Corpus Christi, Tex.; Sophomore; Zeta Beta Tau. o ;0 r: 1 . Tt ' , 99 Undergraduates HP f Ck C) ' O dp ' Pf I?) 1 © (f; T f rf- | _ - .1 ■»■ ■ wjr ' o ' ' mMMmmk J f Cf f F O. First Row: LANNING E. LIKES, Lamar, Colo.; Freshman; Beta Theta Pi; Sailing Club. G. CARLTON LIND, Newton, Mass.; Junior; Delta Sigma Phi; TUSK; Anchor and Chain. BOB LINDHOLM, Houston, Tex.; Freshman; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. RALPH LINN, Landis, N.C.; Freshman; Sigma Chi; Pre-Med. Society; Le Circle Francais. STAN LINNICK, Mobile. Ala.; Freshman; Pershing Rifles. Second Row: OCTAVE C. LIVAUDAIS, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Delta Kappa Epsilon. RICHARD B. LOGAN III, Charleston, Mo.; Freshman; Beta Theta Pi. NED I LOCARIO JR., Houston, Tex.; Sigma Chi. DAVID MARCUS LOLLEY, Shreveport, La.; Junior; Young Reaction- aries. BRAD LUCAS, Jacksonville, Fla.; Sophomore; Phi Kappa Sigma; WTUL; Mark I Drill Platoon. Third Row: BILL LOCCY, Seattle, Wash.; Junior; Sigma Nu; Phi Alpha Theta; German Qub. MARTIN A. MacDIARMID JR., New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Beta Theta Pi. ANDREW F. MacDONALD, Belle Chasse, La.; Sophomore; Tulane Band. RAEBURN DRUMMOND MacDOUGALL, Miami, Fla.; Freshman. MIKE MAHONY, El Dorado, Ark.; Freshman; Sigma Nu. Fourth Row: KENNETH M. MALLON, Oakland, N.J.; lunior; Phi Kappa Sigma; Navy Rifle Team. TERRILL LEE MALLORY, V inter Park, Fla.; Freshman; Alpha Sigma Phi. ARTHUR L. MALTBY III, Falls Church, Va.; Freshman; Pi Kappa Alpha; TUSK. RICHARD MANAS, Surfside, Fla.; Junior; Alpha Epsilon Pi. ALCIDE S. MANN, JR., New Providence, N.J.; Junior; Pi Kappa Sigma; WTUL; Navy Drill Team; Anchor and Chain; Young Republicans. Fifth Row: ROBERT N. MA.NN, Louisville, Ky.; Junior; Campus Nite. DENNIS L. MARCHMAN, Monroe, La.; Freshman; Kappa Alpha. LEHMAN MARKS, Houston, Tex.; Sophomore; Army Drum and Bugle Corps; Alpha Phi Omega; U.C. -Music Committee; A Cappella Choir. PHILLIP MARKS, Fort Smith, Ark.; Jtinior; Sigma Nu; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Pre-Medical Society; Lagniappes. ;OEL THOMAS MARTIN, Hollywood, Fla.; Sophomore; Beta Theta Pi; Varsity Swimming. Sixth Row: LOUIS MARTIN, Mobile, Ala.; Junior; Delta Kappa Epsilon. JOHN MARTIN, Merced, Calif.; Freshman; Sigma Nu; Alpha Phi Omega. LAWRENCE MARTIN, Jackson, Miss.; Junior; Delta Tau Delta; Glendy Surke Society. SIDNEY J. MARTINEZ, New Orleans, La.; Junior; Tulane Amateur Radio Club. PABLO DEUTZ MARVIN, Mexico DF, Mexico; Freshman; Kappa Alpha Order. Seventh Rowr: ROBERT S. MARVIN, Mexico DF, Mexico; Sophomore; Kappa Alpha Order. WORTH LATIMER MATTESON III, Foreman, Ark.; Freshman; Kappa Sigma. RAY T. MAYHALL II, Lawton, Okla.; Freshman; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. ZEB MAYHEW JR., Coral Gables, P.a.; Freshman; Kappa Alpha Order. BEN MEDLEY, Abilene, Tex.; Freshman. Eighth Row: TOM J. MEEK JR., Camden, Ark.; Junior; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. LEE MENDEZ III, Hialeah, Fla.; Freshman; Alpha Sigma Phi. CONFLAD MEYER IV, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Anchor and Chain. JOHN L. MEYER JR., New Orleans, La.; Sophomore. JOHN P. " RICK " MICHAELS JR., Orlando, Fla.; Freshman; Sigma Chi. Ninth Row: V . JAY MILES, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Pershing Rifles. HERBIE MILLER, Rome, Ga.; Junior; Sigma Alpha Mu. CHARLES S. MITCHELL, Roswell, Ga.; Sophomore; Kappa Alpha. FRED MITCHELL, Miami, Fla.; Junior; Delta Tau Delta. JIM MOCK, Pensacola, Fla.; Freshman; Delta Sigma Phi. lOO First Row: JACK MOFFITT, Spartanburg, S.C; Sophomore; Sigma Chi. JAMES C. MOHLE, San Antonio, Tex.; Freshman; Beta Theta Pi; Pre- Medical Society. RAMON MOLINAR, El Paso, Tex.; Freshman; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; German Club; Pre-Medica! Society; TUSK; Tulanians; Lagniappes. PHIL MOLLERE, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Alpha Phi Omega; Lagniappes; A.F.R.O.T.C. " Hellcats. " DAVID M. MOORE, Crowley, La.; Freshman; Kappa Sigma. Second Row: ROBERT V, MOORE, Galveston, Tex.; Sophomore; Pi Kappa Alpha. EMMETT J. MORAN JR., New Orleans, La.; Jiinior. C. LANDESS MOREFIELD, Columbia, Tenn.; Junior; Pi Kappa Alpha; N.R.O.T.C. Mark I. STEPHEN G. MORROW, Belhesda, Md.; Freshman; Phi Kappa Sigma; Navy Drill Team; Sailing Club. HERBERT MORTON, Montgomery, Ala.; Sophomore; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Mark I Navy Drill Team; Tailhook Club; Young Republicans. Third Row: WILLIAM T. MOSENTHAL JR., Norwich, Vt.; Freshman; Phi Delta Theta. STEVE MOSS, Jacksonville, Fla.; Junior; Sigma Alpha Mu; Army Drum and Bugle Corps. DOUGLAS J. MUCCIO, Miami, Fla.; Sophomore; Young Republicans. CHARLES MURPHY, Grand Rapids, Mich.; Junior; Beta Theta Pi; Tulane Varsity Club; Varsity Swimming Letter. DAVID COTTRELL MURPHY, Harahan, La.; Freshman. Founrth Row: JACKIE PITTS MURPHY, Savannah, Ga.; Junior; Phi Kappa Sigma; Greenbackers. JOHN MUSSER, Jackson, Miss.; Freshman; Intramural Council; " Hulla- baloo " ; U.C. -Lyceum Committee. EDWARD MYRICK, Lake Charles, La.; Freshman; Phi Kappa Sigma. LARRY McALPINE, Metairie, La.; Sophomore; Beta Theta Pi. CRAIG McCAGHREN, West Palm Beach, Fla.; Freshman; Pi Kappa Alpha. Fifth Row: BILL McCOY, Birmingham, Ala.; Freshman. DENNIS McDonald, Monroe, La.; Freshman; Kappa Alpha Order. STANLEY WALTER McDOUGALL, Memphis, Tenn.; Freshman; Kappa Alpha Order. WILLIAM DOUGLAS McFATTER, Dothan, Ala.; Freshman; Pi Kappa Alpha. JACK B. McGUIRE, New Orleans, La.; Junior; Alpha Tau Omega, President. Sixth Row: REGGIE McINTYRE, Independence, La.; Sophomore; Kappa Alpha Order. BUDDY McINTYRE, Independence, La.; Freshman; Kappa Alpha Order. ROBERT JONATHAN McKENZIE, Houston. Tex.; Junior; Sigma Chi; Tulane Varsity Club; Varsity Track Letter. GARY W. McLaughlin, San Antonio, Tex.; Junior. JOHN S. McPEEK, New Orleans. La.; Sophomore; Campus Nile; Tu- lane Band; Tulane Orchestra. Seventh Row: J. T. McQUlTTY JR., New Orleans, La.; Sophomore. WILLIAM L. NASH, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Sigma Nu; Persh- ing Rifles. LARRY NEUMAN, Lexington, Ky.; Junior; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pershing Rifles; Young Democrats; U.C.-Cosmopolitan Committee; Interfaith Council. JAMES BROOKS NEWBILL, Little Rock, Ark.; Sophomore; Sigma Nu, Vice-President. JAMES R. NIESET, New Orleans, La.; Junior; Phi Delta Theta; Arnold Air Society; Sailing Club; Scabbard and Blade. Eighth Row: HUDSON R. NICHOLS, Arabi, La.; Sophomore; Pershing Rifles. FRANQS NICHOLSON JR., Jasper, Ala.; Freshman; Sigma Nu. EUGENE NIFENECKER, New York, N.Y.; Sophomore; Kappa Sigma; Varsity Swimming Team. ROSS NORMAN, Refugio, Tex.; Freshman; TUSK. DAVID A. NUSLOCH JR., New Orleans, La.; Sophomore. Ninth Row: SEWALL JEROME OERTLING II, New Orleans, La.; Junior. JON OGG, New Orleans, La.; Freshman. JIM OGLESBY, Millington, Tenn.; Sophomore; Kappa Sigma. ALVIN A. OHM JR., New Orleans, La.; Sophomore. WILLIAM E. O ' NEIL, Wethersfield, Conn.; Junior; Kappa Sigma. Undergraduates r ' ' « f fe- l 9»f« 1 , W .- •» a o « A ' Q. a lOI Undergraduates ■ m-sj- •■ 3 . •■ ■« n O i;- i tt 1 i A fiferiT irk - « f % jT ' . £ ► ' I First Row: ENNIS ONEY, Marshall, Tex.; Freshman. SAMUEL WILLIAMSON LANCASTER PACE, Denver, Colo.; Fresh- man; Phi Delta Theta. KENNETH PADDIE. Santa Monica, Calif.; Freshman; Alpha Epsilon Pi. WALLACE H. PALETOU, New Orleans, La.; Junior— University Col- lege. EDWIN PALMER, Selma, Ala.; Sophomore; Zeta Beta Tau. Second Row: RICHARD D. PALMER, AmariUo, Tex.; Sophomore; Phi Delta Theta; Greenbackers; Young Republicans; Ski Club. BRUCE WEIGERT PALTROW, Great Neck, N.Y.; Sophomore; Sigma Alpha Mu; Varsity Track; Greenbackers, Vice-President; Spirit Council. ALEX M. PANIO JR., Chicago Heighls, 111.; Freshman; Pre-Medical Society; Intramural Council. LEE H. PARRISH, Hamilton, Ohio; Sophomore; Sigma Chi. TERRY PASSMAN, Kansas City, Mo.; Sophomore; Pre-Medical Society; U,C. -Publicity Committee. Third Rovr: BOB PATTERSON, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Sabre Jets. PHILIP JAN PAUL, Columbus, Ohio; Freshman; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Intramural Council. JAMES H. PAULSEN JR., Memphis, Tenn.; Freshman; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. THOMAS PEARSON, Springfield, 111.; Sophomore. JACK R. PAYTON, Miami Springs, Fla.; Freshman. Fourth Row: WILLIAM E. PECOUL, New Orleans. La.; Sophomore. EINAR N. PEDERSEN JR., New Orleans, U.; Sophomore; Phi Kappa Sigma; Greenbackers; Alpha Phi Omega. CORBETT LEE PENTON, Corcoran, Calif.; Sophomore; Pershing Rifles. GABE PERJESSY, Billings, Mont.; Freshman; Kappa Sigma. DAVID G. PERLIS, New Orleans, La.; Junior; Sigma Chi. Fifth Row: JAN A. PERSSON, Oklawaha, Fla.; Freshman; Delta Tau Delta. DAVID McEWEN PETERS, New Orleans, La.; Junior; Beta Theta Pi. DAVID W. PETTIS JR.. Montgomery, Ala.; Freshman; Sigma Nu; Pep Band; Tulane Band; Anchor and Chain; N.R.O.T.C. Drum and Bugle Corps. LARRY PFEFFER, Houston, Tex.; Junior; Zeta Beta Tau; Tailhook Club. RALPH B. PFEIFFER JR., Birmingham, Ala.; Freshman; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; U.C. -Publicity Committee. Sixth Row: DAVID C. PHILLIPS, Lake Forest, 111.; Freshman; Freshman Swimming Team. JOEL ALAN PICKER, Great Neck, N.Y.; Freshman; Tau Epsilon Phi; Tulane Band. J. VINCENT PIEROTTI JR., Atlanta, Ga.; Sophomore; Pre-Medical Society. WILLIAM RODGERS PITTS, Alexandria, La.; Sophomore; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Campus Nile; Young Conservaties. J. K. POLLARD, Bunkie, La.; Junior; Alpha Sigma Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; WTUL. Seventh Row: DAVID M. POMERANCE, Miami, Ala.; Freshman; Alpha Epsilon Pi. JOHN F. POSER, Ft. Collins. Colo.; Junior; Phi Delta Theta; Varsity Baseball. DANIEL PRESSER, New York, N.Y.; Sophomore; Pre-Medical Society; Flying Qub. ARTHUR C. PULITZER, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Sigma Alpha Mu. HOWARD RAINEY, Jackson, Miss.; Freshman; Sigma Chi; Ski Club. Eighth Row: PAUL E. RAMONI 11, Reno, Nev.; Freshman; Sailing Club. CLAY RANKIN, Montgomery, Ala.; Sophomore; Kappa Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma; Navy Drill Team; Greenbackers; Sailing Club. GERALD M. RANKIN, Tallulah, La.; Freshman; Alpha Epsilon Pi. JAMES E. RASMUSSEN, Langley A.F.B., Va.; Junior; Beta Theta Pi; Alpha Epsilon Delta; TUSK; Sailing Club. WILLIAM H. READ, Rome, Ga.; Freshman; Sigma Chi; A Cappella Choir; Tulanians; French Club. Ninth Row: NELVILLE J. REEHLMANN, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore. RONALD SAMUEL REITER, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Sigma Alpha Mu. WOODY REGISTER, Cedarhurst. N.Y.; Sophomore; Delta Kappa Ep- silon; Greenbackers. CHARLIE RENFRO, Arlington, Va.; Sophomore; Sigma Chi; Anchor and Chain; Lagniappes; U.C. -Publicity Committee. JACK S. RESNECK, Clarksdale, Miss.; Freshman; Zeta Beta Tau; German Club; Pre-Medical Society. I01 Undergraduates Fiist Row: BOYD RHODES, Jackson. Miss.; Freshman. BRUCE JAY RHODES, Hollywood, Fla.; Sophomore; Sigma Alpha Mu. ALFRED RICH, Mexico D.F., Mexico; Freshman; Alpha Epsilon Pi; U.C.-P ' oblicity. MICHAEL B. REIMER, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore. DEWEY RIES, Pompano Beach, Fla.; Sophomore; Alpha Sigma Phi. Second Row: THOMAS H. RIES, South Bend, Ind.; Sophomore; Zeta Beta Tau; Sophomore Class, Vice-President; Honor Board; Student Activities Board; Intramural Council; Greenbackers. STEVEN RINDLEY, Miami Beach, Fla.; Junior; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre- Medical Society. RICHARD RIVERS, Dallas, Texas; Junior; " Hullabaloo " ; JAMBALAYA. JIM ROARK JR., San Antonio, Tex.; Freshman; Pi Kappa Alpha. JAMES STEELE ROBBINS, Mayfield, Ky.; Freshman; Sigma Nu. Third Row: LEWIS S. ROBINSON III, Shreveport, La.; Sophomore; Kappa Alpha Order. RUSS ROCKE, Sarasota, Fla.; Freshman; Delta Tau Delta; WTUL; Glendy Burke Society; U.C.-Lyceum Committee. LYNN ROCKENBACH, Little Rock, Ark.; Junior; Phi Eta Sigma; WTUL. LLOYD G. ROELING, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore. RICHARD ROGERS, Demopolis, Ala.; Freshman. Fourth Row: JAMES MARTIN ROSE, Shaker Heights, Ohio; Freshman; Tau Epsilon Phi. VICTOR RAY ROSE, Metairie, La.; Sophomore; Sigma Nu; Pershing Rifles. DAVID STANLEY ROSENBERG, St. Louis, Mo.; Freshman. MICHAEL ROSENBLOOM, Great Neck, N.Y.; Freshman; Zeta Beta Tau; Pre-Medical Society; Varsity Track Team; Greenbackers; U.C- Cosmopolitan Committee. KEARNY QUINN ROBERT JR., New Orleans, La.; Junior; Phi Delta Theta. rath Row: CLIFF ROSS, Brooklyn, N.Y.; Junior; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Spotlighters. CHARLIE W. ROSSNER, New Orleans, La.; Junior; Alpha Tau Omega, Treasurer. GEORGE ROTH, Beechwood, Ohio; Sophomore; Sigma Alpha Mu. RICHARD LEE ROTH, Miami Beach, Fla.; Junior; Tau Epsilon Phi; Pre-Medical Society. MARTY ROTHBERG, Tampa, Fla.; Junior; German Club; Pre-Medical Society; Honor Board; U.C.-Vice President for Administration. Sixth Row: MIKE ROTHSCHILD, Jacksonville, Fla.; Sophomore; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Intramural Council; WTUL; Greenbackers. PETE RUBENSTEIN, Miami, Fla.; Freshman; Sigma Alpha Mu. MIKE RUECKHAUS, Albuquerque, N.M.; Junior; Tau Delta Theta; Varsity Track; Sailing Club. RICHARD N. RUSS, New Orleans, La.; Junior; Tulane University Theatre; Glendy Burke Society. DAN RYAN, Birmingham, Ala.; Freshman; Alpha Sigma Phi; Pep Band; Tulane Band; Pershing Rifles. Seventh Row: GORDON ROBERT SABATIER, Baton Rouge, La.; Sophomore: Varsity Sports, Track; Sailing Club. RONNIE SACOFF, Slaten Island, N.Y.; Freshman; Sigma Alpha Mu; U.C.-Spotlighter Committee. WILLIAM LEE SAGE, Excelsio.-, Mmn.; Freshman; Kappa Sigma. ROBERT L. SAIN, Memphis, Tenn.; Junior; Sigma Chi. THOMAS S. SALE, Haynesville, La.; Junior; Junior Qass, Secretary- Treasurer; Alpha Phi Omega, Vice-President; Honor Board; Young Conservatives. Eighth Row: RICHARD XAVIER SANCHEZ, Evansville, Ind.; Junior; Alpha Sigma Phi; Pep Band; A Cappella Choir, President. FREDRIC SAPIRSTEIN, New York, N.Y.; Junior; Zeta Beta Tau; Young Democrats: Young Liberals. T. G. SARPHIE JR., Hattiesburg, Miss.; Freshman; Sigma Alpha Ep- silon. BERNARD SCHACHTEL, Houston, Tex.; Sophomore; Campus Nite; House Council; Pre-Medical Society. DAVID SCHECHTER, El Paso, Tex.; Freshman; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pre- Medical Society. Ninth Row: JAMES M. SCHENDLE, Bastrop, La.; Freshman; Zeta Beta Tau; U.C- Publicity Committee. RICHARD MARK SCHLANGER, Woodmert, N.Y.; Freshman; Tau Epsilon Phi. LEE H. SCHLESINGER, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Zeta Beta Tau; " Hullabaloo. " CHARLES SCHMIDT, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Delta Kappa Ep- silon. MYRON SCHNEIDER, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pre-Medical Society. fl ' W " P . ' ft, a iji ttn g L % V f W % m J l 103 Undergraduates !P i .L R -, ?r «- " V. P, 1 O « : p r ? First Row: JOHN ROBERT " JACK " SCHUPP, New Orleans, La.; Junior; Alpha Tau Omega; JAMBALAYA; Gieenbackers; U.C.-Lyceum Committee; Army Rifle Team, Captain; Pi Sigma Alpha. DANIEL J. SCfiWARTZ, Tampa, Fla.; Junior; Who ' s Who; JAMBA- LAYA, Associate Editor; Greenbackers; U.C. Board; Pre-Medical Society. JIM TAUB SCHWARTZ, Houston, Tex.; Junior; Zeta Beta Tau; Alpha L ' psilon Delta; Phi Eta Sigma. SKIP SCHWARTZ, El Paso, Tex.; Freshman; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre- Medical Society. MYRON DAVID SCHWARTZ, Ladye, Mo.; Freshman; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pre-Medical Society. Second Row: JAMES M. SCOTT, Pittsburgh. Pa.; Sophomore; Phi Delta Theta. JEFFREY STEWART SELIGMAN, Bastrop, La.; Sophomore; Alpha Epsilon Pi. PETER S. SELINKOFF, Montgomery, Ala.; Freshman; Sigma Nu; Sailing Club. JAMES SERRILL, Huntsville, Ala.; Freshman; Sigma Nu; Tulane Band. JACK DALE SHAFFER, Lake Providence, La.; Freshman; Kappa Sigma. Third Row: GARY SHAPIRO, Tulsa, Okla.; Sophomore; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Tulanians. BILL SHAPIRO, Spartanburg, B.C.; Sophomore; Sigma Alpha Mu; Varsity Letter, Track; TUSK; Spirit Council; Pan-Hellenic Council. THOMAS SHELTON, Dallas, Tex.; Sophomore; Kappa Sigma. JIMMY SHOFNER, Houston, Tex.; Freshman; Phi Kappa Sigma. RONALD SHRIEVES, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; Sophomore; Alpha Tau Omega; Navy: Mark I Drill Platoon. Fourth Row: DAVID S. SHUGHART JR., Fribourg, Sv itzerland; Sophomore; Sigma Nu; Pan-Hellenic Council. NORMAN SILBER, Tampa, Fla.; Freshman; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Student Directory; Pre-Medical Society. BARRY SILVERSTEIN, Birmingham, Ala.; Freshman; Zeta Beta Tau. LARRY SILVERSTEIN, Brownsville, Tenn.; Freshman; Zeta Beta Tau; U.C.-Publicity Committee. WILLIAM T. SLOAN JR., Spartanburg, S.C; Junior. Fiith Row: GEORGE FERGUSON SMITH, Leesville, La.; Freshman; Sigma Nu; Varsity Sports, Football. HANLEY K .SMITH, St. Petersburg, Fla.; Senior. MARVIN E. SMITH II, Nashville, Tenn.; Sophomore; Sigma Chi; Varsity Sports, Track. BREARD SNELLINGS JR., New Orleans, La.; Junior; Delta Kappa Epsilon. ANTHONY G. SOBIN, Washington, D.C.; Freshman; Sigma Nu. Sixth Row: HORT SOPER, Hallandale, Fla.; Sophomore; Alpha Tau Omega. IRA LEE SORKIN, Manhasset, N.Y.; Sophomore; German Club; Var- sity Sports, Track; A Cappella Choir. BRUCE SOUTHARD, Lubbock, Tex.; Sophomore; Alpha Sigma Phi, Secretary. KENNETH J. SPARLER, York, Pa.; Freshman; Phi Kappa Sigma. LARRY W. SPELLER, Nashville, Tenn.; Junior; Sigma Nu, Secretary. Seventh Row: RICHARD H. SPERO, Glencoe, III; Freshman; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Var- sity Tennis; WTUL, Sports Director; Campus Nite; Water Ski Club. MAURICE S. SPRANLEY JR., Nev Orleans, La.; Freshman; Tulane University Theatre. ARMAND SPRING, New Orleans, La.; Senior; Labmda Chi Alpha; Sailing Club. GERALD SPRINGER, Kew Gardens, N.Y.; Sophomore; Tau Epsilon Phi. SCOTT STALLINGS, Miami, Fla.; Sophomore; Sigma Chi. Eighth Row: DAVID C. STARTUP, Nashville, Tenn.; Freshman; Phi Delta Theta. " CORKY " P. H. STEINER, Cincinnati, Ohio; Sophomore; Inlerhouse Council, President; " Hullabaloo, " Spirit Council; U.C.-Lyceum Com- mittee. DICK STEPHENS, Atlanta, Ga.; Freshman; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. JAMES F. STEWART, Ft. Worth, Tex.; Junior; Kappa Sigma. RUSSELL STEWART, Panama City, Fla.; Junior; Cadet Staff Officer, 2nd Lt. Ninth Row: JOE STOLFI, Richmondhill, N.Y.; Junior; Alpha Sigma Phi. EDWARD H. STOLLEY, New Orleans, La.; Junior; Kappa Alpha Order. EDWARD WILLIAM STOOL, Houston, Tex.; Freshman; Sigma Alpha Mu; U.C.-Hospitality Committee. JOHN C. STONE, Springhill, La.; Junior; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Cheer- leaders; Greenbackers; TUSK. CHESTER STORTHZ, Little Rock, Ark.; Sophomore; Zeta Beta Tau. 104 Undergraduates First Row: BARRY M. STRATTON, New Haven, Conn.; Freshman. RICHARD A. STRAUSS, Los Angeles, Calif.; Sophomore; Tau Epsilon Phi. JOHN T. STRICKLAND, Englewood, Colo.; Freshman; Pre-Medical Society. ROBERT W. SUIT JR., Miami, Fla.; Junior; Delta Tau Delta. ALVIN D. SULLIVAN, Pascagoula, Miss.; Junior. Second Row: CHARLES D. SULLIVAN, Greenville, Miss.; Sophomore; Phi Kappa Sigma. DON B. SUMMERS, Amarillo, Tex.; Freshman; Pre-Medical Society; A Cappella Choir. JOHN ASBURY SUTHERLIN JR., New Orleans, La.; Junior; Beta Theta Pi; Greenbackers; Spirit Council. RONALD SVi ARTZ, Houston, Tex.; Sophomore; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Eta Sigma Phi; Pre-Medical Society. P. Vl ELLS TAYLOR, Santa Fe, N. Mexico; Freshman; Phi Delta Thela. Third Row: LLOYD ANTHONY TERRELL, Louisville, Ky.; Sophomore; Beta Theta Pi; Army ROTC Rifle Team. MICHAEL BROOKS TERRY, Roxboro, N.C.; Freshman; Phi Kappa Sigma. RICHARD P. TEXADA, Alexandria, La.; Junior; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Eta Sigma Phi. PIKE THOMAS, Baton Rouge, La.; Junior; Beta Theta Pi; Le Cercle Francais; A Cappella Choir; Sludent Directory; Greenbackers; Opera Workshop; Tulanians; Circle K; Young Conservatives. HAL J. THOMPSON, Memphis, Tenn.; junior; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Fourth Row: JIM THOMPSON, Tulsa, Okla.; Freshm.an; House Council; " Hullaba- loo. " BOBBY THWEATT, Houston, Tex.; Freshman; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Freshman Class, President; Varsity Swimming; Honor Board; Tulane Student Council. DAVID B. TIDMORE, Nev Orleans, La.; Junior; Beta Theta Pi. JIM TILLMAN, Oxford, Miss.; Freshman; Circle K. JEROME HOWARD TOBIAS, Jacksonville, Fla.; Sophomore; Sigma Alpha Mu; WTUL; TUSK; Pre-Medical Society. Filth Row: W. WENDELL TODD JR., Newton, Miss.; Freshman; Tulane Band; Pre-Medical Society. TOMMY TOOKE, Shreveport, La.; Sophomore; Phi Delta Theta; Sopho- more Class, Secretary-Treasurer; TUSK; Honor Board; Student Activi- ties Board. JOHN TOY, Lutherviile, Md.; Freshman; Sigma Chi. WARREN TRATTLER, Forest Hills, N.Y.; Sophomore; Tau Epsilon Phi, Treasurer; Pan-Hellenic Council. THOMAS WARREN TUCKER, Baton Rouge, La.; Sophomore; Kappc Sigma; Sophomore Class, President; JAMBALAYA; Honor Board; Stu- dent Council. Sixth Row: BRUCE TURNER, Nashville, Tenn.; Junior; Sigma Alpha Mu; Alpha Epsilon Delta. LAURENCE H. TURNER JR., San Diego, Calif.; Junior; Phi Kappa Sigma; Intramural Council; TUSK; Mark I Drill Team; Pan-Hellenic Council. HUGH CLAYTON UHALT, New Orieans, La.; Freshman; Kappa Sigma. STEVE UNGERMAN, Dallas, Tex.; Freshman; Alpha Epsilon Pi; U.C- Recreation Committee. BYRON M. UNKAUF, New Orleans, La.; Junior; Alpha Sigma Phi. Seventh Row: RAUL VALDES-FAULI, Miami, Fla.; Sophomore. W. WATSON VAN BENTHUYSEN JR., New Orieans, La.; Sophomore; Kappa Alpha. JAMES A. VAN HOOK, Shreveport, La.; Junior; Young Republicans. W. H. C. VENABLE, New Orleans, La.; Senior; Kappa Alpha. JOHN WILEY VINING JR., Decatur, Ga.; Junior; Phi Kappa Sigma; Pershing Rifles; Honor Board. Eighth Row: RICHARD E. VIRR, Topeka, Kan.; Junior; Delta Tau Delta; U.C.-Fine Arts Committee. RICHARD L. VOGEL, New York, N.Y.; Sophomore; Phi Delta Theta. ROBERT A. VOSBEIN, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Kappa Alpha ROGER A. WAGGONER, Iowa Falls, la.; Junior; Pep Band; Spirit Council; Tulane Band, President. EMILE A. WAGInJER III, New Orleans, La.; Junior; Beta Theta Pi. Ninth Row: R. WAYNE WAGNER, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Beta Theta Pi STEVEN G. WAGNER, Denver, Colo.; Junior; Zeta Beta Tau; Pr Medical Society; Varsity Letter, Track. PAUL H. WALDMAN, Hilside, N.J.; Freshman; Alpha Epsilon Pi BYRON EMERSON WALL, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; A Cappella Choir. HENRY CLAY WALKER IV, Shreveport, La.; Sophomore; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Pre-Medical Society. 1 f 0 » •3- « fT f £0 ' 1 " " W " ' ' ' 1. 1 wf Cf 1 . .( t w e 1 ' fe ikJlttl 105 Undergraduates Jh o o p? C ' i c O O f5 i Oft ( C ,e f p First Row: PHILIP W. WALKER, Searcy, Ark.; Sophomore: WTUL; A Cappella Choir; U.C.-Music Committee. WILLIAM R. WALLACE, Ipswich, Mass.; Freshman; Phi Delta Theta. ROY ALLEN WALTER, Memphis, Term.; Junior; Alpha Epsilon Pi; U.C.-Lagniappes Committee; Greenbackers. RONALD WANG, Linden, N.J.; Sophomore; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pre- Medical Society; Student Directory. BROOKS WARREN, Sarasota. Fla.; Freshman. Second Row: EUGENE C. WASSON, Prairie-ViUage, Kan.; Junior; Sigma Alpha Ep- silon; Alpha Epsilon Delta; German Club; Pre-Medical Society. BILL WATERS, Merrick, N.Y.; Junior; Sigma Nu. JOHN WATSON, Shreveport, La.; Sophomore: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Eta Sigma. THOMAS J. WATSON, Center, Tex.; Junior; Pi Kappa Alpha; A Cap- pella Choir. ELLIS N. WEAKER, Metairie, La.; Freshman; Sigma Alpha Mu; Sailing Club. Third Row: LEE V EATHINGTON II, Port Arthur, Tex.; Freshman; Pi Kappa Alpha; Sailing Club. H. EDWARD WEIDLICH, Fairfield, Conn.; Freshman; Phi Delta Theta; Young Republicans; Yoiing Conservatives. MICHAEL WHNBERG, Winnetka, 111.; Freshman; Alpha Epsilon Pi. EUGENE H. WEINHEIMER JR., Groom, Tex.; Junior; Campus Nite. BRENT DAVID WEINSTON, Nev Orleans, La.; Freshman; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pershing RifUes. Fourth Row: GARY DAVID WHNSTEIN, Washington, D.C.; Sophomore; Alpha Epsilon Pi; A Cappella Choir. MARTIN WEINSTEIN, Beachwood, Ohio; Junior; Tau Epsilon Phi. ROBERT ALAN WEINSTEIN, Denver, Colo.; Sophomore; Zeta Beta Tau. VICTOR WEINSTEIN, Miami, Fla.; Freshman; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre- Medical Society. ANDREW M. WEIR, Rio Grande, N.J.; Junior; Pi Kappa Alpha. Fifth Row: LOUIS B. WEISENBURGH III, Lexington, Ky.; Junior; Delta Tau Delta; Army R.O.T.C., Cadet Captain. DAVID B. WEISMAN JR., Shreveport, La.; Sophomore; Phi Eta Sigma. MARK S. V OSS, Little Rock, Ark.; Freshman; Sigma Alpha Mu; Rec- reation Qub. WILLIAM A. WEISS, Shaker Heights, Ohio; Junior; Varsity Swimming; " Hullabaloo " ; WTUL. BILLY WELLS, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Beta Theta Pi. Sixth Ro : HAROLD DAVID WEXLER, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Alpha Epsi- lon Pi. LAV RENCE E. WHALEY, Dallas, Tex.: Freshman; Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon; U.C.-Lagniappes. STEVE WHITTIELD, Jacksonville, Fla.; Junior; Alpha Epsilon Pi; A. S., Secretary-Treasurer: Phi Eta Sigma; Who ' s Who; A. S. Honor Board. STEVEN B. WICKLAND, Lantana, Fla.; Sophomore; Phi Kappa Sigma. MARK BRENT WICKMAN, Miami Beach, Fla.; Junior; Tau Epsilon Phi. Seventh Row: JOHN A. V ILHELM, Bartlesville, Okla.; Junior; Alpha Sigma Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; Pep Band: Tulane Band. I. ANDREU WILHITE, Shreveport La.: Freshman; Pre-Medical Society. ANDREWS MOORE WILKINSON JR., Alexandria, Va.; Freshman; Phi Delta Theta; Sabre Jets Drill Team. HARRY S. WILKS, Hampton, Va.; Junior; Alpha EpsUon Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Intramural Council. JAY RICHARD WILLIAMS, Warren, Ohio; Junior; Kappa Sigma. Eighth How: RICHARD B. WILLIAMS JR., Natchitcches, La.; Junior; Alpha Phi Omega. ROBERT C. WILLIAMS JR., McGehee, Ark.; Sophomore. ROGER C. WILLIAMS, Tuscaloosa, Ala.; Freshman; Sigma Chi; French Club; Freshman Swimming Team; U.C.-Padohad. SAM JONES WILLIAMS III, Neptune Beach, Fla.; Freshman; Sigma Nu. WILLIAM L. WILLIAMS. White Sulphur Springs, W.Va.; Freshman. Ninth Row: JOHN M. V iLLIAMSON, Sherman, Tex.; Junior; Pep Band; Tulane Band: Arnold Air Society. EDWARD L. WILSON III, Dallas, Tex.; Freshman. FRANCIS JEFFREY WILSON, Jackson, Miss.; Freshman; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. REED CALHOUN WILSON, Washington, D.C.; Sophomore; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Varsity Swimming Team. WILLIAM E. WILSON, Oceanport, N.J.; Freshman; Delta Tau Delta. 1 06 First Row: DONALD C. WINKLER, Kensington, Md.; Junior; Sigma Chi; AFROTC; Arnold Air Society. PETER A. WINKLER JR., New Orleans, La.; Junior; Glendy Burke Debating Society. BILL D. WINSTON, New Orleans, La.; Junior; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. JOHN DUNCAN WOGAN, New Orleans, La.; Junior; Delta Kappa Epsilon; AUSA; NTDA. RICHARD WOLF, San Antonio, Tex.; Freshman; Pi Kappa Alpha; Young Republicans. Second Row: STEVEN WOLF. San Antonio, Tex.; Junior; Tau Epsilon Phi. DAVE V OLKIN, Shaker Heights, Ohio; Freshman; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre-Medical Society. SCOOTAN WOOTAN, Macon, Ga.; Junior; Kappa Alpha. DAVID F. WRIGHT, Neosho, Mo.; Freshman; A Cappella Choir. WILLIAM E. WRIGHT, Montcham.in, Del; Sophomore: Sigma Nu. Third Row: JOHN C. WYRICK III, Texarkana, Tex.; Freshman; Freshman Football Team. JIM YAWN, Coral Gables, Fla.; Freshman; Pi Kappa Alpha. JEFFREY YEAGER, Liberty, N.Y.; Freshman; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre- Medical Society; U.C.-Spotlighters. BOB YEAGER, Pomona, N.Y.; Sophomore; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. STEVEN GLENN ZEGAR, Springfield, N.J.; Junior; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Judiciary Board, Inter-House Council; German Club; Pre-Medical So- ciety; Varsity Track. Fourth Row: MALCOLM EVERETT ZIEGLER, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Kappa Sigma. JOSEPH C. ZIGMAN JR., Mobile, Ala.; Sophomore; Phi Kappa Sigma; Pre-Medical Society. Undergraduates H J ' m ( if 1 0 Mardi Gras at Tulane DEAN HOWARD G. SCHALLER School of Business Adiiiilstration Tulane ' s School of Business Administration, the oldest in the South and among the first business schools to be formed in the nation, offers undergraduates and graduates professional train- ing necessary for competent business administration. Based heavily in the liberal arts and sciences, the curriculum is de- signed to give students an understanding of the basic founda- tions of business coupled with the new mathematical and statistical tools for analytical and creative decision making. The electronic computer is an integral part of the student ' s study. Officers BEN DOERRIES President KOSTA VLAHOS Vice-President PETE GAFFNEY Secretary-Treasurer io8 First Row: MICHAEL C. ABRAHM JR., New Orleans, La.; Scabbard and Blade,- Delta Sigma Pi; Marketing Club. JORGE ALFREDO ARGUELLES, Havana, Cuba. EDWARD H. AUSTIN JR., San Antonio, Texas; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Varsity Tennis. Second Row: D. DAN ARIAS JR., Tampa, Fla.; Delta Sigma Pi; Circle K. NANCY BAER, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Epsilon Phi. GEORGE ROBERT BOASBERG, New Orleans, La.; Beta Theta Pi. Third Row: JULES MALCOLM BOLDEN JR., Metairie, La. JOHN BAXTER BRINKMAN, Shreveport, La.; Kappa Alpha; Student Council; Who ' s Who; Delta Sigma Pi; Marketing Club; Student Ac- tivities Board. HOWARD SHELDON COHEN, Glencoe, 111.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Student Council; Student Directory. First Row: DEBORAH DALEY, Hempstead, N.Y.; Marketing Club. E. EVAN DAVIS JR., Greenville, Miss.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Scab- ard and Blade; Delta Sigma Pi; Business School Honor Board; Pi Lambda Beta. ERNEST HENRY DOERRIES 111, New Orleans, La.; President, Business School; Who ' s Who; Marketing Club, President; Student Council. Second Row: JACOB C. EMMER, New Orleans, La.; MarkeUng Club, Secretary- Treasurer. LOUIS Y. FISHMAN, New Orleans, La.; Zeta Beta Tau; Student Coun- cil; Who ' s Who; Delta Sigma Pi; Business School Honor Board; Stu- deni Activities Board, Chairman. JOSEPH PETER GAFFNEY, Shreveport, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Secretary-Treasurer, Business School; Accoun;ing Club; Marketing Club; Arnold Air Society; Student Council. Third Row: CHARLES RICHARD GEAR, Jackson, Miss.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Marketing Club; Young Republicans; NDTA; AUSA. LAWRENCE A. GORDON, Miami Beach, Fla.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; " Hullabaloo " ; Greenbackers; Student Council. WILLIAM R. GOUGH JR., Greenwich, Conn.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Market- ing Club; Young Republicans; A Cappella Choir. Fourth Row: PETER E. HAGAN III, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Sigma Lambda; Omi- cron Delta Kappa; Who ' s Who; President, University College; Uni- versity College Newsletter; Student Council. HENRY (SKIPPER) HALLER JR., New Orleans, La.; Sigma Chi; Ac- counting Club; Marketing Club; Business School Honor Board; Varsity Football Manager. HERBERT DANIEL HALPERN, New Orleans, La.; ' Zeta Beta Tau; Delta Sigma Pi. Fifth Row: WILLIAM C. HARTWELL JR., Gulfport, Miss.; Kappa Alpha, Vice Pres- ident; Delta Sigma Pi. C. ALFRED HECKER III, New Orleans, La.; Beta Theta Pi; Delta Sigma Pi; Marketing Club. JUDITH ANN HUGHES, New Orleans, La.; Chi Gamma Chi; Phi Chi Theta. Business Adiinistration First Row: BUD ROSEN, Gary, Ind.; Zeta Beta Tau, Vice-President; Who ' s Who; Delta Sigma Pi. GORDON L. RUSH JR., Baton Rouge, La.; Varsity Football. HARLAN A. SCHMIDT, Spirit Lake, Iowa; Kappa Sigma; President of Student Council; Delta Sigma Rho; Omicron Delta Kappa; Who ' s Who; Hall of Fame; Glendy Burke Debating Society. Second Row: EUGENIO SILVA, New Orleans, La.; Marketing Club. NICHOLAS B. SILVEY, New Orleans, La.; Accounting Club; Market- ing Club; Opera Workshop; Alpha Phi Omega. JOHN G. SIMPSON, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Tau Omega; Delta Sigma Pi. ALAN BYRON SINGER, New Orleans, La. CHARLES A. SNYDER, Bastrop, La.; Beta Alpha Psi; Accounting Club; Circle K, President. TIMOm ' F. SWOOP, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha; Delta Sigma Pi; Varsity Track. Third Row: PENNY THOMAS, New Orleans, La.; Delta Delta Delta; Marketing Club; Phi Chi Theta; Student Council; Angel Flight, President; Secre- tary-Treasurer, Senior Class; Student Council Elections Committee; U.C.-HospitaUty. RON THORNTON, Baytown, Tex.; Sigma Chi; Varsity Football; Green- backers. KOSTA NICK VLAHOS, Biloxi, Miss.; Student Council; Vice-President, Business School. Fourth Row: NOAH HARRY WEAKER, New Orleans, La. HENRI L. WEDELL, BronxviUe, N.Y.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Marketing Club; TUSK. WILLIAM REX V ENNEKER. Lexington, Ky.; Marketing Club. Business Administration Seniors First Row: JOHN D. JACKSON JR., El Centro, Calif.; Phi Kappa Sigma; President, Senior Class; Omicron Delta Kappa; Delta Sigma Pi; Marketing Club; Tulane Varsity Club; Varsity Swimming; Captain; Greenbackers; Sailing Club. ALLAN ARNOLD KANCHER, New Orleans, La. BARRY M. KNESEL, New Orleans, La,; Phi Kappa Sigma; Delta Sigma Pi; Marketing Club. EDWARD P. LOBMAN, New Orleans, La.; Zeta Beta Tau; Riding Club. Second Row: JOSEPH C. LOUVIER, New Orleans, La.; Vice-President, Senior Class; Beta Alpha Psi. CARL WAYNE McAFEE, Baytown, Tex.; Varsity FootbaU. CLARENCE R. MOEN JR., Cumberland, Wis.; Barketing Club; Varsity Football; Varsity Baseball. BILLY R. MOORE, Metairie, La.; Marketing Qub. Third Row: DON MORGAN, New Orleans, La.; Marketing Club; Alpha Phi Omega; Circle K; French Club; Pi Lambda Beta. WALTER T. PEARSON, Fort Valley, Ga.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Market- ing Club; Sailing Club. HENRY MINOR PIPES JR., Houma, La.; Freshman in Law School- Delta Sigma Pi; Intramural Council, Vice-President. RAYMOND S. RIZZO JR., Bellaire, Tex.; Delta Sigma Pi; Marketing Club; Varsity Football. First Row: STEVE ABRAMS, Shaker Heights, Ohio; Freshman; Sigma Alpha Mu. BERNARD ARMBRUSTER, Springfield, 111.; Freshman; Delta Kappa Epsilon. ED BAIRD, Houston, Tex.; Sophomore; Pi Kappa Alpha. LARRY BARR, Mobile, Ala.; Sophomore; Alpha Epsilon Pi. VICTOR BARRIOS, Eridgeton, Mo.; Sophomore; Sigma Chi; Tailhook Club. Second Row: LAWRENCE B. BERKOWITZ, Maplewood, N.J.; Sophomore; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Delta Sigma Pi; TUSK. LAWRENCE BERNSTEIN, Dallas, Tex.; Freshman; Freshman Football Manager; U.C. -Lyceum. JAMES MAX BREMAN, Atlanta, Ga.; Sophomore; Zeta Beta Tau; " Hullabaloo " ; Delta Sigma Pi. STUART BROWN, Lake Providence, La.; Junior; Kappa Sigma; Delta Sigma Pi. EDV ARD BUFKIN, Clinton, Miss.; Sophomore; Varsity Football. Third Row: FREDERICK H. CAIN, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Pi Kappa Alpha. KENT CALDWELL, Baton Rouge, La.; Sophomore; Kappa Sigma. DONALD J. COBB, Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio; Freshman; Delta Tau Delta; Varsity Track. STANLEY BURTON COHEN, Atlanta, Ga.; Sophomore; Sigma Alpha Mu. Delta Sigma Pi. JOHN S. COMAN, Western Springs, III.; Sophomore; Beta Theta Pi; Fourth Row: SAUL CORNMAN, New Orleans, La.; Junior; Alpha Epsilon Pi. JAMES WILBERT CROSBY JR., Foley, Ala.; Freshman; Freshman Football Team. DOUG CULLEN, Hammond, La.; Sophomore; Sigma Nu. JAMES M. DAVID, Logansport, Ind.; Junior; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. MARILYN (SISSY) DAVIDSON. Meridian, Miss.; Sophomore; Alpha Epsilon Phi; U.C.-Lagniappes. Fifth Row: ROBERT CLARK DAVIDSON, South Bend, Ind.; Junior; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Varsity Basketball. TAMES G. DERBES, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Delta Tau Delta. DIANNE DeRUSSY, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Alpha Omicron Pi. DAVID H. DESMON, Buffalo, N.Y.; Freshman; Tau Epsilon Phi. CLIVE T. DEVENISH, Great Neck, N.Y.; Freshman. Sixth Row: DIANA JEAN DILLING, Miami, Fla.; Sophomore. CRAIG JEROME DUCHOSSOIS, Flossmoor, III; Freshman; Delta Kappa Epsilon. ROBERT I. EISEN, New Orleans, La.; Junior; Zeia Beta Tau. MAYO K. EMORY, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Alpha Tau Omega. JULIAN S. EPSTEIN, W. Newton, Mass.; Junior; Sigma Alpha Mu. Seventh Row: DAVID LEEDS EUSTIS, New Orleans, La.; Junior; Sigma Chi; Anchor and Chain. CHARLES O. FARRAR, Harrisburg, III; Sophomore; Phi Delta Theta. CARL E. FEHR, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Pi Kappa Alpha. STEPHEN FEINBERG, El Paso, Tex.; Freshman; Sigma Alpha Mu; U.C. -Recreation. MAYER FINKELSTEIN, Baton Rouge, La.; Junior; Sigma Alpha Mu; Drum and Bugle Corps. Eighth Row: ROBERT FRANKEL, Great Neck, N.Y.; Sophomore; Sigma Alpha Mu; Varsity Golf. KENNY FRIEDMAN, Biloxi, Miss.; Sophomore; Zeta Beta Tau; Student Council; Delta Sigma Pi; Spirit Council; Young Republicans; Pan- Hellenic Council. WILLIAM W. GAHAGAN, Alexandria, La.; Sophomore; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. MAURICE WM. GELDERT, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Pi Kappa Alpha; Sabre Jets, Drill Team. RICHARD T. GILLETTE, St. Petersburg, Fla.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Vice-President, Sophomore Class; Delta Sigma Pi; Sailing Club. Ninth Row: JEROME ALAN GITT, Clayton, Mc; Sophomore; Sigma Alpha Mu. BILL GOLDRING, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Zeta Beta Tau. GERRY GOLDSTEIN, San Antonio, Tex.; Sophomore; Zeta Beta Tau; President, Sophomore Class; Delta Sigma Pi; TUSK; Student Council. DAVID BARR GOOCH, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Kappa Alpha. HOWARD WAYNE GORDON, Miami Beach, Fla.; Junior; Alpha Ep- silon Pi, Treasurer; NDTA; AUSA; Delta Sigma Pi. Undergraduates ! .C t O (T. ' A (T - £ llj fc , III Undergraduates f p O O, C ' « ! 1 w ' l f XT— ■ " ' ' hi f;. " First Row: EUGENE A. CRASSER, Metairie, La.; Junior; Delta Sigma Pi. MICHAEL L. HARRIS, St. Louis, Mo.; Junior; Delta Sigma Pi; Green- backers; Business School Honor Board; U.C.-Spotlighters, Chairman. TOMMY HATFIELD, Winnsboro, La.; Junior; Beta Theta Pi; Account- ing Club; Delta Sigma Pi. KENNETH R. HELTON, Foley, Ala.; Freshman; Varsity Football, Fresh- man Team. PETER W. HOLDEN, Chappaqua, N.Y.; Sophomore; Kappa Sigma. Second Row: MARVIN G. HEEBE, Metairie, La.; Sophomore; Beta Theta Pi. JAMES C. HENDRICKS. Logansport, Ind.; Sophomore; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Cheerleader; Greenbackers; TUSK; Spirit Council. LOUIS A. HEREFORD, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Delta Tau Delta. RUSTY HOLMAN, New Orleans, Junior; Kappa Sigma; Delta Sigma Pi; Business School Honor Board. NEEL H. HOVl ARD JR., New Orleans; Junior; Kappa Alpha; Secre- tary, Junior Class; TUSK. Third Row: JOHN E. IKARD, Columbia, Tenn.; Junior; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Pan- Hellenic Council. TEMPLE ARNOLD INNIS, New Orleans, La.; Junior. MARVIN S. ISENBERG, St. Simons Island, Ga.; Sophomore; Sigma Alpha Mu; Intramural Council; AUSA; U.C. -Music. ROYCE JOHNSON JR., Pine Bluff, Ark.; Junior; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. HENRY JOSEPH JUMONVILLE III, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha. Fourth Row: MICHAEL J. KANTROW, Baton Rouge, La.; Freshman; Zeta Beta Tau. YORKE KIRKONNELL, Cayhan Island, Vi .I.; Freshman, JEFFREY L. KORACH, Shaker Heights, Ohio; Junior; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pan-Hellenic Council. BRIAN M. KUTASH, Shaker Heights, Ohio; Freshman; Sigma Alpha Mu. PIERCE LANDRY, New Orleans, La.; Junior; Kappa Alpha Theta; lAMBALAYA. Fiith Row: ANDY LANG, New Orleans, La.; Junior; Zeta Beta Tau; " Hullabaloo " Business Manager. C. BERDON LAWRENCE, Lake Charles, La.; Junior; Kappa Sigma; President, Junior Class, Business School; Delta Sigma Pi; Business School Honor Board. EDDIE LAYRISSON, Ponchatoula, La.; Junior; Delta Kappa Epsilon. WILLIAM H. LEE II, Lockport, N.Y.; Junior; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; TUSK. ELLEN LANDAUER LICHTENSTEIN, San Antonio, Tex.; Sophomore; Alpha Epsilon Phi; U.C. -Recreation. Sixth Row: ROBERT L. LOBRANO, Pointe A-La-Hache, La.; Sophomore; Sigma Chi; Delia Sigma Pi. HENRY L. LOWENTRITT, Winnsboro, La.; Sophomore; Zeta Beta Tau; Delta Sigma Pi; Pep Band; Tulane Band. NICK MAORIS, Alexandria, Egypt; Freshman; French Club; Glendy Burke Society. REYNAR MEADOWCRAFT, Western Springs, 111.; Freshman; Beta Theta Pi. lAMES MELLIN, Palatine, 111.; Sophomore; Phi Kappa Sigma. Saventh Row: BARRY A. MEYERS, Newark, N.J.; Freshman; Alpha Epsilon Pi. DICK MOISE, St. Louis, Mo.; Sophomore; Sigma Chi, Treasurer; Honor Board; Delta Sigma Pi; TUSK; Tailhook Club. JANET MOORE, Key West, Fla.; Freshman; Student Directory; U.C- Cosmopolitan Committee. BOB MOORE, Southboro, Mass.; Freshman. LORD HARRIS MORRISON. Columbus, Ga.; Sophomore; Kappa Alpha. Eighth Row: STEPHEN H. MOSES, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Tailhood Club; Navy Rille Team. DAVID A. MOSS, Granite City, 111.; Sophomore; Varsity Sports, Tennis. CYNTHIA NEUMAN, Metairie, La.; Junior; Phi Chi Theta, President. HENRY F. O ' CONNER JR., New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Young Conservatives. lAMES J. O ' CONNER, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Delta Kappa Lpsilon. Ninth Row: JACK FANZECA, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Pi Kappa Alpha. DAVID A. PAYSSE, New Orleans, La.; Junior. WALTER " LUCKY " PEABODY, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; Freshman; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Freshman Class President. TONY PEREZ JR., Mexico, D.F.; Junior; Beta Theta Pi. EARL G. PERRY SR., New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Freshman Qass Vice-President. iia Undergraduates First Row: MICHAEL PETER PODOLECKI, Maracaibo, Venezuela; Freshman. MICHAEL WEBB POST, Barrington, III; Junior; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. DAVID J. POTTER, Texarkana, Ark.; Sophomore. ERIC RICHARD PRATT, Pleasant Hill, Calif.; Freshman; Alpha Phi Omega. BATES PULLIAM, Fort Worth, Tex.; Sophomore; Phi Delta Theta. Second Row: J. R. OUERBES III, Shreveport, La.; Sophomore; Kappa Alpha. SAUL LEWIS RACHELSON, Tampa, Fla.; Freshman; Sigma Alpha Mu; U.C.-Recreation Committee. BOB RATCLIFF, Pineville, La.; Junior; Phi Kappa Sigma. GOTHARD JOSEPH RECK, Nev Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Eta Sigma Phi. CHARLES " CHUCK " ROBILIO, Memphis, Tenn.; Freshman; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Third Row: STEPHEN DAVID ROSENTHAL, St. Louis, Mo.; Sophomore; Sigma Alpha Mu; Varsity Sports, Baseball; Greenbackers. RALPH ROSS III, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Alpha Tau Omega. BILLIE RUBENSTEIN, Great Neck, N.Y.; Freshman; Sigma Delta Tau; Student Directory; U.C. -Spotlighters Committee. STANLEY SALUS, Washington, D.C.; Freshman; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Student Directory. BERNARD FERDINAND SAMUEL JR., New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Kappa Sigma. Fourth Row: PETER W. SARAVO, Newport, R.I.; Sophomore; Sigma Chi; Sailing Club. MYRA L. SCHNEIDER, New Orleans, La.; Freshman. ROY SELLERS, New Orleans, La.; Junior; Sigma Chi, Secretary; Busi- ness Student Council; Delta Sigma Pi, Vice-President. S. E. SENTELL III, Houston, Tex.; Junior; Kappa Sigma; Delta Sigma Pi. GORDON BICKFORD SHAW, Levelland, Tex.; Sophomore; Pi Kappa Alpha; Pershing Rifles. Filth Row: STEPHEN G. SHERMAN, Alexandria, La.; Junior; Zeta Beta Tau; Sophomore Class Vice-President; Delta Sigma Pi; Greenbackers. HARVEY AaEN SINGERMAN, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Sigma Alpha Mu; U.C.-Fine Arts Committee. DAVID A. SKLAR, Somerville, N.J.; Junior. WILLIAM SLEMONS, Orlando, Fla.; Junior; Kappa Alpha Order; Delta Sigma Pi; Arnold Air Society; Cadet Staff Officer, Lieutenant; Sabre Jets. JEROME GARFIELD SMITH II, Metairie, La.; Freshman; Delta Kappa Epsilon. Sixth Row: CHARLES H. SMITHER, New Orleans, La.; Junior; Beta Theta Pi; Young Democrats. STEPHEN L. SONTHEIMER, New Orleans, La.; Junior; Zeta Beta Tau; Delta Sigma Pi; TUSK. WILLIAM E. SPRAGUE, Park Ridge, IlL; Freshman; Delta Tau Delta. RAYMOND P. STARR JR., New Orleans, La.; Junior; Kappa Alpha Order, Treasurer. JULIUS STERNFELS, Klotzville, La.; Junior; Phi Kappa Sigma; Varsity Sports, Football. Seventh Row: DANIEL LAWRENCE STEVENSON, Euclid, Ohio; Sophomore; Alpha Sigma Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; Varsity Sports, Baseball. KENNETH J. TACONY, St. Louis, Mo.; Sophomore; Delta Tau Delta; A Cappella Choir; Sabre Jets. SHELDON J. TASHMAN, Miami Beach, Fla.; Sophomore; Alpha Epsi- lon Pi; Delta Sigma Pi. JEAN THOMPSON, Metairie, La.; Junior; Alpha Omicron Pi. ROBERT JOHN USKEVICH, Seymour, Conn.; Junior; Arnold Air Society. Eighth Row: ROBERT E. VAN NESS, Fort Wayne, Ind.; Sophomore; Phi Delta Theta. LEONARD VEDLITZ, Shreveport, La.; Junior; Zeta Beta Tau. ELMORE R. VERLANDER JR., Nev Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Phi Kappa Sigma. GEORGE BARTLETT VIAULT, Gaithersburg, Md.; Junior; Sigma Chi; TUSK. J. BRYAN WAGNER, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Phi Delta Theta. Ninth Row: W. FOSTER WALKER III, Alexandria, La.; Freshman; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. CHARLIE WALLDORF, Chattanooga, Tenn.; Freshman; Delta Kappa Epsilon. MIKE WANEK, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Alpha Tau Omega; Army Rifle Team. JOHN BENNET WATERS, Alexandria, La.; Sophomore; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Honor Board. RICHARD WHITEHEAD, Shreveport, La.; Freshman. Z ' ' " " ' r ( ' " ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' fe ii 1 mmM " 3 Undergraduates First Row: STEVE WEBSTER, New Orleans, La.; Junior; Sigma Chi; Delta Sigma Pi. CONRAD WILL, Santa Fe, Calif.; Junior; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. JOSEPH M. WILLIAMSON JR., Urbana, III; Freshman; Phi Kappa Sigma; Intramural Council. GORDON D. WOLF, New Orleans, La.; Junior; Sigma Alpha Mu; Army Drum Bugle Corps. LOUIS A. WILSON JR., New Orleans, La.; Junior; Alpha Sigma Phi, President; Eta Sigma Phi; Delta Sigma Pi; Pan-Hellenic Council. Second Row: ALLAN D. YASNYI, New Orleans, La.; Junior; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Delta Sigma Pi; JAMBALAYA; Campus Nile; Tulane University Thea- tre; Pershing Rifles; Pan-Hellenic Council. HARRIS H. YATES, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Pershing Rifles. PETER ZADIS, Westbury, L.I., N.Y.; Freshman. ROBERT W. ZOLLINGER, New Orleans, La.; Junior; Kappa Sigma; Junior Class, Vice-President; Phi Eta Sigma; Delta Sigma Pi, Treas- urer. f " But officer, he WAS going about 30 m.p.h. in reverse!! " - ,«» hv itr --• 5 School of Architecture Tulane University first offered a complete architectural cur- riculum in 1907. Today the School offers a five-year program leading to the Bachelor of Architecture degree, and has as its first objective the professional qualification of its students to practice architecture. Students and faculty members seek the fulfillment of this objective in their joint efforts to identify the decisive forces of the twentieth century. Officers DEAN JOHN W LAWRENCE JUNIUS I. CHAMPEAUX FLEETWOOD B. JOINER President Representative-at-Large 115 Seniors Undergraduates First Row: JOEL B. ALLISON, Houston, Tex.; Sophomore; Delta Tau Delta; A.I.A. LEE H. ASKEW III Memphis, Tenn.; Sophomore; Sigma Chi; A.I.A. ; Greenbackers; Student Activities Board; University Center Board. RUSSELL " RICK " BAUER, University City, Mo.; Freshman; Varsity Sports, Swimming. RICHARD RAWLS HARNETT, Plant City, Fla.; Sophomore; Kappa Alpha; A.I.A. GEORGE M. BLACKBURN, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Lambda Chi Alpha; AIA Tailhook Club; Circle K. Second Row: JUDY NORMAN BLOCK, Larchmont, N.Y.; Freshman; A.I.A. JACK D. BROWN, West Miami, Fla.; Freshman; Alpha Epsilon Pi; A.I.A. FREDERICK BEALE CHAMBERS JR., Decatur, Ga.; Sophomore; Phi Kappa Sigma, Secretary Sailing Club; Newman Club. JOE CHAMPEAUX, Lafayette, La.; Pros. Architecture School Student Body; A.I.A.; Arnold Air Society; Honor Board, Architecture, Chair- man; Distinguished Military Cadet; Cadet Staff Officer, Lt. Col. JOHN DOUGLAS CRIMP, Coeur D ' Alene, Idaho; Freshman. Third Row: JAMES PERRY CRUMLEY JR., Bedford, Mass.; Freshman. DEBBIE DAIGRE, Alexandria, La.; Sophomore; Chi Omega; A.I.A. First Row: RAY BERGERON JR., New Orleans, La.; A.I.A. EDWIN C. GLEASON JR., New Orleans, La.; A.I.A. HOWARD HERSHBERG, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; A.I.A.; Cadet Staff Officer, Midn. Lt., Navy Supply Officer; Hillel Foundation. Second Row: BILL LAMMEY, Memphis, Tenn.; Kappa Sigma; Omicron Delta Kappa; Tau Sigma Delta; Who ' s Who; A.I.A.; Greenbackers; Cadet Staff Of- ficer, Lt.; Anchor and Chain. CHARLES H. NORTH JR., Jackson, Miss.; Delta Tau Delta; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Sigma Delta, Scribe; A.I.A. THOMAS S. PARDUE, New Orleans, La.; A.I.A. Third Row: JAMES Y. ROBINSON, Charlotte, N.C.; Delta Tau Delta; Scabbard and Blade, Pres.; A.I.A.; Cadet Stah Officer, Battalion Commander; Anchor and Chain. JOHN E. SICARD, New Orleans, La.; Pres. Architecture Senior Class; A.I.A.; Honor Board, Architecture. JOSE ANGEL TAMAYO, San Juan, P.R.; A.I.A.; Newman Club. ( ■ Architecture ii( First Row: EARL L. DICKSON JR., New Orleans, La.; Freshman; A.LA. JACK P. FENWICK JR., Kosciusko, Miss.; Junior; Kappa Alpha; Phi Eta Sigma; A. I. A., Secretary. FOSTER F. FOUNTAIN 111, Florence, Ala.; Freshman; Young Repub- licans; A.LA. JAY IRWIN GREEN, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Zeta Beta Tau; A.LA. JAMES GRAYSON GUTKRIE JR., Monroe, La.; Sophomore; Sigma Chi; A.LA. Second Row: KELEAL SPEPHEN HASSIN JR., Yazoo City, Miss.; Freshman. JACK HEPTING, AsheviUe, N.C.; Junior; Phi Delta Thela; A.LA. JOHN C. HOSE, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; A.LA. JACK JACKSON, Pensacola, Fla.; Freshman; Sigma Nu; A.LA. DAVIS LEE JAHNCKE JR., Metairie, La.; Freshman; Beta Theta Pi; A.LA. Third Row: JOE JOHNSON, El Dorado, Ark.; Fourth Year; Sigma Chi; A.LA. FLEET JOINER, Ocala, Fla.; Sophomore; Sigma Chi; Student Council Representative for Architecture School; A.LA.; Intramural Council; Greenbackers. STEVE ANDREVif KARRAS, South Bend, Ind.; Freshman; Delta Kappa Epsilon. DOUGLAS KELLY III, El Dorado, Ark.; Fourth Year; Sigma Chi; A.LA. TRAVERS CLEMENT KOERNER, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; A.LA. Fourth Row: PAUL LEW, Forest Hills, N.Y.; Freshman; Tau Epsilon Phi; A.LA. TONY LIEF, Forest Hills, N.Y.; Freshman; Sigma Alpha Mu; Fresh- man Basketball Team. WILLIAM RANKIN LINK, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; Freshman; A.LA. CHARLES L. LORD JR., St. Petersburg, Fla.; Freshman; Phi Kappa Sigma. DONALD AMBROSE MAGINNIS III, Covington, La.; Freshman; Delta Kappa Epsilon; A.LA. Fifth Row: EDA McNAMARA, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Alpha Delta Pi; A.LA. CHARLES WILLIAM REID, Memphis, Tenn.; Freshman; Sigma Chi; A.LA.; Anchor and Chain. RAVENEL LA BARRE RIGGS, Ashton, Md.; Sophomore; Beta Theta Pi; A.LA. GEORGE W. RILEY, Atlanta, Tex.; Freshman; Sigma Nu; A.LA. JORGE J. RODRIGUEZ, Ann Arbor, Mich.; Fourth Year. Sixth Row: JEFFREY M. ROSENBLUM, Cherry Hill, N.J.; Freshman; Alpha Epsilon Pi; A.LA. SUHAIL K. SHUHAIBER, New Y ork, N.Y.; Freshman. FRANK SMITH, Ouincy, Fla.; Sophomore; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; President Sophomore Class, Architecture; A.LA. DAVID PAUL SMITH, Laramie, Wyo.; Sophomore; Alpha Epsilon Pi; A.LA. NILDA M. SOLER, Santurce, P.R.; Freshman. Seventh Row: JOHN SOLLID, White Plains, N.Y.; Freshman; A.LA.; Sailing Club. HANK SOSSIN, Hollywood, Fla.; Junior; A.LA. MILTON E. STEWART, Pollock, La.; Sophomore; Sigma Chi; A.LA. JERRY STEPHEN SUTTON, Nacogdoches, Tex.; Sophomore; Sigma Nu; Ai.A. LAWRENCE BIEDENHARN SWAYZE, Yazoo Cily, Miss.; Freshman; A.LA. Eighth Row: ANNE M. TIMMONS, Fairview, Pa.; Junior; A.LA. F. MICHAEL TOUPS, Thibodaux, La.; Junior; Sigma Chi; Who ' s Who; A.LA. JOHN REDDEN TYSON III; Freshman; Phi Kappa Sigma; A.LA.; Drill Team, Sabre Jets. DOUGLAS KENNETH WHITE; Sophomore; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; A.LA. ROBERT J. YOUNG, Shreveport, La.; Junior; Kappa Sigma; A.LA.; Tulane-Newcomb Wesley Foundation, Pres. Undergraduates ■S ' iPlI , ' (k Z ' " ' ' ' ' asmk 1 % oi C ' w medium " 7 DEAN LEE H. JOHNSON School of Engineering The Tulane School of Engineering is one of the oldest and most well-rounded in the South. Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees are offered in Chemical, Electrical, Mechan- ical, and Civil Engineering. Well-equipped laboratories and research facilities complement the work of the faculty to aid the students in obtaining degrees in their preferred fields of endeavor. Officers ANTHONY MUMPHREY President TED JOHNSON Secretary-Treasurer CLAUDE GRECO Vice-President ii8 First Row: GARNETT F. BEDENBAUGH, New Orleans, La.; Engineering School, Secretary-Treasurer; Scabbard Blade; Alpha Chi Sigma; A.L.Ch.E.; L.E.S. JAMES V. BENEDICT, Metairie, La.; Omicron Delta Kappa; Student Activities Key; Tau Beta Pi; Who ' s W ho; A.S.M.E.; L.E.S.; Intramural Council; Honor Board. RAY BERGERON New Orleans, La.; Phi Kappa Sigma; A.I.E.E. Second Row: L.E.S. WALTER BLATTMANN, Waedenswil, Switzerland; A.S.M.E.: JOSEPH C. BONNER, Chalmette, La.; A.S.M.E.; L.E.S. FRANK M. BOFtDELON, New Orleans, La.; Senior Class President; Who ' s Who; A.S.M.E.; L.E.S.; Honor Board; Tulane Honor Council. Third Bow: BRUCE R. BRUMFIELD, Cranford, N.J.; A.S.C.E., Secretary; L.E.S. ARTHUR F. d ' AQUIN JR., New Orleans, La.; Senior Class Vice Presi- dent; A.I.E.E. BAPTISTE J. DeJE lN JR., New Orleans, La.; Alpha Chi Sigma; A.I.Ch.E.; L.E.S.; Intramural Council. J:r M d i l iiitiliii iii fc lir First Row: WILLIAM C. ELLIS JR., New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha Order; Omi- cron Delta Kappa; Tau Beta Pi. EDWARD W. GARLAND, New Orleans, La.; Pi Kappa Alpha; A.I.E.E.; Sabre Jets; Cadet Staff Officer, Major; Arnold Air Society. CLAUDE A. GRECO, New Orleans, La.; Engineering School, Vice- President; Honor Board. Second Row: BOBBY HASSINGER, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha Order; A.I.Ch.E.; L.E.S. THEODORE JAMES JOHNSON, New Orleans, La.; Engineering School, Secretary-Treasurer; Intramural Council; Honor Board; U.C.-Recreation Committee; A.I.E.E.; L.E.S. PHILIP J. KNIEPER JR., New Orleans, La.; Alpha Chi Sigma; Tulane Band; A.I.Ch.E.; L.E.S. Third Row: LEROY W. KOSCHEL, New Orleans, La.; Scabbard and Blade; Alpha Chi Sigma; A.LCh.E.; L.E.S. CLARENCE IRWIN LEWIS JR., Mobile, Ala.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Scnb- bard Blade; Pershing Rifles; Cadet Staff Officer, Major; A.I.Ch.E.; L E S DONALD C. MAKOFSKY, New Orleans, La.; A.S.C.E. Fourth Row: JOHNNY MONTURIOL MUNOZ, San Jose, Costa Rica. ANTHONY JOSEPH MUMPHREY, New Orleans, La.; Engineering School President; Who ' s Who; Honor Board; Tulane Student Council; Tulane Honor Council; A.S.C.E.; L.E.S. BLASE C. RAU, Gretna, La.; Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; A.S.M.E.; L.E.S. Gn ineerin Seniors lie First Row: LEOPOLDO MUYSHONDT, San Salvador, El Salvador; A.S.C.E.; L.E.S. ; THOMAS M. REGAN, New Orleans, La.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Tulane Student Council; Omicron Delta Kappa; Tau Beta Pi, President; Who ' s Who; A.I.Ch.E.; L.E.S. THOMAS I. ROBERTS, New Orleans, La.; A.S.M.E.; L.E.S. Second Row: CHARLES Vv. RODEHURST, New Orleans, La.; Tau Beta Pi; A.I.Ch.E. JOHN R. RUCKSTUHL, New Orleans, La.; A.LE.E.; L.E.S. KENNETH G. SHUTT, New Orleans, La.; Scabbard Blade; A.LE.E.; L.E.S. Third Row: ; JAMES E. SCOTT, New Orleans, La.; A.S.M.E.; L.E.S.; Arnold Air Society. WILLIAM A. SPRINGER, Springfield, 111; Sigma Chi; A.S.M.E.; L.E.S. PETER DRAKE THOMPSON JR., New Orleans, La.; Omicron Delta Kappa; A.S.M.E.; L.E.S. Fourth Row: JOHN B. VINTURELLA, Arabi, La.; Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; A.I.Ch.E.; L.E.S. RODNEY C. WATKINS, BooneviUe, Miss.; A.LE.E. JERRY R. WHITTAKER, Shoshoni, Wyo.; Phi Kappa Sigma; A.LE.E. PAUL F. WOOLVERTON, New Orleans, La.; Phi Delta Thela; Alpha Chi Sigma; A.L.Ch.E.; L.E.S. En ineerin Seniors i M A First Row: HUGH ADAMS, Ft. Walton Beach, Fla.; Sophomore; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. ROBERT B. ANDERSON, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Pershing Rifles; A.S.C.E. ALBERT EARLE APPLEBY, Columbia, S.C; Junior; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Chi Sigma; A.I.Ch.E. ROBERT M. BAILLIET, Thibodaux, La.; Junior; Sigma Chi; Arnold Air Society; A.l.E.E. BILL BANTA, Houston, Tex.; Freshman; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Varsity Sports, Tennis. Second Row: BRIAN T. BARCELO, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Alpha Tau Omega; Sophomore Class Vice-President; Phi Eta Sigma. PETER RAINS BECKJORD, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Tau Epsilon Phi. JIM BENEFIELD, Oklahoma City, Okla.; Freshman; Kappa Sigma. RICHARD L. BERSTEIN, Metairie, La.; Sophomore; Alpha Epsilon Pi. DALE C. BIGGERS, Metairie, La.; Freshman; Sailing Club. Third How: J. T. BILLUPS, Houston, Tex.; Junior; Campus Nite; Varsity Letter, Swimming; WTUL; A.l.E.E. WALLY BLESSEY, Metairie, La.; Freshman; Kappa Alpha Order; Varsity Freshman Golf. JAMES BORDELON, Opelousas, La.; Freshman; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Freshman Class, Secretary-Treasurer. GILBERT M. BOSM ORTH, Terre Haute, Ind.; Freshman; Varsity Sports, Football. EUGENE A. BRIAN, New Orleans, La.; Junior; A.S.C.E.; L.E.S. Fourth Row: ROBERT R. BULLARD, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; A.S.C.E. RICHARD MICHAEL BURTON, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Delta Sigma Phi. EDWIN F. CARRILLO, New Orleans, La.; Junior; A.l.E.E.; A.S.C.E. TONY CARTER, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; Sophomore; Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon; Phi Eta Sigma. BRUCE THOMAS CASEY, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; A.S.M.E. Fifth Row: GEORGE M. CLARK JR., New Orleans, La.; Freshman. MICHAEL B. COFFEE, Jacksonville, Fla.; Sophomore; Phi Delia Theta. CHARLES H. DALE, Cheyenne, Wyo.; Freshman; Pershing Rifles. PATRICK L. DARBY, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore. MARSHALL J. DAVID JR., New Orleans, La,; Freshman; Sigma Chi; U.C. -Recreations Committee. Sixth Row: LEE DAVIS, New Orleans, La.; Freshman. ROBERT E. DEVELLE JR., New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Alpha Tau Omega. CHARLES ALEX DIET2, Little Rock, Ark.; Junior; Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon; Junior Class President. KENNETH D. DODSON, Metairie, La.; Freshman; L.E.S. TOM DOLHONDE, Houston, Tex.; Junior; Phi Kappa Sigma; Alpha Phi Om.ega; A.I.Ch.E. Seventh Row: MILTON E. DREWES JR., New Orleans, La.; Junior; A.I.Ch.E. LOUIS H. DUGAS JR., New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Sabre Jels. ERIC A. EBEL, Glenview, 111.; Freshman; Phi Kappa Sigma. JERRY C. EBERSBAKER, Baton Rouge, La.; Junior; Sigma Nu; Phi Eta Sigma. ROBERT BRUCE EDWARDS, Houston, Texas; Sophomore; A.I.Ch.E.; L.E.S.; Anchor and Chain. Eighth Row: JIM ERASO JR., Cartagena, Colombia; Freshman; Sigma Nu; Varsity Sports, Swimming; Water Ski Club. ROBERT C. EVANS JR., Nashville, Tenn.; Sophomore; Phi Delta Theta. JOSEPH B. EUSTIS JR., Metairie, La.; Sophomore; A.S.M.E. ED FERNANDEZ, Fort Lauderdale, Fla.; Freshman; Alpha Tau Omega. ROBERT B. FISHER JR., St. Francisville, La.; Sophomore; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Navy Drill Team; National Society of Pershing Rifles; Society oi American Military Engineers; WTUL. Ninth Row: AL FLETTRICH JR., Metairie, La.; Freshman; Kappa Alpha; Varsity Track. ARTHUR V. FLOTTE, New Orleans, La.; Freshman. BILL FORTIER, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Beta Theta Pi. RICHARD A. FUSELIER, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; IRE; U.C- Music. TOM GALLAGHER, Miami, Fla.; Junior; Young Republicans; WTUL; I.R.E.; Tulane Amateur Radio Club, President. Undergraduates I - |i ifes. • h : fr. c . f f " " ■ " ■ ' «! a(f % f III Undergraduates iC- ' - _, f % f % ■■ " I ji ► (0 .-- c - ' ' • - First Row: JACK R. GOLDBERG, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore: Alpha Epsilon Pi; Phi Eta Sigma. HAROLD GORMAN JR., New Orleans, La.; Tulane Student Council- Arnold Air Society; A.S.M.E.; L.E.S. J. PATRICK GRACE, Canton, Miss.; Freshman; Sigma Chi; U.C- Publicity. MIKE GRECO. Fort Lauderdale, Fla.; Freshman. THOMAS H. HANNON JR., Metairie, La.; Junior; Beta Theta Pi; A.I.E.E.; L.E.S.; Arnold Air Society. Second How: JAMES S. HARP, Dallas, Tex.; Freshman; Sigma Nu; Navy Drill Team. HENRY EUGENE HARRIS, Belle Chasse, La.; Sophomore. JOHN J. HARRIS, Flossmoor, 111.; Freshman; WTUL; Army Rifle Team; Sailing Club. CHANNING HAYDEN, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Freshman Class President, Engineering School. FRITZ HEDGES, Indianapolis, Ind.; Sophomore; Delta Tau Delta. Third Row: BILLY HIGHTOWER, New Orleans, La.; Junior; Alpha Tau Omega. JAMES J. HINDS, Houston, Tex.; Sophomore; Delta Tau Delta; L.E.S. JOHN J. HOUSEY, New Orleans, La.; Junior; Alpha Tau Omega; A.S.C.E.; N.D.T.A. STEPHEN JASPER, CarroUton, La.; cophomore; Kappa Sigma. ROY ERNEST JOHNSON, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Delta Tau Delta; L.E.S. Fourth Row: TOM JOHNSON, New Orleans. La.; Sophomore. WILLIAM D. KAHRL, Miami, Fla.; Freshman. MICHAEL DAVID KATZEFF, San Bernardino, Calif.; Freshman; Tau Epsilon Phi; Drum and Bugle Corps, Army; NDTA. HENRY V. KERTH, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; A.I.Ch.E. ROBERT H. KILINSKI, New Orleans, La.; Junior; Phi Kappa Sigma, Vice-President; Vice-President Junior Class; Engineering School; A.I.E.E.; Pershing Rifles. Fiith Row: W. BRADLEY KIMBROUGH, Lafayette, La.; Freshman; Kappa Sigma. JERRY FINE LAMBIOTTE, Fort Smith, Ark.; Junior; Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon; A.LCh.E. KENNETH ALLAN LAWSON, Jacksonville, Fla.; Junior; A.I.E.E. RICHARD HENRY LEE, Har vey, La.; Freshman. GUY L. LEEFE III, Nev Orleans, La.; Sophomore; A.I.Ch.E. Sixth Row: PER LEIKVANG, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; A.I.E.E.; L.E.S.; Campus Nile; Sailing Club; U.C.-Music. JOHN FRANKLIN UCALZI, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore. V ILLIAM R. LIEBKE, Racine, Wis.; Sophomore; Delta Tau Deha. NOAH H. LONG JR., Williston, Ha.; Sophomore; Delta Tau Delta, Treasurer. JOE LOWENTHAL, Memphis, Tenn.; Freshman; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Air Force Drill Team. Seventh Row: JOHN H. LYNN, Sheridan, Wyo.; Junior; A.I.E.E, FBED MALEY, Daytona Beach, Fla.; Junior; A.I.Ch.E.; L.E.S.; TUSK; Arnold Air Society. STANLEY MANDEL, San Antonio, Tex.; Junior; Sigma Nu; Secretary- Treasurer, Junior Class; Engineering School Student Council; Engineer- ing School Honor Board; A.S.M.E.; L.E.S.; TUSK. SKIP MATT, Lafayette, La.; Freshman; Alpha Sigma Phi; Navy Drill Team. JOHN A. MEADE, New Orleans, La.; Junior; Beta Theta Pi; Pan-Hel- lenic, Secretary; A.S.M.E. Eighth Row: BOB MITTELSTAEDT, Metairie. La.; Sophomore; Alpha Tau Omega; Navy Drill Team. FERD MOYSE JR., Greenville, Miss.; Freshman; Sigma Nu; L.E.S.; Pershing Rifles. JULIUS PETER NEUMEYER, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Phi Kappa Sigma. RICHARD H. O ' BRIEN, Arabi. La.; Junior; Pi Kappa Alpha; A.I.E.E. LUCIEN D. O ' KELLEY JR., New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Delta Tau Delta. Ninth Row: MELVIN J. PARISH, Chalmelte, La.; Sophomore; A.I.E.E. DAVID C. PARK, Tampa, Fla.; Freshman. KENT MICHAEL PARRA, New Orleans, La.; Junior. ANTHONY PASTOR, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore. CHRISTOPHER J. PENNINGTON, Baltimore, Md.; Junior; A.S.M.E. Ill Undergraduates First Row: CLYTE D. PITTMAN JR., Nev Orleans, La.; A.S.M.E.; Arnold Air So- ciety; Hellcats, AFROTC Drum and Bugle Corps, Commander. JACK H. RAU, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Alpha Epsilon Pi; A.S.C.E.; Anchor and Chain. PATRICK J. READY, Danville, 111.; Freshman; Delta Tau Delta. MICHAEL P. REDINGTON, North Highlands, Calif.; Freshman; Navy Drum and Bugle Corps. BUDDY RICHARDSON, New Orleans, La.; Junior; Alpha Tau Omega; A.I.E.E. Second Row: FREDERICK L. RIEDL, New Orleans, La.; Junior; A.S.M.E.; L.E.S. MICHAEL B. ROBERTSON, Tampa, Fla.; Sophomore; Alpha Tau Omega. RUDY ST. GERMAIN, Arabi, La.; Freshman. JOEL SCHECHTER, Atlantic Beach, N.Y.; Sophomore; Alpha Epsilon Pi. LAWRENCE E. SCHEUERMANN, New Orleans, La.; Freshman. Third Row: GEORGE J. SCHEXNAYDER JR., New Orleans, La.; Junior; Alpha Chi Sigma; A.I.Ch.E.; L.E.S. DONALD R. SCHLATER, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; A.S.M.E. RICHARD K. SCHMIDT, Metairie, La.; Freshman; Alpha Tau Omega. JIM SCHMIT, New Orleans, La.; Junior; Delta Tau Delta. WARREN EDWARD SCHULTZ, Glencoe, 111.; Freshman; Pershing Rifles; Sailing Club. Fourth Row: JAMES F. SCOTT JR., New Orleans, La.; Sophomore. JERRY SEALE, Houston, Tex.; Sophomore; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Secretary-Treasurer, Sophomore Class, Engineering School; Phi Eta Sigma; A.I.Ch.E. JEFFREY (RUSTY) MARK SIEVERS, Valparaiso, Ind.; Freshman; Alpha Sigma Phi; AFROTC Drum and Bugle Corps (Hellcats). CAMMIE SMITH, Metairie, La.; Junior; A.S.M.E.; L.E.S. RICHARD ALLYN SMITH, Shelton, Conn.; Sophomore; Delta Tau Delta; A.S.M.E.; L.E.S. Fifth Row: FRED S. SPANGLER, Houston, Tex.; Sophomore. STEPHEN F. SPENCER, Cincinnati, Ohio; Freshman; L.E.S.; Water Ski Qub. RICHARD H. STETZER, New Orleans, La.; Junior; Alpha Epsilon Pi; A.S.C.E.; Student Directory; Pershing Rifles. EARL STOLZ, New Orleans, La.; Sophomore; Pi Kappa Alpha. EARL G. STUMPT JR., Metairie, La.; Freshman. Sixth Row: KENT K. SUTHERLIN, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; Kappa Alpha; Vice-President, Freshman Class, Engineering School. SAM TINER, Dallas, Tex.; Freshman; Phi Kappa Sigma. ASHTON J. VILLARS, Metairie, La.; Sophomore. BILL WATTS, Bay St. Louis, Miss.; Junior; A.I.Ch.E. JOSEPH W. WELLS JR., New Orleans, La.; Junior; Beta Theta Pi, Treasurer; Phi Eta Sigma; A.I.E.E. Seventh Row: CHARLES S, WESTBROOK, Metairie, La.; Sophomore; Alpha Tau Omega. ALBERT SIDNEY WHITE III, New Orleans, La.; Freshman. KENT T. WILLIAMS, Montgomery, Ala.; Junior; Kappa Sigma. PENN J. WILLIAMSON, Birmingham, Ala.; Freshman; Pi Kappa Alpha; •Sailing Club. JOHN L. WILSON, Baton Rouge, La.; Junior; Beta Theta Pi; A.I.E.E.; L.E.S. Eighth Row: STUART WOOD, New Orleans, La.; Freshman; AFROTC Drum and Bugle Corps (Hellcats). JOHN WINTER WOOLFOLK III, New Orleans, La.; Junior; Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Eta Sigma. RAYMOND WRIGHT, Birmingham, Ala.; Sophomore; Delta Tau Delta. ITj f - o MM 1 3 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE University College wds established in 1942, with three primary functions, carrying on the work of the Division of Teachers and the Evening Division of Business Administration, and founding programs in adult education. Today, the College offers a variety of programs leading to degrees and certifica- tion, while also encouraging informal adult programs. I DEAN JOHN P. DYER University College 1 SUMMER SCHOOL The Tulane Summer School conducts a twelve-week session of two six- week semesters, in which courses are offered out of the curricula of the College of Arts and Sciences, Newcomb College, Business Administration, Engineering and Graduate Schools. The Summer School also offers workshops and insti- tutes, as well as a program in English of orientation for foreign students. DR. T. T. EARLE Dean of Summer School 114 F - V. ' ' -I • » ■ - " «««• ' J ' % , -« i. DAVID LEARI ROBINSON April 6, 1937, Evanslon, 111. February 10, 1963 Senior in Law School ' i x ' ' 3S » HONORARIES SPIRIT MUSIC DRAMA PUBLICATIONS MILITARY PROFESSIONALS CLUBS Section Editor: DANNY SCHWARTZ UmERSITY SPIRIT Phi Beta Kappa l DBK h Phi Beta Kappa, the oldest of all college honor societies, was founded in 1776 at the College of William and Mary. The Alpha of Louisiana Chapter at Tulane was established in 1909, and recognizes superior attainments in scholarship by students in the College of Arts and Sciences and in Newcomb College. OFFICERS DEAN HOWARD SCHALLER . PROFESSOR GERALX) CAPERS . MISS FANNIE RAYNE RUSS . PROFESSOR KARLEM RIESS PROFESSOR PHIUP GRIFFITH PROFESSOR CHARLES PEACOCK Rosalie Hillman Batchelder Martha Sue Berry- Ellis Leahy Blevins Lois Jane Cohen Louise Ellen Cole Gerald R. Cooper Jeanne Foster Djonald P. Gache Karen Glosserman Nancy Claiborne Graves May Rush Gviin Lynne Whitley Hall Lawrence N. Hanafy Loletia Soule Henson Timothy J. Hoff Loma Sue Jaffe MEMBERS 1963 David H. Johnson Jacquelyn Kohn Adrienne Elizabeth Lapeyre Noelle Engler LeBlanc Robert M. Liebert Vicki Maclntyre Lockwcod Grant M. Lyons, Jr. Joan Barry Matthews Christopher B. Merritt Janet Alice Miller Allan Nathanson Sandra Sue Noble Thomas T. Paukert Mary C. Zengel PeUas (Mrs.) Jane Caroline Pharr Donald Ramirez . President . Vice-President . Secretar . Treasurer Executive Committee Executive Committee Joseph B. Roberts III Holly McGavock Robertson Constance May Roschke Sylvia Mae Roth James D. Russell Jim Taub Schwartz Donald P. Seelig Gail Johnson Seymour Fred Lee Smith Michael K. Tarver Linda Olga Teijelo Roberta Wadler Carl Weisman Stephen J. V hitfield Frances Carolyn Wynns Robert Zeiger Beta Gamma Sigma Beta Gam.ma Sigma Fraternity rewards and encourages scholarship and accomplishments in all phases of business among students and graduates of the School of Business Administration, and fosters prin- ciples of honesty and integrity in business practices. The Alpha Chapter in Louisiana was established at Tulane in 1926. Juniors and seniors are selected by the faculty on the basis of high scholarship and promise of marked ability. OFFICERS PROFESSOR PETER A. FIRMIN President PROFESSOR LELAND BROWN Vice-President PROFESSOR SEYMOUR S. GOODMAN Secretary E. Evan Davis, Jr. Ernest E. Edmundson III A-uoustus Elmer III STUDENT MEMBERS Robert J. Hobert E. Clarence Nebel III Charles A. Snyder Faculty William David Maxv. ' ell Honorary Leonard Paul Spacek Cynthia Neuman Solem Penny Ann Thomas Noah H. V eaker Alpha Ome a Alpha Alpha Omega Alpha bases its membership upon superior scholar- ship, initiative and independence in thinking and research. Election recognizes not only present accomplishments, but also the promise of future leadership in some phase of medicine. The Tulane chapter was founded in 1914 and includes in its activities annual lectures by promi- nent men in various fields of medicine, clinical discussions, and an annual banquet. OFFICERS ALBERT PRIETO President E. FLETCHER EYSTER Vice-President RUSSELL LOWERY II Vice-President DR. W. G. UNGLAUB Secretary DR. JACK WICKSTROM Advisor MEMBERS 1963 William Grady Akins, Jr. Daveen Barksdale Jim Bob Brame Alan George Engberg Edward F. Eyster Andrew Grout Finlay, Jr. James Woodard Johnson Samuel Lupin Seniors Richard Cormell Finn George Walter Freeman Robert Milton Gay John Michael Lazarus Russell Chester Lowery II Alan Forrest McKee Juniors James Davis Green Maunsel Bennett Pearce Edward Earl Pennington Albert Prieto, Jr. Joseph Dunbar Shields III Robert Edward Treuting WiUiam Curtis Woolverton William Rene Healy David Huff Sewell Order Of The Coif CO II If r The Order of the Coif, national legal honor society, recognizes senior law students for exceptional ability and performance in the School of Law and in law. Scholastic achievement and leadership, and service to the school and community, are considered in the election of new mem- bers. Each year a Louisiana lawyer who has rendered outstanding serv- ice to law and to the public is initiated as an honorary member of the chapter. OFFICERS LEON D. HUBERT, JR President ROBERT N. LEAVELL ' . ' . Secretary M. Douglas Adkins Roland L. Bassett Charles J. Hanemann, Jr. Lawrence Kern Benson MEMBERS James Hanemann, Jr. Campbell C. Hutchinson III Samuel A. LeBlanc 111 Faculty William Nial Osborough Honorary CuUen R. Liskow Leon L. Mclntire Michael Pell Porter Thomas J. Wyllie John Antony Weir Tau Beta Pi ATT ' r ' n T ?i I Tau Beta Pi, founded in 1885, was established at Tulane in 1936 to recognize the highest accomplishments of junior and senior students in the School of Engineering. Outstanding scholarship, high character, and breadth of interest are considered in the selection of members. The society also fosters a spirit of liberal culture in the engineering colleges of America. OFFICERS THOMAS M. REGAN President WILLIAM CONNER ELLIS Vice-President JOHN B. VINTURELLA Corresponding Secretary CHARLES W. RODEHORST Recording Secretary BLASE C. RAU Treasurer DR. ROBERT V EAVER Faculty Advisor PROFESSOR DANIEL VLIET Faculty Advisor PROFESSOR JAMES H. PEEBLES Faculty Advisor PROFESSOR JOHN K. MAYER Faculty Advisor MEMBERS 1963 William Conner Ellis Blase C. Rau Russell J. Gaspard Augustus Elmer III Charles W. Rodehorst Albert E. Appleby Gamett F. Bedenbaugh Thomas M. Regan Robert C. Hassinger Walter Blattman Kenneth Shutt Theodore J. Johnson Thomas Fitzpatrick John B. Vinturella James William Watts III Joseph Wells Tau Si ma Delta Tau Sigma Delta, national honor society for architecture students, selects its members for outstanding scholarship, leadership, character, and creative ability. Nominees undergo a pledge period in which the winning sketch in the traditional Gargoyle competition is selected. OFFICERS WILLIAM C. LAMMEY Chapter Master CHARLES H. NORTH, JR Scribe Thomas S. Pardue Joseph Johnson MEMBERS 1963 Fifth Year Students Ronald F. Katz Fourth Year Students Honorary Jamf R. Lamaniia James Y. Robinson Dgvglas Kelly, Jr, 130 Kappa Delta Phi Kappa Delta Phi, the oldest honorary leadership fraternity on campus, confers membership each year upon no more than ten students from the junior and senior classes, and upon one member of the faculty, for outstanding service and unselfish loyalty to Tulane. OFFICERS WILTON T. McCAY, JR President JERRY MASHAW Vice-President EDDIE SPOTO Secretary DR. KARLEM RIESS Faculty Advisor Buford Eugine Berry Nelson Castellano Martin D. Davidson Alan J. Guma James Hanemann Jr. William Hardcastle Hunter Herron Jon Levy MEMBERS 1963 James M. Long III Thomas McCay Jerry L. Mashaw Linton Morgan Albert Prieto Eddie Spoto Dudley Youman III William Grady Akins Honorary Professor Monroe Lippman John Wesley Barnett John Davies Jackson, Jr. Jay Krachmer William C. Lammey Tom G. McQellan Stacy A. Roback Harvey Stahl Alpha Si ina Lambda Alpha Sigma Lambda, national honorary scholarship fraternity of university evening colleges, selects its members for distinguished scholarship and leadership. In addition, the member must carry at least fifteen semester hours in subjects outside his major field. Theta Chap- ter, organized at Tulane in 1954, revised its original constitution in 1957 to comply with the provisions of the national constitution. OFFICERS MRS. EDITH G. GIRAUD President JOHN J. GARITTY, JR .• . ■ ■ Vice-President MARY JUNE RAGAS Secretary ALFRED E. PEPPERMAN Treasurer MARJORIE L. DURAND Historian Catalina Alvarez Elsie BuK Thomas J. Casey Wilfredo Escalante INITIATES. 1962 Vicki Maclntyre Lockv ood Donald Maillho Frederick Nicaud Nita Spargnapani John E. Stephen, Jr. Frank Volpi Ilda Lee Weinert Louise Jones Young Emilio Zubizareta Si ma Xi The Society of the Sigma Xi, founded at Cornell University in 1886 and established at Tulane in 1934, recognizes outstanding achievement in scientific research and proficiency and promise in various fields of science. Undergraduates, graduate students, members of the faculty, and research workers are eligible for membership. The society spon- sors a series of public lectures and awards prizes for research papers. OFFICERS DR. O. NEAL MILLER President DR. H. W. KLOEPFER Vice-President DR. KARLEM RIESS Secretary-Treasurer DR. FRED SCHUELER Executive Committee Bhavani Belavady Pravin N. Bhatl Joe Bernard Black Roger Bolanos Charles R. Brent Floris deBalbian-Verster Punugu Adilakshmamma Michael A. Berenson John G. Blackburn Larry E. Cole Full Members Floyd R. Domer Adam Ewert Thomas W. Feary Arlo Dean Harris John U. Hidalgo George Kobayashi Associate Members Donald Greer Joel M. Larkin Larry N. Pearce Brille R. Perry John K. Mayer Kenneth Newell Angela Resirepo-Moreno James W. Sims Ming Ming Wong Fontaine Reeves, James W. Reid Cecil A. Rogers John T. Wilson Phi Eta Si ma Phi Eta Sigma, national honor society for freshmen men, was estab- lished at Tulane in 1954. A 3.5 average or better for the first semester or for the freshman year is the requirement for membership. OFFICERS JIM TAUB SCHWARTZ President JOHN S. WATSON Vice-President CARL HANEMANN Secretary GEORGE AULD Treasurer DONALD RAMIREZ Historian ROBERT DeLANGE Senior Advisor DR. KARLEM RIESS Faculty Adviser Ed ' ward Arthur David Berger Ralph Bollinger Howard Bragg James T. Conner Ev -ing W. Cook, Jr. Ernest Edwards Stanley C. Feldman John FuUilove Gary Gaffney John L. Gaunt 1963 Honorary: Professor Arthur Michael Greco Vagn K. Hansen Kenneth Hurwitz Louis Kapicak Charles Klaveness James Marsalis Jr. Roger Maunz Robert G. Meny John P. Michaels Phillip D. Mollere David C. Murphy Irion Robert Patterson Michael H. Pope Norbert Potts Arthur Reif III David Schechter Donald B. Summers Kent Sutherlin Victor Weinstein John Whitman J. Stuart Wood David F. Wright 131 Alpha Epsilon Delta Alpha Epsilon Delta is a national honor society for pre-medical stu- dents. The Louisiana Delta chapter was officially installed at Tulane in 1958. The purpose of the society is to encourage excellence in pre-medical scholarship; to stimulate an appreciation of the importance of pre- medical education in the study of medicine; to promote cooperation and contacts between medical and pre-medical students and educators in developing an adequate program of pre-medical education; and to bind together similarly interested students. OFFICERS MICHAEL MATOIAN President JIM TAUB SCHWARTZ Vice-President PHILIP LEONE Secretary DURHAM BARNES Treasurer JAMES BUSH Scalpel Reporter DAVID JOHNSON Historian DR. MERLE MIZELL Faculty Advisor Edwin Eeckrtian Marvin Berger Beverly Burgess Marie Belle Cameron John Church Thomas Duncan David Eckhardt NEW MEMBERS 1963 Charles Fernandez Gary Frentz Michael Friedman Richard Garbe Larry Goldblatt Dan Granoff Paul Haddad Rene Koppel Cheryl Levine Ronald Lewis Martin Rothberg William Shapiro Richard Williamson 8i ma Pi Si ina Sigma Pi Sigma, honor society for students majoring in physics, was founded at Davidson College in 1921. Junio rs, seniors, and graduate students are eligible for membership. The Tulane chapter was estab- lished in 1950. OFFICERS EDMUND H. CHRISTY President THOMAS HOLCOMBE Vice-President PATRICK ROGAN Secretary JEFFREY TRAHAN Treasurer DR. RAYMOND WILENZICK Faculty Advisor Michael Berenson Katherine Bergeret Ellis Blevins William Boyd Jean Cass Egbert Clark Larry Cole Lattie Collins Thomas Cor rin Charles Daniel David Davis C. B. Henriques J. U. Hidalgo STUDENT MEMBERSHIP Lionel Dureau Dinorah Esteva Joseph Gibson Brandt Grubbs Lawrence Hanafy Robert Hill V. T. H. Loung Robert Lynch John Meehan Gwen Nelson Joseph Nelson Faculty Membership Dr. J. J. Kyame Dr. R. A. Laing John Oblinger Ronald Peacock John Pollard Donald Ramirez James Rather Donald Rhea Robert Sullivan Hugh Thompson Philip Walker Colvin Wellborn Daniel Veith Dr. C. L. Peacock Dr. Karlem Riess 133 ' h .: " fe«r ' W ■f ' V- , .• ' % . ' «? ' ; ' , ' ■= f- ■ ' M - f, -V J. V. Benedict, William C. Ellis, Peter E. Hagan, C. C. Hutchinson, John Jackson, William Lammey, Douglas Lamppin, James Long III, Jerry Mashaw, Lee T. Nesbitt, Charles H. North, Michael Porter, Al Prieto, Thomas M. Regan, Harlan Schmidt, Jim T. Schwartz, Steve Victory. OFFICERS WILTON T. McCAY, JR President WILLIAM HARDCASTLE Vice-President DR. KARLEM RIESS Faculty Secretary DR. ROBERT WEAVER Faculty Advisor Omicron Delta Kappa, national leadership honor society for men, recognizes and honors those students, members of the faculty, and others who have demonstrated leadership in extra-curricular activities and service to Tulane University. Student members must have attained at least a junior standing, possess a high standard of character, and have achieved noteworthy recognition in two or more of the following fields: scholarship, athletics, social and religious affairs, publications, speech, music, and the other arts. The society was founded at Washington and Lee University in 1914. The Alpha Zeta Circle at Tulane was established in 1930. Omkron Delta Kappa William G. Akins C. EUiott Bell James V. Benedict Eugene Berry Clyde Clements James Daigle Martin Davidson Windle Dyer Edwin Edgerton III Augustus Elmer III Thomas Gonsoulin Gamett Bedenbaugh John Combe William Conner Ellis J. Peter GaKney Peter Hagan III President Herbert E. Longenecker MEMBERS Alan J. Guraa James Hanemann Jr. William Hardcastle Hunter Herron W. Howard Kisner Jay Krachmer William C. Lammey James M. Long III Thomas McCay Max McCombs Jerry L. Mashaw 1962-63 Campbell Hutchinson John D. Jackson Theodore J. Johnson Jacob D. Landry L. Linton Morgan Honorary Dean Clifford Grulee Lee T. Nesbitt Bert Ponig Michael D. Porter Albert Prieto Harlan Schmidt Eugene Shafton Robert W. Taylor Peter D. Thompson, Jr. Steve Victory Clyde Waddell Dudley Youman III Charles H. North, Jr. Thomas Regan Stacy A. Roback Jim Taub Schwartz James William Watts III Stephen Whitfield Professor John Oelkers 134 OFFICERS GWEN NELSON President SANDRA NOBLE Vice-President MARILYN COHEN Secretary ROSALIE BATCHELDER Treasurer LINDA HINES Editor Mortar Board Mortar Board is a national senior honorary society for women. Alpha Sigma Sigma chapter was installed by Newcomb in 1958. Mortar Board handles the planning, organizing, and supervising of the Freshman Orientation Program, the directing of the Freshman government, par- ticipating in the Advisory system, and serving as hostesses at university functions. Members are elected on the basis of superior scholarship, outstanding participation in student activities, and unselfish service to the school. Karen Glosserman Loletia Soule Henson Jackie Kohn Sylvia Roth MEMBERS Rae Victor Fran Wynns Rosalie Batchelder Marilyn Cohen Sandra Noble Linda Hines Gwen Nelson Rosalie Batch ,iaer, Marilyn Cohen, Karen Glosserman, Linda Hines, Jackie Kohn, Gwen Nelson, Sandra Noble, Sylvia Roth, Frances Wynns. Who ' s Who IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES The students recognized in Who ' s Who each year are nominated from approximately 600 colleges and universities. Campus nominating committees are instructed, in making decisions, to consider the stu- dent ' s scholarship, his cooperation and leadership in academic and extracurricular activities; his service and citizenship to the school; and his promise of future usefulness. Recognition by Who ' s Who means that the student was officially recommended from the university or college he attends and then accepted by the organization. Ann Arnof, Frank M. Bordelon. Maity Boorstein, John Baxter Brinkraan, Ryck Caplan. Joseph Champeaux II, Jane Cheney, Marilyn Cohen, Tucker H. CouvUlon III, Ann Allison Cox, Ernest Doerries III, Louis Y. Fishman, Beth Judith Flowers, Virginia Anne Franks, Joel Gardner, Ronald Goldberg, Roberta Lynne Haddock, Rebecca Annette Hoffman, Linda Hudson, Campbell Cummings Hutchinson III, Hans Jonassen, Jacquelyn Kohn. Bill Laramey, Jacob D. Landry, Gano Lemoine, Harris A. Lichtenstein, Anthony J. Mumphrey, Jr., Gwen Mary Nelson, Sandra Sue Noble, Michaela Pelletieri, Thomas M. Regan, George Riser, Bud Rosen, Sylvia Mae Roth, Harlan A. Schmidt, Daniel Schwartz, Bill Sellers, Susan Shelby Shanklin, Charles Sonnier, F. Michael Toups. Donna Louise White, Steve Whitfield, Julie Williams, Guy Wootan, Frances Carolyn Wynn. NOT PICTURED: Dean M. Gottehrer, Julia Lathrop Hoerner, James Malcolm Long, Jim Roan, Philip Brown Scheps. m o f p f e ft - Pi Uk M . Assets OFFICERS SUSAN CHADWICK . ... President SALLY WEISSINGER . ... Secretary At the last Newcomb Student Body Mealing of the year, freshman girls, outstanding in leadership, service, scholarship, and school spirit are tapped for Assets, honorary sophomore organization. The new members are elected each year by the outgoing members. The Assets don white dresses during the year to act as ushers at nu- merous school functions including the May Day festivities. During fall orientation they are Big Sisters to incoming freshmen. Members Lynne Farwell Anne Greer Nancy Hightower Bonnie Kaplan Rita Krachmer Sheryl Levine Gridley McKim Diana Sessions Scabbard and Blade OFFICERS J. Y. ROBINSON, JR. . . President CLARENCE LEWIS .... Vice-Presiden t J. W. BARNETT Secretary G. F. BEDENBAUGH Treasurer MEMBERS M. C. Abraham H. L. Abbott J. W. Bamett C. R. Berman G. E. Bedenbaugh H. C. Boston C. D. David E. A. Grasser G. P. Elder W. A. Hancock H. B. lonassen F. J. Maley L. W. Koschel K. M. Mallon C. I. Lewis, Jr. W. R. Mitchum R. L. Naquin R. W. Moise J. Y. Robinson W. T. Sloan J. Roniger J. R. Nieset P. B. Scheps R. M. Nowak K. G. Schutt R. E. Steddum W. Sudol J. W. Vining P. F. Villere, Jr. R. Zollinger E Company, 8th Regiment is one of the 180 companies which form the National Society of Scabbard and Blade. On the Tulane campus, the society is comprised of elected Army, Air Force, and Navy ROTC cadets who become eligible for membership by exhibiting outstanding military bearing in their respective units and by maintaining a satisfac- tory overall scholastic average. The purpose of the Society is to unite in closer relationship the mili- tary departments on the Tulane campus, to preserve and develop the essential qualities of good and efficient military officers, and to prepare cadets to take a more active part in the military affairs of their commu- nities. Above all. Scabbard and Blade attempts to present intelligent in- formation concerning the military requirements of our country. A ih M Spirit r Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! rah rah! Rah rah rah rah rah. Rah rah rah! Rah! Rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah! Rah! Rah rah! Rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah! Rah rah rah! Rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah hes-hah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah yaaaah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah! Yah! Green Wave Fight! Cheerleaders HEAD CRHERLEADER Jim Hendricks Sandy Groves, Fred Drev. ' S, Colleen Spence, Johnny Johnson, Becky Hoffman, Jim Hendricks, Kaiol Ann Kuersteiner, Jay C. Stone. _. i,. - ■- J. Tusk Seated, iour h from left: Carl Lind, Vice-President; Bill Shapiro, Presi- dent; Judy Raphan, Secretary. OFFICERS BILL SHAPIRO President CARL LIND Vice-President JUDY REPHAN Recording Secretary BETTY AZAR Corresponding Secretary and Treasurer The Tulane University Spirit Klub is an honorary organization for the siimulaiion of school spirit. Three members are selected from each of the sorori.ies and fraternities on campus. The fcotball and basketball ieam.s ere each allowed four representatives, and the cheerleaders are included as honorary members. Besides sponsoring pep rallies and bonfires, this year TUSK has decorated goal posts and has promoted the wearing of greenie beanies and Tulane ties for the Freshmen at football games. Through breakfasts and cavalcades to the airport with large student turnouts, big sendoffs were given for the football team before out of town games. TUSK began basketball season by posting a display with pictures of all the varsity players in the University Center. They also spotlighted a player of the week with his picture and a short biography. This year TUSK has done much to arouse the interest of Tulane stu- dents and to reassure the team that the student body is behind it in full force and spirit, at home and away. 140 OFFICERS BILL SELLERS President BRUCE PALTROW Vice-President DINAH CONYERS Secretary Greenbackers The Greenbackers spirit organization was founded in order to direct a combined effort of spirit-minded individuals, bo th Greeks and Inde- pendents, in providing spirit demonstrations for the greater edification of the players and the spectators. Greenbackers attempt to build a posi- tive attitude among the members of the student body and among those students representing the University in contests w ith other universities. This year, Greenbackers affirmed their leadership of the campus spirit organizations. The group sparked the revival of Greenie beanies for Freshmen. The highly successful " Sacrifice to the Gods " bonfire was an idea conceived by the members. Greenbackers worked diligently in the preparation and conduct of the Freshmen-Upperclassmen Tug o ' War. In co-operation with Coach O ' Boyle, a Player of the Week award became a weekly attraction in the UC. Members of Greenbackers believe that a strong university and strong alumni can best be achieved through the solidarity of University mem- bers in supporting the University ' s athletic and academic endeavors and that maturely-grounded spirit (contrary to opposing arguments) can supply this solidarity. Seated: President Bill Sellers, Secretary Dinah Conyers 141 OFFICERS ROGER WAGGONER Director JOHN BYERLEY. Musical Guidance JOHN WILLIAMSON Operations Officer The usual gang of virtousi Per- sonnel and staff a r f© Robert Waggoner, Direclor; John Byerley, Musical Guidance; John Williamson, Operations Officer. Pep Band Although the Tulane Band has itself set numerous musical precedents, even it must take a back seat to the Pep Band: the only marching band anywhere with a violinist. Utilizing several sets of uniforms (?) and a constant flow of music and spirit, the Pep Band has become near and dear to the hearts of Tulane students everywhere. For who else would dare to march through the Tulane library? Or give a halftime show with sixteen people? And so, trailing its press clipping behind it, the Pep Band roars merrily oft into the stadium, or perhaps the nearest bar. Spirit Council The Tulane Spirit Council provides the organization and co-ordination of all the Spirit groups on campus (except the Young Brunologists). Presided over by the presidents of Greenbackers, TUSK, Lagniappes, Pep Band, and the Head Cheerleader, the Spirit Council supervises the activitis of the individual groups, and seeks to prevent duplication. Seated left to right: Jim Hendricks, President; Carol Gene Waldman, Secretary; Einar Federson. Advisor. OFFICERS JIM HENDRICKS President CAROL GENE WALDMAN Secretary EINAR PEDERSON . Advisor WALLACE AND JOE Advisors Youn Brunolo ists The outstanding spirit group on campus is the Young Brunologist Society, whose Pep Ralhes are famous, whose bonfires are rumored to include the Chicago fire and the London blaze of 1665, whose awards to athletes are the most highly desired by members of the various teams. One short-coming of the group, whose weekly meetings are held on Friday afternoons in a wooden clubhouse on Maple St., is that they very seldom attend the early-Saturday-morning team sendoffs. Gen- erally, though, it is very seldom contested that the Young Brunologists raise spirits more than the common run of spirit club. It is reported, too, that the beer cartons used in the sacrifice to the gods were donated from among the millions that the Young Brunologists have saved. " Give me a Jax, Joe. ' Jimmy Davis fans. 143 tfii iliii Music and Drama 144 OFFICERS JOHN J. MORRISSEY Director TED DEMUTH Assistant Director ROGER WAGGONER President JOHN BYERLEY First Vice-President MICHAEL DONSKY S econd Vice-President CELIA HONNELL Secretary JOHN WILLIAMSON Treasurer Tulane University Band Under the credo that the band exists solely for the benefit of its mem- bers, Professor Morrissey and his staff have created the Tulane Band into one of the South ' s top musical organizations. Besides the annual Christmas and Spring concerts, the Band also goes on a spring concert tour. The Band not only premieres works of outstanding musical merit each year by Professor Morrissey and various Music majors in the Graduate School, but also makes a professional quality record, one copy of which is given to each band member. Another aspect of the Band is the Brass Ensemble, conducted by Ted DeMuth. The Ensemble ' s appearance at the 1962 concerts was an example of nearly absolute musical mastery. None of the Band members will ever forget the friendly guidance of the two teaching assistants, Richard Crosby and Frank Mannino. H5 " Dark At The Top of the Stairs " Sibling Rivalry Dark at the Top of the Stairs, realist-symbolist depiction of an Oklahoma family ' s crises, then in December, Archibald MacLeish ' s J. B., billed as a modern morality play, was presented for the first time in an Arena pro- duction. Clerambard, a satire by Marcel Ayme of everything French, was the next production, in the Playhouse. An Arena presentation of Othello and a double bill of Genet ' s The Maids and Grad Student Robert Head ' s Sancticity concluded the season. Tulane University Theatre The Tulane Univesity Theater continued its tradition of excellence in theatrical presentation through the 1962-63 season, with six outstand- ing productions. TUT plays are produced in collaboration with the Department of Theater and Speech; for the most part, students and faculty provide the c asts and production assist- ance. Last season opened with the Samuel Taylor farce, The Happy Time, produced in the Arena, which depicted the life of a French-Canadian family. In November, TUT presented William Inge ' s Tulane University Theatre 5g? ' National Collegiate Players The National Collegiate Players is a nation- wide, honorary fraternal organization created to foster and encourage the highest manifestations of educational theater. Individuals at the better universities and colleges are yearly recognized for their excellence in theater by their election to membership in N. C. P. Established in 1941, the Tulane Chapter has always held to the most stringent ideals of the national by electing only the finest of those qualified. At Tulane, neither diligence in the theater, nor the garnering of high scholastic averages will guarantee election to N. C. P. Blackballed! National Collegiate Players Rather, there must be an esthetically perfect balance in both those areas. In short, excellence in all phases of theater — both on stage and in the classroom — must be achieved. You ' ll Wonder Where The Yellow Went The A Cappella Choir under the able direction of Professor John Kuypers. A Cappella Choir " I ' d walk a mile to see the A Cappella Choir. " l i[i[f n mm 20.30 Homs CORCS i: » Iw Because of its successful series of concerts in Monter- rey, Mexico, in the spring of 1962, the A Cappella Choir this year was invited to make a tour of central Mexico. The choir started its season with over ninety applicants of whom sixty-eight were selected to begin rehearsals. Fifty-nine of this group were selected by individual examinations to make the Mexican tour. The tour was at the invitation of the American Embassy in Mexico City and was arranged with the assistance of the Cultural Presentations Program of the United States Embassy in Mexico. Concerts were scheduled in Toluca, Morelia, Guanajuato, San Luis Potosi, San Miguel de Allende and Mexico City. Professor John M. Kuypers was the director of the choir and the tour was managed by Miss Agatha Newitt. In addition to its Mexican tour the choir also sang the usual campus functions: the annual Christmas Concert on the last Sunday before the Christmas vacation, the two Sophie Newcomb memorial services, the alumni meeting at homecoming, the annual choir concert in February and the Baccalaureate service at commence- ment time. In the spring the choir combined forces with the Con- cert Choir of New Orleans to sing Faure ' s " Requiem " and Prokofieff ' s " Alexandre Nevsky " with the New Orleans Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Professor Kuypers. 148 lulanians Alan Haufrecht Representative Louis Beindt Director They ' re singing Dixie. That ' s the only time they put oul the lights for a number! The Tulanians were formed in the Spring of 1960 from members of the Tulane Choir. The impetus for becom- ing an organization came from the United States Army, which offered the group an invitation to sing for the troops in Northern Europe. After little persuasion, the group accepted the invitation and received rave notices for its thirty performances, including a citation from the Secretary of the Army. Mr. Louis Berndt is the talented director of the group. He is assisted by Miss Agatha Newitt, who helps with the concert arrangements. The twenty members are selected by the director through auditions when open- ings for official functions such as the Alumni Banquet, Homecoming, U. S. Banquet, and the Athletic dinner. The Tulanians under the able direction of Mr. Louis Berndt. i H n r4 " Lynching is part of our national heritage " " The Tween-Agers " " Sex is not foremost in his mind " Campus Ni ht Campus Night 1963 brought to Tulane one of the finest shows ever assembled on the campus. This year ' s show, T ' Ain ' t So was written by Russ Herman. The show was directed by Marty Boorstein, who was also the executive producer. T ' Ain ' t So involves the use of one of the oldest comic plots, mistaken identity. Paul Kennedy, a minor Washington official on his way to Kansas for the Fourth of July, meets an old army buddy. Speed Scanlin. Speed, a frequent par- ticipant at the racetrack, promises to double Paul ' s money in a short time. Some time and many bets later, the pair find themselves stranded and penniless in Watershed, Iowa. Watershed, they find, is besieged by graft, corruption, and authoritarianism. The inhabi- " DAR . . . Breastworks of our nation " tants of the town are plagued by not only corrupt officials but by the local DAR and its farcical interpretations of the ideologies of their forefathers. The town is fearful of an investiga: tion by a " Kennedy, " and Kennedy and Scanlin are afraid they will be convicted of vagrancy. Charmaine Billie Rubenstein Speed Scanlin Al Salzer Paul Kennedy Will Read Mrs. Lockwood Tubbs Jackie Cohen Mayor Ormand Wadsley Lamar Card Elisabeth Wadsley Diane Ulrich Beulah Wadsley Dianne Garrett lZT veq ▼U I. TH Aivr A N E BA U N I V Lav R s I T Y : , PUBLICATIONS 151 .. ' ■ ' VA. Tk. la ■ " fLA. (, i»p fl-? fJt ■■■ ' -- i.;»:l»rt .a »« fi 1- Ui ?j i . hu t-fc MARTY BOORSTEIN Business Manager HANS lONASSEN Editor DANNY SCHWARTZ Assistant Editor The 1968 Jambalaya The Fleet Street of the Tulane campus is the Uni- versity Center Basement; at its head, the dean of the publications, the oldest and most respected for its literary and artistic achievements, the JAMBALAYA stands. Every year, the JAMB office fills with sincere and dedicated students whose only desire is to see that the yearbook fails to meet ils deadline. This year, under the careful and astute supervision of Hans " Toonder- bolt " Jonassen (not to be confused with a certain Swed- ish heavyweight), the JAMB succeeded in its goal for the 68th consecutive year. But credit for the JAMB ' s success cannot be limiied merely to its Editor. Marty Boorstein, boy Campus- niter, managed to sell more ads and make less money than any Business Manager in history, following up in poor style the immensely successful financial coup of Bad-mouth Bill Nussbaum. And the Assistant Editor, Danny Schwartz, did his part, too, by providing the spiritual guidance so neces- sary on a yearbook. Doug Conner, another Tampa ter- ror, came around every once in a while, looking glumly at hi s forced deposition. The sections were in capable hands. Ruthie Spirer, 153 Rod Chastant squares up political future. Features Editor Dinah Conyers and Tommy Jones run their own Pauline Tulane contest. Dick Rivers lines up another appointment. " Mad Man " Miles does another page. Tricky Vicky rxins through receipts from a busy day. Gretchen and Susan file away the big ones. lithe and fast-moving, moved so quickly that no-one ever saw her in the office until three weeks past the deadline. Frat Editor Tommy Tucker was too worried about his name being mis-spelled to get anything in on time. Rod Chastant was involved most of the year in a Machiavellian struggle to take over the campus. Others had good reasons, too. Dinah Conyers got dropped, and her room-mate, Gretchen Birosak, was lost in projections of Next Year In Paris. Tommy Jones and Zuma Lee Gribben played gin with the classes and honoraries pictures. Pierce Landry sat and looked lov- ingly, although spiritedly, at Hans. And Joel Gardner threw everything away and started all over again. This year, too, the JAMB became an art book. Chalon Fontaine sat at Marty ' s desk and scribbled views of the campus. Porcher Miles read faithfully his Harvey Kurtz- man-Don Martin handbook of grotesque cartoons, which Jug, jug, jug, tereu, he captioned in his picturesque KA vocabulary. Migrant worker Tommy Zander helped with photo- graphs, but it was Richie Keenan and Dick Rivers, whose unique camera angles and conceptions of life were submitted to Mrs. Seago ' s campus psychiatric agency, who headed the lens corps. Bishop Cornwell, a noted Anglican theologian, provided more meaning- ful shots. And all the while, punching merrily away at the vintage typewriters were Mary Ann Hyde and Karen Deener, whose vigilant submission to duty earned them the epithet " Owls. " Along about March 1, when the Spring of the year and the deadline were already with us, we took a glee- ful look around the room, laughed three times at Por- cher, and went out for a beer. Yet the book that you hold at this time in your sweaty hands is proof of something. Tommy Tucker contemplates putting D.K.E. housemother on their page. Zuma zooms out the Classes section ably assisted by Miry Ann Hyde and Karen Deener. Andy Lang, Business Manager. Hullabaloo Dean M. Gottehrer, Editor. Status in a University organization is determined by its proximity to a Mens ' Room; at Tulane, the Hulla- baloo leads WTUL by thirteen yards and the JAMBA- LAYA by twenty-five. In the University Center base- ment, the Hullabaloo proudly stands as the Prince of eight-page College weeklies at Universities of over five thousand students. This year ' s Hullabaloo exceeded all others in excel- lence and unpopularity. Dean Gottehrer, operating for the first time in years under his real name (or is it?), but disguised in a mustache and beard, managed to incense every pressure group and lobby around the Alumni, University, City, State, and region. His Asso- ciate Editor Joel Gardner got the pressure, though, and then got the gate, resigning in December as the result of curricular conflicts. In this time, though, he managed to write Humor, Politics, Amusements, and many, many headlines. The Brenda Starr of the Hullabaloo was Betsy " Red " Roosa, whose hysterical scoops and worthy-of-comic- strip love life kept everyone entertained most of the year. Wilhin her jurisdiction fell the Asst. Editors; Joan Spaulding, always sporting a golden tan; Nancy " Doris Day " Bernard; Teel Salaun, who pulled the surprise of the year; and Michael U.N. Gotkin, who took the posi- tion late, but tried like U Thant to make up for it. The field pass staff included Bill Weiss, Madras Sports Editor; Larry " Nicely-Nicely " Gordon, unpaid and always late Asst. Sports Editor; and Barry Jacobs, the only man alive who knows who hit .494 in the nineteenth century. Contributing Editor loel Gardner and Managing Editor Betsy Roosa. 156 Features were handled by Bob " Casanova " Carter and his all-girl, all-campused staff. Always ready with a smile and a pleasant word, Bob was loved by every- one but Inner-House Council. Russ Herman started out in Amusements, but did not last long, and was replaced by Bonnie Kaplan, who did a good job of describing things that had already hap- pened as though they were coming, and Tony Distler, the suave, debonair Theatre Department envoi to the Hullabaloo. And then there was Free-Pass Frumkes, Mighty John Musser, Photcgs Dick Rivers and Carlos Archilla, and Columnists Ronnies Katz and Goldberg. And to top it all off, the vanilla frosting. Cartoonist Kay Daven- port. All the while, counting receipts, money, and the pay- ments on his ' 62 Corvette, sat Andy Lang, Business Manager, and sometimes Circulation Manager, and most of the time his own assistant. And so went the year, the 68 ih for the Hullabaloo, the best paper in recent years, but the one most likely to be in the Men ' s Room that stands a mere ten yards from the office. EDITORIAL STAFF Contributing Editor Joel Gardner Managing Editor Betsy Roosa Assistant Editors Nancy Bernard, Michael Gotkin, Teel Salaun, Joan Spaulding Feature Editor Robert J. Carter A musements Editor Bonnie Kaplan Sports Editor William Weiss Assistant Sports Editor Larry Gordon Photography Editor Dick Rivers Columnists Ronald Katz, Ronald Goldberg Reporters John Musser, Mark Bernheim, Roi Frumkes, Betty Gunther Cartoonist Kay Davenport Reporter John Musser, Assl. Editor Teel Salaun, and Photography Editor Dick Rivers. Asst. Editors Michael Gotkin and Nancy Bernard with Reporter Roi Frumkes. Sports Editors Bill Weiss and Larry Gordon with Features Editor Bob Carter and Asst. Editor Joan Spaulding. The Kilocycle Krew W.T.U.L LYNN ROCKENBACH General Manager BRAD LUCAS Business Manager J. K. POLLARD Program Director MIKE MARVINS Chief Announcer DENNIS DeWITT Executive Assistant " Zaaapp, you ' re . . . " The most inescapable of the Tulane publications complex is WTUL, the ham. although not amateur, radio station, that filters insidiously through the power lines, and hides sinisterly on the radio dial of any student who is stupid enough to plug in his radio at 550 kilocycles. A new Harry Wismer was born to WTUL in sportscaster Dick Spero, whose account of the Tulane-LSU game was a smash. The payola set was supervised by Mike Marvins, of Student Directory infamy, and Tom (Little Buckley) Gallagher with their Rock ' n ' Roll Oldies show. Hooper ratings taken during the Sunday afternoon Show Music and Jazz shows revealed the fantastically large listening populace around campus. Other notable WTUL personalities included Todd Everett, Chief Thief, Records Division, Dennis " the Menace " De Witt, and several " girls. " Also J. K. Pollard, Jeff Johnston, Roger Bankston, and Kathy Riley. Rod Chastant was Business Manager for the first semester, but defected in February as part of his Machiavellian plan to take over the campus, and Brad Lucas replaced him. Bill Clark was replaced as Chief Head by Little Rock Lynn Rockenbach, who vainly revamped the programming of the station. Rockenbach said, when questioned as the future of WTUL, " Pos- sibly. " " We do most of our shows on tape. " law Review m CAMPBELL C. HUTCHINSON . Editor-in-Chief CHARLES HANEMANN, JR. MICHAEL PORTER .... Assistant Editors M. DOUGLAS ADKINS . . . Managing Editor HOFFMAN F. FULLER Advisor The Tulane Law Review is a professional legal journal which is published quarterly by the stu- dents and faculty of the School of Law. The " Review, " the oldest journal of its kind in Lou- isiana, emphasizes the study of comparative law and contains articles by leading members of the legal profession. A student section, which deals with current legal problems, is prepared by members of the Student Board of Editors, which is composed of honor students in the School of Law who have exhibited outstanding legal writing ability. Wave ANN LOUGHRIDGE Editor JIM DA VIES Advisor The task of informing incoming students of exactly what is going on at Tulane falls to the Wave Handbook, the almost-pocket-size publi- cation that is required reading for all Freshmen. Tulane history is described; the school songs and cheers are listed; the government and life of the University are portrayed. The Wave each year proves its necessity and usefulness to students who wish information about the University. 159 Military i6o Military Commanders John W. Fueg, Lt. Colonel of the Transportation Corps, US Army, assumed the position of Professor of Military Science at Tulane University on June 1, 1959. Lt Col. Fueg had just returned from Korea where he had been in charge of the United States Military Assist- ance Inspection Program. He has served terms of duty in Germany, Alaska, England, and Washington, D.C. Lt. Col. Fueg, who was born in Wheeling, West Va., was an ROTC graduate of the University of West Vir- ginia, A.sst. PMS of Lindsley Military Institute, Wheeling, West Virginia, graduate of the Command and General Staff College in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, the Naval War College in Newport, R. I., and an instructor in the US Army Transportation School, Fort Eustis, Va. Colonel Thomas E. Williams, United States Marine Corps, is the Professor of Naval Science and Command- ing Officer of the Naval Reserve Officer ' s Training Corps at Tulane University. Colonel Williams, a native of Denver, Colorado, re- ceived his B.A. and M.A. degrees from the University of Denver and was commissioned in the U.S. Marine Corps. During World War II he served in Iceland, Guadalcanal, Guam, Okinawa, and China. It was during the Okinawa Campaign that Colonel Williams won the Legion of Merit. Later in the war he was transferred to China where he was awarded the Bronze Star. Among the Colonel ' s many duty assignments are tours as Head of the Intelligence Section of the Sixth Marine Division; Assistant Naval Attache in Pieping, China; and Commanding Officer of the Seventh Marine Regiment. He also had attended the Army War College at Carlisle, Virginia. In addition to the Legion of Merit and the Bronze Star, both with Combat " V " , Colonel Williams wears the Presidential Unit Citation. Among his other decorations is the Chinese Order of the Cloud and Banner. Lt. Col. John B. O ' Rourke, Jr., Professor of Air Science, came to Tulane University from the Air University, Max- well Air Force Base, Alabama, where he was Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel HQ AFROTC. Col. O ' Rourke is a graduate of the Lamont School of Music, of Denver University. He was commissioned from Air Corps Officer Candidate School, Miami Beach, early in World War 11. During World War II he was Executive Officer of the 506fh Fighter Bomber Squadron. Col. O ' Rourke com- manded the radar stations in the Japan Sea surrounding Korea. Prior to assignment to Air University, Col. O ' Rourke graduated from Air Command and Staff College. LT. COL. JOHN W. FUEG, U.S.A. Professor of Military Science COL. THOMAS E. WILLIAMS, U.S.M.C. Professor of Naval Science LT. COL. JOHN B. O ' ROURKE, U.S.A.F. Professor of Air Science i6i From Here To Eternity Damn — Not Pierce again! Army Everybody doesn ' t have the chance to shoot at our photographer. V y R. 0. T. C. The Army ROTC program, four years of classroom and applied training, prepares its cadets for leadership in today ' s modern Army and benefits them in all en- deavors of life. Tulane has the only voluntary Transportation Corps R.O.T.C. unit in the United States and, consequently, also a chapter of the National Defense Transportation Association, which integrates the role of transportation and the Army. Basic training is simulated by six weeks of summer camp during the summer of the cadet ' s junior year. The battle group itself offers him the opportunity to take part in a drill time, band, rifle team, several military organizations, intramural athletics, and social events. The Pershing Rifles Drill Team has won numerous awards throughout the South in precision drill compe- titions. Important guests of the University are often greeted by an honor guard from the PR ' s. The Rifle Team was organized into a platoon this year. National interest was focused upon the annual Mardi Gras rifle match sponsored by the Rifle Team in March. In November, the Fourth Annual Military Banquet proved to be a great success, but the social highlight of the year was the 1 5th Annual Military Ball. In May, the senior cadets received their commissions as Second Lieutenants in the United States Army, ready to take their places in the defense systems of the United States. War Babies at War Pass In Review sm k, c 9 ' ' 1 ; ■ ;, ..= - ' " 1 . •-., . ' .--Ci 163 Navy R. 0. T. C. The Navy ROTC is a four year program designed to equip young men with the basic knowledge and skill necessary to become commissioned officers in the United States Naval Service. The NROTC develops the natural leadership and executive abilities of each indi- vidual so that he will be able to accept the tremendous responsibilities incumbent upon Commissioned Of- ficers. Tulane is one of fifty-two universities in the United States that has a Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps, and one of only twelve universities whose NROTC unit offers a course leading to a commission in the U.S. Navy Supply Corps. Also available to selected students is a course leading to a commission in the United States Marine Corps. The academic and military phases of the program are taught by Naval and Marine Corps Officers, well qualified by education, experience, and training. The Tulane NROTC Unit is an active supporter of sports here at the University. This year saw the intro- duction of two brass cannons, manned by Midshipmen gun crews, at Tulane football games. These cannons are fired to signal a Tulane touchdown. The NROTC drill team is always eager to perform during half-time at foot- ball games and at other public events. Social life isn ' t neglected by the Midshipmen. There are three major social events each year. In the fall the " Welcom.e Aboard Ball " gives new Midshipmen a Battalion Color Guard Midshipman Rankin receives award. chance to get acquainted and all Midshipmen a chance to renew friendships on a social level. This formal ball is followed in the Spring by a Battalion picnic. In May the ' Farewell Ball " is held in honor of the graduating Midshipmen who are soon to be commissioned. A weekly parade is held on Friday on the drill field adjacent to the Student Center. It is always a colorful sight as the Battalion of Midshipmen passes in review to the strains of martial music provided by the NROTC Drum and Bugle Corps. The annual President ' s Review and Awards Day Ceremony is the climax of NROTC activities for the academic year. The President of the University is in- vited to review the parade on Awards Day. Prior to the review, awards are presented to outstanding Midship- men for excellence in both academic and military fields, by civilian and military organizations and individuals. Reception for Colonel Williams at Navy Building Midshipmen Battalion passes in review. It is on Awards Day that the Battalion Colors are awarded to the Company which has won the Battalion competition for excellence in military drill and sports. The Midshipmen Company Commander of the winning company selects the Color Girl who assists in formally presenting the Battalion Colors to the Color Company. Presentation of Colors to Color Company. Color Girl Ceremonies on Awards Day. Tulane Midshipmen on 1962 Aviation Training Cruise. - - ■ " ' ' - ' - ' ' ' y ' - ' Z - ' i Kt r ' ,- ' ' ' ' f 7r-N. ■ ' - ' — .:iiL_ " _ Air Force R. 0. T. C. .ii ?S!SShl6 C.. Air Force on Parade Top Brass and Angel Flight view troops. Detachment 320 exists for the purpose of training future officers for leadership positions in the United States Air Force ' s combined aero-space team. To accom- phsh this objective cadets go through a program of combined drill, classwork, and practical preparation. The program lasts four years. It utilizes the skills of the regular officers to the utmost degree, and channels the enthusiasm of the basic cadets into the experience of the upperclassmen. AFROTC cadets go places: Florida, California. They learn how to fly as a part of the flight instruction pro- gram for senior cadets. They learn how to command, both on the drill field and in the classroom. They learn how to teach the skills that they themselves have learnr d. At the end of four years the program has become more than a mere " course. " It is a way of life. The cadets are proud of their blue uniforms; of their pretty sponsors; of their red and white bereted marching units. At the end of the four years, they are not only fully qualified to defend their country, they have a more perfect understanding of it, and the organization which helps to defend it. In the final analysis this is the mission of the detachment, and one in which it is succeeding well. i66 f ' t ' J id LoL-i, Cadets watch T-33 aircraft take ott. Tulane cadets visit Alvin Callendar Field. " Hellcats " lead review. 4 .j Chic Group Sponsors take a breather. Air Force Group Staff Professional 1 ! fe-- • i M TJi ■■■a - " " m = =r 4 ITER Ji Bl 6_ Fp ■ ! as ..-3 9 B Mm ■ 1. m Glendy Burke The oldest organization on campus, the Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society, participates in competitive forensic events across the country. Members have distinguished themselves in tournaments at such places as Chicago, Illinois; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Fort Worth, Texas; Tallahassee, Florida; Boston, Massachusetts; Birmingham, Alabama, and oth- ers. In addition to representing Tulane in out-of- town events, Glendy Burke each year holds two speech tournaments of its own. The Glendy Burke High School Speech Tournament, held each January, is the largest of its kind in the South. Glendy Burke also sponsors its famous Mardi Gras Invitational Tournament, which is attended by a selected group of the most out- standing college speakers across the country. Each spring, the Society presents an award to an outstanding speaker on campus at its an- nual persuasive speaking contest. From time to time throughout the year, individual members represent Glendy Burke through appearances on New Orleans radio and television programs. Seated left to right: Bette Novil, secrelary; Steve Evans, speaker. Eta Si nia Phi Alpha Chi chapter of Eta Sigma Phi, national honorary classical fraternity, carries out a full program designed to encourage classical schol- arship, to provide increased opportunities fcr fellowship among students of the chssics, and to develop knowledge and appreciation of clas- sical culture not only among its own members, but also in the university community at hrge. To accomplish these ends, a series of faculty lectures is presented each year, end following ceremonies of initiation, new members are en- tertained at an annual banquet. The chapter co- operates with other students in classics courses in assisting the Oreades in presenting their an- nual Saturnalia Orgy in December. Alpha Chi chapter further encourages classical work out- side the university by awards and testimonials, and by contributing to a national fund which provides fellowships for graduate study in the classics at Athens and at Rome. Seated left to right: loseph L. Roberts III, president; William M. Ross, vice-president; Veleka Gray, secretary; Professor Richard M. Frazer Jr., Advisor. 169 Moot Court The outstanding students of the Junior and Senior classes of the Tulane Law School comprise the Moot Court Board. Selected on the basis of academic achieve- ment, board members are responsible for the drafting of the fictitious cases which provide the basis for the school-wide competition. The Court affords the law student an opportunity to obtain practical experience in appellate advocacy. The Board members sit as judges. The Freshman competition is compulsory, but the Junior and Senior competition is conducted on an elimination basis culminating in the Final Competition which is judged by members of the Supreme Court of Louisiana. " Guilty as Charged " Front: Chief Justice Daniel Lund 170 Phi Alpha Delta Phi Alpha Delta was founded in Chicago on November 8, 1902, to develop a strong bond among the members of the different classes at the various law schools; to form a strong link between the schools and their former students; and to establish a wide-spread exchange for the interchange of business, information, and mat- ters of common interest to the members of the fraternity. Phi Alpha Delta has more active chapters than any other law fraternity, although its chapters are restricted to law schools accredited by the American Bar Association. The I fraternity cultivates a closer bond of friendship and the attainment of a higher and broader attitude than that offered by the regular college, fostering, under the influence of inti- mate friendships, those principles that tend to form a higher type of manhood. The Tulane chapter ' s activities are focused on professional and social functions which in- clude addresses by prominent members of the bench and bar, a bi-monthly toastmaster pro- gram, maintenance of a lending library, dances and banquets. Standing left to right: Secretary, Charles Sonnier; President, Frank McGee; Vice-President, Guy Wootan; Sgt. at Arms, Jim Davidson. Phi Delta Phi Founded in 1869 at the University of Michi- gan, the international legal fraternity of Phi Delta Phi expanded to the White Inn chapter at Tulane in 1911. The brothers of the White Inn join legal students at seventy-three other student inns throughout the world for the advancement of high scholarship and culture, the opposition to corrupt practices, and rigid adherence to a code of professional ethics. Inspired by a dedicated group of officers, the luminaries of Phi Delta Phi led the Law School in all fields of student endeavor, from the aca- demic spectrum to the social. Beginning with the early fall party, and followed by several banquets and many kegs of beer, the men of the White Inn, ably assisted by the largest pledge class in years, proved that " all work and no play " does not apply to Phi Delta Phi. Seated from left to right: President, Secretary, Jimmy Roussel. Gordon Johnson and 171 Owl Club The Owl Club, a Medical School Service or- ganization, strives mainly to promote better student-faculty relations in Medical School, to handle social problems of concern to the school, and to aid in the improvement of medical edu- cation. Each spring, the Owl Club awards the Owl Qub Trophy at the annual Owl Club ban- quet to the department in the Medical Schcol that has been most outstanding in the education of its students. Seated leit to right: President Al Prieto; Secretary-Treasurer, Jim Johnson. n.,,Mf rn.-n.r-- r,„..,j™, fy . 1 Sodetj Linking Tulane Pre-Medical students with those already successful in the practice of medi- cine, the Pre-Med Society is one of the most successful societies on campus. The i rimary goal of the society is to bring together into a closer fellowship those to whom the field of medicine is a common interest and a common goal. Throughout the school year the society promotes discussicns on topics of common in- terest, current developments in medicine, the problems of the premedical student, and the relation of the premedical and other school courses to the field of medicine. Now in its fifteenth year, the society offers students the opportunity to hear lectures by successful doc- tors, as well as the chance to tour Charity Hos- pital and the Tulane Medical School. The year is climaxed by a parting banquet, highlighted by the distribution of the annual pxiblication, the Pre-Medical Journal, and the presentation of awards to the society ' s most successful mem- bers. Seated lefi to right: Marvin Berger, president; Carol Venters, vice-president; David Klapper, treasurer; Ronald Lewis, rec. secretary; Stephen Zeqar, corr. secretary. Beta Beta Beta Delta Si ma Pi The presentation of the Rose of Delta Sig at the annual Rose Formal climaxed a whirlwind social season for members of the Gamma Mu chapter of Delta Sigma Pi. The chapter, which has been active on the Tulane campus since 1949, also sponsors tours of local firms, con- ducts programs with prominent speakers from various fields, and promotes discussions about important topics from today ' s business world. Each year the chapter enters a national effi- ciency contest against other chapters, which conform to standards set up by the Central Office. The Gamma Mus always score in the upper echelon of the final standings of this contest. Beta Beta Beta is a national honorary biologi- cal society founded to cultivate intellectual in- terest in the natural sciences and to promote a better appreciation of the value of biological study. To be eligible for membership a student must have at least a 3.0 average in biology and must have completed not less than ten semester hours in this field. Activities of the Beta Lambda chapter include lectures, field trips, and the maintenance of a display case in Newcomb Hall as well as various social functions. Seated lef! to right: Marie Belle Cameron, president; Mary- Kay Zengel, vice-president; Marilyn Salerno, secretary. Sealed lefi to right: Al Hecker, president; Roy Sellers, vice- president; Minor Pipes, secretary. 173 Phi Chi Theta Women enrolled in the School of Business Administration as well as Economics majors at Newcomb are eligible for membership in the Alpha Xi chapter of Phi Chi Theta. The chapter was re-activated in May, 1962, after three years of inactivity, and it was at this time that New- comb Economics majors were admitted to the fraternity. In the brief time since its reactivation the chapter has striven to become more active in the Business School and on the campus. In many of its activities, Alpha Xi works in co- operation with the Beta Gamma chapter at Loyola as well as other business school organi- zations. To stim.ulate interest in the field of business administration. Phi Chi Theta presents annual awards to the outstanding freshmen and outstanding senior women in the Business School, as well as sponsoring professional speakers for its members. On the lighter side is the annual Christmas party which Phi Chi Theta sponsors with Delta Sigma Pi for the faculty and staff of the Business School. Lefi to right: Cynthia Neuman, president; Sumiye Okubo, vice-president; Penny Thomas, corresponding secretary; J ' jdith Hughes, treasurer. Tulane MarJcetin Club The Tulane University Student Marketing Club, organized in the spring of 1957, is affiliated with the American Marketing Association. The club provides programs oriented toward perti- nent developments and innovations in the dynamic field of marketing. These programs have been highlighted by discussions with na- tionally prominent men in the marketing field. Guest speakers representing companies noted for their contributions to the marketing field — such as Esso Company, Proctor and Gamble, U.S. Steel, and WDSU-TV— help members to de- velop sound thinking in marketing theory and a more exact knowledge of marketing principles and their practical application. Through the parent organization, placement and educational services are provided the student members. The club is open to all students interested in taking advantage of the many opportunities of- fered in marketing. Seated {rom left 1o right: President, Ernest Doerries III; Vice- President, Stella Jacobs; Secretary-Treasurer, Jacob Emmers. 174 A. S. C. E. Established at Tulane ' s College of Engineering in 1933 the A.S.C.E. Student Chapter today sponsors activities of many types for engineer- ing students. At the bi-monthly meetings speak- ers and films concerning Civil Engineering are presented. The group also organizes field trips for its members to construction sites, offshore drilling rigs, and fabrication and industrial plants in the New Orleans area. In a lighter vein the A.S.C.E. organizes intramural sports participation for the Department of Civil Engineering in ad- dition to sponsoring several parties for members during the school year. Seated from left to right: President, Claude A. Greco; Vice- President, Thomas J. Roberts, and Secretary-Treasurer, Cam- mie Smith III . A. S. M. E. The American Society of Mechanical Engi- neers serves as a means of acquainting the Mechanical Engineering student with the prac- tical side of his profession while meeting the men he will join after graduation — men already working as mechanical engineers. The society at Tulane seeks to accomplish these objectives by monthly meeting, at which gleeful students, having pushed aside scholastic worries, hear stimulating lectures by outstanding members of industry. The members visit modern industrial plants as a means of complementing the knowledge they already possess. Each spring the group sends a representative to a regional convention composed of member clubs from Louisiana and Texas and held at some University in Louisiana or Texas. Sealed from left to right: President, A. J. Combe III; Vice- President, James H. Couturie; Secretary, Bruce R. Brumfield, and Treasurer, Stephen E. Steimle. 75 AIEE-IRE The Tulane Joint Student Branch of the American Institute of Radio Engineers was formed in order to present a more realistic view of the engineering profession to the college student. This Student Branch strives to attain the dissemination of knowledge of the theory and practice of all phases of electrical engineer- ing as well as to further the professional devel- opment of the members. The student-governed group has m.onthly meetings which generally feature a talk given by a professional engineer. Some of the meet- ings, however, are set aside for educational scientific movies or technical talks given by students. All of these functions aid in develop- ing the members as professional engineers. In addition, the group sponsors periodic social fixnctions for its m.embers. Seated left to right: John Ruckstuhl, chairman; Jerry Whit- taker, vice-chairman: Ted Johnson, treasurer. A. I. Ch. E. The American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Tulane chapter, is a student organization which strives to provide for the student the vital link between the professional world and the aca- demic world. Throughout the year students hear speakers in engineering and other related fields, as well as view films on various phases of en- gineering. From these speakers and films the members become acquainted with present-day engineering problems and are kept informed on the latest developments in engineering and the sciences. The ultimate goal of the chapter is to develop a professional attitude in the chemical engineering student before his graduation from school. Seated lefi to right: Gamett Bedenbaugh, president; George Schexnayder, vice-president; Tom Fitzpatrick, secretary; Bat Dejean, treasurer. 176 Alpha Chi Si ma Louisiana En ineerin Society The Tulane Student Chapter of the Louisiana Engineering Socie ty has the distinction of being the only technical society in the School of En- gineering whose membership is composed of undergraduates and graduates from each of the four major fields of engineering. The organiza- tion strives to promote a closer union of the engineering student body by having monthly meetings with guest lecturers speaking on sub- jects of interest to all engineers. Other activities of the L.E.S. include field trips and social events. The field trips enable the students to see in practice, the principles they are now studying in the classroom. Nor is the social life of the engineering student neg- lected, as the L.E.S. assists in all social functions sponsored by the various technical societies of the School of Engineering. In addition, the L.E.S. sponsors an outdoor barbecue for its members in the spring of each year. Alpha Chi Sigma was founded in 1902 to promote friendship and co-operation among those in the field of chemistry, and to advance the study of chemistry both as a science and as a profession. The organization is now repre- sented nationally both by student chapters in leading colleges and universities, and by pro- fessional chapters in all major cities. The student chapters, such as Alpha Tau at Tulane, aid stu- dents during their college life, whereas the professional chapters help the members upon entering the field after graduation. Membership in the Tulane chapter is open to students ma- joring eiiher in chemistry or chemical engineer- ing. Seated Isf! to right: Gamett Bedenbaugh, president; Leroy Koschel, vice-president; Harold Dieck, secretary; Philip Knieper, Alumni secretary. Seated from left to right: President, Harold Gorman Jr.; Secretary, Edwin Diehl; Treasurer, G. E. Watzke. 17 Clubs Circle R The Circle K organization is the fiUal organiza- tion to the Kiwanis Club, and serves as more than merely a club, but as a service organization besides. The single-sheet directory of dorm residents is among the greatest achievements of the club, and proceeds from their sale go to campus service funds. Circle K also sponsors social events from time to time. Organized inter- nationally in 1952, membership now exceeds 5,000 throughout the United States and Canada. Circle K came to Tulane in 1955. Charlas Snyder, President; Jim Davies, Advisor. | " j f A. P. 0. Gamma Upsilon is Tulane ' s chapter of Alpha Phi Omega, the national service fraternity. The fraternity ' s purpose is to assemble college and university men in the fellowship of the Scout oath and law, to develop friendship and to serve the school, community and nation. Orientation tours for Freshmen, information booth during registration, decoration of a campus Christmas tree, and coordination of the Campus Carnival in the spring are among the many activities of Alpha Phi Omega. Other projects include raising money for a needy family at Christmas, assistance in the Varsity-Freshman basketball game, and passing out Freshman club interest sheets. Seated from left to right: President, Ronald Lewis, and 2nd Vice-President, Richard Garbe. V9 Newcomb Service Club Newcomb Service Club is composed of girls who are interested in devoting their time to serving the campus and community. Orientation tours for Freshmen, a Library Clean-up Project, and aiding with the annual Christmas party for the children of Tulane fac- ulty and students are among the Club ' s activities serving the campus this year. Service for the community has taken the form of parties for the New Orleans Crippled Chil- dren ' s Hospital and St. Ann ' s Home for the Aged. Christmas was a cheerful occasion for two needy families adopted by the Newcomb Service Club. The girls are looking forward to continuing their service in the future. Officers: President, Cookie Sulkin; Vice-President, Wynne, and Secretary-Treasurer, Lurline Graffognino. Fran la Tertulia La Tertulia, an honorary club for Spanish stu- dents, attempts to encourage those interested in Spanish customs and language to pursue these activities. During the year La Tertulia sponsored a social gathering for Spanish speaking students with entertainment provided by Emmanuel Arias, guitarist. Other meetings included slides of Spain by two JYA members of the club, the traditional Christmas party with Spanish carols and the Mexican pinata, an informal talk by Teresa Munevar on her native country, Colom- bia, and the annual spring banquet. Officers: President, Nancy Graves; Vice-President, Carol Gene V aldman; Secretary, Kay Grossman; Treasurer, Susan Jeter, and Advisor, Mrs. J. B. Martinez. i»o Oreades Oreades, the honorary organization of the Newcomb Classics Department, seeks to stimu- late interest in our classical heritage of the Greek and Roman cultures. The group meets once a month for lectures, discussions and so- cial activities. Last year the group was privileged to have a lecture by Professor Hanfmann of Harvard University on his excavations at Sardes. Another outstanding feature in the club ' s activi- ties was the presentation of a Roman comedy directed by student Peggy Hanemann and per- formed by the third-year Latin class. The Oreades ' s celebration of a Roman Satur- nalia festival has become a tradition at New- comb. At this celebration honoring the god Saturn, skits are given by various classes in the classics department, and in accordance with the ancient custom, a " slave " is chosen by lot to rule as king for the day. Other equally colorful fetes round out the organization ' s social season. Sealed left to right: President, Adrienne LaPeyre; Secretary, Ethelyn Ereaux; Treasurer, Nathalie Prise; Social Chairman, Veleka Gray. Pi Mu Epsilon Pi Mu Epsilon, the national honorary fraternity of undergraduate and graduate students and faculty members in mathematics, strives to pro- mote scholarly activity in the field of mathe- matics. The Tulane chapter of the organization, in order to give complete opportunities to all students, regardless of eligibility in the national fraternity, has absorbed the Tulane Mathematics Club, and now includes all students showing a deep interest in mathematics. Featured at the meetings of the group are lectures by faculty members or visiting mathematicians, as well as informal coffee and discussion periods. Ofiicers: President, Hank Fiantz; Ramirez; Secretary, Pat Merkle. Vice-President, Donald i8i Sailing Club Seated lefl to right: Woody Norwood, commodore; Erik Leikvang and Per Leikvang, vice-commodores; Renee Ferrari, secretary; Linda Tei- jelo, treasurer; Terry Anderlini, skipper representative; Carmen Springer, novice representative; Jim Davies, advisor. The sailors get a new bailing pail!!! Dedicated to the proposition that " Sailing is Happi- ness, " the Tulane Sailing Club gives students an op- portunity to learn the art of sailing through the facilities of the Southern Yacht Club. The club holds regular training sessions for novices, as well as novice cruises to give the students actual experience in the boats. For the organization ' s qualified skippers there are series races each week and a trophy awarded at the end of each semester ' s series. The club is fortunate to have its own fleet of ten Gannets as well as a newly acquired sloop of the Luder class. As a member of the Southern Intercollegiate Sailing Association, Tulane ' s club participates in invitational regattas in the southeastern portion of the United States. The club-sponsored Baldwin Wood Regatta in the fall and the Garner Tullis Regatta each spring draw partici- pants from colleges across the country. In December of recent years the club has hosted a Sugar Bowl Regatta in conjunction with the Sugar Bowl Association of New Orleans. The social aspect of sailing is not overlooked by this active group, and beer parties and club cruises have become an important part of the club ' s regular activities. Seated left to right: Secretary, Kabby Wilson; PresidenI, Caro; Boieii, Vice-President. Mary Margaret Goodrich. Barracuda Club The main interest of the Barracudas is the promotion of synchronized swimming. Tryouts are held every fall, and membership is based on skill in performing basic strokes and special stunts. The new members are known as " Baby Barra- cudas " until after their participation in the annual spring show. Each spring the Barracuda Club presents a water ballet in the Monk Simons Memorial Pool. The club also sponsors the annual intramural swim meet held at the Newcomb pool. Newcomb Barracuda Club lEriii 183 Seated, leit to right: James Norr, President; Herschel Abbott, Jr., Vice- President; Karen Glosserman, Secretary; Constance Roschke, Treas- urer; Linda Cole, Public Relations Officer. " . . . No man can really understand his own country until he looks at it from the outside, nor understand another country until he somehow gets inside it . . . " A. L. Burt Now in its ninth year, the Tulane-Newcomb Junior Year Abroad Program offers honor students the oppor- tunity to spend their collegiate year at major European universities following courses of study for which they will receive credit toward their degrees. The program affords the student the chance to elect courses which are not available at Tulane or other American universi- ties and courses of cultural content relevant to their resident country. Participants in the program attend approximately forty European universities in England, Germany, France, Ire- land, Israel, Italy, Scotland, Spain, Switzerland, and Wales. Living with European families or in dormitories with fellow European students provides an intensive and unique medium for mutual cultural understanding and exchange. The vacation periods and summer holiday allow an unequaled travel opportunity, and most par- ticipants get the chance to visit many of the fountain- heads and historic centers of Western civilization and at the same time experience the phenomenon of twen- tieth century modern Europe. Back at Tulane, the Junior Year Abroad Club, com- posed of those who have participated in the J.Y.A. Pro- gram, provides a means whereby the various and varied experiences of the members are integrated into Tulane- Newcomb campus life. It is a source of new and different ideas which add dimension to Tulane student life. The Club functions in an orientating capacity in regard to Junior Year Abroad those who will next year be studying abroad. Since the club members were in a similar position, they possess unique qualifications to help foreign students at Tulane have a more rewarding experience. Louisiana members board ship for France and Germany. Newcorab Art Club The Art Club does not actually exist as a club, as it once did, but is now made up of the entire student body of the Art Department. One pur- pose of the group as it functions today is the presentation of exhibitions of students, faculty, and other work throughout the University, in the hope of furthering an interest in and an ap- preciation for the fine arts. The strong bond of common interests and ideas makes the group a closely-knit one; there is always a good attend- ance, both student and faculty, at the parties given in the building, which last usually for three or four days, and at which all stags are welcomed with open arms. Jane Rose, Vice-President; Julie Hoemer, President. Newcomb Dance Club The Newcomb Dance Club is made up of members of the advanced dance class plus any other interested dancers. Meeting twice weekly, the club is mainly interested in classical ballet, but interpretive and modern jazz dancing are also studied. Although it presents no individual program of its own, members participate in such events as Campus Nite, University Talent shows, and Newcomb student body meetings. Miss Frances Bush is teacher and sponsor of the club. Seated: Terry Gorman, President; President. Georgellen Costan, Vice- 185 Youn Republicans The Tulane Young Republican Club is an or- ganization dedicated to the preservation and advancement of the ideals of the national Party and has as its chief function the practical task of taking an active part in the recent and phe- nomenal upsurge of the Republican Party in the South. This is being accomplished by support of candidates in local elections and by mainte- nance of ties with the local and state Young Republican organizations. The Club holds monthly meetings at which timely issues are debated, political films are shown and dis- cussed, and speakers are presented. One of the highlights of the year was the address to an open meeting of the Club by Mr. William Rusher, publisher of " National Review. " Also the Club was represented at the Executive Board meeting of the Southern Area Federation of the College Young Republicans and at the Louisiana State Young Republican Convention. Officers: President, Laura Frederick; Vice-President, Robert Kuhner; Secretary, Wendy Beneke; Treasurer, Sally Kitt- redge. ixmm A v vw -- ' ' ' ' ' ' ' y T ' F Charter members: Edward Lobman, President Louis Fishman Ryck Kaplan There are few places whose atmosphere can rival that of an automobile: there is music, hot or cold air, and the smooth and soft comfort of the rear seat. In the Spring of 1962, four far-sighted young men who delight in the epicurean pleas- ures to be gleaned in cars, organized the Riding Club. The club is undoubtedly the most exclu- sive group on campus: among its nine members (five boys and four girls) number six members of Who ' s Who and five who serve on the Stu- dent Council. The group grows incessantly in size and stature, but that ' s what happens when you spend too much time fooling around in cars. i86 Delta Beta Delta Beta (Dead Bird Watchers Society) was founded at Tulane University in 1962. Alpha Chapter was soon followed by the establishment of four new chapters at other schools. The fra- terority enjoyed a successful rush party at Audubon Park, pledging the eleven best rush- ees. The usual round of parties followed, in- cluding dinner meetings on Sundays at which time the dead birds were thoroughly enjoyed. Burp! The Delta Beta ' s feel they have estab- lished many traditions this year and look for- ward to a very promising future. Seated left to right: Sharon Taylor, Mortician; Norma Her- man, Secretary: Joy Finkelstein, Vice-President; Carla Stern e, President; Wendy Ludwig, Publicity Chairman; Pete Kline, Treasurer. Beta Alpha Psi Beta Alpha Psi is an honorary society which recognizes and honors those Junior and Senior students who exhibit scholastic ability and pro- ficiency in the field of accounting. The fraternity was founded in 1919 by a small group of students majoring in Accounting at the Jniversity of Illinois, and since its founding. Beta Alpha Psi has grown to have fifty-seven active chapters at universities across the coun- try. The chapter at Tulane, Beta Nu, was estab- lished in 1961. In October of 1962, Beta Nu conferred honor- ary membership upon Professor Sidney David- son, Professor of Accounting at the Graduate School of the University of Chicago and one of the foremost authorities on accounting in this country. Once a month. Beta Alpha Psi holds profes- sional meetings at which prominent members of the accounting profession from New Orleans and other parts of the country speak on timely issues. Seated left to rigfit: Richard A. Whann, President; Dr. A. Firmin, Faculty Advisor. Peter 187 . ' 1 " - B.. V ' 1 1 L ij H H - 1 MISS PAULINE TULANE JAMBALAYA BEAUTIES HOMECOMING QUEEN COURT PAN-HELLENIC FORMAL HOMECOMING WEEKEND HALL OF FAME Section Editor: DINAH CONYERS FEATURES o MISS PAVIIM TULANE jj H levee rJ cindp 1 KAPPA ALPHA THETA NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA IQO Cl. Maid ot Honor Xi fAjJ Arnna fnaria l Uiui lamS KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA MARACAIBO, VENEZUELA IQ f yt ' jT -?•. -. I f? ' V •V .£ ' ■ »•» , ' : 1 " -.A " ■swf?.:- « fft ? ,e ' KK- . ' ' ' ..4 J J " ? ■« I5 - -» :::?l|i ( — • ■» ' •? 2 ,-■ ' . ' -r% ' ' ■ ' - --« . O o a. rl li nepfi Town ALPHA OMICRON PI ANDREWS, TEXAS 104 f »fe: I mill - ti ♦ ■ • ■?i1k ' s " - .- v- -. a. o J3 J3 d, r JJ andu i lobie KAPPA ALPHA THETA GULFPORT, MISSISSIPPI 196 ' " ' i.i . -tfiy -t: r f it) pr • xiM-M ' , w ■ ' , . ' ■ ' ' [ ■ ' » ' ■ ' . .- !» ' :: " : !r V] m w- «? ' • f 0 ' t " ' . ■ ' . ' WPWV ' - , %, ifKW. r •■ «« 13 ' ' c t 2 jj cJLldbetk Aane L aldwelt ALPHA EPSILON PHI TALLULAH, LOUISIANA 198 ) ' ( 1 Ij 4M E HS w HOMECOMING QUEEN 7.00 Maid oi Honor Miss Mary Munday Clayton Chi Omega Tupelo, Mississippi Miss Bonnie Thompson Kappa Kappa Gamma New Orleans, Louisiana Miss Pierce Landry Kappa Alpha Theta New Orleans, Louisiana HOMECOMING COURT Miss Ann Marie Majoue Alpha Omicron Pi Weslwego, Louisiana Miss Sherry Brown Alpha Omicron Pi Andrews, Texas Miss Carol Cooper Alpha Epsilon Phi Birmingham, Alabama aoi T ' -j.e Beauties and their escorts. Pan-Hel Formal " How on Earth can you be hungry at a time like this? " Cookie and the Cupcakes rise to the occasion. The highlight of the fraternity season is the Pan-Hel formal, when the Greeks gather, all seventeen frats, to drink, dance, and have fun. This year ' s dance was held in the International Room of the Hotel Roosevelt on a Friday night in March, and featured Cookie and his Cupcakes. The highlight of the dance was the presentation of the traditional white roses to Miss Pauline Tulane of 1963, Miss Pierce Landry, by JAMBALAYA Editor Hans Jonassen. Miss Landry was escorted for the presenta- tion by Danny Schwartz. Her maids, as announced by Doug Conner, were Sherry Brown, escorted by Tommy Tucker; Ana Maria Williams, escorted by Marty Boor- stein; and Sandy Noble, escorted by Rodney Rene Chastant. Grseks grind out a twist. 2.0X fl WBf- VI ■ . J ir 1 S? H lr I- . " % " ,.11 w 1 K %sp k ' J 1 Pi i l The President and Tulane ' s " First Lady. ' Football action proved to be week-end stimulant. Noble Queen Noble and her bemedaled escort. A Cappella choir entertains oldsters before game. Eyes up, gentlemen!!!! The high social point of every football season is Homecoming, when the thousands of Tulane alumni whose homes are spread around the world return to the campus, for a weekend of parties, dances, and a football game. Friday night ushers in the week-end, with the Homecoming Queen, Sandy Noble, and her court of six maids presented for the first time at the Alumni Dance; and the hard-studying Law Students breaking loose with the Barristers ' Brawl. Saturday, the Virginia Tech game, with cocktail par- ties before and after; Derby Day for the Law School Seniors; and then the week-end climaxes with Home- coming Dance, Ralph Marterie and his band, and the final presentation at midnight of Queen Sandy and her Maids. The sun of Sunday morning shines on ten thousand hangovers. Homecoming Week-End Si ' S il ymSaam mSSA DEAN GOTTEHRER ANNE FRANKS iS ,imim m , jB ,. . JOHN JACKSON HANS JONASSEN JIM KERWIN JACOB LANDRY GANO LEMOINE GRANT LYONS X ' 1 ■ " x V " HARVARD OF THE SOUTH FOOTBALL MARDI GRAS SPRING Section Editor: W, PORCHER MILES BA CCHANAl PREGAME PITSTOP mm ANOTHEK GRUELING HARDNOSE WORKOUT o no i . " THIS BEER ISN ' T GETTING US ANYWHERE ' ' HERE COME SOME REAL FAIRIES . ' :r ' ' i ' ■Vti. M . " ■■ iiiiijir " - ' ' ; r. FOOTBALL BASKETBALL BASEBALL TENNIS SWIMMING GOLF TRACK INTRAMURALS Section Editor: ROD R. CHASTANT A T H L E T I C S Head Coach Tommy O ' Boyle, kneeling; standing, left to right: Fred Wallner, Bill Arnsparger, Jim Royer, Jim Carmody, John Rauch, Don Watson. New Look HARVEY JESSUP Assistant Athletic Dir G. J. " BUDDY " de MONSABERT Athletic Business Manager CHARLEY THORNTON Sports Publicity Director 2.10 At Tuiane The cornerstone of the " New Look " in football at Tuiane is Head Coach Tommy O ' Boyle. He took over the reins of a talented but under-strengthened football team after the resignation of Andy Pilney last season. Faced with the toughest schedule in the nation, he and his fine young staff infused into the players, the Student Body, and the Administration, a spirit that has not been seen at Tuiane for many years. Through his efforts, he made the fans who fol- low Tuiane appreciative of the courage and determination of his staff and players — courage and determination that gave some of the S.E.C. ' s and nation ' s best teams many moments of agony. With his new uniforms and new offense, the game of football was once again an exciting thing to watch in Sugar Bowl Stadium. The Green Wave was at all times a potential scoring threat, and this potential attracted many fans, even though the Greenies were moving through their worst season in the history of the school. Though winless the past season. Coach O ' Boyle has already recruited many talented high school players, and their power shall be felt in the days to come. It is the responsibility of Coach O ' Boyle, his staff, and the thankless group of devoted players to build Tuiane into the football power she once was in years gone by. Good luck, men, and thanks for the tremendous effort this season. HEAD COACH TOMMY O ' BOYLE 12.1 New coach, new team, same spirits. Tulane 8 Stanford 6 New coach, new uniforms, new offenses, new hopes — all marked the opening game for the Tulane Green Wave ' s 1962 football season. O ' Boyle ' s Green Men anxiously awaited their chance to demonstrate " The New Look in Tulane Football. " Tulane opened the scoring in the first quarter on Gordon Rush ' s 28- yard field goal to give the Wave a 3-0 lead. Bruising play by both teams kept the offensive game at a standstill during the first half. Stanford retal- iated with a 30-yard run in the second half to make the score 6-3. The Greenie fans retained hope even through the final seconds of the game that Tulane would come from behind to command a win. However, a late field goal try by Krajewski failed and the game ended with the T.U. boys 3 points shy of the win. RON " SKI " KRAIEWSKI, E. Hammond, Ind. 4 y tl; : : :: mller, q.b. carl " animal " Cleveland, t. GuHport, Miss. Ponchatoula, La. " Ski " Kraiewski attempts tying field goaL TOMMY " JOINT " CATO, E. Pink Elephant goss down and Graves moves through hole. TRULS " BERKS " BJERKE, G. New Orleans, La. Tulane 6 Alabama 44 • DELLENGER, E. Biloxi, Miss. I Vi ' Alabama entered the Tulane game as the number one football team in the country, and outclassed, but did not outfight, the Tulane Green Wave. Bama settled early the eventual outcome of the game. The Tide machine methodically moved the ball at will by ground and air. The Alabama defense was so effect- ive that Tulane was forced to stay in the air. Tulane unveiled the famous " shotgun offense " which puzzled Alabama defenses for a while. On the only TD the Wave made, Miller hit Dellenger in the Bama end zone for the score, the first TD scored against Bama in 35 quar- ters. Tulane fought well but to no avail. Score after score came until the board read 44-6. Despite great odds Tu- lane played excellently. The Wave just did not have the talent or power to seriously threaten the mighty Ala- bama with a defeat. got some nice legs. ' ERNIE " HOOK " COLOUETTE, T. DeRidder, La. ' ' ' - -— 1 ' If ' mn m - m r M«5 v ' Rush sets up Greenie score against Longhorns. O ' Boyle tells Besselman " to do the job " while Coach " Mr. Clean " Wallner gives defensive signa ls. Tulane 8 Texas 85 The Texas Longhorns were ranked 3rd in the country. After meeting Tulane they knew they had played a ball game, although the score did not attest to the fact. Both teams had 15 first downs. Texas had 241 yards rushing to 74 for Tulane, but Tulane had 173 yards passing to only 74 for Texas. It took the Longhorns two minutes to light up the scoreboard. Later they drove to score again. The Wave gathered in the ball on a Texas fumble at the Steers ' 41. Still the Wave could not score, so the half ended 13-0. In the second half Texas scored twice before the end of the third period on 59- and 63-yard drives. Then Melton quart erbacked the Wave on a long 71 -yard drive to score on a pass to Mclntire. Miller made the two extra points. The physically-spent Greenies allowed Tex as to score again. Tulane had the will to win but not the strength. CRAZYLEGS " RAYMOND, F Maywood, 111. M i JERRY " MUSHMOUTH " GRAVES, H.B. Palestine, Texas Mclntire bulls Sleer for a good gain. RUSSELL " SKAG " GALIANO, F.B. Westwego, La. Needle sticks Bulldog back for small gain. Offensive Terrebonne snags a Miller aerial. GEORGE " NEEDLE " OECHSNER, H.B. New Orleans, La. LARRY " BLACKIE " NICHOLAS, E. JIM " BESS " BESSELMAN, C. Yazoo City, Miss. New Orleans, La. LARRY " MAC " McINTIRE, H.I Covington, La. Tulane 6 Mississippi State 85 Every team should be allowed one " off-day, " but Tulane played such inferior ball compared to the game she has been exhibiting this year, that the fans were disgruntled enough after the first quarter to begin leav- ing. The flag went down 10 times against Tulane for a total of 114 yards. Tulane used the air almost exclusively against the Bulldogs and equalled a school record by attempting 41. Melton and Miller completed 17. Dellenger, then ranked the nation ' s 7th pass receiver, caught 6. Tulane went all the way to State ' s 8-yard line in the opening minutes. There Tulane stopped. Apparently the Bulldogs ' clutch playing broke Tulane ' s back. The Wave could never get its pass attack off the ground again. The Greenies generally played good ball this year, much superior to that of last year. For instance, one did not hear the fumble cheer this year. However, this game produced little to be proud of. Newcomb Dance Club performs at halftime. Graves keeps up rain dance against Rebels. JIM " RED RAT " DAVIS, H.B. Pittsbur gh, Pa. Tulane Ole Miss 21 Rated high in the nation ' s top ten football teams, the Rebels of Ole Miss came into the Tulane game sure of a victory. However, a driving rain persisted the whole game, slowing up play, and the Greenies played excep- tional ball to keep Ole Miss worried the entire first half. The Rebels were outplayed in the first half. Their only score came on a very questionable pass interfer- ence call against Tulane which gave Ole Miss the ball on the Tulane 15. Halftime score was 8-0. The Tulane band distinguished itself at halftime. The Greenie musicians, donned in steel Federal Marshal- type helmets, stopped in front of the Ole Miss fans to play " Mickey Mouse. " The fans applauded wildly. In the second half Ole Miss finally wore down the spirited Wave with reserve power. In the final period the Rebels scored twice to make the final score 21-0. MIKE " ALFALFA " CALAMARI, G, New Orleans, La. TOMMY " COACH ' S SON " O ' BOYLE, E. New Orleans, La. TERRY " T-BONE " TERREBONNE, H.B. New Orleans, La. Sophomores Graves and Davis sweep end against lackets. SAMMY " SAMBO CAMP, H.l Homer, La. RICHARD NOSE TOUFS, New Orleans, La. " BULL " BARNES, H.B Wildwood, Fla. Tulanel2 Georgia Tech 42 Tulane caught the ill effects of Georgia Tech ' s two straight losses to LSU and Auburn when the Yellow Jackets swamped the Wave to the tune of 42-12. De- spite the lop-sided score, the Tulane team showed no signs of giving up until the final whistle had blown. With overpowering reserves, the Georgia Tech squad completely dominated the contest in all four quarters, bearing out pre-season predictions of having on e of the finest teams in the Southeastern Conference. Graves carried the ball over to climax a 72-Yard drive. Earlier in the half. Graves had returned a kickoff from his own one to the Tech 23. With less than two minutes remaining in the contest, Bob Boisvert guided the Wave in for its second score. The TD was scored by O ' Boyle. Tulane played hard and determined football; how- ever, the Wave just did not have the power to ever seriously challenge the Yellow Jackets. Pre-game strategy while in flight to Atlanta. Miller orbits one that puts the Gobblers in hole. With a bang and a sputter, the Homecoming Court circles the field. Tulane22 Virpa Tech 24 For the festive Homecoming weekend, the Tulane Green Wave faced supposedly their weakest opposition of the season in the form of V.P.I. Despite their hopes for a victory, the Greenies vastly underrated a better than average Gobbler squad. The game proved to be Tulane ' s seventh consecutive loss of the year and a poor performance. By aggressive superior play the Gobblers completely dominated the first half of the game in every depart- ment. Half time score was 10-0, in their favor. Boisvert engineered an early second half drive with Miller finally scoring. V.P.I, scored again on a long drive which the hapless Tulane men could not attempt to stop, and the score went to 17-7. Tulane finally caught fire and the Wave drove 71 yards and Rush scored from the six. A Tech 74-yard run raised the score again to 24-14. Six pass completions by Miller and Boisvert brought another score for Tulane. A pass to Rush was good for two points. The final read 24-22 and again Tulane went down in defeat. MICHAEL " MIKE " VISE, T. JAMES " JIM " SCHOONMAKER, C. Meridian, Miss. Baton Rouge, La. Miller rips into newly-opened hole. ED " BUFF " BUFKIN, T. Clinton, Miss. GLEN " SNOWMAN " HOLCOMBE, G. Lake Charles, La. " Whaddaya mean, you want the ball back? " GRANT " GRUNT " LYONS, G. RONALD " EARS " THORNTON, C. Port Arthur Texas Baytown, Texas Tulane 16 Tennessee 28 The Greenies invaded Knoxville with hopes of their first win of the season, only to be put down by a score of 28-16. Tulane passed almost at will, completing 24 of 36 attempts. Clem Dellenger set a Tulane record of 35 catches in one season. Tennessee scored early in the half for a 7-0 lead. Dellenger trapped a Volunteer for a safety. Later, Graves took a pass from Miller to score, giving Tulane the lead 8-7. Tennessee scored on the next set of plays to take the lead 15-8. The Wave took over and scored on a pass to Rush. The two point attempt was good and Tulane led 16-15. Tennessee mustered two scores late the last half to finally win 28-16. Penalties kept the Greenies from threatening again. Tulane again played excellent ball. However, the reserve power was not available to main- tain the lead for the victory. DAVID " BUCK " LANDRY, G. New Orleans, La. A tough Tulane defense racks a worried Vol. T-Bone slaps at Irebh Comiiiodori. GORDON " PRES. " RUSH, H.I Baton Rouge, La. Tulane Vanderbilt 20 On a dreary and overcast Saturday, Tulane met the Commodores of Vanderbilt to determine which of the winless aggregations should have sole possession of the Southeastern Conference cellar. The Greenies won the dubious distinction, losing by a score of 20-0, and caused Coach O ' Boyle to later re- mark: " Definitely our poorest showing of the year. " Even in this game several factors besides Tulane ' s overall poor play decided the contest. Two penalties late in the first half, one moving the ball to the Wave three- yard line, one immediately following nullifying the recovery of a Vandy fumble on the one, allowed the hustling Commodores to begin the second half with a 7-0 lead. Two more touchdowns by quarterback Lesesne of Vandy iced the victory, and put Tulane in the S.E.C. cellar in football for the first time in many years. AL ' ALBERT ' BURGUERIES, Q.l Lake Charles, La. ROBERT " BOB " BOISVERT, Q.l Alexandria, La. RONNIE " RAIDER " MELTON, Q.I Newton, Miss. " Sure SHE loved me. I just didn ' t like the way she looked. ' N :% Galiano takes out AIl-American Miller, giving Boisvert time to throw. LARRY " POP " RAMBIS, E. Shelbum, Ind. GEORGE " PACKRAT " CORTEZ, F.B. New Orleans, La. Tulane B ADRIAN " SEMI " COLON, G. New Orleans, La. LN.U. 00 In their traditional battle Tulane outplayed L.S.U. for a half before succumbing to the awesome manpower of the eighth-ranked team in the nation. The surprise of the game was the handling of the L.S.U. running plays by a tough defensive unit. Tulane led at the end of the first quarter 3-0 on a field goal by Rush. It was the passing of L.S.U. quarterback Amedee that led to the Wave ' s downfall. Connecting on a long pass in the closing minutes of the first half, L.S.U. led only 7-3. During the second half, Amedee ' s passing gave L.S.U. the victory. Tulane ' s tired warriors still checked the ground game, but gave up yardage in the air. The game left Greenie fans with the feeling that with a few more " horses " the outcome could have been different. The spirit was good, and with the fine final showing, many Greenie fans had high hopes for the future. " Ooooh say can you see. Front row (left to right): Gail Rolison (24), Joe O ' Brien (40), Jim Aucoin (88), Bill Webster (89), Bill Zimmeman (86), Gil Bosworth (31), John Wyrick (14), Jerry Magee (51), Kerry Davis (15). Second row (left to right): Coach John Chaisson, David East (13), Ken Rice (23), Kenny Helton (65), Jim Crosby (72), Ron Worrell (64), Jack Dyer (60), Carl Crowder (35), Hank Weaver (66), Fred Miklusak (63), Joe Frank Kev- eryn (21). Third row (left to right): Coach Lenny Stein, Bill Lindsley (20), Richard Steigerwald (53), Randy Oddo (22), Conrad Meyer (52), Charles Secrest (82), Jim Saxon (81), George Fonseca (80), Frank Bray (10), Bill Goss (51), George Smith (25), Coach Jeff Bratton, Coach Doug Hafner. Fourth row (left to right): Jim McGill (26), Franz Vogt (43), Albin Broussard (77), David Kearns (75), Brian Kavanaugh (74), John Caruso (71), Mike Steeves (83), Richard Whitehead (84). 1962 Twlane Freshman Football Team Gail Rolison breaks away from Jones Junior College tacklers, a i. New Athletic Director Yard with outgoing Horace Renegar. Rix N. Yard, director of athletics and chairman of physical education at Denison University, Granville, Ohio, was named director of athletics at Tulane to re- place Horace Renegar who returned to a full-time post as assistant to the president for public relations. In making the announcement Dr. Longenecker said that " Dr. Yard ' s appointment culminates a nation-wide search for the man whom we think would best fill the role of athletic director at Tulane. " Dr. Yard is a native of Toms River, New Jersey, and a graduate of University of Pennsylvania with a degree in physical education. Later he obtained a master ' s de- gree and a doctorate in education administration. Tulane Si nees for 1963 1. Al Higgins, New Orleans, La.; 2. Bill Bailey, New Orleans, La.; 3. Don Capretz, New Orleans, La.; 4. Wayne Chisenhall, Foley, Ala.; 5. Ron Helton, Foley, Ala.; 6. Mike Findley, Memphis, Tenn.; 7. Jim Wright, Paducah, Ky.; 8. Randy David, Slidell, La.; 9. Lee Fritchie, Slidell, La.; 10. Carl Campbell, Mobile, Ala.; 11. Mac Brousseau, Lebanon, Tenn.; 12. James Spring, Denham Springs, La.; 13. Glen By- num. Baker, La.; 14. Mac Brabham, McComb, Miss.; 15. Bruce David- son, Jackson, Miss.; 16. Randy Van Sickle, Cunningham, Tenn.; 17. Eugene Goode, Florence, Ky.; 18. Mike LeClercq, Baton Rouge, La.; 19. Joe Malancon, Baton Rouge, La.; 20. Jerry Colquette, DeRidder, La.; 21. Herschel Richard, Spring Hill, La.; 22. William K. Brown, Shreveport, La.; 23. Richard Cutrer, Nashville, Tenn.; 24. John Donald Hartline, Paducah, Ky.; 25. Wayne Mathews, Spring Hill, La.; 26. Gary Michael Merritt, Spring Hill, La.; 27. John Darrell Williams, Fernwood, Miss.; 28. Paul Michael CuUen, New Orleans, La.; 29. Nicholas H. Mignone, St. Petersburg, Fla.; 30. Jim Leroy Caskey, Shreveport, La.; 31. Michael Rhodes Duncan, Thibodaux, La.; 32. William J. Maloney Jr., Matrona Heights, Pa.; 33. James Andrew Strickland Jr., Sarasota, Fla.; 34. James H. Damley Jr., Mobile, Ala.; 35. David C. Fletcher, Key Biscayne, Fla.; 36. Michael William Sontag, Miami, Fla.; 37. Karl R. Sweetan Jr., Dallas, Texas; 38. Geoffrey Stuart Weisbaum, Miami, Fla.; 39. Boyce Donald Bright, Lyman, B.C.; 40. Malcolm Coco, New Orleans, La. 33 , iM i Coach Wells leaves The 1962-63 season marked the eighteenth season the Green Wave basketball team has been coached by Clifford Wells. Next year Coach Wells departs from Tulane to be the head of the National Basketball Hall of Fame. Coach Wells ' tenure at Tulane has been one of great success; fourteen of his eighteen teams have fin- ished in the first division in the S.E.C. Under Wells, the Greenies have been runner-up in the conference three times. Only three S.E.C. teams hold winning records over Wells-coached teams. Over the past eighteen years, Tulane teams boast a fantastic homecourt record of 168 wins to only 48 losses. Coach Wells is a member of the National Basketball Rules Committee, past president of the National Associa- tion of Basketball Coaches, and the District Three repre- sentative on the N.C.A.A. selection committee. He also serves as an editor of the Bulletin, the official publication of the college coach ' s association. Coach Wells will be missed by Tulane students and fans when he assumes his new position. He will also be fondly remembered, not only for his great basketball teams, but more for his abilities as a teacher and a builder of men. COACH CLIFF WELLS Basketball Season The 1962-63 basketball season was not one of tremen- dous success; however, it was one in which the Green- ies were a strong competition in each game they played. The greatest thrill of the season came when the Green- ies, struggling under a ten-game losing streak, upset sixth-ranked Georgia Tech. Jim Kerwin had one of his best nights of the year, pumping in 33 points. The 6 ' 3 " senior from Long Branch, New Jersey, the leading scorer in the S.E.C, ripped the nets for 460 points this season to boost his career total to 1462, the individual scoring record at Tulane. The round-ballers started the season by thumping Southwestern of Memphis 105-71. Hovewer, glory was not to be the Wave ' s as they stumbled to an 85-76 upset at the hands of Louisiana College. The Greenies next battled the giants of Texas who managed to turn back a late Wave surge to defeat Tulane 81-72. The Wave bounced back to defeat Rice 82-78. The team then hit the road and suffered the same road troubles that have been experienced by the squad in previous years. The Green- ies lost ten straight on their road journey but managed by a determined spirit they bounced back to upset Georgia Tech and L.S.U. respectively. After a few more losses and a couple of wins, a fired-up Wave five blazed to a 77-65 win over rival L.S.U. to finish their season. Although the Wave will be hurt next year due to Kerwin ' s loss, tall Bob Davidson, scrappy Mike Kurtz, and playmakers Denny Shoup and Dale Gott are ex- pected to fill the gap. Davidson, a top rebounder in the conference, is also a great scorer. He joined two other Greenies in the 400-point club this season. George Fisher and Alan Kern will serve to provide needed depth. 35 Gott gets oH a jump shot against Vandy Larry Getts Garrett, Ind. Dale Gott Valparaiso, Ind. SCHEDULE Tulane Opponent Southwes ' .-Memphis 1 05 71 Louisiana College 76 85 Texas 72 81 Rice 82 78 S.M.U 75 98 Baylor 66 74 Texas A. M 53 67 Arkansas Slate 71 84 Georgia 69 77 Florida 74 109 Tennessee 70 77 Kentucky 72 81 Mississippi 84 92 Mississippi Stato 73 92 Georgia Tech 77 69 Vanderbilt 69 80 Louisiana State 59 57 Alabama 79 83 Auburn 61 63 Mississippi 95 93 Mississippi State 67 78 Louisiana State 77 65 Norm Delph Anderson, Ind. ■■pSiMHHIHpHH H H HB Kerwin shoots hook as Tulane goes for 2nd win over L.S.U. Shoup is fouled in lay-up. Kerwin thiows ball to Davidson putting ball in play. Denny Shoup Michigantown, Ind. Bob Davidson South Bend, Ind. L. V. McGinty Slidell, La. X " %. 1 C J;_ If- Davidson shoots jump shot against Mississippi State. Alan Kem Ocean Grove, N.J. George Fisher DeOuincy, La. Kurtz (35), Shoup (3), and Getts (30) battle for rebound. GREENIE RECORD-BREAKER Green Wave basketball enthusiasts were provided many thrills this season by the outstanding playing of Senior Jim Kerwin, who has the distinction of having the title of Tulane ' s greatest scorer tagged to his name. The black-haired boy from New Jersey, who stands 6 ' 3 " , scored 460 points for a 23.0 average in the 1962-63 season. The Greenie sharpshooter totaled 1462 points in three years of play to finish a brilliant career. Kerwin holds sole membership to the " 500 per season " club, scoring 509 points in 1962. lim Kerwin Long Branch, N.J. Fans stand as L.S.U. half-lime score stands Tulane 36, L.S.U. 35. ■ ' .M ! 1 , :¥i m Md W f T T T r-Z ' Jis vic t i COACH DOUG HAFNER Baseball Tulane ' s hopes for a winner in any sport has one of its best chances in the form of a greatly-improved base- ball team facing the longest schedule in its young his- tory. Coach Doug Hafner ' s charges look forward to a twenty-four game schedule against the finest teams in the Southeastern Conference and the nation, with a fine chance to improve on last year ' s record of 5-17, and many young players that will insure good teams in the future. This year ' s squad will have only one senior, and a group of eight pitchers, led by Dick Roniger, one of the best in the S.E.C. With a corps of nine returning letter- men, his new dugouts, and his fine pitching staff. Coach Hafner has been quoted as saying that " . . . this squad could win twenty of its games. " Left to right, first row: Korach, Jennings, Geller, Cantrell, Blanda, Rosenthal, Hertig, Boasberg, Hunt. Second row: Coach Hafner, Roniger, Stevenson, Warren, Weaver, Villere. Gott, Dellenger, Neider, Adams, Nord. 2.40 " ' ■ " ■ -» " Swifty " Roniger mows one down. Nord " swings. " ? - 4 ' 5rf| S5 " S . ' ' v . •i n ' Southeastern Conference Champs The 1962 edition of the Tulane tennis team won the S.E.C. title for the eighteenth time in twenty-three years. Working together splendidly as a team were junior Lee Fentress and sophomores Andy Lloyd and Dan Rhodes in the first three positions. Seniors Jimmy Morse, Ed Austin, and Jerry Varland, along with sophomore Jack Hepting, completed the championship team. 141. Lee Fentress Baton Rouge, La. Tennis Tulane enters this tennis season as defending cham- pion in the Southeastern Conference, and picked by those who know as the team to beat again this year. The team is rated sixth in the country, and with the out- standing players on the squad should improve on this rating. Lee Fentress is nationally ranked and was unde- feated last year. Sophomores Hardcastle, ranked in the South, and Bleckinger, ranked in the Midwest, along with Dan Rhodes, who was undefeated in Conference play last year, and Ed Austin will be the backbone of the 1963 squad. Coach Emmett Pare is looking forward to one of his best years, and the Greenies should repeat as S.E.C. champs in Tuscaloosa this Spring. Bob Hardcastle Atlanta, Georgia Dan Rhodes Houston, Texas Dave Moss Granite City, HI. Ed Austin San Antonio, Texas 3Ci Chuck Bleckinger Oshkosh, Wis. Swimming Coach Lowell Damont ' s young swim team pretty much went the way of all athletic teams at Tulane this season. Although the " Mermen " experienced the first win of this sport at Tulane against Emory, failure to register addi- tional wins can be attributed primarily to a lack of depth. Consistent point winners this season were Serpell Ed- wards, backstroke and individual medley, Jim Fulton, 50-yard freestyle, and team captain John Jackson, butter- fly and distance freestyler. Highlights of the season were the appearances of the first female swimmers in the S.E.C., Martha Leveritt and Pam Hayes, two New- comb lassies. Returning Sophomores who composed the bulk of the team point the way to a brighter future for the " Mer- men " in ' 64. COACH LOWELL DAMONTE Team Caplain John Jackson 1963 Swim Team, lefi to right: 1st row: Edwards, Frielinger, Jackson. 2nd row: Nadall (mgr.), Wilson, Murphy, Favell, Spear, Coach Da- monte. Goir Team Captain David Lawrence and Coach Innes Miller The Tulane golf team will be led this year by four returning lettermen: David Lawrence, Bill Lee, Ed Olsen, and Mario Perez. Under the able direction of Coach Miller, the returning linksmen along with some prom- ising sophomores, Herman Crowder, Bob Frankle and Tom Grace, can look forward to a successful season. The team is scheduled to play in six dual meets, one triangular match and four tournaments. The season is opened by the fifth annual Lake Charles Invitational Intercollegiate Tournament. Throughout the season the Wave golfers will meet such formidable teams as L.S.U., Ole Miss, Alabama, and Kentucky. The top team in the S.E.C. will be decided in the season ' s closing match at Athens, Georgia, in the Southeastern Conference Tour- nament. Frankle tees off. lyuo oil lediii: Leit to right: Coach Innes Miller. r! -iiit;ie, ' j :,. •« and Track The 1963 edition of the Tulane track team may be hkened to a young child taking its first step. Although lack of depth will prevent any team victories, there are several individuals who should give excellent per- formances. The brightest of the budding stars is Bill Shapiro. Last year he tied the conference 440 freshman record and should contend strongly for the varsity crown this year. Other good men are Brunas in the hurdles, Harry Belin and Bill Kerwin in the distance runs, and Ira Sorkin in the shotput. Bob McKinzie, Emmet Grandy, and Steve Wagner will team with Shapiro and Buras in handling the relay duties. As a young child gets stronger every year, so should Tulane ' s track team. There are no seniors on the pre- dominantly sophomore squad and the strongest fresh- man group in years is standing in the wings. |tv-j ' ?re Anderson. Belin, Barr, Kerwin, Craig and Dubourg loosen up. Shapiro and McKenzie execute hand-oH, 1963 Track Team: Lefi to right: 1st row: Kapicak, Fletcher, Ban, Crais, Arsuage, McKenzie, Schaubhut. 2nd row: Belin, Shapiro, Buras, Du- bourg, Sorkin, Kerwin, Anderson, Wagner, Grandy. Intramiirals Coach Ben Abadie partakes in his own Program. Finalists in Tennis Intramurals Men ge! oft to a good start in 100 yd. dash The Intramural Program at Tulane is headed by Ben Abadie, whose ofiice is in Favrot Field House located at the North end of the stadium. The program Coach Abadie leads is comprehensive now but still continues to grow. There are two leagues, an All Campus league and a Dormitory League. Sports include tennis, swim- ming, touch football, table tennis, badminton, volley ball, squash, golf, bowling, basketball, handball, pool, track, horseshoes, softball, and bridge. There is also a tackle football game played in pads in the stadium each year called the Saccharin Bowl. The Intramural program also boasts a Faculty-Staff league. Med. School beats Army 6-0 to finish second. Army linishing third. Air Force fouls out against A S Competition is strong at the annual Intr amural All Meet. Law- School goes up for rebound. 1961-62 Softball Dorm Champions standing: 1st: Irby; 2nd. Phelps. g mj ft ' .. M-- w Mi " " i i J ? %«d3» ' , ' r:?. ' TULANE PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL FRATERNITIES NEWCOMB PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL SORORITIES MEDICAL SCHOOL FRATERNITIES Section Editors: TOMMY TUCKER RUTH SPIRER GRMKS 51 President Jacob Landry Kappa Sigma Secretary lohn Meade Beta Theta Pi Treasurer Jeff Korach Sigma Alpha Mu Activities Director Larry Turner Phi Kappa Sigma Pan-Hellenic CouncO The Tulane Pan-Hellenic Council is the general co- ordinating and supervisory agency for the seventeen national fraternities and three colonies on the Tulane campus. The council is composed of two representatives from each fraternity, chosen by the fraternity. The coun- cil is governed by the four officers and a Judicial Com- mittee. The Judicial Committee and officers set the policies of the council, and serve as a trial body in cases of dispute. The competitive activities of the fraternities are super- vised by the Director of Interfraternity Activities and an Athletic Committee. These competitive activities range from football, basketball and baseball to the minor sports, homecoming decorations and scholarship. The highlights of the fraternity year are the Septem- ber rush season, culminating in pledging and a welcom- ing banquet for new pledges, and the annual Greek Week, at the opening of the second semester. Greek Week features a community " Help Day, " officer and pledge discussions on current topics, and a convocation with a distinguished fraternity man as speaker. The social climax is the annual Pan-Hellenic Dance, held at the end of Greek Week. Dr. Karlem " Ducky " Riess Aaviscr ij Frfiten ;;;es i l • ' • . I i if 4 lliii kr J Jv i i ii f kJ J IT iiiiiiiiiLii First Row: Thomas Akin— ATO; Pat Barron— DTD; Charles Cloutier— Phi Delt; Bill Grain- KA; Harry Fennerty— Phi Delt; J. K. Friedman— ZBT. Second Row: John Ikard — SAE; Harris Lichtenstein — AEPi; Louis Martin— DKE; Charles Morefield— PiKA; Einar Pedersen— PhiKS; Mike Robertson— ATO. Third Row: William Shapiro — SAM; David Shugart — SN; Larry Turner —PhiKS; John WoUney— SX; Allan Yasnyi— AEPi. Pan-Hellenic Representatives Pi Kappa Alpha: WILLIAM GOODMAN LANDESS MOREFIELD Alpha Epsilon Pi: Alpha Tau Omega; Beta Theta Pi: Delta Kappa Epsilon: DAVID SMITH ALLAN YASNYI TAD AKIN MIKE ROBERTSON - JOHN MEADE TIM SCHNEIDAU ED LAYRISSON Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Sigma Alpha Mu: Sigma Chi: Sigma Nu: THOMAS HALPIN JOHN IKARD JEFF KORACH BILL SHAPIRO ROBERT LOBRANO JOHN WOLLNEY JAMES HARP PHILLIP MARKS Delta Tau Delta: Kappa Alpha: LOUIS MARTIN PAUL JARDIS PATRIC BARRON BILL CRAIN MIKE VISE Tau Epsilon Phi: Zeta Beta Tau; JERRY SPRINGER WARREN TRATTLER KENNY FRIEDMAN SIDNEY STEINER Kappa Sigma: JACOB LANDRY DON CANTRELL Colonies Phi Delta Theta: Phi Kappa Sigma: HARRY FENNERTY LOUIS COSTA EINAR PEDERSEN, JR. LARRY TURNER Alpha Sigma Phi; Sigma Pi; LOUIS WILSON RICHARD SANCHEZ LARRY GUICHARD BILL HEBEISEN TAU UPSILON CHAPTER OF m o o 1 ft. iiiiiM ii Do the HuUy-GuUy. OFFICERS LEONARD SPILLERT .... RICHARD BUSSOFF LARRY NEUMAN RICHARD STETZER RICHARD BERNSTEIN President Vice-President , Secretary Pledge Trainer Treasurer Another full round of spirited activities, parties and hon- ors for chapter this term. Altho organized in 1951, chapter placed third in overall Pan-Hell competition, first in fraternity scholarship for ' 62 — rush week ended with 35 pledged — chapter now stands 90 strong. Brothers realized central role of scholarship in collegiate life — achievements demonstrate: 3 Fresh — Jack Gold- berg, Gary Shapiro, Ron Swartz elected to Phi Eta Sigma; Richard Busoff — pres.. Pi Sigma Alpha; Marv Berger — pres., Pre-Med. society; Dave Meyers, Lloyd Sampson, Phil Weitzman — continuing studies in Eng- land under JYA. AEPi excels in leadership: Gary Shapiro and Harris Lichtenstein — active in Tulane singing group — latter was elected to Who ' s Who; Steve Whitfield — Sec- Treas. of A S, chairman of Honor Board, Pres. Hillel Foundation; Dave Klapper and Mike Marvins — Editor and Business Manager of Student Directory; Larry Gordon — Asst. Sports Editor of Hullabaloo; Russ Her- man — Campus Lover; Ron Magram and Steve Zegar • — varsity sports — AEPi, so far, has seconds in Volley- ball and Ping Pong in Pan-Hell Sports race. ' -54 i ar -H c ' w !| . R " T lp W-W f» =-f tttr ' ' few. 4vf f ' J t-f -f ' % % , % ' ■ JfF- Li- « . r» 0 r% f i 1 i! 1 .fcS h IP 1 , r«w p fe-i. c-1 , m , 1. First Row: Michael Abrams Mitchell Aronson Larry S. Barr Ronald Balson Marvin Berger Lawrence Berkowitz Stanley Blend Peter Borrok Second Row: Jack Brown Howard Cohen Saul Cornman Sidney Collar Michael Donsky Koleman Finkelsfein Larry Frank Larry Freedman Third Row: Richard P. Friedman Jack R. Goldberg Alan R. Goldman Howard W. Gordon Lawrence Gordon Stephen Harris Huss Herman Howard Hershberg Fourth How: Marshall Hershberg Mark Kalish Charles Kaplan Jeffrey Kerman David Klapper Peter B. Klein Gary Lees Alan Levan Fifth Row: Elliot Levin Joseph Lowenthal Richard Manas Michael Marvins Barry Meyers Allan Nathanson ICenneth Paddie Phillip Paul Sixth Row: Gerald Rankin Jack H. Rau Alfred Rich Clifford Ross Louis Rubenstein Jeffrey Rosenblum iVlichael Rothchild Stanley Salus Seventh Row: David Schechter Joel Schecter Myron Schwartz Myron Schneider Jeffrey Seligman Gabriel Shapiro Norman Silber David Smith Eighth Row: Richard Spiro F.onald Swartz Sheldon Tashman Paul Waldraan Roy Walter Ronald Wang Michael Weinrobe Gary Weinstein Ninth Row: S:eve Whitfield Harold Wexler Harry Wilks Steve Zimmennan Steven Ungerman Alpha Epsilon Pi First Row: William Barlow Matthew Daley- Gerald Giantonio Second Row: Terrill Mallory Hedley Mendez Harold Matt Third Row: J. K. Pollard Dewey Ries Jeffrey Sievers Fourth Row: Daniel Stevenson Joseph Stolfi ' " " ■■ " " - " ' aL. Alpha Si ma Phi LOUISIANA CHAPTER OF Aim HiMrMliil OFFICERS LOUIS WILSON President JOHN A. WILHELM Vice-President BYRON UNKAUF Treasurer OSCAR B. SOUTHARD ... Recording Secretary DANIEL J. RYAN Corresponding Secretary Stretched from embryo in the minds of its founders to full fledged colony in March 1962. Fifteen boys formed initiatory group — Full-scale, all out rush conducted in fall brought in ad- ditional fifteen, chosen on basis of scholarship and general excellence. Alpha Sigs found in wide range of campus activities — Some of the more outstanding: Phil Pilkington — study- ing chemistry in Scotland; Matthew Daly — Army Rifle Team; Dan Stevenson — Tulane basketball and Base- ball; Rick Sanchez — President of A Capella Choir; J. K. Pollard— Program Director, WTUL. This year packed with all those efforts necessary to carry the new organization to the top of Tulane ' s fra- ternity pile. With things going as are — Alpha Sig looks for bright future — Next year hopes to be even bigger and better. " Mirror, mirror, on the wall . . . Yeccchh, ' " Just what is the Jamb? " - 57 BETA EPSILON CHAPTER OF mo Creature from the black lagoon. " You take the BIG one. " OFFICERS JOHN McGUIRE . . President BRIAN BARCELO Vice-President HAROLD CUMMINS . , Secretary CHARLES ROSSNER Treasurer JOHN HOUSEY Historian Founded — Virginia Military Institute, 1865. Established Tulane- year. -1887 — has continued to grow each Successful Rush Week- — a few pledges. -Plantation Party — Voo Doc- Chapter active on campus — second in Pan-Hellenic foot- ball — members spread over wide range of leadership societies, organizations, athletic teams. Events included parties for sororities — annual Christmas party for orphans — standout role in Help Week, which was begun at Tulane by ATO. Chapter will keep its head above the rise and fall of campus All Men ' s Average while keeping up good parties and formals. ATO feels it has carried on fraternity ' s traditions of brotherhood, scholarship, leadership and full social calendar over past year and look forward to prom- ising future. L58 First Row: Beuker F. Amann, Jr. Harry Belin George Booker Matthew Braatz Alan Dascomb V Second Row: Robert Develle Rick Eigenbrod Mayo Emory Edward Fernandez Thomas Grace f ■ T - " m ■ " Ok sm Third Rov : Charles Hamilton III W. Claiborne Hightower Ronald Johnson Frank Lamothe George Lehleitner L Fourlh Row: Robert E. Mittelstaedt Jr. Jerome Oertling Edger Olsen III Albert Prieto Frances Richardson AiUdkiiiiiafe Fifth Row: Raphael Ross III Richard Schmidt John Robert Schupp Ron Shrieves John Simpson « g rs «. Sixth Row: Horace Soper III Michael Wanek Charles Westbrook Woolfolk III Alpha Tau Ome a First Row: Qinton Atkinson Peter Beaumont Robert D. Becker 11 Jack M. Boasberq John S. Coman Irwin B. Dabe Second Row: David A. Depp Thomas E. Duncan William Fortier Ronald French Jack C. Groner Thomas H. Hannon Third Row: Thomas Hatfield Marvin Heebe Haywood Hillyer Thomas Jones Lanning Likes Richard Logan j ' r. Fourth Row: Martin A. MacDiarmid Joel Martin James Mohle Ronald Murlin Charles Murphy Lav rence McAlpine Fifth Row: William McWilliams Antonio Perez Jr. David Peters James Rasmussen Ravenal L. Riggs Charles Simonton Sixth Row: Charles Smither Lloyd A. Te rrell Laveme Thomas III David Tidmore Plauche Villere Jr. Emile A. Wagner 111 Seventh Row: Richard Wagner William Wells John L. Wilson WilUam Gaudet C. C. Hutchinson III jA r w f W ' f CTp ffe . IBT fl W -SS: IR i:iMtA fei uj Beta Theta Pi BETA XI CHAPTER OF OFFICERS C. A. HECKER, III President JAMES KENT Pledge Master PATRICK ARAGUEL, JR Secretary JOSEPH W. WELLS Treasurer JOHN A. SUTHERLIN, JR Sergeant-at-Arms " No, she ' s not my girl; wanna make something of it? " Founded, Miami of Ohio— 1839. Established, Tulane — 1908 — since then have been most active in campus functions — this year no exception. Represented in all phases of campus life: Al Hecker — President of Delta Sigma Pi; Buzzy Sutherlin — Vice- Pres., Junior Class; Ray Lake, Plauche Villere, Chuck Murphy, Joe Wells — varsity sports; Jim Rasmussen — Alpha Epsilon Delta; also members in spirit, vocal, religious and honorary groups. Main purpose of frat is social one however — Here Beias excelled: neer-to-be-forgot Jungle Party; Beta Formal. Also helping were bridge games, front step sessions, etc. — these kept up brotherhood. Next year even better. Who puts salt in their milkshake? a6j Deke ' s welcome J.F.K. , ' r- ' ,-.ij OFFICERS HANS JONASSEN President ' ' ' ■ ' JAMES LAYRISSON ... Vice-President IWIO ' Ktt ' ARTHUR B. MONROE Recording Secretary ' ' ' hj fili lOHN WOGAN Corresponding Secretary j ' t J U BB JOHN BOLLES Pledge Trainer 1 y . la Founded Yale— 1844. IV ' iMH Established at Tulane — 1 ■ TIM The men enjoyed a somewhat fantastic rush week for a lean on him, Meaihead. " while — amazed competition by pledging 13 fine men by only (?) using smoking parties. ■j»w,t» i. v ' ».ia- -.- I mm Since rush week, all activities, and it is rumored there Ml have been many, have been on the sly because they % ' . V ' ! were on . »=--Ttffi3m " SOCIAL PRO 167. ( = ' O . First Row: Bernard Armbruster Truls Bjerke J. Gregg Buckalev Charles P. Carriere Michael Clann Carl Cleveland Second Row: Bayless E. Cobb James P. Conner Louis de la Vergne Craig Duchossois Lawrence Eustis Robert B. Fisher l|| -saw f ' ' ' s« p Third Row: Thomas Grant Alvin Pike Howard Martin Jones Andrew Karras Richard C. Keenan Prieur Leary Ifeiil rtk1k Fourth Row: Calvin Lenlz Octave Livaudais Donald Maginnis Henry O ' Connor James O ' Connor Woody Register Fifth Row: Jack Roniger Dick Roniger Charles Schmidt rome Smith Howard Smith Breard Snellings Delta Kappa Epsilon First Row: Joel B. Allison James B. Arey Donald Cobb James Derbes Arthur Dragon David Eckhardt Second Row: Rick Fiersten Richard Finley Fredrick Gustafson Federick Hedges Louis Hereford David Herold Third Row: James Hines Nicholas Hodsdon Roy Johnson WiUiam Kalish William Liebke Fred Mitchell Fourth Row: Charles H. Norlh Jr. Lucien O ' Kelley Jam A. Persson Patrick Ready James Robinson Jr. Russell Rocke Fifth Row: James Schmit Richard Smith William Sprague Bob Suit Kenneth J. Tacony Louis Weisenburgh Sixth Row: William Wilson James R. Wright Richard E. Virr kiiki i kit hdii Delta Tau Delta BETA XI CHAPTER OF mil OFFICERS PAUL JARDIS President FRANK FAUST Vice-President LAWRENCE MARTIN Recording Secretary NOAH LONG, JR Treasurer TIMOTHY I. HOFF Pledge Master Delts started ofi seventy-tliird year at Tulane by serving as host chapter to National Convention in Royal Orleans — followed by rush week and pledging of eighteen conceivably promising men. Delts prominent in all phases of campus life — repre- sented in engineering, architecture, pre-med, classical language, political science, honor societies — also Phi Eta Sigma, Tusk Greenbakers, Scabbard and Blade — one in ODK — two in Phi Beta Kappa — Robinson head of NROTC Midshipman Battalion — Wiesenburgh des- ignated Distinguished Military Student. Delts strive for excellence on non-academic side of ledger also — usual parties planned — highlights: Christmas Party — costume parties — Rainbow formal. Patio Bar finally finished — This year Chapter Travel Day initiated. Pledges have shown amazing spirit — a few have passed pledge tests — Actives thrashed them in pledge-active football game. Hoff back from England and JYA — chapter grieves at loss of Sweetheart to same program. On the whole — outlook bright. More birds at the Delt House. " now, row. row your boat, . 7-65 PSI CHAPTER OF n Raise!! " Do we need a caption for this? ' OFFICERS WILLIAM ELLIS , President WILLIAM HARTWELL Vice-President BAXTER BRINKMANN Secretary RAYMOND STARR Treasurer DELU DAVID Historian Founded, Washington and Lee — 1865. Established, Tulane — 1885; since this time has continued to grow in size and stature — has prided itself with outstanding group of young men. Order enjoyed splendid rush week — pledged twenty most outstanding young gentlemen who are expected to live in the tradition of General Robert E. Lee. Not to be outdone, the order undertook the usual tradi- tional parties — including the Bushman ' s Ball and the Old South Ball. Many brothers active in intercollegiate sports — Mike Vise, Buster Pool, Tommy O ' Boyle, Terry Terrebonne — Football; Richard Williamson — swimming. Others have attempted gruelling Pan-Hellenic activities. Brothers feel they have upheld principles of Southern tradition (Mint Juleps — Dixie Beer) on which Order was founded — look forward to promising future. ■66 First Row: Fred Baldwin Richard Barnett Ted Batson Walter Blessey Herbert Bo ' wers H. Robert Corder ' f«? «?r • jsj» " • ra ■ ' - ■ % p J f k M . ■= - ft x;|i ' T f rl trn- - ' - ' - Kappa Alpha Second Row: David Epstein Jack Fenwick A. S. Flettrich David Gooch William Groome Robert Hassinger Third Row: Neel Howard Calvin Johnson Henry Jumonville Howard Kenyon Wallace Kern Eric Lundin Fourth Row: Paul Marvin Robert Marvin Denis McDonald Zeb Mayhew Porcher Miles Charles Mitchell Faih Row: Lord H. Morrison Charles Murphy Denis McDonald Stan McDougall Rodney Mclntyre Paul Nelson Sixth Row: Justin Querbes Allen Roussel Louis Robinson William Siemens Michael Stoddard E. H. Stolley Seventh Row: Kent Sutherlin Timony Swoop Theard Terrebonne Watson VanBenthuysen William Venable Robert Vosbein James Wooten First Row: David Bayne Hilton Bell Jim Benefield Milton Bolles Stuart Brown Kent Caldwell Don Cantrell Second Row: John Church Henry Crossetti James Daigle Tim Darrah Leland Dennis Charles Donnaud Charles Durham Third Row: Goldsborough Edwards Donald Fareed Eric Guilbeau Tom Hardin Shelton Hendricks Peter Holden Robert HoUiday Fourth Row: Rusty Holman William Hopkins James Hughes Stephen Jasper Joseph Keeton William Kimbrough William Lammey Filth Row: Henry Larzelere Worth Matteson Tom Millican David Moore Roy Newton Gene Nifenecker Jim Oglesby Sixth Row: J. B. Postell Will O ' Neil Gabs Perjessy Clay Rankin William Sage Bernard Samuel Harlan Schmidt Seventh Row: Gene Sentell Jack Shaffer Tommy Shelton James Stuart Tommy Tucker Hugh Uhalt Steve Victory . • Iff ■ ?■ Mi ? ' ! C • - " h i -Kappa Si ma - WitlM SIGMA CHAPTER OF KI ItMiiiH ,T— OFFICERS JOHN GRAVES President BERDON LAWRENCE Vice-President DOUG CONNER Secretary JAY WILLIAMS Ritualist DAVID COMBE Treasurer Founded, University of Virginia — 1869. Established, Tulane— 1889. Splendid rush week — pledged twenty energetic, under- standing young gentlemen. Grades excellent with 20 brothers and pledges making above a 3.0 first semes- ter. Social season most active — included best parties for Newcomb lovelies, Christmas party with Chi O ' s for orphans, Christmas Formal, Spring Formal at Royal Orleans, weekend at Biloxi, Parent ' s day and parties after the game. In sports. Kappa Sig took championship in football and swimming to lead in PanHellenic trophy race. Brothers in varsity sports are Tom Cato, Will Warren and Ed Fitzgerald — football; Don Cantrell — baseball; Serpell Edwards — swimming. All Spaz team turned 0-2 record — dropped games to Theta and Pi Phi Pledges. Political scene — Harlan Schmidt, President of Student Body — Jacob Landry, President of PanHellenic — Ber- don Lawrence, Bill Lammey, Tom Tucker — class presi- dents — Bill Lammey, Battalion Commander of NROTC —Doug Conner Asst. Editor of JAMBALAYA— also represented in Phi Eta Sigma, ODK, Who ' s Who, Architecture and business honoraries and other fields of endeavor. Kappa Sigs have enjoyed life for another semester and are greatly anticipating future successes. " You say you ' re flunking remedial reading? ' This, boys, is a newspaper. 7,6g ft c e. a " When I was younger Phi Deha Theta: Downtown Branch. OFFICERS LOUIS COSTA President DAVID KELLOGG Secretary THOMAS TOOKE Steward GREGG FRELINGER Warder MICHAEL COFFEE House Manager Founded at Miami University — 1848. Established Alpha Chapter, Tulane— 1889. Phi Delt opened year with rush week, rendering vain hopes of all other frats on campus — reaping much honor and glory pledging 15. A not-so-active social calendar climaxed somewhat prematurely by highly successful Curly Marcotte Party. Also first annual Henry Clay Walker TV-Har- vey P. Marice Invitational. On advice of counsel, proposed series of fall cham- pagne parties were cut short — not before exclusive herd of young ladies were enraptured by delightful taste of Deauville Vineyard ' s world famed product. Hope to continue these later — Spring. Serious aspects — Phi Delt continued to supply share of campus leaders — Tommy Tooke served — sec. Sopho- more A S class — Prentiss Carter — vice-pres., Phi Eta Sigma — Phi ' s represented chapter in most campus organizations — Phi Delts on TU baseball, football, swimming and tennis teams. 2.70 3 " First Row; Francis Bass Jonathan Butler Prentiss Carter James Crosland Robert Evans Second Row: Charles Farrar Kirk Gentling John Hepting William Johnson Carleton Jones Third Row: John Knolle Robert Kyff Edwin Lewis Richard Mateer William Mosenfhal Fourth Row: August Mysing James Nieset Samuel Pace John Poser Bates Pulliam Fifth Row: Kearny Robert James Ryan James Scott David Startup Robert VanNess I Sixth Row: Richard Vogel James Wagner William Wallace Homer Weidlich Andrews Wilkinson Phi Delta Theta First Row: John Bametl Seth Bartlelt Ray Bergeron Fred Chambers Winfield Clem Vincent Ciolino John Crcwder Second Row: Thomas Dolhonde Charles Duffy Eric Ebel Alan Foster Charles Foto Kirk Giloth Curtis Graf Third Row: John Harrington Hunter Harris John Jackson John Jeansonne Robert Jeffers John Jones Sean Kelleher Fourth Row: Charles Klaveness Robert Kilinski Barry Knesel Anthony Krayer Charles Lord Brad Lucas James Mellin Fifth Row: Stephen Morrow Jackie Murphy Edward Myrick Julius Neumeyer Edmund Orsini Walter Pearson Robert Ratcliff Sixth Row: Thomas Regan Harry Sellers James Shofner Kenneth Sparler Julius Sternfels Charles Sullivan Michael Terry ™i i« vf ■% C-: r tt, e e Ci Phi Kappa Si ma- •MM — - OFFICERS CLARENCE LEWIS President TERRY ANDERLINI Firse Vice-President JOHNVINING Second Vice-President ALCIDE MANN Treasurer KENNETH MALLON Pledge Master Founded at University of Pennsylvania — 1850. Established at Tulane — 1858. Men of the Skull applied energies toward successful rush — buried 31 pledges. Rush week followed up with round of swinging parties — Voodoo Party, Christmas Dance, Hayride, Spring Formal — also entertained Newcomb honeys. High- light of year — 74th National Convention held at the Roosevelt Hotel. Phi Kaps elected to campus offices! John Jackson, pres- ident of senior class of Business School; Tom Regan, Student Council Representative; Plug Clem, Patterson House president; John Vining, Honor Board. Active Participation in Sports — Greenie athletes include cindermen Rich Humphrey and Elmore Verlander; swimmer John Jackson; gridder Julius Sternfels; very active in Pan-Hellenic — won Basketball last year. Frat maintained high scholastic standing — above all men ' s average. Boasted John Jackson and Tom Regan — O.D.K.; Tom Regan— TBPi. Phi Kap took second place in homecoming decora- tions. Play the piano and be popular? " Just love these rocking parlies. " c LOUISIANA CHAPTER OF " No, I don ' t read much but . Keystone Cops. OFFICERS WILLIAM GOODMAN President FLOYD HINDELANG Vice-President JOE ELLIOTT Secretary C. I. AUCOIN Treasurer EARL STOLZ ■. . Sergeant-at-Arms Founded, University of Virginia — 1868. Established, Tulane— 1878. Magnificent rush week resulted in thirty-two hardy pledges — Pledges were openly received into brother- hood. Pike fire engine much used this year — used by cheer- leaders and band during pep rallies — Pike also outstanding in extra-curricular activities — Ellis Blevins returned from year in England — Landers More- field commanded NROTC Drill Team. Social side of picture rounded out with the Christmas Orphan ' s Party — also thrown were Dream-Girl Formal during Mardi Gras, and Fais-do-do at end of year to mention only a very few. Pikes feel they have withstood ravages of time and look forward to most outstanding future. L74 Pi Kappa Alpha First Row: Edward Baird EUis Blevins Thomas Booher Fred Cain Paul Cameron Sscond Row: David Carnes James Ciaravella Michael Corley William Cross James Deacon Third Row: Larry Deemer Thomas Donofrio Carl Fehr Patrick Folk Edward Garland Fourth Row: Maurice Geldart Charles Hayton Mark Heady Arthur Maltby Craig McCaghren Fiith Row: William McFatter Jack Panzeca James Roark Gordon ShaiAr Thomas Watson Sixth Row: Lee Weathington Andrew Weir Penn William.son Louis Wilson Richard Wolf James Yawn First Row: Richard Anderson Troy Arnold Edward Austin Rodney Baine Bill Banta Edwin Beckman K. B. Benkwith James Bleckinger Second Row: James Bordelon Charles Bratton Thomas Carter Alfred Chambliss Rod Chastant Aubrey Coleman James Conner Michael Cooper Third Row: Herman Crowder James David Robert Davidson Charles Dietz James Favell Arthur Fentress John FuUilove Joseph Gaffney Fourth Row: William Gahaqan Wayne Galvani Richard Gillette Charles Gear Tobin Grigsby Norman Groves J. R. Hardcastle J. C. Hendricks Fiith Row: Charles Hodshon Carrick Inabnett Robert Irwin Philip Jones John Kenney Karl Kleinsasser Jerry Lambiotte William Latimer Sixth Row: William Lee Gano Lemoine Jon Levy Robert Lindholm James Long Jerry Mashaw Ray Mayhall Tom Meek Seventh Row: Ray Molinar A. H. Morton Walter Peabody William Pitts R. B. Pfeiffer Michael Post James Paulsen Charles Robilio Ted Sarphie Eighth Row: Fred Seale Larry Secrest Frank Smith R. W. Stephens John C. Stone Robert Thweatt William Walker John B. Waters John R. Watts Ninth Row: John Watson Lawrence Whaley Douglas White James White Conrad Will Jeffrey Wilson Reed Wilson Bill Winston t fh n C C.I in O €r ' 5 P O, p j r;. o )p ex 1 T. C t,: O ' ' f f ITL:. 1 fr 1 tT! J 1? |P-» T f ( D 1 .(?. f ' £ ft t Si ma Alpha EpsQon TAU UPSILON CHAPTER OF m OFFICERS E. EVAN DAVIS President HAL THOMPSON Vice-President EUGENE WASSON Recording Secretary RICHARD TEXADA . Corresponding Secretary GEORGE RISER Treasurer Founded at University of Alabama — 1856. Established at Tulane--1897. After great rush week, started year with 29 promising young pledges. Extra Curricular activities: Gano Lemoine, Student Coun- cil President; Rod Chastant, sports editor of JAMBA- LA YA and Business Manager of WTUL; John Watson, Vice-President of Phi Eta Sigma; Jim Hendricfs, Jay Stone, Fred Drews, Cheerleaders. Lots of athletes — Larry Nicholas, football; Bob Davidson, Basketball; Lee Fentress, Bob Hardcastle, Chuck Bleckinger, Ed Austin, Tennis; Jim Favell, Russ Hook, swimming. Usual circuit of parties — included Suppressed Desire Party, Pledge party, Christmas and orphan parties, and Spring Formal. Glorious History and pride in past explain honest and genuine pride in membership. " Greatest kidnapping job ever. ' " Put your little foot . . ■ 77 I SIGMA GAMMA CHAPTER OF . and you know what THIS is? " Sammies take a V-ball contest. OFFICERS HERBIE GOLDSTEIN President SHELDON ARTZ Vice-President LAWRENCE SPELLER Secretary MARK LITCHENSTEIN Treasurer Founded, College of the City of New York— 1909. Established, Tulane — 1920; has continued to grow and improve. Successful Rush Week and an excellent batch of young " Sammys " — Then usual set of parties: Pajama Party, Grit Party, Uninhibited Obnoxious Party — none com- pared to Orchid Formal Week-end during which frosh celebrated recent initiation. Well represented in extra-curricular activities — members in all major varsity sports — frat took firsts in volley ball and homecoming decorations, fourth in football for Pan-Hell competition — members in ODK, " Who ' s Who, " etc. — Jeff Korach, Treasurer of Pan-Hellenic Council. This year Sammys defeated ZBT in classic " Nose Bowl. " Men feel they have carried on fraternity tradition — look forward to prosperous future. 178 Kl yiii L 1 hmMi First Row: David Berger Jack Cohen Stanley Cohen Alan Crisfal Stephen Feinberg Mayer Finkelstein Burton Fink Second Row: Robert Frankel Donald Friedman Robert Friedman Steve Freedman Randall Frisch Djonald Gache Steven Geller Third Row: Marshall Gerson Paul Glaser Larry Goldblatt Ronald Goldberg Jack Goodman Richard Greenberg Peter Hotchkiss Fourth Row: Marvin Isenberg Richard Kncpf Rene Koppel Kenneth Korach Brian Kutash Jerome Lahman Anthony Lief Fifth Bow: Herbert Miller Steve Moss Bruce Paltrov Arthur Pulitzer Sol Rachelson Donald Reider Bruce Rhodes Sixth Row: Steven Rindley Steven Rosenthal George Roth Peter Rubenstein Maurice Schwartz Fdv ard Stool Jerry Tobias Seventh Row: Bruce Turner Ellis Weaker Victor Weinstein Mark Weiss Gordon Wolf Dave Wolkin Julian -Si ma Alpha Mu I First Row: Lee Askew Ross Bailey- Robert Bailliet Qemit Barnes Vic Barrios Steve Bellaire Peter Bro-wn Second Row: Michael Burke Hugh Burnett Jim Byram Gary Catren Jerry Colburn Marshall David David Eustis Third Row: Richard Favcr Ray Fontenct Pat Grace James Guthrie Henry Haller Harry Harwood Paul Ha wley Fourth Row: Gregory Huiiaker Gray Hutchinson Arthur Johnson Fleet Joiner Douglas Kelly Robert Leeman Ralph Linn Fiflh Row: Rick Michaels Marvin Smith Jack Mofiitt Tom McClellan Robert McKenzie Lee Parrish David Perils Sixth Row: Howard Rainey William Read Charles Reid Charles Renlrc Robert Sain Peler Saravo Chris Schaller William Spangler Seventh Row: William Springer Scott Stallings Milton Stewart Ron Thornton Francis Toups Steven Webster Roger Williams tjk ' ' y. C ' TT ' ! £MM ml i k - C - 1 C IC ' .t--%| ikfify Si ma Chi SIGMA CHAPTER OF n k. iirtW xl " mUsA OFFICERS BRYAN NEARN President GARY McKEAN Vice-President ROY SELLERS Recording Secretary DICK MOISE Treasurer BOB LOBRANO Pledge Trainer Founded, Miami University of Ohio — 1855. Established, Tulane — 1886; since, have always been active in campus affairs. Among activities were traditional Derby Day, in which sororities compete for points toward Pan-Hellenic trophy, and Sweetheart Dance. Social year one of best: cocktail parties, Saturday night usuals, Greek Revival Party, Pledge-Active Party — also parties after the football games. Great deal of spirit displayed at games due to Sigma Chi ' s playing: Durham Barnes, Ron Thornton, Clem Dellenger, Ron Krajewski, Larry Mclntire, Bob Mc- Kenzie. Other organizations and honoraries: Jerry Colburn, Phi Eta Sigma; Roy Sellers — Vice Pres., Delta Sigma Pi and Business Admin. Representative to Student Coun- cil. Ben Sanders — Pres., Anchor and Chain, and Tusk. With help of outstanding pledge class, hoping for even better future. " Look, it ' s my turn! " Sigma Chi Derby Day a8i OFFICERS :X Orphan Party " Il ' s that damn Jamb photographer Again. ' GEORGE WERCKLE MICHAEL PORTER . PHILLIP MARKS , President Pledge Marshal Rush Chairman JAMES NEWBILL Vice-President WILLIAM WRIGHT Treasurer Founded at VMI— 1869. 1961 — sleeping serpent of Sigma Nu awoke — uncoiled — hissed anew. This year — pledged 23 promising pledges. Social season — Cajun Carnival — Pajama Party — Christ- mas Party — rounded off with White Star Formal — usual Friday and Saturday night parties. Serpent has coiled into places of leadership: Bob Hill — Wesley Foundation — Phi Beta Kappa — ODK; George Werckle — Pres., Menuet House; Jerry Ebersbaker — Pres. — McBryde House; also men in Phi Eta Sigma, Tusk, Greenbackers, UC Comms., Campus Night, Pershing Rifles, Scabbard and Blade, Alpha Phi Omega, Dorm House Councils; Phil Sheps — Pres., Senior Class — Cadet Colonel, ROTC. Good Season — Certainly a year of the Serpent! iSi m - f, |||-:3r Iff ( f r f M k ' fc| K Si ina Nu First Row: George Ainswcrth James Blackwell Carl Clements Douglas CuUen James Davis Jim Erase Second Row: Jerry Ebersbaker Peter Farris Richard Garbe James Harp George Harris Adam Hertig Third Row: William Higdon Jack Jackson John Lankiord William Kenner Vic Kennemer David Kruger Fourili Row: Stanley Mandel Michael Mahoney John Martin Ferd Moyse William Nash Francis Nicholson Fifth Row: David Pettis George Riley James Robbins Victor Rose James Serrill George Smith Sixth Row: Anthony Sobin Jerry Sutton William Waters Sam Williams First Row: David Desmon Fred Diringer D. H. Dombeck Stephen Fattel Second Row: Gerald Feldman Norman Galen R. R. Hamburger Richard Katz Third Row: Michael Harris Michael Katzeff Kenneth Kaufman I. Paul Lew Fourth Row: L. N. Lilschiz Joel Picker Rich Schlanger Martin Weinstein Fifth Row: lau EpsOon Phi EPSILON KAPPA CHAPTER OF TEI OFFICERS RICHARD STRAUSS Chancellor RICHARD ROTH Vice-Chancellor GERALD SPRINGER Scribe WARREN TRATTLER Treasurer STEVEN WOLF Pledge- Warden Began national existence 1910 — Columbia University. Since that time has undergone a careful program of expansion — today, recognized stature as outstanding college fraternity. Entered roster of Tulane ' s well-established frat system — 1956. Filled initial years with directed efforts to establish pro- grams and strong traditions essential to successful frat. Today, look with pride at past record — have taken effective place in Pan-Hellenic activities. This year — further milestones in every area of frat oper- ation. TEP ' s found in every phase of Tulane life — from membership in wide range of campus activities to strong social program. Implemented continuing record of service within University and City. Climax of social program — success of annual Sweet- heart Formal. Look forward to continued growth and progress — plan- ning ahead for next year ' s realization of goals of so- ciety, leadership, scholarship. The T. E. P. informal. The T. E. P. formal. 2.85 f SIGMA CHAPTER OF m O) f»rr« r ' ilill£l OFFICERS New Mecca ior Z.B.T. activities. " Inst happened to be out on the balcony RICHARD LOBMA N . . . . President RICHARD ROSEN Vice-President JOHNPACHTER Secretary ANDY LANG . , Rush Chairman Founded — Jev ish Theological Seminary, 1898. Established, Tulane— 1909. Glorious Rush Week — Pledged 24 of the finest — Thus began another successful academic year — rounded off v ith usual circuit of week-end parties. Many m_em.bers served the frat in distinguished capaci- ties — Ryck Caplan — president of the college of A S; Louis Fishm.an — Representative at Large of the Stu- dent Body and m.em.ber of the Business School Honor Board; Kenny Friedman — Business School Repre- sentative to Student Council; Tom Ries — VP of A S sophomore class. Vice-chairman of A S Honor Board; Sydney Steiner represented Tulane at National Inter- fraternity Conference meeting in Pittsburgh. Ryck, Louis, Tom., Bud Rosen — mem.bers of Student Activi- ties Board; Ryck, Bud, Louis — m.embers of Who ' s Who. Andy Lang — Business manager of " Hullabaloo. " Frat especially proud of Jim Schwartz — OAK, L BK. Active interest in sports — Kenny Friedman — varsity- baseball; Steve Wagner — varsity track; Steve Schreib- m.an — golf; Arthur Herold — tennis. l86 O C5 P ' 3 ' F ( . ,p fT: u i 1 , Ci f Ci Oi c . f ©I .-. Cjf, j4 rm First RoTff: Robert Aron Bernard Barrett James Breman Robert Brier Ryck Caplan Jeff Cohn Garald Darver Second Row: Fred Davidcv.r Rcdney Davis Robert Eisen Michael Feldmaii Louis Fishman Ken Frank Lee Freudberg Third Row: Richard Geronemus Jamie Gerson Stuart Ghertner Steven Glassman Peter Goldman Bill Goldring David Goldring Fourth Row: Gerald Goldstein Stuart Gorelik Charles Gottlieb Jay Green Herbert Halpem Howard Becker Ronald Heiman Fifth Row: Mark Herman Arthur Herold Ben Jacobs Scott Kagan Michael Kantrow William Kulp Richard Lebowitz Sixth Row: Donald Levy Edward Liebman Ronald Liedecker Leo Lowentritt Edwin Palmer Larry Pfeffer Jack Resneck Seventh Row; Tom Ries Michael Rosenbloom Fred Sepirstein James Schendle Lee Schlesinger Jim Schwartz Steven Sherman Eighth Row: Barry Silverstein Larry Silverstein Steven Sontheimer Chester Storthz Steven Wagner Robert Weinstein Zeta Beta Tau Marilyn Cohen Secretary- Sherry Brown President Linda Teijelo Treasurer Newcorab Pan-Hellenic Council Miss Gaither McConnell Advisor to Newcomb Pan-Hellenic Newcomb Pan-Hellenic Council is an organization made up of two representatives from each sorority on campus. It aims at good scholarship, wholehearted co- operation with the ideals of the college, and service to the community. The Council cooperates with the col- lege administration in the maintenance of high social standards; it strives for unity and cooperation among sorority groups, thus maintaining a high plane of frater- nity life; it is a forum for the discussion of questions of interest in the college and sorority world; and it com- piles rules governing rushing, pledging, and initiation on the campus. It awards the Newcomb Pan-Hellenic Trophy to the sorority which has accumulated the most points for par- ticipation in various campus activities and for the high- est scholarship. The City-Pan-Hellenic Trophy is awarded each year to the sorority attaining the highest average. These presentations are a stimulus to the sororities and determine the sorority which best achieves the aims of the organization. i88 Newcomb Pan-Hellenic Council Alpha Delta Pi Alpha Epsilon Phi Donna White Susan Sterner Ann Amof Barb Kline Kappa Alpha Theta Linda Hudson Mary Margaret Goodrich Kappa Kappa Gamma Corinne Thomas Kalhy Bishop Alpha Omicron Pi Chi Omega Judy Waite Sally Bisso Susan Shanklin Jane Boriss Phi Mu Pi Beta Phi Sigma Delta Tau Cynthia Hopkins Jane Bergeret Marsha Miller Judy Jordan Sandy Spark Cookie Sulkin aSg First Row: Ann Albert Elizabeth Allen Denise Bailliet Linda Barton Bonita Berger Gail Bremenstul Emily Canterbury- Second Row: AUyn Cason Judy Cassidy Mary Clark Karen Clasen Helen Cole Grace Cooksey Linda deShaw Third Row: Ann Dickinson Teeter Fel ' .on Jolna Field Mary Ford Frances French Mary Gallaher Ann Giraitis Fourth Row: Carolyn Gray Ginny Grundmeyer Gay Harmann Mary Hebert Martha James Joey Judge Maiy Kendrick Fifth Row: Suzanne Kenner Susan Levy Maggie Lockett Alice Lonberger Mary Martin Marilyn Mayer Mary McGough Sixth Row: Eda McNamara Gail Mellor Mebane Millender Carol Schwartzbek Patricia Stanger Katie Stengell Susan S ' uermer Seventh Rov : Jeanne Van Arsdale Dorothy Vorhoff Bonnie Wallace Susan Wiechers NOT PICTURED V. Flick J. Guillory E. Kennicott K. Kloepfer E. Link J. Marletl M. McMackin I Alpha Delta Pi OFFICERS DONNA WHITE President TERRY GORMAN Vice-President LYNN HADDOCK Recording Secretary JUDY HILL Corresponding Secretary HARRIET BOBO Treasurer Founded at Wesleyan College — 1851. Established at Newcomb — 1906. Profitable rush week — outstanding group of pledges ushered in with a swim party for pledges and actives during which a few members mysteriously disap- peared. Then on to a full social season, highlighted by the annual banquet and the Spring formal. Active participants in all campus activities — Donna White, President of the Music School — Carolyn Kolb, Phi Beta Kappa and Woodrow Wilson Fellowship — Lynn Haddock, President of Lagniappes — Harriet Bobo, member of Student Council. Sorority cooperation — disappointment over losing the ping-pong contest this year was compensated for by winning the Marlboro Contest and a new stereo. . . and now our mystery guest. ' " Don ' t move!! I ' ll kill it!! " 1.91 EPSILON CHAPTER OF m " What ' s he doing in here? " " Don ' t move!! I ' ve lost a contact lens. " OFFICERS ANNE ARNOF President CECILLE MENKUS , ... Vice-President GRACIE MUSSAFER Recording Secretary JANE BERGER Corresponding Secretary MARY LYNN SILVERSON Treasurer Founded at Barnard College — 1909. Established at Newcomb — 1916. Pre-rush houseparty at Biloxi was beginning of a fun- filled year for Phi. Twenty-five pledges toasted to at Bruno ' s. Founders Day Luncheon, Fall Dinner-Dance, Spring Formal and weekly lunches at the house rounded out the social season. Interest in campus activities ran high as Phis participated in Sigma Chi Derby Day, Campus Carnival, and various campus organizations. Campus honors by the score — Ann Arnof, Senior Class President — Beth Flowers, Athletic Council President, better known as head of the Newcomb athletes — Cecille Menkus, Honor Guard — Gracie Mussafer, Sophom.ore Class Vice-President — Becky Hoffman, quietest cheerleader in the history of Tulane — Rita Krachmer, Assets — Carol Cooper, Homecoming Court — members in Who ' s Who, Mortar Board, and other honoraries. As usual, it was a great .4 E ' J year! rax t ■t ' First Row: Adelle Abramson Barbara Baer Elene Baemstein Janet Block Ronna Bloom Lynn Borochoff Linda Breen Lisbeth Caldwell Second Row: Jackie Cohen Luann Cohen Sarah Cohen Uene Colbert Letty Colbert Barbara Epstein Judy Fine Joy Finkelstein Third Row: Ann Fishman Phyllis Fishman Beth Flo ' wers Ann Friedler Joyce Friedman Leslie Gerolde Karen Glosserman Sandy Goldberg Fourth Row: Elaine Greenbaum Kay Grossman Becky Hoffman Nancy Ipp Dot ' ie Joel Bobbi Kanter Barbara Kline Jane Kohlmeyer Fifth Row: Jackie Kohn Hope Korshak Rita Krachmer Dale Kulvin Ricki Kutcher Madeline Kuttner Phyllis Lepon Lynn Lewis Ellen Lichenstein Sixth Row: Paula Lowenstein Phyllis Magrish Sandra Mellov Polly Oppenhsimer Karen Pevow Linda Rappaport Arleen Raymon Judy Rephan Terry Richeiraer Seventh Row: Linda Rochkind Barbara Rosen Sara Rosenberg Gayle Rosenthal Sylvia Roth Sheila Sherman Nancy Siegel Marcia Silverberg Qair Solomon Alpha EpsOon Phi First Row: Scarlette Armistead Susan Altendg Susan Beaumont Gretchen Birosak Sally Bisso Sherry Brown Suzanne Brown Beverly Burgess Second Row: Carol Burhart Paula Buster Sandra Buster Jane Cheney Sherry Clark Patsy Collins Mary Crawford Diane DeRussy Third Row: Del Anne Eagen Letitia Eldredge Donnelly Eustis Tanya Eustis Marjorie Ewan Jeanne Foster Gay Garner Jean Gatto Fourth Row: Karen Gleye Joyce Graves Joan Halifax Verona Halifax Kathy Harmon Rusty Hausmann Carla Hendrickson Laura Herring Fi:ih Row: Susan Hill Debbe Hitt Carolin Horsling Nina Jacobs Nancy Kerr Meridith Kottemann Shari Kusche Diane LeBreton Sixth Row: Ann Marie Majou Sharon Mary Margaret Noble Joan Partain Karen Peeler Suzanne Peissel Mikki Pellettieri Patricia Penn Dianne Potin PI CHAPTER OF m OFFICERS JUDY WAITE President KAYMOSLEY Vice-President MARY BATTS Recording Secretary VERONICA KASTRIN Corresponding Secretary HELEN CARNEY Secretary f|r5jr Founded at Barnard — 1897. Established at Newcomb— 1898. Home Economics majors. Socially oriented — twenty-eight pledges added to its lists, Christmas party with Phi Kappa Sigma for orphans, beer party given by the lady-like pledge class (now no more alcoholic beverarges can be served at sorority functions) — pledge dinner-dance, Founders Day Banquet and Spring Formal showed AOPis well versed in all phases of social activities. Active on campus — Sherry Brown, Pan-Hellenic Presi- dent — Karen Peele r, Honor Board and Resident Asso- ciation Secretary — Fran V ynns, Mortar Board — Mikki Pellettieri, Senior Class Vice President. Beauties galore — Sherry Brown and Ann Marie Majoue, Homecoming Court — Judy Waite, Floral Trail Queen {and what a trail!) — Barbara White, Sigma Chi Sweet- heart. After another successful year AOPi is looking forward to biggei and better things. " And, according to OUR survey, A.O.Pi ' s are 99 and 44 100% pure!!! " 95 : . ' " I wanna ice cream cone!! " " . . . and when he gets his new car I ' ll lake his pin back!! " r OFFICERS SUSAN SHANKLIN President JANE ESHELMAN Vice-President BETTY ORENDORF Secretary JUNE WILKINSON . . . . • Treasurer LINDA ANN BLACK Pledge Trainer Founded at University of Arkansas — 1895. Established at Newcomb — 1900. Socially the Owls kept wide awake — an uproarious and notorious pledge class of twenty-nine welcomed at annual pledge banquet; orphan party in co-operation with Kappa Sigs (and what co-operation those boys got!); fall and spring formals; annual Spring Banquet; journey to L.S.U. to picnic with the Chi Omegas there. Entrenched in all phases of campus life — Anne Franks, President of University Center Board, member of Tu- lane and Newcomb Student Councils — Susan Shank- lin, the all-time great owl, Newcomb Student Council Vice-President; — class secretaries, June Wilkinson and Carolyn Council — Mary Mundy Clayton, Homecom- ing Court — Linda Ann Black, Kappa Sig Sweetheart. Another prosperous year can be chalked up to Chi Omega! r( 6 Hrsf Row: Christine Bacher Carolyn Baugh Carol Beach Jane Benton Barbara Blake Elizabeth Bolton Jane Boriss Eleanor Clay Second Row: Diane Claypool Mary Mundy Clayton Diane Cole Man Coleman Dinah Conyers Carolyn Council Carol Ann Cram Mary Crouch Third Row: Debbie Daigre Suzy Davis Karen Deener Vicki Elsas Susan Eves Ann Franks Ann Gates Shirley Gayle Fourth Row: Julia Gregory Zuma Lee Gribben Brenda Hanckes Susan Hanckes Carol Harkey Mary Harwell Carolyn Hatten Janet Hendrick FUth Row: Mary Henshaw Priscilla Hess Mary Ann Hyde Mary Lynn Hyde Anne Hynes Mary James Karen Janssen Susan Jeter Sixth Row: Judi KeUeher Elizabeth Lemle Jenny Lebman Qaire Martini Judy Melvin Suzanne Metzler Marilyn Miller Marj ' Miller Seventh Row: Jeanne Montedonico Elaine Morgan Peggy Mullen Blanche Newton Judy Nicholas Sue O ' Meallie Clara Paletou Mercedes Plauche Eighth Row: Carolyn Pratt Mary Lynn Roth Margaret Saetre Sally Skeen Julia Slack Nan Smith Gwin Sorrells Ann Staples Ninth Row; Dana Stinson Ellen Taylor Carolyn Vantress Karen Williams Nelson Wilson Linda V oods Melinda Woods Peggy Wyatt Lynda Yates NOT PICTURED P. Hoffman Chi Ome a First Row: Lucy Adams Susan Becker Mary Ann Blanchard Doiinda Bratton Barbara Burnett Charlotte Coleman Anne Collins Second Row: Carolyn Degelos Mildred Eby Susan Elliott Eleanor Ellis Mary Farrar Patty Gamett Alice George Third Row: Mary Margaret Goodrich Anne Greer Kay Gueringer Pam Hayes Nancy Hightower Ellen Howell Judy Jones Fourth Row: Kathy KeUy Charlotte Lachicotte Pierce Landry Janie Lewis Melinda Littrell Kathy Marshall Susan Mathers Fifth Row: Ethel Maxwell Claire McGhee Nina Mclniosh Marianne Mills Elizabeth Monk Sue Anna Moss Pam Plummer Sixth Row: Ellen Robinson Ginny Lou Ropp Lynda Scott Bay Smithgall Colleen Spence Jeanne Stinnett Janice Stone Seventh Row: Pam Tucker Diane Ulrich Anne Vaughan Pam Waits Nancy Watterson Julie Wells NOT PICTURED P. Bourland R. Brooks B. Brown C. Brumback S. Gamer C. Mitchell J. Weaver Kappa Alpha Theta ALPHA PHI CHAPTER OF OFFICERS LINDA HUDSON President MARTHA YANCEY Vice-President GINNY HODGES Secretary SANDY NOBLE Treasurer CLAUDIA SALEEBY Rush Chairman Founded at De Pauw University — 1870. Established at Newcomb — 1914. Spirit of sisterhood — fabulous work-and-play houseparty began a successful rush week; pledge banquet at Commander ' s Palace; indigestion; pledge-active base- ball game; kidnap breakfast for pledges and the Lindbergh baby; pledge picnic for actives; 2nd place in Homecoming decorations; Annual Spring Formal. Campus Life Enthusiasts — Sandy Noble, Homecoming Queen, Mortar Board Vice-President, Secretary of Tulane Student Council — Colleen Spence, Cheer- leader — Linda Hudson, Resident President — Pierce Landry, Homecoming Court — Millie Eby, Freshman Class Treasurer. " I move we appropriate funds to lix the roof. ' igq OFFICERS CORINNE THOMAS President LINDA HINES Vice-President ANN COX Recording Secretary LYNNE HALL Corresponding Secretary KAROL ANN KUERSTEINER Treasurer " Our pledges gave us this stereo. Tough, huh moiha? Founded at Monmouth — 1870. Established at Newcomb — 1904. " This is the new key I have for my boy friend. ' Just as socially adaptable as the rest — took a fabulous pledge class, naturally; won Homecoming for the third year in a row; had the usual number of parties, highlighted by the gay Kappa formal. Active both on (and off) campus — Linda Hines, Presi- dent of Newcomb Student Body — Julie Sellers, Secre- tary of Newcomb Student Council — Alice Gandy, Honor Board Member — Bonnie Thompson, Homecom- ing Court — Karol Ann Kuersteiner, Tulane Cheer- leader. So . . . What can you say??? It was the usual good year for Kappa. 300 tffe flHjL HB| fl bt.. i ' . J First Row: Emily Anderson Anne Avegno Barbara Barry- Daphne Beneke Sue Billet Kathleen Bishop Martha Bond Sandra Cason Second Row: Susan Chadwick Susan Clark Patricia Coco Kathryn Connett Susan Cosgrove Carolyn Crusel Robin deArmas Janet Desporte Third Row: Lynn Dymond Judy Evans Susan Fay Shelby Ferris Alice Gandy Maxine Green Ann Guillory Sarah Guillory Fourth Row: Anne Hamilton Peggy Harrell Helen Harry Edith Henderson Sylvia Jastram Becky Johnstone Kay Keller Mary Ann Kent Fifth Row: Laurie Kyle Marjorie Longenecker Nancy Lorber Ann Mahorner Joan Matthews Martha McCarty Allison Miller Susan Montgomery Sixth Row: Sally Mysing Margaret Ogilvie Lafon Pease Renee Perez Susan Pfeiffer Anita Rea Catherine Rea Lucy Reardon Seventh Row: Diana Rowley Lucile Scoville Julie Sellers Anne Simpson Ami Smith Regine Soniat Sally Stocker Bonnie Thompson Seventh Rowr: Judy Treppendahl Kathie Wasson Sally Weissinger Monica Williams Martha Wilson Barby Winter NOT PICTURED P. Alverson A. Bernard G. Byrne Chapman Dymond Eustis Garrett Kerrigan S. Kittredge S. Love L. Perrilliat M. Pratt P. Ranlett B. Scott P. Spencer J. Smith A. Williams K. Wilson Kappa Kappa Gamma First Row: Rosemary Azar Rosalie Batchelder Gayle Beville Susan Blackford Bonnie Briggs Bemice Broderick Carol Brown Second Row: Melanie Byrd Mary Rue Cadwallador Jeanne Capdeville Hyacinth Carter Sandra Caselli Georgia Connell Janet Dunn Third Row: Margaret Eden Carolyn Gilford Dorothy Gilbert DeBard Gillespie Lynne Hall Nedra Headen Anne Hickerson Fourth Row: Karen Hyde Marilyn Idyll Patricia Kennedy Katherine Komegay Betty Langhoff Adrienne Lapeyre Kay Lee Fiith Row: Ann Manry Gwen Nelson Mary NicoU Sarah Pilgrim Kathleen Riley Susan Ring Priscilla Robinette Sirlh Row: Frances Rorer Martha Slinn Ida Sue Smith Celeste St. Martin Jane Street Linda Teijelo Carol Venters Seventh Row: Beverly Welsh Beth Whitlock Martha Wickett Patricia Wylie Catherine Wynne NOT PICTURED C. Guell W. Hardy G. Peterson J. Spaulding M. Taylor P. White N, PhiMu DELTA CHAPTER OF f ' OFFICERS CYNTHIA HOPKINS President JANE BERGERET Vice-President ELIZABETH GOLDMAN Treasurer SALLY LOTT Pledge Director FRANCES DECKER Membership Director I didn ' t like that last motion one little bil. Founded at Wesleyan College — 1852. Established at Newcomb — 1906. Sorority togetherness — pre-rush houseparty at Biloxi; pledge banquet at Mary ' s Tavern; Alumnae tea; pledge-active picnic; Mothers ' club luncheons; tradi- tional Spring Formal; spirit winner in pre-Homecoming Game bonlire. Outstanding Individual Achievements — Gwen Nelson, Mortar Board President — Susan Ring, Athletic Coun- cil Treasurer and Cosmopolitan Committee Secretary — Rosalie Batchelder, Mortar Board Treasurer, Music School Vice-President, A Cappella Choir Secretary. " What did you say about the HORROBALOO? " 303 First Row: Mary Anderson Mary Barksdale Bette Bamum Madelyn Bell Martha Bell Dorothy Berquist Barbara Berry Second Row: Dudley Braselton Mary Brown Betty Brunazzi Connie Cole Shannon Cookson Peggy Culpepper Diana Davis Third Row: Lynn de la Houssaye Susan de la Houssaye Karen Dettwiller Nancy Dulaney Pamela Dykes Martha Eshleman Fourth Row: Lynne Farwell Nancy Fowler Nancy Gay Helen Grace Susan Graham Kalhy Hardin Patti Heatherly Fifth Row: Jackie Hestwood Alice Hopkins Bettina Jones Judi Jordon Nancy Lattin Penny Lord Patricia Lynch Margaret Madden Sixth Row: Suzanne Maginnis Murray Maught Lynn McDowell Gridley McKim Camilla Meyerson Nancy Newton Mary Nell Nolan Jill Peavy Seventh Row: Gerry Picton Myrtle Pope Mary Radford Jeanne Rawlinson Dora Ann Riddel Patti Roberts Kathryn Sale Suzanne Seeman Eighth Row: Suzanne Sellars Diana Sessions Camille Shamis Nancy Snellings Epsie Steiner Louise Stripling Jackie Tarleton Mary Young NOT PICTURED G. Brannm S. Groves J. Jones A. Wisdom -i ' siSBnwtmsiiMOSBWMw Pi Beta Phi LOUISIANA ALPHA CHAPTER OF OFFICERS MARSHA MILLER President JULIA NARZ Vice-President JANE PHARR Recording Secretary CAROL BOREN Corresponding Secretary ANN FOTHERGILL Treasurer Founded at Monmouth College — 1867. Established at Newcomb — 1891. " Then she said and next week we invade Successful social season — swinging pledge class (it was either sink or swing) welcomed at the traditional pledge banquet; weekly luncheons at the house re- sulted in fewer members; Mother-Daughter Tea showed the Pi Phis to be real ladies and then there was the Spring Formal . . . Busy in various campus activities — Class Presidents, Lynn Farwell and Ann Fothergill — Carol Boren, Presi- dent of Barracudas — Warren House President Jackie Hestwood — Sandy Groves, Freshman Cheerleader. It was a great year . . . the Arrows hit straight and true. 305 ALPHA IOTA CHAPTER OF I!T And our founder came over with Liei Ericson. 400 lbs. of pork for Friday night. " OFFICERS SANDY SPARK President SHARON TAYLOR ....... Vice-President DEEDEE POLUNSKY Vice-President SANDY STREIFFER Recording Secretary WENDY LUDWIG Corresponding Secretary Founded at Cornell— 1917. Entrenched at Newcomb — 1954 The usual fun-filled year began with a trolley-party- tour of New Orleans for the pledges; Big-Little Sister Luncheon; Pledge-Active dated party; Spring retreat in Biloxi to clean house; Friday afternoon open houses and the Spring Formal rounded out the social cal- endar. Participation in extra-curricular activities — Marilyn Cohen, President of Newcomb Honor Board, Sec. of Mortar Board, Tulane ' s Representative to the Football Queen Contest — Bonnie Kaplan, Assets — Barbie Fried- man, Freshman Class President. Winning the Pan-Hellenic trophy and having the Out- standing Scholastic Average shows the Sigma Delta Taus work hard. . . . 306 f - r- j m F •■ i f! V- ' f First Row: Marilyn Adhadeff Faye Angel Sandy Applebamn Stephenie Ashe Lesley Behrman Mara Berman Barbara Bienn Second Row: Lois Cohen Marilyn Cohen Etialeah Coplon Bonnie Diamond Robin ipubbin Jane English- Virginia Gordon Third Row: Susan Gure itz Margery Held Morma Herman Susan Hertz Debra Hoffman Bonnie Kaplan Andy Kaufman Fourth Row: Cookie Kozer Carol Knurr Joan Kochman Minsni Kress Renee Leon Michelle Le-rin Janice Le ' ry Fifth Row: Ksdy J Iannheimer Nan Markison Norma May Judy Meitin Ellyn Minfz Marilyn Monsky Bonnie Mutnick Sixth Row: Annette Nirkin Diane Perlman Don Poretz Laura Rhodes Arleen Rogers BiUie Rubensfein Nancy Schuss Seventh Row: l ' arsha Sidel Linda Silver Jane SUverberg Patti Solnick Carla Sterne Cookie Sulkin Sandi Tanenhaus Eighth Row: Bobbie Wadler Marian V adler Sharon Waldman Madolyn V eiss Helen Yomtov Joan Zaro ' ritz NOT PICTURED J. Axehad L. Berger J. Frank B. Friedman W. King J. Tram B. Waldman Si ma Delta Tau ADVERTISMENTS Bennett ' s Cam fa tcte 320 BARONNE STREET (Opp. Public Service B ' dg.) 522-051 I AMERICAN PRINTING COMPANY, LTD. 424 Camp Street New Orleans, Louisiana Established Over 50 Years JAckson 2-1 186 523-1926 FRIEDBERG ' S UNIFORMS FOR EVERY PURPOSE and SMART MEN ' S WEAR 521-523 Canal Street New Orleans 16, La. " Where Quality Begins " CUSIMANO PRODUCE CO. Fancy Frui+s and Vegetables Phones JAckson 5-0739-0730 213-215 Poydras Street NEW ORLEANS 12, LOUISIANA FOUR COMPLETE FASHION STORES For Young People and People Who Stay Younj LABICHE ' S 301 BARONNE STREET, CARROLLTON SHOPPING CENTER, SENTILLY WOODS SHOPPING CENTER, AND WESTSIDE SHOPPING CENTER, GRETNA Knowledge is the wing The wing wherewith we rise above our difficulties, above the past. Knowledge is a lifetime asset that no man can diminish. Treasure it, and it will give you a wider, warmer world. Your years at Tulane will bring it new scope, deeper meaning. Use it well, in peace and in prosperity, through all the years ahead. NATIONAL BANK OF NEW ORLEANS MEMBER F.D.I.C. READY WHEN NEEDED SINCE 1883 " SOUTH ' S FINEST SPECIALTY SHOP FOR WOMEN " If il ' j different Ne-ct ' j got it 622 ST. PETER STREET Telephone 525-8336 NEW ORLEANS 16, LA. In the Heart of Old New Orleans French Quarter ROBERT E. McKEE GENERAL CONTRACTOR, INC. DALLAS EL PASO LOS ANGELES SANTA FE TABASCO The Seasoning Supreme As every student knows, an imitation nnakes a poor substitute!! Always insist on genuine " TABASCO " brand pepper sauce when eating at your favorite restaurant, whether it be the Toodle hlouse or Galatoire ' s. a Winner every time! For the Absolule Finest In Men ' s Clothing Visit SCHWOBILT CLOTHES 924 Canal Street 523 0434 BARNETT OPTICAL CO. WM. J. HAGSTEHE, SR. GUILD PRESCRIPTIONS OPTICIANS CONTACT LENS SERVICE BY PRESCRIPTION 833 Common Street JAckson 5-471 1—7414 Pere Marguette Arcade NEW ORLEANS, LA. Your Own -accident-sickness-hospital GROUP INSURANCE PLAN Designed and Approved by TULANE and NEWCOMB STUDENT COUNCIL CONTINENTAL CASUALTY CO.— (Chicago) EMERY KAUFMAN LTD. J L lA o -,-,-., r... NEW ORLEANS JA 2-7221 AGENTS A WORD TO Colleg-e seniors SLnd graduate studexits You are on the threshold of one of the most exciting and important phases of your life . . . your career. Your reward for many hours of study will be a good position in your chosen field of endeavor. In other words, your future is unlimited. W hy not protect it NOW? PACE, Pan -American ' s College Estate plan, w as designed just for you seniors and graduate students, to provide a fair amount of life insurance protection at an age when you benefit from lov er rates. This is protection that will grow with you. And, we can guar- antee that in future years we will sell you additional coverage regardless of health or occupational hazards. Yes, we know you don ' t have funds enough to buy life insurance while in school. Most of us at Pan- American Life remember our undergraduate days when money was a scarce item. That ' s vvhy we have built into the PACE plan a special deferred payment arrangement. It allows you to purchase a nominal amount of life insurance with the premium payment coming due after graduation, w hen you are located in that first big job. There ' s a Pan-American agent near you. Why not give him a call, or write to our Special Plans Depart- ment in New Orleans for complete details of our unique PACE plan. A MUTUAL COMPANY (J NEW ORIEANS, U.S.A. ' ( " SOUTH ' S FINEST SPECIALTY SHOP FOR MEN " If it ' i different Neivl ' s got it 730 ROYAL STREET Telephone 525-2839 NEW ORLEANS 16, LA. In the Meort of Old New Orleans French Quarter COMPLIMENTS OF TULANE MEDICAL STORE TULANE BOOK STORE NABORHUD WASHWOMAN 4825 PRYTANIA 1500 CALHOUN TWinbrook 1-8730 TWinbrook 9-681 1 6215 CLARA UNiversity 1-2022 800 FERN 2045 BROADWAY UNiversity -4051 UNiversity 6-7375 UNIVERSITY CENTER BARBER SHOP To offer immediate service We now have 4 barbers to serve you CLOSED MONDAY TUESDAY-FRIDAY— 8 A.M.-6 P.M. SATURDAY— 8 A.lv1.-4 P.M. BASEMENT— UNIVERSITY CENTER THIS BOOK IS BOUND " - , In A Djrand Cover Produced by the DURAND MANUFACTURING COMPANY 939 West Thirty-fifth Street CHICAGO 9, ILLINOIS Q Traditional shoulder SUITS, SPORT JACKETS, COATS, SLACKS and ACCESSORIES Priced within a College man ' s budget ' CARROLLTON SHOPPING CENTER ARNAUD ' S " The House of Hospitality and Friends " 801-29 BIENVILLE STREET OPEN FROM II A. M. to 12:30 A.M. (AFTER MIDNIGHT) GERMAINE CAZENAVE WELLS Ow.ner of Arnaud ' s Restaurant, daughter of the late Count Arnaud, founder of the restaurant that bears his name, as well as creator of many famous Creole and French dishes famed throughout the world. ARNAUD ' S— Selected the best restaurant of the South for the 2000th anniversary of the founding of the City of Paris. --« f Few are the people who set foot on the sidewalk of New Orleans who do not seek to learn the location of Ar- naud ' s and forthwith journey there to enjoy this famous cuisine. After partaking of a notable meal, guests fre- quently ask the derivation of a particular dish: " Is it French? " " Is it Spanish? " The answer is that it is a combination of the wizardry of the French with the art of Spanish to make Arnaud ' s masterpieces. -.wirttf Ti -.— - Kestaurant rnciud AIR CONDITIONED TopPrawer FOR MEN j u 1212 St. Charles Avenue X-RAY CLEANERS " Our Goal Is Perfect Cleaning and Pressing ' One Hour Service for College Students 7531 MAPLE ST. UN I-4I2I ye Oi4e Ccllefe SINCE 1933 3016 S. CARROLLTON AVE J)hh ForG ood Food Visit Our Dinin Or Drive-ln for Service g Room - 1 HOW TO GET RID OF THAT " LIVED-IN " LOOK 1 . . . go to MB, young man . . . 1 Pull yourself together, man. Live it up! Get coat-and-pants to match .. . y H treat yourself to a couple MB ties. i An MB sport iacket will breathe new life into those old slacks . . . into your nSI old gal, too . . . when she sees the new ones come a runnin ' . V. 1. p. SHOP STUDENT SHOP ) MAISOS BLA CHE ' s A HOUR KODACHROME PROCESSING BY EASTMAN KODAK INCORPORATED 229 ST. CHARLES JA 2-0712 CLOTHING AND ACCESSORIES FOR MEN 1400 JOSEPH STREET ROBERT ' S BAR LIQUOR STORE UN 6-9121 PACKAGE LIQUOR BILLIARDS FOR PLEASURE 3125 Calhoun St. In New Orleans It ' s The Fabulous CA.MI IEIJ(MT I CONTINUOUS ENTERTAINMENT NO COVER, NO MINIMUM TRY OUR TASTE-TEMPTINGfUDgiQ nn Lavish Swedish O ' ' Wl0 ' ' WI ' ' l( g =i O S: SL §: S S. Tl - " O (rs r . - :n z 3 " o ' O 3 (Q o;:- CD z -1 tQ 3 S ' " ' -r, o ID 5 o 3 CD (o rCn J MEN ' S STORE 6070 MAGAZINE STREET " A Good Gents Store " Clothing — Furnishings Formal Rentals Open Till 7:00 P.M. TWinbrook 1-0071 COMPLIMENTS OF FREEPORT SULPHUR CO. NEW ORLEANS PORT SULPHUR THE NATURAL SUIT Here ' s the most natural way how comfortable fashion can be. Choose the new natural-shoulder clothes from our distinguished collection, 50. 55. 65. 75. ( te Ji Almnni -Shop Corner Carondelet and Gravier Combined Food Services of Tulane University Cafeteria — University Center Snack Bar — University Center Cafeteria — Tulane Medical School It Is our pleasure to serve you. UNIVERSITY CENTER LANES BOWLING— BILLIARDS— TABLE TENNIS PARTY RESERVATIONS HOURS Monday through Thursday 10 A.M.-II P.M. Friday and Saturday 10 A.M.-I2 P.M. Sunday 2 P.M.-IO P.M. Basement — University Center Good Housekeeping Begins at THE PLASTIC AND GIFT CENTER 712-716 South Carrollton Avenue UN 1-4548 Owned and Opera ed by a Tulane Graduate For Your Best Deal in Appliances COME TO CARROLLTON REFRIGERATION 7624 MAPLE STREET Friedrich Air-Conditioners Frigidaire Refrigerators Phiico Television O ' Keefe and Merritt Ranges Hamilton Driers Across -from Amy ' s Sno-Kreme or 1700 Franklin Avenue 1- •J %= d G T TH »T CHALMETTE TO( Ctf Chalmelte EXPERT CLEANING is THE BEST for your family! Backed by 80 years of professional experience, Chaltnette offers you the CHALMETTE TOUCH . . . these unsurpassed advantages: TOI»gjCtUAil,jp COMPWf ,, Modem huS ' ■ : vCjBunnf lARAMlEEIKi !: " Tut «r.V. » For free pick-up delivery, Call HUnter 2-2161. Cash Carry ALL ENGRAVINGS IN THIS BOOK ARE BY GULBENK ENGRAVING COMPANY PHILLIP ' S RESTAURANT AND BAR Famous for Pizza Made Daily in Our Own Pizza Kitchen ROSE PHILLIPS, OWNER AND Af ANAGER 733 CHEROKEE STREET Louis Ojeda, Mixologist, at Your Service Continental Foods are Our Specialty Leaders in Photography Since 1905 RAPPOPORT STUDIOS OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR THE 1963 JAMBALAYA NEW YORK 17, NEW YORK 489 Fifth Avenue MUrray Hill 2-8880 A Mewnarahle Year • Congratulations to the Student Body and Faculty of Tulane University upon the completion of another outstanding year of accomplishments. • The Staff of your annual has worked exceedingly hard to give you a superb book that portrays the highlights of memo- rable activities. To preserve this excellent literary and photographic record, the best grades of material have been combined with skilled workmanship to provide the finest quality yearbook. • We are ver - proud that the 1963 Staff selected us to design, print and bind the Jambalaya. We have earnestly endeavored to fulfill the confidence placed in us. IIEI !« OIV PllINTIXG COMPAIVY Complete dJook llilanufactui ' eri tp NASHVILLE 3, TENNESSEE JUSEPH IVfiERRICK JONES AUGUST 30. 1903 MARCH IL 1963 . . . " He brought to his Tulane trusteeship role the same kind of imaginative leadership that had characterized his dynamic ca- reer as an attorney, businessman, and civic benefactor. He employed his many talents in the advancement of the deeper interests of Tulane, and to say that he always gave generously and freely of himself would be an understatement. It would be more accurate to say that he always did more than the maximum expected of him in everything he undertook. " Encouraged by his own tireless effort and his confident atti- tude, the university surged forward to the acceptance of the chal- lenges of greatness, incorporating his always optimistic view of its own destiny. " New Orleans and the nation have truly lost a great civic leader. " Dr. Herbert E. Longenecker President The Tulane University of Louisiana

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