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I JAMBALA NEAL MANGOLD, Editor KEN HELLER, Business Manager DAVE LEWIN, Associate Editor Pa e 52 LEADERSHIP Pace 1 74 Paae 140 FEATURES ORGANIZATIONS Pa ' c 2.H ATHLETICS Paffc 262 THIS IS OUR UNIVERSITY An eternal stream of humanity is the life of Tulane. An integral part of that stream is you, the student. Where vou went and the things vou did each day were " Tulane, 1961 " . The University Center, Gibson Hall, Tulane Stadium ... all are inanimate objects. But they take on life as you and other students enter. These objects, though they may be only stone, mortar, and steel are brought to life by your acceptance of them in your life. You are the University, and it is toward you that all efforts were guided in capturing your year in pictures and words in the 1961 Jambalaya. But pleasing such varied tastes with originality and thoroughness is no simple task. By constant shuffling and reshuffling, we have attempted to bring you something new through layouts, color, and copy. There is no dominant theme, no central idea running through the book. The introduction was designed to cover the realities of the year from arrival to graduation by fusing together the four major changeless reflections of Tulane: the Spirit of its people; the Endurance of its facilities and resources; the Stability of its culture and teachings; and the Reward of genuine efforts— the great pay- off of its perpetual opportunities ... a slightly different approach with the same goal in mind— to record the events of the year in a formal " scrapbook " of the personal experiences that shape your memories. i I ▼: Ti ' .7 ' " r |V! ■ ' . .» - ' M A ••VS i ' w ♦ rt. ¥ UNIVERSITY " Artfully artless, carefully casual. Coolly poised and warmly friendly. " Pmxm;:s: ii yif ' Si f lH HP J ' ■1 B iI H Kr ' t r T H B pN V gn I BR IH DEDICATION There are few Tnlanians, whether students of Psychology or not, who have not come in contact with the respected Dr. iVlann. His accomphshments in the field of Psychology, and his position as Director of the Guidance Office have brought him admirers throughout the University and the country. Dr. iMann ' s interests arc numerous, and range from his in- tense devotion to his profession to photography. His talent is evidenced in the color photography and " Endurance pic- tures " appearing in this publication. June, 1961, will mark his retirement from the field of edu- cation. In slight token of sincere admiration and appreciation of his contributions and inspiration t(j all who knew him, the staff of the 1961 Jambalaya is honored to dedicate his vol- ume to . . . Dr. Cecil W. Mann. OPLE . . . The unbeatable combination of keen perception M ' ith the eager " do-ability " of youth, through planning and action, perpetuates opportunities with such stimulation that one can- not escape a pulsating feeling of " eo " all about. i 1 1 1 pi " i f m-. .111 integral part of the laiiioiis (Jrcscuiir (Jit . ARRIVAL The first of thousands of trips over the steps of J.L. Fall arrival signifies the beginning of a new year. Whether for the first time or the fifth, we arrive to- gether in the fall and don our other faces for the year. To the freshmen it ' s new and strange, and even to the rest of us there is a mixture of the new with the old. A new face, a new course, a new- instructor, but the paths are old and well-beaten. To the most tempered scholar there is an excitement, a sense of new horizons. So the clothes go in the closet, the books back on the shelf, and we open the door on another year. For the new freshmen, orientation is the first contact with the serious world of the University. Here is the first glimpse of the patterns and people v ho, for four years, v ill shape their lives. It ' s dull at times, but it ' s an- otlier part of beginning. Preparations are made for initiating unsuspecting Frosh into the whirl of " BUY, BUY, BUY. " The clothing essentials have not quite adjusted to the compact car look. RUSH . . . ORIENTATION How many fraternit - men have said, " If I could just go through i-ush again, now that 1 know what was going on. " And how many rush captains would say, " Thank God they can ' t. " Whether a rushee or rushing, the an- nual ritual of choosing pledges is uniquely fascinating. A kaleidoscopic whirl of parties, meetings, conversations and faces. The women do it a little differently, of course. More ordered. More sedate. But behind it all are the same breathless questions. Will we get her? Will they take me? Halfway through the week it seems time has stopped, and the madness v ' ill go on forever. Then, one Sunday, rush week is over, the sun shines on new pledge pins and new faces. Faces for which the world will never be the same again. The well-worn smiles and handshakes of another Rush Week. NEWCOMB WOMEN m • Ai ' — f - - •■ -Miss Beth Jones extends a casual welcome to the Newcomb campus. They are not unlike other college women, except that rhey are Newcomb women. They are different because of their personalities, their traditions and their individual purposes. The Newcomb " way " comes quickly to the newl - exposed. Rain coats over bermudas, gab sessions after dates, books with crests on the dust covers— they are all a little bit of Newcomb. And when Saturday night comes they are chic of clothes and hairdo, sophisticated in manner, womanK- in tiieir ways. They belong to Tu- lane as much as to themselves. They and we understand these intangibles. Sororities compete for the coveted Pan-Hellenic Trophy. The May Da ' Queen, Miss Cliarlene Podas, ind her In eh ' court. Barracudas prepare for nursery rhyme skit in annual show. Lawyers disrupt campus on traditional Derby Day. TRADITIONS Some days and events belong to Tulane alone. These are our traditions. In the fall it ' s football— Homecoming and L.S.U. Derby Day and Engineering Week. Christ- mas Night and Graduation morning. In the Spring we invite our mothers and fathers for Parents ' Day, our hometown sweethearts for the fraternity dances. At New ' comb, the Juniors steal the Seniors ' caps and go " ns. The girls stand the girls in the Powder Puff Bowl. These are the big things— the ones we plan and look forward to. Grecnies make final clieck before big blow. Prominent socialite leads charge of Tulane Barristers h Parents enjoy hospitality at Universitj ' Open House. fe Barracuda " squaws " execute wet War Dance. Anv lazA ' Saturday afternoon Mental therapy at annual Campus Carnival. " Everything secure, .Mr. Smith? Barbara Lewis gives good-luck send-off to acting Co- captains McLean and .Michiels. ' ' Mardi Gras . . . thousands of people, unbelievable sights— all a part of the Tulanian s vear. TGIF . Who could resist those " charmers " on Junior Beggars Day? AtftiMNHfiaAiftiiii The presentation of the traditional .May Day Court signifies the closing of another school year. Just as traditional are our special a ' s of spending Saturday afternoons, our coffee breaks and librar ' dates, our favorite restaurants. Campus Cops and campus dogs. The flowers, noises, smells and feelings which are not so different from other universities— except that they are ours. These are the things that sa ' : Tulane. May Day Queen, Charlene Podas, and her escort, Dean Hubbard, Dean of Newcomb. Early Spring downpours halt all activity at inopportune times. A faithful servant to rhc Tulane student subsides under heavy • iiuK .iiiil rains. - wawte, X ' icrory-niinded Wave takes the field in anticipation of 40-6 romp over William and .Mary. Many hours of planning and precarious preparation are put into outstanding displays. Next? Dr. ' ance Strange bestows regality on the lo el ' Homecoming Queen, .Miss Joan Girot. Miller sprints 60 yards for T.D. after Indian punt. The Sugar Bowl is packed to capacity for the colorful L.S.U. tilt . . . and the spirit is at a fever pitch throughout the battle. The New Orleans police are on hand to usher fans to and from their seats. PEOPLE There is only one movement in a university. Its peo- ple. Their goings and comings, studying and laughing, stoppings and turnings, doings and being make up our -orld. They do things as groups, as clubs, as classes, as teachers, writers, politicians, athletes, students and friends. And the ' do things as themselves. We know their faces and names and deeds. We know their disap- pointments and rewards, ' e like them and dislike them either for what they are or what they pretend to be. These are Tulane people. They make it go. The new aii-coiuiirioncil dc)rmitor ' provides a comfortable home a v,i ' from home. jJjJpr WR W ' V gpB Students make quick class change within brief ten minute interval. Distance makes the heart grow fonder. Ejection uf student brings crowd to life. The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Information desk— the nerve center of the University. TIES AND RESOURCES . . . The strength of the physical plant stems from a continuous struggle to expand and improve. The sinews (jf buildings and surroundings, hardened and flexed, are traced to more than a centur - of planning and exe- cution of development pro- grams. V v. If ' ' f 1 r «. ' J ' ' ■ J . Y :..:.: " ' K? « .- ' •- ' M Sv- .:H } .Sf ' • ' -,. " i ii«! f V4rj,- [ . ' r I " . ' s •,._ ill , - %.| 0»ej vS ' «» ' N . P ! ' . k£:ms:: ' m " ' x- • 1 hb ft . r -! -,•■;■■ if : ■ - :? - s ■ Beneath the people and e cnts there is a hardness that endures. Beneath the leaves and flowers of our season, it sees another Spring. It is buildings and quadrangkj and administrators. It is a way of doing things. It changes but slowly, manifested here and there in a new building, a new president, a new regulation. It is the part of the Uni- versity that remembers the class before and plans for the one to come. It ' s the part we ' ll come back to see in 10, 20, or 50 vears. McAllister Auditorium is the scene of many social and intellectual campus functions. Leaders in the new and expanding fields of science are trained in Dinwiddle Hall, one of the oldest buildings on campus. Our shady campus provides a place for quiet contemplation. Through these portals pass the lawyers of tomorrow. The libran ' provides a place for study, research, and meet- ing friends. A famihar scene . . . progress. The new seven-storied men ' s domi was finished this year. 28 Potential building space is presently used to s upplcnicnt Tulane ' s well-rounded athletic plant. Astronomy students are given the opportunity for practical study in the Cunningham Observatory. Capable personnel and modern equipment make the Infirmary one of the finest in the South. WmK i m m m Tiilanc Towers, situated on the northern boundary of the campus furnishes comfortable hving quarters for married students. Stately Gibson Hall . . . the academic heart of Tulane. Our modern ideas are manifest in the contrast of the everchanging architecture. 30 » ' •» . , University Center is fortified against an approaching hurricane. The doors of Howard Tilton . . . behind them a vast source of information to complement our education. The recently remodeled Unixersity College gives working students a chance to attend night classes. OF ITS E AND TEACHINGS Coiistancv is a qualitx ' of the people whether in their read ' friendliness or in their search for newer frontiers. The Uni- ersitv is literalh ' freckled with diversified, competent educa- tional staffs and facilities. Their influence is felt in the condi- tioned poise and appreciation of the students who move casih ' from a class to a test, from a lecture to a C(jncert. ' A»tS, - ' ' ' ' IS ' ' ■ ' M.1 ' » w ' - LW ' Vi . r- sfiL .:r , ] ' i:; -l!t« Jli ' ■ is - ' M ! M3% l: " ' ' . : ' r ' I f mw ' ' ' ' ■ n n i i I .,1 Movements of microscopic life are observed in Biology labs. Increased emphasis on science yields opportunities to female aspirants. RESEARCH While last year ' s knowledge is being iianded down in classrooms and laboratories, the search continues for new facts and new relationships that guide the coming term. In test tubes, fossils, cyclotrons, and in the minds and bodies of men, Tulane people are searching for knowl- edge. Between the lines of a poem, the edges of a canvas, the keys of a piano, the characters of a play, Tulane peo- ple are looking for knowledge. Most of what they find Research in pediatrics conducted in the school of medicine. Controlled reaction experiments are carried on daily in Chcm labs. will not appear in the news. It will go between the covers of journals, be read from papers at academic and profes- sional meetings. It will be bound, numbered, catalogued, and placed in libraries between the things we discovered yesterday and the things we will find tomorrow. Sepa- rately the papers and facts will cause no revolutions, but together they will write the name Tulane upon the fu- ture. 35 Tlie student ' s world revolves around a busy class schedule axis. The smile of relief after an arduous day of classes. CLASSES rhcrc is ;i routine in our existence. It ma - be Mon- day— ' ednesda ' — Friday at 8, or Tuesday— Thursday- Saturday at II. It may be Taylor. Riess, or P ' ranklin— English, Physics, or Contracts. It could be HB 101, or GH 424. or c cn XH 222. ' liate " cr the names or the numbers, the succession of classes is our life. W ' kh them Serious face ' s and appr;.hcnsi c looks ... a test next period. come the midnight typewriters, daybreak in tlie lab, books, notebooks, pens, rulers, erasers, libraries, outlines, and exams. From them we take the information, the techniques, and the talents as we want and need. Today it seems they are endless, but tomorrow it will seem as though we had bareh- begun. ' Exam week perennial crammers carry on in fine tradition. Age-old architecture provides a complacent background for the hourly rush to class. Freshman seeks answers from experienced upper class- man. President Longenechcr and his x ife welcome faculry and staff at reception. CHARACTER Tlic bricks of our education are mortared with ex- perience and smoothed by the gentler fingers of art and life. From lectures and concerts, bull sessions and bridge games, we take home the new ideas that will build us new purposes. The ideas we share in the cafeteria, the music we hear in McAlister, the films we see in Dixon Hall are the catai ' sts that put together thought and ac- tion. There is an art or an idea for evcr -body. And there is a place in us for every art and idea. Dormitory boys enjoy hospitalit) ' of .Mrs. Thompson of Bechrel House. Athletic competition helps ixlicxc schdl.istic pressure. University Center Board hosts the annual Region IX Conference. Interested parents are given an opportunity to view the campus ■ orld of their sons and daughters. The innocence of life. 39 eoKiMA— OF ITS Of PORTUNITIES Meeting fresh opportunities; wrcnchino ' successes out of chal- lenging tasks; a peaceful secur- itv N hich conies from genuine efforts, blended with laughter and growth with friends is man ' s iiiherent right. The sense of living in near completeness is the most pro- found reward of Tulane. o (5 Eight o ' clock, nine o ' clock . . . quarter to ten. A quick bite at Camellia. And straislit to Pat ' s. PLACES TO GO We did ' liac was required on .Monda " , we had a lab on Tuesday, a paper due ' ednesda ' , a big meeting Thursday, and we took the test on Frida ' . We had a short lecture Saturday morning, bur after that— the week- end belonged to us. " l-rognian " otFcrb a littiu change uf pace The " Pier 600 " and Al Hirt. French Quarter cuisine . . . ' " ]J ithoiit onions, please! Mar ' Jane sings the favorites over a " nightcap. " French Market coffee and doughnuts, and then " Goodnight. " PARTIES With our date, or our roommates, or the guy do n the liall— -we cnt to parties. In fraternity houses, French Quarter apartments, private homes, and in our own dorms ' e danced and joked and drank a little now and then. We tried to forget the week before— tried not to think about the •eek ahead. A ' e iiad a great time on Saturda ' — we recovered on Sunda -, but .Mondav it will all be jin again. i , es arc the w indciw s of the soul. Ci ' .aiiipMgiiL-. niusic, -Jiici nmtchliglit. The select multitude of the " BBB. " Fraternin- serenade . . . one of the dubious pleasures of being pinned. s! ' - _ ,._ «ssa«WB« «««W 11 iVK 2r A new course . . . how to flv. PanhcUcnic sports draw enthusiastic supporters. ■ ' " ' " ■■ t - ' ' iitXv ' i; W -i. % A % .1 ' IKfi a?.. ■1 1 . t NEW ORLEANS The magic name of our city lured many of us here— and it has _ et to disappoint us. From the gaud - neon of its business district to the quiet liomes and neighbor- hoods, from the French Quarter by da ' to the French Quarter by night, its architecture and monuments and festivals and life are ours. We ' ll miss the rain and sun Ro -al Street in the he;irt of the Vieux Carre. Wrought-iron fences and grillwork are prevalent in all parts of the Crescent Citv. ' ' V. Spires of the ancient St. Louis Cathedral rise above the atmospheric serenity of Jackson Square. French Market coffee and doughnuts— a treat at any hour. r?;. ' The charm of contrast is evidenced in historic trolleys below a mode rn skyline. •I ' «f ijp M.. Complacent " sidewalk philosopher " ponders unknow n thoughts under the lights of the City that never sleeps. The port of Xew Orleans -L ate ' ;i ' ro South America. upon the beach. We ' ll remember the flowers and the cof- fee roasters. We ' ll remember the horns on the river and the bridle path in the park. And we ' ll remember a quiet bar on a quiet street, a blaring band in a Quarter joint. Rex and his Queen. One-way streets. NOPSI barricades. Fr ' eret Jet. Home, away from home. .like Poncfv.irrain offers year-arciund lioating opporniniries. The Steamer President departs for a night of dancing and sight- seeing on the scenic iVIississippi. , ' ' . , i ' 9 jM . » ■ r . J M » F T ' „ -.-f A ■ -r ■ ' , ' 1 w ._piiiiiiiiii[[- ' i«iiiiniiri-ini " ' -iiTnfr Those students on the Liberte bound for Universities in England and Spain were: Back Row: iXhiry Hobart Key, Hortense Jones, Margie Weir, Walker Smith, iMoUy Hocking, Kraig Klossom, Dr. Joseph Cohen, Shelby Grantham, Captain of the Liberte, John Williams, Martha Riser, Danny Haas, Elaine GoUaday, Connie Sarvay, Margaret Maylier, Patty Lou Burns, Lynn Chapman, Jack Kushner, Ann Maught, Otelia McKnight. Fkoxt Row: John Garoutte, Ginny Nazro, Mrs. Colien, Barbara Miller, Candis Par- ker, Judy Haas, and Louise Nicholson. J. Y. A. As we grew " bigger and better the rewards were more and aricd. A few of us spent a year of college in the universities and colleges of Europe. We travelled and looked and learned about the places we had only recently discovered were real. Marcelle d ' Aquin studies in licr quarters at the Sorbonne. Margie Weir proposes toast to Munich at the annual Beer Festival, AiiKing the yroup li(i snidicd in France and Germany were: Back Row: Sharon Beckham, Claiborne Brown, Jane Huff, Jesslyn Johnson, Mar ' Pogolotti, Ned Rosenhaum, Maureen McCarthy, Barbara Ott. Seated: Marcelle d ' Aquin, Carol Doskey, Roberta Gordon, Leslie Harrar. Not Pictured: Jan Cole, Frank Hacchett. Temporary subjects await a glimpse of Princess Margaret after her wedding. Molly Hocking on streets of Paris. Long Christmas and Spring Vacations afford J.Y.A. ' ers extended travel opportunities across the Continent. 49 A familiar Spring scene on the levee. SPRING Although we can ' t claim it as our own, Spring is our time of year. When the sap begins to ran we trim our sails and prepare for the quick run into Summer. The Greeks hold their fomials then, and Parents ' Day for the ROTC. Elections begin the Spring with an excitement that sets the tone. Then there are beach parties and Sun- da ' cocktails— baseball and track. There are afternoons in the park, e ' cnings on the beach, and .... Ah! Spring. Audobon Park ' s lasjoons are at tiieir beautiful-best. The new leaves push out the old— the cue for bermudas to return. GRADUATION A solemn procession moves from the Library to Gib- son Hall Quad. And it is moving from the University into tlie world. For this is Graduation . . . the day that seemed so distant ' esterday. When we wake tomorrow things will seem remarkabl - the same. We will feel no ' iser, no more certain, perhaps no different at all. But there will be a difference, and what a difference it ' ill make. Commensurate with graduation are the commissioning ceremonies for all ROTC graduates. Graduation th e ultimate reward. LEADERSHIP 2 - :■- ' j X•y y-5:. , f! ' ; Si . r;■:v(. - ' ■ Dr. Longenecker discusses current problems with Pan-Hellenic officers, Nel- son Castellano and Bennet Powell. THE PRESIDENT ' S MESSAGE To the Class of 1961: As you are the first graduating class of my administration at Tu- lane, the day of your Commencement will always be an especially memorable occasion for me. Your graduation is, however, no occasion for bidding you fare- well. Many of you will remain here for further study in the graduate or professional divisions. None of you will really leave Tulane, for your educational experience is a permanent part of you and will be a determining influence in the rest of your life. As the years go by, the University will continue to take pride in your advancements. We hope that you will remain interested in Tulane and in the continuing growth of its ability to provide for each of its students the range and quality of educational opportunity required in this fast-moving and ever-changing world. Herbert E. Longenecker Constantly on the run, President Longenecker rakes time out for breakfast with U.C. Board Officers; Susan Pace, Steve Shamberg, and Alan Guma. Left to Right: Leon Irwin, Jr., Richard W. Freeman, Gerald An- drus, Isidore Newman, II, Clifford F. Favrot, President Herbert E. Longeneclver, Joseph AI. Jones, Lester Lautenschlaeger, Ashton Phelps, Jacob Landr) ' , Joseph Montgomery, Dr. Charles Eshlcman, George Wilson, Mrs. Marie Louise Snellings. Tulane University is a privately administered, non-denominational University governed by a self- sustaining board, incorporated as the Administra- tors of the Tulane Educational Fund. 1 he original membership was named b - Paul Tulane, for whom the University is named, to receive and administer Mr. Tulane ' s gifts. The Board is composed of prom- inent Louisiana citizens. In addition to the mem- bers, the Board consists of three cx-officio members including the governor of Louisiana, the Mayor of New Orleans, and the State Superintendent of Ed- ucation. It is through the guidance of these Administra- tors that Tulane is able to continue its outstanding work in research and educational service as well as all other phases of higher learning. BOARD OF ADMINISTRATORS 56 OFFICERS OF ADMINISTRATION The day to day administration of University af- fairs is directed by a group of officers, composed of Vice-Presidents, Deans, Directors, and others who are in charge of the various departments and divi- sions of the University. It is through the efforts of each of these that Tulane students are counseled, advised, infomied, and serviced. The Tulane stu- dent can benefit much by advice from any of these because each is a speciahst in his respective field. The University is proud of these men and wom- en for the essential part they play in the conduct of University affairs and for their dedicated work. Left to Right: Dr. Robert L. Lumiansky, Provost; Dr. Clarence Scheps, Vice-President; Dr. Joseph Morris, Vice-President; Horace Renegar, Director of Athletics; Dr. Clifford Grulee, Associate Dean and Director, Division of Graduate Medicine; Alvin L. Ly- ons, Director of Development; Dr. Charles P. Summerall, Director, University Health Ser ' ice; Robert L. Talmadge, Director of Li- braries; Dr. Robert Wauchope, Director of Middle American Re- search Institute; Dr. Cliff Wing-, Jr., Director of Admissions; Dr. Ferdinand F. Stone, Director of Institute of Comparative Law; Dr. Robert T. Neiset, Director of Bio-Physics Program; Florence Top- pino. Registrar; Jesse B. Morgan, Business Manager; Kathryn Davis, Assistant to the President; Dr. Fred R. Cagle, Coordinator of Research. «, Y , tji ii «w ' Mrs. Mildred B. Bakkley Coordinator of Activities and Secretary to U. C. Director Mr. Louis Berndt University Center Assistant Director John Frentz Budget Officer DR. JOHN H. STIBBS Dea72 of Students Dr. .Samuel S. McNeelv, Jr. Director of Jnteniattonal Office Mrs. Camilla Morgan Secretary to the Dean of Students Mr. Jesse B. Morgan Adviser to Publications DIVISION OF Tulane ' s Student Program has true and definite aims— to enable the student to complement his formal studies with social and cultural gro ' th, to give him opportunities to develop his interests and appreciations through companionship and, not the least of these, to help make his col- lege years enjoyable both m actualit ' and ui retrospect. New facilities— residence halls, dining areas, athletic fields and courts, health services, and the splendid University Center— have kept pace M ' ith the demands created by the increasingly in-residence character of the student body for a full campus life. The staff members of the Division of Student Life join me in congrat- ulating the students who have produced the 1961 Jambalaya on the excellent manner in which the)- have recorded fcjr f(jnd memory so many of the year ' s campus activities. Besides his counseling duties, Dean Stibbs is in charge of the entire Division of Student Life. 1 m 58 Dr. James C. Ching Supnvisor of Forensics Mrs. Charles Keller, Jr. Chairman of the Community Hospitality Committee Mrs. Janet Hansche Guidance- Officer Rev. George D. Hopper Coordinator of Religious Activities Mrs. Flora Kelly University Center Program Secretary Mr. Einar N. Pederson University Center Director Dr. J. Karlem Riess Adviser to Fraternities Mr. James D. Schneider Director of Placement Dr. C. p. Summerall, III Director of Student Health Service STUDENT LIFE Students arc encouraged to take their problems before the Dean for advice. MRS. DOROTHY RICCIUTI Coinisehr to Women DR. " AXCE M. STRANGE Prcsiileiit of the Tulniic Ahmmi Association JANE KELLEHER RIESS President of tine Neivcomb Ahtmnae Association GEORGIA S. FISCHER Execul ' tL ' c Secretary Newcomb Alumnae Association BEATRICE M. FIELD Tulane Alumnae Activities Director Members of the 1 ul.iiic Alumni Assucijtion Executive Board. Lti i lo Right: D. Frcret, Secretary; A. Waechter, 2nd Vice-President; V. Strange, President; Dr. i I. Emory; past President; W. Walslie, 3rd Vice-President. Not Pictured— E. Mason, First " ice-President; P. .McCloskey, Treasurer. TULANE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION The Tulane Alumni Association was incorporated in 1898, dedicated to broad principles of lo alty and service to the Uni- versity and its Alumni. During the past sixty-one years it has gro ■n from a fe ' local alumni to a world-wide organization of more than .15,000 members living in each of the fifty states and in sixty-six foreign countries. The Alumni Fund, inaugurated fifteen years ago, has provided more than $2,000,000.00 in annual giving for the needs of the University. The Association ' s other contributions to higher edu- cation have been equally important. The annual Tulane Con- ferences, presented by the Association and Alumni clubs, bring to many Southern cities programs in the specialized fields of science, the humanities. h medicine, engineering, social work, etc. Other activities include Homecoming, reunions, local clubs and publications for the alumni. The Newcomb Alumnae Association is composed of some 8,200 alumnae, graduates, and non-graduates. The office is in die Tu- lane Alumni House, where files are kept containing current ad- dresses of former students. Clubs of alumnae are located in lead- ing cities. The Association has two national meetings annually, at Home- coming in the fall and at Commencement in the spring. All for- mer students are considered members of the Association. Regional Alumni Conference, Gulfport, Mississippi. iLxfX. T ' tTf ' T " THE STUDENT GOVERNMENT Members of the Tulane Honor Board from left to right are: Alan Guma, Steve Nichols, Elaine Gilner, Secretar ' ; Richard Shenk, Chairman; Glenn House, James Hughes, and Bob Ambrose, Vice- Chairman. Not pictured: John Stassi, Sue Davidow, L. A. Train, James Benedict, Roy Perrin, and James Wilson. NEWCO.MB HONOR BOARD-Seated, left to right: Sue Da- vidow, Vice-President; Elaine Gilner, President; and Karen Glos- serman. Secretary ' . Standing, left to right: Louise Cole, Marcia Angel, Rae Victor, Mimi Moss, Joan Andress, Lynn Johnson, Rivers Alfred, Linda Hardy, Martha Bennett, Lynn Orkin, Beverly Biumberg, Linda Glazer. STUDENT COUNCIL The Tulane Student Council, acting as a body through which the voice of the students can be heard, is com- posed of elected representatives and the presidents from each of the nine colleges of the University and five of- ficers. Dean John H. Stibbs, Dean of Students, and Mr. Einar Pedersen, Assistant to the Dean of Students serve as advisors to the Council. This year the Cf)uncil has been under the leadership of Henry Blake, a senior in Business Administration. Dick Siienk served as ' ice- President, .Meade Fowlkes as Secretary, Bill Argus as Representative at Large, and Steve Shamberg as Presi- dent of the University Center Board. Besides acting as a voice of the students, the Council has direct control over student organizations and the budgeting concerning all student affairs. The Ne -comb Student Council represents the major division of student government, being composed of class presidents, school presidents, major school organization presidents, and Student Body Office rs. Because of the representative Student Government Association at New- comb, all snidents may participate in the Xewcomb gov- ernment where school policies are formulated b - a self- governing student body. Oifficers HENRY BLAKE President DICK SHENK Vice-President MEADE FOWLKES Secretary BILL ARGUS Representative at Large STEVE SHAAIBERG President, University ' Center Board ARCHITECTURE: Bob Ambrose, President; Glenn House, Hank Winkleman, Marian Tulleners. ARTS AND SCIENCES: Bob Taylor, President; Lenny Hoff- man, Jerry Mashaw, Dave Michaels, Glenn Scott, L. A. Train. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION: Frank Basile, President; Nel- son Becker, Mart ' Davidson, Buddy Fredrichs, Harry Lebow. ENGINEERING: Roy Perrin, President; Bob GuizerLx, Dick Floreani, Lee Lorio. GRADUATE SCHOOL: Tom Kim, President; Welsey Schwem- mer, Murray Work. LAW SCHOOL: Bud Scale, President; John Hainkle, Sidney Landry, Robert Shelton. NEWCOMB: Beverly Blumberg, President; Phyllis Alexander, Sue Davidow, Lynn Orkin, Martha Riser. MEDICAL SCHOOL: Jim Wilson, President; Jack Ilgenfritz. SOCIAL WORK: Arnold Saltzman, President; Al Clark, Anne Ford, Al Johnson. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE: Peter Hagan, President; Tom Casey, Lyn Jahncke, Vicki Maclnt ' re. AD.MINISTRATION: Dr. Herbert E. Longenecker, President; Dean Einar Pederson, Dean John H. Stibbs. REPRESENTATIVES NEWCOMB STUDENT COUNCIL-Kneeling, left to right: Lett ' Goltr % Linda Glazer, Joan Rogers, Marilyn Cohen, Martha Bennett. Standing, left to right: Lynn Johnson, Joan Andress, Riv- ers Alfred, Lynn Orkin, Linda Hardy, Be ' erly Blumberg, Meade Fowlkes, Nonie Waller, Mimi Moss, Elaine Gilner. HENRY BLAKE Fresidevt RICHARD SHENK Vice-President 1 1 WL ' ' ■■■ • — - fl » in .MEADE FOWLKES Secretary BILL ARGUS Rep. at Large 63 STE ' E SHA.MBURG President of the University Center Board ALAN GL IA Vice-President for Finance COM.Mll lliE MEMBERS ARE SELEC lElJ DL ' RIXG AL SS INTERVIEWS HELD EARLY IN THE T;AR Committee heads of the L niversitj " Center Board pictured from left to right are: Bill Lammey, Decorations; Carol Ann Cram, Re- gional Coordinator; Harvey Stahl, Fine Arts; Fran Wynns, Special Events; Voelker Seifert, Cosmopolitan; Judy Mitchell, Hospitality; Elliot Singer, Recreation; Flora Kelly, Program Secretary; Mr. Einar Pedersen, L ' .C. Director; Susan Pace, N ' ice-President for Administration; Steve Shamberg, President; Alan Guma, Vice- UNIVERSITY CENTER This year the Tulane University Center Board cele- brated its second nnni ' ersar -. The Board, made up of the chairmen of the thirteen University Center Commit- tees and four officers, is the overall programming, plan- ning, co-ordinating, and governing body for the Univer- sity Center. Some t d-hundrcd students make up the membership of the indi idual committees. Programs put on in the U.C. arc all planned and staged by the committee mem- bers. Although the University Center is only two years old, this year ' s acti ' ities of the Board were varied and ex- tensive. Big name entertainers in the persons of Dave Gardner and Roger Williams were brought to the cam- pus by the Special Events and .Music Committees. Six- teen of the orld ' s best films, both foreign and domestic, were presented in two film series b ' the Fine Arts Com- mittee. Dances ere staged throughout the year by the I.agniappes Committee. These dances included the Homecoming and the Spring Dance v ith AVoody Her- man. Programs for and about Tulane ' s international students were conducted by the Cosmopolitan Committee. Special dinners and films devoted to various foreign countries v ' ere regular features. ' isitors to the campus were treated royally and given special tours as part of the ac- tivities of the Hospitality Committee. The visitors in- cluded such people as Malcolm .Muggcridge and Aaron Copland and foreign personalities. President for Finance; Kashy Powell, Hobbies and Crafts; Gene Shafton, Personnel and Evaluation; Barbara Lewis, Lagniappes; George Riser, Lyceum; ' arren Jung, Music; Susan Shanklin, First ' ice-President Region EX of Association of College Unions; Jim- my Norr, Public Relations. Not pictured: Diana Daly, Secretar ' ; Tee .Mann, Spotlighters. Tulane ' s U.C. Board hosts the Region IX Conference of the A.C.U. Many of Tulane ' s students and faculty are very tal- ented and were given a chance to perform in talent shoM s put on by the Spotlighters Committee. Ne ' clubs and groups were formed under the auspices of the Recre- ation and Hobbies and Crafts Committees. Some of these included photography, bridge, bowling, billiard, and card clubs. A completeK " equipped tool room A ' as installed in the basement of the U.C. for those who have an interest in crafts. The efforts of many committees crc combined for the presentation of a Fine Arts Festival during the month of April. Lectures, films, concerts, and e.xhibits were part of the Festival devoted to the fine arts— music, jazz and classical; creative writing; ceramics, sculpture, painting, films, and theatre. Looking to the future, the University Center Board intends to further its activity by providing Tulane stu- dents, faculty, alumni and guests with more and varied programs in all fields. SUSAN PACE DIANA DALY Vice-President for Ad?ninistration Secret.iry. University Center Board 65 Members of the Inter-House Council from left to light are: Bruce Storey, Prentice Smith, David Gray, Walter Little, and James Davies. OFFICERS BRUCE STOREY President STUART THOMAS . . . .President Pro Temp WALTER LITTLE ....Recording Secretary DAX ' ID GREY Corresponding Secretary KENT JOHNSON Treasurer KOSTA VLAHOS Social Chairman HERSCHEL ABBOTT ..Newspaper Editor JAMES DAVIES Advisor TULANE INTER-HOUSE COUNCIL The Tulane Inter-House Council is the governing- board of the dormitory residents, composed of the Presi- dents of each of the Houses and a representative from each. The President is elected from the entire population of dormitory residents, and represents no particular House. The principal duty of the organization is trying all quadrangle violations, and hearing appeals from the vari- ous House Council cases. Besides this duty, the Council publishes a quadrangle ne spaper, sponsors Homecoming decoration contests, supervises the orientation program at the beginning of the year, and sponsors a needy fam- ily at Christmas and an Inter-House Spring Social. The Resident Student Government Association is com- posed of all residents of the dormitories, and its purpose is to develop an efficient system of self-government among the students in all matters relating to the conduct of the members individually and as a social group. The duty of the Councils is to see that judicial decisions and legislative resolutions of the Association are carried into etf ect and to execute the decrees of the Inner Council in matters not covered by such legislative resolutions. The Inner Council has the power of making rules, of inflict- ing penalties, and of enforcing penalties to the degree which they find necessary. The success of the Association depends upon each in- di ' iduiil member ho is responsible for upholding its standards. By this, she is entitled to the privileges of self- government. NEWCOMB INTER-HOUSE COUNCIL OFFICERS MARTHA BENNET President TUCKY .MOSS Secretary THE COLLEGES i ; ' " ' ' 4-v mmmimm ,--. ■, SCHOOL OF MEDICINE The Tulane School of Aledicine, organized in 1834 as the Medical College of Louisiana, was the first medical college in the Deep South or Southwest. From an insti- tution established to train physicians to combat the dis- eases peculiar to the area, Tulane medical school has grown into an institution of learning as broad as the en- tire area of medical knowledge. Its services are interna- tional in scope. Its research programs are supported by grants amounting to 130,000,000 a year. Its fifteen departments, representing the basic medical sciences and the several clinical specialties, are housed in three buildings. The Richardson Memorial Building and Din -iddie Hall are located on the main Universit - cam- pus, and the Hutchinson Memorial Building is located in downtown New Orleans, adjacent to the Charity Hospi- tal of Louisiana at New Orleans. The medical student body and faculty profit from nine annual lectureships. At the Annual Ivy Day exer- cises, nineteen awards are presented to members of the senior class who have distinguished themselves in their studies. An annual Senior Scientific Session affords an opportunity for selected senior students to present re- sults of their research projects. In addition to the lec- tureships, four medical fraternities sponsor a variety of social functions during the year, a principal event being the annual Cadaver Ball. DEAN MAXWELL LAPHAM Akdical training applied after years of preparation. Careful rescarcli opens new horizons. i SCHOOL OF LAW The Tulane School of Law, established in 1847, has long enjoyed a distinguished reputation for training stu- dents in the fields of civil and comparative law, as well as for training students to be thoroughly grounded and highly principled practicing la yers. The unique legal history of Louisiana, combined with the geographical position and Latin culture of New Orleans, makes it particularly appropriate that Tulane Law School should attract and serve a varied group of students with a di- versitv ' of legal programs. A distinguished feature of Tulane School of Law is that its instruction is offered to a select student body of ideal size. The relatively small student body, taught by a highly qualified faculty that takes a personal interest in each student, generates an enthusiasm and high morale which make the task of stud}ing law a rich and reward- ing experience. The old and imposing structure of Tilton Memorial, the " new " Zemurray Law Dorm, tutorials, seminar classes, cases to be briefed, Tulane Law Review, Moot Court, Legal Aid, Derby Day and the Barristers ' Ball- all are integral parts of the law students ' varied activities at Tulane School of Law; all constitute a mixture of academic and recreational activities that go toward de- veloping the whole lawyer and the whole man. DEAN RAY FORRESTER Moot Ciiurt tii.il provides pracdcal experience for Law School students. Derby Da " gives « clcome break for future lawyers. A a - . ■? 1 . i t - " ' .i . " ? ! fl - 1 ;4 y ' • ' ' « ' ' ■! r «- mmm--%£ sS -.-- - ' - -■ sjfts.-;, , U , . ' ' -r;, ' ' -; DEAN ROBERT M. LUMIANSKY Graduate School GRADUATE SCHOOL AND SOCIAL WORK The Tulane Graduate School, estabhshed in 1883-1884, is the training ground for college professors and research scholars, and offers programs leading to the degrees of Master of Arts, Master of Science, Master of Fine Arts, Master of Arts in Teaching, and jMaster of Education. It also offers a Ph.D. in twenty-eight fields, and in certain areas is the only school in the South to offer this tradi- tionally highest academic degree. The Graduate School is undergoing very rapid development, having more than doubled its enrollment in the past four years, and attracts graduate students from some four hundred different in- stitutions in all parts of the world. The Tulane University School of Social Work was organized in 1921 and expanded in 1927 under a Rocke- feller Foundation grant. Here specialists in human rela- tions are trained and, as graduates of the School, they make up the staffs of federal, state, and private welfare agencies and institutions. The School offers a two year curriculum, leading to the Master ' s degree, for work in such fields as family casework, medical and psychiatric social work, child welfare, and social welfare planning. In addition to their classroom studies, social work stu- dents are assigned tw ' o and a half days a week to various New Orleans social agencies for field instruction. Begin- ning in the Fall of 1961, the School of Social Work will offer a Third Year Residency program in practice, and a doctoral program leading to the Ph.D. in Social Wel- fare. Graduate student furthers his technical and specialized studies. DEAN WALTER L. KINDELSPERGER Social Work DEAK WILLIAM W. PERRY ARTS AND SCIENCES The college of Arts and Sciences, Tulane ' s liberal arts division for men, is the largest division of tiie University for full-time students. It offers cuiTicula leading to the B.A., B.S., and B.F.A. degrees for its o ' n students and general-education courses in the curricula of the schools of Architecture, Business Administration, and Engineer- ing. It also provides many faculty members of University College and the Graduate School. Many of the Arts and Sciences classes are held in Gibson Hall, the oldest build- ing on campus, but the College also makes use of all or parts of more than a dozen other buildings. Major emphasis in the College in recent years has been on the pursuit of e.xcellence in both instruction and re- search. Admissions standards have been raised; the qual- ity-of-work rules for remaining in school have been made more exacting; the faculty has been strengthened by the addition of new members; and special programs have been developed for superior students. Language labs aid conversational proficiency. :im0 1 V ::s: ■ " j : • . ' - - , : yj " . ?» %, ' i i%4 J _ -.. 1 nil I NEWCOMB COLLEGE Newcomb College was established in 1886 by Mrs. Josephine Louise Newcomb as a memorial to her only daughter, Harriott Sophie, who died at the age of fifteen. Newcomb was the first co-ordinate college for women in the United States. As such it enjoys its own buildings and campus, its distinct traditions and history, and its own faculty, thus preserving the congenial atmosphere of a small liberal arts college. Yet there is no academic, cultural, or social isolation. As an integral component of a major university system, Newcomb offers its students the manifold benefits attendant to Tulane. In terms of library resources, the great variety of course offerings, and the caliber of instruction assured by the presence of a Graduate School of recognized excellence, Newcomb is indeed rich in its ability to offer a trulv liberal educa- tion. Inspiration becomes reality on canvas. Newcomb coeds practice intricate dance patterns. DEAN JOHN R. HUBBARD LBAI machines pla - important role in speeding up administrative processes. SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION To educate men and omen for careers in Business Management the School of Business Administration pro- vides an undergraduate division and a graduate division. The undergraduate division offers a four-year program integrating a broad selection of studies in the Sciences and Humanities " ith professional courses designed to en- gender a thorough knowledge of sound business princi- ples. The graduate division offers a t ' o-year program de- , signed to acquaint students with the application of analytical techniques to the solution of business prob- lems. In addition to these instructional activities, the fac- ulty of the School serves the business community through engaging in Economic and Business Research. The in- structional and research programs have earned for Tu- lane ' s School of Business Administration a national repu- tation for quality and excellence. DEAN HOUARD G. SCHALLER Economics lecture emphasizes important point concerning changing trends. ' - CAM , :- ' ' ' ' . -— , .x - - ■ " -- %. . ■- ,, - . , . . ll " • -- .■ ' - ' A-. - ' — - , ' ■■ ' - " . ' w M m% V i ' % » t ' K K • til % ' . ¥ 4© i ■. ; ' ■ " ,. - 4 »»,: 1 1 ■ma2L L ::M .- i ' f - ' ■ DEAN JOHN W. LAW ERliNCL SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE TuJane Um -ersic - began offering a full Architecture curriculum in 190 " . Thus, there is a long unbroken tradi- tion hich establishes the School as an earl - exponent of architectural education at the collegiate level in this countr -. The School offers a five ' ear program leading to the Bachelor of Architecture degree, and has as its first ob- jective the professional qualification of its students to practice architecture. The one hundred and fortA- stu- dents and some t " ent " facult - members, ■ith man ' others in the University cooperating, seek the fulfillment of this objective in their joint effort to identify the de- cisive forces of the t ventieth century, an understanding of -hich offers the only hope of deliverance from en- vironmental chaos. Putting these forces to constructive and imaginative use is a large task; it can be performed only by men and omen A " ho are competent both in the art and science of building, and who are, at the same time, liberally educated so as to have meaningful cultural motivations. Long hours are spent in precision type work. From survival shelters to entire cities, tlie Architects displa ' their concepts. i ' r DEAN LEE H. JOHNSON SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING The Tulane School of Engineering offers both gradu- ate and undergraduate programs to prepare its students for careers in professional practice, teaching, and re- search in the areas of chemical, civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering. Tulane graduates have pioneered man ' engineering developments both locall - and na- tionally. Engineering students have tlic opportunity to take ad- vantage of the unusual features of the school, hich in- clude the Chemical Engineering Practice School held at the Shell Oil Company Refinery at Norco, Louisiana; the experimental research frame in Civil Engineering, an anechoic chamber for research in sound in Electrical En- gineering, and a gas dynamics and propulsion laboratory in mechanical engineering. Students participate in the numerous student engineer- ing societies ' functions, the year being highlighted by the annual St. Patrick ' s Day Dance. On the more academic side, the engineering students aspire to Tau Beta Pi and to recognition on Honors Night, stepping stones to greater achievement in professional practice. Surveying labs give engineers a chance for practical application of classroom explanations. Electrical engineers tackle intricate problem. (I i ' A ... ..y.. ' y.,y.. .. . .jj,..,. , ZfAi!a- .. . i .- g y,. .. „....iB.....ey ..jB SSS Dii ai UNIVERSITY COLLEGE AND SUMMER SCHOOL The history of adult education at Tulane goes back for more than one hundred -ears, but the most important date in the records is the establishment of Universit ' College in 1942, primarily for evening and part-time stu- dents. In addition to its degree programs— Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Commercial Science, and Bachelor of Medical Technology— University ' College offers a Mide variet - of certificate programs equivalent to two _ ' ears of full-time college study. Recent )-ears have seen the rapid expansion of non-credit programs for adults— informal seminars and " tailor-made " courses designed to meet the specific needs of groups in the community. Nearly one- fourth of the two thousand five hundred students cur- rently enrolled in University College are registered in such non-credit courses. The faculty of University Col- lege consists chiefly of members selected from the regu- lar teaching staffs of other divisions of the Universit - and of recognized authorities drawn from the commun- ity to teach specific subjects or courses. The Tulane Summer School conducts a twelve week session in which courses are offered from the curricula of the College of Arts and Sciences, NeA -comb College, Business Administration, Engineering and Graduate School. The credits earned in the Summer School may be applied in those colleges, as well as in colleges of other universities offering similar programs. The session is di- vided into two six week terms, except for evening courses •hich are conducted on the basis of a single longer term. A student may enroll in either term or both, and earn a semester ' s credit in a subject for each six week term. In addition to the regular courses the Sum- mer School also offers several workshops and institutes in certain fields, as well as a program in English and Ori- entation for foreign students. Summer School students l)en een classes. DEAN JOHN P. U LR University College University- College central building by night. DR. T. T. EARLE Dean of Sinnnier School THE CLASSES 1961 SENIORS SCHOOL O F MEDICINE First Row: ARTHUR GEORGE ANECKSTEIN, Perth Amboy, New Jersey: Phi Delta E|js!lon; Phi Beta KapiJa. SCHALES L, ATKINSON, North Little Rock, Ark.; Phi Delia Theta; Alpha Eijsilon Delta. CHARLES G. B.ATTIG. Ne Orle Tau Beta Pi. EARL Z. BROWNE. JR., New Orleaius, La.; Nu Sigma Nu; President of Senior Class; Pjesideiil of Oul Club; Who ' s Who. St ' foiid Row : JAMES H. BLUE. Fort Smith, Aik. JACK C. C.ASTROGIOVANNI, New Orleans, La.; La Socielc du Droit Civil; I ' iii Delta Phi; Law Review; History of Medicine Society; Newmatl Chib. FRANCISCO CIVANTOS, Havana, Cuba: Alpha Omega Alpha, Histoid ' of Medicine Society, Newinan Club. DOUGLAS R. CORDR.W, Santa Rosa, Ca!. Third Row: RICHARD DALE, Phoeni. , Ariz.; Nu Sigma Nu; Vice-President of Histor of Medicine Society, D. RICHARD DAVIS, Emporia, Kan.; Alpha Kappa Kappa. I. JANICE DEAS, Hamilton, Ohio; Secretaiy of Senior Class, M. L. DODSON, HarpeiA-iUe, Miss.; Phi Chi. Fourth Row: D.UTD P. FEARIS, III. Waxahachie, Texas. CFIARLES E. FELGER, Victoiia, Texas; Phi Delta Theta; Nu Sigma Nu; I 111 Eta Sigma. jpii , GORDON FORSHNER. Greenwood, Miss.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; rhi Chi. D.WID HUGH FR. ZER, JR., Montgomery, Ala,; Sigma Chi; Phi Chi. Fifth Row: .XOLROLLAH GHAHREMAN, Meched, Iran.; .Vpha Epsilon Delta, SU Y. GO. Vicksbuig, Miss.; Eta Sigma Phi; Phi Beta Kappa. THOM.. S A. GRAVES, New Orleans, La.; Phi Chi. PHILIP KEARNY HACKER, Pensacola, Fla.; Phi Chi; History of Medi- cine Society; Canterbuiy Cub. Sixth Row : ROBERT SHELBY HARLIN, Mobile, .■ la.; Nu Sigma Nu. MAC HAIKSTON, JR., Houston, Texas; Phi Chi. JOHN ALEXANDER HART. JR.. Metairie. La.; Phi Chi. ALBERT B. RRY HENRY, JR., Vicksbuig, Miss.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Nu Sigma Nu, Seventh Row: JOHN HARVJE HUiSBARD. JR., Clearwater. Fla.; Phi Chi. E. G. HYDE, New Orleans, La.; Phi Chi. BURR D. ILGENFRITZ. Shreveport, La.; President of Nu Siifma Nu; Sigma Alplia Epsilon, Vice-Piesident of Student Body; Owl Club. JOHN K. JACKSO.N " . New Oi leans. La.; . lpha Kappa Kapjia; Owl Club. Eighth Row: GORDON 11. JONES. JR.. Eldorado. Ark. CHARLES KRIFCHER, Habana, Cuba; Phi Delta Epsilon; Hillel Foundation. RE £E KRIJGER. Crolon, South Dakota; Alpha Omega , lplia. HUGH LAMENSDORF. .Shelby, Miss.: Phi Delta Epsilon. 86 SENIORS SCHOOL OF MEDICINE 1961 First Row : GERALD R. LANASA, New Orleans, La. CLIFFORD C. H. LEE, Honolulu, Hawaii. ARTHUR £. LEWIS. Los Angeles, Cal.; Phi Gamma Delta; Phi Chi; Alpha Epsilon Delta. JAMES T. McILWAIN, .Jackson, Miss.; Sigma A ' pha Epsilon: Nu Sigma Nu; Alpha Omega Alpha: Kappa Delta Pjii; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Beta Kajipa; Wlio ' s Who; Owl Club. Second Row: JOHN FINLEV McRAE, JR., New Orleans, La. ALAN N. MARKS, Wanen, Rhode Island; Phi Delta Epsilon. SID F. MAUK, III, Phoenix, Aiiz. ; Alpha Kappa Kappa. JAMES S. MIZE, New Orleans, La. Third Row : JOHN F. MOFFETT, Lake Charles, La.; Nu Sigma Nu; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. HUBERT THERON MONTGOMERY, JR., Birmingham, Ala. JERRY P. MOORE, Newton, Miss.; Alpha Omega Alpha; Baptist Student Union. ROBERT Y. K. NG, Hong Kong, B.C.C.; Alpha Epsilon Delta. Fourth Row: ROBERT D. NICHOLS, Mobile, Ala.; Sigma .Mpha Epsilon; Nu Sigma Nu; Canterbury Club. WILLIAM L. ORRIS. .Johnstown, Pa.; Phi Chi. JOHN L. OVERBY, Mound, Mnin.: Theta Kappa Psi; Owl Cub. HARRELL S. PACE, Newton, Miss.; Phi Chi. Fifth Row: F. E. PALOMEQUE, Yucatan, Mexico; Delta Si.gma Phi; Eta Sigma Phi. JAMES E. PAYNE, JR., Odessa, Texas; Owl Club. JOHN POWELL PUCKETT, JR., Perry, Fla.; Nu Sigma Nu; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Ow ' l Club, JEANETTE PULLEN, Kosciusko, Miss.; Kappa Delta. Sixth Row : EMMANUEL PIERRE RIVAS, HI, New Orleans, La.; Phi Chi. LOUIS J. ROUSS. LlS, Casper, Wye; Phi Chi. WHITMAN ROWLAND, Sherman. Texas; Phi Chi. FRANK P. RIZZO, JR., Monroe, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Nu Sigma Nu. Seventh Row : SYDNEY S. SCHOCHET, JR., New Orleans, La.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Phi Delta Epsilon; Phi Beta Kappa. CHESTER B. SCNGNAR, Phoenix, Ariz.; Alpha Kappa Kappa. JAY M. SH.AMES, Orlando, Fla. : Phi Delta Epsilon. LEE SCHULTZ, Tucson, Ariz.; President of Phi Chi; Beta Beta Beta; Owl Club; S.A.M.A. President. Eighth Row : A. HORTON SMITH, Birmingham, Ala.; Nu Sigma Nu; Phi Beta Kappa. RUSSELL STOVALL, Magnolia, Miss.; Phi Chi. DAVID E. STREET, Bozeman, Mont.; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Honor Council Member. G. PHILLIPS THOMAS, Tampa, Fla.; Kappa Alpha; Nu Sigma Nu. 87 1961 SENIORS SCHOOL O F MEDICINE First Row : DANIEL A. TRIl ' LETT, Liberty. Mo.; Nu Signia Nu; Kappa Alpha. RUDOLPH F. WEICHERT, III, Oklahoma City, Okla.; Phi Chi; Alpha Omega .Mpha, President. Pre-Medical Society. JE.ANETTE WILKIN ' S, Yazoo City, Miss.; CM Omega; .Mpha Epsilon Delta. CON.ME WILLIAMS, New Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Phi. Second Row : JIM WILSON, Greenwood. Miss.; Nu Sigma Nu; Alpha Omega Alpha; Stu- dent Body President; Owl Club. DANIEL A. WRAY, Eaton Rouge, La. JOHN RANDOLPH YOUNG. JR., Greenwood, Miss.; Phi Delta Theta. UNDERGRADUATES Third Row: JAMES D. GREEN, Ruston, La. WILLI.4M R. HARDC. STLE. Atlanta, Ga.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Nu Sigina Nu: Phi Eta Signia; Omicron Delta Kappa; -Mpha Epsilon Delta; Varsity Tennis. THOMAS E. LOWE. JR., Houston, Te-ias; Alpha Kappa Kappa. CH.AJILES P. O ' BRIEN, New Orleans, La.; Phi Chi; Medical School Honor Council: Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Epsilon Delta; History of Medicine Society; Newman Club; Sailing Club; Eta Sigma Phi. Fourth Row: CHAS. E. ODOM, JR., Metairie, La.; Beta Theta Pi; Nu Sigma Nu. DONALD JEROME PALMISANO, New Orleans, La.; Phi Chi; Newman Club. WILLIAM EARL PHILLIPS, Araory, Miss. .ALBERT PRIETO, JR., New Orleans, La.; Nu Sigma Nu; Alpha Tau Omega; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Kappa Delta Phi, Vice-President; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Sigma Iota; Who ' s Who; Owl Club; Phi Eta Sigma. Fifth Row: . LEX. NDER P. ROSIN, Sarasota, Fla.; Phi Delta Epsilon; . lpha Epsilon Delta; Histor of Medicine Society. SIDNEY T.-VRW. TER, Tuscaloosa, Ala.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. JERRY W. TAYLOR, Ncxv Iberia. La. 88 s K N I R s s c H O O L O F L A W 1961 First Row : RICHARD N. ADKINS, Viigie, Ky.; Moot Court Board, Student Law-yer, Queens Bench. STANLEY P. BABIN, Duson, La. CH VRLES F. BOAGiNI, III, Ope ' .ousas, La. ; Phi Alpha Delta. KENNETH BOAGNI, JR., Opelousas, La.; Phi Aljiha Delta. Second Row : WOOD BROWN, III. New Orleans, La.: Sigma Chi; Omicion Delta Kappa; Scabbard and Blade; Who ' s Who; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi; La v Review (Managing Editor); Cadet staff officer (Colonel 1956-57); Dis- tinguished Military Graduate — 1958. ALLEN HOWARD COON, Monroe, La.; Sigma Ali)ha Epsilon; Phi A ' pha Delta. HARRY CONNICK, New Orleans, La.; Phi Delta Phi. PAUL G. CREED, Ale. andria, La.; Phi Alpha Delta; La Societe du Droit Civil. Third Row : J. MARTIN CROSBY, Jackson, Miss. ; Alpha Tan Omega. WILLIAM MANLY DARLINGTON, New Orleans, La.; Phi Delta Phi. HERBERT HADLEY DUNCAN, JR., New Orleans, La.; Kappa Sigma; Who ' s Who; Phi Alpha Delta; 1958 Jambalaya Hall of Fame. EDWARD MAX FEINMAN, JR., New Orleans, La.; Phi Delta Phi. Fourth Row : WILLIAM HARPER FORMAN, JR., Metairie, La.; Phi Delta Theta; Plii Sigma Alpha; Phi Delta Phi. GEORGE F. FOX, JR., New Orleans, La.; Moot Court Board. Phi Delta Phi: Queens WILLLAM JUDSON FRAZER, Birmingham, Ala.: Bench. BURNELL S. GOODRICH, New Orleans, La.; Phi Delta Phi. Fifth Row: JOHN J. HAINKEL, JR., New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha; Law Rep. to Student Council; Law Review. JACK HAMMEL, New Orleans, La.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Pi Lambda Beta. FREDERIC GRANISON H.- YES, Lafa;ette, La.; Theta Xi; Pi Sigma Alpha; Phi Alpha Delta. ALLEN HENNESY, New Orleans, La.; Moot Court Board; Phi Delta Phi. Sixth Row ; JACOB L. KARNOFSKY, New Oileans, La.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Phi Delta Phi; Adelplions. THOMAS A. KEHOE, New Orleans, La.; Student Bar Association, Treasurer 1959-60, Phi Alpha Delta. KARL JAN KIRCHBERG, New Orleans, La. SIDNEY PIERRE LANDRY. JR.. Lafayette, La.; Representative at Large; La Societ du Droit Civil; Phi Alpha Delta; Tulane Student Council; Student Bar Association. Seventh Row : J DWIGHT LE BLANC, JR., New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha; Scabbard and Blade; Phi Delta Phi. WALLY LE BRUN, Metairie, La.; Phi .Alpha Delta (Vice Justice); Senior Class. Pres. (Law). BRYON P. LEGENDRE, New Orleans, La.; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Alpha Delta. F. .A. LITTLE, JR., New Orleans, La.; Sigma Chi; Who ' s Who; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi; Queens Bench; Phi Delta Tau. . i k . y K « 89 1961 s h: N I R s s c H O O L O F L A W .siii a ivM . First Row: THOMAS S. LOOP, Metaiiie, La. NESTOR MAROUEZ-niAZ, Ph.D., New Orleans, La.; Phi Alpha Delta. CL.ARENCE F. McMANUS, Metaiiie, La.; Phi Delta Phi; Permanent Sec- retai7 o( Senior CLiss; La Socicte du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi; Queens Bench. RICHARD E. MEDEN, Alpcn.i, Michigan; Phi D,[t.i Phi; Queens Bench. Second Row; KELLY E. MILLER, Greensboro, North Carolina; Moot Court Board; Phi Delta Phi. BAILEY POWELL, Meiidian, Miss.; Plii Alpha Delta; Chief Justice. ROBERT STUARr ROBERTSON, Burlington, North Carolina; Phi Delta Phi; Queens Bench. EDMOND CUNNINGHAM SALASSI, Shreveport, La.; Beta Theta Pi; Phi Delta Phi; Chief Justice ol Moot Court Board. Third Row: J. T. " BUD " SE. LE, El Dorado, Ark.; Pres. Tulane Student Bar Associa- tion; Who ' s Who; Phi Delta Phi. THOMAS R. SHELTON, Lafayette, La.; Phi Alpha Delta; Treasurer of Senior Class; Law School Representative; Social Chairman of Senior Class; La Societe du Droit Civil; Student LavNver. JOHN ROGERS SIMMONS, JR., New Orleans, La.; Phi Delta Phi. ALVIN S. TRANSEAU, Riverside, New Jersey; Delta Sigma Phi; Queens Bench. Fourth Row : JORGE LUCAS P. VALDIVTESO, JR., Ponce, Puerto Rico; Lambda Chi Alpha; Phi Delta Phi; Student Law ' er; International Relations Club; Young Republicans. DONALD P. WEISS, Shreveport, La.; Beta Gamma Sigma; Omicron Delta Kappa; Who ' s Who; Law Review. JACK B. WELDY, Hatticsbuig, Miss.; Phi Delta Phi; Student Law7er; Queens Bench; Intramural Council. J.AMES E. WESNER, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Sigma; Phi Delta Phi; Law Review; Editor in Chief Law Record. Fifth Row: JACQUES L. WIENER, JR., Shreveport, La.; Kappa Delta Phi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Beta Kappa; Who ' s Who; Law Review. WAYNE SHAFFER WOODY, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Sigma; Scabbard and Blade; Phi Delta Phi; Law Review. RICHARD LEON YARBROUGH. Gulfporl, Miss.; Phi Alpha Delta; Queens Bench. JAMES CARLTON YOUNG, Plain Dealing, La. U N D E R G R A D LJ A T E S Sixth Row : DAVID W. . ' VDAMS, Albany, Ga.; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Delta Phi; Jambalaya Hall of Fame, 19jj. THOM.AS MILTON BERGSTEDT, Sulphur, La.; Kappa Sigma; Phi Delta Phi; Pi Sigma .Alpha; Phi Delta Phi; Law Review. BERNARD H. BERINS, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Phi Delta Phi; Young Democrats. VINCE.NT J. CIOLINO. New Oilcans, La.; Phi Kappa Sigma; La Societe dn Droit Civil; Circle K. Seventh Row : IHEODORE COrONIO, III, New Orleans, La.; Delta Tau Delia; Phi Delta Phi; Young Republicans. ROYCE A. FINCHER, New Orleans, La.; Phi Delta Phi. KENNETH WAYNE FORD. Houston, Tcv-as; Senior Adviser Paleison House; La Societe du Droit Civil; Moot Court Board; Phi Delta Phi Historian. GENE H. GODBOLD, Dillon. South Carolina. 90 UNDERGRADUATES SCHOOL O F LAW First Row : ODOM B. HEEEE, Metaiiie, La,; Beta Theta Pi; Delta Sigma Pi. BARRY HILLEBRANDT, Lake Cliailes, La.; Kappa Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa. HAYWOOD H. HILLYER, III, New Orleans, La.; Beta Theta Pi; Phi Delta Phi; Executive Gi-aduate Secretaiy of Southern Intercollegiate Sailing Associa- tion: President Young Republicans. NEAL D. HOBSON, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Tau Omega; Junior Law Class Treasure] ; Vice President La Societe du Droit Civil; Moot Court Board; Phi Delta Phi. Second Row : ROBERT W. HODGES, Norfolk, Va.; Kappa Sigma; Young Democrats; Tulane Soccer Team, ROBERT E, JEFFERS, JR,, New Orleans, La.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Army ROTC; Pi Lamba Beta. CHARLES S. KING, Lake Charles, La.; Kappa Sigma; Student Activities Key; Phi .Mpha Delta; Tusk; Wesley Foundation; Alpha Phi Omega; Pi Lambda Beta. N. DAVID KORONES, Ne Third Row : O.le Zcta Beta Tau; Phi Delta Phi. JON L. LEVY, Baton Rouge, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Kappa Delta Phi; Student Activities Key; Who ' s Who. DANIEL LUND, New Orleans, La. AUGUSTINE MEANER, III, Mobile, Ala.; Aimy ROTC Lieutenant Cadet staff officer. RONALD E. MURI.IN, New Orleans, La.; Beta Theta Pi; Phi Delta Phi. Fourth Row : ELLIS JAY PAILET, New Orleans, La,; Alpha Ep.silon Pi Social Chairman; Delta Sigma Pi; La Societe du Droit Civil; Hil ' el Foundation; Treasurer Pi Lambda Beta, MICHAEL PELL PORTER, New Orleans, La,; Sigma Nu; Pi Sigma Alpha; Army ROTC, FREDERICK F, PREAUS, Farmerville, La,; Kappa Sigma; Omicron Delta Kappa; Who ' s Who; Phi Delta Phi; Canterbury Club; Adclphons; Pan Hellenic Council Judiciary Committee, 19b0 Jambal. ' ya Hall of Fame. RICHARD THOMAS REGAN, New Orleans, La.; Delta Sigma Pi. Fifth Row: PAUL R. ROGERS, PineviUe, La. DICK SANDLIN, Lake Charles, La Secretarv Freshman class. CH. ' iiRLES F. SEEMANN, JR., New Orleans, La.; Beta Theta Pi; Kappa Delta Phi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Sigma Gamma Epsilon; Who ' s Who; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi; Phi Eta Sigma. FRED C, SEXTON, JR,, Shreveport, La,; President Sigma Alpha Epsilon; President Kappa Delta Phi; Who ' s Who; Phi Delta Phi; 1960 Hall of Fame. Sixth Row : STEPHEN T. VICTORY, Shreveport, La.; Kappa Sigma; Omicron Delta Kappa; Sigma Gamma Epsilon; Who ' s Who; Baptist Student Union. CHARLES D. WHITMAN, Lake Chares, La. GEORGE WHITWORTH, Memphis, Tenn. 1961 tm . 91 1961 SENIORS GRADUATE SCHOOL AND SOCIAL WORK First Row: NIXON A. ADAMS, New Orleans, La.; Graduate Business; Alpha Tau Omega; Adelplions. CONNIE ANDREWS, Magnolia, Ark.; Graduate Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; A.S.C.E. GARNETT F. BEDENBAUGH, New Orleans, La.; Graduate Engineering; A.I. Ch.E.; Newman Club: Naval ROTC. WILLI. M H. BELL, Beecli Bluff, Tenn.; Giaduate Political Science. Second Row: GERALD P. BODET. New Orleans, La.; Graduate History. MARION BOLING, Rock Hill, Soutli Carolina; Graduate Music; A Cappella Choir. EMILIE TERESA CANNON, Farmville, North Carolina; Graduate Arts and Sciences. CIL RLES J. COHEN, New Orleans, La.; Graduate Business; Zcta Beta Tau. Tliird Row: RENNIE CULVER. Tcxarkana. Texas; Graduate English; Cantcrbuiy Club; Young Republicans. JOSEPH L. D. LTON, HI, New Orleans, La.; Graduate Business; Phi Delta Theta. VV. PAL ' L ELLEDGE, Kansas City. Mo.; Graduate Arts and Sciences; Omicron Delta Kappa. H. RRY ESKE V, Spartanburg, South Carolina; Graduate Music. Fourth Row: ■XDAM EWERT. Metairie, La.; Graduate Public Health. W. E. FRANKLIN. Moieland, Charleston, South Carolina; Graduate Arts and Sciences; Sailing Club. G. MALCOLM GENET, JR.. New Orleans. La.: Graduate Arts and Sciences; Phi Delta Theta; Tulane University Theatre; National Collegiate Players. JORGE FEDERICO GONZALEZ-.ARCE, Monterrey, Mexico; Graduate Busi- ness; Tulane Soccer Football Team; Liasson Committee lor International Stu- dents. Fifth Row: ELLIOTTE M. HAROLD, JR., Metairie, La.; Graduate Business. LOUIS LAUGERI, Hyercs, France; Graduate Business. ALAN THOMAS LEONHARD, New Orleans, La.; Graduate Arts and Sciences: Pi Sigma Alpha: International Relations Club; Graduate Student Organization. IKE LEVY, Kansas City, Mo.; Graduate Business; Sigma Alpha Mu; Scab- bard and Blade; Young Democrats; Army ROTC. Graduate History: Army ROTC. La.; Graduate Business; Sigma Alpha Sixth Row: RUSSELL LEVY, New Orleans, La.; FRED LIEBKEMANN. New Orleans, Epsilon; Louisiana Engineering Society. DONALD E. MASTIN, Lima, New York: Graduate Engineering. MICHAEL H. M, YER, VVinnsboro. La.; Graduate Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Who ' s Who; Scabbard and Blade; Omicron Delta Kappa; JambaijVya Hall of Fame. Seventh Row: PHILIP HUE PEIRA. Paris. France; MARVIN FISHER POWERS, Hudson, . LBERT PRIETO, JR.. New Orleans, Omega: Nu Sigma Nu; Who ' s Who; Omicron Delta Kappa; Alpha Epsilon vice-president of Kappa Delta Phi. EDWIN PRICE RUSSO, New Orleans, Class Agent. Graduate Biochemistry. 111.; Graduate Pharmacology. La.; Graduate Phisiology; Alpha Tau Phi Sigma Iota; Phi Beta Kappa; Delta; Kappa Delta Phi; Owl Club; , La.; Graduate Engineering; Alumni Eighth Row: RUSSELL SHANNO.V, Lakeland, Fla.; Graduate Economics. JUKG SCHNELLER, Cnur, Switzerland; Graduate Business; Sa iling Club. D, LTON L. WOOLVERTON, New Orleans, La.; Graduate Engineering; Phi Delta Thcia; Student Activities Key; TUSK; Newman C!ub; .A.S.M.E. GIB SMITH, .Anson, Texas; Graduate Arts and Sciences. Ninth Row: PETER von der HEYDT, Yeck, Gejmany; Graduate Business; Newman Club. HUGH K. W. TSON, Centre, Alabama; Graduate Arts and Sciences. SENIORS 1961 First Row : ALFREDO LIAN ACOSTA, Caracas, Venezuela; Arts Science; Vice Pres- ident Alpha Chi Sigma; American Chemical Society; Newman Club; Inter- national Relations Club. PHYLLIS JOHN ALEXANDER. Little Rock, Ark.; Newcomb; President Alpha Epsilon Phi; Delegate to Tulane Student Council; Banacuda.s; Cheer- leader; Greenbackers; Student Activities Boaid; Newcomb Pan-Hellenic; Assets; Who ' s Who. A. LEE ALLEE, New Orleans, La.; Law School; Treasurer Freshman Law Class; La Societe du Dioit Civil; Accounting Club. WILLIAM C. ALLEN, Monroe, La. ; Business Administration : Beta Theta Pi; Anny ROTG. Second Row; CHARLES M. ALLTMONT, Reserve, La.; Business Administration; Zeta Beta Tau; Delta Sigma Pi; Adelphons; Vice President Accounting Club. ROBERT ALAN AMBROSE, Houston, Tex.; Architecture; Kappa Sigma; President School of Architecture ; A.I. A. ; Greenbackers ; Naval ROTG ; Com- pany Commander: Honor Board A.rchitecture College; Tulane Honor Council; Omicron Delta Kappa; Who ' s Who. MIRIAM MARIE AN£, New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; Phi Mu; Le Circle Fran ais; Treasurer Ne MTian Club. G. E. ANDERSON. New Orleans, La.; Arts Sciences; Kappa Sigma; Navy ROTG; Sailing Club. Third Row: JOAN ANDRESS, Minden, La.; Newcomb; Kappa Kappa Gamma; President of Newcomb Senior Class; Who ' s Who; Canterbury Club; Honor Board New- comb College; Newcomb Student Council. RONALD M. ARNSBY, Wooster, Ohio; Architecture; President of 5th Year Class; Scribe Tau Sigma Delta; Who ' s Who; A. I. A.; Honor Board Architecture College. ROBERT N. ARROL, Arooia. 111.; Medical School; Nu Sigma Nu; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Alpha Epsilon Delta. WILLIAM ROY ARY. New Orleans, La.; Art Science; Kappa Alpha; Varsity Letter; Football; Varsity Sports; Football. Fourth Row : LORETTO M. BABST, New Oi leans. La.; Newcomb; Alpha Omicron Pi.; Chairman of Orientation; Who ' s Who; Athletic Council; English Club; Jamealaya; Newman Club; Hospitality Committee University Center. HUGH R. BABYLON, New Orleans, La.; Engineering; Treasurer A.S.M.E. BRENDA MARY BAEHR. New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; Pi Beta Phi; Le Circle Fran ;ais; Newman Club. FRANK M. BASILE, New Orleans, La.; Business Administration; Delta Sigma Phi; President of Student Body Business Administration; Who ' s Who; Phi Eta Sigma; Treasurer Delta Sigma Pi; Soc. Adv. Management; Chairman Educational Committee; Intramural Council; Newman Club; Vicc-Chairman Honor Board Business Administration College; President Accounting Club; Pan-Hellenic Council. Fifth Row: CHARLES H. BE.XRDSLEY. New Orleans, La.; Architecture; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Tau Sigma Delta; A. I. A. SHARON BECKHAM, Baton Rouge, La.; Newcomb; Phi Mu; Le Circle Fran ais; Newman Club; International Relations Club; Junior Year Abroad. DONALD G. BECNEL, New Orleans, La.; Engineering; A.S.M.E. MARTHA ALLEN BENNETT, Frankfurt. Ky. ; Newcomb; Kappa Kappa Gamma Vice President; President of Resident Students; Mortar Board; Who ' s Who; Dormitory Council: Inner Council; Honor Board Newcomb College; Newcomb Student Council; Canterbui-y Club. Sixth Row : MICHAEL A. BERENSON. New Orleans, La.; President of Zeta Beta Tau; A.S.M.E.; Fraternity Editor Jambalaya; Young Democrats; A.S.T.M.; Dean ' s List; Concert Choir; Hullabaloo. WILLIAM H. BERGERON, New Orleans, La.; Arts Science; Newman Club. BUFORDEUGENE BERRY, Pascagoula. Miss.; Medical School; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Nu Sigma Nu; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Kappa Delta Phi; Omicron Delta Kappa ; Phi Eta Sigma ; Medical School Honor Council ; First year Medical School Class President. PAUL AUSTIN BINGHAM. Metairie, La.: Electrical Engineering; A.I.E.E.; I.R.E.; Intramural Council; Westminster Fellowship. Seventh Row: HENRY BLAKE, Lake Charles. La.; Business Administration; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; President Tulane University Student Body; Who ' s Who; Canterbury Club; Adelphons. BUDDY BLAUM, Burlingame, Calif.; Business Administration; Kappa Alpha. BEVERLY H. BLUMBERG. Dothan, Ala.; Newcomb; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Student Body President; Mortar Board; Who ' s Who; ex-officio Dormitory Council; Honor Board Newcomb College; Pan-Hellenic; Tulane Student Coun- cil; Newcomb Student Council; Publications Board; Student Faculty Committee for Student Welfare. JANKT FARRIS BODEN, New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; Alpha Omicron Pi. 93 1961 SENIORS First Row : MERLIN FABIAN BONIE, New Orleans, La. of Architectuie Senior Class; A. I. A. WILLIAM E. BORAH, New Orleans, La.: Delui Kappa Epsi ' on; Arts Science. . LBERT LOVELACE BOUDREAU, JR.. Abbeville. La, Trcasuier Delta Tail Delta: Piesidcnt Glcndy Burke Society. .ARTHUR J. BOUVIER. JR., Ne Institute of Radio Engineers. .• rcliitccture ; Vice-President Epsi ' on; Ar . rts Science; Orleans, La.; Electrical Engineering; Second Row : JOHN H, BRE. L ' X. Kenner, La.; Business Administration; Captain Tulane . rmy Rifle Team; Pershing Rifles; Army ROTC Captain Company Com- mander: Treasurer of the .-Vctounting Club. BARBARA BRECKI.NRIDGE, New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; Ath ' etic Coun- cil; Sailing Club. H. R ' EY R. BRICE. New York. N.Y.: Sigma . lpha Mu: Pi Sigma Alpha; Hillel Foundation: Armv ROTC; Cadet Major; Pi Lambda Beta; N.D.T.. .; A.V.S.-A. . . CRAIG BRIGTSE.V. JR.. New Orleans. La.; Arts Sciences; Delta Tau Delta; Vice-President Young Republicans. Third Row: ' ILLI.-VM BRINGIER. San Antonio. 1 e. . ; Engineering; Lambda Chi A ' pha; -V.I.E.E.: I.R.E.; Sailing Club; General Manager, WTUL; President Amateur Radio Club. JOHN C. BROTHERS, Nashville. Tenn.; Arts Sciences; President Phi Delta Thcta; . lpha Epsilon Delta; Baptist Student Union. CL.AI BROW.N. New Orleans, La.: . " Kits Sciences: Sigma Chi: Naval ROTC; Cadet staff oflicei Midshipman Lieutenant Commander; .Adelphons. W.ALTER L. BROWN. JR.. New Orleans, La.: Business .administration; Zcta Beta Tau; Unit Manager Senior Class of the Business School; Delta Sigma Pi; Jambal. ya. Fourtli Row : SUE BRUCK, New Orleans. La.; Newcomb; .Mpha Delta Pi; . rt Club; Vice Pres. Grcenbacker. ; Newman Club. CHRISTIAN HENRY HUNGER. JR., Milford, Conn.; Business Administra- tion; Kappa .Mpiia: Student Council Rep.: Varsity Football: Greenbackcrs: Delta Sigma Pi. M. RY ELL. BURKE, Hattiesburg, Miss.; Newcomb; Chi Omega; Baptist Student Union; 1909-60 Homecoming Court. LOUIS G. CAMERON, JR.. Shrcveport. La.: Engineering: Phi Kappa Sigma; Newman Club; Young Republicans; I.R.E. Fifth Row: M. X C. C. NNON, New Orleans, La.; .Architecture; .A..I.. .; Tau Sigma De ' .ta. JOHN J. C.ASSEL, Longview, Te . ; Arts and Sciences: Pi Kappa Alpha; Vice Pres. Theta Nii; Who ' s Who; Hullabaloo Editor; Wave Handbook Sports Editor; Grecnbackeis; Wesley Foundation; Adclphons, Sec.-Treas.; Alpha Phi Omega. NELSON P. C.ASTELLANO. Tampa, Fla.; Arts and Sciences; Pi Kappa -Alpha: Pan-Hellenic Council Chairman; .Adclphons. WILLIAM C.AVAN.AUGH. Ill, New Orleans, La.; Engineering; A.S.M.E.; Newman Club; Navy ROTC; Platoon Commander; Tailhook Club; Honor Board Engineering College. Sixth Row: JEANNE .MARIE C.AV.AROC, New Orleans. La.; Newcomb; Chi Omega; Rappa Delta Pi: Newman Club; S.- ' iling Club Sec; Newcomb English Club Pres. LYN CH.ALON.A, Chalniettc, La.; Newcomb; Beta Beta Beta; Sailing Club; Pres. Alpha Delta Pi. LYNNE CH.APMAN, New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; Kappa Kappa Gamma. LOYS CHARBONNET, III, Jacksonville, Fla.; Architecture; Sigma .Alpha Epsilon: A. I. A. Seventh Row: C:H.ARLES L. CH.ASS.AIGN.AC. New Orleans. La.; .Arts and Sciences; Delta Tan Delta: Air Foire ROl ' C, Cadet Captain. HARRY J. CHRIS. Jeanerette, La.; Architecture; Beta Theta Pi- .A.I A • Neuman Club; Naval ROTC. MARILYN ANN CIACCIO. New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; Phi Mu- Tusk Sec; Beta Beta Beta. ROBERT COHEN. Miami, Fla.; Arts and Sciences; Tau Epsilon Phi Vice Pres.; German Club; Math Club; Prc-Medical Society; Phi Eta Sigma. 94 SENIORS 1961 First Row : GEORGE COLE. Mefaiiie, La.; Arts and Sciences; Greenbackers; Pep Band Leader; Tulane Band Pres.: Spirit CounciL JAN CARROLL COLE. Huntsvillc, Texas; Newcomb; Pi Beta Phi; German Club; Barracudas; Le Circle FranQais Co-Pres.; Wesley Foundation; Tuland Ciiaraber Orchestra: Junior Year Abroad Club. VELM. CRAWFORD, Memphis, Tenn.; Nc%vcomb; Aljiha Omicron Pi; TUSK. CORNELIUS C. CRUSEL, JR., New Orleans, La.; Business Administration; Delta Kappa Epsilon. Second Row : Medical School; Nu Sigma Phi Eta Sigma. La.; Arts and Sciences; WILLIAM KE.N ' T CUTRER. Lake Charles. La.; Nu; Sigma .Alpha Epsilon; Alj ha Epsi ' on Delia; WILLIAM WOODRUFF DAHLBERG, New Orleans, Delta Kappa Epsilon Sec-Treas. ; Sailing Club. SARAH DALTON, New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; Jambalaya; A Cappclla Choir; Concert Choir; Young Republicans; Fine Arts Committee. DIANA D, LY, Dallas, Texas; Newcomb; Alpha Delta Pi; Secretary, Uni- versity Center Board; Le Circle Francais; TUSK. Third Row : H. RICHARD D ' ANCONA, Glencoc, 111.; Business Administration; Sigma Alpha Mu. MARCELLE d ' AQUIN, New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Le Circle Francais; Junior Year Abroad; Theta Nu. STANLEY S. DAVIDOW, Grecncville, Miss.; Arts and Sciences; Zeta Beta Tau; President, Senior Class of Arts and Sciences; Hullabaloo; Honor Board of Arts and Sciences. ANNE H. DAVIS, Greenevillc, Miss.; Newcomb; Chi Omega; Dance Club; Greenbackcis; Student Activities Board. Former Miss Pauline Tulane Beauty Court; Former Ttdane Cheerleader; I960 Homecoming Court. Fourth Row : DAVID ALAN DAVIS, Ft. Myers, Fla.; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Pi Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma; German Club. CYNTHIA DAWKINS, Shrcveport, La.; Newcomb; Pi Beta Phi; Vice-Pres. Senior Class; Barracudas; Canterbur ' Club. ADRIENNE F.- Y D.AWSON. Ocala, Fla.; Business Administration; Kappa Kappa Gamma: Sec. Senior Class of Business School; Phi Chi Theta; TUSK; Canterbury Club; Lagniappes. CAROL LYNN DOSKEY, New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; Alpha Delta Pi; Le Circle Francais Sec; Christian Science Organization; A pappella Choir; Campus Nite; Concert Choir; Choral Union; Tu ' ane University Theater. Fifth Row: FRANCES RUTH DOW. Houston, Tex.; Newcomb; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Kappa Delta Phi; Mortar Board; Hillel Foundation; English Club. ALFRED B. DOWNS HI, Gulfport, Miss.; Arts and Sciences; Phi Kappa Sigma; Naval ROTC. PATTI DRAKE, Mobile, Ala.; Arts and Sciences; De ' ta Zeta Pres.; Oreades; Theta Nu; Hullabaloo; Newman Club; Panhellenic Delegate; Panhellenic Pub- lic Relations Chairman. MEL DRUCKER, Flushing. N.Y.; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pre-Medical Society; Baseball; Grecnbackei-s; Hillel Foundation; Adelphons; Young Democrats. Sixth Row; GEORGE C. DUNN, JR., Ozark, Ala.; Arts and Sciences; Kappa Sigma. VAL A. EARHART, JR., New Orleans, La.; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Greenbackers; Sailing Club. PATRICIA E.ikSON, Gulfport. Miss.; Newcomb; Alpha Omicron Pi; Psy- chology Major Club; Westminster Fellowship; Young Rejmblicans; Eta Sigma Phi. LILLIAN ELAINE ECCLES, New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; Chi Omega; Beta Beta Beta. Seventh Row : MICHA EVANS, Lake Alfred, Fla.; Newcomb; Alpha Delta Pi; Canterbury Club. RICHARD N. FABER. New Orleans, La.; Arts and Sciences; Ph BARBARA K. ' Y FARRIS, Wichita, Kan.; Newcomb; Le ' Canterbuo ' Club; Sailing Club; Cosmopolitan Committee. FRANK H. PARIS, JR., McComb, Miss.; Arts and Sciences 2nd Lieutenant. Eta Sigma. Circle Francais; Army ROTC, 95 1961 SENIORS 3 First Row ; GEORGE S. FARNSWORTH. JR., Metairie, La.; Engineering: Delta Kappa Epsiion; A.S.M.E.; Young Republicans. CECTLE FELSENTHAL. Memphis, Tenn.; Ncwcomb; Alpha Epsllon Phi; Senior CIciss Treasurer; Cosmopolitan Committee. NORMAN SHEPARD FERTEL. New Orleans, La.; Arts and Sciences; Phi Eia Sigma: Math Club; Treasurer; Hillel Foundation; Radio Club. FAYE FINKELSTEIN. New Orleans, La. ; Newcomb; Tuland University Theatre. Second Row: GRAD L. FLICK, New Orleans, La. ; Arts and Sciences; Newman Club. GERALD M.ARVIN FRIEDMAN. AUanta. Ga.; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Hillel Foundation; Young Democrats. RICHARD J. FLOREANI. Aurora. Colo.; Engineering; Vice-President; Tau Beta Pi. Vice-President: Phi Eta Sigma; A.I.E.E.; Newman Club; Naval ROTC; Tailhook Club; Student Council. OLI ' ER J. FORD, III. Shreveport. La. ; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Canterbury- Club. Third Row : ME. D FOWLKES. Handsboro, Miss.; Ncvvcomb; Kappa Kappa Gamma; President: Secretar ' of Tuland Student Council; . ssets; Mortar Board; Who ' s Vho; Newcomb Student Council. EUGENE FREDERIC FRIEDMAN, Detroit. Mich.; Arts and Sciences; Phi Eta Sigma, Hillel Foundation. EDWARD J- FLHR. JR.. New Orleans, La.; Engineering: Secretarv ' -Treasurer; Tau Beta Pi; .AT.E.E. ; Intramural Council; Newman Club: Honor Board. C. ROL ' YN J. FUSELIER. Houston. Tex,; Newcomb; Alpha Omicron Pi; La Tertulia; Greenbackcrs; Glendy Burke Society; Secretai " v-Treasurer; Sailing Club; Voung Republicans; Spotlightei-s Committee. Fourth. Row : JOSEPH LEE GALLOW. Y, Huntsville, Tex.; Arts and Sciences. JOHN V. G. ROUTTE. Stella. Mo.; Arts and Sciences; Kappa Sigma; Glendy Burke Society; Junior Year Abroad. LIND. MOEHLMAN GENET. New Orleans. La.: Newcomb; Alpha Omicron Pi. J. NE GERSBACHER. Carbondale, III.; Newcomb. Fifth Row: D.AVTD R. GIBLETT, New Orleans. La.; Engineering; A.S.M.E. ELAINE BETH GILNER. Atlanta, Ga. ; Newcomb: Sigma Delta Tau; President of Newcomb Honor Board; Mortar Board: Who ' s Who; Newcomb Student Council ; Tuland Honor Council ; Student Faculty Committee. SALLY ENGLAND GODCHAUX. New Orleans, La.; Newcomb: TUSK: Campus Nite; Personnel and Evaluations Committee; Secreta ry ' - ANN GODFREY, Columbia. La. ; Newcomb: Kappa Alpha Thcta. Sixth Row: EL. INE GOLLADAV. New Oi leans. La.; Newcomb: Junior Year . broad; La Tertutia; Vcstminster Foundation. rOSES H-VVM Goldberg. Atlanta. Ga.; .Vts and Sciences; Alpha EpsOon PI; Junior Year .Abroad: Hillel Foundation; Campus Nite. TOSEPH T. GOLDENSON, Chicago, III.; Business .Administration; Tau Epsilon Phi; President: Naval ROTC; Midshipmen Lt. (JG); Leader NROTC; Drum and Bugle Corp. STEPHEN I. GOLDWARE, Dal ' as. Texas: Arts and Sciences; Zeta Beta Tau; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Hullabaloo: Jambalaya; Hillel Foundation. Seventh Row: LETFY LOUISA GOLTRY. Enid. Okla.; Newcomb; Kappa Alpha Theta; Who ' s Vho; Athletic Council ; President; Barracudas; TU.SK: Former Soph. Beaut - Court. MICHAEL JOHN GON. TOS, Tarpon Springs, Fla.: . rts and Sciences; Math Club; Pre-Medical Society. TON GONSOULIN, Jeanerette. La.; Medical School; Nu Sigma Nu. ROBERTA GORDON. Miami, Fla.: Newcomb; Sigma Delta Tau; Le Circle Francais; Junior Y car -Abroad. 96 SENIORS 1961 First Row ; RODNEY P. GRAF, New Orleans. La.; Engineerin.g; Alpha Chi Sigma; Master of Ceremonies; A.I.C.H.E., President; Naval ROTC; Tau BeU Pi. RICHARD BENNETT GRAVES, II, Biloxi, Miss.; Business Administration; Delta Sigma Pi: Westminster Fellowship; Alpha Chi Omega; Pi Lambda Beta; Yoimg Republicans; Decorations Committee. CHARLES A. GR.AY, Kalamazoo, Mich.; Business Administration; J. S. Nav -. EDMON LEE GREEN, Natchez, Miss.; Arts and Sciences; Kappa Sigma; President; Adelphons. Second Row: JAMES W. GREEN, Eden, Tex.; Arts and Sciences; Pi Kappa Sigma; Alpha Epsilon Delta. EDWIN JAY GROVIER, Alex, La.; Architecture; A.I. A. LAWRENCE C. GRUNDM. NN, .JR., New Orleans, La.; Engineering; President of Senior Class of Engineering; A.S.M.E. ROBERT J. GUIZERIX. New Orleans, La.; En.gineering; Student Council Representative; A.S.C.E. Vice-President; Air Force ROTC; Lt. Colonel; Arnold Air Soc. ; Comptroller. Third Row: ALAN JOHN GUM.A. New Orleans, La.: Arts and Sciences; Phi Kappa Sigma; Kappa Delta Phi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Who ' s Who; Hullabaloo, Contributing Editor; Honor Board; Chairman; University Center Board; Vice- President of Finance; Phi Eta Sigma; University Honor Council. JUDITH ANN HAAS. Neosho, Mo.; Newcomb; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Pi Sigma Alpha; Junior Year Abroad; Clendy Burke Society. RONALD J. HAGGERTY, New Orleans, La.; Business Administration. DIAN HAMILTON, Altus, Okla.; Newcomb. Fourth Row: ROBERT D. HANSARD; Engineering; A.I.Ch.E.; Army ROTC, Captain. LINDA HARDY, New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; Pi Beta Phi; President of Art School; Who ' s Who; Newman Club; Honor Board; Student Council Rep- resentative; Student Faculty Committee. LESLIE AITKEN H.ARRAR, Norwack, Conn.: Newcomb; Eta Sigma Phi; Oreades; German Club, Le Circle Francais; International Club. KENNETH J. HELLER. Denver, Colo.; Business Administration: Zeta Beta Tau, Secretary; Who ' s Who; Delta Sigma Pi; Jambalaya, Business Manager; Hillcl Foundation; Accounting Club; Marketing Club, President. Fifth Row: ANDREW W. HERRON, III. Delray Beach, Fla.; Business School; Beta Thcta Pi; Varsity Track; Sports Car Club; Young Republicans; Marketing Club. FRANCES HIGHTOWER, York, Ala.; Newcomb; Alpha Omicron Pi; Canter- bury Club; Sailing Club. SARAH HILL. Little Rock, . rk.; Newcomb: Who ' s Who; Dormitory Council; Inner Council; Baptist Student Union: Vice-President; Interfaith Council, Corres. Secretary; Student Activities Board. THOMAS L. HILL, Bay St. Louis, Miss.; Engineering; A.I.Ch.E. Sixth Row: J. ROGER HITE. New Orleans, La.; Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; A.I.Ch.E.; Baptist Student Union; Intramural Council. ELAINE HIXON, Tampa, Fla.; Newcomb; Chi Omega; Wesley Foundation. MOLLY HOCKING, Mobile, Ala.; Newcomb; Chi Omega; Junior Year Abroad. LEONARD HOFFMAN, Houston. Tex.; Arts and Sciences; Zeta Beta Tau; Who ' s Who; Hullabaloo, Business Manager; University Student Council. Seventh Row : ROBERT A. HOPPER, Wa ' kerton, Ind.; Business Administration; Naval ROTC; Anchor and Chain; Marketing Club. LLOYD W. HUBER, New Orleans, La.; Business Administration; Delta Sigma Pi; Naval ROTC. EDGAR W. HULL, New Orleans, La.; Arts and Sciences: Alpha Epsilon Delta; Ware Handbook; Newman Club; Sailing Club; Young Republicans; Hospitality Committee; WTUL; Progiam Director. JOHN I. HULSE, rV. New Orleans, La.; Alpha Tau Omega; Christian Science Organization; Naval ROTC; Tailhook Club; Sailing Club. 97 1961 SENIORS First Row: H. BERT IRKLAND. o( Hullabahoo; •(. ' slt■y Democrats. JR.. Memphis. Tenn.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Sports Editor Foundation; Philosophy Club; Sports Car Club; Young ELIZABETH ISSOS, Blrmingliam, Ala.; Grccnbackcrs. BARTON V. BENEDICT JAHNCKE, New Orleans, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Cantcibury Club; Adclphons; Sailing Club; Young Republicans. JESSLVNN TALLEY JOHNSON. Mobile, Ala. ; Kappa Alpha Theta; President Neuconil) School of Music; German Club; Honor Board Ncwcomb; Student Activities Board; Student Council; Ncwcomb; J.Y.A. Club; Senior Counselor. Second Row: JAMES C. JONES. Houston, Tex.; Law School; Bench; Vice President of Baptist Student Union. JAMIE NEWELL JONES, New Orleans, La. STEPHEN D. KAFKA. Kew Gardens, Nc Plii Delta Phi; Queens ident Pic-Mcdical Society; Hillel Fo FRANCES J. KELLNOR, New Orleans, La Yoik; Alpha Epsilon Pi; dation ; Prc-Med Journal. Alpha Epsilon Phi. Kappa Alpha Theta; Dormitory Council. Alpha Omicron Pi; German Club; Dormi- Third Row : BETTY KELLY, Oak Grove, La.: LOUISE KELLY, Baniiiigton, 111.; toiy Council: Young Republicans. W. HOW. RD KISNER. New Orleans, La,; Kappa Sigina; Who ' s Who; Vice-President . l[)ha Epsiion Delta; Vice-President of A S; Honor Board of A S Tulane Varsity Club, KENNETH P. UL KLAIMAN, Atlanta. Ga,; Theta Nu; Hillel Foundation; HuUabalon Boaid of Editois; Pi Lambda Beta; Young Democrats; President of Circle K. Fourth Row: SYD E SIMONS KLliMUK, Mctairie, La.; Alplia Epsilon Phi. ALON H. KOFF. Atlanta, Ga. ; Sigma Alpha Mu; Prc-Medical Society; Hillel Foundation; Ade ' phons. RAY LE BLANC, New Orleans, La.; Army ROTC; A.I.Ch.E. RALPH J. Le BLANC, New Orleans, La.; A.I.Ch.E. Fifth Row: EUGENE T. La FLEUR, New Orleans, La.; Beta Theta Pi; Secretary- Treasurer Fifth Year Class; A. I. A. .JUAN A, LAFUENTE, Cienfuegos, Cuba; . .S.M.E.; Plii Eta Signia; Inter- national Relations Club. JOE LE S. GE, Beaumont, Te .; A.S.M.E.: Tulane Vareity Club; 3 Varsity Letters; Football. D.WID LEWIN, University City, Mo.; Zeta Beta Tau; Pi Sigma Alpha; Associate Editoi Jambalava; Sailing Club. Si.vth Row: BARBARA LY.NNE LEWIS, Houston, Tc. .; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Grccnbackcrs; Piesident Lagniappes; University Center Board; Tulane Spirit Council. GARRY B. LINDBOE, Grcensburg, Ind.; Sigma Chi; Vice-President Business .Administration; Who ' s Who; President of Greenbackei-s; Spirit Council; Business .Administration Student Council; Tulane Varsity Club; Basketball. JUDY LITVIN. Miami Beach, Fla.; Sigma Delta Tair; Who ' s Who; Dormi- tory Council; La Tertulia; President Tulane University Theatre; Vice-Pres- ident Campus Nitc; National Collegiate Players; Ncwcomb Panhcllcnic. HENRY L. LOM. SNEY, New Orleans, La.; A.S.M.E. Seventh Row: LEANDER . . LORIO, New Orleans, La.; Phi Eta Sigma; President Tau Beta Pi: Who ' s Who; Scabbard and Blade; A.I.E.E.; Newman Club; Air Force ROlC: Arnold .Air Society; Cadet Staff Officer, Lt. Col. JOSEPH L ' ORSA, Santa Rosa Beach, Fla. LEO LOWENTRITT, JR., Winnsboro, La.; Medical School; Zeta Beta Tau; Phi E] siIon Delta; .Alpha Epsilon Delta. BRI.AN A. LOY, Houston, Tex.; Newman Club; Army ROTC; Cadet StafT Officer, Colonel. 98 SENIORS 1961 First Row : JAMES FIFE LUMSDEjN, New Orleans, La.; Treasurer of A.S.C.E. ALEXANDER E. MAIER. IIL New Orleans, La.; Campus Nite; Tulane Band; Intramural Council; Air Force ROTC; Cadet Staff Officer, Major. NEAL R. MANGOLD, Co ' umbus, Ga.; Kappa Sigma; Editor of Jambalaya; Adelphons; TUSK; Naval ROTC; Company Commander; Who ' s Who. TARPLEY BL-MR MANN, Meridian, Miss.; Chi Omega; Canterbui-y Club; Young Democi-ats; Student Activities Club; Chairman of Spotlighters Com- mittee University- Center Committee; Member of University Center Board. Second Row ; ROBERT DAVID MARCUS, Miami Beach, Fla.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre- Medical Society. JOHN H. MATTHEWS, Eagle Lake, Tex.; Wesley Foundation; Army ROTC; Cadet Staff Officer, Second Lt. ANiNE MAUGHT, New Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Phi; Barracudas; Canteibui-y Club; Young Republicans; Chi Gamma Chi. JOHN S. MAVAR, Bilo.xi, Miss.; Sigma Alplia Epsilon; A.S.M.E.; Naval ROTC. Third Row: MARGARET SHANNON MAYHER, Columbus, Ga.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Pi .Sigma Alpha; J.Y.. ' . HARRY Mc ARTHUR. JR.. Hattiesburg, Miss.; Business Administration; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Delta Sigma Pi; Air Force ROTC; Arnold Air Soc; Accounting Club. MAUREEN CELESTE McCARTITY, New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; Junior Year Abroad Club; German Club. FREDERICK A. McCAUGHAN, Crossett, Ark.; Engineering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; A.l.Ch.E.; Naval ROTC, Batallion Commander. Fourth Row : WYLIE McDOUGALL, Nashville, Tenn.; Business . " Administration; Phi Delta Theta; Delta Sigma Pi; Newman Club; Adelphons. HARRY McENERNY, III, New Orleans, La.; Business Administration; Kappa Alpha, Vice-President; Ne vman Club; Adelphons; Sailing Club; Sports Car Club. La.; Arts and Sciences; Phi Naval ROTC, Lieutenant; HUNTER BEALL McFADDEN, New Orleans. Kappa Sigma; Scabbard Blade, Captain; Adelphons; Pi Lambda Beta; Phi Eta Sigma. WILLIAM McINTOSH, III, Charleston, South Carolina; . rts and Sciences Delta Tau Delta. Fifth Row: DTELIA McKNIGHT, MiUedgeville, Ga.; Newcomb; Junior Year Abroad. ADAM MEHN, JR.., New Orleans, La.; Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; A.S.C.E.; Wesley Foundation; Army ROTC, Captain; N.D.T.A. HERBERT ALAN MENDEL, Adanta, Ga.; Business Administration; Sigma Alpha Mu. SAMUEL MERRILL, III, Bogalusa, La.; Arts and Sciences; Phi Eta Sigma; Eta Sigma Phi; Math Club, President; Westminster Fellowship. Sixth Row : JOHN J. METZGER, III, New Orleans, L, Engineering; A.S.M.E. La.; Kappa .Alpha Order, Arts Oreades; Westminster W. PORCHER MILES, IV, New Orleans, and Sciences: Cantcrbui-y Club; Adelphons. BARBARA MILLER, New Orleans, La.; Newcomb Fellowship ; Junior Year Abroad Club. MARK B. MILLER, Little Rock, Ark.; Arts and Sciences; American Chemical Society; Hillel Foundation: Opera Workshop; Sports Car Club; Young Dem- ocrats; Alpha Phi Omega. Seventh Row : SUSAN E. MILLER, New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; Pi Beta Phi; Sailing Club. KENNETH E. MILLS, Big Lake, Tex.; Engineering; Delta Sigma Phi; A.S.M.E.; A Cappella Choir; A.S.T.M. MARY MURPHY MOSS, Lake Charles, La.; Newcomb; Chi Omega, Pres- ident; Vice-Pres., Newcomb Student Body; Le Circle Francais; Newcomb Handbook; Honor Board Newcomb College; Who ' s Who. PAT MURPHY, Grosse Pointe, Mich .; Newcomb; Phi Mu; Newman Club; Sailing Club. 99 1961 SENIORS La.; Engineering; Delta Sigina Phi; First Row : WILLIAM H. MURPHY, New Oile . aval ROIC. VIRGINIA NAZRO, Dallas, Tex.; Newcomb; Alpha Delta Pi; Student Activ- ities Kev; La Tertulia; Grecnbackei-s; Canterbury Club; Junior Year Abroad Club. ELIZ. ' XBETH ANNE NEFF, San Antonio, Texas; Newcomb; Alpha Omicron Pi; Oreades; Le Circle Francais; Hullabaloo; Westminster Fellowship; Sailing Club; Young Democrats. STANLEY NELSON, Princeton, West Va.; Arts and Sciences; Tau Epsi!on Phi; Hillcl Foundation. Second Row: WOLFGANG NEUM.XNN, New Orleans, La.; Engineering; A.I.E.E.; Inter- laith Council; Gamma Delta, Pres. ; LR.E. CHUNG YAU NG, New Orleans; Arts and Sciences. SIEPHEN P. NICHOLS, Monroe, La.; Business Administration, Vice-Pres.; Beta Theta Pi, Vice-Prcs.; Omicron Delta Kappa; Who ' s Who; Delta Sigina Pi, Pres.; Intramural Council; Aimy ROTC; Adelphons; Honor Board Bus- iness College, Chairman. JENS J. D. NIELSEN, New Orleans, La.; Engineering; A.S.C.E.; Varsity Football. Third Row : J. DENNIS NOLAN, Oieland, Pcnn.; Arts and Sciences. WILBERT EVANS NOEL, Lafayette, La.; Ajts and Sciences; Delta Tau Delta; Pi Sigma Alpha; Naval ROTC; Cadet staff officer, Midn. Lt.; Anchor and Chain, Sec.-Treas.; International Relations Club. SADAYE OKUBO, Kcnncr, La.; Business .-administration; Phi Chi Theta, Pres.; Channing Club; International Relations Club, Sec; Accounting Club, Sec; Marketing Club; University Center Cosmopolitan Committee, Sec. WILLIAM L. OSTEEN, JR., Millington, Tenn.; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Chi; Tulanc Varsity Club; Varsity Football Letter. Fourth Row: RICHARD P. OUBR6, Metairie, La.; Engineering; A.S.C.E.; Pres.; Cadet staff officer. Captain, Battalion Commander. FLOY CAROLYN OWENS, Jackson, Miss.; Newcomb, Alpha Delta Pi; Wes- ley Foundation; Sailing Club. SUSAN P. CE, Casper, Wyo.; Newcomb; Pi Beta Phi; Assets; Who ' s Who; G reenbackers; Newcomb Student Council; Newcomb Student Faculty Com- mittee; University Center Board, Vice-Pres. for Administration. ROBERT RUDOLPH PADRON, Key West, Fla.; Arts and Sciences; Delta Tau Delta. Fifth Row: FREDERICK D. PARHAM, II, New Orleans, University College; Cosmo- politan Connuittee; Sigma Pi Sigma. RICHARD W. PE. COCK, New Orleans, La.; Arts and Sciences; Pep Band Betliany Fello ship; 1 ulane Band; . nuy ROTC. ROY A. PERRIN, JR., New Orleans, La.; Engineering, Pres.; Who ' s Who. Intramural Council; Air Force ROTC; Cadet staff officer. Colonel: Arnold Air Soc; Honor Board Engineering College; University Honor Council A.S.T.M. DUANE P.AYNE PERROW, Lynchbuig, Va.; Newcomb; Pi Beta Phi; Assets Dance Club. Moss Point, Miss.; Arts and Sciences; Zeta Beta Sixth Row; MARC L. PETERZELL Tau; Greenbackers. L.- RRY BROWN PHILLIPS, IH, Shreveport, La.; Arts and Sciences, Vice- Pres. Senior Class; Sigma .-Mpha Epsilon; Alpha Chi Sigma; Wesley Foundation. EDWARD J. PIERSON, Metairie, La.; .-Vrts and Sciences. JOHN S. PITTMAN, Green vood, Miss. Hullabaloo; Westminster Fellowship. Alts and Sciences; Phi Delta Theta; Seventh Row: MICHEL PFl.IFER GOODMAN, Metairie, La.; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Epsilon Phi. ELINOR HEDY PLOTKIN, New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; Beta Beta Beta; Hillcl Foundation; Young Republicans. BENNETT E. POWELL, New Orleans, La.; Business Administration, Pres. Senior Cla.ss; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Delta Sigina Pi; Newman Club; Young Republicans; Pan-Hellenic Council, Sec. ROBF.RT N. PRICE, Memphis, Tenn.; Business .Administration; Varsity Foot- ball; Vaniity Baseball. 100 SENIORS 1961 First Row : L. M. PROVOSTY, Alexandria, La.; Aits and Sciences; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Newman Club; Sailing Club; Pie-Medical Society. GOLDIE RAPPAPORT, Miami, Fla.; Newcomb; Sigma Delta Tau. JAMES FRANCIS R. Y, Barer, Fla.; Arts and Sciences; Hullabaloo: West- min ster Fellowship; Pi Lambda Beta; Sailing Club; Sports Car Club; Young Democrats; Circle K; Talent Committee. FONTAINE REEVES. JR., Eufaula, .-Ma.; Arts and Sciences; Phi Kappa Sigma; Student Activities Key; Alpha Phi Omega. Second Row : HERBERT LARUE RENFROE, New Orleans, La.; Engineering; A.I.E.E. ROBERT M. RENO, Miami, Fla.; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. BRENT ALAN RICHARDSON, New Orleans, La.; Arts and Sciences. MARTHA RISER, Monroe, La.; Newcomb; Chi Omega; Tulane Student Council Representative; Beta Beta Beta, Vice-Pres.; Who ' s Who; Wesley Foundation; University Center Cosmopolitan Committee; Junior Year Abroad Club. Third Row: RUEL T. ROGERS, New Orleans, La.: Engineering; A.I.Ch.E.; Naval ROTC; Alpha Chi Sigma. PAULA A. ROSE, New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; Newman Club. STANLEY NED ROSENBAUM, Highland Park, III.; Arts and Sciences. ALAN HOWARD ROSENBLOUM. St. Louis, Mo.; Business Administration; Delta Sigma Pi; TUSK; Marketing Club, Vice-Pres. Fourth Row : KATHLEEN GEORGES ROTH, New Orlean s, La.; Newcomb; Pi Beta Phi; Newman Club. SYLVIA ROUCHELL, New Orleans; Newcomb; Beta Beta Beta, Historian; TUSK; Newman Club; Army ROTC Sponsor, Co. D. RUDOLF B. ROZSA, Tulsa, Okla.; Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; A.I.Ch.E. LEROY J. RUNEY, JR., Charleston, S. C; Business Administration; Delta Sigma Pi, Senior Vice-Pres.; Newman Club; Naval ROTC; Marketing Club. Fifth Row: LEONARD RUBIN, Augusta, Ga.; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Hillel Foundation; Army ROTC. JAMES PAT RYAN, Shrex ' eport, La.; Business Administration; Kajjpa AI])ha Order; Newman Club; Sailing Club; Patterson House Adviser. JANE SANFORD, New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; Pi Beta Phi. CONNIE SARVAY, Montgomery ' , Ala.; Newcomb; Alpha Delta Pi; Eta Sigma Phi; Oreades; Canterbury Club; Junior Year Abroad Club. Sixth Row : NEAL E. SCHAFER, Tenafiy, N. J.; Arts and Sciences; Delta Tau Delta; Newman Club; International Relations Club; Pi Lambda Beta; WTUL; Spot- lighters Committee. WILBERT A. SCHEFFLER, JR.; New Orleans, La.; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Tau Omega; Sigma Pi Sigma; Math Club. ARTHEL SCHEUERMANN, Tampa, Fla.; Newcomb; Alpha Delta Pi. STEPHEN A. SCHMEDTJE, JR., New Orleans, La.; Business Administration; Kappa Alpha Order, President. Seventh Row : JILL SCHUSTER, Shreveport, La.; Newcomb; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Dance Club; Hillel Foundation. HENRY R. SCHORR, New Orleans, La.; Mechanical Engineering. GAIL ANN SCHULER, New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; La Tertulia, Oreades. BEN H. SCHWARTZ, Cincinnati, Ohio; Arts and Sciences; Zcta Beta Tau. ' I ' i l J 101 1961 SENIORS First Row: MARY HELEN SEAGO, New O.li-ans, La.; Ni-wcomb: Pi Beta Phi; Art Club; Bai racudas. VOLKER A. SEIFERT. New Oilcans. La.: Arts and Sciences; German Cub, President; Have Handbook; Cosmopolitan Committee; Liaison Committee. F_. J. SELM.AN. Ne v Orleans. La.; .Arts and Sciences; Delta Kappa Epsilon, Vice-President; Pre-Medicai Society; Ne Mnan Club. STEPHEN C. SHAMBERG. VVinnetka. 111.; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Mu. President, Tulanc University Center; Who ' s Who; La. Tertulia; Student Council; Student-Faculty Discussion Committee; University Senate Comniittec on Student -Allaiis. Second Row : JUDITH D. SHARP, Melaiiie, La.; Ncucomb; Pi Beta Phi; Barracudas. JUDITH C. SHAW, New Orleans, La.; Neucomb; Pi Beta Phi; Art Club; La Tertulia. RICH.ARD L. SHENK, Columbus, Ohio; Business Administration; Zeta Beta Tau; Vice-President, Tiilane Student Body; Who ' s Who; Delta Sigma Pi; Honor Board, Tulanc University; Chairman, University Honor Council; .• thletic Liaison Committee. SANDRA HOLMES SHULER, Shreveport, La.; Architecture; Kappa Kappa Gamma; .A. I. .A. Third Row : MONK SIMONS, HI, New Orleans, La.; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Tau Omega; Intramural Council; Basketball; Newman Club. WILLIAM J. SIMPSON, New Orleans. La.; Engineering: A.I.E.E.; I.R.E.; Tau Beta Pi. S. RONALD SLIPMAN, NeiN- Orleans, La.; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pre-Medical S(x:iety; Psychology Major Club; Hillel Foundation. LAWRENCE F. SMART, JR.. New Orleans, La.; Business Administration; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Nc Mnan Club. Fourth Row : GEORGE JAY WALKER SMITH, Natchez, Miss.; Arts and Sciences; Kappa Sigma; German Club; Jambalav.a; Phi Eta Sigma; Junior Year Abroad Club. ROBERT E. SNYDER, Canton, Minn.; Arts and Sciences; Pre-Medical So- ciety; Newman Club. ROBERT UPSHUR SONIAT, New Orleans, La.; Arts and Sciences. THOMAS P. SPARKS, III, San Diego, CaliL; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Philosophy Club; Varsity Track; " Tulanc Varsity Club; Varsity Letter. Track. Fifth Row: NANCY STARR, New Or ' .cans, La. ; Newcomb; Kappa Kappa Gamma. ANDREW J. STEIN, JR., New Orleans, La.; Arts and Sciences. B.ARRY JAY STEl.V, Forest Hills, New York; Arts and Sciences; Campus Nile: Tiilane University Theatre. ROSEMARY STEWART, Comoe, Te. ;.: Newcomb ; Chi Omega. Sixth Row: HARRIET ANN .STONE, Amarillo, Te .; Newcomb; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Senior Class Secietarv ' : Dance Club; Dormitoiy Council; Jambalava Beauty Court, 1!). )9; Homecoming Court, 1959. MICHAEL P. STRUTZEL, Biloxi, Miss.; Arts and Sciences; Phi Kappa Sigma; Pi Sigma .Alpha; Air Force ROTC, Major; Young Democrats. MICHAEL ALOYSIOS SULLIVAN, Covington, La.; Medical School; Phi Chi; .Alpha Epsilon Delta; History of Medicine Society. CLINT SUMNER, JR., Sylvester, Ga.; Arts and Sciences; Phi Kappa Sigma, Vice-President; Baptist Stutlent Union; Pi Lambda Beta. Seventh Row : CAROLYN SUTTER, New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; Pi Beta Phi. CHARLOTTE SUITER, New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; Pi Beta Phi. New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; Wesley Foundation; EVON ANN SWAIN, Young Republicans. LAWRENCE M. SYL-VESTRE, istiation; Delta Sigma Pi. Beli: British Honduras; Business Admin- Eighth Row : MARG.ARET TAYLOR. New Orleans, La.: Business Administration Stud ent Body Secretary-Treasurer; Phi Chi Thcta, Vice-President, Newman Club, Pres- ident; Marketing Club; Accounting Club. ROBERT W. TAYLOR, New Orleans, La.; Arts and Sciences; Phi Kappa Sigma- A S Student Bodv President; .Alpha Epsilon Delta; Oinicron Delta Ka])pa ' ; Wlio ' s Who; Pep Band; Canterbury Club; Tulanc Band; Honor Boaid; Lagnaijipes; Homecoming Chairman, 1960. MARVIN L. TEICH, Yonkers, New Y ' ork; Arts and Sciences. JOHN C. THOMAS, Montgomciy, Ala.; Arts and Sciences; Canterbury Club; Sailing Club; Young Republicans. 102 SENIORS 1961 First Row : LINDA SIGLEY THOMAS, Wellington, Kan.: Newcomb: Alpha Delta PI; Glendy Burke Society; Young Democrats. DERIS E. THOMPSON, New Orleans, La.; Arts and Sciences, T. Y. HANS TJIAN, HeddonfieM, New Jersey; Engineering; A.S.M.E. FRANCIS LYONS TODD. Franklin. La.; . rts and Sciences. Second Row : LYNN BRADLEY TOMLINSON, Laurel, Miss.; Newcomb; Chi Omega; Canterbury Club; Sailing Club; Young Democrats; English Cluia. .TAMES E. TOUPS, JR., Baton Rouge, La.; Arts and Sciences; Kappa Sigma, President; Scabbard and Blade; NROTC, Coinpany Commander, ELEANOR TREGRE, Napoleonville, La,; Newcomb; Alpha Delta Pi, FREIDA MAE TRESTMAN, New Orleans, La,; Newcomb. Third Row: NATHANIEL R, IROY, Monroe, La,; Arts and Sciences; Beta Theta Pi. Orleans, La,; Arts and Sciences; Army Vice-Commodore; Pi Lambda Beta, EDMOND JOSEPH TRUXILLO, Ne ROTC, Cadet Captain; Soil Club, Treasurer; Sailing Club. JOHN G, UNVERZAGT, Ne v■ Orleans, La,; Arts and Sciences; Kappa Sigma; Pi Sigma Alpha, President; Jamb. lava, Organizations Editor; Air Force ROTC, Cadet Group Commander; Arnold Air Society; International Relations Club; Young Republicans. VIRGINIA VICKERS, New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; Pi Beta Phi. Fourth Row : VINCENT VINCENT, III, Yazoo City, Miss.; Medical School; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Alpha Epsilon Delta. L. E. VIVIEN. New Orleans, La.; Engineering; Delta Sigma Phi; Army ROTC, First Lieutenant. G. A. ' ;WALLY " WALLESVERD, Gretna, La.; Law School; La Societe du Droit Civil; Accounting Club. CARL E. WARDEN. Lake Charles, La.; Business Administration; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Delta Sigma Pi. Fifth Row: ROBERT RICE WEHRMANN, Lookout Mt., Tcnn.; Business Administra- tion; Delta Kappa Epsilon. EMILIE B. WENDEL. New Orleans, La.; Neucomb; Kappa Alpha Theta; La Tertulia; Wesiminster Fellowship. ROBERT JAMES WHANN, New Orleans, La.; Business Administration; Alpha Tau Ome,ga; Westminster Fellowship; Young Republicans. JOHN WALDMANN WHARTON, New Orleans, La.; Arts and Sciences; Delta Tau Delta; Naval ROTC. Sixth Row : JAMES ALEXANDER WHITE, HI, Alexandria, Ln,; Medical School; Sigma Alpha Ei silon; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Chapel Council of Canterbury Club, WHITEM.4N, Metairi Denver, Colo,; Ne scomb; LYNNE DANIEL Gamma, CAROLINE WILCOX, English Cub, JANE WILENSKY, New Orleans, La,; Newcomb; Beta Beta, President; Kappa Delta Phi; Moitar Foundation. La.; Ni-wcomb; Kappa Kappa Knppa Kappa Gamma; Sigma Delta Tau; Beta Board, Secretary; Hillel Seventh Row : DAVID SCOTT WISDOM, New Orleans, La,; Arts and Sciences; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Aljjha Epsilon Delta; Young Repub ' icans, FRAN WOLF, Slneveport, La,; Newcomb; Alpha Epsilon Phi, WILLIAM B, WOOTEN, New Orleans, La,; Engineering; LR.E, PHILIP C-VRL WRANGLE, Lake Charles, La,: Business Admiiiistiation; Si.gina Chi; Wesley Foundation; Air Force ROTC, Captain, Eighth Row : MARGERY WEIR, Manasquan, New Jersey; Newcomb; Beta Beta Beta; Canterbury Club; Sailing Club; University Center Committee; J.Y.A. Club. DUDLEY YOUMAN, Shreveport, La.; Medical School; Nu Sigma Nu, SAM X. ZANC., . Kenner, La.; Engineering; A.S.M.E. DONALD J. ZIMMER, New Orleans, La,: Architecture, 103 1961 JUNIORS First Row : • ALLEX DONALD ADELSOX, Houston. Texas; Arts and Sciences; Alplia Epsilon Pi; Alpha Epsilou Delta. • JIM AIELLO, Pittsburgh Pa.; Mts and Sciences: Kappa Alpha; Prc-Medical Society; Psychology Major Club: Newman Club; Sailing Club; Sports Car Club: Young Democrats. • LOUS ALF. RO, New Orleans. La.; .- rts and Sciences; Phi Delta Theta. • DAVID P. ALLRED, Wichita Falls, Te.xas; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Eta Sigma Phi; Canterbury Club; Adelphons. • BURDINE ANDERSON ' , Houston, Texas; Newcomb: Pi Beta Phi, His G.ian; Art Club. Second Row: • KAY ANDERSON, Romeo, Mich.; Arts and Sciences; Phi Mu; Sai ' ing Club; Sports Car Club; Young Democrats. • JUSTIN JOHN ANSEL, New Oileans, La.; Arts and Sciences; Delta Tau Delta; Eta Sigma Phi; Baseball: Neuman Club. • ROBERT L. APPLEBAUM, Birmingham, Ala.; Alts and Sciences; Zeta Beta Tau; Jambai. ya. • JACK ARDON, Lake Wood. . e ' Jersey; Arts and Sciences; Varsity Letter, Basketball. • WILBERT L. ARGUS. JR., Bay St. Louis, Miss.; Architecture; Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity; Representative at Large Tulane Student Body; Who ' s Who; A.I..- . ; Greenbacker ; Navy ROTC; President of Sailing Club; Chairman Student .Acti ities Board; Chairman Athletic Liason Com- mittee. Third Row: O CAROL ANN AU, Mansfield. Ohio; Newcomb; Eta Sigma Phi; Oreade5. • MELV N J. BACKES. Metairic, La.; Engineering; Secre- ta ■- reasurer of Junior Class: A.S.NLE.; Tulane Chapter of La. En- gineering Society, Treasurer. • BRADLEY BAKER, Indianola, Miss.; Arts and Sciences; Phi Delta Theta; Tulane Vai-sitv Club; Varsity Letter. Track; Grcenbackers; Baptist Student Union. • GARRY LOUIS BAKER. Sarasota, I ' la.; Arts and Sciences; Phi Delta Theta, Treasurer; Naval ROTC; Drill Team, Color Guard; Tailhook Club. • JOHN JAMES llARCELO, III, New Orleans, La.; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Tau Omega; ' a!iity Letter, Golf; Greenbackcrs; Iiiterfaith Council; Phi Eta Sigma. Fourth Row : • JENNIE BARNETTE, Gulfport, Miss.; Newcomb: Kappa Alpha Theta; Panhc!lenic; Jambalava. • VALRY WARD BARR, JR., Castonia, North Carolina ; . rts and Sciences ; Pre-Medical Societs- ; Baptist Student Union ; Student Center Chairman. • WILLIAM H. B. RR, Nashville, Tenn.; Arts and Sciences, Secretar -Tieasurer; Phi Delta 1 heta. Secretary ' ; TUSK; Westminster Fellowship, Vice-President; Honor Board Arts and Sciences College, Secretary; Phi Eta Sigma. President. • BONNIE BAUM- BACH, New Orleans. La.; Newcomb; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Ath ' elic Council; Barracudas; TUSK. •RICHARD OSCAR BAUMBACH, JR.; New Orleans, La.; Arts and Sciences; Delta Kappa Epsilon. Fifth Row: • VIRGINI. L ' i ' .NX BEARD, Mobile, .• la.: Newcomb; Beta Beta Beta; La Terlulia; TUSK; Canterbury Club; Tulane Band; Sailing Club; Fine Arts Committee. • NELSON JAEGER BECKER, Logansport, Ind.: Bus- iness Administration; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Delta Sigma Pi; Cheerleaders; Greenbackcrs; Weslev Foundation; . ir Force ROTC; Student Activities Board; Tulane Student Council; Whos Who. • C. JON BECKJORD, New Orleans, La.; Engineering; Sailin,g Club; Young Republicans. • GINA BEEM. AUanta. Ga.: Newcomb: Clii Omega: Dance Club: Dormitoi- ' Council. • KENNETH J. BENNETT, New Orleans, La.; . rts and Sciences; .Mpha Epsi ' .on Delta; German Club. Sixth Row: • BILL BE.NNETT, New Orleans, La.; Engineering; A.S.M.E.; Base- ball; Newman Club; S.iiling Club. • DEE BENSON, Denver, Colo.; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Chi: Golf; Adelphons. • RICH.-VRD A. BERGER. Miami Beach. Fla.; . rts and Sciences; Alpha Epsilon Delta; lUSK; Basketball. • JOHN E. BERGSTEDT. Sulphur, La.; Arts and Sciences; Kappa Sigma. • JAN BERNSTEIN, Oklahoma City, Okla.; Ncwconb; Alpha Epsilon Phi, Treasurer; Special Events Committee, Secretary. Seven ih Row: • DONALD IRWIN BIERMAN. Miami, Fla.; Arts and Sciences; Junior Class President; .Alpha Epsi ' on Pi: Delta Sigma Rho; Student DirectoiT; Business Manager; Greenbackcrs; Glendy Burke Society; Honor Board Arts and Sciences College; Pi Lambda Beta; Young Demociats, President; Lyceum Committee. " JANE ANNE BISHOP. New Orleans, La.; New- coMitj; Kappa Kappa Gamma: .Annv ROTC Sponsor: La Tertulia. • HUGH M. BL.MN, III, New Orleans. La.: . " rts and Sciences; New- man Club. • LYNDA C. RYL BLANKENSTEIN, Milwaukee. Wis.; .Newcomb; Sigma Delta Tau. • MILTO.N M. BOLLES, Dearborn, Mich.; Engineering; Kappa Sigma; A.S.M.E. Eighth Row: • ESTHER BOMCHEL. Birmingham. Ala.; Newcomb: Sigma Delta Tau. • JOE BONNER, Chalmette, La.: Engineering; A.S.M.E.: Army ROTC, Army Drum and Bugle Corps. • W. M. BOYLE. JR.. Destrchan, La.; Engineering; Phi Eta Sigma: Alpha Chi Sigma: .■ .I.Ch.E.: Westminster Fellowship; Tulane Band. • CHARLES W. BRADLEY, Birmingham, Ala.; Arts and Sciences; Phi Kappa Sigma; Naval ROTC. Drill Team: .• nchor and Cliain; Westminster Fellowship; Dolphin Club. • BENNETT BRAUN. Chicago. II ' .; .Arts and Sciences; Tau Epsilon Phi; Psychology Major Club: TUSK; Hillel Foundation; Campus Nite; Army ROTC. IVinth Row : • JOSHUA LEO.X BRENER, New Orleans, La.; Engineering; A.S.C.E.: Hillel Foundation: Army ROTC, Pershing Rifles Drill Team. • CHARLES PLOWDEN BRIDGES, Baytown, Texas; .Arts and Sciences; Phi Delta Theta; Pre-Medical Society; Greenbackcrs. • JEAN YVONNE BRODERS. New Orleans. La.: Newcomb; Chi Omega; Gamma Delta: Young Re- publicans; U.C. Decorations Committee. • LARRY BROOKS, Warring- ton, Fla.; Arts and Sciences; Phi Kappa Sigma. • HARRY C. BROUS- S.ARD, New Orleans, La.; Arts and Sciences. 104 JUNIORS 1961 First Row ; • CAROLYN ELAINE BROWN (CHARLIE), Hastings-on-Hudson, New Yoik; Newconib; Pi Beta Phi: Barracudas; Westminster Fellowship. • KATIE BROWN, Lake George, New York; Newcomb; Canterbury Club; Hospitality Committee; Games Committee. • E. D. BRUCE, DeQuincy, La.; Arts and Sciences. • SUZANNE BRUNAZZI, Te.K- arkana. Te. ' cas; Newcomb; Pi Beta Phi; Le Circle Francais; Canterbui y Club. • J. Y BUCKMAN, New Orleans, La.; Business Administration; Zeta Beta Tau; Honor Board; Business College. Second Row: • BONNIE BURT, Nev Tertulia; Newman Club; BYRNE, Pass Christian, • SALLY CANFIELD. Rockford, • PEl E CAPDEPON. New Orleans, Orleans, La.; Newcomb; Clii Omei a; La U.C. Decorations Committee. • BRENDA Miss.; Newcomb; Kappa Kappa Gamma. 111.; Newcomb: Alpha Omicron Pi. La.; Business .administration; Var- sity Letter Baseball. • CAROLE SHELBY CARNES, Shelby, Miss.; New- comb; Chi Omega; Y ' oung Republicans; Talent Committee. Third Row : • JONI CARLIN, Jacksonville, Fla.; Newcomb; Sigina Delta Tau; Art Cub; Homecoming Court Maid 1960; Fine Arts Committee. • CHARLES P. CARRIERE, III, New Orleans, La.; Arts and Sciences; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Pan-Hellenic Representative; Newman Club. • DON CHOISSON, Westwega, La.; Engineering. • JOHN HENDRICK CHIDLOW, Shreve- port. La.; Arts and Sciences; Kappa Alpha Order; Pre-Medical Society. • JUDD HENDRICK CHIDLOW, Shrcveport, La.; Arts and Sciences; Kappa .Alpha Order, Pre-Medical Society. Fourth Row : • BOB CLARK, Houston. Texas; Arts and Sciences: Delta Tau Delta, President; TUSK; Ai my ROTC, First Lieutenant, Pershing Rifles Drill Team, Commander: Pan-Hellenic Council: Phi Eta Sigma. • ELAINE SANDRA COHN. Mobile, Ala.; Newcomb; Sigma Delta Tau; Orcades; • MARTHA COLLINS. Houma, La.: Newcomb; Kappa Alpha Theta; Canterbui-y Club. • ALAN F. CONE, Winter Park, Fia.; Arts and Sciences; Pi Kappa Alpha; Varsity. Swimming; A Cajjpella Choir; Sailing Club; Sports Car Club; Young Republicans. • CECILE COSTLEY, New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; Pi Beta Phi; Le Circle Francais. Fifth Row: • ANN COULON, Atlanta, Ga. ; Newcomb; Alpha Delta Pi; Canter- bury Club; Public Relations Committee. • STERLING ROBERT CRUGER. Indianapolis, Ind.; Business Administration; Kappa Sigma; Gamma Delta; Air Force ROTC; Alpha Phi Omega. • SUE DAVIDOW. C ' eveland, Miss.; Neucomb; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Vice-President of New- coni!) Athletic Council; Vice-President of Newcomb Honor Board; Jr. Class Repiesentati e to Honor Board; Repiescntative to Tulanc Student Council. • MARTY DAVIDSON, Meridian, Miss.; Business Adm.; Zeta Beta Tau: Business School Student Council Representative: Who ' s Who; Delta Sigma Pi: Hillel Foundation; Student Activities Board; Tulane Stu- dent Counci ' ; Pan-Hellenic Board. • JOAN CAROL DAVIS, Houston, Te as; Newcomb: Sigma Delta Tau; Art Club; Corresponding Sccretar ' of Hillel Foundation; A Cappella Clioir; Campus Nitc. Sixth Row: • BETTY DeGRYSE, Jacksonville, Newman Club; Young Republicans BERl J. DERBES, HI. Mctairie, • EMILE H. DIETH, JR. New Fla.; Newcomb; .Alpha Omicron Pi; ; Pub ' ic Relations Committee. • AL- La.; Engineering; Delta Tau Delta. Orleans, La.; Business Administration: Delta Sigrna Pi; Interfaith Council; Westminster Fellowship; Alpha Phi Omega. • LYNN M. DTNGIANNI. New Orleans, La.: Newcomb: Ger- man Club; Barracudas. •ERNEST HENRY DOERRIES, III, New Orleans, La.; Business Administration. Seventh Row: • MARILYN DONSKY, Dallas, Texas; Vice-President: Campus Nite; President DORAN, Chicago, III. ; Arts and Sciences 111.; Newcomb. • D. D. DUMESTRE, Nev Alpha Theta. • CARROLL RUTH DUR.AND, Metaine Phi Mu; .Art Club; Athletic Council; Canterbury Club. Nevvcomb; Sigma Delta Tau, of Hillel Foundation. • ED • ALICE DORSEY, Danville, Orleans, La.; Newcomb; Kappa La.; Newcomb; Eighth Row : • MILLIE F.AGAN, Metairie, La.; Newcomb; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Newman Club; Art School, Secretary-Treasurer. • GARY A. EDDINS, New Orleans, La.; Art and Sciences: Delta Sigma Phi; Wesley Founda- tion; Alpha Phi Omega. • AUGUSTUS ELMER, III, New Orleans, La.; Engineeiing; Junior Class Vice-PiesidenI; A.S.M.E.; Newman Club. • .NED F. EDMONDSON, Lake Providence, La.; Arts and Sciences; Vai-sity. Track; Varsity, Football; Baptist Student Union. • PEGGY ANN ELSTON, Beverly Hills, Calif.; Newcomb; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Personnel and Evaluation Committee; Recreation Committee. Ninth Row : • ROBERT NEAL ENDERBROCK, New Orleans, La.; Engineering. A.S.C.E.; Newman Club; Naval ROTC. • JOHN JOSEPH ERNST, III, New Orleans, La.: Arts and Sciences; Alpha Epsiloti Delta; Newman Club; Tulane University Theatre; Young Republicans. • ROBERT B. EVANS, Gretna, La.; Business Administration. • SUSAN FEE, New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; Alpha Omicron Pi; Le Ciic ' e Fiancais; Newman Club. • CAROL SUE FELDMAN, Highland Paik, III.; Newcoinb; Alpha Epsilon Phi; La Tertulia; Hospitality Committee. 105 1961 JUNIORS First Row : • LYLE W. FERGUSON. Monioc. La.; Engineering, A.S.M.E.: Sailing Club. • .lUDYTH H. FIELD. Hamden, Conn.; Newcomb; .Mpha Omicron Pi; Beta Beta Beta. • S.ALLY .ANN FIELD, .-Mexandria. La.: Newcomb; Chi Omeca; Lc Circle Francais; G(ccnbackei " s; Canterbiio ' Cub; Cosmopolitan Committee, Secretary. • ROBERT M. FIERMAN. IJirmingliam, Ala.; Business . ' dministration; Zeta Beta Tau; . ' Xrmv ROTC. • JONEE FINE. AtlanU, Ga.; Newcomb; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Hillel Foundation; Hospitality Committee. Second Row : • P. TRICL CATHERINE FIRMIN, Wood. Wis.; Newcomb; Alpha On:icron Pi; Assets; Dormitory Council. • WILLIAM E. FITZGERALD, Shreveport. La.; .Arts and Sciences: Sigma .Alpha Epsilon; Pre-Mcdical Societ ' . • FRANK DENNIS FLORES; JR.. -Neu- Oi ' .eans, La.; Arts and Sciences. • VILLIAM .NORMAN FLOYD, JR., Houston, Texas; .Arts and Sciences; Kappa Sigma. • .A. B. FOGELM.AN, Memphis. Tenn.; .Arts and Sciences; Zeta Beta Tau; HiUel Foundation; Pi Lambda Beta; Young Republicans. Third Row: • GEORGE E. FOSTER, New Orleans, La.: Arts and Sciences; Theta Nu, President; Hullabaloo, Managing Editor; TUSK: Westminster Fellow- ship; Campus Nite; VTUL ne ' scastcr; Music committee; Tulanians. • STU-ART AMES FR.ANK, Houston, Texas; Arts and Sciences; .Alpha Epsilon Pi, Treasurer; .Alpha Epsilon Delta; Pre-Medical Society-. Vice- President; Hillel Foundation. • JULIE FR.A.NSEN, New Orleans, La.; Business .Administration: Phi Mu : Newman Club; Campus Nite; Inter- national Relations Club: Sailing Club; Chi Gamma Chi. O REBECCA FR.ASER, iManv. La.: Newcomb: Kappa .Alpha Theta; Barracudas; Sail- ing Club. • ROSE M.ARGARET FRATELLO, New Orleans, La.; New- comb; Newman Club; Campus Nite; Sailing Club. Fourth Row: • MICHAEL H. FREUND, Ladue, Mo.; Business; Delta Sigma Pi, ' ice-Prcsidcnt; Track Team. • FRED FRESE, New York, New York; .Arts Sciences; Sigma Chi; Psychology Major Club; Tulane Varsity " Club; Varsity Letter. Track; Varsirv Sports, Track; Naval ROTC. • G. S. ■BUDDY " FRIEDRICHS, New Orleans, La.; Business Administration; De ' .ta Kappa Epsilon: Student Council Representative; Business School; Delta Sigma Pi: Sailing Club. • LY.N.N FULLER. Langlev .Air Force Base, Virginia; Newcomb; .Alpha Omicron Pi; • DAVID K. G.ATTO, New Orleans, La.; .Arts Sciences; Phi Kappa Sigma, Vice-President; International Relations Club. Fifth Row: • ANIT.A GARCIA, New Orleans. La.; Newcomb; Plu Mu; Oreades; -Ne s•man Club. • GLEN B. G.ATIPON, New Orleans, La.; Arts Sciences; Delta Tau Delta; Eta Sigina Phi; Ne %man Club. • P.AUL GERSON, Houston, Texas; .Arts Sciences; Zeta Beta Tau: Pre-Medical Society; A Cappeila Choir: Young Republicans Club; Glendv Burk Societ -. • CATHERINE GERSTNER. Gramercy. La.; Nc vcomb■, Alpha Delta Pi; Music Committee. • L ' i ' NN M,ARIE GILLETTE, New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; La Tertulia; Newman Club. Sixth Row: • DORIS GINSBERG. Ty!er, Texas; Newcomb; Sigma Delta Tau; Art Club; Hillel Foundation; Fine .Arts Committee. • JOAN GIROT. New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; .Alpha Omicron Pi; La Tertulia; Newman Club; Sjionsor .Air Force ROTC: 1960 Homecoming Queen. • PHYLLIS GLASER, New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; .Alpha Epsilon Phi. • LI.XD.A GL.AZER, Ft. Vorth. Texas; Newcomb; .Alpha Epsilon Phi; Junior Class President; Honor Boaid. Newcomb. • SUS.AN C. GOLDSTEIN, Colum- bus. Ga.; Ne comb; Si.gma Delta Tau; Athletic Council. Seventh Row : • V. MANFORD GOOCH, Jackson, Miss.; Arts and Scieiices; Sigma Chi, Treasurer; Vice-President of Junior Class; .Alpha Epsilon Delta; Pei-sonnel and Exa ' uations Committee. Vice-Chairman. • EDDIE GOR- DON, New Orleans. La.; Arts and Sciences. • M.ARILYN LOUISE (rORDON. New Orleans. La.; Newcomb: .Alplia Omicron Pi; Wesley Foundation: Newcomb PanhcUenic Council. • GLEND.A GAYNELLE CiR.AH.AM. Shelb - ' ille. Ind.: Newcomb; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • RICH- ARD N. GR.AHA.M. New Oileans, La.; Engineering; .A.S.M.E.; Newman C.ub; Air Force ROTC. Eighth Row : • S.ANDR.A LEE GRACE, Shreveport, La.; Newcomb; Pi Beta Phi; La Tertulia; Wesley Foundation; Hospitality Committee; Newcomb Panhellenic Council. • S.AM GRAY, Iiami Beach, Fla.; Arts and Sciences; Zeta Beta Tau; Tulane Varsitv Club; Vai-sity Letter. Tennis; Greenbackers. • FRIED.A ANN GREEN, New Orleans. La.; Newcomb; Sigma Delta Tau, President; La Tertulia; Hillel Foundation. • MISSY GREE.N. Jack- son. Miss.; Newcomb; Chi Omega; Doimiton- Council; Canterbuiy Club; Campus Nite. • JERRY GREENBAUM, Atlanta, Ga. ; Business, Sigma .Al)jha Mu; Varsitv Letter, Golf; Greenbackers; Hillel Foundation; Army ROTC. Ninth Row : • L.ADY TRIMBLE GREENSLIT, Atlanta, Ga.; Newcomb; Kapjra Kappa Gamma; Dance Club; Canteibuiy Club; Young Repiib ' icans; Fresh- man Beauty Court; Urchin Beauty Ciub. • DELPH .A. GUSTITUS, Loves Park. 111.; .Arts and Sciences; Sigina Chi. Secretai-y; Tulane Varsity Club; ' aisitv Letter. Golf; Greenbackers; Lafniappes. Vice-Chairman. • P.AUL H.ACKLEMAN. Garden Grove. Cil.; Engineering; A.I.Ch.E.; Sailing Club. • PETER E. H.AG.AN. Ill, Metairie. La.; Business .Administiation ; Pres- ident of L ' ni ersity College; Alpha Sigma Lambda; Vho■ Who; Univer- sity College Newsletter; Canterbury Club; Talent Night; Student Council Key. 106 JUNIORS 1961 First Row : • MARIAN HAM, Shreveport, Canterbury Club; Campus Nite; HAMILTON, JR., Roswell, New M. HAMMETT, Metairie, La.; La.; Newcomb; Le Circle Francais; Decorations Committee. • LOUIS F. Mexico; Arts and Sciences. • KEITH Business Administration; Beta Tlieta Pi, President; Delta Sigma Pi; Adelphons. • ALAN CHARLES HARDY, New Orleans, La.; Business Administration; Kappa Alpha Order. • JAMES PATRICK HAREN, Middlctoivn, Ohio; Arts and Sciences; Intermural Dorm Advisor. Second Row: • IRA BROWN HARKEY. HI, Pascagoola, Miss.: Arts and Sciences: Delta Kappa Epsilon. • THOMAS LEE HARM.- ' iN. Lakewood, Ohio;_ Arts and Sciences; Phi Kappa Sigma: TUSK; Sailing Club. • JON HARPER, Shreveport, La.: .Arts and Sciences; Sigma .Alpha Epsilon; Air Force ROTC; Public Relations Committee. • ETTA MURPHY HAR- RELL, Bogalusa, La.; Newcomb; Canterbury Club. • RALPH HARRIS, Uralde, Te. as; Arts and Sciences; Phi Kappa Sigma, Uicliin. Third Row: • RANDY H. ' VRRISON, San Antonio, Texas: Kappa Sigma; Pre-Mcd- ical Society; Jamb.alaya; Arts and Sciences; Wesley Foundation. • LYNDA HARVEY, Canal Zone; Newcomb; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Young Repub- licans; Jambalaya Features Editor. • JULIE HATTEN, Gulfport, Miss.; Newcomb; Phi Mu; Greenbacliers; Newman Club; Public Relations Com- mittee. • MARTHA DUKE HAYES, Shreveport, La.; Newcomb; Chi Omega; Wesley Foundation; Pan-Hellenic Council, Treasurer. • AL HRCKER, New Orleans, La.; Business Administration; Beta Theta Pi. Fourth Row : • ARTURO R. HERRERA, Guatemala; Business Administration; Tulane Soccer Team; Delta Sigma Pi. • HOWARD HERSHBERG. New Orleans. La.; Architecture; Alpha Epsilon Pi; A. I. A.; HiUel Foundation: Naval ROTC. • AL HEWETT, Prince Albert. Sask., Canada: Business Admin- istration; WTUL Sales Manager: Sailing Club._ • JUDITH HALLETT HICKS, Sarasota, Fla.; Newcomb; Kappa Kappa Gamma: Oreadcs. • NEIL HIRSCH, Chicago, 111.; Arts and Sciences; Zcta Beta Tau; Hillel Foundation; Sports Car Club. Fifth Row: • CLAUDIA HOR-ACK, New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; Chi Omega. • OTIS L. HUBB, RD, Monticello. Ark.; Arts and Sciences; Phi Kappa Sigma; Army ROTC. • GAYLE HOUSTON, Ne ■ Orleans, La.; Business Administration; Chi Omega, Secretary; Junior Class Unit Manager: Phi Chi Theta; Canterbun; Club. • GLENN C. HOUSE, Houston. Texas: Architecture; Vice-President, Kappa Sigma; Who ' s Who; A. I. A.; Green- backers; Wesley Foundation; Naval ROTC; Honor Board Student Activities Board: Phi Eta Sigma; Tulane Honor Council; Student Council. • LIBBIE HUBBS, St. Louis, Mo.; Newcomb; Phi Mu. Sixth Row: • ELIZABETH S. HUGHES Kappa Gamma; Eta Sigma Phi New Orleans. La. : Newcomb HUSTED, Hammond, Ind.: Nf Dormitory Council. • SYLVIA ANN comb; Math Club: Gamma Di • MARY L. IGERT, Paducah, Ky Wesley Foundation: Lagniappes. New Orleans. La.: Newcomb; Kappa Oreades. • TUDITH ANN HUGHES. Math Club; Dance Club. • SUSIE -omb; Kappa Alplia Theta: Barracudas; VNN IBELE. New Orleans. La.; New- -Ita; Hobbies and Crafts Comniittec. Ne vcomb; Kappa Alpha Theta; Seventh Row : • TIM IRWIN, Jacksonville, Fla.; Arts and Sciences; Phi Delta Theta; Newman Club; Adelphons, Vice-President; Pan-Hellenic Counci ' . • HENRY A. JACKSON. Hattiesbitrg, Miss.; Arts and Sciences; German Club; Math Club; Pre-Medical .Society. • FRANCINE JACOBS, Greenwood. Miss.; Newcomb; .Alpha Epsilon Phi; Dance Cub. • CAROLE ANN JAFFE, Houston, Te.xas; Newcomb; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Hillel Foundation; Special Events Committee. • PHILIP JAMES, New Orleans, La.; Arts and Sciences; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Adelphons; Sailing Club. Eighth Row: • W. L. JEANSONNE, New Orleans, La.; Engineering; A.S.M.E.: Tulane Chapter of La. Engineering Society, Vice-President. • .ALLIENE JEN- KINS, New Orleans. La.; Business Administration: Phi Mu. • GAIL VIRGINIA JOHNSON, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; Newcomb: La Tertulia: TUSK; Young Republicans; Oreades: Music Committee. • LEIF JOHN- SON. Ft. Myers. Fla.: Business Administration; Delta Sigma PI; Army ROTC; Young Republicans. • BRENDA JONES, New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; Delta Zeta; Wesley Foundation; German Club. Ninth Row : • CHARLYNE JONES, Dallas, Texas; Newcomb; Alpha Omicron Pi; Wesley Foundation; Cam.pus Nite. • BETTi ' JOSEPFI, Glencoc, III.; Newcomb; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Personnel and Evaluations Committee. • ROBERT C. KAGY, New Orleans, La.; Arts and Sciences. • JAY S. KAPLAN, Dover, Del.; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Mu. • LINDA SUE KASTRIN, El Paso, Texas; Newcomb; Alpha Omicron Pi; Le Circle Francais; Newman Club. 107 1961 JUNIORS First Row: • ARTHUR NfcLELLAN KASTLER, Ntu O.kans. La.; Arts and Sciences. • MVLKS MATHIAS KATZ, New Rochellc, New York; Arts and Sciences; A ' pha Epsilori Pi; Pie-Medical Society; Hillel Foundation. • RONALD KATZ, New Orleans, La.; .-Vrchitecture; Alplia Epsilon Pi; A. LA.. Secretary- of Student Chapter; Pan-Hellenic Council. • BURT HENRY KEEN.AN, New Orleans, La.; Business Administration; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Sailing Club; Young Republicans. • JOE KEETON. Bir- mingham. Ala.; Architecture; Kappa Sigma; A. LA.; Canterbury Club; Naval ROTC; Decorations Committee, Vice-Cbairnian. Second Row: e HARRY B. KELLEHER, JR.. New Orleans. La.; Arts and Sciences; Ka[)pa Alpha Order ; Young Republicans ; Pan-Hellenic Council. • BEV- ERLY KERR, Metairie, La.; Ne comb; Alpha Omicron Pi, President. • N.- T KIEFER. New Orleans. La.; Business Administration; Honor Board Representative; Delta Sigma Pi; Varsity Letter, Football; Green- backers; Newman Club; Honor Board Business Administration College. • JOHN R. KINARD, JR.. McAllen, Texas; Arts and Sciences; Sigma -Alpha Epsilon; Canterbury Club. Treasurer; hiterfaith Council; Student .Activities Boaid; t ' nivei " sity Center Chairman, Public Relations Committee. • CECILE KLEIN, Pcnsacola. Fla. ; Neucomb; Sigma Delta Tau; Barra- cudas; Greenbackers; Hillel Foundation. Third Row : • JOSEPH MORRIS KOCHANSKY. Melville. La.; Arts and Sciences; Ka[)pa Sigma; Pn-Medical Society; Newman Club; Young Republicans. • PETER LEE KOCHMAN. Waco, Texas; Aits and Sciences; Alpha i:i)silon Pi; Pie-Medical Society; Hillel Foundation. • DONALD KORTZ. Denver, Colo. ; Business Administration; Vice-President Junior Class of Business School; Zeta Beta Tau; TUSK; Army ROTC; Lagniappes. • DANNY KOVNAT, Lantana. Fla.; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pre-Medical Society; Hillel Foundation. • KATHY KNOLLE, Seguin. Texas; Newcomb; Kappa .Alpha Theta; President of Johnston House Coun- cil; Honor Board Newcomb College; Assets. Fourth Row : • REX KRIDER, Middlebury, Ind. ; Business Administration; Vaisity Letter, Basketball; Greenbackers, Judiciary Council. • RICHARD S. Kl ' GLER. EIniont, New Yoi k; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Epsilon Pi; P.e-Medical Society; Hillel Foundation. • BILL LAMMEY. Memphis, Tenn.; .Architectuic; Kappa Sigma; AT. A.; Greenbackers; Naval ROTC; Decorations Committee, Chairman. • RICHARD ARMITAGE LANGEN- BAHN. New Orleans, La.; Business Administration; Kappa Alpha Order; Delta Sigma PI; Greenbackers; Newman Club. • HARRY S. LAUGH- RAN. Biloxi, Miss. ; Arts and Sciences; Delta Sigma Phi; Newman Club; Naval ROTC; Pi Lambda Beta; Sailing Club; Young Democrats; Dolphin Club. Fifth Row: • DAVID B. LAWRENCE, JR.; New Orleans. La.; Business Administra- tion; Alpha Tau Omega; Delta Sigma Pi; Tulane Varsity Club; Vai ity Letter. Golf; Ai my ROTC. • GEORGE RANDALL LEAKE, Little Rock, Aik. ; Business Administration; Kappa Sicma; Delta Sigma Pi; Canterbury Club; Young Republicans. • HARRY LEBOW, Baltimoie, Md.; Business Administration; Zeta Beta Tau; Business School Representative. • WILLIAM LEE, New Orleans, La.; Business Administration: Kappa A pha Older; Marketing Club. • WILFRED E. LEHDER. JR.; New Orleans, La.; Engineering; Delta Tau Delta; Neuman Club; Naval ROTC. Sixth Row: • JACK LEICHER. New York, New York; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Epsilon Pi : Hillel Foundation ; Young Democrats. • FREDDA LEE LEVIN, DaPas, Texas; Ne co)nb; Alpha Epsilon Phi; TUSK. Secretary; Hospitality Committee. • ROBERT LEVIN. Jacksonville, Fla!; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Mu; Hillel FoundatioTi; Greenbackers; Pi Lambda Beta. • EDIE LEVY. New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • MARY LYNN LEX " ' . Tucson, Ariz.; Newcomb; Sigma Delta Tau; Vice-President ot Junior Cass. Seventh Row : • FRED A. LEWIS. New Orleans, La.; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • SALLYE LEWIS, Lake Charles. La.; Newcomb; Chi Omega, Treasurer; Dormitory Council; Lc Circle Francais; J mbalava, ' Inner Council. • I. JAMES LONDON, Lane Balto. Md. ; Business Administra- tion: Zeta Beta Tau; Jambalaya Business Staff. • ANN MARIE LOUGH- RIDGE, Cleai water, Fla. ; Newcomb; Phi Mu; Philosophy Club; Associate Editor Wait- Handbook; Vice-President Wesley Foundation ; Tu ' ane Uni- vei ity Theatre; Sailing Club; Vice-President Inter-Faith Council. • JAMES S. LOUIE. Beaumont, Te. as; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Plii Eta Sigma. Eighth Row: • WALLY LOWELL, San Antonio, Texas; Business Administration; Zeta Beta Tau; Greenbackers; Air Force ROTC; President of Adelphons; Honor Boai d Business Administration College; Student Activities Board. • HAROLD A. LOYACANO. JR., Slidell. La.; Arts and Sciences; Pi Kappa Alpha, Vice-Pres.; Newman Club: Alpha Phi Omega; Pan Hellenic C(mncil. • SKIPPER LUKE. Bunkie, La.; Business Administration; Kappa Sigma; TUSK; Canterbury Club; Adelphons. • GLENN R. MANNING. New Orlean . La.; Englneeiing; A.S.C.E.; Newman Club; Drum and Bugle Drill Team (Hellcats); Air Force ROTC, 1st Lieutenant. • ROB- ERT MARCH, Star Citv. Ind.; Arts and Sciences; Varsity Letter. Bas- ketball. • DIANE MASLANSKY, {Page 111, Second Row.) Ninth Row: • MARIAN MASTERS, Foit Worth. Texas; Newcomb; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Hospitality Committee. • WILLIAM SHEPARD McANINCH, Little Rock, Ark.; Arts and Sciences; Sigina Alpha Epsilon; Eta Sigma Phi; Plii Eta Sigma. • JAMES W. McCARTER, JR.. New Orleans, La.; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Tan Omega; Naval ROTC. • ANNE McDONALD, Mon- loe, La.; Newcomb; Pi Beta Phi; Junior Class Treasurer; Secretary Ath- letic Council; President Bai racudas; Queen Freshman Football Court. • MONTE McDON.ALD, Albuquerque, New Mexico; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 108 JUNIORS 1961 First Row : • BILL Mc WILLIAMS, New Orleans, La.; Arts and Sciences; West- minster Fellowship. • LYNN ANDREA MICHAEL, Miami, Fla.; Sigma Delta Tau; Dance Club; Hillel Foundation; Public Re ' ations Committee. • DAVID J. MILLER, Norco, La.; Enginecrini;; A.I.Ch.E.; Neu-man Club. • W. THOMAS MILLICAN, Athens, Ga.; Aits and Sciences; Kappa Sigma; Jambalaya; Canterbury Club; Naval ROTC; Mark I Drill Platoon; Sailing Club. • BILLY MIMELES, New Orleans. La.; Business; Zeta Beta Tau; Secretary-Treasurer Junior Class; Delta Sigma Pi. Second Row: • HARVEY D. MITNICK, Flushing. New York; Alpha Epsilon Pi: Pre-Medical Societv; Hillel Foundation. • ANN MONROE, Port Sulphur, La.; Ne vcoiiib; Kajipa Kappa Gamma; Secretary of Junior Class. • EDUARDO MOR-AS y ROMAN, Miami, Fla.; Architecture; A. I. A. • RANDY MORET, Atlanta, Ga.; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Mu, Pledge Master; TUSK President: Hillel Foundation: Army ROTC; Adelphons. • HENRY M. MORRIS, Birmingham, Ala.; Engineering; A.S.C.E.; Canterbury Club; P resident Alpha Phi Omega. Third Row : • JO MOSELEY, Opelousas, La.: Newcomb; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • TUCKY MOSS, Lake Charles, La.; Newcomb; Chi Omega; Oreades; Secretary Dormitoi-y Council; Le Circle Francais; TUSK Corresponding Secretary. • SANDRA MOYERS, Houston, Te.xas; Newcomb; Phi Sigma Iota; Wesley Foundation; Sailing Club; Le Circle Francais. • JEANIE MULLINS, Baton Rouge, La.; Newcomb; Chi Omega; Barracudas; Wes- ley Foundation. • DIANE E. NEWMAN, New Orleans, La.; Engineer- ing; TUSK; Newman Club; A.S.C.E. Secretary; Tulane Chapter of La. Engineering Society, Secretary. Fourth Row : • J. W. NEWMAN, JR., Metairie, La.; Beta Theta Pi; Pan Hellenic Council. • B.ARRIE NIEHUSS, Gurdon, Ark.; Newcomb; Chi Omega; Oreades; Westminster Fellowship; Cosmopolitan Committee. • ERNEST B. NORMAN, III, New Orleans. La.; Business Administration; Alpha Tau Omega; Delta Sigma Pi. • BRUCE ALBERT NORTH, Gretna, La.; Business Administration; Pi Kappa Alpha; Naval ROTC; Mark I Drill Platoon; Navy Rifle Team. • CHARLES H. NORTH, JR., Jackson, Miss.; . rchitecture: Delta Tau Delta; Phi Eta Sigma; A. I. A.; Canterbury Club; Army ROTC. Fifth Row: • WILLIAM NUSSBAUM, Jacksonville, Fla.; Arts and Sciences: Jambalaya. • DAVE OFFUTT, Odessa, Texas; Aits and Sciences; Pi Kappa . ' Upha. • LAWRENCE HOWARD ORINGEL, Brooklyn, New York; Arts and Sciences; HuUahaloo. • LYNN ORKIN, Jackson, Miss.; Newcomb; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Corresponding Secretajy Junior Class; Who ' s Who; Cheerleader; Greenbackers; Campus Nite; Honor Board Newcomb College; President of Assets; May Day Court: Tulane Student Council. • CHARLES STUART PALMER, Hamdcn, Conn.; Arts and Sciences; Beta Theta Pi; Sailing Club. Sixth Row : • THOMAS S. PARDUE, New Orleans, La.; Architecture; President Junior Class; Army ROTC. • ELEANOR PARK, Wintcrville, Miss.: Newcomb; Chi Omega; Young Republicans. • CAMERON PAYNE. Shrcveport, La.; Arts and Sciences; Kappa Alpha Order; Greenbackers; Canterbury Club; Adelphons; Honor Board Arts and Sciences College; Panhellenic Council. • WAYNE B. PEARL, Otterbein, Ind.; Arts and Sciences. • CHARLES B. PEATROSS, Shrcveport, La.; Business Admin- istration; Sigma Aljilia Epsilon; President of Junior Class; Delta Sigma Pi. Seventh Row : • .JERRY O ' D. PENIX, Vernon, Te.xas; Aits and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Secretary-Treasurer Junior Class; Alplia Epsilon Delta: Pre-Med- ical Society. • JOEL B. PIASSICK, Atlanta, Ga. : Arts and Sciences; Sigma A ' pha Mu; Hillel Foundation; President Pi Lambda Beta; Army ROTC; NDTA Secretary; Hobbies and Crafts Committee, Vice-President. • MADGE PIERCE, TarversviUe, Ga.; Newcomb; Alpha Delta Pi; Hob- bies and Crafts Committee; Panhellenic Council. • MARILYN BETTY PILIAWSKY, New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; Vice-President La Tertulia; Hillel Foundation. • PRISCILLA POINDEXTER, Shrcveport, La.; New- comb; Art Club; TUSK; Newman Club; Delta Sigma Pi Beauty Court. Eighth Row : • SUSAN POLANEK, New Orleans, La.; Business Administration; Gamma Delta; Special Events Committee: Chi Gamma Chi; Accounting Club Corresponding Secretary. • BERT PONIG, San Francisco, Calif.; Arts and Sciences; Phi Kappa Sigma, President: Alpha Epsilon Delta; Pan-Hellenic Council; Hospitality Committee. • KATHERINE POWELL, Ft. Mvers, Fla.; Newcomb; Alpfia Delta Pi; University Center Board. • MARTIN S. PRITZKER, Memphis, Tcnn.; Arts and .Sciences; Sigma Alpha Mu; Alpha Epsilon Delta. • DAVID C. RANDOLPH, New- Orleans, La.; Engineering; A.S.M.E.; Westminster Fellowshij); Vice-Pres- ident Tulane Band; Naval ROTC; Drum and Bugle Corps. Ninth Row: • MORTON D. RAU, New Orleans, La.; Engineering; Alpha Chi Sigma; A.I.Ch.E.; Hillel Foundation; Naval ROTC; Mark I Drill Team • DAVID E. REDMANN, New Orleans, La.; Business Administration • JUDY REEVES, Houston, Texas; Newcomb; Alpha Delta Pi- Sailing Club; Special Events Committee. • ALISON JEAN REIMERS, Jackson, Miss.; Newcomb; Chi Omega; Art Club, Westminster Fellowship; Special Events Committee. • ALBERT R. REXINGER, Natchez, Miss.; Business Administration; Alpha Tau Omega; Business Honor Board; Delta Sigma Pi; Army ROTC. 109 1961 JUNIORS First Row : RICHARD ROLAND REYNOLDS, Tuckerstown, Bermuda; Arts and Sciences: Kappa Alpha; Young Democrats. • L. RRY RICE. Brooklyn, New York: Arts and Sciences: A ' pha Epsilon Pi; Pre-Law Society. • JOAN RIV.- S, New Orleans. La.; Newcomb: Alpha Omicron Pi; Fine Arts Committee. • .ANTHON " J. RIZZO. New Orleans. La.; Arts and Sciences; Tlieta Nu; Hullabaloo; Young Republicans. • JAMES Y. ROB- INSON. Charlotte. North Carolina: Architecture: Delta Tau Delta: A.I.A.; Greenbackers; Vesiminster Fellowship: Naval ROTC. Second Row: • JERRY C. ROBINSON. Jacksonville, Fla. ; Arts and Sciences; Phi Kappa Sigma ; Wesley Foundation ; NavaJ ROTC : Mark I Drill Team ; Midshipman Lieutenant, junior grade; Adelphons; Young Republicans; Urchin Editor. • JOAN ELLEN ROGERS. Concord, Mass.: Newcomb; Delta Zeta; Newcomb Pan-Hellenic President; German Club; .Athletic Council: Newcomb Student Council. • SONJA B. ROiNLANOWSKI, Dallas. Texas ; Newcomb; Delta Zeta, Rush Chairman ; Genjian Club ; Math Club; A Cappella Choir; Ne vcomb Panhe ' lenic Council: Barber- shop Quartet. • RICH.-aRD ROSENFIELD, New Orleans. Louisiana: Business Administration: Zeta Beta Tau; Jambai-av. . • HERMAN D. ROTSCH, Austin, Texas; . rts and Sciences; Greenbackers; Pep Band; Canterbury- Club: Tulane Band; Naval ROTC; Alpha Phi Omega; Student Activities Board; Dolphin Club. Third Row : d H. p. ROWLEY, III. New Orleans, La.; Business .Administration; Delta Kappa Epsilon; M.ith Club; Newman Club; Naval ROTC; Sailing Club: Young Democrats; Student .Activities Board. • MILTON RUBEN, Augusta. Ga. ; Business .Administration; Sigma .-Mpha Mu. Treasurer; Hlllel Foundation. • R.AYMOND J. SALASSL JR., New Orleans. La.; Arts and Sciences; Delta Tau Delta. Recording Secretarv: Naval ROTC; Pi Lambda Beta. Recording Secretary. • CAROL S.ANDERS, Baytown. Texas: Newcomb; A Cappella Choir; Campus Nite; Choral Union; Tulanc Universit - Theatre: Madrigal Singers; Fine Arts Committee. • LEON.ARD JOSEPH S.APERA. New Orleans, La.; Business Administration; Pi Kappa .Alpha; Nava! ROTC. Fourth Row : • VIRGINIA MARY SCHEPPEGRELL. New Orleans. La.; Newcomb: Phi Mil. • CYNTHIA ANN SCHILLING. New Orleans. La.; Newcomb; Alplia Delta Pi. • HARLAN A. SCHNHDT. Spirit Lake. Iowa; Business Administration: Kappa Sidma: Delta Sigma Rho; Jamb, l. va.- Glendv Burke Society, Vice-President. • HUGHES SCHNEID.AN, JR.. New Orleans. La.: Business -Administration; A pha Tau Omega; Adelphons: Young Republicans. • MEL SCHNEIDMAN, Forest Hills. New York; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Hillel Foundation; Pi Lambda Beta; Young Democrats, Fifth Row: O ANN KESSLER SCHUDMAK. Baton Rouge. La.: Newcomb: .Alpha EpMlon Phi; Math Club: La Tertulia; Lagniappes. • BRUCE H. SCOTT, Brook ' vn New Yoik; -Arts and Sciences: Sigma .Alpha Mu; Pi Lambda Beta. • GLENN L. SCOTT. Ponchatoula. La.: .Arts and Sciences; Stu- dent Council Representative ; Sigma .Alpha Epsilon : Honor Board. Arts and Sciences College: Wesley Foundation. • M.ALCOLM SCOTT. West Memphis, .Ark.; .Aits and Sciences; Phi Eta Sigma; Varsity Baseball: Baptist Student Union. Mens Enlistment Chairman; A Cappella Choir. • GENE SH.AFION. Jacksonvil ' e. Fla.; .Arts and Sciences; Sigma .Alpha Mu. Presi- dent; Phi Eta Sigma: Alpha Epsilon Delta; Pre-Medical Society; Hillel Foundation : Campus Nite: Personnel and E aluations Committee, Chaii- iiian; University ' Center Board. Sixth Row: • ALT A SHA.MBLIN. R3%- ille. La.: Newcomb: Chi Omega; Canterbui-y Club; Psycholog - Club. • M.ARVIN SHAPIRO. Columbus. Ga.: Arts and Sciences: Sigma Alpha Mu; .Alpha Epsilon Delta: Pre-Medical So- cietv. Treasurer; Special Events Committee. • BONNIE SH.A V. Bir- mingham. A a. : Newcomb; Kappa .Alpha Theta; Westminster Fellowship; Newcomb Choir; Music Committee. • WILLIAM W. SHAW, JR.. New Orleans. La.; Arts and Sciences; Beta Theta Pi; Greenbackers: Wesley Foundation; Armv ROTC. Lieutenant, Pershing Rifles Drill Team. • MAURICE SHEMPER. Hattiesburg, Miss. ; Arts and Sciences; Prc- Medlcal Society, SecreUiy; Hillel Foundation; Alpha Phi Omega, Vice- President. Seventh Row: • CH.ARLES R. SHORT, JR., New Orleans. I.R.E.; Intramural Council. • CHARLES Ind.; Business .Administration; Delta Sigma Pi, tlon. • ROBERT S. SIMON, Beverly Hills, Zeta Beta Tau; Greenbackers; Personnel an • SAMUEL A. SIMOWITZ, Augusta. Ga La.; Engineering: .A.I.E.E. S. SIMON. South Bend. . Secretary ' : Hillel Founda- Calif.; .Arts and Sciences; id Evaluations Committee. .Ai " ts and Sciences; Sigma .Alpha Mu; Hillel Foundation; .Armv ROTC; International Relations Club; Pi Lambda Beta. • ELLIOTT H. ' SINGER, Atlanta, Ga.; Business Ad- ministration; Sigma Alpha Mu; Math Club; Hillel Foundation; Army ROTC; Internationa! Relations Club; Sailing Club; Recreation Committee, Chairman. Eighth Row: • JOYCE DLANNE SINGERMAN, New Orleans. La.; Newcomb; Sigma Delta Tau; Hillel Foundation. • JUDY SMITH. Lake Charles, La.; Newcomb: Alpha Delta Pi. • KENNETH W. SMITH, Annanda le. Va.; .ArU and Sciences; Canterbury Club; Naval ROTC. • WILLIAM E. SP.ANGLER, Houston. Texas; Engineering; Sigma Chi; Alpha Chi Sigma; A.I.Ch.E.; Air Force ROTC. • GINGER SPITZFADEN. New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; Alpha Delta Pi; Greenbackers; Lagniappes. 110 JUNIORS 1961 First Row: • WILLIAM A. SPRINGER, Ottawa, III.; Engineering; Sigma Chi; A.S.M.E.; Giccnbackers; Weiiey Foundation; Hobbies and Crafts Com- mittee; Varsity Baskeiball Manager; Patcrson House Council. • ROBERT M. STEINBACH, Dallas, Texas ; Business Administration ; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre-Medical Society; Hiilel Foundation; Army ROTC; Music Com- mittee, Treasurer. • FLO T) A. STERN. Miami Beach, Fla.; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Mu, Secretary; Aiplia Epsilon Delta; Pre-Medical Society. Sccretaiy; Hillel Foundation: Fine Arts Committee. RICH.ARD I. SUNSHINE. Jamaica. New York; Aits and Sciences; A ' pha Epsilon Pi; Alpha Epsilon Delta: Pre-Medical Societ -. • ANDI TAUB, Tampa, Fla.; Newcomb; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Hillel Foundation. Second Row: • BOB ALLEN TESSLER, San Diego, Cal.; Business Administration; - lpha Epsilon Pi: De ' ta Sigma Pi: Student Directoiy; Hillel Foundation: Army ROTC, Pershing Rifles Drill Team; Sports Car Club. • P. T THARP. New Orleans. La.: Newcomb; TUSK; Canterbury Club; Public Relations Committee. • DI.ANE GENE MASLANSKY. New Orleans, La.; Arts and Sciences; . lpha Epsilon Phi; Hil ' el Foundation; Special Events Committee; Campus Nite. • ALAN TITELMAN, Beverly Hills. Cnl.; Arts and Sciences; Hullabaloo: Hillel Foundation; Army ROTC; N.D.T.A.; Fine Arts Committee. • ELEANOR TOLBERT, New Orleans, La.; Uni- versity College. Third Row: • L. A. TRAIN, Corpus Christi, Texas; Arts and Sciences; Zcta Beta Tau; Student Council Representative; Who ' s Who; Grecnbackers; Hillel Foundation; Honor Board Aits and Sciences College, Vice-Chairman; University Honor Council; Personnel and Evaluations Committee. • GERALD L. VARLAND. Ottawa. III.; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Chi; Math Cub: Varsity Basketball; Greenbackei-s: Gamma Delta. • GEORGE B. VAUGHAN, Richmnd, Va. : Arts and Sciences: Kappa Sigma; Alpha Chi Sigma. • JERRY VIATOR. Lutcher, La.; Engineering; Alpha Chi Sigma; A.I.Ch.E.; Naval ROTC; Dolphin Club. • GRACIA WALKER. Sea Island, Ga. ; Newcomb; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Bari acudas; Jambal. y. ; Canterbury Club; Sailing Club; Decorations Committee; Campus Nite. Fourth Row : • WADE GR-AHAM WANNAMAKER. WVstfiejd. New Jci ey; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Tau Omega; Pre-Medical Society; Intramural Council; Wesley Foundation: Army ROTC. • VIRGINIA WARD. Fort Myers, Fla.; Newcomb; Alpha Delta Pi: Sailing Club. Decorations Committee Secretar-v. • JERRY WA ' TTS. Ocean Springs. Miss.; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Naval ROTC. • MATHILE WATSKY. New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • BETTY ANN WEAVER. New Orleans, La.: Newcomb; Phi Mu; Christian Science Organization President; Public Relations Committee Vice-Chairman. Fifth Row: • KIRK H. WEBSTER, Los Angeles. Cal.; Arts and Sciences; Delta Tau Delta; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Pre-Medical Society. • A. L. WEH- MEYER. Pasadena, Texas; Arts and Sciences. • THOMAS M. WEIL. Dallas, Texas; Aits and Sciences; President, Sigma Chi; TUSK: Wesley Foundation; Personnel and Evaluations Committee Vice-Chairman. • MIKE WEINROBE, St. Louis, Mo.; Business Administration; Alpha Epsilon PI ; Delta Sigma Pi ; Student Director ' ; Hillel Foundation : Adel- phons. • JOHN H. WELLS, New Orleans, La. ; Arts and Sciences; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Gemian Club; Math Club. Sixth Row: • THOMAS A. WELLS, New Orleans, La. ; Engineering; Sigma Chi; A.S.M.E. • GI ' S WENZEL. Metairie, La.; Business Administration ; Kappa Alpha; Varsity Basketball: Varsity Letter: Varsity Baseball; Green- backers. I ' reasurer. Sergeant-at-Arms; Spirit Counsel. • R. MARK WILKIEMEYER. Atlanta ' , Ga.; Arts and Sciences; Delta Tau Delta; Pre- Medical Society; Newman Club; Special Events Committee. • B.ARBARA ANN WILLIAMS. New Orleans, La.: Newcomb; Pi Beta Phi. • GNANN WILLIAMS, New Orleans, La.; Ne comb: .AlpIia Omicron Pi; Beta Beta Beta; BaiTacudas; Homecoming Court 1960, Jambalaya Beauty Court 1960-61. Seventh Row: • EUNICE WILLIAMS, New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; La Tertulia. • CAROL ANN WINKLER, New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; Phi Mu; Assets; Eta Sigma Phi; Oreades; Newman Club; Campus Nite; Sailing Club. • JEROME M. WTNSBERG, New Orleans. La.; Arts and Sciences; Varsity Track. • JO. NNE DORA WOLF, Corpus Christi, Texas; New- comb; Alpha Epsilon Phi, Hillel Foundation; Homecoming Court 1960; former Jambalaya Beauty Court. • DREW NEIL WOLLMAN. New York, New York; Arts and Sciences; Zeta Beta Tau; Alpha Phi Omega; Honor Board Arts and Sciences College ; Public Relations Committee ; House Council. Eighth Row : • JAMES W. VAUDRY, JR.. New Orleans. La.; Business Administra- tion ; Preside nt Pi Kappa -Alpha ; Newman Club ; Naval ROTC ; Sailing Cub; Marketing Club; Naval ROTC Rifle Club. • JIMMY YOUNG. Ferriday, La.; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • STEPHEN N. ZIMMERMAN, New Orleans, La.; Business Administration; . lpha Epsilon Pi; Varsity Baseball Manager; Pi Lambda Beta. m 1961 SOPHOMORES First Row : • HERB ALBERS, Wisher, eb.; Business Administration. • GERALD R. ALEXANDER. New Orleans, La.: .- rts and Sciences: Pi Kappa .Mpha: Newman Club: Pre- Medical Society. • S. NDR. . PPLEB. UM. Miami Beach. Fla.; Neuxomb: Sigma Delta Tau: La Tertulia; Sailing Club: Lyceum Committee, Secretary-. • SAMUEL H. . LTMAN. Charles- ton. South Carolina: .■ rts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Mu: Special Events. • P. TRICK J. AR.AGUEL, New Orleans, La.; Arts and Sciences: Beta Th.-ta Pi: Air Force ROTC. Second Row: • .-VX.V . R. OF. McCrory. . rk.; Ncwcomb: Alpha Epsilon Phi; .Assets; Hillel Foundation: Special Events. • JULLA ARNOLD, .Atlanta. Ga.; Newcomb: Phi Mu; Canterbun.- Club: Music Committee. • JULLA B.ART- LETF . RY. New Orleans, La.; Ncwcomb; Pi Beta Phi. • EDW.ARD H. .AUSTIN. San Antonio. Texas; Business .Administration: Sigma .Alpha Epsilon; Tennis: Naval ROTC. • MARGUERITE .AVEG.NO, New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Young Republicans. Third Row: • B.ARB.ARA .AXELROD. Houston, Te.xas; Ncwcomb; .Alpha Epsilon Phi; Dance Club; Le Circle Francais; Hillel Foundation; Campus Nite; Talent Committee. • LEON B. BACK, JR., Pikesvillc, Md., .Arts and Sciences: Pie-Medical Society; Hillel Foundation; Lagniappes. • LIND.A B.AER, Louisville. Ky.; Ncwcomb; .Alpha Epsilon Phi; Greenbackers; Spe- cial Events. • ELENE B.AERNSTElS ' . Houston. Texas: Newcomb; .Alpha Epsilon Phi. • DENISE .AXNE BAILLIET, Thibodaux, La.: Newcomb; .Alpha Delta Pi; Le Circle Francais, President; Newman Club. Fourth Row : • COR.NELI.A B-ARNES, Nashville, Tenn.; Ncwcomb; Pi Beta Phi; Barracudas: Dormitory Council (J. L.}; Vestniinster Fellowship. • PHIL- LIP B.ARKER. Decatur. Ga. : .Arts and Sciences; Tau Epsilon Phi: Math Club: .Air Force ROTC: Dri ' l Team. Sabre Jets. • CLE.MIT DURHAM B.ARNES. Bushncll. Fla.: .Ait5 and Sciences: Sigma Chi; Football. • JOH-N WESLEY BARNETT. JR.. Texarkana. Texas: Arts and Sciences: Phi Kappa Sigma; Air Force ROTC; Hobbies and Crafts. • DIANE B.ARREFT. .Atlanta, Ga.; Newcomb: .Alpha Delta Pi; Westminster Fellow- ship. Fifth Row: • CEDRIC ERROL BARRON. JR., Alexandria, La.: .Architecture; Sigma .Alpha Epsilon: .A.L.A.; Greenbackei : W ' eslcv Foundation: Lagniappes. • ROBERT RUSSELL B.ARTH, St. Paul, Minn.; Arts and Sciences; Kappa Siema: Jamraiav, ; Wesley Foundation; .Air Force ROTC. • .MICH.A ' EL B.ASHUK. Macon. Ga. : .Architecture; .Alpha Epsilon Pi; A. LA.: .Armv ROTC: Sports Car Club: Young Democrats. • ROSALIE B.ATCHELDER. Baton Rouge, La.: Newcomb; Phi Mu: TUSK: Canter- burj- Club: Music School, Secretars ' . • M.ARY B.ATTS, Hawkinsville, Ga. : Newcomb; .Alpha Omicron Pi; A Cappella Choir, Secretary ' . Si-xth Row: • WILLI.AM T. B.AYER. Nashvi ' le. Tenn.: .Architecture: Phi Delta Thcta: A. LA.; Air Force ROTC. • D AVID ROBERGE B.AYNE. Selina. Ala.; .Alts and Sciences: Kajjpa Sigma. • RON.ALD L. BECK. Nickcrson, Kan.; Engineering; .A.I.E.E.; .Air Force ROTC. Hellcats. • J.ANE BERGER. El Campo. Texas: Ncwcomb; .Alpha Epsilon Phi. • JANE BERGERET, New Orleans, La.; Ncwcomb; Phi Mu; Beta Beta Beta; Newman Club; Sailing Club. Seventh Row : • K.AY BERGERON. New Orleans, La.; Engineering; Phi Kappa Sigma; A.I.E.E. • ST.A. LEY Z. BERM.AN. Skokie, III.; .Arts and Sciences; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Prc-Medical Society; Hillel Foundation; Circle K. • LES BERN.ARD. New Orleans. La.: .Arts and Sciences; Pi Kappa -Alpha. • M.ARTH.A SUE BERRY. Brookings. South Dakota; .Newcomb; Delta Zeta; Hullabaloo: Interfaith Council: Wehlcy Foundation; Young Demo- crats; .Amateur Radio Club: Public Relations Committee. • HENRY J. BIENERT. JR., .Mctairic, La.; .Arts and Sciences; .Army ROTC. Eighth Row: • GAY REBECCA BIGGS. New Orleans. La.: .Ncwcomb; Baptist Stu- dent Union: Tulane Band: Sailing Club; Decorations Committee. • BEV- ERLY J. BISHOP. Wavland. New York; Newcomb: Newman Club: Spot- lighters. • K.ATHY BISHOP, New Orleans, La.; Newcomb: Kappa Kajjpa Gamma. S.ALLY BISSO. New Orleans, La.: Ncwcomb: Alpha Omicron Pi. • BETSY BLACKMAN, Monroe, La.; Newcomb; Chi Onirga: Baptist Student Union, Secretary. Ninth Row : • BITTI.NA BL.AIR. San .Antonio, Texas; Newcomb; Pi Beta Phi. • STLV E BL.ANK, Dcs Moines, Iowa; .Arts and Sciences; .Alpha Epsilon Pi; Hillel Foundation: Sailing Club; Young Democrats; Cosmopolitan Committee. • ELLIS L. BLEVTNS. Conway. .Ark.; .Arts and Sciences; Pi Kappa .Alpha: Phi Eta Sigma. •BOBBY BO.ASBERG. New Orleans, La.; Business .Administration; Beta Thcta Pi; Canterbury Club. • BILL BOLEN, Slirevcporl, La.; Arts and Sciences; Kappa Sigma. 112 SOPHOMORES 1961 First Row : • CAROL BOREN, Houston, Texas; Neucomb; Pi Beta Phi; Barracudas; Grcenbackei-s; Campus Nite; Sailing Club; Decorations Committee. • JANE WALTON BORISS, Miami, Fla. ; Newcomb; Chi OmcRa; Baptist Student Union; Big Sister. • JAMES W. BORTNER, JR., Everett, Wash.; Phi KaiJpa Sigma, Secretary; Air Force ROTC, Cmdr., Color Guard; Personal and Evaluations Committee. • SUSAN BOSTON, Dallas, Texas; New- comb- Canterbury Club; Newcomb Choir; Sailing Club; Young Democrats; Music Committee. • CHARLES STEVEN BRATTON, Camden. Ark.; Arts and .Sciences; Sigma Alplia Epsilon; Naval ROTC; Lyceum; Baptist Student Center. Second Row : • TEDDY BR. Y, St. Petersburg. Fla.; Newcomb; Kappa . lpha Thcta. • BEV BRETZ, Hinsdale, 111.; Newcomb; Pi Beta Phi; Athletic Council: Le Circle Francais; Westminster Fellowship; Campus Nite; Hospitality Committee. • BERNICE BRODERICK, New Or ' eans, La.; Newcomb; Phi Mu; Newman Club; Sailing Club. • KAREN ANN BROOKFIELD. Kansas City, Mo.; Newcomb; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • RELLA BROOKS, Austin, Texas; Kappa Alpha Theta; Canterbury Club. Third Row : • BRENDA BROWN, Providence, La.; Newcomb; Kappa Alpha Th eta; Newman Club. • NANCY LAURA BROWN. Houston, Texas; Newcomb; Chi Omega; Canterbury Club. • BRUCE R. BRUMFIELD, Cranford. New Jersey; Engineering; A.S.C.E.; Westminster Fellowship. • JERRY BURFORD, Doniphan, Mo.; Newcomb; Kappa Alpha Theta; Cheer- leaders; Greenbackei-s; Wesley Foundation; Secretary, U.C. Music Com- mittee. • JAMES BUSH, JR., North Litt ' e Rock, Ark.; Arts and Sciences; Wesley Foundation; Air Force ROTC. Fourth Row : • RICHARD W. BUSSOFF, Joplin, Mo.; Alpha Eta Pi; Circle K. Club. • PAUL P. CAMERON, Briarcliff, New York; Arts and Sciences; Pi Kappa Alpha; Eta Sigma Phi; Greenbackeis. • RYCK CAPLAN. New- Orleans. La.; Arts and Sciences; Zeta Beta Tau: Pre-Medical Society; Jambaiava. • CAROLYN CATHI CARLTON. Bartlesville, Okla.; New- comb; German Club; Art Club; Canterbury Club; Sailing Club; Young Democrats. • CAROL ANN CARMICHAEL. Kansas City, Mo.; New- comb; Pi Beta Phi; A.ssets; Dormitory Counci " ; Greenbackeis, Secretai-y; Lagniappes; Inner-Dorm Council. Fifth Row: • ROBERT J. CARTER. Fullerton, Cal.; Arli and Sciences; Phi Kappa Sigma; Psychology Major Club; Jambalaya; Army ROTC; International Relations Club; A.V.S.A.; N.D.T.A. ; House Council Representative. • DOROTHY FRENTZ CASEY, New Orleans, La.; Architecture. • LISLE B. CASTLEMAN, Louisville, Ky. ; Newcomb; Kappa Kappa Gamma; President of J. L. House; Assets; Jambalaya. • BAY CHAM- BERLAIN, New- Orleans, La.; Newcomb; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Barra- cudas; Canterbury Club; Sailing Club; TUT; U.C. Decorations Committee. • BRUCE PHILIP CHAMPAGNE, JR., Bourg, La.; Arts and Sciences; Newman Club; Sailing Club; Young Democrats. Sixth Row: • SALLY LOCKETT CHAPMAN. New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; Kappa Kappa Gamma; TUSK. • SID CHARBONNET, New Orleans, La.; Arts and Sciences; Beta Thcta Pi; Newman Club; Air Force ROTC; Sailing Club. • JANE CHENEY, New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; Alpha Omicron Pi; Orientation Vice Chairman: Assets; La Tertulia; Armv ROTC; Spon- sor of Pei-shing Rifles. • LANSON ROY CHIEN, New Orleans, La.; Engineering. • WALTER WIMBERLY CHRISTY, New Orleans, La.: Arts and Sciences; Beta Thcta Pi; Ai my ROTC. Seventh Row : • RICHARD CITRON, Detroit, Mich.; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Mu. • MERLIN CLAUSING, JR.. New Orleans, La.; Engineering; Pi Kappa Alpha. • MARTIN S. CLAWANS, Perth Amboy, New Jereey: Arts and Sciences; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pre-Medical Society; Swimming Team; HiUel Foundation; Special Events Committee. • MARY MUNDAY CLAYTON, Tupelo, Miss.; Newcomb: Chi Omega; Dance Club; Green- backers. • C. EDGAR CLOUTIER, Natchitoches, La.; Arts and Sciences; Phi Delia Theta; Army ROTC; Pi Lambda Beta. Eighth Row : • GEORGE COE, Rumson, New Jersey; Arts and Sciences; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • HOWIE COHEN, Glcncoc, 111.; Business Administration; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Intramural Council; Varsity, Track; Student Directoi-y; Greenbackers; Hillel Foundation; Adelphons: Alpha Phi Omega: Pi Lambda Beta; Young Democrats. • LOIS J. NE COHEN, Miami Beach, Fla.; Newcomb; Sigma Delta Tau; Jambalaya. • MARILYN COHEN. Hous- ton, Texas; Newcomb; Sigma Delta Tau; President of Sophniore Class: Lc Circle Francais; Hillel Foundation; Honor Board New-comb College; Student Council. • WREN COHENOUR, Shreveport, La.; Arts and Sciences; Phi Delta Theta. Ninth Row : • ANN COHN, East St. Louis, III.; Newcomb; Sigma Delta Tau; Jambalaya,- Hillel Foundation; Tulane University- Theatre; Sailing Cub. • JEFFREY COHN, Chicago, 111.; Arts and Sciences: Zeta Beta Tau: Vice-Piesident Sophomore Class; Intramural Council; TUSK; Adelphons. • LOUISE ELLEN COLE, Gulf Breeze, Fla.; Newcomb; Sigma Delta Tau; La Tertulia: Hillel Foundation; Interfaith Council, Recording Sec- retary. • JAY COMBE, New Orleans, La.; Engineering. • GEORGIA ELIZABETH CONNELL, New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; Phi Mu; Art Club; La Tertulia; Canterbury Club; Secretary of Fine Arts Committee; Winner of Arthur Q. Davis Art Award. 113 1961 SOPHOMORES First Row : • KATHY CONNELL. New Orleans, La.; Business Administration: Phi Mu; Plu Chi Theta, Treasurer; Canterbui- - Club; Concert Choir; New- comb Choir; Young Republicans. • KASSIE CONNETT. Metairie. La.: Ncwcomb; Kappa Kappa Gamma. © JERRY A. COOPER. Columbia, Soutli Carolina; .Arts and Sciences; Pi Kappa . ' pha; .Air Force ROTC- Sail- ing Club. • CHRIS D. CORBIN. JR.. Ft. Smith. .-Vrk.: Arts and Sciences; Sigma .Alpiia Epsilon. • A.W .ALLISO-X COX, Birmingham, Ala.; New- conib; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Tulane L ' niversity Theatre. Second Row: • CARL CRALXE, Dcln.y Beach, Fla.; Arts and Sciences: A ' pha Tau Omega; TUSK: Newman Club; .Adelphons; Y ' oung Republicans: Pan- Hellenic Council. • CAROL .AN. ' CRA. i, Franklin. La.: University College: Chi Omega; Regional Coordinator of L niversit ' Center. • KAREN CRAMER, Evanslon. lU.; Newromb: .Alpha Epsilon Phi; V E Committee of U.C. • J. JAMES CREELY. JR.. New Orleans, La.; Arts and Sciences. • DARLEEN CREEVY, Metairie, La.; Newcomb; Alpha Omicron Pi; Air Force Drill Team Sponsor. Third Row: e THOM. S J. CROUCH. Ft. Worth, Texas: Arts and Sciences; Air Force ROTC; Saber Jets Drill Team. • ARTHUR d ' AOUIN. New Oilcans, La.; Engineering; A.LE.E.; Newman Club. • BRENDA DAN- IELS, Fitzgerald. Ga.; Newcomb. • HELEN KNOX DARLING, Rome, Ga.; Business .Administration; Chi Omega: Chi Gamma Chi; Young Re- publicans; Music Committee of U.C. • JOHN A. DAVENPORT, Orange, New Jersey; Ne vman Club; Sailing Club; Sports Car Club; Young Re- publicans. Fourth Row : • C, DELU D.AVID. New Orleans, La.; Arts and Sciences; Kappa .Alpha. • ELANA D.AVIS. Little Neck. New A ' ork: Newcomb: Sigtua Delta Tau. • E. EV.AN D.AVIS, JR.. Greenville. Miss.; Business Ad- ministration: Sigma .Alpha Epsilon: President Sophomore Class-Business School: Aimv ROTC: Pi Lambd.- . Beta; Business School Student Council; Lagniappes. • JAMES S. DEACON. II. Beloit. Wis.; Arts and Sciences: Pi Kappa Alpha; Special Events Committee of_ U.C. • ROBIN de.AR- MAS, New Orleans, La.; Ne vcomb; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Fifth Row: • JAMES W. DEBUYS. New Kajjpa Epsilon : Newman D Orleans. La.; Newcomb: Plii Orleairs. La.: Business Administration: Club. • FRANCES DECKER, New Mu; German Club: Ne vman Club. • BAPTISTE J. DEJEAN. New Orleans. La.: Engineering: A.I.Ch.E.; Newman Club. • BOB DeL.ANGE. Metairie. La.: Business Administra- tion; Phi Kap|)a Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma: Armv ROTC. • LELAND DENNIS. II, Galveston, Texas; Business .Administration; Kap|)a .Sigiua: Vai-sity Goll; Army ROTC. Sixth Row: • RENE DIAZ, El Paso, Te.xas; Architecture; Pi Kappa .Alplia. • JERR ■ DICKM.AN. St. Petersburg. Fla.; .Arts and ScieTices; Social Chairman. Plieips House: Hillel Foundation. • RUSSELL DION.XE. New Iberia. La.: Alts and Sriences: Newman Cub: Naval ROTC. • FRED DIRINGER. Mt. Vciiion. New Jei-sev; Arts and Sciences: Tau Ensi ' on Phi: TUSK: Hillel Foundation; U.C. Service Committee. • MARY BETH DODGE. .Arlington. Va.: Business Administration: Phi Mu. Assistant Treasiucr; Chi Gamma Chi; U.C. Public Relations Commission. Seventh Row: • LOUIS C DOODY, JR., Metairie. La.; Business .Administration. • LANDREA DUCOTE. Monroe. La.; Newcomb: Pi Beta Phi: La Ter- tulia; Canterbury Club; Lagriiappes. • CH.ARLES DURHAM, Houston, Texas; .Arts and Sciences: Kappa Sigma: Wesley Foundation; HospitaHty Committee. • ED EDGERTON, Alexandria, La.: Arts and Sciences: Sigina Alpha Epsilon; President Sophomore Class of A S; Greenbackers: A S Stu- dent Council; Honor Board A S College. • BRENDA EDMONDSON. New Oilcans. La.; Newcomb; Pi Beta Phi, Sailing Club; Young Republicans, Secretary. Eighth Row: • DIANE EICHHORN. Cairo, 111.; Newcomb: .Alpha Epsilon Phi: Hillel Foundation; Sailing Club; Lagnippes. Student Directoiy. • ROBERT J. EISEN. Birmingham. .Ala.: Business .Administration: Zeta Beta Tau: HuUa- haloo: Army ROTC • GEORGE PATRICK ELDER. Cincinnati. Ohio; .Alts and Sciences: Young Republicans. • W ' M. C ELLIS. JR.. New- Orleans. La.: Engineering: Kappa .Alpha; Naval ROTC. • BETSY ER- TN, Nashville. Tenn.; Ne vcomb; Mpha Oniicron Pi: Sorority Edit(»r J mh. i_. va; Wesley Foundation. Ninth Row : • BEN ESHLEMAN. JR., New Orleans, Kappa Alplia. • JANE B. ESHLEMAN, La. Business .Administration: Orleans. La.; Newcomb; 5i: . Chi Omega: J.-imbalava; Canterbury Club; Young Republicans. • MICH- .AEL R.AY EUB.A.NKS. Lumberton, Miss.; Business Administration: Hulla- baloo. • GENE EVANS, Dallas, Texas: Arts and Sciences: Phi Kappa Sigma; Pre-Mcdical Society: Greenbackers: Westminster Fellowship: A Cappclla Choir; Campus Nitc; Young Republicans: U,C. Hospitality Committee; Sophtones Barbershop Quartet. • ELE.ANOR MINOR EUS- TIS, New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; Kappa Kappa Gamina. 114 SOPHOMORES 1961 First Row : • PEPPY EVES, New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; Chi Omega; Neu-man Club; Young Republicans. • FRANK LAWRENCE FAUST, III, New Orleans, La.; Aits and Sciences; Delta Tau Delta; Army ROTC. • DICK FAVOR, Metairie, La.; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Chi. • ELINORE A. FELDM.AN Miami Beach, Fla.; Newcomb: La Tejtulia; Hillel Founda- tion; U.C. Recreation Committee. • MICHAEL STEPHEN FELDMAN, Newton Centre, Mass.; Aits and Sciences; Zeta Beta Tau; Prc-Legal Society. • LEE FENTRIS, (Third row). Second Row: • JERALD ROBERT FIXK. Wichita Falls, Texas; Arts and Sciences; Phi Kappa Sigma; . rmy ROTC; Young Democrats; Lagniappes. • LOLIS Y FISHMAN New Orleans. La.; Business . ' Administration; Zeta Beta Tau; Sgt.-at-Arms; Bus. Honor Board; Hillel Foundation. • JEANNE FOSTER, Ne y Orleans, La.; Newcomb; .Alpha Omicron Pi: La Tcrtulia; J, mbau y. . ' Tulane University Theatre: Army ROTC Sponsor. • JOYCE FR.ANK. Norfolk, Va.; Newcomb; Sigma Delta Tau: Hillel Foundation. « KEN FRANKEL, Shaker Hts., Ohio; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Mu; Tulane University Theatre; Fine Arts Committee. and Sciences: Delta Club: U.C. Music Business .■Administra- Third Row : • ROY A. FREBORG, .San Bernardino. Cal.; Arts Sigma Phi; Annv ROTC; Sailing Club: Sports Ca: Comm. • LOUIS M. FREEM. ' VN, New Orleans, La.; tion; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Sailing Club; Young Republicans. 9 NOR- MAN DAVID FREID, Tampa, Fla.; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre-Medical Society; Greenbackers; Hillel Foundation; Adelphons. • LEE FENTRESS, Baton Rouge, La.; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Varsity Tennis; Greenbackers. • CONNIE FRIES, Towanda, Pa.; Newcomb; Newman Club; A Cappella Choir; Madrigal Singers; .Sailing Club. Fourth Row : • B.ARB.ARA ANN FROST, Houston. Texas: Newcomb; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Hillel Foundation: Lagniappes. • JAS. H. GABLER, New Orleans. La.; Engineering; Delta Sigma Phi. Treasurer: A.S.M.E.; Pan-Hellenic Council. • DJONALD P. GACHfi, Miami Beach, Fla.; Arts and Sciences: Sigma Alpha Mu. • PETE GAFFNEY, Shreveport, La.; Business Ad- ministration; Sigma .Alpha Epsilon: Newman Club; Air Force ROTC; Accounting Club. • MICHAEL V. GALO, Lorcdo, Texas; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Newman Club. Fifth Row: • WAYNE GALVANI, Dallas, Epsilon; Baptist Student Union son, Miss.; Newcomb; Kappa Committee. • WYONA Newcomb; Art Club; Newman Texas: Aits and Sciences; Sigma Alpha • ALICE CAROLINE GANDY, Jack- Kappa Gamma; Jambalava; Hospitality TITA GARCIA, Corpus Christi, Texas; Club; Art Club. • MANUEL RAUL GARCI.A, Metairie, La.; Engineering: Beta Theta Pi. • EDWARD W. GARL.AND. New Orleans, La.; Engineering; Pi Kappa Alpha; A.I.E.E.; Air Force ROTC; Sabre Jets. Sixth Row : • LAWLER F. G.ATLIN, Bogalusa. La.: Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • ADELE G. UDET, New Orleans, La.: Newcomb; Alpha Omicron Pi. • CH.ARLES R. GEAR, Jackson, Miss.; Business Admin- istration; Sigma Alpha Epsilon: W ' estminsler Fellowship; Armv ROTC; Personnel and Evaluation Committee. • LARRY WILLI.AM GETTS, Garrett, Ind.; Business .Administration; Accounting Club. • KAREN GLOSSERMAN, Lockhart, Texas; Newcomb; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Assets; Hillel Foundation; Honor Board Newcomb College; Hospitality Committee; Honor Board Secretarj ' . Seventh Row: O D. SPENCER GOLDBERG, Chicago, 111.; Architecture; Zeta Beta Tau; A.I. A. • R. H. GOLDBERG, Dallas, Texas; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Mu, Vice-President; Pre-Medical Society; Hillel Founda- tion; Personnel and Evaluations Committee. • BETTY GOLDBLUM, Port Arthur. Texas; Nev ' comb; Sigma Delta Tau; Hi ' lel Foundation. • PETE GOLDEN. Oakdale, La.: Arts and Sciences; Varsity Football; Newman Club. • CAROLYN LOUISE GOLDSBY, Bogalusa, La.; New- comb; Public Relations Committee. Eighth Row: • HARRIET Rl.riH GORDON, Gadsden, .Ala.: Newcomb: .Alpha Ep- silon Phi; Hi ' lel Foundation; La Tertulia: Recreation Committee. • LAWRENCE A. GORDON. Miami Beach. Fla.; Business Administra- tion; Hillel Foundation; Young Democrats; .Army ROTC. • D.ALE W. GOTT. JR., Valparaiso, Ind.; Engineering; Varsity Basketball. • DE.AN GOTTEHRER. Miami Beach, Fla.; Arts and Sciences : Alpha E[)silon Pi; WTUL; Chief Announcer. • JAY D. GRABBE, Jerseyville, III.; Business Administration; Westminster Fellowship; Army ROTC. Ninth Row: • FRANK KADER GRANT, Baltimore, Md.; Arts and Sciences; Hillel Foundation; Treasurer of Campus Nite; Pi Lambda Beta; Lagniappcs. • JOHNNY GRAVES, Hope. Ark.; Aits and Sciences; Kappa Sigma; Wesley Foundation. • NANCY GRAVES, Culpeper. Va.; Ne%vcomb; La Tertulia, Hullabaloo Feature Edior, Baptist Student Union. « DAVID M. GRAY. JR., Moreauville, La.; Arts and Sciences; Pre-Medical Society; Westminster Fellowship; Inter House Council, Conesponding Secretary. • NANCY FAYE GRAY, New Orleans. La.; Newcomb; Le Ciiclc Francais; Westminster Fellowship; A Cappella Choir; Sailing Club. 115 1961 SOPHOMORES First Row : • LIBBY ANN GREENBERG. High Point, North Carolina; Ncwcomb; Sigma Delta Tail. Dance Club, Hillel Foundation. Spotlighted Com- mittee. • JOH.N WILLI.AM GROOME, Greenvile. Miss.: ..Sirls and Sciences: Kappa .-Mpha, Canterbury- Club. • M. Y RUSH GWIN, State College. Miss.; Newcomb; Oreades, Le Circle Fiancais. WesU-v Foun- dation. Concert Choir. Young Republicans. Dean ' s List. • LYNNE H.AD- pOCK, . tlanta. Ga. ; Newcomb; . lpha Delta Pi. Oreades, Wesley Foun- dation, Lagmappes. Secretary. • ALMETA HAGGARD. El Paso, Te.vas; Newcomb; Kappa A ' pha Theta, La Tcrtulia, Special Events Committee, Publicity Chairman. Second Row : • LYNNE H. LL. New Orleans, La.; Neyvcomb; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • SKIPPER H. LLER. Gulfport, Miss.; Business .Administration; Signia Chi, Baptist Student L ' nion. Honor Board of Business .Administration College. .Accounting Club. • .AN.N ' E H.AMILTON, Montgomeo ' , Ala.; .Newcomb; Kappa Kappa Gamma. .Art Cub. Le Circle Francais Canter- • K.ATHY H.ARMO.N. Butler. Ala.; .Newcomb; .Alpha Omicron Pi, TUSK, Sailing Cub. • PEGGY HARRELL, Manhasset. New York; Newcomb; Kappa Kappa Gamma, .Art Club, Le Circle Francais, Canter- buiA ' Club, Sailing Club, Young Democrats. Thirtl Row: • ALBERT W. H.ARTMAN. JR.. San Antonio, Texas; Arts and Sciences; Beta Theta Pi, WTUL, News Director. • BOBBY H.ASSLNGER, New Orleans. La.: Engineering; Kappa .Alpha Order, .A.LCh.E. • WILLLAM CH.ARLES HARTWELL. IR.. Gulfport. Miss.; Business .Administration. Kappa Alpha Order, TUSK, Army ROTC. • TOMMY " HATFIELD, W ' innsboro, La.; Engineering; Beta Theta Pi: .A.S.C.E.; Weslev Foun- dation; Tulane Band. • .AL.A.N MARK H.AVFRECT. Houston ' Tc. as; -Arts and Sciences: .American Chemical Society: Pre-Medical. Student Di- rector ' ; .A Cappella Choir President, Personnel and Evaluations Com- mittee. Fourth Row : • RONALD HEULAN, Farrell. Pa Hillel Foundation; Honor Board HELLER, Denver, Colo.; .Arts ai Foundation; Y ' oung Democrats. , ; .Arts and Sciences; Zeta Beta Tau: of .Arts and Sciences. • R.ANDY id Sciences: Zeta Beta Tau: Hillel SHELTON E. HENDRICKS, .N ' e Orleans, La.; Arts and Sciences; Kappa Sigtna. J.ACK HEPTING, .Asheville, North Carolina; Architecture; Phi Delta Theta: ,A.I..A.; Var- sity Tennis. • TOM HERN.ANDEZ, New Orleans, La.; Engineering: -Army ROTC; Special Events Committee. Fifth Row: • MARCIA HERNDON. Canton, North Carolina; Ne scomb; Delta Zt ' ta; Wesley Foundation; A Cappella Choir; German Club. • ARTHUR HEROLD, Shreveport. La.; Arts and Sciences; Zeta Beta Tau; Varsity Tennis. • PETER HERRING. Florence, Ala.: ArLs and Sciences; Kappa . lpha Order; Philosophy Club; . rmy ROTC; International Relations Club; Young Democrats. • M. X HEYM.ANN, Lafavette. La.; Business Administration; Zeta Beta Tau; Naval ROTC. • VVILLLWf HIGH- 7 0 VER, New Orleans, La.; Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega; A.S.C.E. Sixth Row: • LINDA HINES. Houston, Texas; Newcomb; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Beta Beta Beta; Dormiton. ' Council; Greenbackers; VVarren House Pres- ident. • GINNV HODGES. Olathel, Kan.; Newcomb; Kappa Alpha Theta; . ssetii; Athletic Council; Greenbackers. • N. E. HODSDON, I Seventh rou i . • TIM HOFF, Sarasota, Fla. ; . rts and Sciences; Delta tau Delta: Eta Sigma Phi: Pan-Hellenic Council. • BECKY ANN HOFFMAN. Mobile, -Ala. ; Newcomb; . Jpha Epsilon Phi; Barracudas; Dance Club; Hillel Foundation. •ROBERT E. HOLLIDAY. Hatiics- burg. Miss.; Engineering; Kappa Sigma; . .I.Ch.E. Seventh Row: • JACK HOOPER, Nashv-illc, Tenn.; Arts and Sciences; Phi Delta Theta. • CYNTHIA HOPKINS, Armonk, New York; Newcomb; Phi Mu; West- minster Fellowship; Young Republicans; Public Relations Committee. • WILLIAM H. HOPKINS. JR.. Houston. Texas; Business .Administra- tion; Kappa Sigma: Naval ROTC. • NICHOLOS E. HODSDON. Miami. Fla.: -Arts and Sciences; Delta Tau Delta; Westminster Fellowship; Campus Nile; Choral Union: Opera Workshop; .Anny ROTC. • J.AMES J. HOTH. Baton Rouge, La.; Arts and Sciences; Kappa Sigma. Eighth Row: • LINDA HUDSON. Houston, Texas; Newcomb; Kappa .Alpha Theta; Baptist Student Union; Decorations Committee. • J.AMES F. HUGHES, New Orleans, La.; Business Administration; Kappa Signia; Honor Board Business Administration College: Accounting Club. • RICHARD G. HUNIPHREY, Georgetown, British Guiana: Arts and Sciences; Phi Kappa Sigma; International Relations Club; Lagniappes; Soccer Team; Cos- mopolitan Committee; Intramuial Council; Pre-Medical Society. • CAR- RICK R. IN.ABNETT. Monroe, La.; Arts and Sciences; Sigma .Alpha Epsilon; Eta Sigma Phi; Air Force ROTC; Drum and Bugle Corps; Public Relations Committee. • HOWARD D. ISAACS. Miami, Fla.; Engineer- ing; Alpha Epsilon Pi; .A.I.E.E. ; Hillel Foundation ; WTUL Disc Jockey. Ninth Row: • JOHN D. JACKSON, JR.. El Centro, Cal.; Business Administration; Phi Kappa Sigma; Swimming Team; Greenbackers. NINA JACOBS, New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; .Alpha Omicron Pi, Cosmopolitan Com- mittee; German Club; Campus Nite; Baptist Student Union. • CARO- LINE L. J.ACOBSEN. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; Newcomb; Le Circle Francais; La Tertulia; Canterbun- Club; International Relations Club; Cosmopolitan Committee; Young Democrats. • LORN .A J.AFFE, Memphis. Tenn.; Newcomb; Student Directorv; Hillel Foundation : Pub- lic Relations Committee. •A. J. (JOE) JOHNSON, JR., Eldorado, Ark.: .Architecture; Sigma Chi, A. I. A. 116 SOPHOMORES 1961 First Row ; • DAVID H. JOHNSON, Pcnsacola, Fla.; Arts and Sciences; Pre-Med- ical Society; Wesley Foundation; House Council Representative. • KENT R. JOHNSON, Squantum, Mass.; Business Administration; Treasurer In- ter-house Council. • LAWRENCE NOEL JOHNSON, New Orleans, La.; Arts and Sciences: . lpha Tau Omega, Sailing Club; Young Re- publicans. • THEODORE J. ' MES JOHNSON, New Orleans, La.: En- gineering; Intramui-al Council; Baptist Student Union; Air Force ROTC. • HANS A. B. JONASSEN, New Orleans, La.; Arts and Sciences; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Math Club; Jambalaya; Greenbackers. Second Row: • BETH JONES, Clinton, La.; Newcomb; Kappa Alpha Tlieta; Tulane University Theatre. • JUDITH MASON JONES, New Orleans, La.: Newconrb; Kappa . lpha Theta; Ja.mbalaya; Christian Science Organiza- tion. • WARREN B, JUNG, New Orleans, La.; . ' Krts and Sciences; Phi Kappa Sigina Social Chairman; Westminster Fellowship; Young Repub- licans; Music Committee; Circle K. • BARBARA KANTER, Dallas, Texas; Newcomb; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Public Re ' ations Committee. • JUDITH SUS. N K. TZ, New Orleans. La.; Newcomb: La Tertulia; Student Directory; Recording Secretary Hillel Foundation; Sailing Club; Public Relations Committee. Third Row : • S.ANDRA KAY, St. Louis, Mo.; Newcomb; Alpha Epsilon Phi: Hillel Foundation; Hospitality Committee. • DOUGLAS KELLY, III, Eldorado, Ark.; Architecture; Sigma Chi; A. I. A. • SUS, . KELLNOR, New Orleans, La.; Nev ' comb; .Alpha Epsilon Phi; Hullabaloo, JambaI-AVa; Hillel Foundation. • MARGIE A. KENDIS, St. Louis, Mo.; Newcomb: Sigma Delta Tau; Hullabaloo; Public Relations Committee. • HENRY STOVALL KENDRICK. Montgomery, Ala.; Arts and Sciences; President Paterson House; Inter-House Council; Pep Band; Wesley Foundation; Tulane Band; Historian of Alpha Phi Omega; Sailing Cub; Young Demo- crats; Music Committee. Fourth Row : • KATHY KIMBERLIN, Baton Rouge, La.; Newcomb; Alpha Omicron Pi; Administration and Classes Editor of Jambalaya; Canterbury Club; Tulane University Theatre. • KEN KLAFFKY, Huntington, New York; Business Administration; Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Westminster Fellowship; Sailing Club; Special Events Committee. • ROBERT S. KLEIN, New York, New York: Business Administration; Alpha Epsilon Pi: Army ROTC; Pershing Rifles Drill Team; Assistant Business Manager, WTUL Radio. • MARION LOUISE KNEIPP, New Orleans, La.; Newcomb. • JACKIE KOHN, Atlanta, Ga.; Newcomb; . lpha Epsilon Phi. Secretar ' ; Soph- more Class Secretary; La Tertulia; Hillel Foundation; Lagniappes. Fifth Row: • FLORA .ANN KOPITSKY, St. Louis, Mo.: Newcomb: Sigma Delta Tau; Hillel Foundation. • J.AY KRACHMER, Miami Beach, Fla., Arts and Sciences; Zeta Beta Tau; Varsity Golf Team; Hospitality Committee; Secretary of Phi Eta Sigma; President of Phelps House Dormitory; Inter- House Council. • ROGER ALAN KRITZ, Skokie. 111.: Arts and Sciences; Zeta Beta Tau. _• K.AROL ANNE KUERSTEINER, Mobile, Ala.; New- comb; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Art Club; Le Circle Francais: Jambai-AVa,- Greenbackers: Canterbury Club; Sailing Club; Young Democrats; Fine Arts Committee. • WILLIAM KULP, Highland Park, III.; Arts and Sciences; Zeta Beta Tau. Sixth Row : • DALE JUNE KULVIN, Miami, Fla.: Newcomb; A ' pha Epsilon Phi, Assistant Trea,surer; La Tertulia; Greenbackers; Personnel and Evaluations Committee. • STAN KURZBAN, Miami. Fla.; Arts and Sciences: Tau Epsilon Phi; Eta Sigma Phi; Math Club: Intramural Council; Hillel Foundation, Athletic Director. • SANFORD KUTNER, Elizabeth, New Jersey; Arts and Sciences; Tau Epsilon Phi, Secretary. • JACOB L.AN- DRY, New Iberia, La.; Arts and Sciences; Kappa Sigma; Varsity Tennis Team. • MARILYN LANDRY, New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; Alpha Omicron Pi. Seventh Row : • NANCY AN.N LANGFORD, Metairic, La.; Newcomb; Baptist Student Union Council; Sailing Club; Decorations Committee. • ELLIOT A. LAPAN, Glenside, Pa.; Aits and Sciences: Pre-Medical Society; Hillel Foundation; Fine Arts Committee. • DIANE LASSITER. Jackson. Tenn.: Newcomb; Baptist Student Union. • W. DAN LATIMER, III. Mt. Pleas- ant, Te. as: Arts and Sciences: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Varsitv Track Team; Greenbackers; Sailing Club. • RICHARD B. L.AYTIN, Ft. Smith, Ark.; .Arts and Sciences; Zeta Beta Tau. Eighth Row: • HERBERT W. LeBOURGEOIS, Metairie, La.; Arts and Sciences; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • REAVES LEE, Ft. Smith, Ark.; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Pre-Medical Society. • BRENDA SCOTT LEGGIO, New Orleans. La.: Newcomb: .Alpha Omicron Pi; Oreades; Newman Club; Campus Nite. • GEORGE LEHLEITNER, JR., New Orleans, La.; Bus- iness Administration; Alpha Tau Omega; Canterbury Club; Sailing Club; Spotlighters Committee. • HOWARD A. LEVINE, Lowell. Mass.; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Mu; Hillel Foundation; Camjjus Nite; Fine .Arts Committee. Ninth Row: • MICHAEL J. LEVINE, Jamaica, New York; Arts and Sciences; Tau Epsi ' on Phi; Wave Handbook; Hillel Foundation. • FRED RON.ALD LEVITAN, Portsmouth, Va. ; Arts and Sciences: Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre- Medical Society; Varsity Track Team; Greenbackers; Recreation Com- mittee • JOAN LEVY. Savannah, Ga.: Newcomb; Dance Club: Jam- BAI.AVA. • CLARENCE IRWIN LEWIS, JR., Mobile, Ala.: Engineering; Phi Kappa Sigma; A.I.Ch.E.; Army ROTC; Pershmg Rifles Drill Team. • HARRIS A. LICHTENSTEIN, Houston, Texas; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pre-Medical Society; Hillel Foundation Vice-President; Young Democrats. 1T7 1961 SOPHOMORES First Row; • ROBERT M. LIEBERT, Miami, Fla.; Aits and Sciences; Sigma Alplia Mu; TUSK; Hil ' el Foundation; Plii Eta Sigma. • EDWARD LIEBMAN, Dallas, Texas; Business Science; Zeta Beta Tau; Hobbies and Crafts Committee. • EILEEN LINK, Miami, Fla.; Newcomb; .Mpha Delta Pi; Sailing Club; Young Democrats, • EDWARD LOBMAN, New Orleans. La.; Business Administiation; Zeta Beta Tau; Hullabaloo. • JAMES M. LONG. Ill, Cleveland. Miss.; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Eta Sigma. Second Row : • JE.N ' S LORENZ. Appletan. Wis.; Engineering; Beta Tlieta Pi; . .S.C.E., Tulane Soccer Team. • FO ' E LOWE. Dennott. , rk.; .Arts and Sciences; Phi Eta Sigma. • MARY FRANCES LUCAS. Metairio. La.; Ncwcomb; .Alpha Omicron Pi: Neumaii Club. • D.AVTD E. LYALL, New Orleans, La.: Engineering; Phi Kappa Sigma; Westminster Fe ' lowship; Air Force ROTC; Sabre Jets Drill Team. •MICHAEL MARVINS. Houston, Texas: .Arts and Sciences; .Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pre-Medical Society; Student Di- rector ' .Assistant Business Manager; .Army ROTC; Pershing Rifles Drill Team- WTUL Air Stafl. Third Row: • CARL McAFEE, Bavtown, Texas; Business Administration; Varsity Football. • JANET LEE McCRACKEN, Dallas, Texas; Newcomb; Apha Omicron Pi; Westminster Fellowship; Campus Nite; Music Committee. • TUCKER McCRADY. New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; Alpha Omicron Pi. • L. V. McGI.NTY, JR.. Slidell. La.: .Arts and Sciences; Varsity Basketba ' l. • JL ' DA ' McGUFFEE, Jackson, Miss.; Ne vcomb; Dormitory Council; Student Director -; TUSK; Lagniappes Committee . Fourth Row: • P.AL ' L McINNIS. Mav. Texas; Business .Administration; Phi Kappa Sigma: CanterbuiT Club. • WILLIAM P. McNULTY, New York, New A ' ork; .Arts and Sciences; Plil Kappa Sigma; Pep Band; A Cappella Choir; Madrigal Singers; Naval ROTC; Driim and Bugle Corps. • WING MacDON.ALD. New Orleans. La.: .Architecture; Kappa Alpha Theta. • MARILYN M.ARSIGLIA. New Orleans. La.: University Col ' ege; Delta Zeta; Little Colonel of .Army ROTC. • JAMES " BUDDY " M.ARTIN, New Orleans, La,; .Aits and Sciences; Phi Kappa Sigma; Sailing Club; Sports Car Club. Fifth Row: • CH.ARLES W. MATHEWS, Bethesda, Md.; Business Administration ; Sigma Chi: Vice-President Sophomore Class; Delta Sigma Pi; Naval ROTC: Pan-Hellenic Council. • TOM ME.ADE, Albuquerque, New Mexico; Arts and Sciences; Kappa Sigma; Varsity Track, • JOHN W. MEYER, Hondo, Texas; Arts and Sciences; Sigma .Alpiia Epsilon. • BUDDY MEYER, Jackson, Miss,; Arts and Sciences; Vai-sity Football. • ALLISON MILLER, Margaritas. Mex.; Ne comb; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Canter- bury Club; Young Republicans. Sixth Row: • MARSH.A MERRILL MILLER, New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; Pi Beta Phi; Newman Cub; Young Repub ' icans. • TED MILLER. New Orleans, La.: Arts and Sciences: Varsity Football. • WENDY MIMELES, New Orleans. La.; Newcomb; .Alpha Epsilon Phi; HiUel Foundation. • JUDITH MITCHELL, Downey, Cal.; Newcomb; La Tertulia; Westmirister Fe ' low- ship; Hospitalitv Committee Chairman; Orientation Big Sister. • E. NANCY MITZNER, Atlanta, Ga.; Newcomb; Sigma Delta Tau; TUSK: Hiliel Foundation. Seventh Row: • JAMES JOHNSTON MORSE, New Orleans, La.; Arts and Sciences; Kappa .Alpha; Philosophy Club; Varsity Letter Tennis; Westminster Fel- lowship. • DALE LETITIA MOORE, Newoka, Okla.; Newcomb. • MARY NELSON MOSS, Waterproof. La.; Newcomb; Chi Omega; .Athletic Council; Le Circle Francais; Westminster Fello ' ship. • AN- THONY MUMPHREY, New Orleans, La.; Engineering, • KAY ML NCH, New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; .Alpha Omicron Pi; .Air Force ROTC Sponsor. Eighth Row : • A. W. MYSING. New Orleans. La.: Ai Ls and Sciences; Phi Delta Theta. • SALLY CROCKETT iVFYSING. New Orleans. La.; Newcomb: Kappa Kappa Gamma. • JOSEPH M. D. NADELL, Bronx. New York: .Arts and Sciences; Hobbies and Crafts Committee: Tulane University Theater. • RONALD NAOUI.N. New Orieans. La.; Arts and Sciences; Newman Club; Aimy ROTC; Young Republicans. • JULIA TEVIS N.ARZ, Louisville, Ky.; Ne Tomb; Pi Beta Phi; Le Ciic ' e Fiancais; Decorations Committee. Ninth Row : • .ALL.AN N.ATH.ANSO.N, Brooklyn, New York; .Arts and Sciences; .Alpha Epsilon Pi; German Club; Pre-Medical Society; Hiliel Foiinda- tion: Young Democrats; Vice-Chairman Cosmopolitan Committee. • BRYAN E. NEARN, JR., Memphis, Tenn.; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Chi; Greenbackers; Special Events Committee. • GWEN MARY NEL- SON New Orleans, La,; Newcomb; Phi Mu; Newman Club; Tulane Band: Oreadcs. • LEE TERRELL NESBITT, Rayne. La.; Arts and Sciences; Phi Kappa Sigma; Secretary-Treasurer of Sophomore Class of Arts and Sciences; Pre-Medical Society; TUSK; Wesley Foundation; Young Democrats. • KAY NOBLE, Lake Charles, La.; Newcomb; Chi Omega; Hospitality Committee; Bowling League. 118 SOPHOMORES 1961 First Row: • SANDRA NOBLE, Gultport, Miss.; Newcomb: Kappa Alpha Theta; Treasuicr of Sophomore Class; Assets Secretary; DormitoiT Council; La Tcrtulia; Baptist Student Union: Lagniappes Committee. • JIMMY NORR, New Orleans. La.; Arts and Sciences: WTUL Director of Public Relations: Pep Band: Hillel Foundation: Tulane Band; Army ROTC; Drum and Bugle Corps. • LEANNE NORTHRUP, Flossmoor. 111.; New- comb; Alpha Delta Pi; Wesley Foundation: Decorations Committee. • HILDA NUSSBAUM, Bainbridge, Ga.; Newcomb: Alpha Epsilon Phi; Hillel Foundation. • HUBERT T. ODOM, .JR., Victoria, Texas; Arts and Sciences: Sigma Chi; Varsity Football. Second Row: • CELESTE MAURY OFFUTT, New Or ' cans. La.; Newcomb; Chi Omega; German Cub; Recreation Committee. • BETTY S. ORENDORF, Bowling Green Ky.; Newcomb; Chi Omega; Le Circle Francais: West- minster Fellowship; Lyceum Committee. • STEVEN ORENSTEIN. At- lanta. Ga. ; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Mu. • EDMUND N. ORSINI Little Rock. Ark.; Arts and Sciences; Phi Kappa Sigma. • JOHN S. PACHTER, Greenwood, Miss.; Arts and Sciences; Zeta Beta Tau; Army ROTC. Third Row: • DIANA P. ' VDRATZIK, University City, Mo.; Newcomb; Sigma Delta Tau; Hi ' lel Foundation; Sailing Club. • WALLACE H. PALETOU, New Oileans, La.; Aits and Sciences; Newman Club; Pi Lambda Beta; Sailing Club Treasurer. • COURTNEY ANN PARKER. Nevs Oileans, La.; Newcomb: Chi Omega; Sailing Club; Cosmopolitan Committee. • CHARLOTTE PARNELL, Brookhaven, Miss.: Newcomb; German Club; Baptist Student Union. • MIKE PEARSON, Fort ViiMey, Ga.: Arts and Sciences; Phi Kappa Sigma; Tulane Band; Air Force ROTC; Drum and Bugle Corps. Fourth Row : • MIKKI PELLETTIERI, Houston, Texas; Newcomb; Alpha Omicron Pi; Recording Secretai7 of Newcomb Student Council; Assets; Dormitory Council; Greenbackers; Wesley Foundation; Campus Nite; Air Force ROTC Sponsor; Student Activities Board: LIrchin Beauty Court; Lagniappes; Orientation Big Sister. • LYN PELTER. Huntingburg, Ind.; Newcomb; Delta Zeta; Wesley Foundation; A Cappel ' a Choir; Con- cert Choir; Young Republicans. •LOGAN P. PERKINS. JR., Sulpher, La.: Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Cheerleader: Greenbackers. • LYNN PERSEHALL, New Orleans. La.; Newcomb. • JANE CARO- LINE PHARR, Chicago, III.; Newcomb; Pi Beta Phi; Canterbury Club; Young Republicans; Music Committee. Fifth Row : • GERALDINE PICTON, Port Arthur, Texas; Newcomb; Pi Beta Phi; Lagniappes: Dormitory Council; Newman Club. • KENNY POLLOCK, Bii niingiiam, Ala.; Arts and Sciences: Tau Epsilon Plii; Young Demo- crats; Pan-Hellenic Council. • DIANE POLUNSKY, San Antonio, Texas; Newcomb; Sigma Delta Tau; La Tertu ' ia; Hillel Foundation; Hospitality Committee. • CATHERINE PORTER, Mobile, Ala.; Newcomb: Alpha Omicron Pi; Secretary Josephine Louise House Council; Newman Club; Young Republicans; Hospitality Committee. • JOHN B. POSTELL, New Orleans, La.; Arts and Sciences; Kappa Sigma; Naval ROTC; Newman Cub. Sixth Row : • DENA PRICE. St. Petersburg. Fla.; Newcomb: Phi Mu ; Public Re- lations Committee; Westminster Fellowship. • G.ML RANGIER. Wichita Falls, Texas; Newcomb; Alpha Omicron Pi; Art Club; Baptist Student Union. • ANN R. TLIFF, Houston, Texas; Newcomb; Alpha De ' ta Pi Scholarship Chairman; Vice-President Sophomore Class; Athletic Council Publicitv Chairman; Vice-President Le Circle Francais; Young Demociats. • LESTER T. REESE, Birmingham, Ala.; Arts and Sciences; Pre-Medical Society: Pep Band: Wesley Foundation; Tu ' ane Band. • THOMAS M. REGAN, New Orleans, La.; Engineering; A.I.Ch.E.; Newman Club Ed- ucational Vice-President. Seventh Row : • PATRICK MANNING REILY, New Orleans, La.; Architecture; Delta Kappa Epsilon; A. I. A.; Sports Car Club; Young Republicans. MICHAEL D. REINER, Freshmeadows, New York; Arts and S ciences; Si,gma Alpha Mu, Sai ' ing Club; Young Democrats; Pre-Medical Society; A Caijpclla Choir; Campus Nite. • JAMES L. RENNEKER. St. Louis, Mo.; Engi- neering; A.I.E.E.; Intramural Council. • PETE REYNOLDS, Gainesville, Fla.; Arts and Sciences; Delta Sigma Phi. • JUDY LANE RICHARD- SON, Bogalusa, La.; Newcomb; Kappa Alpha Theta. Fjghth Row: • JOHN N. RICHIE, Chatham, La.; Arts and Sciences. • FRANK K. RIESS New Orleans. La.; Business Administration: Alpha Tau Omega; Newman Cub; Army ROTC; Sailing Club. • GEORGE M. RISER, Monroe, La.; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Chairman of Lyceum Committee; Air Force ROTC; Phi Eta Sigma. Vice-President. • LINDA RITTER, New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; Le Circle Francais; Newman Club: Campus Nite; Sailing Club; Cosmopolitan Committee. • STACY A. ROBACK, Dallas, Texas: Arts and Sciences; Si,gma A ' pha Mu; Editor, Tulane University Student Directory; Vice-Chairman ; Lyceum Committee. Ninth Row: • WILLIAM H. ROBERSON, Minter City, Miss.; Arts and Science; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Pre-Medical Society. • WILLIAM P. ROBERT, JR., New Orleans, La.; Engineering. • GLOVER ROBERTS, Gulfport, Miss.; Business Administration; Kappa Sigma; Army ROTC. • HOLLY ROBERTSON, Arlington, Va.; Newcomb; La Tertulia; Canterbury Cub; A Cappella Choir; Madrigal Singers. • MARY JANE ROBERTSON, Louisville, Ky. ; Newcomb; Kappa Alpha Theta; Music Committee; House Council; Inner Council. 119 1961 SOPHOMORES First Row : • PETER FREDERICK ROCK. Chicopee, Mass.: .Arts and Scien«s. • lORBE J. RODRIGUEZ-C. B. RROC. S. Habana. Cuba; .Architecture: .A. LA.. • JENME LOU ROPP, Glasgow. Kv.; Newcomb: Kappa . lpha Theta; Lagnappics. • CONST.ANCE ROSCHKE. Kansas Cit -, Mo.: New- comb; Gamma Delta; German Club; . Cappella Choir: Young Repub- licans. • JUDITH ROSE, Kansas City, Mo.; Newcomb; Sigma Delta Tau; Fine Arts Committee. Second Row : • BERNARD ROSEN, Gaiy, Ind.; Business ,Administration; Zeta Beta Ti-iu: Secretary-Treasurer Sophomore Class; jA.Ma L. VA; .Army ROTC. • RUTH ROSEN. Xe Orleans. La.; .Arts and Sciences: .A ' pha Epsilon Phi: Hillel Foundation. • SYLVIA ROTH, Louisville, Ky.; Xewcomb; .Alpha Epsilon Plii: Hillel Foundation: Campus Nite: Personnel and Evalu- ations Committee; jAMB.AL. -i a. • LOUIS .A. RUBENSTEIN, Shaw, Miss,; .Arts and Sciences: .Alpha Epsilon Pi: Hillel Foundation; Pre-Medical Societv. • JOH.X R. RUCKSTUHL. New Or ' eans. La.: Engineering; .Army ROTC; Pershing Rifles Drill Team; Newman Club; A.I.E.E. Third Row : • PRESTON RUSSELL. Clarksville, Tenn.: .Arts and Sciences; Kappa Sigma: TL ' SK. • J.AMES RUSSELL. Meridian. Miss.; Arts and Sciences; Westminster Fclloivship. • KATHLEE.N H. RVAX. New Orleans, La.; X ewcorab; Alpha De ' ta Pi; Le Circle Francais: Secretary. Xcwman Club: Concert Choir; Choral Union. • JERROLD SALMAXSO.X. Providence, Rhode Island; -Arts and Sciences; Hullabaloo: HiUci Foundation; Sailine Cub. • BLAXQUITA SAXTI.AGO, Coral Gables, Fla.; .Xewcomb; Sec retary. Dance Club; Treasurer, La Tertulia; Greenbackei-s; Newman Club; Spotlighteis. Fourth Row : • CHARLES D SCH.ALLER, New Orleans. La.: Business .Administration; Pi Kappa .Alpha: Westminster Fellowship; Xaval ROTC: XROTC Drill Team; Tailhook Club: XROTC Rifle Team. • CHRISTOPHER LEIGH SCH.ALLER. Barrington. 111.; .Arts and Sciences; Sigma Chi; Football; (German Club. • ROX SCHEXBERG, Olivette, Mo,: .Arts and Sciences; Zeta Beta Tau: Cheerleader; Greenbackers; .Armv ROTC; Decorations Committee. • PHILIP B. SCHELPS, Xew Orleans, La.; .Arts and Sciences: Swimming; Business Manager. WTUL; .Armv ROTC: Pershing Rifles. Dri ' l Team; Circle K Club; ' Math Club. • LEDA SCHEUER- M.AXX, New Orleans, La.; Xewcomb; Kappa .Alpha Theta; Xewman Club. Fifth Row: • SUS.AX FR.AXCES SCHIERER. Shrcveport. La.; Newcomb; Kappa .Alpha Theta: Canterbm- - Club; .Art Club; Fine .Arts Committee. • ELIZ.A- BETH SCHIRO. Xew Orleans. La.: Xewcomb: Le Circle Francais; Xew- man Club. • DEAXXA SCHLOEGEL. Xew Organs. La.; Newcomb; .Alpha Delta Pi; Dance Club; .Newman Club; Concert Choir. • SANDRA ELAINE SCHOONOVER. Metairie, La.; Newcomb; Alpha Delta Pi; Neuman Club: Sailing Club; Young Democrats; WTUL Radio. • CAROL SCHUCHS. Frogmore. La.; Xeucomb; Kappa -Alpha Theta; Hospitality Committee, Sixth Row: • -ALETH.A SCHULTZ. Kansas Citv. Mo.: Newcomb; Sigma Delta Tau: Hillel Foundation: Sailing Club; Hospita ' ity Committee. • ROBERT SCH- WERIN, Hammond. Ind.; .Arts and Sciences; Delta Sigma Phi: Naval ROTC: Dolphin Club; XROTC. • BEVERLY SCOTT, Dallas. Texas; Xewcomb: Kappa Kappa Gamma: Oreades. • O. L.ARRY SECREST. Fort Smith. ,Ark; Sigma .A ' pha Epsilon. • CAROL SEIDER. LAN. Miami Beach, Fla.; Newcomb: Sigma De!ta Tau, Secretary; Hullabaloo; Sailing Club; Lyceum Committee. Seventh Row; • H. WILLIAM SELLERS. New Orleans, La.; Arts and Sciences; Phi Kappa Sigma; Greenbackers; .Army ROTC; .Adelphons: ,AUSA; Hospitality Committee. • GENE SEXTELL. Shre eport. La.; Engineering: Kappa Sigma. • SAR.XA SHALETTE. Dallas, Te. as: Xewcomb; Alpha Epsilon Phi. e SUSAX; SHAXKLIX, Fort Myers, Fla.: Newcomb; Chi Oinega; .Athletic Council: Dormitor- - Council; Le Circle Francais; Westminster Fellowship. • G.AY SHLEXKER, Houston, Te.xas; Newcomb; .Alpha Epsilon Phi; Hillel Foundation. Eighth Row: • ELLIOT L SIEGEL, Chicago. 111.; Arts and Sciences; Lyceum Com- mittee: Vai-sity Swimming. • M.ARCIA SILVERBERG. Wimington, Del,; Xewcomb; .Alpha Epsilon Phi; Special Events; Greenbackers. • C. TOM SIMOXTO.X, Monroe. La.; -Arts and Sciences; Beta Theta Pi, • JOHN SIMPSON, New Oi leans. La,; Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega, • HARRY VOSS SIXGREE.X. Xew Orleans, La,; Arts and Sciences; Phi Delta Theta; Campus Xitc; Hullabaloo. Ninth Row : • WILLIAM D. SKL.AR. Xewton, Mass.; Business Administration; Zeta Beta Tau. • FRED LEE SMITH. Pearl River, La.; .Arts and Sciences; Pi Eta Sigma; -Newman Club; Treasurer, Math Club; Young Democrats. • JUDI SMITH, Birmingham. ,Ala,; Newcomb; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Tulane University Theat.e, • M.ARVIN HERBERT SMITH, New Orleans, La,; Arts and Sciences. • N-A-NNETT-A SMITH, Jackson, Miss.; Newcomb; Chi Omega: Baptist Student Union; Lagniappes. 120 SOPHOMORES 1961 First Row : • CHARLES H. SMITHER, New Orleans, La.; Business Administiation; Beta Theta Pi; CanterbuiT Club; Army ROTC. • BAY SMITHGALL, Gainesville, Ga.; Newcomb; Kappa Alpha Tlieta; Dormitory Counci ' ; Baptist Student Union; Newcomb Pan Hel. • CHARLES A. SNYDER, Bastrop, La.; Business Administration; Campus Nite; Pi Lambda Beta; Fine Arts Film Series. Chai.man. • CLAIR SOLOMON, Monroe, La.; Newcomb; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Hospitality Committee. • PAULETTE SOLOW, Chicago. 111.; Newcomb; Jambalav.a; Student Directory; Hi ' lcl Foundation; Hospitality Committee. Second Row : • REGINA SONIAT, New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Newman Club; Young Republicans. • GVVIN SORRELLS, Lake Charles, La.; Newcomb; Chi Omega; Baptist Student Union; Newcomb Choir; Sailing Club: Young Republicans. • L ETIA SOUL£, Hansboro, Miss.; Newcomb; Chi Omega; Hospita ' ity Committee. • SANDY SPARK, Waco, Texas; Newcomb; Sigma Delta Tau; Hillel Foundation; Warren House Council. • LEONARD J. SPILLERT, Laurelton, New York; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pre-Medical Society; TUSK; Hil ' el Foun- dation; Young Democrats. Third Row: • NICK STABA, Metairie, La.; Arts and Sciences; Pi Kappa Alpha; Air Force ROTC; Sabre Jets Drill Team. • HARVEY STAHL, Dallas, Texas; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Mu; Hullabaloo; Hillel Foun- dation; Pre-Medical Society; Fine Arts Committee, Chairman; Phi Eta Sigma. • CAROL STEINER, New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Hillel Foundation; WTUL Radio. • JUDY W. STEVVART, Texarkana, Ark.; Newcomb; Kappa Alpha Theta; TUSK; Lagniappes; Decorations Committee. • MIKE STODD. ' RD, Jacksonvil ' e, Fla.; Arts and Sciences; Kappa .Alpha. Fourth Row : • S.AMMY STONE, Decatur, Ala.: Architecture; A.I. A.; Army ROTC. • MICHAEL KEITH TARVER, Monroe, La.: Arts and Sciences; Phi Eta Sigma, Tieasurer; Air Force ROTC. • JAN T-AYLOR. Lake Charles, La.: Newcomb; Newcomb Choir; Sailing Club: WTUL Radio. • LINDA TIEJELO, New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; Phi Mu; Math Club; Le Circle Francais; Ne sman Club; Tu ' ane University Theatre; Sailing Club. • SUSAN TEMPLETON, Tene Haute, Ind.; Newcomb; Kappa Alpha Theta; Barracudas; Dormitoi Council. Fifth Row: • ROY TERRITO. Harvey, La.; Arts and Sciences; Naval ROTC. • CORINNE CARTER THOMAS. New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • RONNIE THORNTON. Baytown, Texas: Arts and Sciences; Sigma Chi; Varsity Football. • ROBERT M. TOUPS, Baton Rouge, La.; Arts and Sciences; Kappa Sigma; Eta Sigma Phi; Newman Club. • MIKE TOUPS, Thibodaux, La.; Architecture; Sophomore Class President; Newman Club; Honor Board; Sai ' ing Club; Student A. I. A. Chapter Treasurer; Decorations Committee. Sixth Row: • CAROLYN ANN TREGRE, Napoleanville. La.: Newcomb; .Alpha Delta Pi; Newman Club; Sailing Club. • SANDY ULMER, CanutH ' o, Texas- IS ' cwcomb; Delta Zeta; Concert Choir; WTUL; Special Events Committee; German Club; Math Club. • LINDA VENNARD, Baton Rouge, La.; Newcomb; Chi Omega: Decorations Committee. • ROSE- MARY VERRALL. New Orleans, La.; University Co ' lege; Westminster Fellowship. • PLAUCHE F. VILLERE, JR., New Orleans, La.; Arts and Sciences; Beta Theta Pi; Army ROTC. Seventh Row : • JOHN VINTURELLA, Arabi, La.; Engineering; Sophomore Clans Secretary-Treasurer; Eta Sigma Phi. • ANN VISE. Houston, Texas; New- comb; German Club. Math Club. Hillel Foundation: Interfaith Counci ' ; Young Democrats; Cosmopolitan Committee: Campus Nite. • KOST.A N. VLAHOS, Biloxi. Miss.; Business; Army ROTC; Spotlighters. • JUD- ITH ANN VORHABEN, New Orleans, La.; University College. • JEAN VORHOFF, New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; Alpha Delta Pi. Eighth Row : • BOBBIE WADLER. Houston, Texas; Newcomb; Sigma Delta Tau, Dance Club, Le Circle Francais, Hil ' el Foundation. • JUDITH WAITE, New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; Alpha Omicron Pi; Jambalaya. ' Newman Club, Tulane University Theater; Lagniappes. • BONNIE ANN WAL- LACE, Plymouth Meeting, Pa.; Newcomb; Alpha De ' ta Pi; Young Re- publicans; Decorations Committee. • CATHERINE WALLACE, New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; Delta Zeta; Canteibury ; Newcomb Choir. • HENRI L. WEDELL, Bronxville, New York; Business; Delta Kappa Epsilon; TUSK; International Relations Club. 121 1961 SOPHOMORES First Row : • DONALD D. WEINER, Miami, Fla.; Arts and Scicncos; Sigma Alpha Mu. • LOUIS BAYER WEISENBURGH, Lexington, Ky. ; Arts and .Scioncc-s; Delta Tan Delta; Anny ROTC: Pershing Rifles Drill Team: Alpha Phi Omega. • BEVERLY WELCH, Toomsuba, Miss.; Newcomb; Plii Mu: Westminster Fel ' owship; Sailing Club. • GEORGE WERCKLE, JR.. San .Antonio, Texas: . " Vrts and Sciences: Pre-Medical Society: West- minster Fellowship. • BILL WEST, Ft. Worthj Texa,s; Engineering: Plii Kappa Sigma, A.I.Ch.E.; Ai my ROTC; Recreation Conunittec. Second Row: • . . THAN SAMUEL WEXLER. New Orleans, La.: Arts and Sciences; .Mpha Epsilon Pi: Pre-Medical Society; Hil ' el Foundation; Circle K. • MARTHA WHEELER, Jasper, .Ala.; Newcomb; Student Directory; Baptist Student Union: Tulanc Band. • DONNA WHITE, Newton, Miss.; Ne comb; , lijha Delta Pi; Le Circle Francais. Treasurer; Baptist Stu- dent Union; Concert Choir; Opera Workshop; Tu ' anians; Recreation Head. Music Department; Fine . rts Committee. • BACHE McE. WHIT- LOCK. Pass Christian, Miss.; Arts and Sciences; Kappa Alpha. • JERRY R. WHITTAKER, Shoeshone, Wyo.; Engineering; Phi Kappa Sigma; A.I.E.E., Army ROTC. Third Row: • MARLIS WICKER. New Orleans, La.; Newcomb. • LINDA WEIL, Highland Park, III.; Newcomb; Alpha Epsilon Phi: Student Directory; La Tertulia; HiUel Foundation. • E. WALDEN WILLIAMS, JR., Ft. Smith, Ark.; . i ts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Pre-Medical S..ri.lv. • JULIE WILLIAMS, New Orleans, La.: Newcomb: German Club: .Athletic Council; Canterbury Club; Campus Nite. • EVIE WINDER, Shreveport, La.; Newcomb; Pi Beta Phi; Athletic Council; Barracudas; Canterbui- - Club. Fourth Row : • HENRY T, WINKELMAN, Memphis, Tenn.; Architecture; Sigma . lpha Epsilon; Representative at Large. Architecture Student Council: ALA.; Naval ROTC. • MARY AN.NE WHITM.ANN, Mobile, Ala,; Newcomb: Alpha Delta Pi; .Athletic Council; Lc Circle Francais; New- man Club; German Club. • JOH.N SHIPLEY WOLF, Luthcrville, Md.; Arts and Sciences; Wesley Foundation: Young Republicans, JOHN WOLLNEY, New Orleans, La.: Arts and Sciences; Sigma Chi; Greenback- ers. • GARY L. WOODS, Fort Smith, Ark.; Ai-ts and Sciences; Delta Tau Delta. Fifth Row: • LINDA WOODS, New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; Chi Omega; Young Republicans. • PAUL WOOLVERTON, New Orleans, La.; Engineering; Phi Delta Theta; A.I.Ch.E.; Newman Club; Marshal; Army ROTC; Sailing Club; A. U.S. A.; N.D.T.A. • FRANCES WYNNS, Chattanooga, Tenn.; Newcomb; Alpha Omicron Pi; Eta Sigma Phi; Oreades, Pres- ident: Athletic Council, Treasurer; HuUabaloOy Copy Editor; Wesley Foundation; Chairman of Special Events Committee, • MARTHA G, Y.ANCEY, Shreveport, La.; Newcomb; Kappa Alpha Theta; Wes ' ey Foundation; Hospitality Committee. • LYNDA GORDON YATES, Jack- son, Miss.; Newcomb; Chi Omega; Student Directory. Sixth Row: • MONICA Y.ATES, New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; La Tertulia: New- man Club; Y ' oung Demociats; Lyceum Committee. • BILL YOELS, Flushing, New York; Aits and Sciences: Sigma Alpha Mu; Greenbackers. • ROBERT YOLING, Shreveport, La.; Architecture, Vice-President of First Year Class; A.I.A. ; Wesley Foundation. • MONROE E. ZALKIN, Coral Gables, Fla,; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Mu; Hillel Founda- tion; Pi Lambda Beta, Vice-President; Sailing Club; Lyceum Committee. 122 FRESHMEN 1961 First Row : • LEN ABELMAN, Lake Charles, La.; Arts and Sciences; Math Club; Hillel Foundation; Army ROTC; Young Democrats; Circle K Club; NDTA • MILO ABERCROMBIE, Gainesville, Ga.; Arts and Sciences; Westminster Fellowship: A Cappella Choir. • ARNIE ABRAMSON. Shreveport, La.; Business; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Hillel Foundation; Army ROTC; Dri ' J Team (Perehing Rifles); Young Democrats. • GEORGE L. ADAMS, Habana, Cuba; Arts and Sciences; Pre-Medical .Society, Editor Pre-Medical Journal; Hullabaloo: WTUL. • ANNE ALBERT, Baton Rouge, La.; Newcomb; Alpha Delta Pi; Le Circle Francais; West- minster Fellowship; U.C. Decorations Committee. Second Row: • WILLIAM L. ALBRITTON, Andalusia, Ala.; Arts and Sciences; Kappa Sigma; Air Force ROTC. • RIVERS ALFRED, Jackson, Miss.; Newcomb- Chi Omega; President of Freshman Class; Wesley Foundation; Campus Nite; Honor Board Newcomb. • CHARLES E. ALLEN, New- Orleans. La.; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Tau Omega; Sailing Club. • SANDRA KAY ALPER, Miami, Fla.; New-comb; Hi ' lel Foundation; Fine Arts Committee. • CHARLES R. AMADIO. Brooklyn. New York; Engineering; Jambalava Photographer; Newman Club; Naval ROTC; Dnmi and Bugle Corps; WTUL Newscaster and Disc Jockey. Third Row ; • BEUKER F. AMANN, JR., New Orleans, La.; Arts and Sciences; Varsity Basketball. • MICHAEL JOHN ANDERSON, Dallas, Te.xas; Business; Phi Delta Theta, Vice-President of Pledge Class; Naval ROTC. • LUCIE ANDRY, New- Orleans, La.; New-comb; Pi Beta Phi; Art Club; Young Republicans. • MARCIA ANGEL, Miami, Fla.; New-comb; Sigma Delta Tau; Honor Board; TU.SK; Hillel Foundation; Recreation Committee of U.C. • A. EARLE APPLEBY, Columbia, South Caro- lina; Engineering. Fourth Row : • ROBERT ARCHER, San Antonio. Texas; Business; Sigma .Alpha Ep- silon; Army ROTC. • ROBERT A. ARNOWICH, Columbus, Ga.; Bus- iness Administration; Armv ROTC. • J. SHELDON ARTZ, Cleveland, Ohio; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Mu: Pre-Medical Society. • J. P. ATTERBERRY, Milwaukee, Wis.; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Chi; TUSK; Decorations Committee; Varsity Basketball Manager. • CHRISTINE BACKER. New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; Chi Omega; Newman Club; French Club. Fifth Row: • CAROL ELIZ. BETH (BETH) BAGBY, Palo Alto, Cal.; Newcomb; Hullabaloo; Greenbackers; Canterbury Club; Sailing Club; Young Repub- licans. • STEVE BAILEY, San Antonio, Te.xas; Arts and Sciences; Phi Kappa Sigma; Varsity Swimming Team; Sailing Club. • BINKS BALD- WIN, Slidell, La.; Arts and Sciences; Kappa Alpha. • LEAH CLAIRE BALL, New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; Sigma Delta Tau; Hil ' el Foun- dation. • RICHARD BALTHAZAR, Metairie, La.; Arts and Sciences; Math Club; Newman Club. Sixth Row : • CHARLOTTE BARKERDING, New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; Kappa Alpha Theta; Le Circle Francais; Newman Club; New-comb Choir. • W. LONNIE BARLOW, Cochran, Ga.; Arts and Sciences; Army ROTC. • HUGH GLENN BAR.NETT, II. Lake Charles La.; Arts and Sciences; Kappa Sigma; Air Force ROTC. • BARBARA BARRY, New Orleans. La.; Newcomb; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • LELAND BENJAMIN BART- LETT, JR., Denver, Colo.; Business Administration; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Air Force ROTC. Seventh Row : • LINDA LOUISE BASS, Oklahoma City, Okla.; New-comb; Kappa Alpha Theta; Jambalaya; Special Events Committee. • LONNIE A. BAT- TON, Lake Providence, La.; Arts and Sciences. • VERNA LEE BAUM- HOEFER, Poplar Bluff, Mo.; New-comb; Phi Mu; German Club; Canter- bury Club; Sailing Club. • CAROLINE BEACH, Nashville, Tenn.; New- comb; Chi Omega; Wesley Foundation; Sailing Club; U.C. Decorations Committee. • KENNETH ALAN BEEM, Columbus, Ohio; Arts and Sciences; Pep Band; Tulane Band. Eighth Row : • DIANE BEJOSA, New York City, New York; Newcomb; Sigma Delta Tau; Hillel Foundation. • BETTY GAY BELL, Biloxi, Miss.; Newcomb; Alpha Omicron Pi; Le Circle Francais; Jambalaya, " Westminster Fellow- ship; Young Democrats; Special Events Committee, U.C. HILTON S. BELL, Newport Beach, Cal.; Business Administration; Kappa Sigma. • MARTHA BELL, Midland, Te.xas; Newcomb; Pi Beta Phi; Le Circle Francais: New-man Club; Decorations Committee. • LEE J. BELOW, Woodbuin, Ind.; Arts and Sciences; Jambalaya; Newman Club; Air Force ROTC: Alpha Phi Omega; Glendy Burke Society. Ninth Row : • CAROLYN BENJAMIN, Houston, Te.xas; Newcomb; Tulane Univer- sity Theatre; Sailing Club. • BARB.ARA FLORENCE BERG, Clayton, Mo.; Newcomb; Sigma Delta Tau; Student Directory; Hillel Foundation. • JOAN LESLIE BERGER, Fort Worth, Te.xas; Newcomb; Alpha Ei - sUon Phi; Student Directory; Sailing Club. • JOSEPH CHARLES BERG- ERON, New Orleans, La.; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Chi; Newman Club; Air Force ROTC, (Hell Cats). • CARL ROBERT BERMAN, JR.. Salis- buiT, Md.; Architecture; ALA.; Naval ROTC. 123 1961 FRESHMEN First Row : • JILL BERNSTEIN. Palm Beach, Fla.: Newromb; Hillcl Foundation; U.C. Hobbies and Crafts Committee. • B. RB. R. BERRY, Vernon, Texas; Newcomb; Pi Beta Phi: Student Directory; Wesley Foundation: Sailing Club. • J. T. BILLL ' PS. Houston. Texas; Engineering; Varsity- Swim Team; WTUL. • B.ARB.AR.A BIRD. New Orleans, La.; Newcomb. • D.AN BISHOP. DeQuincy. La.; .Arts and Sciences; Bechtel House Council Vice-President. Second Row: • LIND.A .ANN BLACK. Hot Springs. .Ark.; .Newcomb; Chi Omega; Westminster Fellowship: Hospitality Committee. • MILTON S.ANFORD BLEIWEISS. University Citv. Mo.; .Arts and Sciences; Tau Epsilon Phi; Hilkl Foundation; .Army ROTC; Pershin-; Rifles Dril ' Team: Special Events Committee. • ST.ANLEY LOUIS BLEND. Houston. Texas: Arts anti .Sciences: .Alpha Epsilon Pi: Pre-Medical Society; HiUel Foundation; Public Re ' ations Committee (Sub-Committee Chairman). • EDDIE BLOCK, San .Antonio. Texas; Bu.siness .Admitiistration; Hillel Founda- tion; Recreation Committee. • BARB.AR.A BLOOM. Montgomeiy, Ala.; Newcomb; J.. mb.- l. y.- ; Hillel Foundation. Thii l Row: • LESLIE BLOOM. Flusliing. New York; Newcomb; Hille ' Foundation; Young Republicans; Cosmopolitan Committee. • .ARTHUR BLOTNER. .Alexandria, La.; .Arts and Sciences. • LUA.NN BO.ARNET. New Braunfels. Texas; Newcomb; .Alpha Epsilon Phi; J. mb. i_ Y- . ' Student Directory; Hillel Foundation; Sailing Club. • HARRIETT BOBO. Baton Rouge. La.; Newcomb; Alpha Delta Pi; Le Circle Francais; Baptist Stu- dent Union; U.C. Spotlighters Committee. • IVAN BOCK. Atlanta. Ga.; .Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Mu; U.C. Spotlighters Committee. Fourth Row : • J. .A. BOLLES. New Orleans. La.; Business .Administration; Delta Kap[)a Epsilon; Sailing Club: Young Republicans. • BETH BOLTON. .Alexandria. La.: Newcomb ' Chi Omega: Jambai..av. . ' Baptist Student Union; U.C. Decorations Comiriittee. » CL.AY BOSTON, Cleburne. Texas: .Arts and Sciences; Baptist Student Union; .Air Force ROTC. Drum and Bugle Coi-ps; Sigma .Alpha Epsilon; Pre-Medical Society. • GER.ALD .A. BOSWORTH. Thibodaux. Louisiana; .Arts and Sciences; Sigma .Alpha Epsilon: Pre-Med Society; Newman Cub. • THOM.AS R. BR.ADY. Bryan. Texas; .Arts and Sciences; Sigma .Alpha Epsilon; Naval ROTC. Fifth Row: • SNUGGIE BR.A.NDAU. New Orleans, La.; .Newcomb; Christian Science Organization; International Relations Club; Young R. ' publicans. • DONNA P.ATRICIA BRANNO.X. Montgomerv. .Ala.; Newcom ' j; Jam- BALAVA.- Canterburv Club; Sailing Club: U.C. Recreation Committee. • ETHELYN M. BREAUX. New Orleans, La. ; Newcomb. • B.ARBARA BRIDGES. New Orleans. La.; Newcomb. • ROBERT S. BRIER, Hous- ton, Texas; .Arts and Sciences; Zeta Beta Tau: Hullabaloo. Sixth Row : • NINA CAROLE BRISKER. Miami Beach. Fla.; Newcomb; A ' pha Epsilon Phi; Young: Deiuocrats. • ROBERT E. BRO.ACH, Meridian, Xiiss.; .Arts and Sciences; Sigma Chi: TL ' SK; L ' .C. Spotlighteis Com- mittee. • CHARLIE BRODER. Miami. Fla.; Arts and Sciences; Delta Tau Delta. • N.ANCY BROOKS. Birmingham. .Ala.: .Newcomb; .Alpha Delta Pi: Le Circle Fran(;ais; Baptist Student L ' nion; Sai ' ing Club. • STUART BROW.N. Lake Providence, La.; Aits and Sciences? Kajipa Sigma; NcxMnan Club. Seventh Row: • PETER BROWN. New Orleans. La.; .Arts and Sciences; Sigma Chi; Army ROTC: Pershin,g Rifles. • SHERRY BROWN. Andrews, Texas; Newcomb: .Alpha Oniicron Pi; Baptist Student L ' nion; U.C. Decora- tions Committee. • J.A.NE CLAIBORNE BRUMB.ACH. Richmond. Va.; Newcomb; Kappa Alpha Theta; Concert Choir. • GUY J. BRUP- BACHER. JR.. New Orleans. La.; Arts and Sciences. • .LACK BUCH- AN.AN, New Orleans, La.; .Arts and Sciences Hullabaloo; Circx K. Club. Eighth Row: • lOAN BUR.NEY. Mobile. .Ala.; Newcomb. • D.AVID T. BUTLER. New Orleans. La.; Arts and Sciences: Delta Tau Delta. • JIM BYR.AM, .Alexandiia. La.; .Arts and Sciences; Sigma Chi; Pre-Medical Society; Westminster Fe ' lowship; Manager Freshman Football Team; Circle K Club. • GEORGI.A BYRNE. New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • JUDY CAGLE. -New Orleans, La.: Newcomb; Phi Mu; WTUL. Ninth Row: • LISBETH CALDWELL. Tallulah. La.; Newcomb: .Alpha Epsilon Phi; Hillel Foundation; Hospitality Committee. • JOHN CHRISTOPHER CALT. Palisades. .New York: .Arts and Sciences: Delta Tau Delta. • RICH- .ARD F. CAMUS. New Orleans. La.; .Arts and Sciences: Newman Club; Tulanc Band; Pershing Rifles Drill Team. • M.ARTY C.APODICE. Bloom- ington. 111.; .Arts and Sciences; Newman Club; oung Democrats. • C. LAMAR CARD. Chattanooga, Tenn.; Business Adnrinistration; Phi Delta Theta; Sailing Club. 124 FRESHMEN 1961 First Row : • JAMES B. CARDVVELL, Alexandria, La.; Architecture; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • FRED CARROLL, New Orleans, La.; Business Administration; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Sailing Club; Young Republicans. • PRENTISS B. CARTER, Morton, 111.; Arts and Sciences; Phi De ' ta Theta. • ANN GARY Fort Gordon, Ga.; Neucomb; Kappa Alpha Theta; Westminster Fellowship; Sailing Club. • PETER DOMINICK CASELLA, JR., New Orleans, La.; Business Administration; Newman Club; Naval ROTC. Second Row: • JUDITH C.ASSIDY, Port Arthur. Texas; Newcomb; . lpha De ' ta Pi. • MARIE CASTELLON. Metairie, La.; University Col ' ege; Ne Tuan Club. • G.A.RY G. C.ATREN. Barrington. III.; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Chi. • RONA ROSE CHAFETZ. Memphis, Tenn,; Newcomb; Sigitia Delta Tau; Hillel Foundation; Campus Nite. • .ALFRED P. CHAM- BLISS. Shreveport, La.; Engineering; Sigma .Alpha Epsilon; Canterbui-v Club; Nav al ROTC. Third Row : • MICHAEL DENECH. UD CHARBONNET, New Orleans. La.; Business Administration; Kappa Alpha Order; Newman Club. • PAMELA CHENTOW, Salem, Ohio; Newcomb; Hullabaloo; Student Directory; Hillel Foundation; Young Democrats. • MICHAEL CHRISTISON, Chat- tanooga, Tenn., .Arts and Sciences; Delta Sigma Phi; Newman Club; Sai ' ing Club; Young Democrats; Music Committee; WTUL; French Club. ' • JAMES M. CIAR.ANELLA, New Orleans, La.; Arts and Sciences; Newman Club. • MICH.AEL K. CLANN. New Orleans, La,; Arts and Sciences; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Newman Cub; Sports Car Club; Young Republicans. Fourth Row : • ELISABETH CLARK. Clarksdale, Miss.; Newcomb; Kappa Kappa Gamma; J. mb. l. va.- Canterbuiy Club; Personnel and Evaluations Commit- tee. • W. ALLEN CL.ARK. St. Louis. Mo.; Business .Administration; Phi Delta Theta. • KELLEY A. CLOWE, Poplar Bluff, Mo.; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Chi; Pre-Medica ' Society; Wesley Foundation; .Air Force ROTC; Young Democrats; Circle K; Special Events Committee. • J.ACK COHEN, Atlanta, Ga.; Arts and Sciences; .Sigma Alpha Mu; Pic-Medical Society; Lagniappes. • J.ACQUELYN COHEN, Easton, Pa.; Newcomb; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Jambalaya; Student Directory; Hillel Foundation. Fifth Row: • LETTY COLBERT, New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; A ' pha Ejjsilon Phi; Jambalaya; Student Directory. • AUBREY L. COLEMAN, JR., Mobile, Ala.; Arts and Sciences; Sigma A ' jjha Epsilon; Army ROTC. • PATSY COLLINS. New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; Alpha Omicron Pi; Chiistian Science Organization; Sailing Club. • DAVID COMBE. New Orleans, La.; Arts and Sciences; Kappa Sigma; Newman Club; Air Force ROTC. • SHANNON COOKSON. New Orleans. La.; Newcomb; Pi Beta Phi; Barracudas; Young Republicans; C; smopo ' itan Committee. Sixth Row: • ELLEN CONMY, BLsmark, North Dakota: Newcomb; Delta Zcta; New- man Club. • CH.ARLES CONNELL. Minden. La.; Arts and Sciences. Tampa. Fla.; .Arts and Sciences; Kappa Sigma; Jam- • DOUG CONNER, Tampa, Fla. balaya; Naval ROTC. • LINDA COOPER, San Antonio, Texas; Ne comb; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Student Directoi-v; Hillel Foundation. • CHARLES CORONA, Kcnner, La.; Arts and Sciences. Seventh Row : • LOUISE CORRIGAN, New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Barracudas; Newman Club; Young Republicans. • MIKE CORWIN, Mobile, Ala.; Arts and Sciences. • LOUIS COSTA, !Vew Orleans, La.; Arts and Sciences; Phi Delta Theta; Air Force ROTC. • RICHARD E. COULSON, New Orleans, La.; Arts and Sciences; Air Force ROTC. • TUCKER COUVILLON, III. Marksville, La.; Arts and Sciences; Sigma A ' pha Ejjsilon; Newman Club; Nav.il ROTC; Young Democrats. Eighth Row : • BILL GRAIN. Shreveport. La.; Arts and Sciences; Kai i)a Alpha Order; TUSK. • GILLIA.N CRANE, London. England; Newcomb; Le Circle Francais; Baptist .Student Union; Tulane University Theatre; Young Repub- licans. • JIM CROSLAND. Long Beach. Miss.; Arts and Sciences; Phi Delta Theta. • H. HACKETT CUMMINS. New Or ' cans. La.; Aits and Sciences; Alpha Tau Omega. • JANET CUTLER. Tampa. Fla.; New- comb; Sigma Delta Tau; Jambalaya; Hil ' el Foundation; Young Dem- oci-ats. Ninth Row : • CLARA DABBS, Quitman, Miss.; Newcomb; Alpha Delta Pi; Young Republicans. ROBERT DANA, Gulfport, Miss.; Arts and Sciences; Kappa Alpha. • DAVID DANBURG, Houston, Te.xas; Arts and Sciences. • J. VEREEN DANIEL, Thomasville, Ga.; Newcomb; Phi Mu. • JOHN A. DARLSON, Tampa, Fla.; Engineering. 125 1961 FRESHMEN 4Ti i tf7% First Row : • STEVE DAUM. N, Long Beach, New York; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Mu; Young Democrats: Recreation Committee. CAROLINE VIRGINIA DAVENPORT. New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; Canterbury Club; Sailing Club. • JAMES D.AVID, Logansport, Ind.; Business Ad- ministration; Sigma .Alpha Epsilon; Cheerleader; Greenbackers ; Westmin- ster Fellowship; Naval ROTC; Sailing Cub. • MARK DEAN, New Or- leans, La.; .Arts and Sciences; Delta Kappa Epsilon; .Army ROTC. • FELIX M. DEL GRECCO, JR., West Hartford, Conn.; . rts and Sciences; Newman Club. Second Row: • D.WID .AL. N DEPP, Metairie, La.; Arts and Sciences; Beta Theta Pi. • STAN DEUTSCH. Newark. Ohio; .Arts and Sciences; Sigma .Alpha Mu; Gernuin Club; Pre-Medical Society; Varsity- Swimming Team; Hillel Foundation; Public Relations Committee. • ROBERT DEVLIN, Schnec- tady. New York; Business .Administration; Sigma Chi. • DORIS E. DEZENDORF. Washington. D.C.; Newcomb; Kappa Kappa Gamraa; Westminster Fellowship. • NORMA DI.AMOND, Chattanooga, Tenn.; Newcomb; Jambal.wa; TUSK; Hillel Foundation. Tliird Row : • J. MICHAEL DIXON, New Orleans, La.; Engineering; Naval ROTC. • TOM DOLHONDE, Houston, Te.xas; Engineering; Phi Kappa Sigma; Air Force ROTC. • THOM.AS DONOFRIO, JR., Chicago. 111.; Arts and Sciences; Naval ROTC; Drum and Bugle Corps; Young Democrats. • CATHY DONOVAN, Ft. Worth. Te.xas; Newcomb; Secretary Fresh- man Class; C.anterbui-y Club; .Army ROTC Sponsor; Sailing Club; Lagniap- pes. • MILTON L. DONNELL, JR., New Orleans, La.; .Arts and Sciences; Delta Sigma Phi. Fourth Row: • NICKY DO VNS. Fort Plain. New York; Newcomb; Delta Zeta; Stu- dent Directory; Newman Club. • EDDIE DR.AGON. New Orleans, La.; Engineering; Delta Tau Delta; Newman Club; .Air Force ROTC: Young Democrats: Lagniappes; Drum and Bugle Corps. • LAN G. DRESNER, Chicago, 111.; .Arts and Sciences; Zeta Beta Tau: Hullabalon: Hillel Foun- dation: Recreation Committee. • MILTON E. DREWES JR. New- Orleans. La.; Engineering; .Army ROTC • CH.ARLES DREYFUS, Ft. Woith, Te. as; .Arts and Sciences; .Minuet House Council Secretan-; Special Events Committee. Fifth Row : • M.ARV ANN DRYDEN, Metairie, La.; Newcomb; Kappa .Alpha Theta: Weslev Foundation; Sailing Club. • J.AMES H. DU.NBAR, III, Wilming- ton. Del.; Engineering: Delta Tau Delta. • GEORGE .A. DUNCAN, Jackson -i ' le Beach. Fla.: .Arts and Sciences; Delta Tau Delta; Westminster Fellowship; .Air Force ROTC: Glendy Burke Socien-; Young Democrats. • SUS.AN DU.NL.AP. New Orleans. La.; Newcomb: Wesley Foundation. • J.AiNET M.ARJORIE DU.N.N. Lake Forest, III.; Newcomb; Phi Mu; Vcstminster Fellowship; Decorations Committee. Sixth Row: • DOUGLAS DURH.AM. Bossier City, La.; Business .Administration; .Army ROTC. • DIA.NA DYMO-ND, New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; Kappa Kappa Gamma: Greenbackers: Canterbuo Cub; Sailing Club. • LYNN DVMO.XD. New Orleans. La.; Newcomb; Kappa Kappa Gamma: Hulla- baloo, • DEL E.AG.AN. Metairie. La.: Ne comb: .Alpha Omicron Pi; Newman Club: Campus Nitc. • MYR.A E.ALES, New Orleans, La.; New- comb. Seventh Row: • JERRY C EBERSBAKER. ROTC • ELIZABETH .AN.N EHMIG BliIou Rouge, La.: Engineering; Naval New Oi leans. La.: Newcomb. • ELEANOR ELLIS. .Amite, La.: .Newcomb; Kappa Alpha Theta. • ELIZABETH ELLIS. New Or ' eans. La.; .Newcomb; Chi Omega; Ger- man Club: Sailing Club. O TOMXH ' E.MERSON, Beaumont, Texas; Bus- iness Administration; Freshman Football: Freshman Baseball. Eighth Row : • DAVID EPSTEIN, New Orleans. La.: Engineering. • JULIA.N S. EPSTEI.N, W. Newton, Mass.; Business .Administration; Sigma Alpha Mu: Hil ' el Foundation; Lyceum Committee. • JEAN.NE MARIE ES- TOPIN.AL New Orleans. La.; .Newcomb; Delta Zeta; Newman Club. • DAVID LEEDS EUSTIS, New Orleans. La.; Business .Administration; Sigma Chi: .Naval ROTC: Sailing Club; WTU ' L. • JOSEPH B. EUSTIS, JR Metairie, La.; .Arts and Sciences; .Alpha Tau Omega: .Air Force ROTC. NinlliRow: • Sl ' S.AN EVERETT. .Albuquerque, New Me. ico; Newcomb; Pi Beta Phi. • WILLIAM J. EVERHARDT, Metairie, La.; Arts and Sciences. • MARY F.ARR.AR Franci.svillc, La.; Newcomb; Kappa .Alpha Theta; Jambalava; Canterbury Club; A Cappella Choir. • SUSAN F.ASSBURG, Da ' las Texas; Newcomb: Jambalava; Hillel Foundation; Public Re- lations ' Committee. • JOHN FREDERICO, New Orleans, La.; Busmcss .Administration. 126 FRESHMEN 1961 First Row : • EMILY JEAN FEINSTEIN, Meridian, Miss.; Newcomb; A ' pha Ep- silon Phi; Jamralaya; HiJlel Foundation; Newcomb Choir; Spodighters Committee. • JAMES M. FEED, Milwaukee, Wis.; Business Administra- tion; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Hillel Foundation. • SHELBY FERRIS, Vicksburs;, Miss.; Newcomb; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Newcomb Choir; Young Repub- licans. • JUDITH H.ARRIET FILENBAIIM, Englcwood, New Jersey; Newcomb; Sigma Delta Tau; HiJlel Foundation; International Relations Club. • BURTON FINK, West Englewood, New Jersey; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Mu; Varsity Basketball Team; Fine Arts Committee. Second Row: • CHARLES A. FINKEL. Glencoe, I ' l.; Business; Sigma Alpha Mu; Math Club; Hillel Foundation. • MAYER FINKLESTEIN, Baton Rouge, La.; Business Administration; Sigma Alpha Mu; Hillel Foundation; Army ROTC. • RICHARD FINLEY, Keadarville, Ind.; Arts and Sciences: Delta Tau Delta. • MARQUTTA SUE FINNEY, Kennewick. Wash.: Newcomb: Delta Zeta; Wesley Foundation, • SUSAN JILL FINSTEN. Coral Gables. Fla.; Newcomb; Sigma Delta Tau; Le Circle Francais; Hillel Foundation; International Relations Club. Third Row : • DOLPH FISCHER, Quakertown. Penn.; Phi Kappa Sigma. • PAT- TERSON GAGE FISHBURNE, Walterboro, S. C; Newcomb; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Young Republicans. • JOHN J. FISHMAN, Univerriity City, Mo.; Arts and Sciences: Tau Epsilon Phi; Pre-Medical Society; Hillell Foundation; Army ROTC; Pershing Rifles; Recreation Committee. • PHYLLIS ANN FISHMAN, New Orleans, La.; Newcomb: Alpha Epsi ' on Phi; Student Directory; Hillel Foundation; WTUL. • TOM FITZPATRICK, Mobile, Ala.; Engineering; Army ROTC. Fourth Row : • CLAIRE LYNN FLEET, Jacksonville, Fla.; Newcomb: Alpha Epsilon Phi- Le Circle Francais; Hillel Foundation; Hospitality Committee. • EVELYN LOUISE FLEISCHER, Shaw, Miss.; Newcomb: Alpha Epsilon Phi; Hillel Foundation; Music Club. • MONA TEL FONDREN, Cora ' Gables, Fla.; Newcomb; Barracudas; Newman Club. • JUDY FORD, Mobile, Ala.; Newcomb; Kappa Alpha Theta; Recreation Committee. • MARY FORD, St. Louis, Mo.; Newcomb; Phi Mu; Personnel and Evaluations Committee. Fifth Row: • ANN FOTHERGILL, Kansas City, Kan.: Newcomb; Pi Beta Phi; Jambalaya; Canterbury Club. • CARL EDWARD FOUGEROUSSE, JR., Texarkana, Te. as; Arts and Sciences; Intcr-House Council Representative; Newman Club; Army ROTC. • C. BRYAN FRATER, New Orleans, La.; Engineering; Beta Theta Pi; Air Force ROTC. • GALE FREEDMAN, Da ' las, Texas; Newcomb; Math Club; Student Directory: Hillel Foun- dation; Newcomb Choir; WTUL; Music Committee. • MIKE FREE- MAN, Coral Gables, Fla.; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Chi; Personnel and Evaluations Commitee; Circle K. Sixth Row: • WESLEY J. FRENTZEL, Huntington, New York; Arts and Sciences: Pi Kappa Alpha; JambaI- ya. • DON FRIEDMAN, Fort Smith, Ark.; Arts and Sciences; Army ROTC. • JOEL M. FRIEDM.AN, Bronx, New York; Arts and Sciences: Hillel Foundation: Young Democrats; WTUL; Public Relations, • RICHARD P. FRIEDMAN, Great Neck, New York; Arts and Sciences. • JERRY FRIEDRICHS, JR., Metairie, La.; Engi- neering; Delta Kappa Epsilon; TUSK. Seventh Row : • STEVE FROCKT, Louisville, Ky.; Arts and Sciences; Zeta Beta Tau; Army ROTC; Young Democrats; Personnel and Evaluations Committee. • GAIL FUHRER, Alexandria, La.; Newcomb; Hillel Foundation; Young Democrats. • TOM GALLAGHER, Miami, Fla.; Engineering: Delta Sigma Phi; Air Force ROTC; Young Repub ' icans; WTUL. • ARTURO GARCIA, Barranquilla, Colombia; Engineering; Sailing Club; Amateur Radio Club. • SANDRA LOUISE GARNER, Memphis, Tcnn.; New- comb; Kappa Alpha Theta; Jambalaya; Student Directory; Wesley Foun- dation; Spotlighters. Eighth Row : • RUSSELL J. GASPARD, New Orleans, La.; Engineering; .Anchor and Chain. • JOHN D. GAY, Houston, Texas: Arts and Sciences; Phi Delta Theta. • ERROL FORD GENET, New Orleans, La.; Arts and Sciences. • JAMIE GERSON, Houston, Texas; Arts and Sciences; Zeta Beta Tau; Hullabaloo: HUlel Foundation. • LAWRENCE G. GETZ, New Orleans, La.; Arts and Sciences; Newman Cub: Army ROTC. Ninth Row: • JEROME L. GIDLOW, University City, Mo.; Busines Administration: Hillel Foundation: Army ROTC; NDTA; Accounting Club; Marketing Club. • SANDER L. OILMAN, Metairie, La.; Artsand Sciences; Glendy Burke Society. • JAMES P. GILSON, JR., Springlield, Mass.; Arch- itecture; Pi Kappa Alpha. • RALPH RICHARD KILSTER, JR., Shj eve- port, La.; Business Administration; Kappa Alpha Order. • DONN.A GIOBBI, Tuscumbia, Ala.; Newcomb; Alpha Omicron Pi; Wesley Foundation; Special Events Committee. 127 1961 FRESHMEN First Row: • WILLIAM Ne Miian Club; altinioie. Md. D. GLAXTZBERG, Houston. Texas: Arts and Sciences: Army ROTC. • DAVID LAWRENCE GOLDBLOOM, ; Business Administration; Hillcl Foundation: Armv ROTC; Pershing Rifles Drill Team; Young Democrats. • CH.XRLES GOLDMAN, Newton, Mass.; . rts and Sciences: Sailing Club; Young Republicans ' • ELIZABETH SPENCER GOLDMAN, Waterproof, La.; Newcomb- Phi Mu; Westminster Fellowship. • NEIL GOLDMAN. Long Ls ' and, New- York: .Arts and Sciences: Hillel Foundation: .■Krmy ROTC; Pershing Rifles Drill Team; Sailing Cub. Second Row: • STEVE GOLDRING. Greenwich. Conn.; Arts and Sciences; Zeta Beta Tau; Ja.mb, lava.- Army ROTC. • JERRY GOLDSMITH. Welsh, La.; .Arts and Sciences: Zeta Beta Tau; Hi ' lel Foundation. • HERBIE GOLD- STEIN. Chattanooga, Tennessee: .Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Mu; Hillel Foundation. • LINDA GOLDSTEIN, St. Louis, Mo.; Newcomb; Sigma Delta Tau; Ja.mb. lava; Student Diiectoi -; Hillel Foundation: Stu- dent Activities Board, • S.A.NDRA L. GOLDSTEIN, New Orleans, La.: L ' niversity College; Sigma Delta Tau; Pie-Medical Society; Hillel Foun- dation: Young Democrats. Third Row : • STEVERS GOLLAD.XY. New Orieans, La.; .Arts and Sciences; Phi Kappa Sigma. • G.AY ANN GOODM.AN, Baton Rouge, La.; Newcomb: .Alpha Delta Pi; Math Club; Le Circle FranQais; New-man Club; Lagniappcs. • .lACK GOODM.AN. Flushing. New York; .Arts and Sciences: Sigma .Alpha Mu; Pre-Medical Society; Personnel and Evaluations Committee; House Council. • MALCOLM A. GOODMA.N. New Orleans La.- Engi- neering; Zeta Beta Tau. • PETER GOODMA.X. Great Neck, New York; Arts and Sciences; .Alpha Epsilon Pi; Hillel Foundation; Young Democrats. Fourth Row: • M.ARY MARGARET GOODRICH. Mexico City, Mexico; Newcomb: Kappa .Alpha Theta; TUSK. • CHARLES DRU GOODWIN, Mont- gomery, .A ' a.; .Arts and Sciences: Wesley Foundation: Tulane Band. • HOWARD W.AYNE GORDON. Miami Beach. Fla.; Business Admin- istration; .Alpha Epsilon Pi: .Armv ROTC: Public Relations Committee. • CAROLYN LINDS.AY GORDON. Bluei-.iont. Va.; Newcomb; Phi Mu; Jambauva,- Sailing Club. • DALE T. GORDON, Hollywood, Ca!.; .Arts and Sciences; Delta Tau Delta; .Armv ROTC. Fifth Row: • VIRGI.NIA GORDON. Miami Beach, Fla.; Newcomb; Sigma Delta Tau; Student Directory; Hille ' Foundation. • TERRY CARROLL GOR- M.AN, Birmingham. .Ala,; Ne vcomb; .Alpha Delta Pi; Sailing Club. • HELEN JOSEPHINE GR.ACE. New Orle.ins. La.; Newcomb; Pi Beta Phi; Newman Club: Young Republicans. • HELEN LOUISE GR.AH.AM, Waterloo. Iowa: Newcomb: Westminster Fello vship; Concert Choir. • E. W. GRANDY. HI. JacLsonville, Fla.; Arts and Sciences; Sigma .Alpha Epsilon ; .Arnold .Air Societv ' . Si.vth Row : • M.ARCUS J. GRAPES, New Orleans. La.; Arts and Sciences; .Alpha Epsilon Pi. • lEVA GR.AS.MANIS, Tulsa, Ok ' ahoma; Newcomb; Student Directoi-v-; Sailing Club: Decorations Committee. • EUGENE GRASSER. .Metairie. La.; Business; Kappa Alpha: Naval ROTC. • JEFFERSON A. (;R.- VES, Little Rock. .Ark.: Arts and Sciences; Delta Tau Delta. • BAR- TON GREEN. Fort Lauderdale. F ' a. ; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Tau Omega: .Air Force ROTC; Drum and Bugle Corps. Seventh Row : • ELAINE GREENBAUM. Adanta. Ga.; Newcomb; .Alpha Epsilon Phi: Le Circle Fran ;ais; Hillcl Foundation. • JULIA STEELE GREGORY, Versail ' es, Ky. ; Newcomb; Chi Omega: Ja.mral-WA.- Westminster Fellow-- ship; Concert Choir. • BETTY GRIFFIN. Memphis. Tenn.: Newcomb; Kai)iJa Aljjha Theta: Baptist .Student Union: Decorations Committee. • TOBIN H. GRIGSBY. Shreveport. La.: Arts and Sciences; Sigma .Alpha Epsilon; Canterbuiy Club. • D.AVTD KIRK GROOME, Green- ille. Miss.: Arts and Sciences; Kappa .Alpha Order. Eighth Row : • G.AYLE GUENTHER. New Orleans. La.; Newcomb; Le Circle Fran- ;ais: Newman Cub. • J.A.NET GUILLORY. Pincville, La.; Newcomb; .•Alpha Delta Pi; Le Circle Franijais; Baptist Student Union. • CAROLE GUTZA, Metairie, La.: University College; Phi Mu; German Club: Ne - man Club, • JANE GURRY, New Orleans. La.; Newcoml). • DIANE GURTNER, New- Orleans. La.; Newcomb. .Ninth Row : • JOANN HABANS. New Orleans. La,: Newcomb; Phi Mu; Newman Club, • JOA.N SQUIRE HALIFAX. Coral Gables. Fla.: New-comb; Alpha Omicron Pi; Le Circle Fi-ancais: Westminster Fellowship; Campus Nite: Young Republicans. • THO.M.AS J. HALPIN. Rutland, Vt,; ArU and Sciences: Sigma A ' pha Epsilon: Hou se Council; Na al ROTC; Anchor and Chain. • BRENDA HANCKES, New- Orleans, La.; Newcomb; Chi Omega; New-man Club; Campus Nile: Sailing Club: Le Circle Francais: Decorations Committee. • JOE B. H.ARBISO.N, Tulsa, Okla.; Arts and Sciences; Delta Tau Delta; .Army ROTC. 128 FRESHMEN 1961 First Row: • PATRICIA HARDIN, St. Petersburg, Fla. ; Newcomb: Kappa . lpha Thctai Student Diiectoiv; Special Events Committee. • MARTHA CAROL HARKEY, Slidell, La.; Ncwcomb; Chi Omega; Canterbury Club; Sailing Cub; Hospitality Committee. • JOHN HARRINGTON. Tulsa, Okla.; Arts and Sciences; Phi Krppa Sigma. • TOM HARRINGTON, Meridian, Miss.; Arts and Sciences; Phi Delta Theta; Canterbury Club; Air Force ROTC. • GEORGE S. HARRIS, Montgomery, Ala.; Arts and Sciences; Wesley Foundation; House Council. Second Row : • MICHAEL L. H.MIRIS. Ladue. Mo.; Business Administration; Sigma Alpha Mu; Business School Honor Council; Interfaith Council Math Club; Spot ' ighters. • HELEN H. HARRY, New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Hullabalno: Greenbackers; Persoimel and E aluations Com- mittee. • B.ABS HARTNETT. Winston-Salem, North Carolina; Newcomb; Newman Club; Sailing Club; Decorations Committee. • TILLY HATCH- ER, Co ' umbus. Ga.; Newcomb; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Barracudas. • KENNY HAUSMAN, Jericho, New York; Arts and Sciences; Hillel Foundation; Naval ROTC; Anchor and Chain. Third Row : • MARK A. HE.ADY, Florissant. Mo.; Aits and Sciences; Pi Kappa Alpha; Air Force ROTC; Drill Team (Sab.e Jets). • RICHARD G. HEATON, Cincinnati. Ohio; Arts and Sciences; Delta Sigma Phi; Naval ROTC; Do ' phin Club. • MARC HEDDY, Stoughton, Mass.; Arts and Sciences; Phi Kappa Sigma; Army ROTC. • CHRISTOPHER HELLER. Barrington, 111.; Business Administration; Sigma Chi; Air Force ROTC; Freshman Football. • ANN HENDERSON, Fort Walton Beach, Fla,; Newccmb; Student Directory; Baptist Student Union, Fourth Row: • GINGER HERRING, Vicksburg, Miss.; Newcomb; Alpha Omicron Pi; Barracudas: Young Republicans. • THOMAS HESS, Rockwood, 111.; Arts and Sciences: German Cub; TUSK, Newman Club; Sailing Club; Young Democrats: WTUL. • RALPH C HEWITT, JR., Winter Paik, Fla.; Business Administration: Pi Kappa Alpha; Weslev Foundation; Air Force ROTC. • DAN H. HICKEY. Dallas, Texas; Aits and Sciences: Kappa Sigma; Newman Club; Hospitality Connnittee. • PETE HIGIN- BOTHAM, Fairmont, West Virginia; Arts and Sciences; Delta Sigma Phi; Army ROTC. Fifth Row: • JL:DITH HILL, San Antonio. Texas; Ne%ecomb; Alpha Delta Pi; .J.«i- b, laya; Canteibury Cub; Sailing Club. • FLOYD M, HINDELANG, JR., Gretna, La.: Arts and Sciences. • TERRY J. HISERODT, New Orleans, La.; Engineering; Naval ROTC; Tailhook Club; Sailing Club. • DONALD GARY HOCH. Grapeland, Texas; Architecture; Weslev Foundation; Army ROTC. • NANCY HODEI.L, Houston, Texas: New- comb; Kappa -Alpha Theta; Ja.mbalaya; Student Directory; Canterbury Club; Recreation Committee, Sixth Row: • TOMMY HODGIN, Uppervi ' le, Va, ; Newcomb; Phi Mu: Athletic Council; Le Circle Framjais; Canterbury Club. • RUSTY HOLMAN, New Orleans. La.; Business Administration; Kappa Sigma; Hullabaloo: Jambalaya,- Naval ROTC. • CELIA M.ARCELLE HONNELL, St. Louis, Mo.; Newcomb; Delta Zeta; Weslev Foundation; Tu ' ane Band. • PATRICIA L. HOLMES, Phoenix, Ariz.; Newcomb; Alpha Delta Pi; Westminster Fellowship; Sailing Club; Public Relations Committee, • PETE HOTCHKISS, Ho ' .lywood, Fla.; Arts and Sciences; Sigma . lpha Mu. Seventh Row : « FRANK TURNER HOWARD, JR.. Bryn Mawr, Pa.: Arts and Sciences; Phi Delta Theta; Sailing Club. • NEEL HOWARD. New Orleans, La.; Business Administration: Kappa Alpha; TUSK; Naval ROTC. • VIR- GINIA HAYDEN HOWE, Houston, Texa.s; Newcomb; Delta Zeta; Ath- letic Council; Barracudas; Canterbury Cub, • CHARLES J. HOWIE. Texarkana, Texas: Arts and Sciences: Delta Tan Delta: Air Force ROTC: Young Republicans. • ARTHUR S. HUEY, III, New Orleans, La.; Arts and .Sciences. Eighth Row : • FRANCIS HUMBRECHT, HI. New Orleans, La.; Business Admin- istration; Tulane Band, • HARRIET HUNTER. Shrcveport, La.; Ne ' .v- cnnib; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Hospitality Committee. O ANN RE.AD HYNES New Orleans. La.; Newcotnb: Chi Omega: Le Circle Fran(;ais; Campus Nite. • CAROL ICELAND. Svosset. New York; Newcomb; Hillel Foundation. • HUGH IGLEHARTE, Metairie, La.; Arts and Sciences; Pi Kappa Alpha; Lagniappes. Ninth Row : O JOHN E. IKARD. Columbia, Tenn. ; Business Administration: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Tulane Band; Air Force ROTC. • CHRISMAN B. JACK- SON, El Centro. Cal,; Business Administration; Phi Kappa Sigma; Var- sity Swimming Team. • LILLIE WILLIAMS JACKSON, Mt. Pleasant, Tenn.; Newcomb; Chi Omega; Barracudas; Sai ' ing Club. BEN F. JACOBS. Dallas. Texas; Arts and Sciences; Zeta Beta Tan; Lyceum Com- mittee. • ROBERT M. JACQUEMIN, St. Louis, Mo.; Business .Admin- istration; Phi Delta Theta. 129 1961 FRESHMEN First Row: • STEVEN GRANT JAHNCKE. Mctairie, La.; Business Administration; Beta Tilda Pi; Naval ROTC. • PAULETTE JAMES. Shrevcport, La.; Ncwcomb; Phi Mii, Student Dircctoiy. • J. BETH J.ANKE, Houston. Texas; Newcomb; Delta Zcla; Hullabaloo: Gamma Delta. • BARBARA J.ANKO. .Atlanta, CJa.; Neucomb; A ' plia Epsilon Phi: Hullabaloo; Student Uirccto.v; Hlllel Fovindation. • GEORGE JANVIER. Ill, New Orleans. La.; EnRineciing; Alpha Tau Omega; Naval ROTC; Sailing Club; Mark 1 Drill Team. Second Row: • PAUL V. JARDES, Salem. Ne%v Hampshire; Arts and Sciences; Delta Tau Delta; Naval ROTC; Mark I Drill Team. • RUTH JARRETT. Augusta, Ga.; Newcomb; International Relations Club. • JEAN OWENS JEFFERS, New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; Alpha Omicron Pi. • BILL JI- FFERS, San .Antonio, Texas; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Vimng Republicans. • REGINA JOHNSON, Phoenix, Ari ..; Newcomb; .Aljiha Delta Pi; Sailing Club; Young Republicans. Third Row: • ROYCE O. JOHNSON, Pine Bluff, Ark.; Business .Administration; Sigma .- lpha Epsilon; Army ROTC. • FRAN JONES, Elizabeth City, North Carolina; Newcomb; Alpha Delta Pi; Channing Club; Campus Nite; Lyceum Committee. • PETER JULIEN, Miami, Fla.; Arts and Sciences; TUSK: Hillel Foundation; Lagniappes: McBryde House Council. • KATH- KRINE L. K.ALLET, Murfreesboro, Tenn.; Newcomb; Jambalaya; Hi ' lel Foundalii)n: Campus Nite; Personnel and Evaluations Committee; New- comb Choir. • RAYMOND KALMANS, Houston, Texas; Arts and Sciences; Ze4a Beta Tau; Hillel Foundation; A Cappella Choir. Fourth Row: • VERONICA JEAN KASTRIN, El Paso, Texas; Newcomb; Alpha Omicron Pi: Le Circle Franc ais; Ne -man Club; Decorations Committee. • RICH KEEN.AN, New Orleans, La.; Arts and Sciences; Delta Kappa Epsilon; TUSK; Newman Club: Sailing Cub. • JUDY KELLEHER, New Orleans, La.; Newcomb: Chi Omega; Newman Club; Sailing Club; VVTUL Secretary. • PEGGY KENNER, New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; . lpha Omicron Pi; Newman Club. • JAMES L. KENT, Monahans, Texas; Arts and Sciences; Beta Theta Pi; Pre-Medical Society; West- minster Fellowship; Tulane Band; Amateur Radio Club. Fifth Row : • . .NDREA KERSH, Mctairie, La.; Newcomb; Alpha Delta Pi: Lc Circle Francais. • SALLY KESSLER. Oswego, New York; Newcomb; .■Vil)ha Omicron Pi; Tambalava; Barracudas. • JAMES KING, MiJlins, South Carolina; Engineering; Air Force ROTC. • SALLY KITTREDGE, Ne v Oile.Tus, La.; Newcomb; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Jambalaya; New- man Club; Young Republicans. • ROGER KLAM. Monroe, La.; Arts and Sciences; Delta Sigma Phi; Canterbury Club; A ' pha Plii Omega; Sail- ing Club; Young Republicans. Sixth Row: BARBARA KLINE, Sioux City, Iowa; Newcomb; .Alpha Epsilon Phi; Hullabaloo: Hillel Foundation; Special Events Committee. • STANLEY J- KLINE. Memphis, Tenn.; Arts and Sciences. • KAROL G. KLOEP- FER. New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; Alpha Delta Pi. KNIGHT. New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; Ja.mbalaya; Organization; Young Republicans. • MICHAEL H. 111.; Business Administration; Zeta Beta Tau. • DONNA LEE Christian Science KOCH, Chicago, Seventh Row : • JEFFREY L. KORACH, Shaker Heights. Ohio; Business: Sigma Alpha Mu : President Freshman Business Administration School; TL ' SK. • HOPE KORSHAK. Chicago. 111.; Newcomb; .Alpha Epsilon Phi. • .MEREDITH .ANN KOTTEM.ANN. New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; Alpha Omicion Pi; Art Club; Hospitality Committee. • JOHN L. KYFF, ]K., Bay Village, Ohio; Business Administration; Phi Delta Theta. • WILLI.AM O. L.A- FIITE, Pine Bluff, Ark.; Arts and Sciences; Naval ROTC. Eighth Row: • DOUG L.AGARDE. New Orleans, La.; Arts and Sciences; Pi Kappa Alpha. • JERRY LAMBIOTTE, Fort Smith, Ark.; Engineering; Sigma Alpha E|)sllon. • D.AVID A. LANG, New Orleans, La.: Birsiness Admin- istration; Zeta Beta Tan; Hullabaloo: Hillel Foundation; Hospitality Com- mittee. • GLORI.A lEAN LANG. Tampa. Fla.; Newcomb; Delta Zeta; Student Directoiy; Gamma Delta: Newcomb Choir. • DEANNE LANOIX, New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; Phi Mu; Canterbury Club; Newcomb Choir. Ninth Row: • ADRIENNE LAPEYRE, New Orleans. La.; Newcomb; Phi Mu; Young Republicans. • CAROLE L.ASHLEY. Burlington, North Carolina; New- comb; Student Directoi-y; Baptist Student Union; Young Democrats; VVTUL. • TOMMY L.ASSEIGNE, New Orleans, La.; .Arts and Sciences; Delta Sigma Phi. • C. BERDON LAWRENCE, Lake Charles, La.; Bus- iness .Administration; Student Council; Intramural Unit Manager; Kappa Sigma; Anny ROTC. • KENNETH ALLAN LAWSON. Jacksonville, Fla.; Engineering; Air Force ROTC. t30 FRESHMEN 1961 First Row: • EDDIE LAYRISSON, Pondiatnula. La.,- Business Administration: D.lta Kappa Epsilon. • AL LEE, Baker, Fla.: Arts and Sciences. • LINDA LEE, Saiasota. Fla.; Newcomb; Kappa Al| ha Tlieta; Student Directory; Westminster Fellowsliip: Youn,? Republicans. • WILLIAM H. LEE, n, Lockport, New York; Business Administration: Si.gma Alpha Epsilon; Army ROTC; Persbin,? Rifles Drill Team: Young Repub ' icans. • ELAINE LEICHER. New Orleans, La.; Newco mb; Delta Zeta; Student Directory; Newman Club. Second Row : • LINDA LEITZ, New Orleans, La.; Newcomb. • EMILE LENGNICK, Beaufort. South Carolina; Newcomb; Sailing Club; Decorations Committee. • KATHY LEWIS. Cleve ' and. Ohio: Newcomb; Kappa Alpha Theta Student Director); Baptist Student Union. • LEONARD 1. LINKON. Centralia, Ala.; Business Administration; Zeta Beta Tau; Hullabaloo. • JOHN M. LESTER, Dallas, Texas: Arts and Sciences: Kappa Sigma; Varsity Tennis Team. Third Row : • LEWIS A. LEVEY, Clayton, Mo.; Engineering; Zeta Beta Tau. • CHARLES A. LEVY, III, New Orleans, La.; Business Administration. • DORIS ROSE LEVY, Savannah, Ga.; Newcomb; Sigma De ' ta Tau: Dance Club; Student Directory; Hillel Foundation. • JAMES WHEELER LEVY, Shelton, Conn.; Aits and Sciences; Phi Kappa Sigma. O NINA IRENE LIBEN, Mt. Vernon, New York; Newcomb; Le Circle Francais; Hillel Foundation; Newcomb Choir. Fourth Row ; • BOB LIGHT, Fair La %n. New Jersey, Business Administration; Delta Sigma Phi. • G. CARLTON LIND. Newton. Ma.ss.: Engineering: Delta Sigma Phi; Naval ROTC; Dolphin Club. • DAVID MICHAEL LIPMAN, Philadelphia, Pa.; Arts and Sciences: Air Force ROTC. • RUFUS LISLE, Lexington, Ky. ; Arts and Sciences. • MIDGIE LITTLE, New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; Alpha Delta Pi; Baptist Student Union. Fifth Row: • ROBERT L. LIVINGSTON, JR., New Oilcans, La.; Engineering; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • ROBERT WILLARD LOCKWOOD, Mexico City. Mexico; Engineering; Math Club. • ROBERT D. LOFTIN, Cai- lollton, Ga.; Arts and Sciences: Air Force ROTC; Saber Jets Drill Team. • LINDA LOGSDEN, EvansviUe, Ind. ; Newcomb; Newman Club; Sailing Club; Newcomb Choir. • GORDON LOGUE, New Orleans, La.; Engi- neering; Sigma Chi; A.S.C.E.; Air Force ROTC. Sixth Row: • D.AVID MARCUS LOLLEY, .Shreveport, La.; Arts and Sciences; Young States Righters. • LENI LORENZ, Tulsa. Okla. ; Newcomb; Stu- dent Directory; Sailing Cub; Student Activities Board. • SALLIE LOTT. New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; Phi Mu; Canterbury Club; Campus Nite; Young Reijublicans: Lyceum Committee. • JUDY LOVE, Austin, Texas; Newcomb; Alpha Omicron Pi; Westminster Fellowship: Sailing Club; Young Democrats. • STUART LUDWIG. Brooklyn, New York; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Mu; Hillel Foundation. Seventh Row ; • WENDY LUDWIG, Shaker Heights, Ohio; Newcomb; Sigma Delta Tau; Student Directory; Hillel Foundation; Campus Nite. • WIL- LIAM H. LUX, Birmingham, Ala.; Zeta Beta Tan. • JOHN H. LYNN, Chillicothe, Ohio; Engineering. • SUSAN McCARTHY, New Oilcans, La.; Newcomb; Alpha Omicron Pi; Campus Nite; Sailing Club. • MARINA " MAC " McCARTNEY, New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; Phi Mu; Ne vman Club; Jambalaya. Eighth Row: • KIM McCLENEGHAN, Dickinson, Texas: Arts and Sciences. • SUSAN McCLOSKEY, Hammond, La.; Newcomb-B.F.A., Pi Beta Phi; Art Club; Barracudas; TUSK. • JACK B. McGUIRE, New Orleans, La.; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Tau Omega. • J. EDWARD McKENZIE, JR., Kettering, Ohio; Arts and Sciences; Pi Kappa Alpha; Glendy Burke Society: Young Republicans. • BOB W. McKENZIE, Houston, Texas: Arts and Sciences; Sigma Chi. Ninth Row: • GARY W. McLaughlin, San Antonio, Texas; Arts and Sciences; Air Force ROTC; Sailing Club. • MARTY McMACKIN, Salem, 111.; Newcomb; Tulane Band; Westminster Fellowship; Young Democrats. • RODERICK C. McNEIL, Southport, Conn.; Engineering; Phi Delta Theta; Army ROTC; Rifle Team. • ANN MARIE MAJOUE, Westwego, La.; Newcomb; Alpha Omicron Pi. • KENNETH M. MALLON, Oak- land, N. J.; Arts and Sciences; Phi Kappa Sigma; Naval ROTC; Sailing Club. 131 1961 FRESHMEN First Row : • LARRY iMALTZ. Corpus Christi. Texas; Business School: Zeta Beta Tau; Hillel Foundation: Amiy ROTC; Pershing Rifle Drill Team. • RICHARD I. MANAS, Surfside, Fla. : Arts and Sciences: Alpha Ep- silon Pi: Hillel Foundation: Army ROTC: Glendy Burke Society. • SUSIE MANATT. Houston. Texas: Newcomb; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • RICH- ARD ,1. M. NDAL. New Orleans, La.; Arts and Sciences. • STANLEY M.-KNDEL, San Antonio, Texas; Engineering; Hillel Foundation; Army ROTC. Second Row : • .- LCIDE S. MANN, New Providence. N. J.: Arts and Sciences; Phi Kapp.i Sigma; Naval ROTC; Glendy Burke Society; Dolphins Club. • ROBERT N. MANN. Louisville, Ky.: Arts and Sciences: Prc-Medical Society. O DOUGLAS L. MANSHIP. JR.. Baton Rouge. La.; Arts and Sciences; Sigma .Mpha Epsilon. • HARVEY POWELL MARICE, Metairic, La.; Engineering; Phi Delta Theta: Air Force ROTC: Sailing Cub; Young Republicans. • RON. LD B. MARKS, Monroe. La.; Arts and Sciences; A ' pha Epsilon Pi; Pre-Medical Society; Hillel Foundation. Third Row: • SAMUEL G. MARSHALL. East Palestine. Ohio: Architecture; Delta Tau Delta; ALA. • ADA MARTIN, Miami, Fla.; Newcomb; Delta Zeta; Student Directory; Tulanc Band: MiLsic Committee. • LAWRENCE M. MARTIN, Jackson, Miss.; Arts and Sciences; Delta Tau Delta; Glendy Burke Society: Sailing Cub. • CLAIRE MARTINI, Atlanta, Ga.; New- comb; Chi Omega; J. mbalaya,- Spotlighters Committee. • D. VE MATTA, Lakeview Terrace, Cal.; Arts and Sciences; Army ROTC. Fourth Row : e JOAN BARRY M.ATTHEWS. New Orleans. La.; Newcomb; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • VIRGINIA LEE MAXSON. Dallas, Texas; Newcomb; Kappa Alpha Theta; Art Club; Canterbury Club. • JOHN ARTHUR MEADE, New Orleans, La.; Engineering; Beta Theta Pi. • TOM JOF- FRE MEEK, JR.. Camden. Ark.; Arts and Sciences: Sigma . ' pha Ep- silon. • GEORGE W. MEGLA, Pacoima, Cal.; .. rts and Sciences; Jam- ralaya; Air Force ROTC. Fifth Row: • LOUIS K. MEISEL, Tenaflv, N. J.; . rts and Sciences; Alpha Epsilon Pi: Hillel Foundation: Air Force ROTC. • GAIL MELLOR, Louisville, Kv. : Neucomb: .-Mpha Delta Pi: Canterbury Club; International Relations Club; WTUL. • lUDIE MELVIN, Miami. Fla.; Newcomb: Chi Omega. O CECILLE MENKUS. Little Rock. Ark.; Newcomb; Alpha Epsilon Plii; Le Circle Fran(;ais; Student Director ' : Hillel Foundation; U.C. Recreation Committee. • ARMIE MEYER. New York, N.Y.; .Arts and Sciences: Sigma .Vpha Mu; Varsity S imming: A Cappella Choir; Glendy Biukc Society. Sixth Row: • DAVID MEYERS, St. Petersburg. Fla.: Arts and Sciences; Alpha Ep- silon Pi; L ' .C. Recreation Committee. • HERBIE MILLER, Rome, Ga.; Alts and Sciences; Sigma .Mpha Mu: Hillel Foundation; Freshman Foot- ball. « J.AMES S. MILLS. Waterbmy, Conn.; Business Administration; Baptist Student Union; .Air Force ROTC. Drill Team, Sabre Jets: Intra- mural Council. • JUDY MINARD, Columbia, La.; Newcomb; Kappa Alpha Theta; Jambalaya.- Wesley Foundation. • JOSEPH MINTZ, Water- buiy. Conn.; Arts and Sciences; Tau Epsilon Phi; Univeisity Chorus. Seventh Row : O FRED MITCHELL. Miami, Fla.; Arts and Sciences; Delta Tau Delta. • RUSSELL A. MITCHELL, JR., Dal ' as, Texas; Arts and Sciences; Delta Tau Delta; Hall Council, Treasurer. • DICK MOISE. St. Louis, Mo.; Arcliitecturc; Sigma Chi; A.I. A.; Naval ROTC. • HARRIETT ANNE MOORE. New Orleans. La.; Newcomb; TUSK; Westminster Fellowship. • JEFF MOORMAN. San Antonio, Texas; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Eighth Row: • EMMiriT |. MORAN. JR.. New Orleans, La.: Arts and Sciences; Air Force ROTC. • C. LANDESS MOREFIELD, Columbia, TeTin.; Arts and Sciences: Pi Kappa .Alpha: Naval ROTC: Drill Team, Naval ROTC; Anchor and Chain. • ELIZABETH MORR, Evanston, III.; Newcomb; Bairacudas. • BOBBY MORSE. New Oilcans. La.; Business .Administration; Kappa .A ' pha Order. O K.AY MOSLEY, Vidalia, Ga.: Newcomb; Alpha Omicion Pi; Baptist Student Union; U.C. Music Committee. .Ninth Row: • STEPHE.N BRUCE MOSS, J.icksonville, Fla.; Arts and .Sciences; Sigma .Alplia Mu; Hillel Foundation; .Army ROTC; Young Democrats: W ' TUL; U.C. Recreation Committee. Swimming Chairman. GEORGE B. MULLER. HI. New Orleans. La.: Ai chitecture ; Beta Theta Pi; A. LA.; Naval ROTC. • CHARLES E. 1URPHY. Grand Rapids, Mich.; Arts and Sciences: Neurnan Club: Young Repnb ' icans. • JACKIE P. MURPHY. .Amarillo, Texas; Arts and Sciences; Phi Kajipa Sigma; U.C. Hospitality Committee. • MARI.ANNE MUSE, Montgomery. Ala.; New- comb; A Cap])ella Choir; Campus Nite; Concert Choir; Madrigal Singers; Sailing Club. 132 1961 FRESHMEN First Row : • PHILIP J. NAPOLITANO, New Or ' cans, La.; Engineering; Army ROTC; Newman Club; Pershing Rifles. • TED N.-KSS, JR., Sarasota, Fla.; Arts and Sciences; Delta Sigina Piii; Newman Club; Ai my ROTC; Pershing Rifles; Young Republicans. • MARK LEE NATHANSON, Clay- ton, Mc; Business Administration; Zcta Beta Tau. • PAUL NATHAN- SON. Miami, Fla.; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Mu. • MICHAEL NEEB, Gretna, La.; Arts and .Sciences; Air Force ROTC; Drill Team, Sabre Jets. Second Row : • MARILYN NEIDICH, Beaufort, S.C; Newcomb; Sigina Delta Tau; Hil!el Foundation, Social Chairman; WTUL; XJ.C. Cosmopolitan Committee. • PAUL T. NELSON, Huntington. West Va.; Arts and Sciences; Kappa Alpha Order; Pre-Medical Society; Hullabaloo: Pre-Mcdical Journal. • CYNTHIA JEAN NEUMAN, Metairie. La.; Business Administration. • LARRY NEUMAN, Lexington, Ky.; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Epsi ' on Pi; Pre-Medical Societ " v; Hillel Foundation; Young Democrats; Army R.O.T.C, Perehing Rifles; Cosmopolitan Committee. • NORMA JANE NICE, New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; Wesley Foundation; Tulane Band. Third Row: • JUDY NICHOLAS, Shrcvcport, La.; Newcomb; Chi Omega; Le Circle Fi " an(;ais; Wesley Foundation; Sailing Club; Young Democrats; Lyceum Committee. • JAMES ROBERT NIESET, New Orleans, La.; Arts and Sciences; Phi Delta Theta; Air Force ROTC. • RICHARD H. OBRIEN, Arabi. La.; En,gineering; Delta Sigma Phi; Army ROTC. • JOHN OCHSNER. Crcve Coeur, Mo.; Arts and Sciences; Pi Kappa Alpha. • JEANNE ODENDAHL, New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; Newman Club; Lagniappcs. Fourth Row : • JOANNE OMANG, Winter Haven, Fla.; Newcomb; Hullabaloo; West- minster Fello vship; A Cappella Choir; Sailing Club; WTUL; Radio Cub. • LINDA TERRY OPLATKA, Riveniide, 111.; Newcomb; Le Circle Fran- ?ais; Student DirectoiT; Sailing Club. • POLLY OPPENHEIMER, San Antonio, Te.xas; Newcomb; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Student Director ■; Hillel Foundation. • APRIL MELANIE ORAY ' , New Orleans, La.; New- comb; International Relations Club; Sailing Club; Young Republicans. • WILLIAM H. OSBORN, II, New Orleans, La.; Arts and Sciences; Beta Theta Pi; Army ROTC. Fifth Row: • ED OWENS, Winnetka, 111.; Arts and Sciences; Delta Sigma Phi; Tulane University Theatre; Air Force ROTC, Sabre Jets. • MARY ELIZABETH PALTRON, New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; Phi Mu; Newman Club; Fine Arts Committee. • MICHAEL JAY PARADISE, Highland Park, 111.; Arts and Sciences; Hi ' lel Foundation; Campus Nite; SpotlighteiTi. • WILLLAM LEWIS PARKS, JR., GuUport, Miss.; Engineeiing; Kappa Alpha; Naval ROTC. • KENT M. PARRA, New Orleans, La.; Engmeering. Sixth Row: • JUDITH ANN P. RSONAGE, Glendale, Mo.; Newcomb; Phi Mu. • MERRIBELL PARSONS, San Antonio, Texas; Newcomb; Kappa Alplia Theta; Art Club; Le Circle Fran(;ais; Student Directory; Bal tist Student Union; Lagniappes. • JOAN ELIZABETH PARTAIN. San Antonio. Texas; Newcomb; Alpha Omicron Pi. • KENNETH M. PATTON, Crown Point, Ind.; Engineering; Phi Kappa Sigma. • ROBERT A. PATTEN. Long Is ' and City, New York; Arts and Sciences. Seventh Row: • THOMAS PAUKERT, Fort Worth, Texas; Arts and Sciences; Newman Club; Young Republicans. • DAVID A. P. YSSE, New Orleans, La.; Business Administration; Anny ROTC. • WILLIAM HOWARD PEARL- MAN, Shaker Heights, Ohio; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Mu ; Hillel Foundation: Sailing Club; WTUL Staff ; Public Re ' ations Committee. • DONALD W. PEARSON, Springville. Ala.; Arts and Sciences; . ir Force ROTC; Sabre Jets. • KAREN PEELER. Jonesboro, Ark.; New- comb; Alpha Omicron Pi; Wesley Foundation; A Cappella Choir; U.C. Sjiecial Events Committee. Eighth Row; • CHRISTOPHER J. PENNINGTON, Baltimore, Md.; Engineering; Air Force ROTC. • ANTONIO I. PEREZ, JR., Mexico City, Mcx.; Bus- iness Administration; Beta Theta Pi; Newman Club; Hobbies and Crafts. • DAVID GEORGE PERLIS. New Orleans, La.; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Chi; Christian Science Organization; Air Force ROTC; Circle K Club; Lyceum Com.nittee. • LEIGH PERRILLIAT, New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Newman Club; Young Republicans. • DAVID McEWEN PETERS, New Orleans. La.; Business Administra- tion; Army ROTC; Circle K Club. Ninth Row: • JOHN W. PETRUS, Middletown, Conn.; Arts and Sciences; Intramural Council; Air Force ROTC; Air Force Drill Team. • KAREN SUE PEVOW, Youngstown, Ohio; Newcomb; Alpha Epsi ' on Phi; Student Directory; Cheerleadei-s; Greenbackcrs; Hillel Foundation. • LARRY PAUL PFEFFER, Houston, Texas; Arts and Sciences; Zeta Beta Tau. • LARRY O. PHILLIPS, New Orleans, La.; Architecture; Delta Sigma Phi; A. I. A.; Westminster Fellowship; Air Force ROTC; Sabre Jets. • SHERRY PHILIPS, Jacksonvil ' e, Fla.; Newcomb; Le Circle Francais; Jamralaya; Channing Club; Sailing Club; Young Republicans. 133 1961 FRESHMEN First Row: • AMAURY PIEDRA, New Orleans, La.; Engineering; Delta Sigrma Phi; Air Force ROTC: Sabre Jets; Math C ' lih; International Relations Club; Circle K Club. • CATHERINE JOAN PIERCE. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.: Newconib; Chi Omega; TLSK; Canterbury- Club; Newconib Choir; Young Republicans; I ' .C. Hospitality Committee. • PHILLIP PILKINGTON. Mirskoeee, Okla. ; Arts and Sciences. • HENRY MINOR PIPES, JR., Hounia. La.; Business .Administration; Glendv Burke Society; Sailing Cub; Young Repiiblicans. • WILLIAM LEON PIPPIN, JR.. ' Moultrie, Ga.; .• rts and Sciences: Kappa Sigma; Vice-President -Arts and Sciences Fresh- man Class; Bnjjtist Student Union; Naval ROTC. Second Row : • CLYTE D. PITTMAN. JR., New Orleans, La.; Engineering; Air Force ROTC. • JOHN K. POLLARD. Bunkie, La.: Arts and Sciences; WTUL Staff. • JOSEPH H. PONS. II. Metairie. La.; Engineering; Air Force ROTC; Sabre Jets; Newman Club. • JOHN POSER. Highland Park. 11 ' .; Engineering; Delta Tau Delta. • MICH.AEL WEBB POST, Barrington. III.; Business .Adminisli-atlon: Secretary-Treasurer of Business Scliool; Naval ROTC. Third Row : • DIANNE POTIN. New Orleans. La.; Newcomb; .Alpha Omicron Pi; Campus Nite: Sailing Club; U.C. Hospitality Committee. • CAROLYN PR.ATT. Shreveport. La.; Neucorab; Chi Omega; Le Circ ' e Fi-an ;ais; Cante.bury Club; Sailing Club; Lyceum Committee. • M.ARIA M. PRATT, New Oilcans. La.; Newcomb College; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Newman Club. • NATHALIE PRISE. New Orleans. La.; Newcomb; Ne«-man Club: Young Republicans. • G.ARY PUCKETT. At ' anta, Ga.; Engineer- ing; Math Club; Intramural Council. Basketball; Baptist Student Union; Air Force ROTC. Fourth Row : • VIRC:IL O. R.AMBO, Houston. Te.vas; Arts and Sciences; Delta Tau Delta; Philosophy Cub; Young Republicans. • EDW.ARD LEE R-ANCK. Biloxi, Miss.: .Architecture: .A. I. .A.; .Army ROTC: Sailing Club: Young Republicans; U.C. Decorations Committee. • WILLI.AM SPE.ARS R.AND- .ALL. Ill: Baton Rouge. La.; .Arts and Sciences; Kappa Sigma. • P.ATRICIA SEMMES R,ANLETT, New Orleans, La.; Newcomb: Kappa Kappa Gamma; Newman Club; Young Republicans. • TED RANZAL. New Yoik, New Y ' ork; Aj-ts and Sciences; Alpha Epsi ' on Pi; Psychology Major Club; Varsity Track. Fifth Row: • JA.VIES EARNEST R.ASMUSSEN. Vandenberg, Cal.; Arts and Sciences: Beta Theta Pi: Newman Club; U.C. Hospitality Committee. • BOB R.ATCLIFF. Pineville. La.; Engineering; Phi Kappa Sigma; Army ROTC; Circle K Club. • ANITA RE A. Florence, Ala.; Newcomb; Kappa Kappa Gamma: J. MB. l„ v, ; Ne man Club. • CATHERINE NOR ' OOD RE.A. New Orleans. La.; Newcomb; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • MICH.AEL M. REDD.AN. Washington, D.C; Architecture; Kappa Sigma: Nc Mnan Club: Naval ROTC. Sixth Row: • LOUIS M. REESE. New Orleans, La.; Arts and Sciences; Naval ROTC; Tailhook Cub. • EDWIN H. REITMAN, Merchantvillc, New Jei;sey; .Arts and Sciences; .Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pre-Medical Societv; Le Circle Franijais; Hillel Foundation. • DONALD RHODES. Metairie. La.; Arts and Sciences; Beta Theta Pi. • BUDDY RICHARDSON, New Orleans, La.; Engineering; .Alpha Tau Omega: Secretary- Treasurer of Freshman Engineering; Newman Cub; .Anchor and Chain; Sailing Club. • S.AMUEL MILTON RICH.ARDSON, III, Minden. La.; Arts and Sciences; German Club; Pre-Medical Society; .Army ROTC; .Amateur Radio Clutj; Young States Righters. Seventh Row: • SANDY RICHMOND. Newnan, Ga.; Newcomb; A ' pha Delta Pi. • WILLIAM W. RICKMAN. Chicago, 111.: Arts and Sciences. • STEN- VEN RINDLEY. Miami Beach. Fla.: .Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Mu; House Council. • DAVID M. RIITENBERG. Glencoe. 111.: Archi- tecture; Sigma Alpha Mu; .A.I.A.; Hi ' lel Foundation. • DALE S. RIT- TER, .AUentoun. Pa.; .Arts and Sciences; Sigma Chi; Philosophy Club. Eighth Row : • RICH.ARD RIVERS, Dallas. Texas; .Ails and Sciences; Young Repub- licans. • JOSEPH L. ROBERTS. HI. New Orleans. La.; Arts and Sciences. • KEARNY OUI.NN ROBERT, JR., New Orleans, La.; Arts and Sciences; Phi Delta Iheta. • PAMELA ROBERTS. San Antonio, Texas; Newcomb: .Alpha Delta Pi; Young Republicans. • CAROL ROB- INSON, Lufkin, Texas; Ne vcomb: Sigma Delta Tau; Student Directory; Hillel Foimdation. IVinth Row : • LYNN ROCKENB.ACH, Little Rock, Band; Fine .Arts Committee; WTUL. Miami Beach. Fla.; .Arts and Sciences: Society; Hillel Foundation; Glendy Burk mopolitan Committee. Engineering; Air Forci Mass.; .Architecture; A. I. .A.; Newman Club; Army ROTC; U.C. Decora tions Committee. • RICH.ARD R,AY RONIGER, New Orleans, L .Arts and Sciences; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Freshman Baseball. Ark.; Arts and Sciences; Tulane ALAN MICHAEL ROCKWAY, .Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pre-Medical .Society; Yoimg Democrats; Cos- • RICHARD L. RODRIGUEZ, New Orleans, La.; ROTC. • CHARLES R. ROLANDO, Lexington, 134 FRESHMEN 1961 First Row: • FR. XK J. ROSATO, JR., New Orleans, La.; Arts and Sciences; Pre-MedicaJ Society; Army ROTC; Pershing Rifles; Sailing Club. • RICKY ROTH, St. Petersburg, Fla.; Arts and Sciences: Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre-Medical Club; Hillel Foundation. • RONALD CARLISLE ROSBOTTOM. Birmingham, Ala.; Arts and Sciences; Delta Sigma Phi. • JANE ROSE, Dallas, Te.Nas; Newcomb. • JO ANN ROSEN, New Orleans, La.; Newcomb. Second Row : • GAYLE ROSENTHAL. Dallas, Texas; Newcomb; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Hullabaloo; Student Directoiy: Hillel Foundation. • STEVEN JEFFREY ROSENTHAL, Bluefield, West Va.: Arts and Sciences; Hillel Foundation. • DON ROSS. New Orleans, La,; Engineering; Naval ROTC, • CHAR- LIE W, ROSSNER, New Orleans, La.; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Tau Omega; Jambaiaya. • PETER M. ROTH, Scarsdale, New York; Archi- tecture; A.I.A. ; Soccer Team; Army ROTC. Third Row: • RICHARD LEE ROTH. Miami, Fla,: Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre-Medical Club, • MARTY ROTHBERG, Tampa, Fla,; Arts and Sciences; Pre-Medical Club: Hillel Foundation: Young Democrats; W ' TUL; Public Relations Committee, • ROBERT BRET ROTHMAN, Berwick, Pa,; Arts and Sciences; Wave Handbook; Sailing Club; WTUL. • DIANA ROWLEY, New Orleans, La,; Newcomb; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Le Circle Frangais; Sailing Club, • WILLIAM RUBIN, Clayton, Mo,; Business Administration; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Student Directory; Hillel Foundation; WTUL. Fourth Row : • MIKE RUECKHAUS, Albuquerque, New Mexico; Arts and Sciences; Freshman Track; Hillel Foundation; Sailing Club, • MELANIE RUETER, Flos5moor, 111,; Newcomb: Pi Beta Phi; Sailing Club; Dance Club; Bar- racudas. • JAMES RYAN, III, New Orleans, La,; Phi Delta Theta: Sailing Club. • ROBERT LYNN SAIN. Mempliis. Tcnn,; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Chi; Westminster Fellowship; Young Democrats, • MARILYN MARGARET SALERNO, Houston, Texas; Newcomb; Stu- dent Directory; Newman Club, Fifth Row: • BETH SALTER, Alma, Ga,; Newcomb: Alpha Delta Pi; Student Di- rectory; Wesley Foundation; Music Committee, • LLO T) SAMPSON, Houston, Texas; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Intramural Council: Hillel Foundation; Army ROTC; Hospitality Committee, • ROBERT SAMUELS, Jamaica, New York; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Epsilon Pi, • RICHARD SANCHEZ, Eyansvi ' Ie, Ind,; Arts and Sciences; Newman Club; Concert Choir; Madrigal Singers; Young Democrats: Fine Arts Committee, • ERIC T. SANKEY, Arvada, Colo,; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Chi. Sixth Row: • MARTHA SAPP, Corpus Christi, Te.xas; Newcomb; Alpha Omicron Pi; Barracudas; Weslev Foundation; Personal and Evaluations Committee, • SUZ.WNE SANDLIN, Houston, Texas; Newcomb; Pi Beta Phi: Campus Nite; Newcomb Choir; Tulane University Theatre, • FREDRIC PAUL SAPIRSTEIN, New York, New York: Arts and Sciences; Zcta Beta Tau; Young Democrats, • ELLEN SAUCIER, New Or ' eans, La.; Bus- iness Administration. • JOEL SCHAPIRO, Roslyn Heights, New York; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Army ROTC, Seventh Row : • JANE HARRIET SCHIFFMAN, Metairie, La,; Newcomb; Pre-Med- ical Society; Peisonnel and Evaluations Committee, • CHARLES P, SCHILLER, Forest Hills, New York; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Ep- silon Pi; Pre-Medical Society; Hillel Foundation; Army ROTC; Glendy Burke Society; Young Democrats; WTUL Radio, • J.ACK SCHIRO, Cincinnati, Ohio: Arts and Sciences: Zeta Beta Tau; Steward ' s Com- mittee, • EDWARD ARTHUR SCHRANK, Miami Beach, Fla,; Arts and Sciences: Sigma Alpha Mu; .Armv ROTC; Pi Lambda Beta; Fine Arts Committee. • JOHN ROBERT SCHUPP, New Orleans, Arts and Sciences; Alpha Tau Omiga; Army ROTC; Array Rifle Team; Association of the U,S, Army, Eighth Row ; • FRED SCHWAB, New Orleans, La,; Architecture. • DANIEL J. SCHW. RTZ, Tampa, Fla,; Arts and Sciences; Pre-Medical Society; Jambalaya, Assistant Sports Editor: Hillel Foundation: Young Democrats; Hospitality Committee, • JIM TAUB SCHWARTZ, Houston, Texas; Arts and Sciences; Zeta Beta Tau; Hullabaloo; Public Relations Com- mittee, • CAROL SCHWARTZBEK, St, Petersburg, Fla,; Newcomb; Alpha Delta Pi; Jambalay ' a; Campus Nite; Sailing Club, • WALTER EDWARD SCHWING, Houston, Texas; Business Administration; Kappa Sigma, Ninth Row : • ROBERT ARTHUR SEALE, JR,, Shreveport, La,; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • THOMAS L. SEBRING, Wilmette, 111,; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, • DONALD P, SEELIG, New Orleans, La,; Arts and Sciences. • JOHN P, SEIBELS, Columbia, South Carolina; Engineering; Pi Kappa Alpha; Air Force ROTC; Sailing Club; Amateur Radio Club. • KEN SEIDEL, Silver Springs, Md,; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Student Directory. 135 UNDERGRADUATES First Row: • LOUISE CATHERINE SELZER, Xow O. leans. La.; Ncwcomb- •West- minster Fellowship. • EDITH SEYBURN. Bossier Citv. La.: Newcomb- Pi Beta Phi; Canterbury Club: .Sailin? Club. • ROSETTA SH.MKUN Louisville, Ky.; Ncwcomb; Sigma De ' .ta Tau; . thletic Council; Hillel Foundation: Secretary of Young Democrats. • CAMILLE THERES. SHAMIS, Bastrop. La.; Newcomb; Pi Beta Phi; Newman Club; Sailing Club. • . L SHAPIRO, .Me.Nandria. La.; Arts and Sciences: Zeta Beta Tau. Second Row: • PAULA SHAPIRO. Shreveport. La.; Newcomb: Hullabaloo; Hillel Foundation. •RICHARD PAUL SHAPIRO. Brooklyn, New York; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Mu; Treasurer Phelps House; Young Democrats; Student Actiyilies Board. • RON ' . . SH.- iPIRO. New Orleans. La.; Business . dministiation; Tau Epsilon Phi; Hillel Foundation; .Armv ROTC. • SUSAN SHAPIRO, Chicago. 111.; Newcomb: .Mpha Epsilon ' Phi; Stu- dent Directory: Decorations Committee. • SYBIL SH. PIRO. New- Orleans. La.; Newcomb; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Student Director-; Hillel Foundation; Campus Nite. Third Row : • LIND. SH.ARP. Pascagoula. Miss.; Newcomb: Chi Omega; Canterbury- Club; Le Circle Franqais; TUT. • MICHAEL S. SHEP.ARD, St. Louis ' , Mo.; Business .administration: Zeta Beta Tau: Varsity Soccer Team; Hullabaloo: Spotlighters. • STEPHEN SHERMAN, Alexandria. La.; Business .Administration; Hillel Foundation: Naval ROTC. • H.ARRY M. SHORT, Arabi. La.; Engineering. • M- RY LYNX SILVERSO.N, Mem- pliis, Tenn.; Newcomb; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Student Directoo ' ; Hillel Foundation; Lvcemn Committee. Fourth Row : • ADAM N. SIMONS, Chicago. 111.; .Arts and Sciences; Hillel Foundation. • ROBERT C. SKEOCH. St. Croix. Virgin Islands; Engineering; Phi Delta Theta; Naval ROTC: Young Ropuhlirans. • D.AVID . LLEN SKLAR. .Jackson, Miss.: Business Administration; Delta Sigma Phi. • GEORGE M. SL.AVIN, Deal, New Jersev; Business Administration; Sigma Alpha Mu; Recreation Committee. • WILLIAM T. SLOAN, JR., Spartanburg. South Carolina; Arts and Sciences; Baptist Student Union; Naval ROTC; Anchor and Chain; Circle K. Fifth Row: • BOB SLO.ANE. Ncrlon. Pa.; .Arts and Sciences: Zeta Beta Tau. • .ALONZO G. SMITH. TR.. Gretna. La.; .Arts and Sciences: Army ROTC: Pershing Rifles Drill Team; VVestminstcr Fellowship. • B. FRANK SMITH. Quincy. Fla.; Arts and Sciences: Sigma .Alpha Epsi ' .on; West- minster Fellowship; Lvccum Committee. • JULI.A SMITH. Ingleside, Texas; Newcomb; Pi Beta Phi; Canterbuo- Club. • H.AROLD B. SMITH. New- Haven, Conn.; Business Administration; Sigma Alpha Mu; Hillel Foundation; .Air Force ROTC; Saber Jets Drill Team; Recreation Com- mittee. Sixth Row: • HOWARD J. SMITH. JR.. New Orleans. La.; .Arts and Sciences; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • TAMARA M. SMITH. New Orleans. La.; New- comb; Pi Beta Phi. • JOHNNY SMITHIES FERN.ANDEZ, Havana, Cuba; Business .Administration: President Mcnuet House; .Newman Club; Amiy ROTC; Pershing Rifles Drill Team; International Relations Club: Sailing Club; Inner House Council: .Accounting Club. • BRE.ARD SNELLING. JR.. New- Orleans. La.; .Arts and Sciences; Delta Kappa Epsilon: Sailing Club. • NANCY WILCOX SNELLINGS, Monroe, La.: Newcomb; Pi Beta Phi; Canterbui-y Club; Young RepubMcans. Seventh Row: • DENNIS P. SOCHA. Cicero. III.: Arts and Sciences. • MARSH.A R.AY ' E SOLOMON. Charleston, South Carolina; Newcomb; Alpha Ep- silon Phi: Student Directory: Hillel Foundation; Special Events Com- mittee. • NORM.A SOLOMON. Birmingham. .Ala.; Newcomb; Sigma Delta Tau; Student Directory; TUSK; Hillel Foundation; Personnel and Evaluations Committee Secreta.y. • PETER STEPHEN SO-MMERS, .Atlanta. Ga.: Arts and Sciences: Sigma Alpha Mu; House Council. • SIDNEY L. SONI.AT, New Orleans, La.; Arts and Sciences; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Sailing Club. Eighth Row : • JULIE SELLERS. Mobile. Ala.; Newcomb; Kappa Kappa Gamma; -New-man Club; Hospitality- Committee. • STEPHEN L. SO.NTHEIMER, Ne y Orle.ins. La.: Business Administration: Zeta Beta Tau: Public Re- lations Committee. • J. DAVID STARK. Zionsvillo. Pa.; Arts and Sciences; Phi Kappa Sigma: House Council. • LARRY W. SPELLER, Nashville, Tenn.; .Arts and Sciences; Sigma .-Mijha Mu; Recreation Com- mittee. • J.ANET STELL, Dallas. Texas; Ne vcomb; Chi Omega; Jam- dai-aya; Campus Nite; Public Relations Committee. Ninth Row: • R.AYMOND P. STARR. JR., New Orleans. La.; Business .-Vdministia- tion: Kappa Alpha: Army ROTC. • MICH.AEL K. STEPHENS, Ft. Worth. Texas; Arts and Sciences: Baptist Student Union; Army ROTC; Pershing Rifles Drill Team. • RUSSELL STEWART, Panama City, Fla.; .Arts and Sciences; Delta Sigma Phi; ■csley Foundation; Air Force ROTC. • S.AMUEL P. STEWART. Wooster, Ohio; Architecture; Alpha Tau Omega. • JOSEPH EDWIN STOLFI, New York. New York; ArLs and Sciences; Newman Club; WTU ' L. 136 FRESHMEN 1961 First Row : • EDWARD H. STOLLEY. New Oilcans, La.; Arts and Sciences; Kappa Alpha; Army ROTC. • JOHN C. STONE, Springhill, La.; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Wesley Foundation: Air Force ROT C. • JANE STURDIVANT, Minter City, Miss.; Newcomb; Kappa Alpha Theta; Canterbury Club; Sailin.g Club. • COOKIE SULKIN, Dal ' as, Texas; Newcomb; Sigma Delta Tau; Jambalaya,- Hillel Foundation; Le Circle Fran?ais; Student Activities Board. • MILDRED SUSSKIND, Memphis, Tenn.; Newcomb; Dance Club; Hobbies and Crafts Committee. Second Row: • JOHN " BUZZy A. SUTHERLIN. JR., New Orleans. La.; Arts and Sciences; Beta Theta Pi. • ELEANOR MEREDITH SUTHON. New Orleans, La.; Newcomb. • JAMES R. SUTTERFIELD, . ngleton, Texas; Arts and Sciences; Phi Kappa Sigma; Philosophy Club; Baptist Student Union. • LARRY SWARTZ, Dallas. Te.xas; -Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Mu; Student Directorv ' . • WILLIAM G. TABB, III, Atlanta, Ga.; Arts and Sciences: Phi Delta Theta; Air Force ROTC. Third Row : • JEFFREY S. TARTE, Forest Hills, New York; Arts and Sciences; Zeta Beta Tau; Freslrman Basketball Team; Personnel and Evaluations Committee. • SUSAN VIRGINIA TATUM, Homer, La.; Newcomb: Pi Beta Phi; Wesley Foundation; Spotlighters. • SHARON LYN TAYLOR, Winston- Salem, North Carolina: Newcomb; Sigma Delta Tau: Jambalaya; Hillel Foundation; Concert Choir. • RAYMOND J. TERMINI, Dickinson, Texas; Arts and Sciences: Newman Club; A Cappella Choir; Air Force ROTC. • MARSHA GAYLE TERRY, Baton Rouge, La.; Newcomb; Phi Mu; Le Circle Frangais; Westminster Fellowship. Fourth Row : • RICHARD P. TEXAD.A, .Alexandria. La.; Arts and Sciences; Sigma . lpha Epsilon. • LINDA INEZ THOM. S, New Orleans, La.; Newcomb: Phi Mu. • ROBERT L. THOMAS, Towson, Md.; Arts and Sciences; Pi Kappa Alpha; Air Force ROTC. • STUART R. THOMAS, Hartsdale, New York; Arts and Sciences; Canterbury Club; Interfaith Council; Army ROTC; President of McBi de House; President Pro-Tem of the Inter- House CouncU; A. U.S.A. • HAL J. THOMPSON, Memphis, Tenn.; Alts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Baptist Student Union. Fifth Row: • STAN TOPOL, Greenville, Miss.; .Arts and Sciences: Si.gma Alpha Mu; Aimy ROTC. • CHARLES R. TRAYLOR, JR.. Dallas, Texas; Arts and Sciences; Phi Kappa Sigma; CanterbuiT Club; Alpha Phi Omega; Tulane Band. • GEORGE J. TRIBBLE. JR.. St. Louis, Mo.; Arts and Sciences; Pi Kappa Alpha; Intramural Council. • MICHAEL T. TUDURY, Me- tairie, La.; Architecture; A. LA.; Air Force ROTC. • BRUCE TURNER. Nashville, Tenn.; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre-Medical Society. Sixth Row: • LAURENCE H. TURNER. San Diego, Calif; Engineering: Phi Kappa Sigma; TUSK; Naval ROTC; Mark I Drill Platoon. • MICHAEL L. TURNER. Groves, Texas; Engineering; Freshman Football Team. • KNOX TYSON. Houston. Texas; Business Administration; Kappa Sigma. • SUYDIE UPTON. New Orleans. La.; Newcomb; Concert Choir: Sail- ing Club. • ROBERT J. USKEVICH, Seymour, Conn.; Business Ad- ministration. Seventh Row : • WALTON VAN ARSDALE, Metairic, La.; Arts and Sciences; Army ROTC. • JOHN VAN HETTINGA, LaGrange, 111.; Arts and Sciences; Air Force ROTC; Public Relations Committee. • JIM VAN HOOK, Shreveport, La.; Arts and Sciences; Beta Theta Pi; Army ROTC; Pershing Rifles Drill Team; Young Republicans. • DIANA MARGARITA VAS- OUEZ, Lake Charles, La.: Newcomb; Concert Choir; Fine Arts Com- mittee. • LEONARD VEDLITZ, Shreveport, La.; Business Administra- tion; Zeta Beta Tau; Hullabaloo; Hillel Foundation; Public Relations Committee. Eighth Row : • GEORGE BARTLETT VIAULT, Caithersburg. Md.; Business: Sigma Chi. • JAMES VICKERS. Jackson, Miss.; Architecture; A. I. A.; Baptist Student Union: Army ROTC. • MAURICE FRANCES VILLERE. New Orleans, La.; Business Administration; Beta Theta Pi. • JOHN WILEY VINING, JR.. Decatur. Ga.: Arts and Sciences: Newman Club: Pershing Rifles Drill Team. • RICHARD E. VIRR, Topeka, Kansas; Arts and Sciences; Delta Tau Delta; Air Force ROTC; Young Republicans; Fine Arts Committee. Ninth Row : • BARRY M. VOGEL, Great Neck. New York; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pre- Medical Society; Hillel Foundation. • ROGER A. WAGGONER, Iowa Falls, Iowa; Arts and Sciences. • EMILE A. WAG- NER, III, New Orleans, La.; Arts and Sciences: Beta Theta Pi; Newman Club. • KRISTEN WAGNER, Bay City, Mich.; Newcomb; Alpha Omi- cron Pi; Le Circle Francais: Westminster Fellowship; Sailing Club; Young Republicans. • STEVEN G. WAGNER. Denver. Colo.; Arts and Sciences; Zeta Beta Tau; Jambalaya; Young Democrats; Music Committee. 137 1961 FRESHMEN First Row : • HAROLD WAINER, New Oilcans, La.; Business Administration; Al- plia Epsilon Pi: Young Democrats. • CAROL GENE W.ALDMAN, Dallas, Texas; Newcomb; . lplia Epsilon Phi; Lc Circle Francais; Student Direc- tory; HiUel Foundation. • R.W V. LTER, Memphis, Tenn.; .Arts and Sciences; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Hi ' lel Foundation: Lagniappes. • ANN ' .ALL.ACE, Kingsport, Tenn.; Ne vcomh: Kafjpa . lpha Theta; Wesley Foudalion; Decollations Committee. • L. L ' R.- W.ALSH, Houston, Texa-s; Newcomb; Alpha Oinicroii Pi: Hullabaloo: Canterbviiy Club; Public Re- lations Committee. Second Row : • GENE W. SSON, Prairie Village, Kan.; . rts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • EMILY VV.ATTS, Chattanooga. Tenn.; Newcomb; Alpha Omi- cron Pi: Hullabaloo: V ' eslcv Foundation; Special Events Committee. • JUDY WE.AVER, Wichita. Kan.: Newcomb; Kappa . Iplia Theta; Westminster Fellowship. • CHARLES W, WEBB. Memphis. Tenn.; En- gineering. • CAMILLE WEBB, Vernon, Texas; Newcomb; Pi Beta Phi; Treasurer Freshman Class; Ja.mb. L Vv ; TUSK; Newman C " .ub; Sailing Club; Spotiigbtei.s. ThiiflRow: • DL N. WEBER. Baton Rouge, La.: Newcomb; Phi Mu; Greenbackcrs; Wesley Foundation: Glendv Buike Society: Young Republicans; Special Events Committee. • HONIE WEBSTER. Evanstin. 111.: Newcomb: Al- pha Omicron Pi; Jammlwa; Sailing Club. • JUDITH WEDDLE, Somer- set, Ky. : Newcomb: . lpiia Delta Pi; Student Dircctor -; Wesley Founda- tion; Lagniappes. • KAREN WEIGEL, Gretna. La.: Newcomb; Gamma Delta. • STEPEN AL.AN WEINBERG, New Orleans, La.; Arts and Sciences; Sigma - lpha Mu; Pre-Medical Society. Fourth Row : • BRUCE L. VEL BERGER, Amarillo. Texas: .Arts and Sciences: Pic- .Medical Society; Hillel Foundation. • K. RL FREDERICK WEIBERT, . exs Orleans. La.: Engineering; Sabre Jets Drill leam. • B. RRY WALT WEINER. RockviUe Cenlie. New York: Business Administration: Alpha Epsilon Pi; Hillel Foundation. • EUGENE H. VVEINHEIMER, JR,, Groom, Texas; Arts and Sciences; Newman Club; Sailing Club. CAR- OLE WEINMAN, . tlanta, Ga. ; Newcomb; .Alplia Epsilon Phi; Student Directory; TUSK; Hillel Foundation. Fifth Row: • HOW.ARD M. WEINMAN, Shager Heights, Ohio; Business Admin- isti " atioii: Sigma .Alpha Mu; Mcnliet House Council; Pre-Medical Society. • ANDRE V M. WEIR, West Wildwood, New Jersey; Arts and Sciences; Pi Kappa Alpha. • WILLI. M WEISS, Shaker Heights, Ohio; .Arts and Sciences: Varsitv Suimniinti Te. ' im; Armv ROTC; WTUL: Recreation Committee. • PHILLIP M. WEITZM.AN, Linden, New Jersey; .Arts and Sciences; .Alpha Epsilon Pi; Hillel Foundation; Armv ROTC; Giendy Burke Society; Young Democrats; WTUL. • JOSEPH W. WELLS, JR., New Orleans, La.; Arts and Sciences; Beta Theta Pi. Si-xth Row: • TOMMY WHEELER. San Antonio, Texas: Arts and Sciences: Kappa Sigma. • JIM WHITESIDE, Tyler, Texas; Engincring • STEPHEN J. WHITFIELD, Jacksonville, Fla.: .Arts and Sciences; .Alpha Epsilon Pi; Hillel Foundation: Naval ROTC; Young Democrats. • JOHN H. WHITTEMORE. Delrav Beach. Fla.: Arts and Sciences: Phi Delta Theta; Sailing Club. • MARK WICKMAN, Miami Beach, Fla.; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Epsilon Pi; House Council; Pre-Medical Society ' . Seventh Row: • STE ' E WIESENBERGER, Shaker Heights, Ohio; Business Administra- tion: Zeta Beta Tali: Hillel Foundation: Young Republicans. • JACOB TOBIAS WILENSKY. New Orleans. La?: .Arts and Sciences; Hillel Foundation: WTUL; Cosmopolitan Committee. • JOHN A. WTL- HELM, Bartlesville, Okla. : .Arts and Sciences: Air Force ROTC; Hell- cats Drill Team; Young Republicans. • JUNE VlLKINSON, Jackson, Miss.; Newcomb: Chi Omega; J. md. l v. ; Baptist Student Union. • HARRY S. WILKS. Hampton, Va. ; .Arts and Sciences; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pre-Medical Society. Eighth Row: • CONNIE WILL, Kenilworth, I ' l.: Business: Sigma .Alpha Epsilon; Varsity Track Team. • J.AY WILLI.AMS. Warren. Ohio; .Arts and Sciences: Kappa Sigma. • JO.AN E. WILLI.AMS. New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; .Alpha Omiciou Pi: Westniinslei Fellowship: Recreation Com- mittee. • KAREN WILLIAMS. -Mer Rouge. La.: .Newcomb: Chi Omega; Canterbury- Club; Sailing Club. • KE.NT T. WILLI.AMS, Montgomery, Alabama; Engineering: Kappa Sigma; Naval ROTC. Ninth Row : • PAULA WILLIAMS, Dallas, Texas: Newcomb. Kappa Alpha Tlicia; Channing Club. • RICHARD B. WILLIAMS. JR.. Natchitoches, La.; Arts and Sciences. • JOHN M. VILLIAMSON, Sherman, Texas; Arts and Sciences; Math Club; Canterbury Club; Air Force ROTC; Young Democrats. • DEE WILSON. Metairie, La.; Newcomb; Phi Mu: TUSK; Bethany Fellowship; A Cappclla Ch oir; Campus Nite. • LOUIS A. WILSON, New Orleans, La.; Arts and Sciences; Pre-Medical Society; Newman Club. 138 FRESHMEN 1961 First Row : • BOB WILSON, Tampa, Fla.; Arts and Sciences; Delta Sigma Phi; House Council; Philosophy Club; Le Circle Francais; Air Force ROTC. • DONALD C. WINKLER, Kensington, Md.; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Clii; President Betchtel House; Air Force ROTC; Personnel and Evaluations Committee. • PETER WINKLER, JR., New Orleans, La.; .Arts and Sciences: Phi Kappa Sigma; Newman Club. • BILLY D. WINSTON, JR., New Orleans, La.; . ' ' irts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Air Force ROTC. • ANN WISDOM, New Orleans, La.; New- comb; Pi Beta Phi; Art Club. Second Row: • JOHN DUNC- N VOGAN, New Oileans. La.; Business; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Army ROTC; Sailing Club. • GORDON D. WOLF, New Or- leans. La.; Business: Sigma Alpha Mu: .Armv ROTC: Public Relations Committee. • JOHN WINTOR WOOLFOLK, III, New Orleans, La.; Fort Wayne, Ind. ; Newcomb; Sigma Delta Tau: Hil ' el Foundation; In- ternational Relations Club; Young Democrats; WTUL. • JAMES M. WOOTAN, Macon, Ga.; Business Administration; Kappa Alpha; Armv ROTC; Sailing Club. Third Row : • ROM. HELENE WORNALL, Charlotte, North Carolina; Newcomb; Art Club; Le Circle Francais; Varsity Volley Ball Team; Student Direc- torv-; Canterbui-y Club; International Relations Club; Decorations Com- mittee. • ROBERT W. WRIGHT, Murphysboro, 111.; Arts and Sciences; Freshman Football Team; Air Force ROTC. • PATRICIA WYLIE. Mont- gomery. Ala.; Business Administration; Phi Mu; Lc Circle Francais; AVestminster Fellowship: Newcomb Choir; Young Republicans. • ALLAN DAVID YASNYI, New Orleans, La.; Business Administration; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Army ROTC; WTUL. • GLENN J. ZAMORSKI, Eliza- beth, New Jersey; Arts and Sciences; Phi Kappa Sigma; President Fresh- man Class; Honor Board. Fourth Row: • JOSEPH J. ZARZA, JR., New Orleans, La.; Arts and Sciences. • EDWIN S. ZEITLIN. Nashville, Tenn.; Business Administration; Zeta Beta Tau. • M.- RILYN ZIFF, Birmingham. Ala.; Newcomb; Alpha Epsilon Phi: Student Directoi-v: Hillel Foundation; Hospitality Committee. • RICHARD J. ZIMMER. JR.. New Orleans. La.: Business Admin- istration: Phi Kappa Sigma. • ROBERT W. ZOLLINGER, New Orleans, La.; Business Administration; Kappa Sigma; Army ROTC. h i I ' Fj m 139 FEATURES M I U I N E U N E Aane LA une y nene f u ■»« w « WKtuAm ' M B B E U I E i If liss Aonl Martin •4LO " V JAMBALAYA BEAUTIES jj r v lam t nundaii L iau ton J • r JAMBALAYA BEAUTIES Jd Aoan Kjlrot ►» " .-. JAMBALAYA BEAUTIES m.. WMiPJidtien ' - kv » " ' iii0 " y A i ' c v_ ' ■ . y -f ■ .rM ' : . --,- ,; XT W iit ■ - im ' JAMBALAYA BEAUTIES f jj Ljnann l Uiili lamS RETTA BABST BE ' ERLY BISHOP SALLY BISSO JAMBALAYA AL RILYX COHEN " LCSDA HARDY BEAUTY FINALISTS LYNDA HAR TY SUSAX TL.MPLETOX CORINNE THOMAS JUDY McGUFFEE JUDY ■AITE M i m Court aiul KOIC escorts at Aluiuni House prior to Honicconiijiy (fame. HOMECOMING The autumn season continues to usher in one of Tu- lanc ' s most anticipated and exciting celebrations. Home- coming. The w ' iiole of tiie Universit - rallies to one of its most spirited occasions hen the returning alumni are especially welcomed once again, w iien fraternities and sororities begin their concentrated competition for awards in Homecoming decorations, and when the stu- dent body makes its selection of its Homecoming Queen and her Court. The Alumni Dance vas highlighted b the presenta- tion of Tulane ' s I960 Homecoming Queen, lovely Miss Joan Girot, and the maids in her Court: Aliss Joni Carlin, .Miss Lynn Orkin, .Miss Anne Davis, Miss Gnann Wil- liams, Miss Joanne Wolf, and Miss Anne AVood. The major festivities began earl ' Saturday morning with the judging of the colorful decorations of frater- nity and sorority houses, which were later open to visit- ing alums throughout the afternoon. The game later that evening against the College of Mlliam and .Mary was interrupted at halftime for the traditional presentation of the Queen and Court. Following the game everyone gathered at the annual Homecoming Dance which cli- maxed the Homecoming festivities. The fifteen finalists competing for the Homecoming title are from Left to Right, Front Row: Gnann Williams, Phyllis Alexander, Joan Girot, .Mary Levy, Anne Davis, Joni Carlin. Back Row : Lyn- da Harvey, Lynn Orkin. . nne Wood, Brenda Baher, Meade Fosvlkes, Judy Shaw, Linda Hardy, Joanne Wolf, Alice Talbot. Midshipman Captain Oubre escorts Queen Joan at presentation. Dr. Vance Strange, President of the Tulane Alumni Associa- tion, crowns Joan Girot 1960 Homecoming Queen. President Longenecker presents Miss Girot at the Alumni Dance on board the Steamer President. Senior Lawyers form archway fur team at Homecoming Game. HOMECOMING QUEEN f jj Aoan KjIfoI Last minute preparations for Greek displays. The 1960 Homecoming Court at the Alumni Dance. ' % m 3- -J " - i y h ' - =0 u .V Ai axfm ¥■ • " fl v.vi £Sid. „ . i£K !■■■ -«. ;.- " — ii ■_. ■ ■■- I Vr ' ■■ ' ■ ' r: " .f ' A tf ' « -• ' " flV. ?«!M .. 1l iia i|»ii il. i»f«MI ; ji «w«p»i«psa iii!ipW»l ■rn . ■3 h If the North HAD V ON U AR THE noTqiT MARDI GRAS WEEKEND As the traditional New Orleans Carnival Season drew near, Tulane once again sponsored its own collegiate version of a .Mardi Gras spectacular. The weekend of February third and fourth was selected by the Special Events Committee of the Uruversit - Center Board, just one week before the authentic New Orleans festivities. A barbecue and dance opened the weekend fun. The clever theme of the dance . . . " If the North Had Won the War " . . . a bit confusing on first glance, but to the delight of all Southern- ers (and to the amusement of our Yankee nomads), was carried out with clever decorations. The students danced to the very " southern " music of the " Royal Dukes of Rhythm. " The ne ly initiated competitive spirit of the Mardi Gras week- end culminated on Saturda " evening ith a parade of the Kre e of Tulane in A hich fraternities and sororities challenged each other ith decorated floats. Sigma Chi was awarded for the most original float, and Sigma Delta Tau contributed the most out- standing design. Perhaps the most anticipated event was the pres- entation of the recently elected " Campus Lover " of Tulane, King of the Tulane Mardi Gras. Each fraternity had entered a mem- ber to compete for this distinguished title which finally ' ent to .Mr. Aavron Fogleman of Zeta Beta Tau. The parade was fol- lowed by a dance in the University Center to the music of Aaron Neville ' s band. The weekend resulted in putting everyone into the spirit of Ne ' Orleans .Mardi Gras a week before its arrival. Bongo bedlam. Avron Fogclnian accepts crown of " Campus Lover. " Krewe of Tulane parad e is led by University Center officers. HONORARIES PHI BETA KAPPA Phi Beta Kappa, oldest of all college honorary societies, was founded in 1776 at William and Mary College in Vir- ginia. The Louisiana Alpha chapter at Tulane recognizes superior attainments in scholarship by students in the Col- lege of Arts and Sciences and in Newcomb College. OFFICERS PROFESSOR LEONARD OPPENHEIM President PROFESSOR PETER VOLPE Vice President MISS FANNIE RAYNE RVSS. .Secretary PROFESSOR KARLEM KIESS. Treastirer MISS MARJORIE M. KING Executive Committee PROFESSOR ANDREW RECK Executive Committee MEMBERS Richard O. Baumbach, Jr., Martha Allen Bennett, Buford Eugene Berry, Janet Far- ris Boden, Diana Maria Daly, Marcelle Louise d ' Aquin, Frances Ruth Dow, Rich- ard Nathaniel Faber, Norman Shepard Fertel, Eugene Frederic Friedman, Lynne Fuller, Thomas Paul Gonsoulin, Elaine Beth Gilner, Judith Ann Haas, William Rene Healy, Kenneth Paul Klaiman, Kraig Klos- son. Hunter Beall McFadden Samuel Mer- rill III, Charles Phillip O ' Brien, Jr., Michael Pell Porter, Goldie Cohen Rappaport, Cor- nelia Dora Sarvay, Edward Peter Spoto, Jr., Louis Clyde Waddell, Jr., Jane G. Wilensky, John Alexander Williams, Joseph Dudley Youman III. BETA GAMMA SIGMA Established at Tulane in June, 1926, the Alpha Chapter in Louisiana of Beta Gamma Sigma Fraternity rewards and encourages scholarship and accomplishments in all phases of business among students and graduates of the School of Business Administration, and fosters principles of hon- esty and integrity in business practices. Undergraduate members are selected by faculty members of the fraternity. Junior and senior members are selected on the basis of high scholarship and promise of marked ability. OFFICERS DR. J. C. VAN KIRK President DR. HOWARD WISSNER. Vice-President LELAND BROWN . .Secretary -Treasurer MEA4BERS 1961 Albert L. Allee, Frank .M. Basile, Robert A. Hopper, John H. Owen, Joseph M. Sullivan. HONORARY C. Alvin Bertel, Sr. FACULTY Dean Howard G. Schaller OFFICERS RUDOLPH F. WEICHERT ....President JAA1ES E. WILSON III ... . Vice-President MEMBERS Charles Phillip Abbott, Charles Guido Bat- tig, Marshall A. Burns, Francisco Civantos, Robert Shelby Harlin, Renee Krijger, James Terrell iMcIllwain, John Finley McRae, Jr., Jerry Pascal Moore, John Powell Puckett, Jr., Alan Lynn Ringold, Sydney Sigfried Schochet, Jr., Alinoth Horton Smith, Ru- dolph Frederick Weichert III, James Erskinc Wilson III. ALPHA OMEGA ALPHA The only honorary medical society of its type, Alpha Omega Alpha bases and its membership upon scholarship, initiative, independence, and the will and ability to succeed with investigative learning. Election to this society recog- nizes a student for present accomplishments and future promise of leadership in some phase of medicine. Tulane ' s Alpha Chapter of Louisiana, founded in 1914, includes in its activities annual lectures by prominent men in the medical field, clinical discussions, and the annual banquet. OFFICERS SAMUEL LANG President THOMAS S. CURRIER Secretary MEMBERS Wood Brown III, John Joseph Hainkel, Jr., Frederick Sidney KuUman, Joseph Herring Lawson, Jose Menalco Solis Riva,s, Donald Paul Weiss, James Ermal Wesner, Jacques Loeb Wiener, Jr., Phillip Aloysius Witt- mann, Wayne Shaffer Woody. HONORARY Sumter Cousin FACULTY Panayotis John Zepos ORDER OF THE COIF =dte» © The Order of the Coif, national legal honor society, recognizes senior law students, for exceptional ability and performance in the law school and in law. Scholastic achievement and leadership and service to the school and community are considered each spring in the election of new members from the senior class. Each year a Louisiana lawyer who has devoted outstanding service to law and to the public is initiated as an honorary member of the chapter. TAU SIGMA DELTA OFFICERS MAX C. CANNON President RONALD M. ARNSBY Secretary Tau Sigma Delta, national honor society for architecture students, selects its members for outstanding scholarship, leadership, character, and creative ability. Nominees under- go a pledge period in which the winning sketch in the tra- ditional Gargoyle competition is selected. MEA4BERS 1961 Ronald M. Arnsby, Charles H. Beardsley, Max C. Cannon, Wilbert L. Argus, Jr., Sal- vador F. Caserta, Glenn C. House, Jr., Eric Bee Jones, Miss Jo Ellen Standley. TAU BETA PI ATTT ' Tau Beta Pi, founded in 1885, was organized at Tulane in 1936 to recognize the highest accomplishments of the junior and senior class members in the School of Engineer- ing, who distinguish themselves by outstanding scholarship, character traits, and breadth of interest. The society also fosters a spirit of liberal culture in the engineering colleges of America. 1960-1961 NEW MEMBERS James V. Benedict, William M. Boyle, Jr., Lee G. de Brueys, Larry E. Cole, Robert N. Endebrock, Wilfred E. Lehder, Louis G. Paleniio, David C. Randolph, Herbert J. Roussel, Jr., William J. Simpson. OFFICERS LEE LORIO President RICHARD FLOREANI .... Vice-President PHILIP CRAIGHEAD Corresponding Sec. ROGER HITE Recording Secretary EMILE ALLINE Treasurer ED FUHR, ..Cataloguer DR. ROBERT WEAVER . Facz ty Advisor DR. F. W. iMacDONALD.FflCM fy Advisor J. HOWELL PEEBLES, ]K.Facidty Advisor C. A. PEYRONNIN, ]K...Faczdty Advisor MEMBERS Emile AUine, William Boyle, Larry Cole, Phihp Craighead, Richard Floreani, Ed Fuhr, Rodney Graf, Roger Hire, Wilfred Lehder, Lee Lorio, Adam Mehn, Herbert Roussel, Rudolph Rozsa, William Simpson. OFFICERS FRED SEXTON President ALBERT PRIETO Vice-President CHARLES F. SEEAL NN, JR. . .SecretLuy DR. KARLEM RIESS . . . .F.ictilty Advisor MEiVIBERS Eugene Berry, Alan J. Guma, Jon Levy, Robert Love, James iMcIllwain, Albert Prieto, Charles F. Seeniann, Jr., Fred Sex- ton, Jacques Wiener, Phillip ' ittniann. NEW MEiVIBERS 1961 William H. Barr, Henr - Blake, Wood Brown in. Nelson Castellano, Stephen Nichols, Fred Preaus, J. T. Scale, James E. Wesner, James E. Wilson III, Professor Cecil W. Mann. KAPPA DELTA PHI Kappa Delta Phi, the oldest honorary leadership fra- ternity on campus, confers membership each year upon ten male students from the junior and senior classes and one member of the faculty for outstanding service and unselfish loyalty to Tulane. OFFICERS WILLIAM H. BARR President GEORGE RISER Vice-President JAY KRACHMER Secretary MICHAEL TARVER Treasurer ROBERT DeLANGE Historian DAVID ALLRED Senior Advisor DR. KARLEM RIESS Faculty Advisor ME.MBERSHIP Franklen Myles Abelman, William Leonard Albritron, J. Sheldon Artz, Thomas John- son Baker, Jr., Hugh Glenn Barnett II, Bennett R. Bass, Mihier Benedict, Milton Sanford Bleiweiss, Prentiss Bernard Carter, Phillip Allen Cole, Aubrey Lee Coleman, Jr., Robert Pelhani Dana, Charles Alexander Dietz, William Joseph Everhardt, Jerry Cecil Ebersbaker, Paul Harris Fitelson, Thomas James Fitzpatrick, Edmund Ger- ald Glass, Herbert Alvin Goldstein, Eugene Albert Grasser, Jr., Myron Shael Herman, Joel Henry Kaplan, Philip George Leone, Herbert Eugene Longenecker, Jr., Robert Jonathan .McKenzie, Ronald Marx Nowak, John Keller Pollard, Kenneth .M. Patton, Donald Edward Ramirez, John Charles Reid, Jr., Malcolm George Robinson, Alvin Lynn Rockenbach, Jr., James Taub Schwartz, Donald Philip Seclig, Robert Maxwell Shof- stahl, William Robert Slaughter, Maurice E. St. Martin, Jr., Phillip Marshall Weitzman, Stephen Jack Whitfield, Jacob Tobias Wilensky, John Arthur Wilhelm, Joseph William Wells, Jr., John Winter Wool- folk HI, Robert Stephen Zeiger, Roben Waldo Zollinger. Honorary: Professor Paul .Mostert. PHI ETA SIGMA Phi Eta Sigma, national honor society for freshmen men, was founded at Tulane in 1954. A 3.5 average or better for the first semester or for the freshmen year as a whole is the requirement for membership. i ALPHA SIGMA LAMBDA OFFICERS EDITH G. GIRAUD President ALTHA DAY KING Vice-President M ARGOT ROPER Secretary ALFRED PEPPERMAN Treasurer HELEN FIFE Historian MEMBERS Margaret Baird, Philip Briel, Marjorie Dur- and, Eiiola Fee, John Gereighty, Jr., Jerome Glynn, Jack E. Gray, Omie D. Johnson, Gloria Landry, Charles iMendes, Albert O ' Brien, Jr., June Mary Ragas, Anna L. Raymond, William F. Raymond, John O. Sessum, Claude E. Smith, Fred Miles Smith, Patsv Swavne. SIGMA XI OFFICERS PROF. JAMES CRONVICH . . , .President PROF. FRED SCHUELER. . Vice-President PROF. KARLEM RIESS Secretary -Treasiirer PROF. JOSEPH EWAN Executive Committee PROF. THOMAS FAGLEY Executive Committee MEMBERS Letitia Beard, A. J. Bertrand, C. Biondi, Michael N. Bleicher, C. Cioni, Nicholas P. DePasquaie, John L. Deut.sch, E. Elenius, Francois Haravey, John G. Harvey, Karl H. Hofmann, Wilbur C. Holland, S. Huse- bye, Anne L. Hudson (Mrs.), S. David Ku- tob. Hong Fang Lee, Maurice Little, Charles W. Philpott, Paul S. Terpko, Victor Villa- re ios. Sigma Xi, founded at Cornell University in 1886, and established at Tulane in 1934, recognizes outstanding achievement in scientific research and proficiency and marked promise in the scientific field. Undergraduates, graduate students, members of the faculty, and research workers comprise this society, whose activities consist in the sponsoring of lectures and the maintenance of grants in aid of research. ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Joseph C. Armstrong, Ralph Berni, E. Boud- reaux, Frank Chandler, Eileen T. Eckhardt, Adam Ewert, George Geschieder, Edwin Gould, Jefferson Koonce, Sigred Lanoux, C. Michael Levy, Fernando R. A ' larroquin, Mar- vin F. Powers, Robert J. Presbie, J. Reed, G. Alan Robison, William Saufley, Jr., David M. Serrone, Robert Shoop, Gloria Ann Stew- art, Leroy Thcriot, Saul Villa-Trevino, Vernon Wagner, Thomas Willard, Ming Ming Wong. OMICRON DELTA KAPPA Omicron Delta Kappa is the national leadership honor society for men that recognizes and honors those stu- dents, members of the faculty, and others who have ex- hibited distinguished leadership in extra-curricular ac- tivities and in service to Tulane University. Student members of Omicron Delta Kappa have attained at least junior undergraduate standing, possess high character, and have achieved note •orthy recognition in Uvo or more of the follo ing fields: scholarship, athletics, social and religious atfairs. publications, speech, music, and dramatic arts. The society was founded at Washington and Lee L ni- versity in 1914. and the Alpha Zeta Circle was established at Tulane in 1930. OFFICERS CHARLES F. SEEMANN, JR President GLENN C. HOUSE, JR Vice-President DR. KARLE.M RIESS Fnculty Secretary DR. FERD STOXE Faculty Advisor MEMBERS Johnny K. Abide William G. Akins Robert Ambrose Wilberc Argus, Jr. William H. Ban- Elliott C. Bell Eugene Bern- Henn ' Blake Wood Brown, III Andrew G. Edmonson Tim Ford Alan J. Guma William Hardcastle Allen Hennesy Glenn House Howard Kisner Douglas Lamppin Jamil LeBlanc Morris .Marx Michael Mayer James T. Mclhvain Stephen Nichols Bertholdt Ponig, Jr. Frederick Preaus Edmond Salassi J. T. Seale Charles F. Seemann, Eugene Shafton Terr} ' Stein Robert W. Taylor Steve Victory Clyde Waddell Donald Weiss James Wesner Jacques L. Wiener Phillip ' ittmann Jr. .; HONORARY John Baine Dr. .Mayo L. Emory Prof. Leonard Oppenheim 1961 John Barcelo Frank Basile Lawrence Benson Claiborne Brown Thomas Gonsoolin Ashton Hardy Kenneth Heller Hunter McFadden Steve Shamberg Dudley Youman HI First Row-: Robert Ambrose, Bill Argus. Bill Barr, Eugene Berry, Henry Blake. Second Row: Wood Brown, Alan Guma, William Hard- castle, Curtis HcnnesN ' , Glenn House. Third Row: Howard Kisner, James Mclhvain, Stephen Nich- ols, Bert Ponig, Frederick Preaus. Fourth Row: Albert Prieto, Edmond Salassi. John Seale, Charles Seemann, Gene Shafton. Fifth Row: Robert Taylor, Stephen Victory, Donald Weiss, James Wesner, Jacques Wiener. 168 First Row: Martha Bennett, Beverly Blumberg, Frances Dow, Meade Fowlkes. Second Row: Elaine Gilner, Mary Hocking, Martha Riser, Jane Wilensky. MORTAR BOARD Mortar Board is a national senior honorary soci- ety for women. Alpiia Sigma Sigma cliapter was in- stalled at Newcomb in 1958. Mortar Board handles the planning, organizing, and supervising of the Freshman Orientation Program, the directing of the Freshman government, participating in the Ad- visory system, and serving as hostesses at university functions. Members are elected on the basis of su- perior scholarship, outstanding participation in stu- dent activities, and unselfish service to the school. MEMBERS Martha Bennett Beverly Blumberg Frances Dow Meade Fowlkes Elaine Gilner Molly Hocking Martha Riser Lenora Waller Jane Wilensky ASSETS Assets is an honorary organization composed of out- standing girls selected at the end of their freshman year to be active Assets throughout the following year. The ten Assets are selected on the basis of leadership, schol- arship, school participation, loyalty, service, and school spirit. The names of these new members are announced at the last Newcomb Student Body meeting of the year. Members of Assets begin their sophomore year as " Big Sisters " to the new students throughout the orientation program in the fall. Assets also plans and coordinates Kangaroo Court held for the wayward freshmen who have disobeyed restrictions or regulations. The Assets serve as ushers for May Day, the first Newcomb Student Bod - meet- ing, memorial services, and various other school func- tions. The members also distribute to every girl in Newcomb a notice of Student Body meetings. A traditional spring banquet is given by the newly- elected Assets to the outgoing sophomore members. MEMBERS Ann Amof Jerry Burford Carol Carmichael Lisle Castleman Jane Cheney Marilyn Cohen Karen Glosserman Virginia Hodges Sandra Noble Micaela Pellettieri First Row: Ann Arnof, Jerry Burford, Carol Carmichael, Lisle Castleman. Second Row: Jane Chene ' , Marilyn Cohen, Karen Glosserman, Virginia Hodges. Third Row: Sandra Noble, Micaela Pellettieri. 169 WHO ' S WHO Approximately 600 colleges and universities each year nominate and recognize students of outstanding scholar- ship, cooperation and leadership in academic and extra- curricular activities, ser ice and citizenship to the school, and promise of future usefulness. Those selected by Who ' s Who have first been officially recommended by the university or college lie attends and then accepted by the organization. 1961 Phyllis Alexander Robert Ambrose Joan Andres VVilbert Argus Ronald Arnsby Lorerta Babst Frank Basile Nelson Becker Martha Bennett Eugene Berry Beverl ' Blumberg Wood Brown Earl Browne John J. Cassel Bernard Darre Martin Davidson Meade Fowlkes Elaine Gilner Letty Goltry William Hardcastlc Linda Hardy Kenneth Heller Sarah Hill SELECTIONS Leonard Hoffman Glenn House Howard Kisner Garrv Lindboe F. A. Little Judith Litvin Leander Lorio Robert Love Neal Mangold Dave Michiels Mimi Moss Steve Nichols Lynn Orkin Roy Perrin Martha Riser John Seale Steve Shamberg Richard Shenk Robert Taylor Lee Allen Train Nonie Waller Donald Weiss First Row: Phyllis Alexander, Robert Ambrose, Joan Andress, Wilbert Argus, Ronald Arnsby, Loretta Babst, Frank Basile, Nel- son Becker, Martha Bennett. SrcoNn Row: Eugene Berry, Beverly Blumberg, Wood Brown. John Cassel, Martin Davidson, Meade Fowlkes, Elaine Gilner, Lett)- Goltry, William Hardcastle. Third Row: Linda Hardv, Kenneth Heller, Sarah Hill, Leonard Hoff- man. Glenn House, How ard Kisner, Garry Lindboe, Frank Little, Judith Lir in. Fourth Row: Lee Lorio, Neal Mangold, Mimi Moss, Stephen Nichols, Lynn Orkin, Roy Perrin, Martha Riser, John Seale, Stephen Shamberg. Fifth Row: Richard Shenk, Robert Taylor, Lee Train. 9.if 170 ROY PERRIN HALL OF FAME The Tulanc Hall of Fame is the Janibalaya ' s way of recognizing those Tulane and Newcomb students who have been particulariy active and outstanding during their college years. Alenibers are selected on the basis of service to the school, leadership, scholarship, campus ac- tivity, and outstanding achievement in a particular field. Members who have been chosen for this honor in previous years and who are still in school are: Phyllis Alexander Bob Ambrose Justine Bernard Herb Diuican Meade Fowlkes Harve r Koch Charlene Podas Fred Preaus Al Prieto Charles Seeniann Fred Sexton James Wesner HENRY BLAKE B03 1 AYI.OR BEVERLY BLUMBERG STEVE SHAMBERG SUSAN PACE BILL ARGUS JAY CASSEL HOWARD KISNER LINDA HARDY ALAN GU.MA HALL OF FAME ELAINE GILNER DICK SHENK FRANK BASILE GLENN HOUSE MARTHA BENNET GARY UNDBOE STEVE NICHOLS EUGENE BERRY NONIE WALLER KEN HELLER LYNN ORKIN LENNY HOFFMAN MARY M. MOSS OR G ANIZ AT IONS PUBLICATIONS 1961 JAMBALAYA .vs ' - -- . ,,« ■• ' ' ' ' ' ' ' . i ' -■ • xrW NEAL MANGOLD Editor EDITORIAL STAFF NEAL MANGOLD Editor DAVE LEWIN Associate Editor LOIS COHEN Copy CLYDE BUZZARD Contributing BUD ROSEN Leadership LYNDA HARVEY Features JOHN UN VERZAGT Organizations HARLAN SCHMIDT Athletics MIKE BERENSON Fraternities BETSY ERWIN Sororities KATHY KIMBERLIN Administration and Classes LISLE CASTLEMAN Colleges EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS HANS JONASSEN Honoraries and Religious TOM MILLICAN Spirit and Publications DOUG CONNER Military BOB BARTH Professionals RETTA BABST Newcomb JOAN LEVY Music and Drama DANNY SCHWARTZ Athletics Assistant ROBERT DANA Assistant Fraternities KATHY KALLET Assistant Administrations BARBARA BLUM Assistant Sororities Tliere have been over sixty editions of the I ' ulanc Ja.mbalaya. We of the 1961 staff are proud and happy to be able to contribute one more in a long list of sincere efforts that t hope ' ou will feel, as we do, to be the finest to date. Few realize the tremendous amount oi effort that is put forth to capture a year at Tulane in pictures and words in some sense of order and completeness. Work on the book is started in the summer in planning what sort of creation will be most pleasing to you, the critics. It is the fulfillment of these plans that necessitates the months of picture-taking, sorting, filing, captioning, and making still more plans to reach the final objective. If one were to ask what the editor ' s job was, you would have to answer, " To put out a yearbook. " True enough but in actuality it is the staff that makes the book possible; and the neglect of any one of them could mean total disablement. They are the ones who do the work, take tlic criticism, and perform those many thankless little tasks necessary in reaching the deadlines that approach all too quickly. One may wonder why anyone would go tiuough all this. As is necessary in any well-oiled organization, there is more than enough time spent in idle chatter, subtle sarcasm, and just plain fun so characteristic of the JAMB staff over the years. New faces come and go, but it ' s the same spirit day after day. To these new faces and particularly to the old ones goes most of the credit. To those unnamed and not pic- tured goes the rest, especially to the man behind the scenes, Mr. Dan Eadie of the Benson Printing Company, who carried on in his fine tradition as " Johnny on the spot. ' ' KEN HELLER Business Manager PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF RUSTY HOL.MAX Photography Editor PHOTOGRAPHERS MAR! V BOORSTEIX BOB CARTER STEVE GOLD ARE 1 O.M SCHORR DR. CECIL A ' . MANX GEORGE MEGLA BUSI NESS STAFF KEX ' HELLER Business Manager BILL XL ' SSBAUM Assistant Business Manager SALESMEN STEVE GOLDRIXG RICHARD ROSEXFIELD MIKE BEREXSOX DREW WOLLMAX ALLY BRO " X As i tjnt Business Manager Bill X ' ussbauni and Associate Editor Dave Lewin. Editorial Staff of the 1961 Jambalaya Fraternity Editor Mike Berenson, Administration and Classes Ldi- tor Kathy Kimberlin, Leadership Editor Bud Rosen, Colleges Edi- tor Lisle Castlcnian, Sorority Editor Betsy Edwin, Orgairizations Editor John Unverzagt, and Feature Editor Lynda Han ' ey. Photography Editor Rust ' Holman and Assistant Mart} ' Boorstein. Assistant Editors Joan Levy, Doug Conner, Danny Schwartz, Kathy Kallet, Hans Jona sen, and Barbara Blum. :- , Jft» Business Staff if the 1961 Jambat aya. HULLABALO The Hullabaloo this year continued its policy of pre- senting to the student body a clear, objective account of news of importance to the campus community. Under the guidance of Editor-in-Chief John J. Cassel and the careful eye of Managing Editor George E. Foster, the Hullabaloo gave the students an organ of interest and controversy. In accordance with tradition, the Hullabaloo adopted a policy of Conservatism and as the recipient of many attacks— sometimes •arranted and sometimes un ' ar- ranted— for failing to give the " liberals " on campus a chance to express their vie -s. A head-on collision with the members of the graduate departments of political science and sociolog ' and anthropology added to the eventful occurrences of the ear. Through the voice of the editorial page, the Hulla- baloo called for an end to extreme federal government spending; the formation of a third party; an end to the trend toward centralization of power. On the lighter side, the Hullabaloo fostered a policy of improving school spirit with complete coverage and editorial comment on intercollegiate sporting events. Students were offered a look at the latest in the world of entertainment through Alan Guma ' s " Going ' s On " column; and a chance to gripe through the " Letters to the Editor " column. Columnist Steve Goldware provided readers with much controversy and food for thought. JOHN J. CASSEL Editor Jack Buchanan, Ken Klaiman, Alan Guma, Ash Ireland, George Foster, Nancy Gr.ivc , J.n- Cassel ' scircd K JACK BUCHANAN, KEN KLAIMAN LEONARD S. HOFFMAN Business Manager Ken Klaiman, Alan Gunia (standing " . Giuiul- Foster. EDITORIAL STAFF JOHN CASSEL Editor GEORGE FOSTER Managing Editor CATHY CARROLL Associate Editor NANCY GRAVES Features Editor ASH IRELAND Sports Editor ICEN KLALMAN Exclmnge Editor MYRA EALES Copy Editor AiARK DEAN Reviewer STEVE GOLDWARE Columnist ALAN GUMA Cohmtnist HARRY SINGREEN, JACK BUCHANAN Editorial Assista?ns BUSINESS STAFF LENNY HOFFMAN Business Manager STANLEY DAVIDOW Circulation Manager ANDY LANG Business Administrative Assistant RUSTY HOLMAN Photographer : •.•■. . " V 181 TULANE STUDENT DIRECTORY The Student Directory provides a most helpful listing of all full-time students ' names, local and home addresses, telephone numbers, year and school, and all the campus organiza- tions. This year found a successful innovation of last year ' s initiation of the use of IBM, the inclusion of departmental listings, the Tulane- Newxomb Junior Year Abroad, and modern- ized cover design. OFFICERS STACY ROBACK Editor DON BIERlMAN Business Manager THE WAVE HANDBOOK The " Wave, " the University handbook, is primarily for the benefit of incoming students. It contains pertinent infon:iation, both academic and social, hich is needed to introduce these students to Tulane and help them find their way around. The ex- panded " Wave, " initiated last year, proved most successful with an expanded staff un- der the guidance of Editor, Edgar Hull. OFFICERS EDGAR HULL Editor 182 The Tulane La ' Review is a professional legal journal which is published quarterly by the students and faculty of the School of Law. The " Review, " the oldest journal of its kind in Louisiana, emphasizes the study of compar- ative law and contains articles by leading members of the legal profession. A student section, which deals with current legal prob- lems, is prepared by members of the Student Board of Editors, which is composed of honor students in the School of Law who liave e. - hibited outstandino- lea;al ■ ritin? abilitv. OFFICERS JAiMES WESNER Editor in Chief, First Semester JACQUES WEINER Editor in Chief, Second Semester WOOD BROWN Managing Editor MENALCO SOLIS Associate Editor JOSEPH LAWSON Associate Editor LAW REVIEW WTUL WTUL is Tulane ' s student-operated campus radio station. It broadcasts music, ne ' s, and special events to all residence halls twenty-four hours per day. The sta- tion ' s second year of operation saw many technical improvements, increased program- ming variety, and more comprehensive news coverage. The format centered around pop-stand- ard music, with daily programs of classical music and rock ' n ' roll, as well as weekly sliows devoted exclusively to jazz and Broadway cast recordings. A Continental flair was introduced by three ■eekly pro- grams from the French Broadcasting Com- pany, which presented classical, popular, and folk music of France. WTUL listeners A ere kept informed of the latest M ' orld happenings through the facilities of United Press International. Five daily five-minute newscasts were supple- mented by the daily fifteen-minute " World in Review, " New Orleans ' most compre- hensive news program. 183 ' ■-SBW ' " SPIRIT iilL CREW— Karen Pevow, Logan Perkins, Phyllis Alexander, Nelson Becker, Lynn Orkin, Jim David, Jerry Burford. CHEERLEADERS Cheering the team on field and court, the Cheerleaders exhibited great spirit as thev backed the Green Wave during the 1960-61 sports year. They carried the " Hulla- baloo " ' to all corners of the southland while backing the teams on the road; while at home they sparked en- thusiasm at pre-game rallies and bonfires. As usual they were active and enthusiastic members of such spirit or- ganizations as Tusk and Greenbackers, as well as many other campus activities. Leading the group this year was Lynn Orkin, most capably supported by Karen Pevow, Logan Perkins, Phyllis Ale.xander, Nelson Becker, Jerry Burford, and Jim David. Wi Sfll5?|r ■m-ii- ■m " ■ 3 ' ' ' V« TUSK The Tulane University Spirit Club is an honorary spirit or- ganization composed of members elected by majority vote of the active membership of the club and represents all the fraternities, sororities, and independents on campus. The organization ' s main desire is to foster school spirit throughout the year. This -ear TUSK A ' as in charge of pep rallies, bonfires, the shaker section for the L.S.U. and ' anderbilt games, as well as decorating the goal posts and co-sponsoring pep dances. TUSK A " as also responsible for the flower arrangement at the X ' ander- bilt game. Second semester found its members participating in Campus Carnival, various services designated b - the Student Council and Student Activities Board, and promoting spirit for the basketball team. It is through the efforts of these students that the growing school spirit at Tulane is fostered. OFFICFRS RAXDY MORET President TO.M HAR.MOX Vice-President FREDDA LEVIN Recording Secretary TUCKY MOSS Corresponding Secretary ARNOLD KIRKPATRICK Treasurer 186 OFFICERS GARY LINDBOE President SUSIE BRUCK Vice-President CAROL CARMICHAEL Secretary GUS WENZEL Treasurer GREENBACKERS Greenbackcrs is the oldest spirit organization on the Tulanc- Newcomb campus. Members are chosen on an honorar - basis based upon their interest in school spirit, school activities, and upon their willingness to work. The members of Greenbackcrs are representati e of all tJie fraternities, sororities, and independ- ents on campus. During the year, Greenbackcrs was in charge of planning and promoting pep rallies, decoration of goal posts for home football games, and, in addition, sponsoring the student trains to the Georgia Tech and ' anderbilt football games. As in the past, plaques -ere given to senior basketball players at the end of the season; but a new touch was added when Emille Parre, of Pat O ' Briens, was presented with an honorary member- ship and Greenbackcrs jacket at the L.S.U. basketball game for being the most rabid " Greenies " fan of all. 187 ALPHA PHI OMEGA Alpha Phi Omega is a national sei ' vice fra- ternity composed of former scouts. The fra- ternity ' s purpose is to assemble college men in the fellowship of the scout oath and law, to develop friendship and to serve the school, community and nation. Orientation tours for Freshman, aiding with tlie party for children of Tulane students and faculty at Chrisonas, decoration of the Cam- pus Christmas Tree, and coordination of Cam- pus Carni ' al in the spring are among the many acti ' ities of Alpha Phi Omega. OFFICERS HENRY MORRIS President MAURICE SHEIVIPER First Vice-President JOHN AKIN Secretary TULANE SPIRIT COUNCIL The Spirit Council is the legislative body of the Tulane Univei ' sity spirit organiza- tions. The Council is made up of the Pres- ident of Tusk, the President of Lagniappes, the President of Greenbackers, the Presi- dent of the Tulane Inter-House Council, a member of the basketball team, and a rep- resentative from the football team. Any activit}- that is sponsored by more than one of the spirit organizations is or- ganized through the Council. These func- tions this year consisted of a shaker section at the Tulanc-L.S.U. football game; train trips to the Georgia Tech and ' anderbilt games; bon fires, pep rallies and dances be- fore the Alabama and Ole Aliss football games; and several good luck wreaths to the football and basketball teams. MEAIBERS RANDY .MORET President of Tusk NELSON BECKER Head Cheerleader BARBARA LE IS ....President of Lagniappes GARY LINDBOE ...President of Greenbackers BRLXE STOREY ....President of Inter-House Council GUS WENZEL Basketball Representative DAVE .MICHAELS ....Football Representative Circle K is a college level service organiza- tion sponsored by Kiwanis International and exists as a character building group which of- fers service on the campus, to the school, and to the community. Circle K strives to carry out projects hich develop individual ma- turity in its members and provide service for others. Organized intcrnationallx- in 1952, member- ship now numbers approximately 5,000 throughout the United States and Canada. Tuland Circle K was originated in 1955 and has taken an active part at the International convention and helped spearhead district or- ganization. OFFICERS KENNETH KLAIM AN President H ENRY TEAFORD Vice-President JAiVIES H. LEVEQUE Secretary CIRCLE K STUDENT ACTIVITY BOARD Twelve students, elected by the Student Council, form the Student Activities Board. The Representative at Large of the Tulane Student Body serves as chairman of this board. The Student Council mav delegate to the Student Activities Board the duties and powers of assisting in the administra- tion, financial control, and guidance of all recognized student organizations in order to promote a closer cooperation and co- ordination of effort among the various or- ganizations. This year ' s Board was in charge of Activities Week in September, the Christmas Program at Tulane, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, budgets, activities keys, and a semester meeting of all campus organizations. OFFICERS WILBUR ARGUS Chairman GLENN C. HOUSE Vice Chairman iVllKKI PELLETTIERI Secretary 189 l»IUt!lilMl i!f " ' ™ " ' " » ' n™W™ " ™ " " ™ " ° ...j ..? - " PROFESSIONALS The Owl Club is a service organization whose purpose is to promote better student- faculty relations in the Medical School, to handle special problems of concern to the school, and to aid in the improvement of medical education. Twenty-four medical students comprise the body of this organization, which each Spring awards the Owl Club Trophy at the annual Owl Club Banquet. The trophy, aw ' arded to the department in the Medical School which has been most outstanding in the education of its students, was presented to the Department of Anatomy in May, 1960. OWL CLUB OFFICERS EARL BROWNE President JIM WILSON Vice-Preside7it BILL MESSER Secretary -Treasurer OFFICERS TOM BIRDWELL President DICK DALE Vice-President FERNANDO DeCASTRO Secretary RAY HERNANDEZ Treasurer HISTORY OF MEDICINE SOCIETY The Tulane History of Medicine Society has, for over twenty years, provided the medical student with an opportunity to learn the exciting heritage of his chosen profession on a voluntary basis. The so- ciety, the only University-sponsored medi- cal organization, features historical presen- tations by students, faculty members, and guests. The annual banquet at the close of the school year is highlighted by the presenta- tion of awards to three students whose papers have been selected as most outstand- ing during the year. The awards are: The Rudolph iMatas Award for the best paper, the I. F. Lemann Award for the best dis- cussion of a paper, and the B. B. Weinstein Award for the most original paper. In ad- dition, the banquet features an outstanding guest speaker, who presents the annual B. B. Weinstein Lectureship Series lecture. 191 MOOT COURT The Moot Court, organized on a competi- tive basis, conducts a program designed to give all law students experience in preparing and arguing cases under actual courtroom conditions. Justices of the Moot Court con- sist of junior and senior law students selected on the basis of scholarship. The Chief Justice and the Recorder are elected from the mem- bership. The climax of the competition is in the third year, when the two teams who have survived the preliminary elimination rounds argue before the Supreme Court of the State of Louisiana. The Moot Court carries out its duties un- der the able guidance of Leon D. Hubert, Jr., faculty adviser. OFFICERS EDMOND S ALASSI President DAYLE MARTIN Secretary Phi Delta Phi, legal fraternity, is the oldest professional fraternity in the United States. It was founded in 1869 at the Uni- versity of Michigan, and the White Inn at Tulane University Law School was estab- lished in 19n. In order to promote the advancement of scholarship and professional ethics in law schools and among the profession at large, the fraternity sponsors lectures by promi- nent members of the legal profession, and presents an annual award to the second- year student whose grades reflect the great- est improvement. In addition, the national organization maintains an endowment fund for legal scholarships. Members of Phi Delta Phi are selected on the basis of scholarship and ethics. OFFICERS NEAL HOBSON President ROB ROBERTSON Vice-President DON COLLINS Secretary WAYNE LORD Treasurer PHI DELTA PHI 192 The Tulane Pre-Medical Society, in its thirteenth year of existence, has made out- standing progress in expanding its activities and services to the pre-medical student. The group ' s primary function is to extend to students with the common goal of medicine the opportunity to learn about their field from eminent medical authorities, medical films and tours of medical facilities in and around New Orleans. Meetings are held bimonthly, during which noted people in different fields of medi- cine lecture to the group. Culminating the year ' s program is the final meeting-banquet at which is distributed the annual publication of the society, the Pre-Med Journal. OFFICERS STEVE KAFKA President STUART FRANK Vice-Freside7it FLOYD STERN Secretary RICHARD BUSSOFF ....Corresponding Secretary PRE-MEDICAL SOCIETY A. S. C. E, The Tulane University Student Chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers serves as a link between the engineering student and industry. Through tliis rela- tionship it strives to develop a closer associ- ation between the student and the profes- sional engineer. These associations enable the student to learn aspects of Civil Engi- neering that cannot be covered in the class room. OFFICERS PATRICK McKINNEY President WARREN McDonald Vice-President DIANE NEWMAN Secretary GLENN MANNING Treasurer 193 PI SIGMA ALPHA Alpha Sigma of Pi Sigma Alpha is the Tu- lane Chapter of Pi Sigma Alpha National Po- litical Science Honor Society. It has approxi- mately 65 active members on the Tulane cam- pus from the several colleges of the university. Requirements for membership include a minimum of a B average in at least 10 hours of Political Science and standing in the upper third of the respective class rankings. A major in Political Science is not necessary. I ' he activities of the organization this year have centered around a rebuilding program. Monthly meetings -ere held and 24 new members were initiated. Each meeting in- clude d a guest speaker who discussed a par- ticular problem in the Political Science field. OFFICERS JOHN G. UNVERZAGT President ALAN LEONHARD ' ice-President KATHLEELN SAMSOT Secretary -Treasurer PROF. WARREX ROBERTS Factdty Adviser THETA NU Theta Nu, professional journalism fra- ternity, as organized in 1926. It is re- stricted to journalism majors who meet a required scholastic average, and it strives for the furtherment of achievement in journalism and the development of student participation in the " Hullabaloo. " Theta Xu highlights the -ear with an annual banquet and tiie awarding of the Reporter ' s Cup honoring the student most outstanding in reportorial achievement on the campus. The members of the Tulane group can look back with pride on the manv alumni who have made their mark in the journalistic world. OFFICERS GEORGE FOSl ER President JAY CASSEL Vice-President RAY JONES Secretary 194 Alpha Chi Sigma is represented by the Al- pha Tau Chapter at Tulane University. It is a national professional fraternity for chemical engineers and chemistry majors. Its principal purposes are to promote friendship among those in the chemical field, and to advance chemistry as a science and a profession. The organization also has alumni chapters to pro- mote these goals after graduation. ALPHA CHI SIGMA OFFICERS JAMES O ' NEAL President SIGFRED LAXOUX Vice-President ALFREDO ACOSTA Secretary KEITH McKlNLEY Treasurer FrTiaTSt !23 moimo Ce _Pr Nd Pm Sm Eu Gd Tb D, Ho Er Tm Yb Lu MATH CLUB The Mathematics Club is an organization of undergraduate students from Tulane and Ncwcomb which promotes scholarship and mathematics. It provides an opportunity for students of mathematics to meet fellow stu- dents with a like interest in an informal at- mosphere. An enjoyment of the intricacies of higher mathematics is the only pre- requisite for membership. The club is presently being considered for membership in the national honorary mathematics fraternity, Pi Mu Epsilon. Lectures by faculty members were pre- sented throughout the year on topics rang- ing from the duplication of the cube to a discussion of a geometry of restricted points and lines. OFFICERS SAM MERRIL President GEORGE TILLER Vice-Presiderit PAT MERKLE Secretary FRED SMITH Treasurer 195 TULANE MARKETING CLUB The Tulane xMarketing Club ' as organized in the spring of 1957 as the campus affiliation of the American .Marketing Association. Since then it has played an important role in ac- quainting the students of marketing with the opportunities and problems arising in the busi- ness world. Through numerous guest speakers representing companies noted for their con- tributions to the marketing field— such as Esso Company, Proctor and Gamble, U.S. Steel, ' DSU-T ' — they are able to develop .sound thinking in marketing tiieory and a more exact kno iedge of marketing principles and their practical application. Follo ing the meetings are luncheons where the students are able to talk to the speakers personall ' . thereb - allow- ing them to promote friendl) ' relations -ith the business world. As campus affiliates of the . merican .Marketing Association, the mem- bers are guests at the Association ' s monthly meetings; therefore enabling them to broaden their marketing kno ledge and acquaintances. OFFICERS KEN HELLER President AL. X ROSENBLU.M 1st Vice-President ANN . L•VUGHT 272d Vice-President JOE KONZEN Secretary HERBERT S. LE Treasurer TULANE ACCOUNTING CLUB The Tulane Accountancy Club was reor- ganized in January of 1960. Since then the club has grown in size and recognition. Presently the club is applying for a local ciiarter of the national honorary profes- sional accounting fraternity, Beta Alpha Psi. The Charter is expected to be granted in the fall of 1961. The basic aim of the club is to provide those students interested in accounting an opportunity to discover what the field has to offer and what it requires of the ac- countant for success. .Meetings are held every week. Among the activities include talks by prominent men in the accounting profession, lunch- eons, professional tours, attendance at meet- ings of various accounting associations of the New Orleans area, and discussions of the problems and opportunities in account- ing. OFFICERS FRANK BASILE President CHARLES ALLTMONT Vice-President S. D.WT OKUBO Secretary JOHN BREAUX Treasurer 196 Gamma AIu Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi was established at Tulane ' s School of Business i d- ministration in 1949. It is the largest profes- sional fraternity in the field of commerce and business administration, with 98 active chap- ters throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. iVIany professional and social activities are conducted each year, and points are awarded in a national efficiency contest to those chap- ters which conform to standards set by the Central Office. Gamma AIu has led the way with over 100,000 points since its founding. The fraternity sponsors tours of local firms, conducts programs with prominent speakers from various fields, and promotes films and discussions about important topics from to- day ' s business world. Among the many social activities are the Rose Formal, at which the Rose of Delta Sig and her court are presented, the rush parties at the beginning of each semester, and a variety of other entertainment. OFFICERS CHARLES SIMON President EMILE DIETH 1st Vice-President MARTY DAA ' IDSON 27id Vice-President MIKE FREUND Secretary CLEM THOME Treasurer DAVE LAWRENCE Historian KEN HELLER Chancellor DELTA SIGMA PI CHI GAMMA CHI This small but vocal minority of females in the School of Business Administration made itself heard this year through Chi Gamma Chi. This group replaces the previ- ous organization of the Girls ' Commerce Club. Activities this year included professional meetings with Delta Sigma Pi, an orienta- tion program for freshmen women students, rush and acceptance Teas for new mem- bers, and a Christmas party for the Busi- ness School faculty. SADAYE OKUBO President MARGARET TAYLOR Vice-President RATHERNE CONNEL Treasurer 197 A. S. M. E. The principal objectives of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers are to broaden the student ' s acquaintance with the practical side of mechanical engineering and to meet the men engaged in this field as a profession. To accomplish these objectives, the Tulane student branch holds monthly meetings. Aside from the normal run of busi- ness at the meetings, speakers from industry come to lecture. To complement these meet- ings, field trips out into industry are made to see ho " the modern industry of today oper- ates. Each spring, the Tulane student branch at- tends a Regional Convention. Many schools from Texas and Louisiana participate in the convention which usually runs for three days during which seminars are held on various subjects. OFFICERS E. F. ALLINE Fresident L. V. SHACKFORD Vice-President L. C. GRUNDMANN Secretary H. BABYLON Treanirer A. I. C. H. E. Founded in 1908, the American Institute of Chemical Engineering maintains over one hundred student chapters in colleges and universities through the United States and Canada. The Tulane Chapter is organized in an attempt to better familiarize the stu- dent with the professional as well as the technical aspects of his chosen field. Mem- bers ai-e afforded the opportunity of learn- ing the specific phases of chemical engi- neering from talks by scientists and engi- neers in industry, educational movies de- picting various processes, and field trips to nearbv plants. Each year the local chapter sponsors the trip to the A.I.Ch.E. Southern Regional Convenrion, held on the campus of a member school. The A.I.Ch.E. serves as a bridge in help- ing the student prepare for the da - w hen he too will try his skill in the world of in- dustry ' . OFFICERS MORTON RAU President LLIA. ! BOYLE Vice-President GARNET BEDENBAUGH Secretary DON.ALD BALLARD Treasurer 198 The Tulane Joint Student Branch of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers and the Institute of Radio Engineers serves as a means of presenting a more realistic view of the engineering profession to the college stu- dent. Through the Student Branch organiza- tion, the students become acquainted with professional engineers in the surrounding areas. The oi-ganization keeps the students in- formed about current developments in the field of engineering and provides a gain in knowledge of the operation of more recent devices. Being a student organization, it puts the bulk of the responsibilit ' of its operation on the student. All of these functions aid in developing the members as professional engi- neers. A. I. E. E. - 1. R. E. OFFICERS LEE LORIO, JR President PHIL CRAIGHEAD Vice-President JERRY SAACKS Secretary JOE FRIEDMAN Treasurer ETA SIGMA PHI Alpha Chi Chapter of Eta Sigma Phi, national honor classical fraternity, carries out a program designed to fulfill the pri- mary objectives of the organization. These objectives include the encouragement of classical scholarship, the better appreciation of the Greek and Roman culture, and the increased fellowship among students of the classics. Throughout the year lectures on classical subjects are presented. The fraternity jointly sponsors the annual Christmas cele- bration, Saturnalia, with, the Classical De- partment. In addition, the Chapter presents medals to the outstanding Greek and Latin students of the city each year, and it con- tributes to a national fund providing schol- arships for classical study in Greece and Rome. OFFICERS CAROL AU President CARRICK INABETT Vice-President TIMOTHY HOFF, FRAN WYNNS Secretaries EDGAR OLSEN Treasurer 199 BETA BETA BETA Beta Lambda chapter of Beta Beta Beta is the national honorary biological fraternity at Xewcomb College. Organized at Newcomb in 1941, the chapter olTers membership to the exemplary students interested in the biological sciences. Tri Beta attempts to further an in- terest in, and develop a greater knowledge and understanding through discussions, lec- tures, and field trips. Several socials round out the activity calendar for the group. Margaret Taylor (60) was awarded the national Mc- Clung A% ' ard for outstanding Undergraduate Research. OFFICERS JANE WILENSKY President MARTHA RISER Vice-Fresidem MARILYN C. WOOL ' F.RTON Secretary S LVIA ROUCHELLE Historian DR. STEWART BAMFORTH ...Faculty Advisor JOHN BAMFORTH Mascot OREADES As the Newcomb Honorary Classics group, Oreades meets throughout the year to promote interest in the classics. The pro- grams vary from fun ceremonies like Saturnalia to interesting lectures. In De- cember. Oreades Celebrates the Roman pagan festival Saturnaia with Eta Sigma Phi. This year Carol Au was Rex for the ceremony hile Fran W mns reigned as queen. Humorous skits given by the many classics classes provided entertainment, which Wis followed by Latin carols and refreshments. Of special interest to Oreades is the influence that classics have made on our life today. An excellent example here in New Orleans is the Carnival Season and those unpronouncable streets Melpomene and Terpsichore. The new initiates plan a program each spring along these lines. In- spired by Miss Tonne) ' , sponsor, the Oreads continue their interest and fun in the clas- sics. OFFICERS FRAN " TNN President CiWEN NELSON Secretary BARRIE NIEHUSS Treasurer TUCKY ' .MOSS Social Chairman 200 La Tertulia, the Honorary Spanish Club, has had many and varied programs and meet- ings this year. The Consul for Colombia and Gilbert Chase spoke to us on Colombia and the Golden Age of Spanish Song, respectively. In addition, the annual Christmas party was held, complete with Christmas carols and the traditional pinata. Viewing slides of Spain and observing the Spanish and Latin hohdays were also included in the activities of La Tertulia this -ear. The observation of Pan-American Da_ - and the annual spring banquet were fes- tive occasions for the members. OFFICERS NANCY FARRELLY President MARILYN PILIAWSKY Vice-Presidem JO-AN N DESALVO Secretary BLANCA SANTIAGO Treasurer LA TERTULIA BARRACUDA CLUB The purpose of the Barracuda Club is to promote interest in synchronized sAvim- ming. The new members are chosen on their form, rhythm, and coordination in the basic strokes, and particular swim stunts. A competitive tryout is held in the fall, and old members of the club choose the new members. Meetings are held each Wednes- day, at which time the Barracudas train in synchronized swimming. In the spring the club presents their annual water ballet at which time the new members become full Barracudas. The show this year was a seri- ou s, abstract theme on the emotions in life. The Barracudas also sponsor the New- comb Intramural Swimming Meet held in the spring. Miss Betty Campbell, in charge of the Newcomb Swim program, sponsors the group. OFFICERS ANNE McDonald President BECKY HOFFAIAN Vice-President SUSIE HUSTED Secretary BONNIE BAUMBACH Treasurer CORNELIA BARNES Publicity Chairman 201 NEWCOMB ART SCHOOL The Newcomb Art School is composed of students interested in creating and stimulating an appreciation of art. Its purpose in meeting is to achieve better student graduate student facult ' relationships. This year the Art School held a Cliristmas part - and plans to hold a Petites Beaux Arts Ball in the Spring. The scliool undertook to hang exhibits in New- comb Hall, the Music School Lounge, and tlic L ' niversit - Center, helping to create an in- terest in art in those people outside of the art department. OFFICERS LINDA HARDY President MILLIE PAGAN Secretary-Treasurer NEWCOMB DANCE CLUB The Newcomb Dance Club is composed of girls interested in interpretive, modern jazz dancing, and ballet technique. Tryouts are held each semester, and girls are selected for membership by the present members on the basis of their dancing ability. This year the Dance Club perfomied in many campus affairs. .Members receive a Dance Club Key for their participation in the performances, their attendance at meetings, and their merit and service to the organization. Ably di- recting the dance group is Miss Frances Bush, the advisor. 202 YOUNG DEMOCRATS OFFICERS DON BIERMAN PresideJU ROSETTA SHAIKUN Secretary DEAN GOTTERHER Treasurer This year the Young Democrats opened the election year with an all-out membership drive, which successfully turned out fifty members. Work was begun to build up enthusiasm over the com- ing election by having several speakers from the state democratic committee, A ho talked on the democratic platform and the can- didates themselves. iMembers were also on the committee hich planned city-wide welcomes for such leaders as Sen. Eugene McCarthy, Speaker of the House Sam Ra burn, and Vice-Presidential candidate Lyndon Johnson. The main objective during tiie later campaign months was to contribute to the cit - ide campaign in as many ways as possible. For instance, such things as making posters, spreading circulars and debating ' ith the Young Republicans of Tulane were some contributions. And on election day help was given in arranging transportation, along with assisting at the polls. After a successful election, activities ere directed to other matters, for e.xample, organized discussions on man - of the prob- lems with which tlic new administration is trying to cope. 203 ' U A. YOUNG REPUBLICANS The purposes of the Tulane Young Republican Club are politi- cal action and political education. The Young Republican ' s gain experience in practical politics at the local level by working for the election of Republican candidates, while promoting the prin- ciples of Republican conservatism through sponsoring prominent speakers, debates, and social functions. This -ear ' s activities were highlighted b ' the presidential campaign, during which Young Republicans met ' ice-President Nixon at Lafa ette, La., co- sponsored the appearance of Sen. Barry Goldwatcr at the Lo -()la Fieldhouse, manned the polls and had an election night part - at which sorrows were effectively drowned. Spring undertakings included working for the election of a Republican city council- man, an all-day picnic across the lake in Aia -, and hosting the Young Republican Southern Convention aiul political work- shop in June. OFFICERS HAYWOOD H. HILLYER, III Tresident CRAIG BRIGTSEN Vice-?resident BRENDA EDMONSON Secretary HERCHEL ABBOT Treasurer 204 i fi SWiw V - -w " " 7 " " V «»Pi ' W " « - ' ■it MUSIC DRAMA GEORGE COLE Leader TULANE UNIVERSITY BAND Drawing its membersliip from all colleges of the University, the Tulane University Band with its renowned director-com- poser, John J. Morrissey, is considered to be one of the finest concert bands in the south. The band provides entertainment for students and townspeople through several appearances during the year in which a wide ' ariety of music is pla -ed. One of the highlights of the year is the annual four day tour when the band spreads the fame of Tulane by pla -ing for high schools in many of the larger Southern cities. The biggest event of the -ear, howe er, is the Annual Spring Concert when an out- standing program, often featuring new works by John Morrissey, it presented on three consecutive nights. , K --• ' -f m- ' — i y. U TULANE PEP BAND Bright green-striped blazers and spirited music are familiar characteristics of the Tiilane Pep Band, a group which contributes to the increasing school spirit of Tu- lane. The Band is composed of fifteen voluntary members of the Tulane Varsity Band, and it generates an abun- dance of enthusiasm and liumor at all spirit rallies, foot- ball games, basketball games, and other campus events. OFFICERS GEORGE COLE President HERMAN ROTSCH Vice-President Frequent practice makes Tulane ' s Concert Band one of the finest in the South. HERMAN ROTSCH Assistant Leader Pep Band whips out with a chorus of " Hang That Tiger " in annual LSU tilt. 207 CONCERT CHOIR The Tulane-Newconib Concert Choir, under tlie cap- nhle leadership of its iieM " director, .Mr. Kuypers, began the sciiooi year with a perfcjrniance for liilane Akininae at Honiecon.iing. In December the group presented its annual Christmas Concert in .McAlister, and plans were made for second semester. During this time a concert was presented on Parents " Day, and the choir performed with the New Orleans Symphony. In April the much-anticipated spring tour was taken to Florida, highlighted by a four day stay in Miami. The choir completed the year by singing for the New- comb iMemorial Day Service, Baccalaureate, and Com- mencement. OFFICERS ALAN HAUFRECHT President PAT .McNUTTY Vice-President MARY BATTS Secretary JEANNE BARTLETT Treasurer GLENDY BURK OFFICERS A. L. BOUDREAU Speaker HARLAN SCHMIDT Vice-Speaker DONALD BIERM AN Treasurer CAROLYN FUSELIER Secretary PROFESSOR CHING Advisor The Glendy Burke Society is the oldest student organization on the Tulane campus. It was organized to allow freer expression to those students who had previously won the Glend}- Burke Prizes for Oratory and Alathematics. Glendy Burke sponsors the debating team which participates in college debate tournaments throughout the Southern states and this year toured the Eastern states, debating Harvard and other Ivy League Schools. The group also sponsors high school and college forensic competitions on the Tulane campus. These tournaments have grown until the ' are among the most important tournaments held in the nation. Besides these regular activities Glendy Burke sponsors visiting speakers and debaters from other schools in public debates or forum discussions and encourages student participation in indi- vidual contests such as extemporaneous speaking, oratory, and interpretative reading. 209 TULANE UNIVERSITY THEATRE Tlie Tulane University Theater (TUT) is composed of participants in two of the four major productions of- fered by the Tulane Theater Department. Tryouts for any phase of the productions, cast or crew, are open to the members of tlie student bod -, facult - and staff. ' ith the addition of the new Arena Theater, TUT has been able to expand its activities in the past year. Utilizing botli the original TUT Playhouse and the Arena Theater, productions have been increased from four to seven. The Playhouse is used as a showcase for the graduate students in theater who are working for M.F.A. acceptance, hile the theater facult - directs the plays in the round. The productions this year have varied in size, scope, and variety from Shakespeare to Becket and Aliller. The addition of the doctoral program as well as the new the- ater in the round have increased the already high regard for the Tulane Theater Department which is held thi-oughout the country. OFFICERS JUDITH LITVIN President ED SEAGRA ' ES Vice-President JOAN HALIFAX Secretary RICHARD RUSS Historian NATIONAL COLLEGIATE PLAYERS The National Collegiate Players is a national honorary fraternity created to foster educational theater through- out the country by officially recognizing and encourag- ing outstanding individuals in universit - theater. Following highest national standards, tlie Tulane Chap- ter has striven to elect to membership only those indi- viduals whose contributions to Tulane theater have been continually distinguished in excellence. With this mem- bership is bestowed national honor. OFFICERS MALCOLM GENET CATHERINE A. CALVERY .FresideJit . Treasurer CAMPUS NITE Campus Nite is now in its twelfth xar of production. It is a completely original musical comed} ' : the script, music, sets, and costumes are all products of the skill and hard work of Tulane and Newcomb students. This year ' s show, entitled ' ' Grapes of Rath, " told the stor ' of the problems of Samantha Rath, the owner of a vine ard, -ho has a psychological aversion to grapes; Anna Baccacaloopi, the actress A ' ho was forced to change her nationality with the trends of favorite movie stars in order to earn money as a star for her company; and the annual grape-pressing contest •ith the kidnapping of Carlos, the National Champeen. All in all, the combina- tion of problems, confusions, songs, orgies, and laughter pro ' ided another successful show for Tulane. Credit for tliis show must go not only to the cast, but also to the advisers— Mr. Einar Pedersen and Mr. Louis Berndt— and to the director, Moses Goldberg. Bcc clues audience on .sleight ot iiand switch. OFFICERS DOUG HALL Presidetn JUDY LITVIN Vice-President SYLVIA ROTH Secretary FRANK GRANT Treasurer Sam " ' plotzes " recapture of Carlos in time for grape-crushing contest at Rath Vineyards. r ' r » v Miss Rath emphatically exhibits aversion to grapes. " Que paso? " " Maria, don ' t toucha da frutas! " " I ' m Samantha Rath. " 213 -c RELIGIOUS 1 OFFICERS EMILE DIETH . President LOUISE COLE . . Secretary INTER-FAITH COUNCIL The Tnter-Faith Council of Tulane University is the official channel of communications between the recognized religious or- ganizations of students at Tulane, and the University. It is com- posed of two representatives form each of the ten organizations, and the presidents and the chaplains from the groups. Designed to carry out certain functions for the benefit of these groups and the University, it has proven to be the place for practical ex- change of ideas and experiences in such areas as provision of ac- curate, adequate news coverage of the activities of the various groups in the " Hullabaloo " and other papers; facilitation of co- operative endeavors of adult advisors and youth leaders in plan- ning joint religious programs. The Council is responsible each fall for arranging the Univer- sitv religious orientation program for freshman and new students. A meeting of all freshman and transfer students is held to intro- duce them to the religious organizations of the campus. 215 BAPTIST STUDENT UNION The Tulane-Newcomb Baptist Student Union is an organiza- tion for Baptist students, and membership is open to those who participate in the campus program and a local Baptist church. The program of the Baptist Student Union is under the direction of those students chosen for their leadership abilit ' and interest. These students compose the Baptist Student Union Executive Council. This group meets each Monday evening under the lead- ership of president Roger Hite to plan the work of Baptist Stu- dent Union. .Miss Betsy Blackman is the secretar - of the execu- tive council keeping those all important records. The Baptist Student Union is not a church nor a substitute for that fello ship but encourages students to take an active part in a local church. Also students are invited to join the church choir, brotherhood and as many activities as a student can include in his schedule. A major objective of Baptist Student Union is enlistment. All new students are invited to participate in the student program and are made to feel they are welcome at the Center. Also students are given a.ssistance in finding a local Baptist church for his church-home while at Tulane. OFFICERS JIM JONES Fresident NANCY LANGFORD Vice-President BETSY BLACK.MAN Secretary J. T. E NS Chapel Director GEORGE D. FEAZELL Advisor 216 • GAMMA DELTA OFFICERS JERRY SAACKS President SYLVIA IRELE Vice-President SUSAN POLANEK Secretary Gamma Delta is the International Association of Lutheran Col- lege and university students. The local chapter of Gamma Delta at Tulane and Newcomb is the Alpha Upsilon chapter. This chapter is especially intended to help the Lutheran Student de- velop his Christian knowledge during those years when he is in- creasing his secular knowledge. Christian service is rendered by Gamma Delta on the Local and International levels. Locally the Alpha Upsilon chapter has, for the past five years, sponsored a Lutheran Youth Week in the city churches for the inspiration and growth of pi ' e-college students. On the International level the local chapter last year participated iointly with the other chapters to build and furnish a student cen- ter at the Lutheran Seminary in Nagercoil, India. Although Gamma Delta is an organization of students and is governed by students, it has working with it in an advisory ca- pacity, a campus pastor appointed by the Commission on College and University Work. Currently serving in this capacity is the Rev. Norman Gardels of Redeemer Lutheran Church. 217 CANTERBURY ASSOCIATION Canterbiuy Association is the Nation- Wide organization for Episcopalians in tlie academic community. Here at Tulane-Ne - comb. tlie Canterbury Association centers its activities at tlie Chapel of the Hol ' Spirit and Episcopal Universit ' Center, 1100 Broadway. Canterburv Forum, a weekly discussion group, pre- sents a variety of topics in an effort to relate the life and faith of the Church to the lives of students. A full program of worship, study, activity, and recreation is offered to members of the Can- terbury Association and their friends. OFFICERS THO.MAS P. SPARKS, III Senior Warden MARK HARRIS Jimior Warden HOLLY iM. ROBERTSON Secretary THE RE W. DONALD GEORGE Chaplain THE REV. WAYNE S. SHIPLEY .Assistant Chaplain 218 OFFICERS CAROLINE WILCOX President DONNA KNIGHT Vice-Presidem BETTY WEAVER Secretary-Treasurer CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ORGANIZATION The Christian Science Organization of Tuiane Universit - was formed in December, 1943, and is authorized by the Alanual of the Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts. Regular ' eekly testimonial meetings are held on the campus and each vear the Organization sponsors a lecture by an authorized member of the Board of Lectureship of the Another Church. Students and faculty members are welcome at the meetings and lectures. The purposes of the Organization are to- unite the Christian Scientists within the Universit)- in closer bonds of Christian fel- lowship; to welcome Christian Scientists entering the University; and to afford the entire University the opportunit ' to learn the truth about Christian Science as taught in the Christian Science Textbooks, the Bible, and " Science and Health with Keys to the Scriptures " bv Mary Baker Eddy, the discoverer and founder of Christian Science. 219 HILLEL FOUNDATION OFFICERS MARILYN DONSKY President FRIEDA GREENE Vice-President HARRIS LICHTENSTEIN Vice-President PHIL WEITZ.MAN Treasurer JUDY KATZ Recording Secretary JOAN DAMS Corresponding Secretary ESTHER TAUBENHAUS Director Hiilel at " [ ' ulane-Sophie Newcomb is a unit of the National B ' nai B ' rith Hiilel Foundation. It is sponsored by B ' nai B ' rith, the oldest and largest Jewish ser ice organization. Its aims and ob- jectives are to provide Jewish students wixh an adequate and ac- curate knowldege of their Je vish faith, an appreciation of Jewish history and literature, an understanding and full participation in all Inter-faith activities on the campuses and college communities. 220 NEWMAN CLUB OFFICERS MARGARET TAYLOR President MALCOLM A ' lEYN Religious Vice-Fresident THOMAS REGAN Educational Vice-President AUTHUR D ' AQUIN Social Vice-President KATHY RYAN Recording Secretary ELISABETH SCHIRO Corresponding Secretary MIRL AI ANE Treasurer PAUL WOOLVERTON Marshall The Newman Club, both the growth of an Idea and the answxr to a Need, was established in 1893 at the University of Pennsyl- vania. The Tulane University and Newcomb College chapter was founded as such in 1942 by decree of Archbishop Rummel. Since then the Newman Club has come to be recognized as one of the more active and influential organizations on the Tulane campus. The threefold program of the Newman Club is as varied, at- tractive and inspiring as the zeal and resourcefulness of the stu- dent leaders who plan and carry it on. It is a religious, intellectual and social program. Though students themselves admit in many cases that they are not seeking primarily social advantages in the Newman Club, nevertheless experience shows the necessity of a social program toward creating an atmosphere conducive to strengthening the faith, promoting Catholic marriages, and in general providing op- portunities for those who otherwise might find no apt social out- lets on the campus. 221 WESLEY FOUNDATION The Wesley Foundation is many tilings. It is an educational institution; it is a worshiping body of students and faculty; it is an organization within the university family. iMore than these, however, the Wesley Foundation is the .Methodist Church on the university campus. As to the activities of the Wesley Foundation, they provide Interest— Reflection groups, Study— Involvement groups, Wesley coffee hours. Morning Prayer Chapel Services, Evening Prayer Chapel Services, Sunday Morning AVorship and the Sunday Eve- ning Wesley Forum. Being connected with the National Methodist Student Move- ment and the Xational Student Christian Federati(jn, the Wesle - Foundation sends representatives to annual state and regional Methodist Student Mo ' enient conferences, and to quadrennial Methodist Student Movement and Xational Student Christian Federation conferences. OFFICERS ROBERT HILL President ANNE LOUGHRIDGE Vice-President JERRY BURFORD Secretary RAY GOELLER Treasurer 222 WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP Westminster Fellowship is the campus organization of Presby- terian students. It seeks to guide and strengthen students in the Christian faith, and to show the relevance of Christianity to all of life. It emphasizes v ' orship, discussion, instruction, leadership training, service, and fellowship. The Presbyterian Student Cen- ter is located adjacent to the campus at 1122 Broadway. OFFICERS CARLOS ZERVIGON Fresident BILL BARR Vice-President JUDY MITCHELL Secretary JACK JACKSON Treasurer 223 MILITARY LIEUTENANT COLONEL JOHN W. FUEG, USA Professor of Military Science John W. Fueg, Lt. Colonel of the Transportation Corps, US Army, assumed the position of Professor of Military Science at Tulane University on 1 June 1959. Lt. Col. Fueg had just returned from Korea where he had been in charge of the United States Military Assistance Inspection Pro- gram. He has served terms of dut ' in Germany, Alaska, England, and Washington, D.C. Lt. Col. Fueg, W ' ho was born in Wheeling, West Virginia, was an ROTC graduate of the University of West Virginia, Asst. PMS of Linsly Military Institute, Wheeling, West Virginia, graduate of the Command and General Staff College in Ft. Leavenworth, Kan., the Naval War College in Newport, R.I., and an instructor in the US Amiy Transportation School, Fort Eustis, Va. Captain Richard Victor Gregory was born on March 16, 1910. He attended public schools in Dinwiddle, Virginia, and entered the U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland, on 28 June 1928. Graduated and commissioned Ensign on June 2, 1932, he subse- quently advanced to the rank of Captain, to date from January 1, 1951. Captain Gregory has had sea duty in the old battleships USS Pennsylvania and USS New Mexico, and on the submarines USS Argonaut, USS Blakely, and on the USS Tarpon. He was com- mended for " meritorious service " as Commanding Officer of the USS Sargo during her Fifth War Patrol in the South China Sea, during February and March of 1942. In June 1958, Captain Gregory was ordered to the NROTC Unit, Tulane University, for duty as commanding officer of Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps Unit, and Professor of Naval Science. CAPTAIN RICHARD ' ICTOR GREGORY, USN Professor of Naval Science Lt. Col. John B. O ' Rourke, Jr., Professor of Air Science, came to Tulane University from the Air Universitv ' , Aiaxwell Air Force Base, Alabama, where he was Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel HQ Air Force ROTC. Col. O ' Rourke is a graduate of the Lament School of Music, of Denver University. He was commissioned from Air Corps Officer Candidate School, Miami Beach, early in World War II. During World War II he was Executive Officer of the 506th Fighter Bomber Squadron. Col. O ' Rourke commanded the Radar Stations in the Japan Sea surrounding Korea. Prior to assignment to Air University, Col. O ' Rourke graduated from Air Command and Staff College. LIEUTENANT COLONEL JOHN B. O ' ROURKE, USAF Professor of Air Scicjice ril gjj Weekly drill in the Sugar Bowl All physically qualified American males are required by law to devote some time to the defense of the United States. In order to ctTective] - provide officers for these men, RO IC units have been established at various uni- versities. Army ROTC offers the only clas.ses in Leader- ship available at Tulane so that prospective officers may " LEARN TODAY TO LEAD TOMORROW. " What- ever the student ' s field of study, there is need for such specialists within the vast scope of the Army. Army classes advise students on Army procedures and how to handle situations which confront officers. Along with classroom instruction, there are twice weekly drills in close order marching; a Mell equipped rifle range is available for improving marksmanship. Then there are recreational e ents such as the banquet each semester, and social cxxnts such as the elaborate military ball. The Pershing Rifles, Army precision drill team, were selected Southeastern IJ. S. Drill Champions in 1958, re- ceived a streamer from the French consul for outstanding perfomiance in the reception of Charles DeGaulle, and participate in several drill meets and A ' lardi Gras parades. Other activities open to Army cadets include the rifle team hich is co-sponsor for the annual Mardi Gras Rifle Match hich attracts teams from across the country. The Association of the United States Army infomis its members of Army life in general. The National Defense Transportation Association acquaints members •ith the activities of Army logistics. ARMY Out of uniform, the sponsors highlight the annual Army ROTC formal " Sound off! ' The Army ROTC sponsors march every «cek with the cadets. R. O. T. C. Sidewalk spectators admire these uniformed showmen, the Pershing Rifles. Tile anticipated . rm ' R.ill always proves to be fun for all. The Navy Drill Team presents the Queen Anne salute. The staff officers view the weekly Battalion Drill NAVY R. O. T. C Throughout the year from tlie building behind the " cannon, " the " GO X.W ' V spirit resounded. Under the leadership of Captain R. V. Gregory, USN, the staff con- tinued to fulfill the NROTC ' s mission of molding each midshipman into a qualified officer for either our coun- try ' s Navy or Marine Corps. The Major ' s inspection is dreaded by many of the Midshipmen. One of the hiuhlitfhts of the Navy ' s social hfe— The " Welcome Aboard Ball. " rr: 228 h... " Eyes Right " is the command as " A " Company passes in review. From the day that the Neophyte fourth classmen were welcomed aboard until that day the senior first classmen received their commissions as officers in the Navy or Ma- rine Corps, and from the initial kickoff of the intramural athletic league until Awards Day in May, the competi- tive enthusiasm of the midshipmen never faltered. Classroom instruction covered Naval Sea Power, Naval Weapons (guns to space technology), the Psychology of Naval Leadership, Marine Warfare, Naval Supply Pro- cedures, Navigation, Naval Machinery, and Naval Op- erations. Outside of class, the drill field was the scene of nian ' maneuvers designed to teach the midshipmen the values of teamwork, discipline, and leadership that are so es- sential in the fleet. During the summer months, the mid- shipmen took part in training cruises that took some of them to ports of call in the Far East, while others toured the Mediterranean. Others -went to Corpus Christi, Texas, for Naval Aviation indoctrination, and then to Little Creek, A irginia, for Amphibious Warfare indoctrination with the U. S. Marines. Tulane ' s 1960 National Champion NROTC Rifle Team was back upholding its laurels in defense of the William Randolph Hearst Trophy. Highlighting the social year were the " Welcome Aboard " Ball and the " FareA en " Ball held at the Algiers Naval Station Officers Club. Fun for all was the annual Spring picnic held at City Park. The " GO NA Y " spirit evidenced on campus by the midshipmen exemplifies the Unit ' s pride in the NROTC at Tulane. Sophomore Midshipmen learn fire control problems in Anti- Aircraft Warfare. 229 The Staff Officers prepare for the eleven o ' clock drill I he Air Force Sponsors add glamor to the weekly drills. They are, left to right: Elisabeth Clark, Darleen Creevy, Kay Munch, Joan Girot, and Alicki Pellctticri. Mardi Gras crowds applaud the " Sabre Jets " in the midcity parade AIR FORCE 1} 1 v y _ The training of future officers for leadership positions with the United States Air Force in the Space Age is the purpose for which Detachment 320 exists. To accomplish this obiectix ' e, a program of combined academic and mili- tary preparation is offered. The Basic Course during the freshmen and sophomore years consists mainly of achieving drill proficiency and developing leadership potential. At the .same time, intro- ductor ' courses concerning the history of the USAF, career fields, and the principles of warfare are taken. Orientation flights in militarv ' aircraft and visits to Air Force bases provide the basic cadets with opportunities to view the Air Force in being. Fhe Ad anced Course, composed of academically and physically qualified cadets, provides for more intense academic instruction and the opportunity of exercising command positions on the Drill Field and within the Detachment itself. Summer training camp at an Air Base provides for an actual taste of militar - life, and the Flight Instruction Program enables the cadets in the pilo t cate- gor - to o!)tain their private fl ing licenses. l3espite the fact that . FROTC graduates have to serve a minimum of four years of active duty, enthusiastic in- terest in the Air Science program is well illustrated by the record enrollment of cadets during the present year. Their w illingness to serve their countr ' will help insure that competent leadership will continue to be available to .America as she ventures towards the stars. 230 " Prepare for inspection " is the command as the cadets make a final check of their uniforms. •Kb . R. O. T. C. The Air Force Drum and Bugle Corps. Spence Air Base is one of the field trips on which the cadets are taken in their training. J ■• " .. M % SCABBARD AND BLADE E Company, 8th Regiment is one of the 160 companies which form the National Society of Scabbard and Blade, an iionorary military society. On the Tulane Campus, the society is comprised of elected Army, Air Force, and Navy R.O.T.C. cadets who become eligible for membership by exhibiting outstanding military bearing in tlieir respective units and by maintaining a satisfactory overall scholastic ax ' eragc. The purpose of tiic Socict - is to unite in closer relationship the militar - departments on the Tulane campus, to preserve and develop the essential qualities of good and efficient militar ' officers, and to prepare cadets to take a more active part in the military affairs of their communities. Above all. Scabbard and 151ade attempts to present intelligent informa- tion concerning the militar_ ' requirements of our countrv. OFFICERS H. B. iMcFADDEN President L. LORIO Vice-President PHIL RODRIGUEZ Secretary JAMES TOUPS Treasurer ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY OFFICERS PHIL RODRIGUEZ Commanding Officer HARRY McARTHUR Executive Officer ROY PERRIN Operations Officer GLEN SAXFORD ....Administrations Officer ROBERT GUIZERIX Comptroller MICHAEL MICHEL Information Officer The Arnold Air Society is an organiza- tion of basic and advanced AFROTC Ca- dets. iMembers are selected on a basis of personal merit and upon completion of the pledge requirements, become active mem- bers. 1 here are, however, three other classes of membership, namely: Alumni, Honorary, and Associate. The mission of the AAS is to advance air and space age citizenship, support air- power in its role in National sccurit ' , fur- ther the purpose, traditions, and concept of the U. S. Air Force, create a closer and more efficient relationship within the Air I ' Orce Reserxe Officers Training Corps, and to aid in the development of Air Force Of- ficers. - -i-y mil, ' " m III KllHtl m : I J 237 Navy ordinance is essential in the training of midsliipmen. " Damn the torpedoes . . . Full speed ahead. " CRUISE AND SUMMER CAMPS Clean barracks are mandatory for Army cadets. ■ iSsM ATHLETICS :. - ' r J.v riv; " ,__JJ 1960 FOOTBALL The 1960 Green A ' ave battled through a powerful schedule that included four bowl-bound teams and emerged with a record of 3 wins and 1 tie against 6 losses. Tulane provided its fans with an excellent team that could have defeated every team on its schedule. Tu- lane opened its season by outplaying the California Bears in their Berkeley Stadium 7 to 3. In the first home game for the Greenies. Alabama ' s Crimson Tide snatched a victory out of Tulane ' s grasp in the last minute of play to score the tying touchdown and leave the field with the scoreboard reading 6 to 6. The undefeated Green Wave then traveled to Houston only to drop a game to the Rice Owls by the score of 10 to 7. Then the undefeated Rebels from Ole .Miss iourneyed down to the Sugar Bowl and defended their No. 1 rating nationally by defeating a determined Greenie team 26 to 13. The Greenies lost their third in a row when Georgia Tech won their Homecoming game by defeating Tulane 14 to 6. An e. - cited group of Tulane Alumni were pleased to see Tu- lane avenge its defeats by running rampant against the William and Alary Indians and downing them 40 to 8. Other disappointments followed, however, as the Red Raiders of Te.xas Tech played a poor host to the Green Wave in defeating them 35 to 21, and as Florida satisfied its Homecoming crowd and downed Tulane 21 to 6. From there, the Green Wave ventured to Nashville to overcome the ' anderbilt Commodores 20 to 0. In the season finale and the last home game, LSU outplayed the Greenies to win by a score of 17 to 6. Graduation will bring a few key losses to Tulane ith Darre, Gamble, LeSage, Mason, McLean, Michiels, Nugent, and Osteen graduating, but the prospects look bright for the future with 21 lettermen eligible to return. ANDY PILNEY TuLme Head Football Coach Pilney and Quarterback Nugent Discuss Strategy. •.-i r-:.f. ' ; st ' m y ' r - " . ,t Hi i, - ' -♦ -• -. . JJ -V " ■ IJi»liil»JiliH1iHW!»T rT ' j-- ■ .T y-t?-5 r y .,:-- ' ' :r- j:.l »l?t» ? Ttf i -: ' ' VARSITY FOOTBALL LETTERMEN Nafne Letter ARY, WILLIAM Second CAMP, SAMMY First CHAISSON, JOHN Second COLQUETTE, ERNEST First COLON, ADRIAN First CRENSHAW, LOUIS First DARRE, BERNARD Third EVANS, JAMES First GAMBLE, CANERON Second GONZALES, GUS Second HOLCOMBE, GLENN First KELLU, BILLY First KIEFER, NAT : First LeSAGE, JOSEPH Third Ncmie Letter A ' IcLEAN, PAT Second MASON, THOMAS .Third MICHIELS, DAVID Second MILLER, TED First MOEN, CLARENCE First NUGENT, PHIL Third OECHSNER, GEORGE First OSTEEN, WILLIAM Third REYNOLDS, EDWARD First ROACH, BILLY Second RUSH, GORDON First STEIN, LEONARD First TERREBONNE, TERRY Second THOMSON, LARRY Second Despair— Convictions— Courage— The mixed emotions of a football team. -rc 3 " 4 ft I TULANE CALIFORNIA 7 3 A solid Green Wave defense held the California Bears to a lone field goal in their season opener at the .Memorial Stadium in California. In the first quarter of play, Cali- fornia recovered a Tulane fumble and scored their first field goal since 1956. Demonstrating exceptional poise, Tulane swept back with Mason, Rush, and Camp ripping off consistent gains in a 73 ' ard drive that ended, with only 24 seconds to play in the first half, in an 8 yard scoring pass from quarterback Phil Nugent to halfback Tommy Mason. Fumbles and penalties contained the Tu- lane offense in the second half, but a rock-hard defense by the Grecnics kept the Bears from Capitalizing upon the A ' ave miscues. In the Fourth quarter, the Bears gained a first do ' n at the Tulane one-yard line. The Green Vave stopped the Bears and gained possession of the ball, onl ' to ha e California recover a Tulane fum- ble on the Tulane 7 ' ard line. The Greenie ' s stout de- fense again held Cal from scoring to give the Wave a well-deserved victory. Mason Scores Touchdown Against Alabama. M iMm tjiicciii L.Ab L.nd. Stout Greenies Smear Desperate Bear. TULANE ALABAMA 6 6 Tulane ' s largest opening home game c o ' d in years watched as Alabama ' s Crimson Tide snatched a victory out of Tulane ' s arms ith less than a minute to play. Nimble-fingered Phil Nugent completed a long pass to Terry Terrebonne in the second quarter. Terry •as stopped at the Tide ' s .i-yard line, but Tommy iVlason raced over right tackle for the touchdown. Howard Kis- ner ' s conversion attempt was blocked by Bear Bryant ' s charging line. The teams left the field at the half with Wave submei ' ging the Tide, 6-0. In the second half, Ala- bama came out passing, but the Tulane defense held stout until the waning moments of the game, when Alabama ' s Trammel scored from the four. A bad pa.ss from center prevented the Tide from attempting a field goal. Alabama tried a successful onside kick and gained possession of the ball on the Tulane 48. Trammel! threw a long pass to White who fell on the Tulane 10 as the game ended, witli the Wave and the Tide even. ' Bama Scores Tying Touchdown. " If you ask me Tulane Scores. Oechsner brought down from behind. TULANE RICE 7 10 Riding on the crest of a win and a tie, the Tulane Green AA ' ave had a record blemished as thev ran into the Rice Owls. Tulane ' s passing game, instrumental in the first two games, bogged down in the critical moments against the Owls. Rice as the first to score near the end of the first quarter after Tulane had missed a field goal from the Rice 20. Tulane drove to the Rice 1 5 but lost the ball on downs to end the half. Rice was threatening in the third quarter, when big Gus Gonzales intercepted a pass on the Tulane 13 and made a spectacular run to the Rice 20 where he was brought down from beliind. The Wave drove to the one-yard line and lost the ball on downs. The 0 ' ls punted and Tulane ' s Mason, Rush and Colon dro -e the ball to the one-yard line. Rush car- ried the ball over for the tying score. Not to be daunted, the Owls took the kickoff and set up a field goal from the Tulane 17. The ' ave simply couldn ' t score again against the Owl ' s stout defense and left the field on the short end of the point count. Pilney points out offensive strategy. mwmi a ■ m •-. ■ -.-fC ' .: , II 9 «4kjHL 1 B R r i! 1 fr HH , S B I i IBI Terrebonne skirts around end. 240 .V ruLi.uli i iilanc line Uouns .i RL-bcl. Seventy-three thousand fans, their numbers swelled by nine bands, thronged into the Sugar Bowl stadium to watch the Rebels defend their No. 1 rating. The e.xpeii- ence of Ole Miss overcame the fighting spirit that our Green Wave displayed on this evening. The play see- sawed back and forth with no scoring in the first period. On the iirst play of the second quarter, Ail-American Jake Gibbs completed a 42 -yard scoring pass and, min- utes later, scored a second touchdown to put the Green- ies in the hole at the half, 13-0. Ole Miss scored again in the third quarter, but Tulane ' s Phil Nugent brought the crowd to their feet with sensational passes to Terry Terrebonne and Adrian Colon. The Rebels stormed back in the final period to score again, but the Greenies weren ' t through. Nugent intercepted a pass and the Wave TULANE OLE MISS 13 26 rolled deep into Ole Miss territory where a 23-yard pass from Nugent to Terrebonne set up the touchdown plunge of Bill Ary. The scoring was over, but only too little will be said of the play of the Greenies. The bril- liant running of Mason, the passing of Nugent, the re- ceiving of Terrebonne, and the superb line play are only glimpses of the greatness which the Tulane team dis- played in this game. Terrebonne plunges through hne to pick up valuable yardage. Mason canters past Ole Miss defenders. TULANE GEORGIA TECH 6 14 Georgia Tech ' s Homecoming crowd w arched the Yel- low Jackets play their best game of the season to do-wn the Greenies. The AVave battled to the end, but fumbles deep in enemy territory foiled several scoring oppor- tunities. Tulane seized the lead in the first quaiter -hen Colon recovered a Tech fumble on the Yelio " Jacket ' s 4-yard line. Nugent completed a pass to Tommy Alason for the Tulane touchdow n. The Yello - Jackets buzzed back on a sustained drive of 66 yards for a touchdo -n and conversion. Phil Nugent, deep in his own territory, tried a third-quaiter pass to .Mason, but Tech intercepted and ran it back for a touchdown. In the final quarter of play, the Greenies r ice came close to scoring, only to have their drives halted inside the Engineer 20-yard line. Tulane played a mighty ball game, but their fumbles and hard luck kept the Georgia Tech eleven on the better end of the score. The Holes Weren ' t Alwavs There. Nugent Passes to Stein. Individual Sacrifices For Team ' ictorv. TULANE WILLIAM AND MARY 40 8 A crowd swelled h - Tulane and Newcomb Alumni itnessed an exciting homecoming victory as the Green- ies ran roughshod over the William and Mary Indians. Outstanding nmning play b ' Tommy Mason resulted in three scores, the first coming after a 13- ' ard pass from Nugent to Terrebonne. A second quarter score came when the Indians, deep in their oA n territor -, punted to Greenie Ted iMiller, who took the punt on the Tulane 20 and sprinted to the Indian end zone to post the third longest punt return in Tulane ' s history. Later, ith the ball on the ' illiam and .Mar - 48. Tommy Mason broke through right tackle, shook off all Indian defenders, and -ent all the way. The fifth and si.xth touchdowns were scored by Ary and Domingue to complete Greenie drives. The lone Indian score was set up by a short pass as the clock showed two minutes of pla ' remaining. 242 A- ■ ' TULANE TEXAS TECH 21 35 Rush Slants Off Raider Tackle. A trip to Lubbock, Texas, to raid the Red Raiders of Texas Tech proved to be a Greenie disappointment. Tech scored a touchdown on a long pass only three minutes after the whistle started action. Tulane was unable to penetrate Tech territory for the remainder of the quar- ter, but in the second period, Terrebonne intercepted a pass on the Greenie 12 and the Wave marched down the field to a .Mason touchdown in twelve plays. In the open- ing minutes of the third quarter, Tulane reached the Tech } but ran into a stone wall. The Greenies bounced back strong and scored a few minutes later when Mason skirted the right end. The conversion was good. Al- though the Wave led 14-13, the fourth quarter was all Tech. The Raiders scored three touchdowns, the final score coming ith two seconds remaining in the game. Tulane ' s last touchdown came after Mason returned a kick-off and then sprinted deep to receive a pass from Nugent for a tally. Terrebonne Scampers Against Indians Miller On T.D. Jaunt TULANE FLORIDA 6 21 The Florida Gators seized all opportunities to please a homecoming crowd by defeating a Tulane Greenie team plagued by fumbles and pass interceptions. Scoring was limited to the first half for both teams. The first Florida score occurred A -hen they recovered a fumble and scored on a forty yard touchdown run. A few plays later the Gators intercepted a Nugent pass and scored their sec- ond touchdown. The third Florida score came early in the second quarter after a Gator punt rolled dead on the Tulane three. The Greenies battled to get out of the tight spot, but Alason was hit hard and fumbled on the 19-yard line. A penalty against Tulane aided the Gators and an off-tackle plunge yielded the TD. The Tulane TD came later in the second period when a pass from Bobby Dodd Jr. •as intercepted by Adrian Colon, who caught the ball on the Tulane 30 and completely out- hustled the pursuing Gators as he cut across the field for the score. Tulane fought back hard in the second half, holding the Gators scoreless, but were unable to score themselves. Dave Michiels played a fine defensive game for Tulane along with Gus Gonzales, Ed Reynolds, Ernie Colquette, and Joe LeSage. i - M Mason eludes " Gator " and rambles for valuable yardage Stein breaks through into familiar Vandy secondary in 20-0 rout. ' £m TULANE L. S. U. 6 17 Greeiiies Pruvidt Fans With Many Llectxic Moments In the final home game and the last of the 1960 season, Tulane met arch-rival L.S.U. Seventy-four thousand ex- cited fans filed into the Sugar Bowl to witness this an- nually hard-fought contest. Eleven minutes after the opening kickoff, L.S.U. scored its first touchdown on a fake pass. In the second period L.S.U. scored again on a quarterback sneak for the second touchdown of the game. The Tigers were tlireatening again in the tliird quarter as they reached Tulane ' s three; but a Tiger fum- ble, recovered by Miller, ended that scoring threat. Ma- son ' s eleven yard run took Tulane out of the hole, but L.S.U. blocked a punt by Sam Camp, and the Tigers took over on the Tulane 19 to boot a field goal from the 24- yard line. The Greenies battled like Spartan warhorses and contained the Tigers until the fourth quarter, with the clock sho ing one minute and 45 seconds remaining, when Nugent sent a long pass to Tommy Mason, who leaped over the heads of two Tigers to gather in the pig- skin and hit paydirt. This pass clinched the Southeastern Conference scoring title for Mason. Although costly Tu- lane fumbles provided the breaks for the Tigers, the game was well-played and hard-fought all the way. TULANE VANDERBILT 20 L.S.U. Tiger Finds Tulane Secondary Difficult to Reacli. Sixteen thousand overcoated spectators gathered in Nashville, Tennessee, to view a superior Tulane eleven pile up yardage in scoring a creditable win over the Com- modores of Vanderbilt. Tommy Mason, Tulane ' s pul- verizing halfback, with another hard runner, fullback Bill Ary, were outstanding on the ofl:ensive. Pat McLeen, Gus Gonzales, and Joe LeSage helped maintain Tulane ' s line strength. The Greenies first score was the result of a drive which moved the pigskin for 80 yards in 14 plays. Ary and Mason sparked the drive hich saw Tommy slant off right tackle from the one for the score. In the second quarter Tulane continued to grind through the Vandy line with L-arry Stein doing the fullbacking. The advance was climaxed as Mason scored again, this time from three yards out. The final Greenie score came in the last quarter when quarterback Phil Nugent used a combination passing and running offense to move the ball to the Vandy three. Bill Ary plunged over for the final score of the game. 245 FOUR SENIORS SIGN PRO CONTRACTS .Mason led the Southeastern Confer- ence in scoring " ith 78 points and in rushing with 61 3 yards in 120 carries. First-team Pro Scout in Time magazine, and second team All-American in the UPI and xAP polls. Tommy was voted the outstanding amateur athlete of the year for the city of New Orleans and for the state of Louisiana by the FW. Tommy played in two bowl games; the F.ast- ' est Shrine game and tlie Flula Bowl, and he was the Number 1 draft choice in the National Football League for the .Minneapolis ikings. TOMMY MASON BERNIE DARRE Drafted by Washington in the NFL JOE LeS. GE Drafted by Green Bay in the NFL PHIL NUGENT Drafted by Denver of the AFL and Green Bay of the NFL 246 M ' V , - 1 BASKETBALL Coach Clilf Wells SEASON RECORD Tulane 99 Tulane 108 Tulane 83 Tulane 63 Tulane 84 Tulane 67 Tulane 76: Tulane 70: Tulane 60 Tulane 68 Tulane 79 Tulane 84: Tulane 72 Tulane 66: Tulane 83 Tulane 90; Tulane 59: Tulane 60: Tulane 79 Tulane 71 Tulane 44 Tulane 87 Tulane 57 Tulane 68: Southwestern 62 Texas Wesleyan 89 Louisiana College 64 Texas 49 Rice 83 S.M.U 83 Centenary 80 West Virginia 98 Western Kentucky 81 Georgia 79 Florida 83 Tennessee 59 Kentucky 70 L.S.U 86 Southeastern 87 iVIississippi 69 Mississippi State 73 Vanderbilt 63 Georgia Tech 81 Alabama 69 Auburn 63 Mississippi 71 Mississippi State 62 L.S.U 65 Tulane finished the 1960-61 basketball season with an overall record of 1 1 -ins and 1 3 losses. The Green Wave was sixth in the Southeastern Conference -with a conference record of six wins and eight losses. Sophomore Jim Kerwin topped the Greenies in scoring and best scoring average, Junior Jack Ardon was the best rebounder and had the higliest shooting percentage from the field among the regulars, and Junior Wayne Pearl had the finest free throw shooting mark among the regulars. In the honors depart- ment, Kenvin was named Southeastern Conference Sophomore- of-the-Year and was named to the All-Sophomore team; and Jack Ardon, who received S.E.C. Sophomore-of-the-Year honors last year, was named to the coaches All-S.E.C. team and led the con- ference in rebounds to become the second best rebounder in Tu- lane history. Kerwin set three season records and four individual game marks in his sophomore season. His top achievement was brealdng the all-time seasonal scoring record of 483 points held by Cah ' in Grosscup. Kerwin scored 493 in 24 games. He aver- aged 20.5 for the season to topple Grosscup ' s previous high of 20.1. Kerwin also became the first Greenie player to score 30 or more points four times in one season. Our Tulane basketball coach, CliflF Wells, is in his 45th season as a coach and his 16th campaign as professor of Tulane ' s Green Wave. Coach Wells ' Greenies have won 241 games and lost only 140 to hold an edge over every S.E.C. rival except Kentucky. Under his guidance, the 1961-62 Tulane basketball team should be one of the con- tenders for national and conference honors with six returning lettermen headed by Ardon, Kerwin, and Pearl. The Greenies are losing the services of Captain Gus A ' ' enzel, Garry Lindboe, Mickey Simons, and Rickie Bergcr in the coming season, but also have big Larry Getts returning to action plus some red-hot fresh- man players. The team w ' lW be a big, fast team with a lot of scor- ing punch and rebounding potential. Freshman coach Ralph Pe- dersen has been carefully grooming his squad i n preparation of the role they will play in lending support to the veterans in the coming season. The Baby Billow had a season record of seven A ins and five losses. GREENIE VARSITY SQUAD Front row, left to right. Bob March, Rex Krider, Norm Delph, Garry Lindboe, Dale Gott, Mickey Simons, Jerry ' arland. Back row. left to right. Head Coach Cliff Wells, Wayne Pearl, Dale Cloak, Gus Wenzel, Jack Ardon, Rickie Berger, L. V. McGint -. Jim Ker- win, .Manager Bill Springer. GARRY LINDBOE WAYNE PEARL FRSHMAN SQUAD Front row, left to right, Steve Powitz, Beuker Amann, Billy Arth- urs, Jeffrey Tarte, Gary Puckett, Robert Arno«-ich. Back row, left to right. Alike Kurtz, John Flynn, Bob Davidson, Ronnie Ihnen, Mike MilhoUand, Bill Slaugliter, Coach Ralph Pedersen. Ardon Leaps Above Opponents For Two Points Wenzel Snares Greenie Rebound Pearl La s One Up Kerwiii Fires Famous Jump Sliot. .«S;-a».- y ■sa«r TENNIS Coach Emmett Fare ' s 1960 Tennis Team continued its traditional successful season by placing second in the Southeastern Conference rankings. The Greenies posted ■ins over Texas, Northwestern, Georgia Tech, ' ande - bilt and L.S.U., while bowing only to Rice. Crawford Henry was selected to the College All- American Team for the third consecutive year. The 1961 season should see the Green Wave winning further victories for Tulane under the able coaching of Emmett Pare, who has served as the Tulane Tennis coach since 1934. Lee Fentress, Bill Hardcastle and Jim Morse will be supported by the skills of Arthur Harold, Sam Grey and Ed Austin in seeking silver for the Wave net- men. COACH EM.METT PARE 1961 VARSITY TENNIS TEAM Sam Grey, Ed Ausrin, Jim Morse, Lee Fentress and Bill Hardcastle UILL HARDCASTLE JIM MORSE bAAl (jRLV LEE FENTRESS (, )A(.l I JACK C)K.SI.I 1960 BASEBALL The Tuhme diniiioiidmcn concluded their 1960 sclied- ule with a -15 record in 18 varsity games. The Greenies had the use of the new stadium behind Favot Fieldhouse, but this was not enough to stave off a losing season. Coach jacic Orsley, former athletic director of Loyola Uni ersit - of the South, was unable to cope with a lack of manpower to prevent an unsuccessful season. Next year holds no great rays of hope for the undermanned and understalTed Wave, but Coach Orsley had a host of promising freshmen which should lead the Greenies to w inning seasons in the coming years. If these freshmen develop the potential which they have shown, the future w ill ovcrshine the -eakness of the present squad. The 1961 hardballers Mill be relying heavily upon the thun- dering bat of Bobby Cornett, the hustle of veteran Ben Edwards and the experience of Pete Capdepon, Buzz Moen. and jon Peebles. The lack of experienced reserves will present a barrier to the immediate success of the Greenie baseball squad, but the outlook for future sea- sons is promising. 1961 Baseball Squad 254 -t lt J jffa BA T. i4..ir ' Edwards Scoops Up Grounder Play Opens On The New Field y " w. Veteran Pete Capdepon Signals For Pitch Cornctt Sets For Pitch Dual Sports Men Pitching Staff Receiving Instructions From Coach Orsley 1961 Track Squad 1 oninij- Hargrave, Captain 1 onimy Sparks, and Coach Oelkers. Shoe-putter Larry Getts ». Hardrunning sophomores formed the nucleus of the 1961 Track Squad. Senior lettennan and team captain Tommy Sparks led the cindermen in both experience and performance, winning nearly every intercollegiate mile run in which he participated, and racking up the majority of the team points that the Tulane squad earned during the season. Coach Oelkers has been concentrating his attention on an outstanding sophomore class that should bring Tulane ' s track program into an in- creased limelight among the spring sports. Fred Levitan, Lee Gary, and Tom Schneider are returning members of a freshman mile relay team that set a Southeastern Conference record last year. Tom Aleade and Bill Latimer provide depth and strength in the relays and distance runs, while Lee Gary represents the team in the hurdle races. The squad speedsters are Jerry Winsbery and Tommy Ogg in the short sprints. Team versatility is provided by Larry Getts in the weights, Larry Stein in the sprints and weights, and Jack Ardon in the high jump. This squad, loaded with underclassmen potential, should return in 1962 with the experience and desire necessary to change the complexion of Tulane ' s undermanned track program. SPRINT RELAY TEAlM-from left to riglit, Jerry Winsberg, Tommy Ogg, Tom Meade, Mike Eubanks, Tom Schneider. Fred Levitan. COACH INN AS MILLER GOLF The 1961 golf season found the Greenies short on depth but deep with power. Three lettermen— Jerry Greenbaum , Wayne Barcello, and Delph Gustitus— re- turned to lead the squad through a rigorous schedule. Coach Innas Miller, a proficient Scot from Carnoustie, served his 18th season as the Tulane mentor by guiding the team through a difficult and demanding schedule. Par-breakers Greenbaum and Barcello were the main- stays of the squad and were selected as the team co-cap- tains. The future is e.xcellent for the golf squad as the majority of the golfers are underclassmen who should lead Tulane through many successful seasons. Letterman Gustitus Tees Off Ms- 1961 VARSITY (Pictured from Left to Right): Delph Gustitus, Jerry Greenbaum, Wayne Barcello, Butch Gatlin, Jay Krach- mer, Eddie Olscn. Greenbaum Analizcs Barcello ' s Swing Co-captains Barcello and Greenbaum Discuss Round SWIMMING Swimming was established as an intercollegiate sport this year, with Coach Lowell Damonte building the nucleus of a squad that will be representing Tulane in the next years. The team participated in five meets dur- ing the year, and served as host team to the Southern Indoor Swimming Championship meet held here at the Universit ' iii Januar -. The Junior National 50- ard men ' s championship and the Junior National 250-yard A ' omen ' s championship were the main feature races at tliis meet. Dual meets were also held with Emor % Ala- bama, Georgia Tech, and the Universit " of Miami. The future is promising for the team, with excellent high school swimmers indicating an interest in attending Tu- lane, and Coach Damonte, with an eye on the future, building a team composed of a solid core of top-notch swimmers. 1961 SWIALMING SQUAD. Firs: Row, Left to Right; Elliot Siegal, Charles Alurphy, Charles Broder, John Jackson. Second Row: Jim Fulron, Ray Nord, Hank Frantz, Eddie Trahan, Minor Pipes. Not Pictured: Lance .Mann, Fred Eigen- brod, A lan Cone, Leon Back. The Starter ' s Gun Sends the Swimmers Hurling Through the Air Judges Eye An Attempt At A Front Three-and-one-half .A. Hard Decision In A reck-and-Xeck Finish I 258 SAILING CLUB The Tulane University Sailing Club, now one of the largest organizations on campus, lias been very active this year. The club copped second place in the Southern Inter- collegiate Sailing Championships in October and won first place in its o-wn Baldwin Wood Invitational Regatta last November. Through the help of Garner Tullis, a local sailing enthusiast, and Tulane University, the Sail- ing Club managed to buy ten Ganet Class Sailing sloops. These boats really place the club on a par with any other sailing club in the country. Tiie Club held the Garner Tullis Series in March, attended the Spring Champion- ships in iMississippi and sponsored two Semester Cruises. The Sailing Club gives students an opportunit " to learn the art of sailing through the facilities of the Southern Yacht Club. Fun and play are the mottoes of the day as much time is spent in sailing, mending sails and line, and painting. OFFICERS WILBERT L. ARGUS President EDAIOND J. TRUXILLO Vice-President JEANNE CARAROC Secretary WALLACE PALETOU Treasurer Ganct Glides Into Port 259 CJdiiipcnriiMi Was Keen In Tlic Incra-Mural Swimming Meet INTRAMURAL Touch Football Champs-Law School The Faculty ' s Intra-.Mural League In Action ,yi» iiA ' M Hl m m - B " JtK w, H 1 1 f ' ' in H r j } V Tulane meets the athletic needs of students who do not participate in intercollegiate competition by offering an intramural sports program that is unrivaled in the South. An adopted motto of " A sport for every man, and every man in a sport, " encourages students to participate in athletic events on a team and individual basis, classified by dormitory, school, club, or military unit. Coach Ben Abadie and his staff have enlarged the sports program to 28 different sports, the most that any SEC member of- fers, with an emphasis in every sport centered upon the ideal of individual participation. Tulane has entered in- tercollegiate competition in intra-mural sports for the first time, fielding a soccer team as a member of the Louisiana Soccer League. A new intra-mural activity has been initiated, the Saccharin Bo ' l, a football game which is open to participation by all Tulane students. This game will be an annual event in the future. With a new field house, three handball courts, and outdoor facilities, the Tulane Intra-mural sports program has developed into an important phase of student life. Intra-mural Council Officers with Coach Abadie SPORTS SACCHARIN BOWL OUTSTANDING PLAYER AWARDS- (from left to right): Lynn Zarr, lineman, Sophomore-Senior team; Coach Abadie; Joe LaBauve, back, Sophomore- Senior team; Ed Layrisson, back, Freshman- Junior team; and Garry Baker, lineman, Fresh- man-Junior team. Sophs-Seniors Try for Extra Point 261 GREEKS 4 4 — ' H t - M( h H ( TT7 -rtrt ■ i n » i t II — tff t » M NEWCOMB PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL The first sorority at Newcomb College was founded in 1891. Since that time the sorority system has con- tinued to expand, and now there are ten national sorori- ties on Xewcomb ' s campus. These groups are governed by the Newcomb Pan-Hellenic Council, the aims of the Council being good scholarship and cooperation with the college ideals for student life. The Council is responsible for the conducting of soror- ity rush during the fall. It is also in charge of Homecom- ing decorations, inter-sorority sports, and Campus Carnival. In this past -ear a ne ' tradition has been started— Pin Xight. This is the time that the newly initi- ated members can show off their pins to the other girls. The City Pan-Hellenic Scholarship Trophy is awarded to the sororit;.- ith the highest yearly scholastic aver- age, and each year the New comb Pan-Hellenic Trophy is given to the sorority which has accumulated the most points during the past _ " ear for participation in various campus activities. jMEiMBERS Alpha Delta Pi Lyn Ch.4lox. Diana Daly Alpha Omicron Pi Beverly Kerr iMarilyx Gordon . lpha Epsilon Phi Phyllis Alex. nder Beverly Blu.mberg Chi Omega Mimi Moss Martha Hayes Delta Zeta Patricia Drake SONJA ROiMANOWSKI Kappa Alpha Theta Nonie Waller Bay S.mithgall Kappa Kappa Gamma Meade Fowlkes Betsy Hughes Phi Mu Betty Weaver Elizabeth Hubbs Pi Phi Jane Sanford Sanda Gr.4ge Sigma Delta Tau Frieda Green Judy Litvin Newcomb Pan-Hellenic Council JOAN RODGERS President First Roa -: Phyllis Alexander, Beverly Blumberg, Adrian Chalona. Second Row: Diana Daly, Patricia Drake, Meade Fowlkes. Third Row: Marilyn Gordon, Sanda Grage, Frieda Green. Fourth Row: Martha Hayes, Elizabeth Hubbs, Elizabeth Husjhes. Fifth Row: Beverly Kerr, Judith Litvin, Mary Moss. Sixth Row: Sonja Romano ' slci, Jane Sanford, Elizabeth SmithMll. Seventh Row. Betty Weaver. Not Pictured: Nonie Waller. 265 h Left to Right: Ann Coulon, Treasurer; Katherine Powell, Vice-President; Lyn Chalona, President; Eleanor Tregre, Corresponding Secretary; Carolyn Owens, Recording Sec- retary. ALPHA DELTA PI Alpha Delta Pi, the oldest •omen ' s sorority, was founded at Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia. Epsilon has participated actively on the New- comb Campus since it was chartered in 1906. Every year Alpha Delta Pi can boast of many outstanding activities and successes, and 1960-61 is no different. The fall semester commenced socially -ith the annual house party before Rush, follo -ed later that month by the Pledge Banquet at the Bali Hai. Alpha Delta Pi ' s social calendar also marked such events as the annual President ' s party, dinner at the house. Founder ' s Day Banquet, Friendship Week, and the Alumnae Christmas Party. Climax- ing the year perfectly was the spring formal held at the Roosevelt Hotel. Alpha Delta Pi is especially proud of its members ' participation in campus activities as vd as others: Ann Ratlitf, vice-president of the French Club; Denise Bailliet, president of the French Club; Donna White, Featured Soloist with the Junior Philharmonic and New Orleans Cultural Attractions Fund ' s gala premiere, also secretary of the French Club and Recreational head of the Music School; and Fran Jones, Urchin Pledge Pin-Up Queen, and Sandy Richmond, a runner-up in the Urchin contest. Other active sisters were Susie Bruck, vice-president of Greenbackers; Diana Daly, secretary of Uni- versity Center Board and co-editor of the Neivcoiiiber; and Lynn Haddock, secretary of Lagnappes and a member of Oreades. Two Alpha Delta Pi ' s, Joan Dickerson and Carolyn Kolb enjoyed the inspiring atmosphere of Eu- rope on their Junior Year Abroad. m Arsenic and old lace MU CHAPTER First Row, Left to Right: Anne Albert, Denise Anne Bailliet, Diane Barett, Harriett Bobo, Nancy Brooks, Sue Bruck, Judith Cassidy, Clara Dabbs. Fifth Row: Beth Salter, Connie Sarvay, Arthel Scheuermann. Cynthia Ann SchilUng, Deanna Schloegel, Sandra Elaine Schoon- over, Carol Schwartzbek, Judy Smith. Second Row; Diana Daly, Carol Lynn Doskey, Micha Evans, Catherine Gerstner, Gay Ann Goodman, Terry Carroll Gorman, Janet Guillory, Lynne Haddock. Sixth Ro v: Ginger Spitzfaden, Linda Sigley Thomas, Carol Ann Tregre, Jean Vorhoff, Bonnie Ann Wallace, ' irginia Powell Ward, Judith Weddle, Donna White. Third Row: Judith Hill, Patricia L. Holmes, Regina Johnson, Fran Jones, Andrea Kersh, Karol G. Kloepfer, Midgie Little, Gail Mellor. Fourth Row: Virginia Nazro, Leanne Northrup, .Madge Pierce, Ann Rathff, Judy Reeves, Sandy Richmond, Pamela Roberts, Kathleen H. Rvan. Seventh Row: Mary Ann Wittman. Not Pictured: .A.nn Harbeson, Eileen Link, Eleanor Lueders Sally Lou Schock, Eugenie Suter. 267 m ' y Left to Right: Jan Bernstein, Treasurer; Linda Glazer, Vice-President; Phyllis Jolin Alexander, Carol Sue Feldman, Secretary; Beverly H. Blumberg, Rush Chairman. ALPHA EPSILON PHI Alpha Epsilon Phi, founded ar Barnard College, has held an active and important part in campus life since its installation at Newcomb in 1916. Alpha Epsilon Phi ' s whirl of social events began -ith a house party at Biloxi. A very successful rush week was climaxed by the party for the ac- tives at Bruno ' s for the twent --seven pledges. The annual Founder ' s Day Luncheon at Masson ' s Beach House and the gala fall dinner-dance at Lake- wood Country Club followed in quick succession. Lunches catered by the alums twice a month were a special highlight throughout the year. Spring semester brought with it another pledge-active party, the Senior Banquet, and the festive Spring Formal. One of our big charity projects was sending toys to children in Europe. As well as participating in events such as Homecoming, Derby Day, and Campus Carnival, and campus organizations such as Campus Nite, Universit ' Center Committees, and Jamb, and the Hullaballo, the AE P ' s held many honored positions on campus. Beverly Blumberg was President of the New- comb student body and Lynn Orkin v ' as Corresponding Secretary. Cecile Felsenthal was Treasurer of the Senior Class, Linda Glazer was President of the Junior Class, and Jackie Cohn •as Secretary of the Sophomore Class. Beverlv Blumberg, Lvnn Orkin, and Sue Davidow were Tulane Student Council Representatives, and Phyliss, Lynn, and Beverly were selected for Who ' s Who. Karen Glosserman and Ann Arnoff were members of Assets, and Ann was president of this honorary organization. Karen Pevov -, Lynn ■ Orkin, and Phyliss Alexander were Tulane Cheerleaders. When are visiting hours? EPSILON CHAPTER First Row, Left to Right: Ann Arnoff, Barbara Axelrod, Linda Baer, Elene Baernstein, Jane Berger, Joan Leslie Berger, Luann Boarnet, Nina Carole Brisker, Lisbeth Caldwell, Jacquelyn Cohen, Lettie Colbert. Second Row: Linda Cooper, Karen Cramer, Sue Davidow, Frances Ruth Dow, Diane Louise Eichliorn, Peggy Ann Elston, Emily Jean Feinstein, Cecile Felsenthal, Joncc Fine, Phyliss Ann Fish- man, Claire Lynn Fleet. Third Row: Evelyn Louise Fleischer, Barbara Ann Frost, Phyllis Glaser, Karen Glosserman, Michel Pfeifer Goodman, Harriet Ruth Gordon, Elaine Greenbaum, Becky Ann Hoffman, Francine Jacobs, Carole Ann Jaffe, Barbara Janko. Fourth Row; Betty Joseph, Barbara Kanter, Sandra Kay, Frances J. Kellnor, Susan Kellnor. Barbara Kline, Sdyned Simons Klumok, Jackie Kohn, Hope Korshak, Dale June Kulvin, Fredda Lee Levin. Fifth Row: Edie Levy, Barbara Lynnc Lewis, Diane Gene Mas- lansky, Marian Masters, Cecille Menkus, Wendy Mimeles, Hilda Nussbaum, Polly Oppenheimer, Lynn Orkin, Karen Sue Pevow, Ruth Rosen. SixiTi Row: Gayle Rosenthal, Sylvia Roth, Ann Kesslcr Schudmak, Jill Schuster, Sarna Shallette, Susan Shapiro, Sibil Shapiro, Gay Shlcnker, Marcia Silverberg, Mary Lynn Silverson, Clair Solomon. SEXtNtH Row: Marsha Raye Solomon, Carol Steiner, Andi Taub, Carol Gene Waldman, Mathile Watsky, Linda Weil, Carol Wein- man, Fran Wolf, Joanne Dora Wolf, Marilyn Ziff. Not Pictured: Inky Eiseman, Kaye Lynn Epstein, Beth Flowers, Anne Goldsmith, Sidney Simons Klumok, Linda Kurtzon, Mau- reen Levitan, Jane Goodman Marks, Joan Axlerod Mimeles, Charlotte Blotner Mussifer, Ellen Lasker Nachman, Marilyn Pailet, Rici Scholl, Ruth Spirer. II Ei :5? Left to Right: Patricia Catlierine Firmin. Treasurer; Gnann Williams, Vice-President; Beverly Kerr, President; Susan Fee, Co rresponding Secretary, Loretto M. Babst, Re- cording Secretars ' . ALPHA OMICRON PI Alpha Omicron Pi was founded at Barnard College, and in 1898 Pi Chapter was originated on the Newconib Campus. As a campus leader, AOPi placed first in volley ball and badminton, fouith in Homecoming decorations, and third in scholarship among Newcomb so- rorities. AOPi held their annual Christmas party for orphans with Plii Kappa Sigma fraternity. Participation in Campus Carnival and Sigma Chi Derby Day were also additions to its list of activities. The AOPi social season started with a house party before rush, followed by a picnic in Hammond for the new pledges and actives. A pledge dinner dance in November, the founder ' s Day Banquet in December, the spring formal on April 8, and a Senior Banquet in May highlighted the social cal- endar. Individual members also carried out AOPi ' s campus leadership. Loretta Babst was elected to Who ' s Who. Membership in Assets was awarded to Jane Chene}- and Michaela Pellettieri. Michaela also served as Secretary of the Ne -comb Student Body, and Secretary of the University Activities Board. Loretto Babst and Jane Cheney were respectively Chairman and Co- Chairman of Orientation. Serving as Associate Editor of the Hullabaloo was Cathy Carroll. AOPi also boasted several beauties this year, claiming Joan Girot Queen and Gnann Williams .Maid in the Homecoming Court, as well as maids in the Ja.mbal.vya Beauty Court— Jane Cheney, Gnann Williams, Joan Girot, and Michaela Pellettieri. ROTC Sponsors were Kay Munch, Darlene Creevy, Joan Girot, Jane Cheney, Jeanne Foster, and Michaela Pel- lettieri. AOPi ' s also served on University Center Committees, as editors on the Jambalaya, and staff members of the Hullabaloo and House Council. Baubles, bangles, and belles PI CHAPTER First Row, Left to Right: Alary Bat ts, Betty Gay Bell, Sally Bisso, Janet Farris Boden, Sherry Brown, Sally Canfield, Jane Cheney, Patsy Collins, Velma Crawford. Second Row: Darken Creevy, Betty DeGryse, Del Eagan, Patricia Eason, Betsy Ervvin, Jeanne Foster, Lynn Fuller, Carolyn J. Fuselier, Adele Gaudet. Third Row; Donna Giobbi, Joan Girot, Marilyn Louise Gordon, Joan Squire Halifax, Kathy Harmon, Ginger Herring, Frances Hightower, Nina Jacobs, Jean Owens Jeffers. Fourth Row: Charlyne Jones, Linda Sue Kastrin, Veronica Jean Kastrin, Peggy Kenner, Sally Kessler, Kathy Kimbcrlin, Aleredith Kottcmann, Brenda Scott Leggio, Judy Love. Fifth Row: Mary Frances Lucas, Susan McCarthy, Tucker Mc- Crady, Janet Lee McCrakcn, Ann Marie Majoue, Kay Mosley, Kay Munch, Joan EUzabeth Partain, Karen Peeler. Sixth Row; Mikki Pellettieri, Catherine Porter, Dianne Potin, Gail Rancicr, Joan Rivas, Martha Sapp, Kristin Wagner, Judith Waite, Laura Walsh. Seventh Row; Emily Watts, Honie Webster, Joan E. Williams, Frances Wynns. Not Pictured: Cathy Carroll, Martha Shoaf Epsy, Caroline Sullivan. 271 Left to Right: Salhe Lewis, Treasurer; Ann H. Davis, Vice-President; Mary Alurphy AIoss, President; Gayle Houston, Secretary; Mary Ella Burke, Rush Chairman. CHI OMEGA Chi Omega Sorority was founded at the University of Arkansas in 1895 and established Rho Chapter at Newcomb in 1900. To begin preparations for the 1960-61 rush season, the chapter met at the Buena Vista Hotel in early September. Rush activities for the Chi Omegas culminated in the pledging of twentv-six members. Chi Omega was awarded the 1960 Pan-Hellenic trophy for first in schol- arship among sororities. In October the Chi Omegas entertained the New- comb faculty Mith an informal Coffee. Social service activities included care of a Greek orphan under the Foster Parents Plan and an orphan Christmas party with Kappa Sigma. The Chi Omegas ' varied social activities included spring and fall ban- quets, an informal dance, and the annual Spring Formal. Chi Omega can boast of many honors obtained by its members. AIoll ' Hocking and Martha Riser are members of Mortar Board; Rivers Alfred is Freshman Class President; Mimi Moss, Newcomb Student Body Vice-Presi- dent; Tucky Moss, Secretary of the Resident Student Government Associa- tion; Tee Alann, Chairman of the University Center Talent Committee. Anne Davis was a member of the 1960 Homecoming Court, and Mary Mon- day Clayton is a J. mbalay, beaut ' . Carol Ann Cram is the Regional Co- ordinator for the Tulane University Center, and Susan Shanklin w as elected First ' ice-Chairman of Region Nine of the ACU at their recent convention here. Chi Omega in 1960-61 has achieved much through interest in scholarship, friendlv relations A ith facult -, and active participation in civic, campus, and social affairs. " Now that the meeting has been called to order . . . " RHO CHAPTER FrasT Row, Left to Right: Rivers Alfred, Christine Bacher, Caro- line Beach, Gina Beem, Linda Ann Black, Betsy Blackmon, Beth Bolton, Jane Walton Boriss, Jean Yvonne Broders. Fifth Row: Tucky Moss, Jeanie MuUins, Judy Nicholas, Barrie Niehuss, Kay Noble, Celeste Maury Offutt, Betty S. Orendorf, Lleanor Park, Courtney Ann Parker. Second Row: Nancy Laura Brown, Bonnie Burt, Carole Shelby Carnes, Jeanne Marie Cavaroc, Mary Munday Clayton, Carol Ann Cram, Helen Knox Darling, Lillian Elaine Eccles, Elizabeth EUis. Sixth Row: Catherine Joan Pierce, Carolyn Pratt, Alison Jean Reimers, Martha Riser, Alta Shamblin, Susan Shanklin, Linda Sharp, Nannetta Smith, Gwin Sorrells. Third Row: Jane B. Eshleman, Peppy Eves, Sally Ann Field, Missy Green, Julia Steele Gregory, Brenda Hanckes, Martha Carol Harkey, Alartha Duke Hayes, Elaine Hixon. Seventh Row: Letia Soule, Janet Stell, Rosemar - Stewart, Lynn Bradley Tomhnson, Linda Vennard, June Wilkinson, Karen WilUams, Linda Woods, Linda Gordon Yates. Fourth Row: Molly Hocking, Claudia Horack, Anne Read Hynes, Lillie Williams Jackson, Judy Kcllehcr, Tarpley Blair Mann, Claire Martini, Judic Mclvin, Mary Nelson Moss. Not Pictured: Lyn Crawford, Pat Hoffman, Ann Kingsley. n 273 Left to Right: Sandy Ulmer, Treasurer; Carolyn Pelter, Corresponding Sccretar ' : Patti Drake. President; Sonja Romanowski, ' ice-President. DELTA ZETA Delta Zeta, largest NPC sorority with 130 collegiate chapters, was foun- ded in 1902 at Miami Universit ' in Oxford, Ohio, with Beta Theta Pi, Phi Delta Theta, and Sigma Chi as their national brother fraternities. Established on Newcomb ' s campus in 1928, Beta Upsilon has been an integral part of Tulane ' s campus. After attending National Convention in Pasadena, California, Sonja Ro- manowski led Beta Upsilon in a successful rush season. The pledges, whose homes range from A ' ashington to Florida, were entertained at La Louisiane and with two swimming parties soon after pledging. During the football season, the DZ ' s had two Homecoming Decorations parties and honored the DZ ' s from Sigma with a tea after the LSU game. The Winter Fomial in the Kendall Cram Room, with music by the Seven Saints, was a liighlight of the fall semester. Four Christmas parties kept the DZ ' s running until the holi- days. In the spring, the Delta Zetas again entered the Barbershop Quartet Contest, Campus Carnival, and Derby Da. -. DZ had a " Come as you are " breakfast, several swimming parties, and other informal gatherings. Dr. Al- brecht and Dr. Cohen were among the many speakers Marcia Herndon pre- sented for the benefit and enjoyment of both the campus and the sororit -. The annual Rose Dinner Dance was held at the New Orleans Country Club in March. A fun-filled weekend retreat ended the -ear for the Delta Zetas. Among the well-known Delta Zeta personalities on campus are: Joan Rog- ers, Panhellenic president and Student Council member; Marilyn Marsiglia, ROTC Little Colonel; Sandy Ulmer, head of the Campus Lover Contest for the Special Events Committee; Alarty Berry, Public Relations Sub-comniit- tee Chairman, and Donna Lowenstein and ' icki Martinez, Junior Year Abroad. — " But he said he ' d be here at 7:30— " BETA UPSILON CHAPTER First Row, Left to Right: Martha Sue Berry, Ellen Conmy, Nicky Downs, Jeanne Marie Eptopinal, Marquita Sue Finney, Marcia Hemdon, CeUa Marcelle Honnell, Virginia Hayden Howe. Second Row: Jo Beth Janke, Brenda Jones, Gloria Jean Lang, Elaine Leicher, Marilyn Alarsiglia, Ada Martin, Joan Ellen Rogers, Catherine Wallace. Not Pictured: Donna Lowenstein, Jeanne Moore. il 275 Left to Right: Betty Kelly, Treasurer; Letty Goltry, ' ice-President; Bonnie Shaw, Recording Secretar -; Eniilie B. Wendel, Corresponding Secretary. (Not Pictured: Xonie Waller, President.) KAPPA ALPHA THETA Founded at Depnuw University, Alpha Phi Chapter of Kappa Alplia Thcta was installed at Ncwcomh in 1914. The Thetas have enjoyed participating in campus and Pan-Hellenic activities and were re -arded for their ideas and efforts in the Homecoming Display Competition by placing third. Monday night suppers at the house, the Sunday afternoon baseball game in Audubon Park, the Kidnap Breakfast, and the Big Sister-Little SisteV re- lationships all proved to dra- - the pledges and actives closer together. The Christmas party given b ' the Mother ' s Club was a gala occasion. Both the actives and pledges ga -e hilarious skits, and the food as out of this world. Alpha Phi brightened up its home by getting carpe ts for the two front rooms, new furniture, and, as a reward for saving Marlboro bo.xes, a stereo. Another and most pleasant surprise of the year as the pkiyer piano given as the Pledge Project. They made their money by selling Sunday Breakfasts in the dorms. Kappa Alpha Theta can be ver - proud of her members w ho have proved themselves to be outstanding participants in campus life. Among them are Nonie Waller, President of Alpha Phi Chapter, President of Mortar Board, elected to Vv ' ho ' s Who; Lett - Coltr -, President of Athletic Council; Kath.s Knollc, President of Johnston House, member of Honor Board; Lynn John- son, President of the Music School, member of Honor Board; Betty Kell -, Secretary of Alpha Phi Chapter, representative to Doris Hall Council and Inner-Council; Ann Godfre -, representative to Doris Hall Council; Susie Husted, Secretar ' of Barracuda Swim Club, representative to Johnston Hou.se Council; and Sandy Noble, Treasurer of the Sophomore Class, mem- ber of Assets. lA ACbAy Champagne music on a beer budget First Row, Left to Right: Charlotte Barkerding, Jennie Barnctte, Linda Louise Bass, Teddy Bray, Rella Brooks, Brenda Brown, Jane Claiborne Brumback, Jerry Burford, Ann Can, . FiKTii Row: Sandra Noble, Maribell Parsons, Judy Lane Richard- son, Mary Jane Robertson, Jennie Lou Ropp, Leda Scheuermann, Susan Frances Shierer, Carol Schuchs, Bay Smithgall. Second Row: Martha Collins, Mary Ann Dryden, D. D. Dumestre, Eleanor Ellis, Mary Farrar, Judy Ford, Rebecca Fraser, Sandra Louise Garner, Ann Godfrey. Third Row: Betty Griffen, Mary Margaret Goodrich, Almeta Haggard, Patricia Hardin, Nancy Hodell, Ginny Hodges, Linda Hudson, Susie Husted, Mary L. Igert. Fourth Row: Lynn Talley Johnson, Beth Jones, Judith Mason Jones, Kathy KnoUe, Linda Lee, Kathy Lewis, Wing Macdonald, Virginia Lee Maxson, Judy Minard. Sixth Row: Jane Sturdivant, Susan Templeton, Ann Wallace, Judy Weaver, Paula Williams, Martha G. Yancey. Not Pictured: Helen Hauser, Judy Stewart, Nonie Waller. m 277 Left to Right: Judith Hicks, Treasurer; Martlia Bennett, Vice-President; .Meade Fowl- kes. President; " joan Andress, Corresponding Secretary; Lynne Chapman, Pledge Trainer. KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Kappa Kappa Gamma was founded at .Monmouth College, Monmouth, Illinois, in 1870, and Beta Omicron chapter has held an important place on the Newcomb campus since 1904. The sorority colors are dark and light blue, and the flower is the fluer-de-lis. Rush week was heralded by a won- derful group of twenty-six pledges, and on the night of pledging, both ac- tives and pledges celebrated at a swimming party. A week later formal pledging was held, after which the group adjourned to the Monteleone for its annual pledge banquet. Pledges and actives were entertained at many fraternity parties, and by Christmas the pledges were M ' ell oriented in sororit - life. Before going home for the holidays, the annual Kappa-DKE Orphan Party was held. After a two-week vacation and exams, the sorority initiated those pledges who had made their grades. Thoughts then turned to the Spring Cocktail Party and Formal, thfs year held at the Royal Orleans Hotel. In May, the founding of the Beta Omicron chapter was celebrated at the annual Foun- der s Da.v banquet where the seniors were sadly told good-bye. " How do I love him? Let me count the ways. " BETA OMICRON CHAPTER First Row, Left to Right: Marguerite Avegno, Barbara Barry, Bonnie Baumbacli, Jane Anne Bishop, Kathy Bishop, Karen Brookfield, Brenda Byrne, Georgia Byrne, Lisle Castleman. Fifth Row: Elizabeth Hughes, Harriett Hunter, S ally Kittredge, Karol Anne Kursteiner, Susie jVIanatt, Joan Matthews, Margaret Mayher, Allison Miller, Ann Monroe. Second Row: Bay Chamberlain, Sally Chapman, Elisabeth Clark, Kassie Connett, Louise Corrigan, Ann Allison Cox, Marcelle d ' Aquin, Adrienne Fay Dawson, Robin deArmas. Sixth Row: Jo Mosely, Sally Mysing, Leigh Perrilliat, Marcia Pratt, Patricia Ranlett, Anita Rea, Catherine Rea, Diana Rowley, Beverly Scott. Third Row: Doris Dezendorf, Diana Dymond, Lynn Dymond, Eleanor Eustis, Millie Fagan, Shelby Ferris, Patti Fishbume, Alice Gandy, Glenda Graham. Seventh Row: Julie Sellers, Sandra Shuler, Judi Smith, Regina Soniat, Nancy Starr, Harriet Stone, Corinne Thomas, Gracia Walker, Lvnnc Whiteman. Fourth Row: Lady Trimble Greenslit, Judith Ann Haas, Lynne Hall, Anne Hamilton, Peggy Harrell, Helen H. Harry, Lynda Harvey, Tillie Hatcher, Linda Hines. Eighth Row: Caroline Wilcox. w- 279 Left to Right: Alliene Jenkins, Treasurer; Elizabeth Hubbs, Vice-President; ' eaver, President; Julie Hatten, Secretarj-; Julie Fransen, Pledge Director. Bettv PHI MU Phi AIu M ' as founded at Wesleyan College, and Delta, now the fraternity ' s oldest existing chapter, was established on the Newcomb campus in 1906. In September, the members of Delta returned to Newcomb enthusiastic after the pre-rush houseparty at the Sun-N-Sand on the Gulf Coast. Soon after a successful rush season and pledging, came a banquet at Delmonico ' s. The pledge picnic presented a ' onderful opportunity for the members to get better acquainted with their little sisters. Spice was added to the usual ac- tivities by the Mothers ' Club luncheons and the annual Christmas party. The alumnae gave a reception honoring the Phi Mu members, pledges, and moth- ers. The highlight of the fall season was a workshop at Gulf Hills where friendship bonds were strengthened and numerous plans for the future were made. In February, the traditional Spring Fomial -as held at the Southern Yacht Club on the Friday before Mardi Gras. As a group Phi Mu participated in campus and Pan-Hellenic activities, winning third place in volleyball and second in the Tulane Mardi Gras pa- rade. Phi Mu is also quite proud of its individual members who are active on campus. Among these are Diana Weber, chairman of the Tulane Mardi Gras weekend and staff member of the Hullabuloo and Urchin; Betts ' Weaver, ' ice-President of the Public Relations Committee, president of the Christian Science group; Rosalie Batchelder, secretary of the Music School; Ann Loughridge, editor of the Wave and " ice-President of the Inter-Faith Council; Georgia Connell, secretary of the Fine .Arts Committee, and Kathy Connell, secretary- of Chi Gamma Chi. Phi Mu is represented abroad by Martha Blair ' ho is studying in Paris. M Why tell them it ' s makeup— they ' re convinced it ' s you. DELTA CHAPTER ■ -■i. - First Row, Left to Right: Kay Anderson, .Miriam Ane, Julia Arnold, Rosalie Batchclder, ' erna Lee Baumhoefer, Sharon Beck- ham, Jane Bergerct, Bernice Broderick, Judy Cagle. FoLRTH Row: Adrienne Lapcyre, Sallie Lott, Ann .Marie Lough- ridge, .Marina McCartney, Pat .Murphej ' , Gwen .Mary Nelson, .Mary Elizabeth Paltron, Judith Ann Parsonage, Dena Price. Second Row: .Marilyn Ann Ciaccio, Georgia Elizabeth Connell, Kathy Connell, J. Vereen Daniel, Frances Decker, Mary Beth Dodge, Janet .Marjorie Dunn, Carroll Ruth Durand, .Mary Ford. FuTH Row: N ' irginia .Mary Scheppcgrell, Linda Teiielo, .Marsha Gayle Terry, Linda Inez Thomas, Diana Weber, Beverly Welch, Dee Wilson, Carol Ann Winkler, Patricia Wylie. Third Row: Anita Gracia, Elizabeth Spencer Goldman, Carolyn Lindsay Gordon, Carole Guiza, JoAnn Habanas, Tommy Hodgin, Cynthia Hopkins, Paulette James, Deanne Lanoix. Not PicruREi): Joan Aldrich, Mar - Coon, Eleanor Faulk, Evelyn Fotiades, Lynn Murphy, Louie Stewart, Gay Wilson. ■m 281 Left to Right: Burdine Anderson, Historian; Cynthia Dawkins, Vice-President; Jane Sanford, President; Judy Shaw, Correspondins Secretary; Linda Hardy, Recording Secretary ' . PI BETA PHI Pi Beta Phi, founded at iVIonmouth College in 1867, •as installed at New- comb College in 1891. Pi Phi ' s have actively participated in campus activi- ties this year, both individually and as a group. After a work-and-play houseparty at Holiday Inn on the Gulf Coast, a highly successful Rush Week was enjoyed. The pledge banquet was held at Brennan ' s on Oct. 3. Winner of the 1959 Pan-Hellenic trophy, Pi Phi won first place in Homecoming decorations. They placed second in Pan-Hellenic volleyball. Other important events of October were the annual Mother- Daughter Tea and a visit from the Grand Secretary of Pi Beta Phi. The ac- tives ' had the traditional surprise-breakfast for the pledges in November. For their project the pledges raffled a transistor radio and records. Outstanding highlights of the spring semester were the Province President ' s visit and the annual Spring Formal. The Pi Phi ' s are proud of the campus honors won by their members this year. Linda Hardy served as President of the Art School, member of the Ne ' comb Honor Board, and was elected to Who ' s Who and the Tulane Hall of Fame. Sue Pace A ' as VMce-Chairman of Region 9 of the Student Union Board. Anne McDonald was Treasurer of the Junior Class and Presi- dent of the Barracuda Club. C ' nthia Dawkins was Vice-President of the Senior Class. Cathy Donovan was Secretary of the Freshman Class and Camille Webb was Treasurer. Trophy-polishing crew of local Amazon-types. LOUISIANA ALPHA CHAPTER First Row, Left to Right: Lucie Andry, Julia Ary, Brenda Mary Baehr, Cornelia Barnes, Alatha Bell, Barbara Berry, Bettina Blair, Carol Boren. Fifth Row: Melanie Rueter, Suzanne Sandlin, Mary Helen Seago, Edith Seyburn, Camille Shamis, Judith Sharp, Julia Smith, Tamara Smith. Second Row: Bev Bretz, Carolyn Elaine Brown, Suzanne Bru- nazzi, Carol Ann Carmichael, Jan Cole, Shannon Cookson, Cecile Costley, Cathy Donovan. Sixth Row: Nancy Wilcox Snellings, Carolyn Sutter, Susan Virginia Tatum, Virginia Vickers, Camille Webb, Barbara Ann Williams, Evie Winder, Ann Wisdom. TmRD Row: Landrea Ducote, Brenda Edmonson, Susan Everett, Ann Fothergill, Helen Josephine Grace, Sandra Lee Grage, Susan McCloskey, Ann iMcDonald. Not Pictured: Jeanne Bartlett, Gay Brannon, Cynthia Jastram, Ruthie Jones, Susan Pace, Rosie Rapier, Charlotte Sutter, Ellann Thompson, Laura Worley. Fourth Row: Anne Maught, Marsha Merrill Miller, Susan E. Miller, Julia Tevis Narz, Duane Payne Perrow, Jane Caroline Pharr, Geraldine Picton, Kathleen Georges Roth. 283 Left to Right: Lynn Andrea Michael, Treasurer; Elaine Sandra Cohn, ' ice-President; Frieda Ann Green, President; Doris Ginsberg, Corresponding Secretary; Carol Seider- man. Recording Secretary. SIGMA DELTA TAU Sigma Delta Tau -was founded at Cornell University in 1917, and Alpha Iota chapter was established on Newcomb ' s campus in 1955. The sorority began social activities in the early fall with an open house to show oS the new pledges and the new house. Soon afterwards work started on Homecoming decorations that capped the second place trophy. The Big- Little sister luncheon, the French Quarter party, the ' inter retreat on the Gulf Coast, the Founder ' s day celebration, and the annual Spring Formal were highlights of a busy social calendar. In addition, SDT took part in various philanthropic, religious, an d athletic events during the year. SDT is proud of their MP ' s on campus: Elaine Gilner is President of Newcomb Honor Board, Judy Litvin is president of TUT, Marilyn Cohen is president of the sophomore class, .Marilyn Donsky is president of Hillel, Jane ' illensky is president of Beta Beta Beta, Mary Levy is Vice-president of the junior class, Marcia Angel is freshman Class Honor Board Representa- tive and Urchin Pledge Pin-up, Elaine Cohn is sweetheart of AEpi, Joni Carlin was a Homecoming Princess and Jambalaya Beaut}-. Elaine Gilner and Judy Litvin ■ere selected for Who ' s Who, and Elaine is also in the Jambalaya Hall of Fame. The •hole chapter is extremely proud of its sec- ond place scholastic standing on the Newcomb campus. L a£ Never on Sunday ALPHA IOTA CHAPTER First Row, Left to Right: Marcia Angel, Sandra Applebaum, Leah Claire Ball, Barbara Florence Berg, Lynda Caryl Blankstein, Ester Bonichel, Joni Carlin, Rona Rose Chafetz, Lois Jane Cohen. Fifth Row: Diana Padratzik, Diane Polunsky, Carol Robinson, Judith Rose, Alctha Schultz, Rosetta Shiakun, Joyce Dianne Singerman, Xorma Soloman, Sandy Spark. Second Row: Marilyn Cohen, Ann Cohn, Louise Ellen Cole, Janet Cutler, Elana Davis, Joan Carol Davis, Marilyn Donskey, Judith Harriet Filenbaum, Susan Jill Finsten. Third Row: Joyce Frank, Elaine Beth Gilner, Bett - Goldbluin, Linda L. Goldstein, Sandra L. Goldstein, Susan C. Goldstein, Roberta Gordon, Virginia Gordon, Libby Ann Greenberg. Sixth Row: Cookie Sulkin, Sharon Lyn Taylor, Bobbie Wadler, Jane Wilensky, Nancy Woolner. Not Pictured: Linda Cole, Pat Heinsimer, Judee Samelson. Fourth Row: .Margie A. Kendis, Cecile Klein, Flora Kopitsky, Doris Rose Levy, Mary Lynn Levy, Judy Litvin, Wendy Ludwig, E. Nancy Mitzner, Marilyn Neidich. •I IT 285 TULANE PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL In 1858 the first fraternity was founded on the Tulane campus. Since that time the fraternit)- s -stem has grown and prospered to the extent that now there are sixteen national fraternities at Tulane, ail of which are governed by the Pan-Hellenic Council. The council is composed of a junior and senior repre- sentative from each fraternity. The executive function of the council is vested in the Judicial Committee, com- prised of the four officers and two members at large, wliich serves as advisor to the chairman and assists him in the performance of his duties. The Judicial Commit- tee is supplemented by the Athletic Committee, chaired by the Director of Interfraternity Activities. This com- mittee has jurisdiction over all of the various competitive activities of the fraternities, ranging from football to swimming and scholarship. In September the Council opens the year w ith a w el- coming banquet for all new pledges. The Council also sponsors as its major activity the annual " Greek Week, " and was one of the first campuses in the country to insti- tue such a program. The " Week, " climaxed by the Pan- Hellenic Formal features officer and pledge discussions and the community " Help Day, " all of which are de- signed to promote a united fraternity s ' stem on the Tu- lane campus. OFFICERS NELSON CASTELLANO Chairman BENNETT POWELL Secretary STEPHEN NICHOLS Treasurer JERRY GREENBAUiM Activities Chairman DR. KARLEM RIESS Faculty Advisor JUDICIAL COMMITTEE NELSON CASTELLANO JERRY GREENE AU.M BENNETT POWELL FRED PREAUS STEPHEN NICHOLS FRED SEXTON First Row, Left to Right: Frank Basile, David Ba ne, Ray Ber- geron, Donald Bierman, Cliarles Carriere, Nelson Castellano, Robert Clark. Secoxd Row: Charles Cloutier, Jeff Cohn, Carl Craine, Alarty Davidson, James Gabler, Willis Gooch, Jerry Grecnbaum. Third Row: Delph Gustitus, Tim Hoff, Tim Irwin, iMyles Katz, Harry KcUeher, Harold Loyacano, Jim Newman. Fourth Row: Stephen Nichols, Francis Payne, Kenny Pollock, Bert Ponig, Bennett Powell, Fred Preaus, Fred Sexton. Tulane Pan-Hellenic Council MEMBERS DONALD BIERMAN Alpha Epsilon Pi A ' lYLES KATZ Alpha Epsilon Pi CARL CRAINE Alpha Tau Omega ARNOLD KIRKPATRICK Alpha Tau Omega STEVE NICHOLS Beta Theta Pi JAMES NEWjMAN Beta Theta Pi CHARLES CARRIERE Delta Kappa Epsilon BENNETT POWELL Delta Kappa Epsilon FRANK BASILE Delta Sigma Phi JAMES GABLER Delta Sigma Phi ROBERT CLARK Delta Tau Delta TIMOTHY HOFF Delta Tau Delta HARRY KELLEHER Kappa Alpha CAMERON PAYNE Kappa Alpha DAVID BAYNE Kappa Sigma FRED PREAUS Kappa Sigma HAROLD LOYACANO Pi Kappa Alpha NELSON CASTELLANO Pi Kappa Alpha CHARLES CLOUTIER Phi Delta Theta TIMOTHY IRWIN Phi Delta Theta RAY BERGERON Phi Kappa Sigma BERT PONIG Phi Kappa Sigma JERRY MASHAW Sigma Alpha Epsilon FRED SEXTON Sigma Alpha Epsilon JERRY GREENBAUM Sigma Alpha Mu AARON PECK Sigma Alpha Mu WILLIS GOOCH Sigma Chi DELPH GUSTITUS Sigma Chi LARRY GREENBERG Tau Epsilon Phi KEN POLLOCK Tau Epsilon Phi JEFF COHN Zeta Beta Tau MARTY DAVIDSON Zeta Beta Tau Pan-Hel Officers Dr. Riess, Fraternity Advisor v.. ■ff: Left to Right: Stanley Z. Berman, Corresponding Secretary; Donald Irwin Bierman, " ice-President; Leonard Rubin, President; Stuart Ames Frank, Treasurer. ALPHA EPSILON PI Alpha Epsilon Pi was founded at New York University in 1913 and the Tau Upsilon chapter appeared at Tulane in 1951. Since that time the chap- ter has continued to gro • in both size and stature. The tradition was con- tinued tiiis year wit h an outstanding pledge class of forty-two men. This year ' s outstanding social activities included a Shipwreck Party, a Polynesian Picnic Party, and a Pledge Formal at the Prince Conti Hotel. The brothers and pledges have enjoyed the music of many of New Orleans ' finest bands at our various parties, including Clarence " Frogman " Henry, Sweet Emma, Bobby Mitchell, and many others. The climax of the social season came with the gala Sweetheart Formal, at which Fats Domino ' s band provided an enjoyable evening of music. AEU continued its fine scholastic rating, placing second among the six- teen fraternities on campus in this all-important area. Many of our brothers are entering professional schools. Brothers of our fraternity are active in all facets of campus life. President Stu Frank is also ' ice-President of the Pre-Med Societ - and a member of the Pre-Med honorary AEJ. Don Biennan senxs as President of the Junior Class, Young Democrats, and AEF, Mike Weinrobe was Assistant Editor of the Student Directory. Ron Katz has served as Pan-Hellenic Council Repre- sentative as well as being secretary of the A.I.A. AEII men are also active in such diversified activities as the University Center Committees, Green- backers, TUSK. APO, radio station WTUL, Circle K, 77-lB, 0BA ' , all branches of ROTC, Campus Nite, TUT, Honor Board, Glendy Burke De- bate Societv, ' I ' Hl ' , and many other activities. Talented craftsmen and their work TAU UPSILON CHAPTER First Row, Left to Right: Arnie Abramson, Allen Donald Adel- son, Michael Bashuk, Bernard H. Berins, Steve Blank, Stanley Louis Blend, Richard W. Bussoff, .Martin S. Clawans, Howie Cohen. Second Kow. Mel Drucker, James M. Feld, Gerald Marvin Fried- man, Richard P. Friedman, Moses Haym Goldberg, Peter Good- man, Howard Wayne Gordon, Dean Gottehrer, Marcus J. Grapes. Third Rcw: How ard Hershberg, Howard D. Isaacs, Stephen D. Kafka, Jacob L. Karnofsky, Myles Mathias Katz, Robert S. Klein, Peter Lee Kochman, Danny Kovnat, Richard S. Kugler. Fourth Row: Jack Leicher, Harris A. Lichtenstein, Richard L Manas, Ronald B. Marks, Michael Marvins, Louis K. Meisel, David .Meyers, Har -ey D. .Mitnick, Allan Nathanson. Fifth Row; Larry Neuman, Ellis Jay Pallet, Ted Ranzal, Edwin H. Reitman, Larry Rice, Alan Michael Rockway, Louis A. Ruben- stcin, William Rubin, Lloyd Sampson,. Sixth Row: Robert Samuels, Joel Shapiro, Charles P. Scliiller, Mel Schneidman, Ken Seidel, S. Ronald Slipman, Leonard J. Spillert, Richard L Sunshine, Bob Allen Tessler. Seventh Row: Barry M. Vogel, Harold Wainer, Roy Walter, Barry Walt Weiner, Mike Weinrobe, Phillip i L Weitzman, Nathan Samuel Wexler, Stephen J. Whitfield, Mark Wickman. Eighth Row: Harry S. Wiiks, Allan David Yasnyl, Stephen N. Zimmerman. AEI 289 Left to Right: John I. Hulse, IV , Historian; John James Barcelo, III, President; Robert James Whann, III, Treas- urer. ALPHA TAU OMEGA Alpha Tau Omega was the first fraternity founded after the War Between the States at Virginia Military Institute in 1865. Louisiana Beta Epsilon Chapter was established at Tulane in 1887. After an extremely successful Rush Week, highlighted by the notorious Voo Doo, glorious Plantation and uproarious Prohibition parties, Beta Ep- sUon pledged 19 promising young men. Ninety percent of these men ob- tained the grades required for initiation, thereby proving their adherence to the standards of Alpha Tau Omega. Immediately before first semester exams, confusion was brought upon the brothers by moving to their new house at 712 Broadway. But soon with the fine help of industrious Alumni and our considerate .Mother ' s Club, the ne - house became a worthy center of Tau activity. Beta Epsilon ' s social calendar included such outstanding events as the Barn Yard Part - and the Comic Strip Party. At our annual Christmas Party the brothers " secret lives were exposed in slanderous verse, and Nixon Ad- ams as a roly pol - Santa distributed gifts to the orphans. The Sweetheart Formal in the Centur - Room of the Monteleone Hotel closed the first semester in style. Active in all phases of Pan-Hellenic competition, the ATO brothers won first place in the annual homecoming decorations contest and placed in hand- ball and pool. Beta Epsilon had its members in many honorary and elective organizations. Bill Argus, Representative at Large to the Student Council and President of the Sailing Club, was chosen as a member of ODK. iVIickey Simons played on the varsity basketball team and Joe Brown served as President of AED. Van Kirk homework assignment? BETA EPSILON CHAPTER First Row, Left to Right: Nixon A. Adams, Charles E. Allen, Beuker F. Amann, Jr., Wilbert L. Argus, Jr., Carl Craine, H. Hackett Cummins. FoLRiH Row: Albert R. Rexinger, Buddy Richardson, Frank K. Riess, Charlie W. Rossner, Wilbert A. Schcffler, Jr., Hughes Schneidaun, Jr. Second Row: Joseph B. Eustis, Jr., Barton Green, William High- tower, Neal D. Hobson, George Janvier, III, Lawrence Noel Johnson. Fifth Row: John Robert Schupp, Mickey Simons, John Simpson, Samuel P. Stewart, Wade Graham Wannaniaker, John Winter Woolfolk. Third Row: David B. Lawrence, Jr., George Lehleitner, Jr., James W. McCarter, Jr., Jack B. McGuire, Ernest B. Norman, in, Albert Prieto, Jr. m 291 Left to Right: Nathaniel R. Tro -, Recording Sccrctar -; William Douglas Hall, Cor- responding Secretary; Keith iM. Hammett, President; William C. Allen, Treasurer: Stephen Nichols, Vice-President. BETA THETA PI Bet;i Theta Pi was founded at Miami University of Oliio in 1839 and came to Tulane in 1908 as Beta Xi Chapter. 1960-61 A -as a very successful year for Beta Xi starting ith the pledging of seventeen men in September. These pledges showed their zeal and desire to become brothers b ' building a new back porch on the house. The social year -as highlighted by the Annual Spring Formal, perenially imbibed with southern geniality and savoir faire. Also in this vein was the Jungle Party, a pleasant affair enjoyed by all. Realizing that scholarly achievement is paramount at Tulane, the Betas sought to provide nourishment to the starving minds of the more intellec- tually prone members. This ' as manifested in an all out effort to improve the chapter ' s grade point average. Among the leaders on campus this year were Steve Nichols, President of Delta Sigma Pi business fraternity. Who ' s Who, and Omicron Delta Kappa; Lance Mann, an outstanding member of the University swimming team, and many others, active in all phases of school groups, teams, and societies. Optimum utilit - BETA XI CHAPTER k iiL First Row, Left to Right: Patrick J. Araguel, Bobby Boasberg, Sid Cliarbonnet, Harry J. Chris, Walter Wimbcrly Christy, David Alan Depp, C. Bryan Frater, Manuel Raul Garcia. Second Row: Albert W. Hartman, Jr., Tommy Hatfield, Al Hecker, Odom B. Heebe, Andrew W. Herron, III, Haywood H. Hillyer, III, Steven Grant Jahncke, James L. Kent. Third Row: Eugene T. La Fleur, Jens Lorenz, John Arthur Meade, George B. iMuUer, III, Ronald E. Murlin, J. W. Newman, Jr., Chas. B. Odom, Jr., William H. Osborn, II. Fourth Row: Charles Stuart Palmer, Antonio I. Perez, Jr., James Ernest Rasmussen, Donald Rhodes, Edniond Cunningham Salassi, Charles F. Seemann, Jr., William W. Shaw, Jr., C. Tom Simonton. Fifth Row: Charles H. Smither, John " Buzzy " A. Sutherland, Jr., Jim Van Hook, .Maurice Francois Villere, Plauche F. Villere, Eniile A. Wagner III, (oseph W. Wells, Jr. ■u 293 Left to Right: Mlliam Woodruff Dahlberg, Corresponding Secretary; Bennett E. Powell, Recording Secretary; Cornelius C. Crusel, Jr., President; F. J. Selman, Jr., Vice-President. DELTA KAPPA EPSILON Tau Lambda Chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon, founded at Yale University in 1844, was established on the Tulane campus in 1889. Since coming to Tulane, the Dekes have been most active in various cam- pus functions and this year was no exception. The Chapter took part in many Pan-Hellenic activities and emerged with a most rewarding record. Topping its many activities ' as the successful Rush Week, headed by chair- man Bobby Wehrmann, ith the largest pledge class in many a year being signed to the Deke rollbook. Everyone enjoyed the many Deke social gath- erings, and tliis year provided even more laughs and thrills to those who made Henry Clay their choice for excitement. The annual Pledge Skit astounded the audience, -hile the Sunday Sorority parties could never be forgotten. Many members held high positions of responsibility during the xezr. Benny Po •ell was Vice-President of Business School, Buddy Friedrichs headed Tulane ' s Charity programs, and served on the Honor Board of Busi- ness School. Other Dekes served on the Honor Boards of their respective colleges, as officer of the ROTC, members of the Jambalaya staff, and as class officers, making the year a most commendable one. i " Say that again, kid, and you ' ll flunk chemistry " TAU LAMBDA CHAPTER First Row, Left to Right: Richard O. Baumbach, Jr., J. A. BoUes, William E. Borah, Charles P. Carriere, III, Fred Carroll, Michael K. Clann, Mark Dean. Fourth Row: L. Maurice Provosty, Patrick Manning Reily, Richard Ray Roniger, H. P. Rowley, III, Lawrence F. Smart, Jr., Howard J. Smith, Jr., Breard Snellings, Jr. Second Row: James W. deBuys, George S. Farnsworth, Jr., Louis M. Freeman, Jerry Friedrichs, Jr., G. S. Friedrichs, Jr., Ira B. Harkey III, Barton W. Benedict Jahncke. FiFrH Row: Sidney L. Soniat, Henri L. Wedell, Robert Rice Wehrmann, John H. Wells, David Scott Wisdom, John Duncan Wogan. Third Row: Philip James, Hans A. B. Jonassen, Burt Henry Keenan, Rich Keenan, Eddie Layrisson, Herbert W. LeBourgeois, Robert L. Livingston, Jr. m 295 Lefv to Right: Kennetli E. Mills, Secretary; William H. .Murpln ' , President; L. E. Vivien, Vice-President; James H. Gabler, Treasurer. DELTA SIGMA PHI Dclt;i Sigma Phi was fountled at City College of New York in 1889. Sev- enteen years later Chi Chapter came into existence at Tulane. The watch- word of Delta Sig is " Engineered Leadership " and as a result of its intensi- fied leadership program a e have moved forward in size, scholarship, and campus participation. Delta Sig ranked third in the number of pledges with thirty-three. Along with size, scholarship has also improved ' ith ten of the thirty-three pledges being National Merit Scholarship winners. Also, the Delta Sigs were re- cipients of the scholarship improvement trophy. In campus activities, Frank Basile, who is Leadership Chairman, led the way. Frank served as President of the School of Business Administration and " ice-Chairman of the Plonor Board as well as representative to the Pan- Hellenic Council while maintaining his usual four point average. Brother Basile was chosen for membership in Who ' s Who and the Jambalaya Hall of Fame. Pledge Tom Gallagher was Public Relations Director for WTUL. Ken .Mills and Ted Nass were members of TUSK and Wally Sudol was chosen for Greenbackers. Early in the year Delta Sig placed third in the Homecoming Decorations contest under the able direction of Eddie Davis. Partywise, the Delta Sigs, who are ve l known for fun and frolic, lived up to their billing -with the Sailor ' s Ball right after rush week to the Carna- tion Ball in February, where the Dream Queen is serenaded, to the Bayou Brawl, the big party of the year. " I think, therefore I am " CHI CHAPTER First Row, Left to Right: Frank M. Basile, Michael Christison, Milton L. Donnell, Jr., Gary A. Eddins, Roy A. Freborg, Tom Gallagher. Second Row; Richard G. Heaton, Pete Higinbotham, Roger Klam, Tommy Lasseigne, Harry S. Laughran, Bob Light. Third Row: C. Carlton Lind, Theordore Nass, Jr., Richard H. O ' Brien, Ed Owens, F. E. Palomeque, Larry O. Phillips. Fourth Row: Amaury Piedra, Pete Reynolds, Ronald Carlisle Rosbottom, Robert Schwerin, David Allen Sklar, Russell Stewart. Fifth Row: Alvin S. Transeau, Bob Wilson. Ml 297 Left to Right: Charles H. North, Jr., Corresponding Secretary; John Waldmann Wharton, Recording Secretary; Bob Clark, President; Albert J. Derbes, III, Vice- President; Wilbert Evans Noel, Treasurer. DELTA TAU DELTA Delta Tau Delta Fraternity as founded in 1858 at Bethany College in Virginia. Thirtv one years later Beta Xi came into existence on the Tulane campus. The Delts commenced this year ' s activities with a week of dazzling rush parties, one of the most successful of -hich was the annual picnic, held in the safety of the Delta Shelter after the chosen site at Ocean Springs was rained out by Hurricane Donna. Donna also cooperated in giving special appropriateness to the traditional name of another party, the Beta Xi-clone. Members of Delta Tau Delta have been prominent in all phases of campus life again this year. Beta Xi is represented in Tulane ' s engineering, arcliitec- ture, pre-medical, classic language, and political science honor societies; the Opera Workshop and A Cappefla Choir; Phi Eta Sigma, Tusk, and Green- backers; the " arsity Baseball Team, and the three R.O.T.C. units. Bob Clark and Al Taylor are ' captains of the Army Drill Team and Drum and Bugle Corps, respectively, and Al Boudreau is president of Glend - Burke. Delts are also active on the non-academic side of the ledger. Mickey Michel again conducted the Po -der Puff Bowl, and a rush of frantic foot- ball practice culminated in the ignominious defeat of the active chapter by the pledge class in Audubon Park, for which the actives forfeited a keg of beer to the victors. This year ' s social calendar was also replete, the bright- est date being the Delt Formal at the resplendent ballroom of the new Roval Orleans Hotel. The future promises much for Beta Xi as it carries on the proud tradi- tions, high standards, and true brotherhood of its past. isst Somebody drank too much BETA XI CHAPTER Mfjk ilkitki 4fbfl im4 First Row, Left to Right; Justin John Ansel, N. Craig Brigtsen, Jr., Charlie Broder, David T. Butler, Charles L. Chassaignac, Eddie Dragon, James H. Dunbar, III. Second Row: George A. Duncan, Frank Lawrence Faust, III, Richard Finley, Glenn B. Gatipon, Nicholas B. Hodsdon, Tim Hoff, Charles J. Howie. Third Row: Arthur S. Huey, III, Paul W. Jardis, Wilfred F. Lehder, Jr., Samuel G. .Marshall, Lawrence M. Martin, William Mcintosh, III, Fred Mitchell. Fourth Row: Russell A. Mitchell, Jr., Robert Rudolph Padron, John Poser, Virgil O. Rambo, James Y. Robinson, Raymond J. Salassi, Jr., Ncal E. Schafer. Fifth Row: Richard E. Virr, Kirk H. Webster, Louis Bayer Weisenburgh, R. Mark Wilkiemeyer, Gary L. Woods. ■JTl 299 Left to Right: Harrv B. Kelleher, jr., Recording Secretary; Alan Hardy, Treasurer; Stephen A. Schniedtje, President; Harry McEnerny, III, Vice-President; Jolin Hen- drick Chidlow, Corresponding Secretar) " . KAPPA ALPHA Kappa Alpha Order was founded at ' ashington and Lee in 1865. Psi Chapter ■as established at Tulane t ' enty ' ears later and since then has prided itself with an outstanding group of young men. This year as ah -ays the KA ' s upheld the principles of Southern tradition upon -hich the Order vas founded. It is expected that the fifteen pledges obtained during the last highly successful Rush Week will follow in the tradition of General Robert E. Lee, who is considered the ideal gentleman, and is placed in high admiration by every KA. Not forgetting that they are a social fraternity, the KA ' s gave parties that will be remembered for years to come. A few of the parties were the annual Bushman ' s Ball, the Cotton Bra ' l, and, of course, the Old South Ball. The KA ' s are always active participants in Pan-Hellenic activities. Such members as Terry Terrebone, halfback standout, Gus AVenzel, the Wave ' s basketball captain, Dick Langenbahn of Greenbackers, and Porcher Miles, Tommy Zander, and Cam Payne of Adelphon fame, adequately represent the KA spirit. E ' ' 7A7 ia Shades up in the Kappa house? PSI CHAPTER First Row, Left to Right: Jim Aiello, William Roy Ary, Binks Baldwin, Buddy Blaum, Christian Henry Bunger, Jr., Michael Denechaiid Charbonnet, Judd Hendrick Chidlow. Second Row: Bill Grain, Robert Dana, C. Delu David, William C. Ellis, Jr., Ben Eshleman, Jr., Ralph Richard Gilster, Jr., Eugene Grasser. Fourth Row: Williain Lee, Porcher W. Miles, IV, Bobby Morse, James J. Morse, Paul T. Nelson, William Lewis Parks, Jr., Cam- eron Payne. Fifth Row; Richard Roland Reynolds, James Pat Ryan, Ray- mond P. Starr, Jr., Mike Stoddard, Edward H. StoUey, Gus Wenzel, Bache McE. Whitlock. Third Row: David Kirk Groome, John William Groome, Wil- liam Hartwell, Bobby Hassinger, Peter Herring, Neel Howard, Richard Armitage Langebahn. Sixth Row: James M. Wootan. ■ 301 A3m1 Left to Righi: Glenn C. House, Historian: Harlan A. Schmidt. Secretarv; Edmon Lee Green, President; James E. Toups, Jr., ice-President; George Jav Walker Smith. Treasurer. KAPPA SIGMA Kappa Sigma was founded at the Umversit - of ' irgima in 1869 and char- tered Sigma Chapter at Tulane in 1889. This year Kappa Sig distinguished it.self ith a highlv successful Rush W eek and by placing in many of the Pan-Hellenic sports. The house was improved by the addition of a ne - side -alk and the remodeling of the TV room as supervised by the Housemother. .Miss Ruth van der .Maaten. Social activities included champagne parties for various Xewcomb sorori- ties, date buffets at home football games, the annual Jungle and Pirate Par- ties, the " Untouchables " " Party, and the Christmas Orphan Partv given -ith its sister sororir " , Chi Omega. Many Kappa Sigs were acdve in campus activities such as I ' USK, Gre;n- backers. Student Center Committees, and Glendy Burke. Honorary- organ- izations represented include Phi Beta Kappa. Phi Eta Sigma. ODK. ' HO " s WHO. and Circle K. John ' ahl is at the University of Glasgow with the Junior Year Abroad Program; Bob Ambrose and Glenn House -ere elected President and ' ice-President respectively of the School of Architecture; John Unverzagt was named Group Commander of the Air Force; and Xeal .Mangold served as Editor of the J. .mb. lay. . In addition to these, several brothers were active in various phases of campus politics, and the Fratemit " was well represented on the varsity football, track, and golf teams. ■• ' Sh-h-h-h ' SIG IA CHL PTER First Row, Left to Right: William L. Albritton, Bob Ambrose, Hugh Glenn Barnett 11, Robert Russell Barth, David Roberge Bayne. Hilton S. Bell, Jolin E. Bergstedt, Thomas Milton Berg- stedt, William Stewart. Second Row: Milton M. BoUes, Stuart Brown, David Combe, Doug Conner, Sterling Robert Cruger, Leland Denis, II, George C. Dunn, Jr., Charles Durham, W ' illiam Norman Floyd, Jr. Third Row: John V. Garoutte, Johnny Graves, Randy Harri- son, Shelton E. Hendricks, Dan Hickey, Barry Hillebandt, Rust) ' Holman, Robert E. HoUiday, William H. Hopkins. Fifth Row: John M. Lester, Skipper Luke, Neal R. Alangold, Kim McClenaghan, Tom Meade, Thomas W. Millican, William I. Pippin, Jr., John B, Postell, Frederick F. Preaus. Sixth Row: William Spears Randall, III, Glover Roberts, Pres- ton Russell, Walter Edward Schwing, Gene Sentcll, Robert M. Toups, Knox Tyson, James E. Wesner, Tommy Wheeler. Seventh Row: Jay Williams, Kent T. Williams, John G. Un- verzagt, George B. Vaughan, Stephen T. Victory, Robert W. Zollinger. Fourth Row: James J. Hoth, James F. Hughes, Joe Keeton, Howard W. Kisner, Joseph Morris Kochansky, Bill Lammey, Jacob Landry, Berdon Lawrence, George Randall Leake. 303 Left to Right: William H. Barr, Secretary; Tim Irwin, Vice-President; John C. Brothers, President; Garr ' Louis Baker, Treasurer. PHI DELTA THETA Phi Delta Theta was founded at Miami University of Ohio, and the Louis- iana Alpha chapter at Tulane appeared in 1889. Active participation in campus activities and Pan-Hellenic competition oc- cupied the chapter during the year. Louisiana Alpha performed a minor miracle bv winning the Pan-Hellenic Scholastic Trophy. The pledges ex- emplified their energetic nature by such noble deeds as answering the phone, and, bv some unexplained quirk of fate, maintaining good grades. Through- out the year we have been ably assisted by our housemother, Mrs. Marjorie Brown, and by our very active Alumni Club, to whom our appreciation is without bounds for their continued support and interest. Without this as- sistance the past year could not have been the success that it was. Following a highly successful Rush Week in iiich Brother AIcDougall set the pace, the first semester saw champagne parties for sororit - pledges, the Medieval Slob Party, the u-aditional Christmas Part -, and several after- noon Parties. Spring highlights included the Formal, Founder ' s Day Din- ner, and the South Sea Island Party. Phi Delts were again active in Greenbackers, TUSK, Adelphons, Scabbard and Blade, and Honor Board. They held offices in Alpha Epsilon Delta and Phi Eta Sigma. Bill Barr was tapped by Omicron Delta Kappa. Phis were ' also ably represented on Tulane ' s football and tennis teams. m Creative young men LOinSIANA ALPHA CHAPTER First Row, Left to Right: David W. Adams, Louis Alfaro, Michael John Anderson, Schales L. Atkinson, Bradley Baker, William T. Bayer, Charles Plowden Bridges, C. Lamar Card. Second Ro v ' : Prentiss B. Carter, W. Allen Clark, C. Edgar Cloutier, Wren Cohenour, Louis Costa, Jim Crosland, Joseph L. Dalton, III, William Manly Darlington. Third Row: Charles E. Felger, William Harper Fonnan, Jr.. John D. Gay, G. Malcolm Genet, Jr., Tom Harrington, Jack Hepting, Jack Hooper, Frank Turner Howard, Jr. Fourth Row: Robert M. Jacquemin. John L. Kyff, Jr., Wylie McDougall, Roderick C. McNeil, III, Harvey Powell Marice, August " William Mysing, James Robert Nieset, John S. Pitt- man. Fifth Row: Kearny Quinn Robert, Jr., James Ryan, III, Harry Voss Singrecn, Robert C. Skeoch, William G. Tabb, III, John H. Whitcemorc, Paul Woolverton, Dalton L. Woolverton. Slxth Rq-w: John Randolph Young, Jr. HI lie 305 . Left to Right: John D. Jackson, Corresponding Secretary; James V. Bormer, Jr.. Recording Secretary; Bert Ponig, President; David K. Gatto, ' ice- President; Larry Brooks, Treasurer. PHI KAPPA SIGMA Phi Kappa Sigma was founded at the University of Pennsylvania in 1850. Mu chapter has the distinction of being the first fraternit ' at Tulane. hav- ing been established in 1858. Because of the fine work of our local alumni chapter, the Phi Kaps re- turned this year to a splendidiv remodeled chapter house. Phi Kappa Sigma experienced a veiy successful rush week this year, pledging twenty-five outstanding men. As in the past the " Skull House " was the scene of many swinging parties. Sororit}- champagne parties, football parties, and such memorable events as the traditional Christmas party with its many elegant gifts, the Beatnik PartA- and the ' oodoo Party, were all roaring successes. The Phi Kaps. with the help of AOTl sororitv. presented their annual Christmas Orphan Part_ - which was enjoyed by all. As is customary. Phi Kappa Sigma boasts leadership in many campus ac- tivities. Robert Taylor served as President of the College of Arts and Sciences, while Lee Nesbitt served as Secretarv-Treasurer of the Sophomore Class of Arts and Sciences. Bert Ponig. Chapter President, and Clyde " ' N ' ad- dell were tapped for Omicron Delta Kappa. In the Universitv " Center, ' ar- ren Jung was Chairman of the .Music Committee, and Alan Guma was A ' ice-President of the University Center Board. Tom Harmon was elected ' ice President of TUSK. The ROTC units are well represented with Larry Brooks and Jerry Robinson commanding the AFROTC and XROTC drill teams. The annual Sweetheart Formal, held at the Jung Ho- tel was the hishlisrht of the Tulane social calendar. so you can see your tace. ■ n MU CHAPTER i» i i i ts hA First Row. Left to Right: John Wesley Bametf, Jr., Ra - Berg- eron, Charles Y. Bradley, Louis G. Cameron. Jr., Robert J. Carter, Vincent J. Ciolino, Bob De Lanee, Tom Dolhonde Al- fred B. Downs, m. Second Row: Gene Evans, Jerald Robert Fink. Dolph Fischer, Stevers Golladay, Alan John Guma, Jack Hammel, Thomas Lee Harman. John Harrington, Ralph Ffarris. Third Ro v: .Marc Heddy. Otis L. Flubbard, Richard G. Humphrey, Chrisman B. Jackson, Robert E. Jeifers, Jr., War- ren B. Jun?. James ' heeler LeTV, Clarence L: " in Lewis, Jr., David E. LvaU. Fourth Row: Hunter Beall .AIcFadden, Paul Dana Alclnnis, Wil- liam P. .McXult -, Kenneth AI. .Mallon. . lcide S. .Mann. James " Buddy " -Martin, Jackie P. .Murphy. Lee Terrell Xesbitt. Ed- mund X. Orsini. Fifth Row: Kenneth .M. Patton. .Mike Pearson, Bob Ratcliff, Fontaine Reeves, Jr.. Thomas .M. Regan. Jerry C. Robinson, H. AA ' ilham Sellers, J. David Stark, James R. Sutterfield. Sixth Row: Robert AA " . Taylor, Charles R. Traylor. Jr.. Laurence X. Turner, Bill AA ' est, Jerrv ' " VA ' hittaker, Peter A ' inkler, Jr., Glenn J. Zamorski, Richard .T. Zimmer, Jr. XoT PicTL-RED: CUnt Sumner, Jr. m 307 Left to Right: Paul P. Cameron, Corresponding Secretary; John J. Cassel, Record- ing Secretary; James W. A ' audry, Jr.. President; Harold A. Loyacano. Jr., ice-Pres- ident; James S. Deacon, H, Treasurer. PI KAPPA ALPHA Pi Kappa Alpha was founded at the University of ' irginia on .March 1, 1868, and established Eta Chapter on the Tulane campus in 1878. Throughout the past -ear the men of Eta have been active in all phases of student life on the campus, but have not neglected scholarship. The Pikes started the year with an outstanding pledge class of tv ' entv boys, thirteen of which were initiated into the brotherhood. The Pikes had active paracipants in many organizations on campus. Nel- son Castellano sen-ed as chairman of the Pan-Hellenic Council and was a member of Adelphons. John J. Cassel was editor-in-chief of The Hullabaloo, ser " ed as vice-president of Theta Nu and secretary-treasurer of the Adel- phons. Cassel was also elected to the Jambalaya Hall of Fame and Who ' s ' ho in American Colleges and Uni " ersities. John Abbott was a member of Adelphons and TUSK, Paul Cameron was named outstanding member of the ear in Greenbackers, Bruce North and Charles Schaller ere members of the Naval ROTC ' s national champion rifle team, and Jim Deacon served as vice chairman of the University Center Special Events Committee. Ash Ireland handled the sports editorship of The Hullabaloo, William Green graduated from the College of Arts and Sciences cum laude, Ja_ - Seastrunk served as band manager in the Tulane Band. The social season at the Pike House v ' as highlighted bv a round of cock- tail parties honoring the various sororities in the fall and the annual Dream Girl Fomial which was held in February. Parties after football games and semi-weekl - costume parties rounded out a busy social wliirl for d ' ellers at 1036 Broad-way. The Pikes also entertained a group of orphans from one of the cit_ ' s orphanages at the annual Christmas party. Cramming before finals ETA CHAPTER First Row, Left to Right: Gerald R. Alexander, Les Bernard, Ellis L. Blevins, Nelson P. Castellano, Merlin Clausing, Jr., Alan F. Cone. Fourth Row: C. Landess A ' lorefield, Bruce Albert North, John Ochsner, Dave OfFutt, Leonard Joseph Sapera, Charles D. Schallcr. Second Row: Jeriy A. Cooper, Rene Diaz, Wesley J. Frentzel, Edward W. Garland, James P. Gilson, Jr., James William Green. Fifth Row: Jolin P. Seibels, Nick Staba, Robert L. Thomas, George J. Tribble. Jr., Andrew M. Weir. Third Row: Mark A. Heady, Ralph C. Hewitt, Jr., Hugh Igle- harte, H. B. Ireland, Jr., Doug LaGarde, J. Edward McKenzie, 309 3l3l3l Left to Right: Jerry O ' D. Penix, Corresponding Secretary; Larry Brown Phillips, in. Recording Secretary; Fred C. Sexton, Jr., President; Charles B. Peatross, Vice- President; D;ivid P. Allred, Treasurer. SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Louisiana Tau Upsilon, of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, established at Tulane in 1897, started the year ith a highly successful rush eek and acquisition of the Pan-Hellenic Troph - for the seventh ' ear in a row. This seventh con- secutive trophy marked a new high in fraternity annals of Tulane Univer- sity, and ' ith its thirty-five member pledge class SAE looks for " ard to con- tinued prosperity in all fields of endeavor on the campus. The social calendar for the year ' as highlighted by the Pledge Part}-, the Christmas Party, and the Spring Formal. The Orphan ' s Party, given each year at Christmas, followed by the Egg Nog Party were other events par- ticularly woithy of mention. SAE contributed many campus political officers to student government this vear: Henry Blake, Student Body President and Fred AlcCaughan, Bat- talion Commander NROTC among the many. The spirit is shown through head cheerleader Nelson Becker, and cheerleaders Logan Perkins and Jim David. Participation in varsity sports were Ail-American Tommy Mason, Larry Thompson, and Joe Lasseigne in football. Tommy Sparks in track, and Lee Fentress in tennis. Filling up the Anthill a i TAU UPSILON CHAPTER FrRST Row, Left to Right: Robert Archer, Robert N. Arrol, Ed- ward H. Austin, Leland Benjamin Bartlett, Jr., Cedric ErroU Bar- ron, Jr., Charles H. Beardsley, Nelson Jaeger Becker, Buford Eugene Berr ' , Henry Blake, Gerald A. Bosworth, Thomas R. Brady. Second Row: Charles Steven Bratton, Alfred P. Chambliss, Leys Charbonnet, III, James B. Cardwell, Aubrey L. Coleman, Jr., Allen Howard Coon, Chris D. Corbin, Jr., Tucker Couvillon, III, William Kent Cutrer, E. Evan Davis, Jr., James M. David. Third Row: Val A. Earhart, Jr., Ed Edgerron, Lee Fentress, Wilham E. Fitzgerald, Oliver J. Ford, III, John Gordon Forsh- ner, Pete GaiTney, Michael V. Galo, Wayne Galvani, Lawler F. Gathn, Charles R. Gear. Fourth Row: E. W. Grandy, III, Tobin H. Grigsby, Jon Harper, William R. Hardcastle, Albert Barry Henry, Jr., John E. Ikard, Burr D. lUgenfritz, Carrick R. Inalinett, Bill Jeffers, Royce O. Johnson, Jr., John R. Kinard, Jr. Fifth Row: Ken KlafFky, Jerr ' - Lambiotte, W. Dan Latimer, III, Reaves Lee, William H. Lee, II, Jon L. Levy, Fred A. Lewis, James M. Long, III, Douglas L. Manship, Jr., John S. Mavar, William Shepard .McAninch. Sixth Row: Harry McArthur, Jr., Frederick A. McCaughan, Monte McDonald, James T. Mcllwain, Tom Joffre Meek, Jr., John W. Meyer, John F. A ' loffett, Jeff Moorman, Robert D. Nichols, Logan P. Perkins, Jr., John Powell Puckett, Jr. Seventh Row: Robert M. Reno, George M. Riser, Frank P. Rizzo, Jr., William H. Roberson, Glenn L. Scott, Robert Arthur Seale, Thomas L. Sebring, O. Larry Secrest, B. Frank Smith, Thomas P. Sparks, III, John C. Stone. Eighth Row: Richard P. Texada, Hal J. Thompson, Vincent Vincent, Carl E. Warden, Gene Wasson, Jerry Watts, James Alexander White, III, Connie Will, E. Walden Williams, Jr., Henry T. Winkelman, Billy D. Winston, Jr. Ninth Row: Jimmy Young. -HE- 311 Left to Right: .Marvin Sliapiro, Historian; Floyd A. Stern. Secretary; Gene Shafton. President; R. H. Goldberg, ' ice-President; .Miiton Ruben, Treasurer. SIGMA ALPHA MU Sigma Alpha Alu. founded at City College of New York, came to Tulane in 1920 as Sigma Gamma Chapter. The men of Sigma Alpha Mu are proud of their year in line with the reputation gained in the forty years they have been on the Tulane campus. 1960-61 again found the Sammies hot in con- tention for the coveted Pan-Hellenic Trophy after placing third out of six- teen competing fraternities the previous year. Opening the year •as a superlative rush week hich brought the Sam- mies the largest pledge class on campus. The brothers of SAAI were again well represented in the extracurricular side of college. Stephen Shamberg -as the Universit - Center Board Presi- dent and Harvey Stahl, Elliot Singer, and Gene Shafton were each commit- tee chairmen on that important body. Stacy Roback was editor of the 1960-61 Student Director}-, Randy Aloret was President of TUSK, Joel Piassick served as President of Pi Lambda Beta pre-legal socierv ' , and Jeff Korach was President of the business school Freshman Class. Jerry Green- baum was the coordinator of Pan-Hellenic activities. The fraternity was proud of Han-ev Brice ' s receiving the D.AI.S. award and Gene Shafton ' s election to Omicron Delta Kappa. Sammies, too, held offices in the Pre- Aledical Society, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Pan-Hellenic Council, and numerous other activities. An afternoon with the boys SIGMA GAMMA EPSmON First Row, Left to Right: Samuel H. Altnian, J. Sheldon Artz, Ivan Bock, Harvey R. Brice, Richard D. Citron, Jack Cohen, H. Richard D ' Ancona, Steve Dauman, Stan Deutsch. Fifth Row: Joel B. Piassick, .Martin S. Pritzker, Michael D. Reiner, Steven Rindley, David M. Rittcnbcrg, Stacy A. Roback, Ricky Roth, Edward Arthur Schrank, Bruce H. Scott. Secoxd Row: Julian S. Epstein, Burton Fink, Mayer Finkelstein, Ken Frankel, Norman David Freid, Djonaid P. Cache, Herbie Goldstein, Jack Goodman, Jerry Greenbaum. Sixth Row: Stephen C. Shamberg, Richard Paul Shapiro, Sam- uel A. Simowitz, Elliot H. Singer, George M. Slavin, Harold B. Smith, Peter Stephen Sommers, Larry W. Speller, Harvey Stahl. Third Row: Pete Hotchkiss, Jay S. Kaplan, Alon H. Koff, Rob- ert Levin, Howard A. Levine, Fred Ronald Levitin, Robert M. Liebert, Jeffrey L. Korach, Stuart Ludwig. Seventh Row: Robert M. Steinbach, Larry Swartz, Stan Topol, Bruce Turner, Stephen Alan Weinberg, Donald D. Weiner, Howard M. Weinman, Gordon D. Wolf, Monroe E. Zalkin. Fourth Row: Robert David Marcus, Herbert Mendel, Arnie Meyer, Herbie Miller, Randy Moret, Stephen Bruce Moss, Paul Nathanson, Steven Orenstein, William Howard Pearlman. m 313 Left to Right: Delph A. Gustitus, Corresponding Secretarj-, Clai Brown, Vice-President; Thomas M. Weil, President; W. Manford Gooch, Treasurer. SIGMA CHI Sigma Chi Fraternity was founded on June 28, 1855 at iMiami University, Oxford, Ohio. Alpha Omicron of Sigma Chi was established on the Tulane campus on .May 20, 1886. Since that time the chapter has been active in cam- pus affairs such as intramural sports and all of the various spirit, religious, and vocational organizations. This year after a successful rush -eek and getting a pledge class of t venty-eight boys the Sigs added their contribution to campus activities with such events as the Sigma Chi Derb - Day and the Sweetheart Dance. The Derbv Day is an annual campus tradition and is held in conjunction with Tulane ' s Parents Day. The Derby features competition among the Newcomb sororities for the Sigma Chi Derby Day Trophy and Pan-Hel- lenic points. In addition to traditional activities the Sigs had an assortment of social events including the Pledge-Active party, Caveman party, and a hayride. Preceding the Pledge-Active party was the annual Pledge-Active football game. Sigma Chi ' s are found in nearly all phases of varsity athletics and campus offices. This year the ' ' ere represented in football, basketball, track, and golf, as vd as in student council and spirit club offices. Last year the Sigma Chi ' s moved into a ne - house on Broadway and dur- ing the past summer remodeled its interior. Within the next few -ears the Sigs plan to enlarge the house to accommodate a growing membersliip. Pingpong in the Congo ALPHA OMICRON CHAPTER First Row, Left to Right: J. P. Atterberry, Clemit Durham Barnes, Dee Benson, Joseph Charles Bergeron, Jr., Robert E. Broach, Peter Brown, Wood Brown, III, Jim Byram, Gary G. Catren. Fourth Row: Bryan E. Nearn, Jr., Hubert T. Odom, Jr., Wil- Uam L. Osteen, Jr., David George Perhs, Dale S. Ritter, Robert Lynn Sain, Eric T. Sankcy, Christopher Leigh Schaller, Wil- liam E. Spangler. Second Row: Kelley A. Clowe, Robert M. Devlin, David Leeds Eustis, Dick Favor, D:ivid Hugh Frazer, Jr., Mike Freeman, Fred Frese, Skipper Haller, Christopher Heller. Fifth Row: William A. Springer, Ronnie Thornton, Gerald L. Varland, George Bartlett Viault, Thomas A. Wells, Donald C. Winkler, John WoUney, Philip Carl Wrangle. Third Row; A. V. Johnson, Douglas Kelly, III, William O. Lafitte, F. A. Little, Jr., Garry B. Lindboe, Gordon Logue, Bob J. iMcKenzie, Charles W. Mathews, Dick Moise. n 315 Left to Right: Neil Hirsch, Historian; Kenneth J. Heller, Secretary; Alichael A. Berenson, President; Walter L. Brown, Vice-President; •llliam Lee Minieles, Treasurer. ZETA BETA TAU Zeta Beta Tau Fraternitv was founded at Jewish Theological Seminary in 1898 and was established ' at Tulane University in 1909. Since that time, Sigma Chapter has continued to grow- and now maintains a position as a prominent leader in all University affairs. Sigma ' s years began most auspiciously by pledging over 99% of boys of- fered bids. The social season then commenced in which the Zebes enjoyed such fine affairs as the ' iking Party, the Winter Formal, and the high-light of the University social year, the ZBT Spring Formal, held in the Grand Ballroom of the Roosevelt Hotel. As usual, ZBT had more than its share of outstanding campus leaders. Some of them include Dick Shenk, Vice-President of the University Student Body, Chairman of the Activities Committee, Mw ' s AVho in American Uni- versities, and the Jambalay. Hall of Fame; Lenn - Hoffman, Business Man- ager of the Hullabaloo, Student Council representative from A S, Jam- BALAYA Hall of Fame; Stanley Davidow, President of the Senior Class A S; Dave Lewin, Associate Editor of the Ja.mbalaya; Kenn - Heller, Business Manager of the Ja.mbalaya, President of the Marketing Club, Who ' s AMio, and jImbai.aya Hall of Fame; L. A. Train, President of the Junior Class A S- and Martv Davidson, Who ' s Who. In addition, there are many ZBT s participating in varsity athletics and holding offices and important positions in University-wide organizations. Welcome to ZBT SIGMA CHAPTER First Row, Left to Right: Charles M. Allmont, Robert L. Apple- baum, Robert S. Brier, Jay Buckman, Ryck Caplan, Jeffrey R. Cohn, Stanley S. Davidow, Marty Davidson, Ian G. Dresner, Robert J. Eisen, Michael Stephen Feldman. Second Row: Robert M. Fierman, Louis Y. Fishman, A. B. Fogelman, Steve Frockt, Jamie Gerson, Paul Gerson, D. Spen- cer Goldberg, Steve Goldring, Jerry Goldsmith, Stephen I. Goldware, Malcolm A. Goodman. Third Row: Sam Gr ay, Ronald Heiman, Randy Heller, Arthur Herold, Max Heymann, Leonard Hoffman, Ben F. Jacobs, Ray- mond Kalmans, Michael H. Koch, N. David Korones, Donald Kortz. Fourth Row: Jay Krachmer, Roger Alan Kritz, William Kulp, Darid A. Lang, Richard B. Laytin, Harry Lebow, Lewis A. Levey, David Lewin, Edward Liebman, Leonard L Linkon, Ed- ward Lobman. Fifth Row: I. James London, Wally Lowell, Leo Lowentritt, Wil- ham H. Lux, Larry Maltz, Mark Lee Nathanson, John S. Pachter, Marc L. Peterzell, Larry Paul Pfeffer, Bernard . Rosen, Richard Rosenfield. Sixth Row: Fredric Paul Sapirstein, Ron Schenberg, Jack Schiro, Ben H. Schwartz, Jim Taub Schwartz, Al Shapiro, Richard L. Shenk, Michael S. Shepard, William D. Sklar, Robert S. Simon, Rob Sloane. Seventh Row: Stephen L. Sontheimer, Jeffrey S. Tarte, L. A. Train, Leonard Vedlitz, Steven G. Wagner, Steve Wiesenberger, Drew Neil WoUman, Edwin S. Zeitlin. ■ZIIT- 317 TAU EPSILON PHI EPSILON KAPPA CHAPTER Left to Right: Sanford Kutner, Secretar) ' ; Joseph T. Goldenson, President; Robert Cohn, ' ice-President; Stan Kurzban, Treasurer. TEI First Row, Left to Right: PhiUip Barker, Milton Stanford Blei- weiss, Bennett Braun. Second Row: Fred Diringer, John J. Fishman, Michael J. Leuing. Third Row: Joseph Mintz, Stanley Nelson, Kenny Pollock. FotuTH Row: Ron A. Shapiro. mmk The F psilon Kappa Chapter of Tau Epsilon Phi frater- nity was founded on the Tulane campus on December 9, 1956. Since that time the fraternit} ' has been active in campus affairs such as intramural sports, campus nite, and all of the various spirit, religious, and vocational organ- izations. With the remf)deling of the chapter this past summer, the TEP ' s can now proudly boast that their house is one of the best looking fraternity houses on Tulane ' s campus. After a high-flying rush week, topped off by a romantic hayride party, the brothers pledged an outstanding pledge class. The TEP ' s social calendar was filled with many s ■ing- ing parties, highlighted by our annual Sweetheart For- mal. This year also marked the fiftieth anniversar} ' of Tau Epsilon Phi as a national fraternity. The chapter celebrated this milestone with a very successful open house for the entire university. Tau Epsilon Phi now looks forward to an even greater year, with all of the old favorite and traditional activities and many new exciting ones. This year we owe special thanks to our new housemother, Mrs. Doris Levinson, who has done an outstanding job in her first vear. Double! MEDICAL PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL For many years at Tulane the Medical Pan-Hellenic Council, composed of the representatives from each of the medical school fraternities, has been in existence. The council presently has eight members: the president and one delegate from each of the four organizations. In years past, the council was not very active but ■as more of an hon- orary society. HoM ' e ' er, last -ear saw the beginning of a conipletel - revised council, one that took an active part in supervising the activities of the medi- cal fraternities. One of the main purposes of the council is to promote better interfra- ternity relationships. The functions of the committee have also resulted in lending harmony to the many and varied activities taking place throughout the year. On the social side, this council sponsored tlie annual Cadaver Ball, the liighlight of the ' ear ' s social calendar. The entire student body was invited to this affair, w hich promises to become a tradition on the Tulane campus. In addition, the Council schedules all of the medical fraternity rush parties during rush week. During the last two years, this group has had tremendous success and has done an outstanding job. In the future we look to this group for continued leadership and guidance on the Tulane campus. " See, the poor guy swallowed a safety pin. " Fraternity presidents comprise Council officers 319 NU SIGMA NU Xu Sigma Xu Aledicul Fraternity was founded in 1882 at the University of Michigan by Dr. ' illiam Ma o and a group of associates. Beta Iota Chapter at Tuiane as founded in 1910. Its chapter liousc, located on St. Charles Ave., is the largest in the national fraternit ' . The -ear began A ith a verv successful rush, highligiitcd by the annual banquet, held at the Aletairie Country Club. Alany enjoyable social func- tions were held during the year. Standouts among these were the Homecom- ing Reception for alumni, two buffet-suppers, a A ' lardi Gras Costume Party, and the annual South Sea Island Party. The final event of the year was the annual reception following graduation held in honor of the new graduates and their families. The fourteenth Rudolph Alatas Lectureship A -as held on April 7. The guest speaker was Dr. A ' ictor A. McKusik of the Department of Medicine at Johns Hopkins University. A banquet and cocktail party followed. Nu Sigma Xu is particularly proud of several of its members who held various offices during the year. Among these are Jim Vilson, President of the Student Body and A.O.. .; Earl Bro nc, President of the Senior Class and the 0 ' l Club; Burr llgcnfritz, X ' ice-President of the Student Body; Jerrv Bordelon and John Cia -, ' ice-President of the Senior and Junior Classes respectively; and Gene Berr -, President of the Freshman Class. Jim Wilson, Jim Alcllwain, John Puckett, and Robert Harlin are members of A.O.A., and Xu Sigma Xu is also well represented in the Owl Club. Among Xu Sigma Xu ' s distinguished alumni arc the follow ing; Dr. Ru- dolph Aiatas, one of the country ' s most outstanding ph ' sicians; Dr. Harold Cummins, Assistant Dean on the Aledical School and former head of the De- partment of Anatomy; Dr. Alton Ochsner, retired head of the Department of Surgery; Dr. Ralph Platou, head of the Department of Pediatrics; and Dr. Robert Heath, head of the Department of Psychiatry and Xeurology. Officers; Heiirv, llgcnfritz, Fraser, and Akins " . . . and then we removed the left lobe, but . . . " NIN MEMBERS John Abide, Bill Akins, Robbie Arrol, Dave Barnes, Bill Bass, Gene Berry, Gene Blickenstaff, Bill Bloom, Jerry Bordelon, Bill Bridges, Earl Browne, Phil Carter, Kent Gutter, Dick Dale, Gordon Deen, Dick Depp, David Drez, Bill Dru ' mmond, Don Edgerton, Charles Elliot, Dean Ellithorpe, Will Ellzey, Alan Engberg, Page Faulk, Charles Felger, Darwin Fielder, Floyd I ' raser, Ronnie French, Jim Ga -, John Gay, Jimmy Godfrey, Bill Goodloe, Tommy Gonsoulin, Tom Grant, Robert Harlin, Bill Hardcastle, Barry Henry, Barrie Hiern, Burr Ilgenfritz, Sonny Isbell, Bob Jones, Bill Kennedy, Guy Knollc, Jon Knolle, Jim Langston, Henry LaRocca, Jim L.aRose, Bob Love, Keith Alason, Louis Maumus, Frank McGehee, Jim Mcllwain, John .Moffett, Joe Moore, Don Neese, Joe Nelms, Howard Nelson, Robbie Nichols, C. B. Odom, Al Prieto, John Puckctt, .Mallory Reeves, Frank Rizzo, John Shaffer, Bill Shamblin, Horton Smith, George Stohlman, Stanley Stumpf, Phil Thomas, Dan Triplett, Don Turner, Joe Villard, Vince Vincent, Jim Welch, Linton Whirtaker, James White, Jim Wilson, Dudley Youman, John Youngblood. Nu Sigma Nu Membership PHI CHI Omicron of Plii Chi was founded at Tulanc on December 20, 1902, being the sixth Phi Chi chapter chartered. The present chapter house is located on famous St. Charles Avenue in the heart of one of the historic sections of old Ne ■ Orleans. Built by a cotton baron at the turn of the centur -, " The Rock " is a definite entity among the picture,sque homes along the Avenue. In the fields of student government and scholarship, members of Phi Chi perennialh- are very active and fill positions at ever_ - level. D. I. Wilkinson is Treasurer of the student body and President of the Junior Class. Louie Wilson is Secretary of the student go ' ernment and Alarvin Jeter is Secre- tarv of the Junior Class. In the Sophomore Class Jim Brame is President, Earl Pennington is Mce-President of Alpha Omega Alpha, national medical scholastic fraternitx- several other Phi Chi ' s are members. Phi Chi is also well represented in the Owl Club and the Honor Council. In the -ay of entertainment, tlie chapter leaves nothing to be desired. Anyone who has attended our two annual formals, the monthl - parties, or the famous South Sea Island Party can surely attest to this fact. All in all, our aims are simple ... to combine scholarship, leadership, and fellowship. Officers; Patton, Owings, Smith and Slultz " Neuropathology was never like this " Charles Abbott, Robert Alig, Robert AUday, George Arrington, Don Bane, Sam Barranco, Elliott Bell, Cecil Bassett, Esly Bcr- reras, Kent Beasley, Charles Bigelow, Tom Birdwell, Bill Bohart, Jim Brame, Harry Brigance, Peter Campbell, Bill Carr, Linus Carroll, Brooks Cliapman, Jack Clayton, Tom Clemmons, Marion CockrcU, Solon Cole, Dave Cooksey, Sam Crawford, Frank Crit- tenden, Charles Crocker, Chester Danehowcr, Ikkie de la Hous- saye. Dub DiGigha, Buddy Dodson, Jim Dostcr, Ned Downing, John Ederington, Jim Eaton, Goodman Espy, Billy Eubanks, Benny Ferdon, Dick Finn, Tom Fitch, Pat Flanagan, Jack Forsh- ncr, Hugh Frazer, George Freeman, Harry Fulcher, Tom Gil- christ, Henry Giles, Tom Giles, Bud Goltry, James Gordon, John Graham, Bill Graham, Floyd Gondcr, Dick Grayson, Tom Graves, Jim Green, Mike Gregory, Phil Hacker, Gordon Hahn, Stan Hailey, Mack Hairsron, Dan Hanby, John Hankins, Jerry Hat, Bill Healy, Ed Hcartfield, Julian Henderson, Barnett Hardy, Jim Holder, Jim HoUiday, Ira Holt, Jack Hoover, George Hooks, Evan Howell, Tim Howell, Bob Houston, Jack Hubbard, Ed Hyde, Sam Hyde, Marvin Jeter, Cecil Johnson, Han ' ey John- son, Wirt Jones, Tom Kersey, Louis Knoepp, Doug Lamppin, Wayne Lake, Hugh Lawson, Mike Lazarus, Art Lewis, James Lewis, Andy Lombardo, Russell Lowery, Joe Lyons, Bob Mc- Cormick, Campbell McCool, Bob McDonald, Dick Mackcy, Bob Mackey, Frank Mancuso, Bill Mathews, Dave Meeker, Bill Aiesser, Noel Mills, Dennis Moore, Mike A orris, John Murfee, iVlike Murfee, Michel Nahmad, Guy Newell, Dickie Newsome, Hugh Nickson, Charles O ' Brien, Bill Orris, Ralph Owings, Harrell Pace, Don Palniisano, Jim Patterson, Bob Patton, Maun- sel Pearce, Earl Pennington, Don Pitisci, Jim Pittman, Earnest Pope, Newton Quantz, Shed Roberson, Hugh Rogers, Ed Rice, Manny Rivas, Louis Roussalis, Pete Rowland, Vaughan Rush, Howard Russell, Courtney Russo, John Scharfenberg, Dick Schmidt, Harry Schmidt, Bob Schmidt, Edward Scott, Gail Shultz, Lee Shultz, Tom Smith, Wallace Smith, Jim Spencc, Ed Spoto, Russell Stovall, Mike Sullivan, Roger Suttler, John Tanne- hill, Sidney Tarwater, Stephen Thomas, George Thurmond Bob Treating, Tom Ustach, Sidney Warren, Rudy Weichert, D. L Wilkinson, Phil Williams, John Wilson, Louie Wilson, John Wood, Bill Woolverton, Ben Younger, Rudy Zaffirini. Phi Chi Membership Phil Delta Epsilon Membership PHI DELTA EPISLON Phi Delta Epsilon, a narional medical fraternitv. -as founded at Cornell University in 1904. Alpha Iota Chap- ter came to Tiilane in 1918. . lpha Iota upheld its traditional intellectual and pro- fessional activities by sponsoring several lectures given to the fraternity b " prominent physicians. One of the outstanding lectures ' as presented by Dr. Benjamin .Man- chester of Washington, D. C. In the social area. Phi D.E. was quite active again this year. It started with the annual Rush Banquet which netted a fine group of pledges. Some of the other affairs included a square dance in November and a cocktail party in Februar}-. These and many other social and educational events brought relief to the brothers in the midst of an intense medical curriculum, while bringing a sense of unity and brotherhood to the group. ni The Line-up ADVERTISEMENTS ' ' Don ' t Forget To Call On Our Advertisers " 325 INDEX TO ADVERTISEMENTS A. B.Clark Lumber Co. Pg. 334 Alberton Corporation Pg. 337 American Printing Co., Ltd. Pg. 343 Arnaud ' s Pg- 335 A. S. Aloe Pg. 328 Barnett Optical Co. Pg. 339 Bennett ' s Camera House Pg. 338 Bradford ' s, Inc Pg. 343 Bruno ' s Pg. 34! Carrollton Refrigeration Service Pg. 334 Chalmette Laundry Pg. 332 Cliff Probst Pg. 338 Cusimano Produce Co. Pg. 343 Durand Manufacturing Co. Pg. 34! Emery Kaufman, Ltd. Pg. 336 Emile M. Babst Co Pg. 334 Famous Sternberg, Inc. Pg. 340 Freeport Sulphur Co Pg. 338 Friedberg ' s Pg. 343 Sentry Pg. 338 Godchaux ' s Pg. 343 Graduate Supply House Pg. 340 Gus Mayer Campus Shop Pg. 336 Gus Mayer Co., Ltd Pg. 340 Hite ' s Pharmacy Pg. 338 J. A. Majors Co Pg. 328 Labiche ' s Pg. 342 Loubat Glassware Cork Co. Pg. 342 Louisiana Coca-Cola Co. Pg. 328 Maison Blanche Pg. 339 Meynier Dillmann ...... Pg. 340 Naborhud Washwoman Pg. 334 Newt ' s of New Orleans Pg. 333 Pan-American Life Insurance Co Pg. 33 I Perrilliat Rickey Const. Co. Pg. 339 Picadilly Florists Pg. 338 Porter ' s Pg. 34! Rappoport Studios Pg. 330 Rohm ' s Flower Shop Pg. 332 Rubenstein Bros. Pg. 341 Smith ' s Record Center Pg. 341 Sing Lee Laundry Pg. 338 Stagg.Ltd Pg. 336 Tabasco Pg. 339 Thomas W. Hooley Sons, Inc Pg. 332 Tropical Press Pg. 332 Top Drawer Pg. 342 Tulane Book Store Pg. 330 Tulane Cafeteria Pg. 330 University Center Barber Shop Pg. 330 University Center Lanes Pg. 334 Whitney National Bank Pg. 329 Ye Olde College Inn Pg. 339 326 A Mewnarable Year • Congratulations to the Student Body and Faculty of Tulane University upon the completion of another outstanding year of accomplishments. • The Staff of your annual has worked exceedingly hard to give you a superb book that portrays the highlights of memorable activities. To preserve this excellent literary and photographic record, the best grades of material have been combined with skilled workmanship to provide the finest quality yearbook. • We are very proud that the 1961 Staff selected us to design, print and bind the Jambalaya. We have earnestly endeavored to fulfill the confidence placed in us. BEXSO ' PRINTIIVG COMPAXY L omplete (a ook i v Icinuf-acturerA NASHVILLE 3, TENNESSEE 327 Majors Medical Bookstores A full line of books is carried in stock at ail times so that immediate delivery can be made. Subscriptions solicited for all medical periodicals In the English language. J. A. MAJORS CO. 147 S. Liberty St. A. s. Aloe Company of La.. Inc. ' The World ' s Largest Surgical Si jpply House " The One Stop Source of Supply foi - the Physician t Hospital and Clinical Laboratory N ew Orleans Branc h JA 2-7741-42-43-44 1425 TULANE AVENUE 328 Alma Mater... For more than three-quarters of a century the Whitney, hke Tulane, has nurtured the dreams and ambitions of young men and women. With tliese plans the natural and economic resources of our area have grown, and we have grown with them. We congratulate the University and its alumni on the important contribution Tulane has made in developing young men and women whose vision, courage and hard work have helped so much to build their country. NATIONAL BANK OF NEW ORLEANS ESTABLISHED 1SS3 IVIEnvIBER E.D.I.C 329 Leaders In Photography Since 1905 RAPPOPORT STUDIOS OFFICIAL JAMBALAYA PHOTOGRAPHERS NEW YORK 17, N. Y. 485 Fiffh Avenue MUrray Hill 2-8880 TULANE CAFETERIA AND SNACK BAR It Is our pleasure to serve you UNIVERSITY CENTER BARBER SHOP To offer immediate service We now have 4 barbers to serve you CLOSED MONDAY TUESDAY-FRIDAY— 8 A.M.-6 P.M. SATURDAY— 8 A.M.-4 P.M. BASEMENT— UNIVERSITY CENTER COMPLIMENTS OF TULANE BOOK STORE TULANE MEDICAL STORE 330 Pan-American Life Can Make the Difference . . . Are you prepared to meet the high cost of a college education for your chil- dren? A Pan-American educational plan is the sure way to guarantee them the ad- vantages of college. College-trained men and women can look forward to nearly $103,000 more life- time income than their contemporaries who did not attend college. Thoughtful parents realize, too, that the costs of a college edu- cation are rising each year — up 70% over 10 years ago. If you want to make certain your chil- dren will have the finer things in life, a Pan-American Life Insurance Company edu- cational plan can make the difference. one of the world ' s leading mutual life insurance companies .if J % fiTv..:;:; PAN-AMERICAN INSURANCE COMPANY NEW ORLEANS 331 TROPICAL PRESS OFFSET— COMMERCIAL PRINTER JAckson 2-1294 JAckson 5-9087 510 Camp Street NEW ORLEANS 12, LA. EDDIE SCHNEIDER JA 2-3619 UN 6-2865 Nighf Phones UN 1-1965 (uN 6-0864 THOS. W. HOOLEY SONS, INC. Machine and Boiler Works Marine Work a Specialty 1026-36 Tchoui Ditoulas Street New Orleans, La. Rohm ' s Flowers Shop COMPLETE FLORAL SERVICE WE DELIVER 629 Cheroke UN l-36li The slaff ' s nom!na!ion for " hial. of Far G T THAT CHALMETTE TOUCH Chalmette EXPERT CLEANING is THE BEST for your family! Backed by 80 years of professional experience, Chalmette offers you the CHALMETTE TOUCH . . . these unsurpassed advantages: TOP QUALITY deaniog Laundering COMPLiTE lltoiiern FociBfks Personalize CARi DEPENDABLE Friendly Servi- Satisfatrion GUARANTEED ' roii:, ' » For free pick-up delivery, Call HUnJ-er 2-2161. Cash Carry Branches a 332 l idit oiitn 5 inedt pecialtu S kop j-or If en THE SHOP FOR PARTICULAR PEOPLE Featuring the Finest Line of Continental Clothes in the South 730 Royal Street at St. Louis Cathedral Telephone JA. 5-2839 New Orleans 16, La. ' Jn the Heart of the Old French Quarter 333 NABORHUD WASHWOMAN MAR V LUS DRY CLEANING 4825 PRYTANIA TWinbrook 1-8730 1500 CALHOUN TWinbrook 9-6811 6215 CLARA UNiversi+y 1-2022 800 FERN UNiversity 1-4051 2045 BROADWAY UNiversity 6-7375 Emile M. Babst Co. Mechanical Contractors SINCE 1904 • AIR CONDITIONING • INDUSTRIAL PIPING • PLUMBING • HEATING Telephone TWinbrook 1-6378 P. O. Box 5138, Station B 4034 Tchoupitoulas Street NEW ORLEANS 15, LOUISIANA For your best deal in air-conditioners featuring Friedrichs and Philco. We rent, trade, install and sell. CARROLLTON REFRIGERATION SERVICE 7624 Maple Street UN 1-2501 A. B. CLARK LUMBER CO. 8000 Oleander St. HU 2-5733 PLYWOOD— PANELING— CEILING TILE " Remodeling Specialists " ANONYMOUS: COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND UNIVERSITY CENTER LANES BOWLING— BILLIARDS— TABLE TENNIS PARTY RESERVATIONS HOURS Monday through Friday 10 A.M. -I I P.M. Saturday 9 A.M. -I I P.M. Sunday 2 P.M.- 9 P.M. Basement — University Center 334 ARNAUD ' S " The House of Hospitality and Friends " 801-29 BIENVILLE STREET OPEN FROM II A. M. to 12:30 A.M. (AFTER MIDNIGHT) GERMAINE CAZENAVE WELLS Owner of Arnaud ' s Restaurant, daughter of the late Count Arnaud, iounder of the restaurant that bears his name, as well as creator of many famous Creole and French dishes famed throughout the world. , 3 1 1-.,. ARNAUD ' S— Selected the best restaurant of the South for the 2000th anniversary of the founding of the City of Paris. Few are the people who set foot on the sidewalk of New Orleans who do not seek to learn the location of Ar- naud ' s and forthwith journey there to enjoy this famous cuisine. After partaking of a notable nneal, guests fre- quently ask the derivation of a particular dish: " is it French? " " Is it Spanish? " The answer is that it is a combination of the wizardry of the French with the art of Spanish to make Arnaud ' s masterpieces. lee.t aufun t ' Arnaud AIR CONDITIONED 3.35 s-4 jfy(;Sj; ffyimMt !i | i;H4 ' viffw liH naAjeL- VKW lEVV ORLEANS, LA. X (fottipM hop } GOOD SELECTION OF TRADITIONAL SHOULDER CLOTHING AND FURNISHINGS QUALITY CLOTHES Priced within a Collsge man ' s budjef Carrollton and Palmetto dfc ' i ' - CLOTHING AND ACCESSORIES FOR MEN ta§§. ttd 1400 JOSEPH STREET The store that brought Low Record Prices to New Orleans All $3.98 LP Records $2.98 All $4.98 LP Records $3.98 MONAURAL and STEREO SMITH ' S RECORD CENTER 2019 St. Charles Avenue JA 2-4843 Monday through Friday: 10 A.M. til 9 P.M. Saturday: 10 A.M. til 6 P.M. Sunday: I P.M. til 5 P.M. Your Own -accident-sickness-hospital GROUP INSURANCE PLAN Designed and Approved by TULANE and NEWCOMB STUDENT COUNCIL CONTINENTAL CASUALTY CO.— (Chicago) EMERY KAUFMAN LTD. .- rNs JA 2-7221 AGENTS 336 COMPLIMENTS OF ALBERTON CORPORATION 337 Mm Bennett ' s Came fa hcp 320 BARONNE STREET (Opp. Public Service BIdg.) JA 2-051 I lOTBY _X Ljentlemcn J S liojy Catering to the South ' s Best Dressed Students 710 S. Carroll+on Ave. UNiversity 1-493! COMPLIMENTS OF FREEPORT SULPHUR CO. (Producers of Crude Sulphur) NEW ORLEANS PORT SULPHUR HUE ' S PHARMACY Service First Always Complete Prescription Service FREE DELIVERY Open 9 A.M. til 10 P.M. Sundays til I P.M. 1515 So. Jeff Davis Parkway UN 6-1874 Phones 523-3477— JAckson 5-6985 TW 1-4792— UN 1-3076 CLIFF PROBST James M. Maloney, Jr. Auctioneer — Realtor — Appraiser 425 Carondelet St. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA COMPLIMENTS OF Si ng Lee Laundry C eaners 616 HILLARY STREET Tel. UN I-7I4I WEDDINGS FORMALS l iccacluiL f FLORISTS We Telegraph Flowers 503 So. Carrollton UN 1-2525 338 the college man ' s fashion world . . . ,VT P cX? » qK » So varied are our assortments in this popular little shop ... so correct in every way are the clothing and accessories . . . that younq men who know the best in traditional fashions are becoming pleasantly addicted to shopping here for everything they need. We hope that you, too, will find time to stop in — when you ' re down our way. MB First Floor New Orleans Office — University 6-5496 PERIIILLIAT-11ICKI:Y coins TUUCTIOX CO., Iin- Ljen era t C- on tra ctorA 1530 S. Rendon Street NEW ORLEANS, LA. TABASCO The Seasoning Supreme As every student knows, an imitation makes a poor substitute!! Always insist on genuine " TABASCO " brand pepper sauce when eating at your favorite restaurant, whether It be the Toodle hlouse or Galatoire ' s. |e m QlnUfgr Knn GOOD SANDWICHES 3016 South Carroliton Ave. B33 Common Street JAckson 5-471 1—7414 BARNETT OPTICAL CO. WM. J. HAGSTETTE, SR. GUILD PRESCRIPTIONS OPTICIANS CONTACT LENSES Pere Marquette Arcade NEW ORLEANS, VA. 339 as adverfised in NP) 1PIIKER and PLAYBOY DEANSGATE 1961 ' s NEWEST IN NATURAL SHOULDER CLOTHING The worm-weather suits most favored by uni- versity men . . . because DEANSGATE is Ameri- ca ' s most desirable natural shoulder model. FAMOUS-STERNBERG, INC. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA as alnnys for fhw feminine fashion CO m LIMITED CANAL ST. GENTILLY CARROLLTON Qua lity hiardware, Paints, Building Materials, Household Utensils, Filters. Cry tal Sheet Dresser and Table Top Glass, cut to size. Keys Made While You Wait MEYNIER AND DILLMANN HARDWARE CO., INC. 7724-30 Maple Street UN 6-8301 COLLEGE RINGS SORORITY PINS FRATERNITY KEYS MEDALS AWARDS SPECIAL DESIGNS CREATED GRADUATE SUPPLY HOUSE 509 Audubon Building 931 Canal Street 340 I 1 THIS IS BRUNO ' S! THIS BOOK IS BOUND In A Durand Cover Produced by the DURAND MANUFACTURING COMPANY 939 West Thirty-fifth Street CHICAGO 9, ILLINOIS I fW lt?(Jfk ' ' | j ]0li g) fine apparel for the well-dressed college man CANAL corner ST. CHARLES THE NATURAL SUIT Here ' s the most natural way how comfortable fashion can be. Choose the new natural-shoulder clothes from our distinguished collection. 50. 55. 65. ( t ter- s Alumni Corner Carondelet and Gravier 341 523-281 Since 1875 THE LOUBAT GLASSWARE CORK COMPANY Complete Equipment and Supplies HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, INSTITUTIONS NEW ORLEANS ToPKRAWER FOR WEN 1212 St. Charles Avenue Approved Red Cross Method THREE COMPLETE FASHION STORES For Young People and People Who Stay Young LABICHE ' S 301 BARONNE STREET, CARROLLTON SHOPPING CENTER and WESTSIDE SHOPPING CENTER. GRETNA 342 1- r a tradition with tulane men . . . distinctive clothes from godchaux ' s squire shop . . . centre for natural shoulder clothing in new Orleans G bUMJjA " Let Bradford Feather Your Nest " BRADFORD ' S INC. FINE FURNITURE SINCE 1890 Carondelet Street At Howard Avenue 523 4347 Established Over 50 Years JAckson 2-1 186 523-1926 FRIEDBERG ' S UNIFORMS FOR EVERY PURPOSE and SMART MEN ' S WEAR 521-523 Canal Street New Orleans 16, La. " Where Quality Begins " CUSIMANO PRODUCE CO. Fancy Fruits and Vegetables Phones JAckson 5-0739-0730 213-215 Poydras Street NEW ORLEANS 12, LOUISIANA AMERICAN PRINTING COMPANY, LTD. 424 Camp Street New Orleans, Louisiana 343 344 " - r 5 - ■ y „ - • ' • - ■- " v ' i. ■■ , - - yj ■ - • ' ?- ■ ■■»- •-■ ' ; ' - ' ' ' ' . ' ■■■■ " ; ■ . ' - . . ■ ' ■ .- ■■ ; ' " ■■. 7 V- TU LAN E U N I VE R S IT Y

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