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ALAir THE TILTON MEMOMAL LIBRARY THE TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA JAMBALAYA T U L A N E UNIVERSITY NEW ORLEANS, LA. " Where the trees are ever greenest. Where the skies are purest blue. " si V jf V ■ ' .■ ' f,.- -. ' ■ - ' Af. -««. ' ;; ■;. . " i A A m-: m - rii W ' Y h ' SBMftW :sm ,,.„, R ' « ' .4(r»r ' ; a;. THE 1960 JAMBALAYA THE ANNUAL PUBLICATION OF TULANE UNIVERSITY AT NEW ORLEANS John Combe • Editor Charles Berk • Business Manager June 1960 ■ ADMI N ISTRATSON • 33 C OLLEGES • 49 FEATURES • 139 r , ORGANIZATIONS • 171 ATHLETICS • 215 GREEKS • 24 3 ' ■■■■ ' Ur. ■» X ..M:sii Newcomb ' s Cafe+erla ' H Modern living facilities dot the campus Modernlza+ion and adaptation — an unending process. The Married Students ' Apartnnents The new University Center — the heart of campus activity Student Infirmary. In the past four years the University has v itnessed a dramatic face-lifting. Dreams have been transformed from sketches and blueprints into steel and concrete to meet the increasing demands of a constantly expanding student body. To this expansion program, and the promising future which it offers Tulane, v e, the staff, dedicate the 1960 JAMBALAYA. Comfortable lounges provide moments of relaxation. I owe my soul to the Company Store. Though the face may change the spirit remains the same continuing to grow as does the University Three hundred six+y-five days of summe The bowling alleys are in constant use. Congested corridors signal the beginning of another year. The nervous smile of an apprehensive neophyte. " ' -■ " " ■■•IW. A year at Tulane is a succession of events and experiences. But each individual from blase senior to uncertain frosh views these events through different eyes. Our pur- pose in this section, therefore, is twofold: to record the events of the year at Tulane, and in so doing bring to mind the personal experi- ences which you, and only you, remember. If we are successful 1960 at Tulane will assume much greater significance and our efforts will prove well worthwhile. Arrival Into the University World. The dorms are alive with activity and nervous energy. Big sisters and roommates are introduced while old friends meet and exchange summer talk. Herds of name tags and Greenie beanies tour the campus. This is all a part of moving in. The year is beginning. REGISTRATION A routine procedure to experienced upperclassmen as they methodically plot the course of another semester, but a bewildering and frustrating experience to the uninitiated. To all it is remembered as a hectic day of mass confusion, closed-out sections, and those long, long lines. b . . t-V. - ' ?- Vi-|rtf ' J ' y--«--:r:. jj Raucous Unbounded Spirited Hectic J 3 ■0IM ♦?«f j. • ii ' - ' - ' rV f if , ■ -, W :- - ' t. -% .:.-»« !, Lfe jgMgWgWj JA en the bell sounds, the walkways fill with students hurrying to and fro.m class. The hectic tempo of constant parties, meetings, smiles and handshakes quiclcens as the Greeics survey the freshman crop in search of potential pledges. Rushees live it up and soon decide that college life suits them perfectly. But, sadly enough. Rush ends as abruptly as it begins, and Monday morning at eight o ' clock bleary-eyed students fight headaches, drowsiness, and a growing anxiety as they head for the semester ' s first class. Complicated sessions make pencils giiEtiD . • TO ALLif ' ' QN Win or lo se, the stadium commands the autumn week-end spotlight. Sammy prepares a wirtnlng display. The Greeks put long hours into Homecoming decorations. Her Majesty the Queen. Miss Judy O ' Brien Autumn weekends mean football and all that goes with it . . . dates for the game and the walk to the stadium, the trips to Mobile and Baton Rouge, a colorful Homecoming, near upsets, and the familiar sound of our traditional " Hullabaloo " . Though formals create a different atmosphere, the same partying mood is evident. ♦• - Weeks ol planning precede the Architects ' Beaux Arts Ball — an evening of unrestrained Bacchanalia. P r Igsf- i- " ;. ' « " Casual Saturday night blasts are a popular method of letting off steam. PARTIES Although the game is over, the weekend is only beginning. It ' s partytime and there ' s one for every mood . . . TGIF, costume parties, after-the-game parties, festive formals ... a wide variety to please the most discriminating. 19 A d esperate line plunge is thwarted by an alert defende The dependable, hard-working water brigade serves to bolster team morale. During the half, the coaches discuss strategy and deliver inspiring pep talks. The juniors pick up valuable yardage on a tricky end sweep. iv ' . ' 20 .gs5S!Kw; w«:- " « rr Subpoenaed freshmen voice fheir approval as the sentences are carried out on their convicted classmates. Freshman must be taught to observe the high standards of N ewcomb upperclassmen. The Greenie Cops will escort you safely back to the dorms. Newcomb adds flavor to our JAMBALAYA with The Powder Puff Bowl when formality and sophistication is shed for a night of sparkling gridiron action. And Kangaroo Court where sophomore justice brings the wayward frosh to heel. M ' :! . Three months have sped by. Already the holiday season has descended upon the campus. Where has the time gone? Tulane becomes enveloped with the Christmas spirit as the holidays approach. 22 Basketball season is underway and studying seems more difficult than usual. Numerous excuses are readily available to ease the mind of the most sincere procrastinator — the ball game tonight, packing for the trip home, discussing plans for the holidays, and many, many more. But the holiday spirit quickly disappears when the student returns and stands face to face with . . . The Kingston Trio appears and packs the auditorium. Basketball season begins, with the Greenies a title contender. ' ? ■ - - ' u --v.- V , v;: .■■ J ' - t??«. .:t ■s .: -J?Vw « .- -. ' ' i : ! " - ' r ' ,i ' ,-.... ' (-. " H- ,x-- . " V =» ' ji« ' ;- -iV The long, lonely w alk to the week ' s first exam 24 !ti M Sleep overcomes even the most sincere. b . semester ' s work must be reviewed and the time passes all too quickly. FINAL EXAMS The agonizing experience of cra.m- ming a semester ' s work into two short weeks and living on coffee, No-Doz, and cigarettes. Sleepless nights pro- duce unshaven faces, towseled hair, and pitiful expressions as Tulanians and Newcombites drag themselves from one final to the next. A short cigarette break, then back to the books One minute +tl! curfew and the end of another wonderful weekend. Finals are over — the tension has eased, the pressure subsided. The social calendar explodes with a rash of spring formals, hayrides, beach parties, and beer blasts, capped by the dazzling spectacle of the New Orleans Mardi Gras. M ■ 1 Hk K- ' ' ' ' ' ' 1 ' V H .H II 111 ' lii ' l, - T ■ - IJ U ' C :i|il ■ 1 ' li ■ ;- iy;0gpi 1 r»j ;: 1 Tulanians and Newcombites wind their way through the throng of Mardl Gras revelers for a colorful, uninhibited holiday. The quiet early morning atmosphere enhances the beauty of the campus Afternoons of Idle chatter help to slow the pace. Smitten Greeks lose hearts and pins to starry-eyed coeds. Tennis rackets, bermuda shorts, rainy days, couples strolling hand in hand, — sure signs that spring has crept up on the campus. With it comes spring fever, daydreaming in class, and lazy afternoons with nothing to do. A wonderful time for relaxing, taking things easy and, perhaps, falling in love. Decisions, decisions . 29 V S ! p-- Parent ' s Day, when guided tours and lectures acquaint Mom and Dad with the functions and facilities of the University. The tradtional year-end activities bring with them a sober realization — time is growing short. 30 Spirited Inter-sorority competition prevails at the annual Sigma Chi Derby Day. The last few weeks — a time of preparation and completion. For most they mark simply the end of another year, but for the class of 1960 they herald the culmination of their entire college experience. Ties and friendships must soon be severed and Tulane and college life relived only in fleeting recollections by we who were a part of it. Rich in fradi+Ion is the New-comb May Day preceeding Commencement exercises. 1 1 ' Graduating cadets ac- cept the authority and responsibility of a mil- itary officer during thej commissioning cere mony. - i , t»» h Ad M ' ' - %i ; 3hi«l a!Kur - . l !» ' A . ADMINISTRATION CONTENTS • President ' s Message • Board of Administrators • Officers of Administration • Division of Student Life • Alumni Association • Student Council • University Center Board • Dormitory Councils EARLE CEFALU • EDITOR RUFUS CARROLLTON H ARRIS 3£ THE PRESIDENT ' S MESSAGE Thousands have received degrees and congrafulatlons from Dr. Harris during June commencement exercises. In the JAM BALA YA of 1938, I stated that I had started my new duties as Presi- dent of Tulane University under auspicious circumstances, and I expressed the hope that higher education may have a new grasp upon the South through Tulane Uni- versity. Today Tulane may look back over the past 125 years with pride in her achievement. The intangible qualities of character have given her the standing she has attained. Our predecessors put into the University their great spirits, their high ideals, their determination to face reality, and imposed upon us the duty to help preserve their gifts. With that duty goes the obligation of guarding the privilege of free thinking, of free expression of truth, of free investigation of the problems that confront us. The entire university has been strengthened during the past two decades. While we take pride in our achievement and recognition, we must realize that we face a new responsibility in a new perspective. Tulane henceforth will be judged and we must judge ourselves by only the highest standards. Ex- cellence is no longer our ambition; it is our obligation. I shall leave the President ' s Office with the Class of 1959. With you I will sing that little known verse of the Alma Mater: " We praise thee for thy future. Alma Mater; the vista of its glory gleameth far. We shall ever be part of thee, great Mother; Thou wilt be where e ' er thy children are. " RUFUS C. HARRIS A period of transition — Under the leadership of Dr. Harris, Tulane has enjoyed a period of unin- terrupted progress. At left, Dr. Harris and Mr. Foster break ground for the construction of the old Student Center in 1940. Above, Dr. Harris, with Dean Stibbs, performs a similar function for the new University Center. A striking contrast, symbolic of Tulane ' s achievements over the past two decades. BOARD OF ADMINISTRATORS Tulane University is a privately administered, non-denominational university governed by a self-sustaining board of 17 members, incorporated as the Administrators of the Tulane Educational Fund. The original membership was named by Paul Tulane, for whom the University is named, to receive and administer Mr. Tulane ' s gifts. The board is composed of prominent Louisiana citizens. In addition to the members, the Board consists of three ex-officio members including the Governor of Louisiana, the Mayor of New Orleans, and the State Superintendent of Education. It is through the guidance of these administrators that Tulane is able to continue its outstanding work in research and educational service as well as all other phases of higher learning. JOSEPH M. JONES President ERNEST L. JAHNCKE Vice-President J. BLANC MONROE Vice-President CLIFFORD T. FAVROT Vice-President DR. CHARLES L. ESHELMAN GEORGE S. FARNSWORTH DARWIN S. FENNER RICHARD W. FREEMAN LEON IRWIN, JR. LESTER J. LAUTENSCH LAGER JOSEPH McCLOSKEY MONTGOMERY ISIDORE NEWMAN, II ASHTON PHELPS MARIE LOUISE WILCOX SNELLINGS GEORGE A. WILSON SAMUEL ZEMURRAY 38 DR. CLARENCE SCHEPS Vice-President and Comptroller ALVIN L. LYONS D rector of Development DR. ROBERT WAUCHOPE Director of Middle American Research Institute DR. JOSEPH MORRIS Vice-President HORACE RENEGAR Director of Public Relations DR. CLIFF WING. JR. Director of Admissions RICHARD BAUMBACH Director of Athletics DR. CHARLES P. SUMMERALL Director, University Health Service DR. FERDINAND F. STONE Director of Institute of Comparative Law DR. CLIFFORD GRULEE Associate Dean and Director, Division of Graduate Medicine ROBERT L. TALMADGE Director of Libraries DR. ROBERT T. NIESET Director of Bio-Physics Program , . FLORENCE TOPPING Registrar JESSE B. MORGAN Business Manager MISS KATHYRN DAVIS Ass stant to the President DR FRED R. CAGLE Coordinator of Research OFFICERS OF ADMINISTRATION The day to day admlnis-|-ration of the university affairs is directed by a group of offi- cers, composed of Vice-Presidents, Deans, Directors, and others who are in charge of the various departments and divisions of the university. It is through the efforts of each of these that Tulane students are counseled, advised, informed, and serviced. The Tulane student can benefit much by advice from any of these because each is a specialist In his respective field. The University is proud of these men and women for the essential part they play in the conduct of university affairs and for their dedicated work. 39 The advisor serves as a vital link I between student and administra- tion. DIVISION OF STUDENT LIFE I join with others in the Division of Student Life to congratulate the editors and staff of the I960 JAMBALAYA on the production of this fine yearbook. The year it re- cords has seen the focusing of many and diverse campus activities and services into the new University Center Building. Within this first year the new Center has already cont ributed immeasurably to the vitality of student affairs and to the unity of Tulane campus life. We are pleased that the JAMBALAYA has shared in this development, not only in occupying the new of- fices arranged in the Center, but also in recording the impact of the University Center upon life at Tulane The staff of this yearbook and the members of many other campus groups may feel proud of the part they have taken in getting the University Center well established this year. The perplexing problems facing the college stu- dent find their answers behind these doors. MRS. MILDRED BARKLEY University Center Secretary MR. EINAR N. PEDERSEN University Center Director MR. LOUIS BERiNDT University Center Assistant Director DR. J. KARLEM RIESS Advisor to Fraternities REV. GEORGE D. HOPPER Coordinator of Religious Activities DR. EDWARD A. ROGGE Supervisor of Forensics N I IvIRS. DOROTHY N. RICCIUTI Counselor to Women DR. JOHN H. STIBBS Dean of S+udenfs SENOR ANDRES HORCASITAS Senior Advisor to Foreign Students MRS. CHARLES KELLER, JR. Chairman of the Community Hospitality Committee MISS FLORA MclVER University Center Program Secretary DR. SAMUEL S. McNEELY Junior Advisor to Foreign Students DR. CECIL W. MANN Director, Guidance Office MR. JAMES D.SCHNEIDER Placement Officer MR. G. KINSEY STEWART Assistant Guidance Officer DR. C. P. SUMMERALL, III M.D. Director of Student Health Service DR. WALTER WILCOX Advisor to Publications 41 MRS. ADELE REDDITT WILLIAMSON Newcomb Alumnae President DR. MAYO L EMORY Tulane Alumni President TULANE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION The Tulane Alumni Association was incorporated in 1898, dedicated to the broad principles of loyalty and service to the University and its Alumni. During the pa-.t sixty-one years it has grown from a few local alumni to a world-wide organization of more than 31,000 members living in each of the fifty states and in sixty-six foreign countries. The Alumni Fund, inaugurated fourteen years ago, has provided $1,664,170 for the needs of the University. The Association ' s other contributions to higher education have been equally impor- tant. The annual Tulane Conferences, presented by the Association and Alumni clubs, bring to many Southern cities, programs in the specialized fields of science, the hu- manities, law, medicine, engineering, social work, etc. Other activities include Homecoming, reunions, local clubs and publications for alumni. The " Tulanian, " alumni magazine, is sent free-of-charge to all former students. The Newcomb Alumnae Association is co mposed of some 7,900 alumnae, graduates and non-graduates. The office is in the Tulane Alumni House where files are kept containing current addresses of former students. Clubs of alumnae are located in leadnig cities. The Association has two national meetings annually, at Homecoming in the fall, and at Commencement in the spring. All former students are considered members of the Association. BEATRICE M. FIELD Alumni Activities Director 42 ST. r Outgoing President John C. Baine welcomes his successor Dr. Mayo L. Emory. Alumni House Mr. Gilbert Hetherwick addresses a group of alumni at a recent Tulane Conference In Shreveport. 43 STUDENT GOVERNMENT JERRY HOROWITZ President The power of student government is vested in the Tulane Student Council, as stated by the Constitution of the Associated Student Body of Tulane University. The Student Council, which meets twice a month, is composed of the presidents and elected representatives from the ten colleges and schools of the university. The principal duties of the Student Council are to represent the Stu- dent Body in all matters of student government, to delegate specific powers to organizations set up under the Council, to exercise financial control over the organizations and activities which receive University funds, and to act on all issues referred to Council by its boards and committees. Other duties are carried out by the various standing committees under the Student Council. The Student Council delegates specific powers and duties to the Stu- dent Activities Board, the Publications Board, the University Honor Council, and the Student Union Board. Student Council officers head these Boards. The officers of the Student Council form the student membership of various faculty boards, such as the University Senate, the Tulane Stu- dent-Faculty Committee on University Problems, the Athletic Liaison Committee, and others. Through this wide range of both vested and delegated powers, the Student Council oversees all student activities and has representation in all faculty boards. In this way, the Student Council is better able to handle university-wide problems of student-faculty relations, park- ing problems, athletic affairs, student welfare, traffic control, and stu- dent organizations. The Student Council is, as its name implies, a council of students organized to serve the students. BARBARA MILLER Vice-President tor University Center Board 44 Council members left to right: Jasper Becker, Judy O ' Brien, Charlie Seemann, Barbara Miller, Avery Harrison, Johanna Campbell, Alan Honigberg, Emilv Harris Gedqe Gayle Gary Cooper, Bob Behrendt, Robert Taylor, Jerry Moize, Gene Berry, Richard Regan. Richard Freeman, Peter Hagan Henry Blake Jerry Horowitz, Tommy Smith, Alan Rosenbloum, Harvey Koch. Chris Bunger, Reynolds Wagnon, Dalton Woolverton, York Fe.tel, Don Seghers, Bob Russell. Phyllis Alexander, Ronald Katz, Bob Ambrose, Charlene Podas, Jo Stanley, and Meade Fowlkes. MEMBERS School of Architecture Don Seghers. President Bob Ambrose Ronald Katz Jo Stanley School of Arts and Sciences Robert Oddone, President Robert Behrendt Gene Berry Gedge Gayle Alan Honigberg Bob Taylor School of Business Administration Richard Freeman, President Henry Blake Chris Bunger Richard Regan Alan Rosenbloum School of Engineering York Feitel, President Wayne Barcelo Reynolds Wagnon Dalton Woolverton Graduate School Gary Cooper, President School of Law Jerry Moize, President Harvey Koch Leon Roy Bruce Waters School of Medicine Jasper Becker, President Goodman Espy Bob Russell Newcomb College Charlene Podas, President Phyllis Alexander Johanna Campbell Meade Fowlkes Emily Harris School of Social Work Bernard Cox, President University College Peter Haqan, President Avery Harrison CHARLES SEEMANN Representative-at-large JUDY O ' BRIEN Secretary 45 Executive Council o the University Center, lett to right: Bob Behrendt, Vice-President for Finance: Barbara Miller, President; Jack Webb, Vice-President for Administration; Susan Pace, Secretary. UNIVERSITY CENTER One of the most significant events of the year was the opening of the Uni- versity Center. With the Director of the Center, Mr. Einar Pedersen, and a Board composed of eighteen students, a host of new activities and projects were offered for the first time to the student body. While the building itself is a magnificent addition to the campus, the Center was not designed as just a beautiful structure. It serves as the community center of the entire University . . . students, faculty, staff, alumni and guests. The University Center Board is composed of four executive officers and four- teen committee chairmen. It is their job to coordinate the varied projects undertaken by the committees. In order to carry out this job, the committee chairmen not only attended weekly Board meetings, but also conducted their own committee meetings each week. After the three-night interviews were held early in the year, approximately 500 students were placed on the various committees making this the largest service organization at Tulane. Among the major activities of the committees were sponsoring amateur talent shows, a film series, art exhibits, forum discussions, operating the music lis- tening rooms, staging water shows, coordinating International Relations Week, creating interest in hobbies and crafts, decorating the building for special oc- casions, holding the Homecoming Dance, planning Open House, and conduct- ing guided tours of the Center. Hundreds of questions are channeled through the information desk during the course of a day ' s activity at the Center. University Center Committee Chairmen, left to right: Bee Pollock, Talent; Suzanne Bruck, Decorations; Alan Guma, Fine Arts; Gene Berry, Leadership; Lyn Jahncke, Public Relations; Susan Pace, Secretary; Butch Reeves, Hobbies and Crafts; Jack Webb, Vice-President for Administration; Steve Sham- berg, Personnel and Evaluations; Barbara Miller, President; Jon Levy, Music; Bob Behrendt. Vice-President for Finance; Gene Shafton, Forum; Barbara Lewis, Special Events; Diana Daly, Hospitality; Margot Rosen, Cosmopolitan; Don Fonte, Games. OFFICERS HERMAN ROTSCH President JIM DAVIES Advisor TULANE INTER-HOUSE COUNCIL The In+er-House Council of fhe Men ' s Residence Halls is com- posed of the presiden+-at-large, the four dormitory presidents, and one representative from each of the four houses. The Council pro- motes school spirit in the Quadrangle by sponsoring such events as Quadrangle football decorations, an annual Christmas Dance, and a winter and spring Olympics. The Council also functions as an ap- pellate body for disciplinary problems originating in the individual dormitories. The Council consists of Lief Johnson, Jan Powell, Sam Sray, Leion Hubbard, Jim Johnson, Vic Klinker, Jim Bortner, Pren- tice Smith, and Mike Rosenthal. OFFICERS DIANE TAYLOR President LETTY GOLTRY Secretary The Resident Student Government Association is composed of all residents of the dormitories, and its purpose is to develop an effi- cient system of self-government among them in all matters relating to the conduct of the members individually and as a social group. The duty of the Councils is to see that judicial decisions and legis- lative resolutions of the Association are carried into effect and to execute the decrees of the Inner Council in matters not covered by such legislative resolutions. The Inner Council has the power of NEWCOMB INTER-HOUSE COUNCIL making rules, of inflicting penalties, and of enforcing penalties to the degree which they find necessary. The success of the Association depends upon each individual member who is responsible for upholding its standards. By this, she is entitled to the privileges of self-government. The Council is composed of: Martha Bennett, Katherine Knolle, Ann Aucoin, llene Bock, Johanna Campbell, Nancy Pant, Sarah Hill, Jennie Barnett, Virginia Bass, Slenda Graham, and Jane Levy. 47 I 960 will be remembered as the year in which Dr. hierbert E. Longenecker was appointed President of the University to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of Dr. Rufus C. Harris. - In preparation for his new position, Dr. Longenecker toured the campus in early Jan- uary. All who met with him were well satisfied with the Board ' s choice and are secure in the feeling that he will uphold the high standards of Tulane, as did his devoted predecessor. Dean Sfibbs introduces Dr. Longenecker to Tulane Student Body President, Jerry Horowitz, and Newcomb Student Body President, Charlene Podas. Former president Rufus Harris and university provost Robert Lumianslcy discuss school policies and proiects with Dr. Longe- necker. THE COLLEGES CONTENTS • Medicine • Law • Graduate School and Social Work • University College and Summer School • Arts and Sciences • Newcomb • Business • Architecture • Engineering NEAL MANGOLD • EDITOR l3 :. ' ' fiB™!l3P ' " • " ' ' wiTi ' iffrnirt DEAN MAXWELL E. LAPHAM SCHOOL OF MEDICINE One of the outstanding medical schools of the world, the Tulane School of Medicine was established in 1834 to combat such early day killers as yellow fever and cholera. As one of today ' s medical research centers, national foundation grants allow the faculty and grad- uates of Tulane Medical School to carry on research in fields including cancer, mental illness, and heart dis- ease. Charity hlospital, Rudolph Matas Medical Library, the Bullpen, Hutchinson Memorial Building, and Richardson Memorial Building offer exceptional facilities to the Tu- lane med student, who otherwise occupies his practi- cally non-existent spare time with thoughts of Ivy Day, the Cadaver Ball, Alpha Omega Alpha, " cadavers I have known, " bedside manners, nurses, and visions of a title proclaiming tomorrow ' s healers. The purpose behind those years of study " " »; ' . »; u ' i -• ' ' ' The world-famous New Orleans Medical Center Medics socialize at the annual Cadaver Ball SCHOOL OF SENIORS First Row: HAROLD R. BELKNAP. JR., Norman, Okla. ALFRED WILLARD BRANN. JR.. Florence. Ala.; Phi Chi; Psychology Malor Club; La Tertulia; Christian Science Organization; Glendy Burke Society. JAMES EDWARD BROWN, SR., New Orleans; Phi Chi; Eta Sigma Phi; Phi Beta Kappa; Newman Club. Second Row: JAMES RUSSELL BRUNER, New Orleans. ANDREW DAMRELL BURCH, Mobile, Ala. WELDON E. CAMPBELL, JR.. New Orleans; Alpha Kappa Kappa. Third Row: JOE WARREN CHAMBERLAIN, Hot Springs. Ark.; Phi Chi. JOHN A. COLEMAN, JR., Plant City, Fla.; Kappa Alpha Order; Nu Sigma Nu. EUGENE JEAN DABEZIES, New Orleans; Phi Delta Theta; Nu Sigma Nu. President. Fourth Row: JERRY ARNOLD DAVIS. Dothan, Ala.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Chi; Alpha Epsilon Delta. RICARDO E. del REAL, Lima, Peru; Phi Beta Kappa; History of Medicine Society. JAMES ROY DUKE, JR.. Lakeland. Fla.; Kappa Alpha; Nu Sigma Nu. Fifth Row: FRANCIS A. ESPOSITO, Jersey City, N.J.; Alpha Kappa Kappa. VICTOR J. FERRANS. Barranquilla, Colombia; Soccer Team. LUTHER C. FISHER, Pensacola, Fla.; Phi Chi; Owl Club. Sixth Row: DOUGLAS HOUSTON FORSYTH. New Orleans; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Phi Beta Kappa. WARREN FOUNDS. New Orleans. NORMAN D. FRY, Dallas, Texas; Phi Chi. Seventh Row: WHITE EDWARD GIBSON. Ill, Birmingham, Ala.; Alpha Omega Alpha; Owl Club. CHARLES JAY GRATZ. Miami Beach, Fla.; Phi Delta Epsilon. JOHN PATRICK HANLEY, Stuart, Fla.; Nu Sigma Nu; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Eta Sigma. MEDICINE SENIORS First Row: WILLIAM G. HAYES, III, Manltou Beach, Mich.; Phi Chi; Kappa Sigma. J. LAWRENCE HILL, JR., Jacksonville, Fla.; Phi Chi. ROBERT E. JONES, San Antonio, Texas; Nu Signna Nu. Second Row; HARVEY KOMET, New Orleans; Phi Delta Epsilon. BRYNJULV KVAMME, New Orleans; Theta Kappa Psi; 5.A.M.A., President. JOHN E. LEWY, Chicago, III.; Zeta Beta Tau; Phi Delta Epsilon. Third Row: TECK S. LIAN, Chattanooga, Tenn. JOSEPH PETER LICCIARDI, JR., New Orleans; Phi Chi; Eta Sigma Phi. • ROBERT A. LITTLE, Oxford, Miss.; Sigma Chi, Phi Chi. Fourth Row; HOMER L. LOCHRIDGE, Montgomery, Ala.; Nu Sigma Nu; Phi Delta Theta; Alpha Omega Alpha; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Owl Club; History of Medicine Society. L. RUSSELL MALINAK, Temple, Texas; Nu Sigma Nu. Fifth Row: J. RICARDO MARTINEZ, San Salvador, El Salvador; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Alpha Epsilon Delta. W. H. MERRELL, JR., Jackson, Miss.; Phi Chi. RICHARD H. MOIEL, Long Island, N.Y.; Alpha Kappa Kappa. Sixth Row: PAUL W. OBERDORFER, Jacksonville, Fla.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Phi Delta Epsilon: Sigma Pi Sigma, THOMAS OELSNER, New Orleans; Phi Delta Epsilon; Alpha Ep- silon Pi. RAFAEL PASARELL, Ponce, Puerto Rico; Phi Eta Mu. Seventh Row: RODNEY M. PATTERSON, Tulsa, Okla.; Alpha Kappa; Sigma XL MANUEL M. PEREA. Clifton, Ariz.; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Newman Club. JACK L. RACE, Shawnee, Okla.; Phi Chi; Beta Beta Beta. SCHOOL OF MEDICINE SENIORS First Row: ONEY C. RAINES, Gulfport, Miss.; Phi Delta TIneta: Nu Sigma Nu. MARTIN PAUL RAPPAPORT, Miami Beach, Fla.; Alpha Epsilon Pi: Phi Delta Epsilon. DOMENICK P. REINA, Tampa, Fla.: Phi Chi: Senior Class Vice- President. Second Row: WILLIAM SUTCLIFFE RENAUDIN, New Orleans; Kappa Alpha Order; Nu Sigma Nu. LUTHER W. RICHARDSON, JR., Tuscaloosa. Ala.; Nu Sigma Nu: Delta Kappa Epsilon; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Phi Alpha Theta; Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Chi Sigma; Owl Club; Phi Eta Sigma. RAOUL RODRIGUEZ-CABARROCAS, Havana, Cuba; History of Medicine Society, President; Newman Club. Third Row: ROBERT TAYLOR RUSSELL, Birmingham, Ala.; Phi Chi, President; Medical School Vice-President. IWAO SHIRAKI, Kapaa, Kauai, Hawaii. ROBERTO STAMBULIE. Cartagena, Colombia; Alpha Kappa Kappa. Fourth Row: Vv ' ARD VVILLIAM STEVENS, JR., Monroe, La.; Phi Chi. RAYMOND M. TANIGUCHI, Honolulu, Hawaii. EDWARD R. VILLEMEZ, JR.. Kaplan, La.; Alpha Kappa Kappa. Fifth Row: PAUL VITENAS, New Orleans. PAUL D. WARE, Haynesville, La.; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Omicron Delta Kappa. HENRY KATSUO WATANABE. Honolulu, Hawaii. Sixth Row: WILLIAM S. WEEMS, Meridian, Miss.; Nu Sigma Nu. GLENN L. WEGENER, Corpus Christi, Texas; Phi Chi. ROBERT E. WESTFALL, Phoenix, Ariz.; Nu Sigma Nu. Seventh Row: LYAL G. WILLIAMS, New Orleans; Alpha Kappa Kappa. RANDALL ALAN WILLIAMS, Chattanooga, Tenn.; Phi Chi. RICHARD G. ZEPERNICK. Pensacola, Fla.; Phi Chi. THE OWL CLUB The Owl Club is a service organization composed of 24 medical students whose purpose is to promote better student-faculty rela- tions; to aid in the improvement of medical education; and to hr-ndle special problems of concern to the entire Medical School. tach Spring at the annual Owl Club Banquet, the Owl Club Trophy is awarded to the department in the Medical School which over the past year has been most outstanding in the education of its students. In May, 1959, the Trophy was awarded to the Depart- ment of Urology. OFFICERS DELMAS JACKSON .President LUTHUR FISHER Vice-President JAMES WILSON Secretary-Treasurer The Tulane History of Medicine Society is the only University- sponsored medical organization. For over twenty years this organ- ization has provided the medical student with an opportunity to learn the colorful heritage of his profession on a voluntary basis. Meetings are held twice each month. They feature historical pre- sentations by students, faculty members, and selected guests. HISTORY OF MEDICINE The final meeting of the school year consists of an annual ban- quet. An outstanding guest speaker presents the annual B. B. Wein- stein Lectureship Series lecture. At this banquet, three student awards are given for papers presented during the year. The awards are: The Rudolph Matas Award for the best paper, the 1. F. Le- mann Award for the best discussion of a paper, and the B. B. Weinstein Award for the most original presentation. OFFICERS RAOUL RODRIGUEZ-CABARROCAS . President LYAL WILLIAMS Vice-President TOM BIRDWELL Secretary DAN RENCHER Treasurer SCHOOL OF LAW The Tulane Law School, established in 1847, has achieved a disfinguished reputation in the fields of civil and connparative law. Training for Louisiana law practice, with its unique legal system, the comparative law program and the common law curriculum attract students from all over the world. Derbies and canes, the Barristers ' Ball, Moot Court, Order of the Coif, " Law Review, " the old and imposing structure of Tilton Memorial and the essential attachment to its law library, cases to be briefed, seminar classes — all are an integral part of the law students ' present and future. Tll+on Memorial, home of +he lawyers. Partying barristers raid Newcomb Hall DEAN RAY FORRESTER During Derby Week the lawyers ' antics upset the normal campus routine. Discussions between classes fill the corridors of Tilton Hall 59 SENIORS SCHOOL OF U i First Row: JAMES H. ALLEN, Arlington, Tenn.; Senior Class Treasurer; Moot Court Board: Queens Bench; Baptist Student Union. BEN DALY BRIDGEMAN, New Orleans; Who ' s Who; Student Lawyer. CARLOS VALBUENA BRIONES, Grad., Barcelona, Spain. TOD DIMITRY, Hammond, La.; Beta Theta Pi; Sigma Gamma Epsilon; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi; Newman Club; Naval ROTC. Second Row: JUAN B. GERALA, New Orleans; Phi Alpha Delta. NOEL PETER GIUFFRIDA, Lafayette, La.; Phi Alpha Delta. JOHN B. GOOCH, JR., New Orleans; Kappa Alpha Order. DAVID J. HARRIS, Metairie, La.; Zeta Beta Tau; Phi Delta Phi. Third Row: ELIZABETH SPINK KARMAZIN, Philadelphia, Pa.; Phi Delta Delta. JOHN BENNETT KIEFER, New Orleans; Zeta Beta Tau; Senior Class President; Phi Delta Phi; Honor Board Law College; Student Bar; Board of Governors. HARVEY CHARLES KOCH, JR., New Orleans; JAMBALAYA Hall of Fame; Student Activities Key; Who ' s Who; Law School Representative Tulane Student Council; German Club; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi, Social Chairman; Student Lawyer, Business Manager; Book Exchange. Director; Executive Council, Student Bar Association; Varsity Track; Canterbury Club; Campus Nite: Honor Board Law College; ' 58 Law Class President; University Elections Committee, Chairman; Student Council Athletics Committee, Chairman; ' 59 Senior Law Class, Social Chairman. ROBERT E. LEE, Metairie, La.; Phi Alpha Delta. Fourth Row: ADOLPH J. LEVY, New Orleans; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Board of Governors; Student Bar Association; La Societe du Droit Civil; Moot Court Board: Phi Delta Phi; Excheguer, President. DONALD R. MILLER, New Orleans: Kappa Delta Phi; Scabbard Blade: Who ' s Who; La Societe du Droit Civil; Moot Court Board; Phi Alpha Delta; Student Lawyer; Baptist Student Union; Varsity Football Letter; Young Democrats. JERRY DEE MOiZE, Gibsonville. N.C; Law School, President; Queens Bench, Vice-Chancellor; Honor Board Law College; Senior Moot Court. ANDREW G. T. MOORE, II. New Orleans; Kappa Delta Phi; Omicron Delta Kappa; La Societe du Droit Civil; Greenbackers; Phi Delta Phi; Pi Lambda Beta; JAMBALAYA Hall of Fame. Fifth Row: JAMES ROAN, JR., New Orleans; Pi Kappa Alpha; Westminster Fellow- ship. SIDNEY F. ROTHCHILD, New Orleans; Zeta Beta Tau; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi; JAMBALAYA; TUSK; Hall of Fame. LEON E. ROY, JR., New Iberia, La.; Phi Alpha Delta, La Societe du Droit Civil; Moot Court Board. LAWRENCE DAVID RUDMAN, New Orleans; Sigma Alpha Mu; Phi Delta Phi. Sixth Row: JAMES LOUIS SCHUPP, JR., New Orleans; Alpha Tau Omega; Kappa Delta Phi, President; Pi Sigma Alpha; Scabbard Blade; Who ' s Who; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi; Greenbackers; Army ROTC; Honor Board Law College; Pi Lambda Beta. TERRY O ' DALE TROWBRIDGE, New Orleans; Phi Kappa Tau; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi. FRA NCISCO M. VAZQUEZ, JR., Cayey, Puerto Rico. LEONARD ALVIN WASHOFSKY, New Orleans; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Phi Beta Kappa: Pi Sigma Alpha; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi; Hillel Foundation; " Law Review, " Assistant Editor. Seventh Row: BRUCE WATERS, Piedmont, Ala.; Moot Court Board; Phi Alpha Delta; Representative at Large to Student Government. JACK M. WEBB, Vidor, Texas; Kappa Sigma; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi; Queens Bench; Cheerleaders; Greenbackers; Pep Band; Tulane Band; Alpha Phi Omega; University Center Board, Vice- President of Administration: Dormitory Senior Advisor. LAW UNDERGRADUATES First Row: • BERNARD H. BERINS, New York, N.Y.: Alpha Epsilon Pi. • WOOD BROWN, III, New Orleans; Sigma Chi; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi " Law Re- view, " Secretary. • HARRY CONNICK, New Orleans. S HANI E. DEHAN, Shreveport, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Delta Phi. Second Row: • CLYDE G. de la HOUSSAYE, JR., Metairie, La.; Alpha Tau Omega; Pan- Hellenic Council. • DAVID D. DUGGINS, Metairie, La.; Beta Theta Pi; Phi Delta Phi. • ROYCE A. FINCHER, JR., New Orleans. • KENNETH WAYNE FORD, Houston. Texas. Third Row: • WILLIAM HARPER FORMAN, JR., Metairie, La.; Phi Delta Theta; Pi Sigma Alpha; La Societe du Droit Civil; Newman Club; Adelphons. • ROSEMARY SATE- WOOD, Doddsville, Miss.; Phi Mu. • JACK HAMMEL, New Orleans; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Pi Lambda Beta. • TED HARDTNER, Shreveport, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Delta Phi. Fourth Row: • CHARLES S. KINS, Lake Charles, La.; Kappa Sigma; Student Activities Key; TUSK; Wesley Foundation; Alpha Phi Omega; Pi Lambda Beta. • F. A. LITTLE, JR., New Orleans; Sigma Chi; Phi Delta Phi; Honor Board Law College. • GUNTHER R. MICHAELIS, New Orleans; Delta Sigma Phi; Phi Delta Phi. • RONALD E. MURLIN, New Orleans; Beta Theta Pi; Phi Delta Phi; N.O.T.A. Fifth Row: • MICHAEL J. PERRY, Guldford, Surry, England; International Relations Club; Cosmopolitan Committee, University Center. • WILLIAM A. PORTEOUS, III, New Orleans; Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Delta Phi. • FREDERICK F. PREAUS, Farmerville, La.; Kappa Sigma, President; Phi Delta Phi; Canterbury Club; Adel- phons; Pan-Hellenic Council. • MICHAEL S. RABIN, London, England; Inter- national Relations; Phi Delta Phi; Queens Bench. Sixth Row: • J. T. SEALE, El Dorado, Ark.; Junior Class Vice-President; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Delta Phi. • CHARLES F. SEEMANN, JR., New Orleans; Beta Theta Pi; Representative at Large of Student Body; Sigma Gamma Epsilon; Who ' s Who; Adelphons; Student Activities Board; Men ' s Pan-Hellenic Council, President; Phi Eta Sigma. • FRED SEXTON, JR., Shreveport, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon,, Vice-President; Kappa Delta Phi, Vice-President; Who ' s Who, Phi Delta Phi; Army ROTC; Pan-Hellenic Council, Secretary. • JAMES E. WESNER, New Orleans; Kappa Sigma; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Beta Kappa; Who ' s Who; Phi Delta Phi; " Law Review. " OFFICERS O. ROMAINE RUSSELL .... Presiding Judge KELLY MILLER Court Recorder MOOT COURT Justices of the Moot Court consist of junior and senior law students selected on the basis of scholarship. The Chief Justice and the Recorder are elected from the mem- bership. The board affords all students an opportunity to gain practical experience in prepar- ing and arguing cases. Competition is on an elimination basis with student justices judging the preliminary rounds, the United States Federal District Judges, the semi- finals, and the Supreme Court Justices of the State of Louisiana, the finals. The Moot Court carries out its duties under the able guidance of Leon D. Hubert, Jr., faculty adviser. 62 TULANE LAW REVIEW The " Tulane Law Review, " a professional legal journal published quarterly, is the oldest journal of its kind in Louisiana. It is published by the students and faculty oi the School of Law and emphasizes the study of comparative law. The " Review " con- tains scholarly articles by leading members of the legal profession and a student sec- tion, prepared by members of the Student Board of Editors, which deals with current legal problems. The Student Board of Editors is composed of honor students in the School of Law who have exhibited outstanding legal writing ability. OFFICERS MALCOLM STEVENSON Editor D.L.CAMPBELL Assistant Editor C. K. REASONOVER Assistant Editor RALPH TROY Assistant Editor LEONARD WASHOFSKY .... Assistant Editor 63 OFFICERS A. J. LEVY President FRITZ BOTT Secretary F. A. LITTLE Treasurer JACK WELDY Historian PHI DELTA PHI The oldest professional fraternity in the United States is Phi Delta Phi Legal Frater- nity, founded in I 869 at the University of Michigan. The White Inn at Tulane University School of Law was established in 1911. The purpose of Phi Delta Phi is to promote the advancement of scholarship and pro- fessional ethics in law schools and among the profession at large. Members of this or- ganization are selected on the basis of scholarship and ethics. During the year the fraternity sponsors lectures by prominent members of the legal profession and presents an annual award to the second-year student whose grades re- flect the greatest improvement. The national organization maintains an endowment fund for legal scholarships. 64 OFFICERS ROBERT E. LEE Justice WALLACE LeBRUN Vice-Justice FRED HAYES Clerk O. ROMAINE RUSSELL Treasurer BRUCE WATERS Marshal JIM ALLEN • Historian PHI ALPHA DELTA Phi Alpha Delta was founded In Chicago, November 8, 1902. The purpose of the fraternify is to develop a strong bond annong the members of the different classes at the various law schools; to form a strong link between the schools and their former students: to establish a widespread exchange for the interchange of business, information, and matters of common interest to the members of the fraternity. Phi Alpha Delta has more active chapters than does any other law fraternity. Its chapters are restricted to law schools accredited by the American Bar Association, a high standard peculiar to Phi Alpha Delta. Three of its more prominent alumni are Chief Justice Fournet of the Supreme Court of Louisiana, Vice-President Nixon, and ex- President Harry S. Truman. The fraternity cultivates a closer bond of friendship and the at- tainment of a higher and broader attitude than that offered by the regular college course; and fosters under the influence of intimate friendships, those principles that tend to form a higher type of manhood. 65 GRADUATE SCHOOL AND SOCIAL WORK DEAN WALTER L KINDELSPERGER School of Social Work Firs Row: J. A. W. AALDERS, Apeldoorn, Netherlands. GERALD P. BODET, New Orleans. JAIME DE LA PUENTE D., Lima, Peru; Phi Delta Phi; Newman Club. Second Row; MIGUEL I. ESTRADA SAMANO, Morelia, Mexico. WILLIAM R. GARNER, Dallas, Texas; Pi Sigma Alpha; Baptist Student Union. DONALD M. GILNER, Atlanta, Georgia; Alpha Epsilon Pi: ■ Alpha Epsilon Delta. Third Row: PIER LUei GIORGI, Milan, Italy. PAUL NEUDECKER, Vienna, Austria. 66 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE AND SUMMER SCHOOL University College Is symbolized by evening classes 67 DEAN WILLIAM W. PERRY ARTS AND SCIENCES The College of Arts and Sciences, Tulane ' s liberal arts division for men, emphasizes the liberal arts curriculum as a sound preparation for general education and as a basis for specialization. A four-year program allows stu- dents to begin their training in such professions as law, science, journalism, and teaching, as well as in many other fields. The largest and oldest College on campus, A S is housed in Gibson hiall, whose corridors echo with the aims and expressions of its students: research papers. Phi Beta Kappa, Commencement Week, Faculty-Senior Softball game, language honoraries, hard work and good times together. Science labs give students a chance to put classroom theory into practice. Whether the choice be arts or sciences constant applica- tion is required in order to Iceep pace. 68 Gibson Hall, a familiar campus landmark Nothing opens sleepy eyes more effectively than a pop quiz. SENIORS COLLEGE OF ARTS Firsf Row: LARRY L. ACKERMAN, East Rockaway, N.Y.; Tau Epsilon Phi: Alpha Chi Sigma: Hillel Foundation. TROY G. ARNOLD, JR., Winchester, Tenn.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Scabbard Blade: Army ROTC, 1st Lt. ROBERT E. BEHRENDT, St. Louis, Mo.: Zeta Beta Tau: Vice- President of the University Center: Alpha Epsilon Delta: Omicron Delta Kappa: TUSK, President: A S Honor Board, Chairman: Tulane Student Council: Tulane Honor Council: Lagniappes: Spirit Council. C. ELLIOTT BELL, Decatur, III.: Kappa Sigma: Alpha Epsilon Delta; Omicron Delta Kappa: Varsity Tennis. ' Orleans: Phi Alpha Delta: Second Row: LAWRENCE K. BENSON, JR., Ne Army ROTC, Captain. THOMAS MILTON BERGSTEDT, Sulphur, La.: Kappa Sigma; Pi Sigma Alpha. JAY BLOCK. Thibodaux, La.: Sigma Alpha Mu: Who ' s Who; Greenbackers; Student Activities Board: Pan-Hellenic Coun- cil: Hospitality Committee, University Center. STUART J. BUSH, Woodbridge. Conn.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Varsity Letter, Baseball; Varsity Baseball; TUSK. Third Row: FRED R. CAGLE. JR., New Orleans; Phi Delta Theta; Student Activities Key: Air Force ROTC. Captain; Arnold Air Society. ROBERT H. CARPENTER, Metairie, La. JAY CASSEL, Longview. Texas: Pi Kappa Alpha; Tau Sigma Delta: " Hullabaloo, " Student Directory: Wave Handbook; Greenbackers; Wesley Foundation; Campus Nite; Adelphons; Alpha Phi Omega. JOHN FRANCIS COLEMAN CHAFFE, New Orleans; Alpha Tau Omega: Sigma PI Sigma; Campus Nite. Fourth Row: JEROME IAN CHAPMAN, New Orleans; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pi Sigma Alpha; Scabbard Blade; Army ROTC, Lt. Col.; Pi Lambda Beta; Young Democrats; Phi Eta Sigma. VINCENT J. CIOLINO, New Orleans: Phi Kappa Sigma; Newman Club; Campus Nite; Pi Lambda Beta; Circle K, Presi- dent. BILL CLEMENTS, Shelbyviile, Ky.; Sigma Chi; Who ' s Who; Tulane Varsity Club; Varsity Letter. Football; Varsity Football; Student Activities Board. GRANT COLLIER, Roanoke Rapids, N.C.; Phi Delta Theta; Naval ROTC. Drill Platoon Commander. Fifth Row: LYNN O. COX, Texarkana, Ark.: Naval ROTC; Tailhook Club. JACK ROBARDS CRAIS. Reserve, La.; Naval ROTC; Naval Drum Bugle Corps; Tailhook Club, log officer. RENE A. CURRY. JR.. New Orleans; Alpha Tau Omega; TUSK; Naval ROTC; A S Honor Board; Pi Lambda Beta. STEPHEN I. DIENER, Teaneck, N.J.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pi Lambda Beta. New Orleans; Alpha Tau Texas; Phi Kappa Sigma; Sixth Row: VINCENTE D ' INGIANNI. JR Omega. JOSEPH PAUL DRAGO, Port Arthu Adelphons; Lagniappes. RONALD JOSEPH DUSSE, New Orleans; Alpha Chi Sigma: Newman Club; Naval ROTC. ANDREW GARVIN EDMONSON, Irving. Texas; Phi Kappa Sigma; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Canterbury Club; A S Honor Board: Phi Eta Sigma; Dean ' s List. Seventh Row: WILL J. ELLZEY, New Orleans; Varsity Letters. Football and Track: Varsity Football and Track; Baptist Student Union. FRANKLIN V. ENDOM, New Orleans: Phi Kappa Sigma; Eta Sigma Phi. GEORGE ENOCHS, Jackson, Miss.; Sigma Chi; Sigma Pi Sigma; Greenbackers: Naval ROTC; Pan-Hellenic Council. JOHN M. FILIPPONE, JR.. Bellaire. Texas; Sigma Chi. AND SCIENCES SENIORS First Row: JOHN FRANCOIS, Church Point, La.; Naval ROTC; Anchor Chain. ROBERT BENNETT FRIEDMAN, Brooklyn, N.Y.; Alpha Ep- silon Pi, President; TUSK; tHillel Foundation; A S Honor Board; Pan-Hellenic Judiciary Committee. CAMERON C. GAMBLE, New Orleans; Kappa Alpha; Var- sity Letter, Football; Varsity Football. W. GEDGE GAYLE. JR., Lake Charles, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; A S Senior Class Secretary-Treasurer; Canterbury Club; Campus Nite; Air Force ROTC, Major; Arnold Air Society, Operations Officer; A S Honor Board; Tulane Student Council; Tulane Swim Club; Lagniappes; Game Com- mittee, University Center. Second Row; Phi Delta GEORGE MALCOLM GENET, JR., New Orlea Theta; National Collegiate Players. STEPHEN M. GITTLESON, Flushing, N.Y.; Alpha Epsilon Pi. PAUL M. GODLIN, New York, N.Y.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pi Lambda Beta. GEORGE E. GRACE, Phoenix, Ariz.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Thij-d Row: FREDERIC ADOLPH GREENHUT, Pensacola, Fla.; Hillel Foun- dation; International Relations Club; Pi Lambda Beta. HERBERT S. GREENWALD. JR., Macon, Ga.; Zeta Beta Tau; Campus Nite; Lagniappes. JOE D. GUERRIERO, Monroe, La.; Law Freshman Class President; Student Lawyer; Intramural Council; TUSK; New- man Club. BERT SINCLAIR HAYDEL, New Orleans. Fourth Row: W. G. HERRIN, New Orleans; Phi Delta Theta. BARRY HILLEBRANDT, Lake Charles, La.; Kappa Sigma. JAMES ALEXANDER HOLLIDAY, New Orleans; Kappa Sigma. RON HOLMBERG, Brooklyn, N.Y.; Tulane Varsity Club; Var- sity Letter, Tennis; Varsity Tennis; Greenbackers; Newman Club. Fifth Row: GEORGE F. HORNE. Clarksville, Ark.; Greenbackers; Pep Band, Leader; Campus Nite; Tulane Band, President. JERRY HOROWITZ, Atlanta. Ga.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Tulane Student Body President; Who ' s Who; Hillel Foundation; Army ROTC. SAMUEL GILBERT ISAACS, Woodmere, N.Y.; Tau Epsilon Phi. JAMES WOODARD JOHNSON, Minder, La.; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Eta Sigma Phi; Baptist Student Union; Alpha Phi Omega; International Relations Club; Dormitory Council. Sixth Row: IRA DAVID KASKEL, Forest Hills, N.Y.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Army ROTC. ALLAN L. KATZ, New Orleans; Alpha Epsilon Pi, Secretary; Theta Nu. President; " Hullabaloo, " Managing Editor; Hillel Foundation; Campus Nite; Public Relations Committee, Uni- versity Center. DONALD E. KEENAN, St. Petersburg, Fla. ALVIN LAPUYADE, JR., Metairie, La. Seventh Row: Delta; PAUL A. LEMKE, JR., New Orleans; Alpha Epsilo Glendy Burke Society; Newman Club; Phi Eta Sigma. C. MICHEAL LEVY, JR., Houston, Texas; Eta Sigma Phi; Pre-Medical Society; Phychology Major Club; Hillel Founda- tion; Tulane University Theatre; Sports Car Club. JON LEE LEVY, Baton Rouge, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Student Activities Key; Campus Nite; Army ROTC, Col.; Chairman Music Committee, University Center. RUSSELL LEVY, New Orleans, La.; Zeta Beta Tau; Army ROTC. fcfc M SENIORS COLLEGE OF ARTS First Row: DANIEL D. LOUIE, Houston, Texas; Baptist Student Union; Air Force ROTC, 1st Lt.; Arnold Air Society. TOM C. McCLELLAN. Overton, Texas; Sigma Chi; Tulane Varsity Club; Varsity Letter. Football. HERBERT SLOAN McCLOSKEY, Hammond, La.; Beta Theta Pi, Secretary: Newman Club; Naval ROTC. Battallion Adju- tant; Lagniappes. MAXWELL E. McCOMBS, Birmingham, Ala.; " Hullabaloo " Editor; Theta Nu; " Hullabaloo " ; Wesley Foundation; Inter- national Relations Club. Second Row: MATTHEW R. McGOEY, JR., New O rleans. La. BENJAMIN CLARK McMINN, Little Rock, Arlc.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. MILNER WAYNE McVADON. Baton Rouge, La.; Phi Delta Theta; JAMBALAYA; Greenbackers; Wesley Foundation; Naval ROTC, Ensign. DALE MACKIE, Metairie, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Sigma Pi Sigma. Third Row: MICHAEL ELLIOTT MANCHESTER, Santa Barbara, Cal.; Wesley Foundation; International Relations Club; Sailing Club; Public Relations Committee, University Center. BENSON BLAKE MARTIN, III, Vicbburg. Miss.; Kappa Sigma. GAY G. MARTIN. JR., Hazlehurst, Miss.; Kappa Sigma; Sigma Pi Sigma; Westminster Fellowship: Opera Workshop; Naval ROTC. MARY ANN MIDDLETON, E. Northfield, Mass.; Phi Sigma lota; Tau Sigma Delta; " Hullabaloo " ; Westminster Fellowship; Oreades; Junior Year Abroad. Fourth Row: MICHAEL M. MOSS, No. Plainfield, New Jersey; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Hillel Foundation. DON BLACK MUNSON, New Orleans, La.; Varsity Letter. Baseball; Varsity Sports, Baseball; Cheerleader, Head; TUSK; Campus Nite; Tulane University Theatre; Army ROTC, Com- pany Commander; Drill Team, Pershing Rifles; Student Ac- tivities Board: JAMBALAYA: Hall of Fame. HUGH THOMAS MURRAY, JR.. New Orleans, La.; Chan- ning Club; Interfaith Council; International Relations Club: Young Democrats. JOE D. MUSSAFER, Montgomery, Ala.; Zeta Beta Tau; Var- sity Letter, Golf; Hiliei Foundation. Fifth Row: MAURICE MUSSAFER. Montgomery, Ala.; Zeta Beta Tau. ROBERT B. NAGLER, Bayside, N.Y.; Tau Epsilon Phi; Adel- phons. ROBERT R. ODDONE, San Francisco, Calif.; Phi Kappa Sigma; President of College of A. and S.; Pre-Medical Society: Psy- chology Major Club; Intramural Council; TUSK; Newman Club; Campus Nite; Adelphons; Honor Board A S College; Student Activities Board; Circle K. JAN OGLETREE, Houston, Texas: Sigma Chi; Alpha Epsilon Delta: Student Activities Key; Pre-Medical Society: Varsity Sports, Football, Manager; Greenbackers; Newman Club. Sixth Row: JAMES M. O ' NEAL, McComb, Miss.; Alpha Chi Sigma, Treas- urer; A.I.Ch.E.; Baptist Student Union: Army ROTC. 1st Lt. CHARLES FREDERICK PASSMAN. Franklinton, La.; Scabbard Blade; Varsity Sports, Football; Baptist Student Union; Army ROTC. 1st Lt. PHILIP H. PETRA, Darien, Conn.; Varsity Letter, Tennis. LEWIS B. POLLAK, Pensacola, Fla.; Zeta Beta Tau; President of Senior Class of A S; Greenbackers. President; Campus Nite; Sailing Club; Talent Committee, University Center; Tulane University Spirit Council. 72 AND SCIENCES SENIORS First Row: JAN C. POWELL, Bogalusa, La.; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Pre- Medical Society; Baptist Student Union; Army ROTC; Phi Eta Sigma; Inter-hlouse CounciL ALBERT PRIETO, JR., New Orleans. La.; Alpha Tau Omega; Nu Sigma Nu; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Kappa Delta Phi; Omicron Delta Kapoa; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Sigma lota; Who ' s Who: Phi Eta Sigma; JAMBALAYA Hall of Fame; Kappa Alpha Phi, Secretary. SAMUEL G. REISER, New Orleans; Westminster Fellowship. W ILLIAM EDWARD RINCK, New Orleans; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Sailing Club; New Orleans Fencing Club. Second Row: COURTNEY L. RUSSO, New Orleans; Kappa Sigma; Varsity Letter. Basketball, Manager; Gamma Delta. PETE JOHN SACCO, JR., New Orleans: Propeller Club; Newman Club; international Relations Club. HELLEN JUDY SADLER, Biloxi, Miss. RICHARD WEST SANDERS, Shreveport, La.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Theta Nu; Westminster Fellowship. Third ' Row: MARTIN A. SCHAGRIN. Wilmington, Del,; Sigma Alpha Mu; TUSK: Hillel Foundation: Pi Lambda Beta: Sports Car Club. RICHARD J. SCHUNiOR, New Orleans: Pre-Medical Society. ALBERT P. SELPH, III; New Orleans. EDWARD SIEGEL, Baltimore, Maryland. Fourth Row: PATSY SIMS, New Orleans: Oreades; Theta Nu, Secretary; " Hullabaloo, " Contributing Editor; Baptist Student Union. DERWIN B. SMITH, II, New Orleans; Alpha Tau Omega. JOHN A. STASSI. II. Metairie, La.: Delta Sigma Phi. CURTIS A. SUDDUTH, JR., New Orleans; Sigma Pi Sigma. Fifth Row: HENRY M. TELES, New Orleans; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Theta Nu; " Hullabaloo. " KENNETH TRAIN, Corpus Christi, Texas; Zeta Beta Tau; Campus Nite; Pi Lambda Beta; Student Center Swimming Club. HENRY C. VOSBEIN, New Orleans; Kappa Alpha; Army ROTC. LOUIS H. WATSON, Meridian, Miss.; Kappa Sigma; Student Activities Board; Omicron Delta Kappa; Scabbard Blade; Sigma Pi Sigma; Naval ROTC; Circle K; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa; Kappa Delta Phi. Sixth Row: WILLIAM COYLE WHARTON, New Orleans; Delta Tau Delta; Alpha Chi Sigma; American Chemical Society; Orches- tra. WILLIAM WARD WICHT, JR., Hattiesburg, Miss.; Kappa Sigma; Westminster Fellowship; Honor Board A S College; University Student Council; Patterson Dorm President; Infra- House Council; A S Student Council; Committee on Men ' s Residence Halls. JOHN T. WILSON, III, Wichita Falls. Texas; Phi Chi; Alpha bpsilon Delta; Eta Sigma Phi. THOMAS B. WOODS, Dothan, Ala.; Phi Sigma lota; Fine Arts Committee, University Center. Seventh Row: MICHAEL ALLAN ZIONTS, Houston, Texas; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre-Medical Society: Hillel Foundation. UNDERGRADUATES COLLEGE OF ARTS First Row: • HERSCHEL ABBOTT, Freshman; Monroe. La.; Canterbury Club; Air Force ROTC; Sabre Jet; Young Republicans. • JOHN WESLEY ABBOTT, Fresiiman; Nacogdoches, Texas; Pi Kappa Alpha; House Council. • ALFRED ABRAMSON, Freshman; New Orleans; Hobbies and Crafts Committee, University Center. • ALFREDO L. ACOSTA, Junior; Caracas, Venezuela; Alpha Chi Sigma, historian; Newman Club; International Relations Club; Foreign Students Committee. • ALLEN D. ADELSON, Sophomore; Houston, Texas; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pan-Hel Representative; Pre-Medical Society; Hlllel Foundation. Second Row: • BARRY ADEN, Junior; Indianola, Miss.; Phi Delta Theta. • JAMES AIELLO, Sophomore; Pittsburgh, Pa.; Kappa Alpha; Pre-Medical So. clety; Newman Club; Lagniappes. • JOHN ROUSE AKIN, Freshman; Shreveport, La.; Pre-Medlcal Society; Nev man Club; Air Force ROTC; Alpha Phi Omega; Lagniappes; Dance Committee, University Center. • GERALD R. ALEXANDER, Freshman; New Orleans, La.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Newman Club. • FREDERICK BERNARD ALEXIUS, Freshman; Baton Rouge, La.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Wesley Foundation; Naval ROTC; Anchor and Chain; Naval ROTC Drum and Bugle Corps. Third Row: • DAVID P. ALLRED, Wichita Falls, Texas; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Eta Sigma Phi; Canterbury Club. • SAMUEL HERBERT ALTMAN, Freshman; Charleston, S.C.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre-Medical Society. • GENE ANDERSON, Junior; New Orleans. • KAY ANDERSON, Sophomore; Romeo, Mich.; Phi Mu; Sailing Club; Sports Car Club. • DON ANDREWS, Sophomore; Monroe, La.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Wesley Foundation; Air Force ROTC; Tulane Amateur Radio Club. Fourth Row: • GLENN ANDREWS, Sophomore; Anniston, Ala.; Kappa Alpha. • PATRICK J. ARAGUEL, JR.; Freshman; New Orleans; Beta Theta Pi Newman Club; Air Force ROTC. • JACK ARDON, Sophomore; Lake, wood, N.J.; Varsity Sports, basketball; Greenbackers. • BALLARD L ARGUS, Sophomore; Bay St. Louis, Miss.; Alpha Tau Omega; Tall hook Club; Naval ROTC Drill Team; Naval ROTC. • ROBERT N ARROL, Junior; Areola, III.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Alpha Epsilon Delta Fifth Row: • WILLIAM R. ARY, Junior; Metalrie. La.; Kappa Alpha; Tulane Varsity Club; Varsity Letter, football. • STEPHEN L. AVARD, Junior; Chicago, III.; Kappa Sigma; Pre-Medical Society; Wesley Foundation; Young Republicans. • LEE BACK, Freshman; Pikesville. Md.; Pre- Medical Society; Hlllel Foundation; Lagniappes. • BRADLEY BAKER, Sophomore; Indianola, Miss.; Phi Delta Theta; Varsity Sports, track; Greenbackers; Baptist Student Union. • GARRY LOUIS BAKER, Sopho- more; Sarasota, Fla.; Phi Delta Theta; Naval ROTC, Drill Team, Color Guard. Sixth Row: • JOHN J. BARCELO, 111, Sophomore; New Orleans; Alpha Tau Omega; Varsity Sports, golf. O DURHAM BARNES, Freshman; Wild- wood. Fla.; Varsity Sports, football. • BILL BARNETT, Freshman; Houston, Texas; Kappa Sigma; JAMBALAYA; Air Force ROTC. • JOHN WESLEY BARNETT. JR., Freshman; Texarkana, Texas; Phi Kappa Sigma; Air Force ROTC. • WILLIAM HUME BARR, Sophomore; Nash- ville, Tenn.; Phi Delta Theta, secretary-treasurer; Phi Eta Sigma; Var- sity Sports, football. Seventh Row: • JOHN FRANKLIN BARRETT, JR., Freshman; Metalrie, La.; Baptist Student Union; Naval ROTC. • BRUCE GLENN BART. Freshman; Hewlett, N.Y.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pre-Medical Society; Varsity Sports, track; Hlllel Foundation. • DAVID ROBERGE BAYNE, Freshman; Selma, Ala.; Kappa Sigma. • ALFRED BECKMANN. Freshman; San Antonio, Texas; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Naval ROTC. • RICHARD ALAN BEILEY, Sophomore; Miami, Fla.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Hlllel Foundation; International Relations; Pi Lambda Beta. Eighth Row: • DEE BENSON, Sophomore; Denver. Colo.; Sigma Chi; Varsity Sports, golf; Adelphons. • JOHN E. BERGSTEDT, Freshman; Sulphur. La.; Kappa Sigma. • STANLEY Z. BERMAN, Freshman; Skokle. 111.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pre-Medical Society; Hlllel Foundation; Cosmopoli- tan Committee, University Center. • B. EUGENE BERRY, Junior; Pasca- goula, Miss.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Pre-tvledlcal Society; Baptist Student Union; Interfaith Council; Honor Board A S College; Phi Eta Sigma; University Center Board. • ARMAND H. BERTIN, Freshman; New Orleans, La. 74 AND SCIENCES UNDERGRADUATES First Row: • DONALD I. BIERMAN, Sophomore; Miami, F!a.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Greenbaclcers; Glendy Burke Society; Pi Lambda Beta; Young Demo- crats; Games Committee, University Center; Debate. • TRULS GRIEG BJERKE, Freshman; Metairie, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Varsity Sports, football. • HUGH MERCER BLAIN, III, Sophomore; New Orleans; Newman Club. • STEVE BLANK, Freshman; Des Moines, Iowa; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Hillel Foundation. • A. H. BLEVINS, Sophomore; Franlc- lin. La.; Beta Theta Pi; Naval ROTC. Second Row: • JESS B. BOLLINGER, JR., Sophomore; Alice, Texas; Delta Tau Delta; Newman Club. • JOSEPH B. BONHAGE. JR.. Freshman; New Orleans; Air Force ROTC. • ROBERT E. BONINI, Sophomore; Ridg- way, Penn.; Newman Club; Air Force ROTC. • WILLIAM E. BORAH, Junior; New Orleans; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • CHARLES V( ILLIAM BRADLEY, Sophomore; Birmingham, Ala.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Wesley Foundation; Campus Nite; Naval ROTC; Naval ROTC Drill Team; Anchor and Chain; Music Committee. University Center. Third Row: O BENNETT BRAUN, Sophomore; Chicago, III.; Tau Epsilon Phi, President; Pre-Medical Society; TUSK; Hillel Foundation; Campus Nite; Tulane University Theater; Army ROTC. • EVERETTE HARVEY BREAUX, Freshman; Homestead, Fla.; Army ROTC; Pershing Rifles. • CHARLES PLOWDEN BRIDGES, Sophomore; Baytown, Texas; Pre- Medical Society. • LARRY T. BROOKS, Sophomore; Warrington, Fla.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Wesley Foundation; Air Force ROTC; Sabre Jets Drill Team. • LESLIE V. BROOKS, JR., Freshman; Memphis Tenn.; Naval ROTC. Fourth Row: • JOHN C. BROTHERS, Junior; Nashville, Tenn.; Phi Delta Theta; Baptist Student Union. • MATT DAVIS BROWN, Junior; Chattanooga, Tenn.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Canterbury Club; Naval ROTC- Circle k! • KAUL J. MICHAEL BUHLER, II, Sophomore; New Orleans; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Pan-Hellenic Council; TUSK; Canterbury Club; Adel- phons; Slendy Burke Society. • JIMMY BUSH, Freshman; North Little Rock, Ark.; Air Force ROTC; Air Force ROTC Drill Team. • RICHARD WILLIAMS BUS50FF, Freshman; Joplin, Mo.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Pre-Medical Society; Fine Arts Committee, University Center. Fifth Row: • MICHAEL D. BYERS, Sophomore; Portland, Ore.; Canterbury Club; Sailing Club. • PAUL CAMERON, Freshman; Briarcliff, N.Y.; Phi Kappa Alpha; Varsity Track; Greenbackers. • WILLIAM RYCKMAN CAPLAN, Freshman: New Orleans; Zeta Beta Tau; Pre-Medical Society; ■■Hullabaloo " ; Hillel Foundation; Swim Club. • CHARLES P. CAR- RIERE, III, Sophomore; New Orleans; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Newman Club. • CATHERINE CARROLL, Junior; Houston. Texas; Alpha Omi- cron Pi; ' ■Hullabaloo ; Newman Club. Sixth Row: • JACK LANDERS CARTER, Freshman; Franklinton, La. • NELSON PAULCASTELLANO, Junior; Tampa, Fla.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Adelphons; Pan-Hellenic Council. • BRUCE PHILIP CHAMPAGNE, JR., Fresh- man; Bourg, La.; Newman Club; Disk Jockey WAVE. • SID CHAR- BONNET, Freshman; New Orleans; Beta Theta Pi; Newman Club. • CHARLES L. CHASSAIGNAC, Junior; New Orleans; Delta Tau Delta, vice-president; Newman Club; Air Force ROTC. Seventh Row: • JOHN H. CHIDLOW, Sophomore; Shreveport, La.; Kappa Alpha Order. • JUDD HENDRICK CHIDLOW, Sophomore, Shreveport, La.; Kappa Alpha Order; Pre-Medical Society. • WALTER CHRISTY, Freshman; New Orleans; Beta Theta Pi; Army ROTC. • BOB CLARK, Sophomore; Houston, Texas; Delta Tau Delta; Army ROTC; Pershing Rifles Drill Team; Pan-Hellenic Council; Phi Eta Sigma. O JULIA ANNE CLAVERIE. Junior; New Orleans; Pi Beta Phi. Eighth Row: • MARTY CLAWANS. Freshman; Perth Amboy, N.J.; Math Club; Hillel Foundation; Special Events Committee, University Center; Pre- Medical Society. • JAMES CLOPTON, Sophomore; McAllen , Texas; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • C. EDGAR CLOUTIER, Freshman; Natchi- toches. La.; Phi Delta Theta; Army ROTC; Pi Lambda Beta. • JOHN L. COCCHIARA, Junior; New Orleans; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Pi Eta Sigma. • THOMAS BRINDLEY COGGIN. Sophomore; Athens, Ala.; Kappa Sigma; Wesley Foundation. 75 UKDERGRADUATES COLLEGE OF ARTS First Row; O WREN COHENOUR, Freshman: Shreveport, La.: Ph ' Delta Theta. • JEFFREY R. COHN, Freshman: Chicago, III.: Zeta Beta Tau: TUSK: Decorations Committee, University Center. • ALAN F. CONE, Junior: Winter Park, Fla.: Pi Kappa Alpha. • JERRY A. COOPER, Freshman: Columbia, S.C: PI Kappa Alpha: Air Force ROTC. O TOMMY COPE- LAND, Freshman: Sheffield, Aia. Second Row: O JAMES EUSTIS CORRISAN, Jun ' or: New Orleans; Delta Kappa Epsilon: Newman Club, e CARL CRAINE, Freshman: Delray Beach, Fla.: Alpha Tau Omega, Rush Chairman: Dormitory Social Director. • JOSEPH J. CREELY, JR., Freshman; New Orleans; Pre-Medical Society; Newman Club. • RICHARD FRANKLIN CROMER. Sopho- more; Miami, Fla.; Eta Sigma Phi; Air Force ROTC; Glendy Burke Society, secretary-treasurer; International Relations Club; Pi Lambda Beta; Forum Committee, University Center. • THOMAS J. CROUCH, Freshman; Fort Worth, Texas; Sigma Chi; Air Force ROTC; Sabre Jets Drill Team; Cosmopolitan Committee, University Center. Third Row: • WILLIAM KENT CUTRER, Junior; Lake Charles, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Wesley Foundation; Phi Eta Sigma; Leadership Committee. University Center. » WILLIAM W. DAHL- BERS, Junior; New Orleans; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • C. DELU DAVID, Freshman; New Orleans; Kappa Alpha. • STANLEY S. DAVIDOW. Junior; Sreenville. Miss.; Zeta Beta Tau; " Hullabaloo " ; JAMBALAYA. • MARK E. DAVIS, Sophomore; Houston, Texas; Zeta Beta Tau; Hillel Foundation. Fourth Row: • W. TODD DAVISON. Freshman; Anderson, S.C; Kappa Sigma. • J. S. DEACON, JR.; Freshman: Beloit, W s.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Special Events Committee, University Center, e JOHN ROBERT DEMING, Freshman: Tulsa, Okla.; Pi Lambda Beta; Sailing Club. • STEPHEN J. DERBES, Freshman; New Orleans; Phi Delta Theta; Newman Club. • DENNIS J. DeWITT, Freshman; Winnetka, III.; Air Force ROTC; Sabre Jets Drill Team; Sports Car Club. Fifth Row: • CHARLES R. DIKE, Junior; Melairie, La. • MELVIN G. DODSON, III, Freshman; Miami, Fla.; Sailing Club. • ED DORAN, Sophomore; Chicago, III.; Varsity Track. • ALFRED B. DOWNS, Junior; Gulfport, Miss.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Naval ROTC. • PATTI DRAKE. Junior; New Orleans; Delta Zeta; Oreades; " Hullabaloo " ; Newman Club; Le Circle Francals. Sixth Row: • MEL DRUCKER, Junior; Flushing, N.Y.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Varsity Basketball: Hillel Foundation; Pre-Medical Society; Adelphons. • DICK DRUMMOND, Sophomore; Shreveport, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Pre-Medical Society; Barracudas; Baptist Student Union; Sailing Ciub; Sports Car Club. • LESTER DULITZ, Junior; New Orleans; Alpha Epsilon PI; Pre-Medical Society; Psychology Malor Club; Hillel Founda- tion; Adelphons. • CHARLES A. DURHAM. JR., Freshman; Houston, Texas; Kappa Sigma; A S Freshman Vice-President; Hospitality Committee, University Center. • VALENTINE ADAM EARHART, JR., Junior; New Orleans; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Greenbackers; Sailing Club; Sports Car Club. Seventh Row: O JAY EDELSTON, Sophomore; Chicago, III.; Zeta Beta Tau. • ED EDGERTON, Freshman; Alexandria, La.; Sigma Alpha EpsIlon: ' Wesley Foundation. • N EO F. EDMONDSON, Sophomore; Lake Providence, La.; Varsity Football; Varsity Track; Baptist Student Union, • RICK EIGENBROD, Freshman; Metairie. La.; Alpha Tau Omega. • GEORGE PATRICK ELDER, Freshman; Cincinnati, Ohio; Air Force ROTC. Eighth Row: • WILLARD ELLENDER, Freshman; Houma, La.; Newman Club; Pre- Medical Society. • JOHN JOSEPH ERNST, Sophomore; New Orleans; Newman Club; Tulane University Theater; Air Force ROTC. • GENE EVANS, Freshman; Dallas, Texas; Phi Kappa Sigma; Pre-Medical So- ciety: Greenbackers; Westminster Foundation; Concert Choir; Hospital- ity Committee, University Center. • FRANK H. PARIS, JR., Junior; McComb, Miss,; Tulane Amateur Radio Club; I.R.E. • FRANK LAWRENCE FAUST, III, Freshman; New Orleans; Army ROTC. 76 AND SCIENCES UNDERGRADUATES First Row; « DICK FAVOR, Freshman; Metairie, La.; Sigma Ciii; Personnel Evaluation Committee, University Center. • LENNY FEINGOLD, Sophomore; Hollywood, Fla.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre-Medical Society. • IvIICHAEL STEPHEN FELDIvlAN, Freshman; Newton Center, Mass.; Zeta Beta Tau; " Hullabaloo " ; Pre-Legal Society; Lagniappes. • LtE FENTRESS. Freshman; Baton Rouge, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Green- backers; Newman Club. • GARY W. FERGUSON, Freshman; San Francisco, Calif.; Pep Band; Tulane Band; Naval ROTC. Second Row: • NORMAN S. FERTEL, Junior; New Orleans; Math Club, Treasurer; Hillel Foundation: Phi Eta Sigma. • JOHN H. FIELDER, Sophomore; Corpus Christi, Texas; Math Club; Phi Eta Sigma. • MARION VIN- CENT FILIPPONE, Sophomore; Bellaire, Texas; Sigma Chi; Newman Club; Pre-Medical Society. • MICHAEL FINK, Sophomore; Yazoo City, Miss.; Zeta Beta Tau; Lagniappes. • RONNIE FINKLESTEIN, Freshman; New Orleans; Alpha Epsilon Pi. Third Row: • Vl ' ILLIAM E. FITZGERALD, Sophomore; Shreveport, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O AVRON B. FOGLEMAN, Sophomore; Memphis, Tenn.; Zeta Beta Tau. • DONALD A. FONTE, Junior; Zachary, La.; Kappa Sigma; Chairman Games Committee, University Center; New- man Club; Alpha Phi Omega. • ROBERT JAY FOOTLICK, Junior; Wooster, Ohio; Sigma Alpha Mu; TUSK; PI Lambda Beta. • OLIVER J. FORD, III, Junior; Shreveport, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Fourth Row: • GEORGE E. FOSTER. Sophomore; New Orleans; ln;ramural Coun- cil, Vice-President; " " Hullabaloo " ; TUSK; Westminster Fellowship; Campus Nite; Concert Choir; Air Force ROTC. • STUART AMES FRANK, Sophomore; Houston, Texas; Alpha Epsilon Pi, Corresponding Scribe; Pre-Medical Society, Corresponding Secretary; Hillel Founda- tion. KEN FRANKEL, Freshman; Shaker Heights, Ohio; Sigma Alpha Mu; Hillel Foundation; A Cappella Choir; Concert Choir; Tulane University Theater; Air Force ROTC; Drum Bugle Corps. O HENRY FRANTZ, Freshman; New Orleans; Westminster Fellowship, e NOR- MAN DAVID FREID. Freshman; Tampa, Fla.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre- Medical Society; Hillel Foundation, Fifth Row: • FRED FRESE, Kindley A.F.B., Bermuda; Sigma Chi; Newman Club; Naval ROTC; Navy Drill Team. • GERALD MARVIN FRIEDMAN, Junior; Atlanta, Ga.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Hillel Foundation. • ALAN FROUG, Freshman; Dayton, Ohio; Zeta Beta Tau; Varsity Freshman Track; Sports Car Club; Games Committee, University Center. • DANNY FULLER, Freshman; Huron, S.D.; Zemurray House Treasurer; Newman Club; Alpha Phi Omega; WAVE Radio. • DJONALD P. GACHE, Freshman; Miami Beach, Fia.; Sigma Delta Tau; Hillel Founda- tion; Pi Lambda Beta; Sailing Club, Sixth Row: • PETE GAFFNEY, Freshman; Shreveport, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Air Force ROTC. O MICHAEL VINCENT GALO. Freshman; Laredo Texas; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • WAYNE GALVANl, Freshman; Dallas Texas; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Baptist Student Union. • JOEL GARD NER, Sophomore; N. Hollywood. Callt. • GLENN B. GATIPON Sophomore; New Orleans; Delta Tau Delta; Pre-Medical Society; New man Club; Eta Sigma Phi. Seventh Row: • LAWLER F. GATLIN, Bogalusa, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O DAVID K. GATTO, Sophomore; New Orleans; Phi Kappa Sigma. 6 ALAN A, GEIGER, Sophomore; Brooklyn, N.Y.; Fine Arts Committee, Uni- versity Center. • CHARLES F. GENRE, Sophomore; New Orleans; Sigma Chi; Newman Club. • PAUL GERSON, Sophomore; Houston, Texas; Zeta Beta Tau; Pre-Medical Society; Owl Club; A Cappella Choir. Eighth Row: • JAMES H, GODFREY, Junior; Monroe. La,; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Pre-Medical Society; Wesley Foundation; Lagniappes. 9 RAY GOEL- LER, Sophomore; Spokane. Wash.; Westminster Fellowship; Cosmo- politan Committee, University Center. O R. H. GOLDBERG, Freshman; Dallas, Texas; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre-Medical Society; Hillel Founda- tion; Concert Choir; Personnel Evaluation Committee, University Center. • RICHARD GOLDWACH, Freshman; Highland Park, 111.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Sailing Club; Swimming Club. • STEPHEN IRA GOLDWARE, Junior; Dallas, Texas; Zeta Beta Tau; A 8 S Junior Secretary-Treasurer; Pre-Medical Society; " ' Hullabaloo ' " ; Hillel Founda- tion; Glendy Burke Society; Public Relations Committee, University Center. 77 UNDERGRADUATES COLLEGE OF ARTS First Row: • B. ROBERT SOLER, Freshman: New Orleans; Zeta Beta Tau; Ger- man Club; Pre-Medical Society; Hillel Foundation. • MICHAEL JOHN GONATOS, Junior; Tarpon Springs, Fla.; Pre-Medical Society. • THOMAS SONSOULIN, Junior, Jeanerette, La.; Alpha Tau Omega; Alptia Epsilon Delta, President; Pre-Medical Society; Newman Club; Honor Board A S College; Phi Eta Sigma. • W. MANFQRD SOOCH, Sophomore; Jackson, Miss.; Sigma Chi. • DEAN SOT- TEHRER, Freshman; Miami, Fla.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Hillel Foundation; Slendy Burke Society, Publicity Director; Pi Lambda Beta; Young Democrats; Public Relations Committee. University Center. Second Row: • FRANK GRANT, Freshman; Baltimore, Md.; Hillel Foundation; Campus Mite; PI Lambda Beta; Lagniappes. • TOM GRANT, Sopho- more; Monroe. La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Army ROTC. • JOHNNY GRAVES, Freshman; Hope, Arkansas. • DAVID M. GRAY, JR.. Fresh- man; Moreauvllle, La. • MAT GRAY. Freshman; New Orleans; Kappa Alpha Order. Third Row: • SAM GRAY, Sophomore; Miami Beach, Fla.; Zeta Beta Tau, Phelps Dormitory President; Varsity Tennis; Greenbackers; Inner-House Coun- cil. • RALPH L. GRAYSON, JR., Freshman; Memphis, Tenn.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Westminster Fellowship; ARMY ROTC. • EDMON LEE GREEN. Junior; Natchez, Miss.; Kappa Sigma, Vice-President; Adel- phons. • JAMES W. GREEN, Sophomore; Eden, Texas; Pi Kappa Alpha; German Club; Pre-Medical Society; TUSK; Leadership Com- mittee, University Center. • JOHN WILLIAM GROOME, Freshman; Mexico City, Mexico; Kappa Alpha Order. Fourth Row: • ALLAN A. GROSSMAN, Los Angeles, Calif.; Zeta Beta Tau; Hillel Foundation; Games Committee. University Center. • TOM GROTE, Freshman; New Orleans; Pershing Rifles Drill Team. • BUDDY GUERRA, Freshman; Roma, Texas; Circle K; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • ALAN JOHN GUMA, Junior; New Orleans; Phi Kappa Sigma; " Hullabaloo, " Contributing Editor; Greenbackers; Tulane Band, Vice-President; Glendy Burke Society; Honor Board A S College; Young Democrats; Phi Eta Sigma; Pan-Hellenic Council; Fine Arts Committee. Chairman. University Center. • BERT L. GURWITCH, Sophomore; Mobile, Ala.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Philosophy Club; Hillel Foundation; Army ROTC; Pi Lambda Beta. Fifth Row: • DELPH A. GUSTITUS, So| Pre-Medical Society; Varsity HALL. Sophomore; Camden Theatre; Music Committee. U NIK, Junior; Vicksburg, Miss, ciety. Secretary. • WILLIAM Ga.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; A Delta; Pre-Medical Society; Greenbackers; Phi Eta Sigm Middletown, Ohio; Kappa Sig phomore; Loves Park, 111.; Sigma Chi; Golf; Greenbackers. • W. DOUGLAS Me.; Beta Theta Pi; Tulane University niversity Center. • ROBERT J. HAMER- Alpha Epsilon Delta; Pre-Medical So- RALPH HARDCASTLE. Junior; Atlanta, S Junior Vice-President; Alpha Epsilon Varsity Tennis Letter; Varsity Tennis; a. • JAMES P. HAREN, Sophomore; ma; Newman Club; Army ROTC. Sixth Row: • ROBERT D. HARIKE, Sophomore; Coll-ge Park, Ga. • IRA B. HARKEY, III. Sophomore; Pascagoula, Miss.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; " Hullabaloo " ; TUSK; Newman Club. O THOMAS LEE HARMAN. Sophomore; Lakewood, Ohio.; Phi Kappa Sigma; TUSK; Sailing Club; Circle K. • RALPH HARRIS. Sophomore; Uvalde, Texas; Phi Kappa Sigma; Alpha Phi Omega. • RANDY HARRISON, Sophomore; San Antonio. Texas; Kappa Sigma; Pre-Medical Society; Wesley Foundation. Seventh Row: • ALBERT W. HARTMAN, JR., Freshman; San Antonio, Texas; Beta Theta. Pi. • WILLIAM B. HAY. Sophomore: New Orleans; Bethany Fellowship. • CHARLES WILLIAM HEIM, JR., Freshman; New Orleans; Naval ROTC; Navy Drill Team; Newman Club. • RONALD HEIMAN, Freshman; Farrell, Pa.; Zeta Beta Tau; Hillel Foundation; Music Committee, University Center. • CHARLES E. HEINBERG. Freshman; Alexandria, La.; Hillel Foundation; Army ROTC; Intra- mural golf. Eighth Row: • RANDY HELLER. Freshman; Denver, Colo.; Zeta Beta Tau; " Hulla- baloo " - Hillel Foundation; Pan-Hellenic Council. • ROBERT L. HELLER, Freshman; Rockville Center. N.Y. • DAVID FRANK MENDER. SON, Junior; Midland, Texas; Kappa Sigma. • SHELTON E. HEND- RICKS, Freshman; New Orleans; Kappa Sigma. • RUSS MICHEL HERMAN, Freshman; New Orleans; Hillel Foundation; Glendy Burke Society. 78 AND SCIENCES UNDERGRADUATES Ffrst Row; • ARTHUR HEROLD, Freshman; Shreveport, La.; Zeta Beta Tau; Var- sity Tennis; Hillel Foundation. • PETER HERRING, Freshman; Florence, Ala.; Kappa Alpha Order. • FREDERICK V. HESS. Freshman; Strat- ford. Conn.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Intramural Council; TUSK, • ROB- ERT EDWIN HILL, JR., Sophomore; New Orleans; " Hullabaloo " ; Wes- ley Foundation: Army ROTC; Pershing Ritles Drill Team; Choral Union. • NATHAN M. HIRSCH, Sophomore; Wallington, N.J.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pre-Medical Society; Hillel Foundation; Army ROTC; Pershing Rifles Drill Team. Second Row: • NEIL HIRSCH, Sophomore; Chicago, III.; Zeta Beta Tau; Hillel Foundation; Sports Car Club. • ROBERT G. HODGES, Freshman; New Iberia, La.; Phi Delta Theta. • NICK HQDSDON, Freshman; Miami, Fla.; Delta Tau Delta; Westminster Fellowship; Campus Nite; Opera Workshop; Army ROTC. • TIM HQFF, Freshman- Sarasota, Fla.; Delta Tau Delta; Newman Club. • LEONARD HOFFMAN, Junior; Houston. Texas; Zeta Beta Tau; " Hullabaloo, " Business Manager; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Pre-Medical Society; Hillel Foundation; Campus Nite. Tkird Row: • ALAN HONIGBERG, Junior; Ladue, Mo.; Zeta Beta Tau; ASS Student Council Representative; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Philosophy Club; Pre-Medical Society; JAMBALAYA; Hillel Foundation; Campus Nite; Honor Board A S College; Young Democrats; Phi Eta Sigma; Lead- ership Committee, University Center. • JACK HOOPER, Freshman; Nashville, Tenn.; Phi Delta Theta. • JAMES J. HOTH, Freshman; Baton Rouge, La.; Kappa Sigma. • THOMAS C. HOWE, Freshman; Indianapolis, Ind.; Phi Delta Theta. • JAMIE HOWELL, Freshman; Picayune, Miss.; Sigma Chi. Fourth Row: • LELON HUBBARD, Sophomore; Monticello, Ark.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Pershing Rifles Drill Team; Vice-President Inter-Dorm Council; Army ROTC. • EDGAR WARREN HULL, Junior; New Orleans; Alpha Epsi- lon Delta; Pre-Medical Society; Wave Handbook, Editor; Sailing Club; Newman Club; Hospitality, Vice-Chairman, University Center. • JOHN I. HULSE, IV, Junior; New Orleans; Alpha Tau Omega; Christian Science Organization; Tailhook Club; Sailing Club; Naval ROTC. • RICHARD G. HUMPHREY, Freshman; Georgetown, British Guiana; Phi Kappa Sigma: Pre-Medica! Society; Lagnlappes. • HOWARD I. HURTIG, Sophomore; Leiand, Miss.; Zeta Beta Tau; Adelphons; Pan-Hellenic Council. Fifth Row: • PHILIP J. HYMEL, Sophomore; New Orleans; Newman Club; Tulane Band; Tailhook Club; Naval ROTC. • CARRICK INABNETT, Fresh- man; Jackson, Tenn.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Drums Bugle Corps; Air Force ROTC. • TOM IRWIN, Sophomore; Jacksonville, Fla.; Phi Delta Theta; Pan-Hellenic Council. • JOHN D. JACKSON, JR., Freshman: El Centre, Calif.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Swim Club; Decora- tions Committee, University Center. • PHILIP JAMES, Sophomore; New Orleans: Delta Kappa Epsilon. Sixth Row: • ROBERT E. JEFFERS, JR., Sophomore; New Orleans; Phi Kappa Sigma; Army ROTC. • D. ' VID H. JOHNSON, Freshman; Pensacola, Fla.; Sabre Jets Drill Team; Air Force ROTC. O LARRY JOHNSON, Freshman; New Orleans; Alpha Tau Omega. • HANS A. B. JONAS- SEN, Freshman; New Orleans; Delta Kappa Epsilon; JAMBALAYA; Army ROTC. • S. ROSS JONES, Sophomore; Woodville, Miss.; Eta Sigma Phi; Canterbury Club; Concert Choir, ieve nth R ow: • RONALD S. JOSEPH, Junior; Alice. Texas. • WARREN B. JUNG, II, Freshman: New Orleans; Phi Kappa Sigma; Student Directory; Circle K; Westminster Fellowship; Concert Choir; Music Committee, Univer- sity Center. • STEPHEN D. KAFKA, Junior; Kew Gardens, N.Y.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pre-Medical Society. • JAY S. KAPLAN, Sophomore; Duller. Del.; Sigma Alpha Mu. • ARTHUR KASTLER, Sophomore; New Orleans. Eighth Row: • MYLES MATHIAS KATZ, Sophomore: New Rochelle. N.Y.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pre-Medical Society; Hillel Foundation. • HARRY B. KELLEHER, JR.; Sophomore; New Orleans; Kappa Alpha Order; Can- terbury Club; Pan-Hellenic Representative. • HENRY STOVALL KEN- DRICK, Freshman; Montgomery, Ala.; Kappa Sigma; Pre-Medical So- ciety; Wesley Foundation; Alpha Phi Omega; Music Committee, University Center. • BUD KENNEDY. Freshman; Brentwood, Tenn.; Phi Delta Theta; Varsity Track; JAMBALAYA. • GEORGE KENNEDY, Freshman; Napton, Mo.; Alpha Tau Omega. 79 UNDERGRADUATES COLLEGE OF ARTS First Row: • WILLIAM ROSS KENNEDY. Ill, Jr.; Gulfport, Miss.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; ASS College, Secretary-Treasurer; Pre-Medical Societv; Greenbackers, Treasurer; Wesley Foundation; tHonor Board A S College; Sailing Club, Vice-President. • THOMAS JOSEPH KILLIAN, Sophomore; Pompano Beach, Fla.; Newman Club; Pre-Medica! Society; Sailing Club. • JOHN R. KINACD. JR., Freshman; McAllen. leMs; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; PreMedical Society; Canterbury Society; Fencing Club. • ARNOLD KIRKPATRICK, Freshman; Delray Beach, Fla.; Alpha Tau Omega; TUSK; Sailing Club. • W. HOWARD KISNER. Junior; New Orleans; Kappa Sigma; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Varsity Letter Foot- ball; Varsity Football. Second Row: e KENNETH PAUL KLAIMAN, Junior; University Heights, Ohio; " Hullabaloo " ; Instant Student Directory, Chairman; Hillel Foundation, Executive Board; Pi Lambda Beta; Young Democrats, Director; Circle K. • PETER B. KLEIN, Freshman; Mt. Vernon, N.Y.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Hillel Foundation; Sabre Jets Drill Team; Air Force ROrC. PETE B. KLINE, San Antonio, Texas; Sigma Chi. • WILLIAM FRANK KNIGHT, Freshman; Miami Beach, Fla.- Baptist Student Union,. • JOSEPH MORRIS KOCHANSKY, Sophomore; Melville, La.; Kappa Sigma; Newman Club; Pre -Medical Society. Third Row: • PETER LEE KOCHMAN, Sophomore; Waco, Texas; German Club; Pre-Medical Society. • JOHN E. KOERNER, III. Freshman; New Orleans; Kappa Alpha Order; Newman Club. • LONNY KOFF. Junior; Atlanta, Ga.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Hillel Foundation; Pre-Medical So- ciety; Adelphons. • DANNY KOVNAT, Sophomore; Lantana, Fla.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pre-Medical Society. • JAY H. KRACHMER, Fresh- man; Miami Beach, Fla.; Zeta Beta Tau; Hospitality Committee. Uni- versity Center. Fourth Row: e RODGER KRITZ, Freshman; Skokie. III.; Zeta Beta Tau. • RICHARD S. KUGLER, Sophomore; Elmont. N.Y.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pre-Medical Society; Hillel Foundation. • WILLIAM KULP, Freshman; Highland Park, III.; Zeta Beta Tau. O STAN KURZBAN, Freshman; Miami. Fla.; Tau Epsilon Phi; Math Club; Hillel Foundation. 6 SANFORD A. KUTNER, Freshman; Elizabeth, N.J.; Tau Epsilon Phi; Pre-Medical Society; Hillel Foundation; Pi Lambda Beta. Fifth Row: • JOSEPH E. LaBAUVE, Freshman; Port Allen, La.; Pre-Medical Society. • ROBERT LAMBERT, Freshman; Ardmore. Otla.; Sigma Chi; Air Force ROTC. • ROBERT LEE LANKFORD, Freshman; Wallingtord. Pa.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; ARMY ROTC. • JOSEPH B. LASTER, Fresh- man; Sheffield, Ala. 6 CHARLES STEPHEN LATAXES. Jun ' or; West- wego. La.; Intramural Council; Newman Club; Cadet Staff Officer. 2nd Lt.; Air Force ROTC. Sixth Row: S HARRY S. LAUGHRAN; Biloxi, Miss.; Newman Club; Sailing Club; Pi Lambda Beta; Naval ROTC. • HERBERT W. LeBOURGEOIS. F.esh. man; Metairie, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Concert Choir. • S. REAVES LEE, Freshman; Ft. Smith, Ark.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • JACK M. LEICHER, Sophomore; New York. N.Y.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Hillel Foundation. 3 ROBERT L. LEVIN, Sophomore; Jacksonville, Fla.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Greenbackers; Hillel Foundation; Pi Lambdj Beta. Seventh Row: • HOWARD ALLAN LEVINE, Freshman; Lowell, Mass.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre-Medical Society; Hillel Foundation. • MICHAEL J LtVINfc, Freshman; Jamaica, N.Y.; Tau Epsilon Phi; Hillel Foundation. • FRED R. LEVITIN, Freshman; Portsmith, Va.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre-Medical Society; Frehman Track; Greenbackers; Games Committee, Univer- sity Center, e RICHARD LEVIfOV. Freshmon; Jersey City, N.J.; Pre- Medical Society; TUSK; Hillel Foundation. DAVID LEWIN. Junior; University City, Mo.; Zeta Beta Tau; JAMBALAYA, Fralernity Editor; Games Committee, University Center, Eighth Row: O EDDIE LIEBMAN, Freshman; Dallas, Texas; Zeta Beta Tau; Hillel Foundation; Irby House Council. • JOHN PAT LITTLE, JR.. Freshman- New Orleans; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Naval ROTC. • WALTER LITTLt ' . JR., Freshman; Vicksburg. Miss.; Pre-Medical Society; Newman Club; Alpha Phi Omega; Irby House Council. • NED J. LOCARIO, JR. ' Freshman; Houston, Texas; Sigma Chi. • LARRY M. LOEB, Sophomore; Morgan City, La.; Zeta Beta Tau; Hillel Foundation; Special Events Committee, University Center; Air Force ROTC. 80 AND SCIENCES UNDERGRADUATES Firsf Row; • JAMES W. LONG, Freshman; New Orleans; Kappa Sigma; Pre Medical Society; Baptist Student Union; Circle K. Vice-President, • JIMMY M. LONG, Junior; Greenwood, Miss.; Sigma Alpha Eps Ion; Talent Committee, University Center. • LEO LEVY LOWENTRIIT JR., Junior; Winnsboro, La.; Zeta Beta Tau; Alpha Epsilon Delta Vice-President; Pre-Medical Society; " Hullabaloo. " • BRIAN A LOY, Junior; Houston, Texas; German Club; Newman Club; Army ROTC; Pershing Rifles Drill Team, Commanding Officer; Cadet Staff Officer, 2nd Lt. • HAROLD A. LOYACANO, JR.. Sophomore; Slidell, La.; PI Kappa Alpha; Pre-Medlcal Society; Newman Club; Alpha Phi Omega, Treasurer. Second Row: • ARTHUR LUMPKIN, Freshman; Rock Hill, S.C; Canterbury Club; Campus Nite; Concert Choir; University Chorus. • MIKE LURIE, Sophomore; Houston, Texas; Zeta Beta Tau. • JIM LUTTMANN, Sopho- more; Princeton, N.J.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Greenbackers. • GRANT LYONS, Freshman; Port Arthur. Texas; Freshman Football. • WM. S. McANINCH, Sophomore; Little Rock, Ark.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Eta Sigma; Air Force ROTC. Third Row: • J. PAUL McBRIDE, Sophomore; Denver, Colo.; Pre-Medical So- ciety; Sports Car Club. • ROBERT A. McCORMICK, Junior; Houma, La.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Pre-Medical Society. • J. PATRICK McELROY. Junior; " Dunedin, Fla.; Delta Tau Delta; Math Club; Wesley Founda- tion; Sailing Club. • HUNTER BEALL McFADDEN. Junior; New Orleans; Phi Kappa Sigma; Naval ROTC; Adelphons; Pi Lambda Beta. • D. V ILLIAM McGUIRE. Freshman; New Orleans; Kappa Alpha; Army ROTC. Fourth Row: • WILLIAM MclNTOSH, III, Junior; Charleston, South Carolina; Delta Tau Delta. • JIM McLAUGHLIN, Sophomore; Shreveport, La.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • GEORGE PATRICK McLEAN, Junior; Magnolia, Ark.; Sigma Chi; Tulane Varsity Club; Varsity Football. • RICHARD B. MANGES, Freshman; Hays, Kan.; Math Club; Westminster Fellow- ship. • BOB MARCH. Sophomore; Star City. Ind. Fifth Row: • RONALD S. MARKS. Junior; Ft. Worth, Texas; Zeta Beta Tau; " Hullabaloo " ; Pre-Medical Society; Wave Handbook; Hiilel Founda- tion; Leadership Committee, University Center. • JAMES MARTIN, Freshman; New Orleans; Phi Kappa Sigma; Wesley Foundation. • MICHAEL E. MARTIN, Junior; Wafseka, 111.; Delta Tau Delta. • MIGUEL ANGEL MARTORELL, III. Freshman; San Turce. Puerto Rico. • JERRY L. MASHAW, Freshman; Shreveport, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; A A Freshman President; Honor Board A S College. Sixth Row: • CHARLES W. MATHEWS. III. Freshman; Befhesda, Md.; Sigma Chi. • JOHN H. MATTHEWS. Junior; Eagle Lake. Texas; Wesley Foundation. • TOM MEADE, Freshman; Albuquerque, New Mexico; Kappa Sigma; Varsity Track. • AUGUSTINE MEAHER. III. Junior; Mobile. Ala.; Army ROTC; Pershing Rifles Drill Team; Pi Lambda Beta. • DAVID MEEKER. Junior; Pensacola, Fla.; Eta Sigma Phi. Seventh Row: • RONNIE MELTON, Freshman; Newton. Miss. • SAMUEL MER- iRILL, III, Junior; Bogalusa, La.; Eta Sigma Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; Math Club, President; " Hullabaloo " ; Westminster Fellowship; Circle K, Secretary. • CHRIS MERRITT. Freshman; Lubbock, Texas; Pep Band; Tulane Band; Fine Arts Committee. University Center. • BUDDY MEYER, Freshman; St. Jackson, Miss.; Freshman Football Team. • JOHN W. MEYER, Freshman; Hondo, Texas; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Personnel Evaluations Committee, University Center. Eighth Row: • MALCOLM MEYN, JR., Sophomore; New Orleans; Newman Club; Intramural Council. • JOAN E. MILAZO, Freshman; New Orleans. • WILLIAM PORCHER MILES, IV. Junior; New Orleans; Kappa Alpha Order; Adelphons. • MARK B. MILLER, Junior; Little Rock, Ark.; Opera Workshop; Sports Car Club. • WILLIAM T. MILLICAN, Sophomore; Athens, Ga.; Kappa Sigma; Canterbury Club; Naval ROTC; Mark I Drill Platoon. 81 UNDERGRADUATES COLLEGE OF ARTS First Row: • WILLIAM W. MIXON, Freshman: Bunkie, La.; Kappa Sigma; Can- terbury Club. • ANITA MOBERG, Freshman; Gofhenberg, Sweden. • RANDY MORET. Sophomore; Atlanta, Sa.; Sigma Alpha Mu; TUSK; Hlllel Foundation; Army ROTC; Adelphons. • JAMES JOHN- STON MORSE, Freshman; New Orleans; Kappa Alpha Order. • EDWARD MYERS. Freshman; Washinton D.C.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Hlllel Foundation; Pi Lambda Beta; Track Team. Second Row: • AUGUST WILLIAM MYSING, Freshman; New Orleans; Ph! Delta Theta. a JOSEPH M. D. NADELL, Freshman; New York City, N.Y.; Pre. Medical Society; Hillel Foundation; Tulane University Theater; Sailing Club. • RONNIE NAOUIN, Freshman; New Orleans. • ALLAN NATHANSON, Freshman; Brooklyn, N.Y.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pre-Medl- cal Society; Hillel Foundation; International Relations Club. • BRYAN NEARN, JR., Freshman; Memphis, Tenn.; Sigma Chi; Greenbackers. Third Row: • LEE TERRELL NESBITT, Freshman; Rayne, La.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Pre-Medical Society. • DENNIS M. NEWMAN. Freshman; Bronx, N.Y.; Tau Epsilon Phi; Pre-Medical Society; Hillel Foundation; Sports Car Club. • JAMES W. NEWMAN, Sophomore; Scarsdale, N.Y.; Beta Theta Pi • WILBERT " BUD " NOEL, Junior; Lafayette, La.; Delta Tau Delta, Treasurer; Newman Club. • JIMMY NORR, Fresh- man; New Orleans; Pep Band; Hillel Foundation; Tulane Band; Army ROTC; WAVE Radio, Advertising Director; Drum Bugle Corps; Decorations Committee, University Center. Fourth Row: • CLIFFORD C. NORTHON, III. Freshman; New Orleans; Delta Sigma Phi; " Hullabaloo " ; Newman Club; Army ROTC; Pershing Ritles Drill Team; Circle K. O WILLIAM NUSSBAUM, Sophomore; Jackson- ville. Fla.; JAMBALAYA; Hlllel Foundation. O CHUCK O ' BRIEN, Junior; Metairle. La.; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Eta Sigma Phi; Pre-Medical Society; Newman Club, Vice-President; Sailing Club; Inter-Faith Council. • DAVE OFFUTT, Sophomore; Odessa. Texas; Ph! Kappa Alpha. • STEVEN HARVEY ORENSTEIN. Freshman; Atlanta. Ga.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre-Medical Society; Music Committee. Uni- versity Center. Fifth Row: • EDMUND N. ORSINI, JR., Freshman; Little Rock, Ark.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Pre-Medical Society. • BILL OSTEEN, Junior; Mllllngton. Tenn.; Sigma Chi; Tulane Varsity Club; Varsity Footbarl; Varsity Foot- ball Letter. • BERT OXENBERG, Sophomore; Port Washington, N.Y. Alpha Epsilon PI; " Hullabaloo " ; Air Force ROTC; Talent Committee University Center. • ROBERT R. PADRON, Junior; Key West, Fla. Delta Tau Delta. • CAMERON PAYNE. Sophomore; Shreveport, Ala. Kappa Alpha Order; Greenbackers; Canterbury Club; Army ROTC Honor Board A S College; Pan-Hellenic Council. Sixth Row: • RICHARD W. PEACOCK. Junior; New Orleans; Sigma Pi Sigma; Pep Band; Bethany Fellowship; Tulane Band; Army ROTC. • WILLIAM HOWARD PEARLMAN, Freshman; Shaker Heights. Ohio; Sigma Alpha Mu; Hlllel Foundation; JAMBALAYA; Air Force ROTC; Drum Bugle Corps; WAVE Radio. Public Relations Committee. • WALTER THOMAS PEARSON. Freshman; Fort Valley. Ga.; Tulane Band; Drum Bugle Corps: Air Force ROTC. • DON PENIX, Sophomore; Vernon. Texas. • LOGAN P. PERKINS, JR., Freshman; Sulphur, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Seventh Row: • MARC L. PETERZELL, Junior; Moss Point. Miss.; Zeta Beta Tau; ASS Vice. President; JAMBALAYA; Greenbackers. • LARRY B. PHIL- LIPS. Ill, Junior; Shreveport, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Alpha Chi Sigma; Wesley Foundation; Games Committee, University Center. • JOEL PIASSICK, Sophomore; Atlanta. Ga.; Sigma Alpha Mu. Vice- President; Hlllel Foundation; Pi Lambda Beta. Secretary; Public Rela- tions Committee, University Center; N.D.T.A. ' • BERT PONIG, Sopho- more; San Francisco. Calif.; Phi Kappa Sigma; ASS Sophomore Vice. President; Hospitality Committee, University Center. • MICHAEL P. PORTER, Junior; New Orleans; Sigma Nu; Pi Lambda Beta; Army ROTC; Sailing Club; National Defense Transportation Association, President. Eighth Row: • DANNIE ALFRED POST, Sophomore; New Orleans; Naval ROTC; Drum Bugle Corps. • JOHN POSTELL. Freshman; New Orleans; Kappa Sigma; Newman Club. • PAT PRIEST. Sophomore; Harllngen. Texas; Intramural Council; Campus Nlte; Tulane Band; Naval ROTC; Tailhook Club; Anchor Chain. • MARTIN PRITZKER, Sophomore; Memphis. Tenn.; Sigma Alpha Mu. • DUANE M. RAFFIE. Junior; New Orleans; Hillel Foundation; Campus Nlte; Tulane University Theatre. 82 AND SCIENCES UNDERGRADUATES First Row: • JAMES F. RAY, Junior; Baker, Fla.; Pi Lambda Beta, Vice-President; " Hullabaloo " ; Sailing Club; Beth. • LESTER THOMAS REESE, Fresh- man; Birmingham, Ala.; Pep Band; Wesley Foundation; Pre-Medical Society; Tulane Band; Music Committee, University Center. • FON- TAINE REEVES, JR.. Junior; Eufaula, Ala.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Alpha Phi Omega, President; Hobbies Crafts Committee, Chairman, University Center. • MICHAEL D. REINER. Freshman; Fresh Meadows. N.Y.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre-Medical Society; Sailing Club; Swimming Club; Cosmopolitan Committee, University Center. • ROBERT RENO, Junior; Miami. Fla.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Second Row: • JAMES R. REST. Sophomore; New Orleans; Phi Eta Sigma. • LARRY RICE, Sophomore; Brooklyn, N.Y.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Hillel Foundation; Pre-Law Society; Cosmopolitan Committee, University Center. • JOHN NATHANIEL RICHIE, Freshman; Chatham, La. • GEORGE M. RISER, Freshman; Monroe. La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Wesley Founda- tion; Air Force ROTC; Forum Committee, University Center. • BILLY ROACH, Sophomore: Sterlington, La.; Varsity Football. Third Row: • STACY A. ROBACK, Freshman; Dallas, Texas; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre- Medical Society; Student Directory; Hillel Foundation. O WILLIAM C. ROBERTSON, IV, Sophomore; New Orleans; Phi Delta Theta. • JERRY C. ROBINSON, Sophomore; Jacksonville, Fla.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Wesley Foundation; Naval ROTC; Navy Drill leam; Adelphons; " Urchin " Staff. • PETER F. ROCK. Freshman; Chicopee. Mass. • GERALD ROSENTHAL, Junior; Bronx, N.Y.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre- Medical Society. Fourth Row: • ALAN S. ROTH, Freshman; Brooklyn, N.Y.; Tau Epsilon Phi; Hillel Foundation; Pi Lambda Beta. O HERMAN DOUGLAS ROTSCH, Sopho- more; Austin, Texas; Greenbackers; Pep Band; Canterbury Club; Tulane Band; Naval ROTC; Tailhook Club; Anchor Chain; Alpha Phi Omega; Students Activities Board; Drum Bugle Corps; Inter-House Council, President. • ALAN M. RUBEN, Sophomore; Shreveport, La.; Pre-Medical Society; Hillel Foundation; Glendy Burke Society; Debat- ing Team. • LEONARD RUBIN, Junior; Augusta, Ga.; Alpha Epsilon PI; Hillel Foundation; Army ROTC; Drum 8c Bugle Corps. • RICHARD A. RUDMAN, Sophomore; New Orleans; Sigma Alpha Mu; Army ROTC; Leadership Committee, University Center. Fifth Row: • ALLAN STANLEY RUDOLPH, Freshman; Chattanooga, Tenn.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pre-Medical Society; Hillel Foundation; Music Committee, University Center. • FRANK J. SADLACK, Freshman; Jersey City. N.J.; Beta Theta PI. • RAYMOND J. SALASSI, Sophomore; New Orleans; Delta Tau Delta; Newman Club; Naval ROTC; Pi Lambda Beta. • WAYNE SANDERS, Freshman; Dothan, Ala.; Math Club; Baptist Student Union; Tulane Band. • FENTON M. SANGER, Sopho- more; Oklahoma City, Okla.; Sigmi Chi; TUSK; Naval ROTC; Adel- phons; Lagniappes; Pan-Hellenic Council. Sixth Row: • NEAL E. SCHAFER. Junior; Tenafly, N.J.; Delta Tau Delta; New- man Club; International Relations Club; Talent Committee, University Center. • JAMES E. SCHALLER. Sophomore; Greensburg, Pa.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Canterbury Club; Tulane University Theatre; Air Force ROTC; Sabre Jets Drill Team. O RON SCHENBERG, Freshman; Olivette, Mo.; Zeta Beta Tau; Cheerleaders; Greenbackers; Army ROTC; Decorations Committee, University Center. • PHILIP BROWN SCHEPS, Freshman; New Orleans; Math Club; Army ROTC; Pershing Rifles Drill Team; WAVE Radio, Business Manager; Circle K. • RON- ALD HOWARD SCHNEIDER, Junior; New Orleans; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pre-Medical Society; Hillel Foundation. Seventh Row: • EDWARD P. SCHOENTHALER, Freshman; Riverside, III.; Phi Kappa Sigma. • ARMOND J. SCHROEDER, Sophomore; Burns, Ore.; Alpha Tau Omega. • ROBERT SCHWERIN, Freshman; Hammond, Ind.; Gamma Delta; Naval ROTC; Naval Drill Team; Tailhook Club. • JOE A. SCOTCH, JR.. Sophomore; Birmingham. Ala.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Newman Club. • BHUCE H. SCOTT, Sophomore; Brooklyn, N.Y.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pi Lambda Beta. Eighth Row: • GLENN LAWRENCE SCOTT, Sophomore; Ponchatoula, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Wesley Foundation; Games Committee, University Center. • MALCOLM SCOTT, Sophomore; Memphis, Ark.; Phi Eta Sigma; Baptist Student Union. • KENT SEALE, Freshman; Sulphur, La.- Kappa Sigma. • O. LARRY SECREST, Freshman; Ft. Smith, Ark.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Pre-Medical Society. • TONY 5EGARRA, Sophomore: Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico; Pre-Medical Society; Newman Club; Air Force ROTC; Games Committee, University Center. 83 COLLEGE OF ARTS UNDERGRADUATES ill First Row: • JOHN SAMUEL SELIS, Junior; Pine Bluff, Art.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Hlllel Foundation; Army ROTC; PI Lambda Beta. • H. WILLIAM SELLERS, Freshman; New Orleans; Phi Kappa Sigma; Bethany Fellow- ship; Army ROTC; hHospitality Committee, University Center. • ROY SELLERS, Sophomore; New Orleans; Sigma Chi; Westminster Fellow- ship; Army ROTC. • F. J. SELMAN, JR., Junior; New Orleans; Delta Kappa Epsllon; Pre-Medical Society; Newman Club. • GENE PAUL SHAFTON, Sophomore; Jacksonville, Fla.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre- Medical Society; Hlllel Foundation; Interfalth Council; Campus Mite; Phi Eta Sigma; Forum Committee, Chairman, University Center. Second Row: • STEPHEN C. SHAMBERG, Junior; Winnetka. III.; Sigma Alpha Mu Campus Nite; Personnel Evaluations Committee, Chairman, Univer. sity Center. • JOHN WARREN SHANNON, Junior; Jacksonville, Fla Pi Kappa Alpha. • MARVIN SHAPIRO, Sophomore; Columbus, Ga Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre-Medical Society; Leadership Committee. Uni- versity Center. • WILLIAM W. SHAW, Sophomore; New Orleans Beta Theta PI; TUSK; Army ROTC; Pershing Rifles Drill Team, West. minster Fellowship. • MAURICE SHEMPER, Sophomore; Hattlesburg Miss.; Pre-Medical Society; " Hullabaloo " ; Wave Handbook; Pep Club; Hlllel Foundation; Tulane Band; Alpha Phi Omega, Third Row: • RANDALL B. SHEPARD, JR., Freshman; Memphis, Tenn.; Phi Delta Theta. • FRANK C. SHUTE, III, Sophomore; Opelousas, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsllon; Barracudas; Newman Club; Army ROTC; Sailing Club; Sports Car Club. • ELLIOT M. SIEGEL, Freshman; Highland Park, III. • ROBERT S. SIMON, Sophomore; Beverly Hills. Calif.; Zeta Beta Tau; Intramural Council; Hlllel Foundation; Personnel Evaluations Committee, University Center. • TOM SIMONTON, Freshman.; Mon- roe, La.; Beta Theta Pi. Fourth Row: • HARRY SINGREEN, Freshman; New Orleans; Phi Delta Theta. • GEORGE F. SINS. JR., Freshman; New Orleans; Beta " Theta Phi. • S. RONALD SLIPMAN, Junior; New Orleans; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Hillel Foundation; Pre-Medical Society; Psychology Major Club. • CLINTON SMITH, Junior; Jackson, Miss.; Kappa Sigma; Westminster Fellow- ship: A Cappella Choir; Concert Choir; International Relations Club. • JOHN E. SMITH, Sophomore; Weymouth, Mass.; Kappa Sigma; Tulane Band; Air Force ROTC; Sabre Jets Drill Team. Fifth Row: • KENNETH W. SMITH, Sophomore; Annandale, Va.; Canterbury Club; Naval ROTC; Anchor Chain. • MIKE SMITH, Sophomore; New Orleans; Delta Kappa Epsllon. • PRENTICE LANIER GRIFFITH SMITH, JR., Freshman; Houma, La.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Westminster Fellowship; Army ROTC; Glendy Burke Society; Young Democrats; Infra-House Council; Zemurray House Council; Special Events, Forum Committees, University Center. • CHARLIE SNYDER, Freshman; Bastrop, La.; Hlllel Foundation; Fine Arts Committee, University Center. • ROBERT E. SNYDER, Junior; Canton, Minn.; Newman Club; Pre-Medical Society. Sixth Row: • THOMAS PLEWMAN SPARKS, 111, Junior; New Iberia, La.; Pre- Medical Society; Canterbury Club; Varsity Track Letter; Varsity Track; Circle K. • ED SPOTO, JR., Junior; Tampa, Fla.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Greenbackers; Adetphons; Lagniappes, Vice- President; Phi Eta Sigma. • W. NICHOLAS STABA. JR., Freshman; Metairie. La. • HARVEY J. STAHL, Freshman; Dallas, Texas; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre-Medical Society; " Hullabaloo " ; Hillel Foundation; Fine Arts Committee, University Center. • GARLAND L. STANDROD, Sophomore; Ft. Smith, Ark.; Army ROTC; Pi Lambda Beta. Seventh Row: • R. GREGORY STASSI, Junio r; Metairie, La.; Eta Sigma Phi; Delta Sigma Phi; Psychology Major Club; Newman Club; Campus Nite; Pre-Law Society; Adelphons; Pan-Hellenic Council. • BARRY J. STEIN, Junior; Forest Hills. N.Y.; Hillel Foundation; Campus Nite; Tulane University Theatre; Music Committee, University Center. • ROBERT MITCHELL STEINBACH. Sophomore; Dallas, Te«as; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre-Medical Society; Hlllel Foundation; Army ROTC; Music Commit- tee, Treasurer, University Center, Eighth Row: • FLOYD ALLEN STERN. Sophomore; Miami Beach, Fla.; Sigma Alpha Mu, Secretary; Pre-Medical Society; Forum Committee. Univer. sity Center. • MICHAEL STODDARD, Freshman; Jacksonville, Fla,; Kappa Alpha Order, • VANCE M, STRANGE. JR,, Sophomore; San Francisco, Calif,; Phi Kappa Sigma; Varsity Football. 84 AND SCIENCES UNDERGRADUATES First Row: • ERNEST N. STROMBERGER, Junior; San Antonio, Texas; Kappa Sigma. • BYRON E. STRUG, Junior; New Orleans; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Alptia Epsilon Delta; tHillel Foundation; Piii Eta Sigma; Pre-Medical Society; Psychology Major Club. • MICHAEL P. STRUT2EL, Junior; Biloxi, Miss.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Pi Sigma Alpha; Air Force ROTC; International Relations Club; Sailing Club; Fencing Club; Cadet Lt.; Arnold Air Society. • CLINT SUMNER, Junior; Sylvester. Ga.; Phi Kappa Sigma, Secretary; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Baptist Student Union; Circle K; Phi Eta Sigma. • RICHARD I. SUNSHINE, Sophomore; Jamaica, N.Y.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pre-Medical Society; tHillel Founda- tion; " Hullabaloo. " Second Row: • GEORGE F. SUSTENDAL, Sophomore; New Orleans; Alpha Tau Omega; Intra-Mural Sports. O W. B. SWIFT, JR., Sophomore; New Orleans: Phi Kappa Sigma; Greenbackers; Canterbury Club; Campus Nite; Air Force ROTC; Sabre Jets Drill Team; Talent Committee. University Center. • HERBERT MARVIN TANENHAUS, Sophomore; Tampa, Fla.; Hlllel Foundation; Alpha Phi Omega. • MICHAEL KEITH TARVER, Freshman; Monroe, La.; Phi Delta Theta; Air Force ROTC. • ROBERT W. TAYLOR, Junior; New Orleans; Phi Kappa Sigma; Junior Class President; Canterbury Club; Tulane Band; Honor Board A S College; Pep Band; Lagnlappes; Representative Tulane Student Council; Phi Eta Sigma, Senior advisor. Third .Row: • WARREN " RIP " TAYLOR, Sophomore; Monroe, La.; Phi Delta Theta; Math Club; Newman Club; Campus Nite; Air Force ROTC; Glendy Burke Society; Forum Committee, University Center. • HENRY ST. GEORGE TEAFORD, JR., Freshman; Americus, Ga.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Naval ROTC. • MARVIN L. TEICH, Junior; Yonkers N.Y.; Tau Epsilon Phi. • MANUEL A. DE LA FUENTE TEODORO, Sopho- more; New Orleans. • SIDNEY THIBODEAUX, Junior; Crowley, La. Fourfh Row: • JOHN C. THOMAS, Junior; Montgomery, Ala. • TOMMY THOMP- SON, Sophomore; Houston, Texas; PI Kappa Alpha; Wesley Founda- tion. • MICHAEL TIMCHEK, Freshman; Bronx. N.Y.; Pre-Medical Society; House Council. • ALAN TITELMAN, Sophomore; Beverly Hills, Calif. • SALVADOR TORROS, Freshman; Santurce, Puerto Rico; Newman Club; Air Force ROTC. Fifth Row: • JAMES E. TOUPS, JR., Junior; Baton Rouge, La.; Kappa Sigma; German Club; Newman Club; Naval ROTC. • ROBERT M. TOUPS, Freshman; Baton Rouge, La.; Kappa Sigma; Newman Club. • LEE ALLAN TRAIN, Sophomore; Corpus Chrlstl, Texas; Zeta Beta Tau; President Sophomore Class; Greenbackers; Hillel Foundation; Honor Board A 5 College; Student Activities Board; Personnel Evalua- tions Committee, University Center. • EDMOND J. TRUXILLO, Junior; New Orleans; Canterbury Club; Army ROTC; Pershing Rifles Drill Team; Pi Lambda Beta; Sailing Club; Sports Car Club. • JOHN G. UNVERZAGT. Junior; New Orleans; Kappa Sigma; PI Sigma Alpha; JAMBALAYA. Organizations Editor; Newman Club; Air Force ROTC; International Relations Club; Young Republicans. Sixth Row: • CHARLES MICHAEL VANCHIERE, Junior; Melville, La.; Sigma Chi; Air Force ROTC; Arnold Air Society. • GEORGE B. VAUGHAN Sophomore; Richmond, Va.; Kappa Sigma; Swim Club; Games Com mittee, University Center. • HARRY NELSON VERSOY, JR., Sopho more; New Orleans. • PETER MICHAEL VIGUERIE, Freshman Metairle, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Newman Club; Army ROTC DENIS d ' A. VILLERE, Freshman; Brooklyn, N.Y.; Delta T Army ROTC. Delta Seventh Row: • PLAUCHE F. VILLERE, Freshman; New Orleans; Beta Theta PI; Newman Club; Army ROTC. • VINCENT VINCENT, Junior; Yazoo City, Miss.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Honor Board of A S College. • CLYDE WADDELL, Junior; Alexandria, La.; Phi Kappa Sigma. Vice-President; Alpha Epsilon Delta, Treastjrer; Dean ' s List; Phi Eta Sigma; Circle K, Treasurer; Games Committee, University Center. Eighth Row: • JOHN W. WAHL, Sophomore; Decatur, III.; Kappa Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma. • MARTIN S. WALES, JR., Sophomore; Coral Gables, Fla.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Pre-Medical Society. • NEAL J. WALTHER, Freshman; Waverly, Iowa, JfM 85 COLLEGE OF UNDERGRADUATES ARTS AND SCIENCES First Row: • BILL WALTERS, Sophomore; Kansas City. Kan.; Beta Theta Pi; Wave Handbook. • WADE GRAHAM WANNAMAKER, Sophomore; Me- tairie, La.; Alpha Tau Omega; German Club; Pre-Medical Society; Wesley Foundation; Army ROTC. • THOMAS M. WATKINS. JR., Freshman; New York City, N.Y.; Pi Kappa Alpha. O THOMAS WAT- SON, Freshman; Center, Texas. • JERRY WATTS, Sophomore; Ocean Springs, Miss.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Naval ROTC; Games Committee, University Center. Second Row: • KIRK H. WEBSTER, Sophomore; Los Angeles, Calif.; Delta Tau Delta; Pre-Medical Society; TUSK. • LOWELL WEIL, Freshman; Skokie, III.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Hlllel Foundation; International Relations Club Pre-Medical Society, e THOMAS M. WEIL, Sophomore; Dallas, Texas Sigma Chi; TUSK; Wesley Foundation. • DONALD D. WEINER, Fresh man; Miami, Fla.; Sigma Alpha Mu. • NICK WEINSAFT, Sophomore Springfield, Mo.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Tulane Band; Alpha Phi Omega Third Row: • JEFFERY J. W.EISER, Freshman; Mt. Vernon, N.Y.; Tau Epsilon Phi; Wave Handbook; Hillel Foundation; Sailing Club; Sports Car Club; Math Club. • CARL WEISMAN, Freshman; Shreveport, La.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Hlllel Foundation; Math Club; Glendy Burke Society. • MARTIN L. WEISS, Sophomore; Coral Gables, Fla.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Psychology Maior Club; Hillel Foundation. • JOHN H. WELLS, Sophomore; New Orleans; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Sailing Club; Sports Car Club. • NATHAN S. WEXLER, Freshman; New Orleans; Alpha Epsilon Pi. Fourfh Row: • JOHN WALDMANN WHARTON, Junior; New Orleans; Delta Tau Delta; Naval ROTC. • JOSEPH B. WHEELER, JR., Freshman; Okla- homa City, Okla.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O JAMES A. WHITE. Ill, Junior; Alexandria, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; TUSK; Canterbury Club; Campus Nite; Circle K; Leadership Committee, University Center. • BACHE McEVERS WHITLACK, Freshman; Pass Christian, Miss.; Kappa Alpha Order. • R. MARK WILKIEMEYER, Sophomore; Atlanta, Ga.; Delta Tau Delta; Pre-Medical Society; Newman Club; Air Force ROTC; Special Events Committee, University Center. Fifth Row: • RONALD S. WILKINSON, Freshman; Memphis, Tenn.; Baptist Stu- dent Union. • JAMES WILLETTE. Sophomore; Kansas City. Mo.; Kappa Sigma; Concert Choir. • ANN C. WILLIAMS, Sophomore; Metairie, La.; Westminster Fellowship. • E. WALDEN WILLIAMS, JR., Freshman; Ft. Smith, Ark.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Pre-Medical Society. • JEROME MEYER WINSBERG, Sophomore; New Orleans; Varsity Track. Sixth Row: • DAVID SCOTT WISDOM, Junior; New Orleans; Delta Kappa Epsi- lon. • RICHARD WITTNER. Junior; Birmingham, Ala.; Sigma Alpha Mu, President; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Pre-Medical Society, President; Lagniappes, committee chairman. • DREW NEIL WOLLMAN, Sopho- more; New York, N.Y.; House Council Representative; Pre-Medical Society; Hillel Foundation; Alpha Phi Omega; Swim Club; Public Relations Committee, University Center. • JOHN LOWELL WOLLNEY, Freshman; New Orleans; Sigma Chi; Westminster Fellowship. • MAR- SHALL I. YAKER, Freshman; El Paso, Texas; Sigma Alpha Mu; Hlllel Foundation; Sports Car Club; Pre-Medical Society. Seventh Row: • BILL YOELS, Freshman; Flushing, N.Y.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Hospi- tality Committee, University Center. • DUDLEY YOUMAN, Junior; Shreveport, La.; Phi Delta Theta; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Baptist Student Union. • JIMMY YOUNG, Sophomore; Ferriday, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • MONROE E. ZALKIN. Freshman; Coral Gables, Fla.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Hillel Foundation; Sailing Club; Forum Committee, University Center. O W. THOMAS ZANDER, Sophomore; New Orleans; Kappa Alpha Order. Eighth Row: • LYNN ZARR, Freshman; Houston, Texas; Kappa Sigma. • STEPHEN NEAL ZIMMERMAN, Sophomore; New Orleans; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pi Lambda Beta; Army ROTC. 86 OFFICERS RICHARD WITTNER President STEVE SILVERMAN .Vice-President BOB HAMMERNICK .... Recording Secretary DAVIS SLIMAN Treasurer STUART FRANK .... Corresponding Secretary DANNY KOVNAT . . . Corresponding Secretary PRE-MEDICAL SOCIETY The Pre-Med Society was formed eleven years ago and today the society is the largest of its kind on the Tulane Campus, with a present membership of over 150. In 1957 the society adopted a new constitution to provide for the rapid increase in members. The Society convenes bimonthly to hear prominent medical au- thorities and to see informative movies dealing with medicine. This year, as in previous years, the society toured the Oschner Founda- tion Hospital, Richardson Medical Building and Charity Hospital. In addition the Society is investigating the possibility of a national- izing program and of service projects in hospitals. In keeping with the ideals of its original founders the Society by its achievements has stimulated faith and confidence in our po- tential doctors. It offers a sympathetic atmosphere in which the student will find help and encouragement in reaching his arduous goal. O p! O OFFICERS HARVEY BRICE President FRANK RAY Vice-President JOEL PIASSICK Secretary ELLIS PAILLET Treasurer Pi Lambda Beta was founded at Tulane in 1952 as a pre-legal society. The purpose of the organization is to promote a closer association and understanding between pre-law students. Meet- ings, social events, and semi-annual banquets enable members to PI LAMBDA BETA become familiar with the Law School and its faculty, and also to gain a clearer picture of the various aspects of the legal profession by being brought into contact with prominent lawyers, judges, and law professors. 87 ETA SIGMA PHI Efa Sigma Phi is the national honor classical fraternity. The three primary objectives of the organization are the encouragement of classical scholarship, the better appreciation of the Greek and Ro- man culture, and the increased fellowship and good will among classical students. Alpha Chi chapter of Tulane fulfills these objec- tives by the presentation throughout the year of lectures on classi- cal subjects, by the point sponsorship of Saturnalia, the Classical Department ' s annual Christmas celebration, and by the general stimulation of interest in classical subjects. In addition. Alpha Chi chapter presents medals to the outstanding Greek and Latin stu- dents of the city each year and contributes to a national fund providing scholarships for classical study in Greece and Rome. OFFICERS ROSS JONES President PAMELA LARCHE Vice-President ROWENA McCLlNTON Secretary BILL McANINCH . . . : Treasurer CHARLES O ' BRIEN Sergeant-at-Arms Alpha Epsilon Delta is a national honor society for pre-medical students. The Louisiana Delta Chapter was officially installed at Tulane in the fall of 1 958. The object of the Society is to encourage excellence in pre-medical scholarship, to stimulate an appreciation of the importance of pre-medical students and educators in de- veloping an adequate program of pre-medical education, and to bind together similarly interested students. During the past year meetings were held every other month, at some ALPHA EPSILON DELTA -_.ne of which noted people in the medical field appeared before the group. Initiations were held in January and March, with the annual banquet being held at Kolb ' s Restaurant following the March initiation. A copy of Gray ' s Anatomy was awarded to the outstanding pre-medical student at Tulane. In April the Louisiana Delta Chapter sent its president and two other members to the Alpha Epsilon Delta national convention held at the University of Kentucky in Lexington. OFFICERS TOMMY GONSLOUIN President LEO LOWENTRITT Vice-President DUDLEY YOUMAN Secretary OFFICERS NEIL BAGGETTE President GAY MARTIN Vice-President EUGENE FELIS Secretary KAY BERGERET Treasurer SIGMA PI SIGMA Sigma Pi Sigma is a national physics honor society. Its purposes are to serve as a means of awarding distinction to students having high scholarship and promise of achievement in physics, to pro- mote student interest in research and advanced study, to encour- age a professional spirit and friendship among good students of physics, and to popularize Interest in the general collegiate public. Sigma Pi Sigma is a member of the Association of College Honor Societies, an affiliated society of the American Institute of Physics, and an affiliated society of the American Association for the Ad- vancement of Science. OFFICERS RICHARD PICKENS President CARLOS ZERVIGON Vice-President JOHN UNIVERZAGT Secretary MICHAEL PORTER Program Chairman Pi Sigma Alpha is an honorary political science fraternity whose members are interested in promoting advanced work in the field. Membership is limited to those students of political science who have taken nine or more credit hours in the field and have accumu- lated an average grade of " B " or better. Meetings are held about twice monthly, one meeting being a speaker or panel discussion PI SIGMA ALPHA which will be open to the public, and one meeting being a business meeting for members only. Meetings in the year 1959-60 included a speech on " Crime and Its Influence on the Political Situation in the Greater New Orleans Area " by Mr. Aaron Kohn, Managing Director of the Metropolitan Crime Commission of Greater New Orleans. 89 THETA NU Organized In 1926, Theta Nu professional journalism fraternity strives for the furtherment of achievement In journalism and the development of student participation in the " Hullabaloo. " Restricted to journalism majors who meet a required scholastic average, Theta Nu has in thirty-four years of activity seen many alumni leave Tulane to make their marks in the world. One who went afar, T. Hale Boggs, is today a member of Con- gress. Another, Quentin Ault, stayed close to home and is editor of the Tulane News Bureau. George E. Simmons, head of the jour- nalism department, has been overseeing these and many other suc- cess stories in the role of faculty advisor since its inception. , Highlights of the year come with the annual banquet and the awarding of the Reporter ' s Cup, given to the student most out- standing in reportorial achievement on the campus. Newly elected honorary members of Theta Nu this year include Dr. Walter Wilcox of the journalism department and Hodding Carter, editor of the Delta Democrat-Times and a guest lecturer in the journalism department at Tulane. OFFICERS ALLAN L. KATZ PATSY SIMS . . President Secretary ALPHA CHI SIGMA Alpha Chi Sigma is represented by the Alpha Tau Chapter at Tu- lane University. It is a national professional fraternity for chemi- cal engineers and chemistry majors. Its principal purposes are to promote friendship among those in the chemical field, and to ad- vance chemistry as a science and a profession. The organization also has alumni chapters to promote these goals after graduation. OFFICERS BOB JONES Master Alchemist RONNIE RESO Vice-Master Alchemist JIM O ' NEAL Treasurer JIM SIMS Recorder OFFICERS SAM MERRILL President JOHN RILEY .Vice-President JUDY HUGHES Secretary NORMAN FERTEL Treasurer MATHEMATICS CLUB The Mathematics Club is an organization of undergraduate stu- dents from Tulane and Newcomb which promotes scholarship and mathematics. It provides an opportunity for students of mathe- matics to meet fellow students with a like interest in an informal at- mosphere. An enjoyment of the intricacies of higher mathematics is the only prerequisite for membership. Lectures were presented throughout the year on topics ranging from unusual constructions with ruler and compass to an explana- tion of the calendar of the Mayan Indians. OFFICERS RICHARD PICKENS President SAMIR SALIBA Vice-President SADAYA OKUBO Secretary ANN SAMPSON Treasurer The International Relations Club is a group of students within Tulane University who are interested in the subject of international affairs and have gotten together for the purpose of informing themselves about this important subject. In this day of the strategic atomic bomber and the ICBM it is very important that people learn more about the relations between the nations of the world. INTERNATBONAL RELATIONS CLUB The I.R.C. attempts to build an informed public opinion on cam- pus by presenting speakers or panel discussions on topics of cur- rent or long-term interest. Anyone is invited to attend these meet- ings, which are held approximately every two weeks. In the past, meetings have included discussions of the Berlin crisis, the Cuban revolution, the Iraq revolution, and Japanese foreign policy. 91 DEAN JOHN R. HUBBARD Main entrance +o Newcomb Hal! NEWCOMB COLLEGE Newcomb College, Tulane University ' s liberal arts division for wom- en, was founded in 1886 by Mrs. Josephine Louise Newcomb as a memorial to her daughter, Harriott Sophie. The first college in Amer- ica to be established as a separate school for women within a univer- sity, Newcomb attracts outstanding girls, not only from the South, but from the entire country. Jail house, student recitals, art projects, dead week. Kangaroo Court, fire drills, bermudas at Sunday supper, and chimes every hour are all characteristics and scenes which for every Newcomb coed spell out individual accomplishments, individual memories, a feeling of growth and maturity, and loyal pride pledged to Newcomb College. 92 The Junior Year Abroad Program Is a highlight of the Newcomb curriculum. Aspiring ar+Ists gather before the classic columns of the Newcomb Art School. " Where stars arise in southern sities. ' SENIORS NEWCOMB First Row: EMILY RICHARDSON ANDRY, New Orleans; Kappa Gamma; Canferbury Club. GAIL ARNER. Kingston. Jamaica; Alpha Delta PI; Student Directory; Opera Worlcshop. ALICE ELIZABETH AUSTIN, Ocean Springs. Miss.; Sigma Pi Sigma; TUSK; Westminster Fellowship, Vice-President. KAREN E. BAILEY. Paducah, Ky.; Alpha Delta Pi; Choral Union; Opera Workshop; University Chorus; Music School President; Madrigal Group; Talent Committee; Opera Work- shop Assistant; Campus Nile. Second Row: ANN SPARKMAN BARRON, Alexandria, La.; Chi Omega, Personnel Chairman; Kappa Delta Phi; Greenbackers; Army ROTC Sponsor; Kappa Delta Pi; Junior Year Abroad Club. ALTA BECHTEL, New Orleans; Kappa Kappa Gamma; " Little Colonel " ; Army ROTC. DOROTHY A. BELL, Mobile. Ala.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Dance Club; Le Circle Francais; Greenbackers. KAY BERGERET, New Orleans; Phi Mu; Sigma Pi Sigma; Newman Club; Army ROTC Sponsor. Third Row: JANE A. BERGMANN, Buffalo, N.Y.; Alpha Epsilon Phi. JUSTINE DuMONTIER BERNARD, New Orleans; Alpha Omi- cron Pi; National Collegiate Players; Student Directory; Greenbackers; Tulane University Theater, President. LYNNE BIRTEL. New Orleans; Campus Night; Concert Choir; Decorations Committee, University Center. SUE REID BLACKSHEAR, Montgomery. Ala.; Chi Omega; Assets; Beta Beta Beta; Motar Board. Fourth Row: ILENE BEVERLY BOCK, Atlanta, Ga.; Sigma Delta Tau; Newcomb, Vice-President; N e w c o m b Handbook, Editor; Greenbackers; Newcomb Student Council; Inner-Dorm. Coun- cil; Special Events Committee, University Center, ALICE ALCIDE BONDY. New Roads, La.; Phi Mu; Newman Club. MARY OVERLEES BOX, New Orleans. SYLVIA SEIFERTH BRANNEN, New Orleans; Kappa Alpha Theta; Newman Club. Fifth Row: MARY K. BRUNS. Metairie. La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Eta Sigma Phi; Oreades; Young Democrats. PATRICIA ANN BRYAN, New Orleans; A Cappeila Choir; Campus Night; Concert Choir, Secretary; Choral Union; Opera Workshop; University Chorus; Music Committee, Uni- versity Center; Madrigal Group. BARBARA BURDIN, Lafayette, La.; Chi Omega; Newman Club; Dormitory Council; Student Activities Board; JAMBA- LAYA Beauty Court ' 57-58; Urchin Beauty Court ' 56- ' 57; Army ROTC Sponsor ' 58-59; Homecoming Court ' 58- ' 59. JOHANNA CAMPBELL. Tulsa. Okla.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Beta Beta Beta; Greenbackers; Dormitory Council; West- minster Fellowship; Tulane Student Council; Inner-Dorm, Council. Sixth Row: CORNELIA BOWLING CARRIER, Nashville. Tenn.; Kappa Kappa Gamma ; Oreades; Canterbury Club; International Relations Club; Le Circle Francais. SUSAN CAVEN, Texarkana, Ark.; Pi Beta Phi; Canterbury Club. BARBARA FAY COHEN, New Orleans; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Phi Sigma Iota; Le Circle Francais; La Tertulia; Campus Night; Tulane University Theatre; Music Committee. Univer- sity Center. CAROLINE COLE, Lexington. Va.; Alpha Omicron Pi; JAM- BALAYA, Assistant Organizations Editor; Newcomb English Club. 94 COLLEGE SENIORS First Row: CLAIRE COOK, Hattiesburg, Miss.; Ch; Omega: Beta Beta Beta: Motar Board. LOIS COPLAN, Atlanta, Ga,; " Hullabaloo. " Feature Editor: Hiilel Foundation: Interfaith Council, Vice-President: Fine Arts Committee, University Center. ELAINE CROSSFIELD, West Orange, N.J.: Kappa Kappa Gamma: Le Circle Francais. HARRIET McCALL DAVIS, New Orleans: Pi Beta Phi. Second Row: BARBARA LEE DEGEN, Zulia, Venezuela: Canterbury Club: Public Relations, University Center. ELEONORE DELERY, New Orleans: Newman Club; La Ter- tulia. KATHRYN MACAULAY DePASS, Rock Hill, S.C; Kappa Kappa Gamma: Canterbury Club. ANNE CATON DETERT, Kansas City, Mo.; Kappa Kappa ' Gamma: Beta Beta Beta. Third Row: CAROLE DEUTSCHMANN, Metairie, La. CECILE DODGE, Mobile, Ala.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Senior Class Vice-President. SANDRA DRAUGHN, Hattiesburg, Miss.; Chi Omega; Scab- bard and Blade. LYNN SUZANNE DUMAS, Charleston, S.C; A ' pha Epsilon Phi; Hiilel Foundation. Fourth Row: ELEANOR AMELIA DYE, Weston, Conn.; Alpha Delta Pi; Student Directory; Wave Handbook; Art Club; Fine Arts Committee, Secretary, University Center; Newcomb Big Sister. FRANCES EGSER, Meridian, Miss.; Chi Omega; Junior Year Abroad Club. SALLY ELSAS, Atlanta, Ga.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Campus Nite; Hobbies and Cratts Committee, Secretary, University Center. SIDONIE delaHOUSSAYE EVANS, Ne Newman Club. Orleans: Pi Beta Phi Fifth Row: NANCY LEE FANT, Gulf Port, Miss.; Chi Omega; Senior Class Treasurer: Dormitory Council; Inner-Dorm. Council. HOPE FARRAR, Alexandria, La.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Junior Year Abroad Club. BETTY FIELD, Lake Charles, La.; Chi Omega; Athletic Coun- cil; Westminster Fellowship: Junior Year Abroad Club. DOROTHEA BEAUCHAMP FLY, Memphis, Tenn.; Pi Beta Phi; Cosmopolitan Committee, University Center; Junior Year Abroad Club; Sociology Club, Sixth Row: FRANCINE FOREMAN, New Orleans: Baptist Student Union. MARY LUCILLE FOURNET, St. Martinville, La.; German Club: Le Circle Francais. ROSLYN HARRIETTS FROHMAN, Laurel, Miss.; Alpha Ep- silon Phi: Dance Club; La Tertulia. CAROLINE CATHERINE GATELY, New Orleans. 95 SENIORS NEWCOMB First Row: CAROLYN GELBKE, Gretna. La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; English Club. LOLITA GELPI, New Orleans; Pi Beta Phi; Motar Board; Barracudas; Varsity Sports; Westminster Fellowship. BETSY GODARD, Coral Gables, Fla.; Oreades; Westminster Fellowship. VICKI I. GOLDBERG. Indianapolis, Ind.; Sigma Delta Tau; Art School, President; Art Club, President; Newcomb Hand- book: Campus Nite; Newcomb Student Council; Student- Faculty Committee; Fine Arts Committee, Vice-President, University Center. Second Row: MARY HELEN GRIFFIN, Greenville, Miss.; Phi Mu; Green- backers; Canterbury Club; Glendy Burke Society; Kappa Delta Pi; English Club; Pan Hellenic Council. DALE GRUNDFEST, Rolling Fork, Miss.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Barracudas; La Tertulia: Junior Year Abroad Club; Cosmo- politan Committee, University Center. PATTY HANLEY, New Orleans; Alpha Omicron Pi; Kappa Delta Phi; Le Circle Francais; Newman Club. DOROTHY MAE HAPPEU New Orleans. Third Row: PATRICIA C. HARLIN, New Orleans; Pi Beta Phi; Mortar Board, Secretary; Who ' s Who. EMILY HARRIS, Shreveport, La.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Green- backers; Student Council; Hospitality Committee, University Center. MARTHA ROLLINS HATTEN, Gulfport, Miss.; Chi Omega; Mortar Board; Dormitory Council; Le Circle Francais; J. Y. A. Club. HELEN HAYDEN, Birmingham, Ala.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Assets. Fourth Row: ELIZABETH McCLURE HAYS, Lexington, Ky.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. JOLISE HEIDERHOFF, New Orleans; La Tertulia; Newman Club; International Relations Club; Sailing Club; Kappa Delta PI. JANE LOUISE HIGGINS, Gretna, La.; Alpha Delta Pi; Eng- lish Club; German Club; Wesley Foundation. KEVIN ISABELLE HILL, New Orleans; Alpha Omicron Pi; Newman Club. Fifth Row: MARGIE HILLERY, New Orleans; Pi Beta Phi; English Club. SALLY HITE, Coushatta, La.; Phi Mu; Greenbackers. SHERRELL HOFFMAN, Mobile, Ala.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Presi- dent; Secretary of Senior Class; Tulane University Theatre. JANE M. JANSSEN, New Orleans; Kappa Kappa Gamma, President; Newman Club. Sixth Row: ANNE JESTER, New Orleans; Baptist Student Union; inter- faith Council: Newcomb Choir. VIRGINIA M, JONES, Shreveport, La.; Pi Beta Phi; Le Circle Francais; JAMBALAYA Beauty Court, 1958; Homecoming Beauty Court, 1959, Maid. ALEXANDRA JONGSMA, New York, N.Y.; Delta Zeta. SUSIE KELLY, Oakgrove, La.; Kappa Alpha Theta. 9.6 COLLEGE SENIORS First Row: ANN HARRIS KIEFER, New Orleans. ANGELIN KIKAS, New Orleans; Eta Sigma Phi; Oreades. ANNE KLEIN. Shreveport, La.; Alpha Epsilon PhL ELIZABETH ANN KOST, New Orleans; Alpha Delta Pi; Canterbury Club. Second Row: CECILIA MARY KRAMME, Gretna, La.; Beta Beta Beta. JEWEL KUSSMANN, New Orleans; Kappa Alpha Theta; Newcomb Music School, Vice-President; Newman Club. DIANE M. LASSEN, Nev Foundation. SANDRA LEA Metairie, ' Orleans; Sigma Delta Tau; Hillel La.; Concert Choir. Third Row: TIKI LEBOWITZ, Natchez, Miss.; Sigma Delta Tau. PATRICIA YUK YIN HEW LEE, New Orleans; Beta Beta Beta; Dance Club. MARY RAINS LEWIS, Hope, Ark.; Pi Beta Phi; J. Y. A. Club. JO LYNN LLOYD, Lake Charles, La.; Chi Omega; Newman Club. Fourth Row: TATIANA MARINOVICH, New Orleans; Alpha Omicron Pi; English Club. DORIS JANE MARKOWITZ, Greensboro. N.C.; Sigma Delta Tau. JUDY MARLER, Cleveland, Tenn.; Chi Omega; Honor Board Representative, Senior Class; Barracudas; Wesley Foundation. MARTHA MclNTYRE MEANS, Stonewall, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Fifth Row: JANICE MELE, New Orleans; Delta Zeta. MARILYN MEYER, New Orleans; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Cheer- leader; Greenbackers; Cosmopolitan Committee, University Center. BARBARA LEE MILLER, Marshfield, Wis.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Tulane Student Council, Vice-President; Oreades; Campus Nite; President of University Center; Pan-Hellenic Representa- tive; Newcomb Student Council; Newcomb Student Activity Committee; Tuiane University Student Administration Com- mittee. JEANNETTE M. MILLS, Plainfield, Circle Francais; J. Y. A. Club. N.J.; Alpha Delta PI; Le Sixth Row: MIREILLE R. MODENBACH. Metairie. La.; German Club, Secretary-Treasurer. MARYLYNN MORA, New Orleans; Newman Club. ELIZABETH ANN MUNSON, Sanford, Fla.; Art Club; Hillel Foundation. VIRGINIA NIEHAUS, El Paso, Texas; Chi Omega; La Ter- tulia; Canterbury Club; J. Y. A. Club, Vice-President. 97 SENIORS NEWCOMB First Row: JUDY O ' BRIEN. Morgan CI+y. La.; Pi Beta Phi; Tulane Student Body, Secretary-Treasurer; Assets; Homecoming Queen, 1959; Tulane Student Council; Hall of Fame; Newcomb Student Council. MARY ELLEN O ' QUINN. Lufkin, Texas; Chi Omega. DIANNE ORKIN, Jackson. Miss.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Presi- dent of Senior Class; Art Club; Greenbackers; Honor Board Newcomb College; Student Activities Board; Homecoming Court, 1959; Newcomb Student Council; Lagniappes. ANNA PAGONIS, New Orleans, Eta Sigma Phi; Oreades. Second Row: GERALDINE S. PAYNE, Frostproof. Ha.; Beta Beta Beta; Eta Sigma Phi; Athletic Council. LESLIE ANN PAYNE, New Orleans; Alpha Omicron PI; La Tertulia; TUSK. CHARLENE PODAS, Minneapolis, Minn.; Kappa Alpha Theta, President; Newcomb Student Body President; Dormitory Coun- cil; La Tertulia; TUSK; Honor Board Newcomb College; Pub- lications Board; Tulane Student Council. BEE POLLOCK. Dallas, Texas; President of Newcomb Athletic Council; Beta Beta Beta; Student Activities Key; Who ' s Who; Pre-Medical Society; Barracudas; " Hullabaloo " ; Newcomb Handbook, Associate Editor; Greenbacker, Secretary; Campus Nite; Talent Committee, Chairman, Lagniappes. Third Row: CAROLYN POWERS, Houston, Texas; Kappa Alpha Theta, Vice-President; TUSK; Newman Club. SARAH JANE QUINN, Lake Charles. La.; Chi Omega; Oreades, President; Athletic Council; Dance Club, President; JAMBALAYA Beauty Court, 1959; AFROTC Little Colonel; Scabbard Blade Little Colonel; Homecoming Court, 1958. JANE I. RANNA, Paducah. Ky.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Mortar Board; Greenbackers; Lagniappes; Newcomb Student Council. EVELYN NAILL RANSOM, New Orleans; Kappa Kappa Gamma; International Relations Club; Public Relations Com- mittee, University Center. Fourth Row: CARLYLE C. REEDY. Jacksonville, Ha.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Newcomb Choir; University Chorus; International Relations Club. DOROTHY ELLEN ANDERSON RICHARDS. Bauxite, Ark. RUSTY RICHARDSON, Bogalusa, La.; Delta Delta Delta; Canterbury Club; Hospitality Committee. University Center, Secretary. TONI ROBERTS, Oak Grove, La.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Barra- cudas. Fifth Row: CAROLE JEAN ROLNICK. Dallas, Texas; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Mortar Board; Le Circle Franca Is; International Relations Club; Cosmopolitan Committee, University Center. MARGOT SUSAN ROSEN. Gary, Ind.; Dance Club; Inter- national Relations Club; University Center Board; Cosmo- politan Committee, University Center. Chairman. PAULA WOLF ROSS, New Orleans; Alpha Epsilon Phi. Co- Rush Captain; Hlllel Foundation; Campus Nite, Treasurer; Tulane University Theatre; Music Committee, University Cen- ter, Secretary. BETSY ROUSE, Gulfport, Miss.; Chi Omega; Publicity Com- mittee of the Senior Class; Baptist Student Union. Sixth Row: MIGNON MARIE ROUSSET, New Orleans; Kappa Alpha Theta; Newman Club. MAREN RUEI.LO. New Orleans; Kappa Alpha Theta. ANNE DEVEREUX SCHULZE, Metairie, La.; Pi Beta Phi; Newman Club. SHEILA ELIZABETH SCHWARTZ, Orlando, Fla.; Hillel Foun- dation; Forum Committee, University Center. Seventh Row: MERLE SCOTT. Houma, La.; Alpha Delta Pi; Le Circle Fran- cals; La Tertulia; Greenbackers; Wesley Foundation; Tulane Band; Sailing Club; Lagniappes. SUSAN SEIBERT, New Orleans. MIRIAM SHINKLE, Arsenal, Ala.; J. Y. A. Club. BARBARA SIMPSON, San Francisco, Calif; Pi Sigma Alpha; Madrigal. PHYLLIS ANN SISON, New Orleans; Kappa Delta Phi, COLLEGE SENIORS First Row: CAROL M. SMITH, New Orleans; Kappa Alpha Theta; Phi Sigma lota: Le Circle Francais; La Tertulia, Vice-President; Newman Club. SUSAN M. SMITH, St. Charles. III.; Kappa Alpha Theta: Kappa Delta Phi; Le Circle Francais; La Tertulia; Wesley Foundation, President; Campus Nite; Tulane University Thea- tre. JACQUELINE MAE SPREEN, New Orleans; Campus Nite. SANDRA STEIN, Birmingham. Ala.; Cosmopolitan Committee, University Center. Second Row: DOTTIE STOREY, New Orleans; Pi Beta Phi; Newcomb Ath- letic Association, President; Athletic Council; Barracudas; Newman Club; Lagniappes, Secretary: Newcomb Pan-Hellenic Council. COLLEEN SULLIVAN, Alexandria, La.; Alpha Omicron Pi, President; Assets; Dormitory Council; TUSK, Vice-President; Honor Board Newcomb College, President; May Day Court; JAMBALAYA Hall of Fame; Student Council; Tulane Honor , Council, Secretary. PAT SULLIVAN, Cleveland. Tenn.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Dormi- tory Council. LORIS LUSK SUTTON. Jeanerette, La.; Mortar Board; Gamma Delta. Third Row: ANN BERLINE TAYLOR, Tifton, Ga.; Alpha Omicron Pi. DIANE TAYLOR, Atlanta, Ga.; Chi Omega; President of Resident Student Government Association; Mortar Board Student Activities Key; Dormitory Council; Canterbury Club Honor Board Newcomb College; Student Activities Board Newcomb Student Council. MARGARET TAYLOR, Monroe, La.; Chi Omega; Beta Beta Beta; Newman Club; Delta Sigma Pi; J. Y. A. Club. EDONIA F. TESSITORE, New Orleans; Newman Club. " Fourth Row: JEANNETTE RACHEL TOLEDANO. New Orleans; Le Circle Francais; La Tertulia. Treasurer; Hillel Foundation; Interna- tional Relations Club. ZELDA SZODOMKA TRIST, New Orleans; Chi Omega; Newman Club; Sailinq Club. ELISABETH ULMER, New Orleans; Chi Omega; Westminster Fellowship; International Relations Club. MARILYN FRANCES VANDERBURG. New Orleans; Phi Mu; Westminster Fellowship; International Relations Club; Inter- faith Council. Fifth Row: PAT VAN SCOY, Tuscaloosa, Ala.; Pi Beta Phi; Miss Pauline Tulane, 1959; JAMBALAYA Hall of Fame, 1960; Homecoming Queen, 1959. RAYE ANN VARGAS, New Orleans; Chi Omega; Newman Club; Sailing Club. JACKIE VILLARS, Metairie, La.; Alpha Omicron Pi: Athletic Council; Sailing Club. GAIL JOAN WALLIS, Hollis Hills, L.I., N.Y.; Alpha Epsilon Phi: Hillel Foundation; Tulane University Theatre. Sixth Row: MARGIE WANEX. Annapolis, Md.; Fencing Club. JOAN WARNER. Lookout Mountain, Tenn.; Chi Omega. BETH WARREN, Midland, Texas; Pi Beta Phi. CAROLYN WERNER, New Orleans; Phi Mu: Phi Sigma lota: La Tertulia, President; Tuiane University Theatre: J. Y. A. Club. Seventh Row: SOPHIE WESTON, Beaumont. Texas; Canterbury Club, Chap- ter Council; Public Relations Committee, University Center. Secretary. KAY WIENER, Shreveport, La.; Alpha Epsilon Phi. SUSAN ARNETT WILDER, New Orleans; Kappa Alpha Theta; Athletic Council; English Club. GERRY MURPHY ZIEGLER, Lake Charles, La.; Phi Mu; Sigma Pi Sigma; Westminster Fellowship. UNDERGRADUATES NEWCOMB First Row: • MARJORIE ABRAMS, Sophomore; Shaker, Ohio; Sigma Delta Tau. • PHYLLIS JOHN ALEXANDER. Junior; Little Rock, Ark.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Tulane Student Council; Assets; Cheerleader; Green- backers. • BURDINE ANDERSON, Sophomore; Houston, Texas; Pi Beta Phi; Canterbury Club; JAMBALAYA; Art Club. • JOAN ANDRESS, Junior; Minden, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; La Tertulia; Canterbury Club; Honor Board Newcomb College; Cosmopolitan Committee, University Center. • ALICE ANDREWS, Sophomore; Plain City, Ohio; Phi Mu; Greenbackers; Decoration Committee, Uni- versity Center. Second Row; • MIRIAM MARIE ANE. Junior; New Orleans; Phi Mu; Le Circle Francais; Newman Club. • SANDRA LYNN APPLEBAUM. Freshman; Miami Beach, Fla.; Sigma Delta Tau; JAMBALAYA; Student Di- rectory; Hille! Foundation; Forum Committee, University Center. • SUSAN CUTTER APPLESATE. Sophomore; Charleston. S.C; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Barracudas; Le Circle Frarcais. • ANN ARNOF, Freshman; McCrory, Ark.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Le Circle Francais; Special Events Committee; University Center. • JULIA ARNOLD. Freshman; Atlanta, Ga.; Phi Mu; " Hullabaloo " ; Canterbury Club; Sailing Club; Music Committee, University Center. Third Row: • HAZEL " HONEY " AUSTIN, Junior; Montgomery, Ala.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Beta Beta Beta. • ANNE AVEGNO. Freshman; New Orleans; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • BARBARA AXELROD. Fresh- man; Houston, Texas; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Dance Club; Le Circle Francais; Hillel Foundation; Talent Committee. University Center. • JOAN DEE AXELROD. Freshman; Houston, Texas; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • RETTA BABST. Junior; New Orleans, Alpha Omicron Pi; Vlce- Chairman of Orientation; JAMBALAYA; Newman Club; Hospitality Committee, University Center. Fourth Row: • BRENDA MARY BAEHR. Sophomore; New Orleans; PI Beta Phi; Le Circle Francais; Newman Club. • LINDA BAER, Freshman; Louis- ville. Ky.; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • ELENE R. BAERNSTEIN. Freshman; Houston, Texas; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • SANDY BAGALMAN. Fresh- man; New Orleans; Student Directory; Hillel Foundation. • BARBARA BAGGETT. Sophomore; Daytona Beach. Fla.; Alpha Delta Pi; La Tertulia; Canterbury Club. Fifth Row: • DENISE A. BAILLIET. Freshman; Thibodaux, La.; Alpha Delta Pi; Le Circle Francais; Newman Club; Talent Committee. University Center. • ROBERTA BALKIN. Sophomore; Minneapolis. Minn.; Sigma Delta Tau; Hillel Foundation; Hospitality Committee, University Center. • CORNELIA BARNES, Freshman; Nashville, Tenn.; Pi Beta Phi; Barracudas; Le Circle Francais; Westminster Fellowship; Campus Nite. • JENNIe ' BARNEnE, Sophomore; Waveland, Miss.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Dormitory Council; JAMBALAYA. • DIANE BARRETT, Fresh- man; Atlanta, Ga.; Alpha Delta PI; Westminster Fellowship. Sixth Row: • BRENDA GAIL BARTLEY. Freshman; Jacksonville. Fla.; Sigma Delta Tau; Hillel Foundation; Campus Nite; Talent Committee, University Center. • ROSALIE BATCHELDER, Freshman; Baton Rouge, La.; Phi Mu; Canterbury Club; Newcomb Choir. • MARY CARLTON BATTS, Freshman; Hawkinsville, Ga.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Baptist Student Union; A Cappella Choir; Campus Nite. • BONNIE BAUMBACH, Sophomore; New Orleans; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Bar- racudas; TUSK; Special Events Committee, University Center. • GINA BEEM, Sophomore; Atlanta, Ga.; Chi Omega; Dance Club; Dormitory Council. Seventh Row: O NANCY BEERS, Sophomore; Tyler, Alabama; Kappa Alpha Theta. • MARTHA ALLEN BENNETT. Junior; Frankfort. Ky.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Junior Class Vice-President; Dormitory Council; Canterbury Club; President, Johnston House; Inner-Council. • JANE BERGER, Freshman; El Campo, Texas; Alpha Epsilon Phi; " Hullabaloo " ; Hillel Foundation. • JAN CAROL BERNSTEIN, Sophomore; Oklahoma City. Okla.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Dormitory Council; Special Events Commit- tee, University Cen,ter. • MARTHA BERRY. Freshman; Brookings, S.D.; " Hullabaloo " ; Wesley Foundation; Newcomb Choir. Eighth Row: • SUSAN T. BERSON, Freshman; Mobile. Ala.; Hillel Foundation. • SHARON BEZ. Sophomore; Detroit. Michigan; Sigma Delta T au; Hillel Foundation; University Center Committee. • JUDY BICE, Freshman; Haines City. Fla. • GAY REBECCA BIGGS, Freshman; New Orleans; Baptist Student Union; Tulane Band; Campus Nite. • BEVERLY J. BISHOP. Freshman; Wayland. New York; Alpha Omi- cron PI; Le Circle Francais; Newman Club; Talent Committee. Uni- versity Center. Ninth Row: • JANE ANNE BISHOP. Sophomore; New Orleans; La Tertulia; New. man Club. • KATHY BISHOP, Freshman; New Orleans; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Newman Club. • SALLY BISSO, Freshman; New Orleans; Alpha Omicron Pi; Newman Club. • BETSY BLACKMON. Freshman; Monroe. La.; Chi Omega; Dormitory Council; Le Circle Francais; History of Medicine Society; Baplist Student Union. Pre-Medical Society. • 6ETTINA BLAIR, Freshman; San Antonio. Texas; Pi Beta Phi; JAMBALAYA; TUSK; Newman Club. COLLEGE UNDERGRADUATES First Row: • MARTHA ELLEN BLAIR, Sophomore; Shawnee. Okla.; Phi Mu; Con- cert Choir; Music Committee, University Center; Baptist Student Union. • LYNDACARYL BLANKSTEIN. Sophomore; Milwaukee, Wis.; Sigma Delta Tau; Cosmopolitan Committee, University Center. • CtHAR- LOTTE BLOTNER, Junior; Alexandria, La.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Dormi- tory Council- Sreenbackers; Freshman Beauty Court, l?58; JAM- BALAYA Beauty Court, 1959; Homecoming Court. 1959. • BEVERLY BLUMBERG, Junior; Dothan, Ala.; Alpha Epsilon Phi. Vice-President; Junior Class President; Honor Board Newcomb College; Lagniappes; Newcomb Student Council. • JENNIE BOHRER, Freshman; Vilest Plains, Missouri; Concert Choir; Newcomb Choir. Second Row: • ESTER BOMCHEL. Sophomore; Birmingham, Ala.; Sigma Delta Tau. • BROOKE BOOTH, Freshman; Fort Worth, Texas; Alpha Delta Pi; Barracudas; Canterbury Club; Sports Car Club. • CAROL BOREN, Freshman- Houston, Texas; Sailing Club; Decorations Committee, Uni- versity Center. • JAl E WALTON BORISS, Freshman; Miami, Fla.; Chi Omega. • BOOTIE BORN. Freshman; New Orleans; Pi Beta Phi; Barracudas: Canterbury Club; Sailing Club. Third Row: • CONNIE BRADFORD Freshman; Birmingham. Ala.; Westminster Fellowship; Tulane University Theatre; R adio WAVE; Math Club. • THEODORA MERRITT BRAY, Freshman; St. Petersburg, Fla.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Canterbury Club; Sailing Club. • BARBARA BRECKIN- RIDGE Junior- New Orleans; Athletic Council. • BEVERLY C. BRETZ. Freshman; Hinsdale. III.; Pi Beta Phi; Cheerleaders; Greenbackers. • DEE-DEE BREUER Sophomore; San Antonio, Texas; Honor Board, House Council; Assets; TUSK; Canterbury Club; Decorations Com- mittee, University Center. Fourth Row: • CLARE ANGELE BRIERRE, Freshman; New Orleans; Chi Omega; Le Circle Francais; Newman Club. • BERNICE BRODERICK, Fresh man; New Orleans; Phi Mu; Newman Club; Sailing Club. • JEAN BRODERS. Sophomore; New Orleans; Chi Omega; Gamma Delta. • KAREN BROOKFIELD, Freshman; Kansas City. Mo.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Westminster Fellowship. • RELLA BROOKS, Freshman; Austin, Texas; Kappa Alpha Theta; Canterbury Club. Fifth Row: • BRENDA BROWN Freshman; Lake Providence, La.; Kappa Alpha Theta- Newman Club; Lagniappes. • CAROLYN ELAINE BROWN, Sophomore; Hastings-on-Hudson, N.Y.; Pi Beta Phi; Westminster Fellowship; Barracudas; Special Events Committee, University Center. • BROWNIE BROWN Sophomore; Birmingham, Ala.; Alpha Omicron Pi- Music Committee, ' University Center. • KATIE BROWN, Sopho- more- San Antonio, Texas; Canterbury Club; Campus Nite; Tulane University Theatre- Sailing Club; Games Committee. Hospitality Committee University Center. • NANCY LAURA BROWN. Fresh- man- Houston, Texas; Chi Omega; Student Directory; Canterbury Club; Sailing Club; Public Relations Committee, University Center. Sixth Row: • NANCY L BROWN Sophomore; Bowman, Ga.; Canterbury Club; Tulane University Theatre. • BEBE DOBBS BRUMBY. Freshman; Mari- etta Ga - Alpha Delta Pi; Wesley Foundation; Sailing Club; Public Relations ' committee. University Center. • SUZANNE BRUNAZZl, Sophomore; Texarkana, Texas; Pi Beta Phi; Le Circle Franca, s; Canter- bury Club ' • DOTTEE BUCK, Sophomore; Asheville, N.C.; Alpha Delta Pi- Canterbury Club; Tulane Band; Sailing Club. • JERRY BUR- FORD Freshman; Doniphan, Mo.; JAMBALAYA; Greenbackers; Wesley Foundation; Newcomb Choir; Sailing Club; Music Committee, Uni- versity Center. Seventh Row: • PAT BURGDORF, Freshman; Tucson, Ari7ona; Newman Club. • MARY ELLA BURKE, Junior; Hattiesburg, Miss.; Chi Omega; Secretary of Junior Class; Baptist Student Union; Homecoming Maid, 1959. • BONNIE JEAN BURT, Sophomore; New Orleans, La.; Chi Omega. Newman Club. • BRENDA BYRNE, Sophomore; Pass Christian. Miss.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Newman Club. • BETTY CALVERT, Freshman; New Orleans; Chi Omega; Barracuda; Westminster Fellowship. Eighth Row: • DIANE L. CAMPBELL, Junior; New Orleans; Art Club. • SALLY CANFIELD. Sophomore; Rockford, 111.; Alpha Omicron Pi. • RONA SUE CANTRELL Freshman; New Orleans; Alpha Omicron Pi; Sailing Club- Sports Car Club. • MARY CAPPS, Sophomore; New Orleans; Chi Omega- Assets; Westminster Fellowship; Hospitality Committee, University Center. • CAROLYN CATHl CARLTON, Freshman; Bartles- ville, Okla. Ninth Row: • CAROL ANN CARMICHAEL, Freshman; Kansas City, Mo.; Pi Beta Phi- JAMBALAYA; Greenbackers; Canterbury Club; Lagniappes. • CAROLE SHELBY CARNES, Sophomore; Shelby. Miss.- Chi Omega. • CYNTHIA CASON, Sophomore; Dallas, Texas; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Westminster Fellowship. • LISLE CASTLEMAN, Freshnnar.; Louisville Ky.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Decorations Committee Uni- versity Center. • JEANNE MARIE CAVAROC, Junior; New Orleans; Chi Omega; Dance Club; Sailing Club, secretary. UNDERGRADUATES NEWCOMB First Row: • LYN CHALONA, Junior; Chalmetfe, La.; Alpha Delta PI; Beta Beta Beta; Newman Club; Sailing Club. • BAYNARD CHAMBERLAIN, Freshman; New Orleans; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Barracudas; Canter- bury Club; Sailing Club; Decorations Committee, University Center. • EATON CHAUVIN, Sophomore; Abbeville, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • JANE CHENEY, Freshman; New Orleans; Alpha Omicron Pi; Wesley Foundation; Army ROTC Sponsor. • RENEE CHENNAULT, Sophomore; San Antonio, Texas; Alpha Delta Pi; Barracudas; Newman Club. Second Row: • CARRIE THELMA CHOW, Sophomore; Shelby, Miss.; Baptist Stu- dent Union; Campus Nite; International Relations Club, • SUZANNE CHUSED. Junior; Kinston, N.C.; Hillel Fou ndation. • MARILYN CIACCIO, Junior; New Orleans; Phi Mu; Beta Beta Beta; Pre-Medical Society; TUSK; Newman Club; Newcomb Pan-Hellenic. • MARY MUNDAY CLAYTON, Freshman; Tupelo, Miss.; Chi Omega; Dance Club; Talent Committee, University Center; Wesley Foundation. • LOIS JANE COHEN, Freshman; Miami Beach, Fla.; Sigma Delta Tau; JAMBALAYA; Student Directory; Forum Committee, University Center. Third Row: • MARILYN COHEN, Freshman; Houston, Texas; Sigma Delta Tau; Freshman Honor Board Representative; Hillel Foundation. • ELAINE SANDRA COHN, Sophomore; Mobile, Ala.; Sigma Delta Tau; Oreades; Hillel Foundation. • ANN COHN, Freshman; East St. Louis, III.; Sigma Delta Tau; Hillel Foundation. • LOUISE E. COLE, Fresh- man; Gulf Breeze. Fla.; Sigma Dalta Tau; Newcomb Choir; Hillel Foundation. • MARTHA COLLINS, Sophomore; Houma, La-; Kappa Alpha Theta; Le Circle Francals; Canterbury Club. Four+h Row: • GEORGIA ELIZABETH CONNELL, Freshman; New Orleans. • KATHERINE ELAINE CONNELL, Freshman; New Orleans. O KASSIE CONNETT, Freshman; Metalrle, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Sailing Club. • MARY LYDA COON, Freshman; Monroe, La.; Phi Mu. • ANNIE LAURIE COPELAND, Freshman; San Antonio, Texas; Canter- bury Club; Decorations Committee. University Center. Fifth Row: • CECILE COSTLEY, Sophomore; New Orleans; Pi Beta Phi. • ANN COULON, Sophomore: Atlanta, Ga.; Alpha Delta Pi. • ANN ALL|. SON COX, Freshman; Birmingham, Ala.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Army ROTC Sponsor; Tulane University Theatre. • CAROL ANN CRAM. Freshman; Franklin, La.; Chi Omega; Newman Club; Sailing Club; Decorations Committee, University Center. • KAREN CRAMER, Freshman; Skokie, 111.; Alpha Epsilon Phi. Sixth Row: • LYN CRAWFORD Sophomore- Atlanta, Ga.; Chi Omega; German Club. • DARLEEN ' MARGARET ' CREEVY, Freshman,. New Orleans; Alpha Omicron Pi; JAMBALAYA. • DIANA DALY, ' Junior; Dallas. Texas; Alpha Delta Pi; TUSK; Newcomb Handbook. Assistant Editor; Hospitality Committee, Chairman, University Center; Pan-Hellenic Council; Le Circle Francals. • BRENDA L. DANIELS, Freshman; Fitz- gerald, Ga.; Wesley Foundation; Campus Nite; Sailing Club. • HELEN KNOX DARLING, Freshman; Augusta, Ga.; Chi Omega; Canterbury Club; International Relations Club; Sailing Club; Cosmopolitan Com- mittee, University Center. Seventh Row: • SUE DAVIDOW, Sophomore; Cleveland. Ohio; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Hillel Foundation; Athletic Council. • ANNE H. DAVIS. Junior; Greenville. Miss.; Chi Omega; Dance Club; Greenbackers. • DANA DAVIS. Freshman; Atlanta. Ga.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Barracudas; Newman Club; Decorations Committee, University Center. • JOAN CAROL DAVIS, Sophomore; Houston, Texas; Sigma Delta Tau; Art Club; Hillel Foundation; Campus Nite; Music Committee, University Center. • CYNTHIA DAWKINS, Junior; Shreveport, La.; Pi Beta Phi; Canterbury Club; Hospitality Committee, University Center; Barra- cudas. Eighth Row: • FRANKA SIMS DAWSON, Sophomore; Birmingham, Ala.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Canterbury Club; Cosmopolitan Committee. Secretary. University Center; Le Circle Francals. • FRANCES MAY DECKER, Freshman; New Orleans; Phi Mu; Newman Club; German Club. • BETTY DeGRYSE, Sophomore; St. Petersburg Beach. Fla.; Alpha Omi- cron Pi; Newman Club; Campus Nite; Public Relations Committee University Center. • ELIZABETH (TOBY) DELONY. Sophomore; Flor- ence, Ala.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Dormitory Council. • JO-ANN DeSALVO, Sophomore; New Orleans; Sailing Club; La Tertulia. Ninth Row: • JOAN DICKERSON. Sophomore; Atlanta. Ga.; Alpha Delta Pi; Canterbury Club; Decorations Committee, University Center. • ELLIE DIGIGLIA. Junior; Lake Charles, La.; Alpha Delta Pi; Newman Club; Tulane University Theatre; Greenbackers. • MARILYN SUE DONSKy] Sophomore: Dallas, Texas; Sigma Delta lau; Hillel Foundation, Re- cording Secretary; Leadership Committee, University Center; Campus Nite. • ALICE DORSEY, Sophomore; Danville. 111.; Wesley Founda- tion; Campus Nite. • FRANCES DOW, Junior; Houston, Texas; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Hillel Foundation; English Club. COLLEGE UNDERGRADUATES First Row: O LANDREA DUCOTE, Freshman; Monroe, La.; Pi Beta Phi; Canter- bury Club; Lagniappes. • D. D. DUtvlESTRE, Soptiomore; New Orleans; Kappa Alpha Theta; Le Circle Francais; Westminster Foundation; Tulane University Theatre. • CARROLL DURAND, Sophomore; Me- tairie, La.; Phi Mu; Canterbury Club; Art Club. • LILLIAN ELAINE ECCLES, Sophomore; New Orleans; Chi Omega; Pre-tyledical Society. • BRENDA EDMONSON, Freshman; New Orleans; Pi Beta Phi. Second Row: • DIANE LOUISE EICHHORN, Freshman; Cairo, III.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; hHillel Foundation; Sailing Club; Lagniappes; Dance Committee, University Center. • CAROL EISEMAN, Junior; Memphis, Tenn.; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • PEGGY ANN ELSTON, Sophomore; Beverly Hills, Calif.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Personnel Evaluation Committee, Uni- versity Center. • BETSY ERWIN, Freshman; Nashville, Tenn.; Alpha Omicron Pi; JAMBALAYA; Wesley Foundation; Newcomb Choir; Sail- ing Club; Campus Nite. • JANE B. ESHLEMAN, Freshman; New Orleans; Chi Omega; JAtvlBALAYA; Canterbury Club; Le Circle Francais. Third Row: • MICHA EVANS, Junior; Lake Alfred, Fla.; Alpha Delta PI; Can- terbury Club. • VIVIAN EVELOFF, Freshman; Kansas City, Mo.; Sigma Delta Tau; " Hullabaloo. " • PEPPY EVES, Freshman; New Orleans; Chi Omega. • MILLIE FAGAN, Sophomore; Metairie, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Newman Club. • BARBARA FARRIS, Junior; Wichita, Kan.; Canterbury Club; Student Directory. Fourth Row: • JANET GAIL FARRIS, Junior; Atlanta, Sa.; Alpha Omicron PI. • ELANOR FAULK, Freshman; New Orleans; Phi Mu; Art Club; Air Force- ROTC Sponsor. • SANDRA ANNE FAYSASH, Sophomore; Akron, Ohio; Kappa Alpha Theta; Canterbury Club. • SUSAN R. FEE, Sophomore; New Orleans; Alpha Omicron Pi; Newman Club; Le Circle Francais. • CAROL SUE FELDMAN, Sophomore; Highland Park, III.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Dance Club; La Tertulia; Hospitality Committee, University Center. Fifth Row: • ELINORE A. FELDMAN. Freshman; Miami Beach, Fla.; JAMBA- LAYA; Student Directory; Hillel Foundation; Sailing Club. • SHERYL JEAN FELDMAN, Sophomore; Nashville, Tenn.; Greenbackers; Hillel Foundation; Athletic Council; La Tertulia. • CECILE FELSENTHAL, Junior; Memphis, Tenn.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Special Events Committee University Center. • MISSY FERGUSON, Sophomore; Alton, III.; Alpha Omicron Pi. • JUDYTH H. FIELD, Sophomore; Hamden, Conn.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Beta Beta Beta; Pre-Medical Society; Sailing Club; Sports Car Club; Hospitality Committee, University Center. Sixth Row: • SALLY ANN FIELD, Sophomore; Alexandria. La.; Chi Omega; Le Circle Francais; Greenbackers; Canterbury Club; Cosmopolitan Com- mittee, University Center. • JONEE FINE, Sophomore; Atlanta, Ga,; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Hillel Foundation; Athletic Council; Hospitality Committee. University Center, O PAT FIRMIN, Sophomore; Wood, Wis.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Assets; Dormitory Council; Concert Choir. • BETH J. FLOWERS, Freshman; Lexington, Miss.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Hillel Foundation; Public Relations Committee, University Center. • JEANNE FOSTER. Freshman; New Orleans; Alpha Omicron Pi; JAM- BALAYA; Newcomb Choir. Seventh Row: • SUSANNE FOSTER, Freshman; Lubbock, Texas; Pi Beta Phi; Canter- bury Club; Sailing Club; Hospitality Committee, University Center. • MEADE FOWLKES, Junior; Handsboro, Miss.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Canterbury Club; Student Activities Board; Dance Club; Tulane Student Council; Hall of Fame. • JOYCE FRANK, Freshman; Norfolk, Va.; Sigma Delta Tau; Hillel Foundation; Le Circle Francais. • ANNE FRANKS, Freshman; San Antonio, Texas; Chi Omega; Fine Arts Committee, University Center. • ROSE MARGARET FRATELLO, Sophomore; New Orleans; Newman Club; Sailing Club; Campus Nite. Eighth Row: • BRENDA FRAZAR, Freshman; Baton Rouge, La.; Chi Omega; Le Circle Francais; Wesley Foundation; Lagniappes; Dance Committee, University Center. • CAROL FREYER. Sophomore; Shreveport, La.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Hillel Foundation. O LYNN FULLER, Sophomore; Ramsteln, Germany; Alpha Omicron Pi. • CAROLYN J. FUSELIER, Junior; Houston, Texas; Alpha Omicron Pi; Talent Committee, Univer- sity Center; La Tertulia; Newman Club; " Hullabaloo " ; Glendy Burke Society; Sailing Club. • NANCY JEAN GALLAHER, Sophomore; Shawnee, Okla.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Baptist Student Union; Campus Nite; Tulane University Theatre; Glendy Burke Society; Public Rela- tions Committee, University Center; Le Circle Francais. Ninth Row: • ALICE CAROLINE GANDY, Freshman; Jackson. Miss.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Hospitality Committee, University Center. • M. ADELE GAUDET, Freshman; New Orleans; Alpha Omicron Pi; Newman Club; Le Circle Francais. • SHIRLEY GER8ER, Junior; New Orleans Delta Phi Epsilon. • JANE GERSBACHER, Sophomore; Carbondale ill.; Pi Lambda Beta. • CATHERINE GERSTNER, Sophomore; Gram ercy. La.; Alpha Delta Pi; Newman Club; Music Committee, Univer- sity Center. UNDERGRADUATES NEWCOMB First Row: • LYNN GILLETTE, Sophomore; New Orleans. • ELIZABETH SILLIS. Freshman- New Orleans- Phi Mu; Westminster Fellowship: International Relations Club. • ELAINE BETH GILNER, Junior; Atlanta, Ga.; Sigma Delta Tau, President; Newcomb College, Corresponding Secretary; Greenbackers Judiciary Committee; Hillel Foundation; Honor Board Newcomb College. • DORIS JEAN GINSBERG, Sophomore; Tyler, Texas- Sigma Delta Tau; Hillel Foundation; Fine Arts Committee, Uni- versity Center; Art Club. • JOAN GIROT, Sophomore; New Orleans; Alpha Omicron Pi. Second Row; • LINDA GLAZER, Sophomore; Ft. Worth, Texas; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Sophomore Class Secretary: Campus Nite; Hillel Foundation; Special Events Committee, University Center. • KAREN GLOSSERMAN, Freshman; Lockhart, Texas; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Hillel Foundation; Newcomb Choir. • PEGGY GLUCK, Sophomore; Highland Park, III.; Sigma Delta Tau; Hillel Foundation; Athletic Council; Barracudas. • SALLY GOOCHAUX, Junior; New Orleans; TUSK, Secretary; Campus Nite; Personnel and Evaluation Committee, University Center. • BETTY GOLDBLUM, Freshman; Port Arthur, Texas; Sigma Delta Tau; Le Circle Francais; " Hullabaloo " ; JAMBALAYA; Hillel Foundation. Third Row: • CAROLYN GOLDSBY, Freshman; Bogalusa, La.; Wesley Foundation; Sailing Club; Public Relations Committee, University Center. • ANN GOLDSMITH, Freshman; Huntsville, Ala.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Barra- cudas; Hillel Foundation. • SUSAN C. GOLDSTEIN. Sophomore; Columbus, Ga.; Sigma Delta Tau; Hillel Foundation. • LiTTf GOLTRY. Junior; EnJd, Okla.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Athletic Council; Barracudas; president; TUSK; JAMBALAYA Beauty Court ' 59; Homecoming Court ' 59. • JANE GOODMAN, Freshman; New Orleans; Alpha Epsilon Phi. Fourth Row: • HARRIETT RUTH GORDON, Freshman; Gadsden, Ala.; Alpha Epsi- lon Phi; Games Committee, University Center. • MARILYN LOUISE GORDON, Sophomore; New Orleans; Alpha Omicron Pi; JAM- BALAYA- Student Directory; Wesley Foundation; Sailing Club. • NANCY ANN GOSTOMSKI, Sophomore; LaSalle, 111.; Phi Mu; New- man Club; Hospitality Committee, University Center. • SANDA LEE GRAGE, Sophomore; Shreveport, La.; PI Beta Phi; La Tertulia; JAMBALAYA- Wesley Foundation; Hospitality Committee, University Center; Fencing Club. • GLENDA GAYNELLE GRAHAM, Sophomore; Ithaca, N.Y.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Warren House Council; Inner Council; Greenbackers; Christian Science Organization. Fifth Row: • SUZY GRAHAM, Freshman; Graham, Texas; Kappa Alpha Theta; Wesley Foundation. • KAREN GRASSLE. Freshman; Ventura, Calif.; Dance Club- " Hullabaloo " ; Public Relations Committee, University Center. • NANCY GRAVES, Freshman; Culpepper, Va.; " Hullabaloo, " copy editor; Baptist Student Union; Sailing Club. • NANCY FAYt GRAY, Freshman; New Orleans; " Hullabafoo " ; Westminster Fellow- ship- Choral Union; Newcomb Choir; International Relations Club. • FRIEDA ANN GREEN, Sophomore; New Orleans; Sigma Delta Tau; La Tertulia; Hillel Foundation, corresponding secretary. Sixth Row; • MISSY GREEN, Sophomore; Jackson, Miss.; Chi Omega; Le Circle Francais; Canterbury Club. • LIBBY ANN GREENBERG, Freshman; High Point. N.C; Sigma Delta Tau; Hillel Foundation; Newcomb Choir; Talent Committee, University Center. • LADY GREENSLIT, Sophomore; Atlanta, Ga.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Dance Club; Canter- bury Club; Newcomb Choir; University Chorus; Freshman Beauty Court. • MAY RUSH GWIN, Freshman; State College, Miss.; Le Circle Francais; Wesley Foundation; Campus Nite; WAVE Radio. • LYNNE HADDOCK, Freshman; Atlanta, Ga.; Alpha Delta Pi; " Hullabaloo " ; Wesley Foundation; Tulane University Theatre; Lagniappes. Seventh Row: • KATHLEEN HAGAMAN, Freshman; Conway, Texas; Phi Mu; Canter- bury Club; Hobbies and Crafts Committee. University Center. • ALMETA LOUISE HAGGARD, Freshman; El Paso, Texas; Kappa Alpha Theta- " Hullabaloo " ; Special Events Committee, University Center. • MARIAN HAM. Sophomore; Shreveport, La.; Le Circle Francais; Canterbury Club; Decorations Committee, University Center. ANNE HAMILTON, Freshman; Montgomery, Ala.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Le Circle Francais; Canterbury Club. • DIAN HAMILTON, Junior; Altus, Okla. Eighth Row; • PEGGY HANEMANN, Freshman; New Orleans; Alpha Omicron Pi; Le Circle Francais; Newman Club; Tulane University Theatre. • MARY ALLEN HANSEN. Freshman; Navasota, Texas; Kappa Alpha Theta; Canterbury Club; Newcomb Choir; Hospitality Committee, University Center. • ANNE HARBESON, Sophomore; Houston Texas- Alpha Delta Pi; TUSK; Canterbury Club; Hospitality Committee University Center. • HARRIET HARDIN, Freshman; New Orleans; Phi Mu- Dance Club; Newman Club; Campus Nite. • LADY HELEN HARDY. Sopho- more: New Orleans; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Treasurer of Sophomore Class: Assets; Athletic Council; TUSK; Newman Club; Lagniappes. Ninth Row; • LINDA PALMER HARDY, Junior; New Orleans; Pi Beta Phi- Art Club; JAMBALAYA; Newman Club. • MARY JO HARTT, Sophomore; FarmersvIMe, Texas; Alpha Delta Pi; Sailing Club- Fine Arts Com- mittee, University Center. • SALLYE HARTT, Freshman; Farmersville, Texas; Alpha Delta Pi; Le Circle Francais; Sailing Club. • LYND HARVEY, Sophomore; Albrook Air Force Base, Canal Zone; Kappa Kappa Gamma: Canterbury Club; Talent Committee, University Center. • JULIE HATTEN, Sophomore: Gulfport, Miss.; Phi Mu; Newman Club. COLLEGE UNDERGRADUATES First Row: • MARTHA DUKE HAYES, Sophomore; Shreveport, La.; Chi Omega; Le Circle Francals; Wesley Foundation; Games Committee, University Center. • PAT HEINSIMER, Sophomore; Highland Park, 111.; Sigma Delta Tau- Newcomb Athletic Council, Trea5urer: Barracudas; Hillel Foundation. • JILL HENNER, Freshman; Highland Park, 111,; Hillel Foundation- Campus Nite; Hospitality Committee, University Center. • ANN ELLEN HERMER, Freshman; Detroit, Mich.; Sigma Deita Tau; Hillel Foundation. • MARCIA HERNDQN, Freshman; Canton, N.C.; Delta Zeta; " Hullabaloo " ; Wesley Foundation; Newcomb Choir; Opera Workshop; International Relations Club. Second Row; • PENNY HESS, Junior; Houston, Texas; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Art Club; Barracuda; Dormitory Council; La Tertulia; Lagmappes. Uni- versity Center. • SARAH LOU HILL, Junior; Little Rock, Ark.; Dormi- tory Council; Baptist Student Union. • LINDA HINES, Freshman; Houston, Texas; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • ELAINE HIXON, Junior; Tampa, Fla.; Chi Omega; Wesley Foundation; Talent Committee, University Center. • RACHELLE HOCHSTEIN, Freshman; Houston. Texas; Hillel Foundation. Third Row: • JULIE HOERNER, Sophomore; Decatur, Ga.; La Tertulia; Student Directory; Personnel Evaluations Committee, University Center. • BECKY HOFFMAN, Freshman; Mobile, Ala.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Bar- racuda; Dance Club; Hillel Foundation; Games Committee, University Center. • CYNTHIA HOPKINS, Freshman; Armonk, N.Y.; Phi Mu; German Club; Westminster Fellowship. • ELIZABETH HUB8S, Sopho- more; St. Louis, Mo.; Phi Mu. • LINDA HUDSON, Freshman; Houston, Texas; Kappa Alpha Theta; Decorations Committee, University Center; Baptist Student Union. Fourth Row: • SUSAN HUDSON, Junior; Metalrie, La.; Hillel_ Foundation; Tulane University Theatre; Special Events Committee, University Center, Sec- retary. • SUSIE HUSTED, Sophomore: Hammond. Ind.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Barracudas. • SYLVIA HYMAN, Junior; New Orleans. • SYLVIA IBELE, Sophomore; New Orleans; Gamma Delta; Hobbies and Crafts Committee. University Center. • MARY IGERT, Sophomore; Paducah, Ky.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Wesley Foundation; Lagniappes, University Center. Fifth Row: • LINDA LEE INEICHEN, Freshman: Rayville, La.: Phi Mu: Le Circle Francais: Wesley Foundation: Sailing Club. • ELIZABETH ISSQS, Junior: Birmingham, Ala.: Greenbackers: Sailing Club. • BUNNY JACOBS, Sophomore: High Point, N.C; Sigma Delta Tau: Hillel Foundation: Hospitality Committee, University Center. • FRANCINE JACOBS, Sophomore: Greenwood, Miss.: Alpha Epsilon Phi: Dance Club. • NINA JACOBS, Freshman: New Orleans: Alpha Omicron Pi: Athletic Council: " Hullabaloo " : Baptist Student Union; Campus Nite; German Club, Secretary; Cosmopolitan Committee, University Center. Sixth Row: • LESLIE JACOBSEN, Freshman; Myrtle Beach, S.C; Le Circle Francais: " Hullabaloo " ; JAMBALAYA; Canterbury Club; Sailing Club. • CAROLE JAFFE, Sophomore; Houston, Texas; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Hillel Foundation, Treasurer; Special Events Committee, University Center. • LORNA SUE JAFFE, Freshman; Memphis, Tenn.; JAM- BALAYA: Student Directory; Hillel Foundation; Public Relations Com. mitfee. University Center; Le Circle Francais. • SUSANNE JAMISON, Freshman; Vero Beach, Fla.; Alpha Delta Pi- Barracudas Westminster Fellowship. • BETTY JENKINS, Freshman; Laurel, Miss.; Wesley Foundation. Seventh Row: • GAIL VIRGINIA JOHNSON. Sophomore; Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; Le Circle Francais; La Tertulia; JAMBALAYA; Tulane University Theatre; Sailing Club; Music Committee, University Center. 9 MARIE JOHNSON, Freshman; Memphis, Tenn.; Le Circle Francais; Canterbury Club; Sailing Club. • MARILYN JOHNSON Freshman- Memphis, Tenn.; Canterbury Club; Sailing Club. • BETH JONES, Freshman; Clinton, La.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Sailing Club; Games Committee. University Center. • BRENDA JONES, Sophomore; New Orleans; Delta Zeta; German Club; Wesley Foundation. Eighth Row: • CHARLYNE JONES, Sophomore; Dallas, Texas; Alpha Omicron PI; Campus Nite; Concert. • JUDY LEA JONES, Freshman; New Orleans- Pi Beta Phi; International Relations Club; Sailing Club. • JUDY MASON JONES, Freshman; New Orleans; Kappa Alpha Theta; JAM- BALAYA; Christian Science Origanization. • RUTHIE JONES, Sopho- more; New Orleans; Pi Beta Phi. • SHARON JONES, Sophomore: Houston, Texas; Alpha Delta Pi; Interfaith Council; Wesley Foundation. Ninth Row: • BETTY JOSEPH, Sophomore; Glencoe, 111.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; JAMBALAYA. • BARBARA KANTER, Freshman: Dallas, Texas; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Public Relations Committee, University Center. • LINDA SUE KASTRIN, Sophomore; El Paso, Texas; Alpha Omicron Pi; Newman Club. • JUDITH KATZ, Freshman; New Orleans; Student Directory; Hillel Foundation. • SANDRA KAY Freshman; Richmond Heights, Mo.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Hillel Foundation. UNDERGRADUATES NEWCOMB First Row; • MARLENE " ROSIE " KAYE. Sophomore; Little Rock, Ark.; S.gma Delta Tau; Honor Board Representative: Newcomb Handbook; Hillel Foundation; Campus Nite- Leadership Committee, University Center, Vice-chairman; Pan-Hellenic Representative. • FRANCES KELLNOR, Junior; New Orleans; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • SUSAN KELLNOR, Fresh, man; New Orleans; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Hillel Foundation. • BETTY KELLY, Junior; Oak Grove, La.; Kappa Alpha Theta. • LOUISE KELLY, Junior; Barrington, III.; Alpha Omicron PI. Second Row: e MARGIE A. KENDIS, Freshman; St. Louis, Mo.; Sigma Delta Tau; " Hullabaloo, " exchange editor; Public Relations Committee, Univer- sity Center. • CAROLYN KENNEY, Sophomore; Paris, Ky.; Chi Omega; Canterbury Club; House Council. • BEVERLY KERR, Sopho- more; tvletairie. La.; Alpha Omicron, Pi. • MARGARET A. KETTLER, Sophomore; New Orleans; Kappa Alpha Theta; Athletic Council; Wes- ley Foundation. • KATHERINE KIMBERLIN, Freshman; Baton Rouge, La.; Alpha Omicroni Pi; Newcomb Choir; Tuiane University Theatre; Campus Nite; JAMBALAYA. Third Row: • ANN KINGSLEY, Freshman; Alexandria, La,; Chi Omega; Canter- bury Club; Public Relations Committee, University Center. • CECILE KLEIN, Sophomore; Pensacola, Fla.; Sigma Delta Tau; Greenbackers. • SYLVIA PAIGE KLUMOK, Sophomore; Moorhead, Miss.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Greenbackers; Student Activities Board. • MARION KNEIPP, Freshman; New Orleans. • KAREN LINDA KNIGHT, Sopho- more: Gretna, La.; Phi Mu; Newman Club. Fourth Row: • JACKIE KOHN, Freshman; Atlanta, Ga.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Hillel Foundation: Lagnlappes, University Center. • CAROLYN JO KOLB. Sophomore: Little Rock, Ark.; Alpha Delta Pi; Baptist Student Union; Concert Choir; Fine Arts Committee, University Center. • CAROLYN KOPPEL, Sophomore: Harllngen, Texas; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Hillel Foundation: Campus Nite; Hospitality Committee, University Center. • JULIET H. KOSSMAN, Sophomore: Cleveland, Miss.; Alpha Epsilon Phi- JAMBALAYA; Student Directory; Campus Nite; Games Committee, University Center. • KAROL ANNE KUERSTEINER, Freshman; Talla- hassee, Fla,; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Greenbackers; Fine Arts Commit, tee. University Center. Fifth Row: • SUSAN KULMAN, Sophomore; Houston, Texas; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • DALE JUNE KULVIN, Freshman; Miami, Fla.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Forum Committee, University Center. • LINDA KURTZON, Freshman; Chicago, III.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; JAMBALAYA: Student Directory; TUSK; Sailing Club. • JUDITH LAMB, Sophomore; Greenwood, Miss.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Dormitory Council; Newcomb Pan-Hellenic. O MELANIE LANDAU, Sophomore; New Orleans, Sigma Delta Tau; " Hullabaloo " : Hillel Foundation, Sixth Row: • NANCY ANN LANSFORD, Freshman; Metairie, La.; Baptist Student Union; International Relations Club; Decorations Committee, University Center. • PAMELA A. LARCHE, Sophomore; New Orleans; Eta Sigma Phi; Oreades; Westminster Fellowship, • ELLEN LASKER, Junior; Little Rock, Ark.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Dormitory Council. • DIANE LASSITER, Freshman; Jackson, Tenn.; Alpha Delta Pi; Le Circle Fran- cais; Student Directory; Baptist Student Union. • RUTH MYRA LEBOVITZ, Sophomore; Pittsburgh, Pa.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Le Circle Francais; Hillel Foundation; Campus Nite. Seventh Row: • BRENDA LEGSIO, Freshman; New Orleans; Alpha Omicron Pi; Le Circle Francais; Newman Club; Campus Nite; Music Committee, University Center. • FREDDA LEE LEVIN, Sophomore; Dallas, Texas; Alpha Epsilon Phi; TUSK; Hillel Foundation; Campus Nite; Hospitality Committee, University Center. • MAUREEN LEVITAN, Freshman; New Orleans; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Le Circle Francais; JAMBALAYA; Hillel Foundation. • JOAN LEVY, Freshman; Savannah, Ga.; Dance Club; Hillel Foundation. • MARJORIE LEVY, Sophomore; New York, N,Y.; Student Directory; Music Committee, University Center. Eighth Row; • MARY LYNN LEVY, Sophomore; Tucson, Ariz.; Sigma Delta Tau. • BARBARA LYNNE LEWIS Junior; Houston, Texas; Alpha Epsilon Phi; University Center Board; Special Events Committee, chairman. University Center. • SALLYE LEWIS, Sophomore; Lake Charles, La.; Chi Omega: JAMBALAYA; Dormitory Council; Le Circle Francais; ' Games Committee, University Center, • JUDY LITVIN, Junior; Miami Beach, Fla.; Sigma Delta Tau. first vice-president; La Tertulia; Campus Nite, secretary; Tuiane University Theatre, secretary; Newcomb Pan- Hellenic, treasurer; Talent Committee, University Center. • DONNA LOWENSTEIN, Sophomore; Columbia S.C; Delta Zeta; Le Circle Francais; Personnel and Evaluation Committee, University Center. Ninth Row: • MARY FRANCES LUCAS, Freshman; Metairie, La.; Alpha Omicron PI; JAMBALAYA; Newman Club; Public Relations Committee, Uni- versity Center. • JESSICA LUCK, Freshman; New Orleans; Campus Nite. • CAROLINE " TODDY " LYMAN, Junior; New Orleans; Pi Beta Phi; Lagnlappes. • SUSANNE LYTTON, Sophomore; Fort Worth. Texas; Baptist Student Union. • JEAN ALISON McCLENATHAN, Sophomore; Los Angeles, Calif.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Canterbury Club. COLLEGE UNDERGRADUATES First Row: • ROWENA McCLINTON, Sophomore: Jackson, Miss.; Chi Omega; Eta Siqma Phi, secretary; Oreades. treasurer; Greenbackers; Wesley Foundation: Hospitality Committee, University Center. • JANET LEE McCRACKEN, Freshman; Dallas, Texas; Alpha Omicron Pi; West- minster Fellowship; Music Committee, University Center. • TUCKER McCRADY, Freshman; New Orleans; Alpha Omicron Pi; Hospitality Committee, University Center. • JUDY McGUFFEE, Freshman; Jack- son, Miss.; Student Directory; Wesley Foundation; Lagniappes; JAM- BALAYA. • PAT McMILLAN, Freshman; Kansas City, Mo.; Alpha Delta Pi; Canterbury Club. Second Row: • DENNI KATHLEEN MACK, Sophomore; Washington, D.C; Alpha Omicron Pi; Newman Club; A Cappella Choir; Concert Choir; Tulane University Theatre. • BARBARA MACOW, Freshman; Houston, Texas; Sigma Delta Tau; Le Circle Francals; Hillel Foundation. • FREDA MALONE, Freshman; Citronelle, Ala. • KEITH MANATT, Sophomore; Houston, Texas; Pi Beta Phi; La Tertulia. • TEE MANN, Sophomore; Meridian, Miss.; Chi Omega; Air Force ROTC Drill Team Sponsor. Third Row: • PEGGY MARKS, Sophomore; Brownsville, Tenn.; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • VICTORIA ELENA MARTINEZ, Sophomore; New Orleans; Delta Zeta; Dance Club; Newman Club; Concert Choir. • JACQUE. LINE ANN MARX, Freshman; New Orleans; Newman Club; Tulane Uni- versity Theatre; Sailing Club. • MARIAN MASTERS, Sophomore; Ft. Worth, Texas; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • HELAINE MAZIN, Sophomore; Louisville, Ky.; Sigma Delta Tau; Le Circle Francals; Hillel Founda- tion; Special Events Committee, University Center. Fourth Row: • PAT MERKLE, Freshman; Oklahoma City, Okla.; Wesley Founda- tion; Chamber Orchestra; Forum Committee, University Center. • ELLEN ROSE MESSER, Freshman; Cincinnati, Ohio; Hillel Foundation. • LYNN ANDREA MICHAEL, Sophomore; Miami, Fla.; Sigma Delta Tau; Dance Club; Hillel Foundation; Campus Nite. • ALLISON MILLER, Freshman; New Orleans; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Canterbury Club. • MARSHA MILLER, Freshman; New Orleans; Pi Beta Phi; Newman Club. Fifth Row: • SUSAN MILLER, Junior; New Orleans; Pi Beta Phi; Sailing Club. • MARGARET MINARD. Junior; Columbia, La.; Kappa Alpha Theta. • KAY MITCHELL, Freshman; Harrisburg, III.; Alpha Delta Pi; Special Events Committee, University Center. • STEPHANIE LEE MITCHELL, Freshman; Albuquerque, New Mexico; Canterbury Club; Sailing Club; Public Relations Committee. University Center. • NANCY MITZNER, Freshman; Atlanta, Ga.; Sigma Delta Tau; TUSK; Hillel Foundation; Public Relations Committee. University Center. Sixth Row: • LINDA MOEHLMAN, Junior; Houston, Texas; Alpha Omicron Pi; Treasurer of the Junior Class of Newcomb; Art- Club; La Tertulia. • ANN MONROE, Sophomore; Port Sulphur, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • TUCKY MOSS, Sophomore; Lake Charles, La.; Chi Omega; Le Circle Francais; TUSK; Public Relations Committee University Center. • MARY MURPHY MOSS, Junior; Lake Charles, La.; Chi Omega; Le Circle Francals; Honor Board Newcomb College, vice- president; University Honor Council; Hospitality Committee. University Center. • NELSON MOSS, Freshman; Waterproof, La.; Chi Omega; Art Club; Le Circle Francais; Westminster Fellowship. Seventh Row: • CAROL MUIR. Freshman; San Antonio, Texas; Canterbury Club; Lagniappes. • MAURINE MULLIN, Sophomore; Baton Rouge, La. ' ; Opera Workshop. • JEANIE MULLINS, Sophomore; Baton Rouge, La.; Chi Omega; Athletic Council; Student Directory; Wesley Founda- tion. • KAY MUNCH, Freshman; New Orleans; Alpha Omicron Pi. • PAT MURPHY, Junior; Grosse Pointe, Mich.; Phi Mu; Newman Club; international Relations Club; Games Committee, University Center. Eighth Row: • JULIA TEVIS NARZ. Freshman; Louisville, Ky.; Pi Beta Phi- Decora- tions Committee, University Center. • SUE CAROLE NASITS, Sopho- more; Tyler, Texas; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Art Club; Campus Nite- Decorations Committee, University Center. • ELIZABETH ANNE NEFf ' Sophomore; San Antonio, Texas; Alpha Omicron Pi; Art Club; Le Circle Francais; La Tertulia; Westminster Fellowship; Tulane University Theatre; Sailing Club. • GWEN NELSON. Freshman; New Orleans; Phi Mu; Newman Club; Librarian of Newcomb Choir- Tulane Band • 6ARRIE NIEHUSS. Sophomore; Gurdon. Ark.; Chi Omega; West- minster. Ninth Row: • KAY NOBLE, Freshman; Lake Charles, La.; Chi Omega. • SANDY NOBLE, Freshman; Gulfport, Miss.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Secretary of Freshman Class, Newcomb; Baptist Student Union; Lagniappes- Dance University Center. O LEANNE NORTHRUP. Freshman; II.; Alpha Delta Pi; Wesley Foundation; Decorations University Center. • SUE NUNGESTER, Freshman; De- Barracuda; " Hullabaloo, " Student Directory; Wesley Talent Committee, University Center; JAMBALAYA. Committee Flossmoor, Committee, catur. Ala. Foundation • HILDA NUSSBAUM, Freshman; Bainbridge, Georgia- Alpha ' Epsilon Phi; JAMBALAYA; Hillel Foundation; Campus Nite UNDERGRADUATES NEWCOMB First Row: • PESSY ODOM, Freshman: WInston-Salem, N.C.; Phi Mu; TUSK: International Relations Club; Sailing Club: Sports Car Ciub: Hospital- ity Committee, University Center. • CELESTE MAURY OFFUTT. Fresh- man: Lexington, Ky.: Westminster Foundation: Sailing Ciub. • MARY SUE OSG, Junior: New Orleans: Kappa Alpha Theta. • BETTY OREN- DORF. Freshman: Bowling Green, Ky.: Chi Omega: Le Circle Francais: Westminister Fellowship. • LYNN ORKIN, Sophomore: Jackson, Miss.: Alpha Epsiloni Phi; Assets, vice-president: Cheerleaders: Greenbackers: Campus Nite: Freshman Beauty Court I958-59. Second Row: • CAROLYN OWENS, Junior; Jackson, Miss.; Alpha Delta Pi; Wesley Foundation: Sailing Club. • MARY RAE OXBORROW, Sophomore; Humboldt, Iowa; Le Circle Francais; Westminster Fellowship: Tulane University Theatre. • SUSAN PACE, Junior; Casper, Wyo.; Pi Beta Phi; Greenbackers, Judiciary Council; University Center Board, Secre- tary. • DIANA LEE PADRATZIK, Freshman; St. Louis, Mo.; Sigma Delta Tau; Hillel Foundation; Sailing Club. • ELEANOR JANE PARK, Sophomore: Wintervllle, Miss.; Chi Omega. Third Row: • DONIA PAYNE, Sophomore; Leiand, Miss.; Chi Omega; JAM- BALAYA; Christian Science Organization; Lagnlappes. • MICAELA PELLETTIERI, Freshman; Houston, Texas; Alpha Omicron Pi; Freshman Class President: Le Circle Francais; Wesley Foundation; Honor Board Newcomb College; Lagnlappes; Newcomb Student Council. • LYN iPELTER, Freshman: Huntingburg, Indiana: Delta Zeta: Wesley Founda. tlon; Concert Choir; Newcomb Choir. • DUANE PERROW. Junior; Lynchburg, Va.; Pi Beta Phi; Assets; Dance Club; Dormitory Council; Wesley Foundation; Lagnlappes. • LYNN PERSCHALL. Freshman; New Orleans. Fourth Row: • JANE CAROLINE PHARR, Freshman; Chicago, III.; Pi Beta Phi; JAMBALAYA; Canterbury Club; Sailing Club. • GERALDINE PIC- TON, Freshman; Port Arthur, Texas; PI Beta Phi; Newman Club; Lagnlappes. • MADGE PIERCE, Sophomore; Tarversville, Ga.; Alpha Delta Pi; Canterbury Club; Campus Nite. • MARILYN BETTY PILIAWSKY, Sophomore; New Orleans; La Tertulia; Hillel Foundation. ,• SUZANNE PITTS, Junior; Birmingham. Ala.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Wesley Foundation. Fifth Row: • PAM PLUMLEY, Sophomore; Shreveport. La.; Pi Beta Phi; Cosmo- politan Committee, University Center; TUSK. • PRISCILLA POIN- DEXTER, Sophomore: Shreveport, La.; " Hullabaloo " ; TUSK; Newman Club; Concert Choir; Delta Sigma PI; Public Relations Committee, University Center. • SUSAN POLANEK, Sophomore; Metairie, La. • NATALIE SIMONE POLMER, Sophomore; New Orleans; Le Circle Francais; Newcomb Choir. • DIANE POLUNSKY, Freshman; San Antonio, Texas; Sigma Delta Tau; Hillel Foundation. Sixth Row: • CATHERINE PORTER, Freshman; Mobile, Ala.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Newman Club; Tulane University Theatre; Hospitality Committee, University Center. • KATHERINE POWELL, Sophomore; Fort Myers, Fla.; Alpha Delta Pi. • LINDA PRAGER, Sophomore; Indianapolis. Ind.; Sigma Delta Tau; Hillel Foundation; Campus Nite; Personnel and Evaluation Committee, University Center. • DENA PRICE, Fresh- man; St. Petersburg, Fla.; Phi Mu; " Hullabaloo " ; Wesley Foundation; Public Relations Committee, University Center, • GAIL RANCIER, Freshman: Wichita Falls, Texas; Alpha Omicron Pi; Baptist Student Union; Newcomb Choir. Seventh Row: • ROSE MARIE RAPIER, Sophomore: New Orleans; Pi Beta Phi; Le Circle Francais; Newman Club. • ANN RATLIFF. Freshman; Houston, Texas; Alpha Delta Pi. • ELAINE REHM, Sophomore; Mobile. Ala.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Newman Club. • MARDI REISS. Junior; Sheboygan, Wis.; Pi Beta Phi; Barracudas; Newman Club; Sailing Club. • RENEE RICHARD„Sophomore: New Orleans; Kappa Alpha Theta; Le Circle Francais; JAMBALAYA; Newman Club. Eighth Row: • JUDY LANE RICHARDSON, Freshman; Bogalusa, La.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Le Circle Francais: Westminster Fellowship; Decorations Com- mittee, University Center. • ANNE ROBERTSON, Sophomore: Houston. Texas; German Club, President; Philosophy Club; English Club; Fencing Club. • HOLLY ROBERTSON, Freshman; Arlington, Va. •-MARY JANE ROBERTSON, Freshman; Louisville, Ky.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Athletic Council; Canterbury Club; Music Committee. University Center. • RUTH ANNE ROCKWELL, Sophomore; Fairhope Ala.- Phi Mu. Ninth Row: • PHILLIS RODGERS. Freshman; Cairo. III.; Kappa Alpha Theta. • JOAN E. ROGERS, Sophomore; Concord. Mass.; Delta Zeta. • CARMEN L. ROMAN, Sophomore; Managua, Nicaragua; Campus Nite; International Relations Club; Talent Committee. Cosmopolitan Committee. University Center. • SONJA B. ROMANOWSKI, Sopho- more; Dallas, Texas; Delta Zeta; German Club; Math Club; Athletic Council: Le Circle Francais; Choral Union: Newcomb Choir; Tulane University Theatre. • JENNIE LOU ROPP. Freshman; Glasgow, Ky.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Dance Club; Baptist Student Union. COLLEGE UNDERGRADUATES First Row: • CONNIE ROSCHKE, Freshman; Kansas City, Mo.: German Club; Gamma Delta. • JUDITH ROSE, Freshman; Kansas City, Mo.; Sigma Delta Tau; Decorations Committee, University Center. • AMY RUSHA ROSENBERG, Sophomore; Roslyn Heights. N.Y. • KATHLEEN GEORGES ROTH, Sophomore; New Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Phi. • SYLVIA ROTH, Freshman; Louisville, Ky.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Personnel and Evaluations Committee. University Center. Second Row: • RONA ROTHENBERG, Sophomore; Portsmouth, Va.; Sigma Delta Tau; Hillel Foundation. • SYLVIA ROUCHELL, Junior; New Orleans; Beta Beta Beta; TUSK; Newman Club; Army ROTC Sponsor. • BETTY ROY, Junior; Shreveport, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • BONNIE S. RUBENSTEIN, Sophomore; Miami Beach Fla.; Sigma Delta Tau; TUSK; Hillel Foundation. • GLORIA RUDD, ' Freshman; Denver, Colo.; Alpha Epsilon Phi, Student Directory. Talent Committee. Third Row: • KATHLEEN H. RYAN, Freshman; New Orleans; Alpha Delta Pi; Newman Club; Newcomb Choir, secretary. • LOIS C. SALOMON, Sophomore; Chicago, III.; Sigma Delta Tau; Dance Club; JAMBA- LAYA; Student Directory; Hillel Foundation; Campus Nite. • JUDITH ANN SAMELSON. Freshman; Denver, Colo. ' ; Sigma Delta Tau; Greer- backers; Leadership Committee, University Center. • CAROL SAN- D.ERS, Sophomore: Baytown, Texas; Baptist Student Union; Campus Nite; Concert Choir; Choral Union; Newcomb Choir; Chamber Orchestra. • JANE SANFORD. Junior; New Orleans; PI Beta Phi. Fourth Row: KATHY SANGSTER, Sophomore; Houston. Texas; Pi Beta Phi; Record- ing Secretary, Newcomb Student Body; Assets; Dormitory Council; JAM8ALAYA; Greenbackers; Hospitality Committee, University Cen- ter. • BLANQUITA SANTIAGO, Freshman; Coral Gables, Fla.; Delta 2eta, Pledge President; Dance Club; La Tertulia; Newman Club; International Week Beauty Court; Talent Committee, University Center. • JEANMETTE SCHALEBEN, Sophomore; Edinburg, Texas; Alpha Omicron Pi; La Tertulia; Student Directory; Canterbury Club. • VIR- GINIA MARY SCHEPPEGRELL, Sophomore; New Orleans; Phi Mu; Art Club; Le Circle Francais; Newman Club; Sailing Club. • ARTHEL SCHEUERMANN, Sophomore; Tampa, Fla.; Alpha Delta Pi. Fifth Row: • LEDA SCHEUERMANN, Freshman; New Orleans; Kappa Alpha Theta. • SUSAN FRANCES SCHIERER, Freshman; Shreveport, La.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Art Club; Le Circle Francais; Westminster Fellowship; Sailing Club; Fencing Club. • CYNTHIA A. SCHILLING, Sophomore; New Orleans; Alpha Delta PI; Gamma Delta. Secretar ; Inter-faith Council; Sailing Club; Music Club, University Center. • DEANNA C. SCHLOEGEL, Freshman; New Orleans; Alpha Delta Pi; Dance Club; Newman Club; Newcomb Choir. • SALLY LOU SCHOCK, Freshman; Mare Island, Calif.; Alpha Delta Pi; Le Circle Francais; TUSK; Canterbury Club. Sixth Row: • MARI LOUISE SCHOEN, Sophomore; Winnetka, Illinois; Sigma Delta Tau; La Tertulia; Hillel Foundation. • RICI SCHOLL, Junior; Crowley. La.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Beta Beta Beta; Pre-Medical Society; Barracuda; Student Directory, Faculty Editor; TUSK; Hillel Founda- tion; Newcomb Pan-Hellenic Council; Cosmopolitan Committee, Uni- versity Center. • NANCY SCHONFELD, Freshman; Miami Beach, Fla.; Sigma Delta Tau; Student Directory; Hillel Foundation; German Club; Leadership Committee, University Center. O SANDRA ELAINE SCHOONOVER, Freshman; Salem, Illinois; Alpha Delta Pi; Newman Club; Amateur Radio Club; Music Committee, University Center. • GLORIA SCHOTTENSTEIN, Sophomore; Cincinnati, Ohio; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Assets; Hillel Foundation; Forum Committee, University Center. Seventh Row: • CAROL SCHUCHS, Freshman; Frogmore, La.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Baptist Student Union. •ANN KESSLER SCHUDMAK, Sophomore; Baton Rouge, La.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; La Tertulia; Hillel Foundation; Decorations Committee, University Center. • ALETHA SCHULT7, Freshman; Kansas City, Mo.; ingma Delta Tau; Freshman Class Treasurer; Sailing Club. • JILL SCHUSTER, Junior; Shreveport. La.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Dance Club; Hillel Foundation. • HELEN SCIBIENSKI, Sophomore; Corpus Christi. Texas- Pi Beta Phi- Newman Club. Eighth Row: • BEVERLY SCOTT, Freshman; Dallas, Texas; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • MARY HELEN SEAGO. Junior; New Orleans; Pi Beta Phi; Art Club; Barracuda. • CAROL SEIDERMAN, Freshman; Miami Beach, Fla.; Sigma Delta Tau; " Hullabaloo " ; Hillel Foundation; Forum Committee, University Center. • SUSAN SHANKLIN, Freshman; Fort Myers, Fla.; Chi Omega; Freshman Class Vice-President; Le Circle Francais, Treasurer; Westminster Fellowship; Lagnlappes. • JO ANNE SHARMAN, Sophomore; Houston, Texas; Pi Beta Phi; Oreades, Sec- retary; JAMBALAYA; Wesley Foundation, Secretary. Ninth Row: • JUDITH D. SHARP, Junior; Metalrie, La.; Pi Beta Phi. • BONNIE SHAW, Sophomore; Birmingham, Ala.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Music Committee, University Center; Choral Union. • GAY SHLENKER, Freshman; Houston. Texas; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • MARTHA SHOAF, Sophomore; Covington, Tenn.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Oreades; Canterbury Club. • MARCIA SILVERBERS, Freshman; Wilmington. Dela.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Greenbackers. UNDERGRADUATES NEWCOMB First Row: • THERESA SIMMONS, Sophomore; New Orleans; Kappa Alpha Theta. • SYDNEY SIMONS, Junior; Columbus, Sa.; Alpha tpsilon Phi; Hillel Foundation. • MARY LILLIAN SINK, Freshman; Memphis. Tenn.; Phi Mu; Le Circle Francais; Wesley Foundation; Sailing Club. • WINKIE SINNOTT, Freshman; New Orleans; Pi Beta Phi; Sailing Club; Public Relations Committee, University Center. • IMOGENt SMITH, Junior; New Orleans; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Second Row: • NAN SMITH, Freshman; Jackson, Miss.; Chi Omega; Baptist Stu- dent Union; Sailing Club; Lagniappes. • BAY 5MITHGALL, Freshman; Gainesville, Ga.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Baptist Student Union; Decora- tions Committee, University Center. • CLAIR FAY SOLOMON, Freshman; Monroe. La.; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • PAULETTE SOLOW, Freshman; Chicago. III.; Hillel Foundation. • GINA SONIAT, Freshman; New Orleans; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Newman Club. Third Row; • GWIN SORRELLS, Freshman; Lake Charles. La.; Chi Omega. • • LETIA SOULE, Freshman; Handsboro, Miss.; Chi Omega. • SANDY SPARK, Freshman; Waco, Texas; Sigma Delta Tau; Hillel Foundation. • RUTH ELLEN SPIRER, Freshman; Coral Gables, Fla.; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • LOTTYE M. SPITZER, Sophomore; Shreveport, La.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; TUSK; Hillel Foundation; Talent Committee, University Center. Fourth Row: • GINGER SPITZFADEN, Sophomore; New Orleans; Alpha Delta Pi; Gamma Delta; Lagniappes. • NANCY STARR, Junior; New Orleans; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • MARY RUTH STEPHENSON, Sophomore; Winter Haven, Florida; Chi Omega; Wesley Foundation; Public Rela- tions Committee, University Center. • JUDY STERLING, Sophomore; Coral Gables, Fla.; Alpha Delta PI; Newman Club. • KAREN LESLIE STERN, Sophomore; Dallas. Texas; JAMBALAYA; Forum Committee, University Center. Secretary. Fifth Row: • LINDA STETTNER. Freshman; Houston. Texas; Hillel Foundation. • JUDY STEWART. Freshman; Texarkana, Ark.; Kappa Alpha Theta. • ROSEMARY STEWART, Junior; Conroe, Texas; Chi Omega; Air Force ROTC Sponsor. O HARRIET STONE, Junior; Amarillo. Texas; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Dance Club, Vice-President; Canterbury Club; JAMBALAYA Beauty Court; Homecoming Court. • CAROLYN L. STRONG, Sophomore; Hope, Ark.; Chi Omega; Le Circle Francais; Wesley Foundation, Sixth Row: • CAROLYN SUTTER, Junior; New Orleans; Pi Beta Phi. • ALICE CALMES TALBOLT, Junior; Pascagoula, Miss.; Kappa Kappa Gamma Canterbury Club. • SUSAN TEMPLETON, Freshman; Terre Haute, Indiana; Kappa Alpha Theta; Barracuda; Sailing Club. • CYNTHIA TERRELL. Sophomore; Brusly. La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Athletic Council; Intramural Council; Music Committee. • LYNNE THAL- HEIMER. Junior; Charlotte, N.C.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Pan-Hellenic President. Seventh Row; • PAT THARP, Sophomore; New Orleans; Canterbury Club; JAM- BALAYA. • ANNE WINSTON THOMAS, Sophomore; Memphis, Tenn.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Barracudas; Canterbury Club. • CORINNE THOMAS. Freshman; New Orleans; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Music Committee. University Center. • ELLANN THOMPSON, Freshman; Tyler, Texas; Pi Beta Phi; Westminster Fellowship. • ANNE TOMLIN- SON, Sophomore; Frederick, Okla.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Wesley Foundation; Concert Choir; Music Committee, University Center. Eighth Row: • BETTY LOU TOMLINSON, Sophomore; Houston, Texas; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Greenbackers. • LYNN BRADLEY TOMLINSON, Junior; Laurel, Miss.; Chi Omega; Canterbury Club; Forum Com- mittee. B RUTH TOWNSEND, Freshman; Houston, Texas; Canterbury Club; Chamber Music, Fine Arts Committee. • CAROLYN ANN TREGRE, Freshman; Napoleonvllle, La.; Alpha Delta Pi. • ELEANOR TREGRE. Junior; Napoleonvllle, La.; Alpha Delta Pi; Sailing Club; Newman Club; Newcomb Pan-Hellenic Council. Ninth Row: • FREYDA TRESAN, Freshman; Memphis, Tenn.; Sigma Delta Tau; Hillel Foundation; Secretarial Committee, University Center; Fresh- man Representative, Student Government Publicity. • FREIDA TREST- MAN, Junior; New Orleans; Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority Transfer. • VALIDA " ICKEY " TREUTINS, Junior; Pittsburgh, Pa.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Greenbackers; Newman Club. • SANDRA ULMER, Freshman; Canutillo, Texas; Delta Zeta; German Club; Math Club. COLLEGE UNDERGRADUATES First Row: • NANCY VAN CLEAVE. Freshman; Lafayette, La.; Kappa Alpha Theta. • HELEN VANDER HORST. Freshman: Chattanooga. Tenn.: Chi Omega. • LINDA VENNARD, Freshman; Baton Rouge. La.; Chi Omega; Decoration Committee, University Center. • RAE VICTOR, Freshman; Houston. Texas; Sigma Delta Tau; Social Member; German Club. • ANN VISE. Freshman; Houston, Texas; German Club; Math Club; Hillel Foundation. Second Row: • BEE von WALD. Sophomore; Puerto Libertador. DominJcan Re- public; Alpha Omicron Pi; Student Directory; Newman Club; Campus Nite; International Relations Club. • JEAN VORHOFF. Freshman; New Orleans; Alpha Delta Pi; Le Circle Francais; Newman Club; Hobbies and Crafts Committee, University Center. • BOBBIE WAD- LER. Freshman; Bellaire. Texas; Sigma Delta Tau; Dance Club; Le Circle Francais; Hillel Foundation; Newcomb Choir. • JUDY Vv ' AllE. Freshman; New Orleans; Alpha Omicron Pi; Newman Club; Tulane University Theatre; Lagniappes Committee, University Center. • BONNIE ANN Vi ' ALLACE. Freshman; Plymouth Meeting. Pa.; Alpha Delta Pi; Sailing Club; Sports Car Club. Third Row: • CATHERINE A. V ALLACE, Freshman; New Orleans; Delta Zeta; Canterbury Club. • NONIE WALLER. Junior; Midland. Texas; Kappa Alpha Theta; Assets; Greenbackers; Newcomb Pan-Hellenic Council; Lagniappes. • VIRGINIA WARD. Sophomore; Ft. Myers, Fla.; Alpha Delta Pi; Canterbury Club; Campus Nite; Decorations Committee. University Center. • DIANA M. WASSON, Sophomore; Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. O BETTY ANN WEAVER. Sophomore; New Orleans; Phi Mu; Athletic Council; Christian Science Organization; Concert Choir; Games Committee. Fourth Row: • LINDA WEIL. Freshman; Highland, Park, III.; Alpha Epsllon Phi; Athletic Council; Student Directory; Sailing Club; Student Activities Board. • CARLA WEILL. Freshman; Abbeville, La.; Hillel Foundation; Glendy Burke Society; WAVE Radio. • BETTY LEE WEINSTEIN, Sophomore; Nashville. Tenn.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Hillel Foundation. • ELEANOR WEISS. Sophomore; Houston. Texas; Alpha Epsilon Phi; JAMBALAYA; Hillel Foundation; Campus Nite; Special Events Com- mittee University Center. • VIRGINIA LOWE WELLS. Sophomore; Georgetown. Ky.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Le Circle Francais. Fifth Row: • MARTHA WHEELER. Freshman; Jasper. Ala.; Le Circle Francais; Pep Band; Baptist Student Union; Tulane Band. • DONNA WHITE, Freshman; Newton, Miss.; Alpha Delta Pi; Youth Ensemble. • LYNNE DANIEL WHITEMAN. Junior; Metairie, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Newman Club. • MARLIS WICKER, Freshman; New Orleans; Newman Club. • CAROLINE WILCOX, Junior; Denver, Colo.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Sixth Row: • JANE WILENSKY. Junior; New Orleans; Sigma Delta Tau; Beta Beta Beta; Hillel Foundation; International Relations Club. • ' BAR BARA ANN WILLIAMS, Sophomore; New Orleans; Pi Beta Phi • EUNICE WILLIAMS, Sophomore; New Orleans. • GNANN WIL LIAMS, Sophomore: New Orleans; Alpha Omicron Pi; Barracudas • JULIE WILLIAMS, Freshman; New Orleans; Westminster Fellow ship: Campus Nite; Newcomb Choir. Seventh Row: • GAYE WILSON, Junior; New Orleans; Phi Mu. • EVELYN WINDER. Freshman; Shreveport, La.; Pi Beta Phi; Athletic Council; Barracudas: Canterbury Club. • CAROL ANN ' WINKLER, Sophomore; New Orleans: Phi Mu; Beta Beta Beta; Oreades; Newman Club- Sailing Club. • SUE CAROL WITT. Sophomore; Columbus, Ga.; Sigma Delta Tau; Hillel Foundation; Campus Nite; Public Relations Com- mittee, University Center. • MARY ANNE WITTMANN, Freshman; Mobile, Ala.; Alpha Delta Pi; Le Circle Francais; JAMBALAYA; Newman Club; Public Relations Committee, University Center. Eighth Row: • FRAN WOLF, Junior; Shreveport, La.; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • JOANNE DORA WOLF, Sophomore; Corpus Christi, Icxas; Alpha Epsilon Phi. LAURA WORLEY, Freshman; Flossmoor, lll.; ' pi Beta Phi; Dance Club; Canterbury Club; Sailing Club; Lagniappes. • JEANNE WURN, Freshman; Jacksonville, Fla.; Sigma ' Delta Tau- Hillel Foundation. • FRANCES CAROLYN WYNNS. Freshman; Chattanooga. Tenn.; Athletic Council; " Hullabaloo " ; Wesley Foundation; Campus Nite; Sailing Club; Personnel and Evaluations Committee, University Center. Ninth Row: • RAY ANN YALE, Sophomore; Denver, Colo.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Art Club; Hillel Foundation; Campus Nite; Lagniappes. • LYNDA GORDON YATES. Freshman; Jackson, Miss.; Chi Omega; Student Directory; Decorations Committee, University Center. • MONICA ANN YATES, Freshman; New Orleans; Newman Club. NEWCOMB STUDENT COUNCIL The Newcomb Sfudent Council is the piloting unit of a self-governing student body. All students are able to participate actively in the Newcomb Government because of the representative Student Government Association at Newcomb. The Student Council assures proper student representation in formulating school policies. OFFICERS CHARLENE PODAS President ILENE BOCH VicePresident KATHY SANGSTER .... Recording Secretary ELAINE GILNER .... Corresponding Secretary NEWCOMB HONOR BOARD The Newcomb Honor Board is responsible for helping uphold one of the college ' s oldest traditions, the Honor System. The Honor Board is composed of sixteen mem- bers and the President who is elected by the Student Body. The duties of Honor Board are many. They give the Honor Pledge to new students before the Board at the beginning of the year; check attendance at all Student Body meetings; and di- rect all campus elections. The Board also meets to investigate and recommend pen- alties in cases of infringement of the Honor System. OFFICERS COLLEEN SULLIVAN President MIMI MOSS Vice-President KITA KELLY Secretary BETA BETA BETA Beta Lambda ' s chapter of Beta Beta Beta is the national honorary biological fraternity at Newcomb College. Organized at Newcomb in 1941, the chapter offers membership to the exemplary students interested in biological sciences. Meeting once a month, Tri Beta attempts to further an interest in, and develop a greater knowledge and understanding of biology through discussions, lectures, and field trips. Several socials round out the activity calendar for the group. OFFICERS GERALDINE PAINE President CLAIRE COOK Vice-President CECILIA KRAMME .... Secretary-Treasurer MARILYN CIACCIO Historian DR. STEWART BAM FORTH . . . Faculty Advisor Oreades is the honorary organization designed to stimulate an ap- preciation of the classics. Its membership consists of those New- comb students who wish to further their knowledge of the classics and to apply this knowledge to every day life. The organization is departmental, but its members are not required to major in Classics. OREADES Meetings are held once a month. The activities throughout the year include lectures, joint meeting with Eta Sigma Phi, the Na- tional Honorary Classics Fraternity, the celebration at Christmas- time of Saturnalia, an imitation of a Roman festival, and a Roman banquet held in the spring. The club is under the able sponsorship of Miss Mary Frances Ten- ny, head of the Classics department at Newcomb. OFFICERS SARAH QUINN President PAM LARCHE Co-Secretary JO ANNE SHARMAN Co-Secretary ROWENA McCLINTON Treasurer CAROL WINKLER Co-Social Chairman ELAINE COHN Co-Social Chairman OFFICERS CAROLYN WERNER President CAROL SMITH Vice-President ELEANOR DELERY Secretary JEANETTE TOLEDANO Treasurer LA TERTULIA La Tertulia was founded at Newcomb College in 1939. A group of active and enthusiastic students of the Spanish Department organized the club with the aim of establishing and maintaining a vital interest among students of Spanish. The primary inspiration of these girls was Ethelyn Everett, who became the first president The colors are red and gold. The emblem is a gold key bearing a castle, symbolic of the Spanish language. The flower is the carna- tion, and the motto is " Siempre Adelante, " or " Forever Onward. " La Tertulia ' s goal is to maintain certain objectives throughout the year: to promote the practice of Spanish; to become familiar with the customs of Spain and Spanish America; and to thereby extend the hand of friendship and good neighborliness to our Spanish neighbors. New members are invited who have made an A in a lower level Spanish course, and an A or a B in an upper level course. This year a resolution to invite the new members after the start of the second semester, rather than in May was adopted. All Spanish professors of the College are granted honorary membership. This year ' s highlights include a Columbus Day Program, a tradi- tional Christmas Party complete with pinata and Spanish Carols, and a celebration of Pan American Day and The Day of Cervantes in April. The year closes with a final banquet at which the officers for the coming year are announced. :? Bnr ' OFFICERS LETTY GOLTRY President MARY HELEN SEAGO Vice-President SUSAN APPLEGATE Secretary PAT HEINSIMER Treasurer ANN McDonald Publicity Chairman The purpose of the Barracuda Club Is to promote interest in syn- chronized swimming. The new members are chosen on their form, rhythm, and coordination in the basic strokes, and particular swim stunts. A competitive tryout is held in the fall, and old members of the club choose the new members. Meetings are held each Wednesday, at which time the Barracudas train in synchronized BARRACUDA CLUB swimming. In the spring the club presents their annual water ballet at which time the new members become full Barracudas. The show this year was a gay, colorful theme on children ' s nursery rhymes and fairy tales. The Barracuda Club also sponsors the Newcomb Intramural Swim- ming Meet held in the spring. Miss Betty Campbell, In charge of the Newcomb Swim program, sponsors the group. 114 OFFICERS VICKI GOLDBERG LINDA HARDY . . President Secre+a ry-Treasu rer NEWCOMB ART CLUB Working in cooperation with the Art School is the Newcomb Art Club. The main purposes of this organization are to promote the interest of the faculty and student body in the field of art and to create better student-faculty relationships. The club is open not only to art majors but to any student enrolled in the Art School. In addition to sponsoring a student drawing contest, the group was responsible for an exhibit in the Music School lounge, thereby helping to bring about a greater interest in art. OFFICERS SARAH QUINN President HARRIET STONE Vice-President RUTH ANN ROCKWELL . . Secretary-Treasurer The Newcomb Dance Club is composed of girls interested In inter- pretive, modern jazz dancing, and ballet technique. Each semester tryouts are held and girls are selected for membership by the present members on the basis of their dancing ability. NEWCOMB DANCE CLUB This year the Dance Club performed in many campus affairs, In- cluding the May Day program. Members receive a Dance Club Key for their participation in the performances, their attendance at meetings, and their merit and service to the club. Ably direct- ing the dance group is Miss Frances Bush, the advisor. 1il5 DEAN PAUL V. GRAMBSCH Norman Mayer Memorial Building Personal con+acf between faculty and students is encouraged. ' 1 4 ] i M . m- Jf. Periodic Business Talks bring together the entire student body From abstract econonnic theory to practical accounting procedures — all facets of business training are offered. SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Tulane School of Business Adminis+ration, the oldest in the South, offers undergraduates and graduates ideal training in commercial careers. New Orleans is one of the world ' s prin- cipal port cities, giving business students the chance to ob- serve and study foreign and domestic commerce as well as the opportunity to be brought into contact with business leaders and their firms. The " Commerce Cowboy " looks forward to the Commerce Dance, the Wall Street Journal, adding his initials to the Whittling Bench, Delta Sigma Pi, perhaps even Beta Gamma Sigma, and, finally, that he will fill a responsible and success- ful position in the world of business. SENIORS COLLEGE OF First Row: CARROLL HUGH ABRAMSON, St. Louis, Mo.; Tau Epsilon Phi: Greenbackers; Hlllel Foundation: Campus Nite; Tulane University Theatre. LOUIE ANDERSON, South Bend. Ind.; Tulane Varsity Club, Treasurer: Varsity Letter Basketball: Varsity Basketball. DAVID R. ATCHISON, Texarkana, Texas; Delta Sigma Pi, Secretary: Gamma Delta, Treasurer; Marketing Club, Vice- President. CHARLES LESLIE BERK, Birmingham. Ala.; Zeta Beta Tau; JAMBALAYA; Army ROTC. Second Row; DONALD A. BLOXOM, Minden, La.; Baptist Student Union; Naval ROTC. HENRY J. BODENHEIMER, New Orleans; Zeta Beta Tau. President; Intramural Council; Naval ROTC; Adelphons, Vice- President. AUBREY OWEN BUNN, New Orleans; Baptist Student Union. WILLIAM C. CAPPS, New Orleans; Varsity Track; West- minster Fellowship; International Relations Club. Third Row: AUGUST EARLE CEFALU, JR., Amite, La.; Kappa Sigma; JAMBALAYA, Administrations Editor; Baptist Student Union; Honor Board Business College. JOHN C. COMBE, New Orleans; Kappa Sigma; JAMBA- LAYA, Editor: TUSK; Newman Club; Naval ROTC. Platoon Commander: Adelphons. CORTES EUGENE DeRUSSY, New Orleans: Delta Kappa Epsilon; Army ROTC, 2nd Lt.; Young Republicans. GUY ALAN DIAMANT, Ladue, Mo.; Zeta Beta Tau. Fourth Row: JUDIE EDWARDS, Norwalk. Conn.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Vice- President Senior Class: Phi Chi Theta, Vice-President; Dormi- tory Council; Student Directory, Editor; TUSK; Marketing Club, Treasurer; Student Center Committee. HERBERT J. FALL. Hackensack, N.J.; Beta Theta Pi; Intra- mural Council, Vice-President: Tulane Varsity Club;Varsity Letter, Baseball. JUDY FARRAR, Harrisburg, III.; Alpha Omicron Pi. Secretary; Secretary-Treasurer Business School; Student Directory, Editor; Westminster Fellowship; Glendy Burke Society; Marketing Club. Secretary; Phi Chi Theta, President; Student Center Committee. JOEL M. FINKELSTEIN, Savannah, Ga.; Sigma Alpha Mu: Tulane Varsity Club; Varsity Letter. Golf; Aaeiphons; Honor Board Business College, Chairman. Fifth Row: HUGH CRAIG FORSHNER, Greenwood. Miss.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Delta Phi; Army ROTC. RICHARD FREEMAN, JR., New Orleans; Delta Kappa Ep- silon; President Business Administration; Phi Eta Sigma; Delta Sigma Pi; Honor Board Business College. LeROY A. HARPER. New Orleans: Gamma Delta; Marketing Club. ODOM BERNHARDT HEEBE, Metairie. La.; Beta Theta Pi; Delta Sigma Pi. Sixth Row: BASIL HARRY HOFFMAN, Houston, Texas; Hillel Founda- tion; Campus Nite; Tulane University Theatre: Music Com- mittee, University Center. PAUL C. JAMES, Houston, Texas; Pi Kappa Alpha JAMES KEITH KINCAID, New Orleans; Delta Tau Delta. President: Chess Club. VICTOR KLINKER. Lafayette, Ind.; Tulane Varsity Club: Varsity Letter, Basketball; Paterson Dorm President. Seventh Row: LOUISE D. LAMENSDORF, Monroe, La.; Alpha Epsilon Phi. FRED LAMPE, Forest Hills, N.Y.; German Club. President; Varsity Tennis; Army ROTC; Pershing Rifles. W. ERIC LUNDIN, New Orleans; Kappa Alpha; Newman Club. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION SENIORS First Row: JAMES M. MASEE, JR., Morgan City, La.; Varsity Football: Varsity Baseball. MOLLY MANGHAM, Kensington, Md.: Chi Omega, Presi- dent: Senior Class Secretary; Secretary Business Administra- tion; Who ' s Who; Phi Chi Theta; Wesley Foundation; Student Activities Council; Hlall of Fame. GEORGE LEE NASSAR, Jackson, Miss.; Newman Club. ANTHONY JOEL NICHOLSON, Wlnnetlca, III.; Zeta Beta Tau; Hillel Foundation; A Cappella Choir; Campus Nlte; Marketing Club, Vice-President. Second Row: CHARLES WILLIAM NUTTER, New Orleans; Phi Delta Theta, Treasurer; Army ROTC, Major. DICK O ' BRIEN, East St. Louis, 111.; Senior Class President; Varsity Letter, Basketball. WILLIAM B. PARKER, III, Vivian, La.; Eta Sigma Phi; Market- ing Club; Personnel and Evaluations Committee, University Center. ALAN HOWARD PHILIPSON, New Orleans; Zeta Beta Tau, Third Row: JOE REDMOND, New Orleans; Marketing Club. CHISTIAN ALLEN REUTER, New Orleans; Phi Kappa Sigma; Delta Sigma Pi; Naval ROTC. JAMES H. RICH, JR., Apalachicola, Fla.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Naval ROTC. ALLEN ROSENZWEIG, Houston, Texas; Alpha Epsllon Pi. Fourth Row: ROGER H. SILVER, JR., Mansfield, La.; Kappa Sigma; JAM- BALAYA, Sports Editor; Westminster Fellowship; Young Re- publicans, President. DON SINGER, Atlanta, Ga.; Sigma Alpha Mu. CAROLYN STEINBERG. New Iberia, La.; Alpha Epsllon Phi; Forum Committee. University Center. WALDO L. TREUTING, JR.. Pittsburgh, Pa,; Sigma Chi; Air Force ROTC. Cadet Group Commander; Arnold Air Soci ety. Fifth Row: RICHARD J. VOELKER, Little Rock, Ark.; Phi Delta Theta; Varsity Letter, Track; Greenbackers. JOHN WEINTRAUB. Houston, Texas; Eta Sigma Phi; Inter- national Relations Club. DONALD WILLIAM WOOD, Kenner, La.; Alpha Tau Omega; Delta Sigma Pi; Naval ROTC. MADELINE DALE WOOD, New Orleans; Kappa Alpha Theta; Phi Chi Theta. Sixth Row: LEO YOUNG, JR., Ferriday. La.; Sigma Alpha Epsllon; Who ' s Who; Tulane Varsity Club; Varsity Letter. Football; Honor Board Business College. HERBERT S. ZANE, Riverdale, N.Y.; Delta Sigma Pi, Secre- tary; Propeller Club; Intramural Council; TUSK; Student Ac- tivities Board; Marketing Club; President Paterson House. JON ALLEN ZIEGLER, Columbus, Ohio. 119 UNDERGRADUATES COLLEGE OF First Row: • A. LEE ALLEE, Junior; Metairie, La.: Alplia Plii Omega; Pi Lambda Beta. • WILLIAM C. ALLEN, Junior; Monroe, La.; Beta Theta Pi; Army ROTC. • JORGE A. ARGUELLES. Sophomore; Havana, Cuba; Sports Car Club. • MARTIN JAY ARONSON, Freshman; Ladue, Mo.; JAMBALAYA; Air Force ROTC; Lagniappes. • EDWARD H. AUSTIN, JR., Freshman: San Antonio, Texas; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Naval ROTC. Second Row: • FRANK MICHEL BASILE, Junior; New Orleans; Delta Sigma Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; Delta Sigma Pi; Newman Club; Honor Board Business College; Pi Lambda Beta. • NELSON JAEGER BECKER, Sophomore; Logansport, Ind.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Vice-President Sophomore Class; Delta Sigma Pi; Cheerleader; Greenbackers; Air Force ROTC; Sailing Club. • HENRY BLAKE, Junior; Lake Charles, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Treasurer; Who ' s Who; Delta Sigma Pi, Correspondent; Canterbury Club; Adelphons, President; Student Activities Board; Student Council Representative. C BUDDY BLAUM, Junior; Burlingame, Calif.; Kappa Alpha Order. • PENNY BLOCK, Junior; Tallahassee, Fla.; Greenbackers. Third Row: • STEPHEN C. BOBER, Freshman; Miami Beach, Fla.; Tau Epsilon Phi; Hillel Foundation; Army ROTC; Pi Lambda Beta. • J. BAXTER BRINKMAN, Sophomore; Shreveport, La,; Kappa Alpha; Canterbury Club; Honor Board Commerce College. ' WALTER BROWN, JR., Junior; New Orleans; Zeta Beta Tau; Unit Manager Junior Class; JAMBALAYA, Business Staff. « JAY BUCKMAN, Sophomore; New Orleans; Zeta Beta Tau. • ROBERT WOODROW CALVERT, JR., Sophomore: Rayville, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Army ROTC; Music Committee, University Center. Fourth Row: • PETE CAPDEPON, Sophomore; New Orleans; Varsity Baseball. • ROBERT J. CARTER, Freshman; Fullerton, Calif.; Phi Kappa Sigma: Army ROTC; A. U.S.A.; N.D.T.A. • CHAMP CLAIBORNE. Freshman; Batchelor, La.; Kappa Alpha, Pledge President. • PAUL B. COFFEE, Sophomore; Denver, Colo.; Zeta Beta Tau; Hillel Foundation. • HOW- ARD S. COHEN, Freshman; Glencoe, III.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Hillel Foundation. Fifth Row: • STERLING ROBERT CRUGER, Sophomore; Indianapolis. Ind.; Kappa Sigma; Secretary-Treasurer Business Administration Sophomore Class; JAMBALAYA; Gamma Delta; Air Force ROTC; Alpha Phi Omega. • CORNELIUS C. CRUSEL, JR., Junior; New Orleans; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • MARTIN D. DAVIDSON, Sophomore; Meridian, Miss.; Zeta Beta Tau; President of Business, Sophomore Class; Pan- Hellenic Board. • E. EVAN DAVIS, JR., Freshman; Greenville, Miss.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Army ROTC; Pi Lambda Beta; Dance Committee. University Center. • ADRIENNE FAY DAWSON, Junior; Ocala. Fla.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; TUSK; Canterbury Club; Lagniappes. Sixth Row: • ROBERT DE LANGE, Freshman; New Orleans: Phi Kappa Sigma; Kappa Sigma; Concert Choir; Army ROTC. • LELAND DENNIS. II, Freshman; Galveston,, Tex.; Kappa Sigma; Army ROTC Concert Choir. • EMILE H. DIETH. JR., Sophomore; New Orleans; Delta Sigma Pi; Westminster Fellowship; Alpha Phi Omega. • ANDREW M. DINS- MORE, JR., Sophomore; New Orleans; Alpha Tau Omega. • MARY BETH DODGE. Freshman; Arlington, Va.; Phi Mu; Phi Chi Theta; JAM- BALAYA. Seventh Row: • JAMES F. DONOSHOE, JR., Junior; Louisville. Ky.; Phi Delta Theta. • STEPHEN EDWARDS, Freshman; Greenville, Miss.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Army ROTC. • ROBERT MILES FIERMAN, Sophomore; Bir- mingham, Ala.; Zeta Beta Tau. • LOUIS Y. FISHMAN. Freshman; New Orleans; Zeta Beta Tau; Hilll Foundation; Honor Board Business College. • JULIE FRANSEN, Sophomore; New Orleans; Phi Mu; Newman Club; Campus Nite; International Relations Club; Sailing Club. Eighth Row: • MICHAEL H. FREUND. Sophomore; Ladue, Mo.; Delta Sigma Pi; Alpha Phi Omega: Public Relations Committee, University Center. • BUDDY FRIEORICHS Sophomore: Metairie, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Math Club; Greenbackers; Naval ROTC; Sailing Club. • CHARLES GEAR, Freshman; Jackson, Miss.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • JOHN GEISER III, Graduate; Slidell, La.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Delta Sigma Pi; Westminster Fellowship; Army ROTC. • LARRY WILLIAM GETTS, Sophomore; Garrett, Ind. 120 BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION UNDERGRADUATES First Row: • LAWRENCE GORDON, Freshman; Miami Beach, Fla.; Hillel Foundation: Army ROTC: Phelps House Council Treasurer. • RICHARD BENNETT GRAVES, II, Junior: Biloxi, Miss.: Westminster Fellowship; Alpha Phi Omega: Marketing Club; Decorating Committee, University Center; Circle K. • CHARLES A. GRAY, Sophomore; Kalamazoo, Mich. • JERRY GREENBAUM. Sophomore; Atlanta, Ga.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Golt Team; Hillel Foundation; Greenbackers; Army ROTC; Pan- Hellenic Council. • DAVID PETER GROW, Junior; Warrington. Fla,; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Naval ROTC; Tulane Sports Car Club. Second Row: • PETER HAGAN, III, Junior; Metairie, La.; University College, President; Alpha Sigma Lambda; University College Newsletter. • HENRY HALLER, JR., Freshman; Gulfport, Miss.; Sigma Chi. • HERBERT DANIEL HALPERN, Freshman; New Orleans; Zeta Beta Tau; Business School, Freshman Vice-President; Hillel Foundation. • JEANNE L. HAMILTON, Freshman; Lake Park, Fla.; Phi Chi Theta; Public Relations Committee, University Center. • KEITH M. HAM- METT, Sophomore; Metairie, La.; Beta Theta Pi. Third Row: • ALAN C. HARDY, New Orleans; Kappa Alpha Order; Honor Board Business College. • WILLIAM HARTWELL, Freshman; Gultport, Miss.; Kappa Alpha Order; Newman Club; Army ROTC. • C. ALFRED HECKER, III, Freshman; New Orleans; Beta Theta Pi. • KENNETH J. HELLER, Junior; Denver, Colo.; Zeta Beta Tau; Business School, Vice- President Junior Class; JAMBALAYA, Organizations Manager; Hillel Foundation; Music Committee, University Center; Marketing Club President: Madrigal Singers. • MICHAEL HEPPNER. Graduate; Middlesex, England; International Relations Club; M.B.A. Club, Four+h Row: • ARTURO RAUL HERRERA, Sophomore; Guatemala City, Guate- mala; Newman Club; Sailing Club. • ANDREW W. HERRON, III, Junior; Delray Beach, Fla.; Beta Theta Pi; Varsity Swimming Team; Sports Car Club; Swimming Club. • MAX HEYMANN, Freshman; Lafayette, La.; Zeta Beta Tau; Naval ROTC. • BILL HOPKINS, Fresh- man; Houston, Texas; Kappa Sigma; Business School, Freshman Presi- dent; Naval ROTC. • ROBERT A. HOPPER, Junior; Walkerton. Ind.; Naval ROTC; Tailhook Club; Anchor and Chain. Secretary. Fifth Row: • GAYLE HOUSTON, Sophomore; New Orleans; Chi Omega; Student Directory; Canterbury Club. • JIM HUSHES, Freshman, New Orleans; Kappa Sigma; Honor Board Business College. • BARTON W. BENE- DICT JANCKE, Junior; New Orleans; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Canter- bury Club; Adelphons; Sailing Club; Young Republicans. • ALLItNE JENKINS, Sophomore; New Orleans; Phi Mu; Newman Club. • KENT R. JOHNSON. Freshman: Squantum. Mass.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Naval ROTC. Sixth Row: • LEIF JOHNSON, Sophomore; Ft. Myers, Fla.; Irby House Council President; Wesley Foundation; Army ROTC; Inter-House Council. • ROBERT RUHL JOHNSON, Junior; Hot Springs, Ark.; Beta Theta Pi; Intramural Council; Greenbackers; Army ROTC; Adelphons; Dance Committee, University Center. • DENNIS KATZ, Sophomore; Jack- sonville, Fla.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Golf Team; Hillel Foundation; Inter- national Relations Club; Pi Lambda Beta; Glee Club. • KEN KLAFFKY, Freshman; Excelsior, Minn.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Westminster Fellowship. • ROBERT S. KLEIN, Freshman; New York, N.Y.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Army ROTC; Pershing Rifles. Seventh Row: • IRWIN KLEINFELDT, Freshman; Charlotte, N.C.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Hillel Foundation. • DON KORTZ, Sophomore; Denver, Colo.; Zeta Beta Tau; " Hullabaloo " ; TUSK; Army ROTC; Lagniappes. • REX KRIDER, Sophomore; Middlebury, Ind.; Greenbackers. • RICHARD A. LANGEN8AHN, Sophomore; South Bend, Ind.; Kappa Alpha Order; Greenbackers; Newman Club. • CLAUDE CHARLES LANG- WITH, Freshman; New Orleans. • Eighth Row: • DAVID B. LAWRENCE, JR.. Sophomore; New Orleans; Alpha Tau Omega; Delta Sigma Pi; Golf Team. • GEORGE R. LEAKE, Sopho- more; Little Rock, Ark.; Kappa Sigma. • HARRY LEBOW, Sophomore; Baltimore, Md.; Zeta Beta Tau. • WILLIAM B. LEE, Sophomore; New Orleans: Kappa Alpha Order; Newman Club. • GEORGE LEH- LEITNER, Freshman; New Orleans; Sailing Club. 121 UNDERGRADUATES COLLEGE OF First Row: • LUIS J. LEON. Freshman; New Orleans. • MARTIN LEON LEV. Sophomore: Brooklyn. N.Y,: Alpha Epsllon Pi: " Hullabaloo " ; Hillel Foundation. • GARRY LINDBOE, Junior; Greensburg. Ind.; Sigma Chi; Varsity Basketball; Greenbackers, Vice-President; Westminster Fellowship. « EDWARD LOEB. Freshman; Miami Beach, Fla.; Hillel Foundation; Sailing Club; Forum Committee, University Center. Second Row: • I. JAMES LONDON, Sophomore: Baltimore, Md.; Zeta Beta Tau; JAMBALAYA, Business Staff; Decorations Committee, University Center. • SIDNEY LOVE, Junior; Memphis, Tenn.; Delta Sigma Pi; Marketing Club. • WALLY LOWELL, Sophomore; San Antonio, Texas; Zeta Beta Tau; Air Force ROTC; Adelphons; Honor Board Business College. • SKIPPER LUKE, Sophomore; Bunkle, La.; Kappa Sigma; TUSK; Canterbury Club. Third Row: • HARRY McARTHUR, JR.. Junior; Hattiesburg, Miss.; Sigma Alpha Epsllon; Delta Sigma Pi. • WYLIE McDOUGALL. Junior; Nashville, Tenn.; Phi Delta Theta; Newman Club, • HARRY McENERNY, III, Junior; New Orleans; Kappa Alpha Order; Newman Club. • NEAL R. MANGOLD, Junior; Columbus, Ga.; Kappa Sigma; JAMBALAYA; TUSK; Newman Club; Naval ROTC; Adelphons; Pan-Hellenic Council. Fourth Row: • DIANE GENE MASLANSKY. Freshman; New Orleans; Alpha Epsllon Phi; Hillel Foundation; Tulane University Theatre; Special Events Committee, University Center. • W. H. MECOM, JR., Sophomore: Metairle, La.; Kappa Alpha Order. • HERB MENDEL, Junior; Atlanta, Ga.: Sigma Alpha Mu. Treasurer. • BILLY MIMELES. Sophomore; New Orleans: Zeta Beta Tau; " Hullabaloo. " Fifth Row: • JOE MONTGOMERY, Sophomore; Monroe. La.; Beta Theta Pi; Canterbury Club; Army ROTC. • CRAIG ROBERT NELSON, Junior; New Orleans; Sigma Chi; Greenbackers; Westminster Fellowship; Naval ROTC; Sailing Club. • STEVE NICHOLS. Junior; Monroe, La.; Beta Theta PI; Business School, Junior Class Secretary; Delta Sigma PI; Army ROTC; Adelphons; Honor Board Business College; Pan- Hellenic Council. • ERNEST B. NORMAN, III, Sophomore; New Orleans; Alpha Tau Omega; Delta Sigma PI. Sixth Row: • GEORGE W. OWEN, JR., Sophomore; New Orleans; Alpha Tau Omega; Army ROTC. • ELLIS JAY PAILET, Junior; New Orleans; Alpha Epsllon PI; Hillel Foundation; Pi Lambda Beta. • HARRELL PAILET, Sophomore; New Orleans. • WALLACE H. PALETOU, Fresh- man; New Orleans; Newman Club; Pi Lambda Beta; Sailing Club. Seventh Row: • CHARLES B. PEATROSS, Sophomore; Shreveport, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsllon. O STEVE PETERSEN, Freshman; Santa Barbara, Calif.; Alpha Tau Omega; TUSK; Sports Car Club. • HENRY MINOR PIPES, JR., Freshman; Houma, La.; Phi Delta Theta. • BENNETT E. POWELL. Junior; New Orleans; Delta Kappa Epsllon; Intramural Council; Newman Club; Young Republicans; Pan-Hellenic Council. Eighth Row: • BOB PRICE, Junior; Memphis. Tenn.; Varsity Football; Varsity Baseball. • MARSHALL S. PULITZER, Freshman; New Orleans. • RICHARD THOMAS REGAN. Junior; New Orleans; Junior Class President: Student Council Representative; Delta Sigma PI. • BER- NARD ROSEN. Freshman; Gary, Ind.; Zeta Beta Tau; JAMBALAYA; Hillel Foundation; Army ROTC. 122 BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION UNDERGRADUATES First Row: • ALAN HOWARD ROSENBLOUM, Junior; St. Louis, Mo.; Student Council Representative; Delta Sigma Pi, Vice-President; TUSK. • RICHARD ROSENFELD, Sophomore; New Orleans; Zeta Beta Tau, • H. P. ROWLEY, III, Sophomore; New Orleans; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Math Club; Newman Club; Sailing Club; Sports Car Club; Young Democrats. • MILTON RUBEN, Sophomore; Augusta, Sa.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Hillel Foundation. Second Row: • LE ROY J. RUNEY, JR., Junior; Ctiarleston, S.C; Delta Sigma Pi Newman Club; Naval ROTC; Tailhook Club. • JULIO A. SANTOS JR., Graduate; Areclbo, Puerto Rico. • LEONARD J. SAPERA, Sopho more; New Orleans; Pi Kappa Alpha; Naval ROTC. • STEPHEN A, SCHMEDTJE, JR., Junior; New Orleans; Kappa Alpha Order. Third Row: • HARLAN A. SCHMIDT, Sophomore; Spirit Lake. Iowa; Kappa Sigma; Glendy Burke Society. • HUGHES SCHNEIDAU, JR., Sopho- more; New Orleans; Alpha Tau Omega; Delta Sigma Pi; Adelphons; Young Republicans. • MEL SCHNEIDMAN, Sophomore; Forest Hills, N.Y.; Alpha Epsilon Pi. • ARTHUR D. SEEMANN, Junior; New Orleans; Beta Theta Pi; JAMBALAYA; Adelphons. Fourth Row: • J. FELLMAN SEINSHEIMER, Sophomore; Galveston, Texas; KapPa Sigma; Canterbury Club; Naval ROTC; Sailing Club. • JOSEPH L. SHAPIRO, Freshman; Atlanta, Ga.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Hillel Founda- tion. • RICHARD L. SHENK, Junior; Columbus, Ohio; Zeta Beta Tau; Business School Vice-President; Honor Board Business School. • ALAN BYRON SINGER, Freshman; New Orleans. Fifth Row: • ELLIOTT HILTON SINGER, Sophomore; Atlanta, Ga.; Sigma Alpha Mu; " Hullabaloo " ; Hillel Foundation; Campus Nite; Army ROTC; International Relations Club. O WILLIAM D. SKLAR, Freshman; New- ton Center, Mass.; Zeta Beta Tau; Hillel Foundation; Games Com- mittee, University Center. • CHARLES SMITHER, Freshman; New Orleans; Beta Theta Pi; Canterbury Club; Army ROTC. • JERRY L. SUCHMAN, Freshman; Mt. Vernon. N.Y.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Hillel Foundation; Army ROTC; Sailing Club. Sixth Row: • NENA TAYLOR, Junior; Santa Marta, Colombia; Phi Chi Theta, Treasurer; Newman Club; International Relations Club; Marketing Club, e BOB TESSLER, Sophomore; San Diego. Calif.; Hillel Founda- tion; Pershing Rifles; Sports Car Club, a DAVID C. VOSBEIN, Sopho- more; New Orleans; Kappa Alpha Order; Student Directory; TUSK; Newman Club; Campus NIte; Army ROTC; Sailing Club; Sports Car Club; Young Democrats. • CARL WARDEN, Junior; Lake Charles, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Delta Sigma Pi. Seventh Row: • HENRI LUDWIG WEDELL, Freshman; Bronxville, N.Y.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; TUSK. • ROBERT RICE WEHRMANN, Junior; Lookout Mt., Tenn.; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • MIKE WEINROBE, Sophomore; St. Louis. Mo.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Adelphons. • RUSS WESFFALL, Fresh- man; North Hollywood, Calif.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Army ROTC; Persh. ing Rifles. Eighth Row: • RICHARD WHANN, Sophomore; New Orleans; Alpha Tau Omega; Delta Sigma Pi; Westminster Fellowship. • ROBERT JAMES WHANN, Junior; New Orleans; Alpha Tau Omega; Delta Sigma Pi; Westminster Fellowship; Marketing Club. • DIANE WHITTINGTON, Freshman; Amarillo, Texas. • PHILIP CARL WRANGLE, Junior; Lake Charles, La.; Sigma Chi; Wesley Foundation; Air Force ROTC; Circle K; Alpha Phi Omega. 123 OFFICERS OMER KUEBEL President JEFF BRATTON Vice-President DAVE ATCHISON Secretary HARRY McARTHUR .Treasurer DELTA SIGMA PI Gamma Mu Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi was established at Tulane ' s School of Business Administration in 1949. It is the largest professional fraternity in the field of com- merce and business administration, with 98 active chapters throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Many professional and social activities are conducted each year, and points are awarded in a national efficiency contest to those chapters which conform to stand- ards set by the Central Office. Gamma Mu has led the way with 100,000 points since its founding. The fraternity sponsors tours of local firms, conducts programs with prominent speak- ers from various fields, and promotes films and discussions about important topics from today ' s business world. Among the many social activities are the Rose Formal, at which the Rose of Delta Sig and her court are presented, the rush parties at the beginning of each semester, and a variety of other entertainment. 124 OFFICERS KEN HELLER President DAVE ATCHISON Vice-President TONY NICHOLSON Second Vice-President JUDY FARRAR Secretary JUDIE EDWARDS .Treasurer F. SANTRY REED Faculty Advisor HARRY MITCHELL Faculty Advisor THE TULANE MARKETING CLUB The Tulane Marketing Club was organized in the spring of 1957 as the campus affiliation of the American Marketing Association. Since then it has played an important role in acquainting the stu- dents of marketing with the opportunities and problems arising in the business world. Through numerous guest speakers represent- ing companies noted for their contributions to the marketing field — such as Esso Company, Proctor and Gamble, U. S. Steel, WDSU- TV — they are able to develop sound thinking in marketing theory and a more exact knowledge of marketing principles and their practical application. Following the meetings are luncheons where the students are able to talk to the speakers per- sonally, thereby allowing them to promote friendly relations with the business world. As campus affiliates of the American Market- ing Association, the members are guests at the Association ' s monthly meetings: therefore enabling them to broaden their mar- keting knowledge and acquaintances. OFFICERS JUDY FARRAR President JUDIE EDWARDS Vice-President SADAYE O ' KUBO Secretary MARGARET TAYLOR Treasurer This small but vocal minority of females in the school of Business Administration made Itself heard this year through the Girls ' Com- merce Club. The establishment of the G.C.C. replaces the national organization of Phi Chi Theta. This year the girls set a new prec- GIRL ' S COMMERCE CLUB edent by crowning the King at the Business School Dance. They also met the faculty at the annual Christmas party, feasted them- selves magnificently at a banquet, and wound up a happy and suc- cessful year with an Easter party. 125 STANLEY THOMAS HALL The Tulane School of Architecture, the only fully accredited architecture school in a three-state area, has its training exemplified by the schools, homes, and better planned com- munities in the New Orleans vicinity. Tulane Architecture students keep their minds on slide rules, nude models, sleepless nights, the Beaux-Arts Ball, Frank Lloyd Wright, Thomas Hall exhibits, blueprints, Tau Sigma Delta, and contributions to better living in the South and in the nation. DEAN JOHN W. LAWRENCE 126 Archi+ec+s a+fempt to outdo each other wifh elaborate costumes at the Beaux Arts ' What are you doing after the funeral? " SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE Intricate displays align the walls as archi- tects compete on semester projects. . ? SCHOOL OF SENIORS First Row: DONALD JAMES BREAUX, Crowley. La.; A.I.A. HERMAN GESSER, JR., New Iberia. La.; The+a Xi; A.I.A.; Newman Club. ADELSIS R. SRIECO. Caracas, Venezuela; A.I.A.; Newman Club; Tulane Soccer Team. Second Row: SAM WACEY HAMILTON, Lafaye+fe, La.; Thefa XI; A.LA.; Senior Class President; Honor Board, Architectural College; Representative to Student Council. CHARLES ROBERT HARDY, Rayne, La.; A.I.A. LUTHER L. HILL, Montgomery, Ala.; Sigma Alpha Epsllon. Third Row: EARL KAATZ, Fort Worth, Tex.; Dormitory Advisor Staff. PIET A. KESSELS, New Orleans; Kappa Alpha Order; Omi- cron Delta Kappa; Tau Sigma Delta; AJ.A.; Adelphons. WALTER H. MOLESKI, Philadelphia. Pa.; Kappa Sigma; Vice- President of Senior Class; A. I, A.; Honor Board, Architecture College. Fourth Row: GEORGE THOMAS PEENSTRA, New Orleans; Secretary of Senior Class; AJ.A. NEAL F. PENDLETON, JR., Now Orleans. MARTIN D. REZZA, New Orleans; A.I.A.; Interfaith Council; Newman Club, President. DONALD P. SESHERS, New Orleans; A.I.A.; Air Force ROTC, Captain; Honor Board, Architecture College; Architec- ture School, President. UNDERGRADUATES FirsI Row: • BOB AMBROSE, Junior; Houston, Texas; Kappa Sigma; Vice-Presi- dent, Sctiool of Architecture; Omicron Delta Kappa; A.I.A.; JAM- BALAYA; Sreenbacl ers; Wesley Foundation; Naval ROTC; Honor Board, Architecture School. • WILBERT L. ARGUS, JR., Junior; Bay St. Louis, Miss.; Alpha Tau Omega; A.I.A., treasurer; Greenbackers; Naval ROTC; Sailing Club, training officer. • C. ERROL BARRON. JR., Freshman; Alexandria. La.; Sigma Alpha Epsllon; Greenbackers. Lagniappes. • FERNANDO A. BATLLE, Freshman; Hatorey, Puerto Rico; Freshman Class President; Special Events Committee, University Center. • PEGGY CAGE, Freshman; Superior. Wis.; Secretary of Freshman Class; TUSK; Canterbury Club. Second Row: • THOMAS E. CAIRNS, Junior; Metalrle, La.; Beta Theta PI; A.I.A. ' Wesley Foundation. • DOROTHY CASEY, Freshman; New Orleans; Freshman Class Treasurer. • HARRY J. CHRIS. Junior- JeanereHe La.; Beta Theta Pi. • LADD CUTTER. Freshman; Palm ' Beach. Fla. Kappa Sigma; A.I.A.; Greenbackers; Decorations Committee, Unl versify Center. • RUSSELL DIONNE, Freshman; New Iberia, La. Newman Club; Naval ROTC. Third Row: • WALTER A. DRAKE. Freshman; Metairle, La.; Sigma Chi. • GEORGE W. GAINES, Sopho more; New Iberia, La.; Concert Choir, vice-president; Choral Union; Tulane University Theatre. • DONALD SPENCER GOLDBERG, Freshman; Chicago, III.; Zeta Beta Tau; " Hullabaloo. " • NORMAN GROVES, Freshman; Sherman. Texas; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Public Relations Committee. University Center. • RICHARD S. HAYS. Sophomore; Shreveport, La.; Delta Tau Delta; A.I.A.; Air Force ROTC; Fine Arts Committee. University Center. 128 ARCHITECTURE UNDERGRADUATES First Row: • JACK HEPTING, Freshman; Asheville. N.C.; Ph; Delta Theta. • HOWARD HERSHBERG. Sophomore; New Orleans; Alpha Epsilon Pi; A.I.A.; Naval ROTC. • RODGER D. HILL, Sophomore; Eustis, Fla.; A.I.A.; Wesley Foundation; Air Force ROTC. • GLENN C. HOUSE. Junior; Houston. Texas; Kappa Sigma; Vice-President, Junior Class; A. I. A.; Greenbackers; Naval ROTC; Honor Board, Architecture Col- lege; Phi Eta Sigma; Treasurer, Fine Arts Committee. University Center. O A. J. (JOE) JOHNSON. Freshman; El Dorado, Ark. Second Row: • RONALD F. KATZ. New Orleans; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Representative- at-large. School of Architecture; A. I. A.; Army ROTC; Fine Arts Com- mittee, University Center. O JOE KEETON, Sophomore; Birmingham, Ala.; Kappa Sigma; Canterbury Club; Naval ROTC; Navv Drill Team. • DOUGLAS KELLY. III. Freshman; El Dorado. Ark. • EUGENE T. LA FLEUR. Junior; New Orleans; Beta Theta Pi; A.I.A.. vice-president. • WILLIAM C. LAMMEY, Sophomore; Memphis. Tenn.; Kappa Sigma; Secretary-Treasurer of Sophomore Class; A. I. A.; Greenbackers; Naval ROTC; Talent Committee, University Center. Third Row: • JENS LORENZ, Freshman; Appleton. Wis.; Beta Theta PI; Army ROTC; ROTC Football. • MIKE V. McENANY. Sophomore; Bellalre, Texas; Kappa Sigma. • GARY O. McKEAN; Freshman; Kittanhing. Pa.; Sigma Chi; Naval ROTC; Leadership Training Committee. University Center. • WING MacDONALD, Sophomore; New Orleans; Kappa Alpha Theta. • BILL LYNDALL MILLS. Freshman; Springdale, Ark. Fourth Row: • EOUARDO MORAS Y ROMAN. Sophomore; Atlanta. Ga.; Vice- President, Sophomore Class; A. I. A.; Newman Club; Honor Board, Architecture College. • CHARLES H. NORTH. JR., Sophomore; Jackson, Miss.; Delta Tau Delta; President. Sophomore Class; Phi Eta Sigma; Canterbury Club; Army ROTC; Honor Board, Architecture College. • FRANCISCO M. PRADO. Freshman; Santurce, Puerto Rico. • PATRICK MANNING REILY, Freshman; New Orleans; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Sailing Club; Sports Car Club. • J. L. REVARD. Freshman; San Antonio, Texas; Beta Theta Pi. Fifth Row: • JAMES Y. ROBINSON. Sophomore; Charlotte, N.C.; Delta Tau Delta; A.I.A.; Westminster Fellowship; Naval ROTC. • ROBERTO ROSENBERG. Junior; Guatemala City. C.A. • JAMES D. RUSSELL, Freshman; Meridian. Miss. • SANDRA SHULER, Junior; Shreveport, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; A. I. A., secretary. • JOHN E. SICARD, Junior: Metairie, La. Sixth Row: • DENNIS A. 5MELTZ, Junior; Tulsa, Okla.; A.I.A. • W. GRAY SMITH, Freshman; Nashville. Tenn. • SAMMY STONE, Freshman; Decatur. Ala. • JOSE ANGEL TAMAYO. Junior; Santiago. Cuba. • ROY TERRITO, Freshman; Harvey, La.; Naval ROTC. Seventh Row; • MIKE TOUPS. Freshman; Thibodaux. La. • MANUEL E. TREJOS. Freshman; San Jose. Costa Rica; Phi Kappa Sigma. O LYNN TURNER, Freshman; Spartanburg, S.C.; Canterbury Club; Sailing Club; Music Committee, University Center. • HENRY WINKELMAN, Freshman; Memphis, Tenn.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 129 Mechanical Engineering Building The Tulane School of Engineering — offering study in chem- ical, civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering — provides both graduate and undergraduate with an educational pro- gram including liberal arts and the combination of science and engineering. Many engineering developments of special concern to New Orleans have been pioneered by the School. T-squares, the Blarney Stone, the St. Patrick ' s Day Dance, surveys. Honor Night, Tau Beta Pi . . . the Tulane engineering student ' s world as he prepares to apply his knowledge !o actual problems in the engineering profession. DEAN LEE H. JOHNSON Slaves of the slide-rule Drawing labs are In use round ihe clock. SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING SCHOOL OF SEKIORS w Orleans: A.S.M.E. Orleans; Alpha Tau Omega: Orleans: E.T.A.; Varsity Letter. First Row: FRANK HARRY ABENE, Ne NIXON A. ADAMS. New A.l.Ch.E.: Adelphons. CONNIE ANDREWS, New Football. Baseball. WAYNE ROBERT BARCELO, New Orleans; Alpha Tau Omega: Vice-President of Engineering School; Scabbard and Blade; Tau Beta Pi; A.I.E.E.; Varsity Letter, Golf Co-captain; Air Force ROTC, Major, Department for Operations; Arnold Air Society; tHonor Board, Engineering College; Phi Eta Sigma. Second Row: MICHAEL THOMAS BARNES, Mission. Texas; A.I.E.E.; LR.E. MURRAY BASS. JR., Baton Rouge, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; A.S.C.E.; Naval ROTC, Battalion Commander. RICHARD M. BORDELON, Opelousas, La.; Kappa Sigma; A.S.M.E.; Naval ROTC. DONALD L. CHAMBERLAIN, JR., New Orleans; Alpha Tau Omega; A.LE.E.; Army ROTC. Third Row: HENRY PAUL DORMAN, Brookhaven, Miss.; A.S.M.E. WILLIAM J. DRAWE, III, New Orleans; A.S.C.E., Secretary; Newman Club. HAL J. DREZ, New Orleans; A.I.E.E.; Naval ROTC, Drill Team. WILLIAM RICHARD ENDERLE, New Orleans; A.S.M.E. Fourth Row: HUGH T. EVANS, New Orleans. J. YORK FEITEL. JR., New Orleans; Beta Theta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Scabbard Blade; Who ' s Who; A.l.Ch.E.; Naval ROTC. Company Commander; Honor Board Engineering Col- lege; Chairman Engineering Honor Board; Student Council; Hall of Fame. JOHN F. FINN, JR., New Orleans; A.S.M.E. W. RUPERT FUSSELL, JR., New Orleans; A.S.C.E.; Naval ROTC; Tailhook Club. Fifth Row: AL GOOCH, New Orleans; Kappa Alpha; Secretary-Treasurer of Engineering: Tau Beta Pi; A.S.C.E.; Honor Board, Engineer- ing College; Sailing Club. RONALD O. GRANDEL, Metalrie, La. PETE HANKINS. New Orleans. ROY JAMES HOWARD, New Orleans: A.LE.E,; Naval ROTC. Sixth Row: GAYLE JOHN HOWELL, New Orleans; Delta Zeta: Tau Beta Pi; A.I.E.E. JOHN F. HOWELL, JR., New Orleans. RONALD A. JACOB, New Orleans; Delta Sigma Phi; A.I.E.E.; Air Force ROTC; Arnold Air Society; Alpha Phi Omega; Amateur Radio Club. ROBERT G. JONES. Lake Charles, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; A.l.Ch.E.; Adelphons. Seventh Row: WALTER DANIEL JUDLIN, III, New Orleans; Pi Kappa Alpha; A.S.C.E. DON KOCH, Cozad, Neb.; Air Force ROTC. Major; Arnold Air Society; Scabbard Blade; Alpha Chi Sigma. JOSEPH JOHN LaFRANCA, JR., New Orleans; A.S.M.E., Chairman Membership Committee; Newman Club. HENRY JAMES LARTIGUE, JR., New Orleans; Civil En- gineering Student Body President; Tau Beta Pi; A.S.C.E., President; Col. Fred H. Fox A.S.C.E. Achievement Award. ENGINEERING SENIORS First Row: JACK LASHOVER, Arabi, La.; Tau Beta Pi; A.I.Ch.E. FRANCIS E. LAURENT, New Orleans; Kappa Sigma; Sec- retary-Treasurer Senior Class; A.S.M.E,; Newman Club; JAM- BALAYA; Honor Board, Engineering College; Anchor Chain; Naval ROTC. VICTOR J. LAW, Thibodaux, La.; Alpha Chi Sigma; A.I.Ch.E.; Student Directory. WAYNE McDonald, New Orleans; Sigma Chi; Baptist Stu- dent Union; Air Force ROTC, Major; Arnold Air Society. Second Row: NUMA MARQUETTE, JR., New Orleans; A.I.Ch.E., President. DANIEL MARSALONE, Metairie, La.; A.S.C.E., Vice-Presi- dent. CHARLES E. MEYER, Metairie, La.; American Society of American Engineers; American Society Mechanical Engineers, Treasurer; Tau Beta Delta, CLYDE R. MORRIS, Maracoibo, Venezuela; A.S.M.E., Secre- tary: Sports Car Club. Third Row: ARTHUR A. MOTT, Ne- Arnold Air Society. PHILIP JOHN RASCH Beta Pi; I.R.E. RONALD JOSEPH RESO, New Orleans President; Alpha Chi Sigma; A.I.Ch.E. EDWIN PRICE RUSSO, New Orleans. Orleans; A.I.E.E.; Air Force ROTC; New Orleans; Beta Theta Pi; Tau Ta Delta Delta Fourth Row: PAUL A. SCHMIT, New Orleans; A.S.M.E.; Naval DAVID E. SCHOF, JR., New Orleans. EDWARD R. SHERWOOD, New Orleans; Kappa Order; A.S.C.E.; Army ROTC. HOWARD THOMPSON SMITH, JR., Springhill, La. Alpha Epsilon, President; Tulane Student Body Vice-President; Scabbard Blade; Omicron Delta Kappa, President; Who ' s Who: A.I.Ch.E.; Greenbackers; Army ROTC; University Honor Board; JAMBALAYA Hall of Fame ' 59; Phi Eta Sigma; Publi- cations Board. ROTC. Alpha Sigma Fifth Row: HOWARD CROMWELL STANLEY, Sigma: A.I.Ch.E.; Naval ROTC. JOHN TERRY STEIN, New Orleans Tau Eta Beta; Phi Eta Sigma. CASTOR M. SURLA, New Orlean Council. RODERRICK E. SWETMAN, Rayville, La silon; A.S.M.E.; Naval ROTC, Lieutenant, New Orleans: Kappa Sigma Alpha Epsilon: A.S.C.E.; intramural Sigma Alpha Ep- Sixth Row: JOSEPH P. VARIANI, New Orleans; Tau Beta Pi; A.I.Ch.E. DEMETRI NICK VLAHOS, Biloxi, Miss.; Scabbard Blade; Army ROTC; A.I.EE.; NDTA. KENNITH H. VORHABEN, New Orleans; Tau Beta Pi, Presi- dent; A.I.E.E.. Vice-President. REYNOLDS B. WAGNON, New Orleans; Alpha Tau Omega; A.S.M.E.; Army ROTC; Student Council Representative. Seventh Row: JOHN RICHARD WATSON, West Monroe, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; A.I.Ch.E.; Intramural Council; Naval ROTC, Lieu- tenant. BERNIE WEISS, Memphis, Tenn.; Sigma Alpha Mu; A.I.Ch.E.; Student Directory, Business Manager DALTON L. WOOLVERTON, New Orleans; Phi Delta Theta: Representative at Large, Engineering School; A.S.M.E.; TUSK; Newman Club. UNDERGRADUATES SCHOOL OF First Row: • MIKE ABRAHM, Freshman; New Orleans; Army ROTC. • SOL ADLER, Freshman; New Orleans; Alpha Epsilon Pi; hHIIIe! Foundation; Air Force ROTC; Sabre Jets Drill Team; Student Activities Board. • ANDREW J. ALLENSON, Freshman; New York, N.Y.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; hHlllei Foundation; Games Committee. University Center. • CHARLES M. ALLTMONT, Junior; Reserve, La.; Zeta Beta Tau; A.S.M.E.; Paterson House Council. • WILLIAM E. ARCHIBALD. Sophomore; Gillette, Wyoming; Westminster Fellowship; Air Force ROTC; Drum Bugle Corps; Tulane Glee Club; Radio Club. Second Row; • JOSEPH H. BALFOUR, Freshman; New Orleans; A.I.Ch.E.; Army ROTC; Pershing Rifles Drill Eeam. • WILLIAM T. BAYER, Freshman; Nashville, Tenn.; Phi Delta Theta; Freshman Class Vice-President; Air Force ROTC. • RONALD L. BECK, Freshman; Nlckerson, Kan.; Wesley Foundation; Concert Choir; Air Force ROTC; Drum Bugle Corps. • GARNETT F. BEDENBAUGH, Freshman; New Orleans; Newman Club. • BILL BENNETT, Sophomore; New Orleans; A.I.Ch.E.; A.S.M.E.; Newman Club. Third Row: • MICHAEL A. BERENSON. Junior; New Orleans; Zeta Beta Tau. • RAY BERGERON, Freshman; New Orleans; Phi Kappa Sigma; Air Force ROrC; Circle K. • PAUL AUSTIN BINGHAM, Junior; Metalrle, La.; Westminster Fellowship; I.R.E. • JOE BONNER, Sophomore; Chal- merte, La.; A.S.M t.; Army ROTC. • JAMES W. BORTNER, JR., Freshman; Everett, Wash.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Freshman Class Presi- dent; Air Force ROTC; Zemurray Hall, President; Inter-House Council. Fourth Row: • W. M. BOYLE, Sophomore; Destrehan. La.; Pep Band; Tulane Band; Phi Eta Sigma; Westminster Fellowship; A.I.Ch.E. • CHARLES SfEVtN BRAITEN, Freshman; Camden, Ark.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Naval ROIC. • JOSHUA L. BkENER. Sophomore; New Orleans; A.S.C.E.; Hillel Foundation; Pershing Rifles Drill Team. • BRUCE BkUMFltLD, Freshman; Crantord, N.J.; Westminster Fellowship. • WILLIAM J. BUSH, Freshman; Canonsburg, Penn.; Delta Sigma Phi; Games Com- mittee, University Center; Sabre Jets Drill Team; Air Force ROTC; Sports Car Club. Fifth Row: • WALTER WILLIAMS CALLAWAY, Sophomore; Metalrle, La.; Phi Kappa Sigma; A.I.Ch.E. • SKIP CAMERON, Junior; Shreveport, La.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Junior Class Vice-President; A.S.M.E.; I.R.E.; Greenbackers; Newman Club; fulane Amateur Radio Club. • WIL- LIAM CAVANAUGH, Junior; New Orleans; Newman Club; Naval ROIC; A.S.M.E. • DON CHAISSON, Sophomore; Westwego, La.; I.R.E. • LANSON ROY CHIEN, Freshman; New Orleans. Sixth Row: • KERRY ANTHONY CLARK, Freshman; New Orleans; Newman Club; Army ROTC. • MERLIN L. CLAUSING, JR., Freshman; New Orleans; Pi Kappa Alpha; Air Force ROIC; Newman Club. C ARIHUR F. d ' Aquin, Jr., Freshman; New Orleans. • ALBERT J. DERBfcS, III. Sophomore; Metalrle- Delta Tau Delta; Sophomore Class Vice-Presi- dent; Air Force ROTC. • ERNEST HENRY DOERRIES. Ill, Sophomore; New Orleans; Westminster Fellowship; Air Force ROTC. Seventh Row: • WILLIAM C. ELLIS, JR., Freshman; New Orleans; Kappa Alpha Order. • AGUSrUS ELMER, III, Sophomore; New Orleans; Newman Club. • GEORGE J. FARNSWORTH. JR., Junior; Metairie. La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Young Republicans. • LYLE W. FERGUSON, Sopho- more; Monroe, La.; Air Force ROTC; Sailing Club; fulane Amateur Radio Club. • H. HUFSON FINKE. Freshman; New Orleans; Delta Tau Delta; Newman Club; Air Force ROTC. Eighth Row: • JOSEPH M. FLECKINGER. JR., Sophomore; New Orleans. • GARY DAN FOSTER, Sophomore; Ft. Smith, Ark.; Kappa Sigma; A.I.Ch.E.; Army ROTC. • BUDDY GAILEY. Sophomore, Ivllami, Fla.; Baptist Student Union; Air Force ROTC. • MANUEL RAUL GARCIA, Fresh- man; Metairie, La.; Beta Theta Pi. 134 ENGINEERING UNDERGRADUATES First Row: • EDWARD W. GARLAND, Freshman; New Orleans; Pi Kappa Alpha; Air Force ROTC; Sabre Jets Drill Team. • FRED GARNER, Freshman; DePere, Wis.; Alpha Tau Omega; Concert Choir; Army ROTC; Sailing Club. • RICHARD SIRAUD, Freshman; New Orleans. • ROY M. GONZALES, Freshman; Metairle, La. • WILLIAM E. GOODMAN, Freshman; Memphis, Tenn.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Naval ROTC; Naval Drill Team. Second Row: • DALE W. GOTT, JR., Freshman; Valparaiso, Ind. • JAY D. GRA8BE, Freshman; Jerseyville, III.; Army ROTC. • RODNEY P. GRAF, Junior; New Orleans; A.I.Ch.E.; Alpha Chi Sigma; Naval ROTC. O ED M. GUEYDAN, Sophomore; New Orleans; Kappa Alpha Order; Newman Club; A.S.C.E. • ROBERT J. GUIZERIX, Junior; New Orleans. Third Row: • BOBBY HASSINGER, Freshman; New Orleans; Kappa Alpha. • TOMMY HATFIELD, Freshman; Winnsboro. La.; Beta Theta Pi; Pep Band; Wesley Foundation; Tulane Band. • ROBERT E. HOLLIDAY, Freshman; Hazlehurst, Miss.; Kappa Sigma. • HOWARD D. ISAACS. Freshman: Miami, Fla.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Hillel Foundation; Cosmo- politan Committee, University Center; House Council Representative. • NORMAN C. JENSEN, Freshman; Pinole, Calif.; Army ROTC. Fourth Row; • GARY KLEINSCHMIDT, Freshman; New Orleans; Alpha Tau Omega. • JUAN A. LAFUENTE, Junior; CienTuegos, L.V., Cuba; Phi Eta Sigma; A.S.M.E.; Newman Club; International Relations Club, e ALBERT O. LANOIX, JR., Sop homore; New Orleans; Delta Sigma Phi; A.I.Ch.E. • WILFRED E. LEHDER, JR., Sophomore; New Orleans; Delta Tau Delta; Newman Club; Naval ROTC; A.I.E.E. • JOE LE SAGE, Junior; Beaumont. Texas; A.S.M.E., Tulane Varsity Club; Varsity Football Letter; Varsity Football. Fifth Row: • FRANK M. LUBRANO, Sophomore; New Orleans; Newman Club. • DAVID B. lYALL, Freshman; Tucson, Ariz.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Zemurry House Council; Air Force Drill Team; Westminster Fellow- ship. • FREDERICK A. McCAUGHAN, Junior; Crossett, Ark.; Sigma .Alpha Epsilon; Baptist Student Union; Naval ROTC; Pan-Hellenic Council; A.I.Ch.E. • PAUL D. MclNNIS, Freshman; May, Texas; Phi Kappa Sigma; Canterbury Club; Hobbies Crafts Cortimittee, University Center. • ROBERT S. MACIAS, Freshman; Milwaukee, Wis.; Delta Sigma Phi; Air Force ROTC; Cosmopolitan Committee. University Center, Sixth Row: • GLENN ROBERT MANNING, Sophomore; New Orleans; A.S.C.E.; Newman Club; Alpha Phi Omega; Drum Bugle Corps, • JOHN S. MAVAR, Junior; Biloxi, Miss.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • ADAM MEHN, JR., Junior; New Orleans; A.S.C.E.; Army ROTC, • KENNITH E. MILLS, Junior; Big Lake, Texas; Delta Sigma Phi; Alpha Chi Sigma; A.S.M.E. • HENRY M. MORRIS, Sophomore; Birmingham, Ala.; Canterbury Club; A.S.C.E.; Alpha Phi Omega, Vice-President; Sailing Club; Games Committee, University Center. Seventh Row: • ANTHONY MUMPHREY. Freshman; New Orleans; Newman Club. • DIANE E. NEWMAN, Sophomore; New Orleans; Delta Zeta; Sopho- more Class Secretary-Treasurer; A.S.C.E.; TUSK; Newman Club. • JENS J. D. NIELSEN, Junior; New Orleans. O LOUIS PALERMO, Sophomore; New Orleans. • AARON MICHAEL PECK, Freshman; Portsmouth, Va.; Sigma Alpha Mu. Eighth Row: • PHILIP B. PFEFFER, Sophomore; Covington, La.; Alpha Tau Omega. • DAVID C. RANDOLPH, Sophomore; New Orleans; Tulane Band; Westminster Fellowship; Naval ROTC; Drum Bugle Corps. • MORTON DAVID RAU, Sophomore; New Orleans; Hillel Foundation; Navy Drill Team. • THOMAS M. REGAN, Freshman; New Orleans; Newman Club. UNDERGRADUATES SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING First Row: • JAMES L. RENNEKER, Freshman; St. Louis, Mo.; Intramural Council. • GEORGE PETER ROBBINS. Ill, Sophomore; New Orleans; Phi Kappa Sigma; A.I.E.E. • WILLIAM P. ROBERT. JR.. Freshman; New Orleans. • RUEL T. ROGERS, Junior; New Orleans; Alpha Chi Sigma; A.I.Ch.E.; Naval ROTC. • LAMONT ROWE, Sophomore; Woodville, Miss. Second Row: • JOHN R. RUCKSTUHL. Freshman; New Orleans; Army ROTC; Pershing Rifles Drill Team; Newman Club. • CESAR S. RUIZ. Sopho- more; Monterrey, N.L., Mex.; International Relations Club. • SERGIO C. RUIZ, Monterrey, Mex. • JERRY SAACKS, Sophomore- New Orleans; A.I.E.E. • CHARLES D. SCHALLER, Sophomore; New Or- leans;Westminster Fellowship; Naval ROTC; Navy Drill Team; Tailhook Club; Navy ROTC Rifle Team. Third Row: • E. MARK SCHANEVILLE, Sophomore; New Orleans; A.I.Ch.E. • R. J. 5CHROEDER, Freshman; New Orleans; Air Force ROTC. • PHILLIP SCHURCH, Sophomore; New Orleans. • WILLIAM H. SEEMANN, III, Sophomore; New Orleans; Beta Theta Pi; Green- backers; Sailing Club. • VOLKER A. SEIFERT, Junior; New Orleans; Wave Handbook; German Club; A.S.M.E.; German Theatre Group. Fourtii Row: • GENE SENTELL, Shreveport, La.; Kappa Sigma. • CHARLES R. SHORT, JR., Sophomore: New Orleans; A.I.Ch.E. • JERROLD L. SIMON, Freshman: Tullahoma, Tenn. • JOHN SIMPSON, Freshman; New Orleans; Alpha Tau Omega. • MIKE SNYDER, Freshman; Batt. Md.; Lagniappes; Air Force ROTC. Fifth Row: • LLOYD J. SOLIS, Sophomore; New Orleans; A.I.E.E. • WILLIAM E. SPANSLER, Sophomore; Houston, Texas; Sigma Chi; A.I.Ch.E.; Wesley Foundation; Sailing Club; Air Force ROTC. • WILLIAM A. SPRINGER, Sophomore; Ottawa, III.; Sigma Chi; Greenbackers; Varsity Basketball Manager. • JOHN C. STONE, Sophomore; New Orleans; Delta Tau Delta. • ALBERT G. TAYLOR, Junior; Chamblee, Ga.; Delta Tau Delia; Wesley Foundat ion; Army ROTC. Sixth Row: • T. Y. HANS TJIAN, Junior; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. • GERALD LEE VARLAND, Sophomore; Ottowa. III.; Varsity Basketball; A.I.E.E. • JAMES WILLIAM VAUDRY, JR., Sophomore; New Orleans; Pi Kappa Alpha; A.S.C.E.; Newman Club; Air Force ROTC. • JERRY VIATOR, Sophomore; Lutcher. La.; Newman Club: Naval ROTC; A.I.Ch.E. • JOHN VINTURELLA, freshman; Arabi, La. Seventh Row: • L. E, VIVIEN, Junior; New Orleans; Delta Sigma Phi; Army ROTC. • KOSTA NICK VLAHOS, Freshman; Biloxi, Miss.; Army ROTC. • MERLIN F. WADSWORTH, Sophomore; New Orleans; Newman Club. • CONRAD WALL, III. Sophomore; New Orleans; Delta Kappa Epsl- lon; A.S.M.E. • GEORGE G. WEAKS. Ill, Sophomore; Monroe, La.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Canterbury Club; Noval ROTC; Mark I Drill Team. Eighth Row: ' ' • JAMES U. WEBB, Freshman; Buffalo Lake, Minn.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • THOMAS A. WELLS, Sophomore; New Orleans. • BILL WEST, Freshman; Ft. Worth, Texas; Phi Kappa Sigma; Tuiane University Theatre; Army ROTC; Games Committee, University Center. • JERRY R. WHITTAKER, Freshman; Thermopolis, Wyo.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Tuiane Band; Pershing Rifles Drill Team; Hospitality Committee, Uni- versity Center; Army ROTC. • HORACE VERNON WHITTEN, Fresh, man; Mount tHolly, Ark.; Kappa Sigma; Naval ROTC; Young Repub- licans. Ninth Row: • JIMMY ROBERT WILSON, Freshman; Lepanto, Ark.; Kappa Sigma Army ROTC. • JOHN L. WILSON, Sophomore; Baton Rouge, La. Beta Theta Pi; Greenbackers; Westminster Fellowship; Naval ROTC Tailhook Club. • PAUL WOOLVERTON, Freshman; New Orleans; Phi Delta Theta; Newman Club; Sailing Club; Army ROTC. • JOSEPH M. YOUMANS, Freshman; Dunedin, Fla.; Sports Car Club. • STEVEN ZARBIN, Freshman; Winnetka, III.; Tau Epsilon Phi. OFFICERS DALTON L. WOOLVERTON Chairman ROBERT N. MORAN Vice-Chalrman CLYDE R. MORRIS " . . . .Secretary CHARLES E. MEYER Treasurer MR R. O. POWELL Faculty Advisor A. S. M. E. The principal objectives of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers are to broaden the student ' s acquaintance with the prac- tical side of mechanical engineering and to meet the men engaged in this field as a profession. To accomplish these objectives, the Tulane student branch holds monthly meetings. Aside from the normal run of business at the meetings, speakers from industry come to lecture. To complement these meetings, field trips out into industry are made to see how the modern industry of today operates. This spring the Tulane student branch held the Regional Conven- tion at the new University Center. Eight schools from Texas and Louisiana participated. The convention ran for three days during which seminars were held on various subjects. On the final night the student technical papers were presented. The winning paper was presented at the Inter-Regional Convention. OFFICERS HENRY J LARTISUE President DANIEL A. MARSALONE .... Vice-President WILLIAM J. DRAWE Secretary RICHARD P. OUBRE Treasurer JENS J. NIELSON Librarian The Tulane University Student Chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers serves as a link between the engineering student and Industry. Through this relationship It strives to develop a closer association between the student and the professional engineer. A. S. C. E. The purpose of these associations is to expose the student to those problems encountered in the field by practicing engineers which cannot be adequately covered in undergraduate study. 137 UllUL lUllillUL OFFICERS D. N. VLAHOS Chairman K. H. VORHABEN Vice-Chalrman H. J. DREZ Treasurer F. HOPE A.I.E.E. Secretary L. LORIO I.R.E. Secretary MR. G. WEBB Faculty Advisor A. I. E. E. I. R. E. The Tulane Joint Student Branch of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers and the Institute of Radio Engineers provides the college student with a more realistic view of the engineering profession. Through the Student Branch organization, the students become acquainted with professional engineers in the surrounding areas. The organization keeps the students informed about current developments in the engineering field and provides a gain in knowl- edge of the operation of more recent devices. Being a student organization, it puts the bulk of the responsibility of its opera- tion on the students. All of these functions aid in developing the members as professional engineers. OFFICERS NUMA MARQUETTE President VICTOR LAW Vice-President TERRY STEIN Treasurer RICHARD POURCIAU Secretary DR. F. M. TAYLOR Faculty Advisor Founded in 1908, the American Institute of Chemical Engineering maintains over one hundred student chapters in colleges and uni- versities throughout the United States and Canada. The Tulane Chapter is organized in an attempt to better familiarize the student with the professional as well as the technical aspects of his chosen field. Members are afforded the opportunity of learning the spe- A. I. Ch. E. cific phases of chemical engineering from talks by scientists and engineers in industry, educational movies depicting various proc- esses, and field trips to nearby plants. Each year the local chapter sponsors the trip to the A.I.Ch.E. Southern Regional Convention, held on the campus of a member school. 138 FEATURES CONTENTS • BEAUTY FINALISTS • MISS PAULINE TULANE • BEAUTY COURT • HOMECOMING COURT • HALL OF FAME • SNAPSHOTS LINDA HARDY • EDITOR The nominations tea The finalists, from left to right, Back Row: Carol Freyer, Mary Ella Burke, Anne Davis, Sandra Draughn, Keith Manatt. Front Row: Johanna Campbell, Virginia Nichaus, Linda Hardy. The finalists from left to right, Back Row: Helen Scibienski, Judy Shaw. Joanne Wolfe, Virginia Wells, Anne Wood. Front Row: Pann Plumley, Kathy Sangster, Dottie Storey. JAMBALAYA BEAUTY FINALIST One of fhe JAMBALAYA staff ' s most pleasant duties is to select a group of sixteen girls to compete for the title of Miss Pauline Tulane. With the exception of freshmen and those who have previously served in the court, any Tulane or Newcomb girl is eligible. After the nominees have been selected, the student body chooses Miss Pau- line Tulane and her court of six maids. The identity of the winner remains a secret until she is presented in the spring. There are several girls in school this year who have served in past Jamb Beauty Courts. They are: Lee Andry, Charlotte Blotner, Barbara Burdin, Letty Goltry, Virginia Jones, Sarah Quinn, Harriet Stone, and Pat Van Scoy. Miss Pauline Tulane Ulrcrinia LAJells ' ' 9 " v ■ Jg ' JHiss nj.: irqinia ■9 IVjfs f yVliss i: Atnnei JLja VIS sS ' i yVliss ( arol jf-re fer yVilss jj- ayyi j- lvimlc yVltss .jielen tS citiiensUi , Viiss Joanne AJoIt VLiss c rnnc LAJood pvov •-■ i- HELEN SCIBIENSKI 1960 JAMBALAYA BEAUTY COURT CAROL FREYER ' ANNE, a li HOMECOMING Preparation for Homecoming begins long before the weekend itself. Pep rallies in anticipation of the Tech game, party planning, and the selection of the Homecoming Queen and her court all take place well in advance. This year ' s selection of Judy O ' Brien as Queen and Char- lotte Blotner, Mary Ella Burke, Letty Goltry, Virginia Jones, Diane Orkin and Harriet Stone as maids of the court met with the whole- hearted approval of the student body. The celebration began Friday evening with an Alumni Dance at which the Queen and her court were presented to the returning alums. Fraternities, sororities, and dormitories were colorfully decorated the following day and the old grads dropped in for open house, buffet lunches, and blasts which lasted until game time. The partying mood received added momentum from the exciting football game and traditional halftime ceremony and the weekend reached its fun-filled climax later in the evening at the Homecoming Dance. The Homecoming Court poses for the camera during halftin Queen Judy walhes with President Harris at the Homecoming Dance. The fabrication of elaborate displays adds o the color and excitement of vhe Homecoming weekend. They are. from left to right. Mary Ella Burke, Virginia Jones, Diane Orlcin, Judy O ' Brien. Charlotte Blotner, Harriet Stone, and Lefty Goltry. CHARLES SEEMANN JUDY O ' BRIEN JOHN COMBE FRED PREAU5 PAT VAN SCOY HALL OF FAME The JAMBALAYA Hall of Fame recognizes those students who have been outstanding in Sonne particular field at Tulane Univer- sity and Newcomb College. The members are chosen on the basis of service to the school, leadership, scholarship, campus ac- tivity, or outstanding achievement in a par- ticular field. Several members who have been chosen previously are still bers are: Dave Adams Justine Bernard hHerb Duncan Pat Cousins Harlin Jane Igert Andree Keil in school. These mem JON LEVY Dianne Orkin Al Prieto Sidney Rothschild Tommy Smith Colleen Sullivan Jim Wesner PHYLLIS ALEXANDER JACK WEBB HALL OF FAME m B 1 BOB ODDONE RICHARD FREEMAN FRED SEXTON BOB AMBROSE VIC KLINKER CLAIRE COOK DOTTIE STOREY JUDIE EDWARDS BILL CLEMENTS HARVEY KOCH CHARLES BERK The rouleHe and blacltjack tables stole the show The MardI Gras court and their escorts, from left vo right: Jon Levy. Charlene Pod as. Donald Fonte, Virginia Jones, Bob Behrendt, Eleanor Dye, Queen; Gene Berry, Diane Orlcin, Alan Guma, and Sarah Quinn. Dates, drinks, and a dose of Dixieland. 0 iw : m ■. Tkimt ' c The Louisiana Hayride. The last dance of a wonderful weekend. MARDI GRAS WEEKEND Confetti . . . black jack . . . stacks of hay! Tulane students saw all this and more at Tulane ' s first Mardi Gras weekend, sponsored by the University Center Board under the direction of the Special Events Committee. The Louisiana Hayride dance held in the Cram Room ushered in the festivities. Students danced to a rock and roll band in a barnyard atmosphere of rafters, hay, nailbarrels, saddles, chaps, old tires, and a still. A jazz concert, Saturday afternoon, February 6, was sponsored by the Fine Arts Committee, and featured " The Last Straws, " who played to students in a cafe atmosphere of red-checked cloth-covered tables, and refreshments were served by waitresses. Highlighting weekend festivities was " Mo nte Carlo Night " and the presentation of Tulane ' s first Mardi_ Gras Queen. The student center halls were converted to streets found in the French Quarter — Bourbon Street, Royal Street; the rooms throughout the building were varia- tions of French Quarter night spots — Sam O ' Briens, Pier 41 2- Students took their choice of dancing to Latin American Music, Sentimental Music, or Rock and Roll. Each student was given fake money as he entered, and could use it to gamble at the dice, black jack, and rou- lette games played in the halls. Prizes were awarded to those who won the most money. The casino props obtained from Harold ' s Club in Reno and the gambling activities were sponsored by the Games Committee. It ' s safe to say " a good time was had by all. " ' - fl ORGANIZATIONS CONTENTS • Honoraries • Publications • Spirit • Religious • Music-Speech-The Arts • Military JOHN UNVERZAGT • EDITOR PHI BETA KAPPA Phi Beta Kappa, oldest of all college honorary societies, was founded in 1776 at William and Mary College in Virginia. The Louisiana Alpha Chapter at Tulane recognizes superior attainments in scholarship by students in the College of Arts and Sciences and in Newcomb College. OFFICERS DR. JOSEPH J. KYAME President DEAN LEE H. JOHNSON Vice-President MISS FANNIE RAYNE RUSS Secretary DR. KARLEM RIESS Treasurer DR. RUSSEL M. GEER Executive Committee DR. PAUL W. BROSMAN, JR. Executive Committee I960 Ann Sparkman Barron Dorothy Alice Bell Sue Raid Blackshear Cornelia Bowling Carrier Jerome Ian Chapman Charles Van Choyce Allison Claire Cook Andrew Garvin Edmonson Estal Joseph Fetfe Walter Chew Flower III Elizabeth Holland Godard Mary Helen Griffin Dale Rae Grundfest Jeanne Patrlcka Hanley Patricia Cousins Harlln Elizabeth McClure Hays Charles Barry Hlllebrandt James Woodard Johnson Cecilia Mary Kramme Paul Arenz Lemke, Jr. Charles Michael Levy, Jr. Samuel Lupin Maxwell Elbert McCombs Mary Ann Middleton Mireille Rita Modenbach Kathryn Key Montgomery John Emilie Peltier, Jr. Hellen Judy Sadler Carol Martha Smith Jefferson Lewis Sulzer Margaret Louise Taylor Louis Hanner Watson Carolyn Jannecke Werner BETA GAMMA SIGMA Established at Tulane in June, 1926, the Alpha Chapter in Louisiana of Beta Gamma Sigma fraternity rewards and en- courages scholarship and accomplishments in all phases of business among students and graduates of the School of Bus- iness Administration, and fosters principles of honesty and integrity In business practices. Undergraduate members are selected by faculty members of the fraternity. Junior and senior members are elected on the basis of high scholarship and promise of marked ability. OFFICERS DR. ELSIE WATTERS President DR. HUGH CARNES Vice-President FERDINAND K. LEVY Secretary-Treasurer Spring, I960 Elected from the Class of 1959: James E. Ammon Archie E. Benton James M. Cain John L. Eckholdt Hector A. Haget Samuel B. Maglds Robert J. Monroe Elected from the Class of I960: Billy Joe Adams George W. Erdman Richard W. Freeman, Jr. Asa J. LaGrow, Jr. Louise D. Lamensdorf Louis A. Nichols V llliam B. Parker 111 Frank A. Roberts Steven A. Stuart John Weintraub AQA , 1902 f w ALPHA OMEGA ALPHA The only honorary medical society of i+s type, Alpha Omega Alpha bases its membership upon scholarship, initiative, in- dependence, and the will and ability to succeed with investi- gative learning. Election to this society recognizes a student for present accomplishments and future promise of leader- ship in some phase of medicine. Tulane ' s Alpha Chapter of Louisiana, founded in 1914, in- cludes in its activities annual lectures by prominent men in the medical field, clinical discussions, and the annual banquet. OFFICERS MEMBERS Seniors JACK BINNS President HOMER LOCHRIDGE Vice-President DR. WALTER UNGLAUD Faculty Advisor John O. Binns 111 James E. Brown Frank M. Davis Victor J. Ferrans Douglas H. Forsyth White E. Gibson III Delmas A. Jackson John E. Lewy LHomer L. Lochridge Joseph K. Newsom Thomas Oelsner Domenick P. Reina Robert T. Salzman William C. Stone Raymond M. Taniguchi Francisco Civantos Renee Krijger James T. Mcllwain Rudolph Weichert James E. Wilson ( f de |H 5J, con ORDER OF THE COIF The Order of the Coif, national legal honor society, recog- nizes senior law students for exceptional ability and perform- ance in the law school and in law. Scholastic achievement and leadership and service to the school and community are con- sidered each spring in the election of new members from the senior class. Each year a Louisiana lawyer who has devoted outstanding service to law and to the public is initiated as an honorary member of the chapter. OFFICERS SAMUEL LANG President THOMAS CURRIER Secretary MEMBERS David Lee Campbell Clifton Scott Carl William Eugene Davis Joseph Ernest Friend William Malcolm Stevenson HONORARY FACULTY Irving R. Seal Rodolfo Batiza William H. Beck, Jr. Robert N. Leavell TAU SIGMA DELTA Tau Sigma Delta, national honor society for architecture stu- dents, selects its members for outstanding scholarship, leader- ship, character, and creative ability. Nominees undergo a pledge period in which the winning sketch in the traditional Gargoyle competition is selected. OFFICERS MEMBERS RALPH W. CLAMPITT Chapter Master MORTON A. BERNSTEIN Recorder PIET A. KESSELS Scribe Ronald Armsby Charles H. Beardsley Donald James Breaux Max Clifford Cannon TAU BETA PI Tau Beta Pi, founded in 1885, was organized at Tulane in 1936 to recognize the highest accomplishments of the junior and senior class members in the School of Engineering, who distinguished themselves by outstanding scholarship, charac- ter traits, and breadth of interest. The society also fosters a spirit of liberal culture in the engineering colleges of America. OFFICERS MEMBERS Fall, 1959 KENNETH VORHABEN President CYRIL BARRIOS Vice-President JACK LASHOVER Recording Secretary JOSEPH VARIANI Corresponding Secretary ROBERT G. JONES Treasurer Joe Roger Hite Henry James Lartigue Leander Anthony Lorio, Jr. Numa Louis Marquette, Jr. Charles Edward Meyer John Terry Stein Livingston Rae Tinto, Jr. Spring, I960 Emile Francis Alllne, Jr. James Connie Andrews Philip Elwyn Craighead Frank Ashley Eakin Richard Joseph Floreani Edward John Fuhr, Jr. Adam Mehn, Jr. Rudolph Bela Rozsa KAPPA DELTA PHI Kappa Delta Phi, the oldest honorary leadership fraternity on campus, confers membership each year upon ten male students from the junior and senior classes and one member of the faculty for outstanding service and unselfish loyalty to Tulane. OFFICERS JAMES L. SCHUPP, JR. President FRED SEXTON Vice-President MEMBERS ALBERT PRIETO, JR. Secretary DR. KARLEM RIESS Faculty Advisor Robert Love James Mcllwain Donald R. Miller Andrew G. T. Moore, III Albert Prieto, Jr. James L. Schupp, Jr. Fred Sexton Jacques L. Wiener Buford Eugene Berry Alan John Guma Gerald D. tHorowitz Delmas Andrew Jackson Piet A. Kessels Jon Levy Robert R. Oddone Charles Seemann, Jr. Howard Thompson Smith Louis Manner Watson HONORARY Professor Donald M. Halley PHI ETA SIGMA Phi Eta Sigma, national honor society for freshman men, was founded at Tulane in 1954. A 3.5 average or better for the first semester or for the freshman year as a whole is the pre- requisite for membership. OFFICERS DUDLEY YOUMAN, III President DAVID ALLRED Vice-President WILLIAM H. BARR Secretary JOHN WAHL Treasurer JOE ROGER HITE Historian ROBERT W. TAYLOR Senior Advisor DR. KARLEM RIESS Faculty Advisor MEMBERS Desiteo Arias Ellis Blevins Philip Carter Gerald R. Cooper Robert DeLange Stephen Diamond Perry Fink Lawrence Hanafy George P. Kennedy Jay Krachmer Robert M. Liebert James M. Long III Foye L. Lowe Grant M. Lyons, Jr. Joseph N. Marcal III Jerry L. Mashaw Ralph C. Parrott Blase C. Rau Lester T. Reese George. M. Riser, Jr. Fred Lee Smith, Jr. Harvey Stahl Michael Tarver Carl S. Weisman William Yoels HONORARY Professor John Martinez ALPHA SIGMA LAMBDA Alpha Sigma Lambda, national honorary scholarship frater- nity of university evening colleges, selects its members for distinguished scholarship and leadership. In addition, the member must carry at least 15 semester hours in subjects outside his major field. Theta Chapter, organized at Tulane In 1954, revised Its original constitution In 1957 to comply with the provisions of the national constitution. OFFICERS MRS. EDITH GIRAUD President MRS. ALTHA DAY KING Vice-President HENRY GRODE Secretary WILLEM WILLEMSTYN Treasurer ADA EDMONDS Historian 1959 INITIATES Clara M. Abaunza Lola A. Aube John E. Baney Joseph A. Brady, Jr. Larry Davidson Helen M. Fife Ellse A. GIfford Linzey J. Guillot, Jr. Peter E. Hagan, III Joseph Hotard, Jr. Katherlne A. Karst Gregory J. Lanes, Jr. John M. O ' Donnell Betty A. Rhinehart Margaret G. Roper Lillian Schaeffer Barbara S. Smith Karen K. Street Emily M. Yokes SIGMA XI Sigma XI, founded at Cornell University in 1886, and estab- lished at Tulane in 1934, recognizes outstanding achievement in scientific research and proficiency and marked promise in the scientific field. Undergraduates, graduate students, members of the faculty, and research workers comprise this society, whose activities consist in the sponsoring of lectures and the maintenance of grants In aid of research. OFFICERS DR. ABRAM AMSEL President PROF. JAMES CRONVICH Vice-President DR. KARLEM RIESS Secretary-Treasurer DR. EDV ARD PEEBLES Executive Committee PROF. JOSEPH EWAN Executive Committee MEMBERS I960 Lawrence R. Ash Lee Roy Morgan Francis E. Brown Robert H. Morriss Katharine J. Douglas Thomas C. Orihel Victor J. Ferrans Guillermo Pacheco Monte S. Holland S. John Powell Fred Ivl. Hunter John F. Schacher ASSOCIATE MEMBERS I960 Wjlliam Bean Teck Lian Kenneth Borchardt Elizabeth C. Penick Christopher Burda Angela Restrepo Jaime Castrejon-Diez Jefferson L. Sulzer Frederick G. Deiler Thomas H. Tackaberry Amalia Faillace Prayuth Thitasut Paul A. Lemke E. J.Tully WHO ' S WHO Approximately 600 colleges and. universities each year nominate and recognize students of outstanding scholarship, cooperation and lead- ership in academic and extra-curricular activi- ties, service and citizenship to the school, and promise of future usefulness. Those selected by Who ' s Who have first been officially recom- mended by the university or college he attends and then accepted by the organization. I960 William Akins Karen Bailey Ann Barron Murray Bass Jasper Becker Robert Behrendt Justine Bernard Henry Blake Jay Block llene Bock William Clements John Combe Claire Cook Cecile Dodge York Feitel Vickie Goldberg Alan Guma Peter Hagan Sherrell Hoffman Jerry Horowitz Jane Igert Robert Jones Piet Kessels Harvey Koch SELECTIONS Jon Levy Molly Mangham Max McCombs Barbara Miller Drew Moore Donald Munson Judy O ' Brien Robert Oddone Dlanne Orkin Susan Pace Charlene Podas Bee Pollack Fred Preaus Frank Roberts Robert Russell Charles F. Seemann, Jr Don Seghers Fred Sexton Dottie Storey Colleen Sullivan Margaret Taylor Louis Watson Leo Young First Row: Karen Bailey. Ann Barron, Murray Bass. Rob- ert Behrendt, Justin Bernard, Second Row: hlenry Blake, Jay Block, llene Bock, William Clements, John Combe. Third Row: Claire Cook, Cecile Dodge, York Feitel, Vickie Goldberg, Alan Guma. Fourth Row: Peter Ha- ban, Sherrell Hoffman, Jerry Horowitz, Jane Igert, Robert Jones. Fifth Row: Piet Kessels. Harvey Koch, Jon Levy, Max McCombs, Molly Mangham. Sixth Row: Barbara Miller, Drew Moore, Donald Munson, Judy O ' Brien. Robert Oddone. Seventh Row: Dlanne Orkin, Susan Pace, Charlene Podas, Bee Pollack, Fred Preaus. Eighth Row: Robert Russell, Charles Seeman, Fred Sex- ton. Dottie Storey, Colleen Sullivan. Ninth Row: Mar- garet Taylor, Louis Watson, Leo Young. 3l2, A m . ' h ' iiJ , OMICRON DELTA KAPPA Omicron Delta Kappa is the national leadership honor so- ciety for men that recognizes and honors those students, nnembers of the faculty, and others who have exhibited dis- tinguished leadership in extra-curricular activities and in serv- ice to Tulane University. Student members of Omicron Delta Kappa have attained at least junior undergraduate standing, possess high character, and have achieved noteworthy recognition in two or more of the following fields: scholarship, athletics, social and religious affairs, publications, speech, music, and dramatic arts. The society was founded at Washington and Lee University in 1914, and the Alpha Zeta Circle was established at Tu- lane in 1930. OFFICERS HOWARD T. SMITH President FRED PREAUS Vice-President DR. KARLEM RIESS Faculty Secretary DR. FERD F. STONE Faculty Advisor MEMBERS John K. Abide William G. Akins Robert A. Ambrose Wayne R. Barcelo Robert Behrendt Elliott Bell Buford Eugene Berry Alan J. Guma William R. Hardcastle Glenn C. House. Jr. Delmas Jackson Robert G. Jones Piet Kessels Morris Marx Maxwell McCombs James Mcllwain Andrew G. T. Moore, I Max Nathan. Jr. Fred Preaus HONORARY Jacob 5. Landry Professor Edward Peebles Albert Prieto. Jr. Frank A. Roberts J. T. Seale Howard T. Smith John Terry Stein William Malcolm Stevenson Leonard A, Washofslcy Louis H. Watson Jack M. Webb Donald P. Weiss James E. Wesner Jacques L. Wiener Wood Brown III David Lee Campbell Andrev G. Edmonson, Jr. Joseph York Feltel James Schupp Charles Seemann, Jr. Robert W. Taylor First Row: Bob Ambrose, Wayne Barcelo. Bob Behrendt. Second Row: Elliott Bell, Gene Berry, Bill Hardcastle. Third Row: Glenn House, Bobby Jones, Piet Kessels. Fourth Row: Maxwell McCombs, Andrew Moore, Fred Preaus. Fifth Row: John Seale, Tommy Smith, Terry Stein. Sixth Row: Jack Webb, James Wesner. 180 MORTAR BOARD Mortar Board is a national senior honorary society for women. Alpha Sigma Sigma chapter was installed at Newcomb in 1958. Mortar Board handles the planning, organizing, and supervising of the Freshman Orientation Program, the directing of the Freshman gover nment, participating in the Advisory system, and serving as hostesses at university functions. Members are elected on the basis of superior scholarship, outstanding participation in student activi- ties, and unselfish service to the school. First Row: Ann Barron, Sue Blacbhear, Claire Cook, Loli+a Gelpi. Second Row: Dale Grundfest, Patricia Harlin, Martha hiat+en, Jane Igert. Third Row: Carole Rolnick, Margaret Taylor. Assets is an honorary organization composed of outstanding girls selected at the end of their freshman year to be active Assets throughout the following year. The ten Assets are selected on the basis of leadership, scholarship, school participation, loyalty, serv- ice, and school spirit. The names of these new members are an- nounced at the last Newcomb Student Body meeting of the year. Members of Assets begin their sophomore year as " Big Sisters " to the new students throughout the orientation program in the fail. ASSETS Assets also plans and coordinates Kangaroo Court held for the wayward freshmen who have disobeyed restrictions or regulations. The Assets serve as ushers for May Day, the first Newcomb Stu- dent Body meeting, memorial services, and various other school functions. The members also distribute to every girl in Newcomb a notice of Student Body meetings. A traditional spring banquet is given by the newly-elected Assets to the outgoing sophomore members. OFFICERS LYNN ORKIN President ARLENE BREWER Secretary Standing, From Left to Right: Lynn Orkin, Dee Dee Brewer, Gloria Schottenstein, Pat Firmin, Virginia Bass. Seated: Lady ttelen hiardy. Mary Capps Kathy Knolle, Kathy Sangster. 1960 JAMBALAYA Here is the culmination of months of planning, designing, picture-taking, sorting, filing, and captioning — the I960 JAM- " BALAYA. To you, the reader, it is no more than a pictorial re- view — a history of the year at Tulane. Its success Is measured in terms of the enjoyment which you receive In reliving the experi- ences which have been recorded. To the staff, however, it presents a wonderful feeling of ac- complishment. In its finished form the Jamb gives meaning to our endless hours of preparation when we should have been studying for that gruesome test or could have been enjoying a beer and a card game. But now the Jamb is out and those gruelling races with the ever-approaching deadlines and the brow-beatings of a frus- trated editor can be forgotten. When looking back all that will be remembered are the censored captions, the occasional office parties, the crew from second floor J.L., the mistletoe, the edi- tor ' s window perch, and all the other essential incidentals which were as much a part of the JAMBALAYA as the book Itself, but which will be shared only by those who helped to make your yearbook a reality. Associate Editor Neal Mangold and Assistant Business Man- ager Kenny Heller confer. John Combe, Editor EDITORIAL STAFF JOHN COMBE Editor NEAL MANGOLD Associate Editor EARLE CEFALU Administration Editor LINDA HARDY Features Editor JOHN UNVERZAGT Organizations Editor ROGER SILVER Sports Editor DAVE LEWIN Fraternities Editor MARTY ARONSON Photograplier WAYNE McVADON Photographer TOM SCHORR Photographer JOHN HOWELL Photographer EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS Burdine Anderson Beth Jones Loretta Babst Betiy Joseph Jennie BarneHe Kathy KImberlin Jerri Burford Juliett Kossman Lois Cohen Butch Laurent Lynn Crawford Joan Levy Mary Beth Dodge Janet McCracken Betsy Erwin Judy McGuffee Joan Soodfrlend Sue Nungester Bobby Heller Karen Stern Hans Jonassen . Eleanor WIess Section Editors John Un- verzagt, Linda Hardy, Earle Cefalu, and Dave Lewin ponder the fate of another caption. Wy , -. ' V The essential ingredienf for any yearbook — good photograpliy capably supplied by Marty Aronson, Wayne McVadon. and Tom Schorr. Layouts and cover design were carefully mapped out, then dis- carded and redone. Finished, consumated, done. ' wj i mmj jj pr Charles Berk, Business Manager The satisfied smiles of a successful sales campaign. Matching costs against revenue for the entire school year Is the overall objective of the JAMBALAYA Business Staff. This delicate balance Is constantly Innperlled by the Editor ' s insatiable desire to spend more money, but preserved by the Business Manager as he attempts to keep the Jamb within its financial bounds. The usual result of these feuds Is compromise; the Editor promises to cut down expenses and the Business Manager promises to secure additional revenue through Increased ad- vertising. This year ' s staff has worked hard, not only selling ads, but also in pushing yearbook sales in order to guarantee the fi- nancial success of the I960 JAMBALAYA. It Is hoped that you, the readers, derive as much pleasure from your Jamb as we did in furthering Its publication. THE BUSINESS STAFF CHARLES BERK Business Manager KENNY HELLER Assistant Business Manager Salesmen WALTER BROWN GARY MORCHOWER STANLEY DAVIDOW BILL NUSSBAUM JIM LONDON MARC PETERZELL RICHARD ROSENFIELD T ' ji !fSXS ' B iSBrsti 184 WTUL WTUL, the Tulane University carrier-current broadcasting station, was conceived in 1959 within the music committee of the University center. The ■Tulane University Amateur Radio Club also became interested in the project and many heated discus- sions soon evolved regarding which group should sponsor the station, should it be formed. The Un i- versity solved the problem by stating that neither group should control WTUL, but it should be an organization independent of any other activity and answering only to the Publications Board and the Student Council. Soon after its formation WTUL was confronted with personnel, financial, and tech- nical problems which were quickly solved by an alert staff. Advertising sales mounted and the station is now completely self-supporting. All station con- structidn was done by the station ' s technical staff and WTUL now has facilities equal or superior to many commercial stations. WTUL programs music, news, and sports to all Tulane and Newcomb dormitories and to the Uni- versity Center. The programming department, under the direction of Allan hHewett, constantly strives to provide top quality music and news coverage. As a medium for entertainment and information, WTUL Radio has become an important part of cam- pus life. From left to right: Phil Scheps, Business Manager; William Bringier. General Manager; Don Andrews, Technical Director; Allan Hewett, Program Director. General Manager WILLIAM BRINGIER Business Manager PHIL SCHEPS Program Director ALLAN HEWETT Technical Director DON ANDREWS The staff of WTUL. Only after the Hulla has hit the presses can the staff enjoy a moment of relaxation. Jay Cassel, Ton! Middleton, Lois Coplan, and Allan Katr help plan the layout for next week ' s issue. Business Manager Leonard Hoffman confers with Editor Maxwell McCombs. HULLABALOO It ' s Tuesday evening, the one good typewriter clicks noisily and copy editors nervously scratch out Bodoni bolds as the tyrant editor low- ers the boom — it ' s always the same. New faces, new headquarters — three spacious rooms in the University Center — and a new year, but the harrowing " Hullabaloo " hubbub continues as staffers dash to meet the deadline. In the midst of the confusion, level-headed editor Max McCombs and money-making business manager Lenny Hoffman put their heads to- gether to balance ads and the books. Columnist Alan Guma rushes out to see what ' s going on as Newcomb- ite Joanne Medoff scans instant news to determine the foreign out- look and feature-writer Patsy Sims treks about getting a candid pic- ture of the campus. Meanwhile, Lois Coplan and Cathy Carroll have campus bloodhounds out trying to track down one more feature story. Dashing in with blinking eyes from flash-bulb shock is photographer Mike Marvins with an exclusive shot of Nellie Newcomb in pantaloons. Feverously biting their fingernails are managing editor Allan Katz and Toni Middleton, Associate Editor, as they ponder the mountain of unedited late copy. Will they make it? Surprisingly enough they always do. In fact, this year, one of the paper ' s boasts, besides the big rooms and lousy typewriters, was a 12-page special Christmas edition. Editoi Business Managei Associate Editoi Feature Editoi Managing Editoi Sports Editoi Contributing Editoi Contributing Edito Contributing Edito Special Features Editoi Exchange Editoi Copy Edito Copy Editoi Copy Edito, Copy Editoi Copy Editoi Circulation Managei Circulation Managei Administrative Assistant Photographer STAFF Maxwell McCombs Leonard Hoffman Toni Middleton Lois Coplan Allan Katz Jerry Cassel Alan Guma Patsy Sims Jo Anne Medoff Cathy Carroll Margie Kendis Liz Issos Dena Price Nancy Graves Bob Hill Marcia Herndon Stanley Davidow Randolph Heller William Mimeles Mike Marvin JUDY EDWARDS BERNIE WEISS Editor Business Manager TULANE STUDENT DIRECTORY The University Center was not the only innovation on cannpus this year — the Student Directory, in addition to containing all full-time students ' names, local and home ad- dresses, telephone numbers, year and school, and all the campus organizations, broke from the traditional cover design. This year ' s cover featured a modernistic impression of the U.C. Another first for the Student Directory was the use of the IBM, and the inclusion of departmental listings and the Tulane-Newcomb Junior Year Abroad. EDGAR HULL ANN LOUGHRIDGE CARROLL DURAND Editor Associate Editor Artist THE WAVE HANDBOOK The " Wave, " the University handbook, is primarily for the benefit of incoming stu- dents. It contains pertinent information, both academic and social, which is needed to introduce these students to Tulane and help them find their way around. This year, under the direction of Editor Edgar Hull and Associate Editor Ann Loughridge, the " Wave " added sections on the University Center and on local points of interest. The handbook has been brightened by Carroll Durand ' s clever art work and a series of photographs of campus scenes. CHEERLEADERS Hullabalooing their way through the 1959-60 sports year, the Cheerleaders, together with the student body, showed real spunk in backing the underdog Green Wave. Wearing the traditional green " T, " the Cheerleaders travelled to Miami, Oxford, Mobile, and Baton Rouge cheering the team on the road as well as onhome grounds. As in the past the cheerleaders have proven to be leaders on the campus as well as in the stadium. They were outstanding members of TUSK and Greenbackers, and active in many other facets of campus life. Heading the group this year was Don Munson. He was ably assisted by veterans Phyllis Alexander, Nelson Becker, Marilyn Meyer, Lynn Orkin, and Jack Webb and newcomers Ron Shenberg and Beverly Bretz. OFFICERS BUDDY POLLAK GARY LINDBOE BEE POLLOCK BUD KENNEDY President Vice-Presidenf Secretary Treasurer GREENBACKERS Greenbackers is the oldest spirit organization on the Tulane-Newcomb campus. Mem- bers are chosen on an honorary basis based upon their interest in school spirit, school activities, and upon their willingness to work. The members of Greenbackers are representative of all the fraternities, sororities, and independents on campus. In the spring, Greenbackers honored its new and old members with an informal party which turned out to be a huge success. During the year, Greenbackers was in charge of planning and promoting pep rallies, made up and distributed spirit slogans before each home football game, and also decorated the goal posts. Among other various service activities, Greenbackers par- ticipated in Campus Carnival and presented plaques to the seniors on the basketball team at the end of the season. TUSK The Tulane University Spirit Club is an honorary spirit organization composed of members elected by majority vote of the active membership of the club. The organi- zation ' s main desire is to foster better school spirit throughout the school year. TUSK was responsible for pep rallies, bonfires, the shaker section at the Georgia Tech Game, chain telegrams signed by all the students sent to the football team when it played out of town, as well as publicity posters for various campus-wide activities during the first semester. The party for TUSK members and their dates was a great success. Second semester found TUSK members participating in Campus Carnival, various services designated by the Student Council and the Student Activities Board, and promoting spirit for the basketball season. It is to the effort of these students that the school spirit at Tulane can be attributed. OFFICERS BOB BEHRENDT COLLEEN SULLIVAN VELMA CRAWFORD SALLY GODCHAUX BO LEWIS President Vice-Presideni Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary Treasurer ALPHA PHI OMEGA Alpha Phi Omega is a National Service Fraternity whose membership is composed of •former scouts. The purpose of the fraternity is to assemble college men in the fellow- ship of the Scout oath and law, to develop friendship and to serve the school, com- munity, and nation. Among the numerous activities of Alpha Phi Omega are Orientation tours for Fresh- men in the fall, decoration of the Campus Christmas Tree, and aiding with the party for children of Tulane students and faculty at Christmas, and in the spring coordination of Campus Carnival. OFFICERS BUTCH REEVES DONALD FONTE HENRY MORRIS President Vice-President Vice-President CIRCLE K Circle K is a college level service organization sponsored by Kiwanis International. Circle K exists as a character-building group which offers service on the campus, to the school, and to the community. Organized internationally in 1952, membership now numbers nearly 5,000 throughout the United States and Canada. Tulane Circle K, born in 1955, has taken an active part at the International convention and helped to spearhead district organization. This year in early October the group printed and sold " instant " directories of all dorm students. The group provided enter- tainment and games at a children ' s detention home in New Orleans and placed prayer cards on the tables of the University cafeteria. Circle K strives to carry out projects which develop individual maturity in its members and provide service for others. OFFICERS VINCE CIOLINO JIM LONG SAM MERRILL CLYDE Vv ' ADDELL President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer OFFICERS TOM WEBB LOIS COPLAN GAYE WILSON DAN LEINHARDT NORMAN FULLER REV. GEORGE HOPPER President Vice-President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Advisor INTER-FAITH COUNCIL The Inter-Faith Council of Tulane University is the official channel of communications between the recognized relgioius organizations of students at Tulane, and the Univer- sity. It is composed of two representatives from each of the ten organizations, and the presidents and the chaplains from the groups. Designed to carry out certain functions for the benefit of these groups and the University, it has proven to be the place for the exchange of practical ideas and experiences in such areas as provision of accurate, adequate news coverage of the activities of the various groups in the " Hullabaloo " and other papers; facilitation of cooperative endeavors of adult advi- sors and youth leaders in planning joint religious programs. The Council is responsible each fall for arranging the University religious orientation program for freshmen and new students. A meeting of all freshmen and transfer students is held to introduce them to the religious organizations of the campus. OFFICERS GENE BERRY JIM JONES JIM JOHNSTON President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer BAPTIST STUDENT UNION Among the many things brought by this school term was the first year of service by our new director, Rev. George Feazell. hHe assumed duties here following his graduation from Southern Bap- tist Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. A highlight of the fall was the state B.S.U. convention, held this year in Baton Rouge, with L.S.U. as host. A most enjoyable and profitable week-end was had by those attending. Another annual event enjoyed this year was the Streetcar Carol- ing Party. Some fifty students packed on a streetcar from St. Charles Baptist Church to make a tour to Canal Street and back, singing all the way. Informal dinner parties on Friday nights proved to be a big suc- cess throughout the year. Mrs. Sproles, our popular housemother, was responsible for the fine food served then and also after chapel. Special weeks in the daily chapel programs included Spiritual Em- phasis Week in December and Focus Week in March. Dry Creek was, again this year, the big talk during the spring. A large group of students represented Tulane and the New Orleans area for the week-end retreat. OFFICERS BILL HAY GAYE WILSON President Secretary-Treasurer BETHANY FELLOWSHIP The Bethany Fellowship was formerly the Disciples Student Fellow- ship. With the acceptance of this new name, we were able to make more young people feel a part of the organization. This group consists of the young people attending Tulane University and Newcomb College, those attending various nursing schools as well as youth who are of college age working or in some branch of the Armed Forces. The organization meets at the St. Charles Avenue Christian Church, 6200 St. Charles Avenue, each Sunday morning and evening as well as at various times throughout the week. Several times each month discussion groups are held at the Church with cake and coffee served during the social hour which follows. OFFICERS GENE OTWELL BO LEWIS JAN HENDRICKS JUDY NOLAND Senior Warden Junior Warden Secretary Treasurer CANTERBURY ASSOCIATION Canterbury Association serves the nnission of Christianity in higher education by fostering among university people a more mature understanding of the faith and practice of the Episcopal Church and loyalty to its corporate life. The program of the Canterbury Association centers at the Chapel of the tHoly Spirit. Sunday and daily worship are the most impor- tant activities at the Episcopal Center. Three student discussion groups meet regularly: Canterbury Forum (undergraduates), York Forum (graduates), and a Medical School Group. Classes for in- quirers are held weekly. Social functions have included Sunday night suppers, as well as parties and dances. Several students at- tended both the Diocesan and Provincial College Conferences. A Teaching Mission was held in the fall, and a series of religious plays was presented by students in December. The Center is open and is used daily for informal as well as scheduled activities. In- creased participation by the over seven hundred Episcopalians on the campus has made necessary building enlargement this year. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE FELLOWSHIP Christian Science Organization at Tulane University has had a very active and fruitful year. Activities started in September during Orientation Week when a breakfast was held for both old and new members. Following breakfast, the group attended church together. A " Let ' s Get Acquainted Party " was held early in October at which everyone had a wonderful time. During the year, the Organization has sponsored two lectures for the university com- munity on Christian Science given by members of the Christian Science Board of Lectureship of the First Church of Christian Science in Boston, Massachusetts. Both lectures were well at- tended and quite successful. Christian Science Organization actively participated in the Reli- gious Emphasis Day held during the first semester. A display of the various writings of Mary Baker Eddy, Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, and various Christian Science publications such as the world-wide daily newspaper, " The Christian Science Monitor, " was made. A party for alumni and members was held during the 2nd semes- ter. Both alumni and members were pleased to have this oppor- tunity to get to know one another. Throughout the school year Regular Testimonial Meetings were held every Thursday night while the university was in regular ses- sion. These meetings were the nucleus of Christian Science Organ- ization activity on campus this year and were both enjoyable and helpful to all those who attended. OFFICERS BETTY WEAVER JOAN APGAR ROBERT MORAN President Vice-President Secreta ry-Treasu rer HILLEL FOUNDATION Ushered in by a religious orientation which took a large segment of the local Jewish community services, the 1 959-60 program of the Tulane B ' nai B ' rith Hillel Foundation has developed into a broad design covering the areas of religion, culture, social, social wel- fare, and interfaith. Sabbath services were held each Friday evening and Saturday morning, and other holidays were appropriately celebrated. Stu- dents serving as readers, cantors, and often even delivering orig- inal sermons were responsible for the student-oriented religious services. Talks by outstanding speakers, round-table discussions, special movies, and Bible classes featured the Sunday programs. Each of three Hebrew classes met weekly to study the ancient-modern lan- guage presently used in Israel. The socials included a fellowship buffet after culturals, and dances and parties in celebration of joyous festivals. To their less fortunate brethren here and overseas, the Hillel mem- bers responded most generously. Many local, national, and inter- national charitable, religious, and cultural agencies benefited from their efforts. Interfaith activities included active participation in the Tulane Interfaith Council and several special programs designed to en- courage better understanding between students of all religions. OFFICERS LARRY ANNES JANE V ILENSKY FRIEDA GREEN MARILYN DONSKY CAROL JAFFE President Vice-Presldeni Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary Treasurer NEWMAN CLUB The Tulane Newman Club is the organization of Roman Catholic students at the university. Through a full program of religious, ed- ucative, and social activities, the Newman Club representing the Church on campus seeks to integrate the spiritual element with the student ' s university life. Events held by the Newman Club include Holy Masses, communion breakfasts, college-level courses in theology and philosophy, dorm discussions, the John Henry Newman Forum in Catholic Thought, a winter and a spring formal, truckrides, casual parties, a frank- furter feast for international students, and weekly meetings. The Club regularly issues two publications: " Preface, " a campus mag- azine of opinion, and " The Newman News. " OFFICERS MARTIN D. REZZA CHUCK O ' BRIEN TOM WEBB MARGARET TAYLOR PAULA ROSE ROSE FRATELLO TONY MURRO President Religious Vice-President Educational Vice-President Social Vice-President Treasurer Secretary Marshall OFFICERS SUSAN SMITH JAMES BAILEY JO ANN SHARMAN ANN LOUGHRIDGE President Vice-President Secretary I reasurer WESLEY FOUNDATION The Wesley Foundation at Tulane conducts an active week-day and Sunday pro- gram. This arrangement was designed so that every student could attend at least one event during the week. The program areas include a Sunday evening fellowship pro- gram and vesper service, as well as Thursday meetings with parties, religious drama, Communion services and other special worship services, a graduate and married stu- dent forum, retreats, conferences, ecumenical gatherings, and deputation teams rounding out the schedule. The student center is open seven days a week for leisure, recreational, and program activities. OFFICERS MARILYN F. VANDERBURG ALICE ELIZABETH AUSTIN SHELLY ZERVIGON SAM MERRILL REV. GEORGE HOPPER President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Chaplain WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP The Westminster Fellowship is the campus organization of Presbyterian students. It seeks to guide and strengthen students in the Christian faith, and to show the relevance of Christianity to all of life. It emphasizes worship, discussion, instruction, leadership training, service, and fellowship. The Presbyterian Student Center is located adjacent to the campus at I 1 22 Broadway. The National Collegiate Players: Michael Parver, Sherreli Hoffman, Jerry Rojo, Justine Bernard, and Malcom Genet. NATIONAL COLLEGIATE PLAYERS The National Collegiate Players is a national honor- ary fraternity created to foster educational theater throughout the country. The fraternity seeks to rec- ognize and promote outstanding individuals in uni- versity theater, thereby attaining its goals. The select active members of the Tulane chapter are good examples of individuals excelling in the- ater art. Their duty is to select the most noteworthy students in theater and bestow upon them national honor. MEMBERS: TULANE CHAPTER JERRY ROJO SHERRELL HOFFMAN JUSTINE BERNARD MICHAEL PARVER MALCOM GENET President Secretary TULANE UNIVERSITY THEATRE Tulane University Theafer (TUT) is an organization composed of those persons who have successfully participated in two of the four major productions offered by the Tulane Uni- versity Theater Department. All members of the university student body, faculty, and staff are eligible to participate in any phase of the productions, either as members of the cast or crews. From the graduate program came the directors for the 1959- 60 season which included " The Glass Menagerie " by Ten- nessee Williams; " The Would-Be Gentleman " by Jean Mo- liere; " The House of Bernarda Alba " by Fredrico Garcia Lorcar and " The Playboy of the Western World " by John Synge. In addition to these, there were two series of one-act plays given at the end of each semester, and several dramatic readings. Plans for next year include productions in a new, well- equipped arena theater situated in the new Theater and Speech building. The plant will include offices, classrooms, rehearsal and dressing rooms, as well as the modern shop. The organization will increase its public offerings from four productions to between six and eight each year. Scenes from " The Glass Menagerie " by Tennessee Williams. OFFICERS JUSTINE BERNARD President CAROL BOOTH Vice-President JUDY LITVIN Secretary ROSEMARY WEBB Librarian Th e crew tor ■for " Me nagene. s § Ei J3v ( 1 r- " ' :T v : Ui :, i!mmtmmym ( m- The cast completes a run through of the fast-paced finale. CAMPUS NITE The Campus Nite production of I960, entitled " Down to Earth, " was once again the rewarding success it has been in the past. The chief honors this year go to Mike Parver for his fine work as author and director, but credit is also due Kenneth Train, president; Mr. Einar Pederson; Mr. Louis Berndt; and the entire Campus Nite staff who worked behind the scenes as well as on the stage to give Tulane a top-notch musical comedy. In the eleven years which have followed its first performance. Campus Nite has become a tradition in the production and presentation of a completely original musical show. The script, music, sets, and costumes are all products of the skill and hard work of Tulane and Newcomb students. This year ' s show, " Down to Earth, " told the story of a young scientist who discovers a way of making statues come to life. In the ensuing scenes, he found himself escorting a contingent of Roman dieties on a wild tour of New York City, hie became involved with leprechauns, love affairs, chorus girls, and beat- niks, all of which produced amusing situations that provided a wonderful evening ' s entertainment for the many who at- tended the show. Jack Cowels is quicltly attracted fo a lovely leprechaun, Judy Li+vin. And then the statues came to life. Henry Angel, Ginger Mitchell, Jerry Travis, Jack Cowels, Pat Bray, and Jon Levy register mixed emotions after the violent explosion. " Whew! I ' m beat. " Maureen Mullin tries +o convince Jack Wilson to remain. Edith Judlcins warns Karen Bailey that prowlers have been reported In the neighborhood. OPERA WORKSHOP The Opera Workshop consists of students in- terested in all phases of music theatre. It is the youngest organization in the Tulane-New- comb choral groups and has presented in its short existence scenes from the standard oper- atic repertoire and many operas that are not often included among professional opera or- ganizations. In their first production of the year, the Work- shop presented " The Old Maid and the Thief " a chamber opera in fourteen scenes by Gian- Carlo Menotti. Additional presentations of other operas followed later in the year. All workshop productions are presented in the auditorium of Dixon Hall, and the scene shop is located directly across from the stage wing. 3 4 tmters GLENDY BURKE The Glendy Burke Society is the oldest student organization on the Tulane cannpus. It was organized to allow freer expression to those students who had previously won the Glendy Burke Prizes for Oratory and Mathematics. Glendy Burke sponsors the debating team which participates in college debate tour- naments throughout the Southern states. The group also sponsors high school and college forensic competitions on the Tulane campus. Besides these regular activities Glendy Burke sponsors visiting speakers and debaters from other schools in public debates or forum discussions and encourages student par- ticipation in individual contests such as extemporaneous speaking, oratory, and inter- pretative reading. LINDA THOMAS RICHARD CROMER DEAN GOTTEHRER PROFESSOR ROGGE OFFICERS Speaker Secrotary-Treasurer Publicity Chairman Advisor I I T : i||PliHP- ■- i= The Tulane University Band. Tulane Band Director John J, Morrissey, ' iSW Mfe m ' TULANE UNIVERSITY BAND Drawing its membership from all colleges of the university, the Tulane University Band is known as one of the finest concert bands in the South. During the football season, the band adds color and spirit to the games with a vast repertoire of music ranging from Latin American to Dixieland jazz. During the basketball season, and for pep rallies, a smaller Pep Band supplies the necessary musical background. But the chief purpose of the band is to perform on the concert stage and twice annually, at Christmas and in the Spring, the band presents concerts. Spreading the name of Tulane to high schools throughout the South, the band travels to various sections of Dixie during the spring giving concerts in selected cities. CONCERT CHOIR The Concert Choir is comprised of forty students of Tulane and Newcomb. The activities of the choir this year included singing with the Newcomb Choir at the Orleans Club for the Stewart Clan, and entertaining at the Chamber of Com- merce luncheon at the Roosevelt Hotel. Several tours were taken, including a spring trip at Eastertime to Texas and New Mexico, and a weekend tour of Mississippi. Tentative plans were made for an European trip to be taken this summer, with the choir being sponsored by the United States Army. After a year of working together, a weeked house party was enjoyed by all the members of the choir at Fountainbleau State Park. OFFICERS GEORGE GAINES RONALD GOLDBERG SUE PATTON CAR OL SANDERS DENNI MACK Presidenf Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Librarian Librarian NEWCOMB CHOIR The Newcomb Choir is composed of thirty Newcomb stu- dents who enjoy singing, and who entertain for both Univer- sity functions and off-campus activities. Performances this year include singing for the Tulane alumni at Homecoming, providing a musical background for several Newcomb memo- rial services, and presenting a program in conjunction with the Concert Choir and the Tulane University Band for Christ- mas Night at Tulane. At Christmas and Thanksgiving the Choir made appearances on T.V., and in the spring the group held a combined concert with the Emory Men ' s Glee Club from Atlanta, Georgia. Several weekend tours were made to neighboring states during the second semester. OFFICERS SUE PATTON NANCY FARRELLY KATHY RYAN GWEN NELSON ROSALIE BATCHELDER President Vice-President Secretary Librarian Librarian L+. Colonel John W. Fueg, U.S.A., Processor of Military Science and Tactics. The cadefs exocu+e parade rest as fhey await the orders of the day. The march to the sfadiunn is a weekly routine. :Cys Summer camp puts officer candidates through their paces. Cadet corps officers and company sponsors, left to right: Sylvia Rouchell, Cadet Lt. Jerome Chapman, Ann Cox, Cadet Capt. Troy Arnold, Alta Bechtel, Cadet Colonel. Jon Levy, Kay Bergeret, Cadet Capt. James O ' Neal, Ann Barron, and Cadet Capt. Howard Smith. ARMY R. O. T. C. Under the guidance of Lt. Colonel John W. Fueg, USA, Professor of Military Science and Tactics, and Captains Gordon K. Fleischman and Albert R. Knight, Assistant Professors of Military Science and Tactics, the Tulane unit of the Army Reserve Officers ' Training Corps again enjoyed a successful year as a top R.O.T.C. unit. The Army R.O.T.C. consists of a four-year program, leading to conn- missions in the United States Army and Army Reserve for those ca- dets who meet the strict but reasonable requirements. For the cadet who plans to make the Army his career as well as for the cadet who plans to serve only six months or two years, the R.O.T.C. program offers training in leadership and command which will benefit him In all endeavors in later life — civilian or military. At the end of the year, the juniors prepared for a rigorous training period at summer camp at Fort Eustis, Virginia. The graduates, hav- ing left behind them four years of training, were ready to assume the responsibilities of their rank. Their preparation for positions in the defense systems of the United States had been the responsibility of the Tulane Army R.O.T.C. It was now their duty to apply their training, just as it will be the responsibility of the officers who will be trained here at Tulane after them. Captain R. V. Gregory. Professor of Naval Science. The cracic Navy Drill Platoon passes in review. The Color Guard marches with banner: unfurled. NAVAL R. O. T. C. For twenty-one years the Naval R.O.T.C. unit has been ful- filling its nriission of supplementing the United States Naval Academy in providing officers for service in the Navy and Marine Corps. Academic training for both programs, Regular and Contract, is supplemented by summer training cruises aboard Navy ships, training at Naval Bases, or Marine Corps Schools. Sandwiched between the Welcome Aboard Ball in the fall and the Farewell Ball in the Spring the unit ' s activities are many and varied. Lectures, labs, drill, and convocations serve to instruct the Middies in " the Navy way. " And contending intramural teams, dressed in the Navy blue, display drive and determination in all forms of intramural competition, display- ing the unit ' s pride in the Naval R.O.T.C. Tu lane ' s Navy Rifle Team, which ranks first among all N. R.O.T.C. rifle teams in the country, kneeling: Lynn Cox, Bruce North, Charles Schailer. Standing, Ronald Drez and Arnold Wllklng. After drill there is time for a quick cigarette and then off to class. , . into the wild blue yonder . . AIR FORCE R. O. T. C. The 320th detachment of the Air Force R.O.T.C. takes great pride in the role it plays in the preparation of future Air Force officers ded- icated to the service of their country. The Air Science curriculuna is designed not only to acquaint the cadet with the history, technology, and national policies concerning avia- tion, but also, through leadership training, to cultivate within the in- dividual qualities of leadership, discipline, and the desire for personal achievement which will fully enable him to assume his duties as an officer and citizen of his country. The program provides opportunity for the cadets to participate in orientation training flights which help to acquaint them with the operation of aircraft. Seniors in the pilot category may obtain their private pilot ' s license through participation in the Flight Instruction Program. Lessons are given by private instructors at Air Force ex- pense. To complete their military education, cadets enrolled in the Advanced course undergo training at a regular Air Force base during the sum- mer between their junior and senior year. Social and athletic events round out the schedule, forming an intrinsic part of the program. Two military balls are held annually, along with base visitation and field trips. AFROTC athletic teams consistently place high in intramural competition. Last year the Sabre Jets, the precision cadet drill team, won the intramural drill competition among the Army, Navy, and Air Force units. :-. ■ ' ■r ' , ;• T,.: -;- In keeping with the program, cadets practice walking on air. Lt. Col. John B. O ' Rourke, Professor of Air Science And so ends another drill It is necessary that the cadet learn to execute comma for issuing ihem. nds, before he assumes +he responsibility Vr-1 ' Next time, stand a little closer to the razor, mister. S9 1£3S» , ' . ' •■ • SCABBARD AND BLADE E Company, 8th Regiment is one of 160 companies which form the National Society of Scabbard and Blade, an honorary military society. On the Tulane campus, the society is comprised of elected Army, Air Force, and Navy R.O.T.C. cadets who became eligible for membership by exhibiting outstanding military bearing in their respective units and by maintaining a satisfactory overall scholastic average. The purpose of the Society is to unite in closer relationship the military departments on the Tulane campus, to preserve and de- velop the essential qualities of good and efficient military officers, and to prepare cadets to take a more active part in the military affairs of their communities. Above all. Scabbard and Blade at- tempts to present intelligent information concerning the military requirements of our country. FRANK ROBERTS MURRAY BASS TOMMY SMITH OFFICERS Captain First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant JERRY ARNOLD First Sergeant ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY The Arnold Air Society is a nationwide Air Force R.O.T.C. honor and service organization. Members are chosen from the advanced cadet group on the basis of scholarship, leadership, and service. The primary mission of the squadron is to closer coordinate the functions of the Cadet Group to those of Tulane University, the local community, and the United States Air Force. In order to carry out this responsibility, the squadron sponsors and promotes the extra-curricular activities of the Group besides assisting the local Boy Scouts and Civil Air Patrol. The society also promotes better " esprit de corps " in the Cadet Group. This year the group took as its project the placement of a permanent Air Force Monument on Tulane ' s campus. Members each year receive a subscription to " Air Force " maga- zine and participate in a low premium life insurance policy. In addition, members are eligible for two Arnold Air Society Link Fellowships valued at $1,500 each. Several social events were held during the year. Outstanding among these were the Spring Bar- beque at Lake Ponchartrain and the party honoring the departing Senior cadets after the Air Force Military Ball. OFFICERS NEAL JONES FRANK ROBERTS GEDGE GAYLE CHARLES BOWMAN ALEXANDER MAIER SKIPPER TREUTING Commander Executive Officer Operations Officer Secretary-Treasurer Information Service Officer Administrative Officer-Recorder ATHLETICS CONTENTS • Football • Basketball • Tennis • Baseball • Golf • Intramurals ROGER SILVER • EDITOR 217 1960 FOOTBALL The 1959 Green Wave football season provided Tulane fans with pl enty of excitement and action. The Wave managed to compile a record of 3 wins and I tie against 6 losses. After dropping the opening two games to Florida and Miami, the Greenies broke into the win column with successive victories over Wake Forest and the Univer- sity of Detroit. Then the Wave journeyed up to Oxford to meet the mighty Rebels of Ole Miss, and became the first team of the season to score on the Rebels, leading briefly by the score of 7 to 0. The Mississippians roared back, however, and demol- ished the Wave ' s brief winning streak by the score of 53 to 7. Returning home the following week, the Greenies led nationally ranked Georgia Tech for three quarters before bowing 2! to 13. The next week in Sugar Bowl Stadium, Tulane defeated the Red Raiders of Texas Tech, I 7 to 7. Many Tulane fans then traveled to Mobile and saw the Wave drop one to the Alabama Crimson Tide of Bear Bryant, 19 to 7. Re- turning for their last home game of the season, the Greenies tied Vanderbilt on an overcast day, 6 to 6. In the season finale the team went to Baton Rouge. The Greenies outplayed the defending national champions of LSU, one of 4 bowl bound teams to defeat the Greenies, for most of the game, but lost to the Tigers by the score of 14 to 6. With I 7 returning lettermen, including backfield stars Terrebonne and Mason, and the excellent recruiting this past year, prospects are indeed bright for many seasons of exciting football for Tulane students and fans in the near future. HEAD COACH ANDY PILNEY Pain, sorrow, joy, exhilaration — the mixed emotions of Tulane ' s Green Wave ■ - l ' Aj ■ J ' J. «•». ' ' Ob, ■ -■ ' :.,■ b ' ■. ..: ..- . .:-, ' . Meeting the Tigers for the last time are the Greenies ' graduating lettermen from left to right: Bratton, Painfer, Andrews, Jones, Abadie, Klocis, McClellan. DiVietro, Elbey, Hav ley, and Rawson. Tossing the coin are Co-captains Young and Clements. Tulane Co-captains for 1959: Leo Young and Bill Clements p ULANE FLORIDA 30 Florida ' s more experienced Gators managed to take advan- tage of the very green Greenies ' mistakes and ruined the 1959 season opener for the Wave. A large crowd in the Sugar Bowl saw the young Tulane team make a good showing for the first two quarters, only to falter in the second half. The first break of the game came toward the end of the first quarter when the Florida safety man fumbled a Greenie punt on his own 25-yard line. The Wave was unable, how- ever, to capitalize on this as they then fumbled on the Gator 15. The two teams then fought to a stalemate in the center of the field until shortly before the half, when Florida scored on a short pass play. The Gators kicked for one extra point. With six minutes left in the third period, the Wave managed to get a ground drive going, but it was stalled on the Gator 40-yard stripe. In the fourth quarter, repeated fum- bles and pass interceptions stopped any Wave offense be- fore it could get started and demoralized all Tulane defen- sive efforts. The veteran Florida squad pounced on every break and managed to run the score to 30 to before the game ended. Gators close In on Nugenf ' s option. Young grabs one In Gator secondary. TULANE 7 MIAMI 26 The sideline tension Is often more drannatic than the game Itselt. In their second outing of the season, the Greenies travelled to Florida for a game with the Hurricanes of the University of Miami. It had been a long time since the Wave had crossed an opposition goal line and they were looking for a victory. The high point of the ganne for the team and their followers was in the second quarter when Pe1e Abadie, who would end the season as one of the SEC ' s leading receiv- ers, made a sensational catch in the end zone of a pass from Tulane quarterback Bob Cornett. Thus ended the Greenie ' s scoring famine. Hopes for a victory, however, were crushed by the talented passing of the Miami quarterback, little Fran Curci. In spite of good defens- ing on the part of frantic Greenie backs, he managed to hit his ends consistently for good gains. The Wave offense was unable to mount another scoring drive and they returned to New Orleans and the friendly confines of Tulane Stadium on the short end of a 26 to 7 score. A small but fiercely loyal band of Greenie followers were rewarded by seeing the Wave upset a favored group from Wake Forest by a score of 6 to 0. The game was exciting from the start, as in the opening few minutes Tulane halfback, Terry Terrebonne, broke into the clear and was headed for a touchdown when he collided with one of the officials. The Greenie kicking game was at its best and the Wave line was a stalwart of defense. When Tom McClellan scored on a fullback draw play in the third quarter, it seemed to bring life info the thus far listless Deacon attack. Twice the Deacs drove to a first down inside the Tulane five-yard line only to be held by the Greenie defenders. In this game, for the first time, the Wave showed a balanced attack with a good ground game to go with the already potent air arm. The passing of Nugent and Cornett, the kicking of Magee, and the strong running of Terrebonne, Mason, and Klsner, along with good end play by Young, Gamble, and Abadie, had Wave followers leaving the Sugar Bowl Stadium well sat- isfied with the fine showing of the young Wave squad. Receivers covered, Cornett elects to run. TULANE 6 WAKE FOREST McClellan ' s block shakes Terreb onne loose. 1 ' ' ' ' 1 r i ■ :, cyii iS VflP TULANE 25 DETROIT The ball goes over and the hands go up. A crowd swelled by the presence of many Boy Scouts from the New Orleans area witnessed the coming of age of Tu- lane ' s sophomore sensation, Terry Terrebonne, against the Titans from the far North. After a scoreless first quarter, Terry streaked fifty yards in the opening minutes of the sec- ond period for the first Tulane tally. A few minutes later the crowd was dazzled when Howard Kisner reeled off a 40- yard run to the Detroit I 8. A Greenie fumble halted the drive on the Detroit one. Later in the period, after having two touchdowns called back, Cornett tallied from the Titan four on a keeper. Both teams were held scoreless in the third stanza. With two minutes remaining in the final period Tu- lane ground out another score. Following the kick-off De- troit was forced to punt, and two plays later Vance Strange scooted 34 yards on a keeper for the final Greenie score. Price outsmarts Detroit safety. Going gets tough against bowl-bound Rebels Titans gang up on All-SEC Soph. TULANE 7 OLE MISS 53 The scoreboard shows the calm before the storm. TULANE 13 GEORGIA TECH 21 The Tulane homecoming crowd witnessea one of the finest home showings by a Green Wave squad in the past few years. Rebounding from the Ole Miss game, the Greenies poured it on the nation ' s number five team. Early in the second quarter Phil Nugent made the most of a recovered Tech fumble by going into the end zone on a keeper from the 7-yard line. The conversion failed and Tulane led 6-0. In the third quarter, after George Guillot intercepted a Yellow Jacket pass, Nugent passed to Mason who ran through and over the entire Tech squad on a 50-yard play. This time the point after attempt was good and Tulane led 13-0. It was then, however, that Dame Fortune turned her head and the wonderful bubble burst. Tech mounted a scor- ing drive after Magee had punted from deep in the end zone and made the score 13-7. Later a 6-yard Greenie punt set up a second Jacket drive, and the scoreboard read Georgia Tech A — Tulane 13. Late in the game Tech intercepted a Greenie pass and scored once more. For three quarters the Greenies played like conference champions, but in the final period the lack of reserves took its toll. Engineer on the wrong track. Quick opener closes quickly. Riding on the crest of two straight victories, the Green Wave ran into the Mississippi Rebel football powerhouse. The game started brightly with the Greenies recovering a Reb fumble and then becoming the first team to cross the Missis- sippi goal line. Infuriated, the Rebels then unleashed a devas- tating attack. With Charlie Flowers and Jake Gibbs leading th e way, the Rebels scored at least twice in every quarier and made the final score 53 to 7. Tulane managed to mount a drive on the strength of Nugent ' s passing arm, but time ran out in the first half before they could score again. This was their last serious threat. The Rebels had set their sights on the SEC and National titles and were determined not to let the Greenies deny them. We simply couldn ' t cope with the Rebels ' three teams, great speed, and stonewall ' defense. TULANE 17 TEXAS TECH 7 Raiders raided. Eighteen thousand fans watched Tulane breeze past the Red Raiders from Texas Tech. Tulane missed many scoring oppor- tunities in the first half through fumbles and dropped passes. Tech marched 60 yards for a score the first time they got their hands on the ball. In the closing minutes of the second period, the Greenies took possession of the ball on their own I 3. With Cornett and Nugent alternating at the quarter- back post, they moved to the Red Raider 16 where Cornett tossed a touchdown pass to Abadie. About this time a heavy fog settled over the field becoming so thick that it was hard to distinguish players. Midway in the third period Tulane mounted a drive when Connie Andrews intercepted a Tech pass on the enemy 29-yard line. The Wave couldn ' t move past the 16, however, so Kisner booted a field goal, making the score 10 to 7. After an exchange of punts, the third quar- ter ended with Tulane on the Texas 36. In moving the ball down the field the officials made an error and placed the ball on the 26. The Wave was unable to capitalize on the break; their attack bogged down on the two-yard line. On the first play Tech punted out, and the Greenies took over on the 27. Four plays later Nugent hit Mason with a pass in the end zone. Kisner again converted, and the game ended with Tu- lane on the long end of a I 7 to 7 score. Something ' s gotta give. Aiming for a .500 mark in season play, the Greenies ventured to Mobile to tangle with Alabama ' s Crimson Tide under Bear Bryant. The Tide, in their second year under " the Bear, " had lost only one game. A strong defense was Bama ' s most potent weapon, and for a while the game shaped up as a de- fensive battle. The cold air, making its first appearance of the season, caused many fumbles and incomplete passes. Tu- lane got a few good breaks, but were unable to capitalize on them. Early in the second quarter the Tide mounted a successful drive, scored, and converted. Bouncing back, Tu- lane scored seconds before the half ended, on a twenty yard forward pass, and the teams left the field deadlocked 7-7. Alabama caught fire in the second half and, led by quarter- back Pat Thomas, began to show flashes of offensive power. Two scoring drives were mounted, and though Tulane fought hard in the closing periods, the Greenies left the field on the short end of a 19-7 score. 224 Nugent sneaks for a first down. Kisner ' s kick ties Bama game at half. 225 TULANE 6 VANDERBILT 6 In their last home appearance of the season the Wave met the Vanderbilt Commodores for the private school champ- ionship of the SEC. Vandy entered the game as a slight favorite. The first half of the game was, for the most part, a scoreless effort, with both teams unable to take advantage of the breaks. Finally, just before the half, Vandy scored on an eighty-yard ground drive. The conversion attempt failed, and at the intermission the score stood Vandy 6, Tulane 0. The third quarter was a punting duel with neither team scor- ing. In the fourth quarter Greenie fullback Connie Andrews crashed over for the tying tally. Kisner ' s kick was wide. The Wave earned its tie by stopping a final Vandy drive on the Tulane 18. Greenie defense held the Commodore ' s Ail-Amer- ican candidate, Tom Moore, to an average of roughly 2 yards per carry. They said it couldn ' t be done. Plunge by Andrews ' Hes Vandy. Greenie line opens gaping hole. " ,ry In the final game of the year the Wave traveled to Baton Rouge for the traditional match with the Sugar Bowl bound Tigers of LSU. An inspired band of Tulane Greenies caged the Tigers in their own end of the field for the entire first half, and the halftime score was to 0. The Tigers found pep during the intermission and roared back to score 14 points early in the third quarter. Many of the fans thought this to be the beginning of the end for the Wave. Tommy Mason destroyed this theory by electri- fying the crowd of 68,000 by sprinting past the entire Tiger team for a 59-yard punt return. The game ended with the score I 4 to 6, but if ever a moral victory was won, the fired up Tulanians won a mighty one that afternoon and played a game that many who were there, especially the Tigers, will never forget. Greenies stymie Heisman Trophy winner. Green Wave, Green Wave. Ha+s off fo thee! Don ' t pray, block! UkM I960 Tulane Varsity Basletball Team, Kneeling: Varland, O ' Brien, Delph, Ljndboe Bramlett, Krider, March, and Mitchell. Standing: Coach Wells, Cloak, Weniel, Setts, Ardon, Klinlcer, Anderson, O ' Brien, and Coach Pederson. COACH CLIFF WELLS BASKETBALL Late in 1959 Tulane Coach Cliff Wells took the wraps off of the cur- rent edition of the Green Wave basketball team. The Greenies opened in fine style by downing Alabama State, Louisiana College, and Stetson. Then they hit a cold spell and lost four in a row, three of them to Southwestern Conference teams. Then in the Sugar Bowl the Wave won one and lost one. Opening SEC competition, the Wave swept three in a row, Georgia, Florida, and Tennessee. Then they lost one to Kentucky in Lexington. Of the next seven games the Greenies won four, including an overtime thriller from Mississippi State, 51 to 47. As this book goes to press, there are four games remaining on the schedule: Ole Miss, Mississippi State and LSU away and one game with the LSU Tigers here. Tulane ' s sophomore center. Jack Ardon, is leading the SEC in rebounds and is well up in the scoring race. Coach Wells has substituted freely and thus given his many promis- ing sophomores a lot of good game experience. The great play which has been turned in this season by seniors Vic Klinker, Ron Mitchell, and Dick O ' Brien will be sorely missed next year. However, with plenty of experienced lettermen returning and the addition of four good freshmen. Coaches Wells and Pederson should have a title con- tending team next year. The Wave hopes will also be bolstered by the fast growing realization by the Tulane student body that basket- ball is a fast and exciting sport and fits into the Tulane athletic pro- gram, taking second place to no other sport. The large and enthus- iastic crowds next year should be in for a real basketball treat. 228 O ' BRIEN ARDON KRIDER MITCHELL CAPTAIN KLINKER WENZEL The Tulane basketball team spent its Christmas holidays in 1959 participating in the Sugar Bowl Basketball Tournament. Cast in the role of an underdog, the Greenies played excep- tionally well. In the opening game of the tourney, the Wave topped the Gobblers of Virginia Tech, 62 to 57. In this same round Western Kentucky eliminated defending champion, Mississippi State. The next night Tulane met Western Ken- tucky in the finals. Star forward Vic Klinker was injured dur- ing the game and was lost to the Greenies for a time. After a tough battle Western Kentucky edged the Wave, 7 I to 67. The Greenies didn ' t have a home court advantage during the tourney due to the fact that the Loyola Field hlouse is used for Sugar Bowl basketball. Outstanding play for Tu- lane was turned in by Ron Mitchell, Jack Ardon, Rex Krider, Gus Wenzel, and Klinker, along with consistently good play making by Dick O ' Brien. THE SUGAR BOWL Tip-in by Klinker and friend. Getfs goes high for Sugar Bowl rebound Getts gefs two. Jack gets tip against Tide. Coach Wells shouts instructions. Ardon Jumps for the elusive basketball O ' Brien ' s keyhole jump shot — a familiar sight Klinlcer rebounds in tensIon-pacVed Auburn game BASKETBALL March and O ' Brien guard the back court. Outstanding soph Jacic Ardon hooks for two. Greenies gang up on opposition. Klinker on his way to a career total of 1012 points, fourth highest in Tulane ' s history. TRACK This year, for the first time in many years, Tulane will have a full-fledged track program due to the completion of the new university track facilities. Olympic champion, Dave Sime, has called the crushed brick track one of the finest in the country. Coach Oelkers has several top flight veterans returning plus many promising freshmen prospects. This year ' s full and ex- citing schedule should make full use of the new track and pits which are located in the new sports center behind the Tulane Sugar Bowl Stadium. One of the highlights of this season will be the dual meet with the Southeastern Conference defend- ing champions, LSU. The new track program is another step in the re-emphasis of spring sports at Tulane. Capps passes to Winsberg without breaking stride. COACH JOHN OELKERS Peterson throws the javelin. I960 Varsity Tennis Team: Standing, Coach Pare, Elliott Bell, Crawford Henry, Austin Robertson, Fred Lampe. Kneeling, Sam Gray, Bill Hardcastio, and Phil Petra. BILL HARDCASTLE PHIL PETRA TENNIS During the 1959 spring tennis season the Green Wave tennis team continued Tulane ' s traditional success in this sport. The squad went undefeated throughout the season; defeating such teams as Northwestern, LSU, Texas, Georgia Tech, Georgia, Vanderbilt, Ole Ivliss, and the New Orleans Lawn Tennis Club. The Wave was also leading when a match with Rice was cancelled due to rain. The Greenie netters con- tinued their christening of the new courts and stadium behind the Field House by winning the Southeastern Conference ti- tle. Ron Holmberg won the singles championship and he teamed with Crawford hienry to cop the doubles competi- tion. These two then went on to the national eliminations and brought the NCAA Inter-collegiate Team Tennis Champion- ship home to Tulane. Although Holmberg has completed his eligibility, Henry returns as does the rest of last year ' s team. Coach Pare also has several talented freshmen who, under his expert coaching, should continue to make the name Tu- lane synonymous with championship tennis. COACH EMMETT PARE ELLIOTT BELL CRAWFORD HENRY . v wn COACH JACK ORSLEY BASEBALL In a total of 15 varsity games this past year, the Tulane Baseballers compiled a record of six win,s and nine losses. Prospects, however, look much brighter for the I960 season. Tulane will have use of its new diamond located behind the Sugar Bowl Stadium. In addition, the Greenies will be under the direction of a new coach, Jack Orsley. Coach Orsley was formerly athletic director of Loyola University of the South and was basketball and baseball coach. He is a graduate of Illinois Uni- versity and has his Masters from Columbia. The heart of the Wave mound corps will return, led by Herb Fall, hard throwing right-hander who had a 3.54 earned run average for the lowest on the squad last season. Jimmy Donoghoe and Bob Cornett along with most of last season ' s team will also return. More experience plus a new coach and the addition of several new players all point to a winning season for the I960 edition of the Green Wave Baseball Squad. nnn Tj oiii rWilS T ami ' 23 j|pi The Pitching Staff: Bratton, Donoqhoe, Peebles, and Fa 1959 Price and Clements await their turn at the batting cage. ■. Greenies size up the opposition. Site of future Sreenie diamond Stoll and Colon receive last minute signal briefing. ii X 1 SEASON RECORD, 1959 ' .i£S. « CSfeal4V , ■ Tulane 8 Tulane Tulane Tulane 7 Tulane 4 Tulane Tulane II Tulane I Tulane 5 Tulane I Tulane 2 Tulane 9 Tulane I Tulane 4 Tulane 3 Northwestern Northwestern Alabama . . . Alabama . . . Miss. State . . Miss. State . . Miss. State . . Miss. State . . Ole Miss. . . . Ole Miss S Ole Miss 22 LSU 7 LSU 6 LSU 5 LSU ....... 2 237 GOLF Last season ' s golf team showed a marked improvement over previous years by winning seven matches while losing only four. Prospects for this year are even brighter. There are three seniors returning: Finklestein, Mussafer, and Barcelo. There are also many underclassmen who have a great deal of promise. The schedule for this spring includes Yale, LSU, Mississippi Southern and several Louisiana colleges. Coach Innes Miller and his squad are hoping for at least a 9 and 2 season. COACH INNES MILLER TULANE FRESHMAN-SOPHOMORE Soon after the close of the regulation season, the Tulane freshmen and sophonnores renewed their an- nual football rivalry. The squads were composed of athletically inclined students who were not involved in intercollegiate competition. Coached by mem- bers of the Green Wave, the boys were soon molded into two well coordinated teams. In a hard fought contest, the sophomores, who lead the series, edged out the freshmen by the score of I 2 to 6. Outstand- ing players in the game were: for the sophomores — outstanding back Dave Allred and outstanding line- man Jay Seastrunk. The freshman outstanding back was Butch Gatlin and outstanding lineman was Lynn Zarr. Coach Abadie presents trophies to the game ' s outstanding players: Standing, Butch Gatlin, freshnnan back, and Dave Allred, sophomore back. Kneeling, Lynn Zarr, freshman lineman, and Jay Seastrunk, sophomore lineman. Rough and tumble action highlights the annual Frosh Soph rivalry. 239 A game oi Pushball in the men ' s quad makes the afternoon pass quiclcly. Bowling champs, standing, Arts and Sciences; runners-up, Itneeling, Phelps House. INTRA-MURAL SPORTS Tulane offers a well-rounded intramural sports program to meet the athletic needs of those students who are not eli- gible for intercollegiate competition. Competition is on a team and individual basis, classified by dormitory, school, ' club, or military unit. The sports vary in range from bridge to football; including soccer, basketball, badminton, Softball, tennis, swimming, and others. All intramural activities are ably supervised by Coach Ben Abadie and his staff. The center of activity is the field house with its modern facilities. The field house is also open throughout the afternoon and night for any students who want to " get back into shape. " There are three handball courts adjacent to the field house. A fully equipped gymnasium completes the intramural fa- cilities. Intramural Football Champs — Chemical Engineering Badminton Champ — Dick Wilson of Irby House. 241 TULANE SAILING CLUB The Tulane Sailing Club gives students an opportunity to learn the art of sailing through the facilities of the Southern Yacht Club. On a pretty spring afternoon the waters of Lake Ponchartrain are covered with white sails as the group practices. Much time is also spent in mending sails and line, and painting. Last year the club won third place in the Midwestern Invitational Race sponsored by Ohio State Uni- versity. .?; STUDENT ATHLETIC LIAISON COMMITTEE One of the new student groups this year, the Student Ath- letic Liaison Committee, is composed of three student leaders and is charged with the responsibility of assisting the athletic department in entertaining high school football prospects. This year ' s members. Tommy Smith, Harvey Koch, and Char- lie Seemann, helped to take these boys out to dinner and find them dates during their stay on the Tulane campus. This committee, by properly executing its functions, helps in a large way to boost Tulane ' s football prowess. Charles Seemann, Tommy Smith, Harvey Koch 242 GREEKS CONTENTS • Sororities • Fraternities DAVE LEWIN • EDITOR (!a»S» !S« i ,iS«)iS?. fe„ 245 Pan-Hellenic Council Members MEMBERS Alpha Delta Pi DIANA DALY Alpha Delta P! ELEANOR TRESRE Alpha Epsilon Phi BARBARA MILLER Alpha Epsilon Phi RICI SCHOLL Alpha Omicron Pi TITIANA MARINOVITCH Alpha Omicron Pi JACKIE VILLARS Chi Omega . SANDRA DRAUGHN Chi Omega MARY ELLA BURKE Delta Zeta BRENDA JONES Delta Zeta . . . . JOAN ROGERS Kappa Alpha Theta JUDY LAMB Kappa Alpha Theta . . . ; NONIE WALLER Kappa Kappa Gamma JANIE JANSSEN Kappa Kappa Gamma ANN KELLY Phi Mu MARILYN CIACCIO Phi Mu MARY HELEN GRIFFIN Pi Beta Phi VIRGINIA JONES Pi Beta Phi DOTTIE STOREY Sigma Delta Tau ROSIE KAYE Sigma Delta Tau JUDY LITVIN Lynn Thalheimer, President 246 NEWCOMB PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL The Newcomb Pan-Hellenic Council is an organization composed of two dele- gates from each sorority, and it has as its aims good scholarship and whole- hearted cooperation with the college ' s ideals for student life. The Council is responsible for the regulation of sorority rush, Homecoming decorations, Pan-Hellenic sports, Skit Night, and Campus Carnival Compe- tition. Each year the Council holds a workshop which is attended by all the officers of each sorority, the function of which is to provide an opportunity for all the sororities on campus to meet, discuss mutual problems, and suggest possible solutions. The City Pan-Hellenic Scholarship Tray is awarded to the sorority with the high- est yearly scholastic average, and each year the Newcomb Pan-Hellenic Tro- phy is presented to the sorority which has accumulated the most poi nts for outstanding participation in various campus activities throughout the year. Fierce inter-sorority competition is displayed at the Sigma Chi Derby Day. First Row, Left to Right: Mary Ella Burke, Marilyn Ciaccio, Diana Daly, Sandra Draughn, Mary Helen Griffin, Janle Janssen, Brenda Jones. Second Row: Virginia Jones, Rosle Kaye, Judy Lamb, Judy LItvin, TIflana Marlnovltch, Barbara Miller, Joan Rogers. Third Row: RIcI Scholl, Dottle Storey, Eleanor Tregre, Jackie Vlllars Nonle Waller. Not Pictured: Ann Kelly. vi ' VMW W -■■s «ie ' « ' o«tif rt» ' ' ■v™e wocws5j :i:;RfiWS3 ;::S: ' J 247 -»:■ r ' — J.. . Eleanor Tregre, president ■ ALPHA DELTA PI ■ MU CHAPTER Alpha Delta PI, the oldest woman ' s sorority, was founded at Wes- leyan College in Macon, Georgia. Epsilon chapter was chartered on the Newcomb campus in 1906. Every year Alpha Delta Pi participates in campus activities such as Songfest, Homecoming, and Campus Carnival. In December the sorority gave a Christmas party for orphans and throughout the year has contributed to the national charity for handicapped children. The social year began with the pledge banquet and party and was followed by an alumni tea later in the month. A houseparty at Long Beach and the annual President party were other colorful fall events. Dinners at the house, the Founder ' s Day Banquet, and a pledge-active breakfast also added to Alpha Delta Pi ' s social calendar. The formal, held early this spring, was, of course, the crowning event of the year. Alpha Delta Pi is proud of Karen Bailey, president of the Music school; Susie Bruck, chairman of the Decorations Committee at the University Center, and Diana Daly, chairman of the Hospitality Committee. Other active sisters were Denise Bailliet chosen " Miss France " for International Day, and Deanna Schloegal who ap- peared at the Blue Room. Three Alpha Delta Pis, Carol Doskey, Ginny Nazro, and Connie Sarvay, were on their junior year abroad. Oriental Dishe 248 First Row: Gail Arner, Barbara Baggett, Karen E. Bailey, De- nlse A. Bailllet, Diane Barrett, Brooke Booth, Bebe Dobbs Brumby, Dottee Buck. Second Row: Lyn Chalona, Renee Chennault, Ann Coulon, Diana Daly, Joan Dickerson, Ellie DiGilia, Eleanor Amelia Dye, Micha Evans. Third Row: Catherine Gerstner, Lynne hladdock, Ann hlarbe- son, Mary Jo Hartt, Sallye htartt, Jane Louise Higgins, Sus- anne Jamison, Sharon Jones. Fourth Row: Carolyn Jo Kolb, Diane Lassiter, Pat McMillan, Jeannette M. Mills, Kay Mitchell, Leanne Northrup, Carolyn Owens, Madge Pierce. Fifth Row: Katharine Powell, Ann Ratllff, Kathleen H. Ryan, Arthel Scheuermann, Cynthia A. Schilling, Deanna C. Schioe- gel, Sally Lou Schock, Sandra E laine Schoonover. Sixth Row: Merle Scott, Ginger Spitzfaden, Eleanor Tregre, Jean Vorhoff, Bonnie Ann Wallau, Virginia Ward, Donna White, Mary Anne Whittmann. Not Pictured: Carol Doskey, Eileen Link, Marianne Meyer- son, Virginia Nazro, Connie Sarvay, Linda Thomas, Carolyn Tregre. Colors: Blue and White Flower: Violet Founded: 1851 249 Sherrell Hoffman, president B ALPHA EPSILON PHI ■ EPSILON CHAPTER Alpha Epsilon Phi, founded at Barnard College, was installed at Newcomb in 1916, and has been an active sorority on campus since that time. A house party on the Gulf Coast started Alpha Epsilon Phi ' s social year. In October the 62 actives gave a party at Bruno ' s for the 33 pledges. A Halloween theme provided the background for the annual fall dinner-dance at Lakewood Country Club. When December came around, the Phi ' s gave a party for the children at Kingsley House. The Founder ' s Day Luncheon plus frequent lunches at the sorority house were enjoyed by all. A Formal in the spring at Lakewood Country Club was the highlight of the Alpha Epsilon Phi social calendar. Alpha Epsilon Phi ' s have excelled in all phases of campus activities. Barbara Miller was president of the Student Center and second vice-president of the Tulane Student Council. Diane Orkin and Beverly Blumberg were presidents of the Senior and Junior Class respectively. Sherrell Hoffman was secretary of the Senior Class, and Linda Glazer was secretary of the Sophomore class. Gloria Schottenstein and Lynn Orkin were members of Assets, and Lynn was president of the honorary sophomore organization. Phyllis Alexander, Marilyn Meyer and Lynn Orkin were Tulane Cheerlead- ers. Lynn Thalheimer was president of Newcomb ' s Pan-Hellenic Council, and Phyllis Alexander was a representative to Tulane ' s Student Council. " May I spealc to the lady of the house? " Togetherness 250 First Row, Left to Right: Phyllis John Alexander, Ann Arnof, Barbara Axelrod, Joan Dee Axelrod, Linda Baer, Elene R. Baernstein, Jane Berger, Jane A. Bergmann, Jan Carol Bernstein, Charlotte Blotner, Beverly Blumberg. Second Row: Barbara Fay Cohen, Karen Cramer, Sue Davidow. Lynn Suzanne Dumas, Diano Louise Eichhorn, Carol Eiseman, Sally Elsas, Peggy Ann Elston, Carol Sue Feldman, Cecile Felsenthal, Jonee Fine. Third Row: Beth J. Flowers, Carol Freyer, Roslyn Harriette Frohman, Linda Glazer, Karen Giosserman, Ann Goldsmith, Jane Goodman, Harriet Ruth Gordon, Dale Grundfest, Becky hioffman, Sherrell hioffman. Fourth Row; Franclne Jacobs, Carole Jaffe, Betty Joseph. Barbara Kanter, Sandra Kay, Frances Kellnor, Susan Kellnor, Anne Klein, Sylvia Paige Klumok, Jackie Kohn, Carolyn Koppel. Fifth Row: Juliet H. Kossman, Susan Kulman, Dale June Kulvin, Linda Kurtzon, Ellen Lasker, Ruth Myra Lebovitz, Fredda Lee Levin, Maureen Levitan. Barbara Lynne Lewis, Peggy Marks,, Diane Gene Maslansky. Sixth Row: Marian Masters, Marilyn Meyer, Barbara Lee Miller; Sue Ca- role Nasits, Hilda Nussbaum, DIanne Orkin, Lynn Orkin, Carole Jean Rolnick, Paula Wolf Ross. Sylvia Roth, Gloria Rudd. Seventh Row: Rtci Scholl, Gloria Schottenstein, Ann Kessler Schudmak, Jill Schuster, Gay Shlenker, Marcia Silverberg, Sydney Simons. Clair Fay Solomon, Ruth Ellen Spirer, Lottye M. Spitzer, Carolyn Steinberg. Eighth Row: Lynne Thalheimer, Gail Joan Wallis, Linda Weil, Betty Lee Weinstein, Eleanor Weiss, Kay Wiener, Fran Wolf, Joanne Dora Wolf, Ray Ann Yale. Not Pictured: Frances Dow, Kay Lynn Epstein, Linda Fineberg, Phyllis Glaser, Marilyn Pailet, Elizabeth Rahn, Kayla Rosenberg, Andi Taub, Charlotte Wolens. A[i|i Colors: Green and White Flower: Lily of the Valley Founded: 1909 251 ■ ALPHA OMICRON PI ■ PI CHAPTER Alpha Omicron Pi originated at Barnard College, and In 1898 Pi chapter was chartered on the Newcomb campus. This year AOPi continued in its position as a leader on campus. In sorority competition it claimed second in volley ball and third in Homecoming decorations: Alpha Omicron Pi also participated In Campus Carnival. Together AOPi and Phi Kappa Sigma held their annual Christmas party for orphans. The AOPI ' s had a busy social season — starting with a pre-school house party on the coast. In December, the pledges and actives enjoyed a picnic, and later on, the Founder ' s Day banquet. The New Orleans Country Club was the scene of the pledge dinner dance in early January, followed by the highlight of the social year — the spring formal on April 9th. Not only as a group did the AOPi ' s play an important role on campus, but also the Individual members achieved recognition. Elected to Who ' s Who were Justine Bernard, Cecile Dodge, and Colleen Sullivan. Judie Edwards was named to Hall of Fame, and Paf FIrmIn was chosen for membership in Assets. Serving as Presidents of campus organizations were Colleen Sullivan, Honor Board; K. Montgomery, Mortar Board; Justine Bernard, TUT; and Judy Farrar, Phi Chi Theta. Kay Hecker and Retta Babst were Chairman and Vice-chairman of Orientation, respectively. Michaela Pelletterl was president of the Freshman class, and Judy Farrar was Secretary-Treasurer of the Business School. AOPi also boasted the Sweetheart of Sigma Chi — Ickey Trueting. Other AOPi ' s served on the Student Directory, " Hullabaloo, " and JAMBALAYA staffs, in Tusk and House Council. 252 First Row: Lorefto Babst, Mary Carlton Batts, Justine Du- Montier Bernard, Beverly J. Bishop, Sally Bisso, Brownie Brown, Sally Canfield, Rona Sue Cantrell, Catherine Carroll, Jane Cheney. Second Row: Caroline Cole, Darleen Margaret Creevy, Bet- ty DeGryse, Cecile Dodge, Judie Edwards, Bets y Erwin, Hope Farrar, Judy Farrar, Janet Gail Farris, Susan R. Fee. Third Row: Missy Ferguson, Judyth H. Field, Pat FIrmin, Jeanne Foster, Lynn Fuller, Carolyn J. Fuselier, M. Adele Gaudet, Joan Girot, Marilyn Louise Gordon, Peggy Hane- mann. Fourth Row: Patty Hanley, Emily Harris, Kevin Isabelle Hill, Nina Jacobs, Charlyne Jones, Linda Sue Kastrin, Louise Kel- ly, Beverly Kerr, Katherlne Kimberlin, Brenda Legglo. Fifth Row: Mary Frances Lucas, Jean Alison McClenathan, Janet Lee McCracken, Tucker McGrady, Tatiana Marlno- vich, Linda Moehlman, Kay Munch, Elizabeth Anne Neff, Micaela Pellettleri, Catherine Porter. Sixth Row: Gail Rancler, Elaine Rehm, Jeannette Schaleben, Martha Shoaf, Colleen Sullivan, Pat Sullivan, Ann Berline Tay- lor, Walida " Ickey " Treuting, Jackie Villars, Bee von Wald. Seventh Row: Judy Walte, Gnann Williams. Not Pictured: Elizabeth Butler, Velma Crawford, Cecile Dodge, Francis Hightower, K. Montgomery, Leslie Payne, Betty Sullivan, Carol Sullivan. Color: Cardinal Flower: Jacqueminot Rose Founded: 1897 253 Molly Maugham, presidenl B CHI OMEGA ■ RHO CHAPTER Chi Omega was founded at the University of Arkansas in 1895. Rho chapter has been an important part of Greek life at Newcomb since its establishment in 1900. The 1959-60 year for the Chi Omegas was filled with plenty of work and play. The social year got off to a fine start with a suc- cessful rush week which broughht about a fine group of pledges. The year continued with the Chi Omega participating in many activities including Skit Night, Campus Carnival, and homecoming decorations. The sorority sent helpful CARE packages to a Greek orphan whom they sponsored. Many members also worked in the library at Touro Hospital and at the Crippled Children ' s hiospital. The year was boosted with a houseparty at the Buena Vista. Dur- ing the month of October the Chi Omegas were hostesses at a dinner dance. Supper meetings and lunches were enjoyed by all during this successful year. Rho chapter can boast of the honors received by many of their girls. Molly Mangham was elected Secretary of Business, while Anne Davis was elected to the I960 Beauty Court and Mary E. Burke to the hlomecoming Court. Thus by actively helping in the community, participating In campus events and enjoying social events, the Chi Omegas have created a sense of unity and pride In their sorority. The natives were friendly. If you think this is crowded, you ought to see the bottom layer. 254 First Row: Ann Sparkman Barron, Gina Beem, Betsy Black- mon, Sue Reid Blackshear, Jane Walton Boriss, Clare Angele Brierre, Jean Broders, Nancy Laura Brown, Barbara Burdin, Mary Ella Burke, Bonnie Jean Burt. Second Row: Betty Calvert, Mary Capps, Carole Shelby Carnes, Jeanne Marie Cavaroc, Mary Munday Clayton, Claire Cook, Carol Ann Cram, Lyn Crawford, Helen Knox Darling, Anne H. Davis, Sandra Draughn. Third Row: Lillian Elaine Eccles, Frances Egger, Jane B. Eshle- man. Peppy Eves, Nancy Lee Fant, Betty Field, Sally Ann Field, Anne Franks, Brenda Frazar, Missy Green, Martha Rol- lins Hatten. Fourth Row: Martha Duke Hayes, Elaine Hixon, Gayle Hous- ton, Carolyn Kenney, Ann Kingsley, Sallye Lewis, Jo Lynn Lloyd, Rowena McClinton, Molly Mangham, Tee Mann, Judy Marler. Fifth Row: Tucky Moss, Mary Murphy Moss, Nelson Moss, Jeanie Mullins, Barrie Niehuss, Virginia Niehaus, Kay No- ble, Mary Ellen O ' Quinn, Betty Orendorf, Eleanor Jane Park, Donia Payne. Sixth Row: Sarah Jane Quinn, Betsy Rouse, Susan Shanklin, Nan Smith, Gwin Sorrells, Letia Soule, Mary Ruth Stephen- son, Rosemary Stewart, Carolyn L. Strong, Diane Taylor, Margaret Taylor. Seventh Row: Lynn Bradley Tomlinson, Zelda Szodomka Trist, Elisabeth Uimer, Helen Vander Horst, Linda Vennard, Joan Warner, Lynda Gordon Yates. fc n Colors; Cardinal and Strav Flower: White Carnation Founded: 1895 255 ' V Sandra Jongsma, presldenf ■ DELTA ZETA ■ BETA UPSILON CHAPTER Delta Zeta was established October 24, 1902. The Beta Upsilon chapter began the year with the usual flurry of activities: Rush, Homecoming decorations and an open house after the Tulane-Georgia Tech game. As the semester progressed the DZ ' s continued their festivities with a Founders ' Day banquet, a Christmas party for deaf children, and a nopen house on Parents ' Day. The highlight of Delta Zeta ' s social calendar was the Rose Formal which carried out the motif of their colors. Old Rose and Nile Green. It will long be remembered by the sisters as an affair enjoyed by all. A trip to Baton Rouge for the Delta Zeta State Day rounded out the social whirl. Beta Upsilon claims honors in campus activities. Joan Rogers was secretary of Pan-Hellenic Council of Newcomb. Gayle Howell had the distinction of being the first woman student at Tulane to receive the Schlumberger Institute Scholarship for outstanding collegiate work. Delta Zeta pep rally Trying to attract a waiter. 256 Firsf Row: Patti Drake, Marcia Herndon, Gayle John Howell Brenda Jones, Alexandra Jongsma. Third Row: Joan E. Rogers, Sonja B. Romanowski, Blanquita Santiago, Sandra Ulmer, Catherine A. Wallace. Second Row: Donna Lowenstein, Victoria Elena Martinez Janice Mele, Diane E. Newman, Lyn Pelter. Not Pictured: Marilyn Marsiglia, Sue Patton, Joy Wille. u Colors: Old Rose and Nile Green Flower: Killarney Rose Founded: 1902 257 Charlene Podas, president ■ KAPPA ALPHA THETA ■ ALPHA PHI CHAPTER Founded at DePauw University, Alpha Phi Chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta was installed at Newcomb in 1914. Kappa Alpha Theta had a busy year of participation in cannpus and Pan-Hellenic activities such as Homeconning Display Compe- tition and Campus Carnival. The sisters also showed their interest in civic responsibilities as they volunteered their time twice a week to work with underprivileged children. With dinner at the house every Monday night the pledges and actives were drawn together in a close tie. The party that the pledges gave for the actives topped off their round of activities. The Christmas party that the Mother ' s Club gave climaxed the social events of the first semester. In February Theta celebrated its Founder ' s Day with the annual banquet, but the highlight of the year was the Spring Formal. The sorority has been represented in an outstanding manner in all phases of campus life. Among Kappa Alpha Theta ' s VIP ' s were Charlene Podas, President of the Newcomb Student Body, repre- sentative to the Tulane Student Council and representative to the Publications Board; Jane Igert, President of Mortar Board; Susie Smith, President of the Tulane-Newcomb Wesley Foundation; Johanna Campbell, representative to the Tulane Student Council, House Council and Inner-House Council; Ann Godfrey, Warren House Council; Letty Soltry, secretary of the Resident Student Government Association; Kathy Knolle, President of Josephine Louise House; Ann Aucoin, President of Warren House; Kita Kelly, President of the Sophomore class, representative to the Newcomb Honor Board and Newcomb Student Council. " Then he hit me with his purse! " 258 First Row: Jennie Barnette, Nancy Beers, Dorofhy A. Bell, Theodora Merrif Bray, Rella Brooks, Brenda Brown, Johanna Campbell, Martha Collins, Franka Sims Dawson, D. D. Dume- stre. Second Row: Sandra Anne Faysash, Nancy Jean Gallaher, Letty Goltry, Suzy Graham, Almeta Louise Haggard, Mary Allen hiansen, Linda LHudson, Susie Husted, Mary Igert, Beth Jones. Third Row: Judy Mason Jones, Betty Kelly, Susie Kelly, Mar- garet A. Kettler, Kathy Knolle, Jewel Kussman, Judith Lamb, Wing MacDonald, Margaret Minard, Sandy Noble. Fourth Row: Mary Sue Ogg, Suzanne Pitts, Charlene Podas, Carolyn Powers, Jane I. Ranna, Judy Lane Richardson, Renee Richard, Toni Roberts, Mary Jane Robertson, Jennie Lou Ropp. Fifth Row: Mignon Marie Rousset, Maren Ruello, Leda Scheuermann, Susan Frances Schierer, Carol Schuchs; Sylvia Seiferth Brannen, Bonnie Shaw, Carol M. Smith, Susan M. Smith, Bay Smithgall. Sixth Row: Judy Stewart, Susan Templeton, Anne Thomas, Anne Tomlinson, Nancy Van Cleave, Nonie Waller, Susan Arnett Wilder. Not Pictured: Ann Aucoin, Roulhac Bunkley, Ann Godfrey, Helen Hauser, Kathleen Hickey, Jennie Hodges, Diane How- ard, Kita Kelly, Sue Ann Kenney, Heddie Lawrie, Madeleine Maurey, Diane Mitchell, Phyllis Rodgers, Emily Wendel. Colors: Black and Gold Flower: Pansy Founded: 1870 259 Janie Janssen, president " Here! ! found another bug! " ■ KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA ■ BETA OMICRON CHAPTER Kappa Kappa Gamma was founded at Monmouth College, Mon- mouth, Illinois, In 1870, and Beta Omicron chapter has held an important place on the Newcomb campus since 1904. The soror- ity colors are light and dark blue, and the flower is the fleur-de-lis. Rush Week was heralded by a wonderful group of twenty-five pledges, and on the night of pledging, both actives and pledges celebrated at a swimming party. A week later formal pledging was held, after which the group adjourned to Delmonico ' s for its annual pledge banquet. By Christmas the pledges were well Integrated into the group, and before going home for the holidays, the annual Kappa Christ- mas Party was held. Entertainment ranged from poetry reading to apple dunking. After a two-week vacation and then exams, the sorority initiated those pledges who had made their grades. Thoughts then turned to the Spring Formal, this year held at the Century Room of the Monteleone Hotel. In May, the founding of Beta Omicron chap- ter was celebrated at the annual Founders ' Day Banquet where the seniors were sadly bid adieu. Let ' s make the hive Jive. 260 First Row: Emily Richardson Andry, Joan Andress, Susan Cutter Applegate, Hazel " Honey " Austin, Anne Avegno, Bonnie Baumbach, Alta Bechtel, Martha Allen Bennett, Kathy Bishop, Karen Brookfield. Second Row: Mary K. Bruns, Brenda Byrne, Cornelia Bowling Carrier, Cynthia Cason, Lisle Castleman, Baynard Channber- lain, Eaton Chauvin, Kassie Connett, Ann Allison Cox, Elaine Crossfield. Third Row: Dana Davis, Adrienne Fay Dawson, Elizabeth " Toby " Delony, Katheryn Macaulay DePass, Anne Caton De- tert, Millie Fagan, Meade Fowlkes, Alice Caroline Gandy, Carolyn Gelbke, Glenda Gaynelle Graham. Fourth Row: Lady Greenslit, Anne Hamilton, Lady Helen Hardy, Lynda Harvey, Helen Hayden, Elizabeth McClure Hays, Penny Hess, Linda Hines, Jane M. Janssen, Karol Anne Kuersteiner. Fifth Row: Martha Mclntyre Means, Allison Miller, Ann Mon- roe, Evelyn Naill Ransom, Carlyle C. Reedy, Betty Roy, Bev- erly Scott, Sandra Shuler, Imogene Smith, Gina Soniat. " Sixth Row: Nancy Starr, Harriet Stone, Alice Calmes Tal- bott, Cynthia Terrill, Corinne Thomas, Betty Lou Tomlinson, Virginia Lowe Wells, Lynne Daniel Whiteman, Caroline Wil- cox. Not Pictured: Sally Chapman, Eleonore Eustls, Margaret Harell, Linda Hazen, Judy Hicks, Betsy Hughes, Mary John- son, Susan Jones, Ann Kelly, Linda Kostmayer, Ann Maley, Beth Morris, Sally Myslng, Anne Obolensky, Ann Wood. w Colors: L ight and Dark Blue Flower: Fleur de lis Founded: 1870 26.1 Martlyn Ciacclo, president ■ PHI MU ■ DELTA CHAPTER Phi Mu was founded at Wesleyan College, and Delta Chapter was established on the Newcomb campus in 1906. In September the members of Delta returned to the white house on Zimple Street, brown from the sun and filled with enthusiasm inspired by the annual pre-rush house party at the White House on the Gulf Coast. Close on the heels of the busy rush season came pledging and the annual pledge banquet. A French Quarter ex- cursion, a rainy picnic, and numerous informal get-togethers brought the big and little sisters closer. Almost before anyone realized it, hHomecoming was here and gone, and Phi Mu had won fourth place for house decorations. The fall social season whirled by with the monthly Mothers ' Club luncheons, an informal supper-dance at the house, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas parties. Monthly Philcmathean Hours brought members together for informal sings and entertaining speakers. In the spring, the sorority combined philanthropy and fun at a Valentine ' s Day party for the crippled children ' s hospital. As tradition dictated, the annual spring formal was held the Fri- day before Mardi Gras at the Southern Yacht Club. It highlighted a wonderful vacation break. As a group. Delta participated in the intramural tournaments and looked forward to Skit Night participation. As individuals, the P!ii Mus worked with House Council, the " Hullabaloo, " the Student Directory, various University Center Committees, religious groups, and spirit organizations. There were members in the Con- cert Choir, the Dance Club, the Art Club, and TUT. The honorar- ies Phi Sigma lota, Sigma Pi Sigma, and Kappa Delta Pi claimed members of Phi Mu. Joan Apgar and Marilyn Vanderberg served as presidents of the Christian Science Group and of Westminster Fellowship. Kay Bergeret was treasurer of Sigma Pi Sigma, and she and Eleanor Foulk served as R.O.T.C. sponsors. " Welcome home! " Hi-Phi Mu 262 First Row: Kay Anderson, Alice Andrews, Miriam Marie Ane, Julia Arnold, Rosalie Batchelder, Kay Bergeret, Martha Ellen Blair, Alice Alcide Bondy. Second Row: Bernice Broderick, Marilyn Ciaccio, Mary Lyda Coon, Frances May Decker, Mary Befh Dodge, Carroll Du- rand, Eleanor Faulk, Julie Fransen. Third Row: Rosemary Gatewood, Elizabeth Gillis, Nancy Ann Gostomski, Mary Helen Griffin, Kathleen Hagaman, Ha ' " - riet FHardin, Julie FHatten, Sally Hite. Fourth Row: Cynthia Hopkins, Elizabeth Hubbs, Linda Lee Ineichen, Alliene Jenkins, Karen Linda Knight, Pat Murphy, Gwen Nelson, Peggy Odom. Fifth Row: Dena Price, Virginia Mary Scheppegrell, Mary Lillian Sink, Marilyn Frances Vanderburg, Betty Ann Weaver, Carolyn Werner, Gaye Wilson, Carol Ann Winkler. Sixth Row: Gerry Murphy Ziegler. I Colors: Rose and Whit? Flower: Enchantress Carnatior Founded: 1853 263 Judy O ' Brien, president Another dagger finds Its marlt. ■ PI BETA PHI ■ LOUISIANA ALPHA CHAPTER Pi Beta Phi, founded at Monmouth College in 1867, was installed at Newcomb College in 1891. The Pi Phis were active partici- pants on the campus this year, both as a group and Individually. After a busy house-party at Holiday Inn in Sulfport, a very suc- cessful Rush Week was enjoyed, followed by the traditional pledge banquet held at Arnaud ' s. The Mother-Daughter Tea was followed by a scholarship dinner, and the pledges staged a successful style show. To celebrate their newly redecorated house, the Pi Phis held Open House in the fall, inviting their campus friends. At Christmas time they adopted a poor family and brought them gifts. At the annual spring formal on March 18, Pi Phi enjoyed the music of Rene Louapre. In Pan-Hellenic competition Pi Phi won first place in Volleyball and second place in Homecoming decorations. Judy O ' Brien was Homecoming Queen and Virginia Jones was in the Court. Pam Plumley and Helen Scibienski were elected to the JAM BALA YA Beauty Court. The Pi Phis are proud of the honors won by their members this year. Judy O ' Brien, Dottie Storey and Susan Pace represent Pi Phi in Who ' s Who, and Judy O ' Brien served as Secretary of the Tulane Student Council. Kathy Sangster was elected Secretary of the Newcomb Student Council, and Bev Bretz was chosen Fresh- man Cheerleader. Judy O ' Brien, Dottie Storey, and Pat Van Scoy were in the Hall of Fame; Dottie was President of the Athletic Council. Jan Hendrick was on the Newcomb Honor Board. Susan Pace was chosen V ' ce-Chairman of Region 9 of the Student Union Board. " Loolc, she ' s late again! ' 264 First Row, Left to Right: Burdlne Anderson, Brenda Mary Baehr, Cor- nelia Barnes. Bettina Blair, Bottie Born, Beverly C. Bretz, Carolyn Elaine Brown, Suzanne Brunazzi, Carol Carmichae!, Susan Caven. Second Row: Julia Anne Ciaverie, Ceciie Costley, Cynthia Dawlcins, Landrea Ducote, Brenda Edmonson, Sidonie de la Houssaye Evans, Su- sans Foster, Lolita Gelpi, Sandra Lee Grage, Linda Palmer Hardy. Third Row: Patricia C. Harlln, Margie Hillery, Judy Lea Jones, Ruthie Jones, Virginia M. Jones. Mary Rains Lewis, Caroline " Toddy " Lyman, Keith Manatt, Marsha Miller, Susan Miller. Fourth Row; Julia Tevis Narz, Judy O ' Brien. Susan Pace, Duane Perrow, Jane Caroline Pharr. Geraldine Picton, Pam Plumley, Rose Marie Rapier, Mardi Reiss, Kathleen Georges Roth. Fifth Row: Jane Sanford. Kathy Sangster, Anne Devereux Schuize, Helen Scibienski, Mary Helen Seago, Jo Anne Sharman, Judith D. Sharp, Winkie Sinnott, Dotfie Storey. Carolyn Sutter. Sixth Row: Ellann Thompson, Pat Van Scoy, Beth Warren, Barbara Ann Williams, Evelyn Winder, Laura Worley, Not Pictured: Jeanne Bartlett, Virginia Bass, Julia Anne Ciaverie, Cath- erine Ciann, Harriet McCali Davis, Pattie Georghegean, Joan Gueymand, Jan Hendricks, Susan Hodges, Cynthia Jastram, Mary Rains Lewis, Anne McDonald, Susan Milly, Ginger Mitchell, Judy Shaw, Sue Stubbs, Virginia Vickers. m Colors: Wine and Silver Blue Flower: Wine Carnation Founded: 1867 265 i Elaine Gilner, president Car-stuffing practice. ■ SIGMA DELTA TAU ■ ALPHA IOTA CHAPTER Sigma Delta Tau was founded at Cornell University in 1917 and Alpha lota chapter was founded on Newconnb ' s campus in 1955. The sorority began the year with a successful rush week, which only started the year ' s activities. Pledges and actives worked on Home- coming decorations, philanthropic projects, skit night, and ath- letic events. At the first of the year an open house was held at Bruno ' s for the fraternities, while in December, a party was held aboard " The Steamer President. " The Gulf Coast was the place of the winter retreat, where a bean and steak dinner was given in honor of the girls who had high scholastic averages. The climax of the SDT social calendar was the annual spring formal held in April. The SDT ' s boast their VIP ' s on campus: Vickie Goldberg, President of the Art School and the Art Club: llene Bock, Vice-president of Newcomb Student Body; Elaine Gilner, Secretary of Newcomb Student Body; Judy Litvin, Secretary of TUT and the Newcomb Panhellenic Association; Pat Heinsimer, Treasurer of Barracudas; Aletha Schultz, Treasurer of the Freshman Class; Marilyn Cohen, Honor Board Representative for the Freshman Class. SDT was also represented in Who ' s Who in American Colleges by Vickie Gold- berg and llene Bock. Alpha lota is also proud of Bobbie Gordon who is spending her Junior Year Abroad in France. SDT ' s on Newcomb Campus are found active in Student Center work, choral groups, the " Hullabaloo, " Campus Nite, Hillel Foun- dation, Interfaith Council, the Dance Club, Greenbackers, and Tusk. Music to smoke by. 266 First Row: Marjorie Abrams, Sandra Lynn Applebaum, Ro- berta Balkin, Brenda Gail Bartley, Sharon Bez, Lynda Caryl Blankstein, llene Beverly Bock, Ester Bomchel, Lois Jane Co- hen, Marilyn Cohen. Second Row: Elaine Sandra Cohn, Ann Cohn, Louise E. Cole, Joan Carol Davis, Marilyn Sue Donsky, Vivian Eveloff, Joyce Frank, Elaine Beth Gilner, Doris Jean Ginsberg, Peggy Gluck. Third Row: Vicki I. Goldberg. Betty Goldblum, Susan C. Goldstein, Frieda Ann Green, Libby Ann Greenberg, Pat Heinsimer, Ann Ellen hlermer. Bunny Jacobs, Marlene " Ro- sie " Kaye, Margie A. Kendis. Fourth Row: Cecile Klein, Melanie Landau, Diane M. Las- sen, Tiki Lebowitz, Mary Lynn Levy, Judy Litvin, Barbara Macow, Doris Jane Markowitz, tHelaine Mazin, Lynn Andrea Michael. Fifth Row: Evelyn Nancy Mitzner, Diana Lee Padratzik, Diane Polunsky, Linda Prager, Judith Rose, Rona Rothenberg, Bon- nie S. Rubenstein, Lois C. Salomon, Judith Ann Samelson, Mari Louise Schoen. Sixth Row: Nancy Schonfeld, Aletha Schultz, Carol Seider- man, Sandy Spark, Freyda Tresan, Rae Victor, Bobbie V ad- ler, Jane Wilensky, Sue Carol Witt, Jeanne Wurn. Not Pictured: Linda Cole, Elana Davis, Penny Goldman, Karen Jacobson, Flora Kapitsky, Arlene Koritsky, Jane Levy, Anitra Lurie. ni Colors: Cafe-au-lait and Blue Flower: Golden Tea Rose Founded: 1917 267 CHARLES SEEMANN President FRED SEXTON Secretary MEMBERS Alpha EpsHon Pi ALLAN ADELSON Alpha Epsilon Pi ROBERT FRIEDMAN Alpha Tau Omega OMER KUEBEL Alpha Tau Omega CLYDE da la HOUSSAYE Beta Theta Pi STEPHEN NICHOLS Beta Theta Pi CHARLES SEEMANN, JR. Delta Kappa Epsilon KAUL BUHLER Delta Kappa Epsilon BENNETT POWELL Delta Sigma Phi GEORGE MEYER Delta Sigma Phi ROBERT STASSI Delta Tau Delta ROBERT CLARK Delta Tau Delta MICHAEL MICHEL Kappa Alpha CAMERON PAYNE Kappa Alpha HARRY KELLEHER Kappa Sigma NEAL MANGOLD Kappa Sigma FRED PREAUS Phi Delta Theta GARY BROWN Phi Delta Theta THOMAS IRWIN Phi Kappa Sigma ALAN GUMA Phi Kappa Sigma ROBERT ODDONE Pi Kappa Alpha NELSON CASTELLANO Pi Kappa Alpha EDWARD SPOTO, JR. Sigma Alpha Epsilon FRED McCAUGHAN Sigma Alpha Epsilon FRED SEXTON, JR. Sioma Alpha Mu JAY BLOCK Sigma Alpha Mu . . - JERRY GREENBAUM Sigma Chi GEORGE ENOCHS Sigma Chi „ FENTON SANGER Tau Epsilon Phi BOB COHEN Tau Epsilon Phi DONALD MILLER Zeta Beta Tau MARTIN DAVIDSON Zeta Beta Tau HOWARD HURTIG first Row, Left to Right: Allen Adelson, Jay Block, Kaul Buhler. Second Row; Nelson Castellano, Robert Clark, Martin Davidson. Third Row: Clyde de la Houssaye, George Enochs, Robert Friedman. Fourth Row: Jerry Greenbaum, Alan Guma, Howard Hurtig. Fifth Row: Thomas Irv. ' in, Harry Kelleher, Neal Mangold. Sixth Row; Fred McCaughan, Stephen Nichols, Robert Oddone. Seventh Row; Cameron Payne, Bennett Powell, Fred Preaus. Eighth Row; Fenton Sanger, Edward Spoto, Robert Stassi. Not Pictured: Gary Brown, Bob Cohen, Omer Kuebel, George Meyer, Michael Michel, Donald Miller. 268 Dr. Karlem Riess, Faculty Advisor +o Fraternities TULANE PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL In 1858 the first fraternity was founded on the Tulane campus. Since that time the frat ernity system has grown and prospered to the extent that now there are sixteen national fraternities at Tulane, all of which are governed by the Pan-hlellenic Council. The council is composed of a junior and senior representative from each fraternity. The executive function of the council is vested In the Judiciary Committee, comprised of the four officers and two mem- bers at large, which serves as advisor to the chairman and assists him in the performance of his duties. The Judiciary Committee is supplemented by the Athletic Committee, chaired by the Director of Interfraternity Activities. This committee has jurisdiction over all the various competitive activities of the fraternities, ranging from football to songfest and scholarship. In September the Council opens the year with a welcoming banquet for all new pledges. The Council also sponsors as its major activity the annual " Greek Week, " and was one of the first campuses In the country to Institute such a program. The " Week, " climaxed by the Pan-hlellenic formal, features officer and pledge discussions and the community " hielp Day, " all of which are designed to promote a united fraternity system on the Tulane campus. Pan-Hellenic Representatives Robert Friedman, president ■ ALPHA EPSILON PI ■ TAU UPSILON CHAPTER Alpha Epsilon Pi was founded at New York University, and the Tau Upsilon Chapter appeared on the Tulane campus in 1951. This has been a banner year for Tau Upsilon, as thirty-six boys accepted the blue and gold pledge pin of Alpha Epsilon Pi, the largest pledge class on campus. Departing from the old cliche about all v ork and no play, the boys have not forgotten the social side of college, as evidenced by such successful parties as the Gangster party, Pat O ' Brien Re- vue with Emile Paree as master of ceremonies, the Pledge party, and the annual Shipwreck party. These gala affairs gave the mem- bers of Alpha Epsilon Pi many fun-filled hours. The annual Spring Formal which was held at the Monteleone Hotel remains a cher- ished memory for the departing seniors, as well as the new brothers. Alpha Epsilon Pi has excelled scholastically, taking first place in scholastic competition for the second time in three years. The Fraternity participated with much enthusiasm in all facets of Pan-Hellenic competition. Some campus activities in which the brothers participated were the " Hullabaloo, " Greenbacke. ' S, Tusk, APO, Pre-Medical Society, Pi Lambda Beta, Phi Beta Kappa, ROTC, Campus Nite, Honor Board, and the new University Center. " Alpha Epsilon Pi ' s answer to security patrol " " Darling, I ' d like you to meet my family. " 270 First Row, Left to Right: Allen D. Adelson. Andrew J. Allenson, Bruce Glen Bart, Bernard H. Serins, Stanley Z. Berman, Donald I. Bierman, Steve Navran Blank, Richard Bussotf, Howard 5. Cohen. Second Row: Mel Drucker, Lester Dulitz, Ronnie Finkelstein, Stuart Ames Frank, Gerald Marvin Friednnan, Robert Bennett Friedman, Donald M, Gilner, Stephen M. Gittleson, Paul M, Goodlin. Third Row: htoward Hershberg, hloward D. Isaacs, Stephen D. Kafka, Allan L. Katz, Myles Mathias Katz, Ronald F. Katz, Peter B. Klein, Robert S. Klein, Irwin Kleinfeldt. Fourth Row: Danny Kovnat, Richard S. Kugler, Jack M. Leicher, Michael M. Moss, Allan Nathanson, Thomas Oelsner, Bert Oxenberg, Ellis Jay Pallet, Larry Rice. Fifth Row: Allen Rosenzweig, Leonard Rubin, Allan Stanley. Rudolph, Ronald Howard Schneider, Mel Schneidman, S. Ronald Slipman, Byron E. Strug, Richard I. Sunshine, Henry M. Teles. Sixth Row: Bob Tessler, Lowell Weil, Mike Weinrobe. Nick Weinsaft, Stephen Neal Zimmerman. Not Pictured: Gerald Cohen, Russ Herman, Jake Karnofsky, Jack King, Richard Levitov, Mike Marvins, Ed Ruben, Steve Silverman, Gerry Simon, Lenny Spiller. Leonard Alvin Washofsky, Evan Wasserman, Paul Ziegler. m Colors: Gold and Blue Flower: Fleur-de-lis Founded: 193! 271 I ! -A Rene Curry, president ■ ALPHA TAU OMEGA ■ BETA EPSILON CHAPTER Alpha Tau Omega, the first fraternity founded after the War Between the States, had its birth at Virginia Military Institute in 1865. Louisiana Beta Epsilon chapter was established at Tulane in 1887. Near the close of a tremendous Rush Week, climaxed by the pledg- ing of eighteen top men, the brothers were elated by an announce- ment at the outstanding Alumni Banquet-Rush Party held at the Southern Yacht Club. Although the chapter house was recently re- modeled the Alumni have contracted to purchase a new house for the chapter at 712 Broadway. As always, the Taus ' calendar included the Cave Party, followed by the annual Christmas Party with its poem of praise to the chapter brothers. With the benefit of a somewhat enlarged Santa suit, Carl Craine distributed gifts to the orphans. By way of custom, ATO ended each semester with a traditional party. The Sweetheart Formal at the New Orleans Country Club closed the first semester properly, and the Beachcomber Party pro- vided the finishing touches for the school term. The newsmaking ATO banana wagon-train successfully journeyed to Bourbon Street on the Mardi Gras holiday. Active in all phases of Pan-Hellenic competition, the ATO brothers placed third in football, won the volleyball championship, and took third place honors with their Homecoming display. Beta Epsilon had its members in many honorary and elective or- ganizations. Omer Kuebel served as president of Delta Sigma Pi, and Thomas Gonsoulin was president of Alpha Epsilon Delta, serving also on the Arts and Science Honor Board. Seats on the Student Council were held by Reynolds Wagnon and Wayne Barcelo, who was also Vice-President of his engineering class and a member of Tau Beta Pi. John Chaffe was elected to member- ship in Sigma Pi Sigma. " Not under the net! OVER! ' Actions speak louder than words. 272 First Row, Left to Right: Nixon A. Adams, Ballard L. Argus. Wilbert L. Argus, Jr., John J. Barcelo, III, Wayno Robert Barcelo, John Francis Cole- man Chaffe, Donald L. Chamberlain, Jr., Carl Craine. Second Row: Rene A. Curry, Jr., Clyde G. de la Houssaye, Jr., Vincente D ' Inglannf, Jr., Andrew M. DInsmore, Jr., Rick Elgenbrod, Fred Garner, Thomas Gonsoulln, John I. Hulse, IV. Third Row: Larry Johnson, George Kennedy, Arnold KIrkpatrIck, Gary Klelnschmldt. David B. Lawrence, Jr., Ernest B. Norman, III, George W. Owen, Jr., Steve Petersen. Fourth Row: Philip B. Pfeffer, William A. Porteous. Ill, Hughes Schneldau, Jr., Armond J. Schroeder, John Simpson, Derwin B. Smith, II, George F. Sustendal, Reynolds B. Wagnon, Jr. Fifth Row: Wade Graham Wannamaker, Richard Whann, Robert James Whann. Donald William Wood. Not Pictured: Thomas Akin, Steve Boston, Charles Brls+ow, Joe Brown, Leigh Carroll, Dick Coulon, Lewis Frierson, Don Goodwill, Omer Kuebel, Fred Levert, David Licciardl, Warren Lo+t, Kell Riess, Louis Randolph, Jim Smither. Rudy Splnacelli. IT! Colors: Old Gold and Sky Blue Flower: White Tea Rose Founded: 1865 273 Fred DlcVerson, president B BETA THETA PI ■ BETA XI CHAPTER Beta Theta Pi was founded at Miami University of Ohio in 1939 and Beta Xi came to Tulane in 1908. Once again the Betas were a power in Pan-Hellenic events, taking second place in football behind their captain, York Feitel. With most of the team returning and a strong pledge team, the Betas will be able to give a strong challenge again next year. On the Beta social calendar was the famous Jungle party, a high- light of the year. In direct contrast was the traditional Blue and White Formal. In addition to these two gala events were the usual small parties that enabled Beta to continue the long hard educational grind. Beta ' s love and gratitude must be extended to their housemother, Mrs. Elizabeth Dalgarn, who has done so much to make the Beta house a home for the out of town boys. In campus activities. Beta has continued to hold a place of honor. Charles Seemann was elected Representative-at-Large for the stu- dent body and Pan-Hellenic President. President of the Engi- neering School was York Feitel. The President of Beta Xi distin- guished himself as vice-president of the Senior class of the school of Arts and Science and the Varsity Club. In the NROTC, Sloan McCloskey was Battalion Adjutant, and Steve Nichols served as Secretary of the Junior Class of Business School. The party must have Just started. 274 First Row: William C. Allen, Patrick J. Araguel, Jr., A. H. Blevins, Thomas E. Cairns, Sid Charbonnet, Harry J. Chris, Walter W. Christy, Tod Dimitry. Second Rov : David D. Duggins, J. York Feitel, Jr., Manuel Raul Garcia, W. Douglas Hall, Keith M. Hammett, Albert W. Hartman, Jr., Tommy Hatfield, C. Alfred Hecker, III. Third Row: Odom Bernhardt Heebe, Andrew W. Herron, III, Robert Rhul Johnson, Eugene T. La Fleur, Jens Lorenz, Herbert Sloan McCloskey, Joe Montgomery, Ronald E. Mur- lin. Fourth Row: James W. Newman, Jr., Steve Nichols, Philip John Rasch, J. L. Revard, Frank J. Sadlack, Arthur D. See- mann, Charles F. Seemann, Jr., William H. Seemann, III. Fifth Row: William W. Shaw, Jr., Tom Simonton, George F. Sins, Jr., Charles Smither, Plauche F. Villere, Jr., Bill Wal- ters, John L. Wilson. Not Pictured: Jack Boasberg, Fred Dickerson, Barry Fox, J. S. Lake, C. B. Odom, Jack Sawyer, Prent Seymour, Nat Troy, Lynn Woods. 275 ■ DELTA KAPPA EPSILON ■ TAU LAMBDA CHAPTER The Tau Lambda Chapter of DKE was established at Tulane in 1889, fifty-five years after its founding at Yale. Since that time, Dekes have been most active in campus affairs, and this year was no exception. The chapter took part in most facets of Pan-Hellenic competition and emerged with a com- mendable record. An outstanding pledge class, netted at the end of a roaring Rush Week, took part with the members in active ly participating in a number of extra-curricular activities. Deke ' s famous social gatherings were their usual successes, and, as ever, enjoyed by everyone. The annual Debutramp Ball could hardly be forgotten, along with the Toga party. Another Deke innovation, the Ivy League Weekend, rounded out a full social sea- son, together with a host of other parties that helped to make the season a success. Many members held positions of responsibility during the year. Richard Freeman was president of Business Administration, Buddy Friedrichs being a unit manager, while three others served on the Honor Boards of their respective colleges. Benny Powell was a member of the Pan-Hell Judiciary Committee. Other Dekes served in class offices, on the staff of the " Hullabaloo, " and as officers in the ROTC. Jim Reiss, president Corruption of the masse Brief discussion precedes final vote during meeting. 276 Firsf Row: Truls Greig Bjerke, Jr., William E. Borah, Kaul J. Buhler, Charles P. Carriers, III, James Eustis Corrigan, Cor- nelius C. Crusel, Jr., William W. Dahlberg, Cortes Eugene DeRussy. Second Row: George S. Farnsworth, Jr., Richard Freeman, Jr., Buddy Friedrichs, Tom Grant, Ira B. Harkey, III, Frederick V. Hess, Barton W. Benedict Jahncke, Philip James. Third Row: Hans A. B. Jonassen, Herbert W. LeBourgeois, Jim Luttmann, Dale Mackie, Bennett E. Powell, Patrick Man- ning Reily, H. P. Rowley, III, F. J. Selman, Jr. Fourth Row: Mike Smith, Peter Michael Viguerie, Conrad Wall, III, Henri Ludwig Wedell, Robert Rice Wehrmann, John H. Wells, David Scott Wisdom. Not Pictured: Richard Baumbach, Charles Bayle, Fritz Bott, Murray Cleveland, Jr., Louis de la Vergne, Edgar de Mont- luzin, ill, Tom Gentry, Bert Keenan, Thomas Keller, James Legendre, Charles Le Bourgeois, John Page, James Reiss, Larry Smart, Frank Stubbs, III, Norton Wisdom. m Colors: Crimson, Azure and Old Gold Flower: Pansy Founded: 1844 277 James Kincald, president ■ DELTA TAU DELTA ■ BETA XI CHAPTER Delta Tau Delta Fraternity was founded in I 858 at Bethany College in Virginia. Thirty-one years later Beta Xi Chapter came into ex- istence on the Tuiane campus. The 70th Annual Alumni Banquet at the New Orleans Country Club highlighted Rush Week which resulted in another outstand- ing pledge class. In addition to the pledge class, the chapter was pleased with the Shelter ' s recent improvements, including the addi- tion of a fence around the patio and the remodeling of the up- stairs rooms. After Rush Week everyone settled into the regular routine of studies, parties, and extra-curricular activities. There have been some great parties at the Shelter this year from sorority cham- pagne parties and after-game events to the Christmas Party. The highlights of second semester were our Annual Rainbow Ball and the Initiation Banquet at the New Orleans Country Club. And always there are those unofficial " meetings " at Bruno ' s!! This year, as before, many of the Beta Xi ' s Delts took part in cam- pus activities. Charles North was the President of the Sophomore Class of Architecture and a member of Phi Eta Sigma. Al Derbes was Vice-President of Engineering School ' s Sophomore Class, and Mickey Michel conducted the Powder Puff Bowl Football Game. Other campus organizations in which Delts are prominent Include Tusk, Greenbackers, " Hullabaloo, " Pre-Med Society, Student Cen- ter Committees, R.O.T.C. Units and Pershing Rifles. The future promises much for Beta Xi Chapter of Delta Tau Delta Fraternity as it carries on the proud traditions, high standards, and true brotherhood of its past. Saturday night is the loneliest night of the week. Who said the caricatures are on the wall? ?78 First Row: Jess B. Bollinger, Jr., Charles L. Chassaignac, Bob Clark, Albert J. Derbes, III, H. Hutson Finke, Richard S. hHays, Mick Hodsdon, Tim Hoff. Second Row: James Keith Kincaid, Wilfred E. Lehder, Jr., J. Patrick McElroy, William Mcintosh, III, Michael E. Martin, Wilbert " Bud " Noel, Charles H. North Jr., Robert R. Padron. Third Row: Ronald Joseph Reso, James V. Robinson, Ray- mond J. Salassi, Neal E. Schafer, John C. Stone, Albert G, Taylor, Kirk H. Webster, John Waldman Wharton. Fourth Row: William Coyle Wharton, R. Mark Wilkiemeyer. Not Pictured: Justin Ansel, N. Craig Brigtsen, Glenn Gatl- pon, Carl Granstrom, Ronald Joseph, Jefferson Koonce, Michael Michel, Ted Ryder. STl Colors: Purple, White and Gold Flower: Iris Founded: 1858 279 Eric Lundin, presldenf Sha-be-doo-bah! ■ KAPPA ALPHA ORDER ■ PSI CHAPTER Kappa Alpha Order was founded at Washington and Lee in 1865. Psi chapter was established at Tulane in 1885 and since that time it has prided itself with an outstanding group of young men. This year as always the KA ' s upheld the principles of Southern tradition upon which their fraternity was founded. It is hoped that the eighteen pledges obtained during rush, representing 100% bid acceptance, will follow in the tradition of Robert E. Lee, who Is considered the ideal gentleman and is placed in high esteem by every member of KA. The highlight of the year is KA ' s Old South Ball at which mint juleps are downed in the true Southern style. Two other annual events are the Cotton Ball and the Bushman ' s Ball. The KA ' s participate quite actively in Pan-Hellenic ' s activities. Such members as Alan hHardy and Baxter Brinkman, Business School Honor Board members; Al Gooch, engineering honor fraternity officer; and Terry Terrebone, All-Soph SEC halfback well represent -the KA spirit. This year ' s pledge class was one of KA ' s best and all indications point to the continued success of the chapter at Tulane. " Not now. later. " 280 First Row: James Aiello, Glenn Andrews, William R. Ary, Buddy Blaum, J. Baxter Brinkmann, John H. Chidlow, Judd Hendrick Chidlow, Champ Claiborne. Second Row: John A. Coleman, Jr., C. Delu David, William C. Ellis, Jr., Cameron C. Gamble, Al Gooch, Mat Gray, John William Groome, Ed M. Gueydan. Third Row: Alan C. Hardy, William Hartwell, Bobby Has- singer, Peter Herring, Harry B. Kelleher, Jr., John E. Koerner, III, Richard A. Langenbahn, William B. Lee. Fourth Row: W. Eric Lundin, Harry McEnerny, III, D. Wil- liam McGuire, W. H. Mecom, Jr., William Porcher Miles, IV, James Johnston Morse, Charles B. Murphy, Jr., Cameron Payne. Fifth Row: Stephen A. Schmedtje, Jr., Edward R. Sherwood, Michael Stoddard, David C. Vosbein, Henry C. Vosbein, Bache McEvers Whitlock, W. Thomas Zander. Not Pictured: Norris Pardue, Terry Terrebone, Gus Wenzel. ife47 il mkiMmiM ■M kM f U Colors: Crimson and Old Gold Flower: Magnolia and Crimson Rose Founded: 1865 281 Fred Preaus, president The ultimate of virility ■ KAPPA SIGMA ■ SIGMA CHAPTER Kappa Sigma originated af the University of Virginia, and char- tered the Sigma Chapter at Tulane in 1889. Fortunately, the Kappa Sigs returned this fall to a completely re- modeled chapter house thanks to its energetic housemother, Miss Ruth van der Maaten, and to the active alumni. This addition not only contributed to the success of Rush Week, but also has served to bind together chapter spirit and morale. Social activities consisted of champagne parties for Newcomb so- rorities, date buffets at home football games, and a bus trip to Mobile to support the Sreen Wave. An important Fall event was the House Dedication in October, which was honored by a visit from the Kappa Sigma national president and the active mayor of New Orleans. The closed Winter Formal began the Christmas holidays in elegant style. Scholarship is particularly stressed in the local chapter and national as well; two scholarship-leadership awards were presented this year to members of Kappa Sigma. Kappa Sigs hold memberships in Phi Eta Sigma and Phi Beta Kappa on the intellectual levels. Bob Ambrose and Glen House were tapped for Omicron Delta Kappa, and John Combe, Fred Preaus and Buddy Watson were elected to Who ' s Who. Offices were held by members in A Cap- pella Choir and Circle K. John Combe served as JAMBALAYA editor this year assisted by Neal Mangold, John Unverzagt, Buck Cefalu, Roger Silver, and Butch Laurent. " Are the others as far behind as we are? " 2S2 First Row, Left to Right: Bob Ambrose, Stephen L. Avard, Bill Barnett, David Roberge Bayne, C. EIHott Bell, John E. Bergstedt, Thomas Milton Bergstedt, Richard tvi. Bordelon, August Earle Cefalu, Jr., Thomas Brindley Coggin. Second Row: John C. Combe, Sterling Robert Cruger, Ladd Cutter, W. Todd Davison, Leiand Dennis, II, Charles Durham, Jr., Donald A. Fonte, Gary Dan Foster, Edmon Lee Green, Randy Harrison. Third Row: David Franl; Henderson, Shelton E. Hendricb, Barry Hille- brandt, Robert E. Holliday, James Alexander Holliday, Bill Hopkins, Glenn C. House, Jim Hughes, Joe " Keeton, Henry Stoval Kendrlck. Fourth Row: W. Howard Kisner, Joseph Morris Kochansky, William C. Lammey, Francis E. Laurent, George R. Leake, James W. Long, Skipper Luke, Mike V. McEnany, Neal R. Mangold, Benson Blake Martin, III. Fifth Row: Gay G. Martin, Jr., Tom Meade, William T. Millican, John Postell, Fredrick F. Preaus, Harlin A. Schmidt, Kent Seale, J. Fellman Seinsheimer, Gene Sentell, Roger H. Silver, Jr. Sixth Row: Clinton Smith, John E. Smith, Howard Cromwell Stanley, Ernest N. Stromberger, James E. Toups, Jr., Robert M. Toups, Jr. John G. Unverzagt, George B. Vaughn, John W. Wahl, Louis H. Watson. Seventh Row: Jack M. Webb. James E. Wesner, Horace Vernon Whitten, William Ward Wicht, James Willette, Jimmy Robert Wilson, Lynn Zarr. Not Pictured: Bob Barth, Milton Bqlles, John Graves, James Hoth, Wen- dell Moody, Roy Newton, Mike Skelly. Colors: Scarlet, White and Green Flower: Lily of the Valley Founded: 1869 283 Wayne McVadon, president ■ PHI DELTA THETA ■ LOUISIANA ALPHA CHAPTER Phi Delta Theta was founded at Miami University of Ohio, and the chapter at Tulane appeared in 1889. Phi Delts were prominent in all phases of campus life and Pan- Hellenic competition during the past year. Backed by an active alumni club, a Memory Room and recreation room were installed in the house, and the living rooms were completely refurnished. The pledges exemplified the spirit of the fraternity by giving the house a new coat of paint. The energetic housemother, Mrs. Mar- jorie Brown, has contributed much time and effort towards helping the fraternity. Following a successful rush week, the first semester saw champagne parties for the sorority pledges, the Barn Dance, and the traditional Christmas party, hlighlighting the spring activities were the Formal and the annual South Sea Island Party. The Phi Delts were again active in Greenbackers, Tus k, JAMBA- LAYA, Adelphons, and religious organizations, as well as holding class offices. The chapter was well represented in honorary organi- zations and held offices in Alpha Epsilon Delta and Phi Eta Sigma. Grant Collier commanded the Navy Drill Team, while other mem- bers of Louisiana Alpha acted as officers in all three R.O.T.C. units. Again Malcolm Genet played a leading role in TUT produc- tions for the year. Rounding out the talents of the chapter, broth- ers were seen on Tulane ' s football, tennis, track, and baseball teams. 284 First Row: Barry Aden, Bradley Baker, Garry Louis Baker, William Hume Barr, William T. Bayer, John C. Brothers, Fred R. Cagle, Jr., C. Edgar Cloutier. Second Row: Wren Cohenour, Grant Collier, Stephen J. Derbes, James F. Donoghoe, Jr., William Harper Forman, Jr., George Malcolm Genet, Jr., Jack Hepting, W. G. Her- rin. Third Row: Robert G. Hodges, Jack Hooper, Thomas C. Howe, Tim Irwin, Bud Kennedy, Homer L. Lochridge, Wylie McDougall, Milner Wayne McVadon. Fourth Row: August William Mysing, Charles William Nutter, Henry Minor Pipes, Jr., Oney C. Raines, William C. Robert- son, IV, Randall B. Shepard, Jr., Harry Singreen, Warren " Rip " Taylor. Fifth Row: Richard J. Voelker, Dalton L. Woolverton, Paul Woolverton, Dudley Youman. Not Pictured: J. Abide, David Adams, Gary Brown, Don Caton, Ed Christy, F. Crittenden, Jack Hepting, Paul Ho- gan, W. Johnson, R. T. Love, Tim Mahaffey, Don Neese, Norman Pearcy, John Pittman, Richard Pourciau, G. Shamis, Henry Whitesell, Charles Williams, E. Winter, J. A. Young, John Zwick. Colors: Argent and Azure Flower: White Carnatiori Founded: 1848 285 Robert Oddone, president ■ PHI KAPPA SIGMA ■ MU CHAPTER Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity was founded at the University of Pennsylvania in 1850, and, in 1858. Mu chapter of Phi Kappa Sigma became the first fraternity on the Tulane campus. Phi Kappa Sigma began the year with an extremely successful rush week and continued as a leading campus organization. The chap- ter won second place in songfest and gave wholehearted partici- pation in all other Pan-Hellenic competition. Phi Kappa Sigma not only served the school, but took on civic duties also. The chapter entertained orphans from the Protestant Children ' s Home and helped brighten their Christmas at the annual Christmas Orphans ' Party at the Phi Kap house. A varied and imaginative social schedule guaranteed a year of fun. There were sorority parties, football game parties, supper dances, the old favorites, the Voodoo Party and the Baby Party, and, of course, " just plain parties. " Of a more informal nature were the •Homecoming decoration festivities, and activities with the pledges such as the pledge-active football game and the annual pledge- active tug o ' war in Audubon Park. As usual. Phi Kappa Sigma can boast leadership in other campjs organizations. Bob Oddone, chapter president, was also presi- dent of the College of Arts and Sciences, and served on the Pan- Hellenic Judiciary Council. Butch Reeves and Alan Guma served as chairmen of University Center Committees. Alan was also tapped into Omicron Delta Kappa. How! ' All righf, does anyone have any questions? " 286 First Row, Left to Right: Frederick Bernard Alexius, Don Andrews, John Wesley Barnett, Jr., Ray Bergeron, James W. Bortner Jr., Charles William Bradley, Larry T. Broob, Ma+t Davis Brown, Walter Williams Callaway, Skip Cameron. Second Row: Robert J. Carter, Vincent J. Ciolino, Robert De Lange, Alfred B. Downs, Joseph Paul Draqo, Andrew Garvin Edmonson, FranUin V. Endom, Gene Evans, David K. Gafto, John Geiser, III. Third Row: William E. Goodman, Ralph L. Grayson, Jr., Alan John Guma, Jack Hammel, Thomas Lee Harman, Ralph hlarris, Leion hlubbard, Rich- ard G. Humphrey, John D. Jackson, Jr., Robert E. Jeffers, Jr. Fourth Row: Warren B. Jung, II, David E. Lyall, Hunter Beall McFadden, Paul D. Mclnnis, James Martin, Lee Terrell Nesbitt, Robert R. Oddone, Edmund N. OrsinI, Jr., Bert Ponig. Fontaine Reeves, Jr. Fifth Row: Christian Allen Reuter, George Peter Robbins, 111, Jerry C. Robinson, James E. Schaller. Edward P. Schoenthaler, Jr., H. William Sellers. Michael P. Strutzel, Clint Sumner, W. B. Swift, Jr., Robert W. Taylor. Sixth Row: Clyde Waddeil, George G. Weaks, III, Bill West, Russ West- fall, Jerry R. Whittaker. Not Pictured: Barry Allen, James Cabanlss, Barry M. Knesel, Patrick McNulty, Edward Richeson. Ck£ ia ik 287 " Let ' s faVe a straw vote! " ■ PI KAPPA ALPHA ■ ETA CHAPTER Founded at the University of Virginia on March I, 1868, Pi Kappa Alpha began at Tulane in 1878. Throughout the year Pi Kappa Alpha was active in all phases of Tulane. Pan-Hellenic competition, placing increased emphasis on scholarship. This high ideal was instilled in Pike ' s 19-man pledge class which has proved most outstanding. The Pikes had active participants in many organizations around campus such as Ed Spoto, vice-president of Lagniappes; Jerry Cas- sel, sports editor of the " Hullabaloo " and vice-president of Theta Nu, and John Abbott, a member of the Inter-Dorm House Coun- cil. Ken Klaffky played trumpet in the Tulane Concert Band, while other personalities on campus were Tommy Thompson, represen- tative to the Interfaith Council and an officer in the Wesley Foun- dation; Bill Lemann, top sergeant in Army ROTC; Prentice Smith, active debater for the Glendy Burke Society, and Bill Green, Paul Cameron, Ed Spoto and Jerry Cassel members of Greenbackers and Tusk. Frank Hatchett spent his junior year abroad studying in Germany. Pi Kappa Alpha ' s social season is always highlighted by the annual Dream Girl Formal held in February and the Fais Do-Do held in April. Parties after football games, sorority parties and semi- weekly costume parties completed the Pike ' s social calendar. In conclusion a Christmas party was held with special guests of honor from one of the city ' s orphanages. The Leaning Tower of Tissue 288 First Row: John Wesley Abbott, Gerald R. Alexander, Paul Cameron, Nelson Paul Castellano, Jay Cassel, Merlin L. Clausing, Jr., Alan F. Cone, Jerry A. Cooper. Second Row: J. S. Deacon, Jr., Stephen Edwards, Edward W. Garland, James W. Green, Kent R. Johnson, Walter Daniel Judlin, III, Ken Klaffky, Harold A. Loyacano, Jr. Third Row: Robert A. McCormIck, Dave Offutt, James H. Rich, Jr., Leonard J. Sapera, Joe A. Scotch, Jr., John Warren Shannon, Prentice Lanier Griffith Smith, Jr., Tommy Thomp- son. Fourth Row: James William Vaudry, Jr., Thomas M. Wat- kins, Jr., James M. Webb. Not Pictured: Guy Bond, William Lemann, William Ligon, Pat Marshall, Don McArthur, James McLaughlin, Edward Nelson, J. Seastrunk, Edward Spoto, James Wadsworth. u Colors: Garnet and Old Gold Flower: White Lily of the Valley Founded: 1868 289 ■ SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON ■ TAU UPSILON CHAPTER Sigma Alpha Epsilon was founded at the University of Alabama and has the distinction of being the first southern fraternity. Lou- isiana Tau Upsilon Chapter was established at Tulane in I 897. SAE began the year with an exciting and successful Rush Week and the pledging of 32 men. At the annual Pan-hlellenic Pledge Banquet SAE received its sixth consecutive Pan-Hellenic Sweep- stakes Trophy for compiling the highest number of points in inter- fraternity competition during the previous year. Last year ' s vic- tory also retired the second rotating trophy for interfraternity ex- cellence. Louisiana Tau Upsilon also learned at the SAE national convention that it had excelled all other SAE chapters in scholar- ship for the year 1957-58. First place in football and places in other events contributed to an early lead in this year ' s race. The Sig Alphs enjoyed a roaring year socially. Numerous parties included the Newcomb sorority pledge reception, the " Lose-the- Rush-Week Blues " Party, the famous Suppressed Desire Party, the infamous Cuban Revolution Party, the Caveman Party given by the pledges, and the annual Christmas and Easter Orphan Parties. The year was climaxed socially on March 5 when the chapter at LSU came to New Orleans for the joint initiation. Founder ' s Day .Alumni Banquet, and ' VVinter Formal. SAE held many positions of leadership on campus this year. Tommy Smith served as Student Body Vice-President and President of ODK. Other Student Council members were Gene Berry, Henry Blake, and Gedge Sayle. Tapped for ODK were Gene Berry, Bill Hardcastle, and Terry Stein. Gene Berry and Jon Levy were chair- men of University Center Committees. Murray Bass, Jon Levy, and Frank Roberts were commanders of the Navy, Army, and Air Force ROTC units respectively. Leo Young was co-captain of the foot- ball team. Selected for Who ' s Who were Bill Akins, Murray Bass, Henry Blake, Bob Jones, Jon Levy, Frank Roberts, Fred Sexton, and Leo Young. 290 First Row, Left to Right: David P. Allred, Troy G. Arnold, Jr.. Robert N. Arrol, Edward H. Austin, Jr., C. Errol Barron. Jr., Murray Bass. Jr., Nelson Becker, Alfred Beckmann, Jr., B. Eugene Berry, Henry Blake. Second Row: Charles Steven Bratton, Robert Wood row Calvert, Jr., James Clopton, William Kent Cutrer, E. Evan Davis, Jr., Hani E. Dehan, Dick Drummond, Valentine Adam Earhart, Jr., Ed Edgerton, Lee Fentress. Third Row: William E. Fitzgerald, Oliver J. Ford, III, Hugh Craig Forsh- ner, Pete Gaffney, Michael Vincent Galo, Wayne Galvani. Lawler F. Gatlin, W. Gedge Gayle. Jr.. Charles Gear, James H. Godfrey. Fourth Row: George E. Grace. Norman Groves, David Peter Grow, Buddy Guerra, William Ralph Hardcastle, Ted Hardtner, Luther L. Hill, Carrlck Inabnett, Robert G. Jones, William Ross Kennedy, lil. Fifth Row: Robert Lee Lankford, 5. Reaves Lee, Jon Lee Levy, John Patterson Little, Jr., Jimmy M. Long, William S. McAninch, Harry Mc- Arthur, Jr., Fredrick A. McCaughan, Benjamin Clark McMinn, Jerry L. Mashaw. Sixth Row: John S. Mavar, John W. Meyer, Charles B. Peatross, Don Penlx, Logan P. Perkins. Jr., Larry B. Phillips, III. Robert Reno, George M. Riser, Richard West Sanders, Glenn Lawrence Scott. Seventh Row: O. Larry Secrest, Fred Sexton, Jr.. Frank C. Shote, III, Howard Thompson Smith, Jr., Thomas Plewman Sparks, III, John Terry Stein, Roderick E. Swelman, Henry St. George Teaford, Jr., Vincent Vincent, Martin S. Wales, Jr. Eighth Row: Carl Warden, John Richard Watson, Jerry Watts, Joseph B. Wheeler. Jr., James A. White. Ill, E. Walden Williams, Jr., Henry Wlnkel- man, Jimmy Young, Leo Young, Jr. Not Pictured: Ronny Black, Jeff Bratton. Cal Calllouet, Loys Charbon- net, Butch Crenshaw, Jimmy Hatchette, Charles Heidelberg, John Kln- nard, Bo Lewis, Tommy Mason, Charles Ogilvie, Dave Painter, Ralph Prlngle, Frank Roberts, Larry Thompson, George Walker. m Colors: Purple and Gold Flower: Violet Founded: 1856 291 Sl MA GAMMA CKAPTfR SMA ALPHA MU FRATERNITY SihSCaiua ' HO ' I ' A 1920 ■ SIGMA ALPHA MU ■ SIGMA GAMMA CHAPTER Sigma Alpha Mu, founded at the City College of New York, joined the Tulane fraternity systenn in 1920 as the Sigma Gamma chapter. The Sammies were especially active in Pan-Hellenic this year. Their " Sigma Alpha Mu Hullabaloo " wr-n first place in homecoming decorations. They also were awarded first place in Songfest com- petition. The Sammie social calendar was filled with many well-planned par- ties, held at the recently remodeled, air-conditioned, sound-proof house on Audubon Street. A good time was had by all at the Pa- jama Party, the Hawaiian Party, and many others. Community life also played an important part in the Sammie cal- endar of events with the Orphan ' s Christmas Party being one of the highlights of the year. The Sigma Gamma chapter was again very active in campus affairs with many members taking part in various organizations. Jerry Horowitz held the position of President of the Tulane Student Body, Steve Shamberg was the head of the Personnel and Evalua- tions Committee of the Student Center, and many others took part in groups around campus. Sigma Alpha Mu now looks forward with much eagerness to an- other year of success. Richard Wittner, president " Pajama Game " cast-off; " Somebody has to be a substitute 292 First Row, Left to Right: Samuel Herbert Altmari, Richard Alan Beiley, Jay Block, Stuart J. Bush, Jerome Ian Chapman, Stephen I. Diener, Lenny Felngold, Joel M. Finkelstein, Robert J. Footlick, Ken Frankel. Second Row: Norman David Freld, Djonald P. Gache, R. H. Goldberg, Richard Goldwach, Jerry Greenbaum, Bert L. Gurwitch, Jerry Horowitz, Jay S. Kaplan. Ira David Kaskel. Dennis Katz. Third Row: Lonny Koff, Robert L. Levin, Howard Allan Levine. Fred R Levitin, Edward Loeb, Herb Mendel, Randy Moret, Edward Myers, Pau W. Oberdorfer, Steven Harvey Orenstein. Fourth Row: William Howard Pearlman, Aaron Michael Peck, Joel Pias- sick, Martin Pritzker, Michael D. Reiner, Stacy A. Roback, Gerald Rosenthal, Milton- Ruben, Laurence David Rudman, Richard A. Rudman. Fifth Row: Martin A. Schagrin, Bruce H. Scott, John Samuel Selig, Gene Paul Shafton, Stephen C. Shamberq, Joseph L. Shapiro, Marvin Shapiro, Don Singer, Elliot Hilton Singer. Harvey Stahl. Sixth Row: Robert Mitchell Steinbach, Floyd Allen Stern, Jerry J. Such- man, Donald D. Weiner, Bernie Weiss, Martin L. Weiss, Richard Wittner, Bill Yoels. Monroe E. Zaikin, Michael Allan Zionts. Not Pictured: Lee Allen, Larry Annes, Harvey Brice, Henry Dancona, Robert Frehling, Phil Hariowltz, Stan Lubell, Carl Merlin, David Price, Alan Rosenfeld. Sam Simonwltz. Colors: Purple and White Flower: Fleur-de-lis Founded: 1909 293 ■ SIGMA CHI ■ ALPHA OMICRON CHAPTER The Sigma Chi Fraternity was founded on June 28, 1855, at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. Alpha Omicron of Sigma Chi was es- tablished on the Tulane campus on May 20, 1886. Since that time the chapter has always been active in campus affairs, such as in- tramural sports, and all the various spirit, religious, and vocational organizations. Alpha Omicron added its contributions to campus activities this year as in the past with such activities as the Sigma Chi Derby Day and the " Sweetheart Dance. " Derby Day is the Sigma Chi Com- petition among sororities. Those which place in this event receive points toward the Pan-Hellenic trophy for sororities. It is at the Sweetheart Dance that the Sweetheart of Sigma Chi is named. Among other activities this year were the Sunday afternoon cock- tail parties for sororities, Saturday night parties such as the Pledge- Active Party, Costume Party, and the Pledge-Active football game at Audubon Park. When possible, Sigma Chi traveled as a group to out-of-town football games where many good times were had with Sigs from other chapters. This year Sigma Chi moved into a new house on Broadway, and with the help of Mrs. T. J. Fontelieu, the housemother [better known as " MIz F. " ), the Sig house was made a very comfortable home away from home. The new Sig house will be completely re- modeled during the summer and the brothers are looking forward to a greater year next year. 294 First Row: Dee Benson, Wood Brown, III, Bill Clements, Wal- ter A. Drake, George Enochs, Dick Favor, Marion Vincent Filippone. Second Row: John M. Filippone, Jr., Fred Frese, Charles F. Genre, W. Manford Gooch, Delph A. Gustltus, hienry Haller, Jr., Jamie hlowell. Third Row: Robert Lambert, Garry Lindboe, Ned Locario, Jr., Tom C. McClellan, Wayne McDonald, Gary O. McKean, George Patrick McLean. Fourth Row: Charles W. Mathews, III, Bryan Nearn, Jr., Craig Robert Nelson, Jan Ogletree, Bill Osteen, Fenton M. Sanger, Roy Sellers. Fifth Row: William E. Spangler, William A. Springer, Waldo L. Treuting, Jr., Charles Michael Vanchiere, Thomas M. Weil, John Lowell Wollney, Philip Carl Wrangle. Not Pictured: Peter Abadie, Mike Burke, Tom Crouch, Ed Logue, Birch McDonough, tHarry McMurray, Bruce Maxian, Leigh Rawson, Don Robin, Tom Wells, Darrell Wright. u Colors: Blue and Old Gold Flower: White Rose Founded: 1855 295 ■ ZETA BETA TAU ■ SIGMA CHAPTER Zeta Beta Tau was founded at the City College of New York in 1898, and Sigma Chapter has enjoyed a prominent position on the Tulane campus since its founding in 1909. As Sigma Chapter embarks on its second half-century, it looks with pride upon its achievements of the past, with constant en- deavor to add to the list. Among the most prominent honors is the distinction of being the first fraternity ever to retire the Pan-hlel- lenic Trophy. This year the fraternity again made a very creditable name for itself, placing in many of the inter-fraternity events. The will of the membership was exhibited again this year in its full- fledged support of many philanthropic projects. Since Sigma has gained quite a fine reputation as a social frater- nity, it left no stone unturned in upholding this tradition. After a series of exceptionally successful Rush Week parties, the feature events of the year moved into the limelight — headlined by such affairs as the Roman Party, and the Dream Girl Formal. Cli- maxing one of Sigma ' s finest social years was its annual Spring Climaxing one of Sigma ' s finest social years was its annual Spring Formal at the Roosevelt Hotel, which featured the first appear- ance on the Tulane Campus of the Drifters. Sigma had, as usual, its share of campus personalities. Among them were: Charles Berk, Business Manager of the JAM BALA YA; Lenny Hoffman, " Hullabaloo " Business Manager: Bob Behrendt, Vice-President of the University Center: Buddy Pollak, President of Tusk; and Dick Shenk and Marc Peterzell, Vice-Presidents of Business Administration and Arts and Sciences Colleges, respec- tively. Added to this list, ZBT saw many of its members in the ■JAMBALAYA Hall of Fame, on the varsity golf and tennis teams, and as class. Honor Board, and university-wide organizations offi- cers. 296 First Row, Left to Right: Charles M. Alllmont, Robert E. Behrendt, Michael A. Berenson, Charles Leslie Baric, Henry J. Bodenheimer, Walter Brown, Jr., Jay Buckman, William Ryckman Caplan, Paul B. Coffee, Jeffrey R. Cohn. Second Row: Stanl ey S. Davidow, Martin D. Davidson, Mark E, Davis, Guy Alan Dianiant, Jay Edelston, Michael Stephen Feldman, Robert Miles Fierman, Michael Fink, Louis Y. Fishman, Avron B. Fogelman. Third Row: Alan Froug, Paul Gerson, Donald Spencer Goldberg, Stephen Ira Goldware. B. Robert Goler, Sam Gray, hlerbert S. Greenwald. Jr., Alan A. Grossman, Herbert Daniel Halpern, Ronald Heiman, Fourth Row: Randy Heller, Kenneth Heller, Arthur Herold, Max Hey- mann. Neil Hirsch, Leonard Hoffman, Alan Honigberg, Howard . Hurtig, Don Kortz, Jay H. Krachmer. Fifth Row: Roger Kritz, Wiliam Kulp, Harry- Lebow, Russell Levy, David Lewin, Eddie Liebman, Larry M. Loeb, L James London, Wally Lowell, Leo Levy Lowentritt, Jr. Sixth Row: Mike Lurle, Ronald S. Marks, Billy Mimeles, Joe D, Jvlussafer, Maurice Mussafer, Anthony Joel Nicholson, Marc L. Peterzell, Alan How- ard Phllipson, Lewis B. Pollak, Bernard Rosen. Seventh Row: Richard Rose nf eld, Ron Sc hen berg, Richard Lawrence Shenk, Robert S. Simon, William D. Sklar, Kenneth Train, Lee Allan Train. Not Pictured: Charles Antweil, Barry Battlestein, Robert Eisen, Alvin Goldstein, Richard Laytin, Ed Lobman, Dave Midio, Paul Rudnick. ZBT Colors: Blue and White Flower: Gold Rose Founded: 1898 297 Jfkd First Row. Left to Right: Frank Michel Baslle, William J. Bush, Ronald Jacob. Second Row: Albert O. Lanoix, Jr., Robert S. Macias, Gunther R. MIchaelis. Third Row: Kenne+h E. Mills, Clifford C. Northon, III, John A. Stassi, II. Fourth Row: Robert Stassi, L. E. Vivien. Not Pictured: Robert Al+enhofen, Fernando Battle, Mike Cochran, Edson Davis, Eduardo Da Silva, Bert Darrah, Roy Freborg, James Gabler, Mark Georgeau, Douglas Greve, Warren Lassiter, Kenneth Linn, Jesse Lyons, George Meyer, William Murphy, Fernando Palomeque, Don P ' cggio, Peter Reynolds, Raymond Searly, Waiter Sudol, Don Whitaker. ROBERT STASSI President DELTA SIGMA PHI Delta Sigma Phi originated at City College of New York In 1899. Seventeen years later the Chi chapter came into exist- ence at Tulane. Fun and frolic are well known at the Delta Sig House. Such parties as the Sailors ' Ball, Coronation Ball and the Bayou Party will long be thought of by the members as a good time had by all. Campus activities were enthusiastically participated in by Delta Sigs. George Meyer served as sub-chairman of the Mu- sic Committee, and Bob Altenhofen as Secretary of the newly formed Fraternity Bowling League. This year ' s Tusk members are Ken Mills and Edson Davis. Bob Altenhofen represents Delta Sig In Greenbackers. Other active campus workers are Bob Stassi, a member of Eta Sigma Phi and an Adelphons representative, Bert Darrah and Ron Jacobs as Alpha Phi Omega men. The watchword of Delta Sigma is " Engineered Leadership. " The National Interfraternity Conferen ce considers Delta Sig a fast growing national group excelling in leadership and scholarship. Mob scene from Quo Vadis. m M LARRY ACKERMAN President TAU EPSILON PHI On May 18, 1959, after a unanimously favorable recommen- dation from the Pan-Hellenic Judiciary Committee, Tau Epsi- lon Phi became Tulane University ' s sixteenth social fraternity. Epsilon Kappa Chapter v as originated in December, 1956, and after being on the Tulane campus as a colony for the required probationary period, they received their national charter and purchased their first chapter house. Rush Week went off well for Epsilon Kappa with their newly redecorated house as the center of all activities. This year Tau Epsilon Phi had a very successful social season, including the Swimming Party, Anniversary Party, Playboy Party, and the Sweetheart Formal. On the campus, Tau Epsilon Phi ' s members have been active in many extra-curricular activities, including T.U.T., Campus Nite, Greenbacker, Tusk, Pre-Med and Law societies. This past year TEP won the scholarship trophy for the most im- proved fraternity average. Off campus the fraternity has been active in welfare drives and in giving parties for various orphanages. Tau Epsilon Phi closes their first year and looks forward io many more successful years on the Tulane campus. First Row, Left +o Right: Carroli Hugh Abramson, Larry L. Ackerman, Stephen C. Bober. Second Row: Bennett Braun, Samuel Gilbert Isaacs, Sanford A. Kutner, Third Row: Michael J. Levin, Robert B. Nagler, Dennis M. Newman. Fourth Row: Alan S. Roth, Marvin L. Teich, Jeffrey J. Weiser. Not Pictured: Robert Cohen, Fred Diringer, Andy Fisher, Barry Fishman, Joe Goldenson, Larry Greenberg, Armand Kuris, Bob Lipson, Stu Loctcer, Gary Mendelson, Donald Miller, Ken Pollack, Rich- land Sobelman, Barry Stein, Steve Zarbin. " Oh, I wish 1 were in the land of cotton! " T[l OFFICERS HENRY BLAKE President HENRY BODENHEIMER Vice-President JOSEPH DRAGO Secretary-Treasurer ADELPHONS Founded at Tulane in 1949, the Order of Adelphons seeks to promote goodwill among Greeks and provide service to the University. Sometimes called a " fraternity of fra- ternities, " the organization is composed of three men from each fraternity on campus. Their service activities are channeled toward ushering at Symphony Concerts, Con- vocation, and Commencement. The Order also adds several dates to the University social calendar. 300 RODNEY PATTERSON BOB RUSSELL EUGENE DABEZIES 4mM HUSH LAMENSDORF MEDICAL INTER-FRATERNITY For many years at Tulane the Medical Pan-Hellenic Council, composed of the repre- sentatives from each of the medical school fraternities, has been in existence. The coun- cil presently has eight members: the president and one delegate from each of the four organizations. In the past, the council was not very active but was more of an honorary society. However, the year I960 saw the beginning of a completely revised council, one that took an active part in supervising the activities of the medical fraternities. One of the main purposes of the council is to promote better interfraternity relation- ships. The functions of the committee have also resulted in lending harmony to the many and varied activities taking place throughout the year. On the social side, this council sponsored the annual Cadaver Ball, the highlight of the year ' s social calendar. The entire student body was invited to this affair, which promises to become a tradition on the Tulane campus, In addition, the council schedules all of the medical fraternity rush parties during rush week. In its first year, this group has had tremendous success and has done an outstanding job. In the future we look to this group for continued leadership and guidance on the Tulane campus. 301 Skullduggery NU SIGMA NU OFFICERS EUGENE J. DABEZIES President WHITE E. GIBSON Vice-President ROBERT LOVE Secretary FRANK P. RIZZO Treasurer Gene Dabezies, President Nu Sigma Nu, one of the nation ' s oldest naedlcal fratenities, was founded at the University of Michigan in 1882. The Beta Iota Chapter was founded at Tulane Medical School in 1910. The chapter ' s house, located on St. Charles, is the largest in the national fraternity. This year ' s social activities began with the annual Rush Week Banquet held at the New Orleans Country Club. The Lawn Party, Homecoming Cocktail Party, Christmas Dance, and Spring Picnic were highlights of this year ' s social calendar. The annual Rudolph Matas Lectureship and Banquet was held in the Spring. The guest speaker was Dr. L. R. Dragstedt, Professor of Experimental Medicine at the University of Flor- ida Medical School. Dr. Dragstedt ' s paper was discussed by Dr. Alton Ochsner, Sr., Professor of Surgery at the Tulane School of Medicine. The Preceptorshlp Program Initiated by this chapter was held again this year. The year was closed with a buffet dinner for the graduating members and their parents. Among Nu Sigma Nu ' s distinguished alumni, this chapter holds Dr. Rudolph Matas, one of the country ' s most outstand- ing physicians; Dr. Harold Cummins, head of the Tulane Dept. of Anatomy; Dr. Alton Ochsner, retired head of the Tulane department of Pediatrics; and Dr. Robert Heath, head of the Tulane Department of Psychiatry and Neurology. " Breakfast, lunch, or dinner? . . . I ' ve lost tracx. ' " Loolcs like he ' s going to die. " MEMBERS: Johnny Abide, Bill Akins, Jack Binns, Gene Blickenstaff, Bill Bloom, Jerry Bordelon, Bill Bridges, Earl Brown, George Byram, Phi! Carler, John Coleman, Eu-gene Dabezies, Richard Dale, Frank Davis, Gordon Dean, Dick Depp, David Drez, Bill Drummond. Roy Duke, Don Edgerton, Alan Engberg. Dave Ewing, Charles Felger, Tom Flynn, Floyd Fraser, Ronny French, Johy Gay, White Gibson, Bill Goodioe, Tom Grant, Pat Hanley, Roberl hiarlin. Steve hlavard, Tom hiendren, Barry Henry, Steve hierring, Barrie Hiern, Bud Hunt, Burr llgenfrifz, Sonny Isbell, Dslmas Jackson, Robert E. Jones, Bob Jones, Kynn Ketchum, Guy Knolle, John Knolle, Jim Langston, Henry La R-osa, Jim Larose, Homer Lochridge, Bob Love, Russell Malinak, Keith Mason, Louis Maunus, Mac McDowell, Jimmy Mcllwaln, John Moffett, Al Muther, Ned Nehls, John Nelms, Howard Nelson, Robert Nichols, C. B. Odom, Ken Qrten, Jim Owens, Al Prieto, John Pucket+, Oney Raines, M- llory Reeves, Bill Renaudin, Dan Rencher, Luther Richardson, Buddy Rizzo, Fred Scott, Bill Shamblin, Horton Smith, Bill Standeffer, George Stohlman, Stan Stumpf, Mark Thomas. Phi! Thomas, Dan TriploH, Don Turner, Joe VlHard, Ken Vogel, Billy Weems, Jim Welch, Bob Wes+phal, Linton Whitaker, Jim Wilson, John Youngblood. 303 " There ' s something you ' re not telling me. " PHI CHI Bob Russell, President OFFICERS EOB RUSSELL President f D HYDE Vice-President D, I. WILKINSON Secretary BILL STEVENS Treasurer Phi Chi Medical Fraternity was founded at the University of Vermont in 1889. Omicron, founded at the Tulane School of Medicine in 1902, was the sixth chapter chartered by the national fraternity. The chapter house, known as the " Rock, " takes its place among the stately homes along famous St. Charles Avenue and contains the C. Jeff Miller Library of which the fraternity is exceedingly proud. Members of Phi Chi are active in all phases of the medicdi school curriculum. Included among the officers of the medical student body are Jap Becker, President; Bob Russell, Vice- President; Dick Reina, Vice-President of the Sr. Class; Hugh Nickerson, Vice-President of the Jr. Class; Goodwin Espy, President of the Sophomore Class; and Maunsel Pearce, Vice- President of the the Freshman Class. Phi Chi is well repre- sented from each class in the Owl Club, Honor Council, Al- pha Omega Alpha and Who ' s Who in American Colleges. Orris had all of the outdoorsmen working in the yard at the beginning of the year while " Sam-Dog " Crawford patrolled the interior endeavors. These efforts, in addition to the ex- cellent rush program organized by Brother Rivas and the whole-hearted cooperation of all the brothers resulted in one of the most outstanding pledge classes assembled in the his- tory of America. The Phi Chi social calendar is well balanced with a reveling- ridden party each month as well as a Winter Formal, Spring Formal, and the renowned South Sea Island Party in the Spring. The program of the fraternity is so designed that each indi- vidual brother can attain maximum achievements in the med- ical arts through working, studying, and relaxing together in a spirit of unity and brotherhood. Maybe it ' s prehistoric. Change the channel, I can ' t stand the sight of blood. " MEMBERS: Charles Abbott, William F, Alexander, Bob Allday, Charles William Apperson, Georqe Arrington, S. Joe Barranco, Esly Barreras, Cecil Bassett, John Bates, Kent Beasley, Jasper Becker, Harold Belknap, Tom Birdwell, Charles Boyd, Jim Brame, Alfred Brann, Ralph Braund, Jim Brown, Chris Burda, William J. Carr, Jr. Joe Chamberlain, Brooks Chapman, Thomas Clemmons, Marion Cockrell, Solon Cole, Wally Ccnarly, Charles Cook, Dave Cooksey, Sam Crawford, Frank Crittenden, David Cutherbertson, Chester Danehower, Jerry Davis, Ned Dawning, B. C. de la Houssaye, John Digiglia, Buddy Dodson, Jim Dosttr, James Eaton, John Ederington, Goodman Espy Bill Eubanks, FIcicher Eyster, Benny Ferdon, Richard Finn. Luther Fisher, Thomas Fitch, Pat Flanagan, Jack Forshner, hlugh Frazier George Freeman, Norman hfoot Fry, hiarry Fulcher, Tom Gilchrist, Henry Giles, Tom Giles, Bud Goltry, James Gordon, John K. Graham William L. Graham, Tom Graves, Richard Grayson, Phil Hacker, Gordon Hahn. Stan Hailey, Mack Hairston, Dan Hanby, Barnett Hardy Jerry Hart, Bill Hayes, Julian Henderson, Larry Hill, Jim Holder, James Holliday, Ira Holt, George Hooks, Jack Hoover, Evan Howell Tim Howell, Jack Hubbard, Ed Hyde, Marvin Jeter. Cecil Johnson. Harvey Johnson, Wirt Jones. Louis Knoepp, Doug Lamppin, John Lazarus, Arthur Lewis, James Lewis, Joe LicciardI, Bob Little. Andy Lombardo, Russell Lowery, Campbell tvlcCool, Robert McDonald, Richard Mackey. Robert W. Mackey, John Maines, Carter Matthews, Frank Mancuso, Walter Mayfield, W. H. Merrell, Bill Messer, Noel Mills, Dennis Moore. Taxey Morris, John Murfee, Guy Newell. Dickie Newsome, Hugh Nickson. Bill Orris. Ralph Owings, Harrell Pace, Don Palmisano, Robert Patton. Henry Payne. Maursel Pearce, Earl Pennington. James Pittman. Don Pitisci, Ernest Pope, Jack Race, Dick Reina. Ed Rice, Jim Rising, Manny Rivas, Hugh Rogers, Louis Roussalis, Pete Rowland, Vaughn Rush, Bob Russell, Howard Russell, John Scharfenberg, Harry Schmidt, Bob Schmidt. Gray Scott, Gail Shultz. Lee Shultz. Larry Smith, Wallace Smith, James Spence. John Steele, Bill Stevens, Bill Stone, Russell Stoval. Roger Suttle, Charles Thoman, Stephen Thomas. Bill Thurward, Robert Treuting, Glenn Wegener, Rudolph Weichert, Phil Williams ' , Randall Williams, John T. Wilson, Louis C. Wilson, John Wood, William Woolverton, Ben Younger, Richard Zepernick. n The members of Alpha Kappa Kappa AKK Rodney Patterson, President ALPHA KAPPA KAPPA Alpha Beta of Alpha Kappa Kappa was founded at Tulane University Medical School in 1903, thus being one of the old- est chapters. The chapter fraternity house, which has recent- ly undergone extensive renovation and redecoration, is at 4020 St. Charles Avenue. At present, there are sixty-one active members. The President of the active body is Rod- ney M. " Pete " Patterson. Alpha Beta also boasts a large and active Alumni body of over six-hundred practicing phy- sicians, many of which have achieved widespread recogni- tion in their chosen fields. The President of this body is Dr. Joseph V. Schlosser, who has attained international promi- nence in his field of Therapeutic Radiation. Fraternity activities include the publishing of " Alpha Beta News, " an alumni newsletter, three times a year, and the an- nu al presentation of Outstanding Senior and Freshman Scho- lastic Awards. Alpha Beta ' s social calendar is a very active one, the highlights of which are an informal dance for the pledges, Christmas and Spring formals, a spring garden par- ty, a Senior banquet, and three events staged for Rush Week. The members of Alpha Beta are an active bunch who take great pride in their organization and in the opportunities for fellowship which it affords. They are also proud to an- nounce that Alpha Beta has been selected a host for the 1961 National Convention of A.K.K. " There ' s a fly in my drinic! " " Don ' t Just sfand there . . . share it! " Joy to the World! " Hugh Lamensdorf, president Phi Delta Epsiion, a national medical fraternity, was founded at Cornell University in 1904. The year 1918 brought into being Alpha lota chapter at Tulane. Alpha lota held up its traditional intellectual and profes- sional activities by sponsoring several lectures given to the fraternity by prominent physicians. One of the enlightening lectures was by a renowned surgeon, Dr. Philip Thorett, who spoke at the annual Phi Delta Epsllon Lectureship, a program for the entire profession in New Orleans. In the field of social government, the Phi D E ' s have been very active. The year started with the annual rush banquet which netted a fine group, of pledges. The month of October found the brothers " hooting and hollering " at their square dance, followed in December by a bowling party. The Foun- tainbleau motel was the scene of the annual Initiation For- mal. This event was the highlight of the social year for Phi Delta Epsiion as all who attended will attest. Those and many other social events of the fraternity brought relief to the brothers in the midst of a crowded medical curriculum, while bringing a sense of unity and brotherhood to the group. The members of Phi Delta Epsiion m The choicest product of the brewer ' s art. On your mark, get set . ADVERTISEMENTS 309 TRIBUTE TO BUSINESS AND INDUSTRY The JAMBALAYA is one of the most treasured possessions of any Tulane student. It is widely circu- lated throughout New Orleans and the surrounding area. Many parents, relatives, and prominent alumni read this book along with students. It is our goal to obtain as much financial backing as possible to insure the success of the JAMBALAYA. As students, how can we show our appreciation to our friends in business and industry, whose enthusi- astic support has made this book possible? The answer is simple: PATRONIZE THESE ADVERTISERS!!! Give these people your business when you buy. You ' ll find them courteous, friendly, and a pleasure to do business with. They have proved their trust in us, so let ' s reciprocate and help them out. We have enjoyed contributing to the success of the 1 960 JAMBALAYA. It is the best ever; if you have enjoyed it, we hope that you will show it through our advertisers. The Business Manager and the Business Staff INDEX TO ADVERTISERS Arnaud ' s Restaurant 317 A. S. Aloe 312 Audubon Laundry 312 Barnett Optical Co 323 Bennett ' s Camera House 323 Bruno ' s 319 Carrollton Refrigeration Service 320 C. A. Sporl Co., Inc 320 Chalmette Laundry 318 Cliff Probst 318 Emery Kaufman Ltd 314 Famous Sternberg, Inc 316 Freeport Sulphur 319 Gentry 323 Gus Mayer Co., Ltd 322 J. A. Majors Co 322 Labiche ' s 320 Lloyd Alexander ' s Orchestra 316 Loubat Glassware 320 Louisiana Coca-Cola Co 312 Maison Blanche 321 Meynier Dillmann 314 Newt ' s of New Orleans 314 Pan American Life Insurance Co 315 Perrilliat Rickey Const. Co 320 Porter ' s 318 R. P. Farnsworth Co., Inc 322 Safeway Exterminating Co 316 Smith ' s Record Shop 322 Stagg, Ltd 319 Tabasco 319 Thomas W. Hooley Sons, Inc 323 Top Drawer 316 Tropical Press 323 Tulane Book Store 312 Whitney National Bank 313 Ye Olde College Inn 314 310 A. Mewnarable Year • Congratulations to the Student Body and Faculty of Tulane University upon the completion of another outstanding year of accomplishments. • The StafT of your annual has worked exceedingly hard to give you a superb book that portrays the highlights of memo- rable activities. To preserve this excellent literary and photographic record, the best grades of material have been combined with skilled workmanship to provide the finest quality yearbook. • We are very proud that the 1960 Staff selected us to design, print and bind the Jambalaya. We have earnestly endeavored to fulfill the confidence placed in us. BEIVSON PRIIVTII C COMPAIVY L omalete ( ook r V lanuj-acturing. 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