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THE TILTON MEMORIAL THE TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA JERRY ANTHONY • EDITOR SIDNEY F. ROTHSCHILD • BUSINESS MANAGER 195 9 UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA FOREWORD Each year the Jambalaya Editor and his staff are faced with the rather difficult task of creating some- thing original and satisfying within the narrow limits of what a yearbook must be by definition. They also realize that since the yearbook will be read by all segments of the student population, the format must be designed so as to appeal in as many directions as possible. The 1959 Jambalaya has ijeen composed with these two problems constantly in mind. The staff has attempted to balance a wide photographic coverage of events with professional art, sophistication with humor, informal layouts with the more formal, and straight copy with that of a fanciful nature. Also, an increased amount of color was used throughout the various sections as accent. There is no dominant theme ruiming through this book. The separate sections are related only in that they pertain to the same suljject — Tulane 1959. This year has been an important one in the history of Tulane; the physical plant has been greatly expanded and many far-reaching decisions affecting policy have been made. Yet, in most respects, it has been a year like most others. The staff hopes that they have captured both facets in this 1959 yearbook. Our measure of success will be determined by the pleasure you derive now and in the future from your Jambalaya. •J) jL 5942 DEDICATION The 1959 Jambalaya was dedicated from the moment that work first began. It is for you — the students of Tulane and Newcomb — that this year- book is composed and published as your record of 1959; it is your activities and interests that have been pictured here; it is your satisfaction and enjoyment that the StafF has kept constantly in mind. Now, the Staff wishes to acknowledge what has been its purpose from the beginning in formally dedicating this 1959 Jambalaya to you, our readers. The music goes ' round and ' rou nd A familiar sight during a hectic week FRATERNITY RUSH " How ' Ijfiut a beer? " two lecommendations High School Harry hot box and dirty rushing " How ' bout a beer? " play it cool " I ' d like you to meet " legacy all night meetings decisions " How ' bout a beer? " polished trophies tired smiles and endless handshakes " See you at Pat ' s " rush girls snow, snow — impress, im- press " How ' bout a beer? " raunchy bands " When ' s your next party with us? " telephone ringing dorm patrol Golden Boys " How ' bout a beer? " FLASH the Friday night party more decisions Bid Day sealed envelopes and nervous fingers PLEDGE! As Friday approaches, so does the hot-box f Decorations add extra zest to Rush Week parties Soda, Soda, everywhere, nor any a Scotch to drink ,% r Rushees run tht gauntlet Clever name tags add a personal touch A formal tea lends a note ol iiuirt dignity lo Hush Week, excitement We ' ll sing you in — we ' ll sing you out SORORITY RUSH Cokes and cookies punch and cake " She ' s just darling! " clap, clap, clap skits and songs Inland new clothes " All those recs! " smile smile again alumnae pressure scratch decorations nerves Where are you from and who do you know and what do you do and TALK, TALK, TALK name tags best behavior Second Round Jjrought back by popular demand he sincere quotas wonderful high school record " Did she cry? " the final steps Bids indicate preference the ribbon finally the pledge pin. Many and varied skits are presented for rushee ' s entertainment A Freshman unpacks under mother ' s watchful eye Faculty advisors guide incoming students at informal luncheons Hand-book classes teach rules and regulations :is Prolonging that last good-bye Meetings, meetings, meetings placement tests Greenie Beanies Confusion " I want to go home " how to do, what to do, why to do another meeting New Faces of 1959 Big Sisters lectures know- ing upperclassmen moving in advisors campus tours making new friends rules meet the Wheels sign up for a club feeling " green " getting almost squared away. ORIENTATION Pajama Parties in the dorm provide ideal opportunities for every- one to get acquainted i TPP ft w f W m r 4n : Mass confusion approaches mass hysteria REGISTRATION Unending lines crowd and shove closed sections train tickets mother ' s maiden name twelve times ..... I.D. pictures class cards frustration IBM for Newcomb dorm receipt, bursar receipt, bank receipt " Where do I go now? " buy l:)ooks checking table wrong line HELP tired feet scholarships Friday night lab vaccination vehicle registration write a check " There ' s got to be a better system. " " But I can ' t take Hygiene at eight on Saturday morning! " Tlie price of higher learning Dormitory study rooms are perfect for books and bull Irby House Snack Bar the Antumes of the quadrangl MEN ' S DORM LIFE Bull sessions no more panty raids " Get out, I ' ve got to study " letters from home water fights Jim Davies the snack bar obnoxious roommates " Let ' s go get just one beer " dirty jokes burning the midnight oil room inspection UN 6-2741 coffee and doughnuts during exams card games Dorm Council " Bring me back a coke " loud hi-fi pin-ups and souvenirs extension numbers Irby and Phelps housemothers " Would you like to leave a message? " study rooms no sleep practical jokes friends and enemies " Let ' s get an apartment next year. " Residents had the opportunity for flu shots in the dorm during the epidemic WOMEN ' S DORM LIFE BCWCB — did he? rules and regulations serenades " Let ' s order for supper " Sun-baths on the roof all night gossip " We need a fourth " coffee in the lounge special permission checking the books " Can I borrow your blue dress? " Homesick Freshmen Pinned Sophomores Engaged Juniors Worried Seniors " Fve got nine call-downs " two tests on Saturday climbing the walls Man On Tlie Floor all night studying television jangling telephones " He ' s so cute! " Saturday nights with no date playing the newest album " Fm taking an all night " signing out. " Wliy, I ' d just love to! " Last minute cramming in the early morn- ing hours Coffee breaks make wonderful record and gossip sessions Doris Hall lounge is always crowded for Playhouse 90 They said it couldn ' t be done — and it couldn ' t! CLASSES 8 o ' clocks majors and minors cuts boring labs " Is that clear, class? " mid- night cramming coffee breaks being prepared Junior Year Abroad outside reading field trips taking notes not taking notes blue books Dean ' s List required subjects make-up tests quality points droning professors pink slips term papers " He knows it, he just can ' t teach it " setting the curve compre- hensives and exams. Language labs increase conver- sational fluency Scientific experiments demand precise calculations Comprehensive lecture notes are the result of close attention ti iOKiitSHM Newcomb ' s liberal arts program is of the highest caliber Concentration is an important factor during exams Long hours arc spent on exacting engineering projects J im m HMH The apartment building for married students, still under construction, looms large over Claiborne Architect ' s drawing of the unfinished University Infirmary The new Newcomb Food Service Building has added greatly to the modern appearance of the campus BUILDING PROGRAM Ditches and pipes plans for the future dust and mud blessed air conditioning new dorms no sidewalks smudge pots incessant noise of the pile drivers Student Union taking shape benches that hide the valves dump trucks detours progress swimming pool and a bowling ally temporary buildings prove temporary ! a look to the future beautiful and modern Tulane soon. DITCHES — the most familiar sight for Tulanians in 1958-59 MEDICAL SCHOOL Healers of tomorrow the " bull pen " STUDY cadavers and the Cadaver Ball night duties nurses Hutchinson Memorial " I ' m going to be a gynecologist when I grow up " slides patients expensive microscopes Alpha Omega Alpha " Dem bones " bedside manners specialization blocks STUDY. The " Bull Pen " becomes increasingly an important center of medical students ' attention 14 LAW SCHOOL Cans and outlines Law Review " Sheim ' s got it for sale " shysters Contracts and Dr. Franklin campus politicos Derby Day hats and canes Moot Court briefs " I got a 65 in Torts " pitching pennies late hours at the Law Library many, many cases to be briefed the Advocates of Justice. A seminar class stimulates added interest in judicial interpreta- tions ts I ' lfl ' : f ' f8 69 . 70 7. A large chemistiy class indicates the number of students interested in a liberal arts education ARTS AND SCIENCES Gibson Hall pre-med, pie-law, pie-what MWF " I ' m interested in a broad liberal edu- cation " BA or BS language labs choosing a major General Studies 302 oldest and largest college Phi Beta Kappa research papers Anthropology to Zoology. Spring weather allows a Finite Math class to adjourn outdoors NEWCOMB Chimes every hour bermudas under rain- coats traditions The Crypt Harriot Sophie " Please make a chart " ballet, modern, or folk comps Mrs. Ricciuti classes at Tulane ..... Mortar Board and Assets art exhibits Little Commencement daisy chain " Where stars arise in southern skies. " Newcomb provides comfortable living in a modern atmosphere Engineering students ponder complicated mechanical apparatus ENGINEERING AND ARCHITECTURE Slide rules and T-squares " I ' ve got a pre- liminary due Wednesday " differentiate and integrate nude models surveys Beaux Arts Ball " Uncle Walt " blueprints staying up all night in lab the Blarney Stone art and design St. Patrick ' s Day Dance builders of tomorrow Frank Lloyd Wright dividers p ' • • • " Beta Pi Tau Sigma Delta. Architects display their talents The School of Architecture ' s pavilion for the spring Student Exhi- bition What do you mean Gibson Hall isn ' t on Tulane ' y property? The rcsull nt a li ' eplcs nifj,lit Students and faculty alike are fascinated ijy ilir n. u ll! l Profs shed dignity during the traditional skit at the Commerce Dance The Aldrich Room provides a comfortable setting for conferences and discussions BUSINESS Comniei-ce Cowboys business talks " Hope he cuiTes ' em " Norman Mayer Li- brary Dear Mr. Brown: Y=C+I " You are reminded that this exam is being given under the Honor System and no smolving is per- mitted in the classroom " marginal revenue " Flash " Jordan Laugh and Play in BBA " Have you done case 8 — 1? " supply and demand Delta Sigma Pi Commerce Dance Wall Street Journal. HOMECOMING " Olive Green and Blue, we love thee " open house alumni and alumnae " The old place sure has changed! " Class of ' 09 cocktail parties WELCOME GRADS all night decorating crowds excitement of the Homecoming Game halftime presenta- tion old friends get together " Boy, those were the good old days! " Homecoming Dance the Queen and her Court a fun filled week- end " Thine we are and thine shall he. " Homecoming royalty off guard SPIRIT TU-LA-NE bonfires Union Station TUSK " The referee has no father " the pep hand painting posters TOPPLE TECH halftime telegrams to the team Greenljackers decorated goal posts " All the way. Big Team, all the way! " cafeteria dances RIP THE RAIDERS green and white shakers Tiilane 14— Navy 6 HELL OF A HULLABA- LOO! The Pep Band, goes wild It was a good idea, anyway and if y ' all really come out and support us Pre-game spirit rides high Sigma Chi Safari on a Tiger hunt PICTURE STORY OF A SATUR " Are you busy Saturday night? " — (God ' s gift to women strikes) Old Spice heels " Haven ' t got a thing to wear! " going some- place " different " big plans " Roomie, can I borrow your car? " highballs, cigarettes, and talk getting acquainted " But this is only our first date! " all kinds of parties dancing going Downtown meeting friends laughs getting tight 1:30 a.m coffee and curfew " I really had a wonderful time! " making out " Are you busy next Saturday night? " — (God ' s gift to women strikes again.) 22 DAY NIGHT DATE Sophomore-Senior team receives a half-time briefing TRADITIONS TGIF Ugly Mug Sigma Chi Derby Day library dates obnoxious presents at the Christmas Parties Greenie Beanies Monday blues beards during exams griping LSU game Student Body elections Parent ' s Day Sophomore Slump tuition increases dunking in the fish pond drop letters parking proljleiu Greenie cops Bury the Hatchet Party browsing in the bookstore " I ' m really gonna study next semester! " cutting class " It ' s in the bindery " Campus Carnival and many more to each his own group and individual traditions arising every day. Rough and tumble Powder Puff Bowl Christmas Night at Tulane inspires a holiday mood ' 1 ■■ 7- .i-, u:,v 1 I. ' -- i Assets judge the Kangaroo Court Junior Cap and Gt.iwn Day Freshmen honor the Seniors on May Day ■ Newcomb girls collect money for charity on Jiiiii " ! Ili iiiiaiV lla Just punishments are doled out to wayward Freshmen I- ., «« MX 1. Intricate grill-work is a symbol of Old New Orleans atmosphere NEW ORLEANS The Crescent City jazz and pralines tourists " When the saints go marching in " the old and the new Lake Pontchartrain pomp and revelry of Mardi Gras Sugar Bowl sultry days French Quarter and Canal Street coffee and doughnuts rain Mississippi River tradition and progress " Way Down Yonder in New Orleans. " Rex, King of Carnival, greets the Mardi Gras throngs The Crescent City and the new Mississippi River Bridge Historical St. Louis Cathedral and Jackson Square are tourist focal points The French Market is a popular gathering place for coffee and doughnuts PLACES TO GO Bruno ' s on Friday Papa Joe ' s for jazz Fee ' s snow balls at Amy ' s Maple Hill between class breaks at Casimento ' s Blue Room for entertainment free flick Audubon Park to park Arthur ' s Break- fast at Brennan ' s classical music at Napoleon House DeVille for atmosphere Pont- chartrain Beach for fun formals at New Orleans and Lakewood Country Clubs pizza at Domino ' s Philips coffee breaks at Toddle House Municipal Auditorium for everything and too many other places for too many other things! Hurricanes and college songs make Pat O ' Brien? tops for entertainment Excit ement runs high at the Fair Grounds during the racing season The best for Dixieland is Pier 600 with Al Hirt Camellia Grill and Harry ' s inimitable service end many perfect evenings SUNDAY Sleeping late " Can I have the funny paper? " church sei-vices inviting a date to dinner riding around " I think I ' ll take a nap and then study " weekly room clean-up long distance call from home watching tele- vision or catching the flick 10 o ' clock curfew doing Monday ' s homework " I ' m going to bed early tonight! " Costume parties show creative imagination Santa Glaus and his presents are traditional at Christmas An informal Lagniappes dance ends a Pep Rally Elaborate decorations carry out a Roman theme Homecoming Dance at Municipal Auditorium PARTIES Parties make the world go around — and around — and around tuxedoes and kid gloves costumes and decorations BYOL " Rock and roll, all night long " PARTY TIME- ANYTIME vats social probation bird-dogs " Want to dance? " two people make a party, three people make an orgy chaperones? corsages and favors LIVE! LIVE! LIVE! stags Sweetheart Courts invitations social chairmen hang- overs mixing drinks " Had a BLAST! " Quiet and informal gatherings are often the most fun A Queen and Court are presented at many dances Some people have the best time during intermissions Dancing to the familiar music of Papa Celestin ' s Band Alligator shirts and bermuda shorts ..... suntans mint juleps being in love beach parties sleeping in class summer plans " Tennis, anyone? " sunglasses studying for comps and finals lazy afternoons doing nothing convertibles and baseball Easter vacation azaleas and camellias in bloom riding bicycles rainy days. SPRING GRADUATION The last mile . . . parents and relatives . . . class rings . . . good-byes . . . memories . . . cap and gown . . . " Seems like only yesterday " . . . commissioning . . . cherished sheet of parchment — diploma . . . speakers . . . " ' Friends, as you stand upon this threshold — " . . . a few tears . . . congratulations . . . graduation . . . the end of one road . . . the beginning of another. The graduates listen attentively to the Commencement Address " " Little Commencement " for Newcomb precedes University gradua- tion exercises Mixed emotions fill the final moments of Commencement for parents and friends as well as for the graduates 33 LYN CRAWFORD • EDITOR • Board of Administrators • Officers of Administration • Division of Student Life • Deans • Student Government • Newcomb Alumnae Association • Tulane Alumni Association The events of the year have made a Httle clearer and a little sharper the unresolved issues and prob- lems of our time. Members of the Class of 1959 soon will reach the day when these matters will be theirs to meet. No one will expect them to possess all the wisdom necessary to answer them, but they should be expected to employ the liberated and trained mental qualities necessary to meet new and even harsh realities as they emerge. Fortunately for mankind they do not come all at once nor in irrevoc- able form. University men and women are now filled with greater concern for world needs as well as their own than ever before. This is substantially the best hope of America — that her future may reside largely in the judgment which should come from the unspoiled and vigorous young people who day by day are being prepared and tempered in the universities. They will increasingly include. I hope, most of the leaders of government, as well as of business and the professions. When those who graduate in 1959 return to this campus, they will find Tulane living with a new generation, dealing with new problems and pre- paring new workmen for the future. This is the way unity in life and time and purpose is served and preserved. So it has been always and so it must be if Tulane is to be significan t. I hope this year- book may bring bright memories of your good years here. " U THE PRESIDENT ' S MESSAGE PRESIDENI ' KUFUS CAHKOLLTON HARRIS 36 BOARD OF ADMINISTRATORS The Board of Administration of the Tulane Educational Fund is a self-sustaining board composed of seventeen prominent Louisiana citizens and Tulane alumni. Paul Tu- lane riamed the original membership which was to receive and administer his endowment, and this is now the general governing body of the University. In addition to the meui bers, the Board consists of three ex-ofiicio members includ- ing the Governor of Louisiana, the Mayor of New Orleans, and the State Superintendent of Education. There are two Emeritus members of the Board, Miss Florence Dymond of New Orleans and Lawrence A. Wogan, who is Secretary-Treasurer Enjeritus. Mr. A. P. Generes is serving as Secretary-Treasurer of the Board. It is through the guidance of these administrators that Tulane is able to continue its outstanding work in research and educational service as well as all other phases of higher learning. First Row: Joseph M. Jones, President; Ernest L. Jahncke, Vice- President; J. Blanc Monroe, Vice-President; Clifford T. Favrot, Vice- President; Dr. Charles L. Eshelman; George S. Farnsworth. Second Row: Darwin S. Fenner, Leon Irwin, Jr.. Lester J. Lautenschlager, Joseph McCloskey. Joseph W. Montgomery, Isidore Newman, II. Third Row: Ashton Phelps, Marie Louise Wilcox Snellings, Edgar B. Stern, George A. Wilson, Samuel Zemurray. 37 OFFICERS OF ADMINISTRATION First Row: Dr. Fred Cole, Academic Vice-President; Dr. Joseph Morris, Vice- President; Dr. Claretice Scheps, Vice-President and Comptroller; Richard Baumbach, Director of Athletics; Dr. Clifford Grulee, Associate Dean and Director, Division of Graduate Medicine. Second Row: Dr. Lloyd Kuhn, Director of Student Health; Alvin L. Lyons, Director of Development; Horace Reneger, Director of Public Relations; Dr. Garland Taylor, Director of Libraries; Dr. Robert Wauchope, Director of the Middle American Research Institute. Third Row: Dr. Cliff Wing, Jr., Director of Admissions; Miss Kath- ryn Davis, Assistant to the President of the University; Mrs. Florence Toppino, Registrar; Jesse B. Morgan, Business Manager. The everyday administration of the university affairs is directed by a group of officers, composed of Vice-Presidents, Deans, Directors, and others who are in charge of the various departments and divisions of the university. Each is a specialist in his respective field and is thereby endowed with the capacity to counsel and advise students during their schooling at Tulane. These men and women composing this administrative body occupy a very essential part in the life of Tulane, and it is through their dedicated work that the student life at Tulane runs so smoothly. 38 DIVISION OF STUDENT LIFE JOHN H. STIBBS As we close this year, we close an era in Tulane student life — the period during which the Student Center on Freret Street has been the seat of Tulane student government, the home of this Jambalaya, the center for student services, and the scene of countless receptions, club meetings, and parties. This Student Center was built in 1940 from funds donated by alumni and friends of the University. At that time, it was a welcome addition to our campus, and since then, many student presidents, many editors, many student councils and other groujis have worked faithfully in this building for the benefit of a generation of Tulanians. But now, as our campus life has developed, we find this Student Center no longer adequate for our growing needs. Next year, as once before, we will again welcome the opening of a new home for student activties on the campus. We are confident that the dedication of those students and staff members who worked in the old building can be achieved again in our new University Center, and that the new facilities will inspire the continuing development of a richer campus life. » Ti an. of Students ft ' t- MRS. DOROTHY NUNGESSER RICCIUTI Counselor, to If ' omen, Newcomh College First Row: James Davies, Assistant tn the Dean of Students, Men ' s Residence Halls; Tile Reverend George Hopper, Coordinator of Religious Activities; Andres Horcasitas, Senior Adviser to Foreign Students: Mrs. Charles Keller, Jr.. Chairman of the Com- munity Hospitality Committee: Dr. Samuel S. McNeely, Jr.. Adviser to Foreign Students; Dr. C. W. Mann. Guidance Officer. Second Row: Einar N. Pedersen. Assistant to the Dean of Students; Dr. John Karlem Reiss. Adviser to Fraternities; Edward A. Rogge, Supervisor of Forensics: James D. Schneider, Placement Officer; G. Kinsey Stewart, As- sistant Guidance Officer; Dr. Walter Wilcox, Adviser to Puiilications. THE DEANS DEAN MAXWELL E. LAPHAM School of Medicine The School of Medicine, founded as the Medical School of Louisiana in 1834, was the first medical school in the Southwest. The usual four-year program leading to the degree of Doctor of Medicine is offered by the Medical School plus many graduate courses, degrees in public health, and a number of short courses in different specialties. DEAN ROBERT M. LUMIANSKY Graduate School Graduate work at Tulane began in lo83. Courses of study leading to the degrees of Master of Arts, Master of Science, Master of Fine Arts, and Doctor of Philosophy are now offered. Admission to the Graduate School usually depends upon a better than average record in undergraduate school. Steady emphasis is placed upon research training. DEAN RAY FORRESTER School of Law The School of Law has not only as its primary objective the training of students for the practice of law in Louisiana, but also the training of students for the practice of law in other parts of the country. Latin America, and other foreign countries. The geographical and cultural position of New Orleans is appropriate for the service of a varied group of students with a diversity of legal programs. DEAN JOHN P. DYER University College University College is the evening adult education division of Tulane University. It offers degrees in the field of liberal arts, commerce, medical technology, and nursing. It also offers introductory courses in the fields of engineering and architecture. The faculty is made up of members of the various University faculties plus outside lecturers. DEAN WALTER L. KINDELSPERGER School of Social Work The School of Social Work is a professional school offer- ing graduate preparation for positions in public and private welfare organizations and agencies. Specialized preparation is offered in group work ; family and child welfare : medical, psychiatric, and school social work; and social welfare plan- ning. The School of Social Work is a member of the Grad- uate Division of the Council on Social Work Education. DEAN WILLIAM W. PEERY College of Arts and Sciences The College of Arts and Sciences, oldest of Tulane ' s un- dergraduate schools, assures every student both an oppor- tunity to receive a sound general education and a good base for future specialization. Although some students will enter graduate and professional schools, while others will end their formal education with the bachelor ' s degree, the college offers to both preparation for positions of leadership and trust. THE DEANS DEAN LEE H. JOHNSON School of Engineering The School of Engineering, which has been offering de- grees since 1894. is one of the oldest and most well rounded in the South. The school offers curricula leading to the Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical, Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering; and the Master of Science degree in each department. DEAN PAUL V. GRAMBSCH School of Business Administration The School of Business Administration has provided its men and women with substantial professional training for business careers since its founding in 1914. Striving to pro- vide the business community with graduates with a working knowledge of business management, the School of Business Administration has sought to enroll students of intellectual competence, good character, and leadership potential. DEAN JOHN R. HUBBARD Newcomb College Newcomb College, established in 1866 by Mrs. Josephine Louise Newcomb as a memorial to her only daughter, was the first woman ' s college to function within the framework of a university. It has a full curriculum of Liberal Arts, and also provides a program of study abroad during the Junior year. 42 ■■ ' -««« DEAN JOHN E. DINWIDDIE School of Archileclure The School of Architecture, through its five year program, strives to integrate the architect as a social human being, a good citizen of his environment large or small. Although the School is primarily concerned with and dedicated to the development of a living and vigorous native architecture for the southern region, it feels that the students should be equipped to adapt their work to any region. DR. T. T. EARLE Summer School Summer school may be attended by students enrolled in any College of Tulane University or any other university. Courses offered are used toward undergraduate and grad- uate degrees. Summer school offers an opportunity to sup- plement programs with courses of particular interest, make up deficiencies of prerequisites, and to reduce the length of time required to qualify for a degree. STUDENT TOM McKAY Student Body President Under the Constitution of the Associated Student Body of Tulane University the power of student government are vested in the Student Council which meets twice monthly during the school year. Delegates are from the ten colleges and schools of the university. The principal duties of the Student Council are to repre- sent the Student Body in all matters of student government; to provide for proper hearing for parties interested in any proposed action : to recommend recognition of student or- ganizations and activities; to exercise financial control over the organizations and activities which receive University funds; and to revoke the charter of any student organiza- tion which fails to fulfill its objectives. The Student Council shares many of the duties with its operating Boards, the Publications Board, the Student Ac- tivities Board, the University Honor Council and the newly formed Student Union Board. During the past year the Council has worked on commit- tees with faculty members and administers to alleviate cam- pus problems. The spirit of cooperation developed has con- tributed much to the improvement of campus life and has resulted in the student body assuming a more responsible citizenship. Some of the projects undertaken by the Student Council were: the planning of the administration and program of the new Union Building, the relaxation of the cut system, the revision of the financial operations of the Student Publica- tions, the sponsoring of popular entertainment in the con- cert series, the conducting of the United Fund Drive, the implementation of the University-wide Honor System, and the general improvement of athletic affairs. Tulane Student Council GOVERNMENT JACK SCHUSTER Vice-President Student Activities Board MEMBERS School of Architecture Dick Simoni, President PiET Kessels Bob Ambrose Glenn House School of Arts and Sciences Al Prieto, President Fred Sexton George Grace Bill Wight Jerry Horowitz Gilbert Andry School of Business Administration Robert Metgalf, President Louis Pailet Howard Gleason Micky Hurst Bill Murtauch School of Engineering J. V. Burkes, President Tommy Smith Bernie Weiss Page Williamson School of Medicine Clay Williamson, President Ed Shaver School of Social Work Ike Thorne, President University College Frank Loppicolo, President Jim Blount Newcoinh College Dotty G(jld, President Judy O ' Brien Meade Fowlkes Vaughan Burdin Dianne Orkin School of Law Jimmy Cox, President Bill Hunter George Kimura Jerry Moise Graduate School Kinsey Stewart, President Ed Harris Eileen Eckhardt CAROLE STAFFORD Secretary-Treasurer AL OTTO Representative at Large 45 MRS. GEORGIA SEAGO FISCHER Executive Secretary MRS. ADELE REDDITT WILLIAMSON Newcoinb Alumnae President NEWCOMB ALUMNAE ASSOCIATION The Newcoinb Alumnae Association is composed of some 7,800 alumnae, graduates, and non-graduates. The office is in the Tulane Alumni House where files are kept containing Homecoming Queens of the Past current addresses of former students. Clubs of alumnae are located in leading cities. The Association has two national meetings annually, at Homecoming in the fall, and at Commencement in the sjjring. All former students are considered members of the Association. OFFICERS President Adele Redditt Williamson, ' 45 (Mrs. W. F., Jr.) 1st Vice-President Catherine Clarke Leake, ' 42 (Mrs. George M.) 2nd Vice-President Beverly Hess Reese, ' 38 (Mrs. W. Ford) Recording Secretary Beverly Walton Kerr, ' 32 (Mrs. Frank I.) Corresponding Secretary Mary Barret Eaves, ' 45 (Mrs. J. Everett) Treasurer Mary Hoeiin Roth, ' 40 (Mrs. J. Craig) Past President Peggy Roemer Read, ' 40 (Mrs. Henry J.) Academic Representative Mary Alice Lemann Weed, ' 34 (Mrs. John C.) Art Representative Barr Conover Belden, ' 37 (Mrs. Robertson) Music Representative Jean Bonner Friedel. ' 43 (Mrs. Charles, HI) Neiesletter Editor Beryl Roy Reitz, ' 41 (Mrs. Richard D.) Tulanian Editor E JULIE R. Dietrich, ' 57 Three Newconih Representatives on the Board of Directors of the Tulane Alumni Association May Thornton White ' 33 (Mrs. James A.) ; Jane Kelleher Riess ' 38 (Mrs. Frank) ; Louise Nelson Ewin ' 42 (Mrs. James P. Jr.) Executive Secretary Georgia Seago Fischer, ' 25 TULANE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION The Tulane Alumni Association was incorporated in 1898, dedicated to the broad principles of loyalty and serv- ice to the University and its Alumni. During the past sixty years it has grown from a few local Alumni to a world-wide organization of 30,000 members living in each of the forty- nine states and in many foreign countries. The Alumni Fund, inaugurated twelve years ago, has provided $1,353,154 for needs of the University. The Association ' s contributions to higher education have been equally important. Alumni clubs provide scholarships to deserving students in their areas. The annual Tulane Con- ferences, presented by the Association and Alumni clubs, bring to many Southern cities programs in the specialized fields of science, the humanities, law. medicine, engineering, social work, etc. Much of the growth and success of the Association can be attributed to the organizational leadership of the presi- dents and secretaries (directors) who have guided Alumni activities through the years. ►Vo BEATRICE M. FIELD Alumni Activities Director JOHN C. BAINE Tulane Alumni President Alumni House EDISON B. ALLEN Alumni Fund Coordinator liS-- -. J i.t V ii,- JiJ. I ■ i VAUGHAN BURDIN • EDITOR • Miss Pauline Tulaue • Beauty Court • Homecoming Court • Hall of Fame LETTY GOLTRY LIDA GREGORY LINDA HARDY KAY HECKER JAMBALAYA BEAUTY FINALISTS HARRIET STONE DOTTIE STOREY HONEY SUTTON PAT VAN SCOY JUDY BECKER SANDRA DRAUGHN Each year it is the pleasant task of the Jambalaya staff to select sixteen finalists from among the many girls nom- inated for the Jambalaya Beauty Court. These sixteen girls are then presented to the University, and Miss Pauline Tu- lane and her Beauty Court are chosen by majority vote. Any girl who is regularlv enrolled at Newconih or Tulane may be nominated to appear at the Beauty Court Tea, ex- cepting Freshmen and those who have served in previous Courts. The Jambalaya staff is very proud of both the finalists and the 1959 Jambalaya Beauty Court. There are several girls in school this year who have served in past Jambalaya Beauty Courts. They are: Lee Andry, Barbara Burdin. and Virginia Jones. BETH MONROE SUZANNE PITTS SARAH QUINN SANDRA SHAINOCK MISS PAULINE TULANE PAT VAN SCOY -: ' ' j 52 MISS CHARLOTTE BLOTNER 54 MISS LETTY GOLTRY am ■f 56 •J- MISS LIDA GREGORY iiiz: - s:-- rs: ' iri: S.j ' jS: ' i iiii 58 N, MISS BETH MONROE 60 MISS SARAH QUINN 62 MISS HARRIET STONE 64 ■■ ' : .i ' sv!» ' I THE 1958 HOMECOMING Queen Pat and President Tom McCay prepare for the presentation. MISS PAT VAN SCOY Tulane ' s 1958 Homecoming Queen Excitement ran high during the days preceding Tulane ' s 1958 Homecoming. Pep rallies, antici- pation over meeting Ole Miss on the field, preparations for decora- tions, plans for parties, and the announcement that Pat Van Scoy would reign at the Homecoming Game and Dance as 1958 Home- coming Queen all contributed to the high spirits even before the week-end began. The student body was extremely proud of the out- come of the Homecoming Court election. Pat and the members of her Court — Emily Andry, Barbara Burdin, Barbara Hammond, Kay Hecker, Sarah Quinn, and Sandra Shainock — had a special share in the general excitement. The returning alumni were first welcomed at the Alumni Dance on Friday night at which the Queen and Court were presented to them and on Saturday by the lavish dec- orations constructed by the frater- nities, sororities, and dormitories. Many grads visited their old frat houses where they enjoyed the " blasts " which lasted almost until game time. The Homecoming Game, played under the lights for the second year, was a close one. The ex- citement of the game and the pag- eantry of the half-time ceremony had everyone in the mood for fun when the annual Homecoming Dance sponsored by Lagniappes began at the Municipal Audito- rium. Queen Pat presided over the gala event, and it is safe to say that ' " a good time was had by all. " 66 ' ■X ' - ' ' --?« " " ' S KSHc - J •••%«,- 1 1 ...nmm ts-mmf iiBiiigiii Left to Right: Barbara Burdin, Kay Hecker, Sarali nujnii, I ' at an r(i}, aiidia Miaiii ' H k, liar li;ira llainininicl, Ijiiil; i THE HOMECOMING COURT Homecoming royalty and their escorts had more fun than anyone at the Homecoming Dance HALL The Tulane Hall of Fame is the Jambalaya ' s manner of recognizing those Newcomb and Tu- lane students who have been particularly ac- tive and outstanding during their college careers. Members are selected on the basis of service to the school, leadership, scholarship, campus activity, and outstanding achievement in a particular field. Members who have been chosen for this honor in previous years and who are still in school are: ' Jerry Anthony Lestar Martin Harriet Barry Andrew Moore Herb Duncan Dotty Gold Nathan Norman Glosserman Claudette Webster Neese Micky Hurst Stanley Stumpf Susan Locke Jim Wesner Tom McCay EVARTS ENGLISH COLLEEN SULLIVAN JANE IGERT 68 OF FAME BILL ELFENBEIN CAROL DO WINES SANDY SCHWARTZ CLAY WILLIAMS PAT COUSINS 69 HALL ELINOR MORELAND SAIDEE WATSON PAGE WILLIAMSON DAVE ADAMS VAUGHAN BURDIN JIM SCHUPP OF FAME JUSTINE BERNARD AL PRIETO J. V. BURKES ILENE SEALE BILL ANDREWS 71 JIM COX EMILY McFARLAND CLYDE BUZZARD HALL CAROLE STAFFORD JACK SCHUSTER 72 OF FAME TOMMY SMITH ANDREE KEIL SIDNEY ROTHSCHILD DIANE ORKIN RON HOLMBERG WAYNE McVADON • EDITOR • Honorary • Publications • Professional • Spirit • Religious • Music and Drama • Military Phi Beta Kappa is tho oldest natronal honor society in America. Th society was founded in 1776 at WilMam and Mary College in Virginia. The Alpha Chapter of l ouisiana was founded at Tulane University in 1909. Those seniors who are candidates for a Bachelor of Arls Degree and who have achieved a scholaslie recor l of ronttnu(»ii ' « ' xcelh nce are h(»n4trefl ht heing eleclcd lo l hi Beta Kappa. Klerlion into this .oeiety is ihe highest acadeuiic hoa M- conferred U|» m» flislingiiishe l students and sehi hn tt( the C oliege of Arts iind ScienCi-! :iii l i »vw»- iiili College. OFFICERS Fan ' me R. Russ, President Dr. a. D. Wallace. Vice-President Dr. Helen Beard, Secretary Dr. Karlem Riess, Treasurer Dr. Leonard Oppenheim, Executive Committee E. S. Kalin, Executive Committee Harriet Barry Marjorie Boesch Arion Boyle Elaine D Entremont John Deutsch Carol Downes Michael Feen Suzanne Firmin Scottie Gaines John Hantel Suzanne Hick.? Claudia Holland Elise Hopkins Andree Keil Linda Laskey Connolly Logan Fred McClendon. Jr. Charles McNett. Jr. Sonia Maret Morris Marx Elinor Moreland John Overton David Penney Alherto Prieto. Jr. Robert Treuting Jean Vorhaben BETA GAMMA SIGMA 1 apier oi i»ui8iana of itic Beta Caiiiiiia Sic ' na fnalernilv v.ai ' establislii- l at Tulane in June, 1926. The purpuMe of llie fralernilv i« lo reward and cneouruge seliolarsliip and a4 ' i oinpHshnienl. hi all phatie.s of business among the undergraduale!i and eraduate$ of the School of Bu.si- ness Administration and to foster principles of honesty and inlegritr in business practices. Members are elected from ihf junior and s -niur classes who have attained hig|:h scholarship and show promise 4»f niarLed ability. Undergraduate nienihers are chosen li the faculty members of the fraternitv, • — OFFICERS Dr. Paul C. Taylor. President Peter A. Firmin. Vice-President Elsie M. Watters, Secretary-Treasurer Harford Field. Jr. Thomas Giraud Ernest Johnson Robert Kelly Wilburn Lunn John O ' Brien Edward Peterman Alain M.G. de la Villesbret ALPHA OMEGA ALPHA AQA :a Alpha, tho only lioiioiarv moHical society of Us type, is based upon seholaisliip. This involves initiative, independence, and the will and ability to succ - -d with investigative learning. Election to this society is ihe recognition of a student for present aceoniplishments and in fntnre promise of leadership in some phase of medicine. Alpha Qiapler of Lmlisiana was founded al Tnlane in 1914.. Its activities have inelnded annual lectureships by men jn-ominent in medical fields, clinical flis us- OFFICERS Claude Somers Williams, III, President Seniors Ai-thur Axelrod Clyde Copeland Marc Kerlin Donna Kern Dewey Lane Ralph Lazzara Marvin Meadors William Mentzer Henri Parens Jacob Raney Kathleen Rives Bernard Schneider Stanton Shuler Prentiss Smith Wayne Tobin Claude Williams, III Juniors John Binns, III Frank Davis White Gibson. Ill Delnias Jackson, Jr. Homer Lochridge ORDER OF THE COIF The Order of the Coif, a national legal honor- society, wais established at Tulane in 1931. The order recognizes senior law students for excep- tional ability and perforinance in law and in law sehool. Leadership and service to the sehool and community as well as the scholastic achicvcnienl are considered when the new menibers are elected each spring from xnem- hers of the senior ilass. Kach year the chapter also initiates as an honorary member a Louisiana lawyer whose devotion to the law and pubhc service has been outstanding. m. OFFICERS Sam Lang, President Ralph Slovenko, Sergeant Members Jerry Brown James Cox Henry Hooker James Johns John McCollam Leon Rittenberg, Jr. John Simon James Thornton, Jr. Richard Troy, Jr. Charles Merrill Honorary Member Jacob Landry OFFICERS Bob L. Drew, Chapter Master James L. Kilroy, Scribe Morton A. Bernstein, Recorder John Bohike, Jr. Thomas Edson Robert Price OFFICERS Paul Melancon, President John Baumann, Vice-President Eugene Chauviere. Recording Secretary Bruce Baird, Corresponding Secretary Nicholas Theophilus, Treasurer Bill Reidenbach, Cataloger Wayne Barcelo Cyril Barrios James Ducote Richard Fastring Albert Gooch Paul Haverkamp Robert Jones Walter Jung Jacob Lashover William Lee, Jr. Emil Legendre, III Jerome Planchard. Jr. Richard Powell James Redman Philip Rasch Joseph Variani Kenneth Vorhaben OFFICERS James McIlwain, President Robert Love, Vice-President James Schupp. Jr., Secretary Dr. Karlem Riess, Faculty Advisor Jerry Anthony Evarts English Hunter Herron Alberto Prieto, Jr. Fred texton Clay Williams Page Williamson John Yarborough Dean Ray Forrester PHI ETA SIGMA I ' lii I ' .lii Sif;inii i. ii iialii.iKil li.iiioi- scMicli for Jreshrtian men of all col- es iuiil M-hooU. All UHii slmh-ius mIio liavi- achicvod an av.-rage of 2.5 oi ' briti-r for tlu ' (irst scincslfi- of tln-ir freshman year or for iKc entire car are elifiilile for nii-inli.isliip in I ' lii Ela Sigma. The Tulane ehaplcr vas foiindefl ill IV. ' S ' . OFFICERS Robert W. Taylor, President EuGEiNE Berry, Vice-President Walker Smith, Secretary Dudley Youmain, III, Treasurer Joe Roger Hite, Historian Dr. Karlem Riess, Faculty Advisor Dean Paul Victor Grambsch David Price Allred John James Barcelo III Wilham Hume Barr Stephen Themislocles Bennett Robert Eugene Bonini William Milnor Boyle. Jr. Michael Donovan Byers James Edward Byrori Robert P. Clark, Jr. Robert Cohen Richard Franklin Cromer Lee Gordon DeBrueys Peter Elwood Dorsett Norman Shepard Fertel John H. Fielder Richard Safir Galin William Henson Graves Philip Louis Hanowitz Henry Andrew Jackson James Sam Louie William Shepard McAninch Charles Hamilton North. Jr. Joseph A. Nunan Charles Philip O ' Brien, Jr. James Ronald Rest Eugene Paul Shafton Willie Arnold Smith Frank Palmer Stubbs III George W. Tiller John Garrett VanOsdell, Jr. John WiUiam Wahl OFFICERS Veloyce Espe. President Edith Giraud. Vice-President Henry Grode, Secretary John Roupe, Treasurer Ada Edmunds. Historian. 1958 Initiates Mrs. Maijorie Bean Miss Elene H. Beerman Mrs. Sylvia Brown Mr. James F. Brovvnmiller Mrs. Alice M. Claudel Mr. Leon G. Colletti Capt. Wilford D. Douglass Miss Ada M. Edmunds Mrs. Mirian Hale Mr. Elwin B. Hart Mrs. Rita Hertz Mr. Arthur E. Hoffman Mrs. Santa Maria T. Keith Mr. George F. Koury Miss Dorothy S. Lang Mrs. Una Moore Mrs. Virginia R. Threefoot Miss Susan A. Trafton Mr. Wayne B. Vinson OFFICERS Prof. Joseph Ewan President Phof. Abram Amsel Vice-President Prof. Karlem Riess Sec.-Treas. Prof. John Hampton Exec. Committee Prof. William Pierce Exec. Committee Full Members Abdul Ridha Al-Salihy Dr. Edward A. Cleve Samuel E. Ellzey. Jr. Laurence D. Fairbanks Hans J. Hansen Dr. Hurst B. Hatch Dr. Richard G. Hibbs William F. Hutchison Mildred Eileen Lowe Guy Marlow Robert M. Matossian Eugene Miller Merle Mizell Dr. Charles B. Moore Gabriel Leon Plaa Dr. Louis Potash John D. Schneidau Charles Storey. Jr. B. I. Sundararaj John R. Sutter Joseph S. Ward Dr. A. C. Woods Associate Members Badi A. Batshon Charles R. Bren Alwyn Buckland Gary Cooper Jane Ellen Crowe John L. Deutsch George E. Dexter Thomas W. Feary Glen Rae Hanemann Jose A. Hernandez Mary Mandell (Mrs. I Henri Parens Rodney M. Patterson Francis Ryan Donald Schumsky Charis Shaw (Mrs.) Sidney B. Simpson Kinsey Stewart Enio Vieira Jean Vorhaben Richard H. Weaver Murray S. Work Students from approximately 600 colleges and universi- ties are nominated and recognized in Who ' s Who each year. Campus nominating committees are instructed, in making their decisions, to consider the student ' s scholarship: his cooperation in leadership in academic and extra-curricular activities; his service and citizenship to the schools; and his promise of future usefulness. Recognition by Who ' s. Who means that the student was first officially recommended from the university or college he attends and then accepted by the organization. These are the Tulane students who have been selected for Who ' s Who this year. 1959 SELECTIONS WHO ' S WHO Jerry Anthony Arthur Axelrod Harriet Barry Jimmy Blount J. V. Burkes Robert Cooper Pat Cousins Carol Downes Evarts English Howard Gleason . Dotty Gold Norman Glosserman Hunter Herron Liz HoUoway Micky Hurst Andree Keil George Kimura Dewey Lane Susan Locke Don Lockwood Tom McCay John McCoUam Emily McFarland Lestar Martin Pat Meller Bob Metcalf Elinor Moreland Al Otto Al Prieto Jack Schuster Jimmy Schupp John Scofield Ilene Scale Dick Simoni Tommy Smith Carole Stafford Lida Swafford Ann Vega Pat Ward Page Williamson John Yarborough First Row: Jerry Anthony, Arthur Axelrod, Harriet Barry, Jimmy Blount. Second Row: J. V. Burkes, Robert Cooper, Pat Cousins, Carol Downes. Third Row: Evarts English, Howard Gleason, Dotty Gold, Norman Glosserman. Fourth Row: Hunter Herron, Liz Holloway, Micky Hurst, Andree Keil. Fifth Row : George Kimura, Dewey Lane, Susan Locke, Tom McCay. Sixth Row: Emily McFarland, Lestar Martin. Pat Meller, Bob Met- calf. Seventh Row: Elinor Moreland, Al Prieto, Jack Schuster, Ilene Seale. Eighth Row: Dick Simoni, Tommy Smith, Carole Stafford, Lida Swafford. Ninth Row: Ann Vega, Pat Ward, Page Williamson, John Yar- borough. 81 OMICRON DELTA KAPPA Oiiiicron Delta Kappa, National Leadership Honor Society for men, recognizes and honor; those students, members of the faculty, and others who have deinon- sitrated distinguished leadership in extra-curricular activ- ities and in service ito Tulane University. Student membership in Omicron Delta Kappa is limited to those wlio hnve attained at least junior under- graduate standing. Such students are elected in recogni- tion of their high character and noteworthy achievement in two or more of the following fields: scholarship, ath- letics, social and religious affairs, publications, speech, music, and dramatic arts. Omicron Delta Kap})a was founded at Washington and Lee University in 1914. The Alpha Zeta Circle at Tulane was established in 1930. OFFICERS— 1958-1959 Norman Glosserman President Page Williamson Vice-President Dr. Karlem Riess Faculty Secretary Dr. Ferd F. Stone Faculty Advisor Johnny Abide Bill Akins .Jerry Anthony Elliott Bell Robert Behrendt Adrian Cairns. Jr. Howard Gleason Norman Glosserman Carl Goodman Hunter Herron Delmas Jackson Robert Jones Piet Kessels Dewey Lane Thomas McCay John McCollam Edwin McGlasson James McHwain Lestar Martin Morris Marx Robert Metcalf Andrew G. T. Moore, HI Fred Preaus Al Prieto Frank Roberts Jack Schuster J. T. Scale Tommy Smith Louis Watson Richard Weaver Jack Webb Donald Weiss James Wesner Jacques Wiener Page Williamson HONORARY Leopold Meyer Dr. John Snell First Row: Bill Akins, Jerry An- thony, Elliott Bell, Adrian Cairns, Jr., Norman Glosserman. Second Row: Hunter Herron, Piet Kessels, Dewey Lane, Jr., Tom Mc- Cay, Jr., Lestar Martin. Third Row : Bob Metcalf, Andrew Moore, III, Fred Preaus, Al Prieto, Jack Schuster. Fourth Row: John Scale, Tommy Smith, Jr., Jack Webb, James Wes- ner, Pasfe Williamson. OFFICERS Andree Keil President Elinor Moreland Secretary Miss Dorothy Daspit Advisoi Mrs. Louise Roberts Advisor MEMBERS Harriet A. Barry Lida I. Swafford Carole Downes Mary Wachenheim Jocelyn Grossman Mrs. Dorothy N. Ricciiitti Andree Keil Honorary Member Mary Elinor Moreland 1959 MEMBERS Claire Cook Jane Igert Patricia Cousins K. Montgomery Mortar Board is a national senior honorary society for women. The one hundredth chapter of Mortar Board, Alpha Sigma Sigma, was installed at Newcomb College in 1958. Alpha Sigma Sigma was founded in 1916 at Newcomb and its alumnae were initiated into Mortar Board on March 15, 1959. Mortar Board has continued such projects of Alpha Sigma Sigma as the planning, organization, and supervision of the Freshman Orientation Pro- gram, the direction of the Freshman Government, participating in the Advisory System, and serving as hostesses at University functions. Mortar Board members are elected on the basis of superior schol- arship, outstanding participation in student activ- ities and unselfish service to the school. OFFICERS Phyllis Alexander President Velma Crawford Secretary MORTAR BOARD Phyllis Alexander Beverly Blumberg Velma Crawford Meade Fowlkes Emily Harris MEMBERS Melinda McGarry Susan Pace Duane Perrow Lenora Waller 1959 INITIATES Virginia Bass Arlene Brewer Mary Capps Patricia Firmin Lady Helen Hardy Katherine Kelly Katharine KnoUe Lynn Orkin Katherine Sangster Gloria Schottenstein Assets is an honorary society based on leader- ship, scholarship, service, and school spirit. Each year in the spring the Assets active at the time elect ten Freshmen, outstanding in these qualities, to become members for the following year. The names of these new members are announced at the last Newcomb Student Body meeting of the year. The Assets begin their Sophomore year as " Big Sisters " to the new students throughout the orien- tation program. Assets also participate in Kangaroo Court held for the Freshmen, serve as ushers for various campus activities, and help in the admis- sion office. ASSETS 83 PUBLICATIONS The 1959 JAMBALAYA staff is proud, happy, and must relieved to be able to present to you the culmination of a year ' s efforts. The work necessary to publish a modern col- lege yearbook is beyond the comprehension of the unitiated. Plans, designs, and layouts are made early in the summer, and when school begins the staff must plod on day after day and month after month with no apparent results — a condi- tion itself which often hinders work, for apathy and bore- dom can quickly replace interest and drive when countless hours produce no immediate tangible rewards. It is the people whose names and pictures appear on these pages who have maintained, their interest and hard work and who are mainly responsible for this yearbook. They have sacrificed many leisure and study hours to type copy, file pictures, write captions, and deal with the tremendous amount of frequently tedious and repetitious material, know- ing the finished product would come only in the distant fu- ture. It is they who have participated in the roundtable discussing and or cussing of new layouts, punctuation of sentences, copy style, selection of pictures, and headlining of insignificant pictures — often with the depressing realiza- tion that their work would go unnoticed for the most part by casual readers. They have also suffered the frayed temper and brow-beating of the Editor as the deadline for their sections fell due. However, it has not been all pain for those that managed to climb the stairs to the little green attic garret nearly every day. Along with the work, there was a lot of fun and many laughs. Everyone took part in the favorite staff game of " cut and slash, " the object of which was to undermine the ego of anyone present — especially the Editor. Also re- membered will be the long joke sessions, the innumerable Cokes and cigarettes consumed, the office love affairs that bloomed and died, and the infamous night work sessions. Appreciation is expressed to all those who helped who for some reason are not listed here, to the fine photographic staff who managed to make most of their appointments on time, and to Mr. Dan Eadie of Benson Printing Company whose personal guidance and " brink of disaster " letters pulled the Jamb through. i •I P C p R|M- ; ' S ' •:X ' « H y fc m l ' f r, ■ . i SP»V.K, .. A t JERRY ANTHONY Editor THE 1959 JAMBALAYA Associate Editors Joel Jacobson. Jolin Conilie. Ann Kiefer Fraternity and Sorority Editors Fred Preaus and Pat Van Scoy 84 Assistant Editor and Editor Sandy Schwartz and Jerry Anthony EDITORIAL STAFF Jerry Anthony Editor Sidney Rothschild Business Manager Sandy Schwartz Assistant Editor Ann Kiefer Newcomb Associate Editor John Combe Tulane Associate Editor Joel Jacobson Tulane Associate Editor Lyn Crawford Administration Editor Vaughan Burdin Features Editor Wayne McVadon Organizations Editor Judy Benson Assistant Organizations Editor Pam Silverman Assistant Organizations Editor Neal Mangold Military Editor Bobby Behrendt Athletics Editor Jay Rozen Assistant Athletics Editor Pat Van Scoy . Sororities Editor Fred Preaus Fraternities Editor Linda Hardy Snapshot Editor Susan Locke Classes Editor Wayne McVadon Photographer Tom Schorr Photographer Betsy Swanson Photographer Tom Webb Photographer Editorial Assistants Caroline Cole Kathy Sangster Cornic Huck Gnann Williams Judy Lamb Jolin Unverzagt Lois Saloman Features and Class Editors Vaughan Burdin and Susan Locke Administration Editor and Assistants Lyn Crawford, Kathy Sangster. Judy Lamb Organizations Editor and Assistants Wayne McVadon, Pam Silverman, Judy Benson BUSINESS STAFF Sidney Rothschild Business Manager Barry Battelstein Assistant Business Manager Bill Elfenbein Organizations Manager Salesmen Stanley Allen Dave Lewin Larry Schiffer Kenny Heller Gary Morchower Walter Shettlemore SIDNEY ROTHSCHILD Business Manager 1959 Jambalaya Business Staff 86 Snapshot Editor Linda Hard). .VsMbtaiil Jolni LiULizayL. Mili tary Editor Neal Mangold Vtlilctic Editoi d i i-ldiil L!ul)l) Behrendt, Lois Saloman, Jay Rozen, Charles Berk 1959 ,1 MBALAYA Editorial Staff Business . ' V onnge Harry Freyer HULLABALOO 1959 STAFF Dave Adams Editor Harry ' Freyer Business Manager Max McCombs Managing Editor Lenny Hoffman Assistant Business Manager Wally Brown Circulation Manager Bruce Meyer Circulation Manager Charlie McKendrick Associate Editor Steve Goldware Feature Editor Margaret Cleve Copy Editor Lois Coplan Copy Editor Jane Von Kurnatowski Copy Editor Kitty Lea Copy Editor Craig Forshner Sports Editor Marty Davidson Sports Assistant Ira Harkey Sports Assistant Howard Hurtig Sports Assistant John Pittman Sports Assistant Clyde Buzzard Columnist Dotty Gold Columnist Alan Guma Columnist Barbara Degen Photographer Jules Focel Photographer Mercedes Payne Photographer Sim Coxe Cartoonist Jimmy Hartwell Cartoonist Leo Lowentritt News Staff Patsy Sims News Staff Henry Teles News Staff Rip Taylor News Staff Alan Geiger News Staff Lynda Blankenstein News Staff Sam Merrill Netvs Staff Jerry Cassel News Staff Mike DeBakey Features Staff Cathy Carroll Features Staff Paul Gerson Features Staff Arlene Schachter Features Staff Michael Sissons Features Staff More pages and a lower advertising lineage gave the 1958-1959 Hullabaloo a chance to make several additions to the fact-filled news sheet it was in the past. New columns were introduced, more features and pictures were used, and Sports Editor Craig Forshner found that he had almost twice as much space to fill whether he had twice as much to write about or not. Although confusion and chaos reigned supreme with " It ' U-all-work-out-all-right " ' Adams at the helm, friction re- mained at an all-time low. thanks to clear-headed, fast- thinking Managing Editor Max McCombs. Visitors to the office were amazed at how the paper ever got published at all. let alone on time every week. But. thanks to conscientious Tuesday night workers, patient printers, and Feature Editor Steve Goldware s realization that if he didn ' t meet his deadline he wouldn ' t get paid, the paper never quite failed. The editorial page did its usual share of griping and moralizing and called for such changes as a Dead Week and the abolishment of the cut system. Sharp-tongued, sar- castic Clyde Buzzard never shied from controversv and was well-read if not well-loved by the Administration. Managing Editor Max McCombs with columnists Clyde Buzzard, Charlie McKendrick, and Alan Guma Harry Freyer confers with his staff Bruce Meyer and Wally Brown Editor Dave Adams Sports Editor Craig Forshner with assistant Howard Hurtig Dave and Max instruct their copy editors TULANE STUDENT DIRECTORY STAFF JunY Farrar Editor Al Keller Business Manager Barbara Degan Associate Editor JuDiE Edwards Assistant Editor GiNNY Nazro Assistant Editor The Tulane Student Directory is a necessary and handy aid to the students, faculty, and staff. Every full-time University student is listed: information is given concerning his New Orleans address and phone number, his home address, the school he is registered in, and his classification. The Directory also contains a listing of University extensions and the most complete listing on campus of student or- ganizations, their presidents, and telephone num- bers. The cover this year featured Tulane ' s Gibson Hall. STAFF Elizabeth Holloway Editor Alan Guma Business Manager Dr. Marvin Morillo Advisor Dr. Walter Wilcox .Advisor CARNIVAL CARNIVAL is a creative writing and general in- terest magazine published quarterly by students. Once a part of the Glendy Burke Society and de- voted exclusively to creative writing, CARNIVAL underwent complete reorganization and now stands as an independent publication and organization. The aim of the new CARNIVAL is to provide an outlet, not only for the creative writers on campus, but for those interested in photography, magazine art and layout, sports and fashion writing, in short, all of the varied journalistic, editorial, or creative aspects involved in publishing a magazine. It is designed to appeal to as broad a segment of the student body as possible. 90 STAFF John M. McCollam Editor Jerry A. Brown Assistant Editor James J. Thornton, Jr Assistant Editor Henry W. Hooker Assistant Editor LAW REVIEW The TULANE LAW REVIEW, a professional legal journal published in quarterly issues, is the oldest journal of its kind in Louisiana. It is pub- lished by the students and faculty of the School of Law and emphasizes the study of comparative law. The REVIEW contains scholarly articles by lead- ing members of the legal profession and a student section, prepared by members of the Student Board of Editors, which deals with current legal problems. The Student Board of Editors is composed of honor students in the School of Law who have exhibited outstanding legal writing ability. OFFICERS Jerry L. Pace President Alex Cocke, Jr Secretary Adolph Jules Levy, Jr Treasurer Malcolm Stevenson Historian Phi Delta Phi International Legal Fraternity, founded in 1869 at the University of Michigan, is the oldest professional fraternity in the LInited States. The White Inn at Tulane University School of Law was established in 1911. Th e purpose of Phi Delta Phi is to promote the advancement of scholarship and professional ethics in law schools and among the profession at large, and members are selected on the basis of scholar- ship and ethics. During the year the Fraternity sponsors lectures by outstanding members of the legal profession and also presents an annual award to the second-year student whose grades reflect the greatest improve- ment over those of the preceding year. PHI DELTA PHI 91 HISTORY OF MEDICINE SOCIETY OFFICERS Stanley R. Nelson President Lyle Williams Vice-President Dewey Lane Secretary Tom Birdwell Treasurer The Tulane History of Medicine Society is the only University sponsored medical organization. For twenty-six years this organization has provided the medical student with an opportunity to learn the colorful heritage of his profession on a voluntary basis. Meetings are held twice each month. They feature historical presentations by students, faculty mem- bers, and selected guests. The final meeting of the school year consists of an annual banquet. An outstanding guest speaker pres- ents the annual B. B. Weinstein Lectureship Series lecture. At this banquet three student awards are given for papers presented during the year. These awards are: The Rudolph Matas Award for the best paper. The I. F. Lemann Award for the best discus- sion of a paper, and The B. B. Weinstein Award for the most original presentation. ETA SIGMA PHI OFFICERS John W. Ogle, Jr President Andree Keil Vice-President Geraldine S. Payne Secretary John L. Hantel Treasurer Eldon E. Fallon Sergeant-at-Arms Eta Sigma Phi is the national classical honor fra- ternity. Its purposes are to encourage classical scholarship, enhance the appreciation of Greek and Roman culture which is our priceless heritage, and promote good will and friendship among classical students. Alpha Chi chapter of Tulane carries out these purposes by presenting lecturers on classical subjects throughout the year, jointly sponsoring the Classics Department ' s annual Christmas celebra- tion, Saturnalia, and stimulating interest in study of the classical languages. In addition the chapter gives medals to outstanding high school Latin and Greek students in the city and contributes to a na- tional scholarship fund for classical study in Athens and Rome. 92 OFFICERS Leon Roy, Jr Justice Boyd Reeves Vice-Justice Ralph Troy Treasurer Robert Lee Marshall K. G. Barranger Historian Martin Chapter of Phi Alpha Delta Law Frater- nity was established at the Tulane Law School in 1910. The Fraternity ' s activities are focused on pro- fessional and social functions. The purposes of these functions are to compliment the Law School curric- ulum in preparing the law student for his future ca- reer as a jurist, and to afford a social outlet for the student. Such activities include: addresses by prom- inent members of the bench and bar, bi-monthly toastmaster program, a lending library, periodic dances and banquets. Since the chartering of Mar- tin Chapter the Fraternity has continued to live up to the traditions of brotherhood and scholarship, seeking to achieve those intangible objects which promote a higher type of manhood. PHI ALPHA DELTA OFFICERS Charles W. Rea Chancellor Jerry D. Maize Vice-Chancellor Eugene Davis Secretary The Queen ' s Bench is an organization devoted to the encouragement of a more extensive knowledge and a more profound appreciation of the system of common law among the numerous students from legal jurisdictions having this system. It serves as a medium for the exchange of ideas among such stu- dents and affords an opportunity otherwise unavail- able to examine particular facets in the history and operation of this great legal order. Among its activ- ities are the presentation of papers and discourses by students, faculty, and visiting speakers. QUEENS BENCH 93 MOOT COURT OFFICERS R. J. McGlNlTY Presiding Judge Hugh Glenn Court Recorder The Moot Court, organized on a competitive basis, conducts a program designed to give all lawr students experience in pre- paring and arguing cases under actual courtroom conditions. The Judges of the Moot Court are students of superior scho- lastic standing who plan and conduct the entire program under the guidance of Professor Leon D. Hubert, Jr., Faculty Ad- visor. The climax of the competition is in the third year when the two surviving teams argue before the Supreme Court of the State of Louisiana. 94 OFFICERS Charles King President Harvey Brice Vice-President Morton Neinstock Recording Secretary Hunter McFadden Corresponding Secretary Dennis Katz Treasurer PI LAMBDA BETA Pi Lambda Beta is an organization for pre-legal students founded on the Tulane campus in 1952. Its purpose is to promote closer harmony and associa- tion of students interested in the legal profession. At the regular meetings during the year and at the annual banquet students have an opportunity to hear talks given by men in various phases of the legal field and thus get some idea of the many facets of law open to them. OFFICERS Joseph Frienu President Juan A. Valasco Vice-President James Schupp Secretary Kenneth Barrauger Treasurer La Societe du Droit Civil is an extracurricular society supervised by the Faculty and dedicated to the promotion of scholarly interest in the civil law. Student members of the Society are enabled to delve much more throughly than regular curricular time permits into the origins, history, development, and methods of the civil law. with particular attention to the Louisiana scene. One of the Society ' s main purposes is the preservation and extension of civil law influences in Louisiana and elsewhere. LA SOCIETE DU DROIT CIVIL 95 PRE-MEDICAL SOCIETY OFFICERS Howard L. Career President Professor Harold Cummins Advisor Dr. Joseph Cohen -idvisor The Pre-Medical Society in eleven years at Tulane has made outstanding progress and in turn has in- creasingly expanded its activities and services to the pre-medical student. The society this year had near- ly 150 members, making it the largest organization of its kind on the campus. Meetings are bimonthly, during which noted people in different fields of medicine le cture to the group. The primary function is to afford students with the common goal of medi- cine a greater opportunity to learn more about their chosen field from eminent medical authorities, and to promote medical films and touring of medical facilities in and around New Orleans. The year ' s program is culminated bv the publication of the So- ciety ' s annual Pre-Med Journal distributed at the final meeting-banquet. ALPHA EPSILON DELTA OFFICERS Alberto Prieto President Keith Mason, Jr Vice-President Barrie C. Hiern Secretary William G. Akins Treasurer Andrew G. Edmondson Historian Robert Behrendt Scalpel Representative Dr. Joseph Cohen Faculty Advisor Alpha Epsilon Delta is a national honor society for pre-medical students. The Louisiana Gamma chapter was officially installed at Tulane this past year with charter membership conferred upon 29 students. The object of the society is to encourage excel- lence in pre-medical scholarship: to stimulate an appreciation of the importance of pre-medical edu- cation in the study of medicine; to promote coopera- tion and contacts between medical and pre-medical students and educators in developing an adequate program of pre-medical education: and to bind to- gether similarK interested students. 96 OFFICERS John T. Hunley President Charles King Vice-President (Membership) Lewis Pailet Vice-President (Program) Saidee Watson Secretary Harry Edgeworth Treasurer F. Santry Reed Faculty Advisor The Tulane Collegiate Chapter of the American Marketing Association was organized in the Spring of 1957. The objectives of the organization are to familarize its membership with the opportunities existing in the broad field of marketing; to develope sound thinking in marketing theory and more exact knowledge of marketing principles and their prac- tical applications ; and to promote friendly relations between students, faculty, and busin essmen. These objectives are accomplished through a well planned program of frequent discussion meetings, during which guest speakers in such marketing fields as sales, advertising, research, and purchasing offer valuable first-hand information. The club also makes various tours to local businesses to observe their marketing operations first hand. MARKETING CLUB OFFICERS Saidee Watson President Molly Mangham Vice-President Kay Kasperek Secretary Musette Davis Treasurer Phi Chi Theta is a national professional frater- nity for women in schools of Business Administra- tion. The Alpha Xi chapter was founded at Tulane University on May 4, 1956. Its purpose is to foster high ideals and encourage fraternity and coopera- tion among women preparing for such careers. The program for this year includes monthly busi- ness meetings, rush parties, banquets, the annual Faculty Christmas party, and other activities. PHI CHI THETA 97 A. S.C.E. OFFICERS Frank M. Denton President George F. Meyer Vice-President John W. Calhoun Secretary Walter M. Hamer Treasurer The Tulane University Student Chapter of the American Society of the Civil Engineers serves to link the campus and industry. It broadens the cur- ricula by fostering associations between students and engineers. These associations enable the student to learn aspects of Civil Engineering that cannot be covered in the class room. A. I. E. E.— I. R.E. OFFICERS W. J. Lannes President S. P. Williamson Vice-President R. A. Fastrinc Treasurer D. N. Vlahos AIEE Secretary R. A. Jacobs IRE Secretary The Tulane Joint Student Branch of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers and the Institute of Radio Engineers serves as a means of presenting a more realistic view of the engineering profession to the college student. Through the Student Branch organization the students are provided with the op- portunity of meeting practicing engineers in the New Orleans and adjacent areas. The organization keeps the students informed about the new develop- ments in the field of engineering. The most impor- tant function of the organization is that it affords the opportunity to its members of developing as professional people. 98 OFFICERS John Baumann President James Ddcote Vice-President Gene Chauviere Secretary Victor Law Treasurer Dr. F. M. Taylor Faculty Advisor A.I. CH.E. Celebrating its 50th anniversary just last year, the A. I. Ch. E. maintains over one hundred student chapters in colleges throughout the United States and Canada. The Tulane chapter is organized in an attempt to better familiarize the student with the professional as well as the technical aspects of his chosen field. It serves as a bridge in helping him prepare for the day when he too will try his skill in the world of industry. » i »t.»r» ' -vsi» V ' - ' 1 OFFICERS Bob Jones Master Alchemist Ronnie Reso Vice-Master Alchemist Jim O ' Neal Treasurer Jim Sims Recorder Ronnie Black Reporter Eldon Mumme Historian Vic Law Master of Ceremonies John Deutsch Senior Adviser Parliamentarian Professor Dwight Payne Faculty Adviser Alpha Chi Sigma is represented by the Alpha Tau Chapter at Tulane University. It is a national pro- fessional fraternity for chemical engineers and chemistry majors. Its principal purposes are to pro- mote friendship among those in the chemical field, and to advance chemistry as a science and a profes- sion. The organization also has alumni chapters to promote these goals after graduation. 41 ALPHA CHI SIGMA 99 SIGMA PI SIGMA OFFICERS William H. Bernard President Robert C. Hoy Vice-President Paul R. Fallone, Jr Secretary Alice Austin Treasurer Sigma Pi Sigma is a physics honor society whose purposes are to serve as a means of awarding dis- tinction to students having high scholarship and promise of achievement in physics; to promote stu- dent interest in research and the study of advanced physics; to encourage a professional spirit and friendship among those who have displayed marked ability in physics; and to popularize interest in physics in the general collegiate public. Sigma Pi Sigma is a member of the Association of College Honor Societies, an affiliated society of the American Institute of Physics, and an affiliated society of the American Association for the Ad- vancement of Science. OFFICERS William A. Brantley, Jr President Charlie Farris Vice-President Thomas Wagner Secretary-Treasurer Carey Laird Corresponding Secretary Dr. Hubert C. Skinner Faculty Adviser SIGMA GAMMA EPSILON Sigma Gamma Epsilon is a National Earth Sciences Honorary Society with fifty active chap- ters. The society was founded March 30, 1915, at the University of Kansas. The purpose of the organ- ization is the scholastic, scientific, and social ad- vancement of its members and the institutions where the chapters are located. Activities include a Spring Awards Banquet, with the presentation of the Sigma Gamma Epsilon W. A. Tarr Award to an outstand- ing earth sciences student, and a fall Dinner-Dance and monthly guest speakers from the petroleum in- dustry and other field of the Earth Sciences. 100 OFFICERS Dewey Lane President Cecil Morgan Vice-President LuTHUR Fisher Secretary-Treasurer The Owl Club is a service organization composed of 24 medical students whose purpose is to promote better student-faculty relations; to aid in the im- provement of medical education; and to handle spe- cial school wide problems. During the past year the club has aided the cur- riculum planning committee and has set up a pro- gram to take all medical school applicants on a tour of the building. In May, 1958, at the annual Owl Club banquet, certificates for " inspiring teaching, wise counsel, and keen interest in the welfare of the students, " were presented to Drs. G. E. Burch. R. H. Lennox, and Harold Cummins. The annual Owl Club Trophy for the department most outstanding in the educa- tion of its students was awarded to the Department of Pathology. OWL CLUB OFFICERS Pat Meller President George Ann Reynolds Vice-President Muffin Mahorner Secretary Ilene Seale Historian The Beta Lambda chapter of Beta Beta Beta is the national honorary biological fraternity at Newcomb College. The organization was founded in 1922, and the Newcomb chapter was organized in 1941. Mem- bership is open to exemplary Newcomb students in- terested in biological sciences. The purpose of this organization is to further an interest in, and develop greater knowledge and understanding of biology. Tri Beta meets once a month on Wednesday after- noon and its activities include field trips, discus- sions, lectures, and socials. BETA BETA BETA 101 OREADES OFFICERS Andree Keil President Betsy Patterson Secretary Patsy Patterson Secretary Sarah Quinn Treasurer Connie Sarvay Social Chairman I Oreades is the honorary organization designed to create and stimulate an appreciation of the clas- sics. Its membership consists of those Newcomb students who desire to further their knowledge of the classics and especially to relate this knowledge to everyday life. Although the organization is de- partmental, it is not a requirement that its members major in classics. Through actual participation in tKg clob activities the members are familiarized witli the classics and their application to present day living. Included in the yearly activities are: Meetings held on the third Tuesday of every month, a Saturnalia festival in the imitation of the Roman Holiday in December, discussions, and lectures. OFFICERS Beverly Bush President Elaine D ' Entremont Vice-President Judy Maldonado Secretary Nancy Neathery Treasurer LA TERTULIA La Tertulia is the honorary Spanish club which was founded at Newcomb in 1939 by Ethelyn Ever- ett under the direction of the Department of Span- ish. Its purpose is to stimulate a lively interest in the language, customs, and culture of Spain and Latin American countries and to provide social and cultural association between faculty members and Spanish students. In addition to monthlv meetings, special occasions such as Columbus Day. Fiesta de Navidad, Cervantes ' Day, and Pan American Day are celebrated by the club. At the annual banquet in May, students and professors join together in an evening of good Spanish food and entertainment when new members are initiated and oflicers are elected. 102 PROFESSIONAL NEW O M B ART CLUB OFFICERS Joyce Herman President VicKi Goldberg Secretary-Treasurer The Newcoinb Art Club works in connection with the Art School to promote the interest of students in the activities of the Art School and to achieve bet- ter student-faculty relationships. The club is open to every student in the Art School or any student enrolled in any course of the Art School. This year the Art Club sponsored an exhibition in the Music School lounge, helping to create an interest in art in those people outside of the art department. 103 TULANE SPORTS CAR CLUB OFFICERS TiMAU Claverie President Andy Herron Vice-President Sue Bayon Secretary-Treasurer |%3i f y. For sports car enthusiasts the Tulane Sports Car Club has drawn an ardent group of followers. Twenty-five members have participated in rallies, gymkahanas, and races. Club meetings are held once a month at which time forthcoming events are planned, movies are shown, and classes are held on rallying. For the first time the Tulane Sports Car Club entered a racing team, " Scuderia Peanuts " in competition events. The team was managed by Schultz, and the drivers were " Linus " ( Dyna Pan- hard), " Schroeder " (Porche 1600), " Pig-Pen " (MGA), and " Good Old Charlie Brown " (Ferrari 4.1 and an Oscaj. Membership is open to anyone owning a sports car and wishing to enter it in events, as well as to those who merely possess an interest in them. TULANE SAILING CLUB OFFICERS Joseph F. Baroco Commodore John Hunley Vice-Commodore Susan Scribner Secretary Barbara Breckinridge Training Officer The primary aims of the Tulane Sailing Club are: to teach sailing to newcomers to the sport, to pro- vide an organized racing schedule throughout the school year, to provide social events for its mem- bers, and to promote the sport of intercollegiate rac- ing in the southern states. An apprentice membership is open to any Tulane or Newconib student interested in sailing. Experi- ence is not necessary. An advanced membership is open to apprentice members who have learned to sail and who meet the skipper qualifications of the Southern Yacht Club, with which the Tulane Sail- ing Club is affiliated. This advanced membership in- cludes a student membership in the Southern Yacht Club and entitles the member to the use of its boats and facilities. 104 The International Fraternity of Delta Sigma Pi was founded at New York University in 1907. Gamma Mu Chapter was established at the Tulane University School of Business Administration in 1949. Delta Sigma Pi is the lar- gest professional fraternity in the field of Conmierce and Business Administration. Gamma Mu Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi holds many pro- fessional and social activities every year. In the National Efficiency Contest in which every chapter of the fraternity competes, Gamma Mu has led the way with 100,000 points since its inception. The Fraternity conducts programs with prominent speakers from various fields, sponsors tours of local firms, and promotes films and discussions about important topics from today ' s business world. The Rose Formal at which the Rose of Delta Sig and her Court are presented, and the annual Christ- mas Party and Spring Hayride, are among the many activities held every year. OFFICERS Albert I. Otto President. Harry E. Edgeworth Sr. Vice-President David G. Baker ]r. Vice-President Herbert S. Zane Secretary James E. Ammon Treasurer Donald M. Halley Faculty Advisor DELTA SIGMA PI 105 INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB OFFICERS Carlos Zervigon President Samil Saliba Vice-President Margaret Taylor Secretary Bill Capps Treasurer Dr. Robert Bone Adviser The Tulane International Relations Club, which is associ- ated with the National Association of International Relations Clubs, is an organization of students for the purpose of developing an interest in international affairs and promoting an understanding of international issues at the college level. The club brings together students from all parts of this coun- try and many foreign countries to discuss current world issues and give them an opportunity to meet each other at various social functions. At the monthly meetings, panel discussions, films, and talks by prominent lecturers and visiting dignitaries are presented. A special feature in the yearly calendar of events is the annual United Nations Day Banquet. This along with the oc- casional social functions provides a well rounded background for achieving the main purposes of the International Relations Club. 106 The piu-pose of the Barracuda Club is to promote interest in Synchronized swimming. The new applicants are graded on their form, rhythm, and coordination in the Ijasic strokes, and are chosen in a competitive tryout held each fall and spring. During their weekly Wednesday meetings the Barracudas are trained in synchronized swimming. At the end of the year the club presents its annual spring pageant at which time the new members become full Barracudas. The show this year dealt with the effect of the various elements on the earth and on the Creation in its full spectre. Among their other activities of the year, the Barracuda Club is responsible for the Newcomb Intramural Swimming Meet. OFFICERS LOLITA Gelpi President Sandy Schwartz Vice-President Betsy Patterson Secretary Anne Maught Treasurer Letty Goltry Publicity Penny Hess Publicity Ml BARRACUDA CLUB 107 NEWCOMB DANCE CLUB OFFICERS Hilda Kaplan President Sarah Quinn Vice-President Meade Fowlkes Secretary-Treasurer The Newcomb Dance Club is composed of those girls who are interested in ballet technique, character, modern, jazz, and interpretive dancing. At the beginning of each semester tryouts are held, and girls are elected to the club on the basis of their dancing ability. The Dance Club has performed in campus-wide affairs, such as Christmas Night at Tulane and May Day at Newcomb. The group appeared on television at Christmas on a program with the Tulane Concert Choir. This year the cut system was enforced rigidly, and as a result the club has done more work as a functioning organization. For participating in the various pei-fonnances and attending all meetings, the members are awarded a Dance Club Key on the basis of merit and service to the club. The Dance Club is under the able guidance of Miss Frances Bush. 108 Glendy Burke Society, the oldest student organization on the Tulane campus, was organized to allow freer expression to those students who had previously won the Glendy Burke Prizes for Oratory and Mathematics. Glendy Burke sponsors the debating team which partici- pates in college debate tournaments throughout the Southern states. The group also sponsors high school and college foren- sics competitions on the Tulane campus. Besides these regular activities Glendy Burke sponsors visiting speakers and debaters from other schools in public debates or forum discussions and encourages student partici- pation in individual contests such as extemporaneous speak- ing, oratory, and interpretative reading. OFFICERS Clyde Buzzard Speaker Tom Cramer Vice-Speaker Linda Sigley Secretary-Treasurer Dr. Edward Rocge Coach GLENDY BURKE 109 ALPHA PHI OMEGA OFFICERS Charles S. King President Joe L. Galloway Vice-President Fontaine Reeves Recording Secretary James W. Cabaniss Corresponding Secretary Harold A. Loyacano Treasurer Alpha Phi Omega, a National Service Fraternity, whose membership is open to former Scouts, pro- motes numerous campus activities, service to the community and nation. In the Fall APO conducts orientation tours for Freshmen students. At Christ- mas, the campus Christmas tree and the cafeteria is decorated and a party for children of Tulane stu- dents is sponsored by APO. Campus Carnival was originated by this organization which now coordi- nates that activity as well as the Ugly Mug Contest. OFFICERS Louis Watson President James White Vice-President Alan Cone Secretary-Treasurer CIRCLE K Circle K is a service organization sponsored by Kiwanis International. It is a college continuation of Key Club. It is a character building group which offers service on the campus, to the school and to the community. Internationally organized in 1952, Circle K was established on the Tulane campus in 1955. The Tu- lane Circle K has cooperated mth other campus and community organizations to direct orientation tours, to provide pom-poms for the LSU Game and to col- lect donations for the March of Dimes. Circle K plans include a drive for the Crusade for Freedom in the near future. 110 OFFICERS Joe D. Guerriero President James Davies Advisor The Dormitory Council, composed of four spe- cially appointed representatives, the four dormitory presidents, and the president at large, is an out- growth of last year ' s Committee on Men ' s Residence Halls. Whereas last year ' s Dormitory Council dealt almost exclusively with all government within the dorms, the functions of the new Dorm Council were increased to include the promoting of school spirit in the Quadrangle, the staging of social events for dorm students and the forming of a dormitory ath- letic league. This year, in addition to handling all disciplinary problems brought before it, the Dormitory Council has promoted several pep rallies in the Quadrangle, staged a large Christmas Dance for all dorm stu- dents, and helped to establish athletic events and tournaments strictly for residents of the men ' s dor- mitories. TULANE DORMITORY COUNCIL OFFICERS Carol Downes President Judy O ' Brien Secretary The Resident Student Government Association is composed of all residents of the Newcomb dormi- tories. The Inner Council, composed of the officers of the Association, a representative from each dor- mitory and each dormitory president, is the govern- ing executive, legislative, and judicial body of this Association. Its purpose is to develop an efficient system of self-government among the dormitory girls in all matters relating to their conduct, both individually and socially, and to uphold the stand- ards and regulations of the dormitories. NEWCOMB DORMITORY COUNCIL 111 NEWCOMB STUDENT COUNCIL fk ' i t t f H? OFFICERS Dotty Gold President Emily McFarland Vice-President Meade Fowlkes Recording Secretary Charlene Podas Corresponding Secretary Harriet Barry Colleen Sullivan Susan Pace Kathy Sangster Andrea Keil Ann Vega MEMBERS Carol Downes Ilene Seale Joyce Berman Pat Ward Carol Stafford The Newcomb Student Council acts as a liaison group between the students and the faculty, assur- ing proper student representation in formulating school policies. A representative Student Govern- ment Association enables all students to participate actively in Newcomb Government. a n a » OFFICERS Ai N Vega President Claire Cook Vice-President Susan Pace Secretary NEWCOMB HONOR BOARD The Newcomb Honor Board is responsible for helping to uphold one of the college ' s oldest tradi- tions, the Honor System. Besides investigating and recommending penalties in cases of infringement of the Honor System, the Honor Board has several other regular duties. Some of these responsibilities are having every new student read and sign the Honor Pledge before the Board at the beginning of the year; directing all campus elections; and check- ing attendance at Student Body meetings. Tlie Honor Board is composed of sixteen members in addition to the President who is elected by the Student Body. t12 The Tulane University Spirit Club is an honorary spirit organization composed of members elected by a majority vote of the active membership of the club. The organization ' s main desire is to foster better school spirit throughout the school year. Tusk was responsible for pep rallies, bonfires, the shaker section at the LSU Game, chain telegrams signed by all the students sent to the football team when it played out of town, as well as publicity posters for various campus-wide activities during the first semester. The party for Tusk members and their dates was a great success. Second semester found Tusk members participating in Campus Carnival, various sei-vices designated by the Student Council and the Student Activities Board, and promoting spirit for the basketball season. It is through the efforts of these students that the school spirit at Tulane can be attributed. OFFICERS Micky Hurst President Bill Elfenbein Vice-President Colleen Sullivan Recording Secretary Sandy Schwartz Corresponding Secretary Bob Oddone Treasurer TUSK 113 GREENBACKERS OFFICERS Tommy Smith President Don Lockwood Vice-President DiANNE Orkin Secretary Bee Pollock Secretary David Drez Treasurer Greenbackeis is the oldest spirit organization on campus. Members are chosen on an honorary basis based upon their interest in school spirit, school activities, and upon their will- ingness to work. The members of Greenbackers are repre- sentative of all the fraternities, sororities, and independents on campus. In the spring, the club honors its new and old members with an informal party which is always a huge suc- cess. During the year, Greenbackers was in charge of planning and promoting pep rallies, made and distributed spirit slogans before each football game, and decorated the goal posts. Among other various sei vice functions, Greenbackers partici- pated in Campus Carnival and presented awards to the seniors of the basketball team at the last game of the season. 114 The Cheerleaders exhibited great spirit during the football and basketball seasons this year as they cheered the Green Wave on the field and court. This peppy group of eight also showed their enthusiasm at bonfires, pre-game rallies, and " team send-offs " at Union Station. They aroused Greenie spirit not only on the home grounds, but also at the Georgia Tech game in Atlanta, the Vanderbilt game in Nashville, and the Navy game in Norfolk. The Cheerleaders are members of such organizations as Tusk, Greenbackers, and Lagniappes, and they have added much to these groups with their energy, spirit, and ideas. Heading the group this year was Gilbert Andry, who, along with Dianne Orkin, Phyllis Alexander, Bill Kennedy, and newcomers Ann Davis, Don Munson, Lynn Orkin, and Nelson Becker, led the Tulane Student Body to a new high in school spirit. Gilbert Andry Dianne Orkin Phyllis Alexander Bill Kennedy Ann Davis Don Munson Lynn Orkin Nelson Becker CHEERLEADERS 115 LAGNIAPPES iSfiS OFFICERS Jerry Anthony President Lestar Martin Vice-President Pat Cousins Secretary Stormy Jackson Sgt.-at-Arms Lagniappes is the University Student Dance Or- ganization. It is composed of forty members elect- ed from the student bodies of Tulane and Newcomb who have shown an interest in promoting spirit and social life on the campus. The group first spon- sored the Freshman Dance in the new Favrot Field House. This dance, climaxing Orientation Week, provided an opportunity for the new students to get acquainted. Next in order, but first in impor- tance was the Homecoming Dance following the game. Two orchestras alternated and the Homecom- ing Queen and Court were presented, making this one of the high-lights of the year. Throughout the fall, Lagniappes sponsored Pep Rally dances in the cafeteria and also ended the activities of Christmas Night at Tulane with a dance. In the spring, the or- ganization took part in Campus Carnival and ar- ranged for several more informal dances at which all who were interested could take part. OFFICERS Si Brown President Lionel Sutton Vice-President Wayne Bienvenu Secretary-Treasurer Dr. Karlem Riess Faculty Advisor ADELPHONS The Order of Adelphons is an inter-fraternity, or- ganization composed of not more than three mem- bers from each fraternity on campus. It was founded at Tulane LIniversity in 1949 to promote mutual understanding and cooperation among fraternities and to establish closer relations between fraternity men and Tulane. The principal service activities of the year include ushering at Commencement Exer- cises. Convocation, and Symphony Concerts, as well as general service to Tulane. The group also has several social events during the year. 116 The Tulane Interfaith Council is the official channel of com- munication between the various religious organizations and the University. Composed of two representatives and an adviser from each religious organization on campus, it is de- signed to carry out certain functions for the benefit of these groups and the University. It has proven to be the place for the exchange of practical ideas and experiences in such areas as provision of accurate, adequate news coverage of the activ- ities of the various groups in the Hullabaloo and other papers; facilitation of cooperative endeavors of adult advisers and youth leaders in planning joint religious programs, including the Fall Orientation program and religious dorm discussions; and the provision of denominational preference cards. OFFICERS Sylvia Shannon , President Dan R. Leinhardt Vice-President Lois Coplan Corresponding Secretary Anne Jester Recording Secretary Jan Cole Treasurer INTERFAITH COUNCIL 117 BAPTIST STUDENT UNION OFFICERS Charles Passman President Jim Jones Vice-President Jeff Lee Secretary Rev. George Feazell Director The Baptist Student Union serves as the connect- ing link between the college campus and the local Baptist churches. The Tulane-Newcomb-Loyola BSU is one of six units here in New Orleans, cooperating in church enlistment as well as spiritual ministry to the college student. Activities of the BSU on the campus include: noonday chapel services, dinners, mission projects, social activities, council and com- mittee work, visitation and enlistment, state and southwide denominational meetings, and city-wide projects including an annual Focus Week. OFFICERS Lestar Martin Senior JFarden IvESON NoLAND III Junior JFarden Diane Taylor Secretary Gene Otwell Treasurer Fr. Donald George Chaplain Canterbury Association serves the mission of Christianity in higher education by fostering among university students a more mature understanding of the faith and practice of the Episcopal Church and loyalty to its corporate life. Canterbury Association centers its activities at the Chapel of the Holy Spirit, the Episcopal Univer- sity Center. Activities include weekly Thursday night discussion forums led by prominent clergy of the Church, which consider a variety of topics related to the total needs of the college community in the light of the Christian faith. CANTERBURY ASSOCIATION OFFICERS Robert Moran President Betty Weaver Vice-President Richard Weaver Corresponding Secretary Joan Apcar Recording Secretary Richard Jurisich Treasurer Mrs. Lucile Soule Adviser The Christian Science Organization of Tulane University was founded in December, 1943, and is authorized by the Manual of the Mother Church. The organization holds weekly testimonial meetings on campus and sponsors a lecture each year by a member of the Board of Lectureship of the Mother Church to which the students, faculty members, and friends are invited. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE 119 HILLEL FOUNDATION OFFICERS Buddy Greenbaum President Lois Coplan Vice-President Gloria Adler Treasurer Jane Wilensky Corresponding Secretary Sandra Katz Recording Secretary ZoLLY Levin Adviser The Tulane-Newcoinb B ' nai Brith HilleJ Founda- tion celebrates this year its twelfth anniversary of religious, cultural, interfaith. social, and social wel- fare program for students on this campus. The Hillel House, at 912 Broadway provides a chapel, library, social hall, play room, and kitchen for its members. Sabbath services are held every Fridav night con- ducted by student lay readers, and bi-weekly cultural meetings feature local and college speakers. Dis- cussion groups and a class in Hebrew are held weekly. One of the organizers of the Tulane Inter- faith Council. Hillel is one of the sponsoring or- ganizations for the Religion-in-Life Week and other functions of the council. Hillel sponsors the Student Welfare Fund drive to secure funds for local, na- tional, and overseas charities. NEWMAN CLUB OFFICE RS Barry Boeti ner President Ronnie Dusse Vice-President Bob Barras Vice-President Dalton Woolverton Vice-President Paula Rose Recording Secretary Miriam Ane Corresponding Secretary Vernon Nordman Marshall The Newman Club is an organization for Catholic college students on secular campuses. Its purpose is to provide the students with religious, intellectual, and social activities. Newman Hall, at 1037 Audubon St., was acquired by the club in 1954 and has been completely re- modeled to meet the needs of the increasing mem- bership. The 325 members of the Tulane Newman Club are only part of the more than 300,000 mem- bers of the National Newinan Club Federation com- posed of Newman Clubs at 760 secular colleges and universities throughout the United States. This year the Tulane Club was chosen by the Federation as the Best Newman Club in the Nation. 120 OFFICERS Jack Baringer President Linda MoehlmaiNN Secretary Grulee Herron Treasurer WESLEY FOUNDATION The Wesley Foundation at Tulane conducts an active week-day and Sunday program. This arrange- ment was designed so that every student could at- tend at least one event during the week. The pro- gram areas include a Sunday evening fellowship program and vesper service, as well as Thursday meetings with parties, religious drama, Commun- ion services and other special worship services, a graduate and married student forum, retreats, con- ferences, ecumenical gatherings, and deputation teams rounding out the schedule. The student center is open seven days a week for leisure, recreational, and program activities. OFFICERS Alice Elizabeth Austin President Jo Alice Mulley Vice-President Sam Merrill Secretary Peggy St. Martin , Treasurer Rev. George Hopper Chaplain The Westminster Fellowship is the campus or- ganization of Presbyterian students. It seeks to guide and strengthen students in the Christian faith, and to show the relevance of Christianity to all of life. It emphasizes worship, discussion, instruction, leadership training, service, and fellowship. The Presbyterian Student Center is located adjacent to the campus at 1122 Broadway. WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP 121 CHORAL UNION The Choral Union is composed of members of the other choral groups, faculty, and town residents. This group pre- sents two major performances during the year. On March 8 in McAlister Auditorium the Choral Union presented Puc- cini ' s Messa di Gloria. The members of the New Orleans Symphony, tenor Ticho Parly, and bass-baritone Kenneth Pooley assisted. Mr. Baker conducted the concert. 122 The Newcomb Choir was formerly the Newcomb Glee Clujj. Its activities include informal songfests, concerts for various organizations, tours of neighboring cities and states, and a formal concert each spring. This year the Newcomlj Choir made an appearance on T.V. and presented a Christmas Con- cert. The group also made a short tour in May to Houston by way of Chenoult Field at Lake Charles where they sang for the Air Force. NEWCOMB CHOIR 123 Tulane-Newcomb Concert Choir Choral Director Guy Owen Baker CONCERT A speciahv (inartHt |iTHftic ' f uniler Mr. Baker ' s direction yiA The Tulane-Newcomb Concert Choir, formerly called the A Capella Choir, not only came forward with a new name, but also new costumes. The girls of the choir were attired in short, white formals and the men in tuxedoes. They would alternate this dress with their usual green and gold robes. Another first for this year ' s Concert Choir was a tour through the mid-west to St. Louis. Milwaukee, Chicago, Edinburg, Indianapolis, and the southern cities of Memphis and Paducah. Plans were also made for the Concert Choir to appear in resorts and hotels on the Isle of Jamaica, B.W.I. , during the first week of June. The Concert Choir presents, a Latin American number The Pops Trio CHOIR Elaine Boaz solos during the Christmas Concert on T.V. 125 ' III The Time of Your Life NATIONAL COLLEGIATE PLAYERS HHH ■1 ■ ■ w l l Jl m (W ' B ■1 % 1 3 Fl l i m m cz-. ' v ' R nHJ m WL 11 AV V V " iSSJt ' ' - ' J m l 9 Tlie Adding Machine OFFICERS ELIZABETH HOLLOWAY Presitlenl JOCELYN GROSSMAN Secretary-Treasurer National Collegiate Players is a national honorary fra- ternity which gives special recognition to those people who have made outstanding contributions to university theatre through their participation as members of casts and crews. Justine Bernard Virginia Chandjlin Joyce Battel MEMBERS Malcolm Genet Sherrill Hoffman Leonel Kahn Mike Parver Jerry Rojo Emily Rudolph The Addino; Machine The main activity of the Tulane University Theatre is to produce four shows during the course of the year. All mem- bers of the University student body, faculty, and staff are eligible to participate in any phase of the productions as backstage crew work or as a cast member. The organization known as TUT is composed of those people who have fulfilled the requirements for active mem- bership by successfully participating in two shows per sea- son. This organization assists the faculty in the choice of the next season ' s plays, actively participates in the produc- tion of each show, and serves to stimulate interest through- out the campus for the Tulane University productions. During the 1958-59 season, TUT produced The Time of Your Life. The Adding Machine, Three Sisters, and The Matchmaker. OFFICERS Sherrell Hoffman President Malcolm Genet Vice-President Judy Litven Secretary Elizabeth Holloway Historian The Time of Your Life The Adding Machine TULANE UNIVERSITY THEATRE 127 The woodwinds provide a full melody rass takes the lead TULANE UNIVERSITY BAND 128 Flutists perfect a difficult cadenza Drawing its membership from all colleges of the university, the Tulane University Band is known as one of the finest concert hands in the South. During the football season, an all-male group performs on the field featuring various sections of the band, and fre- quently includes Latin American and Dixieland jazz favorites. During the basketball season, and for pep rallies, a smaller Pep Band provides much spirit on the campus. Since the chief purpose of the band is to perform on the concert stage, the 55 piece ensemble gives two different concerts on the campus, one at Christmas, and the annual two night Spring Concert. Spreading the name of Tulane to high schools throughout the South, the Spring Tour this year took the band to Florida. While director John Morrissey was on a years leave, Ted Demuth ably conducted the l and through a busy year, which also included recording sessions for a 12 " LP, and two television appearances. OFFICERS Teu Demuth Director Geoiice F. Horne President Alan J. Guma First Vice-President Alexander Maier, III Second Vice-President Jan Cole Secretary L. A. Grossimon Treasurer ViRcmiA Beard Librarian Ed Kottick ; Manager Tulane Band Director, Ted Demuth Quartet harmonizes on " When You Stole My Gal " Pinkertons " check " Fifi CAMPUS NITE The 1959 Campus Nite was its usual success with the production of " The Chase and The Chaste. " Credit goes to the author-director Malcolm Genet, Mr. Einar Pederson, the officers, and the many people who worked behind the scenes and on the stage to give Tu- lane a top-notch musical comedy. Campus Niters carried on a ten year tradition of producing a completely original musical comedy. The script, music, sets, and costumes were all products of Tulane and Newcomb students. " The Chase and The Chaste " took place on the Sally IV, an old time Mississippi River Show Boat. Situation comedy, melodrama, love affairs, private detectives, chorus girls, and a hapjjy ending all com- l)ined to give a finished production and leave a well- satisfied audience. Ca])tain McGregor welcomes Sarah aboard the Sally IV John Levy and Carol Doskey provide romantic interest with duet " Suddenly " Duke and the Hoods portray " Life of a Villain " Till- 1959 Campus Nite cast in their production of " Tlir (iha-i- and The Chaste " 131 W tmul n ii I.T. COL. I1!L;|) a. POLUMBO Professor of Military Science and Tactics ARMY R. O. T. C. The Reserve Officers Training Corps of the United States Army exists for the purpose of developing officers — leaders of men. It offers a course of instruction leading to a com- mission as a second lieutenant in the U.S. Army Reserve or a Regular Army commission to those who can qualify. The young college student can prepare now, during his academic days, through ROTC training, to utilize the mil- itary service as a means of self-development and to integrate its requirements into his future. Support of our nation ' s Reserve Forces is a basic require- ment of good citizenship. Thus, the ROTC offers an oppor- tunity to make one ' s military service a more substantial con- tribution to our security. To some it provides entree to a distinguished life-time career of service to the nation. In both cases, America benefits from the service of young men training in our eminent system of higher education. The ROTC curriculum offers subjects common to all branches of the Army including psychology of leadership, personnel management. Army administration, American military history, map and aerial photograph reading, mil- itary operations and logistics, teaching methods, weapons and their employment, and command and staff proceedures. In addition, the curriculum of the Army ROTC unit at Tulane offers training and transportation subjects which prepare the students for a commission in the Transportation Corps. There are various national military societies represented on the campus whose active members are selected from ROTC students, such as The Pershing Rifles founded in 1891 and Scabbard and Blade originally organized in 1905. At Tulane the Annual Military Ball is one of the outstanding campus social events of the year. The ROTC Rifle Team participates annually for the William Randolph Hearst Tro- phy and other awards. Many awards to outstanding ROTC cadets are offered by various military and civic organiza- tions, as well as by interested individuals. ARMY ROTC SPONSORS Left to Right: Barbara Burdin, Harriet Stone. Fran Hunter, ,Tudy Becker, Carol " Woodward. Not pictured: Arline Koritzsky. Sharp cadets show cool nerves awaiting inspection Army ROTC Ca.lct Olliorr Sta Company Commanders and Executive Officers ■ m ' f » - js " w ' ' ; 133 CAPTAIN R. V. GREGORY Commander of the NROTC Unit This year the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps Unit celebrated its twentieth anniversary on the Tulane campus. Under the direction of Captain R. V. Gregory, the unit once again pursued its mission of supplementing the United States Naval Academy in providing officers for service in the Navy and the Marine Corps. The NROTC students are enrolled under one of two pro- grams, either the Regular or the Contract Program. The Regular Program received candidates f rom a national exam- ination conducted on a competitive basis in each state. Upon receipt of an academic degree, the Regular midshipmen are commissioned, and enter upon a four-year tour of active duty. The Contract Program receives qualified students who enter into mutual contract with the Navy Department. These students are selected by the Unit Commanding Officer from those who apply in their freshman year. Contract midship- men serve as commissioned officers on active duty for two years, upon completion of their university curriculum and acquisition of their degree. Academic training for both Regular and Contract mid- shipmen is supplemented by summer training cruises aboard Navy ships, and by training at Naval Bases or Marine Corps schools. The NROTC Unit sponsors many activities each year, in- cluding several military organizations and social events. The Navy, participating in all areas of intramural athletics, has proven to be a perennial contender for the intramural cham- pionship. The blue-shirted " middies " are familiar sights when tournament finals are played. NAVY R. O. T. C. Unit Drum and Bugle Corps The NROTC Drill Team— pride of the Unit— presents the " Queen Anne " Salute 134 First phase battalion officers Second phase battalion officers . B= m - I COLONEL CHARLES SOM.MERS Professor of Air Science AIR FORCE R. O. T. C. The Air Force ROTC Cadet of 1959 has a serious mission, and not an easy one. Starting with the Basic Course, consist- ing of the Freshman and Sophomore years, he receives four years of mihtary training in preparation for his future role as a USAF Officer dedicated to the defense of his country. The Basic Course introduces the Cadet to the elements of Aerial Warfare, and acquaints him with his mission as a member of the Air Force and as a citizen of the Air Age. At the end of the Sophomore year, those Cadets who have shown a serious and mature interest in the program and those who have best qualified academically and physically are admitted into the Advanced Course. The Advanced Course completes the job of producing a capable officer started in the first two years. The Advanced Cadet receives more intense academic instruction and holds a command position on the Drill Field and in the Detach- ment itself, running the machinery of the Group under the supervision of the Commissioned Officers. To round out their military education, the men of the Advanced Program undergo training at an Air Base during the summer separating the last two years of school. However, despite the serious nature of the program, there are many light moments during the year, social and athletic events in which both Basic and Advanced Cadets participate plus a number of official activities which often turn out to be as enjoyable as they are educational. Several Cadets distinguished themselves this year, six be- ing initiated into Scabbard and Blade, national ROTC Honor Society, and two more were selected for membership in Omicron Delta Kappa. National Leadership Fraternity. Detachment 320 has been under the command of Col. Charles Sommers since 1954 and from that time to the present has enjoyed progressive achievement. It is with regret that this detachment says goodbye to Col. Sommers, who retires in July after a varied and successful career in the Air Force. " Brass " reviews a Cadet project Air Force ROTC Sponsors (Left to Right) : Rosemary Stewart, Helen Scibienski, Elise Hopkins, Nanry Pfeiffer. and Sarah Quinn. Drill team undergoes inspection . ii ' x ' j d? Honorary Cadet Colonel. Elise Hopkins, is formally presented at the annnal Fall Dance 137 ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY OFFICERS EvARTS English Commander Paul Marsh Executive Officer Bill Mabson Operations Officer Frank Roberts Secretary-Treasurer Gedge Gayle Administrative Officer-Recorder After an aljsence of several years from the Tulane campus, the Arnold Air Society was reorganized. This year the Alvin Callander Squadron of this national service organization was officially reactivated. Composed of advanced cadets, the pri- mary mission of the squadron is to closer co-ordinate the func- tions of the Cadet Group to those of Tulane University, the local community, and the United States Air Force. In order to carry out this responsihility the squadron spon- sors and promotes the extra-curricular activities of the Group besides assisting the local Boy Scouts and Civil Air Patrol- Members each receive a subscription to the Air Force Mag- azine and participate in a low premium life insurance policy. In addition, members are eligible for two Arnold Air Society Link Fellowships valued at $1,500 apiece. Several successful social events were also given throughout tlie year. 138 OFFICERS MiDN 2 c R. J. DussE Flight Officer MiDN 1 c R. K. Joiner Asst. Flight Officer MiDN 2 c L. 0. Cox iog Officer MiDN 1 c W. Q. Kendall Operations Officer TAILHOOK CLUB The Tailhook Club was established three years ago to foster interest and to orient the midshipmen in Naval aviation. The Club arranges indoctrination flights for NROTC students in Naval aircraft and each year it promotes a three day field trip to the Naval Air Station at Pensacola, Florida. Aviation topics are presented by guest speakers at the regular monthly meetings. Membership is open to all midshipmen and the primary qualification is a genuine interest in aviation. OFFICERS William Reidenbach President Norman Glosserman Publicity Chairman Thomas Kenney Secretary-Treasurer The Anchor and Chain Society is a midshipmen organization in which each class of the NROTC unit is represented. Its function is to promote better " esprit de corps " in the Navy unit through planning social functions: The Welcome Aboard Ball honor- ing incoming freshmen, the informal Midwinter Party, and the colorful Farewell Ball honoring the graduating seniors. The anchor and chain in front of the Navy Build- ing is the Society ' s coat of arms. ANCHOR AND CHAIN SOCIETY 139 BOB BEHRENDT • EDITOR • Football • Basketball • Tenuis • Baseball • Golf • Iiitraniurals 1958 Richie Petitbon. Tulane Green Wave ' s 200 pound. 6-4 quarterback, first earned recognition as a top flight ball player after pushing the Greenies to a startling 14 to 6 up- set over the United States Naval Academy midway in the 1958 football season. After that thrilling ball game, Petty was named the " Back of the Week " by the United Press International and " Co- Back of the Week " by the Associated Press. He also received the Sports Illustrated National Back of the Week Award after his brilliant play against the Middies. Petitbon ' s final statistics are the highest achieved by a Tulane football player since AU-American Eddie Price played in the Sugar Bowl Stadium. Richie finished third in the SEC in total offense with 943 yards. His passing was tops in the conference, completing 66 out of 125 passes for 3 TD ' s and 728 yards. Richie gained 213 yards rushing to complete his offensive record. Not shown in the statistics, but easily seen in the game, was his outstanding defensive work. Petitbon played both offensive and defensive this year and excelled in both. He ended the year making First Team Quarterback on the UPI All SEC Team and Second Team Quarterback on the AP All SEC Team. He was the second round draft choice of the Chicago Bears of the National Football League where he will be used mainly as a defensive halfback. Richie Petitbon — All SEC Quarterback Greenie Rooters at Work Wave Co-captains — Jimmy Blount and Claude " Boo " Mason FOOTBALL The Green Wave completed their 1958 season with a 3-7 record. However, this record cannot possibly include all of the superb performances of individual players, the many anxious moments of a game, the heartbreak of losses, and the feelings of Tulane ' s loyal rooters. In Tulane ' s opener, first game jitters and inexperience played a major role in the 34-14 loss to Florida. However, the revitalized Wave outplayed the Gators the entire second half. The Texas game was a heartbreaker. The Wave played excellently, but the Texans always managed to keep one step ahead: Final score 21-20. A couple of breaks equalized Tulanes outstanding de- fensive play and Georgia Tech, availing itself of these op- portunities, defeated the Greenies 14-0. Ole Miss proved too powerful to contain in the second half, and Tulanes undermanned team again went down fighting to the tune of 19-8. A bright spot in an otherwise gloomy season was the Navy upset. It proved that Tulane could rise to the occasion on any given Saturday and handle any first rate college team in the country. Fresh from the Navy win. the overconfident Greenies ran into a surprising offense and an air tight defense. They bowed to the Kansas Jayhawkers 14-9. Tulane, bouncing back from the Kansas defeat, rode rough shod over Texas Tech the following week: Final score 27-0. The Wave continued on their winning ways as they downed a tough Alabama eleven in a desperately fought game 13-7. Vandy, however, put an end to Tulane ' s short lived suc- cess as the Commodores ripped the game wide open in the fourth quarter with an intercepted Tulane forward pitchout. In Tulane ' s final game, they were completely outgunned and outmanned by their arch rivals from Baton Rouge. The Wave played a superb first half, but lack of reserves finally took its toll. The Green Wave was strongest in the backfield where players like Richie Petitbon, " Boo " Mason, Connie Andrews. Percy Colon and Eddie Dunn proved they could do the job. Up front in the line the Wave was bolstered by experienced players in Pete Abadie, Leo Young, Jimmy Blount, John DiVietro, Neal Jones. Don Lockwood, Bill Clements and Dan Egan, plus newcomers Pat McLean, Joe LeSage, Bernard Darre, and Bill Brabham. Graduation will bring few losses to the Wave and with so many experienced lettermen returning and several top pros- pects from the frosh expected to fill key positions, Tulane can well look forward to a bright football future. HEAD COACH ANDY PILNEY 143 14 TULANE . FLORIDA 34 The Tulane Green Wave, unable to recover from a dam- aging first half, dropped the season ' s opener to the Florida Gators 34-14. First game jitters and inexperience played a big role in the game ' s first half as the veteran Gators pushed over three touchdowns. The Greenies showed very little on oifense. Their two touchdowns came in the fourth quarter following a series of passes by Carlton Sweeney and Phil Nugent. Tulane tried 41 passes and completed 20 for 191 yards. Tulane scored their first touchdown as the fourth quarter opened after being contained for three periods by Florida ' s strong defensive line. Carlton Sweeney threw an in- tended pass for Leo Young, but there was a penalty for in- terference and the ball was placed on the Florida 3. Tommy Mason fumbled as he drove to the Florida goal line and Percv Colon fell on the ball in the end zone for the Tulane touchdown. The Wave ' s final score came on a series of Nu- gent passes. The speed v little quarterback passed to oung for 18 yards and a first down on the Gator 17. A Nugent aerial to " Boo " Mason moved the ball to the Florida 5 and another first down. Nugent then hit Abadie for the TD. PERCY COLON BILLY CLEMENTS Florida Tulane First downs 12 13 Rushing yardage 263 16 Passing yardage 117 191 Passes attempted 13 41 Passes completed 6 2 Passes intercepted 2 4 Punts 6 7 Punting average 30 36 Fumbles lost 2 1 Yards penalized 149 36 Dickerson just misses intercepting pigskin Greenie ' s punt eludes host of gators 20 TULANE . TEXAS 21 " Boo " relaxes after dropping heart bieakei Lockwood and Fleming spring Tommy Mason loose for a short gain Pass-minded Tulane and a sharp Texas team gave New Orleans fans an exciting evening of football at Greenie Sta- dium. Though losing 21-20. Tulane gave its supporters many thrilling moments up to the final seconds when the Greenies sailed through the air nearly 80 yards for their last touch- down and Carlton Sweeney scooted around end for the two points. The game was a thrilling offensive contest. In the first half, hard running, Petitbon ' s splendid pitching, and pass patterns which left Tulane receivers in the clear time and again, carried the Greenies to a score of 7-6 at half time. The Wave outgained the Longhorns in all phases, but finally that old malady, " fumble-itis, " sank Tulane. The Wave ground out 204 net yards to Texas ' 201. and in the air Tulane passed for 172 yards as opposed to the Longhorns ' 36. Shining for the Greenwave in the line were Phil Heffington at left end, Don Lockwood at left tackle. Paul Hawley at left guard, Neal Jones at center. Leo Young and George McLean at righf end. Petitbon and Sweeney were good at quarter and Colon, Fleming, Andrews, and the Masons were sharp at the back positions. PHIL HEFFINGTON SPIRO COSSE Texas Tulane First downs 15 22 Rushing yardage 201 204 Passing yardage 36 172 Passes attempted 8 . 22 Passes completed 2 16 Passes intercepted 1 1 Punts 5 5 Punting average 33.6 28.4 Yards penalize 82 81 Fumbles lost 1 3 TULANE . GEORGIA TECH 14 Tulane bowed to an aggressive Georgia Tech team before a crowd of 38.000 at Grant Field, Atlanta. A couple of breaks in the game gave the Yellow Jackets their scoring chance and they made the most of them. Despite the loss. Tulane played exceptionally fine ball on defense and particularlv on a goal line stand in the closing minute of the contest. They stopped a 65 yard Tech march by holding them for 4 downs from the 1 yard line. The Greenies moved the ball well, but they couldn ' t keep a drive going. Tech failed to score a third time on two diiferent occasions because of Tulane ' s strong line play. The Yellow Jackets worked the ball down to the Wave 5. but they failed to go over for the score. With one minute left to play, the Tech men were again knocking on Tulane ' s back door. The Yellow Jackets put on a drive that carried them to the Tulane 1 yard marker, where the Greenies put on a brilliant goal line stand to prevent a touch- down. Tulane ' s line play was outstanding. Dan Egan was the defensive star for the Greenies. Other defensive stalwarts were Don Lockwood. Billy Clements. John DiVietro, Jimmy Blount. Neal Jones, and Dave Painter. JAY and DAN EGAN LEO YOUNG Georgia Tech Tulane First downs 16 6 Rushing yardage 188 57 Passing yardage 75 53 Passes attempted 16 17 Passes completed 5 7 Passes intercepted 2 1 Punts 6 9 Punting average 31.5 32.1 Fumbles lost 2 Yards penalized 5 15 Yellow Jacket is caught in Greenie vise Tech runs into a " tidal Wave " 8 TULANE . OLE MISS 19 Jones, Abadie, and Bloiinl open door for Petty An anxious moment A spirited Tulane eleven put up a gallant fight, but the Rebels proved too powerful to contain, and the Wave went down, 19-8. The game featured electrifying play by both teams, but it was Richie Petitbon, Tulane quarterback, who made the most spectacular run. He took a Rebel kickoif late in the fourth quarter and sprinted 75 yards, eluding every Ole Miss defender, before stumbling on the Mississippi 14. The second-round draft choice of the Chicago Bears played his finest game since coming to Tulane. He scored the Wave ' s only touchdown on a quarterback sneak, and it was his ex- ceptionally good passing that put the team in a scoring position. Spiro Cosse, who made his first start as a Tulane linebacker, led the Greenies in tackles with 6 solos and 4 assists. He was followed by Billy Clements, who had 6 and 3 assists. However, the whole Tulane line again put on their usual good show. Petitbon completed 10 passes out of 18 tries for 9.5 yards. The Ole Miss defense was too much for Tulane ' s running attack, and Tom McClellan. the Wave ' s best gainer, rushed for only 27 yards. NEAL JONES TOMMY and " BOO " MASON Mississippi Tulane First downs 16 12 Rushing yardage 223 28 Passing yardage 70 120 Passes attempted 13 28 Passes completed 6 13 Passes intercepted 1 5 Punting average 35.0 30.6 Yards penalized 75. 40 Fumbles lost 2 - 1 14 T U L A N E . N A V Y Playing their finest game of the 1958 season and mixing a strong running game with Hmited passes. Tulane sank the favored Navy eleven, 14-6, in the colorful Oyster Bowl Clas- sic. With Richie Petitbon playing his best game, particularly in the running department, the Greenies made two touch- down marches, the first covering 83 yards and the second netting 66. Petitbon scored both touchdowns, and on the strength of his play- both on offense and defense, was voted the outstanding player. Tulane on the ground outgained the " Middies " 214 yards to 79. The Greenies tried only 5 passes, completing 2 for 24 yards. Navy tried 24 passes, completing 14 for 165 yards. Head mentor. Andy Pilney, was well pleased with the Greenies ' fine showing. He praised Petitbon for his selection of plays, and gave much credit to Tom McClellan, Percy Colon, and " Boo " Mason for their performances. The Tulane line also played well. Bill Clements being the stand- out. Dan Egan played one of his better games while Billy Brabham, among the newcomers, was outstanding on de- fense. HOWARD KISNER PETE ABADIE Navy Tulane First downs 13 14 Rushing yardage 79 214 Passing yardage 165 24 Passes attempted 24 5 Passes completed 14 2 Passes intercepted 2 Punts 4 4 Punting average 37 37 Fumbles lost 1 Yards penalized 15 20 CONGRATULATIONS ARE THE ORDER OF THE DAY— Coach Green praises Wave linemen Stout Tulane defense stymies Navy ground support 9 TULANE.KA N S A S I- Head down — full steam ahead! Colon and Young halt Jayhawker after short gain Tulane ' s Greenies ran into a buzz-saw defense coupled with a surprisingly strong offense, and. despite desperate running and passing attempts, found their ears pinned back by the Kansas Jayhawkers, 14-9. Tulane, plagued by fum- bles, penalties, and intercepted passes couldn ' t penetrate the stone wall built around them by the determined men from the plains of Kansas. The alertness and brilliant running of the " Hawkers ' " star quarterback, Bill Crank, kept the Wave guessing on every play. The inspired Jayhawkers deserved their victory in every sense of the word. First downs were equal. 12 to 12. Kansas outrushed Tulane 171 yards to 112, and though Tulane outpassed the enemy. 130 to 65. the 96 yards gained from pass interceptions by Kansas left its mark. Kansas was laying for Petitbon, who found his every move anticipated. He picked up 18 yards in 9 carries and com- pleted 6 passes out of 17, for short gains. Nugent, playing one of his better games of the season, completed 4 passes out of 7 for 64 yards, and Tom McClellan led the Wave rushing with 53 yards in 14 attempts. JIMMY BLOUNT JOHN DiVIETRO Kansas Tulane First downs 12 12 Rushing average 171 112 Passing yardage 65 130 Passes 3-7 10-28 Passes intercepted 4 Punts 9 8 Punting average 34 34 Fumbles lost 5 . 1 Yards penalized 104 - 75 27 TULANE . TEXAS TECH The Red Raiders of Texas Tech ran into a mad Greenie team and fell 27-0 to Tulane ' s balanced attack which scored two touchdowns through the air and two on the ground. Tulanes confidence, so high after the Navy upset and so low after their defeat by Kansas, was again boosted by their victory over Texas Tech. The Greenies were brisk on offense and defense. Their play was marred only by the many pen- alties inflicted against them for assorted infractions. The de- fensive highlight of the evening was a stiff " ' doorstep defense " by the Wave. Less than nine minutes after the opening kickoff. Tulane had 14 points. The first score came on a 28 yard pitch from Richie Petitbon to left end, Pete Abadie. Pete cut to his right in the end zone, " lost " ' a Red Raider defender and made a neat catch. Not long after that. Petitbon threw one to " Boo " Mason good for 60 yards and a touchdown — aided no little by Pat McLean ' s crushing block. Tulane ' s line play was ex- cellent and their backfield outstanding. Especially effective was the work of young Ray Ridgeway, a guard. Noticeable among the other good performers were LeSage, Spiro, Cosse, McLean and Darre. JOE LeSAGE EDDIE DUNN Texas Ted 1 Tulane First downs 10 18 Rushing yardage 78 215 Passing yardage 68 170 Passes 7-19 9-14 Passes intercepted 1 1 Punts 5 6 Punting average 30.4 32.8 Fumbles lost 1 1 Yards penalized 89 135 Raiders Rush Richie Mason waits to get back into action 13 TULANE . ALABAMA 7 ' Bama defense holds A meeting at the summit Tulane ' s Green Wave turned in a great team effort and downed a desperately fighting Alabama Crimson Tide. 13-7. The game was a thriller. Although Tulane ' s All SEC quarter- back Richie Petitbon turned in another one of his sparkling performances, it remained for a couple of previously un- heralded Greenies to measure the difference between defeat and victory for the Wave. Billy Clements of Shelbyville, Ken- tucky, and Joe LeSage of Beaumont, Texas, were the boys who came through when the going was rough. Petitbon, Mason. Abadie. Young. Colon and other Wave stalwarts turned in their usual staunch game. A recovered fumble gave Tulane a touchdown early in the first period. After moving the ball down to the 1 yard line, Dunn punched over the score. The final Tulane tally came in the third period when Dunn, who gained 53 yards on 15 carries, turned in a 24 yard rush off tackle to give the Greenies a first down on the Alabama 15. Here a 15 yard penalty for a personal foul put the ball on the " Bama 1. Petitbon drove over for the score, and Howard, " The Toe " Kisner booted the extra point. GEORGE McLEAN TOM McCLELL.AN Alabama Tulane First downs 10 11 Rushing yardage 170 155 Passing yardage 64 41 Passes attempted 14 13 Passes completed 3 6 Passes intercepted 1 2 Punts 8 6 Punting average 35.1 36 Fumbles lost 2 1 Yards penalized 5-45 2-10 TULANE . VANDERBILT 12 Tulane. stopped twice inside the Vanderbilt 5. was defeat- ed by the Commodores 12-0 in a " see-saw " battle. Only in the fourth quarter was the game ripped wide-open when Vandy ' s Dave Ray intercepted a Tulane forward pitchout and galloped 94 yards for the Commodores ' final touch- down. That was not the only sad event for the Green Wave. Twice they missed touchdowns by 1 yard after excellent drives, and once Carlton Sweeney passed 32 yards to Leo Young at the Vandy goal line, but the play was called back and the Greenies were penalized for off sides. Vanderbilt pushed the Wave around most of the first half. However, near the end of the half Tulane started a passing game that had the Greenie fans on their feet and Vandy supporters bit- ing their nails. The Green Wave went 78 yards in the last two and a half minutes. That drive, and a readjustment be- tween halves, worked wonders for Tulane. It not only loos- ened the Vandy defenses, but turned an ineffective Tulane offense into a smart, well-organized style. ANDY DON LOCKWOOD Vanderbilt Tulane First downs 13 16 Rushing yardage 185 109 Passing yardage 27 184 Passes attempted 15 32 Passes completed 3 15 Passes intercepted 3 3 Punts 7 9 Punting average 28.3 37.1 Fumbles lost Yards penalized 30 73 Dunn on sweeper sunk by Vandy defender Greenies zero in on Commodore TULANE.L. S. U. 62 Tulanc f(;oii(lar siiair Ti i-r Cannon ■ ' Go Team " smothers Colon With engineer Warren Rabb at the throttle and firemen " Cannonball " Cannon and " Jackrabbit " Robinson shoveling the coal. Louisiana State University ' s Tiger express roared on ils conquering way, amazing the largest crowd that ever gathered for a sports event in the South, by smothering the Tulane Greenies, 62-0. The second half of this football game clearly indicates why the Tigers of LSU were unanimously se- lected the number one team in the nation. Louisiana State had 33 football players, each of whom could have been a top var- sity player on any of the outstanding teams in the country. Throughout the course of any given game, Paul Dietzel, LSU head coach, could substitute his first team, his " Go-team, " or his colorful " Chinese Bandits " without sacrificing 1 yard to the opposition. After a scoreless first quarter, the Tigers battled out a touchdown late in the second period, and came out for the start of the second half with the skinny margin of 6-0. Then, however, the superior manpower of the Bengals and the lack of Tulane reserves started to take its toll. DAVE PAINTER PHIL NUGENT LSU Tulane First downs 19 6 Rushing yardage 304 11 Passing yardage 181 70 Passes attempted 17- 18 Passes completed 8 5 Passes intercepted , 4 Punts 5 10 Punting average 51.2 33.8 Fumbles lost 2 Yards penalized 102 38 Dick O ' Brien hooks for two The 1958-59 basketball season proved a pleasant surprise for Greenie rooters. Coach Cliff Well ' s hoopsters ended their twenty-four game schedule with a very respectable 13-11 over- all record, including six wins in SEC play. Tulane received consistently good performances from let- termen Vic Klinker, Gary Stoll, Dick O ' Brien, Ron Mitchell, and Louie Anderson throughout the entire season. Newcom- ers Al O ' Brien and Gus Wenzel and veteran Bob Risk also sparkled for the basketeers. Klinker pulled down individual scoring honors with 129 fieldgoals and 124 freethrows to his credit for 382 total points. The 6 ' 5 " junior center also topped the Wellsmen with a fine 15.8 points per game average. Following closely behind were the Wave ' s backcourt duo, Stoll and D. O ' Brien, with 13.3 and 12.6 averages respectively. For their outstanding play. Vic Klinker and Gary Stoll were named to the post-season All-SEC squad. The Wave highlighted the year as they twice trounced the Tigers from Baton Rouge — ah, sweet revenge! 154 1959 BASKETBALL " The Determined Look " wem SCHEDULE Tulane 88 ; La. College 72 Tulane 95 : B ' liam Sothrn 78 Tulane 75; S. L. 1 69 Tulane 61 ; Texas 51 Tulane 51 ; Rice 60 Tulane 63 ; Baylor 55 Tulane 65; Centenary 55 Tulane 72; Miami (Fla.) 94 Tulane 47; N. Y. U 77 Tulane 66 ; Stetson 62 Tulane 68; Florida 62 Tulane 63; Georgia 70 ' ' Tulane 64; Tennessee 45 Tulane 68 ; Kentucky ,85 Tulane 69; L. S. U 59 Tulane 78; Ole Miss 66 Tulane 46; Miss State 55 Tulane 67 ; Ga. Tech 77 Tulane 62 ; Vanderbilt 64 Tulane 72: Alabama 74 Tulane 56: Auburn 79 Tulane 81; Ole Miss 65 Tulane 51 ; Miss. State 65 Tulane 71; L. S. U 65 S.E.C. 155 Al O ' Brien outshoots Rebels VIC KLINKER AL O ' BRIEN Tulane ' s backcourt duo: Gary Stoll and Dick O ' Brien 1958-59 Tulane Freshmen HSB ■ ■ ■ ■ IPH ■Mpl l qlj JK jB HtT ' tI fc " 3 H rv l SI H ■m fc " fi 1 1 m ESS H|y |V: i H B lu 1 M H R t 23 H L fl u g 1 u J ■ gi B 1 m ' li 9H 1 K[ .l:-,- ' 3 E J 1 ■1 Klinker makes good on a tip Coach Emmett Pare and the 1959 Tulane Tennis Squad The year. 1934, probably wouldn ' t mean much to anyone if he were not a Tulane fan. for this marked Emmett Fare ' s first year as tennis coach. Over the past twenty-five years, Pare has helped build many champions, and the ' 59 season was certainly no exception. With the return of Crawford Henry who had missed all of last season because of illness, the Greenies had an un- beatable one-two singles punch in him and Ron Holmberg. The squad had more depth than it has had in recent years. In addition to Holmberg and Henry. Coach Pare relied heavily on veterans Carl Goodman. Phillip Petra. Elliot Bell, and Austin Robertson. Bill Hardcastle and Larr Caton. 1958 SEC Freshmen Champions, also sparkled for the varsity. Tulane ' s net future appears quite bright as the team uill lose only Holmberg and Goodman via graduation — and Mr. Pare will be back. 158 1959 TENNIS CRAWFORD HENRY CARL GOODMAN LARRY CATON BILL HARDCASTLE ELLIOT BELL PHILLIP PETRA 1958 BASEBALL The Tulane diamondmen, though under the expert direc- tion of the former Red Sox pitching great. Mel Parnell. con- cluded their 1958 schedule with a 4-18 record. They were unable to produce a winning season, mainly for lack of depth in experienced ball players. The sophomore studded Greenies were only able to defeat Mississippi State, Northwestern, Louisiana College, and Ole Miss. Coach Parnell depended primarily upon the consistent per- formance of Stu Bush behind the plate, first baseman Bob Windstein, keystone sacker Herb Kays, third baseman Fred Dickerson, short-stop Joe Friedman, and outfielders Joe Boullosa, Carl Miller. Gene Tarzetti. and Pete Prevett. The pitching staff was headed by Herb Fall with Jeff Bratton. Sonny Trenchard. Chubby Marks, and Ed Dufour. In the power departments Kays topped the Wave with four roundtrippers followed by Stu Bush and Pete Prevett with two each. HERB KAYS JOE BOULLOSA CARL MILLER FRED DICKERSON - ' .aaXt-jj STU BUSH The future appears bright, for the Greenies will have eight lettermen returning. They will have much improved facilities with the new stadium behind Favrot Fieldhouse and will be under the guidance of new Tulane coach. Bob Whitman. The Wave fans can certainly look forward to a better brand of baseball. PETE PREVETT HERB FALL SONNY TRENCHARD 163 1959 GOLF tluach Miller in. tnicls .Maury Kliimok (in liis pulling Wayne Barcello and Don Marcus look on as Tommy Wittenberg sets for a " grass cutter. " Tulane ' s 1959 golf team proved to be one of the strongest in many seasons. Bolstered by the return of four lettermen. Tommy Wittenberg. Maury Klumok. Wayne Barcello, and Don Marcus, and by a very fine freshman squad, including National Junior Chamber of Commerce champion Jerry Greenbaum. the linksters gave Coach Miller great depth and power. The squad was co-captained by Wittenberg and Bar- cello. 1959 Tulane Golf Team Perfect form WOMEN ' S SPORTS All Newcomb students take a two-year physical education program, participating in one individual or dual activity, dance, and swimming. Offered throughout the year are life saving, swimming, and dancing. Archery, golf, and tennis are available in the Fall and Spring. Water safety is also taught in the Spring, while badminton and body mechanics are Winter activities. Basketball, swimming, tennis, ping-pong, Softball, and vol- leyball are the intramural sports available to the entire school. The Athletic Council sponsors these intramural sports and sororities receive Pan-Hellenic points for participating and placing. Green on the green Sunday afternoon badminton intramurals Newcombite develops a powerful forearm An exciting game of the volleyball finals between AOPi and Pi Beta Phi A ' Intramural Tennis — (L-R) Wylie McDougald, Coach Ben Abadie, Fred McCaughan — champion, Sam Gray INTRAMURALS 1958-1959 1957-58 Horseshoe Champion Billy Borock Intramural Badminton — (L-R) Yat Ming Lam, Coach Abadie, Champion Eng Bee Ang, Tom Lind The intramural sports program, under the capable guid- ance of Ben Abadie, once again proved to be a very success- ful means of athletic competition for students who are un- able to participate in varsity sports. This year ' s intramural council officers are Morris Borock President; Nick Woolverton, Vice-President; and Robert Watts, Secretary. The council is made up of representatives from eighteen student organizations that formulate the rules and regulations of athletic events supervised by the council. Individual trophies are given for the winners of each ath- letic event, along with team trophies. At the end of the sea- son, an Intramural trophy is given to the team with the high- est number of points accumulated during the year. Three sweaters are given to the outstanding sports managers in the Intramural Council whose teams score the most points and who personally participate in 80% of the Intramural Coun- cil activities. Football Champions — Chemical Engineering The opening of the new Student Union Building next year will greatly extend the facilities of the intramural program. It will provide bowling alleys, an Olympic-size swimming pool, ping-pong and pool tables, and a general games room for various student activities. The new Student Union brings to Tulane the welcomed era of good, wholesome college life located conveniently on the campus. Other additions to the Intramural Athletic program are the new track and baseball fields next to the Favrot Field House. This is part of a program to improve the facilities of the Intramural program which was begun last year with the construction of the field house. 1957-58 Swimming Champions — Newman Club Table Tennis — (L-R) Coach Abadie, Champion Henry Boden- heimer. Morris Borock 167 Tom Lind, 1957-58 Handball Champion Golf (L-R) Coach Abadie, John Barcello. 1st place, Jerry Greenbaum, Dave Lawrence 1957-58 undefeated Softball Champions — Arts and Sciences INTRAMURALS Intramural Volley ball Champs — Navy ROTC FROSH 26 - SOPH 6 Coach Gene Newton ' s delerniined freshmen look tlie opening kick- off and surprisingly marched up-field. The raliier small freshman Jine opened big holes, and the hacks, led by tailback Vance Strange and fullback Jack Boasberg. began pounding out large yardage to put the ball on the 22-yard line. From this point. Strange took the snap from center, followed his blockers and scooted untouched around his right end to paydirt. The extra point failed and the frosh led. with just 7 minutes having elapsed, 6-0. In the latter part of the first quarter, Strange hit blocking-back Jimmy Brooks with a 30-yard pass. Brooks caught the ball beautifully between two defenders and out-ran the secondary for the remaining 39 yards. This was good for a 60-yard pass play. The extra point was good and the freshmen led at half-time, 14-0. The sophomores, coached by Claude " Boo " Mason, weren ' t going to give up and began moving after receiving the kickoff. After one futile drive, the sophs again took over, led by quarter- back Fred McCaughan. He passed twice to halfback Dave Conner, who scored on the second reception for the only soph score of the afternoon. In the fourth quarter, the frosh seemed uncontainable as they struck for two more touclidowns. Tailback Strange hit his favorite target, Don Penix. with a 53 yard pass that carried to the sophomore 10-yard line. On a similar play, Penix scored and the frosh led 20-6. They seemed to dominate the remainder of the game. However, the most spectacular play came in the closing minutes when reserve frosh tailback Frank TauUi went 50 yards for another freshman score. The game ended minutes later with the freshjiien winning. 26-6. Outstanding Player Awards. (Left lo Kight) : Craig Nelson, Fred McCaughan, Coach Abadie, Vance Strange, Don Penix. The Freshman Squad 13 i— — — »i- nSir-l i — «J ™« The Sophomores 1 r:-:t- - " Jf " " - " - - J n » ' ■V - " -H V A N , M 1 T " T FRED PREAUS • EDITOR PAT VAN SCOY • EDITOR NEWCOMB PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL Ilene Seale OFFICERS President D. J. Spitzberc Kay Hecker Treasurer .Secretary MEMBERS MARGARET POWELL Alpha Delta Pi ANN ROSTEET Alpha Delta Pi BARBARA WEIL Alpha Epsilon Phi D. J. SPITZBERG Alpha Epsilon Phi KAY HECKER Alpha Omirron Pi LESLIE PAYNE Alpha Omicron Pi SUSAN LOCKE Chi Omega CLAIRE COOK Chi Omega JANICE MELE Delta Zeta SANDRA JONGSMA Delta Zeta JOHANNA CAMPBELL Kappa Alpha Theta MARGARET MINARD Kappa Alpha Theta DIANE CHRISTENSEN Kappa Kappa Gamma ALICE BLAND Kappa Kappa Gamma JEAN VORHABEN Phi Mu MARY HELEN GRIFFIN Phi Mu SUE COWLES Pi Beta Phi WILDER BRECKENRIDGE Pi Beta Phi SANDRA KATZ Sigma Delta Tau DIANE LASSEN Sigma Delta Tau Pan-Hellenic representatives conduct business at an informal meeting 172 First Row: Alice Bland, Wilder Breckeniidge. Jo Canipbell. Diane Christensen, Claire Cook, Sue Cowles, Mary Helen Griffen. Second Row: Kay Hecker, Sandy Jongsma, Sandy Katz, Diane Lassen, Susan Locke, Janice Mele, Margaret Minard. Third Row: Leslie Payne, Margaret Powell, Ann Rosteet, Ilene Seale, D. J. Spitzberg, Jean Vorhaben, Barbara Weil. Newcoinl) Pan-Hellenic Officers: Lynn Thalheimer, Ilene Seale, and Kay Hecker Newcomb Pan-Hellenic is an organization composed of two representatives from each sorority on the campus, and it has as its aims good scholarship, whole-hearted coopera- tion with the college ' s ideals for student life, and service to the college community. The Council sponsors the following activities : Scholarship Banquet; City Pan-Hellenic ' s Scholarship Tray; a Faculty Tea; Song Fest; Homecoming Decorations; Campus Carni- val Competition: Pan-Hellenic Sports: Rush Week. A Pan-Hellenic Trophy is presented to the sorority which accumulates the most points each year. The accumulation of these points is a good barometer for determining the sorori- ties which best achieve the goals of the organization. 173 Left to Right: Liz Kost, Connie Sarvay, Ann Rosteet, P e i(le t; Micha Evans, Diana Daly. ALPHA Alpha Delta Pi, founded at Wesleyan College, was installed at Newcomb in 1906. This sorority had a very active year in campus activities. Among the many events in which Alpha Delta Pi took part were Songfest. in which they won third place; Homecom- ing decorations, in which they won second place; and the Pep Rally decorations, in which they won the " Pep Rally Award " for the best decorations at the Pep Rally before the Tulane-LSU game. The sorority was hostess at a pledge party for the other FIRST ROW: Gail Arner, Barbara Ellen Raggett, Karen E. Bailey, Nancy L. Brown, Susie Bruck. Lyn Chalona. Jeannie Coker, Ann Kenan Coulon, Diana Daly, Joan Dickerson, Eleanor Faye DiGiglia, Carol Lynn Doskey, Eleanor Dye. SECOND ROW: Micha Evans, Barbara Farris, Mary Gillespie, Ann Harbeson, Jane Louise Higgins, Sharon Jones, Carolyn Kolb, Elizabeth Kost, Patricia Massari. Mary Miller, Virginia Nazro, Carolyn Owens. Madge Rebecca Fierce. 174 DELTA PI E P S I L O IS CHAPTER Colors: Blue and White Flower: Violet Founded: 1851 sororities on campus in the fall; had a party on " The Presi- dent " December 5th; a party for orphans on December 6th; and, as a Christmas party, had breakfast at Brennan ' s on December 14th. The year ' s social activities were climaxed by their annual formal April 25th at the Yacht Club. Alpha Delta Pi members are active in all campus activi- ties, and the sorority is especially proud of Karen Bailey who is Vice-President of the Music School and President of the Newcomb Glee Club; and Suzie Bruck who was Queen of the Freshman-Sophomore football game. THIRD ROW : Katherine Powell, Margaret Powell, Judy Reeves, Ann Rosteet, Connie Sarvay, Arthel Scheuermann, Cynthia Ann Scliilling. Merle Scott, Linda Sigley, Judith Smith, Ginger Spitzfaden, Judy Sterling, Eleanor Mary Tregre. All alone by the telephone . ' nrorit plril::i - i iijuM d a riiim -i NfH Yi-ar al llif DPi house ' •J - ' 175 flli- - 1 " I % LeI ' l In [ii:lil: Shfm.-II lluniujii. Samh rliv art . Joyce Battel, Presi- dent; Barbara Miller, Phyllis Alexander. m ALPHA Alpha Epsilon Phi, founded at Barnard College, was in- stalled at Newcomb College in 1916 and has been an active sorority on campus since then. Among the A E Phi ' s many campus activities were Song- fest and Homecoming decorations. This year the sorority prepared a Thanksgiving basket for a needy family and gave a Christmas party for Kingsley House. Members and their dates all had a marvelous time at a semi-formal dinner-dance held at the Lakewood Country Club in November as well as at their annual formal in the spring. Luncheon get-togethers at the house during the year were enjoyed by all and added to the spirit of the sorority, as did the Founder ' s Day Luncheon. FIRST ROW: Mae Joyce Adelman, Gloria Adler, Phyllis John Alexander, Judy Benson, Jane A. Bergmann, Jan Bernstein, Charlotte Ann Blotner, Beverly Bluniberg, B inny Chapman. Barbara Fay Cohen, Joyce Marks Dattel, Sue Davidow, Dana Donsky. SECOND ROW: Frances Ruth Dow. Carol Eise- man, Sally Elsas, Carol Farfel, Linda Gene Farfel, Linda Feinberg, Carol Sue Feldman, Cecile Felsenthal, Jonee Fine, Lynn Finesilver, Carol Freyer, Roslyn Frohman, Phyllis Glaser. THIRD ROW: Linda Glazer, Dotty Gold, Gail Goodman, Mary Ann Hayutin, Elaine Simovitz Hilf. Sherrell Hoffman, Carole Jaffe, Peggy Kahn, Diane Sheila Katz, Andree Marguerite Keil, Jane Virginia Kessler, Anne Klein, Sylvia Klumok. FOURTH ROW: Carolyn Jo Koppel, Juliet H. Kossman, Ellen Lasker, Barbara Lewis, Linda Lyon, Marian Masters, Judith E. Meister, Marilyn Meyer, Barbara Lee Miller, Sue Carole o © EPSILON PHI E P S I L O N CHAPTER Colors: Green and White Flower: Lily-of-the-Valley Foumled: 1909 The " famous people " in A E Phi were found in all ac- tivities and organizations on campus. Dotty Gold, President of the Newcomb Student Body, and Andree Keil were elected to Who ' s Who, and in the Jamb. L. YA Hall of Fame were Andree, President of Mortar Board; and Sandy Schwartz, Assistant Editor of the Jambalaya and Treasurer of the Senior Class. Beverly Blumberg and Phyllis Alexander were elected to Assets, and Phyllis served as President of this Sophomore honorary organization. Sherrell Hoffman was President of Tulane University Theatre. Beauty honors were cedited to Charlotte Blotner, elected to the Jambalaya Beauty Court. Nasibs, Dianne Orkin, Lynn Orkin, Elizabeth E. Rahn. FIFTH ROW: Paula Ross, Ruthie Sack, Arline Schachter, Ann Kessler Schudmak, Sandy Schwartz, Sandra Shainock, Sydney Simons, Dorothy Jane Spitzberg, Lottye Spitzer, Carolyn Steinberg, Marilyn Strauss, Lynne Thalheimer. Danna Waldman. SIXTH ROW: Gail Joan Wallis, Barbara Leigh Weil, Betty Lee Weinstein, Eleanor Weiss, Sharon P, Wilkenfeld, Joanne Dora Wolf, Ray Ann Yale. AEPhis gather on the Coast for a pre-Rush Week houseparty Pledges get hours and points working on Homecoming decorations 177 Left to right: Judie Edwards, Colleen Sullivan, Jane Babst, Presi- dent; Josie Pope, Lorrie Gose. ALPHA Alpha Omicron Pi was founded at Barnard College, and in 1898 Pi chapter was estahlished on the Newconib campus. This sorority had quite a year for firsts, winning this cov- eted place in both Homecoming decorations and Songfest. In Pan-Hellenic sports, these girls won second in both Ping- Pong and Basketball. Alpha Omicron Pi also participated in Campus Carnival, and in December the sorority gave a Christmas party for orphans with the Phi Kappa Sigmas. A house-party on the coast before school started the AOPi ' s social year, and another house-party with the new pledges was given after school began. The New Orleans Country Club was the scene of a pledge dinner-dance in No- vember. Among the many social events of the Spring semes- ter, the sorority enjoyed dancing to the music of Rene Louaple at their formal March 6th at the Lakewood Country Club. FIRST ROW: Jane Babst, Loretto Babst, Justine DuMontier Bernard, Mar- garet Brown, Lou Burleson; Elizabeth Butler, Sally Palmer Canfield, Catli- erine Carroll, Caroline Cole. Judith Cooper, Velma Gene Crawford, Mary Buie Crocliett, Cecile Dodge. SECOND ROW: Judie Edwards, Judy Farrar, Janet Gail Farris. Susan R. Fee, Maureen Elizabeth Ferguson, Margie Ferrier, Marcelle Ferrier, Judyth H. Field, Patricia C. Firmin, Carolyn J. Fuselier, Joan V. Girot, Sandra Goody, Marilyn Gordon. THIRD ROW: Lorrie Gose, Kathleen Grenrood, Emily Harris, Kay Hecker, Frances Higlitower, Kevin Hill. Nancy Husselman, Charlyne Jones, Louise Kelly. Beverly Kerr, Judy McCallum, Jean Alison McClenathan, Marcia McWaters. FOURTH ROW: Denni Kathleen Macic, Linda Moehlman, Elizabeth Monroe. Kathryn Mont- gomery, Claudette Neese, Elizabeth Anne Neil, Ellis Parsons, Leslie Ann 178 OMICRON PI P I CHAPTER Colors: Cardinal Flower: Jaqueininot Rose Founded: 1897 Alpha Omicron Pi had a special interest in the Sugar Bowl this year, for Kathleen Grenrood was Queen of this event. Justine Bernard and Colleen Sullivan were named to the Jambalaya Hall of Fame; Josie Pope and Jane Babst served on Honor Board; and Emily Harris and Velma Craw- ford were elected to Assets. Colleen Sullivan serves as Presi- dent of the Junior Class and as Recording Secretary of Tusk. Cecile Dodge was Vice-President of the Junior Class; and other members of the sorority were active in such campus organizations as Greenbackers, Tusk, and Assets. Kay Heck- er represented Alpha Omicron Pi on the Homecoming Court ; Judy McCallum was on the Freshman-Sophomore Football Court; Judie Edwards was in the Commerce Court; and Beth Monroe Dunbar was chosen for the Jambalaya Beauty Court. Payne, Josephine Pope, Grace Marie Puis, Nancy Redmond, Elaine Rehm, B ' etsy Plauche Rucker. FIFTH ROW: Jeannette Schaleben, Susan Seibert, Martha Cliildress Shoaf, Dorothy Stadler, Colleen Sullivan, Betty Sullivan, Pat Sullivan, Ann Berline Taylor, Isabel Thornton, Walida " Ickey " Treuting, Jackie Villars, Janice Voitier, Joan von Kurnatowski, Gnann Williams, Bee von Wald. Jane makes another big decision Now what game can we play? 179 Left to right: Carol Downes, Susie Street, Harriet Barry, President; Elinor Moreland, Vaughan Burdin. u CHI Founded at the University of Arkansas, Rho chapter of Chi Omega was estabHshed at Newcomb College in 1900. Among Chi Omega ' s many campus activities were partici- pation in Songfest, Campus Carnival, and Homecoming dec- orations. Boxes were sent to a Greek orphan sponsored by the sorority, and many members worked at the Crippled Children ' s Hospital. A houseparty at the Buena Vista began the social activities for the year. In November, the Chi Omegas were hostesses at a dinner dance, and enjoyed lunches at the house and sup- per meetings. The formal, held at the Gold Room of the Roosevelt hotel on February 13, was a huge success and all enjoyed " Papa " Celestin ' s band. Among the many other spring activities was the annual Founders ' Day Banquet. FIRST ROW: Harriet Barry, Gina Beem, Jane Biggs, Carol Booth, Jean Broders, Barbara Burdin, Vaughan Burdin, Mary EHa Burke, Mary Capps, Carole Shelby Carnes, Jeanne M. Cavaroc, Claire Cook, Lyn Crawford. SEC- OND ROW: Mary Grumpier, Anne H. Davis, Jackie deBen, Carol Downes, Sandra Draughn, Lillian Elaine Eccles, Sara Perry Epley, Nancy Lee Fant, Sally Ann Field, Grace Fritchie, Pat Godfrey, Kay Graham, Missy Green, THIRD ROW: Lida Gregory, Charlotte Ashley Hamilton, Janet Hatch, Mar- tha D. Hayes, George Ann Hider, Elaine Hixon, Molly Hocking, Linda Isabel Hornheak, Gayle Allison Houston, Mary Gayle Johnson, Jean Jolly, Marie Keesee, Carolyn Kenney, FOURTH ROW: Sallye Lewis, Jo Lynn Lloyd, Su- san Locke, Rowena McClinton, Hilda McCullough, Melinda McWilliams, Molly Mangham, Sonia Maret, Judy Marler, Elinor Moreiand, Mary Murphy OMEGA R H O CHAPTER Colors: Cardinal and Straw Flower: White Carnation Founded: 1895 Chi Omega is proud of the many honors its members have won on the campus in the past year. Susan Locke, Elinor Moreland, Carole Stafford, and Carol Downes were elected to Who ' s Who as well as Jambalaya Hall of Fame. Vaughan Burdin served as representative to the Tulane Stu- dent Council and was a member of the Jambalaya Hall of Fame. Chi Omega was represented in Mortar Board by Elinor Moreland. Carol Downes, and Harriet Barry. Carol Downes served as President of Newcomb House Council. Army and Air Force sponsors were Rosemary Stewart, Bar- bara Burdin, and Sarah Quinn. Barbara Burdin and Sarah Quinn represented Chi Omega in the Homecoming Court, and Lida Gregory and Sarah Quinn were in the Jambalaya Beauty Court. Moss, Tucky Moss, Jeanie Mullins. FIFTH ROW: Nanry Ruth Neathery, Barrie Niehuss, Eleanor Park, Caledonia Payne, Sarah Jane Qninn, Martha Riser, Betsy Rouse, Betty Smith, Carole Stafford, Mary Ruth Stephenson, Rose- mary Stewart, Snellen Street, Carolyn Lorraine Strong, SIXTH ROW: Evon Ann Swain, Zelda Szodomka, Diane Taylor, Carey Turner, Elisabeth Ulmer, Raye Ann Vargas, Karen Jane Veillon, Stephanie Voorhies, Mary Emma W il- son. Chi Omegas witness the approach of a Super-Deke Anything for a party 181 h ' ' 1 1 ' ' ■S iS ■i- re Left to Right: Sandra Jong uia. Joycelyn Grossman, Gayle John, Presi- dent; Janice Male, Mary Winfield. IZ DELTA Delta Zeta was founded at Newcomb College in 1924 as Beta Phi Alpha. Delta Zeta and Beta Phi Alpha merged in 1941. Delta Zeta ' s activities this year began before school with a convention in Chicago where Beta Upsilon chapter won the " ' Best Idea " award. During the school year. Delta Zeta par- ticipated in Homecoming decorations. Songfest, and Campus Carnival. In December, the sorority gave a Christmas party for deaf children as part of their philanthropic project for the year. FIRST ROW: Virginia Lynn Beard, Vera A. Booksh, Gloria Cabassa, Patricia Drake, Trisha Floyd, Charmaine Grinnell, Joycelyn D. Grossman, Patricia Linda Hale, Gayle F. John, Brenda Ann Jones, Alexandra Jongsma. SECOND ROW: Donna Lowenstein, Victoria 182 ZETA Colors: Old Rose and Nile Green Flotver: Killarney Rose Founded: 1902 BETA UPSILON CHAPTER In the fall, Delta Zeta highlighted the closing of football season with an open house after the Tulane-LSU game. Among other social activities, lunches at the house were en- joyed by everyone. In the spring, the Founders ' Day Ban- quet was held, as well as the Rose Formal on April 4th at the New Orleans Country Club. Beta Upsilon chapter of Delta Zeta, as winners of the Scholarship Award given by the five chapters of the sorority in Louisiana, especially en- joyed State Day, at which time the five chapters in the state meet. .S(.i, what ' s one cali alorif, mo re or less ' r " Now, accoiding to National . Martinez, Janice Mele, Gay Lynn Woods Nixon, Norene Odom, Sue Patton, Anna Retif, Joan Rogers, Sonja Romanowski, Mary Carolyn Winfield. 183 Left to right: Charlene Podas. Sara Tigrett, Nancy McCormick, President; Ilene Seale, Kay Kasparek. KAPPA Founded at DePauw University, Alpha Phi chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta was installed at Newcomb College in 1914. Kappa Alpha Theta had a busy year of participation in many campus activities such as Homecoming decorations, S ongfest, Pan-Hellenic sports, and Campus Carnival. In ad- dition, the sorority members volunteered their time twice a week to work with underprivileged children at Kingsley House. A house-party in Pass Christian for the pledges started off the year socially for the sorority, and everyone enjoyed the party the pledges gave the actives later on in the fall. Lunches at the house and dessert parties for the fraternities filled the calendar, and a Christmas party given for the en- tire chapter by the Mothers ' Club climaxed the social events for the first semester. The highlight of Kappa Alpha Theta ' s FIRST ROW: Ann Aucoin, Marilyn Bagwell, Gail Ballentine, Jennie Barnette, Nancy Beers, Malissa Billingslea, Barbara Ann Blaine. Berta Anne Bogan, Beverly Ann Busii, Johanna Campbell, Kay Carothers, Martha Collins, Nany Conterno. SECOND ROW: Adrienne Davis, Franka Dawson. Diane DuMestre, Gail Evans, Sandi Faysash, Nancy Jean Gallaher, Ann Godfrey, Letty Goltry, Carol Alison Gray, Etia Murpliy Harrell, Helen Livingston Hauser. Elizabeth R. Holloway, Susie Husted. THIRD ROW: Janet Igret, Lynn Johnson, Cath- erine Jean Kasparek. Betty Kelly, Kita Kelly, Susie Kelly. Sue Ann Kenney, Margaret Kettler, Kathy Knolle, Gail L, Knudtson, Jewel Kussmann, Judith Lamb, Nancy McCormick. FOURTH ROW: Florence MacDonald, Lind Min- ard. Margaret Minard, Mindy Morrison, Kathleen Fatten, Suzanne Perry, Suzanne Pitts, Cliarlene Podas. Carolyn Powers, Renee Richard, Wendy ALPHA THETA ALPHA PHI CHAPTER many activities in the spring was the formal on April 3rcl in the Century Room where members and their dates danced to the music of Tommy Ridgley. The sorority has been represented outstandingly in all phases of campus life. Among Kappa Alpha Theta ' s " VT.P.s " are Liz Holloway. Ann Vega, and Ilene Scale, who were elected to Who ' s Who : Charlene Podas, who was Cor- responding Secretary of the Student Body and Junior Class Vice-President. Jane Igert and Ilene Scale, who served as President of Newcomb Pan-Hellenic Council, were elected to the Jambalaya Hall of Fame. Ann Vega was President of the Honor Board, and Charlene Podas, Nonie Waller, and Kita Kelly were members of this organization. Sandi Fay- sash was elected to the Freshman-Sophomore Football Court, and Letty Goltry was a member of the Jambalaya Beauty Court. Richardson, Ton! Roberts, Diane Eugenia Robichaux. FIFTH ROW: Mignon MaYie Rousset, Maren Ruello, Susan Scott, Ilene Scale, Sylvia Seiferth, Anne Sewell, Bonnie Shaw, Theresa Simmons, Carol M. Smith, Susan M. Smith, Lida Inge Swafford, Anne Thomas, Sara Tigrett. SIXTH ROW: Anne Tomlin- son, Ann Wathen Vega, Norma Jean Vega, Nan Wells, Emilie B. Wendel, Susan Arnett Wilder. Madeline Dale H.id. Colors: Black and Gold Flower: Pansy Founded: 1870 And another finesse bites the dust No consideration tor the pinit pledges Left to right: Kay DePass, Alice Bland, Alta Bechtel, Diane Chris- tensen. President; Barbara Hammond, Nancy Jo Foresman. KAPPA Kappa Kappa Gamma was founded at Monmouth College, established on Newcomb ' s campus in 1904, and has taken an active part in all campus activities ever since. The Kappas took fourth place in Songfest this year, and in Pan-Hellenic sports placed third in Volleyball and fourth in Badminton. The winner of the 1958 Pan-Hellenic Trophy, they participated in Campus Carnival, Pep Rally, decorations for Homecoming, and other campus activities. One of the outstanding features of the Kappa ' s social year was the dinner held at the house for members and their dates before the Alabama-Tulane game. The pledges were honored at a picnic in Audubon Park in October, as well as at a ban- FIRST ROW: Joan Andress, Susan Cutter Applegate, Honey Austin, Alta B ' echtel, Martha Bennett, Alice E. Bland. Mary K. Bruns. Ann Gale, Cynthia Cason, Celia Chalaron, Lynne Chapman, Eaton Chauvin. Diane T. Christensen. SECOND ROW: Elaine Crossfield, Marcelle d ' Aquim Mary Elizabeth d ' Aquin, Toby DeLong, Kathryn DePass, Anne Detert, Millie Fagan, Nancy Jo Fores- man, Meade Fowlkes, Sue Frizell, Katberine Pharr Gage, Carolyn Gelbke, Jean Goudeau, THIRD ROW: Glenda Gaynelle Graham, Shelby Smith Grant- ham. Lady Greenslit, Judith Ann Haas, Barbara Ann Hammond, Lady Helen Hardy, Sheila Elaine Hart, Lynda Harvey, Judy Hawn, Penny Hees, Judy Hicks, Suzanne A. Hicks, Cornelia Huck. FOURTH ROW: Frances Hunter, Jane Mary Janssen, Judith Jones, Susan Penick Jones, Linda Kostmayer, Baylissa Myles Lewis, Diana Loveday, Melinda McGarry, Marie Elise Ma- l9W Jkj idH F 18£ KAPPA GAMMA BETA OMICRON CHAPTER quel held earlier in the year. An open house for the frater- nities, sororities, and friends on the campus; and a Christ- mas party with Santa and gifts brightened the holiday sea- son. A scholarship dinner and a wonderful formal were high- lights of the spring semester. Kappas won many honors on the campus this year. Bar- bara Hammond and Emily Andry were elected to the Home- coming Court ; Harriet Stone was selected for the Jambalaya and Freshman-Sophomore Beauty Courts; and Saidee Wat- son reigned as Commerce Queen. Kappa was represented in many offices of campus organizations and Student Govern- ment by Lady Helen Hardy, Melinda McGarry. Diane Chris- tensen, Meade Fowlkes, and Saidee Watson. hnrner, Margaret Mayher. Martha Means, Ann Monroe, Mary Morris Mont- gomery. FIFTH ROW; Anne Collier Pratt, Evelyn Naill Ransom, Betty Roy, Sue Ruppel, Genie Slaughter, Nancy Starr, Harriet Ann Stone, Alice Calmes Talbott, Ann Perk Terrell, Cindy Terrill, Betty Tomlinson, Adele Livaudais Wadick, Dibble Wagner. SIXTH ROW: Saidee H. Watson, Virginia Lowe Wells, Lynne Whiteman, Joe Ann Womack. Colors : Light and Dark Blue Flower: Fleur-de-lis Founded: 1870 Beau Bltic lakes Itis pitnlge test How domestic can you be? Left to right: Kay Bergeret, Elaine Boaz, Cynthia Vaccaro, President; Jean Vorhaben. Karen Damonte. PHI Phi Mu, founded at Wesleyan College, was installed at Newcomb in 1906. September found the members of Phi Mu at the White House in Biloxi for a " fun and work " houseparty before re- turning to school. After a successful Rush Week, the Phi Mu pledges were given a picnic at the lake. The sorority won third place in Homecoming decorations, and participated in Campus Carnival. All the members have enjoyed the monthly luncheons and suppers sponsored by the Mother ' s Club this year. Among FIRST ROW: Alice Andrews, Miriam Marie Ane, Joan Carol Apgar, Sharon Beckham. Katherine Bergeret. Teddy Bielefeldt, Elaine Boaz, Alice Alcide Bondy, Nancy Starr Breard, Marilyn Ciaccio, Gayle ProflBtt Cooke, Mary Catherine Copeland, Karen Lynne Damonte. SECOND ROW: Linda Darrow, Elaine Mary D ' Entremont, Lydia Ann Dufour. Carroll Ruth Durand, Elaine Flukinger, Julie Fransen, Scottie Polk Gaines, Anita Garcia. Elaine Golladay, Nancy Gostom- ski, Mary Helen Griffin. Julie Sue Hatten. Sally Martha Hite. THIRD ROW: Jane Lou Huff, Alliene Jenkins, Cynthia A. Korndorffer, Kittie Louise Lea, Janice Ann Lewis, Gerry Murphy, Ann Elizabeth Nagel, y 5 188 MU DELTA CHAPTER Colors: Rose and White Flower: Encliantress Carnation Founded: 1852 the many social events of the year the members of Phi Mu star their formal, traditionally held the Friday night before the Mardi Gras holidays, which was held at the Southern Yacht Club this year. A wonderful time was had by all, and it was a fitting climax on this year ' s Phi Mu calendar. Phi Mu is proud of their active participation in all school organizations and especially proud of Julie Fransen for her election to the Tulane Honor Board. Phi Mu is represented in Spain this year by Carolyn Werner who is taking her Jun- ior Year Abroad. Barbara Nungesser, Lilian Page, Ruth Anne Rockwell, Peggy St. Martin. Carol Sanders. Virginia Mary Scheppegrell. FOURTH ROW: Lettie F. Schexnayder. Barbara Simpson, Cynthia Vaccaro, Marilyn F. Vanderburg, Jean Ellen Vorhaben, Betty Ann Weaver, Gaye Wil- son, Carol Ann Winkler. Hotcha and Oh, you kid! Phi Mu steams into third place for their Homecoming decoration Left to right: Blair Quinn, Emily McFarland, Joan Hoppenjans, President; Kay Ketelsen, Lolita Gelpi. PI Pi Beta Phi, founded at Monmouth College, was installed at Nevvcomb College in 1891. Pi Phis have actively partici- pated in campus activities this year, both individually and as a group. After a fun-and-work packed house-party at Holiday Inn in Gulfport. Rush Week culminated with pledging, a swim- ming party for the pledges, and the traditional pledge ban- quet held this year at Delmonicos. Pi Phi entered the Song- fest tryouts and House and Pep Rally decorations for the Homecoming game. In the field of Pan-Hellenic sports, they won first place in Volleyball and third in both IJadminton and Pingpong. A busy year socially, the Pi Phis have had a Mother- Daughter Tea, a Surprise Breakfast for the pledges, and FIRST ROW: Roberta Atkinson, Brentla M. B ' aelir, Julia Bartlett, Virginia Bass, Juditli Williams Becker, Carolyn Jeanne Beutel, Wilder Anne Brecken- ridge, Carolyn Brown, Suzanne Brunazzi. Patty Lou Burns, Susan Caven, Diane Chumbley, Cappy Clann. SECOND ROW: Julia Anne Claverie, Jan Cole, Patricia L. Cousins, Mary Sue Cowles, Harriet McCall Davis, Cyntliia Dawkins, Peggy Edge. Sidonie Evans, Lolita Gelpi, Patricia Geoghegan, Lyn Ginoux, Sanda Lee Grage, Jane Douglass Hanemann. THIRD ROW: Linda Hardy, Jan E. Hendrick, Margie Hillery, Susan Hodges, Elise Hopkins, Joan Hoppenjans, Ann Jarrel], Cynthia Jastram. Ruthie Z. Jones, Virginia M. Jones, Sheila Kerrigan, Kay Ketelsen, Linda Laskey. FOURTH ROW: Mar- tha Lyle Lockett, Caroline " Toddy " Lyman, Anne McDonald, Emily McFar- land, Keith Manatt, Anne Maught, Lynne Somers Murray, Ginger Murry, 190 BETA PHI LOUISIANA ALPHA CHAPTER other informal get-togethers. The pledges were host to the pledges of other fraternities and sororities at a Hawaiian Party. Pi Phis and their dates enjoyed a champagne party and dancing to the music of " Papa " Celestin ' s Band at their formal on March 13. The Pi Phis are proud of the campus honors won by their members this year. Pat Cousins and Emily McFarland rep- resented Pi Phi in Who ' s Who, and Emily was also both Vice-President of the Newcomb Student body and Co-Chair- man of Orientation. Judy O ' Brien has served on Newcomb House Council and Tulane Student Council. Judy Becker, Elise Hopkins, and Helen Scibienski served as ROTC Spon- sors. Pat Van Scoy was elected Homecoming Queen and to the Jambalaya Beauty Court, and Judy Shaw a maid in the Freshman-Sophomore Football Court. Judy ' O ' Brien, Susan Pace, Elizalielh Ann Patterson, Patricia Ann Patterson, Nancy Pteiffer. FIFTH ROW: Pam Plumley, Anne Porteous, Blair Quinn, Rose Marie Rapier, Jane Sanford, Katliy Sangster, Sally Ann Schoonover, Anne Devereux Schulze, Helen Sciiiicnski, Mary Helen Seago, Jo Anne Shar- man, Judy Sharp, Judy Shaw. SIXTH ROW: Dottie Storey, Carolyn Sutter, Patricia Van Scoy, Beth Warren. , Colors: Wine and Silver Blue Flower: Wine Carnation Founded: 1867 Hanneman goes into orbit Cynthia doesn ' t seem to think the active test is so funny Left to right: Goldie Cohen, Elaine Gilner, Carol Lepp, President; Vicki Goldberg, Hilda Kaplan. IIT SIGMA Sigma Delta Tau was founded at Cornell University and Alpha Iota chapter was founded on Newcorab ' s campus in 1955. Pledges and actives worked on numerous campus activities this year, such as Homecoming decorations, philanthropic projects, Pan-Hellenic sports, and Songfest. The many eight o ' clock rehearsals resulted in a place in the finals for Sigma Delta Tau. This sorority also placed second in the scholar- ship standings sponsored by the Pan-Hellenic Council. One of the highlights of Sigma Delta Tau ' s social year was a house-party on the Gulf Coast in February. The sor- ority also enjoyed a steak and bean dinner to reward those FIRST ROW: Majorie June Abrams, Jean Ray Altfeld, Roberta Bal- kin, Sharon Bez, Lynda Caryl Blankstein, Ilene Bock, Ester Bom- chel, Goldie Cohen, Elaine Sandra Cohn, Lois Coplan, Joan Carol Davis, Marilyn Donsky, Leanore Galinn. SECOND ROW: Elaine Beth Gilner, Doris Jean Ginsberg, Peggy Cluck, Vicki I. Goldberg, Penny Phyllis Goldman, Roberta Gordon, Frieda Ann Green. Pat Heinsimer. Bunny Jacobs. Keren Ami Jacobson. Hilda Kaplan, Sandy Katz, Marlene " Rosie " Kaye. THIRD ROW: Ann Harris Kiefer, Cecile Klein, Arlene Koritzky, Melanie Landau. Diane Lassen, Fran Lazarus, Carol A. Lepp, Jane Ann Levy, Mary Lynn Levy, Judy Lit- 192 DELTA TAU ALPHA IOTA CHAPTER Colors: Cafe-au-lait and Blue Flower: Golden Tea Rose Founded: 1917 with good averages, an open house at Bruno ' s for the fra- ternities, a party at a dude ranch, and a wonderful formal in April at the University Room of the Roosevelt Hotel. The chapter is very proud of its representation in nearly every group on the campus, in many of which members hold leadership. Ilene Bock is President of Warren House; Ann Harris Kiefer is Associate Editor of the Jambalaya; Hilda Kaplan is President of the Dance Club; Arlene Koritsky is an ROTC sponsor; and Jane Wilensky is Vice-President of the International Relations Club. Sigma Delta Taus are also active in Barracudas, the choral groups, the Hullabaloo, Campus Night, Hillel Foundation, Interfaith Council, and Tulane University Theatre. vin, Jane Markowitz. Helaine Mazin, Hedy Plotkin. FOURTH ROW: Linda Prager, Rona Rothenberg, Bonnie S. Rubenstein, Lois Salomon, Sherry Lee Sandel. IMari Louise Schoen. Barbara Slepyan, Marlynn Volpert, Jane Wilensky, Susie Witt, Irma Lynn Wolf. " Now, one more time and put some life into it! " Members pay close attention at sorority meetin; TULANE PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL OFFICERS JACK SCHUSTER Chairman CHARLES SEEMANN Secretary-Treasurer DR. KARLEM RIESS Faculty Advisor JUDICIAL COMMOTEE HOWARD GLEASON MORRIS MARX ROBERT ODDONE FRED SEXTON MEMBERS ROBERT FRIEDMAN Alpha Epsilon Pi SAMMY MAGIDS Alpha Epsilon Pi NIXON ADAMS Alpha Tau Omega CLYDE DE LA HOUSSAYE Alpha Tau Omega STEVE NICHOLS Beta Theta Pi CHARLES SEEMANN Beta Theta Pi HOWARD GLEASON Delta Kappa Epsilon BENNETT POWELL Delta Kappa Epsilon JOHN KELLY Delta Sigma Phi ROBERT STASSI Delta Sigma Phi PAUL FALLONE Delta Tau Delta WILLIAM WITTE Delta Tau Delta MICHAEL BURVANT Kappa Alpha JACK WHITE Kappa Alpha NEAL MANGOLD Kappa Sigma FRED PREAUS Kappa Sigma GARY BROWN Phi Delta Theta WILLIAM FORMAN Phi Delta Theta ALAN GUMA Phi Kappa Sigma ROBERT ODDONE Phi Kappa Sigma NELSON CASTELLANO Pi Kappa Alpha EDWARD SPOTO Pi Kappa Alpha FRED McCAUGHAN Sigma Alpha Epsilon FRED SEXTON Sigma Alpha Epsilon ADOLPH J. BLOCK Sigma Alpha Mu MORRIS MARX Sigma Alpha Mu GEORGE ENOCHS Sigma Chi EDWARD LOGUE Sigma Chi HUGH ABRAMSON Tau. Epsilon MARK HAIKEN Tau Epsilon LAURENCE SCHIFFER Zeta Beta Tau JACK SCHUSTER Zeta Beta Tau Tulane Pan-Hellenic Judicial Committee DR. KARLEM RIESS Faculty Advisor to Fraternities First Row: Hugh Abramson. Nixon Adams, Jay Block. Mike Bur- vant, Nelson Castellano, Clyde de la Houssaye, George Enochs, Wil- liam Forman. Second Row: Robert Friedman, Howard Gleason. Alan Guma, Mark Haiken, John Kelly, Edward Logue, Fred McCaughan. Sammy Magids. Third Row: Neal Mangold, Morris Marx, Stephen Nichols, Robert Oddone. Bennett Powell, Fred Preaus, Larry Schiffer, Jack Schuster. Fourth Row: Charles Seemann, Fred Sexton. Edward Spoto, Robert Stassi, John White, William Witte. The Tulane Pan-Hellenic Council, composed of two rep- resentatives from each social fraternity, is responsible for governing interfraternity affairs. After co-ordinating Rush Week, the Council held its annual Pledge Banquet. Through- out the remainder of the year the fraternities participated in Pan-Hellenic competition including such events as scholar- ship, football, basketball, Softball, songfest, volleyball, track, swimming. Homecoming decorations, bridge, tennis, ping- pong, golf, handball, and bowling. The highlight of the fraternity year was " Greek Week, " beginning with Community Help Day. pledge and officer dis- cussion groups, the Greek Week Banquet, Convocation, and climaxed by the Pan-Hellenic Formal and fraternity initia- tions. 195 JACK SCHUSTER and CHARLES SEEMANN Chairman and Secretary-Treasurer of the Pan-Hellenic Council Left to right: Jac King, Bob Cole, Sammy Magids, Bob Friedman, Bernard Berins. m ALPHA Alpha Epsilon Pi was founded at New York University, and the Tau Upsilon chapter appeared on the Tulane campus in 1951. AEPi began a very successful year by winning the Philip Morris-Marlboro contest. Out of all the participating organ- izations on campus. Tau Upsilon was the one that added the beautiful hi-fi console to its downstair ' s facilities as the re- ward for the first place position. This prize has provided the brothers with much enjoyment. Socially, the fraternity reached a new high in the achieve- ment of outstanding parties. The Beat Generation blast is still remembered, and the party which the pledges gave proved to be a similar hit. The Shipwreck Party would be FIRST ROW: Allen D. Adelson, Bernard H. Berins, Donald I. Bier- man, Richard Franklin Cromer, Dicl; Daspin. Mel Drucker, Stuart Ames Frank, Gerald Marvin Friedman, Robert Ben nett Friedman, Richard S. Galin, Howard Lawrence Garber, Paul M. Godlin, Moses Haym Goldberg. SECOND ROW: Steven Gene Goldfarb, Jacob L. Karnofsky, Allan L. Katz, Myles Mathias Katz, Ronald F. Katz, Jac Levy King, Danny Kovnat, Jack Leicher, Ira Jay Leichter, Martin L. Lev, Samuel Bernard Magids, Michael M. Moss, Allen Rosenweig. 19(5 EPSILON PI TAU UPSILON CHAPTER Colors: Gold and Blue Flower: Fleur-de-lis Founded: 1931 difficult to surpass, while the annual Sweetheart Formal is one social function that will always remain among the most cherished memories of the chapter ' s members. Alpha Epsilon Pi is well represented in the various cam- pus activities. The fraternity participates wholeheartedly in the Pan-Hellenic tournaments, and a number of the brothers belong to many campus organizations. The Editor and As- sistant Editor of the Pre-Med Journal are AEPis, as are the President and Vice-President of the Pre-Med Society. A few of the organizations which contain AEPi members are the Hullabaloo, Greenbackers, Pi Lambda Beta, Phi Beta Kappa, ROTC, APO, and Campus Nite. THIRD ROW; Leonard Rubin, Mel Schneidman, Stephen A. Silverman. S. Ronald Slipman, Byron Edniond Strug, Richard I. Sunshine, Henry M. Teles, Bob Allen Tessler, Leonard Alvin Washofsky, Michael Weinrobe, Stephen Neal Zimmerman. ■ ' ' - -f A- Wall-papering the living-room kept the AEPis busy Life — Experience — Sensation — Youth 197 Left to right: Jack Ryan, John Monlezun, A Keller, Bert Stewart, Kelly Simon. mil ALPHA Founded at Virginia Military Institute. Alpha Tau Omega originated at Tulane in 1887. The pledging of twenty-six men after a tremendous Rush Week began an active year for the fraternity. ATO was active in all phases of Pan-Hellenic competition, taking a first place in the golf tournament and winning points for their Homecoming display. An exciting event of the year was the appearance of Al Prieto on the national television pro- gram " College Bowl " as a member of Tulane ' s team. Mem- bers are also proud of Mrs. Emily Knight, dean of Tulane ' s housemothers, who completed her seventeenth year in that ca- pacity for ATO. The social calendar was as full as usual. The Viking Party given by the pledges was followed by the Christmas Party FIRST ROW: Nixon Adams, William F. Andrews, Jr., Ballard L. Argus, Wilhert L. Argus. Jr., Ray Artigues. John J. Barcelo, III, Wayne R. Barcelo. George A. Bertsch. Charles Allan Bristow, Joe B. E. Brown, Frank 0. Carey, Jack J. Charhonnet, David C. Conner. SECOND ROW: Rene A. Curry, Jr., Clyde de la Houssaye, Jr., Thomas Gonsoulln. John I. Hulse, IV, Al Keller, Digby 0. Kirby, David B. Lawrence. Jr.. Robert S. Leake, Dave Licciardi, Warren G. Lett, James W. McCarter. Jr.. John K. Monlezun, Ernest B. Norman. III. THIRD ROW : George W. Owen. Jr.. Philip B. Pfeffer, Albert Prieto, Jr., Wm. Lewis Randolph, William John Ryan, III, Hughes Schnei- da Hh JIMJl 198 TAU OMEGA BETA EPSILON CHAPTER Colors: Old Gold and Sky Blue Flower: White Tea Rose Founded: 1865 with its traditional poem, the Easter house party in Florida, and the final blast of the year, the Beachcomber Brawl. Outstanding was the annual Sweetheart Formal given this year at the Century Room with Papa Celestin providing the music. The Mardi Gras holiday and the ride to Bourbon Street in eight banana wagons will linger long in the mem- ories of the fraternity. ATO had its share of outstanding men on campus and members in many honorary and elective organizations. Bill Andrews was Vice-President of the Business School and elect- ed to the Jambalaya Hall of Fame. Al Prieto served as Presi- dent of Arts and Sciences, President of Alpha Epsilon Delta, and Representative to the Student Council. Business Manager of the Student Directory was Al Keller. Wayne Barcelo and Dave Lawrence won varsity letters in golf. dau, Jr., Henry C. Schonberg, Eugene K. Simon. Derwin Smith. Ker- mit Slalter. Albert L. Stewart, II, Georiie F. Sustendal. E. Wavne Tschirn. FOURTH ROW: Wade Graham Wannamalcer. Richard Whann, Robert James Wbann, Robert J. White, Clifford P. Willoz, Jr., Don William Wood. ■-y. m w Drive much? Spring Formal 1959 199 Left to right: John Roth, Charles Seeman, Alan Engberg, Shephard Stahel, Richard Fagan. Be BETA Beta Theta Pi. founded at Miami University of Ohio, came to Tulane with Beta Xi chapter in 1908. The year 1958-59 proved to be a successful one for the Betas. Scholarship was markedly improved. As in past years- Beta was quite active in Pan-Hellenic events and captured second place in football with an outstanding team. The house took on a brighter appearance after receiving a com- plete interior redecoration and the completion of a new bar on the patio added the finishing touches to the patio which was completed two years ago. Social activities, a function in which the Betas have al- ways excelled, were not lacking this year. The repercussion of " Beta Brawls " could be heard from the corner of Audubon FIRST ROW: William C. Allen. Edel F. Blanks. Jr.. A. H. Blevins, Jr., Jack Mark Boasberg, Charles Robert Bowman. Douglas E. Bond. Thomas E. Cairns, Harry J. Cliris. Alan T. Cramer, Dick Depp, Tod Dimitry, David D. Duggins, Van Ellender. SECOND ROW: Alan Engberg, Richard H. Fagan, Herbert John Fall, J. York Feitel, Jr., James Hardie Fanner, A. Foster Fournier, III, Barry Maxwell Fox, Ronald J. French, W. Douglas Hall. Keith M. Hammett. Odom B. Heebe, James L. Helm, Barrie C. Hiern. THIRD ROW: Haywood Hansell Hillyer, III, Jerry S. Hoggatt, Robert Ruhl Johnson, Eugene T. La Fleur, James Hammond Lake, Jr.. Douglass Lansing Mann, Jr., Herbert Sloan McCloskey. Joe C. Montgomery. Ronald Edward Mur- lin, Stephen Nichols, Charles B. Odom, Jr., Edward W. Price, Philip r «ki i ■ 4 ipj i»M } y ' fj f ;4mJ fW ..:-:Mi b 200 THETA PI BETA XI CHAPTER and Ziniple almost every Saturday night. The Beta Jungle Party and the Coon-Dog Party were great successes as was the traditional Blue and White Formal. A banquet held at the New Orleans Country Club, celebrating the fiftieth anniver- sary of the founding of the chapter at Tulane, brought alumni from far and near. Beta Theta Pi had brothers as members of most campus organizations. The fraternity was especially proud of Charles Seemann who was outstanding on the national television program " College Bowl. " Seemann also served as Sec.-Treas. of the Pan-Hellenic Council. Tom Cramer was Vice-Speaker of Glendy Burke. Other Betas held class and college offices and served on the various Honor Boards. John Rasch. FOURTH ROW: Ernest V. Richards, IV. Jon Riddle Roth, Bodin Robert Schexnayder. Arthur D. Seemann. Charles Fred- erick Seemann, Jr., William H. Seemann, III, Wesley S. Shafto, Jr., William Wesley Shaw, Jr., Rudolf Shepheard Stahel, Lionel H. Sut- ton. II, Nat R. Troy, Emmett Ward, George Gibson Weaks, III. FIFTH ROW: Joseph F. Wheeler, Jr., John L. Wilson, John W. Winter. Colors: Light Pink and Blue Flower: Rose Founded: 1839 I — - - ' Zf " Why? Because we like you! Don ' t just do something, stand there 201 Left to right: Si Brown, Richard Freeman, Jr.. John Calhoun, Tommy Lind, Jimmy Reiss, Jr., Howard Gleason, Jr., Jimmy Roddy. m DELTA Delta Kappa Epsilon was founded at Yale and was estab- lished at Tulane in 1899. Throughout the years, the Tau Lambda Dekes have been most active in campus affairs, and this year proved no excep- tion. The chapter had an excellent record in Pan-Hellenic events, pacing third in football and bridge and second in volleyball. An outstanding pledge class was another indica- tion of this year ' s success. As usual, the Dekes enjoyed their famous parties. The Kickapoo and Toga Parties will be long remembered, as will the annual Debutramp Party. The Ivy League Week-End FIRST ROW: David Akridge, William E. Borah. Frederick R. Bott. Simon Brown. Kaul John Buhler. 11, J. V. Burkes. Ill, John W. Cal- houn, James Eustis Corrigan, William W. Dahlberg, James W. de- Buys, Cortes DeRussy, George S. Farnsworth, Jr., C. William Fox, III. SECOND ROW: John Baine Fox, Richard Freeman, Jr.. G. Shelby " Buddy " Friedrichs. Jr.. Howard W. Gleason, Jr.. Ira B. Har- key. Ill, Wayne Hebert. Philip James. Thomas Clements Keller, Thomas 0. Lind, James W. Luttmann. Dale Mackie, William W. 202 KAPPA EPSILOIV Colors: Crimson, Azure, and Old Gold Flower: Pansy Founded: 1844 TAU LAMBDA CHAPTER Parties also added to a full social schedule, along with the Formal. Many of the members held offices of responsibility during the year. J. V. Burkes served as President of Engineering and Honor Board President of that college. He was also elect- ed to the Jambalaya Hall of Fame and to Who ' s Who. Si Brown was President of Adelphons. Howard Gleason was a member of the Pan-Hel Judiciary Committee, Rep. to the Student Council, and was elected to Who ' s Who. Other Dekes served in class offices, as members of Honor Boards, and several as ROTC officers. Messersmith. III. Bennett E. Powell. THIRD ROW: .Tames J. Reiss, Jr., James C. Roddy, H. P. Rowley, III, Robert M. Seago, Jr., Roy St. Paul, Larry Smart. Jr., Mike Smith, Frank P. Stubbs, III, Bobby Wehrmann, David Scott Wisdom, Norton L. Wisdom, Jr. ■ ' — and then there was the rusiiee who asked us who was Comus — " Relief is just a swallow away 203 Left to right: Gene Vivien, Kenneth Mill . !)(■ Titche, Sidney Povetlano. m DELTA The College of the City of New York saw the founding of Delta Sigma Phi which came to Tulane in 1916 when Chi chapter was originated. The watchword of Delta Sigma Phi is " Engineered Leader- ship " and the fraternity is leading out. The National Inter- fraternity Conference calls Delta Sig the fastest growing fraternity in the country, and the Bond of Sphinx is mov- ing forward — in leadership, in scholarship, and in size. Delta Sigs are known for the good times that take place in the big white house on Audubon Street. From the Sailor ' s FIRST ROW: Frank M. Basile, Kenneth J. Bennett, John M. Cur- rier, Bert R. Darrah, Robert DeSilva. Gary Allen Eddins, Ray E. Far- ris, Dewey L. Godwin, Ron Hart, Ronald A. Jacob, John L. Kelly, Albert 0. Lanoix, Jr., Glenn Robert Manning. SECOND ROW: Ken- neth E. Mills, H. D. Morales, William H. Murphy, Newton S. Noble, III, Bruce Albert North, A. Don Piaggio, Sidney R. Povedano, Wil- 204 SIGMA PHI Colors: Nile Green and White Flower: Carnation Founded: 1899 C H I CHAPTER Ball right after Rush Week to the Carnation Ball in February where the Dream Queen is serenaded to the Bayou Brawl, the big blast of the year, the Delta Sigs proved that they knew how to throw a good party. Chi chapter is proud of its members active in campus organizations. Included are Greenbackers Dewey Godwin and John Kelly; Tuskers Ken Mills, Leon Titche, Chick Macagnoni, and Garry Eddins. Vincent Stewart was Treas- urer of Campus Nite and on the Carnival staff. Other mem- bers were; represented in such groups as the Pre-Med Society and the f.!oncert Choir. y M liam J. Rein, III, Erston H. Reiscli, Jr., Arthur P. Richard, Jr., Wilton L. Richard, R. Gregory Stassi, Richard Parks Steele. THIRD ROW: Vincent Stewart, Leon L. Titche, Alvin S. Transeau, Charles Velona, L. E. Vivien, A. L. Wehmeyer. What would Maverick do in a case like this? Why not? 205 Left to right: Bill Mcintosh, Ronny Reso, James LaRose, Bud Noel. iTJ DELTA Founded at Bethanj ' College in Virginia. Beta Xi chapter of Delta Tau Delta came to Tulane ' s campus in 1889. The Dehs began their year with the pledging of twenty-six men. These pledges later did much to beautify the new house on Broadway, including the construction of a new patio which is certain to be the setting for many successful parties. The new housemother. Mrs. Jesse Compton. has added much to the day-to-day life of the fraternity. Her years of experi- ence as housemother at SMU qualify her highly for this position. A high point during the first semester for the Delts was taking first place in the Pan-Hellenic Homecoming Dec- orations Contest with an intricate and amusing display. Finally settled in the new shelter, the members of Delta FIRST ROW: Justin John Ansel, Jess B. Bollinger, Jr., N. Craig Brigtsen, Jr., Robert Clark, Theodore Cotonio, III. Albert J. Derbes, III, Joseph M. Fleckinger, Glenn B. Gatipon, Roljert B. Holmes, Ronald S. Joseph, James K. Kincaid, Jefferson Michael Koonce, Larry Kueter. SECOND ROW: James R. LaRose, Wilfred E. Kehder, Jr., William Mcintosh, III, Michael E. Manchester. Michael E. Martin, T. C. Massey, " Mickey " Michel, Wilbert " Bud " Noel, Chuck O ' Brien, Jack C. Oswald, Robert R. Padron, Dannie Alfred Post, Ronald J. JikA 206 TAU DELTA BETA X I CHAPTER Colors: Purple, White, and Gold Flower: Iris Founded: 1858 Tau Delta had a very enjoyable and successful year socially. Champagne parties for several of the sororities began the year, and these were followed by many Saturday-Night-at- the-Shelter Parties. At Christmas, the chapter entertained orphans with a Christmas Party complete with Santa Claus. The social scene was culminated by the regal presentation of the Delt Queen and Court at the annual Rainbow Ball held at the Century Room. Beta Xi chapter has placed many of its brothers in campus organizations. These include the Pre-Med Society, Green- backers, Tusk, and the Glee Club to name a few. This year, John Rossini served as Vice-President of Freshman Class of Engineering. Reso. THIRD ROW: Sam Rosamond, Jr., John Rossini. Byron H. Ruth, William W. Salmon. Neal Edward Schafer, Albert G. Taylor, Sidney Thibodeaux, Kirk Webster. John W. Wharton, William Whar- ton, R. Mark Wilkiemeyer. William W. Witte. Piiii ■f ' jHrp. i r Doesn ' t anyone have a key ' . ' No. I haven ' t seen Joe since the day we poured the cement 207 ' 77 KAPPA Ipf p ill i l 1 i:JJ Left to right: Ronald Newman. Piet Kessels, Peter Hatten, Harry Pond. Kappa Alpha Order was founded at Washington and Lee and came to Tulane in 1885. This year as always the KA ' s upheld the principles of Southern tradition upon which their fraternity was founded. It is hoped that the eighteen pledges obtained during Rush Week will follow in the tradition of General Robert E. Lee. who is considered the ideal gentleman and is placed in high admiration by each individual member of KA. The Kappa Alphas have made constant use of the Mint Julep in celebrating their numerous parties, the most out- FIRST ROW: William Roy Ary, John Baxter Brinkmann, James G. Brooks, Mike Burvant, Walter Wickham Capdevielle, John Hendrick Chidlow, Judd Hendrick Chidlow. Ed Fraser, Al Gooch, Edmond M. Gueydan. John J. Hainkel. Alan C. Hardy. Peter H. Hatten. SECOND ROW: Donald A. Hessemer, Harry B. Kelleher. Jr., Piet A. Kessels, Richard Armitage Langenbahn, J. Dwight LcBlanc. Jr., William R. LeCorgne. William B. Lee, John Lewis, Bobby Liebkemann. Oscar Freddie Loy. Jr.. W. Eric Lundin, Harry McEnerny. IH, William i 208 ALPHA ORDER Colors: Crimson and Old Gold Flower: Magnolia and Crimson Rose Founded: 1865 P S I CHAPTER standing being the fabulous Old South Ball. Second to the Old South Ball was the unforgettable Bushman ' s Ball which has become quite famous on Psi ' s social calendar. Also mem- orable was the Cotton Brawl and the Cowboy Party. Kappa Alpha participates actively in Pan-Hellenic compe- tition and has members in most Tulane organizations. Presi- dent of the Freshman Class of Business was Dick Langen- bahn. Mike Burvant was in Tusk, and Kappa Alpha was represented in Adelphons by Harry Pond, Bill Renaudin, and Jack White. Hardy Mecom, Jr. THIRD ROW: William Porcher Miles. Charles B. Murphy, Jr., Ronald Newman. Cameron Payne, Harry Pond, .lames C. Posgate, Jr., William Renaudin, Frederic Allen Roussel, Stephen A. Schmedtje, Jr., Timony F. Swoop, David C. Vosbein, Henry Vos- bein, John F. White, Robert L. Williamson. I dreamed she came to the KA house without her Maidenform Stagger, Lee 209 KAPPA Left 10 riglit: Fred Preaus. Joe Davenport, John Combe, Buddy Wat- son, Don Miller. I u FIRST ROW: Joe D. Anderson, Jerry Anthony, David A. Arnold, Stephen L Avard, Elliott Bell, Thomas Milton Bergstedl, Aliltun M Bolle-i Richard .M B. rdelon. Alherl E. Breland, Jr.. Clyde E. Buzzard, II, Earle ' Cefalu Jr ' John C. Comhe, Sterling Robert Cruger. SECOND ROW: Vince Currier Jr ' Joe A. Davenport, Herbert H. Duncan, Jr.. Donald Fonte, John V. Garoutte ' George Garrett, Alec Grant, Edmon Lee Green, Roiert J. Guizerix, Frank Kappa Sigma was founded at the University of Virginia, and Sigma chapter was established at Tulane in 1889. The Kappa Sigs played it cool and started the year by air- conditioning and remodeling the fraternity house living quar- ters. After a frantic Rush Week which utilized the bands of Al Hirt, Tommy Ridgely, and Earl Williams, the membars settled down for a year of studying, part ing, and campus activities. In Pan-Hellenic competition, Sigma chapter paced second in Songfest, winning a place for the fourth straight year, and also won points in bridge and bowling. The new housemother, Miss Ruth van der Maaten. added much to all phases of fraternity life. The social schedule was kept filled with Champagne Parties for sororities, parties after each football game, and several costume parties. The Pledge Formal in December prepared ?S " TDn™,?Aj, " " , " ; H° " ' ' ' ' -. Glenn Curtiss House, Donald R. Hudson. THIRD ROW: Joseph E. Keeton, Charles S. King. Wendell Howard Kisner Joseph Morns Kochansky, Francis E. Laurent, George Randall Leake JeS M Lee, James Walter Long, Edward Emile Louis, Louis R. Lucas ' R H ■•Skipper " Luke, Mike McEnany, Neal R. Mangold. FOURTH ROW- Sonny Mares, Benson Blake Martin, Jr., Gay G. Martin. Jr., Krov N. Menuhin, Donald Edward .Miller, William T. Millican, Walter H Moleski Charles YM ■ ' ' 3 - ' - " 9 3 3 9 9 ' -» ' SIGMA SIGMA CHAPTER Colors: Scarlet, White, and Green Flower: Lily of the Valley Founded: 1869 the way for the unmatched Star and Crescent Spring Formal held at the Grand Balhoom of the St. Charles Hotel. The year was brought to a blasting finish with the twelve hour Pirate Party with Sugar Boy furnishing the rock and roll. Sigma chapter has always taken an active part in the campus scene. Kappa Sigs served as Presidents of Lagni- appes, Circle K, and APO. Members were also active in Tusk, Greenbackers, and served as class officers and on Honor Boards. Anthony, Bell, and Preaus were tapped for ODK and Anthony was elected to Who ' s Who. Clyde Buzzard was Speaker of Glendy Burke and columnist for the Hullabaloo. Serving under Editor Jerry Anthony were Jambalaya staffers John Combe, Fred Preaus, and Neal Mangold. The scholas- tic side was represented by brothers in Phi Eta Sigma and Phi Beta Kappa. Wendell Moody. Jr., Robert M. Patton, Roy A. Perrin. Jr., George C. Pot- ior, Frederick F. Preaus, J. F. Seinsheimer, III. FIFTH ROW: Roger H. Silver, Jr., Mike Skelly. George Jay Walker Smith, Clinton Smith, Wallace H. Smith, II, James E. Spence, Howard C. Stanley, Ernest N. Stromberger, Jim Summerlin, Steve Thomas. James E. Toups, Jr., John Unverzagt, George B. Vaughan. SIXTH ROW: John Wahl, Louis H. Watson, Jack Webb, James E. Wesner, William Ward Wicht, Jr. A toddy for the body Bawdy songs and backroom ballads 211 Left, to right : Don Lockwood, Hunter Herron, Evarts English, Wayne McVadon, Doug Thiltgen. m PHI Founded at the Miami University of Ohio, Tulane ' s chapter of Phi Delta Theta appeared in 1889. The wearers of the Sword and Shield were prominent in all phases of campus endeavor and Pan-Hellenic competition during the past year. One of the more ambitious projects which concerned the whole fraternity was the remodeling of living facilities in the house. Phi Belts were especially proud of the fine job that Dave Adams did as Editor of the Hullabaloo. Starting with a full week of blasts for Rush Week, the so- cial season was a full one for the Phi Delts this year. The FIRST ROW: David W. Adams, Barry Aden, Bradley Baker, William Hume Barr, John Brothers, Gary R. Brown, Fred R. Cagle, Jr., Ed- mund H. Christy, Rohert G. Coleman. Grant Collier, Michael M. De- Bakey, Jim Donoghoe, Evarts B. English, HI. SECOND ROW: W. Harper Forman. Jr., Swepson Floyd Eraser, G. Malcolm Genet, Jr.. M. Feild Gomiia, Thomas A. Hansen. W. Gene Herrin, Hunter Her- ron, Paul Hogan. HI, Tim Irwin, Bill Johnson. Wylie McDougall, Milner Wayne McVadon, Robert Morris. THIRD ROW: Don J. 212 DELTA THETA LOUISIANA ALPHA CHAPTER Colors: Argent and Azure Flotver: White Carnation Founded: 1848 first semester saw such parties as the rollicking Barn Dance at Johnson ' s Farm and the traditional Christmas Party, com- plete with Santa Claus, at which many dates received some illustrious gifts. Highlighting the spring semester were the Playboy Formal at the Monteleone Hotel and the annual South Sea Island Party. Among Phi Delta Theta ' s outstanding men on campus are Hunter Herron who is a member of Tau Beta Pi. ODK. Who ' s Who, and Sec. of Scabbard and Blade; Evarts English who was elected to the Jambalaya Hall of Fame and Who ' s Who ; and Don Lockwood, football letterman. Neese, William Neville, III, Norman Pearcy, John S. Pitlman, Rich- ard A. Pourciau, William C. Robertson, Thomas L. Shiplon, Warren " Rip " Taylor, Douglas Thiltgen, Dalton L. Woolverton, Dudley You- Sailor Boys, they talk to me in English L tM Phi Delts put their heads together and construct adjoining bathrooms 213 Left to right: Robert Durham, Grulee Herron. Bob Oddone, Tom Kenney, Joe Drago. m PHI Phi Kappa Sigma was founded at the University of Penn- sylvania and became the first fraternity on the Tulane cam- pus in 1858. Phi Kap began its second hundred years at Tulane with increased participation in all phases of campus life. The fra- ternity took part in all Pan-Hel competitions and placed fourth in Songfest. The chapter took part in community pro- jects by sending a group to Southeastern Louisiana Hos- pital in Mandevilie to spend an afternoon ' s recreation period with the patients. Many parties such as the Christmas Party, sorority parties, football game parties, along with the annual Bowery Brawl FIRST ROW; Don Andrews. Earl Edmund Beelman, Charles William Bradley, Hegel L. Branch. Jr., Larry T. Brooks, Matt Davis Brown, Louis G. Cameron, Jr., Cooper Chapman, Vincent Ciolino, Carl Wil- liam Davis. Alfred Downs, Joseph Paul Drago, Andrew Garvin Ed- mondson, IL SECOND ROW: Charles Henry Everett, Jr., James Ed- win Fult on, Jr.. David K. Gatto, John Geiser, III, Alan J. Guma, Jack Hammel, Thomas L. Harman. Paul Grulee Herron, John T. Hunley, Robert E. Jeffers. Jr., Thomas Roger Kenney, George Y. Kimura, Jerry Lewis. THIRD ROW: Hunter Beall McFadden. George M. Maitre, Robert Neff. Jr., Robert R. Oddone. Bert Ponig. Danny S. 214 KAPPA SIGMA M U C H A P T R Colors: Gold and Black Flotver: Chrysantlicimini Founded: 1850 made this a year of social success. Also remembered were the Voodoo Party, the Cowboy Party, and the pledge-active tug of war in Audubon Park. Climaxing the first semester was Homecoming weekend. A gala Centennial Banquet was held in conjunction with the alumni at the New Orleans Country Club. Phi Kaps are outstanding in many campus organizations. Bob Oddone served as a class officer and Treasurer of Tusk. Grulee Herron is active in Army ROTC. Other well known and active brothers are John Hunley. President of the Market- ing Club, Bob Taylor, President of Phi Eta Sigma, and Alan Gunia, Clyde Waddell, and Andy Edmonson. Pyles, Fontaine Reeves, Jr., Chris Renter, George Peter Robbins, III, Kenny Roberts, Jerry G. Robinson, James E. Schaller. George G. Stewart. FOURTH ROW: J. Clinton Sumner. Jr.. Bill Swift, Rob- ert Taylor, George McLean Valentine, Jr., Clyde Waddell, Bernard White, Jr. Now lets sing tiie one about the two old maids We ' re four, badly in need of a Fifth 215 Left to right: Jim Rich, BiH Brantley, John Harris, Frank Hatchett. u PI Founded at the University of Virginia, Pi Kappa Alpha began at Tulane in 1878. A very successful Rush Week resulted in twenty new pledges for Pi Kappa Alpha. However, pledging was only the beginning of a very original social year. Eta chapter en- joyed such parties as the Night in Olde London Town Party, at which even the band was costumed in Elizabethan fashion, Cabinate of Dr. Caligari Masque, Birthday of Henry Dick- son Bruns Party, and the now famous Fais Do Do. The Dream Girl Forinal and the presentation of the Pike Dream Girl was the highlight of the social season. FIRST ROW: Doug Abadie, Ahon Kent Beadle, Jerry Cassel. Nel- son Paul Castellano, Alan F. Cone. Robert B. Evans, Don Gary Fen- ner, John G. Frentz, Mike Ginn, William Reginald Gough, Jr., James W. Green. John H. Harris, Jr.. Frank Hatchett. SECOND ROW: Harry B. Ireland, Jr., Walter Daniel Judlin, III, Michael Lennon King, George L. Koomos, Jr.. Richard B. Lemann, William B. Lemann, Frank M. Lubrano. Donald J. McArthur. Robert A. McCormick, Sam G. McKerall, II, Donald Boone Morgan, Edward William Nelson, Jr., 216 KAPPA ALPHA Colors: Garnet and Old Gold Flower: White Lily of the Valley Founded: 1868 ETA CHAPTER Pi Kappa Alpha was very active in all phases of Pan-Hel- lenic competition on Tulane ' s campus this year. By partic- ipating in these interfraternity events a stronger bond of brotherhood was inculcated between the actives and the pledges of Pi KA. Many of the Pi Kappa Alpha brothers have contributed to Tulane in various campus activities and organizations. Among those whose names may be seen on various rolls are: Jerry Cassel, Eddie Spoto, Jim Rich and Mike Ginn who are representative of Greenbackers and Tusk. Other Pike brothers have been active on the Men ' s Dormitory Council, the Hullabaloo, Student Directory and the Tulane Glee Clubs. David Offutt. THIRD ROW: H, Thomas Pike, Wm. L. Poole. Peter Pupello, Jr., James H. Rich. Jr., Lenny Sapera, Mark Schaneville, Joe A. Scotch, jr., Jay W. Seastrunk, II, Nicholas Bellamore Silvey, Ed- die Spoto, Jr., Tommy Thompson, Bill Vaudry, Jimmy Wadsworth. FOURTH ROW: Fred E. Wise, Jr., Javier A. Zapata. Meanwhile, back at the raunch T ' was the night before — and it was better than the morning after .;„,,.»■ 217 SIGMA Left to right: Hani Dehan, Lestar Martin, Terr Stein. Frank Roberts m FIRST ROW: Wm, G. Akins, Jr., George A. Alexander, David P. Allred, George Johnston Ames, Troy G. Arnold, Jr., Robert Norman Arrol, Murray Bass, Jr., Nelson Jaeger Becker, B. Eugene Berry, C. Thomas Bienvenu. Jr., Wayne J. Bienvenu, Henry Blake, William A. Bloom, Jr., Jeff Bratton, Robert C. Buckley. SECOND ROW: Robert W. Clements, James Clopton, Allen Howard Coon, Robert Ernest Cooper, Robert C. Cudd, William Kent Cutrer, Hani E. Dehan, David J. Drez, Jr., Richard A. Drummond, William Bayard Drummond, Valentine Adam Earhart, Jr., Donald Gordon Edgerton, William Sigma Alpha Epsilon was founded at the University of Alabama and established at Tulane in 1897. This year began for SAE with the presentation of their fifth straight Pan-Hellenic trophy for the highest number of points in interfraternity competition. With this record in mind, the fraternity worked hard and took first place in foot- ball and Songfest, and placed in several other Pan-Hel con- tests. The twenty-six pledges obtained at the end of a roaring Rush Week got little rest during the first semester from their endless task of cleaning the lions. Socially, the fraternity started off with a gala reception for the Newcorab sorority pledges and then followed up with such memorable parties as the Suppressed Desire, the Pa- Edward Fitzgerald, Mike Flechas, Oliver J. Ford, III. THIRD ROW: Hugh Craig Forshner, George Ward Gaines, Gedge Gayle, II, James Hodge God. frey, George E. Grace, David Peter Grow, William Ralph Hardcastle, Benj amin Geoffrey Harrison, James B. Hatchette, Charles Heidelberg, Luther L. Hill, Sammy Hodges, Wayne Clay HoIIingsworth, Robert G. Jones, Henry O Kay. FOURTH ROW: William Ross Kennedy. III. Jon L. Levy, Bo Lewis, Clint McAlister, Wm. S. McAninch, Harry .McArthur, Jr.. Frederick A. Mc Caughan, Tom McCay, Benjamin Clark McMinn, Lestar Martin, Boo Mason, g g Q lA ALPHA EPSILON TAU UPSILON CHAPTER Colors: Purple and Gold Floiver: Violet Founded: 1856 jama Party on Lake Poiitchartiain given by the pledges, and the hayride to Pearl River. The annual Christmas Party for orphans was followed by an egg nog party for the members and their dates. The festive winter and spring formals, the Founders Banquet, and impromptu gatherings on Friday nights made this a well remembered party year. SAE leadership was present in many phases of campus activity. Tom McCay served as President of the Student Body and NROTC Battalion Commander. Nelson Becker. Bill Ken- nedy, and Tommy Smith were Cheerleaders. Boo Mason was co-captain of the football team, and Dave Drez. Page Wil- liamson, and Fred Sexton were outstanding in campus af- fairs. Bill Akins and Tommy Smith were tapped for ODK. L. Keith Mason, Jr., John S. Mavar, Douglas Medley, Warren C. Metcalf. FIFTH ROW: Craig Morgan, Ted Nees, Charles William Ogilvie, Jr., Joseph David Painter, Charles B. Peatross, Don Penix, Larry Phillips, III, Bob Reno, Frank Roberts, Glenn Lawrence Scott, Fred Sexton, Frank C. Shute, III, Tommy Smith, Thomas Plewman Sparks, III, John Terry Stein. SIXTH ROW: Roderick E. Swetman, Larry Thompson, Warner Veillon, Vincent Vincent, Martin Smyth Wales, Jr., Carl Warden, Richard Watson, Jerry Watts, James A. White, III, S. Page Williamson, Jimmy Young. " Gather " round boys and I ' ll tell you a story about how to become an All-American Boy! " Left to right: Bernie Weiss, Jay Rozen, Alan Rosenleld, Warren Gottsegen. SIGMA Sigma Alpha Mu was founded at City College of New York and joined the Tulane fraternity system in 1920 with Sigma Gamma chapter. The Sammies were especially active in Pan-Hellenic compe- tition this year. The fraternity took first place in bridge and bowling, second place in ping-pong, placed in Songfest, and performed outstandingly in the other contests. The fraternity housemother, Mrs. Anne Allen, did much to contribute to the cheerful atmosphere in the modern air-conditioned and soundproofed house over which she presided. Chapter mem- bers were also proud of the thirty-three men they pledged at the end of Rush Week. FIRST ROW: Irwin B. Abramson, Lee Allen, Richard Alan Bailey, Marvin Bernstein, Jay Block, Harvey R. Brice, Stuart J. Bush, James L. Cohen, H. Richard D ' Ancona, Joel M. Finkelstein, Lenny Feingold, Robert Jay Foot- lick, Alex Green. SECOND ROW: Bernard E. Greenbaum, Jerry Greenbaum, Bert L. Gurwitch, Jerry Horowitz, David Jerome Kaplan, Jay Steven Kaplan, Ira David Kaskel, Dennis Jay Katz, Spencer Kent. Alon Koff. Stephen Alan Kotzen, Jerry Kraft, Robert L. Levin. THIRD ROW: Martin I. Levy, Leonard D. Marshall, Morris Marx, Herbert Mendel, Carl S. Merlin, Randy Moret, Lawrence Jay Nachman, Lewis A. Pallet, Joel Piassick, Clive Pinsker, Dave Price, .Martin Pritzker, Alan How.ard Rosenbloum. FOURTH ROW: 220 ALPHA MU Colors: Purple aiicl White Flower: Fleur-de-lis Founded: 1909 SIGMA GAMMA CHAPTER The social side of fraternity life was filled with many well- planned hiasts. highlighted by the Orchid Formal at the Roosevelt Hotel. At Christmas, the pledges gave their annual party for underprivileged children. Other noteworthy social events included the Champagne Party for sorority pledges, the annual party during Mardi Gras season for the pledges of all fraternities on campus, and regular Saturday night parties. Sammy had many leaders on campus during the past year. Morris Marx, Jerry Horowitz, Steve Shamberg, Alan Rosen- feld, and Ricky Wittner were but a few of the mend ers who held important positions in numerous Tulane organizations. Gerald Rosenthal, Jay I. Rozen, Milton Ruhen, Richard A. Rudman, Bruce H. Scott, John S. Selig, Gene Shafton, Stephen C. Sliamherg. Marvin B. Shapiro, Harvey Charles Siegel, Wayne Siegel, Samuel A. Simowitz. Don Singer. FIFTH ROW: Elliott H. Singer, Sidney Harold Stadtlander, Rohert M. Steinbach, Floyd A. Stern, Bernie Weiss, Martin L. Weiss, Michael Allan Zionts. ▲m It ' s not how you play the game, it ' s whether you win or lose " I still want a htila-hoop! s 221 Left to right: George Barnes, Charles Bowman, George Enochs, Nor- man Alexander. n SIGMA Sigma Chi was founded at Miami University of Ohio, and the Alpha Omicron chapter came to Tulane in 1866. The fraternity started the year off right by being awarded the Pan-Hellenic Trophy for Scholastic Improvement. Fol- lowing this honor, the chapter was recognized in Newsweek magazine in an article on scholarship and fraternities. Sigma Chi participated actively in all phases of Pan-Hel competition, and won first place for spirit at the LSU Pep Rally with their Safari. The social year was one of the best the chapter had seen, including cocktail parties for sororities on Sunday afternoons and Saturday night blasts such as the Cowboy Party and FIRST ROW: C. Norman Alexander, Jr., George Elliott Barnes, Dee Benson, Jim Blount, Charles M. Bowman, Jim Brittingham, Clai Brown, Victor V. Cavaroc, Jr.. Frank A. Coyle, Jr., Richard B. Dunn, George Enochs, John M. Filippone, Jr., Marion V. Filippone. SEC- OND ROW: Charles F. Genre, Gerald Gex, Willis M. Gooch, Delph A. Gustitus, Frank Sympson Hammond, Stormy Johnson, F. A. Little, Jr., Edward J. Logue. Jr., Wayne McDonald. George Patrick Mc- Lean. Harry McMurray, Bruce Maxian, Robin Moyer. THIRD ROW: 222 CHI Colors : Blue and Old Gold Floiver: White Rose Founded: 1855 ALPHA OMICRON CHAPTER the Playboy Party. The Spring semester was highlighted by three annual Sigma Chi events: the Roman Toga Party: Sigma Chi Derby Day, held in conjunction with Parent ' s Day, in which Newcomb sororities competed for a trophy and Pan-Hel points; and the Sweetheart Formal at which the Sweetheart of Sigma Chi was crowned. The Sigma Chis displayed a great deal of spirit at the football games this year, due to the brothers playing for the Greenies. These included Co-Captain Jim Blount, Pete Abadie, Bill Clements. Paul Hawley, Tom McClellan, Pat McLean, and Bill Osteen. Other brothers were prominent in campus spirit and service organizations. Jim Blount was Vice-President of University College. Craig Robert Nelson, Jan Oglelree, Alvin V. Oser. Bill Osteen, Wil- liam (Bill) Reidenbach. Don Robin. Fenton M. Sanger. Roy Sellers, Charles M. Vanchiere. Thomas M. Weil. talari, so ood What! Me Worrv? You ' re damn right! 223 Left to right: Seate ] : .|a k S(l(ii-itT. NnMnaii (J(is:serman. Standii Cliarles Berk, Alic ' key Hurst, Henry Bodenheimer. m ZETA Zeta Beta Tau was founded at the Jewish Theological Sem- inary, and Sigma chapter has enjoyed a prominent position at Tulane since its founding in 1909. 1959 marked the Fiftieth Anniversary for Sigma chapter at Tulane. ZBT was the first fraternity ever to retire the Pan- Hellenic Trophy, and this year they placed in several of the interfraternity contests, including football, volleyball, and bowling. The active members are very proud of the new patio constructed by the pledges as a project. As usual, the fra- ternity carried on several philanthropic projects. Never losing sight of the fact that they are a social fra- ternity, the Zebes gave parties that attracted campus-wide renown. Starting with varied and successful Rush Week par- FIRST ROW: Stanley M. Allen, Charles M. Alllmont, Philip M. Aronoff, Stanley Baker, Lester Barnett, Jr., Barry L. Battelstein, Robert E. Behrendt, Charles Leslie Berk, Henry J. Bodenheimer, Walter Brown. Jr., Jay Buckman, Gary I. Cheses, Paul Coffee, Charles Joseph Cohen, Philip R. Cohen. SECOND ROW : Marty Davidson, Stanley S. Davidow, Guy Diamant, Jay Edelston, William W. Elfenhein, Jerry Feld, Robert M, Fierinan, Edward M. Feinman, Jr., Michael Fink, Avron Fo elman, Harry Freyer, Kenneth Charles Friend, Gordon Gamni, Paul Gerson, Norman A. Glosserman. THIRD ROW: Steve I. Goldware, Leroy E. Goltzman, Carl G. Goodman, Sam Gray, Herbert S. Greenwald, Jr., Kenneth J. Heller, Howard Hian, Neil Hirsch, Lenny Hoff- man, Alan Honigberg, Melvin K. (Micky) Hurst, HI, Howard I. Hurtig, Joel Jacobson, Maury Arnold Klumok, N. David Korones. FOURTH ROW: Don- ald Kortz, Jack Kushner, Harry Lebow, Herbert Allan Lepp, Richard B. Lerer, Russell Levy, David Lewin, Larry M. Loeb, 1. James London, Walford BETA TAU SIGMA CHAPTER Colors: Blue and White Flower: Gol l Rose Founded: 1898 ties, they moved on to such headliners as the Roman Orgv Party, the Playboy Party, the Animal Party, and the ZEKE Party. Climaxing this veai social year was the Fiftieth An- niversary Spring Formal at the Jung Hotel. Members held many prominent positions on campus through both elections and honoraries. Jack Schuster served as Vice-President of the Student Body and Chairman of the Pan-Hellenic Council; Norman Glosserman and Micky Hurst were President of ODK and Tusk respectively. Sidney Rothschild and Joel Jacobson were Business Manager and Associate Editor of the Jambalaya. In addition. Z3T saw members in the Jambalaya Hall of Fame, the varsity golf team, and the varsity tennis team, as well as class. Honor Board, and organization oflScers. B. Lowell, Leo L. Lowentritt, Jr., Michael Allen Lurie, Donald Kline Marcus, Ronald S. Marks, Bruce P. Meyer. FIFTH ROW: Billy Mimelcs, Gary Clay Morcliower, Joe David Mussafer, Anthony J. Nicholson, Marc L, Peterzell, Fred Pevow, Buddy PoUak, Boh Redstone. Barry David Rillenbeij;. Richard Rosenfeld, Sidney F. Rothschild. Paul D. Rudnick, Laurence A, Schiffer, Jack H. Schuster, Richard L. Shenk. SIXTH ROW: Stanley Bradford Sklar, James Douglas Sokol, Kenneth Train, Lee A. Train, Charles M. Weinberg, Tommy Wittenberg, Jon M. Zall. Milton Harold irnan. I wish all the " iris were like 225 Left to right: Bob Cohen, Bennett Braun, Larry Ackerman, Marvin Teich. TAU EPSILON Colors: Lavender and White Flower: Violet and Lily of the Valley Founded: 1940 The Tau Epsilon Colony of Tau Epsilon Phi was estab- lished at Tulane in 1956. Upon recognition, the boys set to work in earnest, organ- izing, framing a constitution, and enlarging the membership. Under the able leadership of Mark Haiken, Tau Ep ' s first chancellor, and with the great help of the Tau Epsilon Phi alumni in New Orleans, the group became a closely knit or- ganization and has prospered during the last two years. The fraternity has lived up to its Creed through the par- ticipation of members in many campus activities. The social season included a Christmas party for orphans, Tau Epsi- lon ' s anniversary party, and the second annual Sweetheart Formal at which their sweetheart was presented. Tau Epsilon has moved into its new home on Freret Street and is looking forward to being chartered as Epsilon Kappa. M First Row: C. Hugh Ahramson, Larry L. Ackerman, Bennett Braun, Robert Cohen, Mark B. Haiken. Donald Miller, Marvin L. Teich. Sweethearts of TEP TE-riffic MEDICAL PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL ARTHUR AXELROD LARRY BAKER TYLER COOMER . DEWE1: LANE 227 NU SIGMA NU Knee Bone cted to the thigh bone ■ Now, what can we take for a crip course? OFFICERS Larry E. Baker President James McIlwain Secretary Stanton Shuler Vice-President William B. Hunt Treasurer Nu Sigma Nu is one of the nation ' s first medical fraterni- ties. It was founded at the University of Michigan in 1882, and the Beta Iota Chapter came to the Tulane Medical School in 1910. The annual Rush Week Banquet began the year for the fraternity and was followed by other social events during the year. Distinguished alumni include: Dr. Harold Cummins, Head of the Tulane Department of Anatomy; Dr. Alton Ochsner, retired Head of the Tulane Department of Surgery; Dr. Ralph Platou, Head of the Tulane Department of Pediatrics: Dr. Robert Heath, Head of the Tulane Department of Psy- chiatry and Neurology; and Dr. Isadore Dyer, Professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Where ' s the pictures? Operation Relaxation MEMBERS m John K. Abide Larry E. Baker John 0. Binns, III Banks Blackwell D. E. Blickenstaff Ward Bordeaux Jerry P. 15ordelon Earl 2. Browne. Jr. George N. Byrani. Jr. Ben B. Cabell Adrian B. Cairns, Jr. Phil Carter John A. Coleman, Jr. Eugene J. Dabezies Dick Dale Frank M. Davis Gordon H. Deen Bill Drummond James R. Duke. Jr. Don Edgerton III Dean Ellithorpe David R. Ewing Charles Felger Tom Flynn Floyd Eraser John Gay White E. Gibson. Bill Goodloe Peter Gott Tom Grant John P. Hanley Robert S. Harlin Everette Harvard Thomas H. Hendren Barry Henry Rodney F. Holcomb Minor L. Huck William B. Hunt Burr D. llgenfritz Don Irby Sonny Isbell Delmas A. Jackson, Jr. Donald F. Jones Robert E. Jones Marc L. Kerlin Lynn D. Ketchum Peter 0. Knight, IV Guy Knolle Lucius M. Lamar, IV George L. Leonard Homer Lee Lochridge Bob Love Robert C. Lynch, III Lewis R. Malinak Louis Maumus Charles W. McDowell, Jr. James T. Mcllwain John Finley McRee, Jr. John F. MofEett Cecil Morgan, Jr. Ellis F. Muther Robert E. Nehls Joseph E. Nelms Howard Nelson Robert D. Nichols C. B. Odom William Oris James L. Owens John P, Puckett Oney C. Raines. Ill William S. Reddoch Mallory Reeves William S. Renaudin Damiel M. Rencher, III Luther W. Richardson Clarence M. Rittelmeyer Frank P. Rizzo, Jr. Vaughn Rush Clint Schottman Stanton Shuler . Bill Shamblen Graham Boyd Shaw George Stallman William C. StandefEer Stan Stumpf George P. Thoma s Marcus Clay Thomas Dan Triplett Don Warren Turner Kenneth E. Vogel William S. Weems Jim Welch Robert E. Westfall Linton Whitaker James E. Wilson, III Frank Woznak John M. Yarborough, Jr. v-v; % , ' S r • i % i ITi. i " ti »S A l.iii M-tk PHI CHI Television set watching Phi Chis OFFICERS Dewey H. Lane, Jk President Dick Zepernick Vice-President Bill Stevens Treasurer Sam Crawford Secretary Phi Chi Medical Fraternity was founded at the Univer- sity of Vermont in 1889. Omicron was founded at the Tu- lane School of Medicine in 1902, being the sixth chapter chartered bv the national fraternity. The present chapter house is located on famous St. Charles Avenue and contains the C. Jeff Miller Library of which the chapter is very proud. Members of Phi Chi are active in the field of social gov- ernment. These include officers of the medical student body; Clay Williams. President: Ed Shaver. Vice-President: Sam Crawford. President of the Sophomore class: and Stand Haley. President of the Freshman class. Phi Chi is repre- sented in the Owl Club by President Dewey Lane, and mem- bers William Stallworth. and Luther Fisher. During the year Phi Chi has many functions, some of which are the monthly dances at the fraternity house, the formal Christmas Dance, the Spring Formal, and the famous South Sea Island Party at which everyone lets down his hair and goes " native. " These and many other social functions of the fraternity provide a much needed outlet in the midst of the crowded medical curriculum, while lending at the same time a sense of unity and brotherhood. Empty plate Charles P. Abbott Ron Alexander Robert AUday Charles Apperson George Arlington Dick Baska Robin Brown John Bates Hal Belknap Charles Boyd Jap Becker Al Brann Jim Brown Chris Burda Cecil Bassett Jr. Kent Beasley Brooks Chapman Richard Calhoun 0. W. Chenault Tony Collett Clyde Copeland John Chamberlain Wally Conerly Chuck Cook Samuel J. Crawford Frank M. Crittenden Jr. Marion Cockrell Solon Cole David Cooksey John Davidson Gerald Dominguez Jerry Davis Bob Dyer Charles Danehower Jim Doster Benton de la Houssaye John DiGif lia Jim Eaton David Eith Goodman Espy Billy Eubanks Bill Ferrante Emmet Flynn Red Fisher Norman Fry Jack Forscher Hugh G. Frazer Jr. Pat Flannagan Benny Ferdon John Green Marvin Green Frank Graham Bud Goltry Tom Graves Henry Giles Tom Giles Bob Hewitt Jack Hoover MEMBERS Bob Haley Bill Hayes Larry Hill Phil Hacker Gordon Hahn Mack A. Hairston Jerry Hart Julian C. Henderson Jack Hubbard Edwin G. Hyde Stan Hailey Barnett Hardy Jim Holder George Hooks Evan Howell Eron Ingle Homer Jacobs William Jones Dale Johns Cecil Johnson Harvey Johnson Louis Knoepp Ralph Lazzara Reggie Lowe Joe Licciardi Arthur E. Lewis Andy Lombardo Jim Madison Bill Mathews n Gilbert Marx Charles McConnell Dick McGrew Marvin Headers W. H. Merrill Bill Messer Ellis Moffit Noel Mills W. I. Moody Jim McMurrcy Dennis Moore Hugh C. Nickson Jr. Guy Newell Dickie Newsome Leroy Oetjen Bill Owings Ralph Owings Joel Pollard Henry Payne James Pittman Don Pitisci Leslie Raney Dick Reina Jim Rising Bob Russell Ed Rice Manny Rivas Louis J. Rousallis Hugh Rogers Edc Shaver Charles Smith Don Smith Prentiss Smith Bill StaUworth- William Stallworth Jefferson Steele Lary Smith Bill Stevens Bill Stone Harry Schmidt Robert Schmidt Lee Shultz Gail Shultz Wallace Smith P. J. Texada Bud Urrutia Ben Watson Charles Webster Dick Welch Jim Wheat Bill Wilder Clay Williams Glenn Wegener Randall Williams Rudolph F. Weichert, HI D. L Wilkinson Ben Younger Dick Zepernick 231 ; " J SUSAN LOCKE • EDITOR THE SENIORS O F SCHOOL OF MEDICINE First Row: • RONALD WAYNE ALEXANDER, Aransas Pass, Texas; Phi Chi. • ARNOLD BRENT ALPER, New Orleans; senior class, treasurer, Med. • DAVID H. ATER. Frankfort, Ohio. • ARTHUR JOEL AXELROD, Atlanta, Ga.; Phi Delta Epsilon, president; Alphi Omega Alpha; Phi Beta Kappa; Owl Club; Who ' s Who. • LARRY EUGENE BAKER, Kennett, Mo.; Nu Sigma Nii; Pan- Hellenic Council, treasurer. Medicine. • R. E. BASKA, Kansas City, Kan. • BANKS BLACK- WELL, Pine Bluff. Ark.; Nu Sigma Nu. • ADRIAN B. CAIRNS, JR., New Orleans; Nu Sigma Nu; Omieron Delta Kappa; Student Activities Key; Who ' s Who; Owl Club: Honor Board, Medicine. • RICHARD WILSON CALHOUN, New Orleans; Phi Chi. Second Row: . ORAN WARD CHENAULT, SR., Washington, D.C. • ANTHONY JUSTIN COLLETT, JR., Bogalusa, La.; Phi Chi. • TYLER E. COOMER, Chicago, 111.; Theta Kappa Psi. • CLYDE COPE- LAND, Jackson, Miss.; Phi Chi. • JAMES KELLY CORNETT, New Orleans; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • PETER R. D ' ALENA, Astoria, N. Y. • JOHN A. DAVIDSON, Vicksburg, Miss.; Phi Chi. • NICHOLAS DI SANTL Brooklyn, N. Y. • MILTON H. DONALDSON, New Orleans; Alpha Kappa Kappa. Third Row: . MARTIN I DUCOTE, JR.. Lafayette. La. • MICHAEL ELLIS, Marshall, Texas; Omieron Delta Kappa. • WILLIAM A. FERRANTE, Melville, La.; Phi Chi. • EMMETT W. FLYNN. JR., Tallahassee, Fla.; Phi Chi. • CHARLES H. FOHN, Hondo, Texas; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • SAMUEL E. FORBIS, JR., East Hartford. Conn.; Sigma Gamma Epsilon. • DENIS J. FU, Honolulu, Hawaii. • HARVEY H. GARDY, Hollywood, Fla.; Phi Delta Epsilon. • ERSKIN A. GASTON, n, Shreveporl, La. Fourth Row: • ROBERT A. GEORGE, Delray Beach. Fla.; Phi Beta Kappa; Who ' s Who GREEN, Hattiesburg, Miss.; Phi Chi; Baptist Student Union. • ton, La.; Phi Chi. • ROBERT LEE HEWITT, Paducah. Ky.; Omieron Delta Kappa. • PAUL BURTON HILF, Miami, Fla Beta. • RODNEY F. HOLCOMB, Enid, Okla.; Nu Sigma Nu. Antonio, Texas; Nu Sigma Nu. • ERON INGLE, A. JACOBS, El Paso, Texas; Phi Chi. JOHN EDWARD MARVIN T. GREEN, JR.. Rus- Phi Chi; Alpha Epsilon Delta; ; Phi Delta Epsilon; Beta Beta • MINOR LEWIS HUCK, San JR., Montgomery, Ala.; Phi Chi. • HOMER Fifth Row: . WILLIAM N. JONES, Benton, Ark.; Phi Chi. • HOWARD N. KANDELL, Great Neck, N. Y.; Phi Delta Epsilon. • MARC LESLIE KERLIN, New Orleans; Nu Sigma Nu. • DONNA NATA- LIE KERN, Wynnewood, Pa. • WAITE SCOTT KIRKCONNELL, Tampa, Fla.; Phi Beta Kappa; Westminster Fellowship. • STEVE GUST KIRKIKIS, Minden, La. • LUCIUS M. LAMAR, JR., New Orleans; Nu Sigma Nu. • DEWEY H. LANE, Hattiesburg, Miss.; Phi Chi; Omieron Delta Kappa; History of Medicine Society; Owl Club, pres.; Who ' s Who. • LLOYD S. LEDREW, Miami Beach, Fla.; Alpha Epsilon Delta. Sixth Row: • JAY MAURICE LEVY, New Orleans. • R. CLYDE LYNCH, IH, New Orleans; Nu Sigma Nu. • FENNER McCONNELL, New Orleans; Phi Chi. • RICHARD M. McGREW, JR., War- rington, Fla.; Phi Chi. • JAMES B. MADISON. III. Miami, Fla.; Phi Chi. • ' R. HOWELL T. MANn ' , Texarkana. Texas. • J. 0. MANNING, New Orleans; Phi Chi; vice-president senior class; Medicine. • HUGH MANY, New Orleans, • GILBERT LAMAR MARX, St. Louis, Mo.; Phi Chi. 244 TULANE UNIVERSITY 245 THE SENIORS O F First Row: • MARVIN P. MEADORES, JR.. Greenville, Miss.; Phi Chi; Alpha Epsilon Delta. • CECIL MORGAN, JR., Westwego. La.; Nu Sigma Nu; Owl Club, vice-president. • STANLEY R. NEL- SON, Kidder, S. D.; Nu Sigma Nu; History of Medicine Society, president. • EDWIN E. O ' NEAL, Chickasaw, Ala. • JOEL BRUTON POLLARD, Leesville. La. • ALAN S. RAPPERPORT, Kansas City, Mo.: Phi Delta Epsilon. • JOSEPH WM. REDDOCH, JR., New Orleans; Nu Sigma Nu; Scabbard Blade. • WILLIAM S. RICCKE, Bismarck, N. D.; Phi Chi. Second Row: • C. M. RITTELMEYER, Pine Bluff, Ark,; Nu Sigma Nu. • KATHLEEN RFVES, Mansfield, La. • BERNARD SCHNEIDER, New Orleans: Phi Delta Epsilon. • EDWARD F. SHAVER, JR., Bonifay, Fla. : Phi Chi; vice-president Student Body, Medicine; SAMA. president: History ol Medicine Society. • BOYD SHAW. Indianola, Miss.; Nu Sigma Nu: • MARTIN J. SHORR, North Smithfield, R. I. • STANTON EARL SHULER. New Orleans; Nu Sigma Nu. • SAMUEL J. SIMMONS, Belle Glade, Fla.: Alpha Kappa Kappa. Third Row: • DON N. SMITH, Morganfield, Ky.; Phi Chi. • PRENTISS EDWARD SMITH, JR.. Hattis- burg. Miss.; Phi Chi; senior class secretary. Medicine; Owl Club. • CURTIS LEE SONGSTER, Elizabethtown, Ky.; Alpha Chi Sigma; American Chemical Society. • WILLIAM KING STALL- WORTH, Columbus, Miss.; Phi Chi: Owl Club. • WILLIAM PARK STALLWORTH. Fort Payne, Ala.; Phi Chi; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Phi Alpha Theta; Scabbard Blade. • JOEL B. STEIN- BERG, Dallas, Te-xas; Phi Delta Epsilon. • PALMER J. TEXADA, New Orleans; Phi Chi. • WAYNE TOBIN, Miami Beach, Fla.; Phi Delta Epsilon. Fourth Row: • HIROAKI TOTTORL Honolulu, Hawaii. • ANN MORTON TRICE. New Orleans; Beta Beta Beta; Oreades. • FASER TRIPLETT. Louisville, Miss.; Phi Chi. • AURELIANO URRUTIA. San Antonio, Texas; Phi Chi. • RAMSON K. VIDRINE, New Orleans: Owl Club. • BEN E. M. WATSON, New Orleans: Phi Chi. • C. L. WEBSTER, JR., Fort Worth, Texas; Phi Chi. • E. JON WEIFFENBACH, Clearwater, Fla. Fifth Row: • MARK MICHAEL WEINRIB, Montgomery, Ala. • RICHARD D. WELCH, New Orleans; Phi Chi. • JAMES DEL WHEAT, RaymondviUe, Texas; Phi Chi. • DOUGLASS GLENN WHITNEY, Winter Park, Fla. • RANDALL B. WHITNEY, Winter Park, Fla. • WILLIAM M. WILDER, Ruston, La.; Phi Chi. • CLAUDE S. WILLIAMS, HI, Hattisburg, Miss.; Phi Chi.; president Stu- dent Body, Medicine; Omicron Delta Kappa; Who ' s Who; Owl Club; Honor Board, Medicine; JAMBAL.4YA Hall of Fame. ' 59. • JOHN M. YARBOROUGH, JR., Pickens, Miss.; Nu Sigma Nu; senior class president. Medicine; Owl Club; Baptist Student Union; Honor Board, Medicine; Who ' s Who. MEDICAL UNDERGRADUATES Sixth Row: • VICTOR P. CHISESI, JR., New Orleans; Alpha Kappa Kappa; History of .Medicine Society • FERNANDO J. DECASTRO, Havana, Cuba. • JAMES B. HOLDER, Monticello, Ark.: Phi Chi: Alpha Epsilon Delta. • JOE LICCL RDI, JR., New Orleans; Phi Chi: History of Medicine So- ciety; Eta Sigma Phi. • RAOUL RODRIGUEZ CABARROCAS, Habana, Cuba; History of Medi- cine Society. 246 TULANE UNIVERSITY 247 THE SENIORS O F LAW SCHOOL GRADUATES First ' Row: DR. ROLF U. DITTMAR. Goslar, Germany. ERICH MUSYL. Vienna III. Austria. GUNTHER DOEKER, Bottrop, Germany. LAW SENIORS Second Row: • LONNIE L. BAWLEY. Glasgow. Ky.; Moot Court Board; Phi Delta Phi; Queens Bench. • C. THOMAS BIENVENU. JR.. St. Martinville. La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi; Naval ROTC. • EDSEL F. BLANKS. JR.. New Orleans; Beta Theta Pi; Scahhard Blade. • JERRY ALLEN BROWN. Crayne, Ky.; senior class vice-president. Law. • ROBERT W. CLEMENTS, Lake Charles. La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Scahhard Blade; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi. • JAMES BELL CURLEY. Lafayette, La.; Phi Alpha Delta. • JOHN Mi CURRIER, New Orleans; Delta Sigma Phi; Alpha Chi Sigma; Phi Delta Phi. • LOUIS A. FUSE- LIER, New Orleans; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi; Student Lawyer. • GERALD GEX, Bay St. Louis, Miss.; Sigma Chi. Third Row: • B. FRANKLIN GREEN, JR., Sarasota, Fla.; La Societe du Droit Civil; Student Lawyer; Can- terbury Club. • GEORGE Y. KIMURA. Honolulu, Hawaii; Phi Kappa Sigma; Representative to Student Council; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi; Student Lawyer; Queens Bench; Channing Club; Honor Board, Law; Philosophy Club; Who ' s Who. • JOSEPH PAUL LOMBAR- DINO. New Orleans. • JOSEPH JAxMES .McCORMACK. West Long Branch. N. J.; Omicron Delta Kappa. • GEORGE RICHARD McNEIL. Boston, Mass.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi; Queens Bench, vice-chancellor; Intramural Council; Newman Club; Sailing Qub. • WILLIAM W. MESSERSMITH. IIL New Orleans; Delta Kappa Epsilon; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi. • ALVIN V. OSER. New Orleans; Sigma Chi. • JERRY L. PAGE. Paducah, Ky.; Phi Delta Phi, president; Law Review; Queens Bench. • STEVEN ROB- ERT PLOTKIN, New Orleans; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi; Student Lawyer; Queens Bench. Fourth Row: • SHERMAN FABIAN RAPHAEL, New Haven. Conn.; senior class president. Law; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Alpha Delta; Student Lawyer; Queens Bench; La Fete Champetre. • WIL- LIAM BOYD REEVES, Greenville. S. C; vice-president. Student Body, Law; Phi Alpha Delta, vice-justice; Queens Bench. • WILLIAM J. REIN, III, New Orleans; Delta Sigma Phi. • WES- LEY S. SHAFTO, JR., Monroe, La.; Beta Theta Pi; Moot Court Board; Phi Delta Phi. • JOE SPARKS. Greenville, S. C; Phi Alpha Delta; Queens Bench. • RICHARD T. TREXLER, Auis, Pa.; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Alpha Delta; Queens Bench; Sailing Club. • ANDREW VID- RINE, New Orleans; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Alpha Delta. • JOHN P. VOLZ, New Orleans. LAW UNDERGRADUATES Fifth Row: • JAMES H. ALLEN. Memphis. Tenn.; Moot Court Board; Phi Alpha Delta. • FREDERICK R. BOTT, New Orleans; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • CHARLES A. CHAVIER, Santurce, Puerto Rico. • ALLEN HOWARD COON. Monroe, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • PAUL G. CREED. Al- exandria, La. • ROBERT C. CUDD, Monroe. La. ; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • TOD DIMITRY, Ham- mond. La.; Beta Theta Pi; Sigma Gamma Epsilon; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi; Newman Club; Naval ROTC. • HERBERT H. DUNCAN, JR., Houston, Texas; Kappa Sigma; Phi Alpha Delta; Tusk; Baptist Student Union; Lagniappes; Jambalaya Hall of Fame, ' 58; Who ' s Who. Sixth Row: • LAWRENCE J. ERNST, New Orleans; La Societe du Droit Civil. • EDWARD MAX FEIN- MAN, JR., New Orleans; Zeta Beta Tau; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi; Jamb.4LAYA. • W. HARPER FORMAN, JR., Metaire, La.; Phi Delta Theta; Pi Sigma Alpha; Hullabaloo; Newman Club; Adelphons; Sailing Club; Pan-Hellenic Council, Tulanc. • JAMES WAL- TER HAILEY, JR., New Orleans; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; junior class secretary. Law; Moot Court Board; Phi Delta Phi. • FREDERIC GRANISON HAYES, Lafayette, La.; freshman class sec- retary. Law; Phi Beta Kappa; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Alpha Delta. • DONALD G. KEN- NEDY, New Orleans. • HARVEY CHARLES KOCH, JR., New Orleans; junior class president, Law; German Club, president, honorary president; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi; Stu- dent Lawyer, business manager; Varsity Track; Carnival, sports editor; Hullabaloo; Student Di- rectory, org. ed. ; Canterbury Club; A Cappella Choir, business manager; Campus Nite; Glee Club, ijusiness manager; Ojiera Workshop; University Chorus; Former Chairman, Great Southeast Re- gion, N.S.A. • F. A. LITTLE, JR., New Orleans; Sigma Chi. i atAj at. MfM Ot ' A 248 TULANE UNIVERSITY 249 THE SENIORS O F First JRow: • LOUIS R. LUCAS, New Orleans; Kappa Sigma; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi; Newman Club; A Cappella Choir. • JOHN H. LURRY, New Orleans. • CLARENCE E. Mc- MANUS, New Orleans; Delia Sigma Pi. • RICHARD E. MEDEN. Alpena, Mich.; Phi Delta Phi: Queens Bench. • DONALD RAY MILLER, New Orleans; Kappa Delta Phi; Who ' s Who; Phi Alpha Delta; Varsity Letter, Football; Baptist Student Union. • JERRY DEE MOIZE, Gibson- ville, N. C; Representative to Student Council; Phi Alpha Delta; Student Lawyer, feature editor; Queens Bench, vice-chancellor; Wesley Foundation; Student Bar Association, executive board. • ANDREW G. T. MOORE, IL New Orleans; Keppa Delta Phi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Delta Phi; Greenbackers; Westminster Fellowship; Jambalava Hall of Fame, ' 58. • DONALD R. MULLINS, Welch, W. Va. Second Row: • JOSEPH J. PACIERA, New Orleans. • BAILEY POWELL, Meridian, Miss. • ERNEST V. RICHARDS, IV, New Orleans; Beta Theta Pi; Phi Delta Phi. • JAMES ROAN, JR., New Orleans; Pi Kappa Alpha; La Societe du Droit Civil; Westminster Fellowship. • SIDNEY F. ROTHS- CHILD, New Orleans; Zeta Beta Tau; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi; Jambalaya, busi- ness manager; Tusk; Jambalaya Hall of Fame, ' 59. • F. EMMETT RUSSELL, New Orleans; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Scabbard Blade. • 0. ROMAINE RUSSELL, Natchitoches. La.; Moot Court Board; Phi Alpha Delt a; Phi Delta Phi. • JOHN T. SEALE, El Dorado, Ark.; Omicron Delta Kappa. Third Row: • THOMAS ROBERT SHELTON, Lafayette, La.; La Societe du Droit Civil. • JOHN ROGERS SIMMONS, JR., New Orleans; freshman class treasurer. Law; La Societe du Droit Civil. • EU- GENE K. SIMON, New Orleans; Alpha Tau Omega; La Societe du Droit Civil; Newman Club. • LEONARD ALVIN WASHOFSKY, New Orleans; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Phi Beta Kappa; Pi Sig- ma Alpha, president; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi; Law Review; Hillel Foundation. • PHILLIP B. WATERS, Piedmont, Ala.; Moot Court Board; Phi Alpha Delta. • JACK WEBB, Vidor, Texas; Kappa Sigma; Omicron Delta Kappa; Sigma Gamma Epsilon; Who ' s Who; La So- ciete du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi; Queens Bench; Pep Band; Wesley Foundation, vice-presi- dent; Tulane Band, drum major. • JAMES E. WESNER, New Orleans; Kappa Sigma; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Beta Kappa; Who ' s Who; Phi Delta Phi, • CARLTON YOUNG, Plain Deal- ing. La. GRADUATE STUDENTS AND SOCIAL WORK First Row: » SHIRLEY CRAFT ANDREWS, Terry, La.; Social Work. • RONALD P. BLACK, Morton, Miss.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • GERALD P. BODET, New Orleans. • MARGARET ANN BRA- CEY, Dalton, Ga.; Social Work. • CHARLES G. CARROLL, Waco, Texas. • JENNY COLLIER, ' Johnson City, Tenn.; Social Work. • JOHN L. ECKHOLDT, New Orleans; Business Adminis- tration. • SARA JANE FLOWERS, Ozark, Ala.; Baptist Student Union; Social Work. Second Row: • DONALD FLUKINGER, New Orleans; Business Administration. • WILLIAM ROBIN GAR- NER, Dallas, Texas; Baptist Student Union; International Relations Club. • JOHN HOOK, Bir- mingham, Ala.; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Sigma Iota; Business Administration. • JACK CLIFFORD HOOVER, State College, Miss.; Omicron Delta Kappa; Baptist Student Union. • LOWELL FRANCIS LAWSON, North East, Pa.; Social Work. • RAYMOND N. MAU- MUS, New Orleans. • RAQUEL MONTENEGRO, Buenos Aires, Argentina. • CHYUN SHIK PARK, Seoul, Korea. Third Row: • MICHAEL A. PATTON, Memphis, Tenn.; Delta Sigma Pi; Business Administration. • CLYDE ANTHONY PINE, New Orleans; Sigma Gamma Epsilon. • BRAHMANAND PRASAD, Patna, India. • WINTA JANE PUCKETT, Lowes, Ky.; Baptist Student Union. • JIN CHULL SOH, Seoul, Korea. • B. L SUNDARARAJ, Bangalore, India, • RICHARD H. WEAVER, New Orleans; Omicron Delta Kappa; Tau Beta Pi; Who ' s Who; Christian Science Organization; A. I. Ch. E. • JOANN WILLIAMS, Chattanooga, Tenn. ; Social Work. Af 250 TULANE UNIVERSITY 351 THE SENIORS O F First Row: • CONNIE ANDREWS: Magnolia, Ark.; A.S.C.E.: Tulane Varsity Clul); Football Letter. • WIL- LIAM E. ANDREWS, JR., Metairie, La.; Alpha Tau Omega; Vice-president of Student Body, Commerce; Scabbard Blade; Delta Sigma Pi; Naval ROTC; Honor Board, chairman, Commerce. • JERRY ANTHONY, Brookhaven, Miss.; Kappa Sigma; Omicron Delta Kappa; Jambalaya, editor; Task; Canterbury Club; Honor Board, A S; Lagniappes, president; Jambalaya Hall of Fame, " 58; Spirit Council; Who ' s Who: Kappa Delta Phi. • TOMMY RAY ARMOUR, Bogalusa, La.; Eta Sigma Phi; Baptist Student Union; Air Force ROTC. • EDWARD R. ARMS, New Or- leans; senior class president. Arch.; A. LA. • ROBERTA ATKINSON, Texarkana, Ark.; Pi Beta Phi; J.Y.A. Club. • MARILYN BAGWELL, Sulphur Springs, Texas; Kappa Alpha Theta. • GAIL BALLENTINE, Sardis, Miss.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Dormitory Council. • JACK BARINGER, New Orleans; Wesley Foundati(m. president. Second Row: • LESTER BARNETT, JR., New Orleans: Zeta Beta Tau; Scabbard Blade, president; Army ROTC, Captain; Pershing Rifles; Sailing Club; N.D.T.A. • JOSEPH F. BAROCO, SilverhiU. Ala.; Sailing Club, president. • HARRIET BARRY. Baton Rouge, La.; Chi Omega, president; senioi class president; Mortar Board: Pi Sigma Alpha, secretary; Student Activities Key; Honor Board, Newc. ; Jambalaya Hall of Fame, ' 58; Junior Maid, May Day; Newcomb Student Council; Kappa Delta Pi; Who ' s Who. • R. ROBERT BASHAM, JR., New Orleans; Philosophy Club; Westminster Fellowship. • BARBARA W. BATES, Lafayette, La.; Bethany Fellowship; Univer- sity Chorus. • JERRY 0. BATLEY, Birmingham, Ala.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • JOHN C. BAU- MANN, Hebron, Ohio; Tau Beta Pi, vice-president; A.I.Ch.E., president; Phi Eta Sigma. • ALTON KENT BEADLE, Slidell, La.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • BARBARA ANN BECK, New Orleans; Beta Sigma Omicron. Third Row: • JUDITH WILLIAMS BECKER, Brookhaven, Miss.; Pi Beta Phi. • EARL EDMUND BEEL- MAN, New Orleans; Phi Kappa Sigma; German Club; Canterbury Club; Sailing Club; Young Republicans. • EVELYNE BERGER, Augusta, Ga.; HiUel Foundation. • BERNARD H. BER- INS. New York. N. Y.; Alpha Epsilon Pi, treasurer; Pre-Law Society. • JOYCE ROSELIN BER- MAN, Danville, Va. ; Art Club; Hillel Foundation; Campus Nite; Tulane Band; Honor Board. Newcomb; Newcomb Student Council; president of Art School. Newcomb. • HENRY ' GILLIS BERTRAND, New Orleans. • GEORGE A. BERTSCH, New Orleans: Alpha Tau Omega; Army ROTC, 1st Lt. • CAROLYN JEANNE BEUTEL, Dallas, Texas; Pi Beta Phi; Jambalaya; Tusk. • WAYNE J. BIENVENU. St. Martinville, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Scabbard Blade; Newman Club; Naval ROTC, Captain, Battalion Commander; Adelphons. Fourth Row: • BARBARA ANN BLAINE, New Orleans; Kappa Alpha Theta. • ALICE E. BLAND, New Or- leans; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Pan-Hellenic Council, Newcomb. • JIM BLOUNT, Groves, Texas; Sigma Chi; vice-president of U.C. ; Varsity Club; Football Letter; Varsity Football; Greenback- ers; Representative to Tulane Student Council; Who ' s Who; Baptist Student Union. • ELAINE BOAZ, Calhoun, Ga. ; Phi Mu. secretary; Dormitory Council; A Cappella Choir; University Chorus. • A. ROBERT BOELTE. JR., New Orleans; Tusk. • BARRY B. BOETTNER, New Orleans; A.S.M.E.; Newman Qub. • DOUGLAS E. BOND, Vicksburg, Miss.; Beta Theta Pi; Naval ROTC. • FRED B. BOOKHARDT, JR.. New Orleans; A.I.A. • CAROL BOOTH. Shreveport, La.; Chi Omega; Oreades; J.Y.A. Club. Fifth Row: • MORRIS BOROCK, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Intramural Council, president. • MARY ANN BOURNE, Columbia. Miss.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Dance Club; Baptist Student Union. • NORMAN ROYAL BOURQUE, Augusta, Maine; Channing Club. • FERDINAND CHARLES BOUVIER, New Or- leans; Air Force ROTC, Capt.; LR.E. • ROBERT GILBERT BRAND, JR., New Sarpy, La.; Soc. Adv. Management; Marketing Club. • WILLIAM A. BRANTLEY, JR., New Orleans; Pi Kappa Alpha; Sigma Gamma Epsilon; Adelphons. • JEFF BRATTON, Camden, Ark.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Delta Sigma Pi; Football Letter, Baseball Letter; Army ROTC; Varsity Club, secretary. • WILDER ANNE BRECKENRIDGE, New Orleans; Pi Beta Phi: Oreades; Student Directory; Pan-Hellenic Council, Newcomb. • GARY BROWN, Miami Beach, Fla.; Phi Delta Theta; Pre- Med Society; Hullabaloo, ed. asst. ; Tusk: Canterbury Club; Campus Nite; Sailing Club; Young Republicans. Sixth Row: • LEWIS C. BROWN, New Orleans. • SIMON BROWN. New Iberia, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon- Naval ROTC; Adelphons. • JOHN BUCK, Houma, La. • VAUGHAN BURDIN, Lafayette, La.; Chi Omega, secretary; Representative to Tulane Student Council; Jambalaya, features editor; Newman Club; Jambalaya Hall of Fame, ' 59. • J. V. BURKES, IH, New Orleans; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Engr. School president; Scabbard Blade; A.S.C.E. ; Canterbury Club; Army ROTC, Lt.; Honor Board, Engr.; Varsity Club, secretary; Who ' s Who. • LOU BURLESON, Kan- sas City, Mo.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Canterbury. Club. • BEVERLY ANN BUSH. Tampa, Fla.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Le Circle Francais; La Tertulia, president; Newman Club; Campus Nite; University Chorus. • CLYDE ERNEST BUZZARD, U, Neosho, Mo.; Kappa Sigma; Student Ac- tivities Key; Theta Nu; Hullabaloo: Glendy Burke Society; Student Center Committee; Jamba- laya Hall of Fame, ' 59. • GLORIA CABASSA, Miami, Fla.; Delta Zeta; La Tertulia; Tusk; International Relations Club. 252 TULANE UNIVERSITY 253 THE SENIORS O F First Row: • JOHN W. CALHOUN, New Orleans; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Scabbard Blade; A.S.C.E.; Tusk: Army ROTC. • WALTER WICKHAM CAPDEVIELLE, New Orleans; Kappa Alpha Order; A.LE.E.; Tusk: Naval ROTC. • FRANK C. CAREY, Taipai, Formosa; Alpha Tau Omega; Canterbury Club; International Relations Club. • RUDOLPH WAYNE CASE. JR., Natchez, Miss.; Delta Sigma Pi; Baptist Student Union. • VICTOR V, CAVAROC, New Orleans; Siama Chi; Sigma Gamma Epsilon: Newman Club; Naval ROTC; Adelphons. • E. C. CHAUVIERE. JR.. Waco, Texas; Tau Beta Pi; A.I.Ch.E.. treasurer. • DIANE T. CHRISTENSEN, New Orleans; Kappa Kappa Gamma; senior class secretary, Newcomb; Pan-Hellenic Council, Newcomb. • CHARLES H. CLOSE, Chihnark, Mass. • CHARLES JOSEPH COHEN, New Orleans; Zeta Beta Tau; Pre-Med Society; J.4mbalay.4,- Campus Nite; Glee Club; Tulane Band. Second Row : • PHILIP R. COHEN, Lexington, Miss.; Zeta Beta Tau. • JEANNIE COKER, New Orleans; Alpha Delta Pi; Baptist Student Union. • GAYLE PROFFITT COOKE, New Orleans; Phi Mi. • JUDITH COOPER, Birmingham, Ala.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Le Circle Francais; Canterbury Club; Tulane University Theater; J.Y.A. Club. • ROBERT ERNEST COOPER, Muskegon, Mich.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; senior class vice-president. Business Administration; Delta Sigma Pi; Wes- ley Foundation; Student Council, Business Administration; -Marketing Club; Who ' s Who. • THEO- DORE COTONIO, III. New Orleans; Delta Tau Delta. • MARY SUE COWLES, Shreveport, La,; Pi Beta Phi; Pan-Hellenic Council, Newcomb. • MARJORIE JUDITH CRONE, Baltimore, Md.; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • VINCE CURRIER, JR., Amite, La.; Kappa Sigma; senior class vice-presi- dent, A S. Third Row: • KAREN LYNNE DAMONTE, New Orleans; Phi Mu. • JOSEPH MICHAEL DASPIT, Boga- lusa. La.: Eta Sigma Phi; Pre-Med Society; Baptist Student Union; University Chorus: Air Force ROTC. • JOYCE MARKS DATTEL, Rosedale, .Miss.; Alpha Epsilon Phi. president; Greenback- ers; Campus Nite. • JOE A. DAVENPORT. .Mer Rouge. La.; Kappa Sigma. • ADRIENNE DAVIS, Memphis, Tenn,; Kappa Alpha Theta; Athletic Council; Le Circle Francais; International Relations Club; J.Y.A. Club. • .MUSETTE FARISH DAVIS, New Orleans: Soc. Adv. Manage- ment; Phi Chi Theta. • HANI E. DEHAN, Shreveport, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Canterbury Club; Pi Lambda Beta. • ALBERTO E. DE LA GUARDIA, Panama, Panama: Scabbard Blade; Alpha Chi Sigma. • VIRGINU EILEEN DELANY. Metairie, La. Fourth Row: • FRANK M. DENTON, New Orleans; A.S.C.E., president. • ELAINE MARY D ' ENTREMONT, New Orleans; Phi Mu: Eta Sigma Phi; Oreades; Phi Sigma Iota; La Tertulia: Newman Club. • LOUISE JULIE DOEHRING, Montrose, Ala. • JUDY ABRAMS DORFMAN, New Orleans. • CAROL DOWNES, Rayville, La.; Chi Omega; President of Resident Gov ' t. Assoc; Mortar Board; Dormitory Council; Tusk; Baptist Student Union; Glee Qub; University Chorus; Hon- or Board. Newcomb; Newcomb Student Council; Kappa Delta Pi; Dean ' s List; Who ' s Who; Jam- BALAYA Hall of Fame, ' 59. • WILLIAM BAYARD DRUMMOND, Slireveport, La.; Sigma Al- pha Epsilon. • LYDIA ANN DUFOUR, New Orleans; Phi Mu; La Tertulia; J.Y.A. Club. • DA- VID D. DUGGINS, Metairie, La.; Beta Theta Pi; Wesley Foundation; Sailing Club; Sports Car Club; Young Democrats. • SALLY ANN DUREN, Charlottesville, Va.; Westminster Fellowship University Chorus; International Relations Club; Sailing Club; J.Y,A, Club. Fifth Row: • DONALD GORDON EDGERTON, Alexandria, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Nu Sigma Nu. • HARRY E. EDGEWORTH, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Delta Sigma Pi; .Marketing Club. • WILLIAM W. ELFENBEIN, New London, Conn.: Zeta Beta Tau; Scabbard Blade; Jambalaya; Tusk: Army ROTC; Jambalaya Hall of Fame, ' 59. • BONNIRAY ELSEY, Tulsa, Okla.; Opera Workshop; University Chorus. • ROBERT E. ENGLEKIRK. Los Angel s, Calif.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Scabbard Blade; A.S.C.E.: Air Force ROTC, Cdr. Col. • EVARTS B. ENGLISH, III, Louisville, Ky.; Phi Delta Theta: secretary-treasurer of Engr. School; Scabbard Blade, treas- urer; A.Lh.E.; Intramural Council: Air Force ROTC, Colonel Deputy CO.; Arnold Air Soc; Honor Board, Engr.; Phi Eta Sigma; Jambalaya Hall of Fame, ' 59; Who ' s Who. • GAIL EVANS, Birmingham, Ala.; Kappa Alpha Theta: , ' rt Club: Le Circle Francais: International Re- lations Club; J.Y.A. Club, vice-president; English Club. • RICHARD H. FAGAN, Metairie, La.; Beta Theta Pi. • EUGENE FARMER, Bogalusa, La. Sixth Row: • JAMES HARDIE FENNER, New Orleans: Beta Theta Pi. • MARGIE FERRIER, New Or- leans; Alpha Omicron Pi: Beta Beta Beta; Newman Club. • JOHN M. FILIPPONE, JR., Bellaire, Texas; Sigma Chi; Pre-Med Society; Newman Club. • SUE FIRMIN, Wood, -Wis.; Student Di- rectory, associate editor; Campus Nite. • ADOLPH J. FLACH, JR„ New Orleans; Army ROTC, • MIKE FLECHAS, Pascagoula, Miss.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; A.S.C.E.; Army ROTC; N.D.T.A. • ELAINE FLUKINGER, New Orleans: Phi Mu. • LUCIE FLY, Jackson, .Miss.; Art Club; Canterbury Club. • NANCY JO FORESMAN, Washington, D.C.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Beta Beta Beta; Universitv Chorus. 254 TULANE UNIVERSITY 1 HT " ffn a¥ 255 THE SENIORS O F First Row : i r-. i c ■ • A FOSTER FOURNIER. Ill; Metairie, La.: Beta Theta Phi; Scabbard Blade; Delta Sigma Pi- Naval ROTC. • SWEPSON FLOYD ERASER, JR., Many. La.; Phi Delta Theta: Nu Sigma Nu- Phi Eta Sigma. • JOHN G. FRENTZ . Baltimore, Md.; Pi Kappa Alpha; r«sA,- Newman Club; Alpha Phi Omega. • HARRY FREYER. Shreveport. La;. Zeta Beta Tau; H» aWoo, busi- ness manager. • HERBERT SOL FRIEDMAN, New Orleans, • KENNETH CHARLES FRIEND. Glencoe, 111.: Ze.a Beta Tau; Army ROTC, 2nd Lt. • GRACE FRITCHIE SIideH La Chi Omega; Athletic Council; Dormitory Council; Westminster Fenowship KATHERINEPHAKK GAGE, New Orleans; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Wesley Foundation. • SCOTTIE POLK GAIN LS, Boyle, Miss.; Phi Mu; Baptist Student Union: International Relations Club; Young Democrats; J.Y.a! Club, Second Row: . SALIM ABDUL SATTAR GAJEE, Karachi, W. Pakistan: Who ' s Who; Pre-Med Society ; In- terfaith Council; International Relations Club; Sailing Club. • HOWARD LAWRENCE CAR- EER, Brookline, Mass.; Alpha Epsilon Pi, president; Pre-Med Society, president; Tusk- Hillel Foundation. • DONALD J. GARCIA. Havana, Cuba. • L. J. GASPARD. New Orleans; A.LE.L. . JOHN GEISER, IIL Slidell. La.: Phi Kappa Sigma; Delta Sigma Pi, secretary; Westminster Fellowship; Army ROTC. • DONALD MARTIN GILNER. Atlanta, Ga.; Alpha Eps.lon Pi; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Pre-Med Society, junior advisor; Greenbackers; Hillel Foundation • iHOMAS L. GIRAUD, New Orleans: Delta Sigma Pi; Gamma Delta. • NORMAN ARTHUR CLASSMAN Bronx N. Y.; Pre-Med Society: Hillel Foundation; Campus Nile; Glendy Burke Society. • HOW- ARD W GLEASON, JR., New Orleans; Delta Kappa Epsilon: Representative to Student Council: Soc. Adv. Management; Canterbury Club; Naval ROTC; Anchor and Chain; Adelphons; Pan- Hellenic Council. Tulane: Who ' s Who. Third Row : • NORMAN A GLOSSERMAN, Lockhart, Tex.; Zeta Beta Tau, president; Scabbard Blade; Omicron Delta Kappa, president; Greenbackers; Naval ROTC, Ens.; Anchor and Chain; Adel- phons; Honor Board, Commerce; Phi Eta Sigma; Jambalaya Hall of Fame, 58; Who s Who. • DOTTY GOLD, Alexandria, La.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Pies, of Newcomb Student Body; Hulla- baloo, columnist; Tusk: Campus Nile; Honor Board, Newcomb; Lagniappes; Rep. to Tulane Student Council; Publications Board; Jambalava Hall of Fame, 58; Who s " Who • CARL G GOODMAN New Orleans: Zeta Beta Tau; Varsity Club; Tennis Letter. • LORRlb GObE. Houston, Texas; Alpha Omicron Pi; Dormitory Council. • KAY GRAHAM, Bolton, Miss.; Chi Omega; Canterbury Club; Lagniappes. • E. MORRIS GRAY, JR-- New Orlean y senior class vice-president, Engr.; A.S.C.E.; Naval ROTC, Ens.; Phi Eta Sigma. • CHARMAINE GRINNELL, Milwaukee, Wis.; Delta Zeta; Tusk; International Relations Club. • JOCELYN D. GROSSMAN, New Orleans; Delta Zeta; Mortar Board; PhiUwophy Club; Art Club; Campus Nite; Tulane University Theatre; National Collegiate Players. • RAYMOND W. GRUNDMEYER, JR., New Orleans; A.I.E.E.; Newman Club; Air Force ROTC. Fourth Row : • EMILE GUERIN, JR., Hammond, La. • MARK B. HAIKEN, Brooklyn, N.Y.; Tau Epsilon Phi- Hillel Foundation; Campus Nite; International Relations Club; Sports Car Club. • JOHN J HAINKEL New Orleans; Kappa Alpha Order; Newman Club. • PATRICIA LINDA HALE, New Orleans: Delta Zeta. • WALTER M. HAMER, New Orleans; A.S.C.E., treasurer. • CHAR- LOTTE ASHLEY HAMILTON, Monroe. La.; Chi Omega; Art Club; Carnival; Wesley Founda- tion. • JACK HAMMEL, New Orleans; Phi Kappa Sigma; Eta Sigma Phi. • BARBARA ANN HAMMOND Columbus, Ga.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Oreades; Dormitory Council; Baptist Stu- dent Union; Homecoming Court, ' 58. • JANE DOUGLASS HANEMANN, New Orleans; Pi Beta Phi; Le Circle Francais, vice-president; Newman Club; J.Y.A. Club. Fifth Row : • THOMAS A. HANSEN, Richmond, Va.; Phi Delta Theta, president; Adelphons. • JOHN LYNN HANTEL, New Orleans; Eta Sigma Phi; Newman Club; Glendy Burke Society; Pi Lamb- da Beta- Phi Eta Sigma. • CLARISSA ANN HARRISON, Dermott, Ark.; Wesley Foundation; International Relations Club; J.Y.A. Club, hist. • ROBERT V. M. HARRISON, New Orleans; A.I.A.; Army ROTC. • JO HART, Atlanta, Ga.; Oreades; Philosophy Club; University Chorus. • PETER H. HATTEN, Gulf port. Miss.; Kappa Alpha Order, secretary; A.S.M.E.; Greenback- ers- Canterbury Club; Air Force ROTC, Captain. • JUDY HAWN, Dallas, Texas; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • HENRY HEARNE, JR.. Pollock. La.; A.I.A.; Wesley Foundation. • WAYNE HE- BERT. New Orleans; Delta Kappa Epsilon. Sixth Row: • WILLIAM HEINE, Chalmetle, La.; Newman Club; Marketing Cluli. • JOSEPH SYDNEY HERNANDEZ, New Orleans; A.S.C.E,; Intramural Football. • HUNTER HERRON, Shreveport, La - Phi Delta Theta; Omicron Delta Kappa; Scabbard Blade; Tau Beta Pi; A.I.Ch.E.; Army ROTC; Phi Eta Sigma; N.D.T.A.; Who ' s Who. • PAUL GRULEE HERRON, Bastrop, La.; Phi Kappa ' Sigma: Wesley Foundation, treasurer; Campus Nite; Army ROTC, 1st Lt. and Co. Cmdr.; Lagniappes- N.D.T.A. • SUZANNE A. HICKS, Sarasota, Fla.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Le Circle Francais. • HAYWOOD HANSELL HILLYER, HI, Pass Christian, Miss.; Beta Theta Pi; Sail- ino- Club • GENE HOLDER, Chickasaw, Ala.; Baptist Student Union; Air Force ROTC. • " wAYNE CLAY HOLLINGSWORTH, Memphis, Tenn.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. ' • ELIZABETH R. HOLLOW AY. Maringouin. La.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Carnival, editor; Greenbackers; Campus Nite; Tulane University Theatre, hist.; Glendy Burke Society; Student Activities Board; Na- tional Collegiate Players; Who ' s Who. 256 TULANE UNIVERSITY 257 THE SENIORS O F First Row: • ELISE HOPKINS. Galveston. Texas; Pi Beta Phi: Barracudas; Newman Club: International Relations Club; Young Republicans; J.Y.A. Club, president. • JOAN HOPPENJANS. Decatur. Ala.: Pi Beta Phi. president: Barracudas. • LINDA ISABEL HORNBEAK. Monroe. La.; Chi Omega: Wesley Foundation: International Relations Club; J.Y.A. Club. • DONALD R. HUDSON, Portland, Ore.; Kappa Sigma; Scabbard Blade; A.S.C.E. ; Intramural Council; Wave Handbook; Westminster Fellowship: Campus Nite; Naval ROTC. D.T. Cmdr., Lt. jg: Anchor Chain; Inter- national Relations Club; Dean ' s Staff Advisor; Marketing Club. • JOHN T. HUNLEY ' , New Or- leans; Phi Kappa Sisma: Propeller Club, president; Canterbury Club; Adelphons: Sailing Club, vice-president: Marketing Club, president, • MELVIN K. (MICKY) HURST. IIL Dallas. Texas; Zeta Beta Tau. secretary; Rep. to Tulane Student Council; Jambalaya; Tusk, president; Army ROTC. 2nd Lt.; Lagniappes; Pi Lambda Beta; Spirit Council; Jambalaya Hall of Fame. ' 58- Who ' s Who; Scabbard Blade. • NANCY HUSSELMAN, Memphis. Tenn.; Alpha Omicron Pi; La Tertulia. • KATHRYN ANNA JEFFUS, Morgan City. La. • R.AYMOND A. JOHNSON, JR., New Orleans; A,S.M.E.: Newman Club; Air Force ROTC, Lt, CoL; Sailing Club. Second Row: • JEAN JOLLY, Baton Rouge, La.; Chi Omega; Dormitory Council. • DAVID JERO.ME KAP- LAN. Dover, Del,: Sigma Alpha . lu. • JACOB L. KARNOFSKY, New Orleans; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Adelphons; Phi Delta Phi. • ANDREE .MARGUERITE KEIL, New Orleans; Alpha Epsilnn Phi: Eta Sigma Phi; Mortar Board, president; Oreades; Tusk; Hillel Foundation; A Cappella Choir; Opera Workshop; University Chorus; Newc. Student Council; Who ' s Who. • .AL KELLER, New Orleans: Alpha Tau Omega; Scabbard Blade; A.S,M,E.: Student Directory; Newman Club; Naval ROTC; Sailinu Club. • JAMES C. KENNEDY. New Orleans; A,I,Ch,E, • THO.MAS ROGER KENNEY ' , Lake Wales, Fla,; Phi Kappa Sigma; Tusk: Naval ROTC, Co. Cmdr.; An- chor Chain. • JANE VIRGINIA KESSLER. New Orleans: Alpha Epsilon Phi. • KAY KET- ELSEN. Houston, Texas; Pi Beta Phi; Barracudas; Dormitory Council; Homecoming Court, ' 57, Third Row: • DON W, KING, New Orleans; A.S.M.E. • JAC LEVY KING, New Orleans; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Army ROTC: Pershing Rifles; Marketing Club; N.D.T.A. • MAURY ARNOLD KLUMOK. Moorhead, Miss.; Zeta Beta Tau; senior class president. Business Administration; Scabbard Blade- Golf Team; Army ROTC. • JEFFERSON MICHAEL KOONCE, New Orleans; Delta Tau Delta; Pre-.Med Society; Greenbackers: Glee Club: Air Force ROTC. • N. DAVID KORONES. New Orleans; Zeta Beta Tau. • SANDRA LYNN KREY, New Orleans; Newman Club, • FLOR- ENCE LAMER, New Orleans; Beta Beta Beta; Newman Club. • WILLIAM J. LANNES, III; New Orleans; senior class president, Engr,; A.I.E.E. ; Naval ROTC; Honor Board, Engr, ; I.R.E. • LINDA LASKEY, Shreveport, La, ; Pi Beta Phi, Fourth Row: • KITTIE LOUISE LEA, Danville. Va,; Phi Mu; Hitllabaho; Canterbury Club, • J. DWIGHT LE BLANC, JR., New Orleans; Kappa Alpha Order; Scabbard Blade. • WILLIA.M R, Le- CORGNE, New Orleans: Kappa Alpha Order; A,S,C.E. • JEFF M. LEE. Farmerville. La.: Kappa Sigma; Baptist Student Union: A Cappella Choir. • BYRON P. LEGENDRE, New Orleans; Delta Sigma Pi, • IRA JAY LEICHTER, Brooklyn, N.Y.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Tusk; Hillel Founda- tion. • RICHARD B. LEMANN, New Orleans; Pi Kappa Alpha; Hullabaloo: Canterbury Club; Tulane University Theatre; Young Democrats, • CAROL A, LEPP, Birmingham, Ala.; Sigma Delta Tau. president; Hillel Foundation, exec, comm, • JOHN S. LETELLIER, JR., Metairie, La,; Deha Sigma Pi; Naval ROTC. Fifth Row: • ELIZABETH DESPORTE LILLY, New Orleans, • THOMAS 0, LIND, New Orleans; Delta Kappa Epsilon; A,S.M.E.; Intramural Council; Student Directory; Canterbury Club; Naval ROTC; Young Republicans. • SUSAN LOCKE, Mobile. Ala.; Chi Omega; Student Activities Key: Who ' s Who; Dormitory Council: Le Circle Francais, secretary; Jambalaya, class editor; Greenbackers; Canterbury Club; Lagniappes; Student Activities Bd., secretary: Jambalay. Hall of Fame, ' 58; Pan-Hellenic Council, Newc, • MARTHA LYLE LOCKETT, New Orleans; Pi Beta Phi; Le Circle Francais: J,Y.A, Club, recording secretary. • RICARDO E. LOPEZ, Pana- ma. Panama; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Pre-Med Society. • EDWARD E.MILE LOUIS, Houston, Texas; Kappa Siama. • OSCAR FREDDIE LOY, JR.. Baton Rouge, La,; Kappa Alpha Order: Wesley Foundatio ' n. • ARNOLD J. LOYD. Corinth, Miss. • TO.M McCAY, Baton Rouge, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; President of Student Body: Kappa Delta Phi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Scab- bard Blade; Delta Sigma Pi; Greenbackers; Naval ROTC: Lagniappes: Who ' s Who. Sixth Row: • NANCY McCORMICK, Oak Grove, La,; Kappa Alpha Theta, president. • E.MILY McFAR- LAND, New Orleans: Pi Beta I ' hi; vicc-prcsideni, Ncwe, Sludenl Body; Barracudas; Dormitory Council- Newcomb Handbook; Wesley Foundation: Orienlalicm, cip-cbairman ; Who ' s Who; Jam- balay Hall of Fame, ' 59. • SUE ' DAWN McGRADY, Warrington, Fla. • TOMMY LOU McMILLION, McComb, Miss.; Beta Sigma Omicron; Tusk. • CHARLES WILLIAM McNETT, JR„ Alexandria, Va,; Phi Eta Sigma, • MARCIA Mc WATERS, Metairie. La,; Alpha Omicron Pi -Psychology Major Club: Newman Club. • WILLIAM E. MABSON, New Orleans; Scabbard Blade; A,S.C.E,; Air Force ROTC, Lt. Col.; Arnold Air Soc. • LAURA MAGEE, Summit, .Miss.: An Ciuli; Carnival: Baptist Student Union. • SAMUEL BERNARD MAGIDS, Houston, Texas; Aljiha Epsilon Pi. president: Soc. Adv. .Management; Greenbackers: Hillel Foundation; Pi Lambda Beta, Phi Eta Sigma; Pan-Hellenic Council, Tulane. 258 TULANE UNIVERSITY 259 THE SENIORS O F First Row: • MARIE ELISE MAHORNER, New Orleans; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Beta Beta Beta, secre- tary • JOHN E MAINES. III. Gainesville. Fla.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Beta Beta Beta. • RONALD MANN Brownsville. Texas; A.I.Ch.E.; Navy Drill Team. • DONALD KLINE MARCUS, Vicks- burg, Miss.; Zeta Beta Tau; Golf Letter. • SONIA MARET, New Orleans; Chi Omega. • ROSE- ANN MARKS. Ruston. La.; Art Club; Carnival; Wesley Foundation. • PAUL MARSH, JR.. New Orleans; Scabbard Blade; Air Force ROTC. Major; Arnold Air Soc. • LESTAR MARTIN, Monroe, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, vice-president; senior class treasurer. Arch.; Kappa Delta Phi- Tau Sigma Delta; A.I.A.; Canterbury Club, president; Lagniappes, vice-president; Jamba- lava Hall ol Fame. ' 58; Omicron Delta Kappa; Who ' s Who. • CAROL ANN MARTISE, New Orleans; Oreades; Theta Nu. Second Row: • MORRIS MARX, Bogalusa. La.; Sigma Alpha Mu; senior class president, A S; Scabbar d Blade; Greenbackers; Hillel Foundation; Army ROTC; Pan-Hellenic Council, Tulane. • BOO MASON, Lake Charles, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Varsity Club; Football Letters; Wesley Foun- dation- Air Force ROTC, Major. • BRUCE MAXIAN, Manhasset. N.Y.; Sigma Chi; Canterbury Club; Glee Club; University Chorus. • JUDITH E. MEISTER, Jamaica, N.Y.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Hillel Foundation; Kappa Delta Pi. • PAUL S. MELANCON. New Orleans; Tau Beta Pi, president; A.S.M.E.. president. • PAT MELLER, Athens, Ala.; Beta Beta Beta, president; Ore- ades; Athletic Council, president; Newcomb Handbook; University Chorus; News. Student Coun- cil; Student-Faculty Relations Committee; Who ' s Who. • ROBERT G. METCALF, Mt. Vernon. 111.; President of Student Body. Business Administration; Delta Sigma Pi; Tusk: Wesley Founda- tion; Air Force ROTC. Lt. Col. Personnel; Honor Board, Bus. Admin.; Marketing Club; Who ' s Who - Omicron Delta Kappa. • WARREN C. METCALF, Shreveport, La. ; Sigma Alpha Epsilon ; Scabbard Blade; Tau Sigma Delta; A.LA.; Air Force ROTC, Major. • GEORGE F. MEYER, Northport, N. Y.; A.S.C.E., vice-president. Third Row: • DONALD EDWARD MILLER, San Antonio. Texas; Kappa Sigma; Scabbard Blade; New- man Club; Naval ROTC; Adelphons. • LIND MINARD, Columbia, La.; Kappa Alpha Theta: J.Y.A. Club. • ROBERT C. MIPRO, New Orleans. • ROBERT D. MITCHELL. JR., New Orleans; Scabbard Blade; Delta Sigma Pi; Army ROTC, Lt. Col; Pershing RiHes; Marketing Club, NDTA • SARA L. MITCHELL, Natchez, Miss.; Westminster Fellowship; International Rela- tions Club; J.Y.A. Club. • JOHN K. MONLEZUN. New Orleans; Alpha Tau Omega; A.S.M.E.; Naval ROTC. • ELIZABETH MONROE, Daytona Beach, Fla.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Jamba- LAYA Beauty Court. ' 59. • CARLO B. MONTALBANO, New Orleans. • MARY MORRIS MONTGOMERY, Athens, Ga.; Kappa Kajipa Gamma; Beta Beta Beta; International Relations Club; J.Y.A. Club. Fourth Row: • JACK D. MOORE. Pensacola, Fla.; Pre-Med Society; Alpha Phi Omega, treasurer • ROBERT N. MORAN, Holly Hill, Fla.; A.S.M.E. ; Christian Science Organization; Honor Board. Engr. • GARY CLAY MORCHOWER, Dallas, Texas; Zeta Beta Tau; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Jamba- la ya; Greenbackers. • ELINOR MORELAND, Shreveport, La.; Chi Omega, vice-president; senior class vice-president, Newc; Mortar Board, secretary-treasurer; Oreades; Who ' s Who; Jam- BAL YA Hall of Fame. ' 59. • CRAIG MORGAN, Monroe, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Gamma Delta. • ROBERT MORRIS, New Orleans; Phi Delta Theta. • BERND E. MUELLER. Foley. Ala.; German Club; Gamma Delta; Army ROTC. • JO ALICE MULLEY, New Orleans. • ELDON A. MUMME, New Orleans; Alpha Chi Sigma. Fifth Row: • RONALD EDWARD MURLIN, New Orleans; Beta Theta Pi; N.D.T.A. • WILLIAM GRAY MURTAGH, JR.. New Orleans; Rep. to Tulane Student Council; Delta Sigma Pi; Tusk; Mar- keting Club. • LAWRENCE JAY NACH.MAN. Greenville. S.C; Sigma Alpha Mu; Tusk: Adel- phons. • TED NEES, Beaumont, Texas; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • CLAUDETTE NEESE. New Orleans; Alpha Omicron Pi; Beta Beta Beta; Canterbury Club. • DON J. NEESE. New Orleans; Phi Delta Theta; Pre-Med Society; Psychology Major Club; Canterbury Club; Adelphons; Sailing Club. • GUY NEWELL. New Orleans; Phi Chi; Phi Eta Sigma; German Club; Pre-Med Society; Newman Club. • RONALD NEWMAN, New Orleans; Kappa Alpha Order, president; Newman Club. • LOUISE ANN NICHOLSON, New Orleans. Sixth Row: • RALPH L. NILSEN, San Pedro Sula. Honduras, C.A.; A.S.C.E. • GAY LYNNE WOODS NIXON, New Orleans; Delta Zeta; Beta Beta Beta; Sigma Pi Sigma. • GERALD J. NORDMAN, New Orleans; A.S.M.E.; Alpha Phi Omega. • VERNON J. NORDMAN, New Orleans; Newman Chib; Air Force ROTC, Capt.; Sabre Jets; Alpha Phi Omega, hist. • CHARLES B. ODOM, New Orleans; Beta Theta Pi. • JOHN W. OGLE. JR., Pascagoula. Miss.; Eta Sigma. Phi; Air Force ROTC; Sabre Jets. • MICHAEL JOHN O ' HARE, New Orleans. • LEWIS A. PAILET, New Orleans; Sigma Alpha Mu; Rep. to Tulane Student Council; Delta Sigma Pi; Propeller Clui); Tusk; Hillel Foundation; Can-.jms Nile; Marketing Club, vice-president. • JOSEPH DAVID PAINTER, Lake Charles, La; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Football and Track Letters; Varsity Club. 260 TULANE UNIVERSITY 261 THE SENIORS O F First Row: • FRANCIS COLEMAN PARROTT, Birmingham. Ala. • CLARENCE L. PASSONS, JR., New Orleans. • KATHLEEN PATTON. Memphis. Tenn.; Kappa Alpha Theta; German Club; Beth- any Fellowship; J.Y.A. Club. • JOHN E. PELTIER, New Orleans; Pi Sigma Alpha; Tusk; Gamma Delta; Phi Eta Sigma. • DONALD EMILIEN PERRIN. Metairie, La. • A. DON PIAG- GIO, New Orleans; Delta Sigma Phi, president; Sigma Gamma Epsilon, corr. sec.; Adelphons. • CLFVE D. PINSKER, Wallingford, Conn.; Sigma Alpha Mu, • JEROME A. PLANCHARD. JR., New Orleans; Tau Beta Pi; Alpha Chi Sigma, vice-president; A.I.Ch.E. • MARGARET POWELL. Atlanta, Ga.; Alpha Delta Pi; German Club; University Chorus; J.Y.A. Club; Pan- Hellenic Council, Newc. Second Row: • ALBERT PRIETO, JR.. New Orleans; Alpha Tau Omega; President of Student Body, A S: Alpha Epsilon Delta; Phi Sigma Iota; American Chemical Society; Pre-Med Society; Intramural Council; Varsity Track; Student Directory; Newman Club; Honor Board, sec. A .S; Phi Eta Sigma; Rep. to Tulane Student Council; A S Intramural Football; Omicron Delta Kappa; Who ' s Who. • ARNOLD JOSEPH PRIMA, JR., New Orleans; A.I.A.; Newman Club. • BLAIR QUINN, Shreveport. La.; Pi Beta Phi; Newman Club. • HAROLD P. RAY. Bossier City, La.: Baptist Student Union; Naval ROTC, Lt. jg. • ROSE MARY REEVES, New Orleans. • WILLIAM (BILL) REIDENBACH. Laurelton. N.J.; Sigma Chi; senior class secretary-treasurer. Engr. ; Scab- bard Blade; Tau Beta Pi; A.S.M.E.; Tusk; Newman Club; Navy ROTC, Lt. Cmdr.; Anchor and Chain; Honor Board, Engr.; Phi Eta Sigma. • WILLIAM RENAUDIN, New Orleans; Kappa Alpha Order; Adelphons. • ANNA RETIF, New Orleans; Delta Zeta; Gamma Delta; Interna- tional Relations Club. • GEORGE-ANN REYNOLDS, New Orleans; Beta Beta Beta. Third Row: • BARRY DAVID RITTENBERG. New Orleans; Zeta Beta Tau; Tusk. • FRANK ROBERTS Lake Charles, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Scabbard Blade; Delta Sigma Pi; Air Force ROTC. • JAMES C. RODDY, New Orleans ; Delta Kappa Epsilon ; Adelphons. • CARL ALAN ROHR- ' BACKER. New Orleans; Naval ROTC. • SAM ROSAMOND. JR.. New Orleans; Delta Tau Deha; A.S.M.E.; Army ROTC. • JON BIDDLE ROTH. New Orleans; Beta Theta Pi; Scabbard Blade; Newman Club; Naval ROTC. • ARNOLD ROUFA, New Orleans; Pre-Med Society; Campus Nite. • SALYE ROUFA. New Orleans. • SUE RUPPEL, New Orleans; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Can- terbury Club. Fourth Row: • BYRON H. RUTH. New Orleans; Delta Tau Delta; Army ROTC. • WILLIAM JOHN RYAN, in. New Orleans; Alpha Tau Omega; Delta Sigma Pi; Naval ROTC; Adelphons. • AUBREY W. SAUCER. New Orleans; A.S.M.E. • BODIN ROBERT SCHEXNAYDER, Jeanerette, La.; Beta Theta Pi. • JACK H. SCHUSTER, Shreveport, La.; Zeta Beta Tau, vice-president; Vice-president of Tulane Student Body; Omicron Delta Kappa; Scabbard Blade; Hillel Foundation; Army ROTC. 1st Lt., Battle Group Staff; N.D.T.A.; Publications Board; Phi Eta Sigma; Pan-Hellenic Council, Tulane, Chrm.; University Honor Council, Chrm.; Jambalaya Hall of Fame, ' 59; Who ' s Who. • SANDY SCHWARTZ, Tampa, Fla.; Alpha Epsilon Phi, corr. sec; senior class treasurer, Newc; Athletic Council, secretary; Barracudas, vice-president; Dance Club; Jamba- laya, Ass ' t. Ed.; Newcomb Handbook, Asso. Ed.; Tusk. corr. sec; Campus Nite; Jambalay Hall of Fame. ' 59. • JOHN H. SCOGIN, IH, Monroe, La.; Alpha Chi Sigma; A.I.Ch.E.; • ILENE SEALE, Sulphur, La.; Kappa Alpha Theta. rec. sec; Pan-Hellenic Council. Pres., Newc; Dormitory Council; Beta Beta Beta, hist.; Newc Student Council; Who ' s Who; Jamba- lava Hall of Fame, ' 59. • CLEBURNE A. SEAY, Long Beach, Miss.; Delta Sigma Pi. Fifth Row: • CHARLES FREDERICK SEEMANN. JR.. New Orleans; Beta Theta Pi, vice-president; Sigma Gamma Epsilon; Adelphons; Phi Eta Sigma; Pan-Hellenic Council, secretary-treasurer, Tulane. • ANNE SEWELL, Boycc La.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Kappa Delta Pi. • SANDRA SHAINOCK. Houston, Texas; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Oreades; Cheerleader; Greenbackers; Dormitory Council; Rose Queen, Delta Sigma Pi; Homecoming Court, ' 58. • GAIL C. SHUTE, Opelousas, La. • HAR- VEY CHARLES SIEGEL, Englewood. N.J.; Sigma Alpha Mu: Track Letter. • RICHARD THOMAS SIMONL New Orleans; President of Sch. of Arch.; A.I.A.; Army ROTC; Honor Board. Arch.; Who ' s Who. • GENIE SLAUGHTER. Baton Rouge, La.: Kappa Kappa Gamma. • ANNFj MOSS SMITH, Ferndale, Mich.; A.S.M.E., secretary. • JOHNN SMITH, Miami, Texas Sixth Row: • WALLACE H. SMITH, H, Natchez, Miss.; Kappa Sigma; Phi Chi; Eta Sigma Phi. • JAMES DOUGLAS SOKOL, Birmingham, Ala.; Zeta Beta Tau. • LUIS A. SOTO, Santiago, Dominician Republic; A.S.C.E. • PETER J. SPATAFORA, JR., New Orleans; A.LE.E. • ALLEN SPRING- ER, New Orleans; Tau Beta Pi; A.LE.E.; Channing Club; LR.E.; University Chorus. • SIDNEY HAROLD STADTLANDER, Pittsburgh, Pa.; Sigma Alpha Mu; German Club; Le Circle Fran- cais; Hillel Foundation; Sports Car Club. • CAROLE STAFFORD, New Orleans; Chi Omega; Sec. of Tulane Student Body; Greenbackers; Baptist Student Union; A Cappella Choir; Univer- sity Chorus; Homecoming Court. ' 57; Newc. Student Council; Jambalaya Hall of Fame. ' 59; Who ' s Who. . RUDOLF SHEPHEARD STAHEL, Metairie, La.; Beta Theta Pi; Westminster Fel- lowship; Naval ROTC; Anchor and Chain; Sailing Club; Sports Car Club. • KERMIT STALTER. Washington, III.; Alpha Tau Omega; A.S.C.E. ' H 262 TULANE UNIVERSITY 263 THE SENIORS O F First Row: • CAROL STANLEY, New Orleans; Barracudas; Le Circle Francais; J.Y.A. Club. • ALBERT L. STEWART. H, New Orleans; Alpha Tau Omega; Newman Club; Naval ROTC; Adelphons. • GEORGE G. STEWART, New Orleans; Phi Kappa Sigma; Carnival; Pi Lambda Beta. • MARKUS L. STRAUME, New Orleans; Newman Qub; Marketing Club; Tusk. • SUELLEN STREET, Alexandria, La.; Chi Omega; Tusk: Westminster Fellowship; J.Y.A. Club. • LIONEL H. SUTTON, n, Jeanerette, La.; Beta Theta Pi; Delta Sigma Pi; Adelphons; Sailing Club: Sports Car Club. • LIDA INGE SWAFFORD, Mobile, Ala.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Beta Beta Beta; Mortar Board; American Chemical Society; Canterbury Club; Glendv Burke Society; Who ' s Who. • ELIZABETH FAY SWANSON, New Orleans; Art Club; Jamba- la ya. Second Row: FRANCES F. SWITT, Crosswicks, N.J.; German Club; Le Circle Francais, president; La Ter- tulia; Hillel Foundation; Campus Nile; Tulane Band; J.Y.A. Club. • SUSAN S. TAMKE, New Orleans. • ANN PERK TERRELL, Columbia, Miss.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Barracudas; Le Circle Francais; J.Y.A. Club. • ISABEL THORNTON, Boyce, La.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Tusk; Canter- bury Club; J.Y.A. Club. • SARA TIGRETT, Newbern, Tenn,; Kappa Alpha Theta. • PERCY GAINES TILTON, Martha ' s Vineyard Island, Mass.; Chess Club. • JACK K. TOLSON, Lafay- ette, La.; senior class vice-president. Arch.; A. LA.; Baptist Student Union. • CHARLIE WON(. ' TONG: New Orleans. Third Row: • ALVIN S. TRANSEAU, Riverside, N.J.; Delta Sigma Phi; Delta Sigma Pi. • ROBERT F. TREUTING, Pittsburgh, Pa.; Eta Sigma Phi. • ARTHUR M. TRIBBLE, JR., New Orleans; Baptist Student Union. • E. WAYNE TSCHIRN. New Orleans; Alpha Tau Omega; A.S.M.E.; Newman Club; Army ROTC. • CYNTHIA VACCARO. Metairie, La.; Phi Mu; Pi Sigma Alpha: La Tertulia; Canterbury Club; International Relations Club. • ANN WATHEN VEGA, Napoleon- ville. La.; Kappa Alpha Theta. Honor Board, president, Newc; Dormitory Council; Universitv Chorus; Newc. Student Council; Student-Faculty Relations Committee: Who ' s Who. • KAREN JANE VEILLON, Eunice, La.; Chi Omega. • WILFRID ANTHONY VILLARRUBIA, New Oi- lcans. Fourth Row: • ARTHUR J. VISELTEAR, Bronx, N.Y.; Sigma Alpha Mu. • STEPHANIE VOORHIES, La- fayette, La.; Chi Omega; Dormitory Council; Honor Board, Newc. • JEAN ELLEN VORHABEN. New Orleans; Phi Mu; Tusk; Pan-Hellenic Council, Newc. • ADELE LIVAUDAIS WADICK, New Orleans; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • PATRICIA WARD, Junction, Texas; President of Musii- School; A Cappella Choir; Opera Workshop; Universitv Chorus; Honor Board, Newc; Newc Student Council; Who ' s Who. • SAIDEE H. WATSON, Natchitoches, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma, corr. sec; sec.-treas. of Bus. Admin.; Phi Chi Theta, president; Dormitory Council; Newman Club; Marketing Qub, secretary; Jambalaya Hall of Fame, ' 59. • ROBERT G. WATTS, Letts- worth, La.; Tau Beta Pi; A.S.M.E., vice-president; Intramural Council, sec. • BRUCE E. WEN- ZEL, New Orleans; Alpha Chi Sigma; Gamma Delta; Army ROTC . Fifth Row: • DAVID OLIVER WESTMARK, Pensacola, Fla.; Baptist Student Union; Phi Eta Sigma. • ROBERT J. WHITE, Metairie, La.; Alpha Tau Omega; Scabbard Blade. • S. PAGE WIL- LIAMSON, Springhill, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; vice-president of Engr. School; Omicron Delta Kappa, vice-president; Scabbard Blade; A.I.E.E. ; Westminster Fellowship; Army ROTC, ls| Lt.; Jambalaya Hall of Fame, ' 59; Who ' s Who. • NORMAN J. WILLIS, New Orleans; A.I.A. • MARY CAROLYN WINFIELD, Birmingham, Ala.; Delta Zeta; Tusk; Baptist Student Un- ion; J.Y.A. Club. • TOMMY WITTENBERG, New Orleans; Zeta Beta Tau; Scabbard Blade: Golf Letter; Adelphons. • NICHOLAS W. WOOLVERTON, III; New Orleans; Intramural Coui.- oil, vice-president; Newman Club. • GLORIA WYNNE, Bainbridge, Ga.; Hillel Foundation: Campus Nite; Young Democrats. Sixth Row: • ARTHUR G. YAEGER, JR., New Orleans; Alpha Chi Sigma, vice-president; A.LCh.E.. corr- sec. • PAUL J. YODER, New Orleans; Newman Club; Delta Sigma Pi; Freshman Orientation Program, chrm. • LISA SUZANNE YOUNG, Florala, Ala.; Le Circle Francais; A Cappella Choir: University Chorus; Sailing Club. • JAUIER A. ZAPATA, Laredo, Texas; Pi Kappa Alpha. • EVA FLORENCE ZARZA, New Orleans; Newman Club. • MILTON HAROLD ZIMAN, Dallas, Texas; Zeta Beta Tau; senior class sec-treas., A S. Not Pictured: • CATHERINE JEAN KASPAREK, Warrington, Fla.; Kappa Alpha Theta, treas.; senior class sec.-treas., Bus. Admin.; Phi Chi Theta, sec; Barracudas; Westminster Fellowship; Bus. Admin. Beauty Court, ' 58. 264 TULANE UNIVERSITY 265 First Row: • STUART J. BUSH, Woodbridge, Conn.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Varsity Club; Baseball Letter: Varsity Baseball; Tusk. • ELIZABETH BUTLER, New Orleans; Alpha Omicron Pi; Art Club; Newman Club. • FRED R. CAGLE, JR., New Orleans; Phi Delta Theta; Air Force ROTC, First Lt. • THOMAS E. CAIRNS, New Orleans; Beta Theta Pi; A.I.A.; AVes- ley Foundation. • ANN CALE, Buenos Aires, Argentina; Kappa Kappa Gamma; . rt Club. Second Row: • JOHANNA CAMPBELL, Tulsa, Okla.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Beta Beta Beta; Greenbackers; Westminster Fellowship; Pan-Hellenic Council, Newc. • WILLIAM CLAY CAPPS, New Orleans: Varsity Track; West- minster Fellowship; Glee Club; International Relations Club. • ROBERT CARPENTER, Metairie, La.: Air Force ROTC. • JERRY CASSEL, Longview, Texas; Pi Kappa Alpha; Carnival; Hullabaloo; Student Direc- tory; Greenbackers; Wesley Foundation; Campus Nile: Glee Club; Uni- versity Chorus: Alpha Phi Omega. • SUSAN CAVEN, Tesarkana, Ark.: Pi Beta Phi; Barracudas. Third Row: • EARLE CEFALU. JR.. Amite, La.: Kappa Sigma. • HARRY J. CHRIS, Jeanerelte. La.: Beta Theta Pi; A.I.A.; Naval ROTC. • VIN- CENT CIOLINO, New Orleans; Phi Kappa Sigma; Newman Club; Pi Lambda Beta; Circle K. • MARGARET CLEVE, New Orleans; German Club; Hullabaloo. • BARBARA FAY COHEN, New Orleans; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Phi Sigma Iota; Le Circle Francais; Campus Nite. Fourth Row : • MARCIA COHN, Wilmetle, 111. • CAROLINE COLE, New Orleans: Alpha Omicron Pi. • ROBERT C. COLEMAN, Tampa, Fla.; Phi Delta Theta. • GRANT COLLIER, Roanoke Rapids, N.C.; Phi Delta Theta. • JOHN C. CO-MBE, New Orleans; Kappa Sigma; Jambai.ay.4 Asso. Ed.; Tusk; Newman Club; Naval ROTC. Fifth Row: • CLAIRE COOK, Hatliesburg, Miss.: Chi Omega; Honor Board, Newc, vice-pres. ; Beta Beta Beta; Wesley Foundation; Pan-Hellenic Council, Newc. • STUART COOK, Kenner, La.; A.I.Ch.E. • LOIS COPLAN, Atlanta, Ga.; Sigma Delta Tau; Hullabaloo ; Hillel Foundation, vice-pres.- sec; University Chorus. • SHERYL ANN CORNIBE, New Orleans. • SPIRO COSSE, Shreveport, La.; Varsity Football, Track. Sixth Row: • P.A.TRICIA COUSINS, Memphis, Tcnn.: Pi Beta Phi: Assets; Tusk; Newman Club; Lagniappes; Student Activities Board: Who ' s Who. • L. 0. COX, Texarkana, Ark.; Naval ROTC; Tailhook Club; NROTC Rifle Team. • SIMEON 0. COXE, III, New Orleans; Phi Delta Theta; A.I.A. • ALAN T CRAMER, Bellaire, Texas; Beta Theta Pi; Clendy Burke Society, vice-speaker; Honor Board, A S. • ELAINE CROSS- FIELD, West Orange, New Jersey; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Sailing Club- Seventh Row: • RENE A. CURRY, JR., New Orleans: Alpha Tau Omega: Naval ROTC; Pi Lambda Beta. • HARRIET McCALL DAVIS, Honolulu, Hawaii; Pi Beta Phi. • CLYDE de la HOUSSAYE, JR., Metairie, La.; Alpha Tau Omega: Naval ROTC. • KATHRYN DePASS, Rock Hill, S.C; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Canterbury Club. • DICK DEPP, Metairie, La.; Beta Theta Pi: Alpha Epsilon Delta; Pre-Med Society; Phi Eta Sigma. Eighth Row: • CORTES DeRUSSY, New Orleans; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Army ROTC: Young Republicans. • ANNE DETERT, Kansas City, Mo.; Kappa Kappa Gamma: Wesley Foundation. • GUY DIAMANT, Ladue, Mo.; Zeta Beta Tau. • VINCENTE D ' INGIANNI, JR., New Orleans. • CECILE DODGE, Mobile, Ala.; Alpha Omicron Pi; jr. class sec, Newc; Beta Beta Beta; La Tertulia. Ninth Row: • JOSEPH PAUL DRAGO. Port Arthur, Texas: Phi Kappa Sigma: Pre- Med Society; Newman Club: Campus Nite; Adelphons. • SANDRA DRAUGHN, Hattiesburg, Miss.; Chi Omega; Art Club; Barracudas; Dormitory Council; Tusk; Scabbard and Blade Court. • DAVID J. DREZ, JR., Dequincy, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; jr. class pres., A S; Pre-Med Society, treas.; Greenbackers, treas. ; Alpha Phi Omega, vice- pres.; Honor Board, A S; Student Activities Board. • DONALD R. DUFFAUT, New Orleans. • CAMILLE DUHE, Baton Rouge, La.; Carnival. JUNIORS 266 JUNIORS First Row: - DOUG ABADIE, New Orleans; Pi Kappa Alpha. • C. HUGH ABRAMSON, Si. Louis, Mo.; Tau Epsiloii; Greenbackers; Hlllel Founda- lion; Campus Nile; Pan-Hellenic Council, Tulane. • LARRY L. ACKER- MAN. E. Rockaway, N.Y.; Tau Epsilon; Alpha Chi Sigma; Hillel Foun- flalion. • DAVID W. ADAMS, Albany, Ga.; Phi Delia Thela; Theta Nu; Hiillnbntoo, Editor; Task; jAMiiALAYA Hall of Fame, ' .59. • NIXON ADAMS. New Orleans; Alpha Tau Omega; A.I.Ch.E.; Young Repub- lieans. Second Row : • WM. G. AKINS, JR., Lake Charles, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Scabbard Blade; Air Force ROTC, 1st Lieut.; Sabre Jels, Commander; Alpha Phi Omega; Omicron Delta Kappa. • CHARLES M. ALI,iM() ■| ' . Reserve, La.; Zeta Beta Tau; A.S.M.E. • LOUIE ANDEKSllN, .South Bend, Ind. • GAIL ARNER, Jamaica, B.W.I. ; Alpha Delta Pi; Student Directory. « TROY G. ARNOLD, JR., Winchester, rcnn.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Army ROTC. Third Row : • PHILIP M. ARONOFF, ClarksJale, Miss.; Zeta Beta Tau; jr. class vice-pres., A S; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Hillel Foundation; Honor Board, A S. • THEODORE S. ASPRODITES, New Orleans; Alpha Chi Sigma; Newman Club; Army ROTC. • DAVID R. ATCHISON, Texarkana, Texas; Delta Sigma Pi; Gamma Delta; Honor Board, Bus Admin.; Marketing Club. • ALICE ELIZABETH AUSTIN, Ocean Springs, Miss.; Sigma Pi Sigma, treas.; La Tertulia; Tusk; Interfaith Council; West- minster Fellowship, pres. ; A Cappella Choir; Glee Club, Newc, vice- pres.; University Chorus. • GINETTE AYRAL, Istres, France; Le Circle I ' rancais; Westminster Fellowship; International Relations Club. Fourth Row: • JANE BABST, New Orleans; Alpha Omicron Pi, pres.; Barracudas; Newman Club; Honor Board, Newc; Newc. Orientation, vice-chairman. • NEIL BAGGETTE, DeKidder, La. • KAREN E. BAILEY, Paducali, Ky.; Alpha Delta Pi; Westminster Fellowship; A Cappella Choir; Cam- pus Nite; Glee Club, pres., Newc; Opera Workshop; University Chorus; Tulane Glee Club Accompanist. • WAYNE R. BARCELO, New Orleans; Alpha Tau Omega; Tau Beta Pi; A.I.E.E.; Golf Letter; Varsity Golf; Air Force ROTC; Phi Eta Sigma. • GEORGE ELLIOTT BARNES, El Dorado, Ark.; Sigma Chi; Task. Fifth Row: • MURRAY BASS, JR., Baton Rouge, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; A.S.C.E.; Naval ROTC. • BARRY L. BATTELSTEIN, Houston, Texas; Zeta Beta Tau; Jambalaya. • ALTA BECHTEL, New Orleans; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Athletic Council, treas. • ROBERT E. BEHRENDl, Creve Cover, Mo.; Zeta Beta Tau; Jambalaya, Sports ed.; Wave Hand- book, artist; Tusk; Hillel Foundation; Honor Board, A S, vice-chrm.; Lagniappes; Student Activities Board. • ELLIOTT BELL, Decatur, III.; Kappa Sigma; Tennis Letter; Wesley Foundation; Omicron Delta Kappa. Sixth Row : • KAY BERGERET, New Orleans; Phi Mu; Sigma Pi Sigma; Newman Club. • JANE A. BERG-MANN, Bjffalo, N.Y.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Campus Nite. • THOMAS MILTON BERGSTEDT, Sulphur, La.; Kappa Sigma. • CHARLES LESLIE BERK. Birmingham, Ala.; Zeta Beta Tau; JAiuBALAYA; Army ROTC. • JUSTINE DU-MONTIER BERNARD. New Orleans; Alpha Omicron Pi; jr. class treas., Newc; Student Directory; Greenbackers; Newman Club; Tulane University Theatre; Lagniappes. Seventh Row : • LYNNE BIRTEL, New Orleans; Glee Club. • JAY BLOCK, Thibo- dajx. La.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Greenbackers; Hillel Foundation; Pi Lambda Beta; Pan-Hellenic Council, Tulane; Phi Eta Sigma • WIL- LIAM A. BLOO.M, JR., Fayette, Mo.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Alpha Epsi- lon Delta; Pre-Med Society; Tulane Band; International Relations Club. • ILENE BOCK, Atlanta, Ga.; Sigma Delta Tau; Dormitory Council; Greenbackers; Hillel Foundation; Inner Dorm Council • HENRY J. BODENHEIMER. New Orleans; Zeta Beta Tau; Naval ROTC; Adelphons. Eighth Row: • ALICE ALCIDE BONDY, New Roads, La.; Phi Mu. • RICHARD M. BORDELON, Opelousas, La.; Kappa Sigma; A.S.M.E.; Naval ROTC. • CHARLES M. BOWMAN, Greenwood, Miss.; Sigma Chi; A.I.A.; Glee Club; Air Force ROTC. • DONALD JAMES BREAUX, Crowley, La.; A. I. A. • ALBERT E. BRELAND, JR., Laurel, Miss.; Kappa Sigma. Ninth Row: • TED BROWN, Shreveport, La.; Pre-Med Society Air Force ROTC. • BETTY ANN BROWNSON, New Orleans, La.; Newman Club. • OWEN BUNN, Lake Village, Ark. • BARBARA BURDIN, Lafayette, La.; Chi Omega; Beta Beta Beta; Newman Club; Jambalava Beauty Court, ' .58; Homecoming Court, ' 58; Army sponsor. • MIKE BURVANT, Metairie. La.; Kappa Alpha Order; Eta Sigma Phi; Pre-.Med Society; Tusk; Newman Cluh; Pan-Hellenic Council, Tulane. 267 First Row: • RONALD JOSEPH DUSSE, New Orleans; A.I.Ch.E.; Interfaitli Coun- cil; Newman Club, vice-pres.; Naval ROTC; Navy Drill Team; Tailhook Club, pres. • ELEANOR DYE, Weston, Conn.; Alpha Delta Pi. • AN- DREW GARVIN EDMONSON, II, Irving, Texas; Phi Kappa Sigma; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Westminster Fellowship: Glendy Burke Society; Circle K; Phi Eta Sigma; Dean ' s List. • JUDIE EDWARDS, Norwalk, Conn,; Alpha Omicron Pi; Beta Beta Beta: Student Directory; Tusk; Wesley Foundation. • WILL J. ELLZEY, Melairie, La.: Track Letter; Varsity Track, Football; Baptist Student Union; A Cappella Choir; Glee Club; University Chorus. Second Row : • SALLY ELSAS, Atlanta, Ga.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Barracud;is; Cam- pus Nite. • ALAN ENGBERG, Houston, Texas; Beta Theta Pi; Wesley Foundation; Lagniappes; Pre-Med Society. • GEORGE ENOCHS, Jack- son, Miss.; Sigma Chi • SIDONIE EVANS, New Orleans: Pi Beta Phi; Newman Club; International Relations Club. • HERBERT JOHN FALL, Hackensack, N.J.; Beta Theta Pi. Third Row: • NANCY LEE FANT, Gulfport, Miss.; Chi Omega; Dormitory Council; Le Circle Francais; Westminster Fellowship. • GEORGE S. FARNS- WORTH, JR., .Metairie, La.: Delta Kappa Epsilon. • JUDY FARRAR, Harrisburg, 111.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Student Directory: Westminster Fellowship: Glendy Burke Society. • JEAN L. FAZZIO, New Orleans; • J YORK FEITEL, JR., New Orleans: Beta Thela Pi; A.I.Ch.E.; Naval ROTC. Fourth Row: • KEN WAYNE FESLER, Mission, Texas; Naval ROTC; Drill Team, Drum .Major; Cadet staff. Chief Petty Officer; Anchor and Chain. • JOEL M. FINKELSTEIN, Savannah, Ga.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Honor Board, Bus. Admin.; Varsity Golf; Golf Letter; Adelphons. • CHARLES F. FLY, JR., Lindenwold, N.J. • FRANCINE FOREMAN, New Orleans; Beta Sigma Omicron; Baptist Student Union. • HUGH CRAIG FORSH- NER, Greenwood, Miss.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Hullabaloo, sports ed.; Army ROTC. Fifth Row: • BARRY MAXWELL FOX, New Orleans: Beta Theta Pi; Sailing Club; Young Republicans. • C. WILLIAM FOX. HI. New Orleans; Delia Kappa Epsilon: A.I.A. • JOHN BAINE FOX, New Orleans; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • JOHN FRANCOIS, Church Point, La.; Naval ROTC: Anchor and Chain • RICHARD FREEMAN, JR., New Orleans; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Phi Eta Sigma, Sixth Row: • RONALD J. FRENCH, Houston, Texas; Beta Theta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Pre-Med Society; Tusk; Lagniappes. • ROBERT BENNETT FRIEDMAN, Brooklyn, N.Y.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pre-Med Society; Tusk; Hillel Foundation; Pan-Hellenic Council, Tulane. • ROSLYN FROH- MAN, Laurel, Miss.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; La Tertulia. • ROSEMARY PICKERING GAFFNEY, Shreveport, La. • CAROLINE CATHERINE GATLEY, New Orleans. Seventh Row: • GEDGE GAYLE, Pre-Med Society; • LOLITA GELPI, letic Council. • G. II, Lake Charles, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, sec; Canterbury Club; Tulane University Theatre. New Orleans; Pi Beta Phi; Barracudas, pres.; Ath- MALCOLM GENET, JR., New Orleans; Phi Delta Theta; Carnival; Campus Nite; Tulane University Theatre; Lagniappes. • PATRICIA GEOGHEGAN, New Orleans; Pi Beta Phi; Art Club. • HERMAN CESSER, JR., New Iberia, La.; Theta Xi; A.I.A. Eighth Row: • JERRY GILLIAM, Russellville, Ky.; Carnival. • MILTON GODAIL, Metairie, La.; A.I.Ch.E. • PAUL -M. GODLIN, New York, N.Y.; Alpha Epsilon Pi. • VICKI I. GOLDBERG, Indianapolis, Ind.; Sigma Delta Tau, vice-pres.; Art Club; Hillel Foundation; Campus Nite; Art School, sec., Newc. • LEROY E. GOLTZMAN, Morgan City, La,; Zeta Beta Tau. Ninth Row: • AL GOOCH, New Orleans; Kappa Alpha Order; A.S.C.E. • GAIL GOODMAN, New Orleans; Alpha Epsilon Phi; La Tertulia. • GEORGE E. GRACE, Mobile, Ala.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Rep. to Student Council; Tulane University Theatre; Phi Eta Sigma. • HERBERT S. GREEN- WALD, JR., Macon, Ga.; Zeta Beta Tau; Pre-Med Society; Psychology Major Club; Jambalaya. • MARY HELEN GRIFFIN, Greenville, Miss.; Phi Mu; Carnival; Greenbackers; Canterbury Club; Glendy Burke So- ciety. JUNIORS 268 L » JUNIORS First Row: • JOE D. GRUERRIERO, Monroe, La.: Inler-House Council, pres.; Tusk; Newman Club; Pi Lambda Beta; Circle K: Spirit Council; Phi Eta Sigma. • BOB HARDY, Rayne, La.; A.LA. • LEROY A. HARPER, New Orleans. • JOHN H. HARRIS, JR., New Orleans; Pi Kappa Alpha. • RON HART, New Orleans; Delta Sigma Phi; Gamma Delta; Naval ROTC. Second Row: • JAMES B. HATCHETTE, Lake Charles, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • KAY HECKER, New Orleans; Alpha Omicron Pi; La Tertulia; Home- coming Court, ' .58. • ODOM B. HEEBE, New Orleans; Beta Theta Pi; Delta Sigma Pi. • JAMES L. HELM. New Iberia, La.; Beta Theta Pi; Canterbury Club; Adelphons. • W. GENE HERRIN. New Orleans; Phi Delta Tbeta. Third Row: • PATRICIA YlIK YIN HEW, Metairie, La.; Beta B ' eta Beta. • GEORGE ANN HIDER, Lake Providence, U.; Chi Omega; Canter- bury Club. • BARRIE C. HIERN, New Orleans; Beta Theta Pi; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Pre-Med Society; Greenbackers; Honor Board, A S. • JANE LOUISE HIGGINS, Gretna, La.; Alpha Delta Pi; German Club; Wesley Foundation. • ELAINE SIMOVITZ HILF, Tampa, Fla.; Alpha Epsilon Phi Fourth Row: • KEVIN HILL, New Orleans; Alpha Omicron Pi; Newman Club. • LUTHER L. HILL. Montgomery, Ala.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; A.LA. • MARGIE HILLERY, New Orleans: Pi Beta Phi; Newman Club; In- Icrnati.mal Relations Club. • SALLY MARTHA HITE, Coushatt, La.; Phi .Mu. • BASIL HOFFMAN, Houston, Tex.; Hillel Foundation; Cam- pus Nite. Fifth Row: • SHKRRELL HOFFMAN. Mobile, Ala.; Alpha Epsilon Phi, treas.; A Cappella Choir, sec.: Tulane University Theatre, pres. • JERRY S. HOGGATT, New Orleans; Beta Theta Pi; Psychology Major CluJ); Pep Band; Wesley Foundation; Sailing Club; Sports Car Club; Young Democrats. • JAMES A. HOLLIDAY, New Orleans: Kappa Sigma; Pre- Med Society; Westminster Fellowship; A Cappella Choir; Glee Club; Phi Eta Sigma. • RON HOLMBERG, Brooklyn, N.Y.; Tulane Varsity Club; Varsity Tennis; Varsity Letter; Newman Club; Jambalaya Hall of Fame, ' 59. • MARY ELIZABETH HOLSBERRY, Pensacola, Fla. Sixth Row: • GEORGE F. HORNE, Clarksville, Ark.; Pep Band; Tulane Band, pres. • JERRY HOROWITZ, Atlanta, Ga.: Sigma Alpha Mu; Rep. to Tulane Student Council; Hillel Foundation; Army ROTC; Lagniappes. • BTLL HUGGETT, New Orleans; A.S.M.E.; Naval ROTC; Tailhook Club. • JA-NE IGERT, Paducah, Ky.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Dormitory Council; Greenbackers; Lagniappes; Jambalaya Hall of Fame ' 59. • HARRY B. IRELAND, JR., Memphis, Tenn.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Ger- man Club: Philosophy Club; Pre-Med Society; Varsity Track; Wesley Foundation. Seventh Row: • RONALD A. JACOB, New Orleans; Delta Sigma Phi; A.I.E.E.; Air Force ROTC: Alpha Phi Omega; Sailing Club; Amateur Radio Club. • JOEL JACOBSON. Indianapolis, Ind.; Zeta Beta Tau; A. S., vice pres.; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Jambalaya, asso. ed.; Wave Handbook; Honor Board, A. S.; Phi Eta Sigma. • JANE MARY JANSSEN, New Orleans; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Newman Club. • ANN JARRELL, Mon- roe, La.: Pi Beta Phi; Art Club; Canterbury Club. » ANNE JESTER, New Orleans; Baptist Student Union; Interfaith Council; A Cappella Choir; Glee Club, Newc. Eighth Row: • GAYLE F. JOHN, New Orleans; Delta Zeta. • STORMY JOHNSON, Port Arthur, Texas; Sigma Chi; Newman Club; Adelphons; Lagniappes. • ROBERT G. JONES, Lake Charles, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon- Alpha Chi Sigma; A.I.Ch.E.; Adelphons. • SUSAN PENICK JONES, Metairie, La.: Kappa Kappa Gamma. • VIRGINIA .M. JONES, Shreveport, La.; Pi Beta Phi: Le Circle Francais; Newman Club; Jambalaya Beauty Court, ' 58. Ninth Row: • ALEXANDER JONGSMA, New York City, N.Y.; Delta Zeta; Pan- Hellenie Council, Newc, • WALTER DANIEL JUDLIN, IH, New Or- leans; Pi Kappa Alpha; A.S.C.E. • PEGGY KAHN, Birmingham, Ala.; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • IRA DAVID KASKEL, Forest Hills, N.Y.- Sigma Alpha Mu; Army ROTC. • ALLAN L. KATZ, New Orleans; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Hulktbfiloo; Hillel Foundation; International Relations Club. 269 First Row: • THOMAS CLEMENTS KELLER, New OHrans; DcUa Kappa Epsilon; Tusk; Newman Club; Yimng Republicans. • SUSIE KELLY, Oak Grove, La.; Kappa Alpha Theta. • PIET A. KESSELS. New Orleans; Kappa Alpha Order; vice-pres., school of Arch.; Omicron Delta Kappa; Tau Sigma Delta; A. LA.; Adelphons; Honor Board, Arch. • ANN HARRIS KIEFER, Dallas, Texas; Sigma Delta Tau; Athletic Council, treas. ; Jambalaya, Newc. asso. ed. • JAMES K. KINCAID, New Orleans; Delta Tau Delta; Chess Club. Second Row : • CHARLES S. KING. Lake Charles, La.; Kappa Sigma; Pep Band; Tusk; Wesley Foundation; Alpha Phi Omega, pre.s. ; Pi Lambda Beta, pres. ; Student Activities Board; Marketing Club, vice-pres. • ANNE KLEIN. Shreveport. La.; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • VICTOR KLINKER, Lafayette, Ind.: Tulane Varsity Club, treas.; Varsitv Basketball: Varsity Letter, Basketball; Tusk; Newman Club. • CECELIA KRAM.ME, Gretna, La. • JEWEL KUSSMANN, New Orleans; Kappa Alpha Tiieta; Newman Club; Glee Club. Third Row : • EUGENE T, LA FLEUR, New Orleans; Beta Theta Pi: jr. class vice- pres.. Arch. • FRED LAMPE, Forest Hills, N.Y.; Student Directory; Army ROTC; Pershing Rifles. • ALVIN LAPUYADE, Metairie, La. • JAMES R. LAROSE. New Orleans; Delia Tau Delta, vice-pres.; Varsity Track; Task; Newman Club; Alpha Phi Omega. • DIANE LASSEN, New Orleans; Sigma Delta Tau; Hillel Foundation; Pan-Hellenic Council, Newc, Foui ' lh Row: • FRANCIS E. LAURENT, New Orleans; Kappa Sigma; jr. class sec- treas., Engr.; A.S.M.E.: Anchor and Chain; Honor Board, Engr.; Naval ROTC. • SANDRA LEA, .Metairie, La.; Newman Club; Glee Club. • DAN R. LEINHARDT, Gretna, La.; Interfaith Council; Westminster Fellowship. • PAUL A. LEMKE. New Orleans; Pre-Med Society; Glendy Barke Society. • JON L. LEVY, Baton Rouge, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon; A Cappella Choir; Army ROTC; Pershing Rifles, Commanding Of- ficer. Fifth Row: • RUSSELL LEVY, New Orleans; Zeta Beta Tau. • BO LEWIS, Alex- andria, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsil.m. • JANICE ANN LEWIS, New Or- leans; Phi Mu; T,nk. • JEROME E. LIVAUDAIS, Metairie, La.; Uni- versity Chorus; Newman Club; A Cappella Choir; Glee Club. • JO LYNN LLOYD, Lake Charles, La.; Chi Omega; Newman Club. Sixth Row: • EDWARD J. LOCUE, JR., Manhasset, N.Y.; Sigma Ch Council, Tulane. • W. ERIC LUNDIN, New Orleans; Order. • DONALD J. McARTHUR, New Orleans; Pi • HERBERT SLOAN McCLOSKEY, Hammond, La.; Beta theta Pi; Newman Club; Naval ROTC; Sailing Club. • MAXWELL E. .McCOMBS, Birmingham, Ala.; Theta Nu, pres.; HiiUabaloo, managing ed.; Wesley Foundation; International Relations Club. Seventh Row : • JEANE McCRARY, Birmingham, Ala. • WAYNE McDONALD, Hul- tiesburg, Miss.; Sigma Chi; Scabbard Blade; A.S.C.E.; Air Force ROTC, 2nd Lt. • HARRY McENERNY, III, New Orleans; Kappa Alpha Order; Newman Club. • BENJAMIN CLARK .McMINN, Little Rock, Ark.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • MILNER WAYNE McVADON, Baton Rouge, La.; Phi Delta Theta; Jamhalaya. org. ed.; Greenbackers; Wes- ley Foundation; Naval ROTC. Eighth Row: • DALE MACKIE, Metairie, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • MICHAEL E MANCHESTER, Santa Barbara, Calif.; Delta Tau Delta; Sailing Club. • FRANK S. MANCUSO, New Orleans. • MOLLY MANGHAM, Ken- sington, Mo.; Chi Omega; jr. class sec. Bus. Admin.: Phi Chi Theta, vice-pres.; Wesley Foundatiim. • JANE MARKOWITZ, Greensboro, N.C.; Sigma Delta Tau. Ninth Row: • JUDY MARLER, Cleveland, Tenn.; Chi Omega; Barracudas; Wesley Foundation. • NUMA MARQUETTE, New Orleans; A.I.Ch.E. • BEN- SON BLAKE MARTIN, JR., Vicksburg, Miss.; Kappa Sigma. • GAY G. MARTIN, JR., Hazlehurst, Miss.; Kappa Sigma; Westminster Fellowship; A Cappella Choir; University Chorus: Naval ROTC. • .MI- CHAEL E. MARTIN, Watseka, III; Delta Tau Delta; International Rela- tions CluJj; Psychology Major Club. Tenth Row: • L. KEITH MASON, JR., Shreveport. La.; Sigma Alpha Epsihui; Alpha Epsih.n Delta, vice-pres, • JOHN S. MAVAR, Biloxi, Miss.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • MARTHA MEANS, Stonewall, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • JANICE MELE, New Orleans; Delta Zeta; Le Circle Francais; Tusk; Westminster Fellowship; Pan-Hcllenic Council, Newc ' . • MARILYN MEYER, New Orleans; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Jamhalaya. : Pan-Hellenic Kappa Alpha Kappa Alpha JUNIORS JUNIORS First Row: • BARBARA LEE MILLER, Marslifield, Wis.: Alpha Epsilon Phi; Oreades: Campus Nite, pres. • DAVID STEPHEN MILLSTONE, St. Louis, Mo.: A. I. A.: Sports Car Club. • WALTER H. MOLESKI. Phila- delphia, Pa.: Kappa Sigma; Rep. to Tulane Student Council; A.I.A.; Canterbury Club; Honor Board. Arch, • KATHRYN MONTGOMERY, Bellaire, Tex.; . Ipha Omicron Pi; Dormitory Council: La Tertulia; Hullabaloo; Wesley Foundation. • CHARLES WENDELL MOODY, JR., Monroe, La.; Kappa Sigma; Canterbury Club; Sailing Club; Young Republicans. Second Row: • CLYDE R. MORRIS, Marcaibo. Venezuela; A.S.M.E.; Sports Car Club. • MICHAEL M. MOSS, Plainfield, N.J.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pre- Med S .ciety: Hillel Foundation. • ARTHUR A MOTT, New Orleans; A.I.E.E.; Air Force ROTC, 2nd Lt. • DtiN BLACK MUNSON, New Or- leans: Intramural Council: Vyrsity Letter, Baseball: Varsity Baseball; Cheerleader: Tusk; Tulane University Theatre: Campus Nite; Pershing Rifles; Cadet Ofiicer, Warrant Officer ' . • CHARLES B. MURPHY, New Orleans; Kappa Alpha Order. Tliird Row : • WILLIAM H. MURPHY, New Orleans; Delta Sigma Phi; A.I.Ch.E.: Naval ROTC. • HUGH THOMAS MURRAY, New Orleans; Channing Club: Interfaith Council: International Relations Club; German Club. • JOE DAVID MUSSAFER, Montgomery, Ala.; Zeta Beta Tau. • ANN ELIZABETH NAGEL, Paducah, Ky.; Phi Mu • GEORGE L. NASSAR, Jackson, Miss. Fourth Row : • RAYMOND V. NAVARRE, New Orleans: Alpha Chi Sigma. • AN- THONY J. NICHOLSON, Winnetka, III.: Zela Beta Tau; jr. class pres., Bus. Admin., Honor Board, Bus. Admin., Marketing Club. • BARBARA NUNGESSER, New Orleans: Phi Mu. • JUDY O ' BRIEN, Morgan City, La.; Pi Beta Phi; Rep. to Tulane Student Council; Assets: Barracudas: Dormitory Council; Greenbackers: Canterbury Club. • ROBERT R. ODDONE, San Francisco, Calif.; Phi Kappa Sigma; jr. class sec.-treas., A S; Pre-Med Society; Tusk, treas.; Newman Club; Campus Nite; Honor Board, A S; Student Activities Board; Circle K; Pan-Hellenic Council, Tulane. Fifth Row: • J. N OGLETREE, Houston, Texas; Sigma Chi: Alpha Epsilon Delta: Student Activities Key; Pre-Med Society; Football Manager; Newman Club, • DIANNE ORKIN, Jackson, Miss.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Rep, to Tulane Student Council; Cheerleaders: Greenbackers: Lagniappes; jAMBALAY.l Hall of Fame, ' .59. • H. GENE OTWELL, Meridian, Miss.; Canterbury Club, treas.; Sailing Club; Circle K. • DONALD JEROME PALMISANO, New Orleans: Pre-Med Society; Newman Club. • FRED- ERICK D. PARHAM, II, New Orleans; Canterbury Club. Sixth Row: • WILLIAM B. PARKER, III, Vivian, La.: Eta Sigma Phi. • CHARLES PASSMAN, Franklinton, La.: Varsity Football; Baptist Student L nion; Interfaith Council; Tulane Band; Army ROTC. • ROBERT M. PATTON, Memphis, Tenn.: Kappa Sigma; Bethany Fcllowsliip. • MERCEDES PAYNE, Frostproof, Fla.: Beta Beta Beta; Eta Sigma Phi; Oreades. • J UDITH PIERSOL, Daytona Beach, Fla,; Barracudas. Seventh Row: • FRED PEVOW, Youngstown, Ohio; Zeta Beta Tau; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Pre-Med Society; Hillel Foundation; Phi Eta Sigma, • CHAR- LENE PODAS, Minneapolis, Minn.; Kappa Alpha Theta; jr. class vice- pres., Newc; corr. sec, Newc. Student Bodv; La Tertulia; Tusk; Honor Board, Newc. • BUDDY POLLAK, Pensacola, Fla.; Zeta Beta Tau Greenbackers. • BEE POLLOCK, Dallas, Texas; Beta Beta Beta; Pre. Med Society; Athletic Council, pts. chrm.; Hullabaloo; Jambalaya Greenbackers, sec; Canterbury Club; Campus Nite; Lagniappes, • HARRY POND, Montrose, Ala.; Kappa Alpha Order; Adelphons Honor Board. A S; Tusk. Eighth Row: • JOSEPHINE POPE, Metairie, La.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Bethany Fel- lowship; Honor Board, Newc. • SIDNEY R. POVEDANO, New Orleans; Delta Sigma Phi. • JAN C. POWELL, Bogalusa, La.; Pre-Med Society; Baptist Student Union. • CAROLYN POWERS, Houston, Texas; Kappa Alpha Theta: Tusk; Newman Club. • FREDERICK F. PREAUS, Farmer- viUe, La.: Kappa Sigma, treas.; Jambalaya, frat. ed.: Tusk; Adelphons; Pi Lambda Beta; Pan-Hellenic Council, Tulane; Omicron Delta Kappa. Ninth Row: • GRACE MARIE PULS, Hammond, La.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Canter- bury Club. • SARAH JANE QUINN, Lake Charles, La,;. Chi Omega; Oreades, treas,; Dance Club; Air Force Sponsor; Homecoming Court, ' .58, • ELIZABETH E. RAHN, Atlantic City, N.J.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Le Circle Francais. • EVELYN NAILL RANSOM, New Orleans; Kappa Kappa Gamma; International Relations Club; Sailing Club, • PHILIP JOHN RASCH, New Orleans; Beta Theta Pi; A.LE.E. Tenth Row: • DAVID E. REDMANN, New Orleans; Newman Club. • J. E. RED- MOND, JR., New Orleans; Newman Club, • BOB REDSTONE, Shreve- port. La.: Zeta Beta Tau: Pi Lambda Beta. • SAMUEL G. REISER, New Orleans; Westmijister Fellowship. • JAMES J. REISS, JR., New Orleans; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Tusk; Young Republicans. First Row: • RONALD J. RESO, New Orleans; Delta Tau Delta; Alpha Chi Sigma, treas.; A.I.Ch.E. • CHRIS REUTER, New Orleans; Phi Kappa Sigma: Delta Sigma Pi; Naval ROTC; Marketing Club. • MARTIN D. REZZA, New Orleans; A.I.A.; Newman Club, treas. • JAMES H. RICH, JR., Apalachicola, Fla.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Tusk; Naval ROTC. • RUSTY RICHARDSON, Bogalusa, La.; Canterbury Club. Second Row : • ANTHONY JOHN RIZZO, New Orleans; Hullabaloo; Newman Club; Air Force ROTC. • TON! ROBERTS, Oak Grove, La.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Barracudas. • AUSTIN G. ROBERTSON, JR., Shreveport, La.; Varsity Letter, Tennis; Varsity Tennis; Army ROTC. • MARGOT SU- SAN ROSEN, Gary, Ind.; Dance Club. • ALLEN ROSENZWEIG, Hous- ton, Texas; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Hillel Foundation; Pi Lambda Beta. Tliircl Row : • PAULA ROSS, New Orleans; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Campus Nite, sec. • ANN ROSTEET, Lake Charles, La.; Alpha Delta Pi, pres.; Tusk; Newman Club; Pan-Hellenic Council, Newc. • BETSY ROUSE. Gulfport, Miss.: Chi Omega: Baptist Student Union. • MIGNON MARIE ROUS- SET, New Orleans; Kappa Alpha Theta. • JAY I. ROZEN, Tulsa, Okla.; Sigma Alpha Mu, pres.; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Pre-Med Society; Jambalaya; Phi Eta Sigma. Fourth Row : • MAREN RUELLO, New Orleans; Kappa Alpha Theta; Art Club; Dance Club; Newman Club. • JOHN A. RUSCA, Bossier City, La.; Pre-Med Society. • EDWIN PRICE RUSSO. New Orleans; jr. class pres., Engr.; A.I.E.E. • PETER JOHN SACCO, JR., New Orleans; Propeller Club, vice-pres.; Newman Club. • RUTHIE SACK, Tyler, Texas; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Hillel Foundation. Fifth Row: • JAMES P. SCALISE, New Orleans, La.: A.I.A.: Track Letter; New- man Club; Air Force ROTC. • LETTIE F. SCHEXNAYDER, Metairie, La.: Phi Mu; Dance Club: Newman Club. • PAUL A. SCHMIT. New Orleans; Naval ROTC. • SALLY ANN SCHOONOVER, Houston, Texas: Pi Beta Phi; Art Club; Barracudas. • TOM S. SCHORR, New Orleans; German C lub, pres.; Jambalaya. Sixth Row: • ANN DEVEREUX SCHULZE, Metairie, La.; Pi Beta Phi; Student Directory; Newman Club. • ROBERT M. SEAGO, New Orleans: Delta Kappa Epsilon; fresh, class pres.. Arch.; Greenbackers. • SUSAN SEI- BERT, New Orleans; Alpha Omicron Pi. • SYLVIA SEIFERTH, New Orleans; Kappa Alpha Theta: Newman Club. • FRED SEXTON, Shreve- port, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Rep. to Student Council; Intramural Council; Army ROTC; Honor Board, chm., .-V S; Pan-Hellenic Council, Tulane. Seventh Row: • SANDRA SHULER, Shreveport, La. • WAYNE SIEGEL, Jacksonville, Fla.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre-Mcd Soriptv: Hillel Foundation: Campus Nite; Young Democrats. • ROGER H. SILVER, JR., Mansfield, La.; Kappa Sigma; Westminster Fellowship: Y oung Republicans, pres. • PAM SILVERMAN, Miami, Fla.: Jambalaya; Greenbackers. • BARBARA SIMPSON, San Francisco, Calif.; Phi Mu; Newman Club. Eighth Row: • PATSY SIMS, New Orleans; Hullabaloo; Baptist Student Union; Oreades. • DON SINGER, Atlanta, Ga.; Sigma Alpha Mu. • CAROL M. SMITH, New Orleans; Kappa Alpha Theta: Phi Sigma Iota; Le Circle Francais; La Tertulia: Newman Club. • DERWIN SMITH, New Or- leans; Alpha Tau Omega; Tusk. • TOMMY SMITH, Springhill, La. Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Rep. to Student Council; Scabbard Blade A.I.Ch.E.; Greenbackers, pres.; Baptist Student Union; Army ROTC Honor Board, Engr.; Phi Eta Sigma; Spirit Council; N.D.T.A.; Omicron Delta Kappa; Jambalaya Hall of Fame, ' 59; Who ' s Who. Ninth Row: • SUSAN M. SMITH, Chicago, III.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Le Circle Francais; Wesley Foundation; Campus Nite; Tulane LIniversity Theatre. • JAMES E. SPENCE, Hattiesburg. Miss.; Kappa Sigma; Alpha Chi Sigma; Wesley Foundation; Circle K; Phi Eta Sigma. • DOROTHY JANE SPITZBERG, Tyler. Texas: Alpha Epsilon Phi; Barracudas; La Tertulia: Greenbackers; Campus Nite; Pan-Hellenic Council, sec, Newc. • JACKIE SPREEN, New Orleans; Campus Nite. • HOWARD C. STAN- LEY, New Orleans; Kappa Sigma; A.I.Ch.E.: Naval ROTC. Tenth Row: • JOHN TERRY STEIN, New Orleans; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; A.I.Ch.E.; Phi Eta Sigma. • SANDRA STEIN, Birmingham, Ala. • CAROLYN STEINBERG, New Iberia, U.; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • PEGGY ST. MARTIN, Biloxi, Miss.; Phi Mu: Oreades; Theta Nu; Hullabaloo, copy ed.; Westminster Fellowship, treas. • DOTTIE STOREY, Shreveport, La.; Pi Beta Phi; Athletic Council; Barracudas; La Tertulia; Newman Club; Lagniappes. JUNIORS dlL i JUNIORS First Row : • ROY ST. PAUL, New Orleans Delta Kappa Epsilon; A.S.C.E.; New- man Club. • COLLEEN SULLIVAN, Alexandria, La.; Alpha Omicron Pi, vice-pres. : jr. class pres., Newc; Assets; Barracudas; Dormitory Council; Tusk, sec; Honor Board, Newc; Rep. to Student Council, Newc: JAMBALAYA Hall of Fame, ' 59. • BETTY SULLIVAN, Bay St. Louis, Miss.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Newman Club. • PAT SULLIVAN, Cleveland, Tenn.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Dormitory Council. • LORIS SUT- TON. Jcanerelte. La. Second Row : • RODERICK E. SWETMAN, Rayville, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Naval ROTC. • ZELDA SZODOMKA, New Orleans; Chi Omega; New- man Club. • DIANE TAYLOR, Atlanta, Ga.; Chi Omega; Canterbury Club: Dormitorv Council. • BILL TAYLOR, Thihodaux, La.; Naval ROTC. • HENRY M. TELES, New Orleans; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Hiilla- baloo. Third Row: • DOUGLAS THILTGEN, El Campo, Texas: Phi Delta Theta- Glee Club; Phi Eta Sigma. • STEVE THOMAS, Fargo, N.D.; Kappa Sigma; . - Cappella Choir; Glee Club, pres.; University Chorus; Air Force ROTC. • FRANCIS TODD, Franklin, La. • ELISABETH ULMER, New Or- leans; Chi Omega: Westminster Fellowship; International Relations Club. • ALTON N. UYENO, Honolulu, Hawaii. Fourth Row; • GEORGE McLEAN VALENTINE. Tampa. Fla.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Pre-Mcd Society; Campus Nite; Alpha Phi Omega. • MARILYN F. VANDERBURG, New Orleans; Phi Mu: Westminster Fellowship; Inter- national Relations Club. • PATRICIA VAN SCOY, Tuscaloosa, Ala.; Pi Beta Phi; Jambalava, sor. cd.; Canterbury Club: Tulane University Theatre: Homecoming Court, Queen, ' 58; Jambalava Beauty Court ' S9. • RAYE ANN VARGAS. New Orleans: Chi Omega; Newman Club; Sailing Club. • JOSEPH P. VARIANI, New Orleans; A.I.Ch.E. Fifth Row: • JACKIE VILLARS, Metairie, La.; Alpha Omicron Pi: Sailing Club • L. E. VIVIEN, New Orleans: Delta Sigma Phi. • DEMETRI NICK VLAHOS. Biloxi, Miss.; A.I.E.E.; Army ROTC. • RICHARD JOHN VOELKER. JR., Little Rm-k, Ark.: Varsity Track; Greenbackers; New- man Club. • HENRY VOSBEIN, New Orleans; Kappa Alpha Order. Sixth Row: • JIMMY WADSWORTH, New Orleans; Pi Kappa Alpha- A.I.Ch.E.; Air Force ROTC. • GAIL JOAN WALLIS. Hollishills, N.Y.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; HiUel Foundation: Tulane University Theatre. • BETH WARREN, .Midland, Texas; Pi Beta Phi. • RICHARD WATSON. West Monroe, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; A.I.Ch.E.; Naval ROTC. • LOUIS H. WATSON. Meridian, Miss.; Kappa Sigma; Westminster Fellowship; Naval ROTC; Phi Eta Sigma; Circle K. Seventh Row: • BARBARA LEIGH WEIL. Memphis, Tenn.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; La Tertulia; Glendy Burke Society: Pan-Hellenic Council, Newc. • J. O. WEILBAECHER, III, New Orleans. • CHARLES M WEINBERG, Monroe, La.; Zeta Beta Tau. • BERNIE WEISS, Memphis, Tenn.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Rep. to Student Council; Phi Eta Sigma; A.I.Ch.E.; Sailing Club. • SOPHIE WESTON, Beaumont, Texas; Art Cluh; Canterbury Club. Eighth Row: • WILLIAM WHARTON, New Orleans; Delta Tau Delta; Glee Club • WILLIAM WARD WIGHT, JR.. Hatliesburg, Miss.; Kappa Sigma; Westminster Fellowship; Honor Board, A S. • SUSAN ARDETT WIL- DER. New Orleans; Kappa Alpha Theta: Canterbury Club. • ROBERT L. WILLIAMSON, Inez, Ky.; Kappa Alpha Order. • NORTON L. WIS- DOM. JR., New Orleans; Delta Kappa Epsilon; A.I.A. Ninth Row: • IRMA LYNN WOLF, New Orleans; Sigma Delta Tau; Campus Nite; Oreades. • DON WILLIAM WOOD, Kenner, La.; Alpha Tau Omega; Naval ROTC. • DALTON L. WOOLVERTON, New Orleans; Phi Delta Theta; A.S.M.E.: Newman Club: Army ROTC. • MAXWELL YERGER, JR., Tallulah, La.; Canterbury Club; Glendy Burke Society. • HER- BERT S. ZANE, Riverdale, N.Y.; Delta Sigma Pi; Propeller Club; Intra- mural Council; Tu.sk; Student Activities Board; Marketing Club; House Council. Tenth Row: • MICHAEL ALLAN ZIONTS, Houston, Texas; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre- Med Society; Hillel Foundation, First Row • IRWIN B. ABRA.MSON, Plainfield, N.J.; Sigma Alpha Mu: Army ROTC: Sailing Clubi Sports Car Club. • ALFREDO L. ACOSTA, Caracas, Venezuela; A.I.Ch.E.: Newman Club. • MAE JOYCE ADEL- MAN, San Antonio, Texas; Alpha Epsihin Phi; Hullabaloo; Hillel Foun- dation; Campus Nile. • BARRY ADEN, Indianola, Miss.; Phi Delta Theta. • GLORIA ADLER, Hattiesburg, Miss.; Alpiia Epsilon Phi: Hillel Foundation. Second Row i • DAVID AKRIDCE, Mobile Ala.; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • C. NOR- MAN ALEXANDER, JR., Birmingham. Ala.; Sigma Chi; Phi Eta Sigma. • GERARD C. ALEXANDER, Lutcher, La.; Varsity Baseball; Air Force ROTC. • PHYLLIS JOHN ALEXANDER, Little Rocl;, Ark.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Assets, pres,; Barracudas; Cheerleader: Greenbaclcers; Hillel Foundation. • LEE ALLEE, Metairie, La. Third Row: • LEE ALLEN, Memphis, Tenn.: Sigma Alpha Mu. • WILLIAM C. ALLEN, -Monroe, La.; Beta Theta Pi; Pre-Med Society: Army ROTC. • CATALIN. ALVAREZ, .Marianao, Habana, Cuba; Newman Club; Le Circle Francais. • JOAN AlNDRESS, Minden, La.; Kappa Kappa Gam- ma; Dormitory Council; Canterbury Club. • RICHARD JOHN ADAMS ANDREWS, .Metairie, La. Fourth Row : • MIRIAM MARIE ANE, New Orleans; Phi Mu; Le Circle Francais; Newman Club, sec. • JOAN CAROL APGAR, Sharon, Mass.; Phi Mu; Christian Science Organization. • WILBERT L. ARGUS, JR., Bay St. Louis, Miss.; Alpha Tau Omega: Naval ROTC; Navy Drill Team. • ROB- ERT NORMAN ARROL, Areola, IlL; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Pre-Med Society. • WILLIA.M ROY ARY, Metairie, La.; Kappa Alpha Order; Varsity Football. Fifth Row: • HONEY AUSTIN, Montgomery, Ala.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Tulane University Theatre; Glendy B ' urke Society; University Chorus. • STEPH- EN L. AVARD, Chicago, HI,: Kappa Sigma; Pre-Med Society; Wesley Foundation: Campus Nite; Glee Club: University Chorus. • LORETTO BABST. New Orleans; Alpha Omicron Pi; Athletic Council; Newman Club, • FRANK M. BASILE, New Orleans; Delta Sigma Phi: Newman Club; International Relations Club; Pi Lambda Beta; Phi Eta Sigma. • SHARON BECKHAM, Baton Rouge, La.; Phi Mu ; Le Circle Francais; Newman Club. Sixth Row : • MARTHA BENNETT, Frankfort, Ky.: Kappa Kappa Gamma; Le Circle Francais: Canterbury Club. • JUDY BENSON, San Antonio, Texas: Alpha Epsilon Phi; Ja.mbalaya; La Tertulia. • WILFRED A, BERGERON. JR.. Jonesboro, Ark, • B. EUGENE BERRY, Pascagoula, Miss.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Pre-Med Society; Baptist Student Union; Tulane Glee Club: Phi Eta Sigma, vice-pres. • JANE BIGGS, Jackson, Miss.; Chi Omega: Art Club; Dance Club. Seventh Row: • PAUL AUSTIN BINGHAM, Metairie, La.: Westminster Fellowship. • HENRY BLAKE, Lake Charles, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Delta Sigma Pi; Canterbury Club; Adelphons; Phi Eta Sigma. • CHARLOTTE ANN BLOTNER, Alexandria, La,; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Hillel Founda- tion; JAMUALAVA Beauty Court, ' 59. • BEVERLY BLUMBERG, Dothan, Ala.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Assets; Hillel Foundation; Lagniappes. • MILTON M. BOLLES, Chicago, 111,; Kappa Sigma; A.S.M.E.; Naval ROTC. Eighth Row: • WILLIA.M E. BORAH, New Orleans: Delta Kappa Epsilon. • NANCY STARR BREARD, Monroe, La.: Phi .Mu; Germa.i Club; Athletic Coun- cil; Newman Club: International Relations Club. • BARBARA BRECK INRIDGE, New Orleans: Athletic Council; Sailing Club. • HARVEY R. BRICE, New York, N.Y.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Hillel Foundation: Army ROTC; Pi Lambda Beta; Sports Car Club. • N. CRAIG BR IGTSEN, JR., Birmingham, Ala.; Delta Tau Delta, Ninth Row: • JOHN BROTHERS, Nashville, Tenn.; Phi Delta Theta. • CLAI BROWN, New Orleans: Sigma Chi; Ti,sk: Naval ROTC; Navy Drill Team; Adelphons; Lagniappes; Phi Eta Sigma. • .MATT DAVIS BROWN, Chattanooga, Tenn. Phi Kappa Sigma; German Club: Canter- bury Club; Naval ROTC. • WALTER BROWN, JR., New Orleans; Zeta Beta Tau; Hulliilmloo. • SUSIE BRUCK, New Orleans; Alpha Delta Pi; Art Club; Student Directory; Greenbackers; Newman Club; Glee Club; Sailing Club; jAtviBALAYA. SOPHOMORES 274 iikflli SOPHOMORES First Row: • MARY K. BRUNS, New Orleans; Kappa Kappa Gamma- Ela Sigma Phi; Oreades. • ROBERT C. BUCKLEY, Allanta, Ga.; Sigma Alpha Epsiltin. • MARY ELLA BURKE, Hattiesburg, Miss.; Chi Omega; Bap- list Student Union. • JAN BURNETT, Jackson, Miss.; Wesley Founda tion; A Cappella Choir; Opera Workshop; University Chorus. • PATTY LOU BURNS, San Antonio, Texas; Pi Beta Phi; Barracudas; Canterbury Club. Second Row : • LOUIS G. CAMERON, JR., Shreveport, La.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Greenbackers; Newman Club; Air Force ROTC; Tulane Amateur Radio Club. • DIANE LOUISE CAMPBELL. New Orleans. • SUZANNE CAPO, Habana, Cuba; A.I.Ch.E.; Newman Club; Internatio,nal Relations Clib. • CATHERINE CARROLL, Houston, Te.xas; Alpha Omicron Pi; Hullabaloo; Newman Club. • NELSON PAUL CASTELLANO, Tampa, Fla.; Pi Kappa Alpha; PrcMed Society; Adelphons; Pan-Hellenic Council, Tulane. Third Row: • JEANNE M. CAVAROC, New Orleans; Chi Omega; Dance Club; Newman Club; Sailing Club. • CELIA CHALARON, New Orleans; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • LYN CHALONA, Chalmette, La.; Alpha Delta Pi; Newman Club; Sailing Club. • RAOUL J. CHAMEL, New Orleans. • BUNNY CHAP.MAN, Oak Park, 111.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; La Tertulia. Fourth Row: • COOPER CHAPMAN. Biloxi, Miss.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Naval ROTC • LYNNE CHAPMAN, New Orleans; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Barra- cudas; Canterbury Club. • JACK J. CHARBONNET, New Orleans; Alpha Tau Omega. • GARY L CHESES, Columbus, Ohio; Zeta Beta Tau; Hillel Foundation. • EDMUND H. CHRISTY, New Orleans; Phi Delta Theta; Sports Car Club. Fifth Row: • DIANF, CHUMBLEY. Louisville, Ky.; Pi Beta Phi; Hullabaloo. • .MARILYN CIACCIO, New Orleans; Phi ,Mu; Pre-Med Society; New- man Club. • JULIA ANNE CLAVERIE, New Orleans- Pi Beta Phi; Art Club. • GOLDIE COHEN, Miami, Fla.; Sigma Delta Tau, sec; Hillel Foundati.m, • JAN COLE, Huntsville, Texas; Pi Beta Phi, Barra- cudas; Le Circle Francais; Interfaith Council, treas.; Wesley Foundation; Tulane Band, sec.; J. Y. A. Club. Sixth Row: • ALAN F. CONE, Winter Park, Fla.; Pi Kappa Alpha; German Club; Canterbury Club; Glee Club; University Chorus; Circle K. • DAVID C. CONNER, New Orleans; Alpha Tau Omega. • NANY CONTERNO, Lima, Peru; Kappa Alpha Thela; Phi Chi Theta; Le Circle Francais; Newman Club. • JAMES EUSTIS CORRIGAN, New Orleans; Delta Kappa Epsi- lon; Newman Club. • VELMA GENE CRAWFORD, Memphis, Tenn.; Alpha Omicnui Pi; soph, class treas., Newc; . Seventh Row: • WILLIAM KENT CUTRER, Lake Charles, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; German Club; Pre-Med Society; Wesley Foundation; Phi Eta Sigma. • WILLIAM W. DAHLB ' ERG, New Orleans; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Army ROTC. • DIANA DALY, Dallas, Texas; Alpha Delta Pi; Le Circle Francais: Tusk. • H. RICHARD D ' ANCONA, Glencoe, 111.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Army ROTC. • MARCELLE d ' AQUIN, New Orleans; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Le Circle Francais; Hullabaloo. Eighth Row: • STANLEY S. DAVIDOW, Greenville, Miss.; Zeta Beta Tau; Jamba laya; Hillel Foundation. • ANNE H. DAVIS, Greenville, Miss.; Chi Omega; Dance Club; Cheerleader; Greenbackers. • CARL WILLIAM DAVIS, Mobile, Ala.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Pre-Med Society; Green- backers; Army ROTC. • DAVID ALAN DAVIS, London, England; German Club; Baptist Student Union; International Relations Club; Phi Eta Sigma. • CYNTHIA DAWKINS, Shreveport, La.; Pi Beta Phi; Barracudas; Canterbury Cluh. Ninth Row: • JACKIE deBEN, New Orleans; Chi Omega; Newman Club; Newc. Orientation, vice-chairman. • EDGAR DeROUSSELLE, Crowley, La. • ROBERT DeSILVA, New Orleans; Delta Sigma Phi; Newman Club; Naval ROTC; Alpha Phi Omega. • ELEANOR FAYE DIGILIA, Lake Charles, La.; Alpha Delta Pi; Greenbackers; Newman Cluh; Tulane University Theatre. • JIM DONOGHOE, Louisville, Ky.; Phi Delta Theta. 275 First Row: • DANA DONSKY, Houston. Texas: Alpha Epsilon Phi; Beta Beta Beta. • CAROL LYNN DOSKEY, New Orleans: Alpha Delta Pi: Christian Science Organization: A Cappella Choir; Campus Nite; University Chorus. • FRANCES RUTH DOW, Houston, Te, as; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Ath- letic Council; Le Circle Francais: Hillel Foundation. • ALFRED DOWNS, Gulfport, Miss.: Phi Kappa Sigma; Naval ROTC. • PATRICIA DRAKE, New Orleans: Delta Zeta: Le Circle Francais; Newman Club: International Relations Club. Second Row: • MEL DRUCKER, Flushing. N.Y.: Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pre-Med Society; Varsity Baseball; Grcenbackers: Hillel Foundation. • VALENTINE ADAM EARHART. JR., New Orleans; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Pre-Med Society: Greenbackers; Air Force ROTC; Sabre Jets. • GARY ALLEN EDDINS, New Orleans: Delta Sigma Phi: Wesley Foundation; Air Force ROTC. • CAROL EISEMAN. Memphis, Tenn.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Hillel Foundation. • SARA PERRY EPLEY, Bronxville, N.Y.; Chi Omega; Art Club. Third Row: • MICH A EVANS, Lake Alfred, Fla.: Alpha Delta Pi; Canterbury Club. • RICHARD NATHANIEL FABER, New Orleans; Phi Eta Sigma. • CAROL FARFEL. Houston, Texas; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Hillel Founda- tion • FRANK H. FARIS. JR., McComb, Miss.; Baptist Student Union; Army ROTC. • BARBARA FARRIS, Wichita, Kan.; Alpha Delta Pi; Canterbury Club; Sailing Club. Fourth Row: • JANET GAIL FARRIS, Atlanta, Ga.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Dormitory Council. • CLYDE A. FAWCETT, JR., Mobile, Ala.; Baptist Student Union- A Cappella Choir; Glee Club: University Chorus: Glendy Burke Society. • JERRY FELD. Houston, Texas: Zeta Beta Tau. • CECILE FELSENTHAL, Memphis, Tenn.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Hillel Foundation. • DON GARY FENNER, Hobbs, N. Mex.: Pi Kappa Alpha; Pre-Med Society; Wesley Foundation; Glee Club: University Chorus; Air Force ROTC. Fifth Row: • MARCELLE FERRIER, New Orleans: Alpha Omicron Pi: Newman Club; International Relations Club. • RICHARD J. FLOREANI, Aurora, Colo.; Newman Club; Naval ROTC; Anchor and Chain; Phi Eta Sigma. • DONALD FONTE, Zachary, La.: Kappa Sigma; J.imbalaya; Newman Club; Alpha Phi Omega; Lagniappes. • ROBERT JAY FOOTLICK, Wooster, Ohio; Sigma Alpha Mu: Tusk; Hillel Foundation: Pi Lambda Beta. • OLIVER J. FORD, III, Shreveport, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Canterbury Club. Sixth Row : • MEADE FOWLKES, Handsboro, Miss.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Corres. Sec, Newc. Student Body; Assets: Dance Club, sec; Canterbury Club; Lagniappes; Tulane Student Council. • ED FRASER. Many. La.; Kappa Alpha Order; A.I.Ch.E. • GERALD MARVIN FRIEDMAN, Atlanta, Ga.- Alpha Epsilon Pi; Hillel Foundation. • MICHAEL JOHN FRIED- MAN. Harrison, N.Y.; Hillel Foundation; Pi Lambda Beta. • CAROLYN J. FUSELIER, Houston, Texas; Alpha Omicron Pi; Newman Club; Glendy Burke Society; Sailing Club. Seventh Row : • GEORGE WARD GAINES, New Iberia, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Concert Choir; Tulane Glee Club; Tulane University Theatre. • LEA- NORE GALINN, El Paso, Texas; Sigma Delta Tau; Hillel Foundation; A Cappella Choir; University Chorus. • JOSEPH LEE GALLOWAY, HunlsviUe, Texas; Wesley Foundation; Air Force ROTC; Alpha Phi Omega. • GORDON GAMM, Shreveport, La.; Zeta Beta Tau. • ANITA GARCIA, New Orleans: Phi Mu; Oreades; Newman Club. Eighth Row: • JOHN V. GAROUTTE, Stella, Mo.; Kappa Sigma; Pre-Med Society; Glendy Burke Society; House Council. • CAROLYN GELBKE, Gretna, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; English Club; Le Circle Francais. • ELAINE BETH GILNER, Atlanta. Ga.; Sigma Delta Tau; Athletic Council: Greenbackers; Hillel Foundation. • .MIKE GINN, El Paso, Texas; Pi Kappa Alpha. • ANN GODFREY, Columbia, La.; Kappa Alpha Theta. Ninth Row: • JAMES HODGE GODFREY, Monroe, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Pre- Med Society; Lagniappes. • PAT GODFREY, Baton Rouge, La.; Chi Omega; Sailing Club: Canterbury Club. • DEWEY L. GODWIN, Mobile, Ala.; Delta Sigma Phi: Greenbackers; Naval ROTC. • MOSES HAYM GOLDBERG, Atlanta, Ga.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Hillel Foundation; Campus Nite; Air Force ROTC. • STEVE I. GOLDWARE, Dallas, Texas; Zeta Beta Tau; Pre-Med Society; Hullabaloo; Hillel Foundation. SOPHOMORES 276 SOPHOMORES First Row: • ELAINE GOLLADAY, New Orleans; Phi Mu; La Tertulia; Tusk. • LETTY GOLTRY. Enirl, Okla.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Barracudas; Tusk: Westminster Fellowship; Jambalava Beauty Court, ' 59. • M. FEILD GOMILA, New Orleans; Phi Delta Thela. • THOMAS CON- SOULIN, Jeaneretle, La.; Alpha Tau Omega; Pre-Med Society; Honor Board, A S; Phi Eta Sigma. • SANDRA GOODY, Severna Park, Md.; Alpha Omicron Pi. Second Row : • ROBERTA GORDON, Miami, Fla.; Sigma Delta Tau, treas.; Le Circle Francais; Carnival; Campus Nite. • WILLIAM REGINALD GOUCH, JR., Greenwich, Conn.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Westminster Fellowship; A Cappella Choir; Campus Nite; Glee Club; University Chorus; Air Force ROTC. • RODNEY P. GRAF, New Orleans; A.I.Ch.E.; Naval ROTC. • SHELBY SMITH GRANTHAM, Jackson, Miss.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • ALEX GREEN, New Orleans; Sigma Alpha Mu. Third Row: • EDMON LEE GREEN, Natchez, Miss.; Kappa Sigma. • BERNARD E. GREENBALIM, Westchester, Pa.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Hullabaloo; Hillel Foundation, pres. ; Lagniappes. • LIDA GREGORY, Pine Bluff, Ark.; Chi Omega; Barracudas; Canterbury Club; Jambalaya Beauty Court, ' 59. • DAVID PETER GROW, Warrington, Fla.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Naval ROTC; Circle K. • GLENN MYRL GRUNDMEYER, New Orleans. Fourth Row : • ROBERT J. GUIZERIX, New Orleans; Kappa Sigma; Newman Club; Air Force ROTC. • ALAN J. GUMA, New Orleans; Phi Kappa Sigma; Carnival, bus. mgr.; Hullalxdoo; Pep Band; Tulane Band, vice-pres. ; Glendy Burke Society; Pi Lambda Beta; Phi Eta Sigma; Pan-Hellenic Council, Tulane. • DIAN HAMILTON, Altus, Okla.; Beta Sigma Omi- cron. • JOHN HAMMETT, New Orleans; Newman Club. • DOROTHY HAPPEL, New Orleans; La Tertulia. Fifth Row: • WILLIAM RALPH HARDCASTLE, Atlanta, Ga.; Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon; Varsity Tennis; Newman Club; Phi Eta Sigma. • LINDA HARDY, New Orleans; Pi Beta Phi; Art Club; Jambalaya; Newman Club. • EMILY HARRIS, Shreveport, La. Alpha Omicron Pi; Assets; Green- backers; Wesley Foundation. • SUE LINDNER HARRIS, Bowie, Texas. • LARRY GENE HARVILL, Tiklen, Neb.; Wesley Foundation; Air Force ROTC; Sports Car Club. Sixth Row: • JANET HATCH, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia; Chi Omega; Westminster Fellowship; A Cappella Choir. • FRANK HATCHETT, Columbiana, Ala.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • HELEN LIVINGSTON HAUSER, New Orleans; Kappa Alpha Theta; Westminster Fellowship. • MARY ANN HAYUTIN, Denver, Colo.; Alpha Epsilon Phi: Dance Club. • KENNETH HELLER, Denver, Colo.; Zeta Beta Tau; Jambalaya; Hillel Foundation; Campus Nite. Seventh Row : • FRANK HENDERSON, Midland, Texas; Kappa Sigma; Sailing Club. • JAN E. HENDRICK, Clearwater, Fla.; Pi Beta Phi; Barracudas; La Tertulia; Canterbury Club; International Relations Club. • PENNY HESS, Houston, Texas; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Art Club; Barracudas; La Tertulia; Wesley Foundation; Lagniappes. • FRANCES HIGH- TOWER, York, Ala.; Alpha Omicron Pi. • SARAH HILL, Little Rock, Ark.; Baptist Student Union; University Chorus. Eighth Row: • THOMAS L. HILL, Bay St. Louis, Miss.; A.I.Ch.E.; Baptist Student Union; Army ROTC. • ELAINE HIXON, Tampa, Fla.; Chi Omega; Wes- ley Foundation. • MOLLY HOCKING, Mobile, Ala.; Chi Omega; Dormi- tory Council; Jambalaya; Canterbury Club; Lagniappes. • LENNY HOFFMAN, Houston, Texas; Zeta Beta Tau; Pre-Med Society; Hulla- Imloo; Campus Nite. • ALAN HONIGBERG, Laude, Mo.; Zeta Beta Tau; Pre-Med Society; Jambalaya; A Cappella ' Choir; Campus Nite; Phi Eta Sigma. Ninth Row: • GLENN CURTISS HOUSE, Houston, Texas; Kappa Sigma; Rep. to Tulane Student Council; Greenbackers; Wesley Foundation; Naval ROTC: Honor Board, Arch.; A.I. A. • LLOYD W. HUBER, New Orleans; Naval ROTC. • CORNELIA HUCK, San Antonio, Texas; Kappa Kappa Gam- ma; La Tertulia; Jambalaya; Canterbury Club. • SUSAN HUDSON, Metairie, La.; Carnival, fashion ed.; Hillel Foundation; Interfaith Coun- cil; Campus Nite; Glee Club, Newc; Tulane University Theatre; Univer- sity Chorus. • JANE LOU HUFF, Austin, Texas; Phi Mu Le Circle Francais; Baptist Student Union. 277 First Row: • EDGAR W. HULL, New Orleans; Pre-Med Society; Carnival; Newman Club; Campus Nile; Sailing Club. • JOHN L HULSE, IV, New Orleans; Alpha Tau Omega; Cbristian Science Organization; Naval ROTC. • FRANCES HUNTER, Shreveport, La.: Kappa Kappa Gamma; Tusk; Canterbury Club; Army Sponsor Co. A. • ELIZABETH ISSOS, Birm- ingham, Ala. • LYNN JAHNCKE, New Orleans Barracudas; Tusk; Canterbury Club; Campus Nite; Lagniappes; Sailing Club. Second Row: • CYNTHIA JASTRAiVI, New Orleans: Pi Beta Phi; Art Club; Barra- cudas; Newman Club. • BETSY JOHNSON, New Orleans • JAMES WOODWARD JOHNSON, Minden, La.; Phi Eta Sigma; Pre-Med Society: Baptist Student Union; International Relations Club; Eta Sigma Phi. • LYNN JOHNSON, .Mobile, Ala.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Le Circle Francais; Baptist Student Union; A Cappella Choir. • MARY GAYLE JOHNSON, San Antonio, Texas; Chi Omega; La Tertulia; Wesley Foundation. Third Row; • ROBERT RUHL JOHNSON, Hot Springs, Ark.; Beta Theta Pi; Greenbackers; Westminster Fellowship: Army ROTC; Lagniappes. • HARRY JONES, Charhitte, N.C.; Varsity Basketball; Phi Eta Sigma. • HORTEN ' SE JONES, Columbus. Miss.: Greenbackers; Canterbury Club: Sailing Club. • JUDITH JONES. Alexandria. La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • RONALD S. JOSEPH, Alice, Texas; Delta Tau Delta: New- man Club. Fourtii Row: • HILDA KAPLAN, Houston, Texas; Sigma Delta Tau- Dance Club, pres.: Le Circle Francais: Hillel Foundation. • DIANE SHEILA KATZ. Jacksonville, Fla.; Alpha Epsilon Phi: Hillel Foundation; Campus Nite. • SANDY KATZ, Helena, Ark.; Sigma Delta Tau; La Tertulia; Hillel Foundation; Pan-Hellenic Council, Newc. • HENRY 0. KAY, Tyler. Texas; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Hullabaloo; Canterbury Club. • .MARIE KEESEE, Lula. Miss.: Chi Omega; soph, class sec, Newc; Le Circle Francais; Canterbury Club. Fifth Row: • BETTY KELLY, Oak Grove, La.; Kappa Alpha Theta. • JOHN L. KELLY ' , Chickasaw, Ala.: Delta Sigma Phi; A.I.Ch.E.: Tusk; Air Force ROTC: Pan-Hellenic Council, Tulane. • LOUISE KELLY, Barrington, 111.: Alpha Omicron Pi; Newman Club; Sailing Club. • PATRICIA JOAN KELLY, Los Angeles, CaliL; Kappa Alpha Theta: Westminster Fellowship: Campus Nite; Sailing Club; Young Republicans. • WIL- LIAM ROSS KENNEDY. Ill, Biloxi. Miss.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Pre. Med Society; Cheerleaders; Greenbackers; Wesley Foundation; Sailing Club. Sixth Row : • WENDELL HOWARD KISNER, Natchez, Miss.; Kappa Sigma: Var- sity Football. • KENNETH PAUL KLAI.MAN, University Heights, Ohio; Hillel Foundation. • GAIL L. KNUDSTON, San Diego, Calif.; Kappa Alpha Theta. • ALON KOFF, Atlanta, Ga.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre-Med Society; Hillel Foundation: Adelphons. • GEORGE L. KOOMOS, JR., Puerto Rico; Pi Kappa Alpha; Tusk; Newman Club; Alpha Phi Omega; Pre-Med Society, Seventh Row: • ARLENE KORTIZKY, New Orleans; Sigma Delta Tau; Art Club; Carnival; Tusk; Army ROTC Sponsor. • ELIZABETH KOST, New Or- leans; Alpha Delta Pi; Le Circle Francais; Carnival; Canterbury Club. • STEPHEN ALAN KOTZEN, Miami Beach, Fla.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Hillel Foundation. • JERRY KRAFT, Atlanta. Ga.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Delta Sigma Pi; Hillel Foundation. • KARL W. KRONENBERGER, Westpoint, Conn.; Pre-Med Society; Newman Club; Campus Nite. Eighth Row: • JACK KUSHNER, Montgomery, Ala.; Zeta Beta Tau: Eta Sigma Phi: Pre-Med Society; Hullabaloo; Hillel Foundation. • JUAN A. LA- FUENTE, Cienfuegos, Cuba; A.S.IVI.E.; Newman Club; International Relations Club; Phi Eta Sigma. • ELLEN LASKER. Little Rock, Ark.: Alpha Epsilon Phi. • CHARLES STEPHEN LATAXES, Westwego, La.; A.S.C.E.; Newman Club; Air Force ROTC; Sabre Jets. • FRAN LAZ- ARUS, Miami, Fla.; Sigma Delta Tau; Tusk; Hillel Foundation. Ninth Row: • WILLIAM B. LEMANN, New Orleans Pi Kappa Alpha. • RICHARD IV. LERER, Dallas, Texas; Zeta Beta Tau; Pre-Med Society: Hullabaloo; Hillel Foundation. • WINNIE LEVEIT, Thibodaux, La.; Sports Car Club. • MARTIN I. LEVY, Forest Hills, N.Y.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre- Med Society; Hillel Foundation. • DAVID LEWIN, University City, Mo.; Zeta Beta Tau; Jamualaya; International Relaliims Club; Sailing Club. SOPHOMORES 278 SOPHOMORES First Row : • BARBARA LEWIS, Houston, Texas; Alpha Epsilon Plii; Jamhalaya. • BAYLISSA MYLES LEWIS. New Orleans; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Newman Clul). • JOHN LEWIS, New Orleans: Kappa Alpha Order. • BOBBY I.IEBKEMANN, New Orleans; Kappa Alpha Oriler. • GARRY LINDBOE, Greensburg, Inil.; Varsity Baskethall; Tusk; Westminster Fellowship. Second Row : • JUDY LITVIN. Miami Beaeh, Fla.; Sigma Delta Tan; La Tertulia; Carnival, ass ' t. ed.; Hillel Foundalicm; Campus Nite; Tulane University Theatre, sec, • JAMES W. LONG, New Orleans; Kappa Sigma; Pre-Med Society; Circle K. • SIDNEY LOVE, Memphis, Tenn.; Varsity Track. • LEO L. LOWENTRITT, JR., Winnsboro, La.; Zeta Beta Tau; Pre- Med Society; H iillahaloo : Hillel Foundation. • BRIAN A. LOY, Hous- ton, Te,vas: German Club; Newman Club; Army ROTC; Pershing Rifles. Third Row: • CAROLINE -TODDY " LYMAN, New Orleans; Pi Beta Phi; Canter- bury Cluh; Lagniappes. • LINDA LYON, Nashville, Tenn.; Alpha Epsi- lon Phi; jAMiiALAVA. • CUNT McALISTER, Shreveport, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Eta Sigma Phi. • HARRY .McARTHUR, JR., Hatties- burg. Miss.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Delta Sigma Pi. • MAUREEN MC- CARTHY, New Orleans; Newman Club; German Club. Fourth Row; • FREDERICK A. McCAUGHAN, Crossett. Ark.; Sigma Alpha Ep.silon; soph, class vice-pres., Engr.; Naval ROTC. • ROBERT A. McCORMICK, Houma, La.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Pre-Med Society; Newman Club; Glee Cluh. • PEGRAM L. McCREARY, JR., Lake Charles, La.; Varsity Trainer. • WYLE McDOUGALL. Nashville, Tenn.; Phi Delta Theta; Newman Club; Army ROTC. • HUNTER BEALL .McFADDEN, New Orleans; Phi Kappa Sigma, vice-pres.; Naval ROTC; Navy Drill Team; Pi Lambda Beta, sec; Phi Eta Sigma. Fifth Row: • MELINDA McGARRY, Los Angeles, CaliL; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Assets; Athletic Council; Barracudas; La Tertulia; Greenbackers- New- man Club. • OTELIA McKNIGHT, Milledgeville, Ga.; A Cappella Choir. • WILLIAM McINTOSH, III, Charleston, S.C; Delta Tau Delta. • GEORGE PATRICK McLEAN, Magiolia, Ark.; Sigma Chi; Tulane Varsity Cluh; Varsity Letter, Football; Varsity Football; Greenbackers; Wesley Foundation; Task. • THOMAS M. McMAHON, Walkerton, Ind.; Varsity Baskethall; Wesley Foundation. Sixth Row: • HARRY McMURRAY, New Orleans; Sigma Chi; A Cappella Choir; University Choir; Phi Eta Sigma. • GEORGE M. MAITRE, Mobile, Ala.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Pre-Med Society; Intramural Council; Varsity Baseball: Air Force ROTC: Sabre Jets. • NEAL R. MANGOLD, Colum- bus, Ga.; Kappa Sigma; Jambalaya; Tusk; Newman Club; Naval ROTC: Adelphons; Pan-Hellenic Council, Tulane. • DOUGLASS LANSING MANN, JR., Menasha, Wis.; Beta Theta Pi; Varsity Track. • RONALD S. MARKS, Ft. Worth, Texas; Zeta Beta Tau; Pre-Med Society; Hulla- baloo; Hillel Foundation; Campus Nite; Sports Car Club. Seventh Row : • OFELIA MARTIN, Habana, Cuba; Newman Club; Campus Nite; In- ternational Relations Club. • TO.M C. MARTIN, Baton Rouge, La.; Cheerleaders; Wesley Foundation: Naval ROTC. • PATRICIA MASSARI, Tampa, Fla.; Alpha Delta Pi. • JOHN H. MATTHEWS, Eagle Lake, Texas. • ANNE MAUGHT, New Orleans; Pi Beta Phi; Barracudas; Newcomb Handbook; Canterbury Club. Eighth Row: • MARGARET MAYHER, Columbus, Ga.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Wes- ley Foundation; A Cappella Chf)ir; Le Circle Francais. • AUGUSTINE MEAHER, III, Mobile, Ala.: Army ROTC; Pershing Rifles; Pi Lambda Beta. • WILLIAM HARDY MECOM, JR., Metairie, La.; Kappa Alpha Order. • ADAM MEHN, JR., New Orleans; A.S.C.E.; Wesley Founda- tion: Army ROTC. • HERBERT MENDEL, Atlanta, Ga.; Sigma Alpha .Mu. Ninth Row: • CARL S. MERLIN, New Orleans; Sigma Alpha Mu. • RALPH STANDISH MERRILL, JR., Pensacola, Fla.; German Cluh; Green- hackers. • SAMUEL MERRILL, III, Bogalusa, La.; Phi Eta Sigma; Math Cluh: Hullabaloo: Westminster Fellowship, sec; Air Force ROTC. • BRUCE P. MEYER, Columbus, Ohio; Zeta Beta Tau; soph, class pres., A S; Hullabaloo; Honor Board, A S; Lagniappes; Phi Eta Sigma. • .MICKEY MICHEL, New Orleans; Delta Tau Delta: Greenbackers; Newman Club; Air Force ROTC; Sabre Jets; Sailing Club. 279 First Row: • MARGARET MITCHELL MILAM, New Orleans; Westminsler Fellow- ship: Sailing Club. • MICHEN F. MILAZO, New Orleans; Newman Club. • WILLIAM PORCHER MILES, IV, New Orleans; Kappa Alpha Order; Tusk. • DONALD MILLER, Bronx, N.Y.; Tau Epsilon; Intra- mural Council; A.I.E.E.; Hillel Foundation. • MARY MILLER, Sinton, Texas; Alpha Delta Pi; Oreades. Second Row : • KENNETH E. MILLS, Hale Center, Texas; Delta Sigma Phi; Tusk; A.I.Ch.E.; A Cappella Choir; University Chorus; Phi Eta Sigma. • MAR- CARET MINARD, Columbia, La.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Barracudas; Pan- Hellenic Council, Ncwc. • LINDA MOEHL.MAN, Houston, Texas: Alpha Omicron Pi: Art Club; La Tertulia: Carnival, art ed.; Wesley Founda. tion, sec.; Campus Nile. • MARYLYNN CLAIRE MORA. New Orleans; Newman Club. • H. D. MORALES, New Orleans; Delia Sigma Phi. Third Row: • MARY MURPHY MOSS, Lake Charles, La.; Chi Omega; Le Circle Francais, treas. • ROBIN MOYER, New Orleans; Sigma Chi; Wesley Foundation. • GERRY .MURPHY, Lake Charles, La.; Phi Mu; West- minster Fellowship. • LYNNE SOMERS MURRAY, New Orleans; Pi Beta Phi. • GINGER MURRY, Little Rock, Ark.; Pi Beta Phi; Art Club; Canterbury Club. Fourth Row: • GINGER NADELL, Coral Gables, Fla.; Le Circle Francais: Student Directory: Hillel Foundation; Campus Nite: Sailing Club. • VIRGINIA NAZRO, Dallas, Texas; Alpha Delta Pi; La Tertulia: Student Directory; Greenhackers; Canterbury Club; Glendy Burke Society: Sailing Club. • NANCY RUTH NEATHERY, Little Rock, Ark.; Chi Omega; La Tertulia. • CRAIG ROBERT NELSON, New Orleans; Sigma Chi. • WOLFGANG NEU.MANN, New Orleans. Fifth How: • STEPHEN NICHOLS, Monroe, La.; Beta Theta Pi; Honor Board, Bus. Admin.: Delta Sigma Pi; Army ROTC. • WILBERT " BUD " NOEL, Lafayette, La.; Delta Tau Delta: Newman Club; Naval ROTC: Anchor and Chain; International Relations Club. • CHARLES WILLIAM OGILVIE, JR., Memphis. Tenn.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Varsity Football; Greenhackers: Newman Club. • SADAYE OKUBO, Kenner, La.: Wesley Foundation; International Relations Club. • SHEILA LYNN OLIVER, Westwego, La.; Newman Club. Sixth Row: • LEO F. O ' NEIL. JR., New Orleans; Tulane Band. • BILL OSTEEN, Millington, Tenn.: Sigma Chi; Varsity Football; Army ROTC. • CARO- LYN OWENS, Jackson, Miss.; Alpha Delta Pi: Carnival; Wesley Founda- tion; Sailing Club. • SUSAN PACE, Casper, Wyo.; Pi Beta Phi; soph, class pres., Newc.; Assets; Greenhackers; Honor Board, Newc; Student- Faculty Committee; Student Council, Newc. • ROBERT R. PADRON, Key West, Fla.; Delta Tau Delta. Seventh Row: • ELLIS PARSONS, Birmingham, Ala.: Alpha Omicron Pi; Canterbury Club. • ELIZABETH ANN PATTERSON, Pensacola, Fla.; Pi Beta Phi; Oreades, sec; Barracudas, sec; Canterbury Club. • PATRICIA ANN PATTERSON, Pcnsacrjia, Fla.; Pi Beta Phi; Oreades; Barracudas; Le Circle Francais. • LESLIE ANN PAYNE, New Orleans; Alpha Omicron Pi; La Tertulia; Tusk; Pan-Hellenic Council, Newc. • RICHARD W. PEACOCK, New Orleans; Pep Band; Bethany Fellowship; Tulane Band; Army ROTC. Eighth Row: • NORMAN PEARCY, Dallas, Texas; Phi Delta Theta. • WAYNE B ' . PEARL, Otterbein, Ind. • GAIL PERRIN, New Orleans; La Tertulia, • ROY A. PERRIN, JR., New Orleans; Kappa Sigma; soph, class pres., Engr.; Air Force ROTC; Honor Board, Engr. • MARC L. PETERZELL, Moss Point, Miss.; Zela Beta Tau; Pre-Med Society; Wave Handbook; Greenhackers; Hillel Foundation; Campus Nite. Ninth Row: • NANCY PFEIFFER, Shreveport, La.; Pi Beta Phi; Greenhackers; Canterbury Club; Air Force Sponsor, Major. • LARRY PHILLIPS, III, Shreveport, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; German Club; Air Force ROTC, • H. THOMAS PIKE, Birmingham, Ala.: Pi Kappa Alpha; Varsity Track; Alpha Phi Omega. • JOHN S. PITTMAN, Greenwood, Miss.; Phi Delta Theta; Pre-Med Society; Hullabuloo. • SUZANNE PITTS, Birmingham, Ala.; Kappa Alpha Theta. SOPHOMORES 280 SOPHOMORES First Row; • HEDY PLOTKIN, New Orleans: Sigma Delta Tau. • WM. L. POOLE, JR., Birmingham, Ala.; Pi Kappa Alpha; A Cappella Choir. • GLENNA MASON POPE, Richmond, Ky.; Le Circle Francais; Baplisl Student Union. • MICHAEL P. PORTER, New Orleans; Army ROTC; Pershing Rifles; Sailing Cluh. • JAMES C. POSG. ' VTE, JR., New Orleans; Kappa .Alpha Order. SeconH Row : • RICHARD A. POURCIAU, New Orleans; Phi Delta Theta; A.I.Ch.E. • BENNETT E. POWELL, New Orleans; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Newman Club; Sailing Cluh; Young Repuhlieans; Pan-Hellenic Council, Tulane. • BOB PRICE, Memphis, Tenn.; Delta Sigma. Pi; Varsity Football; Var- sity Baseball; Air Force ROTC. • DANNY S. PYLES, Joplin, Mo.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Naval ROTC; Navy Drill Team; Tailhook Club. • DUANE M. RAFFIE, New Orleans. Third Row: • FRANK RAY, Baker, Fla.; Hullabaloo; Westminster Fellowship; Pi Lambda Beta. • NANCY REDMOND, Alexandria, La.; Alpha Omicron Pi. • FONTAINE REEVES, JR., Eufaula, Ala.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Pre- Med Society; Alpha Phi Omega. • RICHARD THOMAS REGAN, New Orleans; soph, class vice-pres,. Bus. Admin.; Army ROTC. • ERSTON H. REISCH, JR., New Orleans; Delia Sigma Phi; Air Force ROTC; Sabre Jets; Sailing Club. Fourth Row : • BOB RENO, Miami, Fla.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • ARTHUR P. RICHARD, JR., New Orleans; Delta Sigma Phi; Newman Clult. • DOROTHY ANDERSON RICHARDS, Bauxite, Ark. • MARTHA RISER, .Monroe, La.; Chi Omega; Beta Beta Beta; Dormitory Council; Student Directory; Wesley Ftmndation; Campus Nile. • DIANE EU- GENIA ROBICHAUX, Excelsior Springs, Mo.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Canterbury Club. Fifth Row: • JORGE J. RODRICUEZ-CABARNOCAS, Habana, Cuba; A.I.A. • RUEL T. ROGERS, New Orleans; A.I.Ch.E.; Naval ROTC; Navy Drill Team. • ALAN HOWARD ROSENBLOUM, St. Louis, Mo.; Sigma Alpha Mu; soph, class sec.-treas,. Bus. Admin.; Delta Sigma Pi; Army ROTC. • GERALD ROSENTHAL, Bronx, N.Y.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre- Med Society; Hillel Foundation. • SYLVIA RUOCHELL, New Orleans; Pre-Med Society; Tusk; Newman Club. Si.xth Row: • BETTY ROY, Shreveport, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • LEONARD RUBIN, Augusta, Ga.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Hillel Foundation; Army ROTC. • LEROY J. RUNEY, JR., Charleston, S.C; Newman Club; Naval ROTC; Tailhnok Club. • CHARLES S. SALERNO, Houston, Texas; Newman Club; Army ROTC. • JANE SANFORD, New Orleans; Pi Beta Phi. Seventh Bow: • CONNIE SARVAY, Montgomery. Ala.; Alpha Delta Pi, sec.; Eta Sigma Phi; Oreades, vice-pres.; Canterbury Club. • NEAL EDWARD SCHAFER, Tenaly, N.J.; Delta Tau Delta; Newman Club; International Relations Club. • LAURENCE A. SCHIFFER. Frontenac, Mo.; Zeta Beta Tau; Hillel F..undation; Pan-Hellenic Council, Tulane., • STEPHEN A SCHMEDTJE, JR., New Orleans; Kappa Alpha Order. • HENRY C. SCHONBERG, New Orleans; Alpha Tau Omega; Army ROTC. Eighth Row: • RICHARD J. SCHUNIOR, New Orleans; Pre-Med Society; Phi Eta Sigma. • SUSAN LEE SCRIBNER, New York, N.Y.; Le Circle Francais; Canterbury Club; Campus Nite; Sailing Club; J.Y.A. Club. • MERLE SCOTT, Hiiuma, La.; Alpha Delta Pi: Le Circle Francais; Student Direc- tory; Tulane Band; Sailing Club. • S. GLENN SCOTT, Memphis, Tenn.; Varsity Football. • SUSAN SCOTT, Montgomery, Ala.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Wesley Foundation; Sailing Club, Ninth Row: • MARY HELEIN SEAGO, New Orleans; Pi Beta Phi; Art Club; Barracudas • ARTHER D. SEEMANN, New Orleans; Beta Theta Pi. • ELEANOR SEGRETO, New Orleans; La Tertulia; Tusk; Newman Club. • VOLKER A. SEIFERT, New Orleans. • JOHN S. SELIG, Pine Bluff, Ark.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Hillel Foundation; Pi Lambda Beta; Army ROTC. 281 First Row: • STEPHEN C. SHAMBERG, " Winnctka, 111.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Cam- pus Nile. • SYLVIA ADELE SHANNON, New Orleans, La.: Tertulia; Hullabaloo: Channing Club: Interfaith Council, pres.: International Relations Club. • JUDY SHARP. Metairie, La.; Pi Beta Phi. • JUDY SHAW, New Orleans: Pi Beta Phi: Art Club; La Tertulia. • RICHARD L. SHENK, Columbus, Ohio: Zeta Beta Tau; soph, class pres.. Bus. Admin.: Honor Board, Bus. Admin. Second Row: • LINDA SIGLEY, Wellington, Kan.; Alpha Delta Pi; Westminster Fellowship: Student Directory: Glendy Burke Society. • STEPHEN A. SILVERMAN, Flushing. N.Y.: Alpha Epsilon Pi: Alpha Epsilon Delta; Pre.Med Society. • NICHOLAS BELLAMORE SILVEY, New Orleans; Pi Kappa Alpha; Le Circle Francais; Newman Club; Glee Club; University Chorus. • SYDNEY SIMONS, Columbus, Ga.; Alpha Epsilon Phi, • MIKE SKELLY, Coabuila, Mexico; Kappa Sigma. Thiicl Row: • BARBARA SLEPYAN. Highland Park, III.: Sigma Delta Tau; Dance Club- Campus Nite. • S. RONALD SLIPMAN, New Orleans; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Alpha Epsilon Delta. • LARRY SMART, JR., New Orleans; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Newman Club; Honor Board, Bus. Admin.; Sailing Club; Young Republicans. • DENNIS SMELTZ, Tulsa, Okla.; Army ROTC. • BETTY SMITH, Jackson, Miss.; Chi Omega; Baptist Student Union. Fourth Row: • GEORGE JAY WALKER SMITH, Natchez. Miss.; Kappa Sigma; German Club; Pre-Med Society; Air Force ROTC; Phi Eta Sigma, sec. • CLINTON SMITH, Jackson, Miss.: Kappa Sigma, • THOMAS PLEW- MAN SPARKS, HI, New Iberia, La.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; V.arsity Track; Canterbury Club. • EDDIE SPOTO, JR., Tampa, Fla.; Pi Kappa Alpha- Pre-Med Society: Greenbackers; Adelphons: Lagniappes; Circle K. • ' DOROTHY STADLER. Del Rio, Texas; Alpha Omicron Pi; La Tertulia; Canterbury Club. Fifth Row: • NANCY STARR, New Orleans; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • R. GREG- ORY STASSI, New Orleans: Delta Sigma Phi; Newman Club; Campus Nile; Adelphons; Pan-Hellenic Council, Tulane- • ROSEMARY STEW- ART, Conroe, Texas; Chi Omega; Dormitory Council; Tusk; Canterbury Club; Air Force sponsor. • VINCENT STEWART, Nacogdoches, Texas; Delta Sigma Phi; Carnival, poetry ed.; Student Directory: Wave Hand- book; A Cappella Choir; Campus Nite, treas.; Opera Workshop, lighting designer; University Chorus; Baptist Student Union. • HARRIET ANN STONE, Amarillo, Texas; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Dance Club: Canter- bury Club; Army sponsor. Sixth Row: • MARILYN STRAUSS, San Antonio, Texas; Alpha Epsilon Phi; jAMiiALAVA. • ERNEST N. STROMBERGER, San Anumio, Texas; Kappa Sigma; Hullabaloo: Naval ROTC. • BYRON EDMOND STRUG, New Orleans- Alpha Epsilon Pi: Alpha Epsilon Delta; Hillel Foundation; Pre-Med Society; Phi Eta Sigma. • MICHAEL P. STRUTZEL. Biloxi, Miss.; Air Force ROTC; International Relations Club. • JIM SUMMER- LIN, Mansfield, La.; Kappa Sigma; A.S.C.E.; Varsity Football; Green- backers. Seventh Row: • J. CLINT SUMNER, JR., Sylvester, Ga.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Baptist Student Union: Phi Eta Sigma. • CAROLYN SUTTER, New Orleans; Pi Beta Phi; Jambalaya. • SANDRA SUTTLES, Houston, Texas; Can- terbury Club. • EVON ANN SWAIN, New Orleans; Chi Omega. • JANE ELLEN SWANDER, New Orleans. Eighth Row: • ALICE CALMES TALBOTT, Fori Worth, Texas; Kappa Kappa Gam- ma; Canterbury Club. • ALBERT G. TAYLOR, Chamblee, Ca.; Delta Tau Delta: Wesley Foundation; Army ROTC. • ANN BERLINE TAY- LOR, Tifton, Ga.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Newman Club. • MARGARET TAYLOR, Colombia, South America; Newman Club: International Rela. tions Club, sec. • ROBERT W. TAYLOR, New Orleans; Phi Kappa Sigma; Pre-Med Society: Canterbury Club; Phi Eta Sigma, pres. Ninth Row: • MARVIN L, TEICH, New York, N.Y.; Tau Epsilon. • LYNNE THAL- HEIMER, Charh.tte, N.C.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Barracudas. • SIDNEY THIBODEAUX, Cn.wlcy, La.: Delia Tau Delta; Tusk: Newman Club; Internaticmal Relations Club. • LARRY THOMPSON, Shreveport, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Varsity Football. • LEON L. TITCHE, Tucson, Ariz.; Delta Sigma Phi, sec.; German Club; Pre-Med Society; Tusk. SOPHOMORES 282 « SOPHOMORES First Row : • JAMES E. TOUPS, JR., Baton Rouge, La.; Kappa Sigma; Newman CIuIj; Naval ROTC. • KENNETH TRAIN, Corpus Christi, Texas; Zeta Beta Tau: Jamualaya; Campus Nite. • ELEANOR MARY TREGRE, Napoleonville, La.; Alpha Delta Pi. • WALIDA " ICKEY " TREUTING, Pittsburgh, Pa.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Greenbaekers; Newman Club. • NAT R. TROY, Monroe, La.; Beta Thela Pi. Second Row : • JOHN UNVERZAGT, New Orleans; Kappa Sigma; A.S.M.E.; Jamualaya; Air Force ROTC; Sabre Jets; Sailing CluL; Young Repub- licans; Newman .Club. • CHARLES M. VANCHIERE, Melville, La.; Sigma Chi; Newman Club; Air Force ROTC. • NORMA JEAN VEGA, Napoleonville, La.; Kappa Alpha Theta; German Club; Newman Club. • TULIA ROSARIO VIDAL, -Habana, Cuba; La Tertulia. • VINCENT VINCENT, Yazoo City. Miss.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; soph, class vice- pros., A S; Pre-Meil Society. Third Row : • JANICE VOITIER, New Orleans; Alpha Omicron Pi; Le Circle Fiancais; Newman Club. • CLYDE WADDELL, Alexandria, La.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma; Pre-Med Society. • DANNA WALDMAN, Dallas, Texas; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Oreades; Hillel Foundation. • SALLY WALKER, Richmond, Ky. • EMMETT WARD, Vickshurg, Miss.; Beta Thcta Pi. Foiirlh Row: • CARL WARDEN, Lake Charles, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Varsity Football. • R. DANIEL E. WARREN, Boise, Idaho. • BOBBY WEHR- MANN. Lookout Mt.. Tenn.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Army ROTC. • MARGIE WEIR, Manasguan, N.J.; Beta Beta Beta; Student Direc- tory; Canterbury Club; International Relations Club. • NAN WELLS, Glasgow, Ky.; Kappa -Alpha Theta; Barracudas. Fifth Row: • EMILIE B. WENDEL, New Orleans; Kappa Alpha Theta; Westmins- ter Fellowship. • GUS WENZEL, .Metairie, La.; Varsity Basketball; Greenbackers. • ROBERT JAMES WHANN, New Orleans; Alpha Tau Omega; Math Club; Task; Westminster Fellowship; Campus Nite; Air Force ROTC; Young Republicans. • JOHN W. WHARTON, New Or- leans; Delta Tau Delta; Naval ROTC. • JOSEPH E. WHEELER, JR., Monroe, La.; Beta Theta Pi; Pre-Med Society; Newman Club; Sailing Club. Sixth Row: • BERNARD WHITE, JR., Fort Worth, Texas; Phi Kappa Sigma; Greenbackers; Newman Club. • JAMES A. WHITE. Ill, Alexandria, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Pre-Med Society; Tusk; Canterbury Club; Circle K. • JOHN F. WHITE. New Orleans Kappa Alpha Order; Naval ROTC; Adelphons; Pan-Hellenic Council, Tulane. • LYNNE WHITEMAN, Metairie, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Newman Club. • GEORGE WHITWORTH, Memphis, Tenn.; Varsity Football. Seventh Row: • JANE WILENSKY, New Orleans; Sigma Delta Tau; Beta Beta Beta; Hillel Foundation, sec; International Relations Club, sec. • JOHN A. WILLIAMS, Sulphur Springs, W. Va.; Car. " .ival; Tusk; Newman Club; Glee Club- University Chorus; Pi Lambda Beta; Phi Eta Sigma; Circle K. • GAYE WILSON, New Orleans; Phi Mu. • MARY EMMA WIL- SON, Monroe La.; Chi Omega; Art Club; Athletic Council, pub. chrm.j Barracudas; Canterbury Club; Campus Nite. • JOHN W. WINTER, San Antimio, Texas; Beta Thela Pi; soph, class sec, A S. Eighth Row: • DAVID SCOTT WISDOM. New Orleans; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Army ROTC • FRED E. WISE, JR., Fajrview, N. Mex.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Glee C ah; University Chorus; Army ROTC; Circle K. • WILLIAM W. WITTE, East Aurora, N.Y.; Delta Tau Delta; Wesley Foundation; Pan- Hellenic Council, Tulane. • JOE ANN WOMACK, Baton Rouge, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Greenbackers; A Cappella Choir; University Chorus. • THOMAS M. WOOD, JR., New Orleans; Glee Club; Univer- sity Chorus; Phi Eta Sigma. Ninth Row: • CAROL WOODWARD. New Orleans; Newman Club; Army sponsor. Little Colonel. • PHILIP CARL WRANGLE, Lake Charies, La.; Air F. rce ROTC; Alpha Phi Omega; Circle K. • DUDLEY YOUMAN, Shreveport, La.; Phi Delta Theta; Baptist Student Union. 283 First Row : • MARJORIE JUNE ABRAMS, Shaker, Ohio; Sigma Delta Tau; Cam- pus Nile. • FRED PAUL ABRAMSON, Columbus, Ohio: Hillel Founda- tion; Air Force ROTC. • LEROY ADAMS, JR., Indianola, Miss. • ALLEN D. ADELSON, Houston, Te- as: Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pre-Med Society; Hillel Foundation. • JIM AIELLO, Pittsburgh, Pa.; Pre-Med Society; Intramural Council; Newman Club. Second Row: • GEORGE A. ALEXANDER, Picayune, Miss.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Circle K. • ROBERT ALFERT. Habana, Cuba. • STANLEY M. ALLEN, Clayton, Mo.; Zeta Beta Tau; J. mbalaya; Hillel Foundation. • DAVID P. ALLRED, Wichita Falls, Texas: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • JEAN RAY ALTFELD, Union City, Tenn.; Sigma Delta Tau; Hillel Foundation. Third Row: • GLORIA MIRIAM ALVAREZ, New Orleans. • GEORGE JOHNSTON AMES. San Antonio, Texas; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • JOE D. ANDER- SON, Batim Rouge, La.; Kappa Sigma; Army ROTC. • ALICE AN- DREWS. Plain City, Ohio; Phi Mu; Greenbackers; Westminster Fellow- ship. • DON ANDREWS, Monroe, La.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Wesley Foundation; Air Force ROTC; Tulane Amateur Radio Club. Fourth Row: • JUSTIN JOHN ANSEL, New Orleans; Delta Tau Delta; Pre-Med So- ciety. • SUSAN CUTTER APPLEGATE, Charleston, S.C; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Barracudas; Le Circle Francais; Student Directory Newman Club; Sailing Club. • WILLIA.M E. ARCHIBALD, Gillette, Wyoming; Westminster Fellowship; University Chorus; Air Force ROTC; Drum Bugle Corps; Tulane Amateur Radio Club. • JORGE A. ARGUELLES, Habana, Cuba. • BALLARD L. ARGUS, Bay St. Louis, Miss.; Alpha Tau Omega; Navy Drill Team. Fifth Row: • DAVID A. ARNOLD, Princeton, N.J.; Kappa Sigma. • RAY ARTI- GUES, New Orleans; Alpha Tau Omega; Tusk. • ANN AUCOIN, Baton Rouge, La.; Kappa Alpha Theta: German Club; Tusk. • BRENDA M. BAEHR. New Orleans: Pi Beta Phi: Le Circle Francais: Newman Club. • BARBARA ELLEN BAGGETT, Daytona Beach, Fla.; Alpha Delta Pi; Canterbury Club; University Chorus; Sailing Club. Sixth Row: • BRADLEY BAKER, Indianola, Miss.; Phi Delta Theta; Pre-Med So- ciety. • STANLEY BAKER, Ruleville, Miss.: Zeta Beta Tau; Pre-Med Society; Hillel Foundation. • ROBERTA BALKIN, St. Louis Park, Minn.; Sigma Delta Tau; Jamhalaya; Hillel Foundation; Campus Nite. • JOHN J. BARCELO, III, New Orleans; Alpha Tau Omega. • JENNIE BARNETTE, Bay St. Louis, Miss.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Sailing Club. Seventh Row : • WILLIAM HUME BARR, Nashville, Tenn.; Phi Delia Theta; West- minster Fellowship. • JULIA BARTLETT, New Orleans; Pi Beta Phi; Westminster Fellowship. • VIRGINIA BASS, Nashville, Tenn.; Pi Beta Phi; Le Circle Francais; Campus Nite; Sailing Club. • VIRGINIA LYNN BEARD, New Orleans; Delta Zeta: Pre-Med Society; Glee Club; Tulane Band; University Chorus. • NELSON JAEGER BECKER, Logans- port, Ind.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Cheerleader; Greenbackers; Wesley Foundation; Air Force ROTC; Sabre Jets. Eighth Row: • GINA BEEM, Atlanta, Ga.; Chi Omega; Le Circle Francais; West- minster Fellowship. • NANCY BEERS, Tyler, Ala.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Wesley Foundation; Sailing Club. • RICHARD ALAN BEILEY, Miami, Fla.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Carnival; Hillel Foundation; International Rela- ti.ms Club. • ALAN S. BEINHORN, El Paso, Texas; Hillel Founda- tion; Naval ROTC. • MARTHA BELL. Decatur, 111.; Le Circle Francais; Carnival; Westminster Felliiwsliii); Glee Club; University Chorus. Ninth Row: • JAMES VERNON BENEDICT, Metairic, La. • BILL BENNETT, New Orleans: Newman Club; Naval ROTC. • KENNETH J. BENNETT, New Orleans; Delta Sigma Phi; Pre-Med Society; Westminster Fellowship; International Relations Club; Sports Car Club. • ROBERT ADAM BEN- NETT, New Orleans. • DEE BENSON, Denver, Colo.; Sigma Chi; Pre- Med Society. FRESHMEN fT. ■ 284 FRESHMEN First Row: • RAYMOND C. BERGERON, JR., Now Orleans; Air Force ROTC; Sabre Jets. • JAN BERNSTEIN, Oklahoma City. Okla.: Alpha Epsilon Phi; Le Cirtle Francais; Hillel Foundation: Campus -Nile. • MARVIN BERNSTEIN, New Orleans; Sigma Alpha Mu. • SHARO.N BEZ, Detroit, Mich.; Sigma Delta Tau; Hillel Foundation; Campus Nite. • TEDDY BIELEFELDT, Passaic, N.J. ; Phi Mu; Tulane University Theatre; Sailing Club. Second Row: • DONALD I. BIERMAN. Miami, Fla.; Alpha Epsiinn Pi; Carnival; Tulane University Theatre; Glendy Burke Society; Pi Lambda Beta. • MALISSA BILLINGSLEA, Tulsa. Okla.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Canter- bury Club. • JANE ANNE BISHOP, New Orleans. • CHARLES RALPH BL. CKBURN. Houston, Texas; Baptist Student Union • HUGH MER- CER BLAIN, III, New Orleans; Newman Club. Third Row : • MARTHA ELLEN BLAIR, Shawnee, Okla,; Baptist Student Union; Glee Club; University Chorus. • LYNDA CARYL BLANKSTEIN, Mil- waukee, Wis.; Sigma Delta Tau; International Relations Club. • A. H. BLEVINS, JR., Franklin, La.; Beta Theta Pi. • TIM BLOCK, Dallas, Texas; Air Force ROTC. • JACK MARK BOASBERG, New Orleans; Beta Theta Pi. Fourth Row: • BERTA ANNE BOGAN, Gulf Breeze, Fla.; Kappa Alpha Theta. • JESS B, BOLLINGER. JR., Alice, Texas; Delta Tau Delta; Pre-Med Society; Newman Club. • ESTER BOMSHEL, Birmingham, Ala.; Sigma Delta Tau; Hillel Foundation. • ROBERT EUGENE BONINI, Ridgway, Pa.; Pre-Med Society; Newman Club; Air Force ROTC. • JOE BON- NER, Chalmetle, La. Fifth Row: « VERA A. BOOKSH. New Orleans; Delta Zeta; Carnival; Newman Club. • DOUGLAS A. BOOTH, JR., New Orleans. • CHARLES ROB- ERT BOWMAN, San Francisco, Calif.; Beta Theta Pi; Sailing Club. • W. M. BOYLE, JR., Destrehan, La.; Westminster Fellowship; Tulane Band. • CHARLES WILLIA.M BRADLEY, Birmingham, Ala.; Phi Kappa Sigma: Wesley Foundation; Campus Nite; Naval ROTC; Navy Drum Bagle Corps. Si.xth Row: • HEGEL L. BRANCH, JR., Duncan, Okla.; Phi Kappa Sigma. • BEN- NETT BRAUN, Chicago, 111.; Tau Epsilon Phi; Pre-Med Society; Hillel Foundation; Army ROTC; International Relations Club. • PAT BRAY, Houston, Texas; Student Directory; Christian Science Organization; Campus Nite; Glee Club; University Chorus. • JOSHUA LEON BRElNER, New Orleans; Hillel Foundation; Pershing Rifles. • ARLENE BREUER, San Antonio, Texas; Tusk. Seventh Row : • CHARLES PLOWDEN BRIDGES, Baytown, Texas. • JOHN BAX- TER BRINKMANN, Shreveport, La.; Kappa Alpha Order; Canterbury Club. • CHARLES ALLAN BRISTOW, New Orleans; Alpha Tau Omega; Pre-Med Society. • JIM BRITTINGHAM, New Orleans; Sigma Chi; Naval ROTC. • JEAN BRODERS, New Orleans; Chi Omega. Eighth Row: • JAMES G. BROOKS, New Orleans; Naval ROTC. • LARRY T. BROOKS, Warrington, Fla.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Pre-Med Society; Air Force ROTC; Sabre Jets. • HARRY CLAUDE BROUSSARD, New Or- leans. • CAROLYN BROWN, Hastings-on-Hudson, N.Y.; Pi Beta Phi; Student Directory; Westminster Fellowship. • JOE B. E. BROWN. Magnolia Springs, Ala.; Alpha Tau Omega; Westminster Fellowship; Air Force ROTC. Ninth Row: • KATIE BROWN, San Antonio, Texas; Le Circle Francais; Canterbury Club; Tulane University Theatre; International Relations Club; Sailing Club. • MARGARET BROWN, Birmingham, Ala.; Alpha Omicron Pi. • NANCY L. BROWN, Bowman, Ga.; Alpha Delta Pi; Wesley Founda- tion: Glee Club. • SUZANNE BRUNAZZI, Texarkana, Texas: Pi Beta Phi; Le Circ le Francais; Bethany Fellowship. • DOTTIE BUCK, Ashe- ville, N.C.; Canterbury Club; Campus Nite; Tulane University Theatre; Sailing Club. 285 First Row: • JAY BUCKMAN. New Orleans: Zela Beta Tau. • KAUL JOHN BUHLER, II. New Orleans; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Tusk; Canterbury Club; Glendy Burke Society. • MICHAEL D. BYERS, Portland. Ore.; Canterbury Club; Sailing Club. • JAMES G. CAMPBELL, JR., New Orleans. • MERLE DURANT CANE, Mobile, Ala.; Le Circle Francais; Westminster Fellowship; International Relations Club. Second Row: • SALLY PALMER CANFIELD, Rocklord, 111.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Student Directory: Westminster Fellowship; Glee Club. • PETE CAPDE- PON, New Orleans. • MARY CAPPS, New Orleans; Chi Omega; West- minster Fellowship; International Relations Club. • ROBERT CARD- WELL, Alexandria, La. • ALBERT J. CAREY, JR., New Orleans; Newman Club. Third Row: • CAROLE SHELBY CARNES, Shelby, Miss.; Chi Omega. • KAY CAROTHERS, Sulphur Springs, Texas; Kappa Alpha Theta; Le Circle Francais; Newman Club. • CYNTHIA CASON. Dallas, Texas; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Westminster Fellowship. • DON CM AISSON, Weslwego, La. • lOHN DOGGER CHAISSON, Houma, La.; Varsity Football. Fourth Row: • EATON CHAUVIN, Abbeville, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Student Directory. • BILL CHERRY, Galveston, Texas. • JOHN HENDRICK CHIDLOW, Shreveport, La.: Kappa Alpha Order; Pre-Med Society. • JUDD HENDRICK CHIDLOW, Shreveport, La.; Kappa Alpha Order; Pre-Med Society. • CARRIE THELMA CHOW, Shelby, Miss.; Le Circle Francais; Baptist Student Union; A Cappella Choir; Glee Club; Interna- tional Relations Club. Fifth Row: • CAPPY CLANN, New Orleans; Pi Beta Phi: Newman Club. • ROB- ERT CLARK, Houston, Texas; Delta Tau Delta; Army ROTC: Pershing Rifles. • JAMES CLOPTON, McAUen, Texas; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; fr. class vice-pres., A S. • PAUL COFFEE, Denver, Colo.; Zeta Beta Tau; Hillel Foundation; Honor Board, Bus. Admin. • ROBERT ALLAN COHAN, Forest Hills, N.Y. Sixth Row: • JAMES L. COHEN, New Britain, Conn.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Interna- tional Relations Club; Marketing Club. • ROBERT COHEN, Miami, Fla.; Tau Epsilon Phi; Pre-Med Society; Hillel Foundation. • STEPH- EN A. COHEN. New Orleans; Pre-.Med Society; Alpha Phi Omega. • ELAINE SANDRA COHN, Mobile, Ala.; Sigma Delta Tau; Hillel Foundation. • MARTHA COLLINS, Houma, La.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Le Circle Francais; Canteriniry Club; University Chorus. Seventh Row: • GUS WILSON COLVIN, JR., Lincoln. Ala.; Air Force ROTC. • MARY CATHERINE COPELAND. New Orleans; Phi Mu; Canterbury Club • ANN KENAN COULON. Atlanta, Ga.; Alpha Delta Pi; Canter- bury Club; Sailing Club. • MARDI RUTH COX, Daytona Beach. Fla.; Westminster Fellowship; Sailing Club. • FRANK A. COYLE, JR., Mill- ington, Tenn.; Sigma Chi; Freshman Football. Eighth Row: • ANNA CRAPITTO, Houston, Texas; Student Directory; Newman Club. • LYN CRAWFORD, Atlanta, Ga.; Chi Omega; German Club; Dormitory Council; Jambalaya; Canterbury Club. • MARY BUIE CROCKETT, Alexandria, La.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Student Directory; Canterbury Club. • RICHARD FRANKLIN CROMER, Miami, Fla.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Air Force ROTC; Glendy Burke Society. • STERL- ING ROBERT CRUGER, Indianapolis, Ind.; Kappa Sigma; Gamma Delta; Air Force ROTC; Sabre Jets; Alplia Phi Omega. Ninth Row: • MARY CRUMPLER, New Orleans; Chi Omega; Carnival; Canterbury Club; University Chorus. • MARY ELIZABETH D ' AQUIN, New Or- leans- Kappa Kappa Gamma; Student Directory; Newman Club; Campus Nite. • BERT R. DARRAH, Whealon, 111.; Delta Sigma Phi; Wesley Foundation; Campus Nite; Army ROTC; Alpha Phi Omega. • LINDA DARROW, Benton, Ark.; Phi Mu; Wesley Foundation,; Glee Club. • DICK DASPIN, New York, N.Y.; Alpha Epsilon Pi. FRESHMEN 285 FRESHMEN First Row: SUE DAVIDOW, Cleveland, Miss.; Alpha Epsilon Phi: Student Direc- • MARTY DAVIDSON, Meridian, Hillel Foundation; Army ROTC. Texas: Sigma Delta Tau; Hillel .tory; Hillel Foundation; Campus Nite. Miss. ; Zeta Beta Tau : Hullabaloo ; • JOAN CAROL DAVIS, Houston, Foundation: Glee Club. • FRANKA DAWSON, Birmingham, Ala.; Kappa Alpha Thela: Le Circle Francais; Canterbury Club: Glee Club • MICHAEL M. DEBAKEY, Houston, Texas; Phi Delta Theta; Bulla biiloo. Second Row : • JAMES W. DE BUYS, New Orleans: Delta Kappa Epsil.m; Newman Club. • BETTY DEGRYSE, Wilmette, 111.; Newman Club; Campus Nite. • TOBY DELONY, Florence, Ala.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Jambalaya; Westminster Fellowship. • ALBERT J. DERBES, III, Metairie, La.; Delta Tau Delta; Newman Club; Air Force ROTC, Drum Bugle Corps. • JOAN DICKERSON, Atlanta, Ga.; Alpha Delta Pi; Student Directory; Canterbury Club. Third Row: • EMILE H. DIETH, JR., New Orleans; Westminster Fellowship; Air Force ROTC; Alpha Phi Omega; International Relations Club. • ERN- EST HENRY DOERRIES, III, New Orleans; fr. class pres., Engr.; West- minster Fellowship; Air Force ROTC: Honor Board, Engr. • MARILYN DONSKY, Dallas, Texas; Sigma Delta Tau; Carnival; Hillel Founda- tion; Campus Nite. • PETE DORSETT, Lucedale, Miss.: Baptist Student Union. • ALICE DORSEY, Danville, 111.; Student Directory; Wesley Foundation. Fourth Row : • RICHARD A. DRUMMOND, Shreveport, La.: Sl iii.i Alpha Epsilon; Pre-Med Society Baptist Student Union. • BOll HI I III ' NE, New Or- leans; Naval ROTC; Tailhook Club. • D. D. DIM i.M liK, cw Orleans; Kappa Alpha Theta; Le Circle Francais. • RICHARD B. DUNN, New Orleans; Sigma Chi; Glee Club; Army ROTC. • CARROLL RUTH DURAND, New Orleans; Phi Mu; Athletic Council; Canterbury Club. Fifth Row: • ALFRED DYER, JR., New Orleans; Naval ROTC. • LILLIAN ELAINE ECCLES, New Orleans: Chi Omega; Pre-Med Society; Le Circle Francais. • JAY EDELSTON, Chicago, 111.; Zeta Beta Tau; H Mubaloo ; Army ROTC. • PEGGY EDGE, Nashville, Tcnn.; Pi Beta Phi; Student Directory; Canterbury Club. • NED F. EDMONDSON, Lake Providence, La.; Pre-Mcd Society; Varsity Football; Baptist Student Union. Si.xlh Row: • DIANE ' -DANNY " EDWARDS, Pineville, La.; Baptist Student Union. • EDWIN ESSEX ELAM, JR., New Orleans; Army ROTC. • VAN ELLENDER, Houma, La.; Beta Theta Pi; Pre-Med Society; Newman Club. • BILL ELLIS, Houston, Texas. • AUGUSTUS ELMER, HI, New Orleans; Newman Club. Seventh Row: • EUGENE CHARLES ENGMAN, Nokomis, Fla.; Army ROTC; Sports Car Club. • JOHN JOSEPH ERNST, HI, New Orleans; Newman Club; Tulanc University Tlieatre. • ROBERT B. EVANS, New Orleans: Pi Kappa Alpha; Newman Club; Glee Club; Circle K. • CHARLES HENRY EVERETT, JR., Des Moines, Iowa: Phi Kappa Sigma; Tulane Univer- sity Tlieatre; Air Force ROTC. • PAUL F. EYANSON, Philadelphia, Pa.; Newman Club. Eighth Row: • MILLIE FAGAN, Metairie, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Newman Club. • LINDA GENE FARFEL, Houston, Texas; Alpha Epsilon Phi; fr. class sec, Newc; Hillel Foundation. • RAY E. FARRIS, Geneva, Ala.: Delta Sigma Phi; Pre-Med Society; Wesley Foundation; Campus Nite; Tulane University Theatre. • SANDI FAYSASH, Akron, Ohio; Kappa Alpha Theta; Canterbury Club; Campus Nite; Sailing Club. • SUSAN R. FEE, New Orleans; Alpha Omicron Pi; ie Circle Fran- cais; Newman Club. Ninth Row: • LINDA FEINBERG, Montgomery, Ala.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Hillel Foundation; University Chorus; Campus Nile: A Cappella Choir. • LENNY FEINGOLD, Hollywood, Fla.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Army ROTC. • CAROL SUE FELDMAN, Highland Park, 111.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Dance Club- Hillel Foundation. • CAROLINE FELDMAN, New Or- leans. • SHERYL JEAN FELDlMAN, Nashville, Tcnn.; Carnival; Hillel Foundation. 2S7 First Row: • MAUREEN ELIZABETH FERGUSON, AUou, III.: Aiplia Omicron Pi. • ARTURO FERIA, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba; Newman Club. • NOR MAN S. FERTEL. New Orleans: Hillel Foundation. • JUDYTH H. FIELD, Hamden. Conn.: Alpha Omicron Pi: Pre-Med Society; Le Circle Francais: Canterbury Club; Sailing Club; Sports Car Club. • SALLY ANN FIELD. Alexandria. La.; Chi Omega; Le Circle Francais; West- minster Fellowship; Glee Club. Second Row: • JOHNNY FIELDER, Corpus Chrjsti, Texas. • ROBERT M. FIER- MAN. Birmingham. Ala.; Zeta Beta Tau; Hullabaloo. • MARION V, FILIPPONE. Bellaire, Texas; Sigma Chi: Pre-Med Society; Newman Club. • JONEE FINE, Atlanta. Ga.: Alpha Epsilon Phi; jAMBAL.iYA; Hillel Foundation: Campus Nite. • LYNN FINESILVER, San Antonio. Texas: Alpha Epsilon Phi; Jambalava; Hillel Foundation: Campus Nite; International Relations Club. Third Row: • MICHAEL FINK, Yazoo City. Miss.: Zeta Beta Tau; Pre-Med Society; Hillel Foundation. • WAYNE C. FINK. Memphis, Tenn.: Hillel Foun. dation. • PATRICIA C. FIRMIN, Wood, Wise: Alpha Omicron Pi: Lc Circle Francais: Student Directory; Newman Club: Glee Club. • WIL- LIAM EDWARD FITZGERALD, Shreveport, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • JOSEPH M. FLECKINGER, New Orleans; Delta Tau Delta; Naval ROTC. Fourth Row: • GRACE FLETCHER, Alpena, Mich.; Student Directory: Canterbury Club; Sailing Club. • TRISHA FLOYD, Myrtle Beach, S.C; Delta Zeta; Canterbury Club; International Relations Club. • JULES FOGEL, Shreveport, La.; Hallabaloo. • AVRON FOGELMAN, Memphis, Tenn,; Zeta Beta Tau; Hillel Foundation. • GARY FOSTER, Fort Smith, Ark.; Army ROTC. Fifth Row: • GEORGE E. FOSTER, New Orleans; Intramural Council: West- minster Fellowship; Air Force ROTC; Sabre Jets. • STUART AMES FRANK, Houston Texas: Alpha Epsilon Pi: Pre-Med Society; Hillel Foundation; Glendy Burke Society. • JULIE FRANSEN, New Orleans; Phi Mu; Honor Board, sec. Bus. Admin.; Newman Club. • DELERY FRERET, Hialeah, Fla.: Air Force ROTC; Tulane Amateur Radio Club. • FREDERICK J. FRESE, Randolph A.F.B., Texas; Newman Club; Naval ROTC. Sixth Row: • MICHAEL H. FREUND, Ladue, Mo.; Internati..nal Relations Club. • CAROL FREYER, Shreveport, La.; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • BETTY FRIEDRICHS, Metairic, La.; Art Club; Canterbury Club. • G. SHELBY •■BUDDY " FRIEDRICHS, JR., New Orleans; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • SUE FRIZELL, Larned, Kan.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Westminster Fellowship. Seventh Row: • DONALD EDWARD FUERST, Shaker His., Ohio; German Club; Pre- Med Society. • JAMES EDWIN FULTON, JR., Newport Beach, Calif.; Phi Kappa Sigma: Wesley Foundation. • BUDDY CAILEY, Miami, Fla.; Air Force ROTC. • RICHARD S. GALIN, Milwaukee, Wis.; Alpha Epsilon Pi. • NANCY JEAN GALLAHER, Shawnee, Okla.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Le Circle Francais; Baptist Student Union; Tulane Univer- sity Theatre; International Relations Club. Eighth Row: • JOEL GARDNER, N. Hollywood, Calif. • GEORGE GARRETT, Greenville, Miss.; Kappa Sigma; Air Force ROTC; Sabre Jets. • ROD- NEY GATES, Memphis, Tenn.; Channing Club; Sailing Club. • GLENN B. GATIFON, New Orleans; Delta Tau Delta. • DAVID K. GATTO, Bilney, Miss.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Tusk; Tulane University Theatre; In- ternational Relations Club. Ninth Row: • ALAN A. GEIGER, Brooklyn, N.Y.; HuUnhaloa; Wave Handbook; Campus Nite. • CHARLES F. GENRE, New Orleans; Sigma Chi; Pre- Med Society; Newman Club. • JANE CERSBACHER, Carbondalc, III.; Delta Sigma Pi; Beauty Court, Bus. Admin. • PAUL GERSON, Houston, Texas- Zeta Beta Tau; Pre-Med Society; Hullabaloo; Hillel Foundation. • CATHERINE GERSTNER, Gramercy, La.; Alpha Delta Pi; Student Directory; Newman Club; Campus Nite. FRESHMEN 288 FRESHMEN First Row: • MARY GILLESPIE, Davlona Beach, Fla.; Alpha Delta Pi; Newman Club; Sailing Club. • LYN GINOUX, Newport Beach, Calif.; Pi Beta Plti; Dormitory Council: Student Directory; Canterbury Club; Glee Club; Art Club. • DORIS JEAN GINSBERG, Tyler, Texas; Hillel Foundation; Glee Club; Sigma Delta Tau. • JOAN V. GIROT, Now Orleans: Alpha Omicron Pi; fr. class treas., Arch.; A. LA.; Sailing Club. • PHYLLIS GLASER. New Orleans; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Le Circle Francais; Jambalaya; Hillel Foundation. Second Row : • Ll.N ' DA GLAZER, Fort Worth, Texas; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Dance Club: Jambalava; Hillel Foundation; Campus Nite. • PEGGY GLUCK, Highland Park, 111.; Sigma Delta Tau; , Barracudas; Hillel Foundation. • RAY GUELLER, Spokane, Wash.; Wesley Foundation; Sailing Club. • STEVEN GENE GOLDFARB, St. Louis, Mo.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Hillel Foundation. • PENNY PHYLLIS GOLDMAN, Coral Gables, Fla.; Sigma Delta Tau; Hillel Foundation. Third Row : • WILLIS M. GOOCH, Jackson. Miss.; Sigma Chi; A Cappella Choir; University Chorus. • MARILYN GORDON, New Orleans; Alpha Omicron Pi; Student Directory; Wesley Foundation; Sailing Club. • NANCY GOSTOMSKI, LaSalle, 111.; Phi Mu; Student Directory; Newman Club. • JEAN GOUDEAU, Mansfield, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Le Circle Francais: Wesley Foundation. • SANDRA LEE GRACE, Shreveport, La.; Pi Beta Phi; Wesley Foundation. Fourth Row: • GLENDA GAYNELLE GRAHAM, Titusville, Fla.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Student Directory; Christian Science Organization; Glee Club; University Chorus; Sailing Club. • RICHARD NORWOOD GRAHAM, New Orleans; Newman Club; Air Force ROTC. • JOHN GRAML, Shreveport, La.: Circle K. • ALEC GRANT, Sarasota, Fla.; Kappa Sigma: Hullabaloo; Army ROTC. • CAROL ALLISON GRAY, Midland, Texas; Kappa Alpha Theta; Canterbury Club. Fifth Row: • SAM CRAY, Miami Bca. h, Fla.; Zcta Beta Tau; Intcr-House Council, sec; Pre-Med Society; Dormitory Council; Alpha Phi Omega; Sailing Club. • FRIEDA ANN GREEN, New Orleans; Sigma Delta Tau; Hillel Founilati.in. • MISSY GREEN, Jackson, Miss.: Chi Omega; Le Circle Francais; Canterbury Club. • JAMES W. GREEN, Eden, Texas; Pi Kappa Alha: German Club; Pre-Med Society. • JERRY GREENBAUM, Atlanta, Ga.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Hillel Foundation; Army ROTC. Si.Mh Row: • LADY GREENSLIT, New Orleans; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Canterbury Club. • KATHLEEN GRENROOD, Flossmoor. III.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Student Directory; Newman Club. • JOHN ' -BUN " GRIFFIN, Houston, Texas; Pre-.Med Society; Canterbury Club. • J. S. GUEPET, JR., Clif- ton, N.J. • EDMOND M. GUEYDAN, New Orleans; Kappa Alpha Order. Seventh Row : • N. VAL GUIDRY, JR., New Orleans; Pre-Med Society; Newman Club- Air Force ROTC • BERT L. GURWITCH, Mobile, Ala.; Sigma Alpha Mu: Hillel Foundation; Army ROTC; Pi Lambda Beta. • DELPH A. GUSTITUS, Loves Park, III.; Sigma Chi; Pre-Med Society; Freshman Basketball; Golf Basketball .Mgr.; Newman Club; A Cappella Choir; Glee Club; University Chorus. • JUDITH ANN HAAS, Neosho, Mo.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Dance Club; Carnival; Westminster Fellowship; Glee Club; Glendy Burke Society. • W. DOUGLAS HALL, Camden, Maine; Beta Theta Pi; Tulane University Theatre. Eighth Row: • MARIAN HAM, Shreveport, La.; Canterbury Club; Sailing Club. • BILL HAMILTON, Habana, Cuba; Newman Club; Naval ROTC; Tail- ho.ik Club. • KEITH M. HA.MMETT, Metairie, La.; Beta Theta Pi. • FRANK SYMPSON HAMMOND, Bardstown, Ky.; Sigma Chi; Baptist Student Union; Glee Club; Tulane University Theatre; University Chorus; Army ROTC; Sailing Club. • ANN HARBESON, Houston, Texas; Alpha Delta Pi; Le Circle Francais; Tusk; Canterbury Club; Sailing Club. Ninth Row: • ALAN C. HARDY, New Orleans; Kappa Alpha Order. • LADY HELEN HARDY, New Orleans; Kappa Kappa Gamma; fr. class vice- pres., Newc.; Athletic Council: Tusk; Newman Club. • ROBERT HARIKE, College Park, Ca. • IRA B. HARKEY, III, Pascagoula, Miss.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Hullabaloo; Tusk; Newman Club; Sailing Club. • THOMAS L. HARMAN, Lakcwood, Ohio; Phi Kappa Sigma; Sailing Club. 289 First Row: • ETTA MURPHY HARRELL, B..galusa, La.: Kappa Alpha Theta; Canterbury Club. • PAUL B. HARRIS, New York, N.Y. • STEPHEN ROBERT HARRIS. New Orleans: Pre.Med Society. • BENJAMIN " JEFF " HARRISON, Pensacola, Fla.; Sigma Alpha Epsikm; Prc-Med Society: Westminster Fellowship. • RANDY HARRISON, San Antonio, Texas: Pre-Med Society. Second Row: • SHEILA ELAINE H-ART. Groves, Texas: Kappa Kappa Gamma: Barracudas: Le Circle Francais. • JA.MES HARTWELL, Shreveport, La.; Hullabaloo. • LYNDA HARVEY, Albrook Air Force Base, Canal Zone; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Carnival; Canterbury Club. • JULIE SUE HATTEN, GuHport, Miss.; Phi Mu: Newman Club; Sailing Club. • WIL- LIAM B, HAY, New Orleans; Bethany Fellowship; Interfaith Council. Third Row : • MARTHA D. HAYES, Shreveport, La.; Chi Omega; Wesley Founda tion; Sailing Club. • CHARLES HEIDELBERG, Hattiesburg, Miss. Sigma Alpha Epsilon; fr. class vice-pres.. Bus. Admin.; Newman Club Army ROTC, Pershing Rifles. • PAT HEINSIMER, Highland Park, 111. Sigma Delta Tau: Barracudas. • DONALD A. HESSMER, New Orleans Kappa Alpha Order. • EDMOND F. HEYD, JR., New Orleans; Newman Club; Air Force ROTC. Fourth Row: • NORMAN HEYD, New Orleans; Newman Club: Air F.irce ROTC. • HOWARD HIAN, Clayton, Mo.; Zela Beta Tau: Hillel F.Hindation; Campus Nite. • JUDY HICKS, Sarasota, Fla.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; International Relations Qub. • ROBERT EDWIN HILL, JR., New Orleans. • JOSEPH WALTER HIRN. III. New Orleans: Canterbury Club. Fifth Row: • NEIL HIRSCH, Chicago, III.; Zeta Beta Tau: Honor Board, Bus. Admin.; Army ROTC; Hullabaloo. • SAMMY IIODGKS. Osceola, Ark.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Pre-Med Society. • SISAX HOUGES. Beaumont, Texas: Pi Beta Phi; Canterbury Club. • JULIK HOERNER, Decatur, Ga.; Student Directory; Westminster Fellowship. • PAUL HOGAN, III, New Orleans; Phi Delta Theta; Army ROTC. Sixth Row: • ROBERT B. HOLMES, Skokie, 111.; Delta Tau Delta. • GAYLE HOUSTON, New Orleans: Chi Omega; Canterbury Club. • LELON HUBBARD, Monticello, Ark.; Army ROTC; Pershing Rifles; Pre-Med Society. • MAURICE HUNSAKER, Corpus Christi, Texas; Pre-Med Society; Kappa Sigma. • ANN HUNTER, Rupert, Idaho; Canterbury Club. Seventh Row: • HOWARD I. HURTIG, Leland, Miss.; Zeta Beta Tau; Pre-Med So- ciety; Hullabaloo; Hillel Foundation. • SUSIE HUSTED, Hammond Ind.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Barracudas; Sailing Club. • SYLVIA IBELE. New Orleans; Gamma Delta. • TIM IRWIN, Jacksonville, Fla.; Phi Delta Theta; Pre-Med Society; Newman Club. • BERNICE " BUNNY " JACOBS, High Point, N.C.; Sigma Delta Tau; Hillel Foundation. Eighth Row: • KEREN AMI JACOBSON, Highland Park, 111.; Sigma Delta Tau; Hillel Foundatiim; Campus Nite. • CAROLE JAFFE, Houston, Texas: Alpha Epsilon Phi; Dance Club; Hillel Foundation. • PHILIP JAMES, New Orleans; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Tusk. • ROBERT E. JEFFERS, JR., New Orleans; Phi Kappa Sigma; Army ROTC. • ALLIENE JENK- INS, New Orleans; Phi Mu; Newman Club. Ninth Row: • GAIL VIRGINIA JOHNSON, River Forest, III.; Le Circle Francais: Campus Nite. • LEIF E. JOHNSON, Fort Myers, Fla.; Wesley Founda- tion; Tulane University Theaire; Army ROTC. • BILL JOHNSON, Now Orleans; Phi Delta Theta; Canterbury Club; Army ROTC; Sports Car Club. • WILLIAM JOHNSON, Wooster, Ohio. • BRENDA ANN JONES, New Orleans; Delta Zeta; Jambalaya; Wesley Foundation. FRESHMEN 290 FRESHMEN First Row : • CHARLYNE JONES, Dallas, Texas; Alpha Omicron Pi: Dance Club; Wesley Foundation; Campus Nile; Glee Club. • RUTHIE Z. JONES, New Orleans; Pi Beta Phi; Le Circle Francais. • SHARON JONES, Houston, Texas; Alpha Delta Pi; Atiiletic Council; Student Directory; Wesley Foundation. • S. ROSS JONES, Woodville, Miss.; Canterbury Club; Glee Club; University Chorus. • BOB KAGY, New Orleans. Second Row : • STUART W. KAHN, EI Paso, Texas. • JAY STEVEN KAPLAN, Dover. Del.; Sigma .Alpha Mu; Pre-Med Society; Hillel Foundation; Glee Club. • ARTHUR KASTLER. New Orleans. • DENNIS JAY KATZ, Jacksonville, Fla.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Hillel Foundation; Glee Club; International Relations Club; Pi Lambda Beta. • MYLES MATHIAS KATZ, New Rochelle, N.Y.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pre-Med So. ciety; Hillel Foundation. Thiid Row: • RONALD F. KATZ, New Orleans; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Army ROTC. • GEORGE L. KAVA, Brooklyn, N.Y. • MARLENE ■■ROSIE " KAYE, Little Rock, Ark.; Sigma Delta Tau; Le Circle Francais; Hullxibaloo; Hillel Foundation; Glee Club; University Chorus; Campus Nite. • JO- SEPH E. KEETON, Birmingham, Ala.; Kappa Sigma; Canterbury Club; Naval ROTC: Navy Drill Team. • HARRY B. KELLEHER, JR., New Orleans; Kappa Alpha Order. Fourth Row : • KITA KELLY, Eglin AFB, Fla Canterbury Club; Ky.; Chi Omega; Kappa Alplut Thela; Jamhalaya; Honor Board, Newc. • CAROLYN KENNEY, Paris, Le Circle Francais; Canterbury Club; International Relations Club; Sailing Club. • SUE ANNE KENNEY, Marrick, N.Y.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Le Circle Francais; Carnival; Newman Club; Sailing Club. • SPENCER KENT, Forest Hills, N.Y.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Sports Car Club. • BEVERLY KERR. .Metairie, La.; Alpha Omicron Pi; West- minster Fellowship. Fifth Row: • SHEILA KERRIGAN, Pass Christian, Miss.; Pi Beta Phi; Sailing Club. • .MARGARET KETTLER, New Orleans; Kappa Alpha Theta; Wesley Foundation; University Chorus. • THOMAS J. KILLIAN, Fort Lauderdale, Fla.; Pre-Med Society; Newman Club; Army ROTC. • MI- CHAEL LENNON KING, Birmingham, Ala.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • DIGBY 0. KIRBY, New Orleans; Alpiia Tau Omega; Sports Car Chib; Young Republicans. Sixth Row: • CECILE KLEIN, Pensacola, Fla.; Sigma Delta Tau; La Tertulia; Greenbackers; Hillel Foundation. • SYLVIA KLU.MOK, Moorhead, Miss.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Le Circle Francais; Greenbackers; Hillel Foundation, • KATHY KNOLLE, Seguin, Texas; Kapp a Alpha Theta; Student Directory; Wesley Foundation. • JOSEPH MORRIS KOCH- ANSKY, Melville, La.; Kappa Sigma; Pre-Med Society; Army ROTC; Internathmal Relations Club. • PETER LEE KOCHMAN, Waco, Texas; German Club; Pre-Med Society; Hillel Foundation. Seventh Row: • CAROLYN KOLB, Little Rock, Ark.; Alpha Delta Pi; Carnival; Bap- list Student Union; Campus Nite; Glee Club. • CAROLYN JO KOPPEL, Harlingen, Texas; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Hillel Foundation. » CYNTHIA A. KORNDORFFER, New Orleans; Phi Mu; Newman. Club. • DONALD KORTZ, Denver, Colo.; Zeta Beta Tau; Hullabaloo. • JULIET H. KOSS- MAN, Cleveland, Miss.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Jambaiaya. Eighth Row: • LINDA KOSTMAYER, New Orleans; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • DANNY KOVNAT, Lantana, Fla.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pro-Med So- ciety; Student Directipry; Tulanc University Theatre. • LARRY KUETER, New Orleans; Delta Tau Delta. • STEVE LABRANCHE, New Orleans; Tulane University Theatre. • JA.MES HAMMOND LAKE, JR., New Orleans; Beta Theta Pi. Ninth Row: • JUDITH LAMB, Greenwood, Miss.; Kappa Alpha Theta; German Club; Jambalava; Westminster Fellowship; International Relations Club. • WILLIAM C. LAMMEY, Memphis, Tenn.; Waval ROTC. • MELANIE LANDAU, New Orleans; Sigma Delta Tau; Hillel Foundation. • RICH- ARD ARMITAGE LANGENBAHN, South Bend, Ind.; Kappa Alpha Order; fr. class pres.. Bus. Admin.; Newman Club. • ALBERT 0. LANOIX, JR., New Orleans; Delta Sigma Phi. 291 First Row: • HARRY S. LAUGHRAN, Biloxi. Miss.; Newman Clulj; Naval ROTC; Sailing Club. • LAURA LOUISE LAWLESS, Morganuiwn. W. Va.; Le Circle Francais: Carnival; Newman Club; International Relations Club • DAVID B. LAWRENCE. JR.. New Orleans; Alpha Tau Omega; fr. ciass sec.. Bus. Admin.; Varsity Golf; Army ROTC. • THO.MAS R. LAWTON, Highland Park, III.; Hidlabaloo; Hillcl Foundation; Army ROTC; Pershing Rifles. • GEORGE RANDALL LEAKE, Little Rock, Ark.; Kappa Sigma; Circle K. Second Row : • ROBERT S. LEAKE, New Orleans; Alpha Tau Omega; Canterbury Club; Army ROTC; Pershing Rifles. • RUTH MYRA LEBOVITZ, Pitts- burgh Pa.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Le Circle Francais; Hillel Foundation; Campus Nite. • HARRY LEBOW, Baltimore, Md.; Zeta Beta Tau; Hillel Foundation. • WILLIAM B. LEE, New Orleans; Kappa Alpha Order. • WILFRED E. LEHDER, JR., New Orleans; Delta Tau Delta; Newman Club; Pershing Rifles. Third Row: • JACK LEICHER, New York, N.Y.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Hillel Founda- tion; Naval ROTC. • HERBERT ALLAN LEPP, Kcwosha, Wis.; Zeta Beta Tau; Pre-Med Society; Hullabaloo; Jambalava; Army ROTC. • MARTIN L. LEV, Brooklyn, N.Y.; Alpha Epsilon Pi: Hullabaloo. • FREDDA LEE LEVIN, Dallas, Texas; Jambalava; Tusk; Hillel Foun- dation; Campus Nite. • ROBERT L. LEVIN, Jacksonville, Fla.; Sigma Alpha Mu. Fourth Row: • JANE ANN LEVY St. Paul, Minn.; Sigma Delta Tau; Hillel Founda- tion; Campus Nite. • LAWTON LEVY, JR., Clayton, Mo. • MARY LYNN LEVY, Tucson, Ariz.; Sigma Delta Tau; Barracudas. • JERRY LEWIS, Fort Worth, Texas; Phi Kappa Sigma; Baptist Student Union: Circle K. • SALLYE LEWIS, Lake Charles, La.; Chi Omega; Le Circle Francais; Baptist Student Union. Fifth Row: • DAVE LICCIARDI, New Orleans; Alpha Tau Omega. • LARRY M. LOEB Morgan City, La.; Zeta Beta Tau; Hillel Foundation; Air Force ROTC; International Relations Club. • I. JAMES LONDON, Balta, Md.- Zeta Beta Tau; Hullabaloo; Campus Nite. • JOHN C. LONG, TulsL, Okla. • WARREN G. LOTT, New Orleans; Alpha Tau Omega. Sixth Row: • DIANA LOVEDAY, Le Ceiba, Honduras, C.A.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • WALFORD B. LOWELL, San Antonio, Texas: Zeta Beta Tau; Air Force ROTC • DONNA LOWENSTEIN, Columbia, S.C; Delta Zeta; Le Circle Francais; Canterbury Club. • FRANK M. LUBRANO. New Orleans; Pi Kappa Alpha; Newman Clul). • R. H. -SKIPPER " LUKE, Bunkie, La.; Kappa Sigma; Canterbury Club; Naval ROTC. Seventh Row : • MIKE LURIE, Houston, Texas: Zeta Beta Tau; Hillcl Foundation; Campus Nite. • JAMES W. LUTTMANN, Princeton, N.J,; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • SUZANNE LYTTAN, New Orleans; Baptist Student Union. • WILLIAM McANINCH, Little Rock, Ark.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Air Force ROTC; Sabre Jets; Circle K. • JUDY McCALLUM, New Orleans; Alpha Omicron Pi: Hullabaloo. Eighth Row: • JAMES K. McCARTER, JR., New Orleans; Alpha Tau Omega; West- minster Fellowship; Naval ROTC. • JEAN ALISON McCLENATHAN, Los Angeles, Calif.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Canterbury Club. • ROWENA -McCLINTON, Jackson, Miss.; Chi Omega; Greenbackers; Wesley Foun- dation. • HILDA McCULLOUGH, Lafayette, La.; Chi Omega; Newman Club. • ANNE McDonald, Monroe, La.; Pi Beta Phi; Barracudas; Newman Club. Ninth Row: • MIKE McENANY, Bellairc, Texas; Kappa Sigma. • JAY EDWIN McKEE, Guthrie, Okla.; Pep Band; Tulane Band; Tulane University Theatre; Army ROTC, • SAM G. McKERALL, II, Birmingham, Ala.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • JIM McLAUGHLIN, Kansas City, Mo.; Pre-Med So- ciety. • MELINDA McWILLIAMS, Hatliesburg, Miss.;- Chi Omega; Baptist Student Union. FRESHMEN 292 ixK FRESHMEN First Row : • FLORENCE MACDONALD, New Orleans; Kappa Alpha Theta; Le Circle Francais; Newman Club. • DENNI KATHLEEN MACK, Wash- ington, D.C.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Newman Club: A Cappella Choir; Glee Club. • JAMES E. MACKEY, Tupelo, Miss. • KEITH MANATT, Hous- ton, Texas; Pi Beta Phi; Sailing Club. • GLENN ROBERT MANNING, New Orleans: Delia Sigma Phi; Newman Club; Air Force ROTC; Drum Bugle Corp.; Alpha Phi Omega. Second Row : • SONNY MARES, Galveston, Texas; Kappa Sigma; ir. class sec., A S. • LEONARD D. MARSHALL, New Orleans; Sigma Alpha Mu. • VIC- TORIA MARTINEZ, New Orleans; Delta Zeta; Newman Club; Glee Club. • T. C. MASSEY, Baytown, Texas; Delta Tau Delta. • GLORIA MASSIMINI, New Orleans; Newman Club. Third Row : • PETER MASSONY, Weslwego, La.; Prc-Med Society; Newman Club. • MARIAN MASTERS, Fort Worth, Texas; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Hillel Foundation; Campus Nile. • HELAINE MAZIN, Louisville, Ky.: Sigma Delta Tau: Hillel Foundation; International Relations Club. • DOUGLAS MEDLEY, Gullport, Miss.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • KROV N. MENU- HIN, Nassau, Bahamas; Kappa Sigma; Air Force ROTC; Sailing Club. Fourth Row : • LYNN ANDREA MICHAEL, Miami, Fla.; Sigma Delta Tau; Dance Club; Hillel Foundation. • DAVID J. MILLER, Norco, La.; Newman Club. • IRA STEVEN MILLER, New York, N.Y.; Hillel Foundation. • WILLIAM T. MILLICAN, Athens, Ga.; Kappa Sigma; Canterbury Club; Naval ROTC; Navy Drill Platoon; Sailing Club. • BILLY MIME- LES, New Orleans; Zeta Beta Tau; Hullabaloo; Army ROTC. Fifth Row: • CLARENCE R. MOEN, Cumberland, Wis.; Fr. Football. • ANN MONROE, Port Sulphur, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Westminster Fel- lowship. • JOE C. MONTGOMERY. Monroe, La.; Beta Theta Pi; Can- terbury Club; Army ROTC. • EDUARDO MORAS Y ROMAN, Atlanta, Ga. • GEORGINA MORE, Habana, Cuba; fr. class sec, Arch. Sixth Row: • RANDY .VIORET, Atlanta, Ga.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Army ROTC. • DONALD BOONE MORGAN, New Orleans; Pi Kappa Alpha; Newman Club. • HENRY M. MORRIS, Birmingham, Ala.; Canterbury Cluh; Alpha Phi Omega; Sailing Club. • MINDY MORRISON, Hinsdale, 111.; Kappa Alpha Theta; German Club; Westminster Fellowship. • TUCKY MOSS, Lake Charles, La.; Chi Omega; Wesley Foundation. Seventh Row: • JEANIE MULLINS, Baton Rouge, La.; Chi Omega; Student Direc- l..ry: Wesley Foundation. • WILLIAM MULROY, Washington, D.C. • SUE CAROLE NASITS, Tyler. Texas; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Hillel Foundation; Campus Nite. • LINDA NEATHERY, Little Rock, Ark.; l.e Circle Francais; Greenhackers; Baptist Student Union; International Relations Club. • ELIZABETH ANNE NEFF, San Antonio, Texas; Alpha Omicron Pi. Eighth Row: • ROBERT NEFF, JR., Shreveport, La.; Phi Kappa Sigma. • ED- WARD WILLIAM NELSON, JR., New Orleans; Pi Kappa Alpha; Pre- Med .Society. • GERARD NEWMANN, El Paso, Texas. • WILLIAM NEVILLE. Ill, McComb, Miss.; Phi Delta Theta; Naval ROTC. • DIANE NEWMAN, New Orleans; Delta Zeta; Newman Club. Ninth Row: • FRANK NEWMAN, Mexico, D.F. • JOHN FRANKLIN NEWSOM, New Orleans. • BARRIE NIEHUSS, Gurdon, Ark.; Chi Omega; West- minster Fellowship: International Relations Club. • NEWTON S. NOBLE III, Barrington, 111.: Delta Sigma Phi; Wesley Foundation; Sailing Club. • ERNEST B. NORMAN, III, New Orleans; Alpha Tau Omega; Young Republicans. 293 First Row: • BRUCE ALBERT NORTH, Grelna, La.; Delta Sigma Phi; Naval ROTC. • CHARLES H. NORTH, JR,. Jackson, Miss,; Delta Tau Delta; Carnival; Canterbury Club; Army ROTC. • ALEX NUNAN, Atlanta, Ga. • WILLIAM NUSSBAUM. Jacksonville, Fla.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Hillel Foundation; Campus Nite. • CHUCK O ' BRIEN, Metairie, La.; Delta Tau Delta; Pre-Med Society; Newman Club; Sailing Club. Second Row : • NORENE ODOM. New Orleans; Delta Zeta. • GEORGE OECHSNER, New Orleans. • DAVID OFFUTT, Odessa, Texas; Pi Kappa Alpha. • LYNN ORKIN. Jackson, Miss.; Alpha Epsilnn Phi; Cheerleaders; Greenbackers; Hillel Foundation, • JACK C. OSWALD, Metairie, La.; Delta Tau Delta. Third Row: • GEORGE W. OWEN, JR., New Orleans: Alpha Tau Omega; Army ROTC. • MARY RAE OXBORROW, Humboldt, Iowa; Le Circle Fran- cais; Tulane Band. • LILIAN PAGE, New Orleans; Phi Mu; Student Directory; Newman Club; Campus Nite; Sailing Club. • FERNANDO M. PAGES, Matanzas, Cuba; Newman Club. • LOUIS PALER.MO, New Or leans; Air Force ROTC. Fourth Row : • ELEANOR PARK, Winlerville, Miss.; Chi Omega; Wesley Foundation. • SUE PATTON, New Orleans; Delta Zeta; Le Circle Francais; Canter- bury Club; Campus Nite; Glee Club; University Chorus; International Relations Club. • CALEDONIA PAYNE, Leland, Miss.; Chi Omega; Le Circle Francais; Christian Science Organizatiim; Tulane University Theatre. • CAMERON PAYNE, Shreveport, La.; Greenbackers; Can- terbury Club. • CHARLES B. PEATROSS, Shreveport, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Fifth Row: • DON PENLX, Vernon, Texas; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Pre-Med Society; Newman Club. • JERRY PERLIN, Kings Point, N.Y.; Pre-Med Society. • SUZANNE PERRY, Wagoner, Okla.; Kappa Alpha Tliela; Bethany Fellowship; Interfailh Council. • PHILIP B. PFEFFER, Covington, La.; Alpha Tau Omega. • DOYLE PHILLIPS, New Orleans; Air Force ROTC. Sixth Row: • MARGARET PHILLIPS, Houston, Texas; Jambalaya; Hillel Founda- tion; Campus Nite. • JOEL PIASSICK, Atlanta, Ga.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pi Lambda Beta; Army ROTC. • MADGE REBECCA PlKliCK. J.ffcr- sonvillc, Ga.; Alpha Delta Pi; Canterbury Club. • MARII.VN Ilin ' TY PILIAWSKY, New Orleans: Hillel Foundation. • SAM LUKK I ' IKA.MO, JR., Leesville, U.; Army ROTC. Seventh Row: • TYRONE T. PIZZOLATO, DonaldsonviUe, La. • PAM PLUMLEY, Shreveport, La.; Phi Beta Phi. • PRISCILLA POINDEXTER, Shreve- port, La.; Tusk; Newman Club; Glee Club; Tulane University Theatre: University Chorus. • BERT PONIG, San Francisco, Calif.; Phi Kappa Sigma. • ANNE PORTEOUS, New Orleans; Pi Beta Phi; Canterbury Cl..b; Sailing Club. Eighth Row: • DANNIE ALFRED POST, New Orleans; Delta Tau Delta; Naval ROTC; Drum Bugle Corps. • GEORGE G. POTTER, Nassau, Bahama Islands; Kappa Sigma; Air Force ROTC; Sabre Jets; Sailing Club; Sports Car Club. • KATHERINE POWELL, Fort Myers, Fla.; Alpha Delta Pi; Student Directory; Canterbury Club. • LINDA PRAGER, Indianapolis, Ind.; Sigma Delta Tau; Le Circle Francais; Jambalaya; Hillel Foundation; International Relations Club. • ANNE COLLIER PRATT, New Orleans; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Newman Club. Ninth Row: • DAVE PRICE, New York, N.Y.; Sigma Alpha Mu. • EDWARD W. PRICE, San Antonio, Texas; Beta Theta Pi. • PAT PRIEST, Harlingen, Texas; Tulane Band; Naval ROTC; Anclior and Chain. • MARTIN PRITZKER, Memphis, Tenn.; Sigma Alpha Mu ; Pre-Med Society. • PETER PUPELLO, JR., Tampa, Fla.; Pi Kappa Alpha. FRESHMEN . . ' -■ ' -) ' Sf waJfc; 294 FRESHMEN First Row: • FRANK J. QUARRELLA, New Orleans. • PAUL RAND, Rego Park, N.Y.: Army ROTC. • DAVID C. RANDOLPH, New Orleans; West- minster Fellowship; Tulane Band; Naval ROTC; Drum Bugle Corps. • WlLl.lA.M LEWIS RANDOLPH, New Orleans; Alpha Tau Omega. • ROSE MARIE RAPIER, New Orleans; Pi Beta Phi; Le Circle Fran- cais; Newman Cluh. Second Row : • MORTON DAVID RAU, New Orleans: Hillel Foundation; Naval ROTC; Navy Drill Team. • JUDY REEVES, Houston, Texas; Alpha Delta Pi; Athletie Council; Student Directory; Sailing Club. • ELAINE REHM, Mobile, Ala.; Alpha Omicron Pi; German Club; Student Direc- tory; Newman Club. • JAMES RONALD REST, New Orleans. • PAUL E. RESTER, JR., Tulsa, Okla. Third Row : • RENEE RICHARD, New Orleans; Kappa Alpha Theta; Lc Circle Franeais; Newman Club. • WILTON L. RICHARD. Fort Knox, Kv.; Delta Sigma Phi; Newman Club; Air Force ROTC. • WENDY RICH- ARDSON, Atlanta, Ga.; Kappa Alpha Theta. • GEORGE PETER ROB- BINS, III, New Orleans; Phi Kappa Sigma. • KENNY ROBERTS, fc ' astrop, La.; Phi Kappa Sigma. Fourth Row: • WILLIAM C. ROBERTSON, New Orleans; Phi Delta Theta; HuUa- l.aloo; Army ROTC; Pershing Rifles. • DON ROBIN, New Orleans; Sigma Chi; A.S.M.E. • JAMES V. ROBINSON, Charlotte, N.C.; West- minster Fellowship; Naval ROTC; Drum Bugle Corps. • JERRY C. ROBINSON, Jacksonville, Fla.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Pep Band; Wesley Foundation; Naval ROTC; Tailhook Club; Navy Drill Team. • RUTH ANNE ROCKWELL, Fairhope, Ala.; Phi Mu; German Club; Dance Club; Wesley Foundation. Fifth Row: • JOAN ROGERS, Concord, Mass.; Delta Zeta: German Club. • CAR- MEN LAURA ROMAN, Managua, Nicaragua; Campus Nite; Glee Club; Tulane University Theatre; University Chorus; International Relations Club; " Side Wheeler. " • SONJA ROMANOWSKI, Dallas, Texas; Delta Zeta; Le Circle Franeais; Jambalava; Campus Nite; University Chorus. • RONNIE J. ROME, New Orleans; Air Force ROTC. • AMY ROSEN- BERG, Roslyn Heights, N.Y.; Le Circle Franeais; Hillel Foundation. Sixth Row : • RICHARD ROSENFELD, New Orleans; Zeta Beta Tau; Army ROTC. • JOHN ROSSINI. New Orleans; Delta Tau Delta; vice-pres., fresh, class, Eng.; Newman Club; Naval ROTC. • RON A ROTHENBERG, Portsmr)utb, Va. ; Sigma Delta Tau; Hillel Foundation; Campus Nite; University Chorus. • HERMAN ROTSCH, Austin, Texas; Canterbury Club; Tulane Band; Naval ROTC; Anchor and Chain; Alpha Pbi Omega. • FREDERIC ALLEN ROUSSEL, New Orleans; Kappa Alpha Order. Seventh Row : • LAMONT ROWE, Woodvilh-, Miss. • H. P. ROWLEY, III, New Or- leans; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Math Club; Newman Club; Naval ROTC; Young Democrats. • ALAN M. RUBEN, Sbreveport, La.; Pre-Med So- ciety; Glendy Burke Society. • MILTON RUBEN, Augusta, Ga.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Hillel Foundation; Campus Nite; Army ROTC; International Relations Club • BONNIE S. RUBENSTEIN, Miami Beach, Fla.; Sigma Delta Tau; T„d: Eighth Row: • BETSY PLAUCHE RUCKER, New Orleans; Alpha Omicron Pi; Ath- letic Council; Hullabaloo: Newman Club. • RICHARD A. RUDMAN, New Orleans; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre-Med Society; Army ROTC; Interna- tional Relations Club. • PAUL D. RUDNICK, Winnetka, 111.; Zeta Beta Tau. • JERRY SAACKS, New Orleans. • RAYMOND J. SALASSI, New Orleans; Newman Club; Naval ROTC. Ninth Row: • WILLIAM W. SALMON, Evanston, 111.; Delta Tau Delta. • LOIS SALOMON, Chicago, 111.; Sigma Delta Tau; Dance Club; Jambalava; Student Directory; Hillel Foundation. • SHERRY LEE SANDEL, Chi- cago, 111.; Sigma Delta Tau; Hillel Foundation. • CAROL SANDERS, Baytown Texas; Phi Mu; Baptist Student Union; Glee Club, Librarian; University Chorus; Sailing Club; A Cappella Choir. • FENTON M. SANGER, Oklahoma City, Okla.; Sigma Chi; Tusk; Naval ROTC. 295 First Row: • KATHY SANGSTER, Houston. Texas; Pi Beta Phi; fresh, class pres., Newc; Newman Club: Honor Board. Newc. Sailing Club. • MARILYN SANSON, Shaker Heights, Ohio; Newman Club. • LENNY SAPERA, New Orleans; Pi Kappa Alpha: Naval ROTC. • ARLINE SCHACHTER, Detroit, Mich.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Htillahuloo; Hillel Foundation. • JEANNETTE SCHALEBEN, Edinburg, Texas; Alpha Omicron Pi; Wesley Foundation. Second Row : • JAMES E. SCHALLER, Greenshurg, Pa.: Phi Kappa Sigma; Canter- bury Club; Campus Nile; Tulane University Theatre; Air Force ROTC; Sabre Jets; Sailing Club. • MARK SCHANEVILLE, New Orleans; Pi Kappa Alpha: Newman Club. • VIRGINIA MARY SCHEPPECRELL, New Orleans; Phi .Mu; Newman Club; Art Club: International Rela- tions Club. • ARTHEL SCHEUERMANN, Tampa, Fla.; Alpha Delta Pi. • CYNTHIA ANN SCHILLING, New Orleans; Alpha Delta Pi; Jambalaya; Gamma Delta; Glee Club; University Chorus. Third Row: • HUGHES SCHNEIDAU. JR., New Orleans; Alpha Tau Omega; Young Republicans. • MEL SCHNEIDMAN, Forest Hills, N.Y.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Hillel Foundation. • MARI LOUISE SCHOEN, Glencoe, 111.; Sigma Delta Tau; Student Directory; Hillel Foundation; Campus Nile. • ANN KESSLER SCHUDMAK, Baton Rouge, La.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Jamba- lava; Hillel Foundation; Campus Nile. • HELEN SCIBIENSKI, Corpus Christi, Texas; Pi Beta Phi. Fourth Row: • JOE A. SCOTCH, JR., Birmingham. Ala.: Pi Kappa Alpha; Pre-Med Society Newman Club; Air Force ROTC. • BRUCE H. SCOTT. Brook- lyn, N.Y.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre-Med Society. • GAY SCOTT, San An- tonio, Texas; -Newc. Glee Club; Choral Union; Htillabittoo; Wesley Foun- dathm. • GLENN LAWRENCE SCOTT, Ponchatoula. La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Wesley Foundation; Sailing Club. • MALCOLM SCOTT, West Memphis, Ark.; Pre-Med Society; Baptist Student Union; Glee Club. Fifth Row: • JAY W. SEASTRUNK, II, Temple, Texas; Pi Kappa Alpha; Pre-Med Society; Westminster Fellowship; Tulane Band. • WILLIAM H. SEE- MANN, III, New Orleans; Beta Theta Pi. • J. F. SEINSHEIMER, Galveston, Texas; Kappa Sigma; Canterbury Club; Naval ROTC; Sailing Club. • ROY SELLERS, New Orleans: Sigma Chi; Westminster Fellow- ship; Glee Club; Army ROTC. • GENE SHAFTON, Jacksonville, Fla.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre-Med Society; Hillel Foundation: Campus Nite; International Relations Club. Sixth Row: • MARVIN B. SHAPIRO. Columbus, Ga.; Sigma Alpha Mu. • JO ANNE SHARMAN, Houston, Texas; Pi Beta Phi; Weslev Foundation; JYA Club. • BONNIE SHAW, Birmingham, Ala.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Wesley Foundation; Glee Club; Sailing Club. • WILLIAM WESLEY SHAW, JR., New Orleans; Beta Theta Pi; Tush-; Armv ROTC; Pershing Rifles. • MAURICE SHEMPER, Hattiesburg, Miss.; Pre-Med Society; Pep Band; Hillel Foundation; Tulane Band. Seventh Row: • THOMAS L. SHIPTON, University City, Mo.; Phi Delta Theta. • MARTHA CHILDRESS SHOAF, Covington, Tenn.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Canterbury Club. • FRANK C. SHUTE, III, Opelousas, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Pre-Med Society; Army ROTC. • HECTOR R. SILEN, Caracas, Venezuela; Pre-Med Society; Newman Club. • THERESA SIMMONS. New Orleans; Kappa Alpha Theta; Le Circle Francais; Hullabaloo; Student Directory; Newman Club; Sailing Club. Eighth Row: • SAMUEL A. SIMOWITZ, Augusta, Ga.; Sigma Alpha Mu: Hillel Foundaticm; Glee Club; Army ROTC. • ELLIOTT H. SINGER, Atlanta, Ga.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Hullabaloo; Armv ROTC; International Relations Club. • STANLEY BRADFORD SKLAR. Newton, Mass.; Zeta Be ta Tau; Pre-Med Society; Hillel Foundation; Army ROTC. • KAREN SLONIGER, Anaheim, Calif.; Student Directory; Campus Nile: Tulane University Theatre. • JOHN E. SMITH. Weymouth, Mass.; Pre-Med So- ciety; Air Force ROTC; Sabre Jets; Kappa Sigma. Ninth Row: • JUDITH SMITH, Lake Charles, La.; Alpha Delta Pi. • KENNETH W. SMITH, Annandale. Va. • MIKE SMITH, New Orleans; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • SEBERN J. SMITH, JR., Pine Bluff, Ark. • ROBERT E. SNYDER, Canton, Minn.; Pre-Med Society; Newman Club. FRESHMEN yfk4ii. ri Tk T d 296 mfkdf FRESHMEN First Row: • WILLIAM E. SPANGLER, Houston, Texas; Wesley Foundation; Sail- ing Club. • SALLY SPEIR, Uvalde, Texas; Alpha Delta Pi. • LOTTYE SPITZER, Slireveport, La.; Alplia Epsilon Phi; Jambalaya; Hillel Foun- dation; Campus Nile. • GINGER SPITZFADEN, New Orleans; Alpha Delta Pi; Gamma Delta; Glee Club. • WILLIAM A. SPRINGER, Ottawa, III.; Sailing Club; Basketball Manager. Second Row : o GARLAND L. STANDROD, Fort Smith, Arlv.; Army ROTC. • RICH- ARD PARKS STEELE, Amarillo, Texas; Delta Sigma Phi; Westminster Fellowship; Campus Nite; Naval ROTC; Alpha Phi Omega. • ROBERT M. STEINBACH, Dallas, Texas; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre-Med Society; Hillel Foundation; Army ROTC. • MARY RUTH STEPHENSON, Win- ter Haven, Fla.; Chi Omega; Le Circle Francais; Wesley Foundation; Campus Nite. • JUDY STERLING, Miami, Fla.; Alpha Delta Pi. Third Row : • FLOYD A. STERN, Miami Beach, Fla.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre-Med Society; International Relations Club. • TOM STEVENS, Sulphur Springs, Texas. • CAROLYN LORRAINE STRONG, Hope, Ark.; Chi Omega. • FRANK P. STUBBS, III, Natchez, Miss.; Delta Kappa Epsi- lon; Tulane University Theatre. • RICHARD I. SUNSHINE, Jamaica, N.Y.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pre-Med Society; Hillel Foundation. Fourth Row: • GEORGE F. SUSTENDAL, New Orleans; Alpha Tau Omega; Newman Club • BILL SWIFT, Fort Worth, Texas; Phi Kappa Sigma; Green- backers; Canterbury Club; Air Force ROTC; Campus Nite. • TIMONY F. SWOOP, New Orleans; Kappa Alpha Order; Air Force ROTC; Sabre Jets. • HERBERT M. TANENHAUS. Tampa. Fla.; Pre-Med Society; Hillel F.iundation; Alpha Phi Omega. • FRANK TAULLI, Harvey, La.; Newman Club. Fifth Row: • WARREN " RIP " TAYLOR, Monroe, La.; Phi Delta Theta; Newman Club; Air Force ROTC. • MANUEL A. TEODORO, New Orleans. " CINDY TERRILL, Brusly, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Westminster Fellowship; Campus Nite; Glee Club; Tulane University Theatre. • BOB ALLEN TESSLER, San Diego, Calif.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Army ROTC; Pershing Rifles. • ANNE THOMAS, Memphis, Tenn.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Canterbury Club; Sailing Club. Sixth Row: • ROBERT K. THOMAS, Uiwton, Okla.; Naval ROTC. • TOMMY THOMPSON, Houston, Texas; Pi Kappa Alpha; Pre-Med Society; Wes- ley Foundation. • GEORGE W. TILLER, Hattiesburg, Miss.; Air Force ROTC. • ALAN TITELMAN, Beverly Hills, Calif. • ANNE TOMLIN- SON, Frederick, Okla.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Le Circle Francais; Wave Handbook; Wesley Foundation; Glee Club. Seventh Row: • BETTY TOMLINSON, Houston, Texas; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Green- backers. • JOHN J. TRACY, JR., Middlebrook, Va.; Newman Club; Air Force ROTC. • LEE A. TRAIN, Corpus Christi, Texas; Zeta Beta Tau. • CAREY TURNER, Oklahoma City, Okla.; Chi Omega; Athletic Coun- cil; Le Circle Francais; Wesley Foundation. • JOHN G. VAN OSDELL, JR., Myrtle Beach, S.C; Westminster Fellowship. Eighth Row : • BILL VAUDRY, New Orleans; Pi Kappa Alpha; Newman Club; Naval ROTC. • GEORGE B. VAUGHAN, Richmond, Va.; Kappa Sigma; Pre-Med Society; Canterbury Club; Sailing Club. • WARNER VEIL- LON, Eunice, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Jambalava; Newman Club; Army ROTC. • CHARLES VELONA, New Orleans; Delta Sigma Phi; Air Force ROTC. • HARRY NELSON VERSOY, JR., New Orleans. Ninth Row: • GERALD VAN VIATOR, JR., Lutcher, La.; Newman Club; Naval ROTC. • MARLYNN VOLPERT, Youngstown, Ohio; Sigma Delta Tau; Hillel Foundation. • JOAN VON KURNATOW ' SKI, New Orleans; Alpha Omicron Pi; Hullabaloo; Student Directory; Newman Club. • BEE VON WALD, Guatemala, C.A.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Dormitory Council; Student Directory; Newman Club; International Relations Club. • DAVID C. VOSBEIN, New Orleans; Kappa Alpha Order. 297 First Row: • DIBBIE WAGNER, New Orleans Kappa Kappa Gamma; Newman Club. • JOHN WAHL, Decatur, 111.; Kappa Sigma; Pre-Med Society; Westminster Fellowship. • MARTIN SMYTH WALES, JR., Coral Gables, Fla.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Pre-Med Society. • WADE GRAHAM WANNAMAKER, Metairie, La.; Alpha Tau Omega. • VIRGINIA WARD, Fort Myers, Fla.; Student Directory; Wesley Foundation. Second Row : • DIANA WASSON, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. • JERRY WATTS, Ocean Springs, Miss.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Westminster Fellowship; Naval ROTC. • GEORGE GIBSON WEAKS, III, Monroe, La.; Beta Theta Pi; Canterbury Club; Naval ROTC; Navy Drill Team. • BETTY ANN WEAVER, New Orleans; Phi Mu; Christian Science Organization. • PHILIP A. WEBER, Staten Island, N.Y. Third Row : • KIRK WEBSTER, Los Angeles, Calif.; Delta Tau Delta; Pre-Med Society Tusk. • A. L. WEHMEYER, Pasadena, Texas; Delta Sigma Phi; Naval ROTC, • THOMAS M. WEIL, Dallas, Texas; Sigma Chi; Tusk. • MICHAEL WEINROBE, St. Louis, Mo.; Alpha Epsilon Pi. • BETTY LEE WEINSTEIN, Nashville, Tenn.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Hillel Founda- Fourtii Row : • ELEANOR WEISS, Houston, Texas; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Barracudas; Student Directory; Hillel Foundation. • MARTIN L. WEISS, Coral Gables, Fla.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre-Med Society; Hillel Foundation; International Relations Club. • JOHN H. WELLS, New Orleans. • VIR- GINIA LOWE WELLS, Georgetown, Ky.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Campus Nile; Glee Clnb; University Chorus. • CAROL WENDELL, New Or- leans; Pre-Med Society; Hillel Foundation; Tulane Band. Fifth Row: • RICHARD WHANN, New Orleans; Alpha Tau Omega; Westmintser Fellowship. • SHARON P. WILKENFELD, Houston, Texas; Alpha Epsi- lon Phi; Hillel Foundation. • R. MARK WILKIEMEYER, Atlanta, Ga.; Delta Tau Delta; Pre-Med Society: Newman Club; Air Force ROTC. • GNANN WILLIAMS, New Orleans; Alpha Omicron Pi; Barracudas; Jambalaya; Glendy Burke Society; Sailing Club. • EUNICE WIL- LIAMS, New Orleans. Sixth Row: • CLIFFORD P. WILLOZ, JR., New Orlea.is; Alpha Tau Omega; Naval ROTC; Navy Drill Team; Tailliuok Club; Honor Board, A S. • JOHN L. WILSON, Baton Rouge, La.; Beta Theta Pi; Westminster Fellowship; Naval ROTC; Tailh..ok Club. • CAROL ANN WINKLER, New Orleans; Phi Mu; Newman Club. • JEROME M. WINSBERG, New Orleans; Varsity Track. • FREDERICK BENJAMIN WINSTON, New Orleans; Hillel Foundation; Alpha Piii Omega; Campus Nite. Seventh Row : • SUSIE WITT. Columbus, Ga.; Sigma Delta Tau; German Club; Hillel Foundation; Campus Nile. • JOANNE DORA WOLF. Corpus Christi, Texas; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • JOHN S. WOLF, Lutherville, Md. • DREW NEIL WOLLMAN, New York, N.Y.; Pre-lMed Society; Hillel Foundation. • MADELINE DALE WOOD, New Orleans; Kappa Alpha Theta; Phi Chi Theta. Eighth Row: • RAY ANN YALE, Denver. Colo.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Jambalaya; Hillel Foundation; Campus Nite. • JIMMY YOUNG, Ferriday, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Pre-Med Society. • JON MO ZALL, Denver, C.lo.; Zeta Beta Tau. • STEPHEN NEAL ZIMMERMAN, New Orleans; Alpha Epsilon Pi. FRESHMEN 298 OUR FRIENDS IN BUSINESS AND INDUSTRY The opening page of this section represents a basic idea necessary to the success of this yearbook. Ahhough you may not realize this fact. New Orleans business and business all over the nation support Tulane University and thus the Jambalaya. The financial support tiiat Tulane receives is represented in many aspects of this yearbook. Perhaps most apparent is the direct support that our adver- tisers give to make this jjook a reality. As students we can show appreciation in an equally direct manner — we can PATRONIZE THESE ADVERTISERS! In helping to provide you with a permanent record of your college life during 1958-59 these advertisers have shown their friendship, now let ' s do our part to continue this relationship. The Business Manager and the Business Staff INDEX TO ADVERTISERS A. L. Fishman 312 Anthony ' s Beauty Bazaar 306 Arnaud ' s Restaurant 311 A. S. Aloe 310 Audubon Laundry 306 Barnett ' s Optical 307 Bennett ' s Camera House 306 Bruno ' s 312 C. A. Sporl Co., Inc 307 C. B. Spencer Co., Inc 304 Chalmette Laundry 303 Cliff Probst 304 Coca-Cola 313 Columbia Homestead 302 Emery Kaufmann Ltd 303 Freeport Sulphur 302 Gabler Insulations 306 Gentry 306 Godchaux ' s 310 Graduate Supply House 307 Gus Mayer Co., Ltd . 302 J. A. Majors Co 307 Labiche ' s 308 Lester Barnett Gentilly, Inc 304 Lloyd Alexander ' s Orchestra 313 Loubat Glassware 303 Louisiana State Rice Milling Co 305 Maison Blanche 314 Naborhud Washwoman 302 Pan-American Life Insurance Co 309 Perrilliat Rickey Const. Co 304 R. P. Farnsvvorth Co., Inc 313 Tabasco 307 Thomas W. Hooley Sons. Inc 307 Top Drawer 312 Tropical Press 303 Tulane Book Store 304 United Fruit Co 30ii 300 x . ADVERTISEMENTS as always for fine feminine fashion CO § LIMITED CANAL ST. GENTILLY THANK YOU It has always been a real pleasure serving fhe students of Tulane and Newcomb. " YOUR NABORHUD WASHWOMAN " 4825 Prytania 800 Fern 2045 Broadway 1500 Calhoun Saturday night bath . WE INVITE YOU to open your Savings Account with COLUMBIA HOMESTEAD ASSOCIATION 330 Carondelet St., JA 5-0743 A Savings Institution J. B. EATON, Chairman of the Board C. C. FRIEDRICHS, President IRVIN L. DUSSOM, Vice-Pres.-Secretary COMPLIMENTS OF FREEPORT SULPHUR CO. (Producers of Crude Sulphur) NEW ORLEANS PORT SULPHUR Your Own -accident-sickisess-hospital GROUP INSURANCE PLAN Designed and Approved by TULANE and NEWCOMB STUDENT COUNCIL CONTINE NTAL CASUALTY CO.— (Chicago) EMERY KAUFMAN LTD. JJl ' ' Z ' ' ,, , NEW ORLEANS AGENTS MAgnolia 281 I Since 1875 THE LOUBAT GLASSWARE CORK COMPANY Complete Equipment and Supplies HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, INSTITUTIONS NEW ORLEANS TROPICAL PRESS OFFSET— COMMERCIAL PRINTER JAckson 2-1294 JAckson 5-9087 5 1 Camp Street NEW ORLEANS 12, LA. EDDIE SCHNEIDER GtT TH JT CHALMETTE TOycH Chalmette EXPERT CLEANING is THE BEST for your familyl Backed by 80 year: of professional experience, Chalmefte offers you the CHALMETTE TOUCH . . . these unsurpassed advantages: For free pic|i-iup delivery»;Gd : 6, ' J f Bifariches all over town! Lester Barnett Gentilly, Inc. FURNITURE 3020 Gentilly Boulevard WHitehall 9-441 I APPLIANCES New Orleans, La. Phones Magnolia 3477— JAckson 5-6985 TW 1-4792— UN 1-3076 CLIFF PROBST Auctioneer — Realtor — Appraiser 425 Carondelet St. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA New Orleans Office — University 6-5496 PERUILLIAT-UltKEY €0] S TRUCTIOI CO., Inc. (general i onttactorS 1530 S.Rendon Street NEW ORLEANS, LA. COMPLIMENTS OF TULANE BOOK STORE TULANE MEDICAL STORE NEWCOMB SHOP n A year of progress . WHAT WOULD JAMBALAYA BE WITHOUT RICE? The Llt+le Rice Man Says: Any rice dish is better when either Water Maid or Mahatma Rice is used. And he says it ' s appropriate for Tulane, The outstanding Southern University, to feature America ' s finest rice. LOUISIANA STATE RICE MILLING COMPANY, INC. ABBEVILLE, LOUISIANA America ' s Largest Rice Millers BUSINESS 1 HH HRtap r ' -lV-j g ' :| BBMMhte. - . . , j.mH M ! r i D i ' ' V ' j KZ fc Ik UTiKii Hfl AS USUAL B S w ' - KiMB AT o |Lx l N SSU 1 HHl . RA KIB K I Bm GENTRY 7 10 S. CARROLLTON Bi3k ' n ' ni: " H " ' c ' Xaf eM 320 baronne street A Complete Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service to Fit Your Budget. AUDUBON CLEANERS LAUNDRY 7116 Freret St. UN 1-8701 ANTHONY ' S BEAUTY BAZAAR " Professional Beauty Service for Women Who Care " 630 S. Carrollton Ave. New Orleans 1 330 Tchoupifoulas HOME INSULATIONS Increases Window Air Conditioning Up To 50% FIBERGLAS BLOWN and BATT Type Insulation for NEW and EXISTING HOMES For FREE Estimate, Call . . . GABLEIt INSULATIOIVS JAckson 5-1136 C. A. SPORL CO.. INC. ALL KINDS OF INSURANCE Commerce Building JA 2-5341 COLLEGE RINGS SORORITY PINS FRATERNITY KEYS MEDALS AWARDS SPECIAL DESIGNS CREATED GRADUATE SUPPLY HOUSE 509 Audubon BIdg. 931 Canal St. TABASCO The Seasoning Supreme As every sfudent knows, an Imitation makes a poor substitute!! Always insist on genuine " TABASCO " brand pepper sauce when eating at your favorite restaurant, whether it be the Toodle House or Galatoire ' s. BARNETT OPTICAL CO. WM. J. HAGSTETTE, JR. GUILD PRESCRIPTIONS OPTICIANS 833 Common Street Pere Marguette Arcade J Ackson 5-47 I I —74 14 NEW ORLEANS, LA. Abandon hope all ye who enter here . . JA 2-3619 (UN 6-2865 Night Phones juN 1-1965 (uN 6-0864 THOS. W. HOOLEY SONS, INC. Machine and Boiler Works Marine Work a Specialty 1026-36 Tchoupitoulas Street New Orleans, La. Majors Medical Bookstores A full line of books Is carried in stock at all times so that immediate delivery can be made. Subscriptions solicited for all medical periodicals in the English language. J. A. MAJORS CO. I47S. Liberty St. TWO COMPLETE FASHION STORES For Young People and People Who Stay Young LABICHE ' S 301 BARONNE STREET and WESTSIDE SHOPPING CENTER What ' s in a toga . ESTABLISHED SERVICES TO Cuba - Jamaica - Panama - Colombia - Costa Rica - Honduras - Guatemala - El Salvador - Belize - West Coast Central America UNITED FRUIT COMPANY 321 St. Charles Ave. New Orleans, La. Pan-American Life Can Make the Difference . . . Are you prepared to meet the high cost of a college education for your chil- dren? A Pan-American educational plan is the sure way to guarantee them the ad- vantages of college. College-trained men and women can look forward to nearly $103,000 more life- time income than their contemporaries who did not attend college. Thoughtful parents realize, too, that the costs of a college edu- cation are rising each year — up 70% over 10 years ago. If you want to make certain your chil- dren will have the finer things in life, a Pan-American Life Insurance Company edu- cational plan can make the difference. one F of the world ' s leading mufuol life insurance companies LIFE INSURAN COMPANY NEW ORLEANS it ' s a campus tradition . . . shopping at godchaux ' s for the clothes that make style leaders Yesterday, today . . . from generation to generation, Godchaux ' s has outfitted Tulane students with the best in timely fashion, for events formal or casual. In the Young Men ' s Shop you ' ll find the season ' s most significant new stylings in an impressive selection. young men ' s shop • second floor FASHION LEADERS SINCE 1840 A. s. Aloe Company of La., Inc. 1 ' The World ' s Largest Surgical Supply House " Th e One Stop Source of Supply for the Physician Hospital and Clinical Laboratory 1 N ew Orleans Branc h JA 2-7741-42-43-44 1425 TULANE AVENUE ARNAUD ' S " The House of Hos pitality and Friends " 801-29 BIENVILLE STREET OPEN FROM II A. M. to 12:30 A.M. (AFTER MIDNIGHT) GERMAINE CAZENAVE WELLS Owner of Arnaud ' s Restaurant, daughter of the late Count Arnaud, founder of the restaurant that bears his name, as well as creator of many famous Creole and French dishes famed throughout the world. ARNAUD ' S— Selected the best restaurant of the South for the 2000th anniversary of the founding of the City of Paris. Few are the people who set foot on the sidewalk of New Orleans who do not seek to learn the location of Ar- naud ' s and forthwith journey there to enjoy this famous cuisine. After partaking of a notable meal, guests fre- quently ask the derivation of a particular dish: " Is it French? " " Is it Spanish? " The answer is that it is a combination of the wizardry of the French with the art of Spanish to make Arnaud ' s masterpieces. Kedtaufant rpncilici AIR CONDITIONED THIS IS BRUNO ' S! TopPrawer FOR MEN 1212 St. Charles Avenue A. L FISHMAN PLASTER CONTRACTOR 4432 Earhart Blvd. JAckson 5-5994 NEW ORLEANS 25, LA. The last thing I remember was the Deke party . . . Lloyd Orchestra New Orleans ' Most Sensational Orchestra LLOYD ALEXANDER— IRWIN KNIGHT A.F.M. 6924 Louisville St. FA 6677 Call after 6 Louisiana Coca-Cola Bottling Co., Ltd. It ' s a great apartment . . . building for the future Every year our colleges and universities turn out a large number of po- tential leaders in the form of graduates. Since 1834, Tulane University has continued to grow from a humble beginning to its present dominant position among Southern Universities. Tulane is building for the future, not only in terms of its physical expan- sion, but also through its graduates. These young men and women have assumed the responsibility of building for the future of our state and our country. It is through these efforts that the solid framework of success has been established. R. P. FARNSWORTH CO., INC. 1515 South Salcedo St. New Orleans ' li cL a d ,d(0 THE NEW V.I.P. SHOP STORE FOR MEN first •floor CflCArrsr srosf south ENGRAVINGS ARE BY SiREHPHl EiUUIili II P 1 1 I SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA A JtewnartBble Year • Congratulations to the Student Body and Faculty of Tulane University for completion of another outstanding year. • The Staff of your annual has worked exceedingly hard to give you a superb book and one which portrays the high- lights of memorable activities. • Neither time, effort nor expense have been spared to provide you with a permanent record, attractively presented and complete in every detail. • To preserve the photography and literary efforts of the StafT, the best grades of material have been combined with skilled workmanship to provide the finest quality yearbook. • We are proud that the 1959 Staff elected us to help design, print and bind the Jambalaya. We have earnestly endeav- ored to fulfill the confidence placed in us. BEl SON PRINTING COMPANY L ompiete V ooh i f lanuj-acturerd NASHVILLE 3, TENNESSEE

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