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n Pl§ THE TILTON MEMORIAL THE TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 95 5 n ous Jtot3JLc Editor: MELVIN MATHES, JR. Business Manager: CHARLES VICCELLIO 9 vao 3 jOL jt: A oj ru2y X XA3-eXAAA Ax c ■9jl 0-iLx2 A yUxy olX q q uOu6Lx v jQu ' i xS-jexO-A M Qy Ol JC2 5v uOo S- yv JQ• y t xyyv y(i 3c XX2 COnjQ iAf jxy Yu f xx :suc3u j jzXji y b-Qy oXjE ouAyw O ' k Joe. v -xSw ■-• l)v 3o|Q 5 o-e oXja Yv jci!kAyv xjL. D cx ' wv Q (rxAzSt3ayYv V nut rnii t . li H ' nti .V .,;• •.»■••■ x5 cxXja cKja oAxA " - 3-e ji.AJku:ljq zq " OkXa. Dr. French has the unusual distinction of having bridged the gap between the University and the business world. Particularly because of this accomplishment, he has ably served the student, the University, the community and the nation. The student sees him as an efficient and energetic Dean of the School of Business Administration with a genuine interest in their problems and as a capable professor of economics and business. To many others he is known as Vice President of the University in charge of the newly created Development Office which has already provided invaluable services in the financing and future development of Tulane. Dr. French, as former executive-director of the Public Affairs Research Council of Louisiana, has aided the community in its quest for better government. The nation has benefited by the assistance he has given as chairman of the Committee of the Southwest Economy, to which he was appointed by the President ' s Council of Economic Advisors, and as chairman of the Committee on Federal Aid to Welfare. Thus to Dr. Robert W. French we are honored to dedicate the 1955 JAMBALAYA. «,5 VcXAAAi AjOcU Ou DR. ROBERT W. FRENCH EndowmeW lund drives . . . lecture notes . . . parking stickers . . . tuition increases . . . segregation or not? . . . bursar ' s receipts . . . standing in line . . . multi-colored hoods . . . Dean ' s Garden Party . . . square dances . . . book store . . . increased parking area . . . fellowships 0u L A jo 3 0 ucAxxyv RU FUS CARROLLTON HARRIS A Message from the President . . . With the completion of the men ' s residence halls and the new Warren hlouse, the University has developed an on-campus community of real and serious propor- tions. The recent construction of these residence halls has expanded the entire student life program. With the establishment of student councils in each of the houses, more students are now engaged in the educa- tional experience of self-government. Gatherings with members of the faculty or distinguished visitors to the campus as guests have increased, owing particularly to the facilities offered in the lounges of the new houses. Plans for the provision of other facilities need- ed in cultural and recreational programs are now in progress. The JAMBALAYA will record the progress which we are making in the development of an inte- grated campus community, to go hand in hand with distinguished academic achievement. RUFUS C. HARRIS r Ed McGlasson and Dr. Harris confer at one of the Student Council luncheons. A MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT DR. FRED COLE, Academic Vice-President DR. ROBERT FRENCH, Vice-President tor Development DR. JOSEPH MORRIS, Vice-President DEAN FORREST U. LAKE, Dean of Admis- sions DR. CLARENCE SCHEPS, Comptroller DR. LLOYD KUHN, Director of Student Health DR. GARLAND TAYLOR. Director of Libra- ries MRS. FLORENCE TOPPINO, Registrar First Row: Dr. Fred Cole. Dr. Robert French, Dr. Joseph Morris, Dean Forrest U, Lake. Second Row: Dr. Clarence Scheps, Dr. Lloyd Kuhn, Dr. Garland Taylor. Mrs. Florence Toppino. ADMINSSTRATORS HORACE RENEGAR, Director of Public Relations JESSE B. MORGAN, Supervisor of Auxiliary Enterprises JOSEPH GIBSON. Director of Pre-Admis- sions MISS KATHRYN DAVIS, Assistant to the President of the University MRS. DOROTHY NUNGESSER RICCIUTI. Counselor to Women MISS DOROTHY DALE, Secretary of Ad- missions, Newcomb College DR. DICK TAYLOR, Jambalaya Advisor EMANUEL LIVAUDAIS, Bursar EARL COULON. Supervisor of Housing First Row: Horace Renegar, Jesse 8. Morgan, Jo- seph Gibson, Miss Kathryn Davis. Second Row: Mrs. Dorothy Nungesser Ricciu+i, Miss Dorothy Dale, Dr. Dick Taylor, Emanuel Livaudais. Earl Coulon, 22 BOARD OF VISITORS A new group of outstanding men and women are bringing their experience to bear on Tulane ' s problems through the recently-activated Board of Visi- tors. The 30-member Board includes nationally known figures in education, science, industry, and other fields. A special committee has been formed to assist the Administrators ' Committee on University Development, and an- other to concentrate on the needs of the School of Medicine. " Our thesis, " declared Joseph M. Jones, President of the Administrators, " is that this area needs an educational institution that will rank with the best in the nation, that New Orleans is a proper location for such an institution, that Tulane is the institution that ought to be further developed to attain this role, and that this is the time to go forward with such a plan. We believe that in bringing about these results the Board of Visitors will be of inestimable help. " Board of Visitors 23 DR. JOHN H. STIBBS Dean of Students DIVISION Pillar oi fhe University? Speaking very generally fhe Division of Sfudenf Life has fhe re- sponsibility for fhe ou+-of-fhe-classroom student life both on and off the campus. These responsibilities for the most part fall info fhe categories of student conduct, student housing,. services to students, and recreation. We feel that life outside the classroom at Tulane is full of opportunities. Practical education, Is available through holding responsible positions In student government and directing the work of student organizations and student publlcaflons. Wholesome rec- reation Is provided through a broad program of activities which em- brace motion pictures, dances, music, and theatrical performances. Some of the basic policies of the Division of Student Life are these: ( 1 ) The general problem of the Division of Student Life Is how the University may serve as a more effective place for students to develop as complete individuals. Owing to the tremendous increase In population since the last war, there has been a tendency In many large schools to treat the student merely as a unit in a group. We are frying very hard at Tulane to emphasize attention to the student as an Individual, We feel that this Is one of the very special values offered by the private educational institution. (2} It Is, we insist, the duty of the Division -of Student Life to accent, In so far as possible, educational usefulness in fhe student activities program and to organize faculty advisers and other re- - sources of the University in this direction. [3) We think these efforts In the area of services to the student on the part of the University should exhibit the same quality and thor- oughness insisted upon In the classrc.om. (4) In spite of the fact that there has been a lot of nonsense stated about students getting far more out of fhe student activities program than out of their classroom work, we believe that the stu- dent life program Is of tremendous importance. We feel that the com- munity life of our students during the hours when they are not in the classroom should not be regarded as something merel y incidental. We believe that our great ideals of freedom and responsibility and the ideal of democracy can be nurtured in the proving ground which we speak of as the extra-curricular program. 24 A Peek in the Hand Is Wor+h Two Finesses OF STUDENT LIFE First Row; Einar Pedersen, Assistant to the Dean; Mrs. Buchner Chlpley. Student Center Hostess; J. E. Branch, Placement Officer; Randall Brahan, Guidance Officer. Second Row: Andres Horcasitas, Foreign Student Advisor; Mrs, Myra Culbertson, Housing Secretary; Gerry Newman, Secretary to the Dean; Caroline Sharp, Secretary to the Dean. 25 ACADEMIC DEANS OF THE UNIVERSITY Easter Sunrise Services SCHOOL OF MEDICINE DEAN MAXWELL E. LAPHAM In September of 1834 our medical school, as the medical college of Louis- iana, was founded as the first medical school in the South. The usual four-year program lead- ing to the degree of Doctor of Medi- cine is offered by the medical school. The school also offers many graduate courses leading to the degrees of Master of Medical Science, Master of Public Health, and other degrees in public health. A number of short courses are offered in different spe- cialities. Once in Med School, You Never Sleep COLLEGE OF LAW DEAN RAY FORRESTER The College of Law has as its primary objective the training of students for the practice of law in Louisiana, but this is not its only aim. This college must be able to train students for the practice of law in other parts of the country, as well as for Latin American countries. The unique legal history of Louisiana, along with the geographical position and Latin culture of New Orleans, makes it particularly appropriate that the college serve a varied group of student with a diversity of legal pro- grams. Three Legal Lights Trying to Sway the Judge GRADUATE SCHOOL DEAN ROBERT LUMIANSKY The Graduate School offers courses of study leading to the degrees of Master of Arts, Master of Science, Master of Fine Arts, and Doctor of Philosophy. Graduate courses of pro- fessional type are offered by the School of Business Administration, the Law School, the Medical School, and the School of Social Work. The privilege of going to the Grad- uate School is extended to properly qualified students holding Bachelor ' s degrees. NE WCOMB COLLEGE ■; DEAN JOHN HUBBARD Newconnb College was founded in 1836 by Mrs. Josephine Louise New- comb as a memorial to her only daughter. This was the first women ' s college to function within the frame- work of a university. On the campus there is a full curriculum of Liberal Arts, Music, Fine Arts, and now Newcomb offers the one-year abroad study plan. As it is within the culture of New Orleans, Newcomb is thus traditionally rich in its capacity to offer a liberal education. ARTS AND SCIENCE DEAN FRED C. COLE The purpose of this college is to as- sure every student an opportunity to receive a sound general education, as well as a good base for specialization in future activities. Some of the students will prepare themselves for entrance into graduate or professional schools, while others will terminate their formal educa- tion with the bachelor degree. In any case, the college offers its students ( preparation for positions of leadership and trust in their communities. And so friends, as we stand upon the threshold . . . Column Right . . . March! And nnan! You should have seen the one that got away! ACADEMIC DEANS OF THE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE DEAN JOHN E. DINWIDDIE The School of Architecture is pri- marily concerned with and dedicated to the development of a living and vigorous native architecture for the southern region. Through the five year program, the school strives to integrate the architect as a social human being, a good citizen of his environment large or small. Though first aims are for the South we feel that the student should be equipped to adapt their woric to any region. COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION DEAN ROBERT FRENCH This college provides for its men and women substantial professional training for business careers. It seeks to enroll students of intellectual competence, good character, and leadership poten- tial. The School of Business Administra- tion strives to provide the business com- munity with graduates who command a working knowledge of business manage- ment, and who can be counted upon to serve the community and the nation. COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING DEAN LEE JOHNSON The College of Engineering offers a standard four-year course leading to the Bachelor ' s degree in Chemical, Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical Engi- neering. The courses are designed to provide a sound basis for professional careers of any kind In these fields with opportunity for study of Gulf Coast problems. The faculty also participates In offering graduate work leading to a Master ' s degree in four types of Engi- neering. The winners and the winning design for the Beaux Arts Ball. Time out for lunch at the Comnnerce Lounge The engineer In his natural surroundings SOCIAL WORK DEAN ELIZABETH WISNER The School of Social Work is a pro- fessional school offering graduate work in preparation for positions in private and public welfare organizations. The university has been offering graduate degrees in Social Work since 1935. The school has been a member of the American Association of Schools of Social Work since 1937. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE DEAN JOHN DYER The University College or evening school got its name from the fact that it offers courses from all the various schools in the University. Students may also enroll in the regular day courses. The faculty is made up of full-time teachers and recognized lecturers in various fields. SUMMER SC HOO L DIRECTOR THOMAS EARLE Summer school may be attended by students enrolled in any College of Tulane University or any other univer- sity. The courses offered are used to- ward undergraduate degrees, and also are applied toward degrees in Graduate Schools. Summer School offers an op- portunity to schedule work which could not conveniently be fitted into regular programs, to supplement pro- grams with courses of particular Inter- est, to make up deficiencies or prerequi- sites; and to reduce the length of time required to qualify for a degree. Some Social Workers with a social work And he ' ll hurry if he sees these two waiting Some of the cooler kids at the Newcomb pool WILLIAM BAKER JR JAMES V BOONE !r. ED McSLASSON President of Student Body The Student Council is the highest governing body of the Associated Students of Tulane University. It is composed of the presidents of the student bodies of the nine colleges of the University, and the three offi- cers, President, Vice-President, and Secretary, who are chosen by a university-wide election. It is the voice of the Tulane students in university matters and is charged GERALD FALLETTA SAMUEL S. FARNET Council ' s Plan for Increased Parking Area Becomes a Reall+y STUDENT COUNCIL JACK H. FIELD, JR. RICHARD HASSENPLUG . v |4 r A-| JOE w. Pins, JR. BARBARA SILIN MILDRED 5TOUSE with the responsibility of governing and supervising them. The Student Council of the 1 954- 1 955 session worked for the betterment of Tu- lane through a stronger student-faculty relationship and a trend toward a more powerful form of student government. By the use of joint student-administra- tion committees, plans were made for im- proving the cafeteria, book store, and dormitory government. Parking, long a problem at Tulane, was studied and posi- tive plans adopted for its improvement. The general duties of the council consist of the ad- ministration of the University Student Fund, which Is the budgeting of money to all recognized student or- ganizations which need It; the general supervision of all university-wide elections such as hHomecoming Queen, cheerleaders, and student body officers; and the approving of all student organizations before they can become official activities on the campus. We are thankful for the cooperation that we have received from the students, from our university news- paper, the hHullabaloo, from the President of the Uni- versity, and from the Dean of Students. Without any one of these, the functions of such a group would have been impossible. Student Body Officers — Edward McGlasson. Barbara Silln, William A. Baicer NEWCOMB STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS MILDRED STOUSE President CAROL CLARK Vice-President MARYEM FOWLKES Corresponding Secretary NAOMI BIRDWELL Recording Secretary Your Harenn. Paul? ' 4 M The Newcomb Student Council is the piloting unit of a self- governing student body. It is composed of the officers of the Newcomb Student Government Association and the presidents of the Honor Board, Resident Student Government Association, Pan-Hellenic Coun- cil, Art School, Athletic Council, Music School, and the four classes. It has the power to initiate legislation, consider any proposed amend- ment to, or revision of, the constitution, and to approve the holding of any election on Newcomb Campus. It strives to maintain the ideals and preserve the strength of the college by encouraging a close student-faculty relationship and by embodying in its actions the active and creative spirit of an association of able and adult individuals. 32 NE WCOMB HONOR BOARD OFFICERS MAUDE SAUNDERS President MARY ANNA KENDALL Vice-President JIMMY MACKENROTH Secretary Newcomb students take pride in their sys- tem of honor which holds the integrity of each student above all else. Under the hlonor Sys- tem each student is accountable on her honor for her conduct. Violations which endanger the system and thus the personal honor of every member are dealt with by the Honor Board which is composed of representatives elected by the Newcomb student-body. NEWCOMi DORMITORY COUNCIL OFFICERS RUTH HENDRICKS . President, First Semester Resident Student Government MARILYN MILLIKEN , President. Second Semester Resident Student Government MARY ANNA KENDALL . . . Secretary Resident Student Government MARYEM FOWLKES President Josephine Louise House ROXIE JONES President Doris Hall MARY ANN LEHMAN President South Winq of Warren House ELENA PEREZ President North Wing of Warren House CAROLE LONG President East Wing of Josephine Louise House ELIZABETH ALLEGRET . President West Wing of Josephine Louise ttouse The Newcomb Dormitory Council, com- posed of representatives from all of the dormi- tories, is the governing body of the Resident Student Government Association possessing the executive, judicial, and legislative power of the body. Its primary aim is to promote self- government and the responsibility of upholding the standards and regulations of the dormi- tories in order to insure an enriched college life. 33 ALUMNI ASSOCIATION The Tulane Alumni Association was organized in I 898 and is devoted to the broad principles of service to Tulane University. Since then Tulane alumni have taken an active part in the progress of one of the South ' s oldest and greatest educa- tional institutions. Through the Alumni Associa- tion the University maintains contacts with grad- uates and former students. The TULANIAN, alumni magazine, is sent free of charge to all alumni. Active Tulane alumni clubs exist in many parts of the world. Each year the Association sponsors 1929 Southern Conference Championship Rose Bowl Team, Bottom Row: Ruckes, Mangum, Upton. McCance. Dalrymple. Standing: Lautenschlaeger, Gloven, Baumbach, Baiter, Whatley, Pizzano. twiessey, Armstrong, Rainoid. Outgoing Alumni President Frederichs receives plaque from new President Littleton. Homecoming, a celebration which brings gradu- ates back to the campus for reunions and other activities. The Tulane Alumni Fund, organized eight years ago by the alumni themselves, is conducted by Class Agents, Area Representatives, and other alumni. The Fund has increased each year both, in numbers of contributors and money contributed. It has become a strong financial support of the University and has been another means of nurtur- ing alumni interest. The Tulane Conferences are in their second year and are projects of the Tulane Alumni Asso- ciation, designed to cooperate with and encour- age alumni clubs of the University. This year seminar-type programs were presented through the Conferences in Alexandria, Shreveport, Mon- roe, Lake Charles and Lafayette, Louisiana, Jack- son, Mississippi and Mobile, Alabama. BEATRICE FIELD Director of Alumni Activities The headquarters of the Association are lo- cated at 63 19 Willow Street in the Alumni hnouse, which is constantly used as a gathering place for alumni and other University groups. OFFICERS DR. J. T. LITTLETON President D. B. H. CHAFFE, JR First Vice-President A. L. JUNG, JR Second Vice-President DR. MAYO L. EMORY Third Vice-President WOOLLEN H. WALSHE Secretary WARREN L. STERN Treasurer MISS BEATRICE M. FIELD .... Director of Alumni Activities Tulane Alumni House N E W C O M B ALUMNI ASSOCIATION The Newcomb Alumnae Association, com- posed of all graduates and former students, is a means of channeling loyalties to Newcomb. Its office is housed in the Tulane Alumni h ouse where files and pertinent information are kept. Made up of a national group of officers and clubs located in leading cities in the United States, its activities include thousands of women and cover a wide range of interests. its two national meetings yearly are held, one at Homecoming and the other at Commence- ment time. Its purpose is to fill college needs when they arise, to foster alumnae activities, and to serve as a tie betwen future, present, and past students and the college faculty and administra- tors. Alumnae Can Be Young — Babs Bartlett, Liz Fontaine, Marie Hamel, Mari- anne Sigler. Head Table — Newcomb Alumnae Banquet, May 1954 «Y • 4. 9 114) OFFICERS TOLLEY COOK DAVIS President ANGELA DEVLIN First Vice-President CHARLOTTE CARTER SMITH Second Vice-President LOUISE HUTSON FINKE Recording Secretary CAROL FRASER BARTLETT Corresponding Secretary VILLA EAST COX Treasurer TOLLEY COOK DAVIS DOROTHY NUNGESSER RICCIUTI GEORGIA SEAGO FISCHER Newcomb Alumnde President Counselor o Women Executive Secretary 36 ilyjT G loiooiim 8 o ' clocks . . . coffee breaks . . . Iibrat7 dates . . . Friday drill . . . Zoology fieW trips . . . quality points and credit hours . . . dull boring labs . . . midnight cramming . . . term papers . . . blue backs . . . comprehensives . . . outside reading . . . Junior year abroad ■ M ' dwa? ' - " jgg SCHOOL OF MEDICINE 1 — i ' X J2y I Ail j en d r Robert Allen Rodrigo Altmann-Ortiz Myron Arrington Neil August William Avant Chris Baffes Arthur Baggett, Jr. Haskell Bass, Jr. Milton Beheler Peter Bertucci ABOVE First Row: • ROBERT L. ALLEN, 246 W, Henry Street. Spartanburg, South Carolina: Nu Sigma Nu; Phi Beta Kappa. • RODRISO ALTMANN-ORTIZ, Box 378, San Jose, Costa Rica; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Phi Beta Kappa; History of Medicine Society; Newman Club. • MYRON LAMAR ARRINGTON, 14 King, Hazlehurst, Mississippi; Phi Chi. • NEIL AUGUST, 1325 Nelson Avenue, New York. New York; Phi Delta Epsilon. • WILLIAM HAROLD AVANT, Andalusia, Alabama; Nu Sigma Nu; History of Medicine Society. Second Row: • CHRIS G. BAFFES, 4319 Louisville, New Orleans, Louisiana; Theta Kappa Psi. • ARTHUR EDWARD BAGSETT, JR., 1112 Riverside Drive, Titusville, Florida; Phi Kappa Sigma; Omicron Delta Kappa; History of Medicine Society. • HASKELL HARRIS BASS, JR., 1812 Manatee Avenue, Bradenton, Florida; Phi Chi. • E. MILTON BEHELER, 1301 Arcadia, Austin, Texas; Phi Chi. • PETER S. BERTUCCI, 1928 Cleveland Avenue, New Orleans, Louisiana; Theta Kappa Psi. BELOW First Row: • CHARLES M. BONURA, 3024 Seville Street, Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Phi Delta Theta; Nu Sigma Nu. • PHILLIP HAROLD BOOKMAN, 110 Bentley Avenue, Jersey City, New Jersey; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Phi Lambda Kappa; Vice-President Medical School; Phi Beta Kappa; Owl Club. • JAMES M. BRAKEFIELD, 835-77 Way South. Birmingham. Alabama; Sigma Nu; Phi Chi; Treasurer Senior Class; Omicron Delta Kappa; Who ' s Who; Owl Club; Baptist Student Union. • CARLTON L. CARPENTER, JR.. Box 56, Starkville, Mississippi; Phi Chi; Kappa Sigma; President Senior Class; Beta Beta Beta; Omicron Delta Kappa; Who ' s Who. • CHARLES J. CARUSO, 221 North Shelby Street, Greenville, Mississippi, • GEORGE R. CARY, JR., 6C24 Garfield Street, New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Chi; Alpha Phi Omega. • EUGENE R. CELANO, 603 E. Gadsden Street, Pensacola, Florida; Theta Kappa Psi; President Owl Club; History of Medicine Society; Owl Club. Second Row: • H. D. CHINN, 901 South Woodland Drive. Kansas City 16, Missouri. • HOWARD DAVID CLARK. Box 101, Richton. Mississippi; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Beta Beta Beta; Alpha Epsilon Delta. • VELA HOWELL CLEVELAND, 22 North French Avenue, Fort Meade, Florida; Wesley Foundation. • IRVING COPPEL, 1347 East Seventh Street, Brooklyn, New York. • R. HAROLD COX, 7706 Burthe Street, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Nu Sigma Nu. • ROBERT I. COX. Brandon, Mississippi; Phi Chi. • S. J. DANNA. 4332 Magazine Street, New Orleans, Louisiana; Theta Kappa Psi. Charles Bonura H. D. Chinn Phillip Bookman Howard Clark James Brakefield Carlton Carpenter, Jr. Vela Cleveland Irving Coppel Charles Caruso Harold Cox George Gary. Jr. Robert Cox Eugene Celano S. J. Danna «»} iM u I. .A ) . lAi ) Mm hi ISt A AW L jTO ' t " Jvv-e muii AkW i Herbert Dyer Lionel Ehrenworth Howard Ehrlich Homer Ellis Gerald Falleta Robert Fine Richard Fleck Henry Freedman Avrum Froimson Don Gallant A Fi BOVE rsf Row: • HERBERT R. DYER, P.O. Box 1018, Winter Park, Florida; Theta Kappa Psi. • LIONEL EHRENWORTH, 106 Belleville Avenue, Bloomfield, New Jersey; Student Council; Alpha Omega Alpha; Phi Beta Kappa. • HOWARD G. EHRLICH, 630 Park Avenue. New York 21, New York. • HOMER GLENN ELLIS, 210 W. Water Street, Biloxi, Mississippi; Kappa Sigma, Nu Sigma Nu. • GERALD PATRICK FALLETTA, 2840 Mountain Brook Parkway. Birmingham. Alabama; Theta Kappa Psi; President Theta Kappa Psi; President Medical School Student Body; Kappa Delta Phi; Student Activities Key; Who ' s Who; Pre-Medical Society; Psychology Major Club; History of Medicine Society, President; Owl Club; Newman Club; Honor Board; Leadership Council; Treasurer Student American Medical Association; Medical Pan Hellenic Council. Second Row: • ROBERT M. FINE, 5 Yorkshire Drive, Little Rock, Arkansas; Zeta Beta Tau. • RICHARD J. FLECK, B22 New York Avenue, St. Cloud, Florida; Phi Beta Kappa. • HENRY K. FREEDMAN, 526 East Eighty-second Street, New York, New York; Phi Delta Epsilon. • AVRUM I. FROIMSON, 3915 College Avenue. Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania; Omicron Delta Kappa. • DON M. GALLANT, 1362 New York Avenue, Brooklyn, New York; Phi Delta Epsilon; Sigma Pi Sigma. BELOW First Row: • LLOYD E. GARY, Europa, Mississippi. • ELLERY C. GAY, JR., 9 Gay Place, Little Rock. Arkansas; Phi Chi. • H. LAMAR GILLESPIE. Sumrall, Mississippi; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • JAMES ROY GUYTON, 357 North Spring, Tupelo, Mississippi. • CHRISTIAN J. HAINDEL, 1613 Seventh Street, New Orleans, Louisiana. • JAMES N. HAMPTON, 3525 Cambrone. New Orleans, Louisiana; Nu Sigma Nu; Owl Club. • JOE HANRAHAN, 9243 S. Bishop Street, Chicago, Illinois; Phi Chi. Second Row: • HERMAN HASSELL. JR., 2325 College Street. Montgomery, Alabama; Phi Kappa Sigma; Phi Chi. • CONRAD HERR, 100 Marshall Drive. Louisville. Kentucky; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Canterbury Club. • ROBERT WILLIAM HESS, 48 McAlister Place. New Orleans, Louisiana. • GRADY EL2Y HILL, JR., 2010 Netches, Port Arthur. Texas; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • EDWARD J. HINMAN. 1420 Philip Apts., New Orleans, Louisiana; Theta Kappa Psi; Acacia; Medical Pan Hellenic; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Who ' s Who; Phi Sigma; Alpha Epsilon Delta; History of Medicine Society; S.A.M.A. • RAY GILBERT HOOPER, Boling, Texas; Kappa Alpha; Phi Chi. • RICHARD L. KEMPSON, 729 W. Lynwood Street. Phoenix. Arizona; Nu Sigma Nu. Lloyd Gary Herman Hassell, Jr. Ellery Gay, Jr. Conrad Herr Lamar Gillespie Robert Hess James Guyton Christian Haindel Grady Hill, Jr. Edward Hlnmdn James Hampton Ray Hooper Joe Hanrahan Richard Kempson Leon Kent William Lonq, Jr, Arthur Kern Allen Mdckenzle Ben Kitchings Morton Madoff Elliot Klorfein Frank Malta Glenn . Kokame James Mann Carlos Lamar. Jr. William McBride Doyle Lansford James McClendon ABOVE Firsf Row: • LEON E. KENT. 412 Angler Place, Atlanta, Georgia; Phi Delta Epsilon; Phi Beta Kappa. • ARTHUR STEPHEN KERN, B56 Prospect Street, Maplewood, New Jersey; Phi Lambda Kappa. • BEN J. KITCHINGS, Clinton, Mississippi. • ELLIOT H. KLORFEIN, 5401 Prairie Rd., West Palm Beach. Florida; History of Medicine Society. • GLENN MEGUMI KOKAME. Waimea. Kauai. T. H.; Phi Beta Kappa. • CARLOS LAMAR. JR.. 4122 Camp St.. New Orleans. La.; Phi Chi; Newman Club; Glee Club; Operetta; Army ROTC. • DOYLE KEITH LANSFORD. 359 Addax Dr.. San Antonio, Texas; Baptist Student Union. Second Row: • WILLIAM A. LONG, JR., Box 64, Hailehurst, Mississippi; Phi Chi; Phi Delia Thet ; Honor Council; Phi Eta Sigma. • ALLEN H. MACKENZIE. R.F.D. 1, Spartanburg, South Carolina; Nu Sigma Nu; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Beta Kappa ; Sigma XI. • MORTON A. MADOFF. 5 Walker Place, Clinton, Massachusetts; Tulane Band. • FRANK JOHN MALTA. 1131 Monroe Ave.. Asbury Park, New Jersey; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • JAMES WAN-LEUNG MANN. 69B Pokfulum Rd., Hongkong. • WILLIAM McGINTY McBRIDE. 1836 Albert St.. Alexandria. Louisiana; Phi Chi. • JAMES E. McCLENDON. 940 Peck. San Antonio. Texas; Alpha Kappa Kappa. BELOW First Row: • HIRAM MACKMELVIN, 306 Berryhlll St., Milton, Florida. • SAM MORGAN. 812 Young St., Selma. Alabama; Phi Chi. • JOSEPH F. P. NEWHALL, JR.. 370 Mayfield Ave., Winter Park Florida; Phi Chi. • F. KEVIN O ' BRIEN. 269 Miraflores Dr.. Palm Beach. Florida; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • ANDREW ORESTANO, 911 14th Ave.. Tampa. Florida; Alpha Kappa Kappa; History of Medicine Society; Owl Club; Medical Newman Club. Second Row: • WILLIAM FRANK OSBORN. 119 W. Almeria, Phoenix, Arizona; Nu Sigma Nu; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • W. JOHN O ' SHAUGHNESSEY, JR.. 284 Albermarle PI.. Macon. Georgia; Phi Chi; Alpha Omega Alpha; Owl Club; President of Student American Medical Association. • SOL MAX PAPPERMAN. 1420 Harmony. New Orleans. Louisiana. • RICHARD P. PARKINSON. Franklin, Idaho; Sigma Chi; Owl Club. • JOHN HUNTER PHILLIPS. 3414 Oakdale. Houston. Texas; Nu Sigma Nu; Phi Kappa Sigma; Alpha Omega Alpha; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Beta Kappa; Sigma Pi Sigma; History of Medicine Society. O F THE COLLEGE MEDICINE Hiram Melvin Sam Morgan Joseph Newhall, Jr. Kevin O ' Brien William Osborn lohn O ' Shcrughnessey. Jr Sol Papperman Richard Parkinson Andrew Orestano John Phillips You really have to have connections to get an inter- view at Med School. • Xv-e A iH At . A Henry Pitot Donald Rayner David Pope Louis Reich Paul Pratt Loy Roberts Robert Rader Robert Rogers ABOVE First Row: • HENRY C, PITOT. 3 E. 85th St., New York, New York; Kappa Alpha; Phi Chi. • JACK PONDER, 5514 Falls Rd.. Dallas. Texas; Nu Sigma Nu; Phi Kappa Sigma. • DAVID POPE. 900 W. Abram, Arlington, Texas; Phi Chi; Omicron Delta Kappa. • PAUL PRATT. Bernice, Louisiana; Phi Chi. • ROBERT L. RADER, Anna, Illinois; Nu Sigma Nu; Who ' s Who. Second Row: • DONALD R. RAYNER, 518 Scott St., Alexandria. Louisiana; Phi Chi. • TERRY REES, Boonville, Mississippi; Phi Chi. • LOUIS A. REICH, Snake Hill Road, Trussville. Alabama. • LOY G. ROBERTS, 48-S McAlister, New Orleans, Louisiana. • ROBERT EARL ROGERS, 1725 6th. Lake Charles. Louisiana; Nu Sigma Nu; Phi Beta Kappa. BELOW First Row: • ROYAL W. RUDOLPH, JR., 3935 Calle de Jardin, Tucson, Arizona; Nu Sigma Nu. • BARNARD RUSSELL, JR., 706 Lovelace Ave., Brewton. Alabama. • MELVIN JAMES SANDLER, 15 Somerset Dr., So. Great Neck, New York; Phi Lambda Kappa. • MICHAEL SCHAFIR, 200 Henry Clay Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana. • STANLEY G. SECKLER, 3022 Brighton St., Brooklyn, New York; Phi Lambda Kappa; Alpha Omega Alpha; Phi Beta Kappa; Student American Medi cal Association. • ELIAS DAVID SEDLIN, 551 Live Oak St.. Mobile, Alabama; Phi Delta Epsilon; Phi Beta Kappa; History of Medicine Society. • RICHMOND A. SHARBROUGH, Holly Bluff. Mississippi; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Chi. Second Row: • LOWRY L. SHEELY. 638 Bailey Ave., Forest, Mississippi; Theta Kappa Pel. • HAL S. STUBBS, 309 N. Peterson Ave., Douglas, Georgia; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Phi Beta Kappa. • l-CHUNG SUN. 8610 Garland Ave.. Takoma Park, Maryland. • FRANK P. TAGLIARINI, 3102 9th Ave., Tampa. Florida; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Vice-President; History of Medicine Society; Owl Club. • SACHIO J. TAKATA, 3215 Champa St.. Denver. Colorado. • FRANCIS ISAO TANAKA, 341 1 Florence St.. San Diego, California; Owl Club, • BLANCHARD H. TEXADA, JR., 1740 White, Alexandria. Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Chi. Royal Rudolph, Jr. Lowry Sheely Barnard Russell, Jr. Hal Stubbs Melvin Sandler l-chung Sun Michael Schafir Frank Tagllarlni Stanley Seckler Sachio Takata ■ Elias Sedlln Francis Tanaka Richmond Sharbrough Blanchard Texada, Jr. S t i StiiiSi il i diJ ii ii M h W| m V ifli ili V George Thabit, Jr. Wyman Walker Robert Thompson Mitsuo Totfori Robert Townes, Jr. James Tucker. Jr. Leonard Tunis David Wall Clarence Webb. Jr. Robert Williams Marion Winkler, Jr. Abraham Winter Thomas Wood Jim Venable Joseph Wright ABOVE First Row: • GEORGE THABIT, JR.. 803 8lh St., Huntington, West Virginia; Theta Kappa Psi; Phi Eta Sigma. • ROBERT E. THOMPSON, 97-B Stadium PI., New Orleans, Louisiana; Nu Sigma Nu; Kappa Sigma; Kappa Delta Phi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Owl Club. • MITSUO TOTTORI, ?I5 Sheridan St., Honolulu 46. T.H. • ROBERT BURWELL TOWNES. JR., 7th Line St., Grenada, Mississippi; Phi Delta Theta; Beta Beta Beta. • JAMES L. TUCKER, JR., 532 S. 55th St., Birmingham, Alabama; Phi Chi; Baptist Student Union. • LEONARD TUNIS. 2175 Ryer Ave.. New York, New York; Zcta Beta Tau. • JIM VENABLE, 1523 Hilton Ave., Columbus, Georgia; Nu Sigma Nu; Kappa Alpha. Second Row: • WYMAN WALKER. Homer, Louisiana. • DAVID WEEKS WALL, 636 S. Lakeshore Dr., Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Phi Chi; Alpha Tau Omega. • CLARENCE HUNGERFORD WEBB. JR.. 3904 Creswell Rd., ShreveporP. Louisiana; Phi Chi; Beta Theta Pi. • ROBERT BRETCH WILLIAMS, 101 E. Vinita St., Sulphur, Oklahoma; Phi Chi; History of Medicine Society. • MARION MAYERS WINKLER, JR., 659 Jefferson St., Tupelo, Mississippi; Phi Chi; Sigma Chi; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Epsilon Delta. • ABRAHAM T. WINTER, 2191 Coney Island Ave., Brooklyn, New York; Phi Lambda Kappa. • THOMAS P. WOOD, 429 La. Ave., McComb, Mississippi; Phi Chi. • JOSEPH HOUSE WRIGHT, Rt. I. Box 587, Mexio. Texas; Phi Chi; Beta Beta Beta. O F THE COLLEGE MEDICINE 1954 Homecoming Court Tulane University School of Medicine — 1834 UNDERGRADUATES OF i • ■,-3 A tti z Henry Andressen John Baker Don Barbe James Bledsoe Harry Bryan Jerry Byars Carmel Cohen Harry CrawFord James Day John Elliot ABOVE First Row: • HENRY W. ANDRESSEN, 6544 Louisville, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi; Scabbard and Blade; Alpha Chi Sigma; American Chemical Society; TUSK; Newman Club Phi Chi; Pershing Rifles Drill Team. • JOHN HENRY BAKER, Bo 364, Sloster, Mississippi; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • DON PAUL BARBE, 901 Shell Beach, Lake Charles, Louisiana; Nu Sigma Nu. • JAMES W. BLEDSOE, Mt. Vernon Inn. Winter Park, Florida; Phi Chi. • HARRY DAVID BRYAN, 1605 Elm, Van Buren, Arkansas; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Lambda Chi Alpha. Second Row: • JERRY A. BYARS, 505 N. Panola, Senatobia, Mississippi; Sigma Pi; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Owl Club. • CARMEL JONATHAN COHEN, 241 Audubon Blvd., New Orleans, Louisiana. • HARRY C. CRAWFORD, Box 417 Kingstree. South Carolina; Thcfa Kappa Psi, • JAMES DUDLEY DAY. 405 McKinley St., Sfarkville, Mississippi; Phi Chi. • JOHN ELLIOT. Okolona. Mississippi. BELOW First Row: • MIKE ELLIS, 2103 N. Franklin, Marshall, Texas; Kappa Sigma; Omicron Delta Kappa; Canterbury Club. • D. DEAN GILLESPIE, 512 E. Mitchell Dr., Phoenix, Arizona; Nu Sigma Nu. • JIM H. GRANT, Box 122, Kilgore, Texas; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • JOE GRIPPING, Gilbert, Louisiana; Theta Kappe Psi. • ROBERT L. HATTON, Pahokec, Florida; Theta Kappa Psi. • JOHN B. HILL, 400 S. 9th St., Williamsburg. Kentucky; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Disciples Student Fellowship. • JULIUS L. LEVY, JR., 504 W. 2nd St., Clarksdale. Mississipi; Zeta Beta Tau; Phi Lambda Kappa; Phi Beta Kappa; History of Medicine Society. Second Row: • CRAWFORD WILLIAMSON LONG, 310 Porteous, New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Kappa Alpha; Nu Sigma Nu; Honor Council; History of Medicine Society. • TOM LOUIS, III, 3401 Drummond, Vicksburg, Mississippi; Phi Chi. • BERYL LOVITZ, 1034 Holmesdale Rd., Jacksonville, Florida; Sigma Alpha Mu; Phi Delta Epsilon. • ROBERT C. MacKAY, P. O. Box 152, Columbia. Mississippi; Phi Chi. • ERROL DELMAR MALVANEY. 805 Lyncrest, Columbia, Mississippi; Phi Chi. • BEHY JANE MORPHY, 2200 Palmer, New Orleans, Louisiana. • C. NORMAN OWENSBY, 749 N. W. 50th St., Miami, Florida; Theta Kappa Psi. Mike Ellis Dean Gillespie Jim Grant Joe Griffinq Robert Hatton Crawford Long Tom Louis. Ill Beryl Lovitz Robert MacKay Errol Malvaney John Hill Julius Levy, Jr. j Betty Morphy Ndrman Owensby William Owings George Pohle Edgar Palarea Evans Powell George Pankey Thomas Quehl Joseph Patterson Roland Ratzlaff Robert Peddv W. E. Riecken. Jr Kennpth Peirc. Donald Rockwell Kenneth Pittman Jerry Roebuck ABOVE First Row: • WILLIAM O. OWINGS, Brent, Texas; Phi Chi, • EDGAR R, PALAREA, 33B Colonia 25 de Junio, Guatemala, Guatemala; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • GEORGE ATKINSON PANKEY, P, O. Box 84. Ruston, Louisiana; History of Medicine Society, • JOSEPH R. PATTERSON, 2533 Simons Blvd., Tampa, Florida; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Kappa Alpha. • ROBERT B. PEDDY, 729 S. Johnson Ave., Lakeland, Florida; Beta Theta Pi; Theta Kappa Psi. • KENNETH E. PEIRCE, R.R. 1, Box 182-B Wairner Robins. Georgia; Theta Kappa Psi; History of Medicine Society. • KENNETH P. PIHMAN, 3036 Merrill Ave., Huntington, West Virginia; Phi Chi. Second Row: • GEORGE A. POHLE, Xochiltepec 140 antes 56, TIalpan, Mexico D. F., Mexico; Theta Kappa Psi; Phi Beta Kappa. • F. EVANS POWELL, 5534 Garfield, New Orleans. Louisiana; Theta Kappa Psi. • THOMAS M. L. 9UEHL, 2216 Carlcton Dr.. Baton Rouge. Louisiana; Theta Kappa Psi; Pi Kappa Alpha; History of Medicine Society; Newman Club. • ROLAND W. RATZLAFF. Rt. 4. Box 68A, Inman, Kansas; Theta Kappa Psi. • W. E. RIECKEN, JR., 625 Broadway. Jackson. Mississippi; Thefa Kappa Psi; Pi Kappa Alpha; Hisfory of Medicine Society. • DONALD H. ROCKWELL, P. O. Box 1074. Fairhope, Alalbama; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • JERRY ROEBUCK, 508 W. Church. Newton, Mississippi; Phi Chi. BELOW First Row: • EDWARD V ROSS, 457 Main, Picayune, Mississippi; Phi Kappa Sigma; Phi Chi; Secretary of Sophomore Medical Class; Phi Beta Kappa; Sigma Pi Sigma. • ELLSWORTH J. SACKS, 2932 Pass Rd., Biloxi, Mississippi; Phi Chi; History of Medicine Society. • STANLEY SAPERSTEIN, 930 Galloway Ave,, Memphis. Tennessee; Sigma Alpha Mu- Phi Delta Epsilon. • M. BRUCE SARLIN, 142 S. Coates, Daytona Beach, Florida; Phi Delta Epsilon Vice-President of Sophomore Class. • FRANK E. SCHMIDT, Front Beach. Ocean Springs, Mississippi; Nu Sigma Nu. Second Row: • WILLIAM FRANK SISTRUNK. 567 Warrior Trail, Jackson, Mississippi; Phi Chi. • RAY M. SMITH, Rt. 2, Box 142, Picayune, Mississippi; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • HENRY STOUTZ, 181 1 Audubon St., New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta- Nu Sigma Nu- Kappa Delta Phi; Omicron Delta Kappa. • ALBERT C. URRUTIA, 1018 W. Hildebrand, San Antonio, Texas; Nu Sigma Nu; Phi Eta Sigma- New- man Club. O F THE COLLEGE MEDICINE • ROBERT LEE WARD, 926 Oakland, Rock Hill, South Carolina; Phi Chi. Edward Ross William Sistrunk Ellsworth Sacks Ray Smith Stanley Sapersteir Henry Stouti Frank Schmidt Robert Ward Hippety-hoppin ' down the Bunny Trail ALPHA OMEGA ALPHA OFFICERS JOHN HUNTER PHILLIPS President WILLIAM JOHN O ' SHAUSHNESSEY Vice-President HONOR .j M First Row: Lionel Ehrenworth, Richard Fleck, Leon Kent, Second Row: William Long. William O ' Shaughnessey. John Phillips. Robert Rogers. Third Row; Melvin Saudler, Stanley Seckier, Lowry Sheely. Hal Stubbs. Anyone Got a Pocketlcnife? I - ;— .i The Stars and Bars Chapter of Alpha Omega Alpha hlonorary Medical Fraternity entered its 41st year at Tu- lane. Being the only national medical scholastic organization of its kind, it plays a major role in awarding academic honors to the top graduates of the medical school, and to men who have been In practice at least ten years and who have made outstanding contributions to the field of medical science. The high-lights of the year ' s activities of the organization included the AOA guest lectureship at which prominent men of medicine were invited to speak to the faculty, medi- cal students and guests. The annual banquet and election of two junior students as officers for the following year term,i- nated the activities for the I 954- 1 955 academic year. 48 HISTORY OF MEDICINE SOCIETY OFFICERS GERALD P. FALLETTA President ELI SEDLIN Vice-President KENNETH PIERCE Secretary JOHN SMITH Treasurer DR. B. BERNARD WEINSTEIN Advisor The purpose of this society is to afford stu- dents an opportunity to discuss and study the history of medicine and to hold frequent nneet- ings at which students and faculty, having done individual research, present original papers on topics of medical historical interest. THE OWL CLUB OFFICERS EUGENE R. CELANO President ROBERT E. THOMPSON Vice-President MAC PEWITT Secretary-Treasurer The Owl Club is an honor organization which is composed of twenty-four members who are selected on the basis of scholarship, leadership, and character. The members act as student representatives for the various depart- ments in the medical school. The purpose of the club is to promote and maintain better student-faculty relationships so that both parties may benefit by constructive criticism, in order to advance scholarship, teaching, and ethics in medical school. 49 50 SCHOOL OF LAW 1 X JIZ 1 - .lil « Ai I i AiiitA Alec Brown Lucien Gex, Jr. Joseph Brown. Jr. Luis Cardenas Kenneth Clement, Jr. Harry Hammill Richard Hassenplug Dale Koons Robert Breger Shirley Friend, Jr. ABOVE First Row: • ROBERT A. BREGER, 108 Barden St., Fall River, Massachusetts; Delta Sigma Phi; Scabbard and Blade; Who ' s Who; Pre-Medical Society; Psychology Major Cliib; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Alpha Delta; Cheerleader; TUSK; Campus Night; Tulane University Theatre; Honor Board; Leadership Council. • ALEC H. BROWN, Claiborne Tov ers, 1703, New Orleans. Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Mu; Moot Court Board; Phi Delta Phi. • JOSEPH E. BROWN, JR., 200 St. Charles Avenue, Natchez, Mississippi; Beta Beta Beta; Phi Eta Sigma- Phi Delta Phi; Student Lawyer. • LUIS EDUARDO CARDENAS, Calle 60B N 13-15, Bogota, Colombia; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Alpha Delta; Glendy Burke Society; International Relations Club. • C. KENNETH CLEMENT. JR., 2106 lOth St., Lal e Charles, Louisiana; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi. Second Row; • SHIRLEY CARTER FRIEND, JR.. Box 5146, Bossier Br. Shreveport. Louisiana; Kappa Alpha; Moot Court Board; Phi Delta Phi. • LUCIEN M. GEX. JR.. 224 North Beach, Bay St. Louis, Mississippi; Sigma Chi. • HARRY A. HAMMILL, 2130 Jackson. Alexandria, Louisiana; Zeta Beta Tau; Senior Class Treasurer; Scabbard and Blade; La Societe du Droit Civil; Air Force ROTC; Commander Lt. Col. ROTC; Moot Court Board; Phi Delta Phi. • RICHARD D. HASSENPLUG, 501 Ferndale Avenue, Johnstown, Pennsylvania; President Law Student Body; Who ' s Who- Law Review; National Moot Court Team; Student Council. • DALE FREDERICK KOONS, 4867 Highland. Baton Rouge. Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi. BELOW Firsf Row: • D. CAFFERY McCAY, 1625 Arabella, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon; La Societe du Droit Crvil; Phi • FRANK VILAC McDONNELL, 1004 N. Lopez St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Law School Treasurer; Pi Sigma Alpha; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi; Cheerleader; Greenbackers; Interfaith Council; Newman Club; Student Lawyer- Leadership Council. • T. JAMES McMAHON, JR., 1410 Philip Street, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha; Phi Delta Phi. • LUKE A. PETROVICH, ' Route I, Buras, Louisiana; President Law Senior Class; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Delta • CATHERINE ROONEY, 3432 Derby Place, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Delta Delta; Beta Gamma Sigma; Law Review. Second Rov : • D RYAN SARTOR, JR., Alto, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Eta Sigma Phi; Kappa Delta Phi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Beta Kappa; Student Activities Key; Who ' s Who; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi; Law Review. • DAN W. STEWART, 216 Union, Minden, Louisiana; Phi Delta Phi. • JAMES P. THOMPSON, JR., 82171 2 Apricot, New Orleans. Louisiana. • CORNELIUS GERARD VAN DALEN, 69 Cumquatt Blvd.. Quincy. Massachusetts; Phi Alpha Delta; Secretary Law Studen, " Body Phi Beta Kappa; Pi Sigma lota; La Societe du Droit Civil; Moot Court Board; International Relations Club. • STEPHEN VOELKER, JR., 5240 Pitt St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha; Phi Delta Phi. • LAWRENCE WIEDEMANN, 4026 St. Charles, New Orleans, Louisiana. Caffery McCay Frank McDonnell James McMahon, Jr. Luke Petrovich Catherine Rooney Ryan Sartor, Jr. Dan Stewart James Thompson, Jr Cornelius Van Dalen Stephen Voelker, Jr, Lawrence Wiedeman f I . Ray Bdrlow Pai Browne, Jr. Abraham Friedman Ernest Hanewinckel Thomas Currier Bobby Hargrove dward de la Hcussaye II Donald King Chester Folkes Guy Lyman, Jr. ABOVE First Row: • RAY A. BARLOW, 3813 Richmond, Shreveport, Louisiana; Sigma Gamma Epsilon. • PAT W. BROWNE, JR., 8428 Dixon St., New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Omicron Delta Kappa; Moot Court- Ptii Delta Phi; Newman Club. • THOMAS S CURRIER 503 Sherwood Rd., Shreveport, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Phi Delta Phi; Law Review. • EDWARD A. de la HOUSSAYE III. 619 Adams St., Franklin. Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi; Vice-President Law School Studenv Body La Societe du Droit Civil- Phi Delta Phi- Pan-Hellenic Council Judiciary Committee. • JACK V. ESKENAZI, 734 S.W. 24 Rd., Miami, Florida; Pi Sigma Alpha; Phi Delta Phi; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society; Glendy Burke Society. • DUDLEY FLANDERS, 3101 Nashville. New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Alpha; Westminster Fellowship; Army ROTC. • CH ESTON FOLKES, Box 276. Covington, Louisiana; Sigma Chi; Phi Delta Phi. Second Row: • ABRAHAM PHILIP FRIEDMAN, 917 First St., Franklin, Louisiana. • ERNEST H. HANEWINCKEL, 960 W. Srolee, Opelousas, Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi; Phi Delta Phi. • BOBBY HARGROVE, 608 Unadilla, Shreveport, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi. • DONALD L. KING. 1421 Broadway. New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Phi Beta Kappa; Pi Sigma Alpha- La Societe du Droit Civil- Phi Delta Phi; JAM8ALAYA; Law Review; Newman Club. • GARY KUSHNER. 409 Saratoga Ave., Brooklyn, New York; Kappa Nu; German Club; Psychology Maior Club; Hillel Foundation; Campus Night; Tulane University Theatre; Pi Lambda Beta; President Referees Association. • CHARLES W. LANE, III, 2215 Terrace. Baton Rouge. Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Moot Court Board; Phi Delta Phi. • GUY CAMPBELL LYMAN JR., 1251 Beach Blvd.. Pascagoula, Mississippi; Kappa Alpha; Vice-President Junior Class- Phi Beta Kappa- La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society; Law Review; Who ' s Who. BELOW First Row: • ROBERT LAURENCE McDONALD, Box 97, Bastrop. Louisiana; Phi Delta Phi; Treasurer Junior Class; La Societe du Droit Civil • DANIEL PHILIP MclNTIRE, 1344 W. Congress, Lafayette, Louisiana; Moot Court Board. • CLARENCE A. MILLER JR., Box 77 Rt I, Cameron, Louisiana; President, Freshman Law Class; Phi Delta Phi. • MALCOLM G. MUNDY. JR. 4700 Baccich St.. New Orleans, Louisiana; La Societe du Droit Civil. • ROBERT L. REDFEARN, 4SI7i j Tujunga Ave., N. Hollywood, California; Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Delta Phi; Army ROTC. Second Row: • CRAWFORD ROSE, JR., Lake Providence. Louisiana; Scabbard and Blade. • THOMAS C. UNDERWOOD, 39 McAlister, Florence. Alabama. • CHARLIE VICCELLIO 704 Iris St Lake Charles. Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Omicron Delta Kappa- Pi Sigma Alpha- Scabbard and Blade; Phi Delta Phi; JAMBALAYA; Army ROTC; Lagniappes. • EWELL P. WALTHER, JR., 425 St. Mary, Thibodaux. Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Beta Kappa- Phi Delta Phi; Law Review. • JAMES WALTER WARD 3009 Woodlawn Ave., Shreveport, Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta; Omicron Delta Kappa- Scabbard and Blade- Phi Delta Phi; Hullabaloo; JAMBALAYA; Publications Board; Who ' s Who. r • 1 J • ADELAIDE WISDOM, 1823 Palmer, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma; La Societe du Droit Civil; Law Review. UNDERGRADS THE COLLEGE OF LAW Robert McDonald Daniel Mclntire Clarence Miller. Jr. Malcolm Mundy, Jr. Robert Redfearn Crawford Rose, Jr Thomas Underwood Charlie Vicccllio Ewell Walther, Jr. James Ward Adelaide Wisdom :i h t t,mmM i nil And furthermore, Your Honor . PHI DELTA PHI OFFICERS T. JAMES McMAHON, JR Magister LE DOUX R. PROVOSTY, JR Clerk EDWARD A. de la HOUSSAYE. Ill Exchequer FRANK V. McDONNEL Historian Like hell you will! Phi Delta Phi is an international legal fraternity founded in 1869 at the University of Michigan and established at Tulane in I 9 I I . Its purpose is to promote a higher standard of professional ethics and culture in the law schools and in the profession at large. The national chapter maintains an endowment fund for legal scholarships. Members are selected on the basis of scholarship and ethics. The Fraternity maintains a legal lending library and pre- sents a legal text to the student with the most improved grades in his second year. The fraternity has also sponsored lectures by members of the law faculty and bar. It is the oldest professional fraternity in America. 54 PHI ALPHA DELTA OFFICERS JOHN DAVIES President TOM UNDERWOOD Vice-President DON KLIEN Secretary What ' s this word here, Judge? Phi Alpha Delta " The World ' s Foremost Law Fraternity, " is the out- growth of the banding together of a group of law students in 1898, who successfully achieved equitable qualifications for admission to the Illinois Bar. Among the first colleges to install chapters of PAD were the Uni- versities of Illinois, Northwestern, and Chicago. Today the extended role of law schools with strong and active PAD chapters includes Co- lumbia, Cornell, Emory, Georgetown, Stanford, Texas, Vanderbilt, and Yale, to name but a few. Thus there are very few " class-A " law schools in America without a chapter of PAD and almost every large city has active alumni chapters. PAD has more chapters than any other law fraternity in the world. On December 13, 1924. Phi Alpha Delta was chartered at Tulane University. From this date until " PAD went to War, " the chapter had dedicated itself to projects of considerable worth and benefit to the law school student body as well as its members. The session of hostili- ties soon brought the chapter ' s reactivation and the fraternity once again pledged itself to serve the law school and the student body. 55 LAW REVIEW OFFICERS D. RYAN SARTOR Editor-in-Chief HELENE McG, WALKER Assistant Editor CATHERINE ROONEY Assistant Editor Founded as the Southern Law Quarterly in 1911, the " Tulane Law Review " is the oldest legal journal in Louisiana, and enjoys a re- spected position among members of the legal profession. The " Review, " published quarterly, is devoted to the study of Civil Law, Com- parative Law, and Codification. This year Richard G. Huber replaces Eugene A. Nabors, who retired after eight years as faculty advisor. imtnuiiiiHiKnttHiHiimnmiH MOOT COURT OFFICERS GORDON BYNUM Chief Justice EDWARD A. de la HOUSSAYE, III. . . . Recorder RALPH SLOVENKO Faculty Advl. er The Moot Court is an important organ ot the law school, designed to supplement knowl- edge gained by experience in the classroom and the library by practical experience in the analysis, preparation, and argument of the cases. The judges of the Moot Court are chosen in equal number from the Junior and Senior class on a scholastic basis. It is the func- tion of the Court to draft fact situations in- volving moot points of law, perform the admin- istrative duties of the court, and sit as Justices of the Supreme Court of Tulane. 56 THE STUDENT LAWYER STAFF FRANK V. McDonnell Editor-m-Chlef D. CAFFERY McCAY Business Manager THOMAS P. McGEE Associate Editor FERD F. STONE Faculty Advisor EDITORIAL BOARD Richard A. Fulton George Baus Sylvia Roberts Joseph Brown Henry B. Alsobrook, Jr. Donald S. Klein Roy F. Mayeux Robert B. Shanner Katie Pollard Stamps Farrar, Jr. Luke Petrovifch " The Student Lavvyer " Is the official publi- cation of the American Law Student Associa- tion, which is composed of approximately I 15 accredited law schools throughout the country. Students from Tulane Law School edit the pub- lication for the national organization. Its circu- lation is 5500. LA SOCIETE DU DROIT CIVIL OFFICERS ROBERT BREGER President MIRIAM McDERMOTT Vice-President DAN SAWYER Secretary ARMANO IRRAZARY Treasurer La Societe du Droit Civil is an extracurricular society supervised by the faculty and dedi- cated to the promotion of scholarly interest in the civil law. Student members of the Society are enabled to delve much more thoroughly than regular curricular time permits into the origins, history, development and method of the civil law, with particular attention to the Louisiana scene. 57 DEPARTMENT OF TROPICAL MEDICINE AND PUBLIC HEALTH Dalrymple Receives Hall of Fame Award First Row: • JOHN H. BRANDT B.A., R.S.; Navajo Indian Agency, Shiprock, N.M.; A.A.U.P. Scholastic Honors Key; Who ' s Who. • CHAMNIAN CHAMNARNKIT, M.D.; 1299 K Issaraparb St., Bangkok, Thailand. • FREDERICK W. CLAYTON. D.V.M.; 120 South, Greenfield, Ohio, • FORTUNATO R. JAYME JR., MD.; 1531 Calixto Dyco, Manila, Philippines, • FRANK R. LEMON, M.D.; Box 542, Loma Linda, Calif. Second Row: • VIMOL NOTANANDA, M.D.; 470 Changmoi, Chiengmai, Thailand. • JOSEPH DONALD ORGERON, B.S., R.S.; Box 164, Larose. La. • EDELMIRA PENA, M,D.; Luis A. de Herrera 436. Asuncion. Paraguay. • LEWIS ADRON RANEY; Paris, Ark. • BANCHONG SATHIRAPATHYA; 99 Tripei Road, Bangkok, Thailand. M J kWt Third Row: • LAURA GLADYS SIvllTHWICK, M.D.; 224 Shadylanc, Lexington, Ky. • ARTHUR O. SNEED, B.S., R.S.; 906 Humphreys. Jennings, La, • PRASIT TANSATHIT, M.D.; 351 Convent Road, Lane I. Bangok, Thailand. • MANASVI UNHANAND, M.D.; 43 St. Louis Lane, Sathorn, Bangkok, Thai- land. • JOHN B. WAINRIGHT. B.S., R,S.: 905 2nd Plaza, Panama City, Fla. 58 GRADUATE SCHOOL First Row: • THOMAS M. BIRDWELL, JR.; 457 Audubon Blvd., New Orleans, La.; Delta Sigma Pi; Wesley Foundation, • ROBERT HENDERSON BURTON; 6316 Story, New Oricans. La.; Delta Sigma Pi. • RUU-KWANG CHANG; Miss Ya-wuna, Taiwan Sugar Corp., Taipei, Tai- wan, Ciiina. • THEODORE L. DEMUTH; 821 Haring Road, New Orleans, La.; Assistant Director of Band; Kappa Delta Phi; Tulane Band. • WALTER SERHARDT; 12 Nonnen werth St., 12 Koeln-Klettenberg, Germany. Second Row: • ROBERT LEE HOPKINS, JR.; Horseshoe Drive, Alexandria, La. • YOJI ISHIKAWA; School of Commerce, Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan; Baptist Student Union; Lykes Ship ' s Scholarship; Fighter Pilot. • GEORGE LEMUS; 203 East Lambert Street, San Antonio, Texas; Sigma Delta Pi; Newman Club. • ROBERT MILLON; 326 E. 17th S:.. Hialeah. Fla.; Phi Alpha Theta. • JUSTIN E. SCHAEFFER; 3, Madiera Street, Kueenstown, South Africa. Gillette ' s Cavalcade of Sports? SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WORK • PETE HINOJOSA; 305 E. Fifth, Rio Grande City, Texas; Member AASW; Vice-President School of Social Work Student Council; Wesley Foundation; Alpha Phi Omega. • HAL KINSER; 4522 N. Gove, Tacoma, Wash.; American Chemical Society; American Anthropological Association; Amerian Association of Group Workers; International African Institute. 59 SENIORS P vv-o c3oCx ?iAx 4 Joyce Amrhein Harry Arnold, Jr. Harry Applewhite Luis Arocha ABOVE First Row: • ALICE AKINS; Newcomb; 908 Peachfree Street, Gadsden. Alabama; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Dormitory Council; Carnival; Wesley Foundation; tulane University Theatre; National Collegiate Players. • ELIZABETH ALLEGRET; Newcomb; 5308 Pine Forest, Houston Texas- Ciii Omega; Assets; Dormitory Council; Canterbury Club; JAMBALAYA Beauty ' 54. • FRANK C. ALLEN; Engineering; 2109 Calhoun Street New Orleans, Louisiana- Alpha Tau Omega; A.I.Ch.E.; Air Force ROTC. • JOYCE F. AMRHEIN; Newcomb; 2430 Wisteria Street. New Orleans, Louisiana. • HARRY CRAWFORD APPLEWHITE; ASS; 424 Millaudon, New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Chi; Pan- Hellenic Council; Westminster Fellowship; Glee Club. Second Row; • SHEILA CLAIRE ARAGON; Newcomb; 5t23 General Diaz Street, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta; JAMBALAYA. • WILTON ARCENEAUX; Commerce; 1428 Marigny Street, New Orleans, Louisiana; President of Accounting Club. • HENRI ARDITI; Commerce; 9 Rvede Passy, Paris, France; International Relations Club. • HARRY MAXWELL ARNOLD, JR.; Commerce; 217 Jackson Street. Monroe, Georgia; Beta Theta Pi; Scabbard and Blade; Delta Sigma Pi; A Cappella Choir; Naval ROTC; Cadet Staff Officer; Lieutenant; Lagniappes. • LUIS ERNESTO AROCHA; Architecture; Carrerg 53 45-25-Barranquilla, Colombia; Tau Sigma Delta; A. I. A. BELOW First Row: • PAUL ELZY ATKINSON- A S- Summit, Mississippi; Theta Nu; Hullabaloo; JAMBALAYA; Westmmsfer Fellowship. • HUNTER ELLIS BABIN; ' Commerce; 1732 Cadiz. New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi; Canterbury Club; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society- Adelphons; Pan-Hellenic Council. • ELLIOTT MARTIN BAIN- Commerce- 3801 Octavia, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Sigma Pi; Society Advancement Management- TUSK- Naval ' ROTC Cadet Staff Officer: Company Commander; Taffrail Naval Society; Honor Board. • W. A. BAKER JR.- Engineering; 504 Kentucky. McComb, Mississippi; Kappa Alpha; Vice President of Student Body; Who ' s Who ' . • WILLIAM GARRETT BAKER, JR.; Commerce; 1307 Philip Street, New Orleans, Louisiana; Chairman of Honor Board ' 54- ' 55- President of Leadershi ' p Council 1954-55; Chairman of Tulane University Annual Honors Night; Student Activities Key; Who ' s Who; JAMBALAYA; TUSK; Canterbury Club; Air Force ROTC; Cadet Staff Officer; Captain; Honor Board- Leadership Council- Delta Sigma Pi; Society for Advancement of Management. • SPEED BANCROFT; Commerce; 1200 St. John Drive. Monroe, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi; Unit Manager; Captain of Tulane Golf Team; Canterbury Club; Army ROTC. • CHARLES BERNARD BARFOOT; ASS; 907 Peachtree Street, Gadsden, Alabama; Pi Kappa Alpha; Grecnbackcrs; Naval ROTC; Adelphons. Second Row: • LINDA BARNETT; Newcomb; 39 Newcomb Boulevard, New Orleans, Louisiana; Tulane University Theatre. • ROGER BATTLE; Engineering; 2915 Bove Street. New Orleans, Louisiana; Vice President of College of Engineering; A.S.M.E.; Baptist Student Union| Air Force ROTC; Cadet Staff Officer: Lt. Colonel; Arnold Air Society. • G. DUFOUR BAYLE; Commerce; 823 Lowerline, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Air Force ROTC; Arnold Air Society. • JACK BELSOM; ASS; 8434 Apricot Street, New Orleans, Louisiana; President of A Cappella Choir 1954-55; Glee Club- Operetta. • CAROLINE BENOIST; Newcomb; 414 South Union Street, Natchez, Mississippi; Kaippa Kappa Gamma; Lagniappes; Kappa Delta Phi. • JAMES CALVIN BERBIGLIA; ASS; 2102 Hoover, Lawton, Oklahoma; German Club President; Westminster Fellow- ship; Army ROTC- Cadet Staff Officer: Maior- International Relations Club; Editor of " Der Spiegel. " • OSCAR L. BERRY, JR.; Medicine; 274 Prospect, Shreveport, Louisiana; Phi Chi; Scabbard and Blade. Paul Atkinson Linda Barnett Hunter Babin Roger Battle Elliott Bain Dufour Bayle W. A. Baker, Jr. Jack Belsom William Baker. Jr. Caroline Benoist Speed Bancroft James Berbiglia Charles Barfoot Oscar Berry, Jr. fwi-«[i ' «n Ivv e c3sjCxAAx A Joel Beyer Raymond Bishop Frances Black Robert Bledsoe Ronald Pdtty Boehm Donald Boensel Betsey Boisfontaine Joy Bookman James ABOVE First Row: • JOEL H. BEYER; Medicine; 300 Linden Boulevard, Brooklyn, New York; Kappa Nu; TUSK; Hillel Foundation- Army ROTC- Cadet Staff Officer: Captain- Alpha Phi Omega; Pi Lambda Beta. • RAYMO ' nD GERALD BISHOP- A S; 413 Alicia Drive, Ei Paso, Texas; Eta Sigma Phi; Philosophy Club. • FRANCES BENNEn BLACK; Newcomb; 2555 North I2;h Street, Monroe, Louisiana; Chi Omega; La Tertulia. • ROBERT V. BLEDSOE; A S; 3308 Lexington Road, Montgomery, Alabama; Phi Kappa Sigma; New- man Club- International Relations Club. • RONALD JULES BLOCK; A S; 185 Vine, Highland Park, Illinois; Zeta Beta Tau; Psychology Major Club; Tulane University Theatre; Air Force ROTC; Apha Phi Omega. Second Row: • PATTY BOEHM; Newcomb; 1134 7th Avenue, Laurel, Mississippi; Phi Mu; Oreades; Barracudas; Y.W.C.A.; Westminster Fellowship. • DONALD W. BOENSEL- Engineering- 4170 Iberville, New Orleans, Louisiana; Representative; Tau Beta Pi; ETA.; Who ' s Who. » BETSY BOISFONTAINE; Newcomb; 7217 St. Charles Avenue, New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma- Assets. • JOY TARLOWE BOOKMAN; Newcomb; I 10 Bertley Avenue, Jersey City, New Jersey. • JAMES V. BOONE- Engineering; 2810 47th Street, New Orleans, Louisiana; President of Engineering Student Body A.I.E.E. ' E.T.A.- Air Force ROTC; Arnold Air Society; Who ' s Who. BELOW First Row: • ALEX BORIS; Commerce; 106 West Chestnut Street. WIlkes-Barre, Pennsylvania; Delta Sigma Pi; Society Advance- ment Management; Pi Lambda Beta. • FREDERICK REYNOLDS BOTT; Law; 2115 Dublin Street, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Phi Delta Phi; TUSK; Naval ROTC- Taffrail Naval Society; Adelphons. • HERMAN J. BOURGEOIS- Engineering; Star Route, Box I ISA, Gibson, Louisiana; Tau Beta PI; A.S.M.E.; E.T.A. • RODNEY A. BOURGEOIS; Engineering; 2548 Dreux Avenue, New Orleans, Louisiana; Tau Beta Pi; A.S.M.E.; E.T.A.; Pep Band; Tulane Band. • CYNTHIA INEZ BRASWELL; Newcomb; 1736 Valmont. New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Delta Pi; Oreades; Art Club; Canterbury Club. • PATRICIA ANN BRENNAN- Newcomb; 927 Unadllla Shreveport, Louisiana; PI Beta Phi; Newman Club. • RICHARD J. BRENNAN; Commerce; 1435 Eleonore, ' New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Chi; Scabbard and Blade; Delta Sigma Pi; Varsity Letter List; 4 Yrs. Basketball; Army ROTC; Cadet Staff Officer: Captain. Second Row; • ANDREE BRIANT; Newcomb; 4224 South Galvez, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu; Barracudas; TUSK; Newman Club; Leadership Council- Newcomb Pan-Hellenic Council. • BARBARA WHARTON BRILL; Newcomb; 375 Josephine, Denver. Colorado; Phi Mu; Art Club; Canterbury Club. • SUSAN BRODY; Newcomb; 2330 West Kings Highway, San Antonio, Texas; La Tertulia; Psychology Major Club. • GOODWYN JOHN BROGGI; A S; 3240 Gentilly, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi. • ROBERT T. BROOKS, JR.; Medicine; 701 W. Hanson, Hammond, Louisiana; Nu Sigma Nu; Greenbackers; Baptist Student Union; Lagniappes. • CONSTANCE BROWN; Newcomb; 3927 State Street Drive, New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi. • NORMAN S. BROWN; Commerce; 924 East Main, New Iberiaj. Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Scabbard and Blade; Air Force ROTC; Cadet Staff Officer: Lt. Colonel; Arnold Air Society. Alex Boris Andree Briant Frederick Bott Barba.ra Bri Herman Bourgeois Susan Brody Rodney Bourgeois Goodwyn Broggl Cynthia Braswell Robert Brooks, Jr. Patricia Bren Constance Brow Richard Brennan Norman Brown Dean Calcote Gordon Chalfant, Jr. ABOVE Firsf Row: _ . • BOB BRUMFIELD; Medicine; 424 Louisiana Avenue, McComb, Missinsippi; Nu Sigma Nu; Pre-Medicai Society; JAMBALAYA- Westminster Fellowship. • SCOTT BYRAN BRUMS- ASS- 2038 General Taylor St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Chi Delta Theta; Omicron Delta Kappa; Theta Nu; Hullabaloo; ' Publications Board; Wave Handbook; Air Force ROTC: Lt. Colonel; Glendy Burke Society- Leadership Council; Secretary, Arnold Air Society. • PHILIP N BUCHANAN- Engineering 1105 Walron Drive, College Station, Texas; Sigma Alpna Epsilon; Scabbard and Blade; Greenbackers; Canterbury Club; Naval ROTC; NROTC RifleTeam; A.S.C.E.; E.T.A. • MARY MINOR BUSH; Newcomb; 1328 Nashville Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi; Oreades; Canterbury Club. • JOHN RANDOLPH BUTTS. JR.; A S; 4815 Dryades St., New Orleans 15, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha; Unit Manager of A S Senior Class; Adelphons. , n. _, r l n vi n u • JAMES M. CAIN; Commerce; 969 Cyrilave, Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Scabbard and Blade; Football Manager; Delta Sigma Pi- Cadet Staff Officer: Captain. . „i.- i i, i k • A. DEAN CALCOTE; A S; 3473 Johnette, Shreveport, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Eta Sigma Phi; Canterbury Club; Interfaith Council; Who ' s Who. Second Row: . i u • SALLY CALMES- Commerce; 4304 Fontainebleau Dr., New Orleans, Louisiana; Commerce Women s Club. • JACK G CARINHAS- Law; 105 Jacaranda. Broconsville, Texas; Pi Kappa Alpha; Newman Club. • FRANK A. CARLTON- A S; 4218 Monroe St., New Orleans, Louisiana. • LARRY CARRUTH; Medicine; Box 3, Kokomo, Mississippi; Sigma Chi; Phi Chi; Wesley Foundation • WILLIAM K. CATCHING. JR.; Commerce; 15 Estelle St., Hailehurst. Mississippi; Phi Delta Theta; Tattrail Naval Society; Adelphons; Pan-Hellenic Council. _. .. , „ , o,.- r _- • BLACK CHAFFE- Engineering- 1136 Second St., New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Alpha; Kappa Delta Phi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Scabbard and Blade; Tau Beta Pi; Who ' s Who; A.S.M.E.; Canterbury Club; Naval ROTC; Adelphons; Leadership Council; Cadet Staff Officer: Midshipman Captain. „. „ .j » c ■ i • GORDON G. CHALFANT JR.- Engineering; 108 Egret St.. New Orleans, Louisiana; Vice-President Senior Class; A.S.M.E.; E.T.A. BELOW Firsf Row: • HUEY P. CHAMPAGNE; A S; 1429 Pine St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Sigma; TUSK; Newman Club; Army ROTC. • JULIA ALETHA CHERRY; Newcomb; 1170 Ontario. Shreveport, Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi; President of Athletic Council; Alpha Sigma Sigma; Assets; Phi Alpha Theta; Student Activities Key; Who ' s Who; Archery Club; Athletic Council; Barracudas; Dance Club; Intramural Council; Cheer- leader; Greenbackers; Westminster Fellowship; Lagniappes; Leadership Council. • JAN COHEN; Newcomb; 4321 Windsor Pkwy., Dallas, Texas; Alpha Epsilon Phi; La Tertulia; President Psychology Major Club; Athletic Council; Campus Night; Leadership Council. • RICHARD I. COHEN; Law; 80 Somerset Rd.. Brookline. Massachusetts; Sigma Alpha Mu. • JAMES W. COLEMAN, JR.; Commerce; 2067 LaFreniere. New Orleans. Louisiana. Second Row: • DONALD O. COLLINS; Commerce; 1828 Cadiz, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta; President of TUSK JAMBALAYA- TUSK; Air Force ROTC. • HERMAN D. COLOMB- A S; 2030 Palmer Ave., New Orleans. Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi; President of Senior Class; Omicron Delta Kappa; Sigma Pi Sigma; Glee Club; Who ' s Who; Westminster Foundation- Operetta; Adelphons; Honor Boardv • PETER A CONRAVEY, JR.; Law; 3153 Chippewa, New Orleans, Louisiana; Air Force ROTC. • CAROLYN PATRICIA CONWAY; Newcomb; 2325 Napoleon Ave.. New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu; Psychology Major Club; Interfaith Council; Newman Club; Kappa Delta Pi. • LYNTON B. COOPER- Architecture- 4607 Churchill Dr., Jackson. Mississippi; Kappa Alpha; Scab- bard and Blade; A.I.A.; Naval ROTC; Drill Team; Mark 1. Navy; Cadet Staff Officer: Drill Team Com- mander; Taffrail Naval Society. Huey Champagne Donald Collins Julia Cherry Herman Colomb Jan Cohen Peter Conravey, Jr. Richard Cohen Carolyn Conway James Coeman. Jr. Lynton Cooper The complete files of the Zoology Departmenf v -e c3oO AAx A -wi Wl 1 Vl «1 - wi . • _ ' - 1 i tlM A i Ik Ml Jack Cowart Walter Davis John Crowley Armando De La Paz John Currier Frank DePaolI, Jr. Ann Cushinq Thomas DlCarlo Frank Davis, Jr. Jack DIenes New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Kappa Sigma; Army ABOVE First Row: • JACK COWART- ASS- 1021 Henry Clay, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Tau Omega; Hullabaloo; JAMBALAYA; Flying Clu ' b; Sailing Club; Student Directory; Westminster Foundation. • JOHN A. CROWLEY; ASS; 325 Helois St., New Orleans. Louisiana; Newman Club. • JOHN U. CURRIER; Engineering; 7014 St. Cliarles. New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi; Alpha Chi Sigma; S.I.Ch.E. • ANN CUSHING; Newcomb; 1880 Vollentin, Memphis, Tennessee; Alpha Omicron Pi; President of Art School; Beta Beta Beta; Art Club; Honor Board; Newcomb Student Council. • FRANK " HAPPY " DAVIS. JR.; (Medicine; 403 l lyrtle Place. Lafayette, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi; Nu Sigma Nu; Omicron Delta Kappa. Second Row; • WALTER L. DAVIS; ASS; 3705 La. Ave. Pkw ROTO; Cadet Staff Officer: Cadet Major. • ARMANDO DE LA PAZ. Engineering; 2316 Arizona St.. El Paso. Texas; Alpha Chi Sigma; American Chemical Society; German Club; A.I.Ch.E.; Newman Club; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society. • FRANK J. DePAOLI, JR.; Medicine; 446 S. 4th St.. Globe, Arizona; Phi Delta Theta; Nu Sigma Nu. • THOMAS VINCENT DiCARLO; Architecture; 1075 Alexander, Monessen, Pennsylvania; A.I.A. • JACK DENNY DIENES; Commerce; 25 Farnham PI., New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Tau Omega; Naval ROTC; Greenbackers; Taffrail Naval Society. BELOW First Row: • CLARENCE R. DOEPKE, JR.; Commerce; 908 Taft PI., New Orleans, Louisiana; Tulane University; Flying Club; Leadership Council; Air Wave. • JERRY DOMINGUEZ; ASS; 217 S. Edison. Tampa, Florida; Sigma CHI; Adelphons. • ANDREW M. DOYLE, IN; Engineering; 272 Audubon St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • JOHN HASKELL DOYLE, 11; Law; 939 Linwood Road, Memphis, Tennessee; Delta Sigma Phi; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi. • HAROLD W. DRUMMOND; A S; 2420 Octavia St,, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Sigma. • LORETTA ALICE DUDDEN; A S; 4222 Iris, New Orleans, Louisiana; German Club; Newman Club. • JOHN MALCOLM DUHE. JR.; Law; Rt. I, Box O-I04, New Iberia, Louisiana; Kappa Sigma; Delta Sigma Pi. Second Row: • GLENN MAURY EARL; Architecture- 807 Broadway, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Tau Delta; Class Treasurer; Army ROTC; A.I.A. • NELL EASTLAND; Newcomb; Doddsville, Mississippi; Phi Mu; President of Senior Class; Beta Beta Beta; Honor Board; Student Council; Newcomb Pan-Hellenic Association; Who ' s Who. • RICHARD EATON; Engineering; 7822 Burthe St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Chi; Alpha Chi Sigma; A.I.Ch.E.; Wesley Foundation; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society. • HERO J. EDWARDS, JR.; Engineering; 127 N. St. Patrick, New Orleans, Louisiana; E.T.A.; Air Force ROTC; IRE; Arnold Air Society. • RAYMOND GERALD EDWARDS; Commerce; 132 Oak, Greenbay. Wisconsin. • DONALD GEORGE EICHMEYER; Law;7IIi 150th St., Flushing. L. I., New York; Society Advancement Management; Accounting Club. • ANN EMILE; Newcomb; Azalea and Frankie Sts., Biloxi, Mississippi; Newman Club. Clarence Doepke, Jr. Glenn Earl Jerry Dominguez Nell Eastland Andrew Doyle Richard Ea-ton John Doyle. II Hero Edwdfds, Jr. Harold Drummond Raymond Edwards Loretta Dudden Donald Eichmeyer John Duhe, Jr. Ann Emile wi Rl -|in- r|-fBr| Evie Ensor Hulon FJllingdnG William Fagan Fred Fischer Stewart Farnet Barbara Fieischman Martin Feldman Beth Fleming Peter Ferinqa, Jr. Cletus Fleming, Jr Jack Field. Jr. Cynthia Forcheimer Miqnon Faget Carol Fitipatrick ABOVE First Row: • EVIE ENSOR; Newcomb; 1301 Locust, Alva, Oklahoma; Psychology Major Club; TUSK; Baptist Student Union; Campus Night; Tulane Sailing Club. • WILLIAM R. FAGAN; Commerce; 279 Glendale Blvd., New Orleans. Louisiana; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society. • MIGNON FAGET; Newcomb; 1459 Moss St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Chi Omega; Art Club; Newman Club. • STEWART FARNET; Architecture; 2623 Esplanade, New Orleans, Louisiana; Student Body President of Architecture; Tau Sigma Delta; Who ' s Who; A.I.A.; T.A.S.; Newman Club; Air Force ROTC; Arnold Air Society; Omicron Delta Kappa. • MARTIN L. FELDMAN; Law; 5548 Waterman Blvd., St. Louis, Missouri; Sigma Alpha Mu; Adelphons; Alpha Phi Omega- Pi Lambda Beta. • PETER A. FERINGA, JR.; Law; 1521 Dutossat St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Phi Delta Phi; Army ROTC; Major Cadet Staff Officer. • JACK H. FIELD, JR.; A S; 3224 Jackson St.. Alexandria, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; President of A S; Who ' s Who; Sreenbackers; Wesley Foundation. Second Row: • HULON P. FILLINGANE; Commerce; 101 14th Ave., Hattlesburq, Mississippi; Sigma Chi; Naval ROTC. • FRED W. FISCHER; A S; ' 9I9 State St.. New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha. • CAROL FITZPATRICK; Newcomb; 718 Perry St., Gretna, Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi; Beta Gamma Sigma; Gamma Delta. • BARBARA FLEISCHMAN; Newcomb; 117 E. Crescent. Elmhurst, Illinois; Alpha Epsilon Phi; La Tertulia; Pi Sigma Alpha- International Relations Club, • BETH FRITCHIE FLEMING; Newcomb; 6220 S. Claiborne Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu. • CLETUS G. FLEMING, JR.; Engineering; 806 Wilson Dr., New Orleans, Louisiana; Tau Beta Pi; A.S.C.E.; Air Force ROTC. • CYNTHIA ANNE FORCHEIMER; Newcomb; 5521 S. Galvez, New Orleans. Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi; La Tertulia; Hullabaloo; JAMBALAYA; Newman Club; Hullabaloo Key; JAMBALAYA Beauty. BELOW First Row: • EUGENE T. FORD; Commerce; 1019 Woodward Ave., Port St. Joe, Florida; Delta Sigma Pi; Varsity Football Team- Air Force ROTC; Captain Cadet Staff Officer; Arnold Air Society. • J. L. FORD, JR.; A S; 1439 N. Johnson, New Orleans, Louisiana: Pep Band; Tulane Band; Air Force ROTC- Major Cadet Staff Officer; Arnold Air Society. • FELIPE E. FORNELLI- ASS 107 5 de Mayo, Juarez Chiilcliua, Mexico. • CYNTHIA CARSO FREDERICK- Newcomb; 1225 Fern St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Chi Omeqa. • LUTHER E. FRINK; Architecture; 21 Packenham Ave., Chalmcfte, Louisiana; A.I.A.; T.A.S.; Gamma Delta. Second Row: • BETTY ANN FRISARD; University College; 3219 New Orleans, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Delta • CATHERINE LOUISE FRITCHIE; Newcomb; 309 Cleveland, Slidell, Louisiana; Phi Mu; Westminster Fellowship. „ ,.. • DONALD ALLEN GALBRAITH; Commerce; 707 Hartranft. Fort Washington, Pa.; Kappa Sigma; Delta Sigma Pi; Society Advancernent Management; Air Force ROTC; Cadet Major; Squadron Com- mander; Arnold Air Society. • DONALD A GARRETT- A S- S Kenner Ave., Westweqo. Louisiana; Alpha Phi Omega. • RICHARD G. GEER; A S; 1532 Riviera Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta; Secretary of A S Senior Class; Naval ROTC. Eugene Ford J. L. Ford, Jr. Felipe Fornelll Cynthia Frederick Luther Frlnk Betty Frisard Catherine Fritchie Donald Galbraith Donald Garrett Richard Geer That Grand Old Gang gets together at the Regis- tration Day Picnic. X J2 cJoCkAA. Merrill Gerstns ' Walter Green Evelyn Giraud James Greenbaum Dick Glatzer Janice Gregory EIrssa Genet Bessie Goldberg ABOVE First Row: • ELISSA GENET; University College; 3434 W. St. Roch, New Orleans, Louisiana. • MERRILL HENRY GERSTNER; ASS; Gramercy, Louisiana; Hullabaloo; Glee Club. • EVELYN EVA GIRAUD; Commerce; Route 6, Box 365, New Orleans, Louisiana; Propeller Club; Society Advancement Management; Commerce Women ' s Club. • DICK GLATZER; A S; 98-26 64tli Ave., Forest Hills, New York; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre-Medical Society, • URSULA MARGRET GOEDECKE; A S; Hillside Terrace, Hallcttsville, Texas; Beta Sigma Omicron; Art Club. Second Row: • BESSIE GOLDBERG- Newcomb; 7720 Nelson St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Psychology Club. • WALTER R GREEN- Law- Green-Rich Dr. Franiilinton, Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Delta Ph Naval ROTC. • JAMES GREENBAUM; ASS; 19015 Van Aken Blvd., Shaker Heights, Ohio; Zeta Beta Tau; TUSK: Army ROTC; Captain. • JANICE GREGORY; Newcomb; 1259 Owsley Ave., Columbus, Georgia; Chi Omega; Oreades Psychology Major Club; Newman Club. • MARVIN C. GRODSKY; Law; 735 N. Broad, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Eta Sigma; Hillel Founda tion; Army ROTC; Pi Lambda Beta. BELOW First Row: • ELIZABETH A. HAEUSER; Newcomb; 4937 S. Tontl, New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Zeta; Sigma PI Sigma; Athletic Council; Barracudas; Y.W.C.A ; Westminster Fellowship. • JOHANNA OWENS HAMMELL; Newcomb; 137 South Main, Allentown, New Jersey; Alpha Omicron Pi; President of Music School; Honor Board; Glee Club. • HELEN SUSAN HARRIS; Newcomb; 1117 Hickman Rd., Augusta, Georgia; Chi Omega; Vice-President of Class; Dormitory Council- Baptist Student Union; A Cappella Choir; Who ' s Who. • LURILLA HARRIS; A S; P. O. Box 446. New Orleans, Louisiana; Hullabaloo. • WALTER PATRICK HARRIS, JR.; Commerce; 8223 Sycamore PI., New Orleans, Louisiana: Kappa Sigma; Society Advancement Management; Greenbackers; Air Force ROTC; Lt. Colonel Staff Officer; Arnold Air Society. • IKE F. HAWKINS, JR.; Commerce; 551 Sherwood Rd., Shreveport, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Wesley Founda- tion. • JOHN R. HEBERT; Architecture; 408 Pecan, Sulphaur, Louisiana; President of A. I. A.; Who ' s Who. Second Row: • ANDRA HEDMEG; Newcomb; 3513 La. Ave. Pkwy.. New Orleans, Louisiana; Chi Omega, • RUTH HENDRICKS; Newcomb; Star Route, McAllen, Texas; Kappa Alpha Theta; President of Resident Student Association; Alpha Sigma Sigma; Assets; Dormitory Council; Honor Board; Wesley Foundation; A Cappella Choir; Newcomb Student Council; Who ' s Who. • FLOYD J. HENZEL; A S; 150-30 60Ih Ave.. Flushing 55. New York; Pep Band; Campus Night; Tulane Band; Leader- ship Council; Recording Engineer for Tulane Band. • JOHN E. HERMAN- Commerce- 505 Northline, New Orleans. Louisiana; Beta Theta PI; Tulane Flying Club. • LOUIS A. HEYD, JR!- Law; 4316 Constance St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Naval ROTC; Ensign Staff Officer. • BARRY JAMES HILDEBRAND; Engineering; 512 Belleville St., New Orleans. Louisiana; Tau Beta Pi; A.S.M.E.; Pep Band- Tulane Band; E.T.A.; Engineering Spirit Organization. • ROBERT R. HIPPLER, III; Engineering; 2426 Bartholomew St.. New Orleans. Louisiana; A.S.M.E.; Air Force ROTC; Arnold Air Society. Ursula Gocdecke Marvin Grodsky Elizabeth Haeuser Andra Hedmeg Johanna Hammell Ruth Hendricks Helen Harris Floyd Heniel Lurilla Harris John Herman Walter Harris, Jr Louis Heyd, Jr. Ike Hawkins. Jr. Barry Hlldebrand John Hebert Rober: Hippler, 111 Atwood Hobbs Winifred Hodges Frederick Hornberger Homer Morton, Jr. Donald Hoffman Garland Houck Morris Hohenberq Frank Howell ABOVE First Row: • ATWOOD HOBBS; Commerce; P, O. Box 2362, Longview, Texas; Alpha Tau Omega; Delta Sigma Pi; Intramural Council- Air Force ROTC; Westminster Fellowship; Major Cadet Staff Officer; Accounting Club; Arnold Air Society. • WINIFRED HODGES; Newcomb; 38 Neron PI., New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi; Beta Beta Beta. • DONALD E. HOFFMAN- A S- 4040 Clermont Drive. New Orleans. Louisiana; Pre-Medical Society. • MORRIS HOHENBERG; " Commerce; 4321 Lawther Drive. Dallas. Texas; Zeta Beta Tau; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society; Lines and Bits; Publication Staff. • JAMES S. HOLMES; Medicine; Box 185. Foley. Alabama; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Nu Sigma Nu; Student American Medical Association. • BETTY LEW HOM; Newcomb; 4432 Magazine Street, New Orleans, Louisiana; Dance Club; Westminster Fellow- ship- Tulane Inferfaith Council, • BILL HORAN; A S; 623 Merrick, Shreveport, Louisiana; Phi Sigma Iota; German Club; Le Circle Francais; TUSK; Canterbury Club. Second Row: • FREDERICK C. HORNBERGER; Engineering; 1503 Verna Street, New Orleans. Louisiana; A.S.C.E.; E.T.A. • HOMER HORTON, JR.; Architecture; 80C Stadium Place. New Orleans. Louisiana; Leadership Council; President Intramurals; A. I. A.; Intramural Council. • GARLAND HOUCK- A S- 936 Thora, Shreveport. Louisiana; Chi Omega; La Tertulia. • FRANK HOWELL; Medicine- Box 5696, Sonora, Texas; Sigma Chi; Phi Chi. • BOB HOWIE; A S- 3421 Galloway Jackson, Mississippi; Kappa Alpha; Carnival. • ESTHER LOUISE HUNT- Newcomb; 4070 Grandview. Memphis, Tennessee; Alpha Omicron Pi. • HENRY C. IVY. JR.; Commerce; 69 E. Broad, West Point, Mississippi; Phi Delta Theta. BELOW First Row: • EVELYN MERLE JACKSON; Newcomb; 35B W. Livingston Place. New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Mu; Psychology Major Club; Barracudas; Y.W.C.A.; TUSK; Wesley Foundation. • SANDY JACOBS; Newcomb; 2709 Soniat Street, New Orleans. Louisiana; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Senior Class Treasurer; Campus Night; Lagniappes; Pre-Medical Society; Who ' s Who. • STEPHEN LAWRENCE JENKINS; Commerce; 1437 Octavia Street. New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • BAKER JORDAN; A S- 1439 7th Street, New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Chi. • JOHN J. KEELEY; A S; 125 Grafton Avenue. San Francisco, California; Phi Alpha Theta; West- minster Fellowship. Second Row: • WALLACE CLEGG KEMPER, JR.; Commerce; 1654 Valmont Street, New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Alpha; Vice-President Commerce Student Body; Delta Sigma PI; Society of Advancement of Manage- ment- Naval ROTC- Honor Board; " Lines and Bits " Staff; Tulane Buyers Council. • MARIA KOLOVOS; Newcomb; 6750 Canal Blvd., New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Beta Beta; La Tertulia ' Oreades. • MELVYN FREEMAN KOSSOVER; Medicine; 109 Linwood Court, Little Rock. Arkansas; Zeta Seta Tau; Student American Medical Association. • HENRY W. KROTZER. JR.; Architecture; Weed Heights, Nevada; Secretary SeniorClass. • LLOYD J. KUHN, JR.; Engineering; 4317 S. Miro Street, New Orleans, Louisiana; A.S.M.E.; Canter- bury Club; Air Force ROTC. Evelyn Jackson Wallace Kemper, Jr. Sandy Jacobs Maria Kolovos Fireman checks time at TUT playhouse fire xlv «e d A Louis Lanza Raoul LeBlanc. Jr. Norman Lazan Donald Lee Bismark Leal Octave Legendre, Jr. ABOVE First Row: • JOAN HESTER LADEN; Newcomb; 186 Edgemont Place, Tedneck, New Jersey; Phi Mu; Barracudas; Newman Club. • ARSIMIRO LAGO; ASS; P. O. Box 203, San Juan, Puerto Rico. • LOUIS J LANZA- Commerce- 34|i 2 Janee Place, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta. • NORMAN LAZAN; A S- 1365 Locust Rd., N.W., Washington. D. C. • BISMARCK TORO LEAL; A S; CRRA 19 19-33 Armenia C. Colombia. South America. Second Row: • E ANN LEARY- University College- 1526 Washington Avenue, New Orleans, Louisiana; Canterbury Club. • HAYWARD LeBLANC; Commerce; 139 N. Hennessey, New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Sigma Pi. • RAOUL J. LeBLANC, JR.; Commerce; 7911 Oak Street, New Orleans, Louisiana; Army ROTC; Captain Army ROTC. • DONALD SOULE LEE- A S- 801 Broadway, New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta; Omicron Delta Kappa- Sigma Pi Sigma- JAMBALAYA; TUSK; Glee Club; Operetta. • OCTAVE J. LEGENDRE, JR.; Commerce; 5911 West End Boulevard. New Orleans, La. BELOW First Row: • MARY ANN LEHMAN; Newcomb; 15718 Chadbourne Road, Shaker Heights, Ohio; Alpha Epsilon Phi; President of Oreades; Psychology Major Club; Dormitory Council; Hillel Foundation; Leadership Council; Executive Council. • ALBERT LYNCH LEONHARD; A S; 1709 S. Dupre, Nev Orleans, Louisiana; Interfai+h Council; Tutane University Theatre; International Relations Club, • DONALD YOST LESSER; A S; 336 Pepperidge Road, Hewlett Harbor, New York; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre-Medical Society, • ROBERT E. LESTER; Commerce; 2733 Hardy, Shreveport, Louisiana; Kappa Sigma; Society of Advancement of Management; Westminster Fellowship; Taffrail Naval Society, • YETIVE LETELLIER; Newcomb; 5308 Jefferson Highway, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta; Psychology Major Club; Athletic Council; YWCA; Newman Club. • SHIRLEY ALICE LEVEY; Newcomb; 311 Audubon Boulevard, New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Sigma Omicron; La Tertulia- TUSK- Christian Science Organization. • JACQUELINE RUTH LEVINGSTON; Newcomb; 2644 Park Lane Court East, Birmingham, Alabama; Beta Beta Beta; Phi Alpha Theta. Second Row: • FREDERICK LEVY; A S; 10 Shore Boulevard. Brooklyn, New York; Pi Lambda Beta. • LEE K. LEVY; Commerce; 501 W. Robert, Hammond, Louisiana; Zeta Beta Tau; Omicron Delta Kappa; Scabbard and Blade; Delta Sigma Pi; Carnival; Hullabaloo; JAMBALAYA; Army ROTC; Major Army ROTC; Alpha Phi Omega; Honor Board- Pi Lambda Beta- Tulane Pan-Hellenic Council; Who ' s Who. • MARILYN LEVY- Newcomb; 2618 Short Street. New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Beta Beta Beta; La Tertulia; Theta Nu- ' ' ' Carnival " Editor in Chief; Hullabaloo; TUSK; Glendy Burke Society. • ALAN B. LICHTENSTEIN- Commerce; 349 Manor Ridge, Atlanta. Geoiiga; Zeta Beta Tau; Phi Eta Sigma; Naval ROTC. • ARTHUR LtCHTMAN; Law; 433 Boulevard, Bayonne, New Jersey; Kappa Nu; Phi Eta Sigma; German Club; Psychology Major Club; A Cappella Choir; Campus Night; Glee Club; Tulane University Theatre; Glendy Burke Society; Pi Lambda Beta. • THOMAS GERALD LILLY; Commerce; Charleston, Mississippi; Sigma Nu; Scabbard and Blade; Delta Sigma Pi- Wesley Foundation; Naval ROTC- Alpha Phi Omega; Publication; " Lines and Bits. " • AUSTIN M. LINDSEY; A S; 612 Ruth Avenue, Gulfport, Mississippi; Kappa Sigma; Psychology Major Club; West- minster Fellowship; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society; Adelphons. Albert Leonhard Lee Levy Robert Lester Alan Lichtenstein Yetive Letellier Arthur Lichtman Shirley Levey Jacqueline Levingston Thomas Lilly Austin Lindsey " TT) " wri rfm Ann LIngan Jennifer Mann nmq -fm Merlin Louapre Lloyd Marks, Jr. Jo Ann Lumpkin John Marshall Arnold Lupii Elliot Marx Muffie Manlon Roy Mauffray BELOW First Row: • ANN LINGAN: Newcomb- 2618 Palm, Houston, Texas; Alpha Omlcron Pi- TUSK; Canterbury Club. • MERLIN E. LOUAPRE; Encgineering; 6235 Marshall Foch, New Orleans, Louisiana; A.I.E.E.; E.T.A. • JO ANN LUMPKIN; Newcomb; 1795 Linden. Memphis, Tennessee; Zeta Tau Alpha; Oreades. • ARNOLD MITCHELL LUPIN; Commerce; 3307 Louisiana Avenue Parkway, New Orleans, Louisiana; Hillel Founda- tion. • ELLEN BARBARA MACK; Newcomb; Rockrimman Road, Stamford. Connecticut; Alpha Sigma Sigma; Who ' s Who; Glendy Burke Society- Campus Night; Leadership Council; Pi Lambda Beta; Student Directory. • HILLMAN W. MADISON; Commerce; 363 W. Hickory St., St. Bastrop. Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • MUFFIE MANION; Commerce: 7519 Wellington Way, Clayton. Missouri. Second Row: • JENNIFER OLIVE MANN; Newcomb; 1122 Fern St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi; Interfaith Council; Wesley Foundation- Glee Club; Leadership Council. • LLOYD ROBERT MARKS, JR.- Commerce- 4715 Eastern St., New Orleans. Louisiana; Army ROTC; 2nd Lt. Officer. • JOHN FREDERICK MARSHALL; Engineering; 16-H Newcomb Campus. New Orleans, Louisiana; A.S.C.E.; E.T.A. ; Army ROTC- National Defense Transportation Association. • ELLIOT MIKE MARX; ASS; 1009 Carolina Lane, Bogalusa, Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi; German Club; Pre-Medical Society: Greenbackers; Baptist Student Union; Campus Night; Army ROTC. • MARJORIE MARX; ' Newcomb; 1410 Bank, Lake Charles, Louisiana; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Barracudas; Carnival. • MELVIN W. MATHES- Law- 1228 Third St., New Orleans Louisiana; Kappa Sigma; Omlcron Delta Kappa; Who ' s Who; Phi Delta Phi- TUSK Editor of JAMBALAYA- Christian Science Organization; Glendy Burke Society. • ROY JAMES BLENIC MAUFFRAY; A S; 2624 Chartres, New Orleans, Louisiana. BELOW First Row: • DON MACK MAYER; Engineering; 1602 Pine Winnsboro, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Scabbard and Blade; Alpha Chi Sigma; A.I.Ch.E.; E.T.A. ' Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society. • RAYMOND MAYERHAFER; Commerce; 2005 N. Claiborne Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Sigma PI. • PAT McCABE; Newcomb; 4626 St. Charles Ave. New Orleans. Louisiana; Beta Sigma Omlcron; La Terlulla; TUSK; Newman Club. • BILL McCLENDON; ASS; 1912 Palmer Ave., New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Alpha; Scabbard and Blade; TUSK; Canterbury Club; Army ROTC; Pershing Rifles; Glendy Burke Society; Lagniappes; PI Lambda Beta. • ED McCOOL- Medicine; 2217 First Ave., Jackson, Mississippi; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Nu Sigma Nu; Who ' s Who; Football; Track. Second Row: • DOUGLAS ALLEN McCOY; A S; 346 Metalrle Heights. New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Kappa Sigma; " Carnival " ; Hullabaloo; TUSK; Westminster Fellowship; Campus Night; Glee Club; Air Force ROTC; Sabre Jets; Major; Arnold Air Society. • THOMAN KENNETH McELHINNEY; A S; 3117 St. Anthony, New Orleans. Louisiana; Westminster Fellowship: Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society. • ED McGLASSON; 9 St. Anthony Dr., Lake Charles. Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; President of Studenl- Body; Omlcron Delta Kappa; Sigma Gamma Epsilon; Who ' s Who; Wesley Foundation; Honor Board- Leadership Council; Pi Lambda Beta. • NANCY RAWLINS MclVER; Newcomb: 7933 Jeannette Place. New Orleans, Louisiana; Chi Omega; Athletic Club ' Barracudas- Dance Club; Westminster Fellowship. • FRANK EDWARD McKAY- Engineering; 323 Maxwell Ave., DeWItt, Arkansas; Alpha Chi Sigma; A.I.Ch.E. ' E.T.A.- Baptist Student Union; Interfaith Council. Don Mayer Douglas McCoy Raymond Mayerhafer Thoman McElhlnney Pat McCabe Ed McGlasson Damn These Strapless . X JZ I — d A Jack McNaughton Roger Miller Robert Merikangas Marilyn Mlllrken Daisy Meriwether Joan Miramon Key McMurrain, Jr. Sheldon Milgrom ABOVE Firsf Row: • KEY DAVID McMURRAIN. JR.; Medicine- 579 College St., Hapeville, Georgia; Nu Sigma Nu; Foot- ball; Air Force ROTC. • JACK EUGENE McNAUGHTON; Architecture; 3714 Clermont, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi; Vice-President of Class; A. I. A.; T.A.S.; Naval ROTC; Editor, Sctiool of Architecture Student Publication. • ROBERT J. lv ERIKANGAS; A S; Quarters No. 8, Fort Belvoir, Virginia- Delta Sigma Phi; Sigma Pi Sigma; Newman Club; Naval ROTC- Taffrail Naval Society. • DAISY MERIWETHER; Newcomb; 1221 Exposition Blvd., New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi; Canterbury Club. • WILLIAM W. MESSER5MITH, III- Law; 4601 S. Claiborne Ave.. New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon; JAMBALAYA; TUSK; Air Force ROTC; Major; Arnold Air Society. Second Row; • SHELDON MARVIN MILGROM; Commerce; 1704 Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn, New York; Kappa Nu; Hullabaloo; Hillel Foundation- Glee Club. • ROGER H. MILLER; Medicine; 302 W. Leon St., Satesville. Texas; Phi Kappa Sigma; Phi Chi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Sigma Pi Sigma- Wesley Foundation. • MARILYN MILLIKEN; Newcomb; Nashville Rd., Bowling Green, Kentucky; Kappa Alpha Theta; Dormitory Council; Le Circle Francais; Baptist Student Union. • JOAN MIRAMON; Commerce; 738 Moss St.. New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu; Secretary-Treasurer School of Commerce; Who ' s Who; TUSK- Leadership Council President of C.W.C ' • JOHN PATRICK MITCHELL, JR. ASS; 5114 Cartier, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Tau Omega: Greenbackers; Air Force ROTC; Arnold Air Society. BELOW First Row: • JOSEPH L. MONCADA; Engineering; 4716 Baccach, New Orleans, Louisiana. • DAVID E. MONNIN; Engineering; 1318 Elysian Fields Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana; President Senior Class; A.S.M.E.; E.T.A.; Air Force ROTC; Arnold Air Society • BARBARA CATHERINE MOON; Newcomb; 205 Ponce de Leon, Clearwater. Florida; Oreades; Le Circle Francais; Tulane University Theatre. • MARILYN MOORE; Newcomb; 1702 E. Main, Humboldt, Tennessee; Alpha Omicron Pi; Westminster Fellowship- Art Club. • EARL S. MULLEY, II; Commerce; 4 ' ?00 Music, New Orleans, Louisiana; President Senior Class- V ho ' s Who Delta Sigma Pr; Publications Board; Westminster Fellowship; A Cappella Choir- Honor Board- Omicron Delta Kappa • DAVID PHILIP MUTH; Engineering; 8529 S. Claiborne, New Orleans, Louisiana; A.I.Ch.E.; A Cappella Choir; Glee Club; Operetta. • DONALD CHARLES MUTH; A S; 8529 S. Claiborne Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana; A Cappella Choir- Glee Club- Operetla; Canterbury Club. Second Row: • EMILEC. NETZHAMMER, JR.; Commerce; 7516-B Jeannette. New Orleans Louisiana • KRISTIN T. NIELSEN; University College; 2700 Napoleon Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana. • JOHN L. NIKLOUS; Engineering; 4665 Venus St.. New Orleans, Louisiana- Scabbard and Blade- Tau Beta Pi- A.S.C.E.; E.T.A.; Naval ROTC- Taffrail Naval Society • LESLIE AUBREY NORMAN, JR.; Architecture; I I 14 S. Carrollton Ave., New Orleans Louisiana- A I A • JAMES P. NOWAKOWSKI; A S; 230 Spring St., Willard, Ohio; Delta UpsMon. • MARTHA ANN OLIVER; Newcomb; 5327 Prytania, New Orleans. Louisiana; Beta Sigma Omicron- Greenbackers. • JOHN MILES O ' NEILL; Architecture; 120 S. First St., Sharpsville, Pennsylvania; A.I.A. William Messersmith. Ill John Mitchell, Jr. Joseph Moncada David Monnin Barbara Moon Marilyn Moore Earl Mulley. II David Muih Donald Muth Emile Nefzhammer, Jr. Kristin Nielsen John Niklaus Leslie Norman, Jr. James Nowakowski Marfha Oliver John O ' Neill " sri ■ W] 1 Raymond Ordoqui Jeannine Phillips Herbery Osofsky Tad Phillips Frederick Palumbo Charles Pittman Ani+a Parent Joe Pitts, Jr. Helen Pa+ton Laura Planche Thomas Pemberton Dan Pouwels ABOVE First Row: • RAYMOND J. ORDOCPUI; Engineering; 271 Ave. A,, Westwego. Louisiana. • HERBERY OSOFSKY; A S; 48 New Haven Ave., Woodmont, Connecticut; Kappa Nu; Psychology Major Club; Interfaith Council; Campus Night. • FREDERICK C. PALUMBO; Commerce; 2561 Madrid St., New Orleans. Louisiana; Newman Club. • ANITA PARENT; Newcomb; 603 N. Union, Natchez. Mississippi; Phi Mu; Art Club; Wesley Foundation. • HELEN PATTON; Newcomb; 349 Georgia St., Hollywood, Florida; PI Beta Phi. • TOMMY PEEPLES; A S; 1846 S. Parkway E,, Memphis, Tennessee; Phi Kappa Sigma. • THOMAS G. PEMBERTON; Commerce; 1000 Broadway. New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Chi; Scabbard and Blade; Westminster Fellowship; Glee Club; Army ROTC; Delta Sigma Pi. Second Row: • JEANNINE C. PHILLIPS; Newcomb; 5419 Hewes, New Orleans. Louisiana; Sigma Delta Tau. • TAD PHILLIPS; Commerce; 10 Edgehill, Little Rock, Arkansas; Zeta Beta Tau; Arnold Air Society. • CHARLES R. PITTMAN; Engineering; 4050 Franklin Avenue, New Orleans, Louisiana; A.S.C.E.; Football; Air ROTC; Cadet Staff Officer: Lieutenant Colonel; Arnold Air Society. • JOE W. PITTS, JR.; Commerce; 1213 Blythe Avenue, Alexandria, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsllon; President Com- merce Student Body; Omicron Delta Kappa; Scabbard and Blade; Student Activities Key; Who ' s Who; Delta Sigma Pi; Society Advancement Management; Greenbackers; Wesley Foundation; Army ROTC; Cadet Staff Officer: Lieut- enant Colonel; Adelphons; Lagnlappes, • LAURA LEE PLANCHE; Newcomb; 813 22nd Avenue. Covington, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi; Barracudas; ROTC Sponsor. • DOROTHY B. POTTS; Newcomb; 60 Jaenlcke Lane, Hamden, Connecticut; Alpha Omicron Pi; Wesley Foundation. • DAN POUWELS; Engineering; 911 Baratorla Blvd., Marrero. Louisiana; A.S.C.E. BELOW First Row; • JACKIE PRESSNER; Newcomb; 278 Audubon Blvd.. New Orleans. Louisiana; Psychology Major Club; Barracudas; Hillel Foundation. • JIMMY PRIMOS; Commerce; I3I9 North Rampart, New Orleans, Louisiana; Society Advancement Management; Army ROTC. • STEPHEN PRISKIE; Commerce; 105-10 65th Road, Forest Hills, New York; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Hillel Foundation; Air ROTC. • MARGE C. RAUCH; Newcomb; 815 Eleonore Street. New Orleans, Louisiana; Art Club. • VANCE R. REDMOND; A S; 3613 Napoleon, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon. Second Row: • CHARLES ALONZO REESE ' Engineering; 1512 Milan Sfreet, New Orleans, Louisiana; Tau Beta PI; A.S.M.E. • HARRY DAVID REHM; Engineering; 2229 St. Roch. New Orleans, Louisiana; A.S.M.E.; E.T.A. • WILLIAM J. REIN; A S; 2437 Jefferson, New Orleans. Loulslnaa. • J. ADOLFO REY-PRENDES; A S; 5 Calls Ponlente 2, Santa Ana. El Salvador. • HAMILTON RICHARDSON; A S; 2626 Dalrymple Drive, Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Omicron Delta Kappa; Who ' s Who. Jackie Prensner Charles Reese Jimmy Primes Harry Rehm laiiffri Stephen Prlskle Marge Rauch Vance Redmond William Rein Adolfo Rey-Prendes Hamilton Richardson What ' s Your System, Sherman? ■ Jvv-e ■ Charles Robards Joel Sainer Carolyn Robertson Manuel Sala ABOVE First Row: • JAY V. RICHMOND; Commerce; 141 6 Washington Avenue, Parsons, Kansas; A Cappella Choir • RICHARD RICHTER; A S; 385 Northfield Road, Woodmere, New York- Alpha Epsllon Pi • ROLAND JOHN RIPPERGER, JR.; Engineering; 66-20, 53rd Avenue, Maspeth 78, New York. • CHARLES HENRY ROBARDS; Engineering; 221 Coolidge, New Orleans Louisiana- A.I E.E.- E.T A - Air ROTC; Arnold Air Society. • CAROLYN lONE ROBERTSON; Newcomb; 1545 Webs+sr. New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Second Row; • FLORENCE ELIZABETH ROSS; Newcomb; 2117 West Seventeenth Street. Little Rock, Arkansas; Chi Omega; Psychology Major Club; A Cappella Choir. • DENIS E, RUFJN. Ill; Commerce; 1620 Fourth Street, New Orleans, Louisiana- Delta Sigma Pi- Army ROTC; Cadet Staff Officer: Major. • EMMETT RUSSELL- Law; 70 Neron Place, New Orleans, Louisiana- Sigma Alpha Epsllon- Phi Delta Phi; Naval ROTC. • JOEL W. SAINER; A S; 241 Central Park West. New York, New York; Alpha Epsilon Pi; HIMel Foundation. • MANUEL A. SALA; Commerce; Sta. A, Route 5, Box 436, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Sigma Pi. BELOW First Row: • RALPH S. SANTHIN; Commerce; 1016 Clouet Street. New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Sigma PI; Society Advancement Management; Accounting Club. • MAUDE SAUNDERS; Newcomb; 110 Wilson Street, Hammond, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma; President New- comb Honor Board; Alpha Slqma Sigma; Assets; Who ' s Who; Honor Board; Newcomb Handbook; Canterbury Club. • DENA LEE SCHNEIDER; Newcomb; 333 North Ridge Road. Little Rock, Arkansas; Alpha Epsllon Phi; Psychology Major Club. • HERBERT JOHN SCHULINGKAMP. JR.; Architecture; 1316 Bartholomew Street. New Orleans, Louisiana; Tau Sigma Delta; A. I. A.; Gamma Delta. • ROBERT I. SCISSORS; Commerce; 7507 Wellington Way, Clayton, Missouri; Sigmd Alpha Mu; Hillel Foundation; Naval ROTC; Cadet Staff Officer: Ensign; Taffrall Naval Society. • JACQUELINE SEGALL; Commerce; 2801 Joseph Street. New Orleans, Louisiana; Publicity Chairman Commerce School; Eta Sigma Phi- Society Advancement Management- TUSK; Campus Night; Lagniappes. • BERNARD SEGAl6fF; 1840 East Thirteenth Street. Brooklyn, New York; Air ROTC; Cadet Staff Officer: Lieutenant Colonel; Arnold Air Society; International Relations Club. Second Row: • BARRY HENRY SHAFER; A S; 442 West Thirtieth Street. Miami Beach, Florida; Sigma Alpha Mu; German Club; Campus Night; PI Lambda Beta. • ANN SHAFTO; Newcomb; 1005 North Third Street, Monroe. Louisiana; Chi Omega; President Jewcomb Pan- hellenlc; Alpha Sigma Sigma; Honor Board; Canterbury Club- Newcomb Student Council; Panhellenic Council; Who ' s Who. • MORTON PHILO SHERZER; A8S; 712 East Twenty-seventh Street. Brooklyn. New York; Army ROTC; Cadet Staff Officer: Captain. • MARTIN JACOB SHORR; A S; 161 Elmore. Woonsocket, Rhode Island; Pre-Medlcal Society; Hal W. Mosely Award In Chemistry; Hillel Foundation. • BARBARA SILIN; Newcomb; 1314 Audubon Street. New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi; Secretary Tulane Student Body; Alpha Sigma Sigma; Phi Sigma Iota; Student Activities Key; Who ' s Who; Le Circle Francals; JAMBA- LAYA; Greenbackers; Canterbury Club; A Cappella Choir; Leadership Council; Opera Workshop. • DORIS SKELTON; Newcomb; 3539 St. Charles Avenue, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Omicron PI; Psychology Major Club; Sociology Club; Wesley Foundation; Tulane Sailing Club. • PHILIP LOUIS SMITH, JR.; Commerce; 331 Broadway, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Sigma Pi. Maude Saunders Ann Shafto Dena Schneider Morton Sherzer ■lerbert Schullngkamp, Ji Martin Shorr Robert Scissors larbara SMin Jacqueline Segall Doris Skelton Bernard Segaloff Philip Smith, Jr. Jii Neil Sokolski Nell Sweeney, II Martha Sparks Nan Swenson Jerome Steen Beniamin Talbot Sylvan Steinberg Addie ThibodauK W. M. Stephenson Carolyn Thorne Lawrence Stewart A. Dent Tisdale, Jr. Mildred Stouse Sonya Trshan ABOVE First Row: • NEIL SOKLSKI Law 140 Combs, Woodmere, New York: Alpha Epsilon Pi- • MARTHA CLAYTON SPARKS- Newcomb; 1602 Fairview, Monroe, Louisiana; Chi Omega. • JEROME B. STEEN; ASS; Pinola. Mississippi; Kappa Sigma; Pi Sigma Alpha; Baptist Student Union; Na»al ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society, • SYLVAN J, STEINBERG; Law; 7IS East Main Street. New Iberia, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Mu; Society Advancement Management. • W M STEPHENSON; Commerce- 56 Allard, New Orleans, Louisiana; Pep Band; Tulane Band. • LAWRENCE B. STEWART; ASS; 349 Remsen Avenue, New York, New York; Delta Sigma Phi; Westminster Fellow- • MILDRED STOUSE- Newcomb; 5601 Hurst. New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi; President Newcomb Student Body; Alpha Sigma Sigma; Assets; Beta Beta Beta; Phi Sigma lota; Who ' s Who; Honor Board; Le Circle Francais; TUSK; Publications Board; Tulane Student Council. Second Row: • NEIL SWEENEY, II; Commerce; 614 Carol Drive, New Orleans, Louisiana. • NAN SWENSON; ASS; 3109 Forest Avenue. Port Arthur, Texas; Theta Nu; Hullabaloo; Wesley Foundatron. • BENJAMIN H TALBOT; Commerce; 5520 Pitt New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Alpha. • ADDIE JOY THIBODAUX- Newcomb; 812 Philip Street. Thibodaux, Louisiana; Phi Mu; TUSK. • CAROLYN LAWTON THORNE; Newcomb; 2502 Palmer, New Orleans, Louiliana; Art Club. • A. DENT TISDALE. JR.; Medicine; 2924 Gordon, Monroe. Louisiana; Nu Sigma Nu. • SONYA TRAHAN; Newcomb; 101 W. Boundary, Winnfield. Louisiana; Chi Omega. BELOW First Row: • BETTY JANE (COQUEHE) TROSCLAIR; Newcomb; 1530 Lesseps, New Orleans. Louisiana; Y.W.C.A.- White Caps; Campus Night; Glee Club; International Relations Club. • W. SAMUEL TUCKER, JR.- A S; 2915 Coliseum Street, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Tau Delta; TUSK; Westminster Fellowship; Air Force ROTC; Lieutenant Colonel; Adelphons; Alplia Phi Omega; Glendy Burke Society; Arnold Air Society. • HENRY CHIN TUNG; Commerce; 5205 Perlita, New Orleans, Louisiana. • NANCY B. TURNER; Newcomb; 360 Hawthorne, Memphis, Tennessee; Alpha Omicron Pi; Barra- cudas; Newcomb " N " Letter- Christian Science Organization. • DEAN A. TYNER; A S; 409 North Market, North Manchester, Indiana; Scabbard and Blade; Varsity Letter in Basketball; ' Army ROTC; Lieutenant Colonel of Cadet Staff. Second Row: • JANET TYSON; Newcomb; 2803 Olive, Texarkana. Texas; Pi Beta Phi; La Tertulia; Wesley Founda- tion. • ANN ELIZABETH ULMER; Newcomb; P. O. Box 567, Columbia, Mississippi; Kappa Alpha Theta; Newcomb Panhellenic; Cheerleader; Greenbackers; Newman Club. • JANE ULMER; Newcomb; 8019 Cohn Street. New Orleans, Louisiana; Chi Omega; Co-Chairman of Newcomb Orientation- Secretary of Senior Class; Beta Beta Beta; JAMBALAYA; Publications Board; Campus Night; Who ' s Who. • BARBARA CLAIRE UMBACH; Newcomb; 3617 Louisiana Avenue Parkway. New Orleans, Louisiana; Chi Omega. • VIRGINIA LUCIA VALLE; Newcomb; 4918 Mandeville New Orleans. Louisiana. ■ Jvvje (LAjCxAA. A M kfttt tt John Vaughn Jerry Viosca Stanko Vranich William Wallace Charles Wanqensteen, Jr. Joseph Walters Henry Vasterling. II I Arlice Walker ABOVE First Row: • HENRY P, VASTERLING, III; A4S; 125 Beverly Drive, New Orleans, Louisiana; Army ROTC. • JOHN M. VAUGHN; Engineering; 974 Pearl Street, Crestview, Florida; Pi Kappa Alpha; Scabbard and Blade; Alpha Chi Sigma; A.ICh.E.; E.TA.; Pep Band; Westminster Fellowship; Naval ROTC; Lieutenanr o Cadet Staff; Taffrail Naval Society; Leadership Council. • JERRY VIOSCA; Engineering; 20 Lark. New Orleans, Louisiana; A.S.M.E.; E.T.A. « STANKO B, VRANICH; ASS; ?I6 Lowerline, New Orleans. Louisiana. • TOM WAKEMAN; Architecture; Starkville. Mississippi; Phi Kappa Sigma; President of the Senior Class; A. I. A. Second Row: • ARLICE ULVESTER WALKER; Law; 427 Center Street. Henderson, Kentucky; Kappa Sigma. • WILLIAM PHILLIP WALLACE; A S; Braxton. Mississippi; Varsity Letter in Basketball. • C HARLES THOMAS WANGENSTEEN, JR.; Law; Chisholm, Minnesota; Delta Sigma Phi; Phi Delta Phi; Captain of Cadet Staff. • JOSEPH ADAIR WATTERS; Law; 1416 Octavia, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Phi Delta Phi; Intramural Council; TUSK. • FRANCES DEAN WENDLAND; Newcomb; 1804 Calhoun Street; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Lagniappes. Tom Wakeman Frances Wendland BELOW • WILLIAM ARMSTRONG WHITAKER; A S; 401 S. Washington Street, Alexandria, Virginia; Sigma PI Sigma; Air Porce ROTC; Glendy Burke Society; International Relations Club; Radio Club. • REBECCA WHITE; Newcomb; 704 Fair Street, Franklin, Tennessee; Alpha Omicron Pi. • AUSTIN W. WILSON, JR.; ASS; 1031 Alvar Street, New Orleans, Louisiana. • ROBERT EDWARD WILSON; Commerce; 1522 Pine, New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Delta Sigma Pi; Wesley Foundation; A Cappella Choir; Glee Club; Naval ROTC; Ensign of Cadet Staff; Wesley Foundation; A Cappella Quintet; Tulane Glee Club Quartet. • TAD WILSON; 1410 Vamont Street, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Phi Delta Phi; Adelphons; Pan Hellenic Council; Student Democrats. • ROBERT HUNTER WISE; Engineering; 57 Gallltin Street. Hazlehurst. Mississippi; Phi Delta Theta; Secretary-Treas- urer of the Engineering Student Body; A.S.M.E.; Air Force ROTC; Colonel of Cadet Staff; Arnold Air Society; Who ' s Who; Omicron Delta Kappa. • DOUG WOODRUFF; A S; Lockport, Louisiana; Wesley Foundation; Air Force ROTC; Major of Cadet Staff; Arnold Air Society. • WAYNE SHAFFER WOODY; A S; 1115 Royal Street, New Orleans 16, Louisiana; Kappa Sigma; Scabbard and Blade; Army ROTC; Pershing Rifles; Major of Cadet Staff; Debate Team; Glendy Burke Society; Leadership Council. William Whitaker Rebecca White Austin Wilson. Jr. Robert Wilson Robert Wise Doug Woodruff Wayne Woody 74 lTV B 1 i . t 1 1 1 1 fl r ' ' ' ) 1 jHHK i B ' 1 H ' W- d ' ; m H n H ii- HH T H 1 JUNIORS 1 " UAA. ' )JA!u oUdo a. cw First Row: • ERNEST L. ACKLEY III Commerce; 320 Washington Ave.. Jefferson City. Mo.; Canterbury Club; Army ROTC- National Defense Transpor- tation Association. • DICK AKERS- ASS; Boi 312, West Point Miss.- Sigma Chi. • RON ALEXANDER; AliS; Ingleside. Texas; Pi Kappa Alpha; Scabbard and Blade; Greenbackcrs; Wesley Foundation; Cam- pus Night; Tulane University Theater; Air Force ROTC. • ALLAN C. ANDRY III; ASS; 23 Versailles Blvd.; Delta Kappa Epsilon. Second Row: • GLEB J. AULOW; ASS; Lago Colony. Aruba, N. W. I.; Delta Tau Delta; Air Force ROTC; Captain Arnold Air Society. • JOSEPH A. BAGALA; Architecture; 5425 Franklin Ave., New Orleans, La. • LARRY 6. BAKER, A S; 905 E. Baker Drive. Kennett, Mo.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Scabbard and Blade; Pre-Medical Society; Army ROTC. • WILLIAM ALFRED BANTA; A S; 4218 St Anthony, New Orleans, La.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Delta Sigma Pi; A Cappella Choir; Glee Club; Operetta; Air Force ROTC. Third Row: • DAWSON BAPTIST; Commerce; 101 Wren, New Orleans. La.- Phi Delta Theta; Westminster Fellowship; Air Force ROTC. • ELISE DORO- THEA BARKEMEYER; Newcomb; 904 Pauline, New Orleans, La.; La Tertulia; White Caps; Gamma Delta; Interfaith Council- International Relations Club. • BETTY GLYN BARKSDALE- University College- SMJC Summit, Miss. • JOSEPH BARKSDALE; ASS; SMJC Summit! Miss. Fourth Row: • JERRY BARNUM; Newcomb; 1012 W. Wisconsin Ave., Oconomowoc Wis.; Pi Beta Phi; Beta Beta Beta. • GAY BARTON; University Col- lege; 5 Newcomb Blvd., New Orleans, La.- Sigma Delta Tau • DORO- THY RUTH BASKEH; Newcomb; 1324 Hickory, Texarkana. Ark.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Le Circle Francais- Westminster Fellowship. • MARY ANNE BEAMAN; Newcomb; 4143 Seminary PL, New Orleans, La.; Beta Beta Beta. Fifth Row: • RUDY BECKER; A S; 1514 Henry Clay Ave.. New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha; Greenbackers; Army ROTC- Adelphons- Lagniappes- Pi Lambda Beta. • OLIVE BECNEL; Newcomb; 440 Fairmont, Harvey, La.; Newman Club. • RICHARD E. BELTZ- Commerce- 1124 Rivieva Jacksonville. Fla.; Wesley Foundation. • HAROLD J BERGER- ASS- 230-18 139 Ave., Laurelton, L. I.. N. Y.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Army ROTC. Sixth Row; • JESSIEANN BESSETTE; Newcomb; 104 Dunmoreland, Springfield Miss.; Phi Mu; German Club; Newman Club. • JOSEPH A. BIGGIO. JR.; A S; Army ROTC. • RICHARD M. BINNINGS; ASS; 4958 St. Roch Ave.. New Orleans , La.; Pre-Medical Society; Radio Club. A S: 200 W. nth. Pine Bluff. Ark.; Sigma BANKS BLACKWELL; Alpha Epsilon. Seventh Row: • MOLLIE BLAKENEY; Newcomb; 315 Bella Dr. New Orleans, La.; Alpha Omicron Pi. • DON BLOCK; ASS; 1214 Jackson St., Thibodaux, La.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Unit Manager — Junior Class- Sigma Pi Sigma; TUSK; Panhellenic Council. • MARTHA BLOCK; Newcomb; Tela. Honduras; Alpha Omicron Pi; La Tertulia; Art Club- Newman Club. • BOB BOULET; A S; Larose, La.; Beta Theta Pi. Eighth Row: • ALFRED CHRISTIAN BOWEN; A S; 1402 Edgewood Ave., Jackson- ville, Fla.; Pre-Medical Society; Westminster Fellowship- Army ROTC Cadet staff officer. 2nd Lieutenant. • RICHARD FRANKLIN BOWEN ASS; 223 E. Ave. Greenville, Pa.; Delta Sigma Pi; Canterbury Club Army ROTC. • PATSY BOUDREAU; Newcomb; 1415 Louisiana Ave., Lake Charles, La.; Chi Omega; Vice-President. Junior Class; Dormitory Council; Greenbackers; Lagniappes. • JOY ELAINE BRAND; New- comb; 3824 Chateau, Waco, Texas- Alpha Epsilon Phi; Psychology Club. Ninth Row: • CAROL LISE BRENNER; Commerce; 1221 Jefferson Ave.. New Or- leans, La.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Psychology Major Club; JAMBALAYA. • AMANDA BROWN; Newcomb; Gailliard Plantation, Lake Provi- dence, La.- Kappa Alpha Theta; Le Circle Francais; Newman Club • PHYLLIS BROWN; Newcomb; 4 Japonica. Mobile Ala.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Psychology Major Club. • TERRY W. BROWN; A S- 1749 S.E. 14th St.. Fort Lauderdale. Fla.; Delta Sigma Phi; Hullabaloo; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society. ERNEST ACKLEY III DICK AKERS RON ALEXANDER ALLAIN ANDRY 111 GLEB AULOW JOSEPH BAGALA LARRY BAKER WILLIAM BANTA DAWSON BAPTIST ELISE BARKEMEYER BETTY BARKSDALE JOSEPH BARKSDALE JERRY BARNUM GAY BARTON DOROTHY BASKETT MARY BEAMAN RUDY BECKER OLIVE BECNEL RICHARD BELTZ HAROLD BERSER JESSIEANN BESSETTE JOSEPH BIGGIO JR. RICHARD BINNINGS BANKS BLACKWELL MOLLIE BLAKENEY DON BLOCK MARTHA BLOCK BOB BOULET ALFRED BOWEN RICHARD BOWEN PATSY BOUDREAU JOY BRAND CAROL BRENNER AMANDA BROWN PHYLLIS BROWN TERRY BROWN ' ' ' S First Row: • PETER G. BURKE: ASS: 452 Audubon New Orleans La- Delta Kappa Epsilon: German Club: Newman Club. • ADRIAN B. CAIRNS. JR.; A S: 50 Farnham PL, New Orleans, La.; Phi Delta Theta; Omicron Delta Kappa; Wesley Foundation; Tulane Band; Who ' s Who. • DON- ALD H. CALDWELL; Architecture- 2987 Reymond Ave.. Baton Rouge, La; Kappa Sigma; ALA; Canterbury Club. • RICH ARD CALHOUN; ASS; 2241 Thornton St., Alexandria, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Vice- President. Junior Class; Wesley Foundation; Air Force ROTC; Adel- phons. Second Row: • DIANNE NOBLET CALONGNE; ASS; 1439 Washington Ave., New Orleans. La.; Delta Zeta- German Club; Westminster Fellowship. • C. KEITH CAPDEPON; Engineering; 2204 20th St., Gulfport, l«(iss.- Kappa Sigma; A.S.M.E.; Adelphons. • FRED CARROLL, JR.; Architecture; Lyon. Miss.; Sigma Chi; A. I. A.; Wesley Foundation. • BERNARD J. CHAUVIN, JR.; Commerce; 5333 Eads St., New Orleans, La.; Naval ROTC. Third Row: • ORAN WARD CHENAULT, JR.; ASS; Otes " K " N. A. S. San Diego 35. Calif.; Sigma Chi. • BARBARA CAROLYN CHESLOCK; Newcomb; 102 Bouchelle St., Morganton, N.C.- Alpha Epsilon Phi- Art Club- TUSK. • JENNIE LEWIS CHESNUT; Newcomb: 1 16 Alumni Ave., Hop- kinsville, Ky.; Phi Mu; Art Club; Dormitory Council; Canterbury Club. • EDWIN GREINES COHEN; Commerce; 3914 Hamilton. Ft. Worth, Texas; Zeta Beta Tau. Fourth Row: • RICHARD MYRON COHEN- ASS- 1525 Soniat St., New Orleans La.; Zeta Beta Tau. • TONY COLLETT, JR.; ASS; 530 2nd Ave., Bogs- lusa. La.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Scabbard and Blade; Dormitory Council; Army ROTC. • JAMES COTHERN; Commerce- 7043 Magazine New Orleans, La.; Sigma Chi; Basketball. • THEODORE COTONIO. Ill; ASS; 2309 Palmer Avenue, New Orleans, La.; Delta Tau Delta. Fifth Row: • WADE COTTON; A S; 206 Gilbert, Monroe. La- Kappa Sigma. • NASH COX; Newcomb; Versailles Road, Frankfort. Ky.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Dormitory Council- Canterbury Club- A Cappella Choir; Opera Workshop. • MARTIN LEWIS CRAMER- ASS- 211 Sea side Ave.. Atlantic City, N. J.; Kappa Nu. • DENIS JOSEPH CROW- LEY; ASS; 888 Cambridge, Cleveland Heights, Ohio; Phi Kappa Sigma; TUSK; Newman Club; A Cappella Choir; Campus Night; Lagniappes; Leadership Council; Pan-Hellenic Council. Sixth Row: • CAROL ANN CURET; Newcomb; 934 Nashville, New Orleans La. Phi Mu; Wesley Foundation. • A. W. DALFERES; Commerce; 1709 West College; Lafayette, La.; Kappa Sigma; Society of Advancement of Management; Carnival; Newman Club; Naval ROTC- Debate Team- Honor Board; Pi Lambda Beta. • JOSEPH L. DALTON, III- Engineer- ing; 8016 S. Claiborne, New Orleans. La.; Phi Delta Theta- A.S.M.E.- Taffrail Naval Society. • VALETON J. DANSEREAU; Architecture; 4309 St. Ann. New Orleans, La.; Secretary-Treasurer Architecture Student Body. Seventh Row: • CAROL DAVIS; Newcomb; 2105 Audubon, New Orleans La.- Alpha Epsilon Phi; TUSK. • BARBARA DEE- Newcomb; 5674 Washington Blvd.. Indianapolis, Ind.; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • M. J. DELATTE; Archi- tecture; 737 Hidalgo. New Orleans, La.; Delta Sigma Phi- A. I. A • CAROL CHARLES de VALCOURT; ASS; 403 Jefferson Heights New Orleans. La.; Newman Club; Pi Lambda Beta; Pre-Legal Fraternity. Eighth Row: • KATHLEEN M. DUNAGAN; University College; 134 Second E Pen. Heights, Pensacola, Fla.; Wesley Foundation. • F. CLANCY DUPEPE; ASS; 1922 Third, Kenner, La.; Alpha Tau Omega; Newman Club; International Relations Club; Pi Lambda Beta. • J. C DUPONT. Ill- Commerce; 2840 State, New Orleans. La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon ' . • WILLIAM ECKERT; ASS; 2102 S. Carrollton. New Orleans La.; Phi Delta Theta; German ROTC; Army ROTC- Pershing Rifles. Ninth Row: • ROBERT M. EISENBERG; A S; 7920 N. Links. Milwaukee Wis • SUSAN ELLENDER; Newcomb; Bayou Black Houma. La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Newman Club. • BILL FALBAUM; Commerce; 7820 Birch. New Orleans, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon- Wesley Foundation; Army ROTC. • CHARLES W. FASTERLING; ASS- Buras. La.- Alpha Tau Omega; Canterbury Club; Naval ROTC. a D frx ' PETER BURKE ADRIAN CAIRNS JR. DONALD CALDWELL RICHARD CALHOUN DIANNE CALONGNE KEITH CAPDEPON FRED CARROLL JR. BERNARD CHAUVIN JR. ORAN CHENAULT JR. BARBARA CHESLOCK JENNIE CHESNUT EDWIN COHEN RICHARD COHEN TONY COLLETT JR. JAMES COTHERN THEODORE COTONIO III WADE COTTON NASH COX MARTIN CRAMER DENIS CROWLEY CAROL CURET A. W. DALFERES JOSEPH DALTON III VALETON DANSEREAU CAROL DAVIS BARBARA DEE M. J. DELATTE CAROL de VALCOURT KATHLEEN DUNAGAN CLANCY DUPEPE J. C. DUPONT III WILLIAM ECKERT ROBERT EISENBERG SUSAN ELLENDER BILL FALBAUM CHARLES FASTERLING — " Aji. ' ax a!u aUx bii. o First Row: • SYLVIA C FERNANDEZ- Newcomb; 2415 Canal, New Orleans, La.: Beta Siq:na Omicron- La TertuHa; Y.W.C.A. • BILL FERRANTE: A S; Box 261 Melville, La.; Sigma Chi; Adclphons. • FRANK PHILIP FISCHER JR.- Enqineering: 1820 Audubon St.. New Orleans, La.: Delta Kappa Epsilo ' n- President of Junior Class: A.S.M.E.; Lagniappes. • DANIEL M. FOLEY, JR.: A S: SMI Ursulines Ave., New Orleans. La.: Newman Club. Second Row: • BUDDY FORCHHEIMER: Commerce: 5521 S. Galvei. New Orleans, La ■ Delta Kappa Epsilon. • ANNETTE FORTIER: Newcomb: 373 Broadway New Orleans. La.: Kappa Alpha Theta. JERRY L. FOSTER: Commerce- 306 S. Murat, New Orleans, La.: Carnival: Westminster Fellowship- ' Tulanc Band: Air Force ROTC: Olendy Burke Society. • LUCIENE FOUNTAIN: Newcomb: 1234 Jackson Spring Rd., Macon. Ga.: Phi Mu: Baptist Student Union. Third Row: • MARYEM FOWLKES: Newcomb: Box 771. Handsboro, Miss.: Kappa Kappa Gamma: Corresponding Secretary of Newcomb Student Body: President of J L Dormitory; Assets: Dormitory Council; Honor Board; TUSK; Canterbury Club; Lagniappes; Who ' s Who. • CHARLES WIL- LIAM FOX III- Architecture; 1404 Eleonore. New Orleans, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; A. I. A. • SUE FRANCIS; Newcomb; Andrews Highway, Midland Texas- Chi Omega; La Tertulia; Dormitory Council; Baptist Student Union; Lagniappes. • ROSE ERASER; Newcomb; Box 391. Many, La.; Kappa Alpha Theta; La Tertulia; Sigma Pi Sigma; Barra- cudas; Dormitory Council; Baptist Student Union. Fourth Row: • JANE FRAZIER; Newcomb; 820 Filmore Ave., New Orleans. La.; Athletic Council; Barracudas; Greenbackers; Westminster Fellowship. • FLORENCE FREEDMAN; Newcomb; 1520 Ninth, Douglas, Ariz.; Beta Beta Beta- La Tertulia; JAMBALAYA; Greenbackers; A Cappella Choir- Glee Club. • ANN FREEMAN; Newcomb; 3800 Twenty-third Ave., ' Meridian. Miss.; Kappa Alpha Theta. • FRANCES FRIEDMAN; Newcomb; 4717 Crawford. Houston, Texas; Sigma Delta T au. Fifth Row: • JERRY FRIEDMAN: A S; 1140 Anderson Ave., New York. N. Y.; Alpha Epsilon Pi. • JOAN GARCIA; Newcomb; 440 Befl, New Or- leans La.- Phi Mu- Dance Club. • REYNOLD MARIO GARCIA; A S; 3016 N. Albany Tampa, Fla.; Sports Car Club. • GEORGE W. GARD- NER, JR.; Engineering; 6241 Waterman, St. Louis, Mo.; Kappa Alpha; A.S.M.E.; Westminster Fellowship; Naval ROTC. Sixth Row: • MARGARET ANN SILL- Newcomb; West Sixth, Russellville. Ky.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • ROY " GUNTZ " GONSENHEIM; A S; 232 Audubon Blvd., New Orleans, La.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Army ROTC; International Relations Club; Philosophy Club. • DOROTHY GOOD; Newcomb- 2805 Walnut, Texarkana, Texas; Alpha Omicron Pi; Secretary of Art School; La Tertulia; Art Club. • ANNE LARKIN GOODE; New- comb; Spring Hill, Ala.; Canterbury Club. Seventh Row: • BABETTE GOODMAN; Newcomb; 7084 Reading Road, Cincinnati, Ohio- Barracudas; Tulane University Theater. • JO GOODWIN; New- comb: Box 191, Bastrop La.; Pi Beta Phi; Canterbury Club. • SOPHIA GREENBERG- Newcomb- 818 Unadilla, Shreveport La.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; La Tertulia. • DEEDEE GRIFFEN; Newcomb; 1381 Roosevelt Ave., Pelham Manor, N. Y.; Pi Beta Phi; Beta Beta Beta; Vice President, Athletic Council; Dormitory Council; Honor Board; Greenbackers: Canterbury Club; President of Lagniappes; Pi Lambda Beta. Eighth Row: • CALVIN H. GROSSCUP, JR.; A S- Box 174. Auburn, Ind.; Bstket- ball. • MARGARET GUSTAFSON; Newcomb; Box 24. Port Sulphur, Louisiana; Chi Omega; Barracudas; Le Circle Francais; JAMBALAYA; Westminster Fellowship; Tulane Band. • CHARLES B. GULLEY; Engi- neering; Box 317, Brookhaven Miss.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; A.S.M.E.; Air ROTC; Lagniappes. • SANDY HALL; Newcomb; Box 631, Abqaiq, Saudi Arabia. Ninth Row: • CHARLES L. HAMAKER; Commerce; 602 Bellview Street, Moss Point, Miss.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Vice President Commerce Junior Class; Delta Sigma Pi. • JEFF A. HANNA, JR.- A S; 106 Broadway. Rosene. Texas; Sigma Chi; Canterbury Club. • LOUIE HARRIS; A S; 1776 State Street. New Orleans, La.; Beta Theta Pi. • MARTHA HATCHELL; Newcomb; 1416 Milton, Monroe, La.; Chi Omega; Treas- urer Newcomb Junior Class; Dormitory Council. SYLVIA FERNANDEZ BILL FERRANTE FRANK FISCHER JR. DANIEL FOLEY JR. BUDDY FORCHHEIMER ANNEnE FORTIER JERRY FOSTER LUCIENE FOUNTAIN MARYEM FOWLKES CHARLES FOX III SUE FRANCIS ROSE ERASER JANE FRAZIER FLORENCE FREEDMAN ANN FREEMAN FRANCES FRIEDMAN JERRY FRIEDMAN JOAN GARCIA REYNOLD GARCIA GEORGE GARDNER JR. MARGARET GILL ROY GONSENHEIM DOROTHY GOOD ANNE GOODE BABETTE GOODMAN JO GOODWIN SOPHIA GREENBERG DEEDEE GRIFFEN CALVIN GROSSCUP JR. MARGARET GUSTAFSON CHARLES GULLEY SANDY HALL CHARLES HAMAKER JEFF HANNA JR. LOUIE HARRIS MARTHA HATCHELL ' ' r First Row: • ERNEST HAWKINS Engineering: 1109 State Street, New Orleans, La.- Delta Tau Delta- Air ROTC; Adelphons: Arnold Air Society. • SANCY HAWKINS: Newcomb: Lake Village. Ark,: Ctii Omega: Little Colonel; Dormitory Council; Sociology Club; Greenbackers; Canterbury Club- Tulane Band; Sponsor Air ROTC; Lagniappes. • HANNELORE ' C. HENDYGAIN; University College; 1350 Camp Street, New Orleans, La, • SUE HERTZMAN; Newcomb; 2053 Douglass Blvd.. Louisville, Ky.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Le Circle Francais; Carnival: TUSK; Glendy Burke Society; International Relations Club; Student Democratic Association. Second Row: • BETTIE B. HILL; Newcomb; 3M Felder Ave., Ivlontgomery, Ala.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Le Circle Francais; Canterbury Club. • NEAL HOBSON- ASS- 104 Duplessis, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Tau Omega; Golf; NROTC. • LEANN HORN; Newcomb; 1100 Tenth, Lake Charles, La.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; La Tertulia; JAMBALAYA; Greenbackers. • PAT HOWARD; Newcomb; 1714 Seventh Street, New Orleans. La. Third Row: • MINOR HUCK; A S; 214 Terrell Road, San Antonio, Texas; Phi Delta Theta- Pre-Medical Society; Greenbackers; Canterbury Club; Lagniappes. • ST. CLAIR HULTSMAN; A«S; 1807 Shadowlane, Little Rock Ark.- Sigma Chi; Phi Eta Sigma; Scabbard and Blade; Newman Club ' ; Air ROTC. • AUDREY VEDA HUNTER; Newcomb; 804 Eve Street, Belize, British Honduras; Phi Mu; La Tertulia; Le Circle Francais; Westminster Fellowship. • ROXANNE HURD; Newcomb; Riverside Drive. Covington, La. Fourth Row: • ROBERT B. JACKSON, JR.; A S; 6258 Belmont, Dallas. Texas; Phi Delta Theta. • N. DAVID JACKSON; Engineering; Box 73, Poplarville, Miss.; Phi Delta Theta; A.S.C.E.; Air ROTC. • ELIZABETH DAVIS JONES- Newcomb- 701 Bayshore Drive, Pensacola, Fla.; Pi Beta Phi; Wesley Foundation; International Relations Club. • WILLIAM N. JONES; A S; 416 North Main, Benton. Ark.; Sigma Chi; Varsity Foot- ball H52-53; Varsity Track 1953-55; Army ROTC. Fifth Row: • EUGENE G. JUMONVILLE; A S; Napoleonville. La. • SHIRLEY JUNCKER- Newcomb- 331 Walnut Street, Batavia, III. • NORMAN KASS- ASS- 3842 Grosvenor Road, Clevel and Heights. Ohio; Zeta Beta Tau. • MARY ANNA KENDALL; Newcomb; 343 Glenway, Jackson, Mississippi; Chi Omega; President Newcomb Junior Class; Assets; Eta Sigma Phi; La Tertulia; Oreades; Dormitory Council. Secretary; Honor Board, Vice President; Wesley Foundation; Who ' s Who. Sixth Row: • KATHERINE KERNE; Newcomb; East First Street, Thibodaux, La.; Pi Beta Phi. • MARJORIE KING; Newcomb; 1129 Fifth Street. Gretna, La.; Beta Beta Beta; Newman Club. • WAITE SCOTT KIRKCONNELL; A S- 1006 Twenty Eighth Avenue Tampa, Fla.; Pre Medical Society; Glendy Burke Society. • STEVE GUST KIRKIKIS; A8S; 808 Elm Street. Minden, La.; Pre Medical Society; Pep Band; Tulane Band; Army ROTC. Seventh Row: • ED KNIGHTON; ASS; 632 Longleaf Road; Shreveport. La.; Beta Theta Pi; Lagniappes. • DONALD HARRY KORN; Engineering; 6155 Colbert, New Orleans, La.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Alpha Chi Sigma; A.I.Ch.E. • CHARLES A. KOVACS; ASS; 1076 East Twenty Third Street. Patterson. N. J.; Delta Sigma Phi; German Club. • DANIEL L. KRAUSE; Commerce; 5919 Berkshire Lane, Dallas, Texas. Eighth Row: • EDWARD E. LAFAYE; A S; 5423 Hcwes Street. New Orleans, La.; Beta Theta Pi; Air ROTC. • HYDEE LAFOURCADE; Newcomb: 1406 Arabella Street, New Orleans, La.; La Tertulia; Newman Club. • BAR- BARA LARMANN; Newcomb; 305 Hector Avenue. New Orleans. La.; Phi Mu; Newman Club. • SIDNEY W. LASSEN; Commerce; 8 Ibis Street. New Orleans, La.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Soc. Adv. Management. Ninth Row: • MARY LAW; Newcomb; 1125 Eleonore. New Orleans, La.; Beta Beta Beta; Greenbackers; Wesley Foundation; Glee Club. • DIANE LAW- TON- Newcomb- 566 Oneonta Shreveport, La.; Chi Omega; Barra- cudas; TUSK. • MARGARET ELLEN LEARY; Newcomb; 944 Oneonta Street, Shreveport La.- Kappa Kappa Gamma; Newman Club; Glee Club. • BILL LEONARD; A S; 2632 Calhoun Street, New Orleans. La.; Glee Club; Tulane University Theater; Pi Lambda Beta. t ' ' 4i ERNEST HAWKINS SANCY HAWKINS HANNELORE HENDYGAIN SUE HERTZMAN BETTIE HILL NEAL HOBSON LeANN HORN PAT HOWARD MINOR HUCK ST. CLAIR HULTSMAN AUDREY HUNTER ROXANNE HURD ROBERT JACKSON JR. DAVID JACKSON ELIZABETH JONES WILLIAM JONES EUGENE JUMONVILLE SHIRLEY JUNCKER NORMAN KASS MARY KENDALL KATHERINE KERNE MARJORIE KING WAITE KIRKCONNELL STEVE KIRKIKIS ED KNIGHTON DONALD KORN CHARLES KOVACS DANIEL KRAUSE EDWARD LAFAYE HAYDEE LAFOURCADE BARBARA LARMANN SIDNEY LASSEN MARY LAW DIANE LAWTON MARGARET LEARY BILL LEONARD W A. ' yWMXO SjXJlJti. oV First Row; • GEORGE L. LEONARD; ASS; 4630 St. Charles Ave, New Orleans. La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Eta Sigma Phi; Pre-Medical Society. • JOAN LEONARD; Newcomb; 318 South Jefferson, Neosho. Mo.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Secretary Newcomb Junior Class; Beta Beta Beta; Athletic Council; Dormitory Council- Tennis Club; Newcomb Handbook; Wes- ley Foundation; A Cappella Choir. • JAY LEVY; A S; 1523 Soniat Street. New Orleans, La.- Zeta Beta Tau; Pre-Medical Society. • MER- RILL LIPSITZ; ASS; 131 East Ninety-third Street, New York, N. Y.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pi Lambda Beta; Beta Delta Alpha. Second Row: • BUDDY LOMAX; Commerce; 1021 Ninth Avenue, Laurel Miss.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Tennis; Army ROTC. • DON LONGLEY; A S; Box 721, Port Sulphur, La.; Beta Theta Pi; Pre-Medical Society. • SHIRLEE T. LOWE; A4S; 4416 Perrier, New Orleans, La. • RICH- ARD LYLE. JR.; Architecture; 2313 Poplar Springs Drive. Meridian, Miss.; Kappa Alpha; Junior Class President; A. I. A. Third Row: • R. CYDE LYNCH; ASS; 4262 Prytania Street, New Orleans, La.; Delta Tau Delta; Pre-Medical Society; Newman Club. • SALLY LYON; Newcomb; Rt. 3, Foley, Ala.- Alpha Omicron Pi; Psychology Major Club; Westminster Fellowship. • JIMMIE MACKENROTH; Newcomb; 74 Versailles Blvd., New Orleans, La.; Chi Omega; Secretary of Honor Board; Assets; Honor Board; Newcomb Handbook; TUSK; Christian Science Organization; Lagniappes. • MARGIE MANGET; Newcomb; 1912 State Street, New Orleans. La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Fourth Row: • ELLIOT L. MANINT, JR.; Commerce; 1522 N. Dupre. New Orleans, La. • MARISA MARTINEZ- Newcomb; 4137 Prytania New Orleans. La.; Delta Zeta; La Tertulia; Newman Club. • BOB MASON; Com- merce; 1423 Audubon Street. New Orleans, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; TUSK; Army ROTC; Lagniappes; Leadership Council; Sailing Club. • W. L. MAniSON; Architecture- 202 Odom, Bastrop, La.; Phi Delta Theta; A.I.A. Fifth Row: • MARION SIDNEY MAYER; A S; West Third, Winnsboro La.; Sigma Alphal Epsilon. • WALTER M. MAYER. JR.; Scabbard and Blade; Delta Sigma Pi; intramural Council; Army ROTC; President, Irby House Dormitory Council. • BENJAMIN NORTH McBRIDE; Commerce; 2021 Dante St.. New Orleans, La.; Westminster Fellowship. • DOROTHY McCABE; Architecture; 170 Bellaire Dr., New Orleans, La.; Phi Mu; Junior Class Secretary-Treasurer; A. I. A. Sixth Row; • SANDRA McCOY; Newcomb; 302 E. 6th. Stuttgart, Ark.; Art Club; Canterbury Club. • HILAH McLEAN; Newcomb; 2217 23rd Ave.. Meridian, Miss.; Westminster Fellowship. • DONALD A. MEYER; A S; 15 Newcomb Blvd.. New Orleans, La.; Carnival; Hullabaloo; Army ROTC; Debate Team; Glendy Burke Society: Leadership Council; Phi Lambda Beta; Young Democrats. • GUNTHER MICHAELIS; A S; 1 1 18 Ocean Ave., Jersey City, N. J.; Pre-Medical Society. Seventh Row: • JANET MICKENHIME- Newcomb- 630 Julius Ave., New Orleans, La.; La Tertulia; Athletic Council; Wesley Foundation. • MAURY A. MIDLO; A S; 2436 Jefferson Ave.. New Orleans, La.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Carnival; Hullabaloo; JAMBALAYA. • ROBERT S. MILLER; A S; 401 Sala Ave., Westwego. La.; Air Force ROTC. • JOHN ANTHONY MMAHAT- A S; 8523 Oak St., New Orleans, La.; Intramural Council; Newman Club; Glendy Burke Society; Pi Lambda Beta. Eighth Row: • TOM T. MOORE. Ill; A S; Kincaid Hotel, Uvalde, Texas; Pi Kappa Alpha; TUSK; S. Y. C. • MALINE MORGANSTEIN; Newcomb; 3323 Roberl-, New Orleans, Ua.; Psychology Major Club. • ANTHONY P. MOROVICH; Engineering; 7001 Vicksburg St.. New Orleans, La.; Delta Sigma Phi; A.S.C.E.; Army ROTC. • SYBIL MUTHS; Newcomb; 1525 Pratt St., Gulfport, Kiiss.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Ninth Row: • BONITA B. NAIHAUS; Newcomb; 3t2] State St., New Orleans, La. • RUTH M. NAIRNE; Newcomb; 6031 Pitt St., New Orleans. La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Secretary, Newcomb Pan-Hellenic Council; Leadership Council. • JANE NELSON; Newcomb; 470? Hernanda Rd.. Memphis, Tenn.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Canterbury Club. • NANCY NICHOLS; Newcomb; 4995 Powers Ferry Rd., Atlanta, Ga,; Pi Beta Phi; Psychology Major Club; JAMBALAYA; Campus Night. GEORGE LEONARD JOAN LEONARD JAY LEVY MERRILL LIPSITZ BUDDY LOMAX DON LONGLEY SHIRLEE LOWE RICHARD LYLE JR. CLYDE LYNCH SALLY LYON JIMMIE MACKENROTH MARGIE MANGET ELLIOT MANINT, JR. MARISA MARTINEZ BOB MASON W. L. MATTISON MARION MAYER WALTER MAYER JR. BENJAMIN McBRIDE DOROTHY McCABE SANDRA McCOY HILAH McLEAN DONALD MEYER GUNTHER MICHAELIS JANET MICKENHIME MAURY MIDLO ROBERT MILLER JOHN MMAHAT TOM MOORE III MALINE MORGANSTEIN ANTHONY MOROVICH SYBIL MUTHS BONITA NAIHAUS RUTH NAIRNE JANE NELSON NANCY NICHOLS ' ' r i First Row: • JERRY NUSLOCH; Commerce; 3235 Jefferson Ave., New Orleans, La,; Kappa Alpha; Honor Board; Air Force ROTC; Arnold Air Society. • ELIZABETH OBERHELMAN; Commerce; Beta Sigma Omicron- La Tertulia; Newman Club; Commerce Women ' s Club. • JAY W. OPPEN- HEIM; Engineering; 4 Trianon Plaza New Orleans, La.; Sigma Alpiia Mu; TUSK. • WALTER PACE, JR.; Engineering: 5822 Gen. Haig. New Orleans. La.; A.I.E.E.; Wesley Foundation. S econd Row: • WALLY PAINE; Architecture; 1384 Nicholson Ave., Lakewood. Ohio; Delta Tau Delta; A. I. A.; T.A.S. • EMMY PARKS; Newcomb; 6004 W. Beach, Gulfport, Miss.; Alpha Omicron Pi. • NOLAN J. PARRENIN; A«S; Box 215. Ensenada, Puerto Rico. • ELIZABETH C. PENICK; New- comb; 1329 7th St., New Orleans, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Third Row: • BARBARA KAYE PEREZ; Newcomb; 1702 Dauphin, Mobile, Ala.; Phi Mu; Beta Beta Beta; La Tertulia; Barracudas; Newman Club. • ELENA M. PEREZ; Newcomb; Tapia 53, Santurce, Puerto Rico; Beta Sigma Omicron; Beia Beta Beta; La Tertulia; Dormitory Coun- cil; Greenbackers; Newman Club; International Relations Club. • CAROLYN PETERS; Newcomb; 1311 Forsythe, Monroe, La.; Chi Omega. • LIDA L. PLACEK; Newcomb; 5943 N. Park Ave., Philadel- phia 41, Pa.; Beta Beta Beta; Pre-Medical Society; Westminster Fellow- ship. Fourth Row: • JUOSON POCH6; Engineering; 2909 Pine St., New Orleans, La.; Phi Delta Theta; AS. ME.- Naval ROTC- Taffrail Naval Society. • DEMETRI J. POLITES; A S; 1742 Arabella. New Orleans, La.; Pre- Mcdical Society; Carnival; Glendy Burke Society. • JAY POTTER; Commerce: 1523 Eleonore- New Orleans, La.- Alpha Tau Omega; Ac- counting Club. • SHIRLEY RAE PRIDE; Newcomb; 3112 Angeles. Tampa, Fla.; Wesley Foundation; A Cappella Choir; Glee Club; Operetta; Leadership Council. Fifth Row: • LYNN REEDER; Newcomb; 8017 Cohn St., New Orleans, La.; Chi Omega; Vice-Chairman Newcomb Orientation; Beta Beta- Beta- TUSK; Westminster Fellowship. • MRS. C. E. MARY REEVES; Newcomb; Route I Forsyth Road Macon, Ga.; Phi Mu- Art Club- Baptist Student Union. • JOAN HELENE RENKEN; Newcomb; 154 Audubon Boule- vard, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Art Club; Canterbury Club. • JANICE M. RIERA; University Colleg !; 2301 Broadway, New Or- leans, La. Sixth Row: • CLARENCE M. RITTELMEYER; ASS; 2405 Cherry St., Pine Bluff, Ark.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • ANNE ROACH; Newcomb; 301 Ky. Ave.. McComb, Miss .; Kappa Kappa Gamma; TUSK- Baptist Student Union. • JOANNA ROBINSON; Newcomb; 10 Stilt St., New Orleans, La.; Delta Zeta; Pre-Medical Society; Disciples Student Fellowship. • ROBERT W. ROBISON; ASS; Lecompte, La.; Wesley Foundation. Seventh Row: • THOMAS J. ROCHE; Commerce; 4310 S Rocheblave, New Orleans, La.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • NATALIE ANN ROEHRIG; Newcomb; 1353 Rapides Dr.; New Orleans La.; Aloha Omicron Pi- Newman Club. • ROBERT EVERETT ROOD; Engineering; 401 Fillmore Ave., New Or- leans 24, La.; Delta Sigma Phi; A.I.E.E. • MYRON IRVING ROSEN- BERG; ASS; 2840 Jefferson Ave.. New Orleans La.- Sigma Alpha Mu; Carnival; Hullabaloo; JAMBALAYA; Glendy Burke Society; Pi Lambda Beta. Eighth Row: • ALVIN ROTENBERG; Commerce; 800 Audubon St., New Orleans. La.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Greenbackers. • EDWARD M. RUBENSTEIN; Commerce; 7611 Plum St., New Orleans, La.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Delta Sigma Pi; Soc. Adv. Management; Baseball Varsity, 2 years; Naval R.O.T.C. • PHIL RUBENSTEIN; ASS; 2345 Maple Lane, Highland Park, III.; Zeta Beta Tau; Rho Sigma Tau; Naval R.O.T.C. • ALLAN J. SACKS; ASS; 1218 W. 70th St.. Kansas City, Mo.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Army R.O.T.C. Ninth Row: • PEDRO SALOM; Engineering; Policlinica Barquisimeto Barqui- simeto, Venezuela; Phi lota Alpha; A.I.Ch.E. • JACK SAUL SAMUELS; ASS; 407 Old Trail Road, Daytona Beach, Fla.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Pan Hellenic Sports Council; Pan Hellenic Representative; Pre-Medical Society; Psychology Major Club; Hullabaloo- Hillel Foundation. • DAN SANDIFER; Architecture; 74-G Stadium, New Orleans, La.; Vice President of 4th year class; A.I.A. • KATHERINE HILTON SANDOZ; Newcomb; 1320 Pine St., New Orleans, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. 0tk i % 9 JERRY NUSLOCH ELIZABETH OBERHELMAN JAY OPPENHEIM WALTER PACE JR. WALLY PAINE EMMY PARKS NOLAN PARRENIN ELIZABETH PENICK BARBARA PEREZ ELENA PEREZ CAROLYN PETERS LIDA PLACEK JUDSON P0CH6 DEMETRI POLITES JAY POTTER SHIRLEY PRIDE LYNN REEDER MRS. C. E. REEVES JOAN RENKEN JANICE RIERA CLARENCE RITTELMEYER ANNE ROACH JOANNA ROBINSON ROBERT ROBISON THOMAS ROCHE NATALIE ROEHRIG ROBERT ROOD MYRON ROSENBERG ALVIN ROTENBERG EDWARD RUBENSTEIN PHIL RUBENSTEIN ALLAN SACKS PEDRO SALOM JACK SAMUELS DAN SANDIFER KATHERINE SANDOZ — 0AJ2x ' yjjAJa v oUxAA. cw First Row; • HENRY SAXE- A S; 4417 W. 2nd. Amarillo, Texas; Kappa Nu: Alpha Chi Sigma- Hillel Foundation; Track Varsity. • ROSS THOMAS SCACCIA- ASS ' 412 Gen. Pershing, New Orleans. La.; Delta Sigma Phi. • MILTON GEORGE SCHEUERMANN. JR.; Architecture; I Ibis, New Orleans, La. • LEONARD M. SELBER; Commerce; 612 Wilder PI. Shreveport La ■ Zeta Beta Tau; Honor Board; Varsity Baseball; Grecnbackers; ' Hullabaloo; Army R.O.T.C; Adelphons; Lagniappes; Scabbard and Blade; Omicron Delta Kappa. Second Row: • PERCY A SHARP, III- A4S; Rt. I, Mooringsport, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon- Scabbard and Blade; Col., Army R.O.T.C; Rifle Drill Team; Who ' s Who. • BOYD SHAW; ASS; 607 West Ave., Indianola, Miss.; Phi Delta Theta; President of Junior ASS Class; Pre-Medical Society; Westminster Fellowship; Honor Board; Lagniappes. • BOB SHER- MAN- Commerce- 3615 Poplar, Pine Bluff, Ark.; Zeta Beta Tau; Delta Sigma Pi; Tulane University Theatre. • STANTON EARL SHULER; A S; 3514 Greenway Place. Shreveport. La.; Beta Theta Pi; Golf Varsity. Third Row: • JAMES EVAN SIFF- ASS; 440 West End Ave., New York, N. Y.; Zeta Beta Tau; Alpha Phi Omega; Pi Lambda Beta. • NAN SILBER; New- comb- 3076 Kingsley Rd., Shaker Heights. Ohio; Alpha Epsilon Phi; La Tertulia; TUSK; JAMBALAYA. • WILLIAM MATTHEWS SIMMONS Commerce; Avery Island. La.; Kappa Alpha Order. • JEAN SIMONS Newcomb; ' 1510 Eberhart Ave.. Columbus, Ga.; Alpha Epsilon Phi Psychology Major Club; Le Circle Francais. Fourth Row: • C. MURRAY SMART. JR.; Architecture; 1044 Walnut. BIytheville, Ark.- Sigma Alpha Epsilon; A. I. A.; Baptist Student Union; A Cappella Choir- Glee Club. • ARDEN JESS SMITH- Commerce; P. O. Box 248, Oak Grove La.- Kappa Sigma. • HARRIET MAY SMITHER; New- comb- 2609 ' Coliseum St. New Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Phi. • MARGIE SOUD ' aIN; Newcomb; 4145 Piedmont Dr., New Orleans. La.; La Tertulia; White Caps. Fifth Row: • LAWRENCE ALLAN SPITALNY; ASS; 21 W. Camelback Rd., Phoenix, Aril.; Pre-Medical Society; TUSK. • JOEL S. STEINBERG; ASS; 5909 Fredrick Sq., Dallas, Texas; Zeta Beta Tau; Pre-Medical So- ciety; JAMBALAYA; Greenbackers. • NEIL STEINER; Newcomb; 4101 Vendome PI.. New Orleans, La.; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • ROBERT B. STEUER; Commerce; 3408 Nashville. New Orleans. La.; Soc. Adv. Man- agement; TUSK; Army R.O.T.C; " Guidon " — Editor; National Defense Transportation Association. Sixth Row: • MARY ELISE STREET; Newcomb; 1419 Chambers, Vicksburg, Miss.; Chi Omega- La Tertulia; Gree nbackers; Canterbury Club. • YVONNE YUSPEH STRUG; Newcomb; 7444 St. Charles Ave., New Orleans. La.; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • JOHN OLIVER STUARDI, III; Architecture; 2230 Jena. New Orleans, La.; Newman Club. • J. WALKER SULLIVAN, JR.- Engineering; 368 Audubon St., New Orleans, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; A.S.C.E.; Golf Team; Air Force R.O.T.C; Arnold Air Society. Seventh Row: • ROGER DAN SUNDAHL; Commerce; 5011 W. Hanover St., Dallas. Texas; Phi Delta Theta; Arnold Air Society; Air Force R.O.T.C • LOWELL A. SWITZER; Commerce; 2545 Jonquil, New Orleans. La. Kappa Sigma; Gamma Delta; Air Force R.O.T.C. • FELIX TANKERS LEY; ASS- 737 Park Ave., -Montgomery, Ala.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon German Club; Army R.O.T.C. • JERRY TANENBAUM; Commerce 210 W. Jones, Dumas. Ark.; Zeta Beta Tau; TUSK. Eighth Row: • REX TEESLINK; ASS; 366 N. Adams, Labanon, Mo. • JOAN TERRY; Newcomb- 1704 Laurel, Pine Bluff, Ark.; Alpha Delta Pi- Baptist Stu- dent Union. • SHERWIN THALER; Commerce; 112-23 71st Rd., Forest Hills, N.Y.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Soc. Adv. Management. • JOHN THEILER; ASS; 7624 St. Charles, New Orleans, La.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Campus Night; Army R.O.T.C; TUSK. Ninth Row: • DERIS E. THOMPSON; ASS; 1435 N. Johnson, New Orleans La. Pi Kappa Alpha. • FREDDY THOMPSON; Newcomb; 2300 Hardy St. Hattiesburg Miss.; Pi Beta Phi. • JOHN WILLIAM TOBIN, III- ASS 4707 Prytania, New Orleans, La.; Sigma Chi. • ANN RUTH TRENCH ARD; Newcomb; 1121 Octavia St.. New Orleans. La.; Chi Omega; Art Club; Canterbury Club. ' . ' ' 4il ' ' . if%r « HENRY SAXE ROSS SCACCIA MILTON SCHEUERMANN JR. LEONARD SELBER PERCY SHARP III BOYD SHAW BOB SHERMAN STANTON SHULER JAMES SIFF NAN SILBER WILLIAM SIMMONS JEAN SIMONS MURRAY SMART JR. ARDEN SMITH HARRIET SMITHER MARGIE SOUDAIN LAWRENCE SPITALNY JOEL STEINBERG NEIL STEINER ROBERT STEUER MARY STREET YVONNE STRUG JOHN STUARDI III WALKER SULLIVAN JR. ROGER SUNDAHL LOWELL SWITZER FELIX TANKERSLEY JERRY TANENBAUM REX TEESLINK JOAN TERRY SHERWIN THALER JOHN THEILER DERIS THOMPSON FREDDY THOMPSON JOHN TOBIN III ANN TRENCHARD {SJJ4SjAjiJL ' A S First Row: • MARY LYNNE TRIST; Newcomb; 948 Friscoville St., Arabi, La. Alpha Omicron PI; Newman Club. • AURELIANO URRUTIA. iV; A S 330 Rosemary. San Antonio, Texas; Kappa Sigma. • DAN VEJTH; A S IflOl S Dupre St., New Orleans, La.- Phi Kappa Sigma; German Club. • JORGE VENDRELL; A S; 36 Marina. Ponce, Puerto Rico; Phi Sigma Alpha. SeconcJ Row: • RUDOLPH VIENER, III; Commerce; 2340 State, New Orleans. La.; Beta Theta Pi; Westminster Fellowship; Air Force ROTC; Arnold Air Society. • LYNN VIRDEN- Commerce- P . O. Box 3053, Greenville, Miss.; Phi Delta Theta; Army ROTC- Adelphons. • PETE S. VOGT JR.; A S- 1728 Mazant. New Orleans. La.; Varsity Letter; Baseball. • TICA von OSTHOFF; Newcomb- 511 Lowerline, New Orleans, La.; S. T. ALCUS III Third Row: • JIM WADICK; Engineering- 1444 State, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha; A.S.M.E.- Air Force ROTC; Arnold Air Society. • BOB WAGUESPACK; Engineering; 2120 Napoleon Ave., New Orleans. La.; Sigma Chi; A.S.M.E.; E.T.A.- Newman Club; Naval ROTC. • WOOL- LEN H. WALSHE, JR.; A S- 3423 Joseph New Orleans, La. • MARION WATSON; Newcomb; 434 Fourth St., Natchitoches. La.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Newman Club. Fourth Row: • WILLIAM WADE WATSON; Commerce; St. Joseph, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Unit Manager; Delta Sigma Pi; Greenbackers; Canter- bury Club- Air Force ROTC; Arnold Air Society; Omicron Delta Kappa. • JERRY L. WAHS; A S; 1703 Richland Rd., Atlanta, Ga. Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Baptist Student Union; Glee Club; Lagniappes. • RA LPH C. WEISS; Engineering; 113 Ave. " E " . New Orleans, La Kappa Sigma; A.S.C.E.- Canterbury Club- Sailing Club. • LOIS WHITE- Newcomb; 4304 Westminster PL, St. Louis, Mo.; Pi Beta Phi. Fifth Row: • JACK L. WIENER, JR.; A S; 622 Lonfleaf Rd., Shreveport, La.; Zeta Beta Tau; Secretary of A S; JAMBALAYA; Greenbackers; Naval ROTC; Pan Hellenic Council- Pi Lambda Beta; Who ' s Who; Omicron Delta Kappa. • RAYMOND ' M. WILENZICK; A S; 501 Alexander, Monroe, La.- Sigma Alpha Mu- German Club. • LARRY WILK; A S; 1391 E. 27th St., Tulsa, Okla.; Sigma Alpha Mu. • ALTA MAE WIL- LIAMS; Newcomb; 535 Mitchell, Picayune. Miss.; Art Club; Green- backers; Canterbury Club; Lagniappes. Sixth Row: • JACK CULLEN WILLIS- ASS- 1844 Tennessee St., New Orleans. La.; A Cappella Choir; Glee Club; Opera Workshop. • MIMI WILSON; Newcomb; 1410 Valmont, New Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Phi. • SONIA WINER; Newcomb; 1309 Chestnut Lane, Chattanooga, Tenn.; Beta Beta Beta- La Tertulia- Le Circle Francais; JAMBALAYA; Psychology Major Club. • JOHN HENRY WinENBERS; Commerce; 5902 Hurst St.. New Orleans. La.; Zeta Beta Tau; Army ROTC; Adelphons. Seventh Row: • DON WOOD; A S- 700 Broadway. New Orleans, La.; Phi Kappa Sigma- Alpha Chi Sigma- Wesley Foundation; Circle K Club. • ROB- ERT ESKRIGHT YOUNG; A S; 1631 Henry Clay. Columbia, S. C; Alpha Tau Omega- Greenbackers; Army ROTC; Adelphons. • RAY ZAMBRANO; Architecture; 55 Parkway E., Mt. Vernon, N. Y.; Delta Sigma Phi; Pan Hellenic Council; Vice-Pres. Jr. Class Architecture; A.I.A.; Naval ROTC; Honor Board. • LOLLY ZANDER; Newcomb; 1521 Pleasant New Orleans, La.- Kappa Kappa Gamma; Canterbury Club. • - MARY TRIST AURELIANO URRUTIO IV DAN VEITH JORGE VENDRELL RUDOLPH VIENER III LYNN VIRDEN PETE VOGT JR. TICA von OSTHOFF JIM WADICK BOB WAGUESPACK WOOLLEN WALSHE JR. MARION WATSON WILLIAM WATSON JERRY WATTS RALPH WEISS LOIS WHITE JACK WIENER JR. RAYMOND WILENZICK LARRY WILK ALTA WILLIAMS JACK WILLIS MIMI WILSON SONIA WINER JOHN WIHENBERG DON WOOD ROBERT YOUNG RAY ZAMBRANO LOLLY ZANDER SOPHOMORES - ? P COJ4yj3jilL sfC S ; First Row: • MARJORIE AARON; Newcomb; 4409 Shenandoah. Dallas, Texas; Sigma Delta Tau; International Relations Club. • SABINA ABRAHM; Newcomb; 325 Fairway Drive, New Orleans La.- Alpha Epsilon Phi- Art Club; JAMBALAYA. • SANFORD LESTER ABRAMS Commerce; Woodland Park, Natchez, Miss.; Zeta Beta Tau; JAMBALAYA- Naval ROTC. • BOB ASNEW; Commerce; 836 Phosphor. Metairic, La.; Sig- ma Chi; Air Force ROTC; Sabre Jets. Second Row: • PATRICIA AKIN; Newcomb; 2828 Thornhill, Shreveport, La.- Alpha Omicron Pi; Newman Club. • S. T. ALCUS, III; ASS; 1544 Henry Clay, New Orleans, La.; A Cappella Choir; Glee Club- Army ROTC. • CAROLYN ALFORD; Newcomb; 1452 W. Kirby, Shreveport, La- Alpha Omicron Pi; Wesley Foundation. • HELEN DENNEE ALLEN; Newcomb; 2930 Octavia St.. New Orleans, La.; Baptist Student Union. Third Row; • JIMMY ALLISTON; A4S; 615 Roy St., Bilo«i Miss. Pi Kappa Alpha- Hullabaloo. • TOPS ANDERSON; Newcomb Mar-Beth-Top, Fletcher ' N. C; Alpha Delta Pi; JAMBALAYA; Greenbacl ers; Canterbury Club Newcomb Panhcllenic. • DUDLEY J. ANDREWS; ASS; 930 Lameusc St.. Biloxi. Miss.; Phi Eta Sigma; Tulane University Theatre. • FRANK J. ANFOSSO. JR.; A S; 7815 Sycamore St., New Orleans, La.; Pre- Medical Society. Fourth Row: • ISABELLE ANSLADE; Newcomb; 1034 Napoleon Ave., New Or- leans, La.; Beta Beta Beta; La Tertulia; Pre-Medical Society- Newman Club. • MARTHA LILLIAN ARMISTEAD; Newcomb; 1200 ' Fairfield. Shreveport, La.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Art Club- Le Circle Francais- JAMBALAYA; Wesley Foundation. • CAROL JEAN ARNOULT; New- comb; 3454 Vincennes PI., New Orle ans La.- Alpha Omicron Pi- Can- terbury Club. • YVONNE ARNOULT; Newcomb; 2000 A Palmer, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Le Circle Francais. Fifth Row: • LYNNE ASKEW; ASS; 8536 S. Claiborne, New Orleans La. • JOEL ELLEN BABYLON; Newcomb; 210 Seguin Si.. New Orleans, La,; Delta Zeta; German Club; Athletic Council- VVesley Foundation • MARY JEAN BARKDULL; Newcomb; 310 Florida Blvd., New Orleans La. Chi Omega; Beta Beta Beta; La Tertulia. • ROBERT B. BARNETT Engineering; 1515 Greymont, Jackson. Miss.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Army ROTC. Sixth Row: • DAVID H. BARON; Commerce; 5250 St. Charles Ave., New Orleans. La.; Kappa Alpha; Air Force ROTC. • RICHARD R. BARON; Com- merce; 5250 St. Charles Ave.. New Orleans, La.- Kappa Alpha- Air Force ROTC; Track Team. • GERARD W. BAROUSSE; Commerce; ' 1807 Pine St., New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha- Newman Club- Naval ROTC. • PHIL BARRON; ASS; 38 Webster St., ' Rockland, Mass.- Alpha Epsi- lon Pi; Air Force ROTC. Seventh Row: • CATER BAXLEY; Newcomb; 445 Pierce Dr., Macon, Ga.; Chi Omega; Beta Beta Beta; Y.W.C.A.; Wesley Foundation. • JOHN PATRICK BELL; ASS; 706 S. Ninth St.. Columbus Ohio- Newman Club. • ANN LAURENCE BERGERON; Newcomb; R.F.D 2, Box 78 Napoleonville. La. • PETE BILLAC; ASS; 1607 Pomona New Orleans, La.- Track Team. Eighth Row: • FELTON W. BINGHAM; ASS; 2808 Beaulieu, New Orleans. La Eta Sigma Phi; Phi Eta Sigma- Glee Club; Glendy Burke Society. • NAOMI CARMEN BIRDWELL; Newcomb; 566 Longlcaf, Shreveport, La.- Alpha Omicron Pi; Secretary of Newcorr.b Student Body- Barra- cudas; Honor Board; Wesley Foundation. • BETTY ANN BLALOCK Newcomb; 2101 Pine St., New Orleans. La.- Phi Mu; Psychology Maior Club; Hullabaloo; Wesley Foundation; Glee Club. • SYLVIA BLED- SOE; Newcomb; 3308 Lexington Rd.. Montgomery, Ala.; Kappa Alpha Theta; La Tertulia; Oreades; Hullabaloo; Newman Club. Ninth Row: • ANNE BOND; 1212 Pine St.. New Orleans La.; Pi Beta Phi. • GERALD F. BOURGEOIS; Commerce; 2604 Gen. Pershing, New Or- leans, La.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Air Force ROTC. • FRANCISCO BOZA- PAIZ; Commerce; Calle 15 de Sept 509, Managua, Nicaragua; Pi Kappa Alpha; Newman Club. • SARAH BRITTON; Newcomb; E. Cotaco St., Russellvllle, Ala.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Beta Beta Beta; La Tertulia; Art Club; Wesley Foundation. o o 4 ■■» S-N f ii li lk ,. 3 . iL MARJORIE AARON SABINA ABRAHM SANFORD ABRAMS BOB AGNEW PATRICIA AKIN 5. T. ALCUS III CAROLYN ALFORD HELEN ALLEN JIMMY ALLISTON TOPS ANDERSON DUDLEY ANDREWS FRANK ANFOSSO JR. ISABELLE ANGLADE MARTHA ARMISTEAD CAROL ARNOULT YVONNE ARNOULT LYNETTE ASKEW JOEL BABYLON MARY BARKDULL ROBERT BARNETT DAVID BARON RICHARD BARON GERARD BAROUSSE PHIL BARRON CATER BAXLEY JOHN BELL ANN BERGERON PETE BILLAC FELTON BINGHAM NAOMI BIRDWELL BEnY ANN BLALOCK SYLVIA BLEDSOE ANNE BOND GERALD BOURGEOIS FRANCISCO BOZA-PAIZ SARAH BRITTON N5aa. ;ij( gV jcywu oeA y ood Dr, Lufkin, Texas; • JANE BRUCE New- Beta Ph : TUSK: West- comb : 535 Beti Place, Operetta . • WILLIAM Sena ob a. Miss. Glee First Row: • LEE J. BROOKSHIRE. JR.; A S; 916 Southv Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Pre-Medical Society. comb- 502 Pine Street, New Orleans, La.; Pi minster Fellowship. • VIVIAN BURCH; New New Orleans La.; Hullabaloo; Glee Club; COOK BURKS; Architecture; 118 Moore St.. Club. Second Row: • RICHARD BUTKER- A S; 7640 Plum St., New Orleans, La.; Alpha Tau Omega. • ROSEMARY BUTTS; Commerce; 612 Highland, Kilgore, Texas- Disciples Student Fellowship. • PATRICIA ANN BYRAM; New- comb ' - 3080 Ridgewood Rd. N. W., Atlanta, Ga.; Chi Omega; La Tertulia; House Council. • CORNELIA CABRAL; Newcomb; 2940 Palmyra ' , New Orleans, La.; Alpha Omicron Pi; College Opera Guild. Third Row: • KAY CHAFFEE- Newcomb; 3737 Plumb, Houston, Texas; Kappa Alpha Theta; Canterbury Club. • SINGER CHAPMAN; Newcomb 819 Old Austin Rd., San Antonio. Texas; Alpha Delta Pi; Barracudas Westminster Fellowship. • MAUIvtUS F. CLAVERIE, JR.; Engineering 1230 Webster St.. New Orleans. La.; Alpha Tau Omega; A.S.C.E. Hullabaloo- Canterbury Club; Army ROTC; Pershing Rifles; Guidon ROTC Rifle ' Team. • JERRY COHEN; Commerce; 2601 Linden, Pine Bluff Ark - Phi Eta Sigma; Delta Sigma Pi; JAMBALAYA; Army ROTC. Fourth Row: • RUEBEN COHEN- Commerce; 5413 S. Tonti St.. New Orleans, La.; Kappa Nu. • ALLEN BERNARD COLEMAN; A S; 416 S. Broad, New Orleans La.- Westminster Fellowship. • JOHN A. COLEMAN, JR. A S- Hopewell Road, Plant City Fla.; Kappa Alpha; Phi Eta Sigma TUSK; Baptist Student Union; Army ROTC. • SARAH COLQUITT Newc ' omb; 920 Ontario, Shreveport. La.; Pi Beta Phi. Fifth Row: • JOSIE CONNORS; Newcomb; 2909 Highland Avenue, Birmingham, Ala.- Pi Beta Phi; Beta Beta Beta; Westminster Fellowship. • CAROLE COOLIK- Newcomb; 104 E. Broad Street. Newnan, Ga.; Alpha Epsilon Phi- Psychology Major Club; Dance Club. • CAROLE COOPWOOD; Newcomb- 420 College Avenue, Holly Springs, Miss.; Phi Mu; Wesley Foundation; TUT. • PAUL JAMES CORNELL; A S; 1817 Annunciation. New Orleans, La.; Newman Club. Sixth Row: • PICKENS M COSTLEY- Newcomb; 1212 Webster Street, New Or- lenas. La.; Pi Beta Phi. • BERNICE PHILIP COTTON; ASS; 1117 Jenks Avenue Panama City, Fla.; German Club; Pre-Medical Society; Army ROTC; ' Persian Rifles; Drill Team. • MARIWOOD CRADY; Newcomb; 3419 Grandview Meridian Miss.; Chi Omega; Barracudas; Disciples Student Fellowship. • DON CRAIG; A S; Quarters 13 N.A.S., Pensa- cola, Fla. Seventh Row: • JAMES J. CRAIG; Commerce; 2118 Prairie. Fort Worth, Texas; Phi Kappa Sigma- Phi Eta Sigma; Delta Sigma Pi; Greenbackers; Naval ROTC; Mark I Drill Team; Adelphons. • BOB HAMILTON CRANFILL; Engineering; 1026 Seventh Avenue, Laurel, Miss.; Kappa Sigma; A.I.Ch.E.- Wesley Foundation; A Cappella Choir; Operetta; Air ROTC. • ANNE ' CRITZ; Newcomb; 1217 Dorothy Lane, Fort Worth, Texas; Kappa Alpha Theta; Art Club; Dormitory Council; Greenbackers; Newman Club. • NORMAN ASHLEY CULLUM; A S; 1916 Highland Avenue, Aiken, S. C; Golf. Eighth Row: • MEME CULPEPPER; Newcomb; 226 Bolton Avenue, Alexandria, La.; Chi Omega- Secretary Sophomore Class; Assets; Canterbury Club; Tulans Band. ' • FRED GUSHING, JR.; A S; 255 Levert Street, Mobile. Ala.- Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Pre-Medical Society; Army ROTC. • HAYDN HARRISON CUTLER, JR.; Engineering; 624 Loop Road. Monroe, La.; Beta Theta Pi. • EUGENE J. DABEZIES; A S; 4000 Del- qado Drive, New Orleans, La.; Phi Delta Theta; Pan-Hellenic Council. Ninth Row: • DOROTHY DAKIN; Newcomb- 5309 Bayou Glen, Houston, Texas; Pi Beta Phi- Westminster Fellowship; A Cappella Choir; Glee Club; Tulane-Newcomb Opera Workshop. • CHARLES S. DAVIS, JR.; A S; 3 E Wimbledon Drive, Springhill, Ala.; Sigma Chi; Pre-Medical So- city- Army ROTC, • JANICE ELINOR DAVIS; Newcomb; McLean, Va.; ' Canterbury Club. • JOHANNA DAVIS; Newcomb; 1401 Cam- bro ' nne Street. New Orleans, La.; Beta Sigma Omicron; Oreades; Greenbackers; Wesley Foundation. LEE BROOKSHIRE JR. JANE BRUCE VIVIAN BURCH WILLIAM BURKS RICHARD BUTKER ROSEMARY BUTTS PATRICIA BYRAM CORNELIA CABRAL KAY CHAFFEE GINGER CHAPMAN MAUMUS CLAVERIE JR. JERRY COHEN RUEBEN COHEN ALLEN COLEMAN JOHN COLEMAN JR. SARAH COLQUITT JOSIE CONNORS CAROLE COOLIK CAROLE COOPWOOD PAUL CORNELL PICKENS COSTLEY BERNICE COTTON MARIWOOD CRADY DON CRAIG JAMES CRAIG BOB CRANFILL ANNE CRITZ NORMAN CULLUM MEME CULPEPPER FRED CUSHING JR. HAYDN CUTLER JR. EUGENE DABEZIES DOROTHY DAKIN CHARLES DAVIS JR. JANICE DAVIS JOHANNA DAVIS YOJisjAjlA f C S jsJ J First Row; • LAURENCE RICHARD DEBUYS III; Engineering; 7915 S, Claiborne, New Orleans, La. Kappa Sigma A.I.E.t.; Naval ROTC; Mark I Drill Team. • ROSE MARY DECKER; Engineering; 8827 Jeannette Street, New Orleans La. " Secretary-Treasurer Engineering Sophomore Class; A.I.E.E.; Newman Club. • CAROL JANE deJEAN; Commerce; 1i26 Venus Street, New Orleans, La.; Secretary-Treasurer Commerce Sopho- more Class- Gamma Delta; Interfartli Council; Commerce Women ' s Club. • THOMAS P. DeLONS; A S; 10 N. Magdalen, San Angelo, Texas; Phi Kappa Sigma; German Club; Pre-Medical Society President; Wesley Foundation; Leadership Council. Second Row: • GEORGE DEMAREST; Engineering; 2625 Lepage Street, New Or- leans, La.- A.S.C.E.; Naval ROTC; Mark I Drill Team. • DONALD V. DePAS ?U ' ALE- ASS- Box 437, Dickinson, Texas; Kappa Sigma; Pre- Medical Society; Army ROTC. • PAM DEXHEIMER; Newcomb; Gib- son Court Somerset, Ky.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • EMILIE RUSSELL DIETRICH; Newcomb; 1452 Arabella Street, New Orleans, La.; Phi Mu; Eta Sigma Phi; La Tertulia; Oreades; Hullabaloo; Christian Science Organization; Glendy Burke Society. Third Row: • BARBARA DILLINGER; Commerce; 1772 Claiborne Towers, New Orleans La. Canterbury Club; Commerce Womens Club. • MAL- COLM LEE biNWIDDIE, JR.; ASS; 5424 Pit!. New Orleans. La.; Alpha Tau Omega. • LARALEE DiTRAPANI; Newcomb; 1407 Piety Street. New Orleans La.- Beta Sigma Omicron; La Tertulia- JAMBALAYA; Newman Club. • ALBERT FRANCIS DUKE; Engineering; 142 Glenn Avenue, Mobile. Alabama; Naval ROTC; Mark I Drill Team. Fourth Row: • JAMES ROY DUKE; ASS; Box 721, Ocala, Fla.; Kappa Alpha; Army ROTC. • ARNOLD N. EDELSTEIN- A S; 1440 Twenty-sixth, North Bergen, N.J.; Alpha Epsrion Pi. • PEGGY EICHENBAUM; Newcomb; 5210 Sherwood, Little Rock, Ark.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Oreades; Dance Club; TUT. • WILLIAM WHELAN EIDSON; A S; 219 Ridgewood Drive, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Sigma; Eta Sigma Phi. Fifth Row: • ELEANOR EIKEL; Newcomb; 2682 Wisteria, New Orleans, La.; Chi Omega. • ANNE EINBINDER; Newcomb; 2314 Bristol Avenue. Tampa. Fla.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Beta Beta Beta; Art Club; TUSK- A Cappella Choir; Campus Night; Operetta. • PHILIP EDWARD EMERSON; Commerce; 220 S. Twenty-eighth Avenue. Hattiesburg, Miss.; Kapoa Sigma; Glee Club; Army ROTC; Circle K. • JANICE B, EUBANKS; Newcomb; 2821 Penick Street, Shreveport, La.; Alpha Delta Pi; Art Club; Baptist Student Union. Sixth Row: • BAB EVANS; Newcomb; 824 Thirteenth, Alexandria, La.; Chi Ome ga; Dance Club; TUSK; Canterbury • E. S. " Pete " EVANS; ASS Quarters 2, U.S. Naval Hospital, Annapolis, Md.; Delta Tau Delta Hullabaloo; TUSK; Naval ROTC; Adelphons; Pan-Hellenic Council • SALLY EVANS; Newcomb; 1520 Toledano St., New Orleans, La. Pi Beta Phi; Newman Club. • ROBERT BARROW FARRIS; Commerce 116 Elm, Clarksdale Miss.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma; Glee Club; Naval ROTC; Mark I Drill Team. Seventh Row: • GEORGE DAWSON FEE; Commerce; Box 8, Pointe-a-la-Hache, La.; Canterbury Club; Campus Night; Accounting Club. • SOLO- MON FELDMAN; A S; 527 Beech St., Helena. Ark.; Army ROTC. • COURTNEY FERINGA; Newcomb; 1521 Dufossat, New Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Phi; La Tertulia; Le Circle Francais; Hullabaloo; Canterbury Club. • RICHARD FINN: A S; 145 Atlantic. Shreveport, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Naval ROTC. Eighlh Row: • MICHAEL FITTS; Engineering; 13 Northwood, Jackson, Tcnn.; Beta Theta Pi. • MAUDE FLANAGAN; Newcomb; 45 Breeje Park, New Orleans, La.- Delta Zeta- Glee Club. • PAT FLEMING; Newcomb 3006 N.W. twenty-Eighth St. Oklahoma City, Okla.; Chi Omega Beta Beta Beta; Wesley Foundation. • PATSY FLEMING; Newcomb 552 ' Loyola Ave., New Orleans. La.; Pi Beta Phi; Assets; Canterbury Club. Ninth Row: • JOEL L. FLETCHER- ASS- I Southwestern Circle, Lafayette, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • ANN FLINN; Newcomb; 3309 Myrtle, Mon- roe. La.; Phi Mu; Beta Beta Beta. • AMY F0LLANS8EE; Newcomb; 2102 Pine St., New Orleans La.; Alpha Delta Pi; La Tertulia; Glee Club; Glendy Burke Society. • DOUGLAS H. FORSYTH; A S; 5822 Willow St., New Orleans, La.; Phi Eta Sigma; Pre-Medical Society; Army ROTC. V kM t U iM t LAURENCE DeBUYS III ROSE DECKER CAROL deJEAN THOMAS DeLONG GEORGE DEMAREST DONALD DePASQUALE PAM DEXHEIMER EMILIE DIETRICH BARBARA DILLINGER MALCOLM DINWIDDIE JR. LARALEE DiTRAPANI ALBERT DUKE JAMES DUKE ARNOLD EDELSTEIN PEGGY EICHENBAUM WILLIAM EIDSON ELEANOR EIKEL ANNE EINBINDER PHILIP EMERSON JANICE EUBANKS BABS EVANS E. S. EVANS SALLY EVANS ROBERT FARRIS GEORGE FEE SOLOMON FELDMAN COURTNEY FERINGA RICHARD FINN MICHAEL FITTS MAUDE FLANAGAN PAT FLEMING PATSY FLEMING JOEL FLETCHER ANN FLINN AMY FOLLANSBEE DOUGLAS FORSYTH — Ny vja, ;io- jy r jy fV: oV First Row: • CHARLES C FOSTER; A S; 935 E. Church St., Jacksonville, Fla. Phi Kappa Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma; Tulane Band; Naval ROTC. • AMY FREDERICK- Newcomb; 7924 S. Claiborne Ave., New Orleans. La. Kappa Alpha Theta. • JOHN P. FRIEDEL; Commerce; 1700 Cana St. New Orleans, La.; Honor Board. • EMILY FRIEND; Newcomb 3851 Old Shell Rd., Spring Hill, Ala.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Second Row: • VICTOR A FRIESE, JR.; Engineering; 709 Arlington Ave.. Baton Rouge La. • BILL FURLONG; Engineering; 4039 Hurst, New Orleans, La ■ Siabbard Blade; A.S.C.E.; E.T.A.; Newman Club; Army ROTC; Drill Team. Pershing Rifles; Captain; Army ROTC. • BILL FUTRELL; A4S- 173 Albert Shreveport, La.; Phi Delta Theta; Wesley Founda- tion; ' Naval ROTC; Glendy Burke Society. • CAROLYN ANN FYNN, Newcomb- 20 Belleview Ave.. Port Washington, N.Y.; Phi Mu; JAM- BALAYA; Canterbury Club. Third Row: • ALBERT A GALANTE- Commerce; 1417 Corbin Ave., New Britain, Conn.; Delta Sigma Phi. • ARTURO GALLUSSER-TINOCO; A S; 1-32 Fourteenth, Guatemala City, Guatemala; Delta Tau Delta. ' ANN MARIE GANDOLFO; Newcomb; 4IA0 Vendome. New Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Phi- A Cappella Choir; Glee Club; Operetta; Lagniappes; TUSK. • ROBERT EUGENE GARCIA; Engineering; 2561 Orion St., Jacksonville, Fla.; Baptist Student Union; Naval ROTC. Fourth Row: • GERALD GAUDET- ASS- 406 Beach Blvd., Waveland, Miss.; Beta Theta Pi; Air Force ROTC; Sabre Jet Drill Team. • PEGGY P. GEME- LOS- Newcomb- 1309 Almonaster, New Orleans, La.; Beta Sigma Omi- cron; JAMBALAYA; Glee Club. • PHILIP GENSLER, JR.; ASS; 1021 Bourbon St. New Orleans. La.; Sigma Chi; Air Force ROTC; Sabre Jet Drill Team. • MARK GEORGEOU; ASS; 737 Eaton, Elizabeth, N.J.; Delta Sigma Phi; Psychology Major Club; Hullabaloo; Air Force ROTC; Sabre Jet Drill Team; French Club. Fifth Row: • WALTU5 H. GILL. JR.; Engineering; 2065 Cherrydale, Baton Rouge, La ■ Kaopa Sigma- A.S.M.E.; Westminster Fellowship; Glee Club; Naval ROTC; Circle " K " Club. • EMILY GILLHAM; Newcomb; 2113 Audubon St. ' New Orleans, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Westminster Fellowship. • FREDERICK CHARLES GIRAUD; Commerce; Box 365 R.F.D. 6, New Orleans, La.; Vice President of Sophomore Class; Delta Sigma Pi- Accounting Club; Honor Board. • JAMES J. GLEA- SON- ASS- 461 Twenty-Sixth Ave., San Francisco, Calif.; Kappa Sigma; Carnival; JAMBALAYA; Army ROTC; Debate Team; Glendy Burke Society; Pre-Law Fraternity, Sixth Row: • TOMMY GODFREY; A S; 2004 Pargoud Blvd.. Monroe, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon- Weslev Foundation- Air Force ROTC; Air Force Drill Team. • JANICE GOLDSTEIN; Newcomb; 5 Montcrest Dr.. Bir- mingham, Ala.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Psychology Major Club. • JOHN GOOCH- ASS- 4032 Vincennes. New Orleans, La.; Kappa Al pha; Army ROTC. • ' LINDA LOUISE GOUGH; Newcomb; 1629 Broadway. New Orleans. La.; Chi Omega; Canterbury Club. Seventh Row: • CHARLES JAY SRATZ; A S; 4333 Nautilus Dr., Miami Beach. Fla - Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre-Medical Society; Hillel Foundation. • FRED GREEN; A S- 135 N. Bergen PI., Frceport, N.Y.; Pre-lvledical Society; Hillel Foundation. • SAMMY ELLIOT GREENBERG; ASS; 4744 St Roch Ave., New Orleans, La.; Sigma Alpha Mu. • AR- MAND P. GUI2ERIX JR.; Engineering; 6443 Canal Blvd., New Or- leans, La.; Pi Kappa Alpha; A.S.C.E.; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society. Eiqhth Row; • JOAN HELEN GUNN; Newcomb; 164 E. Oakridge Park, New Or- leans La.- Alpha Omicron Pi; JAMBALAYA; Newman Club. • AR- NOLD GUSSIN; ASS; 41-16 Twenty-Fifth Ave., Long Island City 3, N Y - Alpha Epsilon Pi- Hillel Foundation; Army ROTC; Pre-Medical Society. • M. A. (Mac) HAIRSTON; ASS; 8320 Katy Rd., Houston, Texas; Sigma Chi. • JULIUS HANDELMAN; A S; Box 470, Yoakum. Texas; Intramural Council; Hullabaloo; Hillel Foundation; Army ROTC; Glendy Burke Society. Ninth Row: • JIMMIE HANEMANN, JR.; Engineering; 123 Bellaire Dr., New Orleans La.- Delta Kappa Epsilon; President of Sophomore Engineer- ing; A.S.C.E.; Greenbackers; Newman Club. • SUZANNE HANEY; Newcomb- 320 St George St., St. Augustine, Fla.; Art Club; Canter- bury Club. • JOHN PATRICK HANLEY; A S; 418 Lakcwood Rd.. West Palm Beach. Fla.- Phi Delta Theta; Phi Eta Sigma; German Club; Glee Club; Army ROTC. • TED HARDTNER; Commerce; 725 Cassity Rd., Shreveport. La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Christian Science Organiiation; Naval ROTC; Mark 1 Drill Platoon; Taffrail Naval So- ciety; Irby House Council. mmmM CHARLES FOSTER AMY FREDERICK JOHN FRIEDEL EMILY FRIEND VICTOR FRIESE JR. BILL FURLONG BILL FUTRELL CAROLYN FYNN ALBERT GALANTE A. GALLUSSER-TINOCO ANN GANDOLFO ROBERT GARCIA GERALD GAUDET PEGGY GEMELOS PHILIP GENSLER JR. MARK GEORGEOU WALTUS GILL JR. EMILY GILLHAM FREDERICK GIRAUD JAMES GLEASON TOMMY GODFREY JANICE GOLDSTEIN JOHN GOOCH LINDA GOUGH CHARLES GRATZ FRED GREEN SAMMY GREENBERG ARMAND GUIZERIX JR. JOAN GUNN ARNOLD GUSSIN M. A. HAIRSTON JULIUS HANDELMAN JIMMIE HANEMANN JR. SUZANNE HANEY JOHN HANLEY TED HARDTNER ' ' ' ' ' ' xj ' Ns FirsI Row: • DORIS LEE HARRIS; Ncwcomb; 314 Orlando Dr., New Orleans, La.- JAMBALAYA ' Sreenbackers; Hillel Foundation; Campus Night; Leadership Council. • DAVID B HARRISON; A S; 2425 Tennessee, New Orleans, La.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • HARRIET HARVEY; Newcomb; 953 Trabue, Shreveport, La.; Chi Omega; JAMBALAYA; Westminster Fellowship. • KARL HARVEY; Architecture; 1451 Slenmore. Baton Rouge, La.; Kappa Alph.-i. Second Row: • ARTHUR HASTINGS; A S; 507 W. Sherman, Neosho, Mo.; Kappa Sigma; Carnival; Hullabaloo; Disciples Student Fellowship; Campus Night- Tulane Band; Tulane University Theatre; Debate Team; Glendy Burke ' Society; Leadership Council; Phi Eta Sigma. • MARTHA HAW- KINS; Newcomb; Pine Crest Rd., Birmingham, Ala.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Art Club; Le Circle Francais; Greenbackers. • WILLIAM G. HAYES; A S- 720 Westwood, Birmingham, Mich.; Kappa Sigma; Math Club; Canterbury Club; Air Force ROTC. • SUSIE HEIMOVICS; Newcomb- 1028 W. Seventy-Second St., Kansas City, Mo.; Alpha Epsi- lon Phi. Third Row: • GERALD B HELLMAN- Commerce; 5409 Fontainblcau Dr., New Orleans, La.; TUSK; Army ROTC. • JOAN HENDERSON; Newcomb; 83 Adalia Ave., Tampa, Fla.; Chi Omega- YWCA; Wesley Founda- tion. • PAT HENICAN; Newcomb; 1536 Webster St.. New Orleans, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Art Club; Newman Club. • DAN A. HEZEAU; Engineering; 1418 Short St., New Orleans, La.; Kappa Sigma. Fourth Row: • WILLIAM M. HILBUN. JR.; A S; Box 206, Gloster, Miss.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; German Club; Baptist Student Union; Air Force ROTC. • ODETTE HIXON; Newcomb- 2214 Pine St., New Orleans, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; TUSK; Newman Club. • OLIVER HOLDEN, JR.; A S; 2318 W. Mistletoe, San Antonio, Te»as; Delta Tau Delta; Army ROTC. • SHIRLEY W. HOLT; A8S; Route 3, DeKalb. Texas; Sigma Chi; Naval ROTC. Fifth Row: • H. HOPPMEYER, JR.; A S- 223 Atherton Dr.. New Orleans, La.; Alpha Tau Omega; Air Force ROTC. • KENNETH A. HOWARTH; Commerce; 6409 Louisville St., New Orleans, La.; Naval ROTC. • MARYLIN HYATT; Newcomb; 36 Fontainbleau Dr., New Orleans, La.; Beta Sigma Omicron; JAMBALAYA; White Caps; Wesley Foun- dation; Glee Club. • DELMAS A. JACKSON. JR.; A S; 404 Sher- rouse, Monroe, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Vice-President of the A S Sophomore Class; Phi Eta Sigma. Sixth Row: • CABOT L. JAFFEE; Commerce; 355 E. One Hundred Eighty-Sev- enth St., New York, N.Y.; Kappa Nu; Hillel Foundation; Air Force ROTC. • WALTER JAHNCKE- Engineering; 3 Bamboo Rd., New Orleans, La.; Phi Delta Theta; A.S.C.E.; Army ROTC. • ROBERT JINES; Engineering; 609 Ninth St., Lake Charles La.; Sigma Chi; Canterbury Club. • JOSEPH JOHNSON; Architecture; 1300 Mark Ave., Bossier, La. Seventh Row: • JOY JONES; Newcomb; 3949 Louisiana Ave. Parkway, New Or- leans, La.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Vice-President of Sophomore Class. • ROBERT JONES; A S; 135 Palm Dr., San Antonio, Texas; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Pre-Medical Society; Army ROTC. • ROXILEA JONES; Newcomb; Jasper. Ga.- Phi Mu; Art Club; Dormitory Council; Baptist Student Union. • RICHARD B. JURISICH; Commerce; 4627 Baronne St., New Orleans, La.; Kappa Sigma. Eiqhth Row: • RONALD S. KATZ; A S; 1601 Eighth St., S., Fargo. N.D.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre-Medical Society. • " MAJOR " KEEN; Newcomb; 2319 Clayton St. Macon. Ga.; Alpha Delta Pi; Art Club- Athletic Council. • JOHN KING; A S; 4816 Carondelet, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Sigma; Westminster Fellowship; Philosophy Club. • ARTHUR S. KINGSMILL; A S; 507 Hector Ave., New Orleans, La.; Mark One Drill Team. Ninth Row: • NANCY STUART KIRKENDALL; Newcomb; 156 Twin Oaks Blvd., Lafayette, La.; Chi Omega; Art Club; Canterbury Club. • CHARLES KOPPA; Engineering; 4909 Roanoke, Fort Worth, Texas; Delta Sigma Phi; A.I.E.E.; Newman Club; Naval ROTC- Mark One Drill Team; Tulane Pan-Hellenic Council. • MARLENE KOSCHMANN; New- comb; 5413 N. Peters, New Orleans, La.- Gamma Delta. • BETH KOTTES; Newcomb; 2738 Calhoun St.. New Orleans, La.; Phi Mu: German Club; Interfaith Council; Newman Club. ai. f l-a U DORIS HARRIS DAVID HARRISON HARRIET HARVEY KARL HARVEY ARTHUR HASTINGS MARTHA HAWKINS WILLIAM HAYES SUSIE HEIMOVICS GERALD HELLMAN JOAN HENDERSON PAT HENICAN DAN HEZEAU WILLIAM HILBUN, JR. ODETTE HIXON OLIVER HOLDEN JR. SHIRLEY HOLT H. HOPPMEYER JR. KENNETH HOWARTH MARYLIN HYATT DELMAS JACKSON JR. CABOT JAFFEE WALTER JAHNCKE ROBERT JINES JOSEPH JOHNSON JOY JONES ROBERT JONES ROXILEA JONES RICHARD JURISICH RONALD KATZ " MAJOR " KEEN JOHN KING ARTHUR KINGSMILL NANCY KIRKENDALL CHARLES KOPPA MARLENE KOSCHMANN BETH KOTTES " AVje, ;iJ( nVyJ( vv JC o Jt y First Row: • MELVIN R. KOVEN; ASS; 510 Valencia 3, Coral Gables, Fla.; Alpha Epsllon Pi; Pre-Medlcal Society; Psychology Major Club- Greenbackers; Hillel Foundation; Air Force ROTC. • JIMMY KRA- MER; ASS; 1774 White, Alexandria, La. ' Sigma Alpha Epsllon. • ROBERT H. KREMER; Commerce; 125 Roberta Dr. Memphis, Tenn.; Zeta Beta Tau; JAMBALAYA; Army ROTC; Adelphons. • MARY KATHERINE KUCHEMAN; Commerce; 1205 St. Charles, New Orleans. La.; Commerce Women ' s Club. Second Row: • PAM KUHN; Newcomb; 4317 S. MIro St., New Orleans La.- Alpha Omicron Pi. • RACHAEL LaFRANZ; Newcomb; 2200 Twenty-Eighth Ave., Meridian. Miss.; Beta Sigma Omicron- JAMBALAYA; Newman Club. • JERON J. LaFARGUE; ASS; 411 Pecan, Sulphuf, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsllon; Cheerleaders; Greenbackers; Leadership Council- Pi Lambda Beta; Army ROTC; Tulane Flying Club. • JARRELL D. LAFlTTE; ASS; 3752 W. College, Shreveport, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsllon; President Sophomore Class; Debate Team; Glendy Burke Society- Honor Board- A S Student Council. Third Row: • BOBBYE LANDRY; Newcomb; 6326 Magnolia St., New Orleans, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Beta Beta Beta. • HARRY LEDERMAN Engi- neering; 2240 W. Magnolia, Ft. Worth, Texsa; A.I.E.E. • MARIANNE LEE; Newcomb; Ft. Worth, Texas; Alpha Epsllon Phi- Le Circle Fran- cais; JAMBALAYA; Campus Night. • DAVE LEIMBROOK; Com- merce; 425 Stephenson, Shreveport. La.; Sigma Alpha Epsllon. Fourtli Row: • BARBARA SHEILA LEVSKY; Newcomb; 3306 Avon St., Tampa, Fla.; Le Circle Francais; JAMBALAYA- Greenbackers- Student Directory • MORRIS LEWIS, III; Commerce; Indlanola. Miss- Army ROTC- Pcrshlng Rifles; Guidon Staff. • JOE LICCIARDI; ASS; 326 Fair- way Dr., New Orleans, La.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Eta Sigma Phi- Pre- Medlcal Society; TUSK; Newman Club- Glee Club; Alpha Phi Ortega. • VIRGINIA LIND; Newcomb; 4310 Vendome PL. New Orleans, La.; Chi Omega. Fifth Row: • JOHN R. LINDGREN, JR.; Engineering- 2511 S. Carrolton, New Orleans, La.; A.S.M.E.; Naval ROTC. • JAMES R. LIHLE; Engineer- ing; 715 S. Pecan St.. Osceola. Ark.; Naval ROTC. • HOMER I. LOCHRIDGE; Af;S; 3563 Wilmington Rd., Montgomery, Ala.; Phi Delta Theta; Baptist Student Union; A Cappella Choir; Glee Club; Operetta; Army ROTC; 2nd Lt Army ROTC; Alpha Phi Omega- Barber Shop Quartet. • MARY ANN LOFTON; Newcomb; 3934 S. Lookout, Little Rock, Ark.; Alpha Delta PI- Canterbury Club. Sixth Row: • EVA LORIDANS; Newcomb- 1930 Wlldwood Ave., Columbus Ga.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • JEAN LOWENTRITT; Newcomb; Box 189. Winnsboro. La.; Alpha Epsllon Phi; Sophomore Class President; As- sets; Honor Board- Campus Night; JAMBALAYA. • MALCOLM LUXENBERG; ASS; P.O. Box 1096, Hollywood, Fla.; Zeta Beta Tau; Secretary-Treasurer of ASS Sophomore Class- Pre-Medlcal Society- Army ROTC. • BLANCHE JOY MacFAYDEN; Newcomb; Long Shoals Rd.. Arden. N.C.; Alpha Delta Pi; Greenbackers; A Cappella Choir; Opera Workshop; Operetta; Westminster Fellowship; Lagni- appes. Seventh Row: • BETSY MAUGHT; Newcomb; 1221 Sonlat St. New Orleans, La.; PI Beta Phi; La Tertulla; Athletic Council; Canterbury Club- JAMBA- LAYA. • LYNN MACMURDO; Newcomb; 1309 Bordeaux. New Or- leans. La.; Chi Omega- Oreades- Newman Club. • HELEN CLAIRE MARTIN; Newcomb; 1840 Oak, Pine Bluff. Ark.; Chi Omega; Treas- urer of Sophomore Class; Assets; Dormitory Council. • ROBERT MARTINEZ; Commerce; 6009 St. Charles. New Orleans, La.; Delta Kappa Epsllon. Eighth Row: • PAUL B. MAXWELL; Engineering; 3402 Octavia St., New Orleans La.; Delta Kappa Epsllon. • MOIRA McBRIDE- Newcomb- 5918 Louis- ville St.. New Orleans. La.; Alpha Delta PI; Newman Club- JAMBA LAYA. • STUART A. McCLENDON; ASS; 1912 Palmer Ave., New Or leans. La.; Kappa Alpha; Canterbury Club; TUSK. • CHARLES W McDowell, jr.; ASS; IO GuII St., New Orleans. La.; Alpha Tau Omega; Army ROTC; Pan-Hellenic Council. Ninth Row: • SUE ANN McDowell; Newcomb; Box 306 Napoleonville La.- Alpha Delta Pi; Christian Science Organization. • JOHN McELLI GOTT; Engineering; 2600 Oak, Vicksburg Miss.- Newman Club • CHARLES McFARLAND; ASS; 342 Pine St., New Orleans La. Delta Kappa Epsilon; Newman Club. • MARY ANN MclNTYRE Newcomb; 1649 State St., New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha Theta Canterbury Club. ,im i - A MELVIN KOVEN JIMMY KRAMER ROBERT KREMER MARY KUCHEMAN PAM KUHN RACHAEL LAFRANZ JERON LA FARGUE JARRELL LaFITTE BOBBYE LANDRY HARRY LEDERMAN MARIANNE LEE DAVE LEIMBROOK BARBARA LEVSKY MORRIS LEWIS III JOE LICCIARDI VIRGINIA LIND JOHN LINDGREN JR. JAMES LITTLE HOMER LOCHRIDGE MARY LOFTON EVA LORIDANS JEAN LOWENTRITT MALCOLM LUXENBERG BLANCHE MacFADYEN BETSY MAUGHT LYNN MACMURDO HELEN MARTIN ROBERT MARTINEZ PAUL MAXWELL MOIRA McBRIDE STUART McCLENDON CHARLES McDowell Jr. SUE McDowell JOHN McELLIGOTT CHARLES McFARLAND MARY MclNTYRE ' ' ' { Nf First Row; • CAREY McLEAN- Newcomb; 1325 Cadir St., New Orleans, La, Pi Beta Pli!; Newman Club. • JAMES DAVID McNEILL, III; A S 1450 Jackson New Orleans, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon, • DAN ME GEHEE- ASS- Hazletiurst, Miss.; Phi Delta Tlieta; Sreenbackers Naval ROTO. • WALTER H. MENUET; Commerce; 2003 Pine, Ne« Orleans, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Newman Club; Army ROTC. Second Row: • GRACE MERRITT; Newcomb; 340 Edinburgli, New Orleans, La.; Al- pha Omicron Pi; YWCA; Wesley Foundation. • MARV MEYERS; Commerce; 2057 Seagirt Blvd., Far Rockaway, N.Y.; Sigma Alpha Mu- Tulane University Theater; International Relations Club. • GEORGE S. MICHINARD, JR.- ASS- 1714 Audubon St.. New Or- leans La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Army ROTC. • DONALD R, MIL- LER- ' A S; 238 N. Seventeenth, Baton Rouge, La.; Football Varsity Letter; Air ' Force ROTC. Third Row: • SHIRLEY L. MILLER; Newcomb; 3224 Austin. Waco, Texas; Alpha Epsilon Phi- Hillel Foundation; Campus Night; Psychology Major Club • FREDERICK MINER- Commerce- 910 N. McNeil, Memphis, Tenn.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Hillel Foundation. • CHARLIE MITCHELL Comriierce- Gamwyn Park, Greenville, Miss.; Phi Delta Theta; Cheer leader; TUSK; Canterbury Club; Army ROTC; Alpha Phi Omega Lagniappes- Leadership Council; Dormitory Council. • RALPH MITCHELL; ' Commerce; 908 W. Twentieth, Pine Blutf, Ark.; Sigma Alpha Eps ' llon; Sophomore Class President; Phi Eta Sigma; Delta Sigma Pi; Tulane Band; Naval ROTC. Fourth Row: • ROBERT D. MONTGOMERY; A S; 1427 Calliope St., New Orleans. La- Baptist Student Union. • JUDY MORETON; Newcomb; 120 Sill Ave., Biloxi, Miss.; Chi Omega. • LINTON MORGAN; A S; 211 N. Bay St., Amite, La.; Kappa Sigma; Intramural Council; Newman Club; Naval ROTC; Alpha Phi Omega; International Relations Club. • ROB- ERT H. MOSES; 1620 Audubon St., New Orleans, La.; TUSK. Fifth Row: • OLIVE MOSS- Newcomb; 302 Drew Park Dr., Lake Charles, La.; Chi Omega; Assets; La Tertulia; Dormitory Council • CAROLE MOUCHET; Newcomb; 1867 W. Wesley Rd., Atlanta, Ga.; Chi Ome- ga; A Cappella Choir; Glee Club; Opera Workshop. • MARIETTA MOYER- Newcomb; 1844 State St., New Orleans, La,; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • PETER LAKE MULLINS; Engineering; 326 Bcllaire Dr., New Orleans, Delta Theta; Phi Eta Sigma; Air Force ROTC. Sixth Row: • THOMAS J. MURPHY; Commerce; Wallen Rd.. Ft. Wayne, Ind.; Basketball Varsity Letter; Army ROTC. • YVONNE ADELLE NASSAR; Newcomb- 3902 W Capitol, Jackson, Miss.; Kappa Alpha Theta; As- sets; La Tertulia; Le Circle Francais; JAMBALAYA; TUSK; Newman Club- Glee Club- Sponsor of Sabre Jets Air Force ROTC- Pan-Hellenic Council. • JOHN ELLIOn NAYLOR, JR.; A S; 1435 Henry Clay, New Orleans, La.- Alpha Theta Omega; Pre-Medical Society; Psy- chology Major Club; President of Tulane Sports Car Club. • SARAH T. NEWELL; Newcomb; 311 E. Washington St., Goshen, Ind.; West- minster Fellowship. Seventh Row: • DAVID BEN NEWSTADT; Commerce; 256 Pierre Mont Rd., Shreve- port La.- Zeta Beta Tau- Delta Sigma Pi; TUSK; Intramural Council; JAm ' BALAYA; Debate Team; Pi Lambda Beta. • ANNE NICHOLS; Newcomb- 5i7 Central Way, Anderson, Ind.; Delta Zeta: Newman Club- Glee Club; Tulane Flying Club. • MARY ALICE NORMAN; Newcomb- 1220 State St.. New Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Phi; Canterbury Club; JAMBALAYA. • CHARLES S. NORTHUM; A S; 414 N. Six- teenth. Fort Smith, Ark.; Air Force ROTC, Eighth Row: • PAUL W OBERDORFER; A S; 1857 Shadowlawn St., Jacksonville, Fla,; Sigma Alpha Mu. • LILLIAN ODEN; Newcomb; 802 Slattery. Shreveport. La.; Chi Omega; Baptist Student Union. • TOMMY OELSNER- ASS- 225 Ridgewood Dr., New Orleans, La.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; German Club- Pre-Mcdical Society; Hillel Foundation. • URSULA OELSNER; Architecture; 225 Ridgewood Dr., New Orleans, La,; A. I. A.; Hillel Foundation. Ninth Row: • CALVIN A. ORLANO- Engineering; 616 Dalhonde, Gretna, La.; Delta Sigma Phi; A.I.Ch.E. • ROY N. O ' NEIL; A S; 2908 St. Charles Ave.. New Orleans. La.; Alpha Tau Omega; Sailing Club. • GAIL MARIE O ' REGAN- Architecture; 6557 Vicksburg, New Orleans, La.; A.I.A.; Newman Club. • BETTY OSBORN; Newcomb; 5509 Hurst St., New Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Phi; Le Circle Francais; Canterbury Club. jMI |fM| 081 -p w fiiL .Jl CAREY McLEAN JAMES McNEILL III DAN MEGEHEE WALTER MENUET GRACE MERRITT MARV MEYERS G. S. MICHINARD JR. DONALD MILLER SHIRLEY MILLER FREDERICK MINER CHARLIE MITCHELL RALPH MITCHELL ROBERT MONTGOMERY JUDY MORETON LINTON MORGAN ROBERT MOSES OLIVE MOSS CAROLE MOUCHET MARIEHA MOYER PETER MULLINS THOMAS MURPHY YVONNE NASSAR JOHN NAYLOR JR. SARAH NEWELL DAVID NEWSTADT ANNE NICHOLS MARY NORMAN CHARLES NORTHUM PAUL OBERDORFER LILLIAN ODEN TOMMY OELSNER URSULA OELSNER CALVIN OLANO ROY O ' NEIL GAIL O ' REGAN BETTY OSBORN " wvja. ;ix nV owu je y First Row: • AL OSER- ASS 430B Coliseum St., New Orleans, La.; Sigma Chi; Newman Club Naval ROTC. • SALVATORE PANZECA; Commerce; 4147 Toulouse St.. New Orleans, La. • EVERETT WILLIAM (Bill) PAULSON ' ASS 1309 Seventh St., New Orleans. La.; Delta Sigma Phi; Air Force ROTC; Saber Jets; Canterbury Club; German Club. • MARCELLE PEREZ; Newcomb; 6604 Beauregard Ave., New Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Phi. Second Row; • FELICE PERRILLIAT- Newcomb; 8005 Nelson St., New Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Phi- Athletic Club; Barracudas; Wesley Foundation. • LOUIS C PERRILLIAT- Commerce- 1928 Octavia St. New Orleans, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; TUSK. • PATRICIA JO PHILLIPS; Newcomb; 4424 S. Claiborne. New Orleans, La.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; La Tertulia; JAM- BALAYA; TUSK. • ANN PLEASANT; Newcomb; 740 Merrick, Shreve- pori. La.; Pi Beta Phi; Greenbackers; Lagniappes. Third Row: • NATHANIEL W PLOTKIN- ASS- 420 Cleveland Ave., BPT, Conn.; Sigma Alpha Mu; TUSK; Adelphons; Air Force ROTC. • RUTH L. POMERANZ; Newcomb; 18606 Parkland Dr., Shaker Heights, Ohio; Psychology Major Club; Hillel Foundation; Campus Night; Interna- tional Relations Club. • JUDY PORTE; Newcomb; 2024 Congress, New Orleans. La.; Beta Sigma Omicron; Wesley Foundation. • FRANCES POTTS- Newcomb- 60 Jaenicke Lane, Hamden, Conn.; Alpha Omicron Pi. Fourth Row: • PAT POWELL; Newcomb; 4961 Woodburn St., Milwaukee. Wis.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Barracudas; Wesley Foundation. • GAIL PRICE; Newcomb; 525 Lake Letawana. Lee ' s Summit. Mo.; Kappa Alpha Theta- President of Le Circle Francais. • CAROLE JOY RAMBACH; Newcomb- 1916 Robert St., New Orleans, La. • MARTIN R. RAP- PAPORT; ASS; 920 Meridian Ave., Miami Beach, Fla.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Hillel Foundation; Pre-Medical Society. Fifth Row: • CHARLES REA; ASS- 3010 W. Eleventh, Little Rock. Ark.; Baptist Student Union- Pi Lambda Beta. • JOAN DEANNE REICH; New- comb- 900 Bushwick Ave.. Brooklyn. N.Y.- Alpha Epsilon Phi. • AUD- REY REINIKE- Newcomb- 1130 Third St.. New Orleans, La.; Phi Mu; Dance Club; Newman Club. • WILLIAM S. RENAUDIN; ASS; 102 Fairway Dr., New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha; German Club; Pre- Medical Society. Sixth Row: • LEARAYE TERESA RICHARD; Newcomb; 209 Hector Ave.. New Orleans, La.- Phi Mu; Art Club; Newman Club. • ANNE RICHARD- SON- Newcomb- 3325 Coliseum. New Orleans. La.; Pi Beta Phi; Beta Beta Beta. • HAROLD W. RICHMOND; ASS; 955 Harding Rd., Eli7a- beth. N.J.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pre-Medical Society; Greenbackers; Hillel Foundation; Air Force ROTC. • MARILYN RIEDLINGER; Ar- chitecture; 4625 Painte.s, New Orleans, La. Seventh Row: • BUDDY RIZZO- ASS- Edgewater Gardens, Monroe, La.; Sigma Al- pha Epsilon- Pre-Medical Society; Newman Club. • RICHARD R. ROBBINS; ASS; 8II 2 A Rutledge Ave., Charleston, S.C; Sigma Chi; Pre-Medical Society; Greenbackers; Newman Club; Army ROTC; Pershing Rifles. • ROBERT BENECHAUD RODRIGUE; Engineering; 3319 State Street Dr. New Orleans. La.; Delta Sigma Phi; A.S.C.E.; Army ROTC. • SALLYE IRENE ROSEN; Newcomb; 318 Ridgeway. Little Rock, Ark.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Barracudas; Sociology Club. Eighth Row: • SAM ROSEN- Commerce- 2417 Medford Ct. W., Ft. Worth, Te«as; Zeta Beta Tau. • DEBBIE ROSENBAUM; Newcomb; 1739 Noble Dr.. N.E. Atlanta Ga.- Alpha Epsilon Phi- Beta Beta Beta; JAMBALAYA; Democratic Association. • ESTHER ROSENTHAL; Newcomb; 3045 Lipscomb Ft. Worth, Texas; Alpha Epsilon Phi; International Relations Club. • ELAINE ROSENWALD; Newcomb; 11072 Sunset Blvd.. Los Angeles. Calif.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Psychology Major Club; Demo- cratic Association. Ninth Row: • LEILA AMORET ROSSNER; Newcomb; 47 Neron PL. New Orleans, La.- Beta Sigma Omicron. • PAPPY RUCKSTUHL; Engineering; Box lOl ' Talishcek, La.; Phi Delta Theta; Air Force ROTC. • JERRY RUD- NITSKY- Commerce; 107 Spring, Passaic, N.J.; Kappa Nu; Hillel Foundation. • DALE ARDEN SALSBURY; Newcomb; 802 W. Frances Ave. Tampa. Fla.- Alph.i Epsilon Phi; Beta Beta Beta; La Tertulia; Psychology Major Club JAMBALAYA. fS c i. LM AL OSER SALVATORE PANZECA EVERETT PAULSON MARCELLE PEREZ FELICE PERRILLIAT LOUIS PERRILLIAT PATRICIA PHILLIPS ANN PLEASANT NATHANIEL PLOTKIN RUTH POMERANZ JUDY PORTE FRANCES pons PAT POWELL GAIL PRICE CAROLE RAMBACH MARTIN RAPPAPORT CHARLES REA JOAN REICH AUDREY REINIKE WILLIAM RENAUDIN LEARAYE RICHARD ANNE RICHARDSON HAROLD RICHMOND MAR ILYN RIEDLINGER BUDDY RIZZO RICHARD ROBBINS ROBERT RODRIGUE SALLYE ROSEN SAM ROSEN DEBBIE ROSENBAUM ESTHER ROSENTHAL ELAINE ROSENWALD LEILA ROSSNER PAPPY RUCKSTUHL JERRY RUDNITSKY DALE SALSBURY First Row: • CAROL SANDER- Newcomb; 4082 Fairmont Dr., New Orleans, La.; Alpha Delta Pi- Newman Club. • BILL SANDERS; Engncerinq; Box 477 Southport, ' N.C.; Sigma Chi; Naval ROTC. • CHARLOTTE SCHMIDT- Newcomb; 2437 Joseph St., New Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Phi; Wesley Foundation. • W. HAROLD SCHNAUDER; ASS; 7464 Pearl St., New Orleans, La.; Kappa Sigma; Army ROTC. Second Row; • JOYCE SCHNEIDER- University College; 225 Phosphor, New Or- leans, La. • ROBERT SCHULL; A S; 1130 Anderson Ave., New York. N.Y.- ' Alpha Epsilon Pi- Phi Eta Sigma; Hillel Foundation; Pi Lambda Beta! • JEROME M. SCHWARTZREICH; A S; 64-55 217th St., Bayside. New York, N.Y.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Unit Manager of A S Sophomore Class- American Chemical Society; Pre-Medical Society; Hillel Foun- dation- Interfaith Council. • PAT SCH WEICKHARDT; Newcomb; 8222 Hickory St., New Orleans, La.; Phi Mu. Third Row: • JOHN B. SCOFIELD- Commerce; 322 Parish Rd., Maplewood, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Delta Sigma Pi; Football; Naval ROTC. • SU- SIE SEAMAN; Newcomb; 2501 Maconda, Houston, Texas; Alpha Omi- cron Pi- Art Club; Archery Club- Athletic Club; Intramural Council. • PAUL SEARCY- A S; 7100 Zimple, New Orleans, La.; Beta Thcta Pi- Greenbackers- Baptist Student Union; Naval ROTC. • ODETTE SEELIG- Newcomb- 296 Linden Park PI., Highland Park, III.; Alpha Epsilon Phi- Art Club. Fourth Row: • SARAH F SEGEL- Commerce; 3125 General Taylor, New Orleans, La.; Commerce Women ' s Club. • JOEL ANN SELBY; Newcomb; 1519 Pinehurst, Jackson Miss.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Wesley Founda- tion; Newcomb Glee Club. • JAMES L. SELMAN. 11; A S; 1300 Cal- houn St., New Orleans, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Army ROTC. • SANFORD FREEMAN SEPLOW; A S; 47 Madison St., Newton, N.J.; Zeta Beta Tau- American Chemical Society; Pre-Medical Society; JAMBALAYA. Fifth Row: • BOBBY SHAFTO- Commerce; 1005 N. Third St., Monroe, La.; Beta Theta Pi. • MARILYN SIZELER; Newcomb; 3306 Octavia. New Or- leans La. • BILLIE MARIE SMARDON; Newcomb; Franklin, La.; Pi Beta Phi; Art Club; Canterbury Club. • LIDA MAE SMITH ; Newcomb; 3417 Caruth, Dallas, Texas; Pi Beta Phi; Assets; Barracudas; Canterbury Club; Leadership Council; Student Directory. Sixth Row: • PUNKY SMITH; Newcomb; 1031 Forest Ave., Oak Park. III.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Dormitory Council; Canterbury Club; Glee Club. • SU- ZANNE SMITH- Newcomb- 3850 Del Monte, Houston, Texas. • BAR- BARA Y SOLOMON- Newcomb- 2830 Audubon St., New Orleans, La. • LLOYD H. SPENCER; Commerce; 216 N.E. Seventh Ave., Polary Beach, Fla.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Pershing Rifles. Seventh Row: • QUINTIN G. STANSELL; A S; 2446 W. Summit, San Antonio, Texas; Kappa Sigma- Pre-Medical Society- Westminster Fellowship; Glendy Burke Society. • EMMA NEUNER STARK; Newcomb; 2151 Stanmore. Houston Texas; Phi Mu; Art Club; Baptist Student Union. • JOAN STEIB- Newcomb- 32 Pelham Dr., New Orleans. La.; Pi Beta Phi. • CONNIE LEE STEWART; Newcomb; Ardsley Rd., Jacksonville, Fla.; Alpha Omicron Pi; La Tertulia; Dance Club; Cheerleaders; Green- backers; Wesley Foundation; Campus Night; Orientation Committee. Eighth Row: • FRANK B. STEWART, Jl«.; Engineering; 515 Lowerling St., New Orleans, La.; Alpha Tau Omega; A.S.C.E.; Greenbackers; Newman Club; Naval ROTC. • LYNN STOKES; Newcomb; 1007 South Blvd., Greenwood Miss.- Delta Zeta- La Tertulia; Wesley Foundation; Inter- national Relations Club. • BEN HARRY STONE; Commerce; 2307 Broadmoor PI.. Gulfport, Miss.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Unit Manager of Commerce Sophomore Class; Delta Sigma PI; Sailing Club. • MADOLENE STONE; Newcomb; 2419 Lipscomb. Amarillo, Texas; Kappa Alpha Theta. Ninth Row: • CHARLES E. STORM; Engineering; 542-W Eleventh St.. Treverse City Mich.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Christian Science Organization; Inter- faith Council; Naval ROTC. • MARY SUE STUMP; Newcomb; 1721 Jena, New Orleans. La. • THOMAS M. SUTTER, JR.; Engineering 7826 S. Claiborne. New Orleans. La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; A.S.C.E. Golf; Westminster Fellowship; Air Force ROTC. • BUZZY TATUM Commerce; 913 Cedar. Greenville, Miss.; Sigma Chi; Army ROTC. dddMik CAROL SANDER BILL SANDERS CHARLOTTE SCHMIDT HAROLD SCHNAUDER JOYCE SCHNEIDER ROBERT SCHULL J. M. SCHWARTZREICH PAT SCHWEICKHARDT JOHN SCOFIELD SUSIE SEAMAN PAUL SEARCY ODETTE SEELIG SARAH SEGEL JOEL SELBY JAMES SELMAN II SANFORD SEPLOW BOBBY SHAFTO MARILYN SIZELER BILLIE SMARDON LIDA SMITH PUNKY SMITH SUZANNE SMITH BARBARA SOLOMON LLOYD SPENCER 9UINTIN STANSELL EMMA STARK JOAN STEIB CONNIE STEWART FRANK STEWART JR. LYNN STOKES BEN STONE MADOLENE STONE CHARLES STORM MARY STUMP THOMAS SUTTER JR. BUZZY TATUM - ;.. . W, x veb ' TWh ' ., First Row: • RUSSELL THAL- Engineering; 1328 Findlory Ave., New York. N.Y.; Alpha Epsilon Pi- ' Army ROTC; Pershing Rifles. • NANCY JO THE- RIOT- Newcomb " Girard Wood Dr., Lafayette, La.; Chi Omega; Art Club; ' Dance Club; Newman Club. • JACQUES JACOB TOLEDANO; Commerce; 3028 Prytania, New Orleans, La.; Sigma Alpha Mu, • JAY TONE; Commerce; 115 Thirty-fourth, Des Moines, Iowa; Alpha Tau Omega. Second Row; • JACK L TOYE- Commerce; 4444 Franklin. New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha; Air Force ' ROTC. • ANN TRACHT; Newcomb; 801 Slattery, Shreveport La.- Kappa Kappa Gamma; JAMBALAYA; A Cappella Choir. • DAVID A. TREUTEL; Commerce; 130 St. Charles St., Bay St. Louis, Miss.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Naval ROTC; Navy Drill Team. • NANCY TROUSDALE; Newcomb; 117 Hudson Lane, Monroe, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Dance Club. Third Row: • CELINE TROWBRIDGE- Newcomb; 1445 Nashville Ave.. New Or- leans, La.; Chi Omega; Canterbury Club. • CHARLES ELLIOTT TUCKER Engineering- Box 369, Poplarville. Miss.; Football; Baseball; Wesley Foundation- Air Force ROTC. • LOIS UTAY; Newcomb; 4408 Windsor Parkway ' Dallas. Texas; Psychology Club. • JOSE RAMON VENDRELL Engineering; Box 1787. Ponce. Puerto Rico; A.S.C.E.; Army ROTC. Fourth Row: • EDWARD R VILLEME2, JR.- A4S- 500 N. Wilson Ave., Kaplan, La.; Newman Club. • MATHILDE VILLERE; Newcomb; 2021 Octavia, New Orleans La.- Pi Beta Phi; Le Circle Francais; Newman Club. • HARVEY F. WACHSMAN; A S; 570 Kosciusko St., Brooklyn. NY.; American Chemical Society; Pre-Medical Society; Psychology Maior Club- Hillel Foundation. • J. JAMES WADDELL. Ill; Commere; 6433 Marshal Foch, New Orleans, La.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Tulane Band; Air Force ROTC; Sabre Jets. Fifth Row: • JACK WADE- ASS- 718 Frank, Lufkin, Texas; Sigma Chi. • VER- NON L. WAGNER, JR.; A S; 1515 Dufossat, New Orleans, La.; Kap- pa Alpha- Phi Eta Sigma; American Chemical Society. • WILLIAM A WAGNER JR.- A S- 7030 Canal Blvd., New Orleans, La.; Pi Kappa Alpha- Army ROTC; Pershing Rifles. • RUTH ELIZABETH WALL; Newcomb; 915 Pine, New Orleans. La.; Art Club; Hullabaloo; Wesley Foundation; Glee Club. Sixth Row: • BRENDA WALLBILLICH- Newcomb; 4212 State St.. New Orleans. La.- Alpha Omicron Pi; Barracudas; Newman Club. • PHYLLIS LINN WARD- Newcomb; P.O. 147. Mt. Pleasant, Tenn.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Westminster Fellowship; Glee Club; Opera Workshop; Tulane Band. • DON WEAVER- Engineering; 204 N. Stiles St.. Houston, Texas; Delta Tau Delta; Naval ROTC. • RICHARD WEAVER; Engineering; 4819 Bienville, New Orleans, La.; Phi Eta Sigma; A.l.Ch.E.; Christian Science Organization; Glendy Burke Society. Seventh Row: • MILDRED OLIVE WEBB- Newcomb- 2315 Jefferson Ave.. New Or- leans, La.; Alpha Omicron Pi; JAMBALAYA. • JANE WEIL; New- comb- 230 Bellaire St., Denver, Colo.- Alpha Epsilon Phi; Le Circle Francais- JAMBALAYA; Greenbackers; Student Directory. • ROSE MARY WEIL; Newcomb; 4947 Painters. New Orleans, La. • RON- ALD WEINBERGER; Commerce; 2212 West Beach, Biloxi. Miss.; Air Force ROTC; Sailing Club. Eighth Row: • ALLEN R WEINSTEIN- Architecture; 141 Market St., Long Beach, N.Y.; Alpha Epsilon Pi. • DOROTHY WEISS; Newcomb; 2043 Swift St. Houston Texas; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Oreades; Barracudas; Tulane University Theater. • LEON C. WEISS, JR.; Engineering; 7425 Domini- can St., New Orleans. La.; Zeta Beta Tau; Sailing Club. • ALBERT WELCH; Engineering; 209 Fairway Dr., New Orleans, La.; Alpha Tau Omega; Army ROTC. Ninth Row; • DONNA WELTE- Newcomb- 311 E. Wm. David; New Orleans. La. • JOHN WESTON- University College; 806 South Beach, Bay St, Louis, Miss.; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • LUTIE WHEAT; Newcomb; 540 Homestead Ave., New Orleann, La.; Hullabaloo; Baptist Student Union; Debate Team; Glendy Burke. • DICK WHITE; Engineering; 7906 Plum St.. New Orleans, La.; Kappa Sigma; A.S.C.E.; Air Force ROTC; Sabre Jets Drill Team; Pan-Hellenic Council. RUSSELL THAL NANCY THERIOT JACQUES TOLEDANO JAY TONE JACK TOYE ANN TRACHT DAVID TREUTEL NANCY TROUSDALE CELINE TROWBRIDGE CHARLES TUCKER LOIS UTAY JOSE VENDRELL EDWARD VILLEMEZ JR. MATHILDE VILLERE HARVEY WACHSMAN JAMES WADDELL 111 JACK WADE VERNON WAGNER JR. WILLIAM WAGNER JR. RUTH WALL BRENDA WALLBILLICH PHYLLIS WARD DON WEAVER RICHARD WEAVER MILDRED WEBB JANE WEIL ROSE WEIL RONALD WEINBERGER ALLEN WEINSTEIN DOROTHY WEISS LEON WEISS JR. ALBERT WELCH DONNA WELTE JOHN WESTON LUTIE WHEAT DICK WHITE ' ' ' f S First Row: • LARRY B. WHITE- Commerce; 703 Virginia Ave., Bogalusa, La.; Sigma Alpha Epiilon; Glee Club; Naval ROTC. • LEON M. WHITE; Engineering; 7906 Plum St., New Orleans. La.; Kappa Sigma. • PEGGY JANE WHITE; Newcomb; 176 Ridge Dr.. Jackson, Miss.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Le Circle Francais. • WILLIAM L. WHITE; ASS; ?46 W. Elsmere, San Antonio, Texas; Pre-Medical Society; Hiliel Foundation- Second Row: • ROZZIE WHITTEN; Newcomb; 7630 Southwestern, Dallas, Texas; Pi Beta Phi; Dormitory Council; Wesley Foundation; Student Directory. • MARION WIENER; Newcomb; 622 Longleaf. Shreveport, La.; Alpha Epsilon Phi- Athletic Council- Barracudas- Greenbackers. • NANCY JEAN WILLIAMS: Newcomb ' ; 2911 Berwick Rd.. Birmingham, Ala.; Kappa Kappa Gamma- Beta Beta Beta; Pre-Medical Society; Canter- bury Club. • TOMMY WILLSON; ASS; 1625 Jefferson Hwy.. New Orleans, La.; Kappa Sigma; German Club. Third Row: • GENEY WILSON; Newcomb; 1109 N. Fourth St., Monroe, La.; Chi Omega; La Tertulia; Canterbury Club; Interfaith Council, • JIM WILSON; Commerce; 3302 Cioverdale Rd., Montgomery, Ala.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon- Beta Sigma Pi; Football Sguad- Army ROTC. • PAUL F. WILSON; ASS; 2030 Broadway, New Orleans, La- Disciples Stu- dent Fellowship: A Cappella Choir. • CISSIE WINDER; Newcomb; 707 Robinson, Shreveport, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Barracudas; Canterbury Club. Fourth Row: • PATRICIA WISE; Newcomb- 1520 Wildwood Ave. Calumbus. Ga.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Psychology Club; Sociology Club. • BEVERLY WOLF; Newcomb; 245 Luther Dr., San Antonio, Texas- Alpha Epsilon Phi; Barracudas. • LYNN C. WOODS- ASS- 7015 Willow St., New Orleans, La.; Beta Theta Pi; Army ROTC. • ELLEN WRIGHT; New- comb; 1822 Marydale, Dallas, Texas; Kappa Alpha Theta; Oreades; Hullabaloo: Canterbury Club. Fifth Row: • ADINE WULFEKUHLER; Newcomb; Box 5486, Daytona Beach, Fla.; Kappa Alpha Theta. • FRED WULFF; Engineering; 1503 Pine St., New Orleans, La.; Westminster Fellowship; Naval ROTC Mark I Drill Team. • HAROLD RUTHERFORD YEARY II; ASS; 1814 Washington Laredo, Texas; PhT Kappa Sigma- Baptist Student Union. • FREDERIC A. YOUNGS, JR.; Commerce; 1152 Ingleside Dr., Baton Rouge, La.; Kappa Sigma; Delta Sigma Pi; Greenbackers; Ar my ROTC; Persh- ing Rifles Drill Team; Adelphons; Glendy Burke Society- Pan-Hellenic Council. • DAVID H. YUSPEH; Commerce; 3500 Upperline. New Or- leans, La.; Kappa Nu. If anyone finds this, I love you LARRY WHITE LEON WHITE PEGGY WHITE WILLIAM WHITE ROZZIE WHITTEN MARION WIENER NANCY WILLIAMS TOMMY WILLSON GENEY WILSON JIM WILSON PAUL WILSON CISSIE WINDER PATRICIA WISE BEVERLY WOLF LYNN WOODS ELLEN WRIGHT ADINE WULFEKUHLER FRED WULFF HAROLD YEARY II FREDERIC YOUNGS JR. DAVID YUSPEH " ■iri ' i ' - ' " ' ' ' " " " ( nx , FRESHMEN c cz p ' r • First Row: JOHNNY KALIL ABIDE; A S; 1001 Mississippi Avenue. Greenwood, Miss.; Pfii Delta Theta; TUSK; Pre-Medical Society; Air Force ROTC. • HAROLD E. ADAIR; ASS: 822 Oakdale Rd. N.E., Atlanta Sa.; Sigma Alpha Mu; TUSK; Pre-Medical Society. • DAN ADAMS; A«S; 709 E. Beacti Dr.. Panama City, Fla.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Pre-Medical Society; Westminster Fello-vship Army ROTC. • G, HAROLD ALBURY; A«S; 2320 Audubon St., New Orleans, La.; New- man Club. • NATALIE ALEXANDER; Newcomb; 5817 Country Club Blvd.. South, Little Rock, Ark.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Barracudas; Le Circle Francdis. • Second Row: STEPHEN ANDRY; A S; 7328 Jeannette, New Orleans. La.; Cheerleaders; Greenbackers ' Wesley Foundation; Campus Night ' Army ROTC. • EMMETT ASSENHEI M ER II; Commerce; 653 Third St.. Orleans Pkwy., New Orleans, La.; Delta Tau Delta; Honor Board; Westminster Fellowship; A Cappella Choir. • MARILYN LORAINE AUSTIN; Newcomb; 1632 Bissonnet Houston Texas; Barracudas; Art Club; Hullabaloo; JAMBALAYA; Wesley Foundation. • SALLY AVERY; Newcomb; 1232 Lyncrest, Jackson, Miss.- Chi Omega ' West- minster Fellowship. • ELEANOR MAY BABYLON; Newcomb; 210 Seguin St., New Orleans, La.; Delta Zeta; Wesley Foundation. • Third Row: JOAN BAIM; Newcomb ' 2819 Cherry, Pine Bluff, Ark. ' Alpha Epsilon Phi. • ELLEN GAY BAKER; Newcomb; 3909 Third St, Port Arthur. Texas; Wesley Foundation; Tulane Band. • WILLIAM F. BALDWIN; A S; P.O. Box 56, Papaikov. Hawaii, T.H.; Sigma Chi; Tulane Flying Club; Air Force ROTC. • EUGENIA BALL; Newcomb; Third St., Jackson. Ga.; Alpha Delta Pi; Art Club ' Wesley Foundation. • EVELYN L. BALL; Commerce; 2833 Napoleon Ave.. New Orleans. La.; Hillel Foundation; Pi Lambda Beta. • Fourth Row: SYLVIA BARENBLAT; Newcomb; 102 Kendall St.. San Antonio. Texas. • JOAN BARKERDING; Newcomb; 1319 Eleonore. New Orleans. La.; Alpha Omicron Pi- A Cappella Choir; Hullabaloo. • LEWIS BARNEY BARNUM; ASS; 6427 Jefferson Hwy. Baton Rouge. La.; Kappa Sigma; TUSK; Naval ROTC; International Relations Club ' JAMBALAYA. • CRAIG BARNWELL; Newcomb; 523 E. Claiborne, Greenwood, Miss.; Alpha Omicron Pr Art Club ' Le Circle Francais; Canterbury Club. • JAMES L. BATEMAN; ASS; 6924 Querbes Dr.; Shreveport, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Glee Club; Air Force ROTC. • Fifth Row: AUDREY M. BAHISTELLA; Newcomb ' 2435 Esplanade New Orleans, La.; Newman Club. • GLADYS FRITZIE BAUER; New- comb; 1902 Jackson St.. Alexandria, La.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Le Circle Francais; Glee Club; Glendy Burke Society. • BEN BEATUS JR.; A S; 201 N. Auburndale, Memphis, Tenn.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre- Medical Society; Air Force ROTC ' Sabre Jets Drill Team, • EARL EDMUND BEELMAN; Engineering; Star Rt. Box 36, Grand Isle, La.; Phi Kappa Sigma ' TUSK; Alpha Phi Omeaa ' Canterbury Club- Army ROTC; German Club; Sport Car Club. • ELEANOR " BITSY " BEL- DON; Newcomb; 203 Sharon Dr.. San Antonio. Texas; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Le Circle Francais; Hillel Foundation; Campus Night. • Sixth Row: JOAN BERG; Newcomb 5518 Everett Chicago III.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Barracudas; Art Club; JAMBALAYA. • ARCHIE B. BERGER; Engineering; 2523 Hamilton St., New Orleans. La. • DIANE BERGER- Newcomb- 215 West 90th St.. New York New York. • SALLY BERGERON; Newcomb; I .F.D. 2. Box 78. Napoleon- ville. La.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Barracudas- Newman Club. • JOHAN- NA DUMONTIER BERNARD; Newcomb; 2302 Audubon St., New Or- leans. La.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Newman Club. • Seventh Row: BEV BERNOS; Newcomb; 37 Pelham Dr.. New Or- leans, La.; Chi Omega; Glee Club; Newman Club. • ANNETTE SANDRA BERRY; Newcomb- 2330 Wilmct Ave. Columbia, S.C.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Le Circle Francais; Campus Night; JAMBALAYA. ' .KAY BETHUNE; Newcomb; 1108 Claire Ave., Austin, Texas; Phi Mu; Le Circle Francais; Campus Night. • ANNABELLE LEE BEYER; New- comb; 4152 Grandview, Memphis, Tenn.- Alpha Epsilon Phi; Pre- Medical Society; Art Club; Dance Club- JAMBALAYA • CON- STANCE BIRABENT; Newcomb; 1303 ' ; Marigny, New Orleans, La. • Eighth Row: NANCY BIVINS; Newcomb; 1510 Bonham, Amarillo. Texas; Kappa Alpha Theta; Le Circle Francais; Westminster Fellow- ship. • JAY BLACH; Commerce; 3700 Montevallo. Birmingham, Ala.; Zeta Beta Tau; Hillel Foundation; JAMBALAYA. • LESLIE HARROD BLANK; ASS; 3701 McKay Ave., Tampa Fla.; Sigma Chi; Freshman Football. • GINGER BLANKS; Newcomb; 1006 N. Third St., Monroe, La.; Chi Omega; Le Circle Francais; Baptist Student Union. • JOYCE BLOOM; Newcomb; 1425 Boiling Ave., Norfolk, Va.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Campus Night; French Club. • Ninth Row: JOAN DARLINGTON BODMAN; Newcomb; 9555 Jef- ferson Hwy.. Baton Rouge, La.; Chi Omega; Canterbury Club; Hul- labaloo- Glee Club, o FREDERIC S. BOGART; Commerce; 1342 Boxwood Dr., W., Hewlett, N.Y.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Hullabaloo; In- tramural Council; Hillel Foundation; Air Force ROTC- Dormitory Council; Saber Jets. • JANET BOISFONTAINE; Newcomb; 7217 St. Charles Ave. New Orleans, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Le Circle Francais; Glee Club. • BARBARA BRAND; Newcomb; 2201 Mac- Arthur, Houston, Texas; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Le Circle Francais; Hillel Foundation; Glee Club. • EUGENE MAXMILLIAN BRANDT; ASS; 1004 Jos eph St., New Orleans, La.; Kappa Sigma; Pre-Medical So- ciety; Canterbury Club. " " j H ' : JM|||||[|| MMlM||r— 97 ■ y je, u Avv JCk A. cXxUiA • First Row: PAULINE ZENA BRANDT; Newcomb; 4271 Vendome PI., New Orleans, La.; Hillel Foundation. • NANCY BRANICK; Newcomb; 516 Eighth St., So., Fargo, N.D.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Canterbury Club; Glee Club. • PETE BRIANT; Architecture: 4224 S. Galvel, New Orleans, La. • BART BRIDGES; Newcomb; 24 E. Eighlh St., Hinsdale, III.; TUSK; Kappa Alpha Theta; Newman Club. • PAUL BROADHEAD; A S; 1212 Twenty-second Ave., Meridian. Miss.; Kappa Sigma; Pre-Medical Society. • Second Row: LAVINIA BROCK; Newcomb; Rt. I, Box 287, Velasco, Texas; Cheerleaders; Greenbackers. • RUTH MARILYN BRONSTEIN; Newcomb; 424 Vine St.. Elizabeth, N.J.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Tulane Band; Dance Club; Tulane University Theatre; Hillel Foundation. • JANE BROUGH; Newcomb; Gamwyn Park, Greenville, Miss.; Phi Mu; Baptist Student Union. • AGNES CARSON BROWN; Newcomb; 200 St. Charles Ave., Natchez, Miss.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; TUSK; Dance Club; Le Circle Francais; Hullabaloo; Canterbury Club. • ESTINA BROWN; Newcomb; 301 Charles Rd., San Antonio, Texas; Kappa Alpha Theta; Glee Club; Baptist Student Union. • Third Row: NANCY BROWN; Newcomb; 1121 Park Circle Dr., Co- lumbus, Miss.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Wesley Foundation; Glee Club. • WOOD BROWN III; A S; 2129 Palmer Ave., New Orleans, La.; Sigma Chi; Army ROTC; Pershing Rifles. • JOHN M. BUCKNER; A S; 2030 S. Atlantic, Daytona Beach, Fla.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Pre- Medical Society. • J. V. BURKES; Engineering; 7030 Hickory. New Orleans, La.; Army ROTC; Freshman Football. • PATRICIA LEE BURNSTEIN; Newcomb; 3513 Octavia, New Orleans, La.; Hillel Foun- dation. • Fourth Row: KAREN BURTON; Newcomb; 131 Maryland Dr.. New Orleans, La.; Phi Mu; Hullabaloo; Glee Club- Wesley Foundation. • FRANK H. BUTLER; A S; 23116 Madison, Dearborn, Mich.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Vice-President of Freshman A S; Naval ROTC; Taff- rail Naval Society. • PHYLLIS LUCY BUTLER; Newcomb; 3318 Robert St., New Orleans, La.; Canterbury Club. • HELEN CABANISS; Com- merce; 2007 S. Lopei St., New Orleans. La.; Phi Mu; Secretary-Treas- urer of class; Westminster Fellowship; Glee Club. • TRICIA VANDERBILT CAESAR; Newcomb; Harbor Beach, Mich.; Canterbury Club; Glee Club. • Fifth Row: META CALDWELL; Newcomb; 102 Osage Rd.. Oak Ridge. Tenn.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Art Club. • LUCY CAN- CIENNE; Newcomb; 4678 Eastern St., New Orleans, La.; Glee Club. • LYNN CAPEL; Newcomb; 1601 W. Sixteenth, Pine Bluff, Ark.; Chi Omega; Tulane Band. • DOLORES CARBAJAL; Engineering; 662 Alio. Marrero. New Orleans. La.; Newman Club. • EVELYN THERE- SA CAREY; Newcomb; 3515 Tulane Ave., New Orleans, La.; Newman Club. • Sixth Row: WALTON CARLISLE; Newcomb; 713 Springdale Dr., Spartanburg, S.C.; Le Circle Francais; Canterbury Club. • BECKY CARSON; Newcomb; 2127 Simmons. Alex.»ndria, La.; Chi Omega; Dance Club; Hullabaloo. • MARY CARTISSER; Newcomb; High St., Stanhope. N J.; Beta Sigma Omicron; Athletic Club; Glee Club. • DON CHALMERS; ASS; 311 Allien Place, Port Arthur, Texas; Sigma Alpha EpsNon; Army ROTC; Wesley Foundation. • JOHN D. CHARBONNET; A S; 5535 S. Miro, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha; Naval ROTC; Mark I. • Seventh Row: DON CHARLES; A S; 4871 Laurel. New Orleans; Kappa Sigma; Army ROTC. • JACK R. CIACCIO; Commerce; 645 Orion St., Metairie. La. • JUDY CLARK; Newcomb; Howard, Salem. New Hampshire. • MIMI CLARK; Newcomb; Mer Rouge, La.; Le Circle Francais; Baptist Student Union; A Cappella Choir. • MARY ANN CLEVER; Newcomb; 7800 St. Charles, New Orleans, La. • Eighth Row: ANGUS B. COBB, JR.. A S; 1204 Ibena St.. New Iberia. La.; Kappa Alpha; Air Force ROTC. • JAMES BOECHRINGER COBB; Commerce; 4 Paladin Place. New Orleans, La.; Beta Theta Pi; Green- backers; Air Force ROTC. • ANN CAMPBELL COCO; Newcomb; 706 S. Washington. Marksville, La.; Le Circle Francais; Greenbackers; Wesley Foundation. • Nl NFA COLLIER; Newcomb; Pennsylvania Ave., Wauchula. Fla.; Alpha Omega Pi; Baptist Student Union; Glee Club. • BILL CONE; A S; 1036 Cleburne Ave., N.E.. Atlanta. Ga.; Pi Kappa Alpha; German Club; Pre-Medical Society. • Ninth Row: EDWARD CONNELL; Architecture; 617 W. 2nd, Clarks- dale. Miss.; Phi Delta Theta; Freshman Representative — Architecture; TUSK; Wesley Foundation. • LARRY JOE COOK; Commerce; Route I. Box 35. Columbia. Miss.; Tulane Civil Defense Unit. • JAMES C. COOLEY; ASS; 2415 Marengo, New Orleans, La.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Pi Lambda Beta. • MARTHA COON; Newcomb; 601 Auburn. Mon- roe, La.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Art Club; Baptist Student Union. • BOB COOPER; Engineering; 1334 Alvar, New Orleans. La. 98 vOJAJ87:ftJ M.VdA VsJyc • First Row: MELITA CORISAN; Newcomb; Box 1373. Miami. Fla.; Pi Beta Plli; Newman Club. • RUTH R. CORNMAN; Commerce; 3240 Octavia. New Orleans, La.; Hillel Foundation. • HUGHES CORRI- GAN; ASS; 1565 Webster St., New Orleans. La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Army ROTC. • DIXIE ANN CORTNER; Newcomb; 7301 Hurst St., New Orleans. La.; Glee Club; Newman Club. • JACK RICHARDS COSNER; Architecture; 447 S. Ryan. Lake Charles. La.; Naval ROTC, • Second Row: PEGGY COSTLEY; Newcomb; 508 Pine St., New Or- leans, La.; Pi Beta Phi; Westminster Fellowship; Glee Club. • IvIARY GAIL COUTRET; Newcomb; 400 Grandview. San Antonio. Tex.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Canterbury Club; Glee Club. • GAIL COX; Newcomb; 1539 N. Parkway. Memphis, Tenn.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Hullabaloo; Canterbury Club. • RICHARD CRAIS; AfS; 628 Little Farms. New Orleans 23, La.; Kappa Sigma; Westminster Fellowship; Air Force ROTC; Alpha Phi Omega. • Jllvl CRAWFORD; Commerce; 221 Rice St., Little Rock, Ark.- Kappa Sigma- Air Force ROTC- Drill Team AFROTC. « Third Row: ROBERT S. CRAWFORD; ASS; 618 Green Acres Road. New Orleans, La.; Kappa Sigma; Air Force ROTC. • BILL CREIGH TON; Engineering; 1913 Mirabeau. New Orleans. La.; Naval ROTC • FRANK J. CRISTINA; ASS; 1623 Milan St.. New Orleans. La.; New- man Club. • FRANK M. CRITTENDEN. JR.; ASS; c o Col. F. M Crittenden, Stewart A.F.B., Ncwburgh, NY.; Phi Delta Theta; Pre l»(edical Society; TUSK; Canterbury Club; Army ROTC; Alpha Ph Omega. • JERRY CRUDRUP; Commerce; 2326-34th Ave.. Meridian Miss.; Kappa Sigma. • Fourth Row: BOB CUDD; ASS; 1423 Forsythe. Monroe, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • SALLY CUMMINGS; Newcomb; 2131 Troon Rd., Houston, Tex. • JOHN PICKETT CUMMINS; Commerce: 1507 Cherry St., Vicksburg, Miss. • FRITZ DAHLBERG; Engineering: 199 Audubon Blvd., New Orleans, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Golf; Army ROTC, • JO ANN DANIEL; Newcomb; 708 West Commercial, Victoria. Tex.; Pi Beta Phi; Newman Club. • Fifth Row: FRANK DANNENBAUM; Engineering; 2348 Dryden Road, Houston. Tex.; Army ROTC. • NELL DAVIDGE; Newcomb; 4141 Rich- mond, Shreveport, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Barracudas. • RALPH DAVIDSON; Commerce; 2418 Maroneal, Houston, Tex.; Zeta Beta Tau; JAMBALAYA; Army ROTC. • NAN DAVIS; Newcomb; 3812 Empe- drado. Tampa, Fla.; Phi Mu; Hullabaloo; Newman Club. • HERB DAWIDOFF; Commerce; 758 Oxford. Clayton 5. Mo.; Zeta Beta Tau. • Sixth Row: SANDRA DE ARMAS; Newcomb; 2746 So. Atlantic Ave., Daytona Beach, Fla.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Sailing Club; Newman Club. • SALLIE de BEN; Newcomb; 1710 Audubon St., New Orleans. La.; Chi Omega; Le Circle Francais; TUSK; Newman Club. • MARCELLE de BUYS; Newcomb; 1302 State St., New Orleans. La.; Pi Beta Phi; TUSK; Newman Club. • MARY ELLEN DE LA HOUSSAYE; Newcomb; 5809 St, Charles, New Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Phi; Newman Club; Glee Club. • JACPUES PEREZ de la VERSNE; Engineering; Quarters " D " U.S.N-A.D., McAlester, Okla.; Kappa Aloha; Naval ROTC. • Seventh Row: PIT DELL; Newcomb; 6123 Clara. New Orleans, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • KAY de MONTLUZIN; Newcomb; 317 E, Livingston Place. New Orleans. La.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Newman Club; Glee Club. • JOHN GEORGE DE RUSSY; Commerce; 1140 Fourth St., New Orleans, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • CAROLE DE SONIER Newcomb; 4109 Leonidas. New Orleans. La.; Beta Sigma Omicron Hullabaloo; Newman Club; Glee Club. • EDWARD P. DES PLAS Engineering; 117 Nursery. New Orleans, La.; Baptist Student Union. • Eighth Row: DUB DIGIGLIA; ASS; 823 Shell Beach, Lake Charles, La.; Kappa Sigma; Pre-Medical Society; Newman Club. • BARBARA DICKEY; Newcomb; 6926 Harding. Pine Bluff, Ark.; Chi Omega; Wes- ley Foundation. • EARL A. DIMITRY, JR.; Engineering; 1405 Audubon St.. New Orleans, La.; Delta Tau Delta. • TOD DIMITRY; ASS; 611 E. Charles. Hammond. La.; Beta Theta Pi; Newman Club. • BARBARA DODD; Newcomb; 2025 So. Atlantic Ave., Daytona Beach. Fla.; Sailing Club; Newman Club. • Ninth Row: ELAINE DOUGLASS; Newcomb: 835 Exposition. New Orleans. La.; Pi Beta Phi; Barracudas; Newman Club. • PAULA DOUG- LASS; Newcomb; 531 Westover Drive. Atlanta, Ga.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Wesley Foundation. • PAMELA DOWDY; Newcomb; Apau- tado 23, Mavaccaibo, Venezuela; Phi Mu; Pre-Med Society; Carnival; Hullabaloo; Newman Club; Glendy Burke Society; International Rela- tions Club. • BRUCE A. DRAZEN; ASS; 38 West End Ave., Bingham- ton, N. Y-; Kappa Nu; Hullabaloo; Hillel Foundation; Air Force ROTC. • WALLACE C. DRENNAN. JR.; ASS; 7447 Pearl Street, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha. Mwr ' r™ " - 99 ■ 0 ' jU:X j N j:iJA, SdjJi i • First Row: DENIS A. DRENNING; Engineering: 128 Rosewood Dr.. New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha; Air Force ROTC; Newman Club. • ETHEL ANN DUBOSE; Newcomb; 17 Boca Chica Blvd., Browns- ville. Tex. • ANN DUBUISSON; Newcomb; 565 Oneonta St., Shreve- port. La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Dormitory Council; Hullabaloo; Canterbury Club. » t ICHAEL G. DUCLAUX; ASS: 254 Joralemon St., Belleville, N. J.; Intramural Football; Newman Club; Army ROTC; Slendy Burke Society; Chess Club. • HERBERT DUNCAN; ASS; P.O. Box 787, Minden, La.; Kappa Sigma. • Second Row: ANN DURNING; Newcomb; 12 Forest Ave., New Or- leans, La.; Barracudas; Dance Club. • SUZY DUVALL; Newcomb; 1517 Dufossat, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Le Circle Fran- cais. • BILL DYER; Commerce; 3456 Buckner Lane, Paducah, Ky.; Beta Theta Pi; Intramural Football; Wesley Foundation; Army ROTC. » WILLIAM DYKES; ASS; 1631 Audubon St., New Orleans, La.; Alpha Tau Omega; Air Force ROTC. • HENRY EICHELBERGER; ASS; 501 South tvlain St.. Lexington, Va.; Kappa Alpha; Pre-Medical Society; TUSK; Westminster Fellowship; Air Force ROTC. • Third Row: SID EISENBAUM ASS; 437 E. Fulton St., Long Beach, N. Y.; Alpha Epsilon Pi. • RITA MARION EISENSTADT; Newcomb; 210 4th Ave., Port Arthur. Tex.; Sigma Delta Tau. • JIMMY ELZbY; A S; 295 Midvale Drive, Atlanta, Ga.; Pre-Medical Society; Wesley Foundation; Air Force ROTC. » ROBERT ENGLEKIRK; ASS; 1305 Broad- way, New Orleans, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Glee Club; Air Force ROrC; Sabre Jets. • LUCY ENGLISH; Newcomb; 905 Mulberry Rd.. Martinsville, Va.; Phi Mu; Le Circle Francais; Disciples Student Fel- lowship. • Fourth Row: CATHERINE ENRIGHT; Newcomb; 1911 Milan St., New Orleans, La.; Phi Mu; Newman Club. • LAWRENCE J. ERNST; ASS; 5939 Canal Blvd., New Orleans. La.; Pre-Medical Society; Army ROTC. • KAY ESHELMAN; Newcomb; 1419 Henry Clay, New Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Phi; Barracudas; Dance Club. • LOIS FALGOUT; Newcomb; 1022 Homer Ave., Pittsburgh. Pa.; Phi Mu; Newman Club; Glee Club. • NANCY FANT; Newcomb; 304 Walthall, Holly Springs. Miss.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Wesley Foundation: Glee Club. • Fifth Row: TOM EARNED; ASS; 605 Cotaco, Russellville, Ala.: Pre- Medical Society; Wesley Foundation; Tulane Band; Army ROTC. • SYDNEY FARR; Commerce; 3434 Masonic Dr., Alexandria. La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Intramural Football; TUSK; Air Force ROTC; Interna- tional Relation Club. • LEON G. FEINBLOOM; Commerce; 102 Col- fax Ave., Prompton Lakes, N.J.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Hillel Foundation. • EDWARD M. FEINMAN. JR.; Commerce; 4322 Majestic Oak Dr., New Orleans, La.; Zeta Beta Tau. • BETTY FEITEL; Newcomb; 24 Neron Place. New Orleans, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Le Circle Francais; Canterbury Club. • Sixth Row: CHARLES FELGER; ASS; 507 W. Brazos. Victoria. Tex.; Pre-Medical Society; tulane Band; Army ROTC. • SUSAN FELLER;; Newcomb; 178 70tn St., New York 21, N.r.; Le Circle Francais; Hullabaloo; Hiliel Foundation; Campus Night; Glee Club. • CHARLES FEKGUSON; ASS; Il9 Audubon Blvd., New Orleans. La.; Alpha Tau Omega; Hullabaloo; Naval ROTC; " Navy Newspaper. " • EARL FERGUSON; Engineering; 812 14th Ave.. S.E., Decatur, Ala.; Phi Delta Iheta. • LLOtU FtTNtR; ASS; 116 East 46th St.. Brooklyn 34. N.Y.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Air Force ROTC; Sabre Jets Drill Team. • Seventh Row: SUE CHOICE FIELD; Newcomb; 3224 Jackson, Alex- andria, La.; Chi Omega; Secretary of Freshman Class; Greenbackers. • SONNY FISHER; ASS; 4126 Elba St., New Orleans, La.; Zeta Beta Tau; Track; Army ROTC. • PENNY JOAN FLEISHER; Newcomb; 1012 N. Roxbury Dr.. Beverly Hills. Calif.; Alpita Epsilon Phi; Barracudas; Hillel Foundation; Glee Club. • AARON ROSEN FODIMAN; ASS; 123 Stamford Ave., Stamford, Conn.; Zeta Beta Tau; Pre-Medical So- ciety; Hillel Foundation. • BILL FORMAN; ASS; 417 Codifer, New Orleans. La.; Phi Delta Theta. • Eighth Row: CIFTON N. FRANCIS, JR.; Engineering: 1706 Avenue I. Bogalusa, La.; Naval ROTC. • ELSTNER FRAZER; Newcomb; 103 Rochelle Ave., Monroe. La.; Chi Omega; Canterbury Club; TUSK; Art Club; Lc Circle Francais. • WALTER GRAFF FREY; Engineering; 4422 S. Miro. New Orleans, La.; Sigma Chi; Naval ROTC. • CHARLES J. FRITCHIE. JR.; ASS; 204 Lee St., Slidell, La.; Phi Kappa Sigma. • GERALD R. FUCICH; 50 E. Border Dr., Spring Hill. Ala, • Ninth Row: BECKY FU(?UA; Newcomb; Rt. 7, Box 217, Texarkana. Ark.; Pi Beta Phi; Barracudas; Wesley Foundation. • MILDRED V. GAILLARDANNE; Commerce; 1342 Alvar St., New Orleans, La.; Com- merce Women ' s Club. » PAUL B. SAINES; Engineering; 3707 Wood- land Dr.. Memphis, Tenn.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Naval ROTC. • MARY GARRARD; Newcomb; 1 Barberry Lane, Indianola. Miss.; Phi Mu; Glee Club; Tulane Band. • ROBERT GASTROCK; Engineering; 43 Oaklawn Dr., Mefarle, La.; Baptist Student Union. ilk . ' ' i: 100 Y6jisJ AJL A S J i jyQ • First Row: ADRIANNE GIBBS; Newcomb; Live Oali. Fla-: Alpha Epsilon Phi; Hillel Foundation; Campus N ' ght; Le Circle Francais. • MARCIa ' lee GIBBS; Newcomb; 955 W. New York, DeLand, Fla.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Lg Circle Francais; Hullabaloo; Campus Night. • LIZ GIBSON; Newcomb; 7924 Westmoreland Dr., Sarasota, Fla.; Kappa Alpha Theta. » EARL W. GILL: 2 ' 0 Edqewood Dr.. Beckley, W. Va.; Delta Tau Delta. • ALFREDO GONZALEZ. JR.; ASS; Cotulla. Texas; Pi Kappa Alpha; Air Force ROTC. • Second Row: ROSE GONZALEZ; Newcomb; Box C, Benavides. Texas. • JOAN GOOGE; Newcomb; Charlestr n Miss.; Phi Mu; Wes- ley Foundation; Campus Night. • LAWRFNCE GORDON; 80 Oak, Belioni, Miss.; Zeta Beta Tau; Army ROTC, " WARREN GOSS; Com- merce; 251 Patton, Shreveport, La, ' Siqma Alpha Epsilon; Army ROTC, • NORBERT D, GRABOWSKI; ASS ' 4 " 38 Paris Ave,, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Nu; German Club; International Relations Club. • Third Row: FRANCES GRAHAM; Newcomb ' P.O. Box 266, Bolton Miss,; Chi Omega; Canterbury Club. • DOROTHY GRANBERRY; New- comb; 141 E. Elmview PL, San Anton ' o, Texas; Alpha Omicron Pi; Baptist Student Union; Glee Club • RACHEL GREENBERG: Newcomb; 8ie LJnadilla, Shreveport, La,; Alpha Epsilon Phi; German Club, • SAM GREENBERG; ASS; 199 S, Park Ave., Lakewood N.J.; Siqma Alpha Mu; Hillel Foundation: Pre-Law Cub, • RICHARD A GREENE ASS;; 3634 Octavia. New Orleans, La,; Zeta Beta Tau; Pre-Medical Society; Hillel Foundation; Glee Club; Army ROTC, • Fourth Row: HELEN LAWRIE GRIFFIN: Newcomb; 104 Prewett, Magnolia, Miss.; Chi Omega; TUSK; Westminster Fellowship, • DAN M. GRIFFITH; ASS; 902 Frederica, Owen-.boro, Ky,: Siqma Chi: Pre- Medical Society; Sreenbackers; Army ROTC. ' WENDY GRISWOLD; Newcomb; 2325 Camp St., New Or ' eans. La.; Glee Club. • EARL GROBER; ASS; 146 Oakhurst Ave., Clarksdale, Miss.: Zeta Beta Tau; Pre-Medical Society; Hullabaloo. • SARAH GROGAN; Newcomb; 207 Oakdale, Martinsville, Va.; Phi Mu; Baptist Student Union; JAMBALAYA. • Fifth Row: RENE EARL GROSSMAN; Engineering: 2229 Napoleon Ave.. New Orleans, La,; Zeta Beta Tau: Army ROTC • SARAH GUELFI; Newcomb; 2274 Central Beaumont, Texas: Phi Mu; Art Club; Newman Club; Glee Club, • ARNOLD GUSTAFSON Engineering; Box 24, Port Sulphur, La,: Beta Theta Pi; TUSK; Air Force ROTC, • MARK B, HAIKEN; ASS; 4300 lOfh Ave,, Brooklyn, N,Y,; Aloha Epsilon Pi; Pre-Medical Society; Hillel Foundation: Air Force ROTC. • MARCIA HAINES; Newcomb: 304 N. Grove, Oak Park, III ; Kappa Alpha Theta; Le Circle Francais; Canterbury Club, • Sixth Row: W, C. HAMILTON; Engineering- 1208 Ca ' houn St., New Orleans, La.; Siqma Alpha Epsilon. • ALAN L. HAMMOND: ASS; 6939 Marshall Foch. New Orleans, La, ' Kappa Siqma; Army ROTC, • WILLIAM HAMRICK; Enqineering; 806 Camp Hattiesburq, Miss.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Naval ROTC. • JAMES CLINTON HANCHEY; ASS- I 17 Orchard St., Lake Charles, La,; Air Force ROTC. • CHARLES HANSEN; Engineering: 217 W. Claude, Lake Charles, La, • Seventh Row: JOE HARDISON; Commerce; 1862 N, Rainbow Dr.. Memphis, Tenn.; Kapoa Alpha; Army ROTC. • ASHTON HARDY: Commerce: 1819 So. Gayoso. New Orleans, La.- Kappa Aloha; Naval ROTC; Navy Drill Team. • JANE HARDY; Newcomb; Rt. I, Primrose Plantation, Columbus, Miss.; Chi Omeqa; Art Club; Canterbury Club. • RUTH HARPER; Newcomb- 1027 Delaware, Shreveport, La.; Pi B. ' fl Phi; Barracudas; Le Circle Francais; Wesley Foundation; Army ROTC Sponsor; Captain Cadet Staff Officer. • TUTTI HARRIS; Newcomb: 5 Cromwell PI., New Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Phi; Art Club; Le Circle Francais. • Eighth Row: AVERY L. HARRISON; ASS: 2425 Tennessee St., New Orleans, La.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • DAVID AUSTIN HART; Engineerinq; 2905 N. 7th Ave., Laurel, Miss, • JOHN H. HAVERKAMP: Commerce; 1401 Nashville Ave,, New Orleans La,: Kappa Siqma; Newman Club; Air Force ROTC. • RALPH B. HAY; Engineerinq; 5741 West End Blvd.. New Orleans, La. • LYNN HEASLIP; Newcomb; 1756 Branard, Hous- ton, Texas; Kappa Kappa Gamma; White Caps; Glee Club; Newman Club. • Ninth Row: DAWN HEBERT; Newcomb; 5367 Canal Blvd., New Orleans, La,; Alpha Omicron Pi; Newman Club; Glee Club; JAMBA- LAYA; ' • WILLIAM F, HECKER; Engineering; 1619 Dublin, New Or- leans, ' La,; Delta Sigma Phi; Newman Club; Army ROTC, • INEZ HEIDELBERG; Newcomb; 205 South 23th Ave., Hattiesburg, Miss.; Chi Omeqa; Le Circle Francais; Newman Club; JAM BALAYA, • MANNIE HENDRIX; Enqineering; 633 8th Sf., Beaumont. Texas; Sigma Chi; Wesley Foundation; Naval ROTC; Mark I Drill Platoon; Taffrail Naval Society. • BARRy ' HENRY; ASS; Fort Hill. Vicksburg, Miss.; Siqma Alpha Epsilon; Canterbury Club; Army ROTC. 101 — N3aa V je ?i A v rakAA. CAXUiA • First Row: SHERRILL HERRING: Newcomb: 1414 Baum, Vkksburg, Miss.- Alpha Omicron Pi; Barracudas; Greenbacl(ers; Le Circle Fran- cais; Canterbury Club. • MARY LOU HEVRON; Newcomb; 5320 Dry- ades St.. New Orleans, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma, • ALFRED YIM KUI HEW. JR.; A S; 303 Severne, New Orleans, La.; Glee Club; Air Force ROTC. • CAROL HIGH; Newcomb; P.O. Bo« 272, Altamonte Springs. Fla. • LUTHER HILL; ASS; 344 Felder, Montgomery, Ala.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Air Force ROTC; Saber Jets. • Second Row: RICHARD HILLER- Commerce; 7028 Walmsley, New Orleans. La.; Zeta Beta Tau; Naval ROTC. • SERGEI J. HILLERY; Engineering; 7726 Sycamore St., New Orleans, La.; Kappa Sigma; Naval ROTC. • ELBERT F. HINSON; A S; 3116-A Elysian Fields. New Orleans, La.; Wesley Foundation; Naval ROTC- Y.M C.A. • GEORGE HIRSBERG; Commerce; 322 West Second, Clarksdale; Miss.; Zeta Beta Tau; Naval ROTC. • WILLIAM JOHN HOBBS- Engineering: 516 St. Peter St. New Orleans, La.; Sigma Chi; Air Force ROTC. • Third Row: BETTY LOUISE HOFFMAN; Newcomb; 906 (Pueen City Ave., Tuscaloosa, Ala.; Dance Club; Le Circle Franca ' s. • SUZANNE HOFMANN; Newcomb; 1602 Gaston, Austin, Texas; Art Club; Le Circle Francais • CHRIS HOLCOMB; Newcomb; 1130 Second St., Gulfport, Miss.- Chi Omega; Westminster Fellowship. • DONALD ROGER HOL- LIS- Engineering- ' l 129 McKinley N.E.. Warren, Ohio; Delta Tau Delta; We ' stminster Fellowship; Naval ROTC. • JAMES T. HOLT; Engineer- ing; RFD. 4. Grafton, W. Va.; Delta Sigma Phi; Naval ROTC. • Fourth Row: WALTER J. HOWAT; Engineering; 4 ' ,5I Western, New Orleans, La.; Naval ROTC. • HERBERT HUGHES; Commerce: Rt. 5, Box 182 Whitney Avenue. New Orleans, La.; Phi Delta Theta; Army ROTC- Persian Rifle Team. • CHARLIE HURTH; Engineering; 515 Northl ' ine, Metairie, La.; Beta Theta Pi; Naval ROTC. • JANE HUTCH- INSON- Newcomb- Route I, Box 265, Shreveport, La.; Athletic Council; Greenbackers; Canterbury Club. • PAT HYMANS; Newcomb; 1909 Brunson, Houston, Texas; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Le Circle Francais: Hillel Foundation: Glee Club. • Fifth Row: JACK ILGENFRITZ: A S; 526 Boulevard, Shreveport, La • Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Carnival; Canterbury Club; Glendy Burke Society • JOHN R. JACKSON, JR.; A S; 1318 Hardy. Hattiesburg. Miss.; Kappa Sigma. • GEORGIE JACOBS; Newcomb; 1220 Sam LionsTr., Martinsville. Va.; Phi Mu; Barracudas; Canterbury Club; Glee Club. • DALE KEITH JENSEN; A S; 506 Rankin, Andalusia, Ala.; Wesley Foundation: Westminster Fellowship; Tulane Band. • ELIZA- BETH ANNE JOHNSON ; Newcomb; 179 John Anderson Hwy., Ormond Beach, Fla.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Canterbury Club, Glee Club. • Sixth Row: J. HARVEY JOHNSON; ASS; Box 552, Ferriday, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; German Club; Army ROTC. • KAY JOHNSON; Newcomb; 18 West Rivercrest Dr., Houston. Texas; Chi Omega; Art Club; JAMBALAYA; Christian Science Organization. • RAY JOHN- SON- Engineering; 2924 Franklin Ave., New Orleans. La.; Delta Sigma Phi; Air Force ROTC. • MARTHA JOHNSTON; Newcomb; 4515 Gilbert Drive, Shreveport, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; A Cappella Choir; Glee Club. ANN JOINER; Newcomb; 5801 Fontainebleau Dr., New Orleans, La.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Westminster Fellowship; A Cappella Choir. • Seventh Row: GREG JONES; A S; 1011 Lillian St.. New Orleans, La; Pi Kappa Alpha; Army ROTC. • HOLLEY JONES; 1435 Nashville Ave., New Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Phi; Barracudas; Dance Club. • JACKLYN JONES; Newcomb; 44 Newcomb Blvd., New Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Phi; Athletic Council; Le Circle Francais. • RICHARD L. JORDAN; Commerce; 1109 Johnston St., Lafayette. La.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Glee Club; Army ROTC. • JOYCE JOURDAN; Newcomb; 1333 Coliseum St., New Orleans, La. • Eight Row: LOUIS E. JUNG, JR.; ASS; 3718 Vincennes, New Or- leans. La.- Alpha Tau Omega. • MAMIE JUNG; Newcomb; 5529 Magaiinc. New Orleans, La. • ARMAND DAVID KAHN; A S; 3005 Canterbury Lane Birmingham, Ala.; Zeta Beta Tau; Pre-Med Society; Intramural Council; JAMBALAYA. • EDMOND J. KALIFEY; ASS; 2701 Lakeshore, Shreveport, La.; Pre-Med Society. • FRANCES MARION KARPELES; Newcomb; 6 Montcrest Dr., Birmingham, Ala.; Alpha Epsi- lon Phi; JAMBALAYA; International Relations Club. • Ninth Row: LINDA ANN KATZ; Newcomb; l624Grenham, Rockford, III.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Barracudas; Tulane University Theatre. • WILLIAM J. KEARNEY, III; ASS; 4610 Perrier St., New Orleans, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Army ROTC. • NED KEARNY; Commerce; 1217 Octavia St., New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha; Army ROTC. • PATRICK C. KEEFE; Engineering; 102 W. Garfield, Freeport, 111.; Varsity Letter; Golf. • KITTY KEHL; Newcomb; 3027 Coliseum St., New Orleans, La.; Delta Zeta; Christian Science Organization; A Cappella Choir. 102 ' ' S S • First Row: WALTER JOSEPH KEIFE, JR.; Engineering; 4312 Walms- ley, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Sigma; Newman Club. • JOHN W. KELLY, III; Engineering; 7333 Jeannefte St., New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alplia; Army ROTC. • ROBERT KELLY; Engineering; 2010 Lomburd St.. Dubuque, Iowa; Phi Delta Thcta; Naval ROTC. ' ROBERT KES- SEL; Architecture; 60 Highland St., Revere, Mass.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Hillel Foundation; Air Force ROTC. • HERIvlAN KILPATRICK; ASS; 1021 Eleventh St., Bessemer, Ala.; Army ROTC. • Second Row: BARBARA SYLVIA KIRKWOOO; Commerce; 2815 Aubry St., New Orleans, La.; Commerce Women ' s Club. • RUTH KNIGHTON; Newcomb; 632 Longleaf Dr., Shreveport, La.; Pi Beta Phi; Freshman Class President; Athletic Council; Honor Board; Ten- nis Club; JAt (BALAYA; Baptist Student Union; Army ROTC: DrII Team, Captain; Student Council. • WILLIAM GERK1ANN KOONCE; Engineering; 3032 Upperline St., New Orleans, La.: Kappa Sigma; Glee Club; Naval ROTC. • ROSEtvlARY KORNDORFFER; Newcomb; 2725 Joseph St., New Orleans. La.; Phi Mu. • ROBERT R. KRANDEL; A£S; Box 142, Jennings, La.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Secretary-Treasurer A S Freshman Class; Pre-Med Society; Air Force ROTC. • Third Row: SAMUEL KRUSHEVSKI; ASS; 4516 So. Galvez, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Nu; Hillel Foundation; Army ROTC. • MALISSE LABBf; Newcomb: 240 Girard Park, Lafayette, La.; Pi Beta Phi; Dance Club; Newman Club. • PAM LACHIN; Newcomb; 2 ' !20 Darte St., New Orleans, La.; Alpha Delta Pi; Newman Club; Glee Club, • A. E. LAFAYE; ASS; 5423 Hewen St.. New Orleans, La.; Beta Theta Pi. • RUTH LAFRANZ; Newcomb; 2200 Twenty-eighth Ave.. Meridian. Miss.; Beta Sigma Omicron; Le Circle Francais; Hullabaloo; Newman Club; Glee Club. • Fourth Row: HUGH LAMENSDORF; ASS; Shelby, Miss.; Zeta Beta Tau; Pre-Med Society; JAMBAL YA. • STUART C. LANDERS; ASS; 3661 Tolland Rd.. Shaker Heights 22, Ohio- Zeta Beta Tau Pre-Med Society; JAMBALAYA; Army ROTC. • BERT LaPRAIRIE; ASS; 2202 Peniston St., New Orleans, La.; Phi Kappa Sigma: Baptist Student Union; Drill Team; Sabre Jets. • NANCY JO LaPRAIRIE; Newcomb; 104 N. Holly, Bunkie, La.; Phi Mu; Baptist Student Un on. • EDWARD LAZARUS; Commerce; 907 No. Roxbury Dr., Beverly Hills, Calif.; Kap- pa Nu; Hullabaloo; Hillel Foundation; Army ROTC. • Fifth Row: CAROL LEAKE; Newcomb: 7912 Willow St.. New Or- leans, La.; Kappa Kapoa Gamma; White Caps; Canterbury Club. • PAUL LEAMAN; ASS; 5940 Vicksburg. New Orleans, La.: Sigma Chi; Pre-Med Society; Newman Club. • IRA LEICHTER; Architec- ture; 1631 Forty-second St., Brooklyn, N.Y.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Hillel Foundation; Army ROTC. • EVELYN LESLIE: Newcomb; 1339 Baum St., Vicksburg, Miss.; Alpha Delta Pi; Tulane Band; Tulane University Theatre: Glendy Burke Society. • CAROLYN E. LEVY; Newcomb; 2801 Castle Dr.. Waco. Texas; Alpha Eosilon Phi; Le Circle Francais; .lAMBALAYA. • Sixth Row: BARRY M. LEWIS; Commerce: 2430 Maroneal, Houston. Texas; Vice-President Freshman Class: JAMBALAYA; Army ROTC. • CONNIE LEWIS; Newcomb: 56 Woodcrest Ave. N.W., Atlanta, Ga.; Glee Club. • MARIE LOUIS LEWIS; Newcomb; 924 Forty-first St., Gulfport. Miss.; Phi Mu; Hullabaloo; Newman Club. • SIDNEY F. LEWIS, IV; Engineering; 436 Hillary St., New Orleans, La.: Kappa Alpha; Army ROTC. • FRED LIEBKEMANN; Engineering; 1230 State St., New Orleans, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Seventh Row: A. F. LITTLE; ASS; 711 Moss. Peoria, III.; Sigma Chi; Carnival; Army ROTC; Glendy Burke Society. • KATHERINE POPE LIVINGSTON; Newcomb; 125 N. Richmond St.. Chester, Va. Le Circle Francais; Hullabaloo; Canterbury Club. • NETTIE LIV INGSTON; Newcomb; 222 Grand Ave. Yaioo City, Miss.; Chi Ome ga; Westminster Fellowship. • RICHARD S. LOCHTE, III; ASS 1311 Short St., New Orleans, La.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Naval ROTC • CHARLES E. LOEB; Engineering; 401 Walnut St., New Orleans, La. Hillel Foundation. • Eighth Row: MAURY WILLIAM LOKET; Engineering; 6 Lenon Dr., Little Rock, Ark.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pep Band; Hillel Foundation; Tulane Band; Air Force ROTC. • BERRIDGE LONG: Newcomb: Pea- ridge Rd., Huntington, W. Va.; Glee Club. • S. HANSEN LONG; Engineering; 630 Ninth Ave., Palmetto, Fla.; Kappa Sigrra; Glendy Burke Society; Westminster Fellowship. • MILTON H. LOPP; ASS; 1918 Robert. New Orleans, La.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre-Med Society; Hillel Foundation; Missouri Club. • EDWARD LOUIS; ASS; 1756 Branard, Houston, Texas; Kappa Sigma; Pre-Med Society; JAMBA- LAYA. • Ninth Row: DAVID LOVE; ASS; 1716 Blvd., Lake Charles, La.; Zeta Beta Tau; Air Force ROTC. • JOEL LUSRITZ; Commerce; 4169 Vln- cennes PI., New Orleans. La.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Hillel Foundation. • AL J. LUKE, JR.; Engineering; 425 Collidge, New Orleans, La. • BETTYE LUNN; Newcomb; 3112 Skelly Rd.. Bay City, Texas; Kappa Alpha Theta. • PIO LYONS; Architecture; 5416 So. Saratoga, New Orleans. La.; Kappa Alpha. H BBMnHHHHMWMBMWa || | || | - - u ua D u m 103 OajZ, W je ?i AA J(XN . CAJ0Jb 6 • First Row: CHICK MACAGNONI; A S: 3319 Franklin Ave.. New Orleans, La.; Newman Club. • CHARLES SIGLER MACKEY: ASS; 826 Sl th St.i Lake Charles, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • HEATHER MacKENZIE; Newcomb; 1735 Nashville Ave., New Orleans, La. • SANDOR H. MASNES; A S; 555 Fifteenth Ave.. Paterson, N.J.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Hullabaloo; TUSK; Hillel Foundafon; Army ROTC • FINDLAY G. MAIER; Engineering; 2834 Palmer Ave., New Orleans. La.; Phi Kappa Sigma. • Second Row: JOAN DELL t.1ANAn; Newcomb; 3113 Avalon PI., Houston, Texas; Pi Beta Phi; Art Club; Westminster Fellowship. • ANN MANDEVILLE; Newcomb; R.R. 9, New Harmony Rd., Evansville, Ind.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Baptist Student Union; Tulane University Theatre. • SISSIE MARSHALL; Newcomb; 2001 Albert St., Alexan- dria, La.; Pre-Med Society; Newman Club. • RANDY MARSTON; ass ' ; 2427 Coliseum, New Orleans, La.; Beta Theta Pi. • DOROTHY ANN MARTIN; Newcomb; 4773 Painters, New Orleans. La; West- minster Fellowship. • Third Row: EMMA MARIE MARTIN; Newcomb; 4118 Saratoga, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Newman Club; Newcomb Art Club. • LESTAR MARTIN; Architecture; 1314 Spencer, Monroe. La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Canterbury Club; Army ROTC- Alpha Phi Omega. • JOHN ERIC MAY; Engineering 2031 Short St., New Or- leans, La.; Kappa Sigma. • MICHAEL H. MAYER; Engineering; 1402 Pine, Winnsboro, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Naval ROTC. • LESTRA McARTHUR; Newcomb; 312 Cedar Dr., New Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Phi; Dance Club; Baptist Student Union. • Fourth Row: RICHARD B. McCONNEL, JR.; Engineering; 1731 Cal- houn St.. New Orleans. La.; Alpha Tau Omega; Air Force ROTC. • BEN C. McCOY; Commerce: 118 Ho ' ly Dr.. Metairie, La; Delta Sigma Phi. • JEWEL B. McCRARY; Commerce; 409 Pacific, New Orleans, La. • DONALD C. McCUNE, JR.: Architecture: 22 Dove St.. New Orleans, La.; Newman Club; Army ROTC- Drill Team; Pershing Rifles. • GEORGIA McDANIEL; Newcomb; 315 E. Ninth St., Crow- ley, La.; Kappa Alpha Theta; JAMBALAYA; Newman Club. • Fifth Row: JIMMY MclLWAIN; A S; 1517 Ivy, Jackson, Miss.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; A Capella Choir; Glee Club; Army ROTC. • ALDEN McLELLAN, IV: A S; 2313 Thirty-sixth St., Meridian Miss.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • LOUIS M. McNAIR; ASS; 4725 Franklin Ave., New Orleans. La.; Phi Kaooa Sigma- Pre-Med Society; Army ROTC; Alpha Phi Omega. • ALTON McVADON, JR.: ASS: 2353 Jefferson Ave., Baton Rouge, La.; Phi Delta Theta; A Capella Choir; Naval ROTC. ' • HERBERT WILLIAM MEAD, JR.; ASS; 410 B St., Natchez. Miss.; Kappa Sigma; Army ROTC. • Sixth Row: POLLY MEEK; Newcomb: 414 Grand Blvd., Greenwood, Miss.; Chi Omega; Art Club; Barracudas. • MARIO R. MENeNDEZ: ASS; Merida, Yucatan, Mexico; Delta Sigma Phi; President ASS Freshman Class; Intramural Council; Newman Club; Army ROTC; Honor Board. • WILLIAM D. MERIWETHER, JR.; Commerce; 1221 Exposition Blvd., New Orleans, La.; Alpha Tau Omega; Army ROTC. • WALLACE N. MESSINA, JR.; Engineering; 1524 Chickasaw Ave., Rf. 3. New Orleans, La.; Delta Sigma Phi. • WARREN METCALF; Architecture; 3131 Fairfield. Shreveport. La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Air Force ROTC; Drill Team; Sabre Jets. • Seventh Row: BETSY MIDLAM; Newcomb; 827 Puio St.. Lake Charles, La.; Chi Omega; Honor Board; Wesley Foundation; Glee Club. • LEONARD M. MILLER; ASS; 2050 Anthony Ave., New York, N.Y.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pre-Med Society; Army ROTC. • SYLVIA MILLER; Newcomb; 892 Plymouth Rd. N.E., Atlanta, Ga.; Sigma Delta Tau; Dance Club. • DICKIE MILLICAN; Newcomb; Norco. La.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Dance Club; Le Circle Francais; Canterbury Club; Glee Club. • LUCY WEBB MILLSAPS; Newcomb; Shaw, Miss.; Wesley Foundation, Glee Club. • Eighth Row: JOHN ALFRED MIPRO. JR.; Commerce; 4423 St. Ann, New Orleans, La.; Army ROTC. • ANN MIRANDONA; Newcomb; 101 Livingston PI., New Orleans, La.; Phi Mu. • JOHN MOFFETT; A S; 747 Louisiana Ave., Lake Charles, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • MICKI MOFFITT; Commerce; 234 West Beach, Pass Christian, Miss.; Canterbury Club; C.W.C. • JACK MONTGOMERY; ASS; Box 212. Springhill. La. • Ninth Row: BILL MOORE; Engineering; 1504 Antonlne, New Or- leans, La.; Alpha Tau Omega. • BOBBIE MOORE; Newcomb; Lan- sing, Kan.; Kappa Alpha Theta. • GENE MOREHEAD; A S; 727 Ockley Dr., Shreveport, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; TUSK; Canter- bury Club; Air Force ROTC. • LE ROY MORGAN, JR.; Engineering; 4221 Prytania. New Orleans, La.; Air Force ROTC. • DOniE MOR- TON; Commerce; 4525 Cartier Ave.. New Orleans, La.; Commerce Women ' s Club, 104 • First Row: JOHN G. MORTON; Commerce; 62? Peniia Ave., Oak Ridge. Tenn.; Kappa Alpha. • GWEN MUNCH; Newcomb; 239 Ather- ton Dr., New Orleans, La.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Wesley Foundation; Glee Club. • ELEANOR MUNGER; Newcomb; 5901 W. Sixty-ninth St., Overland Park, Kan.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Le Circle Francais; Canterbury Club. • ROBERT A. NAGEM; Commerce; 508 Hodges. Lake Charles, La.; Kappa Alpha; Army ROTC. • DIANE NALTY; Newcomb; 8006 Nelson St., New Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Phi; Newcomb Club; Varsity Letter; Intramural Sports. • Second Row: CRAIG NAPIER; AJ:S; 26 No. Blue Soring Lake Dr., Palmyria, Wis.; Delta Tau Delta; Air Force ROTC. • CAROL NEU MAN; NewcotTib; 901 N. Euclid, Oak Park. III.; • GAY FAITH NEUMAN; Newcomb; 2305 Hartford Rd.. Austin, Texas; Sigma Delta Tau; Le Circle Francais; Hullabaloo; Hillel Foundation. • WILLIAM A. NEWTON; ASS; 2340 Harrison, Beaumont, Texas; Phi Delta Theta; Pre-Med Society; Alpha Phi Omega. • ROBERT NICHOLS; ASS; 110 Florence PI., Mobile, Ala.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; JAMBALAYA; Canterbury Club; Army ROTC. • Third Row: ANNA M. NICKELSON; Newcomb; Quarters 6, Naval Station, New Orleans, La. • ANNE DOWLING NICOL; Newcomb: 425 W. Fourth St., Frankfort, Kv.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Le Circle Francais; TUSK; Westminster Fellowship; Glee Club. • JERRY F. NORTHROP- Commerce; 275 Audubon Blvd., New Orleans, La.; Al- pha Tau Omega; Army ROTC. • SETH PERRY NOVOSELSKY; ASS; 1505 Baronne St., New Orleans, La.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre-Med So- ciety; Interfaith Council. • VINCE NUNEZ; Commerce; 1525 Joseph, New Orleans, La.; Delta Tau Delta; Army ROTC; Drill Team: Army. • Fourth Row: ADELINE OLD; Newcomb: 436 Louise St.. Atlanta Texas; Pi Beta Phi; Le Circle Francais; Wesley Foundation. • LAURA O ' LENIC; Newcomb; Lookout Mountain, Tenn.: Art Club; Athletic Council; Le Circle Francais; Canterbury Club. • D. OLIVER: Archi- tecture; 4027 Elba St.. New Orleans, La.; Kappa Sigma. • HARRY W. OLLINGER; Engineering; 18 South Pine. Mobile, Ala.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; White Caps; Army ROTC. • LYNNETTE ORR; Newcomb; 539 Topaz St.. New Orleans, La.; Delta Zeta; Le Circle Francais. • Fifth Row: CHARLES MICHAEL OSBORNE: ASS: 7000 Jeannet ' e St., New Orleans, La.; Alpha Phi Omega. • CAROLINE O ' SHAUGH- NESSY; Newcomb; 1140 Sixth St. S.W., Rochester, Minn.; Athletic Council; Newman Club. • HENRY LEO OSTRICH; Commerce: 310 Parkside Dr. Lafayette. La.; Hillel Foundation; Glee Club; Army ROTC; Opera Workshop; JAMBALAYA. • MARY OZMENT; New- comb; 7113 Feret St.. New Orleans, La. • PHILIP PAGE, JR.; Engi- neering; 2234 Joliat. New Orleans, La.; Army ROTC. • Sixth Row: NORMAN A. PALERMO; Engineering; c o Creole Pet. Corp.. Apt. 172, Maracaibo, Venezuela- Beta Theta Pi; Hullabaloo; Naval ROTC. • RICHARD BYRD PALMER; Engineering; 470 McAl- lister PI., New Orleans, La. • FERNANDO PALOMEQUE; ASS; 497 Sixthy.fourth St., Merida, Yucatan, Mexico; Delta Sigma Phi; Army ROTC. • DAVE PANG; Architecture; 901 Delesseps. Greenville. Miss.; Army ROTC; Floor Counselor. • CY PARKER: ASS; 1311 Tay- lor St., Wichita Falls. Texas; Phi Delta Theta; Pre-Med Society. • Seventh Row: HERBERT C. PARKER. Ill; AJ:S; 1828 Palmer Ave., New Orleans, La.; Beta Theta Phi. • MICHAEL PARVER; ASS; 1796 Noble Dr., Atlanta, Ga.; Alpha Epsilon Pi: Hillel Foundation; Glendy Burke Society. • SANDY PATTERSON; Newcomb; 3315 Palm. Hous- ton 4, Texas; Alpha Omicron Pi; TUSK; Canterbury Club. • DON- ALD J. PEACOCK; ASS; 6121 Louisville St.. New Orleans, La.; Delta Sigma Phi; Air Force ROTC. • GERRY PEACOCK; ASS; 6121 Louis- ville St.. New Orleans, La.; Delta Sigma Phi; Air Force ROTC. • Eighth Row: EDWARD PEAL; Commerce; Webb, Miss.; Zeta Beta Tau; JAMBALAYA; Army ROTC; Pre-Legal Society. • JAMES I. PEARCE- ASS- 617 Mill St.. Lake Charles. La.; Kappa Sigma; Pre- Med Society; Air Force ROTC. • LAURA KAY PEARCE; Newcomb; 4013 Grandview Ave.. Meridian, Miss.; Phi Mu; Canterbury Club. • JOHN PEARCY; ASS; 5414 Northwest Highway, Dallas, Texas; Phi Delta Theta; Phelps Hall Council Representative. • BARBARA PEARLSTINE; Newcomb; 123 Moultrie St.. Charleston, S.C; Campus Night. • Ninth Row: RUSTY PECK; Newcomb; 7026 Barnett Lane. Milwaukee, Wis.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Glee Club; Canterbury Club. • BEVERLY PECORA- Newcomb- Box 217 Independence, La.; Beta Sigma Omi- cron- Army ROTC Sponsor. • CHARLIE PENDLETON: ASS; 4750 Arts ' St.. New Orleans, La.; Sigma Chi. • R. ALLEN PENDLETON; Commerce; 2314 Octavia, New Orleans, La. • CAROLYN A. PE- TERS; Newcomb; 800 Silas, Sweetwater, Texas; Kappa Alpha Theta; Greenbackers; A Cappella Choir; Tennis Club. I 105 — H ji X) ;Av fAJCuy , cXxxfe; • First Row: ROBERT D. PETERSON; Commerce; 424 Cedar St.. Valle- jo, Calif.; Commerce Honor Board; Alpha Phi Omega; Army ROTC; Newman Club. • JOAN PILLIOD; Newcomb; 3238 Morning Glory Ave., Baton Rouge , La.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Glee Club; Newman Club. • CLYDE A. PINE; A«S; 2203 Pauline St., New Orleans, La.; Army ROTC. • KATHERINE PITTMAN; Newcomb; Lake Providence, La.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Glee Club; Canterbury Club. • RICHARD J. PLANCHARD; Engineering; 2303 Odin St. New Orleans, La.; Naval ROTC. • Second Row: LEONARD C. POCH ; ASS; 117 Portage PL, New Orleans, La. • ERNEST N. POSEY; ASS; 5855 Catina, New Orleans, La.; Glendy Burke Society; Philosophy Club; Carnival; Air Force ROTC. • LEONARD POSNOCK; ASS; 21? Princeton Rd., Linden, N.J.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Air Force ROTC. • EILEEN POST; New- comb; 51? Homestead Ave., New Orleans, La.; Delta Zeta; West- minster Fellowship; Glee Club. • STRATTON POSTLEWAITE; New- comb; 818 Mouton St., Baton Rouge, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Art Club; TUSK; Westminster Fellowship. • Third Row: ARNOLD J. PRIMA, JR.; Architecture; 4?49 Eastern St., New Orleans. La.; Naval ROTC. • JOHN P. PUCKETT, JR.; ASS; Perry Heights, Perry Heights, Fla.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Army ROTC, • ED RAPPAPORT; Commerce; 1100 Park Ave., New York City, N.Y.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Hillel Foundation; Air Force ROTC. • TOM RAN- DOLPH; Engineering; 6322 Hurst St., New Orleans, La.; Alpha Tau Omega; President of Freshman Engineering; Honor Board: Naval ROTC. • DONALD T. RANNA; Engineering; 4073 Louis XIV. New Orleans. La.; Phi Delta Theta; Army ROTC, • Fourth Row: MICHEAL J. RAPIER; Commerce; 7440 Jeannette, New Orleans, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Glendy Burke Society; New- man Club; Air Force ROTC. • SYLVIA RAY; Newcomb; 2828 Poplar Springs Dr., Meridian. Miss.; Chi Omega; Wesley Foundation. • JAY REARDON; Engineering; Pelican Dr., Stuart, Fla.; Alpha Tau Omega. • DEVERNE REED; Newcomb; 204 E. Maple iDr., New Orleans. La ; Phi Mu; Wesley Foundation; Hullabaloo. • GEORGE HENRY REESE; A S; Highlands St., PinevHIe. Ky.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Fifth Row: THOMAS JOSEPH REGEL; Commerce; 5945 Canal Blvd., New Orleans. La.; Kappa Sigma; Army ROTC. • SIDNEY REGGIO; Engineering; 1926 St. Roch, New Orleans, La. • EUG6NIE RICAU; Newcomb; 170 E. Oakridqe Park, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Le Circle Francais; TUSK; Glee Club. • MARK RICH; ASS; 69-10 108th St., Forest Hills, Queens 75, N.Y.; Alpha Epsilon PI; Pre-Medical Society; Hillel Foundation; Air Force ROTC. • EMMA LEW RICHARDSON; Newcomb; 2207 Palmer Ave., New Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Phi; Barracudas; TUSK; Newman Club. • Sixth Row: ANN RITTENBERG; University College; 4031 Vendome PI., New Orleans, La. • CHARLES RITTER; Commerce; Box 128, Me- silta Park, N.M.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Greenbackers; Westminster Fellow- ship: Tulane Band; Army ROTC. • BARBARA ROBBINS; Newcomb; 451 Prescott, Memphis, Tenn.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Le Circle Francais; Canterbury Club. • CAROLYN ALICE ROBERTS; Newcomb; 928 S. Division, Lake Charles, La,; Chi Omega; JAMBALAYA; Westminster Foundation; Glee Club. • WILLIAM ROBERTSON; ASS; 5522 S. Liberty. New Orleans, La.; Sigma Chi; Wesley Foundation; Silver- tones Orchestra. • Seventh Row: MARY ANN ROSE; Newcomb; 719 Lake, Lake Provi- dence. La.; Alpha Delta Pi; Le Circle Francais; Canterbury Club. • PHIL ROSENBLATH; Commerce; 1047 Delaware. Shrcvcport. La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Greenbackers; Air Force ROTC. • JOSEPH K. ROSS; Commerce; 16 Neron PL. New Orleans, La.; Alpha Tau Omega; Newman Club; Naval ROTC. • PAUL ROSS; A S; 45 Am- sterdam Ave., Passaic, N.J.; Alpha Epsilon PI. • SIDNEY F. ROTHS- CHILD; Commerce; 4365 State Street Dr., New Orleans, La.; Zeta Beta Tau; TUSK; Army ROTC. • Eighth Row: ROGER JEROME ROUBIEU; ASS; 328 S. Rendon, New Orleans. La.; Alpha Tau Omega. • BOB ROYCROFT; Engineer- ing: 2615 Dante St., New Orleans. La.; Tulane Band; Army ROTC. • DOROTHY PLAUCH6 RUCKER; Newcomb; 1734 Robert, New Or- leans. La.; Le Circle Francais; Newman Club. • LAURENCE D. RUD- MAN; ASS; 3222 Jefferson Ave., New Orleans. La.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Hillel Foundation; Interfalth Council; Tulane Band; Army ROTC; Pre- Law Society. • RODNEY RUE; ASS 4812 Catina St., New Orleans, La.; Army ROTC; Pershing Rifles. • Ninth Row: LESTER SACK, JR.; Commerce; 644 School, Clarksdale, Miss.; Zeta. Beta Tau; Army ROTC. • ANDRES SAENZ; ASS; 4141 Canal St., New Orleans, La.; Delta Sigma Phi. • STEVE L. SALAUN; Engi- neering; 5843 Vicksburg St., New Orleans, La.; Phi Delta Theta; Army ROTC. • PAUL GARY SANDMAN; ASS; 1053 Manor Ave., New York, N.Y.; Kappa Nu; Hillel Foundation; Army ROTC. • ANN SANGER; Newcomb; 7520 Buckingham Dr., Clayton, Mo.; Sigma Delta Tau; Ger- man Club; Hillel Foundation. f fS f ■ ddm ' ml 106 ' ' Ns ' S • First Row: LYNN SANSONE: Ncwcomb; 44 Dream Ct., New Or- leans, La.: Le Circle Francais: Newman Club. • TERRY D. SARGENT; Engineering: 7103 Manchester, Apt. 2B, Houston, Texas: Vice-President of Freshman Engineering Class; Glee Club; Army ROTC. • CHARLES E. SAUCIER; ASS; Route I, Folsom, La.; Air Force ROTC; Pre-Med Society. • JAMES P. SCALISE, JR.; Architecture; 4720 Vicksburq, New Orleans, La.; Co-President of Freshman Architecture; Hullaba- loo; Newman Club; Air Force ROTC; Sabre-Jets. • ' " ■ " ' • ' ' SCANDALIATO; Engineering; 1419 Alvar St., Ne« man Club; Army ROTC. f !rw SAMUEL Z. ' Orleans, La.; New- • Second Row: RONALD J. SCHADLER; Engineering; 4490 Franklin, New Orleans, La.; Air Force ROTC. • SANDY SCHOCH; Newcomb; 5902 Averill Way. Dallas, Texas; Canterbury Club. • SYDNEY S. SCHOCHET. JR.; ASS; P.O. Box 42, Port Huron, Mich : Sigma Alpha Mu; American Chemical Society; German Club; Pre-Medical Society. • JAMES L. SCUPP, JR.; ASS; 1526 Pine St.. New Orleans, La.; Alpha Tau Omega; Army ROTC; Glendy Burke Society; Pi Lambda Beta. • MERRILL SEELIS; Newcomb; 3721 St. Charles, New Orleans, La.; Sigma Delta Tau. • Third Row: MARCIA SSUH; Newcomb; 115 Douglas Circle, Tucson. Aril.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Barracudas; JAMBALAYA. • MYRA L. SHAPIRA; Newcomb; 299 Woodlawn Avenue, St. Paul, Minn.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Le Circle Francais; Glendy Burke Society; Campus Night; JAMBALAYA. • SUSAN SHELLEY; Newcomb; 1431 West 4th, Free- port, Texas; Pi Beta Phi; Le Circle Francais; Westminster Fellowship. • SALLY SHEPERD; Newcomb; 19 La Salle Ave., Cranford, N. J.; Le Circle Francais; Wesley Foundation; Glee Club. • FRANCES W. SHEPPARD; Newcomb; 3171 Overhill Rd., Birmingham, Ala.; Canter- bury Club. • Fourth Row: BARBARA SHOENHOLZ; Newcomb; 222 North Leflore, Cleveland, Miss.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; A Cappella Choir; Operetta. • JERRY SHUMSKY; Engineering; 151 Mapes Ave., Newark, N. J.; Kappa Nu. • DONALD SIEGEL; Commerce; 2101 Adams St., New Orleans, La.; Hillel Foundation; Army ROTC; Pi Lambda Beta. • REY- NALDO J. SILVA; ASS; 404 Primera S.E., Manaua, Nicaragua; Pre- Medical Society; Soccer Team. • RICHARD SILVER; Commerce; 3730 Gen. Pershing, New Orleans. La.; Kappa Nu; Hillel Foundation. • Fiffh Row: CLAUDIA SILVERMAN; Newcomb; 1437 Edgewood, Jacksonville, Fla.; Sigma Delta Tau; Le Circle Francais. • JOHN E. SLAUGHTER; ASS; 821 Capt. Shreve Dr.. Shreveport, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • LOUISE SLAUGHTER; Newcomb; 2477 E. Lakeshore, Baton Rouge. La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Westminster Fellowship; Glee Club. • CYNTHIA S. SMITH; Newcomb; 518 Walnut St., New Orleans, La.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Le Circle Francais; Hullabaloo. • DAVID C. SMITH; A S; 1113 Kinley Lane, Houston, Texas; Phi Kappa Sigma; Glee Club; Army ROTC. • Sixth Row: DONALD D. SMITH; ASS; 4014 Carondelet. New Orleans, La.; Alpha Tau Omega; Army ROTC. • GLYNN DAVID SMITH; Engi- neering; 333 East Drive, Baton Rouge, La.; Alpha Tau Omega. • WAL- LACE HARDEN SMITH M; ASS; Inglewood, Natchez, Miss.; Kappa Sigma; Westminster Fellowship: Glendy Burke Society. • R. L. SOHN- GEN; ASS; 920 Columbia Rd.. Hamilton, Ohio; Phi Delta Theta. • SUE SOMMER; Newcomb; 405 N. Polk. Rayne, La.; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • Seventh Row: GEORGE PHILIP SOUGERON III; Commerce; 3605 Octavia St., New Orleans, La.; Kappa Aloha; Army ROTC; Army Drill Team. • MARY MARTHA SOUTHERLAND; Newcomb; 4412 Beverly, Dallas, Texas; Pi Seta Phi; Newman Club. • CHARLES T. SPENCER, JR.; A S; 8600 E. Dixie Hwy., Miami, Fla.; Beta Theta Pi; Air Force ROTC; Saber Jets. • BEHY SPITZBERG; Newcomb; 5014 Crestwojd, Little Rock, Ark.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Tulane University Theater. • BRENDA E. STACY; Newcomb; 49 Hawk St., New Orleans, La.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Newman Club; JAMBALAYA. • Eighth Row: KERMIT STALTER; Engineering; 812 So. Main, Washing- ton, III.; Alpha Tau Omega. • NORMA SUE STARNES; Newcomb: 5752 St. Anthony Ave.. New Orleans, La.; Wesley Foundation. • FLOYD M. STEADLEY, JR.; Architecture; 753 Delaware, Shreveport, La. • LIZ STEPHENSON; Newcomb; 1127 W. Lake Cannon, Winter Haven, Fla,; Chi Omega; Wesley Foundation; Glee Club; JAMBALAYA. • THERESA STEUTERMAN; Newcomb; 4109 Barfield Rd., Memphis, Tenn.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Canterbury Club; Glee Club. • Ninth Row: ELDRIDGE " SKIPPER " STEVENS; ASS; 354 Brocken- braugh Ct., New Orleans, La.; Pi Kappa Alpha- Pre-Medical Society; Army ROTC. • MELISSA GAIL STOKES; Newcomb; 589 College St., Macon, Ga.; Phi Mu; Le Circle Francais; Baptist Student Union. • JIM STOLPMANN; A S; Box 103, Signal Mtn., Tenn.; Kappa Alpha; Tulane University Theater. • CYNTHIA STONE; Newcomb; 1025 Willow Rd.. Winnetka, III.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Newman Club. • SUSAN STONE; Newcomb: 4810 Midland Pike, Chattanooga, Tenn.; Alpha Delta Pi; Le Circle Francais; Wesley Foundation; Glee Club; JAMBALAYA. 107 V{ Jl VfVJi AvVVNjOJ cXiXibA • First Row: ROLAND A. STURDIVANT, JR.; Engineering; 2920 Ursu line Ave. New Orleans. La.; Kappa Sigma; Newman Club; Air Forc ROTC JAMBALAYA. • E. W. SUDDEUTH. JR.; A S; 1124 Penisfon New Orleans, La.; Pre-Medical Society; Army ROTC. • PAT SULLI VAN- ASS- 1410 Horse Shoe Dr., Alexandria. La.; Delta Kappa Eps.lon Army ROTC- TUSK. • JAMES H. SUMMERSGILL, III; Engineering Golden Meadow, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • SANDY SUTHERLAND Newcomb; E. Riverwood Dr., Nashville, Tenn.; Kappa Alpha Theta Art Clijb; ' Le Circle Francais; Glee Club; Westminster Fellowship. • Second Row- SUE TALIAFERRO: Newcomb; 782?i 2 Belfast. New Orleans, La.; Alpha Omicron Pi; TUSK. • JAMES LINDSAY TALLEY: Commerce- 105 West Bond, Denison, Texas; Kappa Sigma; Commerce Honor Board; Canterbury Club; Naval R.O.T.C. • ROSA TAYLOR; Newcomb- Raymond, Miss.: Alpha Delta Pi- Art Club; Wesley Founda- tion. • WILLIAM B. TEDESCO; A?;S; 337 W. Main St.. Falconer. N. Y.; Pep Band; Tulane Band; Tulane Dance Band. • TONI W. THIEILE: A S: 225 N. Shepherd, Ironton, Mo.; Alpha Tau Omega; Tulane Band; Air Force R.O.T.C. • Third Row- KEIT H S THOMAS: A S; 2314 Audubon St.. New Or- gans La - Glee Club- Wesley Foundation. • ALICE THOMPSON; Newcomb; ' Eatman Dr.. Eutaw Ala.; Wesley Foundation. • BEVERLY THOMPSON- Newcomb- HI Caddo Place Hot Springs, Ark - JAMB4- LAYA- Wesley Foundation- Tulane Band. • SARAH THOMPSON; Newcomb- Madisonv:|le. Texas: Chi Omega: JAMBALAYA; TUSK: Wesley Foundation. • MARY CHR ' STINA THORBURN: Newcomb: Route I. Box 248, McComb, Miss.; Phi Mu; Hullabaloo; Westminster Foundation. • Fourth Row: PRINCESS NICKETTI TILLERY: Newcomb; 101 Boule- vard. Fairfax. Ala.; Pre-Medical Soc etu- Disciples Student Fellowship. • SYLVIA TODD: Newcomb- 3633 Wickersham. Houston. Texas: Alpha Omicron Pi- Le Circle Francais: Canterbury Club: International Rela- tions Club ' • JERRY D. TOTTEN; Architecture: 804 Lurllne Drive. New Orleans. La.: Phi Kappa S nma. • JOHN MILTON TRENCHARD JR.: ASS- 3110 Cadiz. New Orleans la.; Phi Delta Theta; Tulane Band; Army R.O.T.C. • W. L. TREUTING. JR.; Engineering; 4452 Lafaye, New Orleans, La. • Fifth Row- BOB TROUARD: Eno-n ering; 17 Davis Blvd., New Or- leans, La.: Army R.O.T.C. • SANDRA TUCHIN: Newcomb; 2337 Medf ' ord Ct W. Ft. Worth, Texas; Aloha Epsi ' on Phi: Le C-rcle F-ancais- JAMBALAYA. • ANN TURNER; Newcomb- 576 Otis Blvd., Spartanburg S C- Kaooa Kao- ' a Gamr a- Art Club; TUSK; Canterbury Club- Glee Club. • TRAVIS TYLER: A S; Box 44. Harvey La.: Air Force R.O.T.C. • JOE E. TYSON; A S: 2803 Olive St.. Texarkana, Texas; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Wesley Foundation; Army R.O.T.C. • Sixth Row: HARRIET VENTRESS; Newcomb; 537 Warrior Trail. Jack- son Miss- Phi Mu. • WINIFRED VIGUERIE- Newcomb- 303 Vincent Ave. New Orleans. La- PI Beta Ph- Barracudas. • SANDY VILLERE: Commerce- 2021 Octavia N-w Orleans La : Del ' a Kaooa Epsilon; Newman Club. • LARRY E. WADLER; A S; Box 845, E. Caney. Whar- ton. Texas; Zeta Beta Tau; Pre-Medical Society: Tulane Band. • CLYDE W. WAGNER. JR.; A S: 8127 F o S .. New Orleans, La.; Kappa Sigma; Pre-Medical Society; Tulane Band; Army R.O.T.C. • Seventh Row: NANCY LOUISE WALLS; Newcomb: 1 4 Mackenzie, San Angelo Texas- Aloha Delta P- Wesley Foundation- Tulane Univer- sity Theatre. • LEONARD ALVIN WASHOFSKY; A S; 41 16 Eve St.. New Orleans, la.; Alr ha Ens lon Pi- Hillel Foundation; Pi Lambda Beta • GILBERT WASHERMAN: A S- 345 Pennina ' on Ave., Passaic. N. J.; Aloha EpsMon Pi. • ELMON D. WEBB; A S- " 04 C ' esweM. Sh ' oveoort. La.; Sloma Aloha Eosilon: Air Firce ROTC. • L. T. WEBB. II- A S; 207 E. Main, Okolona, Miss.: Pi Kappa Alpha. • Einhth Row: EDDIE WEITZ: Comr- ' erce- 428 Wfl ' k»r New Orleans. La - Zeta Be a Tau; Golf Team; Armv R.O.TC. • JERR ' (BOBl WFLL5; A S- 3773 Eureka Dr. No. Hollywood Ca ' if ; Phi Delta Theta: YWCA- Intramural Council; Wesley Foundation- Army R.O.T C; Alpha Phi O-eqa. • STEVE L. WELSH- A S: Rt. 1 Box 92. Memphis. Tenn - Phi Delta The ' a- Pre-Medical Society; TUSK- New-an Club; A r Force R.O.T C; Alpha Phi Omega. • JAMES E. WESNER- A S; 7725 Plum St. N " w Orleans. La.; Kaooa Sigma; Baot-st Student Un on; Glee Club- Chess C ' ub: Glendy Burke Society. • BETTY ANN WHITE; Newcomb; 222 Arnold Ave., Greenville, Miss. • Ninth Row: JOHN E. WHITE: Engineering; Star Route B. Box 12 ' . New Iberia. La. • JEAN WIGGINS: Newcomb; 1571 Rastmoreland. Memphis Tenn.- Alpha Omicron Pi; Wesley Foundation. • CHARLEEN WILLIAMS; Newcomb; 515 Shelby St., Frankfort, Kv.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Le Circle Francais; Westminster Fellowship; Glee Club. • LANE WILLIAMS; Newcomb; 1255 Westway Dr., Sarasota. Fla.; Alpha Omi- cron Pi- Vice-President of Freshman Class; Le Circle Francais; Hulla- baloo- JAMBALAYA; Westminster Fellowship. • ROBERT GEORGE WILLIAMSON; Engineering; 2315 Joliet St., New Orleans. La.; Kappa Sigma; Tulane Band; Naval R.O.T.C. 108 YOMKjAjlJi A A }0 J • First Row; SAMUEL RUTHVEN WILLIAMSON, JR.; ASS; Box 379, Springhill, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Wcstmmsler Fellowship; Army R.O.T.C. » STANLEY LEONARD WINOKUR; A S; 4729 Prytania St., New Orleans, La.; Kappa Nu. • CLAUDIA WIRTH; Ncwcomb; 212 Audubon Blvd., New Orleans, La.; Chi Omega; JAMBALAYA; Canter- bury Club. • BETTY WISH; Newcomb; 3331 Louisiana Ave. Pkwy., New Orleans, La • Second Row: RUSTY WOLFF; Newcomb; 130 Sea View, Corpus ChristI, Texas; Alpha Omicron Pi; Art Club; Campus Night; Newman Club. • DORENE WOLFSON; Newcomb; 440) Charleston, Houston, Texas; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Le Circle Francais; Slee Club. • SUZANNE WOMBLE; Newcomb; ' ' , Intercol, Barranca bermeja, Colombia, S. A. • SHERIDAN GEORGE WOOD; ASS; 607 Dora Blvd.. Independence, Ohio; Newman Club; Naval R.O.T.C; Lagniappes. • Third Row: JUDY WOODALL; Newcomb; 3440 Jefferson, Paducah, Ky.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Wesley Foundation; A Cappella Choir; Opera Workshop. » GAY LYNN WOODS; Newcomb; 3912 Patterson Street, New Orleans, La.; Delta Zeta; Dance Club. • JACK WOODS; Commerce; RR I, Patoka, Ind.; Basketball Varsity. • ELAINE YAN- KEE; Newcomb; Darlington School, Rome, Ga.; Art Club. • Fourth Row: JOHN R. YOUNG, JR.; ASS; 405 Walthall St., Green- wood, Miss.; Phi Delta Theta; Pre-Medical Society; Hullabaloo; TUSK; Army R.O.T.C; Alpha Phi Omega. • SARAH YOUNG; Newcomb; 129 Pratt St., Bastrop, La.; Chi Omega; Wesley Foundation. • DOUG- LAS JAMES YOUNGBLOOD; Engineering; 2650 Lepage St., New Or- leans, La. • JOEL GEORGE ZELDEN; ASS; 1709 Pine St., New Or- leans, La.; Kappa Sigma; Wesley Foundation; Air Force R.O.T.C; Air Force Drill Team. , . er, Pardon me, Sir — could you tell me how to get to Little Rock? 109 Pan+y raid in the fall . . . Buddy Morrow at Spring Dance . . . pitching pennies . . . fireplace at Bruno ' s . . . lunch at Maple Hill . . . 1 :30 curfew . . . Friday night free flick . . . . High Fi Combo . . . long white dresses and red roses . . . Lloyd Alexander . . . Pan-Hell Formal . . . throw me something, Mister . . . Mario ' s . . . signing out LA vvvJ(l3L u X A: ' Laura Lee Planche. Ann Pleasant, Anne Richardson, Williams. Ann Roach. Alfa Mae MISS PAULINE TULANE At the annual Pan-Hellenic Formal the sixth JAMBALAYA Beauty Court was in the limelight, and the well-kept secret of Ann Pleasant ' s election by the student body as Miss Pauline Tulane was an- nounced. Early in November the JAMBA- LAYA editors had the enjoyable but diffi- cult task of choosing 15 girls, whose pictures appear on the left of this page, out of nearly 100 to compete in the uni- versity-wide election. This year ' s court can certainly be considered one of the most attractive of all college annuals. Also in the limelight for 1955 were 14 Newcomb Favorites and 14 Tulanians in the hHall of Fame. These students were chosen by the JAMBALAYA editors on the basis of their energetic participation in the various extra-curricular activities at Tulane. As is customary those who ap- peared in past Favorites and HIall of Fame sections were not eligible for selection. Special mention must be made that for the first time in JAMBALAYA history the snapshot section was completely de- signed, laid out, pasted and drawn up by Jamb staff members. Many thanks and congratulations go to Jerry Cohen who held the responsibility for the entire 34 pages of snaps and to Eugene Brandt for the cartooning. Pam Dexlielmer, Peggy Eichenbaum, Susan Ellender, Sally Evans, Margaret Gusfafson. Do.bara Hlrsberg, Rulh Nalrne, Nancy Nichols, Mary Alice Norman. Emmy Lou Parks. Beauty pictures by C. Bennette Moore Favorites by E. Delcroix U XM. P oivit v " f OMi VojjLmMW ahiiak (zrultahcnri ' akl akjoi MihjJlye ( Ciru ] 6ticit I ' - 1 I 4teL M« UQiMuu iXAakiLjM LqaJli FAVORITES m • ' " ' ' T. ' -|-f T3f CA ruvL iDK(ja|tb o ay uW cJcLeous I v d aj vLTouKJtes m E utM a Cmjji. l GXt aM. ornj SCOTT BRUNS ED B RAVO JACK H. FIELD ED McGLASSON HALL OF FAME HALL OF FAME ARGYLL CAMPBELL JACQUES WIENER LEE LEVY WILLIAM A. BAKER DON KING DICK BRENNAN GERALD FALLETTA HALL OF FAME n Sir fipiP BsS-- .op . w r . Icpw i t -I y w - SPELLS OF SPRING ' ' C gj v: HENS KOOH loi eMm I I » A ' » - l ' NO ! PARKING ANY TIME U •. jyi I Lin - r-r-rm n--r v STOH foR THE WOOt. or , Vote for Smilin ' Ed . . . 3 : Hullabaloos . . . Greek to Me . . . Dial 9 first ... do nothing . . . Stomp State . . . budgets . . . painting posters . . . you ' ll get a card in the mail . . . Honors Night . . . Hulla goes tabloid . . . keys and key chains . , . do we have any volunteers? jAxkAjiArcSt OuAxr 5 36o8 PHI BETA KAPPA OFFICERS MRS. FLORENCE W. TOPPINJ President PROFESSOR FERD STONE Vice-President PROFESSOR FANNIE RAYNE RUSS Secretary PROFESSOR KARLEM RIESS Treasurer PROFESSO R JAMES FEIBLEMAN Executive Committee MR. BENJAMIN YANCEY Executive Committee Elizabeth Allegret Harry Applewhite Arthemlse Beardsley Robert Bledsoe Patricia Boehm Alan Calcote Carl Conrad Albert Cowdrey Charles Deasy MEMBERS Henry Ehrllch Barbara Flelschman Helen Harris George Helfrich John Hunt Paul Kay Donald Lee Yetive Letellier Marilyn Levy Ellen Mack Robert Merlkangas Hamilton Richardson Clement Rondeau Florence Ross Maude Saunders Myra Siawson Nan Swenson Hans Weill William Whitaker The oldest of the honorary societies recognizing superior attainments In scholarship. OFFICERS HENRY STOUTZ, III President RYAN SARTOR Vice-President BLACK CHAFFE, III Secretary DR. KARLEM RIESS Faculty Advisor Jack H. Field James McComiskey Ed McGlasson MEMBERS Melvin Mathes, Jr. Joe W. Pitts. Jr. Dr. Graydon W. Regenos Hamilton Richardson Walter Ward Jacque Wiener Kappa Delta Phi Is the oldest honorary leadership fraternity at Tulane for men who have accomplished the most for Tulane. KAPPA DELTA PHI 164 BETA GAMMA SIGMA OFFICERS DONALD M. HALLEY President CHARLES J. GRAYSON, JR Vice-President PAUL V. GRAMBSCtH Secretary and Treasurer William G. Baker Joan H. Miramon MEMBERS Joe W. Pitts, Jr. Jacqueline S. Seqali Sylvan J. Steinberg The Alpha of Louisiana Chapter of the Beta Gamma Sigma fraternity was established in fhis school in June, 1926. The purpose of this fraternity is to encourage and reward scholar- ship and accomplishment in all phases of business among the students and graduates of the school, to promote the advancement of education in the science of business, and to foster principles of honesty and integrity In bus,iness practices. Members of the junior and senior classes are eligible for election. The attainment of high scholarship and promise of marked ability are prime requisites governing election. Undergraduate members are chosen by the Faculty and student members of the fraternity. TAU SIGMA DELTA OFFICERS CARL M. STAHL Chapter Master LUIS E. AVOCHA Chapter Scribe JOHN HEBERT Chapter Recorder MEMBERS The national architecture honorary fraternity selects men on a basis of scholarship, leadership, and character. Nominees undergo a pledge period in which the winning sketch of the traditional gargoyle competition is selected. TAU BETA PI OFFICERS DONALD W. BOENSEL President CHARLES G. BATTIS Vice-President RODNEY A. BOURGEOIS Recording Secretary BARRY J. HILDEBRAND Corresponding Secretary D. BLACKSHEAR CHAFFE, III Treasurer HERMAN J. BOURGEOIS Cataloger MEMBERS Robert Blome William Lemmon Casper Scalise Cletus Fleming Charles Pittman Robert Wise Juds.on Roche The Louisiana Beta Chapter of Tau Beta PI, a national honorary engineering society, was esta blished atTulane University in 1936. Since its founding at Lehigh University in 1885, Tau Beta Pi has Initiated more than 80,000 of the nation ' s top engineers into Its ranks. The aim of Tau Beta PI Is to foster a liberal education in the engineering colleges of America. Primary qualifications for membership In this association are scholarship, leader- ship, character, and Integrity. 165 OFFICERS RYAN SARTOR President BLACK CHAFFE, III Vice-President DR. KARLEM RIESS Secretary DR. FERD STONE Faculty Advisor A national honorary leac ersh p society, for honoring and recognizing those students , members of the faculty and others who have demonstrated distinguished leadersh p in extra-curricular activities, and In service to Tulane Uni- versity. NOT PICTURED Edwin A. Bowman James McComiskey John C. Christian Earl Sonnier Caldwell DeBardeleben Earl Mulley William Geary Earl Stahl Ray Haddad, Jr. Robert Weaver John E. Jackson. Jr. Paul Welty John Lucas Robert Wise OMICRON DELTA KAPPA First Row: William Baker, Jr.. James V. Boone, Adrian B. Cairns, Alan Dean Cal- cote, Carlton L. Carpenter, David hi. Chaf- fe, Julia A. Cherry, Carol L. Clark, Herman Colomb. Second Row: Edward de la hloussaye, Nell Eastland, Gerald Falletta, Samuel S. Farnet, Jack H. Field, Jr., Maryem Fowlkes, Helen S. Harris, Richard Hassenplug, John R. Hebert. Third Row: Ruth Hendricks, Sandra Fay Jacobs, Mary Anna Kendall, Lee K. Levy, Guy C. Lyman, Jr., Ellen B. Mack, Melvin W. Mathes, Ed. McGlasson, Joan H. Miramon. Fourth Row: Earl S. Mulley, II, Hamilton Richar dson, Ann N. Shafto, Percy A. Sharp, III, Barbara Silln, Jane P. Ulmer, James W. Ward, J. L. Wiener, Robert H. Wise. r ■ • -i First Row: Arthur Baggett, James Brake- field, Pat Browne, Scott Bruns, Melvin Mathes. Ed McGlasson, Roger tvliller, John Phillips, Joe Pitts. Second Row: Adrian Cairns, Carleton Car- penter, Black Chaffe. Hernnan Colomb, Hamilton Richardson, Ryan Sartor, Leonard Selber, Henry Stoutz, Robert Thompson. Third Row: F. H. Davis, Samuel Farnet, Donald Lee, Lee Levy, Charles Viccellio, Ewell Walther, James Ward, Bill Watson, Jacques Wiener. W H OS WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNVERSITIES The students recognized in Who ' s Who each year are nominated from approximately 600 col- leges and universities. Campus nominating com- mittees are instructed, in making their decisions, to consider the student ' s scholarship; his co-op- eration and leadership in academic and extracur- ricular activities; his service and citizenship to the school; and his promise of future usefulness. Rec- ognition by Who ' s Who means that the student was first officially recommended from the uni- versity or college he attends and then accepted by the organization. 4ivA 1i P H I ETA SIGMA OFFICERS JAMES J. CRAIG Presldenf DELMAS JACKSON Vice-President HOMER LOCHRIDGE Secretary WILLIAM VORHAVEN Treasurer RALPH MITCHELL Historian Phi Eta Sigma is a national honor society for recognition of superior scholarship among freshman men. This fraternity which is long es- tablished on many campuses throughout the nation, began at Tulane in the fall of 1954. Forty sophomores who had obtained a B-f- average during their freshman year and nine faculty members were initiated into the so- ciety. T H E T A N U OFFICERS NANCY SWENSON President PAUL ATKINSON Vice-President MARILYN LEVY Secretary-Treasurer GEORGE E. SIMMONS Faculty Adviser Theta Nu is the professional journalism fra- ternity of the Tulane University Department of Journalism. Its primary purpose is to promote, stimulate and guide under-graduate participa- tion in the practical field of journalism. It was founded on the Tulane campus in the 1926-27 session by four students in the department. Each year the Theta Nu cup is awarded to a member who has been outstanding in the re- porting of campus news. The " HHullabaloo and Jambalaya " are of special interest to the fra- ternity, and undergraduate participation In the work of these publications is encouraged. 168 ALPHA SIGMA SIGMA OFFICERS BARBARA SILIN President ELLEN MACK Secretary-Treasurer Alpha Sigma Sigma, senior honorary society, was founded a t Newcomb in 1916 to promote leadership, scholarship, and loyal service to the school. On Alpha Sigma Sigma Day the names of those girls elected are announced to the student body. The following fall these members conduct a three-day freshman orientation pro- gram. The president of Alpha Sigma Sigma presides at freshman class meetings until the freshman officers are elected. x3ocxyvv-j ASSETS OFFICERS MIMI CULPEPPER President LIDA MAE SMITH Secretary Assets is an honorary society based on leadership, scholarship, service, and school spirit. Each spring, freshmen, outstanding in these qualities, are elected to become members of the organization by the Assets active at the time. The names of the girls chosen are an- nounced at the last Newcomb Student Body meeting of the year. The newly elected Assets begin their activi- ties in their sophomore year by acting as " Big Sisters " to the new students during the Orientation program. Througout the remainder of the year they take part in Kangaroo Court held for the freshmen and serve as ushers for various campus activities. 169 PUBLICATIONS p OFFICERS BILL BAKER Chairman MILDRED STOUSE Secretary MR. GEORGE SIMMONS Faculty Advisor DR. JOHN H. STIBBS Advisor The Publications Board supervises the official campus publications and elects their editors and business managers. It acts as an advisory body on matters of policy concern- ing the publications. One of the most imporiant matters discussed in Publications Board meetings this year resumed in the Board ' s approval of the " hlullabaloo ' s " proposal in regard to salary raises and a semi-weekly newspaper. The Board consists of the following members: Editor and Business Manager of the JAMBALAYA, Editor and Business Man- ager of the " Hullabaloo, " Vice-President of the Student Council, elected member or the Student Council, and two senior class officers from any of the colleges. The Vice- President of the Student Council acts as Chairman of the Board. PUBLICATIONS BOARD WILLIAM A. BAKER FirsI Row: Sabina Abrahm, Sanford Abrams, Sheila Aragon, William Baker, Jerry Cohen, Don King, David News+adt. Second Row: Don Col- lins, Jack Cowarf, Flor- ence Freedman. Jim Gleason, Doris Harris, Pat Phillips, Joel Stein- berg, Jacques Wiener. 4 jl lllillg g— _ jy MEL MATHES M B STAFF MELVIN MATHES ' ' ° ' ' DALE 5ANSOM Newcomb Associate Editor JACK WIENER Tulane Associate Editor DORIS HARRIS Typing Editor PAT PHILLIPS " 1 " Editor SANDY ABRAMS Tulane Organization Editor FLORENCE FREEDMAN Newcomb Organization Editor DON COLLINS Administrations Editor JERRY COHEN Snapshot Editor BILL BAKER ' Features Editor SABINA ABRAHM Sorority Editor JOEL STEINBERG Fraternity Editor DON KING Sports, Editor JIM GLEASON Personal Manager ARMAND BERTIN Photographer CHARLIE VICCELLIO STAFF MEMBERS Tops Anderson Harriet Harvey Maury Mldlo Martha Armlstead Kay Johnson Edward Peal Sally Avery Marion Karpeles Myra Shapira Barney Barnum Hugh Lamensdorf Nancy Silber Joan Berg Barbara Levslcy Sue Sommer Joyce Bloom Carolyn Levy Susan Stone Eugene Brandt Lee Levy Sandy Tuchln Pickel-t Cummins Anne Manderville Olive Webb Francis Graham Georgie McDaniel Jane Weil Sara Grogan Betsy MIdlam Dorene WoKson 17? k .. Don ' t Read It, Just Sign It! 1 BUSINESS STAFF CHARLES VICCELLIO Business Manager DAVID NEWSTADT Assistant Business Manager ROBERT D. NICHOLS Organizations Manager BARRY LEWIS Subscriptions and Distribution WALTER WARD Salesman BILL MESSERSMITH Salesman The ' 55 JAMBALAYA not wishing to be tied down to any specific ■•■heme adopted a more modern " free verse " style. In order to carry out this style and still maintain unity and continuity, a highly logical, categorical and narrative format was used. Such things as simplicity of design, varied styles of photography, originalized art work, and different methods of printing and engraving were used to instil ' ute changes and innovations, though not all will be visible to the casual reader. On the mechanical side, in our small green garret, we have at- tempted to solve the mulfitudinous problems which arise in the pub- lishing of a college annual. Under the capable and orderly leader- ship of our editor, the staff has spent countless hours in typing copy, filing pictures, and writing captions. Without the exceptional coopera- tion of the people whose names appear on this page, it would not have been possible to bring you the ' 55 JAMB. Poor Man ' s Walt Kelly? Is it " ei " or " le " ? NULLA Top: Myron always finds time to cut-up Bottom: The waiting line for the phone at the Hulla office SCOTT BRUMS The Hullabaloo changed a little bit this year. It grew a larger staff. It came out twice a week Instead of only once as before. And It sprouted pictures all over the place — it became a true tabloid In more than iust size. Editorially and featurewlse. the Hullabalo o grew even more. It picked up a political columnist ( reactionary Russ Dietrich} , and sprouted a twlce-a-week Social Lights column, written first semester by Courtney Feringa and second semester by Joan Barkerdlng. Feature Editor Marilyn Levy (aided and abetted by accomplice Martha Guy) kept the prose flowing with stories on diversified sub- jects as " Stoolette " [not a stool for females. — it ' s a game which has become the roulette of the Engineering School), notes on the cafeteria bulletin board (Including an interesting ad by a young lady), and a well-thought-out series of articles on the University ' s many research projects, Paul Atkinson ' s prognostications from his sports page Greenle Glimpses were almost invariably wrong — but they did make good reading anyway. And whatever his troubles with the future tense, Atkinson ' s report- ing of past athletic events and his handling of such on-campus features as Pan-Hel and IM activities (with ihe help of " Little John " Young and " Shakespeare " Handelmann) was consistently top-flight. All three Hu ' leb loo Managing Edliors this year were outstanding in their capacity for hard work — and maybe ihat is why the Hulla was on its third Managing Edifor by Mardi Gras vacation. The first Managing Editor, Russ Dietrich, left to devote full-time to her column and her contest — and rumors around the office had it she was also let ' ing schoolwork interfere with her Hullabaloo work. The second Managing Editor, Hall-of-Famer, Who ' s Whoer. and veteran reporter Argyll Campbell decided he ' d like to graduate. He let school work Interfere with his Hullabaloo work too, but not without lining up the best set of pictures through the fall that the Hullabaloo had had In years. His bridging of unforeseen gaps, his helping out in all departments, were what made a semi- weekly Hullabaloo possible. The third Managing Editor, Maury MIdIo, had to learn everything from scratch at mid-year. He did. though. Watch him next year. Guarding the Hullabaloo and Its little Hullabalooites from law- suits and libel charges, correcting comma errors and Idiotic spelling. and writing headlines for the first semester fell- to Bob Rowand and his all-girl copy staff. He became famous with that immortal line, " Look, It ' s right here on page 10 in the stylebook. " But alas, he graduated In February and took his stylebook with him. The office, and his copy staff, hasn ' t been the same since. Rushing in to fill the breach — and perhaps to divvy up his mam- moth $2.25 an issue salary — were Lurllla Harris (the shy one), Mar- garet Celll (the quiet one), and Don Meyer (say, how ' d she get in there?). Also counting headlines in their sleep were Ann Flynn (the one with the striped shirt). Sue Hertzman (better known as " Don. count this one for me Hertzman " ). Betty Blalocic, Ruth Wall (who went on to better things as the Spirit of Mardi Gras). Kaihe.ine Livingsion (of " Billboard " and " At the Free Flick " fame), and many others. And then of course there was Bulletin Board Editor Myron Rosen- berg. While doubling first as Associate Sports Editor, and then a; Associate Managing Editor, Myron managed to devote most of his time to keeping the bulletin board clear of the ridiculous (stern notes to reporters, warnings by the Business Manager, educational and cultural propaganda) and full of all that was vital, all that was necessary. Included were the latest reports on campus panty-raids around the nation (Tulane had one too) . beauty queens (or any B A L O O I N 1 9 5 WALTER WARD o her kind, It was all the same to Myron), flying saucer reports, and personalized cartoons (with a Rabalaisian personality). Aiding in the mirth were cartoonists Rony Kraemer [his cartoons were fabulous), Ann Gushing [her ' s were terrific), and Marilyn Moore (her ' s were of the same quality as Ann ' s). With all these " personalities " or perhaps in spite of them, the Hullabaloo had a mildly eventful year. Editor Scott Bruns was told in a letter that he " ought to be run out of town or forced to transfer to Xavier or Dillard. " hie was asked if the Hullabaloo were a front organization for the NAACP. He said no. These comments came after the Hullabaloo had recommended that the University go along with the graduate faculty ' s suggestion that Negroes be admitted to the Graduate School. The Hullabaloo received the Student Council ' s endorsement of a pool on the segrega- tion situation and the campus Democratic organization asked to take it. The Hullabaloo as,ked permission to cover University Senate meetings and Senate Com- mittee on Student Affairs meetings. The first was refused, the second granted. The Hullabaloo received unanimous endorsement by both the Publications Board and the Student Council of its request for a University subsidy high enough to cover salaries for all its Editors. But the University refused to raise the approximately 2 ' 2 cents per copy subsidy. Later on, the hearts of Hullabaloo Business Manager Walter " Farin " Ward and his staff were gladdened by another unanimous Student Council decision to allow the Hulla- baloo to make up the difference by charging 5 cents for each Hullabaloo distributed on campus. Meanwhile, the Hullabaloo had instituted a classified advertising section for the first lime In its history under the directorship of Classified Ad Manager Herbie Hughes — and It sold a record amount of advertising for its 50th Anniversary Issue in March. It was a 50th Anniversary year that had seen a more frequently published Hullabaloo with more advertising and more news per week than any year in the paper ' s recent his- tory. The Hullabaloo ' s 50th year saw better cooperation between both the Student Coun- cil and Administration than staffers had seen in years. And the threat of censorship, so long a bugbear In college journalism — and a nuisance as late as last year — was finally ended. Heyl Did you see the part about flee powder? Hullabaloo cartoonists at their poison-pen pastime MUSIC DRAMATICS p THE A CAPELLA CHOIR OFFICERS JACK BELSOM President NASH COX Vice-President JOAN LEONARD Secretary BILL BANTA Business Manager BOB CRANFILL Librarian DOROTHY DAKIN Librarian The Tulane-Newcomb A Cappella Choir was featured this year in new robes presented by the Tulane Alumni Association. The choir performed many limes during the year and was enthusiastically received each time. The members performed for the public initially at the Alumni House on Homecoming Day. They then sang in the Christmas Candlelight Concert and provided the chorus for the opera, " Amahl and the Night Visitors. " During a busy spring semester the choir gave two television shows; made a three-state tour singing In Montgomery, Birmingham, and Atlanta; presented a spring concert; and sang at various civic functions. Cardon Burnham, choir director, along with the choir members have worked successfully to coordinate enthusiasm and school spirit with fine singing and musicianship. 177 TUL ANE GLEE CLUB OFFICERS DON MUTH President HARRY APPLEWHITE Vice-President MURRAY SMART Business Manager JERRY WATTS Secretary HOMER LOCHRiDGE Librarian JASON DIAVILLE Librarian The Tulane Glee Club completed a successful and enjoyable year of choral work under the direction of Garden V. Burnham. This very popular group has performed at various civic functions, and also presented a half-hour television program early In the year. The members of the Glee Club joined the other singing groups on campus In the Christmas Candlelight Concert, the spring Festival of Song, and the spring oratorio presentations. Mr. Burnham has organized the Glee Club into a very spirited, enthusiastic group. The members of the club have worked well together. They are known for their fine rendition of classical as well as popular music. A smaller Barbershop Quartet has provided a lively sidelight with mellow harmonies of old favorites. DONALD MUTH ' -a " m- ' M «V- r) " ' -% - r (r% L , ' r . ,_ i. - ' - 178 SHIRLEY PRIDE NEWCOMB GLEE CLUB OFFICERS SHIRLEY PRIDE President ANN MARIE GANDOLFO Vice-President FLORENCE FREEDMAN Secretary MARY FRANCES READY Librarian PHYLLIS WARD Librarian The Newcomb Glee Ciub enjoyed a year of fine performances and unusually wide participation. In December the Glee Club provided the music for the Newcomb Me- morial Service and later combined with the other Tulane choral groups in presenting the Christmas Candlelight Concert, followed by caroling on the campus. In the spring the group was again heard in the Festival of Song. The Club was also invited to perform at various civic functions and participated in the spring oratorio combining with the voices of the A Capella Choir and the Tulane Glee Club, Under the direction of Mr. Garden V. Burnham the Glee Club proved to be a well- functioning unit rendering both classical and modern music. This year the group achieved closer social integration with the other choral groups by being joint sponsor with them of a campus dance held at the Tulane cafeteria. 179 TULANE-NEWCOMB The Opera Workshop began in the spring of 1953 to provide students with an opportunity to perform in various phases of opera and light musical presentations. The initial performance this year was " An Evening of Scenes from Opera " includ- ing scenes from the " Marriage of Figaro, " " Carmen, " " Rigoletto, " " The Rape of Lucretia, " and " La Tosca. " In December Charbrier ' s " The Incomplete Education and Menotti ' s " Amahl and the Night Visitors " were presented very successfully. For the opera scenes basic sets and costumes along with accented lighting are used. The acting areas are set off by neutral screens suggesting windows, and CARDON V. BURNHAM Below: As Amahi and visitors doze. Amahl ' s mother attempts to steal tile treasure. Bottom: Tipsy tutor advises newly-wed couple in Charbrier ' s " The Incomplete Education. " Amahl tells mother of a star shining in the East in a scene from " Amahl and the Night Visitor, " by Menotti. OPERA WORKSHOP Amafil and the shepherds bring offerings to the Icings space rather than the realistic or stylistic settings used for the longer productions. The members of the Workshop are from all departments of the University. They are Introduced to the many and varied phases of backstage work such as making and setting up scenery, lighting, and designing costumes. The Workshop is directed by Cardon Burnham, Director of Choral Activities. All productions take place In Dixon hiall on Newcomb Campus. Dueling scene from " Eugene Onegin A scene from " The Rape of Lucrefia " by Benjamin Briften u N The Tulane University Band draws its membership, dur- ing the football season, from the male students of the Uni- versity. During the concert season membership is open to women as well. The Band performs at all home football games and is noted for its intricate and interesting " Half-time Shows. " Its theme song, " Way Down Yonder, " is a forerunner for much of the popular swing music played at each game — both in the stands and on the field. The Band, of course, is centered around its capable di- rector, John J. Morrissey, without whose inspiration the Sh-Bo Let ' s Hear the Weed Section OFFICERS JOHN J. MORRISSEY Director TED DEMUTH Assistant Director RICHARD L. CROSBY Assistant to the Director LOUIS BERNDT President FLOYD HENZEL First Vice-President CALVIN McBRIDE Second Vice-President ERNEST L WEINER Secretary MKE LEJEUNE Treasurer HAROLD BRETZ Librarian FLOYD HENZEL Recording HAROLD BRETZ Properties RALPH MITCHELL Drum Major The Band Always Wins! UNIVERSITY BAND Tulane Band would not exist. Mr. Morrissey ' s national repu- tation as a connposer is well known. The Spring Concert, presented by the Band the first week in May, is an annual event. In addition, a Spring Con- cert Tour is a yearly planned activity which this year in- cluded Little Rock, Hot Springs, Texarkana, Shreveport, and Alexandria. As a concert band the " Chief ' s boys " have few peers among universities throughout the country, pre- senting annually perhaps the most eagerly awaited show of the year on the campus. Now Hit that " G, " Gang! Ready Now, I, 2, 3 . . . €q ,. T U L A N E UNIVERSITY Tit-tat-toe? Don ' t call us, we ' ll call you The I 954-55 season of the Tulane University Theater Included four major produc- tions: " The Crucible " by Arthur Miller; " Liliom " by Ferenc Molner; " Blithe Spirit " by Noel Coward; and a double feature of " hHelena ' s hlusband, " a one-act farce by Philip Moeller, and " Electra " by Sophocles. The directors were Mr. hlostetler and Mr. hHendrickson of the Tulane faculty and Mr. Uttal of the graduate students de- partment. Mr. Burnham, Tulane Choral director, created the background music for " Electra. " Members of the Tulane University Theater comprised the stage crews. TUT is open to anyone connected with Tulane University: students, faculty, and Crucial cue in The Crucible Do or die for ol ' Hank w ' THEATER MONROE LIPPMAN staff. Anyone working in one production is invited to probationary mennbership. He is entitled to full membership after working in a second show, and he retains mem- bership by working in two shows each season. TUT is proud to have members from nearly every college of the university and from the faculty. The strength of the or- ganization depends upon the university-wide support both in participation in pro- ductions and attendance at performances. The theater playhouse has a workshop and fine sound and lighting equipment. Top: Now Hear This! Bottom; The flowers fhaf bloom In the spring, tra-la Che Sara Sar ! RELIGION u p OFFICERS JENNIFER MANN President DEAN CALCOTE Vice-President BETTY HOM Recording Secretary BETH KOTTES Corresponding Secretary FRANK McKAY Treasurer The Tulane University Interfaith Council serves to unite the various religious groups on campus in action on common issues and coordinate some of their activities. It is composed of two representafives from each of the religious organizations. The Council sponsors the religious orientation for freshman and new students in the fall and Religion-in-Life Week in the spring. It promotes interfaith understanding and religious awareness on the Tulane campus. INTER- FAITH COUNCIL JENNIFER MANN 187 B. S. U OFFICERS JOHN HUNT President HOMER LOCHRIDGE : . Vice-President CHRISTINE KENNEDY Secretary THOMAS NUCKOLS Chapel Director The Baptist Student Union represents, in- cludes, and unifies ail of the Baptist student ac- tivities on the campus. It seeks to preserve the relationship of the student with his church, and to continue the religious education which his honne church has begun. Thus, it acts as a con- necting link between the college and the church. The Baptist Student Center at 7107 Freret Street, is headquarters for the organization. CANTERBURY CLUB OFFICERS A. DEAN CALCOTE Senior Warden ALEXANDER McCOY Secretary WILLIAM D. HORAN Treasurer ROBERT A. GEORGE Sacristan THE REV. THOMAS C. AYCOCK. JR. . . Chaplain Canterbury Club, serves the mission of Christianity in higher education by fostering among university students a more mature un- derstanding of the faith and practices of the Episcopal Church and loyalty to its corporate life. Canterbury Club centers its activities at Canterbury House, the Episcopal University Center. Activities include weekly Tuesday night discussion forums led by prominent clergy of the Church, which consider a variety of topics related to the total needs of the college com- munity in the light o f the Christian faith. 188 CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ORGANIZATION OFFICERS SUE ANN McDowell President CHARLES STORM Vice-President JIMMY MACKENROTH .... Recording Secretary SHIRLEY LEVEY .... Corresponding Secretary RICHARD WEAVER Treasurer MRS. LEON SOULE Faculty Advisor CURTIS L. COATS Counselor The Christian Science Organization of Tu- lane University was formed in December, 1943, and is authorized by the Manual of the Mother Church, The First Church of Christian Scientists in Boston, Mass. The organization holds weekly testimonial meetings on campus and sponsors a lecture each year by a member of the Board of Lecturship of the Mother Church to which students, faculty members, and friends are in- vited. GAMMA DELTA OFFICERS CAROL DE JEAN President GEORGE HELFRICH Vice-President ELISE BARKEMEYER . Recording Secretary-Treasurer BILL WHITE Corresponding Secretary REV. VICTOR SCHULZ Pastoral Advisor Gamma Delta is the International Associa- tion of Lutheran Students. The Alpha Upsilon Chapter on Tulane campus has as its aim the promotion of spiritual and social fellowship among Lutheran Students. Luncheon meetings are held every Friday in the south meeting room of McAllister Auditorium. This year the activi- ties of the organization have included square dances, picnics, and religious topic discussions. The Chapter will play host to the 1 955 Regional Convention of Gamma Delta. 189 DISCIPLES STUDENT FELLOWSHIP OFFICERS PAUL WILSON President REGGIE FUJIMOTO Vice-President WAYNE BRITT Treasurer DONALD L. YOHE Sponsor Disciples Student Fellowship is a national or- ganization sponsored locally by The St. Charles Avenue Church for young people attending college, nurses ' training, or business students in New Orleans. Its purpose is to provide religi- ous training as well as to offer social and rec- reational opportunities. Some of the group ' s activities include a church school class at 9:45 A.M. each Sunday, the Sunday morning worship service, the church choir, weekly Sunday evening supper meet- ings, and a basketball and softball game. -ij „iuifllr ' ' " " NEWMAN CLUB OFFICERS BARBARA HECKER VIGO President LARRY DE BUYS Vice-President SYLVIA BLEDSOE Secretary JOHN CROWLEY Treasurer The Newman Club of Tulane University is a religious organization open to all Catholics on campus. Established efght years ago to provide Catholics with additional spiritual, intellectual, and social outlets, the club endeavors to ful- fill its aims by holding weekly meetings and monthly Communion breakfasts and socials. This year the Newman Club acquired their own house, Newman Hall, where all gatherings are held. A full program of recreation is planned each year, featuring fun and fellow- ship. 190 WESLEY FOUNDATION OFFICERS ADRIAN CAIRNS President BOB WILSON Vice-President JOAN LEONARD Secretary MARY LAW ' Treasurer AARON BERTRAND Worship Chairman The Wesley Foundation is the Methodist Student Movement on the Tulane campus. Our main objectives are to integrate the students and the church into university life; to provide an opportunity for intellectual stimulation, wholesome recreation, and spiritual growth: to restate the gospel in comtemporary terms; and to aid the student in the realization that college is a vocation in itself. Student-led devotions are given Monday through Friday, and the main program meetings are on Thursdays at five. Many interesting and inspirational people come to 1030 Audubon Street regularly. . . . How about you? WESTMINST ER FELLOWSHIP OFFICERS EARL MULLEY President RANDY WHITNEY Vice-President JOY MacFADYEN Secretary BILL REDDOCH Treasurer Westminster Fellowship offers spiritual guid- ance and comradeship to all of the Presby- terian students of Tulane. Supper meetings are held every Sunday night at 6:00, followed by programs of speakers, readings, discussions, or films. The group also holds noonday chapel services in conjunction with the Wesley Foun- dation, maintains a study group which meets during the week, publishes a newspaper every two weeks, and plans a fall and spring retreat in connection with the other Westminster Fel- lowship groups in the state. 191 SPIRIT ? p The year 1954 was a most successful one for the Tulane Cheerleaders. The squad traveled to every out-of-town game except one, supporting the Greenies. Several com- ments from the opposing fans stated that if the cheerleaders reflected in any way the school spirit, Tulane really must have it. All the members of the squad agree that the overall spirit of the university has increased since the last season. Those students acting as cheerleaders were Julia Cherry, Shreveport, La., Jeron La Fargue, Head Cheerleader from Sulphur, La., Charlie Mitchell of Greenville, Miss., Connie Stewart from Jacksonville, Fla., Ann Ulmer, Columbia, Miss. Freshmen on the squad were Lavinia Brock, Belasco, Texas, and Stephen Andry of New Orleans. 193 TUSK OFFICERS DON COLLiNS President ELLIOTT BAIN Vice-President MARILYN LEVY Corresponding Secretary BARBARA CHESLOCK Recording Secretary BILL McCLENDON Sergeant-at-Arms And now that we ' ve burned all our textbooks . The Tulane University Spirit Klub is an honorary organization for the promotion of school spirit. It is composed of members of every social fraternity and sorority as well as independents who have shown their ability and desire to foster better spirit at Tulane. Their activities include participation at football games in taking charge of the decoration of the goal posts, sponsoring card displays, and helping with the seating of students in the student section. A TUSK member is distinguished by his blue jacket with the green and blue " T " and a white tusk superimposed on it. TUSK composes a special cheering secfion at basketball games and awards senior members of the team with plaques at the end of the playing season. This year TUSK has worked with the other spirit groups on campus toward an increasing spirit of cooperation and enthusiasm at Tulane. Bon fires, dances and campus Carnival are highlights of its year-round program. 194 GREENBACK JACK FIELDS President JACQUES WIENER Vice-President ANN ULMER Secretary MARTHA OLIVER Treasurer OFFICERS n f f mfk f " ' - Man-of-the-Mon+h? Greenbackers is the oldest spirit organization on the Tu- lane Campus, made up of members chosen by a majority vote of the entire membership on the basis of their interest and their desire to work in furthering the activities of Tu- lane. Greenbackers sponsors Sorority Skit Night, sale of greenie beanies, pep rallies, and co-sponsors cafeteria dances. Other activities include decoration of the Univer- sity Christmas Tree, distribution of slogan stickers, and the painting and hanging of signs publicizing spirit and other functons. Greenbackers aids in Orientation, by participat- ing in the " Meet the Team " Program. 195 LAGNIAPPES OFFICERS DEE DEE GRIFFEN President BILL McCLENDON Vice-President JERRY WATTS Secretary ED KNIGHTON Sergeant-at-Arnns Lagniappes, the University Student Dance Organization, was successful in bringing to- gether the students of Tulane and Newcomb at university-wide dances. Beginning the year with a big welcoming dance in honor of all the freshmen, Langniappes continued its fall activi- ties with " Student Stomps " held almost every Friday night during football season. Highlight- ing the season was the annual htomecoming Dance, held this year in the Tulane Room. Be- sides presenting the university Christmas Dance just before the holidays, Lagniappes gave for the students one of the most gala Spring For- mals ever held at Tulane. ALPHA PHI OMEGA OFFICERS CHARLIE MITCHELL President JOE LICCIARDI Vice-President BOB PETERSON Secretary MR. E. N. PEDERSEN Advisor Alpha Phi Omega is a National Service Fra- ternity which is on our campus to do any serv- ice it can to help promote campus activities. Some of this years activities were: campus carnival, ugly mug contest, selling concert tic- kets, ushering for basketball games, decorating the Christmas tree on the centei of the cam- pus, helping at the Alumni House during Homecoming and maintaining the lost and found department in the student center. 196 WHITE CAPS OFFICERS BETTY JANE TROSCLAIR President ELISE BARKEMEYER Secretary JESSIE HEBERT Treasurer White Caps is an organization of Newcomb College for the promotion of spirit on campus. All regular students including freshmen who are interested in taking part in numerous stu- dent activities, are invited to join. Among the many activities of the year were the participation of the members in cheering at the football and basketball games, the pro- motion of the Freshman-Sophomore football game, and the sponsorship of a number of spirit dances. ADELPHONS OFFICERS JOE W. PITTS, JR President HERMAN " HOKEY " COLOMB . . . Vice-President GORDON " TAD " WILSON Secretary RANDY BUTTS Treasurer LEONARD SELBER Sergeant-at-Arms The Order of Adelphons was originated at Tulane in 1949 to act as a service group to the University, to promote mutual understanding and cooperation among fraternities, and to establish better relations between the frater- nity men and Tulane. It is an inter-fraternity organization composed of not more than three representatives from each fraternity. Principal activities Include ushering at Commencement exercises and Convocation. The group holds several social events throughout the school year. 197 ORGANIZATIONS c p p c: LEADERSHIP COUNCIL WILLIAM e. BAKER, JR President OFFICERS JASON DIAVILLE Vice-President ELLEN MACK Corresponding Secretary ANDREE BRIANT Recording Secretary The Leadership Council is composed of the presidents or the representatives of all the clubs and organizations in the University. The purposes of the Council are to coordinate the various university-wide activities, to promote interest and spirit, and to sponsor special university functions. The governing and functioning body of the Council is the Execu- tive Board, which is comprised of I 8 Council members rep- resenting varied fields of interest, such as scholarship, music, social, and professional groups. Activities sponsored by the Leadership Council are a Christmas party for children of students and families of Tulane, the Christmas Dance, musi- cal and caroling programs. Campus Carnival, and Univer- sity hHonors Night. 199 GLENDY BURKE OFFICERS ARTHUR HASTINGS Speaker MARILYN LEVY Vice-Speaker EMILE DIETRICH Secretary-Treasurer The oldest Tulane organization, as v ell as one of the most active, the Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society sponsors Tulane debating and forensic activities and pub- lishes " Carnival " magazine. This year the Society members made trips to debate and speech tournaments over the South and Mid West and re- ceived excellent ratings. In addition, Glendy Burke members held highly successful high school and collegiate speech tournaments on the Tulane campus. The Glendy Burke Oratory Contest was revived by the Society. The contest was founded in 1848 and formed the basis for the Glendy Burke Society. Also included in the plans of the group were the sponsor- ing of discussions and debates with visiting schools. 200 INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB WILLIAM WHITAKER President CAROL LYNN STOKES Vice President ESTHER ROSENTHAL Secretary-Treasurer CARL CONRAD Librarian JOHN GILLESPIE Faculty Advisor f OFFICERS The Devil with Parking Stickers! The Tulane International Relations Club exists to provide a place on the cannpus for discussion and consideration of world affairs by the student. Its main activities are the cele- brations of United Nations Day and Pan-American Day, and semi-monthly meetings at which speakers from off-campus are brought before the students and discussions and de- bates are held. Some of the members attended the national convention of the Association of International Relations Clubs. Additional activities include distribution to members of publications in the field of foreign affairs. A measure of the success of the local club might be that the past presi- dent, Miss Julie Douglass, was elected secretary of the Na- tional organization of some six hundred local clubs. 201 CAMPUS NIGHT ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF JACQUE SEGALL President DENIS CROWLEY Vice-President RUTH POMERANZ Secretary ANN EINBINDER Treasurer PRODUCTION STAFF EDWIN CHADWICK Director RUTH POMERANZ Assistant to Director JACOUE SEGALL Musical Director GARY KUSHNER Technical Director ART LICHTMAN Stage Manager CONNIE STEWART Choreographer DENIS CROWLEY Set Designer EDWIN CHAICK Script EINER PEDERSEN Music MIMI ROSENBLUM JACQUE SEGALL Lyrics EINAR PEDERSEN Advisor The Greeks had a word for it and so did all those who saw Campus Nite ' s original musical comedy " Greek to Me " on March I I and 12. This year ' s show was based — very broadly — on Aristophanes ' comedy, " Lyslstrata, " and had more talent than ever before presented to the Campus Nite audience. A special performance of the show was given for Par- ents ' Day on April 23. In addition to the big show the Campus Niters entertained at the New Orleans Country Club ' s annual Pigskin Party, at the fall Commerce Dance, and at other university and civic functions. , „JN Top: " I go++a feelin ' called the Blue . BoHom: Roclcettes? The Dior Looli " Its Greek to me " Nite Train The Folies were never like this 203 BARRICUDA CLUB OFFICERS JANE FRAZIER ( First Semester] NANCY TURNER (Second Semester) NANCY TURNER (First Semester) . . . President . . President Vice-President MIMI MARX (Second Semester) Vice-President ELIZABETH HAEUSER Secretary BEVERLY WOLF Publicity Chairman Down periscope The purpose of the Newcomb Barracuda Club is to promote interest in swimming, particularly synchronized swimming. New members are chosen by competitive tryouts in which each applicant is graded on her rhythm, form, and coordination in the basic strokes, a synchronized stroke to music, two stunts, and a standing front dive. The newly ac- cepted members are known as Baby Barracudas and are trained in synchronized swimming at the weekly Wednesday meetings for the spring pageant, after which they are full Barracudas. The theme of the 1 955 pageant was " Mother Goose " ; numbers included were Old King Cole, Jack Sprat, Humpty Dumpty, Jack Be Nimble (a diving act), Three Blind Mice, Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary, Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Bo Peep, Three Little Kittens, Woman Who Lived in a Shoe, and others. Among the other activities of the year the Barracuda Club presented a program for the freshmen during orientation and sponsored the New- comb Intramural Swimming Meet. 204 DANCE CLUB BETTY ROBINSON President OFFICERS JOAN GARCIA Vice-President NANCY JO THERIOT Secretary " t? The Newcomb Dance Club was founded in 1940. Its pur- pose is to promote interest in all types of ballet and to furnish dances for campus productions and other campus and civic activities. The teaching and direction of Miss Frances Bush, Newcomb faculty member, has helped make the club a success. Try-outs are held for new members at the beginning of each semester. The new members are known as Coryphies until they have proven themselves worthy of being elected into the ballerina group. Elections are based upon service as well as the ability and interest of each girl. Meetings are held on Monday and Wednesday each week at the Newcomb gymnasium. A dance recital is given by the club in the spring to climax the year ' s activities. 205 O R E A D E S OFFICERS MARY LEHMAN President LYNN MacMURDO Secretary BETH SLAWSON Treasurer Oreades is the honorary organization de- signed to create and stimulate an appreciation of the classics. It is open to those students at Newcomb who show an interest in the acquisi- tion of classical knowledge and desire to relate this information to everyday life. This is a de- partmental organization, but its members do not necessarily have to major in classics. The group meets on the third Tuesday of every month and includes in its yearly activities the following events: a Saturnalia festival in imita- tion of the Roman holiday celebrated in De- cember, discussions, and lectures. LA TERTULIA OFFICERS SYLVIA BLEDSOE President BARBARA FLEISCHMAN Vice-President MATILDE BONILLA Secretary ISABEL ANGLADE Treasurer La Tertulia, founded in 1939, is the honorary Spanish Club at Newcomb College. The pur- poses of La Tertulia are to establish and main- tain a vivid interest in Spanish among the stu- dents, to practice the language, to promote goodwill and understanding among our people and those of Latin American countries, and to become familiar with Spanish customs, litera- ture, and art. 206 BETA BETA BETA OFFICERS JERRY BARNUM President NATALIE ROHRIG Vice-President CAROL FITZPATRICK . Secretary MARJORIE KING Historian DR. MILTON FINGERMAN Advisor The Beta Lambda Chapferof Beta Beta Beta Is the national honorary biological fraternity at Newcomb. Its main purpose is not only to stim- ulate a major interest in biology, but also to demonstrate the pleasurable satisfaction of sci- entific surroundings. To be eligible for membership a student must have taken freshman biology and have received a grade of B or better. The fraternity meets once a month, on Thurs- day evenings. The activities include discussions, field trips, lectures, and socials. LE CIRCLE FR ANC AIS OFFICERS GAIL PRICE President YVONNE ARNOULT Vice-President YVONNE NASSAR Secretary and Treasurer The purpose of the French Club is to further interest in the language and culture of France. It provides Newcomb and Tulane students with an opportunity to apply what they have learned in class. This year the members listened to popular records by leading .French artists and presented one-act plays in French. The activities also in- cluded a program and tea for faculty mem- bers, and a trip to " Cajun " country as a cli- max to the year ' s events. 207 NEWCOMB ART CLUB OFFICERS MARILYN MOORE President JOAN RENKIN Secretary-Treasurer The Newcomb Arf Club is designed to pro- mote the interest of both students and faculty in art. Membership is open to all Newcomb stu- dents. During freshmen orientation, a tea was given in honor of the new students. The club also sponsored exhibits in the art school gallery, such as the " art for Christmas " exhibit, educa- tional films on art, and guest speakers. The public is invited to attend all of these events. NEWCOMB ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION OFFICERS ELIZABETH HAEUSER President ELLEN SRiFFEN Vice-President JANET MICKENHIME Secretary BETSY MAUGHT Treasurer The Newcomb Athletic Council is the gov- erning body for the Newcomb Athletic As- sociation. Its function is the carrying out of the intramural program which consists of vollyball, basketball, swimming, badminton, ping pong, tennis, and baseball. The objective is to arouse interest in sports for recreation and competi- tion. Any group of Newcomb girls wishing to form a team for any activity may do so. Cups and trophies are awarded to winning teams and individuals for each activity. 20i8 DELTA SIGMA PI OFFICERS First Semester JOE W. PITTS JR President EARL S. MULLEY Senior Vice-President MANUEL SALA Junior Vice-President ROBERT SERPAS Treasurer HAYWARD LEBLANC Secretary DENIS E. RUFIN III Chancellor PHIL SMITH Historian Second Semester RALPH SANTHIN President DENIS E. RUFIN III Senior Vice-President THOMAS LILLY Junior Vice-President CARROLL CAMPBELL Treasurer LAWRENCE BARTHE Secretary WILLIAM WADE WATSON Chancellor DON CARRAWAY Historian Delta Sigma Pi Rose Tea ' .f.- ' W ■ ' w- vt -5 V. ' m — A. Gamma Mu chap ' ter of Delta Sigma Pi was established at Tulane in the School of Business Administration in 1949. It is the largest professional fraternity in the field of Commerce and Business Ad- ministration and has more than eighty chapters in colleges and uni- versities throughout the nation. Many professional and social activities are conducted each year and points are awarded in a national efficiency contest to those chapters which conform to standards set by the Central Office. Gamma Mu has led the way with 100,000 points since its founding. The Fraternity sponsors tours of local firms, conducts programs with prominent speakers from various business fields, and promotes films and discussions about important topics from today ' s business world. Social activities are many. Among the more outstanding are the annual Rose Dance at which the Rose of Delta Sig and Her Court are presented, the two rush parties at the beginning of each semester, and a variety of other parties and entertainments through- out the year, such as the pledge-active football game, which is fol- lowed by a stag beer party. Faculty Advisor for the year was Dr. Geiald Warren. 209 SOCIETY FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF MANAGEMENT OFFICERS JACQUELINE SEGALL President ANTHONY DALFERES Vice-President WALLACE C. KEMPER Secretary EVELYN SIRAUD Treasurer DR. PAUL GRAMBSCH Faculty Advisor DR. PAUL TAYLOR . Faculty Advisor Young Managers at Work The Society for Advancement of Management is a pro- fessional society organized for those students interested in the phases of the broad field of management. The Tulane Chapter of S.A.M. v as established in 1949 and is one of the 95 active student chapters. The Tulane Chapter is sponsored by the Nevv Orleans senior chapter for the Society for Advancement of Management, which is composed of outstanding business leaders in the Nev Or- leans area. Field trips to local industrial establishments, outstanding speakers, and various social events are among the y early activities of the Society designed to further student inter- est in and knov ledge of the business world. Students in the School of Business Administration who have completed 36 semester hours and are interested in management are eligible for membership. 210 COMMERCE WOMEN ' S CLUB OFFICERS JOAN MIRAMON President JACQUELINE SEGALL Vice-President SALLY CALMES Secretary JOAN ZIEMER Treasurer The Commerce Women ' s Club is a profes- sional organization for girls enrolled in the School of Business Administration. Included in this year ' s activities were an orientation tea, the donation of a Thanksgiving basket, a Christ- mas party, a tour of the New Orleans harbor, a senior luncheon, the selection of the 1954 Commerce King, Mr. Peter Firmin, and an award presented to the outstanding member of the Freshman Class. ENGINEERS ' TECHNOLOGICAL ATELIERS OFFICERS DONALD BILINSKI President JOHN MARSHALL Vice-President JAMES TUCKER Treasurer CHARLES ROBARDS Secretary The Engineer ' s Technological Atelier was or- ganized in 1 938 to promote school spirit among the students of the College of Engineering. During this year, the organization sponsored the annual Engineering dance, Engineer ' s Day at the football game and the skit at half-time, the Engineer ' s Smoker, and the Engineering Forum and Field Day. At the dance, St. Pat, the Engineer ' s Guardian Saint, St. Patricia, and their court were presented and reigned su- preme over the dance. 211 A. S. M. E OFFICERS JAMES TUCKER, JR Chairman HERMAN BOURGESPACK .... Vice-Chairman CHARLES WAGUESPACK Secretary BARRY HILDEBRAND Treasurer J. HOWELL PEEBLES, JR Honorary Chairman The American Society of Mechanical Engi- neers, student branch, is an organization com- posed of undergraduate students in mechanical engineering. It provides a means for those stu- dents to meet on a professional basis in order to discuss matters of interest, and to carry out activities during the school year. Upon graduation, the student is afforded the opportunity of transferring his status in the A.S.M.E. from Student Member to Junior Member, and he may thus further hiis activity on a higher level of the organization. A. I. C. E OFFICERS JOHN M. VAUGHAN President DON M. MAYER Vice-President ALFRED E. DAECH Secretary FRANK E. McKAY Treasurer The American Institute of Chemical Engi- neers was formed on the Tulane campus to sup- plement chemical engineering school work. By inviting local industrialists to speak at A.I.Ch.E. meetings, and by making field trips to chemical process plants in the New Orleans vicinity, this student chapter affords its members the op- portunity to obtain practical information con- cerning work in their chosen profession. 212 A. I. E. E. AND I. R. E OFFICERS HOWARD C. UPTON Chairman DONALD W. BOENSEL Vice-Chairman JAMES V. BOONE Treasurer HENRY E. MARKEL Secretary, AIEE WALTER H. PACE, JR Secretary, IRE THe Tulane Joint Student Branch of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers and Institute of Radio Engineers provides the stu- dent with worth-while opportunities for making contacts with practicing engineers, following current projects and developments and obtain- ing practice in public speaking by contribut- ing to and participating in the branch activi- ties. A. I. A OFFICERS JOHN R. HEBERT President PAT GANDOLPHO Vice-President DOTTIEMcCABE Secretary CLAYTUS PLAISANCE Treasurer The A, I. A. was organized in 1947 at Tulane to act as liason between the student architect and the profession. Besides this important func- tion, it undertakes a program to assist in the preparation of the student for the professional world, by a series of exhibitions and lectures, and a student placement service for summer work. A. S. C. E. OFFICERS JOHN L. NIKLAUS President CLETUS G. FLEMING Vice-President CHARLES PITTMAN Treasurer PHILIP N. BUCHANAN Secretary Student Chapters of the American Society of Civil Engineers are established to help civil engineering students to enrich their college courses by beginning those professional con- tacts and associations which, continued through life, are so valuable to the practicing engineer. SIGMA PI SIGMA OFFICERS WILLIAM WHITAKER President HERMAN COLOMB Vice-President ROBERT MERIKANGAS Secreta ' v JESSIE HEBERT Treasurer PROF. WALTER C. BOSCH .... Chapter Advisor The Tulane chapter of the national physics honor society, Sigma Pi Sigma, began the year quite appropriately by electing into member- ship eleven new members. These were under- graduates, graduate students, and faculty members who were awarded the distinction, having shown high scholarship and achievement in physics. The enlarged group continued throughout the year with varied activities, all intended to foster interest in physics at the source of future physicists — the students of physics. SIGMA GAMMA EPSILON OFFICERS LOUIS E. LEMARIE President CLEMENT R. RONDEAU Vice-President DAVID E. LOTT Recording Secretary MARION S. ROSSI Secretary-Treasurer Sigma Gamma Epsilon is the National Hon- orary Professional Fraternity in Geology and was founded at the University of Kansas in 1915. Beta Eta Chapter at Tulane was char- tered on November 11,1 950, as the outgrowth of Gamma Epsilon Omicron, a local club which was established in 1938. Throughout the year, Sigma Gamma Epsilon presents especially qualified speakers on geological topics In open assemblies. 214 PRE-MED SOCIETY OFFICERS THOMAS P. DeLONG President LIDA L. PLACEK Vice-President FRANK ANF05S0 Treasurer MARTHA MARSHALL Recording Secretary ROBERT S. BLATT Corresponding Secretary The Pre-Medical Sociefy was organized on the Tulane Campus In 1948 so that students seeking a common goal, Medicine, could meet together and learn more about the Profession. The Society meets bi-weekly to hear eminent medical authorities, to see interesting medical and scientific movies, and to tour local hos- pitals. PI LAMBDA BETA OFFICERS First Semester DON MEYER President CARL deVALCOURT Vice-President ELLEN MACK Secretary BILL McCLENDON Treasurer Second Semester BILL McCLENDON President LEE LEONARD Vice-President ELLEN MACK Secretary DAVID NEWSTADT Treasurer Being a relatively new organization on the campus. Pi Lambda Beta pre-legal society was formed at Tulane in 1952 to " promote a closer association and understanding of the Pre-Law students. " At their meetings, social events, and semi-annual banquet, members not only have an opportunity to become acquainted with the Law School and its faculty, but also to gain a clearer insight into the various asects of the legal profession by meeting and hearing dis- cussions by prominent lawyers, judges, and law professors. f . 215 PI SIGMA ALPHA OFFICERS JEAN EDDY President JEROME STEEM Vice-President HAROLD PORTER Secretary-Treasurer DR. WARREN ROBERTS, JR Faculty Adviser The Tulane Chapter of Pi Sigma Alpha Fra- ternity, national political science honor society, was founded in I 949. In addition to the election of honor students to nnembership, the organiza- tion functions throughout the year for the pro- motion of extracurricular activities related to public affairs. The objects of this fraternity are to stimulate productive and intelligent interest in the subject of government. ALPHA CHI SIGMA OFFICERS JOHN CURRIER President LIONEL WOLFORD Vice-President DONALD KORN . . . Corresponding Secretary ELWOOD GONZALES Recording Secretary DON MAYER Treasurer ROBERT STEARNS Master of Ceremonies FRANK McKAY Reporter The Alpha Tau chapter at Tulane University was installed in 1928 with thirty-two charter members. The fraternity has as its objects: to bind its members in a tie of true and lasting friendship, to advance chemistry as a science and as a profession, and to aid its members in their profession. Social activities of Alpha Tau include a semi- annual smoker, beer party, date party and fac- ulty ball game. The Tulane chapter also sponsors the annual hiigh School and Freshman Essay Contests on chemistry. 216 ETA S I G OFFICERS A. DEAN CALCOTE President CARL CONRAD Vice-President RUSS DIETRICH Recording Secretary THERESA GARDNER . . Corresponding Secretary BETH SLAWSON Treasurer E+a Sigma Phi is a national honorary classical fraternity founded at the University of Chicago in 1914. At present there are over fifty active chapters. The Alpha Chi chapter of Tulane founded in 1936, endeavors to promote a greater interest in the study of Greek and Roman civilizations by presenting various speakers outstanding in the field of Latin and Greek, as well as sponsoring a Christman Satur- nalia. PSYCHOLOGY CLUB OFFICERS JANICE COHEN President SUSAN BRODY Vice-President JACKIE PRESSNER Recording Secretary MICKEY LEHMAN . . . Corresponding Secretary JOY BRAND Treasurer The Tulane-Newcomb Psychology Club brings together all people taking or having pre- viously taken a course in psychology. The pur- pose is to afford these people some type of material outside that furnished by the ordinary classroom curriculum, by means of lectures, movies, demonstrations, and field trips. 217 MILITARY CI P OFFICERS CAPT. JOE W. PITTS, JR. 1ST LT. LEE K, LEVY 2ND LIEUT. LYNTON B. COOPER, JR. 1ST SGT. DENIS E. RUFIN, III Lf. Col. John D. Woodman, Capt. J. A- Winfrey, Col. Charles Sommers, Capt. W. C. Jonson, Lt. Col. Luther R. Barth. Col. Miles J. Ba7e. Scabbard and Blade is a National Honorary Military Society with local chapters, called companies, located in 131 leading colleges and universities which have Reserve Officers Training Programs. Founded in 1904, Scabbard and Blade takes its member- ship from outstanding advanced course ROTO students in the Army, Navy, and Air .Force branches. Those cadets and midshipmen selected have shown superior qualities of leadership, character, and aptitude for military service. i ' • f ■{ 0 Oh, some mothers have sons in the army . , SCABBARD AND BLADE Look Ma. one hand C E COLONEL 50MMERS Air Force R.O.T.C. Cadet Officers Loolc sharp, feel sharp, be ... a let down Captain Landry . . . Space Patrol The Air Force ROTC started at Tulane during the 1946-47 school year, and is presently under the capable leadership of Colonel Charles Sommers, PAS. The colonel has a staff of four officers and five enlisted men to assist him In teaching and guiding the cadet corps. The mission of the Air Force ROTC is to develop in the prospective college graduate qualities of leadership and other attributes which go toward making him a capable officer and gentleman of the United States Air Force. Academically, the cadet is put through a rigid schedule of study. During the basic years he is given courses in geography, geopolitics, navigation, weather, aerody- namics, radar, bombs, guns, and applied Air Power. Upon completing the sophomore year, the cadet is given a flight physical and those qualifying are accepted into advanced training. These juniors and seniors, who are potential pilots and navigators, are given instructions in problem solving, speaking, leadership, management, and military judicial proceedings. Every Friday, the seniors attend their leader- ship labratory where they have command of the basic cadets. All juniors, and some sophomores are receiving orientation flights in T-6 ' s under the command of Capt. L. W. hiemphill and Capt. R. F. O ' Brien. As usual, summer camp training was held at three Texas airbases, giving the cadets a first hand view of Air Force life and approximately eight hours of flying time. Although the enrollment of the cadet corp has dropped off this year due to the rigid qualifications set by the Air Force, the corp is one of the best in the country. Air Force Sponsors We don ' t know ' em either Hard tinnes had by all The Arnold Air Society, national AFROTC honorary organization has as its mission the support of all Air Force functions. It promotes interest and spirit in the cadet corps and performs public relation functions on the cadet level. Membership in the AAS is given on a merit basis and only the advanced AFROTC cadets who have shown interest and aptitude in the program above the required level are selected. These members are called upon to take part in service projects at various times throughout the year. Social life is not forgotten, and the Society holds several dances in addition to the frequent informal discussion groups. 1 ' 1 ? } A I R ARNOLD SOCIETY 221 M LT. COLONEL WOODMAN Army R.O.T.C. Cadet OHicers Top: Sponsors BoHom: Ye olde round table The Army ROTC was established In 1947 at Tulane University and continues Its eighth year under the leadership of Lieutenant Colonel John D. Woodman. The enrollment this year was 278 cadets in the Transportation Corps Unit. This made the Army the largest ROTC unit on the campus. Assisting Lt. Col. Woodman In the operation of the unit are Lieu- tenant Colonel Joseph M. Elder, Major Alvln W. Johnson, Captains Charles A. Boyd and Charles C. Glasgow, Jr. The year started off with some confusion caused by modification of the Army building when the university authorities made it possible for the Army ROTC to have its own building adjacent to Paterson hHouse. This readjustment of building space affords better facilities to train the Army ROTC cadets through the utilization of larger classrooms, new training aids room with special training equipment, larger supply room, and more adequate office facilities. This year as in the 1953-1954 school year the unit held its Annual Military Ball In coniunction with the Tulane Homecoming celebration program, and it is anticipated that it will continue to be held at this time each year. At the Military Ball. " Little Colonel, " Ann Roach, and the eight other Newcomb College students, who were elected sponsors for this year by the corps, were Introduced. The following sponsors, Ann Roach. Mignon Paget. Ruth hiarper. Ruth Knighton. Beverly Pecora. Suzie Duvall, Laura Lee Planche, and Sarah Suelfl. participated with the Army ROTC Unit in the pre-game and half- time ceremonies of the Tulane-Alabama hlomecoming Football game. The Pershing Rifles also performed at half-time at this game In addi- tion to maicing several special appearances throughout the school year on campus and around the New Orleans area demonstrating precision drill movements. This year an Army ROTC Band was organized to take the place of the joint Army-Air Force Band of previous years inasmuch as both the Army and Air Force Units have sufficient personnel for Individ- ual bands. Other organizations which added to the spirit and success of the V ' Roach scores again " Damn the Torpedos Pull Speed Ahead! ' " I Found a Home in the Army ' " year were the class parties held at the various military installations in the New Orleans area, the unit publication " The Guidon, " participation in the university ' s intramural sports program, the rifle team ' s participation in several shoulder to shoulder rifle matches with ROTC teams of other institutions, and the Armed Forces Day Parade. This year four cadets applied for Regular Army commissions, which is two more than in previous years. The Transportation HHighway Group was led in its activities by Cadet Colonel Percy A. Sharpe, III; Cadet Lt. Col. Dean A. Tyner. 1st Bn. Command; Lt. Col. Patrick G. Walsh, 2nd Bn, Commander; and Captains Raoul J. LeBlanc, B. F. Trinchard, Richard J. Brennan, Stanley E. Peacher, and William J. Furlong, Commanders of A, B, C, D Companies and Pershing Rifles respectively. " Ling-Ting-Tong? " And When I Say " Eyes Right, " Let Me Hear Them Eyeballs Click!! Furlong and Company 223 N R. O. T. C CAPTAIN CORTNER Navy R.O.T.C. Cadei Officers BoHom: Top: It s+ill hasn ' t fired! . And then there was the time In Singapore . . . " For the seventeenth year since Its concep " tIon in 1938, the Freret Street officer factory has supplied the military market with a host of highly qualified naval ensigns and marine second Lieutenants, slated for duty In the air, on the land, and on the sea. For the newly commissioned officers, the past four years are now a composite memory of tests, textbooks, travel, and technology, of endless marching and enviable social activities — none of which will be soon forgotten. During the 1954-55 session, the Navy ship was commanded by Captain C. E. Cortner, U.S. Navy, a veteran in the Tulane theater of operation, who bids the unit bon voyage this year after two years as " Skipper. " ■■ Almost before the Ink dried on the registration cards, the Navy unit went Into gallop cadence, h ardly had the glow from the Wel- come Aboard Ball been dispersed when the entire unit generated a creditable performance In the pre-qame and half-time hlomecoming ceremonies. The NROTC was further honored when its drill team commander was chosen to command the honor guard for the Home- coming Queen and her Court. The honor guard was composed of crack drill platoons from the Army, Navy, and Air Force ROTC Units. Following a maelstrom of activity Interspersed wMh salt, gold, blue serge, a marine sergeant ' s urglngs, and a varied social slate, the battalion of midshipmen weathered final exams with few casual- ties. Survivors of the First Class, after four years of Intensive training and Indoctrination, assumed the dual responsibility of graduates and leaders in the military society. Neophyte officers looked forward with mingled emotions of anticipation and apprehension to a new life. The underclass simultaneously braced themselves for " more of fhe same, " but from another rung up on the ladder. Another cruise to foreign ports Impends, seabags must be packed, cameras lubricated and loved ones indoctrinated in Navy ' s by-line: " Until we meet again. " -• Target Gibson Hall Always read the fine print Roll, Nav The Society has its namesake aboard naval vessels; the taffrail being the rear-most lifeline or railing on the ship. When a Navy social activity is on the calendar, the society Is launched into frenzied action in- volving planning, organizing, arranging, and finger-nail biting as the date approaches. They are the back-stage marshals of an unforgettable party or a well-decorated ballroom. The NROTC unit looks to the Society for the suggestion, organization, and culmination of a varied social agenda and other projects furthering unit morale and esprit de corps. Florists, society editors, and admirals know the society for Its activities. Midshipmen of the NROTC appreciate Taffrai! for Its industry and service. The Society ' s ultimate goal is a successful Naval Ball sponsored during Graduation Week in honor of the midshipmen of the first class destined to receive commissions in the Navy or Marine Corps. TAFFRAIL NAVAL SOCIETY 225 Circulating pins . . . telephone salutations . Homecoming Decorations . . . Beer blasts dunkings . . . repp ties . . . button downs . . shorts . . . long beads . . . Bruno ' s trophies shaking hands and remembering names . . the trophy . . all night , . . fish pond Bermuda . . Balfour ' s . . . copping ANN SHAFTO TOPS ANDERSON FRANCES FRIEDMAN NEWCOMB PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL OFFICERS ANN SHAFTO Presldenl RUTH NAIRNE Secretary JEAN LOWENTRITT Treasurer The Newcomb Panhellenic Council is composed of representatives from each of the Newcomb sororities. It serves to promote unity and cooperation among the fraternity groups and to facilitate the execution of all inter-fraternity activities. The Panhellenic Council is responsible for compiling rules governing rushing, pledging, initiation and other activities. Sorority Skit Night, Song Pest, and the Bridge Tournament are sponsored by the Council. It also awards the Panhellenic Cup to the outstanding sorority of the year. A Scholarship Banquet is held each spring honoring the pledges and actives obtaining the highest average in each sorority. ANDREE BRIANT MARGARET GILL CAROL CLARK JOY JONES JOHANNA DAVIS JEAN LOWENTRITT NELL EASTLAND MARISA MARTINEZ 228 MEMBERS TOPS ANDERSON Alpha Delta P NANCY CANFIELD Alpha De-l+a P JEAN LOWENTRITT Alpha Epsilon Ph FLORENCE WEILAND Alpha Epsilon Ph JOY JONES Alpha Omicron Pi LYNN TRIST Alpha Omicron Pi JOHANNA DAVIS Beta Sigma Omicron JANET MICKENHIME Beta Sigma Omicron CAROL CLARK Chi Omega JANET MICKENHIME LYNN STOKES RUTH NAIRNE LYNN TRIST YVONNE NASSAR JANET TYSON NANCY NICHOLS ANN ULMER ANN SHAFTO SYLVIA VON OSTOFF SYLVIA von OSTOFF Chi Omega MARISA MARTINEZ Delta Zeta LYNN STOKES Delta Zeta YVONNE NASSAR Kappa Alpha Theta ANN ULMER . , Kappa Alpha Theta ANN SILL Kappa Kappa Gamma RUTH NAIRNE Kappa Kappa Gamma ANDREE BRIANT Phi Mu NELL EASTLAND Phi Mu NANCY NICOLS PI Beta Phi JANET TYSON Pi Beta Phi FRANCES FRIEDMAN Sigma Delta Tau GAY NEUMAN Sigma Delta Tau 229 HI " In Technicolor and Cinemascope " " Shake, Ra+fle and Roll " 6 ' Are You Cold, Cyn+hia? " EPSILON CHAPTER OF ALPHA DELTA PI Ball, Terry, McDowell, Follansbee Epsilon chapter of Alpha Delta Pi is proud to be a part of the oldest social sorority in existence. Epsilon this year celebrates its fiftieth flourishing year on the Newcomb campus. Our members have always energetically been a vital part of a variety of activi- ties at Newcomb. Currently they are most active in the Glendy Burke Literary Society, in the Tulane University Theater, and many of the campus music and foreign language clubs. Our activities this year centered around our al- ways successful formal dance in November, and the annual pledge and initiation banquets. The alumnae group and Mothers ' Club gave several bridge par- ties, as well as a Christmas party. Another outstand- ing event of our social calendar was our spring house party. 230 MEMBERS First Row: Tops Anderson, Eugenia Ball, Cynthia Braswell, Virginia Chap- man, Janice Eubanks, Amy Follansbee. Second Row: Betty Ann Frisard, Carey Keen, Pamela Lachin, Lyn Leslie, Mary Ann Lofton, Moira McBride, Sue Ann McDowell. Third Row: Joy McFayden, Mary Ann Rose, Carol Sander, Susan Stone, Rosa Taylor, Joan Terry, Nancy Walls. Not Pictured: Lynn Bulliard, Nancy Canfield, Jane HHaley, Barbara hHuber. 231 . . . and a cast of thousands Where ' s the other leg? And then the Zebes came EPSILON CHAPTER OF ALPHA EPSILON PHI Emrich Rosenthal, Flelschman, Jacobs, Lehman This year marks the 38th anniversary of the founding of Epsilon Chapter of Alpha Epsilon Phi on the Newcomb Cam- pus. It began with the annual rush week affairs which resulted in our pledging a wonderful group of girls from all over the United States. This school year has been successful not only in social affairs, but also charity and good-will work. The Phi ' s have enjoyed many activities together such as; box-dinners sponsored by the alums, an " open house " in honor of the pledges, a sock-hop twin party, a semi-formal, a Valentine ' s Formal, a " pledge-active party, and a Senior Banquet to climax the social calendar. In charity work, several members go each week to the various institutions in New Or- leans to entertain and help the children. On the campus the AEPhi ' s are represented in almost every organization, where several have been recognized for out- standing work. Our biggest thrills came when we were awarded the Efficiency Cup from National for the second straight year, and on the winning of first place in Song Fest here at New- comb. All in all this year has been one of spirit and enthusiasm, and we can look back upon it as one of Epsilon ' s most suc- cessful years at Newcomb. 232 MEMBERS First Row: Sablna Abrahm, Na+alle Alexander, Joan Balm, Gladys Fritzle Bauer, Eleanor Beldon, Joan Berg, Annette Berry, Annabelle Beyer, Joyce Bloom, Barbara Brand, Joy Brand. Second Row: Carol LIse Brenner, Ruth Bronsfein, Phyllis Brown, Barbara Cheslock, Janice Cohen, Carol Coolik, Carol Davis, Barbara Dee, Peggy Eichenbaum, Ann Einbinder, Penny Fleischer. Third Row: Barbara Fleischman, Adrianne Gibbs, Marcia Gibbs, Janice Goldstein, Rachel Greenberg, Sophia Greenberg, Susie Heimovics, Sue Hertzman, Leann hlorn, Pat hlymans, Sandra Jacobs. Fourth Row: Marion Karpeles, Linda Katz, Marianne Lee. Mickey Lehman, Carolyn Levy, Marilyn Levy, Jean Lowentritt. Mimi Marx, Shirley Miller, Patricia Phillips, Joan Reich. Fifth Row: Sallye Rosen, Debbie Rosenbaum, Esther Rosenthal, Elaine Rosenwald, Dale Salsbury, Dena Schneider. Barbara Shoenholz, Odette Seelig, Marcia Squtt, Myra Shaplra. Nancy Silber. Sixth Row: Jean Simons, Sue Sommer, Betty Spitzberg, Neil Steiner, Yvonne Yuspeh Strug, Sandra Tuchin, Jane Well, Dorothy Weiss, Marion Wiener, Pat Wise, Beverly Wolf, Dorene Wolfson. Not Pictured: Phyllis Askanase, Rozann Cole, Etta Davidson, Ruth Emrick, Joel Grossman, Barbara Hirs- berg, Diane Klev n, Suzanne Pailet, Lynn Spitzberg, Nancy Ullman, Florence Weiland. f " |! ' TT n. ' gill ' ; ' ' ' 233 u Ooooh! Pig — Pig — Suiiii!!! Discriminating people prefer Herbert Tareyton My name is Sampson, not Simpson PI CHAPTER OF ALPHA OMICRON PI Moore, Cush ' ng, Turner, Fitzpatrick, Blakcney The Pi chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi enjoyed a profitable year. Rush was a wonderful time for all, members and rushees as well. No one could have been prouder of their twenty-seven pledges than AOPi was. As far as honors go, the AO Cutie Pi ' s received their ample share. Sylvia Todd, a freshman pledge this year, was one of the beauties of the Freshman Beauty Court. Connie Stewart and Julia Cherry were re-elected Tulane cheerleaders. Naomi Birdwell was elected Secretary of -the Newcomb Student Council. Ann Joiner won secretary of the Freshman class and Lane Williams received the Vice President ' s seat. The chapter captured second place in sorority song fest and are planning great things for future years. 234 sr ik. MEMBERS First Row: Pafricia Akin, Carolyn Alford. Marfha Armistead, Carol Jean Arnouit, Joan Barkeding, Craig Barnwell, Doro+hy Basket, Sally Bergeron, Johanna Bernard, Naomi Birdwell, Molly Blakeney. Second Row: Martha Block, Sara Brit+on, Cornelia Cabral, Julia Cherry. Ninfa Collier, Ann Cashing, Sandra De Armas, Kay de Mon+luzin, Carol Fitzpatrick, Dorothy Good, Dorothy Granberry. Third Row: Joan Gunn, Johanna Hannmell, Dawn Herbert, Sherrill Herring, Winifred Hodges. Esther Hunt, Ann Joiner, Joy Jones. Pameila Kuhn, Ann Lingan, Sally Lyon, Fourth Row: Ann Mandeville, Emma Martin, Grace Merritt. Dickey Millican, Marilyn Moore. Gwen Munch, Emmy Parks, Sandy Patterson, Joan Pilliod, Dorothy Potts, Frances Potts. Fifth Row: Patricia Powell, Joan Renken, Eugenia Ricau, Natalie Roehrig. Suzanne Seaman, Barbara Silin, Doris Skelton, Cynthia Smith. Louise Smith. Brenda Stacy, Connie Stewart. Sixth Row: Cynthia Stone, Sue Talliferro, Sylvia Todd, Lynn Trist, Nancy Turner, Brenda Wallbilich, Olive Webb, Rebecca White, Jean Wiggins, Lane Williams, Rusty Woiff. Not Pictured: Sykes Equen, Anita Lamar, Patricia Lykins, Jehanne Ordorica, Betty Robinson, Dale Sansom. 235 BIO When good friends gef togefher Which way is the Delce house? , and then Peter Rabbit . . ALPHA SIGMA CHAPTER OF BETA SIGMA OMICRON Oliver, Perez, Levey, Goedecke Side by side. What words could better describe the girls of Beta Sig? Rich-no; smart-well!; close-yes!! Although we ' re few in number, we Beta Sigs are very proud of our closeness. Never one without the other, whether we are working, playing, or studying. We began the school year together cleaning the rooms for rush week. What fun we had decidinq whose turn it was to wash the windows or scrub the floor. What satisfaction it was to see our rooms sparkling. (What dejection it was to view them after rush!) But work was soon forgotten (by all except the pledges-poor things.) as we entered into an exciting round of post-rush activity; a truck ride on the levee, a banguet for the pledges, a Halloween party, an " after-the-game " party, a Christmas party, song- fest rehearsals, volleyball games, tennis matches, and many others. All was not play, however, especially as the fatal January 17, approached. A noticeable change took place in the rooms where instead of laughter, sighs were heard, writ- ing took the place of mopping, and songs of joy were replaced by dirges. The storm passed and once again we Beta Sigs are having fun. 236 MEMBERS First Row: Nickl Cartisser, Johanna Davis, Carole De Sonier, Laralee Di- Trapani, Sylvi a Fernandez, Peggy Getnelos. Second Row: Ursula Goedecke, Marilyn Hyatt, Rachael Lafranz, Ruth LaFranz, Shirley Levey, Janet Mickenhime. Third Row: Liz Oberhelman, Martha Oliver, Beverly Ann Pecora, Elena Perez, Judy Porte, Leila Rossner. Not Pictured: Joan Duckworth. 237 u Waiting for another panfy-rald, girls? Hey, Jane — are the stag movies ready yet? Meanwhile, back at the ranch . RHO CHAPTER OF CHI OMEGA Shafto. Umbach, Clark. Harris, Ulmer Rho Chapter was founded at Newcomb in 1900, This year it is the proud possesser of the Panhellenic Cup which was awarded last May. The Chi Omega ' s began their year with a houseparty on the Gulf Coast preceeding a successful rush season. Among the many activities are frequent pledge-active lunches and suppers at the sorority house on Broadway. Chi Omega placed in Sorority Song Fest. The year was high- lighted by the annual Winter Formal. In spring the Chi O ' s en- joyed the Founder ' s Day Banquet and a houseparty. Chi O claims many representatives in campus activities, among whom are Vice-President of the Student Body, Carol Clark; Panhellenic president, Ann Shafto; President of the Junior Class, Mary Anna Kendall; and various class officers. Five Chi Omegas were chosen for Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities and many are included in other scholastic and leadership honoraries. Nancy Mclver reigned as Homecoming Queen with Frances Black, Sancy Hawkins, and Margaret Gustafson in her court. Jamb Favorites include Jane Ulmer, Ann Shafto, and Mary Anna Kendall. Sally DeBen and Sara Young were selected as Urchin pledge beauties. 238 MEMBERS First Row: Elizabeth Allegret, Sally Avery, Mary Jean Bartcdull, Cater Baxley, Beverly Bernos, Frances Black, Singer Blanks, Joan Bodman, Patsy Boudreau, Pat Byram, Lynn Capel. Second Row: Rebecca Carson, Carol Clark, Mariwood Crady, Mimi Culpepper, Sallie DeBen, Barbara Dickey, Eleanor Eikel, Babs Evans, Mignon Faget, Sue Field, Pat Fleming. Third Row: Sue Ann Francis, Elstner Frazer. Linda Gough, Frances Graham, Jan Gregory, Lawrie Griffin, Margaret Gustafson, Jane Hardy, Helen Harris, Harriet Harvey, Martha HatchelL Fourth Row: Sancy Hawkins, Andra Hedmeg, Inez Heidelberg, Joan Henderson, Christine Holcomb, Garland Houck, Kay Johnson, Mary Anna Kendall, Nancy Kirkendall, Diane Lawton, Nettie Livingstone. Fifth Row: Jimmie Mackenroth, Lynn Macmurdo, Helen Claire Martin, Nancy Mclver, Hilah McLean, Polly Meek, Betsy Midlam, Judy Moreton, Olive Moss, Carole Mouchet, Lillian Oden. Sixth Row: Carolyn Peters, Sylvia Ray, Lynn Reeder, Carolyn Roberts, Florence Ross, Ann Shafto, Mar- tha Sparks, Liz Stevenson, Mary Eiise Str et, Nancy Jo Theriot. Seventh Row: Sarah Thompson, Sonya Trahan, Ann Trenchard, Celine Trowbridge, Jane Ulmer, Barbara Umbach, Tica von Osthoff, Geney Wilson, Claudia Wirth, Sarah Young. Not Pictured: Jean Boriss, Maude Davis, Ann Hayward, Gail Hodges, Rosemary McGinn, Leila Stevens. ' % ( 239 u Homestead Hannah and gang My goodness, they ' re all black Tell me a story BETA UPSILON CHAPTER OF DELTA ZETA Flanagan, Martinez, Robinson, Stoltes, Calogne. Babylon Delta Zeta ' s year began with the usual flurry of activities. Rush, Get-acquainted parties for members and pledges be- fore football games, and open houses for members and dates after them filled the first weeks. Song fest practices took up every available minute between. Exchange parties with Phi Kappa Sigma and the joint Christmas party for a group of tiny orphans were especially enjoyable. We felt fortunate for the enthusiastic help of the Delta Zeta Mothers ' Club. They prepared many delicious sup- pers for informal gatherings before our interesting Standard ' s Programs. The Christmas party for DZ ' s and their dates at a member ' s house and a weekend house party at the president ' s, Marisa Martinez, summer home in Kiln, Mississippi, were other out- standing events in our year. As spring came around we got busy with a new national project, weekly instruction from a modeling school, and the pledge project, making layettes for needy children. Long hours were spent writing and practicing our skit for skit nigh-l- and preparing for our formal at the Walnut Room. We had many wonderful times together, and whether it was our first or last year in Delta Zeta, It was one we will al- ways remember. 240 MEMBERS First Row: Eleanor Babylon, Joel Babylon, Dianne Calongne, Maude Flan- agan. ' Second Row: Elizabeth Haeuser, Kitty Kehl, Marisa Martinez, Ann Nichols. Third Row: Lynnette Orr, Eileen Post, Joanna Robinson, Lynn Stokes, Gay Lynn Woods. 241 m One, two, three — kick! Oh, the evils of college Hernando ' s Hideaway? ALPHA PHI CHAPTER OF KAPPA ALPHA THETA Irown, Milllken, Fortier, Letellii The KAT ' s, proud of their new home, kept it well filled with parties after the football games, Open House for the fratern- ities, and shrimp boils, plus a " Bury the Hatchet " party for the Kappa Sigs who sold the hatchet to them. As an in- spiration to the pledges, the Theta ' s ,Dainted their basement floor black. Multilingual Theta ' s proudly claim the prexy of La Tertulia, and prexy, veep, and secretary-treasurer of Le Circle Francais. Everyone is proud of Resident Student Gov- ernment Association president, Marilyn Milliken four-year cheerleader Itch Ulmer, and representatives of the AFROTC court and URCHIN Pledge Beauty Court. A Senior Banquet, Founder ' s Day Banquet, Ka+sup Party, and the Black and Gold Formal on March 18 spotlighted the sorority social calendar. The big event was a visit from De Lois Faulkner, 1955 Maid of Cotton. Theta ' s swell Jamb listings come from joining TUSK. Greenbackers, Barracuda, Jamb and " Hullabaloo " staffs, music groups, language clubs and religious organiza- tions. Founded at DePauw University, Kappa Alpha Theta was the first women ' s social group to adopt a Greek name. Black and gold are the sorority colors and the pansy is claimed as their flower. 242 Nan ancy tSranic Ann MEMBERS First Row: Sheila Aragon, Yvonne Arnoult, Nancy Bivins, Sylvia Bledsoe Barf Bridges, Annanda Brown, Estina Brown, Nancy Brown. Second Row: Kay Chaffee, Martha Ann Coon, Mary Gail Cou+ref, Gail Cox Critz, Annette Fortier, Rose Frazer, Amy Frederick, Ann Freeman. Third Row: Liz Gibson, Marcia Haines, Ruth FHendricks, Bettie Hill, Liz Johnson, Yetive Letellier, Bettye Lunn, Georgie McDaniel, Mary Ann Mclntyre. Fourth Row: Marilyn Milliken, Bobbie Moore, Yvonne Nassar, Rusty Peck, Carolyn Peters, Katherine Pittman, Gail Price, Barbara Robbins, Joel Ann Selby. Fifth Row: Theresa Steuterman. Madeline Stone, Sandy Sutherland, Ann Ulmer, Phyllis Ward, Marion Watson, Charlene Williams, Ellen Wright, Adlne Wulfekuhler. Not Pictured: Yvonne Bayle, Jane Dezendorf, Alice Dlggs, Estelle Faivre, Jan Mercer, Sally Osborn, Ann Stevens, Jo Ann Turner. 243 w Don ' i call us, we ' ll call you I wanna be e Keys to the Kingdom? BETA OMICRON CHAPTER OF KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Leonard. Wisdom, Cox, Boisfontalne, Fowlkes. Benolst, Hixon Kappa started off the year with a houseparty, immediately followed by a highly successful rush season. From then on there has scarcely been time to breathe, as a fast pace has been kept up; lunches at the house every Tuesday, pledge- active suppers once a month, and an afternoon a week work- ing at the Fink Home are some of the regulars on the schedule. One of the early highlights on the Kappa calendar was a dance given jointly with Pi Phi in honor of the pledges. They in turn entertained the actives with a Mock Rush Party. Another dance, two banquets, a spring houseparty, and several faculty coffees were other highlights In a year climaxed by the Mu Province convention to which Beta Omicron chapter played hostess. Outstanding Kappas on the campus include Maude Saun- ders, President of the Honor Board; Maryem Fowlkes, Cor- responding Secretary of the Student Body and President of J. L. House; Ann Roach, Ste. Patricia, Little Colonel, and Jamb Beauty: Suzy Duvall and Martha Hawkins, ROTC Spon- sors; Carson Brown and Betty Feitel, Pledge Pin-Ups; and Kappas in class offices, honoraries, and spirit clubs. 244 MEMBERS First Row: Alice Aklns, Carolyn Benolst, Betsy Boisfontaine, Janet Bolsfontaine, Carson Brown, Meta Caldwell, Nash Cox, Nell Davidge, Pitt Dell. Second Row: Pam Dexhe ' Imer, Paula Douglas, Ann Dubuisson, Suzie Duvall, Sue Ellender, Nancy Fant, Betty Feitel, Maryem Fowlkes. Emily Friend. Third Row: Ann Gill, Emily Gillham. Martha hiawkins, Lynn Heaslip, Pat Henlcan, Mary Lou Hevron, Odette Hixon, Martha Johnston, Bobby Landry, Fourth Row: Carol Leake, Margaret Leary. Joan Leonard, Eva Loridans, Margie Manget, Marietta Mey- er, Eleonore Munger, Sybil Mu+hs, Ruth Nairne. Fifth Row: Jane Nelson. Ann Nicol, Betty Penick, Stratton Postlewaite. Ann Roach. Carolyn Robertson, Katherine Sandoz, Maude Saunders, Louise Slaughter, Ann Tracht. Sixth Row: Nancy Trousdale, Ann Turner. Sally Walker, Deanie Wendland, Peggy Jane White, Nancy Williams, Cissle Winder, Adelaide Wisdom, Judy Woodall, Lolly Zander. Not Pictured: Richardo De L e, hiennie Greenslit, Julie Hogue, Susie Howard, Marilyn McGuIre, Sally Montgomery. Ann Stewart, 24 ' 5 Ill Sandpiling 102 Bigggq deal! Phi Mu cleans up after rush week DELTA CHAPTER OF PHI MU McCdbe, Briant, Conway Biggest news this year is the acquisition of a house — just Y2 block from the campus — on Zimple Street! hiighlights of the year were the successful rush parties, pledging 28 girls, the annual formal at the Southern Yacht Club, monthly lunch- eons at the rooms, a Xmas party, mid-term initiation, a gay house party on the Gulf coast, Phi Mu State Day at Baton Rouge, and various parties with fraternities. Activities have centered mostly about fund-raising — the huge Christmas Sale, a rummage sale, and a fabulous style show on board the S S. del Norte. Phi Mu ' s are active in nearly every organization on campus — cultural, educational, and social. Nell Eastland and Joan Miramon were elected to Who ' s Who, Nell is president of the senior class, Sara Guelfi is secretary of Pan-Helenic, various beauty queens include Learaye Richard in the pledge pin-up contest, Sara Guelfi as AROTC sponsor, Audrey Reinike In the Engineer ' s Court and Carole Coopwood as AROTC sponsor. Other organizations in which Phi Mu ' s are represented are TUSK, " Hullabaloo " Staff, Oreades, Barra- cudas, Newcomb Athletic Association, Le Circle Francais, Art Club, Dance Club, A Cappella Choir, Glee Club, Glendy Burke Society, and various religious organizations. 246 MEMBERS First Row: Jessie Bessette, Kay Bethune, Betty Blalock, Pat Boehm, Jane Brouqh, Andree Briant. Barbara Brill, Karen Burton, Helen Cabanlss. Second Row: Jennie Chesnut, Mary Clever, Carolyn Conway, Carol Coopwood, Carol Curet, Nan Davis, Russ Dietrich, Pam Dowdy, Nell Eastland. Third Row: Lucy English, Catherine Ewrighf. Lois Falgout, Ann Flinn, Luciene Fountain, Catherine Fritchle, Carolyn Flynn, Joan Garcia, Mary Garrard. Fourth Row: Joan Googe, Sara Grogan, Sarah Guelfl, Audrey hlunter, Evelyn Jackson, Georglana Ja- cobs, Roxllea Jones, Rosemary Korndoffer, Beth Kottes. Fifth Row: Joan Laden, Nancy Jo La Prairie, Barbara Larmann, Marie Lewis, Dorothy McCabe, Joan MIramon, Ann Mlrandona, Anita Parent. Kay Pearce, Barbara Perez. Sixth Row: Mary Reeves, Audrey Relnlke-, De Verne Reed, Learaye Richard, Pat Schwelckhardt, Emma Stark, Melissa Stokes, Addle Thibodaux, Mary Thorburn, hlarriet Ventress. Not Pictured: Marqaret Celll, Andrea Collins, Jane McCall, Nancy Peter. Pat Ryan. 247 Bl The approach of a Super-Delte Dry clean only, please Yeah, but wait ' fill Hell Week LOUISIANA ALPHA CHAPTER OF PI BETA PHI Planche, Forcheimer. Meriwether Pi Phi was founded at Monmouth College in 1867, and in 1891 Louisiana Alpha was established on the Newcomb Cam- pus. The colors are wine and silver blue, and the flower is the wine carnation. Following pledging was the traditional banguet at Arnaud ' s, and later in the year a dance was given with Kappa in honor of the two pledge classes. Pi Phi got in the finals for Song Fest, and later on participated in other campus events such as Skit Night and Campus Carnival. Pi Phi is proud of Mildred Stouse, President of the New- comb Student Body, Ruth Knighton, President of the Fresh- man class, and Dee Dee Griffin, President of Lagniappes. Beauty honors went to Cynthia Forcheimer and Nancy Nichols members of the Homecoming Court, Ann Pleasant and Laura Lee Planche memb ers of the JAMBALAYA beauty court, and Melita Corrigan, Urchin Pledge Beauty Queen, and Peggy Costley a member of the court. 248 MEMBERS First Row: Jerry Barnum, Ann Bond, Patsy Brennan, Connie Brown, Jane Bruce, tvlary Minor Bush, Sarah Colquitt, Josie Connors, Melita Corrigan, Peggy Costley, Piclcens Costley. Second Row: Dorothy Dakin, Jo Ann Daniel, Marcelle De Buys, Nuddy de la Houssaye, Elaine Douglas, Kay Eshleman, Sally Evans, Courtney Ferringa, Patsy Fleming, Cynthia Forcheinner, Becky Fuqua. Third Row: Ann Ivlarie Sandolfo, Jo Goodwin, Dee Dee Griffen, Ruth Harper, Tutti Harris, Elizabeth Jones, Holley Jones, Jackie Jones, Katharine Kerne, Ruth Knighton, Malise Labbe. Fourth Row: Joan Manatt, Jennifer Mann, Betsy Maught, Carey McLean, Daisey Meriwether, Diane Nalty, Nancy Nichols, Mary Alice Norman, Addie Old, Bt+ty Osborn, Helen Patton. Fifth Row: Felice Perrilliat. Laura Lee Planche. Ann Pleasant, Ann Richardson, Emma Lew Richardson, Charlotte Schmidt, Susan Shelley, Billie Marie Smardon, Lida Mae Smith, Harriet Smither, Sixth Row: Mary Martha Southerland, Joan Ste-ib, Mildred Stouse, Freddie Thomson, Janet Tyson, Winx Viguerie, Mathiide Villere, Lois White, Rozzie Whitten, Mimi Wilson. Not Pictured: Arthe Beardsley, Judy Bondurant, Doris Guillot, Claire Lyie, Lestra McArthur. 249 UT " Dear John - ■ " When did you get out of the closet? " Will You Serve, Dear? " ALPHA IOTA CHAPTER OF SIGMA DELTA TAU Seellg, Aaron, Cohen, Sanger Alpha Iota Pledge Colony of Sigma Delta Tau sorority had its beginning in October when the eight charter members were initiated as pledges. The formal initiation was followed by a brunch in the French Quarter where the new members received their first impression of sorority life. The chapter members had both the duties of pledges and the responsibilities of active members to fulfill. The activity of the year began in November with open houses for the fra- ternities and sororities to introduce the new chapter to the campus. Before the Christmas holidays the group was well enough organized to give a formal dinner and dance. The members had not only social duties to fulfill, but they also had to organize the chapter. There was a Constitution to write, laws to make, and traditions to set up. Pledge manuals had to be learned and pledge duties completed. Then came the Spring, and the pledges reviewed their past accomplishments, and set their eyes on a bright future. More parties had to be given and more work done, but they had laid the foundations and could build upward. 250 MEMBERS First Row: Margie Aaron, Gay Barton, Rita Eisenstadt, Frances Friedman, Sylvia Miller. Second Row: Gay Neuman, Jeannine Phillips, Ann Sanger, Merrill Seelig. Not Pictured: Julie Cohen. 251 BLACK CHAFFE Chairman TULANE PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL The Tulane Pan-Hellenic Council is the governing body for the six- teen social fraternities on the campus, and is composed of two repre- sentatives of each of the member fraternities. Each year the Council supervises a diversified program of inter- fraternity competition and award a permanent trophy to the winner DR. KARLEM RIESS Advisor Ronald Alexander Allain Andry Harry Applewhite Hunter Babln Joel Beyer Donald Bloctt William Catchlngs David Chaffe James Craig Denis Crowley Eugene Dabezies Ed de la Houssaye Emory Evans Charles Koppa 252 in every event. At the end of the school year, the fraternity which has amassed the most points in this competition is awarded the Pan-Hellenic Trophy, symbolic of over-all fraternity excellence. Events which are found in the yearly schedule are touch football, basketball, track, bridge, golf, handball, tennis, Softball, bowling, ping-pong, song- fest, swimming, volleyball, skit-night, hHomecoming decorations, and Scholarship. Lee Levy Russell Thai ivL: iHkm Charles McDowell Charles Viccelllo Ed McGlasson Jacques Wiener Maury Mjdio Gordon Wilson Jack Samuels Dick White Frank Stewart Ray Zambrano In September, the Council was host to a welcoming banquet for all fraternity pledges, and shortly before initiation week the Council spon- sored its annual " Greek Week, " which consists of a series of discussions among Chapter officers and pledges. The main speaker for this year ' s festivities was Judge Frank Myers of Washington, D. C, a past Chair- man of the National Interfraternity Conference. The climax of Greek Week is the Pan-Hellenic Formal, at which the 1955 JAMBALAYA Beauty Court was presented. 253 AEn 4-fa _ " So, LiHie Red Riding Hood " Krewe of Who? " A Night at the Kiddie Circ-s TAU UPSILON CHAPTER OF ALPHA EPSILON PI Richter, Sainer, Koven. Oelsner This year AEPi has continued its rapid progress since its start a few years ago. Many improvements on the house were completed, the highlight being the dedication of the entirely redecorated living room and chapter room. But the spirit of decoration did not stop there, for it continued outside the house, bringing a third place award for the home coming decoration. After a successful year in sports last year, and capturing fourth place in Pan Hellenic basketball, the team is again spearheaded by " Moose " Grodensky, Pan Hellenic high scorer. Scholastically, AEPi has done exceptionally well, having four of its members, Robert Schull. Thomas Oelsner, Leonard Washofsky, and Sidney Eisenbaum, elected into the Phi Eta Sigma honorary fraternity. But following that old cliche about all work and no play, the boys have not forgotten the social side of college remembering such parties in the past as the Pledge Party and the Suppressed Desire Party, and looking forward to their annual South Sea Island Jungle Party, the social chairman promises that no one need worry about over- working. But aside from the sports, the school work, and the fun, AEPi has not failed in its obligation to the community, for during the March of Dimes campaign, the pledges of AEPi collected nearly three hundred dollars for this worthy cause. It is because of pledges like these, combined with the brotherhood, and under the leadership of their new and cap- able officers, that the men of AEPi are looking forward to big- ger and better things in the future. 254 MEMBERS First Row: Phillip Barrow, Frederic Bogart, A. Edelstein, S. Eisenbaum, Leon G. Felw- bloom, G. Friedman, Arnold E. Gussin. Second Row: Robert Kessel, M. Koven, Ira Jay Leicher, Leonard Miller, Tommy Oels- ner, Ivlichael Parver, Stephen Priskie. Third Row: Edward Rappaport, M. Rappaport, Mark Rich, H. Richmond, Richard I. Richter, Paul Ross, Joel W. Sainer. Fourth Row: Jack Samuels, M. B. Sarlin, Robert Schull, Neil Sokolski, Russell K. Thai, Leonard Washofsky, Gilbert Wasserman, Allen Weinstein. Not Pictured: Donald Berman, ' hilip Bookman, Merle F. Brown, hloward Ehrlick, Steve Fortunoff, Al Gilson, Maurice Grodensky, Richard Levy, Warren Lieberman, Melvin Sandler, Harvey Sloan, Dudley Smolen, Sherwood Teitel, Martin Triestman, Abe Win- ters. I1[I1 255 n» Hobson, Hobbs, McConnell, McDowell Sania Baby? Hey, Juan, Another Vanilla BETA EPSILON CHAPTER OF ALPHA TAU OMEGA Mitchell. Hobson, MacDowell, Hobbs Founded at VMI in 1865. . . . I 955 marks the 68th year at Tulane, a year which has been a tull one for the Beta Epsilon members. The chapter house was redecorated during the summer in preparation for Fall rushing. Twenty-three men were pledged after a rush week greatly enjoyed by all. The Taus had a highly successful season in Pan-hHellenic competi- tion with a first place in Homecoming standing out. Another high point of the year was the " Sweetheart Formal " on Janu- ary 28 at which Miss Caria Schwartz was named Sweetheart of ATO. hier Maid of hlonor was Miss Meme Montagnet. Each member of the court, escorted by the chapter officers, was presented with a bouquet of yellow roses. Outstanding leaders on the campus included Jack Mitchell, Atwood Hobbs, Jay Potter, Bob Redfearn, and Jack Dienes. Other outstanding events during the year were the annual Christmas Party, the annual Alumni Banquet, the appointment of Dr. Hans Jonassen as Chapter Advisor, Mr. William Melton as the new Province Chief. The traditional Beachcomber ' s Ball (Brawl) enthusiastically marked the end of final exams and another highly successful year for ATO. 256 MEMBERS First Row: Frank C. Allen, Henry Butker, Maumus Claverie, Jack D. Dienes, William W. Dykes, Charles A. Ferguson, Atwood B. Hobbs, Neal Hobson. Second Row: Herbert Hoppmeyer, Louis Jung, Richard McConnell, Charles McDowell, Will Meriwether, Jr., John P. Mitchell, William A. Moore, Jerry Northrup. Third Row: Roy N. O ' Neil, John F, Potter, Thomas Randolph, Jay Reardon, Robert Redfearn, Joseph K. Ross, Roger J. Roubieu, James L. Schupp, Jr. Fourth Row: Donald D. Smith, Glynn Smith, Kermit Stalter, Frank Stewart, Jr., Ton! Thiele, Jay E. Tone, Albert Welch, Robert E. Young. Not Pictured: Robert Achurch, Paul B. Deal, Ferdinand Dietz, Dominick R. Gannon, Charles F. McConnell, Thomas Mullins, Jefferson C. Steele, William Weems. 257 m Please, Mr. Sandman Goren, Culberson, Ef ai . . Come on, Let ' s Get In the Picture! BETA XI CHAPTER OF BETA THETA PI Lafaye, Lamar. Colomb, de la Houssaye. Shuler The opening of the new Beta house was the high- light of Beta Xi ' s year. The completely new house and facilities struck a responsive chord during the rush week activities and resulted in an excellent pledge class. Beta this year has not quite yet made it into the winners circle in Pan-hlel competition, but most of the events this year have shown at least a placing. Beta took a fourth in football, third in bridge, and a second in Songfest. Homecoming decorations this year cost Betas much time and effort, but the effect was well worth it after all was over and done. The leadership of hlokey Colomb coupled with the services of hHunter Babin, vice-president, Rudy Viener, treasurer, and Lucius Lamar, secretary, has been responsible for any and all of Beta ' s achieve- ments this year and it is to them that Beta Xi owes a debt of gratitude. 258 MEMBERS First Row: Harry M. Arnold, Jr., Hunter Babin, Frederic Bancroft, R. Boulet, R. T. Brooks, James B. Cobb, Herman Colomb, H. Cutl er. Second Row: Theodore DImitry, William H. Dyer, Michael Fitts, William Gaudet, Ar- nold Gustafson, Robert B. Hargrove, L Harris, John Herman. Third Row: Edward de la Houssaye, Charles Hurth, James Knighton, Albert E. Lafaye, E. Lafaye, Donald D. Longley, Randy Marston, Norman A. Palermo. Fourth Row: Herbert Parker, III, William Searcy, Bobby Shafto, Stanton Shuler, Charles T. Spencer, R. Viener, L. Woods. Not Pictured: Orr Adams, John H. Counce, II, Frank H. Davis, Jr., Arthur P. Dayries, John Dickinson, Thorne B. Donnelly, Meigs F. Fleming, Lucius M. Lamar, IV, Edward J. Seymour, Paul Winder. 259 IKE One slewed frat-man, coming up! Wooden legs? The Sfudent Prince? TAU LAMBDA CHAPTER OF DELTA KAPPA EPSILON Messersmith, Bayle. Watters. Mason. Brown, Townley, Wilson rJf The Tau Lambda Dekes made their 57th year on the Tulane campus one of achievement, activity, and as usual, good parties. In the field of acedemics, last year ' s graduating class pro- duced three Phi Beta Kappas, one Beta Gamma Sigma, and a Tau Beta Phi. This year Don King, Ewell Walther, and Tom Currier were on the " Tulane Law Review, " Pat Browne and Charlie Lane made the Moot Court Board and helped bring the fraternity scholastic average to its usual high standing. Ham Richardson deserves special praise for receiving a Rhodes Scholarship. The Dekes made themselves quite obvious in Campus ac- tivities. Jimmie hianneman and Uelrin Young both served as president of their respective classes. Ham Richardson, Pat Browne and Ewell Walther were members of ODK. Ed Townley and Nonman Brown made Scabbard and Blade. Joe Walters served as vice-president of the Intramural Council and Tad Wilson was secretary of Adelphous. Ed Townley edited the " Urch ' in " and seven Dekes were members of the Arnold Air Society. In athletics, the Dekes point with special pride to Ham Richardson who is NCAA and Southeastern Conference Tennis Champion besides being a member of U.S. Davis Cup Team. Stan Stump was a starting forward on the varsity basketball squad and Pat Browne was captain of last years basketball team. Tommy Sutter earned a letter in varsity golf. The Dekes placed second in the Pan-Hell Cup race last year and are in the thick of the race for this year ' s cup. As usual, the Dekes rocked Henry Clay Avenue and vari- ous other parts of the city with their parties. The famous Kickapoo Jay Juice rush party set the pace which social chairman Hillman Madison ably kept up so that this year ' s Dekes will long cherish the memories of their " blasts. " 260 MEMBERS First Row: Allain Andry III, Dufour G. Bayle, Frederick Bott, Norman S. Brown, Pat Browne, Peter Burke, Hughes Corrlqan, Thomas Currier, Fritz Dahlberg. Second Row: John George DeRussy, Joseph Dupont, Sidney Farr, Peter Feringa, Frank Fischer. Jr., Bud- dy Forcheimer, Billie Fox, James htanemann, William Kearney. Third Row: Donald King, Dale Koone, Charles W. Lane III. George Leonard, Hillman Madison, Jr., Rob- ert Martinez, Robert Mason, Donelson C. McKay, Charles McFarland. Fourth Row: Dave McNeil, Walter Menuet, Billy Messersmith, George Michinard, Philip Morehead, Louis Perrilliat, Mike Rapier, Vance Redmond, htamilton Richardson. Fifth Row: Philip Rosenblath, James Selman, Joseph Sullivan, Pat Sullivan. Thomas Sutter, Sandy Villere, Ewell P. Walther, Jr., Joseph Watt rs, John Weston, Gordon Wilson. Not Pictured: Bernie Alsobrook. William Atkins, Walter Bergeron, Robert Brumfield, Caffery McKay, John Corrigan, Peter Davidson, James Foster, George Healy, Radar Jackson, Louisi Le Bourgeois, Thom- as Martin, Andrew Martinez, Paul Maxwell, Peter Miller, Cecil Morgan, William Osborn. Le Doux Pro- vosty. Stanley Stumph, Paul Tennis, James Todd, Edward Townley, Dave Treybig, Thair Warmack, Paul Welty, George Williams, Melvin Young. tJj r mmjm% s.fi?- ♦v ' vk. 261 Ill Koppa, Morovich, Zambrano, Wangens+een Housemother? Barefoot Contessa and Chorus CHI CHAPTER OF DELTA SIGMA PHI Marx, Currier When the partying and hangovers of Rush Week were over, Delta Sig found that it had pledged twenty-three men. They got into the swing of things in no time — the result, a traditional dunking of actives in the Audubon Park Lagoon. The pledges boasted two men in the Frosh-Soph game. Some of our social highlights included the Carnation Ball, at which there was an excellent turnout of Alumni. Miss Jean Mason reigned as Dream Girl at our annual Dream Girl For- mal, which was held in the Tulane Room of the Jung Hotel. Our Bayou Brawl was held during Rush Week with the house in its traditional bayou dress. There was also a Sailors ' Ball, a Christmas Party, and many more with no fancier a title than " A Party. " The president of the A.I.Ch.E., the Justice of La Societe du Droit Civil, and the secretary of Sigma Pi Sigma hail from 1018 Audubon. We boast the second place crew in the Sugar Bowl Regatta, and also in Pan-Hell Softball for the fourth consecutive year. Delta Sig did some good for their fellow men by partici- pating in Help Day and conducting a door to door solicitation for the March of Dimes. 262 MEMBERS First Row. Richard Bowen, Robert A. Breger, Goodwin Broggi, Terry W. Brown, John M. Currier, Martin Delatte. John hi. Doyle. Second Row: Albert Galante, Mark Georgeou, Ernest hianewinckel, William F. Hacker, James T. Holt, Charles R. Koppa, Charles A. Kovacs. Third Row: Elliot M. Marx, Jack E. McNaughton, Robert Merikangas, Wallace Mes- sina, Jr., Anthone Morovich, Calvin Olano, Jr., Donald J. Peacock. Fourth Row: Ronald G. Peacock, Robert Rood, Andres Saenz, Ross T. Scaccia, Law- rence Stewart, Charles Wangensteen, Ray Zambrano. Not Pictured: Joseph J. Buvel, Jack Mulvehill, Larry J. Rousseau, Kent Roweand, John Sandy, Raymond Swan. 263 ITl Well. When I Was a Freshman . . Beta Xiclone Who ' s Got de Ping Pong? BETA XI CHAPTER OF DELTA TAU DELTA Tucker, Tidmore. Kelly, Lynch, Ryan Delta Tau Delta ' s sixty-sixth year at Tulane was one of construction. Although not the largest in number, close-knit Beta Xi Chapter built high spirit and ideal brotherhood. The pledge class was made up of the finest Delt material Tulane could offer. The natural gaiety and unity of the chapter built bigger and better parties. With the usual Halloween, Christmas, Delt Alumni Homecoming, and the Roaring Twenties parties was begun a new fall tradition. . . . The Pigskin Party. Of course the famed Institution of the Delt Inferno was kept up. The Chapter also continued to carry on the fine tradition of hosting brother Delts visiting New Orleans. In large groups and small, from all over the country they came and carried home an example of Southern hospitality. In reviewing the build-up of this year the great help of the Chapter ' s Mothers Club cannot be overlooked. They gave a tireless mother ' s assistance to the whole chapter. Looking forward to next year, the chapter has elected Brother Oliver Holden to the presidency. The foundation of friendship and loyalty is strong. The construction is about as complete as it can be for an ever-progressing chapter. Next year. It ' s the Delts! 264 MEMBERS First Row: Gleb Aulow, Theodore Contonio, Earl Dimitry, Glenn Earl. Second Row: Emory Evans, Arturo Gallusser, Ernest Hawkins, O. Holden. Third Row: Donald Hollis, C. Lynch, Vincent Nunez, William Paine, War- ren Tucker. Not Pictured: Nofie Alfonso, John Bartizal, Glenn Gore, Albert hlane- mann, Carlos Kelly, Theodore Meserve, Edward Morrison, William Ryan, Garland Rolling, Treiles Tidmore, Donald Weaver. 265 u -A Bridge Builds Better Boys I ' m Glad Cows Don ' t Fly So I Followed Her Home, and PSI CHAPTER OF KAPPA ALPHA Bdker. Chaffe, Nusloch Who says the K.A. ' s haven ' t been busy this year? With the help of K.A. alumni their house was completely renovated early in the fall, just in time for a successful rush week . . . then parties, all types from cowboy, cat, down to Bermuda shorts parties ... a Mardi Gras day truck ride ... all topped off with one of the biggest social events on the cam- pus, the traditional Old South Ball. As last year ' s winners of football they placed Mike Bartlett and Jerry Barouse on the all-Pan-Hell team, and finished third. KA ' s active on the cam- pus include Bill Baker as Vice-President of the University Stu- dent Body. Black Chaffe as President of Pan-hHellenic Coun- cil and Vice-President of Omega Delta Kappa, Dicky Lyie as President of the Junior class in Architecture, Henry Eichel- berger as unit manager of the Freshman class in A S, Bill Mc- Clendon as President of PI Lambda Beta pre-legal fraternity, Guy Lyman on the " Law Review. " Buddy Kemper as Vice- President of Commerce, and Black Chaffe, Bob Wolfe and Bill McClendon in Scabbard Blade. The KA ' s also had one of the University ' s foreign students, Walter Gerhardt, living in the house this year. 266 MEMBERS First Row: William Baker, Jr., David Baron, Richard Baron, Gerard Barousse, Rud Becker, John R. Butts, Jr., David hi. Chaffe, John Charbonnet. Second Row: Angus Cobb, Jr., John Coleman, Jacques de la Vergne, Wallace C. Dren- nan, Denis Drenning, James Roy Duke, Henry Fichelberger, Fred W. Fischer. Third Row: Dudley Dean Flanders, George Gardner, John Gooch, Joseph Hardison, Ashton R. Hardy, Karl E. Harvey, Ned Kearney, John W. Kelly. Fourth Row: Wallace C. Kemper, Sidney F. Lewis, Richard Lyie, Guy C. Lyman, Jr., Alfred G. Lyons, Stuart McClendon, William McClendon, John G. Morton. Fifth Row: Jerry Nuslock, William Renaudin, William M. Simmons, George Sougeron, Benjamin Talbot, Vernon Wagner, James Wadick. Not Pictured: Clay L. Bartlett, George Douglass, Ronald C. Durham, Donald P. Ewing, Gerald T. Gelpi, John G. Morton, Joseph W. Reddoch, George Sougeron, Jack Louis Toye, Herbert L. Williams, Robert R, Wolfe. 267 u Anyboyd seen Dr. Jekyl? Studs ai stud Stray Greek . . SIGMA CHAPTER OF KAPPA NU Paul Sandmdn, Norbert Grobowski, Martin Cramer, Henry Saxe, Sam Krushevski Kappa Nu Fraternity has made great progress in its struggle to regain its high standards on the cam- pus. With the opening of our new house, the chapter is looking forward to big events in the future. We had a very successful social season highlight- ed by our hHalloween-Moonlight-hayride and our homecoming party which made big news on the campus. Our gala founders ' day banquet paved the way for our Thanksgiving Turkey brawl. This was fol- lowed by our Mid-Year Christmas-New Years ' Party. After recovering from a riotous Mardi Gras holi- day, we had our annual KN night at the Blue Room. Our year ended with the biggest blast of them all, our 3 I st Spring Formal. 268 MEMBERS First Row: Joel Beyer, Rueben Cohen, Norbert Crabowski, Martin Cra- mer, Bruce Drazen, Cabot Jaffee. Second Row: Samuel Krushevski, Gary Kushner, Edward Lazarus, Arthur Lichtman, Sheldon Milgrom, hierbert Osofsky. Third Row: Jerry Rudnitsky, hienry Saxe, Paul Sandman, Jerry Shumsky, Richard Silver, Stanley Winokur, David Yuspeh. Not Pictured: Richard Baum, Larry Gottsegen, Michael Levine, Robert Levine, Paul Mass, Jesse Roth, Eli Sedlin, Peter Weinrib, Edward Zaita. 269 KI You Guys Bore Me Now, Two Eggs . . . Gathering of the Klan? SIGMA CHAPTER OF KAPPA SIGMA Youngs, Crudup, Woody, Capdepon, Gleason m We whipped through 13 fabulous rush parties and found ourselves with 34 pledges, naturally the cream of the crop! In fact, Rush Week went by at such a fast and furious clip that we- hardly had a chance to really appre- ciate our remodeled house, replete with our new furniture and a T.V. set to boot. Of course, for this we owe many thanks to our loyal and generous alumni, our ever thoughtful Mother ' s Club, and the-n too. a little " elbow grease " of our own. Besides, destiny foresaw the patio and barbeque pit which the pledge class so willingly . . . (ahem) . . . built for us. Parties make the ' world go round, parties make th grades go down! Papa Celestin played Dixieland Jazz at the Pirate Party and we crowned a Pirate Princess, among other things. The pledges again rose to the fore and presented the active chapter with a closed Winter Formal. Shortly afterward we gave our annual Chrlstnnas Party for orphans. Dec. 10 we cel- ebrated our Founder ' s Day with a banquet In the house. The- Kappa SIg Open Formal highlighted the second semester social activities. Inter- spersed among these bigger events were many of the small riotous type blasts. Culminating our party season was a closed Spring Formal (yep, an- other one!). In between all of the above mentioned, and in spite of the above mentioned, we managed to make a few classes, ranking 5th In schol- arship. In Pan Hel, at the time this goes to press, we have placed 2nd in Song-. fast, 2nd in Bridge, and fourth in Bowling; and we have our fingers crossed for the rest of the year. " Those who go around In circles shall be known as wheels " — Editor of this book, and member of ODK was Melvin Mathes. News editor of the hlULLABALOO. and Prexy of Debate Society— Arthur Hastings. Rotcee hotshots were Don Galbraith, Walter Harris, Wayne Woody, and Austin LIndsey. Keeping the rest of us in step for the second semester was Bud Urrutia, President, and e+c, etc. The sun has riz; the sun has set, And so here we is. at Tulane- yet! 270 MEMBERS First Row: Louis B. Barnum, Eugene M. Brandt. Donald H. Caldwell, Charles Capdepon. Huey Cham- pagne, Donald Charles, Wade Cotton, H nry R. Crais, James S. Crawford, Robert Crawford. Second Row: Bob H. Cronflll, Anthony Dalferes, Laurence De Buys, Donald De Pasquale, John Diglglla, John M. Duhe, Jr., hlerbert Duncan, William Eldson, Phil Emerson, Donald Galbraith. Third Row: Walter H. Gill. James Gle-ason, Alan L. Hammond, Walter P. Harris, Jr., Arthur Hastings, William Hayes, Dan Hezeau, Sergei J. Hiliery, John Jackson, Jr., Richard Jurisich, Fourth Row; Walter Keife, Jr.. John G. King, William Koonce, Robert E. Lester, Austin M. Lindsey. Stewart H. Long, Edward E. Louis, Melvin W. Mafhes, John Eric May, Louis Morgan. Fifth Row: Dow L. Oliver, James I. Pearce, Jesse Smith. Wallace Smith, Qulntin Stansetl, Jerome Steen, Roland Sturdivant, Jr., Lowell Swltzer, James L. Talley, Aurellano Urrutla. Sixth Row: Clyde W. Wagner, Arlice U. Walker, Ralph Weiss, James E. Wesner, Leon Moore White, Richard J. White, Robert Williamson, Thomas Wlllson, Wayne S. Woody, Fre-deric Youngs, Joel G. Zeldon. Not Pictured: Paul Alker, Everett H. Crudup, Harold Drummond, Homer Ellis, Robert R. Haley, De Witt Johnson, Phillip Laborda, Harold Lambert, Donald M. Levy, Louis Lucas. Joe F. Lupo, Robert H. T. Mann, Innes Miller. Walter Mole-ski, Gasper C. Occhiplntl. David H. Pope. Harold Schnauder, Warren Wallace Smith, Earl J. Sonnler, Ivo J. Stakelum, Alfred Tisdale, Robert Thompson. 271 m Bapfisf, Cairns, Wise, Lee, Shaw Relax, Collins! It ' s Probably Water Left to Right: Confusion, Chaos and Catchings LOUISIANA ALPHA CHAPTER OF PHI DELTA THETA Ivy, Wise, Shaw, Lee In 1848, as the song goes, Phi Delta Thefa was formed. From the looks of the house at 2514 Sfate St. the night of any South Sea Island party a visitor might think that 1848 was the year all right — 1848 B.C. But It really wouldn ' t have be n that bad. They had grapes then, and you know, " From the vine came the grape, " etc. In 1954-1955 the South Sea Island parties came more frequently, one for Rush Week in th Fall — and one for fun In .the Spring. The formal featured more fun. and the pledge-active football game . . . well, it was fun while the beer lasted (the beer outlasted the players, ihey weren ' t too co-ordinated ) . Certain Gung Ho Phi Delts even went ape In student activities. (Maybe Ihey wanted to convince fheir draft boards they were still in college], Charlie Mitchell jumped up and down In a green suit at football games. Claimed he was a cheerlead.er. Bob Wise walked around the campus In a Khaki suit yelling like Napo- leon Xllith. Said he was Cadet Colond In charge of the Air Force ROTC and that Bruns was his Operations Officer. Claimed they both got decorated as Distinguished Military Students. What next? Wise and Adrian Cairns (our laughing boy Rush Chairman with ihe elastic fraternity pin) both got named to Who ' s Who for their efforts — then turned around and got tapped to ODK. Guess they Just wanted to be near Bruns and Lee, Meanwhile Walter Ward v as making money hand over fist as Business Manager of the hlULLABALOO. And Burns was spending It with both fists as Editor. But they both left It up 1o John Young Jr. on the sports staff and Classified Ad Manager Herble Hughes to do all the work. Only other ma;or wheel around the house was Don " Hubcap " Collins the speaking spoke. Hubcap worked on the business staff of the Student Directory and got elected president of Tusk — then he really surprised the experts. He ' got initiated. Handling the Helm for the fraternity during the first semester was efficient Henry Ivy. When he had to step down at midyear to devote more time to his er, ahem, schoolwork, Boyd Shaw took over and has been doing a top-flight job ever since. 272 MEMBERS Firsi ' Row: Johnny Abide, William Baptist, Scott Bruns, Adrian Cairns, William Catch- ing, Donald Collins, Edward Connell, Frank Crittenden, Eugene Dabezies. Second Row: Joseph Dalton, William Eckert, Earl Ferguson, William Forman, William Futrell, Richard Geer, Walter Green, J. P. Hanley III, Minor Huck. Third Row: Herbert hlughes, Henry Ivy, David Jackson, Robert Jackson, Walter Jahncke, Robert Kelly, Louis Lanza, Donald S. Lee, Homer Lochridge. Fourth Row: Bill Mattison, Dan McGehee, Alton McVadon, Charles Mitchell, Peter Mullins, William Newton, Cy Parker, John Pearcy, Judson Poche. Fifth Row: Donald Renna, Steve Salaun, Boyd Shaw, Pete Sohngen, Roger Sundahl, Louis Trenchard, Lynn Virden, Steve Welsh, Robert Wise, John Young. Not Pictured: Breck Cabell, William Corbidge, Lyie Degelos, Charles Felger, Marc Kerlin, William Scott, Bushnell Seavey, Harry Woods. t f ' % ' Amid 273 m Sitting: Farrls, Craig. Standing: Foster Waddell, Licciardi, Storm, Veith Play " Hearts of Stone " How Did He Get Out? MU CHAPTER OF PHI KAPPA SIGMA Bledsoe, Wood, McCoy, Crowley, Licciardi, DeLong, Banta The school year 1954-55 has been a most successful one for Phi Kappa Sigma, under the leadership of Denis Crowley (first-semester) and James J. Craig (second-semester). The chapter returned in the fall to a re- decorated chapter house. Through the untiring efforts of Mrs. Wiley Wook, chapter house-mother, of the alumni, and of the Mother ' s Club many improvements were forthcoming, the most popular being a new Hi-Fi installation. Following a hectic but successful rush season the year ' s social program includ d a Black and Gold Formal, a Valentine supper-dance, a Bowery party and cocktail parties for the Newcomb Sororities. In addition the chapter held many informal, closed parties during the year. Phi Kaps holding prominent positions on the campus include John Phil- lips, president of Alpha Omega Alpha; James J. Craig, presid nt of Phi Eta Sigma; Denis Crowley, vice-president of Campus Night; Thomas DeLong, president of the Pre-Medical Society; Charles Storm, presid nt of the Christian Science Organization, and Joe Licciardi. vice-president of Alpha Phi Omega. There are- many Phi Kaps on the Tulane faculty, including Professors Clarence J. Morrow, Walter Blessey, Karlem Riess, Charles L. Brown, John Martinez, A. J. Waechter and Einar Pedersen. Phi Kappa Sigma Fraternity was founded at the University of Pennsyl- vania in I 850. Mu Chapter was established at the old University of Louisi- ana, later Tulane. in 1858. The chapter has been responsible for many in- novations in fraternity life on the campus. It was the first chapter to have a chapter house, the first to install the house mother system, and the first chapter to actively promote- better relations between fraternity and faculty. 274 MEMBERS First Row: William A. Banta, Earl E. Beelman, Robert V. Bledsoe, James J. Craig, Denis J. Crowley, Walter L. Davis, Jr., Robert Farris. Second Row: Charles C. Foster, Charl Fritchie, Jr., Richard Jordon, Clevis E. La Prairie, Tom De Long, Joseph Licciardi, Jr., Findley Maier. Third Row: Louis M. McNair, Douglas A. McCoy, Roger H. Miller, Tom Peoples, David C. Smith, Lloyd H. Spencer, Charles Emil Storm. Fourth Row: John J. Theiler, Jerry Totten, Daniel A. Veith, Joseph Waddell, III, Thomas O. Wakeman, Donald L. Wood, Harold Yeary. Not Pictured: Robert V. Amann, Arthur Baggett, Jr., Wilson P. Couch, Thomas M. Falkowski, Herman V. Hassell, Jr., George Y. Kimura, Bobby J. Ligon, Stanley R. Payne, John H. Phillips, Jr., Jack E. Ponder, Edward V. Ross, Terry D. Sergant, James Smith, Richard N. Velleman. « „ - 1jh| im gMm 275 m Feeding Time at Sfa+e Pen Clyde Clue? Intellectuals. Yet ETA CHAPTER OF PI KAPPA ALPHA Roche, Alliston. Collett. Carinhas The Pike House — home of Eta chapter — scene of good leadership, good parties, " Ole Eta, " Cleo and Duchess. We Pikes boast of our leaders who are active on campus in many fields — Engineering, Med-School, Law School, Scabbard and Blade, spirit clubs — to mention a few. Important to re- member too, are the many parties which rocked the chapter house on Broadway. The pledge-active Prisoner Party, where the pledges turned stool-pigeon on the actives; the roaring, rollicking Pais Do-do; the Cajun Party, to which we all wore our best dungarees, torn shirts, and no shoes; and our Formal in January, where we presented the 1955 Dream Girl of PiKA, pretty, blond Connie Stewart. The annual Founders ' Day Banquet at the Patio Royal on March 16 is not to be forgotten any more than are the dunk- ing of Connie and Stan Green in the Newcomb Fish Pond to celebrate their pinning; the Pledge-Active football game, which ended with the losing pledges buying all the beer; and the new coat of yellow and grey paint on the house. (It is interesting to note that this same paint mysteriously appeared on the benches in the Newcomb patio.) This in short sums up a wonderful year for all the Pikes. (In- cidentally, " Ole Eta " is our red-fendered ' 35 Chevy, Cleo is our monkey, and Duchess is the boxer pup who stays in our backyard.) 276 MEMBERS First Row: Daniel Adams, Ronald W. Alexander, Jimmy Alliston, Charles Barfoot, Ger- ald Bourgeois, John Buckner. Second Row: Jack G. Carinhas, Jr., Tony Collett, Bill Joseph Cone, Alfredo Gon- zales, Jr., A. Guigexix, Avery L. Harrison. Third Row: David B. Harrison, Gregory Jones, Richard S. Lochte, Tom T. Moore, Charles Ritter, Francisco Roza-Paiz. Fourth Row: Thomas Roche, Eldridge Stevens, D. Thompson, David Treutel, John Mar- tin Vaughan. William Wagner, Lynn T. Webb. Not Pictured: Arlan Adams, Federico Baus, Daniel V. Blaeckstock, Robert Ballinger, Jimmy Ellsey, William R. Fagan, William Gard, Stanton Green, Alfred J. Herkes, Paul C. James, Art KIngsmill, Robert E. Moher, Norman B. McNeil, Edward Pauratore, Ken- neth A. Rolfs, Patrick J. Unkel, Paul A. Williams, Walter Wolf. 277 m Hilbun, Hamaclcer, ViccelHo, Bass Party for A Through K Party for L Thi-ough Z TAU UPSILON CHAPTER OF SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Viccellio, McGlasson, Mayer, Jackson Just prior to a highly successful rush week came the eagerly awaited news that the 1953-54 Pan-Hellenic Interfraternity Competition trophy was coming to rest on the mantel of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon house; and the Lions roared in bold ap- preciation of the Brothers ' fine efforts which placed it there. SAE hopes of a I 954—55 repeat were strengthened in the fall semester with first-place victories in football and. for the seventh consecutive year, songfest. Additional honors came to Sig Alph in the form of top- level participation by its members in campus student affairs. Brothers bringing distinction to themselves and their Frater- nity were: Ed McGlasson, Tulane Student Body President; Ryan Sartor, Tulane " Law Review " Editor-in-Chief; Charles Viccellio, JAMBALAYA Business Manager; Joe Pitts, Student Body President of the School of Business Administration; Jack Field, Student Body President of the College of Arts and Sciences; Percy Sharp, Army ROTC Student Commander; Ralph Mitchell, Tulane Band head drum-major; Jeron LaFar- gue, head cheerleader; and Jim Wilson, Tulane football team first-string center. Most SAE activity took place in the chapter house; but a heartv number of Brothers who became pinned caused much attention to be centered on the Newcomb fish pond, where each was presented with the traditional dunking. SAE ' s social functions began with the annual cocktail party for Newcomb ' s sorority pledges and included thereafter such traditional affairs as the Harlem Party, the Arabian Party, and the Easter and Christmas Parties for under-privileged children. In March the social season reached its peak in the form of the annual Spring Formal. 278 MEMBERS First Row: Larry E. Balcer, Robert Barnett, James L. Bateman. Banks Blaclcwell, Lee Broolcshire, Jr., Philip N. Buchanan, Frank Bu+ler, Alan D an Calo+e, Richard Calhoun. Donald L. Chalmers. Robert Cudd. Second Row: Fredrick Cushing, Andrew Doyle III, Robert Engl kirk, William Faulbaum, Jack hi. Field, Jr., Richard Finn, Joel Fletcher, Paul Gaines, Thomas Godfrey, Robert Goss, Charles B. Gulley. Third Row: Charlie Hamacker, William Hamilton, James W. hiamrick, Ted hlardtner, Ike hiawkins, Barry Henry, William Hilbun. Jr., Luther L. Hill, Jack llgenfritz, Delmas Jackson, Stephen Jenkins. Fourth Row: John Johnson, Robert F. Jones. Casper P. Kramer. Jeron LaFargue, Jarrell LaFitte. David Limbrook, George Liebkemann, Rhoss C. Lomax, Charles Mackay, Floyd Lee Martin, Don M. Mayer. Fifth Row: Marion Mayer, Michael Mayer, Ed McGlasson, James T. McHwain, Alden McLellan, Warren C. Metcalf, Ralph Mitchell III, Robert Nichols, Joe W. Pitts, Jr., John Puckett. Sixth Row: George H. Reese 111, Clarence Rittelmeyer, Frank P. Rizzo, Franklin E. Russell, Daniel R. Sar- tor, Jr., John B. Scofield, Percy A. Sharp III, John Slaughter, C. Murray Smart, Jr., Ben Harry Stone. Seventh Row: James Summersgill, Felix Tankersley, Joe E. Tyson, Charles Viccellio, William W. Watson, Jerry L. Watts, Elmon D. We-bb, Larry White, James Wilson, Robert Wilson. Not Pictured: C. M. Bass, Jr., Oscar L. Berry, Jr., Robert Broussard, Donald C. Carraway, Robert W. Clements, Jacob N. Coon, Jr., Al Cottrell, Jr., Robert E. Crotty, Joe R. Dickey, Samuel M. Emerson, Erslcin A. Gaston, Jr., Richard T. Green, James S. Holmes, Albert G. Jackson, Carlos J. Lamar, George Ben Lampton, Guy LeMIeux, C. Jarre Lloyd, Edward E. McCool, John F. Moffett, Harry W. OllJngeir, Warren Proctor, Bennett N. Sewell, Jr., Richmond Sharbrouqh, Prentiss E. Smith, Jr., Blanchard Texada, Palmer J. Texada, James M. Watts, John C, Watts, J. J. Weigel, Randall B. Whitney, Samuel William- son, Philip A. Wittman, George H, Wood, John M. Yarborogh. , " , n n n . ' ' " ■ ' , , I . • y . Aim ' s m mlHl mKk ' li 1 279 m My Candelabra, Please Yeah. I ' m Tough, So What? Dey Went Dat-away, Boss SIGMA GAMMA CHAPTER OF SIGMA ALPHA MU Midio, Levin. Gosenheim, Berger Of course, the year started with Rush Week, and regard- less of whatever else was accomplished, the members had a good time. When the smoke cleared, they found that they had a good pledge class, too. After a brief period of ad- justment to school, the Sammies got down to serious business: partying. The first memorable occasion was a Sunday after- noon cocktail party with Earl Williams. Those who claim to re- member it all say that the champaigne just kept flowing. After the relative formality of that event something a little more " raunchy " was needed, so the next blast was a " Paris Sewer Party. " That night found one of the beer kegs placed in a previously unexplored area of the basement. Decoration was provided by artificial and real spider webs. Things settled down for a while. Some of the members studied; the others were at Bruno ' s. The pledges polished the scholarship trophy, but it didn ' t seem to inspire them. " The Bevin " was established, and eventually both its founders re- ceived that fatal message: " Greetings. " A New Year ' s Eve party was planned and since most every- one would be away over the holidays it was held on Decem- ber I I . Lloyd Alexander ' s Orchestra played " Auld Lang Syne " at midnight, but they shook their heads and seemed a little dubious about it all. The pledges sponsored the annual Xmas Orphan ' s Party, and everyon e gave up a meal for the kids. Santa was the very most. With the end of exams, the chapter adjourned to Mexico, Cuba and various points in between. Another Sunday after- noon session with Earl Williams gave the second semester a swinging foundation. High point of it all was Initiation and the Orchid Formal at the Jung, March 5. 280 MEMBERS First Row: Harold Adair, Beniamln L. Beatus, Harold J. Berger, Donald Block. Alec Herman Brown, Rich- ard I. Cohen. Martin Feldman, Lloyd A. Fetner, Joel Fisler. Second Row: Richard Gla+zer, Roy Gonsenheim, Charles J. Gratz, Sammy E. Greenberg, Samuel J. Greenberg, Ronald S. Ka+z, Donald Korn. Robert Krandel, Sidney Lasser. Third Row: Donald Yost Lesser, Merrill Lipsitz, Maury Loket, Beryl Lovitz, Maynes Sandor, Maury MIdIo, Frederick Miner, Paul Oberdorfer, Jay Oppenhelm, Fourth Row: Nathaniel Plotkin, Leonard Posnocic, Myron Rosenberg. Alvin Rotenberg, Edward Ruben- stein, Lawrence Rudman, Allan J Sacks, Stanley Sapersteln, Sydney S. Schochet. Fifth Row: Jerome Schwartzrelch, Robert E. Scissors, Sylvan J. Steinberg, Barry H. Shafer, Sherwin Thaler. Raymond Wilenzlck, Larry M. Wllk. Not Pictured: Paul Bucholti, Howard Berg, Henry Ehrllch, Shia Elson, Joseph Ettinger, Barry Fanburg. Harvey Gandy, Donald Golden, Edward Gatfrled, Bruce Julien. Richard Julien. Harvey Komet, Aaron Kraemer, Maurice Krawcheck, Jay Levin, Ronald Lubritz, Bennie Nachman, Stuart Phillips, Marvin Rothenberg. Michael Schrelber, Harvey Slegel, Willard Sloshberg, George G. Sterne, Hans Weill. 281 u Cramer, Beclcer, Ta+um, Hanna, Ferranti No Seconds, Jones! Ah, The Comforts of Home! SIGMA CHAPTER OF SIGMA CHI Applewhite, Dominguez, Akers, Tatum The year 1955 Is a very important one for Sigma Chis everywhere. One hundred years ago, on June 28, 1855, seven young men, students of Miami University, Oxford, Ohio e-stablished the Sigma Chi Fraternity. Sigma Chi then became the third member of the now famous Miami Triad. Our founding arose out of a philosophy, a philosophy that has since become known as the " Spirit of Sigma Chi. " It can be simply stated thus: True brotherhood can only prosper when m n of unlike minds, talents, and personalities bind themselves together under a common sei of ideals. To commemmorate the first hundred y ars, and to re-affirm our faith in the wisdom of our founders, the Centennial Grand Chapter Meeting is being held this year in Cincinnati, Ohio, just a short distance from the site of the original founding. The- men of the 126 undergraduate chapters, and more specifically we of Alpha Omicron at Tulane. endeavor to pursue a balanced program of scholarship promotion, social participation, and civil cooperation. Scholastically, we have seven men entering medical schools this Fall, as well as being well represe-nted in law and other professional schools. Socially, it would be ambiguous to list or describe all of our year ' s social events. All are familiar with the annual Sweetheart Dance, at which our sweetheart and the six members of her court are presented; and the Sigma Chi Derby Day, which brings all the Newcomb sororities together In yearly athletic competition on the Newcomb Quadrangle. In the realm of civic service, Alpha Omicron has tried to cooperate as much as possible with various civic agencies for such events ai the March of Dimes collection; and the pledge hielp Wee-k preceding initia- tion. In addition, this year we gave a Christmas party for a group of orphans, complete with gifts and Santa Claus. Sigma Chi has a long heritage in New Orleans as well as at Tulane. Our chapter was founded In 1886, thus Is nearly as old as the under- graduate school itself. We have always been able to rely on our active alumni chapter for aid and support in carrying out the many chapter activities. 232 MEMBERS First Row: Robert Agnew, Richard Akers, Harry Applewhite, William F. Baldwin, Leslie hi. Blank, Richard J. Brennan, Wood Brow ' n, III, Fred Carroll, Jr. Second Row: Oran Chenault, Charles Davis, Jerry Dominguez, Richard E. Eaton, Bill Ferrante, Hulon Fillingane, Cheston Folkes, Lucien M. Gex, Jr. Third Row: Dan M. Griffith, Melvin fHairston, William Hobbs, Jeff hianna, Robert Jines, William N. Jones, hiarry Jordan, Jr., Paul Leman, Frank A. Little. Fourth Row: Alvin V. Oser, Thomas Pemberton, Charles Pendleton, Richard Robbins, William Robertson, William Sanders, Johnny latum, John Tobin, Charles Waguespack. Not Pictured: Carey Becker, Sam Carmack, Larry Carruth, John Cramer, Michael Du- Vall, Freddie Fabacher, Barry Frank, Peter Heck, Manny Hendrix, Sonny Howell, Philip James, Wiley Jenkins, Karl Kirchberg, Frank Klonoski, Frank Marshall, Edgar Al- len Poe, James Robbins, Woody York. z--. : 283 ZBT Bob Sherman and Friends . . , Four-Year Loyalty? And We ' ll Build a Little Cottage in Sherwood Forest . . . SIGMA CHAPTER OF ZETA BETA TAU Levy, Steinberg, Phillips. Wiener A well rounded year comprised of successful social, scholastic, and campus activifie ' S was climaxed by the ini+ation of its pledges at the annual Spring Formal at the Roosevelt Hotel. Sigma Chapter opened its 1954 season with a well planned rush week consisting of twelve parties. Highlights of the week were the Barbecue, the " French Quarter " party, and the formal honoring the twenty-six pledges. A milestone in the history of the- chapter was the initiation of Mr. Peter Firmin, Sigma ' s faculty advisor for the past three years, as its first adjunct member. BMOC ' s around the house Include Jack Wiener, officer in th College of Arts Sciences and associate editor of the JAMBALAYA and Lee Levy, president of the chapter and Secretary-Treasurer of the Pan- Hellenic council. Both are members of " Who ' s Who in American Col- leges and Universities " and members of ODK, national leadership fra- ternity along with Leonard Selber. The brothers from 1006 Broadway jumped immediately into contention for the Pan-Hel trophy by garnering points in Handball, song test, ping pong, and Homecoming display. The fical year was highlighted by the winning of Skit Night for the second straight year. A unique " Bermuda Shorts " party got the social ball roiling, and Halloween and Comic Strip parties followed. The " Zebe-s " were busy Mardi Gras weekend with their " Purple Passion (served from a bathtub) Party " and a float in the Krewe of Rex Parade-. In January the annual " Women Haters Week " during which the bro- thers neither shave nor speak to members of the- opposite sex was climaxed by a stag party. A lot of credit goes to the officers of Sigma for the fine leadership. They are: Le-e K. Levy, President; Arthur Phillips, Vice-President; Jacques Wiener, Secretary; Leonard Selber, Treasurer, Joel Steinberg, Historian. 284 MEMBERS First Row: Sanford Abrams, Jay O. Blach, Ronald Block, Edwin G. Cohen, Nathan Jerold Cohen, Richard M. Cohen, Ralph P. Davidson. Herbert S. Davidoff, Edward Felnman, Jr., Alvin Fisher. Second Row: Aaron R. Fodiman, Lawrence Gordon. James Graenbaum, Richard A. Greene, Earl Grober, Rene Grossman, hiarry hiammill, Richard J. Hiller, George M, Hirshberg, Morris hlohenberg. Third Row: Arm and D. Kahn. Norman Kass, Malvyn F. Kossover, Robert Kremer, hfugh Lamensdorff, Stuart Landers.. Jay M. Levy. Julius Levy, Lee K. Levy, Alan Lichlenstein. Fourth Row: David D. Love, Malcolm N. Luxemberg, Walter Mayer, David B. Newstadt, Edward J. Peal, Arthur Phillips. Sam Rosen, Sidney F. Rothschild, Phillip Rubenstein, Lester M. Sack. Fifth Row; Leonard M, Selber, Sanford Seplow. Charles R. Sherman, James E. Siff, Joel B. Steinberg, Bernard J. Tannebaum, Larry E. Wadler, Leon Weiss, Edward L. Weitz. Jacques Wiener, John Wittenberg. Not Pictured: Marty Bauman, Robert Blatt. Wayne Cooper. Stanley hi. Frank, Alfred E. Goldman, David Grundfest, John Bennett Kiefer, Barry M. Lewis, Leroy Morals, Lesl ' er Pailet, Clifford Shanfield, Robert Silverberg, W rs. f c i 285 First Row: Carlton L. Carpenter, Gerald Falletta, Edward Hinman, Second Row: Alien H. Mackenzie, Robert L. Rader, Fiank P. TagHanlni. OFFICERS FRANK P. TASLIARINI President CARLTON CARPENTER Vlce-Preside-nt SERALD P. FALLETA Secretary SOB RADER Treasurer The Pan-Hellenic Council of Tulane Medical School is composed of the presidents of four medical fraternities and one elected member of each fraternity. The aim of the council is directed toward a friendly and warm reception for each new medical student. It is also the aim of the council to maintain harmony among the medical fraternities by coordinating inter-fraternity activities. A mutually satisfactory rush week program is one of the projects undertaken by the council. MEDICAL PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL 236 ALPHA KAPPA KAPPA OFFICERS FRANK TAGLIARINI President JAMES McCLENDON Corresponding Secretary roAf v UN, r P -A + ODELL HARGROVE Chaplain GRADY HILL Vice-President FRANK MALTA Marshall JERRY BYARS Treasurer j 3 Historian EDDIE SERRANO Recording Secretary EUGNEN BOWLING V arde-n Firs; Row: Rodrigo Altmann, Jerry A. Byars. Hilton L. Gillespie, Conrad Edward Herr, Grady F. Hill, Jr., John Blaine Hill. Second Row: Frank Malta, James F. McClendon. F. Kevin O ' Brien, Andrew Orestano, Hal Stubbs. Frank P, lagiianini. Alpha Kappa Kappa fraternity was founded at Dartmouth College in 1888. Alpha Beta Chapter, one of the oldest of its kind on the Tu- lane Campus, was established in 1907. This school year was marked with many outstanding academic and social functions. The ones which stand out in our minds are the monthly banquets in which prominent alumni, such as Dr. E. L. King, past head of the Tulane Department of Obstetrics-Gynecology, Dr. Conrad G. Collins, present head of the same department, and Dr. Donovan C. Browne, of the Tulane Department of Medicine, attended and ied discussions on matters of interest to the medical profession. Bi-monthly socials of our active wives ' auxiliary were held. A suc- cessful rush week was marked by a dance, banquet and smoker. Also on the social calendar was a Christmas party given by Alpha Kappa Kappa ' s prominent alumnus, Dr. Donovan C. Browne. At present, Al- pha Kappa Kappa is looking forward to its annual formal dance which is held in early spring. Dinner Meeting with Dr. E. L. King as speaker Sober moment at rush party at Dr. Browne ' s f. S! I BETA IOTA CHAPTER OF NU SIGMA NU Bob Radar, James Venable. Dean Gillespie, Allen Mae Kernzie This is the life . . . Remember . . . The ' 54-55 social theme, " Let ' s get , " And our paranoid freshmen and their tales of woe. Dr. Ochsner ' s book review of " The Cigarette and You, " And Tony ' s for tea. The " Law of the jungle " Philosophy of our boarding club, The tyranny of Rader, And the many " Periplaneta americana ' brothers ' . " Ah yes! The wonderful success of the season of rush. Our formula? " Chain your closet men, good ' spirits, ' hlust- ling Nu Sig camp followers. And as one M.D. put it, ' A hand on the shoulder in a friend- ly sort of way ' . " Then the " Wild Goose Incident " and its homologue, " The History of the Enema. " Our dear, dear, neighbors and creditors. And the periodic brushes with the law. Epidemiology, Tropical Medicine, and all that . . . , And Dr. hiartman ' s 9th annual Rudolph Matas Lectureship. But most of all, that common disease of brothers . . . Omar Kyyhamitis. And on into the night . . . 288 MEMBERS First Row: Robert L. Alien, William Harold Avant. Donald Barbe, Charles Myer Bonura, Robert Brumfield, Robert Harold Cox, Frank Davis. Second Row: Frank Depaoli, Jr., Homer Ellis, Donald Dean Gillespie, James Nichols Hampton, James S. Holmes, Richard L. Kempson, Crawford Long. Third Row. Allen H. Mackenzie, Ed McCool, Dave McMurrain, William F. Osborn, John H. Phillips. Jack Edward Ponder, Robert E. Rogers. Fourth Row: Royal William Rudolph. Frank Schmidt, Henry Lewis Stoutz, Robert E. Thompson, Robert E. Tisdale, Albert C. Urrutia, James H. Venable. Not Pictured: Jerry Bagwell, Al Beacham. Ed Bov man, Teryl Brooks, Dale Colser. Jim Colburn. Mel Corry, Jack Counce, Jack Cram. Sam Emerson, Bill Geary, Jimmy Gouaux, Bill Graber, Dick Green, Billy Hamilton, Dick Hayes, Charlie H ' Doubler, Jim Herscher, Carl Kline, Ed Lamprez, Fred Lind, John Lucas, Herb Magruder, Jim McComisky, Don Montgomery. Harry Moresi, Cecil Morgan, Tommy Nelson, Larry O ' Meallie, Bob Parsons, Stan Payne, Mack Pewitt, Bob Rader, Andy Rlnker, Reuben Roy. Don Rup- pert. Bill Russell, Jerry Schenken, Jim Shaver, Joe Smith, John Smith, Nick Stallworth, Paul Tennis, Grady Thompson, Jack Thory, Jimmy Todd, John Watts, Paul Welty, Curtis Wilcox, George Williams. Gus Wil- liams. Paul Winder, Warren Wulfkugler, Bud Yost. ? ( - h - ' c m - 289 BKf In New Orleans, nearly everybody reads The Tulanian! Professor and ex-pupll Med school surely is easy PI CHAPTER OF THETA KAPPA PSI Peter Contacos, Chuck Pang, Gerry Falletta Pi Chapter of The+a Kappa Psi has again operated a successful year. In the past twelve months one of the best bunch of freshman, ever, were pledged and are- to be initiated soon. The fraternity library was expanded considerably with the addition of several new volumes. Plus this, a large number of Journal reprints were secured and a new catalogue system for the library was be-gun, thanks to Bob Hatton and George Farha. Our social schedule was equally as succe-ssful with a very enjoyable Spring For- mal at the New Orleans Athletic Club, the Annual Spring Picnic at Wave- land, a well done rush week conducted by K n Pierce and Evans Powell, a real wild Christmas Party, and as usual our famous Cadaver Bell held this year at the New Orleans Airport, attended by some 1200 students and said to be the best function of the medical school social calendar. In addition to these annual parties, several other Informal parties, cock- tail parties and smokers with faculty student discussions turned out to be well planned and well attend d. Our Social Chairmen, Tom Quehl and Sergle Leon are to be congratulated. More along the lines of school a new revised Zleman Surgery Syllabus was composed a nd published by the Juniors and Seniors. In the way of alumni affairs, much was accom- plished toward a better understanding between active members and alumni and much praise- is to go to Bill Riecken, Alumni Chairmen, Ed HInman, former chairman, Dr. Rufus Alldredge, retiring Alumni Presi- dent and our new Alum Prexy, Dr. James Allen, (who incldentlally played host to our pledges, and freshman class, and faculty members at their Cadaver Ball Banquet). The Wives ' Club, headed by Jean hllnman, also seemed to have had an enjoyable year with a number of meetings and socials. In summary, most of the members were most cooperative during the year and It would be impossible to compliment all of those who have done so much toward continuing Pi Chapter on Its usual high level in its 51st year on the Tulane Campus. This year as In the past, since the found- ing of Theta Kappa Psi in 1879, we expect to graduate another group of men, who, we believe, will attain fame in the medical profession as have so many of our other graduates. 290 MEMBERS First Row: Peter Bertucci, Eugene Celano, Harry C. Crawford, Jr.. Herbert Dyer, Gerald Falletta. Second Row: Joe Griffing, Robert L. Hatton, Edward Hlnman, C. Norman Owensby, Robert B. Peddy, Kenneth E. Pierce. Third Row: George A. Pohle, Thomas M. Quehl, William E. Riecken, R. Ratzlaff, Lowry Sheeley. George Thabit, Jr. Noi Pictured: James E. Alexander, Humberto Arriaga, Fred Atkinson, Dr, John L, Bradin, Dr. Charles P. Brooks, John T. Butler, Charles J. Caruso, Enrique Chi, Charles Clark, Dr. Peter G. Contacos, Wilson P. Couch, Peter Drakopoulas. George F. Farha, Thomas A. Fedor, Remi Gonzales, Dr. Alvln R. Hale, Robert L. Hargrave, Collins Hubbard, Herbert tchinose, Charies C. Laurent, Sergie Leon, Richard A. Morgan, Charles Ochs, Chuck Pang, Richard Pang, Jerry Pickrel, F. Evans Powell, Hector Ruiz, Wade H. Sigmon, Jr., Nelson J. Spoto. Curtis A. Steele, Elbert Sutton, Mitzi Tottori, Jack A. Viogt, Anthony Ziegler. 291 u Surrre I Did . . The Cry of the Kiwi Bird? Many Meds Making Merry OMICRON CHAPTER OF PHI CHI Billy Sistrunk. John Fordtram. Carlton Carpenter, John O ' Shaughnessy, Terry Rees OFFICERS CARLTON CARPENTER Presideni JOHN FORDTRAM Vice-President RAY HADDAD Treasurer BILLY f. SISTRUNK Secretary Phi Chi was founded at the University of Vermont in 1889, and Omicron has been at Tulane since December 20, 1902. Famous for quiet parties and clean skits, they are proud of the C. Jeff Miller library, and their beautiful house on St. Charles Avenue. Outstanding events of the year were a very successful r ush program, the Christmas Formal and the Spring Formal in honor of the graduating seniors, and the Founder ' s Day Banquet in honor of the alumni. After dinner " bull sessions " with members of the faculty proved stimulating to all con- cerned. Sparked by good leadership and fellowship, the year was a good one for Omicron and Phi Chi. 292 MEMBERS First Row: Henry W. Andressen, Myron L. Arrington, H. H. Bass, Jr., Edward Milton Beheler, A. Berry, James W. Bledsoe, James M. Brakefield. Carlton L. Carpenter, H. L. Carruth. Second Row: George R. Cary, Jr., Robert Erwin Cox, James D. Day, Ellery Gay, Joseph Hanrahan, Herman Hassell. Jr., Roy Hooper, John Howell, Jr., Carlos Lamar, Jr. Third Row: William Long, Tom Louis, Robert C. Mackay, Errol D. Malvaney, William McBrlde, Sam Morgan, Joseph Newhall, William John O ' Shaughnessey, W. Owings. Fourth Row: Henry C. Pilst. K. Pittman, H. D. Pope, Jr., Paul Prat, Donald Ray Rayner, Terry Rees, Jerry B. Roebulck. Edward V. Ross, Ellsworth J. Sacks, Richard Sharbrough. Fifth Row: William F. Sistrunk. Blanchard H. Texada, James L pucker. Jr., David Weeke Wall, Robert Lee Ward, Clarence H. Webbe, Jr., Robert Williams. Marion Winkler, Thomas P. Wood, Joseph L. Wright. Not Pictured: Evans Alison, Bob Anderson, Jim Anderson, Chuck Arnold, George Beddingfield, Tom Benefieid, Gus Bootle, Burnell Brown, Beauchamp Burch, Richard Campbell, Harry Gene Causey. Howard Cheek, Rodney Clement, David Colbert, Ed Cole, Magruder Corban, Jack Cranmer, J. P. Culpepper. Jim Cunyus, Bill Dale, Caldwell Debar- delebon. Jack Dent, Hal Douglas, Ralph Dunn, Fred Durance, Lee Edmonds, John Eliiott, Jim Fenimore, Richard Flowers, John Fordtran, Nat Galloway, Lewis George, Ronnie George, Bob Gilliland, Peachy Gilmer, Glenn Gore, Billy Mac Graham, Malcolm Granberry, Ray Haddad, Jim Harris. Hi Haynie, Clitf Hester, Bill Hlnson, Ray Hooper, Roland Jackson, Phil James, Wiley Jenkins, Robert Johnson, Bill Kambach, Dwight Keady, Billy Kern, Bill Killlnger, Phil Laborde, Henry Langhorne, Buford Langston, Dave Lee, Ronnie Lemmons, John Lipsey, Charles Longenecker, Joe Longenecker, Joe Lupo, Frank MacPherson, Raymond McBride, John McDonald, Bill McKellar, James McLaughlin. Walter Mayfie ' d, Paul Meyer. Roger Miller, William Miller. Mac Molnar, Jack Montgomery, Charles Moore, Tony Moore, Dunny Morton, Joe Netick, Nick Nichols, Horace Norrell, Clyde Owings, Jim Parsons, Gene Pope, Hal Ouinn, Sam Reed, Donald Richardson, McWillle Robinson, Erskine Ross, Larry Rowley, Bob Rueb, Everett Schneider, Ben- nett Sewell Jim Shamblin Paul Shaw, Earl Sonnier, Roy Staub, Doug Tatum, Malcolm Thomas, Bill Tisdale, Bob Townes, Cleveland Turner. Pat Unkel, Winn Van Muyden, Fred Walker, Leonard Wamnes, Al Wick, Henry Wilde, Paul Williams, Gordon Wolfran, Woody Wood, Woody York. L i sa jt tS . M w, — n : • - S» jl f 1 n 296 Bonfires . . . pep talks . . . tied football games ... all the way, get that ball, push ' em back, hold that line, block that kick, all the way . , . cat and mouse . . . the referee has no . . . I-D cards . . . fumbles ... 1 3-0 at the half . . . we beat ' em in basketball T U L A N E Tulane was picked as SEC cellar-dweller and although they finished in the final standings only two notches higher, the Wave turned in some creditable performances. Dur- ing the season Tulane won one, lost six, ahd tied three, gaining the only victory over Vanderbilt and notching ties with Memphis State, North Carolina, and Alabama — a good record considering the caliber of the opposition. The Greenies ' inability to win throughout the greater part of the season was traceable to their fumbling. In the first seven games Tulane lost an average of four fumbles per game. When this weakness was overcome, the situa- tion brightened and in the last three games the Wave tied Alabama in a splendid homecoming effort, whipped Van- derbilt at Nashville, and turned in a fine showing before bowing to LSU 14-13. Even though the 1 954 squad did not compile an impres- sive won-lost record, the team possessed an unequalled fighting spirit, determination, and will to win and deserves much credit. Hats off to the coaching staff also, and par- ticularly to the new head coach Andy Pilney and line coach Johnny Green, for a job well done. ANDY PILNEY Head Football Coach COACHING STAFF Vlnianf, Green, Karmazin, Pilney, Rauch, Kottemann, Sandifer and Whitman. 296 1954 FOOTBALL SEASON 3 EDDIE ALLEN Sports Publicity Director DICK BAUMBACH Athletic Director EDDIE BRAVO Captain 1954 Football Squad Q4 i4 flf ljiQ i, J? 4 1 25 ■i£jU rh II I ' ilT " " ' ' - ' " B- -grj- . . r ri cr:,. •ifimit Dim, dim the lights .1 ' urn. M? FUMBLING WAVE BOWS TO TECH The Greenies opened their 1954 season with a sur- prisingly good performance against powerful Georgia Tech on a blistering hot day in Atlanta. Though beaten 28-0, Tulane registered 12 first downs to Tech ' s 9, and outgained the Yellow Jackets on the ground, 195 yards to 139. The Greenies also controlled the ball more than the Tech men, particu- larly in the first half. Twice the Wave, employing their new split-T offense, rolled to the shadow of the Tech goal, only to lose the ball on costly fumbles. In all, the Greenies fumbled 9 times, losing 7 to the opposition, which spelled disaster to the Wave. Georgia Tech scored twice in the first period, and once each in the third and fourth periods. Tulane, on the other hand, moved the ball well at midfield but just could not score against their opponents. The Tulane backs exhibited some fine running dur- ing the contest, although the passing attack was no- ticeably weak. Meriting the most praise, however, was the line which turned in a fine performance against the rugged and more experienced Tech forward wall. TULANE GEORGIA TECH First Downs 12 9 Rushing yardage 195 139 Passing yardage 32 155 Passes attempted 10 27 Passes completed 4 12 Passes intercepted i 1 Punts 6 6 Punting average 26.3 35.6 Fumbles lost 7 Yards penalized 35 35 RAY HYMEL JIM PATRIDGE Here I come, ready or not Sam, you made the pants too long »1«kda fet 5i t :t A f jtsall - : MEMPHIS STATE SURPRISES WITH TIE Billed as a warm-up affair to open the season before the home town rooters, Memphis State surprised the Greenies with much more rugged competition than was anticipated. What the Staters lacked in depth, they more than made up in fight and determination and the Greenies were extended to the limit to gain a tie. As in the Tech game, Tulane was woefully weak In the forward pass department, both offensively and de- fensively. This weakness proved to be their undoing as Memphis State showed a fine forward passing attack which the Wave was unable to match or stop. With passes playing a major role, the Staters scored first in the opening quarter and successfully converted. Neither team was able to do much in the second quar- ter and the half ended with Memphis State leading 7-0. The Greenies looked like a different team as they opened the third quarter with two touchdowns. One conversion failed and Tulane led 1 3-7 as the third quar- ter ended. - This lead was short lived though as Memphis State quickly scored after a 34-yard pass put the ball on Tulane ' s two-yard line. Fortunately, the conversion failed. This ended the scoring as Tulane was unable to clK:k with passes as the game ended. TULANE MEMPHIS STATE First downs 15 9 Rushing yardage 168 86 Passing yardage 51 103 Passes attempted II 13 Passes completed 6 7 Passes intercepted Punts 6 6 Punting average 38.8 36.6 Fumbles lost 2 Yards penalized 30 75 RAY PRICE CHARLIE COATES i ' live ah ' ll have another big orange drank ONE OF THE THREE TIES In an inspiring display of determination, a fighting Greenie squad held the favored North Carolina Tar Heels to a 7-7 deadlock. Never able to get beyond nnidfield in the first three periods, except once briefly, the Greenies moved fif- ty-seven yards in the fourth period only to lose the bail on the one. Undaunted, the Wave rolled back some forty yards to the six from where quarterback Fred Wilcox passed to end Harry Duvigneaud in the end zone. Disregarding the pressure, Soph Emmett Zalen- ka booted the extra point squarely between the up- rights. The same old Tulane trouble — fumbling — resulted in the Tar Heel score after only four minutes of play, but the Greenie air game, iboth offensively and defen- sively, was much improved. Brightest spots of the afternoon were the fine quar- terback play of Fred Wilcox and the improved running of Willie Hof coupled with the new found Greenie ability to recover as well as lose the ball on fumbles. Ed Bravo played the entire sixty minutes but it was the hard and determined play of the entire team that gave |i promise of better things to come. TULANE N.C. First downs 9 17 Rushing yardage (net) 130 271 Passing yardage 50 20 Passes attempted II II Passes completed 4 2 Passes had intercepted 1 3 Punts 9 7 Punting average 38.7 35.5 Yards penalized 30 30 Fumbles lost 4 1 DON BOUDREAUX CHARLIE PITTMANN t m.jf. ' .JBu ri J ' flWwP s ' I told you I didn ' t want to wrestle I thought I told you to wait in the cave! r WAVE ROLLS BUT DOESN ' T SCORE Mississippi State came to town with a fine runner in Art Davis and a smooth split-T offense. Although the Greenies outgained their heavier opponents both on the ground and in the air, they wound up with a zero in the scoring column while the Maroons had 14 points to show for their lesser efforts. State ' s superior punting game along with the Wave ' s inability to stop the optional pitch-out plays played a great part in the State victory. The factor that contributed most, however, to the loss was the Wave ' s inability to hold on to the ball at crucial times. Twice the Greenies rolled to their opponent ' s five- yard line, only to have both drives thwarted by fum- The GreenWave offense continued to show im- provement. Time and time again Tulane ripped off gains through the State line, ploughing through their guards and tackles with regularity, and generally did everything short of scoring. Bob Saia continued his fine running and did much to establish himself as one of Dixie ' s finest backs. TULANE MISS. STATE First clowns 16 10 Rushing yardage (net) 245 198 Passing yardage 26 Passes attempted 7 " 5 Passes completed 3 Passes had intercepted 1 2 Punts 8 7 Punting average 30.7 45.1 Yards penalized 50 85 Fumbles lost 3 1 ED McCOOL OTIS GILMORE Hmmm, I musf ' ve made the wrong turn back there . . . OVERTHROWN B Y REBELS In the second road game of the season, Tulane jour- neyed to Oxford only to bow to the offensive minded Rebels of Ole Miss 34-7 before a large homecoming crowd. Although the Greenie offensive didn ' t click, the de- fense fought bravely to throttle the Ole Miss offensive maneuvers, which combined fast powerful backs with alert hard-charging linemen. The Sugar Bowl bound Rebels lived up to their high national rating as the Wave just couldn ' t stop this overmanning opposition. The Greenies, however, must be congratulated for their heroic stand against such a powerful team, not giving up until the final whistle. § 5 The one bright spot for Tulane rooters came in the second period when Freddie Wilcox, Tulane ' s soph quarterback, intercepted a Rebel aerial on his own nine and raced 9! yards for the only Tulane touchdown. ;This broke the existing Tulane record for the return of an intercepted pass, which formerly was 88 yards. TULANE MISS. First downs 20 4 Net yards rushing 321 13 Passes aHempted 20 17 Passes completed 8 5 Yards gained passing 103 38 Passes intercepted by 2 1 Number punts 2 8 Average punt 35.5 31.5 Yards penalized 131 II Fumbles lost 4 2 TOM WARNER TONY SARDISCO «... -WET ' ' J ■ ' • ' •«fe..ji ,m ft M 1i. . S!ifr .fft - -3 Curses, foiled again The poor-man ' s Willie Mays? NO VICTORY FOR JERRY Georgia took advantage of one of the several scor- ing opportunities presented thenn and cashed it in for a 7-0 decision over win-hungry Tulane on a dreary afternoon at Tulane Stadium. It was Jerry Dalrymple Day at the stadiunn and during a half-time ceremony, Jerry was formally introduced into the National Foot- ball Hall of Fame. in the contest passing was almost non-existent, with each team relying on power plays from the split-T. The Greenies again showed plenty of hustle but as was the case in other contests, the Wave lacked the necessary scoring punch and repeatedly bogged down within striking distance of the Bulldog goal. This, coupled with Tulane ' s many fumbles, proved their undoing. Tony Sardisco played a whale of a game at guard for the Wave which was indicative of his play through- out the season. Tony and Bryan Burnthorne were laud- ed by many as the best pair of guards in the confer TULANE GEORGIA First downs II 13 Rushing yardage (net) 185 187 Passing yardage 26 7 Passes attempted 5 6 Passes completed 2 1 Passes had intercepted Punts 3 3 Punting average 39.6 43.3 Yards penalized 46 15 Fumbles lost 3 2 TOM FORD HARRY DUVIGNEAUD Wait a sec, Harry, I ' ll be right there DIXIE POWERHOUSE The victory hungry Auburn Tigers were too much to handle and the Greenies were smothered under a rather lopsided score, 27-0. The Plainsmen were at their peak with a powerhouse running attack, an excellent passing game and an air tight defense. The Greenies, on the other hand could not muster an adequate offense. Bleak as the day was for the unhappy Tulane follow- ers, there were some odd and humorous happenings. On one conversion attempt, the Tigers were penalized four times and finally in disgust, gave up the idea of kicking the extra point and made it with a forward pass. )n another occasion, Tiger quarterback Bobby Free- i n threw a pass to the referee after having thrown the ball to an ineligible guard on the previous play. TULANE AUBURN First clowns 8 15 Rushing yardage 74 176 Passing yardage 57 280 Passes attempted II 23 Passes completed 5 14 Passes intercepted 2 5 Punts 6 5 Punting average 35.8 37.6 Fumbles lost 5 1 Yards penalized 44 123 DAVE McMURRAIN JIM CARMODY S«:.:S?i BW Bl B B - . iHlgJ ' aW r LiJHHftfflHHK Igor kill! Who let that convict in the game? GRADS THRILLED BY SCORELESS TIE The firey play of the Green Wave kept a large Homecoming crowd wildly cheering from start to fin- ish, and sent the Old Grads home happy with a " moral victory. " Tulane had entered the game a three touch- down underdog. Gaining a tie with the hard fighting and capable Alabama Crimson Tide was quite a feat but had Lady Luck smiled a little more on the Greenies or a little less on the Tide, the final score may well have shown Tulane the victor by two touchdowns. Twice touchdown passes were dropped. It was aJj-fA iUjjffpi ' with both the line and backs contributin - fn terling offensive and defensive play. Fortunately for the Greenies, the passing arm and kicking foot of Johnny Caruso were in excellent form. TULANE ALA. First downs 9 8 Rushing yardage net 119 122 Passing yardage 48 88 Passes attempted 12 8 Passes completed 5 4 Passes had intercepted Punts 10 10 Punting average 42.3 42.1 Yards penalized 70 60 Fumbles lost 1 2 BYRAN BURNTHORNE DOUG WOODRUFF I ' m taking my football, and I ' m goin ' home CHANGE!! Tulane journeyed to Nashville and won its first and only game of the season over Vanderbilt, 6-0. The Wave scored its touchdown in the second period on a sustained 88-yard drive, with Bob Saia punching it over from the one. After scoring this touchdown, the Greenies were content to rely mainly on their defense which was tight in the clutch. The second half was all Vanderbilt as they showed a good passing attack and a fine runner in Charlie Mor- ton. The last quarter showed Vandy knocking at the Greenies ' door continuously but due to the recovery of a fumble by Harry Duvigneaud and a fine pass inter- ception by Freddie Wilcox, the Wave was able to stave off the Commodores ' threats. The team should be commended for their hard- earned victory and special praise should go to Byran Burnthcrne who turned in one of the best individual performances by a Greenie this year. TULANE VANDY First downs 8 18 Net yards gained rushing 12! 189 Forward passes, number attempted 3 25 Number completed 1 II Number had intercepted 1 Net yards gained passing 21 135 Punts, number 8 7 Average 41.4 30.4 Ball lost by fumbles 1 1 Yards lost by penalties 41 70 WILLIE HOF JOHN CARUSO ' ff- " » ' »,• ' " Hi ' .. r ' ' ' kl!S9 !« ' wLj»i.. " Somebody goofed . . . how did I get the ball? This nearly was ours u N 1 3 (Half-Time Score) u Tulane piled up a 1 3-0 half-time lead but could not withstand a second half aerial attack by the Tigers and dropped a 14-13 decision before 45,000 cheering fans. It was action-packed from start to finish, and the Greenies exhibited to their many fans and followers the fight and spirit which could be equaled but not surpassed. Both of the Green Wave scores came in the second period. The first came on a 34-yard run by Willie Hof who played a fine game at halfback and the second on a short plunge by Ronnie Quillian later in the period. Hof ' s 34-yard run was the longest run from scrimmage turned in by a Greenie this year. The lead was short-lived as the rejuvenated LSU team came back strongly in the second half and un- leashed a lethal passing attack that netted two touch- downs. The margin of victory for the Bengals was pro- vided by the toe of Al Doggett who converted after both touchdowns whereas Emmett Zelenka had on© attempt blocked for the Wave. TULANE LSU First downs 12 13 Rushing yardage (net) 199 123 Passing yardage 33 140 Passes attempted 9 15 Passes completed 4 9 Passes had intercepted 1 2 Punts 8 4 Punting average 37.4 46.2 Yards penalized 86 55 Fumbles lost 3 BOB SAIA IRVING SCHEXNAYDER 1954-55 Basketball Squad Let me go, lover 19 5 5 Before the season started, there were many " Ifs " as to whether Tuiane would have another good year on the hardwoods. Could Jim Nowakowski come through at center and solve one of Coach Well ' s gravest problems? Could- the inexperi- enced sophomore Stanley Stumpf fill the shoes vacated by the capable rebounder and team-man Pat Browne? These and other questions were an- swered with time and could be answered by Greenie followers with a smile. The Wave bench, considered to be weak, proved to be adequate. Nowakowski developed into a high scorer (Big Jim finished second to Cervini in scoring) besides coming into his own as rebounder, climaxing the season grabbing 18 rebounds against LSD. Stan Stumpf alternated with Dean Tyner at forward early in the season and later with Tonn Murphy, and nailed down a starting berth forthe rest of the year after a fine showing against always good Kentucky. Stan showed the fans an unequaled will to play, plenty of hustle, good rebounding ability and a fine jump shot. Tulane ended the season with a I 5-6 record. At home, the Greenies won 9 and lost 3, and while away won 6 and dropped 3. The Wave finished in a third place tie in the SEC race behind Kentucky and Alabama with a 9-5 conference mark. The starting five was usually composed of Stan Stumpf, Jim Nowakowski, Roy Stoll and co-cap- tains Hal Cervini and Dick Brennan. The combina- tion of Cervini and Stoll was regarded by many as the finest guard pair in the Conference. Ably as- sisting the regulars were Phil Wallace, Bob Delpit, Jim Cothern, Dean Tyner, and Tom Murphy. Al- though not a high scorer, Brennan was always a steady performer and led the team in rebounds. Coupled with this, he was a fine defensive player along with having the best foul shot percentage. Stumpf, his mate at forward, was a good rebound- er and possessed a good eye. Jim Nowakowski, the most improved player on the team, developed into one of the best big centers in the league. Roy Stoll at guard had at his command very quick reflexes and tremendous spring in his legs which enabled him to grab rebounds from much taller opponents. Roy, along with Brennan, usually drew the tough- est defensive assignments, hial Cervini, at the Look ma. no hands BASKETBALL AT TULANE other guard shot, was the big man in the Tulane offense, hie led the team in scoring with approxi- mately a I 6 point per game average and time and time again came through in the clutch as the main cog in the famous cat-and-mouse tactics employed by Tulane in the final minutes of close games. hHal, possessing an uncanny dribbling ability, utilized this asset to the utmost during the Tom and Jerry maneuvers, drawing fouls and almost invariably sinking the foul shots. In this manner, Tulane won many close games which may not have been vic- tories had not hial been on the scene. Tulane opened the season by overpowering La. College. The Wave started slowly, shifted into high gear and came out on the long end of a 91-53 score, with guards hial Cervini and Roy Stoll lead- ing the Greenies to victory. Texas A M became Tulane ' s next victim as they bowed before the Wave 82-53. Brennan did some nice rebounding in the first 2 games and was high scorer in the A M game. Then came Tulane ' s first test of the year, the Rice Owls. The Greenies met this test squarely and posted a 68-63 victory over the de- fending Southwest Conference champs. Cervini led all Tulane scores and Jim Nowakowski began to perform well, a pleasant indication of things to come. Both teams played a control game, wait- ing for the good shots, with the Wave employing Tom and Jerry antics in the closing minutes to good advantage. The high man of the night, how- 309 Please — no applause ever, was ironically enough, an Indiana boy named Teliigman who garnered 27 points. On the first road trip Tulane journeyed to Evans- ton, Illinois, and Madison, Wisconsin, to play two fine Big Ten teams, Northwestern and Wisconsin. The Greenies dropped their first game of the year to Northwestern 77-63 as the Wave was not as sharp as usual. Roy Stoll played well in the nation- ally televised contest, leading the Wave with 19 markers. The Wildcats dominated the backboards and were led to victory by the point-producing efforts of hial Grant and Frank Ehmann. Tulane then came back and in a fine effort whipped Wis- consin in a tightly fought intersectional struggle. The score was tied 15 times before the Greenies grabbed the lead with 5 minutes left to play, and never relinquished it, winning 69-66. hial Cervini scored 20 points in the battle but scoring honors for the night went to Badger forward Dick Cable with 31. Tulane then returned home and defeated pre- viously unbeaten Stanford 67-62, as the cat-and- mouse strategy was again called into play, - a Cervini and Jim Nowakowski led Tulane point- makers with I 7 apiece. Tulane was then host to a friendly rival from Mexico. The Greenies didn ' t treat them so nicely, however, as the Wave ran up a I 07-55 count against the Latin visitors. Club Deportivo Mexicano. This was the highest point total ever made by a Tulane team, the previous high being 102. This game, however, will not be recognized by the NCAA. Hal Cervini led the rout with 22 points, closely followed by Roy Stoll with 19 and Jim Nowakowski with 17. The Wave, on its second road trip of the year, met its first and second SEC opponents. Against the Florida Gators they rolled to a convincing 85- 74 win with hHal Cervini and towering Jim Nowa- kowski carrying the most of the offensive burden. Tulane built up a comfortable lead and the sub- stitutes played out the final minutes. Tulane then met Georgia and suffered its first SEC loss in a Your turn fo play horse, Hal 310 double overtime b7-bS. For the underdog Georg- ians, it was their third SEC victory in four nights. Roy Stoll was high man for the Wave, while Potts and McManus did most of the Bulldog scoring. The Greenies then returned home to play one of their " bad " games, losing to Tennessee, 7 1-58. The fine running game of the Vols coupled with the flat play of Tulane spelled defeat. It was the first loss handed Tulane by Tennessee since Coach Wells took over nine years ago. Kentucky then came to New Orleans and the Wave battled them to the hilt before bowing 58-44. At the start, Tu- lane could do no wrong and the Ruppmen nothing right and the Wave soared to an II- 1 lead. The Wildcats closed the gap little by little, tying the score at 2! all and moved into a 29-25 half-time lead. After that Kentucky was never headed. Roy Stoll led the Greenies with I 3 points, followed by Phil Wallace with I 2. Cervini, although scoring but 4 points, played a fine game for the Wave also. This marked the third SEC defeat in a row dealt Tulane. Well, We vhat no They went thaf-a-way, Hal Tip-toeing through the tulips? Nobody pushes big Jim and gets away with It! 311 The Wave then started a five game win streak, the longest of the season, by whipping Ole Miss 83-82, Mississippi State 69-60, and LSU 81-57 away, and continuing their winning streak at home with victories over Vanderbilt 62-58, and two-time conquerors of Kentucky, Georgia Tech 64-58. hial Cervini was the man most responsible for the vic- tories over the Mississippi teams as he turned in outstanding performances in each of these en- counters. Defense was the key to victory in the termination of LSU ' s dominance over the Wave in basketball as Brennan and Nowakowski, along with the rest of the team, turned in fine efforts. Tulane, now home, squeaked past Vandy in a close one via the cat-and-mouse route and then toppled the giant killers from Tech in easy fashion. In its next victory. The Wave put on its poorest exhibition of the season in losing to powerful Ala- bama to the tune of 90-59. Tulane was off and Bama could do no wrong. The Greenies then bounced back with a 90-79 win over fast-breaking Auburn. Roy Stoll did a fine job of defensive work in holding the Plainsmens ' scoring ace, little Bill Kirkpatrick, to 10 points. Hal Cervini became the sixth man in Tulane ' s history to score 1 ,000 points by tallying 22 points, thus being pushed over the magic mark. hlome again, the Greenies dropped their fifth SEC contest to Ole Miss in a triple overtime 86-80. hHal Cervini bucketed 26 forthe Wave (hial scored I of the Wave ' s I 8 points in the overtimes) and turned in a fine all-around performance. Denver Brackeen led all the scorers with 33 points. Tulane then took Mississippi State ' s measure with ease 78-59, as they jumped off to a I 3-2 lead and were never threatened. Outstanding forthe Wave were Nowakowski, Brennan, Stoll and Cervini. In the final game of the season, Tulane turned in its finest performance and clobbered its up- state rivals 82-53. Seniors Dick Brennan, Phil Wal- lace, Jim Nowakowski, hial Cervini, and Dean Tyler closed out their careers for the Wave in fine fash- ion. Hal Cervini turned in a sterling effort, scoring 27 points, hitting I 7 out of 20 charity tosses and dropping in 5 fielders. His four year total was 1 ,076 points, the fourth highest in Tulane history, which will be hard to equal in coming years. The seniors received a tremendous hand as they left the game. Cervini was the last to be replaced and he received a standing ovation for several min- utes, something not heard in Tulane gym for many years. And as he left the game, he took his place among the greatest cagers ever to wear a Tulane uniform. Throw me somefhing, mister 312 . ' If ' s go+ta come down someiime It ' s mine, and you can ' t have it! 3T3 COACH EMMETT PARE TENNIS Tulane completed its third unbeaten season in a row and ran its string of victories in dual meets to 34. Led by 4-time Davis Cupper Ham Richardson, Tulane won 9 dual meets and its 12th SEC championship. Capa- bly assisting hlam in another successful season were fresh- man and Brazilian Davis Cupper Jose Aguero, Harmon Collins, Henry Jungle, Buddy Lomax, and Barney Don- nelly. Only 3 of the 9 opponents scored against the power- laddn Greenie squad, with the NOLTC and Cincinnati each scoring I point and LSU scoring 3. In the SEC tourney, the Tulane netmen ran into trouble from LSU but annexed their fourth conference champion- ship in a row. In the tournament, both LSU and Tulane won 3 singles titles but Tulane won all 3 of the doubles championships to gain the decision. Ham Richardson tied an SEC record by winning the singles title for the third consecutive year and also added the NCAA singles crowfl to his many laurels for the second straight year. Tulane is a good bet to continue its winning ways in 1955 and is favored to cop the SEC crown again as only one man from the ' 54 squad will not return. HAM RICHARDSON JOSE AGUERO HARMON COLLINS 3M 1954 Tennis Squad Tennis, anyone? RICHARDSON SEC. CHAMP HENRY JUNGLE BUDDY LOMAX BARNEY DONNELLY 315 BASEBALL COACH DENNIS VINZANT There ' s Selber — on the bench as usual . w . . j- i ' tHOK iik 316 Infield: Ed Rubenstien. Milt Retif. Jim Nissel, Pete Vogt Pitchers: Lionel Rictiard. Ward DuFaur. Fred Wilcox, Jim Weilbaecher. Barry Trenchard. Outfielders: Carlos Levia, Les Kennedy, Tom Warner After starting slowly in the beginning of the season, the Green Wave nine shifted into high gear and were playing fine ball at the end of the season, winning their last 5 In a row. Tulane ended the season with a 10-6 conference rec- ord and 12-8 final mark in the standings, enabling them to wind up second to Ole Miss in the Western Division v ho compiled a 9-6 conference mark. This was the first Tulane club on modern record to sweep a 4-game series from its arch-rival LSD. The Greenies won the 2 games here, 4-0 and 14-9, and swept the last 2 in Baton Rouge, 5-1 and 3-1, to close out the season. Don Lloyd and Jim Nissel were picked on the Coaches ' All-SEC team. Lloyd led the team in batting with a .267 mark and Nissel placed second in that department, post- ing a .262 average. The team batting mark was a very modest .219. The pitching staff was solid with ve|-erans Jack Campione and Jim Weilbacher doing a fine job, along with freshmen Lionel Richard and Ward Du Faur. In the pitching department, the freshmen stole the show. Lionel Richard looked particularly good in relief and ended the season with the best pitching percentage, hav- ing a 2-0 record. Ward Du Faur compiled a 4-2 won-loss record and had the best earned run average on the team, a fine 1 .40. Coach Vinzant looks forward to another good season in 1955 but will have a tough road ahead because he loses such " tried and true " ball-players as Jack Campione, Jim Weilbacher, Don Lloyd, Jim Nissel, and Les Kennedy. 317 ASSISTANT COACH JOHN OELKERS COACH FRITZ OAKES WILLIE HOP In track, as in golf, the picture looked brighter in ' 54 than in the previous year as the only losses to the team were George Cummins and Hainon Miller. It didn ' t turn out as expected, though, as the previous year ' s showing was not improved upon. Bright spots in the track picture were Frank Dalferes who broke the school javelin mark with a toss of 198 ' g " , bettering the existing mark by almost seven feet, Mark McCoy who performed well in distance events, and Art Alderson who made many long heaves in the shot-put event. A seven-man squad was sent to the Southeastern Con- ference championship meet and took 5th place. Greenle pointmakers were Frank Dalferes, Les Kennedy, Art Al- derson, Richard Gueldener, Mark McCoy, and R. Kimble. No Greenie took a first place but second-place efforts were recorded by Frank Dalferes in the javelin throw and Les Kennedy in the broad jump. RICHARD GUELDENER R. KIMBALL FRANK DALFERES i. L J 3t8 ? j ' X . GOLF 1954 Golf Squad With five lettermen returning, the golf picture looked somewhat brighter in ' 54 than in ' 53 when the squad won only one victory in six meets. The lettermen were Stan Shuler, Dick Lyie, Jerry Schenker, Speed Bancroft, and Neal Hobson. Expected to add extra strength to the team were Bob Saia and freshman Tommy Sutter. The team, however, did no better than in the previous year, and wound up with a record of I win and 4 losses. The win came against Louisiana Tech, 16-2. Spring Hill dealt Tulane two of Its defeats, 16-2 and 13-5, as did LS.U. ' s fine squad ll r ' V? and l9l 2-7 ' 2- Besides the dual meets, a four-man squad of Tommy Sutter, Neal Hobson, Speed Bancroft, and Stan Shuler journeyed to Athens for the SEC and Southern Intercollegiate tourneys but failed to place. COACH INNES MILLAR 319 Touch Foo+bali Champions Law School Volleyball Champions TABLE TENNIS CHAMPIONS Ted Hirsch, Commerce; Don Mayer, Chemical Engineering, Runner Up INTRAMURALS OFFICERS HOMER NORTON President JOE WAITERS Vice-President JULIUS HANDLEMAN Secretary The Intramural Council has as its aim the active partici- pation of the entire male student body in campus sports. !n furthering this goal, the council promoted both team and individual sports such as football, Softball, tennis, vol- leyball, bowling, etc., and the very popular round-robin. The annual Frosh-Soph football game for non-varsity men was carried out with a good deal of spirit. The Council is composed of the Unit Managers of all the classes in the University and a few specially appointed men. These members perform the many necessary duties connected with the sports, and also manage their class teams in competing for the trophy awarded at the end of the year to the team with the most points. 320 INTRAMURAL COUNCIL Sitting: Bush, N.R.O.T.C.; Ben Abadie, Director; Horton, Architecture; Handelmati, Paterson House; Bogart, Phelps Hall. Standing: Saxe, Hillel; Frischhertz, En- gineering; Schinetsky, Chemical Engineering; Klonosky, A.R.O.T.C.; M mhat, Newman Club; Hobbs, Delta Sigma Pi; Menendy, Arts and Sciences. Fresh ma n-Sophonnore Game Intramural Touch Football Officials Championship Game — Touch Football — Law vs. A.F.R.O.T.C. Contenders for the Fastest Girl on Campus . ! ' WOMEN ' S SPORTS 322 ADVERTISEMENTS H For more than 70 years, the resources of the Whitney have been dedicated to the develop- ment of the Agricultural, Mineral, and Marine resources of this Area; and, to the expansion of Commerce, Industry, Transporta- tion, and Marketing. WHITNEY NATIONAL BANK of New Orleans Established 1883 MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Capital, Surplus and Undmded Profits More Than $26,000,000 WE ARE JUST A MATTER OF HOURS FROM YOU ACCURACY All orders are carefully checked before ship- ment. PROMPTNESS Express, mail, truck and train speed our de- livery to you shortly after the order is re- ceived. FAIR DEALING Our Policy — To serve the pharmacists of Louisiana economically, fairly and to pro- mote ideas that will build business for you. McKESSON ROBBINS. Incorporated NEW ORLEANS DIVISION New Orleans 7, La. 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Few are the people who set foot on the sidewalk of New Orleans who do not seek to learn the location of Ar- naud ' s and forthwith journey there to enjoy this famous cuisine. After partaking of a notable nneal, guests fre- quently ask the derivation of a particular dish: " Is it French? " " Is it Spanish? " The answer is that it is a combination of the wizardry of the French with the art of Spanish to make Arnaud ' s masterpieces. r estaurant PnCLUcl AIR CONDITIONED New Orleans Office University 5496 Baton Rouge Office 4-5795 PERRILLIAT-KICKEY COXSTRUCTIOX CO., Inc. il ( ontractc . eneral tori 1530 S. Rendon Street NEW ORLEANS, LA. Pioneer Building LAKE CHARLES, LA. BATON ROUGE, LA. 1045 Choctaw Road COMPLIMENTS OF TULANE BOOK STORE NEWCOMB SHOP TULANE MEDICAL STORE WE INVITE YOU to open your Savings Account with the Columbia COLUMBIA HOMESTEAD ASSOCIATION 330 Carondelet St., RA 0743 A Savings Institution DRESS UP YOUR Table Top — Dresser Top — Coffee Table Top with attractive " CRYSTAL SHEET " or " PLATE " Glass Any Pattern — Any Size — Cut to fit ALL GLASS EDGES SMOOTHED FOR SAFETY Keys Made While You Wait MEYNIER DILLMANN HARDWARE CO., INC. 7724-30 Maple Street WAInut 2545 c. A. SPORL CO. ALL KINDS OF INSURANCE . INC. Whit ney B uilding Canal 5341 M.D.KOSTMAYER,INC GENERAL INSURANCE AND BONDS 709 UNITED FRUIT BUILDING Raymond 6151 if you want . the finest and newest in fashions . . the most distinctive in gifts, gadgets it ' s SINCE 1840 go MB for all that ' s new in fashion Whether it ' s a dance dress designed to devastate the stag-line, or an attention-getting swim suit, MB ' s the place to find it. Smart example: Ruth Harper, Newcomb sophomore, wearing a cool beauty from MB ' s Dress department. Second Floor Maison B AISON DIMCHE GREATEST STORE SOUTH COVERAGE PAN-AMERICA N ' S CAREER CONTRACT, which stresses the Company ' s philosophy of helping their men moke more money. To do this, we furnish ample training, top- notch sales aids and individualized poli- cies to meet individual needs. pftHAMieiiiiM lIFiE IN ' SURiNXf CO CRAWFORD H. ELLIS President EDWARD G. SIMMONS Executive Vice-President KENNETH D. HAMER Vice-President Agency Director NEW ORLEANS. U.S.A. Asbestos-Cement Products Bond • Chroma-Tex Siding Shingles with " Surfaseal " Finish • Roofing Shingles • Pliaboard and Permaboard • Corrugated Asbestone Roofiing Siding NATIONAL GYPSUM COMPANY 325 DELAWARE AVE. BUFFALO, N. Y. 5300 TCHOUPI TOULAS ST., NEW ORLEANS, LA. yhete.A Vo place Xike Wo mf Veuf Oflean ' Qualitif bepaftmitt tcfe JNO. WORNER SON BUILDERS HARDWARE W Quality Distributors of YALE LOCKS AND HARDWARE SARGENT LOCKS AND HARDWARE SCHLAGE LOCKS Phone Raymond 1674 Phone Raymond 0353 401-405 Decatur Street New Orleans 16, U.S.A. W. H. CURTIN CO. Laboratory Apparatus Reagents Spencer and Bausch Lomb Microscopes 62 I Celeste St. New Orleans, La. CUSIMANO ' S LOUNGE THE JAMBALAYA is bound in a Durand cover, produced by the DURAND MANUFACTURING COMPANY Phone CA 3f.l9 WA 2277 Night Phones |wA 7393 (uN 2865 THOS. W. HOOLEY SONS Machine and Boiler Works Marine Work a Specialty 1026-36 Tchoupitoulas Street New Orleans, La. TROPICAL PRESS OFFSET— COMMERCIAL PRINTER Canal 1294 510 Camp Street NEW ORLEANS 12, LA. EDDIE SCHNEIDER as ahvays for fine feminine fashion CANAL ST, GENTILLY Hold on, Honey — you ' re next EASTMAN KODAK STORES Incorporated EVERYTHING PHOTOGRAPHIC A Complete Line of Photographic Merchandise and Accessories 928 Canal St. New Orleans, Louisiana MAJORS MEDICAL BOOKSTORES A full line of books is carried in stock at all times so that immediate delivery can be made. Subscriptions solicited for all medical periodicals in the English language. J. A. MAJORS CO. New Orleans 12 Dallas I Atlanta 3 Did You Know . . . . Shakespeare called it a luxury? In " Winter ' s Tale, " Shakespeare alludes to rice as a great luxury in England. . . the Chinese made a religious cere- mony of its planting? An ancient Chinese script records this cere- monial of 5,000 years ago. . . the Burmese include it among the gifts of God? The Burmese account of Creation states, " Thus God created man. God made food and drink, rice, fire and water, cattle, elephants and birds. " ... an emperor developed an irrigation system for it? Emperor Yu, about 2356 B.C., according to Chi- nese classics, constructed a system of rice ir- rigation. ... a hurricane blew it to America? Most sources agree that the first rice seeds were planted here after a sailing vessel bound for Liverpool was blown off its course and landed at Charleston. The captain left a small bag of rough rice with the Colony ' s governor, and this was the start of rice cultivation in America. And . . . did you know . . . rice is the basic food for over half the world ' s population? These are just a few of the reasons we find the rice business a fascinating one. We hope your chosen career will be as interesting and satisfying for you. LOUISIANA STATE RICE MILLING COMPANY, INC., Abbeville, Louisiana America ' s Largest Rice Millers 3705 South Carrollton Ave. New Orleans, La. i % JOS. JOHN PALMINTIER, Owners m. (Elatr B RESTAURANT AND BAR AU. 0324 833 Common Street BARNETT OPTICAL CO. WM. J. HAGSTETTE, Mgr. RAymond 471 1-7414 NEW ORLEANS, LA Pere Marquette Arcade PHILLIPS COLLEGIATE RESTAURANT 733 Cheroliee AND COCKTAIL LOUNGE MRS. ROSE PHILLIPS, Manager WA 9301 COLLEGE RINGS SORORITY PiNS FRATERNITY KEYS Special Designs Created BERNARD 8. GRUNNING " Better Jewelry " 146 Baronne Street COMPLIMENTS OF STAUFFER ESHLEMAN CO.. LTD. WHOLESALE HARDWARE IMPORTERS and EXPORTERS Phone MA 562! I 148 South Peters New Orleans " ONE SWALLOW MAKETH NOT SUMMER " Nor overnight, can a University become c ing. Respect and admiration for it come; from its graduates. a revered hHall of Learn- with years . . . fame One hundred and twenty-one years . . . many thousands of re- spected alumni have proven Tulane ' s greatness. R P. Farnsworth a Co., k GENERAL CONTRACTORS P. O. Box 850 New Orleans 2, La. SCHOOL COLLEGE PHOTOGRAPHERS Rappoport Stddios OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS CLASS OF 1955 NEW YORK 17, N-Y. 985 FIFTH AVENUE Leaders in Photography Since 1905 MUrray Hill 2-90M " l8i .,?. ' ' • ■ ' I:. ' i I -■■ 4i ' ■» ... PRINTED BY BENSON PRINTING COMPANY NASHVILLE. TENNESSEE

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