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mm I N i T i 1 M » U I BR E D i|ll|lp;iiF ■ ' ■■ ' •■■■:■•■■•■ ■■- •isiilfes,. - .■■ ' .•i. ' i ' i. ' )i ' ' ;.A». ' •• .t " . ■ , . . •, ' ;•;» iasK«?- i , T u L A willy M rv t R is I t y o f l o w rii a n a :?■ ' ■;. ■■. " ■ ' ■■r iv ry LET ' S REVISI O LI V E GREEN AND PLEDGE W E NOW - tieayjF ' -« - ' ' ' - ' ' ' - rwu ,■ BLUE W E OUR LOVE THEE FEALTY TIUE ajinrdstujoui 19 5 WHERE THE TREES ARE 11 The Jambalaya staff is proud to present to you the 1958 Jambalaya. In the following three hundred pages we hope that you will find pictures and reminders of all vour daily activities during this year at Tulane. The theme of this Jambalaya is TLTLANE REVISITED. Each of us is now able to remember what has happened to us during this school term to make it unique from all the others, but as time goes by, these four years wiU become only a blur of emotions and experiences, all crowding together into one period — " college. " Through pictures of events and acti aties that have occurred during this your Freshman year, or perhaps your Junior year, we hope to give you a permanent record of one particular and special phase of college life. We have selected pictures of the routine, annual things that are a part of every school year — coffee breaks, classes, but our chief interest has been in recapturing this year ' s particular activities — the construction on the campus, Tulanians in the snow, that special party — all the things that in- dividualize 1958. Whichever of your college years this may be, we hope that this Jambalaya will help you to re- member it. As 3 ' ou look through the Jamba- laya, now and in the future, we hope that it will mean to you TULANE RE- VISITED. EDITOR 1 GREENEST WHERE THE SKIES ARE PUREST BLUE _ y (Laaajlw u ' js. xxju, bus. mgr. j4 K It jr HEAR U S NOW HEAR U S . % : ■ ■yi- f - A S W E O H 3 T U L A N E PROUDLY SING T O THEE TAKE FROM US OUR HEART ' S THINE WE ARE AND THINE SHALL BE DEVOTION i e :ux ui tt Yearbook dedications are a relative thing. Tlie Jamb staff feels that its dedication should go to one who through the years has shown his overwhelming interest in Tulane students and their affairs. In 1958, the Jambalaya staff has chosen Einar Pedersen as their " man of the year. " Mr. Pete, as co- ordinator of spirit and student affairs, shows this vital interest. As ever, he has advised Lagniappes, APO, Tusk, Greenbackers, and Campus Nite. He is always present at all our dances and pep rallies, entering with the rest of the Greenies in Greenie life. It is this devotion to the student and his affairs for which we salute Mr. Pete. It is for this work, help- ing our various student activities, for which we honor Mr. Pete. It is for this interest in Tulane and its member fam- ily that the Jambalaya staff dedicates its 1958 edition to Mr. Einar Pedersen, Assistant to the Dean of Students. Ui iU U) i p GJfW tl h I : -nf i J ii %. President of Tulane University Rufus CarroUton Harris THE PRESIDENT S MESSAGE I congratulate the 1958 Jambalaya staff on the care and imagination demonstrated in the production of this fine volume. Both photographs and comments will reflect the diversified student life of the campus. The school year 1957- 58 has brought with it new vigor and exciting prospects for the future. The rehabilitation program embarked upon in the summer of 1957 will bring all campus buildings in accord with modern standards for such facilities, including air-con- ditioning. New construction and sites being prepared for new construction are to be seen from one end of the campus to tiie other. By the time another Jambalaya goes to press, at least five new buildings will be ready for use. With a new University Center Building, the Favrot Intramural Sports Building, a Newcomb Food Service Building, a-new infirmary, and new residence halls for both men and women, the Uni- versity will have most of the tools necessary to mold a greatpr campus unity for a greater Tulane. First Row: JOSEPH M. JONES, President; ERNEST L. JAHNCKE, Vice-President; J. BLANC MONROE, Vice-President; CLIFFORD F. FAVROT. Vice-President UR. CHARLES L. ESHLEiMA.N. Second Row: GEORGE S. FARNSWORTH; DARWIN S. FENNER; LEON IRWIN, JR.; LESTER J. LAI TENSCHL. EGER JOSEPH McCLOSKEY; JOSEPH W. iMONTGOMERY. Third Row: ISIDORE NEWMAN, II: ASHTON PHELPS: MARIE LOLISE WILCOX SNELLI.NGS EDGAR B. STERN; GEORGE A. WILSON; SAMUEL ZEMURR.W. BOARD OF ADMINISTRATORS The Board of Administrators of the Tulane Educational Fund is the general governinf: hody of Tulane I niversity. It is a self-sustaining board of seventeen members whose mem- bership is made up of prominent Louisiana citizens and Tu- lane alumni. The original membership was named by Paul Tulane to receive and administer his gifts. The Board of Ad- ministrators establishes the liroad educational policy of the University. It maintains a constant watch over the field of education and related fields in order that Tulane may con- tinue to set the pace in higher learning, research, and educa- tional service. In addition to the seventeen members, the Board consists of three ex-ofticio members, the Governor of Louisiana, the Mavor of New Orleans, and the State Superin- tendent of Education. Miss Florence Dymond of New Orleans is an emeritus member of the Board and Lawrence A. Wogan is sccretarv-treasurer emeritus. Mr. A. P. Generes is serving as secretarv -treasurer of the Board. First Row: DR. FRED COLE. Academic Vice-President; DR. JOSEPH MORRIS, Vice-President; DR. CLARENCE SCHEPS, Comptroller and Vice-President; MISS KATHRYN DAVIS. Assistant to the President of the University; JOSEPH GIBSON, Director of Pre- Admissions; DR. CLIFFORD GRULEE, Director, Division of Graduate Medicine. Second Row: LLOYD KUHN, Director of Student Health; ALVIN L. LYONS, Director of Development; HORACE RENEGAR, Director of Public Relations; DR. GARLAND TAYLOR, Director of Libraries; DR. ROBERT WAUCH OPE, Director of Middle American Research Institute; DR. CLIFF WING, JR., Director of Admissions. Third Row: MRS. FLORENCE TOPPINO, Registrar; JOSEPH COHEN, Assistant Dean, College of Arts and Sciences; JOSEPH E. GORDON, Associate Director of Admissions; DR. HAROLD CUMMINS, Assistant Dean. School of Medici ne; MRS. DOROTHY NUNGESSER RICCIUTI, Counselor to Women, Newcomb College. OFFICERS OF ADMINISTRATION The day-to-day administration of University affairs is di- rected by a competent group of Officers of Administration! — Vice-presidents, Deans, Directors and other administrative and staff members — who are in charge of the University ' s various departments and divisions. Each is a specialist in a field related directly to education. As leaders in their respec- tive divisions, the officers are in a position to meet the stu- dents and the general public. All students will be counselled, advised, informed and serviced by these Officers during their stay at Tulane. The University is proud of these men and women for the essential part they play in the conduct of Uni- versity affairs and for their dedicated work. DIVISION OF STUDENT LIFE At Tulane extra-curricular activities are a basic part of the University ' s hroad educational program. We believe that the aim of higher education should be to produce, not only well- informed individuals, but also well-rounded minds. The Division of Student Life with offices in the Student Center, is dedicated to helping the individual student get into the swing of campus activites and learning to live and work with his fellow students. The Dean of Students and his staff are acces- sible to students at all times to assist them with their personal and other non-academic problems. The University feels that an active role in campus life is excellent preparation for the greater responsibilities of the post-graduate community. JOHN H. STIBBS Dean of Students 1mVJ ' ?. " .v, c5 -. " ' ' - ' ' " u ' ' 7i ' ' ' ; ' ' « ' ' ' " " " " ' ' = ' " S- ELIZABETH D. CHIPLEY. Social Secretary; MYRA P. CI LBERTSON. HouMng Secrel.rr- JAMLb UA IE5. Assistant to the Dean of Students, Men s Residence Halls; ANDRES HORCASITAS. Advisor to Foreign Studenf SECOND ROW- Dr C W MANN Guidance Officer; EINAR N. PEDERSEN, Assistant to the Dean of Students; JAMES D. SCHNEIDER. Placement Officer; CAROLYN STEVENS SwreUrr ' to ' lhe Dean: G. KINSEY STEWART, Assistant Guidance Officer. ' " " " " JOHN MMAHAT President of the Student Body STUDENT GOVERNMENT OFFICERS JOHN MMAHAT President BARNEY BARNUM Vice-President PAULA DOUGLASS Secretary STEPHEN ANDRY Representative at Large College is a development that manifests itself in a fertility and flexibility of mind that cannot be duplicated at any other time in life. Since the early days of the University of Bologna, students have almost instinctively strived to have their voices heard. At many schools their voices have been heard, and they play a large part in the conduct of University affairs. This is the case of Tulane. Not only does the Student Coun- cil actively and energetically work toward fulfilling the basic needs of the student community, but it now has representa- tion on every important committee of the university whose purpose is in any way connected with student life. This is a result of a realization on the part of university officials that college is not ony a training in the scholastic disciplines, but is also a development of future leaders who will be capable of assuming positions of responsibility in society. Some projects undertaken by the Student Council this year are: a complete change in the Fieshman Orientation Program, aiding in the recruiting of football players, establishment of a statewide Student Legislative Assembly, mailing of the identification cards instead of having students pick them up personally, the inviting to Tulane and the sponsorship of a Hungarian refugee student, the establishment of a unified honor system, enforcement of scholastic requirements on student officers, coordination and cooperation among the spirit groups, election of student officers for University Col- lege, orientation for foreign students, and standing committees to improve the functioning of the cafeteria and bookstore. Collateral areas in which students are represented on uni- versity committees include: University Committee on Traffic Control, Homecoming Committee, University Committee on the new Student Union, Senate Committee on Student Affairs, Committee on Publications and the Parents ' Day Committee. BARNEY BARNUM Vice-President PAULA DOUGLASS Secretary STEPHEN ANDRY Rep. at Large Officers and members of the Tulane University Student Council MEMBERS NATALIE ALEXANDER Newcomb WILLIAM ANDREWS Business Administration GILBERT ANDRY Arts and Sciences HOPE CAMP Lou- School LARRY COOK Business School HERBERT DUNCAN Arts and Sciences VELOYCE ESPE University College SARA JANE FLOWERS Social IFork JIM CI.EASON N.S.A. Coordinator DOTTY CDLD Newcomb ARTHUR HOFFMAN University College JERRY HOROWITZ irts and Sciences BILL HUNTER Law School GENE JAX Social Fork AL KELLER Engineering PETE KESSELS Architecture JIM KINCAID Business Administration BILL LEONARD Law School LEEK. LEVY Law School JEAN LINDORFER Graduate School FRANK LOPICCOLO University College YVETTE LOURY Graduate School BOB LOVE Arts and Sciences STANLEY LOWENTH AL University College A. D. MATHYS. JR Architecture THOMAS McCAY Business Administration HARRY OLLINCER Engineering JULIAN OLSEN Medicine FRED PREAUS Business Administration TOM RANDOLPH Engineering FRED SEXTON , Ins and Sciences PRESTISS SEYMOUR Architecture DICK SIMONI Architecture WALTER S. SMITSON Social Work LIZ STEPHENSON Newcomb CI.AfnFTTI W rilSTER h ' ewcomb BKIiMr W I I-- Engineering MAY LOl l5i: tt HITE Sewcomh John Mmahal and Jim Cleason meet with NSA National President DEAN WILLIAM W. PEERY Colleges of Arts and Sciences COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES The largest full-time division of the University and the oldest undergraduate division, this College is dedi- cated to the purpose of assuring each of its students the opportunity of obtaining a sound general education as well as a proper basis for specialization. Many students will prepare themselves for entrance into graduate and professional schools; others will terminate their formal education with the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree and obtain further preparation for their occupation after beginning to earn their living. The College offers both groups of students preparation for positions of leadership and trust in their communities. In addition it provides general-education courses for students in the other undergraduate divisions of the University and faculty members from the Graduate School and University College. acg; Juu J JUfmf .f J AA a | - . - . » College of Arts and Sciences Student Council College of Arts and Sciences Honor Board DEAN PAUL V. ORAMBSCH School of Business Administration SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION The School of Business Administration offers an undergraduate program of study leading to the BBA degree and a graduate program leading to the MBA degree. Also, under its auspicies several institutes; and short courses are conducted annually. The School of Business Administration is among the oldest in the country and is one of 14 charter members of the .Amer- ican Association of Collegiate Schools of Business. The School of Business .Administration is very proud of its honor system. .Administered largely by the student Honor Board, the system ha functioned effectively for many years. Its work in teaching honor, self-reliance and responsibility has been an invaluable part of the total education of the student. Student Council Officers of The Sclioul of Business Administration Honor Board Members of The School of Business Administralion DEAN LEE H. JOHNSON School oj Engineering SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING Engineering has had a tremendous impact upon our civilization in the past fifty years. Engineers have done wonders in harnessing the energy and transforming the materials of nature. Since 1894 the School of Engineer- ing at Tulane has contributed its share of distinguished engineers to the profession. The School offers programs of study in chemical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering which emphasize the engineering sciences and their broad application to the basic problems which confront the professional engineer. School of Engineering Student Council Another year — Another survey II DE. N JOHN E. DINWIDDIE School oj Architecture SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE Within the past decade the practice of Architecture has undergone a major change in character and scope. An increasing awareness of the necessity for planning for the rapid expansion of populations rural and urban, particularly critical in the South. has " made apparent an acute shortage of trained Architects for this field. Science and invention have ojjened new worlds of ma- terials and methods which have all but overwhelmed us with new possibilities. It is the aim and proper function of the School of Architecture to keep abreast of modern technology, to know and understand the coming problems of a world on the verge of over-population, and to educate men of broad vision and technical competence to take the leadership in the coming and inevitable crisis in human environment. School of Architecture Student Council School of Architecture Honor Board DEAN JOHN P. DYER University College UNIVERSITY COLLEGE University College is the evening and adult educa- tion division of Tulane University. Established in 1942, University College has steadily expanded its curricula and now enjoys full status as an undergraduate degree- granting college of the University. It ofEers degrees in the fields of liberal arts, commerce, medical technology, and nursing along with introductory courses in the fields of engineering and architecture. The faculty is primarily selected from the University ' s regular teach- ing staffs and is supplemented with special lecturers who are recognized authorities in their fields. To broaden its scope and to provide effective leader- ship for its student body the council organized eleven committees from which a Representatives Council was formed, along with a third representative body com- posed of one member from each class in University College. University CoUese Student Council Music appreciation is a favorite course in University College DEAN ELIZABETH WISNER School of Social Fork SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WORK Graduate preparation for those who expert to make soT;ial work their profession has been available at 1 ulane since 1921. The two-year curriculum leading to the Master ' s degree was organized in 1927 when the Rocke- feller Foundation made a grant to the L niversity for the purpose of extending the program. The school is accredited by national functional agencies including group work, medical and psychiatric social work, and school social work. Preparation for child welfare, fam- ily casework, and social welfare planning are also of- fered. Social Work students are registered in course work and at the same time are assigned two or two and a half days a week to various social agencies for sujxtn is " d field work. Therefore, they are closely associated with the various social agencies and institutions of the jixal welfare organization. The Student Council ot The School of Social Work Cliisc- student-teacher association provides more practical training M DEAN ROBERT M. LUMIANSKY Graduate School GRADUATE SCHOOL Graduate work was first provided at Tulane in 1883- 1884. Under several different names and forms of ad- ministration, graduate work has continued to develop. Four students received degrees of Master of Arts in 1885; the first Doctor of Philosophy degree was con- ferred in 1887. In 1925 the name was changed from the Faculty of Graduate Studies to the Graduate School. Ph.D. degrees are offered in the following subjects: antaomy, anthropology, biochemistry, chemistry, eco- nomics, English, French, history, mathematics, micro- biology, parasitology, pharmacology, philosophy, physiology, political science, psychology, sociology, Spanish, and zoology. Degrees of Master of Arts, Master of Science, and Master of Fine Arts are offered by various departments in the arts and sciences, in engineering, and in the basic medical sciences. Graduate School student officers The Graduate School makes extensive use of microfilm docu- ments DEAN RAY FORRESTER School of Law SCHOOL OF LAW The School of Law was established in 1847. It is a member of the Association of American Law Schools and is on the approved list of the American Bar Associa- tion. The School occupies all of Tilton Hall, which is located on the campus just off the St. C harles . venue Circle. There are approximately 250 students in the School. This permits the close relationship between faculty and students which is essential to the School ' s philosophy of legal education. The School offers two curricula: one in Civil Law and one in Common Law. Each leads to the degree of Bachelor of Laws. On the graduate level the degree of Master of Civil Law is awarded for satisfactory work in Civil Law and the degree of Master of Laws for satisfac- tory work in Common Law. i School of Law Student Council Law students sweat that ONE big exam. DEAN MAXWELL E. LAPHAM School of Medicine SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Tulane School of Medicine was established in 1834 to train physicians to combat the diseases peculiar to the area. Over the years it has grown into an institution which not only teaches medical students but carried on extensive medical research and extends medical services to many other instituions in the community. Considerable emphasis is now being placed upon re- search and it will no doubt become as important as train- ing of the medical student. The two go hand in hand. The medical teacher who is doing research cannot fail to impress his students with the importance of research to the medical practitioner. Medical school services to hospitals and health agencies imbue the student with a sense of service. The teaching of comprehensive medicine and rehabilitation stress the health of the whole patient, not merely the treatment of his diseases. Tulane medical graduates therefore enter upon their careers having had a high ideal communicated to them as part of their education. Medical School Student Council Medical students making use of Visual Aids DEAN JOHN R. HL ' BBARD Newcomb College NEWCOMB COLLEGE Newcomb College was the first co-ordinate college for women established in the United States. As such it enjoys its own buildings and campus, its distinct tra- ditions and history, and its own faculty. Newcomb girls to a very real degree govern their activities through their own agencies such as the Student Government As- sociation, the Honor Board, and the Resident Govern- ment Association. Thus is the congenial atmosphere of the small liberal arts college preserved. Yet at Newcomb there is no academic, cultural, or social isolation. As an integral component of a major university system. Newcomb offers its students the man- ifold benefits attendant to Tulane. In terms of library resources, the great variety of course offerings, and the caliber of instruction assured by the presence of a Grad- uate School of recognized e. cellence, Newcomb is in- deed rich in its ability to offer a trul liberal education. Newcomb Collepe Student Council ?9HSF s t Newcomb College HoDor Board i M •) -y J k DR. T. T. EARLE Summer School SUMMER SCHOOL The Summer School conducts a twelve-week session in which courses are offered from the curricula of the College of Arts and Sciences, Newcomb, University Col- lege, Business Administration, Engineering and the Graduate School. The credits earned in the Summer School may be applied in those Colleges, as well as in colleges of other universities offering similar programs. The session is divided into two six-week terms, except for evening courses. A student may enroll in either term, or in both. Classes meet five times a week for periods of one and a half hours, except in the laboratory sciences. Thus a semester ' s credit in a subject may be earned in a six-week term. The evening courses are conducted on the basis of a single longer term. Degrees are conferred at the close of the Summer School. Air conditioned buildings make summer school almost pleasant A young- man ' s fancy , 1907 and 1957: Miss Anna Many ' 07 and Felice Perrilliat Seavey. ' 57. MRS. GEORGIA SEAGO FISCHER Executive Secretary NEWCOMB ALUMNAE ASSOCIATION The Newcomb Alumnae Association is composed of some 7..S0() alumnae, graduates, and non-graduates. The office is in the Tulane Alumni House where files are kept containing current addresses of former students. Clubs of alumnae are located in leading cities. The Association has two National Meetings annually, at Hoineconiing in the fall and at Commencement in the spring. All former students are considered members of the Associa- tion. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Left to right: Mrs. Rai Graner Murray, Mrs. Morris Micldlt-ion Harris. Mrs. Beverly Hess Reese, Mr . Beverly Wallon Kerr, Mrs. Peggy Roemer Read, Mrs. Connie Claverie Bohn, .Mrs. Mary Hoelin Hmli, Mrs. Beryl R " y Reiiz, and Mrs. Jean B inner Friedel. OFFICERS President PEGGY ROEMER READ (Mrs. Henry J.) Firsl Vice-President CALISTA RAL LT SCHNEIDAU (.Mrs. Wallace B.) Second y ice-President BEVERLY HESS REESE (.Mr». W. Ford) Recording Secretary BEVERLY WALTON KERR (Mn. Frank ID Corresponding Secretary CONNIE CLAVERIE BOHN (.Mrs. Richard) Treasurer MARY HOEHN ROTH (.Mrs. J. Craig) Past President TOLLEY COOK DAVIS (Mrs. Frank H.i Academic Representative MORRIS .MIDDLETON HARRIS (.Mrs. Allen J.. Jr.) Art Department Representative RAI GRANER Ml RRAY (.Mrs. Lei nard) Music Department Representative JEAN BONNER FRIEDEL (Mrs. Charles, HI) Newsletter Editor BERYL ROY REITZ (Mrs. Richard D.) Tulanian EdUor MARY JANE HLTSON TRAPOLIN (Mrs. Ivor A.) Three Newcomb Reprcscnlativcs on the Board ol Directors of the Tul.ine .Mumni , ssiX ' iation Lisette Moore Meyers. (Mrs. James J.) ; May Thornton White, (.Mrs. James A.) ; Jane Kellchcr Riess. (Mrs FrankK Executive Secretary GEORGIA SE. CO FISCHER TULANE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION AMERICAN ALUMNI COUNCII. 1957 For siqnifii ' oni dihic cmcin in use oj Jirai moil fi» j ronunc THE TULANE CONFERENCES this citation is aiuirJcd to TULANE UNIVERSITY n the Alumni Direct Mai} Competition sponsored by the American Alumni Council I (President) ....iyhm ... ' . . Muv . (Director) President of Alumni Association, Mr. Henry P. Gamble, Jr., and Home- coming Queen, Miss Jean Wiggins, at Alumni Dance Committee of alumni planning Fund Campaign, Lake Charles group ' W ■fi,.j, S? «= f BEATRICE M. FIELD Director Alumni Activities TULANE ALUMNI EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE 1957-1958 MK. HARRY P. GAMBLE, JR President MR. JOHN C. liAINE 1st Vice-President DR. . L VO L. EMORY 2nd Vice President .MRS. BENJAMIN W. YANCEY 3rd Vice President MR. CHARLES G. SMITHER Secretary MR. CAYI.E L. DALFERES Treasurer Side view nf Tiilane ' s gracious alumni house The Tulane Alumni Association was organized in 1898 and is devoted to the hroad principles of service to Tulane Uni- versity. Since then Tulane alumni have taken an active part in the progress of one of the South ' s oldest and greatest edu- cational inslituions. Through the Alumni Association the University maintains contacts with graduates and former students. The TIILANIAN, alumni magazine, is sent free of charge to all alumni. Active Tulane alumni clubs exist in many parts of the world. Each year the Association sponsors Homecoming, a celebration which brings graduates back to the campus for reunions and other activities. The Tulane Alumni Fund, organized in 1946 by the alumni themselves, is conducted by Class Agents, Area Representa- tives and other alumni. The Fund has increased each year both in numbers of contributors and money contributed. It has become a strong financial support of the University and has been another means of nurturing alumni interest. The Tulane Conferences are in their fifth year and are spon- sored by the Tulane Alumni Association and its local clubs. Seminar-type programs have been presented through the Con- ferences in Alexandria, Baton Rouge. Shreveport. Monroe. Lake Charles and Lafayette, Louisiana: Jackson. Mississippi and Mobile, Alabama. Class of 1922 at their 35th reunion -v« w - : •w - ' ' »p ■„ !.- « " c 3CMJi teA One of the Jambalaya staffs most pleasant duties this year was to select a group of fifteen girls to run for the title of Miss Pauline Tulane. Any girl in either Tulane or Newcomb is eligible to vie for this honor except freshmen and those who have served in the court previously. The Student Body then votes to choose Miss Pauline and her court of six maids out of the fifteen. The identity of Miss Pauline Tulane is kept a secret until she is presented at the Tulane Spring Dance. There are several girls in school this year who have served in past Jamb Beauty Courts. They are: Bart Bridges, Sallie de Ben, Becky Carson Greve. Jackie Jones, Joan Berg Kop- man. Flora Mclver, Ruth Harper Watson, May Louise White, Sarah Young. ♦ MISS PAULINE TULANE I ' GLADYBELLE GRUBER m i 1 =i- cc . Z ndyv ' J t r avbara i Tjtirdin 1 Uirciinia ones ; m arol . Z nn Vu oore . Ci.7 1 J LL igg in s f ' cnnu (AJ ins ion ( l ' . , l l p Homecoming Court is presented to the alums at the annual Alumni Dance Homecoming, the day when alums return to the halls of Tulane to renew " auld acquaintance " , was more exciting than ever this year. A precedence was set, too — the game marked the first homecoming game to be played at night under lights ! The first tingle of excitement was felt as elections for the Queen and her court were held. Pretty, blonde Jean Wiggins Cairns was chosen Queen by a vote of the Student Body. Kathy Warden was maid of honor, and other members of the court included Sallie de Ben, Kay Ketelson, Carole Stafford, Claudette Webster, and May Louise White. Both alums and students got into the swing of things on the eve of the big day. A downtown hotel provided the setting for the lovely Alumni Dance. Simultaneously, the fraternities and sororities were busily decorating their houses with lavish decorations to truly set the mood and welcome back old grads in the grand manner. The Greenie team put forth their all, and although Georgia Tech outscored them, the game was one of great spirit and excitement. Queen Jean was crowned during the half-time ceremonies and after the game presided over the tremendous Homecoming Dance held that night. The day was over but would never be forgotten by those who shared in its excitement. The twenty finalists in the Homecoming Court election HOMECOMING COURT I Her Majesty, the Queen MISS JEAN WIGGINS II HALL OF FAME DON MEYER, LINDA KATZ ARTHUR AITKENS, ELIZABETH STEPHENSON T U L A N E The Tulane Hall of Fame is comprised each year of stu- dents from Newcomb and Tulane. These students are chosen on the basis of service to the school, leadership, scholarship, campus activity, or perhaps for being outstanding in a par- ticular field. These arc several students in school this vear who have been chosen for this honor in previous years. They are: Natalie Alexander AUain Andry III Barney Barnum Jean Wiggins Cairns Bill Dyer Ruth Knighton Lee K. Levy MIKE MAYER, DONNA LASKEY, TOM RANDOLPH I JULIAN OLSEN. S. IL H YOUNG I HARRIET BARRY JERRY ANTHONY MICKY HURST HALL OF FAME LESTER MARTIN HERB DUNCAN, MAY LOUISE WHITE T U L A N E STANLEY STUMPF SUSAN LOCKE CL. UDETTE WEBSTER -I HALL OF FAME STEVE AISDRY JACKIE JONES, HARRY OLLENGER 5 JIM WESINER -ANDREW MOORE PAULA DOUGLASS m : .-a . T U L A N E 1 . " ■Ml !!■ laii fl i - V M9f2- TOM McCAY, LYNN CAPEL NORMAN GLOSSERMAN DOTTY GOLD CHARLES FRITCHIE T U L A N E REVISITED IN THE BEGINNING . . . And so begins another year. , Every years begins with the same routine schedule — mov- ing in. registration, a full and hectic first week of school. But although the places and the externals may be similar to those before, they are unique to each and every one of us. The year ahead will be filled with new activities, new attitude , and, we all hope, newly acquired knowledge. This week, and the weeks ahead, will be the time remembered as SeptcniluT, 1957. This year you registered for Sociology 331, you rushed for the first lime, or vou were on the Orientation committer. Or. if you were a Freshman, this whole first week was a new and bewild- ering blub of experiences, which will gradually sharpen into focus as you become a college man. You ' ll always remember the flurry of unpacking, the first tentative overtures at making friends. Perhaps you exper- ienced a few strained moments when you met your roommate before you sat down for a good long talk and ended by pledg- ing eternal friendship. Roland keeps the new freshman on well-ahined toes An afternoon in the sun is a brief respite from the wearing rush iveek schedule. The lounge soon becomes a popular meeting place GETTING TO KNOW YOU New surroundings or old. you adapted quickly and soon you were caught up in the hubbub of the new school year. Then Rush began ! An experience to end all experiences — a whole week of partying. You, the Freshmen were in ecstacy, but, you, the " old hands " viewed the spectacle with subdued resignation. After Rush Week the best part of getting ac- quainted began — namely acquaintance with the opposite sex. The phones in the dorms were constantly busy and the T. U. operators, telephone and otherwise, were going quietly about their business. For the Newcomb girls who could never be reached by " The Male Animal " , knitting and novels became the order of the day. However, boys could always be found doing the " forbidden " — checking who ' s out with whom ! And then there comes that first big date with a frat man and you can sign out in the book with prestige! Yes, getting acquainted is a big part of your college life and friendships are made at this time that will last forever. New clothes, new friends, and old teddy-bears A freshman thrill — the first phone call Eenie, meenie, minie. Upperclassmen remain calm in the midst of the flurry Tulane ' s version of the black hole of Calcutta Gosh, the freshmen look young this year ! THE LINE Where ' s the IBM machine? i I FORMS AT THE REAR Lilies cM ' is where! Heat ami c ruwds! Konii after foriii to lie lilleil (lilt iiiillidiis (if checkers to stani| cuir furtns. I ' hese arc familiar sights tn the upperclassnicii atul frightening sights 1(1 the Freshmen. The lines look like they will never end and feet feel like they will never be able to take another step. And those cards- — pink cards, blue cards, yellow cards, class cards, health cards, cards f(ir every department in the university — and by the time lhc ' re all filled (lut you don ' t have another drop of ink left t(i write yiiiir natne aiKithcr time. The boy next to you in line is so timid that he ' s afraid to ask directions and little does he realize that he ' s standing in the same line that he just got out of a minute ago. And there ' s al- ways the one Newcomb girl who ends up in tears because her Richard Brown. No. 4566784 parents mixed her tuitiim money up and she has to stand in all these lines again! But who said this registration was such a good place for dates — this particular Newcomb lass is not only tearful because of a tuition mixup — but she ' s also date- less for the next two weeks. After getting rid of numerous forms and bucking baby carriages — one must stand another hour so that he can get his I. D. picture taken — not that these are the most flattering pictures but gosh, after standing so long you ' d think you ' d look better than a prisoner ! The line in the book store is end- less but all these lines, forms, pictures — all this registration fright goes to a furthering of higher education. The last of the long gray lines There must be a mistake somewhere! A major part of a science course is the afternoon lab A Tulane tradition — library dates It takes a lot to spark an 8:00 class J Mr. Rickey spends hour ; devfloping a new conception in the world of art — movement THE NECESSARY EVIL Classes — the primary ' reason we are here — the " raison d ' etre " of the university. Your attitudes toward your classes arc new and they will change during the course of the year. Everyone feels that first enthusiasm when he walks away from registration carrying a new schedule and new books. And everyone knows well that mid-term slump, that " School sure would be neat if I didn ' t have classes " feeling. But classes are the basis and the foundation of the university, and, al- though we may doubt it now, or make a cynically humorous remark, our classes are one of the things w ' e shall remember as an integral part of this year at Tulane. For the Freshman, classes mean more adjustment. You must learn the college methods of study, how to take notes, and how to survive tlio traum;i of exam week. But vou too, will acquire tlic lilase attitmlc lo sard classes that typifies the college student. Behind it lies a seldom seen real interest that almost all of us possess, but few of us would admit. Library exhibits provide cultural op- portunity within easy reach of any student An integral part of the Art School Curriculum is life drawing Campus construction doesn ' t stop short cuts to class Leisure moments in the bookstore A hurried purchase in the Newcomb Shop between classes ANYTHING TO RELAX That one hour break between classes finds you relaxing in the dorm with a quick card game, talk — or maybe even cram- ming for that exam next hour. If you really need to be kept awake there ' s always the cafteria with its potent coffee — anything to stay awake. At Newcomb your familiar cry is heard throughout the dorm — " Isn ' t there anybody who wants to play bridge? " Or, " Come listen to my new record — it ' s really great! " Coffee breaks are the backbone of the university ... or a quiet chat on the patio Coffee, cokes, and cigarettes After sitting through fifty minutes of what you term agony, a walk around the campus with certain individuals may prove relaxing, or perhaps you ' d rather look over the magazines in the Book Store or purchase some of the newest contemporary cards. Some of you may like to relax in the pool practicing life-saving or swimming strokes — or you might like to sit around the campus and swap the latest news. Yes, studying needs breaks whether they be a gang around the coffee table, a walk around the campus with your favorite companion or just a quick practice dip in the pool. ou have your choice as to how you want to relax — or study! Time out for studying .2 -- ' A «f. «« » ' ■•A -T ---l " S i a ¥ ' % ' NV.. . Vi 5 .. " W.-Vvr w ■ ' -I 4 . ' »_ , , ' : «;i A; PROGRESS AMID THE HALLS OF IVY The deserted look during classes Turn towards home at the end of the day The new look on the Newcomb campus You are the inhabitants of this vast expanse of land known as Tulane University. You are the main characters in a drama of life — your life — college life — that is enacted everyday. The buildings, the stadium with its new lights, the new construc- tion and the dorms — old and new — these are yours — and it is you that make these familiar campus scenes what they are. You, the student body are seen sitting on the steps of build- ings, taking a break between classes; you are seen walking the familiar paths to Gibson or the Chemistry building. It is for you that the endless noise of piledrivers echos every morn- ing and it is for you that the dorms are built! You are the life of the school and as you look around you as you walk through the campus you can proudly say — " This is my school; these sights are familiar to me because I ' m a part of this school and I shall never forget this year of progress at Tulane. " Lights in the stadium — a new look and a new tradition The trees and the shrubbery enhance the beauty of Tiiiane A centralized dining hall is being added for Newcomb students ROLL GREEN WAVE HuUaballoo, Ray, Ray! A shout that resounds throughout the campus during football and basketball seasons and rings in your ears the whole year through — that ' s the Greenie spirit. It is displayed by you through your participation in the num- erous pep rallies held by your student spirit organizations. Remember the fabulous night pep rallies when you screamed your lungs out — and the first time you saw the bonfire illum- inate the campus? This was your spirit illuminating the campus — you were behind the Greenies. LIFE was supposed to be here! A hell of a Hullabaloo ' •... Final details of Homecoming last until the wee hours Nobility for a night The most memorable event perhaps was the night you worked on decorations for Homecoming. The endless nights of work to get the decorations just so — and then the finished piuduct at six o ' clock in the morning, filling you with pride — even if you didn ' t win. And then the game and the presenta- limi iif the Homecoming Court — your court — girls who you hoiiorcil hv a popular vote to rule your Homecoming and fiiilhcr illuminate the campus with their pleasant person- iijilies. Spirit is a big facet in a school ' s success or failure with its student body. You helped to make Tulane the spirited school that it is — you are the spirit of Tulane and the spirit behind Tulane ' s Homecoming. Many pledge hours are put in on decorations Odd but interesting The ZBT decoration featuring the United Fund won first place for fraternity decorations i C L V ' ' » J ' - t■ Yes, we have some bananas It ' s Derby Day, but not with horses The winner isn ' t always the fastest SPECIAL OCCASIONS You can ' t forget the lively tinirs that you enjoy. The costumes at the Beaux Arts Ball are a sight that is never to be forgotten. It is an " eat, drink, and be merry " idea all night long. These are the celebrations that make Tulane a memory that will live on in your mind for a long time to come. But perhaps a funnier experience for you is to see the Lawyers on their traditional jaunt through the academic buildings on Derby Day. This is more fun for you to witness than Mardi Gras. You see the most " bombed " lawyers in the school and you can hear the sounds of their canes and voices resounding throughout the campu all day long. On the Newcomb side of the fence the Sophomores get revenge on the jwpular Freshman Class. You might witness the punishment dealed out at Kangaroo Court, such as sitting on a cake of ice, or squabbling in the mud. You see, this is all a part of the tradition that is carried on with such fervor by you, the students who make the events and traditions of Tulane what they are. The penalty for being a class officer A .««ip ' Christmas Night at Tulane HOW WELL REMEMBERED- TRADITIONS AND SOCIALS Got a dime for charity? Still is the night and you are a part of a caroling group that puts the entire campus in a mood of solemnity for the coming season. You experienced not only a good time, but also a per- sonal, inner joy to know that you were a part of this special something for Christmas time. And not only was this a tradi- tion upheld in a joint way by both Newcomb and Tulanians — but a long time tradition upheld in a long remembered way. Parents enjoy a tour of the campus on Parent ' s Day You as till- Junior Class at Ntrwcoiiih uplR-lil llic Cliristnias spirit with your annual Junior Beggar ' s Day with all pro- ceeds going to Charity. Your cries of " Any extra pennies! " will never be forgotten by your schoolmates. And the Parents Day program enriched the lives of your parents and gave them never to be forgotten memories. But all was not devoted to work and tradition. You enjoyed yourselves on Saturday afternoons at fraternity parties. Or perhaps you found more entertainment in listening to the combos " Beat out their rhythm on a drum. " You may have been among those who were more interested in the contents of " Kickapoo Joy Juice " than the ryhthms of a combo, but whatever you enjoyed most — you will never forget the social side of your college life. The Cell Block Seven ... So An afternoon with Archie at a sorority open hou.se. Si The basis for a blast A familiar scene at a fraternity party Tjsm f y ij Snow fooling BABY-IT ' S COLD OUTSIDE Did you believe what you saw? You had an eight o ' clock class — you fought blindly with the alarm clock when — out of the comer of your eye you saw a little white flurry coming from above. You dashed outside— no— the sky wasn ' t falling —it was SNOW— Real SNOW. You gave it another hour to- really come down hard and then out you went! Snowballs were flying everywhere. Snowmen were decorating the campus everyplace you looked. Girls were running into the dorms to put on warmer clothes. You couldn ' t believe that the white stuff was sticking — you examined it thoroughly to make sure it was SNOW — when Wham — you got hit in the back with a snowball — IT WAS REAL! Believe it or not you had witnessed a phenomena — the sunny south (brrr) had given way to what Yankees see everyday — you had been caught in the first snow in twenty years at T. U. and the New Orleans Chamber of Commerce would have a lot of explaining to do to tourists as amazed as you were! Snow, snow everywhere and not a boy in sight The tops of cars provided quick snowballs Tulane ' s secret weapon SAE ' s are after ii 81 Sobriety — the order of the day Fun and frolic on Mardi Gras Day! You ' re part of a fun- loving group touring the Quarter, seeing your friends or mak- ing new friends! You might enjoy this tj ' pe of day and then again you might like to be with your favorite companion in a quiet place in the Quarter — if there is such a thing. The pomp and circumstance of Rex is a most enjoyable spectacle for you on this day of celebration — unless of course you have cele- brated so much by the time Rex ' s float passes that you really can ' t tell too much who it is riding way up there. REGALITY AND Nothing like a quiet place in the Quarter Our distinguished editor — OUT for the day His Majesty, King Rex .« ' p LEGALITY Dirniicrarv in aclioii al TulaiK The eirls so all oui for elections lliil ill (■ ' ■iilia l hi llir jnxial |iiiil o| Maiiri (H " a . (Hi. as . ' -|i(iki- ill llii- w lifi-l (il I iilaiii ' lilc |ila a cr si ' rinus pail in (Ifinixrai) mi (iur caiiiiiii . illi lln- spring comes the wind nf flci-lidii limi ' , I ' nslcis ijii ii|, lialliil Ikincs are posted, and ' u llii- lii(lriil liniK lull a simple nii an oven simpler pii-ic ol papri li llw iianii- dl ihc pcrsiui iin Ice! t cpial- ilii ' d 111 lia l oii in llii- ciinnii ' xrar. I r leadership nf a stn- denl ImkIn is a respiMi ili|i ' juli. l.iil lIu- -liidciil IlmU itself is wlial make- ihe jradei (air ..nl hi j,,|i In {lie lie-l (.f lii aliilih. Il is you who choose this leatler and il i for vcu lli il llie leailer voii choose works In please. i , p pn ■ " " Mt Wl. H! Poker — definitely a part of Tulane Damn the torpedos! Full speed ahead AND SO ENDS A sports car. a date, and a spring afternoon i 84 Si ' ciiiiil -iMiii ' -tcr (lr;iw- tn n ilu r. ninl mi an- i aii ' lil II 1 1 in :i whirl nf liiuil ;i(l i il ii ' . llri all. Im ran liiiK u Inn llii- I ' okfr ( iinii- i- ;il il licifilil m llir -un is nul ami tin- lakr lirckoiis ti its siiilors ' : ' It ' s rather im|H ssil)l«- for vnu to run- I ctitratf oil Ihscii or Qualitative Chemistry, when the roar of a sports car whizzes l)y outside your window or ou liear dices calling " The pang ' s all at Bruno ' s lei ' - i;(i. " The lake oilers a quiet re ' luse for sludving — ou think — until once ou ' re out there and the roller coaster looks so inviting aiul the cotton candy smells so good — and tastes even better. Voii throw awa oiir (liaucer anrl Milton and go out and enjo iniliin- xilli llii ' lirlp ol llic .Machine Age. And so exams iiinie anil ;:ii. ' nil ie( i-ivc those fatal jiostcards — ou made it — arrange- iniiil- for next year com])leted nou begin that never failing task — [KK ' king. Rut it ' s onlv for a short time that you can store awa the memories of 1LL. ' NE KEVISITIlI). because in less than four months you will again be getting reacquainted. registering, rushing, partying and being a part of a drama that will continue with others for years to come. You will al- ways be a part of the TULANE you knew and as you revisit it ou w ill realize that the backbone of the school vou knew was vol. It ' s Friday. Bruno ' s for howlinf; and beer Packing for the final trip home ANOTHER YEAR p - f [j kaaxix jc PHI BETA KAPPA OI ' FICKUS DEA l (Hli;i{ I M. l.l MIA SK I ' r.-.i.l.nt DR. JOSEI ' M KVAMC Her l ' r.;i,l.nl MISS I WMF, nWSE Rl SS Sccn-tary I)l{. KAI{I.I;M KIKS-S, Trm irrr DR. ARDF.N Kli (, MRS. IJ. I ' . ORR . . k . Kxrciitirr ( ' .ninniillfr . hxfrlilil I ' i .niu iiiittfi- I ' lii IJola kuppu. tlic «il l -f l i all tuli jt iotior ! ofit ' lifS, ri ' cojiiiizes superior attuinnient8 in scholar- ship l)y students in the Collojjt- ol Arts and Sciences an l Newconih College. 19.58 Initiates: Kay Bethune. Phyllis L. Butler Louis G. Cucinotta. Sidney L. Eisenhaum, Nancy Fant, Mary D. Garrard, Gerahl C. Glaser, Su Ying Go, Carol V. Hifih. William D. King. Ruth L. LaFranz, Donna E. m Lai«k«-y, Constance A. i.ewi-.. (.all (!o l.ililc. K at lie rim- P. Livingston, James T. Mclluain. Elizalteth Marshall. Polly S. Meek, Camille D. Oms, Caroline A. Roherts. Dorothy R. Smith. Edwaril H. .Steger. Marcia Siilhon. Keith S. Thomas. John K. Toole. LeonanI . W ;i-lnif- sky. James E. Wesner. Ju lilli (xidall. Samuel H. Williamson. Jr. BETA GA DR. ITARRV MITCHE ' DR. I ' KTKR IIKMIIN Ui5. liLSlE WA llt ' U ' ii (f. (!iilmni! ' !i Rirliiird I . Krit-liMiii Dal.- R. Harris K lj:ar W. Il.ad Dorutliv Ilollidiiy Alpha ol Louisiana chapt«-r of the Beta (.amnia Sigma fraternity was estahlished al Tidaiie in jiine, 1926. The purposi- of ihe fraternity is t» re var«l and encourage scholarship and accomplishments in all phases of Ittisiness among the students and gradnale of the School of Business Atlministratioii. and to fr A SIGMA Prrsiilriit y ' irf Vrvsitlt ' ttt Hvcrvtnry n.aii K. W . I.-I, r Rohrrl v.. William-. Ill l ifltiri- NfMinaii. II ( lioiiorar.« ) l.rlaiiil ltr( %n (fai-llll ) lii lrr principles of hi)nr--tN ;md iiitci;ril in lin-iii - — praclici ' s. MrMdnr» ;iir cicclrd (rum the junior and ■.(■nidi- cla-M- mIio Ikim ' ;ill;iiiiicl liiiili ••rliolar-hip and -how |ii ' iiini ' - ' ol niiirkcil ;iliilil . I ii(lrri:r;Hln;iIi- nicni- jx ' i-- all ' clii » Mi ! % ihc (arull MH-inJur- i l llii- fra- tcrniU. 89 SIGMA XI OFFICERS DR. JOHN HAMPTON . PROF. JOSEPH EWAN . . . .President Vice-President DR. KARLEM RIESS .Secretary-Treasurer DR. ABRAM AMSEL Executive Committee DR. PAUL BEAVER .jv. . . Executive Committee " CJS FULL MEMBERS — 1958 Dr. Antonio Bacigalupo Adrian Bantjes Don Raymond Boyer Rudolf Buriks Dorothy I. Clemmer (Mrs.) Dr. Jack Field Edward Boudreaux Marguerite Chang (Mrs.) Sam E. Ellzey, Jr. Charles J. Fritchie, Jr. David James Foulis Alcuin Gremillion Dr. Leo Gallaspy Horan Dr. Marvin F. Hi LI Maria Hornung (Mrs.) Dr. Thomas Nanm James i| Iris M. Krupp Dr. Henry Lesse Arnold J. Mandell Ingeborg Naylor (Mrs.) ;Dr. John Hunter Phillips rrV. Ramanjuam ASSOCIATE MEMBERS — 1958 Wayne Hyde Lee Roy Morgan, Jr » Hong Fang Lee Maurice Dale Little Eugene J. Miller, Jr. Herman S. Napier Guillermo Pacheco Eileen Halsey Pike Ronald F. Reinisch Dr. James H. L. Roach Otto Sellinger Dr Elliott Shaw Dr. Kenneth ShuU Dale WykoJf Joan Mix Sutter (Mrs.) Stephen Terpko Dave Vondy Joseph S. Ward The Society of the Sigma Xi recognizes proficiency in science and notable achievement in scientific re- search. Members are drawn from the undergraduates, graduate students and members of the facuUy. The Tulane Chapter was established in 1934. ALPHA SIGMA LAMBDA OFFICERS VELOYCE K. ESPE MAURICE E. KATZ ELROY J. CAIN JOHN F. ROUPE EDITH G. GIRAUD DR. JOHN P. DYER Alpha Sigma Lambda is the national honorar scholarship fraternity of university evening colleges Membership is based upon scholarship and leader- ship, and initiates must have at least fifteen semester hours in subjects outside of their major field. Theta Chapter was organized at Tulane in 1954. Twenty charter members were initiated in the spring of that year, as well as ten honorary members who were primarily members of the faculty. Honorary members are named to membership by the executive committee of the chapter on the basis of their interest and service to University College. The original constitution of Theta Chapter was re- vised in 1957 according to the provisions of the na- President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Historian National Counselor tional constitution. The revision was aimed primarily toward allowing the members to maintain active status beyond their date of graduation. The new con- stitution provides for three grades of membership: active, associate, and honorary. Members have active status as long as they are enrolled in any division of Tulane University and for three years following their graduation. At the end of this period they are desig- nated as associate members. The grade of associate member is also designated for students who have not graduated, and who do not attend Tulane for a period exceeding one year. Those in the latter category may be reinstated to active membership upon petition when they return to Tulane. 90 TAU SIGMA DELTA OFFfCEHS ROBEirr J. V ANDIVKK DOiNAI.I) KOKKItC . STANLEY IIIOMASON Noi ' loii v. It4-|-Ilst4 ill William C. Kinks Kalph W. :i:ini| itl Tau Sigma Delia, a national architet-ture honorary fraternity. §elecls men on the basis of seholarship. leadership, and eharaeter. Nominees underfjo a MiM.I I.. Mailin Viarn-ii Mcliulf Slanlcv Tlioiiian un ledge period in whieh the winning sketch nl ili.- traditional gargoyle eompetition is selected. TAU BETA PI AIXAIV BliNDY WILLIAM WHITE ROBERT TROUARD . I ' Al I. AI.KF.R IIAROI.I) IIKI.MKE . . FRANK MAC.DOiNAI.D ATT ' r ' ' I ' rrsiilrnt f icv-l ' ri ' siilriil . . . . Recording Secrelnry Corrt ' sptnufitifx Serrrtary Brill ! ' C. Bairil I ' Vi ' ili ' i ' irk I ' " ,. IIitImtI Fmlnirk 1.. Tillfv ' illiaiu 1 ' ' . Hi ' iili ' iiliarli Ariiiilil l(. SiiiNllic, Jr. John ( ' . BaiiiiKiiin Eiigi ' in- (!. :iiaii%i« ' r«- Iluntrr llriron, Jl I ' aul S. Mi ' lanroii Alli ' ii I,. S|M ' inu«T pfpMnEn . Tri ' iisiiriT . . .-iilvisttr Ian Iti ' la I ' i Nas foundetl al l.cliii:li I iiixersil) in IKJS. " ) and al Tuhme in ! ). ' { ). ilie purpose of tlir or- ganiy.ation is in reeognize liuise vlio Ikim ' ((niteri-cij honor upon llieir srlioiil li liislingnished seholurship Nich lla Tli ' (i|iliili s Robert .. Viall- lli-rlicrl S. W.-lii-r Doiifcla- J. oiiM lilooil Jaiiio riiim I ' .l.r Join. . O. (iiiiiillarli la- J. Ki ' arliaiii J... ' liii (.. Murr n . Jr. [Iliil r cmplar iliararler a- iiiiilci- r-.nl ii.ilc- in iiii:i- iii ' criiii;. aixl lo lu-lrr ;i -[(iiii nl liliciil ( nllnir in till- cn iiircrini: roljcm- nl Vnuriia. 91 ORDER OFsJHE COIF PAUL PIGMAN .. R.4LPH SLOVEIVKQ Margot L. Mazeau William M. Clark Donald A. Meyer The Order of the Coif, a national legal h di i w i ii u» ciety, was established at Tulane in 1931. The order recognizes senior law students for exceptional ability and performance in law and in the law school. Lead- ership and service to the school and community, as well as the scholastic achievement, are considered Presiflent Sergeant Jimmy T. Rooks Harry McCall (honorary) new members are elected each spring from members of the senior class. Each year the chapter also initiates as an honorary member a Louisiana lawyer whose devotion to the law and public service has been outstanding. ALPHA OhfiJGA ALPHA OFFICERS HOKE SHIRLEY DR. JOH WICKSTROM Arthur J. Axelrod Don Henry Burt William C. Chaniblee Dorothy Dee Ford James A. Gray .IX MEMBERS [Sidney Katz liris H. Magrude ' irnold J. Mandelt Jeorge A. PoWe Harold J. Quin: m iSf AV ' Presitleiit Advisor John A. Stocks Jacob L. Raney Alfred Dent Tisdale Claude S. Williams, HI society of its type, bases upon scholarship. This in volves initiative, independence, and the will and abil- ity to succeed -ith investigative learning. Election to this society is the recogniton of a student f or present Alpha Omega Alpha, the only honorary medicf fj A ' ccoinplishments and in future promise of leadership in some phase of medicine. Alpha chapter of Louisiana was founded at Tulane in 1914. Its activities have included annual lecture- ships by men prominent in medical fields, clinical discussions, and the annual l)anquet. 92 KAPPA DELTA PHI m:k k. levy . . . rilOMAS IIANDO J MKS M.II.WAIN . DH. KAKIJCM KIESS Alliihi Andrv Sloplii ' ii Andi-v Willinni Dyer Barry M. Lewis Robert Love d Met I a Tdiii iMrliav Kappa l) ' lta Phi. founded at Tulano in 1904, is llic oldest honorary l« ' adersliip fraternity on th ' cam- pus. Students and faculty who have rendered out- T. Moore, II Jiinio " Sfluipp Killiiiiii WalMHi Dr. Joseph Colien (family) standin : and unselfish service for Tidane are «rlr t -il for inenil ershi[). PHI JOEL JACOBSON . A. J. BLOCK DOIGLAS TillLTGE? TEBKY STEIN BERNARD EISS . HUNTER HERRON SIGMA ii IMii Kta Si;;Mui is a national lunior society for re oi;nition of superior scholarship ainon fresliiuan in« ' n. The ' I ' idane chapter, which was « ' stal)lishe(l in |y. l. has -ontiiinally urown in size, a triluite to ih ' iiiflher calihi-r of students which Tnlane has hce: takini: in. V 2. .I a crai;c first eniesti ' r fr -shinan year, or oNcrall Irc-hinaii ear I- nccessarv. l ' )r K lniliat ' : ll Mior:ir : l rofe «or I ' rancis AI. Taxioi-. Stndcnt : IraiiU Michel Hasilc. Union! Ku- ;:cne Kerry. Claihornc llyland lirown. John Lucas (■oc liiara, Kcndrick re (!oop r. I)a i(! Man l)a is. Uichard Joseph I ' lorcani. I olic j. I odcniaii. Mo cs lla ni ;(d(llicr . I lionia- I ' anI ( ,oii-. uliii. Man Jidiii ( nina. William Itaipli llardca-llc. Daniel Michael . Presiilpiil tcv Prpsiilvnl . Tren. iirrr . Secretary . Historian .Sviiior iilrisor llass. W illiam Kcnc llcaly. Joe l{oi;er llilc. Man Ja lloniher . (ilemi ( nrti- llon«c Jr.. Jamc- oodard JohuMMi. krai:; klosson. Juan Mcndciic . I.afiicntc, Hunter H.all Mcladdcn. llarrv John McMnrra . W il- liam I{a in ti l Mather •-. I)a id W ar ' Meeker, . " amuel M rrill III. Unice I ' crrv Me cr. Kenneth Kill.- Mills. (;eorue Ja alUer Smith. Kdward Spoto Jr.. lU nni Kdinond Strni;. .jox ' idi ( lititon iimncr. Ixoiu-rl Wil- liam ra lor. l.oni- l d.- addcll. J din Vl.x.iiidcr Williams. I honia Manning Wood, Jo-cpli Dudley ouman III. Kndolfo ;. aiiirini Jr.. M on Vdam«. ( ' Iiarles N. Mexandcr. Larry (! de. Da id Dondnck. Uichard Kaher. (,eorpc tirace. I{ d crl ( ' .. Jonc-. I ' anI . I. (Mike. Jr.. L«-and -r l.orio. JefTcr-on nl iT. 93 HONORARY OMICRON DELTA KAPPA OFFICERS ILLIA.M VADE WATSON President CHARLES J. FRITCHIE. JR Vice-President DR. KARLEM RIESS Faculty Secretary DR. FERD STONE Faculty Advisor ACTIVE MEMBERS Johnny K. Abide Thomas McCay ADain C. Andry. Ill Edwin McGlasson Lewis Barney Barnum James McIIwain Adrian Cairns. Jr. Michael Mayer Frank H. Davis. Jr. Roger H. Miller illiam H. Dyer Andrew G. T. Moore. Ill Charles J. Fritchie. Jr. Thomas Randolph Norman Glosserman Jack Schuster James 0. Gundlach. Jr. Earl Sonnier Hunter Herron illiam . atson Delmas Jackson Jack Webb Piet Kessels Richard H. eaver Dewey Lane James E. ' esner T ' ill E. Leonard. Jr. Sam Williamson Lee K. Levy Page Williamson Barry M. Lewis Omicron Delta Kappa. National Leadership Honor So- ciety for men. recognizes and honors those students, mem- bers of the faculty, and others who have demonstrated dis- tinguished leadership in extra-curricular activities and in service to Tulane Lniversity. Members are chosen twice a year, and are presented at public tappings. Dr. Joseph Mor- ris, vice-president of Tulane and Professor of Physics, was the faculty choice this j-ear. Omicron Delta Kappa was founded at Washington and Lee Lniversity in 1914. The Alpha Zeta Circle at Tulane was established in 1930. This year Alpha Zeta Circle was host to the Province 5 convention held every two vears at one of the sixteen province schools. FinsT Rnw : Andr . Barnum. Cairns. Da is, Dyer, Fritchie, Glosserman. Gundlach. Second Row: Leonard. Levy, Lewis. McCay, McGlasson, Mayer, Miller. Moore. Third Row: Randolph, Schuster. Sonnier. " atson, Webb, Williamson, S. 94 HONORARY %3 % i i A i . i 1 I KiiisT Kiiu: AiiKUiii, Amlrv. liarkrrdint;. Hairiiiiii. ( " aims. Capel. Clark. Cook, lacli. Hardy. Kalz. Knigliton. Kobcrg. LaFranz. TiiiKD Row: Leonard. Lewis. K(nv: Randidpli, Koseii, Smith, Smilson, Slepheiison, Talley, Watson, Webb. Young. E. Cox. J. Cox. Second Row: Douglass. Duncan. Dyer. Cleason. Cund- Loury. Mathys. Mayer. Munch. Ollinger. Olsen, Pope, Quinn. FiURTil Wagner. B. A. hile. Fifth Row: . L L. While. Whiltinghill. Williams 19. 8 .SELE( TIONS rlhiir l . Vilkt-n- elte j. Loury RnliiTl ' . Aniann James T. .Mcllwain . " lephen K. Andry Albert D. Mathvs, Jr. Joan M. Rarkcrding Michael M. Mayer Lewi liarney liarniiin Cweiidolvn J. .Nluncli Jean iggins (!airns Harry W . Ollinger Lvnn { apej Julian Olsen Marv I.. Clark Lewis E. Popi- William M. Clark Harold J. Uninn Larry J. Cook Thomas M. Randolph Flizabeth G. Cox X illiam W. Rosen James J. Cox Cecil (;. Smith Paula Douglass X alter S. Smithson Herliert 11. Duncan Elizabeth Stephenson W illiam 11. Dyer W. Monroe Steplienson Janies J. (ileason Janus L. Talley Jaini ' ( ' Uudlaeh. Jr. Ruth Harper Watson .I.inr !. llaicK Elmon D. Wibb l.iiid.i . Kal James E. esner Kulli C. Knighton Belly Ann hile Donald J. Koherg .May Louise W hile Ruth LaFranz Anne M. Whiltinghill W ill E. Leonard Claude S. W illiams Barry M. Lewis Sarah E. Young WHO S WHO Students from approximately 6tX) colleges and universi- ties are nominated and recognized in Who ' s Vl ' lio each year. Campus nominating committees are instructed, in making their decisions, to consider the student ' s scholarship; his cooperation in leadership in academic and extra-curricular activities: his service and citizensiup to the school: and his promise of future usefulness. Recognition of Who ' s Who means llial tin- simlrnt was first ollicially recommended from the uiii (Tsil or college he attends and then accepted by the organization. These are the Tulane students who have been seleiied for Vi ' tio ' s Who this vear. 95 HONORARY MORTAR BOARD ELIZABETH STEPHENSON President LINDA KATZ Secretary On March 1. 1958, the one hundredth national chap- ter of Mortar Board was installed at Newcomb College. Current members of Alpha Sigma Sigma, a senior hon- orary society which was founded at Newcomb in 1916, were initiated into Mortar Board as its charter members. Mortar Board will continue such projects of Alpha Sigma Sigma as the supervision of the Freshman Orientation Program, direction of Freshman Govern- ment, and participation of the Advisory System. Mor- tar Board members will be elected on the basis of su- perior scholarship, outstanding participation in stu- dent activities and unselfish service to the school. CHARTER MEMBERS Mary Leslie Clark Beverly Thompson Gail Cox Little Betty Ann White Linda Katz Mrs. Dorothy N. Ricciuti Gwendolyn Munch Honorary Member Elizabeth Stephenson 1958 ELECTEES Harriet A. Barry Mary E. Moreland Carole Downes Lida Swafford Jocelyn Grossman Mary Wachenheim Andrea Keil ASSETS SUE BLACKSHEAR President JUSTINE BERNARD Secretary Assets is an honorary society based on leadership, scholarship, service and school spirit. Each year in the spring the Assets, active at the time, elect Freshmen, outstanding in these qualities, to become members for the following year. The names of those girls who are chosen are announced at the last Newcomb Student Body meeting of the year. In their Sophomore year the newly elected Assets begin their activities as " Big Sisters " to the new stu- dents throughout the orientation program. During the remainder of the year they participate in Kangaroo Court held for the Freshmen and serve as ushers for various campus activities. MEMBERS Ann Barron Helen Hayden Justine Bernard Jane Igert Sue Blackshear Judy O ' Brien Carroll Cornish Hauser Diane Orkin Pat Cousins Colleen Sullivan 1958 ELECTEES Phyllis Alexander Emily Harris Beverly Blumberg Melinda McGarry Velma Crawford Susan Pace Meade Fowlkes Duane Perrow Carlin Glynn Lenora Waller PUBLICATIONS PUBLICATIONS BOARD OFFICERS BARNEY BARNUM Chairman DOTT ' i COLD Secretary The Pul)licati()ii I ' murd is the advisory committee in all campus publications. It meets to discuss the problems and policies of the Jambalaya. Hullabaloo, Sludent Directory. and Wave. The Publications Board is a permanent commit- tee of the student council, its niendjcrship being set dtuvn in the council ' s constitution as the editor and business manager of each publication and three members-at-large selected by the student council. In the spring semester the Publications Board has the responsibility of choosing the editor and business manager for each publication for the following year. The students that are chosen become the Publications Board for the next year. PUBLICATIONS- BARNEY BARNUM Editor 19 5 8 J AMB AL AYA STAFF Lewis Barney Barium Editor Jerry Anthony " Tulane Associate Editor Norman Glosserman Tulane Associate Editor Vauchan Burdin ! eivcomb Associate Editor Bobby ' Redstone Administrations Editor Joel Jacobson Organizations Editor Jrw SoKOL Sports Editor Ann Harris Class Editor Jackie Jones Feature Editor Sandy- Schttartz Copy Editor Carole Rolnick Sorority Editor John Combe Fraternity Editor Bobby ' Behrendt Assistant Sports Editor Linda Prinz Assistant Sports Editor Logan Huntress Assistant Organizations Editor Pat Van Scoy ' -. Assistant Organizations Editor Tom Webb Photographer Way-ne McVadon Photographer Betsy Swanson Photographer Llnda Hardy Art Editor Associate Editors — Jerry Anthony. Vaughan Burdin, Norman Glosser- man. EDITORIAL STAFF Judy Benson Linda Ly ' on Carol Downes Bunny Chapman Charlotte Blotneii Dotty Storey Ken Heller Pam Silverman Sy-dney Simons Alan Honicberc Marc Peterzell Bruce Meyer Otis Bourc Larry Schiffer Kay Hecker Susit Bruck Susan Locke Gloria Adler Uave Lewin MICKY HURST Business Manager 98 Jim (ik()l. I.iiida Prin . Joel Jacol)son. Pat Van Scoy, busy going over copy. ruUuir --ciiiaii- Kdiiors confer. BUSINESS STAFF li ' ki III K.si Hiisini ' ss Manager Km I I ' aFENBEIN Organizations Manager ( :ii Mii.KS Behk Circulation .Manager SALESMEN DwK DiiKZ Gaiiv . I(jficiio veh Sidney Rotiisciiild Barry Battelstei.v The Business Staff holds an informal meeting. Jamb Staff rushing to meet the fateful deadline. The Jambalaya, as the yearbook of Tulane, tries every year to give the students of the university the best possible memories of the year. This job is, of course, up to the staff of the Jambalaya. The 1958 staff presents this book as the best of its combined abihties. The talents of photographers Tom Webb, Betsy Swanson, and Wayne McVadon have been captured in the casual photographs of life on the campus. The writing ability of Sandy Schwartz, the persistence and organization of Joel Jacobson. the humor of John Combe and the perseverance of Ann Harris are all combined under the directiveness of the editor, Barney Barnum, and the asso- ciate editors, Jerry Anthony, Vaughn Burdin, and Norman Glosserman. The layouts and designs have been pondered over day in and day out. The constant clacking of typewriters was a familiar sound in the ears of the Jamb Staff as the FORE- BODING calendar on the wall warned us of an approaching deadline. But, despite rushing to get copy finished, pictures printed and layouts looking as nearly professional as possi- ble, the Jambalaya Staff had many moments of fun in pre- paring this — your yearbook — and we sincerely hope that you, the student body, have as much fun reading it and remembering 1958. JAMBALAYA Organizations Manager Bill Elfenbein assists Pam Silverman. y " 1i ' .KiKI. ,1 vconsoN Omanizafinns Edititr .Si r(iril Kililiii (laroir llnlnirk jml Fraternity Editor — John Combe. Micky shows the staff which ads arc still to he sold. 101 HULLABALOO EDITOR Anne Whittinghill HULLABALOO STAFF ANNE MANDEVILLE WHITTINGHILL Editor HARRY FREYER Business Manager RUTH LaFRANZ Managing Editor DAVE ADAMS Sports Editor BUSTER STEIN Circulation Manager LARRY ROSENBERG Business Assistant ANITA McKAY Copy Editor STEVE GOLDWARE Copy Editor KAY MONTGOMERY Copy Staff SID EISENBAUM Staff Cartoonist LUTIE WHEAT Columnist LIZ HOLLOWAY Columnist DOTTY GOLD Student Council Correspondent NEWS STAFF: Toni Middleton, Peggy St. Martin, Max McCombs, Richard Sanders, Harold Mann, Mike Rose, Mike Parver, Carol Dana Martise, Gretchen Elkins, Jackie Korn and Karen Carpenter. Sports Editor Dave Adams works on last week ' s basketball game. 4 BUSINESS MANAGER Harry Freyer Proof reading copy as deadline draws near. lliilhilialiiii Stall in pcct.r currfiit is?iic. 1 liL- lir?l i.-.-Uf ol llic 1937 JJulUibuluo saw a iiiajur st k ' I ' liange with the adoption of the regular seven-column news- pafif. riic inddificd lal l iid |)apc and make-up w Te tlirown " 111 in an alti ' rnpl In liiiri ihi- Ihillii iiilii a ninrc ])i(if( ' ssional icioking |)ui)li(arnin. Mr -l and fdrcinn l. llir ciliii.iial page was designed as a lial.irii I- lirlwitM llii- railic al and i nnservative elements of cainpu lliinking. A v t iral allcnipl was made to stay awav from the " udlow " journalislie piaetitcsso pre alent a eouple of years ago. At the saini ' lime we took a defiidte stand on issues pei ' linenl In lh ' sludenl liod . I he lliillii. a in ear- pa l. a,i:ain lipnk :i l.irid on -i ' i;n ' - Ration, stating (uir lulirf lli.il il i an iiu-xilaMe -ocinl.ijilc ' il eliaiige. Also, we can led on an a ti e " " gel-nul-lhe-iandidalo " eanipaign in an effort to interest inure sliidenis in cnmpelinf; for sludenl i)iid ddiees. Vie liej:an llie ear working with a " kilclnn npniling -l.ilT. I ' ul .1- ihr xear progressed s.i did i-. Tlic wlmle staff woiki ' d Inn liiiurs I., piil ihis year ' s II iilliil iilo,i ,,ii ,i nnn ' e alliaeli e. leailaiile and adiill i asis. mu- ,in.i Ilarrv look over a successful edition. PUBLICATIONS TULANE STUDENT DIRECTORY STAFF GEORGE FEE Editor-in-Chief TO.M RANDOLPH Business Manager DIANE RADKE Associate Editor JUDY FARRAR Associate Editor The Tulane Student Directory is a necessary and handy aid to the students, faculty, and staflF. Every full-time Univer- sity student is listed: information is given concerning his New Orleans address and phone number, his home address, the school he is registered in, and his classification. The Di- rectory also contains a listing of University extensions and the most complete listing on campus of student organiza- tions; their presidents and telephone numbers. The Howard-Tilton Memorial Library, a center of Tulane and Newcomb activity, was pictured on the cover of the di- rectory. WAVE STAFF JOEL JACOBSON Editor L4RC PETERZELL Assistant Editor BOB BEHRENDT Staff Artist The JFave. published for the benefit of incoming students contains pertinent information about the University, both aca- demic and social, which these students need know. This year the Ware took on an all-new look, thanks to the very talented and able artistic work done bv Bob Behrendt. For the first time color shots and a modernistic format have been used, much to everyone ' s satisfaction. Assistant Editor Marc Peterzell proved an invaluable aid in helping Editor Joel Jacobson with the organization of the book. 104 PUBLICATIONS TULANE LAW REVIEW STAFF W II I I l l. CIVKK Editor .MAKCOT MAZKAli Assislanl Editor IJONALI) A. MEYER Assistant Editor ROBERT I. W HITE Assislat,! Editor Tli - Tiiliiiif Law Review, a professional legal journal pub- lished in (]uarteriy issues, is the oldest journal of its kind in Louisiana. It is published by the students and faculty of the School of Lau and emphasizes the study of comparative law. The Review contains scholarly articles by leading mem- bers of the legal profession and a student section. |)repared by members of the Student Board of Editors, which deals with current legal problems. The Student Board of Editors is composed of honor students in the College of Law who have exhibited outstanding legal writing abi lity. 105 TUSK OFFICERS CHARLES S. KING President HERBERT DUNCAN Vice-President SANDRA DRAUGHN Recording Secretary JUDITH EDWARDS Corresponding Secetary BARRY RITTENBERG Treasurer The Tulane University Spirit Klub. the oldest spirit or- ganization on the Tulane campus, is an honorary organiza- tion for the promotion of school spirit. It is composed of members of every social fraternity and sorority as well as independents who have shown their ability and desire to foster better school spirit at Tulane. TLSK began the year by selling " greenie beanies " to the freshmen and aiding in orientation. During football season TUSK sponsored pep rallies, bonfires, contests for the most spirited fraternity and sorority, distributed slogan stickers, passed out megaphones and shakers at Homecoming, and helped publicize spirit by painting signs and the use of sound trucks. Later in the year TUSK sponsored " Howdey Week " on campus to promote a friendly spirit among Tulane and New- comb students. The organization also participated in Campus Carnival, cheering sections at basketball games and carried out various service functions designated by the Student Council. A TUSK member is distinguished by his blue jacket with the green and blue " T " and white tusk. TUSK members this year have worked toward an increasing spirit of cooperation and enthusiasm at Tulane. This new school spirit cannot only be attributed to the efforts of TUSK and other groups but to an aroused student body. 106 GREENBACKERS olFirKHS Itdl! I.() K President DD.N KDliKRTDN Vice-President Sl ' SAN LOCKE Secretary i m 1 (;L0SSERMA.N Tn-asurrr Greenbackers. the oldest spirit urganization on the Tulane campus, is made up of members chosen by a majority vote of the entire membershi]). The members are representative of ;ill the- fraternities, sororities, and independents on cam- pus. The Greenbackers, during the football season, helped with seating in the student section at the games, sponsored pep rallies where members presented skits depicting the spirit of the coming football game, flistributcfl slogan stickers. painlffl |)ul)li(it jjosters. and decorated goal posts. Other aclivilii-s during the year included participation in campus carnixal and jiresentation of awards to the seniors of the bas- ketball icani at the last game of the season. The organization also carried out arious service functions designated b the Student Council. 107 CHEERLEADERS With an underdog Greenie team the cheerleaders, together with the student body, showed real spunk during the 1957 season. Of course, they also exhibited their enthusiasm at basketball games, bonfires, and pep rallies. They aroused spirit not only on the home grounds, but also at the Texas game in Austin, Army game in New York city, Mississippi State game in Jackson, and the traditional fight with L.S.U. in Baton Rouge. The cheerleaders have proven to be leaders both in the stadium and on the campus. They were outstanding mem- bers in Greenbackers, TUSK, and Lagniappes. Heading the group this year was Tommy Smith, a two- year veteran. He was ably assisted by veterans Gilbert Andry, Diane Orkin, and Charles King, and newcomers Beth Monroe, Phyllis Alexander, and Bill Kennedy. 108 ALPHA PHI OMEGA 01 KICEKS ( 1 I n i;i:i l l l President I II Mil i:s KIN(. Vice-President I I I |i|{ i; Corresponding Secretary i;U n MIKIAIAN Recording Secretary (.i;()li(.i: l i: TI. K Treasurer Alplui rill ()iiu ' j;a. a . alinnal Sci ii_i- !■ ralci nil) . whose nienihersliip is open In Icumer Scouts, promotes numcious campus acti iti ' s. sci ice to the comnuiiiily and nation. APO originated, anti now coordinates. Campus Carnival, along with the Ugly Mug contest. It conducts orientation tours for Freshman students. At Christmas, the campus (Christmas tree is decorated and a part for cliildnii nl Tulanc students is given by A. P.O. CIRCLE K OFFICERS Mil I-- W I SON President 1 1 W I T Vice-President IM.K l.ll ' SCOMI! Secrflary Cl. ' iNN 1()U( N Treasurer Circle K is a college level service organization s|)onsore(l l Kiwanis International. Circle K exists as a character huilding group which offers service on I he campus, lo the school, and to the coinmunity. It as organized internationally in 19.52. and tlie Tulaiie iiioup iiegan in I ' XS.S. In the past Circle K has co- operated «iih iiliicr service clubs on Campus Carnival. lias helped conduct student campus orientation tours, and has been of service in the New Orleans Kiwanis Minstrel. 109 SERVICE LAGNIAPPES OFFICERS BILL DYER President HERB DUNCAN Vice-President SUSAN LOCKE Secretary CHARLIE PENDLETON Sergeant-at-Arms Lagniappes. the University Student Dance Organiza- tion, had a very successful season this year. Beginning with the Freshman Dance, which climaxed the festiv- ities of orientation week, a busy social program was provided the school by this group. Three dances were given before football games, including one in the after- noon at Phelps House. The big event of the fall social season was the homecoming dance, featuring the music of the Cell Block Seven. Before Christmas Lagniappes sponsored a dance climaxing Christmas Night at Tu- lane. complete with a jitterbug contest. The traditional spring dance was held in March with the presentation of the Jajibal. ya beauty court as the highlight. ± lkl SRV t ' r . i Jd. J ; A 1 ;l-j %i ADELPHONS OFFICERS TOMMY WITTENBERG President SI BROWN Vice-President JOHN MORTON Secretary-Treasurer DR. KARLEM RIESS Faculty Advisor The Order of Adelphons is an inter-fraternity organ- ization composed of not more than three members from each fraternity on campus. It was founded at Tulane Universitv in 1949 to promote mutual under- standing and cooperation among fraternities and to establish closer relations between fraternity men and Tulane. The principal service activities of the year in- clude ushering at Commencement Exercises. Convoca- tions, and Symphony Concerts, as well as general service to Tulane. The group also has several social events dur- ing the year. 110 TULANE DORMITORY COUNCIL OFFICERS I n 111 I ' .l Mil) I ' rrsiilrni I l l 1 1 1 1 ' • Advisor Till ' Coiiiriiillt ' e on Men ' s Hesidciice Halls, composed 111 llic four house presidents, the senior ad isors. and I he president at large, is responsible for all government «itliin llie dorms. The committee reviews discipliiiar cases hroughl before it i the individual house coun- cils and makes all regulations pertaining to the dormi- hu ' v ipiadrangle as a whole. During the second semes- Irr. ihc committee was revised to give larger student ri ' prcsenlalion. and greater emphasis was |)hiced on the indi idual house councils. PflO ? NEWCOMB DORMITORY COUNCIL OFFICERS n (, i ' i:i M.W l.Ol l K W III IK . President . Secretary The Resident Sludenl Government Associalion is ( iiin|i,iscd (if all residents of the Newcomb dormitories. rile Inner Council, composed of the officers of the -socialion and the President and a representative fmin each dormitor . is the self-gt)verning extvutive. Icgislati c. and judicial body of this Association. Its purposi- is to develop an ellicienl system of self- uovermneiil among the dormitorv girls in all matters relating to their conduct, both individuallv and so- ciallv. anil to upholil the standards and regulations of llic dininilories. Ill PROFESSIONAL PHI DELTA PHI OFFICERS RALPH J. WICKER President JAMES B. KEMP, JR Secretary ROBERT I. WHITE Treasurer RENE S. PAYSSE Historian. Phi Delta Phi is an international legal Fraternity founded in 1869 at the University of Michigan. The White Inn at Tulane University School of Law was established in 1911. The purpose of Phi Delta Phi is to promote a higher standard of professional ethics and culture in the law schools and in the profession at large. Members are selected on the basis of scholarship and ethics. The Fraternity sponsors lectures by prominent mem- bers of the profession and members of the faculty. It also presents a legal text to the student with the most im- proved grades in his second year. Phi Delta Phi is the oldest professional fraternity in the United States. The national organization maintains an en- dowment fund for legal scholarships. 112 1 .- PROFESSIONAL I MOOT COURT (ti I K I !;• Ill I -Mil M .... iiiiw i;iM i hi: . (.hirj Jiisliit " .imrl Krronlfi Tile Miiiii Cdiiil. iii-iani cd on a competilivc hasi. . con- lu( Is ;i |iicij:iarn dcsimiiMl In give all law students expe- liciiir ill |)ir|iaiiiiL; aiul arguing cases under actual court- nuim 1 iiiidilioiis. i ' lic Judges of the Moot Court are stu- dents of superior scholastic standing who plan and con- diicl I lie eiiliri ' program under the guidance of Professor W illi.iiii II. lilt k. ,lr.. Faeult Advisor. Tlic climax of the ' iim|MliliMii i in the third ear when the two surviving lcan s argue hel ' ini- tin- Supreme t!ourl of the Stale of Louisiana. 113 PROFESSIONAL OFFICERS DONALD A. MEYER President TERRY W. BROWN Vice-President JAMES B. KEMP. JR Secretary JUAN PEREZ Treasurer La Societe du Droit Civil is an extracurric- ular society supervised by the Faculty and dedicated to the promotion of scholarly inter- est in the civil law. Student members of the Society are enabled to delve much more thor- oughly than regular curricular time permits into the origins, history, development, and methods of the civil law, with particular atten- tion to the Louisiana scene. One of the So- ciety ' s main purposes is the preservation and extension of civil law influences in Louisiana and elsewhere. LA SOCIETE du DROIT CIVIL PI LAMBDA BETA OFFICERS JACK HAMMEL President MICKY HURST Vice-President BOB REDSTONE Recording Secretary WALLY LeBRUN Corresponding Secretary FRED PREAUS Treasurer Pi Lambda Beta is an organization for pre- legal students, founded on the Tulane campus in 1952. Its purpose is to promote closer har- mony and association of students interested in the legal profession. At the regular meet- ings during the year and at the annual ban- quet, students have an opportunity to hear talks given by men in various phases of the legal field and thus get some idea of the many facets of law open to them. x — PROFESSIONAL OIKICKHS II Iji;-! i;i;(i N I ' rf iilcm (.i:()H(.l-. M.M ' II iin-l ' rrsiilciil t. W II K I li Sn rrliirv-Trrasiirrr ' I ' lic (_)|icrn llrllrll i- Mil i Plf;a 11 i alil)ll (Ic- Milrd 1(1 llic ciicMuiaiiriiiciil m| a inure exten- i i ' kniiw lr(l;;c and a iinnr |ii(iliiiiii(l a|i|ii ' i ' - cialiiiri of llu ' s slein of iDiiiinon lau among llir numerous sludenls from legal jurisdictions lia ing this system. It serves as a medium for llic exchange of ideas among such students and alTords an ()|)])orlunit otherwise una ail- ahl - lo examine | articular facets in tiie iiistory ami operation of this great legal order. Among il a(ii ilies are the presentation of papers and discourses In students, faciilh. and isiling speakers. THE QU E E N S BENCH PHI ALPHA DELTA Fraiicit; Xavier Martin ( " .liapU ' r OFFICERS I VMI-- I I li J,i.tlire W II I I M IIOMl HKKVliS lirr-Jiislirr nWin IIMtHI.S C rrl.olConrl II W !■ I ' IKKZ-CASTII.I.O Trrusunr i;iMI i;ii T. TKKM.KK Marshal i. i;i( K l; l!i; WCEK Ili.st„rin,i l niiii.i; ihc aradcniic xcar I ' ).S6-19.S7. Mar- P ' tin (:iia|iter of I ' hi lplia Delta hrou ' ht main f iiilcicstiiig speakers to its meinliers and cVV plcdges. Among the. ;e were ( " ongressman T. Hale Hoggs. Senator ({ussell H. Long, and K.li.l. l)ir cl,,r for .New Orleans. l{a J. Ahha- li cliio. Jr. Luncheons, cocktail parties, and other social funclions were held at rcgidai intervals, and (he chaplcr was honored li the i-il " I riii ||,|i., |),|la ' " ii|ii(iiic Coiiil. Till- liighli.:;lil ,,| ihr c.ii u,i llir I lalcriiiU ' - litlli ciiinll c onrlavc Inld here al Tnlanc. al wliii li -i M iilhcin iini iT ilic m-ii- lio-li ' d lui llin-r daN . 115 PROFESSI ONAL a OFFICERS LEWIS POPE President RONALD LEMMONS Vice-President EDGAR PALAREA Secretary-Treasurer The Owl Club, an honorary organization, is dedicated to the promotion and maintenance of better student-faculty relationship in the medical school. Selected on the basis of scholarship, leader- ship, and character, the 24 members work from constructive criticism to further scholar- ship, teaching, and ethics among students and faculty of the medical school. THE OWL CLUB HISTORY OF MEDICINE SOCIETY OFFICERS ALLEN MERSHON President NORMAN WITTHAUER Vice-President LYAL WILLIAMS Secretary DEWEY LANE Treasurer This is the 25th anniversary of the History of Medicine Society at Tulane. The purpose of the society is to afford students an opportunity to expand their knowledge of Medicine and its History. Meetings are held twice a month and are conducted by a student member, a visiting guest, or a member of the Medical Faculty. The yearly program is concluded with a banquet at which a prominent guest speaker is present. The following student awards are presented at that time: The Rudolph Matas award for the best pa- per presented during the year; the I. I. Le- mann Award for the best discussion of a pa- per; and the B. B. Weinstein award for the most outstanding original presentation of a paper. 116 PROFESSIONAL TULANE PREMEDICAL SOCIETY I II l I 1 1 ( . 1 1 A i;ii I ' rrsiilcnl i,i.() i;ii i ri ' i:s •-Vi ' or KKIlll 1 S()N. .IK I in-l ' rcsiihiit (l| I (OIK SriTflary 1 1 1 1 1 I iKF, S vr.- nn W 1 1 I I l K I S TrrnsiiriT riliM II liii| 11 ( I l ll tilrisor l)K. JU-SKl ' ll 1 I MIK.N Iilvisor riif I ' re-Medical Societv «as founded here at Tulaiie in 19 ' U ' ). Ill I ' liU Tiitu- Nt-ais its nieinbcrsliip has soared from the original founding group of thirty to a record nienilK-r- shi|( this year of one hundrcil and sixtx, making it the largest organization of its kind on campus. The meetings of the society are hi-monlhly. The primary function is to afford students «illi a tomnion goal, medicine, an .ili|)..rlunil lo leain mori- ahout the sul j»xt l y hearing einiiiciU iiuiliial aulliorilies, string interesting medical movies, and touring local medical institutions. The puhli- cation of 111.- Society, the I ' re-.Ucil JoiinwI. is put out amnialU and ilistriluitcd at the annual lian(|ucl. 117 PROFESSIONAL OFFICERS ROBERT G. METCALF President JOSEPH F. JENKINS Vice-President (Membership) ROBERT F. KELLY Vice-President ( Program) LOUISE F. DOERNBERG SecretaTy EDWARD E. PETERMAN Treasurer DOROTHY V. HOLLIDAY Faculty Advisor The Tulane Collegiate Chapter of the Amer- ican Marketing Association was organized in the Spring of 1957. The objectives of the organization are to familiarize its membership with the opportunities existing in the broad field of marketing: to develop sound thinking in marketing theory and more exact knowl- edge and definition of marketing principles: and to promote friendly relations between stu- dents, faculty, and businessmen. These ob- jectives are accomplished through a well- planned program of frequent discussion meet- ings, during which guest authorities in such marketing fields as sales, purchasing, research and advertising offer valuable first-hand in- formation. The present membership of the club totals forty-two students. AMERICAN MARKETING ASSOCIATION PHI CHI THETA OFFICERS MILDRED GAILLARDANNE President BARBARA KIRKWOOD Vice-President MUSETTE DAVIS Secretary LINDA COOK Treasurer DIANE LAIZER National Counsellor Phi Chi Theta is the largest national pro- fessional sorority in the field of Business Ad- ministration. The Alpha Xi Chapter was founded at Tulane University in 1956. Its pur- pose is to foster high ideals and encourage fraternity among girls preparing for business careers. This year the program included monthly business meetings, field trips, and professional meetings presenting prominent speakers from various fields. Among the many social activ- ities Alpha Xi sponsored were rush parties, banquets, faculty Christmas party, and annual all-day picnic. lis PROFESSIONAL ol I ICF.KS l!(li;l HI M.IIKOKDKli. .11! I ' rr.siihnl li i III I SMVTIIF, ir, ' -l ' ri-si l, ' i,l SVMIIEL SCAM) I I il) Trnisiirrr (IIMil.KS !• ' .. I.dl ' .j! Cirrr iii, inline Si-rn ' l(ir I lii; (l ' ll li: Hrr„nlinf:S,;rrlar Till ' I uLliir I iii ( ' rsil Sllldciit ( " li;i|)l(M- of till- Aiiiri i( ;iii Siicirh ol llir (!i il l ' ,rij;iMriT. serves In link tlic campus and industry, ll luiuidrns llit- cuiricula In fostering associa- linn lichM ' i ' ti sUidi-nls an i t-tigineers. These associations enalilc (lie sludcnl lo li ' aiii the aspects if Civil Engineering that (■annul lie cdNcicd in llic class room. ■» " r ' - ■ ' .• " ' ' A.S.C.E A.I.E.E. AND IRE OFFICERS W 1 1 II I W 1 1 ITE (.hairman HHIN (l KI.K lire Chairman l |((i l III li:i Trvasarrr r ( .1. W II I I MM IN Sccrclary AlEE i;l(ll Kli I Ti;i (; SecretarylRE Till Tnlanc jninl sludcnl lirancli of llic mciican Insliluli ' nf Electrical Engineers and In.-lilulc of Iwidio Engineers provides op|i(ir- lunilics foi ihr -.hidi-nis lo participate in iri- ilcpcndrnl funclioiis lironglit aliout li llicir ou n iiiil i ili c: it IosIits iIio c ipKdilic lu ' cdcd li llic rniiliiiri liir|i arc nol InIK i nlli ah ' d ill llic (l.i- ronni ami iii c IIumm llic oppoi- liiiiiU lo -licML llicn llicir Miilal. lilciaiv. and Irchnical iclalion,-- uilh cla. smatc and grad- uate engineers. 119 PROFESSIONAL OFFICERS ALLAN BUNDY President ROBERT PROBIZANSKI Vice-President ROBERT MASSETT Secretary FRED HERBERT Treasurer DR. F. M. TAYLOR Faculty Adt-isor The purpose of the Student Chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers is to promote the professional development of its members to affiliate with the parent organ- ization upon graduation. A. I.Ch.E ALPHA CHI SIGMA OFFICERS ELBERT HINSON Master Alchemist JEROME PLANCHARD Vice-Master Alchemist ARTHUR YEAGER Reporter ( Corresponding Secetary) MIKE VALLL NT Recorder ( Secretary ) JOHN DEUTSCH Treasurer Alpha Chi Sigma is a national professional fraternity for chemical engineers and chem- istrj ' majors. The purpose of Alpha Chi Sigma is to promote friendship among people with the same interest — chemistry — and to promote interest in chemistry. The organization also has alumni chapters to continue these inter- ests and friendships after graduation from col- lege. The fraternity has an annual pre-initiation dance in May. Other activities include an essay contest on chemistry for high school students and the sponsorship of the National Safety Program. PROFESSIONAL on i(:i;i!s Kl nil TII(I 1 S I ' rr.sitlrnl 1 l, ' I l I;K(:KI:I! 1 AN I in-IVrsidnit I II i;i l I Kl I I III! Sr.rriary I. ll, I I i I ITTl.K Trrasiirrr ri;iil . W ALIEK HOSCIl Iilri.sor Simula Pi Sif;iiui is an li(iiinrai plnsics S ) i( ' l . lis |)UI|)();C is III |llil i(lc llldsc will) air itiliTi ' sIrd in jilnsics ami v liu |ia r shnun a|ililii(lc in llic siil)jecl uilli ()])|)nrlunilirs Im ' (■ |ianilinf; llicii interest. In addilinn. rirorl is niacli- 111 inliTi ' sl citJK ' ls in the held nl plusics. I licsc |iui|)cises arc a ' iiie t ' d lliiuiij;!! a ni(intlil nu ' cting at uliicli talks are gi en al)(iut plnsics and related fields, and througli aiiiius jir ijccls siKinsurccI li_ the groiij). SIGMA PI SIGMA SIGMA GAMMA EPSILON oFFirF.ns Cr.I? Al.l) C. (;i.ASi;i{ IWaUlrnt (ll HI,KS I.. |{() KIT ...l ict-l ' rfsulenl-llisturian V. I ( : 1-: I ' , I ' . K III . 1 " .N Sern-lary- Tn ' a.wrrr I Mill. , I ' I N I ' ! (.orrrspoiuliuii Scrrclnry III l!i:i!l ( , KI I;K Chaincr Siwnsor Sigma (iainnui l ' .|isiliin is a Naliimal Karlli Sciences ll(inniar SnciclN with .i(t aiti c ' lia|itcrs. The s icict was Iniindcd March ' MK I ' M " ), al llic I ni crsit nf Kansas. The pur- piisc (if ihe iirgatiizatiim is tin- selmlastic. seientilic. and social ad ancciiicnt nf its niem- I ' l ' i and ihi- iii l ilul iMii wjicn- ihe chapters arc Imahd. ili ilic-. im hide a Spring »aicU llaiiipiii. wilh ihc prc cnlalicui nf tlii ' Sigma (iainiiKi Fpsilon . . Tarr Award tn an mitstandinji I ' .arlli Sciences sllldent: a fall niniicid )anri ' : and iii.inlhU iiiicsl sprakrr linni the I ' etiiilcum lndii-li and nlhcr liclds 111 the Earth Sciences. 121 PROFESSIONAL OFFICERS PHYLLIS BUTLER President ELIZABETH MARSHALL Vice-President BETTY WISH Corresponding Secretary JOALICE MULLEY Recording Secretary NICKIE CARTISSER Treasurer The Tulane-Newcomb Psychology Club is an organization founded to bring together students with a common interest in Psychol- ogy. Its purpose is to provide these students with information and group experiences that are not furnished by the ordinary classroom curriculum. Throughout the year motion pic- tures are shown, and speakers are invited to address the club and discuss their work. An annual field trip was held. TULANE NEWCOMB PSYCHOLOGY CLUB -Ai BETA BETA BETA OFFICERS BEVERLY SANDERFER President LIDA SW AFFORD Vice-President GEORGE ANN REYNOLDS Secretary KAY ESHLEM AN Historian DR. MILTON FINGERMAN Faculty Advisor The Beta Lambda chapter of Beta Beta Beta is the national honorary Biological fra- ternity at Newcomb College. The organiza- tion was founded in 1922, and the Newcomb chapter was organized in 1941. The purpose of this organization is to further an under- standing of biology. Membership is open to exemplary New- comb students interested in biological sciences. Tri Beta meets once a month on Wednesday evenings, and its activities include field trips, lectures, and socials. PROFESSIONAL II ' M)|! lion M) I ' rrsident JOKI, IIA.NDKl.M AN Si-vrrtary ANNA PACOMIS Tn-asiin-r ¥. .V. ()|; l( M! i:i . M ) Sinia (luunmm Orcailo is ihc liiiii(ii;ir iir ;inizaliori dc- si{;iic(l Id create and stimulate an a|)|ire(iati(iri of the classics. It is open to those students at Newcornli uho show an interest in the acquisi- tion of classical knowledge and desire to relate lliis irifornialion to e er dav life. This is a dc|iarliiiental organization, hut its nienihers ilo not necessarily have to major in classics. I lie group meets on the third Tuesdax of c cr month and includes in its earl acti - ilics the following events: A Saturnalia fesli- al ill imilalioii of the Koiiuiii holiday cele- liialrd in I )cit ' mlicr. discussions, and lectures. OR E AD ES LA TERTULIA OFFICERS 1 . 1 i: ( . I l.l.KSI ' IF. I ' rr.siilrnt l;i; Kli 1.1 IlllSH Vice-l ' n-si,lnil I l I K l;( )S-I-()N S( " (T ' aM- (. i:(l|1 W F.HNKK Tn-asiin-r Ihe honorary Spanish society. La Tertulia. was licgun in ' ) ' .V) at Newcomh l) a group ficiMi llic (Icparliiiciil of paiii-li. I nder the leadership of llic Ui { prc-ident. Fthei n Kv- crctt. ihc dull «as founded to eslahlish and iiiaiiilain interest and lontact among students of ihi- Spanish language. The goals of the cluh arc these: lo faiiiillari c ils incinlici- willi llic iii-luiii . lilnaliiir. ami ihc ail- nl Spain anil l.aliii inrrira. ami In imira-c lie- nl lllrini- -lii|i lichMTii lliii-r riiiinliir- ami mil mvii. Ii lakiiii: pari in riillinal ami i i iai ai li ilies. 123 PROFESSIONAL OFFICERS SANDY DeARMAS President BARBARA DODD Secretary-Treasurer The Newconib Art Club works in connec- tion with the Art School to promote the in- terest of both students and faculty in art. and to achieve better student-faculty relationships. The Art Club annually sponsors a student drawing contest and donates one of the prizes in one division. Bv being open to the college as a whole, it helps to create an interest in art among those people outside the art depart- ment. ii EWCOMB ART CLU SPORTS CAR CLUB OFFICERS MAUMUS CLAVERIE. JR President MICHAEL NEEDHAM Secretary-Treasurer ANDY HERRON Activities DR. ROBERT BONE Faculty Advisor The Tulane Sports Car Club opened it ' s first full vear activitv on the Tulane campus and came out very successfully. They acquired bet- ter than 30 members, representing all tvpes of cars from British M.G. ' s to Italian Mercedes Benz ' s, although members need merelv hold an interest in the sport and do not necessarilv have to own a sports car. Highlights of the year included several cross-country rallies, a few picnics, and a greatlv enjoved Gvmkahna. 124 ■ 1 PROFESSIONAL OIIICKKS JOSKril F, r.AKOCO Commmlnrr JOHN l. Kl.Orr I irvCummoilore ll () (; S,-rn-tarr WIIIIWI IMS rraimnnOgirer 1 Hi. I l l-S W , --W KlvNK ' I Faniliv ,l,lnsor Last M ' ar llii- T.S.d. led tlic fdriiiatidii of llic SdiillicTii iMciriillcgialt ' Sailiiifi Assoria- liuii i liii li now include-; Aul)urM. Mississippi Siuillicrn (!(illcj. ' c. llie L ' ni orsit nf lal)aina. and I idaiic. A regalia |)laniied li S.I.S.A. this spring slmuld grealK slriMiglluii llic new association. Tulane ' s team took 2nd place in tliis year ' s Sugar Bowl Intercollegiate Regatta. In addition to intercollegiate acti il liie (lull provides a program of sailing and racing throughout the ear as well as a |)rograni of liaining for new members. The niendiers also enjo arious social ac- lixilies. Miaiu of uhich aie held at the South- ern ailil ( llnli w hill) the T.S.C. is closely allilialcil. TULANE SAILING CLUB PHI SIGMA IOTA OFFICERS K Kl TI.F. I ' r,-si,lnil WV.TW: I.Ol in t ir,:l ' residenl WEVn A.N.N WlllTK Keronlinn Secretary .ADELE CORNAY CurrrsiHmilhig Secretary I.K( i;(.K W II KINS Treasurer I ' hi Kappa iliaptci- of Phi Sigma lota was estalilished al Tulaiic in pril. I ' I7. The pur- pose of this romance language honor society is Id recognize outstancling al)ilit and attain- ments in romance languages and literature, to slimulate advanced work and individual re- scarcii in (his field, and to proniolc a senti- iiicnl 111 aniniilv heluren llir 1 iiiird Slalcs .mil llie nalions using these languafzo. Mcmlicrs arc elected from advanced undrr- gradualo and i;railuale -ludcnN ulm have allaincil a high xhola lir icinnl in llini rn- liir rnurse as vvcll a in ihr mnKUirc lan- guages. 125 PROFESSIONAL DELTA SIGMA PI OFFICERS LARRY JOE COOK President EDGAR HEAD Senior Vice-President PICKETT CUMMINS Junior Vice-President RONALD LEVY Secretary ROBERT PETERSON Treasurer LEONARD SULLIVAN Historian GEORGE REESE, III Chancellor PROF. DONALD M. HALLEY Faculty Advisor Gamma Nu chapter of the International Fraternity of Delta Sigma Pi was established at Tulane in 1949. The fraternity was founded .50 years ago at New York Uni- versity and is one of the oldest and largest professional fraternities. In celebration of its Golden Anniversary this year, a new Central Office building was dedicated on the Miami University campus in Oxford, Ohio. At the Golden Anni- versary Convention in New York many plans were laid for expansion and improvement of the Fraternity. The Fraternity sponsors tours and speakers for its members as well as for the School of Business Adminis- tration as a whole. Among the many social activities are the Rose Formal, at which the Rose of Delta Sig and her Court are presented, the rush parties at the beginning of each semester, pledge-active athletic events, and a variety of other entertainment. 126 ii PROFESSIONAL TULANE INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB If oFrirr.RS IUi: l ' 1 KKXSr President W 1 1 I I l W . I ) ' ! K i:S J irr-l ' n-sitlfiif ■ I I Mi I ( I ; » A Sftri ' lary UK. .KHIN (,ll I KSI ' IE Faculty Advisor I 111- iiilanc liilir iMlii.ii.il Krl.il i..n (!luli i- a luili-iil nlyanl al Inn llirll hil|i lu ilr iln|i -lll.lrlll illlclr-l ill aiiil uii(lci laiiirnii: nl wniU alVaii and lo In ' iiii; llii - inlrr- fsl inlii IcM-al I ' iMUs li |iiM idiiii; llic nici-lin lilarr v lirii- students from all parts of this coiiiitry and other coun- tries may come together. The local cluh is a chapter of the National Association of International Relations Cluhs. rile 1 lull si ' cks to encourage lud and understanding of fiircif;!! policy issues alonj; with its program to initiate the foreign student into American student life. The moiithU meetings feature a series of varied pro- i;iaiii including a round-lahle dist-ussion series, fihns. 111(1 talks In visiting kvturers and dignitaries. A high- ligiil of lln ' M-;n " s aclivilio is liic annual I nited Nations l)a l aiii|ii ' l. 127 PROFESSIONAL BARRACUDA CLUB OFFICERS KAY KETELSEN President K_ Y KASPAREK Vice-President LOLITA GELPI Treasurer DALE GRUNDFEST Secretary ANN BARRON Publicity BETTY RIKKERS Publicity The purpose of the Barracuda Club is to promote inter- est in synchronized swimming. Grading the new appli- cants on rhythm, form, and coordination in the basic strokes, the ne v members are chosen from competitive tryouts held each spring and fall. At the weekly Wednes- day meetings the newly accepted members who are known as Baby Barracudas are trained in synchronized swim- ming. At the end of the year the club presents its annual spring pageant at hich time the new members become full Barracudas. The title of the 1958 show was " Show- time on Broadway. " Among the other actiyities of the year, the Barracuda Club sponsors the Xewcomb Intramural Swimming Meet. 128 - PRO FES SIGNAL NEWCOMB DANCE CLUB SAND S( :il MM7, I ' resiilent SIIKI.I, 111 hi; Vui-l ' nsiiUnl llir ll;inrf (!luli is ((irnimscil " f llm c ;:iiU ;itc interested in hulld iii Iinii|iii ' .mil iiiln {niiMlioii iliuuiiiu. l llii- lM-;;iniiitif; uf caili M-molcr liMUlls aic licM ami piris arc rin Icil lu llw i liiji on llif ha i uf llirir lianciiif; aliililN. ' i ' lic haiuf Club lias |H " rf«irn)p(l in varinus campus-wide alTaiis ami. for |ianii ' i|iatiiij: in tlifso afTair. and attend- in-; all nii ' i ' lin};?, the incinluTs are awardol a Pance Club kr (Ml llic liasis of nicril and sfr in- to the ilul . Tliis year llir (lit s slfiii ua. i-nfoiccii rifiidix and as a rt-sull tin- (lull lias done more work as a campus functioning organ- i .ulion. I lulcr liie able guidance of Mi. s Franreis Bush. Newcondi ' s future liaiierinas arise. 129 PROFESSIONAL GLENDY BURKE OFFICERS CLYDE BUZZARD Speaker LIZ HOLLOWAY Vice-Speaker COLLEEN SULLR ' AN Secretary JO STANLEY Treasurer KEN TOOLE Carnival Editor EDWARD ROGGE Sporuor The Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society is the oldest student organization on the Tulane campus. It grew out of two grants made to the university for the establish- ment of medals in Oratory and Mathematics. As the Oratory medals were awarded a group of students who had received them joined together to form the present organization. To- day the group sponsors the intercollegiate debate team, a high school forensic tournament and a college tournament. Debate trips are made out of town to about eight tourna- ments each year, and a group within the society edits and publishes Carnival magazine. The group ' s new sponsor and coach, from the L niversity of Missouri, is Edward Rogge. 130 OPERA WORKSHOP OFFICERS CMIllON . lil l!MI l Director W ll.l.l 1 l;i;i K CraJuale Assistant l ' TKI(,l W i;i) t ' roi erly anil Stage Manager }[ ) W (Mill I, I Property and Stage Manager lU.N r M i;i i; I;LL(J l ' roi erlY and Stage Manager I lit- ( |iria ork- lRi|j ciiiiji ts ul !-IU(Il ' iiIs iiUurusteil in all |iliaM ' of music theatre and meets two to four nights a week whi ' M in pruducliiin. I lie |irn(liii|ions this year included: l(iliiily ( l Lure, a onc-acl coniie opera bv Lehman Engel. ■irid (la (.iijxi. a one-act chamher opera hv Cardon Burn- iiam vsilli lihretlii li Kdna St. Vincent Milla (first per- formance I . Till ' Mi ' iliiim. h Cian Carlo Menotti. And three jjerformances of The Emperor ' s Netv dollies. ' l)niii;la Miidic ill cooperation with the New Orleans S mplinii f(i|- the Louisiana Youth Concerts. Ml »ork hop productions are given in the auditorium of Dixon Hail. ,111(1 the sceneshop is located direct!) across from ' Xfl " The Skin of Our Teeth. " TULANE UNIVERSITY THEATRE DR. MONROE LIPPMAN Director MR. GEORGE W. HENDRICKSON Associate Director MR. PAUL H OSTETLER Associate Director DR. ROBERT CORRIGAN Assistant Director OFFICERS LINDA IC- TZ President ELIZABETH HOLLOWAY Vice-President JUNE ENGLEKIRK Secretary-Treasurer The main activity of the Tulane Universit) ' Theatre (TUT) is to produce four shows during the course of the year. It is an experimental theatre and. consequently, the productions are variously chosen. Because of the different range of styles, the audience as well as the casts and crews have an oppor- tunity to enjoy plays which may be classified anywhere be- tween tragedy and farce. All members of the university student body, faculty and staff are eligible to participate in any phase of the produc- tions: backstage crew work or as a cast member. There is, however, an organization known also as the Tulane Univer- sity Theatre which is composed of those people who have fulfilled the requirements for active membership by success- fully participating in two shows per season: probationary membership is granted to those people who have success- fully worked one show. This organization assists the faculty in the choice of the next season ' s plays, actively participated in the production of each show, and serves to stimulate inter- est throughout the campus for the Tulane University The- atre productions. There are two honorary organizations into which people can earn membership through their outstanding service and ability : The Cornerblock and Keystone Club, awarded for excellence in backstage work, and the National Collegiate players, accorded to those who have been " all around " members of casts and or crews. During the 1957-58 season, TUT produced Dangerous Corner, a mystery with an ironic plot device: Ghosts, Ibsen ' s most controversial play which has tragic undertones: Cradle Song, a graduate student production, which is a sentimental comedy about life in a convent: and Tiveljth Night, one of Shakespeare ' s gay and romantic comedies. 132 riir l.il.- AiiiriKil. NATIONAL COLLEGIATE PLAYERS OFFICERS I liiM.I K || I ' n ' sidnil I I M I K I ' Z Sfrrclary-Treasiirer MKMr.F.RS I li 1- larku ir iiiia Clliuriililiii Kli lii ' tli lliillii»a .luiif Knjilckirk JmnciImi ( rii Miiuii Edward Cliadkk This is (he national himorar) organization which gives special recognitimi In lliuse people wlm lia e cMi-lliil all oliicrs because ol ihcir (Hilslandinu parlicipalion as niein- l)cis of casts and or crews. TULANE UNIVERSITY BAND The trumpet section blares out a note in practice. Concentration is the keynote of good band work. Are the trombonists taking a holiday? oil ICERS |li|| L MiiliKISSEY Dircclur W III IWl MdNKOK .NlLl ' llE.N U.N I ' residenl I ' .ni; lid-K KOIT hir.si Vice-President li: Willi; i:, l lll;, m Secoiul Vice-I ' re.si,lrnl ( . I ;• li;( . I-, I K II! I ; Treasurer I 111- I iil.inr I ni ii-il IkiikI (lia -- il iiiciiiIh i lii|i. iliir- iiif; llic In.illiall M ' Cisnii. from llic iiuili ' lii(lcrit nl llic I ni- v Tsit , Diiritif; the cmuiTl scasrui. mciiih ' rslii|p is open to woiiifii a ucll. Tile r.aiid |ifrlonii al all lioinc loolliall f;aiin ' and 1- imli ' il fur iK |ii ' rlin manic o| |io|iiilar ini; inu if al racli ul ilr. Iiall-liiiu ' pn hn niajiic.-.. Al cm:l j;anii ' a hivii ' laiiil ( " onilin. maili ' up nl iMriiiliri iVmn llir liaml. is hallirril. llic iiaiiil i icnli-ii-d annind !! rapaldi- din rim. .Inlni ,1. MorrisscN. uillnuil mIu.-i- in piialion lli,- Tidain- Hand wnnld not exist. Mr. Monissex ' s national niiutatioii a.s a composer is well known. Ill addition to its vear! Spring Concert, the Band gave conceits in Mem|)liis. Tennessee, and in Clarksdale and Jackson. .Miss. Hand Director jolni .1. Morris-ev CAMPUS NIGHT OFFICERS BILL ROSEN President DOTTY GOLD Vice-President BECKY GREVE Secretary JACKIE SPREEN Treasurer Tulane-Newcomb Campus Niters worked long and hard to successfully present " Name Your Poison, " an original musical comedy, for the 1958 production. The script for the show, which was given on March 28 and 29. was written by Ed Chadick in early September. The student organization took the original script and pro- duced the entire show — wrote the lyrics, planned the chore- ography, solved the technical problems, constructed scenery, handled publicity, and drew up a larger and more complete program. Under the direction of Mike Parver, work on this murder set to music got started early in February and the cast worked diligently until the time of presentation. The complete cast included approximately 40 people with lead roles being taken over by Don Dorminey, Roland Guer- rin, Doris Halpern. Carol Doskey, D. J. Spitzberg, Lenny Hoffman, Lewis Pallet, and Diane Katz. The plot centered around the Borgia family and the schemes of murder and kidnapping that went on concerning the family situations. There was plenty of excitement plus love scenes and even experiments with poisons of various kinds with which several servants were killed in the process of the play. But eventually everything worked out and the lovers departed for a happier life. All in all, Campus Niters did a wonderful job, had a good time, and presented a wonderful show. Bill Rosen and Mike Parver view drunk scene. " The morning after. " Enter the gypsies, 8:00 p.m. 8:15 p.m. Uii 1 lot- ' i r.-y ■.-: TULANE GLEE CLUB OFFICERS GAY MARTIN President WILLIAM P. WHITESIDES Director The Tulane Glee Club consists of a group of men who enjoy singing many types of music literature, ranging from the more serious choral music to arrangements of folk songs and selections from musical comedies. The men appear an- nually on the Christmas Candlelight Concert along with the Newcomb Glee Club and the A Capella Choir. In the spring they joined forces with the larger University Chorus and per- formed along with the New Orleans Symphony the contem- porary choral work, CARMINA BURANA. in the first per- formance in New Orleans. Membership in the Glee Club is open to all Tulane students who enjoy singing. 138 NEWCOMB GLEE CLUB OFFICERS ,1 ( ,M II INK l;liO i I ' lrudcnl .1 1 W I I K I i.S.S. IANN yicej ' rrsiileni K HI l; Ml KV Secretary S i; 1 1 1 1 I . I n Librarian W II I I l W nil r.s||)l Director The Newciiinli (,lcc (!liili. ccuMiJospd of 45 members, meets Iwicr ra li Hcrk llin uulinul llii- academic year. Among its aii jiis aclixillo. llic i i;;aMizalii)n [jiTfornis tuice a year for till- Ncuidiiili memorial services, ijarlicipales in the Christmas ( aii llrlif;lii ( " oiicert. and joins the Tulane Glee Cliili for llie spriiif; concerl. Tlir Cliili also joins the Univer- sit Chorus for its annual perfoi rnaiin-. The Glee Club covers a wide range of musical literalure from 16th century poly- phonic music to contem])orar musi - li composers writing specificalU for uomrn ' s voices, such as Vaughn Williams ' " Magnificat. " anil llenr Cowell ' s " American Muse. " 139 A CAPPELLA CHOIR CARDOX BURXHAM Director ANTHOXY TA-MBLRELLO President JON LEVY Vice-President PATRICIA WARD Secretary LOUIS LUCAS Business Manager CAROLE STAFFORD Wardrobe Mistress LISA YOUNG Librarian The Tulane-Newcomb A Cappella Choir for 1957-58 con- sisted of fortv-eight hand-picked and auditioned students from all departments of the university. The choir rehearses twice a week for two hours to prepare for their many appear- ances each year. Some of the Choir ' s activities this year consisted of: 1 1 Homecoming 2 I Newcomb Memorial Service 3 ) The Sixth annual Christmas Concert — which was done with The New Orleans Svniphonv Orchestra on the piece " ' The Emperors New Clothes " 4) A tour throughout the states of Alabama and Florida 5) " Carmina Burana " also with The New Orleans Syni- phonv Orchestra 6) The Annual Spring Concert 7) Honors Day 8 ) Baccalaureate Sendees. 140 INTER-FAITH COUNCIL OFFICERS LUIS ZERVIGON President FRED GIRAUU licePresidenl PEGCf Y HAGER Corresponding Serretary JACK SCHUSTER Treasurer The Interfaitli Couiuil is composed of two represenlalives aiul ail adviser from each religious organization on campus, ll has as its |U)I|mi c ihc prMiiinliciii of religious emphasis ainmig .-luilcnis and nl an increased uiiderslanding on the jiarl 111 ihc lucl(iil ul ihc fundamental tenets of all faiths represciUcd. The Council coonlinales and hrings to tlie students such programs as: religious orientation for incoming students, perioilic showing of films of a religious nature and a pro- gram of speakers for the stimulation of an intellectual reli- gious almosphere at the lni ersil . To augment this pro- gram of education there is an annual display on campus. during Religious Krnphasis Week, to familiarize the student w ilh ihc liclicfs. programs and activities of each organization. 141 BAPTIST STUDENT UNION OFFICERS MAYNARD TRIBBLE President CAROLE STAFFORD Secretary PATSY SLMS Editor CHESTER PEYRONMN Advisor DR. MYRON MADDEN Advisor The Baptist Student Union serves as the connect- ing link between the college campus and the local Baptist churches. The Tulane-Newcomb-Loyola BSU is one of five units in New Orleans, cooperating in church enlistment as well as an on-the-campus min- istrv to students. The campus activities of the BSL include: noonday chapel services, dinner forums, mission projects, social activities, council and com- mittee work, visitation and enlistment, state and southwide denominational meetings, and city-wide projects which include an annual Focus Week. The Baptist Student Center is located at 7107-11 Freret Street. BETHANY FELLOWSHIP OFFICERS ROBERT PATTON President DEE STE VART Vice-President JOSEPHINE POPE Secretary J. RANDOLPH EATON. JR Advisor The Bethany Fellowship was formerly the Disci- ples Student Fellowship. With the acceptance of this new name it was hoped that we would be able to make more young people feel a part of it. This group not onlv consists of these voung people at- tending Tulane Lniversity and Newcomb College, but also those attending various nursing schools as well as vouth who are of college age working or in some branch of the Armed Forces. The group meets at the St. Charles Avenue Christian Church, 6200 St. Charles Avenue, each Sunday morning and evening as well as at various times throughout the week. All are welcome to come at anv time. 142 RELIGIOUS CANTERB URY CLUB OFFICERS MARCIA SIJTHON I ' residt-ni LESTAR MARTIN Junior harden DIANE TAM.OH Sfrr tary TAD TROWISRIDGE Treasurer !■ R. DONALD GEORGE Advisor Canlerliury Clul) serves the mission of Christian- il ill higlier education by fostering among universitv students a more mature understanding of the faith and practices of the Episcopal Church and loxaltv to its corporate life. Canlerhury Club centers its activities at Canter- bury House, the Episcopal University Center. .Ac- tivities include weekly Tuesday night discussion for- ums led by prominent clergy of the Church, which consider a variety of topics related to the total needs of the college communitv in the light of the Chris- tian faith. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE OFFICERS .1 l l P RKER President JUAN AI ' GAR ice-President ROBERT MORAN Secretary LEON -SOI LE Treasurer The Christian Science Organization if Tulane I iiiversitv was founded in December. I ' M. ' :?, and i- iuillinrizci! b iIk ' Mmiui;iI of llii- Mother Church. Ilii- orgaiii .alion holds uceklv testimonial meetings nil raiiipus and sponsors two lectures each vear by ;i nii-inlMT i llir liiMrci . l l.cclurcsbip of ihe Mollier Church to which llir ln.l.iils. facullv nu ' nd)ers. and friends are invited. 143 RELIGIOUS HILLEL FOUNDATION OFFICERS AARON FODIMAN President CAROL LEPP Vice-President AUDREY JACOBS Secretary ZOLLY LEVIN Advisor The Tulane-Newcomb B ' nai Brith Hillel Founda- tion celebrates this year its eleventh anniversary of religious, cultural, interfaith, social, and social wel- fare program for students on this campus. The Hillel house, at 912 Broadway, provides a chapel, library, social hall, play room, and kitchen for its members. Sabbath services are held every Friday night con- ducted by student lay readers, bi-weekly culturals have featured local and college speakers. Discussion groups and a class in Hebrew are held weekly. One of the organizers of the Tulane Interfaith council, Hillel is one of the sponsoring organizations for the Religion-in-Life Week and other functions of the council. Hillel sponsors the Student Welfare Fund drive to secure funds for local, national, and over- seas charities. k NEWMAN CLUB OFFICERS PAUL YODER President JERRY SPREMICH Vice-President PATTY HANLEY Corresponding Secretary MARLENE REZZA Recording Secretary JOLISE HEIDERHOFF Treasurer RONALD DUSSE Marshall The Newman Club is an organization for Catholic college students on secular campuses. Its purpose is to provide the students with religious, intellectual, and social activities. In 1954 the Tulane Newman Club acquired New- man Hall as a permanent home at 1037 Audubon l5treet. Now after three years of occupancy, the club membership is the largest in its history. The 225 members of the N ewman Club at Tulane University are only part of the more than 300,000 members of the National Newman Club Federation composed of Newman Clubs at 760 secular college and univer- sities throughout the United States. Ui WESLEY FOUNDATION oKl ' ICERS KKITII UK l l S Pn-siili-nl I i: n ll K l licf-l ' rrsidcnl I t . i; I hill I ' ll Srrn-lary l |i ll I N(.M I 1 TrrasiiriT Tlic c-l, ' I ' liiJiidaliiui is ihr Mclhodisl Studcnl Mii ciiic ' iil nil llii ' Tuliinc (lainpus. lis niaiii (il)jec- livfs mi ' ti iiilcgralo tlic slu(l -iils and tlio cluircli into uni cisit life: to pnn iclc an Djjporlunity for inlel- l((liial liniijlali( ' ri. wliolt-sonie recreation, and spir- itual jii(i lli: 111 rrslate llie gospel in contemporary terms: and lo aid tlic student in the realization that college is a vocation in itself. Activities include graduate discussion hrunch on Sundays, luncheon discussion (111 Tuesdays, ve sper service on Wednes- da nifilil. and llic main ])rogram meeting on Thurs- da al Inc. ii atlciiipl is made to relate the student In ihc larger program of the church hy attendance al stale and national conferences, denominational and ecuniinical. WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP OFFICERS I ' .ll.l. ( : M ' I ' S I ' rrsiilrnl MCKl CAKTISSKK VirelWsi,le,il MACE . i:STI. S,;rclary I ' KCCY ST. MAR TIN rren.iiircr Ihr i-lniin-lci I i-llo -hip is a group of stu- denls with a pur|)osc. Oiii purpose is to huild in ourselves good Christian characters. We endeaNor to do this through our Sunday evening meetings and noon-day chapel services, which help us to grow spiriliialK. and through our montliK parlies, which help ii In grnu socialK . We meet al llic W cslniiiislcr Ihiiisc al I 122 limad- ay every Siiiida niglil for a supper meeting. Our chapel ser icc is held lure Ion Mmidax llirnii;:li Fridav. 145 LT. COL. FRED A. POLUMBO Professor of Military Science and Tactics School began earl)- for the senior class of the Tulane Army ROTC Cadet Corps. Under the hot Virginia sun the Tulane cadets received field training at Fort Eustis. home of the Transportation Corps. After achieving an enviable record at camp, five of the encampments top seven cadets were Tulan- ians. the senior class returned to the local campus to lead the cadet corps to a very successful year. Basically an Arm)- Transportation Corps unit, the Tulane Battle Group is responsible for the training of college stu- dents, so that they may qualify upon graduation as com- missioned officers of the Army of the United States. The big military event of the year was the Inspector Gen- eral ' s annual inspection of the Battle Group. Drills, inspec- tions and classroom instruction, led by upper classmen under Army R.O.T.C. unit sponsors. ARMY R.O.T.C Cadets await their turn to execute " inspection arms " for cadetj inspector. R.O.T.C. Group StafT reviews cadet purad catire supiM isiori. preceded this visit. The 300 man Tulane group passed uilli IKing colors. The company " K " Pershing Rifle drill leaiii represented the unit at competitive drills and as iioiitir piiards at many universit functions. Rifle team matches were a regular occurrence, w ith Tulane a consistent winner. Other unit activities included an active chapter of the National Defense Transportation Association, a chapter of the Assiiciation of the I nited States Army and competi- tion in the university s intranmral sports program. The annual military ball, held in February, was the chief social c ( ' iil iif the corps year. The Baltic Group sponsors were presented at this time. Numerous class parties additionally highlighted the cadet social life. A great factor in the year ' s success is the excellent Arm cadre at Tulane. always ready to aid the individual in his training. Lieutenant Colonel Fred A. Polimbo is the Pro- fessor of Military Science and Tactics. Other assigned otlicers are Major Stephen G. Stone. Jr.: and Captains Charles C. Glasgow ' . Jr.. and William D. Williams. Jr. Enlisted personnel include Masters Sgts. Roger . Lvon and Homer F. Evans; Sergeants First Class Floyd N. Peak. Jr.. and James L. Rob- inson: Sergeants Barney R. Harris and Charles C. Hov. Sr.; and Specialist Coak E. Elliott. Frequent inspections keep the cadets looking tiuir best. NAVY R. O.T. C CAPTAIN E. T. EVES Commander ol the NROTC Unit !:. SS ? ---. y- ' - ' j :-! ' , ' .,. t s ' -i- ; -■ ii5 ' . ' «5e2i g iaa«! v- .iP! 148 I f¥: .- Crossing tlic Kciiialor is a big " cereniDiiy. " I 111- a al Reserve Officers Training Corps with 233 Mid- -lii|Mricii inrclliil s|;irtc(l its nineteenth year. The mission of the XKOTC unit at Tulane University of Louisiana, commanflcci by Captain E. T. Eves, is to supple- riiciil ibc I iiitcd Stales Naval Academy in providing oflicers, both rcfiuiar and reserve, for the Navy and Marine Corps. I be rcfzular |)iijf. ' raiii receives candidates from a national examination conducted on a competitive basis in each state. Regular midshipmen must serve three years on active dutv as a commissioned dflieer following the successful completion of four ears college and the acquisition of a Bachelor ' s De- gree. Starting with the class of 1961. regular midshipmen will be required to serve four years on active duty. The contract program receives qualified students who enter l« Mill II Jiiiiiri ami iii Ilium ami liiiyii- (..urji-. Till- ilrill leani ' ;el llif word. ♦i into mutual lonlract «it!i liie iS ' avy Department and are se- lected |i the commanding officer from those who appl in their freshman year. Contract midshipmen must serve as commissioned officers on active duty for two years, if called b I be Secretary of the Navy, upon completion of a four year I ni ersil curricidum and acquisition of a Bachelor ' s Degree. Academic training for both regular and contract midship- men is supplemented by sununer training cruises aboard Naval vessels and summer training at Naval Bases or .Marine Corps SrlnMils. I ln ' KOTC sponsors man activities each year and com- lietc- III all ari ' as of iiilrainiiial sports. Pass in Review. COLONEL CHARLES SOMMERS Professor of Air Science AIR FORCE R.O.T.C 150 ■aJb . • T ■JAL In.-peilidii al Air I ' drce diil The Sabre Jets stand honor guard al nioniinn-nt dedication. mission of the Cadet Wing. Meanwhile, in the classroom the academic phase of their training continues. Midway in this Advanced Course, during the summer, our cadets go off to an Air Force base for a taste of Air Force life under actual conditions, including flights in both conventional and jet aircraft. Finally, on graduation da . our finished product receives his commission as a second lieutenant and readies himself for his tour of active duly with the I nited States Air Force. He looks back on four years of hard work and many moments of more pleasurable experiences — the military balls, the sponsors, the drill team competitions, the intramurals, the day he first learned he didn ' t iiavc two left feet. It was just eleven short years ago that Tulane ' s first AF KOTC cadets dreamed of flying their B-29 ' s across an ocean or zooming their F-iiO ' s into the stratosphere. They ' ve done it. To(la . the cadets vou see pictured on these pages are ask- ing. " " Mow many hours is it to the moon? " ' or, " Which way to the next space station? " And they, too, will do it. Through (he studv of Air Science, they have accepted the challenge of new frontiers in this d namic new Air Force ROTC pro- gram. Since evervthing has its beginning, so too do our cadets have their starling point. For freshmen and sophomores, the Basic Course |)ro ides the background in axiation iiislor . global geography, international tensions, elements of aerial warfare, targets, bases and operations — a background neces- ar fur Inn- understanding of the meaning of citizenship in I III- ii ge in uliich we now live. Meanwhile, the Basic ladrt learns dose-order drill and formations under the lead- ership of senior cadet oHicers. Tow;ud the end of the sopho- more year, things begin hap|Mning in rapid succession — |)liysical exams, odicer (jualificalion tests and iiotiliralion of acci ' plance for the (l anrc(l Course. illi ( o|,,ncl ( liai li ' s SmniniM- and hi- -la If acling onlv as ail isor . tlic Vdvanccd Cour.-c l ' l{( )r(; cadets conslilutc the backboiu- of the i)rogram. Tlie plan and execute the training Cadets enjoy the Air Force Ball. SCABBARD AND BLADE OFFICERS ROBERT AMMAN Captain DAVID LOVE First Lieutenant BILL KEARNEY Second Lieutenant TERRY SARGENT First Sergeant Scabbard and Blade is a National Military Society with local chapters called companies located in 143 leading col- leges and universities which have Reserve Officers Training Programs. Founded in 1904. Scabbard and Blade takes its member- ship from outstanding advanced course ROTC students in the Army. Navy, and Air Force branches. Those cadets and midshipmen selected have shown superior qualities of leader- ship, character, and aptitude for militarj service. TOP: Scabbard and Blade Officers: Amman, Love. Kearney, Sargent. BOTTOM: Navy Drill Team, winner of the Scabbard and Blade drill team competition. TAILHOOK CLUB OKi " ici:i{s lOIIN II I II MiltOWKT Hitihl 1)1)1,,; i; n| li K, S n Till ' : AasUlanlhliglilttgUri I.H) |. l)ON LogOffirrf l; |{ i: i; l!M M I ' ersonnrI Ogirrr |(l l K M Mil I ' ll Oiteraliont Officrt I lie luilliiiiik (.lull i uii orgarii ution uitliin tin- NHOTC Battali jn coinptiged of niidshi|jiii(. ' nt iiUerc-letl ill (i ;il Aviation. llliouf;ii (lie cluh is relalivciv xdLjiij;. il lias fiiiicliiMicd with jjartiiuiar success this )ear. To attain Kliglil niemlxTship. the FleHplinp must l resent a paper on some aspect of a al Aviation and lake an indoctrinational (li " :hl in a navv aircraft. I ' lus encouraging participation in the (liglits availalde from I lie new Naval Air Station, the members hear talks friini a al Aviators at the regular meetings. Through ihc-c talks, panel discussions, and accompanying movies, midshipmen considering flight training are able to choose more wisely what part of the navv best fuits them. Members are provided with the opportun- il of getting a close look at what thev can expect iluring flight training through an annual trip to the Annapolis of the Air at Pensacola. Florida. These trips have proven to be enjovable as well as interesting and enlightening. In today ' s age of aviation, the Tailhook Club is pre- sented with a particular opportunity to support the NROTC program through promoting interest in and by fostering increased knowledge of the prominent position that Naval Aviation has in our national de- fense. ANCHOR AND CHAIN OIIICKKS l!i li;i:iiT M ll I ' resi,l,-nl Till ' ii( lior and ( " hain SocIcIn of Tulane is a vol- iiiil;ir nr aiiizatioii of niidshipnicn within tlii ' NHOTd. Il main function is the planning of the social activities of llii ' mill. Till ' vcar ol nif 1,1 a lianj; w illi llic W i-lci.mc 1m,,ui1 Hall on October lir-l. Tlie Shipwreck I ' artv got the Mardi (iias weekend ■■IT lu a roaring start willi the cos- limiiil iiii(l-hi|imeii and llieir dates viewiiii; llie parade of Hermes as it nilleil |ia l llie site of llie |iail . The bif; est paih of the ear is alwavs the farewell hall lioiioiinj; ihe f raduatinf; seniors during eomnienee- liienl Week ill llie spiill " . 153 1 : t-i: i sia Ni i ■Y m inlefcoa our (. ' ai k-tlcntiai) at halfback, nmv W arner — TULANE H Tulane coaching staff: head coach, Andy Pilney : backfield coach. Bob Whitman; line coach, Jack Green; assistant freshman coach. Ray Prats; trainer. Bubba Porche; line coach. Mike Karmazin; Head freshman coach. Stan Kotteman ; back field coach ; John Mazur ; assistant director. Homer Dedeaux. 1957 FOOTBALL TU 13.. .V.P.I. Opp. ...14 6 Texas 20 20 Marquette 6 6 Georgia 13 Oie Miss 50 13 Ga. Tech 20 6 Miss. State 27 7 Alabama 14 Army 20 6 L.S.U 25 I RICHARD O. BAUMBACH Athletic Director LARRY KARL Director of Sports Publicity ANDY PILNEY Head Football Coach 1 ' ' v f ' « STATISTICS s(:(H{iN ; TDs EP. KI ' M l ' i I ■ v 1 1 1 n . . 4 1 28 . . 3 18 M(ln ' W- •) 12 . . 1 6 I ' llillHlll . . ;i 18 |-|| f . . 1 1 1 6 Vhadie . . I) 1 Blount . . 3 2 2 TOTAL OFFENSE l.riMl ' r l ' Li Uu-h I ' ll-., 1 il. Yds. c«tlPIl ..134 261 340 601 Mason .. ai 338 132 470 Sweeney .. 60 2 306 308 Petill nn .. 98 148 150 298 Viiilrcws .. SO 269 269 Tarzelti .. 30 124 71 19.5 Jester .. 39 133 10 143 W aincr .. 33 119 24 143 MaiT.I . . 46 119 119 RUSHING TC Y(; YL Nol Ave. Tarzetti .... . 24 129 5 124 5.1 Mason . 92 359 21 338 4.6 W arniT .... . 30 126 1 119 3.9 Jfstor . 37 137 4 133 3.5 ■Vndrows . . . . 80 275 6 269 3.3 Newton .... . . 11 354 93 261 3.3 Fleming .... . . 17 59 4 55 3.3 Dickerson . . .. 1 3 3 3.0 Petilhon . . . . . 56 183 35 14S 2.6 Marcel . . 46 121 2 119 2.6 Sweene . . . . . 12 51 49 • .16 Bratton .... . . 17 47 12 35 2.6 Kllzev •7 l» 1 1 .5 Arms . . 5 3 20 17 3.4 159 STATISTICS PASSING Att. Comp. Intc. Yds. TDs Newton 49 16 4 226 Sweeney 48 21 8 306 1 Petitbon 42 13 2 150 2 Warner 1 1 7 Arms 2 1 Riley 1 Fleming 1 PASS RECEIVING Caught Mason, rhb 9 Tarzetti, rhb 6 Newton, qb, hb 7 Abadie. le 4 Riley, re 3 EUzey. Ihb 2 Billon, re 4 Young, le 6 Montgomery, le 2 Jester, hb 2 Warner, hb 2 Fleming, hb 2 Dickerson, hb 1 INTERCEPTIONS No. Newton 4 Billon 1 Dickerson 1 Warner 2 Blount 1 DiVietro 1 Yds. TDs 132 71 114 2 53 25 43 1 45 60 18 10 24 10 38 s. Rem. Avg. 107 26.7 12 12.0 5 5.0 2 1.0 TULANE 13 • VPI 14 WiiiriiT n ' linii (.dliliU-r kick H ' ) aiiU Inr (Irt-i-nies second score. A liighly underrated V.P.I, squad spoiled Tulane ' s opening game as tliev upset tlie Wa e. 14-13. Tiie Greenie rooters on hand for Tulanes first iiigiit encounter were forced to watch most of the game witiiout the ser ice of the teams key man. Gene ! cwton. who sulTcrcd an iiijurx on the third pla from scrimmage and did not rcliiiri In actinn until the final quarter had gotten under wa . with 1 ulatic trailing 14-0. A hig iireak came for the W ave ahout 10 minutes after the fourth (|uarter hegan. Until the last quarter V.P.I, seemed to have the Green Wave ' s ground attack bottled up. A l.S- ard penalt for rough plav pushed the Gobblers back on their own nine, forcing them to punt. It was a " " pop foul fl ' that went out (if liiiunds on Tcih s 14 and Virgil Jester (juicklv liilliuM ' d ii|i ihc aiKaiilaiii ' vvitli an (ill tackle dash to the one-lool line, llcr a buck l) lionnie Andrews was stopped on the six-inch line. Neuton picked a spot off right tackle, kept, and went o er for the score. In the last three minutes the Greenics. fighting tIcspcratcK again, forced ihr GnliMers to punt. Tech got oflf a good hoot ihal Warner Inok in as he inoxed one stride from the 10. Newliiri ihn u a perfci I li|i« k that sent the fleet hack on an 89-yard jaunt for Tulaiic ' . . ' ccond score. .Marcel led the a c offensive by gaining .37 yards in 12 carries. Tarzetti jjickcfl up 33 yards on four tries. Mason gained 21 ards in four attempts. TULANE 6 • TEXAS 20 llcr battling a big and (iin-ely charging team of Texas Longhorns to a standstill for three periods, the Tulane Green- ies weakened and Texas, striking with sensational speed and eliiciency. registered a 20-0 ictor in a game that was tied 6-6 when the fourth quarter ojjened. There have been bigger and better Tulane teams, but ne er a oTie that showed such magnificent teamwork on defense. L er man that Tulane |)Ut into the game did his |)art. Big Richie i ' etitbon pro ed one of the Greenie ' s strong rushces. Gene Newton was superb in handling the team. D. A. Emerson. King Fleming. Johnn DiVieiro. Roy .Marcel, Jack Mont- Hciui Ti an wrap it up. I.oa linni Iripprd up allcr in{ jiaiii. gomery. Dan Egan. " " Boo " " Mason. Rerun Tvler. Tomm Warner. Jim Blount. Don Lockwood. Charlie Hansen. Will Billon. Pete Abadie. and Dave Painter pla ed their hearts iiut for the Wave. They stopped the best plays Walt Fondren could throw al them. Tulane dii ' w fir.-l blood fi e minutes into the opening period when eulon cro. sed up the Texans with a 20.vard pass to Tarzetti to the Longhorn one and from there Pelitbon smashed over center for the touchdown. Texas evened the score late in the quarti-r when Lackely completed a 20 ard aerial to Ramirez down to the Vi a c 12. Ramirez then skirled I ' ll end for lune and fii ni lln- Iw,. Fmidrcn went over on a i|uaili-rliack sneak. Minnl half ua llirough ihc ihird rpiarler Tulane " ? lack ol rcscr c stn-ngth and tin- grueling bailie began to take its loll on the small Greenics " stpiad. The fatal firework- eame ill ihc fourth period. lexas made 14 first downs lo Tu!aiie " s nine, but the Grcen- ies oulrushed them l ' )7 lo 174. Tonnn Warner was the nighrs leading ground-gainer with .i7 yards. " Boo " " NJason gained M with Newlon lall in ; .HI. Tarzetti 26. and Petilbon 2.S. " Boo " hits tackle for two. TULANE 20 • MARQUETTE 6 Tlie Green ' ave spotted Marquette an earh touchdown and then proceeded to reel off three spectacular runs to de- feat the Warriors 20 to 6. Tulane " s speed was too much for the big Marquette team. " Boo Mason scored the Wave ' s first touchdown on a 38 yard run over right guard. The Tulane scatback. taking a lateral from Ne ' ton on the 22, went all the way to pick up Tulane ' s second TD also. The Greenie s final score proved to be the most spectacular play of the game. Newton intercepted a pass from Tom Sun- derbruch on the Tulane 46. Seeing an opening to the right the " Mouse " swept toward the side line but bumped into the referee and was almost knocked to the ground. Regaining his balance, the little quackback reversed his field, and getting a key block from Mason, sas again on his ivav. However. t« o warrior defenders had Newton pinned around the 10 but he again reversed his field and faking, side stepped both and raced into the end zone. The runback covered 54 yards. Marquette took the Greenies by surprise by marching from their own 37 for a touchdown right after the opening kick- off. Ernie Safran connected with halfback Clarence Bruton on a 23-yard aerial to put the pigskin on the Tulane 26. After picking up a first down on the Wave 14. Safran, faking a pass, skirted left end for a 11-yard gain. Lon Castro broke through right guard for the touchdown. For the remainder of the game the Marquette offense as held intact by the efforts of the Green Wave front wall and secondarv. Tulane " s ground attack functioned quite well as the Green- ies completed 16 first dow is and mustered 335 yards rushing to the Warriors ' 14 firsts and onlv 187 vards. TULANE 6 • GEORGIA T3 Georgia ' s Bulldogs upset the Green Wave of Tulane 13 to 6 in one of the most hard fought and exciting games of the season. With less than two minutes remaining and Tulane trailing Britt of Georgia sweeps for naught. 13 to 0. Richie Petitbon dropped back to Georgia ' s 45 vard line and sent a magnificent pass that Newton speared on the one and fell over for the lone Greenie tally. Petitbon was one of Tulane " s big stars on offense. The tall sophomore passed well, ran well, and played a fine defensive game. John DeVietro. Will Billon. Jim Blount. Charlie Cotro " . Don Lockwood. and Bill Clements all contributed voeman work. Mason. Warner. Andrews and Petitbon did an excellent job of stopping Georgia ' s heralded overhead attack as tli? Bulldogs netted but 24 yards to the Wave ' s 129. The Bulldogs punched across their first score early in the second period via a Tulane fumble on the Greenie six. How- ever a 55 yard gallop by Theron Sapp, Georgia ' s ace ground- gainer, late in the opening quarter paved the wav for t ' :e touchdown. Toward the end of the third period a bad pass from center for Tulane gave the ball to Georgia on the Wave 15. Sober- dash bucked off tackle down to the seven and three plavs later Orr twisted off tackle for the TD. 4 162 Mississipj)! I niild ilii fin wniiijj. ;i llicy avoiig«l last year ' s (Icfciit li rnanliaiKlliiif: ' I ' ulanc . ' () In O. I ' nralvzrd In |in pr. llii- I r (Jrcciiio cnuldnt (In a thinpr. Tlic Kclii-I- I lu liiiifj j;rniiiul allack dnrninali-cl llw ciilire gainc. IIk ' n pushed (he Va i ' up and doVMi tin- lirld fnr ll() xards wliili- tin- ( " irci ' iiii ' cnuld nid muster 01. ' I ' llhllir. IliiUrMT. Iialllcd lllr SKC tilaPS lijilll dnUll 111 [III- linal lii-llc. Ill llic lliiiil priiml. Iiehind 82-0, Newton licf;an passing, lie tnssi ' d to " Bcki Ma nn fnr 13. tn Tniinm Viarncr fnr U). to Mason for four and In i-iul Lcn nun ' fnr 11). Ilic Wave ' s field general llim faked a pass and ( ul through fnr III In ijie Red and Blue 18. However, two plays later. Cjeiie »as knocked down, furnlilcd. and Dim Williains recovered for Mississippi. TULANE • OLE MISS 50 I.OM-lace crarks aM- dcfen-f Inr Ht ' lu-i i -p(iiiiler ) yanl onlk kelil eiisivf IS III ' oiinl irl ' : ' The Greenies held and when thev got the hall. Carlton .Sweeney, now calling the signals, starting throwing. Me hit Mason for twehe ards. iuil mi llic iie | .me llursi graidied it for Ole Miss on liis 4.S and raced all ihc ua dn ri In tlie Tulane 12. Brown flipped to Williani.- for the T.D. Greenie hopes were raised when Gene Tarzetti returned liie lii ' li kicknil .8.1 ards. lull MinrniMils iatei- a Taizelli fiiinlile gave the hall In Ole Miss nn 111. ' Tulane Id. Hrnu ri ri |i|M-d off 88 ard.-. In llir 1. ' .. and il ln,,k liainiii.Tiiig lliir.-l nnl l " n plays to go o er fm 1-1 -11. Ole Miss had a leaiii llial could iln .■ ei lliirig. Tlie were slout on defence and fa-l. The Wave diil (ell in making 1.8 firsl downs. Hejnre llie -ainr ( )le li-- .illilelic dim Inr Tad iiiilli ,-aid. " ' ' ll liil e a prelU j; 1 Icain l.elnri- llie season ' s OVer — soon as our sophomores come around. " Thev came around — around holh ends and ihrongli the middle! ( " liarlie Haii ' mi lexireme left I :;ets his man 163 TULANE 13 GEORGIA TECH 20 An inspired Tulane eleven battled victory-hungry Georgia Tech to a 20 to 13 thrill-packed conclusion before an en- thusiastic home-coming crowd. Tech ' s winning margin came in the fourth quarter when fullback Jim Benson pushed over for the touchdown from Tulane ' s 11. Fred Braselton converted to make it 20 to 7. Tulane scored later in the period on a drive spearheaded by Richie Petitbon. climaxed by a pass to Will Ellzey for the TD. The Jackets took the lead shortly after play started when Cal James bucked 15 yards off tackle for a touchdown. The conversion was good. The Wave evened it all yards later in the quarter when Virgil Jester. Gene Newton and Connie Andrews combined talents to move the ball from Tech ' s 41 down to their two. Andrews bulled over and Newton converted to knot the score 7-7. Connie Andrews eludes Bama tackier. Wave packs for Slate game in Jackson " Give ' em hell, Greenies! " The third period brought about Tulane ' s doom when Jim Simerville returned a Wave kickoff 89 yards for a touchdown. Tulane moved deep into Tech territory several times during the remainder of the game but were unable to capitalize. Tech registered 11 first downs to Tulane ' s 4 on rushing, but the Greenies chalked up four first downs against Techs none on passing. The Engineers gained 185 yards rushing against the Green Wave ' s 145. Guard Jim Blount and Bill Clements, center Neal Jones, and Tackle Charlie Hansen were outstanding for the Olive and Blue. Virgil Jester led the Wave rushing attack with 35 yards in four attempts. Andrews was right behind with 31. Petitbon was sharp on passing as he completed 5 out of 10 for 51 yards. TULANE 6 • MISSISSIPPI STATE 27 I 111- (in-ciiic |)ri c(l Slalc fur llircc (|iiarlcis liul weakened ill llic (iiKil jicriod to succuinli to the Mai ' iMins. 27-6. Mill liattliiig llu- Wave liani In |iriili ' il a 7-() Icail fur the fiisl lliirr |irriip(ls. Mississij)|ji Slalc liriikc llic j;aiiic wide ii|)i ' ii 111 llir liiial (|uarlt ' r when tlie purMtied a(r(i s three lulll IliliiW ll . I hr .-rnrc diiesn I iiulieatf hnu cli)sel llie Greenies fuujiiil the Maroons. Tulane ' s line played exceptionally well with l)o s like Clements. Jones. Hansen. Rloiiiil. and Fgan star- rinj; on defense. Tulane ' s lone touchdown al the end of the third quarter was setup 1) a pass froni Carlton Sweenev to Will Ellzey to the three. Connie Andrews leeccd it o er for the score. i he pla ir who nn-i- to the occasion was Carlton Sweenev. third string i|uarlerliack. 1 he chunky sophomore surj)rised everyone with his fine passing and generalship. Billy Stacy had a hip day. passing and running and direct- ing the State attack, (iil Peterson was prohahlv the toughest hack for ihe Cricniis to stop, esjjecially on pitchouts and runs around end. iiuhher Traniinel was also an outstanding performer for the Maroons. Tulane fell one shy of malching . lississi|jpi Stale in first downs. 15-16. J he W a p completed 14- of 23 passes attempted for 159 yards as opposed to State ' s 91. Tulane netted 136 yards on the ground. TULANE 6 • ALABAMA Tulane. putting up a er stuhhorn defense, whitewashed Alahama 7-0. in Moliile. The Greenies ' winning margin came near the end of the first quarter when Richie Pelitbon replaced Newton at quar- terback and engineered the Greenies to their TD on nine plays ( " onnie Andrews continuaii carried ihe hall and moxed the Via c down to the Tides ' four. Petitlmn was held for no gain, llicii on llic next ])lav. Richie raced wide around right end across the Alahama goal line for the score. Jim RIount made the kick good for the extra point. Tulane got great line play from Blount. Charlie Hansen. Don Lockwood. Bill Clements. Neal Jones and ends. Will Billon. Pete Abadie and Leo Young were all outstanding. Connie Andrews and JefT Rratton shared hackfield duties as Claude Mason and Ro Marcel were out nursing bruises. Rolili Smith was Alabama ' s best ground gainer, account- ing for 47 of the Tides ' 95 yards rushing. The Waves ' ground attack worked sii well ihal onl Iim- aerials were attempted the entire afteriiooTi. The ()li e and Blue clicked for io7 yards. I ' elitiliiiii Hanks " I ' lvis " winiiint: marker. The Olive and Blue battled a heavy and red-hot Army team to a standstill, but a desperate final period surge by the Cadets, sparked by Pete Dawkins and Bob Anderson, changed a 14-13 Tulane victory into a 20-14 Army triumph. A 61 yard run by " Boo " Mason from scrimmage to score the first touchdown of the game a bit more than seven min- utes after play opened and a sensational 65 yard punt return by Richie Petitbon in the third period accounted for Tu- lane ' s two scores. Petitbon " s run and the conversion by Blount put the Greenies in front 14 to 13. They just didn ' t have the manpower to hold on. The Cadets knotted the score 7 to 7 early in the second period when they smashed 89 yards on 18 plays. Not long after Dawkins and Anderson teamed up to push across the second Cadet touchdown. Virgil Jester blocked Maurice Hillard ' s trv for the extra point and. however, was injured on the play and carried off the field by stretcher. Dawkin?. with 106 yards gained for a 6.4 average and Anderson with 145 yards for a 6.0 average were the ' " big guns. " Claude Mason gained 130 yards, including his run. for a 26.0 average — quite a day for " Boo " ! TULANE 14 • ARMY 20 ( ' (iiilil lir a 1 iilaiie bandit. •■- " i-irx ' Louisiana State, sparked by their brilliant fullback. Jimmy Taylor, trounced Tulane 25 to 6. Tavlor saved his greatest day for this traditional grid battle. He carried the ball 19 times for 171 yards and scored two touchdowns. The Tigers had the Wave in the hole for the first half and it wasn ' t until the fourth quarter when Carleton Sweeney opened up a passing attack that Tulane was able to score. He passed to Gene Newton for 21 vards. He hit Leo Young and then Will Billon. On the fourth down Sweeney connected with Newton in the end zone for a 19 yard TD pass. The difference between the two teams is shown in the statistics. LSU made 18 first downs to 10 for the Greenies. The Tigers gained 325 yards rushing to 97 for the Wave. However, Tulane outgained LSU in the air with 12 com- pletions out of 21 attempts for 157 yards. TULANE 6 • L. S. U. 25 Taylor scored early in the first quarter on a 48 yard buck off left tackle. That concluded scoring until after halftime. Duane Leopard intercepted a Petitbon pass in the third quarter and scampered 43 yards for the TD. Late in the period Warren Raab pas:ed to Billy Smith but he fumbled the ball after making the catch. However. Johnny Robinson fell on the loose pigskin behind the Tulane goal line for the touch- down. The last Tiger score came in the final quarter on a spec- tacular 32-vard run by Taylor. The Tigers offense was just too much for the Greenies. The Wave defense did well in stopping many thrusts but the offense could not generate enough steam to bulldoze through the Tigers stone wall. " Full speed ahead! ' 15 llUfl SEC COACH OF THE YEAR Though this past scasiin did not jiroduce And Piitn- ;- hest u on-lost r ,- -ord. it was a season in wliich the Grccnic mentor re(ci cd much jxT ' onai satisfaction. It v ;i- llic gi-nera! ojiinion among most Southeastern scribes and coachits that Andv li;i(l done an exceptional job with far from the best gridiron material. Thus, the honor of Sl ' X Coach of the Year was awarded the Tulane Head Coach. I ' ilncy proved that this Micclion was no fluke, as he coachetl the Grey i(ii:i(l lo ,i jireath-taking victory over liif Hlue team in the annual Hlue-Gre game. Pilney attended high school in Chicago and was an all-state selection as halfback for lui) years. Andy played his college football at Notre Dame, making the All-Ameriian Irani of 1935. Professional baseball claimed Pilnc " s next five ears. He saw action will) Syracuse. Indianapolis, and the Hed Sox of Boston. The Greenie coacli got his big chance with Washington Lni ersil of St. Louis as Backfield Coach. After two years Pilney went into the Navy and coached the Nor- folk Na al Station Baseball team until 1946. which pro ed to be one of the luckiest ears for Tulane football as And began his tenure w ith the ' a e. According to the headman. Eddie Price. Bill Svobda. Joe Ernst. Paul Lee. Ron Ouillian and Gene Newton are among the best he has coached. Tulane is indeed fortunate to have as head coach not onlv one of the finest coaches in the national, but a fine gentleman, truh a leader of men. We of the J mb i. V ilolf out- Ivy League caps to And) Pilney and wish continued success to him and to future Tulane Football. ALL SOPHOMORE BACK • SEC Through outstanding play as a sophomore. Richie Petitbon was honored with a slat on the all-SEC Sophomore team. The Greenie quarterback scored three touchdowns, passed for two others, and accounted for 30(1 total ards. Petitbon shared the punting chores with Newton, and averaged 23 yards on kick-ofT runbacks. Richie will undoubtediv be a decisive factor in the success of the " 58- ' 59 ' ave football seasons. For the first time in many years the Greenie Frosh com- pleted an undefeated season. Pilnev feels that the entire freshman team are good prospects and all spots are open for next ear. Bob Cornelt. Howard Kisner, Dun Walligny. First Row. left in ri;:lil : (Ico. liilwiMtli. liiil) I ' rice. Percy Colon. Don Ann-lnm . I ' lini Mason. l...i, .. ■■■■ ;1I. numuu jxi nci, ....n « ai ii ii. . Bill Osteen. Skcond Kow : I.airy TliompsdM. Chares Ogilvie. ' ni. Ary. Pliil .Nugent. Eililie Hiinn. Frank Massey. Wm. Braliham. Ronnie Smith. Jos. Sciorlino. Hnjih O ' Connor. Timti) Row: Chester Tayh r. C.lenn . ' coll. Herherl Johnson. I)a i(l Miihiel-. Redrick Fo le. James Suninierlin. Ray Ri(l;; vay. Ceo. McLean, .lay Ef;an. Liiriiis (Pastille, (. ' arl arden. .Missing: Chris Biijzer. 64 93 ' J ' : i i33 i jr- 35 471 BASKETBALL The ' 57- ' 58 season was a disastrous one for Cliff Wells ' Greenies. Not only did the Wave fail to finish in the upper half of the conference, but they also failed to win any road games. Tulane ' s poor showing was attributed to many factors. First, the Wave quintet lacked height. Second, they lacked experience. Sophomores were forced to carry a big load. Finall) ' . the Greenie offensive was broken when their high point man. Vic Klinker was injured and unable to play in the last quarter of the Tulane ' s contests. CLIFF WELLS Basketball Coach ' 57- " 58 Greenie Squad, left to right: O ' Brien, Risk, Stoll. .Targstorf, Eytcheson, Kays. Second Row: Gunzell, Klinker, Anderson, Mitchell. Flanking the squad are the Greenie Coaches, Wells and Pedersen. illl I J K(.STORF (; RY STOLL Tampa 60 La. College 63 Texas 75 Centenar 75 Va. Tech ' 58 Spring Hill 60 Oklahoma City 85 Idaho State 74 Western Kenluiky 78 Florida 75 Georgia 59 Tennessee 87 Kentucky 86 LSr 69 Ole Miss 67 Miss. State 71 Georgia Tech 69 Vanderhilt 80 LSr 67 Miiiiaiua i.-l uluirn b ' .i Ole Miss 83 Miss. Stale 71. Kliiikii ;iiik 2(1 pniiils af;ainsl C ' cntrnai . (iiiTiilc hi;;li fnr ihc car . . . Jaigslurf hit for II Held goals againsi Ole Miss . . . Kliukn hit 13 of 11. free llirows acainsi I ' lorida 1 ulane .... . . . . U 1 . 1 ulane. . . . .... 74 Tuiane. . . . .... 64; I ' ulane. . . . .... 85. Iiilane. . . . .... 65 I ' ulane. . . . ....64 I ' lilane. . . . .... 54 1 ulane. . . . .... 70 I ' lilane. . . . .... 72 I ' lilane. . . . .... " 84 1 ulane. . . . .... 67 I ' ulane. . . . .... ' 65 I ' ulane. . . . .... ' ,50 I ' ulane. . . . . . . . ' 63 1 ulane. . . . ....•77 1 ulane. . . . .... " 63 I ' ulane. . . . .... " 53 1 ulane. . . . .... ' 65 1 ulane. . . . .... " 63 I ' ulane. . . . .... " 64 Tulaiie. . . . .... " 49 1 ulane. . . . .... " 68 1 ulane. . . . .... " 62 lii.li.iiifsSKC Giiiiii ' . . . Anderson grahlied I ' . rtlinuiuls against Centenary . . . The Wave scored 87 points against Tampa, a season high . . . Greenie quintet totaled only 11 personal fouls against Centenary . . . Wa e held Virginia Tech to 15 field goals. KKN : T( iiKsiiN VIC KLINKER BASKETBALL RON MITCHELL LOUIE ANDERSON |i i BASEBALL considering the inexperience of the team. Most of the squad consisted of Sophomores and Juniors who lacked the experi- ence of many conference teams. The Wave nine opened the season like conference champs, winning ten of their first 12 games. At mid-season they were rocking along in first place — then the bottom fell out. Ole Miss dropped the Greenies twice. ' Bama won three straight, and LSU rubbed salt into the wound, taking two games. The Wave salvaged the season ' s finale and wound up with an over-all 11-9 record. Besides the heavy hitting of Tony Reginelli and Joe Boul- losa (his .307 average led the team), the highlight of the season was furnished by the Wave mound corps. DuFour, Marks. Regan. Trenchard, Wilcox and Ebker teamed up for a 2.51 earned run average, best in the conference. Pitcher Record Era DuFour 3-1 1.90 Marks 3-1 4.50 Regan 3-2 2.45 Trenchard 1-2 2.81 Wilcox 1-3 1.73 Ebker 0-0 1.74 ili La Coste. Wave tlffcnsivi ' spark y ' Tony Kijiiiiclli. ut Icfl. Tulane ' s (.-andidalc for all SEC honors, coniijiJL-d quite a record for hinii cif during; llie sea- son. Besides hitting a very respectable .298. Tony led the team in round-triij|X.Ts with 4. HBI ' s with ] ' ). and accounted for 3-1 total liases. Rcpiiiielli received several offers to play professional hall, and finally cho- ' e to render hi nia»k and mitt services to the Boston Red Sox. Juli l.aCoste, shown at bottom left, was one of the flashiest gloviriirn in the conference last season and was the spark plug of the a c infield. Whole htdding down second base. Jules managed tu lead the Greenies in two-baggers and had a hand in more (ImiMr plays than any man in the Conference. LaCoste, aloiif; uith Hepinelli. joined the Red Sox organiza- tion. Coach Ben Ahadie liail liirii-elf quite a season in 1957 Tulane is very fni luiiali i,, have the brilliant former major leaguer, Mel Parnell. as new head baseball coach. Mel, who looks like he is in condition f(jr another twenty game season, pitched ten years for the Bostmi Red Sox and compiled a 125-77 record. Mel, a stylish southpaw, came to the Red Sox from Louis- ville, in 1947. His blazing fast bail and excellent cur e made him one of the best pitchers in the league. In 1949 he led the league in five departments including |}ercentage 25-7. Mel participated in three All-blar games and pitched four innings. He received his biggest thrill in baseball in 1956 when he engraved his name in the Hall of Fame at Cooperstown. when he pitched a no hitler against the Chicago ' i ' hite Sox. Mel feels that the toughest hitters he has ever faced arc in two categories, the most dangercius hitter being Joe Di- Maggio and the beit hitters being George Kell and Lou Boudreau. Mel was forced out of (he majors because of elbow trouble. Mel |)r(ilirts a niucli improved Greenic nine this year. He has liie bovs working er hard. Tulane baseball will cer- tainl) lake a turn for the best with a coach of the caliber of Mel Parnell. Abadie and Baumhach welcome Mel Parnell lo Greenie fold. r EMMETT PARE Tennis Coach TENNIS Few Tulanians were surprised when the ' 58 Tennis Team turned in a successful season. Thev had little reason to be. for it has been happening consistently since 1934, the year that Emmett Pare began his tenure as Greenie Tennis Coach. Over the years Pare has helped build many champions, and last year was certainly no exception. He ading the list of stars was Ron Holmberg, a member of the Davis Cup Team and the Fifth ranked amateur in the nation. Crawford Henry, a multi-title holder, was lost for the season due to illness. Filling in for Henry were Carl Goodman, Louisiana Junior Champion and Lester " Bubby " Sack, Mississippi Valley Singles Champion. Phillip Petra, Elliot Bell, and Austin Robinson claim much silver, won at various tournaments around the nation. Judging from past performances, Tulane ' s tennis future is bright, to say the least, as long as Mr. Pare is around. RON HOLMBERG CRAWFORD HENRY LESTER SACK ■■jlyAi ' ■- - -i 174 «s,m 1958 Tennis Squad, First Row: Bell, Sack, Pelra. Second Row: Willis, liolinberg, Henry and Goodman. TOP: The addition of Bell. Petra and Willis this year gave Coach P art ' seven stnmj; men. BOTTOM: No. 2 doiililes team: . ack and Goodman. ) ' 5 m i L. S. Davis Cupper, Ron Holmberg. Ron Holmberg has made quite a reputation for himself in the world of tennis. Ron, Tulane ' s No. 1 man, has held many intercollegiate and national titles. But in the opinion of most people, Holmberg received his biggest honor and the thrill of a life time, when he was named to the United States Davis Cup Team. Davis Cup members are regarded as the top ama- teur netters in the country. At the beginning of the season, only four amateurs in the United States were ranked ahead of Tulane ' s Holmberg. TENNIS Coach Pare, with his freshmen. Hardcastle and Caton. GOLF This year ' s jiull liam v ;i.- nnc nl ihc -Imiijioi In irian seasons. Seven Icllcnncn rclunicil In llir links, imliiding ( " aplaiii Kddic Lee eitz. .lack Dnuker. Tdin Wittenberg, DcMi Maiii] . Maiin kliiriiin. ,|nlin Jackson and Dub Di- Gigila. Se i ral cilliii ' |iar cliaseis joined the squad to give Coaeh Miller nmre di ' jilli and power than he has had in many years. Coif team captain. Eddie Weitz. TOI ' ; Dul) l)iC;ii;i]a takes a swing in practice. BOTTOM: Four team members on a practice round. oiin R. Jackson lines up a putt. These hefty Sophs triumphed over the Freshmen 13-0 in the Annual Frosh-Soph game. INTRAMURALS This year ' s intramural program, under the guidance of Ben Abadie, proved very successful. Over 1,000 students, representing 34 different organizations, participated in 10 different sports varying from football to ping pong. The pur- Frosh back rolls out in Frosh-Soph tih. P 1957-53 intramural council with Coach Ben Abadie (extreme right, top row) . I I I I Hifincnu (Navy) snags one against Newman. iNewman takes first place trophy and Middies grab second. Newman Club Championship volley-bailers. Football champs — Guess who? pose of tile proprani is to provide an opportunity for those n ilciii I phiv arsilv s[iorts to particijiato in allilclir com- petition. I 111- liij; riru in tin- iiilr;uimr;il pinjircun this car was the o| ( ' ning of llu ' now lii-ld iiousc in liack of the sladiiiin. llic fii-ldhousc which was devoted |iiiriiaiil for inlranniral use. includes faiilitio for Icimis. haskclliaJI. Iiandliall. o||c liall. and g) innastics. Tlior new facilitic icall) incn-a.-cii atli il and |)arlici|ialioM of -.Indents in Tnlaru- ' s IM program. The go eriiin . ' «n .d the inlranuiial pro-irani is (he IM llmnicil. it formulates the rulo and re " ;ulation of the arious 179 v Left to right: Golf Champ of Army. Joe Mussafer and Runner-up, John Ogletree of Newman. programs and makes the final decisions in all disputes. The council is composed of one representative from each par- ticipating organizations with the director of the IM program acting as advisor. Three senior managers serve as its presi- dent, vice-president, and secretary. The organization capturing the top place in any IM sport is given a trophy, and special awards are given to teams finishing high in competition for the year. MEN ' S INTRAMURALS H Physical Training in the new Field House. Left to right: Tennis Champ, Navy; Runner-up. Hillel. I W.ilch llii- liiidii-II Makf llia( iioinl. il . . . iii oila — anil two iiiori- |Hiini . WOMEN S SPORTS Oiilf. Icnni-. -wimniing. l);il!i ' l. arclicrx. and nian other irili ' ri ' linf; and ux-liil iiiiir c- arc (illcrcd li llie Newcoitib lldilii I )c|)arlniciit. hach incmlicr of llic staff is an expert in lier i)Un In-ld and iird llie rnn.-l rnddein nirllinds and ei|ni|inii ril are USed. Eaeh -Indcnl i.- rei|Nirrd {, lake at least l» ' i M-ar- | rii iial l (luralhin. lhn cnalilinji lier lu laki ' a l anla e i.l llii- liiairticial |iiiii;iani. The Nc Mnriili lldelic (.Dunrd is the governing li(id nf till- dc|iarlnienl ami -n|iei i-e- all I ' an I Irllinic -[Hnts event-. " Idili ini lude lia-ki-lliall, lia-i-l all. lenni-. |iin -|)iinf;. and -«innniii . I. ei , eu(ij]n|j -liidrjit i- a niendier ul ihe euiiiieil and the uiliccrs are eleeteil unnnalK |p llw -Indent l " ' d . iiiis year ' s olfieers are: I ' residenl. Katherine i ' illinan: i( f rre-iilent. Janet l?iii-fiinlaine: Seeri-tar . I ' at Meller: 1 rea-nrer. Hee I ' lillciek. and { ' ..inl- ( !liairniari. f ' rances ( irahain. We may not win the Davis Cup. but il " s fun anyway. Fore — good exercise. 181 fl i . UjdjzAjnuJu FiiisT Kow: Aliaunza, inlei nn. lienuinl. Bnaz. Uni funlaine. Uiirdin. (.amliell. (!arli ; •er. Skcumi Knu: CJold. ( rinnell. Harris. Jnnji-ma. Kerne. Kni liliiii. I.eliiiuil . I.e ' iii. Tiiiiii) Kciw: _ I Milliiiii. Meek. Kadke. Seale. aehenlieini. Vi erner. NEWCOMB PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL OFFICERS Dunn 1 iikk. I ' n-siilrnt tlphn t)c la I ' i li.KNK Skm.k. Sfirrlary Kappa Alpha Theia J NK n|)KI1Sipn. Trrasiircr I ' i llila I ' lii RFFRESENTATIVES I ' .MiiiMix l. iiviNZA Kiippii Kappa Gamma ,1 NK Anjikiisun I ' i Una Phi ,li STINK liKKNMtl) ' Ilpha Oniicroii I ' i Kl.MNK IJiivz I ' hi Mil J Ni-.T ItiiisiiiNTAiNK Kappa Kappa (iamma i (.11 N liniDiN Chi ()iiii- ia Jnii NN CvMiiKl.i Kappa Alpha Thria NicKi CJAKTissKit Bfia Sifima Oniiiron DiiTTV (l(il.u 4lpha Epsilon I ' hi Cm MINI INK GiiiNMCLi Dflla y.i-la N N 1 1 Minis Siffma Drlla Tan MrConni ' ll ami I ' aii-lli-l ulliifrs meeting. i ' i.iiuliK ' 1 un ini|ii i ' laiit Sanbii A JuNtsMA Delta Zela CiiETCHEN Kehne Alpha Delta I ' i Ri TH Kmchton Pi Beta Phi Tiki Lebuwitz Sigma Delta Tau Juv Ei.LEN Leggiii 4lpha Delta Pi TmnnE Loi McMillihn Beta Sigma Omirron Polly Meek Chi Omega UiANNE Rauke 4lpha Delta Pi Ilene Se le Kappa Alpha Theta Jo Ellen St nlev -Ilpha Delta Pi Maiiv :iieniieim Ilpha Epsilon Phi Cahoi.y n V eknek Phi Mii THE P. N HELLENIC CREEH Ailupleil hy .P.C. in PH. ' i WE. THE l-R ATERMTI l.NDERC.RADl ATE MEMIiER.- sian.l for j:i)iid siliolai-lii|). for jiuardins: of goml liealtli. fur wlmleliearted (■(xiperalidii with mir ridle(;e ' s ideals fur sliidenl life for maintenance of line social slandanU. anil for llie serving lo llie liesi of our al ilily. of our college loinnuinlly. Good college citizenship as a preparation for llie larger world of alumnae days is the ideal that shall guide our chapter activities. Gouncil sponsors the following activities which lead to the accomp- lishment of the aliine goals: .■ clKdarsliip Rampiet City I ' an-Hellenic ' s Scholiirsliip Tray Eaculty Tea -Skit Night llomeconiing Decoralion (!ampu Garnival (jmipetition I ' an-llellenic . " |iorts Rush Week I ' an-llellenic Trophy is presented to the Sonirily which arcuniiilales the most points each year. The accumulation of these points is a tairly good haroineter indicating the simtrities which Kest achieve the goals for which we strive. Officers, left to right: Jan Mills. Uiaiic Kaiike, Susie Stone. Jo Stanley. iPSILON CHAPTER ALPHA DELTA PI OFFICERS DIANE RADKE President GRETCHEN KERNE Vice President JEANETTE MILLS Corresponding Secretary SUSAN STONE Recording Secretary JO STANDLEY Treasurer Founded at Wesleyan College, Macon, Georgia, in 1851, Alpha Delta Pi is the oldest social society in existence. Newcomb ' s Epsilon chapter is proud to be a part of this wonderful heritage. This summer, our president, Diane Radke, attended the ADPi convention in Nassau, where the ninety chapters met to exchange ideas. We are looking forward to our next convention, which will be held at the Chateau Frontenac in Quebec, Canada. ADPi started off a busy and successful year with rush, which was climaxed with a swimming party given in hon- or of our new pledges. As is customary, the pledges enter- tained the actives with a Halloween Party, and a tea hon- oring the Mother ' s Club and the Alumni Association was held in the fall. A retreat, boat dance, Christmas party, luncheons at the house, parties with fraternities, and the most anticipated function of the year, the annual Spring Formal, were some of Epsilon ' s activities for the year. ADPi members have also been active in campus activities and competitions. ( 186 bT It luukt. like lull- Can uii carry a tune? First Row: Gail Arner, Karen Bailey, Susie Bruck, Judi Bush. Second Row: Miriam Sahmer. Diana Daly, Eleanor DiGilia. Carol Doskey. TiiiKi) Row: Miclia Evans. Karen Goldner. Diane Hotard. Jane Hig- gins. Fourth Kow: Gretchcn k Tnc. Elizabeth Kost. Patsy Layne, Mary Louise Lee. Fll ' Tii n : I ' iilriria Massari. Jeannette Mills, Virginia Nazro, Margaret Powell. Sixth i{() : Diaiu ' Radke. Ann Rosteet. A IiImI Sakidinn. (luTinic Sar a . SeVKN I II Ixuw : Sall Sclincidaii. Merle Scull, l.iiida .Sigley. Jo SlandlcN. I ' .icii I II l!(i : .su aii Slmic. Nell Sturgeon. Lwin rcincs. Eleanor Tregre. Not PicTUUI;I): Sandra (iaiill. M:n Miller. Jn,l While. 187 Officers, left to right: Natalie Alexander, Andrea Keil, Joyce Datte Dale Grundfest. Diaime makes her Christmas requests to Santa Charlie at the AE$ Christmas Party for Orphans. EPSILON CHAPTER ALPHA EPSILON PHI OFFICERS ANDREE KEIL President JOYCE BATTEL Vice President NATALIE ALEXANDER Corresponding Secretary DALE GRUNDFEST Recording Secretary RUTH BRONSTEIN Treasurer Alpha Epsilon Phi was founded at Barnard College in 1909. Epsilon chapter was founded at Newconib in 1916. Today AE(P has 41 chapters and over 15,000 members, of which Epsilon can claim 81 members. The 1957-58 year started with a bang with our tremend- ously successful rush week. Following in quick succession were such gala events as our Founders ' Day Banquet, semi-formal dinner and dance, dessert parties, and open houses. The spring semester was climaxed by such events as Skit Night, the AE formal, and the Senior Banquet presented by our pledges. Since all play and no work is just wishful thinking, AE ' P s were busy working at Kingsley House for children in addition to being active in campus activities. The New- comb Junior Year Abroad Program has enabled two Phi ' s to extend Epsilon activities as far as London. England. Campus-wise, one finds that AE(p holding such positions as President of Newcomb Student Body, represen tative of Tulane Student Council, members of the house council, members of Alpha Sigma Sigma and Assets, Who ' s Who, ROTC Sponsors, Urchin Beauty Court, Jambalaya Beauty Court, cheerleaders, and officers and members in the vari- ous clubs and organizations. 188 Second Row: Judy Branieii. Judy Bran- don. Rutli Bronstein. Bunny Chapman, Barbara Cohen. Margie Crone, Joyce Daltel. Tiiiui) Row: Louise Doernberg. Dana Donsky. Frances Dow, Lynn Dumas. Inky Eisenian, Sally Elsas, Helene Fan- herg. FouuTii Row: Carol Farfel, Cecile Fel- senthal, Judy Freeman, Roslyn Froh- man, Dotly Gold, Gail Goodman, Dale Grundfest. Fifth Row: Aliby Hahn, Mary Ann Hayulin, I ' nily Heinberg, Carolyn llirsh- berg, .Sherrell Hoflinan. Charlotte Jac- obs, Peggy Kahn. Sixth Row: Diane Katz. Linda Kalz, Andrea Keil, Anne Klein, Joan Berg Koppman, Ellen Lasker, Marianne Lee. Sevkntm Row: Barbara Lewis, Barbara Brand Ixwis. Jerre Levy. Linda Lyon, liarbara Marcus. Judv Meisler. Barbara Miller. EiciiTil Row: Micki .Morris. Dianne Orkin. Gerry Pekover, Elizabeth Ralin. rry Reinstein, Carole Rolnick. Paula Ross. Ninth Hoh : Kulli . ' ack. Kici .Scholl. Sandra . ' liainock. Kay Siegel. Sydney vitz, Marilyn . " soliz. ' rKMii liiiu; 1 1. ,1. Spilzbcrg. Carolyn . ' Iciiihcrg. . ' jiirlfv TalTfl. Lynn Tluil- lu ' iincr. . ' andara Tucliin. Mary achcn- licirii. Dana aldniaii. F.i.K KMii Kow: Barbara Weil. Kay finer. Penny W inston. . ally iticn. Not I ' liTI hep: Joyce Bloom. Nicole Grand. Jane Kes.-.|cr. Judv l.avine. Gai Wallis. Charlotte ollcn . Officers, left to right: Camille 0ms, Helen Mcintosh, Claudette ' tt ' eb- ster, Gwen Munch, Johanna Bernard. Socks for the bo friend or the baby : PI CHAPTER ALPHA OMICRON PI OFFICERS CLAUDETTE WEBSTER President HELEN McINTOSH Vice President GWEN MUNCH Recording Secretary JOHANNA BERNARD Corresponding Secretary CAMILLE OMS Treasurer Alpha Omicron Pi was founded at Barnard College on January 2. 1897. Pi Chapter, established at Newcomb in 1898, is the oldest AOPi chapter today and one of the two oldest sororities on the Newcomb campus. Our biennial convention was held this past summer at the Edgewater Beach Hotel in Chicago. Pi Chapter was the proud recipient of the Achievement Cup. The annual pre-rush houseparty, this year in Houston, preceded a highly successful rush week which resulted in the pledging of twenty-six girls. We are especially proud of Jean Wiggins, who was elected queen of the 1957 Homecoming Couit. and Claud- ette Webster, one of Jean ' s maids. Kav Hacker was elected an Army ROTC sponsor. The AOPi ' s have been active in all campus activities. Joan Barkerding, president of Alpha Sigma Sigma, and Gwen Munch were co-chairmen of Orientation. Justine Bernard was vice-chairman. We are also proud of Bev- erly Sanderfer, president of Tri-Beta, and Sandy De- Armas, president of the Art Club. Other AOPi ' s are in Assets. Tusk. Greenbackers. Who ' s Who. the Student Council, TLT. A Capella Choir, and Lniversitv Chorus. Our chapter sponsored many social functions this year. Among our activities were the pledge picnic, the annual Phi Beta Kappa luncheon, the Mother-Father-Daughter Tea, many formal and informal gatherings, all climaxed by our March formal. WO oil 111 he an Active! First RhW: Virginia Aldige, Pattie Al- len. Jane Bahst. Loretto Babst, Joan Barkerciing. Jiihanna Bernard, Justine Bernard. Second Row: Benlynn Boyle. Beverly Bringle, Elizabeth Butler. Jean Wiggins Cairns. Cathy Carroll. Rena Chambers, Martha Jane Collins. Third Row: Velma Crawford. Coleen Davidson. Sandra DeArmas, Cecile Dodge, Ann Dykes, Judie Edwards. Hope Farrar. Fourth Row: Judy Farrar, Janet Far- ris, Joyce Fay, Marcelle Ferrier, Mar- guerite Ferrier, Carolyn Fuselier, San- dra Goody. FiiTii Rdw: Lorrie Cose. Pat Haller, Patty llanley. Kay Ueiker. Sherrill Her- ring. Kevin Hill. Kiiii llii sleiiian. Sixth Kou : ,|i KIK-n Le fiin. ' I ' aiiaiia Muriniivii li. Helen Anne Miliilosh. Mar- eia Ml W aler , Beth Monroe. Marilyn li)iinn ' , Ka l " iil ' ;iiiiiery. Seventh Row: Cwi-n Muncli. Cainille 0ms. Patrieia Orncr. Sandra I ' atterson. Leslie Payne, .josie Pope. (Iraee Puis. EiGinii Riiw: iNaiuy Redmond, Bever- ly Sanderfer, Dorothy . " tadler. Cyndy Stone. Betty , ' iilli aii. (iolleen Sullivan, I ' al Sullivan. l 1 H Knw ; nii la) Ini. alida Treuling, Janice Voitier. Madge War- rick, Claudia Wehsler. C.arlin Wood. Not Pictuhku: I. mi lliirleMHi. Pat Graham. Anita Legg, Susan . " eiliert. Q f 3 191 Officers, left to right: Phyllis Sison, Barbara Beck, Jacelyn Donnelly, Nicki Cartisser. Sitting: Ruth LaFranz. After a long meeting, a Coke is a much needed relief. ALPHA SIGMA CHAPTER BETA SIGMA OFFICERS RUTH LaFRANZ President JACQUELYN DONNELLY Vice President BARBARA BECK Recording Secretary PHYLLIS SISON Corresponding Secretary NICKI CARTISSER Treasurer Beta Sigma Omicron was founded in 1888 at Columbia, Missouri. Alpha Sigma chapter has been a vital part of Greek activities on Newcomb ' s campus since 1927. Our flower is the Killarney rose: our colors, ruby and pink. The top-notch pledge class — that brought us girls from as far away as Idaho and as near as New Orleans — has been very busy showing ofE our lovely new Broadway apartment and polishing our many trophies. Recognizing the importance of scholastic accomplish- ments, Beta Sigs are very proud of the fact that this chapter has been awarded the City Pan-Hellenic Scholar- ship trophy for the second year in a row. 192 OMICRON The social whirl this year has featured a fall weiner roast, a Homecoining party, the annual pledge-active Christmas party, the Senior Banquet, the Mother ' s Day, tea. These activities were climaxed by our very lovely black and silver Celestial Ball, our annual spring formal. ' Twas the talk of the campus. The chapter fostered its ideals of charity and brother- hood this year with Thanksgiving baskets and Easter par- ties for a children ' s ward. Beta Sigs are active in many religious and campus ac- tivities. The chapter is represented in Who ' s Who, Kappa Delta Pi, Tri Beta, Theta Nu, signifying our interest in becoming an integral part of Tulane and Newcomb. Amidst all the work, and all the play — and there was plenty of both this busy year — can be found the trait that binds this group together — friendship. Di-spitc the ciulk ' ss cliatler, even lime for study can be found at the sorority house . . . First Row: Barbara Beck. Ann Caldwell, Willa J. Carmouche, Nicki Cartisser. Second Row: Catherine Catsulis, Jacqueline Donnelly, Francine Foreman, Jacqueline Fry. Third Row: Glenn Grundmeyer, Diane Hamilton. Ruth LaFranz, Charlene Mar.shali. Fourth How ; Maunm McCar- thy. TomniN Lou McMillian. Mir- cillc Moodenhach. Marvlvnn .Mora, Fifth Row: Gayle Porte. Paula Rose, Patricia St. Anpelo. Svl ia Shannon. Si rii rjow ; Pin His Sison. 193 Officers, left to right: Liz Stephenson, Lynn Capel, Sarah Young. Sitting: Claudia Wirth, Betty Ann White. The domestic Chi Omegas — Vaughn Biirdin and Susan Locke. RHO CHAPTER CHI OMEGA OFFICERS CLAUDIA WIRTH President BETTY ANN WHITE Vice President LIZ STEPHENSON Secretary SARAH YOUNG Treasurer LYNN CAPEL Pledge Mother Founded at the University of Arkansas in 1895, Chi Omega now has 119 chapters throughout the United States. Rho Chapter was founded at Newcomb in 1900. This year it is the proud possessor of the Pan-Hellenic Cup which was awarded last May. Together with serious work was a year marked with serious play. The Chi Omegas began the year with a houseparty at the Buena Vista. The year was highlighted by a wonderful pledge class, a dinner dance in November. and the Founder ' s Day Banquet in the Spring. The For- mal was a huge success, with Papa Celestine playing. Lunches at the house, supper meetings, working at the Cripple Children ' s Hospital, sending boxes to our Greek orphan, and working on Campus Carnival, etc., kept the chapter very busy. Among the honors bestowed upon Chi Omegas were ROTC Sponsor, Homecoming Court, Who ' s Who, Urchin Beauty, Student Body Corresponding Secretary, House Council President, Representatives to the Tulane Student Council, President of the Senior and Junior classes, President of the Art School, and officers of va- rious other organizations. 194 l- ' iiii anil Fidlii ' at llii ' Chi Omega wiiiliT loriiKil. l- ' lliST H(i«: l.i lil llaile . liarliaia liar- 11-11. Ann llarriiii. Ilarriel liariy. Jane l!it; . Sue lllaek-liear. Ainslie l o li ii. I!arl)ara liiinlin. Skciimi Knu : Vaughn liunlin. Mary K.lla liurke. Lynn Capeh lieeky Carsiin. Deana Chirola. Claire Cook. Diana (Sut- ler. .Ann Davis. riiiiin Riiw: .Jackie Delien. Sallie De- lien. Carol Downe,-;. Sandra Draiifilin. Krance;; Kgger. Sally Epley. Irene Ernsl. Nancy Kant. Km mil Kiiw: I ' .elty Fielil. (Jiace Fril- chie. I ' ai (iodfrey. Frances Graham, Kay CrahaiM. Dorothy Granherry. Judy CiTeii. I.ida Gre :ory. I ' ll III Kiiw: t;iadyhelie Criilier. Ashley llaiuillon. Jane Hardy. Martha llatlen. Inez. Heidellier . Elaine Hixon. - l(dly llockiii);. Mary Ga le Johnson. Sixth R(i y: Jean Jolly. .Marie Keesee. Jo Lynn Lloyd. .Susan Locke. Connelly Lo an. Flora Milver. MnlK Man haiii, .Sonia Mari-l. Skvkntm Kipw: JiuK Marler. I ' olK .Meek, lieverlv Moore. Klinor Mureland. Mimi Moss. Ann Myliiis. Mary Holt Kriik. Namv N -alhery. F.ii:iiTii n : irt;inia Nieliaus. Mary Fllen O ' Ouinn. Andrea Pilney. .Sarah (,)uinn. Martha Riser. Carolyn Holx-rl--. Kathleen Sainsot. Betty .Smith. Ninth Mhw: Cande StalTord. Li .Stephenson. Gail Stilwell, Evon Swain. Zeldn Szdomka, Diane Taylor. MarfianI Taylor, .Sarah Thomiisoii. Ikniii Kiiu: l.ili- I liner. Karen c-il- IcMi. .Siephanie oorhies. Iietty iin liite. la Loui e hitc. Mar Emma W iU,.ii. ( l.uidi.i W iilh. S, 11, ill " 1 Mun , till ' 3 " " n ti t. 1 . I:. iUA Officers, left to right: Gayle John. Joycelyn Grossman. Anna Retif. Pat Hale. Charmaine Grinnelle. " Getting to Know You " takes place at another Delta Zeta Rusli Party. BETA UPSILON CHAPTER DELTA ZETA OFFICERS ANN REEVES President JOYCELYN GROSSMAN Vice President CHARMAINE GRINNELLE Vice President ELEANOR BABYLON Recording Secretary GAYLE JOHN Treasurer Beta Upsilon has had another busy year keeping up the high standards of achievement which have enabled Delta Zeta to grow into one of the largest national sororities since its founding in 1902. Her ideals of sisterhood were maintained through varied activities beginning with a rush party on the Gulf Coast which bound the sororitv into a unit through hard work and good times. Through- out the year, weekly meetings followed by informal din- ners during which pledges and actives got together and chatted, supplemented other activities. Highlights of the year included the Founders ' Day Banquet which empha- sized Delta Zeta ' s philanthropic work, a Christmas party for deaf children which became a tradition with Beta Upsilon, the annual Spring Formal which was a fitting climax to an outstanding year. Beta Lpsilon is proud of two of her girls, Mary Win- field and Michele Bailliet who are spending their junior year abroad. Michele has brought another honor to her sorority by being chosen Miss France in America. This year Beta Upsilon can say that they have had a very successful year both at home and abroad. 196 Likc lluit liDpliy sliinc. Sandra! FinsT I nw: Lois Acker. Mary Helen llen. FJeaiior Babylon. ' h IliiiuriMin. .Siu.dMi lldW : (,l(iiia Caliessa. Chariiiaine (irinnelli ' . jo eel ii Grossman. I ' .ilrii ia I lali-. illlKl) iiou : (iax le .juliii. aiiiha Jounpsina. Janice Meli. i.Minelli- Dii. Jul K ni l!u : ii .anne I ' ic kne . inia ISelil. iM I ' h ri i!i:i : nil lii ' evos. 197 Officers, left to right: Mary Gail Coutret, Glorain Currey, Bart Bridges, Nancy McCormick. Theta " s flappers do a convincing job with this Rush Week Skit. ALPHA PHI CHAPTER KAPPA ALP OFFICERS GLORAIN CURRY ' . President MARY GAIL COUTRET l ice President BART BRIDGES Recording Secretary NANCY McCORMICK Corresponding Secretary KATHY WARDEN Treasurer Kappa Alpha Theta, the first national Greek fraternity for women, was founded at DePauw University on Jan- uary 27, 1870. Our chapter, Alpha Phi, was established at Newcomb in 1914 and has been prominent on campus ever since. We Thetas kept quite busy this year. We climaxed a highly successful rush season, in which we pledged twenty- seven girls, with a Kidnap Breakfast for them. Although our social calendar was filled with teas, luncheons, and HA THETA cocktail parties given for us by other sororities and fra- ternities, we still found time to participate in Skit Night and Pan-Hellenic sports as well as work on Homecoming decorations, for which we won first place. Among our other activities were such things as our annual Orphans ' Christmas party, volunteer work at the Crippled Children ' s Hospital, re-decorating our garage apartment as a study and play-room and the pledges ' Shipwreck Party for the actives. Everyone agreed, how- ever, that the high point of the year was our Spring Formal at the Century Room. Looking back. Alpha Phi had a wonderful year, win- ning recognition, not only as a group, but as individuals, both here and in France, Germany, and England. In the future, we plan to climb to even greater heights of ac- complishment and service. 198 i- lliiwr ri ' ll (iiiks. or Sex hooks FlKST l o« : (,ail Uallenline, Dorothy I ' .cll. Itarhara Klaiiie. Nancy Branick. H.Minii uu liriiliies. Roulliac Bunkley. SkcoM) Row: lieverly l!u-li, .lolianna (!ain|iliell. Kenee (la la.miola. Kallierine Clark, ( ' .ail Cox. Ann Coco. Tiiii!!) R(i«: Mary ( ' rail Contret. Gloi- ain ( iirry. Dorothy Diirand. ,lune Enf;le- kirk. Cleiiiia (iillopie. nn (Godfrey. KoiiltTii Kiiw: Let!y (lohry. Marcia Haines. Helen Hauler. Dian Hawley. Kathleen Hick ' _-y. Klizalieth Holloiva). Kuril l iiu:,|anc l.;crt. Kli ahetli . nnc .|o!in-on. l.vnn .loliii ' on. Marilyn .lones. Catherine Kasparek. H tty Kelly. Sixiii Kiiu: .S[i it- Kell). Call Kiiiidt- son. .lewel Kussinan. ! miy McClonnick. Maijiaret Iinaril. Itarhonr Lee I ' erry. .SKVKNTtt How: Katherine I ' ittnian. .Su- zanne I ' ills. Charlcne I ' mlas. Diane l ' i.«ell. Diane Ki.hirlKulN. Tnni K..I1- Kk.iiiii linu; ll:.;llnll K011--CI. laicii Knello. Ileane .Seah. Sylvia .Seiferlh, nne .Sewell. Carol .Smith. Ninth Knw; Sns-.in .Smith. .Sandra .Sutherland. I. Ida .SwafTord. Sara Ti;;- relt. nn Ciia. Norma .It-an Vefia. Tkmii Knw: Kathleen Warden. Nan Wells, Einilie W endel, Susan W ilder, Lisa W ' illlums. iii riiniiKH: Carli) (!hene . I. mile K ans. Margaret lcl!ride. .jo-Ann Me- Klveen. Diane Milihell, Marie Morris, .loan Kea. Nonie W aller. m i h 199 Urtirers. lefl to i liilil. Inji ro« : Louise Lee, Helen Hayden, Barbara Hammond. Bottom Row: Nancy Fant, Sally Upham. Diane Christiansen participates jii an inspiring ceremony. BETA GAMMA CHAPTER KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA OFFICERS SALLY UPHAM President NANCY FANT Vice President LOUISE LEE Recording Secretary HELEN HAYDEN Treasurer BARBARA HAMMOND Pledge Mother Kappa Kappa Gamma was founded at Monmouth Col- lege, Monmouth. Illinois, in 1870. Beta Omicron, our chapter, has held an integral place on the Newcomb cam- pus since 1904. Our colors are light and dark blue: our flower is the fleur-de-lis. Rush week, preceded by our annual pre-rush house- party, resulted in the pledging of twenty-six wonderful girls who hailed from California to Georgia. They have added much spirit and gaiety to our chapter. A swimming party the night of the pledging, the pledge banquet at the St. Charles, a seafood party at Fitzgerald ' s, and the monthly pledge-active suppers, have helped to make them feel a part of our chapter. Our December houseparty, pro- vided a weekend of fun. relaxation, and close associations between the pledges and actives. In September, we moved into our new house which we all love and of which we are so proud. Our playroom with the Hi-Fi has given us many moments of pleasure. The pledges entertained at an informal party for the pledges of the other sororities, the actives and pledges were hostesses at a faculty coffee this spring, and the mothers prepared lunch each Tuesday for the Kappas and their friends at the house. Important dates remaining on this year ' s Kappa Kal- endar include our annual formal, the Founder ' s Day ban- quet, a steak and bean scholarship dinner, and. of course. active participation in all phases of campus life. 200 Si-lioi)l uiirk. ' ' Ddii ' l i c it tlii)ii " lii: FiusT Kciw: lialis Aliaiiiiza, Joan Aiid- ress, Emily Amiry, Hazel Austin, Al ta Beclitel. Alice Bland. SiicoM) Row: Janet Boisfontaine. Judy Bolton. Sylvia Brown. Mary Kay Bruns. Ann Cale. Connie Carrier. TiiiHi) R() v: Celia Cliarleron. Lynne Chapman. Diane Cliristensen. Carroll Cornish. Marcelle D ' Aquin, Adrienne Dawson. FotUTH How: Kay De I ' ass. Airey Din- kins, Ainslie Dinwiddie. Paula Doug- lass, Nancy rant. Meade Fnwlkes. Fifth Rii« : Kallierine Cage. Carolyn Gelbke. Ina Hamilton, liarhara Ham- mond, .hilly Hawn. Helen Hayden, Sixth Row: Elizalielh Hays. Lynn Hea- slip. I ' enny Hess. Cornelia Huek. Fran Hunter. Janie Janssen. Skvknth Row: Judy .loncs. Ann Kelly. .Susie Kitredge. Elizalieth Lampton. Car- ol Leake. Baylissa Lewis. Ek.iitm Row: Betty Desporle Lilly. Muflin Mahorner. drienne -Maitre. -Me- linda Ic(larr . Liilli,i Means. Eleanor Mnnger. . iMii [ n : Millie l ' arlian . Lisa I ' os- llethwaite. Cwen Rhea. Genie Slaughter. Louise . " laughter. Imogene . " smith. T : Tll Row; .Nancv Starr, llanici Stone, . ' Mice Talhotl. Travis Turner, . al- 1 Lpliain. Dee Vi ' adiik. Ei.KVKNTii Row: NancN Wallace. Sadie Watson. Ill nri i.mack. Judy Wood- all. oT I ' lCTi iti-;i ; Olive Duhuisson. Balis Hitchcock. Yvonne Laan. Carlyle Reed . . hcllic .Speed. Louise Lee. 2 Officers, left to right: JoAnn Ciolino, Helen Cabaniss, DeVerne Reed, Elaine Boaz. Sitting: Chris Thorburn. Wliere are the candles? It must be Liberace! DELTA CHAPTER PHI M U OFFICERS CHRIS THORBURN President ELAINE BOAZ Vice President JO ANN CIOLINO .Secretary DeVERNE reed Treasurer HELEN CABANISS Pledge Mother Founded in 1852 at Wesleyan College at Macon, Geor- gia, Phi Mu has spread to 77 campuses throughout the U.S.A. The sorority ' s flower is the Enchantress carnation and the colors are rose and white. Delta chapter, the oldest existing collegiate chapter of the national, was founded at Newcomb in 1906. 202 Rush week, which resulted in a great pledge class, was followed by pledging and the annual pledge banquet at the Vieux Carre Restaurant. Then there were the parties with fraternities, parties for fraternities, suppers with dates, luncheon with dates, and pledge-active parties. A party remembered by all was the Christmas party which the pledges planned for the sorority. A skit was given by the pledge class and amusing gifts were ex- changed. Initiation was followed by the social highlight of the school year, the annual formal at the Monteleone Hotel. Picnics and swimming parties in the spring ended another successful year for Delta of Phi Mu. liirnihiTs. I ' liisr |]() : May Carol Adams. Miriam i v. joaii Apgar. Sharon Beckliam. Alicia Bt ' iinetl. Ka) Ber- gerel. Sl ' .(.n ii Kiiw : Ka i ' lrlliiinc. I ' Jaiiic Boaz. Alice Boiich. Nancy Breard. Jane Brough. Jackie Brown. TlllKl) Bow : Helen Calianiss. Mari- hn (jaicii). Jo- Arm (!iolino. Mimi Clark. Ca le Cooke. Karen I)a- inonle. FoLirni liovv: Camille na?|)it. Klaine D ' l ' lntremonl. Anila Garcia. Daphne Gelahert. lVlar Garrard. Elaine ( ollidav. I ' ll r:i l!( : Mar Helen (irifTen. I ' .leiiric llarlel. SalK Mile. Linda lloilc. Jarir l,ou lloll. l!oM ' rnar KnllHJnUn. i iii l!(i : i ane Jo LaPrairie. Killii ' l.ra. Janice Lewis. Anila MaeKa . Luc Millsaps. Jerry Murpiiv. Skviatii Row: Di-Verne Reed. Gail Sehe na der. Leilie Schex- navdci. Rarhara .Simpson. Louie Slew an. I ' eggy Si. Martin. r.li;irrii Row: ( " hris Tliorliurn. (.Niilliia acarro. MaiiKii ander- lnirj;. ( " arol n Wcrnn. Jn Whar- ton. Ni ' l I ' ll II i!|.:i): iii;ie Bri-lou. M.iM hidler. I ' al Greco. llolU 1 Icndi icksoii. I ' alricia Ncuinan. Jean ' orhahen. 203 Officers, left to riglit. top row: Becky Fuqua, Lestra McArthur, Mary Ellen de la Houssaye. Bottom Row: Donna Laskey, Emily McFarland. Pi Phi reviews a year of many achievements. LOUISIANA ALPHA CHAPTER PI BETA PHI OFFICERS LESTRA McARTHUR President BECKY FUQUA Vice President MARY ELLEN de la HOUSSAYE Recording Secretary DONNA LASKEY Corresponding Secretary EMILY McFARLAND Treasurer Pi Beta Phi nas founded in 1867 at Monmouth College, Monmouth, Illinois. In 1891 Louisiana Alpha was estab- lished on the Newcomb campus. The flower is the wine carnation, and the colors are wine and silver blue. Our annual pre-rush house party on the Gulf Coast started off our Pi Phi school year with worlds of fun. A very successful Rush Week followed. We were very proud of our 26 new pledges and honored them in an annual banquet at Arnaud ' s and at a pledge-active picnic in true " country style. ' " The year was highlighted by the Faculty Tea, Founder ' s Day Banquet. Alumnae Christmas Party and was climaxed by the formal in April with Papa Celestine ' s band. The chapter is particularly excited over our remodeling plans. The house will soon have a " face lifting. " The Pi Phis have been active and outstanding in all campus activities. We are specially proud of Pat Cousins who has received many campus honors. Jackie Jones has been chosen as finalist in the national Maid of Cotton contest. Other elected beauties are Carl Ann Moore and Virginia Jones, Jambalaya Court; Linda Hardy and Judy Becker, pledge court. Kay Ketelson participated in the homecoming court. Other honors included Air Force ROTC sponsor Becky Fuqua and our " Who ' s Who " con- tributions — Ruth Knighton and Ruth Harper Watson. Besides social and campus events, though, the Pi Phis have given their time and energy in orphan work. 204 FiiisT Itiiu: .lane Aiulcrson, Judy Rurnes, .hid) I ' .ecker. Sally BerwaKl. Lillian Braun. Wilder ISreckenridge. Diane Bro di n. .Skcom» Rd " : I ' allie l! l n . N irt;iTHa livrd, Susan Caven, Mimi Clan. Julia y nn Claverie. Sue Cowles. Jan Cole. Thiki) Rdw: Peggy Coslley. Pat Cousins. Manila Craig. Jo Ann Daniel. Adrienne Davis. M. E. de la Houssaye. Cynthia Dawkin-. I ' lpiiiiii Knu : K.n I ' .-lilcnuui. Ilcau 1 ' U . r.erky Kiu|ua. Mannon (iaiulolfo. Loliia llclpi. ( arlin (Uynn. Linda Hardy. Fli Til Kuu : Tulli Harris. Jan Hend- ricks. Joan Mo|i|ienjans. (Jrare Jalincke. Cynlliia Jaslrain. Ann Jarrell. Jackie Jones. Sixth R iw: Virginia Jones. Kay Kelel- sen, Rutli Knighlon, Donna Laskey. Linda Laskey, .Mary Lewis. Toddy Ly- man. Skmntii KciU; Juan lanall. l.c-Ira Mi- rlliur. I ' .MiiK McKarland. Lou Martin. iiii laiit;lil. Carnl nn lciore. C.inger Mnrr . Kic.iiiii linu; Iamm Miirra . Diane Nall . Judy tJ ' iirien. lietsy Patterson. l ' al- Patterson. Nancy PlieilTer, Blair l.liiinn. Ninth Mhw : .Susan Kiggs. vonne Roth. Jane Sanliird. Sally Sclionnovcr. Anne Srliiil i-. lar llelc-n Sego. Judy ,S|ia». Thntii Ki) v: Dolly Storey. (.!andyn .Sut- ter. Syliil Tyrrell. Pat Van Scoy. W in Viguerie. Ski|i William-, liulli ILirper Walson. Not PicTi iiKi): . gusia Bund. Cliurloiic Parker. H ' Officers, left to right: Marcia Bear. Audrey Jacobs. Judy Piilakull. Ilene Bock. Vicki Goldberg. SDT Ranch Party finds Gay Geller hanging her culprit. ALPHA [OTA CHAPTER SIGMA DELTA OFFICERS JUDY POLAKOFF President ILENE BOCK First Vice President AUDREY JACOBS Second Vice President VICKI GOLDBERG Recording Secretary CAROL LEPP Treasurer Alpha Iota Chapter of Sigma Delta Tau. the newest sorority on the Newcomb Campus, was established here in May of 1955. First founded at Cornell L ' niversity in 1917, today all of the 29 active chapters proudly uphold the traditional torch, golden tea rose, and colors of cafe- au-lait and blue. The 1957-1958 administration began with the annual formal, and the spring semester was successfully and appropriately climaxed with a final brunch, where the first publication of the chapter was presented to an ap- praising audience. To begin the fall semester, the new pledges, having re- 206 TAU ceived their pledge pins at an impressive ceremony fol- lowed bv a luncheon in their honor, proceeded to take an enthusiastic part in both the functions of the active chapter and those of their own pledge class. Highlights included an open house presenting the pledges to " Tu- lane, " a bean-steak dinner to stimulate scholastic improve- ment, a dated ranch party complete with dinner, dancing, horseback riding, and a campfire. numerous philanthropic activtieS; and a retreat which included both fun and stint- ulting discussions. The chapter is also extremely proud of its representation in nearly every group on campus, both honorary and non- honorary, and of its girls who have been elected to serve in honorary capacities by clubs, military groups, and so- cial fraternities. Thus the sorority is not only liy ing up to its aims and ideals by playing a great role in the col- lege days of its members, but also by successfully estab- lishing itself on the Tulane-Newcomb campus. An informal gatliering al tlie Sig D.ll lloijM-. Whafs SCI fuiiin. Hilda? First Row: Marcia Bear. Ilene Botk. Ju(l Brownseiii. Goldie Co- hen. Lois Coplan. Second How: Susan Fisher. Ga (iellcr. IJainc (iiincr. V ' icki Gojd- licrc. rmllliic (idlljcill. TiiIKi) iiow : Doris llalpern. Ann Harris. Auflre Jacobs. Hilda Kap- lan. Mil 1 kaprll. Fol icni Bow: Ala iie Karlin. Ann Kalz. .juan Kalz. Sandra Kal . I ' ran Lazarus. I ' " li Til l!ii : Tiki l.cliimilz. Carol I .I ' pl ' . I . M(l,i I .i- ill. .1 uil I ,il in. I.Hula lnrrcll. SiM ' ll l!ii : .|uil I ' l.lakidl ' . Linda I ' liii . ri.iili.iia li-|i an. Mickrx W einer. Nor I ' lrii i;i;i): ( " iarol Chcpciiik. Aili ' iic l iiiisl k . i ' llranor I.ixini;- sh.n. lliiK I ' lolkin. Marilvn UliI- teiiher " . .LkU SIiuhm. i 3 2 f3 ' ' ' p 207 TULANE PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL OFFICERS Edwin McGlasson, Chairman Sigma Alpha Epsilon William H. Dyer, Secretary Beta Theta Pi Dr. Karlem Riess Faculty Advisor Nixon A. Adams Alpha Tan Omega Pierre A. Blaine Delta Sigma I ' hi Adolph J. Block Sigma Alpha Mu Michael U. Burvant Kappa Alpha Simeon Coxe Phi Delta Theta Fritz Dahlberc Delia Kappa Epsilon George H. Enochs Sigma Chi Paul R. Fallone Delta Tan Delta William H. Forman Phi Delta Theta Charles J. Fritchie Phi Kappa Sigma Howard W. Gleason Delta Kappa Epsilon Douglas W. Greve Delta Sigma Phi Mark Haiken Taii Epsilon AsHTON R. Hardy Kappa Alpha Barry M. Lewis Zeta Beta Tait Richard S. Lochte Pi Kappa Alpha Morris L. Marx Sigma Alpha Mu Philip B. Miller Delta Tau Delta Robert Oddone Phi Kappa Sigma Charles Pendleton Sigma Chi Fredrick Preaus Kappa Sigma Thomas M. Randolph Alpha Tau Omega Jerome V. Reel Pi Kappa Alpha Michael G. Rosenthal Tau Epsilon Joel M. Schatzman Alpha Epsilon Pi Jack Schuster Zeta Beta Tau Charles F. Seemann Beta Theta-Pi Fred C. Sexton Sigma Alpha Epsilon Leonard Washofsk y Alpha Epsilon Pi James Wesner Kappa Sigma The Tulane Pan-Hellenic Council is the governing body for the social fraternities on the campus, and is composed of two representatives from each of the member fraternities. Each year the Council supervises a diversified program of inter-fraternity competition and awards a permanent trophy to the winner in each event. At the end of the school year the fraternity which has amassed the most points in this competition is awarded the Pan-Hellenic Trophy, symbol of over-all fraternity excellence. Events which are found in the yearly schedule are touch football, basketball, track, bridge, golf, handball, tennis, softball, bowling, ping pong, songfest. swimming, volleyball, pool. Homecoming decorations and scholarship. In September the council was host to a welcoming banquet for all fraternity pledges, and shortly before initiation week the Council sponsored its annual " Greek Week " which con- sisted of a series of discussions among chapter officers and pledges and a convocation for all fraternity men. An out- standing feature of each " Greek Week " is the " Community Help Day " on which the fraternity pledges work on various charity projects throughout the city. The climax of the week was the Pan-Hellenic Formal Dance. Judiciary Committee 208 ,1 I ' ll;--! I!(i ; (l.nii . Klalric llln( k. Iliii .iril. (!o r. I ).ilillicrg, |) .T. SiinMi l{() : I ' .iioclis. I ' " iiiii:iri. I ' rilcliic. OlcasdH. Orcxp, I laiil . ,r is. Imikh Kmu : l...rl,ir. 1. (,lassc,M. () l.li,ii.-. r.-iiilli-l..ri. I ' reaus. l!ari(|ip||Fli. Srhalzriiaii. I I II l! " : S hii-icr, Seemann. Scxlim, Washofsky, Wes- lllT. 209 Football is in the air at the AEII house. AEn Officers: Gilner. Rose. Schatzman. Fagin. Magids, Karnofsky. TAU UPSILON CHAPTER ALPHA EPSI OFFICERS JOEL SCHATZMAN President DONALD GILNER Vice President SAMMY MAGIDS Corresponding Secretary MICHAEL ROSE Recording Secretary JACOB KARNOFSKY Treasurer STANLEY FAGIN Pledgemaster The past year has seen the young Tau Upsilon chapter of Alpha Epsilon Pi make the greatest strides in its rela- tively short history. Founded on the national scene in 1913 at N.Y.U.. Alpha Epsilon Pi has seen its local chap- ter rapidly take its place among the promising chapters since its local inception in 1951. Outstanding achievement of the year was the award of the Pan-Hellenic Scholarship Trophy. Not only in schol- arship, but also in athletics has Tau Upsilon participated wholeheartedly in Pan-Hellenic activities. AEPhi members have been extremely active the past two semesters on campus and can list on its membership rolls Mike Parver, associate editor of the HuUaballoo and di- rector of Campus Night: Mike Rose, vice-president of Campus Night: Donald Gilner. president of the Pre- L O N PI Medical Society and Lenny Mattes, editor of that group ' s Journal. Other active men on campus are Sammy Magids, a member of the Intramural Council and the Outstanding Business School Freshman of 1956-57; Greenbackers Sid- ney Eisenbaum, Donald Gilner and Magids: and Tusk representatives Mike Rose. Howie Garber. Ira Leichter, Joel Ruskin and Bob Friedman. The list of ROTC officers includes another AEPhi member, Jac King. Tau Upsilon this past year has also enjoyed a very suc- cessful social season, having staged several outstanding parties, in addition to its gala annual Formal Weekend. Also, the very spirited pledge class helped to make the various activities of the fraternity more successful. The blazing New Orleans summer heat will no longer bother Tau Upsilon. for it now enjoys, among several house improvements, air-conditioning of the downstairs of the fraternity house. All of these successes have instilled in the Tau Upsilon chapter of Alpha Epsilon Pi the desire to strive toward new heights in the coming years at Tulane. 210 " I Iciw iiiaiiN card.- (In ' iu uaiil. Slaii ' . ' ' " " FiusT Riiw; P.einanl Rerins. Roherl Cdle. Saul Ddhr .ynsky. Melvin Drucker. j I.e ler Dulitz. Sidney Eisenhaum. Seccimi Kou : Slanley Fafiin. Ceiald Friedman. Mike Fiiedinan. Rnlierl Friedman. Il ' iward (larher. Donald (Sil- lier. Tilliin How : . ' ll■|llll■n Ciltlesiin. I ' eler (daser. Paul Cudlin. l.ises G(ddlier . ,lu.r|,l, .la.-..li-. .|n,.| Kalian. FiiiKTH HdU: living Kani-. .Slipiinan Kanr. .laccili K.ani(d.sky. Allan Kalz. .lac- Kin;;. Iia l.eirlller. FiKTii R(iw: Samuel Lupin. .Sammy Ma- gids, Leonard .Vlatlus. .Michael . li ss. Stanley NclMm. Flli- I ' ailel. .S| rii l!iA : Michai ' l I ' arvcr. Mian KcjIi- liiii . Miiliacl llcn l!n rn , veijc, l.ciinard Kuliin. .Inr Ku-kin. Skvkntii I (iu: .loci Sclial .rnan. Hunald .SclineidtT. Fred .Si ludman. Samuel Slidss. .lack .Silverman, Sherman Silver- man. Fjcirrii Kiiu: Slc|ilicn .■ ihcrnian. li.m- ald . ' liiiman. liy run . ' lru:.;. Henry I ' eles. Richaril Walker. Leonard Vi ashofsky. Ninth Row: .Morton ciii-iock. Ira Vi ciss. Ilcrh Wi ' i-rnan. 9 9 9 9 9 ' I Q q rj 211 • ' kj 1- r ATO ' s Sweetheart court and escorts. Officers: Keller, Claverie, Randolph, Prieto, Kuebel. BETA EPSILON CHAPTER ALPHA TAU OMEGA OFFICERS TOM RANDOLPH President AL KELLER Vice President TIMAU CLAVERIE Secretary OMER KUEBEL Treasurer AL PRIETO Historian Alpha Tau Omega was the first fraternity founded after the Civil War. Louisiana Beta Epsilon chapter was estab- lished at Tulane in 1887. The national fraternity now has over 70,000 members, and has chapters at 117 universities and colleges in the United States and Canada. Even before the year started, the Taus had something to cheer about. Their scholastic efforts of 1956-57 earned them the Pan-Hellenic trophy for scholarship improve- ment. The chapter rose from 12 ' J{i below the all-men ' s average to 8% above it. a gain which is one of the best nationally. Seventeen pledges were added after a successful Rush Week. The outstanding rush party was the Alumni Ban- quet, which was followed by a dance at the Southern acht Club. Thanksgiving found the Taus traveling to Baton Rouge by school bus for the touch football match between the two chapters, as well as for the Tiger-Green Wave en- counter. The Sunday before the holidays the ATO ' s had their annual Christmas party, with toys for five orphans, and miscellaneous gifts for dates. Santa ' s little helper, Timau Claverie. was mu ch in evidence. As is the custom. ATO ended each semester with a blast. The Sweetheart Formal at the Century Room ended the first semester, and the Beachcomber Ball broke the tension of final exams second semester. Al Keller and Tom Randolph again were on the Student Council from Engineering, as was Bill Andrews from Business. Andrews and Robert White were elected to Sabbard and Blade. Jim Schupp was elected President of the Freshman Law class. Dr. Hans Jonassen, professor of chemistry, continued as the chapter adviser, and Mrs. Emily Knight, dean of Tulane ' s housemothers, completed her sixteenth year in that capacity at the ATO house. 212 . ■!■■■■■ ' ■■■■■■■I . . ■■■! ■ ■■I ■ ■ ■ I liliil ■■■■ ■ ■■■■■■■■■■■■ ' ■(!aii you capliin ' llic rot. |i;nil-MiM ' . ' ' " " I ' llisi KnW : Nisciii ihini-. illiaiii Andrews. Wayne liaicelu. .leiTc I ' luKun. (leoijie Berlsfli. Skciim) Kih : .liiliii lliiilliers. hraiik Carey. I ' liillips (iarler, Dimald (ilianilier- lain. Kene Curry. riiiiiii Iv ' iu; (Jsilccli- la llnu sa e. Wil- liam Dykes. Tlioinas CcniMnilin. .Inliii C. Mauser. Jack Hulse. I ' lpiiiiii Ki)«: IIhtI KclliM, Oilier Kiii-lii-l. Michel LaniHix. Fred I.everl. illiani Meriwellier. I ' ll III Knu; .jiiliii lc.ide iiii. James lciri;aii. Henry I ' luuilie. Aliierl I ' rieln. I ' jnile KaiiKdd. SiMii liinv: ' I ' liiima Kaiidnl|ili. jii-c|ili Kiiss. Jack Uvaii. llciHN Schuiilier . Juines .Scliu|i|i. .■ KyKNiii l!ou : KclK Simon. Dcrwiii Smilli. Kermit .dialler. ll erl .Siewarl. l e nold aiinon. El(;IITH K i ; K..Ih ' I| W IkiIIII. KoIiciI Whilr, Don W 1. Nor rnniiiMi: illierl Ar;;ii . John Chafle, Jack I h.nlionnel. Mauinus (!lav- crie. Charles Krnsl. Charles Kerjiuson. Kverelle Ilavard. Merlierl Mo|)|)nieyer. l.lo d lluher. Kenner McCoiinell. Charle- UI)o vell. Ridierl 1.. Newman. Iterl .Si-heiUer. Claude .Simon-. Jaine Sniilher. Ji ' lTer-on Sii(de. William W eenis. Don.ild Ham her. Iii.in ' alasco. " mfhik 213 BETA XI CHAPTER BETA THETA OFFICERS NORMAN PALERMO President HERBERT PARKER Vice President SHEPHEARD STAHEL Corresponding Secretary FOSTER FOURNIER Recording Secretary JON ROTH Treasurer Beta Theta Pi was founded at Miami University in 1839, and Beta Xi Chapter has been at Tulane since 1908. As in past years, Beta has been quite active in Pan- Hellenic competition, taking first place in swimming, and placing in track and Softball. On the lighter side, this year the chapter ' s many social activities were highlighted by informal gatherings, the P I Coondog and Jungle Parties, and. of course, the tradi- tional Blue and White Formal. Outstanding among the many Betas in campus activities is Bill Dyer, President of Lagniappes; Greenbacker, Who ' s Who. and Vice-President of the Pan-Hellenic Council. Norman Palermo is a Navy ROTC Battalion Officer, and member of Scabbard and Blade, along with Bill Dyer, Foster Fournier, John Dickinson, and Jon Roth. Doug Bond is Vice-President of Junior A S, and Prent Sey- mour is presiding officer of the sophomore Architects. Several other brothers were elected to Phi Eta Sigma. With the aid of another outstanding pledge class, Beta again completed another year of leadership on the Tu- lane campus. 214 Oniicrs. Slandinj;: Parker. Slalnl. Rutli. Sealed: Fournier, Palermo. KliiST ' i : William llen. Douglas Doiul, David Uiukley. Thomas Cairns. Marry Chris. .Man Cramer. Skcomi Hiiw: Riiliard Depp. Fred Dickerson. ' I ' nd Diniilry. David Duggins, William Dyer. Man Engherg. Tinia) Unw: Kiiliard Fayan. Herlierl Fall, ork Feilel. Foster Fournier. Ron- ald French. Udom lieebe. Fill iiTii Kiiw: .lack Hehn. James Helm. Andrew Herron. liarrie Hiern. Haywood IlilKer. Jerry Hoggalt. I ' ll III KnW : l.u aii lliinlre . Knlxrl Johnson. William .jolmson. Hugh Law- son. Tliomas Lincoln. KoiiaUl Murlin. Sixth Row: .Sieve Nichols. Charles ( )doin. iS ' orman Palermo. Herherl Park- er, r.i ' imcll I ' uMcll. I ' liilip Ra-cli. .Skvkmii Knw : Jmi KmiIi. Arlhiir .See inann. (diaries .Sccmann. W olcy .Shafii (!liarles Spencer. Shepheard .Slaliel. Kii.iiTii R(pw: Lionel Sullon. Adam Trowliridge. Nal Troy. Joseph W heeler. JmIiii W iiiicr. NiiT PicTlliKi): l Mlicrl I ' .oulel. Teryl Itrook-. Kalslon C de. Herman Ccdoinli. John Dickinson. Ceorge Dodge. .Norton Fngland. James I ' l ' iiner. rnoid ( ' .u laf- son. W illiani J(ilm on. Jr.. Alliert l.a- faye. Arthur Middletiui. rllinr Iittei-r. John .Sawyer. Iiodin Sclmc a der. I ' rciit Seymour, Slanlon Shuler. Roiiert Ticul- ing, Enunell Ward. Lynn Vi ood . 21S " ' The Dekes claim the longest ironing hiiard on caniiiuj. Officers: Brown. Dahlberg, Rapier. Gundlach. Morehead. Corrigan, Kearney. TAU LAMBDA CHAPTER DELTA KAPPA EPSILON OFFICERS bard and Blade. Fritz Dahlberg was a distinguished mil- JAMES GUNDLACH President i ' iT student and also played on the Tulane golf team. HUGHES CORRIGAN Vice President Jimmy Legendre and John Arms were members of the BILL KEARNEY Corresponding Secretary Tulane football team and Pat McKenna played on the FRITZ DAHLBERG Recording Secretary varsity tennis team. GENE MOREHEAD Treasurer n • P H 11 • Last year UKh, also did very well in ran-rlellenic , , 1 T , , , 1 , . , sports, winning basketball and tennis, and placing second The Tau Lambda Dekes celebrated their oOth year on . r i n , „ 1 11- • • I ' l football. the Tulane campus with their usual achievement, activity, and o;ood parties. This year after having pledged a fine group of fresh- Allain Andry was chosen for the Tulane Laiv Revieiv. men. we enjoyed those traditional DEKE " blasts. " namely Jimmv Gundlach was a member of Tau Beta Pi, Scabbard the Kickapoo Blast. Pledge Party, and last but not least and Blade, and also headed the Air Force ROTC. Bill the famed Debutramps Party, which put a fitting climax Kearney and Jack Calhoun were also members of Scab- to the end of this gala season in New Orleans. 216 ■■ i« riosi ' llie (icMir and I ' ll lnM llie lifilil goes out. " FiiisT Rcnv: David H. Akridge. Allain C Andry. III. .loseph Simon Bmwn. Jidin V. Burkes. John Vi . Callicniii. Jaine. Eu?tis Corrigan. SkciiM) Row: Tlmmas Hughes dirri- gan, ' larl Frederiek Dahllierg. illiani W. Ualdberg, Duiiald .M. de Franceaux. Louis de la Vergne, Cortes De Russy. ' riiiKii Kiiw: (leiirge Farnswcprlh. Henry ( ainl le Favrot. (Charles Fox. Richard Freeman. Howard Gleason, James 0. t.unillach. Fill HTM I (pu; aynr llcbert, Barton .lahncke. William .1. Kearney. Burt Keenan. alter Cook Keenan, Thomas Keller. Fifth Row: Charles Le Bourgeois, riiMinas Lind. Kiehard Dale Maikie. I ' at h-Kenna. (ieiirge lii liirKinl. Phil- ip Kugene Morehead. Sixth Rhw: h, I ' rovosty. Michael Rap- ier. James Reiss. James Roddy. Roy St. Paul. Larrv Smart. St: Ksiii R iw: (;eiirge Snellings. Carl Trc|.cn.lahl. Conrad Wall III. David Sciitl Wisdom. Niirlnn W isdnm. NiiT I ' lCTi iiKO: Ji hn rms, Charles l!a le. R. Morrill Crane. Jidin George De Russv. I ' eler A. Feringa. John F. Gildions. III. Rohcrt C. Hu he-.. Jo-eph R. HarhisMu. l.eon Irwin. III. William I ' .lliiil I.audcman. Janic I. I.cgcndrc (jeorge Leonard. I ' eler Loop. .Alfred C.eorge Lyons. ' rhnnias J. Martin. Waller II. Meniiel. Clarence Vern Partridge. Bennett Pi.well. Phillip F. Rosenhlalh. Ridicrl Si-agii. Francis .Selnian. Jr.. James L. .Sehuan. Stanley Stumpf. Jr.. Jo cph Sullivan, Patrick Sullivan. ii iJifiiiliii 217 It was easy before that last highball. Officers: Greve, Vivien, Tridico, Povedano. CHI CHAPTER DELTA SIGMA PHI OFFICERS DOUGLAS GREVE President A. J. TRIDICO Vice President GENE VIVIEN Secretary JAMES BELL Treasurer SIDNEY POVEDANO Sergeant-at-Amis Delta Sig bounced right into the swing of things on the old T. U. campus. Rush week results showed them with 30 pledges. After the week silence period was over, they pledged four more men and then had the largest pledge class on the campus. In Pan-Hellenic football competition Billy Murphy quarterbacked the team to a fourth place finish. The Delta Sig team defeated Pike, Deke, ATO, and lost to SAE and KA. Other Pan-Hel competition found the artists of the house conjuring up a Sputnik theme for the Georgia Tech game that won third place in the homecoming decorations. Delta Sig representatives on campus include Terry Brown, Vice-President of the senior law class; Mike Georgeou, Vice-President of the freshman law class; Douglas Greve, member of the student council and nom- inee for Who ' s Who; Dick Arsenault, member of the pub- lications board; Frank Basile and Vincent Stewart, versatile members of the Glendy Burke society; and George Fee, Editor of the student directory and business manager of the Carnival magazine. Goodwill representa- tive and political plotter is Chick Macagnoni. The Delta Sigs believe their pledge class of ' 57 to be the finest that they have had in ) ' ears and expect a fine showing from them in the future. 218 «li r;irl limr liii- llic Delia SigS. |- ' ii;--r lidw : liii haul i riiaiill. I laiik ri.i ilr. W illiani lia lia. Dmi- al.l lii ' .liT. .lames Hell. Pierre lllain. Si ' ;( n ii Itiiw : Terry Dmu ii. Ceiirj;e liniiiel. CJIeii (ai|iil. Dennis |liiilrail . (leinjic I ' ee. Dcmald lisk. TiMKii Row: Mark Georgeau, (h ' iii;;c Glidcwell. I)euc Godwin. l)iiMj:las GrcNO. Ixutiaitl Hart, llar- nld I leidingsfelder. I ' m i; III l!ii : llcmald Jaenli. .|nhn KilU. .|a l.a arre, Jesse Lmmis. Keniielli Mill-. I iTI " MnririK ' . I ' ll Til l!n : illiani Mni|ih . Itnnald ' ui-ii ' u,. Mike I ' .uelie. Sid- Me l ' .i e lan(). I ' .rslim Keisli. Ma- rio Santclli. . " 1 TII KiiW : . l in Sheasjiv. .|i.!in Slassi. Iiiilierl Slassi. VincenI Slew- arl. Irank I aiilli. .lames I li(inia.s. Si; i;m II Kuw : i,e,.n Tinlie. l iji I I an-eaii. ii I h n Tiidieci. (Iiaili- aiK lierie. Liieien Vi ien. N " l I ' lei I i;i,i): iilli(in Chapin. K lsiin l)a is. I!. maid j- ' ossniii. Daniel (;ei ler. I ' .duaiil (di ' ason. Neal Killrell. Krai,;: klosscn. Chick .Maeaj;niini. Daxe Morale-, ludand Tim. Thoiua- Wheeler. %M ' 219 BETA XI CHAPTER DELTA TAU OFFICERS WALLACE EDWARDS President PAUL FALLONE Vice President BYRON RUTH Corresponding Secretary RONALD RESO Recording Secretary JAMES LAROSE Treasurer The Beta Xi Chapter of Delta Tau Delta was formed at Tulane in 1889. The biggest accomplishnient this year was the acquiring of a new Delta Shelter at 835 Broadway. The purchasing of new furniture was made possible through the tireless efforts of the wonderful alumni. The Mothers ' Club did a fine job of interior decorating. In addition to the new house, the Delts were very fortunate to have Mrs. Guy Sherrill as their housemother. DELTA The parties given at the Delta Shelter have been wide and varied. There is still much talk about the Playboy Party. This year the tradition of having a Thanksgiving Banquet was revived. The new pledge class got off to a fine start by entertaining sorority pledges at some mag- nificent champagne parties. Santa Claus paid a visit to the Shelter at the Christmas Party, one which will never be forgotten. Highlighting the social calendar was the Rainbow Ball. For the first time in many a year, Beta Xi presented a Delt Queen along with a court. The affair was climaxed with the awarding of the annual fraternity trophies. The Delts are indebted to the National Fraternity and the new pledge class for a successful year. After achiev- ing many new things this year, Delta Tau Delta ' s step into the future will be one of expansion. 220 Ii,r|,-I!,,|, |,r,|..|,r, |,.| |.-l.rr|,. FlUST Row; Craig Brigtsen, Phillip Carrutli. Alexander Cocke, Leon- aifl Cdtdiiio. Second Row: Wallace Echvards, Julian Gregory. Honr - Harris, GciMgc HoldLMl. Tlllllli i : KoiKiM .|ii-i|ili. .laincs Kinciiiil. J. MIcIkii ' I Kucnicr. .hiiiics Larosc. Foi UTil I!i) : Micliat ' l Marliri. Mi.lu.cl Micli.-j, i;,.l)crl Padn.n, ItiilKlId lu ' so. Fll-Tll ildW : Saiiiucl l!.i ain(iiid. H r.in liiilh. MIcliacI lall.,.!. |. licrt ' I ' aNliir. Sl ni KllW : Tlrjlr- TidlllMrc. .I ' |in W hai lull. W illiaiii W liaj luii. illiaiii W illr. Not I ' i(;tm!i;i): Charles Chassaig- nai-. I ' rank Lopiccolo. I ' alrick Mc- Klrny. IVrdiiiaiid illuz. Krnest ■ ati-s. mtm tm t Mi 221 " Take it .easy, Mo, theyre only photographers. " Officers: Lewis, Hardy, Morton. PSI CHAPTER KAPPA ALPHA OFFICERS SIDNEY LEWIS President ASHTON HARDY Vice President JOHN MORTON Recording Secretary JOHN CHARBONNET Corresponding Secretary RONALD NEWMAN Treasurer There is no legend like the legend of the Confederacy. The defeated rebels marched straight into a legend that will live as long as the American people care to remember anything about the American past. Upon this tradition Kappa Alpha Order was founded at Washington and Lee in 1865. Psi chapter was established at Tulane in 1885 and since that time it has prided itself with an outstanding group of young men. In true southern style the KA ' s have enjoyed the mag- ical powers of the mint julep constantly throughout the year. Many parties from small and intense to large and intense, were climaxed by our unforgettable " Old South Ball. " Inspired by the great plantation beverage we man- aged to accomplish a meritorious Pan-Hellenic record. Without a doubt the most fortunate addition to the chapter aside from our fine pledge class has been our new housemother, Mrs. " Red " Duvall. Under her able guid- ance the house and kitchen have been completely trans- formed. The KA ' s hope and see every reason to expect that Psi Chapter will continue adding merit to Kappa Alpha Order and Tulane University. 222 Tlir K ' Iki - lull al llirir |m](iI lablc. l ' " ll!ST liow : llii luinl Baron. Ku- (Idlpli Becker. Louis Blaum. Barry Broiissard. Michael Boivanl. SeCOMi I!ii : Walter (!a|Kle ille. Joliii Cliarl onnet. Henr Eieliel- lier er. Bruce (Jafill. Gerald Gelpi. TlllKl) l () : A! Gooch. John Haiu- kel. -.hl..ii Hardy. Charles Harl- r , Karl llar e . !■ Ill i; ril KciW : I ' eli ' r I lalleii. Leon- ard Isacks. John KelK. I ' iet Kes- -eU. Duiijhl l.idilaiir. I ' ' ll ril l!(i ; John I .ew is. Sidney Leu is. IJolierl Lielikciiiann. Lric Lundin. Bill MeClendon. Sixth Row: Harry McEnenu. I ' oreher Miles. John Morion. ( Jkii Ir- ] III |ili . Iliiiiald ( ' man. Sk i;n III l!(i : Mm ris I ' aidiie. I lar I rmiil. W illiaiii lienalldiii. I ' .il I! an. Slr en Si hilled je. Kli;u 111 l!ii : laiiies W aleis. .John W hile. Lduard W illiaiiis. Not BiCTUlKn: Leon dain-.. W il- liuMi Ary. Wallace DiiiinaM. ISaine Fox. Maurice llartsoti. .luliaii liillai . I l.ii 1 ,|.iiii . W illiani l.e- Gorgne. Lloul Samuels. Ldf;ar Sania Cruz. William Scu ell. I ' ' .d- WilTil Sherwoihl. I Inn H-hein. 9 9 - 9 223 Officers: Silver, Ambrose, Talley. Louis, Miller. Preaus and Talley lead the Kappa Sigs in song. SIGMA CHAPTER KAPPA SIGMA OFFICERS Tusk, President of A S sophomore class, treasurer of en- JAMES TALLEY President gineering sophs, and two cheerleaders. DONALD MILLER Vice President Following in the same tradition the pledges include ,-rv T T-T- y, ■ r- ■ President and Vice-President of the Engineering Fresh LD LOUIS Master 0} Ceremonies , . . T T .,,T T, oT, c and President of the Freshman Class of Business Admin- BOB AMBROSE .Secretary ROGER SILVER Treasurer ' ' !i! ' ° " ' , , .. The wheels had many occasions to roll during the V c- • t u ■ I ti T- ■ -4. X year. Following the inferno blast during rush week, the Kappa bigma came mto bemg at the Lniyersitv oi ■ ' ' Virginia in 1869. Sigma Chapter was established on the PP ' S celebrated Christmas in great style with a Tulane campus twenty years later and since then the P rty that rocked the foundations of 642 Broadway. Crescent and Star have inspired the brothers to outstand- Between parties the K-Sigs managed to walk off with ing achievements in all fields of campus activity. the Songfest trophy for the second consecutive year. The Kappa Sigs claim Vice-President of the Student Second semester followed and the year, a great one for Body. Jambalaya Editor, Arts and Sciences President. Kappa Sig. came to an end with the pledge formal and the Glendy Burke President; President and Vice-President of unforgettable Pirate Party. 224 4 ' l |ila l(i(i liiM : class Tlimsdav. I ' m ' " 111 a I ' ljts] K i«: Uiilierl Aiiilirnse, Gillieil nili . jerry Anthony. Barney Barnum, IJIinii Hell. Thiimas Bergsledl. Skiiim) Hiiw: Milldri Dcilles. Riclianl liiinlelipri. Alljerl lirelaiul. Earl (, ' efalii. JiJrrr (lurnlif. Vince Currier. Tiriiii) R(i : joe Davenport, jnhn l)i- iLiUj. Ilerlierl Duncan. Donalil I ' nnl Jiplin (ianiirlle. ,lini Gleason. I ' nMMii Knu : I ' .diiiiin (Ireen. Knlierl Idtizerix. Alan Hairrrmind. Frank Hen- ilersiin. Barry Hdlclrrandl. .lames llol- iilav. Finn l nv : (den lluir e. J Mn. Kicliat ' il .jurisiclr, (!lrarles K Franii I.airrerrl. Jell Fee. Si iH Knu: .lames Lun . EdwanI Lords. Funis Furas, Neal .Mangold, I ' lerr-on larlirr, (Uiy Martin. . " KVKNTii Kiiw: Eerd Meyer. Donal Miller. Wall Molcski. .lohn I ' ap. ' . R.d eri I ' alliirr. t i ' l-rrin. Fri.rrrrr Ki.u: Fred I ' reaus, Roger Sil- ver. liclrel .Skclley. Clinton . ' niilh. W alker .Siniili. Wallace .Sndtlr. r trr l(u« : James .Spcnce. Il.ittard Stanley. Ernest .Sironiherger, James lalley. .S|,.ve Tlioirras. Ral|ili Troy. iKNrrr Rnw; Jolirr I rner .agt. Thomas .rri I ' lli. I.ouis Watson. Jack W elili. Jarnev i- niT, Williani i.lil. " r i ' ri.TiHKn: Clyde l!n y.ard. How- lid Krsner. Courtney Riisso, James .Suinmerlin. Jarrres riirrp . Jarne: ler. es Trot- Jack- AX2. 1 Officers: Love. Herrun. Fraser. Ranna. Forman. Are you nervous? Noop. LOUISIANA ALPHA CHAPTER PHI DELTA THETA OFFICERS Santa Claus visited the Phis at their Christmas Party FLOYD FRASER President and his presents made the " little girls " very happy. The HUNTER HEREON Vice President Winter Formal was held at the Centurv Room of the !! ' or o2 T A, ' , ' 5ecr -Mo- Monteleone. and finally the chapter reigned supreme over ROBERT LOVE Treasurer . i c- ' i c- t i i n 11 t DON RANNA Sergeant-at-Arms t " e campus as the South Sea Island Party took place. It never seems to end for some of the boys. Phi Delta Theta was founded at Miami of Ohio, and t. ■ 1 r 1 1 i i • «- 1 1 T, I ■ lonn C-- I r resident 01 the chapter and his otncers have done a came into existence at lulane in looy. mce then, many .„ .,.,,,. rr ■ t,, m r , , , 1 1 ■ I 1 1 1 . . ■ maenincent lob in handling our anairs. Ihe enort 01 wearers of the sword and shield have made it prominent r. i r i ■ t- n 1 i- , ,, , 11. 1 . . . . , . , Rush Chairman Don Kanna were also outstanding, locally through their achievements, activities, and social events Louisiana Alpha has also done very well in Pan- The season lor the Phi Delts opened with a round of Hellenic competition as illustrated by the " Fighting Phi " beer parties during rush week, followed bv numerous lootball team. Saturday night blasts to which the neighborhood can truly The twenty-one pledges have certainly been impressed attest. Then came the annual Barn Dance at Johnson ' s by the old guard and are well aware of the traditions Farm. that they must uphold. 226 First Row: Da id . Adams. Barry Alden. Louis Alfaro. Rob- ert Blackmail. Fred ( ' agle. Kdiiuind Christy. Second Row: Roliert Coleman. W. Grant Collier. Simeon 0. Coxe III. Chester C. Danehower. Donald I )(ii iiiiiii- . F arts English. Third Row: Farl A. Ferguson. Vi ' illiam H. Fornian. Jr.. Floyd I ' raser. Malitilm Genet. Hunter I leridii. Martin Jones. FoLiRTll Row: Robert T. Love. James W. MahafTey. E. Alton Mr- Vadon. VI. Wayne M.Vadon. S. L. Morgan. Donald Neese. I ' ll •I ' ll Ituw : Cyrus Parker. Nor- iiKiii PrarcN. John Pillmaii. Don- ald R. Raima. Sle|)lien L. Salami. ( eorge Shamis. Sixth Kuw : K. Dijugla.- Tliillgen. Joliii 1. I iriichard, Edniond Trux- ill... llariN Wood. Dallc.ll Won!- CI Iciri. I )iiillc iiiinKiii. Nor I ' idT Ki;i): Jdm Itariiiger. Gar Brown. Rolicrl ( ' nriicll. James Doiioghoe. illl.iiii Fl . Feild Gomila. Gene Hi rum. llcr- liert Hughes. Donald l.ockuood. Ernest MeCracken. Rohert S. Mor- ris. Richard Pcmrlaii. lunniniul Ridge va . Ilairv Snuchon. i)a id S. Schuah. John W ilkilis. Charles Williams, rimmas Hansen. 227 Officers: Durham, Ross, Maier, Oddone, Edmonson Hurry and finish before it starts to rain. MU CHAPTER PHI KAPPA SIGMA OFFICERS FINDLAY MAIER President BOB ODDONE Vice President ANDREW EDMONSON Vice-President BOB DURHAM Recording Secretary JACK LIPSCOMB Corresponding Secretary RICHARD ROSS Treasurer Mu Chapter of Phi Kappa Sigma was founded at Tu- lane on January 14, 1858, which makes it the first frater- nity on campus to celebrate its hundredth anniversary. Although Phi Kappa Sigma is the oldest on campus, it is still progressive and young in spirit with an active participation in every school activity. The brothers are proud of their well rounded activities, with fine representation in many honorary and extra- curricular organizations. Naturally the parties at the house are always tremendous, highlighted by the Voodoo party and the Kiddie party. In the Spring we look forward to the Centennial cele- brations and the Black and Gold formal. With a very successful rush week behind us and a great pledge class to carry on the Phi Kap traditions, the fra- ternity is looking forward to a bright future at Tulane. 228 J ril A KlHST Row: Robert Aniann, Lloyd lit-rry, Gary Bock, Matt Brown. Louis (!ameron, Steve Chambers. Second Row: Cooper Chapman, in- tent Ciolino. Carl Davis. .-Mfred Downs, Joe Drago, Robert Durham. Tiinii) Riiw: Andrew Edmonson. Frank Endom. Hill Francis. Milford Friedrich. Charles Fritdiie. Richard Graves. Koi imi Riiw: Tom Growden, Alan Guma. Jack Hammel, Robert Hamrick. Kent Hanbv. Grulee Herron. FiKTii Rnw: John Hunley. Wayne Jones. rhon as Kenney. Lovelace LaPlante, Jack I.ipscond), Findlay .Maier. Sixth Row: Mike Maitre, Hunter Mc- Fadden, Louis McNair, Rali)li .McNecs, liolicrl Oddoiie, lUilch Reeves. SKVENTit Row: Thomas l ej;el. Itichard Ross, Terry Sargent. George Stewart, Hill Tavlor, Robert Tavlor. Kk.iitii How: George Valentine, Clyde Waddcll, Dan W att. Bernard White. Not Pictired: Barry .Vllen, Harry Godfrey, William Krapac, John Payne, Chris Reuter, Robert Yates. ' . :.M 229 Pikes enjoy one for the road. Officers: Brantley, Abadie, Lochte, Lemann, Harris. ETA CHAPTER Pi KAPPA ALPHA OFFICERS RICHARD LOCHTE .President WILLIAM BRANTLEY Vice President WILLIAM LEMANN Treasurer DOUGLAS ABADIE Secretary JOHN HARRIS Sergeant-at-Arms Eta of PiKA was established at this University in 1878, some ten years after the fraternity was founded at the University of Virginia. Since then there has been a long succession of honors and projects for the chapter. This year Rush Week resulted in sixteen pledges and a few assorted kegs and cases of beer. The pledges, together with all other good men who joined their class were re- ceived, for the most part, into the active brotherhood. As a matter of fact so were the assorted kegs and cases. This year the Pike Kitchen was formally put into oper- ation, much to the satisfaction of all concerned, insuring the members of at least a loaf of bread and a jug of wine. On the social side, the Pikes resumed their activities with accustomed zest. The year got off to a start with the traditional " Cabinet of Dr. Caglistro Party. " Some of those which followed were the annual Bohemian Ball, Lit- erary Party, Suppressed Desire Masque, and the Hayride. Their formal, biggest social highlight of the year, was held at the New Orleans Country Club. As a local newspaper put it " The Pikes wormed their way to victory " in the Pep Rally preceding the TU-Georgia game, by constructing the forty-foot worm captioned " Georgia Can ' t Worm Out of This One, " and winning the TUSK cup for spirit. This has been a good year for the Pikes, but, as always, they are keeping their eyes on the future. 230 3 ' - " vl Conic liack (l nvii. you forjiol llic flaf;. First Row: Tom Alexander. Kent Bearllc. Williani Brantley. Nelson Caslellaiiii. Man Clone. Second Row: William Cone, Frank Daspil. (Jeorpe Day. Ed- war l Doran, Don Fenner. Til mil l!(i : jiiliii I ' icniz. Perry (,anl. Will Cnu ' U. Tom Hill. Harry Ireland. I ' m i( III l!ii : Danii ' l jiiillin. C coijie koomos. Tyrone Lavin. Hicliaril Loclite, Sidney Love. Ill IN lliiw : |,ann I ' chiIc. I ' lank l{a . Janio llicli. .|aini lliuin. (!liarle Saueier. Sixth Kow : Nicks Sil c . l- ' .d S|H,|(i. K. (i. Slc cn-. W illiaiii Wag- ner. Waller W ulte. iM I ' k [ mil: |),,n ' :la Miadlc. I •.iiilcl daiii . jnliii Huckncr. l I al n. Jcri Cia.-M ' l. I.diiis (iralili. Unliiii CJronaucr. Jdlui Harris. I ' rank I lalchdlc. jiiniiu llimns. li ii liai il I .cinann. W illiaiii Le- inanii. loll laLii ' ii. Vndicw I ,oin- I ' ai.ln, Don Mc illiur. I ' larik Mnll|M,,| ||c| T.iin I ' ikc. lull I ' lijii ' . .Ici .■inc lii ' cj. ,lainc W ad niTJi, .la icr .aiiata. 231 If Officers: Stein, Welch, McCay, Webb, Williamson, Hamaker, Roberts. " And let Phi Alpha ring. " TAU UPSILON CHAPTER SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON OFFICERS ELMON WEBB President CHARLES HAMAKER Vice President TERRY STEIN Secretary TOM McCAY Treasurer At the Interfraternity Pledge Banquet in September, the Pan-Hellenic trophy for outstanding interfraternity com- petition was awarded to the SAE chapter for the fourth consecutive year. Other inspiring events of the year were the complete remodeling of the dormitory floor of the fraternity house and the designing and building of a brick patio by the thirty member of the pledge class. The social calendar for the year was highlighted by such events as the Suppressed Desire Party, the Spring and Winter Formals, and the Orphans ' Parties at Christ- mas and Easter. Special mention should be given to the Undertakers ' Ball — a mystifying event of rare occurrence. SAE contributed many campus political officers such as Ed McGlasson, Chairman of the Pan- Hellenic Council; Harry OUinger, President of the College of Engineering; Larry Redmond, President of the Junior Class of A. and S.; George Reese, President of the Senior Class of Busi- ness Administration ; Tom McCay, President of the Junior Class of Business Administration; Vince Vincent, Presi- dent of the Freshman Class of A. and S., and cheerleaders Tommy Smith and Bill Kennedy. Participating in varsity football were Brothers Boo Mason, Gene Newton, Jeff Bratton, David Painter, and Leo Young. 232 KmsT Row: William Akins. Jnhn Stan- ley Allen, Troy G. Arnold. Robert Arrol, Thomas Barrett. Murray Bass. Cliark ' s Bi-arilsloy. Eup-nc Berry. StCdM) Riiw: Tlinmas Bienvenu. Wayne Bionvenu, Henry Blake, Paul J. Brat- ton, Frank Butler. Donald Chalmers. Allan Coon. Robert Cooper. Tiimu Row: Robert Cudd. William Kent Culrer. Hani Dehan. David Drez. William Druiumond. Valentine Ear- hart, Donald Edgerton. Louie Entri- can. Fdi ' Iitii Row: Benjamin Ferdon, Oliver Ford, Craij; Forshner, George Gaines, Paul (Jaines, Gedge Gayle. .lames God- frey, George Grace. FlKTll Riiw: David (Irow. Charles Ha- maker. W illiani Hanna. W illiam Hard- lastle, .lames Hatihetle, C. P. Herring- ton, Burr llgenfritz, Steve Iverson. Sixth Row; Robert .lones. Henry Kay. W illiani Kennedy. W illiam Knight. Jeroii I.afargue, Fred Liebkenian. Floyd Lcstar Martin, Claude .Mason. Skvknt)! Row: Keith Mason, .John Ma- ver, Michael Mayer, William lavher. Clinton U-. lister, Harry . Ic. rtliur. Fred McC aughan, Thomas McCay. ElcilTK Row: David MeClain. Thomas M.Donal.l. F:dwin MeGlasson, Benja- min MrMinn, (leorge .McNeil, arren .Metcalf. John Moffett, Craig .Morgan. Ninth Row: Theodore Neese. Tvanson Noland. Harry Ollinger. David Painter. Uirry Philli|is. I.arry Reilmoml. George Reese. Robert Reno. Tkntii Row: Frank Robert-, .lames Kooks. Richard Sander-. Hunter Sauls, Richard . a oy. Rolaml S. ' arcv, Fred Sexton, Thomas Smith. El.KVKVTII Row: Arunld Sou the. Tom- my Sparks, Terry Stein, Rmleriik Swel- man. Joseph Tyson, incent inciMil. Carl Warilen, Richard W at-nn. Thki.ktii How: William Watson. KImnn Webb. Janie- Welch. James While, Jo-eph R. Williams. Page William-im. Samuel Williamson. Not Picti hki : Otis Bourg. Kob.Tt Kn- glekirk, Migu.-l Fl.-chas, I. other Hill, John Levy, Albert Lewis, Mi.hael Mar- conx. Gene Newlon, Charlie Ogilvi.-. William .S-rex. Arnold Smythe. James .■ ummcrsgill. Larry Thompson. Leo Voung. i a a a -i 9 o ' ' -3 ' 3 ' 9 3 Everybody smile and look collegiate. Officers: Greenfield. Marx. Pinsker. SIGMA GAMMA CHAPTER SIGMA ALPHA MU OFFICERS combination church-home building, the annual Christmas MORRIS MARX President ! ' ' ' " ' ' ° ' ' underprivileged children, and active participa- RONALD GREENFIELD Secretary i° " " Marlboro campaign, obtaining a Hi-Fi set to CLIVE PINSKER Treasurer complete the recreational facilities of the house. The Sammies ' social calendar was filled with many Sigma Gamma of Sigma Alpha Mu, which has been on well-planned blasts, highlighted by the Winter Formal, the Tulane campus since 1920, now finds itself in a newly This year a new criterion was emphasized, that of foster- remodeled, air-conditioned, soundproof house at 800 Au- ing better relations between fraternities and sororities on dubon Street. This inspired the brothers to another sue- campus. This was exemplified by the Champagne Party cessful rush week at the end of which they counted twen- for the pledges of AEPhi and SDT sororities and the " An- ty-nine new pledges. As usual, SAM was well represented nual Swollen Ball " for the pledges of all fraternities on in campus activities, holding important positions in many campus, schools of the University. This year we owe quite a bit of thanks to our new Some of the highlights of pledgeship included assist- housemother, Mrs. Anne Allen, who has done a fine job ance to Lafon ' s Home for the Aged, in construction of a in her first year. 234 ui ' i ' kK liillli i a iTlii.-l al r Saniiiiir Imusi ' . KiiisT I nu : Irwin Vliiarn-im. I.ariy Anno, iliilpli lilipik. Sleveii Hdrnstein. Ilai t ' I ' liice. Slewaril Busli. SkciiM) I (i : Jiiel Dniler. Rirliard 1) ' iii cilia. .Iiilo Dcniscli. ,|iii-l KisliT, Kiiljtit Fiiotliik. Edward Gdlfried. Tllllil) Knw: .Mex Green, liernard Grecnlianrn. James Gmss. Daniel Ha? , (ierald lloniwitz. I)a id Ka|ilan. Kill KTii l (iH : Ira Kaskel. Alun KcilT. . ' love Kiilzen. .Icrry Kraft. Koliert Kranili ' l. larlin Levy. Firni lliiw ; l,iiii lokci. Miliiin l, " |ip. Iin - laii. ljiir . Kniicrt Marcus, llrrliiii iendel, Carl Merlin. SiMii liiiw: Lawrence Naclnnaii. Lewis I ' ailel. Bert I ' arks. Clive Pinsker. Leim- arcl I ' lisniick. Alan Koscnblouni. Sevkmm Kow: .lrrr Kii cnlliak ,la Hii .en. Lawrenie Kudinan. Martin . ' clia- rin. . teveii . ' ilineider. l ' liilli|i . " seeliiz. Kic.inii Kiitt: Harvey Seiclc. .Iulm Se- li;;. . ' teven . liarnher;;. Wayne .Siegel, Ritliard .Silverman. Ddnald .Singer. Ninth Kmw: .Sidnev . ladllander. r- lliiM iscltear. liernard Weiss. Miiliael iiMlts. NiiT I ' lCTriiKli: Man, Id dair, .Sanfmd . ' rnell. Hernard liiirk. .lenune (!lia|i- man. Kieliard Ci.lien. Henry Klirliili. Miiliael Keen. .Iiiel Finkelstein. War- ren Giillseficn. Charles Cratz. Himald (ireentield. Harvev Kmnet. Kirliard l.ir.dT. .siianlev l.uliill. Mnrris Marx. I ' aiil ()lierd..rfer. Man Hi.senfeld. .lerry Kutlieiilirrs. .Sidney .SiIiimIicI. .liTiime Si liwartzreiih. Kin Sleinfeld. Fiiuein- Saltan. llan Weill. | ' ,.|,.r Weill. Kieli- ard Winner, A .- " 3 illi O ( •i 235 Bull session at the Sigma Chi house. Officers: Cavaroc, Brown, Doster, Sullivan, Jones. ALPHA OMICRON CHAPTER SIGMA CHI OFFICERS JIM DOSTER President WOOD BROWN Vice President VICTOR CAVAROC Secretary LEONARD SULLFVAN Treasurer The Sigma Chi Fraternity was founded on June 28, 1855, at Miami University, Oxford. Ohio. Alpha Omicron of Sigma Chi was founded on the Tulane campus on May 20, 1886. Since that time we have always been active in campus affairs, such as intramural sports, fraternity song- fest. and all the various spirit, religious, and vocational organizations. We added our own contributions to campus activities this year as in the past with such activities as the Sigma Chi Derby Day and the • ' Sweetheart Dance. " Derby Day is the Sigma Chi competition among sororities with such events as sack races, egg tosses, etc. The sororities which place in this event receive points toward the Pan-fJellenic trophy for sororities. It is at the Sweetheart Dance that the Sweetheart of Sigma Chi is named. Among other activities this year were the " Black and White Party, " the sorority teas, the parties after the foot- ball games, the annual orphans ' party, our Christmas party, and our house party on the Gulf Coast. When we could, we traveled as a group to out-of-town football games, where we enjoyed many good times with Sigs from other chapters. Not to be forgotten was the " blast " the pledges had in late fall. With the help of Mrs. T. J. Fontelieu. our housemother (better known as " Miz F. " ), we made the Sig house a very comfortable home away from home. With the will- ing aid of the pledges all our house activities were very successful. We ' re looking ahead to another great year next year, with all the old favorite and traditional activities and many new ones. We ' ll be out to further improve our scho- lastic standing and make the next year even more success- ful than this last one. 236 Sigs sound oil. FiKST Row: Norman Alexander, George Barnes, Charles Bowman. Claiborne Brown. Wood Brown. ,hi(k ( ' anuTon. Second Row: Victor Cavaroc. Grant Cook. James Doster, George Knochs. Pliillip Gensler. John Gon- zales. TiiiKD Row: William Green, Paul Hawley, Marion Hendrix, Elbert Hinson. Saint Clair Hultsman. Sinrnn Johnson. KoLKTIl Row : Rubin Junes, Frank Little, Pat McCauley, Bruce Max- ian, Harry McMiirrax. Robert Meyer. I ' ll 111 Hiiw : Craig Nelson. M in U er. W illiam Osleen. Charles Pendleton. Martin Pelitjean. Wil- liam Pierce. Sl l II liciw : W ilhain l ' i lur. il- Hani Heidenbarh. Kubcrt Sunnier. i-eonaril Sulli an. Juhn league, Harold Werner. or PicTi ui:i): Jim niuunl. ii- ibrw Carulher . iiill (nrincnl . Miiluiil hinall. (Jerald (Jex. Jim Holder. Kd Logue. Robert Mc- Oougald, Birch McDonough, Jolm Tobin. James Wasserman, George Whitwurtli, Peter a|ibiris. 237 TAU EPSILO OFFICERS WILLIAM BOROCK President ROBERT NAGLER Vice President JEFF HARRIS Secretary HUGH ABRAMSON Treasurer RONALD FEIN Pledgemaster On December 9, 1956, the Tau Epsilon colony of Tau Epsilon Phi fraternity was founded on the Tulane campus. The group was soon officially recognized bv the Tulane Pan-Hellenic Council as Tau Epsilon local fraternity. Lpon recognition, the boys began work in earnest. Most important were the jobs of organization, the framing of a constitution, and the business of enlarging their member- ship. Lnder the leadership of Mark Haiken, Tau Epsilon ' s first chancellor, and with the great help of the Tau Epsilon Phi alumni in New Orleans, the group became a closely- knit organization by the close of the 1957 Spring Term. The founders of Tau Epsilon were not merely satisfied to organize just another Greek-letter fraternity, but were N imbued with the idea of establishing a fraternity which embodied FRIENDSHIP. CHIVALRY, and SERVICE, as consistent with the Creed of Tau Epsilon Phi. When the Fall Term began. Tau Epsilon set out to accomplish its aims. Our rush week, highlighted by a terrific night swimming party, was conducted on the basis of true friendship. When it was over, TE ' s first pledge class totalled 13 pledges — and more coming. But Tau Epsilon ' s social life didn " t stop with rush week. Many great parties were held during the year, including TEs First Anniversary Party and Pledge Party. The social season was topped off with Tau Epsilon ' s Sweetheart Formal in February. Tau Epsilon ' s future at Tulane looks bright. The fra- ternity will definitely have a house by September. 1958. On November 1st, 1957. six of the original charter mem- bers of the group were initiated into Tau Epsilon Phi after a dinner at Lenfant ' s. In addition, the colony is looking forward to being chartered as Epsilon Kappa chapter of Tau Epsilon Phi within a fe " months. 238 I ' lic lr;ili-rnil |i;ulill ' is presented I iiamriil llie w;ills of I ' llillips. I ' iiiST Row: Hugh Ahramson. LawreiKe Ackcniiaii. William Bn- rock. SEroMi Iviiw : l)a ill 111 liar I I ' i liiiKin. .Ia iai I. Tiillil) Iviiw : Joseph r7(i|(lensc)n. D.MiaUl Miller. Stanley Mirun. I ' m Kill l!(i : iiulii ' il Nafiler. I lii ,11 il l!lieinij i|,|. Mai in I eich. Not I ' icTI KKD; iinMalcl Fein. Mark Haikeii. JelTrev Hani.-. ! ' rederie lliiseii. Samuel Isaacs, iicderie l.e(i| (il(l, Gary Meiulelsnn. Michael Hiisenthal. Irwin Siller. Richard Sohelinaii. liari) Steiii. Kohert W ' arshav. V ; 1 ,P I 239 Many Zebes believe that a beer drinking major and a TV watching minor lead to an extremely well-balanced education. SIGMA CHAPTER ZETA BETA TAU OFFICERS BARRY LEWIS President LARRY WADLER Vice President JACK SCHUSTER Secretary NORMAN GLOSSERMAN Treasurer Sigma Chapter of Zeta Beta Tau has once more in- scribed in its annals a traditionally successful year, a year remarkable for its achievements in all phases of campus life. A fun-filled, flu-filled rush week was fol- lowed by the pledging of an outstanding pledge class. Our social calendar was soon underway, and 1006 Broad- way vibrated frequently ivith lively parties, climaxed by our annual Spring Formal at the Roosevelt Hotel. The good omen of winning the first Pan-Hellenic event of the year, Homecoming indicated the inevitability of an- other successful campaign in which other early season first places were gathered in bowling and golf. Com- munity service was not neglected as the chapter actively supported the United Fund and the March of Dimes as well as hosting a Christmas party for an orphanage. Surpassed by none in campus leadership and activities, ZBT was proud of holding such distinguished offices as Business Managers of the Jamb and Hullabaloo; Vice- president of the A S student body: Associate Editor of the Jamb: President of Phi Eta Sigma; President of Adel- phons: President of Hillel: Chairman of the A S Honor Board; President of the Sophomore class of Business School ; Vice-President of the A S Freshman class ; Treas- urer of Greenbackers; Treasurer of TUSK; Treasurer of the Interfaith Council; several members of ODK, the Tu- lane Hall of Fame, and the Publications Board; twelve members of Scabbard and Blade; two letterman in tennis; and a varsity letter in golf. 240 9 9 T . llMl. Olliifr : I ' ciiuii.ui. Glossernian, Lewis, Schuster, Wadler. KiiisT Row: Cliarles Alltmont, Philip Ariiniifl, Kdliert Behrendt, Henry Bo- ilenheiiner. David Brickman. Wally Brown. Brent L. Bury. .Skcono Row: Gary Cheses. Charles Cohen. I ' liilip C uhen. .Stanley Davidow. Guy Uianiant, William Elfenbein, Har- vey Emert. Third Row: Edward Feinnian. Jr.. Jerry Feld, Aaron Fodiman. Harry Freyer. Ken Friend, Gordon Gamm. .Norman Glossernian. Foi;nTH Row: Stephen Goldware, Le- roy Goltzman. Carl Goodman. Larry (Jordon. Herbert Greenwald, Larry Gross. Rene Grossman. Kimi Row: Kenneth Heller, George Hirsher;. ' , S. Leonard Hoffman, . ' Man Honigherg, .Micky Hurst, Joel Jacob- son. hiiir Kluniok. Sixth Row: Jack Kushner. Hugh La- nicnsdorf, Lee Levy, David Lewin, Bar- ry Lewis. David Love, Leo Lowentritt. Skvkntii Row: Ronald Marks, Bruce Meyer, Leroy .Morais, Gary .Murchower, Joe .Mussafer, Maurice .Mussafer, Tony Nicholson. F.ir.MTii Row: Edward Peal. .Marc Pe- lcr .ell. Fred Pevow, Lewis Poliak. Rob- ert Redstone. Barry Rittcnberg. Larry Rosenberg. NiMii Kciu: V.ui Ixosenbium, Sidney Roihschild, -Michael Russin. Lester Sack, Laurence Schiller. Jack Schuster, Rich- ard Shenk. Tkntm Row: James Sokol. .Samuel Stein, Kenneth Train, Larry Wadlcr. Thomas W illeiibcrg. Milton Ziman. " 1 I ' liiiUKii: I ' rrry Mirrinau. Lester Harncll. Barrv Hallcl-leiii. Charh- Berk. Ralph Davidson. Rirluinl ilillcr. Maurice Joseph. David K..r,im-s. Sam Nadler. Daviil Rus iu. Sidiu-v Shicnkcr. Cecil SignolL Ed W eil .. o 9 (3 A ' -:| 9 ( -3 -3 a • M 4 h AtW 1 mii js ! -Jl O MEDICAL PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL CARMEL COHEN Phi Delta Epsilon J. P. CULPEPPER Phi Chi MILTON DONALDSON Alpha Kappa Kappa ROBERT HOAGLAND Theta Kappa Psi lERALD SCHENKEN Nu Sigma Nu 242 ALPHA KAPPA KAPPA OFFICERS 11I,T() DON AI.DSON Presidenl I ' A TRICK ( ( )l.l.l ION Vice-President KOBEUT .M[:NSI.Nc; Corresponding Secretary DOUGLAS KOKS TH Recording Secretary WILLARI) ADAMS Treasurer MEMBERS Tliiimas Atlianass William Menlzer Jdlin Auegiio Allien Michelliaih William Ueaii Richard Moiel K(l IWrnlieim John Morse 11. D. liryan Edgar Palarea Diinalil Burl Joseph Patterson W eliliin ( anipliell Jr. Rodney Patterson James Cornell James Payne Dick Davis Manuel Perea Frank Esposito Ricar lo del Real David Tearis William Rinck Charles Fischer Donald Rockwell Charles Folin Luis Samper James Grant Chester Scrignar James Huliler III Samuel Simmons Kennelli HnlTman Donald Smith Gec rf:e Hunt Ramon Snyder Troy Irby Roberto Slamlmlie Georpe Keenan David Street Allien Koy Thomas ' I ' ilden Hicardd . Iarlinez Chris I ' rner Si,l F. Mauk Ramson Vidriue James NlcCready Edward illemez Millon McCuskey Lyal illianis Paul McNeil John Wilson How a nied sliulciil -pciuls his days . . . and night.-. The Alpha Rela Chai)tei- of AKK has really had a very successful year. The fraternity is gniwiiig larger every year and the medical and social acti ities have increased accord- ingly. In mid-September our annual Hush Party Banquet was held at the Southern Yacht Cluh. Or. Seymour Ochsncr was the Master of Ceremonies. Aliout 140 persons attended this function, including many of our distinguished local alumni. The Rush Part) Dance was a great success at the Fraternity House at 4020 St. Charles Avenue. Rush Week activities were culminated In iiledging main of the top men in the Fresh- man Class. Sunday luncheons have been highlighted by having as our guests Dr. and Mrs. Harold Cummins. Dr. and Mrs. Edward Peeples and Dr. and Mrs. Ralph BaililT. Many more distin- guished members of the medical faculty including many of our alumni are scheduled to be guest speakers during the coming vear. 1 Vspirini young doctors preparing for tlii ' future. AKK otlieers: .Morse. Collilon and lani- I ! Nu Sigma Nu Offiicers : Roy, Schenken, Schuler, Baker. NU SIGMA NU The Nu Sigma Nu Fraternity started the year with our annual rush banquet. Dr. Isadore Dyer was Master of Cere- monies much to the enjoyment of all with Dr. Harold Cummins and Dr. Alton Ochsner adding their personalities to the occasion. The Rudolph Matas Lectureship featured Dr. Michael E. DeBakey, Professor and Head of Department of Surgery. Baylor University. His subject was cardiovascular surgery. We deeply regret the loss of our most distinguished alum- nus, Dr. Rudolph Matas, who passed away earlier this year. Other of our outstanding alumni are Dr. Harold Cummins, Head of Tulane Department of Anatomy ; Dr. Alton Ochsner, retired Head of Tulane Department of Surgery; Dr. Ralph Platou, Head of Tulane Department of Pediatrics ; Dr. Robert Heath, Head of Tulane Department of Psychiatry and Neurol- ogy, and Dr. Isadore Dyer, Professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Nu Sigma Nu is one of the nation ' s first medical fraternit- ies and was founded at the University of Michigan in 1882. The Beta Iota Chapter had its start at Tulane in 1910. A recent survey proves that three out of four doctors . . . Heart of a lion. Hand of a woman. Stomach of a wolf. OFFICERS JKRin SniF.NKEN I ' r,-siil,;,i liW III l. ll l{|{ l. t ' ir,- I ' resiJi-nt Hili i;ii(ii;iil (,|| Secretary I i:i:i i; Klli Treasurer MliMBEKS .jiiiin Aliide I :iir li;ikcr |l..n H:mIm ' M li.Mrllalll .1... k IIIlMI- Hunk- HUiikHfll (ifiif liliikiMi-lulT Jfrry liiirdt ' liui liyiuiii Urattiwi Karl liruwn T.-nl Hn.uks linl. UriiMilield (l ' " r(;e Kvruiii llt-nCahcIl ilruiii (iairii- John ( jilf nuin Jaik ( Irani (icnr Malie .ies Di.k Dale Krank Davis Happy Davis (Jonldii Dean Krank D- l ' acili Ki. Dnkc l)a ' K in (lliarles i ' VI;;rr hile (iil)s(in Dick (Ireen I ' al Hanley Kcilii-rl Harlan Sieve Hnvarcl Diik Mayes Tiini llendrcin Barrv Henrv Rny Hdlci.n ' ib Jim H(dnies Minor ' hiok Lauren Hiilse Bud Hunt Jaek Ilyenfritz Don Irby Delina» Jaekson Moll Jones Don Jones .Mark Kerlin Lynn Kelchuin PeleKnit;lil Lucius Lamar Ed Lamperez Dick Lanfie George Leonard Ed Lindsey Homer Lochridpe Clyde Lynch Russell Malinak Ed McCool Mac McDowell Herbert McCrruder Jimmy MclUsain Dave -McMurrain Jeff McRae Johnny Moffett Cecil Miir(;an Al Mulhrr .Ned iNehls Joe Ne lms Howard Nelson Stanley Nelson IJill Newton K..bl,ieNiclioU Jim Owen- John I ' uckctt Oncv Kaiiis Billy Bed, loch Bill Hcnaudin Dan Bencher Luther Richardson Carence Rittelnieyer Buddy Rizzo Rueben Roy Vaughn Rush Bill Ru. »cll Jerry Sehcnkcn Clint Scldottman Jim Shaver Boyd Shaw Sianlon Shuler Joe Sniilli Bill Slandeller Stanley Slumpf Mark Thomas Phil Thomas Dent Tisdale Dan Tripplcl Don Turner Ken Vo| ' ,el Bill W ' cems Jim Welter Bid) We-tphal Jim Wilson John Yarborough 245 PHI CHI Patience, patients, patience. OFFICERS III President NORMAN FRY Secretary J. P. CULPEPPER. W. K. STALLWORTH Vice President DEWEY H. LANE. JR Treasurer Ron Alexander Bill Alison Henn ' Anderson Henry Wicks Andressen Charles Arnold Dick Baska Cecil Bassett. Jr. John Bates Jap Becker Hal Belknap Oscar Berry Tom Birdwell Will Blackburn Charles Boyd Al Brann Burnett R. Brown, Jr. Jim Brown Robin Brown Chris Burda Lewis E. Carroll Joe Chamberlain Bill Chamblee Howard Cheek Hugh Clemmer, Jr. Tony Collett Wally Conerly Chuck Cook Clyde Copeland John Crammar Sam Crawford Frank Crittenden. Jr. J. P. Culpepper Jim Cunyus John Davidson Jerry Davis Gerald Dominguez Bill Ferrante Red Fisher Emmet Flynn John Forshner David Hugh Frazer, Jr. Norman Fry Ronny George Bud Goldtry James Gordon Frank Graham Tom Graves John Green Marvin Green Gordon S. Hahn M. A. Hnirston Bob Halev John A. Hail. Jr. Bill Hayes Julian Henderson Bob Hewitt Larrv Hill Bill Hinson Jack Hoover John Howell MEMBERS Jack Hubbard Ed Hyde Eron Ingle Homer Jacobs Dale Johns illiam Jones Bill Kern William Chare Kalm. Jr. Dewey Lane Ralph Lazzara Ronald Lemmons Art Lewis Joe Licciardi Reggie Lowe Joe Lupo Jim Madison James Oliver Mannina Gilbert Marx Carter Matthews Charles McConnell Dick McGrew James McLaughlin W. H. Merril Bill Me,=ser Paul Meyer Roger Miller Noel Mills Ellis Moffit Jack Montgomery W. L Moodv. Jr. Nick Nichols Hugh C. Nickson. Jr. Horace Norrell Julian Olsen Bill Owinss Harrell S. Pace Henry Payne James A. Pittman Joel Pollard Lewis Pope Harold Quinn J eslie Raney Dick Reina Richard Edward Rice Jim Rising Manny Rivas McWillie Robinson Louis Rousselie Pete Rowland Bob Russell Frank Schmidt James Shamblin Ed Shauer Gee Schultz Charles Smith Don Smith Larry Smith Prentiss Smith ' allace Smith. H Earl Sonnier Bill Stallworth Roy Staub Jefferson Steele Bill Stevens Bill Stone Russell H. Stowall Re,x Teeslink P. J. Texada Bill Tisdale Patrick Unkel Bud Urrutia Leonard Wammer Ben Watson Walter Watson Charles Webster Glen Wegener Rudy Weichert Dick Welch Jim Wheat Bill ' ilder Clay illiams Paul Allan Williams Randall ' illiams Gordon olfram Hardy Woodbridge Woody ork Dick Zepernick Phi Chi Medical Fraternity was founded at the University of Vermont in 1889. Omicron chapter was established at the Tulane School of Medicine in 1902. being the sixth chapter chartered by the national fraternity. The present chapter house is located on famous St. Charles Avenue and contains the C. JeS Miller Library of which the chapter is very proud. In the field of social government, members of Phi Chi have been verv active. These include the officers of the medical student body which are JuHan Olsen. President: Frank Schmidt. Vice-President: Eron Ingle. Treasurer, and Bob Russell, Secretary: all Phi Chi ' s. Phi Chi is also represented in the Owl Club by the President. Gene Pope, and members William Stallworth. Dewey Lane. Nick Nichols, Gordon Wolf- ram, and Luther Fisher. During the year. Phi Chi has many functions some of which are the monthly dances at the fraternity house, the formal Christmas Dance, the Spring Formal, and the famous South Sea Island Party at which everyone lets down their hair and goes " native. " These and many other social func- tions of the fraternity provide a much needed outlet in the midst of the crowded medical curriculum, while lending at the same time a sense of unity and brotherhood. 246 247 H PHI DELTA EPSILON Phi Delta Epsilon. a national medical fraternity, was founded at Cornell in 1904. The Alpha Iota chapter was in- augurated at Tulane in 1918. In keeping with its policy of promoting intellectual and professional achievement, the chapter sponsored several local lectureships this year. Of these, one of the most enlightening was given by graduate brother, Maurice Pearl, concerning the pathologic physiology of kidney disease. Socially, the fraternity also had a very successful season. The annual Rush Dinner Dance at the Lakewood Country Club netted eight new pledges. Other equally enjoyable social events this year were the square dance, and the Spring Initia- tion Formal. Again this year the fraternity put out a hard working basketball team, but no honors were brought home athletic-wise. Arthur Axelrod was elected to Alpha Omega Alpha, medi- cal honorary society. Top: Phi Delta Epsilon Officers: Burns. Oelsner. Axelrod. Cohen, Salzman. Shames. Bottom: The brothers enjoy a supper dance following initiation. 248 OFFICERS i;illl i; WI.IIKllJ PrrsitUnl liOli SAL MAN yice rresideni .1 V SI I 1ES Secretary K i l (II I.SMCK Treasurer l l; ' ll l I, liUKNS Member-at-Large MEMBERS Anliiir ATifcksiciii Arlluir Axclrcul l.ii hall Burns Carriiel ( Milieu llt ' iir Erlicli Harvey Gardy Cliarles Cratz Paul Hilf I Inwaril Kandell .Siiliicy Kalz Harvey Komel I lii;:Ii Laiiierisdorf Dennis Lanilsniaii l arr Levine John Levy Alan -Marks Paul Olienlorfer I lionias OeUner Alan Kapperpiirl Marl in Kap|iapiirt Stuart Rosenthal Roherl Salzman Bernard Schneider Jay Shames Sidney Souchel Nurnian Stahl Joel Steinberj; Wayne Tohin Ivan X einiT -Michael Weinrih Bill White .M, rr- 111 life. 1 in Erf. I •( " ■ lli 1 f ' ' 1 V f tB . h— I ' II %]H -■■lJ J IJ!iKM AaW " ' ..- ' - .: ' k ( LoAA ea J l-r " :;5% ' ■U ABOVE First Row: First Row: BELOW SCHOOL OF MEDICINE • WILLIAM E. ALISON: Selnia, Ala.; Phi Chi. • HEN- RY WICKS ANDRESSEN; New Orleans, La.; Phi Chi: Scabbard Blade; Newman Club. SAMA. • CHARLES ARNOLD; Denver, Colo.; Phi Chi; Treas. Snr. Class. • AL W. BEACH AM; New Orleans, La.; Nu Sigma Nu. • EDMUNDO J. BERNHEIM; Managua, Nicaragua; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • OSCAR L. BERRY, JR.; Shreve- port. La.; Phi Chi: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Scabbard Blade. • BURNELL R. BROWN, JR.; Dallas, Tex.: Phi Chi. Second Row: • ROBERT H. BRLINFIELD, JR.: McComb, Miss.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Nu Sigma Nu. • ROBERT TERYL BROOKS, JR.: Hammond, La.; Nu Sigma Nu. • H. DAVID BRYAN; Van Buren, Ark.; Lambda Chi Alpha; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Canterbury Club. • DORN H. BURT; Crossett, Ark.; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • ANN CALO- WELL: Auburndale, Fla.; Beta Sigma Omicron. • JIM- MIE H. CARPENTER; Opelousas, La.; Baptist Student Union. • WILLIAM C. CHAMBLEE; Stewart, Miss.; Phi Chi. • ENRIQUE CHI-RODRIGUEZ; Rep. of Panama; Theta Kappa Psi. • CHARLES E. CLARK; San Jose, Costa Rica. • JACK CRANMER; Orlando, Fla.; Phi Chi. • H.4RRY C. CRAWFORD, JR.; Kingstree, S.C; Theta Kappa Psi. • J. P. CULPEPPER, III; Hattiesburg, Miss.: Phi Chi. • JAMES A. CUNYUS; Brady, Tex.; Phi Chi. • FRANK -HAPPY " DAVIS, JR.; New Orleans, La.; Beta Theta Pi: Nu Sigma Nu: Omicron Delta Kappa: Owl Club. Second Row: • FRANK J. DEPAOLI, JR.: Globe, Ariz.; Pi Lambda Theta; Nu Sigma Nu. • PETER G. DRAKOPOULOS; Somerville, Mass.; Theta Kappa Psi. • HENRY B. EHR- LICH; B ' ainbridge, Ga.; Phi Delta Epsilon: Sigmai Alpha Mu; Phi Beta Kappa. • JOHN P. ELLIOTT; Okolona, Miss.; Phi Chi; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Beta Beta Beta. • JAMES A. FENMORE; Panama City, Fla.; Phi Chi. • DOROTHY DEE FORD; Magnolia, Miss.: Sec. Snr. Class; Owl Club. • RONALD GEORGE; Midland, Tex.; Phi Chi; .Alpha Tau Omega. ABOVE BELOW First Row: First Row: • JIM (;H NT: Kilj; " re, Tex.: Alpha Kuppa Kappa. • KICIIAKI) T. GKKKN: New Orleans. I.a.: Nu Sigma Nil. • J.WIKS H. IIAKIIING; Danvill. ' , 111.: Tluia Kappa P-i. • K. KL CKK.M.U llAYUKL: ll..uma. La.: TluMa Kappa Psi: Hisi. Med. Club: Newman Clul.. • KICIIARD IIAVKS: Jaeksi.nville. Fla.; Nu Sigma Nu. • Vi IIJ.IAM I. IIINSON: Selma. Ala.: Phi Chi. • ROUICKT A. HOAGLAND; Milclicll, Neb.; Theta Kappa Psi; Ophlhal. Research Asso. Circle. Second Row: • JWIlvS .SIMLK- liol.MKS: Fcilvy, Ala.: Nu Sigma Nu. • .1 !■■. IIOWKI.L. JR.: Smiord.Tcx.; Phi Chi. • GEORGE S III NT. JR.; Si. Petersburg, Fla.; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • UTOR S. ICAL; Fl. Wcrlh, Tex. • RICHARD ALAN JOHNSON: Halliesburg, Miss.: Sigma Alplia Fpsilon: Alph.i Kappa Kappa. • ROBERT A. JORDAN: New Orleans. La. • WIIIIWI C. KM.MIUCH, JR.: Shreve- purl. La.; Phi Chi. • SIDNEY L. KATZ: Univ. His., Ohio: Phi Delia Epsih.n: Omieriin Delia Kappa; Hisi. Med. Sneiely. • GEORGE J. KEENAN; San Franeisen, Calif.: Alpha Kappa Kapp... • GEORGE KIM. TA: Hawaii. • MELVVN FREEMAN KOSSO ER: Lillle Ruck. Ark.; Zela Bela Tau. • ED- MOND LAMPEREZ; New Iberia, La.; Nu Sigma Nu. • RICHARD K. LANGE: Leichev. S.D.; Nu Sigma Nu. • RONALD E. LEMMONS: Snycler, Tex.: Phi Chi: Owl Club. Second Row: • I:DWARD S. LINSDEY: Melairie. La.; Nu Sigma Nu. • JOE LUPO: Tampa. Fla.; Kappa Sigma; Phi Chi. • E. EDWARD MeCOOL. JR.: Jaeks.m. Miss.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Nu Sigma Nu: Who ' s Who. • JAMES MELVTN MrCREADY; Kansas Cily, Mo.: Alpha Kappa Kappa. • JAMES McLAUGHLIN. JR.: Porl Arthur. Tex.; Phi Chi. • KEY DAVID MeMLRRAIN. JR.: Hopeville. Ga.; Nu Sigma Nu. • J. PALL M.NEILI.; Fi. Worth. Tex.; . lpila Kappa K.ipp.l. 263 ! ' : SCHOOL OF MEDICINE ABOVE First Row: • CHRIS HERBERT MAGRUDER: New Orleans, La.: Kappa Alpha: Nu Sigma Xu. • ARNOLD J. MANDELL: Sarasota, Fla.: Alpha Omega Alpha: Phi Beta Kappa. • ROBERT G. .MEXSIXG: South Ozone Park, X.Y.: Alpha Kappa Kappa. • F. ALLEN .MERSHOR: New- Orleans, La.: Hist. Med. Society. • PAUL R. MEYER, JR.: Port Arthur, Tex.: Phi Chi. • ROGER H. MILLER: Gatesville, Tex.: Phi Chi; Omicron Delta Kappa: Student Activities Key. • JAMES A. MONTGOMERY: Jackson- ville. Fla.: Phi Chi. Second Ro%v: • NICK C. XICHOIS: Pasadena, Tex.; Phi Chi: Honor Council: Owl Club. • HORACE A. NORRELL. JR.: Trussville, . la.: Phi Clii: Vice-pres. of Senr. Class: Owl Club. • CHARLES WINSTON OCHS: Cape Girardeau, .Mo.: Theta Kappa Psi. • JULIAN OLE OLSEN. JR.: Pensacola, Fla.: Phi Chi: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Pres. Med. School: Omicron Delta Kappa; Who ' s Who; Owl Club. • C. NORMAX OWEXSBY: Miami. Fla.; Theta Kappa Psi. • WILLIA.M O. OWINGS: Brent, Ala.: Phi Chi. • EDGAR R. P.ALAREA; Guatemala, Guatemala; Alpha Kappa Kappa, Beta Beta Beta; Omicron Delta Kap- pa; Who ' s Who; Med. Panhel; . lpha Epsilon Delta. BELOW First Row: • JOSEPH RICHARD PATTERSON: Tampa, Fla.; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • SUZAX.XE PICKELL: Baton Rouge, La.; Delta Zeta. • KEXXETH P. PITTMAX: Huntington. W.Va.: Phi Chi. • RICHARD E. PADRXOS: Lake Andes, S.D. • GEORGE A. POHLE; Mex. City, Mex.: Theta Kappa Psi; Phi Beta Kappa. • HAROLD J. QUINN. JR.; Shreveport, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Chi; Pres. Snr. Class; Alpha Omega Alpha; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma: Whos Who. • ROLAND W. RATZLAFF: Inwan, Kan.: Theta Kappa Psi. Second Row: • DONALD HARRIS ROCKWELL: Fairhope. Ala.: Alpha Kappa Kappa. • REUBEN S. ROY. JR.: Xatchitoches, La.: Nu Sigma Nu. • FRED HANNA S. HHAR: Phoenix. Ariz. • LUIS S. MPER: Bogota. Colombia: Alpha Kappa Kappa. • MARY PILLOW SCALES; Greenwood, Miss. • JERALD R. SCENKEN: Omaha. Nebr.; Kappa . lpha Nu Sigma Nu. • FRANK ERXEST SCHMIDT: Ocean Springs, Miss.; Phi Chi; ice-pres. Med. Student Body. i ki 264 ABOVE First Row: • MICIIVKI. M. SCIlKKIIiKR: New Orleans, La. • JWIKS (). SIIAVEK: Durarii. OkUi.; Nu Sigma Nu. • HUKK 11. SHIRLEY. JR.: Pompan,. B.acli, FU.: .Mpha Onu ' fia Alpha: Dinicron Delia Kappa: Phi . Ipha ' I ' heta: Vh.. Vh... • CARL E. SILLS: Jackson, Miss. • JOE PIRSER SMITH. JR.: La Crcsccnta, Calif.: Nu Sigma Nu. RAY M. SMITH: Picayune, Miss. • EARL J. SON- .MER; Scull. La.: Phi Chi; Omicron Delia Kappa. Second Row: • NORMAN O. .STAHL: BnM.klyn, N.Y.: Phi Delia Epsi- Ii.n. • CI RTIS A. .STEELE: Sprin lield, Ohi,.; Thela Kappa Psi. • ELBERT W. SUTTON; Sprin;;hill. Ala.; Thela Kappa Psi. • ALFRED DENT TISDALE. JR.; M..nrne. La.; Nu Sigma Nu. • WILLIAM W. TISDALE: llr.iniley. Ala.; Alpha Tau Omejja: Phi Chi. • PATRICK J. I ' NKEL; Kiii.ler. La.: Phi Chi. • ELGENK P. |. TER; llashrnuek His., N.J. BELOW First Row: • IVAN JAY WELNER: R.. iyn Harh..r L.m L land. N.Y.: Phi Delia Epsilon. • JAMES C. S EI.TER ; Hun.n. S.D.; Nu Sijima Nu. • PAUL A. WILLIAMS: S..uih Brn.l. Iml.: Phi Chi; Pi Kappa Alpha. • NORMAN E. WITTHAUER: New Orleans, La.; Vice-pres. His. Med. Society. • C. GORDON WOLFRAM: Miami Beach. Fla.: Phi Chi; Honor Council. • HARDY B, WOODBRIDGE. JR.; Ridge land, .Miss.: Phi Chi. • WOODY YORK; Bellaire, Tex.; Sigma Chi; Phi Chi. Second Row: • ANTHONY ZIEGLER. JR., Crowley. Ui.; Thela Kappa P. His. Med. So 3?3i:y3?3i]] 5 265 I L M Am yk fi y u ABOVE First Row: • ALLAIN C. ANDRY, III; New Orleans. La.: Delta Kappa Epsilon: Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Alpha Theta; Pi Sigma Alpha: Who ' s Who; La Societe tlu Droit Civil: Phi Delta Phi; Law Review. • RUDOLPH F. BECKER, III: New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha: Phi Delta Phi. • ROBERT EDWARD BLACKWELL: Carriere. Miss.; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi. • TERRY W. BROWN; Ft. Lauderdale. Fla.; Delta Sigma Phi; Vice- pres. Senr. Class; Phi Delta Phi. • J. NORMAN COON, JR.: Monroe, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; La Societe du Droit Civil: Phi Delta Phi. • CARL A. DINGELDEIN; New Orlean.s. La. • GERARD T. GELPI: New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha; Scahbard Blade; Naval ROTC. Pascagoula, Miss. • WIL- New Orleans, La.; Kappa Lake Charles, La.: Sigma SCHOOL OF LAW Second Row: • CHARLES HAMAKER; Bastrop, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • RADER JACKSON; Metairie, La. • JAMES B. KEMP, JR.; New Orleans, La.; Treas. Senr. Class; La Societe du Dnut Civil; Phi Delta Phi: Law Review; West- minster Fellowship: Veterans Club. • JERON J. LA- FARGUE: Sulphur, La.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • DON- ALD H. LEE; New Orleans, La. • WILL E. LEONARD, JR.; New Orleans, La.; Pres. Law School; Phi Beta Kappa: Who ' s Who; La Societe du Droit Civil; Moot Court Board: Honor Board Law College. • LEE K. LEVY: Hammond, La.; Zeta Beta Tau; Kappa Delta Phi: Omicrun Delta Kappa: Scabbard Blade: Who ' s Who; Delta Sigma Pi: La Societe du Droit Civil: Phi Delta Phi: Hullabaloo; Jamisalava: Army ROTC: Cdt. Stf. Mjr.; Alpha Phi Omega; Honor Board Commerce College; Pi Lambda Beta; Panhel Council; Law Student Council; Univ. Student Council; Jambalaya Hall of Fame. BELOW First Row: • CLINTON E. LOCKARD; LIAM H. McCLENDON, III Alpha. • ED McGLASSON: Alpha Epsilon: Kappa Delta Phi: Omicron Delta Kappa Sigma Gamma Epsilon. • JOHN S. C. MASSEY: New Orleans. La. • ROBERT J. MATOS: Ponce, Puerto Rico; Moot Court Board. • DONALD A. MEYER; New Orleans, La.; Scabbard Blade; Who ' s Who; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi; Law Review; Carnival: Hullabaloo ; Army ROTC: Glendy Burke Society; Pi Lambda Beta; Young Democrats; Student Activities Board; Debate Team; Student Council. • JOHN ANTHONY MMAHAT; New Orleans, La.; Pres. Student Body; Pi Sigma Alpha; Who ' s Who; La Societe du Droit Civil; Carnival; Newman Club; Glendy Burke Society. Second Row: • RENE S. PAYSEE; New Orleans, La.; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi Historian; Newman Club. • JIMMY TAYLOR ROOKS: Jackson, Tenn.; Phi Delta Phi; Law Review: Queen ' s Bench. • CECIL G. SMITH. JR.: Favette. Miss.: Pres. Sr. Class; Who ' s Who; .Moot Cimrt Board; Phi Delta Phi • HARRIS W.ASHOFSKY; New Orleans, La. • WILLIA.M WADE WATSON; St. Joseph, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Kappa Delta Phi; Omicron Delta Kappa: Scabbard Blade: Who ' s Who; Delta Sigma Pi: La Societe du Droit Civil: Phi Delta Phi: Law Review. • ROBERT I. WHITE: New Orleans, La.; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Plii: Law Review. • ROALPH J. WICKER; New Orleans, La.; La Societe du Droit Civil: Phi Delta Phi, Pres.; Canterbury Club; Sail- ing Club; Veterans Club. tiyts. M kWt Mkiii Ai 266 II ABOVE First Row: • IKI.N liAKlii;: Luke Cliurk-s. La.: Nu Sigmu Nu. • ADRIAN B. CAIRNS: Mcluirie, La.; Phi Delta Thela: Nu Si{;mu Nu: Omicnm Delta Kappa: Student Aetivitie Key: Who ' s Who. • HOWARD B. CHEKK: Grenada. Miss.: Phi Chi: Omioron Delia Kappa; Who ' s Who. • CAR.MEL JONATHAN COHEN; New Orleans, La.; Phi Delia Ep ilon: Owl Cluh Representative. • MILTON II. DONALDSON; Bessemer. Ala.: Alpha Kappa Kappa. • STEPHEN FORTI ' NOFF: l na. Pa. • ROliERT A. (iEORCE; Delray Beaeh. Ela. Second Row: • JAMES A. GKA ; El. Laud.-nlale. Ela.: Aljilia Omega Alpha: Omieron Delia Kappa. • GEORGE COLLINS Hl ' BBARD: Riehm..nd. Tex. • JIMMIE MANNING; New Orleans. La.: Phi Chi. • LEWIS A. RANEY: Paris, Ark. • RDOLL P. RODRICIEZ-CABARROCAS: Vcdado Ilahana. Cul.a. • PRENTISS EDWARD SMITH, JR.: llatlie-liuri;. Miss.; Sigma Alpha lipsilnn: Phi Chi. • WAYNE TOBIN; Miami Beaeh, Fla.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Phi Delta Epsih.n. MEDICAL UNDERGRADUATES Left Panel: BELOW • ANN MORTON TRICE: New Orleans, La. • CLAUDE SOMERS WILLIAMS; Hattieshurg, Miss.: Phi Chi; Omi- eron Delia Kappa; Who ' s Who. • JOHN MARION YAR- liROLGH, JR.: Piekens, Miss.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Nu Sigma Nu: Baptist Student I ' ninn. Right l ' :inol; • REGINALD ADA.MS; Cr.stview, Fla. • JAMES II. ALLEN; Memphis, Tenn. • CHARLES THOMAS BIEN- VENII. JR.; Si. Marlinville, La.; Sigma . lpha Epsilim; Phi Delta Phi; Naval ROTC. • DAVID L. CAMPBELL; Ft. Worth, Tex.; Delia Sigma Phi. LAW UNDERGRADUATES 267 LAW UNDER- GRADUATES ABOVE First Row: • ALEX COCKE. JR.: New Orleans, La.: Delta Tau Delta: Phi Delta Phi. • J.AMES J. COX: Lake Charles, La.: Vice- pres. Law Sciiool: Who ' s Who: Phi - lplia Delta: Law Review; 2nd ice-pres. Amer. Law Student . sso. • J. MES BELL CURLEY: Lafayette, La.: Phi Alpha Delta. • LOUIS A, FUSELIER: New Orleans, La.: La Societe du Droit Civil: Phi Alpha Phi: Student Lawyer. • PHILIP GEN- SLER. JR.: New Orleans. La.; Sigma Chi; Army ROTC. .MARK GEORGEOL: Elizabeth, N.J.: Delta Sigma Phi; ice-pres. Fresh. Class; Queen ' s Bench: Intramural Coun- ciL • FREDERICK C. GIRAUD; New Orleans, La.; Delta Sigma Pi; Propeller Club: Gamma Delta. Second Row: • JAMES J. GLEASO. . Ill; San Francisco, CaliL: Kappa Sigma, • JAMES WALTER HAILEY, JR.: New Orleans, La, • BILL HUNTER; Dalhart, Tex.; Student Council Rep.: Phi Delta Phi. • RICHARD B. JURISICH: New Orleans, La.: Kappa Sigma. • GEORGE Y. KIMURA; Honolulu, Hawaii: Phi Kappa Sigma: Pres. Jr. Class. • SIDNEY P. LANDRY ' , JR.; Lafayette, La.; Theta Xi. • ALVIN S. LIPSON; Monroe, La,; Zeta Beta Tau: Phi Delta Phi; Student Lawyer; Canterbury Club; .Army ROTC; Vice-pres, Fresh. Class. BELOW First Row: • GEORGE RICHARD McNEIL; Boston, Mass.: Sigma Alpha Epsiion; Phi Delta Phi: Newman Club: Sailing Club; Veterans Club. • JERRY DEE MOIZE: Gibsonville, N.C. • ALVIN V. OSER: New Orleans. La.: Sigma Chi. • STEVEN ROBERT PLOTKIN; New Orleans, La.; Treas. Jr. Class; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi; Student Lawyer; Queen Bench. • SHERMAN FABIAN R. PHAEL; New Haven, Conn,; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi; Student Lawyer; Queen ' s Bench. • WIL- LI.VM BOYD REEVES: Greenville, S.C; Vice-pres. Jr. Class; Phi Alpha Delta: Queen ' s Bench. • LEON H. RITTENBERG, JR.; New Orleans, La.; Zeta Beta Tau; Treas. Law Student Body: Phi Delta Phi; Law- Review Sec. Second Row: • JA.MES ROAN. JR.: .Metaire. La.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Westminster Fellowship: Army ROTC. • BOBBY SHAF- TO; Monroe, La.: Beta Theta Pi: Scabbard Blade: Delta Sigma Pi; Moot Court Board; Phi Delta Phi; . delphons; Lagniappes. • JOHN DICKSON TAMBERELLA: New Orleans, La. • RALPH T. TROY; Monroe, La.: Kappa Sigma. • JOHN P. VOLZ; New Orleans, La. • JACK WEBB; Vidor, Tex.; Kappa Sigma: Omicron Delta Kappa; Sigma Gamma Epsiion: Wilo ' s Who: Pep Band; Wesley Foundation: Tulane Band. • HAYLON R. WOOD; Clay, La.: Phi Alpha Delta. 268 ABOVE First Row: • 1!KL . H CII.K BROAOWAY: Charl.jtnn. S.C; N.A.S.W. • GKOKGK A. DAY; bciitonia. Miss.: Pi Kappa lplia. • OR. GLORIA FELiaX)N DE SANCHEZ: Man- agua Nicarasua. • MARIA I.IISA ECHEXERRIA: San Jnse. Cosia Rita. • SARA JANE ELOW ERS: Ozark. Ala.: llaplisl Sluilinl I ' ninn: Tulane Slud. Giuncil. • ST. CLAIR L. HI LTSMAN: Link- R..cli, Ark.; Sigma Chi: Phi Beta Kappa: Phi Ela Sigma: Scabl)ar(I and Blade; Sigma Pi Sigma: Newman Cluh: Arnohl Air Society. • LYDL JOINER: ILinunHnd. La. Second Row: • KWANG SEUK KANG: K ungnam. K..rcii. • MR. PREEDEE KASEMSUP: Rcied province. ThailaniL • HARVEY CHARLES KOCH. JR.: New Orleans, La.; Fr-irk: (!;interlniry Club: .A Cappellji Choir: Campus Night; (Uee (;luh: German CIuli; OpiTa Workshop; Intcrnalicmal Rilalions Cluh. • Kl A SIK LEE: Kunsan City. Korea. • YVETTE I.DUn: Nice. France: Vice President of Crad. Stuileni Body; Nice President i C Phi Sigma lola; Who-- Who; Fulhrighi Scholarship; T. U. AssiManlship. • ALBERT I ' . MAIIRE: Timmonsville. S.C. • KI Kl N ' t I ' OOI.E: llaltiesburg. .Miss. SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WORK AND GRADUATE STUDENTS BELOW First Row: • HELEN CARROW RA.MSEY; Cadillac. .Mich. • MARY ELIZABETH RUEHLEN; Lake Charles, La. • PEDRO L. SALO.M; Uarguisimeto, Venezuela: A.LCh.E. • FABIO SANCHEZ; Nicaragua, C.A. • EDITH SMITSON; Cov- ington, Ky. • WALTER SILAS SMITSON: Paris, Ky.; President S.uial Work Student Body: Who ' s Who. • BET- TY TKAGIT,: Talla.lcga, Ala. Second Row: • JOHN WILLI M llllilN: Nc • i; V TSl DA; T..k ... Japan. Orleans. La.; Sigma ( " hi i-jEli jilkkWi 269 ABOVE First Row: • BABS ABAUNZA: New Orleans. La.: Kappa Kappa Gamma: Pan-Hel. • DONALD LEWIS ADAMS: Burling, ton. N.C.: Intramural Football: Track. • G. HAROLD ALBURY: New Orleans. La.: Newman Club: Veterans Club. • NATALIE EDITH ALE.XANDER; Little Rock. . rk. ; Alpha Epsilon Phi, secretary: Newcomb Student Body Pres.; Assets: Who ' s Who: Dorm. Council: Hi ' nor Board Newc. College: Newcomb Student Council: Tulane Student Council. • ROBERT V. A.MANN: East Hampton, N.Y. : Phi Kappa Sigma: Scabbard and Blade: Who ' s Who: Newman Club: Naval ROTC: Navy Drill Team: Cadet Cpt. Battalion Comdr.: . nchor and Chain: Alpha Phi Omega. • JANE LUCILLE ANDERSON: New Orleans, La.: Pi Beta Phi: Athletic Council: Panhellenic. • STE- PHEN EILER ANDRY: New Orleans, La.; Tulane Rep.- at-Large; ho ' s Wiio; Greenbackers; Wesley Foundation; Tulane University Theatre; Student Activities Board: TU Student Council. BELOW First Eow: • JOAN BARKERDING; New Orleans, La.; Alpha Omi- cnm Pi: Alpha Sigma Sigma, Pres.: Who ' s Who. • LE ' S ' - IS BARNEY BARNUM; Baton Rouge, La.; Kappa Sigma; Student Council Vice-pres.: Omicron Delta Kappa: Scab- bard and Blade: Who ' s Who; Delta Sigma Pi: J.ambalava ed.: Publications Board Chairman: Tusk; Naval ROTC: Cadet Company Commander: Tailhook Cluh : . delphons: Lagniappes: Former Hall oi Fame. • RICHARD R. BARON; New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha; Track 4 vears. • LOUIS MELVIN BARTON; New Orleans, La. • J.AMES FRED BATEMAN. JR.; New Orleans. La.; Baptist Student Union; Tulane Band; Armv ROTC: NDTA. • THO.MAS JERRY BEACHAM: .McComb, .Miss.; A.I.Ch.E.; Baptist Student Union. • JAMES F. BECNEL- Edgard, La.; A.I.Ch.E.: Naval ROTC. OF TULANE Second Row: • RUTH N. ANGELO: Mobile, Ala. • CHARLES W. APPERSON. JR.: New Orleans. La.: Track .5.5-57: Baptist Student Union; Air Force ROTC. • ALBERT MURPHY AUSTER; New Orleans. La.; A.I.Ch.E.: Intramural Coun- cil: Newman Club. • ELEANOR .MAY BABYLON; New Orleans. La.: Delta Zeta ; Wesley Foundation. • ELLEN G.AY BAKER; Port Arthur, Tex.; Queen ' s Bench; Green- backers; Weslev Foundation: Tulane Band. • EVELY ' N L. BALL: New Orleans. La.; Phi Chi Theta; Hillel Founda- tion; Commerce Queen. • L. S. B.ANKS, Kansas City, Mo. Second Row: • S. M BEGINO; Winnemucca, Nev. ; Business Admin.: Student Council Vice-Pres.: Young Republicans. • CLETUS A. BELSOM: New Orleans. La.; Newman Club: Air Force ROTC: Cadet Lt. Colonel, Wing Operations Officer; Alpha Phi Omega. Pres.: Student Activities Board. • JOH.ANN. DuMONTIER BERNARD: New Orleans, La.; Alpha Omi- cron Pi; Beta Beta Beta: . rt Club: Newman Club. • DONALD BERTHONNAUD; New Orleans, La. • KAY BETHUNE; Dallas, Tex.: Phi Mu: Eta Sigma Phi: Oreades. • KENNETH BOAGNL JR.; Opelousas. La.; Newman Club. • JANET ELISE BOISFONTAINE; New Orleans, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Newc. Panhellenic. 270 ABOVE First Row: • AINS1.I1-: HDSTON; Dallas, Tex.: Chi Onicjia: La Ter- lulia, S.T.; tianl.-rlmry Club. • DONALD PAUL I50U- DREAl ' X: Nt-w Orlran., La.: A.S.C.E. • R. P. UOURQUE; Now OrlcaiK. La. • JUDITH ANN BRA L N: Gary, Ind.: Alpha Kpsilciii Phi: IIillL-1 Foundalimi: Campus Night. • NANCY (;RACK BRANICK: Farg.i, N.D.: Kappa Alpha Th.i.,; l)..,ni. C.uni-il: Canterbury Club. • BARTOW ANN liKllu;LS; HiiiMlali-, 111.: Kappa Alpha Thela: Tusk: Newman Club: 1955 Jamiialava Court. • KENNETH A. BRICCS: New Orleans, La.: .V.S.M.E., Pres. Second Row: • Kllll MAKll.VN BKUNSTEIN; Eli .abeth. .J.; . lplui Kiisib.n Phi; Tulune University Theatre. • JANE BROUOH : r.reen»ille. Miss.: Phi [u; Greenbackcrs: Baptist Student Uninn: Sneiidnjiy Club. • BARRY D. BROUSSARD: New llrhans. La.: Kappa , lplia; Canterbury Club. • WOOD IlKOWN. Ill: Slidell. La.: Sigma Chi: La Societe du Drnit Civil Westminster FeUowship: Y.MCA: NDTA: Disting- uished Military Student President ' s Award. • .VLLAN R. IIINDY: New Orleans, La.; Tau Beta Pi, Pres. A.I.Ch.E.. I ' r.-. • FRANK H. BUTLER: Dearborn, Mieh.; Sigma lldia Epsih.n: Seabbard and Blade: Naval ROTC: A S Honor Board: University Trallie Board of .Appeals. • I ' llYl.LI.S l.UCY BUTLER: New Orleans, La.; Psy- 1 hidocy .Major Club; Le Cirele Francais; Canterbury Club. BELOW First Row : • HELEN (_:AliA lSS: New Orleans. La.: Phi .Mu: Se,-.- Treas. Sr. Class: Soc. Adb. Management: Tiisl;. • JEAN WIGGINS CAIRNS: Memphis, Tenn.: Alpha Omieron Pi: Beta Beta Beta: Who ' s Who: Dorm. Counril: Greenback- ers: Jamb. Beauty Court. • LYNN CAPEL; Pine BlulT. Ark.: Chi Omega: Pres. Resident Student Gov ' t Ass.ic.; Who ' s Who: Honor Board: Newe. College: Lagniappes: Newe. Student C.iuneil. • ELIZABETH WALTON CAR- LISLE: Spirlanburg, S.C.: Canterburv Club: Jr. Year Abroad. • MARY " NICKI " CARTISSER: Stanhope, N.J.: Beta Sigma Omieron; Beta Beta Beta: Psyeh. Major Club: Alhlelie Council: Tusk: Westminster Eounilation: Pan- hellenie. • DON CHALMERS: Port Arthur. Tex.: Sigma Alpha Epsihm: Wcslev Foundaii,)n. • JOHN D. CIIAK- BONNET: New Orleans, La.: Kappa Alpha; See.-Treas. Eng. Sehool; Scabbard and Blade; A.S.C.E.: Naval ROTC: Tailhoiik Club: Sec. Engr. Honor Board. Second Row: • DON R. CHARLES; New Orleans; Baseball, 3 yrs. • JACK R. CIACCIO: New Orleans. La. • JO-ANN CIOLINO: New Orleans, La.: Phi Mu. • MLMI CLARK: Mer Rouge, La.; Phi Mu; Alpha Sigma Sigma: Who ' s Wh i; Baptist Student Union: A Cappella Choir: Tulane University Theatre; University Chorus. • ANN CAMP- BELL COCO: Marksville. La.: Kappa Alpha Theta. • CHARLES J. COHEN; New Orleans, La.: Zeta Beta Tau: Pre-Medical Society; Jamiiai.aya; Campus Night; Glee Club. • WILLIAM J. CONE; Atlanta. Ga.: Pi Kappa Alpha, Pres.: Westminster Fellowship: Alpha Phi Omega. OF TULANE ABOVE Fii-st Row: • LARRY JOE COOK: Columbia. Miss.; Pres. Bus. Ad.: Student Body: Who ' s Who: Delta Sigma Pi, Pres.: Pro- peller Club, Sec: Baptist Student Union: .Army ROTC, 1st Lt.: Library Committee: .Army ROTC: Disciplinary Board: Activities Fund Recorder. • HUGHES CORRI- GAN; New Orleans. La.: Delta Kappa Epsilon: Tush: Newman Club: . rmy ROTC: .Adelphons: Young Repub- licans; NDTA. • PEGGY COSTLEY: New Orleans. La.: Pi Beta Phi: Westminster Fellowship; Glee Club. • MARY " GAIL COUTRET: Corpus Christi. Tex.: Kappa Alpha Theta: Assets: Beta Beta Beta: Dorm. Council; La Ter- tulia: Tusk. • G.AIL CO.X: Memphis. Tenn,; Kappa Alpha Theta: - lpha Sigma Sigma; Sigma Pi Sigma; Who ' s Who: Canterbury Club. • BOB CUDD: .Monroe. La,: Sigma .Alpha Epsilon. • PICKETT CU.MMINS; Vicksburg, Miss.; Honor Board Commerce College: Delta Sigma Pi. Second Row: • GLORAIN S. CURRY: New Orleans. La.: Kappa Alpha Theta, Pres.: Newman Club. • CARL FREDRICK DAHL- BERG; New Orleans, La.: Delta Kappa Epsilon; .A.S.C.E.: Golf: Army ROTC; Panhellenic. • JO ANN DANIEL: Victoria. Tex.: Pi Beta Phi: Newman Club. • FRANK A. D.ASPIT: Falls Church, ' a.; Pi Kappa Alpha: Naval ROTC. • SANDRA DeARMAS. Daytona Beach. Fla.: Alpha Omicron Pi; Art Club, Pres, • SALLIE de BEN, .New Orleans, La.; Chi Omega. • MARY ELLEN de lv HOUSSAYE: New Orleans. La.: Pi Beta Phi: Newman Club. BELOW First Row: • E, P. DESPLAS: Metairie, La.: AIEE. • " DICK " DiGIGLI. : New- Orleans, La.: Kappa Sigma: Pre-Medical Society: Golf: Newman Club: Circle K. • TOD DIMITRY ' ; Hammond, La.; Beta Theta Pi; Sigma Gamma Epsilon; Naval ROTC. • BARBARA EVELYN DODD; Daytona Beach. Fla.; La Tertulia. • JACQUELYN ANN DON- NELL : New Orleans. La.; Beta Sigma ' Omicron. ice- Pres.: Newman Club. • PAULA McLENNAN DOUGL.ASS: -Atlanta. Ga.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Tulane Student Coun- cil. Sec; Who ' s Who. • PAMELA DOWDY; Maracaibo, Venezuela; International Relations Club. Second Row: • HERBERT DUNCAN; Minden. La.: Kappa Sigma: ?i ho ' s Who; Intramural Council; TusA- Vice-Pres. : Baptist Student Union; Honor Board A S College: Lagniappes A ' ice-Pres.: Pres. - S College; Tulane Student Council; A S Student Council; Chairman Homecoming. • BILL DYER: Paducah. Ky.: Beta Theta Pi; Activities Board; Omicron Delta Kappa: Scabbard and Blade; Who ' s Who; Greenbackers: Army ROTC, 1st Lt.; .Adelphons; Lag- niappes, Pres.: Pan-Hellenic. Sec.-Treas. • WILLL M WING-A.TE DYKES: New Orleans. La.: Alpha Tau Omega: Scabbard and Blade: - ir Force ROTC Cpt.: International Relations Club. • EUGENE F. EBLEN. JR.; Metairie. La.:- Sigma Gamma Epsilon; Westminster Fellowship. • ADAM ED.MUNDS: New Orleans. La. • HENRY H. EICHELBERGER: Lexington. Va.: Kappa Alpha: Tusk. • SID EISENBAUM: Long Beach, N.Y.: Alpha Epsilon Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Pre-Medical Society; Greenbackers; Public Relations Club: Panhellenic, ABOVE First Row: • J.WIKS I.KWIS ELZKY: Allanlii. Ca.; Canterbury Cluli. • Jl NK CAROLYN ENGLEKIRK: New Orleans, Li.: Kappa Alpha Tliria: La Tiriulia: Grtcnliaikirs: Vc»li ' V KmiildatMin: Tulanc lianil: Tulanf Inivrrsily The- airc S.v.-rr.a . • IRENE MARY ERNST: New Orleans, La,; Clii ()me[;a: Pi Sigma ' Alpha Vice-Pres.: Newman Cluh: Inl.rnali..nal Relalions Club Pres. • LAWRENCE J. ERNST; New Orleans, La.: Delta Sigma Pi; Army ROTC; Sailing Cluh, • KAY ESHLEMAN: New Orleans: Pi Rria Phi: Beta Beta Beta: Newman Cluh; Dance Cluh, • JAIME I. FABREGA; Panama A,S.M,E, Viee-Pres,: Tulanc Railii. Club, • HELENE LOIS KAMilRC: ChattaniiDgu, Tenn,; . ' lplia Epsilun Phi, Second Row: • M KANT: II. .IK Springs. .Miss,: Kappa Kappa Gamma, • II, GAMBLE EAVROT: New Orleans, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilnn; A.S.C.E.: Canterbury Cluh; Sail- ing Cluh: Veterans Cluh, • ELLEN JLDITH FEIIiEL- MANN: New Orleans. La, ' : German Club: Hillel E.iuncla- li.in, • EDWARD MAX FELNMAN, JR,: New Orleans, La,: Zeta Beta Tan; Jamualava, • EARL AL IN FF;R- GISON: Decatur, Ala,: Phi Delta Tbeta: A,S,M,E,; Naval ROTC, • JOEL D, FISLER: Kansas City. .M..,: Sigma .Miiha Mu; Pres, Seniiir Class: Sports Car Cluh: Nali.mal Student Ashi, • AARON FODIMAN; Slamfnnl, (. ' nnn.: Zeta Beta Tau: Ilillel F mnilatii n Pres.; Campus Night; Sigma .Mpha .Mu; Pres. Senbir Class; Sports Car Club. BELOW First Row: • DOMINIC B. FONTANA; New Orleans. La,; Pres, Senior Class; A.S,M.E.; Newman Club; Army ROTC; Ca- det. stL ..nicer— 2nd It,: Honor B..ar(l Engr, School, • WIL- LIAM HARPER FORMAN, JR,: Metairie, La,: Phi Delta Theta: Newman Club: .• .lelph..ns: Pi Lambda Beta: Sail- ing Club, • EDWARD J, FOSS; New Orleans, La.: ASCE. • JIM FOSTER: Hollywood, Cal. • RAYMOND J. FRANZ; New Orleans, La.: A.I.Ch.E. • JANE FRA- ZIER; New Orleans, La. • AUKIWNE B. FREEMAN: New Orleans, La. Second Row: • MCTOK A. FRIESE. JR.: F..rt W.irth. Tex.; ASCE: Phi Eta Sigma. • RAYMOND FRISCHHERTZ; New Orleans. La. • CHARLES FRITCHIE. JR.; Slidell. La.: Phi Kappa Sigma: Phi Eta Sigma; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Beta Kappa: Sigma Pi Sigma; Pan-Hel. • G. R. FL ' CICH: New Orleans, La.; A.S.M.E.; Veterans Club. • BECKY FUQUA: Texarkana, Ark.; Pi Beta Phi; Sr. Class Sec; Dorm, Council; .-Vir Force ROTC Sponsor, • MILDRED V, GAILLARDANNE: New Orleans, La,: Phi Chi Theta Pres,; Soc, . dv. Management; Marketing Club, • PAUL B, GAINES: New Orleans, La,: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Adelphons, Yi lio MHiwfil llir iinilial. ' ?73 Mr ABOVE First Row: • MANON MALONEY GANDOLFO: New Orleans, La.: Pi Beta Phi; Jambalava: Glee Club: A Cappella Clioir: University Chorus. • PERRY W. CARD: San Francisco, Calif.: Pi Kappa . lpha: A Cappella Choir: Naval ROTC. Drill Team; Cdt. Stf. Officer: Tailhook Club: Anchor and Chain; International Relations Club. • MARY DuBOSE GARRARD; Indianola. Miss.; Phi .Mu. • DAPHNE E. GELABERT; Santurce, Puerto Rico: Phi Mu; Art Club: La. Tertulia; Newman Club. • GLENNA GILLESPIE: Bogalusa, La.; Kappa . lpha Theta; Barracudas: La Tertulia Pres.; Greenbackers. • LARRY GORDON. Belzona, Miss.: Zeta Beta Tau; Scabbard and Blade; Phi Eta Sigma. • M.ARY JE.AN GOSHORN; Memphis, Tenn. BELOW First Row: • JOHN GEORGE HADDAD, JR.; New Orleans, La.: Phi Eta Sigma: Phi Sigma Tau: Pre. Medical Society: Tulane Band: Philosophy Club. • ABAC AIL HAHN; Winnfield. La.; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • MARCIA HAINES: Oak Park, 111.: Kappa Alpha Theta. • INA ROBBINS H.AMILTON: Greenwoiid. Miss.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • ALAN LOYD HA.MMOND: New Orleans, La.; Ifappa Sigma; Delta Sigma Pi. • CHARLES H. HANSEN: New Orleans, La. • ASHTON R. HARDY; New Orleans, La.: Kappa Alpha: Scabbard and Blade: Intramural Coun- cil; Naval ROTC; Panhellenic Council. OF TULANE Second Row: • EDWARD ALLEN GOTFRIED; Jersey City, N.J.: Sigma Alpha Mu : Pre-Medical Societv. • FRANCES GRA- HAM: Bolton. Miss.: Chi Omega: .Athletic Council: Can- terbury Club. • DOROTHY ANN CRANBERRY: San . ' Vntonio. Tex.: Chi Omega; La Tertulia: Tusk Baptist Student Union: House Council. • BECKY CARSON GREVE: .Alexandria. La.; Chi Omega: Dance Club: Cam- pus Night. • DOUGLAS W. GRE ' E: Cleveland. Ohio: Delta Sigma Phi. Pres.; Student .Activities Board; Pan- hellenic. • RENE E. GROSSMAN; New Orleans, La.; Zeta Beta Tau. • JAMES 0. GUNDLACH: New Orleans,. La.; President Delta Kappa Epsilon: Omicron Delta Kap- pa: Scabbard and Blade: Tau Beta Pi: Who ' s Who; A.S.M.E.; Air Force ROTC: Cdt. Stf. Officer: Honor Board Eng. Second Row: • JANE HARDY; Columbus, Miss.: Chi Omega: Art School President; Who ' s Who; Art Club; Canterbury Club; Newc. Student Council: Honor Board. • CL.AI- BORNE HARRIS; New Orleans, La.: Pi Beta Phi. • DAVID AUSTIN HART: Laurel, Miss.; A.I.Ch.E.: Tu- lane Band. • C. 0. HARTWELL. JR.: New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha. • KARL HARVEY: Baton Rouge, La.; Kappa Alpha; A.I.A. Pres. • EDGAR W. HEAD; Decatur, Ala.; Delta Sigma Pi, Vice-Pres. : Honor Board Bus. -Adm. College; Veterans Club. • LY NN HEASLIP: New Or- leans, La.: Kappa Kappa Gamma; Newman Club. 274 ABOVE First Row: • FKKDKKICK KUGICNE HERBERT: New OrliMns, La.: A.I.Ch.E, Troas. • INEZ CHRISTINA HEIDELBERG: Hallifshurg, Miss.; Clii Omega: Greenbacker : Newman Club. • HAROLD WILLIAM HELMKE: New Orleans, La.; Tan Beta Pi; A.I.Ch.E.; Wesley Fimndatinn : Tulane Bund. • MARION (MANNIE) F. HENDRIX; Presentt, Ariz.; Si ma Chi; Sr. Class Vice-Pres. ; Scabbard and Blade; Delia Sipmu ' Pi: Tusk; Wesley Fnundatinn; Naval ROTC; Anch.ir and Chain. • ALBERT BARRY HENRY: Virksburj;, Miss.; Nu Sigma Nu. • SlIEKRILL HERRING. Vieksburg. Miss.; Alpha Omieron Pi. • CAROL ' . HIGH; Allamnnte Springs, Fla.; Assets. Second Row: • MALCOLM JOSEPH HIMEL, JR.; New Orleans, La.; A.I.E.E. Treas.; Newman Club. • ELBERT F. HINSON: New Orleans. La.; Sigma Chi; Alpha Chi Sigma Pres. : Wesley Ft undali.m: Naval ROTC. • GEORGE MAR- SHALL HIRSBERG; Clarksdale, Miss.; Zeta Beta Tau: Srabbard and Blade: Naval ROTC. • AL HUITT. New Orleans. La.: Pep Band; Tulane Band. • BURR 1). ILCENFRITZ: Shrevepnrl. La.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Nu Sigma Nu. • JOHN R.JACKSON. JR.: Hatticsburg, Miss.; Kappa Sigma. • EVELYN GRACE JAHNCKE; New Or- leans, La.; Pi Beta Phi. BELOW First Row: • ELIZABETH ANNE JOHNSON: Ormcnd Bearh, Fla,; Kappa . lpha Thela: La Tertulia: Canterbury Club. • JACKLYN MARIE JONES; New Orleans, La.: Pi Beta Phi: J. MBALAY. : Jaimualaya Beauty Cnurl; Homeccim- ing Court; Commerce Queen. • iMA.MIE JLNG; New- Orleans. La.; Jr. Y ' r. Abroad Program; Beta Beta Beta. • RAYMOND H. KANSAS; New Orleans. La. • LYNDA LEE KARNO; New Orleans, La.; Math Club; Hillel F.mndation. • ANN ELAINE KATZ; Marked Tree. Ark.; Sigma Delta Tau. • LINDA ANN KATZ; Rockford. 111.: .Mpha Epsilon Phi: Alpha Sigma Sigma; Whi " s Who: Tulane Llniversity Theatre Pres. Second Row: • M. RTHA ANN KAUFMAN. Houston. Tex.; Athletic Council: Barracudas: Dance Club: Tusk. • WILLIAM JAMES KEARNEY. HI; New Orleans. La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon: Scabbard and Blade; Army ROTC. • JOHN Vi . KELLY. Ill: New Orleans, La.: Kappa Alpha: Scabbanl and Blade: A.S.M.E.: Army ROTC; A lelpbons. • BAR- BARA SYLVIA KIRKWOOD: New Orleans. La.; Phi Chi Theta ' ice-Pres. : Soc. . dv. Management: Marketing Club. • JOHN M. KLOPF. JR.; New Orleans. La.; Newman Club: Armv ROTC: Sailing Club Vice-Pres.: Pr..pcller Club. • RUTH KNIGHTON. Shrcveport. La.; Pi Beta Phi; Newc. Honor Board Pres.; Who ' s Who; Publication Board; Lagniappes: Student . ctivities Board; Delta Sigma Pi; Panbellenic Council. • WILLIAM GEI! I N KOONCE; New Orleans, La.; .A CappcUa Choir. 275 m OF TULANE ABOVE First Row: • JOAN BERG KOPMAN: Chicago, 111.: Alpha Epsilon Phi: Art Club; Barracudas: La Tertulia: Jambalava: Pauline Tulane; T.U. rep. Berkeley Football Festival: Fresh. Beauty Court: ROTC Sponsor: National Student Asso. • WILLIAM H. KOPMAN, St, Louis, Mo.: Zeta BetaTau. • ROSEMARY KORNDORFFER: New Orleans. La.: Phi Mu: Newman Club. • DONALD JOHN KO- BERG: New Orleans, La,: Tau Sigma Delta: A.I.A.: Ed. student publication School of .A.rch. • ROBERT R. KRAN- DEL: Jennings, La.: Sigma Alpha Mu. • ALBERT G. KROEPER: New Orleans, La.: Soc. Adv. Management: Veterans Club. • RUTH LA FRANZ; Meridian, Miss.; Beta Sigma Omicron, Pres. ; Theta Nu; Who ' s Who; Hullabaloo. Managing Ed.: Publications Board; Green- backers: Newman Club: Glendy Burke Society: Inter- national Relations Club; Newcoml) Panhellenic Council, Treas., 19.56-57, Second Row: • HUGH LAMENSDORF. Shelby, Miss.: Zeta Beta Tau. • ELIZABETH ANN LAMPTOR: New Orleans, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • C. E. LA PRAIRIE. JR.; New Orleans, La.: Phi Kappa Sigma: Baptist Student Union: Interfaith Council. • NANCY JO LA PRAIRIE: Bunkie, La.; Phi Mu. • DONNA ELIZABETH LASKEY: Shreve- port. La.; Pi Beta Phi. corres. sec: Sr. Class ' ice-Pres. : Dorm. Council: Newman Club. • CHAS. F. LAYRISSON, JR,; New Orleans, La.; Delta Sigma Pi; Propeller Club. • CAROL LEAKE; New Orleans, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma: Canterbury Club, BELOW First Row: • MARIANNE LEE: Ft. Worth. Tex.; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • MARY LOUISE LEE: Tampa, Fla.: Alpha Delta Pi. • HERMAN LEFKOWITZ: Jackson, Miss. • JOY ELLEN LEGGIO: New Orleans, La.: Alpha Omicron Pi Newc. Panhellenic Council. • BARBARA BRAND LEWIS Houston, Tex.; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • BARRY M. LEWIS Houston, Tex.; Zeta Beta Tau, Pres,: Beta Gamma Sigma Omicron Delta Kappa: Scabbard and Blade; Who ' s Who . rmy ROTC: Cadet st. off., 2nd Lt.; Panhellenic Council • RONNIE LEWIS, Atlanta, Ga,: Newc. Handbook Greenbackers. Second Row: • LORALEE LEWIS: New Orleans, La.: Beta Beta Beta; Wesley Foundation, • SIDNEY FRANCIS LEWIS IV; New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha, Pres.: Sr. Class, Sec- Treas.; Scabbard and Blade; A.S.C.E.: Intramural Coun- cil; Army ROTC; Cdt, St„ 1st Lt. • FRED LIEBKE- MANN; New Orleans, La,; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; A,S. M.E.; Naval ROTC. • JOAN HEMMES LINDER; New Orleans, La. • ERNEST EVERETT LISTER: New Or- leans, La. • FRANK A. LITTLE, JR.; Peoria, III.; Sigma Chi; Philosophy Club. • KATHERINE POPE LIVING- STON, Chester, Va. 276 .1 ABOVE First Row: RICHARD S. LOCHTE II; Now Orleans. La.: Pi Kappa .Mpha: Naval ROTC: . clelphnns; Panhellenic Cnuncil. • M.Vl ' RY WIl,LI. M LOKET; Little Rock, . rk.: Sigma . lplia Mu: Alpha Chi Sigma master of ceremonies: . mer. Chem. Society; Pep Band; Tulane Band. • CARO- LINE E. LONSDALE; New Orleans, La. • MILTON H. LOPP; New Orleans. La.: Sigma Alpha Mu; Greenback- crs, Cn-Chairman Pep Rally; Alpha Phi Omega. • ED- WARD EMILE LOL ' IS; Houston, Tex.; Kappa Sigma. • DAVID D. LOVE; Lake Charles, La.; Zeta Beta Tau; Srahhard and Blade; Air Force ROTC. • LOUIS R. LUCAS; New Orleans, La.; Kappa Sigma; Carnival; A Cappella Choir: Opera Workshop; Pi Lambda Beta: Young Republicans. Second Row: • ALBERT J. LUKE, JR. ; New Orleans. La.; Sigma Gamma Epsilon: Naval ROTC. • LESTRA .McARTHUR; Mclairic, La.; Pi Beta Phi: J mbalaya; Baptist Student Union. • HENRY GEORGE MeCALL II; Nev.- Orleans, La. • JEWEL B. M.CRARY; New Orleans, La. • AR- LENE F. M.GIRK; Boulder. Colo.; Beta Beta Beta. • VANCEL A. McHAM: New Orleans. La.; Psych. Major Club; Pep Band; Tulane Band. • HELEN ANNE Mc- INTOSH; New Orleans, La.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Can- terbury Club. BELOW First Row: • FLORA McIVER: New Orleans. La.; Chi Omega; West- minster Fellowship. • LOUIS M. McNAIR; New Orleans. La.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Student .Activities Key; -Alpha Phi Omega; Student Activities Board. • ERIC .ALTON Mc- VADON, JR.; Baton Rouge. La.; Phi Delta Theta; Scab- board and Blade; Naval ROTC: Cdt. Stf. OIL. Battalion Commander; Tailhook Club. See.; Phi Sigma Tau; Phil- osophy Club Viee-Pres. • ANITA JEAN MACKAY; Cleve- land, Ohio: Phi Mu; Hull abaloo. Copy Ed.; Canterbury Club: Jr. Yr. abroad. • FINDLAY G. MAIER; New Or- leans. La.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Pre-Medical Society ; Alpha Phi Omega; Lagniappes. • JOAN DELL MANATT; Hous- ton, Tex.; Pi Beta Phi; Art Club; Honor Board Newc. College. • JANIS WEINSTEIN .MANN; New Orleans. La. Second Row: • A. D. M.ATHYS, JR.; Bryan, Tex.; School of Arch., Pres.; Who ' s Who; A.I.A.: Honor Board Arch. College; University Student Council. • MICHAEL H. MAYER; Winnsboro, La.; Sigma .Alpha Epsilon; Omicron Delta Kappa; Scabbard and Blade; Who ' s W ' bo; .Alpha Chi Sigma, Vice-Pres. ; .A.I.Ch.E.. Sec; Naval ROTC: chair- man Tulane Orientation, 19.57. • POLLY STEELE MEEK; Greenwood. Miss.; Chi Omega: Newc. Panhellenic. • D.AMEL JOHN MEHN: New Orleans. La.; Phi Eta Sigma: Tau Beta Pi; A.S.C.E.; Army ROTC. • MANUEL RO MELENDEZ; El Salvador. C.A.: Sr. Class. ice-Prcs.; A.I.A. • ERVIN L. MENANT; New Orleans. La.: Sigma Gamma Epsilon. • WILLIAM DOUGLAS .MERIWETHER, JR.: New Orleans. La.; .Alpha Tau Omega; Delta Sigma Pi: Canterbury Club: Young Republicans. u tk 277 ABOVE OF TULANE First Row: • WARREN METCALF; Shreveport, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Tau Sigma Delta; A.I.A.; Christian Science Or- ganization; Air Force ROTC; Adelphons. • LEONARD M. MILLER; Bronx, N.Y.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pre-Medical Society; Psych. Major Club. • LUCY WEBB MILLSAPS; Cleveland, Miss.; Phi Mu. • JOHN F. MOFFETT; Lake Charles, La.; Nu Sigma Nu; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Student .Activities Board. • JOHN W. MONTGOMERY; Springhill, La.; Vice-Pres. A S Sr. Class; football Capt.; Air Force ROTC col. • ANDREW G. T. MOORE, II; New Orleans, La.; Kappa Delta Phi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Delta Sigma Pi; Greenbackers; Westminster Fellowship; Pi Lambda Beta. • BEVERLY WYNN MOORE; New Orleans, La.; Chi Omega. Second Row: • LEROY I. MORAIS; New Orleans, La.; Zeta Beta Tau. • EUGENE MOREHEAD; Shreveport, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon treas. ; Tusk; Canterbury Club. • JOHN G. MORTON; Oak Ridge, Tenn.; Kappa Alpha; Naval ROTC; Adelphons. • JIMMY MULLA; New Orleans, La.; Newman Club. • GWEN MUNCH; Metairie, La.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Co-Chairman of Orientation; Alpha Sigma Sigma; Who ' s Who. • ELEANOR MUNGER; Overland Park, Kan.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Oreades. • JOHN G. MURRAY, JR.; New Orleans, La.; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; A.I.Ch.E.; Naval ROTC. First Row: • MARY HOLT MYRICK; Rayville, La.; Clii Omega; A Cappella Choir; University Chorus; Sociology Club. • • DIANE NALTY; New Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Phi; Tush; Newman Club. • EDDYSTONE C. NEBEL, III; New Orleans. La.; A.S.M.E. • ANTHONY G. NOE; New Or- leans, La.; Delta Sigma Pi. • LANE WILLIAMS NOR- RELL; New Orleans, La.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Pi Sigma Alpha. • SETH PERRY NOVOSELSKY; New Orleans, La.; Pre-Medical Society; Hillel Foundation; Interfaith Council; Campus Night; Alpha Phi Omega. • JOHN H. OAKLEY; Chalmette, La.; A.I.E.E. Vice-Chairman. Second Row: • HARRY W. OLLINGER; Mobile, Ala.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; School of Engr. Pres.; Scabbard and Blade; Who ' s Who; A.S.C.E.; Army ROTC; N.D.T.A.; Honor Board Engr. College. • LYNETTE MARCELINE ORR; New Orleans, La.; Delta Zeta; Newman Club. • MARY OZMENT, Boligee, Ala. • NORMAN ANTHONY PAL- ERMO; Maracaico, Venezuela; Beta Theta Pi; Scabbard and Blade; Wesley Foundation; Naval ROTC; Ensign; Btn Personnel Off. • C. H. PARKER, III; Fort Worth. Tex.; Phi Delta Theta; Disciples Student Fellowship. • HER- BERT C. PARKER, III; New Orleans, La.; Beta Theta Pi. • MICHAEL LEWIS PARVER; Atlanta, Ga.: Alpha Epsilon Pi; Theta Nu; Pre-Medical Society; Hullabaloo Asso. Ed.; Hillel Foundation; Campus Night Director; Tulane L niversiiy Theatre; Glendy Burke Society. 278 II ABOVE First Row: • SANDRA PATTERSON: Houston, Tex.; Alpha Omicron I ' i. • DONALD JERRY PEACOCK: New Orleans, La.: Sijinin Pi Sigma. • RONALD G. PEACOCK; New Or- leans, La.; Sigma Pi Sigma. • EDWARD L PEAL; Hous- ton, Tex.; Zeta Beta Tau; See. Adv. Management; Army ROTC: N.O.T.A. • JOHN M. PEIRCE; New Orleans, La. • CHARLES S, PENDLETON; New Orleans, La.; Sigma t;lii Pres.: Intramural Council; Sec.-Treas. A S. Sr. Class: Grecnbat-kers; Wesley Foundation; Campus Night; Naval HtJTC Lt. . nchor and- Chain; Alpha Phi Omega; Honor Hoard . S College: Lagniappes Sgt. of Arms; Pi Lambda llrla; Panhellenic Council Executive Committee. • ROB- ERT DEAN PETERSON; Vallejo, Cal.; Delta Sigma Pi Treas.; Propeller Club; Army ROTC; N.O.T.A.; Phi Eta Sigma. Second Row: • CLYDE A. PINE; New Orleans, La.; Sigma Gamma Epsihin; Army ROTC. • KATHERINE S. PITTMAN; L;iko Providence, La.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Athletic Coun- cil Pres.: Canterburv Club; Newc. Student Council. • LEONARD H. POSNOCK: Linden, N.J.: Sigma Alpha Mu. • LISA STRATTON POSTLETHWif E; Baton Rouge, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Art Club; La Tertulia: ' ' .,, .-; Westminster Fellowship. • JEANNETTE GRACE I ' OWK; New Orleans, La.; Hullabaloo; Westminster Fel- l..w liip. • ROBERT M. PROBLZANSKI; Rock Island, III.; A.I.C1..E. Vice-Pres. • DIANE RADKE; Milwaukee, Wis.; Alplia Delta Pi Pres.; Panhellenic Pres; Barra- cudas; Intcrnaliimal Relations Club; Young Republicans; Student Directory . sso. Ed.; Newc. Student Council; Newc. Athletic . ward. BELOW First Row: • TOM RANDOLPH; New Orleans, La.; Alpha Tau Omega: Engr. College Vice-Pres.; Kappa Delta Phi; Scab- bard and Blade; Who ' s Who; A.S.M.E.; Publications Board: Naval ROTC Exec. Off.: Tailhook Club; Honor Board Engr. College; Young Republicans; Student Direc- tory Bus. Mgr.; Judiciary Committee; Panhellenic Council. • DONALD T. RANNA; New Orleans, La.: Phi Delta Theta: Scabbard and Blade; A.S.M.E.; Army ROTC. Cpt. • MICHAEL RAPIER; New Orleans, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Newman Club. • DEVERNA ANN REED: Metairie, La.; Phi Mu; Sociology Club. • LAWRENCE W. REED; New Orleans, La.; Lambda Chi Alpha; A.I.A.: School of Arch. Publication Ed. • GEORGE H. REESE III; Pineville, Ky.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Sr. Class Pres.; of Bus. Adm.; Delta Sigma Pi Chancellor. • THOMAS JOSEPH REGEL: New Orleans, La.: Phi Kappa Sigma; Newman Club; Army ROTC; Cpt.; Adelphons; N.D.T.A. Second Row: • JOHN H. RHINEHART; New Orleans, La.; Sigma Gamma Epsilon. • EUGENIE RICAU; Metairie, La.; Pres. Newc. School of Music; Honor Board Newc. College; Newc. Student Council: Member of Newc. Junior Year Abroad. • OLTON RONALD RILEY; New Orleans, La.; Varsity Letter Football; Air Force ROTC Cpl. • CAROLYN ROBERTS: Lake Charles, La.; Qii Omega; Eta Sigma Phi; Oreades: La Tertulia. • .■VLICE RODRIGUE; New Orleans, La.: Kappa Delta Phi: Sigma Pi Sigma. • WILLIAM WARREN ROSEN; New Orleans, La.; Who ' s Who; Tusk; Air Force ROTC: Lt. Col.; Lag- niappes; Pres. Campus Night: National Student Assoc. • MRS. CAROL ANN ROSENBERG: New Orleans. La. (..ursf-. , . , loilod s;;iin! 279 % L mii OF TULANE ABOVE First Row: • KENNARD B. ROSS; New Orleans, La.; Alpha Tau Omega; Naval ROTC. • YVONNE G. ROTH; New Or- leans, La.; Pi Beta Phi. • SIDNEY F. ROTHSCHILD; New Odeans, La.; Zeta Beta Tau; Phi Delta Phi; Jam- balaya; Tusk. • BOB ROYCROFT; New Orleans, La.; Tau Beta Pi; A.I.E.E. ; Pep Band; Baptist Student Union; Tulane Band; Army ROTC. • LAURENCE D. RUDMAN; New Orleans, La.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Army ROTC. • LESTER M. SACK, JR.; Clarksdale, Miss.; Zeta Beta Tau; Tennis. • STEPHEN L. SALAUN; New Orleans, La.; Phi Delta Theta; A.S.M.E. Second Row: • TERRY D. SARGENT; Houston. Tex.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Scabbard and Blade; Army ROTC. • CHARLES E. SAUCIER; New Orleans, La.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Scab- bard and Blade; Theta Nu; Hullabaloo; Newman Club; Air Force ROTC Major. • SAMUEL Z. SCANDALIATO: New Orleans, La.; A.S.C.E. Treas. • RONALD J. SCHAD- LER; New Orleans, La.: Newman Club; Air Force ROTC. • ROBERT H. SCHOEDER, JR.; Kenner. La.; A.S.C.E. Pres. • VANCE LYNNE SCHULTZ; New Orleans, La. • JAMES LOUIS SCHUPP, JR.; New Orleans, La.; Alpha Tau Omega; Fresh. Law Class Pres.; Pi Sigma Alpha; Scabbard and Blade; La Societe du Droit Civil; Green- backers; Wesley Foundation; Army ROTC Lt. Col.; Honor Board Law College; Pi Lambda Beta; N.D.T.A.; Distin- guished Military Student. BELOW First Row: • MICHAEL LEVERIDGE SCOTT; New ' Orleans, La. • GILBERT L. SELVIDGE; New Orleans, La. • DONALD A. SIEGEL; New Orleans, La.; Propeller Club; Army ROTC; Pi Lambda Beta; N.D.T.A. • DOROTHY RUBIN- STEIN SIEGAL; Biloxi, Miss. • JOHN ROGERS SIM- MONS, JR.; New Orleans, La. • LOUISE SLAUGHTER; Baton Rouge, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Le Circle Fran- cais; Westminster Fellowship; Member Newc. Jr. Yr. Abroad. • DAVID C. SMITH; Houston. Tex. Second Row: • DONALD D. SMITH; New Orleans, La. • DON K. SMITH; New Orleans, La.; Delta Sigma Pi; Soc. Adv. Management; Veterans Club. • WALLACE H. SMITH. II; Natcliez, Miss.; Kappa Sigma; Phi Chi. • ARNOLD R. SMYTHE, JR.; Batesville, Miss.; Sigma Alpha Epsilun; Intramural Council; Scabbard and Blade; A.S.C.E.; Na- val ROTC; Tailhook Club. • CHARLES THOMAS SPENCER, 11; Miami, Fla.; Beta Theta Pi; Psych. Ma- jor Club; Westminster Fellowship; Air Force ROTC Cap- tain; Sailing Club; Young Republicans. • JOHN G, SPREMICH; New Orleans, La.; Interfaith Council; New- man Club Vice-President. • EDWARD STEGER; New Orleans, La.; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Chi Sigma; Naval ROTC. ABOVE First Row: • LIZ STKPHENSON; Winter Haven. Fla.: Chi Omega; Claji-S Treasurer: Alpha Sij ma Sif nia: Who ' s Who: Dorm. Council; Wesley Foundation; Student Coun- cil; Inner Council. • F.LDRIDGE " SKIPPER- STE- ' ENS; New Orleans. La.; Pi Kappa . Ipha; Greenbackers. • CYNDV STONE; Winnetka. 111.; .•Klpha Omicron Pi; Doirii. Council; Greenbackers; Inner Council. • SUSAN SHINE: Ciiattanoojja. Tenn.; .Alpha Delta Pi Sec; Le tjrcic Francais; La Tertulia; Tusk: Canterbury Club. • JOHN OLIVER STUARDI. Ill; New Orleans, La.; A.I.A. • LESLIE MARTIN STL ' RHAHN; New Orleans. La.: K.,|,pa Alph,,: A.I.E.E.: Veterans Club. • LEONARD J. SILLIVAN: Metairie. La.; Sigma Chi; Delta Sigma Pi: Propeller Club: Army ROTC; Cdt. Off. 2nd Lt.; Nat. Del. Trans. .Assn.: Scabbard and Blade. Second Row: • SANDRA SUTHERLAND; Nashville. Tenn.; Kappa . lphu Theta; Art Club; Le Circle Francais; Westminster Fellowship. • .MARCIA SUTHON; New Orleans. La.; Beta Beta Beta; German Club; Canterburv Club Pres.: Interfailh Council. • JA.MES LINDSAY T.ALLEY; Deni- .-on. Texas: Kappa Sigma Pres.; Scabbard and Blade; Who ' s ho: Delta Sigma Pi: Greenbackers; Canterburv Club; Naval ROTC; Cdt. Sif. Off. Company Commander- Adelphons; Himor Board Bus. Administrati.m Ccdiege. • SALLY TEMPLEMAN: New Orleans. La. • KEITH S. THOMAS; New Orleans, La.; Weslcv Foundati.m. • BEV- ERLY ANN THOMPSON; Hot Springs. Ark.: Alpha Sigma Sigma; Kappa Delta Phi; Weslev Foundation. • SARAH THOMPSON: .Madisonville. Tex.; Chi Omega; We-hy Foundation. BELOW First Row: • MARY CHRISTINA THORBURN; .Magnolia. Miss.; Phi Mu; Westminster Fellowship. • TRELLES TIDMORE: New Orleans. La.; Delta Tau Delta; Scabbard and Blade; Tusk; Air Force ROTC: .Adelphons; Sailing Club. • JOYCE M. TORTO-MASI: New Orleans, La.; Phi Chi Theta. • M.ARTIN TREISTMA.N; Fair Lawn. N.J.: Hillel Foundation; Amer. .Marketing Assn. • JOHN MIL- TON TRENCHARD, JR.: New Orleans, La.; Phi Delta Theta; Baseball; Army ROTC. • BOB TROUARD: New Orleans, La.; Vice-Pres. Sr. Class Engr. School; Phi Eta Sigma: Tau Beta Pi; A.I.E.E.; I.R.E.; Army ROTC: Cdt. Stf. Off. 2nd. Lt.; Honor Board Engr. College. • SANDRA TUCHIN; Fort Worth. Te.x.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Psych. Major Club. Second Row: • BENNY ROY TYLER; Springhill, La.; Phi Sigma Iota; Football Letter: Tulane Band. • SYBIL TYRRELL: Shreveport, La.; Pi Beta Phi; Psych. Major Club: Canter- bury Club. • JOE E. TYSON: Texarkana. Tex.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • SALLY PATRICIA UPHAM: Metairie. La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • CARL .M. ALLIANT; New Orleans, La. • ROBERT JOEL VANDIVER; Clarksdale. Miss.; Tau Sigma Delta; A.I.A. ; Naval ROTC. • PHILIP A. VAZZANA: Leian.l. Miss.; Sec.-Treas. Sen. Class; A.I.A.; Veterans Club. 281 OF TULANE ABOVE First Row: • TnMFRED ELLEN VIGUERIE: Metairie. La.; Pi Beta Phi: Newman Club: Art Club. • CAROLYN VlLLAR- RUBL : Metairie. La. • WAYNE B. VLNSON: Ragland. W.Va. • HARVEY F. WACHSMAN: Reco Park, N.Y.: Amer. Chem. Society: Pre-Medical Society; Hillel Founda- tion; Sailing Club: Sports Car Club. • LARRY E. W AB- LER: Wharton. Tex.: Zeta Beta Tau. • WILLL M A. WAGNER, JR.: New Orleans. La.: Pi Kappa Alpha; Scabbard and Blade; Greenbackers: Newman Club: Adel- phons. • LEONARD ALVLN WASHOFSKY: New Or- leans, La.; Alpha Epsilon Pi, Sec; Fresh. Law School; Pi Sigma Alpha: La Societe du Droit Civil; Hillel Foun- dation: Panhellenic Council. Second Row: RUTH HARPER WATSON: New Orleans. La.; Pi Beta Phi. • ELMON D. WEBB; Shreveport, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Pres. : Scabbard and Blade; Who ' s Who: Air Force ROTC: Cdt. Stf. 0£E. Lt. Col.; Adelphons; Pi Lambda Beta. • JAMES E. WESNER: New Orleans. La.; Kappa Sigma; Panhellenic Judicial Committee: Who ' s Who; A Cappella Choir; Glendv Burke Society; Honor Board A S College. • BETTY ANN WHITE: Greenyille, Miss.; Chi Omega; Alpha Sigma Sigma; Phi Sigma Iota; Who ' s Who: Dorm. Council; La Tertulia: Greenbackers. • WILLIAM H. WHITE. JR.: New Orleans. La.: Tau Beta Pi: A.I.E.E.: Veterans Club Vice-Pres. • DONALD R. WILKEN; New Orleans, La.; German Club: Math Club: Gamma Delta Vice-Pres. • SAM R. WILLIAMSON. JR.: Springhill, La., Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Scabbard and Blade; ' ar=ity Football Manager: Westminster Fellow- ship; Army ROTC; Cdt. Stf. Off Cpt.; NDTA; Phi Eta Sigma, v BELOW First Row: • CL.VUDIA WIRTH; New Orleans, La.; Pres. Chi Omega. • BETTY WISH; New Orleans, La. • .MRS. ANNE WHITTINGHILL: New Orleans, La.: Alpha Omi- cron Pi; Hullabaloo Ed. • WALTER F. WOLF, JR., New Orleans, La.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Eta Sigma Phi; Newman Club; Naval ROTC. • HARRY E. WOOD; New Orleans, La.; Phi Delt Theta; AJ.Ch.E. • JUDITH HOLT WOOD- ALL: Paducah, Ky. ; Kappa Kappa Gamma: Opera Work- shop: A Cappella Choir. • S.ARAH Y ' OUNG: Bastrop, La.; Chi Omega; Pres. Sr. Class; Who ' s Who; Dorm. CounciL; Wesley Foundation; Honor Board Newc. College; Former J. MB. L.A.YA Beauty Court; Newc, Student Council; Stu- dent Faculty Board. Second Row: • DOUGL- S J. YOUNGBLOOD: New Orleans, La. • DI- .A.NE Y ' UKON; Kansal City, Mo.; ' Alpha Epsilon Phi. JUNIORS • I III ' ' VCkK.U; Nrw OrliMfis. I. i.; Dill.i Zila; Cainiilii • I.AKUV -STOM; " ACKKKMAN. E. Knikaway, N.Y. I ' lKiliMi- Mplia Clii Sicniii: Ciriiiiiii Club; Tnick : llilli ' l Fi linn. " ' MAltV lli:i.K AI.I.KN; N ' rw Orl.-ans. I.a.; Dilla I I T ' Tiuli.i; r.iiitiTlMirv i;liilt: (.]an)|iu Nit:lii: Tulam- I Tlir.iir.-. • rilNMK MIKKWS: Mann..lia, Ark. • Wll KAKI. WIIKKWS. Jr.; Iilairii-, La.; Alpha Tail Oimrija; :ia-s iri ' -Pn " -i ifni ; Siiiilciu Council : Delta Sigma Pi; ROTC; II.Hinr H.iar.l l!u-. A.I. Cullene. D. ' lla. Tail uinrla- Zi ' la; vrr il 1,1 AM Junior iNaval Second Row: • JlliliV NrilONY; Brookliaven. Miss.; Kappa Sigma, Vii-c- Prr-iilnii ; J Mii i.AY. . Assoc. Editor; Tiislc: Canlcrbun Club; llonnr liM,,r,l. A S College; Lugniappes. • RICHARD C. ARSKN- l ll ' : llolKw I, Fla.; Delta Sigma Plii: Publications lioanl. • IARIK ANIOINETTE IIACLE; Ravville. I.a.; A. I. A.; Newman Club; rchilecture Publication. • DAVID GILPIN BAKER; New llrlc.n- la.; Delta . ' igma Pi; Propeller Club: Army ROTC; Drill Icon P.r-hing Rifles: NDTA. • GAIL BAI.LENTINE: Sardis, Ii-.; K..|.pa Alpha Theta. T hi 111 Row: • IIXRRIKT BARRY. Baton Rouge, La.: Chi Omega; Ncwe. Sluilciit Hodv Corrcs. Sec; . ' Vssels: Christian Science Organi atinn ; Honor H..ani N ' cwc. College; Ncwe. Student Council NSA Com- mittee .Sec; Dean ' s List. • DA ID CARL BARTON. JR.: Meridian, .Miss. • BARBARA BATES; Lafayette. La.; We-t- minsier Fellowship. • JERRE SHANNON BATSON; Oak Ridge. Tenn.: Upha Tau Omega; Pre-Mclical Si ciety ; Tusk. • NATHAN W. BATTS; Raleigh, N.C.; Army ROTC. Fourth Row: • MTliN KENT BEADLE; Slidell, La.: Pi Kappa Alpha. • liARBAlU ANN BECK: New Orleans. La.: Beta Sigma Omi- enm. • Jl 1)V BECKER; lin.okhavcn. Miss; Pi Beta Phi; New- man Club. • BERNARD 11. BERINS; New York, N.Y ' .; Alpha Epsil.m Pi; Pre-Medical Society; Hillel Foundation. • JOYCE R. BERMAN: Danville, Va.; Art Club; Dorm. Council; Hillel Foun- tlation: ( antpus Night; Tulanc Band. Fifth Row: • GEORGE A. UERTSCH: New Orleans, La.; Alpha Tau Omega: Army ROTC. • WAYNE BIENVENU: St. Martinville. La.: Sigma .■Mpha Epsilon: Scabbard and Blade; Tusk; Newman Club; Naval ROTC. • BARBARA BLAINE; New Orleans, La.: Kappa Alpha Theia. • ALICE BLAND: New Orleans. La.: Kappa Kappa Gamma. • ELAINE BOAZ; Calhoun. Ca.: Phi Mu Viec-Pres.; A Cappella Choir; .Music Club; Panhellenic Council: University Chorus. Sixth RoH : • IllllGl.V.s llllMl. icksburg. Miss.: Beta Tliela Pi; Junior Clas, Vice-Pres., A S; Track: Naval ROTC. • BILLY BOROCK: Brooklyn, N.Y ' .: Tau Epsilon Phi Chancellor: Intramural Council Pres.; Hullabaloo: Hillel Foundation. • FRED C. BOUXIER: New Orleans. La.: Air Force ROTC. • CHARLES M. BOWMAN: Greenwood, .Miss.; Sigma Chi: AIA; Wesley Foundation: . ir Force ROTC. • WILLIAM A. BRANTLEY, JR.; New Orleans, La.; Pi Kappa Alpha. Seventh Row: • JEFF BRATTON; Camden. Ark.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Foot- b.ill ll,f.,ball; Armv ROTC. • WILDER ANNE BRECKEN- RIDGE; New Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Phi; Oreadi-s; Hullolmloo: Jkmmm. v. : Ni-wman Club; Student Directorv. • ISADORE DWID BRICKMAN; New Orleans, La.; Zeia Beta Tau. • SI BROWN, N.w Iberia, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; A.lelph..ns: i.agniappes. • SYI. lA BROWN; New Iberia, La.; Kappa Kappa (•amma. Eightli Row: • MGIIAN Bl RDIN; Lafayette, Lu.: Chi Omega: Jamiia- IM : cicrom . Editor; Newc. Honor Board; Newc. Panhellenic (.ouncil. • J. V. Bl RKES; New Orleans. La.; Delia Kappa Ep- silim; Scabbanl and Blade; A.S.C.E.; Football: Canterbury Club: Anny ROTC. • BE ERLY ANN BISH: Tampa. Fla.; ' Kappa Alpha Ihcia; Ui Terlulia icePres.: Niwman Club; (:,MnpH Night: Young Republicans; Inivcr-itv Chorus. • GLORl.V CA- ll SS : Miami. Fla.: Delta Zeta: Athlitic Council; La lerlulia: Newman Club; Inlernati.mal Relations Club. • LEAH WHANN I MRE; New Orleans. La. Ninth Row: • THOMAS CAIRNS: New Orleans. La.: Beta Tliclu Pi; A.LA.; ri.. A; Wesley Foundation. • JACK CALHOUN: New Orleans. Ui.; Delia Kappa Epsilon: Scabbard Blade; A.S.C.E.- 7 " i ( ,; Jv. l ' i?, ' ' ' ' - • ' ■■ ' ■ - • HOBBIE CANTOR: Birmingham. Ala. • W VLILR w. C PDE II1K: New Orleans. La.: Kappa Alpha: II K; Naval RuTC . Mil I, CAPPS: New Orle:ms. La.: West- minster hcllowsbip Pre .; Intramural Council; International Re- lations Club. 283 L .l JUNIORS First Row: •FRANK CAREY; Taipi, Formosa; Alpha Tau Omega: Canter- bury Club; Sports Car Club. • PHILIPS J. CARTER, JR.: . ' ew Orleans, La.: Alpha Tau Omega: Eta Sigma Phi. • RENEE CASTAGNOLA; Santa Barbara. Calif.; Kappa Alpha Theta: Glee Club: Student Directory. • VICTOR V. CAVAROC, JR.; -New Orleans. La.; Sigma Chi; Newman Club; Naval ROTC: Adel- phons. • DIANE CHRISTENSEN; New Orleans. La.: Kappa Kappa Gamma. Second Row: • PHILIP R. COHEN; Lexington, Miss.; Zeta Beta Tau. • ROB- ERT COLE; Nen- Orleans. La.: Alpha Epsilon Pi. • D. GRANT COOK: Beaumont, Tex.: Sigma Chi; Pre-Medical So- ciety. • GAYLE PROFFITT COOKE; New Orleans, La.; Phi Mu. • ALLEN COON: Monroe. La.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Third Row: • ROBERT ERNEST COOPER; Muskegan. Mich.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Delta Sigma Pi. • CHARLEST COTROS: Memphis, Tenn. • SUE COWLES; Shreveport. La.: Pi Beta Phi. • MAR- JORIE JUDITH CRONE: Baltimore. Md.; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • VINCE CURRIER, JR.; Amite. U.; Kappa Sigma. Fourth Row: • KAREN DAMONTE; New Orleans, La.; Phi Mu. • CHES- TER C. DANEHOWER, JR.; Osceola, Ark.; Phi Delta Theta; Junior Class Sec.-Treas.: Air Force ROTC: .A S Honor Board. • JOYCE DATTEL; Rosedale, Miss.: Alpha Epsilon Phi: Green- backers. • JOE DAVENPORT; Mer Rouge. La.; Kappa Sigma. • MUSETTE PARISH DAVIS; New Orleans. La.: Soc. Adv. Man- agement: Phi Chi Theta, Sec; Newman Club. Fifth Row: • H.ANT E. DEHAN; Shreveport, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Canterbury Club: Pi Lambda Beta. • ALBERTO E. DE LA GUARDIA; Panama. Panama; Alpha Chi Sigma: Pre-Medical Society; Army ROTC: Pershing Rifles Drill Team: Cadet Staff Officer: Armv Rifle Team. • ELAINE D ' ENTREMONT; New Orleans. La.; Phi Mu: Le Circle Francais. • BETTY (LILLY) DESPORTE: Bogaluso. La.: Kappa Kappa Gamma. • LOUISE DOERNBERG: Monroe. La.; Alpha Epsilon Phi. Sixth Row: • DONALD DORMINEY; Tifton, Ga.: Phi Delta Theta. • JIM DOSTER; Columbus, Miss.: Sigma Chi. • CAROL DOWNES; Ravville. La.: Chi Omega: Jamb. l. y.4; Tusk: Baptist Stu- dent Union. • ILLIAM BAYARD DRUM.MOND. Shreveport, La.: Sigma . Ipha Epsilon: Pre-Medical Society; Baptist Student Union. • DAVID D. DUGGIN; Metairie, La.: Beta Theta Pi; Math Club; Hullabaloo; J.4MB.MAYA; Pep Band; Wesley Foun- dation; Air Force ROTC; Pi Lambda Beta; Sports Car Club; Young Democrats. Seventh Row: • DONALD GORDON EDGERTON; Alexandria. La.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Greenbackers Vice-Pres. ; Honor Board A S Col- lege; Lagniappes. x WALLACE ANDREW EDWARDS; Ponch- atoula. La.; Delta Tau Delta Pres.; Greenbackers: Newman Club; Pi Lambda Beta. • WILLIAM W. ELFENBEIN; New London, Conn.; Zeta Beta Tau; Scabbard Blade; Jambalaya; Tusk Army ROTC. • TERI ENGEL; Jeonrette, La.; Phi Chi Theta Lagniappes. • EVARTS B. ENGLISH. Ill; Louisville. Ky.; Phi Delta Theta: A.I.Ch.E.; Intramural Council; . ir Force ROTC. Eightli Row: • RICHARD H. FAGAN. Metairie. La.; Beta Theta Pi: Newman Club. • STANLEY IRWIN FAGIN: Houston, Tex.; Alpha Epsi- lon Pi; Pre-.Medical Society; Hillel Foundation: Campus Night. • GEORGE D. FEE: New Orleans, La.; Delta Sigma Phi: Stu- dent Directory E.; Carnival; Publications Board; Canterbury Club: Campus Night. • BENNY B. FERDON: Norco, La. ' ; Sigma -Alpha Epsilon; Westminster Fellowship; A Cappella Choir. • M. MARGIE FERRIER; New Orleans, La.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Beta Beta Beta; Newman Club. Ninth Row: • JOHN M. FILIPPONE. JR.: Bellaire. Tex.: Pre-Medical So- ciety; Newman Club. • SUE FIRMIN; Wood, Wis.; Hullabaloo; Newcomb Handbook; Student Director -: Campus Night: Student Council Committee. • ADOLPH J. FLACH. JR.. New Orleans. La.: Armv ROTC. • LUCIE FLY; Jackson, Miss.: Art Club: Canterbury Club. • A. FOSTER FOURNIER, III; -Metairie, La. Beta Theta Pi: Newman Club; Naval ROTC. 284 JUNIORS Si-cond Row: • K C I ' UII ' NO: ClnirH,-, III.: Zria IVla Tan; Army ROTC. • (;i{ (K KKITlMli;: Sli,l.-ll. I.,,.; Clii l)iii.-(;a: Aihl.-lii- C.ini-il : V „iii-i,r Kill..«-hi|.. • HO:SK lAHY ( ' . {•■KNKV ; .Sliri ' v, ' p,.ri. la • K 11 IK KINK GAOK: Ni-w Orl. ' uns, I.u.: Kappa Kappa Ga ' tnina: -Wy F.,un,lali..n. • llDViAHl) I.. CARIiKU: Ur..„k- linf. Nlass.: Alplm Kpsilon Pi; Pri--Mi ' (liral Scu-icly; Tusk; HilU-l Kmiiulalion. Third Row: • lillWNW GARCIA; Corpus Clirisli, Tl-x.; Dunoc Clu b; La T.nulia- N,«MMn :luli. • JOHN GEISKR III: Slid.-ll, La.: Army ROTC; V,MTnin-t,T K.ll..« l.i|.. • DONALO M. GII.NER; Vilanla Ga.; Alpha Epsilon Pi. Niii-Prcsidi ' iit ; Grecnbackers: Pr.-M..liral S.xii-ly. Pros. • HOWARD WESLEY GLEASON, JR.; Nfw Orlcan;-. La.: Delta Kappa Ep ilun: Gri-i-nliarki ' rs; Can- Icrbury Club; Ynunj: Ri-publiians ; Aclclpbcms; Naval ROTC: Pan-llvll. R.-p. • NORMAN A. GLO.SSKRMAN ; L.Kkharl. Tex.: Z. ' la Beta Tau; Scabbard and Blade; Jamualava, . ssoc. Ed- ilor; Grei-nbackers Trcas.: Naval ROTC; Navy Drill Team: Adel- plums: Hdiiiir Board Commerce College: Pbi Ela Sigma: Omi- cron Delia Kappa. Fourth Row: • DOTTY GOLD; Alexandria, La.: Alpha Epsilon Phi; Nulla- liiiUm; I ' uliliealions Board; Tusk; Lagniappes: Tulane Student Council; NSA Committee: Panhellenic Rep.; Vice-Pres. Campus ite. • C RL G. GOODMAN: New Orleans. La.; Zeia Beta Tau; Pre-Medical Society; Varsity Letter: Tennis 57-.S8; Varsity Sports: Tenni . • LORRIE COSE; ' Houston. Tex.: Alpha Omicron Pi. • KAY GHAIIWI: Bohon. Miss.: Chi Omega; Canterbury Club; Laiiniappc.-. • CllARMAINE GRINNELL; West Allis, Wis,; Delta Zela; Le Circle Francais; Gamma Delta; Tusk. Fifth Row: • JOY GROSSMAN: New Orleans. La.; Delta Zeta: Art Club: Tulane Lniversity Theatre. • ARTHUR THOMAS GROWDEN; New Orleans. La.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Scabbanl anil Blade: A.S.M.E.: Sailing Club: Anchor and Chain; Naval ROTC: Spe- cial Drill Plal.ion. Commander. • RAYMOND W. GRl ' ND- MEYER. JR.: New Orleans. La.; Newman Club; Air Force ROTC. • JOHN HAINKEL; New Orleans. La.; Kappa Alpha; Newman Club. • PATRICIA LINDA HALE; New Orleans, La.; Delia Zcia; Campus Night. Sixth Row: • Slll.i: ' i llWlll.TON; M.mn.e. La.: Chi Omega; Sec. Art .• .l 1: ,-l,-v Euundalion; Barracudcs; rl Club. • JACK llAMMKL; New Orleans. La.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Eta Sigma Phi: Newman Club; Army ROTC; Pi Lambda li.la. Pres. • liARIi R . MWtMOM); {!idumb- ' s. G;t.: Kapp;i Kappa Gamma; Bap- list Student Union. • BILL BANNA; Moorelan.l. Okla.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon: German Club: Pre-.Mcdical Society. • JO HART: . llanta, Ga.; Oreades: A Cappella Chi ir: University Chorus. Seventh Row: • E1. 1 E IIARTEL: New Orleans, La.; Phi ,Mu. IIATTEN; (;ulfport. Miss.; Kappa Alpha; A.S.M.E Club. • J. GARY HAISER; New Orleans, La. Omega: Grt ' enbacker-: We lnlin t.■ Fellowship: Air l.agniapp, . • W. PAl L IIAWI.EY; Shrevep„rt. PETER H. Canterbury .Mpha Tau orce ROTC: La.: Green- backers; Varsity Sport; Football. • JUDY IIAWN; Dallas Kappa Kappu Gamma: Canterbury Club. Eiphth Row: • IKNii " SONNY " HAYNES; New Orleans, La,; Varsity ll.i " cli,ill; We-iminsi.-r Fellowship. • HENRY IIEARNE; P.dlock, la. • l.ons WAYNE llEliERT: New Orleans, La.; Delta Kappa Kp-il.m. • CARL C. IlKNDER.SoN: New Orleans, La,; Naval ROTC. . C. P. IIAURINC.TON. JR.; Mcxandria, La.; Sigma Mplia Epsil.m; Pre-Medical .S„ciety. Ninth Uiiw: • GRlT.l.l.; IIKRKON; Bastrop, La.: Phi Kappa Sigma. • III MKR IIERUON: Shrevepori, La.; Phi De lta Theta; A.I.Ch.E.: Urns RorC; l |,i Fla Sigma. • TOM HILL; Nc« Orleans. La.: I I K.ipp.i Alph.,. • HAYWOOD IIANSKII. 1111. IYER III; Pass I hrisiian. |i„.. i u, Thela Pi. • JERRY HOGGATT; New Or- leans, La.; Beta Tlicta Pi 3 i 3 285 JUNIORS First Row: • GENE HOLDER: Chickasaw, Ala.: Air Force ROTC. • ELIZ- ' ABETH HOLLOWAY: Maringovin, La.: Kappa .Alpha Theta, Editor: Carnival . ssoc. Ed.: Greenbackers: Tulane University Theatre: Glendv Burke Society. Vice-Speaker: NS. Committee.; » JOW HOPPENJANS: Decatur. - la.: Pi Beta Phi: Athletic Council: Barracudas. • JOHN T. HUNLEY. New Orleans. La.: Phi Kappa Sigma: .Adelphons: Sailing Club: Veterans Club. • . tELVIN KLEIN (.MICKY) HURST III: Dallas. Tex.: Zeta Beta Tau: Scabbard Blade: Jambalav. . Bus. Mgr.: Tusk: Pub- lications Board: - rmv ROTC: Lagniappes: Pi Lambda Beta. Vice- Pres. Second Row: o KIM HUSSELMAN: Memphis. Tenn.: Alpha Omicron Pi: La Tertjlia. • JOE (FLIP) JACOBS: New York. N.Y.: Alpha Ep- silon Pi. • K.ATHRYN JEFFUS: Morgan Citv. La. • JOSEPHI F. JENKINS: New Orleans. La.: Delta Sigma Pi. • K. THY JOHNSON: New Orleans, La.: Hullabaloo; Greenbackers: Bap- tist Student L ' nion. Third Row: • RICHARD KEITH JOINER: New Orleans. La.: Phi Kappa Sigma: Westminster Fellowship: Naval ROTC: Anchor and Chain: NROTC Drum Bugle Corps. • JEAN JOLLY: Baton Rouge. La.: Chi Omega: Dorm. Council. • R. W. YNE JONES: Dallas. Tex.: Phi Kappa Sigma: Pre-Medical Societv: .Alpha Phi Omega: Glendv Burke Societv: Honor Board A S College. • ROBIN RICHARD JONES: Little Rock. Ark.: Sigma Chi: Phi Eta Sigma: Glee Club. • DAVID J. K.APLAN: Dover. Del.: Sigma Alpha Mu. Fourth Row: • JACOB L. KARNOFSKY: New Orleans. La.: Alpha Epsilon Pi: Adelphons: Pi Lambda Beta. • CATHERINE JEAN KAS- PARKED: Warrington. Fla.: Kappa Alpha Theta. • JO- N GLORU KATZ: New Orleans. La.: Sigma Delta Tau: Hillel Fo-ndaiion: Campus Night: Glee Club. • DONALD EUGENE KEENAN: St. Petersburg. Fla.: Tusk. • WALTER COOK KEEN.AN. Ill: New Orleans. La.: Delta Kappa Epsilon: Jam- balaya; Naval ROTC: Pi Lambda Beta: Y ' oung Republicans. Fifth Row: • ANDREE KEIL: New Orleans. La.: Alpha Epsilon Phi, Pres.; . sset5: Tusk: A Cappella Choir: Sponsor. Pershing Rifles. ROTC. • ALBERT P. KELLER. U: New Orleans, La.: - ' Upfaa Tau Omega: Student Council Rep.: . .S.M.E. : Newman Club: Naval ROTC: Lagniappes: Sailing Club: Student Direc- tory Bus. Staff. • ELIZABETH KELLY: Monterey. Mexico: Newman Club. • THOMAS KENNEY: Lake Wales. Fla.: Phi Kappa Sigma: Tusk: Newman Club: Naval ROTC: .Anchor and Chain. • PIET KESSELS: New Orleans. La.: Kappa .Alpha: Sec.-Treas., School of Arch., Student Council Rep.: .A.L.A.: New-man Club: Army ROTC: Adelphons. Sixth Row: • KAY KETELSEN: Houston. Tex.: Pi Beta Phi: Athletic Council: Barracudas: Dance Club: Homecoming Court. • CHARLES STIRLING KING: Lake Charles, La.: Kappa Sigma: Cheerleader: Tusk: Newman Club: Wesley Foundation; Tulane Band: Pi Lambda Beta: Student Activities Board: Pres.. Tusk; Vice-President Alpha Phi Omega. • JAC KING: New Orleans. La.: Alpha Epsilon Pi: Propeller Club: Army ROTC. Pershing Rifles. Lt.: N.D.T.A. • SUSAN KLINE: Clarksdale. Miss.: Phi Sigma Sigma: Hillel Foundation. • MAURY A. KLU.MOK: .Moorhead, Miss.: Zeta Beta Tau. Seventh Row: • LOUIS F. KNOEPP. JR.: Alexandria. La.: PrcMedical So- ciety: Canterbury Club. • JEFFERSON MICHAEL KOONCE: New Orleans. La.: Delta Tau Delta: Greenbackers: Glee Club: Air Force ROTC: Pre-Medical Society. • ED KOSSMAN. JR.: Cleveland. Miss.: Zeta Beta Tau: Tusk; . rmy ROTC. • SANDY KREY: New Orleans. La.: Newman Club. • WILLIAM J. LANNES, III: New Orleans, La.: Vice-President. Jr. Engr. Class. Eighth Row: • LINDA LASKEY: Shreveport. La.: Pi Beta Phi. • EDWIN HUGH LAWSON II; New Orleans, La.: Beta Theta Pi. • PATSY ' L-AYNE: Houston. Tex.; .Alpha Delta Pi: . thletic Council: Sports Car Club: Sec. Young Republicans: Treas.. Tulane Sports Car Club. • KITTIE LEA: Danville. Va.: Phi Mu: Canterbury Club. • J. DWIGHT LEBLANC: New Orleans, La.: Kappa .• lpha: Scabbard Blade: Sec.-Treas., Jr. Class of Commerce; Newman Club: _ rmy ROTC. Ninth Row: • CHARLES C. LEBOURGEOIS; New Orleans. La.: Delta Kappa Epsilon; Newman Club: Naval ROTC: Sailing Club: Sports Car Club. • JEFF M. LEE: Farmerville. La.: Kappa Sigma: Bap- l-s: Student Union; A Cappella Choir. • IRA JAY LEICHTER: Brooklyn. N.Y.: .Alpha Epsilon Pi; Tusk: Hillel Foundation; Campus Night Program Ed. • CAROL A. LEPP; Birmingham. Ala. Treas.. Sisma Delta Tau: ice-P es. Hillel Foundation. • JERREi .MARIE LEVY; Demopolis. Ala.; Alpha Epsilon Phi: Oreades; Psychology Major Club; Social Chairman, Hillel Foundation. 286 JUNIORS Fiist Row: « Tl) l I INCDI.N; V.i.c ' liam. l,. -.: li.i.i TSna Pi. • THOMAS 0111) IIMI; i» (lrlr;m-. I.a.; DiIm K;i|i|m Kii-il.in ; A.S.M.K. : Ginl.rlnir (.liil.; Naval KOTC: V..iini; K.|iiilili an . • SI SAN I.OCKK; I.iliili-. Ala.: Olii Oim-pu: Juninr t]las,« Vici-.Prf.; I.c Cinli- Kranrai ; Cri-iiiliackfr.«. Sn-.; Cunti-rliiiry Club: Lacniuppi-s. .•.•. • CONOI.I V I.OIiAN: Niw Orlian , l.a.: Clii Orrntia. • DVMKI. DMtr. lol IK: ll.iu l.in. T.x.: I ' ri- l,ili,al S.nii-iy: Varsity ir.iik: lia|pii--l SiucIitiI Inioii: . ir Knrii ' KOTC. .StToiHl Row: • lidUIUI l ' ili)U |(i l. J1!.: Greenville, Miss.: Phi Oi-lta Tlii-la; AJiS SiT.-l riM ., I ' r.-.M.-ili.-.il Siiricly; Pres. Cn-i-nliai ' kers: Alpha Phi OiiHTii: lI ' iMLr lii.anl A S Cnllim-; Lacniappes: Siu- rlenl Ailivilii- linaril. • TOM M.CAV: lialnn Kmiule. m.: Sijinia Alpha Kp-ilnii: Pns. Junior Clas.s Bus. Ail.; Oilla Siuma Pi: C.rienliaiker : Naval KOTC; l.anniappes: Rep. Universily SlucleiU C.un.il. • l)A ll) M.CI.AIN: Cail ,len. Ala.: Sij;nia Alpha Kp-iinn: lta|iii-I Siuilnii liii..n: Naval HdlC. • I ' KKI) M.- CI.KNDON: W. H,.l)ins. AKli. Ga.; laih CIuIj; Naval liOTC. • NANCY MiCOKMICK: Oak Grove. La.: Kappa Alpha Theia : Juniiir (:la Pres.: liarraeudas; Wesley Fnunilation: Himur Unarcl Newe. Ciiliege; Newciinil) Sluilenl Cnuneil. Third Row: • lli(i l S II. M. HON l.l); Mi.nn.e. I.i.: Sicnia Alpha F.psi- l..n: A. I. A.: Cani.rhury Ciluli; Naval KOTC. • KMILV Mr- KMd.WD: New Orleans. l.a.: Pi Beta Phi; Barracudas: D.irni C.un.il; We-lev K.uinclatii.n ; Che Cluli. • SUK DAWN Me- i:l( l)V: Warringli.n. Fla. III.: Il. ' lla Kappa Kpsih.n; MILLION: MeConih. Miss.; Student Unitm. • I ' ATKICK MeKENNA; Chieaf;... arsiiy Tennis. • TOMMYE LOr Beta Si{;nia Oniiertui; Tush: Bap- Fourth Row: • MAIiCIA M.WATERS: Mel..irie. La.; Alpha Omieron Pi; Ne»man Cluh. • I.ALRA MACF.E; Summit. Miss.: Art Club: H,irr.MU,la : Carnival: Glendv Burke Soeielv. • JAMES V. MA- ll H ' i:V. New Orleans, l.a.: Phi Delia Thela: Adelphnns. • MAlilK EI.ISE MAIIOKNKR; New Origins. La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • SONlA MARET: New Orleans. La.; Chi Omega. Fifth Row: •K. I.KSIAK MAIilTN; M.inme. La.; Silgma Alpha Epsilnn Cer- respondent. Ilnuse Man;iger: See. Sehool of Arch.; . .LA. ' iee- Pres.; Canterbury Club Junior Warden. • " BOO " MASON; Lake Charles. La.; Sicma .Mpha Epsilcm: Varsity Eoelball. letters 2 vrs. • LEONARD MICHAEL MATTES: New Orleans. La.; l|d.a Epsih.n Pi; Pre-Medieal Society; Ed. Pre-Mril Journnh llilb ' l Enundaiion: Phi Eta Sigma. • BRLCE MAMAN; Man- ha-el. Long Maud: Sigma Chi; Varsitv Sp..rt. Track. • JIDITH K. M LISTER: Jamaica. New York: Aljdia Epsilon Phi. Sixth • I ' M l.lic C. ernon ROTC; tec. • Kappa toniic. STAN Cluh Row: Ml I. IKK; Athens, Ala.: Beta Beta Beta; Oreades; Ath- uncil: Newe. llandl k. ROBERT G. METCALF; Mt. 111.: Delta Sigma Pi; We ley Foundation; .Air Force Honor Board Business College; member N.S.. . cimimit- GKOKCE S. MIClllNAKD. JR.: N.w Orleans. La.: Delta Kp-ilon: N.-vvman Club. • DON E. MILLER: San An- Texa-: Kappa Sigma; Newman Club; Naval ROTC. • MIKON: Miami Beach, Fla.: Tau Epsib)n Phi: German llillel Foun.lation: Pi Lambda Beta; Sports Car Club. Seventh Row: • WMTIi; 11. Mdl.ESKI; Philadelphia, Pa.: Kappa Sigma; A. LA.; Cani.rburv Club. • BETH .MONROE; Daytona Beach. Kla.: Al|dia Omieron Pi; Cheerleaders; Tiisli. • JACK IIIN- CAN MddRF: Pensacda. Fla.: Pre-M.-dical Society; Alpha Phi Omega. • JOHN K. MONLEZLN, New Orleans, La.: Alpha Tau Om.ga: A.S.M.E.; N.,val KOIC. • GARY CLAY iMORCII- OWKK: llalla-. Trva : Z,ta Beta Tau; Greenbaekers. Eijihth Row: • HINDU MOKFI.ANI); .Shreveporl. La.; Chi Omega: Junior Cla " Ire,,-.; Oreades; Wesley Foundation. • JAMES W. MOK- t.AN. JR.: ,.„ Orle.,,,., 1.;,.: Alpha Tau Omega; Newman Club. • W. CRAIG MORGAN: Monroe, I ,.; Sig.na Alpha F.psih.n: Wesley I ' oundalion. • BERNI) E. Ml ELI.ER; Foley. Ala.: Ger- man (.lull; Gamma D.lia; Armv ROIC, • }() ALICE MILLEY; New Orleans, La. N ' inth Row: • li ' iWI l I Ml HUN; New Orleans, Ui.; Beta Phi Pi; Army Mil. . AW MM. US; Uike Charles, La.: Chi Omega: Beta llela Heta; La lerlulia; Canlerburv Club. • LAW RENtTC NACII ,..,,,:„; " ? ' " " " ' ■• - ■ ' •= S ' S " " ' A ' l ' l ' " ■ ' I " : Tusk: Adelphons. • ; " " ■ ' ,, ' « " :!■: NAGLER: Bayside, New York; Tau Epsilon v ' I ' yvv,-,. " ' • " ' " " = ' " ' Lambda Beta. • THEODORE HER- MA. , . KK. , HI; Beaumont, Texas; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 287 JUNIORS First Row: • DON J. NEESE. Miami. Fla.: Phi Delta Theia: Pre-Medical Society: Psvcliologv Club: Canterbury Club: Adelphons; Sailing Ckb. ' • RONALD " NEWMAN. New Orleans, La.: Kappa Alpha: Scabbard Blade: Newman Club: Nayal ROTC. • CHAS. B. ODOM. JR.: New Orleans, La.: Beta Theta Pi. • CAMILLE OMS: New Orleans, La.: . ipha Omicron Pi: Bethany Fellowship. » PATRICIA ORNER: New Orleans. La.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Tusk. Second Row: » PHILIP RICHARDSON PAGE, JR.; New Orleans, La. • JO- ] SEPH DAVID PAINTER: Lake Charles. La.: Sigma Alpha Epsi- silon. • LEWIS PAILET: New Orleans, La.; Sigma Alpha Mu, Treas.: Delta Sigma Pi: Campus Night: Honor Board of Com- merce Colleae. • DAVID A. PANG: Greenville, Miss. • A. DON " PIAGGIO; New Orleans, La.; Delta Sigma Phi. Third Row: • CLI E D. PINSKER: WaUingford. Conn.: Sigma Alpha Mu: Hillel Foundation. • HESTER PLAUCHE. JR.: New Orleans, La.: Alpha Tau Omega: Delta Sigma Pi: Sports Car Club. • ALBERT PRIETO: New Orleans. La.: Alpha Tau Omega: Amer. Chcm. Society; Matii Club: Pre-Medical Society; Hullabaloo; Newman Club: Sports Car Club: Track Team: Phi Eta Sigma. • ARNOLD JOSEPH PRIMA: New Orleans, La.: A.I.A.: New- man Club. • BLAIR QUINN; Shreveport. La.; Pi Beta Phi; Newman Club. Fourth Row: « LARRY REDMOND: Alexandria. La.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Junior Class Pres.: A S Newman Club. • BILL REIDENBACH: West Orange. New Jersey: Sigma Chi: Phi Eta Sigma: Tusk; Interfaitli Council: Newman Club: Nayal ROTC: - nchor and Chain. • JAMES J. REISS. JR.: New Orleans. La.: Delta Kappa Epsilon: Tusk. • WILLIAM JAN RENAUDIN: New Orleans. La.: Kappa Alpha; Newman Club. • ANNA FRANCES G. RETIF: New Orleans. La.: Delta Zeia; Gamma Delta Rec. Sec: International Relations Club. Fifth Row: • BARRY DAVD RITTENBERG: New Orleans, La.; Zeta Beta Tau: Tusk; Treas. Naval ROTC: Anchor and Chain: Naval ROTC Rifle Team. • FRANK ROBERTS: Lake Charles. La.: Sisima Alpha Epsilon: Air Force ROTC. • PAULINE ROBIN- SON: New Orleans. La.: Beta Sigma Phi. « JAMES C. RODDY: New Orleans. La.: Delta Kappa Epsilon. • CARL ALAN ROHR- BACKER: New Orleans, La.; Naval ROTC. Sixth Row: • SAM ROSAMOND. JR.: New Orleans. La.: Delta Tau Delta: Army ROTC. • MICHAEL ROSE; West Hempstead, N.Y.; Al- pha Epsilon Pi: Hullabaloo: Tusk: Campus Nignt Pres. • JU-N BIDDLE ROTH: New Orleans. La.: Beta Theta Pi: Newman Club: Naval ROTC. • MICHAEL A. RLSSIN: Miami Beach. Fla.: Zeta Beta Tau: Pre-Medical Society. • BYRON H. RUTH; New Orleans, La.; Delta Tau Delta. Seventh Row: • JAMES PHILLIP RYAN: Shreveport. La.: Kappa Alpha: New- man Club: Army ROTC: Sailing Club, o WILLIAM JOHN RYAN. Ill: New Orleans. La.: Alpha Tau Omega: Naval ROTC; Adelphons. • BE ERLY SANDERFER. Houma. La.: Alpha Omi- cron Pi; Beta Beta Beta. ' RICHARD W. SANDERS: Shreve- port. La.: Sigma .Alpha Epsilon: Hullabaloo; Westminster Fel- lowship: Army ROTC: NPTA. • HUNTER SAULS; Hobbs. New Mexico: Sigma . lpha Epsilon: Pre-Medical Society: . lpha Phi Omega. Eightli Row: • JAMES P. C. SCALISE: New Orleans, La.; A.I.A.; Varsity let- ter, two years track: Varsity Sports. Track: Newman Club: Air Force ROTC. • JOEL SCHATZMAN: Dallas. Tex.: Alpha Ep- silon Pi. Pres.: German Club; Pre-Medical Society: Psychology Major Club: Hillel Foundation: Panhellenic Council. • J.ACK H. SCHUSTER: Shreveport, La.: Zeta Beta Tau. Sec: College of A S. Vice-Pres.: Scabbard Blade: Hillel Foundation; Inter- failh Council. Treas.: Army ROTC: Chairman Honor Board A S College: Pi Lambda Beta: Phi Eta Sigma: N.D.T.A.: Panhellenic Council. » SANDY SCHWARTZ. Tampa. Fla.: Alpha Epsilon Phi: . thletic Council; Barracudas; Dance Club: Jambalay.a: Tusk; Campus Night. • ILENE SE.ALE. Sulphur. La.; Kappa - lpha Theta: Junior Class Sec. Newc. College; .Assets: Dorm. Council; Sec. Johnston Council; Sec Panhellenic Council. Ninth Row: • CHARLES F. SEEAIAN, JR.: New Orleans, La.; Beta The;a Pi: Tusk; . delphons: Phi Eta Sigma; Panhellenic Coun- cil. • ANNE SEWELL; Bovce. La.: Kappa Alpha Theta. • GEORGE E. SHAMIS: .McComb. Miss.: Phi Delta Theta: Tusk; -Newman Club. • SANDRA SHAINOCK: Houston. Tex.; Alpha Epsilon Phi: Oreades; Dorm Council: Cheerleader: Greenback- ers; Campus Night. • BARBARA ANN SHERMAN: Port Gib- son, Miss.; Millel, TUT. 283 JUNIORS First Row: • S.WUKI. SIIOSS; ll.ui lnn. T.-x.: Alplm K|i«ili.n I ' i; I ' n- M,-cli,iil .S...i.iy; llill. ' l K..Miiil;iiinn; I ' lii Km Sinina. • F.IT.KNK K. SIMON; llirmiiinluim. Ala.; Alpha Tan (1ni -|;a; Newman CInli; Naval HOTC. • (;K,MK SI AlCIITKU ; liaLm Hnup-; bi.; Kapiia Kappa Caniina; Wi-liiiiii-liT l " illii»-liip. • TOMMY SMITH: Sprinuhill. La.: Sigmii Alpha Kp il n; Head Chi r. Irader; Alpha Chi Sii;iiia: .A.i.Ch.K.: Orrinbacki-rs: BapiiM Siu- lni..n: Phi El.1 Siciiia. • .lAMKS DOUGLAS SOKOL; Zi-la Ilria Tau; Jamiialaya Sports Eil. ilenl I)irn)inphani. Ma.; Second Row: • 1 1 1 SI ' KNOER lliil.: C.ip. ' ll.i Chnir l ' ill»liuri;h. I ' .i.; Si;;Tn.i ULK STAKKOKl); N Student Uninn: Activities Board: Niw Orleans. La.; A.I.E.E.: Channini; • SIDNEY IIAHOI.l) STAirTLANDER ; Alpha Mu; Hillel F..undalion:. • CAR- ,v Orleans. La.; Chi ()me}:a; l!;iplisl A Capella Choir; Campus Nij;hl: Slodenl Momeeominp Court ' .S7; ' eep Musir Sehool. ' iee.Chrm. Newromh Orienlali.in. o SHEI ' ll I ' .AIU) STAHEL; l.-lairii-. La.: Hela ' Thela I ' i; Weslminsl.i F.lliin-liip-: Nav.il KOTC: Anelu.r and Chain: Sporrs Car Club. • KKKMIT STAL- TKR: Vashinj:ion. 111.; Alpha Tau Omega. Third Row: • JOHN A. ST SSI II; New Orleans, La.: Delta Sigma Phi. • HKKT STi: V RT: New Orleans, La.; Alpha Tau Omesa: Tnsk: Newman Club: Naval ROTC: .Vdelphons; Uijjniappcs: • GEORGE G.STEWART: New Orleans. La.: Phi Kappa Sigma: Carnival: Glendv Burke Surielv; Pi Uimbda Beta. • MARKIS K. STRAIME: New Orleans. L;i.; Sec. Adv. Management; Tusk: Newman Club. • LIONEL H. SL ' TTON II; Jeaneretic. La.: Beta Th.la Pi: Adelplions. Fourth Row: • I.IDA INGE STAFFORD: M,.bile. Ala.: Kappa Alpha Theta: ' iee-Pri-s. Bi ' ia Beta Bi-ia: Le Circle Francais; .-Vmer. Ch. Society: Math Club: Pre-Medical Society; Canlerburv Club; Glendv Burke Society. • El.l.Z MillH FAY SWANSON: New Orleans, La.: lamliaUmi Phmographer. • SARA TIGRF.TT: Newborn. Tenn.; Kappa Alpha Thela. • ALVIN TRANSRAl ' ; Riverside. New Jersey; Delia Sigma Phi: Palerson Dorm. Advisor. • CYN- THIA ANN VACCARO; .Meiairie, La.; Phi Mu: Athletic Coun- cil: La Tertulia; Newc. Handbook: Canterbury Club: Interna- tional Relations Club. Fifth Row: • ANN VEGA: Napoleonville. La.: Kappa Alpha Theta: New- man Club; Capella Choir; Honor B tard Newc. College; I ' ni- versilv Chorus. • KAREN JANE VEILLON: E-nire. La.; Chi Omega: Dorm. Council: Newman Cl-b. • ARTHl R MSEI.TFAR: Bronx, New York: Sigma Alpha Mu. • STEPHANIE OORHIES. Lafayette. La.: Chi Omega: Honor Board Newc. College. • MARY WACHENIIEIM: New Orleans, La.: Alpha Epsilon Phi: B;irr;o ' uda ; Panhcllenii — Newc. Sixth Row: • DEE ' . DICK; New Orleans. La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma: Newman Club. • REYNOLDS B. WAGNON: New Orleans. La.: Alpha Tau Omega: Newman Club: Armv ROTC. • KATHLEEN WARDEN: Greenville, S.C: Kappa Alpha Theta Treas.: Barra- cudas: Maid of H.mor Homecoming. • MADGE WARRICK; New Orleans. Ui.: Alpha Omienm Pi. • SAIDEE HICKMAN W. ' VTSON: Natchitoches, La.: Kappa Kappa Gamma: Newman Club. Seventh Row: • i:L LI)ETTE WEB.STER; llousi.oi. Tex.: Alpha Om Prcs.; Beta Beta Beta: T dam- Student Council Rep.. Homtvoming Court. • JAMES WELCH: Alexandria. La. Alpha Epsil.m: I.agniappes. • IIARALD T. WERNER. JR.; New O ' leans. La.; Sigma Chi: Wesl.v F .undalion. " MAY LOUISE WHITE: Alexanilria, La.: Chi Omega; Wh.. ' s Who; Dorm. Conn- cil Sec.; Tusk; Canterbury Club: Student .Activities Board; eron Pi N,-we.: ; Sigma e ROHERI Sc;d)bard Adelplions. Jamdalava Beauty Court; Homecoming Court. J. WHITE; Metairi.-. La,: Alpha Tau Omega niad.-; Westminster Fellowship; Air Force ROTC: EiKhlh Row: • I M; FENNER WILLIAMS: New Orleans La.: Pi Beta Phi. • .■ . P (.E WI.LIAMSON: Spring ' ii ' l, La.: Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon; Pres. Juni,.r Enp. Class; A.I.E.E.; Pep Band: Interfaith Council: Westminster Fe!lowshi|i; Tdav Bind: Amn ROTC; Honor Board Eng. College. • EDWARD JOHN WINTER. JR.: Palmetto, Fla.; Phi Delta Tlu-a; Hipiisi Slobnt I ' nion. • SALLY ANN WITTEN; Jacksonville, Fla.: Al| ha Epsilon Phi. • T1I(I I S J. WITTENBERG: New Or ' eans. La.: Ze:a Beta TaM; .S.d.l..,rd X lll.ole; .,rsiiy lellcr; Golf: Army ROTC: A.lelph,.ns rr -. Ninth Row: • PAIL J. YODER; N.w Orleans, La.: Prcs. Newman Club; Province Viee-Chairman Newman Club: Student Activties Board. • LISA SUZANNE YOUNG: Flovala, Ala.; Wave Han.lbook Assoc. Ed.: A Cap.lla Choir: Sailing Club Sec; B-g Sister Orientation Week. • LAWRENCE ZASI.OW; Jacksonville. Fla.: Math Cluii: PrcMcdieal Soei.iv: Hillel Foundation; Alpha Phi Omega. . LUIS l. ZER IGON. New Orleans, Ui. • MILTON IIVROID Z1 1 N. Dallas, Tex.; Ze:a Beta Tau; Hillel Founda- lion. A Ik. t i 289 SOPHOMORES First Row: • CARROLL HUGH ABRAMSON: St. Louis. M...; Tau Epsiinn Phi: Greenbackers; Hillel Foundation; Army ROTC. • DAVID ADAMS: Albany, Ga.: Phi Delta Theta: Hullabaloo Sports Ed.: Tusk. • NIXON ARNALL ADAMS; New Orleans. La.: Alpha Tau Omega: Panhellenic Council. • W. G. AKINS. JR.: Lake Charles. La.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Pre-Meri:cal Society Treas.; Air Force ROTC; Sabre Jets Drill Team; Alpha Phi Omega. • VRGINIA ALDIGE: New Orleans. La.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Le Circle Francais; Newman Club: Young Democrats. Second Row: • THO.VIAS E. ALEXANDER; New Orleans. La.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Tusk; Canterbury Club: International Relations Club. • CHARLES MARKS ALLTMONT; Reserve. La.: Zeia Beta Tau: Patterson House Council. • EMILY ANDRY: New Orleans. La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Canterbury Club; J.ambalava Beauty Court. • GILBERT V. ANDRY. Ill: Chalmette, La.; Kappa Sigma: Soph. Class Pres. ; Student Council; Cheerleader. • BOB .WIBROSE; Houston. Tex.: Kappa Sigma; Soph. Aicb. Pres.; A. LA.: Greenbackers; Naval ROTC. Third Row: • GAIL ARNER: Kingston, Jamaica: Alpha Delta Pi. • TROY G. ARNOLD. JR.; Winchester. Tenn.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Army ROTC. • PHLIP M. ARONOFF; Clarksda ' e, Miss.; Zeta Beta Tau: House Council; Pre-Medical Society: Hillel Founda- tion. • THEODORE S. ASPRODITES; New Orleans, La.; New- man Club; Army ROTC. o DAVID R. ATCHISON; Texarkana, Tex.; Delta Sigma Pi. Fourth Row: • ALICE ELIZABETH AUSTIN: Ocean Springs, Miss.; West- minster Fellowship Sec.: Glee Club; University Chorus. • JANE B BST: New Orleans. La.: Alpha Omicron Pi; Barracudas: New- man Club. • NEIL BAGGETTE: DeKidder. La. • JAMES M. BAILEY: Hattiesburg, Miss.; Wesley Foundation. • KAREN ELIZABETH BAILEY; Paducah, Ky.; Alpha Delta Pi. Fifth Row: • WAYNE ROBERT BARCELO; New Orleans. La.: Alpha Tau Omicn.n: Varsity Golf: Phi Eta Sigma, o GEORGE ELLIOTT BARNES: El Dorado, Ark.: Tusk. • JUDY BARNES; Chilli- cothc. Mo.: Pi Beta Phi; Tusk; Wesley Foundation. • ANN SPARKMAN BARRON; Alexandria, La.; Chi Omega; Soph. Class Pres.; Barracudas; Greenbackers; Honor Board Newc. Col- lege; Newc. Student Council; Student-Faculty Committee Student Welfare. • MURRAY BASS. JR.: BaKm Rouge. La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; A.S.C.E. Naval ROTC. Sixth Row: • WILLIAM Z. BAYB. ; Bronx. N.Y.: Delia Sigma Phi. • MARCIA BEAR; Orlando. Fla.: Sigma Delta Tau. • CHARLES H. BEARDSLEY; New Orleans. La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Na- val ROTC. • ALTA BECHTEL; New Orleans, La.: Kappa Kappa Gamma: Athletic Council: Canterbury Club. • ELENE H. BEER- MAN: New Orleans, La. Seventh Row: •MARILYN BEERS: Baton Rouge, La. • ROBERT E. BEHR- ENDT; Miami Beach, Fla.: Zeta Beta Tau; Jambalava; Tusk; Hillel Foundation; Lagniappes. • C. ELLIOTT BELL; Decatur, III.: Kappa Sigma: Varsity Tennis: Wesley Foundation. • DOROTHY BELL: Mobile, Ala.; Kappa Alpha Theta: Dance Club Secy.: Le Circle Francais: Greenbackers: Baptist Student Union. • JAMES A. BELL: Birmingham, Ala.; Delta Sigma Phi. Eighth Row: • KAY BERGERET; New Orleans, La.: Phi Mu; German Club: Newman Club: Young Republicans. • JANE A. BERGMANN: Buffalo, N.Y.: Alpha Epsilon Phi; Le Circle Francais. • JUS- TINE DUMONTIER BERNARD: New Orleans, La.; Alpha Omi- cron Pi; Assets Sec; Greenbackers; Newman Club: Glee Club: Tulane LIniversity Theatre: Panhellenic Council: Vice Chairman Newc. Orientation. • SALLY BERWALD; Shreveport, La.; Pi Beta Phi: Westminster Fellowship: Young Republicans. • LYNNE BIRTEL; New Orleans, La. Ninth Row: • SUE BLACKSHEAR; iMontgomery, Ala.; Chi Omega; Assets Pres.; Beta Beta Beta; Jambalava; Canterbury Club: Student Directory. • PIERRE A. BLAINE: New Orleans, La.; Delta Sigma Phi: Pre-Medical Society: Tusk; Panhellenic Council. • BUDDY BLAUiVl: New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha; Naval ROTC. • JAY BLOCK; Thibodaux, La.; Sigma Alpha Mu: Vice-pres. Soph. Class; Greenbackers: Hillel Founda- tion: Army ROTC; Adelphons: A S Honor Board Student Council; Pi Lambda Beta: Panhel Council; Vice-pres. Phi Eta Sigma. • EMMA BOBO; Tampa, Fla.; Hillel Foundation. 290 SOPHOMORES First Row: • C, KY IIK.NNK ' IT HOCK: Ni-w Orl.ims, I,a.; I ' lii Kjippa SiKiiiii ; Niival KdTC: S|iiiial Drill Triiiii. • II.I- ' .NK. IIOCK; Allaiilii. Ca.; sinnia lli-lia ' Will i.r-l ' ri--. : l)i.riiMl " iy CMancil: ttr-l Wiiii; I ' m- J.i-r|)liini- I.oiii-i-; (;rc ' i-nliarki ' i ; llilli-l Kcniml iliiui, • IHAKV J MODKMIKIMKK: N ' w Orli ' aiis. I.a.; Zria lli-la lau: Naval KUIC. • AI.ICK ll()M)V; N.-» Umidh, I.a.; I ' lii. . hi : Nov- mail aa . • KICIIAUD l. HDHDKLON ; 0|ii-l..u.-as. I.a.: Kappa Sigma; Naval KOTC. Second Row: • |■. .M. k. UOM.I;: Niv Oil.an-. l.,i.; Alpha (lrni.r..n Pi; I,- C.ril,- Krariiai-: I.a ■I ' lTtiilia: Ni ' wnian Club. • Al.liKUT K. imr.l.WI); I.aunl. Mi--.: Kappa Siijnia; IMli Kla Sijinia; Itapli-I Slu,l. ' nl VnUm: Air F..r,r KOTC. • l!i: KRI.V liKlNiJlK; C.v. inglnn. Ti-nn.: Alpha Omiir.in Pi: An Club. • JACKIK KOKTII ' .K MKOWN: N ' l-M Orhaii-. la.: Plii Mil: A Cappi-lla Clinir: Glrr i:hilp. Pro. • TKI) MKOWN: Slinv.p..ri. I.a.: Pn;-M.-iliraI S..- ,i.iv: Air V ' Mrr KOTC: Sali.-r .l. ' l- Drill Ti-am. Third Row: • lliri N HKiiW NSON: Ni-vi- Orl.Miis. La.: Di-lia Zi-la; Ni-w- man Cluh. • GKOlUJK C. liRl ' NKT; N ' rw Orleans. La.: Di-lia .■;ii;nia Phi. • KOI LIIAC lU NKLKY: Slamlnr.l. Ti-x.: Kappa lpha Thi-la. • OWKN HI NN: Lak- VillaRC. Ark.: A.I.Ch.E. Hapii-i Sluil.-nt Vnion. • liAKIiARA UIKDIN: Lafaycllc, La.: C u Oini- ' iia; Frt ' shman Bfauty Court; Jamk LJeauty Court. Nrw Orleans. Ui. Tusl. ; lU SII J Foiirdi Row: • iim; 111 kvant Si m.i: Prc-Mciliral Sm-ic;v li.il.iii,- C.uiHil. • .STI AKT lpha Mu: ar-ily liaM-liall. • If.m-. La.; . lptia Oniii-rnn Pi MKGIMA (CINCKK) liYKD It.irr.u-udas: Tush; Cand ' rhury (!lul» Orl.an-. La.; Phi Delta Thi ' la: A Drill Traill. Kappa Alpha: Phi Lla NL-wmall Cluh: Pan- Milfnrd. C.nn.: Si(;ni.i LLZAliliTH BLTLER: . iw Or- Art Club: Athletic Council. • Jackson. Miss.; Pi IJeta Phi; FRED R. CAGLE: New- Force ROTC; Sahre Jets Fifth Row: • J. C. CAIN: lia-irup. La.: Army ROTC. • ANN GALE; Itm-o " Aire-. Arji ' -nlina: Kapjia Kappa Gamma; Tiish. • JOHN WILLIAM lAMLRON. JR.: Ori. ' ute. Cuba; Sisma Chi. • JO II WW CAMPIIKLL: Tul-a. Okla.; Kappa Alpha Theta; We-i. iMiii-i.r F.ll,.«-hip: Panh.lh-nie Council. • WILLA JEAN C K. MdlCIlK: Opeb.u-.is. La.: Mela Sigma Omicron; Oreailes; New- iii.tn !liih. Sixth Row: • KOIIKKT CAKPLNTEK: New Orleans, La. • CORNELIA Howling CAKKIEK; Na-lnilh-. leon.: Kappa Kappa Gamma: Ore.,,1,-; C.ini.rliars Club. • CATIll ' .KINE CATSLLLS: New Orlean-. I.,i.; Hela .Sij;ma Omicr.ui. • .SLSAN CAVEN; Texar- kana. Ark.: Pi Heta Phi: Wesley Foundation. • AUGL-ST EARI.E CEFALI . JR.; Ainile. Lu.; Kujipa .Sigm:i; li.ipii-i , ' iudinl 1 iiion: i, Force ROI ' C; Circle " K. " Seventh Row: • IIONM.I) L. CIIAMIiERI.AIN. JR.; liav St. Louis. Mis.-.; l|iha lai Onu-Ba: Army ROTC. • RAOl L J. CMIAMEL; New Orleans, La.; A.LE,E, • DEANNA CIIICOLA; Alexandria, La.: Chi Onieca; La Terliilia; Baptist Student I ' nion; . Cappella Choir. • IIVKKV J. CHRIS; J. ' anerette, La.; Heta Tli. ' la Pi; Na- i.d KOIC. . MNCENT JOSEPH ClOLINO; New Orleans, La.; Phi K.i|.p,i Si;;in.i: Prc.. leclical Sociclv; Newman Cluh; Air I.. I.. Hon . EiRhtli liiiw : • MIMl (I ANN: Ne« Orleans. La,; Pi Ileia Phi: Jamum.vtv; Nc«,„,,„ (|„l,. . M RG RET Cl.EVE; Houston. Tex, • HAK- IIARA FAY COHEN; New Orlean-, La.; Alpha Ep-ihm Phi; Campus Nicht; I.e Circle Frai.an-. • ROHERI ' G. GOLEM N- Si. M.irtinville. La.: Phi Dc-lt.i Iheta; PrcMcdi.a l So.iilv, » Gi; NI nil 111! ; Koanoke, Rapids, N.C.: Phi Delta Theta. Ninth Row: • M Milll JANE COLLINS; Ncv I ' l; Vii I lull : I.e Gird.. Francais C. COMHE; New Orleans. La,: Tusk: Naval ROTC. CLAHiE Chi Omeca; I.e Circle Francais; Wesley Foundat E. COOK: Kenner, I.a. • LOIS COPLAN; AilanU Delta Tuu; Hillel Foundation; Glee Cluli Orh ' ans. La.: .Alpha OniicrcMi Canlerliiry Club. • JOHN Kappa Sij;ma ; JvMIlAI. v ; COOK: HalliesburB. Mi--.; • SJT ART Ga.; Sigma 291 isr, 1 ii SOPHOMORES First Row: • CARROLL CORNISH, Houston, Tex.; Kappa Kappa Gamma: , ?set5: Greenbackers Judicial - Council; Westminster Fellowship; Lagniappes; Fscc-Student Council. • PATRICIA COUSINS: Memphis, Tenn.: Pi Be ' a Phi; Sec. Newc. Student Council; As- sets; Tusk; Newcomb Club; Lagniappes. • L. 0. COX, Texar- kana, Arkansas: Naval ROTC; Tailhook Club; Navv Rifle Team. • SIM CO-XE; New Orleans, La.: Phi Delta Theta; Naval ROTC: Panhellenic Council. • MARTHA CRAIG; Austin, Tex.: Pi Beta Phi; Beta Beta Beta; Canterbury Club; Tulane University Theater. Second Row: • ALAN T. CRAMER; Bellaire, Tex.; Beta Theta Pi; Tu- lane Universitv Theatre: Glendy Burke Society; Honor Board. • NAN CAROLYN CRONK; Charlemont, Mass.; Westminster Fellowship; Glee Club: Glendy Burke Society. • E. M. CUL- WELL, JR.: Venezuela, S.A.; Pre-Medical Society: Army ROTC. • RENE A. CURRY, JR.; New Orleans, La.: Alpha Tau Omega; Naval ROTC: Pi Lambda Beta. • DIANA L. CUTLER; Monroe, La.: Chi Omega; Barracudas; Le Circle Francais; Canterbury Club: Lagniappes. Third Row: • MIRIAM DAHMER: Ponchatoula, La.: Alpha Delta Pi: Wesley Foundation: Dorm Council. • SARAH DALTON; New Orleans. La.- Glee Club: Newc. Glee Club, Librarian. • CAMILLE CATHERINE DASPIT: Alexandria. La.; Phi Mu; Glee Club. • J. MICHAEL DASPIT; Bogalusa, La.: Pre-Medical Society: Bap- list Student Union; Air Force ROTC. • .ADRIENNE DAVIS: Baytown, Tex.; Pi Beta Phi; Canterbury Club; Young Repub- licans. Fourth Row: • ADRIENNE F. DAWSON; Ocala, Fla.: Kappa Kappa Gamma: Task; Canterbury Club. • JOSEPH A. DeBLANC, III; New- Orleans, La. • BARBARA LER DEGE N: Tia Juana, Zulia— Ven- ezuela. • LOUIS VICTOR DELAVERGNE: New Orleans, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Naval ROTC: Young Republicans. • JIM- MIE C. DeLOACH; Edgewater. Fla.; Pre-Medical Society; Pep Band; Baptist Student Union; Tulane Band; Air Force ROTC. Fifth Row: • K.ATHRYN DEPASS: Rock Hill. S.C: Kappa Kappa Gamma; Treas. Soph. Class-Newc: Canterburv Club. • 0. R. DEPP, III: Metairie. La.: Phi Eta Sigma: Pre-Medical Societv. • CORTES E. DERUSSY: New Orleans. La.: Delta Kappa Epsilon; Armv ROTC: Young Republicans. • CAROLE DEUTSCHMANN: Metairie. La. • GUY DIAMANT: Ladue, Mo.; Zeta Beta Tau; Hullabaloo. SLxth Row: • FRED HENRY DICKERSON, JR.: Antioch, Calif.; Beta Theta Pi. • AIREY DINKINS; New Orleans, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma: Canterbury Club. • .AINSLIE DINWIDDIE: New Or- leans, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • CECILE DODGE; Spring Hill, Mobile, Ala.; Alpha Omicron Pi: Beta Beta Beta: La Tertulia: Glee Club. • JOSEPH PAUL DRAGO: Port Arthur, Tex.; Phi Kappa Sigma: Pre-Medical Society; Newman Club. Seventh Row: • SANDRA DRAUGHN: Hattiesburg. Miss.; Chi Omega: Art aub: Tusk. • DAVID J. DREZ. JR.; De Quincy, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Pre-Medical Society; Jambal. v. : Greenback- ers; Alpha Phi Omega. • LYNN DUMAS: Charleston, S.C: Alpha Epsilon Phi; Jambalay.a: Hillel Foundation: Campus Night. • CAMILLE DUHE: Baton Rouge, La. • EDWIN BUIE DUNCAN: Houston, Tex.: Kappa Sigma. Eighth Row: • DOTTIE DURAND; Woodbury. Ga.; Kappa Alpha Theta. • ROBERT SCOTT DURHAM; Shreveport, La.; Phi Kappa Sigma: Naval ROTC; Drill Team Mark II: Anchor and Chain. • AN- DREW GARVIN ED.MONSON: Irving, Tex.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Westminster Fellowship; Air Force ROTC; Glendv Burke Societv: Phi Eta Sigma; Dean ' s List. • JUDIE EDWARDS; Norwalk, Conn.: . lpha Omicron Pi: Beta Beta Beta; Tusk, Corres. Sec.: Westminster Fellowship. • FRANCES EGGER; Meridian, Miss.; Chi Omega; Westminster Fellowship. Ninth Row: • WILL J. ELLZEY: New Orleans, La.: Pre-Medical Society; Football: Track; Baptist Student Union. • SALLY ELSAS: At- lanta, Ga.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Jambalaya. • DE.ANNA EMERSON: Houston. Tex.; Beta Beta Beta; La Tertulia; Hillel Foundation: Pre-Medical Society: Glendv Burke Societv. • HAR- VEY K. EMERT; Ladue, Mo.: Zeta Beta Tau; Wave Handbook; Armv ROTC: Pershing Rifles Drill Team; Sgt. • WILLIAM RICH- ARD ENDERLE; New Orleans, La. 292 SOPHOMORES First Row: • IHWkl.lN IMKlM; ,» Orleans, I.n.; Phi Kii[ipa Sicma: IMii Ki.i Sii;iiui: ric- lr-(liiiil Siicii-lv: Ni-wnmn Cluli. • AI.AN E,N(;ili;i{(;: ll..u l..ii. Tix.; IIi1;i Tlii-ia I ' i ; rn- liili.iil S.M-iiiv; Cl™ Club: I ' l.i Km Si|;niu. • CKOltCK K.NDCHS; Ja.k cm, Mi--.; Sigma Clii; Crii-nliai-kiTs: Naval KOTt:: l ' aiilii!l Ciiiincil. • IIKH- BERT J. FALL: Ilmkcnsark, N.J.; Bula Tlai.i I ' i. • NA.NCV FANT: Gulfpiirl, Miss.; Clii Omcpa: Wfslminsli-r Fclli wslii|i. Second Row: • CKOKC.K S. FAItNSWOliTIl, JR.; Ni-w Orleans, La.; D ' ll.i Kappa Kpsil...,. • IIOPK KAKRAR: Al.xumlria. La.; Alpiia Omirrnti I i ; Carnival; llnllnliiiino: Vt ' cslcv Fiiundalion : CUnHlv Burkr Si.ri.iy. • JlOV FARRAR; Harrisliuri;, III.; Alpha Onii. rr«in Pi; ' r-tniin IrT Kcllnw-hip : ( anipu- Nifihl; Tulanc I ' nivrr- sily Thi-alrr; Gh-nilv Uurkr .S.ii-ii-lv ; Sliicl.nl Diri ' il.irv. • JKAN I,. FAZZIO: Nrw Orh-an-. l.ii. • .1. YORK KKITKJ.. JR.; . v Orl.an-. La.; IWia Thria Pi; A.I.Ch.i:.. Naval ROTC. Third Row: • JKKKV FKLI); ll.msk.n, T.-x.; Zola Bcia Tau; Naval ROK.. • BETIY FIFLU: l.akr Charl.s. La.: Chi Omega; Wesiminsier Fellowship. • SUSAN KAY FISHER: Pallas. T.-x.; Sigma Delia Tau See.; Danee Club: llillel Fimndaliim; Campus Night. • BEAl " FLY; Memphis. Tenn.; Pi Bela Phi; • PAT FLY; Mem phis. Tenn.; .-X.I.A. Fourth Row: • FKAMINE FOREMAN: New Orleans. La.; Beta Sigma Omi.r.in: Hapiist Sluileni I ni..n. • CRAIG FORSHNER: Green- W.I...1. Mi-.: Sigma Aljiha Epsil.m: Hiilhlmtoo; Army ROTC. • MARY l.rCILLE FOIRNFT; St. Martinville. La. • JLIIITH FREEM N; .Miami. Fla.; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • RICHARD FREEMAN. JR.; New Orleans. La.; Delia Kappa Epsil.m; Phi Eta Sigma. Fifth Row: • KOWI.I) J. FRENCH; H.mst..n. Tex.; B.na Theta Pi: Phi Ela Sigma: Pre-Medieal S.ieiely; Tush. • ROBERT B. FRIED- MAN: Bnn.klyn. N.Y.: Alpha Epsilnn Pi; Pre-Medieal Soeicly; Tusk; Mill.-l Fiiundatiiin: Campus Night; Panhel Couneil. • ROSl.YN HARRIET KHOHMAN; Laurel. .Mis-.; Alpha Epsil.m Phi: Uanee Club: La Turiulia. • JAMES BRUCE GAFILL, III: South Bend. Ind.: Kappa Alpha, • JOHN JAY CART; Ne« York. N.Y.; Tau Epsil.:in; Pre-Medieal Society; Hillel F..un- dali..n: Tulane Ban.l; Air F..r.e ROTC. Sixth Row: • GEDGE GAYLE. JR.: Lake Charles. La.: Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon: Pre-Medieal Society; J mbm. va; Canterbury Club; .Xir F..r.e ROTC; Sabre Jets. • BARBARA GEHRKIN; N.w Orleans. La.; Phi Chi Theta. • GAY GFLLER: El Paso, Tex.: Sigma Delta Tau; I.e Cir.le; La T.rlulia: TnsL : llillel F..unilati..n ; Campus Night. • LOLITA GKLPI; New Orleans. La.; Pi Beta Phi: Barracudas; Westminster Felh.wship. • C. MALCOLM GENET. JR.; New Orleans, La.; Phi Delta Theta; Tulane University Theatre. Seventh Row: • STEPHEN M. Gini.ESON: Ehishing, N.Y.; Alpha Epsil..M Pi: Pr.-M.-.li.al Soeieiv, • MILTON GODAIL: Metairie. La. • PAl L M. GODI.IN: Miami H.Meh. Fla.: Alpha Epsil.m Pi: Pi Lamhila B.ta. • ICKI GOLDBERG; Indianap..lis. In.l.; Sigma D.-lia T.m: An Club; Hill.l E..undalion. • I.EROY E. GOI.TZ- MAN: Eunire. La.; Zeta Bel.. T.iu. Eighth Row: • InllN . GONZALES; Benavides. T. ' X.; Sigma Chi • GAII .ll(ll) l N; New Orl.-ans, La.; Alpha Ei.silon Phi; la T.rluli.. • GEORGE E. GRACE; M..bil,.. Ala.; Sigma Alpha Epsih.n: Phi Lla Sigma: Tulan.- Univ.r-itv I ' healer; Armv ROTC. • HER- BERT S. GREENW All). JR.; Maeon. Ca.; Zeta ' B.ta Tau; Hull,,- I ' ulm,: Army ROTC; Glen.lv Burke S.ieietv. • MARY HEI EN GRIFFIN; Gr.enville, Miss.; Phi Mu; Carnival; Greenbaekers; Canterbury Club; Campus Night; Glendy Burke S.ieiely. Ninth Row: • I 1!UY C.RDSS; H.mst,.n. T.x.; Zela Beta Tau; Pre-M.-di.al N..„iv, . CI XDYBELLEGRIBER: W, Monroe. U,.; ChiOnuga; Army lvOH: ,u,„-t: Qun-n Fr.sh. B.-autv Cni.-si: J.ivin Beautv l...urt . DALE GRINDFEST; K.dling Fork. Mi--.; A ' pha Epsi- lon Ih. R.e. .S,,..; l!,,rraeudas S.v.; La Terlulia; Hillel Foun.la. " on, . JOE D. Gl ERIERD; Monn.e. La.: Phi Ela Sigma; Jvm- ' ' i " ,,-Vd ' 7 " ' - ' " I ' I " ' ' : I ' i Lamb.la Bela. • .MARGARET ANN UAGER; M..b,le. Ala.: Canterbury Club; Corres. See.; Interfaith Council; Sailing Club, m 4 HitiNBi 293 v:-rf;ti3«a;:. SOPHOMORES First Bow: o PATTY HANLEY; New Orleans, La.: Alpha Omicron Pi; I.e Circle Francais; Newman Club Sec. • LeROY A. HARPER; New Orleans, La. • ANN B ' . HARRIS; Dallas, Tex.; Sigma Delta Tai; AtlileJic Council; Jambalaya Class Editor: Greenijackers: HiUel Foun(lati m; Campus Night; Panhellenic Rep. • RONALD HART: New Orleans, La.; Delta Sigma Phi; Naval ROTC. • JAMES B. HATCHETTE; Lake Charles, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Second Row: • MARTHA HATTEN; Gulfport, Miss.: Chi Omega; Dorm Council; Le Circle Francais; Tusk: Canterbury Club; Honor Board Newc. College. DIAN HAWLEY; Marshall. Tex.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Dorm. Council; Canterbury Club. • HELEN HAY- DEN: Birmingham, Ala.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Assets; Tush; Ho use Council. • ELIZABETH McCLURE HAYS; Lexington, Ky.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Dance Club. • ODOM BERNHARDT HEEBE: New Orleans. La.; Beta Theta Pi; Delta Sigma Pi. Third Row: » ANDREW WILSON HERRON, III; Delray Beach, Fla.; Beta Theta Pi: Sports Club. • KAY HECKER; New Orleans, La.; . ' Vlpha Omicron Pi: La Tertulia; Newman Club; Sailing Club, o JOLISE HEIDERHOFF; New Orleans, La.; Beta Beta Beta; La Tertulia; Newman Club; International Relations Club: Sailing Club; Student Directory. • JAMES L. HELM, JR.; New Iberia, La.: Beta Theta Pi. • j. H. HELM; New Iberia, La.; Beta Theta Pi: Greenbackers. Fourth Row: • PATKICU YUKYIN HEW; Metairie. La. • KATHLEEN IIICKEY; New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Newman Club. • BARRIE C. HIERN; New Orleans, La.; Beta Theta Pi; Pre- Medical Society. • KEVIN HILL; New Orleans. La.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Newman Club. • BARRY HILLEBRANDT; Lake Charles, La.: Kappa Sigma. Fifth Row: • JANE LOOISE HIGGINS; Gretna, La.; Alpha Delta Pi; Wesley Foundation; German Club. • CAROLYN HIRSHBERG: Sears- dale, N.Y.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Jamei. • SALLY HITE; Caushatta, La.: Phi Mu: Le Circle Francais: Glendv Burke Society; Inter- national Relati(ms Club. • SHERRELL HOFFMAN; ' Mobile, Ala.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Dance Club; A Cappella Choir; Tulane University Theater. • JAMES ALEXANDER HOLLIDAY; New Orleans, La.; Kappa Sigma; Pre-Medical Society; Westminster Felhiwsbip; A Cappella Choir; Glee Club. Sixth Row: • RON HOLMBERG; Brooklyn, N.Y.: Tennis Varsity Letter; Newman Club. • GEORGE F. HORNE; Clarksville. Ark.: Pep Band: Tulane Band; Air Force ROTC. • JERRY HOROWITZ; .Vtlanta, Ga.; Sigma Alpha . ' Iu : Student Council; Army ROTC. • WILLIAM R. N. HOWELL; New OHeans, La. • JANE IGERT; Pad u-ah, Ky.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Vice-Pres. Class; Beta Beta Beta: U()rm. Council: La Tertulia; A Cappella Choir; Lagniappes. Seventh Row: • HARRY BERT IRELAND, JR.; Memphis. Tenn.: Pi Kappa Alpha; German Club; Pre-Medical Society; Track. • STEVEN KARL IVERSON; Tulsa, Okla.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Tusk; Westminster Fellowship; Air Force ROTC; Adelphons. • RONALD A. JACOBS; New Orleans, La.; Delta Sigma Phi; Air Force ROTC: Alpha Psi Omega. • AUDREY JACOBS: Chattanooga, Tenn.: Sigma Delta Tau : Le Circle Francais; Jambalaya; Tusk; Hillel Foundation; Campus Night; International Relations Club. • CHARLOTTE G. JACOBS; Bayside, N.Y.; Alpha Epsilon Phi. Eighth Row: • J(li:i. JACOBSON: Indianap(dis. Ind.; Zeta Beta Tau: Jam- liAi.AYA Organizations Ed; Wave Handbook. Asst. Ed. • JANE M. J.ANSSEN; New Orleans, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma: Dance Club; Newman Club. • ANN JARRELL; Monroe, La.: Pi Beta Phi; Art Club; Canterbury Club. • GAYLE F. JOHN: New Orleans, La.; Delta Zeta. • STORMY JOHNSON: Port Arthur, Tex.; Sigma Chi See.; Newman Club; Pre-Medical Society; Adelphons. Ninth Row: « .MARILYN JONES; New Orleans. La.: Kappa Alpha Theta; Canlerbury Club. • ROBERT G. JONES: Lake Charles, La.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: AICheE: Drill Team Air Force • VIRGINIA MARIE JONES; Shreveport. La.; Pi Beta Phi; Barracudas; Le Circle Francais; Newman Club; Jamu Beauty Court. • SANDRA JONGSMA; New York, N.Y.: Delta Zeta: ' Tulane Band: Pan- hellenic Rep. • WALTER DANIEL JUDLIN, III; New Orleans, La.; Pi Kappa .Mpha. 294 SOPHOMORES First Row: • l ' K(;(:V KAIIN: Hil rninnlliiin. Ala,; Al|.li.i l-.p-ilnn I ' hi; llillrl K.Mllulali.Ml. • MIT I k l ' i;i.l.: l.in|.lii-. T.imi.: Sijirna l).-ll,i r.m- ■ ' . .. • llilli-1 K..nnii.[ii..ii. • 1I{A DAN II) KASKKI,; K..rc-i Hill. .V.: Siiiiim Alplu. lu: AlCliK; Ariiiv KOTt;. • IK l. (; K M-: . MiiiTni. Kh..: . l|,lm K.i.hI.im I ' i. • IIKNHV OSCAK KAY: TyliT, Tt-x.; Siuma Alpha Kp il. ' ii; l ' rcAl,,li,al Smi.iv : Hiilliilniloo; Jamiialaya; Wi ' slcy Kuiirnlaiinn. Si ' coiid R(t v: • KiMNn KKI.l.ER; New Orleans, La.: Delia Kappa Kpsiinn: N,i,„i,,i, Clul.; Air Fi.ri-i- ROTC. • NN KKI.l.Y: N.-w ()rlran , I.e.; K.ipip.i Kappii Gamiiia. • Sl ' SIK. KKI.l.Y: Oak Gmve, I.a.; K.ipp.i Alpha Thria. • C.liK.TCIIKN KKRM ' .: Thihodaux. La.: Alpha D. ' ha I ' i: Nrwniaii Cluh. • JAMI ' .S K. KINCAID: New Orh ' aiis, La.: Delia Tan Delia: Slucleni Cnuii.il; W ..rlil Univ. Serv. (liiiirctiilaliir. Third Row: • WM; KI.KIN: .Shievc-p..rl. I.a. LIWI MNCKNT K l{;iir. .IK.: K| -il " li: Phi F.la . ' i ' ;ma; . ir Kmee JR.: New Orleans, La.: Alpha T MANN: New Orleans, La.: Kapp Glee Cluh iee.Pres. ; Alpha Kpsih.n I ' lu. • Wll. l!..Calnsa, La.: Si-ma Alpha ROTC. • OMKR F. Kl ' I ' .liKL, lu Omej;a. • JKWKI. KISS- Alpha Thela: Newman Cluh; KRLD I.AMPK; r..resi Hills. N.Y. Fourth Row: • I. L I.APl Y ADK, JR.: New Orleans. L.i. • JAMI ' .S R. 1, H(ISK: New Orh-ans. La.: Delia Tau Delia: Traek: r«.s7,-; Newman Cluh: Alpha Phi Omej;a. • JACK l.ASHONKR: New Orleans. La.: AIChE: ASCK. • DIANK LASSEN: New Orleans. La.: Hillel F.iunilalhm. • FRANCIS EMILF LAURENT: New Orh ' ans. La.: Kappa Sijiina: See.-Treas. En :. Sehool. Fifth Row : • l in SA I)K I.KA: M. iairi, ' , La.: Newman Cluh: Glee Chih. • TIKI l.KlillVMT : La. ej;as. Nev.: Sicma Delia Taj: P.iM llel Cuun.-il. • SAN l.FINHARDT: Grelna, La.; Westminsler Fellowship: Armv ROTC. • LYNDA LEVIN; Dallas, Tex.; Sigma Delia Tau. • J.VNICE NN LEWIS: New Orleans, La.: Phi .Mu; D.ine,- Cluh: Tiisl;: Sailin;; Cluh. Sixth Row : • I KY LEWIS; II. .p.-. Ark.: Pi lieM I ' hi; liarraeu.las; We lev 1 i.l.iliun. • JOHN POWELL l.IPSCOM IJ; l ' .-n.-ae.,la. Ela.; I ' hi K.ippa Si ni.i: Phi Ela Si ma: Pre-Mediial S " eiely; (Jrei ' iihaek.T. ; Inlerf.iilh C.iuneil: Weslev E ' nunilali.in. • JO LYNN LLOYD; Lake Charles, La.: Chi Omega; Newman Cluh. • EDWARD .1. lOGlE, JR.: Manhassel. N.Y.: Army ROTC. • W. ERIC II NDIN; New Orleans, La.: Kappa Alpha; Newman Cliih. Si ' vi-nlh Row: I I I ' lN: • SWIM ' El.l Si;;m,l Signi.j (;hi MACKIE: l (;il)S; i:lii Thela; (!ainpu. N RdSM IND MAITKE J VMIIM.W . N.u llElra,,.. I ,.; lpl,,, Kp i|,.n I ' i; Phi • C. I ' .MUlCk IACAl .. ' ; Aiilii;ua. (Jualemala; Newman Cluh: Armv ROI ' C; Pershing Rifles. • DALE Meiairie, La.: Delia Kappa Epsih.n. • SAMMY li. Ilnu-lnn. Tex.; . lpha Epsiliui Pi: Phi Ela Sigma; I ' hi Inlraninriil Cieineil; (irei-nliaeker.; Ililh-I Fiuinihilinn ; ghi; Army ROTC: Pi I.amh.la lieia. • ADKIENNE New Orh ' aii ' . La.: Ka|ipa K.tpp.i Gamma; Kinlilli Row: • I RANK S. l M.lSO; New Orleans. L.i. • Mol.l. ' l MANC- HAM; Kensinginn. l.l.; Chi Omega: Vi ' .slev F..unil;ili.ui. • TVTIANA NMRINDOMCH: New Orleans, La.: Alpha Omi- •1 " " I ' i; rl Cluh: Le Cirele Franeais: Newman Cluh. • RON N MXNSIIFRG; New Orleans, La.: Sigma Alpha Mu. • IfVl!- llAR.y MARCl .S; Viekshurg. Miss.: Alpha Epsih.n Phi: D..rm. CiMineil; Creenliaekers: Hillel Fmnulalinn: Campus Nighl; Lagni- appe.4. Ninth Row: • .1111-1 MMilKK; Cleveland. Tenn.; Chi Omega: liarraeudas: W.-hi l-..un,l.,ii„n. • EDRED THOMAS MARSH. JR.; Berea. Oh...; Sigma Clii; Traek: W e.lev Fouu.lali..n : C.lee Cluh. • HEN. ;; " ' ' ' -AKE M RTIN. JR.; iek.hurg. Mi.,.; Kappa Sigma: I reMedleal Sneiely. • GAY G. MARTIN. HC: lla.elhiir-l. Miss.; K. ' ppa Sigma: Malh Chih: A Cappella Choir; Che duh Pre..: m ' ' .7,. ' .,} " ' ' ' ' ' ' " ' I ' ' ' ' ■■ ' " ■ ' ' •• " " ' ■ • ' ' " l!illlM Mi I ' i:E MAKIIN; Alheria. Canaila: Oreades. 3 Q 295 SOPHOMORES Delta First Row: • MICHAEL E. MARTIN: Watseka, III.: Delta Tau Psvch. Maj. Club. • LOU MARTIN: Wichita Falls. Tex,: Pi Beta Phi: Young Rep. • MUMA LOUIS MARQUETTE, JR.; New Orleans. La. • KEITH MASON, JR.; Shreveport, La.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Pre-Medical Society Vice-Pres. • WILLIAM E. MAYHER, III: Columbus, Ga.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Pre- Medical Society. Second Row: • JOHN S. MAVAR: Biloxi, Miss.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; New- man Foundation; Naval ROTC. • MAXWELL McCOMBS; Birm- ingham, Ala.: Carnival; Hullabaloo; Wesley Foundation; Army ROTC: Glendy Bjrke Society; Y iung Democrats: Phi Eta Sigma. • SANDRA MARY McCUNE; New Orleans, La.; Sailing Club. • HARRY McENERNY, III: New Orleans, La.: Kappa Alpha: Newman Club. • BEN McMINN: Little Rock, Ark.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Third Row: • MILNER WAYNE McVADON; Baton Rouge, La.; Phi Delta Theta; Jambalaya; Greenbackers; Naval ROTC. • MARTHA MEANS: Stonewall, La.: Kappa Kappa Gamma; Le Circle Fran- cais; Canterbury Club. • JANICE MELE: New Orleans. La.; Delta Zeta: Tusk; Westminster Fellowship. • BARBARA LEE MILLER; Marshfield. Wis.: Alpha Epsilon Phi; Jambalava; Campus Night. • JEANNETTE M. MILLS; Plainfield, N.J.; . lplui Delta Phi; Le Circle Francais; Westminster Fellowship. Fourth Row: • MIREILLE MODENBACH; Metairie, La.: Beta Sigma Omi- cron: La Tertulia; Wesley Foundation. • MARILYN PHILLIPS MONROE; New Orleans. La.; Alpha Omicron Pi: Le Circle Francais: Newman Club. • CAROL ANN MOORE: San An- t mio. Tex.: Pi Beta Phi: Westminster Fellowship: Jamb Beauty Court. • MILDRED MORRIS; Highland Park, III.; Alpha Ep- silon Phi. • JOHNNY MONTURIOL M.; San Hose, Costa Rica; Weslev Foundation. Fifth Row: • GLYNN MORGAN; Meridian, Miss.; Pre-Medical Society: Baptist Student Union; Young Democrats; Phelps House Council. • LINDA MORRELL: Orlando, Fla.; Sigma Delta Tau: Hillel Foundation Sec. • MICHAEL M. MOSS; N. Plainfield. N.J.: . lplia Epsilon Pi; Hillel Foundation; Pre-Medical Society. • ARTHUR A. MOTT; New Orleans, La.; Air Force ROTC. • DON BLACK MUNSON; New Orleans, La.; Tusk; Army ROTC; Pershing Rifles. Sixth Row: • CHARLES B. MURPHY, JR.; New Orleans, La.: Kappa Alpha: Tusk; Newman Club. • WILLIAM H. MURPHY; New Orleans, La.: Delta Sigma Phi; Naval ROTC. • HUGH THOMAS MUR- RAY: New Orleans. La.; Channing Club. • JOE DAVID MUS- SAFER: Montgomery, Ala.; Zeta Beta Tau; Army ROTC; Golf. • MAURICE MUSSAFER; Montgomery, Ala.; Zeta Beta Tau; Army ROTC. Seventh Row: • ANN ELIZABETH NAGEL: Padunah. Ky. • GEORGE NAS- SAR; Jackson, Miss.; Tusk; Newman Club: Air Force ROTC. • RAYMOND V. NAVARRE: New Orleans. La. • VIRGINIA NIEHAUS; El Paso, Tex.; Chi Omega; La Tertulia: Canterbury Club. • ANTHONY J. NICHOLSON: Winnetka. III.; Zeta Beta Tau; Hullabaloo; Army ROTC; Pershing Rifles; Pres. Soph. Bus. College. Eighth Row: o IVESON B. NOLAND; Alexander. La.: Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon; Canterbury Club; Naval ROTC. • JUDY O ' BRIEN; Mor- gan City, La.; Pi Beta Phi: Dorm Council; Greenbackers; Can- terburv Club; Honor Board Newc. College: Big Sister. • ROBERT R. ODDONE: San Francisco, Calif.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Pre-Medical Society; Tusk; Newman Club- Pan-Hel Council. • DONNA ANN ODOM; Metairie, La.; Newman Club. • JAN OGLETREE: Houston, Tex.; Dorm Council; Pre-Medical Society; Newman Club. Ninth Row: • .MARY ELLEN O ' QUINN; Lufkin. Tex.: Chi Omega. • DL ANNE ORKIN: Jackson, Miss.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Assets; Cheerleaders: Greenbackers: Lagniappes: Big Sister. • H. GENE OTWELL: Meridian. Miss.; Canterbury Club. • DONALD JE- ROME PALMISANO; New Orleans, La.: Newman Club. • MITTIE PARHAM; New Orleans, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma: Canterbury Club. 296 SOPHOMORES First Uou: • Wll.l.lAM II. I ' AliKKK; Mvii.n. I.i.; I ' lii V.ui Sicrna: Army KOTC. • BKKT I ' AUKS; Alluiilii. C.i.; Sicmu Alpha lii; I ' n-. M,-ili,al S..,irlv; HUM Fc.unilali..n. » CIIAHI.KS I ' A.SSMAN; Kraiiklinron. I.a.; r....lliall; Hapli-l Slnili-nl I ' nii.n. • lONK TOltV I ' ASTKl.i Nrw Orltan.. I.a.: Ilill. ' l K..un(laii,.n. • liOM- EKI ' M. I ' ATTON: Mcniplii).. Tenii.; Kappa Sinnia; llilliany hi- lowsliip Pres.; CIcc Club; Phi Ela Sigma. Second Row: • (ili l I ' KMfCY: Dullas, T.x.: I ' hi D.lia Th.ia. • J. D. I ' i:iliSl)l : D.ivlon.i l).M.-h. Fla.: liarracuila-; Sailing Cluh. • Gl.iiAI.DlNK I ' KKoXAIi: Nov Orl.-any, I.a.: Alpha Kpnlon I ' hi. • JOHN K. I ' Kl.ril-.K: N.-w Orleans, I.a.: I ' hi ICia Si(;ma: Canniia Dilla. • H() A. I ' K.NDLKTON: N.wOrh-ans, La.: Army KOTC: I ' .r-hinj; Killi-: A.S.C.K. Third K n : • UOliKUr II. riADLKIU.N: N.w Oil.ans, I.a.; Air Force KOTC; Sahrr Jiis. • JKSSK iS. PKKKKI ' T. JK.; Cnlfp..ri. Miss.: A.I.A. • MAKTIN PKFITJEAN. II: Kavm-. La.: Sigma Chi: N.-wman Cluh. • rUFI) PF OW: YnunBslmvn. Ohi " : Z.-la Brla Tail; I ' lii Ela Si;;Mi.i: l ' r.-. l.(li,al Soiirly: Hillel Fi.undaliim: Di.rm Cuuiuil. • ItlLLV PIERCE: Nrw Orleans. La.: Si ma Clii : Weslniinstcr Felliiwship. Fourth Row: • ClIAKLENE PODAS; Miniieapi.lis. Minn.; Kappa Alpha Thi ' la: S.-I-. Soph. Class Ni-wi-. Cc lk-|;i-: Tush; Li Tcrlulia. • JIT)Y POLAKOFF: Housl.m, T.-x.: Sipnia Delia Tau, Pres.; 1.1 Terlulia: Hillel Fi.undalh.n. • BUDDY ?OLLAK; Pensamla, Fla.: Zeta Bela Tau; Inlranriral (; mnril; Greenbackers: Hillel F.Min,lali..n: Sailinj; Club. • BEE POLLOCK: Dallas. Tex.; Prc- Meilieal Sneiely; .Alhlelie Cnuneil Treas.; Barracudas: Jlnllnbti- lint; Jamu.alaya; Greenbackers: Canterhurv Club: Campus Nighl; I.agniappes. • HARRY POND; Monirose. -Ma.; Kappa .Mpha: Tush: Canterbury Cluh; Lagniappes. Fifth Row: • .liiSll ' IIINE POPE; Metairie. La.: Alpha Omicrnn Pi. • GAM.E LY NE PORTE: New Orleans. La.; Beu. Sigma Onii- rr..n. • SIDNEY R. POXEDANO: New Orleans. La.; Delia Sigma Phi. • DIANE POWELL; Karnack. Tex.: Kappa Alpha Thela; Canlerbury Club. • JAN C. POWELL: Bngalu.sa, La.; Pre- Iedical Society; Baptist Student Union; Army KOTC; Pres. Irby Dorm Council. Sixth Row : • l-IU.D PKEAIS: Farmerville. La.: Kappa Sigma: 7 ' ». A ; . delplinns: Pi Lambda Beta Treas.: Pan-Hel Council: Student C.uncil; Pulerson H..usc Council. • FREIDA PRESSNER; New Orleans, La. • LINDA PRINZ: F..rt Worth. Tex.: Sigma Delia Tau; Jamualava: An Cluh: Hillel Foundation: Student .Xciiv- iiies Board. • GRACE MARIE PI LS: Hammond. La.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Le Circle Francais: Canterbury Club. • SARAH JANE Ql INN: Lake Charles. La.: Chi Omega; Dance Club: -Newman ( " lub: .Air Force ROT{; Sponsor. Si ' voiith Row: • KLIZABI-.TH E. KAIIN: Allaniic Ciiv. N.J.; Alpha Epsih.n Phi: (ilee Club. • EMILE A. RAINOLD. Ill: New Orleans, La.; Alpha Tau Omega: Air Force KOTC. • PHILIP RASCH; New Orlcns. La.: Bela Theta Pi. • ROIiKRT RED.- TONE: Shrcvc port. I.;!.; Zila Bela Tau: J Mll r vv; Pi L.imhda Bela Sec. rmy KOTC; Kille Team. • LORRY ANN REINSTEIN: Kan- sas City, Mo.; Alpbu Epsilon Phi. Kighth Row : • SWU Kl G. ULISER; No, Orleans, La.: Westminster Fclh.w- -hil.. • HON Mil JdSKI ' H RESII; New Orleans. La.; Didta Tau li-li.i: Alpha Chi Sigma: A.I.Ch.E.: Tink. " GWENDOLYN Iflll ; San Anionio, Tex.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • JAMES II. Ifli II, JR.: New Orleans, La.: Pi Kappa Alpha; Naval ROTC. • SI S Kli:i;S; Shrevepori. la.: Pi Bela Phi. Ninth Row: • lllirv UIKKERS: Madi-on, Wis.: Iiarr.icudas: Le Circle Francais; Studenl Directory Ext. Ed.: German Club. • A. J. KIZZO: New Orleans, La.: Newman Club: Air Force ROTC. • ALAN I!. ROBBINS: Brookline. Mass.; Alpha Epsilon Pi: Soc. A.lv. Man.ig. incut : Armv ROTC: Young Democrats. • Tt)NI KOBKRIS: O.ik Grove, la.: Kappa Alpha •lliela: Weslcv Foun- ilulion. • CAROLE ROI NK K: D.illas. Tex.; Alpha Epsilon Phi: Alhlctie Council; La Tcrtulia; J m1im.ava; Tusk; Campus Nighl; Nal ' l Student Asso, 9 S 7% ii ' k. 4 a 9 297 SOPHOMORES First Row: • PAUL ROSENBLUM: New Orleans. La.: Zeta Beta Tau. • . LLEN ROSEXZWEIG: Houston, Tex.: .Alpha Epsilon Pi: Hillel Foundation: .Air Force ROTC: Adelphons: Pi Lambda Beta. • LAWRE. CE MEHL ROSENBERG: Winnetha. 111.: Zeta Beta Tau: Army ROTC: Pershing Rifles. • PAULA W. ROSS: New Orleans, La.: Alpha Epsilon Phi. • DUKE ROSS; Islip, N.Y.; Phi Kappa Sigma: Track, Second Row: • ANN ROSTEET: Lake Charles. La.: Alpha Delta Pi: New- man Club: Student Directory. • MIGNON MARIE ROUSSET; New Orleans. La.: Kappa Alpha Theta. • JAY I. ROZEN: Tulsa, Okla.: Sigma . lpha Mu: Pre-Medical Society: Phi Eta Sigma. • MAREN RUELLO: New Orleans. La.: Kappa Alpha Theia: Art Club: Dance Club; Newman Club. • EDWIN PRICE RUSSO: New Orleans, La. Third Row: • PETER JOHN SACCO, JR.: New Orleans, La.: Newman Club, • RUTHIE SACK: Tyler. Tex.: Alpha Epsilon Phi. • PATRICIA . NN ST. .A.NGELO: New Orleans. La.: Beta Sigma Omicron: Oreades. • PEGGY ST. MARTIN; Biloxi, Miss.; Phi Mu: Oreades: Hullabaloo; Westminster Fellowship; Young Republi- cans. • ROY A. ST. PAUL: New Orleans, La.: Delta Kappa Epsilon: Beta Beta Beta; Sigma Pi Sigma; Newman Club: Cam- pus Night: Sailing Club; Sports Car Club. Fourth Row: • KATHLEEN SAMSOT: New Orleans, La.: Chi Omega; New- man Club. • MARIO VINCENT SANTELLI: Knoxville, Tenn,: Delta Sigma Phi. • SALIM G. JEE SATTAR; Karachi, Pakistan. • HARRIET SCHAFFER; Atlanta. Ga. " MARTIN ALLEN SCHAGRIN: Wilmington. Del.; Sigma Alpha Mu: Task; Pi Lambda Beta, Fifth Row: • GAIL SCHEXNAYDER: Donaldsonville. La.: Phi Mu: Newman Club; Glee Club. • LETTIE F. SCH.EXNAYDER: New Orleans, La.: Phi Mu: Dance Club; Newc. Handbook; Newman Club. • PAUL A. SCHMIT; New Orleans, La,; Naval ROTC, • SALLY SCHNEIDAU: Norwalk, Conn.: Alpha Delta Pi: La Tertulia: Glee Club. • STEVE SCHNEIDER: Savannah. Ga.: Sigma Al- pha Mu, Sixth Row: • SALLY ANN SCHOONOVER: Houston, Tex,: Pi Beta Phi. • ANNE DEVEREUX SCHULZE: Metairie, La.; Pi Beta Phi: New- man Club. • ROLAND M. SEARCY, JR.: Bryan, Tex,: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Naval ROTC. • PHILIPP A. SEELIG: New Or- leans. La.; Sigma Alpha .Mu. • SYLVIA ANN SEIFERTH; New Orleans, La.; Kappa jVlpha Theta; Newman Club. Seventh Row: • FRED SEXTON. JR.: Shreveport. La.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Honor Board A S College: Panliel. Council. • MIRIAM SHINKLE: HuntsviUe. Ala. • KAY SIEGEL: New Orleans. La.: Alpha Epsilon Phi. • W YNE SIEGEL; Jacksonville. Florida; Sigma .Mpha Mu: Pre-Medical Society: Hillel Foundation. • ROGER H. SILVER. JR.: Mansfield, La,: Kappa Sigma Treas.: Sec. Soph. BBA Class: S ' estminster Fellowship: Vice-President Glee Club: Vice-President Young Rep.; Paterson House Council, Eighth Row: • PA. I SILVERMAN: .Miami. Fla.; J.imb.ilava: Greenbark- ers: Hillel Foundation: Campus Night. • ELAINE SHEILA SIMOVITZ: Tampa. Fla.: Alpha Epsilon Phi.« BARBARA SIMP- SON: San Francisco. Calif.: Phi Mu: Le Circle Francais; New- man Club. • DON SINGER: Atlanta. Ga.; Sigma Alpha Nu; Psychology Major Club. • PHYLLIS ANN SISON; New Orleans, La.: Beta Sigma Omicron. Ninth Row: • CAROL SMITH; New Orleans, La.: Kappa .Alpha Theta; New- man Club. • DERWIN SMITH; New Orleans, La.; Alpha Tau Omega: Tusk. • SUSAN M. SMITH; Chicago. 111.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Le Circle Francaise: Weslev Foundation: Sailing Club: Young Rep. • GEORGE SNELLING, III: Monroe, La,; Delta Kappa Epsilon: Tusk: Canterburv Club: Young Rep, • MARILYN CHARLOTTE SOLTZ: Pine ' Bluff, Ark.; Alpha Ep- silon Phi: Hillel Foundation. 298 SOPHOMORES I ' ' iis( Kow: • ndiiini II. Miwir.ii: it;iyiir. r.;i.: sidiiKi t:iii. • J WHS KDW Mill SI ' K.NCK: ll.iliir-liiiri;. li--.: K.ipiiii Si|;in:i; I ' hi 1.1.1 Sitrim; W.-i.v Kouiiiiaii..,,. • DOUOTIIV JAM ' . SIM IS KliC ; ' IM. 1, ' ' r .: i|ili.i Kp-iii.Ti I ' hi: H;irr;iciiilii-: I.i- Cinli- Kram-iiis. • J (kll-: SI ' UIIA: N.w Orl.Mil-. I.a.: CaniplH Nielli Tn-lis. • HOW l(|i ( lidVIW Kl.l. SIAM.KV; N.w ()rli-an .. l.ii.; Kiippa Sipnia: Nav.il KOTC. Second Row: • JOHN IKIUiV STKIN; lial.m Rcur.-. I.a.: Si;:iiKi Alplia Kp- «i|..n; Air Knr.r UdIC: I ' hi Kla Sij-ma. • SANDKA STKIN; Birniinnluim. Ala. • SA U KI. W. Sl ' KlN; Cr.v.- C.urur, Mi..; ZiMtt Bi-lu Tuu; llulluhnUm Cin-iilalimi M(;r.; Tiisli; Ilillil F..un(lai!on; Arniv ROTC: Per hinc Killcs; Ail.-lpli(ins. • CAR- un N S ' l ' KIMlKiiC; Nrw Iberia. La.; Alpha Kpsilim I ' hi. • luiTlir, STllKK " ! ; Ni-w Orlfiiiis. La.; I ' i l! -ia Phi; J.vmiiai.ava ; jN..»iu.mi Cluh. Third Row: • Ml I. SI I lU ' .KON; Aiij-lin, Ti-x.; Alpha Di-lla Pi; Ni-winail t:lali; Siu.l.nt Dir.rh.ry C.py Kil. • COl.I.KKN SLLLIVA.N; Ali- anilri,i. La.; Alpha Omiin.n Pi; A -i-l...; Iiarraiuila ; Tiisl : Cli-n.ly liurkr So.iciy. • UKTTY SI LI. I A.N; Si. Lcuis Mi .; Alpha OiniiTiMi Pi: I.i- Cir.lc Franrais; Newman Cluh. • PAT Sill l AN; Cleveland, Tenn.: Alpha Omiernn Pi: Wesley F..un- .liih.M • I (llilS SI TTON; Jeanerelte, La.; Clei. Cluh. Fourth Row: • lUtDLKlCK v.. SttlCTMAN: R:ivville. La.; Sijima Alpha Kp. ' i- Inn. • ZKLDA SZODOMKA: N..iv Orleans. La.: Chi Omega; Newman Cluh. • SIIIRI.KV ANN TAFKEL: Atlanta. Ca.; Alpha Ep-il..n Phi; La Terlulia; Hillel F.iunrlali.m. • DIANF TAY- l.()|{; All.inla. Ga.; Chi Onieca: l)iirn Ci.uneil; Canlerhiiry Cluh. • l KC. Mil ' . T TAYLOR; l,.nr..e. La.; Chi()niej;a; Dnrm Cum- ,,!; .«tiKin Cluli; I ' r.-. J. L. Il..u-e. Fifth Row : • 11.1.1 1 TAYLOR. JR.; Thih..claux. La.: Phi Kappa Sigma; N.,val ROTC. • JOHN WEBSTER TEACUE; Memphis. Tenn. • IIINKV L TELES; New Orleans. La.: Alpha Epsihm Pi. • I1M1NI lESSIIOKE: New Orleans. La. • DOUGLAS THILT- I. EN: El Campu, Tex.; Phi Delia Theia: Glee Cluh. Sixth Ro%v: • Jl l n lll(l l S: Now Orleans, La.; Delta Sipma Phi; TitsU: N.-«iM,,n (lull. • STEPHEN R. THOMAS: fihevenne. Wm..; k.ippa Sigma; A Cappella Ch..ir: Glee Cluh. • FRANCIS TODD; Franklin, La.; I ' re.Me,|i,al Sneiety: ROTC Band. • KENNETH E. TRAIN; Ciirpus Chrisli, Tex.: Zeta Beta Tau: Hnuse Cciunejl: Jamualava: Hillel Founilalhm. • ANTHONY J. TRIDICO; New Orleans, Lji,; Delta Sigma Phi. ieePresiil,.ni ; I ' hi Eta SIfima: Pre-Meilieal Sneiety: .Newman Cluh. Seventh Row: • ADWI .S. TROWBRIDGE, JR.: New Orleans. La.: Beta Theta I ' i; Canierhurv Cluh Treas.; Naval ROTC. • I.ELE LLMER; New Orleanv, 1.;,.; Chi Omega; Weslminsli-r Fell..w-hip. • MARI- I. N AN|)ER1U RG; New Orleans. La.; Phi .Mu; We.lminsler Kelh.w-hip; Big Sister. • GEORGE MeI.EAN VALENTINE. JR.: Tampa. Fla.: Phi Kappa Sigma; Pre-Meilieal: .-Miiha I ' hi Onu ' ga •Trea . • PATRICIA anSCOY: Tuseah.nsa. Ala.: Pi Beta Phi; Canlerhnry Cluh: Tulane 1 niversilv ' Theatre. i:it, ' hlh Row: • Jl NToMo I(M|; I ' auatna. P,.rii. Rie,.; Newman Cluh. • IICIEN E. I IEN: New Orleans, La.; Delia Sigma I ' hi. • Dl IETRI NICK M.AIIOS; Bil.ixi. Miss.. Arniv KOTC. • NVNCY NN WALLACE: Dallas. Tex.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Di ' rni Ci.ntieil; La Tertulia: Canlirhiirv Cluh; Big Sister. • l Ri:iE W NE ; Anuap..li-. M.L; I ' re-M.-.lieal Seeielv: N. ' w- Ml. in hih. Niiilli Ui : • SI SAN FOi.GEK WARD; Tues„n. Ariz.: Math Cluh: Prc- le.liral .Seeiety. • JOHN RICIIAUD W.ATSON; W. Mnnroe. La.: Sigma lph,, Epsil.ui: A.I.Ch.E.; 7 ' h.s ,-; BapliM Student I ' ninn: N.K.d liOIC; llnnnr lii.anl Engr. C. liege. • LOl IS II. WATSON; M.r.di.in, Miss.; Phi Eta Sigma; Westminster F..ll..w-hip; Naval KOTC. • DAN BE CI1AM WATT; Anderson. S.C. . I ' hi Kappa n?n " .i. • ' • ' • ' ' • ' •■; ■ ' " . ' •; Weslev Foundali.m: Naval ROTC; Orill Team: Amhnr ami Chain. • BARBARA LEIGH WEII • M«iiipliis. Tenn.: Alpha Epsih.n Phi; La Tertulia; Glendy Burke 299 • ' - ' Ip llJl . .- _: i SOPHOMORES First Row: • BERNIE WEISS; Memphis, Tenn.: Sigma Alplia Mu: Pres. Soph. Class: Student Council; A.I.Ch.E. • CAROLYN WERNER; New Orleans; Phi Mu; La Tertulia Treas. ; Tusk; Wesley Foun- dation; Tuiane University Theatre; Pan-Hel Council. • SOPHIE WESTON; Beaumont, Tex.; Canterbury Club. • JO WHARTON; Lafayette, La.; Phi Mu; Math Club; Wesley Foundation. • BILL WHARTON; New Orleans, La.; Delta Tau Delta. Second Row: • WILLIAM WARD WIGHT, JR.; Hattiesburg, Miss.; Kappa Sigma; Pres. Paterson House; Westminster Fellowship. • KAY WIENER; Shreveport, La.; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • SUSAN WIL- DER; New Orleans. La.; Kappa Alpha Theta ; Canterbury Club. • EDWARD S. WILLIAMS; New Orleans. La.; Kappa Alpha. • JOE WILLIAMS, JR.; Pensacola, Fla.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Pre-Medical Society. Third Row: • JOHN T. WILSON, III; Wichita Falls, Tex.; Phi Eta Sigma, Treas.; Pres. Phelps House Council; Pre-Medical Society. • PENNY WINSTON; Glenkoe, III.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Dance Club, Vice-Pres.; Campus Night; Jamb Beauty Court. • NOR- TON L. WISDOM, JR.; New Orleans, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • DON WILLIAM WOOD; Kenner, La.; Alpha Tau Omega; Naval ROTC. • GARLIN WOOD; B ' al Harbour, Fla.; Alpha Omicron Pi. Fourth Row: • DALTON LEO WOOLVERTON; New Orleans, La.; Phi Delta Theta; Newman Club; Air Force ROTC. • ELEANOR YERGER; Bellaire, Tex,; Le Circle Francais. • MICHAEL ALLAN ZIONTS; Houston, Tex.; Sigma . lpha Mu; HiUel Foundation. it m i.pi plLl • Iffilfl hmtt m Hfll i lsit; WOrl - A.li FRESHMEN Kirsl Uow: . lltWIN ItAKKY llHA ISO : Phiiiiriilcl. N.J.: Siuimi Alplui Nil, llillrl h.unili.li.Mi; S|M.rl C.r Cliili. • MAY CAKHOI.l. I I.S- Mnl.il,-, Ala.; I ' lii Mu: Oinlrrlmry Clul.. • llAliin |i|:N; iiiiliam.la. Mi-.; I ' lii Drlia Th.-l... • (M.dUM MHI-.U: ll.iiiii-lMji " . Mi--,; l|.lui K|i-ilc.ii riii; Jamiima v; llillil I ,,i.,ii..ir • nwin kKII)CK: .Mt.liilr. Ala.; Di-lla Kapiiii I n-ilon. Srioiid liovv: . ( NllK l N Al.l.X AMII.Ii; Cl.-ans.il.r. Fl.i.; .Si nia Chi. • I ' llM.I l.-i Jdll.N AI.KXANDKK; l.illlf K " ik, Ark.: Alpha Kpsi- Inii I ' hi; Chnrlraili-r: (■,rl■l■Illla.■kl■r : llillfl Knuiiilaii.ui. • I.OUIS I M.KAKO; Nr» Oih-aii-. I.a.: IMii D.-lia •|hiia: Air I ' nrc- liiiTC. • J. . " TAM.KV Al.l.KN: Arn.la. 111.: .SiKiiia Alpha Kpsi- l,,„. V.-lmii. i.-r l ' Vll,n, hip. • I ' AITIK WOl.CdlT Al.l.KN: ll,iiila, ( ' ..c; Alpha ()riii.r..ii I ' i; llapli-l Slci.l.-iu liiinii: liu.r- ii.ilional Krlalinii !lul). Tirn ' l K i v: . WII.IWI I, IM: ; l..nr..,.. I.a.: ll.-la Ihi-la I ' i. • JOAN WllliK. ' S: Miiwhii. I.a.: Kappa Kappa C.amma; Canli ' riiury Club: (.I,.- Chill. • lll!IA l ANK: Niw Orhaiis, I.a.; Phi Mu: Ni.-w- iM.Mi Cluh • l.AKKV WNKS: l)alla . T, .: Si rua . l|ilia Mu; l ' ,,. l,-,li,al S..,i.-ly: llilh-l K..un.laii..n. • JOAN CAKOl. AI ' CAU: Shar.Mi. Ma.- .: I ' lii Mu; Clhrislian Siit-nic- Orjiaui alhin. Fdiirlli Row: • KM I ' ll AKM. IKONC;: Monr.M-. La.: Kappa Si(;nia; Pre-- l.,li..il SniiiMv: .Nrwnian Club: Alplui I ' hi Ouu-(;a. • Ulil)i:iiT . . AKKOl.: Ar.nla, 111.; Si jma Alpha F.psilnii: Pre- , U-.li.al So.-i.:ly: Wt-.- luiinsier KflhiKsliip. • IIONKY ACSTIN: Culunihus. Ga.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • l.OKKI TA DABST: N.-W Orl.-ans. La.; Alpha Omi.-nm Pi. • ERME UACCARI.NI: Winnshnni, I.a.: Drlta Sigma Phi; Intramural Council; Newman Club; Air For.f KUTC. Fifdi Row: • liAKli.UCV UAUKKTT: .Mhons, Ga.: Chi Omega: Canlerbury Club: Glee Club. • THOMAS HOLI.INCSWORTH liARRK.T; Sbrevepiirl. I.a.: Sigma Alpha Epsihin: Air F..rie ROTC. • 1 ICiri ' liAII.EY: llcuMnn, Tex.: Chi Omega: We.- lminsler Fel- lM«-liip. • FRANK MICHEL BASILF.: New Orleans. La.: hrli.i Sigma I ' hi: .Sue. ; ilv. Management: Newman {iltib: Glenily lliirke Si.rietv; Intenialinnal Relations Club: Pi I.amb.la Hela: " ung Dein.urals. • SHARON CLAIRE Ii RUER: Houston, Tex. Sixth Row: • DONALD K. liEAI.KR: Gretna. I.a.; Delta Sigma Phi. • llOIi HEALMONT; .Sebring. Fla. • SHARON BECKHAM; B.iton Rouge, I.a.: I ' hi Mu: 1-e Cirele Franrais: Newman Club. • Al.lClV IIKNNKTT: liai.m Rouge, I.a.; Phi .Mu: Sailing Club. • .MARTHA A. BENNETT: Frankfort. Kv. Seventh Row; • .11 DY BENSON; .San Anionio, T-x.; Alpha Ep-il.oi Phi; JvMUMMv; llillel Fnun.lai ion. • WILFRED A. BERGERON: Jone-boro. Ark, • El (JENE BERRY: I ' a .agoula. Mi- .: Sigma Al|ih.i Ep ilon: Pre-Me.lieal Soeietv: Bapii i Sluilenl Union. • LLOYD BERRY: Clan-more. Okhi.: Phi Kappa Sigma. • TI1()M S 1. BFRG.STFDT: Sulphur. La.: Kappa Sigma. Eighth Row: • JANE BIGGS: J.ok-on, Miss.: Chi Omega. Sailing Club. • I ' M I. M.STIN BINGIIWI: Melairie. La.: Westminster Fel- hiuship. • BOB Bl.ACKMON: Greenville, Mi ,: Phi Delia Tlielu; Pre.Meilieal Soriety: 7h.U. • HENRY E. 1!1. KE: l.ak.- Alpha Ep-ilon: Canierloirv Club, • CII.Mt- Mex.in.lri.l. 1.1.; Alph.l EpHloll Phi; ] M. i:harles. La.: Si| LOTIE I.IIIINII! Ninth Row: • lil.M HI ■! Ill I MKIKG: D..ihau, Ma.: Mpha Ep-ihu. Phi: i iuMuv: llillel F.oin.l.iiiMU. • MILTON l. BOI.I.ES: ' loeago, HI.; K.ipp:i Sig.n.i; N.iv.il ROTC; A Ca|ipella Choir. • II D " ! BOI.ION; New Orleans, La.; kappa Kappa Gammu. • LANCE BONNETTE. JR.: New Orlean. la. . lOlIN J. ' ■ " OGAERTS. JR.: Alexan.lria. I.a. 30t FRESHMEN First Row: • STEVE S. BORNSTEIN; Portland, Maine; Sigma Alpha Mu; International Relations Club; Sports Car Club; Hillel Founda- tion: Pre-Law Society. • JUDY BRANDON; Havana, Cuba; Al- pha Epsilon Phi; Jambalaya; La Tertulia; Hillel Foundation. • LILLIAN BROGAN BRAUN; New Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Phi. • NANCY STARR BEARD; Monroe, La.; Phi Mu; Newman Club; International Relations Club; German Club. • BARBARA BRECKINRIDGE; New Orleans, La.; Sailing Club. Second Row: • HARVEY R. BRICE; New York, N.Y.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Hillel Foundation; Sports Car Club: Pre-Law Society; Army ROTC. • NORMAN CRAIG BRIGSTFN. JR.; Birmingham, Ala.; Delta Tau Delta: Pre-Medical Society: Newman Club. • ALICE DIANE BROGDON: Greenwich. Conn.; Pi Beta Phi; Dance Club; Westminster Fellowship; Tulane Band. • JOHN C. BROTHERS; Nashville, Tenn.; Alpha Tau Omega; Greenbackers; Baptist Stu- dent Union; U.S.D.S. • CLAI BROWN; Slidell, La,: Sigma Chi; Tusk; Naval ROTC; Mark I Drill Team. Third Row: • MATT DAVIS BROWN; Chattanooga, Tenn.; Phi Kappa Sigma. • WALTER L. BROWN, JR.: New Orleans, La.; Zeta Beta Tau: Hullabaloo. • JUDY BROWNSTEIN; Charlotte, N.C.; Sigma Delta Tau: Hillel Foundation. • SUSIE K. BRUCK; New Orleans, La.; Alpha Delta Pi; Greenbackers. • MARY K. BRUNS; New Orleans, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Canterbury Club. Fourth Row: • DAVID P. BUCKLEY; Barrington, 111.; Beta Theta Pi; Tusk. • BRENT LAWRENCE BURG: Houston. Tex.; Zeta Beta Tau; Pre-Medical Society; Hillel Foundation: Sailing Club; Pre-Medical Journal Staff. • MARY ELLA BURKE: Hattiesburg, Miss.: Chi Omega; Baptist Student Union. • PATTY LOU BURNS; San Antonio, Tex.; Pi Beta Phi: Wesley Foundation. • JUDI BUSH; Tulsa, Okla.; Alpha Delta Pi; Bethany Fellowship; Student Direc- tory. Fifth Row: • JOEL BUTLER; Atlanta, Ga.; Sigma Alpha Mu. • RICHARD BUTLER; Snohomish, Wash.; International Relations Club; Pi Lambda Beta: Young Democrats. • LOUIS G. CAMERON, JR.; Shreveport, La.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Greenbackers: Newman Club; Air Force ROTC. • ALBERT J. CAREY, JR.; New Or- leans, La.; Army ROTC. • CATHERINE CARROLL: Houston, Tex.; Alpha Omicron Pi. Sixth Row: • PHILLIP LINDSAY CARRUTH; Ponchatoula, La.; Delta Tau Delta: Naval ROTC. • NELSON PAUL CASTELLANO: Tampa, Fla.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Pre-Medical Society; Newman Club. • CELIA CHAL. RON: New Orleans. La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • RENA CHAMBERS; Atlanta, Ga.; Alpha Omicron Pi. • STEPHEN E. CHAMBERS; New Orleans, La.: Phi Kappa Sigma; Air Force ROTC. Seventh Row: • COOPER CHAPMAN; Biloxi, Miss.: Phi Kappa Sigma; Naval ROTC Drill Team. • FELICE (BUNNY) CHAPMAN: Oak Park, 111.: Alpha Epsilon Phi: Jambalaya; ROTC Sponsor — First Lieutenant. • LYNNE CHAPMAN; New Orleans, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Canterbury Club. • WILLIAM W. CHENAULT: Henrietta, Mo.; Bethany Fellowship; International Relations Club: Cajorians. • GARY L. CHESSES: Columbus. Ohio; Zeta Beta Tau: Hitllabaloo: Hillel Foundation. Eighth Row: • EDMUND H. CHRISTY, JR.; New Orleans, La.: Phi Delta Theta; Sports Car Club. • MARILYN CIACCIO; New Orleans, La.; Phi Mu; Math Club; Newman Club: Student Directory. • KATHERINE CLARK; New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha Theta. • JULIA ANNE CLAVERIE: New Orleans. La.: Pi Beta Phi. • GOLDIE BARBARA COHEN; Miami. Fla.; Sigma Delta Tau; Hillel Foundation. Ninth Row: • JAN COLE; HuntsviUe, Tex.; Pi Beta Phi; Le Circle Fran- cais; Wesley Foundation; Newc. Glee Club; Tulane Band. • ALAN F. CONE; Winter Park, Fla.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Canter- bury Club; House Council. • KENDRICK V. COOPER; Sulphur, La.: Tulane Band; German Club. • EUSTIS CORRIGAN; New Orleans, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Newman Club; Army ROTC. ' • LEONARD COTONIO; New Orleans, La.; Delta Tau Delta; : Tusk, ' FRESHMEN First Row: • KL IA i:liA I ' Dlill; Miniphi Ti ' iin.; Alpliii Oini.rnn I ' i; Jamiiai.av ; Cimi.rlpurv Cliili; Tii-il.. • CI.KNN CllMT; Nrw Or- Iran-, I.ii.; D.-lu. Sit:m;i IMii. • Willi AM KKNT CI TliKK: Lakr (lllarli- . l.a.: Sijiina Alpha Kpvil ' Ml; Wi ' sli-y Knunilalinii. • WILLIAM DAIII.UKKi;; r« Orlians, lj.; I)i-Im Kappa Kpsilim; Army HOl ' C:. • l l N IMIV; Dallas., Tix.; Alpha Dilla I ' i; Suilini; Club. Second Row: • H. 1(1(11 IUI D ' ANCONA: GU-n.or, III.; Sicnia Alpha Mu: Army HOTC KiMo Tram. • MARCKLLK d ' AOL ' lN: Nr« Or- Iran. L.i.- Kappa Kappa (raninia; Tiilanr Cnrropnndi-nl fur Times Picmun,: • STANLKY S. DAVIDUW; Cr.invillc. Mi .: Zca Bfia Taa: Pn-Mi-dioal S.Hii-lv; Hullabaloo: Ililli-1 Kcundaliiin ; Army RDTC. • COLEKN D.UinSON; Evan villc, Ind.: Alpha Omi.-r.m I ' i: Gamma D.lla. • ANNE HUTCHINSON DAVIS: GrcmivilK ' , Miss.: Chi Onu ' pa: i-siminsicr Ffllnivship. Third Row: • (: 1 1. W. |)A 1.S; Mnl.il,-, Ala.; I ' lii Kappa Sigma; Pre- Mcdical S.ui.-lv: Army ROTC. • CYNTHIA DAWKINS: Slirrv.- port. La.: Pi Bita Phi. • JACKIE d.BEN; New Orlrans. La.: Chi Omoga; Math Cluh; N.wman Club. • DON M. DEFRAN- CEAIX- Iit(hisila. Mil.: Delia Kappa Epsiinn: Newman Club: Army ROTC. • CLYDE DE LA HOLiSSAYE, JR.; Metairie. La.; Alpha Tau Omega. Fourth Row: • jni:s DEITSCH; Forest Hills. New York. N.Y.; Sigma Mph.i Ma; Pre-Medical Sncicly; Sports Car Club. • MARTHA DIi:KIN,M)N; Glasgow. Kv.: Bethany Fellowship; Glee Club. • DIANE DICKSON: Shreveport. La.; A Cappella Choir. • JOAN MANNING DICKSON; Wilmette, HI.; Canterbury Club. • ELEANOR FAYE DIGIGLIA; Lake Charles, La.; Alpha Delta I ' i: Greenbackers; Newman Club. Fifth Row: • SAUL J. DOBRZYl SKY; Bogota. Colombia. S. Amer.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pre-.Medieal Sorietv; Hillel Foundation. • DAVID DOMBECK; White Lake, N.Y.; Tau Epsilon: Pre-Medical So- ciety; Hillel Foundation. • DANA DONSKY; Houston. Tex.: Alpiia Epsilon Phi. • ED DORAN: Sarasota. Fla.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Air Force ROTC. • CAROL LYNN DOSKEY: New Orleans, La.; . lpha Delta Pi; Christian Science Organization; A Cappella Choir; Oimpus Nile. Sixth Row: • FRANi:ES DOW; Houst.m. Tex.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Jameia- luv: Hillel Found.ilion; Clen.lv Burke Socii ty. • Al.KKKl) B. DOWNS: Culfport. Miss.: Phi Kappa Sigma; Naval ROTC. • MEL DRUCKER: Flushing, N.Y.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pre-Med- ical Society; Hillel Foundation. • DENNY DUCLAUX; New Or- Icani.. La.; Delta Sigma Phi. • LESTER DULITZ: New Orleans. La.; . lpha Epsilon Pi. Seventh Row: • ANNE DYKES; New Orl.ans. l.a.: Alpha Omicron Pi: Chan- ning Club. • AI. . EARHART. JR.; New Orleans, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Air Force ROTC- Drill Team— Sabre Jets. • GARY ALLEN EDDINS; New Orleans. La.; Wesley Fi.undalion: Air For.e ROTC. • CAROL EISEMAN: Memphi- . Tenn.; Al|)ha F.psihm Phi: Hillel Foundation. • I.OIIE I.. ENTRICAN, JR.: Brookhaven, .Miss,; Sigma Alpha Epsil.in; Pre-Medical Society: Boplist Student Union. Eighth Row: • SARA PERRY EPLEY: Bronxville. N.Y.; Chi Omega. • MICIIA EVANS: Lake Alfred, Fla.; Alpha Delta Pi; Canterbury Club; Y..ung Republicans. • RICHARD NATHANIEL FABEK: NiT, Orleans. Li.; Hillel F..undaiion. • CAROL FARFEI.; II. .11- lon. Tex.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Hillel Foundation. • JANET GAIL FARRIS; Atlanta. Ga.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Weslev Foundation. Ninth Row: • (iMii; iii;n f (:iii. jr.: M..bil,-. Ala. • JOYCE !• A ; l..l,ilc, Ala.: Alpha Omir,.,n I ' i; Baptist Student Union; Sailing Club; Sports Car Club. • CECII.E FELSENTHAL; Memphis. Tenn.; Alpha Epsil.m Pbi; I.e Circle Francais; Hillel Foundation. • DON GARY FENNER; llobbs. New Mex.: Pi Kappa Alpha; Pre.Medical Socielv; Air Force ROTC. • MAR- CELI.E FERRIER; New Orleans, La.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Newman Club. 303 m A FRESHMEN First Row: • BARRY FISHMA.N; Brooklyn, N.Y.; Tau Epsilun; Intra- mural Council. • DONALD C. FISK: New Orleans, La.; Delta Sigma Phi; Pre-Medical Society. • DONALD A. FONTE: Zach- ary, La.; Kappa Sigma: Pre-Medical Society; Newman Club; Glee Club; Alpha Phi Omega. • ROBERT JAY FOOTLICK; Wooster, Ohio; Sigma Alpha Mu: Tusk; Hillel Foundation. • OLIVER J. FORD, III: Shreveport. La.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Canterbury Club; Naval ROTC. Second Row: • CHESTER M. FORTNER; Talihina, Oklahoma; Baptist Stu- dent Union; Air Force ROTC. • MEADE FOWLKES; Handsboro, Miss.; Kappa Kappa Gamma: Vice-Pres. Fresh. Class; Dance Club: Canterbury Club. • WILLIAM R. FRANCIS; New Orleans. La.; Phi Kappa Sigma. • GERALD MARVIN FRIEDMAN; Atlanta, Ga. : Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pre-Medical Society; Hillel Foundation. • MICHAEL JON FRIEDMAN; Harrison, ' N.Y.: Alpha Epsilon Pi; Hillel Foundation; Pre-Law Society. Third Row: • MILFORD ALBERT FRIEDRICH. Ill: Kcnncr, La.. Delta Kappa Epsilon: Newman Club; Air Force ROTC. • JACQUELINE FRY: New Orleans. La.; Beta Sigma Omicron. • CAROLYN FUSELIER; Houston, Tex.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Newman Club; Glendy Burke Society. • GEORGE W. GAINES: New Iberia, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Tulane L ' niversity Theatre: Air Force ROTC. • JOE LEE GALLOWAY; HuntsviUe, Tex.; Kappa Sigma; Wesley Foundation: Air Force ROTC. Fourth Row: • GORDON JULIUS GAMM: Shreveport, La.; Zeta Beta Tau: Naval ROTC; Pi Lambda Beta. • ANITA GARCIA: New Or- leans, La.: Phi Mu ; Newman Club. • JOHN V. GAROUTTE; Stella, Mo.; Kappa Sigma: Glendy Burke Society. • CAROLYN GELBKE: Gretna, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; A Cappella Choir. • MARY ANN GENGO; New Orleans, La. Fifth Row: • ELAINE BETH GILNER: Atlanta, Ga.: Sigma Delta Tau: Hillel Foundation. • PETER LEON GLASER: New Orleans, La.; Alpha Epsilon Pi: Pre-Medical Society. • GEORGE GLIDE- WELL: Marrero, La.: Delta Sigma Phi: Newman Club: Army ROTC. • CARLIN GLYNN; Houston, Tex.; Pi Beta Phi; Wesley Foundation: Tulane University Theatre. • NORMAN S. GNESSIN; Forest Hills, N.Y.; Tau Epsilon: International Rela- tions Club; Math Club: Chess Club; Pre-Legal Society; Pi Lambda Beta. Sixth Row: • ANN GODFREY; Columbia, Ga.; Kappa Alpha Theta. • JAMES H. GODFREY; Monroe, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Pre-Medical Society; Wesley Foundation. • PATRICIA ANN GODFREY: Baton Rouge. La.: Chi Omega: Canterbury Club; Glee Club. • DEWEY L. GODWIN: Mobile, Ala.; Delta Sigma Phi: Baptist Student Union; Naval ROTC. • .MOSES GOLD- BERG; Atlanta, Ga.: Alpha Epsilon Pi: Hillel Foundation; Air Force ROTC. Seventh Row: • JOSEPH T. GOLDENSON; Chicago, III.; Tau Epsilon: Naval ROTC. • KAREN GOLDNER; Memphis, Tenn.: Alpha Delta Pi: Wesley Foundation; Student Directory. • STEVE I. GOLD WARE: Dallas. Tex.; Zeta Beta Tau. • ELAINE GOLLA- DAY; New Orleans, La.: Phi Mu: Hullabaloo; Tusk; West- minster Fellowship. • LETTY GOLTRY; Enid, Okla.: Kappa Alpha Theta; Tusk; Westminster Fellowship. Eighth Row: • MICHAEL JOHN GONATOS: Tarpon Springs. Fla.: Pre- Medical Society; Army ROTC. • THOMAS P. GONSOULIN; Jeanerette, La.; Alpha Tau Omega: Pre-Medical Society. • AL GOOCH: New Orleans. La.; Kappa Alpha: A.S.C.E.: Sailing Club. • JO ANN GOODWIN; New Orleans. La.; Westminster Fellowship. • SANDRA GOODY; Severna Park, Md.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Westminster Fellowship; Glee Club. Ninth Row: • ROBERTA IRENE GORDON- . Iiami, Fla.; Sigma Delta Tau: Hillel Foundation. • WILLIAM R. GOUCH. JR.: New York. N.Y ' . ; Pi Kappa Alpha: Intramural Council; Westminster Fellow- ship: Air Force ROTC. • RODNEY GRAF; New Orleans, La.: Naval ROTC. • RICHARD BENN ' ETT GRAVES, II: Biloxi, Miss.; Phi Kappa Sigma: Westminster Fellowship. • ALEX GREEN, New Orleans, La.; Sigma Alpha Mu. 304 FRESHMEN I ' iisl lj(nv: • KIlMOM) l.KK CUKKN. Nat.liiv. Ml " .; K;ip|iii Sicniu; Drill Tram S.ilir.- J.I: Air l ' ..r.v UOTC. • JIDV (JHKI ' A. Tyl.r, Tca.; Chi (liiuc.i; C.inirrl.urv Cliili. • IMI.I, CKKKN; Jaik-.m, Ii--.: s ' iiim.. Clii. • IlKKWUn v.. (IHKKNIl.MM; W.-t Clir-nr. I ' .(.; Sinni.i lpii ' I ' l: rriM ' Hiial .S...i.-ly: lllilliihulan: llilli-l K.HiM- iliilinii. • M I 1 N i;UM; II!V; l.lairii-. La.; Di-lla ' I ' mu Mui. Second Row: • I.IDA SIMMONS r.UKC.OliV: I ' iii.- Hlii(I. Ark.: Chi Omi-sa: Ciinl.rliiirv Chih. • JAMKS II. C.KOSS: Giifvilan. I.a.: Sicma Alpha Mu • DWII) I ' KIKi; CHOW; NarrincL.n. Kla.; Si;:ma Alpha j-p-ih.n; Na ai UOTC. • C.I.KNN MVKI. ClU NDMKV Kli ; Ni-» Orhan-. I..1.; Ih ' la Sinnia Omi.nin; NinwTi.in Cliih. • CKI.I ANN CI ILIiKAl ' ; l.afayrllc. I.a.: Wi- lmin l,-r K,-li..«-hip; Sail- inc Cliih. Third Row: • UOllKUr J. 1.1 l ll(l ; N,« Orlrans I.a.: Air Kcnv UOTC. • JOHN A. CI NTIIKK: Cr.ina. I . • ALAN GCMA; N.w Or- li-an-f. I.a.: Phi Kappa Sicnia: HiiHiihiiloa: Pi ' p Band: Nrwman Clllh: Tulaii,- l!.(n,l: Cl.ii.lv I5urk.- S...i.lv; Pi I.,inih.la I!i-ta. • l ' ll{|(:l NN II l. l.KK; Ciilfp..rl. li-.; lplia Omi.T..n Pi: liapli l Siu.lnil I ni..ii. • DUKIS IIAI.PEKN; Wliii.- Plains. N.Y.: Sigmn Drlla Tau; Hillcl Foundatiiin. Fourth Row: • COLI.IN KRADKIKLD HAMER. .IR.: N ' cw Orleans, I.a.: N.»- ninn Cluh: Air F..r.i- ROTC: Drill Team Sahri- J.ls. • DIAN HAMILTON: Alius, Okla.: I!.-la Sicma Omirr.in. • R. M. IIAMRICK- M.-lairif, Lu.; Phi Kappa Si ma: Newman Cluh; Nav.il ROTC Drill T.-am Mark I. • RICHARD KF.N ' F IIANBY; M.-ri.liaii. Mi,-.: Phi Kai.pa Siiinia. • WILLIAM RALPH HARD- CAS ILK: Allania, Ca.: Si ni.i Alpha F,p-il..n; N.-wman Cluh. Fifth Row: • LINDA HARDY: N.-w Orl.:ans, La.; Pi li.-la Phi: N,;wnian Cluh: Sailinc Cluh; Jami:m.av . • LINDA IIARLK: R..me, Ca.; Phi Mu: (;h-e Cluh. • FMII.Y H RRIS: Shr,vep.,rl. I.a.; UMUM.tw; Cr.enha.k.-rs. • HKNRY J. HARRIS; Miami l;.M.h. Fla.: D.-lta Tau D. ' lla : Pn- le.li.al S...i. ' lv; .Newman ( liih. • FR NK T. HART. II; Henderson, N.C. Sixth Row: • DVNIKL MICHAKI, IIASS; D,lr..lt. Mi.li.: Si;;nia Alpha Mu; llilh ' l; I ' r.-M.-.li.al .S.ni.Mv. • IIKI.KN I.IMNCSTONK H l SKR : N,w Orhans, La.; Kappa Alpha Th.la. • MARY ANN IIAYL- TIN; D.nver, C.1I...: Alpha Kp-ih.n Phi; J miim. v ; llilh-l K..iin.laii..n. • HAROLD II. HKIDINGSFKI.DKR ; N.w Orl.an-. 1.1. : D.lia Si;:ma Phi: N.wman Cluh. • POI.I.Y ANNK HKIN- IlKliC. : M. ' vaniler, La.; .Alpha Epsihm Phi; A Cappella Ch.iir: Tul.in.- Banil. Scvi ' iilh Row: KKNNKTII IIKLI.KR; D. ' nv.r. C..I...; Z.la lieia T.iu; .Mmi.v- |.M : llilh ' l F..iin.l.iii.in. • DAN ID FRANK IIKNDKKSON; Mi.ll.iii.l, l.x.; K.ipp.i Sii;ma: Pr.-Me.li.al S.i.i.iv. • IAN F. IIKNDRICK: Cl.arwaier, Fla.: Pi U.-la Phi; Weshv F.mnda- li..n; lnl,rnali..iial K.lali.ms Cluh. • PFNNY HKSS; Il.iusl..n. Tev.; Kappa Kappa Cainma; Wesley Fi.undali.in : Sailing Cluh. • SARMI HILL; Little K,„k, Ark.: Baptist Slu.lent I ' ninn: C.ippell.i (;h..ir. Eichth Kciw: • IHiiMSs HILL: llav St. L.iui-, Mi-s.; Arm RoTC. • Roll- FBI K. MINKS, JR.: Muneie. Ind.; Alpha Tau Om.«a; Tr:iek ; W.-tmin-l.r Fellowship; Sp..rts Car Cluh. • SARAH ANNK IIINKS; J.hks-invill,., IT,,. . KI.AINK IIINON: Tampa. Fla.; Chi Om.-.i; J MiiM,Mv. ,.,|,.v F..iin.l.ili..n: Sailing Cluh. • Moll.t IIOCKLNC; M..hile. Ala.; Chi OnuBa; Canlerhury Niiuli Uiiw: • KDWIN JAMKS IIOFFA; N.w Orleans. La. • I VIOiN HoKK J. ' -. ' - ' " ' ' I ' . ' iiii. Va. • I.KNNY HOFFMAN; llou- , lex.: .ela ll. ' ia lau; ll,ill„h„l„o: Hillel F..uii,laii..n: Pre.Me.li.al Wly. . B()S NNK IIOI.BKRT; Barli, -ville. Okla.; W .-sl.v Fmimlalion . C.KORCK A. IIOI.DKN; .Mexico Cilv. D. F.; Delta Tau Delia. 9 4 Q 9 9 3 9 Q a .a 1. JiiAfk 1 H2. LJL ' ?1 305 FRESHMEN First Row: • ALAN JAY HONIGBERG; Ladue, Mo.: Zeta Beta Tau; Jam- liALAYA. • FRANK E. HOPE. JR.; Leland, Miss.: Air Force ROTC; Sabre Jets. • DIANE L. HOTARD; Gretna, La.; Alplia Delta Pi. • GLENN HOUSE: Houston, Tex.; Naval ROTC. • CORNELIA HOCK: San Antonio, Tex.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Second Row: • SUSAN HUDSON; New Orleans, La.: Hullabaloo; Jamba- LAYA; Hillel Foundation; Glee Club: Tulane University The- atre: Sailing Club. • JANE LOU HUFF: Austin, Tex.: Phi Mu: Baptist Student Union; Glee Club. • EDGAR W. HULL; New Orleans, La.: Newman Club: Pre-Medical Society; Sailing Club. • JOHN I. HULSE IV; New Orleans, La.; Alpha Tau Omega; Christian Science Organization; Naval ROTC. • FRANCES HUNTER; Shreveport, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Tusk; Canter- bury Club. Third Row: • LOGAN HUNTRESS; San Antonio, Tex.; Beta Theta Pi; Jam- BALAYA; Canterbury Club; Army ROTC: Honor Board Business Administration College; Tusk. • LEONARD S. ISACKS: Me- tairie, U.; Kappa Alpha; Army ROTC. • ELIZABETH ISSOS; Birmingham, . la. : Wesley Foundation; Sailing Club. • BAR- TON BENEDICT JAHNCKE; New Orleans, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Vice-Pres. Fresh. Class in Business Administration: Canterbury Club: Naval ROTC: Sailing Club. • CYNTHIA JASTRAM: New Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Phi; Barracudas; Newman Club. Fourth Row: • BILLY JOHNSON; Franklin, La.: Beta Theta Pi. • JAMES LOUIS JOHNSON: Wichita Falls, Tex. • JAiMES WOODARD JOHNSON; Minden, La.; Pre-.Medical Society; Baptist Student Union: Member Irby House Council. • LYNN JOHNSON; Mo- bile, Ala.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Baptist Student Union; A Cap- pella Choir. • MARY GAYLE JOHNSON; San Antonio, Tex.; Chi Omega; Wesley Foundation. Fifth Row: • BOBBY JOHNSON; Hot Springs, Ark.; Beta Theta Pi; Fresh. Sec.-Treas., Bus. Adm. College: Greenbackers; Army ROTC. • SUE JOHNSTON: Jacksonville. Fla.; Greenbackers. • JIM C. JONES: Houston, Tex.; Canterbury Club. • MARTIN M. JONE; New Orleans, La.; Phi Delta Theta: Army ROTC. • JUD- ITH JONES: Houston, Tex.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Sixth Row: • RONALD S. JOSEPH; Alice. Tex.; Delta Tau Delta; New- man Club. • JOEL P. KALLAN, Miami, Fla.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pre-Med Society: Hillel; Glee Club. • SHERMAN S. KANE; Miami. Fla.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Math Club: Glendv Burke Society. • HILDA KAPLAN; Houston, Tex.; Sigma Delta Tau; Dance Club; Jambalaya; Hillel Foundation. • ALAYNE KARLIN; Great Neck, N.Y.; Sigma Delta Tau; Jambalaya; Hillel Foun- dation. Seventh Row: • .ALLAN L. KATZ; New Orleans, U.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Hillel F..undati.m. • DIANE SHEILA KATZ: Jacksonville. Fla.; Alpha Epsilon Phi: Hillel Foundation. • SANDRA REITA KATZ; Helena, Ark.: Sigma Delta Tau; Jambalaya; Hillel Founda- tion. • BURT HENRY KEENAN; New Orleans, La.: Delta Kappa Epsilon; Jambalaya; Sailing Club: Young Republicans. • MARIE KEESEE; Lula, Miss.; Chi Omega; Canterbury Club. Eighth Row: • BETTY KELLY: Oak Grove, La.: Kappa Alpha Theta: Wesley Foundation. • JOHN L. KELLY; Chickasaw, Ala.; Delta Sigma Phi; Air Force ROTC. • LOUISE KELLY: Barrington, 111.; Newman Club; Sailing Club. • PAT KELLY: Los Angeles, Calif.: Westminster Fellowship: Sailing Club. • WILLIAM ROSS KEN- NEDY III; Biloxi, Miss.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Pre-Medical So- ciety; Cheerleaders; Greenbackers; Wesley Foundation; Sailing Club. Ninth Row: • SUSIE KITTREDGE: New Orleans, La.- Kappa Kappa Gamma; Newman Club; Glee Club. • KENNETH PAUL KLAI.MAN; Uni- versity Heights. Ohio: Hillel Foundation; Army ROTC. • GAIL KNUDTSON; San Diego, Calif.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Canter- bury Club: • ALON KOFF: Atlanta, Ga.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre-Medical Society; Hillel Foundation. • GEORGE L. KOOMOS, JR.; TuUahoma, Tenn.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Alpha Phi Omega; Pre-Medical Society. 306 FRESHMEN First Row: • I ' l IZ HI ' Til KOSI ' ; Nrw Orl.aii-, l.i.: Al|ili;i Dritii PI: Ciinirr- burv i:iul.. • STKI ' llKA AI.AN KOT KN; Mlinii Dcurli. Kl...; Sicmii Alphii lu; Iniraciiiinil C.iun.il. • JI.UHV KKAKT: At- lunl.i. i;-i.: SiKiim AlpliM Iu. • KMil. WII.J.IAM KKOM ' .N- IIKKC.KK: Wi-lpnrl. Conn.; I ' nAli.li.Ml Suii.ly; N.wrn.iii Cluli. • JACK Kl ' SHMCR: Mi.nluiMm-ry. Ala.: Zria H.iii Tan: I ' r.-- Ml ' llical Sorlf ' ly: J MIIM.AVA; Ilitl -I Kuundalinii. Seroiul Row: • I (IS I ' l.ANTK. JK.: Nrw ()rl«m-, I.a.: Plii Kappa Epsiliin; ,r I-..1.,- liorc. • KI.I.KN I.ASKKR: little Rnrk. Ark.: Alpha Fi,. 11.11. I ' lii: J M1H1, V ; llillrl iM.Mnilalii.n. • CIIAIU.KS S. I. ATAXICS; Vi-..|wcp.. I.a.: Air I ' un-,- KOT ' C. • MIKK I.ANAl ' X: Nrw Orleans. I,a.: . lplia T ' au Onirmi: cwnian Clilli; .Spnrts Car Cluli: ISDS. • GKdKf.K WII.MAM I.AVKXDKIi ; IVxarkana, Ark.: Naval KdTC: liapii-i Stu.l.Mit Ciiion: T.iilh.L.k f:iuli. Third lUtw: • TMiOM-: K. I.AMN: Tampa. 1-Ta.: I ' i Kappa . lplia: Hrf- l,-.li..il S.iiii-ty: WcslminslL-r Frllowsliip: Air Fnrci- ROTC. • Jl SUN J. I.AZARRK. JR.. N.w Orli-ans La.: D.-lta .Sis:ma Phi: Pr,- l.(liial S.airty. • FRANCES LAZARl ' S: Miami. Fla.. Sicma Dilta Tan: Jamiialaya: TiixI;; Hillil Foundation. • WALTER J. LEOPOLD, JR.. N.-w Orl.ans. La. • FRED l.E ERT: Nrw Orlfans. I. i.: .Mpha Tau Omtrj a. Fouitli Kow: • WIN.STON •WIN ' ME " LEVERT: Thibodaux. La.; SailinK dull. • CAROL JEAN LE Y: Mori-an City, La.: Hillel Founda- tion. • MARTIN L LEVY: New York. N.Y.: Sigma Alpha Mu ; llill. ' l Foundali..n. • DAVIO R, LEWIN: Univcrsilv City. Miss.; Z.ia lli-laTau: jAMnM.AV ; Sailins; Cluli. • BARBARA LEWIS: llnu-t.m. Trx.: Alpha Kp-il.m Phi: Jamuai.ava; llillol Founda- linn: (!arnpus Ni hl: Student Uire -Iory. Fifth Row: • lllNK ' l 1 K IS; ,« Orleans, L Newnan Cluh. • JOHN LEWIS; Ne pha. • HOBBY I.IEBKEMANN: New Orleans pha; Army ROTC: FEE ' S. JLDY LITVIN; Miami Sisma Dilla Tau; Jamiialavv; Hillel Foundation. LONG; New Orleans, La.: Kappa Sigma: History Society; Glee Club, Kappa Kappa Gamma: Orleans. La.; Kappa . 1- L;i. Kappa Al- Beaeh. Fla.: • JIMMIK of .Medieinc Sixth Row: • C RI.OS LOO. JR.; Panama. Panama. • SIDNEY F. LOVE: Memphis. Tenn.; Pi Kappa .Alpha; Varsity Sports. Track. • LEO LOWENIRIIT. JR.; Winnshoro. La.: Zeia Beta Tau: Pre- Mediial Siu-i.-iv: Hillel F.iundaiion; Army ROTC. • CAROLINE " TODDY " I.Y 1A ; New Orleans. La.: ' Pi Beta Phi; Jamha. i. k: Canterbury Club. • JESSE MICHAEL LYONS; Spring- field, Mass.; |),.|ia Sigma Phi. Sevtnth Row: • LINDA LYON; N.ishville, Tenn.; Alpha Epsih.n Phi: J M- bahya; Hillel Foundation. • MAI REEN CEI.E.STE MeC R- THV; New Orleans, La.: Beta Sigma Omieron; Niwnian ( lub: German Club. • WYI.IE MeDOlGM.L; Nashville, Tenn.; New- man Club; Armv ROTC. • WAYNE C. MACIIADO; N.w Or. Iran " , La.: Newman Club; Air Foree ROTC. • SYBIL KATH- ERINK MAIION; Knowille, Tenn.; Baptist Student Union Sec. Iresh. Couneil; Glee Club; Sailing Club. ElKhtli Row: • MIKI MAIIKK: Mobih-. Ala.; Phi Kappa Sigma. • l. A. MALI.ORV. JR.; New Orleans. I.a. • NEAL R. MANGOLD: Ciilumbis. Ga.: Kappa Epsilon; Newman Club: Naval ROTC. • RliUERr D. I RC1S; Miami Beaeh. Fla.; Sigma Alpha Mu. • HdNMII S 1 HKS; Ft. Worth. Tex.; Zela Beta Tau; Pre- l " led S,.,„iv: ||i||,.| Foundation. Niiitii Row: • ciiAui.iaNi; i i(: eron; Newm.in Cbih. • La. • TOM MARTIN; Fresh. Kng. Sehool; Gr, dIAI.I.; Jerome. Idaho; Beta Sigma Omi- lOriS R. 1 RTIN. JR.; New Orleans, Baton Rouge. La.; Kappa Sigma: Pres. ■nbaekers: Naval ROTC: Wesley Founda- tion; Drill leain. Navy; Honor Board Eng. Collegi-: House Couneil. . .. ' ,V ' . ' . ' . " ' MASSARI; Tampa. Fla.; Alpha Delia Pi. • ANNE MAI cm (;lee dull New Orleans, impa. Ha.; .Alpl U.; Pi Beta Phi Oinlcrliiirv CIul : HI 2 !3l 307 FRESHMEN First Row: • CLINT McALISTER; Shreveport. La.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Pre-Med Society. • HARRY McARTHUR: Haltiesburg. .Miss.; Sigma Alplia Epsilon. • JIMMY LYLE McCARTY; Foresi, Miss.: Baptist Student Uni.m, • FREDDY McCAUGHAN: Crosseti, Ark.; Sigma Alplia Epsilon; Naval ROTC. • ROBERT A. McCOR- .MICK; Houma, La.; Pre-Med Society; Newman Club. Second Row: • PEGRAM L. McCREARY. JR.: Lake Charles. La.: Kappa Sigma: Varsity trainer. • HUNTER BE.ALL McFADDEN ; New Orleans. La.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Nayy ROTC: Navy ROTC Drill Team. • MELINDA McGARRY: Los Angeles, Calif.: Kappa Kappa Gamma; Newman Club. • OTELIA McKNlGHT: Mil- ledgeville. Ga.: Westminster Fellowship; A Cappelia Choir. • WILLIAM McINTOSH: Charleston, S.C: Westminster Fellowship: . rniy ROTC: International Relations Club. Third Row: • TOM McMAHON: Walkerton. Ind.; Freshman Basketball: Weslev Foundation. • HARRY McMURRAY; New Orleans, La.; Sigma Chi; A Cappelia Choir. • RALPH McNEES; Memphis, Tenn.; Phi Kappa Sigma: Wesley Forndation: Glee Club; . ir Force ROTC. • AUGUSTINE MEAHER, II; Mobile, Ala.: Army ROTC, Pershing Rifle Drill Team. • ADAM MEHN, JR.; New Orleans, La. Fourth Row: • HERBERT ALAN MENDEL; Atlanta. Ga.: Sigma Alpha Mu. • CARL .MERLIN: New Orleans. La.: Sigma Alpha Mu: Pre- Med Society; Hillel Foundation. • BRUCE P. MEYER: Colum- bus. Ohio: Zeta Beta Tau ; Vice-Pres. Fresh. A S; Pre-Med So- ciety; Hullabaloo. • FERD C. MEYER; San Antonio, Tex.; Kappa Sigma; Pres. Fresh. Bus.; Christian Science Organization: Pi Lambda Beta. • MICHAEL L. MICHEL; New Orleans, La.: Delta Tau Delta: Air Force ROTC: Sabre Jets Drill Team: Sail- ing Club. Fifth Row: • .MARGARET MILAM; New Orleans. La. • W. PORCHER MILES I " ; New Orleans. La.; Kappa Alpha: Tusk; FEE ' S So- cial Club. • BARBARA MILLER; New Orleans, La. • DONALD MILLER; Bronx, N.Y.; Tau Epsilon Phi: Hillel Foundation. • MARY MILLER: Sinton, Tex. Sixth Row: • MARY LU MILLER; Hopkinsville, Ky.; Bethany Fellowship. • KENNETH ELLIS MILLS; Hale Center, Tex.; Delta Sigma Phi. • MARGARET MINARD: Columbia, La.: Kappa Alpha Theta. • LINDA MOEHLMAN: Houston. Tex.; Weslev Foundation: Sail- ing Club. • DANIEL " TERRY " MONROE; New Orleans, La.; Delta Sigma Phi. Seventh Row: • KAY .MONTGOMERY; Bellaire, Tex.: Alpha Omicron Pi: Hullabaloo: W ' esley Founrlation; Glendv Burke Society. • .M.ARY- LYNN CLAIRE MORA: New Orleans, ' La.; Beta Sigma Omicron. • S. L. -BUTCH " .MORGAN: New Orleans, La.: Phi Delta Theta; Army ROTC: Pershing Rifles Drill Team. • .MARY MUR- PHY MOSS: Lake Charles, La.; Chi Omega: Honor Board; Jam- li.M.AV.i: Wesley Foundation. • ROBERT KIRK .MOYER; New Orleans. La.: Sigma Chi. Eighth Row: • GERRY MURPHY; Lake Charles, La.: Phi Mu: Carnival; Westminster Fellowship; Glendy Burke. • GINGER .MURRY; Little Rock, Ark.; Pi Beta Phi. • LYNNE SOMERS MURRAY: New Orleans, La.: Pi Beta Phi; Art Club: Dance Club. • VIRGINIA NAZRO: Dallas, Tex.: Alpha Delta Pi: Greenhack- crs: Canterbury Club; Sailing Club. • NANCY RUTH NEATH- ERY; Little Rock, Ark.; Chi Omega; Westminster Fellowship; International Relations Club. Ninth Row: • CRAIG ROBERT NELSON; New Orleans, La.; Sigma Chi. • STAN NELSON; Princeton, West Va.; Alpha Epsilon Pi: Pre- .Med Society; Hillel Foundation. • STEPHEN P. NICHOLS; Monroe, La.: Beta Theta Pi; Canterbury Club: Army ROTC. • WILBERT " BUD " NOEL; Lafayette. La.; Hullabaloo: Newman Club: Naval ROTC: Mark One Drill Team: Anchor and Chain: International Relations Club. • SADAYE OKUBO; Kenner, La. 308 FRESHMEN First Kow; . SIIKll.V l.YNM ' " . OI.IVKH; llllMi;;l " n, ' I ' rv.: Sinmii Chi: SI SAN PACK; (: l |H■r. Vy... Wi l Fill.; l) -llii Tiiu Di-lui; PAII.KT: N.» Orliim-. l.ii.; linn; Tul.iiir I ni «Tvit ' l " liiM(r Wrslwi-H " , lil. • Knvl,. KomiImM; • UOliKKT K. I ' ri-M.il Scrirly. Mplla Kp iloil I ' i : r; I ' i I.;inilHla Iti ' l Kill. nSTKKN; Ariii KOTC. • IV 1)U() ; K.v • KILLS JAY lliil. ' l KmiiikIu. Si ' iond Kow: • JOHN C. I ' Al ' K; Pn-Mull, . riz.; Kappu Sicmu: IIcmim ' Cniin ril Pul.-r ..n: Niival KOTC; Mark I Drill Tram. • MOKUIS H W I ' MiDl K; .» Orl.aii " . La.; K.ippa Aliplia. • KI.I.IS I K. SUNS- lliriiiincliain. Ala.; .s Willi LWL I ' A.STKL; N.w Or- U-uiiN 1-1. • Kl.lZAUKTIl ANN PAL I KKSO.N ; l •n a.nla. Kla.; Pi Bela Plii; Barrarudus. Till 1(1 l ) v: • I ' MHHIA NN PATTKKSON; P™, ac..la. Fla.; Pi Una Phi; liarra.uil.i- Tush. • I.KSLIK ANN PAYNE; New Orl.-ans. l.a.; Alpha Oniirnm Pi; TikIc; Canltrburv Club. • KICHARI) W. PF COCK; N.w Orl.-an . La.; Pip Band; Tulanr Band; Arinv KOTC. • BOY A. PKHIUN; New Orlian-, La.; Kappa Si ' MTia; i,-.-! ' r.-. Kr.-li. Kn;;. Air F..r.r ROTC; ILuinr B..ar.l Engr. CullcK.-. • 1)1 ANK PKBKOW; I.ymlil.ur);. a.; Frr»h. Class Trcas. Ncwc: Wu lcy FniiiidaiiMii. Fourth Row: • BARliOLK l.KK PKRRY; Frankfnri, Ky.; Kappa Alpha Thcla; Canlrrhurv Cliih; Sliidfiit Dirainry; L ' niversilv Chorus. • I R(; I ' kTKRZKLL; Mi.s- P.. int. Mi s.; Zeta B.-la Tan; Pn- l.d Sn,i,.|,; llillrl F„undali..„. • NANCY PFKIFFEB; Shrrve- p..rl. La.; Pi H.-la Phi; Srr. N.-wr. Fr.-sh. Class; C,n-.-nliaik.-rs : Canli-rlmrv Cliih. • I.XRRY liKOWN PHILLIPS III: Siir.-v.pnrl. La.: Sinnia Alpha Kpsilon: ir K,.nr ROTC. • ANORKA JAYNL PILNEY; Ni-w Orleans. La.; Chi Omc-a; N.«man Cluh. Fifth Row: • WILLI I F. PISTOR; Millsiadl. III.; Sigma Chi. • JOHN S. PITTMAN; (■.r.-,-nw....d, Miss.: Phi Delta Thela; Pre-Med S..- .i.U: llnlliilmlm,. • SCZANNK PITTS; Binninjillam. Ala.; Kappa Mpha Thela: Wesley F..undali..n. • WILLIAM L. POOI.K. JR.; Hiriiiin;:li;ini, l;i.: Pi Kap|)a .Mpha; (!appel!a (Jioir. • MITCHELL S. PORCHE; New Orleans. La.: Delia Si(;nia Phi. Sixth Row: • BENNETT E. POWELL: New Orleans. La.: Delia Kappa Epsih.n: Sailing Cluh. • I.. MAIRICE PROVOSTY; Alex- .indria, I;i.: Delia Kapp;i Epsilon; Pre-Med Siu-iety: Newman ;inh. • DIANE RAFFIK; New Orleans. La.: Hillel F..nndaii..n, • JOSEPH C. RANDAZZO; New Orleans. La. • JAMES F. KAY; Baker, Fla.: Pi Kappa .Mpha: Westminsier Fellciwship: Pi Lambda Dcla. Sc-vi ' iilli Kow: • K I!I 1,. KKANL ; N,i, Orle.ms. I.,i. • Itdi; ULNO; Mi.iini. Flu.: Si;:ma Alpha Epsih.n. • NANCY UKDMoNI); le andria. Iji.: Alpha Omier.ui Pi; Newman Cliih. • KONIAINE REEVES. JR.: Eufaula. Ala.: Phi Kappa Sicma; Pre-Med Si.eiely; Alph.i Phi Ome;!a. • JANE REC.EZ; Mnnn.e. Wis. F.iElilli Row: • HtslllN II. KIISIII: ,.w Orleans. La.; Delia Sii;ma Phi; ir l ' ,,r.,. mill ; S.d.er Jeu Drill Teams; Sailing Club. • IIOW- RD , Rin:iN(;oi.l): Onansble. N.Y.: Tau Epsih.n; Tu l. : llilhl E..un,l,ili..n: Navy ROTC: Navy Drill Team. • I RriI RISER: MiMir.ii-. La.; Chi Omi-;;a: Weslev F.nindali.in; A Cap- pelLi Clu.ir: Fri h. Class Chapel Chairman Newe. • GEORGE GRANT ROANE: Kiehmnnd. Tex.; Newman Club: Air Fnree ROTC. • DIANE EICENIV KOMICIIMA; ExeeSinr Sprin[;s. M...: Kappa Alpha I ' liela; C.iiilcrburv Club. Ninth Row: • Rl LI. ROGERS; N,w Orleans. la.: Naval RoTC. • I ' AI L ANN ROSE: New Orleans. La.; li.l.i Si;;ni.i Omier..n; N.wm.ill .lub. • BERNARD L. ROSENBACH; Sehuhnburp. Tex.; New- nun Club: N,ival ROTC; Tailh.mk CInb. • NED ROSENBAI M : Ilichland Park. III.; Hillel F,.nndali..n ; Armv ROTC; Per liinj; Rille Drill Team: Alpha Phi Omega. • ALAN JIOW.VRD ROSEN HLAIM; .Si. Louis. Mo.; Sigma Alpha Mu; llilhl Fenndalion: Arm ROIC. " 309 FRESHMEN First Row: • GERALD ROSENTHAL; Bronx, N.Y.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Hillel Foundation. • LEONARD RUBIN; Augusta, Ga.; Alpha Epsilon Pi: Hillel Foundation; Army ROTC. • JOHN ARMITAGE RUSEA: Bossick City, La. • JOSEPH COOPER RUSKIN; Mr- Gehee. . rk.; Alpha Epsilon Pi: Tusk: Hillel Foundation; Naval ROTC; Drill Team, Mark L • ASHBEL SALADI ' NO; Mercedes, Tex.: Alpha Delta Pi. Second Row: • CHARLES S. SALERNO: Houston, Tex.; Newman Club: Array ROTC. • ELAINE BOISSON SANZ: Washington, D.C.; Newman Club; A Cappella Choir. • MARY SANDERS; New Orleans, La. • JANE SANFORD; New Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Phi: Glee Club. • CONNIE SARVAY: Montgomery, Ala.: Alpha Delta Pi; Canter- bury Club: Glee Club: Student Directory: University Chorus. Third Row: • RICHARD L. SAVOY; Lake Charles, Pre-Medical Society: Newman Club. • FER: Frontenac, Mo.; Zeta Beta Tau : Tusk: Army ROTC: Army News SCHMEDTJE, JR.: New Orleans, La.: ALD H. SCHMIDT; Metairie, La. • New Orleans, La.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; medical Si ciety. La.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: LAURENCE A. SCHIF- HuUabaloo: Jambalaya; " Wheel. " • STEVE Kappa Alpha. • REGIN- RONALD SCHNEIDER; Hillel Foundation; Pre- Fourth Row: • DON y . SCHNIPPER: Texarkana, Ark. • RICI SCHOLL; Crowley. La.: Alpha Epsilon Phi; Pre-Medical Society; Jamba- lava; Tusk; Hillel Foundation: Student Directory. • HENRY C, SCHONBERG: New Orleans, La.; Alpha Tau Omega. • FRED- ARICK SCHULMAN: Metairie. La.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pre- Medical Society. • RICHARD J. SCHUNIOR; New Orleans, La.; Pre-Medical Society. Fifth Row: • MERLE SCOTT; Houma, La.; Le Circle Francais; Wesley Foundation: Tulane Band. • SUSAN HOLLIS SCOTT; Mont- gomery, Ala.: Wesley Foundation. • SUSAN LEE SCRIBNER: New York. N.Y.; Canterbury Club; Glee Club; Sailing Club. • MARY HELEN SEAGO; New Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Phi; Sailing Club. • ARTHUR D. SEEMANN; New Orleans, La.; Beta Theta Pi: Honor Board Business .Administration. Sixth Row: • ELEANOR SEGRETO: New Orleans, La. • HARVEY SEIGLE; Tvler. Tex.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre-Medical Society; Hillel Foun- dation. • JOHN S. SELIG; Pine Bluff, Ark.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Ilill.-l Foundation; Army ROTC; Pi Lambda Beta. • GEARY M. SERPAS; New Orleans, La.; Air Force ROTC. • STEPHEN C. SHAMBERG; Winnetka, 111.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Hullabaloo; Hillel Foundation. Seventh Row: • SYLVIA A DELE SHANNON; New Orleans, La.; Beta Sigma Omicron: Athletic Council: Carnival- Glendy Burke Societv. • JUDY SHAW: New Orleans, La.: Pi Beta Phi. • NONA CAROLE SHEAR: New Orleans, La. • ALVIN E. SHEASBY; New Orleans, La.; Delta Sigma Phi; Gamma Delta; Air Force ROTC. • RICHARD L. SHENK; Columbus. Ohio; Zeta Beta Tau; Hillel Foundation: Army ROTC: Honor Board Business Adminis- tration. Eighth Row: • CHARLES R. SHORT, JR.; New Orleans, La.; Naval ROTC; Naval ROTC Drum and Bugle Corps. • LINDA LEE SIGLEY; Wellington, Kan.; Alpha Delta Pi; Carnival; Westminster Fel- lowship; Tulane Band: Glendy Burke Society. • JACK SILVER- MAN: Miami Beach, Fla.: Alpha Epsilon Pi; Hillel Foundation. • DICKIE SILVERMAN: New Orleans, La.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Hillel Foundation: Armv ROTC. • SHERMON IRA SILVER- MAN; Queens, N.Y.; Alpha Epsilon Pi. 310 FRESHMEN First Row : • Sir.M-; SII.NKKMAN: Flushini;. N.Y.: Al|ilia KiimLhi I ' i; I ' ri- |,,w; (il.n.ly liurki- S.u-iily. • NICIIOI.VS liKI.I.AMOKK SII.- VKV- Ni-K Orlian . I.a.; Pi Kappa Alpha; . iwnian Club. • AlVnil K SIMON; AiiKltlon. T.x.; CI..- Cluh. • SYDNKY SIMONS: Columhu!.. Ca.; Alpha Kp!.il..n Phi; Jamiim.aya; Slii- ilcnt Dirt-clor)-. • MICHAEL SKF.LLY: Coahvila. Mex.; Kappa Sigma. Second Row: • H lili U k V SLKPYAN; lli(;lil.in,! Park. 111.; .Sigma Delta r.ui; D.m..- I. lull; llilh-1 l " ..nn.lali..n; CampiK Ni|;hl. • S. RON- Ml) SI.Il ' MAN- N.w Orl.ans, I.a.; Alpha Kp lun Pi: Pr.-- l,,li,..l S..,i,.iy; llill.-l l-,.un lali..n. • LAW UKNCK K. SMAKT. JR ■ New OrU-aiis. La.: Kappa . lpha; Newman Club: Sailing Cluh. • DKNNIS SMKLTZ: Tulsa, Okla.; Army ROTC. • HETTY SMITH; Ja.ks..n, . Iis. .; Chi Omega: Glee Club. Third Row : • GEORGE JAY WALKER SMITH; Natchez. Miss.: Kappa Sigma: Air K..r,e KOTC. • IMOGENE AGNES SMITH; New Orlean , La.; Kappa K;ippa Gamma: Greenbackers; Newman Club. CLINTON SMITH: Jackson Miss: Kappa Sigma: Pre-Medical Soeielv: Baptist Sluilenl Union: . Cappella Choir. • THOMAS PI.EWMAN SPARKS. HI: New Iberia. La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • KimiE SPOTO; Tampa, Fla.; Pi Kappa Alpha: Pre-Medical SiM-iety; New [nan Club. Fotirth Row: • UORDTll ' l STADIKR; D.-l Ri.,, T;-x.: Alpha Omierun Pi; Ncwc. Handbook: Canterbury Club. • JO E. STANDLEY: Sikes- tnn, M i.: . lpha Delta Pi; Freshman School Arch. Scc.-Treas.: Tusk- Wesley Founilation: Tulanc Baml: Glendv Burke Society Ir.as ' .; New, ' . Panhellenic. • NANCY STARR; New Orleans.La. : Kappa Kappa Gamma; Wesley Foundatinn. • ROBERT G. STASSI: Metuirie, La.; Delta Sigma Phi: Newman Club. • LOUIE STEWART: Mimroo Ga.; Phi Mu; Wesley F .undation; Glee Club. Fifth Row: • HiiSKMARY STEWART: Conroe, Tex.: VINCENT A. STEW- ART. JR.; Longview, Tex.; Delia Sigma Phi; HullaUaho: Green- backers; German Club. • GAIL STILWELL; New Orl.-ans. Ui.: ( " hi Omega; llulliiliuloo: Westminster F " ellowship; .Sailing Club. • lIMUilKT ANN STONE: Amarillo, Tex.: Kappa Kappa Gam- ni.i. • KKNEST N. STRO.MBERGER: San Antonio, Tex.: Ka|)pa Sigin.,; Ilulhihaloo; Naval ROTC. Sixth Row: • IIYRON .STRUG; New Orleans. La.: Alpha Epsih.n Pi: Pre- M. ' .lh.d .S„ciciv; llillel E..undaii..n. • MICIIAKl. P. STRUT- ZEL. Dih.xi. Mi-.-. • JOSEPH CLINTON SLMNKR. JR.; Syl- vester. Ga.; Pre-Mi ' dical Societv; Baptist Student l nion: Tulanc Band. • CAROLYN SUTTER ' : New Orleans. La.; Pi Beta Phi. • E ()N ANN SWAIN: New Orleans. La.; Cbi Omega; Wesley Foundation: .Sailing Club. Seventh Row: • JANE SWANDER; New Orleans, La.: Newman Club. • ALICE ' !. rALBoTT; P.iscagoula. Miss.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Canter- bury Club. • MICHAEL WAYNE TALBOT; New Orleans, La.: Helta Tau Delta. • JIMMIK TARIErON; N.-« Orleans, La.; Army ROTC. • FRANK TAl I 1.1; Harvey, La.; Delta Sigma Phi: Newman Club; rni R()T( " . KiKlith Row: • MlillM- lAYLOR; Cliamblcc. Gu.: Delta Tuu Delta: Wesley F.Mir»l.,ii,,n; Army ROTC. • ANN BERLINE TAYLOR; Ti Avon. G.I.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Newman Club. • NKNA TAYLOR; S.inl.i Maria. Col.; Newman Club; International Relaliuns Club. • ROM- KKl ' W. TAYLOR; New Orleans, bi.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Malh t.luh; l ' re. l,.,|„al Society; Pep Pand; Tulanc- Band. • MARMN LEONARD TEICH; New York, N.Y.: Tau Epsilon; Pre-Medi cal Soeioly; Hillel Foundation. % %k 311 ' .•4 fa«:.-i; MIb |J FRESHMEN First Row: • LYNN TERNES; Milwaukee. Wis.: Alpha Delta Pi: Tusk- Newman Club. • LYNNE THALHEIMER: Charlotte. N.C.: Alpha Epsilon Phi. • LEON L. TITCHE. Tucson, Ariz.: Delta Sigma Phi; German Club; Pre-Medical Society: Tusk. • .lAMES H. TON: New Orleans, La. • HANS TJIAN ; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Second Row: • ELEANOR MARY TREGRE: Napoleonville, La.; Alpha Delta Pi: Newman Club; Glee Club: Sailing Club. • CARL M. TREP- PENDAHL; WoodviUe. Miss.; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • WALIDA -ICKEY " TREUTING; New Orleans, La.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Newman Club. • NAT TROY; .Monroe, La.; Beta Theta Pi. • EDMOND J. TRUXILLO: New Orleans, La.: Phi Delta Theta: Army ROTC Sergeant; Drill Team, Pershing Rifles. Tliird Row: • TRAVIS TURNER; E. Atlantic, Ga.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Le Circle Francais; Newman Club; Glee Club; Sailing Club. • JOHN UNVERZAGT; New Orleans, La.; Kappa Sigma; . ir Force ROTC. • JUAN VALLHONRAT; Hobana. Cuba: Newman Club. • CHARLES M. VANCHIERE: Melville, La.; Delta Sigma Phi; Pre-Medical Society: Greenbackers; Newman Club: Air Force ROTC. • THOMAS VAN PELT; Houston, Te.x.: Kappa Sijima. Fourth Row: • NORMA JEAN VEGA: Napoleonville, La.; Kappa Alpha Theta. • VINCENT VINCENT: Yazoo City. Miss.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Pres. Fresh. A S ; Pre-Medical Society; Honor Board A S. • JAN- ICE VOITIER; New Orleans, La.; Alpha Omicron Pi: Newman Club. • CLYDE WADDEL: Alexandria, La.; Phi Kappa Sigma. • DANNA WALDMAN; Dallas. Tex.; Alpha Epsilon Phi. Fifth Row: • RICHARD PACE WALKER; Broo.klyn, N.Y.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pre-Medical Society: Hillel Foundation; Glee Club. • CON- RAD WAIL, III; New Orleans, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon: West- minster Fellowship; Army ROTC. • JUDY WALSHE; New Or- leans. La.: Canterbury Club: Sailing Club. • CARL WARDEN; Lake Charles, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • R. DAVID E. WAR- REN: Boise, Idaho. Sixth Row: • JAMES WATERS: Kansas City. Mo.; Kappa Alpha; Pre- Medical Society; Newman Club; Tulane Band; Sailing Club. • MICKEY WEINER: Memphis, Tenn.; Sigma Delta Tau; Hillel Foundation. • MORTON WEINSTOCK: Long Beach, N.Y.: Alpha Epsilon Pi; Hillel Foundation; Hulltihaloo : Pre-Law Society. • MARGERY WEIR; Manasquan, N.J. • IRA ALAN WEISS; Jersey City, N.J.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Hillel Foundation; Tulane Band; .Math Club; Pre-Medical Society. Seventh Row: • HERBERT L. WEISSMAN; E. Rockaway, N.Y.; Alpha Epsilon Pi: Hillel Foundation: Radio Club. • NAN SHELBY WELLS: Glasgow, Kv. : Kappa Alpha Theta; Bethany Fellowship: Glee Club. • EMILIE WENDEL: New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha Theta. • GUS WENZEL: Metairie, La.; Fresh. Basketball: Green- backers. • ROBERT JAMES WHANN; New Orleans, La.; Alpha Tau Omega; .Math Clult; Westminster Fellowship: Tusk. Eighth Row: • JOHN WALD.MANN WHARTON; New Orleans, La.: Delta Tau Delta. • JOSEPH E. WHEELER, JR.; Monroe, La.: Beta ThclaPi; Pre-Medical Society; Newman Foundation. • BERNARD WHITE: Fort Worth. Tex.: Phi Kappa Sigma; Greenbackers: Newman Club. • JEEMS A. WHITE, III: Alexandria. La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Pre-Medical Society; Tusk; Canterbury Club; Glendy Burke Society. • JOHN F. WHITE; New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha: Naval ROTC. 312 FRESHMEN Fiisl Row : • JAM ' , W II l: SKV: N.w Orl.an-. I.a.-. Iliiltnlmlon: ilill.l KMiintlalioi) ; l.r- Cin-lr Krailrai ; [[il -ri)illii n;il Krlulii ii Club. • JOHN A. WIIIIWIS: Whilr Sulphur Sprint;-, . ii.: Nr«- Mi.in Club: (il ' i- Cluli: Clrnilv liurkc Sm-ii ' iy: I ' i Lamliihi llcUi. • I.IIIV W II. MAMS: Kranklon. Kv.; Kappa Alplia I ' li.ia. • C. M-; WILSON: ,« DrI.an-. la.: lirllianv K. ' ll.iwship: A C.pp.lla Cli.ur: Clrr Cluli. • MAin i: l IA WII.SON; .Monroe, la.: (llii ()rni-j;a: (!anli-rliury (!luli. Second K « : • . l). l WILLIAM Air I ' nr.i- KOI ' C. • Ilila lli.la I ' i: Scr • DWII) WISDOM Aran lioTC. • FKKI) K. WISH. I.,.i LIAM W. WIITK: K. Aun.ra. N.V WIWIM.KOFF. JK.: . rv, Orl.an.. La.: JOHN W. WINILK: San Ani..ni... T.x.: Trra . Frisli. ASS; Pr.--M. ' iliial S.icii-ly. Ni-w ()rlr;in . La.: Delta Kappa F p ilnn: Alamos. Nrw U-x. • WIL- l) -ll:i T:iu l),-lla: Wcsl.-y Foundation: Itailio C.luli. Thiid Row: • i;i(ll KI) WITTNER: Uirminiiliani. Ala.: Sijjnia Alpha Mu. • JUL . WOMACK: Baton Ron;;.-. La.: Kappa Kaj.pa Cam- in.,: Cr.-rnha.kiT-: CanliTl.urv Cluh: CW Club. • THOMAS M. WIIOD: .Ni ' w OrliMns. La.: .-siminsiiT Fello»sbip: A Cappdla Choir: Gbi- Club. • PHILIP CAKL WRA.NGLK: Laki- Cbarbs. La.: Phi Kappa Sij;ma: Prf-Modi.al Soiiely; Wrsli-y Foundation: Air For,,- ROTC. • Dl ' DLFV VOLMAN: Shrevcport. La.: Phi llili.c rio-i.i: IV. ' .M.-.li.al So,i.-i ; liapiist Student Union: Clendy llurki- Soci.-H : .Sailiu " Club. Fmirth Row: • DON Ml) L. YOUNGS: New York, N.Y.: Kappa Si-ma: Pro- p.ll.r Club: Newman Club: Army KOTC. • R. G. ZAFFIRINI. JR.: I. ire. 111. Tex.: Pre-.Medieal SoeiiMy: N.-isman Club. ' O «fta jpi|r»wr. IfWrt IW! us GIVE OUR ADVERTISERS A LOT OF BULL? THANK YOU! As you know, the JAMBALAYA is among the most prized possessions of Tulane students. It is one of the first things a Freshman sees and the last a Senior sees. The Jamb is cherished not only during college days, but also for years to come. It Is not just the students who read it, but their friends, parents, relatives, and our prominentalumni as well. The JAMBALAYA has been published annually since 1896. Our longev- ity is greatly attributed to the support we receive from our advertisers. We are aware of this, and want to take this opportunity to say thank you. hHowever, we can show our appreciation best In another manner. Let ' s PATRONIZE THESE ADVERTISERS. They helped make this book possible. It is our hope that you have enjoyed the Jamb and will show if through our advertisers. The Business Manager and t he Business Staff INDEX TO ADVERTISERS A. S. Aloe J. A. Majors Anthony ' s L. G. Balfour Arnaud ' s Restaurant Labrche ' s Audubon Laundry Lloyd Alexander Barnett ' s Optical Loubat Glassware Bennett ' s Camera House Louisiana State Rice Mills Bruno ' s Malson-Blanche C. A. Sporl Co., Inc. Meynier-Dlllman Carrolltop Refrigeration Naborhud Washwoman Chalmette Laundry Nola Electric Cliff Probst Pan-American Life Ins. Coca-Cola College Frocks Columbia Homestead D. H. Holmes Dwyer ' s Emery Kaufman Ltd. Freeport Sulphur G. F. Favrot Gentry Perrlllat-RIckey Const. Co. Piccadilly Florist R. P. Farnsworth Co., Inc Skeffington ' s Tabasco Thos. W. Hooley Sons Tropical Press Tulane Book Store Godchaux ' s United Fruit Graduate Supply House W. H. Curtin Gus Mayer Co., Ltd. Ye Olde College Inn Your Own -accident-sickness-hospital GROUP INSURANCE PLAN Designed and Approved by TULANE and NEWCOMB STUDENT COUNCIL CONTINENTAL CASUALTY CO.— (Chicago) EMERY KAUFMAN LTD. ;,-=7j ,3 AGENTS L. G. COMPANY ATTLEBORO, MASSACHUSETTS GEORGE N. WILSON Representative 619 S. Carrollton Ave. New Orleans, La. Phone University 1-9431 WEDDINGS FORMALS J- lccadlltu We Telegraph Flowers FLORISTS Carrollton at St. Charles UN 1-2525 Specializing in Room Air Conditioning Sales — Rentals — Installation — Service Carrollton Refrigeration 7624 Maple UN 1-2501 MAgnolia 281 I Since 1875 THE LOUBAT GLASSWARE CORK COMPANY Connplete Equipment and Supplies HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, INSTITUTIONS NEW ORLEANS W. H. CURTIN CO. Laboratory Apparatus Reagents Spencer and Bausch Lannb Microscopes 621 Celeste St. New Orleans, La. Two Complete Fashion Stores... Clothes for the young at heart and for those who stay young. Two connplete fashion stores ... 301 Baronne Street and Westside Shopping Center. LABICHE ' S NEW ORLEANS AND WESTSIDE Mr. Jerry Anfhony. of he 1958 Jambalaya Staff, and Miss DoHy Gold, President, Newcomb Student Body. A Connplete Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service to Fit Your Budget. AUDUBON CLEANERS LAUNDRY 7116 Freret St. Majors Medical Bookstores A full line of books is carried in stock at all times so that innmediate delivery can be made. Subscriptions solicited for all medical periodicals in the English language. J. A. MAJORS CO. 147 S. Liberty St. G. F. FAVROT CONSTRUCTION CO. 330 Baiter BIdg. college frocks Near Tulane-Newcomb Campus 1020 Lowerline Use Your Charge Account A. S. Aloe Company of La., Inc. " The World ' s Largest Surgical Supply House " The One Stop Source of Supply for the Physician 1 Hospital and Clinical Laboratory New Orleans Branc h JA 2-7741-42-43-44 1425 TULANE AVENUE C. A. SPORL CO. , INC. ALL KINDS OF INSURANCE Commerce Building JA 2-5341 " -;i. " - i Tulane students act as counselors at day camp TABASCO The Seasoning Supreme As every student knows, an Imitation makes a poor substitute!! Always insist on genuine " TABASCO " brand pepper sauce when eating at your favorite restaurant, whether it be the Toodle House or Galatoire ' s. is a great, wide wonderful world of fashion . . . . . . filled with all sorts of wearable delights: trim and saucy things for street or campus . . . delectable bits of froth to glamorize your date-time hours . . . sports- wear of every conceivable kind! And, blessed thought . . . the prices refuse to be as- tronomical, even tho ' the fashions are " high " ! Maison Blanche CflfArfsr srofff south Junior World, MB Second Floor you ' ll also find Junior fashions at MB Westslde, Airline. Gentllly. CarroHton DRESS UP YOUR Table Top — Dresser Top — Coffee Table Top wifh attractive " CRYSTAL SHEET " or " PLATE " Glass Any Pattern — Any Size — Cut to fit ALL GLASS EDGES SMOOTHED FOR SAFETY Keys Made While You Wait MEYNIER DILLMANN HARDWARE CO.. INC. 7724-30 Maple Street UN 6-8301 For Your Complete Authenic NATURAL SHOULDER WARDROBE 710 S. Carrollton UN 1-4921 COMPLIMENTS OF FREEPORT SULPHUR CO. (Producers of Crude Sulphur) NEW ORLEANS PORT SULPHUR 1957 HOMECOMING COURT DWYER ' S LAUNDRY CLEANERS 4625 Freret I? ©111? OlDlkg? aittn GOOD SANDWICHES 3016 South Carrollton Ave. I ; i Great Universities do not Just Happen n This year the high quality of education at Tulane University has been recognized through acceptance of that institution as a member of the American Association of Universities. Membership in this organization is based on the very highest standards of both teaching and scholarship. Only 4! universities out of several hundred in the nation are capable of meeting its standards. This is a fine tribute to a great University . . . one of which every Tulane student, alumnus, parent, and friend should feel much pride and satisfaction. The same factors which have made Tulane a great university constituted solid frame- work for success within any field of endeavor. R. P. FARNSWORTH CO., INC. ehetal CchttactctJ 1514 South Salcedo St. New Orleans Ivy . . . most likely to succeed M On Campus, in the Classroom, around Town Still the style stand-out in any crowd . . . the man In the Ivy suit or casual clothes who obviously knows H the importance of today ' s neat, natural look with K i authentic university styling. Make Godchauxs your ■bI 9 headquarters for Ivy-picking for any occasion. pS ' ; Hj fl YOUNG EXECUTIVE SHOP • SECOND FLOOR 1 1 McMoMi Hv 1 JA 2-3619 UN 6-2865 Night Phones UN 1-1965 (uN 6-0864 THOS. W. HOOLEY SONS Machine and Boiler Works Marine Work a Specialty 1026-36 Tchoupltoulas Street New Orleans, La. TROPICAL PRESS OFFSET— COMMERCIAL PRINTER JAckson 2-1294 JAckson 5-9087 5 10 Camp Street NEW ORLEANS 12, LA. EDDIE SCHNEIDER COMPLIMENTS OF TULANE BOOK STORE TULANE MEDICAL STORE NEWCOMB SHOP . . . SO this is Bruno ' s ! ! Maple at Hillary WHAT WOULD JAMBALAYA BE WITHOUI RICE? The Little Rrce Man Says: Any rice dish is better when either Water Maid or Mahatma Rice is used. And he says it ' s appropriate for Tulane, The outstanding Southern University, to feature America ' s finest rice. LOUISIANA STATE RICE MILLING COMPANY, INC. ABBEVILLE, LOUISIANA America ' s Largest Rice Millers BARNETT OPTICAL CO. WM. J. HAGSTETTE, JR. GUILD PRESCRIPTIONS OPTICIANS 833 Common Street Pare Marquette Arcade JAckson 5-47 II— 7414 NEW ORLEANS, LA. COLLEGE RINGS SORORITY PINS FRATERNITY KEYS MEDALS AWARDS SPECIAL DESIGNS CREATED GRADUATE SUPPLY HOUSE 509 Audubon BIdg. 931 Canal St. New Orleans Office — University 6-5496 PERUILLIAT-KftKEY lO STlllJCTION CO ., Inc. KJenerat i ontractofA 1530 S Rendon Street NEW ORLEANS, LA. PATRONIZE YOUR ADVERTISERS Phones Magnolia 3477— JAckson 5-6985 TW 1-4792— UN 1-3076 CLIFF PROBST Auctioneer Realtor 425 Carondelet St. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA ESTABLISHED SERVICES TO Cuba - Jamaica - Panama - Colombia - Cos+a Rica - Honduras - Guatemala - El Salvador - Belize - West Coast Central America UNITED FRUIT COMPANY 321 St. Charles St. New Orleans, La. ARNAUD ' S " The House of Hospitality and Friends " 801-29 BIENVILLE STREET OPEN FROM II A. M. to 12:30 A.M. GERMAINE CAZENAVE WELLS Owner of Arnaud ' s Reslaurant, daughter of the late Count Arnaud, founder of the restaurant that bears his name, as well as creator of many famous Creole and French dishes famed throughout the world. " ,-B ARNAUD S — Selected the best restaurant of the South for the 2000th anniversary of the founding of the City of Paris. Few are the people who set foof on the sidewalk of New Orleans who do not seek to learn the location of Ar- naud ' s and forthwith journey there to enjoy this famous cuisine. After partaking of a notable meal, guests fre- quently ask the derivation of a particular dish: " Is it French? " " Is it Spanish? " The answer is that it is a combination of the wizardry of the French with the art of Spanish to make Arnaud ' s masterpieces. f Kestaurant y rnCtUU AIR CONDITIONED Jkei ' e.A ffo place iike Veuf Otleans ' Qualitif hepattmeHt tcn RENT-A-TUX keM HatCH J MEN ' S FORMAL WEAR JA 5-0239 1512 ST. CHARLES AVE. NEW ORLEANS. LA. BC T " n il ' H ' C ' iat e t 320 baronne street Cll 11 CI i h C?;«€A HcuM " ' ° ' ' - ' " ' " " " ' ' ' ■ ' THANK YOU It has always been a real pleasure serving the students of Tulane and Newcomb. " YOUR NABORHUD WASHWOMAN " 4825 Prytania 2045 Broadway 800 Fern 1500 Calhoun Lloyd lexander J Orchestra " Pride of New Orleans " LLOYD ALEXANDER- -IRWIN KNIGHT A.F.M 6924 Lou isvllle St. FA 6677 The Lights Spcnk Another Good Job by NOLA ELECTRIC 824 Baronne JA 5-2101 G T TH T CHALNIETTE TOacH Chalmette EXPERT CLEANING is THE BEST for your family! Backed by 80 years of professional experience, Chalmette offers you the CHALMETTE TOUCH . . . these unsurpassed advantages: :;,:£„ , , „ ,i. ' o - , ,irs. L as aljvays for fine feminine fashion quA.Mcu{eA. CO LIMITED CANAL ST. GENTILLY r ' s] ii-,j, UN 1-8701 ANTHONY ' S BEAUTY BAZAAR " Professional Beauty Service for Women Who Care " 630 S. Carrollton Ave. New Orleans WE INVITE YOU to open your Savings Account with COLUMBIA HOMESTEAD ASSOCIATION 330 Carondelet St., JA 5-0743 A Savings Institution J. B. EATON, Chairman of the Board C. C. FRIEDRICHS, President IRVIN L. DUSSOM, Vice-Pres.-Secretary Pan- American Life Can Make the Difference . . . Are you prepared to meet the high cost of a college education for your chil- dren? A Pan-Am erican educational plan is the sure way to guarantee them the ad- vantages of college. College-trained men and women can look forward to nearly $103,000 more life- time income than their contemporaries who did not attend college. Thoughtful parents realize, too, that the costs of a college edu- cation are rising each year — up 70Co over 10 years ago. If you want to make certain your chil- dren will have the finer things in life, a Pan-American Life Insurance Company edu- cational plan can make the difference. one of the world ' s leading mutual life insurance companies INSURANCE COM NEW ORLEANS A Mewnarahle Year • Congratulations to the Student Body and Faculty of Tulane University for completion of another outstanding year. • The StafT of your annual has worked exceedingly hard to give you a superb book that portrays the highlights of memo- rable activities. • Neither time effort nor expense have been spared to provide you with a permanent record, attractively presented and complete in every detail. • To preserve the photography and literary efforts of the Staff, the best grade of materials have been combined with skilled workmanship to provide the finest quality yearbook. • We are proud that the 1958 Staff elected us to help design, print and bind the " Jambalaya. " We have earnestly endeav- ored to fulfill the confidence placed in us. i M y ompiete (j2 ooh 1 1 lanufacturerA NASHVILLE 3. TENNESSEE ■ I irt- -•I

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