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i Ui JAMBALAYA a la Creole Jambalaya is a Spanish-Creole dish, which is a favorile in New Orleans, and is made according to the following recipe: 1 4 ( " ups of rice 3 tomatoes 2 qnarts mixed seafood (Lake shrimp, oysters, crab) onions tablespoon butter Salt. Pepper Cayenne to taste tablespoon flour 2 cloves of garlic 2 sprigs each of thyme and bav leaf The Picaruiie ' t Crt-olf Cook Hook C. 1901, . eu Orleans. La. Jambalaya at Tulane- is similar to the famous Creole dish — a combination of many diverse elements brought together into one meaningful unity. Like the culinary Jambalaya our yearbook is an effort to take individual ingredients, in this case those which com- pose a university and university life, and so combine them by our own recipe as to present them to you in a complete and attractive book. The basic elements of every yearbook are necessarily similar due to common features found in every university. But as the spices and seasoning of Creole Jambalaya differentiate it from ordinary stew, so the personalities and eccentricities, the organized programs and spontaneous occurances which are our " chef ' s touchees " flavor our yearbook. We offer you then the specialty of the house, Jambalaya a la Tulane. For a ItASK slarl v illi ADMINISTRATION For SPICE a l(l FEATURES For SEASONING mix in ACTIVITIES For BODY add CLASSES For STRENGTH a portion of ATHLETICS For FLA OR a priIlklin■i of GREEKS DEDICATION The position of esteem held by Tulane Medical School is tribute enough to Dean Maxwell E. Lapham. His accomplishments in the field of medical education and obstetrics have continued to bring honor to Tulane University in the years since 1940, from which time, save the war years, he has served as Dean. Dean Lapham has been a constant inspiration to both students and faculty, and his endless devotion to the medical profession and to Tulane has proved an invaluable credit to all. In slight token of sincere admiration and appreciation, the staff of the 19.56 Jambalaya is honored to dedicate this volume to . . . Dr. Maxwell E. Lapham, Dean Tulane School of Medicine For a BASE . . ? 1 ma se!a{! 0 4 ' ft fg ' f«S ? « , CONTENTS President Board of Administrators Board of Visitors Division of Student Life Schools and Colleges Alumni Law Seniors Med Seniors Lndergrad Seniors Graduate School Social Work President Rufus Cahhollton Hvuiiis PRESIDENT Message fruni the President ( ' .ain|iu lilc a I I ii hi lie is growing. New residenro halls air |)i i) idiiii; llie occasions wliei ' e stiideiits meet ffe- i|ii( ' nll Willi iilliiT -liiilcnl-. willi laciiIlN and will) (lisliii iii lic(l i il(ii . I ' laiis arc iiiitlcr a lor a I iii- ersity (Center willi llic facilities for an inleuialcd |iinL;iain (it (■(iiiiiniiiiilN aclivilies. Such a (Iciilci will make |iii iliir llic idiiiliij: Iduelhi ' i nl |-ccreal uina I ae- ti ilic and social c ents with cultural |)rofirams and ai ' tlielic and iiilellcctnal cndea i)rs. I ' he increased cnnlacN made |Hi iMc li dicsc laeilities will tdii- liiliiilc iniicli 111 llic dc cl(i|imciil and limiwiIi n each tuiieiil. There should he no categorical c-hoice between ciiriiiiilar and e l racniriciilar activities. The exlra- i-|i II icii la r cdiil liliiilc liiilli llic and iikmiiimu U llie cui- I iiailai. cii-c (il pi ii|)(ii I inn ciiin|in ' liciidmu the best iiilcrc t of bnlli i ()n.i:hl. riilanc eek to -u|i|iiiil an cxiiai III I iciil.ir lilc lui -liidcnl- and lanillx in whirh linlli ina (ind i n | H i al K mi a- wril a rcci ci I mn. ill lis C llAiatis Proiiiiiiiii Harris in Academic procession First Row JOSEPH AI JO ES. Presideni; DR. CHARLES L. ESHLEMAN. GEORGES. FARNSWORTH. CLIFFORD F. FAVROT. DARWIN S. FENNER. Second Row LEON IRWIN JR . ERNEST L. JAHNCKE. LESTER J. LAUTENSCHLAEGER. JOSEPH McCLOSKEY. J. BLANC MONROE. JOSEPH W. MONTGOMERY. Third Row ISADORE NEWMAN. II, ASHTON PHELPS, MARIE LOUISE W ILCOX SNELLINGS, EDGAR B. STERN, GEORGE A. WILSON, SAMUEL ZEMURRAY. BOARD OF ADMINISTRATORS The board of administrators consists of the adminis- trators of the Tulane Educational Fund. The board is the true governing body of the University, having the ultimate decisions in cases of broad Tulane policy. A body of continuing tenures consisting of prominent Tulane alumni and citizens of the New Orleans area. the board maintains constant cognizance on the world of education so tliat Tulane may continue to set the pace in this field. In addition to the present officers headed by President Jones, the board ' s Chairman Emeritus is Mr. Charles Rosen, its Secretary and Treasurer is Mr. A. P. Generes. and Secretary and Treasurer Emeritus is Mr. Lawrence A. Wogan. 10 Till- ailmiMi--lraliiiii nl ' I ' lihiiir rni iT-il i a In- ni( ' ll(lcill jnli ir(|ll 1 1 lliu IlKlllV |i( ' iific (liitic . I he ■■A(liiiiiiisli ' at " r " arc tlu ' nu-n and winiicn who Imlil these ari( ' (l |)i) ' ilii)ns in mir iinI (T il . Eacli lias a |)ciiall anil i llu ' ili icildi- nl lii- lii-ld nn tin- rani|in-. ' l ' lu r()Ui) jn(ludr ice-Presideiits, Directors, Deans, and ( ' (iinisclois. Px ' lnnd llicni. in llicir dc|)arlnicnls. i ihc Innclidiiini; of llic technical and linancial unil of Tulane. As llic Ji-adiT- il llicii it ' s|R ' ' |ivc iliviMuii», the ■ dniii)iNlialors " are in u position lo nwci ihc fttudciil an l till ' pul)lic. -.o %c Ik-ii- |iiitiiii- .mil iiimi- llwtii Ki ' i|) ihi ' ir fares ami iiunicn in niuid lur vdcii ntudcnl will he sei-viced or counseled liy eaeh of thciM; admin i tialor duiiiij; hi- -lav in ' ! ulaiie. iiie iniivrrsilv i» proud of these ineii and women for the extremely im- porlant part thev pla in the university system, and takes litis oppiirtunits to thank them. A D M I N I S T R A T O 11 S FiiiM Rmw DK FRI D cole, Academic VicePrcsiclcnt; MISS DOKOTHY U. I,I-:. Sccrelary ..f Ailnii " i..n.. NcKo.mb 0.1iri;c; MISS KATHRYN OvVIs v. .,„, = , lo ihr I ' r.M.l.ni .if ihc Univemly: DR ROBERT FRENCH, ViccPrcsiclcEii for Dcvelopmcnl: JOSEPH CIHSON. Dirermr ..f PrrAHnii..i..n.: DR l)ir,-,.„.r ,.( Stu.l.nt H.alll.. Secom. Row: DEAN FORREST U. LAKE. IVan nf Admission.; EMANl EI IJVAl DAIS. Burvir: Jf SK B MOK«. S .Vuxiliary En.erpri.c: DR. JOSEPH MORRIS. Vice-President ; HORACE RENEG AR. Director ..fPuMic Kelaium,: MRS. WlROTin N Nf.l M K Ml.... . . roun el,.r to w ' .mcn Third Row: DR. CLARENCE SCHEPS. Comptruller; DR. DICk 1 A ' i I.OR. JiMnnn A,lv.,..r: DR. OARLAND TAU.ilR. llitrrior «l Liiirarics: MRS. FIORENCF TOPPINo. R.;:i-lrar. r.i DIVISION OF STUDENT LIFE As the campus community I ecomes more and more developed and complicated, the significance of the division of student life is made more clear. The various student personnel officers on the staff of the Dean of Students are responsible for tlie inte- gration of the social, cultural, and recreational life of the student in such a Asay that an atmosphere will be created -wherein tlie learning process may best be fostered. By means of the orientation program at tlie begin- ning of the academic year, the personnel staff ' strives to assist new students in makins; the difficult transition from reliance on parents to reliance on themselves, from a living experience within the family to life in tire residence halls or group experience in large cam- pus organizations. Through a counselling system both in the office of the Dean of Students and in the residence halls, and through a faculty advisory system in the student or- ganizations, the office of the Dean of Students attempts to bring die influence of tlie faculty to bear upon the students in and out of the class room hours. In this way it is hoped to promote the best possible relations among the students themselves and between the students and the members of die facultv. Dean John H. Stibbs Dean of Students Dean Stibbs and Arthur Hastings view trophies for Debate Tournament FiiisT Row: KINAK N. PKDKRSEN. A-sistanl l.i ilu- Dran of Students; E RI. C. CI II LUN. H..uMnc SupiTviM.r: MRS. KI.I AliKlH li. i Hll ' l.K . •. i ii .- -. r uM . . RANDAI.I. BRAMAN. Guielanrr Officer. Secom) Row: MYRA P. CILBERTSON, O fCampu- Hnusins .SupervJM.r: J. F.. BRANCH. Pluermcni Offirrr; ANDRES HOR- CASITAS. Advisor to Latin-Ameriran Students: MRS. CAROLYN STF.VENS. Secrelarv t.. llie Dean. (Ifeat Whilf Fallier Dean .Slil)l)s al one of many rfcepliiin- 1 1 T Dean Lapham and Medical Student Council Dean Maxwell E. Lapham SCHOOL OF MEDICINE In September of 1834 our medical school, as the Medical College of Louisiana, was founded as the first medical school in the Southwest. The usual four-year program leading to the degree of Doctor of Medicine is offered by the medical school. The school also offers many graduate courses leading to the degrees of Master of Medical Science, Master of Public Health, and other degrees in public health. A number of short courses are offered in different specialties. THE HUTCHINSON MEMORIAL BUILDING The school year of 1955-56 marks another true milestone in the history of the Tulane School of Medi- cine. In the fall of this year, construction was com- pleted on the new Hutchinson Memorial Wing of Tu- lane ' s downtown medical center. The completion of the new building, in addition to increasing the acces- sibility of the latest equipment for modern medical research and teaching, makes possible the union of the entire four-year student body in a single central location. By the fall of 1956, the entire medical school will be situated in the downtown location directly adjacent to Charity Hospital. As well as unifying the med school, this move also provides additional classroom and laboratory space uptown by vacating the old medi- cal building. With all due ceremony, the new building was dedi- cated. The invaluable benefits of it are already being realized. The Hutchinson Memorial Building is con- crete evidence of Tulane ' s constant progress in the field of medical education. U I)i-;m Fill I ester and Law School Coimcil lux iai (ieiie and Tidiiln I)K. N KAY FORRESTKR Hanf: AngrI Cliave . SCHOOL OF LAW The Scliool 111 ' Law lias as its piiiuaix olijcclivc the tiaiiiing of students for tlic practitr nl law in Iniii-i- ana. Kiit llii is luU il- only aim. Tiu- school niii.-l lie alilc 111 liain .-ludfiiU loi tin- jiractice of law in oilier |iail dl ' the counliv. as well a in llu- Latin nieriran anil oilier foreign countries. The unique legal hislon- of Ltiiiisiana. ahing with the geographical position ami Latin iiillme of New Orleans, makes it particularly ippiopriale that the school ser ' e a varied group of students witii a diversity of legal programs. 15 NEWCOMB COLLEGE Newcomb College was established in 1866 by Mrs. Josephine Louise Newcomb as a memorial to her only daughter. It was the first women ' s college to function within the framework of a university. Newcomb has a full curriculum of Liberal Arts, including Music and Art, and also provides a program of study abroad dur- ing the Junior year. Study abroad combined with the cultural milieu of undergraduate school in New Or- leans, presents a student with the best of cultural and educational background. The ultimate purpose of the College is the provision of the opportunity for a girl to discover and develop her talents and to become aware of the traditions of her society in order that she may significantly con- tribute to the art of democratic living. DEAN JOHN ' R. HIBBARD Newcomb Memorial Day Procession DKAN W IM I l W. I ' I•;KK ■ A S OFFICF- ' KS: .lolin Coli-man. S-rri-larv ; Henry Jiinglr. Vice Presidftil: Jack Vt it-nrr. I ' re i lfnl. with Di-an W m. I ' vr . COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCII:NCES Tlic purpose of this college is to assure every stu- (Ifiil lioili ail opportunity to receive a sound general (Mlucalion iwm] a good liase for future specialization. Some lii(li ' iil will |)i-eparc themselves foi ' cnlrancc mil) graduate and ju ' ofessional scliools. while i)lliei will lenuinale llieir lorttial ( (lurali()ii willi llie liarlie- lor ' s degree. But in either ea c. the college offers its student.- pre|)aralion ior po iliiin f Icader-liip .mil trust in their home communities. Oldest ofTulane ' s undergradn.ile riiiiegi , I lie (.al- lege of Arts and Sciences enrolled its first sliidenl.s luehe freshmen and two sophomores, in ihe fall of l. " ..il. C.iljsi.n Hall " " Take 5 " at Norman Maver Hall DEAN PAUL V. GRAMBSCH Freddie. Yoirre Just Not Ready Dean Grambscli with President Larry Barth. Secretary Oberhel- man, and Vice-President Diaville. SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION The School of Business Administration was founded in 1914: in 1942 it moved into Norman Mayer Hall. Over the entire period the school has provided for its men and Avomen substantial professional training for business careers. It has sousht to enroll students of in- tellectual competence, good character, and leadership potential. The School of Business Administration has strived to provide the business community with grad- uates who command a working knowledge of business management, and who can be counted upon to sen ' e the commmiity and the nation. 18 DEAN LI-.I-; 11. JOHNSON Ufaii Jiilin- ' in itnl Iu.I ' MI iouin .. SCHOOL OF ENGINEEKING The School of Engineering of Tulane is one of the oldest and most well rounded in the South. It has been offering degrees since 1894. This school offers four year curricula leading to the Bachelor of Science de- gree in Chemical, Civil. Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. The engineering curricula enipha i r basic science and engineering sciences along with pro- fessional engineering courses lo provide a strong foun- dation for any phase of professional practice. Graduate v(jrk leading to the Ma ler of Science de- gree is offered in each engineering department. " But we know where Aubudon Park is! " ■■Hii;;i;iir up " ;il ••nniii.-rring camp - t nfrn ; 19 Dean Dinwiddie and Student Council DEAN JOHN E. DINWIDDIE SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE The School of Architecture is primarily concerned with and dedicated to the development of a living and vigorous native architecture for the southern region. Through the five year program, the school strives to integrate the architect as a social human being, a good citizen of his environment large or small. Though first aims are for the South we feel that the student should be equipped to adapt their work to any region. Brooklyn Bridge Planning Committee One Atomic Sub Coming Up GKADUATIi SCHOOL . UMVKKSII COLLKCK Graduiilc uiirk ;il 1 iihiiic ln ' f;,in in lllil.S. (!nnrsi of lij(l leading !■■ llir ilc rrf- i.f Ma lcr uf Arls. Maslcr of Scicrire. !a-li ' r lA I ' iiic rN. and Idnldr " " I l ' liil si)|ili arc unw nf- Icrrd. diiiis i(in In ihc (,radualc S( I I ii iialK dc|ii ' riiU ii|inn a liclhT lliari a erage recnrd in uriilrrj;radiiali- rliii(i|. SlcaiK (■ni|ilia i- i- |ila cd U|iiin rcscanli Irairutif;. 1 JHMT.-its (l(illc ;( ' is the e cnin i and adult (■(lucalinn ili- i iiin i f Tulanc I iiiviTsit . It offers degrees in the fields of lilM-rai arts, conmii-rcc. ini-clical trchnulogy and nursing;. It also offers inlrorluclory courstct in llic fii ' l«l» of cnginnrring and an liilci tun-. Thi- faculty i.n niacie uji i f rnenil cr« of ihc arions I niversil) faculties plus lcclurcr»frunilhcconimunil outside the I ' niversity. Although il is primarily an rvrning di i iioii niaii) of its student!) take day courses, and nian da students take evening courses. rii--i(l(iii l)i lllnl ; anil Dean Dyrr nl I mversity College ' re i(linl liailin and i)i-an luinianskv of (Graduate Sciiool DKAN JOHN 1 ' . IIIKK Vnivtrsity Collrfii- 111 W HiiUKK I M I I Ml K Dean Wisner and Student Council DEAN PXIZABETH WISNER SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WORK . SUMMER SCHOOL The School of Social Work is a professional school offering graduate preparation for positions in public and private wel- fare organizations and agencies. Specialized preparation is offered in group work: family and child welfare: medical, psychiatric, and school social work: and social welfare planning. The School of Social Work is a member of the Grad- uate Division of the Council on Social Work Education. Summer school may be attended bv students enrolled in anv College of Tulane University or any other university. The courses offered are used toward undergraduate degrees, and also are applied toward degrees in graduate school. Summer school offers an opportunity to schedule work which could not conveniently be fitted into regular programs, to supple- ment programs with courses of particular interest, to make up deficiencies of prerequisites: and to reduce the length of time required to qualify for a degree. UR. T. T. EARLE Director of Summer School Man. that ' s real Georaie Spring Training NEW COMB ALUMNAE ASSOCIATION The Newcomb Alumnae Association composed of all graduates and former students, is a means of chan- neling loyalties to Newcomb. Its office is housed in the Tulane Alunmi House where files and pertinent infor- mation are kept. Made up of a national group of offi- cers and clui)s located in leading cities in the United States, its activities include thousands of women and (■u cr ;i w idc range of interests. Il Iwn iialional meetings yearl ,irc lidil. oiu ' al I liimccdniinn ami ihr dllici ' al Commcncciticnl I inic. Il purpose is to (ill college needs when they arise, lo fos- ter alunmae activities, and to serve as a tie between future. i)rcsent. and past students and the college lac- iill and a(lniini lral(irs. OFFICERS OF THK .MA ' MNAK ASSOCI.XTION— 1955 M?S. KKAVk II nWIS (Tnllii C.u.k) 1M29 PrrsidenI M ISS A ( " . i:i HI I I , l ' )2K FirM Vire-PmiJent I1!S W n I l M 1 , ll ( in:i{ in..r..|li T..|iimii..) 1 ' »3().,.S.tjiii; Ur-Prruilrm M(S. H{ NK KKISS tj.iiir k.ll,li,r i I ' l.W Trramrrr 1KS. KKM:ST HKCK iVilma Wiiiliriihl) 1939 Rrcardini: Secrtlarr MRS. KAHI H KTI KTI. JR. (Cuiol rr;i-, r) 1911. . .Corrrj; ' " ' " ' ' " ' S«f« ar)- MRS. GKORCIA S. KI.SCIIK.R Exrrulixf .Srcrrtar Some . luni, Some Don " l Hr.nr .« Woil.l T U L A N E ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Houston Scholarship Students OFFICERS D. B. H. CHAFFE, JR PreudenI JACOB L. LANDRY First Vice-President HARRY P. GAMBLE, JR Second Vice-President CHARLES G. SMITHER Tliird Vice-President FRANCIS G. PAYNE Secretary VICTOR LOTA Treasurer The Tulane Alumni Association was organized in 1898 and is devoted to the broad principles of service to Tulane Univer- sity. Since then Tulane alumni have taken an active part in the progress of one of the South ' s oldest and greatest educational institutions. Through the Alumni Association the University maintains contacts with graduates and former students. The Tiilanian. alumni magazine, is sent free of charge to all alumni. Active Tulane alumni clubs exist in many parts of the world. Each year the Association sponsors Homecoming, a celebra- tion which brings graduates back to the campus for reunions and other activities. The Tulane Alumni Fund, organized in 1946 by the Alumni themselves, is conducted by Class Agents, Area Representa- tives, and other alumni. The Fund has increased each year both, in numbers of contributors and money contributed. It has become a strong financial support of the University and has been another means of nurturing alumni interest. The Tulane Conferences are in their third year and are projects of the Tulane Alumni Association, designed to co- operate with and encourage alumni clubs of the University. This year seminar-type programs were presented through the Conferences in Alexandria, Shreveport, Monroe, Lake Charles and Lafayette. Louisiana. Jackson. Mississippi and Mobile. Alabama. 24 SENIORS . SCHOOL OF LAW Bad Aclo FIRST ROW • lUI ' . DIU.NSIKI.N, N.« UrliMiiM .,!;, B.-t:i Tau: Siudi-nl G.uniil: hm Rrunt; I ' hi l).-lta Phi- U SmiiMi ' ilu Dn.il Civil. • JACK CASTKO(;iO A. M, Nik Orl.an . Lu.; TIhIu Kappa Phi: Smi-.r Cla- Pr.-M.I.-ni- 1 S.--iri,- (lu Dn.il Civil; Stuilinl Lawyer; Aloi.t Cnun B..ar(l; Phi I)i-Ila Phi. • JOHN C. CHRISTIAN. Springlichl. . I...; Kappa Alpha: Oniirn.n i).-lia Kappa; Phi Kla SiRma; La Socidc (lu Droit Civil: Law Review. • THOMAS S. CIRKIKR. Shrcvcp.irt. La.; Delta Kappa Kp ili.n: La S.nieie .lu Dr..ii Civil: Phi Dclm Phi: ,«!(■ Review. • EDWARD A. cle la HOLSSAYK. Ill, Franklin. La.; Beta Theta Pi; Delegate lo Stu lem Cuncil from Law School; Seabbaril S. Blade; WhoV Who; La Sociele ilu Droit Civil; Moot Court Board; Phi DcIm Phi: Nrtrnun Club. il.22 ' 21 FIRST ROW • JOSKl ' H A. KTIINCKR. Lakewno.l. N.J.: Sigma Alpha lu; King- Hen.h; l.».t Court B.Mr.l-(3iirr Ju liee; Phi Alpha Delta. • THOMAS M. KAI.KOWSKI, Jer-ev Ciiv. N.J.; Phi Kappa Sigma; King. lt,neli: M. .t Court B.ar.1; Phi Delia Phi; Newman Club. • JOHN R. FLOWERS, New Orleans. La.: Beta Theia Pi. • DONALD L. KING. New Orleans, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; PresiilenI of Student ll.ul ; Omi.ron Dflla K.ipp.i; Phi Beta Kappa; Pi Sigma Alpha; Who " Who; La Sociele du Droit tlivil President ; Phi Delta I ' hi; J MiiAi. vv 1; Line Review: Newman Club: Jamiulava Hall o( Fame. • nioMAS H. LKAi:il. New Orleans. La.. Delta Sigma Phi; Student Aelivitiei Kcv; Who ' , Who; U Socirtr du Droit Civil; Phi Aljdia Delta. • RdliKRT MICHAEL Mell LE. Pasadena. Calif.: Phi Kappa Sigma: U .S.H-irtr du Dr«il Cml; Kia|: Ben.h; Phi Delia Phi; Newman Club. SECOND ROW • MALCOLM GLENN U NDV. JR.. N.w Orleans. Ui.: Senior Clii» ViccProMcnt ; U Sociele rfu Dfwl Civil. • ED ARD J. SEVMOI R. JR., Monroe. U.; Beta Theta Pi; l.a S.«ielc du l)r..il Civil: Phi IWn Phi. • JOHN J. WEIGEL. New Orleans, La.: Sigma Alpha Ep«il.m: Pre i.lrnt of TuUnc Law S -h.«d: l)mief»n Deli.i Kappa: Who ' s Who; La Soricte du Droit Civil; Phi Wm Theta; Lax Rrrirnr; Honor Board: Pi Lanibila Beta. • JOYCE ARLENE WENT, New Orleans, La.; Srrretarv of U« Stu.lent llodv: Phi Beta Kappa: Pi Si»nia Alpha; hn Who; ,«»• Relieu ; Phi Delia Delta. • GEORGE B. WIKOFF, Crowley. Ij.: Phi Delta Phi; Lm Retieu. • ADELAIDE WIStK)N. New Orleans. l.a.: Kappa Kappa Camma: La Swielr du Droit Ci»il: L r Rttirw. Canterbury Club; Ncweomb Pan-Hellenic Council. 27 SENIORS . SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Siark Urama of Mrdical Rpalism FIRST ROW • M KSH ALL Il( L (; ALI ' KIN, . V« Orleans. Lu.: Phi D.-llu Epsilon: Sigmu Alplin Mu. • JLKKY (;. BACWLLL, Ahiylield, Ky.: Mu Sigma Nu. • ENOCH J. AUTHEMENT. Odessa, Texas: Alpha Kappa Kappa. • CF.ORCK W. liKDniNOriK.l.n. Valdosla. Ca.: Phi D.-lia Tli.ia: Phi Chi. • lOM i;. Ui;.M:i-ir.I.I). jr.. Culfport. Miss.: Phi Clii. SECO D ROW • .1 WIRS WALLACE BLEDSOE. Now Orleans. La.: Phi Chi. • SVDNKV L. BR YAM. Springfield. M,.. e IIOWARO BEAl CIIAMI ' lil HCH. Ku.eiu k... !i,s.: Phi Chi: Alpha Omepu Alpha: lli.|.ir ..f McHirin.- SiH ' iety. • RICHARD K. CAMPBELL, Coral Gables, Fla.; Phi Chi: Honnr C.uri Re|.resenlaliv.-. • II RRY GENE CALISEY. Meridian. Miss.: Phi Chi. FIRST ROW • I Mi:S EDWARD COLBl RN. Phoenix. Ari .: Nu Sismo Nu. • IDWIN 1 1 KWrir COLE, Aberdeen. .Miss. • Ml I A l CORRV. Cedar Oily, Utah; Nu Sigma Nu. • JACK. COU.NCE. New Orleans, La.: Beta Theia Pi; Nu Sitnia Nii: lee.Pre-ide.ii ..I Krr hman rli«; Vi President itf Junior elass. • W II.SON PAIL i:Ol(:ll. Phi Kappa Sij;niu; Thela Kappa P-i: Newnnin Cluli. • C M.DW I- I.I. de BARDELEBE . Selnia, Ala.: Phi Chi. • H l I ' ll i: HI N.N. Ilaiii,-.hiiri!. Miss.: Phi Chi: Alpha Omcu.i Alpha; Phi Hrla Kappa: Wli.. Wh... SliCO.NU ROW • I I I |i I nVIONDS. lliawalha, Kans.; Phi Chi; Alpha Oniei!.i Alpha. • CI li l 1) EllRINGER, New Orleans, La. • l i; IN FISI ' NllKHG. Milwaukee, Wi9. • l l Kli 1 Willi l EP.STEIN, San Anioniu. Texas; Phi Delta Kp«il n. • lOIlN B. KLllUll. Jaekson. Miss.; Phi Delia Thrla. • RICHARD II. FLOWERS. JR.. Greenwood, .Miss.; Kappa Alpha; I ' hi Chi. • GORDON MERRILL FOLCER, JR., .Mount Dora, Fin.; Alpha Kappa Kapi..i. 29 3 " u z FIRST ROW • JOHN SATTERFIELD FORDTRAN. Stockdale. Texas: Phi Chi: Alpha Omega Kappa: Phi Eta Sigma; History of Medicine Society. • JOSEPHINE GARNER. Century, Fla. • .MARTIN R. GELLER. Brooklyn. N.Y.: Phi Delta Epsilon. • DONALD JOSEPH GORDILLO-PAIZ. Managua. Nicaragua; Pi Kappa Alpha; History of .Medicine Society. • JAMES E. GOUAUX. New Orleans. La.; Nu Sigma Nu. a BILLY M. GRAHAM, Jackson. Miss.: Kappa Alpha; Phi Chi. 9 EDWARD M. GRIM. Kirksville. Mo. SECOND ROW • FRANK LAWRENCE GRUBER, New York. N.Y.; Zeta Beta Tau: Pi Lambda Kappa: Sigma Pi Sigma. • RAY HADDAD. Jackson. Miss.; Phi Chi; Who ' s Who; Omicron Delta Kappa; President Senior Class: Owl Club. • CLYDE 0. HAGOOD. Fort Worth, Texas: .Alpha Kappa Kappa: Vice-President of Senior class. • BILL H-AMILTON. Greenwood. Miss.; Nu Sigma Nu: History of Medicine Society. • ROBERT LESTER HATTON. Pahokee, Fla.; Theta Kappa Psi: Alpha Omega Alpha. • JIM M. HERCHER, Pine Bluff. Ark.: Nu Sigma Nu. • MARVIN HIXON, Naples. Fla. o o o s FIRST ROW • HOWARD R. HORTON. JR.. Detroit. Mich.; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • ROLAND D. JACKSON. Meridian, Miss.: Phi Chi: Alpha Omega Alpha: Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Beta Kappa: Phi Eta Sigma. • ROBERT JOHNSON. West Palm Beach. Fla. • ARNOLD H. KASSANOFF. El Paso, Texas; Phi Delta Epsilon: History of Medicine Society. • WILLIA.M A. KILLINGER. Jacksonville, Fla.; Phi Chi. • STANLEY ROBERT LEVINE, New Orleans, La.: Phi Delta Epsilon. • RICHARD MARTIN LEVY. Ansonia. Conn.: Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pi Lambda Kappa; Phi Beta Kappa. SECOND ROW • JOHN C. LIPSEY. Brookhaven. Miss.: Phi Chi: Alpha Omega Alpha. • ANN LONG, Vicksburg, Miss.; Secretary of Senior Class; .Mpha Omega .Mpha: Beta Beta Beta; History of Medicine Society; Hullabaloo; Newman Club. • CHARLES G. LONGENECKER. Amory, Miss.; Phi Chi. • JOE L. LONGENECKER. Joplin. Mo.; Phi Chi; Owl Club. • BERYL LOVITZ, Jacksonville, Fla.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Phi Delta Epsilon: History of Medicine Society. • TRAVIS LUNCEFORD, Sardis, Miss. • RAYMOND McBRIDE, Houston, Texas: Plii Chi; Alplia Omega Alpha; History of .Medicine Society; Owl Club; Newman Club, K.X ll ' llCJL ' A.M.A. Publicity Shot FIRST ROW • FRANK T, MfPUKKSON, Cl.vrlan.l. li ..: Phi Chi: SiRina Chi- Bi-la Ufia Ui-ta; Omirron Dclu KapP ' : Srahburcl S lilack-. • STUART HAROLD MANN, Winter Park. Fla.: Phi U.-lla EpMl.m. • JOHNNY MARASCALCA, Grenada. Miss. • IIOBART MEYER. JR., Pensacola. Flu.: Phi Delia Epsih.n. • WIU-IAM O. MILLER. Jackson, Miss.: Phi Chi; Kappa Alpha. SECOND ROW • CHARLES M. MOORE, Union, Miss.: Sigma Nu: Phi Chi: Owl Club. • RICHARD AL I.N MORGAN. JR.. Mchile. Ala.: Pi Kappa Alpha; Phi Kappa Psi. • ELIZABETH JANE MORPHY. L,.ng Beach, .Miss.: Baptist Student Uniun. • THOMAS H. NELSON, New Orleans. La.; Kappa Alpha; Nu Sigma Nu; Alpha Omcca Alpha; Phi Bru Kapjia. • CLYDE OWINS. Brent. Ala.: Phi Chi. FIRST K » • Hill! KD K. S. PANG. Honolulu, Huwuil; Thcia Kappo Psi; Alpha Omfga Alph . • J WIKS M. PARSONS, Lad.mia, Texas; Phi Chi; Owl Club. • 1 l RICE A. PEARL. New York. N.Y.; Phi Delta Epsih.n; Alpha Omega Alpha. • lidltERT B. PEDDY. Lakeland. Fla.; Beta Thela Pi; Phi Kappa Pfi. • MAC PEWITT. Fuli..n, Ky.; Kappa Sigma; Nu Sigma Nu; Owl Club. • F. EVANS POWELL, New Orleans. La.; Thoij K.ipp.i P-i. • BILL PTOMEY. Century, Fla. SECOND ROVi • THOMAS MALCOLM QIEHL, Baton Rouge, La.; Theta Kjp|i.i Psi; Pi Kappa Alpha; Houor Coanril .Member; History o( Meilieine Society; Newman Club. • SA n El. P. REED. Burlington, N.J.; Phi Chi; Owl Club. • WILLIAM E. RIECKEN. JR., Jucks in, .Miss.; Pi Kappn Alpha; Thria Kappa P.i; IIi.|.t -I Mr.li, mr Society. • JERKY ROEBUCK, Newton. Miss.; Phi Chi. • MAKMN KOTIIENBERG. Atlanta, Ga. • IRA D. KtlTUKKI D. Forest Hills. N.Y.; Phi Delta Epsilon. • HECTOR l KIO RUIZ, Laredo, Texas; Theta Kappa Psi; History o( Mrdicinr Society: NntnuB Qob. 31 FIRST ROW • EDWARD SERRANO, Tampa, Fla.; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • CHARLES CAMPBELL SMITH, Hatliesburg, Miss.; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • GEORGE F. SMITH, Ocean Springs, Miss. • JOHN J. SMITH, New Orleans, La. • NELSON J. SPOTO, Tampa, Fla.; Theta Kappa Psi; Vice-President of Student American Medical Asso- ciation; Newman Club. • JOE K. STEPHENS, Belmont, Miss.; Alpha Kappa Kappa. SECOIVD ROW • MELVILLE J. STERNBERG, New Orleans, La.; His.ory of Medicine Society. • GEORGE STERNE, New Orleans, La. • HENRY STOUTZ, New Orleans, La.; Phi Delta Theta; Nu Sigma Nu; Kappa Delta Phi; Omicron Delta Kappa. • G. D. TATUM, JR., Fort Worth, Texas; Phi Chi. • PAUL R. TENNIS. Neosho, Mo.; Delta Kappa Epsiion; Nu Sigma Nu. • MALCOLM J. THO.MAS, Denison, Texas; Phi Chi; President of SAMA; Sigma Pi Sigma. O O O FIRST ROW • JACK L. THORP, Oskiloosa, Iowa; Nu Sigma Nu. • CLEVELAND TURNER, JR., Belzoni, Miss.; Phi Chi. • ALBERT URRUTTIA, San Antonio, Texas; Nu Sigma Nu. • FERDINANDO F. VIZZI, Tampa, Fla.; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • JACK A. VOIGHT, Jacksonville, Fla.; Theta Kappa Psi. • ROBERT LEE WARD, Rock Hill, S.C; Phi Chi. • JOHN C. WATTS, Camden, Ark. SECOND ROW • ALFRED A. WICK, Wayive, Ind.; Phi Chi; Owl Club. • GEORGE WILLIAMS, Neosho, Mo.; Nu Sigma Nu. • PAUL R. WINDER. Shreveport, La.; Beta Theta Pi: Nu Sigma Nu; Alpha Omega Alpha. • ARTHUR K. WONG, Honolulu. Hawaii. • WARREN VINSON WULFEKUHLER, Daytona Beach, Fla.: Nu Sigma Nu; Beta Theta Pi. • ROBERT YOST, Louistown, Mont. • EDWARD ZALTA, Houston, Texas; Kappa Nu; Phi Delta Epsiion; Treasurer of Senior Clas! i FIRST RCVi ' • lill.l.V C. iiKOOKS, Temple. Texas. • MATT JOHN KLHEN, Fargo, N.D.: Alpha Kappa Kappa. • HAROLD FL.VTT, Birmingliam, Ala. SECOND RO ' ' H. LE, New Orleans, La.; President Medical Student Body. • HIRA.M HAYNIE, Abilene, Texas. • CLIFTON LAMAR HESTER. Clinton, Miss. I FIRST ROW • DANA KING, New Orleans, La. • CHARLES C. KIMURA, Honolulu, Hawaii. • CARL A. KLINE, San Antonio, Texas; Nu Sipma Nu: Pi Kappa Alpha: Scabbard Blade. • Cl.KMKNT CHARLES LAIRENT. Alexandria, La.: Thola Kappa P i. • GERALD NAGLE. Ja.kson. Miss. • ANTON J. STIFTER, Mian.i. Kla. • .■LENDER STnLO ' . Miami, Fla. 33 SENIORS Cooper ' s Folly FIRST ROW SECOIVD ROW • I ' l.OKKNCE ANN AISKAM, l.ufkin, Tcxus; Belu Beta B.-la. • PAT AKIN, Shrcvcport, La.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Newman Cluli. • ALLAIN ANDRY. Ill, New Orleans, La.: Delia Kappa Epsiliin; Omicron Delia kappa; I ' l .Sicma Alpha; Phi Delia Phi; Jamiiai.ava; Pan-llellenie Council. • MARTHA LILLIAN ANMISTEAD, Shreveporl, La.: Alpha Omicron Pi; (e lcy Foundati.m. • SUZANNK ASIIBY, New Orleans, La. • WILLIAM .1. ATKINS, Shreveporl, La.; Delia Kappa Epsilc.n; President of ASS Senior aass; Scabbard Blade: AW Force ROTC; Cadei slafl oflicer; Cadei Ll. C olimel; Adelphons; Honor Board; . rnnld Air Society. • ROBERT PENDLETON BAILEY, Lynchburg, Va.; Sigma Alpha Ep ilon: Delia Sigma Pi: Propeller Club: Wesley Foundation: Tulane Band. • LARRY E. BAKER. Kennetl, .Mo.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Nu Sigma Nu: Scabbard Blade. • WILLIAM ALFRED BANTA. New Orleans, La.; Phi Kappa Sigma: Delta Sigma Pi; Intramural Council; . Cappella Choir: Glee Club; Operetta; . ir Force ROTC; Cadet staff officer. Major. • DAWSON BAPTIST, iNew Orleans, La.; Phi Delta Tlieta; Air Force ROTC; Cadet staff officer, 1st Ll. FIRST ROW • ELISE DOROTHEA BARKKMEYER, New Orleans, La.; hite Caps; Gamma Delta: Inlcrfailb Coancil. • BETTY GIYX BAKKSDALE, Summit, Miss.: German Club. • SIlKl.in E. BARNES, Bilo i, Miss.: Phi Eta Sigma: Pi Lambda Beta, • LKON C. HARNETT, JR., Metairic, La,; Tau Beta Pi; AICIiE. • JEURY BARNl ' M, Oconomowoe, Wis,; Pi Beta Phi; Beta Beta Beta: I ' niversily Chorus. • LAWRENCE CHARLES BARTIIE, New Orleans, La.: President o( the Student RmIv o{ ihr School of Business Administration; Who ' s Who; Delta Sigma Pi; Swiely Adv.incemcnt Managrmrnl. • DOROTHY RITII BASKETF, Texarkana, Ark.; Alpha Omicron Pi: If Circle Francai ; Wclmin»lcr Fellow-hip. German Club; Canterbury Qab; SECOND ROW MARY ANNE BEAMAN, New Orleans, La.: Beta Beta Beta. Kl DOLPH F. BECKER, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha; Scabbard Blade: Army ROTC; Adclphoo.. OLI E BECNEL, Harvey. Lii.: Newman Club. HAROLD J. BERCER, Ljiurellon. L.I., N.Y.; Sigma Alpha Mu. IIKNKY J. BERGERON, New Orleans, U.: ASCE, I ' llM.l.lS ASKANASE BERN. TEIN, New Orleans, La.: Alpha Kp-ilon Phi. DKNISE JEANNE BEYT, Port Arthur, Texas; Kappa Alpha Tbela: Beta Beta Beta; Newman aub. 35 FIRST ROW • JOSEPH A. BIGGIO, JR., Montgomery. Ala.; Army ROTC: NOTA. • JUDITH LYNN BILLINGS, Wynne. Ark.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Interfaith Council, Wesley Foundation; Dormitory Council. • NAOMI CARMEN BIRDWELL, Shreveport, La.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Oreades; Barracudas; Dormitory Council; Honor Board; Wesley Foundation; University Honor Board. • BANKS BLACKWELL, Pine Bluff. Ark.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • MOLLIE BLAKENEY, New Orleans. La.: Alpha Omicron Pi; Beta Beta Beta. • DONALD BLOCK, Thibodaux, La.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Omicron Delta Kappa; Sigma Pi Sigma; Who ' s Who; Dormitory Council: Pan-Hellenic Council. • MARTHA BLOCK, Tela, Honduras: Alpha Omicron Pi; La Tertulia; Newman Club. SECOND ROW • ROBERT ALAN BLOME, Houston, Te. as; Vice-President of the Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; Who ' s Who; Alpha Chi Sigma; AIChE. • BOB BOULETE. La Rosa. La.; Beta Theta Pi. • FAITH LIVINGSTON BOWEN, New Orleans, La.; Phi Mu. • RICHARD F. BOWEN. Greenville, Pa.; Delta Sigma Phi; Sigma Gamma Epsilon; Canterbury Club. • JOY ELAINE BRAND. Waco. Texas; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Psychology Major Club. • CAROL LISE BRENNER, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Psychology Major Club; Jambalaya Commerce Woman ' s Club. • ALBERT JOSEPH BREWSTER. New Castle, Dela. ( FIRST ROW • FREDERICK J. BRINKMANN, New Orleans, La.; President ASCE: Sigma Pi Sigma. • PHYLLIS BROWN, Mobile, Ala.; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • BRYAN R. BURNTHORNE, New Orleans, La.; Scabbard Blade; Four Varsity Letters in Football; Captain of the Football Team; Lt. Colonel. • ADRIAN R. CAIRNS. JR., Metairie, La.; Nu Sigma Nu; Phi Delta Theta; Omicron Delta Kappa; Student Activities Key; Who ' s Who. • RICHARD W. CALHOUN, New Orleans, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Chi. • CARROLL J. CAMPBELL, New Orleans, La.; Senior Class President; Scabbard Blade; Who ' s Who; Delta Sigma Pi; Society of Advancement Management; Naval ROTC; Lt. Commander; Anchor and Chain; Honor Board. • WELDON E. CAMPBELL, JR.. New Orleans, La.; Pre-Medical Society; Channing Club; Interfaith Council. SECOND ROW • JAMES EDWARD CARMODY, JR., New Orleans, La.; Football Team; Baseball Team; Newman Club. • BERNARD CHAUVIN, JR., New Orleans, La.; Delta Sigma Pi; Newman Club; Naval ROTC. • JENNIE LEWIS CHESTNUT, Hopkinsville, Ky.; Phi Mu; Art Club; Canterbury Club; Leadership Council. • JOHN F. COLES, New Orleans, La.; AIEE. • TONY COLLETT, Bogalusa, La.; Phi Chi; Pi Kappa Alpha; Scabbard Blade. • JOAN TERRY COON, Monroe, La.; Alpha Delta Pi; La Tertulia. • JAMES COTHERN, New Orleans, La.; Varsity Letters. -Morgan ' s First Command FIRST ROW • THEODORE COTONIO, III, New Orleans, La.; Delta Tau Delta; Tusk; Newman Clulj. • WADE A. COTTON, JR., Monroe, La.; Kappa Sigma; Tusk. O NASH COX, Frankfort, Ky.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; President Rresident Sluilenl Government Association: A Cappella Choir; Newcomb Student Council; University Chorus. • DENIS JOSEPH CROWLEY, Cleveland Heights, Ohio; Phi Kappa Sigma; Tusk; Lagniappes; Leadership Council; Newman Club; Naval ROTC, Ensign; Debate Team; Glendy Burke Society. • E. W. CULLEN, R., New Orleans, La.; Vice-Chairman AIEE. SECOND ROW • CAROL ANN CURET, New Orleans, La.; Phi Mu. • A. WILMOT DALFERES, Lafayette, La.; Kappa Sigma; Society Advancement Management; Phi Delta Phi: Tusk; Newman Club; Naval ROTC, Ensign; Debate Team; Glendy Buke Society. • CAROL DAVIS, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • JOSEPH C. DECKERT, New Orleans, La.; ASME; Newman Club; Air Force ROTC: Major. • WILLIE P. DE LA HOUSSAYE. New Orleans. La.; President Sigma Pi Sigma; American Chemical Society; Circle K. FIRST ROW • I. J. DELATTE, New Orleans. La.: Delia Sigma Phi. • RAFAEL VIRGILIO DIAZ. Havana, Cuba: Phi Inia Alpha. • ALICE FENN DIGGS. Cordova, Tenn.; Kappa Alpha Thda: Who ' s Who; Art Club; Dormllor - Council; Hiinor Board; V ' stminster Fellowship. • HARRIS MYRON DULITZ. New Orleans, La.; Eta Sigma Phi. • PAl L F. DU ' OISIN. New Orleans, La.; Sigma Pi Sigma; Who ' s Who; AIEE; Air Force ROTC. • WILLIAM N. ECKERT, New Orleans, La.; Phi Delta Theta: Scabbard Blade; German Club: Army ROTC: Pershing Rifles; Ca let Colonel. • JANET EPPERSON, New Orleans. La.: Beta Sigma Omiernn;; La Tcrlulia. SECOND ROW • R. FRANK EVANS, DavanI, La.; Campus Nitc; Canterbury Club. • WILLIAM E. FAI.BAUM. New Orleans, Iji.; Sigma Alpha Epsibm: Scabbard Blade; Delta Sipma Phi; Socirly . (lvanrenient Managenu-nl; Wesley Foundation; -Army ROTC, Lt. • CHARLES W. FASTERLINC. Buras. I-i.; Alpha Tau Omega: Naval ROTC. Ll.: Anchor .ind Chjin; Canterliury Club. • ROY W. F.VULK, JR.. New Orleans. Ui.: Society .Vdvancemcnt Management: . ccounling Club. • Vill.LIAM A. FERRANTE. Melville. La.; Phi Chi; Sigma Chi. • FRANK I ' FISCHER. JR., New Orleans. La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; President of Engineering Collrfc: Who ' s Who; ASME. • DANIEL M. FOLEY, JR.. New Orleans. La.; Sigma Pi Sigma; Newman Club. 37 FIRST ROW • CHESTON FOLKES, Covington, La.; Sigma Chi. • JERRY L. FOSTER. New Orleans, La.: Westminster Fellowship; Tulane Band; Air Force ROTC, 1st Lt. • MARY LUCIENE FOUNTAIN, Macon, Ga.; Phi Mu. • MARYEM COLBERT FOWLKES, Handsboro. Miss.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; President of Newcomb Stu- dent Body; Alpha Sigma Sigma; Assets; Who ' s Who; Honor Board; Tusk; Canterbury Club; Lagniappes. • SUE ANN FRANCIS. Midland, Texas; Chi Omega; La Tertulia; Baptist Student Union; Lagniappes. • STANLEY FRANK, JR., San Antonio, Texas; Zeta Beta Tau. • ROSE ERASER, Many, La.; Kappa Alpha Theta; President of Senior Class; Alpha Sigma Sigma; Sigma Pi Sigma; Honor Board; Baptist Student Union. SECOND ROW • FLORENCE FREEDMAN, Douglas, Ariz.; Beta Beta Beta; La Tertulia; Pi Sigma Alpha; Student Activities Key; Jamb.alay. ; Greenbackers; A Cappella Choir; Student Directory. • FRANCES FRIEDMAN, Houston, Texas; Sigma Delta Tau; La Tertulia. • GERALD FRIEDMAN, New York, N.Y.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Hillel Foundation: Pi Lambda Beta. • BERNARD C. FRISCHHERTZ, JR., New Orleans, U.; AIEE; ETA; Intramural Council: Naval ROTC. • JAMES A. FROSCH, New Orleans, La.; Tau Beta Pi, President; AIEE. • REGINALD FUJIMOTO, Honomu, Hawaii; American Chemical Society; Air Force ROTC. • R. PAT GANDOLFO, New Orleans, La.; President Senior Class; Tau Sigma Delta; President AIA; TAS. iii FIRST ROW SECOND ROW • JOAN GARCIA, New Orleans, La.; Phi Mu; Dance Club President; Campus Nite. • GEORGE W. GARDNER, JR., St. Louis, Mo.; Kappa Alpha; Naval ROTC; Adelphons. • HARVEY H. GARDY, Hollywood, Fla.; Sigma Alpha Mu; German Club; Pre-.Medical Society. • ERSKIN GASTON, Shreveport, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • GERALD T. GELPI, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha; Naval ROTC. • CHARLES . GENDUSA, New Orleans, La.; Army ROTC. • STANLEY KENNETH GIBBS, New Orleans, La.; Intramural Council: Hillel Foundation. • ROY GONSENHEIM. New Orleans, La.: Sigma Alpha Mu: Army ROTC: Glendy Burke Society: Radio Station WGBS. • DOROTHY GOOD, Texarkana, Texas; Alpha Omicron Pi; La Tertulia; Art Club; Dormitory Council. • ANNE LARKIN GOODE, Spring Hill, Ala. • BABETTE GOODMAN, Cincinnati, Ohio; Barracudas; Tulane University Theatre. • JO GOODWIN, Bastrop, La.; Pi Beta Phi; Dormitory Council; Canterbury Club. • LARRY MARTIN GOTTSEGEN, New Orleans, La. • DEEDEE GRIFFEN, Delham Manor, N.Y.; Pi Beta Phi; President Alpha Sigma Sigma; Assets; Beta Beta Beta; President .Athletic Council; Dormitory Council; Honor Board; Lagniappes; Secretary Leadership Council; Secretary Pi Lambda Beta; Co-Chairman Orientation; Food Commission. 38 € FIRST ROW Sandifir ' s Saints • CHARLF.S It. CL ' LLEY, Brnokhavin. Miss.; Sipmu Alpha Epsilon; Scul.bnrd Blade; ASME; Air Fiirrc ROTC; I.apniappes: Arnnld Air Society. • SANDY HALL. Al.qaiq, .Saudi Arabia: Psyclndngy Major Club, • CHARLi:S L. IIAMAKIvR, Mobile, Ala.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • LOUIE HARRIS, New Orleans, La.; Beta Theta Pi. • MARTHA HATCHELL, Monroe, La.; Chi Omega Secretary: Vice-President Newcumb Sludenl Body; Who ' s Wiio; Editor Newcomb Handbook: Student Council: Newcomh Pan-Hellenic. SECO D ROW • ERNEST L. HAWKINS, JR., New Orleans. La.; Delta Tau Delta: Sigma Pi Sigma: Adclphons. • HAROLD DONALD HAWKINS. New Orleans, La.: AIEE: Football; Track. • JESSIE . 1. HEBERT. New Orleans. La.: La Tertulia; Sigma Pi Sigma: While Caps. • SUE HERTZMAN, Louisville. Ky.: Alpha Epsilon Phi; Clendy Burke Society; Philosophy Club. • BETTIE 1!. ini.l.. M..nlgomery, Ala.: Kappa Alpha Theta. ' wm FIRST ROW • TllKODDRi; MVKR " TEDDY " IIIRSCH. New Orleans, La.; Ping Pong Champ: Bridge Clump. • M.Al. llllli.SON. Metairie. L;i.: Alpha Tau Omega: Gol{ Captain; Naval ROTC. • Jl LIE HOC IE. New Orleans. Lji.: Kappa Kappa Camma. • LEANN HOR.N, I-ike Charles. Ij.; .Mpha Epsilon Phi; La Trrlulia; Crccnbackrm; Campus Nicht: TuUnc I ' niversitv Theatre : Lagniapjies. • IAHK (iriO HIIW ARl), New Orleans. La.; Kappa Alpha. • l ' r lldW l!ll, N.w llrleans. Iji. • ST. CLAIR HI l.TS.MAN, Little Rock, Ark.; Sigma Chi: Phi Eta Sigma: Scabbard S. BUdc: Sipma Pi Sigma; Newman Club; Air Force ROTC: .•Vrnold Air Society: Tuhinc Sailing Club. SECOND ROW • 1 l)|il; li) IlLNTEK. IWli e, British Honduras; Phi Mu: U Tertulia; Sofiolog)- aub; Wrslmio.lrr Fe[loi, hip. • ALBERT C. JACKSON, New Orlcuns, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; ASCE; Air Forre ROTC; Arnold Air Society. • I) ID JACKSON. Poplarvillc. Miss.; Phi Delia Thcia; Sct-relary-Trcajurrr Scluwl Enginrrrins ; Srabbard iil.ol. : S(:F: Naval ROTC: Ailclph..ns. • JOKL II. J COBS. Chicago, 111.; Secretary Tulano Sailing t:iub: Propeller Club; Socicly AdvancrmcBI Management. • WILLIAM NELSON JONES, Benton. Ark.: Sigma Chi; Phi Chi. • CARLOS J. KELLY, New Orleans, La.; Delia Tau Pelln; Pi Umbdi IWta: .Arrounling Qub: Nrvman Club. • .MARY ANNA KENDALL, Jackson, Miss.: Chi Omega: Alpha Sigma Sigma; Assets; Eu Sigma Phi: La Tertulia; Oreadcs: Who ' Who; President of the Honor B iard; Sludenl Council. 39 FIRST ROW SECOND ROW • MARC L. KERLIN, New Orleans, La.: Phi Delta Theta: Nu Sigma Nu. • EDWARD A. KERTH, New Orleans, La. • MARJORIE KING, Grenta, La.; Beta Beta Beta; Oreades; Newman Club; Kappa Delta Pi. • WAITE SCOTT KIRKCONNELL, Tampa, Fla.; Westminster Fellowship. • STEVE GUST KIRKIKIS, Minden, La. • ED KNIGHTON, Shreveport, La.; Beta Theta Pi; Lagniappes. • MARIE EMILY KOHLMEYER, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • J. A. KOOB, New Orleans, La.; Treasurer ASME. • DANIEL L. KRAUSE, Dallas, Texas. • JERON J. LA FARGUE, New Orleans, La.; Army ROTC. • EDWARD E. LAFAYE, II, New Orleans, La.; Beta Theta Pi; Sigma Gamma Epsilcn. • WALTER P. LANDEY, New Orleans, La. • MARY LAW, Greenwood, La.; Secretary of the Senior Class; Beta Beta Beta; Who ' s Who; Psychology Major Club; Greenhackers; Wesley Foundation; Glee Club. • JAMES R. LEACH, JR., New Orleans, La.; Delta Sigma Pi; Tulane Band; Air Force ROTC. FIRST ROW • CRONAN LEBLANC, Gulfport, Miss. • JOAN LEONARD, Neosho, Mo.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Vice-President of the Senior Class; Alpha Sigma Sigma; Kappa Delta Phi; Athletic Club: Publications Board; Wesley Foundation; A Cappella Choir; Univer- sity Chorus. • BILL LEONARD, New Orleans, La.; President of the Law Freshman Class: Tulane University Theatre; Pi Lambda Beta; Circle ' " K. " • JAY LEVY, New Orleans, La.; Zeta Beta Tau. • MERRILL LIPTON, New Orleans, La.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pi Lambda Beta; Beta Delta Alpha. • JERRE LLOYD, Lake Charles, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Newman Club, • BUDDY LOMAX, Laurel, Miss.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Varsity Letter, Tennis; Army ROTC. SECOND ROW • JOHN ANDREW LOTZ, New Orleans, La. ; Delta Sigma Pi. • HAROLD LUCIEN LUTENBACHER, New Orleans, La. • R. CLYDE LYNCH, New Orleans, La.; Nu Sigma Nu; Newman Club. • THOMAS DAVID McAFEE, Mobile, Ala. • DOROTHY ANN McCABE, New Orleans, La.; Phi Mu: Vice-President of the Senior Class. • CHARLES FENNER McCONNELL, New Orleans, La.; Phi Chi. • SANDRA McCOY, Stuttgart, Ark.; Art Club; Canterbury Club; Interfaith Council; Leadership Council. Not a IJad I ' i ' -a FIRST ROW • ROSEMARY McGINN, Monric, La.; Chi Omega; La Tt-rlulia. • J. KIRK McDonald, Memphis, Tenn. • CHLOE McGEE, Tchula, Miss.; Wesley Foundation, • HILAH McLEAN, Meridian, Miss.; Chi Omega. • JIMMIE MACKENROTH, New Orleans, La.; Chi Omega; Secretary of the Tulanc Student Council; AskU; Kappa Delta Pi: Wljn ' s Who; Christian Science Organization. SECOND ROW MARJORY REES MANGET, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • ELLIOT L. MANINT, JR., New Orleans, La.; Delta Sigma Pi. • HENRY E. MARKEL, JR., New Orleans. La.; Tau Beta Pi; AIEE. • MARTHA LOUISE MARSHALL, New Orleans, La.; Beta Beta Beta; Pre-Medical Society; Lagniappcs. • MARISA MARTINEZ, Delta Zeta. SECOND RO « SECOND ROW • ROBERT TILDEN MASON, New Orleans, La.; Delia Koppa Epsilon; Scabbard Blade; Tusk; Army ROTC; Sailing Club. • WALTER .MAXWELL MAYER. JR.. Beaumont. Texas; Zeta Beta Tau; Scabbard Blade; Delia SiRma Pi; Army ROTC; Cndi ' l staff ollirer, Lt. Colonel. • THEODORE FREDERICK MEHRTENS, New Orleans. La.; AS.ME; Air Force ROTC; Arnold Air S.viely. • SAUAE MEXIC, New Orleans, La.; Women ' s Commerce Club; Society Advancement MannRemenl. • MAl ' UY A. MIDI.O. New Orleans. La.; Sigma . lpha Mu; Omicron Delta Kappa: Whi ' s Who; Hullahaloo: I ' uhlic.ui.ms HounI: Army KorC: Cadet i,ifl ..nicer: Captain Battalion Staff. • KAlllERlNE ULAIR MOORE, Baton Rouge, La. • DAVID A. MOYNAN, JR.. New Orleans. La.; ASCE. • , ' VIIH MARIE MDTHS, Gulfporl, Miss.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Tusk; Wesley Foundation: Ligniappes. • MRS. JOEL GROSSMAN MYER. New Orleans, La.; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • Rl ' TH .MILLIKAN NAIRNE, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma: President of the Ncwcomb Pan- Hellenic; Ncw.-ombbb Council; Leadership Council. • nONlTA B. NAIHAL ' S, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Delta Phi: La Tcrlulia. • HERBERT C. NEDERVELD, New Orleans. I.a • JANE NELSON, Whitehaven, Tenn.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Oreadcs; Canterbury Club, • GERALD A. NEWBURGER, New Orleans, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Air Force ROTC 41 FIRST ROW SECOND ROW • CHARLES H. NORRIS, New Orleans, La.; AIEE. • ELIZABETH BARBARA OBERHELMAN, New Orleans, La.; Beta Sigma Omicron: Secretary-Treasurer of Business Administration Student Body; La Tertulia; Society Advancement Management; Newman Club; President of Commerce Women ' s Club. • JAY W. OPPENHEIM, New Orleans, La.; Sigma Alpha Mu; ASME. • DON OSCHWALD, Santa Fe, N.M. • ALFREDO OSORIO, JR., Managua, Nicaragua; AIA. • WALTER H. PACE, JR., New Orleans, La.; Tau Beta Pi; AIEE; IRE; Wesley Foundation. • SUZANNE PAILET, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Philosophy Club. • WALLY PAINE, Avon lake, Ohio; Delta Tau Delta; Secretary -Treasurer of the Senior Class. • EMMY PARKS, Gulfport, Miss.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Art Club. • ELIZABETH CARNAL PENICK, New Orleans, La.: Kappa Kappa Gamma; Psychology Major Club; New- com.b Sports Club. • BARBARA KAYE PEREZ, Mobile, Ala.: Phi Mu; Beta Beta Beta; La Tertulia; Newman Club. • ELENA MERCEDES PEREZ, Santurce, Puerto Rico: Beta Sigma Omicron; Beta Beta Beta; La Tertulia; Greenbackers; Newman Club. • CAROLYN LOUISE PETERS, Monroe, La.: Chi Omega; Canterbury Club. • WILLIAM CALVIN PIERCE, Meridian, Miss.; German Club; Westminster Fellowship; Chess Club. FIRST ROW • LIDA LOUISIANA PLACEK, Philadelphia, Pa.; Beta Beta Beta; American Chemical Society; Pre-Medical Society; Channing Club. • CLAYTUS JOSEPH PLAISANCE, JR.. New Orleans. La.; Treasurer of AIA; Army ROTC: Captain Cadet Stafl Officer. • JUDSON POCHE. Lexington, Ky.; Phi Delta Theta; Scabbard Blade; Tau Beta Pi; ASME; Naval ROTC; Lt. Company Commander A Company. • JOHN FEORE POTTER, New Orleans, La.: Alpha Tau Omega; Delta Sigma Pi. • EDGARDO LOUIS RABEL, New Orleans, La.; Wesley Foundation. • LYNN REEDER, New Orleans, La.; Chi Omega; Co-Chairman Newcomb Orientation; Alpha Sigma Sigma; Beta Beta Beta: Kappa Delta Pi: Theta Nu; TUSK; Westminster Foundation. • JOSEPH WILLIAM REDDOCH, JR., New Orleans, La.; Nu Sigma Nu; Scabbard and Blade; Student Activities Key; Westminster Fellowship. SECOND ROW • -MARY HARRELL REEVES, New Orleans, La.; Phi Mu; Student Council; President of the Art School; Art Club; Honor Board. • JO HELENE RENKEN, New Orleans, La.: Alpha Omicron Pi: Art Club: Canterbury Club. • ANNE PAYNE RICHARDSON. New Orleans. La.: Pi Beta Phi. • LESTER McKAY RICKS, JR., Houston, Tex. • CLARENCE M. RITTELMEYER, Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Nu Sigma Nu. • ANNE ROACH, McComb, Miss.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Tusk; Baptist Student Union; Army ROTC sponsor. • BETTY ROBINSON, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Dance Club; Baptist Student Union. 42 One for the Boys in the Balcony KIKST HOW CI.YDK MAKKIN KdCKIiS. JK., li. Olive, Miss. • ALVIN G. ROTTENBKRG. Fort Pierce, Fla.; Signiu Alpha Mu. • I.ARRY J. ROUSSEAU, Now Orleans, La.: Delia Sigma Phi; A.S.C.E.: Naval ROTC; Sailing Cluh. • EDWARD M. RUBENSTEIN, New Orleans, La.: Sigma Alpha Mu: Delia Sigma Pi; Presiilent, Soc. Ailv. Manafiemenl; ' arsiiy Baseball: Naval ROTC: . nclnir and Chain: Scabbard and Blarle. • PHILIP RUBENSTEIN, Highland Park, 111.; Zela Bela Tan: Naval ROTC: Rlin Sigma Gamma. .SECOND ROW • THEODORE J. RUCKSTUHL, New Orleans, La.: A.I.A. • I I, W SACKS. Kansas Cily, Mo.: Sigma Alpha Mu; Army ROTC. • 1 1 N P. . ' iAMMFER. Shreveporl, La.; President of Seh.iol of Architeeture: Who ' s Who. • K Tlli:HlM-; HILTON SANDOZ. New Orleans, La.: Kappa Kappa Gamma. • ANTHONY G. SARDISCO, Bossier City, La.; Scabbard and Blade; arsiiy Football; Newman Club; Air Force ROTC Colonel; Arnold Air Society: Captain. Football Team. iiusr Kow iECOM) UOW • DONALD SA KKY. .IR. • MILTON v.. SCHEVEKMANN. JR.. Tail Sigma Delia; Who ' s Who; A.I.A. ; T.A.S. • EDW AliD A. SCIIIEI.E. New Orleans, La.; A.I.E.E. • CHARLES ANDREW SCIIILLIN. JR., New Orleans. La.; Delia Sigma Phi; Tulune llnlven-lly Theatre. • NORMAN A. SCHINETSKY, New Orleans, La.; A.I.Ch.E.: Inlramurul Cnunril: Lriulership Coiinril. • GUY JOSEPH SEGHERS. JR., New Orleans, La.; Seerelary. A.S.C.E. • ROBERT W. SERPAS. New Orleans. La. • V K( n Utl ' . Shri-vcporl. La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Who ' s Who. • HDYD SHAW. Indianola, Miss.; Phi Delta Thelu; Nn Sigma Nu. • C. ROBERI ' SHERMAN, Pine BlulT, Ark.: Zela Beta ran: Delia Sigma Pi: Tulane liniwrsily Thr«lrr; Alpha I ' lii Omega; Pi Lambda Beta; Rho Sigma Gamma. • STANl ' ON EARL SIIULER. Shrevi|H.rt, I.ii.; Beta Theia Pi; Nu Sigma Na; Yarsily Letter in CoK. • NANCY SII.BER, Shaker Heights, Ohio; Alpha Epsilon Phi: Ij Trrtulin; Orrades; Pi Sigma Alpha; Tl ' SK: Campus Night: Student Direelury. • lU R T SIL ERMAN. Newark, N.J.; Zela Beta Tau: Society Advancement Management. • JEAN SIMONS, t:olunibu9, Ga.; Alpha Epsiinn Phi; Psychology .Major Cluh. 43 FIRST ROW JOSEPH C. SKINNER, New Orleans, La.; A.S.C.E. CLIFTON MURRAY SMART, JR., Blytheville, Ark.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Tau Sigma Delta; Who ' s Who; A. LA.; Baptist Student Union; A Cappella Choir; Glee Club. ALBERT CHARLES SMITH, JR., Pass Christian, Miss.; Tau Sigma Delta; A.I.A. ARDEN JESS SMITH, Oak Grove, La.; Kappa Sigma; Vice President of the Senior Class in Business Admin- istration; Scabbard and Blade; Delta Sigma Pi; Army ROTC; Cadet Staff Officer — Captain; Circle — K, Alternate Honor Board Member. JACK K. SMITH, New Orleans, La. PRENTISS EDWARD SMITH, JR., Hatliesburg, Miss.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. MARGIE SOUDAIN, New Orleans, La.; La Tertulia. SECOND ROW • LAWRENCE ALLAN SPITALNY, Phoenix, Ariz. • JOEL B. STEINBERG, Dallas, Tex.; Zeta Beta Tau. • NEIL STEINER, New Orleans. La.; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • ROBERT BERNARD STEUER, New Orleans, La. • ROY MACK STOLE, Princeton, Ind.; Scabbard and Blade. • YVONNE YUSPEH STRUG, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • ROGER DEAN SUNDAHL, Dallas, Tex.; Phi Delta Theta. FIRST ROW • M. GLYNN SUTTON, New Orlean s, La. • LOWELL ALFRED SWITZER, New Orleans, La.: Kappa Sigma. • FELIX M. TANKERSLEY, Montgomery, Ala.: S.A.E. • B. J. TANENBAUM, JR., Dumas, Ark.; Zeta Beta Tau. • JIMMY TARLTON, Crawford, Miss. • SHERWIN RONALD THALER, Forest Hills, N. Y.; S.A.M. • FREDDY THOMSON, Hattiesburg, Miss.: Pi Beta Phi. SECOND ROW JOSIE TESSITORE. New Orleans, La. • EDWARD F. TOWNLEY, JR., Kansas City, Mo. ; Delta Kappa Epsilon ; Scabbard and Blade. • ANN RUTH TREN CHARD, New Orleans, La.; Chi Omega. • BETTY JANE TROSCLAIR. New Orleans, La. • LEO WILLARD TUCKER, JR., Staten Island, N. Y.; Sigma Pi. • AURELIANO URRUTLA, IV, San Antonio, Tex.; Kappa Sigma; Phi Chi Medical. • FELINO J. VALIENTE, Tampa, Fla. FIRST ROW DANIEL ALHKKT lETll, New Orleans, La.; Phi Kappa Sigma: Sinma Pi Sifima. RUDOLPH VIF.NER. IIL New Orleans. La.; lieia Theta Pi; Wesiminslcr Fellowship; Army ROTC; C«del Staff OilictT — Captain; . rno](i .Air Society. JAMES KINGSLAND W ADIIK. III. New Orle Society. WOOLLEN H, WALSHE, JR., New Orleans, La.; Philosophy Club. RICHARD BELDEN WASHBl ' RN. West Hartford, Conn. La.; Kappa Alpha Order: Air Force ROTC: Arnold Air SECOND ROW • W ILLIAM W ADE WATSON, St. Joseph. La.; Sipma Alpha Epsilon; Viee President Student Body: S.abbard and Blade; Omieron Delta Kappa; Wlio ' s Who; Delta Sigma Pi: Phi Delta Phi: Publications Board: Grcrn- backers; Intramural Council; Canterbury Club: . ir Force ROTC; Cadet Stall Officer — Ll. Col.: .Arnold .Air Society. • JACQUES LOEB WIENER, JR., Shreveport, La.; Zeta Beta Tau. President: President College of A4S: Kappa Delta Phi; Omieron Delta Kappa, Vice-President; Scabbard anil Blade: Who ' s Who; J. .miialava Ed., Publica- tions Board; Naval ROTC; Cadet Staff Officer, Lt.; Anchor and Chain; Honor Board A S: Rifle Team. • .MARTHA WILDE, New Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Phi. RAY.MOND M. WILENZICK, Monroe, La. JOHN KI.BKKT WILKES. New Orleans. La Sigma .Alpha Mu: Sigma Pi Sigma; German Club. ; A.I.E.E. FIR.ST RCW l.l A IAK W II.I.IAMS, l ' i.a une. Miss.: Art Club; Gr.i ' nbackers: Canterbury Club; Unniappes, IIKKMKIM I . W II.I.IAMS, New Orleans, La.: Kappa Alpha Order: Siabburd and ULidr; Air Force ROTC: Drill T.ani AKKO TC; Cadet Staff Officer— Ll. C.d.: Arnold Air Society. EUGENIE I.OIE WILSON, New Orleans, 1 .: Pi Beta PhL SONIA LEE W INKR, (:iiaitan..oga, Tenn.: Beta Beta Beta; LaTerlulia: Phi Sigma Iota. RE A MA1{(;ARI:I S(:IIW. HTZ wise. New Orleans, La.: Beta Beta Beta, Nice Prcidenl. JOHN IIKNUV WIITENBERG, New Orleans. La.: Army ROTC; Gidet Staff Officer -l,t Ij. I ' llll W I I IM N. l(d)ile, Ala.; Sigma Alpha Epsilun; Scabbard and Blade: Phi Delia Phi: Uw Reriew. SECOND ROVi • (1! i;i IS !■ WiiNDERLY, New Orleans, La.: A.S.C.E. • DliN WiKiH. » Orleans, La.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Alpha Chi Sigma: Crrmao Club: W ' nier Fnundalion: Circle K Cloh. • JOHN M.VUIDN ABBOROl C.ll, JR.. Pickens, Miss.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Nu Sigma Nu. • MEI.VIN B. vol NO, III, Shreviport, Li.: Delta Kappa Epsilon: Omicnm Delia Kap|ia; Scabbard and Blade; lau Sigma Delia: W hos Wh..; A.I.A.: Naval ROTC; Anchor and Chain. • ROBERT ESKRIGOE YOUNG. Si. Columbia. S.C: Alpha Tau Omega: Scabbard and Blade; Crernbacken: Army ROTC:; Adelphons. • MARJORIEIIIOM AS ZANDER. New Orleons. |j : Kappa Kappa Gamma; Canterbury Club. • WILLIAM F. I ZKR, Mclairc. La. 45 l Ki FIRST ROW • MAUDE FLANAGAN, New Orleans, La.; Delta Zeta. • HARVEY KOMET, New York, N.Y.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Air Force ROTC. • DONALD H. KORN, New Orleans, La.; Sigma Alpha xMu; Tau Beta Pi; Alpha Chi Sigma; A.LCh.E. • BILLY JAMES OVERTON, Gulfport, Miss.; Society for Advancement Management. • NATALIE ANN ROEHRIG. New Orleans, La.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Beta Beta Beta. SECOND ROW • JOHN SANDY, JR., Gulfport, Fla.; Delta Sigma Phi. • WARRINGTON SPEER, New Orleans, La. ; Who ' s Who ; President Senior Class of Engineering. • LEE KAY VORISEK, Chesterton, Ind. • MARION WATSON, Natchitoches, La.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Treasurer Senior Class Newcomb; TUSK; New- man Club ; University Choir. • WILLIAM L. WHITE, San Antonio, Tex. GRADUATE SCHOOL AND SOCIAL WORK FIRST ROW • SYLVIA F. vonOSTHOFF, New Orleans, La.; University College; Chi Omega. • CHARLES L. STANSIFER, Wichita, Kans.; Graduate School; Phi Alpha Theta; International Relations Club. • JACK PRICE, Hereford, Md,; Social Work; Univ. Student Council Rep.; President Social Work Student Body; Wlio ' s Wlio; Baptist Student Union. • VICTORIA NASIM, Gibatayim, Israel; Social Work. • MARGARET H. LETZIG, Little Rock, Ark.; Social Work; Delta Kappa Gamma. • CHESTER M. KUNDE, Kenosha, Wis.; Graduate School. SECOND ROW • PETER E. JOSELIN, Purley, Surrey, England; Graduate School; Omicron Delta Kappa. • JERRY LOU DREISBACH, Fort Wayne, Ind.; Graduate School; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Phi Beta Kappa; Art Club; Wesley Foundation. • MAURICE DeYOUNG, New Orleans, La.; Delta Sigma Phi; President University College; Student Council; Who ' s Who; Alpha Sigma Lambda. • SUNG YOON CHO, Korea; Graduate School. • DIANNE NOBLET CALONGNE, New Orleans, La.; University College; Delta Zeta; Westminster Fellowship. • RUTH BRANDENBURG, Mobile, Ala.; Social Work. 46 1 : - JUNIOR DADS CLUB 1 f " BI i hf 1 BH y .X 4 r TEA AND STRUMPETS CLIFF RECRUITING LEADING JAP JOCKS A JAMBALAYA BEAUTY COURT The Jaiiil)aia a skiff was confrontefl wilh a (lidicult lask in having to choose fifteen finalists from the one hundred and fifty girls allcnding the annual Janihala a Tea. All girls regularly enrolled at the University wilh the exclusion of freshmen and those previously appearing in the Jambalaya Fieauty Court were eligible. After much deliberation the fifteen finalists were chosen. From the finali.sts. Miss Pauline Tulane and seven other Beauties were selected bv the students in a eainpus-wide election. Chosen by the students were Joan Berg, Bart Bridges, Becky Carson. Melita Corrigan, Ruth Harper. Jackie Jones. Nancy Kirkendall. and Marion Wiener. Miss Pauline Tulane and her court were presented at the Pan-Hellenic formal held in February. VC x jv-t, B. ' v: ri ' . M. % K C iRiil ;D l. - Sv R ' Hi u u 1 ' • N 1 ' o N ' 1 F- ' F.R iv Bt tt V E L •r v t 1 V . as m. ■3 v-v. " ; v; j v MISS PAULINE TULANE v., ' •■ ?; OCLi_» MISS PAULINE TULANE 9 cJucAlxsl MISS PAULINE TULANE ryy Vi Xju jt-yO MISS PAULINE TULANE MISS PAULINE TULANE ..-v ' ' f mm Homecoming Queen Anne Roach Being Crowned by Mr. D. B. H. Chaffe, Jr. Finalisl for the Homecoming Court election HOMECOMING COURT The old gracls aiifl students alike were extremely proud of the 1055 Homecoming Court. The court was selected on the hasis of heaut and service to school. Anne Roach, from McComb. Mississi])pi. reigned as queen of the home- coming festivities. Maid of Honor was Pam Dexheimer, of Somerset. Kentucky. Other maids in the court were Sally Kvans. Carey OKeliey. Marion Wiener. Mar}em F iulkcs. and Joan Leonard. Queen . nne at the .Mumni Dance Homecoming Court presented at the . uburn game A;sl..d.. iti ' The Court as presented at the Alumni Dance FAVORITES HALL OF FAME . ' i IIM • ■ — --- HALL OF FAME . H r r C ' m By ' !l» 4 n 1 S 9 -_. % ' ' " - Tl Jl H i -31 HM ►- II m - p c m .% ( y fi Xl r- --. . 7 ' . 1 m ■J 4 .V-.:v. L. n _ y H P a n • » • . J. J • j ; »; f • ' • ' I I ff • •• ■ I ■ • 4 , ' V. LN. V?- •7, ■ V DID JA EVER SEE SO DAMN MANY TIGERS? 1 . ' f , •« », r " t I r. i - BECAUSE- JUST ONE BIG jr i3fL 1 %M VflLUV % ARE WE PUNTING AGAIN? ii I 1 « M f A M Hi i YOUNG POLITICO IN ACTION nm ,■ NEWCOMB HONOR BOARD i li MISS RHINEGOLD OF 1955 A b ■ por SFASOMNG M 1 ■ BL-. -•-. 0{f i CONTENTS •k l ' :t 1 mtudent Government B B; Publications H Honoraries B Organizations H Music Drama Art K Religious B Military • 1 1 I lie Slndrnl (!(iiiiiiil i- (■(Mn|)()sc(l iil llir lour nlli- cci ' s clcclcd li ihi ' liiiliiiU III ,1 (■,iin|]ii-- mIc i-IccIkhi. llii ' I ' icsiilcnl. ice- 1 ' ic iilciil. Sccicl.ii - 1 nM-iirci-. .Illil llic Kc|)ir cnl.lli (■ ,ll l.nr c: llir I ' lr iilcill (il ill ' - a lit HIS collef es and -cIidoU hi I he I iii cisilN : ami llir delegates clcrlcd lo rc|)rc. ( ' iil die variolic cli(inl.- and (■(I Ilexes. II i,-. dii ' dnl (d die Sindcnl ( j)nniil lo rciircM ' iil llie Associalcd Slndi ' Hl ImkIn in aU niattcis ol studcnl uov- erniiienl. lo |)ic) idt lor proper liearinus ol parlies in- teresled in aii jiropused aeliun. lu rec-oiunieiul recog- nilion ol el id is. organizations, and societies, lo exercise fnianeial eonlrol over tlie ailairs of the aiious organi- .alioii and aeli ilies receiving University funds, anil to recommend the revocation of recognition of any or- !;ani atioii or acli ily. T ' " tr . I DONALD L. KING President STUDENT GOVERNMENT BM.L ViATSON JIMMII. MACKENROTH Srcrftiiry-Trfti lirrr OOVAt n MfVFR k 109 STUDENT COUNCIL STUDENT BODY OFFICERS DONALD L. KING President BILL WATSON Vice President JIMMIE MACKENROTH Secretary-Treasurer DONALD A. MEYER Member-at-Large STUDENT COUNCIL MEMBERS AND SENATE LIONEL .1. BAILIN President of Graduate School ALFRED R. HALE President of Medical School JACQUES L. WIENER President of Arts Sciences College MARYEM FO WLKES President of Newcomb College JOHN J. WEIGEL President of Law School DAN SANDIFER President of College of Architecture PHIL P. FISCHER, JR President of College of Engineering LARRY BARTHE President of College of Commerce MAURICE de YOUNG President of University College JOHN PRICE President of Social Work DELEGATES ED de la HOUSSAYE Laio School WALTER WARD Law School JOE BERNSTEIN Law School RALPH E. DUNN Medical School MARY P. SCALES Medical School .O Tulane Stutlfntbody Senate n ] I RANDOLF College of Engineering innilE HANEMANN College oj Engineering W A li KINGTON li. SPEAR College of Engineering ItKlSV MIDLAM Newcomb College JEAN LOWENTRITT Neweomb College IK IE CI LPEI ' PER Newcomb College V ONNE NASSAR Newcomb College (;KKRV BOIRCEOIS College o) Commerce KMMETT ASSENHEIMER College oj Commerce HELEN CABANISS College of Commerce FRED YOUNGS College of Commerct MIKE LUXENBERG College o Am mil Scirnrn HUGH LAMENSDORF College of Am and Seiner, ELMON WEBB College of Am and Seirner, FRANK m 1 LER College of Am and Science, JOHN PRICE School of Social Fork GLNDE MAHLER School of Social fotk ROBERT BEATTY School of Social Woik LIONEL BAILIN Craduale School WILLL iM WHITAKER Craduaie School Frank Foil and Friend Homecotninp l)allr linp NEWCOMB STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS MARYEM FOWLKES President OLIVE MOSS Corresponding Secretary MARTHA HATCHELL Vice-President SUE FIELD Recording Secretary The Newcomb Student Council is the piloting unit of a self- governing student body. It is composed of the officers of the Newcomb Student Government Association and the Presi- dents of the Honor Board, Resident Student Government As- sociation, Pan-Hellenic Council, Art School, Athletic Council, Music School, and the Four Classes. The Council has the power to initiate legislation, charter all clubs and organizations on campus, consider any proposed amendment to, or revision of, the constitution, and approve the holding of any election on Newcomb Campus. It also has the administrative function of carrying out the legislation and constitutional rules of the Association. The Student Council strives to maintain the ideals and pre- serve the strength of Newcomb College by encouraging a close student-faculty relationship and by embodying in its actions the active and creative spirit of an association of able and adult individuals. It is able to achieve these ideals with the cooperation of the studentbody. 112 M .«» OFFICERS MARY ANNA KENDALL Presiilfti I JEAN LOW ENTRITT Vice-President nETSV MIDLAM N E W C O M B HONOR COUNCIL Npwroml) students take pride in their system of honor whirh hdhis tlie integrity of each student above all else. Under the Honor System each student is arrountahle on iier honor for her ciinduri. iiilations which endanger the system and thus the luTsiinal liimor of every member are dealt with by the Honor Board, which is composed of representatives elected by the New- romb student body. The Resident Student Covernmenl Association is composed of all residents of the Newcomb dormitories. The Dormitory Coun- cil, composed of representatives from each dormitory, is ihe self- governing executive, legislative, and judicial body of this .Asso- ciation. Its purpose is to develop an efficient system of self-gov- ernmei t anunif; the dormitory girls in all mailers relating to their conduct, both individually and socially, and to uphold tin- -t.ind- ards and regulations of the dormitories. N E W C () M W D O K M C () r N C I I. i)rrk:i;u M R WSII cox I ' rfiident OLIVE MOSS Srrrflary JOAN PILLIOn I ' reiidrni ol Doris Hall MARY LANN LOfTON I ' residrni ot Joirphine Loaisr House RITII HARPER President ol eu Dormilory N.XTALIE ALE M»ER East iTin t I ' rrsidrni of Josephine Louise (.AIL COX IT est Wing President of Josephine Louise jrnv nii.LLNGS i r A Finfi President of Wairtn JO GOODW IN South Ting President of Warren OFFICERS ELLEN GRIFFEN President BETSY MOTT Vice-President JOAN LEONARD Secretary RUTH KNIGHTON Treasurer N E WC O M B ATHLETIC COUNCIL The Student Activities Board, created by the new Student Body Constitution, was organized and began functioning this year. Its membership is composed of the Representative at Large of the Student Body and twelve members elected by the Student Coun- cil. It is in charge of the financial control and guidance of all recognized student organizations, and has the right to review the records of any organization. The goal of the Student Activities Board is to promote cooperation and coordination of effort among the various campus groups. The Newcomb Athletic Council is the governing body for the Newcomb Athletic Association. Its function is the directing of the intramural program which consists of volleyball, basketball, swimming, badminton, ping pong, tennis, and baseball. The ob- jective of the association is to arouse interest in sports for recrea- tion and competition. Any group of Newcomb girls wishing to form a team for any activity may do so. Cups and trophies are awarded to the winning teams and individuals in each activity. STUDENT ACTIVITY BOARD DON MEYER Chairman CHARLIE MITCHELL Vice-Chairman DEEDEE GRIFFEN Secretary PUBMCA I l » NS JACK WIENER Editor 1956 JAMBALAYA BUSINESS STAFF MEL MATHES Business Manager DAVID B. NEWSTADT Assistant Business Manager BARRY M. LEWIS Organizations Manager Robbie Nichol Joel Kern Jay Blach Hanson Long Alfred Miller Harry Freyer Norm Glosserman Nicole Granet EDITORL4L STAFF JACQUES L. WIENER Editor N. JERRY COHEN Tutane Associate Editor DALE SANSOM Newcomb Associate Editor DON KING Tulane Assistant Editor DON KING Features Editor FLORENCE FREEDMAN Newcomb Assistant Editor FLORENCE FREEDMAN Activities Editor JIM CRAIG Tulane Organization Editor DORIS HARRIS Neucomb Organization Editor BARNEY BARNUM Administration Editor ROBBIE KREMER Sports Editor SABINA ABRAHM Sorority Editor HUGH LAMENSDORF Fraternity Co-Editor ALLAIN C. ANDRY, HI Fraternity Co-Editor MYRA SHAPIRA Copy Editor NANCY KIRKENDALL in Co-Editor EUGENE BRANDT An Co-Editor PICKETT CUMMINS Photographer ARMAND BETRIN P wtographer Harriet Goldberg Ainslie Boston Judy Lavine Marcia Wells Lynn Karsman Barbara Snyder Margaret Po vell Kathy Schwab Wilda Breckenridge Rusty Feller Marilyn Levin Frances Shepard Joyce Dattel Sandy Schwartz Jean Ann Taylor Connie Bernstein Louis Hanlein Loyce Gendle Frank Dannenbaum Jimmie Sokol Floyd Herrraan This completed ' 56 Jambalaya is concrete evidence that many endless hours of toil have realized fruition. The work necesssary to publish a modern college yearbook is beyond the comprehen- sion of the uninititiated. A yearbook staff must plod on month after month with no apparent productivity — a fact in itself which hinders continued work, for interest and drive are quickly turned to apathy when no reward appears. A staff must keep plugging at tremendous amounts of frequently tedious and repetitious ma- terial, knowing the reward will come only in the increasingly distant future. The staff of the ' 56 Jaiib has worked tirelessly, producing the necessary quantity of finished material and keeping the quality of the work high. Without such work, and the cooperation of such a staff, an editor could never put out a yearbook. Mel Mathes, Business Manager Four heads are better than one What ' s your opiiiinn Flo? Let ' s get down to serious business Business Slaff In imlilisliint; this year ' s Jambai.wa we have tried to keep several ideas and ideals in tin- fore. W • want llie J MB In be attractive to the student. e feel we have improved the atlrarliun i ilie book through such innovations as Mar ' Reeves ' cover, the antique sinrk division papes. and increased readability. We have kept the type large and uniform and limited the written material. We have striven to present a year ' s activity at Tulanc in a meaningful manner, not merely as a potpourri of unrelated photos. itii this arrangement and presentation, the JaMBAH a Stall hopes that its efforts have paid off in the only true criterion of success — student satisfaction. Jacques " little helpers: editorial stall MAURY MIDLO Editor WALTER WARD Business Manager HULLABALOO Walter Ward with Hulla business staff As the Hullabaloo entered its 51st year, it was short on talent but long on determination. With the exceptions of its faithful columnist Russ Dietrich and dictartorial Copy Reader Lurilla (of flaming hair and disposition fame) Harris, the editorial staff was recruited almost from scratch. Joan Barker- ding carried on as Society Editor and " Pete " Evans as star reporter. On those frantic Tuesday afternoons in the Fall, the office was a good cross between a journalism class and a jazz con- cert. Merrill Gerstner had come in as Managing Editor, and brought a radio that played " cool ' or else. Editor Mid. who blows a cool typewriter, would take the only two copy pencils and beat time on the telephone. This killed any potential journalistic activity; but he was never able to figure out why there was still so much to do when the whistle blew at 5:00. There were no more worries for ' 55, because Walter " Fagen " Ward was back as Business Manager. Many of the staff members never saw Walt; he said that the decibel level was far too high for him to get anything done on Tuesday afternoons. Guess it was those " Law School Nerves. " It was reassuring to have a lawyer around later though, when the Hullabaloo took stands on some controversial edi- torial subjects. The paper spoke out against the " Southern Gentlemen " and segregation, and firmly held its ground in the face of the expected barrage of criticism. At the end of the first semester Merrill graduated and Joan Barkerding took over as Managing Editor. Throughout the year. Feature Editor Don Whittinghill turned out many mam- moth features on campus personalities, and Mid continued his losing battle to convert the student body to Modern Jazz and sports cars. 118 Editorial staff races to lufi-l the (Ifadline STAFF I I R1 A. 1III1.0 Etliior Ml liUlM, II. CKKSTNER Managin : Editor (Isl Semester) IllW HAUkKKDING Managing Editor (2nd Semester) Ji 111 N 1 ( )l NC, JR Sports Editor IHIN Willi riNGlilLL Feature Editor HI SS |)| KTKI(_:il Columnist IK ) N V K I! A !; n:R Cartoonist I.I RIl.I.A HARRIS Copy Editor I ' l.INN Associate Copy Editor (Isl Semester) Kl TTir. I.K Associate Copy Editor (2nd Semester) J(l KVUKKRDINC Society Editor (1st Semester) lil III NATHAN Society Editor (2nd Semester) I V II ANDKLMAN Sports Reporter nil I KMKSLY Sports Reporter IK Hi l() K Sports Reporter W II IIKR HRF:CKENR1DGE staff Member I ' l: II. " K ANS Staff Member MiliM A II AKPKR Sniff Memlier K Mil V JOHNSON Staff Member kill IK I.KA Staff Member Ml M;i,KAY Staff Member II nv WKI.TEN . ' Staff MemI.er III I rV (;()LD Staff Member Ji I CIELINE Staff Member BISINKSS STAFF X M IKK WARD Business Manafter lollN MIIDK Circulation Manager II Miin KliK KK Administratire Assistant II liU " i Un IKMiERC 4dministrntiie Assistant I i k lUKUlNCKR Circulation Assistant nil I lU NNKIT Circulation Assistant liOllKU I ' MORRIS Circulation Assistant lioDNKY RI ' K Circulation Assistant IV R IS KNGI.ISIl Circulation Assistant i 0 1 n II A NSKN . , Circulation Assistant i;K K IIKKRIN Circulation Assistant IN 19 5 6 Viiuil ,].. vnii iliink of Hnit..-.k-« lat.-l. M.-rrill? PUBLICATIONS BOARD OFFICERS WILLIAM WATSON Chairman. DORIS HARRIS Secretary MR. GEORGE SIMMONS Faculty Advisor The Publications Board, a relatively new organization, is composed of the editors and business managers of all official Tulane publications, an elected member of the Student Coun- cil, a representative of Theta Nu Journalism Fraternity, and two senior class officers of any of the colleges. The Vice Presi- dent of the Student Body is Chairman. The board is the super- visory body of all official publications and acts in an advisory capacity on matters of policy. Another important function of the publications Board is the selection of the editors and busi- ness managers for the Jambalaya, Hullabaloo, Student Direc- tory, and Wave. Since the Board controls the campus publications, it is an extremely important part of Student Government, for it exemplifies the growing degree of self-government at Tulane. The Publications Board is not a censoring committee but a group of students insuring freedom of the press on our cam- pus. 120 II o o i{ A Kirs PHI BETA KAPPA OFFICERS Dr. Ferdin ' and F. Stone President Dr. Louise N. Roberts Vice-President Miss Fannie Rayne Russ Secretary Dr. Karlem Riess Treasurer Dr. Maridel Saunders Executive Committee Mr. John G. Weinmank Executive Committee 1956 COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Allaln C. Andry III Shelby Eugene Barnes Donald L. Block Robin Cotton Brown Harris Myron Dulitz St. Clair Louis Hultsman Waite Scott Kirkconnell George Louis Leonard Will Ernest Leonard, Jr. Thomas Wheeler Nuckols David Hampton Rester Edward Joseph Ross III Ion Annis Stewart lacques Loeb Wiener, Jr. Phillip Aloysius Wittmann, NEWCOMB COLLEGE Florence Ann Abram Mrs. Joan Terry Coon Rose Pearl Eraser Florence Irene Ereedman Mary Anna Kendall Mrs. Marjorie Madeline King Hilah Catherine McLean Martha Louise Marshall Mrs. Joel Grossman Myers Dorothy Lynn Reeder Florence Weiland Schomstein Sonia Lee Winer FACULTY Alexander Doniphan Wallace The oldest of the honorary societies, recognizing superior attainments in scholarship by students in the college of Arts and Sciences and Newcomb College. BETA GAMMA SIGMA OFFICERS Dr. Harold J. Heck President Elsie M. Watters Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS ELECTED IN 1956: Lawrence C. Barthe Robert A. Burkhalter Carroll J. Campbell Nathan Jerold Cohen Carol J. dejean Donald G. Eichmeyer Michael J. Gonzales Eugene W. Hurn Joel H. Jacobs Ronald J. Larkin James R. Leach, Jr. Thomas D. McAfee Elizabeth B. Oberhelman Edward M. Rubenstein Vera A. Sable Ruth A. Sherman Frederic A. Youngs, Jr. Darwin S. Fenner Dr. Haward W. Wissner The Alpha of Louisiana Chapter of the Beta Gamma Sigma fraternity was established in this school in June, 1926. The purpose of this fraternity is to encourage and reward scholar- ship and accomplishment in all phases of business among the students and graduates of the school, to promote the advance- ment of education in the science of business, and to foster principles of honesty and integrity in business practices. Mem- bers of the junior and senior classes are eligible for election. The attainment of high scholarship and promise of marked ability are prime requisites governing election. L ' ndergrad- uate members are chosen by the faculty and student members of the fraternity. TAU SIGMA DELTA OFFICERS ( ' , Ml liii Sm rt, ,Ir Master Mil. ION G. ScHEUERMAN. Jk Scribc KiiN Mil I ' viHicK Gandolfo Rvconlcr MEMBERS ELECTED IN 1956: ali ' Iciii .1. Dciiiscreaii Ddiuild ,1. Koherg Hi.luii-,1 I.vl,- Charles A. Sniilli. Jr. Rolicrt Jdi-I anilivi-r I lir naliniial arrliilrcliirr hmiorarv Iralcriiih m ' Ii-cIs men nil a lia i III i liiilar hi|i. IcailiTsliip, ami rharai-lcr. Nniiiiiiffs Ulldfr};!! ;i |iK-ili;i- |iriiiiil in liii li llu- uiiiiili; -ki-lrli nl llic liaililiniial L:ar;:ii Ir riim|ii-l ilimi i -rli-rtnl. TAU BETA PI OFFICERS James Frosch President Paul Duvoisin ' ice-President A. JuDSON PocHE, Jk Recording Secretary Casper Scalise III Corresponding Secretary RoiiERT Blome Treasurer .MIMI ' il US ELECTED IN 1956: Leon G. Bariult, Jr. Norman A. Schinclsky HerlH-rl Brlirciul. HI Lionel J. Skidmore Freiitrick A. Bclirens Joseph C. Skinner Frederick J. Brinkman Jost-ph G. Slassi John F. Grosch. Ill Kugenc M. Thomas Donald H. Korn Valentine W. Vaughan Henry E. Market. Jr. William .• . Vorhal cn Peter L. Muilins Janu K. Wadi.k, III Waller H. Pace. Jr. Richard H. Weaver Sidney J. Ponst-li r 111 Hela Pi wa loundcd at U-iiigh L ' niversily in 1885 and at iiilan. ' in 1936 lo recognize lliow who have conferred honor ii|.,.ii their school by dislinguishecl scholarship and exemplary I harailer as uiuk-rgraduaU ' s in engineering, and lo fosler a spirit of liberal culture in the engineering colleges of America. M ■ r i ' )i ii if ORDER OF THE COIF OFFICERS Arthur J. Waechter, Jr President Richard G. Huber Sergeant The Tulane chapter of the Order of the Coif, national legal honor society, was established in 1931. The Order recognizes senior law students for exceptional ability and performance in law and the law school. Leadership and service to the school and community, as well as scholastic achievement, are con- sidered when new members are elected each spring from among members of the senior class. Each year the chapter initiates also as an honorary member an outstanding Louis- iana lawyer whose devotion to the law and to public service has been outstanding. ¥ C C ALPHA OMEGA ALPHA OFFICERS Ralph Dunn President Roland Jackson Vice President Charles B. Wilson, M.D Secretary-Treasurer Ann I. Long Asst. Secretary-Treasurer Allan Goldman, M.D Faculty Advisor Alpha Omega Alpha is the only international honorary medical society of its type. Membership is based upon scholar- ship; which involves initiative, independence and the will and ability to proceed with investigative learning. Election to this society is the recognition in a student of present accomplish- ments and future promise of leadership in some phase of medicine. Alpha chapter of Louisiana was founded at Tulane in 1914. Its activities have included annual lectureships by men prom- inent in medical fields, scientific meetings and clinical discus- sions, and the annual banquet. KAPPA DELTA PHI OFFICERS Kdwin McGlasso.n President W.M.rr.ri ' ahd Vice-President James McComiskey Secretary Dr. K vri.f.m Rif.ss Faculty Advisor MEMI?i;i{S Mikr [. Hcanlcn MiKin l;illic .laiiu-- MtCumiskey Edwin McGlasson Henry I.. Shml III J. W all.-r Ward Jacques Wiener James J. Crai}: Kav J. Haddad illnir Hastings Donald I.. Kinj; Lee K. Levy Maury A. Midio Charles icoellio i:».ll Walllier William W. Watson Frederick A. Younps. Jr. Hiehard H. Foj:le Ka|i|M Drila riii. I(,iinil.-(l in I ' Mlj, j- lli,- nlde-l li.in..rai lcadcr.-lii|i lialc-i iiih nn llir rain|iii . . ' Ii|(Icm1 ajul laculu li " lunr n-ri(lcrc(l mil lanilin:; and uriM-lli.-li service for I lihiiie are selccli ' d lor lueiiiluTsliiii. Y PHI ETA SIGMA OFFICEKS J M1 [i Il.WMN I ' rcudrnl lloMKii LociiitiutiK ' Ue-Presideni |)i M i.i.As FoHSVTii Scrrwary iJAiiia l. !,E vis Treasurer Patrick Ham.k III Historian Jamks J. Ckaig Senior I U ' «.. ' Dh. Kmiijm Hikss . Faculty iiuiun Dr N Joii i L .Stiiiiis Faculty Adrisor I ' hi r.la Sigma is a nalional liunur sociel) lor rivogniimn .if supt-rior sclu)larshi|j among freshmen men. Tlie Tulane (!lia|ilcr was i-slaMislu ' d in 19S4. Wm» ) First Row: Andry, Block, Cairns. Cohen, Colomb, de Bardelaben. Second Row: Haddad, Jackson, King. Levy, Mathes, McGlassen. Third Row: Midio, Mitchell, New- stadt, Stoutz, Viccellio, Ward. Fourth Row: Watson, Weigel, Wiener, Young, Youngs. OMICRON DELTA KAPPA A national honorary leadership society, recognizing those John C. Christian Ralph Mitchell students, members of the faculty and others who have demon- Jerold Cohen David Newstadt strated distinguished leadership in extra-curricular activities, Herman D. Colomb J; " " ' ' ' Selber J • • I T 1 TT • -t James J. Craig Earl bonnier and in service to lulane University. t- i tt i-v • t it t c. . ttt ' frank H. Davis. Jr. Henry L. stoutz HI nFTTT lTRS Caldwell deBardeleben Charles Viccellio Ul J-lt.lLnS Ray Haddad. Jr. Ewell Walther J. Walter Ward President Delmas Jackson J. Walter Ward Jacques Wiener Vice-President Donald King William W. Watson Dr. Karlem Riess Faculty Secretary Lee K. Levy Jerry Weigel Dr. Ferd Stone Faculty Advisor James McComiskey Paul Welty Edwin McGlasson Jacques Wiener MEMBERS Melvin Mathes Melvin B. Young HI AUain Andry III Pat Browne, Jr. Maury Midlo Fred Youngs, Jr. Donald Block Adrian Cairns, Jr. Roger H. Miller 126 riic lii(lciits rrcogiii cd in lioV Who caili vfar arc iioinirKilcil Ironi a|)|)i( ximalcly ()()() collcjio and uiii (M ilic . Campus noniiiialing committees are in- sliiictcd. ill makini: tlicir decisions, to consider the stU(h ' iil ' s Mhohiishiji: hi co-opciation and h ' a lci -lii]i in academic and cxliaciii i iciihii- activities; his seiTice aiul citizenshi() to llie school: ami his promis - of fu- ture usefulness. Kecognilion liy lio ' s ho means thai the student was first olTieially recommended from the university or college he attends and then accepted by the organization. W H OS WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND T N I K R S I T I E S KiKsT Row: Biii Uv. Barili. Blwk, Blonio. Cuirni-s, Camiibtll. Culnmb. Second Row: dc- la Hiius ayc, Di(!c . Dunn, iJuv in. Ki-hrr, K " t«lkir ' . Ktj-r Imi» ' i r.rillin. llinili.ll. Jark nn. Krnil.ill, KiriR. Law, l.ionani, Foiiirii Kr H : Levy, Mackcnrotli, Matlas, McCla ' . .m, Miill " . C Miirhrll. R. Miirhrll. Kinii Row: H Nairiif, I ' rid-. Scliiui-riHanii. Slurp. Sniari, ,Spr,r. Sixth Run: Walson, Ward, Wcipi-L Wint. Wiint-r. Y.iuni:. S.indif.r. Vm Pn ii kiji: Na.h •;••«. Jrjn Ij.»-- Olive Moss, Ann Scdt. C3 O rv: o n ft ci OFFICERS DEEDEE GRIFFEN President JOAN LEONARD Secretary ALPHA SIGMA SIGMA At the last Newcomb Student Body Meeting of the year, fresh- men girls, outstanding in leadership, service, scholarship, and school spirit are tapped for Assets, honorary sophomore organi- zation. The new members are elected each year by the outgoing members. The Assets don white dresses during tlie year to act as ushers at numerous school functions including the May Day festivities. During fall orientation they are Big Sisters to the incoming fresh- men. Alpha Sigma Sigma is the honor society founded in 1915, whose purpose is to serve Newcomb College. This year it has ex- panded its service program to promote the campus Symphony concerts, Audubon Screen tours, and Lyceum lectures. Alpha Sigma Sigma hopes to become affiliated with Mortar Board soon. The requirements for membership are a B average for the three years preceding election, service to the school, and lectureship on the campus. ASSETS OFFICERS SUE FIELD President NATALEE ALEXANDER Secretary S TM l{ I r TUSK OFFICERS Charlie Mitchell President Stratton Postlethwaite . Sister Frazer . . . Corresponding Secretary . Secretary-Treasurer The Tulane University Spirit Klub is an honorary organiza- tion for the promotion of school spirit. It is composed of mem- bers of every social fraternity and sorority as well as inde- pendents who have shown their ability and desire to foster better spirit at Tulane. This year the TUSKs sponsored " Howdy Week " on campus to promote a friendly spirit among Tulane and Newcomb stu- dents. The boy and girl who were most responsive to the greet- ing, Howdy, were chosen king and queen. Other activities of the club included participation at football games in taking charge of the decoration of the goal posts and helping with the seating in the student section. A TUSK member is distinguished by his blue jacket with the green and blue " T " and white tusk. TUSK members this year have worked with the other spirit groups on campus to- ward an increasing spirit of cooperation and enthusiasm at Tulane. Bon fires, dances, and Campus Carnival are the high- lights of the year-round program. 130 OFFICERS Fi UN Mil) Ski.RKR President Idil N N Mill 1 ITT Virr-f ' rfsiilrnt Marion Wienkr Secretary .[i i II wKMA.NN Treasurer Gri ' fiiliai ' kers is tlir (ililol siiirit (irfianizaticiii dii ilic liilaiiu iain|iii . lis iiii ' Milicrs arc re])rpscnlati i» nf all the surorilics. fralrrnilics. and iM(lc|icii(icnts (ni caniiius and arc clin .cii uii llir lia is (if llitir iiiteresl ami ilcsirc to work in furllicriiif; scliiKil spirit. (lie iirfianization hogan the year h selling greeiiie heanies 111 freshnu ' ii and aiding in Orientation by participating in the " Mi ' c ' l the ' ream " " Frngram. During footliall season the Green- backers distrihuled shakers and hel|H ' d with Kratinf; in thr student section at the games, sponsored pep rallies where ihr members presented skits depicting the spirit of the coming fooiiiall game, distributed slogan stickers, and painted sign publicizing spirit. Later in the year the Grccnbackcr« uiihcrcd at Sorority Skit Night, participated in Campus Carnival, and presented awards at the final basketball game of the mrason. The organization also carried out various service functionji designated 1) the Student Council. GREENB ACKERS 131 OFFICERS CHARLES VICCELLIO President DENIS CROWLEY Vice-President RUTH KNIGHTON Secretary STUART McCLENDON Sergean t-at-A rms LAGNIAPPES The Order of Adelphons was founded at Tulane University in 1949 to act as a service group to the University, to promote mu- tual understanding and cooperation among fraternities, and to establish closer relations between the fraternity men and Tulane. It is an inter-fraternity organization composed of not more than three representatives from each fraternity. Principal activities in- clude ushering at Commencement exercises, Convocation and the Symphony Concerts. The group holds several social events dur- ing the school year. Lagniappes. the University Student Dance Organization, was successful in bringing together the students of Tulane and New- comb at university-wide dances. Beginning the year with a big welcoming dance in honor of all the freshmen. Lagniappes con- tinued its fall activities with " Student Stomps " held in conjunc- tion with the campus spirit organizations preceding home foot- ball games. The group also sponsored the Homecoming dance in the fall and presented the university Christmas Dance in co- operation with the choral groups before the holidays. They ended the year by giving the students of Tulane a gala Spring Formal. ADELPHONS OFFICERS LEONARD M. SELBER Presiden t RUDOLPH BECKER. JR. Vice-President WILLL M ATKINS Secretary JAMES J. CRAIG Treasurer LYNN VIRDEN Sergeant-at-Arms DR. K.ARLEM RIESS Faculty Advisor KDITOKIAI. STAI ' K |)()lil II l!lilS lulttnr LUTIE WilKAT As.iislanI Kdilur liMiUAKA l.KVSKY .(.v.viirm ' lulilar KliCENK I ' .l! WDT JOIIMK liKANCH Fiiiiill) Ailiisnr lUiSlNESS STAFF KOHKKT 10UN(; Biisiiirss Manager JAY TONE Assislant Hii.sini ' Ma STUDENT DIRECTORY riie Tulam- I ' niversity Directory took on a new look this year willi many aiiilitions and innovations. Most obvious was tiie ligiit i)liii- cover witii Eugene Brandt ' s Ivy League drawing. Other new fi ' alurcs of tiie ' .S6 Directory were the inchision of important campus extensions and the listing of campus organizations and their presidents wiiich have proved a great help to everyone. l ' r(ii)al)ly the biggest surprise was the Buyer ' s Guide, sponsored hy Delta Sigma Pi Business Fraternity, which contained a classi- ticd listing of 75 types of lousinesses catering to students. Ali)ha Phi Omega is a .National Senice Fralernily which is on Tulane campus to serve in promoling rampu.s aclivilies. The group originated Campus Carnival and senes as its co-ordinalor. It also sponsors the Ugly Mug contest each year, and conducts tours of the campus during fall orientation for new student.-. Preceding Christmas vacation the members of .Alpha Phi Omega decoralc ilic- i-.nnpu- Christmas tree and the cafeteria for the Christmas dance. A [. V H A V n I O M E G A (IFFICKRS J(». EI ' H l.U.CARDI I ' rriiJrnt PAT HANLF.Y yicr-Prraiilrnl HOH A MAW Srrrrlii LKSTEH MMUIN TrrnMirrr ri.ETl S ltF.IX)M ' jHSi iyiilSmhjMA ' . CHEERLEADERS The 1955-56 school year proved to be one of the most spirit-filled years of Tulane. And this was due in no small part to the seven vivacious Cheerleaders of Tulane: Stephen Andiy, Lavinia Brock, Rose Mary Gehl Sherrill Herring, Charles King, Charles Mitchell and John MofEett. All students of Tulane and New- comb, the Cheerleaders led the football spectators in school cheers and general animation at both the home and out-of-town games, the latter including trips to Austin, Texas; Athens, Georgia; Mobile, Alabama; and Baton Rouge. They also performed at pep rallies and basketball games during the season. The Cheerleaders have shown a great degree of lead- ership on the Tulane campus both on and off the play- ing arena. They were leading members of TUSK and Greenbackers, and by their very lively, buoyant per- sonalities and leadership abilities were able to lead and increase school spirit during the year. 134 PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATIONS PHI DELTA PHI OFFICERS Andrew Martinez President George Wikoff Secretary Jop: Bernstein Treasurer Thomas Currier Historian Phi Delta Phi is an international legal fraternity founded in 1869 at the University of Michigan and established at Tulane in 1911. Its purpose is to pro- mote a higher standard of professional ethics and cul- ture in the law schools and in the profession at large. Members are selected on the basis of scholarship and ethics. The Fraternity maintains a legal lending library and presents a legal text to the student with the most im- proved grades in his second year. It has sponsored lectures by members of the law faculty and bar. Phi Delta Phi is the oldest professional fraternity in America. The national organization maintains an endowment fund for legal scholarships. 136 oil ICERS Khki.i. r. Ml III II, .III Editor-in-Cliirj loMN v.. Cmiiisiiw Issisliiiil F.diliir IIOKKMAN F. FlI.I.KH . . . Wii I !■ !,. Mkaoows. Jii. . . liuslanl Edilar Till ' Tiilimc I, (III- l ( ' ii ' i I M | r()f ' ssi()ii;il li-jfal jdiini.il |iiilili lic(l ill (|iKiili ' rly issues. Il i llic (iMr-i jiiliilKil (il ll kiilil 111 I .()ui i;iiKi. I ' .;irli is llf (it llir Kri it ' ll ' L ' uiilaiiis a leading ailiric . ccliuii cunipu cd ui scli(ilail Miiks nrciiaicd li |tiiiiiiincii| incnilicrs of till ' Iciial jiKtfi ' ssion as well as a studenl tveclion com- |Mi-i(l (il aiticlcs on ciirifiil legal proliloms prepared li iniiiili r-. Ill ilie Board nf Stucleiil Fiditors. The I ' lnai il 111 Sliidriil I ' dilors is composed uf honor students in llie Co11l ' {;u ol Law wlio have exibited outstanding l( ' i:al w rilini; aliilitv . TULANE LAW REVIEW 137 i r MOOT COURT OFFICERS Joseph Ettinger Chief Justice Dermont McGlinchey Court Recorder The Moot Court is an important organ of the School of Law, designed to supplement the knowledge gained in the classroom and the library with practical experi- ence in the analysis, preparation, and argument of cases. The judges of the Moot Court are chosen in equal number from the junior and senior classes on a scholastic basis. It is the function of the Court to draft fact situations involving moot points of law, perform the administrative duties of the court, and sit as Jus- tices of the Supreme Court of Tulane. 138 OMICKKS ULVESTEK WALKER PresiilenI ROHF.RT TAYLOR iii rl ' rfsidfiit JANE SWEET Srrrclary ROHERT REDI i;ii TrfiisiirtT K IN G ' S BENCH King ' s Bencli is a Law School organization for llie study of coniinon law. It- purpose is to proinote interest in romnion law practice. Tlie name " King ' s Bench " is derived from the Court of tlie King ' s Bench of medieval England. Meinbership in the or- ganization consists of out-of-state students. A banquet is held at the end of the year at which an ollt lan l- ing authority on common law addresses the group. La Societe du Droit Ci il is an extracurricular society super- vised by the faculty and dedicated to the promotion of scholarly interest in the civil law. , ludent members of the Society are enabled to delve much more thoroughly than regular curricular time permits into the origins, history, development and method of the civil law. with particular attention to the Louisiana scene. LA SOCIETE DL DROIT C n I L OFFICERS DONALD L KING PrfiiJrnl l t K CASTRlM.rW M Vict-PnsUrni KDW AIID A. DK LA lUHSSAVE Srrrflart •Tiniiurer LEONARD OPI ' ENHKIM Faculty AdiiMtr OFFICERS First Semester DAVID NEWSTADT President LEE LEONARD Vice-President DONNY SEIGAL Corresponding Secretary DEEDEE GRIFFEN Recording Secretary ALVIN OSER Treasurer ALBERT HANNEMAN Parliamen tarian Second Semester LEE LEONARD President PETE HANEMANN Vice-President DONNY SEIGAL Corresponding Secretary DEEDEE GRIFFEN Recording Secretary EDWARD PEAL Treasurer LARRY REDMAN Par Ham entarian PI LAMBDA BETA The Pre-Medical Society is now in its eighth year on the Tulane Campus. During this period it has met bi-weekly so tliat students with a common goal, Medicine, could learn more about the sub- ject by hearing eminent medical authorities, by seeing interesting medical movies, and by touring local hospitals. The publication of the Pre-Medical Society is the Pre-Medical Journal which is published annually and distributed at the an- nual jjanquet of the .Society. Being a relatively new organization on the campus, Pi Lambda Beta pre-legal society was formed at Tulane in 1952 to promote a closer association and understanding of the Pre-Law students. At their meetings, social events, and semi-annual banquet, mem- bers not only have an opportunity to become acquainted with the Law School and its faculty, but also to gain a clearer insight into the various aspects of the legal profession by meeting and hear- ing discussions by prominent lawyers, judges, and law professors. P R E - M E D SOCIETY OFFICERS CYRUS PARKER President JOSEPH LICCARDI Vice-President .lOHN DiGICLIA Treasurer HENRY COE Corresponding Secretary ELIZABETH MARSHALL Recording Secretary Ml IICKRS K(ii;i:kt mhin- hn I ' rrsitlrtil MKLVIN CURin Vice-President CURTIS WILCOX SecrrlarvTr I usurer THE OWL CLUB Till- Owl Chil) is an liuiioraiy organization whicli is cuniiHiscd iif twcnty-fdnr members selected on liie basis of scholarship, leadership, and character. The members act as student repre- sentatives for the various departments in the medical school. The purpose of the club is to promote and maintain better student-faculty relationships in order lliat Imlh may hinelii from constructive criticism in the advancement of scholarship, teach- ing, and ethics in medical school. The Tulane Chapter of Pi Sigma . lpha, national political science honor society, was founded in 1948 both as an organ for recognizing student .scholarship in political science ami a. ' a means of promoting the interests of political science at Tulane. To this latter end the chapter has monthly meetings to discuss important issues in public affairs, .some of which are open lo the university community and are addressed by outstanding public ligures. iluis promoting greater interest in and awarene! s of sigiiificanl public issues. PI S I G M A A L P H A OFFICKRS tlVKKLS m LIT PrrsidriH Eim IN l.KI.AM) I irrl ' trudrnl Y (IRKNCIE rKEKDMAN Sfrmary U OFFICERS CARL CONRAD President JOHANNA DAVIS Vice-President JAMES BROWN Secretary TERESA GARDNER Treasurer ETA SIGMA P HI Oreades is the honorary organization designed to create and stimulate an appreciation of the classics. It is open to those students at Newcomb who show an interest in the acquisition of classical knowledge and desire to relate this information to everyday life. This is a departmental organization, but its mem- bers do not necessarily have to major in classics. The group meets on the third Tuesday of every month and includes in its yearly activities the following events: a Saturnalia festival in imitation of the Roman holiday celebrated in December, dis- cussions, and lectures. Eta Sigma Phi is a national honorary classical fraternity founded at the University of Chicago in 1914. At present there are over fifty active chapters. The Alpha Chi chapter of Tulane. founded in 1936, endeavors to promote a greater interest in the study of Greek and Roman civilizations by presenting various speakers outstanding in the field of Latin and Greek, as well as sponsoring a Christmas Saturnalia. OREADES OFFICERS JOHANNA DAVIS President TERESA GARDNER Vice-President CAROLYN LEVY Secretary oi ' i ' ici ' .ns i i; I II i;i III K I ' ,, SI, 1,1,1 l ' KA. (.l IKIKDM W Vice-President SOMA WI.NKK Sfirriitr- i ' . iii! i; iMiiin I rriiMiriT LA T E R T U L I A La IVrlulia. fDimded in 1939. is the iionorary Spanish Chib at Newcornl) College. The purposes of La Tertiilia are to estab- lish and maintain a vivid interest in Spanish among the students, to practice the language, to promote goodwill and understanding among our people and tiiose of Latin .American countries, and 111 liccome familiar wilii Sjianish customs, literature, and art. The dull each year p( nsors celejjrations of Ciiristmas and Coiomlui l)a anil each nmnlh sponsors a speaker, usually fioiii Latin America, in milrr In ra-p the -|iiril of the , ' spani h ami llicir language. I The Commerce Women ' s Club is a profe.-siona! i rganiiUili in for girls enrolled in the College of Business .-Vdminislraliun. In- cluded in this year ' s activities were an orientation lea for Fresh- man girls; the donation of Thanksgiving baskets; a truck ride in November: a Christmas party for facuhy. organization-. and the senior class: and the crowning of Bob Serpas as Com- merce King at the Fall Commerce Dance. Tiie Commerce Women ' s CUib is now laying plans lo affiliate with I ' hi Chi Theta. national professional fraternity for women euriilled in schools of business. COAl M KHCE W OM ENS CLIR OPFICKRS KII AUKTH (iltKKHF.LM.AN I ' triiJtnl CAKOL DcJKAN I iee-l ' midrnl JOAN XIEMER Srrrriar} VF.RA .- AHLK Trrasutrr 2 n OFFICERS NATALIE ROEHRIG President REVA WISE Vice-President MARTHA HERNANDEZ Secretary PHYLLIS SCHARFF Historian DR. MILTON FINGERMAN Faculty Advisor BETA BETA BETA The Newcomb Art Club is designed to promote the interest of both students and faculty in art, and to achieve better student- faculty relationships. This year the Art Club helped to sponsor a student drawing contest and donated one of the prizes in one division. The club is interested in bettering conditions in the Art School, and its program includes working for these improve- ments. By being open to the college as a whole it helps to create an interest in art among those people outside the art department. The Beta Lambda Chapter of Beta Beta Beta is the national honorary biological fraternity at Newcomb. Its main purpose is not only to stimulate a major interest in biology% but also to demonstrate the pleasurable satisfaction of working in scientific surroundings. To be eligible for membership a student must have taken freshman biology and have received a grade of B or better. The fraternity meets once a month, on Thursday evenings. The activities include discussions, field trips, lectures and socials. NEWCOMB ART CLUB OFFICERS JENNIE CHESNUT President BILLIE SMARDON Secretary- Treasurer oi ii(.i;i{s I ' AT CANDOI.I ' O I ' ri ' siilent JOE UAGALA I irr-l ' rfsident AUCl ' ST I ' EHEZ Secretary Trcasiirfr AI A The A. I. A. was organized in 1947 al Tulane I ' niversity to act as liason l)etween tiie student architecl ami liie profession. IJe- sides this iniporlant fiinelinn. il undertakes a program to assist ill the preparaliiin of tile student fur the professional world. I)y a series of exhibitions and lectures, am! a siudiiil placement service for summer work. Tiie lulane-Neweoml) P.-yelio|iipy Cluh is ccim|)OM-cl of !4ud(-nl- enrolled in phyeholopy eourse . It is an organiiuilion lo prosidr these students with information and group cxperienct s aside from regular schoolroom activities. Tlies aclivilies hove lhu» far consisted of movies and informal lectures with a field trip on the agenda for the latter part of the year. Last year a trip was made to Manderville State Hospital where the group was conducted on a tour through all the im|Mirtanl wards and liuildings. This year we plan to make st-veral side trips within the city of New Orleans, also. PSYCMOLOCV CLII5 OFFICERS JOY BRAND PrrsiJrnt JEAN SIMO.NS t icr-PtfiiJrnt MARY L. W Hrtoiding Srftclary DAI.K .SAI.«;ill RY ( ormimnJint! Sr rrun I.IIARLE.S CUIHRO Trtmtmrer DELTA SIGMA PI GAM] L4 ML CHAPTER OFFICERS First Semester EDWARD RUBEXSTEIN President CARROLL CAMPBELL Senior Vice-President FREDRICK GIRAUD " ' ■i ' " - Vice-President JAMES LEACH Treasurer JASON DLA.VILLE Secretary FREDRIC YOUNGS Chancellor ROBERT SERPAS Historian DR. GERALD WARREN Faculty Advisor Second Semester JASON DLAVILLE President RONALD LARKIN Senior Vice-President JOHNNY T ATLM Junior Vice-President GERALD BOURGEOIS Treasurer RALPH MITCHELL Se cretary DAVID TREUTEL Chancellor JOHN LOTZ HUtorian DR. DONALD HALLEY f ' ' ™ ' " ' ' ' ' " ' " ' Gamma Mu chapter of Delta Sigma Pi was established at Tulane in the School of Business Administration in 1949. It is the largest professional fraternity in the field of Commerce and Business Administration and has more than eighty chapters in colleges and universities throughout the nation. Many professional and social activities are conducted each year and points are awarded in a national eiSciency contest to those chapters which conform to standards set by the Central Office. Gamma Mn has led the way with 100.000 points since its founding. The fraternity sponsors tours of local firms, conducts programs with prominent speakers from various business fields, and pro- motes films and discussions about important topics from today s business world. Social activities are many. Among the more out- standing are the annual Rose Dance at which the Rose of Delta Si and Her Court are presented, the two rush parties at the beginning of each semester, and a variety of other parties and ent ' ertainments throughout the year, such as the pledgf— active football game. 146 OFFICERS Vii I iiiii II STINCS SpvakiT Rariiaiia llriiKii l.i Tit WiiKAT Vice-Speaker Lee Leonard . . .Secretary . Treasurer Tracing its origin lo 1848. tin- (ilcmU liurkc IJlcr;ir and DclMliiif. ' S(iiicl i- Mill ciriK liii- nlilc-l liul al.-n niu- df tin- iiKisl active (aiiipus groups. The latest of its activities is the s|)(iris(irslii|j of WGHS. the Tuiane caniijus radio station iiroadcasting to tlie dorniitories. Its i)r()granis. wliicli include news, discussions, and popular and classical music, aid in the developiiuMit (if cultural tastes and help to keep the students abreast of campus social and academic events. Carnival, the Tuiane literary magazine, is also published by the Society members. Fn the debale and forensics field the Society »ends highly sui-cessful debaters lo several lournamcnlA each year in the South and Mid West and receives excellent ratings. The annual CFlendy Burke high school sjK?ech tourney is one of the best in the South, and other activities for high schools were added this year. The organization is also the founding inenibt-r of the .New Orleans Collegiate Forensic League and the Southern Uni- versities Forensic Conference. GLENDY BURKE SOCIETY M7 ir OFFICERS HENRY E. MARKEL, JR. Chairman EDWARD W. CULLEN V ice-Chairman CHARLES H. NORRIS Treasurer LAWRENCE R. DeBUYS HI AIEE Secretary EUGENE THOMAS IRE Secretary AIEE AND IRE Student Chapters of the American Society of Civil Engineers are established to help civil engineering students to enrich their college courses by beginning those professional contacts and associations which, continued through life, are so valuable to the practicing engineer. The Tulane Joint Student Branch of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers and Institute of Radio Engineers provides opportunities for the students to participate in independent functions brought about by their own initiative and fosters those qualities needed by the engineer which are not fully cultivated in the classroom. It broadens the students ' acquaintance with theen gineering world outside the classroom and gives them the opportunity to strengthen their social, technical, and literary relations with classmates and graduate engineers. A S CE OFFICERS First Semester FREDERICK BRINKMAN President JOSEPH SKINNER Vice-President GUY SEGHERS Secretary JAMES HANEMANN Treasurer Second Semester JOHN GROSCH President JAMES HANEMANN Vice-Presiden t JOSEPH STASSI Secretary GEORGE DEMAREST Treasurer WALTER JAHNCKE Recording Secretary oi I ii,i:i;s w 11,1 IK r. hi; i. imi .ss k I ' residcnl HWMOMl M. WILKNZKX I itfl ' rrsidriil I) Will 1. KOl.r.l. JH. Sii ri ' lary JEAN R. KNOX TrrasiiriT SIGMA P I SIGMA Sij:iiui I ' i Sit;ina. .Naliuiial Fhy?ic Honor Society, was foiimlfil for I hi- purpose of bringing together those persons interested ill till- fifid of I ' h sics. lioth sliuients ami faculty. Tlie members arc cleclcd to the organization on (lie l)asis of scholarship and achievement in physics. The Tulane Chapter was founded in IV.iO. and has been active since. Among its functions are an annual liaiupn ' t an l interesting lectures at its meetings. A physics exhibit was originated last year. Sigma Gamma Epsilon is the National Honorarj- Professional Fraternity in Geology and was founded at the University of Kansas in 191.S. Beta Eta Chapter at Tulane was rharlered on November 11. 1950. as the outgrowth of Gamma Epsilon Omicron. a local club which was established in 1938. Throughout the year. Sigma Gamma Epsilon presents especially qualified speakers on geological topics in open assemblies. pm S I G M V G A M M K P S 1 L ( N (IFFlCtRS KOWARP l_ FAYE I ' rraifH ALFRKI) IlOUtN I ' irr-PrrtiJrml H RR McCALI. Sfrtriart- Trra.imrrr Kl r.F.NF. JAMONVIIJ.K ( ormponJinf Strrriary BARRACUDA CLUB OFFICERS Georgie Jacobs President Sally Bergeron Secretary Ruth Harper Vice-President Becky Fuqua Treasurer Polly Meek Publicity Chairman The purpose of the Newcomb Barracuda Club is to promote interest in swimming, particularly synchronized swimming. New members are chosen by competitive tryouts in which each applicant is graded on her rhythm, form, and coordination in the basic strokes, a synchronized stroke to music, two stunts, and a standing front dive. The newly accepted members are known as Baby Barracudas and are trained in synchronized swimming at the weekly Wednesday meetings for the spring pageant, after which they become full Barracudas. Tlie theme of the 1956 pageant was " The Magic Conch Shell. " The background music was " from around the world, ' each scene being accompanied by a song from a different country. Among the other activities of the year the Barracuda Club sponsored the Newcomb Intramural Swimming Meet in the fall and presented a program and party for a group of crippled children in the spring. 150 OFFICERS II ( . M(( 1 .I ' rvsiJeiil (IakOI.K L ' ilOI.IK yice-l ' rrtidenl The NeucDiiili Dunce (Muh u;i liiniiili-d in ' ) ). Il |)Ur|K se is to pniiudli ' intcri-.-l in IkiIK ' I and niinlcrn danic anil In hir- ni li I land ' s Inr iain|iu - |ii " iHlnrl inii and ri ir ail i ilir . 1 he teaching and dinrtiim of Miss Frances Bush, Newcoinh lai iilt nicinlnT. has licl|itil niakr iht- dul) a success. Tr -on Is arc lie Id Inr new nii ' iidicrs al llic I ic inning id cacli semester. The ncu mcnilicrs are known as Coryphies unlil lliey have proxen themselves wortln of being elected iiitn llic liallcrina griiii|i. I ' .lcclinns arc liascd nn the aliilil and inter- est of each girl. Meetings are held on Tuesday and Thursday t ' Hf week in the gymnasiunrs Dance Studio. I lie Tied l ' i|jer and a HeethDven Sonata were among the ballets presented in the Spring Recital. Meml er» of the Dance Club appeared in a program on Fine Arts for the Student I ' iijiIn. and danied fnr the Junior Philharmonic Society in Man li. Dam . ( lijli members also appeared on the telcvigjon program, Tulane Close-Up. representing a part of the Liberal Arts Ciirriculuin. NEWCOMB DANCE CLUB 15t INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB Lynn Stokes OFFICERS .President John Gillespie .Faculty Adviser The Tulane International Relations Club is a student organization which helps to develop student interest and understanding in the international conditions of our time through study and program activities. The local clulj is a member of the Association of Inter- national Relations Clubs, which does not espouse any particular solutions in international questions, but does seek, through program aids sent to individual clubs, to encourage study and understanding of foreign policy issues. The bi-monthly meetings feature a series of varied programs such as, lectures, discussions, and films. The club ' s main activities are the celebration of United Nations Day and Panamerican Day. 152 MUSIC . I) K A M A . A l{ T Gossip has it that " Papa Is All " TULANE UNIVERSITY THEATRE OFFICERS John Mays Executive Secretary Monroe Lippman Director The purpose of the Tulane University Theater, the dramatic organization on campus, is to produce plays. There are four major productions and several one-act plays and dramatic readings presented each year. Probationary membership in this organization is earned by working or acting satisfactorily in one of the shows, and full membership is granted to those participating in two or more shows in one season. Participation in the plays or crews is open to any interested member of the " university family " — stu- dents, faculty, staff, and their husbands and wives. Paul Hostetler Assistant Director George Hendrickson Assistant Director An attempt is made to produce plays of different periods and styles as is exemplified by the 1955-56 season. These plays were " Papa is All, " a modern comedy; " Death Takes a Holi- day, " a fantasy ; " She Stoops to Conquer, " from an eighteenth century Restoration play; " Theines Carnival, " a romantic farce. In the graduate program there are scenes produced usually over a week at the playhouse depicting styles of the various periods of theater beginning with the Greek Theater and prog- ressing to the modern period. These scenes are open to the public. 154 Relaxation lietueen scenes Bright faces from " Papa Is Ail Don t iilaine ine. (!oarii Deatli lakes a lioliday with Belly Jn t wluit do you think of that? ' " Chief " ' at work OFFICERS JOHN J. MORRISSEY Conductor TED DEMUTH Assistant Conductor RICHARD L. CROSBY Assistant to the Conductor LOUIS J. BERNDT, JR President TONI THIELE 1st Vice-President MAURY LOKET Ind Vice-President WILLIAM B. COKER Treasurer BARBARA JEAN HUBER Secretary MEMBERS Sam Adams Tommy Growden Marie A. Bade John Haddad, Jr. Ellen Gay Baker Tommy Hansen James Fred Bateman. Jr. Harold W. Helmke, Jr. Louis J. Berndt. Jr. Barbara Jean Huber Fred Bouvier AI Huitt Charles M. Bowman Charles S. King Harold H. Bretz. Jr. Alloyd P. Lambert, Jr. David Brickman Maury Loket Paul Buchohz David McCIean Howard Calder Harry Mendelson. Jr. Peter Claverie Charles Pollard Charles Cohen Wm. G. Pruyn Phil Cohen Bob Roycroft Wm. B. Coker Hunter Sauls Richard L. Crosby Frank G. Stewart Meme Culpepper W. Monroe Stephenson Ted Demuth Toni Thiele John L. Deutsch Beverly Thompson Robert K. Diehl Sunny Tsai Bertnev F. Eiermann Don Vasterlins Paul R. Fallone Jay Waddell Charles Foster Larry Wadler Jerry Foster Eddie Weigand Barbara Friedman Page Williamson Ian Goldy Javier Zapata I 1 U L A N E U N I E R S 1 r Y BAND The Tulano l ' ni ( ' rsil) Hand flraws its nienil)crshi|). fluririf; the foiithall season, from tlic inalc students of the L iiiversily. During the concert season iiHiiilxrshijj is open to women as vmII. The hand performs at all home football games and is noted for its intricate and interesting " Half-time Shows. " Its theme song " Wa Down onder, " is a forerunner for much popular suing inusic played kt each game — both in the stands and on the field. Jhe Hand, nf course, is centered around its capable direc- tor. John J. Miirrissey. without whose inspiration the Tulanc Hand would not exist. Mr. VI .rri-..-v national reputation as a composer is well know n. The Spring Concert, presenti-d b the Band the first week in Ma) , is an annual event. In addition, a Spring Concert Tour is a yearly planned activity which this year included Little Rock, Hoi Springs. Texarkana. Shreveport, and Alexandria. As a concert band the " " Chiefs boys " have a few peers among universities throughout the country, presenting annually jjer- haps the most eagerly awaited show of the year on the campus. « 1til3 ' ' itT.c ..X, i " II ifimnfiii i ii itiiiii •f " ■■-• . lIei;ro, NTac. allegro! Queen Anne Salute Homecoming Formation ■■ ft-W. I n Si But I ' m just a Poor Sailor The Impressario and friends The Impressdrio: Forgive me. Mudariir TULANE-NEWCOMB UNIVERSITY WORKSHOP Cardon V. BuRNHAM, Director Probably one of the hardest working and niosl rewarding organizations on the campus is the Opera Workshop. Organ- ized four years ago. this group has grown steadily in size and nuisicai produelion under the careful guidance of its outstand- ing (luiig direclor. (lardmi . I ' liiriiliain. Since its organization, llie Opera Drkshop has become a separate group and dramatic and niusical standards have been raised to a very high level. Such works as Deiiussy " s L ' En anI I ' rodigiie, Menotti ' s Tlie Teleplumr and IiikiIiI and llic Miilil I isitors. Vaughan Williams ' Ridrrs to llic Sea. and this ears presentation of Mozarls The Impresario and 1 he I ' oor Sailor by Darius Milhaud are just a few of the outstanding operatic u I irks priM lured In lliis gi(iu|i. Tliis ear a c(ini|ilclc(l w illi the performance of Pergelesi ' s The Maid as Mistress, and the World Premiere of the opera Nilecap wrillen In the director, Carilon Hurnliam. The mendiers of llu- W orkshop are from all departmenls of the I iiiversil . The are introduced to arious phases of o|H " ra and light musical presentations and to various asjjecls of back- stage work, such as making and setting scenery, operating lights, and designing costumes. Rut whether the members wield a hainmer. make costumes, sing or work lights, each w ill agree thai working this group is a challenge and a truly thrilling experience. Ihe ( pera Workshop pro ides Lni ersity students and lowri |ieo|ile u ilh the opportunity to gain an " education in ..nera. " 159 Mickev Mouse CAMPUS NIGHT ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF Sabina Abrahm President Bill Rosen Vice-President Becky Carson Secretary Rusty Wolff Secretary Rdsty Feller Treasurer " Operation Education " was the name of Campus Xight " s 1956 musical comedy. Presented on March 2 and 3. this year ' s show vas an original production, from the writing of the script and music to the construction on the sets. " Operation Education. " set on Crisweli Lniversitv Campus. pictured three men from the Armed Forces who were selected to return to college. The play centered around their life in the dormitory and on campus, depicting their mischief-making as ell as their good deeds. This year ' s Campus Night resulted in a hilarious show, pre- senting to the university audience the talent of Tulane-New- comb students. The Campus Night organization begins its i ork during the first semester with the show being presented in the early spring of each ) " ear. ' " One month on ' and pump ' The master ' s touch 161 Ilft-, ( U ft It H U U W U ' U iTtfF NEWCDMB GLEE ELUB OFFICERS ANN MARIA GANDOLFO President EUGENIE RICAU Vice-President MARY FRANCIS READY Secretary CAROLE MOUCHET Business Manager The Glee Club is open to all Newcomb Students. The only qualification for membership is a desire to join together in song. Mr. Burnham. director, has presented the group with a varied program of music ranging from Palestrina to Rodgers and Ham- merstein. This year the Glee Club preformed at the Newcomb Memorial Services, the Christmas Candlelight Concert, the Spring Concert, and its members participated in University Chorus. TULANE GLEE ELUB OFFICERS PAUL WILSON President JACK WILLIS Vice-President JIM McIL-S AIX Secretarr HOMER LOCKRIDGE Business Manager ALLEN SPRINGER Librarian LARRY WHITE Librarian The Tulane Glee Club, under the direction of Cardon V. Bum- ham, has participated in many civic, religious, and University functions this year. Among the latter were the Christmas Candle- light Concert, and the Spring Concert which was followed by the annual dance in conjunction with the Newcomb Glee Club. Also in the spring the 45-voiced male chorus traveled to Biloxi to present a concert for Gulf Park College. Cardon v. Burnham Director 1954-55 saw a new choral group join llic University ' s fam- ily of musical organizations, the University Chorus. This group is a inodern ada|ilali(in (if the rcstival Chorus of former years, and its return was welcomed l ) man) ' . The Chorus he- gan last year with a stirring performance of Gabriel Faure ' s Requiem and Howard Hanson ' s Lament for Beowulf. The 110- voice group left school for the summer vacation filled with eager anticipation of an even greater season in 1955-56, and they were not to be disappointed. The following September they were joined by members of the faculty, staff, and friends of the University to double the size of the grouj and offer new prospects of a good year. The first performance of the school year was given with the New Orleans Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra. The Univer- sity Chorus and Symphony presented Mozart ' s Requiem in celebration of the Bi-centennial of Mozart ' s birth at the Municipal Auditorium on January 10th and at McAlister Auditorium for the student body on January 11th. In May the group presented Felix Mendelssohn ' s Elijah . . . a work familiar to many. The performance was given on the campus. UNIVERSITY CHORUS 163 A CAPPELLA CHOIR Bob Cranfill President Ann Scott Vice-President Judy Woodall Secretary OFFICERS Bill Banta . Business Manager Phyllis Ward Librarian Lee Jennings Librarian The Tulane-Newcomb A Cappella Choir is composed of out- standing young people from all spheres of campus activity. It is a select group, with its members chosen on the basis of musical ability, character, cooperation, application, and wholesome spirit. Through the efforts of its outstanding young director, Cardon V. Burnham, the Choir has become one of the most prominent choral groups in the South, and serves the Univfr- sity not only in the field of cultural entertainment but as an invaluable instrument in the realm of public relations. The highlights of the year for the choir include a Christmas Candlelight Concert, a Spring Concert, and a Spring tour. In the past, the choir has given concerts in such cities as New York City, Atlanta, Birmingham, Montgomery, Mobile, Jack- son, and Houston; while this year, the group will travel to St. Louis and Memphis. Now in its fourth year, the A Cappella Choir is an impor- tant part of campus activity, aiding the University in its pro- gram of developing future leaders for America. 164 RELIGION OFFICERS THOMAS XUCKLES President BETH KOTTES J ' ice-President SANDY SUTHERLAND Corresponding Secretary JUDY BILLINGS Recording Secretary SETH NOVOSELSKY Treasurer INTER- E A I T m. E0UNC " 7 INTER-FAITH CDUNQL The Tulane Interfaith Council servies to units the religious groups on campus in action on common issues. Its goals are to foster brotherhood among students of different faiths, and to deepen the spiritual and religious life on campus. The Council is omposed of two representatives and the presi- dent of each religious group. Among its activities are religious orientation for freshmen in the fall and " Religion in Life Week " in the spring. DISCIPLES STUDENT. FELLOWSHIP - :— — ■y - OFFICERS ARTHUR HASTINGS President GENE UMSTOT Vice-President K. THLEEN PATTON Secretary-Treasurer DR. CHARLES PEACOCK Faculty Advisor REV. E. E. RUSSELL Minister The Disciples Student Fellowship is sponsored by the St. Charles Avenue Christian Church for the students of Tulane and Newcomb. At the weekly meetings on Sunday evenings, de- votional and inspirational programs are presented to help the college student attain a closer fellowship with God and a better adjustment to life. The Disciples Student Fellowship is a member of the Tulane Inter-Faith Council and joins with other campus religious groups in Religious Emphasis Week and other activities of the Council. 166 OFFICERS WERT WHITE President BURT LA PRAIRIE Vice-President NANCY TRUE Secretary CHARLES REY Publicity Chairman BAPTIST STUDENT UNIDN The Baptist Student Union represents, includes, and unifies all of the Baptist student activities on the campus. It seeks to preserve the relationship of the student with his church, and to continue the religious education which his home church has begun. Thus, it acts as a connecting link between the college and the church. The Baptist Student Center at 7107 Freret Street is head- quarters for the organization. Canterbury Club serves the mission of Christianity in higher education by fostering among university students a more mature understanding of the faith and practices of the Episcopal Church and loyalty to its corporate life. Canterbury Club centers its activities at Canterbury House. the Episcopal University Center. Activities include weekly Tues- day night discussion forums led by prominant clergy of the Church, which consider a variety of topics related to the total needs of the college community in the light of the Christain faith. CANTERBURY CLUB OFFICERS SA.NDRA McC.OY Senior K ardrn SISTER ERAZER Junior fTardrn KATHERINE LIVINGSTON Secretary MICKEY MOFFITT Treasurer ROBERT NICHOLS Sacristan OFFICERS KATHLEEN KEHL President ARREN METCALF J ice-President RICHARD WEAVER Recording and Corresponding Secretary CHARLES STORM Treasurer MRS. LEON SOULE Faculty Advisor MISS DOROTHY COLEMAN Counselor CHRISTIAN SCIENCE DRGANIZATIDN Gamma Delta is the International Association of Lutheran Students at colleges and universities. The Alpha Upsilon Chapter on Tulane campus aims to provide for the Lutheran students at Tulane a positive program of Christian fellowship hased on Christian knowledge. This program is religious, educational, and social. Luncheon meetings are held the first and third Sun- days of the month at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church. Activities this year have included religious discussions, square dances, a bar- becue and a progressive supper. The Christian Science Organization of Tulane University was founded in December. 1943. and is authorized by the Manuel of the Mother Church. The First Church of Christ Scientists in Boston. Massachusetts. The Organization holds weekly testi- monial meetings on campus and sponsors a lecture each year by a member of the Board of Lecturship of the lother Church to which students, facultv members, and friends are invited. DELTA GAMMA OFFICERS DAVID SCHMIDT President LOWELL SmTZ J ice-President CAROL DE JEAN Recording Secretary-Treasurer MARLENE KOSCHMANN Corresponding Secretary REV. EWALD RECKS Pastoral Advisor OFFICliRS LEONARD A. WASHOFSKY President AARON FODIMAN 1 ice-President BETTY M. WISH Secretary HARRIS M. DULITZ Treasurer ZOLLY LEVIN Counselor HILLEL FDUNDATIDN k The Hillel Foundation took great strides this past session through the cooperation of its greatly increased active member- ship. An orientation program for incoming students proved highly successful to judge by the majority of lower classmen participating. Friday evening religious services were conducted throughout the session, and on alternate Sunday evenings, cul- tural meetings which hosted many distinguished lecturers were held. A social hour followed each function. The Thursday week- ly seminar on " What the Jew Believes " attracted students of all faiths. We, of Hillel, look forward to even greater progress during the coming school year. The Newman Club is an organization for Catholic college students. Its purpose is to provide the student with religious, intellectual, and social activities, in that order of importance. Last year Newman Hall was acquired as a permanent home at 1037 Audubon St. Now after one year of occupancy, the club membership is the largest in its history. The 130 members of the Newman Club at Tulane University are only part of the 300,000 members of the National Newman Club Federation composed of some ,500 colleges from coast to coast. NEWMAN i: L L B orncKRs JOHN .MMAHAT President I KI l.OriSE MARTINEZ I ice-Prrsidenl SANDRA DeARMAS Secretary NICHOLAS WOOLVERTON Treasurer OFFICERS AARON BERTRAND President SHIRLEY PRIDE Vice-President LIZ STEPHENSON Secretary CLEO McGEE Treasurer WESLEY FDUNDATIDN The Westminister Fellowship is a group of students with a purpose. Our purpose is to build in ourselves good Christian characters. We endeavor to do this through our Sunday evening meetings and noon-day chapel services which help us to grow spiritually, and through our monthly parties which help us to grow socially. We meet at the St. Charles Avenue Presbyterian Church every Sunday night for a supper meeting. Our noonday chapel services are held in the Methodist Ctudent Center in conjunction with the Methodist Student Group. The Wesley Foundation is the Methodist Student Movement on the Tulane campus. Our main objectives are to integrate the students and the church into university life; to provide an op- portunity for intellectual stimulation, wholesome recreation, and spiritual growth; to restate the gospel in contemporary terms; and to aid the student in the realization that college is a vocation in itself. Student-led devotions are given Monday through Friday, and the main program meetings are on Thursdays at five. WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP OFFICERS FRED WULFF III President TOM GRAVES Vice-President CAROLINE LONSDALE Secretary NICKI CARTISSER Treasurer M I L I T A l{ Y Lt. Col. Fred A. Polumbo, PMS T ARMY R. O. T. C. Under the guidance of Lt. Col. Fred A. Polumbo, the Tulane unit of the Reserve Officers strives to prepare college men for service in the U. S. Army. Primarily a Transportation Corps Unit, the Tulane ROTC furn- ishes officers in many specialized branches of the service. Between the Junior and Senior academic year, members of unit spend six weeks summer camp duty at one of several army camps throughout the country. The ROTC unit sponsors many activities during the year, including special reviews, sponsor elections. Military Balls, and awards day. The Army ROTC also participates in all areas of intramural sports as well as interunit drill competitions with other service branches on campus. Army ROTC Sponsors at the Annual Ball I ist Are we the cops or the rubbers? Got it. Bil J r Check the brass! No |)uri)le heart for Selberl Well, thev look good! CAPT. E. T. EVES PNS NAVY R. O. T. C. " Travel. Education. Experience. Training . . .. " predict the posters. " Sho«- me, " challenges the NROTC freshman. " Amen. Brother, Amen. " philosophically mutters the saltv Senior. Travel? Indeed, we did! Norfolk, Spain, New York, Can- ada, England, France, Cuba, Corpus Christi, and Quantico felt the impact of our tourist temperament. Training? Experience? Anyone who has shouldered an eight-pound rifle for nearly a hundred hours, taken a naviga- tion final, stood countless hours of shipboard watches from frigid Labrador to the Equator, been jostled around a bounc- ing Navy bomber in flight, sloshed along fifteen miles of Ma- rine Corps training mud. hills, and barbed wire, or watched a blood red sun rise from azure waters, holds a deed to a large plot of training and worthwhile experience. At our home base, the building with the anchor and gun out front, the NROTC Staff catered to our educational needs by administering large doses of Naval and Marine Corps lore. Sandwiched between the Welcome Aboard Ball and The Fare- well Ball was an eventful year which brought to us the return of Captain Eves, the founding of our Anchor and Chain So- ciety, the marriage of our Unit ' s secretary, Mary Nelson, and the sorrow of the decease of Chief Quartermaster LaBash. Look out Fleet. Pensacola. supply school, and Quantico. here we come ! The posters told the truth. I Anclior and Chain Society I MiUTC Hfai t Ti( |ih (nntrniliT KiHe Team ' - SiinuiicrciuiM-ulKianl I ' SS Newport News (C V 1-iHl Auiirdiiif: (il llie Boondocker Trophy Tlie eiilire iNaval I ' nit was deeply shocked by ihi- sudden passing of our Chief LaBash. Though lie lias been taken from us. «e will runliniie In hemfit from his aid given in life. Col. Charles Sommers. PAS T Salute us, Amiaos! AIR FORCE R. O. T. C. The AFROTC, under the capable leadership of Colonel Charles Sommers, is now in its ninth year at Tulane Univer- sity. The purpose of the program is to train and guide prospec- tive college graduates for roles as officers in the United States Air Force. Basic cadets, the freshmen and sophomores, receive courses in aviation history, global geography, military forces, air power, and elements of aerial warfare. After passing several examinations, including a physical, and being accepted into the advanced phase of instruction, the juniors are taught in- structing techniques, problem solving, navigation, meteorol- ogy, and principles of military law. During the junior-senior interim, each cadet attends an AFROTC summer training camp at an actual Air Force base. The final years training in- cludes leadership, management, political geography and the evolution of strategic warfare. All cadets attend a weekly leadership laboratory, in which drills and ceremonies are practiced, under the command of the senior cadet officers. Upon graduating from the University, the cadets are given second lieutenants commissions and serve a minimum of three years active duty in the United States Air Force. AFROTC " Saber Jets " Wi Arnold Air Society To the Colors The Arnold Air Society is a national AFROTC Honorary organization. Members are chosen from honor stndents and selected on the basis of leadership, scholarship, service, and character. The society holds l i-ni()iithlv meetings at which time are presented per- tinent leclures of current interest to potential Air Force officers. The group also sponsors activities di- recteil toward slinudalion of interest as well as re- ward for accomplishment. AFROTC Cadri Officers -trfP Scabbard and Blade members assemble in Xaw Building SCABBARD AND BLADE OFFICERS ED TOW NLEY President TONY SARDISCO (ice President WALTER MAYER Secretary ANTHONY de la PAZ Treasurer The Xational Society of Scabbard and Blade is an honorary military society. It is national in scope, having chapters in the major universities and colleges throughout the United States. Its members are drawn from Cadets and Midshipmen of all the branches of the Reserve OiBcers Training Corps. The society sponsors competition drill between the drill teams of each ROTC and between the ROTC ' s themselves. An annual affair is the Scabbard and Blade Military Ball, at which time a girl is selected by the society members to reign under the title of " Little Colonel. " Membership in Scabbard and Blade is given to only a few. Grades, military aptitude, and average all-around campus in- terest are the prime requirements for selection for this honor. " Capn Ed " greets President Armas of Guatamala CONTENTS Law Undergraduates Med Undergraduates Undergraduate Juniors Undergraduate Sophomores K B Undergraduate i resliineii 1 ■ 1 ! UNDh:U(;KADUATi:S . T.AW • Mi:i)l(; [. LAW • UNDERGRADUATES • CHARLES WILLIAM BAISLEY, Pelham Manor, N.Y.; Vice-President Law School Student Body; Who ' s Who: La Societe du Droit Civil; Kings Bench; Moot Court Board; Phi Delta Phi. • RAY A. BARLOW, Shreveport, La.; Secretary Junior Class; Sigma Gamma Epsilon; La Societe du Droit Civil; Student Lawyer; Phi Delta Phi. • GEORGE V. BAUS, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha. • MICHAEL MITCHELL BEARDEN, New Orleans, La.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Kappa Delta Pi; Scabbard and Blade; La Societe du Droit Civil; Kings Bench: Phi Delta Phi; Baptist Student Union. O XA lER LUIS CHAVEZ, Chicago, Illinois: Newman Club; House Council- Zemurray Hall. • JOSEPH R. DICKEY, Little Rock, Arkansas; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Kings Bench: Phi Delta Phi. • J. MALCOLM DUHE, JR., New Iberia, La.; Kappa Sigma; Delta Sigma Pi; La Societe du Droit Civil. • JOHN F. EIDMANN, Princeton, New Jersey. • MARTIN L. FELDMAN, St. Louis. Mo.; Sigma Alpha Mu; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi; Carnival; Law Review; Adelphons. • .ABRA- HAM PHILLIP FRIED.MAN, Franklin, La.; La Societe du Droit Civil; Moot Court Board; Phi Delta Phi. O MARVIN C. GRODSKY, New Orleans, La.: La Societe du Droit Civil; Moot Court Board; Phi Delta Phi: Pi Lambda Beta. • DON HALL. Coral Gables, Fla.; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Eta Sigma. • IKE F. HAWKINS, JR., Shreveport, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Treasurer Freshman Law Class. • DONALD H. LEE, Bogalusa, La.; Delta Sigma Phi; Baptist Student Union. • LEE K. LEVY, Hammond, La.; Zeta Beta Tau; Omicron Delta Kappa; Scabbard and Blade; Who ' s Who; Delta Sigma Pi; Phi Delta Phi; Jambalaya; Alpha Phi Omega; Leadership Council; Pi Lambda Beta; President Tulane Pan Hellenic Council; Jambalaya Hall of Fame, 195-1-55. • CECIL P. NIELSEN, Shreveport, La. ■ 5 • JIMMY ROOKS, Jackson, Tennessee; Kings Bench. • CRAWFORD A. ROSE, JR., Lake Providence, La.; Scabbard and Blade; La Societe du Droit Civil; Kings Bench: Phi Delta Phi. • MYRON IRVING ROSENBERG, New Orleans, La.; Sigma Alpha Mu; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi; Carnival; Hullabaloo — Managing Editor; Glendy Burke Society; Pi Lambda Beta; Student Lawyer; Publication. • CECIL GILL SMITH, JR., Fayette, Miss. • SYLVAN J. STEINBERG, New Iberia, La.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Beta Gamma Sigma; La Societe du Droit Civil: Phi Delta Phi; Law Review. • CHARLIE VICCELLIO, Lake Charles, La.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Omicron Delta Kappa; Pi Sigma Alpha; Scabbard and Blade; Phi Delta Phi; Lagniappes. • JAMES WALTER WARD, Shreveport, La.; Phi Delta Theta; Law Delegate, University Student Council; Kappa Delta Phi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Scabbard and Blade; Who ' s Who; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi; Hullabalkw: Publications Board and Law Review. 184 MEDICAL . UNDERGRADUATES I • IIIMn W . MIHKSSKN. Ni ' w Orl. ' an : l.ar.l ;hi.I HI.hI. ' : .N.wman Cliili: S.A.M.A. ()l.i„. • li. K. liRANAIlAN. J;uk „n. Mis . IIAKDK, I ,ik.- Cliarlcs: Nu Sii;ma Nu. Delia Siniiia Phi; I ' hi Chi; S.-ab- • DAVID H. ATKR, Frank(..rl. ; I ' hi Chi, Kappu Si);nia. • DON • JdSKPII DKCATtli; llARK;iDALE. Suinmii. Ii " . • SAMl KL liOl SlIV, Kfarmi hki. L.i.annn. O HKRMAN D. COLOMB, Ni-w Orleans: Nu Sigma u; (Iniirn.n Delia Kappa; Sigma I ' i Sigma; Who ' s Wiiii, Adelphcins. • FRANK nrr n l. i;l,.|,e, Ariz.; Phi Delia Theia; Nu Sigma Nu. • KMMKIT WILLIAM FLYNN. JR., New Orleans. • N.ATHAN C. GALLO- WAY. Kaly, Texas; Phi Chi. • Vi . MALCOLM CRANBERRY, San Antonio. Te .t ; kappa Sigma; Phi Chi; Phi Beta Kappa; Baptisl Student Union. • MARVIN T. GREEN. JR., Kuston; Phi Chi. • JACK CLIFFORD HOOVER, State College, Miss. • MINOR LEWIS HUCK, San Antonio. Texas; Nu Sigma Nu: Phi Delta Theia. • LLOYD S. LeDREW, Miami Beach, Fla. • Jl ' LR ' S L. LEVY, JR., Clarksdale, Miss.: Zeta Bela Tau ; Phi Lamhda Kappa. • FREDERICK E. LIND, JR., New Orleans; Nu Sigma Nu. • CRAWFORD WILLIAMSON LONG. Jaeksonville. Fla.; Pi Kappa Alpha. Nu Sigma Nu. Pr.-Mdenl ..( Juni.ir Clas-. Seerelarv II. .nor C.uneil. • ROBERT C. MACK Y. Columl.i.i. Miss.; Phi Chi. • JANIES MeCOMISKEY. Ne» Orleans; Kappa Alpha Order. K.ipi.a D.ll.i Phi ()mier..n llilfa K.ippa. Who ' s Wh... • RK.MMill M. M.CREW. JR., Warringl..n, • MARMN P. MEADORS. JR., New Orhan Jeanereiie, La.; Beta Theia Pi: .Nu Sigma .Nu Jackson, .Miss., Phi Chi. Fla.; Phi Chi; Newman (iluh. IS. • HARRY MORE.SI. JR.. . • CLAYTON J. 0 ERTON. • EDC. R U. I ' AI ARE.. , CUalcmala, Guatemala; Alpha Kappa Kappa, Beta Beta Beta; l nii.T..n Delia Kappa; .Alpha Epsilon Delta, Newman Clul), S.A.M.A. • N M.AN S. RAPPERPORT. I niversitv Ciiv, M... • EI.I.KWOKTII J. SACKS, JR.. Biloxi. Mi " .; Phi Chi Med. Frat. • EVERETT A. SCUM IDI R. M.iairie. La.; Phi Chi, History of Medicine Society. • JnllN I .N |||l|. |..,,i,, rk.; Nu Sigma Nu; Beta Bela Beta: llislor of .Medicine .Soci.u. • WII.I.IWl P. SI ' AI I.WORTIl. F..rl I ' avne. Ala.; Phi i:hi: Phi Alpha Ih.ia; Scal.h.ir.l and Iliad.-. • JAMES DEL WHEAT, Rav- in..n.lville, Texas, Phi Chi. • CLAIDK S WILLIAMS. HI. Hallii-sbiirB, Mi.w.: Phi Chi. Sigma Chi. • GEORGE II WdiHi. Big Spring, Tcxsas; Phi Chi; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 9 9 1 1 .9 9 185 JUNIORS V-..- J U N I O 1{ S • MMil.lK WKON, Oallus Tixus: Sijimii Dcllii Tuu: (irciiibackcrs. • S I)IN AllliMIM. .« ()rli-an . La.: Alpha Kpnlun I ' lii: An Cluli: IwiiiMMi: (.rriiili.i. k.r-, r.irnpus Nielli: l.a(;niap|n ' s, Sluilrnl Ai-livitir- llcaril • SANFOHl) I.. AliKAMS. iN ' ali-lie ,. li ' - .; Z.-ta Hi-la Tau ; Si-aliliaril anil lliaili-: Naxal KOTC; Ancliiir and Chain. • CAROLYN AI.KOKI). Slinvi- La.: .Alpha Oniicrnn Pi: Wcsliry Fnumlatinn, NcwiMimli Orii ' nlaliim, 1 " ' mkI. ' iii Dii ilor. • (.AliOl, J|;AN l; cil l.r. .« ()riuan . La.: Alpha Uniirnm I ' i; Caiilcr- hury Cliili; • KI.KANOK MAY UAliYI.ON. New Orleans. La.: Delta Zelu : Wesley K..iinilaii..n. • lOI ' .l. Ll.l.KN UAIiYLON. New Orleans, La.: Delia Zela: Sigma Pi Sicma. • JOSKPH A. 13ACALA, Liifayelle, Iml.: A. LA.: treasurer sluilent ehapter .A.L.X.: assoeiate editor arehiteeture sliideni piililica- linn. ■ 3 • MARY JKA LiARKDLLL. New Orleans. L.misiana: Clii Omega: Ueta Del.i llela: La Terlulia: Psyehulogv .Major Cluli; Vi eslminisler l- " ell..w-hiii. • CAKKY IfKCKKK. Modena. Penn.: Sigma Clii. • SlllKl.KY ANN liF.RN- STKLN. Cheyenne. Wyomint:. Alpha Epsilnn Phi. • PLTL lilLI.AC. Melairie. La.: arsilv track. • KKl.TON Vi ' KLl.S BINGHAM, New Orleans, La.; Eta Sigma Phi: Phi Kta Sigma: Sigma Pi Sigma: Clee Club. • BETTY ANN BLALOCK, New Orleans. La.: Phi Mu: Psychology Major Club: Wesley Foundation. • CER- OLD K. BOLKCEOIS. New Orleans. La.: Pi Kappa Alplia; ieePr.si.hnl Junior Class; Delta Sigma Pi: Air Force ROTC ; Honor Board. • JOHN N. URIC.N.XC, New Orleans. La.; Kappa Sigma: I ' residcnt Kappa Sigma Pledge Cla-s, Prc-.Medieal Society: Glee Club. • JANE BRLCE. New Orleans. La.: Pi Beta Phi. • PVTKICIA ANN BYRAM. Vll.inla. Georgia: Chi Omega; La Tertulia; House Council. • DONALD H. ( 1. DWELL. Baton Rouge. La.; Kappa Sigma; A. LA.; Caulerbury Club. • FRED CARROLL, JR.; Lyon. .Miss.; Sigma Chi; A.LA.: Wesley Founda- tion. • Jl I.IA CHASE. Pacilie Palisades. Calif.: Glee Club. • DONALD CHAL- Ml lis, Port Arthur, Texas; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Wesley Foundation. • M M • Ml S CLWERIE. New Orleans. La.; Alpha Tau Omega: A.S.C.E.; Army Unit:; Drill I. Mm iP.R. company " K " ). (.:adet s|;,|I , .nicer (Captain). • KOllERT W. CLEMENTS, Luke Charles, La.: Sigma Alpha E|isilon. Scab- It.ird and Blade, Cadet stafT iifHccr (Captain). • NAIHAN JEROI.D COHEN. Pine BlulT, Ark.: Zeta Beta Tau; Omieruii Delta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma, Scabbard and Blade; Delta Sigma Pi: JaM- luiviv; Aniu RorC; Cadet -tall ollicer ( ( l.ipl.iin) ; l.agniappes. • ALLEN llEliNMtD (III KMAN. New Orlean-. La.: W . -iininster Fellowsliiii. • JOHN . col EM N, JR.. Plant City. Fla.: Kappa Alplia Order; Secretary of A. S.: Phi Et.i Sigma; Tusk: l!apti t Student Onion: Honor Hoard. • ELEANOR CAROLE COOPWOOD. Holh Springs, Miss.: Plii Mu: We-by Founiiatinn: riiu ROTC sp„ns„r. ■ » • llERNli I I ' llll IP i.Ol ION. Panama City. Fla,: Phi Kajipa Sigma: Scahhard and Hl.id.-: American Chemical Society; German Club: Pre-Meilieal Soeiil ; Army RoTC; Cadet start officer ( [.ieiitenanl ) . Baptist Stuileiil I nion. • i:HARLES F. COLTS. New Orlean-, La.; Ka|i|ui Sigma: Delta Sigma Pi; Air Force ROTC. • MARIWOOD CRADY. Meridian, Miss,: Cbi Omega; Treasurer Junior Clas . o JAMES J. CRAIG. Fori Wi.rlli, lexas: Plii Kappa Sigma; Omicron Dilta Kappa: I ' lii Ela Sigma; Scabbard ami Blade; Delia Sigma Pi; J MUM.xi», Greenbackers; Naval ROTC: Drill Team I Mark 11; Cadet -tail ollicer (Ensign) .Anchor and Chain; Adelpllonn. • BOB HWIILTON CRVNFII.L. Laurel, Miss.: Kappa Sigma; Wesley Foun- dation; A C,i|.]..ll,i Clu.ir: Glee Club: Operetta: rul.ine Barber Shop (,)uarlel. • NORMAN ASHLEY CLLLLM. Aiken, S. C: Alpha Tau Omega: Golf. • FRED CLSHING. JR.. Mobile. Ala.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Seabhurd and Blade; Army ROTC; Cadet staff offcer (Lieutenant). n ' B Asm " - 187 8 9 JUNIORS • EUGENE J. DABEZIES. New Orleans. La.; Phi Delta Theta; Pan Hellenic Council: Judicial Committee. • ' AL J. D.ANSERE. U, New Orleans, La.; ' ice-President Architecture Student Body; A. LA.; Editor . rchitecture Stu- dent Publication. • CHARLES STANLEY DAVIS. JR.. Springhill. Ala.: Pre-Medical Society. • JANICE ELINOR DAVIS, McLean, Va,; Art Club: Canterbury Club. • JOH. VNNA DAVIS, New Orleans, La.: Beta Sigma Omicron: Eta Sigma Phi; Oreades: Barracudas: Greenbackers: Wesley Foundation. • CLAYTON DEAN, New Orleans, La.: Baptist Student Union. O LAURENCE R. DEBUYS. Ill, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Sigma; Scabbard and Blade: Secretary A.I.E.E.; Newman Council; Naval ROTC; Drill Team (Mark I); Anchor and Chain. • ROSE MARY DECKER, New Orleans, La.; Secretary-Treasurer Junior Class Engineering School: .A.I.E.E. : Newman Club. • CAROL JANE DEJEAN, New Orleans, La.; Soc. Adv. Management: Gamma Delta: Interfaith Council: Leadership Council; Commerce Women ' s Club. • DONALD V. PASQUALE, JR., Dickinson. Texas; Kappa Sigma. Pre- Medical Society; Newman Club: Army ROTC. O PAM DE.XHELMER. Somer- set, Ky.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. O JASON DLWTLLE, Metairie, La.; Vice- President Student Body Business Administration: Student Activities Key: Who ' s Who. • MALCOLM LEE DINWIDDIE, JR., New Orleans, La.; Alpha Tau Omicron. • LARA LEE DITRAPANI. New Orleans, La.; Beta Sigma Omicron: La Tertulia: Sigma Pi Sigma: TUSK: Newman Club. • ALE.XANDER DOYLE, New Orleans, La. • ALBERT FRANCIS DUKE. .Mobile. Ala.: President Junior Class; A.I.E.E.; Naval ROTC: Drill Team (Mark I); Honor Board. • ARTIE J. DUMESNIL, JR., New Orleans, La.; Accounting. • EUGENE F. BERLIN, JR., Metairie, La.; Westminster Foundation. • WILLIAM W. EIDSON, New Orleans, La.; President Kappa Sigma: Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Pi Sigma; German Club: Pan-Hellenic Council: Circle-K Club. • PHILIP EDWARD EMERSON, Hattiesburg. .Miss.: Kappa Sigma; Scabbard and Blade; Soc. Adv. Management; . rmy ROTC: Cadet staff officer (First Lieut- enant), Circle-K Club: Irby House Council: National Defense Transportation Association, • RUTH EMRICH. Gulfport, Miss.: Alpha Epsilon Phi; La Tertulia. • D.WID K. EVANS, Portsmouth. Va.; Naval ROTC. • E. S. " PETE " EVANS, San Diego, Calif.; Delta Tau Delta; Hullabaloo; TUSK; Air Force ROTC; Adelphons; Tulane Pan-Hellenic Council. • SALLY W. EVANS, New Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Phi; Newman Club. • ROBERT BARROW FARRIS, Clarksdale, Miss.: Phi Kappa Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma: Delta Sigma Pi; Glee Club: Naval ROTC: Drill Team (Mark I): Anchor and Chain; Adelphons. • GEORGE D. FEE, Point-a-la-Hache, La.; Jambal.w.a; Canterbury Club: Campus Night: . ccounting Club; Student Directory. O JARRETT COURTNEY FERINGA. New Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Phi: La Tertulia; Le Circle Francais. • NANCY FINK. Jacksonville, Fla.; Alpha Epsilon Phi. ■ 8 • PATSY FLEMING, New Orleans, La.: Pi Beta Phi: Canterbury Club. • . . N FLINN, Monroe. La.: Phi Mu: Student Activities Key; Hullabaloo: Wesley F.mndation. O AMY FOLLANSBEE. New OHeans. La.; Alpha Delta Pi: La Tertulia; A Cappella Choir: Glendy Burke Society. • G. .M. RVIN F(JURMAUX, New Orleans, La. • JOHN P. FRIEDEL. JR.. New Orleans. La.: Unit Manager Junior Class: Delta Sigma Pi: Honor Board. « EMILY FRIEND, Spring Hill, Ala.; Kappa Kappa Gamma: Dormitory Council: Le Circle Francais: Ne wman Club. • TC- TOR A. FRIESE, JR., Fort Worth, Tex.; Phi Eta Sigma. • BILL FURLONG, New Orleans. La.; Newman Club. JUNIORS I • UII.L KUTKiaU .SI.ror|,„ri. I.a.: Phi Drli,, Tli.ia. KVNN. I ' ..ri Va«liini;i..n. Icnu Wuml. N. Y.: I ' ll C.Al.M SSKK. Cualiiiiiihi Cilv. r.uat.-inalu; D.-lla Tai S..oi,-iy. • KOliKKT lar.KiNK GARCIA. Si. Jax. Fla. S.-iihliard ami DIadc; A.S.M.K.; Konlball Trainrr: Na ■iinl ( liain: President of Patterson DnrmilDrv. • CAKOI.Y.N ANN Mu. • ARTURO Delta: Pre-Medical : Plii Kappa Sigma: ■al K.O.T.C: Anel.nr O THERESA GARDNER, New Orleans, La.: Eta Sigma Phi: Orcadcs: Bap- h t Student I ' nii.n. • PHILIP CENSLER. JR.. New Orleans. La.; Pi Lambda li.i.i. • JOAN (JKKAl.A. N.-w Orleans. La.: Phi Si nia liila: liarracudas: Pi l.unh.la Beta: Tulane Phil,.s„phy Cluh. O WALTl S 11. GILL. I!al..n K„uge. la.: Kappa Sij;ma: . .S. I.R.: Westminster Fellciwship: Navy R.O.T.G.: Circle -K. " • FREDERICK C. ClKAl 1). New Orleans. La.: President of Juni..r Class It. A.: Phi Kta Sigma; Delia Sigma Pi: Gamma Delta; Interfaith Council: ll.oo.r Itoaril. • .SHIKLEY ANN GORDON. Columbus. Miss.; Alpha Epsilnn Phi; Army K.O.T.C. Sponsor. • LINDA GOl ' GH. New Orleans. La.; Chi Omega; Art (luh; Canterbury Cluli. • FREDERICK L. GREEN. Freeport, N. Y.: Radio Station. • JEAN GRIFFITH, New Orleans, La. • CALVIN H. CROSSUP, JR., Au- burn. Ind.: Basketball. O ARMAND P. GLUZERIX, JR., New Orleans, La.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • JOAN HELEN GLNN, New Orleans, La.: Alpha Omicron Pi: Newcoinh Pan-Hellenic: Ja.mbalaya ; Newman Club. • Jl 1,11 .S IIANDELMAN, Yoakum. Tex.: Intramural Council; Station .Man- ager. Tulane. • JAMES HANEMANN, JR.. New Orleans, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon: A.S.C.E.: Greenbackcrs. • TED HARDTNER. Sbreveport. La.: Sigma . l[dia Epsilon: Delta Sigma Pi; (Christian Science Organization: Navy H.O.T.C: Drill Team: Circle " K " Club. • DORIS LEE HARRIS. New Or- leans, La.: Tulane Student Council: Jamhalaya; Publications B iard: Green- backers; Campus Night: Debate Team; Glendy Burke Society: Lagniappes; Sfident .Aetiyities Board; Sailing Club; NS. Committee; WGBS Radio; Tulane; Student Dirccti)ry — Editor. • WILLIAM G. HAYES. Birmingham, Mieh.: Kapi a Sigma; Canterbury lluli: Air F,.ree ROTC. » SISIE HEIMON ICS, Kansas Cilv, Mo.; Alpha Ep ii..n Phi. • JOAN HENDERSON, Tampa, Fla.: Chi Omega; Wesley Foundation. • A. J. IIIKKES, New Orleans, La.; Pi Kappu . lphu: Newman Club: Army KO ' lC. • WILLIAM 1. 1111. HI N, JR.. C.lo-icr. Mi s.: Si. Alpha E|isilon: Phi Eta Sigma: Bapli-t Sludenl I nion. • l)l,I EU IIOI.DKN. JR.. S.lu AnDnio Tex.; Delta Tau Delia; Tl SK; Army ROTC. (It. I. • SlIIUl.F.Y W . HOLT, DeKalb. Tex.; Sigma Chi. • KENNIVIll . llnW MMII, K„ l,ury, Mass.; Phi Fla Sigma; Navy ROTC. • BARBARA J. IllBER, Meiairic. La.; Alpiia Delta Pi; Art Club; Athletic Ciiuncil; Carnival: Tulane Banil: Glendy Burke Society: Radio Station. • MARI.IN I.. HYATT. New Orleans. La.: Beta Sigma Omicron; Psvebcdogv Major Club: IT SK : Canterbury Club; Glee Club; Glendv Burke Society. • DEl.MAS A. JACKSON. JK.. Monroe. La.: Sigma Alpha Epsihm; Vicc- Presi.lenl id Junior Cl.i " AS.: Onii. roii Delta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Who ' s Who; Honor Board. • lll l n J WIES. New Orleans. La.: Track. • FRITZ JAHNEKE. New Orleans. U. • CON AK JEPPE, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; (Canterbury Club. • Jt lY JAMES, New Orleans, L,i.; .■Vs.sests; Beta Beta Beta; Westminster Fellowship. • GRO ER R.JONES. JR., New Orleans, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; TL ' SK. fS m - C) fTi . f% t (f P 1S9 4 9 8 te. 52 JUNIORS • RONALD SANFORD KATZ, Fargo, N. D.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre-Medical Society; Hillel Foundation. • ARTHUR G. KINGSMILL, New Orleans, La.; Newman Club; Campus Rep., Philip Morris Cigarettes. • NANCY STUART KIRKEND. LL, Lafayette, La.; Chi Omega Sorority; Chi Omega Representa- tive Newcomb Panhellenic Council; Newcomb Art Club; J.amb.alaya; Canter- bury Club: What, Me Worry. • JEAN KNOX, New Orleans, La.; Sigma Pi Sigma; Wesley Foundation. • CHARLES KOPPA, Fort Worth, Tex.; Delta Sigma Phi; Tulane Pan- Hellenic Council; Newman Club; Naval ROTC. • BETH KOTTES, New Or- leans, La.; Phi Mu; German Cluh ; Newman Club; Tulane Interfaith Council; Newcomb Pan-Hellenic Council. • WILLIAM KRAPAC, Hammond, Ind.; Phi Kappa Sigma. • JEANNE LABOUISSE, New Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Phi. • HAYDEE LAFOURCADE, Havana, Cuba; A.I.A.; La Tertulia; Newman Club. « RACHAEL M. LAFRANZ, Meridian, Miss.; Beta Sigma Omicron; TUSK; Newman Club; Glendy Burke Society. • ANN LAMPTON, New Or- leans, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • BARBARA LANGER, Shreveport, La.; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • JAMIL G. LEBLANC, New Orleans, La.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Alpha Chi Sigma; A.I.Ch.E.; Naval ROTC; Navy Drill Team; Anchor and Chain. • A. J. LE BRETON, III, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Chi Sigma; American Chemical Society; Newman Club; Army ROTC; Alpha Phi Omega. • BARBARA SHEILA LEVSKY, Tampa, Fla.; Student Directory. « H. M. LEVY, JR., Atlanta, Ga. • MARY JUDITY LEWIS, Florence, Ala.; Psychology Major Club; Canter- bury Club; Campus Night; Classics Club. • MORRIS LEWIS, III, Indianola, Miss. • JOE LICCIARDI, JR., New Orleans, La.; Phi Kappa Sigma Frater- nity; Phi Eta Sigma; Pre-Medical Society; TUSK; Newman Club; Alpha Phi Omega. O BOBBY JOE LIGON, Paducah, Ky.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Green- backers; Campus Night; Naval ROTC; Anchor and Chain; Adelphons. • VIRGINIA LIND, New Orleans, La.; Chi Omega. • JOHN R. LINDGREN, JR., New Orleans, La.; A.S.M.E. • MARY ANNE LOFTON, Little Rock, Ark.: Alplia Delta Pi: Greenbackers; President Josephine Louis House. • JEAN LOWENTRITT, Winnsboro, La.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Honor Board Representative, 1955; Who ' s Who Honor Board; TUSK; Tulane Student Council; Lagniappes. • LOUIS R. LUCAS. New Orleans, La.; Kappa Sigma; Carnival; A Cappella Choir; Glee Club; Operetta; Glendy Burke Society. • LIBBY LUEHR.MANN, New Orleans, La.; Chi Omega; Cliristian Science Organization; Glee Club; Sailing Club. • MALCOLM LUXENBERG, Hollywood, Fla.; Zeta Beta Tau; President, Junior Class of A S. • CHARLES McFARLAND, New Orleans, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Newman Club. ■ 8 • MARY ANN McINTYRE, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha Theta; TUSK; Canterbury Club. • HELEN CLAIRE MARTIN, Pine Bluff, Ark.; Chi Omega; Assets. • PAUL J. MARTINEAU, Corpus Christi, Tex.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Naval ROTC; Navy Drum and Bugle Corps. O WILLIAM L. MATTISON, Bastrop, La.; Phi Delta Theta; Scabbard and Blade; A. I. A.; Air Force ROTC. • LOUIS DAN MEGEHEE, JR., Hazlehurst, Miss.; Phi Delta Theta: Sigma Pi Sigma; Greenbackers; Naval ROTC. • ELLEN MERRILL, Cincinnati, Ohio; Kappa Alpha Theta. • FREDERICK MINOR, Memphis, Tenn.; Sigma Aloha Mu; Society Advancement Management; Hillel Foundation; Army ROTC. 190 J U N I O It S • 111 KI,i;S AI.IKl-.D MirCHKI.L, C.r.-nivilli ' . Miss,; Phi Mui T n-ur. Wlic ' - Wiui; lliiiil Chcrrltailrr: PrL ' sidi-nl— Tl ' SK 19.iS: S.Ti;.Mnl ;it Arm- Alpli;i Phi Omcpi: Prcsidcnl— Leadership Ciiunril IWS; Canti-rhurv Cliih: Pi l.ainiiilii llrh,; Tr;.ek: LaRiiiappes: Student Aetivities Board. • RALPH C. MITt Jl KLL. 111. I ' ine lUiilT. Ark.: .SiBiiwi Alpha Epsilcm; Omiemn Dellu Kappii; Phi Eta .Si(;iiui: .S.ul.hard anil Blade; Who ' s Who; Delta .Si nia Pi; Cn-enha.-kers: Tulane Hand; Naval ROTC. • RICIIAKI) II. MDIKL. R..slvn Ilei(;his. N. Y.; .Si-ma u; Pre-Medieal Si.eiety. • (ll,l F, CI IIIUli; MOSS. Lake Charles. L;i.; (Ihi Oinejia; Corresponding Secretary Student Body; Assets; LaTertulia: Who ' s W ' lio; Dormitory Council Secretary; Honor Board; Grecnbackers: L.i};ni.tppcs. • CAROLE MOLCIIET. Atlanta. Ga.: Chi Omega; A Cappclla Choir; Glee Cluh; Opera Workshop; .Musir Club. PETER L. Ml LLINS. .New Orleans, Ia .: Phi Delta Theta; Phi Eta Sifjma; Seahliard and Blade; Tau Beta Pi: V.S.M.E.- Air Foree ROTC. • THOMAS J. .MURPHY, Ft. Wayne, Ind.: Sigma Al|.ha Epsilon: Delta Pi; Varsity Basketball Letter. • BERNARD NACHMAN. Jaeksonville, Fla.; Sigma .Alpha .Mu. ■ 3 • JDII.N LLLlOll .NA-lLOR. JR.. New Orleans, La.; Alpha Tan Omega; Pre- .Medieal Society ; Psychology Major (Tub; Varsity Track Letter; Sailing Club; President Sports Car Club. O ANNE LOUISE NICHOLS, Anderson, Ind.; Delta Zeta; lluUidmlou- TI SK; Newman Club; Campus Night. • .MARY ALICE NOR L N, New Orl.ans. La.; Pi Beta Phi; Jamualavv; Canterbury Club. • CHARLES S. .NORTHL.M, New Orleans, La.; Baptist Student Union. • PALL W. (IBEKDORFER, Jacksonville. Fla.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Sigma Pi Sigma. • LILLIAN ODEN, Shreveport, La.: Chi Omega; Seerelarv of Junior Class. • i:AREV OKKLLEY, Hartwell, Ga.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • RAY . . O ' NEIL, New Orleans, La.; .Alpha Tau Omega; Varsity Sailing Club Letter; Grecnbackers. ■ O • BETTY OSBORN, New Orleans. Ij.: Pi Beta Phi; Cani.rburv Club. • SALLY OSBORN, Tulsa, Okla.; • AL OSEK. New Orb-ans, La.; Sigma Chi; S.abban! Club; Air Force ROTC; Adclphons; Pi Lambda Beta. OTT, New Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Phi. Le Circle Francais; Kappa . l[)ha Theta. and Blade: Newman • BARBARA ANNE • RAFAEL PASARELL. Ponce. Puerto Rico; Phi Eta Mu; Pre-Mcdical Society. • EVERETT WILLIAM PAULSON, New Orleans. La.; German Club; Air Force ROTC; Drill T,-am: Sabre Jets. • FELICE PERRILI.IAT, New Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Phi. • PVIRICIA JO PHILLIPS. New Orleans, La.; Alpha Kpsibin Phi; Newcomb Panbellenii-; TUSK. • N VTIIANIEI. W. PLOTKIN. Bridgep.irt. Conn.; Sigma Alpha Mu. • JUDY I ' OlilE. New Orlc.Mls. la.; ll.-la Sigma Omicr..n. • FRANCES A. PO ' I TS. llauiden. Conn.; Alpha Omi.r.m Pi. • JOAN REICH, Bn.okljn, N. Y.; Alpha F.psiinn Phi. ■ 8 • J MES ROAN, Mctairie, La.: Pi Kappa Al|dia. • Rl( II Mill U. BOBBINS, I a b ' ll.i. Calif.; Sigma ( ' hi; Pre-Mcdical Society; Grccnbaikers; Newman ( " bib. • lidUERT E EREI r HOOD. New Orleans, La.; Delta Sigma Phi; A.I.E.E. • 1 ROSEN, El. Worlli. lex.: Zeta Beta Tau; Society Advanci-ment Man- agement; ;irsily Golf Letter. DEBBIE ROSENBAUM, Atlanta, Ga.: Alpha Epsilon Phi; Student Demo- crat Association. • JAMES W. ROSS, Picayune, .Miss.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Delta Sigma Pi; Newman Club: Naval R()TC: Anchor and Chain. • L. RODNEY RUE. New Orlens. La.: PrcMedical Sociev; A.I.E.E.; Ilullolmloo: Westminster Fe llowship; Army ROTC; Drill Team; Pershing Rilles. • VERA S. BEL, .New Orleans, La.; Society for Advancement nf Management; Commerce Woman ' s Club. O C pi i% A 5. - v-W tf.i ik H ' 191 JUNIORS 10 om • DALE SALSBURY, Tampa, Fla.: Alpha Epsilon Phi: Beta Beta Beta: La Tertulia: Psychology Major Club: Athletic Council: La Tertulia; TUSK. • CAROL SANDER. New Orleans. La.: Alpha Delta Pi: Newman Club. • JEROME M. SCHWARTZREICH, Bayside, N. Y.: Sigma Alpha Mu: American Chemical Society: Pre-Medical Society; Hillel Foundation; Inter- faith Council, e JOHN B. SCOFIELD. Maplewood, La.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Delta Sigma Pi: Army ROTC. • SUSIE SEA.MAN. Houston, Tex.; Alpha Omicron Pi: Secretary Art School; Oreades; Art Club: Canterbury Club. O ODETTE SELLIG. Highland Park. 111.; Alpha Epsilon Phi: Psychology Major Club. • BOBBY SHAFTO. Monroe, La.: Beta Theta Pi: Adelphons; Lagniappes. • SANDRA SHARP, New Or- leans. La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Newman Club. • BILL SHELEY, Clarksdale, Miss.; Sigma Chi: A.I.A. • HARVEY SLO- NE. Kew Garden, N. Y.: Phi Eta Sigma: German Club; Pre-Medical Society: Hillel Foundation: Alpha Phi Omega. • BILLIE MARIE SMARDON, Franklin, La.: Pi Beta Phi; Art Club; Canterbury Club; Student Directory. • FRANK B. STEWART. JR.. New Orleans, La.: Alpha Tau Omega; Green- hackers; Newman Club; Nayal ROTC; Drill Team: Nayy; . delphons; Pan Hellenic Council. O LYNN STOKES. Greenwood, Miss.; Delta Zeta; La Tertulia: TUSK; Wes- ley Foundation; International Relations Club. • CHUCK STORM, Trayerse City, lich.; Phi Kappa Sigma: Delta Sigma Pi: Christian Science Organiza- tion; Interfaith Council; Naval ROTC. « STAN STUMPF, Gretna, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon: Letters in Baseball and Basketball; Squadman in Basketball. • JOHN DICKSON TAMBERELLA, New Orleans, La. • JEAN ANN TAYLOR, Flossmoor, 111.: Phi Mu: J.amb.il. v. ; Newcomb Handbook: Westminster Fellowship. O J.AY TONE, Des Moines. Iowa; Alpha Tau Omega. • DAVID ALLEN TREUTEL. Bay St. Louis. Miss.; Pi Kappa Alpha, Treasurer. • CELINE TROWBRIDGE, New Orleans, La.: Chi Omega; Canterbury Club. ■ 6 • CHARLES R. TRUFANT, New Orleans. La.: Delta Kappa Epsilon; Air Force ROTC (Captain), a LOIS RAE UTAY. Dallas. Tex.: Psychology Major Club; Student Directory. • MATHILDE VILLERE. New Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Phi; Le Circle Francais; Newman Club, e HARVEY F. WACHSMAN, Rego Park, Long Island, N. Y.; American Chemical Society; Pre-Medical Society: Hillel Foundation. • EVELYN C. WADSWORTH, New Orleans, La. • ' ERNON L. WAGNER. JR., New Orleans. La: Kappa . ipha; Phi Eta Sigma; .American Chemical Society. • WILLIAM A. WAGNER, JR., New Orleans, La.: Pi Kappa Alpha; Scabbard and Blade; Intramural Council; Nemman Club; - rmy ROTC: Pan- Hellenic Council: Pershing Rifles; N.D.T.A. • RUTH ELIZ. BETH WALL, New Orleans, La. ; .Art Club ; Wesley Foundation. ■ 8 • BRENDA WALLBILLICH, New Orleans. La.; Alpha Omicron Pi. • PHYL- LIS LINN WARD. .Mt. Pleasant. Tenn.: Kappa .A.lpha Theta; Westminster Fellowship; .■V Cappella Ciioir: Glee Club; Opera Workshop; University Chorus. • ROSE MARY WEIL. New Orleans, La.; Dance Club: Tulane Uni- versity Theatre. • ALBERT L. WELCH. New Orleans. La.: Alpha Tau Omega: A.S.M.E.: N.D.T.A. • DONNA WELTE, New Orleans, La. • JUDY WELTON, Moorefield, W. Va. • JOHN WESTON. Bay St. Louis, Miss.; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • PEGGY JANE WHITE, Jackson, Miss.: Kappa Kappa Gamma: Le Circle Francais: TUSK. ■ 10 • ROZZIE WHITTEN, Dallas, Tex.; Pi Beta Phi; Dormitory Council; Intra- murals: Wesley Foundation. • -M. RION WIENER. Shreveport, La.; . lpha Epsilon Phi; Honor Board; Greenbackers; Newcomb Student Council; New- comb Pan-Hellenic Council: Student . ctivities Committee: President of Junior Class. • WINTON EDWIN WILLIAMS, McComb, .Miss.: Phi Delta Theta; Delta Sigma Pi: Greenbackers. • FREDERIC ALLEN YOUNG, JR., Baton Rouge, La.: Kappa Sigma: Representative to Student Council; Omicron Delta Kappa; Scabbard and Blade: Delta Sigma Pi: Society -Advancement Manage- ment; Greenbackers: Newman Club: Army ROTC; Pershing Rifles: Drill Team: 1st Lt.: . de]phons; Irby House Council; Pan Hellenic Council. • LORETTA ZIMMERMAN. Metairie, La.: Beta Sigma Omicron. S O P H O M O |{ i: s 5P - , ►■ S 4_ ' ' SOPHOMORES 8 W i • JOHNNY ABIDE. Greenwood, Miss.: Phi Delta Theta: Pre-Medical Society: Hullabaloo: TUSK. • HAROLD E. ADAIR. Atlanta, Ga.; Sigma Alpha Mu: Phi Eta Sigma: Pre-Medical Society; Pan-Hellenic Council, • DANIEL ARAMS. Panama City, Fla.; Pi Kappa Alpha: Pre-Medical So- ciety: Westminster Fellowship: Alpha Phi Omega. • NATALIE ALEXANDER, Little Rock, Ark.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Soph. Rep. to Honor Board: Assets: Barracudas; Dormitory Council; Honor Board; Wing President of J. L. Dorm. ■ 2 e MARY ANNE AMACKER, Poplarville, Miss.; Phi Mu, TUSK, Baptist Student Union, • JANE LUCILLE ANDERSON, New Orleans, La,; Pi Beta Phi, • STEPHEN ANDRY, New Orleans; Greenbackers; Cheerleader. • EMMETT ASSENHEIMER. II, New Orleans, La.; member Tulane Student Council; Delta Sigma Pi; Greenbackers; Westminster Fellowship; Vice-Chair- man Honor Board: NSA Committee. • JOHN M. BACKNER. Waterproof La. • JOAN BAIM. Pine Bluff. Ark.; Alpha Epsilon Phi. O ELLEN GAY BAKER, Port Arthur, Tex.; Barracudas; Greenbackers: Wesley Foundation. • EVELYN LILLY BAL, New Orleans, La.; Hillel Foundation; Pi Lambda Beta; Commerce Women ' s Club. • JOAN BARKERDING. New Orleans, La.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Hullabaloo, A Cappella Choir. O BARNEY BARNUM. Baton Rouge, La.; Kappa Sigma, Delta Sigma Pi, Jambalaya; TUSK, Canterbury Club; Lagniappes, Naval ROTC, • CRAIG BARNWELL, Greenwood, Miss,; Alpha Omicron Pi. O JERRY BEACH A. I, McComb, Miss.; A. I. Ch. E. • BEN L. BEATUS. JR., Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre-Medical Society: Hillel Foundation. • EARL ERMUND BEELMAN, Grand Isle, La,; Phi Kappa Sigma; German Club: Canterbury Club; Soccer Team. • BITSY BELDON, San Antonio, Tex.; .Alpha Epsilon Phi; Psychology Major Club; Le Circle Francais. • CLETUS A. BELSOM, New Orleans, La.; Air Force ROTC, Alpha Phi Omega. • JOAN BERG, Chicago, 111.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Sophomore Athletic Rep.: La Tertulia; Art Club: Barracudas; Jambalava; . thletic Council. • S. LLY MARY BERGERON. Napoleonville. La.: Alpha Omicron Pi: Barracudas; Newman Club. • JOHANNA BERNARD, New Orleans. La.: Alpha Omicron Pi; Barracudas. • KAY BETHUNE, Austin, Tex,; Phi Mu; Le Circle Francais; Disciples Student Fellowship, • C, THOMAS BIENVENU, JR.. St. Martinville, La,: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Newman Club: Naval ROTC, « CONSTANCE L. BIRABENT, New Orleans, La,; Newman Club, • J. Y 0. BLACH. Birmingham, Ala.; Zeta Beta Tau. • LESLIE HARROD BLANK, JR.; Tampa. Fla.; Sigma Chi. ■ 8 • GINGER BL. NKS. Monroe. La.; Chi Omega. Le Circle Francais; Baptist Student Union. O JOYCE BLOO.M. Norfolk. Va.: Alpha Epsilon Phi. • JAMES W. BLOUNT, Groves, Tex, • JOAN BODMAN, Baton Rouge, La,; Chi Omega; Barracudas: Canterbury Club. • JANET ELISE BOISFONTAINE. New Orleans, La.: Kappa Kappa Gamma. • AINSLIE BOSTON. Dallas. Tex.; Chi Omega; Jambalaya; Canterbury Club. • DONALD P. BOUDREAU.X. New Orleans. La.: A.S.C.E.: Air Force ROTC, • BARBARA BRAND, Houston, Tex,; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Le Circle Francais; Jambalaya, 194 SOPHOMORES ■ I • i:I:M ' . I. IIKAMIT. New OrliMns, I.ii.; Kappa Si(;ma. I ' lii Kla Sisma: I ' n-Miiiiial Si.ii.iv; Jamiialaya. Canli-rliiirv Cliih. • N.WCV CRACK liKAMCK. l ' ' ..r);.,. .0.: K;ippa Alplia Tliria ' : CaniiTliurv Club. • HART MRIDCKS. Ili.iMlal.-, III.: Kapp i AI| Iki Tli.ia; Tli.SK: Nrwinan Club. • lAMMA C. DROCK. .la ,-... Irx.: Kappa Alpha Tb.-ia; Barracuclas: CJH ' tTlcadcr : Cri-fnl)arkiT ; " t ' lniin?-l ' r Fi ' iindalinn. • HI III l i;in BROXSTKIX. Eli ab.-lli. N. J.; Aliiba Epsilon Phi: Tiilan,- l!.iii,l. • jam; BKIIIC.II. (;r.-invilb-, Mi-s.; I ' lii lii: BaplisI Stu lenl riii,.n. • NANCY K. BROW A, Cdunibus. lis .: Kapp.i Alpha Thcta: n.)rnii- l.iry C„uiu-il: Vusl,.j Kuuiulali.in. • WOOD BROWN. III. Now Orleans. I. a.: Sipma Chi; Weslminsler Foundalinii: . rniv ROTC; Pi Lambda Beta; YMCA; NDTA. ■ 3 • IR(;iNIA COX BRIINS, New Orleans. La.: Pi Beia Phi. • J. V. BURKES, New Orleans. I.ii.; Delta Kappa Epsilon: A.S.C.K.: Varsity fnotbali: Canter- bury i:iub; Army ROTC. • PATRICLA LEE BURNSTEIN; New Orleans, La. • KAREN Bl KTON. New Orleans, Ui.: Phi .Mu; Wesley Foundation. • FRANK H. BUTLER. Dearborn. Mieh.: Si ma Alpha Epsilon; Vicc-Pre . Soph. Class A S: AJJS rep t.. .Student Senate: Naval ROTC: Alpha Phi Omega; Honor B,.ard. O PHYLLIS LUCY BUTLER. New Orleans. La.- La Tertulia; PsyeholoKy Club: Canterbury Club. • HELEN CABANISS, New Orleans. La.: Phi Mu: See.-Trcas. Soph. Class: Rep. to Univ. Student Council. META CALDWELL. Oak Rid!:e. Tenn.; Kappa Gamma. • LUCY CANCIENNE, New Orleans, La.; Glee Club. • LYNN CAPEL. Pine Bluff, Ark.: Chi Omega : Assets: Lagniappes. • WALTON CARLISLE, Spartanburg. South Carolina; Canterbury Club. • BECKY CARSON, Alex- andria, La.: Chi Omega: Campus Night. • E. CARTE. Helena. rk. • MARY -NlCKl " CARTISSER. Stanhope. New Jersey: Beta Sigma ()niirr..ti; thleiir Counrii; TUSK: Westminster Fello w- ship: PanHellenie. • JOHN I). CIIARBONNET, New Orleans, La.: Kappa Alpiia order Naval ROTC: Sailing Club. • DON CHARLES, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Sigma: Baseball. • JACK R. CIACCIO. New Orleans. La. • JlD ' l CLARK. Monlg.onerv. Ala.; Canterbury Club. • IIMI CLARK. l.rR..uge. La.: Phi lu: Ba|ilist .Student Uniim: A Cappella Choir: C.impus Night: I nivcrsiiv Chorus. • ANN CAMP- BELL COCO, Marksvilh-, La.: Ka|.pa Alidi,, Th.-la: Cre.-nbaekers; Wesley Foundation. ■ 8 • NINFA col I.IKR. W.oiebula. Fla.; Alph,. Omega Pi: La Tertulia Dormi- tory Couneil: B.ipilM Shobiii I ni..n. O JANET LYNN COIN KR T. Chal- metie. La.; tl.W.C. • W II.I.IAM J. CONE. Atlanta. Ca.: Pi Kappa Alpha; PanHellenie German Club; Pre-.Medieal Soeielv : Westminster Fellowship; Alph., I ' lii Omega, e LARRY JOE COOK, Columbia, .Miss.; Baptist Student I nion; Aruiv ROI ' C. • MKl.lTA CORRIGAN. Miami. Fla.: Pi Beta Phi: Wesley Foundation: ir F..r,e ROTC. • JACK RICHARDS COSNER. Uike Charles. La. • PEGGY i:OSlTKY. N,w Orl.ans. La.; Pi B.ta Phi; Art Club: Westminsl.r Fellow- ship: Gl.-e Club, e GAIL COX, .Memphis. Ti ' nn.: Kappa Alpha Theta; Signin Pi Signia Dormiior Couneil; Canterbury Club. O f « 95 SOPHOMORES • ROBERT S. CR.WTFORD. New Orleans. La.: Air Force ROTC. • WILLI.AM SHERM. N CREIGHTON. JR., New Orleans. La.: Sigma Chi Naval ROTC: Y.MCA. • FRANK . I. CRITTENDEN, JR., Newburgh, N.Y.: Phi Delta Theta: Pre-Medical Society: TUSK: Canterbury Club: Interfaith Council: Army ROTC: Alpha Phi Omega: Lagniappes. • ROBERT CUDD. Monroe, La.: Sigma -Alpha Epsilon: . delphons; Wesley Foundation. • BEVERLY CULVER. Houston. Tex. • GLORAIN CURRY. New Orleans. La.: Kappa Alpha Theta: Newman Club. O FRITZ DAHLBERG. New Orleans, La.: Delta Kappa Epsilon: A.S.C.E.: Army ROTC. • JO ANN DANIEL. Victoria, Tex.: Pi Beta Phi: Newman Club. • FRANK DANNENBAUM. Houston. Tex.: A.I.E.E.: Jambalava: Green- backers: Army ROTC. O JAMES VINCENT D ANTONI. New Orleans, La.: Beta Phi Pi: Air Force ROTC. « FRANK A. DASPIT. New Orleans, La.: Pi Kappa Alpha. O RALPH DAVIDSON. Houston. Tex.: Zeta Beta Tau: Greenbackers: . rmv ROTC. • HERB DAWIDOFF. Clayton. Mo.: Zeta Beta Tau: Air Force ROTC. • SANDRA DeARMAS. Davtona Beach. Fla.: Alpha Omicron Pi: Newman Club. • SALLIE deBEN, New Orleans, La.: Chi Omega. • .MARCELLE DEBUYS. New Orleans. La.: Pi Beta Phi: Athletic Council: Neman Club. • MARY ELLEN DE LA HOUSSAYE. New Orleans. La.: Pi Beta Phi: New- man Club, e P. TRICL DELL. New Orleans, La.: Kappa Kappa Gamma. • BARBARA DICKEY, Pine BluS, Ark.: Chi Omega: Barracudas: jAii- BALAVA; Wesley Foundation. O ' ' DUB " DIGIGLI.A, Lake Charles, La.: Kappa Sigma: Pre-Medical Society: Circle K; Newman Club: Rifle Team. • ANDREA (ANDY) DIMAGGIO, Washington. D.C.: Glee Club: University Chorus. O TOD DIMITRY. Hammond. La.: Beta Theta Pi: Newman Club. • BARBARA DODD, Daytona Beach, Fla.: La Tertulia: Newman Club: Sailing Club. O JACQUELYN DONNELLY, New Orleans, La.: Beta Sigma Omicron. ■ 7 • P-AUL. DOUGL. SS. - tlanta. Ga.: Kappa Kappa Gamma: - ssets: Green- backers: Lagniappes: NS. Committee: Food Committee. • .ANN DUBUISSON, Shreveport. La.: Kappa Kappa Gamma. • HERB DUNCAN. Minden. La.: Kappa Sigma: Intramural Council: TUSK: Baptist Student Union: .Air Force ROTC: President of Zemmury Hall Dormitory Council: Interdormitory Council: Sophomore representative for .AFROTC. • SUZY ' DUV.ALL, New Orleans, La.: Kappa Kappa Gamma. ■ 8 • BILL DYER. Paducah. Ky.: Beta Theta Pi: Greenbackers: Army ROTC: Adelphons: Lagniappes: Pan-Hellenic Council. • WILLIAM DYKES, New Orleans. La.; Alpha Tau Omega. • CHARLES A. E. ECHE. • FRITZ EGGERS. New Orleans, La.: Intramural Council. e HENRY ' EICHELBERGERS, Lexington, Va.: Kappa Alpha: German Club: TUSK: Air Force ROTC. O RITA M. EISENSTADTS, Port Arthur. • NORTON ENGLAND, New Orleans, La.; Beta Theta Pi: Air Force ROTC. • CATHERINE ENRIGHT, New Orleans, La.; Phi Mu, Newman Club. 196 SOPHOMORES ■ 1 • SYLVIA EPSTKIN. San Antonio. IVx. • I.AWKKNCK JOSKPII KRNST. rw Orleans. I, a.: Tiilanc Sailing Club; Army Rifle Teani. • KAY ESMLE- MAN. New Orleans. La.; I ' i Beta Phi. Dance Club. • LOIS C. FALGOUT, I ' iitsburs. Pa.; Phi Mu; Glee Club: I ' niversity Chorus. • IIKI.ENE LOIS FANBltRG. Chaltano,.ga. Tenn.; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • NANCY KANT. Holly Springs. Miss.: Kappa Kappa Gamma. • BETTY KKITEL. New Orleans. La.: Kappa Kappa Gamma: Canterbury Club. • ED- WVRO MAX FEINMAN. New Orleans. La.: Zeta Beta Tau. • CHARLES FELGER. Victoria. Tex.: Phi Delta Theta. Phi Eta Sigma: Tulane Band; ROTC. • SUSAN ■RUSTY " FELLER. New York City. N.Y.: Alpha Epsilim Phi: Psychology Major Club: Art Cl " b: Jamdalaya; HiUel Founda- tion: Campus Night. O CHARLES AUSTIN FERGUSON. JR.. New Orlean.s. La.: Alpha Tau Omega: Navy ROTC. « EARL A. FERGUSON, Decatur. Ala.: Plii Delta Theta. Westminster Fellowship: Navy ROTC: Drill Team. • SUE CHOICE FIELD. Alexandria, La.: Chi Omega; Recording Sec. New- comb Student Body; .Assests (pres.) ; Dormitory Council; Stttdent Council. • JOEL D. FLSl.ER. Kansas Citv Mo.; Sigma Alpha Mu: Pre-Medical Society. • ARON B. FODIMAN. Stanf,)rd. Conn.: Zeta Beta Tau: Hillel Foundatbm: FIving Club. • WILLIAM HARPER FORMAN .JR.. Metairie. La.: Phi Delta Theta: Newman Club: Air Force ROTC; Alpha Phi Omega: Pi Lambda Beta; Sailing Club. • CLIFTON N. FRANCIS. JR., Silsbee. Tex.: Sigma Chi: A.I.E.E.: Naval ROTC, Drill Team (Mark I). • " SISTER " FRAZER, M.mroe, La.; Chi Omega: As-ets; LeCirile Francais: TUSK: Canterbury Club: Glee Club. • ABRAHAM P. FRIEDMAN. Franklin. La. • CHARLES J. FRITCHIE. JR., Slidell, La.; Phi Kappa Sigma: Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Chi Sigma: West- minster Fellowship: .Air Force ROTC: Circle " K " Club; Pan-Hellenic Council. • IIKCKV Fl I.M A. Texarkan.i. Ark.: Pi Beta Phi; B;.rraeu(las: LeCirde Fraioai-. • Mll.DRKD V. C. A ll.l.A RDA NNE. New Orleans. La.; Commerce Wom.-n ' s Club. • I ' Al 1, B. CAINE.S. Memphis. Tenn.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: V.S.C.F.; Naval KOTC. • PERRY W. CARD, Pennsaecda, Fla.: Pi Kappa Alpha; Glee Club; Naval ROTC; Drill Team; International Relations Club. • I R (; KR I{I). In.lianola, Mi-.; Phi Mu; La Tertulia: Art Clnb; (;lee Club. • DAPHNE K. C.KLABART. Santurce. Puerto Rico; Phi Mu: rt Club; Newman Club. • ADRIANNE GIBBS, Live Oakes. Fla.: Alpha Kpsilon Phi: I.eCircle Francais: Hillel Foundation. • MARCIA GIBBS. Dclan.l. Fla.: Alpha Epsilon Phi: Psych.dogv Club: French Club. ■ 8 • 11 GIBSON. Sarasoto. Fla,: Kappa lph.i Th.-i.,. • JWIES B. GILES, Wiihiia Falls. Tex, o BARBARA JOAN CdllC.F,. Cli.irle.ton. Mis-.; Phi Mu; W.-hy Foundation: Campus Niglu. • KDWXRD M.l.EN COTFRFED. .Icrs.v City, N.J.; Sigma Alph.i l.i; I ' r.-. Medical Society. O FRANCES GRAHAM. Bnlton. Miss.; Chi Omega; LeCirde Francais- Canterbury Club. • IKtROTHY GRVNBFRRV. San Antonio. Tex.- TISK; Barracudas: Dorm C.nineil. • RICHARD A. GREENE: Zeta Beta Tau: Phi Eta Sigma: Pre-.Medieal Society; Glee Club; Army ROTC. • LAURIE GRIFFIN, Magnolia, Miss.: Chi Omega: TUSK: Weslminslcr Fellowshii). t97 SOPHOMORES • DAN M. GRIFFITH. Owensboro. Kv.: Sigma Chi: Greenbackers: Armv ROTC; Alpha Phi Omega. • DAVE GRUNDFEST. JR., Little Rock. Ark.: Air Force ROTC: Tulane University Flying Green Wave. • SARAH GUELFI, Beaumont. Tex.: Phi Mu: Sophomore Class Treasure: Greenbackers: New- man Club: .A Cappella Choir: Campus Night: Newcomb Pan-Hellenic Sec- retary: Air Force ROTC Sponsor: University Chorus. • JIMMY GUNDLACH, New Orleans, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • MARCIA HAINES. Oak Park, 111.: Kappa -Alpha Theta. • W. C. HAMILTON. New Orleans, La.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: A.I.E.E. • AL.AN L. H. MMOND. New Orleans. La.; Kappa Sigma: .A Cappella Choir; Army ROTC. • ASHTON R. H.ARDY, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha; Navy ROTC: Pan-Hellenic Council, • J-ANE HARDY, Columbus. Miss.; Chi Omega: La Tertulia: Art Club; Canterbury Club. O RUTH HARPER, Shreveport, La.; Pi Beta Phi; Athletic Council; Dormitorv Council: Jambalay. : Greenbackers; Weslev Foundation; Air Force ROTC. ' • CLAIBORNE HARRIS. New Orleans. La,; Pi Beta Phi, • ROBERT V. HARRISON, University Mississippi, • JANE L. HEADLEY. Birmingham, .Ala.: Pi Beta Phi: Canterbury Club: A Cappella Choir; Glee Club; Universitv Choir. • LYNN HEASLIP, Houston, Tex.- Kappa Kappa Gamma; Newman Club. • MARION F. HENDRIX. Oklahoma Citv. Okla.: Sigma Chi: Delta Sigma Pi: Navv ROTC: Drill Team. • ALBERT BARRY HENRY, Vicksburg. Miss.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Pre-Medical Society; Phelps House Council, ■ i • DAWN HEBERT, New Orleans. La.: Alpha Omega Pi. • INEZ HEIDEL- BERG. Hattiesburg. Miss.: Chi Omega; Greenbackers; Newman Club, e SHERRILL HERRING, Vicksburg, Miss.; Alpha Oraicron Pi: Le Circle Francais; Cheerleaders; Greenbackers; Barracudas; Canterbury Club, • CAROL HIGH, Altamonte Springs, Fla, e LUTHER L. HILL. Montgomerv. Ala.; S.A.E.; A.I.A. Air Force ROTC; Canterburv Club. O SERGEI HILLERY, New Orleans. La.: Kappa Sigma. • SUGAR HILLERY " . New Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Phi; Newman Club, » GEORGE HIRSBERG, Clarksdale, Miss,; Z.B.T.: Delta Sigma Pi. • REVA HIRSCH. Atlanta, Ga,; S.D.T.; Dance Club. • CHRIS HOL- COMB. Gulfport. .Miss.: Chi Omega: Art Club. • WALTER J. HOWAT. New Orleans, La.; Air Force ROTC. O CHARLIE HURTH, JR., New Orleans, La.; Beta Theta Pi. ■ 8 e P. TRICIA ANNE HY.MANS. Houston. Tex.: Alpha Epsilon Phi. • JACK ILGENFRITZ. Shreveport. La.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Glee Club: Debate Team: Glendv Burke Societv: Canterbur - Club. • CAROLE ISAACS. Mem- phis, Tenn.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Jamb.alav.v • JOHN R. JACKSON, JR„ Hattiesburg, Miss,; Kappa Sigma: Greenbackers, e KAY JOHNSON, Houston, Tex.: Chi Omega: Jambalaya. • AVERY C. JOHNSON. • ELIZABETH A. JOHNSON. Ormond Beach. Fla.; Kappa Alpha Theta: La Tertulia; Canterbury Club. • RAYMOND A. JOHNSON, JR.. New Orleans, La. 198 SOPHOMORES ■ 1 • WIl.l.I.WI I,i:i-: JOHNSON. GoMuiI. T,v. e I UTIIA p. JOHNSON, Slircvcport. La.; Kappa Kappa; An Clul). O ANN JOINKR, New Orleans, La.: Alpha Omi,r..n Pi; A sesls; TLSK: A Cappella Choir. • HOLLEY J. JONES, New Orleans, La.; Pi Bela Phi; Dance Cluh. • JACKI.VN JONES, New Orleans, La.: Pi Beta Phi; Gamma Delia. • H. W. JOSEPH. • MAMIE JUNG, New Orleans, La. • LINDA JUNKIN, Te.varkana, Ark. • EARL L. KAATZ, Ft. Worth, Tex.; Gamma Delta: Naval ROTC. • ED- MOND J. KALIFEY, Shreveport, La.; Phi Eta Sigma: Pre-Mediral Soriety; Newman Cluh. « FRANCES MARION KARPELES, Birminsham. Ala.; Alpha Epsilon Phi. O ANN KATZ. Markeo Fre. Ark.; Sigma Delta Tau. • LINDA ANN KATZ, Rockford, 111.: Alpha Epsilon Phi; Barracudas: Theta Upsilon Tau. O EDWARD NEWTON KEARNY. New Orleans. La.: Kappa Alpha. • KITTY KEHL, New Orleans. La.: Delia Zeta. • JOHN W. KELLY, New Orleans, La.; Kappa . lpha; Greenhackers; .Army ROTC; Adelphons. • ROBERT JAMES KELLY, Duhuque. Iowa; Phi Delta Theta: Alpha Inla Chi Epsilon; .Newman Cluh; Naval ROTC. • WILLIAM QITNTON KENDALL, Sardis, Ala.; Naval ROTC; TUSK. O BARBARA K1RK 00D. New Orleans. La.; Commerce Women ' s Club. • JOHN MICHAEL KLOPH, JR., New Orleans, La.; A.S.C.E.; Army ROTC; Pershing Rilles; Tulane Sailing Cluh. • RITH KNIGHTON. Shreveport. La.: Pi Beta Phi: Assests; Vice-President Soph. Class; . thlelic !ouncil: Baptist Student Union: Lagniappes; . rmv ROTC Sponsor. • WILLIAM G. KOONCE, New Orleans. La.; Kappa Sigma ' : Glee Cluh. • ROSEMARY KORNDORFFER, New Orleans, La.; Phi .Mu; Newman Cluh. • ROBERT KOTTWITZ, III, New Orleans, La. ■ 7 • BOB KRANUEH. Jennings. La.; Sigma Alpha Mu. • MAURICE KRAW- CHECK. Charl.-ion. S.C.: Sigma Alpha Mu. • SAMUEL KRUSHE SK1. New Orleans. I.... • MAI.ISE l.ABBE. Lafavelte, La.; Pi Beta Phi: Dance Cluh. ■ a • HUGH I.AMKNSDOKF. Shelby. Miss.: Zela Beta Tau; Phi Eta Sigma: (iriinh.ickcrs: I ' n-Medical Societv; J mihi.ava; .V S Student Senate Rep. • El ISE LAPEYRE. New Orleans. La.; Pi Beta Phi; Newman Club. • BERT 1 M ' KMRIE. New Orleans. la.: Phi Kappa Sigma. • NANCY JO LA- PRAIRIE. Bunkie. La.; Phi Mu. O nONNA LASKEY, Shreveport, La.: Pi Beta Phi. • CAROL LEAKE, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • MACLYN LEDOUX, New Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Phi. • PAUL J. LEAMAN, JR., New Orleans, La.; Sigma Chi. 199 SOPHOMORES O MARIANNE LEE. Ft. Worth, Tex.; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • MARY LOUISE LEE, Tampa, Fla.: Alpha Delta Pi: O JOY ELLEN LEGGIO. New Orleans. La.: Alpha Omicron Pi. • CAROLYN E. LEVY, Waco, Tex.; Alpha Epsilon Phi: Eta Sigma Phi; Oreades. • BARRY M. LEWIS, Houston. Tex.; Zeta Beta Tau: Phi Eta Sigma: President of Soph. Class School of Commerce. • CONNIE LEWIS, Atlanta, Ga. • MARIE LOUISE LEWIS, Panama City, Fla.; Phi .Mu. • SIDNEY F. LEWIS, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha. • FRED LIBKEMANN, New Orleans, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • FRANK A. LITTLE, JR., Peoria, 111.; Sigma Chi: Dormitory Council. • KATHERINE LIVINGSTON, Chester, Va. • RICHARD S. LOCHTE, II, New Orleans, La.: Pi Kappa Alpha. • MAURY WILLIAM LOKET, Little Rock, Ark.; Sigma Alpha Mu. • S. HANSEN LONG, Tampa, Fla.; Kappa Sigma. • MILTON H. LOPP, New Orleans, La.; Sigma Alpha Mu. O LOUIS EDWARD EMILE, Houston, Tex.: Kappa Sigma. • DA TU LOVE. Lake Charles, La.; Zeta Beta Tau: Sec.-Treas. of Sopil. Cla.ss A S. • AL J. LUKE, JR., New Orleans, La. • BETTYE LOUISE LUNN, Bay City, Tex.; Kappa Alpha Theta. e CLAIRE LYLE, Bay City, Tex.; Pi Beta Phi. • LESTRA McARTHUR, New Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Phi. • JEWEL B. McCRARY, New Orleans, La. • DONALD McCUNE, New Orleans, La. • JAMES TERRELL McILWAIN, Jackson, Miss.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. « HELEN ANNE McINTOSH, New Orleans, La.: Alpha Omicron Pi. • LOUIS M. McNAIR, New Orleans. La.; Phi Kappa Sigma. • E. ALTON McVADON, JR., Baton Rouge, La.; Phi Delta Theta. « ANITA JEAN MACKAY, Cleveland, Ohio; Phi Mu, ■ 8 • SANDOR H. MAGNES, Patterson, N.J.; Sigma Alpha Mu. • ELEANOR MAIER, New Orleans, La. • FINDLAY GEORGE MAIER. New Orleans. La.: Phi Kappa Sigma. • JOAN .MANATT, Houston, Tex.; Pi Beta Phi. • ANNE T. .MANDEVILLE. Evansville. Ind.; Alpha Omicron Pi: Theta Upsilon Tau, O LESTAR MARTIN, Monroe, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • MICHAEL MAYER, Winnsboro, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. e POLLY SLULE MEEK, Greenwood, Miss.; Chi Omega. 200 SOPHOMORES ■ I • JW SI I Mil MKKCKH, ian.iia, Vh.; K:ip|)a AI|iIki Tli. ' i;,. • Will 1 1 1). MEKIWKTMKK. JR.. ,%,■« Orli-uns. La.: Alplu. Tau ()n.,-!;a. • MAKII.VN KAY MKKMIS. kuys. Kansas: Kappa Alpha Tli.la. • WAKKK.N MKTCAI.K, Slirrvt ' pnrt. La.; .Sijitna . lplia Kpsilnn. ■ 2 • BETSY MIDLAM, Lake Clmrles. La.: Cli Class; La Ttriulia. Assesls. • LEONARD .M Alpha Epsilon Pi. • DICKIK MILLICAN, Norco, La.; Alpha Oniicn.n P • LUCY WEliB .MILLS PS. Cleveland, Miss.; Phi Mu; An Club; Wcsl. Fnundation. Oinesu; President iif Soph. .MILLER, New York, N.Y.; • JOHN K. MOKKKIT. Lake Charles. La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilnn; Cheer- leader: Creenbaekers. 9 WALTER H. MOLESKI. Philadelphia, Pa.; Kappa Sifima, ; .I.. .; (ianlerburv Club; Student Pub. uf the Schnid iif Architee- lure. • HELEN E Z. .MORALES, New Orleans, La.: Hillel Foundation. • GENE .MOREHEAD. Shrevcport, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon: TUSK: Canter- burv Club: Air Force ROTC: Pi Lambda Beta; NSA Committee. • CWEN MUNCH, New Orleans. La.: Alpha Omi.ron Pi; Wesley Founda- li..n: Glee Club. • ELEANOR MUNGER, Overland Park, Kan.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Le Cirele Francais; Canterbury Club. • PAT .MURPHY, Houston, Tex.: Kappa Alpha Thela; TUSK: Newman Club. • MARY HOLT MYRICK, Rayville, La.: Chi Omega: Baptist Student Union: . ' V Cappella Choir. • DIANE NALTY, New Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Phi: Newman Club: Glee Club. • JKRRY NASH, Shrev.-iiort. La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Pre-.Medieal Society; 11 SK; Baptist Student Uni.m; Air Force ROTC. • CAROL NEI.MAN. Oak Park, III.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Art Club; J.«iualava. • ROBERT L. NEW- MAN. New Orleans. La.: Alpha Tau Omega: Phi Eta Sigma; Pre-Medical Society; Newtnan Club. • ANNE DOWLING NICOL. Frankfort. Ky.: Kappa Kappa Gamma: IT SK: Westminster Fellowship. • ROBERT D. NICHOLS, Springhill, Ala.; Sigma l|dia Epsilon: Ja.miiae.ava; Canterbury Club; Army ROTC. • SETH I ' KRRY NOSOSELSKY, New Orleans, La.; Pre-Medical Society; Ilillel Foun lati.in; Interfaith Council. • PHLLIS HELENE NUNGESSER, New Orleans, La.: Phi Mu; Art Club; Wesley Foundation. • SDIIN (II. D. Atlanta, lev.: Pi l!,-l,. Phi; Psychology Major Club; l),.rnii. t .ry Council; Wesley Foundation. • HARRY W. OLLINGER. .Mobile Ala.: Sigma Vlpha Epsilon; Prcs. of .Soph. Engineering Class: .V.S.C.E.: Army eta; Newman Club. • I.YNNETTE M. ORR. New Orleans, La.: Delia Zeta ' : Newman Club. • CHARLES MICH AKI, OSBORNE, New Orleans. La.: Alpha Phi Omega. • MARY OZMENT, Bidigee, Ala. • NORMAN A. PALERMO, Maraeaibo. ene .uela; Beta Theta Pi: Naval ROTC. • CV PARKER. Wichita Falls. IVy.: Phi Delta Thela; PrcMedical Society; Disciples Student Fellowship; Inl.rfaith Council: Alpha Phi Omega; Leadership Council. • HERBERT C. PARKER, III, N,w Orleans, la.; Beta Theta Pi, • CLARENCE PATRICK. • SANDY PATTERSON, Houston. Tex.; Alpha Omicron Pi: Athletic Council; Tl ' SK: Canterbury Club. • DONALD J. PEACOCK. New Orleans. La.; Air F. rce ROTC. • RON I D PKVCOCK. New Orleans. La.: Air Force ROTC, Ol ' f t 201 . 0 flr -i ' ' ' " m k 8 SOPHOMORES • EDWARD I. PEAL, Houston, Tex.: Zeta Beta Tau ; Army ROTC: Pi Lamb- da Beta. O J- MES L PEARCE, Lake Charles. La.: Kappa Sigma; Pre-Medical Society. • RUSTY PECK. Milwaukee, Wis.: Kappa Alpha Theta; Canter- bury Club: Campus Night. • CHARLES S. PENDLETON, New Orleans, La.; Sigma Chi: Wesley Foundation; Naval ROTC; Mark I Drill Team; Pi Lambda Beta; Pan-Hellenic Council. • CAROLYN ANN PETERS, Sweetwater, Tex.: Kappa Alpha Theta: Tennis Club; Greenbackers; A Cappella Choir. • ROBERT DEAN PETERSON, Vallejo, Calif.; Phi Eta Sigma; Delta Sigma Pi; Army ROTC; Alpha Phi Omega: Honor Board. O JOAN PILLIOD, Baton Rouge. La.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Dormitory Council; Newman Club, e CLYDE A. PINE, New Orleans, La.; Army ROTC. • LEONARD H. POSNICK. Linden, N.J.: Sigma Alpha Mu; Air Force ROTC Pi Lambda Beta. « STRATTON POSTLETHWAITE. Baton Rouge, La. Kappa Kappa Gamma; Assests ; La Tertulia: Dormitory Council; TUSK Westminster Fellowship. O ARNOLD JOSEPH PRIMA, JR.; New Orleans. La.; A.I.A.; Newman Club. O JOHN POWELL PUCKETT, JR.; Perry. Fla. Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Eta Sigma; Greenbackers; A Cappella Choir Glee Club. • DIANE RADKE, .Milwaukee, Wis.; Alpha Delta Pi: Barracudas; Glee Club: Student Directory. O LOUIS D. RASH, New Orleans, La.; Phi Delta Theta. O SYLVIA SINGLEY RAY. Meridian, Miss.; Chi Omega; Wesley Foundation: Campus Night. A DEVERNE ANNE REED, New Orleans, La.; Phi Mu; Wesley Foundation. O GEORGE H. REESE, III, Pineville, Ky.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Canter- bury Club: Air Force ROTC. • THO.MAS JOSEPH REGEL, New Orleans, La.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Air Force ROTC. O EUGENIE RICAU. New Orleans, La.; Alpha Omicron Pi; A Cappella Choir: Glee Club. • MARK RICH, Miami, Fla.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Air Force ROTC. • BARBARA BOBBINS, Memphis, Tenn.; Kappa Alpha Theta. • CAROLYN ALICE ROBERTS. Lake Charles, La.: Chi Omega; La Tertulia, Westminster Fellowship. • ROCKY ROBIN, Lafayette, La.; Kappa Sigma; Pre-Medical Society; Newmna Club. O MARY ANN ROSE, Lake Providence, La.; Alpha Delta Pi; Canterbury Club. • PHIL ROSENBLATH, Shreveport, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Greenbackers Newman Club: Air Force ROTC. O MARTHA ROSEN, New Orleans, La. Sigma Delta Tau; Greenbackers. O WILLIA.M W. ROSEN, New Orleans, La. Campus Night; Air Force ROTC; Airman 1 c. • KENNARD BOLAND ROSS New Orleans, La,; .Alpha Tau Omega. ■ 8 • SIDNEY F. ROTHSCHILD. New Orleans, La.; Zeta Beta Tau: TUSK; Flying Club. • BOB ROYCROFT, New Orleans, La.; Pep Band; Baptist Student Union; Tulane Band; Army ROTC. • DOROTHY RUCKER, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Le Circle Francais. • LAURENCE D. RUDMAN, New Orleans, La.; Sigma Alpha ,Mu; Psychology Major Club; Hillel Foundation; Interfaith Council: Glee Club; Army ROTC; Pre-Law Society. • LESTER SACK, Clarksdale, Miss.; Zeta Beta Tau; Tennis Letter; Armv ROTC. • ANN SANGER. Clayton, Mo.: Sigma Delta Tau; German Club; Athletic Council; J.«ib. l. y.a : TUSK; Hillel Foundation. • CHARLES E. SAUCIER, Folsom, La.; Pi Kappa Alpha, • SAMUEL Z. SCANDALITO, New Orleans, La.; A.S.C.E.; Newman Club; Army ROTC. 202 SOPHOMOUES ■ I • DIINALD J, S(.:HA1)LI:K. . ,„ OrliMH . La.: Newman Club: Air Force KOTC. • SVDiNKY S. SCHOCHKT. Hancock, Mich.: Si ma Alpha Mu: Phi Kla Si nia: .-Xnicrican Cliemical Sociclv: (Jernian Club: Prc-Mcdical Society: Tl , ' K. • KOIiKRT H. SCIIROEDER, ' JR., Kcnner, La.: A.S.C.E.; Newman Chib; Air K.ircc Rt)TC. O ISAAC JIM SCIIULTZ, .Mexico; D.L A.S.M.E.; Track Team. • JAMKS I, Koun lali in ; I rchin SlafT. ,1 mihhva; Sluili l-r,c|.„rt. Tex.: I S(_;ni i ' P. ,lli., Nc« Orlc.in,-. I. a.: Alpha Armv RO ' l ' C: Army KO ' l ' C Newspaper • iYRA I.. SHAI ' iRA, Si. Paul. Minn. nt Dircciorv Stall. • SL ' SAN McJERROW. SHKl.l.KY, i lieta Phi: Lc Circle Francais. • JA.MES Mil, DON Tau Onicfza: Wesley : Pi Lambda Beta: .Mpha Epsilon Phi: SIIOEM.VKEK, Pen.sacola, Fla.: Delta Kuppa Epsilon, Jambalava; Bono Hourtl. Tulane Sailing Club; Student Republican Club; Urchin Staff. • FRANCES W. SIIEPPARD, Birmingham, Ala.; Barracudas; Jambalaya; t:ani, ' rburv Club. • RICHARD SIL ER, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Nu; Ilillel Foundation; Air Force ROTC. • CLAUDIA SILVERMAN, Jackson- ville, Fla. • JANE SKINNER, Birmingham, Ala.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Le Circle Francais; Canterbury Club. • LOUISE SLAUGHTER, Batcm Rouge, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Le Circle Francais; Westminster Fellowship: A Cappella Choir. • DONALD I). S.MITH, New Orleans, La. O JANE F. SMITH, New Orleans, La.: West- minster Fellowship; University Chorus. • WALLACE HARDEN SMITH, 11, Natchez, Miss:; Kappa Sigma, Eta Sigma Phi; Army ROTC; Alpha Phi Omega. • ARNOLD R. SMYTHE, Batesville, Miss.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • CHARLES THt) lAS SPENCER, JR., .Miami, Fla.; Beta Theta Pi: Pre-Mcdical -Societv: (;rcenbackers: Westminster Fell.iwship: Air Force ROTC. • LIZ STEPHEN- SON. Winter Haven, Fla.: Chi Omega; Dormitory Council: Wesley Founda- tion: Glee Club; Student Directory Staff. • TERESA STUDI.M AN, ' .Memphis, Tenn. • ELDRIDGE ' SKIPPER " STEVENS, New Orleans, La.: Pi Kappa Alpha: Pre-Mi dical S..cietv: Wesley F.mndati.m; Alpha Phi Omega. • CYNTHIA .SIONK. W innctka. 111.: Alpha Onii.ron Pi: Slu.lcjK Direct. .rv Staff. • SISAN SldNK. (:liall,.no,.ga. Tenn,; Alpha Dell,, Pi; 1.,, Terli.li.i: l.. Circl,- Fr,.m-ais; Wi-l.-v Fmiiidalion; Glee Club; Student Directory; Iniversity Chorus. • . 1. K. STRAIIlMi:. New Orleans, La. • BEI TY ANN .STRIUI.ING. Greenwood, Miss.: Chi Omega. • ROLAND A. STl UI)I ' . .NT. New Orleans, La.; Kappa Sigma; Newman (.]lub: . ' ir Force ROTC. • l.EONAKD J. SULLIVAN, New Orleans, La. O PAT SULLIVAN, Alexandria, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Unit Manager: Pre-Meilical Society; ITSK: Newman Club; Armv KOTC. ■ a • SANDY SUTIIKUI.AND, Nashville, Tenn,: Kappa Alpha Theta: An Club: 1.1 ' i:iril.- Fr.inc;ii-; Inlerfaith tiouncil; Westminster Fellowship. • SUE TALl.U ' ERUt), New Orleans. La.; Alpha Oinicr.Mi Pi. • JAMES LINDSAY lALLEY. Denison, Tex,; Kappa Sigma; Class Vice-President; Secretary Honor Hoard; Dilt.i Sigma Pi; Canterbury Club: Naval ROTC: Honor Board ' ; Circle ■K " : Prcsi.lent of Irby Honsi. • MICHAEL " l E " TAYLOR. New Orleans. Louisiana.: Pi Kappa Alpha: A.S.C.E.; Air Force ROTC (Rille Team); Air Force Sabre Jets. • ALICE I IIOMPSON. Eutaw. Ala. • BE ERI.Y THOMPSON. Hot Springs. Ark.: Doriniliox loiincil; JvMiiM.AVA; W Csb-v Found. ilion; Tulane Hantl. • SARAH riH) ll ' SON. Madisonville, I ' cx.; Chi Omega; Art Club; Wesley Foundation. • IRELLES ITDMORE. New Orleans, La.; Delia Tau Delia; TUSK: Air Force ROTC: Adelphons; Pan-Hellenic Council. B9 203 ¥M mA SOPHOMORES H 1 • p. NICKETTI TILLERY. Fairfax, Ala.: Beta Beta Beta; German Club: Pre-Medical Society; Disciples Student Fellowship. « RICH- RD . . TONRY, New Orleans, La.: Sigma Chi. e MICHAEL J. TOSO. JR.. New Orleans, La.; Delta Tau Delta; A.S.C.E.; Newman Club; • DAVID TREYBIG, New Iberia, La.: Delta Kappa Epsilon. • ROBERT LOUIS TROUARD, New Orleans, La.; Phi Eta Sigma; A.I.E.E.; . rrav ROTC. • ANN TURNER, Spartanburg, S,C.; Kappa Kappa Gamma: Art Club; TUSK; Canterbury Club. • BENNY TYLER, Springhill, La. • JOE E. TY ' SON, Texarkana, Tex.; Sigma . lpha Epsilon. • KEITH R. UNTIEDT, Moline. 111.; Delta Sigma Phi. • SALLY PATRICIA UPHAM, . ew Orleans, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma: Baptist Student Union. • IN. IGUERIE, New Orleans, La.: Pi Beta Pi; Newman Club. • CLYDE WALTER WAGNER, JR., New Orleans, La.; Kappa Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma. • MIRIAM L. WALMSLEY, New Orleans, La.: Pi Beta Phi. • SALLY W. LKER, Sea Island, Ga.: Kappa Kappa Gamma; Barracudas. • LEONARD ALVIN WASHOFSKY, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Phi Eta Sigma: HiUel Foundation; Interfailh Council: Pi Lambda Beta; Circle " K " ; Pan- Hellenic Council. • ELMON D. WEBB. Shreveport, La.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; President; A S Sophomore Class: Air Force ROTC; Alpha Phi Omega; Honor Board: Pi Lambda Beta. • PEGGY GENEVIEVE WEIL, New Orleans, La. • STEVE L. WELSH, .Memphis, Tenn.; Phi Delta Theta; Pre-Medical Society; Greenbackers; Air Force ROTC; Alpha Phi Omega. • JAMES E. WESNER, New Orleans, La.: Kappa Sigma; Baptist Student Union: . Cappella Choir; Glee Club; Army ROTC; Debate Team; Glendy Burke Society. • BETTY ANN WHITE, Greenville, Miss.: Chi Omega: La Tertulia; Grenbackers. • JEAN WIGGINS, Memphis, Tenn.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Beta Beta Beta: Wesley Foundation. • LANE WILLI. MS, Sarasota, Fla.; Alpha Omicron Pi: Dormitory Council; • MARY CHARLEEN WILLIAMS, Frankfort, Ky.: Kappa Alpha Theta; Secretary of Soph. Class: Le Circle Francais; Green- backers. • ROBERT GEORGE WILLIAMSON, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Sigma. • SAM R. WILLIAMSON, JR.. Springhill. La.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Eta Sigma; Varsity Football .Manager: Westminster Fellowship; . rmy ROTC. • ROBERT WINDSTEIN. New Orleans. La. « CLAUDIA WIRTH, New Orleans, La.; Chi Omega. • BETTY WISH, New Orleans, La.; La Tertulia. ■ 8 • DORENE WOLFSON, Houston, Tex.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Le Circle Francais: J. mb. l. y. . • SUZ. NNE WOMBLE, Colombia, South . merica; Delta Zeta. • JUDITH WOODALL, Paducah, Ky.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; A Cappella Choir; Opera Workshop; University Chorus. • G.AY ' LY ' NNE WOODS, New Orleans, La.; Delta Zeta; Christian Science Orgnaization. • JACK WRIGHT, Tulsa, Okla.; Delta Sigma Phi. • SARAH YOUNG, Bastrop, La.; Chi Omega; Barracudas: Dormitory Council; Wesley Founda- tion. 204 FRESHMEN FRESHMEN • JANET ABEL. Cleveland. Tenn.: Sailing Club; Weslev Foundation: Glee Club. • LOIS ACKER. Alix. New Orleans. • LARRY L. ACKERMAN. East Rockawav. . ew York; Kappa Nu; Pre-Medical Society, Hillel Foundation, e BETTY ACER. Beverly HiUs, Calif.; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • JAMES AL- BERT. Tyler, Tex. • ARLENE M. ALLIGOOD. St. Petersburg. Fla.: Kappa Alpha Theta: Newman Club. • PERRY S. ALTERMAX. Atlanta. Ga.: Zeta Beta Tau; Army ROTC. • TriLLIAM EARL ANDREWS. JR.. Metairie. La.; Alpha Tau Omega. • JERRY ANTHONY. Brookhaven. Miss.: Kappa Sigma: TUSK: ROTC. • MOSS -BUDDY " ANTO.NY, College Station, Tex.: Pre-Medical Society. • JLMMIE APPEL, New Orleans. La.: Pi Kappa Alpha; Newman Club: ROTC. • MICHAEL F. APPEL. Corpus Christi, Tex. • ELLEN ADALR ARDERY. Washington. D.C.: Kappa Kappa Gamma. • STEVE ARNOULT, New Orleans. La. • ROBERTA ATKINSON. Texarkana, Ark.: Pi Beta Phi. ■ 4 • MARIE ANTOINETTE BACLE. RawiUe. La.: Band. Newman Club, e MARILYN BAGWELL. Sulphur Springs, Tex.: Hullabaloo. Westminster Fellowship. • MORTY BAINE. White Plains. N.Y.: Kappa Nu. • BRUCE C. BAIRD. Metairie. La.: Phi Kappa Alpha. • MICHELE BAILIETT, Thi- bodeaux. La.; Delta Zeta; Newman Club. • DAVID GILPIN BAKER. New Orleans. La.; ROTC: • GAIL BALLEN- TINE. Kappa . lpha Theta. • JACK BARINGER. New Orleans. La.: Phi Delta Theta; Hullabaloo: Weslev Foundation: ROTC. • LESTER BARNETT. JR. New Orleans: Zeta Beta Tau. • HARRIET BARRY, Baton Rouge, La.; Chi Omega; Christian Science Organization. • BARBARA BATES. Lafayette. La. • KENT BEADLE. Slidell. La.; Baptist Student Union: Glee Club. • SANDRA BEARDEN. Victoria. Tex.: Barracudas: Jame-4Lava; Westminster Fellowship. • BARBARA ANN BECK, New Orleans. La.: Beta Sigma Omicron: Weslev Foundation: Glee Club. • IRVING BELZ, .Memphis, Tenn.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre-Medical Society. • EVELYNE BERGER. Augusta. Ga.: Glee Club, a BERNARD H. BERINS, New Yok. N.Y.: .Alpha Epsilon Pi: Pre-Medical Society; Hillel Foundation. • JOYCE ROSELIN BERMAN. Danville. Va.: Art Club: Hillel Foundation: Tulane Band. • CONSTANCE RUTH BERNSTEIN. Charlotte. N.C.: -Alpha Epsilon Phi; Jambalaya. « RONALD BERNSTEIN, Atlanta, Ga.; .Alpha Epsilon Pi: Glee Club; ROTC. ■ 8 • CAROLYN BEUTEL. Dallas Tex.: Pi Beta Phi: A Cappella Choir; Glee Club; University Chorus. O W. YNE J. BIENVENU. Martinville, La.: Sigma -Upha Epsilon. • PATSY BINDER. Clarksdale. Miss.; Sigma Delta Tau; Jambalaya; Hillel Foundation. • BARBAR.A BLAINE, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha Theta. • ALICE BLAND, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • HAROLD M. BLOCK. JR.. Dallas. Tex.; Glee Club. • CLAUDETTE BLOCK. Donaldsonville. La.: .Alpha Epsilon Phi: Jambalaya. • JAMES BLOUNT. Groves. Tex.: Freshman Football: Air Force ROTC. • ELAINE BO.AZ. St. Calhoun. Ga.: Phi .Mu; Glee Club; Music Club. • E. JON BO BO. New Orleans, La.; . lpha Tau Omega; Pre-Medical Society. 206 FRESHMEN • BOB BOELTK. N.w Orl.-ans. Lu.: Kappa Sigma: TUSK: Newman Club. • JOHN II. BOlll.Ki;, JK., . i ' w Orleans. La.: N.-wman Club: Air Fi.m- KOTC. • GKK.MU) H. BOLL, New Rorhelle, N.Y.: Phi Kappa Sigma; New- man Club; Glee Club. • AUGL ' SIA BOND. New Orleans. La.; Pi Beta Phi; Wcslminslcr Felb.wship; Glee Clab. • DOUGLAS E. BOND, Vicksburt:, .Miss.; Beta Theia Pi: aval ROTC. • CAROL BOOTH, Shreveport, La.; Chi Omega, Newman Club; Glee Club. • WILLIA.M E. BORAH, New Orleans, La.: Delta Kappa Epsilon, Army KOTC. • BETTIE BORN, Atlanta, Georgia: Kappa Kappa Gamma; TUSK. • MARY ANN BOURNE, Columbia, Miss.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Dance Club. • FRED C. BOUVIER. New Orleans, La.; Newman Club; Tulane Band; Air Force ROTC; Air Force ROTC Band. JR., Greenwood, Miss,; Sigma Chi. • WILLIAM Orleans, La.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • PAIL J. • WILDER ANNE BRECKENRIDGE. New Le Circle Francais: Hullabaloo, Newman Club. ISADORE DAVID BRICKMAN, New Orleans, La.; Zeta Beta Tau; Pre- Medical Society; Jambalava; Campus Night; Glee Club; Tulane Band. • CHARLES M. BOWMAN, A. BRANTLEY, JR., New BR.A.TTON, Camilen, Ark. Orleans. La.; Pi Beta Phi: • MARSHA ANN BROADFOOT, Alpine, Tex.; Wesley Foundation. • VESTA LOUISE BROGDON. Port Sulphur, La.: Westminster Fellowship. • LOUIS M. BROOKS, Hammond, La.; Beta Theta Pi. • GLENN BROWN, Meridian, .Miss.; Kappa Sigma. • SI BROWN, New Iberia, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; TUSK; Naval ROTC. • M. SYLVIA BROWN. New Iberia. La.: Kappa Kappa Gamma; Jamdalay. ; Newman Club. • VAUGHAN BURDIN, Lafavette, La.; Chi Omega, Jam- uala.a; Newman Club: Tulane University Theater. • MILTON E. BURDINE, JR., New Orleans, La.; Kappa Sigma. • BERNARD BURK, New Orleans, La.; Sigma Alpha Mu. O BEN ' ERI.Y ANN BUSH. Tampa, Fla.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Newman Club. • PERRIN CHARLES BUTLER, New Orleans, La.; Beta Theta Pi. • CLYDE BUZZARD, II, Neosho, Mo.: Kappa Sigma, Disciples Student Fellowship; Glendy Burke Society. • ROBERT F. CAIRNS, New Orleans, La.; Phi Delta Theta; Wesley Foundation. • THOMAS E. CAIRNS, New Orleans. La.; Beta Theta Pi; Wesley Foundation: Army ROTC. • JOHN WORTHING CALHOUN, New Orleans, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; TUSK; Armv ROTC. • LEW IS E. S. CAMPBELL. Norfolk, Va.; Phi Kappa Sigma. • WALTER K:KHA.M CAPDEVIELLE. New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha; Naval ROTC. • WILLIAM CAPPS, New Orleans, La.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Naval ROTC. • FRANK C. CAREY, Guatemala, Guatemala; Alpha Tau Omega. • ANDY CAROTIIF.RS, (ireenwood. Miss.; Sigma Chi; Armv ROTC. • ROBERTA CARR, Nashville. Tenn.: Alpha Epsilon Phi. • INCENT CASAMENTO, New Orleans, Ui. • WAYNE CASK, Walehev, -Miss.; Sigma Chi; Air Force ROTC. • VIVIAN CASPER, Tnpeka, Kansas. • IlTOR V. CAVAROC, JR., New Orleans, La.; Sigma Chi; Naval ROTC. ■ 9 • DIANE CHRISTENSEN. New Orleans. La.; K.ipi ' - ' Kappa Gamma; Le Circle Francais; (ilee Club; University Chorus. • JO. ANN CIOI.INO, New Orleans, La.; Phi Mu: TUSK; Newman Club. • CFli ' S IK lNSON CLAN- TON, Atlanta. Ga.; Alpha Omicr,.n Pi. • HARRY IC D. CLARK, Mobile, Ala.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. « PETER CI.A KKIE. New Orleans, La.; Alpha Tau Omega; Pep Band: Tulane Band: Armv ROTC, 1 - - ' mi t i t v film. 207 FRESHMEN • PHIL (GREEK) CLIKAS, Mobile, Ala.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon- Pre- Medical Society. • CHARLES HOWARD CLOSE, Key West, Fla.; Alpha Tau Omega; Naval ROTC. O CAROL COBURN, Haroken, La. • DEDE COCO, .Alexandria. La.; Chi Omega: Jambalava; Newman Club. • ALLEN H. COHEN, Irvington, N.J.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pre-Medical Society; Hillel Foundation: Intramural Fraternity; Air Force ROTC. • CHARLES J. COHEN, New Orleans, La.: Hullabaloo: Glee Club: Tulane Band. • JAY H. COHEN, Houston, Tex.; Zeta Beta Tau; Hillel Founda- tion. O MICHAEL D. COHEN, Memphis, Tenn.: Sigma Alpha Mu; Sailing Club. • PHILIP R. COHEN, Lexington, Miss.; Zeta Beta Tau. • RALSTON COLE, III, New Orleans, La.; Beta Theta Pi: Naval ROTC. • SOLON COLE, McComb. Miss.: Phi Kappa Sigma; Pre-Medical Society. • JULIA CONGER, Shreveport, La.; Pi Beta Phi. • CAROL CONNETT, -Metairie, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Glee Club. • AL COOGAM, New Orleans, La.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • GRANT COOK, Beaumont, Tex.; Sigma Chi; Pre-Medical Society. • GAYLE COOKE, New Orleans, La.; Phi Mu; Canterbury Club. • ALLEN COON, Monroe, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O NORMAN " BUDDY " COSTE, Metairie, La.; Phi Kappa Alpha. • RANDOLPH JOHN CROCHET, JR., New Orleans, La.: Newman Club. • JUDY COOPER, Birmingham, Ala.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Canterbury Club; Glee Club; University Chorus. ■ 5 • MARJORIE JUDITH CRONE. Baltimore, Md.: Alpha Epsilon Phi. • JUDY CROOK, Springfield, 111.; Canterbury Club. • CAROL CROSS, Denton, Tex.; Chi Omega; Canterbury Club. • PEGGY CROSSLEY, Collins- ville, 111.; Alpha Omicron Pi. O LINDA JOAN CURET, New Orleans, La.; Phi Mu; Art Club; Wesley Foundation; Glee Club; University Chorus. • VINCE CURRIER, JR., Amite, La.: Kappa Sigma Fraternity; Pre-Medical Society; Air Force ROTC. • ROYCE LINTON CUTLER, Houston, Tex.; Delta Sigma Phi; Naval ROTC. • LEILA DALE, St. Joseph, Mo. • JULI- ANNE DANTE, Dumas, Ark.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Jambalaya. • PEYTON DARENSBOORG, New Orleans, La.; Pre-.Medical Society; Air Force ROTC; Drill Team; Saber Jets; Baptist Student Union. • lOYCE MARKS DATTEL, Rosedale, Miss.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Jambal.aya. • CHESTER CONRAD DANEHOWER, JR., Osceola, Ark.; Phi Delta Theta. • ADRIENNE DAVIS, Memphis, Tenn.; Kappa Alpha Theta. • TOLLEY DAVIS, Lafayette, La.; Chi Omega; Jambalaya; Canterbury Club. • MUS- ETTE DAVIS, New Orleans, La.; Commerce Women ' s Club. ■ 8 • DAISY DAWS, New Orleans, La.; Newman Club. • HANI EDWARD DEHAN, Shreveport, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Air Force ROTC. • ALBERT ENRIQUE DELA GUANDIA, New Orleans, La.: Pre-Medical Society; Army ROTC: Pershing Rifles, a VIRGINIA EILEEN DELANY, New Orleans, La. « FRANK M. DENTON, New Orleans. La. • BETTY DESPORTE, Bogalusa, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Canterbury Club. • JANE DIBRELL, Galveston, Tex.; Le Circle Francais; Canterbury Club. • CEDRIC HOWARD DILDAY, JR., Courtland, Va. • CHARLES R. DILL, San Antonio, Tex.; Canterbury Club: Army ROTC: Pershing Rifles. • FRANK DILLENKOFFER, JR., New Orleans, La.; Air Force ROTC; Sabre Jets. 208 FRESHMEN • MORTON DIMENSTIEN, liirmingham, Ala.; Zcla Bela Tail; Pn-Mt-iliral Sucieiv: Jamualaya. O JIM DOSTKR, C.lumljus, Miss.; Sisnia Chi. • PKP- PER DOTSON. Tusccila. 111.; Kappa . lpha Ovc ' dc ,. • C. ROL DOWNES. Rayviile, La.; Chi Om.-ca; Baplist StiulL-nl L ' nicm. • LORN. DRAIS, Ni-w (»rli ' ans. La.; Bcla Sigma Omicron. e BOB DREIFUS. Alexandria. La.; Kappa Nu. • WILLIAM BAYAND DRUMMOND. Shrc-vop.irl. La.; Prc-Medical Socifty; Sigma Alpha Epsil " n; Baplist StiKli-ni Uninn: Army ROTC. • ANNE DUCKWOETH. Orlandc Fla.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Canlerhury Club. O LYDIA ANN DUFOUR, Manhasset. N.Y.; Phi Mu; Jamualaya: Newman Club. • ERIC DUNBAR, JR. , New Orleans, La. O Cl ' RTIS DUPLECHAIN, Sulpha, La.; Kappa Sigma: Army ROTC. • SALLY ANN DUREN, Charh.ltesville, Va. • ROBERT G. EATON, New Orleans, La.; Sigma Chi. • DON EDGERTON, Alexandria, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsihm; Pre-Medical Society: Wesley Foundation: • WALLACE ANDREW EDWARDS, Pcmchaloula, La.; Delta Tau Delta; Air Force ROTC. • HANK EHRMANN, Brooklyn, N. Y.: Alpha Epsilon Pi; Hillel Tulane University Theatre. • PAULA EKMAN. Chicago, III.; Sigma Delta Tau; Jambalaya; Student Directory, Hillel. O WILLIAM W. ELFENBEIN, New London, Conn.: Zeta Beta Tau; Army ROTC; Interniurals. • GRETCHEN ELKINS, Lake Charles, La.; Alpha Delta Pi. • RAMONA ELLIOTT, Houston, Tex.; J4MB I.AVA; Glce Club. • SAUL ELLIS, Kansas City, Mo.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Hulhhnho; Air Force ROTC. • MEREDITH ENGEL, San Antonio, Tex.; Newman Club. • MERLE ENGELBRACHT, New Orleans. La.; Kappa Sigma. • EVARTS B. ENGLISH, III, Louisville, Ky.: Phi Delta Theta; Secretary-Treasurer of the .School of Engineering: Hullabaloo ; Air Force ROTC. • CHARLES E. EPPLER, Terrell, Tex.; Air Force ROTC. • JOHNNIE EWERT, Mobile, Ala.: Phi Kappa Sigma; Air Force ROTC. • RICHARD HARRISON FAGAN, New Orleans, La.; Beta Theta Pi: Pre- Medical Society ; Newman Club: Air Force ROTC, • STANLEY IRWIN FAGIN, Houston, Tex.; Alpha Epsilon Pi. • LARRY F. FALCON, Norco, La. • PAUL R. FALLON E, Warren, Ohio; Delta Tau Delta; Vice-President of School of Engineering; Tulane Band; Naval ROTC; H.m.ir Board. • RICIIAKD ARTHUR FASTRING. Cbalnotte, La.; Gamma Delta. • MARCIA FAULK, Monroe, La.; Phi Mu: llullahalon- Christian Science ()rgani, ati.Mi; lulane Sailing Club. • TED EUGENE FELTON, Pelham .Manor, N.Y.; Phi Kappa Sigma. • CINDY FERNANDEZ, New Orleans, La.; Beta Sigma Omicron: Gamma Delia. • JOHN M. FILIPPONE, JR.. Bellaire, Texas. ■ H • U KION lOSEIMl FILIPPONE, Houston, Tex.; Pre-Medical Society. • FKANc:ES JANE FINCH. Shrcveiiort, La.; Alpha Omicron Pi. • EDWARD J. FINMN, 111, New Orleans, La.; Pi Ka|iiiu Alpha. • SUE FIRMIN, Wood, Wis. • MIGUEL MARITN Fl.ECllAS. Pascagoula, Miss.; Sigmu Alpha Epsilon; Baptist Student Uniiui; Army ROTC. • JOANIE FIEISCHMAN, Elmhurst, III.: Alpha Epsilon Phi; Hnllalmloo: jAMiiAiAiv. •(IIAKLES F. FLY, JR.. I.indenwold. N.J.; Air Force ROTC. O LUCIE FI. , Jackson, Mis .: Delta Zcla: Canterbury Club. • NANCY JO FORESMAN, Washington, D.C.; K.ippa kappa tiamma; Weslminstcr Fellow- ship; Glee Club. • A. FOSTER FOUKMER. Ill; Beta Theta Pi. f lff " 8 9 S " JS t 209 FRESHMEN 8 • RENA FOX, Chattanooga, Tenn.; Sigma Delta Tau; Hillel Foundation. O SAM N. FRANKEL, Atlanta, Ga.; Sigma Alpha Mu. • JEAN NEWSOM FRANKLIN, Lufkin, Tex. « DAVID HUGH FRAZER, JR., Montgomery, Ala.; Sigma Chi: Pre-Medical Society; Hullabaloo: Baptist Student Union; Army ROTC; Alpha Phi Omega. O SWEPSON FLOYD ERASER, JR., Many, La.; Phi Delta Theta; Pre-Medical Society. • JOHN G. FRENTZ, Baltimore, Md.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Pre-Medical Society; Gamma Delta; GleeCIuh; Tulane University Theatre; Army ROTC. • HARRY FREYER, Shreveport, La.; Zeta Beta Tau; Hullabaloo; Jambalaya. • BAR- BARA LOU FRIEDMAN, Detroit, Mich.; Hillel Foundation; Tulane Band. • KENNETH CHARLES FRIEND, Glencoe, 111.; Army ROTC. • CAROLYN FROHSIN, Alexander City, Ala.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Campus Night. • LINDA FUTERFAS, Dallas, Tex.; Hillel Foundation. • KATHERINE GAGE ,New Orleans, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. O SCOTTIE GAINES, Boule, Miss.; Phi Mu. • HOWARD L. GARBER, Brookline, Mass.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pre-Medical Society; Hillel Foundation. • THOMAS LLOYD GARDNER. JR., Livingston, Tex.; Beta Theta Pi. • ALICE GEER, Kingstree, S.C; Delta Zeta. • ROSE MARY GEHL, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Newman Club. • JOHN GEISER, III, Slidell, La.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Westminster Fellowship. • LOYCE JANE GENDEL, Dallas, Tex.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Jambalaya. • RALPH J. GESSNER, Hammond, La. • JOSEPH GIACOBBE, New Orleans, La. • ARTHUR MARTIN GIESE, Greenville. Miss.; Phi Delta Theta; Army ROTC. • DONALD M. GILNER, Atlanta, Ga.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Hillel Foundation Tulane Flying Club; Drill Team; Pershing Rifle; Army ROTC. • TOMMY GIRAUD, New Orleans, La. • NORMAN ARTHUR GLASSMAN, Bronx, N.Y.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pre-Medical Society; Hillel Foundation; Glendy Burke Society. • HOWARD WESLEY GLEASON, JR., New Orleans, La.; Delta Kappa Epsi- lon. • GEORGE HENRY GLENDENNING, Larchmont, N.Y.; Alpha Tau Omega. • NORMAN A. GLOSSERMAN, Lockhart, Tex.; Zeta Beta Tau; Intramural Council; Varsity Letter; Football, NROTC; Jambalaya; Naval ROTC. • DOTTY GOLD, Alexandria, La.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Hullabaloo. • HARRIET GOLDBERG, Wilburton, Okla.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Jambalaya; Hillel Foundation. • ALLAN S. GOLDMAN, Scarsdale, N.Y.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pre-Medical Society; Hillel Foundation. O IAN GOLDY, Stamford. Conn.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Tulane Band. • CARL G. GOODMAN, New Orleans, La.; Zeta Beta Tau; Varsity Letter; Tennis Team; Naval ROTC. • LORRIE GOSE. Houston, Tex.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Jambalaya; Canterbury Club. • JAYNE GOTTLIEB, University City, Mo.; Sigma Delta Tau; Jambalaya; Hillel Foundation. ■ 8 • ISSER GOTTLIEB, Savannah, Ga.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pre-Medical Society Hillel Foundation. • KAY GRAHAM, Bolton, Miss.; Chi Omega. • RONNIE GRANDEL, Metairie, La.; A Cappella Choir; Air Force ROTC. • NICOLE SUZANNE GRANET, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Jambalaya. • JACK GREENE, Spring Valley, N.Y.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Hillel Foundation. • CHARMAINE GRINNELL, West Allis, Wis.; Gamma Delta. • BOB GRONAUER, Memphis, Tenn.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • JOYCELYN D. GROSS- MAN, New Orleans, La.; Westminster Fellowship. • ARTHUR THOMAS GROWDEN, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Sigma: Tulane Band; Naval ROTC; Navy Drill Team • RAYMOND W. GRUNDMEYER, New Orleans, La. 210 FRESHMEN ■ 1 • I.AKRY I GUlBrr. Niw Orlciins. I.a.: Delta Tan Dilia: lliilliihuloo: TILSK: Pi I.amliila Hcla. • DIANK Cni.I.OKY. N.-w Orl.-ans, I.a. • ANNKl.L HAC.GAKT. Jark .in. li s.; Clli Onic-t;a; l.c Cirric Franrais; CaiUi-rhury Club: Glee dull. • PAl ' lUCIA HALE, New Orleans, La.; Delta Zila. • ASHLEY HAMILTON, Miinrni-, La.: Clii Omega; Barracudas. • lOHN HK.NRY HA I Il " .L, HI. .New Orleans. La.: Phi Kappa .Sii;rna: New- man Cluh- Armv KOTC; Pi Lamlnla li.ta. • BARBARA HAMMoMl. Colum- bu.s Ga.: Kappa Kappa Gamma. • JA.NE DOUGLASS 11AM-. IA N, New Orleans. La.: Pi Beta Phi: Newman Club. • LOLUS GEORGE HANLEIN, Mobile, Ala.; Phi Kappa Sigma. • WILLIAM HANNA, Ada, Okla. • THOMAS ALFRED HANSEN, Louisville, Kv.; Phi Delta The la: TUSK: Tulane Band: Naval ROTC: Navy Drill Team. • JOHN L. HANTEL, New Or- leans, La.: Air Fnree ROTC: Glendy Burke Soeiety. • GLORIA BAR AY. New Orleans, La. • NORMA HARPER, Kansas City, Mo.; Hillel Foundation. O ALICE HARRIS. El Paso, Tex.; Kappa Alpha Theta. • HILL HARRIS, Covington, Tenn. 9 CLARISSA HARRISON, Dermoii, Ark. • CLAINE HARTEL, New Orleans, La.; Phi Mu. • J. GARY HAUSER, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Tau Omega. O GWEN HAVEN, Forrest City, Ark.; Pi Beta Phi. • PAUL HAWLEY. Shreveporl, La. • JUDY HAWN, Dallas, Tex.: Kappa Kappa Gamma. • EDNA MAE HECK, New Orleans, La.; Delta Zeta. • SAN- DRA MARION HEFFRON, New Orleans, La. • .MARCIA HEIMEN, San . ntonio, Tex. • VA KRLY LOUISE HEMENWAY, Alexandria. La.; Alpha Omieron Pi. • CARL C, HENDERSON. New Orleans. La. • JIM -TRISH " IIENRIE, New Orleans, La.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • FLOYD HERMAN, Jackson. Miss.; Zeta Beta Tau. • WILLIAM GENE HERRIN, New Orleans, La.; Phi Delta Tlota. • C. 1 ' . IIERRINCTON. JR.. Alexandria. La.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • HINTEK HEBRON. Shreveport, La.: Phi Delta Theta. • SUSANNE A. llli:kS. Sara ..ta, Fla.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • TOM HILL, New Orleans. La.; Pi Kap|,a Alpha. • JULIAN S. HII.LERY, New Orle.ins, La.; Kappa Alpha. ■ 8 • II ' l ll( |) II. IIII.I.YER. HI. I ' a.s Christian. li " .; Beta I ' hela Pi. • IKKK ' i . ' s. HliGCATT. N.« Orh ' ans. La.; Beta Theta Pi. • WAYNE CLAY I1U1.I.1N(,.S (IR1H, Germani.mn. Tenn.: S.A.E. • ELIZABETH R. HOLLO- WAY, Maringouin, La.; Kappa Alpha Theta. • PAT HOLMES, New Orleans. Ln,;PhiMu. • JOAN HOPPENJANS. Deeatur. Ala. • JAME. R. IIOPSON, New Edin- burg. Ark.; Phi Kappa Sigma. • El.ISE HOPKINS, Galveston, Tex.; Pi Beta Phi. • RUTH ELAINE HORWITZ. Houslon, Tex.; Sigma Delta Tau. • RON- NIE IIOSEN. Port Arthur. Tex. ? 9 5 6 1 7 «» t? 211 FRESHMEN • JANET HOWARD, Ft. Worth, Tex. A EVAN PARK HOWELL, New Orleans, La. • NANCY JEAN HUDGINS, Wharton, Tex.; Pi Beta Phi. • HELEN RUTH HUNTER, Clarksdale, Miss.; Alpha Omicron Pi. • MELVIN K. MICKY, HURST, HL Dallas, Tex.; Zeta Beta Tau. • KLM HUSSELMAN, Memphis, Tenn.; Alpha Omicron Pi. • HILDA HUT- KIN, Beverly Hills, Calif.; S.D.T. a VICKY JACKOLA, New Orleans, La. • JOSEPH JACOBS, Riverdale, N. Y.; Alpha Epsilon Pi. • EDWARD BENJ- AMIN JAHNCKE, JR., New Orleans, La.; Beta Theta Pi. • ROBERT W. JENKINS. Elberton. Ga.; Sigma Chi. • KATHY JOHNSON, New Orleans, La. • ROBERT EDMOND JOHNSON, Utica, N. Y.: Delta Tau Delta. • STEVE JOHNSON, Flushing, N. Y.; Alpha Epsilon Pi. • THOMAS E. JOHNSON, New Orleans, La. • RICHARD KEITH JOINER, New Orleans, La.; Phi Kappa Sigma. • JEAN JOLLY, Baton Rouge, La.; Chi Omega. 9 RICHARD E. JONES, New Orleans, La.; Phi Kappa Sigma. • WAYNE JONES, Dallas, Tex.; Phi Kappa Sigma. • ROBIN R. JONES, Little Rock, Ark.; Sigma Chi. • WADE H. JONES, III, Lecompte, La.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • JILL JUDEN, Cape Girardeau. Mo.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • MARLENE KAHN, Albany, Ga. • MARTIN MORRIS KALISHMAN, Livingston, N. J.; A.E.Pi. • DAVID J. KAPLAN, Dover, Del.; Sigma Alpha Mu. • LYNDA KARNO, New Orleans, La.; Le Circle Francais; Hillel Foundation; Tennis Club. • LYNN KARSMAN, Jacksonville, Fla.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; jAMiiALAYA. • KAY KASPAREK, Warrington. Fla.; Kappa Alpha Theta. • MARTHA ANN KAUFMAN, Houston, Tex.; Barracudas; Dance Club. • DONALD E. KEENAN, St. Petersburg, Fla.; Delta Tau Delta; Pre-Medical Society; TUSK; Newman Club. • WALTER COOK KEENAN, III. New Orleans, La.: Delta Kappa Epsihm: Newman Club: Naval ROTC; Sailing Club. • KATHERINE KEETHLER, Dania, Fla.; Delta Zeta; Newman Club. 9 ANDREE KEIL, New OHeans, La.: Alpha Epsilon Phi; Vice President of the Freshman Class; Glee Club; Univer- sity Chorus. • ALBERT P. KELLER, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Tau Omega; Newman Club; Naval ROTC. ELIZABETH KELLEY. Monterrey, Mex.; Alpha Omicron Pi. ■ 8 • SUZANNE KENNEDY, New Orleans, La.; Commerce Women ' s Club. • THOMAS R. KENNEY, Lake Wales, Fla.: Phi Kappa Sigma; TUSK; New- man Club: Naval ROTC. • JOEL KERN, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Hullabaloo; Hillel Foundation. O ANNE M. KERNAGHAN, New Or- leans. La.; Chi Omega: Newman Club. • PIET A. KESSELS, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha: Newman Club; Army ROTC. • KAY KETELSEN, Houston, Tex.; Pi Beta Phi; Barracudas; Dance Club. • ROBERTA KIMMEL, Milwaukee. Wis. • CHARLES S. KING, Lake Charles, La.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Cheerleaders; TUSK; Air Force ROTC; Alpha Phi Omega. • DON W. KING, New Orleans. La. • JOHN F. KLEES, III. Chalmette, La.; Kappa Sigma. FRESHMEN ■ 1 • GK.OKCIC KLi:i PKTi:i{. JR., Crflna. I.u.: Army ROTC. • 1 AIRY KI.HMDK, Muc.rliwKl, Mi .s.; Z -ia B -ta Tau; Army ROTC. • JF.KKKRSON MICIIAKL KOONCK, NVw Orli-ans. La.: Delia Tau IXlla; Ol.c CInh; I»ri- M.dical Sociely; Air Kor.i- ROTC: Siuicr Ttam. • .N. DAVID KORONKS, CU-urwalcr, Fla.; Zcla Bi ' la Tau: Prc-Mcilical Scu-i.-iy, • KD K()SS I N. IK.. ClevclamI, .Miss.; Ztta BelaTau: Army ROTC. 2 • LOUIS F. KNOEPP. JR.. Al.xanrlria, La.: Pi Kappa Al|.li KREY. New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha Tlieta ; Newman Club. KUNICK, MeAllen. Tex.; Alpha Epsiinn Pi; Pre-Me.liral .S Fnuniiatinn. • DAVID CHARLES KURFISS, Alexandria, La. • JOHN ROB- ERT LAMBERT. Ill, New Orleans. La.; Phi Doha Theta: Army ROTC. , • SANDY • lURIIlN rielv: llillel • FLORENCE YVONNE LAMER. New Orleans, La. • HARMON C. LANDESMAN. Corpus Christi, Tex. O WILLIAM J. LANNES, III. New Or- leans. La. • CHARLES H. I.ANSBERG. New Orleans. La.: Army ROTC. • FRANCIS C. LAURENT. New Orleans, La.; Air Foree ROTC. • EDWIN HUGH LAWSON. II. New Orleans. La.; Beta Theia Pi: Army ROTC. • KITTIE LEA. Danville, Va.; Phi .Mu; Barracudas; Hullabaloo: Canlerhurv Cluh. • DUANE LEACH, New Orleans, La.: Pi Beta Phi: TUSK: Westminster Felh.wship; Glee Club; I ' niversilv Cbnrus. • CHARLES CLAI- BORNE I.EBOURGEOIS, Metairie. La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Naval ROTC: Naval Fiintball. • JEFF M. LEE, Farmerville, La.; Kappa Sigma; Baptist Student Union; Glee Club. • Mil. I. I.LFKDWIT . Aibinla. Ga.; Alpha Epsilon Pi: Hillel Foundation. • .lOIlN S. LETEI.LER, Metairie, La.: Sigma Chi; Naval ROTC. • MARILYN LEV IN. Kansas Cilv, Mo.: Alpha Epsilon Phi; J.amrai. vv . • JULIA liONITA LEWIS, Indianola, Miss.; Alpha Epsilon Phi: J Ml M. . • lOR T.EE IRIS LEWIS. New Orleans La.; Weslev Foundali.m. • FELICE T. LIEBERMAN. Kans.is Citv. Mo.; J MiiM, VA. • THOMAS CHRISTOPHER LINCOLN, lb. 1.1 Pi. • THOMAS O. I. INI). Nr« Orleans. La.: Canterbury Club; Naval ROTC. - Oeonomuwas. Wise.; Naval ROTC ' , Alplia Ejisilon Phi; War. ' h.ini, Mass.; Beta Dell.i K.ip]ia Ei silon; RICHARD HAMILTON l.IPPINCOTT. • SUSAN BURGOYNE LOCKE. Sprinj: Hill. . Ia.; Le Circle Francais; Hiilhihiiloo; Baptist Student Union. • MAIilllA I.M.L I.di-kl.l 1. Nc« (lilc.ins. I,...; I ' i Beta Phi: Westminster Fcdlowship: Glee Club, e FRANK DONALD I.OCKWODD, li.-aumont. Tex.; Freshman Football: Air F..r.e ROTC. • MARIIVNN LINDA I.OEB, New Orle.ins. La.: Siuina Delta Tau: Commerce tt..mair- i:bib. • ANDIiEW JO- SEl ' ll I.OMIIAKDO. Tallulah. La.: Pi K.ii.pa Alph.i; Pr.-M.dicd Societv : Newman Club; Rifle Team; Air Force ROTC. • ROY STEPHEN Lt).MBARDO, New Orleans, La.; Newman Clubb; Perstliing Kifle.s. ■ » • ROGER MAPLE LON(;. Musk..pe. Okla.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Newman Club: ir Force ROI ' C. • FRANK J. LOPICCOLO. JR.. New Orleans. La.; Army Kllli;; Drill T. ' am: P.-rsbin Rillc • i; E LOI ' T. Goliad. Tex.: Ka|.pa lpb.i Iln-ta: Jamihi. v . • liOHEIM TAYLOR I.O E, JR.. Greenville. Mis-.; I ' hi D.-lla Theta; Pre-Medical Societv; llulluhaloo. • RN01D lOSKPH I.OVn. Corinth, Miss. • PATRICIA I.UDWIG. Kansas Cilv. Mn.; Jamiiauvv. • BOB McBRIDE. P..rt Sulphur, La.; Delta Tau Delia. • WARREN McCARRON. New York. N, Y.; Alpha Tau OmcRa. « MAIT McCARTHY. New Orleans. La.; Phi Kappa Sigma; TUSK: Newman Club; Air F..rc,- ROTC. • TOM McCAT. Baton Rouge. La.: Sigma . Ipha Epsilon: President Freshman ( ' lass of B. . . Naval ROTC. _, fl ft D 2 3 FRESHMEN 3. %§ m 1 • FRED McCLENDON. JR.. Columbus. Ohio. • NANCY McCORMICK. Oak Grove, La.: Kappa Alpha Theta; Wesiev Foundation. 9 ANN McDEMTT. Havahan. La. « TO LMY McDONALD. Monroe. La.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. a EMILY MARY McFARLAND, New Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Phi: Barracudas; Wesley Foundation ; Glee Club : University Choir. ■ 2 • JANE McGEE. New Orleans. La.: Phi Mu: TUSK: Westminster Fellow- ship: Glee Cluh: University Chorus. • MATTHEW R. McGOEY, New Orleans, La. • H. P. -RIP " McINTOSH. Monterev. Calif.: Alpha Tau Omega: Army ROTC: Pershing Rifles Drill: Urchin. O LAURA JEAN MAGEE, Summit, Miss.: • LAURA ALANIS. Memphis, Tenn.: Hillel Foundation, • DON -MARCUS, Vicksburg, Miss,; Zeta Beta Tau: Armv ROTC, • ROSE- ANN MARKS, Monroe, La.: Weslev Foundation. • BENJ. " M1N W. MARTIN, JR„ Mobile, Ala.: Phi Kappa Sigma. « HELENE A. :WARTIN, New Orleans, La.: Phi Mu: Dance Club: Gamma Delta; Tulane Universitv Theatre, e CLAUDE MASON, Lake Charles, La.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. M 4 • ROBERT D. -MASSETT, New Orleans, La, • SONNY " THE KID " MATHIAS, New Rochelle, . , Y : Delta Sigma Phi: Pre-Medical Societv: Newman Cluh: Hullabaloo. S LEONARD M. MATTES. New Orleans, La.: . lpha Epsilon Pi: Pre-Medical Society; J. mb. lay. ; Glee Club: . ir Force ROTC. • EUNETTA M- YBERRY, Franklin, Tenn,: Kappa Alpha Theta; Wesley Foundation. • BRANA MEADOWS, Beverly Hills, Calif.: Sigma Delta Tau; Hillel Foundation, • PAT MELLER. Athens. Ala.: Glee Club. O HEATHER -MERRYMAN, Trumbull, Conn.: Glee Cluh. O ROBERT G. METCALF, Mt. Vernon, 111,: Weslev Foundation: Air Force ROTC. • PAULA MICHINARD, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • ARTHUR MIDDLETON. Shreveport, La.; Beta Theta Pi: Armv ROTC, • ALFRED -MILLER, San Antonio. Tex.: Pre-Medical Societv: Phelps House Council. • DONALD EDWARD MILLER, San Antonio, Tex.: Kappa Sigma; Newman Cluh: Naval ROTC. « TRUDY WEBB MILLER, Demepolis, Ala,: . rt Club: Le Circle Francais: Hullabaloo; Canterbun " Club. • D- ID STEPHEN MILLSTONE. St. Louis. Mo.: Sigma - lpha Mu. • LIND MINARD. Columbia. La.; Weslev Foundation. • M- RCI.A. MITCHELL. Chev - Chase, Md.: Kappa Kappa Gamma: Sailing Club: Newman Cluh. • SALLY MITCHELL, Natchez, Miss,: Hullabaloo: Westminster Fellowship; Tulane Sailing Club. • JOHN KAMMER MONLE- zL M. New Orleans, La.; Alpha Tau Omesa: Newman Club: Naval ROTC. • BETH -MONROE. Davtona Beach. Fla.: - lpha Omicron Pi: Sponsor— Army ROTC. • MARY MONTGOMERY, Athens, Ga.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Bap- tist Student Union, ■ 8 • MILTON E. MOORE. New Orleans. La.: Washington, D, C: Phi Mu: New man Club. • ALICIA MORAN, Washington, D. C: Phi -Mu; Newman Club. • GARY CL. Y MORCHOWER. Dallas. Tex,: Zeta Zeta Tau: Pre-Medical Societv: Glee Club, « ELINOR -MORELAND, Shreveport, La.; Chi Omega; Wesley Foundation: Sailing Club. • MACY ROBERT MORET, Atlanta, Ga.: Air Force ROTC, e CRAIG MORGAN, Monroe. La.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • BOB MORRIS, Baton Rouge, La,: Phi Delta Theta: Hullabaloo: Naval ROTC, • JIM-MY MULLA, New Orleans, La,: Delta Tau Delta. • JO ALICE MULLEY, New Or- leans, La.: Westminster Fellowship. • RICHARD WILLIAM MULLINS, Natchez, Miss,; Pi Kappa - lpha. 214 F R E S II M E N 1 • A M-: Ml M:1I. .N.u Orli-jn I.,i.: Alpha l)mi.r..n I ' i: Fr.- liman Cla ? I ' r.si.lrni: l|..n..r Beard, • WILLIAM G. U RTACll. .11!.. N.w Orleans. La.: Il.lia T,m D.lia; Tl SK: N.-wman Club. • RONALD MLKLIN. Ni-w Orleans. 1 ,,.: li.ia Tliiia Pi. • ROHKRT Ml ' TZ. Alwater. Calif.; Pre-Medical S.ieicty: . lniln i,r KiII..k Iu|. ; Air K..rre ROTC. • ANN MYLIl ' S. Lake Charles, La.; Chi Omega. • LARRY NACHMAN. Greenville. .S. C: Sigma Alpha Mu: Armv ROTC. • KOHKRT ISRl CK NAGLER. Flushing. N. Y.: Sigma Alpha lu: Armv ROTC. • Rl Til NATHAN. Shrevep„rl, I-i.; Alpha Epsil.m Phi: Le Circle Franrais: llnlhilmlno. • DON J. NKKSK. Miami. Fla.; Phi Delta Theta: Pre- Nfediral Sueietv: Ilulhilmloo: Canierhurv Cluh. • THEODORE HERMANN NEES. III. lieaum.mt.Tex.; Sigma Alpha Kpsil.m: Armv ROTC. • ClY R. NEWELL. JR.. New Orleans. La.: Pre-Medieal Society; Army ROTC. • LINDA NORWOOD. Mineral Wells. Tex.; Pi Beta Phi; Barrac ' .das: Lc Circle Francais; Westminster Fellowship; Lagniappes. • M. RY ' K.AY ' OAKLEY. New Orleans. La.; Alpha Omieron Pi; Art Club: TUSK; Canier- hurv Club. • C. B. " YOGI " ODOM. New Orleans. La.; Beta Theta Pi. • NANCY NICHOLSON OCDEN. Havana. Cuba; Alpha Omieron Pi: La Tcrtulia; Newman Club; Sailing (Jub. • CAMILLE 0 IS. New Orleans. La. • JACK F. O ' NEAL. New Orleans. La. • LYNNE MARCIA OPPENHEIM. New Orleans. La. • LEROY M. OTT.MAN, Washington, D. C; Army ROTC. • LEWIS A. PAILET, New Orleans, La.; Sigma Alpha -Mu; Hillel Foundation; Air Force ROTC; Honor Board. ■ ii • SANFORD LYNN PAILET, New Orleans. La.: Hillel F..undaii..n. • 1)A ID PAINTER. Lake Charles, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Pre-.Medical Society: Freshman Football: Wcslev Foundation. O NICHOLAS S. PARRINO. Bunkie. La.; Kappa Sigma; Newman Club; Air Force ROTC. • KATHLEEN EDNA P. TTON. Memphis. Tenn.: Kappa Alpha Theta. • J. EARL PEDELAHORE, New Orleans, La.: Pi Kappa . lpha. • J. RoDKRT I ' KRl-.S. New Orleans. La.: Newman Club: Air Force ROTt:. • ANTHONY C. PERI.EY. Atlanta. Ga.; Track; Pre-Mcdical Socielv: New- man Club. • AL PETERS, Nicaragua. C. A.: Pi Kappa Alpha. • NTNCENT PALL PIAZZA. JR.. New Orleans. La.; Armv ROTC • (11 Mil KNK I ' llll ■ LIPS. N,w Orleans. U .: Newman Club. • GER HI J. I ' lCK. Jamaica. N. Y ' .; A.S.C.E. • Cl.lVK H. liN.sKKR, W.dlingb.r.l. Cunn.; Sigma Al|iha Mu; lltiUiilmlim: Hillel Foundation. • ALAN 11. IM.ATKIN. Memphis. Tcnn.; Sigma Alpha Mu: Pre-.Medical Club. • IlKS- lER PLALCHE. JR., New Orleans, La.; Al|)ha Tau Omega. • HOWID PI.OTKIN, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Epsilon Pi. ■ 8 • CHARLES ANTHONY POLLARD, Oak Grove, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Tnlane Band: TISK; Armv ROTC. • JON Rl SSELL POPE, Pahokee, Fla.: Pi Kappa Alpha. • -Nl AGC.IK " POWELL, Atlanta, Ga.: Alpha Delta Pi: Wcslev Foundation; J amii ii.vi » : Glee Club: I niversitv Chorus. • HETTY I ' RAIT. New Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Phi. • ALBERT PRIETO. JR.. New Or- leans. La.; Alpha Tau Omega: American Chemical Society; Pre-Mcdical So- ciety ilulltilintiw; JaMHALAVA; -Newman Club. • JOYCE PRINCE. Mobile. Ala.; Sigma Dcli.i Tau. • JERRY PINIA. Brook- lyn. N. Y.: Alpha Epsilon Pi. • CI.INIdN CRAIG Ql EBEDKAl ' . Church Point . La.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • MARY (JLTCK. New Orleans, Iji.: Al|dia t)micron Pi, • DARLENE RASH. New Orleans, La.; Alpha Delia Pi; Glee t lub: l ' niversit i horu : .Vri Club; Barracuilas. t3 1 f J 7 vf p ' isf 2t5 FRESHMEN • TERRY RALE, Mobile Ala.; Pi Beta Phi; Le Circle Francais: Newman Club. • WILLIAM J. REDDING, New Orleans, La. O WILLIAM L. RED- -MOND, Alexandria, La.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Newman Club; Array ROTC: Pre-Medical Society. • JERO.ME V. REEL, New Orleans, La.: Westminster Fellowship. • WILLIAM -BILL " REIDENBACH, West Orange, N. J.; Sigma Chi : Naval ROTC. • JAMES JOSEPH REISS. JR,, New Orleans, La.: Delta Kappa Epsilon; Hullabaloo: TUSK; Army ROTC. • ANNA FRANCES RETIF. New Orleans, La.: Delta Zeta. • JANICE KAY REX, Plant City, Fla. » CHARLES EDWARD RICHARDS, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Tau Omega. • BARRY DAVID RITTENBERG, New Orleans, La.; Zeta Beta Tau: Hullabaloo; Naval ROTC. • MARY B. ROBERTS, Anniston. Ala.; Chi Omega; Hullabaloo; TUSK; Canterbury Club. • BARRY DAVID RITTENBERG, New Orleans, La.; Zeta Beta Tau: Hullabaloo; Naval ROTC. 9 MARGARET ROBINSON, Metairie. La.; Beta Sigma Omicron : Newman Club; Glee Club: Commerce Woman ' s Club. • .MARGI ROBINSON, .Metairie, La.; Beta Sigma Omicron: Newman Club; Glee Club; Commerce Woman ' s Club. • NANCY ROBINSON, Pass Christian, Miss.; Commerce Woman ' s Club. • PAULINE ROBINSON, New Orleans, La. « MICHAEL ROSE, Witten- stead, N. Y.; Alpha Epsilon Pi. • SANDRA ROSEN, Savannah, Ga.; Alpha Epsilon Phi: Dance Club. • PHIL ROSENBLUM, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Epsilon Pi. • VIVIAN ROSENFELD, Atlanta, Ga.; Sigma Delta Tau; Glee Club. S JON RIDDLE ROTH. New Orleans, La.; Beta Thela Pi: Naval ROTC. • ERIC N. ROUSSEL, Edgard, La.: Newman Club: Tulane Band; Naval ROTC; Navy Drum and Bugle Corps; Navy Football. • DAVID RUSSIN, Miami Beacii. Fla.: Zeta Beta Tau; Pre-Medical Society. • MICHAEL A. RUSSIN. Miami Beach, Fla.; Zeta Beta Tau: Pre-Medical Society. • JACK RY- N, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Tau Omega. O WILLI A.M WINSTON SAIFER, Clayton, Mo.: Zeta Beta Tau. • RICHARD S- NDERS, Shreveport, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Pre-Medical Society; Westminster Fellowship; Army ROTC. • BEVERLY SANDERFER, Houma, La.; Alpha Omicron Pi; J. mb.4L.-iy.4 ; Westminster Fellowship. • WILLIAM H. SAUFLEY, JR., New Orleans. La.; Kappa Sigma: Pre-Medical Society: New- man Club; Air Force ROTC. • VIC J. SCALISE, New Orleans, La.; Pi Kappa .Mpha: Pre-Medical Society; Air Force ROTC. • BODIN ROBERT SCHE.XNAYDER, .leaneretlc, La.; Beta Theta Pi; Naval ROTC. • DOUGLAS D. SCHNEIDER, Pass Christian, Miss.; Pre-Medical So- ciety; Air Force ROTC. O DAVID SCHREIBER, Kansas City, Mo.; Sigma Alpha Mu: Pre-Medical Society. • GEORGE G. SHULER, Birmingham, Ala. • ROSALYN SCHULMAN, Birmingham. Ala.: Sigma Delta Tau. ■ 8 • BARBARA SCHULZE, New Orleans, La.; Beta Sigma Omicron: Channing Club; Glee Club: Glendy Burke Society. • JACK SCHUSTER, Shreveport, La.; Zeta Beta Tau: President Freshman Class A S. • DAVID S. SCHWAB. Hamilton. Ohio; Phi Delta Theta; Air Force ROTC. • DIANE MARIA SCHWARTZ, New Orleans, La.: Newman Club. O SANDY SCHWARTZ, Tampa, Fla.: Alpha Epsilon Phi; Dance Club; Jambalaya, • BRITTON B. SEEBO, Portsmouth, Va. • CHARLE. ' i FREDERICK SEE- MANN, JR.. New Orleans. La.: Beta Theta Pi. • MAR. ' HALL G. SEIBEL, Clayton, Mo.; Kappa Alpha Psi. • WALTER G. SEINSHEIMER, Cincinnati, Ohio : Zeta Beta Tau ; Sailing Club ; Irby House Council. • BARBARA JUDITH SEITLIN, Miami, Fla.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Student Directory. 216 FRESHMEN ■ 1 • JA.MCK SKI.ICSON, Okl.iln.in.i Ciiv, Okla.: J vmiulm ; llillil Ki.unchi- lii.ii. • IIARliAKA SICLPH, Ni-w Orkaiis, I..,. • JKKKV SKNS. New Orleans, La.: Alpha Tau OnuTa; Air F.irrr ROTC. • lill.L SKKKX. N.w Orli-uns. Lu.: Si|;nia Alpha Epsilon; Wesley Fnundatiim; Air Knnc KOTC. • ANNIC •SKWKl.L, Boycc, Lu.; Kuppu Alpha Tlieta. • SANDRA SIIAI.NOCK. Ilouslon. Tex.: Alpha EpsiK.n Phi: Jamiiai.aya. • I.CIIS .SHARON. Cin.innali. Ohi... O KUWARD R. SHERWOOD. New (Irhan-. La.; Kappa Alpha. 9 SA ll Kl. SHOSS. H.msl.m. Tex. • GAIL Sill TE. Opel.. usas. La.: Newman Cluh. ■ 3 • DON Orleans. ROGERS Chattan... ' SLALGH ship. MICHEL SIERRA. New Orleans, La. • EUGENE K. SIMON, New La.: Alpha Tau Omega: Newman Club; Naval ROTC. • JOHN SIMMONS. .IR., New Orleans. La. • CHARLES RONNY SISKIN. f.i. Tenn.; Hiillidmloo: Jamuai.av ; Naval ROTC. • GENIE TER, liaii.n R ' .uge, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Westminster Felli.w- • CARSON SMITH, DeQueen, Ark.; Alpha Tau Omega: Naval ROTC; NROTC Drum and Bugle Corp. O HOWARD THOMPSON S.MITH, JR., Springhill, La.; Sigma .Mpha Epsilun; Intramural Sports; Baptist Student l ' ni..n; Armv ROTC; Irby House D.irm Couneil. • LORAINE S.MITH, Jack- son. .Miss.; Delta Zeta: Wesley Foundation. • MARION SNIDER. Houston, Tex.; Kappa Alpha Theta: Jambalaya. • BARBARA LEIGH SNYDER, Portsmouth. Va.: Jami)AI.ay ; Hillel Foundation. • MORRIS SOCOLOFF, Atlanta, Ga.; Sigma Alpha Mu. • JIMMY SOKOL, Birmingham, Ala.: Zeta Beta Tau. • HELENE BELLAMORE SOLGERON. New Orh ' ans, La.; Chi Omega Newman Club: Glee Club. • SIDNEY HAROLD STADTLANDER. I,.n,.ngailela. Pa.: Sigma Alpha Mu; Hillel F..undati..n; Air Force ROTC: Pre-Law Society. O CAROLE STAFFORD. New Orleans, La.; Chi Omega; Baptist Student Lni..n: A Cappellu Choir. • JULIA ANN STAGG, Eunice, La.; Phi Mu; Newman Club; Sailing Club. • SHE? STAHEL, Metairie, La.; Beta Theta Pi; Naval ROTC. • CAROL MUNRO STANLEY, New Orleans, La.: Alpha Omicn.n Pi: Barraeu las: TUSK; Wcsiminstir Fell..wsliip; Glee Club. • ANNE STARK, P..rt Arthur, Tex.; Pi Beta Phi. • SHIRLEY ANNE STEIN. Tampa. Fla.: Ali.ha Epsih.n Phi; JAMIIALAVV. • KAREN STKl ' IIAN. Salina, Kans.; Kappa Alpha Th. ' ta: Glci ' Club. • AL- DKICr 1.. STEWART. New Orleans, La.; Alpha Tau Omega: N. ' wman Club: Naval KdTC. • GEORGE G. .STEWART, New Orleans. La.; Phi Kappa Sigma: Naval ROI ' C; Pi Land. ,1a Beta. • LOIS SITLLMAN. Nashville. Tenn.; Sigma Delta Tau; Hillel F..undali..n ; lnlcrnati..nal R.I.Lli..ns Club. • M ARKUS K. STRAl IE. N,w Orleans. La.; N.-wnian Club: Air F..ne ROI ' C, ■ 8 • SUSIE STREET, Alexandria, La.; Chi Omega; Westminster Fellowship. • EARL F. SUNDMAKER. JR.. Naval ROTC. • LIONEL H. SUTTON, III, Beta Theta Pi. • LIDA INGE SW AFFORD, Kappa Alpha Theta; Canlerburv Club; Glendv Burke Socieiv. • FRANCES E. SWIIT. Flemingion, N. J. • IKIS l.Ei; TAFEEL. Atlanta. G.i.; Alpha Epsib.n Phi; Jimiim.vi . • ARTIE TAPPER, Br..oklvn. N. Y.; Alpha Epsib.n Pi; Hillel F..undati..n. • SARAH TELES. New Orleans, Ui. O WAYNE TERHl NE. Birmingham, Ala.; Phi Mu: Sailing Club; Wesley Foundation; Student Directory. • . NN PERKINS ' TERRELL. Colundda, Miss.; Kappa Kappa Gamma: Barracudas; W cstniinster Ftdlowsbip, ini 5; 5 iS 8 217 FRESHMEN • GAIL THOMPSON, Kingsville, Tex.: Phi Mu. • ISABEL THORNTON, Boyce, La.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Barracudas; Canterbury Club. • SARA TIG- RETT, Newbern. Tenn.; Kappa Alpha Theta. • LYLE VAUGHN TIMMINS, III, Kappa Sigma; Naval ROTC: Tulane Sailing Club. • TERRY TOPHAM, San Antonio. Tex.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Naval ROTC; Naval Drum and Bugle Corps.; House Council. ■ 2 • WARREN JOHN TRAHAN, New Orleans, La.: Army ROTC. • ROBERT E. TREUTING, New Orleans, La.; Beta Theta Pi. • ARTHUR M. TRIBBLE, Sardis, Miss.; Baptist Student Union. • DOROTHY TSAI, New Orleans, La.; Glee Club. • MELVIN TURNAGE, New Orleans, La.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • E. EUGENE UMSTOT, New Orleans, La.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • UPTON CARROL, Agricola, Miss. WINKLE, Bronxville, N. • JACKIE VEDRENNE, Alpha Omicron Pi. • LARRY EDWARD VAN Y.; Beta Theta Pi; Glee Club; Army ROTC. New Orleans, La. • ANN WATHEN VEGA, Napoleonville, La.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Newman Club; Glee Club. • KAREN JANE VEILLON, Eunice, La.; Chi Omega; Newman Club; Campus Night. • STEPHANIE VOORHIES, Lafayette, La.: Chi Omega: Newman Club. • JEAN ELLEN VORHABEN, New Orleans, La.; Phi Mu. • MARY WACHENHEIM, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Barracudas. • DEE WADICK, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Newman Club. • MARIE ALICE WAGNER, New Orleans. La.; Phi Mu. • REYNOLDS WAGNON, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Tan Omega. • JOAN WALKER, St. Louis, Mo.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Jambalava; TUSK. • KATHY WARDEN, Pt. Arthur, Tex.; Kappa Alpha Theta. O JACK WARNER, New Orleans, La. • ANTHONY WARREN, New Orleans, La. • BETH WARREN, Midland, Tex.; Pi Beta Phi; Canterbury Club. • JOSEPH S. WASSERMAN, St. Louis, Mo.: Zeta Beta Tau: JHullabaloo; Jambalava; Air Club. • BILL WATSON, Minden, La.; Air Force ROTC; Sabre Jets Drill Team. • CLAUDETTE WEBSTER, Houston, Tex.: Alpha Omicron Pi: Jambalava; Baptist Student Union. • PETER WEILL, Miami Beach, Fla.; Sigma Alpha Mu. • LYNNE WEIN- STEIN, Denver, Colo.; Sigma Delta Tau. • JAMES WELCH, Alexandria, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Pre-Medical Society; Glee Club. • LESLIE H. WELL- MEYER, JR , Chalmette, La.: Pre-Medical Society; Newman Club; Army ROTC. • PATRICIA WENTWORTH, Port Arthur, Tex.; Alpha Delta Pi; Newman Club. ■ 8 • HARALD T. WERNER, JR., New Orleans, La.; Naval ROTC. • BOB WHEELER. Pensacola, Fla.: President Freshman Engineering Class. • FRAN- CIS M. WHIDDEN, New Orleans, La.: Delta Zeta; TUSK; Wesley Foundation. • JUDY WHITE, Annandale, Va.; Alpha Delta Pi: Wesley Foundation; Glee Club. • MAY LOUISE WHITE. Alexandria, La.; Chi Omega; TUSK; Canter- liurv Club. O ROBERT J. WHITE, Metairie. La.; Alpha Tau Omega. • CLARE WILKIN- SON, SomerviUe, Tenn.; Kappa Alpha Theta. • JACK WILLETT, Laurel, Miss. • CONNIE WILLIA.MS, Prattville, Ala.; Alpha Delta Pi; Canterbury Cluh. • GERARD R. WILLIAMSON, New Orleans, La.; Newman Club. 21« F l{ i: S H M E N • s. r (;i w II 1 1 :s()N. Sprinjiiiiii, i.n. CAKlll.VN W INFIia.l), l!irmi.ii;liiini. Ala.: SlM.I.-„l I iiiMii. • SAI.I.V Vrri ' K , Jm-ks • TII(I 1 .S JA Ii:S WnTKMiKRC. c Sij;nia Alpha Epsilmi. • IAI ' Di-lta Zi-ia; Gli-i- CIuIj: liapli l .nvillc. Fla.: Al|ilia Kp-ilnn Phi. ■ Orleans. I.a.: Zi ' la licla Tau. • MKUin 1, CALI.IK WRir.HT. New OrlcaiK, I....; N.wman Cluh; CU-u Clul). • CKiKlA WVNiNK. liaiiiliri,!);,-. Ga. « AKTIU ' K G, VAKGKK. JK.. New Drl.Miis. La. • LISA S ' ZA 1•; vol NG, Lh.rala. Ala.: Ilillrl Kuunilati.,n; A Cappi ' lla Clicir: Glee Club. • K K ZARZA. N.w Orh-ans. Lu.; Newman Clul). • LAWRENCE ZASLOW. Jai-kM.nville. Fla.; lalli Club: Pre- l, li,al .Soeielv: Hillel Fnun latii.n : Air F..ree ROTC. • MARY AN.NA ZATARAIN, New Orleans. La. • CAROLYN ZKIGLER. New Orleans. La.: Gamma Delta. • MILTON HAROLD ZLMAN, Dallas, Tex.; Zela Beta Tau; I ' re-Medieal Soeiety: Jamhalava; Hillel Fiiunda- linn. • WARREN .McCARROW, Forest Hills, N. Y. • GEORGE SAMMIS. • AL IN .SCHENCK, New Orleans, La. Super Salesman Selber xvilli llexochloropliciu ' . 219 ? 8 MISCELLANEOUS PORTRAITS The Jambalaya Staff regrets the necessity of printing this amalgamation of additional pictures from many various classes. Through no fault of our own, these pictures were lost, mislaid, or overlooked by the Photographer only to turn up past deadline. • DE. N GILLESPIE, Phoenix, . riz. • DOJ TERUO, Hofu City, Japan: Fulbright Exchange Scholar. • DONALD A. MEYER, New Orleans, La.; Representative at Large of Student Body; Scabbard and Blade: Phi Delta Phi Carnival: Hullabaloo: Army ROTC; Debate Team- Glendv Burke Society: Pi Lambda Beta: Student Body. • JOHN A. MMAHAT, New Orleans, La.; Pi Sigma Alpha: Phi Alpha Delta; Intramural Council; Carnival; Interfaith Council: Newman Club; Debate Team; Glendy Burke Society; Pi Lambda Beta. • ROBERT EISENBERG, Milwaukee, Wis. • CASPER J. SCALISE, Long Beach, N. Y. O JAY WALSH, Bar Harbor, Maine. • RON ALEXANDER, Aransas Pass, Texas. O RUTH BRANDENBURG, Mobile, Ala. O PATRICK A. COLLITON, Moor- head. Minn. O DWIGHT S. HEADY. • CLARENCE A. MILLER, Cameron, La. • STANLEY SAPERSTEIN, Memphis, Tenn. • EUGENE J. WEIFFEN- BACH, Clearwater, Fla. • GEORGE V. BAUS, New Orleans, La. • CORNELIA CABRAL, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Omicron Pi. • BOB H. CRANFILL, Laurel, Miss. O MEME CULPEPPER, Alexandria, La.; Chi Omega; Assets; Newcomb Handbook: Canterbury Club; A Cappella Choir; Tulane Student Council; Student Activities Board. • JOSEPH LEON- IDES DALTON, III, New Orleans, La.; Phi Delta Theta: A.S.M.E. • EMILIE RUSSELL DIETRICH, New Orleans, La.; Phi Mu: Eta Sigma Phi; La Ter- tulia; Oreades: Hullabaloo; Tulane University Theatre; Glendy Burke So- ciety. • ANN MARIE GANDOLFO, New Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Phi; Sec. Music School; Pres. Newcomb Glee Club; A Cappella Choir; Glee Club. • .ARTHUR HASTINGS, Neosho, Missouri: Kappa Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma; Carnival; Hullabaloo; Disciples Student Fellowship; Interfaith Council: Campus Night; Debate Team; Glendy Burke Society. « ROBERT H. KREMER, Memphis, Tenn.; Zeta Beta Tau : Secretarv Jambalava; Armv ROTC: Adelphons; Lagni- appes. • JAMIL G. LE BLANC, New Orleans, La. O JERRE LLOYD, Lake Charles, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Hullabaloo. • DAVID B. NEWSTADT, Shreveport, La.; Zeta Beta Tau Historian; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Delta Sigma Phi: Jambalaya; TUSK; Glendy Burke Society Lagniappes: Pi Lambda Beta, President. • KENNETH PIERCE, Highland Park, 111. • MARY SUSAN ROBERTS, Shreveport, La.; Pi Beta Phi. ■ 8 • JOEL VIRGINIA RUSSELL, New Orleans, La. • PUNKY SMIGH, Oak Park, 111. • JOHN OLIVER STUARD, III, New Orleans, La. • LYNN C. WOODS, New Orleans, La. 220 nnmm CONTENTS K ai3g3isateftayH. ■ Department of Athletics Football Basketball Tennis Baseball Track Golf Intramurals Newcomb Sports i 1955 FOOTBALL GREENIES SHOCK CELLAR SEERS ' i i SHOW 61 h IN SEC ANDY PILNEY Football Ilfad Coach DICK BAUMBACH Athletic Director EDDIE ALLEN Sports Publicity Director ulane. ulanp. ulaiR " . ulaiu " . ulaiii ' . ulane. ulane. ulane. ulane. ulane. SU1VIM. RY Record: 5-4-1 VMI 7 Toxa.s ,15 Northwestern Mi. ;s. Stale 14 Ole Miss 27 Georgia uliiirn m Malunna 7 Vanderlnll 2(1 LSU i:5 Passing: Att. Coni|i. Intc. Yds. TI)- Newton . . . . 49 21 5 313 4 Caruso .... . 25 1 2 113 RusliitiL ' : TC YG YI. Net ANg. ( )uillian . . . . 1.5(1 0 ' 5 10 6»5 4.5 C.otlrell 67 ; 16 24 292 4.3 Gilniore . . . . 1 335 53 2»2 3.6 Newton . . . . 1 I 395 no 279 3.5 Punlinj;: Puiils ' i ards Avg. ( tuilliaii . . . ... 36 1414 39.2 C ' aruso ... 17 5% 35.0 Total OlTensivi Leader s ; Pku Tot a 1 Yards ( Hiillian . . . . 150 685 Newton . . . .14() 589 225 TULANE 20 V. M. I. 7 FIRST SCORE of the year is made on a 31 yard pass play from Newton to Cottrell (35) who outruns VMI ' s defense. The Tulane Greenies, rated in pre-season polls to have the poorest team in the conference, gave an indication that the prognosticators might have missed the boat by storming to a 20-7 victory over a mediocre VMI team. Gene Newton, a swiveled hipped, soft passing quarterback and Ronny Quillian, a ramming fullback and booming punter, revealed that they might be the offensive threats needed to bring Tulane from football obscurity to a high ranking in the power packed SEC. Newton ' s mixture of passing and running led the Wave to two first half TD ' s. Tulane ' s great AU-American Tony Sardisco, who along with Bryan Burnthorne, Dalton Truax and Emmett Zelenka held the VMI charges to 78 yards rushing, recovered a fumble in the third period on the opponent ' s 30. Quillian, with New- ton sandwiching in a 14 yard keeper, picked up the needed yardage to give Tulane a commanding 20-0 lead. Eagerness and inexperience were the causes of Tulane ' s 160 yards in penalties. But the margin was enough to permit Coach Pilney to play 34 men in Tulane ' s first sign of a return to top notch football — something for which the fans of this area had long been waiting. BRYAN BURNTHORNE.... Senior.... 6-1 200 TONY SARmSCO.... guard Senior 6-2 200 PASSING CLICKS again in Texas game as Riley (85) hugs a 20 yard throw from Caruso. TULANE 21 TEXAS 35 It was just a case of " fumblitis " and a weak pass defense that permitted the heavily favored Longhorns of Texas to struggle to a 35-21 win over the Greenies. The Newton-sparked Tulane offense completely dazed the Texas defenders in the first half, and at intermission Coach Pilney led his boys to the lockerroom with a 14-14 tie. Due to the lack of success on the ground, Coach Price switched Walt Fondren, who led Texas to both first half scores, to halfback and inserted another sophomore, Joe Clements at quarterback. Throwing with the accuracy of Robin Roberts, Clements scored once and passed for two touchdowns while completing 17 of 22 passes. Two long passes by Newton set up Tulane ' s first score with Quillian bulling the final fourteen yards. A weak Texas punt following a long Tulane drive set up the second score; " Mouse " Newton threw to Billion for 24 yards and a tie game. The Greenies outrushed the Texas team and again the for- ward wall was outstanding, but slippery fingers enabled the alert Longhorns to recover fumbles at decisive moments and thwart sustained Tulane drives. LEADIXn TXTFRFERENCE. TulaneV Sardisco (64 ' l i)rovides palli fur 12 vaid .n.l w,-,p li CoUrell (35) TULANE 21 NORTHWESTERN Tulane paid tlieir respects to sixteen members of the 1925 Greenies. tlie last Wave team to meet Northwestern. The " old- timers " won li!-7 in the game 30 years ago, and the present da Greenies tli iught that showing off for the grads was more irnpiirlant tlian lieing courteous to their visitors from Evans- Inn. Again it was the clever calling of Newton that sparked the a e to their second win. Crossing up the defense with magician hall handling. Newton led the speed) Tulane offense 77 Nards with the ever dependable Quillian dragging three men into the " ' land of milk and honey. " The Tulane defense lightened u|) on their fi c to sta ' e off the ' ildcals " onl scoring Ihrcal. Late in the 2nd period ill Billiiui alcrllx (■(l(lp(•d up a desperation pass from the nlf-balancc ,1 im Trogiio and trudged ihrnugh fifteen ards of slush to score. In the second half Al C.ollrcll led the Greenies o er b ' .i hard fought vards with rugged running, blocking, and sparkling pass-catching. The final score came at the climax of the dri e as Quillian dived o er guard to score and place him second in the .SEC scoring race. TULANE MISS. STATE 1 1 Primed for All-American Art Davis, the Tulane defense failed to recognize the passing potential of Bill Stanton whose passes at crucial points kept the Maroon drives rolling. Fumbles again hindered the Greenies as the .Slate defense recovered four Tulane bolibles within 15 yards of paydirt, and it was a Greenie miscue on their own 31 that set up the iMis- sissippians first score. They scored again on a weak Tulane punt that dribbled out of bounds on the Wave 34. Stanton led the State team to its final score as again the quarterback ' s ball handling kept the Greenies off balance. It was not only a case of Tulane fumbling that hurl, but doing it at the climax of long dri es. Quillian was a menace lo the Maroons all afternoon: called upon 22 times to tote the leather. Q)uillian churned his way forward 103 yards. The center of the Tulane line was again led by Tony and Burnie with ,lini (!anncid lining a fine job of line-backing. D.M.TON TRUAX.... acWf Junior.... 6-2.... 215 () lis C.II.MORE. . ..hallhack Senior. . . .6-1. . . . 175 JIM CARMOnY....frn»rr Senior 6-.! I9.S RONNY QlllXI. N.... « 6«ril Junior .6-1 I8R TULANE 13 OLE MISS 27 Clashing with Ole Miss in its 5th tilt of the season the gallant Greenies were outsmarted 27-13 by the SEC champs. Going into the game the Rebels boasted the nation ' s 8th leading gainer of total yards in All-American Eagle Day. but the hard hitting Greenie forward wall led by center Don Miller held the Mississippi quarterback to a total yardage of -17. Tulane ' s shortcoming proyed to be their inability to cope with the steady stream of Rebel reseryes. Although Tulane outplayed Ole Miss ' starting unit, they could not handle John Blaylock and Co. vhich accounted for all of the Mississippi markers. Tulane drew first blood in the initial quarter as Otis Gilmore blasted 25 yards through the Ole Miss secondary. The Rebs countered immediately with Blaylock throwing two 55 yard touchdown passes, making the halftime score read 13-7. Blaylock made it 20-7 in the third stanza on a keeper good for 11 yards and paydirt. Later in the period Tulane marched to the Ole Miss 17. but the driye fizzled as the ubiquitous Blaylock was there to intercept a pass. The Mississippi crew iced the game in the fourth quarter as Paige Cothern scampered 20 yards for the six pointer. Tulane ' s final score of the game was perhaps the most exciting as Willie Hof grabbed a 65 yard Caruso heaye and raced to the seven. Two plays later Caruso sneaked across the twin stripes from the one. READY. AIM. FIRE: Newton (12 I eludes Ole Miss tacklers to complete 12 yard pass to Billion. TOMMY WARNER.... m 6acA- CHARLIE MACK¥. ... .end Junior. , . .6-0. . . . 165 Sophomore. . . .6-4. . . .195 TULANE 14 GEORGIA The Green Waye rolled into Athens and secured their first conference yictory, flooring the Bulldogs 14-0. Georgia moyed the ball well, gaining a total of 197 yards, but when the chips were down the big Greenie line proved that they had the ' dogs by the leash: twice Georgia threats were stopped with Sardisco, Khayat, and Miller making ground gains next to impossible. Miller, possibly the most underrated lineman in the conference, stopped one of the Bulldog drives cold, snatching an aerial on the goal line and lugging it out 25 yards. Another important factor in keeping the opponents away from paydirt was the sensational punting of Quillian : his high spiraling boots kept the Georgians deep in their territory throughout the game. The principal word for Tulane ' s offense was Newton! The pint-sized quarterback accounted for 97 yardb and scored both six-pointers. The first marker vas made on a weaving 49 yard run in which the key was rocking down field blocking. Truax set up the second tally, recovering a Georgia fumble on the eight, from which point Newton swept around end to score. 228 T U L A N E 2 7 AUBURN 13 L nimpri ' sscd li Auliurn ' imiiiliur !1 raiikiiip in ihc iialicjii. Coach Andy Pilney and his staff primed the Tulane squad for its most valiant ciTnrl in recent years. Playing before a Home- coming crowd of 40.000, the Greenies made it known earh that they were out to win and would take advantage of every possible lireak. To pick out an individual star would be im- possible: the 27- 1. ' ictory was a team effort. This was perhaps the biggest ups ' t in the Tl -Auburn series since Jimmy Hitch- cock led Auburn in 1932 over the same Greenie team that went to the Rose Bowl the preceding year. After failing to capitalize on one early break, the Green Wave recovered another Tiger fumble and marched deep into I he oppositions territory where a circus catch by Billion on a fourth down desperation pass from Newton put the New Or- leans team ahead 7-0. In the second period Caruso got off a booming kick that rolled nut on the Tigers ' goal line and Auburn ' s poor retaliat- ing punt rolled out in their 24. On the first play from scrim- mage Newton rolled out to the right and threw a soft pass to Gilmore who took it over his shoulder on the ten from which point he could have walked over. Again Zelenka converted making it 14-0 at halftime. Another weak Auburn punt put them in trouble after the intermission : from the 42 Newton again led Tulane to another score. The play that set up the tally was a 20 yard pass from " Mouse " to Gilmore who was bounced out of bounds on the !»(]. From there Quillian spiralled into the end zone. " The Toe " Zelenka put the extra point through the uprights. The Plainsmen made their only sustained drive of the game uilii All-American Joe Childress, checked throughout the game b the great Wave line, leading the way. The fans hrrathed easier as Charles Hanson broke through to block the STRAW rilAl liruke the Tiger ' s bark: (jilinure takes a soft pass from Newton over his shoulder for a 24 yard touchdown play against Auburn. extra point attempt and leave the score 21-6. This score seemed to disrupt the Greenie pattern of success, and the old nemesis ■ " fumblitis " returned to plague Tulane. After the Tigers scored their second TD. a few minutes later the relapsing Greenies handed Auburn the liall again. On fourth down deep in Wave territory halfback Tommy Warner plucked Tubbs ' flat pass out of the hands of the intended receiver and scampered 87 exhausting vards. A fitting climax to the Greenies effort was the swarming of the fans onto the field to carry their deserving heroes off on their shoulders. RIDINc; HIGH after the Greenies " 27-1.3 upset of Auburn are Wave ' s (1. to r.) Jester (23). Coach Pilney and Truax (72l. EMMETT ZELENK. .... acA c Junior 5-11 202 GENE NEWTOi ....9uar fr6oc Siiphomore. . . .5-10. . . .160 ™ ™ f ! fl fff . ' ' ■ " f r mmm ' ' HR f.CX fi ii i -aSt . DIVING OVER GUARD to score against " Bama. Quillian puts Greenies ahead to stay in liard fought game at Mobile. BULLING FORWARD for 9 yards goes Quillian in one of the bright moments of disheartening Vandy game. TULANE 27 ALABAMA 7 TULANE 7 VANDERBILT 20 A furious second half powered the Tulane Greenies past the Crimson Tide 27-7. Tulane which had toppled Auburn from the unbeaten list the week before was a bit overconfident in its " Alabama sweep. " The spirited Tuscaloosans threw quite a scare into the Greenies as the score was knotted at seven all at the midway mark. Playing before a hometown crowd in Mobile ' s Ladd Stad- ium, Al Cottrell countered the initial Wave tally on a ten yard spurt, capping an 83 yard drive. ' Bama evened things with a Starr to Germanos completion moving the ball to the two where Lumpkin hurdled over. A rejuvenated Greenie unit took charge late in the third quarter, led by Center Don Miller. The Wave backfield could not be stopped as Quillian and Cottrell ate up yardage. Quillian got marker number two after setting himself up with several line plays. He added the third also, carrying over from the seven, where the ball had rolled dead after Sardisco had knocked down a Bama punt. Cottrell ended the fireworks by walking the tightrope 37 yards down the sidelines with an intercepted pass. WILL BILLION.... enrf Sophomore .... 6-2 ... . 198 AL COTTRELL.... i« .«rA Victorious in three straight outings, the Tulane Greenies were pitting their strategist Andy Pilney against Vandy ' s Art Guepe in the battle for a possible bid to the Gator Bowl and also for The SEC Coach of the Year award. Pilney ' s men succeeded in stopping cold the highly touted Charlie Horton, with the exception of one brilliant 20 yard jaunt. But the Wave backfield could not roll as it was too often frequented with unwelcomed visits from the Connnodore for- ward wall, led by two husky guards Hayes and Frank. Large gaps with plenty of sunlight were opened by the seven mules from Nashville, and fullback King and quarterback Orr did not fail to capitalize. King ' s loping strides paved the way for two Vanderbilt scores, and the cagey Orr ' s handling of the pigskin made the Vandy offense almost impregnable. Behind 13-0 early in the game, the Greenies struggled back into contention. John Caruso ' s magic toe set up the Wave 26 yards from a score: four plays later Quillian ripped across the dual stripes. Because the Greenie quarterbacks were so violently rushed, only one pass was completed all afternoon : this proved to be the Wave downfall. Vanderbilt scored once again in the last half, as they com- pletely dominated play, topping the Tulane outfit in every de- partment. r U L A N E 13 L . S . U . 13 III iiiK ' nf ilii ' miisl pvpniy baianced games in recent years. llii- arc liri al.s fnim LSU j)laye(l host to an ambitious Tulane s(|ua(l. Hoping fur a fourtii j)iaco finish in the conference, the Wave j)la 0(1 hcarls-u|) ball aiul found ihi-nisclves ahead 13-0. nrdiriariU a commanding; lead. Rut usual situations are dis- laiili ' d in this scries, and the air-minded Bengals stormed back 111 I ii ' u|i llic fianic. lliiis leaving no mic cuiiiiilclclv satisfied. Ilir polcnl (irccri Wave defense, led li Riirnthorne. rlinka. and Sardisco. proved its wares earl in ihc game by iinlijing LSU on the 8. Then the Greenies outpunted the Tigers and (ill a short binii nff tli( sid( of Smiths fool, tlir Wave was I I ' . l) W -(IIS (,i|ni..ri ' loMuifi pass fr,,ni Ni ' uloii ill liaililional laiiic a;;aiii l I. SI al lialmi Koiifif. on the opponents 2.S. Ouillian smasiicd Itl gruelling vards for di ' lirsl marker of llic game: il was the seventh game in which liic raimiiing fiillliack liad crnssi-d llie goal line. Caruso kept llii- Inns Iriiiii Halon jiouge deep in liicir nun !erritor with icinin-cdnii ' i punts: Zinimeric capilaii i-il mi lln ' lirst Bengal inisciii ' li p.iiinring mi a innsr ball mi llir Tiger 21. Newton l " l Mil LIlK rffll. : Juniur .i-10 195 JOHN CARISO.... quarirrback Junior S-10 160 and Ouillian urked it to liie 6 shcrc liie Greenies eniploved the Mouse ' s roll out keeper with Tony and Burnie again lead- ing interference. When Zelenka ' s extra point attempt was blocked, few then realized the decisive role of that plav in the final score. Neither team could penetrate the other ' s defense in a rela- ti ely dull third quarter, but the L.SI ' fireworks broke loose in the final period as the Tigers finally took to the air. Reynolds led the offense 70 yards to a six-pointer at the beginning of the final stanza, and Graham converted. But in the game ' s most controversial pla . the Tigers were charged w ith holding, and Graham ' s attempt from the 17 fell short. A weak quick kick gave LSU the ball at midfield. and Reynolds found Johns for three passes and a final Tl). Graham ' s kick split the uprights — and a 13-13 game. Tulane outrushed their opponents 2-W? yards to 8.5. but their inabililv to cope with Re nolds bulls-eve losses counteracted tlii ' ir supremacy on the ground. WIIKKKS ir l UADDYr— OulnnmI.ered 3 to 1. Tulane ' s I,irkr luipares lo leap for lob pass llial fell incomplele. " TIE " T FOR.M lll) : hilaiif (...a.hing SlafI Front: Tarzelti. Green, Kotteman, Karmazin Back: Pilney, Mazur, Whitman. GRADUATING SENIORS: Gilmore. Burnthorne. Sardisco, and Carmody discuss future plans with Coach Pilney. TULANE ' S e-EMPHASIS PROGRAM Many people accuse Tulane of going too far in a de-emphasis program, but do they really know what constitutes a program under this assumed name? In 1953 Tulane reduced the num- ber of athletic grant-in-aids; some may describe this as " de- emphasis, " but the reasons for the reduction did not include any desire for athletics to be de-emphasized (whatever the word may mean) . Tulane now is fielding the best intercollegiate athletic teams it can produce, while maintaining its scholastic standing and conforming to the rules of the SEC and the NCAA. The prime consideration in formulating the athletic policy, as in any other policy at Tulane, is that the University ' s integrity as an educational institution must be maintained. Financial consideration are important factors in determin- ing the policy, and a privately endowed university is at a c on- siderable disadvantage in carrying out an intercollegiate ath- letic program as compared with tax-supported institutions. Quite a few changes have been instituted in improving cam- pus life for the boys with grant-in-aids. Under the guidance of Athletic Director Dick Baumbach, the Athletic Advisory Committee have seen that the admission requirements and grade maintenance must be the same for all students and have encouraged non-scholarship holders to compete in varsity athletics. The committee also recommends that athletes inte- grate with other students in the dorm and participate in extra- curricular activities on campus. Much credit goes to this group for its helping to strike a happy medium in athletic emphasis at Tulane. Now Tulane has more football players on scholarship than at any other time in history; this is partly due to the fact that freshmen are ineligible and to have a squad from only three classes necessitat es this increase. Next year ' s schedule only includes such grid powers as Texas, Navy, Georgia Tech, and Ole Miss. Having seen the facts, how can anyone say that Tulane is carrying out a de- emphasis program? The 1956 TULANE Football Squad ..j| -r_Js , , " or • «ir b ita» - «ff4. . « i-V . w ' ' :a w,A.w s( i «fc jii|(i»r-. BS -»-i TONY SARDISCO ' S . . . CINDERELLA STOKY Tlic iiKi iic ivarui cpf llic Innlliall Writers Association of iniMi(a caiiic douii and la])| c(l the lichnct of Aiitlionv Guy Sardisco. lluis turnint; this nionslrnus 201) pound hulk into an All-American. The hour of Fate had finalK come for Tony and for Tulane which had not had an All- American in the past five years. The 22-year-old senior from Hossiir (!il . Louisiana lluis hecame the 1 1th Greenie and the lirsl I nlanc f. ' nard lo make the dream team. Kx -eplionall last and aggressive fur a lii Jiian. Idnv ranjred far man times on (lefen.se to make the tackle and uas adept at pulling out to lead interference on wide pla s. Prev- iously. Sardisco was recognized by the SEC ' check list " nine times and was awarded " Player of the Week " after the Au- liurn game. A regular for four years, Tony stands out as the oidy player in modern Tulane history to share the captaincy two years. And now it seems that the professional ranks have found the cleated shoe that just fits Tonvs foot, therefore oflering him a promising future. rULANE ' S rONY SARDISCO I LOOK ' S 1955 i UL AMERICA •OOTBALL TEAM . et LOOK now! . . . and heennie llu- .inl ,ii - tive representative of ' i ' Mlam- on All- Vtni-riian leani 1956 BASKETBALL WELLS DEALS NATURAL SEVEN INTO WINNING HAND MURPH HOOKS in two against Mississippi State in 110-72 rout 7 teiflk ' - . ■ - .r ' 1 LJ- k Y ■ ' ■ iV wS. i n IL rl % 1 ;; " T 1 BskI i CAL GROSSCUP . . . 6 ' 3 " . . . forward 40 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE aid Coacli Wells in explainii some fundamentals to seniors Jim Cothern and Captain Roy Sto; I ' mLum- %: I lihiiic 94: lUhmc 53; riil;iiu ' 66: riiLiMc 69: ' ruLuic 66: riilaiic 91: Tiihini- 80: riihiiu ' 7S: ' I ' lihini ' 61 : Tiilaiu- 72: rulanc SI : SI MM !0 12-12 SEC 7-7 Soiilliweslcrii ( Memphis I .. . 50 Louisiana College 61 Rice 83 Texas A M 85 Spiiri ' jslii ' ld (Mass. 1 61 Oliio Slate 72 asliiii;;liiii Slate 52 Miann.Ma.. Tournev (.oliimiiia ■ . . J " I- (;cnrf;ia 56 KInriila 61 Tulane 63 Tiilane 68 ' I ' lilane 66 Tulane 93 Tulane 110 Tulane 77 Tulane 67 Tulane 60 Tulane 86 Tulane 83 Tulane 83 Tulane 81 Kenliieky 85 Tennessee 81 LSU 87 OleMiss 82 Miss. Slate 72 Georgia Teeli 79 Van.lerbilt 71 Alabama 79 Auburn 75 OleMiss 81 Miss. Slate 78 i.SU 68 (ioai ' li (, ' lilT Wi ' lls. tlie little ea e inasler from Indiana, who looks more like a professor than a coach, preserved his record at Tulane by masterminding a weakened squad to a .500 record in llie conference and an equal mark for all games. Starting the season with 11 men. the (Jreenies were not supposed to be in contention for the title, but were labeled in the " dangerous " category. W ith Captain Roy Stoll. Bobby Delpil. and Stanley Slunipf the only remaining veterans. Coach Wells was expecting help from Cal (Irosscup. a transfer from Purdue, and from Tom Murphv and ,lim Colhern who spent most of their time on the bcn h last year. Up from junior college. Bob Ebker. John Mal- lory. and Bill .largsdorf were expected to aid the (ireenies. but jiisl before the season ' s opener sophomores .lack Woods and Man Mohr droppetl out of school. The ave romped over small schoid opponents before running into two formidable representatives of the Southwest Confer- ence. On a brief Holiday homestand the Greenies captured two out of three games against ojiponents ranging from New England to the Paci fic coast. Making a creditable showing in the Orange Bowl Tourney, the Wave prepared themselves for their SEC opener against (Georgia. Losing four of the first five games, the Greenie spirit reached its lowest ebb as the now seven man team played half heart edly against arch-rival LSU. Realization of their lack of inspiration was brought to the attention of the team, and Coach Wells then cracked the whip. Coming out of the doldrums, the Wave was led to six victories out of the nine remaining conference games by .Stoll. (Jrosscup. and Stumpf to place 5th in the SEC with a 7-7 record, thus placing a Wells-coached (;reeMie team in the first division for the 10th straight vear. ROY STOLL uard STANLEY STUMPF . . . 6 ' 4 " GREENIES ' COME- BACK NOTCHES 5 th PLACE THREE WAY STRETCH for ball is performed by Stumpf and Murphy against LSU defender. The Greenie quintet copped its two opening tilts, turning back Southwestern of Memphis 95-50 and Louisiana College 94-61. Cal Grosscup bucketed 27 points in his initial appear- ance wearing a Greenie uniform, and Captain Roy Stoll hit for 20 against Louisiana College. The Wave made an unsuccessful tour in Texas as thev were downed by Rice and the Texas Aggies, 53-83 and 66-85. res- pectively. Back home for three games during the Holiday season. Tulane defeated Springfield (Mass.) 69-61, were squeezed out by the Buckeyes of Ohio State 66-72, and smashed Washington State, 91-52. Bobby Delpit, who re- mained with Tulane through their first eleven games, sacked 19 against Springfield, and Grosscup put in 20 against Ohio WAVERS HIGHEST SCORER in any single season. Cal Grosscup buckets two of his 41 points in record shattering game. II Tl) r MLKl ' HV. .0 ' 5 " JIM IX)THEK. ....5 ' 10 " .... guard State. Perhaps the outstanding performance was Stoll ' s hold- ing All-American Robin Freeman to his second lowest total of the year. Stunipf. Ebker. and Delpit netted 16 each against the Pacific coast quint. Journeying to Miami for the Orange Bowl Tourney, the Wellsmen stopped NYU, 80-72 with Stoll dropping in 33 points. Advancing to the semi-finals, the Greenies bowed to Miami 75-86, as Stumpf took scoring honors with 20. Colum- bia evened the Green and Blue record at 5 and 5 with a 64-61 win in the consolation match. Meeting Georgia in their first conference game, Tulane handed the Bulldogs a 72-56 setback, with Grosscup tallying 18. Florida stopped the Orleanians 61-54 as the Wave got ready for its first invasion into enemy territory in the SEC . In the season ' s most disastrous losing streak, the Greenies were trounced by Kentucky. Tennessee, and LSU. The Wild- cats rolled over Tulane 85-63, then the Vols slid past the ave 81-68. and finally the Tigers, with a second half spurt, won 87-66. Grosscup. Stoll. and Stumpf led the losing effort on the trip, hooking in 53, 48, and 36 points, respectively. It was only after their poor showing against LSU, not only on the scoreboard, but also on the matter of hustling, that the Wave opened their eyes and began to realize its lowly state with a 6-9 record. The Rebels from Ole Miss invaded the Wave gym and encountered a young man named Stanley Stumpf finding the range for 32 points and victory for Tulane, PLAYING PATTY CAKE with Stumpfs face is Auburn man in struijfile for a rfhmind. EFFECTIVE JUMP SHOT by Stumpf adds two more to Greenie total in LSU jrame. Bill Jargsdorf. .. .6 ' ! ' ' ?uard Bob Ebker. . . .6 ' 5 " . . . .center 93-82. The second of the Mississippi colleges in the SEC, Miss. State was also treated rather harshly by an inspired Wave squad. Hitting from all over the court, the Greenie team lit- erally wore out the net. Their combination of accuracy and hustle spelled out many new records in Tulane ' s basketball history. Four major school records were broken as Grosscup with 41 points led the Wave to an astounding 110-72 victory; Stoll was way back in the scoring column with " only " 28. Grosscup ' s scoring spurt was a major factor in his drive to- ward becoming the highest scoring Greenie in a single season in history. The Green team next embarked on a heartbreaking road trip to Georgia Tech and Vanderbilt. Leading by five points with only a couple of minutes remaining, the Greenies saw an alert Yellow Jacket squad steal victory right from under their noses 79-77. After hanging on with a valiant fight. Tulane was outlasted by the Nation ' s No. 4 ranked Vanderbilt Commo- dores who eked out a hard-earned 74-67 win. For the third time in the last four games, Stumpf was above the magic 20 and his continual rebounding was an important factor in the Wave ' s " new look. " The 79-60 score was not indicative of the respectable battle the Wave put up against Alabama ' s SEC champs: the Tide ' s depth was just too much for an outmanned Tulane squad. It seemed at this point in the season that the Wave, which had seen many tough breaks, would have to discard all hopes for a first division finish. Auburn ' s fourth place Tigers came into town hungry for revenge for the football upset administered by Tulane, but the Wave was not to be daunted. Led by Gross- cup ' s 35 point effort, the Wave now had its future brightened. Repeat wins over the Mississippi squads on the road would be tasty to the drooling Greenies. Stumpf exactly equalled his 32 points scored earlier against Ole Miss, and the Wells-men edged the Rebs. 83-81. At Starkville two nights later, the Greenie five balanced its scoring in overcoming a five point deficit in the final minutes to win. 83-78. Returning home for the season ' s finale against LSLI. the Wave not only was seeking revenge, but wanted to garner fifth place honors all by itself. Stumpf and Grosscup led Tulane in scoring and rebounding while Stoll ' s floor plav continually stymied the Bengals. Building up a margin to as much as 26 points, the Wave romped over the boys from Baton Rouge in the 81-68 conquest. To single out any one individual in leading the " Natural Seven " in their comeback would be impossible. It took the knowledge of Coach Wells plus the desire to win by seven hustling boys to establish the Green Wave as the conference ' s most unpredictable team. We, the student body of Tulane, should tip our hats to these boys who did so much to reflect honor upon our university. RIGHT OVER CENTER. Grosscup drives for goal in Missis- sippi State game. 1956 TENNIS V TI E M M K 1 PAKE PRODUCER O F C H A M 1 IONS 1 lie piuiluctT ul iiioif SKC cliaiiipiuii5.hips ihaii any other coach in any sport in the history of the league — Coach Emmett Pare has liniught Tulane national actlaini llirough its out- staniling tennis teams. Since coming to Tulane in 1933, Pare has compiled an astounding record of 145 wins. 23 losses, and 11 ties, and cur- rentl) the Wave netmen have notched -14 consecutive dual match victories. In 17 SEC tournaments, Fare ' s squads have uon I ' .i team iilorics and 12 ul tliejc ear. the number-one man was a product of Pares teaching. Emmett Joseph Pare was born in Chicago in 1908 and re- ceived his Bachelor of Philosophv from Georgetown Lnivcr- sity in 19 ' M). The following year he joined the Bill Tilden pro- fessional troupe which toured the world. In 1933 along with Bruce Barnes. Pare won the National Professional Doubles Championship. Coach Pare takes special pride in his tutelage of four Na- ERNIE SUTTER helped Tulane ' . su- premacy in the tennis world to he recog- nized wlien he hecame Fare ' s first National I ntercoliejiiate Cliamp in 1936- 1937. HAM RICHARDSON (19.53-.S4l and •■i ' EI ' E " . GUERO (19551 were both prize products of Fare ' s tutelage. JACK TIERO displayed hi powerful foreiiand for Tulane while he was Na- tional Ciiunip under Fare in 1949. 1956 Tennis Squad NETTERS STREAK EXTENDED TO 44 tional Intercollegiate Champions — Ernie Sutter 11936-37), Jack Tuero (1949), Hamilton Richardson (1953-54), and Jose ' " Pepe " Aguero (1955). Therefore, out of the whole na- tion, our university has had the number-one player 6 out of 17 years — an unparalleled record for an outstanding representa- tive of Tulane. Led by the nation ' s No. 3 amateur Hamilton Richardson, the Tulane tennis squad ran through their fourth straight un- defeated season and 44th consecutive victory, thus remaining among the leaders in collegiate tennis. Coach Fare ' s boys amassed a perfect record in SEC competition plus non-confer- LESTER SACK JOSE AGUERO HENRY JUNGLE KING OF THE CROP of college lenni players. " Pepc " Apuero accepts recojinition for becoming the National Intercollegiate Champion. (MR-e wins (i er Lamar Tech. Rice. .Northwesterii. Western Michigan, and New Orleans Lawn Tennis Club. The year ' s cMil Mcinish was the match with Texas L ' niversity in which liie Wa e was Icaiiing when darkness set in. When Richardson relinquished his SEC crown, Jose ' " Pepe " ■Vguero. the Greenies ' No. 2 man. was chosen to represent the (■(inference in the National Intercollegiate Singles Champion- slii|). Aguero won the title, marking the third straight year (hat a Tiiianian has ca]itured the coveted honor. Besides Rich- ardson and . guero. Buddy Lomax, Henry Jungle, and Jerry Dalrymple each copped di ision laurels in the SEC tourna- ment: these victories were coupled with three doubles cham- pionships, giving Coach Fare ' s squad eight of nine possible firsts. Again tennis stands out as Tulane ' s finest contribution to the world of sports. With sophomores Lester Sack and Sonny Tsai mo ing up to the varsity ranks, it promises to be another banner year for the Wave. IKKH ' i n lli ll ' IK SdW ' i TS 1 nfnnv iomw :i : i vj m. ■nff B A 1 S 9 E 5 B 5 A 1955 Squad WAVE i i 1 n IN SEC CELLAR With little more in their favor than the old standby of de- termination, the diamond men dove headlong into the season with a heartbreaking 1-0 loss to Ole Miss on March 25. From then until April 11, on which date the Greenies beat Missis- sippi State, 9-6, there was little to cheer about. The intervals between cheers after that were also overly long, even for the most apathetic of Tulane rooters. With only a sixteen man squad, the Abadiemen could not have been expected to fare better than they did, but by giving OUTFIELD: Reginelli. Levia. Warner. Selber, Gouts CATCHERS: Zelenka and Siff 1 ularif 0: 0: 1 lilaiii ' 0: U: I u lane 0: rulanc 1 iitaiit 3: 2: I ' lihuif 1 ulaiu ' 9: I ' lilaiu ' I ' lilaiu ' 13: 3: 3: rulanc 6: Pulaiit ' 8: lulaiie 3: SlJiMMAKV Record: l-ll! SEC: 3-11 Ole Miss . . 01,- Miss . . Alahama . . Maliaiua . . Miss. Slate- Miss. State 10 10 , 3 , () . 3 Alabama 14 Ala! laiiia d prinp; Hill. Miss. Stale .5 Miss. Slate 2(1 Spring Hill n LSU 4 LSU 12 LSU 7 LSU 5 COACH ABADIE views Greenie tlu.i and Levia. 1 1 11 ..I I i a 1 li - i V ' ' L 1 1 everything they liad in each inning of pla . tlic earned tiie respect of every one of their few constant supporters. The biggest ray of hope came from the record of the Fresh- man ball club, which in the eyes of the observers, gave prom- ise of adding much to the Greenie fortunes in the next several years. No. it was not a successful year from a won and lost stand- point: nevertheless, there was a fair share of thrilliTig moments |irii i(lcd li a nuilliludc of outstanding indi idual perform- ances — Tomm arricr iiinlh inning home run against Miss. State to gi e the team its first win of the season — Leonard Selber ' s .5 for 6 against 01c Miss — Lionel Richard, who had to pitch so often that everyone wondered when his arm would fall off — " Cooter " Zimmerle getting a hit in everv game — Tony Reginelli, whose late season drive brought his average above .300 — Milt Retif who. despite a crippling leg injury, came through consistently as a pinch hitter. These highlights, along with the all-out efTort put forth by all the boys, left the impression that the squad would be one to reckon with in the SEC for quite some lime if the promising Freshmen pan out. Ben Ahadie did nut have much to smile about in his first season in llic third base coaching box. but he deserves the praise and well-wishes of everyone for getting llie most out of an undermanned and under-supported club. HURLERS: Hi 1. BiUfi. Tviier. Triiii ' liard INFIELD: Stunipf. Kelif. Rubenstein. Zimmerle I N T 6 R I-M DIRECTOR Ben Abadie discusses program with officers of Intramural Council. I-M PROGRAM PROGRESSES — PRO Since its organization in 1953 under full time Director Ben Abadie, the Intra-Mural program at Tulane has improved greatly. Last year over one-thousand students, repre- senting 34 different organizations, participated in ten different sports varying from football to ping pong. The year ' s activities are centered around the Freshman-Sophomore game. All the color and rivalry of a big time college football game are included. The teams use varsity uniforms and equipment, and they have a queen with a court, cheerleaders, and a band. ROTC units drill at halftime, and a local sports announcer operates the P. A. system. The governing body of the Intra-Mural program is the I-M Council. It formulates the rules and regulations of the various programs and makes the final decision in all disputes. It is composed of one representative from each participating organization with the director of the I-M program acting as advisor. The three senior managers serve as its president, vice-president, and secretary. POOL SHARKS: Sidney Lewis (Army) and runner-up Jerry Glaser (Navy). PING PONG champs: Walter Flato and Carl Goodman (Navy) with 2nd place Stanley Fagan (Irby House) . Annual Fresh-Soph game ()l.l,i: li.Vl.L CllAMI ' S from l.a« S.li,,,,! ClxLCIAI, 1 ' 1,A ill the Cliampionship (ianu- IkUm- n rin and Navy. POSED FIELD HOUSE NEARER READY Eaih cif llie (liampioiiship teams is given a trophy and special awards are given to the teams finishing first or second in competition for the entire year. The main handicap of the organization is obtaining qualified student officials. A liainiiii; x hnnl is conducted each year hy the I-M director and is very helpful, hut it takes luii or three years to properly train an official. B) the time a student knows his duties, he is ready to graduate. The future nf the Iiitra-Mural program at Tulane looks very bright with the coming construction of the newly proposed Fieldhouse in the hack of the stadium. The planned Fieldhouse will he devoted exclusiveh to the use of the Intra-Mural program. Plans include a swiinniing pool, three basketball courts, handball courts, facilities for gym- nastics, V(illr hall, jiing jioiig. p(Jol. and tennis. Next to it will he located a practice track field. The use of these new facilities will allow an increase in both acti ities and |iarl icipalidn (if sludenls in riilane ' s Inlra-Mural program. N 1 W MAN CLl B garners top honors in l-.M basketball. XW ' ! MITTF.RS cop tennis ciianipi(in-lii|i i r ' r- I. aw SrliiH TOUCH FOOTUALL lille went to the N ' aw qua.l o iS sS: ' ri. i - ■ :-| 19.35 L, olf quad COACH INNES MILLAR EDITOR ' S NOTE: Special thanks for as- sistance in helping make possible this sports section go to EDDIE ALLEN, Tulane Sports Publicity Director whose knowledge and files proved invaluable, and to HAP GLAUDI of the New Orleans ITEM. LINKSTER LOSSES LINGER With number-one man Stanton Shuler as their only consistent winner, the Wave golfers had a rough time eking out three wins in a relatively simple nine-match season. This year with Shuler in IVIed School, prospects for an improved record are even more remote: the main hope comes from sophomores Eddie Weitz and Fritz Dahlberg who join veterans Dick Lyle, Sam Rosen, and Walker Sullivan. Coach Innes Millar, the wee Scot from Carnoustie, found his 13th sea- son as Wave golf coach an unlucky one. The team could only manage vic- tories over small-time opponents Pensacola N.A.S., Lamar Tech. and Louisiana Tech. The years outstanding performance was provided by Shuler in the New ' Orleans Country Club tourney in w hich the Greenie linkster w ' ent to the semi-final round before losing to Western Amateur champ Eddie Merrins. With an even more demanding schedule this -ear. hopeful Greenie fans will probablv have to wait longer for a championshi p (or even winning I golf team. TOMMY SUTTER SPEED BANCROFT STANTON SHULER SAM ROSEN ii - " RUTH AAIRiNE Chairman NEWCOMB PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL OFFICERS Ruth Nairne President Sarah Guelfi Secretary Lynn Stokes Treasurer Composed of representatives from each of the Newcomb sororities, the Newcomb Pan-Hellenic Council serves to pro- mote unity and cooperation among the sorority groups and to facilitate the execution of all inter-sorority activities. The Pan-Hellenic Council is responsible for compiling rules governing rushing, pledging, initiation, and other activities. Sorority Skit Night and the Bridge Tournament are spon- sored by the Council, and a Scholarship Banquet is held each spring honoring the pledges and actives obtaining the highest average in each sorority. It also awards the Pan-Hellenic Cup to the outstanding sorority of the year. MARY ANN ROSE Alpha Delta Pi EVELYN LESLIE ilpha Delia Pi MARION WIENER ilplm Epsilon Phi PAT PHILLIPS Alplia Epsilon Phi JOAN GUNN ilpha Omicron Pi GRACE MERRITT Alpha Omicron Pi NICKI CARTISSER Beta Sigma Omicron MARILYN HYATT Beta Sigma Omicron NANCY KIRKENDALL Chi Omega MARTHA HATCHELL Chi Omega ANN NICHOLS Delia Zeta - - - S. J I ' lii-i l(n : M.iry CarlissiT, Aliru Ui|;Ks, Sally Evans. Sarah Cllelfi. Juan Giinn. M.iilli.i I l.il. Ii.ll. St. ..mi Hm " : Marilyn llyaii. lii-tli Kotle. Nancy Kirkcndall, Yvonne Nassar, Annu Nii-luils. Brily Prnirk. Tiiiiin Hii« : Pat Phillips, Mary Ann Rose. Carol Lynn Stokes. Marion Wiener. Ailelai ii ' VisiIoni. MEMBERS LYNiN STOKES Orliu .i-i„ M ll I niCt.S K,il lm Allihi, riirlil M N .-iS i; Kaiiim il ihii Tliriu Mil 1 Mill W ISIKIM Kappa Kappa Gamma IIKT ' I ' V PKNK ' K Kappa Kappa Camma HE 111 KOITES Phi Mm .SAl! All Gl KLKl I ' hi Wi, SAI.l.V KVANS PiBtimPhi IIAKKIKT SMITIIF.R Pi Brta Phi CVV Ml M N tfma Ofilm Ttm SVl.MA Mill. Eli i(tma Drila Tdn 253 First Row: Joan Coon, Gretchen Elkins, Barbara Huber, Mary Louise Lee. Second Row: Mary Ann Lofton, Margaret Powell, Diane Radke, Darlene Rash, Mary Ann Ruse. Third Row: Carol Sander, Susan Stone, Patricia Wentwurth, Judy White, Constance Williams. Missing from panel: Jeanne Ates, Joyce Aubuchon, Evelyn Leslie, Donna Moore, Nancy Walls. EPSILON CHAPTER OF 254 L AlPHA DELTA PI OFFICERS A n I ' tll.l.ANSBKK Prrudrnl { LOFTON Vic -Presidnnl MARY ANN KOSK Recording Secretary BARBARA Hl ' BER Correspondini; Secretary SUSAN STONE Treasurer AMY FOLLANSBEE President Epsilon clKi| lri nf l|iha Delia I ' i is proud lo be a part of the oldest social somrilx in existence. Epsilon this year cele- liralcs its fifl -first nourishing year on the Newconih Campus. Founded at esleyan College in ir..il. the colors are white and hluo. l|ilia 111 li.i I ' i members have always energetically l een a ilal part of a variety of activities at Newcoinh. , ctivilies have rrnlered around the always suert sful formal dance in the Fall, and llie annual pledge and initiation haiuiuets. Another out- standing e eiii on tin- social calendar was the spring house party. A I. V II 1) r I T I ' I 255 : i ff Pi , ps m 1 .ix iifef.. ' First Row: S. Abrahm. B. Ager, N. Alexander. J. Bairn. B. Eldon. J. Berg, C. Bernstein, S. Bernstein. C. Block, J. Bluom. Second Row: B. Brand. J. Brand, C. Brenner. R. Bronstein, P. Brown. R. Carr, W. Crone, J. Dante. J. Dattle. C. Davis. Third Row: R. Emrich. H. Fanberg, R. Feller. N. Fink. J. Fleischman. C. Frohsin, L. Gendel. A. Gibbs, M, Gibbs. D. Gold. Fourth Row: H. Goldberg. S. Gordon. N. Granet, S. Heimovics. S. Hertzman. P. Hymans, C. Isaacs. M. Karpeles, L. Karsman, L. Katz. Fifth Row: A. Keil. J. Kern, M. Kohlmeyer. B. Langer, M. Lee. M. Levin. C. Levy. J, Lewis. F. Lieberman, J. Lowentritt. Sixth Row: R. Nathan, C. Neiraan, S. Pailet. P. Phil- lips. J. Reich. S. Rosen, D. Rosenbaum, D. Salsbury, S. Schwartz, D. Seelig. Seventh Row: B. Seitlin, S. Shainock. M. Shapiro, N. Silber, S. Stein. N. Steiner. L TafiEel. M. Wachenheim. M. Wiener, S. Witten, D. Wolfson. Missing from panel: Sandra Baron, Annette Berry, Betsy Cohen, Carole Coolik, Susanne Kris. Judy Lavine, Meryl Pinsof, Phyllis Scharff, Kathy Schwab, Sue Sommer. Joel Sugar, Sandra Tuchin, Nancy Ulman. EPSILON CHAPTER OF 256 ALPHA EPSIION PHI OFFICERS JKAN SIMONS President CAKUl. DAMS Vice-Presidvnl NATAI.IK AI.K AM)KR Kemrdini: Secretary SI i: IIKIMl l ICS Correspondini; SecreKiry NANCY SII.HKR Treasurer Female " Ants " JEAN SIMUNS President r.psilDii cliapler of Alplia Epsilon Phi was esIablUlifd al New- (■i inli C(illi ' t;i ' in 1916. Tlie colors are green and while and ihe llciwer is llif l.ily of the alley. Diirinj; llif .sumnier Epsilon was the recepiant of various honors yiven at a National Convention in . nn . rbor. .Mirhipan. One of the hijjiie.-t honors was awarded to Epsilon for the third slraijiht year — the Eflieiency Cup. Another award — the histor ' award also went to Epsilon. The I ' his have enjoyei! many activities lopelher. such as: an Open House for the newly acquired pledge, a buffet-dinner dance, a Spriii}; formal, a pledpe-aclive parly, and the S ' nior Uanquet to climax ihe social calendar. In Charity work. s ' ver«l members and pledges po each week lo the various hospitals in New Orleans to entertain ami help the children. On the campus ihe .VEIMii ' s are represented in almost every orpani .ation. where several have been recognized for their out- standing contribution to the organiuilion. Our big moments of llie year came when we won the 19.S5 Pan-Hellenic trophy, the Scholarship trophy, ami lir-l place in . kil Night for the sixth consecutive year. Again. Epsilon has had a prosperous and happy year al Ni ' wcomh. . L r H A i: !• 1 L u y r li I 257 fiKM Row: P. Akin, C. Alfurd, C. Arnoult. J. Barkerding, C. Barnwell, D. Basket. J. Bernard. S. Bergeron. . . Birdwell. Second Row: M. Block. M. B..urne. C. Cabrai. C. Clanton, N. Collier. J. Cooper. P. Crossley, S. DeArmas. F. Finch. Third Row: L. Gose. J. Gunn. D. Hebert. W. Hemenwav. S. Herrinc H Hunter K Hu " eiman A Joiner, J. Jones. Fourth Row: B. Kelly, J. Leggio, A. Mandeville, H. Mcintosh, B. Monroe, A. Munch, G. Munch, M. Oakley, N. Ogden Fifth Row: E Parks S Patter- y ' lf ' " ' " w ; ' ' ° " ' - Q " ' ' ' ' - J- Kenken, E. Ricau, N. Roehrig. N. Sanderfer. Sixth Row: S. Seaman, C. Stanley, C. Stone. I. Thornton. C. Upton. B. Wallbillich, C. Webster, Williams, Wiggins. .Missixc FROM panel: .Martha . rmistead, Lou Burleson, Dorothy Good, Grace Merritt, Dale Sansom, Louise Smith Brenda Stacy Olive Webb. P I CHAPTER O F 258 ALPHA OMICRON PI OFFICERS Mill I 111 KI:M;V Presided I1KKMI W M I r.ll 1 ICll VicvPrcsidml N l : II Udl IIKK, Recording Secretary MVMX (,(M ) Corresponding Secretary CAROL JEAN ARNOULT Treasurer Ye Olde Pie Shoppe - -.A MOLLY BLAKENEY President Founded at Barnard College in 1897. Alpha Oinicron Pi has sixty-five chapters, une heing Pi cliapler at Xewnnnh College. This year seems to have been a big one for the nienilHTs of AOPi. Rush was a wonderful time for all, members and rushees as well. No one could have been prouder of the pledge class than . OPi was. For Homecoming. 1013 Broadway sported a giant replica cif Lillle Lulu uilli licr Kleenex and at Campus Carnival throw- ing the pie at an AUPi was again a great favorite. Luncheons, suppers, banquets, informals. and formals kept the girls busy as far as social lifi» — and a gay lime was had by all. AOPi has been well represented in choral, religious, ahletic, and spirit groups, and in all phases of campus activities. A I. I ' 11 A ( M I C R () !♦ I 259 First Row; L. Zimmerman, B. Schalze, M. Robinson, M. Robinson, J. Porte, Second Row: E. Perez, E. Oberhellman, R. Lafranz, C. Ferendez, J. Epperson. Third Row; J. Donnelly, L. Drais, L. Ditrapani, J. Davis, N. Cartisser, B. Beck. Missing from panel; Peggy Gemelos, Ruth Lafranz, Judy Weisfeld. ALPHA SIGMA CHAPTER OF 260 1 BETA SIGMA OMICRON OFFICERS l Uill N liV I T I ' residml II in l ' ( IKTK Vice-President I.I I A I ' ll! KZ Recording Secrelury K ( 11 l:l, I. Kli AN ' Z Corrrspondinf: Srcrrlnr) ln l DWIS Treasurer W hii ill-all this mess? MARIl.YN IIVMT President The iii ' w cliche ' around campus is " busy as Bela Sigs " for (Jiiritifr llic past vcar Beta Sig acli ilies — social, scliolastic, and ' ■«lial-liaM ' -v( u ' " liavf kept this close, active group niiglily liUS)-. Parties make tlie world go " round — and boy. did i( ever spin this year. Our successful rush parties started the l all rdlliiig and it never stoppetl. Spotlighting our social calendar were a Kail wiener roast, a Homecoming Party, a Christmas ■ ' MMinililc-junilile " parl . a " Hancho Romp " square dance, and a Spring lia ride. On the more quiet side veenjo ed a pledge hancpicl. an alum-active all da picnic, a Miither-|)auphler Cilirislinas dinner, a Founder ' s Day part and a Senior Ban- |uet. However, the real highlight of our siH-ial year was an exotic black and silver Celestial Ball — ' twas the talk of the campus! Altliuugli we list these jiarties. all who know the B ' ta Sigs know that when-MT there is more than one there is bound to be a party. U K 1 V s I ; M A (» M I ( K () N 261 First Row: M. Barkdull, H. Barry, V. Blanks, J. Bodman, C. Booth, A. Boston, V. Burdin, P. Byram, L. Capel, R. Carson. Second Row: M. Coco. M. Crady, C. Cross, M. Culpepper, M. Davis, S. deBen, B. Dickey, C. Downes, S. Field, S. Francis. Third Row: E. Frazer. L. Gough, F. Graham. K. Graham, L. Griffin, A. Haggart. A. Hamilton. ,1. Hardy, M. Hatchell, I. Heidelberg. Fourth Row: J. Henderson, A. Johnson, J. Jolly. A. Kernaghan, N. Kirkendall. V. Lind. E. Luehrman. J. Mackenroth, H. Martin, R. AIcGinn. Fifth Row: H. McLean, P. Meek, B. Midlam, E. Moreland, 0. Moss, C. Mouchet, A. .Mylius, M. Myrick, L. Oden, C. Roberts. Sixth Row: S. Rav, L. Reeder, C. Roberts, M. Roberts, C. Stafford, L. Stephenson, H. Sougeron, S. Street, B. Stribling, S. Thompson. Seventh Row: A. Trenchard, C. Trowbridge, K. Veillen, S. von Osthoff, S. Voorhies, B, White, C. Wirth, S. Young. Harriet Barry. Missing from panel: Dixie Breithaup, Christine Holcomb, Kathrine Johnson, Lynn Macmurdo, Nancy Jo Theriot. R H O C H A P T E 262 J CHI OMEGA OFFICERS I KV NA KFM) All Presidrnl nil. II lrl I : Vice-President l l; I II II MCIIKI Recording Secretary n N N U I ' .EDER Treasurer IIKI.KN CI I H I l KTIN Pledge Trainer Cross mv heart ! MARY ANNA KENDALL President Clii Omega was founded in 1895 at the I ' niversily of Arkansas. In 1900, Riio cliapter was founded at Newcomb. the sixth of 118 chapters to be established. Chi Omega ranks as one of the top sororities in national scholastic rating. Its national head- quarters are in C inrinnalti. Ohio. National conventions are held every other year in X hile Sulphur Springs. West irginia. Cardi- nal and straw are the sorority ' s colors and the flower is the white carnation. The (ircek Outdoor Theater in F ' ayetteville. . rkansas. commemorates the founding of Chi Omega. It is an outstanding replica of (ireek architecture in this country. The Ciii Omepa " s began their year with a hous -party al Camp Kittiwake on the (Juif Coast, prei-eedinp a successful rush s ' a.son. . n ong the many activities are frequent pletlge-active lunches and suppers at the ,-orority house on Hroadway. Other activities dur- ing the year include an annual pledge lea for pletlges of other sororities, a Founder ' s Day ifampiet in the Spring, and Christmas charity. The year was highlighted by the annual inter Formal al the New Orleans Country Club. () I II I O M i; (. 263 First Row: Eleanor Babylon, Joel Babylon, Michele Bailliet, Maude Flanagan, Lucie Fly. Second Row: Alice Gear, Charmaine Grinell, Pat Hale, Edna Mae Heck, Katherine Keethler. Third Row: Kathleen Kehl. Marisa Martinez, Anne Nichols, Lynette Orr, Anna Retif. Fourth Row: Loraine Smith, Frances Whidden, Mary Win- field, Marguerite Womble, Gay Woods. Missing from panel: Gloria Cabassa, Diane Calongne, Norma Starnes, Lynn Stokes. BETA UPSILON CHAPTER 264 DELTA ZETA OFFICERS l.-i A SK )K KS I ' rcsittpiil i.W WW WOdDS Vici-PrcsUhni I I III; II (; N VicL-Prcsiili-nt 1 MlU I1 |;M (). Recording Srcn-lnry ANNK MC IIULS Corrvf )nntling Svrrflnry Jdri. li AliVI.ON Trnisnrcr LYNN STOKES Prf iiifnt I " .Miii(lr l ai Mi.iiiii Universily in 1W2, Beta I ' psilon cliaplt-r cif Drlta .(la «as islablished on Ncwinnili campus in I ' Ml. Till- 1 (ilors arc old rose and vicux jtri-cn. and their pin is the Human Lamj). Ever since the chapter starl ' d ii lliis campus, tlie eirls have iiecn active in all cainj)us organizations and projtvls. This year liegan with the usual flurry of activities among them being rush. {let-acipiainlcd parties, open houses and practices for skit night. Man parties were on the six-ial calendar, hiph- liglited hy the annual formal in the Spring. Many wonderful times were held l the Helta A-ta ' s. and whether it was the first or last ear in the sorority itself, it was one to remember. () F I) r I T i: 265 FiKST Row: A. Alligood, G. Ballentine, D. Beyt, B. Blaine, N. Branick. B. Bridges, L. Brock, N. Brown, B. Bush. Second Row: A. Coco, G. Cox, G. Curry, D. Davis. A. Diggs. E. Gibson, M. Haines, E. Halloway, A. Harris. Third Row: B. Hill, S. Krey, R. Lott, B. Lunn, E. Mavberry, N. McCormick. M. Mclntyre, J. Mercer, M. Mermis. Fourth Row: P. Murphy, Y. Nassar, S. Osborn, K. Patton, E. Peck, C. Peters, B. Bobbins, A. Sewell, M. Snider. Fifth Row: K. Stephan, S. Sutherland, L. Swafford, S. Tigrett, A. Vega, K. Warden, M. Watson, C. Wilkinson, M. Williams. Missing from panel: Yvonne Bayle, Tricia Caesar, Kay Chaffee, Liz Johnson, Kay Kasperak, Kath- erine Pittman. Theresa Stuterman, Adene Wulfkueler. ALPHA PHI CHAPTER O F 266 KAPPA ALPHA IHETA OFFICERS HdSK KK SF.H Prrsidfni I 1 JOHNSON liri-Presidcnl ■i I ) N M: in YLE Recordinp Secretary IAK1(). W ATSON Corresponding Secretary YVONNE NASSAR Treasurer ROSE ERASER President riiela .- .•■i tfr — Qiu-fii of ( ' .niton I Kappa Alpha Tliela was founded at DePauw Inivcrsily on January 27. l. ' JTO, sixteen years before the founding of New- ciiml) Ciillegi ' . .Mpha Phi chapter wa,« ( " stablishod in 1914 on this campus. After a hifihly .-iuccc-isful rush season the chapter si ' ltled (liiuri |i iiii|ir vc its already high scholastic standing and t increase its |)hilanthro])ic program. Parlies fur fraternities and sororities, nfter-pame cofTecs, and pled{;e-aiiive functions »eri- eiimaveil In the Black and Gold formal in the Spring. K A r V V I V H T W K 1 267 First Row: E. Ardery, J. Billings, A. Bland, J. Boisfontaine, B. Born, S. Brown, M. Caldwell, C. Connett, N. Cox, D. Christianson. Second Row: P. Dell, E. Desport, P. Dexheimer, P. Douglas, A. Dubisson, A. Duckworth, S. Duvall, N. Fant, B. Feital, N. Foresman. Third Row: M. Fowlkes, E. Friend, C. Gage, R. Gehl, B. Hammond, J. Hawn, L. Heaslip, S. Hicks, J. Hogue, C. Jeppe. Fourth Row: J. Juden, C. Leake, M. Manget. P. Michinard, M. Mitchell, M. Montgomery, S. Muths, J. Nelson, A. Nichol, C. O ' Kelly. Fifth Row: B. Penick, S. Postlewaite, A. Roach, D. Rucker, K. Sandoz, S. Sharp, J. Skinner, E. Slaughter, V. Slaughter, A. Terrell. Sixth Row: A. Turner, -Sally Uphom, A. Wadick, J. Walker, S. Walker, P. White, A. Wisdom, J. Woodall, L. Zander. Missing from pa.nel: Mary Cobb, Mary Lou Hevron, Martha Johnston, Ann Lampton, Bobbie Landry, Joan Leonard, Marietta Moyer, Eleanor Munger. BETA O MICRON CHAPTER 268 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA oI ' 1 ' k;i;i{s in III X.UK.M-; I ' rcsiilml NASH COX Vice-President V. . i ' U I KM) Reconliiif; Secrelitry JAM-; NELSON Corresjiundinf; Secretary llOliliV I M)li V Treasurer Ka|i|ia Kappa Gamma was foundt-il al Munriiiiiilli College in Illinois in 1870. Our chapter. Beta Omicron. lias held an integral place on the Newcomb campus since 1904. Our colors are light and ilark lilue, our flower the Fleur-de-lis. Hush week, preceeded by our annual pre-rush houseparty, ri iillril in ihc pledging of a wonderful group of girls, who liaxe already added more than their share of Kappa spirit. A -wimming party, the jiledge banquet, a party at Fitzgerald ' s, and riinnlhK pledge-active suppers helped welcome them into But Skinner went Phi Gam! " KITH N.MRNE Presiden I our midst. The .Monmouth Duo liance. given jointly with I ' i Phi in honor of the pledges, was even more successful than lasl year and promises to become an annual affair. Honors came early to the Kappas in ihe form of ihe firsi annual Homecoming decorations cup. M. Dior anil his dres.»-. ihop motto " W e " ll flatten " em or bust " led Tulane and Kappa lo viclory. We also won Pan-Hellenic volleyball. One of the niosl rewarding of our aclivilies this year has been our work at the Crippled Cbildrrn ' s Huspilal. Each of us. in spending at least one afternoon a monlh workinp with the child- ren or in one of the many other phases of hospital adniinislralion. has found great satisfaction. Important dales on this year " - Kappa calendar include several faculty coffees, our Ueceinher houseparty. a sleak and liean cholarsliip ilinncr. the Kappa Christmas parly, a parly durinf: the llolidavs for New Orleans girls who went Kappa al other cliools. the . pring formal, the Founilers " Day Bampiel. ulhrr parlies, ' ruesduy lunches, and. of course, active participation ill everv phase of Newconih ai d Tulane life. O I k p r K V r r ; m m 269 First Row: M. Amacker. K. Bethune, B. Blalock, E. Boaz, F. Bowen, J. Brough, K. Burton, H. Cabiness, J. Chesnut. Second Row: J. Ciolino, M. Clark, G. Cook, C. Coopwood, C. Curet. L. Curet, R. Dietrich, L. Dufour, C. Enriglit. Third Row: L. Falgout, M. Faulk, A. Flinn, L. Fountain, C. Fynn, S. Gaines, J. Garrcia, M. Garrard, D. Gelabert. Fourth Row: J. Googe, S. Guelfi, E. Hartel, P. Holmes, A. Hunter, R. Korndoffer, N. La Prairie. K. Lea, M. Lewis. Fifth Rows A. Mackay, H. Martin, D. McCabe, J. McGee, L. Millsaps, A. Moran, P. Nungesser, B. Perez, D. Reed Sixth Row: M. Reeves, J. Stagg, J. Taylor. W. Terhune, G. Thompson, J. Vorhaben, M. Wagner. Missing from panel: Mary Cleve, Andrea Collins, Georgie Jacobs, Nancy Peter, Learaye Richard, Pat Schweikhardt, Ida Szodomka, Jean Ann Taylor. DELTA C H A P T E R 270 ■ il.. PHI MU OFFICERS mil I K( )T ' rKS President ID N (. K( 1 Secretary MAKI (.AKKAKIJ Treasurer CUIUS THORBL ' RN Assistant Treasurer Rush-wearv " BKTII K " i| I President III 1! S2 riii Mu Suriiril was founded at Wfslt ' Naii College in Miicdii, Georgia. Tile flower is the Enchantress carnation. ;inil the colors are rose and while. As usual the school year began with Orientation — and with Hush Vi eck. which resulted ultimately in a splendid pledge ilass. I ' he ear ' s social calendar was crammed with nionthh luncheons at the sorority house, a houseparty. and the annual formal al llic . " oullicrn Yacht Cluh. Phi .Mu ' s arc active in nearly every organization on campus— cultural, educalional. and social. Pride is abundant luTause of the interest shown l the girls who are in these organizations, and lHvau.« ' uf I lie great interest the whole chapter has shown throughout thi.s Near. C) 11 M U 27t ? First Row: J. Andersen, R. Atkinson, J. Barnum, (J. Beutel, A. Bond, W. Brekenridge, J. Bruce. " . Bruns, J. Conger. Second Row: .M. Corrigan, P. Costley. J. Daniels, M. DeBuys. K. Eslileman. S. Evans, C. Feringa, P, Fleming, B. Fuqua. THrao Row : .A. Gandolpho, J, Goodwin, D, Griffen, N, Hudgins, E. Hopkins, S, Hillery, J, Headlev, G. Haven, M. de la Houssave. Fourth Row: T. Harris. R. Harper, J. Hanemann, H. Jones, J. Jones, K, Ketleson, R. Knighton, J. Labouisse, M, Labbi. Fifth Row: E. Lapeyre, D. Laskey, D. Leach, M. Le Doux, L, Lockett. C. Lyle, L. McArtliur, E. McFarland, J. Manatt. Sixth Row: D. Nalty, M. Norman. L. Norwood, A. Old. B. Osborn. B. Ott. F. PerriUiat, B. Pratt, A. Richardson, T. Rave. Seventh Row: B. Smardon, A. Stark, S. Shelly, F. Thompson, M. Villere, M. Walmsley, B. Warren. R. Whitten, M. Wilson. W. Viguerie. Missing from p. nel: Cindy Beattie, Ann Bond, Judy Bondurant, Elaine Douglas, Gary Gillis, Carey McLean, Emma Lou Richard- son, Charlotte Schmidt, Harriet Smither. LOUISIANA ALPHA CHAPTER 272 PI BETA PHI OFFICERS III TS ' l l l CUT PrcsiJenl J(l (KKIDW IN Vice-President KiiKDD " ! I ' llOMPSON Recording Secretary l ' ' rSV KLKMINC Corresponding Secretary HETTY OSBORN Treasurer Skinner again? iiKi ' i i i (;iiT President In 1867 Pi Beta Phi was founded at Monmoulh College. Monmouth. Illinois. In 1891 Louisiana Alpha was established iiri llic Ncuconil) lanipus. The flower is the wine carnation and the colors are wine and silver blue. Fulldu iii ; picripinp was the tradilioiinl banquet hold every t ' ar at this tiine. and the season was highlighted by several (lances, climaxed by the formal. TIk ' I ' i ! ' hi luiM ' been active and outstanding in all campus ai ' li ilio. Besides social and campus events, though, the Pi i ' liis have enjoyed many a time in helping the needy in some kind of i-liaritv. () I I ' ii 1 ij i: 1 .v 1 ' 11 1 273 First Row: Lvnn Wein.tein. Lois StiUman. R,.sly„ Schuleman. Ann Sanger. Vivian Rosenheld, Martha Rosen Second Ru« McePrce Br Ann Kau. Hilda Hutkin. Ruth Horowitz. Third Row: Reva Hirsch. Jayne Gottlieb. Francs Friedman. Rena Fox. Paula Ekman Patricia Binden Missing from P.. EL. Beth Fineberg Harriet Hanson, Gav Hirsch, Sueellen Kaufman, Beverly Koplar, Janelh Loeb, Sylvia Miller, Gay .Neuman. ALPHA IOTA CHAPTER 274 SIGMA DEITA TAI) OFFICERS MAKf.IK A AK() President KKANCIS KKIKDMAN Vice-President ANN K AT . Recording Secretary- ANN SANGKK Treasurer I lie Niur arlivitit ' s of iy.i5-19S6 marked the first year of Sifiiiui Delta Tan ' s partieipalion as a sorority diapter. Alpha Iota Cliapter of SDT was officially recognized as the eleventh active sorority upon Newcomb campus on May 1. 1955. At this time lln- i-liaplcr recfi ed its charter from the National I ' rrsidenI who was in New Orleans to present the charter to the founders. ith its acceptance as an active clia[ ter SDT took its first home at ' Jl ' ' Hroail«;i . I ' lii- prini; ami -iimnu-r were spent de- " Hi " MARGARET AARON President signinj;. planning, and purchasing furniture for the new chapter room. Chairs, couches, tables, and lamps had to be bought in preparation for rush week and the first busy school year. Hush having been successfully completed the group began a crowdi-d schedule of work and play. First there was pledge iiisiallalion folhiwed by Brunch at Brennan ' s. a tradition begun with the first pledge class. Next was a Fraternity Open Hou»r lo introduce the pledges to the fraternities and which also served as an introduction to the new chapter room. The .schedule also included monthly pledge-active dinners, alumnae supiKT.s and breakfast for the visiting regional ailvisor. In November a Bre- nniila short parly including hot dogs, drinks and dancing to combo music was held. I ' lans were al so begun (or a spring Formal Banquet and Dance and numerous other soi-ial events. The work schedule consisted of philanthropic work at Charily Hospital, a Christmas party for orphans, entrance in srhool ath- letics, and participation in skit night. Betwt-en parties, work. anil meetings the members kept busy striving for the growth of their new chapter. () F S 1 (; M A I) I. I I A I I 275 iilr.fei - v i 1 ■ ' y 1 Row 1. H. Adair, A. Andry, C. Becker, D. Block, W. Cone. Row 2. E. Dabezies, F. Dahlberg, E. de la Houssaye, W. Dyer, W. Eidson. Row 3. E. Evans, C. Fritchie, A. Hardy, S. Kappa, H. Lamensdorf, W. Matti- son. Row 4. C. Pendleton, F. Stewart, T. Tidwell, W. Wagner, L. Washofsky, F. i Youngs. 276 LEE K. LEVY Chairman TULANE PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL The Tulaiie Pan-Hellenic Council is the governing body for the social fraternities on the campus, and is composed of tun representatives from each of the member fraternities. Each r;ii " the Cnuncij super ises a di ersified progam of inter-fraternit iDmpetilinn and awards a permanent trophy to the winner in each event. At the end of the school year, the fraternit which has amassed the most points in this competi- tion is awanli ' d ihe Pan-Hellenic Trophy Trophy, svmbol of ivrr-;dl lralciiiil rxcclleiice. Events slii(h are fduiid in the yearly schedule are touch football, basketball, track, bridge, polf. handball, tennis, softhall. bduling. ping-pong, songfest. swimming, volleyball, skit-night. Homecoming decorations. and Scholarship. In .Sejjlendier the council was host to a welcoming banquet for all fraternity pledges, and shortly before initiation week the Council sponsored its annual " Greek Week " which con- sists of a series of discussions among Chapter OITicers and pledges. One outstanding part of Greek Week was " work day " in which the fraternity pledges, divided into teams, did va- rious I luiriu projects throughout thecity. The climax of Greek Week was the Pan-Hellenic Formal, al which the 1956 J VMBM.wv Reaut Court was presented. Cll Mil II l( ( I I III rrrrliirV ' J rfusitrrr Beaul ( ' ■ " in ,ii rlw { ' .iii-Hrlli-nir Formal I ALPHA EPSIION PI TOMMY OELSNER President " You load sixteen tons I I PLEDGES: Standing on left: Norman Glassman, Samuel Shoss, Howard Garber, Jacob Karnofsky, Joseph Jacobs, Donald Gilner. Stanley Fagan, Allen Cohen. Kneeling: Henry Ehrman, Allan Goldman. Arthur Tapper. Standing in door- way; Marvin Seperson, Stephen Johnson. Phillip Rosenblum. Ronald Bernstein. Isser Gottlieb. Right side of picture: Ronald Plotkin, Leonard Mattes, Bernard Berins, Ian Goldy, William Lefkowitz. Michael Rose, Martin Kalishman, Joel Schatzman. Not pictured: Burton Kunik. y « •• 5 5 lb « li lb MiiiDLE FRONT ROWS: Gerald Fricilman, Sidney Eisenbaum. Michael Parvcr. Leonard WajlmNky. .MiUDu: Second Ko« : Mark Kicli. Kubrrl S hull, cil SokoUki. Ltrr ii.iK K; Tliiimas Oelsncr, Arnold Gussin. Martin Rappapnrl, Maurice Grodensky. Russell Thai. Stanium;: Kenneth Che-kin. Frederic UoKjrt. Riciit uocc: Harold Rich- monil. Leonard Miller, Allen Wcinstein, Ira Leichtein. Nor jniti k(;[ : Dudley Smolcn, Siiphen Fortunod. W.irren Liehreman, Wayne Tubin, Arthur Axclnid, Howard Ehriich, DonaM Herman, Richard Levy, Morion Sarlin, Iruin Resnick. I A I II P S I L O N C H A V 1 K K I A 1. 1 ' 11 V i: r I 1 ( N !• I 279 ALPHA lAU OMEGA CHARLES McDowell President FRANK STEWART Vice-President MAUMUS CLAVERIE Secretary NEAL HOBSON Treasurer Sweetheart Court PLEDGES: Sitting: Jon Bobo, George Glendenning, Kelly Simon, Charles Richards, Phil Carter, Jerry Sens. Second row: Reynolds Wagnon, AI Keller, Bert Stewart, Jack Ryan, Robert White, John Montluzon, Norman CuUum, Bill Andrews, John Greeven, Minor Keilhauer, Gary Hauser. Standing: Charles Close, Carson Smith, Henry Mcintosh, Warren McCarron, John Hainkel, Pete Clarence, Bob Newman, Hester Plauche, Al Prieto, Jerre Batson, Pete Carey. At Iff Si wiiiNc; i.kkt: Charles MiDciwcIl, rcun Kanilnlph. KiTmit Stallcr. Jim Schupp. Standing Rir.iiT: Nciil Hnlison. Maumus Claverie, Frank Slcwari. Sittixc Lzn: Bill c I IMS, Al Welch, Jay Potter, Boh Youn};, Bill Meriwether. Jay Tune. SirT[ (, iik.ht : Roy O ' Neil, Charles Ferguson, Bill I)yk - , Ken Ro s. Not I ' lcTiRtn: Frrtlinand Dictze, Charles Faslerlinj;. Harry MiCall. Kolierl RicUrarn. Kinner MeC.nnell. Pal Steele. H K 1 A E P S I r ( N CHAPTER () F A L l» II T A V O M E G A 281 BETA IHEIA PI BOBBY SHAFTO President Dear Dad, Need money for new toothbrush, am in Dyer need PLEDGES: Sitting on floor: John Ruth. Foster Fournier. Norton England. Sitting: Tom Cairns, John Dickenson, Charley Seemann, Tom Gardner, Bob Treuting. Ronald Murlin. Ralston Cole, Tod Dimitry, Shep Stakel, Doug Bond, Arthur .Middleton, Perrin Butler, Bodin Schexsnyder. Standing: C. B. Odom, Tom Lincoln, Dickie Fagan, Charley Hurth, J. B. Cobb, Hugh Lawson, Al Lafaye, Ed Jahnke, Lionell Sutton, Larry Van Winkle, Jimmy D ' .Antoni, Hay- wood Hillyer, Jerry Hoggatt. SiTTiNr. ON FLouH : Kd Scymcmr. Hnkt-y Cnlonib. Sirrix.: Bnlib) Sliatto, Kmiy Vienur, GtrdM Gaudet. Louie Harri.s. L nn U.huI.-, 1 iuI .ui. . M Jc U Um - v. K i KnifxlUon, Bill Dyer. Standing: Ed Lafayc, Normiin Palermo, Stanlon Schuler, Herbert Parker. Hayden Culler, Chuch Spencer. Bobby Boulcl, Barney Dunnellry. • n E T A I CHAPTER OF R E T V 1 M K 1 V I ' F 283 DELTA KAPPA EPSIION :« ff . MELVIN YOUNG President Gentlemen of Distinction PLEDGES: Sitting: Jack Calhoun. Bush LeBaurgeous, Mike Rapier, Jimmy Reiss, Phillip Rosenblath, Bill Borrah, Dave Treybig. Standing: George Michi- nard, illiam Roussel. Ted Shoemaker, George DeRossey, Peter Davidson, Howard Gleason, Tommy Lind, Si Brown, Pete Miller, Bill Kearney, Jimmy Gundlach. Not pictured: John Weston, J. V. Burkes, Bobby Sengo, Pat Kelleker. Sitting: Jnc WaittTs, Tommy Suiu-r. Haul Maxw.ll. Knkki.in(;: Walker Sullivan, b.ililn Mariiiicz. aiuc Riilnmnd. Sittim. on ulmh: Builih K.ir.li.imcr. K.I TMonlrv Hub Masnn. Standing on front how: PcUr liurkc. Bill Atkins. Phil Fischer. Milvin Vuunir. Jininiy llanemann. . lluin Anilry. Charlo MeFarland. Sid F rT. Jcrr Vrw hurgcr, Jerry Corrigan. Skconi) how ; Oonald King. Fritz Dahlbcrp. Duhuir liayle. Thihu Rum : Pal Sullivan. Stanley Stumph. Hui;lie» C.Tripun. Sim c on lcocc: J. C Kupont. L " ui.» Le Biiurgeiiis. T. J. Martin. Jinimv Selman. Not iktiiiup: Pal lirowne. Ixc lieri Hrumfield. Tum Currier, George Leoniird. Gvil Morgan. Genr Mnrrhrail Tad WiUon. Euell W allher. li..|.l.y Moore. T A U L A !M n I) A C H A P T K R V D E L T A k P P V F V ] O 285 i DELIA SIGMA PHI 4 h ht ANTHONY MOROVITZ President Liiunge Lizards OFFICERS Anthony Morovich President M. S. Delatte Secretary Charles Koppa Secretary Jack Mulvehill Treasurer The trials and tribulations of rush were negated with the realization of a fine pledge class at the end of the week. The pledges then " treated " the actives to the traditional lagoon soaking in Audubon Park. As the year progressed, the boys of 1018 Audubon continually registered on the social calendar with tra- ditional blasts as the Carnation Ball and Christmas Party, culminated by the Dream Girl Ball. Along with excellent Pan-Hellenic sports partici- pation, Delta Sig also pitched in on Help Day and the Mother ' s March of Dimes. 236 i FiH.M Kciw: Kiiliirl K I. M. J. D.-lalli-. Larry K.i mju. Di.n I ' iuggn, Alht-rl Niissar. Sl.ciiMi row: Ki-illi I ' niii-ill. Cliarli Ki.|i|,j. Aiillioin M..l.. il.li. Arn..l.l Uulir .!s Calvin Olunii. Cunlln r Mirhailis Jack Wriphi, Jnhn Sandy, Mark Ccurgeau, Roy Zanlirami. Bai;k row: Chick Maragonuni. Ray Swan. Omar Vallilrjuli. Rirhard Poor, Donald Lee, Randy Marston, Fernando Palomeque, Richard Bowen, Maurice DeYoung, Royce Culler, Jack Mulvehill, Oruce Hopkins. CHI CHAPTER OF D K I. T A . I (; M A I ' H I 287 DELIA TAU DELIA OLIVAR HOLDEN President Old Glorv? PLEDGES: Sitting: Paul Fallone, Bob Polydys. Jim Mulla. Standing at left: Don Keenen. First Row : Ken Telle, Henry Slade, Bill Murtaugli, Bob Anderson, Mike Toso. Second Row: Wally Edwards, Ted Cotonio, Sam Rosamond. Not pictured : Ed Morrison. M SiniNC: OlivM H..Min, ■Pcte " Evans, Ted Mcscrve, C. J. Kelly, Wully Puine, Clyde Lynch, Ernie Hawkins. Stcovu boh : Don Mollis, Mike Criecus, Arl Galluu«[, Don Weaver, " Jay " Walsh, Trcl Tidmore. Not picti. ' bed: Nofie Alfonso. BETA XI CHAPTER OF DELIA T A U DELTA 289 KAPPA ALPHA JERRY NUSLOCH President No Gelpi, not a beer shampoo! PLEDGES: Front row sitting: Billy Le Corgne, Julian Hillery, Charles Dotaon, Eddie Slierwood, Franlv Smith, Harry Jones. Rear row: Billy Reneaudin, Denny Drenning, Woody Santa Cruz, Billy Sewell, Pat Kessels, Ronald Newman, Julian Samuels, John Sanford, Marshall Seibel. Sitting in rear: David Barron, Wal- lace Drennon, George Douglas, Henry Eichelberger, Jack Toye. Standing at top: Baine Fox, Pio Lyons. ) t Standint. iiY ledgk: Jerry Nuslnch. Bill McClendmi. Jclin Chiirhi.nnrt. l.irk ll..v .ii.l. .I.e. k i. Ii. I ' uoi k .w iin ... U.ii Simni..n!. John CK-man. R..v Oukp. Cror p Gariliur, Jrrry Bur " us L ' . Sitting on sfxoNO now: Jaik dc la Vergne. Hcrbori Williams. Kiclianl Uanm. Sitting on thirb row: Sluari MiClfndon. Nrd Kearny, Ji.hn Mnreion. Sitting on top row: Vernon Wagner, Gerry Gelpi, John Kelly. Not pictlred: R. K. Becker, Dudley Flanders, Ashlon Hardy, Sidney Lewis, Bill Rcoaudin. H F. O F r p I ] ' M 291 KAPPA SIGMA BILL EIDSOX President How was the Kon-Tiki, Mo? PLEDGES: Bottom Row: Jerry Anthony, Bernard Wolfe, Don Charles, Bill Koonce, Don Walter, Joel Zelden, Johnny Klees, Nick Parrino, Vince Currier, John Brignac. Top Row: Don Miller, Courtney Russo, Lyle Timmons. Curtis Duplechain, Bill Saufley, Merle Englebracht, Don Hudson, Clyde Buzzard, Guy Wagner, Richard Naberschnig, Jeff Lee, Gordon Selph, Micky Burdine. Top. LF.AMNT, ON RAIL: Paul Aikt-r. Clyde Viugner, Arthur Hastings. Tof. Svanuing : I ' liil Euh-tmui. Jim . ucr, W.illy Smith, HtrLctt l)iiiu..n. S ti; i llillury. Jim Talley, Bill Hayes. Back row on stf.p.s: Charlie Couts. John Jackson. Allen Hammond. Wade Cotton. Barney Barnuni. MiDOLr, row on steps: D.m dldwell. R.b Wil- liamson, Wallus Gill, Ed Louis, Larry deBuys, Hansen Lnnp, Bob Haley. Wall .Moleski. Roland Sturdivant, Dow Oliver. Bottom row: Don De Pjjquilc, Jim Pearee, ly Willson, Louis Lucas, Quinten Stansell. Sitting at uottom of steps: Jess Smith, Gene Brandt, Lowell Swiucr. Standi.nc under stips: Bill EidMn, Fred Yo in( , Louis .Morgan. Tommy SIGMA CHAPTER OF A P P I G M 293 PHI DELTA IHETA DAVE JACKSUN President Ivy League PLEDGES: Kneeling: Floyd Fraser, Robert Love, Don Neese. Sitting: Dave Schwab, Gene Herrin, Dick Weston, Hunter Herron, Bob Morris, Bobby Cairns. Standing: Larry Pugh, Jim Mahaffey. George Shamis, Louis Rash, John Lam- bert, Homer Rader. Chester Danehowe, Tummy Hansen, Art Geise, Evarts English, Jack Baringer. Not pictured: William Bennet. Si VMUM.: D.ivvi- J,i,k .in, Cy l ' ark._T. Bill .Malii Earl Fc-r(;u ..n. AIi.mi M. jd.in. It -li K.ll , |i n l,.::.h-.. i liarli-s Mil.-licll. Steve Salaum. Sieve Welsh. Herbie Huj:li.- . Jiilin Abiilc. Sittini; on fhom- how: Hill F.irnKin. Daws.m HaplisI, Kilmer Sumlalil. Gnu- Uabwit!., Juil on Poclie. Winl.in Williams. IVn Rjnna. SEto o »ow: lt..ni,r [...iliriilci-, Waliir Jahncke, John Paircv. Bill Eikeri. Bill Kutri-ll. Sonnv Tr.rliarcl. Tiiinn now: Bill Corbiilce, Joe Dallon. Pal Hanlry. B..bby Jark« .n. Pele Mullins. Tor now: Cluirlic Felgcr, Bill Newlun. Juliii Young. Bn-.k Cabell, Pete Si.iiBlun. Frank Crillenden. Not picTiRtn: Frank DcPaoli, .Minur lluek, .Marc Kerlin. Oncy Raines, Buyd Sbaw, Harry Wood, Buslinell Seavey, Lynn irden. Waller Ward. LOUISIANA ALPHA C II A 1» T K K OF IMI I D T- I T A THETA 295 PHI KAPPA SIGMA i ;• .nf :. ' JIM CRAIG President Isn ' t that just ducky? PLEDGES: Front Row: Phillip Cotton, Richard Jones, Eric Dunbar. Sitting on couches: Bert LaPrarie, Jack Hammel, Ben Martin, Sonny Haynes, Matl McCarthy, Tom Kenney, George Steward. Standing: Louis Hanlein, Ted Felton, Bill Capps, Tom Growden, Bob Metcalf, Jim Hopson, Wayne Jones, Tom Kegel. Not pictured: Jerry Boll, Richard Joiner, Wayne Gravois. r-f i ■ ■ .», . . ' f • -» ■:}::j: i . .V; ' 7i HiiTTdM Tiow: Ji-mail I,i-I!Iani-, D iii iilli. liill Banta. Earl Bi-elman. Bi.b Farris. l).-ni Cn.wl.v. Jim Lrai :. KIrhar.i .llrnian. l.l,. .l piii. rr. SlTTI c ox coirll: John W...„lvill,-. IShI. M.llali-. Jim K.i . . I ' inclliy Iaier. Tcir now: Cliui-k Sl.irm. L.iuis MiNair. T..m FalkoKski. Bob Amann. Paul Manineau. Bill Kn-par. J.w Wj.Mrll. H,.hn ThiiliT, Don Wooil, B.ilihy Joe l.ijjon, Terry Sargent, Joe Licciardi. Cliuik Foster, Cliarle Frilchie. Not pictured: Tom Uelong, Lindsey Crow. John llunlr , Roger Mil- ler, Georpe Kiiiuiru, Stanley P lyne, Kilward Ross, Wilson Couch. M U C H . P T E R () F P H T A P P S T C M 297 PI KAPPA ALPHA NORMAN McNIEL President sss5 ? r?D? V VM m i Billv would trade the shirt off his back for a new issue of " Playboy. " PLEDGES: Standing: Charles Saucier, Jon Russel Pope. First row: Jimmy Appel, Norman Coste, William Brantlez. Second row: James Henrie, Louis Knoepp, Walter Cummella. Third row; Alfred Peters. Dick Lippencott, Tom Thomas, Bob Gronauer, Frank Paiz-Boza. Fourth row: Tom Hill, Mike Taylor, Ken Pierce, Andrew Lombardo. Craig Quebedeau. Fifth row: John Frentz, Eldridge Stevens, Bill Hymes, Edward de la Garza. Al Coogan. Sixth row: Gene Lnstot, Tom ebb. Earl Pedelahore. Seventh row: Edward Finnoin, Roger Long. Frank Daspit, James Roan. HumI liihiil. Inn ll -i " ii. Iiii-.] Hn« Si NuiM.; N.irm.iii 1, N i.l. .I.n k (:.i% inlias. SiAMiiNr. ON sRCOMi H(i« : John Ku.kncr. Dan Adams. TiiiHB RiiK St ! dh c: A. P. (Wii iviux, Jrrry liourgiois. FiiiM Kijw SiiTiM.: Turn Ki.cliu, Bill Caril, (iiorge IJemerest. St(:oM Row SiTTi.vc: Bill Wagner. Bill Hymes, Villiam Cone- Turao Row Sitting: Harry Roman, A. J. Hc-rbes. Frank Daspil. ETA CHAPTER OF T I K A V V A I V If A 299 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON LD .M.ULA SU-X President Clearino; of glass to save the members ' PLEDGES: Standing at left: Jim Welch. Standing at right: Charles Polland. First row sitting: Bill Serex, Don Edgerton, Wayne Hollingsworth. Second row sitting: Charles King, Page Williamson. Wayne Bienvenu. Third row sitting: C. P. Harrington. Mike Flechas. Sitting on right ledge: Wade Jones, Tom Mc- Coy, Tommy McDonald, Bill Drummond. Sitting on left ledge: Phil Clikos, Harr ' Clark. Jerry Nash. First row standing: William C. Morgan, Larry Red- mond, Ted Nees, Dick Sanders. . 1 Coon. Bill Hamilton, Bill Hanna. Top row standing: Tommy Bienvenu, Terr - Topham, Tommy Smith, David Painter, Bob Cooper, Jay Morris. Not pictured: Karl Dehan, Buddy Lomax, Claude Mason, Gene Newton, Hunter Saul, Leo Young. . Ji ' ■m ir • p- w 4 ' I • ' » A V y r A SnMii (. iiv i.kkt: I ' ll Mir,la .in. Si ammm; n Fin. in; Cliailis Guilty. SnriM: Kiiisr ki h : Ralph Milrlicll, Frank Uuii.-r. J.n- T -..n, Dill Kalhaum. John I ' u.ki-ti. M.- uM. HUH : l..-lir Martin. Hilly llilliiin. ll.irry llinrv. Lullur Hill. Ji.hnny Mi.Hill. Jiinuiy MiIKvain, Gt-Mriii- Rfosc. Jack Ilsi-nfril . C:harl.-- Hamakrr. Jr. Tlll«n »ow : Larry Whit.-. J,.il Kli-lrhiT. Rolihiu .NiiliuU. Harry Ollinncr, Jimmy Kranur, Elnum W.hli. KlIiST now ST M I :: ISiib Englekirk. Warr.-n MctiaK. Mike Mjyrr. Sid Mayir, Builily Rizzo. .Vrnold Smith, Bob Cudil, Charles Viccellio, Buddy Ba;. , Don Chalnu-rs. Haul Cainos. Str.oNn ri w sT. NniNc: Fciis Tankrr»lry. Tom Slrad. Ryan Sartor. Fnd Lithkimann, Jor Pitt , Sam Williamson. Tof now stamiim:: Phil Wiltmann. Fred Cushinn. Aldcn .MoI.ellan. Delnius Jackson, ftib CIrmcnis, Bill Wjlaaa. Charles Shay, Percy Sharp, Tom Murphey, Jake Coon, John Scofield, . Coltrcll, .Murray Smart, Haryey Johnson, Ted Hardlner. Nor picTi Rtn: Bob airnFll. Bob Jon«. Jerry Lloyd, Charles NIackey, Ben Stone, Kent Russell, Karl Zander, Jim Rooks. T A U U P S I L O N CHAPTER OF SIGMA ALPHA K P S I L O N 301 SIGMA ALPHA MU OFFICERS 1955-56 DONALD BLOCK President FRED MINOR Secrelary RONNIE KRAEMER T. reasurer Gargoyle and friends PLEDGES: Standing in front: Peter Weill, Samuel Frankel. Sitting: Michael Keen, David Shreiber. Lawrence Nachman, Louis Pailet. Sidney Stadtlander, David Kaplan, Bernard Burk, Alan Platkin, David Millstone. Back row: Saul Ellis, Macey Moret, Avram Kronsberg, Morris Socoloff, Irving Belz, Arthur Viseltear, Michael Cohn, Morris Marx, Clive Pinsker. n ' Cl ' f r r 1 Standing at bottom: Sylvan Sleinbcrp, Martin Fchlnian. Standing on second row: Bernie Nacliam, Howard Berg, Merrill Liplon. Seatui on front row: AI Roten- here, Harvey SieRal. EiiwarJ Gi ltfrieii. Han.ltl licrger, Jirnmi- Swarlzreirli, Sandnr Mapnes. Skated on second row: Maury Ltikcl. Milton Lopp. Ronald Kal». Srmic ON TiiiiiD row: Maurice Krawduck. Ben Bealu . Harold Adair. Leonard Posnock. SiTTiNi; on foiiirii row: Joel Fislor. Paul Buoliliolu. Jay Opprnhrioi. Sundinc in rear: Allen Sacks. Larry Wilk. Harvey Komel, Paul Olnrdorfer. Roberi Krandel, Edward Rubcnslein. Seated ahoi nd pillar: Sjicrwin Thaler. Maury Midlu. Sidney Seliodiei, Raymond Wilinzick. Cliarles Gralz. Aaron Kracmer. Nat Plotkin. Stanuini; uv imllar: Frederick Miner, Donald Block. .Not picti red: Roy Consvnbdm, Mjrron Rosenberg, Lawrence Rudman, Stephen Seeper, Richard Cohen. Joe Etlinger, Sam Landus. W) S I (; M A G A M MA CHAPTER OF S I G M A A I i ' II M V 303 SIGMA CHI r WT«R ALVIN OSER President Cutting the pie FLEDGES: Sitting; Bob Eaton, Vic Cavarac. Wayne Case, Thorton Kraft, Phil Gensler, Charles Bowman. Front row standing: Bill Creighton, Buddy Hinson, Cliff Francis, Bill Reidenbach. Bill Sheiey, Andy Carothers. Moss Anthony, Charlie Dill. Dick Tonry, Bob Jenkins, Jack Letellier. Top row standing: Jim Doster, Birch McDonough, Grant Cook, Hugh Frazer. Not pictured : Don Savery. Jerr ' Menefee, Tom Abernathy. JL- .Ji ¥ I f i ?• t a First row sittim;: Bill Sunili-rs, I ' ;iul l,i-;iiiian. Hii .y Taium. Shirley ll " li. Jack Tulii n. i:li;irlie PcnciU-lnn. S Saint Clairi; Hultsman, Clirslon Knlk-. , Alan l.illlr. StANniNG: Jiilin Crafmcr, Freil Carml. Al Oscr. .Mar Blank. Bill Kul,in;..in, Carl Kirshbcrg, Bill Baldwin. Dan Criniih, Mike Duval. .1 nM) now: K ' llt -l-lle-p.l.k. l.lllie il IIurriMon. W.umI Brown. Bill Hobb.-. Not pitTiBKK: Bill Blaek li nc. Cjrc lkxlcr» Leslie S I G iNl A C II A V T K R OF S 1 G . ! A C H I 30S ZETA BETA lAU JACQUES WIENER President " Certainly I am a goat . . . " PLEDGES: Top of ledge: Ed Kossman, Lesler Barnett, Norman GJosserman, Barry Rittenberg, Jack Schuster. By post: Charles Cohen, Floyd Herman, Charles Lansberg. Standing on ground: Wally Seinsheimer, Bill Elfinbein, Morton Dimenstein, Bill Saifer, Thomas Wittenberg, Maury Klumok, Joe Was- serman, Paul Rosenblum, Carl Goodman. Sitting: Alfred Miller, Mike Russin, Mickey Hurst, David Brickman, Milton Ziman, Jimmy Sokol, Perry Alterman, Gary Morchower, Phil Cohen, David Russin. Not pictured: David Korones, Harry Freyer, Jay Cohen, Don Marcus. Standing on Ground: Larry Wadler, Aaron Foditnan. A. D. Kahn, Edward Weitz. Sanford Abrams, Robert Kremer. Jacques Wiener. Al Goldman. David . cw?iadt, Edward Fein man, Hugh Lamensdorf, J. B. Kiefer. Wayne Cooper. Standing on steps : Barry Lewis, Edward Peal. Sidney Rothschild. Herb Dawidoff. George His rbcrg. Jay Blach, Lester Sack. Richard Hiller, Richard Greene, Leroy Morias. Rene Grossman, Sam Rosen. Jerry Cohen, Malcolm Luxenberg, Le in Wci , At top: Joel Stein berg, James Siff, Stanley Frank. Robert Sherman, Johnny Wittenberg, Walter Mayer. Phil Rubenslein, Leonard Selher. ot picti bed: Robert Blatl. Richard Cohen, Ralph Davidson, Jay Levy, Julius Levy, Lee Levy, David Love, Barton Silverman, Jerry Tanenbaum, Mike Wahlder, Donald Lord. = 5 1 SIGMA CHAPTER OF Z E T A BETA 1 A U 307 t .» C. DEBARDELEBEX JIM COLBURN CLYDE HAGOOD PALL SHAW PALL WL DER MEDICAL PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL OFFICERS Caldwell DeBardeleben, Jr President Pall R. Winder Vice-President Thomas Qlehl Secretary John B. Hill Treasurer Paul Shaw MEMBERS Jim Colburn Clyde Hagood Ted Atkinson 308 -(« ALPHA KAPPAKAPPA OFFICERS J n 1 1 mix President EDWARD SERRANO Vice-P resident PAUL McNEIL Corresponding Secretary DOXAI.I) KOCKWELL Recording Secretary J EKKY in AKS Treasurer McmbiT--: Jot Pattersun. Charles Peterson. Fred Vi . i, Louis Sumper. Clyde Ha- Hood. Eilpar Palarea. Nirk Authement, Nick D ' Amata, Matt Elilcn. Gerald Eng- lish, Gordon Folger. Odell Hargrove. Howard Horlon. Mark Lambert, Steve Marks, ' incent Mi)lina, Mauel Paez. Walter Prirkeit. Andy Stifter, Joe Tedesco. Leroy Weeks, George Hunt, James McCready, George Keenan, Don Burt, Robert Mensing, Jim Grant. Edmundo Bernheim. ictor Igal, John Wilson, Ray Smith, Davo Bryan. Arnold Mandeli. Willard Adams. Albert Auld. Walton Byrd, Milton Donaldson, James Cornetl, Charles Fohn, Sam Forbis. Charles Lobb, Kenneth Pearce, Sam Simmons, Curtiss Songster. Christfried Urner. Ramson Vidrine, J. C. Westbrook, Warren Founds. EDWARD SERR. NO lice President Fiitsr Kiiw: Auihement, Folger, Hagood. Skcom) Row: Morion. Stifler. " ut ' i. 309 First Row: Bagwell, Baker, Barbe, Blackwell, Colburn, Colonib, Corry, Counce, DePaoli. Second Row: Flood, Gillespie, Gouax, Hamilton, Hercher, Huck, Kerlin, Kline, Lind. Third Row: Long, Lynch, McComiskey, Moresi, Nelson, Pewitt, Rittlemeyer, Shaw, Shuler. Fourth Row: Smith, Stoutz, Tennis, Thorp, Urrutia, Watts, Williams, Wulfekuhler, Yarborough, Yost. Members: Jack Counce, Jim Hercher, Mac Pewitt, Mel Corry, Billy Hamilton, Paul Tennis, Paul Winder, George Williams, Tom Nelson, Jim Colburn, Jerry Bagwell, Jim Gouax, Dean Gillespie, Jack Thorp, John Watts, Bud Yoste, Jack Flood, John Smith, Albert Urrutia, Warren Wulfekuhler, Carl Kline, Henry Stoutz, Harry Moresi, Andy Rinker, Jim McComiskey, Bill Graber, Fred Lind, Crawford Long, Don Montgomery, Curtis Wilcox, Paul Welty, Frank Hull, Sam Emerson, Gus Williams, Charles H ' Doubler, Dale Coker, Grady Thompson, Don Ruppert, Nick Stallworth, Larry O ' Meallie, Stanley Payne, Jim Todd, Jim Holmes, Dick Green, Al Beachem, Jerry Schen- kin, Reuben Roy, Jim Shaver, Joe Smith, Dick Hayes, Bill Russell, Don Barbe, Terryl Brooks, Happy Davis, Frank de Paoli, John Cram, Dent Tisdale, Ed McCool, Dave McMurrain, Bob Brumfield, Eddie Lamperez, Herb Magruder, Ed Lindsey, Boyd Shaw, P. Knight, Minor Huck, Mark Kerlin, Adrian Cairns, Herman Colomb, Stanton Shuler, G. Leonard, Billy Reddock, John Yarborough, Bob Boulet, L. Lamar, Clarence Rittlemeyer, R. Hokum, C. Lynch, Don Irby, B. Cob, Banks Blackwell, C. Schlott- man, L. Baker, B. Standiffer, C. Morgan. BETA IOTA CHAPTE .1 310 NU SIGMA NU OFFICERS I ' M I, W INDKK President JAMES COLBURN Vice-President ( :nMIS WILCOX Secretary I ' M L WELTY Treasurer DON RUPPERT Masier-at-Arnis BILL CRABER Master-at-Arms Dont ' knock the AMA, Yvonne! •Al L WINDER President O V N U S I G M A N U 311 First Row: Couch. Hale, Hattun. Second Ron : Laurent, Morgan, Pang. Third Row: Peddy, Powell, Riecken. Folrth Row: Ruiz, Spoto, Voight. Members: James Alexander, Hunberto Arrioga. Frederick Atkinson, John Brigham. Charles Brooks, Enrique Chi, Charles Clark, Peter Conlacoa, Wilson Couch. Harry Crawford, Peter Drakapoulos, George Farka. Remegio Gonzales, . lfred Hale. Robert Hargrove. Robert Hatton, Robert Hoogland, Charles Laurent, Serigo Leon, Richard Morgan, Charles Ochs, Norman Owensby, Chuck Pang. Kim Pankey, Robert Peddy. Jerry Pichrel. George Pohle. Evans Powell, William Rieken, Hector Ruiz, Wade Segman, Nelson Spoto, Elbert Sutton, Jack X ' oight, Joe Wheeler, Anthony Ziegler. P I CHAPTER O F 312 -i« THETA KAPPA PSI OFFICERS THOMAS QUEHL Prytan KENNETH PEIRCE Vice-Prytan CURTIS STEELE Recorder ROLAND RATZLOFF Bursur Theta KaiM ' H f ' i Vnnual " Cadaver Ball " Same to va T W v. 1 A K A P r A V S I 313 First Row; Alexander, An ' !r ' --- ' . ' n. [ ' ..malidii. LlrdJingfield, Bennefield, Bledsoe. Burch, Campbell. Calhoun. Causey, Second Row; Cole. CoUett, Dunn. Edmonds, Fer- rante, Flo sers. Fortrand, Flynn, Galloway, Graham. THrao Row: Granherry, Green, Haddad, Haynie, Hester, Hoover, Jackson, Jones, Killinger, Lipsey. Fourth Row: Longenecker, C., Longenecker, J., McBride, McConnell, McGrew, McPerson, Mackay, Meaders, Miller, Moore. Fifth Row: Overton, Owins, Parsons, Reed, Roebuck, Sacks, Schneider, Smith, A. C, Smith, P.. Stalhvorth, W. P. Sl. TH Row- ; Tatum, Thomas, Turner, Urrutia, Ward, Wheat, Wick, Williams, Wood. Members: Tom Benefield, George Beddingfield, Jim Bledsoe, Beauchamp Burch, Richard Campbell, Harry Causey, Ed Cole, Ralph Dunn, Lee Edmonds, Richard Flowers, John Fordlran, Lewis George, Billy Mac Graham, Hi Haynie, Cliff Hester, Ray Hadded, Roland Jackson, Robert Johnson, Bill Killinger, John Lipsey, Charles Longenecker, Joe Longenecker, Frank MacPherson, Raymond McBride, William .Miller, Charles Moore, Clyde Owings, Jim Parson, Sam Reed, jerry Roebuck, Doug Tatum, .Malcolm Thomas, Cleveland Turner. Bob Ward, - 1 Wick. Jim . nderson, Bob Anderson, Gus Bootle, Rodney Clement, David Colbert, Magruder Corban, Bill Dale, Jack Dent, Jim Day, Hal Douglas, Fred Durrance, Nat Galloway, Bob Gilliland, Peachy Gilmer, Glenn Gore. Malcolm Cranberry. Wiley Jenkins. Phil Laborde, Henry Langhorne, Tom Lewis. Bob MacKay. Mac Molnar, Errol Malvaney, Tony Moore, Dunny .Morton, Donald Richardson, Erskine Ross. .Ned Ross, Clayton Overton, Bob Rueb, Ellsworth Sacks, Everett Schneider, Bennett Sewell, Billy Sistrunk, Paul Shaw, Jim Van Muyden, Fred Walker, Henry Wilde. Woody Wood. John Moore, Skip Wise, Max Cooper, Benny Banahan, George Ball. John Ed Harris, Evans Alison, Chuck - rnold, Oscar Berry, Burnell Brown, Larry Carruth, Howard Cheek, J. P. Culpepper, Jum Cunyus, John Elliott. Jim Fenimore, Bill Hinson, Sonny Howell. Bill Kalmbach, Billy Kern, Ronnie Lemraos, Joe Lupo, Pal .McLaughlin, Paul Meyer, Roger . Iiller. Nick Nichols, Horace Norrell, Bill Owings, Ken Pittman, Gene Pope. Harold Quinn. McWillie Robinson. Jim Shamblin. Earl Sonnier, Roy Staub. Leonard Wamnes, Paul Williams, Gordon Wolfram, Woody York, Jack Cranmer, Bill Tisdale, Ronnie George, Jack Montgomery, Henry Andressen, Pat Unkel, Hardy Wood- bridge, Frank Schmidt, Julian Olsen, Caris Chamblee, Ron . lexander. Gene Baska, Robin Brown, Dick Calhoun, Oren Chenault, Tony Collett, Clyde Copeland, John Davidson, Jerry Dominguez, Bill Ferrante, Bill Flynn, John Green, Marvin Green. Bob Hewitt. Eron Ingle. Larry Isbell, Homer Jacobs, Bill Jones, Ralph Lazarra, Reginald Lowe, Fener McConnell, Dick McGrew. Jim Madison, Gilbert Marz, Marvin .Meadows, Bill Messer, Dave Pettis, Ed Shavor, Chuck Smith, Don Smith, Prentiss Smith. William P. Stallworth, William K. Stallworth. Pat Steele, Palmer Texada, Bub Urrutia, Charle Webster, Dick Welch, Jim Welch, Jim Wheat, Bill Wilder. Joel Pollard, Les Rainey, George Ingram, Jack Hoover, Dewey Lane, Clay Williams. O M I C R O N CHAPTER 314 PHI CHI OFFICERS CALHW KLl. .I.-UAKUKLKBEN Presiding Senior I ' All, SHAW Presiding Junior J. P. CILPKPPKK Secretary CLAYTON OVERTON Treasurer W liulcliu mean. " No more vodka " ? 11 r CALDWELL dcBARDELEBEN President O I V II 1 C 11 I 315 Advertisetnenti oLoohina j o . 9 t ina for memories • 2)o Liou remem ber . . . li Q ur rlen dd in d i udinedd an d ndudb ¥ Do you remember what makes this book possible? — Business In New Orleans. Without the help of these friends and alumni our book would be only a dream Instead of a realization. To these people we say " Thanks " from the Student Body. What can we, as students, do to show our appreciation for giving us these memories through our book? This Is a question often asked but rarely answered, hlowever, we feel we have the right answer. PATRONIZE THESE ADVERTISERS!!! Actually give these friends your business when you start to shop. You ' ll find them courteous, friendly, and a pleasure to do business with. These advertisers have shown us their friendship, so let ' s show them our friendship. We can only hope that this yearbook will remind you of the happier moments of your college life in 1955-56. All we can do now Is strive to present you with more and better memories in 1956-57. THE BUSINESS MANAGER AND THE BUSINESS STAFF INDEX TO ADVERTISERS Lloyd Alexander 322 A. S. Aloe Company 319 Arnaud ' s 323 Barnett ' s Optical 326 Bennett ' s Photo Supply 330 Bernard Grunning 332 C. A. Sporl Co., Inc 322 Cliff Probst 326 College Frocks 329 Columbia Homestead 322 D. H. Holmes 331 Freeport Sulphur 326 Friend in New Orleans Industry 331 Gentry ' s 324 Godchaux ' s 332 Gus Mayer Co., Ltd 322 Haynes Aircraft 327 Henry Kraak Florist 330 Homeway Laundromat 332 Labiche ' s 320 Loubat Glassware 320 Louisiana State Rice Mills 333 Maison Blanche 325 Maple Hill 324 Meynier Dillman 329 Merrill Chase 328 National Gypsum 329 Pan-American Life Insurance 324 Perrilliat-Rickey Construction Co., Inc 326 Picadilly Florist 320 R. P. Farnsworth Company, Inc 328 Skeffington ' s 330 Tabasco 332 Thos. W. Hooley Sons 330 Tropical Press 330 Tulane Book Store 330 Tulane Laundry 326 United Fruit 319 Whitney National Bank 321 Ye Olde College Inn 322 ESTABLISHED SERVICES TO Cuba - Jamaica - Panama - Colombia - Costa Rica - Nicaragua - Honduras - Guatemala - Salvador - British Honduras - West Coast Central and South America UNITED FRUIT COMPANY 321 St. Charles St. New Orleans, La. The Pep Rallies before the games , A. S. Aloe Company of La., Inc. " The World ' s Largest Surgical Supply House ' The One Stop Source of Supply for the Physician, Hospital and Clinical Laboratory New Orleans Branch CA 7741-42-43-44 1425 TULANE AVENUE The Store for Young Men and Men who Stay Young LABICHE ' S 301 BARONNE STREET MAgnoiia 281 I Since 1875 THE LOUBAT GLASSWARE CORK COMPANY Complete Equipment and Supplies HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, INSTITUTIONS NEW ORLEANS " . . . The New Spirit this season , WEDDINGS FORMALS PICCADILLY FLORIST WE TELEGRAPH FLOWERS CARROLLTON AT ST. CHARLES WA 8484 JL 1 More than SEVENTY YEARS of frienaly service . . . Complete ana specialized lacilities to meet your every need. WHITNEY NATIONAL BANK OF NEW ORLEANS EsiabWshed ]883 MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION SURPLUS AND UNDIVIDED PROFITS MORE THAN $28,000,000 WE INVITE YOU to open your Savings Accoun with the Columbia COLUMBIA HOMESTEAD ASSOCIATION 330 Carondelet St., RA 0743 A Savings Institution c. A. SPORL CO. ALL KINDS OF INSURANCE . INC. Whit ney B jilding Canal 5341 as ahvays for fine ' feminine fashion 9 ] ' LIMITED CANAL ST. GENTILLY , The Team that beat Auburn . . . " I? mh Ololkgp 3lnn GOOD SANDWICHES 3016 South Carrollton Ave. La - La - La - La - La - La - La - La LLOYD ALEXANDER IRWIN KNIGHT A.F.M. LLOYD ALEXANDER ' S ORCHESTRA " Pride of New Orleans " 6924 Louisville Street Phone FA 6677 After 6:00 P.M. La - La - La - La - La - La - La - La n ARNAUD ' S " The House of Hospitality and Friends " 801-29 BIENVILLE STREET OPEN FROM II A. M. to 12:30 A.M. GERMAINE CAZENAVE WELLS Owner of Arnaud ' s Restaurant, daughter of the late Count Arnaud, founder of the restaurant that bears his name, as well as creator of many famous Creole and French dishes famed throughout the world. ARNAUD ' S— Selected the best restaurant of the South tor the 2000th anniversary of the founding of the City of Paris. M - y J- --.«r-= - — ' 3f ' ;. Re. I Few are the people who set foot on the sidewalk of New Orleans who do not seek to learn the location of Ar- naud ' s and forthwith journey there to enjoy this famous cuisine. After partaking of a notable meal, guests fre- quently ask the derivation of a particular dish: " Is it French? " " Is it Spanish? " The answer is that it is a combination of the wizardry of the French with the art of Spanish to make Arnaud ' s masterpieces. CI II run t .y rnaud AIR CONDITIONED COVERAGE PAN-AMERICA N ' S CAREER CONTRACT, which stresses the Company ' s philosophy of helping their men make more money. To do this, we furnish ample training, top- notch sales aids and individualized poli- cies to meet individual needs. PAN AMERICAN LIFE INSURANCE CO CRAWFORD H. ELLIS President EDWARD G. SIMMONS Executive Vice-President KENNETH D. HAMER Vice-President Agency Director - y 35Ly NEW ORLEANS. U.S.A. MAPLE HILL ' Known for Its Excellent Food " WA 9316 WA 482 I Maple at Hillary For Your Complete Authenic IVY LEAGUE WARDROBE 710 S. Carrollton Phone WAInut 4869 for Anne Roach, our Homecoming Queen . . . " the irl with the MB look 4 She shops at MB for More Beauty on a Modest Budget . . . But even if she had Money to Burn, she ' d be Mighty Beddazzled with MB ' s Model-Behavior cotton dress that ' s fresh as a Magnolia Blossom . . . guaranteed to bring More Beaux. She May Be you . . . but actually she ' s Miss Byrann (Patricia!), a Mighty Beautiful junior at Newcomb this year. Junior Shop MB Second Floor Maison B LANCHE CRE.iTEST STOKE SOUTH FACULTY — STAFF — STUDENTS DESIGNED FOR YOUR EXCLUSIVE USE TULANE UNIVERSITY LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING DEPT. Phones Magnolia 3477 — Raymond 6985 TW 1-4792 CLIFF PROBST Auctioneer Realtor NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA . . The Costumes at the Beaux Arts Ball . . . " New Orleans Office — University 6-5496 PERIIILLIAT-KICKEY COIVSTRIJCTION CO., Inc. Ljeneral ( oniractord 1530 S. Rendon Street NEW ORLEANS, LA. BARNETT OPTICAL CO. WM. J. HAGSTETTE, Mgr. GUILD OF PRESCRIPTIONS 833 Common Street Pere Marquette Arcade RAymond 471 1-7414 NEW ORLEANS, LA. COMPLIMENTS OF FREEPORT SULPHUR CO. (Producers of Crude Sulphur) NEW ORLEANS PORT SULPHUR ■ II Ainirir nj IIuYcs Aircrajt ininlificdlioii plant, one of the most inodiTii and rffi- ciciit jacilitit ' s oj its kind in the United States, with over 1,000.000 square feet of floor space and 5,500 employees. POSITIONS IN AIRCRAFT INDUSTRY ARE OPEN FOR YOUNG ENGINEERS Hayes Aircraft Corporation offers young graduate engi- neers an unusual opportunity to obtain practical experi- ence in electronics, aerodynamics, aerophysics and design, power plant and mechanical installation, testing and operation of aircraft. Your job at Hayes will include work on major aircraft, giving you widely diversified and highly valuable personal training in fundamental design problems. You will be given ample opportunity and encouragement to develop your own talent and skill in many fields of aeronautical research. If you can qualify, Hayes offers you a good position near home with advancement as rapidly as your aptitude justifies, and with a future of unlimited possibiUties. Summer vacation work is available for undergraduates. For additional information, write to PERSONNEL DEPARTMENT AIRCRAFT CORPORATION MUUICIPAI AIRPORT, BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA builders of industry American industry will grow in direct proportion to the quality of our citi zenry. We look to our institutions of higher earning to turn out graduates so rained that they can and will build the future prosperity and greatness of our state and country, and we expect an important share of this training to be done in the Tulane University of Louisiana. There are remunerative and varied opportunities for graduate engineers in the construe- tion industry, and to those interested we suggest an interview. R. P. FARNSWORTH CO. INC. Un 6-1841 1515 South Salcedo Street New Orleans COMPLIMENTS OF MERRIL CHASE I li o toarapit xeri Maison Blanche NEW ORLEANS. LA. , . The Blasts at the Barristers ' Ba 1 college frocks Near Tulane-Newcomb Campus 1020 Lowerline WAInuf 6510 Use Your Charge Account DRESS UP YOUR Table Top — Dresser Top — Coffee Table Top with aHraclive " CRYSTAL SHEET " or " PLATE " Glass Any Paflern — Any Size — Cut -to fit ALL GLASS EDGES SMOOTHED FOR SAFETY Keys Made While You Wait MEYNIER DILLMANN HARDWARE CO.. INC. 7724-30 Maple Street WAlnut 2545 The Faculty Skit at the Commerce Dance , More Gold Bond Building Products For Expanding Southern Markets ! National Gypsum Company — in keeping wifh the surge of industrial expansion in the South — has recently completed a new high-capacity gypsum plant at Wesiwego, Louisiana. This new plant will supply more Gold Bond gypsum wallboard, sheathing, lath and p!aster to customers in the vigorous Gulf Coast area. It is esiimated that this plant will turn out enough gypsum products to build 50,000 new homes annually. Modern manu- facturing faciliiies are utilizing -Ihe most exacting quality conirol methods io maintain the stand- ards of Gold Bond building products. NATIONAL GYPSUM COMPANY 325 Delaware Ave. Buf-falo, New York Wallboards • Lath • Acoustical ProcJucts • Plaster Point • Asbestos ProcJucIs • Injulotion ProcJuc!» cnmERAS " The Largest Variety in Town " 32C ' Baronne SeHHett.A , . . The Corpses at the Cadaver Ball . . . " HENRY KRAAK FLORIST 1425 Eleonore St. Phone Uptown I 198 or Uptown I 293 NURSERY 1019 Central Ave. Phone Veron 5-6478 45 Years of Distinguished Flowers COMPLIMENTS OF TULANE BOOK STORE NEWCOMB SHOP TULANE MEDICAL STORE ke iHftcH ' RENT-A-TUX MEN ' S FORMAL WEAR 1512 ST. CHARLES AVE. J. PATRICK CASHMAN NEW ORLEANS, LA. RA. 0239 TROPICAL PRESS OFFSET— COMMERCIAL PRINTER Canal 1294 510 Camp Street NEW ORLEANS 12, LA. EDDIE SCHNEIDER Phone CA JM9 WA 2277 Night Phones WA 7393 (uN 2865 THOS. W. HOOLEY SONS Machine and Boiler Works Marine Work a Specialty 1026-36 Tchoupltoulas Street New Orleans, La. yhei ' e ' Vo place ike Wo mf fleu OtleanA ' Qualitif hepaHment tcte L onqi ' C( lit la lionS to TULANE UNIVERSITY on Producing so Many Fine Young Leaders in NEW ORLEANS INDUSTRY A FRIEND OF TULANE IN NEW ORLEANS INDUSTRY COMPLIMENTS OF HOMEWAY LAUNDROMAT Lowerllne at Freret Wa. 3670 PATRONIZE YOUR ADVERTISERS COLLEGE RINGS SORORITY PINS FRATERNITY KEYS Special Designs Created BERNARD GRUNNING " Better Jewelry " 146 Baronne Street 51 JiBASCQ TABASCO The Seasoning Supreme As even the dullest student knows, an Imitation makes a poor substitute!! Always Insist on gen- uine " TABASCO " brand pepper sauce when eat- ing at your favorite restaurant, whether it be the Toodle House or Galatoire ' s. if you want . . . the finest and newest in fashions . . . the most distinctive in gifts, gadgets it ' s E sBR a SINCE 1840 No, I guess you didn ' t have +ime to remember this place. ' What would Jambalaya be without rice? To jambalaya and gumbo, shrimp Creole and good honest beans, rice is indeed es- sential. The rice business itself is a great and satisfying one. Growing and milling, marketing and merchandising these of- fer a constant challenge to those of us who live with, by and for the rice of Louisiana. Growers work to improve the varieties. Scientists develop new uses for rice. Our own company made marketing history this year by introducing a pack- age design new to the industry. Every enterprise affords such new and ever- interesting possibilities. As a graduate of Tulane University, you have the advantage of a fine st irt. It is our hope that your future " building years " whether they be in industry or science or a profession will also be good years, yielding many challenges and rich rewards. LOUISIANA STATE RICE MILLING COMPANY, INC. ABBEVILLE, LOUISIANA America ' s Largest Rice Millers ENGRAVINGS ARE BY SiUfEPH! iUifli 1 J iPii! SHREVEPORT. LOUISIANA A. 3MeitBaM uble IWir • Congratulations to the Student Body and Faculty of Tulane University for completion of another outstanding year. • Tlie Staff of your annual has worked exceedingly hard to give you a superb book and one which portrays the high lights of memorable activities. • Neither time, effort nor expense ha e been spared to pro ide you with a permanent record, attractively presented and complete in every detail. • To preser -c the photography and literary efforts of the Staff, the best grade of materials have been combined with skilled workmanship to provide the finest quality yearbook. • We arc proud that the 1956 Staff elected us to help design, print and bind " " The Jambalaya. " We have earnestly en- deavored to fulfill the confidence placed in us. iii:. MK ■Miixiixi. ro ir.wY NASHVILLE 3, TENNESSEE J)h mUemcHai n MARTIN LIVINGSTON BRONSTEIN September 24, 1955 Junior, School of Medicine JUDGE PAUL BROSMAN December 21, 1955 Former Dean of the Tulane School of Law QMC GEORGE HENRI LaBASH February 29, 1956 NROTC Unit Staff JUDGE SAMUEL E. LeBLANC July 8, 1955 Member of the Tulane University Board of Administrators JAMES M. SHOEMAKER March 19, 1956 Freshman, College of Arts and Sciences " The departed who we now remember have entered into the life eternal. They still live on earth in the acts of goodness they performed, and in the hearts of those who cherish their memory. " T .r

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