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1 . ini! mh .nc [PbZnics rnif CD J U5 1C -A.. .. - ;- . l — — - h. ( (l S ' ArV rt-S » « THE AMBALAYA of tulane Jvrii.i; ' INTRODUCTION • " t The American University today embodies no central core, no soaring spirit. Whatever dominant symbol the historian of the future may select must be artificially super-iniposed on the reality he cannot recapture. This does not imply a lack of the in- teresting or worthwhile, but simply the absence of any magnetic essence. Certainly our classes and assignments are not the focus. And not the athletics; here, now. No shared goals, ideals, or dorm life embrace the student body. This need not Ije condemnation. Viewed in terms of the diversity and diffusion of our era, a hodge-podge or grab-tlie-brass-ring sort of education may l)e fundamentally sound. With the worship of sta- tistical success, perliaps only the representative is to l)e desired. And this could justify the campus •■ ' •■ !;?u,-;i,-;-rfc7 ' ,.-,.. leadership of the mediocre, the pusher and the pushed. Yearbooks traditionally are ra-ra and sugar sweet. But this too is a distortion, so the Jamb is composed of recurring motifs rather than one theme. Limited by our budget and the powers that be, confined by our photographic resources and our own imagination, we have rather attempted to suggest some contrasting facets of Tulane. Such a product to be meaningful must be enriched by the attendant memories of each reader. fWr ' ' TULANE UNIVERSITY NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA HERBERT S WEIL, JR. • EDITOR CHARLES D. VICCELLIO • BUSINESS MANAGER --i ' W ' iSSt- m •RJ S , TW ' w: ' ?; ii THIS IS THE WAY WE GO TO SCHOOL From the formal occasion to the j arties . . . from girls, girls and more girls, to the excite- ment and desolation of the Beta fire. -. ' «.;--: fc- , ' 4 ■ i - mm : SOME PLAY AL L H E TIME Traditional class days leave serious sobriety to half-time at football les. I we e .aaw — 1; No dreary duel, the Homecoming game is best 0-0 game but otherwise basketball, intramurals, and preparations steal grid spotlight. SATURDAY STRUGGLES AND JUST SPORTS i5f I 99} NIGHT SPOTS: cheery and tlreary public and private ( ?) to party or not to party. 40 ' AND OFF CAMPUS 1 ONTENTS OUR UNIVERSITY Mentor of the basketball team that has brought Tulane ' s most enthusiastic throngs, Coach ClifE Wells has amazingly improved the squad during his nine years in New Orleans. Before his advent Greenie basketball was dismal, showing the poorest record in the mediocre S.E.C. Coach Wells has brought Tulane the most improved team in the South, without adopting the victory-at-any-cost attiude of many coaches. DEDICATION Spectator sports are always in the limelight. Results show an external manner impossible to most facets of the modern university. With none of the superficial braggadocio of the huckster, Coach has been one of our most valuable public relations men throughout the country. Showing his resourcefulness, quiet integrity, and technical skill, Coach Wells has performed his job in a manner to inspire the spirit of Tulane students and alumni. The chief purpose of educational institutions, in spite of the increased enrollments and the demands of research, is attention to the individual student. Tulane constantly seeks to strengthen its work in support of this principle. More residence halls are being constructed in order to enable more out-of-town students to live on the campus. Counseling services have been developed A MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT within the residence halls and centralized in a Guidance Office at the Student Center. Moreover, recreational and cultural programs are being expanded in significant ways. I hope this Jambalaya may portray the variety of services and activities which make the life of the Tulane student rich in experience. First Row: Miss Anna Many Counselor to Women Dr. Joe Morris Vice President of the University Dean Forrest Lake Admissions Dr. Clarence Scheps Comptroller Second Rotv: Horace Renecar Director of Public Relations Dick Taylor Jamb Adviser Jesse Morgan Purchasing Officer Earl Coulon Supervisor of Housing ADMINISTRATION DIVISION OF STUDENT LIFE First Row: EiNAR Pedersen Assistant to the Dean J. E. Branch, Jr Placement Officer Andres Horcasitas Foreign Student Advisor Gerry Newman Secretary to the Dean Second Row: Mrs. Buchner Chipley Social Secretary Mrs. Myra Culbertson Housing Secretary Randall Brahman Guidance Officer Marion Andrus Secretary to the Dean ■r% Dr. John li. Stibbs Dean of Students 25 SCHOOL OF MEDICINE FACULTY JOHN ADRIANI JAMES ALLEN JOSEPH ANE HULDAH BANCROFT WOODARD BEACHAM PAUL BEAVER ROBERT BERNHARD FREDERICK BOYCE JULIAN BOYD CHARLES BROWN GEORGE BURCH EDGAR BURNS GUY CALDWELL WILLIAM CLARK CONRAD COLLINS JAMES CRONVICH HAROLD CUMMINS JOSEPH D ' ANTONI LOUIS DUBOS, JR. CHARLES DUNLAP ISADORE DYER DEAN ECHOLS ERNEST FAUST THOMAS FINDLEY JOHN FOX IDYS GAGE MANUEL GARCIA GRACE GOLDSMITH ROBERT HEATH ROBERT HODES CHARLES HOLBROOK GORDON JOHNSON PHILIP JONES, JR. MAXWELL LAPHAM EDWIN LAWSON FRANCIS LeJEUNE JAMES McLAURIN MARY MARSHALL HYMEN MAYERSON SAMUEL NADLER EDWARD OCHSNER ARTHUR OWENS RAWLEY PENICK, JR. RALPH PLATOU OTTO SCHALES MORRIS SHAFFER HUBERT SMITH WILLIAM SODEMAN AMBROSE STORCK EDWARD THOMAS WALDO TREUTING ROY TURNER CURTIS TYRONE LOUIS van den BERGHE MARTIN van STUDDIFORD WILLIAM WAGNER WILLIAM WENDEL WALTER WILDE GLADYS WILLIAMSON WILLIAM WIRTH STUDENT OFFICERS HERBERT WREN President ROBERT GILMORE Vice-President HENRY STOUTZ Secretary WILLIAM GEARY Treasurer The School was organized in September of 1834 as the Medi- cal College of Louisiana, the first medical college in the Deep South or Southwest. The School of Medicine offers the usual four-year program leading to the degree of Doctor of Medicine. Through its Division of Graduate Medicine the School also offers programs leading to the degrees of Master of Medical Science; Master of Public Health; Master of Pu])lic Health (Tropical Medicine); and Doctor of Public Health. A number of short courses and non- degree programs of varying length are conducted in the different specialties. DEAN MAXWELL LAPHAM SCHOOL OF LAW FACULTY CHARLES DUNBAR, JR. MONTE LEMANN WOOD BROWN RAY FORRESTER MITCHELL FRANKLIN LEON HUBERT, JR. GEORGE JANVIER SAMUEL LANG JAMES MORRISON CLARENCE MORROW EUGENE NABORS LEONARD OPPENHEIM CECIL RAMEY, JR. FERDINAND STONE WALTER SUTHON, JR. ARTHUR WAECHTER, JR. JOHN WISDOM STUDENT OFFICERS MICHAEL McNULTY President ALVIN KUNTZ Vice-President JAMES MOONEY Secretary ROBERT BREGER Trmstirer The primary objective of the College is to train students for the practice of law in Louisiana, but this is by no means its only objective. It is of advantage to all that the College remain purposely prepared to train students from any part of the United States and from any of the Latin American countries, and that the student body always include a substantial number of repre- sentatives of these last two groups. The unique legal history of Louisiana, combined with the geographical position and Latin culture of New Orleans, makes it particularly appropriate that the College should attract and serve a diversity of groups with a diversity of legal programs. DEAN RAY FORRESTER y N E W C O M B COLLEGE FACULTY ERICH ALBRECHT MARY ALLEN ABKAM AMSEL HELEN BEARD WARREN BREED CARDON BURNHAAr, JR. GERALD CAPERS, JR. EGYDIO de CASTRO e SILVA MILDRED CHRISTIAN PAUL CONRAD DOROTHY DASPIT SIMONE de la S. DELERY ADELE DROUET WILLIS EGGLER ROBERT FEILD FRANK GRIFFIN MARGARET GROBEN PETER HANSEN GEORGE HENDRICKSON FRANCIS JAMES WALTER JENKINS ARDEN KING WILLIAM KOLB DAGMAR LeBRETON HAROLD LEE MONROE LIPPMAN ANNA MANY GAITHER McCONNELL VIRGINIA McCONNELL GWYNN McPEEK GEORGE MEYER ROSE MOONEY ALICE PARKERSON THOMAS PATRICK GLADYS RENSHAW LOUISE ROBERTS WARREN ROBERTS. JR. MARY ROOTES DOROTHY SEAGO FLORENCE SMITH WILLIAM SMITHER LUCILE SNYDER MARY SOLLMANN JAMES STEG JULIUS STRUPPECK ALINE TAYLOR MARY TENNEY PAT TRIVIGNO PETER VOLPE GERALD WARREN RENA WILSON WILLIAM WOODS CONCHA ZARDOYA STUDE.NT OFFICERS CAROLINE TRUEMAN President MARY ANN KELLEY Vice-President MAUDE SAUNDERS Corresponding Secretary JIMMIE MACKENROTH Recording Secretary In 1886, Mrs. Josephine Louise Newcomb established New- comb College as a memorial to her only daughter. This was the first woman ' s college to function within the framework of a uni- versity, a concept unique in the academic world at that time al- though it has been copied in many institutions since. Because of Mrs. Newcomb ' s wisdom and foresight, thousands of young women have known the educational benefits of such an arrangement. On their own campus they have had a full curriculum of Liberal Arts. Music, and Fine Arts, a faculty keenly interested in them as individuals, and their own self-government; whereas their as- sociation with the university has provided those manifold academic and social opportunities which blended to make their college career a memorable one. And set as it is within the cultural milieu of New Orleans, Newcomb is thus traditionally rich in its capac- ity to offer a truly liberal education. DEAN JOHN HUBHARIl COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES FACULTY Professors WILLIAM BINKLEY WALTER BOSCH FRED CAGLE FRED COLE THOMAS CRUMPLER CLARENCE DANHOF DONALD DUDLEY WILLIAM DUREN, JR. THOMAS EARLE JOHN ENGLEKIRK JAMES FEIBLEMAN RICHARD FOGLE RUSSEL CEER THOMAS GOVAN JOHANN GLUM HARRY HAYES WILLIAM HOGAN LAWRENCE HOWARD ARTHUR IRION HANS JONASSEN FORREST LaVIOLETTE MONROE LIPPMAN ROBERT LUMIANSKY ROGER McCUTCHEOX CECIL MANN PANOS MORPHOS JOSEPH MORRIS JOHN MORRISSEY ROBERT NIESF.T FORREST OAKES BILLY PETTIS JOHN ROHRER CHARLES SILIN GEORGE SIMMONS REINHARD STEINMAYER GARLAND TAYLOR LOH TSAI ALEXANDER WALLACE ROBERT WAUCHOPE DANIEL WOGAN Associale Professors NELS BAILKEY EDWARD BALLARD GUSTAVO CORREA DAVID DEENER JOHN DYER JOSEPH EWAN ULAND FEHLAU HARLAN GILMORE WILLIAM GRIFFITH SZE-iSEN HU ELWOOD HUNTER JOHN HUSBAND WALTER JENKINS JOHN McCAMPBELL CHARLES MacKENZIE JOHN NIGRA GEORGE PENN GRAYDON REGENOS KARLEM RIESS JOHN SCOTT WILLIAM SHAW KALMAN SILVERT WILLIAM SMITH JOHN STIBBS DICK TAYLOR. JR. JOSEPH THOMSON GEORGE WOOD STUDENT OFFICERS AARON ROSEN President CECIL MORGAN Vice-President EDMUND McCOOL Secretary The purpose of the College is to assure every student an op- portunity to receive a sound general education as well as a proper basis for specialization in future activities. It is expected that some students will wish to prepare themselves for entrance into graduate or professional schools. Others will terminate their formal education with the undergraduate degree and achieve in a working situation whatever additional skills and knowledge they may require for success. In any case, the College offers its students preparation for positions of leadership and trust in their communities. : ' 9s DEAN FRED COLE COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION FACULTY RICHARD BALLINGER HILARY BETH LELAND BROWN BERNARD CAPELLA HUGH CARNES RALPH CHANCES CLARENCE CORTNER CLARENCE DANHOF JOSEPH ELDER JOHN ERICKSON MARVIN FAIR PETER FIRMIN PAUL GRAMBSCH CHARLES GRAYSON, JR. CECIL GRIFFIN HAROLD HECK EVERETTE HONG FRANK KELLER ALLEN KOLTUN CLIFFORD LOSBERG, JR. PATRICIA MAY GILBERT MELLIN HARRY MITCHELL LEONARD OPPENHEIM FRANCIS REED RAYMOND RITLAND HOWARD SCHALLER ABRAHAM SCHLESINGER, JR. PAUL TAYLOR JAY VAN KIRK GERALD WARREN ELSIE WATTERS BYRON WEBB HOWARD WISSNER JOHN WOOD.MAN STUDENT OFFICERS EBEN T. WATKINS, III President JOE W. PITTS Vice-President JOAN H. MIRAMON Secretary-Treasurer The purpose of the College is to offer substantial professional training to young men and women preparing for business careers. It seeks to enroll students of intellectual competence, good char- acter, and leadership potential, and to provide the business com- munity with graduates who command a working knowledge of the tools of business management and who may be counted upon to seek opportunities to serve the community and the nation. DEAN ROBERT FRENCH -t i fW t COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING FACULTY RAYMOND BAILEY WALTER BLESSEY ROBERT BOH JAMES CRONVICH WALTER DESSAUER ROBERT DRAKE LEE DUNLAP ROBERT DUTTON WILL FINLEY FREDERICK FOX MACK CILKESON ARTHUR HILL LEE JOHNSON FRANK MacDONALD IRA MARSH JOHN MARTINEZ JOHN MAYER HOWELL PEEBLES, JR. CHESTER PEYRONNIN, JR. FRANK REMOND CLAIRE RICKER CLAUDE SPERRY FRANCIS TAYLOR WILLIAM TUCKER DANIEL VLIET STUDENT OFFICERS SAMUEL LAINE President CLARENCE GWIN Vice-President LESTER ARBO Secretary-Treasurer The School of Engineering offers standard four-year under- graduate programs leading to the bachelor ' s degree in Chemical, Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical Engineering. The courses are designed to provide sound basis for professional careers of any kind in those iields, with opportunity for particular study of the problems and conditions of the Gulf Coast area. The Faculty of the School participates also in programs of the Graduate School of Tulane University which lead to the Master of Science degree in Chemical, Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. DEAN LEE JOHNSON SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE FACULTY NATHANIEL CURTIS JOHN CLEMMER JOHN LAWRENCE ALBERT LEDNER BERNARD LEMANN ARTHUR LEVY STEPHEN McMURRAY BUFORD PICKENS JOHN ROCK MERVYN ROE GEORGE SAUNDERS ROBERT SCHENKER JOHN THOMSON SAMUEL WILSON, JR. STUDENT OFFICERS FRED WAGNER President EARL STAHL Vice-President CHARLES SMITH Secretary-Treasurer The School of Architecture is primarily concerned with and dedicated to the development of a living and vigorous native architecture for the southern region. The school in its teaching recognizes the dangers inherent in an era of science and invention where there preoccupation with the machine and the mechanical devices available for building construction. We stress therefore the larger responsibility of architecture, the creation of a satisfacory environment for human beings. It naturally follows that the smallest complete unit is the community, and in the larger sense the entire world. In the larger sense we seek to integrate the archhect as a social human being, a good citizen of his environment large or small. Though first aims are for the south we feel that the student should be equipped to adapt their word to any region. ■ .X DEAN JOHN E. DINWIDDIE GRADUATE SCHOOL FACULTY Professors RAYMOND BAILEY HULDAH BANCROFT PAUL BEAVER FRED CAGLE GERALD CAPERS MILDRED CHRISTIAN FRED COLE JAMES CRONVICH THOMAS CRUMPLER HAROLD CUMMINS CLARENCE DANHOF ARCHIBALD DUNLAP CHARLES DUNLAP WILLIAM DUREN THOMAS EARLE JOHN ENGLEKIRK, JR. MARVIN FAIR ERNEST FAUST JAMES FEIBLEMAN ROBERT FEILD RICHARD FOGLE FREDERICK FOX JOHN FOX ROBERT FRFNCH RUSSEL GEER HARRY HAYES HAROLD HECK " RTHUR HILL WILLIAM HOGAN LAWRENCE HOWARD ARTHUR IRION LEE JOHNSON HANS JONASSEN WILLIAM KOLB MAXWELL LAPHAM FORREST LaVIOLETTE HAROLD LEE MONROE LIPPMAN ROBERT LUMIANSKY ROGER McCUTCHEON CECIL MANN JOHN MAYER HYMEN MAYERSON GEORGE MEYER HARRY MITCHELL ROSE MOONEY JOSEPH MORRIS PANOS MORPHOS ROBERT NIESET BILLY PETTIS ADRIAN REED CLAIRE RICKER JOHN ROHRER OTTO SCHALES DOROTHY SEAGO MORRIS SHAFFER CHARLES SILIN REINHARD STEINMAYER FRANCIS TAYLOR GARLAND TAYLOR LOH TSAI ALEXANDER WALLACE GERALD WARREN ROBERT WAUCHOPE WILLIAM WENDEL WALTER WILDE ELIZABETH WISNER DANIEL WOGAN WILLIAM WOODS STUDENT OFFICERS ROBERT NAYLOR President JACK FIELDS Vice-President PAT MAY Secretary The Graduate School offers Courses of study leading to the degrees of Master of Arts. Master of Science, Master of Fine Arts, and Doctor of Philosophy. Graduate courses of a professional type are conducted also by the School of Business Administration, the School of Law, the School of Medicine, and the School of Social Work. The privileges of the Graduate School are extended to properly qualiiied students holding Bachelor ' s degrees from recognized in- stitutions, whose ability and training indicate they can profit from advanced work. DEAN ROGER McCUTCHEON UNIVERSITY COLLEGE University College, evening and part-time division of the University, derives its name from the fact that it offers courses selected from the various fields of the arts, sciences and business administration as represented in various colleges of the Univer- sity. Although it is primarily an evening division of the Univer- sity, many of its students take day courses as well. The faculty includes some who teach full time in University College; some members selected from the regular teaching staff of the other Colleges of the University, and special lecturers who are recog- nized authorities in their fields. DEAN JOHN DYER SUMMER SCHOOL Students enrolled in any Colleges of Tulane University or else- where may find in the Summer School an opportunity to schedule work which could not conveniently be fitted into their regular programs; to supplement their programs with courses of par- ticular personal interest ; to make up deficiencies or prerequisites ; or to reduce the length of time required to qualify for a degree. Courses offered in the Summer School may be applied toward degrees in the undergraduate Schools and Colleges as well as the Graduate Schools. They may likewise be credited toward entrance requirements of the School of Medicine and the College of Law. DIRECTOR THOMAS EARI.F te . SOCIAL WORK FACULTY ELIZABETH WISNER FLORENCE SYTZ GLADYS HALL WALTER KINDELSPERGER IRVING WEISSMAN GLADYS RYLAND ENOLIA ARCHINARD HELEN CASSIDY MIRIAM GAERTNER HELEN MANAHAN EDITH SCHULHOFER STUDENT OFFICERS FRED SOUTHERLAND President MARTIN WHITE Vice-President WILHELMIA DEAS Recording Secretary BOB FOX Treasurer The School of Social Work is a professional school offering graduate preparation for positions in public and private welfare organizations and agencies. Specialized preparation is offered in group work; family and child welfare; medical, psychiatric, and school social work; and social welfare planning. In recognition of the professional character of the curriculum offered in the School of Social Work, the University established the degree of Master of Social Work in 1935. The School has been a member of the American Association of Schools of Social Work since 1937. The Special curricula in group work and in medical, psychiatric, and school social work are accredited. BflBUBP I FlB KI iH HB JHP « I B. . 0 - s l j l K ' HE r ' i i P jt- . JI bBIIIHk B -i wi ' - " " " fcB C ' H B»? ' m2tWT7 ' " BlPf?! ' ' ff y S SH m f 0 mLJmi ' Wim r 4HH m ,p- Mi ' ' - ' ' " P lft ' ■F ' " V 4 kJ HPi at i!kMm. ' ' -!!jS 1 IW- ri ' ■ jI - ' -RBBiMM tx ' ' jnrJ ■ r--- DEAN ELIZABETH WISNER GEORGIA FISCHER DOROTHY RICCUTI N E W C O M B ALUMNAE ASSOCIATION OFFICERS DOROTHY NUNGESSOR RICCIUTI President KATE HODGE LANE First Vice-President CHARLOTTE CARTER SMITH Second Vice-President LOUISE HUTSON FINKE Recording Secretary LOUISE HOEHN HOGAN Corresponding Secretary VILLA EAST COX Treasurer The Newcomb Alumnae Association composed of all gradu- ates and former students, is a means of channeling loyalties to Newcomb. Its office is housed in the Tulane Alumni House where files and pertinent information are kept. Made up of a national group of officers and clubs located in leading cities in the United States, its activities include thousands of women and cover a wide range of interests. Its two national meetings yearly are held, one at Homecoming and the other at Commencement time. Its purpose is to fill col- lege needs when they arise, to foster alumnae activities, and to serve as a tie between future, present, and past students and the college faculty and administrators. DR. FRANK DR. CRAVEN DEAN HUBBARD 37 DEAN AND MRS. JOHN R. HUBBARD BEATRICE FIELD Tulane Alumni House T U L A N E OFFICERS G. SHELBY FRIEDRICHS President JESSE T. LITTLETON First Vice-President D. B. H. CHAFFE Second Vice-President HARRY P. GAMBLE, JR Third Vice-President ARTHUR L. JUNG, JR Secretary MAYO L. EMORY Treasurer BEATRICE M. FIELD Director of Alumni Activities At Convocation Class of 1903 at 50-year Reunion 38 Two generations General Collins at Homecoming President and future alumnus ALUMNI ASSOCIATION The Tulane Alumni Association was organized in 1898 devoted to the broad principles of devotion and service to Tulane University. Since then Tulane alumni have taken an active part in the progress of one of the South ' s oldest and greatest educational institutions. Through the Alumni Association the University main- tains contacts with graduates and former students. The Tulanian, alumni magazine, is sent free of charge to all alumni. Active Tulane alumni clubs exist in many parts of the world. Each year the Association sponsors Home- coming, a celebration which hrings graduates back to the campus for reunions and other activities. The Tulane Alumni Fund, organized eight years ago by the alumni themselves, is conducted by Class Agents, Area Representatives and other alumni. The Fund has increased each year both in numbers of con- tributors and money contributed. It has become a strong financial support of the University and has been an- other means of nurturing alumni interest. The headquarters of the Association are located at 6319 Willow St. in the new Alumni House. The Alumni House is constantly used as a gathering place for alumni and other University groups. 39 ACTIVITIES often exalt selfish ambition or confine the imagination, but at best offer that education ' impossible to the cur- ricular. , ' ■•! " - k ' THE STUDENT COUNCIL PRESIDENT HAINON MILLER Student government is among the most valuable system a student body can possess. Each individual college has its body of officers, and the various presidents, plus three officers elected by the student body, form a Tulane University Student Council. The governments of the colleges are thus unified, and work toward the common good of all the students. As such a representative group, the Student Council realizes its responsibility and aims high for the best in mature student aovernment. Tulane Foreign Students DIXON LAINE NOT PICTURED: McNulty Naylor Soutlierland -Wren FRAEMvKI ROSEN KELLY " Vi ' ATKINS There are, of course, many routine, Ijut import- ant matters which the council handles, such as all student body elections, the United Fund Drive, budgetary problems, and investigating student ac- tivities. And there are larger problems. This year, the council has worked with a committee of university officials in attempting to solve the growing parking problem on the campus. The Book Store Commit- tee has worked toward a more practicable book- store system. Each year the Student Council selects ten stu- dents who have been outstanding in their work toward a better university, and the recipients of Student Activity Keys are representative of the most outstanding students at the University. As time passes, the needs of the student body change. In accordance this year the student council has revised the constitution. Hullabaloo Reporter HERB WEIL Editor CHARLIE VICCELLIO Business Manager 1954 JAMBALAYA STAFF HERB WEIL Editor MEL MATHES Assistant Editor SALLY PITTS Assistant Editor BOB KRIEBEL Sports Editor DON LEE Fraternities Editor MARTHA CHURCH Sororities Editor JOEL GROSSMAN Sororities Editor JACK WIENER Organizations Editor BIPSI SILIN Organizations Editor TOM CULLOM Administrations Editor JACK COWART Features Editor DON COLLINS Captions Editor NANCY NICHOLS Captions Editor ANDREE BRIANT Religious Editor FRED YOUNGS Typing Editor BETTY ROBINSON Typing Editor ANN LINGAN Typing Editor BUDDY BRINKMAN Advisory Editor DALE SANSOM Advisory Editor CLARENCE CHACHERE " Co-Ordinator " AL COLE Parties Editor ARMAND BERTIN Photographer Sheila Aragon Jean Lowentritt Mary Ann Kelley Leonard Selber Dick Arsenault Sabina Abrahm Harriet Harvey Robbie Kramer Martha Armisteafl Sue Fox Pam Kuhn Florence Weiland Dixie Bader Patsy Phillips Ann Marie Gandolpho George Winn STAFF ASSISTANTS Joy Brand Ronnie Kraemer Margaret Gustafson LoUie Zander Diane Bell Florence Freedman Carolyn Calhoun Mona McBride Esther Rosenthal Ray Wilenzick Margaret Cell! Sandy Abralims David Newstadt Alice Pruett Doris Harris Naomi Birdwell Debbie Rosenbaum Shirley Miller Ellen Mack Marilyn Hyalt Louise Ferguson Jean Simon Bill " Watson Sissi Riggs CHARLES VICCELLIO CHARLES SHEA BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager YVONNE YUSPEH Distribution Manager BILLY MESSERSMITH PATSY BOUDREAU layout Manager . Subscription Manager . . .Advertising Manager Tea Time for Beauties Poet ' s Corner u B O N To the more than 200 students who have climbed to our attic hole among the pool tables, we wish to express our appreciation for their help. The Jamb is also grateful to the oft-maligned Armand Berlin for most of the photog- raphy and to all others who have spent time to help in compiling this year ' s book. OUDREAU CHURCH COLLINS COWART CULLOM GROSSMAN KRIEBEL LEE MATHES MESSERSMITH PITTS SHEA S1M WIENER YOI ' NCS YUSPEH Hang-out for Bird-dogs BOB WARREN Editor HARRY BEVERU ' GE ' Business Manager New Orleans (TU) — " Tulane journalists are saying more nowadays — and being heard, " Dr. Ima Critic said here yesterday. Dr. Critic said this development has made itself most signifi- cantly felt in The Hullabaloo, campus newspaper. Speaking before a student group, Dr. Critic said that never before had the paper aired such controversial material. " Students, faculty, and administration all came in for their share of comment, praise, and — yes — even criticism. " Dr. Critic said. " And not only has The Hullabaloo raised questions, it has initiated action, " he noted. " From early prodding on cockroaches that allegedly roamed the halls of the McAlister dorms to a detailed report on a pro- posed student activities budget — The Hullabaloo has given this year ' s Tulane students on-the-spot news coverage and significant comment and criticism. " Hullabaloo comment even secured hooks for the men ' s room of the History Building, " Dr. Critic added. S. C. Member, another guest speaker, said he was struck, and sometimes shaken, by the increased political awareness shown by this year ' s paper. Cozy? Sweet ' ? He said that it not only covered campus politics, it went on to debate the worth of such national figures as Senator Joseph R. McCarthy. He said The Hullabaloo showed new in- itiative in editorially supporting Tulane faculty member Dr. Leon D. Hubert for New Orleans District Attorney. Adding that the Hullabaloo was to be compliment- ed for the study it gave to Hubert ' s record before supporting him — and for support- ing him on the basis of his record and qualifications ,not merely as a Tulane fac- ulty member. Member noted that other Hullabaloo " firsts " this year included such efforts at improved race relations as a feature story and picture of a Tulane janitor who had worked toward an M.A. during his sum- mers. " A race relations editorial in The Hul- labaloo brought widespread praise from students, faculty members, and civic mind- ed groups throughout New Orleans and nation. " he said. Note: Jamb policy itllows groups to ivrite their oun copy. This article mas written by the Hullabaloo, and represents his views. HULLABALOO Play and Work " A Hullabaloo exchange of views with the Student Council on the threat of newspaper censorship at Tu- lane received nationwide recognition with top play in the Associated Collegiate Press bulletin — and received letters of support from interested alumni as far north as Michigan. " " At times it praised what it deemed worthy adminis- tration actions, " he said, " but when a University Senate committee referred a petitioning campus political organ- ization back to the council partly because it was ' too partisan, ' The Hullabaloo expressed its disapproval. " Meanwhile The Hullabaloo sports staff was not nap- ping. " " Sports editor Jimmy Cox censored the Citadel team as a Greenie football foe. " He commented on what he considered an incorrect stand by a downtown columnist on football referees — and top Hulla sports scribe Bob Kriebel scooped the downtown dailies with his explana- tion of Coach Cliff Wells ' effective " Cat-and-Mouse " de- fensive basketball play. Kriebel later became sports editor when the press of other business forced Cox ' s resignation. " And The Hullabaloo covered the lighter side of the campus news too! " " A Freshman coed perched on a lap and guzzled milk out of a baby bottle on one front page, and on another two girls from Europe gave their opinions on American males — ' baby-faced ' . " " The Engineering Eagles found their ' Blarney Stone ' uprooted — they put it back. Then the Commerce Kings hid it behind Norman Mayer Memorial. The Engineers took it home and anchored it in concrete, connecting it with cables to underground pipes. " " Bookie operations were bared at Newcomb ( New- comb Handbook, that is), and a Hulla columnist was " killed " for a week. " " Meanwhile cartoonist Ronnie Kraemer, Murgatroyd, and a half-wit character named Spiffy Magee satirized and commented upon student life from their fortresses on the editorial page. " " The column rules, precise make-up, more numerous pictures, and larger headlines gave this year ' s Hullabaloo a livelier appearance. " Member said. " But The Hullabaloo ' s ' new look ' was more than typo- graphical — it was toward a closer study of basic issues in an effort to provoke deeper student-faculty thought rather than mere surface controversy. " u B I O N 47 OMICRON DELTA KAPPA OFFICERS JULIAN H. GOOD President RYAN SARTOR Vice-President DR. KARLEM RIESS Faculty Secretary DR. JOHN H. STIBBS Faculty Advisor A national honorary leadership society, for honoring and recognizing those students, members of the faculty and others who have demonstrated distinguished lead- ership in extra-curricular activities, and in service to Tulane University. First Row: Harry Beverungen, James Brakefield, Scott Bruns, Black Chaffee. Frank Davis, Francis L. Fraenkel, Jul- ian Good, Ray Haddad. Second Row : Sam Laine, James McComiskey, Hainon Miller, Roger Miller. Joe Pitts, Jr., D. Ryan Sartor, Earl Sonnier, Henry Stoutz, HI. Third Row: Robert Thompson, Charles Viccellio, Walter Wadlington, Ewell Walther, Eben T. Watkins, HI, Robert Weaver, Herbert Weil, Jr., Charles B. Wilson, George Winn. Not Pictured: Edward Baggett, Jr.. Edwin Bowman, Carl- ton Carpenter. Caldwell DeBardeleben, William Geary. Thom- as Hudson, John Lucas, Ed McGlasson, Eldon Pence. Jr., John H. Phillips, H. David Pope, Paul Wehy. Herbert Wren. 43 Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Univer- sities is an organization dedicated to the recogni- tion of outstanding qualities of leadership, dis- played by individual college students. WHO ' S WHO First Row: Scott B. Bruns, Joan Burlingame. Barbara Jean Dixon, Francis L. Fraenkel, Julian H. Good, Ann Kennington, Levi Kvamnie. Second Row: Samuel B. Laine, Felicien Lozes, Ed Mc- Cool. Jr.- Francis J. Mooney. Cecil Morgan. Jr.. Mary Myers, Joe W. Pitts, Jr. Third Row: Salley Pitts, Aaron Rosen, D. Ryan Sar- tor, Maude Saunders, Mary Beth Selby, Frances Smith, Mildred Stouse. Fourth Row: Charles Viccellio, Leo F. Wagner, Robert E. Warren, Eben T. Watkins. IIL Herbert Weil, Robert Milton Wells, Charles Byron Wilson, Herbert Wren, HL Not Pictured: William G. Baker, Robert D. Gilmore, Betsy Blair Kramer, Michael J. McNulty, Jr., Richard C. Mouledous, Robert A. Naylor, Amos L. Prevatt. Fred Morris Southerland, Jack Stocker, Walter J. Wadlington, IIL 49 PHI BETA KAPPA OFFICERS PROFESSOR WILLIAM KOLB President MRS. FLORENCE TOPPING Vice-President PROFESSOR FANNIE RAYNE RUSS Secretary PROFESSOR KARLEM RIESS Treasurer PROFESSOR ROBERT LUMIANSKY Executive Committee PROFESSOR WILLIAM S. WOODS Executive Committee 1954 MEMBERS Ji lin Brander Austin Paula Jean Beaver Jack Bemporud Juan Burlingame Gladys Sevin Brennun Barry Lee Fanburg Eugene Keenan Garber Nancy Barr Goocli Warren Malcolm Cranberry Roland Joseph Guerin Glen Rae Hanemann Barbara Elizabeth Hecker Donald Lucius King John Martin Lee, Jr. Julius Lazard Levy. Jr. Robert Liles Guy Campbell Lyman. Jr. Patricia McGee William Bryant Messer Mary Elizabeth Selby Caroline Rankin Truemann Ewell Philip Walther, Jr. Herbert S. Weil, Jr. Honorary: Richard Harter Fogle The oldest of the honorary societies recognizing superior attainments in scholarship. OFFICERS ROBERT THOMPSON President AARON ROSEN Vice-President HARRY BEVERUNGEN Secretary DR. KARLEM RIESS Faculty Advisor 1954 TAPPEES Dr. Alton Ochsner D. B. H. Chaffe, III Hainon A. Miller Robert Kriebel Daniel Ryan Sartor, Jr. Douglas Walters Kappa Delta Phi is the oldest honorary leadership fraternity at Tulane for men who have accomplished the most for Tulane. KAPPA DELTA PHI 50 BETA GAMMA SIGMA OFFICERS PROFESSOR DONALD M. HALLEY President PROFESSOR C. J. GRAYSON Vice-President PROFESSOR PAUL V. CRAMBSCH SecrelaryTreasurer A National commerce fraternity, the purpose of which is to encourage and reward scholastic accomplishment in the field of business and admin- istration. TAU SIGMA DELTA OFI ' ICERS RICHARD MOULEDOUS President JAMES HOPKINS Secretary HERBERT SCHULINGKAMP Treasurer MEMBERS WILLIAM HUNT LEO REILI.Y DON CHAPMAN LUIS AROCHA EARL STAHL DAVE PERKINS The national architecture honorary fraternity selecting men on a basis of scholarship, leadership, and character. Nominees undergo a pledge period in which the winning sketch of the traditional gargoyle competition is selected. TAU BETA PI OFFICERS JOSEPH D. PERRET Preside,, GENE TYE Vice-President WILLIAM H. FUHR Secretary JOHN MARTIVEY Treasurer The national engineering honorary society to honor those undergraduate students who have distinguished themselves scholastically. 51 TULANE-NEWCOMB OPERA WORKSHOP The Opera Workshop was started in the spring of 1953 to provide stu- dents with an opportunity to perform in various phases of opera and lighter music presentations. The initial performance was Vaughan Williams ' Riders to the Sea and Menotti ' s The Telephone, both chamber operas. The early fall program of 1953 was An Evening oj Scenes from. Grand Opera including scenes from Trovatore, La Traviata, The Consul, Madame Butterfly, Cosi fan tutte. Hansel and Gretel, and Don Giovanni. The big production in De- cember was Offenbach ' s comic opera, La Vie Parisienne. For the chamber operas and scenes, basic sets and costumes along with accented lighting are used. The acting areas are set off by neutral screens suggesting walls, doors, windows and space rather than realistic or stylistic suggestion. The lighting is used to create the mood and environment of the dramatic situation along with the basic costume of the period. The members of the Workshop are from all departments of the University. All members are introduced to the many and varied problems of backstage work, making and setting up scenery, problems of lighting, designing and making costumes, etc. This Spring the Opera Workshop in conjunction with the A capella Choir presented a Cantata-Opera program including Schutz, Seven Last Words of Christ, Buxtehude, Jesu, Joy and Treasure, and Hindemith, In Praise of Music, and a stage version of Debussy ' s L ' Enfant Prodigue. The Workshop is directed by Cardon Burnham, Director of Choral Ac- tivities. All productions are given in Dixon Hall on the Newcomb Campus. 53 ALL THE WORL D ' S Tulane University Theatre has remodeled its theater plant. The new playhouse has a workshop, fine sound and lighting equipment, and every seat is within sightlines. The 1953-54 season included four major produc- tions: David Mark ' s new play, Captive at Large: High Tor hy Maxwell Anderson ; They Knetv What They Wanted by Sidney Howard ; and Aristophanes ' The Birds. There were also three dramatic readings produced by the graduate students: Lady Winde- mere ' s Fan, by Oscar Wilde ; The Father, by Strind- berg; and Dry den ' s All For Love. The season ended with a bill of one-act plays: Red Peppers, by Noel Coward, and an adaptation of The Lottery, by Shir- ley Jackson. The production was directed by the faculty and A STAGE KID ...pj wm UBI mm- " a ' -st IR B « « " k ' fiC? . ' " ' V-i r flr wl wi jMK ■■ ' ftl ZA ■• S ' ji r Iw s i a ' w j;::s; ' S ' " m w F " «E ■|.l i f m kirn ' m ' " ik 7 i. ■ Sl d| r w 1 W ■ 1 f ' i ' - ' BI B m Ks S L i ' . ' tti EL i ; , H a m 1 Hk Ml ■ m. M t j fl s B r ' i ' SHR r J . fc f ' - ' A f ll l i,.,J mt ' • 4 ♦■ t ' m ' n l lia m 1 t B w n lu 1 4 2 t t -- 1 dH ■: f:r- : f 1 E. ' - 1 ' ii f 1 ' r ' j JL7 H ' ' ■— i. IjJHhHL ' MMi« ' i 1 i- ' l II ' V. ' ' «■ ....f ' m »r-:s O IP- J R m H H HHr ' - ' HBhImH graduate students of the department of Theatre. Members of Tulane University Theatre comprised the casts and crews. TUT is open to anyone connected with Tulane University, students, facuhy, and staff. Anyone working in one production is invited to probation- ary membership. He is entitled to full membership after working in a second show, and he retains mem- bership by working in two shows a season. TUT is proud to have members from nearly every college of the university and from the faculty. The strength of the organization depends upon university wide support, both in working on the shows and in at- tending performances. 55 OFFICERS Cecil Morgan President Happy Davis Vice President Sally Coco Secretary Earline Viavant Treasurer GREENBACKERS Oldest of the Tulane spirit organizations which aids in Orientation, sells freshmen caps, and helps to increase spirit in various other ways. Green- backers sponsor Sorority Skit Night, sponsor pep rallies, and distribute pep slogans. Spirit organization which originated card displays and puts on tennis court dances. TuSK is composed of members of every social fraternity and sorority as well as independents, and works to promote spirit among Tulane students. OFFICERS Melvin Mathes President Earl Sonnier ' . . Vice President Donna Jo Miesse Recording Secretary Jackie Segall Corresponding Secretary Wiley Sharp . ' Sergeant-at-Arms TUSK LAGNIAPPES Student dance organization sponsoring university-wide dances throughout the year including the Dorsey Brothers in the Spring, Homecoming Dance and Senior Dance. OFFICERS Buddy Brinkmann President Happy Davis ice President Doug Watters, Jr Secretary Joe Pitts ParHamentarian WAVETTES Bl S L H H HII K V HI Precis! oned Pulchritude? OFFICERS JANE FRAZER President MARY ANN LOFTON Vice-President JOY WIGGINS Secretary-Treasurer SANCY HAWKINS Drill Sergeant OFFICERS BETTY JANE TROSCLAIR President ETHEL GABRIEL Vice-President ELISE BARKENMEYER Secretary JESSE HERBERT Treasurer __ iS| BH WHITE CAPS ■ j. , And blue sweaters. 59 SPIRIT Tulane Fight Green Wave, Green Wave, Hats ofE to thee. We ' re going to Fight, fight, fight for our victory. Shout to the skies 61 Song The Green Wave war cry The bravest we ' ll defy. Hold that line for Olive and Blue. We will cheer for you. So fight, fight, Old Green Wave Right on to Victory. r i; V . ■-■ - The Tulane University Band is a school-wide or- ganization, open to both men and women students of Tulane and Newcomh. The Band, under tlie di- rection and supervision of John J. " Chief " Morris- sey, displays the halftinie exhibitions at football games, takes a spring concert tour, and presents an annual spring concert. The Band members must put in much time and effort in attempting to attain per- fection. This year the Band was rewarded for their work by receiving new " sport " model uniforms. THE TULANE BAND 62 NAVAL R.O.T.C. No Time for Teetotalers " The building with the gun out front, " home of the Tulane Navy R.O.T.C. Unit, has undergone considerable change this year. Basically we refer to the " face lifting " campaign of the main deck, office, and lounge spaces. It is here where the midshipmen clean their rifles as well as relax, initial " infraction " reports or feel a sense of pride after reading their names on the " merit " list, re- ceive the good news of coming social events or reminders of an overdue bill for the last one, are exposed to all that can possibly be heaved at them pertaining to the whats, whys, and hows that exist between the stems and sterns of our Navy ' s ships, and every Winter and Summer Friday at 1050 sharp hear the voice of the " Sarge " yelling, " Allright let ' s clear out of here, " as they are prompted into ranks for drill. In conjunction with the " face lifting " of the building a " face changing " of the personnel as exists on every ship and station, every year has taken place. The Professor of Naval Science, sev- eral of the officers and enlisted instructors, and ninety-six freshmen effected this change. This in- sures a continuous run of new ideas and new per- sonalities, and starts the chain of service friendship that is insurance to the prospective officer that wherever he is ordered he will undoubtedly have a friend or a friend ' s friend there to serve with. The mission of the unit has not changed, how- ever. To train men to be officers — Regular or Re- serve, line or supply, or even marine! — is the goal. TAFFRAIL NAVAL SOCIETY CULONEI. WEiili AIR FORCE R. O. T. C. Now, Cecil Under the direction of Colonel Byron B. Webb the mission of the Air Force staff is to develop in prospective college graduates qualities of leadership and other attributes essential to the stu- dent ' s progressive advancement leading to a commission in the United States Air Force Reserve, and to prepare him for further flying, technical and specialized training upon his entrance into active duty, assignment to an Air Reserve or Air National Guard unit. There are two types of training in the AFROTC program con- sisting of an institutional phase whicli actually is the four year Where ' s the Entrance? Monotonous Alexander ' s ' " Rhvllim " Band Who stole the ding-dong? AFROTC academic training received in tiie Uni- versity. These courses consist of general military and academic subjects that are considered basic essentials for an Air Force Officer. A second phase, that of summer camp, consists of four weeks at an active Air Force Base between the cadets junior and senior year. The primary purpose of summer camp is to give each cadet a well-rounded indoc- trination of a typical base in operation. During the past, summer camp training for most Tulane cadets was held at four Texas bases. Cadets were able to observe operational, maintenance, com- munications, administrative, training and recrea- tional activities, in fact, all phases of operation necessary for the base to accomplish its mission. ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY Pay attenshun boys s X ji JJ LT. COl.OiM ' .L WOODMAN ARMY R. O. T. C. The Army R.O.T.C. started its Seventh Year at Tulane Uni- versity under the capable leadership of Lieutenant Colonel John D. Woodman. Assisting Lt. Col. Woodman in the operation of the unit are Major Joseph M. Elder, Captain Edward L. Emling and First Lieutenant Charles A. Boyd in the Transportation Unit, and Colonel Carl W. Hall who handles the Medical Service Unit. The Pershing Rifles functioned very efficiently again this year and received numerous commendations for the various activities it participated in. Other organizations which added to the spirit and success of this year ' s operation were the joint Army-Air working day The glint in lier eye Tiie butcher, the baker, the hot poster-makf ' ' fr ' -; ,Jfe ' ■ ' A ' V ' IH Good-bye cruel worl ttle Colonel Force Band, the Military Ball, and the unit pulili- cation The Guidon. This year ' s transportation group was led in its activities during the first semester by Cadet Colonel John T. Olive, assisted by his staff and Lieutenant Colonels Santiago Garcia and Oscar L. Berry, com- manding the First and Second Battalions respect- ively. During the second semester Cadet Colonel Oscar L. Berry commanded the unit with a very capable staff. Lieutenant Colonels Harold P. Lam- bert and Clinton F. Kern handled the First and Second Battalions respectively. Other activities in which the Army R.O.T.C. Unit participated were President Eisenhower ' s Parade, the Tulane Homecoming Celebration, Intramural Sports and the Armed Forces Day Parade. A program which was started this year was that of having individual class parties, held at the Camp Leroy Johnson Officers Club. This proved to be a big success and brought the unit members much closer together as well as added more to the social life of the R.O.T.C. SCABBARD AND BLADE SPORTS have their excesses of commercialism and demoralization — which can be over-shad owed by one Kansas game. ii li t»HiH ASSISTANT COACHES Harlow, Whitman. Pilney, Vinzant. Kotteman FRONT ROW, left to right: Robert Hobbs, Max Mc- Gee, Lester Kennedy, George Cummins, Ray Weiden- bacher, AI Robelol, Earl Burke, Paul Rushing, Charles Camp. Ray Thompson, Wayne Wall, Pete Clement, Bill Spollen. SECOND ROW: Coach Stan Kotteman, Head Coach Raymond Wolf. Joe Mahoney, E. J. Chauvin, Pete Mo- rere, Jim Zimmerle, Walter Robelot, Harry Duvigneaud, Dave .McMurrain, Louis Godwin, Doug Woodruff, Ed McCool, Roy Ford, Ed Bravo. Wilbur Troxclair, Bob Saia, Don Gunther, Ronald Quillan, Coach .Andy Pil- ney, Coach Gene Harlow. THIRD ROW: Coach Boh Whitman, Student Manager Bob Garcia, Dalton Truax, Bill Jones, John Caruso, Wil- lie Hoff, Ray Price, Charles Coates, Jim Bow?n, Jim McBunch, Bryan Burnthorne, Pete Evans. Willie Har- rison, Jim Shoultz, Emmell Zaienka, Tom Warner, Stu- dent Manager Jim Cain. Coach Dennis ' inzanl. Trainer Earl • ' Bubba " Porche. BACK ROW: Don Boudreaux, Jim Wilson, Allen Borne, Otis Gilmore, Irving Schexnayder, Clyde Connell, Wilbur Conley, Ron Senac, Dick Gueldner, Harold Hawkins, Tony Sardisco, Fred Wilcox and Tom Ford. TULANE ' S 1953 FOOTBALL SEASON Any summation of the 1953 football season must literally be a post mortem. In September. Greenie en- thusiasts confidently expected to improve upon the even split of ' 52. Hopes were high to justify our role as SEC dark-horse and several forecasts placed the Wave in the nation ' s Top Twenty-Five. Heralded as the South ' s best brace of backs, the vet- erans seemed to have a very solid first string line to operate behind. But the opening weeks, with road games against strong elevens in Athens and Ann Arbor, fol- lowed immediately by the two 1953 Sugar Bowl teams, proved an insurmountable hurdle; from which the team could never — physically or morale-wise — completely re- vive. Ironically, few before the season would dream of satisfaction — much less the superb showing — arising from our scoreless deadlock with Army. Our one con- ference leader — McGee in kickoff return yardage — was tawdry consolation, stemming directly from our defen- sive weaknesses. Yet fine showings were turned in against Army, Georgia Tech, and in the first half at LSU. The play of Robelot, Kennedy, Weidenbacher, Burnthorne, and Sardisco was outstanding — when they were physically in one piece. CAMP ROBELOT KENNEDY mw. End of line GREENIES CLOBBER CADETS Tulane ' s Greenies opened the 1953 season by breezing past the Citadel 54-6. For the first time since the war, a game was scheduled before classes began — and it was the first opening game breather for a Tulane eleven since the 44-0 shellacking of VMI in 1935. These conditions combined with the tepid weather to keep the crowd below 18.000 although the Wave would not play again in New Orleans for three weeks. Never noted for impressive showings against minor opposition. Tulane ' s ordinary exhibit compared well with those of other Southeastern Conference teams in opening games — especially after Mississippi Southern ' s stunner over Alabama, ultimate loop champions. Featuring scintillating long runs by Max McGee. Ronnie Kent. Ray Hymel. and Tommy Warner, the Greenies showed a well-coordinated regular team, and a promising group of fresh- men. The massive total of 432 yards on 41 rushing plays set the tone of the uneven contest. After being briefly halted. Tulane reeled off three TD ' s in the initial period. Bubsie Partridge sliced over from the four to draw first blood in the embryo season. Then, in quick succession, Kent raced 44 yards to tally, and McGee angled off tackle and outran the Cadet secondary for 75 yards. Hymel opened the second quarter by dashing 54 yards on a pitchout and the tone for a merry romp seemed set. But the Wave swiftly cooled off on offense and loosened up defensively. The Citadel marched 68 yards. Quarterback Wofford Williams sneaked over after hitting a wide-upon receiver on the 1-foot line. In the third quarter, McGee scored from the 5 and on a 57 yard Clement pass. The last period saw Warner scamper 58 yards to score and another freshman Willie Hof, sweep wide for the last eight yards. Scatback Warner and Hymel averaged 42 and 19 yards re- spectively and Tulane had a 60.5 punting average until a last quarter blooper. Robelot and McGee — who gained 132 yards — lived up to their pre-season press clippings and all-star selec- tions. But little was proved by such a game — and Charlie Pittman and Tony Sardisco joined Les Kennedy and Bobby Saia on the injury list. TULANE 54; THE CITADEL 6 First Downs 14 8 Rushing Yardage 432 65 Passing Yardage 82 71 Before our cheering throng WAVE WASHED OUT Next the Greenies hit the road for Athens. Ga., with the idea of stopping ail-American " Zeke " Bratkowski ' s passing. Old Man Weather took care of that. It rained. But the Greenies. whose last rain-soaked win was against Georgia Tech in 1949. lost anyway. The teams sloshed around in the mud and the outplayed Bulldogs came out the winner in a 16-14 squeaker. A slippery football was the villain. Four bad or hobbled center passes on crucial kicking situations wrecked Tulane hopes for victory while a hard-charging Georgia fullback. Bob Clemens, took to the watery turf like a duck, wading through the Greenies for 86 yards in 18 carries. A field goal by Georgia ' s Sam Mrvos proved the difference, and it, too, came on a Greenie bobble. Equally damaging was the Bulldog TD set up by a stray center pass in the last minute of the half. Bratkowski, fiercely rushed, junked his passing attack and instead, kicked the Greenies into submission with booming punts. He out-dueled Max McGee and Ray Weidenbacher with an as- tounding 48-yard punt average. Both Tulane scores came on passes, one from Pete Clement to Ed Bravo, and the other from a pair of sparkling subs — Ray Weidenbacher to Ray Price. Weidenbacher relieved Clement in the second half and turned in a brilliant performance, engineer- ing a 64-yard touchdown drive. The Greenies lost but Coach Wolf was able to salvage a smile or two. For one thing, the line got a stiffer test and except for its generosity toward Clemens, consistently out charged the heavier Bulldogs. Robelot. Burnthorne. Sardisco. Price, and Cummins led the stubborn Greenie forward wall in the muddy job of holding the Bulldogs at bay. It wasn ' t a day for ground gaining — but Weidenbacher man- aged to squish through for 37 yards to lead the Wave ball-toters. Kent smashed for 35 and Les Kennedy, in his first game, plodded for 33 more. Penalties weren ' t frequent, but one big one nearly broke the Greenies ' backs in the first half. McGee unloaded a 51-yard punt which rolled dead on the Georgia one-foot line. But a Tulane offside brought the play back. It was a tough one to lose, but the Greenies beat themselves with mistakes. There were no injuries this time, and the Wave gridders were still gunning for a big year, with powerful Michi- gan next on the list. TULANE 14; GEORGL4 16 First Downs 13 9 Rushing Yardage 160 111 Passing Yardage 28 28 Come to the Sunny South WOLVERINES WING WAVE With a 1-1 record. Coach Wolf and his Greenies emplaned to Ann Arbor for a visit to the Big Ten country and Michigan ' s Wolverines, fresh from a 50-0 stunner over Washington and with a number 3 national ranking. Sunny skies and Louisiana temperatures weren ' t enough of the comforts of home, however, and the Greenies came limping back to the bayou country on the short end of a 26-7 score. Ed Bravo, Al Robelot and Tony Sardisco bulwarked Tulane ' s line while Pete Clement and Max McGee fought desperately to start a Wave offense rolling. Michigan rambled 67 yards in eight plays for a first-period tally and led the rest of the way. A glittering sophomore. Tony Branoff, charged over from the five-yard stripe and converted for Michigan. The Wolves added the clincher by twisting 75 yards in 15 plays in the second quarter. A dangerous gamble was the key play. With fourth down and two to go on their own 33. Michigan chose to run and picked up the needed yardage for the first down. Thereafter, they reeled off a pair of long gains and the old " Statue of Liberty ' paid off from the seven-yard line. Tulane came to life to dominate play throughout the third period, generating two drives which stalled deep in Wolverine territory. But with a minute remaining in the quarter. Michigan ' s Ted Kress fumbled in his own end zone and alert Eddie Bravo pounced on the ball for Tulane ' s only touchdown. Clement con- verted and the Wave trailed by 13-7. Then the rain came and the Greenies could not get rolling again. With five minutes remaining. Michigan end Bob Topp blocked a Les Kennedy punt and Michigan got it in the Wave end zone to make it 20-7. Kress added the insurance marker after intercepting a Clement pass on his own 38. On the next play he slashed off tackle, churn- ing 62 yards to make it 26-7. The Wave spirit remained high as a bewildering assortment of plays and superb blocking from the single wing and team speed brought the Mid-Westerners victory in a well-played game. TULANE 14; MICHIGAN 28 First Downs 9 14 Rushing Yardage 150 179 Passing Yardage 22 94 Frosli for the future TORNADO TOPPLES TULANE Next came Georgia Tech and the Greenies. trading knocks with one of the nation ' s finest elevens, lost 27-13. Battling fiercely. Tulane gave the Jackets a far better game than did West Vir- ginia in a Sugar Bowl game as dull as had been expected. Only Notre Dame, during the regular season, scored more against the swift Tech line and alert pass defense. A brilliant first quarter drive netted Tulane the first touch- down scored against Tech in the 1953 season. Ray Weidenbacher masterminded the attack. Fullback Ronnie Kent plunged over from the one-yard line to make it 6-0. Upset talk drifted through half-filled Tulane Stadium. But after the slow, fumbling start, with five lost in the first quarter, Tech gathered speed under the lash of quarterback Bill Brigman ' s accurate throwing arm, then staved off a determined last-period comeback by the injury-peppered Greenies. Tech ' s sharp ankle-twisting line caused the most trouble. It rushed Tulane ' s passers and kickers unmercifully, and handed the Wave a fearful physical beating. Meanwhile. Tech ' s freshman quarterback. Wade Mitchell, en- gineered a 64-yard TD march after twenty minutes with Glenn Turner, a bull-powered fullback, going over. Later Brigman grabbed the reins, fired two touchdown passes and guided an- other from the ground to pull the men from Georgia out of danger. Brigman heaved to halfback George Volkert to make it 14-6 with five seconds left in the half, and stormed back in the second half to sew things up with a 13-yard TD pitch to end Bill Sennett to run it 21-6. Kent was sidelined with a broken hand and end Ray Price fol- lowed with a broken foot. Both sat out the rest of the season. In the Clear? Catch of the year UU. , .. Weidenbacher retired with a twisted knee in the last quarter and Les Kennedy was removed with a sprained ankle. Outmanned Tulane played the last half without its injured starting backfield plus Clement and Chauvin, but untried re- serves scrapped back to within one touchdown in the final min- utes. Fullback Bob Saia rocketed through the middle to give the Greenies their second marker. Clement converted to make it 21-13. But Tech wasn ' t through yet. Brigman led the Engineers to their final score with a 62-yard drive in the closing seconds. Turner smashed over to make it 27-13. Tech ' s power and the injury to key Greenies put the " kiss of death " on Tulane hopes for a comeback, as the Greenies stumb- led farther downhill. TULANE 13; GEORGIA TECH 27 First Downs 13 20 Rushing Yardage 150 164 Passing Yardage 76 136 76 ROCKED BY REBS A visit to New Orleans by President Eisenhower and colorful halftime ceremonies at the half honoring the 150th birthday of the Louisiana Purchase, delayed gametime an hour, but were not enough to charge up the Greenies for Miss Rebs as they drop- ped their fourth game, 45-14. Tulane recovered an Ole Miss fumble on the second play of the game and drove 35 yards to score. Pete Clement passed to end Ed Bravo to make it 6-0. Clement converted and for the second successive week, upset talk buzzed the stands. After that the injury-weakened and oulmanned Greenies seemingly could do nothing right. It was a battle of lines early in the game until a series of decisive breaks and the sparkling quarterbacking of Herman " Eagle " Day turned against the Greenies. Bryan Burnthorne. Charlie Coates, Tony Sardisco and Jim Shoultz matched the Rebel line power for a while, but the Rebs gradually softened up the Greenie defenders and turned the game into a rout. Guard Crawford Mims. one of the oustanding linemen to perform in Tulane Stadium in 1953, roared in to block a Max McGee punt and the Rebs covered it for their first touchdown as the quarter closed. Mississippi roared on while the Greenies gradually slowed to a halt. The Rebs tallied three times in a devastating second quar- ter. Day grounded a Jim Partridge fumble on the Tulane 16 and Rebel fullback Bobby McCool scampered the distance on the next play to make it 13-7. Later Day passed to halfback Earl Blair to make it 19-7 and Ole Miss was off to the races. Substitute back Jimmy Patton entered the game and proceeded to riddle the Greenies for four touchdov ns in the final half. After Patton ' s third paydirt trip. Tulane came to liie enough to send freshman fullback Ron Quillian over on a 10-yard smash. Clement converted to make it 38-14 before Patton completed the humiliating defeat of the Greenies with his fourth touchdown. For the Rebs it was their third straight upset of Tulane. their highest .score even recorded against the Greenie. and the Wave ' s worst post-war defeat in the Stadium. TULANE 14; MISSISSIPPI 45 First Downs 16 14 Rushing Yardage 144 178 Passing Yardage 93 129 Through Tech ' s Mighty Line PLAINSMEiN POWER PAST WAVE A train trip to Mobile, Ala., produced little for the battered Greenies to cheer about as they tumbled to their fifth straight loss, this time to Auburn, 34-7. This was Tulane ' s first loss in Ladd Stadium. Quarterback Ray Weidenbacher missed the game because of his knee injury in the Tech tussle. Ed Bravo, Bryan Burnthorne, Al Robelot, Bill Spollen, George Cummins, and Paul Rushing stood out in a badly overpowered Tulane line. Starting slowly. Auburn began to roll late in the first period. The Tigers put together a 59-yard drive late in the quarter with fullback Charlie Hataway going over from the one-yard line. A pass interception by Bobby Freeman opened the gates for the second Tiger tally. Freeman grabbed Pete Clement ' s toss away from the hands of Max McGee and streaked 33 yards to the Tulane seven. Hataway scored in two plays and half-time ended with Tulane behind, 13-0. The Greenies threatened briefly in the third quarter when cen- ter Rushing recovered McGee ' s goal-line fumble for the only Wave touchdown. Pete Clement converted to pull the Greenies to 13-7. Then the Plainsmen went to work to run up the highest score they ' ve made in 51 years against Tulane. Bobby Duke snatched a 26-yard deflected pass from Freeman to make it 20-7. Then, in Tulane ' s most exciting play, Kennedy grabbed a lateral on the ensuing kick-off at his own 6. and scampered 53 yards before being nipped from behind. With this threat stalled, the Wave was through. In the final period Freeman sprinted seven yards around end to make it 27-7 as the bewildered Greenies began to fade. Sub Joe Davis clamped on the lid with a 22-yard dash off tackle late in the game to make the final score 34-7. Fortunately the Greenies escaped serious injury except for routine bruises, as they began preparations for Homecoming and the Black Knights of Army. TULANE 7; AUBURN 34 First Downs 10 16 Rushing Yardage 128 273 Passing Yardage 23 47 77 REVITALIZED WAVE DROWNS OFFENSE OF EAST ' S BEST A spirited homecoming crowd of 40,000 was treated to one of the finest grid battles in years at Tulane Stadium, as Coach ' Bear " Wolf worked his injury-weakened club into a fever pitch. Col. " Red " Blaik brought his Army Cadets to town for a " breather " only to have the sky-high Greenies battle the Cadets to a 0-0 tie. Favored by two touchdowns, Army found Tulane ' s spirit too much as it failed to score for the only time during the season. Potent at midfield, the Cadets couldn ' t shatter the Wave line or the Tulane spirit on crucial fourth-down plays. It was a battle of stout lines all the way. Tulane ' s Ron Senac, Tony Sardisco, Al Robelot, Ed Bravo, Bryan Burn- thorne and the rest of the Green ie linesmen turned in a magnificent performance. But Les Kennedy and Paul Rush- ing were the top acts on Tulane ' s program, and between 78 It ' s McGee by a length them they made or helped to make virtually every tackle by the Greenies in the turf-tearing defensive battle. The Cadets, however, matched Tulane ' s stingy line by mixing a set of unorthodox defensive lineups to confuse Greenie signal-callers. Army ' s heralded Pete Vann-Fred Attaya combo didn ' t materialize as the Greenies line smacked fullback Attaya down and out of the game in the third quarter and pro- ceeded to smother quarterback Vann ' s oifensive plans. After penetrating to the Tulane 10-yard stripe in the first period on Vann ' s passing. Army ' s attack bogged down after iflsm , sfws aw vsj «, % »■ »,. v_ a penalty wiped out a would-be TD pass from Vann to end Bob Mischak. Vann ' s strong pitching arm lobbed artillery at the Green ie defenders in the closing seconds only to have Tulane ' s Pete Clement intercept one of the heaves with less than two seconds left to insure the tie. Tulane drove to the Cadet 8-yard line in the fourth period where a Clement field goal attempt was blocked by Mischak. Eight lost fumbles cancelled first-quarter drives by both teams, as they settled down to a jolting line contest the rest of the way. But the brow-lifting tie was a costly one for the Greenies. Get that Ref! Weidenbacher, back in action after a two-week layoff be- cause of injury, had to leave in the third period with a shoulder ailment and Sardisco and Robelot were temporar- ily shoved out of action. Tulane hit the national airwaves, as Ted Husing and Bill Stern described the tilt for New York and ABC listeners. Husing declared that the Greenie line, which nested con- tinuously in Army ' s backfield, was more successful than any other team in bottling up the high-powered Cadets. TULANE 0; ARMY First Downs 11 15 Rushing Yardage 133 170 Passing Yardage 77 135 Wall around end MAULED BY MAROONS Nov. 7 was " hospital day " again for the battered Greenies. Mississippi State hurt the Greenie pride with a 21-0 .stomping, while Tulane " s Al Robelot, Les Kennedy and Pete Clement were sidetracked with injuries. Big Paul Rushing once again was Tulane ' s tower of strength in the line along with Tony Sardisco. Jim Shoultz, Charlie Coates and George Cummins. Meanwhile, the Greenie offense could not pierce State ' s stubborn defenders. Jack Parker. 1952 ' s SEC scoring champ, and one of the most dangerous quarterbacks the Greenies faced all season, was field general for the Maroons. He passed for one touchdown, scored another and guided the State eleven on the ground to its third tally. Tulane showed only flashes of the brilliant play that brought a scoreless tie with Army the week before. It got the ball only three times in the first quarter, fumbling it away twice. State ground out 412 yards by rushing. Fullback Charles Evans pounded over on a 37-yard blast to cap a 68-yard first Two bits! ■ « S»?MWflWWr - " 79 Hk 79 " 74 Greenie Seniors quarter drive that gave the Maroons a 7-0 lead. In the same period, the Maroons were credited with 55 yards on a fumble that looked like a soccer match! Tulane ' s Partridge iinally trapped the bouncing pigskin. Late in the second period Parker faked a pass and skirted right end for the second State score, and it was 14-0 at halftime. Late in the last period the Maroons added their final tally when Parker tossed a 7-yard aerial to end John Katusa. Parker converted all of State ' s touchdowns and it ended 21-0. Tulane revealed a glaring weakness on pass defense against Parker ' s pitches, as well as giving the mediocre Maroons their generous supply of rushing yardage. With first stringers Ray Weidenbacher and Max McGee out with injuries, combined with injuries to Kennedy. Clement and Rohelot. the Greenies limped off with their sixth loss in eight games. TULANE 0; MISSISSIPPI STATE 21 First Downs 8 19 Rushing Yardage 145 412 Passing Yardage 22 42 STOPPED BY VANDY Vanderbilt ' s Commodores closed out Tulane ' s home schedule by handing the Greenies their seventh loss, 21-7. It was Vandy ' s first SEC win over the Wave; in fact, their first since 1928! Big Max McGee, back in action though slowed by injuries, pleased the sparse crowd with some of his finest running of the year, but the effort wasn ' t enough as the riddled Greenies fumbled away scoring chances and continued to make defensive errors. Max and the 3 Musketeers Jim Shoultz. Al Robelot, Earl Burke, Charlie Camp, and Ron Senac stopped up the holes torn by the Commodores ' big forward wall. Fullback Bill Krietemeyer got the Vandy eleven off to a fast start in the first period when he plowed six yards to climax a 75-yard march and added the point after touchdown. The tilt then settled down to a punting duel between McGee and Vandy ' s Charlie Horton for the rest of the first half. In the second half the Greenies stormed back with a patched- up lineup to tie the score at 7-7. Pete Clement ended a 59-yard drive with a three-yard pass to McGee. Clement converted. However. Vandy struck suddenly for two touchdowns in the last five minutes as the Greenies fell to their most discouraging loss. The Commodores tallied on a 41-yard march with halfback Danny Byers and quarterback Billy Holmes ' passing chewing up the most yardage. End Charlie Hawkins picked off Holmes ' pass for the second TD. Guard Bob Goodall converted to make it 14-7. Minutes later. Greenie halfback Les Kennedy who was sent in despite a hobbling injury, fumbled on the Tulane six and center Jim Cunningham recovered for Vandy. Holmes passed to Hawkins again for the score to make it 20-7. Goodall con- verted. No important injuries sprung up to worry the Greenies as they headed into a two-week rest period for the LSD battle. TULANE 7; VANDERBILT 21 First Downs 13 12 Rushing Yardage 80 153 Passing Yardage 103 43 Burst by Bubsie C BEST NOVEMBER GAME NOT ENOUGH Slate-gray skies, brisk autumn weatlier and a wide-eyed Louisiana State pass defense greeted tlie Greenies at Baton Rouge. Tulane lost, 32-13, despite iron-man efforts by backs E. J. Chau- vin, Pete Clement. Les Kennedy, Tommy Warner, Ray Weiden- bacher and Wayne Wall, and a hard-charging line which desper- ately missed fiery Al Robelot who was out with injuries. Hard- running Bubsie Partridge also missed " the big one " with a broken hand. Harold Hawkins, Ed McCool, and Paul Rushing, upheld the stubborn Wave line but LSU ' s Jerry Marchand and alert defense proved too much. Five Tulane passes were intercepted by the sharp Tiger de- fenders, one was returned for the deadening touchdown, and two Greenie fumbles were covered by eager Tiger linemen to add io Greenie woes. After falling behind, 26-0, a pair of spirited last-quarter drives netted touchdowns for the Greenies, with senior Wayne Wall tallying the only six-pointer in his college career, and freshman Pete Morere pounding over from the five-yard stripe for the other. But it was LSU ' s stocky fullback, Marchand, who riddled Tu- Still waiting lane for 99 yards by rushing and three touchdowns in his final college game. He nabbed an Al Doggett flat pass for 60 yards after three minutes of game time to set up the Bengals ' first score, then squirmed over from the one. Rolling up over 100 yards in the initial period, the Greenies ' forwards consistently got the jump on the Bengals and marched from deep in their own territory before bogging down. Late in the second frame, Doggett picked off a desperate Weiden- bacher pass and scored from Tulane ' s 26. LSU led at halftime, 12-0. In the third period the Tigers rolled on as the battered Green- ies reluctantly gave ground. Tiger guard Andy Alford inter- or - Departing Veterans cepted a Les Kennedy pass to set up the Tigers ' third tally with Marchand zipping over from the one. Moments later Dogget returned a Tulane punt to the Greenie 28. then passed to halfback Charlie Oakley for the score. Doggett ' s conversions made it 26-0 before the Greenies began to get up steam. Sharing honors with veterans in the first touchdown drive covering 83 yards, freshman Tommy Warner caught two Clem- ent passes and ripped off a nine-yard gain before Wall crossed the goal from the one-foot line. The Tigers stormed back for a 45-yard rally with Marchand again doing the honors from the five to run the count to 32-6. The Greenies wouldn ' t lay down, however, and freshmen Willie Hof, Ron Quillian and Morere, working with Clement, slashed goalward from the LSU 40 after Clement had returned LSU ' s kickoff nearly forty yards. A fifteen-yard penalty helped the Greenie cause before Morere plunged over and Clement con- verted to make it 32-13. The game was bitterly fought — like any Tulane-LSU battle — but the wornout warriors in Green and Gold exchanged hand- shakes and called it a season. TULANE 13; LOUISIANA STATE 32 First Downs l ' Rushing Yardage 182 Passing Yardage 63 14 117 139 81 ismisjt m LET ' S DE-EMPHASIZE DE-EMPHASIS Only 5 seasons ago in 1948, the Greenies blazed to a scintillating 46-0 slaughter of LSU in Baton Rouge. A fairly steady decline set in until this year, when Tulane suffered its longest winless streak — and probably worst football season in sixty years of the sport. Our highly-heralded re-evaluation of intercollegiate ath- letics was perhaps educationally valid. But apparently it is athletically futile. Playing big-time schools in a mam- moth stadium with professional publicity ( and treatment of fans and students ) becomes incongruous with a simon- pure attitude. With a well-liked coach, and some promis- ing, colorful material — more was to be expected this year in football. Injuries, attrition, and demoralization re- sulting from successive defeats are hardly a sufficient answer. Overall student and alumni spirit do not become sublime simply because our teams are over-matched. The so-called " minor " sports of tennis and basketball, during the pigskin decline, have achieved a fine technical proficiency and gained vital, enthusiastic fans. Intra- murals, as played, cause more injuries than intercollegiate sports. Let ' s re-think our athletic program. Pulling ten games out in the closing nerve-tingling three minutes, the Greenies basketball team maneuvered its way to a creditable 16-8 seasonal record and a tie for third with Alabama in the SEC. Faced with serious backboard and bench problems when the three probable starters Fritz Schultz, Dick McGowan. and Clyde Cox, withdrew from school. Coach Wells completely revised Tulane ' s style of plav. No member of the 1952-53 SEC runner-up had graduated, but these losses and a rougher schedule made the improvement on last season ' s record a worthy accomplishment for the squad. Tulane showed sterling accuracy from the free-throw line — especially in the clutch when the cat-and-mouse drew fouls — and finished second nationally in the depart- ment. With only three seniors — Pat Browne, Bob Kriebel, and Harry Hobbs — the Greenies opened with close upsets over Kansas, Wisconsin, and Oregon State before wildly cheering crowds. Throwing their traditional " fire-engine " fast break out the window, the 1953-54 Greenies played it cool — slow and deliberate but with plenty of hustle. Final scores were lower than in previous years because the Tulane control game made it that way. Thrillers were a dime a dozen. The Greenies won nine of the close ones in the closing minutes with a " cat and mouse " maneuver which put four players in each corner clearing the floor for one man to fake and drive for the basket. Hal Cervini was leader of the " cat and mouse " attack. He got strong support from two other dazzling guards, Roy StoU, potentially the finest guard in Greenie history, and sub Bob Delpit. These three along with a quintet of 1954 BASKETBALL " underneath " men. Dick Brennan, Pat Browne. Jim Now- akowski, Phil Wallace and Bob Kriebel, played most of the ball. Always ready on the bench for " fill-in " assignments were Harry Hobbs, Dean Tyner, Roland Wallace, Jim Cothern, Tom Murphy and Stan Stumpf. A pair of routine openers ushered in the season. The Greenies pried oil the lid with a 68-44 conquest of the , Pensacola Navy fliers. Well-balanced scoring and a stingy defense provided the first victory. A night later Louisiana College became the second victim, behind Tulane ' s racehorse fast break. It ended 87-47. Cervini arched in 19 points to lead the offense. Phil Wallace, a 6-6 stringbean who transferred to Tulane from Millsaps College and Nowa- kowski, a 6-9 giant who came down from Kent State (0.) University began their season-long battle for the starting center job. Wallace made the best showing early in the season because " Big Jim " had undergone an appendec- tomy in late October. Both looked promising in the two opening " breathers. " THE 1954 SQUAD THE GREENIES OF va.Wil Front Row, left to right: Student Manager Dick Wells, Bob Delpit, Harry Hobbs, Captain Pat Browne, Dean Tyner, Roy StoU, Hal Cervini, Student Man- ager Jim Brunner. Back Row: Trainer Earl Porche, Bub Kriebel, Tom Murphy, Phil Wallace, Jim Nowakowski, Stan Stumpf, Dick Brennan and Coach Cliff Wells. On Dec. 10 the team which came within one point of the national collegiate title in 1953 — Kansas — came to town. The Greenies were suddenly playing in the big leagues. Armed with ail-American center B. H. Born and all-Big Seven forward Allan Kelley, the visiting Jayhawks ranked third nationally, were heavy favorites over Tulane. But Coach Wells and the fighting Greenies had different ideas. Cervini sizzled for 20 points. Wallace was right behind with 19 as the Wave hit for an amazing 47.2% from the floor and beat Phog Allen ' s ball-hawkers at their own game. Browne dominated the rebounds and the Greenies upset Kansas before a howling crowd, 69-65. The jammed Tulane gym housed a standing ovation for the Greenies when it was over. Tulane was in the national limelight after what may be the best basketball gaine a Wave team ever played. But the bubble quickly burst. On Dec. 14 a veteran crew of Rice Owls flew into town. They were on their way to a hardwood date in New York ' s Madison Square Garden and they weren ' t iinpressed with Tulane ' s unblemished record. Poor Tulane shooting in the first half put the Owls far ahead at intermission, 33-17. After that, only a ghost of a chance remained. But the Greenies fought back to 56-49 when the gun sounded. A better start would have produced a win for the Greenies, but the first eight minutes of the game passed without a Wave field goal and the deficit was too much to overtake. With the season record now at 3-1 the Greenies enter- tained a couple of Big Ten teams over the weekend of Dec. 19-21. Tulane edged Northwestern ' s Wildcats the first night, 70-68. Four consecutive clutch foul shots by Cer- vini handed Tulane the win. Cervini and Delpit each man- aged 15 points to share top scoring honors. The Greenies were ragged throughout the game, blowing a 40-32 lead and falling behind 53-48 before finding the range again. Two nights later a strong gang of Wisconsin Badgers came down from Baton Rouge where they walloped LSU, 82- 66. The Greenie players had the incentive and Wells fur- nished the strategy — a tight zone defense arrangement which completely befuddled the visitors. The game re- quired an overtime period to complete , but the underdog Greenies won, 57-55. Cervini ' s steel-nerved foul shooting in the closing seconds brought the win to the Greenies. Phil Wallace scored 12 points. Browne swept 18 rebounds and Tulane ' s second Big Ten scalp was on the string. Christmas vacation came next, and for the Greenies 84 AND THE ACTION it meant a visit to Raleigh, N.C., and one of the nation ' s best tournaments, the Dixie Classic. Competing in the huge 12,000-seat Reynolds Coliseum with teams like North Carolina State. Duke, Wake Forest, North Carolina, Navy, Seton Hall and Oregon State, the Greenies saw and learned plenty of top-drawer basketball. But the lesson was costly. It meant one win and two losses on the season record. In their first Classic game the Greenies hauled out their zone defense, hoping to pull a " Wisconsin trick " again. But Wake Forest was wise, and the Demon Deacons dropped Tulane, 72-65. The Wave defense held Deacon ail-American center Dick Hemric to the lowest total of his college career, 13 points. But a slender southpaw named " Lefty " Davis uncorked 25 points to riddle the Tulane defense. Cervini and Wal- lace paced Tulane ' s offense. Oregon State ' s tall Beavers became Tulane ' s next tourney foe. With the tallest player in college history, 7-3 Wade Halbrook, and sporting the national ranking of fourth to say nothing of a recent 16- point lacing of Indiana ' s defending national champs, the Beavers were figured to rebound from their Classic loss to Duke by blasting the Greenies. But Tulane hadn ' t read the papers. Holding Halbrook Gotcha! 85 " Cat and Mouse " to four goals the Greenies pleased a Classic crowd of 12.- 000 with an upset 74-70 win. Cervini, Wallace and subs Nowakowsk i and Kriebel provided the punch with a spirited second half rally that overcame a 14-point Beaver lead. Halbrook netted a Classic record of 15 free throws but the hustling Wave would not quit. They outfought and outshot the Beavers to earn the right to meet clever little Seton Hall for the consolation trophy. Seton Hall ' s Pirates used slick blocks and screens, amazing shooting (49% accuracy) and a defensive iron curtain to knock off the bewildered Greenies, 77-68. Cervini, Stoll and Nowakow- ski all fouled out trying to stop the Pirates. Tulanes sea- son mark now stood at six wins and three losses. Cervini was picked on the all-Classic second team at guard as the Greenies returned to New Orleans with a 14-game South- eastern Conference schedule staring them in the face. On Jan. 7 Phil Wallace sprained his left ankle and two days later Florida ' s Gators opened the conference slate for the Greenies in New Orleans. With Kriebel and Nowa- kowski filling the center duties for the injured Wallace the Greenies hammered out a convincing 86-64 win. Stoll fired in 17 points to lead the attack while Cervini hit 15 and Kriebel added 14. Kriebel and Browne as usual do- minated the rebounds. Georgia visited Tulane next, and the Greenies slammed the Bulldogs to the tune of 93-78. It was the highest point total of the season for Tulane. Browne set a new Tulane in- dividual scoring record by looping in 33 points, break- ing the 29-point standard held by Mel Payton in 1950 and Don Holt in 1952. Cervini piled on 15 more and Krie- bel hit for 14. Tulane started slowly, falling behind at one state, 8-0. but stormed back to run off with their eighth win against three losses. Next came Kentucky. Coach Adolph Rupp ' s Wildcats topped every collegiate poll and the Greenies quickly found out why. Kentucky crushed Tulane 94-43 behind All-Americans Frank Ramsey and Cliff Hagan who hit for 26 and 24 points respectively while Lou Tsioropolous No! It ' s mine Frustration 86 Who wants it? canned 22 for Kentucky. The Cats pulled ahead 26-8 in the first quarter at halftime. The Wave was worn out from a 36-hour trip because the plane could not land in Lex- ington. Tulane couldn ' t score against Kentucky ' s aggres- sive defense, couldn ' t rebound with the Wildcats ' three big men, and couldn ' t stop the thundering fast breaks which the Cats threw at them. Some teams would fold up and die after such drubbing. But the Greenies came back with a vengeance. Playing Tennessee in Knoxville. Tulane bounced back with a thrilling 6.3-61 win over the Vols. Delpit performed some last-second heroics to pull it out of the fire, hitting two free throws with five seconds left for the victory. Nowa- kowski tallied ten points and rebounded ruggedly to give the crippled Greenies a big lift. Wallace was still out with his ankie injury and Brennan twisted his knee in Kentucky but the Greenies boosted their season mark to nine wins and four losses with a nifty 3-1 conference record. When exam time came around the Greenies didn ' t study Strategy Badgers bounced enough for their test in the midst of finals with Spring Hill in Mobile, Ala., and they flunked. 60-57. A " little col- lege " ail-American named " Happy " Mahfouz collected 22 points and hit a last-ditch goal to give the scrappy Badgers an upset win over their " big time " foe. Wallace missed the tilt and Brennan saw only spot service but it was Tulane ' s inability to get " fired up " more than a lack of manpower. The Greenies came home slightly red-faced with vengeful gazes ahead in the direction of Mississippi. And when the Mississippi schools came to New Orleans the Greenies were ready. Cervini played his top game of the year, scoring 28 points and turning in a brilliant de- fensive game as Ole Miss battled but fell, 84-77. Browne added 21 points and StoU punched in 13 as the Greenies out-shined the heralded Denver Brackeen-Cob Jarvis scor- ing combination of the Rebels. Tulane guards outscored Ole Miss guards 43-8 in the thriller. That was only the beginning. Two nights later the Wave clicked to near- perfection in thumping Mississippi State, 79-56. Brennan fired in 21 points and Browne followed with 15. But it was Tulane ' s zone defense that clicked the loudest. Shift- ing beautifully with each movement of the ball by State Spectators 87 the Greenies frequently batted down attempted passes and converted them into rumbling fast break assaults which produced many easy goals. The hot streak didn ' t last, however. In Baton Rouge the following weekend the zone defense failed to halt Louis- iana State ' s torrid outside shooting and the Greenies after a 7-0 lead collapsed to a 66-47 defeat. LSU ' s ail-American Bob Pettit was harnessed by the Wave defense until the Bengals got a hefty lead and did not score a field goal in the first half. ' I he defense eased up to stop the Tigers out- side — so Pettit poured in 17 points in the last 15 minutes of the game. StoU led Tulane ' s stifled attack with 14 mark- ers. Brenna:i added 12. This brought Tulane ' s season record to 11-6 with a 5-2 SEC mark. The things done wrong at LSU were corrected the fol- lowing week in Nashville, Tenn. Vanderbilt felt the sting of the revenge-seeking Greenies to the tune of a 71-63 upset. Cervini performed in all-SEC fashion to tally 22 points and hold Vandy ' s high-scoring " Babe " Taylor to zero. StoU added 15 more for Tulane. Vandy ' s Dan Finch arched in 30 points but the Greenies had the poise to hold the lead most of the way. Clever passes, rugged rebound- ing and red-hot (46.8%) goal shooting were the outstand- ing factors in Tulane ' s twelfth win. In Atlanta the Greenies finished the two-game road trip by nearly blowing a close one to winless Georgia Tech. It took a last-second basket by Delpit after the Wave had " cat and moused " the last three minutes of the game. Tech had a chance to take the lead with less than a minute to go but missed two free throw attempts. Tulane got the ball, gave it to Delpit and came out with a 59-57 escape. Cervini scored 14 points and Stoll tacked on 12. After the successful road trip, the Greenies found them- selves tied with Auburn for fourth place in the SEC. Ken- tucky, LSU and Alabama were the league ' s front-runners at this stage. But Alabama and Auburn came next for the Greenies and the standing were shaken slightly. The Greenies edged Alabama in a well-plaved 54-50 thriller, using the zone defense and " cat and mouse " to take third place in the league. Cervini scored 15 and Stoll hit for 14 to lead the careful-playing Wave. Taking only 50 shots, Tulane hit 21 for a sizzling 42% report while reckless ' Bama fired 74 but hit only 22 for 30%. Tulane ' s next foe was Auburn and the Greenies ' stay in third place was a short one when the Plainsmen snatched a 65-62 upset to throw the SEC into a three-way tie for third. Tulane ' s zone defense couldn ' t cope with sharpshooting guard Jack Turner, who hit for 20 markers and three other Plains- men who tallied in double figures. Browne tossed in 24 to lead the Wave attack with Stoll and Cervini adding 12 each. Auburn gained the lead for the first time in a 21-13 third quarter and held fast as the Wave repeatedly missed good shots in the final minutes. The Greenies bounced with a pair of well-earned wins in Mississippi the following weekend to retake third place. With calm ball control and dead-eye shooting by Tulane. Ole Miss fell 66-57. The Rebs played without Jarvis and Brackeen but made a good game of it until the final stanza when Tulane pulled away. The " cat and mouse " scored for the Greenies in the closing stages. Browne hit 22 while a trio of Greenie guards contributed 40 points. Cervini hit 14, Delpit and Stoll added 13 each. The Wave closed its road season with a 59-53 triumph over Mississippi State in Starkville. Cervini scorched the nets for 19 to lead Tulane, meanwhile the Greenie zone defense kept the Maroon shooters hustling to get shots. A cold third quarter nearly cost Tulane the win as the Maroons held a six-point bulge at one time. The final quarter saw Tulane fight back Stre-e-etch Get off, you cad with Kriebel, Cervini and Delpit doing the scoring. Delpit " cat and moused " the last five minutes and sunk four of six free throws to keep the Greenies nudged ahead. The win put Tulane back in third as both Auburn and Alabama suffered losses to Kentucky. Tulane ' s season mark at this point stood 16-7 with 10-3 in the SEC. LSU was the last game. The Tigers came to New Orleans needing a win to tie Kentucky for the SEC title. They got their win. Tulane gym was jammed to the rafters at tip-off time expecting a tooth-and-nail struggle. But it never came off. Bengal ail- American Bob Pettit was unstoppable and the Tigers .wished long shots from outside to race to a 40-20 lead be- fore the Wave came to life. Tulane ' s zone defense was no match for the smooth-working Tigers, so Coach Wells changed plans. In the second half, trailing 41-24. the Greenies came out with a man-for-man defense and stuck Nowakowski under the basket on offense. The defense held LSU to 22 points the poorly-officiated second half while Nowakowski spearheaded Tulane ' s 32-point assault. The Wave pulled to within seven points at .57-50 but the rattled Tigers settled down, pulled away. Pettit popped in 26 points, 14 on free throws. Nowakowski led the Greenies with 15 and Cervini got 13 to top McArdle in the personal feud. It ended 63-52, bringing down the curtain on what Coach Wells termed " my most satisfying season. " The record did not match earlier seasons, but neither did the material. Cervini snagged the biggest share of individual honors. He was named to the all-Dixie second team. The Associated Press put him on its all-SEC second team and International News Service gave him honorable mention for all-Ameri- can. He led the team in scoring with 339 points — a 14.8 pre-game pace and was the seventh Tulane player in his- tory to score over 300 points in one season. His 133 free throws also set a new school mark. Stoll also made several all-SEC teams — primarily for his exceptional defensive play, ball-hawking, and rebound- ing. A steal for Stoll Two styles of defense 89 i HAM RICHARDSON JOSE AGUERO HARMON COLLINS .TENNIS Tennis — pride and joy of Tulane athletics in recent jears — came near being perfect in 1953 and figured to be as good or better this year. Paced by Sophomore Ham Richardson, Coach Em- mett Fare ' s Wave netmen ran their string of dual vic- tories to 25 without a loss! It was rare, in fact, when an opponent scored against the power-packed Greenies. New Orleans Lawn Tennis Club, Texas and LSU each managed one point. The Greenies blanked seven other foes. Richardson added the NCAA singles championship to his ever-growing list of tennis triumphs. Ham is a three- time Davis Cupper and currently ranks sixth among American amateurs. He has yet to lose a set in inter- collegiate competition. But it took more than one man to do the job — and Pare had the men. Al Wickersham. Don Merritt, Har- mon Collins, Henry Jungle and Barney Donnelly won nearly as often as Richardson, although perhaps not as decisively. Evidence of Tulane ' s balance came when the Wave netters swept every division championship in the SEC meet held at the season ' s end. It was Tulane ' s llth conference tennis title and third in a row. 1 w J COACH E LMETT PARE 90 Coach Pare lost only two members of the all-winning ' 53 team, Wickersham and Merritt. In their places sophomore Buddy Lomax and freshman Jose Aguero, a 19-year-old Brazilian Davis Cupper from Rio de Janeiro, figured to step in making Tulane a strong favorite to repeat its championship ways in 1954. RESULTS Tulane 6; Houston U Tulane 8; N. 0. Lawn Tennis Club ... 1 Tulane .9; Vanderbilt Tulane 9; Western Michigan Tulane 9 ; Tennessee Tulane 9 ; Georgia Tech Tulane 5 ; Texas 1 Tulane 9 ; Georgia Tech Tulane 6 : Rice Tulane 7, Louisiana State 1 SEC Tourney Tulane 36 Florida 17 LSU 17 NCAA Tourney Ham Richardson No. 1 Singles Champ : Ham receives NCAA Trophy HENRY JUNGLE BUDDY LOMAX BARNEY DONNELLY — j T , ,,, m0»M» ' »«m mmmfmimmfm» Lloyd ' s Homer BASEBALL With a late-season rush which produced three wins over LSU, Coach Dennis Vinzant ' s Tulane baseballers compiled an 11-9 record for 1953. In Southeastern Conference play the diamond Greenies finished second in the Western Division with eight wins and seven losses. Rugged first baseman Pete Vogt was Tulane ' s batting star for " 53 and righthander Jack Campione wound up with the best pitching mark. Vogt pasted SEC pitching for a lusty .366 average and swatted .316 for the full season. He was selected to the all-SEC first team at first base by an Associated Press coaches ' poll. Campione, who appeared both as a starter and relief man. blazed past five conference foes without a loss for the top SEC pitching won-lost record. Another righthander, Ray Weidenbacher. was the workhorse of the Wave hill staff. Drawing many of the tough assignments, Weidenbacher rode out the season with a 2-2 record. Lefty Doug Regan posted a 3-3 mark. Shortstop Milt Retif trailed Vogt in season batting marks with a .300 reading. Catcher Don Lloyd was next with .281. Vogt, Campione, Retif and Lloyd joined a handful of returning letter- men to form the nucleus for the 1954 edition of Vinzant ' s crew. Other returnees were outfielders Wilbur Connelly, Carlos Leiva and Les Kennedy (who missed the 1953 campaign with a fractured wrist) ; infielders Bill Fleming, Jimmy Nissell and Ed Rubenstein. Besides his holdovers, Coach Vinzant counted heavily on a crop of freshmen candidates to strengthen his club into a division contender. The opening lineup for 1954 leaned strongly toward the veterans with Kennedy (If), Leiva (rf), Rubenstein (3b), Nissell (ss), Fleming (2b), Vogt (lb), and Lloyd (c) virtual cinches for starting jobs. Every starter had earned at least one letter. Tulane ' s pitching was also " Time-tested " with lettermen Campione and Jim Weilbacher heading the list. New Field, New Faces ' .4 - mH4i T( 4m h § » ife . ! A 7) " flA O Sunny Spring Saturday ; ' « 1953 RESULTS Tulane 6 ; Tulane 6: Tulane 8 ; Tulane 3 ; Tulane 8 ; Tulane 0; Keesler Air Force Base 5 Southeastern La. College 1 Keesler Air Force Base 10 Southeastern La. College 2 Auburn 2 New Orleans Pelicans 7 Tulane 3 ; Mississippi 5 Tulane 13 : Mississippi 3 Tulane 14 ; Vanderbilt 2 Tulane 3 ; Vanderbilt 7 Tulane 3 ; Mississippi 4 Tulane 4; Mississippi 5 Tulane 3 ; Alabama 2 Tulane 11; Alabama 2 Mississippi State 5 Mississippi State 16 Louisiana State 7 Louisiana State 1 Louisiana State 10 Louisiana State . 7 Tulane 2; Tulane 4; Tulane 8 ; Tulane 3; Tulane 4: Tulane 8; JIMMY NISSELL JACK CAMPIONE LES KENNEDY PETE VOGT MILT RETIF TRACK COACH FORREST E. CAKES COACH JOHN OELKERS FRANK DALFERES The resurrection of track — long a " weak sister " of the Tulane athletic department — was one of the bright spots of the 1953 sports story. Strengthened by one of the largest pre-season turnouts in recent years the Greenie field and cinder men represented Tulane in the Southern Relays, the Southwestern Relays, the Southeastern Conference meet where the Wave finished third and the Central collegiate outing as well as several dual meets. Though meet victories were few, there were many outstanding individual performances turned in by Wave tracksters. Senior Hainon Miller established a new school mark for the mile run of 4 minutes, 20 seconds. Big George Cummins brought the SEC titles in both the shot put and javelin throw to Tulane. He heaved the shot 49 feet. 8 inches and hurled the javelin 148 feet. 3 inches. Cummins and Miller were the only major losses to the ' 54 squad, and coaches " Fritz " Oakes and John Oelkers had high hopes of continuing the improvement in Tulane ' s track fortunes. Veteran distance man Mark McCoy headed the list of returnees. Art Ald- erson. a brawny shot-putter also was expected to add points for the Greenies. In other departments Oakes and Oelkers counted on Southern AAU javelin champ Frank Dalferes. Otis Gilmore for middle-distance events; Harold Hawkins also for the javelin; Willie Hof in the dashes; and Les Kennedy, who was second-best in the SEC broad-jump event in ' 53. All but Dalferes, Alderson and McCoy were Tulane footballers as well as standout trackmen. MARK McCOY WILLIE HOF 94 COACH INNES MILLAR G O L Co-Captains Neal Hobson and Speed Bancroft Tulane ' s 1953 golf squad notched only one victory, but with the return of five letternien, Coach Innes Millar nursed hopes for great improvement in 1954. " Speed " Bancroft, Dick Lyle, Jerry Schenken, Stanton Schul- er, and Neal Hobson comprise the returning Wave linksmen. In addition to a 1953 slate of six dual meets. Coach Millar ' s stroders sent Schuler, Hobson, and Lyle to Athens, Ga., for a shot at the Southern Collegiate glitter. The competition was too much, however, and the quartette came home with experi- ence — but not much else. The Greenies gral)bed tlieir only 1953 win from Spring Hill, 10-8. Losses were to Spring Hill, 6-12; Pensacola Naval Air Station, 8-10; Louisiana Tech, 4P 2-13Vi;; and twice to LSU, 8-19, and 2-25. lOSl Cnlf Squad 95 CAMPUS LIFE from the dreary daily grind to ' the lilting larks — to those parties that make the world go round- and round— and round. Laura Lee Planche, Dena Sclineider. Diane Hull, Helen Harris, Cynthia Forchheimer. Dixie Bader, Jan Gore, Jeanne Miller, Nancy Jean Black, Diane Bell. MISS PAULINE TULANE Few would argue that girls are chosen for heauty courts on the basis of their looks alone — or upon what constitutes beauty. Personality, sororities, and all sorts of tangibles and intangibles play an important role in school elections. Yet, no matter how important is the irrelevant, each voter likes to think that his choice for so-called beauty, is — at her best — truly beautiful. There were 92 nominees for Miss Pauline Tulane this year. All girls reg- ularly enrolled in Tulane or Newcomb except freshmen and last year ' s re- turning beauties — Mignon Paget, Carol Clark, Nancy Liljenstein, and Nancy Lawson — were eligible. From the 15 finalists chosen by jAMB-stafI members and other student leaders the student body elected to reign at the Pan-Hellenic Formal: Pat McGee, Helen Harris, Cynthia Forchheimer, Diane Bell, Libby Allegret, Dixie Bader, and Nancy Mclver, Miss Pauline Tulane. Pat McCee, Alta Mae Williams, Libby Allegret, Deanie Wendland, Nancy Mclver. 98 ey d tAunc tMcf ne .MiAl, al i ' ic ee ' Ilipp . fJifM un Aia o cAAeune tJ (h( e mi u i tAii icme e fj lm ixie d ade tJ4i SBlS4 Mi e et T:=|., 5. ::|rf ' 9«»». -«— 3o1 rrw£ — :i L f " jpxi S •■ife.-i;3«?i! Intramural athletics provided rerrealion for an estimated 2.000 Tulaniaiif diirinj; 1953-54. And with coiit-truction of more dormi- tories on canipiiti Txilane ' ' (» i-.M program is expected to grow within the next few years. In September Ben Abadie. a former Tulane baseballer and grad- uate in ' 49. wai railed in to take over the expanding I-M program a» director of intramural . Under Ahadie ' s guidance 10 different sports were organized. Football, basketball, f oftball. tennis, handball. cro!is-i-ountr , pool, volleyball, ping-pong and bridge made up the list. Teams were forme l from various division of the univerr ity a. well as several independent groups and clubs. Chemical Engineering Seniors nailed down the 1 95;i football title, edging the A. S. Seniors in the finaU. going unbeaten, untied and unscorcd-upon in I-M play. Following the grid campaign, the third annual Frosli-Soph game was held Dec. 19. Wayne Wall and Le? Kennedy of the varsity si|uad coached the two teams to a gruelling 0-(t tie. The Architects copppfl the voiIe bail championship. Other champs were decided too late to be reported in the " 54 Jamb ALA ya. ?; It wai another busy year for Paii-Hcllenir activities as Phi Delta Theta garnered the Pan-Hel Clip for 1953, Tlie award goe?i to ihe Tiilanr fraternity which amasses the most points in t-ompetitioii with other houeeii in several fields. Major eporl!- Mieh a - ftiollmlU basketball, Softball, volleyball and track were offered. Minor sports ineluded ping-pong, bowling, teanis, triwinuninfi, handball and bridge. The annual Skit Night, the Pan-Hel song fest, competition between bouses for original Honieroniing ihM-oralions and average ftcbolar- ship index of eaeb house aUo provided opportunities lo add points toward the Pan-Hel Cup owuerfbip. Beginning with the 1953-54 sebooi year the point system was over- hauled. Winners of major sports received 15 poiiils instead of 10. as in the past. Kappa Alpha was the 1953 football champion. Other Pan-Hei winners were crowned too late for coverage in the Jaimbalaya. Itt. } J ' " Vcf imtfiunfeTZ-etDComfc- (xM A n Some girls because they ' re cute; some because they ' re good politicians . . . some because everyone knows them and some because nobody does, but everyone seems to. But in their virtues JULIE DOUGLAS MILDRED STOUSE FAVORITES and faults these 15 girls and last year ' s returning favorites — Sally Pitts, Ticki Green, Frances Smith and Caroline Trueman — appeal to the strength and weaknesses of the Tulane and Newcomb student bodies. 117 FAVORITES HALL OF FAME ED McCOOL r HAM RICHARDSON CHARLEY VICCELLIO Set up by the JAMB to recognize leadership — as opposed to office — Which leaves us a lot of room from which to choose, and this year we took advantage of it. Past members of the hall of fame still in school include Hainon Miller, Shorty Frankel, Jimmy McComis- key, Ryan Sartor, Walt Wadling- ton, Julian Good, Harry Beverun- gen. Aaron Rosen, Al Cole, Shep Pleasants, Bob Thompson, George Winn, Buddy Brinkmann, and Herb Wrenn. JOE PITTS HENRY STOUTZ PAT BROWNE EBEN WATKINS HERB WEIL 121 ■HALL OF FAME ' ■-ml ' N BOB KRIEBEL BOB WARREN WILEY SHARP EWELL WALTHER x m Dmm -m $ in nl !■ ' ' ' - -- ■ 1 .: 0 " ,. ■ 4 Ii " % ' % - K ' -y hvlhmA ■inii i i a. f H 1 h ! Vx 7% % ■ " M 1 ; 1 - - . ! FRATERNITIES with their school-boy pranlcs and selfish cliques often usurp pan-University spirit — but cre- ate that core their critics do not replace. — ■ — r ' .l::!. Dick Arsenault Dennis Crowley Hunter Babin Happy Davis Joel Beyer HULON FlLLINGAME Donald Block Paul James Norwood Brown Stanley Latchman Buck CHAFtEE HowAKD Lewis The Tulaue Pan-Hellenic Council, the regulating body for the seventeen social fraternities on the campus, is composed of two members elected by each of the member fraternities. The Council sponsors a diversified program of inter-fraternity competition throughout the year, awarding a trophy for each event and for the best overall yearly record. Shortly after classes started, the Council held a welcoming banquet for all fraternity pledges. Before initiation week the Council sponsored the annual Greek Week, which consisted of a series of discussions among Chap- ter officers and pledges and a convocation at which Dr. Fred H. Turner, Dean of Students at the University of Illinois, spoke. Greek Week was climaxed by the Pan-Hellenic Formal, at which the 1954 Jambalaya Beauty Court was presented. DR. KARLEM REISS Faculty Adviser TULANE PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL L Melvin Mathes Norman McNiel Joel Sainer Jeff Strange Maury Midlo Charles Viccellio Jack Mitchell Jack Walters Tom Peei ' les Ewell Walthers Bill Reddock Jack Wiener Jack Samuels Tad Wilson NOT PICTURED: Ted Meserve, Paul Rossano, Wayne Woody, Pedro Gelebert, Raul Davila. RYAN SARTOR Chairman Ryan Sartor, Chairman. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Ewell Walther, Secretary Delta Kappa Epsilon JUDICIARY COMMITTEE Howard Lewis Delta Tau Delta Black Chaffee Kappa Alpha Stan Lachtman Kappa Nii Jack Walters Phi Delta Theta The Council (includes the Chnirman, Secretary, and the Judiciary} Joel SArivER Alpha Epsilon Pi Jack Samuels Alpha Epsilon Pi Jack Mitchell Alpha Tau Omicron Jeff Strange Alpha Tau Omicron Hunter Babin Beta Theta Pi Happy Davis Beta Theta Pi Tad Wilson ' . Delta Kappa Epsilon Dick Arsenault Delta Sigma Phi Paul Rossano Delta Sigma Phi Ted Meserve Delta Tau Delta Bill Reddock Kappa Alpha Joel Beyer Kappa Nu Mel Mathes Kappa Sigma Wayne Woody Kappa Sigma Bill Catchings Phi Delta Theta Dennis Crowley Phi Kappa Sigma Tom Peeples Phi Kappa Sigma Paul James Pi Kappa Alpha Norman McNeil Pi Kappa Alpha Charles Viccellio Sigma Alpha Epsilon Donald Block Sigma Alpha Mu Maury Midlo Sigma Alpha Mu Norwood Brown Sigma Chi HuLON Fillingame Sigma Chi Lee Levy Zeta Beta Tau Jack Wiener Zeta Beta Tau Raul Davila Phi Iota Alpha Pedro Gelebert Phi Iota Alpha ALPHA • N " ' ' i iT Bert Bennett Arnold Gussin -Am I- ' ! u ' f 1 Merle Brown Charles Hale Kenneth Cheskm Alan Hoffman Howard Cohen Melvin Koven Arnold Edelstein Tommy Oelsner Maurice Gradensky Stephen Priskie TAU UPSILON CHAPTER OF YAiNKEES IN PARADISE Each one of them are yokel guys All from Joisey — those AEP ' s Save your confederate money men The South is bound to rise again! NOT PICTURED: Don Berman, Phil Bookman, Howard Ehrlich, Al Gilson, Sidney Grish- man, Herman Kohlman, Richard Levy, Warren Lieberman, Ronald Man. Neal Rothnian, Melvin Sandler, Kalman Silver!, Selwyn WiUig, Abe Winter. 136 i E P S I L O N PI Stanley Resnick Mort Sarlin Harold Richmond Bob Schull Jack Samuels Allen Weinstein Top : Her mother never told her , . . Bottom: " Just like the one that married dear old dad " OFFICERS Charles Hale Master Richard Richter Lieutenant Master Joel Sarner Sentinel Merle Brown Member at Large ' Neil Sakolski Exchequer Founded: New York University 1931 Founded at Tulane: 1951 Number of Chapters: 62 Colors: Gold and Blue Flower: Fleur De Lis ALPHA ' y . W l; i f , HI . u Richard Butker Robert Butler Paul Brierre Hn]|., Brirrr. ' James Childress Stanley Chiocchio James Clann Maumus Claverie Jack Cowart Jack Dienes Bozie Dietze Malcolm Dinwiddif Clancy Dupepe Charles Fasterling Atwood Hobbs Neal Hobson Herbert Hoppmeyer Charles Lorio BETA EPSILON CHAPTER OF SCHOLAR ' S PARADISE We ' re the rip rip roaring reprobates, We ' re the pride of the ATO ' s We use our books for paper weights For there ' s nothing we need to know. The profs all think we ' re wonderful And it really must be so For they often murmur fervently God help the ATO ' s. NOT PICTURED: Frank Allen, Jim Allen, John Berkc, Paul Deal, Dick Gannc.n, Lyie Page, Henry Phillips, John Pico, Jim Price, John Triielt. 138 TAU OMEGA Harry McCall Charles McConnell Charles McDowell Tommy Mullins John Naylor Roy O ' Neil Jeff Strange Jay Tone Nick Turner Warren Meyn Jay Potter Juanie Velasco Allen H. Myers Robert Redfern James Weilbaecher Jack Mitchell Frank Stewart Robert Young Top: " Careful Clancy, don ' t spill a drop — that ' s Old Smuggler! " Bottom : ' ' Shee . . . Shaw, Margery . . . daw " HI OFFICERS James Weilbacher Worthy Master Juanie Velasco Worthy Chaplain Roland Brierre Worthy Scribe Nick Turner Worthy Sentinel Jack Dienes Worthy Exchequer Founded: Virginia Military Institute in 1865 Founded at Tulane: 1887 Number of Chapters: Over 100 Colors: Azure and Gold Flower: White Tea Rose Alan Adams Robert Brooks Michael Fitts BETA Albert Buchanan Frost Fleming Gerald Gaudet Bobby Hargrove Bub Boulet Charles Dicks Eugene Jumonville BETA XI CHAPTER OF BETA THETA PYRE The sons of the dragon are sturdy and staunch Ever ready to drink up the brew, But when you are eager to fill up your paunch You ' re soaked till you ' re wet thru and thru. " Where there ' s smoke, there ' s flame, let ' s give it a douse. " They said when our home caught on fire, " So let ' s go down to the Beta House. " Now we ' re guarding the Beta Theta Pyre. NOT PICTURED: Orr Adams, Speed Baneroft, Bub Barousse, Bob Claypool, Ben Croeker, Ed de la Houssaye, Barney Donnelly, Busb Gamble, Harold Legeai, Harry Moresi, Buzzy Pattison. Sandy Rive, Edward Schoefield, Ed Seymour. Paul Winder. 140 T H E T A PI Edward Kniphton Edward Lafaye Lucius Lamar John Roy Edmond Salassi Bobhy Shafto Stanton Shuler Rudolph Viener Top: " Pass me another goodie " Bottom: " Got a match? " Ben OFFICERS Charles Dicks President Robert Hargrove Vice-President Edel Blanks Recording Secretary Herman Colcomb Treasurer Founded: Miami University (Ohio) in 1839 Founded at Tulane: 1910 Number of Chapters: 97 Colors: Pink and Blue Flower: Pink Rose DELTA 1 " Jk " 44 Allan Andry Bill Atkin DuFour Bayle Krit . Bull John Coleman Charles Corrigan Jolin C rrit;an Tom Cullom Peter Feringa Philip Fischer Biiddy Forchheimer James Foster Bobby King Lester Lautenschlaeger Louis LeBourgeoise Bachman Lee Merwin Brandon Charles de la Vergne Jimmie Hanemann George Leonard N irman Brown Pal Browne Bob Brumfield J. C. Dupont Blair Faviut Darwin Fenner Wayne Hebert James Kelly Donald King Edward Ludwig Hillman Madison Thomas Martin TAU LAMBDA CHAPTER OF A DEKE PIN MEANS YOU ' RE IN Little Jack Horner sat in a corner Drinking his lonely wine. We asked " What ' s the reason for this awful treason? Why do you sit here and pine? " He said with a sigh, " Ah, here is the answer you seek, It ' s a part of my job As a Drunk and a Snob, Because boys, you see, I ' m a Deke! " NOT PICTURED: George Bensebat. Paul Bowron. Jim Burke, Tom Currier. Peter Da- vidson, Gamble Favrot. Gene Garber, Donald Hammet, Radar Jai-kson, Charles Lane, John Leverl, Roger Sharp, Mickey Sheehan, Ernest Stabler, 142 KAPPA EPSILON .Wl ' m i. ' 1 Ri.tjirl Mdrtincz Cecil Morgan Henry Sch aumber Ewell Walther Bnb Mas.,n Liiuis Perrillidt David Schmidt Tliair Warmack Paul M.ixu.ll ( liarks MtFarland William Mt-ser mith Justin Renaudin Hamilton Ricliardbon Jnlin Ritliard on Avery Stirralt Walker Sullivan Thomas Sutter Joseph Walters John Weston Tad Wilson Gr .rge Willia Ed Melvi Michinard m Roussel Tiiwnley n Yitung Top: " Later, Johnny " Bottom: " Dirtv Rushing! ' HE OFFICERS Avery Stirratt President Pat Browne Vice-President Donald King Corresponding Secretary Ewell Walther Recording Secretary Eugene Garber Treasurer Founded : Yale in 1844 Founded at Tulane. 1899 Number of Cliapters: 52 Colors: Crimson, Blue and Gold Flower: Pansv DELTA Mlk. [enry Andrfs?en Richard Arsenault Joseph Beckman Richard Bowen David Breedhne Goodwyn Broggi Terry Brown Joseph Bruno Roger Counts John Cjrrier Mark Georgeau Douglas Greve Charles Koppa Charles Kovacs Norwood Lyons Robert. Marsh Mike Marx Bill McClellan CHI CHAPTER A DOLLAR SIXTY-FOUR PLUS ONE Delta Sig went on a spree. They did well in ' 53, Ended up with social Pro., Academically fell low. Ask them what they like — they ' ll cuss — Girls and parties? No! . . . not us! OF NOT PICTURED- Joe Buvel, Bob d ' Angelo, M. J. Delatte, Jack Doyle, diaries Foli, Ernest Hanewinckel. Jack McNaugluon, Joe Pacelli, August Perez, Jr., Larry Rousseau, Paul Rossano, Charles Wangensteen. 144 SIGMA PHI Ro] -Tt Merikangas Anthony Morovicli Calvin Ol.mo Courtney Picon Robert Rood John Sandy Arthur Smith William Smith Lawrence Stewart Ray Swan Raymond Zambrano Top: " I wonder if it bites . . .? " Bottom: Newcomli girls tell jokes like that? mi OFFICERS Paul Rossano President. John Cukrier Vice-President Joseph Beckman Treasurer Robert Rood Secretary Ernie Haniwinckel Sergeant at Arms Founded: City College of New York in 1899 Founded at Tulane: 1916 Number of Chapters: 74 Colors : Nile Green and White Flower: White Carnation E L T A Gic ' b Aiilow Jnhn Bartizal T.:-(l.lv Brierre Alex Oirk.. ' Theodore Cotonio Cliarles Dumas ■ " Pete " Evans Hubert Hall Albert Hanemann Ernest Hawkins James Jobe Howard Lewis Robert McClure William Mendez Theodore Meserve Donald Deynoodt Oliver Holden Jim Morris BETA XI CHAPTER OF THE DELTA MUGS Upon this page the mugs you see Belong to men of DTD. The puffed, worn face, the lined physiognomy Comes not from math or advanced astronomy But rather from pouring in company of brothers The contents of one mug into each others. NOT PICTURED: Nofie Alfonso, Ed Chadick, Tony Clesi, Pete Coan. Glen Earl, Dick Enderle, Frank Holman, C. J. Kelly, Clyde Lynch, John Mazza, Ed Suffern, Howard Up- ton, McGregor Van Wart, Don Weaver. 146 TAU DELTA Ed Morrison Wiley Sharp Louis Velasco Wally Paine Trelles Tidmore John Walsh Dwight Settle Sam Tucker Top: Rebuilding the house, Wiley? Bottom : For your looks, Tomeny ITi OFFICERS Mickey McClure President John Mazza Vice-President Sam Tucker Secretary Tim Joee Treasurer Founded: Bethany College, Virginia in 1858 Founded at Tulane: 1889 Number of Chapters: 81 Colors: Purple, White and Gold Flower: Iris KAPPA W. A. Baker David Barun liii liard Baron Gerard Barousse Rudolf Becker Black ChaffL- John Coleman John Culpepper George Douglas Roy Duke Fred Fischer Dudley Flander John Gooch Richard Lyle Stuart McClendon Bill McClendon James McComiskey Joseph Monroe PSI CHAPTER K.A. PRAISES O F Who says the KA ' s are party boys Who says the KA ' s make lots of noise Who says they are drinkers Who says the are thinkers Who says the KA ' s have any poise? Who wants to " be their guest " Who wants to " hear them jest " Who wants to be fed On " crazy said Red " Who wants to agree they ' re best? NOT PICTURED: Jean Barnelte, Stanley Baron, Mike Barllett, Randy Bulls, John Cald- well, Ralph Clirislman, Hughes Drunim, Frank de la Houssaye, Ronald Durham, Arlluir Emery, Donald Ewing, George Gardner, Gerald Gelpi, Wallace Kemper, William LeCorgne, Guy Lyman, Herb Magruder, Jerry Slienkin, Ben Talbot, Frank Toyc, Herbert Williams. 148 ALPHA ORDER Jerry Nuslock Thos. Parker Bill Reddock William Renaudin illiam Simmons Jack Toye Jim Wadick Vernon Wagner Eben Watkins Robert Wolfe Top: " It ' s rawtlia deep! " Bollom: " So the farini-r " -- daughter . u OFFICERS Robert Wolfe Number I Hughes Drumm Number II Black Chaffe Number III William Baker Number IV Jean Barnette Number V Founded : Washington and Lee University in 1865 Founded at Tulane: 1892 Number of Chapters : 75 Colors : Crimson and Old Gold Flowers: Magnolia and Crimson Rose KAPPA Stuart Baron Joel Robert Finklestien George Garfinkel Theodore Hirsch SIGMA CHAPTER OF KAPPA NU; WHAT TO DO Kappa Nu is going ape To put their frat in better shape They need a house They need a pledge And niavbe then lhe U have an edge. NOT PICTURED: Ruben Cnlien, Martin Cramer, Stanley Cibbs, Larry Gotlsegen, Mi- chael Levine, Frederick Levy, Arthur Lichtman. Paul Mass, Edward Miller. Robert Plot- kin, Warren Sterns, David Yuspeh. 150 N U Gary Kusliner Slun LLichtman Shelton Milgroin Henry Saxe Top: The Nu way to dance Bottom : Looking coy in the corner u OFFICERS Arthur Lichtman President Gary Kushner Vice-President Joel Beyer Secretary Stanley Lachtman Treasurer Founded: University of Rochester in 1911 Founded at Tulane: 1922 Number of Chapters: 16 Colors: Purple and White Flower: Orchid KAPPA Adolph Assenheimer Sheldon Blue Hal Boylestom Don Caldwell Keith Capdepon Huey Champagne Al Cole Wade Cotton Boh Cranfield Everett Crudup A. W. Dalferes Lerry DeBuys Donald DePasquale Harold Drummond J. M, Duhe William Eidson Philip Emerson Donald Galbraith James Gleason Robert Haley Walter Harris Arthur Hastings William Hayes Dan Hezeau Richard Jurisich Harold Lambert James Leeper Robert Lester Bert Lindquist Austin Lindsey SIGMA CHAPTER " A CHANGE " OR " GET WITH IT " The Kappa Sigs have moved their stall Much to the relief of all. Into a larger place they went Sad about the money they spent. Now if they want to take their place In the popularity race, They better get some men in their frat. Let ' s leave it at that! O F NOT PICTURED: Lucien Bonck, Howell Mann, Fred Phillips, Jerome Stccn, Leon White, Wayne Woody. 152 SIGMA Ulvester Walker Ralph Weiss 1 .iiiis Morgan Gasper Occliipinli Hamlil Sihnauder Wallace Smith Stanley Snider Quentin Stansell Ronny Sternfels Lowell Switzer A. D. Tisdale Aureliano Urrutia Dick White Tommy Wilson Frederick Youngs Top : " Please, Joe, tell us there ' s an Easter bunny " Bottom : " Dropped a dime, " u OFFICERS Earl Sonnier Grand Master Howell Mann Grand Procurator Harold Lambert Grand Master of Ceremonies Joe Lupo Grand Scribe Melvin Mathes Grand Treasurer Founded : University of Virginia in 1868 Founded at Tulane: 1888 Number of Chapters: 124 Colors: Scarlet, Green and White Flower: Lily of the Valley P H I Charles Afeman Harry Allen Donald Armand Jess Atkinson Dawson Baptist Harry Heverungen Scott Bruns William Catching Donald Collins Joseph Dalton Frank DePaoli William Earthman William Eckerl Allison French Ralph Harris Minor Huck Henry Ivy Robert Jackson David Jackson Walter Jabncke Bob Kagy Breck Cabell Adrian Cairnes Lewis Carson Richaid Geer Walter Green Pat Hanley Louis Lanza Donald Lee Julian McVay LOUISIANA ALPHA CHAPTER OF PHI DELTA RATERS There ' s a big white house on State Where they boys think they really rate For Babes they ' re going gung-ho But little do they know The Shaft is really their fate. There ' s a little bawdy blast in the spring Where they all wear sarongs and sing But when the lights go out, Girls better watch out Cause that ' s when the Phi Belt ' s really king. NOT PICTURED: Tom Capo, Bill Cnrbidge, Gene Dabezics, Lyle Dcgelos, Elliot Evans, Bill Fly, John Jeeter, Marc Kerlin, Harold Mallory, Bill MaUison, Tom Nolcn, Bill Van Cleve. 154 DELTA THETA 4SBk. ' ■ " K 0tk. i AN Din Mt fh . ( liarhe Mitchell Pipp Ruckstuhl William Scott Richard Wambsgams Dung Wallers ' 1 ' ' Peter Mullins Juclscn Puche P.ichard Privette Oney Raines Bush Seavey Boyd Shaw Roger Sundahl Lynn Virden Herbe Weiser Robert Wise Harry Wood Colin Reynolds John Walters Top : Camera shy Bottom: What ' s up. doc? ye OFFICERS Richard Geer President Harry Beverungen Recorder Walter Green Warden Scott Bhuns Secretary Harry Allen Treasurer Founded: Miami University (Ohio) in 1848 Founded at Tulane: 1889 Number of Chapters: 115 Colors: Argent and Azure Flower: Wliite Carnation P H I ' illiam Banta Robert Bland Ruben Bledsoe James Craig Denis Crowley Walter Davis Jerry Gaffney Henry Lee Joe Licciardi Douglas McCoy Bill Mellon Roger Miller John Mulrennan Joel Myres MU CHAPTER OF PHI KAPPA SIG For Phi Kappa Sigs We can think of no digs For we don ' t know who they are. I imagine that They are a frat Yet, they could be a local bar. NOT PICTURED: Thunias DcLong, Thomas Falkoivski, Lloyd Spencer. 156 KAPPA SIGMA js f.klt li Robert Nunnally James Wadclell Joseph Stassi John Woodville -- ■ y;i John Theiler Fred Wulff Daniel Veith in OFFICERS Tom Peeples President Bob Bledsoe Vice-President Don Wood Secretary-Treasurer Dennis Crowley House Manager Bill Banta Pledge Master Founded: University of Pennsylvania in 1850 Founded at Tulane: 1858 Numbers of Chapters: 44 Colors: Black and Gold Flower: Crysanthenium p I Dave Bachman Frederico Bau Gerald Bourgeois Francisco Boza-Paiz Jack Carinhas Tom Gavin Tony Collett Eugene Eblan Glen Fowler Stanton Green Walter Howard Paul James Bob Jines A. J. LeBreton ETA CHAPTER OF FAIZ DODO Dees Ain ' t no feesh StOry Callse Wen de uowers is bloniin, en de birds is matin, en de rain ain ' t rainin. eat comes de spring. En wen eet comes de spring den eets time fo de PowErful KajUn ARiSloCracy ' s FAIS DO DO (P.S. you kin tote along Marie, or eff vou wanna. Fifi. but pleas don ' t f ' git dose jug! ) NOT PICTURED: Bernard Barfoot, William Fagin, Sandy Garciz, David Harrisnn. Mal- colm Harper, Tom Moore, Henry Riecke, Thomas Roche. Kennelh Rolfs, Hamld Salaun, J dm Silf, Bob Stratford, Patrick Unkel, Bruce Waters, Paul Williams, Mike Zeringue. 158 KAPPA ALPHA orman McNiel Robert Maher W; Iter Mott Robert Sengelmann Paul Trim Dane Turner J, M. Vaughan Le J Wagner William Wagner Top: Bottom Bragging or complaining? " Tliis year Pm just drinking y OFFICERS Paul Williams President Pat Unkkl Vice-President Jack Carinhas Secretary Bernard Barfoot Treasurer Founded: University of Virginia in 1868 Founded at Tulane: 1878 Number of Cliapters: 109 Colors: Garnet and Old Gold Flower: Lily of the Valley SIGMA - ' . O ' ' ' ' ' 0. Berry K.ibcrt Barnett B. Blarkwell G. Iir„uk liir.- J, Coon R. Grotty R. Culpepper F. Cushing W. Goss R. Green C. GuUey C. Hamaker R.Jones J. LaFargue J. La Fitte B. Lomax P. Buchanan J. Emerson F. Hardtner D. Mayer 1 i!- -il A. Calcote R. Calhoun D. Carraway B. Falboum J. Field R. Finn I. Hawkins J. Holmes E. Horton M. Mayer W. McArthur E. McCool H. Carter R. Clements J. Fletcher E. A. Gaston D. Jackson G. Jackson R. Miller R. Mitchell TAU UPSILON CHAPTER OF ROAR LION, ROAR SAE starts all new fads Did away with cosmo lads Instead their little group enjoys Company of Country boys. And when it ' s time to serenade Each dorm girls quickly pulls her shade For all girls know These campus — wheels? Are eager beavers In their deals. NOT PICTURED: Charles Bass, Robert Broussard, Alexander Doyle, Andrew Doyle, George Doyle, Stephen Jenkins, Harry Leggett, Guy Le Mieux, Harold McGlasson, John Rushing. Ryan Sartor, John Scofield. William Ware. John Wildham. 160 ALPHA EPSILON O f " ( ' y - " " s f% ' M. Mitchem J. Neeld 0. O ' Brien C. Rittelmeyer E. Russell J. Sewell B. Stockton B. Stone F. Tankersley J. Watts J. " Watts L. White Z .-! k :-h D. O ' Neal J. Olive J. Pitts J. Quachenbusli P. Sharp C. Shea C. Smart E. Smith P. Texada G. Trieschman C. ' Viccellio W. Watson J. Wilson R. Wilson P. Wittman J. Yarborough Top: Ants Anonymous Bottom: " Watch that hand! ' OlFICERS Joe W. Pitts, Jr President George V. Trieschmann Vice-President Charles M. Bass Recording Secretary Larry E. Baker . . .Corresponding Secretary Charles D. Viccellio Treasurer Founded: University of Alabama in 1856 Founded at Tulane: 1897 Number of Cliapters: 130 Colors: Royal Purple and Old Gold Flower: Violet SIGMA o C ' . ■« William Avery Roy Gonsenheim Merrill Lipstitz Howard Berg Charles Gratz Maury Midlo Harold Berber Sammy Greenberg Larrv Miller Donald Block Ronald Katz Freddie Miner Paul Bucholtz Donald Korn Robert Morris Joe Ettinger Aaron Kraemer Orin Neiman Martin Feldman Sidney Lassen Paul Oberdorfer Donald Goldwasser Jay Levin Jay Oppenheim SIGMA GAMMA CHAPTER OF S.A.M. ' S SONG Our football team Lost every game: For basketball. Ditto : the same ... To " party-out " Without a doubt Our only aim. The pledges now All wear a pin. They ' ll all join in When the members sin : Drinking whisky, Being riskey. And cards to win. NOT PICTURED: Richard Cohen, Allen Dorfman, Henry Ehrlich, Harvey Gardy, Richard Glalzer, Bruce Julien, Richard Julien, Lou Lisook, Ro nald Lubrilz, Bernie Nachman, Stu- art Phillips, Alan Rosenfeld, Arthur Rubin, Steve Seeder, Gary Zuckerman, 162 ALPHA M U H t 1 i rs ;- -« ' iSatlianeil Plotkin Myron Rosenberg Jerome Schwarlzreich David Seelif; Sherwin Thaler Hans Weill Q Oi, c% 4 %: t C : ' -rl c% . !B f ' r . Al KotenLierg Barry Shafer Raymond Wilenzick dward Rubenstein Allan Sacks Robert Scissors Harvey Siegel Sylvan Steinberg Leonard Stone Larry Wllk Abraham Wilson Top: " Where ' s Libby, George? " Bottom: Marciano coming back for another try lAM OFFICERS Leonard Stone ' . Prior Hans Weill Recorder Donald Goldwasser Exchequer Harvy Gardy Pledge Master Founded: City College of New York in 1909 Founded at Tulane: 1920 Number of Chapters: 74 Colors: Purple and White Flower: Fleur de Lis SIGMA r? o . • ? iC ' ' g Bob Agnew Deck Akers Harry Applewhilt; Carey Becker Edmond Bendernagel Fred Bookhardt Norwood Brown Sam Carmack Fred Carroll Hilton Carruth Jerry Dominguez Richard Eaton Hulon Fillingane Cheston Folkes Barry Franks Philip Gensler Jolin Grout Melvin Hairston JefE Hanna Bill Hobby Frank Howell i im SIGMA CHAPTER O F " BUNDLES OF JOY " The Sigma Chi ' s are real gone guys To them its go-go-go ! They leave all the girls enraptured with sighs, Ho-Ho-Ho! Their parties used to be the greatest All they did was sing — But now that dancing is the latest — They still sing ! ! NOT PICTURED: Jack Badger, Dick Brennan, George Chancellor, Jim Cothern, John Cramer, Bill Ferrante, Lucien Gex. Johnny GrouS, John Hooper, Phil James, Baker Jor- dan, Al Oser, Boh Patterson, Boh Reed, Walt Wadlinglon, Walt Wells, Woody York. 164 C H I 1 ■«;1 L € M gfk William Jones James Robbins John Volz r Frank Klonoski Richard Robbins Bob Waguespack 1 % A, Lebretton Bill Sanders Dick Wells Frank [arshall W. Sheely Buddy Westbrook A. Thomas Pemberton Buzzy Tatum Top: " I want to be evil. " Bottom : " Why so iiale and wan, fond lover? " u OFFICERS Norwood Brown Consul Harry Applewhite Pro-Consul Jim Robbins Quaestor Huron Fillincame Magistrar Cheston Folkes Annotater Founded: Miami University (Ohio) in 1855 Founded at Tulaue: 1886 Number of Chapters: 121 Colors: Blue and Old Gold Flower: White Rose Z E T A Sanford Abranis Bob Blatt Ronald Block Edwin Cohen Jerry Cohen Wayne Cooper Fred Feldman Richard Febenthal Francis Fraenkel Stanly Frank Alfred Goldman James Greenbaum David Harris Mayer Heiman Morris Hohenberg J. B. Kiefer MelvA ' n Kossovtri Walter Maver Larry Landa Lee Leonard Jay Levy Julius Levy Lee Levy Morris Lewis Alan Lichtenstein Milt Loeb Robert Kremer SIGMA CHAPTER O F WE LEFT OUR REGARDS ON BROADWAY Disparing love is close to hate. Each ZBT gave up a date They banished girls For one whole week And each one thouglit Himself a shiek. Because the Zebes refused to flirt The girls delivered scented dirt. NOT PICTURED: Richard Cohen, Richard Gilherl, Malcolm Luxcnberg. Herman Marcus, Lester Pallet, James Siff, Harlan Stcinhaum, Ronald Weinberger. 166 BETA T A U Knbtrt Moses Charles Saltzman Tony Ullman David Neivstadt Tad Pliillips Leonard Selber Sanford Seplow Jacques Wiener Leon " Weiss Si Pulitzer Aaron Rosen Sam Rosen Bob Sherman Robert Silverberg Joel Steinberg John Wittenberg Stephen Zeligson Phil Rubenstein Jarry Tanenbaum Top : Time out lor a slight revision Bottom: " What a pretty (uh) . . . -vvatch, eh boys? " ZIT OFFICERS Francis Fbaenkel President Herman Marcus Vice-President Aaron Rosen Secretary Larry Saltzman Treasurer Arthur Phillips Historian Founded: City College of New York in 1898 Founded at Tulane : 1909 Number of Chapters: 47 Colors: Blue and White Flower: Gold Rose MOLLIE BlAKENEY Lee Crenshaw DoTTiE Bland Maryem Fowlkes Gerry Boehm Ruth Hendricks NA l.i LAM-lLLi) Shirley Levey Carol Clark Mary Myers NEWCOMB FAIRYLAND There was an old college known as TU Who had so many sororities it didn ' t know what to do ; There was Chi and Kappa. Phi Mu and ADPi, Pi Phi, BSO, Delta Zeta, AOPi, AE Phi. The activities bounded By sororities surrounded, And competition reigned While new means were founded, To better the campus, the sororities as well. While plans in the making began to jell: First there was Song Fest, where all joined in song To collect money and to please the happy throng Of mothers, fathers, faculty, and friend. To discover the winner for which all did contend. Later in the year an event known as Skit Night Gave all a chance as new stars to shine bright; While Derby Day took place one day in the spring To discover to which group new honor it would bring. And then came Campus Carnival at the end of the year Where sorority booths brought in money so dear; But behind the scenes, in the sole of the shoe There ' s a deeper story of the girls who Work tirelessly and eagerly for the cause; Listen while to tell this story we pause. NEWCOMB PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL Marilyn Milliken Lydianne Stahel Joan Miramon Peccy Strauss Elizabeth Oberhllman Jerry Wolf BiPSI SiLIN Yvonne Yuspeh Ann Shafto MARY MYERS Mary Myers President Nancy Canfield Alpha Delta Pi Lee Crenshaw Alpha Delta Pi Peggy Strauss Alpha Epsilon Phi Yvonne Yuspeh Alpha Epsilon Phi MoLLiE Blakeney Alpha Omicron Pi BiPSi SiLiN Alpha Omicron Pi Shirley Levey Beta Sigma Omicron Elizabeth Oberhelman . Beta Sigma Omicron Carol Clark Chi Omega Ann Shafto, Secretary Chi Omega Marissa Martiney Delta Zeta Jerry Wolf Delta Zeta Ruth Hendricks Kappa Alpha Theta Marilyn Milliken, Treasurer Kappa Alpha Theta DoTTYE Bland Kappa Kappa Gamma Maryem Fowlkes Kappa Kappa Gamma Gerry Boehm Phi Mu JoAiv Miramon Phi Mu Sue Keller . Pi Beta Phi Lqdianne Stahel ... .Pi Beta Phi ALPHA Laura Amacker Tops Anderson Cynthia Braswell Nancy Canfield Ginger Chapman Sallie Cocu Lee Crenshaw Janice Eubanks Amy Follansbee Betty Frisard Janet Gerstner Melissa Green Harriett Hawkins Babs Jean Huber Carey Keen Mary Ann Lofton Blanche Joy MacFayden Moira McBride EPSILON CHAPTER OF " THE AUPIE ' Lir Paul Tulane Sat in Bruff Commons. And he said. " How sad am I; I ' m really dumb, I ' ve a date with a plum : She ' s the sweetheart of ADPie! ' NOT PICTLIRED: Joy Brous, Lyiine BuUi trd, Sharon Crousc. Pat Gorham, Harriet Looney. 170 DELTA PI Sue Ann McDowell Betty Roberts Joan Terry Elizabeth Menuet Carol Sander Joan Mitchell Ethel Seiler Jean Morgan Margaret Smith Hi OFFICERS Melissa Green President Sallie Coco Vice-President Janet Gerstner Recording Secretary Laura Amacker .. .Corresponding Secretary Ethel Seiler Treasurer Founded: Wesleyan College in 1851 Colors: White and Blue UDEUT Top : Newcomb Squaws Bottom : It can ' t be that interesting id ALPHA f? A 010 0 Sabina Abrahm Carmen Adler Pliyllis Askanase Joy Brand Carol Brenner Sue Block Erna Cohen Jan Cohen Joyce Cooper Carol Davis Barbara Dee Hattie Dubinski Peggy Eichenbaum Ann Einbinder Ruth Emrich Barbara Fleischman L. Fox Susan Fox Janice Goldstein Marcy Gould Sophia Greenbert Jackie Grossman Joel Grossman Susie Heimovics Sue Hertzman Barbara Hlrsberg Sandy Jacobs Bargara Langer Mary Ann LehmanEIeanor Lesser Babs Levy Marilyn Levy Paula Levy Ann Lowentritt Jean Lowenlritt Shirley Marco Marjorie Marx Shirley Miller Judy Niman Pat Phillips EPSILON CHAPTER OF LET ' S PAT OURSELVES ON THE BACK It happened many years ago at ole ' Tulane That " AEPhi are pigs " was a familiar refrain. But now they ' re " bunny rabbits " even to their pals ' Cause they ' ve produced so many, many gals. But when it comes to spirit and talent galore They ' ve got them both and even more. Rah! Rah! NOT PICTURED: Roseann Colo, Ella Davidson, Marilyn Davis, Diane Kleven, Ella Kos- berg. Amy Newman, Cecele Ross, Dena Schneider, Odette Seelig. 172 EPSILON PHI J Joan Reich Sallye Rosen Suzanne Rosen Debbie Roseiibaum Estb.i H,. (iitlial Elaine Rosenwald Joanie Ruvel Sale Salsbury Pliyllis StliarB Ann Sherman Nan Silber Jean Simmons Lynne Spitzberg Sylvia Stahl Neil Steiner Emily Stix Peggy Strauss Joel Sugar Jane Weil Florence Weiland Lynne Weinberger Dorothy Weiss Marion Wiener Pat Wise Beverly Wolf Yvonne Yuspeh Top: Who ' s impressing who? Bottom: " Ain ' t they sweet! " Atl OFFICERS Susan Fox President Peggy Strauss Vice-President Florence Weiland Recording Secretary Sylvia Stahl Corresponding Mickey Lehman Treasurer Founded: Barnard College in Oct. 24, 1909 Newcomb College in 1916 Chapters: 40 Colors: Green and White ALPHA fS A itH e ' Pat Akin Beth Bowermaster Nancy Gooch Pamella Kuhn ai Carolyn AHnrd Martha ArmisteadCami .Iran run„li ijisi,. Llad.T Dnn.tliy Baskett Diane Bell Naomi Birdwell M..llii- l l,ik. ' o.- Sarah Britton Carole Irene Byrd Cornelia Cabral Julia Ciierry Ann Cushing Rosanna Fall Genevieve Featherstone Sally Franklin D. Good Jan Gore Joan Gunn Johanna Hammell Ruth L. Hendricks Joy Jones Ann Keim Sheila J. Kelley Ann Lingan Shirley Lucas Pat Lykins Sally Lyon Lee McNamara Grace Merritt Pat Miller Marilyn Moore PI CHAPTER OF AOPI 1013 Broadway is not the place To find girls with sex appeal, spirit or grace. Their parties are many and always gay — At least — that ' s what the AOPi ' s say. They haven ' t any talents — that ' s for sure. For like Ivory Flakes — they ' re 99 and 44 100 ' f pure. NOT PICTURED: Martha Block, Carol Fitzpatrick. Winnie Hodges, Esther Hunt, Nancy Litjinstein, Jahane Ordorica, Ainta Lamar. 174 O M I C R O N PI Mary Myers Emmy Parks Sterling Peebles ' Dorothy Potts Frances Potts Pat Powell Joan Renken Loe Robertson Betty Robinson Natalie Ann Roehig Dale Sanson Susie Seaman Barbara Silin Doris Skelton Punky Smith Connie Lee Stewart Lynne Trist Jane Hanne Trufant Nancy Turner Brenda Wallbillich Olive Webb Cbigger White Top: The Black Terror Bottom: Pies practicing AO OFFICERS Jan Gore President Nancy Gooch Vice-President Lee McNamara Recording Secretary Nancy Liljenstein .Corresponding Secretary Carol Fitzpatrick Treasurer Founded: Barnard College in Jan. 2. 1897 Chapters: 65 Colors: Red and White BETA Anne Allen Marilyn Hilbert Johanna Davis Shirley Levey Sylvia Fernandez Pat McCahe Ursula Goedecke Mary Hinton McCIure ALPHA SIGMA CHAPTER OF DIRGE As a group They number lew But their spirit Shines right through. Song Fast Finals Show they know; A big fine hand For BSO. 176 SIGMA OMICRON Janet Mickenliim Leila Rossner F-Iizaheth Oberhelman Lutie Wheat Martha Oliver Joan Lillian Ziemer Elena Perez Top: " Santa Baby " Bottom: " Say it with music " BIO OFFICERS Mary Hinton President Shirley Levey Vice-President Ursula Gredicke Secretary Martha Oliver Treasurer Sylvia Fernandez Rush Captain Founded: University of Missouri in Dec. 12. 1888 Colors: Ruby and Pink LibL Allct;ict Mary Barkdull Mariwood Crady Meme Culpepper Jan Gregory Margaret Gustafson Garland Houch Suzanne Hnndling Margie Becker Julie Douglass Helen Harris Mary Ann Kelley Mary Kendall Nancy Black Eleanor Eikel Harriet Harvey Nancy Kirkenda Martha Hatchell Sancy Hawkins 1 Diane Lawton J. Mackenroth E. tJronson Louise Ferguson Ann Hayward M. McMurdo Joan Burlingame Pat Byram Carol Clark Sue Ann Francis Linda Gough Dorothy Grant Andrea Hedmeg Joan Henderson Gail Hodges Rosemary McGinn Nancy Mclver Hilan McLean R H O CHAPTER " HOW CUTE CAN YOU GET " There ' s a bee hive I ' ve seen Where there ' s more than one queen. You can hear them all buzz, (They call it singing, cuz ) Where they primp and priss and preen. They ' re quite the tear-jerkers during rush All full of cooing and wooing and mush As they chant X and a horseshoe They look like the Indians do. Bullet ' s say they ' re " precious " and hush. O F NOT PICTURED: Frances Black, Cynthia Frederick, Judy Moreton, Virginia Newman, Rita Roy. 173 OMEGA Liirline McMahone Helen Martin Mary Montague Olive Moss Carol Mouchet Lillian Oden Ann Parsons Carolyn Peters Sally Pitts Lynn Reeder Sissi Riggs Florence Ross Ann Shafto Marianne Sigler Martha Sparks Mari Elise Street Peggy Teague Nancy Jo Theriot Sonya Traiian Ann Trenchard Celine Trowliridge Jane Ulmer Barbara Umbach Sylvia van Osthoff Geney Wilson Top : Gargle twice a day Bottom: " Look wliat I got! ' u OFFICERS Joan Burlingame President Mary Ann Kelley Vice-President Sally Pitts Secretary Elizabeth Bronson Treasurer Mary Montague Pledge Trainer Founded: University of Arkansas in April 5, 1895; Newcomb College in Mar. 1900 Chapters: 116 Colors: Cardinal and Straw DELTA Joel Babylor Pat Heroy Gladys Brennan Anne Levinson Diane Calu ne Marisa Martinez Barbara Hecker Hallie Perry B E TA UP SILO N CHAPTER OF THE POLLY-ANNA GIRLS The Roman Lamp is their pin It shines triumphantly before all men Though the youngest frat, they ' re quite the rage But we hope that they ' ll be better with age. Delta Zeta is their name For South American mambos they are famed. And though their number is now few " Quality before quantity, " says their crew. NOT PICTURED: Zelplia Corkcrn, Merle Evans, Ibliy Haeuscr. 180 Z E T A Joanna Robinson Ann Trice Joyce Schneider Jerry Wolf Lynn Stokes Top: The beer ' s under the bar Bottom: Still hungry? OFFICERS Pat Heroy President Elizabeth Haeuser Vice-President Joanna Robinson Recording Secretary Diane Cologne .... Corresponding Secretary Ann Trice Treasurer Founded: Miami University in Oct. 24, 1902 Newcomb College in 1941 Colors : Old Rose and Vieux Green - KAPPA Camilla Ambrose Janet Dean Bettie Hill Sheila Ar.i on Yvonne Arnoult Denise Beyt Shelton Brooke Amanda Brown Kay Chaffee Elizabeth Cire Carolyn Comegys Anne Critz Martha Jane Dezendurf Alice Diggs Estelle Faivre Annette Fortier Rose Fraser Amy Frederick Barbara Harris Ruth Hendrirks Rosemarie Hewitt Holly Hilliard A. J. Roman Kate Leach Letillier Carol McDonald Mary Ann Mclntyre Marilyn Milliken Yvonne Nassar Marylin Odom ALPHA PHI CHAPTER OF " WHERE ' S THE FIRE " They were Red Hot Mamas The Kats with the jive. We ' ve never seen such pajamas The night fire swept the dive. Now their torrid days are o ' er. A new house they call home, Flaming mamas reign no more So for dates they have to comh. NOT PICTURED: Mary Berry, Bnnnie Bcrtrand, Sylvia Bledsoe, Yvonne Baylc, Lurline Leftwieli, Gaylc Priee. 182 ALPHA THETA Sall Jn 0-born T itsy Payne Barbara Pellun Alice Rahii Ann Smith Madoiene Stone JoAnn Turner Ann Ulmer Marion Watson Ann Wheelahan Lucy Yerly Joanne Rizzo Joel Ann Selby Earline Vlavant Janice Vizzini Mary Selby Phyllis Ward Top: Snap out of it! Bottom: Lose him? ye OFFICERS Mary Bkth Selby President Lucy Yerly Vice-President Yetive Letellier Recording Secretary Bonnie Bertrand . .Corresponding Secretary Janice Vizzini Treasurer Founded: De Pauw University in 1870 Colors: Black and Gold KAPPA Alice Akins Caroline Benoist Judy Billings Dorotliy Bland Elizabeth Bland Betsy Boisfonlaine Mary Cox Diane Dasliiell Richarda DeLee Betty Dell Ann DeRussy Pamela Dexheimer Susan Ellender Maryera Fowlkes Penelope Fox Adeline Gaiennie Ann Gill Emily Gillham Martha Hawkins Warrene Hayne Helena Hill Odette Hixon Sheila Hodges Diane Holland Marguerite Howard Gail Jenkins Jacquelyn Lafaye Bobbye Landry Mary Lawson Joan Leonard Eva Loridans Jane McGuire BETA OMICRON CHAPTER OF AS WE SEE US There once was a house, which was lovely and dreary, His coats was all dirty, his porches were weary, When along came some girls with a key for a pin, And the house was done over, both outside and in. By Rush Week the old house was practically new. And no longer lonely, though outside quite blue. The sounds which he heard were of singing and laughter, And the happiness welled ' till it reached every rafter. There were all sorts of plans, and the walls listened well There were houseparties. dances, they all sounded swell There were lunches and suppers, and gathers snappy. So the sounds from the Kappa House always were happy. As others see us Now, a Kappa could never make a flappa Cause for rowdy noise, she doesn ' t give a rappa. So she sits with her hands folded in her lappa, And hopes some man will trap her. NOT PICTURED: Henrietta Greonslit, Mary Ann Krotzer, Ann Meade, Jane Nelson, Helen Normann, Ann Stewart, Rusty Stone, Ann Walmsley, Adelaide Wisdom. 184 KAPPA GAMMA Jeanne Miller Jean Mirandona Laurette Montgomery Ruth Nairne Frazier OTerrall Judith Perkins Alice Prewitt Frances Priest Mimi Rainold Suzanne Roberts Carolyn Robertson Maude Sanders Katherine Sandoz Gladney Shell Frances Smith Ann Synnott Ann Tracht Nancy Trousdale Deanie Wendland Nancy Williams Mary Winder Middle Lou Yager Lolly Zander Top : Some have it — Bottom: Some don ' t! OFFICERS Betsy Boisfontaine President Frances Smith Vice-President Sheila Hodges Recording Secretary Mary Ann KROJZer .Corresponding Secretary Maude Saunders Treasurer Founded: Monmouth College in Oct. 13, 1870 Newcomb College in May 11, 1904 Chapters: 83 Colors: Light Blue and Dark Blue P H I Ann Arrou=milh Martha Church Catherine Fritchie Geraldine But-hm Mary L. Cleve Beth Fritchie Pdt Buchm Carolyn Conway Carolyn F Tin Faith Bowen Sandy Cooke Nancy Haley Andree Briant Carole Coopwood Tania Hallberg Barbara Brill Carol Curet Audrey Hunter Carolyn Calhoun Joan Damonte Dinah Hyman Margaret Celli Ann Flinn Evelyn Jackson Jennie Chesnut Luciene Fountain Roxilea Jones DELTA CHAPTER SO O F Awards and parties which they host Is of w hat the Phi Mu ' s boast. A real live saint they this year gained When as St. Patricia their sister reigned. Last spring the Campus Carnival prize they won For the most original booth where all had fun. So? NOT PICTLRED: Belty Bait. Andrea Collins, Helen Cooper, Elaine Douglas, , dl Easl- land, Joan Garcia, Barbara Larman, Diane Lynne. 136 M U Ann Keefe Catherine Kirkland Belli Kotles J " an Laden Elizabeth Leigh Jane Lowe Joanne Massa Dorothy McCahe Jane McCall Joan Miramon Anita Parent Barbara Perez Helen Perry Audrey Reinike Betty Robinson Emma Stark Addie Thibodaux Ina Sue Worthy Top : Those happy alumni Bottom: You like? I OFFICERS Barbara Thomas President Joan Miramon Vice-President Anita Parent Secretary Martha Church Treasurer Andree Briant Pledge Director Founded : Wesleyan College in Mar. 4, 1852 Newcomb College in Oct. 22, 1906 Chapters: 79 Colors: Rose and White p I Claire Altwell Mary Carter Ann Marie Gandolfo Cartiliiv Catherine Jo Go e Balder Jerr Barnum Mary Bartlelt Ann Bennett Chapman Pickens Costley Marion Craig Dorothy Dakin odwin Dee Dee Griffin Doris Guillot Margaret Head Ann Bond Pat Brennan Jane Bruce Betsy Buehrer Mary Bush Betty Daniel Courtney Feringa Patricia Fleming Cynthia Forcheimer Camille Fortune E. Jones Ann Kennington Sophia Leach Jennifer Mann Betsy Maught LOUISIANA ALPHA CHAPTER OF PI PHI ' S DON ' T Mary had a little girl, She sent her off to college. She sent her first to pledge Pi Phi, And then to get some knowledge. The Pi Phi ' s have a little house Which is completely green. And inside many debutantes and diamond rings are seen. They ' d like to have a brand new house. But they most probably won t. They ' d like to Ijurn the old house down, But can ' t, cause " Pi Phis ' don ' t! " NOT PICTURED: Arthe Beardsley, Paula Beaver, Constance Brown, Caroline Benton, Genevieve Campbell, Sue Clann, Sue Keller, Kiki Kerne. Claire Leary. Daisy Meriwether. Joan Schucrmann, Caroline Truenian, Elissa . ustin. Judy Btindurant. Josephine Connors, Gary Gillis, Lise Ann Hartson, Jean McCarroIl, Helen Patton, Ann Pleasant. 188 BETA PHI Pat McGee Carey McLean Donna Miesse Clara MLinlmlland Janeth Murray Barbara Newman Nancy Nichols Mary Alice Norman Betty Osborn Felice Perrilliat Laura Planche Anne Payne Richardson Kay Richardson Charlotte Schmidt Lida Mae Smith Melanie Speer Lydianne Stahel Mildred Stouse Janet Tyson Rozzie Whitten Top: You can ' t have it! Bottom: What ' s your trouble? Br OFFICERS Patricia McGee President Joan Scheuermann Vice-President Janeth Murray . . . Corresponding Secretary Kay Richardson Recording Secretary Cynthia Forchheimer Treasurer Founded Newcomb College in 1891 April 28. 1867 Chapters: 100 Colors : Wine and Silver Blue ALPHA William M. Brantley Salvador Ferreri Jerry A. Byers Robert D. Gelmore Merrill M. Cooper Odell Hargrove William F. Douglas William Kellum ALPHA BETA CHAPTER OF Alpha Kappa Kappa Fraternity owes its beginning to a group of students at Dartmouth Medical School who on September 29, 1888, met and organized our fraternity. These men had no idea that their organizing step was the first in the formation of an international brotherhood of men engaged in the study and practice of medicine. Since that time, forty three more chapters have been established in all parts of the United States and in Canada. Men widely known for their contributions to medical knowledge and for their Sacrificial service to mankind are highly numbered in the ranks of Alpha Kappa Kappa. Alpha Beta Chapter of Alpha Kappa Kappa of the Tulane Univer- sity School of Medicine had its origin in 1903 with ten charter mem- bers making 1953 our golden anniversary year. NOT PICTURED: Rod Altmann, Enoch Authement, Jim Cotter, Nick D ' Amato, Matt Elilen, Gerald English, Gorden Folger, Lloyd Gary, Joe Giovenco, Clyde Hagood, Bill Henderson, Conrad Herr, Grady Hill, Howard Horton, Mark Lambert, Steve Marks, Vince Mollina, Emanuel Pae , Charles Peterson, Bill Pittnian, Eddie Serrano, Anton Stifter, Hal Stuhbs, Joe Tedesco, Norman Whittliauer. 190 KAPPA KAPPA James F. McClendon Walter F. Prickett James R. McKinney Leroy E. Weeks Andrew Orestano Top: Cheesecake and Cheese Bottom: Hold Pose Hi OFFICERS Bob Gilmore President Melvin Brantly Vice President John Hill Treasurer Al Gould Corresponding Secretary Jim McClendon Recording Secretary N U Wade Burnside Charles H ' Doubler James McComisky Madison Cawein Robert Hill Mimes Ochsner William Chapman Frank Hull Benjamin Okel Jack Counce William Kemmerer Robert Palmer Dean Gillespie Carl Kline Edward Parker Charles Gross Alfred Lewis Stanley Payne Jack Hale Ted Lowrey Eldon Pence BETA IOTA CHAPTER OF Nu Sigma Nu was founded at the University of Michigan in 1882. Beta Iota Chapter was established at Tulane in 1910. Nu Sig had a very successful rush season with many fine parties. Subsequent social events included several impromptu " knee walkers " at the Bamboo Lounge and the " Hole. " That crazy Christmas party was the highsight of the winter season. Eminent surgeon Dr. Fred CoUer, chief of surgery at the University of Michigan, was the guest speaker at the annual Rudolph Matas Lectureship held in honor of Nu Sigma Nu ' s greatest alumnus. The Spring Formal and annual Spring Picnic were highly success- ful, rounding out a satisfying year. NOT PICTURED: Bob Allen, Bill Allenwonli, Hal Avant, Jerry Bagwell. Chuck Bonura. Ed Bowman. Dale Coker, Avery Cook, Jim Colburn, Mel Corry, Hal Cox, Homer Ellis, Sam Emerson. Jack Flood, Lawrence Gardiner, Bill Geary, Vic Goeller, Bill Graber. Jimmy Gouaux, Billy Hamilton, Jim Hampton, Jim Hersclier, Dick Kempson, Ray Ledbetter, Fred Lind, Crawford Long, John Lucas, Allen Mackenzie, Ernie Miller, Don Montgomery, Harry Moresi, Larry O ' Meallie, Tommy Nelson, Bill Osborn. Bob Parsons, John Phillips, Jack Ponder, Bob Rader, Andy Rinker, Bob Rogers, Rudy Rudolph, Don Ruppcrl. Nick Stall- worth, John Smilli, Grady Thompson, Jack Thorp. Jimmy Todd, Jim Venable, Paul Welly, Charlie Wilson, Gus Williams, George Williams, Curtis Wilcox. Bud Yost. 192 SIGMA N U _ . ;k Tm 1 A m » -f ' i r % ' k i Harvev Piiwilt Kenneth Saer Henry Stuulz Paul Tennis Robert Thompsim Albert Urrutia John Watts Donald Wilson Paul Winder Herbert Wren Warren Wulfekiihler Top ' And tlieie we were Bottom: I can stand pain because I ' m a man I OFFICERS Herb Wren President Ken Saer Vice President Jim Venable Secretary Bob Rader Treasurer T H E T A William Bennett Gerald Falleta Ralph Bergeron William Geissler Charles Brook; Ed Hinman J. W. Bugg William Lagergren B. H. Cogdell Charles Laurent PI CHAPTER OF Pi Chapter of Theta Kappa Psi climaxed another highly success- ful Rush Season on February 20 with the initiation of 17 new mem- bers. The events of the Rush Season — a barbecue, a dance, and a shrimp party — were thoroughly enjoyed by the members and the in- coming freshman class. A hayride, the annual Christmas Party, the famous Cadaver Ball, the Spring Formal, and the Spring Picnic were the scheduled events of the social calendar for 1953-54 at 4617 Prytania St. Several in- formal house parties and smokers were also enjoyed by the members and their guests. Theta Kappa Psi, the oldest of the medical fraternities, had its ori- gin in 1879. Pi Chapter was founded at Tulane University in 1904. and has since provided several generations of distinguished medical leaders. Pi Chapter looks forward to playing its part in the training of the new doctors who will continue the present rapid advancement of the medical profession. NOT PICTURED: James Alexander, Huraberto Arriaga, Cris Baffes, Pete Bertucci, Sam Bousliy, John Bradin, John Brown. John Butler. Chuck Caruso. Dick Cole, Pete Contacos, S. J. Dana, Pete Drakapoulas, Herb Dyer, George Farha, Tom Fedor, Bob Firnberg, Remy Gonzales, Joe Griffing, .-M Hale, James Harding, Bob Hargrove, Bob Hatton, Ken Johnson, Sergio Leon, Richard Morhan, Chuck Pang, Dick Pang, Hector Ruiz, Sam Sarullo. Lowry Sheely, Wade Sigmon, Nelson Spoto, George Thabit, Mitsuo Tottori, Tony Ziegler. 194 KAPPA P S I Leandro Pasos William Riecken Kenneth Peirce Jack Voight Evans Powell Top : ... 24 hours after Bottom : We like it, though BKf OFFICERS Gene R. Lindley Prytan WiLLARD H. Bennett Vice Prytan Robert L. Hatton Recorder M. Ben Ossi Bursar P H I Gilbert Alexandei James Brakefielu Jim Day Rav Hadded Jerry Bailes Di-ii Bullington Richard Dickinson Marion Hargrove Haskell Bass Robert Bass Oscar Bienvenu Bea ' jchamp Burch Earl Campbf;!! Hugh Carter Nat Galloway Ellery Gay William Giddons Glen Henderson Robert Hodge George Hoffman Orville Blank Richard Clark Billy Grahdin Thomas Hudson Emmett Blankenship James Bledsoe David Colbert Robert Cox Malcolm Cranberry Edward Gutierrt Wiley Jenkins Clark Jennings OMICRON CHAPTER OF Phi Chi was founded at the University of Vermont in 1889 and Oniicron Chapter has been at Tulane since December 20, 1902. Famous for quiet parties and clean skits, they are proud of the C. Jeff Miller library and their beautiful house which received some new furniture and a television set during the year. Outstanding events of the year were a very successful rush program, the Christmas Formal and the Spring Formal in honor of the graduat- ing seniors, and the Founder ' s Day Banquet in honor of the alumni. After dinner " bull sessions " with members of the faculty proved stimulation to all concerned. Sparked by good leadership and fellowship, the year was a good one for Omicron and Phi Chi. NOT PICTURED: Robert Anderson, James Anderson, Lamar Arrington, George Bedding- field, Milton Beheler, Thomas Benefield, Gus Bootle, John Brigham. Richard Campbell, Jim Carpent er, John Carney, Carlton Carpenter. George Gary, Harry Causey, O ' Neal Chadwick, Rod Clement, Edwin Cole, Magrude Corban, Oliver Dabezies, Bill Dale, Caldwell DeBardele- ban. Jack Dent, Hal Douglas, James Dunklin, Ralph Dunn, Lee Edmonds, Richard Flowers, Weston Folse, John Fordhan, Bob Gilland, Peachy Gilmer, Glen Gore, Joe Hanrahan, Her- man Hassell, Hiram Haynic, Clifton Hester, Malcolm Hodges, Ray Hooper. Ji. hn Hudgens, Roland Jackson. Dwight Keady, William Killinger. Phil Laborde. Carlos Lamar, Henry Langhorne, Dave Lee, Jim Leftwich, Tom Lewis, Jolin Lipsey. Joe Longenecker, Ted Lucas, Errol Malvaney, Mac Molnar, Charles Moore, Tony Moore, Sara Morgan, Dunny Morton, McGiniy McBride, Raymond McBride, John MacDonald. Billy McKeller, Frank McPherson, Joe Netick, Joe Newhall, Clayton Overton, Clyde Owings. Don Pavy. Henry Pitot. Charles Peters, Kave Pope, Paul Prati, Jim Roberts, Erskine Ross, Larry Rowley, Bob Rueb, Jerry Shaw, Paul Shaw, Ellsworth Sacks, Bennett Sewell, Bill Sisirunk. Gall Tatum, Sonny Texada, Bob Townes, Cleveland Turner, Wim Van Muyden, Fred Walker, Dave Wall. Mac Wallace. Clarence Webb. Henry Wilde, R ibert Williams, Marion Winkler, Tommy Wood, Woody Wood, Joe Wright. 196 C H I Robert Jcihnson Robert Lee Glen Leknd Bob Little William Long Charles Longenecker Robert MacKay William Miller William Mitebell Clifton Morris William Owens John O ' Shaughnessy James Parsons Donald Rayner Paul Reed Ernest Reeves Donald Richardson Jerry Roebuck Everett Schneider Albert Stephens Ray Stodard Malcolm Thomas James Tucker Robert Ward Robert Wells Alfred Wick Jack Witchen IK Top : We ' re laughing ourselves to death Hollom: Kiusev said that? OFFICERS R. Ted Lucas President Henry Pitot Vice President Carlton CARi ' jiNTEK T. reasurer Robert Johnson Secretary CLASSES ills not the lectures to cut — or sleep through — but the pan- , elled anonymity of our fellow- i sufferers. SENIORS SCHOOL OF MEDICINE First Row: • MATTHEW ALBERT, 67A Stadium Place, New Orleans, La. • J. GILBERT ALEXANDER, 211 North, Union, Miss.; Sigma Nu; Phi Chi. • MAYNARD H. ALSTET, 216 B. Davis Ave., Fayetteville, N. C; Phi Delta Epsilon; Treasurer Senior Class. • JERRY BAILES, 93H Stadium Place; Phi Chi; President Sophomore Class; Honor Council ' 51. • CLAUDE J. BARNES, 210 Birch, Milton, Fla. • ROBERT K. BASS, 610 Austin Ave., Denton, Texas; Phi Chi. Second Row: • WILLARD HALL BENNETT, Titusville, Fla.; Sigma Nu; Theta Kappa Psi. • RALPH B, BERGERON, 4224 So. Rocheblave, New Orleans, La.; Theta Kappa Psi. • OSCAR JOSEPH BIENVENU, JR., 708 Union, Opelousas, La.; Beta Theta Pi; Pi Chi; History of Medicine Society; Owl Club; Glee Club; Operetta. Matthew Albert Willard Bennett Melvin Brantlcv Gilbert Alexander Ralph Bergeron William Brooks Maynard Alstet Oscar Bienvenu, Jr. James Bugg Jerry Bailes Claude Barnes Robert Bass Gene Blakely Orville Blank Brantle Blankenship Dan Bullington Wade Burnside. Jr. Melvin Buxhaum Some people just like crowds • GENE THORNTON BLAKELY, 2165 Belford, Jacksonville, Fla.; Medical ROTC. • ORVILLE E. BLANK, 233 N. Oleander Ave., Daytona Beach, Fla.; Sigma Chi; Phi Chi: Medical Pan Hellenic. • BRANTLE EMMETT BLANKENSHIP, 1128 Iredell Circle. Birmingham, Ala.; Phi Chi. Third Row: • WILLIAM MELVIN BRANTLEY, Garland, Ala.; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Medical Pan Hellenic. • WILLIAM BROOKS, 932 Lowerlinc, New Orleans, La.; Phi Delta Epsilon; ' 19 Football Manager; ' 19 Carnival Staff. ■ JAMES BUGG, Box 815, Mulberry, Fla.; Thcla Kappa Psi. • DAN BULLINGTON, 3.520 S. " O " , Fori Smith, Ark.: Beta Theta Pi: Phi Chi. • WADE W. BURNSIDE, JR.. Newclltnn. La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Nu Sigma Nu; Wesley Founda- tion. • MELVIN BUXBAU.M, 1219 S. 18th Ave., Hollywood, Fla.; Phi Delta Epsilon: Eta Sigma Phi; Phi Beta Kappa. 200 Earl Campbell. Jr. " William i ' ,A .n,.u, William Carries, Jr. UhlKiril Cl.iik. Jr. John Carney B. H. CngJell Samuel Carr Man Cnllrll Linwood Carter Mcrril Cnriper Madison Cawein, III Arthur Corey ABOVE First Row: • EARL R. CAMPBELL, JR., 68 N. Crest Road, Chattanooga, Tenn.; Phi Chi. • WILLIAM HENRY CARNES, JR., 919 40th Ave.. Culfpurt, Miss. • JOHN CARNEY, 344 Spring, Jeffersonville, Ind. • SAMUEL FREDERICK CARR, 404 Fletus Blvd.. Leland, Miss.; Kappa Sigma; Beta Beta Beta; Omieron Delta Kappa; Plii Eta Sigma. • LINWOOD HUGH CARTER, 906 S. Perry, Montgomery, Ala.; Phi Chi. • MADISON JULIUS CAWEIN, III, 181 Elm, Versailles, Ky.; Nu Sigma Nu. BELOW First Row: ' MILLARD COSTILOW, Route 2, Grenada, iMiss.; Alpha Omega Alpha. • JAMES COTTER, Box 242. Dickinson, Texas. ■ OLIVER H. DABEZIES, JR., 4000 Delgrade Dr., New Orleans. La.; Delta Sigma Phi; Phi Sigma; History ol Medicine Society. • GEORGE M. DAME, 624 Basswood Ave., Jacksonville, Fla.; Theta Kappa Psi; Sigma Pi; Phi Sigma. • RICHARD DICKINSON, Barker, New York; Phi Chi. • WILLIAM F. DOUGLAS, JR., 4214 Baionne, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Medical Pan Hellenic; Phi Eta Sigma; Medical ROTC. • SALVADOR FERRERI. 2929 18th, Tampa. Fla.; Alpha Kappa Kappa. Second Row: • WILLIAM L. CHAPMAN, 1936 Morril. Sarasota, Fla.; Nu Sigma Nu; Medical Pan Hellenic. • RICHARD H. CLARK, JR., Cherokee Hill, Hattiesburg, Miss.; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Chi; Treasurer Freshmen; Vice-President Junior Class. ■ B. H. COGDELL, 119 French, New Iberia, La.; Theta Kappa Psi. • ALAN B. COHEN, 2015 S.W. 21st, Miami, Fla.; Phi Delta Epsilon. • MERRIL M. COOPER, Box 87, Roscoe, Texas; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • ARTHUR EDWOODE COREY, Winter, Cochituate, Mass.; Phi Lambda Kappa; Medical Pan Hellenic. Second Row: • HENRY LAWRENCE GARDINER, JR.. .307 E. Hutchinson Ave., Crowley, La.; Kappa Sigma; Nu Sigma Nu. • ZANE N. GAUT, 136 Crest Road, Hueytown, Ala. • WILLIAM L. GIESSLER, 2345 N. Miro, New Orleans, La.; Theta Kappa Psi; Gamma Delta. • WILLIAM R. GIDDENS, 4734 Fairfield, Shreveport, La.: Phi Chi. • ROBERT DAVID GILMORE, 2700 Cockrell, Ft. Worth, Texas; Alpha Kap- pa Kappa; Medical Pan Hellenic ' 52- ' 53; Vice-President " 53- ' 54 Student Body; Owl Club. • LAWRENCE GOLODNER, 1413 Second Ave., New York, N. Y.; Phi Delta Epsilon. • VICTOR RUSSELL GOELLER, JR., 507 Hermitage Court, Charlotte, N. C. Millard Costilow Henry Gardiner, Jr. James Cotter Zane Gaut Oliver Dabezies, Jr. William Geissler George Dame William Giddens Richard Dickinson Robert Gilmore William Douglas, Jr. Lawrence Golodner Salvador Ferreri V ictor Goeller, Jr. 201 SENIORS SCHOOL OF MEDICINE First Row: • ALFRED GOULD, St. Francisvillc, La. • CHARLES M. GROSS, 1009 Olive, Monlgomery, Ala.; Nu Sigma Nu. • EDWARD GUTIERREZ, 5521 S. Tonti, New Orleans, La.: Phi Chi. • MARION D. " HARGROVE, JR., 608 Unadilla, Shrevepon, La.: Kappa Alpha; Phi Chi: Omirrun Delta Kappa; Owl Club. • ELI B, HARMON, 92 Stadium Place, New Orleans, La.; Phi Lambda Kappa. • HENRY HARREN, RED No. 1. LaFcria. Texas. Second Roiv: • JULIAN J. HARWELL, Route 2, Tonkawa, Okla.; Kappa Sigma. • H. GLEN HENDERSON, 2203 Wilbauger, Vernon, Texas; Phi Chi; Medical Pan Hellenic. Alfred Gould Julian Harwell Tliumas Hudson Charles Gross H. Glen Henderson Clyde Hurst Edward Gutierrez Robert Hill Clark Jennings. Jr. Marion Hargrove, Jr. Robert Hodge Kenneth Johnson Eli Harmon Malcolm Hodges William Kellum Henry Harren George Hoffman William Kemmerer Aw, take my picture mister • ROBERT HILL, 2228 Ward Parkway, Ft. Worth, Texas; Nu Sigma Nu. • ROBERT H. HODGE, 421 N. 11th, Oxford, Miss.; Phi Chi. • MALCOLM HODGES, 2114 VineviUe, Macon, Ga. • GEORGE W. HOFFMAN, 301 Second Ave., Hattiesburg, Miss.; Phi Delta Theta: Phi Chi. Third Row: • THOMAS LEO HUDSON, Box 162, Lake Wales, Fla.: Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Chi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Pre-Med Society; Varsity Track ' 47- 51 ; Captain Track Team ' 51: Jamualava; Newman Club. • CLYDE HURST, Laurel, Miss.; Honor Council ' 51- " 52. • CLARK W. JENNINGS, JR., 1550 Via Tuscany, Winter Park, Fla.: Phi Chi; Medical ROTC. • KENNETH JOHNSON, U Magnolia, Sebring, Fla. • WILLIAM C. KELLUM, Box 243, Tupelo, Miss.; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • WILLIAM T. KEMMERER. 312 Country Club Drive. Holdenvillc, Okla.; Nu Sigma Nu; Wesley Foundation. 202 Leiv Kvamme rrHric T.nwrrv William Lagergren Rriliprt Lura« Robert Lee C.r.lnn M.-H.-tii Glen Lelancl. Jr. J:inies jMrKinnry Alfred Lewis, Jr. iHtiieles Malo-Iglesia? Gene R. Lindle; William Mitrhnil, ABOVE First Row: • LEIV KVAMME, Voss, Norway; President Senior Class. • WILLIAM R. LAGERGREN, 15 N. East, Pensacola, Fla.; Theta Kappa Psi; Medical ROTC. ■ ROBERT EDWIN LEE, Route 3, Picayune, Miss.; Phi Chi; Baptist Student Union. • GLEN V. LELAND, JR., 507 Short, New Orleans, La.; Phi Chi; History of Medicine Society. • ALFRED LAWSON LEWIS, JR., Amite, La.: Delta Kappa Epsilon; Nu Sigma Nu; Tulane Pan Hellenic ' 50. • GENE R. LINDLEY, 4708 Winthrop West, Ft. Worth, Texas; Theta Kappa Psi; Medical Pan Hellenic; Disciples Student Fellowship. Second Row: • CEDRIC W. LOWREY, 313 Archer, Hot Springs, Ark.; Phi Kappa Sigma: Nu Sigma Nu; Owl Club; Wesley Foundation. • ROBERT LUCAS, 535 Perre Mount, Shreveport, La. • GORDON S. McHENRY, McHenry, Miss. • JAMES ROBERT McKINNEY, 4200 Lone Oalc Dr., Fort Worth. Texas; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • TEMISTOCLES MALO-IGLESIAS, 4117 West, Panama, Republic of Panama. • WILLIAM T. MITCHELL. JR., 2425 Vestavia Dr., Birmingham, Ala.; Kap- pa Alpha Order; Phi Chi. BELOW First Row: ' CLIFTON TATE MORRIS, JR., 2258 Terrace Ave., Baton Rouge, La.: Kappa Alpha; Phi Chi; History of Medicine Society; Medical ROTC. • MIMS GAGE OCHSNER, 1347 Exposition Blvd., New Orleans, La.; Beta Theia Pi: Nu Sigma Nu. • BENJAMIN BOYD OKEL, 315 S. Panama, Montgomery, Ala.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Nu Sigma Nq. • MILTON ORKIN, 9 Rogers Ave., Danbury, Conn.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Phi Delta Epsilon; Phi Beta Kappa; Owl Club, • WILLIAM FRANKLIN OWENS, JR., Hefiin. Ala.; Sigma Chi; Phi Chi. • ROBERT C. PALMER. JR.. 1380 N. Spring, Pensacola, Fla.; Nu Sigma Nu; Honor Council ' 50- " 54; Vice-President Sophomore Class ' 51- ' 52; Owl ' s Club. • EDWARD C. PARKER, JR., 1516 E. Beach Road, Gulfport, Miss.; Nu Sig- ma Nu; Secretary Junior Class ' 53; Vice-President Senior Class ' 54; History of Medicine Society; Medical ROTC. Second Roiv: • LEANDRO PASOS, 107 Calle 15 Sept., Managua, Nicaragua; Theta Kappa Psi: Newman Club: Student American Medical Association. ' ELDON D. PENCE, JR., 3190 Poplar Drive, Linwood, Calif.; Kappa Sigma Nu Sigma Nu; Vice-President A S ' 48- ' 49; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eia Sigma: Medical ROTC. • CARMEN ISABEL POSADA, 756 Monserrate, Santurce, Puerto Rico; Alpha Epsilon Iota; Medical Pan Hellenic Secretary ' 54; History of Medicine Society. • AMOS LEE PREVATT, 206 Lee. Tampa, Fla.; Theta Kappa Psi; History of Medicine Society; Owl Club. • THOMAS D. PRUITT, JR., 1010 Watauga, Kingsport, Tenn. • ERNEST P. REEVES, JR., 755 East View, Jackson, Miss.; Kappa Alpha; Phi Chi. • JOHN KENNETH SAER, 1619 Arabella, New Orleans, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon: Nu Sigma Nu; Phi Beta Kappa: History of Medicine Society; New- man Club. Clifton Morris, Jr. Leandre Pasos Mins Ochsner Elden Pence, Jr. Benjamin Okel Carmen Posada Milton Orkin Amos Prevatt William Owens, Jr. Thomas Pruitt, Jr. Robert Palmer, Jr. Ernest Reeves, Jr. Edward Parker, Jr. John Saer 203 SENIORS SCHOOL OF MEDICINE First Row: • CLARENCE S. SAKAI, 1720-C Kalihi, Honolulu, T.H. • PATTY SCARBOROUGH, Route 1, Box 134, Biloxi, Miss.; Secretary ' 51- ' 52; Beta Beta Beta; Alpha Epsilon Iota. • HARLAN WAYNE SINDELL, 435 Rivo Alto Dr., Miami Beach, Fla.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Phi Lamb- da Kappa. • JAMES P. SPELL, Route 2, Columbia, Miss.; Baptist Student Union. • ALBERT L. STEPHENS, Coushatta, La.; Phi Chi. • RAY STODARD, Route 7, Meridian, Miss.; Phi Chi; Baptist Student Union. Second Roiv: • HENRY DECK STONE, Lambert, Miss.; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Chi; Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Gam- ma Epsilon. • CHARLES C. TYLER, 1604 River Road, Picayune, Miss.; Secretary Medical Student Body ' 51; " Who ' s Who; Baptist Student Union. Clarence Sakai Henry Stone Donald Wilson Patty Scarborough diaries Tyler James Spell Lewis Wiener . rlliur Woodward Albert Stephens Selwyn Willig Herbert Wren, III Ray Stodard Charles Wilson Pigskin Prowess • ROBERT M. WELLS, 83-A Stadium Place, New Orleans, La.: Phi Chi; History of Medicine So- ciety; Owl Club; Varsity Basketball ' 48- ' 50. • LEWIS M. WIENER, 8002 21st Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.; Kappa Nu; Phi Delta Epsilon; Phi Beta Kappa. • SELWYN GERALD WILLIG, 1580 E. I9th, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Phi Lambda Kappa. • CHARLES WILSON, Neosho, Mo. Third Roiv: • DONALD PETTIT WILSON, 2528 Olopua, Honolulu, Hawaii: Nu Sigma Nu. • RALPH C. WILSON, 203 W. Hampstead, Nashville, Ark.; Kappa Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa: History .if Medicine Society; Newman Club; Medical ROTC. • JACK MARION WITCHEN, 905 Telephone Road, Pascagoula, Miss.; Phi Chi: Beta Beta Beta; Kappa Delta Phi. • ARTHUR S. WOODWARD. 1740 Valley Ave.; Birmingham, Ala. • HERBERT BENJAMIN WREN, III, 1315 Locust, Texarkana. Ark.; Kappa Sigma: Nu Sigma Nu; President Medical School Student Body ' 53- ' 53; Kappa Delta Phi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Beta Kappa; History of .Medicine Society; Owl Club; Wesley Foundation. 204 UNDERGRADUATES SCHOOL OF MEDICINE ' 3 ' -A ' i i f ' A What operation? First Roiv: • MARSHALL IRVING ALPERIN: 911 Jefferson Ave., New Orleans, La.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Phi Delta Epsilon. • HASKELL H. BASS, JR., 3607 Si. Charles Ave., New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha; Phi Chi. • DONALD A. BERMAN; 2421 Pancoast Waterway, Miami Beach, Fla.; Alplia Epsilon Pi; Phi Delta Epsilon; Beta Beta Beta; Pre-Medical Society; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Sigma Alpha Chi; Delta Thela Mu; Chemical Honors Society. Second Row: • JAMES W. BLEDSOE, .Mt. Vernon Inn, Winter Park, Fla.; Phi Chi. • GEORGE C. BOLIAN, II, 6.324 S, Claiborne Ave.; New Orleans, La. • JAMES M. BRAKEFIELD, 85.5-77 Way So., Birmingham, Ala.; Phi Chi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Who ' s Who; Baptist Student Union. Third Row: • CHARLES PRITCHARD BROOKS, Asheville, N. C; Theta Kappa Psi; President 1953. ' 54 Fresh- man Class; American Society of Parasitologists. • BEAUCHAMP BURCH, So. Huntington, Koscius- ko, Miss.; Phi Chi. • JERRY A. BYARS, 505 No. Panola, Senatobia, Miss.; Alpha Kappa Kappa. Foitrtli Row: • DAVID W. COLBERT, JR., 525 Broad, Columbia, Miss.; Phi Chi. • AVERY LEVERN COOK, 3435 Canal, Moonduilce, Ala. • WILLIAM J. COTTRELL, 111 E. Seventh, Little Rock, Ark. Filth Row: • JACK COUNCE 1630 Palmer Ave., New Orleans, La.; Beta Theta Phi; Nu Sigma Nu; ViccPresident Freshman Class, 1952- ' 53; History of .Medicine So- ciety; 1945 Football Letter; S.A.M.A. • ROBERT I, COX, Brandon, Miss.; Phi Chi. • JIM DAY; 405 McKinley, Starkville, Miss.; Phi Chi. Sixth Row: ' GERALD PATRICK FALLETTA, 2840 Mtn. Brook Pkwy., Birmingham, Ala.; Theta Kappa Psi; Class President, 19.52--53, 1953- ' 51; Kappa Delta Phi; Student Activities Key; History of Medicine Society; Owl Club; Newman Club. • NAT C. GAL- LOWAY, Box 276, Katy. Texas; Phi Chi. • ELLERY CLARKE GAY, JR., 9 Gay PI., Little Rock, Ark.; Phi Chi. Seventh Row: • D. DEAN GILLESPIE, 512 E. Mitchell Dr., Phoe- nix, Ariz.; Nu Sigma Nu; Medical Pan-Hellenic Council Member. • H. LAMAR GILLESPIE, Box 164, Sumrall, Miss.: Alpha Kappa Kappa. • DON- ALD GORDILLO, P.O. Box 272, Managua, Nica- ragua; Pi Kappa Alpha; Tulane Pan-Hellenic Coun- cil Member, 1952; Pre-Medical Society; History of Medicine Society; Newman Club; Lagniappes; Pan- American Society, Eighth Row: • BILLY MACK GRAHAM, 836 Euclid Ave., Jack- son, Miss.; Kappa Alpha; Phi Chi. • MALCOLM CRANBERRY, 141 E. Elmvien PI., San Antonio, Texas; Phi Chi; Kappa Sigma. • JAMES ROY GUYTON, JR., 357 N. Spring. Tupelo, Miss. 205 UNDERGRADUATES SCHOOL OF MEDICINE First Rotv: ' RAY HADDAD, JR., 306 Clairmont, Jackson, Miss.; Kappa Alpha; Phi Chi; Medical Class Presi- dent. 1953- ' 54; Omicron Delta Kappa. • " WILLIAM ODELL HARGROVE, 1000 6th Ave., Fort Worth, Te.Kas; Alpha Kappa Kappa. ' CHARLES E. H ' DOUBLER, Route 7, Box 467, Springfield, Mo.; Nu Sigma Nu. • ED J. HINMAN, 612 Henry Clay Ave., New Orleans, La.; Theta Kappa Psi; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Who ' s Who; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Phi Sigma; History of Medicine Society; S.A.M.A. • FRANK W. HULL, 100 N. Country Cl ub Dr., Phoenix, Ariz.; Sigma Chi; Nu Sigma Nu. • ROBERT P. JOHNSON, 1704 Lake Ave., West Palm Beach, Fla.; Phi Chi; History of Medicine Society; Owl Club. • CARL A. KLINE, 411 W. Gramercy, San Antonio, Texas; Phi Kappa Alpha; Nu Sigma Nu; Tulane Pan-Hellenic Council, 1950; Scabbard Blade. • CLEMENT CHARLES LAUR- ENT, JR., 2211 Hill, Alexandria, La.; Theta Kappa Psi. • BOB LITTLE, 1013 So. Lamar, Oxford, Miss.; Sigma Chi; Phi Chi. Second Row: • WILLIAM A. LONG, JR., Hazlehurst, Miss.; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Chi; Phi Eta Sigma. • CHARLES G. LONGENECKER, 205 So. 6th, Amory, Miss.; Phi Chi. • BERYL LOVTTZ, 1034 Holmesdale Rd., Jacksonville, Fla.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Phi Delta Epsilon; Tulane Band. • ROBERT C. MacKAY; P.O. Box 152, Columbia, Miss.; Phi Chi; Canterbury Club. • JAMES E. McCLENDON, 940 Peck Ave., San Antonio, Texas; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Wesley Foundation. • JAMES WAN-LEUNG MANN, 69-B Pokfulum Rd., Hongkong. • ERNEST CARL MIL- LER, Charity Hospital, New Orleans, La. • WIL- LIAM O. MILLER, 317 .Millsaps Ave., Jackson, Miss.; Phi Chi; Kappa Alpha; Omicron Delta Kap- pa. • BETTY JANE MORPHY, 200 Island View, Long Beach, Miss. Third Row: • ANDREW ORESTANO, 911 14th Ave., Tampa, Fla.: Alpha Kappa Kappa; History of Medicine Society; Newman Club. • W. JOHN O ' SHAUGH- NESSEY, JR., 284 Albermarle PI., Macon, Ga.; Phi Chi; Owl Club. • M. BENJAMIN OSSI, 1604 Berwick Rd., So. Jacksonville, Fla.; Theta Kappa Psi; Vice-President Sophomore Class. 1953- ' 54; Owl Club; Newman Club. • JAMES M. PARSONS, La- donia, Texas; Phi Chi. • STANLEY ROSS PAYNE, 222 Inslee Ave., San Antonio, Texas; Phi Kappa Sigma; Nu Sigma Nu; Pre-Medical Society: Green- backers; Canterbury Club. • ROBERT B. PEDDY, 729 So. Johnson, Lakeland, Fla.; Beta Theta Pi. • KENNETH E. PEIRCE, R.R. No. 1, Box 182-B, Warner Robins, Ga.; Theta Kappa Psi. 206 UNDERGRADUATES school of medicine . til. a ilorfnv in the house? o o.. ff kK ' ! I .__ ' O Ak Firsr Row: • HARVEY MAC PEWITT, JR., Route 4, Fulton, Ky.; Nil Sigma Nu; Kappa Sigma; Freshman Medi- ,al Class President; Owl Club. • F. EVANS POW- ELL, 5.534 Garfield, New Orleans, La.; Theta Kappa Psi. • WALTER L. PRICKETT, Route No. 8, Brown- ing Rd., Evansville, Ind.; Alpha Kappa Kappa. Srfoiul Rote: • niOMAS MALCOLM LEO QLEHL, 2216 Carlc- t.m Dr., Baton Rouge, La.; Theta Kappa Psi; Pi Kap- pa Alplia; History of Medicine Society; Newman Club. • DONALD R. RAYNER, 518 Scott, Alex- andria, La.: Phi Chi; Wesley Foundation. • SAMUEL PAUL REED, Burlington. N. J.: Phi Chi. Tliird Row: • DONALD E. RICHARDSON, 755 No. President, Jackson, Miss.; Phi Chi. • WILLIAM E. RIECKEN, JR., 625 Broadway, Jackson, Miss.; Theta Kappa Psi; Pi Kappa Alpha; History of Medicine Society; Wesley Foundation. • JERRY ROEBUCK, 508 W. Church, Newton, Miss.: Phi Chi; Medical Pan-Hel- lenic Council. Fourth Row: • DON RUPPERT, .37 W. Colter. Phoenix, Ariz. • STANLEY SAPERSTF.IN, 930 Galloway Ave., Memphis, Tenn.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Phi Delta Epsi- EVERETT A. SCHNEIDER, 336 Brocken- lon. I)raught Ct. New Orleans, La.; Phi Chi; S.A.M.A. Fijih Row: • MELVILLE JAY STERNBERG, 1546 Jefferson Ave., New Orleans, La.; Phi Delta Episoln; Tulane Band. • HENRY L. STOUTZ, III, 1811 Audubon, New Orleans, La.; Phi Delta Theta; Nu Sigma Nu; Secretary of Medical School, 1953- ' 54; Kappa Delta Phi; O micron Delta Kappa; Westminster Fellow- ship. • PAUL TENNIS, 629 Oak Ridge Dr., Neosho, Mo.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Nu Sigma Nu; Vice- President A S Sophomore Class 1951. Sixth Row: • MALCOLM THOMAS, 1415 W. Sheperd, Denison, Texas; Phi Chi; Sigma Pi Sigma. • ROBERT E. THOMPSON, 319 Sixth, McComb, Miss.; Kappa Sigma Nu; Kappa Delta Phi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Who ' s Who; Owl Ckib; 1952 Jambslaya Editor. • JAMES L. TUCKER, JR., 532 So. 55th, Birming- ham, Ala.; Phi Chi; Baptist Student Union. Seventh Row: • ALBERT COINDREAU URRUTIA, 1018 Hilde- brand, San Antonio, Texas; Nu Sigma Nu; Newman Club. • JACK VOIGHT, 2670 Green, Jacksonville, Fla.; Theta Kappa Psi. • ROBERT LEE WARD, 926 Oakland Ave., Rock Hill, S. C; Phi Chi. Eighth Row: • JOHN WATTS, 709 Chestnut S. W., Camden, Ark.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Nu Sigma Nu. • LEROY E. WEEKS, 7624 Summit, Kansas City, Mo.; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • ALFRED A. WICK, 3404 Euclid Ave., Fort Wayne, Ind.; Phi Chi. Ninth Row: • PAUL R. WINDER, 757 Robinson PL, Shreve- port, La.; Beta Theta Phi; Nu Sigma Nu; Secretary Sophomore Class. • WARREN WULFEKUHLER, Box 5486. Daytona Beach, Fla.; Beta Theta Pi; Nu Sigma Nu. • EDWARD Z.ALTA, 4810 Pitt, New Or- leans, La.; Phi Delta Epsilon; Kappa Nu. 207 First Row: • SIMON NATHAN BALL, 2833 Napoleon Ave., New Orleans, La.: Kappa Nu; La. Si.ciete dj Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi: Hillel Foundation. • BOBBIE-SUE F. BLANCHARD, 1820 S. Carrohon Ave., New Orleans, La.; La Societe du Droit Civil; Leadership Council; Canned Brief; Phi Delta Delta; Derby Week Commission; Common Law Club; Legal Aid; Campus Night. ■ LUIS EDUARDO CARDENAS, Calle 60 B No. 1.3—1.5 Bogota, Colombia, S.A.; Phi Alpha Delta; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Alpha Delta. • ANTHONY J. CLESI, JR., 2814 Palmer Ave., New Orleans, La.; Delta Tau Delta. • EMILE J. DREUIL, 2,34 Orlando Drive, New Orleans, La.; La Societe du Droit Civil; Moot Court Board. SENIORS SCHOOL OF LAW Second Row: • LOUIS J. DREUIL, 243 Orlando Dr., New Orleans. La.; La Societe du Droit Civil; Law Review Newman Club. Bobbie-Sue Blanchard Leonard Fagot IIur..M Or.ili.Lni. ,Ir. r « p I Luis Cardenas Donald Ferguson Donald Hammi-It Anthony Clesi, Jr. Bush Gamble Hour-. ' ]-hn:-- Emile Dreuil Paul Gilbert Daniel llurlcv ■ LEONARD J. FAGOT, 102-F Stadium Place; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi; Political Science Honor Fraternity. • DONALD L. FERGUSON, 6 Donnybrook Ave., Greenville, S. C; Pi Kappa Phi; Vice-President Law School, 1952-3: Vice-President Fr eshman Class, 1952: Phi Delta Phi; Baptist Student Union: Air Force ROTC. • BUSH L. GAMBLE, 1316 Henry Clay Ave., New Orleans, La.; Beta Theta Pi; Scabbard and Blade; Greenbackers; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society. • PAUL ROBERT GILBERT: ,34.30 Vincennes Place, New Orleans, La.. Third Row: • JULIAN H. GOOD, 2817 Jefierson Ave., New Orleans, La.; Zeta Beta Tua; Phi Beta Kappa; Kappa Delta Phi; Omicron Delta Kappa; " Who ' s " Who; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi: Law Re- view; Air Force ROTC; Arnold Air Society. • HAROLD GROVE GRAHAM, JR., 1515 Webster, New Orleans, La.; Phi Delta Phi. • DONALD A. HAMMETT, 290 Walnut; Delta Kappa Epsilon; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi; Canned Brief. • GEORGE L. HAYES, Route 2, Box 418, Shreveport, La.; Delta Sigma Phi; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi. • DANIEL P. HURLEY, 36 Sherman, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Sigma Pi; Scabbard and Blade; La Societe du Droit Civil; Moot Court Board. Anytliing lor a vote 209 SENIORS SCHOOL OF LAW First Row: ' iMERVINE L. JANKOWER, 109 N. Parkerson, Rayne, La.; Zeta Beta Tau: Vice-President, Senior Law, 1953-54: La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi; Air Force ROTC; Arnold Air Society. • BURTON G. KLEIN, 5003 Perrier, La Societe du Droit Civil; Moot Court Board; Phi Alpha Delta. • EDWARD (AL) KUNZ, 926 Campronne, New Orleans, La.; Sigma Pi; Vice-President Law School Student Body, 1953-54; Scabbard and Blade; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Alpha Delta. • FELICIEN LOZES, 6057 Patton, New Orleans, La.: Who s Who; La Societe du Droit Civil; Moot Court Board; Reporter, The Student Lawyer. • MICHAEL JESSE McNULTY, JR., 85 Lee, Franklin, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Vice-President Junior Class Law School, 1952; President, Law Scliool Student Body, 1953-54; Secretary, La Societe du Droit Civil; Clerk, Phi Delta Phi; Associate Editor, The Student Lawyer. • MARCIA LANSFORD MELLON, 99C Stadium Place, New Orleans, La.; Secretary Freshman Class, 1952; Editor, The Student Lawyer. Second Row: • ROBERT SHACKLEFORD MELLON, 2530 Maryland Ave., Tampa, Fla.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Secretary, Law School Student Body, 1952; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi. • DONALD P. MILLER, 522 Forest Ave., Westfield, N. J.; Sigma Chi: La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi: Pi Kappa Delta; Student Lawyer; Committee. Derby Week; Legal Aid; President, King ' s Bench. Mervine Jankower Robert Mellon King Nungeyser, Jr. Burton Klein Donald Miller Lyle Page Edward Kunz Hainon Miller James Pinner Felicien Lozes . E, Montgomery, Jr. M. Van Horn, II Michael McNulty, Jr. Francis Mooney, Jr. Walter Wadlington, III Marcia Mellon Millard Nelsen George Winn JB- I can blow bubbles better than you • HAINON A. MILLER. Clinton, Miss.: President, Student CounciL 19.53-53: Omirron Delta Kappa; Who ' s Who; Phi Delta Phi; Track Captain, 1953; Baptist Student Union; Leadership Council. • A. E. MONTGOMERY, JR., 1804 Island Dr., Monroe, La.; Beta Theta Pi; Phi Delta Phi. • FRANCIS J. MOONEY. JR., 4739 Louisa Dr., New Orleans, La.; Secretary, Law School Student Body, 1954; Who ' s Who: La Societe du Droit Civil; Moot Court Board: Phi Delta Phi; Air Force ROTC: Debate Team; Glendy Burke Society; Representative, National Moot Court Competition. • MILLARD T. NELSEN, 1282 Devon, Los Angeles, CaliL; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Third Row: ' KING F. NUNGESSER, JR., 4421 Baronne, New Orleans, La.; President, Senior Class, Law School, 1953-54. • LYLE M. PAGE, 1516 W- Beach, Biloxi, Miss.; Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Delta Phi. • JAMES FRANCIS PINNER, 99-A Stadium Place, New Orleans, La.; President, Commerce, 1951; Beta Gamma Sigma; Moot Court Board. • M. DREU.X VAN HORN, II, 1238 W. Beach, Pass Christian, Miss.; Vice-President Freshman Class, 1951; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Alpha Delta; Canterbury Club; Leadership Council. • WALTER J. WADLINGTON, III, Box 2, Biloxi, Miss.; Sigma Chi: President, Freshman Class, Law School, 1952; Omicron Delta Kappa; Who ' s Who; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi; Editor-in-Chief, Law Review. • GEORGE CARROLL WINN, 1304 W. 10th, Lakeland, Fla.; Delta Sigma Phi; Tulane Pan Hel- lenic Council; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Delta Phi; Jambalay.a; Greenhackers; Naval ROTC; Leadership Council. 210 Breaktime UNDERGRADUATES SCHOOL OF LAW First Row: • ALEC HERMAN BROWN, 600 loiia, New Orleans, La; Sigma Alpha Mu: Moot Court Board; Phi Delta Phi. • EDWARD A. de la HOUSSAYE, IIL 619 Adams, Franklin, La.; Beta Theta Pi; President, French Class Law School, 1953; Scabbard and Blade; Student Lawyer. • TOM FALKOWSKI, 39 Duncan Ave., Jersey City, N. J.; Phi Kappa Sigma. . • LUCIEN M. GEX, JR., 224 N. Beach, Bay St. Louis, Miss.; Sigma Chi; Scabbard and Blade; Lo Societe du Droit Civil; Air Force ROTC; Arnold Air Society. • SHERRY HOWARD, No. 9 Powers Lane Place, Decatur, 111.; White Caps; Newman Club; Campus Night; Glee Club. • DONALD WILLIAM KANUK, 2825 Claflin Ave., New York, N. Y.; Kappa Nu; Pi Sigma Alpha; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Alpha Delta; Pelicans; Hillel Foundation; International Relations Club. • CHARLES W. LANE, III, 2215 Terrace Ave., Baton Rouge, La. ; Delta Kappa Epsilon. Second Row: • DR. HELMUT W. TUERK, 3 Oberstrasse, Koblenz-Luetzel, Germany. • W. ROGER LEVERING, Kenyon College, Gambler, Ohio; 85-F Stadium Place, New Orleans, La.; Secretary-Treasurer, Freshman Class Law School. • MIRIAM LEE McDERMOTT, 6233 West End Blvd., New Orleans, La.; The King ' s Bench. • FRANK VILAC McDONNELL, 1004 N. Lopez, New Orleans, La.; Pi Sigma Alpha; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi; Cheerleader; Greenbackers; Interfaith Council; Newman Club; Leader- ship Council. • D. RYAN SARTOR, JR., Alto, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Tulane Pan-Hellenic Council; Eta Sig- ma Phi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Beta Kappa; Who ' s Who; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi ; Law Review. • DAVID WINDHAM, 900 Pioneer Bklg., Lake Charles, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • ADELAIDE WISDOM, 1823 Palmer, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; A Cappella Choir. 9 ' Alec Brown Ed Dr. Helmut Tuerk vtird de la Houssaye, III Tom Falkowski W. Roger Levering Miriam McDermott M i Lueien Gex, Jr. Frank McDonnell Sherry Howard D. Ryan Sartor, Jr. Donald Kanuk David Windham Charles Lane, HI Adelaide Wisdom 211 - IfT ■ ' ..r Vtt ... ..dittdiaA GRADUATE SCHOOL First Row: • LAWRENCE A. EMBOULAS, 2513 N. Galvez, New Orleans, La.; Secretary of Freshman, President of Sophomore; Vice-President of Business Administration School; Honor Board: Beta Gamma Sigma; Who ' s Wlio. • ORHAN GURGEN, Bortonce No. 22, Istanbul, Turkey. • SHIRLEY PARKER, Redwood, Miss. • JOHANNA AF FORSELLES, 717 Solnav, Helsinlci, Finland. • J. WALTER HAILEY, 2113 Octavia, New Orleans, La.; Sigma Alplia Epsilon. Lawrence Emboulas .Sllirlev Harrison Orhan Gurgen Robert Hopkins. .Ir. Shirley Partner Howard Thompson Johanna af Forselles J. Walter Hailey Louise Vaux Robert Weaver Second Row: • SHIRLEY HARRISON, 2840 Jefferson Ave., New Orleans, La.; Graduate Theatre Representative on Student Council. Society bores me • ROBERT LEE HOPKINS, JR., Horseshoe Drive, Alexandria, La. • HOWARD A. THOMPSON, 265 W. Lauderdale, Russellville, Ala.; Scabbard and Blade; Naval ROTC. • LOUISE ARMSTRONG VAUX, 2707 General Pershing, New Orleans, La.; Phi Beta Kappa; Thcta Nu; Hullabaloo; Baptist Student Union; Kappa Tau Alpha. • ROBERT EDGAR WEAVER, 4819 Bienville Ave., New Orleans, La.; Alplia Chi Sigma; Omicron Delta Kappa; Tau Beta Pi; Who ' s Who; American Chemical Society; German Club; Math Club; A.I.Ch.E.; E.T.A.; Jambalaya; Christian Science Organization; Festival Choir; Glee Club; Alpha Phi Omega; Glendy Burke Society; Leadership Council. 213 SCHOOL OF SOCIALWORK First Row: • AMELIA CRONIN, 1130 E. 37th, Savannah, Ga. • JEAN DIXON, 200 W. Faris Road, Greenville, S. C; Treasurer of School of Social Work, 1953- 1954; Who ' s Who. • DOROTHY FREEMAN, 3115 E. Lester, Tuscon, Ariz. • MERCEDES G, KING, 88 Hithcrolt Way, Walnut Creek, Calif. ' PATRICIA ANN PURTELL, 1106 Dunnhave, Corpus Christi, Texas. Amelia Cronin Dorothy Risinger Mary Corprew Jean Dixon Fred Southernland Mary Hoivcll Dorothy Freeman Mary Van Poole Claire Luster Mercedes King Mary Ward Barbara Reynolds Patricia Purtell Mohamed Bagato Margaret Sanders Reformer at work Second Roiv: • DOROTHY E. RISINGER, 601 Polk, Mansfield, La. • FRED M. SOUTHERNLAND, Pendleton, Texas; President of School of Social Work, 1953. • MARY ELEANOR VAN POOLE, 429 W. Horah, Salisbury, N. C. • MARY WARD, 1304 Ursuline Ave., Bryan, Texas. • MOHAMED MAMDOOH BAGATO, 455 Omar Elkatlab, Cairo, Egypt. Third Row: • MARY ANN CORPREW, Dadeville, Ala.; Baptist Student Union. • MARY HOWELL, 1132 S.E. Third Ave., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. • CLAIRE LUSTER, 503 School, Clarksdale, Miss.: Chi Omega. • BARBARA REYNOLDS, 1636 32nd, Meridian, Miss. • MARGARET ROSANNA SANDERS, 2 Lemon, Abbeville, S. C. 214 ewx SENIORS First Row: • ALAN ADAMS; Engineering; 5519 Loyola, New Orleans, La.; Beta Tliela Phi; A.S.M.E.; Army ROTC; Adelphons. • ARTHUR WILLIAM ALDERSON, JR.; A S; Pliysical Education; 2515 39th, Galveston, Texas; Varsity Letter Track, three years; Air Force ROTC. • JOHN H. ALEXANDER; Mechanical Engineering; 48 E. McAlister Place, New Orleans. La. ■ ANNE ALLEN; Newcomb; Economics; 2400 Peniston, New Orleans, La.; Beta Sigma Omicron; Oreades; Society Advancement Management; Y.W.C.A.; White Caps; Interfaith Council; West- minister Fellowship; Leadership CounciL • HENRY ANDRESSEN; A S; Chemistry; 6544 Louisville, New Orleans, La.; Delta Sigma Phi; Scabbard and Blade; Alpha Chi Omega; TusK; Newman Club; Army ROTC; Pershing Rifles; D.M.S., ' 53. • CHRIS N. ANTON; Mechanical Engineering; 5523 Warrington Dr., New Orleans, La.; President ASME, 1953-54; E.T.A. • LESTER H. ARBO, JR.; Civil Engineering; 1019 Bellecastle, New Orleans, La.: Unit Manager, Junior Class, 1951-52; Secretary Engineering Student Body, 1953-54; A.S.C.E.; E.T.A. Second Row: • CAROLINE FRANCES BAKER; Newcomb; Sociology; 1228 Race, New Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Phi. • MICHAEL W. BANOWETZ, JR.; Architecture; 8327 Pritchard Place, New Orleans, La.; A.I.A.; T.A.S.; Newman Club. Alan Adams Caroline Baker Shelby Bennett Arthur Alderson, Jr. Michael Banowetz, Jr. Maurice Berger John Alexander Stuart Baron Richard Bernard Anne Allen Margie Becker William Bernard Henry Andressen Joe Beckman Harry Beverungen Chris Anton Ann Bennett F. J. Blache Lester Arbo, Jr. Bert Bennett Dorothy Bland But I dream of only you, Dave • STUART BARON; A S; Botany; 1030 Liberty Ave., Union. N. J.; Kappa Nu; German Club; Pre.Medical Society; Soccer; Hillel Foundation. • MARGIE BECKER; Newcomb; English; 518 S. Jackson, Brookhaven, Miss.; Chi Omega. • JOE BECKMAN; A S; Sociology; 5953 Vicksburg, New Orleans, La.; Delta Sigma Phi; Hulla- baloo; Canterbury Club ; DCampus Y.M.C.A. Representative. • ANN V. BENNETT; Newcomb; History; 2214 Peachtree Road, Atlanta, Ga.; Pi Beta Phi; La Terlulia; Phi Alpha Theta; Barracudas; Canterbury Club. • BERT ALAN BENNETT; A S; Psychology; 2016 New York Ave., Union City, N. J.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Hillel Foundation; Interfaith Council; Army ROTC; Alpha Phi Omega; Pershing Rifles; Pan-Hellenic Council. Third Row: • F. SHELBY BENNETT; Mechanical Engineering; Box 217. Tombstone, Ariz.; Scabbard and Blade; A.S.M.E.; Westminster Fellowship; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society. • MAURICE MORTON BERGER; Psychology; 412 Miller Ave.. Brooklyn, N. Y.; Hillel. • RICHARD 0. BERNARD; Electrical Engineering; 5514 Laurel, New Orleans, La.; E.T.A. • WILLIAM HICKMAN BERNARD; A S; Physics; 54 Neron Place, New Orleans, La.; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society. • HARRY A. BEVERUNGEN; A S; Journalism; 4520 LaSalle, New Orleans, La.; Phi Delta Theta; Kappa Delta Phi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Scabbard and Blade; Theta Nu; Who ' s Who: Hullabaloo; Publications Board; Wave Handbook; Greenbackers; Air Force ROTC; Lagniappes; Leadership Council. • E. J. BLACHE; Mechanical Engineering; 5009 St. Anthony, New Orleans, La.; Treasurer, A.S.M.E., 1953-54; E.T.A. • DOROTHY W. BLAND; Newcomb; History; 1442 Webster, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Oreades. 216 Elizabeth Bland Edel Blanks, Jr. Susan Block Geraldine Boehm Walter Bonle Burton Bowen Gladys Brennan Ri.land nrlrrrr, Jr. Rr-inalil Rrinkm;inn, Jr. Betty Rrncato Elizabeth Rrnn r,n Mcrl Brnwn Nnrwood Rmwn. Jr. Orl;indo Brown. Jr. ABOVE First Rotv: • ELIZABETH LOUISE BLAND; Newcomb; Design B.F.A.: 1626 Napoleon Ave., New Orleans, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; La Tertulia. • EDEL F. BLANKS, JR.; A S; English BA; 1006 N. Third, Monroe, La.; Beta Theta Pi : Scabbard and Blade ; Army ROTC. • SUSAN MARY BLOCK; Newcomb; Sociology; 836 W. 58th, Kansas City, Mo.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Art Club; Campus Night; International Relations Club. • GERALDINE JANE BOEHM; Newcomb; Psychology; 1134 Seventh Ave., Laurel, Miss.; Phi Mu; Oreades; Westminster Fellowship. • WALTER C. BONIE; Architecture; 2831 Palmer Ave., New Orleans, La.; A. LA.; Newman Club. • BURTON C. BOWEN; A S; Geology; 5432 Camp, New Orleans, La. • GLADYS S. BRENNAN; Newcomb; Spanish; 7220 Spruce, New Orleans, La.; Delta Zeta; La Tertulia; Phi Sigma Iota. Second Row: • ROLAND BRIERRE, JR., A S; Chemistry; 2607 Jefferson Ave., New Or- land Ave., Shreveport, La.; Scabbard and Blade; Who ' s Who; Hullabaloo; • REGINALD ROY BRINKMANN, JR.; A S; Kappa Sigma; Political Sci- ence; 3952 Maryland Ave., Shreveport, La.; Scabbard and Blade; Who ' s Who; Hullabaloo; Jambalay. ; Wave Handbook; Canterbury Club; Army ROTC: President of Lagniappes; Leadership Council; President of TusK, 1951-52; Pi Lambda Beta. • BETTY JEAN BROCATO; Newcomb; Sociology: 2.505 Goliad; Beaumont. Texas; Newman Club; International Relations Club. • ELIZABETH BRONSON; Newcomb; Art; 2803 Octavia, New Orleans, La.; Chi Omega; Art Club: Student Government Association; Newman Club. • MERLE F. BROWN: A S; Chemistry; 3141 Marie Ave., Miami Beach, Fla.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Scabbard and Blade; Greenbackers; Hillel Founda- tion ; APO ; Army Pershing Rifles. • NORWOOD V. BROWN, JR.; A S; Zoology; 307 Fifth Ave., Cleveland, Miss.; Sigma Chi; Tulane Pan-Hellenic Council Member; Scabbard and Blade; Greenbackers; Air Force ROTC; Arnold Air Society. • ORLANDO F. BROWN, JR.; A S; Geology: 508 N. Riverside Drive, New Smyrna Beach, Fla.; Sigma Gamma Epsilon; Westminster Fellowship; Army ROTC. BELOW First Row: • PAT BROWNE; Law; 9 LaSalle, New Orleans, La.: Delta Kappa Epsilon; Scabbard and Blade; Basketball; Golf; Air Force ROTC: Arnold Air Society. • FRANK C. BUCKLEY, JR.; Commerce; Marketing; 3204 Laurel, New Or- leans, La.; Delta Sigma Pi. • BETSY BUEHRER: Newcomb; Sociology: 2613 Montevallo Road, Birming- ham, Ala.; Pi Beta Phi; Westminster Fellowship. • EARL BURKE; A S; Geology; 3432 Beaulieu. New Orleans, La.; Football. • JOAN BURLINGAME; Newcomb; Spanish; 6404 Cantrell Road, Little Rock, Ark.; Chi Omega; President Newcomb Honor Board; Alpha Sigma Sigma; Assets; La Tertulia; Phi Sigma Iota; Who ' s Who; Student Government Asso- ciation; Canterbury Club; Lagniappes. • ROBERT HENDERSON BURTON: Commerce; Foreign Trade; 6316 Story, New Orleans, La.; Unit Manager, 53-54; Delta Sigma Pi; Propeller Club; Society Advancement Management; Air Force ROTC. • BOB BUTLER; Commerce; Box 596, Jena, La.: Alpha Tau Omega; Air Force ROTC; Arnold Air Society. Second Row: • JACK A. CAMPIONE; A S; Geology: 5109 Magazine, New Orleans, La.; Baseball; Newman Club; Air Force ROTC. • JUDITH ANNE CANADA: Newcomb: Sociology; 3703 Louisiana Avenue Parkway, New Orleans, La.: Psychology Major Club; Sociology Club; Wesley Foundation: Alpha Kappa Delta. • THOMAS W. CAPO; A S; Geology; 5705 Argonne, New Orleans, La.: Phi Delta Theta: Air Force ROTC. • HOWARD CARTER; A S; Political Science; 1227 Ninth, Lake Charles, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Chairman A S Constitution Revision; Pi Sigma Iota; Naval ROTC. • CATHERINE MOORE CHAPMAN; Newcomb; History; 1528 Carr, Raleigh, N. C; Pi Beta Plii; Westminster Fellowship; International Relations Club. • JOHN W. CHARBONNET; Commerce; Accounting; 808 Wilson Drive, New Orleans, La.; Air Force ROTC: Accounting Club. • LLOYD E. CHIASSON: Engineering: 809 Wayer, Gretna, La.: A.I.E.E.; E.T.A. Pat Browne Jack Campione Frank Buckley, Jr. Judith Canada Betsy Buehrer Thomas Capo Earl Burke Howard Carter Joan Burlingame Catherine Chapman Robert Burton John Charbonnet Bob Butler Lloyd Chiasson 217 SENIORS First Row: • JAMES W. CHILDRESS; Arts and Sciences: Geology; Motel Stevens Box 671, Carlsbad. N. M.; Alpha Tau Omega; Sigma Gamma Epsilon; Adelphons. • ROY PRESTON CHILDRESS: Engineering; Chemical Engineering: 2900 Jefferson Highway, New Orleans, La.; Secretary T.U. Cliapter A. S.C.E.; A.S.C.E. • CAMILE LOUIS CHOL; Commerce; Accounting: 4006 Prytania, New Orleans, La.; President, Ac- counting Club; Treasurer, Delta Sigma Pi; S.A.M.; Delta Sigma Pi; Society Advancement Manage- ment; Accounting Club. • MARTHA EARHART CHURCH; Commerce; Marketing; 264 Auduboh Blvd., New Orleans, La.: Phi Mu: Secretary-Treasurer, Senior Class. • ALEXANDER CLAYTON COCKE; Arts and Sciences: English: 411 Betz Place, New Orleans, La.: Delta Tau Delta: Newman Club. • SALLIE BONITA COCO: Newcomb; Elementary Education: 706 S. Washington. Marksville, La.; Alpha Delta Pi: Greenbackers. ■ CLEMENT ALLEN COLE, JR.; A S; Physics; 7009 Jeannettc. New Orleans, La.: Kappa Sigma. Second Row: • GEORGE HARMON COLLINS: A S; English; 4114 Round Top Road, Columbia, S. C. • JOSEPH JAMES COLLINS; Engineering: Mechanical Engineering: 419 Porter Ave., Biloxi, Miss. • SERGIO R. CONCHA; Engineering; Mechanical; 4311 S. Jefferson Davis Parkway, New Orleans, La. James Childress George Collins George Cummins Roy Childress Joseph Collins Betty Daniel Camile Choi Sergio Concha James Davis Martha Church Joyce Cooper Jiihn Davis Alexander Cocke Lee Crenshaw Charles de Boisblanc Sallie Coco Robert Crotty Louis Dclhom Clement Cole, Jr. Tom Cullom Charles Dicks To the rear march! ■ JOYCE COOPER; Newcomb; English; 692 S. Barksdale, Memphis, Tenn.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Oreades: Art Club. " LEE CRENSHAW; Newcomb: Sociology: Princess Trail, Lookout Mountain, Tenn.; Alpha Delta Pi: Pan-Hellenic; La Tertulia; Alpha Kappa Delta; Sociology Club. • ROBERT E. CROTTY; A S; English: 2126 Madison, Alexander, La.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Scabbard and Blade; Newman Club; Tulane Band: Air Force ROTC: Arnold Air Society. ' TOM CULLOM; A S; 1907 Jefferson Ave., New Orleans. La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon: Vice-Presi- dent, Senior Class: Jambalaya; Canterbury Club; Air Force ROTC. Third Row: • GEORGE COURTS CUMMINS; B.E. in Physical Education; A S; 480 Audubon, New Orleans, La.: Wesley Foundation; Air Force ROTC. • BETTY DANIEL: Political Science; 708 W. Commercial, Victoria, Texas; Pi Beta Phi; Oreades; Pi Sigma Alpha; I.R.C. • JAMES B. DAVIS: A S; Psychology; Box 168. Poplarville, Miss. • JOHN W. DAVIES ; A S ; Political Economy ; Newark. N. J. • CHARLES W. de BOISBLANC; A S; Zoology; 5770 Memphis, New Orleans. La.: Pre-Medical Society; Psychology Major Club. • LOUIS A. DELHOM; Engineering: Electrical Engineering; 2617 D ' Abadie, New Orleans, La.; A.LE.E. • CHARLES DICKS; Commerce; Marketing; 15 Audubon Blvd., New Orleans, La.; Beta Theta Pi; Scabbard and Blade; Society Advancement Management; Tusk; Baptist Student Union; Army ROTC; Adelphons. 213A 218 Ralph Dorris Darwin Fenner Julie Douglass Louise Fersuson William Duplaisir Hector Fernandez Jack Eskonazi Robert Finkelsteii Joseph Ettinger D. Blair Favrot Richard Felsenthal Bertlia Fisher Glenn Fowler Randall Frank ABOVE First Row: • RALPH 0. DORRIS; A S; Political Science; Route 2. Brunswick, Ga.; Wesley Foundation; Air Force ROTC; Alpha Phi Omega; International Re- lations Club; Leadership Council; Pan-American Society. ' JULIE DOUGLASS; Newcomb; Political Science; 531 Westover Dr., Atlanta, Ga.; Chi Omega; Treasurer Class of 1952-1953; Alpha Sigma Sigma; Pi Sigma Alpha; Wesley Foundation; President, International Relations Club. • WILLIAM E. DUPLAISIR; A S; Political Science; 706 Central Ave., New Orleans, La. • JACK V. ESKENAZI; A S; Political Science; 734 S.W. 24th Road. Miami, Fla.; President Pi Sigma Alpha; Jambalaya: Navy ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society; Alpha Phi Omega; International Relations Club; Pi Lambda Beta. • JOSEPH ALAN ETTINGER; A S; History; 1573 Euclid Ave.. Miami Beach, Fla.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Air Force ROTC; Air Force ROTC Rifle Team. • D. BLAIR FAVROT; Engineering; Chemical Engineering: 7325 Hampsnn. New Orleans, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Tau Beta Pi; President, A.LCh.E.; Navy ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society: Radio Club: Flying Club. • RICHARD H. FELSENTHAL; Commerce; 206 E. College, Brownsville, Tenn.; Zeta Beta Tau; Scabbard and Blade; Jambalaya; Alpha Phi Omega. Second Row: • DARWIN CHARLES FENNER; Commerce; Finance; 1705 Calhoun, New Orleans, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Canterbury Club; Navy ROTC. • LOUISE DENT FERGUSON: Newcomb; Economics; Route 4, Clarksville, Tenn.; Chi Omega; Society Advancement Management; Student Government Association: Wesley Foundation; Tennis Club. ' HECTOR E. FERNANDEZ; Commerce; 71 Huicy, Santurce, Puerto Rico: Newman Club. • ROBERT FINKELSTEIN: A S; 186-51 Midland Drive, Jamaica 3, N. Y.; Kappa Nu; Hillel Fnundati(m; Air Force ROTC; Pre-Medical Society. • BERTHA MIRIAM FISHER; Commerce: Accounting; 3431 Octavia, New Orleans, La. • GLENN WAYNE FOWLER; A S; Mathematics; 1910 S. Third, Louisville, Ky.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Air Force ROTC; Arnold Air Society; International Relations Club. • RANDALL AUGUST FRANK; Commerce; Accounting; 4420 S. Prieur, New Orleans, La. 213B BELOW First Row: • EDWIN H. FRANK, Chemical Engineering; 4420 S. Prieur, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Chi Sigma; A.LCh.E.; Army ROTC. • FRANCIS LEVY FRAENKEL; Commerce; 1315 Gravier, New Orleans, La.; Zeta Beta Tau; Vice-President Student Body, 1953-1954; Kappa Delta Phi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Scabbard and Blade; Student Activities Key; Who ' s Who; Delta Sigma Pi; Editor Jambalaya 1953; Naval ROTC; Adelphons; Lagniappes. • WILDA ELIZABETH FREDERICK; Commerce: 1448 Verna, New Orleans, La.; Society Advancement Management; Leadership Council; President Com- merce Women ' s Club. ' JACK BRADBURN FRERET; Architecture; 7531 Willow, New Orleans, La.: A.LA. • WILLIAM H. FUHR; Electrical Engineering; 3336 Magazine, New Or- leans, La.; Tau Beta Pi; A.I.E.E. • ETHEL B. GABRIEL; Newcomb; Elementary Education; 2701 Pauger, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Delta Plii; La Tertulia; Oreades; White Caps; Newman Club. • GEORGE BENJAMIN GARFINKEL; A S; Psychology; 22 Liberty, Lib- erty, N, Y.; Kappa Nu; German Club; Pre-Medical Society; Psychology Major Club; Hillel Foundation. Second Row: • KENNETH CLAYTON GASPAR; Electrical Engineering; 3200 Arts, New Orleans, La.; Senior Engineering Class Treasurer, 1954; A.I.E.E. • JANET ANNE GERSTNER; Newcomb; Music; Gramercy, La.; Alpha Delta Pi; President Music School, 1953-1954; Honor Board; Student Government Association; Glee Club; Operetta. • KARITA GOELLER; Newcomb; Biology; 4104 Prytania, New Orleans, La.; Beta Beta Beta; Oreades. • DONALD L. GOLDWASSER; Commerce; 8315 Balson Ave., University City 24, Mo.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Society Advancement Management: Glendy Burke Society. " NANCY BARR GOOCH; Newcomb: French; 4032 Vincennes Place, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Eta Sigma Phi; La Tertulia; Oreades; Phi Sigma Iota; Le Circle Francais; Newman Club. ■ JAN GORE; Newcomb; History; 1319 Peachtree, Jackson, Miss.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Phi Alpha Theta; Westminster Fellowship. • DOROTHY B. GRANT; Newcomb; Art; Foundation Hospital, New Orleans, La.; Chi Omega; Canterbury Club. Edwin Frank Kenneth Caspar Francis Fraenkel Janet Gerstner George Garfinkel Dorothy Grant 219 SENIORS First Roiv: • LENARD E. GRAVES, JR.; Commerce; Accouniini;; 4124 S. Johnson, New Orleans, La.; Delta Sigma Pi; Propeller Club. • MELISSA GREEN; Newcomb; Theatre; 715 Arbor Road, Winston-Salem, N. C; Alpha Delta Pi; Senior Class Secretary; Secretary Tulane Student Council; Oreades; Greenbackers; Tulane Univer- sity Theatre; Leadership Council; National Collegiate Players. • BARBARA ANNE GREENFIELD; Newcomb: Art History; 1031 Ursulines, New Orleans, La.; Art Club; Athletic Council; President Dance Club; Canterbury Club; Campus Night; Leadership Council. • ROLAND J. GUERIN; A S; English; 2338 Gallier, New Orleans. La.; A Cappella Choir: Oper- etta. • SAMUEL J. GULLO; Commerce; Production Management; 3127 Banks, New Orleans. La. • CLARENCE LES GWIN: Mechanical Engineering; 6203 Memphis, New Orleans, La.; Vice-Presi- dent College of Engineering. 1953-1954; Scabbard and Blade; A.S.M.E.; A.I.LE.; E.T.A.; Baptist Student Union; Air Force ROTC; Arnold Air Society; Oilman For A Day; Honor Board; Honor Guard. ' CHARLES HALE: Commerce; Montes Escandinavos 210, Mexico City, Mexico; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Scabbard and Blade; Greenbackers: Hillel Foundation; Army ROTC. Second Roiv: • GLEN RAE HANEMANN; Newcomb; English; 635 N. Pierce, New Orleans, La.; Eta Sigma Phi; Oreades; Phi Alpha Thcta; Y.W.C.A.; Fulbright Scholarship to England. Lenard Graves. Jr. Glen Hanemann Barbara Hecker Melissa Green David Harris Maver Heiman Barbara Greenfield Nancy Harris Patricia Herov Roland Guerin Ralph Harris Walter Hf rrmann Samuel Gulio Eldridge Hart Gu ' sie Higfiins Clarence Gwin Warrene Hayne Ira Hinton. Ill Charles Hale Gerald Healy. Jr. Mary Hinton He has such pretty blue eyes " DAVID J. HARRIS; Commerce; 316 Orlando Drive, New Orleans, La.; Zeta Beta Tau; Army ROTC. • NANCY KATHRYN HARRIS; Newcomb; Education; 719 Cherokee, New Orleans, La.; Baptist Student Union. • RALPH E. HARRIS; Commerce: 2035 Marengo, New Orleans, La.: Phi Delta Theta; Newman Club. • ELDRIDGE EUGENE " Gene " HART: A S; History; 8216 Belfast, New Orleans, La.; Jambalaya; Wesley Foundation: Campus Night: International Relations Club. • WARRENE FOSTER HAYNE; Newcomb; Spanish; 2106 Stanford Ave., Baton Rouge. La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Phi Sigma Iota : La TertuHa, • GERALD DENNIS HEALY, JR.; Chemical Engineering; 4126 Walmsley Ave., New Orleans, La.; Phi Kappa Sigma ; Alpha Chi Sigma ; A.LCh.E. ; Air Force ROTC. Third Row: • BARBARA E. HECKER; Newcomb: Spanish; 1619 Dublin, New Orleans, La.; Delta Zeta: La Tertulia: Phi Sigma Iota: Newman Club. • MAYER J. HEIMAN; A S; Psychology; Zeta Beta Tau; Pre-Medical Society; Psychology Major Club: Army ROTC; Alpha Phi Omega; Pep Band; Tulane Band. • PATRICIA ANN HEROY; Commerce; 103 Elvis Court, New Orleans, La.: Delta Zeta; Propeller Club; Society Advancement Management; Commerce Women ' s Club. • WALTER T. HERRMANN; Electrical Engineering; 1964 Webber, Sarasota, Fla.; A.I.E.E.; Swim- ming Letter; Naval ROTC. ' GUSSIE RAINER HIGGINS; 416 Claiborne Ave., Jackson. Miss. • IRA L. HINTON, III; Commerce; 232 Phosphor Ave., New Orleans, La.; Vice-President Engineer- ing Freshmen, 1951; Square Compass. • MARY MINNETTE HINTON; Newcomb: Philusophy: 1626 Springhill Ave., Mobile, Ala.; Beta Sigma Omicron. 220 Harry Hobbs " Wiley Jenkins Edward Hofmann James Jobe Diane Holland I ilw.MiI Jones, Jr. Edwin Horton Seaborn Jones. Ill Walter Howard, Jr, Barbara Keefe Walter Jacobs, Jr, James Kelly 22 ABOVE First Row: • HARRY V. HOBBS: A S; Physical Education; 500 E. Sixth, Sheridan, Ind.; Scabbard and Blade; Basketball Letter; Army ROTC. • EDWARD HOFMANN; Commerce; 618 Fern, New Orleans. La.; Scabbard and Blade; Delta Sigma Pi; Propeller Club; Army ROTC; Leadership Council, • DIANE GRAVES HOLLAND; Newcomb; Music; Naval Air Station, Pen- sacola, Fla.; Kappa Kappa Gamma: A Cappella Choir; Operetta; Phi Beta Music and Speech Fraternity. • EDWIN M. HORTON; Commerce; Accounting; 237 Agee Ave., S.W., Cam- den, Ark.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Delta Sigma Pi; Society Advancement Man- agement; Wesley Foundation. • WALTER JOHN HOWARD. JR.; Commerce; 8205 Freret, New Orleans, La.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Scabbard and Blade; Delta Sigma Pi; Society Advance- ment Management; Greenbackers; Disciples Student Fellowship; Easter Sun- rise Service; Interfaith Council; Arnold Air Society; Leadership Council. • ROBERT C. HOY; A S; Physics; 617S Canal Blvd., New Orleans, La.; Sigma Pi Sigma; Air Force ROTC. • WALTER L. JACOBS, JR.; A S; Zoology; 615 S. Leslie, Stuttgart, Ark.; Tusk; Army ROTC; Lagniappes. Second Roiv: • WILEY H. JENKINS; A S; Zoology; 1802 Audubon, New Orleans, La.; Sigma Chi; Phi Chi; Air Force ROTC. ' JAMES E. JOBE; A S; Economics: 319 S. Monroe, Brookfield, Mo.; Delta Tau Delta; Scabbard and Blade; Disciples Student Fellowship; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society, • EDWARD D. JONES, JR.; A S; Journalism-Psychology; 231 Harrison Ave., New Orleans, La.; Scabbard and Blade; Hullabaloo; Newman Club; Air Force ROTC; Arnold Air Society. ' SEABORN BARTOW JONES, HI; A S; Political Science; Deland High- way, Eustis, Fla.; International Relations Club, " BARBARA ANNE KEEFE; Newcomb; Psychology; 6803 Memphis, New Orleans, La.; Phi Mu; Psychology Major Club; Wesley Foundation. • MARY ANN KELLEY; Newcomb; Elementary Education; Route 1, Alex- andria, La.; Chi Omega; Vice-President Newcomb Student Body. 1953-1954; Dormitory Council; Student Government Association; Jambalaya; Editor New- comb Handbook; Newman Club; Leadership Council. " JAMES L. KELLY: Chemical Engineering; 1132 Peniston, New Orleans, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Vice-President Junior Class; Alpha Chi Sigma. BELOW First Row: • ANN KATHRYN KENNINGTON: Newcomb; English; 4822 St. Charles Ave., New Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Phi; President Athletie Association; La Ter- tulia; Athletic Council; Student Government Association. • CLINTON F. KERN; Commerce; Marketing; 1318 Lowerline, New Orleans, La.; Scabbard and Blade; Delta Sigma Pi; Propeller Club; Society Advance- ment Management; Armv ROTC; Persliing Rifles. • ROSS PAT KEVLIN: A S; Journalism; 81 Rio Vista, New Orleans, La.; Scabbard and Blade; Naval ROTC. • DONALD L. KING; Law; 1421 Broadway, New Orleans, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Pi Sigma Alpha; Phi Delta Plii; Jambalaya; Newman Club. • ROBERT EMMETT KING; A S; History; 1421 Broadway, New Orleans, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • FRANK J. KLONOSKI; A S; History; 19 Fern, Naugatuck, Conn.; Sigma Chi; Scabbard and Blade; Intramural Council; Air Force ROTC; Arnold Air Society; Adelphons. ■ CYRUS M. KNAPP, JR.; Commerce; 122 N. Murat, New Orleans, La.; Army ROTC. Second Row: • ROBERT C. KRIEBEL; Journalism; 334 S. Grant, West Lafayette, Ind.; Scabbard and Blade; Theta Nu; Varsity Basketball, Hullabaloo; Jambalaya; Army ROTC. • GARY KUSHNER; Psychology; 409 Saratoga Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.: Kappa Nu; Pre-Med Society; Psychology Major Club; Hillel Foundation; Campus Night; Glee Club; Tulane University Theatre; Pi Lambda Beta. • STANLEY HERBERT LACHTMAN; Commerce; Accounting; 317 Leslie, Newark, N. J.; Kappa Nu; Tulane Pan-Hellenic Council; Hillel Foundation; Campus Night; Glee Club. • SAM BURTON LAINE; Chemical Engineering; 5229 Camp, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Chi Sigma; A.I.Ch.E.; E.T.A.; Westminster Fellowship; Glee Club; President of College of Enginering, ' 53; University Student Council; Chairman of Engineering Honor Board. ■ BILL LAMBERT, 771 Barbara Road, Oakland, Calif. • HAROLD P. LAMBERT; Journalism; 6024 Hurst, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Sigma; Scabbard and Blade; Tusk; Army ROTC; Adelphons. • LARRY H. LANDA; Law; 7507 Wentwood, Dallas, Texas; Zeta Beta Tau; Phi Delta Phi ; Jambalaya. S) Ann Kennington Robert Kriebel Frank Klonoski Harold Lambert Cyrus Knapp. Jr. Larry Landa 221 SENIORS First Row: • CHARLES LANE: Commerce; Law; 2215 Terrace, Baton Rouge, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • ADOLPH P. LaPLACE; Geology: 518 Dumaine, New Orleans, La. • LESTER LAUTENSCHLAEGER; Commerce; No. 1 Audubon Place, New Orleans, La.; Delta Kap- pa Epsilon; Scabbard and Blade; Navy ROTC. • MARY LAWSON: Newcomb; 7610 Nelson, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Beta Beta Beta: Tl ' SK ; Canterbury Club. • GEORGE J. LeBLANC; A S; Geology; 720 Evalina, New Orleans, La.; Air Naval ROTC. ' JOHN BACHMAN LEE; Law; Benton, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Phi Delta Phi; Westminster Fellowship. • ALLAN LEONARD; A S; History; 219 Alonzo, New Orleans, La.; Air Force ROTC. Second Row: • CHARLES LEONI: A S; HI Seventh Terrace. Dilido Island, Fla.; Pre-Med Society; Intramural Council; Campus Night; Air Force ROTC; International Relations Club. • JULIUS L. LEVY, JR.; Medicine; 504 W. Second, Clarksdale, Miss; Zeta Beta Tau; Phi Lambda Kappa. • HOWARD E. LEWIS, JR.; Mechanical Engineering: 305 Broadway, New Orleans, La.; Delta Tau Delta; Tulane Pan-Hellenic; A.S.M.E: Greenbackers: Newman Club; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society; Adelphons; Leadership Council. Charles Lane Charles Leoni Edward Ludwig. Jr. Adolph LaPlace Julius Levy. Jr. W. fl. MrAnluir. Jr. Lester Lautenschlaeger Howard Lewis, Jr. B.-11 M. [ ' . ' ■Ill Mary Lawson Sarah Lindley Mickey McClure George LeBlanc Donald Lloyd James McComiskey John Lee Milton Loeb, Jr. Emmett McCool, Jr. iik Ji ijUJih Tramps of the world unite • SARAH HACKNEY LINDLEY: Newcomb; 623 Carrellton Ave., New Orleans, La. • DONALD JOSEPH LLOYD; A S; History; 822 Monroe, Gretna, La.; Varsity BasketbalL • MILTON J. LOEB, JR.; Commerce; 9621 Inwood Road, Dallas. Texas; Zeta Beta Tau; Scabbard and Blade. • VICTOR JOSEPH LETA; Marketing; 2240 St. Claude Ave., New Orleans, La.; Delta Sigma Pi; Naval ROTC. Third Row: ' EDWARD B. LUDWIG, JR.; Architecture; .570 Woodwine, New Orleans, La.; Delta Kappa Epsi- lon; A.I.A. • W. H. McARTHUR, JR.; A S; Geology; ,S527 Prytania, New Orleans, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Varsity Golf. • BEN H. McBETH; Commerce; Marketing; 3138 St. Roch Ave., New Orleans, La.; Delta Sigma Pi; Society Advancement Management. • MICKEY McCLLIRE; Civil Engineering; 6162 Louis XIV, New Orleans, La.; Delta Tau Delta; A.S.M.E.; E.T.A. • JAMES McCOMISKEY; Medicine; 2022 Robert, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha; Nu Sigma Nu; Omicron Delta Kappa. • EMMETT E. McCOOL, JR.; A S; Zoology; 2217 First Ave., Jackson, .Miss.; Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon: Secretary-Treasurer of A S: Who ' s Who: Varsity Football and Track. • PATRICIA McGEE; Newcomb; 5527 Loyola Ave., Ne« ' Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Phi; Beta Beta Beta; Kappa Delta Phi; La Tertulia; Oreades; Sociology Club; Greenbackers; Westminster Fellowship. 222 Allan Leonard Victor Lota Patricia McGee Kenneth McLeod, Jr. Lurlinp Alr-ATatinn FiUiam E. Mendez, Jr. Elizalielli M. mi, I Lee McNamara Dona Meskimen Julian McVay William Messer Robert Maher Emmett Michel Eugene Maxwell Donna Miesse Melvin Melancon- Don Miller ABOVE First Row: • KENNETH McLEOD, JR.; 211.5 Jefferson Ave., New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha; History of Medicine Society; Newman Club. • LURLINE McMAHON; Newcomb; 379 Bellaire Drive, New Orleans, La.; Chi Omega; La Tertulia. • LEE McNAMARA; Newcomb; Theatre; 1240 Williams, River Forest, III.; Alpha Omicron Pi. • JULIAN McVAY: Geology; 5837 S. Claibrone Ave., New Orleans, La.; Phi Delta Theta; Sigma Gamma Epsilon; Air Force ROTC; Arnold Air So- ciety; Adelphons. • ROBERT E. MAHER; Accounting; 6345 Westchester, Houston, Texas; Pi Kappa Alpha; Naval ROTC. • EUGENE A. MAXWELL; Architecture; 5219 S. 37th, St. Louis, Mo.; Sec- retary-Treasurer Architecture Class, ' 53; A.I. A. • MELVIN M. MELANCON; Accounting; 1033 Josephine, New Orleans, La.; Delta Sigma Pi; Air Force ROTC. Second Row: ' WILLIAM E. MENDEZ, JR.; Engineering; 1502 S. Carrollton Ave., New Orleans, La.; Delta Tau Delta; Vice-President Senior Engineering Class. • ELIZABETH MENUET; Newcomb; 2003 Pine, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Delta Pi. • DONA MESKIMEN; Newcomb; Theatre-Speech; 208 N. Howard, Robinson, 111.; Oreades; Dormitory Council; Wesley Foundation. • WILLIAM BRYANT MESSER; A S; 199 Pat Harrison Drive, Crystal Springs, Miss.; Lambda Chi Alpha; Eta Sigma Phi; Baptist Student Union. • EMMETT M. MICHEL; A S; Physical Education; Box 37, Port Sulphur, La.; Army ROTC. • DONNA JO MIESSE; Newcomb; 324 Road of Remembrance, Jackson, Miss.; Pi Beta Phi; Tusk; A Cappella Choir; Glee Club; Operetta; Leadership Council. • DON C. MILLER; Architecture; 34-D McAlister Place, New Orleans, La. BELOW First Row: • JEANNE IRENE MILLER; Newcomb; 6820 Hammerstone Way, Cincinnati, Ohio; Kappa Kappa Gamma. ■ RICHARD L. MILLER; Chemical Engineering; Apartment 4-G, Newcomb Campus, New Orleans, La.; Intramural Council. ■ WILLIE L. MILLER, III; Chemical Engineering; Box 73, Picayune, Miss.; A.I.Ch.E. • JEAN EVE MIRANDONA; Newcomb; English; 11 Newcomb Blvd., New Orleans, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • ERNEST JOHN MIRANNE, JR.; A S; 2644 Bayou Road, New Orleans, La.; Propeller Club; Naval ROTC. • ROBERT B. MOHR; A S; Political Science; 6115 Patton, New Orleans, La.; Newman Club; Naval ROTC: Taffrail Naval Society; International Re- lations Club. ■ RUSSELL MOISE; Chemical Engineering; 4209 Fontainebleu Drive, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Chi Sigma; A.I.Ch.E. Second Row: • JOSEPH P. MONROE, JR.; Accounting; 1557 Webster, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha; Naval ROTC: Taffrail Naval Society. • MARY MONTAGUE; Newcomb; 1028 Main, Hattiesburg, Miss.; Chi Omega; Dormitory Council; Student Government Association. • CHARLES WILLIAM MONTGOMERY; A S; English; Charlotte, N. C; Soccer Letter; Newman Club; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society; " Lines Bitts. " • LAURETTE VENNARD MONTGOMERY; Newcomb; Art History; 4525 Prytania, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • CECIL MORGAN, JR.; A S; English; 525 Park Ave., New York, N. Y.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Vice-President A S Student Body, 1953-1954; Scabbard and Blade: Greenbaekers; Air Force ROTC; Arnold Air Society; Liagniappes; Leadership Council. • WALTER S. MOTT, JR.; A S; Geology; 8303 Panola, New Orleans, La.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Scabbard and Blade; Tusk; Wesley Foundation; Naval ROTC. • CLARA MUNHOLLAND; Education; Newcomb; 1605 Fairview, Monroe, La.; Pi Beta Phi; Wesley Foundation. Jeanne Miller Joseph Monroe, Jr. Richard Miller Mary Montague Willie Miller, III Charles Montgomery Jean Mirandona Laurette Montgomery Ernest Miranne, Jr. Cecil Morgan, Jr. Robert Mohr Walter Mott, Jr. Russell Moise Clara Munholland 223 SENIORS First Row: • JANETH RAINOLD MURRAY; Newcomb; Art; 3723 Carondelet, New Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Phi; Beta Beta Beta; LaTertulia; Barracudas; Canterbury Club. • CHARLENE ANN MUT2; Newcomb; History; 1129 Reynes, New Orleans, La.; Y.W.C.A.; New- man Club; German Club. • MARY MYERS; Newcomb; Physics; Winchester, Tenn.; Alpha Omioron Pi: President Newcomb Pan-Hellenic Council; Alpha Sigma Sigma; Sigma Pi Sigma: Student Government Association; Hul- labaloo; Jambalaya; Canterbury Club; Leadership Council. • THELMA G. NAIHAUS; Commerce; 3621 State Street Dr., New Orleans, La.; Society Advance- ment Management; Hillel Foundation; Commerce Women ' s Club. • RAYMOND CHARLES NEIGEL, SR.; A S; Geology; 724 Upperline, New Orleans, La.; Secre- tary-Treasurerr, 1953-1954. • NORMAN C. NELSON ; 2412 Craigmont, Houston, Texas. • FREDERICK H. NICAUD; Chemical Engineering: 907 Solomon Place, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Chi Sigma; A.LCh.E.; Air Force ROTC. Second Row: " OSWIN I. O ' BRIEN; A S; Psychology; 122 Sierra Place, New Orleans, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon; Scabbard and Blade; Psychology Major Club; Air Force ROTC; Arnold Air Society: Adelphons. • FRANCES JANE OHLHAUSEN; Commerce; Accounting; 2728 General Pershing, New Orleans, La.; Commerce Women ' s Club; Lutheran Student Association. Janeth Murray Oswin O ' Brien Sterling Peebles Charlene Mutz Frances Ohlhausen Donald Perez Mary Myers John Olive Dave Perkins Thelma Naihaus William Osterholt Joseph Perret, Jr. Raymond Neigel, Sr. M. Lee Page Hallie Perry Norman Nelson George Pankey Kenneth Perry Frederick Nicaud Ralph Payne, Jr. Donald Phillpott Higher, you louse • JOHN TERRY OLIVE; Commerce; Accounting; 512 Backusburg, Mayfield, Ky.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Delta Sigma Pi; Army ROTC. • WILLIAM P. OSTERHOLT; Civil Engineering; 700 San Lorenzo, Santa Monica, Calif.; A.S.C.E.; President Sailing Club. ■ M. LEE PAGE; A S; Physics; 5664 Marshal Foch, New Orleans, La. • GEORGE ATKINSON PANKEY; Medicine; P.O. Box 84, Ruston, La.; Kappa Alpha. • RALPH S. PAYNE, JR.; Accounting; Commerce; 839 Webster, New Orleans, La. Third Row: ' STERLING WILKINS PEEBLES; Newcomb; Latin; 2121 Poplar, Memphis, Tenn.; Alpha Omi- cron Pi; Eta Sigma Phi; Oreades; Dance Club; Canterbury Club; Leadership Council. ' DONALD E. PEREZ; Chemical Engineering; 640 N. St. Patrick, New Orleans, La.; A.LCh.E.; Army ROTC. ' DAVE PERKINS; Architectuer; 358-A Millandon, New Orleans, La.; President Senior Architec- ture Class; Tau Sigma Delta; Vice-President A. LA. • JOSEPH D. PERRET, JR.: Engineering; Chemical Engineering; 636 Nashville Ave., New Or- leans, La.; Vice-President Freshman Class; President Sophomore Class; Tau Sigma Delta; A.LCh.E. ' HALLIE FRANCES PERRY; Newcomb; Biology; 8215 Palm, New Orleans, La.; Delta Zeia; Beta Beta Beta; Y.W.C.A.; Wesley Foundation. • KENNETH WALTER PERRY; Commerce; Route 2, Box 79, Ocean Springs, Miss. ' DONALD EDWARD PHILLPOTT; Commerce; Accounting; 3758 Clermont Drive, New Orleans, La. 224 Courtney Picim Sally Pitts John Quackenbush Texa? Rcardon. Jr Robert Planchet Robert Redfearn James Pope Georgp Reed J. Denis Powers Jeanenne Priclgen Frances Priest Carolyn Rentz G. Ri bert Richardson Jidin Richardson Tj fllT 1 ABOVE First Row: • COURTNEY F. PICOU; Chemical Engineering: 7033 Burthe, New Orleans. La.; Delta Sigma Phi; Tau Beta Pi; .Mpha Chi Sigma: A.I.Ch.E. ■ SALLY PITTS; Newcomb: Elementary Educatinn; 1213 Blythe, Alexandria , La.; Chi Omega; Vice-President Senior Class, 1953-1954; President Dormitory Council; Honor Board; Student Government Association; Jambal.aya; Tusk; Wesley Foundation. • ROBERT J. PLANCHET; Chemical Engineering; 2331 Franklin Ave., New Orleans, La.: Alpha Chi Sigma. • JAMES ROBERT POPE; Richton, Miss.; Kappa Alpha; Naval ROTC. ■ J. DENIS POWERS: Chemical Engineering; 2220 Stanmore. Houston, Texas: President Senior Class. 1953-19.54: Alpha Chi Sigma: A.I.Ch.E. • JEANENNE PRIDGEN; Newcomb; History; 925 Porter, Jackson, Miss. • FRANCES VICTORIA PRIEST; Newcomb; Psychology; Jackson, Ala.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Psychology Major Club; Dormitory Council; Student Government Association; Y ' .W.C.A. ; Leadership Council. Second Row: • JOHN F. QUACKENBUSH; A S; Psychology; 329 Main, Port Monmouth, N. J.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Westminster Fellowship; A Cappella Clioir; Glee Club; Naval ROTC. • TEXAS E. REARDON, JR.: Commerce; Finance; 415 N. Suffolk Ave., Ventnor, N. J.; Sigma Chi: Junior Year Unit Manager; Delta Sigma Pi: So. ciety Advancement Management; Wesley Foundation; Air Force ROTC; Ar- nold Air Society; Leadership Council. • ROBERT L. REDFEARN: Commerce; 45171 4 Tajunga, Hollywood, Calif.: Alpha Tau Omega; Air Force ROTC. • GEORGE MOODY REED: Architecture: 321 San Antonio, Hattiesburg, Miss.; Kappa Alpha; Secretary-Treasurer Third Year; President Fourth Year; Secretary A.I.A. • CAROLYN RENTZ: Newcomb; Psychology; Lake Providence, La.: La Ter- tulia; German Club; Psychology Major Club; Dormitory Council; Baptist Student L ' nion. • G. ROBERT RICHARDSON, JR.; A S; Sociology; 4970 Arts, New Or- leans. La. ' JOHN C. RICHARDSON; A S: English; 1527 Webster, New Orleans, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon. BELOW First Row: • KAY RirH. KI)SON; Newcomb; Economics; 3325 Coliseum, New Orleans, La.: Pi ll ' Li Phi: Oreades: Barracudas; Canterbury Club. • MARY LY.W KOHRER; Commerce: 3908 Fairmont Drive, New Orleans, La.; Secretary-Treasurer Commerce Student Body, 1952-1953; Commerce Women ' s Club. • AARON ROSEN; A S: Political Science; 22 Versailles Blvd., New Or- leans, La.; Zeta Beta Tau; President College of A S, 1953-1954; Vice-Presi- dent Kappa Delta Phi; President Scabbard and Blade; Who ' s Who; Naval ROTC; Adelphons; Alpha Phi Omega; Leadership Council. • JOHN C. ROSEN: A S: Psychology: 7030 Birch, New Orleans. La. • LLOYD J. ROSEN; Architecture; 1004 De Kalb Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.; Sigma Alpha Mu; A.I.A. ; T.A.S. • CECELE R. ROSS; Psychology; 3431 Milan, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Epsi- lon Phi: Psychology Major Club. • EDWARD V. ROSS; A S; Chemistry; 457 Main, Picayune, Miss.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa; Sigma Pi Sigma. Second Row: • JOHN OVERTON ROY. JR.; Commerce; 2418 Fifth Ave., Fort Worth, Texas: Beta Thcta Pi; Scabbard and Blade; Naval ROTC. • BENJAMIN L. RUDOLPH; A S: Botany; 5709 Snyder Ave., Brooklyn. N. Y. • CHARLES L. SALTZMAN; Commerce; 407 Rochelle Ave., Monroe, La.; Zeta Beta Tau; Air Force ROTC: Arnold Air Society. • M. BRUCE SARLIN: Medicine: 216 Jesamine, Daytona Beach, Fla.; Alpha Epsilon Pi Vice-President: Vice-President of Scabbard and Blade; Pan-Hel- lenic Council Member; Greenhackers; Arnold Air Society. • SHIRLEY SYLVIA SAWL: Commerce: 1619 Broadway, New Orleans, La.; Propeller Club: Women ' s Commerce Club. • HENRY SHAMBURG: Commerce; Insurance; 6 Neron Place, New Orleans, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • RONALD H. SCHROEDER; Commerce; Marketing; 826 Independence, New Orleans, La.; Vice-President Junior Class; Vice-President Senior Class; Delta Sigma Pi; Pep Band: Tulane Band; Air Force ROTC; Arnold Air Society, Kay Richardson Jolm Roy, Jr. Mary Rohrer Benjamin Rudolph Aaron Rosen Charles Saltzman John Rosen M. Bruce Sarlin Lloyd Rosen Shirley Sawl Cecele Ross Henry Schaumburg Edward Ross Ronald Schroeder 225 SENIORS First Row: • JOAN SCHWANDT: Newcomb; History: 1324 Music. New Orleans, La. • WILLIAM S. SEAMEN; Commerce; Marketing; 329 E. Broadway, Girard, Oliio. • ROBERT D. SEAY; Architecture; 515 S. Seventh, Mayfield, Ky.; A.I.A.; T.A.S. • D-WID H. SEELIG; A S; Sociology; 1128 Amelia, New Orleans, La.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Phi Delta Phi; International Relations Club. • ETHEL ELIZABETH SEILER; Newcomb; Economics; 3463 Gentilly Blvd., New Orleans, La.; Alpha Delta Pi; Chairman of Newcomb Orientation 1953; Society Advancement Management; New- comb Letter; Newtnan Club. • MARY BETH SELBY; Newcomb; Mathematics; 1519 Pinehurst, Jackson, Miss.; Kappa Alpha Tlieta; Vice-President Junior Class; President Senior Class: Assets; Sigma Pi Sigma; Honor Board; Student Government Association: Newcomb Handbook; Lagniappes. • DWIGHT SETTLE; A S; Psychology; Neptune Road, Kissimmee, Fla.: Delta Tau Delta: Psy- chology Major Club; Adelphons. Second Row: ' WILEY H. SHARP, JR.; Commerce; Economics; Hammond, La.; Delta Tau Delta; President Senior Class, 1953-1954; Delta Sigma Pi; Propeller Club; Society Advancement Management; Ser- geant-at-Arms Tusk ; Air Force ROTC: Arnold Air Society. • GLADNEY SHELL: Newcomb; Applied Design; 5533 Atlanta, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma: Newcomb Pan-Hellenic Council; Canterbury Club. • C. ANN SHERMAN; Newcomb; Psychology; 235 Ward Parkway, Kansas City, Mo.; Alpha Epsi- lon Phi; Psychology Major Club; Greenbackers. Joan Schwandt Wiley Sharp, Jr. Svlvia Stahl William Seamen Gladncv Shell Richard ' St.iti.-,i Robert Seay C. Ann Sherman Lillian Stewart David Seelig Marion Siegman Avcrv Slirratl. Jr. Ethel Seller Frances Smith Eiiiilv Stix Mary Selby James Smith l.c.nar.l Slnni- Dwight Settle Mary Southall Jeff Slraop. Bloodshot eyes in the fith • MARION JOYCE SIEGMAN; Newcomb; Biology; 8105 Bay Parkway, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Beta Beta Beta; Carnival; Leadership Council. • FRANCES PRESTON SMITH; Newcomb; Fine Art; 305 E. Madison, Athens, Tenn.: Kappa Kappa Gamma; Corresponding Secretary Student Body, 1951-1952; Secretary Junior Class; Treasurer Senior Class; President Art School; Alpha Sigma Sigma; Assets; Beta Beta Beta; Who ' s Who; Art Club; Honor Board: Student Government Association; Greenbackers: Canterbury Club. • JAMES C. SMITH; A S; English; 715 W. Twelfth, Bogalusa, La.; Eta Sigma Phi; Baptist Student Union. • MARY ELIZA SOUTHALL; Newcomb; Spanish: 209 E. Tuscaloosa, Florence, Ala.; La Tertulia; Oreades; Phi Sigma Iota; Glee Club. Third Row: ' SYLVIA RAE STAHL; Newcomb; English; 2429 Octavia, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Epsilon Phi Psychology Major Club; Art Club; Hullabaloo. ' RICHARD F. STANCO; A S; Sociology; 6929 Abbott Ave., Miami Beach, Fla.: Campus Night Glee Club: Air Force ROTC; Fourlanians; Co. Air Force ROTC Band. • LILLIAN STEWART; Newcomb; Education; 2546 Jasmine, New Orleans, La.; Beta Beta Beta Gamma Delta; Kappa Delta Pi. • AVERY STIRRATT, JR.; Commerce; Management; 517 Hector Ave., New Orleans, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Scabbard and Blade; Canterbury Club; Naval ROTC; Adelphons; Commerce Honor Board. • EMILY WALD STIX; Newcomb; Education; 3700 Reading Road, Cincinnati, Ohio; Alpha Epsilon Phi; La Tertulia; Newcomb Student Government Association; Glee Club. • LEONARD D. STONE; Commerce; Marketing; 4115 S. Prieur, New Orleans, La.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Hillel Foundation. • JEFF STRANGE; A S; English; 502 North, Logansport, Ind.; Alpha Tau Omega; Tulane Pan- Hellenic Council; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society. 226 Jo Ann Sturgeon Charles Thompson Thomas Tomeny, Jr. Graeme Ton, Jr. W. H. Turn.T r.en.- T r T.my rilnian T.uui- V.ii-a Ann Trice George Trieschmann Peter Tru2zolin Juan Velasc ' n Lniii Vrla ro Louis Vidriiic ABOVE First Roiv: • JO ANN STURGEON; University College; English; Sonora, Ky. •CHARLES E. THOMPSON; A S; Chemistry; 1120 Azalia, Memphis, Tenn.; Scabbard and Blade: Alpha Chi Sigma: Pep Band; Tusk; Baptist Stu- dent Uniiin; Tulane Band; Naval ROTC; Leadership Council. • THOMAS S. TOMENY, JR.; A S; Geology; 2630 Gladiolus, New Orleans, La.; Delta Tau Delta; Scabbard and Blade. • GRAEME M. TON, JR.; Commerce; Accounting; 5501 Canal Blvd., New- Orleans, La.; Class Secretary; Beta Gamma Sigma; Student Activities Key; Delta Sigma Pi; Society Advancement Management; Leadership Council; Ac- counting Club ; Honor Board. • ANN MORTON TRICE; Newcomb; Biology; 1616 Ridgelake Drive, New- Orleans, La.; Delta Zeta; Beta Beta Beta; Le Circle Francais; Baptist Student Union; Y.W.C.A. • GEORGE V. TRIESCHMANN; A S; Psychology; Lake Providence, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Scabbard and Blade; Wesley Foundation; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society. • PETER W. TRUZZOLINO; A S; French; 28 John, Elizabeth, N. J.; Pre- Medical Society; Newman Club; Campus Night; Glee Club; Air Force ROTC. Second Row: • W. H. (Nick) TURNER; A S; Physics; 1426 Vinton, Memphis, Tenn.; Alpha Tau Omega; Naval ROTC. • GENE TYE; Electrical Engineering: Loop Route Box 2, Tahleguah, Okla. ; Tau Beta Pi; A.I.E.E. • TONY ULLMAN; A S; English; 885 Park, New York City, N. Y.; Zeta Beta Tau: Varsity Tennis Team; Air Force ROTC. ■ LOUIS C. VARGAS; A S; Economics; 6317 N. Rampart, New Orleans, La. • JUAN A. VALASCO; Commerce; 474 Pine, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Tau Omega; Army ROTC. • LOUIS R. VELASCO; Engineering; Caracas, Venezuela; Delta Tau Delta; A S Sophomore Vice-President; Engineering Junior President; Engineering Senior Unit Manager; A.S.C.E.; E.T.A.; Intramural Council. • LOUIS 0. VIDRINE: A S: Geology; 701 E. Jefferson, Ville Platte, La. BELOW First Row: • JANICE VIZZINI: Psychology; 20 Allard Blvd., New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha Tbeta; Beta Beta Beta; Greenbackers. • MILLIE VOGEL: Newcomb; Sociology; 603 E. Evergreen, San Antonio, Texas. • JEANNE VOLTAGGIO; 1917 Calhoun, New Orleans, La.; Phi Beta Kappa. • LEO F. WAGNER, JR.; Architecture; 2426 Robert, New Orleans, La.; Pi Kappa Alpha; President Architecture Student Body; A.I. A.; Wesley Foun- dation. • JOSEPH M. WAINRIGHT, JR.; Commerce; Accounting; 1615 Marigny, New Orleans, La.; Delta Sigma Pi; Gamma Delta; Air Force ROTC; Account- ing Club. • JOHN W. WALL: Commerce; 1932 Burdette, New Orleans, La.; Wesley Foundation; Air Force ROTC. • JOHN K. WALTERS, JR.; A S; Economics; Box Tree Farm, Media, Penn.; Phi Delta Thela: Tulane Pan-Hellenic Council; Naval ROTC; Taff- rail Naval Society. Second Roiv: • EWELL WALTHER; Law; 425 St. Mary, Thibodaux, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Pan-Hellenic Council; Omicron Delta Kappa; Scabbard and Blade; Phi Delta Phi ; Air Force ROTC; Arnold Air Society. • BRUCE C. WALTZER; A S; Political Science; 888 E. Eighth, Brooklyn, N. Y. ; Scabbard and Blade; Varsity Letter, Track; Hillel Foundation; Campus Night; Army ROTC; International Relations Club; Pershing Rifles; Pre-Law Society. • RICHARD M. WAMBSGANS, JR.; A S; Geology; 4H Newcomb Campus, New Orleans, La.; Phi Delta Theta. • THAIR R. WARMACK: A S; Zoology: 707 W. Tenth, Kansas City, Mo.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; German Club: Pre-Medical Society: Alpha Phi Omega. • ROBERT E. WARREN: A S; Literary- Journalism; PO No. 565, Tonopah, Nov.: Tulane Correspondent for Times-Picayune; Theta Nu; Who ' s Who; Hullabaloo Editor; Publications Board; Lagniappes: Leadership Council. • GAIL CORNMAN WASSERMAN; Commerce; 621 Broadway, New Orleans, La. • EBEN T. WATKINS, III: Commerce; 1116 Second, New Orleans, La.; Kap- pa Alpha; Commerce Student Body President; Omicron Delta Kappa; Scab- bard and Blade; Who ' s Who: Delta Sigma Pi; Propeller Club; Society Ad- vancement Management; Varsity Letter in Soccer; Greenbackers; Baptist Stu- dent Union; Naval ROTC; Taflrail Naval Society. k I , I ' " - I ; Millie Vogel Bruce Waltzer Jeanne Voltaggio Richard Wanibsgans, Jr. Leo Wagner, Jr. Tliair Warmack Joseph Wainright, Jr. Robert Warren John W all Gail Wasserman J..lin Walters, Jr. Eben Watkins, III 227 SENIORS First Row: • DOUGLAS S. WAITERS, JR.; A S; Sociology; 2623 Jefferson Ave., New Orleans, La.; Phi Delta Theta; C4ieerleader ; Greenbackers ; Westminster Fellowsliip; Lagniappes. • HERBERT WEIL, JR.; A S: English; 2 Dunleith, New Orleans, La.; President Senior Class A S; Omicron Delta Kappa: Who ' s Who; Jambalaya; Publications Board; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society; Glendy Burke Society; Leadership Council Executive Board; French Government Prize; Montgomery Hsitory Prize; College Quiz Bowl; French Club; Fulbright Scholarship to France. • CALVIN HERBERT WEISER, JR.; Commerce: 4822 Bienville Ave., New Orleans. La.: Phi Delta Theta. • MADY WEISGERBER; Newcomb; Political Science; 44 Emile Mayrisch Esch-Sur-Alzette, Luxem- bourg. • RICHARD C. WELLS; Commerce; 7443 Onyx, New Orleans, La.; Sigma Chi; Delta Sigma Pi; Propeller Club; Varsity Letter, Basketball Manager; Interfaith Council; Westminster Fellowship; Leadership Council. • CLARENCE A. WETHERN, JR.; Civil Engineering; 2621 Ursaline Ave., New Orleans, La.; A.S.C.E. • GLENN DANIEL WHITEMAN; Commerce; 42.51 Vincennes Place, New Orleans, La.; Society . dvancement Management; Newman Club; Army ROTC. Douglas Wallers. Jr. Abraham WiKun Herbert Weil. Jr. I). Glenn WiKnn Cilvin Wii-er. Jr. K. Al-lior lll,hr-|, :Mady Weisgcrber Jriii ,,ir Richard Wells Clarence Wethern. Jr. Glenn Wliitenian Lucy Yerly Philip Ziegler, Jr. Fide, Dumbo, and Luckies Second Row: • ABRAHAM WILSON; A S; History; 1702 Guatemozine, Laredo, Texas; Sigma Alpha Mu. • D. GLENN WILSON; Mechanical Engineering; 17 Delightful Drive, Mimticello, Miss.; Delta Tau Delta; A.S.M.E.; Wesley Foundation: Naval ROTC; TaHrail Naval Society. • E. ARLINE WINCHESTER; Newcomb; English; 2801 Arts, New Orleans, La.; Beta Beta Beta; Dance Club; Newcomb Student Government Association; Y.W.C.A.; Interfaith Council; Leadership Council: Kappa Delta Pi. • JERRY JOY WOLF; Newcomb: Bi.dogy; 900 Weiblen Place, New Orleans, La.; Delta Zeta; Beta Beta Beta; Y.W.C.A. • LUCY YERLY; Newcomb; Sociology; 325 E. Huisache, San Antonio, Texas; Kappa Alpha Theta; Newcomb Honor Board Secretary; Newcomb Dormitory Council; Newcomb Student Government As- sociation; Canterbury Club. • PHILIP L. ZIECLER. JR.; A S; Statistics; 827 Greenwood, New Orleans, La.; Delta Sigma Pi; Army ROTC. 22S tcnioh U N I O R S Firs! Row: • CHARLES E. AFEMAN; A S; Pre-Med; Le- Compte, La.; Phi Delta Theta; Wesley Foundation. • ALICE AKINS; Neivcomb; Theater; 908 Peach- tree, Gadsden, Ala.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Student Government Association; Wesley Foundation; Tu- lane University Theatre; International Relations Club. • HARRY R. ALLEN; Commerce; 2.514 State, Jackson, Miss.; Phi Delta Theta; Tulane Band; Air Force ROTC; Arnold Air Society. • CAMILLA AM- BROSE; Newcomb; English; 32.5 N.W. 17th, Olcla- homa City, Okla.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Art Club; Canterbury Club. • JOYCE AMRHEIN; Newcomb; Education; 2430 Wisteria, New Orleans, La. • JAMES KENNETH ANDERSON; A S; Zoolo- gy; 472 S. 13th Ave., Laurel, Miss.; Pre-Medical Society; Air Force ROTC. • HARRY C. APPLE- WHITE; A S; History; 424 Millaudon, New Or- leans, La.; Sigma Chi: Westminster Fellowship. • SHEILA CLAIRE ARAGON; Education; New- comb; 5623 General Diaz, New Orleans. La.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Jamb.4l.4V.4; Glee Club. • HARRY M. ARNOLD; Commerce; 217 Jackson. Monroe, Ga.; Beta Theta Pi; Delta Sigma Pi; A Cappella Cluiir; Naval ROTC. Second Roiv: • PAUL ELZY ATKINSON; A S; Journalism; Summit, Miss.; Hullabaloo; J.ambalaya; Westmins- ter Fellowship; International Relations Club. • HUN- TER ELLIS BABIN; Commerce; 1732 Cadiz, New Orleans, La.; Beta Theta Pi; Pan-Hellenic Council; Canterbury Club; Taffrail Naval Society; Naval ROTC. • ELLIOTT MARTIN BAIN; Commerce; Ac- counting; 3801 Octavia, New Orleans, La.; Delta Sigma Pi; Society Advancement Management; Tusk; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society; Accounting Club. • W. A. BAKER, JR.; Mechanical Engineer- ing; Kentucky Ave., McComb, Miss.; Kappa Alpha. • WILLIAM GARRETT BAKER, JR.; Commerce; Marketing; 1307 Philip, New Orleans, La.; Honor Board, 1952- ' 53, Chairman. 1953- ' .54; President of Junior Class, 1953- " 54; Student Coordinator. 19.52- ' 53; President of Society of Advancement of Man- agement, 1953- " 54; Delta Sigma Pi; Propeller Club; Tusk; Canterbury Club; Air Force ROTC; Leader- ship Council; Who ' s Who. • JOHN FRANK BARTI- ZAL; A S; Zoology: 286 Delaplaine, Riverside, 111.; Delta Tau Delta; Air Force ROTC; Arnold Air Society. • C. DuFOUR BAYLE; Commerce: 823 Lowerline, New Orleans, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon: Secretarv-Treasurer of Junior Class, 1953- ' 54: Air Force ROTC; Pi Lambda Beta. • JACK BELSOM; A S; History: 8436 Apricot, New Orleans, La.: A Cappella Choir; Glee Club; Operetta; Opera Workshop; President Tulane Glee Club, I9.53- ' 54. • CAROLINE BENOIST; Newcomb; Education; 414 S. Union, Natchez, Miss.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Student Government Association; Westminster Fel- lowship ; Lagniappes. Third Roit ' : • MATHEWS BENZAQUEN: A S; Zoology; Lima, Peru. • JAMES CALVIN BERBIGLIA; A S; Zoology; San Antonio, Texas; German Club; Pre- Medical Society; Westminster Fellowship; Army ROTC; Pershing Rifles Drill Team. • OSCAR LEE BERRY, JR.; A S; Zoology; 276 Prospect, Shreve- port. La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Scabbard and Blade Lt. Colonel, Army ROTC; Canterbury Club. • JOEL H. BEYER: A S; History: 491 E. 45th, Brooklyn, N.Y. ; Kappa Nu: Tusk; Hillel Founda- tion; Army ROTC; Alpha Phi Omega; Pi Lambda Beta; Pan-Hellenic Council. • RICHARD M. BIN- NINGS: A S: Biology: 49.58 St. Roch Ave., New Orleans, La.: Army ROTC; Radio Club. • ROBERT BLEDSOE: A S; 3308 Lexington Road, Montgom- ery, Ala.: Phi Kappa Sigma; Glee Club; Air Force ROTC. • RONALD J. BLOCK; Commerce; Eco- nomics: 185 Vine Ave., Highland Park, 111.; Zeta Beta Tau; Phychology Major Club; Jambalava; Air Force ROTC; Alpha Phi Omega. • SHELDON BLUE; Architecture; 1424 St. Jolin, Lafayette, La.; Kappa Sigma; Newman Club. • PAT BOEHM; New- comb; Economics; 1134 7th Ave., Laurel, Miss.; Phi Mu; Oreades; Barracudas; Westminster Fellowship. Fourth Roiv: • BETSY BOISFONTAINE; Newcomb; 7217 St. Charles Ave., New Orleans, La.; Kappa Kappa Gam- ma; Assets: Lagniappes. • FRED B. BOOKHARDT, JR.; Architecture; 8226 Panola, New Orleans, La.; Sigma Chi; A.I.A.: Army ROTC. • JAMES V. BOONE: Electrical Engineering; 2810 47th, New Orleans, La.; Vice-President Junior Class 1953- ' 54; A.I.E.E.; E.T.A.; Baptist Student Union; Air Force ROTC. • FRITZ BOTT; Commerce; 2115 Dublin, New Orleans, La.: Delta Kappa Epsilon; President Freshman Class, 1951- " 52; Tusk; Naval ROTC; Taff- rail Naval Society; Pi Lambda Beta, • CYNTHIA INEZ BRASWELL; Newcomb; B.F.A.; 1736 Val- mont. New Orleans, La.; Alpha Delta Pi; Canterbury Club. • PATRICIA ANN BRENNAN; Newcomb: Political Science; 927 Unadilla, Sbreveport, La.: Newman Club; Pi Beta Phi. • ANDREE BRIANT; Newcomb; Education; 4224 S. Galvez. New Orleans, La.; Phi Mu; Barracudas: Jambalava; Tusk: Inter- faith Council; Newman Club; Leadership Council. • BARBARA WHARTON BRILL; Newcomb; B.F.A.; 375 Josephine, Denver, Colo.: Phi Mu; Art Club; Canterbury Club. • GOODWYN JOHN BROG- GI: A S; J.mrnalism; 3240 Gentilly, New Orleans, La.; Delta Sigma Phi. 230 First Roto: ' ROBERT T. BROOKS, JR.; A S: Zoology; Box 232 Hammond, La.: Beta Theta Pi; Pre-Medical Society; Greenbackers; Baptist Student Union; Lag- niappes. ■ NORMAN S. BROWN; Commerce; 924 East Main, New Iberia, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Scabbard Blade. • BOB BRUMFIELD; A S; Botany; 424 Louisiana Ave., McComb, Miss.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Pre-Medical Society; Jambalaya; Westminster Fellowship; Adelphons. • SCOTT BRY- AN BRUNS; A S; Philosophy; 2038 General Tay- Ya, gotta be traajik. real traajik l..r, New Orleans, La.: Plii Delta Theta; Omicrnn Delta Kappa; Who ' s Who: Carnival; Hullabaloo; Wave Handbook; Air Force ROTC; Glendy Burke Society; Leadership Council. Second Row: • ALBERT H. BUCHANAN: A S; English; 7730 Walmsley Ave., New Orleans, La.: Beta Theta Pi; Air Force ROTC. • PHILIP N. BUCHANAN; Civil Engineering 110.5 Walton Dr., College Station, Texas; Si " ma Alpha Epsilon; A.S.C.E.; Canterbury Club; Naval ROTC: Taffrail Naval Society. • MARY MI- NOR BUSH; Newcomb; English; 1.328 Nashville Ave., New Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Phi. • BRECK CABELL: A S; Physics; 591 Warrior Trail, Jack- son. Miss.; Phi Delta Theta; Greenbackers. Third Row: • ALAN DEAN CALCOTE: A S; Classical Lan- guage: 3473 Jolnette, Shreveport, La.; Sigma Alpha F.psilon: Eta Sigma Phi: Canterbury Club; Inter- faith Council: Army ROTC. • DONALD CLARK CARRAWAY: Commerce: 2455 Midway, Alexandria, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Delta Sigma Pi; Society of Advancement of Management; Canterbury Club; Army ROTC. • HILTON LAWRENCE CARRUTH; A S: Pre-Mcd.: Box 3 Kokomo, Miss.: Sigma Chi; Pre-Medical Society: Wesley Foundation; Jamba- lava. • MARY JANE CARTER; Newcomb: Educa- tion: 1536 Nashville, New Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Phi; La Tertulia; Canterbury Club; Westminster Fellow- ship. Fourth Row: • WILLIAM K. CATCHING, JR.; Commerce; 15 Estelle, Hazlehurst, Miss.; Phi Delta Theta; Tulane Pan-Hellenic Council; Jambalaya; Tusk; Naval ROTC: Taffrail Naval Society; Adelphons. • BLACK CHAFFE; Mechanical Engineering: 1136 Second, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha: Tulane Pan-Hel- lenic Council; President Freshman and Sophomore Engineering Class, 1951- ' 52, 1952- ' 53; Omicron Delta Kappa: Scabbard Blade: A.S.M.E.; Greenbackers; aval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society; Adelphons. • HUEY PIERCE CHAMPAGNE; A S; Zoology; Box 216 Genlilly, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Sigma; Tisk; Newman Club: Army ROTC. • JULIA ALE- THA CHERRY: Newcomb; History; 1170 Ontario, Shreveport, La.; Alpha Omicron Pi: Assets; Student Activities Key; Archery Club; Athletic Council; Barracudas; Dance Club; Student Government As- sociation: Cheerleader; Greenbackers; Lagniappes; Leadership Council; Executive Committee of Leader- ship Council. Fifth Row: • CAROL CLARK; Newcomb; Elementary Educa- tion; Route 1, McDade, La.; Chi Omega; Newcomb Pan-Hellenic Council: Recording Secretary of New- comb Student Body, 19S2- ' 53; Assets: Tusk: West- minster Fellowship. • VANCE COHEN; Newcomb; Psychology; 4321 Windsor Pkwy., Dallas, Texas; Alpha Epsilon Phi; La Tertulia; Psychology Major Club Secretary, 1953- ' 54; Athletic Council: Campus Night, Secretary-Treasurer, 1953- ' 54. • DONALD 0. COLLINS; A S; Physics; 1828 Cadiz, New Orleans, La ■ Phi Delta Theta; Jambalaya; Tusk; Air Force ROTC. • HERMAN D. COLOMB; A S; Physics; 2030 Palmer Ave., New Orleans, La.; Beta Theta Pi: Sigma Pi Sigma; Westminster Fellowship; Adel- phons. Sixth Row: • CAROLYN PATRICIA CONWAY: Newcomb; Education: 2425 Napoleon Ave., New Orleans, La.; Phi Mu; Psychology Major Club: Student Govern- ment Association; Newman Club; Sailing Club. • ROBERT MAITRE COOK; Mechanical Engineer- ing: 77.32 Hampson, New Orleans, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Tulane Pan-Hellenic Council: Unit Man- ager, Sophomore Engineering, ' 52; A.S.M.E.; Naval ROTC. • LYNTON B. COOPER, JR.; Architecture; 4607 Churchill Dr., Jackson, Miss.; A.I.A.; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society. • ROGER P. COUNTS: A S: Political Science; Hall Square, Nazareth, Penn.; Delta Sigma Phi; Tusk. Seventh Row: • JACK COWART; A S; History: 1021 Henry Clay. New Orleans, La.; Alpha Tau Omega; Jam- balaya; Westminster Fellowship; Naval ROTC; Sailing Club. • JAMES ]. COX; A S; English; 923 7th, Lake Charles, La.; Hullabaloo; Green- backers; Newman Club: Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society; Phi Lambda Beta. • HARRY COOPER CRAWFORD, JR.: A S: Chemistry: 106 W. .Main, Kingstree, S. C. • VICTOR AUGUSTO CRIS- TALES; Architecture; 2 Calle Tivoli No. 43 Guate- mala City, Guatemala; Phi Iota Alpha; A.I.A.; Newman Club. Eifihth Row: • EVERETT CRUDUP. JR.; Commerce; 2326 34th Ave, Meridian, Miss.; Kappa Sigma; Naval ROTC. • JOHN PETTIS CULPEPPER, III; A S; Chem- istry; 900 Corinne, Hattieshurg, Miss.: Kappa Al- pha. • RICHARD L. CULPEPPER: A S: Pre- Med.; 226 Bolton Ave., Alexandria, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon- Pep Band; Canterbury Club; Tulane Band; Air Force ROTC. • JOHN M. CURRIER; Chemical Engineering; 7014 St. Charles Ave., New Orleans, La.; Delta Sigma Phi; A.I.Ch.E. Ninth Rovi: • ANN GUSHING; Newcomb; B.F.A.; 1880 Vol- lentine; Memphis, Tenn.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Beta Beta Beta; Art Club; Newman Club. • FRANK H. (HAPPY) DAVIS, JR.; A S; Zoology; 403 Myrtle Place, Lafayette, La.; Beta Theta Pi; Vice-President Sophomore, Junior A S, 1952- ' 54; Omicron Delta Kappa; Greenbackers: Lagniappes; Pre-Medical Society. • WALTER L. DAVIS, JR.; A S; History; 3705 Louisiana Ave. Pkwy., New Orleans, La.: Phi Kappa Sigma; Army ROTC. • JOSE A. DECASTRO; A S; Mattel Lluberas, Yauco, Puerto Rico; New- man Club. 231 (jv ' ' f " fT ▲f 9 10 . .A Hkh U N I O R S First Row: • JOSEPH C. DECKERT; Mechanical Engineering; 1032 Deslonde. New Orleans, La.: A.S.M.E.; New- man Club: Air Force ROTC. • FRANK J. DePAOLl. JR.: A S; Zoology; 466 S. 4tli, Globe, Ariz.: Phi Delta Tlieta; Intramural Council; Adelphons: Lead- ership Council. • ANNE DE RUSSY; Newcomh: Education; 1140 Fourth, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • JACK DIENES; Commerce; Ac- counting; 25 Farnham Place, New Orleans, La.: Alpha Tau Omega; Greenbackers: Westminster Fel- lowship: Naval ROTC. • JERRY DOMINGUEZ: A S: S; Zoology: 417 W. Frances, Tampa, Fla.: Sigma Chi: Pre-Medical Society; Adelphons. • HAROLD W. DRUMMOND: A S; Spanish; 2420 Octavia, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Sigma. • LORETTA ALICE DUDDEN: A S: Education: 4222 Iris, New Or- leans, La. • J. M. DUHE. JR.; A S: Route 1, Box 0-104, New Iberia, La.: Kappa Sigma. • WILLIAM B. EARTHMAN, JR.: Mechanical Engineering: .310 Pine, Picayune, Miss.: Phi Delta Theta; A.S.M.E.; Greenbackers; Wesley Foundation; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society. Second Row: • RICHARD EATON; Chemical Engineering; 7822 Burthe, New Orleans, La.; Sigma Chi; Wesley Foun- dation; A.I.Ch.E.; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval So- ciety. • ANN EMILE; Newcomb; Biology; 224 Couevas, Biloxi, Miss.: Beta Beta Beta; Newman Club. • EVIE ENSOR: Newcomh: Sociology; 1301 Locust, Alva, Okla.; Psychology Major Club; TusK: Baptist Student Union; Operetta: Sailing Club. HUGH B. EXNICIOS Ave., New Orleans, La. • comb; Art: 1459 Moss, Omega. • S. STEWART A S: 4218 S. Claibrone MIGNON FACET; New- New Orleans, La.; Chi FARNET; Architecture: 2623 Esplanade Ave., New Orleans, La. ; Class Presi- dent, 19.53: A.I.A.; Newman Club; Air Force ROTC. • MARTIN L. FELDMAN; A S: English; 5548 Waterman Blvd.: St. Louis, Mo.; Sigma Alpha Mu: Alpha Phi Omega: Vice-President, Phi Lambda Beta. • PETER A. FERINGA: A S: Botany: 1521 Du- fossat. New Orleans, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Greenbackers; Army ROTC; Lagniappes; Pre-Medi- cal Society. • JACK FIELD, JR.: A S: Zoology; 3224 Jackson, Alexandria, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsi- Kin; Cheerleader; Greenbackers; Westminster Fel- lowship. Third Row: • HULON FILLINGANE; Commerce; 101 Four- teenth Ave., Hattiesburg, Miss.; Sigma Chi; Pan- Hellenic Council; Naval ROTC: Taffrail Naval So- ciety. • FRED FISCHER; A S; English; 919 State, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha. • BARBARA FLEISCHMAN; Newcomh: Political Science: 117 E. Crescent Ave., Elmhurst, III.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; La Tertulia: Dormitory Council: Hullabaloo; Inter- national Relations Club. • CLETUS G. FLEMING, JR.; Civil Engineering: 806 Wilson Dr., New Or- leans, La.; A.S.C.E.; Baseball; Air Force ROTC. • CYNTHIA ANNE FORCHHEIMER; Newcomb: Psychology: 5521 S. Galvez, New Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Phi; La Tertulia; Le Circle Fraincais: Newman Club: Hullabaloo. • ROY FORD; A S; Political Science: Boutte, La. • PENELOPE FOX: Newcomh: Art; 1727 Arabella, New Orleans, La.: Kappa Kap- pa Gamma. ■ SUSAN FOX: Newcomh: History; 1023 Bob-0-Link, Highland Park, 111.; President Alpha Epsilon Phi: Dormitory Council: Student Govern- ment Association: Greenbackers: Campus Night. • ALLISON FRENCH; A S; Pre-Med.; P.O. Box 992, W. Palm Beach, Fla.; Phi Delta Theta. Fourth Rolo: • BETTY ANN FRISARD; University College; Medical Technology; 3219 New Orleans, New Or- leans, La.: Alpha Delta Pi: Newman Club. ■ BETH FRITCHIE; Newcomb; Phi Mu; Psychology FRITCHIE; Newcomh; Slidell, La.; Phi Mu. 127 Cleveland, Slidell, La.: Club. • CATHERINE L. Sociologv: 309 Cleveland, ADELINE GAIENNIE; Newcomb; Sociology; Route 4, Box 536, Shreveport, La.; Kappa, Kappa Gamma; Newman Cluh; Psy- chology Club. • DONALD A. GALBRAITH; Com- merce; Business Management; 707 Hartranft, Ft. Washington, Pa.; Kappa Sigma; Delta Sigma Pi; Society of Advancement of Management: Canterbury Cluh; Air Force ROTC. • RICHARD GEER: A S: Physics: 6019 Hurst, New Orleans. La.: Phi Delta Theta; Westminster Fellowship; Taffrail Naval So- ciety; Lagniappes: Naval ROTC. • ELISSA GENET: A S; Medical Tech.: 3-134 W. St. Roch. New Orleans, La.; German Cluh. • EVELYN EVE GI- RAUD; Commerce; Accounting, Economics: Route 6, Box 365, New Orleans, La.: Propeller Club; Society of Advancement of Management, Treasurer: Accounting Cluh, Secretary: Commerce Women ' s Club, Treasurer. • URSULA MARGRET GOED- ECKE; Newcomb; Art; Hillside Terrace, Halletts- ville, Texas; Beta Sigma Omicron; Art Cluli. 232 Just wear a skii ' t and Ijlouse First Raw: • MARCY GOULD ; Newcomb ; Speech ; 3624 Lovers Lane. Dallas, Texas; Alpha Epsilon Phi: Psycholo- gy Major Club; Art Club. • RICHARD T. GREEN. A S; Pre-Med.; 611 Lyons, Lake Charles, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. " STANTON GREEN; A S: Psychology; .3112 Lemon. Palatka. Fla.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • WALTER R. GREEN: C.immerce; Frank- linton. La.; Phi Delta Theta; Jamijalaya; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society. Second Row: • JIM GREENBAUM; Commerce; Economics; 1901,5 Van Aken Blvd., Shaker Hts., Ohio; Zeta Beta Tau; Psychology Major Club; Tusk: Army ROTC; Co-editor Guide-On Army paper. • PEGGY GREENWALD; Newcomb; Sociology: 2656 Stanis- l.ius. .Macon, Ga. • JAN GREGORY; Newcomb; Psychology: 1259 Owsley Ave., Columbus, Ga.; Chi Omega; Oreades; Psychology Major Club: Dormi- tory Council; Newman Club; Glee Club. • JACKIE GROSSMAN; Newcomb; Sociology; 2609 W. 65th, Kansas City, Mo.; Alpha Epsilon Phi. Tliird Row: • JOHN C. GROUT, JR.; A S; Psychology: 8010 Hickory, New Orleans, La.: Sigma Chi; Canterbury Club; Naval ROTC: Taffrail Naval Society. ■ ELIZ- ABETH HAEUSER: Newcomb; Physics; 4937 S. Tonti, New Orleans, La.; Delta Zeta; Athletic Coun- cil; Barracudas; Y.W.C.A.; Westminster Fellowship. • JOHANNA HA.MMELL: Newcomb; Music; 137 S. Main, Allenlown. N. J.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Jambalava: Glee Club. • BOBBY HARGROVE; A S: Pre-Med., Psychology; 608 Unadilla, Shreve- port. La.; Beta Theta Pi. Fourth Row: • SELMA HARMON; Newcomb; Sociology: 129 Ocean View Ave., Brooklyn 35, N. Y. • HELEN HARRIS; Newcomb; Sociology: 1117 Hickman Rd., Augusta, Ga.; Chi Omega; A Cappella Choir; Bap- tist Student Union: Secretary of Junior Class 1953- ■,54. • LOUIE HARRIS; A S; Geology; 1776 State, New Orleans, La.: Beta Theta Pi. • WALTER HARRIS, JR.; Commerce: .Management: 8223 Syco- more. New Orleans, La.; Kappa Sigma; Society of . dvancement of Management: Greenbackers: Wesley Foundation; Air Force ROTC. Fijih Row: • IKE HAWKINS, JR.; Pre-Law; 551 Sherwood Rd., Shreveport. La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Army ROTC. • ANDRA HEDMEC; Newcomb; English; 351.3 Louisiana Avenue Pkwy.. New Orleans, La.: Chi Omega; Gamma Delta; Glee Club. • RUTH HENDRICKS: Newcomb: Music; Star Route. Mc- AUen, Texas; Kappa Alpha Theta; Assets; Wesley Foundation; A Cappella Choir; Honor Board; Dor- mitory Cimncil: Student Government Association. • ROBERT HIPPLER, III; .Mechanical Engineer- ing; 2426 Bartholomew, New Orleans, La.; A.S.M.E.; Air Force ROTC. Sixth Row: • THEODORE HIRSCH; Commerce: 4534 S. Tonti, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Nu. • ATWOOD HOBBS; Commerce: Accounting: P.O. Box 2.362, Longview, Texas; Alpha Tau Omega; Westminster Fellowship; Air Force ROTC; Arnold Air Society: Accounting Club. • SHEILA HODGES; Newcomb; English; 510 Harrison Ave.. San Antonio, Texas; Kappa Kappa Gamma: Assets; Oreades; Vice-President of Junior Class, 1953- ' 54; Dormitory Council: Wesley Founda- tion. • DON HOFFMAN; A S; Speech; 4040 Cler- mont Dr., New Orleans, La.; Pre-Medical Society; Newman Club; Army ROTC. Seventh Roiv: ' MORRIS HOHENBERG; Commerce; Marketing; 4321 La,vther Dr.. Dallas. Texas: Zeta Beta Tau; Vice-President of Junior Naval Science Class; Naval ROTC; Taffra il Naval Society. • JAMES S. HOLMES; A S; Pre-Med.; Foley, Ala.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon ; Secretary-Treasurer of Sophomore A S Class; Unit Manager of Junior Class A S; Intramural Council; Tusk; Newman Club. ' BETTY LEW HOM: Newcomb: Elementary Education; 44.32 Magazine, New Orleans, La.; Westminster Fellow- shop; Interfaith Council. • BILL HORAN; A S; French; 623 Merrick, Shreveport, La.; German Club; Le Circle Francais; TusK; Canterbury Club. Fighth Row: • GARLAND HOUCK; Newcomb; English; 936 Thora, Shreveport, La.: Chi Omega; La Tertulia; Westmnister Fellowship. • MARGUERITE HOW- ARD; Newcomb; English; 4534 St. Charles Ave., New Orleans, La.: Kappa Kappa Gamma. ■ FRANK HOWELL: A S: Box 5305 Souora, Texas; Sigma Chi; Pre-Medical Society; Wesley Foundation. • HENRY IVY: Commerce; 69 E. Broad, West Point, Miss. ; Phi Delta Theta. Ninth Roto: • EVELYN JACKSON; Newcomb: Psychology; 358 W. Livingston Place, New Orleans, La.; Phi Mu; Y.W.C.A.; Psychology Major Club; Athletic Coun- cil; Barracudas; Tusk; Wesley Foundation. ■ SAN- DY JACOBS; Newcomb; Sociology; 2709 Soniot, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Treasurer of Junior Class; Pre-Med Society; Psychology Major Club; Campus Night: Lagniappes. ■ RICHARD AL N JOHNSON; A S; Zoology; 511 Rebecca Ave., Hattiesburg, Miss.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon Tulane Band. • JOHN JOSEPH KEELEY; A S History; 125 Grafton Ave., San Francisco, Calif. Newman Club. 233 c% U N I O R S First Row: • MARIE KOLOROS: Newcomb; Biology; 6750 Ca- nal Blvd., New Orleans, La.: Beta Beta Beta: Ore- ades: White Caps. • MELVYN FREEMAN KOSSO VAR; A S; Psychology; 109 Linwood, Little Rock, Ark.; Zeta Beta Tau; Vice-President of Pre-Med. Society: President of Psychology Major Club: Alpha Phi Omega; Leadership Council. • AARON KRAE- MER; Architecture: ll-i Sherman Place, South Orange, N. J.: Sigma Alpha Mu; A. LA.; Jamba- laya; HiiUnbaloo; Naval ROTC. • HAYDEE LA- FOURCADE: Architecture; Havana, Cuba. • VIC- TOR A. LANDRY; Engineering: 327 Virginia, New Orleans, La.; A.S.M.E.; Air Force ROTC. ' LOUIS LANZA; Commerce; 341 Jane Place, New Or- leans, La.; Phi Delta Theta; Unit Manager ' 50 and ' 51. • ANN LEARY; A S; Medical Technology; 1526 Washington Ave., New Orleans, La.; Canterbury Club: Interfaith Council. • DONALD LEE: Mathe- matics: 801 Broadway, New Orleans, La.: Phi Delta Theta; Jambalaya; Tusk. • MARY ANN LEH- MAN; Newcomb; Sociology; 15718 Chadbourne Rd., Shaker Heights, Ohio; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Oreades; Psychology Major Club, Second Roiv: • ELEANOR ETHEL LESSER; Newcomb; Psy- chology; 182 Gordon, Charleston, S. C; Alpha Epsi- lon Phi; Psychology Major Club; Student Govern- ment Association. • ROBERT LESTER; Commerce; 2733 Hardy, Shreveport, La.; Kappa Sigma; West- minster Fellowship; Taffrail Naval Society. • TIVIE LETELLIER; Newcomb; Psychology; RFD No. 7, Box 387, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Vice-President of Newcomb Athletic Council; Psy- chology Major Club; Archery Club; Newman Club; Y.W.C.A.; Intramural Council. • SHIRLEY LEVEY; Newcomb; Music: 311 Audubon Blvd., New Or- leans, La.: Beta Sigma Omicron; Secretary of Music School, ' 53 and ' 54; La TertuUa; Tusk: Christian Science Organization Treasurer. " LEE LEVY; Com- merce; Economics; 501 W. Robert. Hammond, La.; Zeta Beta Tau; Delta Sigma Pi; Carnival: Hulla- baloo; Jambalaya; Army ROTC; Alpha Phi Omega; Pre-Legal Club. • MARILYN LEVY; A S; Jour- nalism; 2618 Short, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Beta Beta Beta; La Tertulia; Hullabaloo; Jambalaya; Tusk; Glendy Burke Society. ' ALAN B. LICHTENSTEIN; Commerce; 349 Manor Ridge, Atlanta, Ga.; Zeta Beta Tau; Phi Eta Sigma; Naval ROTC. • TOMMY LILLY: Commerce; Box 152, Charleston, Miss.; Sigma Nu; Wesley Foundation; Naval ROTC. • AUSTIN M. LINDSEY; A S: Psy- chology : 612 Ruth Ave.. Gulfport, Miss. ; Kappa Sigma; Psychology Major Club: Tusk; Westmin- ster Fellowship: Naval ROTC: Taffrail Naval So- ciety; Adelphons; Alplia Phi Omega; Navy Unit Color Guard; Navy Rifle Team. Third Row: ' ANN LINGAN: Newcomb; Art; 2618 Palm, Houston, Texas: Alpha Omicron Pi; Art Club; Dormitory Council; Jambalaya; Tusk; Canterbury Club. • CAROLE LONG; Newcomb; Education; 2103 Garland, Muskogee, Okla. • JOE F. LUPO; A S; Pre-Med.: 1409 25th Ave.. Tampa, Fla.; Kappa Sigma: Greenbackers: Wesley Foundation. • PATRICIA LYKINS : Newcomb : English : 18 Nonnenslieg, Hamburg, Germany; Alpha Omicron Pi. • CALVIN H. McBRIDE; A S: Philosophy- Pre-Law; 1230 Loyola, New Orleans, La.; Second Vice-President of Tulane Band: Pep Band; Tulane University Theatre: Air Force ROTC. • DOROTHY McCABE: Architecture; 170 Bellaire Dr.. New Or- leans, La.: Phi Mu: Secretary-Treasurer Junior Class; A.I.A. • PAT McCABE; Newcomb; Spanish; 4626 St. Charles Ave.. New Orleans, La.; Beta Sig- ma Omicron: La Tertulia; TusK; Newman Club. • BILL McCLENDN, III; A S; History: 1912 Palmer Ave., New Orleans, La.: Kappa Alpha; Tusk; Canterbury Club; Army ROTC; International Relations Club; Lagniappes. " DOUGLAS ALLAN McCOY; Journalism; 346 Metairie Heights, New Orleans, La.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Hullabaloo; Tusk; Westminster Fellowship; Air Force ROTC; Glendy Burke Society. Fourth Row: • NANCY RAWLINS McIVER; Newcomb; Sociolo- gy; 7933 Jeannette Place, New Orleans, La.; Chi Omega; Westminster Fellowship Barracudas: Dance Club. • FRANK EDWARD McKAY; Chemical En- gineering; DeWit, Ark.; Alpha Chi Sigma; A.I.Ch.E.; E.T.A.: Baptist Student Union; Interfaith Council. • KEY DAVID McMURRAIN; Zoology; 579 Col- lege, Hapeville, Ga.; Football. • NORMAN BER- TRAND McNIEL; Botany; 1909 W. Garden, Pensa- cola, Fla.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Army ROTC: Adel- phons. • ELLEN JANE MACHLIN; Newcomb: Political Science: 1061 Willmohr, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Hillel Foundation; International Relations Club. • ELLEN MACK; A S: Mathematics; Box 333, RFD No. 2, Rockrimmon Rd.. Stamford, Conn.; Jambalaya; Campus Night; Student Government Association ; Carnival ; Glendy Burke Society ; In- ternational Relations Club; Student Directory Edi- tor; Sailing Club; Pi Lambda Beta. • HILLMAN W. MADISON: Commerce; 363 W. Hickory. Bastrop. La.: Delta Kapp Epsilon; Air Force ROTC; Arnold Air Society. ' JENNIFER MANN; Newcomb; Eng- lish; 1122 Fern, New Orleans, La.: Pi Beta Phi; Interfaith Council; Wesley Foundation; Glee Club. • JOHN F. MARSHALL; Civil Engineering; 16-H Newcomb Campus, New Orleans, La.; A.S.C.E.; E.T.A. 234 ,- y • ' - ' - A f rs Row: •WILLIAM RESON MARTIN; A S: Spanish; 1505 Patterson, New Orleans, La. • MARJORIE MARX; Newcomb; English; 1410 Bank, Lake Charles, La.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Barracudas; Le Circle Francais. • MELVIN MATHES; Commerce Law; 1228 Third, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Sigma; Tulane Pan-Hellenic Council; Jambalaya; Tusk; Christian Science Organization; Debate Team; Glen- dy Burke Society. • DON M. MAYER; Chemical . ki|i|iiji{; hillicr; skiiipinn lliitlier Engineering; 1602 Pine, Winsboro, La.; Sigma Al- pha Epsilon; Alpha Chi Sigma: A.I.Ch.E.; E.T.A.; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society. Second Row: • THEODORE F. MEHRTENS: Mechanical Engi. neering; 7816 Pearl, New Orleans, La.; A.S.M.E.; Air Force ROTC. • ROBERT J. MERIKANGAS; A S; Mathematics; 28 Stonebridge Road, Cochi- tuate. Mass.; Delta Sigma Phi; Sigma Pi Sigma; Naval ROTC. • THEODORE KEITH MESERVE; Commerce Law; 415 Glendalc Blvd., New Orleans, La.: Delta Tau Delta. • WILLIAM W. MESSER- SMITH, III; Commerce: 4601 S. Claibrone Ave., New Orleans, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Unit Man- ager Sophomore Clas s, 1952- ' 5.3; TusK ; Air Force ROTC; Arnold Air Society; Pi Lambda Beta. Third Row: • SHELDON M. MILCROM: Commerce: 1701 Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Kappa Nu; Hullabaloo; Hillel Foundation. • ROGER H. MILLER: A S; Physics: 302 Leon, Gatesville, Texas; Phi Kappa Sigma; Omicron Delta Kappa; Pre-Medical Society; Greenbackers: Welsey Foundation: Tulane Band: Lagniappes; Leadership Council. • MARILYN MIL- LIKEN, Newcomb; Political Science; Nashville Rd., Bowling Green, Ky.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Newcomb Pan-Hellenic Council. ■ JOAN MIRAMON; New- comb: 738 Moss, New Orleans, La.; Phi Mu ; New- comb Pan-Hellenic Council; Society of Advancement of Management; Tusk; Gamma Delta; Glendy Burke Society. Fourth Row: • JACK MITCHELL; A S; Political Science; 6336 Louisville, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Tau Omega; Tulane Pan. Hellenic Council; Greenbackers: Air Force ROTC: Arnold Air Society. • MILES RAN- DALL MITCHEM, A S; Psychology; 1015 Uth, Lake Charles, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Pre- Medi- cal Society; Psychology Major Club; Baptist Stu- dent Union. ■ DAVID E. MONNIN; Mechanical Engineering; 1318 Elysian Fields Ave., New Or- leans, La. A.S.M.E.; Air Force ROTC. • BARBARA CATHERINE MOON; Newcomb; Theatre; 1426 Vinton Ave., Memphis, Tenn.; Tulane University Theatre. Filth Row: • MARILYN MOORE: Newcomb; Art; 1702 East Main, Humboldt, Tenn.; Alpha Omicron Pi: Art Club; Westminster Fellowship. • JEAN MORGAN; Newcomb; Sociology; 3519 Country Club Rd., Bir- mingham, Ala.; Alpha Delta Pi; Barracudas; Stu- dent Directory. • EARL S. MULLEY, II; Commerce; 4900 Music, New Orleans, La.; Westminster Fellow- shop; Glee Club; Delta Sigma Pi. DONALD C. MUTH; A S; History; 8529 S. Claiborne Ave., New Orleans, La.; A Cappella Choir; Glee Club; Operetta; Opera Workshop. Sixth Row: ' JOEL MYRES; Music; Mayersville, Miss.; Phi Kappa Sigma. • ORIN STANTON NEIMAN; Com- merce; Economics; 9 01 N. Euclid, Oak Park, 111.; Sigma Alpha Mu: Hillel Foundation; Army ROTC. • JOHN LOUIS NIKLAUS; Civil Engineering; 4665 Venus, New Orleans. La.; A.S.C.E.; Naval ROTC. • ROBERT HOWARD NUNNALLY; A S; Chem- istry: Box 55 Camden, Ark.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Pre-Medical Society; Army ROTC. Seventh Roiv: • MARYLIN E. ODOM; Newcomb: History; .5401 S. Miro, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha Theta. • FRAZIER O ' FERRALL; Newcomb; Art; 1804 E. La Rua, Pensacola, Fla.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • MARTHA ANN OLIVER; Newcomb; Art; .5327 Prvtania, New Orleans, La.; Beta Sigma Omicron; Greenbackers. ' ALFREDO OSORIO, JR.; Archi- tecture; 611 Ave. Bolivar, Managua, Nicaragua; A. I. A.; Newman Club. Eii hth Row: • W. FALLY PAINE; Architecture; 1384 Nichol- son Ave., Lakewood, Ohio; Delta Tau Delta; A. I. A.; T.A.S. • ANITA PARENT; Newcomb; B.F.A.; 603 N. Union, Natchez, Miss.: Phi Mu: Art Club; Y.W.C.A.; Wesley Foundation. • TOM PEEPLES; A S; Political Science; 1846 S. Parkway E., Mem- phis, Tenn.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Tulane Pan-Hellenic Council; Grenbackers; Westminster Fellowship; Campus Night; President 1953- ' 54; Alpha Phi Omega, Tresaurer. 1953- ' 54; International Relations Club, Vice-President, 1953- ' .54; Leadership Council; Pi Lambda Beta. • BARBARA PELTON; Newcomb; Philosophy; 210 Avenue E, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Student Government Association; Y.W.C.A.: Disciples Student Fellowship; Interfaith Council; Intramurals. Ninth Rote: ' THOMAS G. PEMBERTON; Commerce; Account- ing; 2401 29th W., Seattle 99, Wash.; Sigma Chi; Delta Sigma Pi; Society of Advancement of Man- agement; Army ROTC. • LOUIS C. PERRILLIAT; Civil Engineering; 1928 Octavia. New Orleans, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; A.S.C.E. • WILLIAM C. PIERCE: A S; History, 2310 10th, Meridian, Miss.; German Club; Westminster Fellowship. • CHARLES R. PITTMAN; Civil Engineering; 4050 Franklin Ave., New Orleans, La.; A.S.C.E.; Two Varsity Let- ters; Football; Air Force ROTC. 235 U N I O R S Firsi Row: • JOE W. PITTS, JR.; Commerce: 1213 Blytlie Ave., Alexandria, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Vice-Presi- dent of School of Commerce Student Body, 1953- ' 54; Omicron Delta Kappa; Scabhard Blade; Delta Sigma Pi: Society of Advancement of Management: Greenbackers: Wesley Foundation; .Army ROTC; Adelphons; Lagniappes. • LAURA LEE PLANCHE; Newcomb: Elementary Education 818 22nd Ave., Covington. La.: Pi Beta Phi; Newcomb Pan-Hellenic Council; Barracudas; Canterbury Club. ■ DORO- TFIY POTTS: Newcomb: Political Science; 60 Jae- nicke Lane. Hamden. Conn.: . lpba Omicron Pi: Wesley Foundation. • STEPHEN PRISKIE: Com- merce; Marketing; 104 Elliott PI.. Bronx. N. Y.: Alpha Epsilon Pi; Air Force ROTC. • ALICE RAHN: A S; Pre-Med.: 566 Dowling Blvd.. San Leandro. Calif.: Kappa Alpha Theta; Pre-Medical Society: International Relations Club. • M. RGE RAUCH; Newcomb: Sculpture; 815 Eleanore. New Orleans. La.; Art Club: White Caps; Newman Club. • CHARLES ALONZO REESE; Mechanical Engi- neering: 1512 Milan, New Orleans, La. • HARRY H. REESE: Commerce: 1820 Calhoun. New Orleans. La.; Delta Sigma Pi. • HARRY REHM; Mechanical Engineering; 2229 St. Roch Ave., New Orleans, La. Second Row: • I. STANLEY RESNICK; A S: Psychology; 2112 S. Dale Mabry. Tampa, Fla. : Alpha Epsilon Pi. • HAMILTON RICHARDSON: Commerce; Eco- nomics: 2626 Dalrymple Dr., Baton Rouge. La.: Delta Kappa Epsilon: 2 Varsity Letters, Tennis. 1952 and ' 53. • RICHARD I. RICHTER: A S: History: 385 Norlhl eld Rd.. Woodmerc, N. Y.: Alpha Epsilon Pi. • SISSI RIGCS; Newcomb: Education; 403 Mt. Valley, Hot Springs, Ark.; Chi Omega: Jambalava; Y.W.C.A. • JAMES M. ROBBINS: Commerce; 871 2 . Rutledge Ave., Cliarleslon, S. C; Sigma Chi; Propeller Club; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval So- ciety. • CAROLYN ROBERTSON: Newcomb: Eng- lish; 1545 Webster, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • LEE ROBERTSON: Newcomb; 9033 N. Lake Dr., Milwaukee, Wis.; Alpha Omicron Pi. • FLORENCE ROSS: Newcomb; Psychology; 2117 West 17th, Little Rock, Ark.; Chi Omega: Wesley Foundation: Glee Club. • ROBERT H. ROWAND; A S; Journalism; P.O. Box 910, Bogalusa, La. Third Roic: • EMMETT RUSSELL: Commerce: 70 Neron Place. New Orleans, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Naval ROTC: Taffrail Naval Society; Adelphons. • WIL- LIAM RYAN; A S: History: R.R. No. 1, Coloma, Mich.; Delta Tau Delta: Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Lambda Beta. • JOEL W. SAINER; A S; Sociology; 241 Central Pk. West. Ne%v Y ' ork. N. .: -■ lpha Epsilon Pi: Tulane Pan-Hellenic Council. • MAUDE SAUN- DERS; Newcomb; 110 Wilson. Hammond, La.; Kap- pa Kappa Gamma: President Sophomore Class. 1952- " 53; Corresponding Secretary Newcomb Student Body, 1953- 54: Assets: Honor Board; Student Gov- ernment Association; Tusk; Canterbury Club. • DA- VID SCHMIDT: A S; English- 1423 Valence. New Orleans, La.: Delta Kappa Epsilon. • ROBERT I. SCISSORS: Commerce: 912 Gay, St. Louis, Mo.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Hillel Foundation: Naval ROTC. • JAMES DIXON SEWELL: A S: Botany; Boyce, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • BARRY H. SHAFER; A S; Political Science; 422 W. 30th, Miami Beach, Fla.; Sigma Alpha Mu; German Club; Campus Night: Pi Lambda Beta. • ANN SHAFTO: New- comb: Education; 1005 North 3rd, Monroe, La.; Chi Omega; Newcomb Pan-Hellenic Council: Honor Board ; Canterbury Club. Fourth RoiiK • BARBARA SILIN; Newcomb; Languages; 1314 Audubon, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Newcomb Pan-Hellenic Council: Le Circle Francais; Jambalaya; Greenbackers; Canterbury Club: A Cappella Choir; Glee Club: Operetta; Leadership Council. • BETH SLAWSON; Newcomb: History; 925 Arlington, Jackson. Miss.; Eta Sigma Phi; Ore- ades: Baptist Student Union. • CLIFTON MURRAY SMART. JR.; Architecture; 1044 Walnut, Blythe- ville. Ark.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; A.I.. .: Baptist Student Union; Glee Club. • ANN SMITH; New- comb: Political Science: 1828 Jefferson Ave., New- Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha Theta: Newcomb Pan- Hellenic Council. • JOHN .MASON SNUGGS: Me- chanical Engineering; 5301 Danneel, New Orleans, La.: A.S.M.E.; Baptist Student Union: Glee Club. • NEIL SOKOLSKI; Commerce: General Business; 160 Combs Ave., Wodmere, N. Y. ; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Phi Lambda Beta. • MARTHA SPARKS; New- comb: History; 1602 Fairview. Monroe. La.; Chi Omega. ' EARL M. STAHL; Architecutre; Route 4. Box 287, Shreveport, La.; Class President, ' 52: Student Body Secretary, ' 53; Student Body Vice- President, ' 54. • JEROME B. STEEN; A S: Po- litical Science; Pinola, Miss.; Kappa Sigma; Bap- tist Student Union; Phi Lambda Beta. 236 h t 4i1 Juno, uiKlulating. walked loward me First Row: • SYLVAN J. STEINBERG; Commerce; 715 East Main, New Iberia, La.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Society of Advancement of Management; Phi Lambda Beta. • LAWRENCE B. STEWART; A S; Music; 349 Remscn Ave., Brooklyn 12, N. Y.; Delta Sigma Phi; Greenbackers; Westminster Fellowship; Spinnekers. • MILDRED STOUSE; Newcomb; French; 5601 Hurst, New Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Phi; President of Junior Class, 1953- ' 54; Assets; Beta Beta Beta; La Tcrtulia; Honor Board; Le Circle Francais; Student Government Association. ■ PEGGY STRAUSS; New- comb; Sociology; 1401 North 3rd, Monroe, La.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Newcomb Pan-Hellenic Council. Second Row: • NAN SWENSON; A S; Journalism; 3109 Forest Ave., Port Arthur. Texas; HuUuIkiIoo; Westminster Fellowship. • SHERWIN R. THALER; Commerce; 112-23 71 Road, Forest Hills, N. Y.; Sigma Alpha Mu. • A. D. TISDALE, JR.; A S; Chemistry; 2924 Gordon, Mcmroe, La.: Kappa Sigma. ■ BIS- MARCK TORO-LEAL; A S; Medical Technology: 19-33 Crra 19. Armenia Caldas, Colombia. S. A. Third Roll ' : • SONYA TRAHAN; Newcomb; French; 1812 Jack- son, Alexandria. La.; Chi Omega. • BETTY JANE IHOSCI.AIR; Newcomb; Music Education: 1.530 l.-v,.).-. New Orleans, La.; White Caps; Leadership Ciuncl; Glee Club. • SAM TUCKER; A S; Psy- chology; 2915 Coliseum, New Orleans, La.; Delta Tau Delta; TusK; Air Force ROTC; Arnold Air Society; Alpha Phi Omega; Glendy Burke Society. • NANCY B. TURNER; Newcomb; Chemistry; 360 Hawthorne, Memphis, Tenn.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Sigma Pi Sig- ma; Athletic Council; Barracudas; Christian Science Organization; Interfaith Council. Fourllt Row: • JANET TYSON; Newcomb; Spanish; 2803 Olive, Texarkana, Texas; Pi Beta Phi; Newcomb Pan- Hellenic Council; Wesley Foundation. • ANN E. ULMER; Newcomb; Radio and Speech; P.O. Box 571, Columbia, Miss.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Cheer- leader; Greenbackers; Newman Club. ■ JANE UL- MER; Newcomb; English; 8019 Cohn, New Orleans, La.; Chi Omega; Sophomore Class Treasurer, 1952- ' .53; Beta Beta Beta: Campus Night. • BARBARA CLAIRE UMBACH; Newcomb; Elementary Educa- tion; 3617 Louisiana Avenue Parkway, New Orleans, La.; Chi Omega. F if til Row: • J. M. VAUGHAN; Cliemical Engineering; P.O. 125, Crestview, Fla. ; Pi Kappa Alpha; Alpha Chi Sigma; A.I.Ch.E.; E.T.A.; Pep Band; Westminster Fellowship; Tulane Band; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society; International Relations Club. ■ PHIL- IP ANTHONY VAZZANA: Architecture: 309 -Main. Leland, Miss.; Newman Club. • EARLINE VI A- VANT; Newcomb; Art History; 4941 St. Charles Ave., New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Green- backers. • CHARLIE VICCELLIO; A S: Political Science; 704 Iris, Lake Charles, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Jambal.wa Business Manager; Tulane Pan- Hellenic Council; Omicron Delta Kappa; Publica- tions Board; Army ROTC; Xagniappes. Sixtli Row: • STANKO B. VRANICH; A S; Modern Lan- guages; 1229 Lowerline, New Orleans, La. • JOHN L. WALSH: A S: Political Science; 425 Main, Northport, Long Island, N. Y.; Delta Tau Delta; Tusk; Naval ROTC; Pi Lambda Beta. • TOMMY WAKEMAN; Architecture; 141 Wren, New Orleans, La.; Phi Kappa Sigma; A.I.A. • ARLICE ULVES- TER WALKER; A S; History; 427 Center, Hen- derson, Ky.; Kappa Sigma. Seventli Row: • JOSEPH ADAIR WATTERS; A S; 1734 Palmer Ave., New Orleans, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Unit Manager Junior Class, 1953- ' .54; Intramural Council; Tusk- Army ROTC: Phi Lambda Beta. • JAMES E. WEILBAECHER, JR.: A S; Zoology; 215 Ma- ple Ridge Dr., New Orleans, La.; Alpha Tau Omega; Secretary-Treasurer of A S Freshman Class, 1951 ; Pre-Medical Society; 2 Varsity Letters, Baseball; Alpha Phi Omega. • HANS WEILL; A S; Political Science; 1171 Biarritz Dr., Miami Beach, Fla.; Sigma Alpha Mu. • DEANIE WENDLAND; Newcomb; Elementary Education; 1804 Calhoun, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Newcomb Pan-Hellenic Council; Student Government Association; Jamba- lava: Lagniappes. Eiglitli Row: •BUDDY WESTBROOK; A S; Zoology; 416 Washington, Shreveport, La.; Sigma Chi; German Club; Pre-Medical Society; Baptist Student Union; Campus Night; Adelphons. • CHIGGER WHITE; Newcomb; Education: 704 Fair, Franklin, Tenn.; Alpha Omicron Pi: President Doris Hall, 1953; Tusk: Art Club; Dormitory Council; Operetta. • ROBERT E. WILSON: Commerce; Salesmanship; 1.522 Pine, New Orleans, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Wesley Foundation; Glee Club; Naval ROTC. • TAD WILSON; A S; History; 1410 Valmont, New Or- leans, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Tulane Pan-Hel- lenic Council; Adelphons. Nintli Row: • ROBERT HUNTER WISE; Mechanical Engineer- ing: 57 Gallitin, Hazlehurst, Miss.; Phi Delta Tlleta; A.S.M.E.: Wave Handbook; Tusk; Air Force ROTC: Arnold Air Society; Air Wave Publication. • ROBERT R. WOLFE, JR.; A S; English: 1329 Octavia, New Orleans, La.: Kappa Alpha. • DOUG WOODRUFF; A S; Education; 6862 Louisville, New Orleans, La.; Air Force ROTC. • JOHN B. WOODVILLE; A S: English: 586 Normandy Rd.. Madeiva Beach, Fla.; Phi Kappa Sigma. • MELVIN B. YOUNG; Architecture; 824 Fairview, Shreveport, La,; Delta Kappa Epsilon; A.I.A. ; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society. 237 umjO f ft m f iif Jl lfe 1 ' O OPHOMORES First Row: • FLORENCE ANN ABRAM; Newcomb; Pre-Med.: Box 459, Lufkin, Texas; German Club: Pre-Medical Society. • SANDRA ABRAMSON; Newcomb; 50 ' 1 Slattery, Shreveport, La.; La Tertulia; Psychology Major Club; Le Circle Francais: Jambalaya. • CARMEL ABLER; Newcomb; English; 79 Edge- lawn Road, Asheville, N. C; Alpha Epsilon Phi; HnUtibaloo; Jambalaya; International Relations Club; Art Club. • DICK AKERS; A S; Zoology; Box 312, West Point, Miss.; Sigma Chi; Pep Band; Wesley Foundation; Tulane Band; Air Force ROTC. • LIBBY ALLEGRET; Newcomb; Music; 5308 Pine Forest Road, Houston, Texas; Chi Omega; Secretary Sophomore Class of Newcomb; Assets; Canterbury Club; A Cappella Choir; Operetta. • LAURA AM- ACKER; Newcomb; Sociology; 1217 S. Monroe, San .4ngeIo, Texas; Alpha Delta Pi; Psychology Major Club; Wesley Foundation; International Relations Club. • ALLAIN C. ANDRY, III; 23 Versailles Blvd., New Orleans, La.: Delta Kappa Epsilon: Air Force ROTC; Pre Legal. • ELAINE C. ANTONATOS; Commerce; 224 S. Solomon, New Orleans, La. • RICHARD C. ARSENAULT; A S; Economics; 23471 2 Le, Hollywood, Fla.; Delta Sigma Phi; Tu- lane Pan-Hellenic Council; Jambalaya; Hullabaloo; Cheerleaders; Greenbacicers; Army ROTC; Adel- phons; Leadership Council. Second Roiv: • PHYLLIS ASKANASE; Newcomb; 2.343 Under- wood, Houston, Texas; Alpha Epsilon Phi; La Ter- tulia; Le Circle Francais; Psychology Major Club. • WILLIAM J. ATKINS; A S: 3321 Centenary, Shreveport, La.: Delta Kappa Epsilon; Air Force Rifle Team. • GLEB JOHN AULOW; Commerce; Aruba; Netherlands, Antilles; Delta Tau Delta. • DAVE BACHMAN; Accounting; 70 Beardsley Park Terrace, Bridgeport, Conn.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Tennis Club; Newman Club; Air Force ROTC. • LLOYD G. BACK; Architecture; 1116 Independence, New Orleans, La.; Army ROTC. • DIXIE LOU BADER; Newcomb; B.A.; 334 Spanish, Cape Girardeau, Mo.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Jambalaya; Psychology Major Club; Wesley Foundation: Operetta. • LARRY E. BAKER: A S: Pre-Med.; 905 E. Baker Drive, Kennett, Mo.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Wesley Foun- dation; Army ROTC. • WILLIAM ALFRED SAN- TA; Commerce; 6218 St. Anthony, New Orleans, La.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Delta Sigma Pi: Baptist Student Union; A Cappella Choir; Glee Club: Air Force ROTC; Fourlanians. • W. DAWSON BAPTIST: Commerce; 101 Wren, New Orleans, La.; Phi Delta Theta: Westminster Fellowship; Air Force ROTC. Tlt ' ud Row: • ELISE BARKEMEYER; Newcomb; Education; 904 Pauline, New Orleans, La.; La Tertulia; White Caps; Gamma Delta: Glee Club: International Re- lations Club. • JERRY BARNUM: Biology; 2301 Maple, New Orleans, La.; Phi Beta Phi; German Club; A Capella Choir. • MARY BARTLETT; New- comb; 5411 McKena, New Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Phi. • DOROTHY RUTH BASKETT; Newcomb; Education; 1324 Hickory, Texarkana, Ark.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Westminster Fellowship; French Club. • MARY ANNE BEAM AN; Newcomb: Biology; 4143 Seminary Place, New Orleans, La. • RUDOLPH F. BECKER; A S: Philosophy: 16 Newcomb Blvd., New Orleans, La.: Kappa Alpha Order; Air Force ROTC. • OLIVE BECNEL; 440 Fairmont. Harvey, La. • JOHN PAUL BEHANNA; Engineering; 187 Bloom, Highland Park, 111.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; A.S.M.E. • DIANE BELL; Newcomb: Chemistry: 6207 10th Ave.. St. Petersburg, Fla.: Alpha Omicron Pi; Jambalaya; Psychology Major Club: Tusk; Canterbury Club; Campus Night; Operetta. Fourth Row: • EDMOND J. BENDERNAGEL; Architecture; 2.501 Audjbon, New Orleans, La.; Sigma Chi. • HOWARD BERG; Commerce: Foreign Trade; 475 Ocean Wave, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Sigma Alpha Mu: Air Force ROTC: Beta Delta Alpha: Flying Club; Hullabaloo. • HAROLD BERGER: A S; History: 230-18 1.39 Ave., Laurelti n, Long Island, N. Y.; Sigma Alpha Mu: Varsity Letter in Soccer; Air Force ROTC. • DENISE JEANNE BEYT: Newcomb: B.A.: 3812 Lakeshore, Port Arthur, Texas; Kappa Alpha Tlieta: Jambalaya; Glee Club; Newman Club, • JOSEPH A. BIGGIO, JR.; A S: Zoology: 448 Clayton, Montgomery, Ala. • JUDY BILLINGS; Newcomb: Education: 821 East Union, Wynne. Ark.: Kappa Kappa Gamma: Dormitory Council; Glee Club. • BANKS BLACKWELL: A S: Pre-Med.; 200 West 13th, Pine Bluff, Ark.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Air Force ROTC. • JANET BLANCHARD: New- comb; Physics: 516 Valence, New Orleans. La.; Sigma Pi Sigma; Vice-President Newman Club; Glendy Burke Society; Le Circle Francais. ■ NAN- CY JEAN BLACK; Theatre; 523 Aiken Ave.. Rock Hill, S. C; Chi Omega; Dance Club; Westminster Fellowship; Campus Night; Tulane University Theatre. 240 Second Rotv: • PATRICIA BOUDREAU; Newcomb; Education: 1415 Louisiana Ave., Lake Charles, La.; Chi Omega; Jamualaya; Greenbackers; Lagniappes. • BOB BOU- LET: A S; Pre-Med.; LaRose, La.; Beta Theta Pi; Army ROTC. • FAITH L. BOWEN; Newcomb; French; 1264 Winona, Chicago, 111.: Phi Mu: Jam- ualaya: Dormitory Council; Wavettes. RICHARD BOWEN; A S; Geology; 223% East Ave., Green- ville, Pa.; Delta Sigma Phi; Army ROTC. Third Roiv: • JOY ELAINE BRAND; Newcomb; B.A.; 3824 Chateau, Waco, Texas; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Jamba laya; Art Club. • CAROL LISE BRENNER; New comb; Psychology; 1221 Jefferson, New Orleans, La. Alpha Epsilon Phi: Psychology Major Club; Jam balaya: Campus Night. • PAUL V. BRIERRE: Coramirfe: 2607 Jefferson Ave., New Orleans, La. Alpha lau Omega; Air Force ROTC. • FRED J BKLNKMANN: Civil Engineering; 1316 Pauline, New Orleans, La.; Gamma Delta. Fourth Row: • SHELTON BROOKE; Newcomb; History; 1013 Ponce de Leon, Atlanta, Ga. ; Kappa Alpha Theta; President Sophomore Class; Assets: Honor Board; Student Government Association; Newcomb Hand- book; Greenbackers: Canterbury Club; Lagniappes. • AMANDA BROWN: Newcomb; French Educa- tion; Gailliard Plantation, Lake Providence. La.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Newcomb Pan-Hellenic Coun- cil; Le Circle Francais; Newman Club; Glee Cli ' b; International Relations Club; Wavettes. • TERRY W. BROWN; A S; 1749 S. E. Uth, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; Delta Sigma Phi; Hullabaloo; Naval ROTC. • ADRIAN R. CAIRNS, JR.; A S: Zoology; 50 Farnham Place, New Orlens, La.; Phi Delta Theta; Secretary-Treasurer A S Class: Wesley Founda- ti on; Tulane Band; Army ROTC. dation; Air Force ROTC. • DIANNE CALONENE; Medical Technology: 1439 Washington Ave., New Orleans, La.; Delta Zeta; German Club; Pre-Medi- cal Society; Hullabaloo; Westminster Fellowship. Sixth Row: ' CARROLL JAMES CAMPBELL; A S: 6025 Constance, New Orleans, La.; Delta Sigma Pi; So- ciety of Advancement of Management; Naval ROTC. • NANCY CANFIELD; B.A.; Davenport, Wash.; Alplia Delta Pi; Newcomb Pan-Hellenic Council; Le Circle Francias; Westminster Fellowship. ■ C. KEITH CAPDEPON: Mechanical Engineering; 2204 20th, Gulfport, Miss.; Kappa Sigma; A.S.M.E.: Glee Club. • JACK CARINHAS, JR.; A S; Economics; 105 Jacaranda, Brownsville, Texas; Pi Kappa Alpha. Seventh Row: • CLARENCE WILLIAMSON CHACHERE, HI; Engineering; 390 Audubon, New Orleans, La.; Pep Band; Jambalaya; Baptist Student Union; Campus Night; Tulane Band; Air Force ROTC: International Relations Club: Glee Club; Pi Lambda Beta. • B. J. CHAUVIN, JR.: Commerce; .5333 Fads, New Or- leans, La.; Delta Sigma Phi; Naval ROTC. • JEN- NIE LEWIS CHESNUT; Newcomb; Art; 116 Alumni Ave., Hopkinsville, Ky.; Phi Mu; Art Club; Dance Club; Le Circle Francais; Canterbury Club. • ROBERT W. CLEMENTS; Political Science; 1505 Watkins, Lake Charles, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Eighth Roiv: • EDWIN GREINES COHEN; Commerce; B.A.; 3914 Hamilton, Fort Worth, Texas: Zeta Beta Tau; Air Force ROTC. • ERNA COHEN; 7564 York Dr., Clayton, Mo.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Psychology Ma- jor Club; Campus Night. • TONY COLLETT; 530 2nd Ave., Bogalusa, La.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Newman Club; Army ROTC. • CAROLYN COMEGYS; New- comb; Art; 3700 Glen wood, Wichita Falls, Texas; Kappa Alpha Theta; La Tertulia; Art Club; Bar- racudas; Westminster Fellowship. First Row: • MOLLY BLAKENEY; Newcomb; 315 Bella Dr., New Orleans, La.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Newcomb Pan-Hellenic Council. • DON BLOCK; 1214 Jack- son, Thibodaux, La.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Tulane Pan- Hellenic Council; Air Force ROTC. • ROBERT A. BLOME; Chemical Engineering; 616 Eleanore, New Orleans, La.; Tulane Band; Air Force ROTC. • MATILDE R. BONILLA; Newcomb; Med. Tech- nology; Tegucigalpa, Honduras; La Tertulia; Le Fifth Roto: • DON CALDWELL; Architecture; 2987 Reymond, Baton Rouge, La.; Kappa Sigma; A.I.A.; Canter- bury Club. • CAROLYN CALHOUN; Newcomb; Psychology; 116 Ridge Road, Birmingham, Ala.; Phi Mu: Beta Beta Beta; Wesley Foundations; Glee Club: International Relations Club. • RICHARD CALHOUN; A S; Pre-Med.; 2241 Thornton Court, Alexandria, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Wesley Foun- Ninth Row: • JOHN L. CONNOLLY; Marketing; 845 Hidalgo, New Orleans, La. • PETER A. CONRAVEY, JR. 3153 Chippewa, New Orleans, La.; Air Force ROTC, • SANDY COOKE; Newcomb; Elementary Educa tion; 5670 Rosemary Place, New Orleans, La.; Ph Mu; Canterbury Club. • JAKE NORMAN COON A S; Philosophy; 518 Jackson, Monroe, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 241 ?? 5ar s5 ry mill— aBjBSiBa ' ™ ■ ' -5 rf j sssss 1 ' " i ihk I First Row: • CHARLES EUGENE CORRIGAN, HI; Business Administration; 1565 Webster, New Orleans, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Pan-Hellenic Council; Air Force ROTC. • JOHN B. CORRIGAN; Business Ad- ministration; 1565 Webster, New Orleans, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • THEODORE COTONIO, III; His- tory; A S; 2315 Palmer Ave., Delta Tau Delta; Naval ROTC. • WADE COTTON; Political Science; A S; 206 Gilbert, Monroe, La.; Kappa Sigma; Wesley Foundation; Air Force ROTC. • MARY NASH COX; English; Newcomb; Versailles Road, Frankfort, Ky. ; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Canterbury Club; A Cappella Choir. ■ CHARLES F. CRONIN; Architecture; 83-D Stadium Place, New Orleans, La. • DENIS J. CROWLEY; 888 Sambridge, Cleve- land Heights. Ohio; Phi Kappa Sigma; Pan-Hellenic Council; Newman Club; A Cappella Choir; Campus Night; Lagniappes. • CAROL CURET; Chemistry; Newcomb; 934 Nashville Ave., New Orleans, La.; Phi Mu; Wesley Foundation. • A. W. DALFERES; Com- merce; Law; 1709 W. College Ave., Lafayette, La.; Kappa Sigma; Society of Advancement of Manage- ment; Newman Club; Medical ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society; Debate Team; Lagniappes. Third Row: • CAROL C. deVALCOURT; Geology; A S; 403 Jefferson Heights, New Orleans, La.; Pi Lambda Beta; Newman Club. • ALICE FENN DIGGS; Art; Newcomb; Cordova, Tenn.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Art Club; Barracudas; Westminster Fellowship. • HATTIE LEE DUBINSKI; Newcomb; Education; 606 El Prado, San Antonio, Texas; Alpha Epsilon Phi; JAMBALAYA. • F. CLANCY DUPEPE; Pre-Law; A S; 1922 Third, Kenner, La.; Alpha Tau Omega; Pi Lambda Beta; Air Force ROTC. • J. C. DUPONT, III; Commerce; 2138 State, New Orleans, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • WILLIAM N. ECKERT; Pre-Med.; A S; 2102 South Carrolton Ave., New Orleans, La.; Phi Delta Theta; Army ROTC. • RAYMOND G. EDWARDS; Accounting; Commerce; 132 Oak, Green Bay, Wis. • ROBERT E. EHRHART; Civil Engineering; 365 Vinet, New Orleans, La.; Naval ROTC. • SUSAN ELLENDER; Newcomb; Bayou Black, Houma, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Newman Club. OPHOMORES Second Row: • JOSEPH L. DALTON, III; Mechanical Engineer- ing; 4509 Elba, New Orleans, La.; Phi Beta Theta; Naval ROTC; A.S.M.E. • JOAN DAMONTE: Music; Newcomb; 3726 Napoleon Ave., New Orleans, La.; Phi Mu; Wesley Foundation; Glee Club; Operetta. • JERRY R. DANIEL; Accounting; Commerce; 20 East Broad Oaks, Houston, Texas; Accounting Club; Society of Advancement of Management. ' VAL J. DANSEREAU; Architecture; 4309 St. Ann, New Orleans, La.; President. Sophomore Class 1953- ' 54; Army ROTC. • CAROL DAVIS; Education; New- comb; 2105 Audubon, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Epsilon Phi. ' JANET DEAN; Newcomb; 1235 Broad- way, New Orleans. La.; Kappa Alpha Theta Y.W.C.A.; Canterbury Club. ' LARRY R. DeBUYS, III; Electrical Engineering; 7915 S. Claiborne Ave New Orleans, La.; Kappa Sigma; A.I.E.E.; New man Club; Naval ROTC. • WILLIE DE LA HOUS. SAYE; A S; Physics; 317 Pine, New Orleans, La • BETTY ANNE DELL; B.A.; Newcomb; 6123 Clara, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Fourth Roiv: •JAMES H. EMERSON; Pre-Med; A S; 615 West Court, Winnfield, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Tulane Band; Air Force ROTC. • ELAINE B. EVANS; Commerce; 311 Virginia, New Orleans, La.; Hillel Foundation. • BILL FALBAUM; Com- merce; 7820 Birch, New Orleans, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon ; Wesley Foundation ; Air Force ROTC. ' CHARLES FASTERLING; A S; Geology; Bu- ras. La.; Alpha Tau Omega; Canterbury Club; Naval ROTC. • SYLVIA C. FERNANDEZ; Newcomb; 2615 Canal, New Orleans, La.; Beta Sigma Omicron; Y.W.C.A.; White Caps. • FRANK PHILIP FISCH- ER, JR.; Mechanical Engineering; 1820 Audubon, New Orleans, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; President Freshman Engineering Class; A.S.M.E.; Lagniappes. •DUDLEY FLANDERS; A S; History; 3101 Nashville, Ave., New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha Order. • DANIEL M. FOLEY, JR.; Malhemtatics; A S; 3241 Uruslines Ave., New Orleans, La.; New- man Club. • CHESTON FOLKES; A S; Journal- ism; Box 276, Covington, La.; Sigma Chi. 242 f . ' 0K ' fiVs Row: • BUDDY FORCHHEIMER; Commerce; 5521 So. Galvez, New Orleans, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Naval ROTC. • ANNETTE FORTIER; Newcomb; 373 Broadway, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha Theta. • JAMES M. FOSTER; A S; 17 Nassau Dr., New Orleans, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • JER- RY L. FOSTER; Management; Commerce; 305 S. Murat, New Orleans, La.; " Westminster Fellowship; Tulane Band; Air Force ROTC. Las Vegas was never like this! Secotid Roiv: • LUCIENE FOUNTAIN; Newcomb; 1238 Jackson Spring Rd.. Macf n Ga. ; Phi Mu ; Baptist Student Union; Y.W.C.A. • MARYEM FOWLKES; New- comb; Box 771 Handsboro, Miss.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Pan-Hellenic Council; Vice-President Fresh- man Class; Treasurer Sophomore Class; Dormitory Council; Tusk; Canterbury Club; Lagniappes; Leadership Council; Assets. • CHARLES W. FOX, III; Architecture; 1404 Eleanore, New Orleans, La.; Vice-President of 2nd year Architects. • SUE ANN FRANCIS; Newcomb; Elementary Education; Box 828 Midland, Texas; Chi Omega; Kappa Delta Phi; Y.W.C.A.; Baptist Student Union. Third Row: • BARRY FRANK; A S; 2805 Glencoe, Denver, Cob..: Sigma Chi. • SALLY FRANKLIN; Newcomb: English; 1335 Jackson Ave., River Forest, 111.; Al- pha Omicron Pi ; Barracudas. • STANLEY FRANK, JR.; Commerce; 211 Stanford Drive, San Antonio, Texas: Zeta Beta Tau. • ROSE ERASER; New- comb; Box 391 Many, La.; Kappa Alpha Theta; La Tertulia; Barracudas; Baptist Student Union. fourth Row: • JANE FRAZIER; Newcomb; Physics; 3017 St. Philip, New Orleans, La.; Sigma Pi Sigma; Ath- letic Council; Barracudas; Westminster Fellowship; Wavettes. • FLORENCE FREEDMAN: Newcomb; Political Science; 1520 9th, Douglas, Ariz.; Jam- BALAYA; Beta Beta Beta; La Tertulia; Westminster Fellowship; Glee Club; International Relations Club. • BILL FURLONG; Chemical Engineering: 6039 Hurst. New Orleans, La.; A.I.Ch.E.; E.T.A.; New- man Club; Army ROTC; Pershing Rifles. • E. A. GASTON; A S; 4647 Fairfield, Shreveport, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Fiflh Row: • ANN GILL; Newcomb; West 6th, Russellville, Ky.; Psychology Major Club; TusK. • ALLEN WAYNE GLIDE WELL; A S; 2312 Talunar Lane, Wiciiita Falls, Texas; Pi Kappa Alpha; Archery Club; Tennis Club; Baptist Student Union; Air Force ROTC. • ALFRED E. GOLDMAN; Finance; Commerce; 6 Cricket Lane, Brentwood, Mo.; Zeta Beta Tau. • DOROTHY GOOD; Newcomb: Art; 2805 Walnut, Texarkana, Texas; Alpha Omicron Pi; La Tertulia; Art Club; Jambalava; Westmin- ster Fellowship. Sixth Row: • ROY " GUNTZ " GONSENHEIM; A S; Philoso- phy; 232 Audubon Blvd., New Orleans, La.; Sigma Alpha .Mu; President Sophomore A S; Air Force ROTC; Newcomb Dance Club; Newcomb Bird Dog Club. • JO GOODWIN; Newcomb; History; Mer Rouge Road, Bastrop, La.; Pi Beta Phi. • SOPHIA GREENBERG; Newcomb; Chemistry; 818 UnadiUa, Shreveport, La.; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • LEONARD D. GREMILLON; A S; Zoology; 956 Florida, Baton Rouge, La.; Army ROTC; Newman Club, Seventh Roiv: • DEE DEE GRIFFIN; Newcomb; English; 1381 Roosevelt Ave., Pelham Manor, N. Y.; Pi Beta Phi; Jamcalaya; Assets: Atheltic Council; Greenback- ers; Canterbury Club; Lagniappes; Pi Lambda Beta. • JOEL GROSSMAN; Newcomb; 2229 Napoleon Ave., New Orleans, La.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Jam- balaya: Beta Beta Beta; Psychology Major Club. • CHARLES GULLEY; Mechanical Engineering; Box 317 Brookhaven, Miss.; Sigma Alpha Epislon; A.S.M.E.; Baptist Student Union; Air Force ROTC; Lagniappes. • MARGARET GUSTAFSON; New- comb; French; Port Sulphur, La.; Chi Omega; Jambalava; Honor Board; Le Circle Francais; Westminster Fellowship; Tulane Band. Eighth Row: • SANDY HALL; Architecture; Box 631 Abgaig, Saudi Arabia: Secretary-Treasurer Sophomore Class. • OWENE HALL; Newcomb; Music; 109 Robin Hood, Lookout Mountain, Tenn.; Chi Omega; Le Circle Francais; Canterbury Club; A Cappella Choir; Lagniappes. • CHARLES HAMAKER; A S; Pre-Law; 704 Bellview, Moss Pt., Miss.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Air Force ROTC. • SUE HAMPTON Newcomb; Music; 101 Prarie Lane, Stuttgart, Ark. Wesley Foundation; A Cappella Choir; Glee Club Operetta. Ninth Row: • JEFF HANNA, JR.; A S; Pre-Med.; 106 Broad- way, Roscoe, Texas; Sigma Chi; Canterbury Club; Glee Club; Air Force ROTC. • MARTHA HATCH- ELL; Newcomb; Education; 1416 Milton, Monroe, La.; Chi Omega; Westminster Fellowship. • ERNEST L. HAWKINS; Electrical Engineering; 1109 State, New Orleans, La.; Delta Tau Delta; A.I.E.E.; Air Force ROTC. • HARRIET HAWKINS; Newcomb; 508 Carelton Ave.; Caruthersville, Mo.; Alpha Deltf Pi; Tulane University Theatre. 243 First Row: ' SANCY HAWKINS; Newcomb; 806 South Lake shore Drive, Lake Village, Ark.; Chi Omega; Secre tary Freshman Class; Art Club; Greenbackers; Can terbury Club; Tulane Band; Lagniappes. MAR CARET ANNE HEAD; Newcomb; 747 Robinson Shreveport, La.; Pi Beta Phi; Dance Club; Wesley Foundation. • SUE HERTZMAN; 2053 Douglass Blvd., Louisville, Ky.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Psycholo- gy Major Club: Dance Club; Campus Night; Inter- national Relations Club. • ROSEMARIE HEWITT; Newcomb; 523 Kimball Turn, Westfield, N. J.: Kap- pa Alpha Theta; Hullabaloo; Newman Club. ' BET- TIE B. HILL; Newcomb; 364 Felder Ave., Mont- gomery, Ala. ; Kappa Alpha Theta. • NEAL HOBSON; A S; History; 104 Duplessis, New Or- leans, La.; Alpha Tau Omega; Golf; Naval ROTC. " A. J. HOMAN; Newcomb; 3117 Copper, EI Paso, Texas; Kappa Alpha Theta; Disciples Student Fel- lowship. • JORGE R. HUERTA; Engineering: 32 Milwaukee, Mexico 18, D.F.; Phi Iota Alpha. • SU- ZANNE HUNDLING; Newcomb; 8 Beverly Place, Little Rock, Ark.; Chi Omega. Third Row: ' ANN KEIM; Newcomb; Spanish; 643 N. Blvd., Cape Girardeau, Mo.; Alpha Omicron Pi; La Ter- tulia; Dormitory Council; Canterbury Club. ' MARY ANNA KENDALL; Newcomb; 343 Glenway, Jack- son, Miss. ; Chi Omega ; Assets; Eta Sigma Phi ; La Tertulia; Oreades; Dormitory Council; Honor Board; Wesley Foundation. • MARJORIE KING; Newcomb; Biology; 1129 Fifth, Gretna, La.; Beta Beta Beta; Newman Club. • CATHERINE KIRK- LAND; Newcomb; Art; 6126 Charlotte, Houston, Texas; Phi Mu; Art Club: Greenbackers; Baptist Student Union. ' EDWARD KNIGHTON; 632 Long- leaf Road, Shreveport, La.; Beta Theta Pi; A Cap- pella Choir; Army ROTC; Lagniappes; Sailing Club. ' DONALD H. KORN; Engineering; 6155 Colbert, New Orleans, La.; Sigma Alpha Mu. • CHARLES ALFRED KOVACS; A S: Chemistry; 1036 East 23rd, Paterson, N. J.; Delta Sigma Phi. • JOANNE KRIEGER; Newcomb; Sociology; 2603 W. Market, Greensboro, N. C; Dormitory Council; Tusk: Hillel Foundation; Campus Night; Tulane Quintet. • THOMAS D. LACOUR; Architecture; 815 Minor, Kenner, La. OPHOMORES Second Roiv: ' AUDREY VEDA HUNTER; Newcomb; Spanish; 804 Eve, Belize, British Honduras; Phi Mu; West- minster Fellowship. • ROYANNE HURD; Newcomb; Riverside Drive, Covington, La. • GLEN JACKSON; Engineering; 7605 Hampson, New Orleans, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • ROBERT B. JACKSON, JR.; A S; Geology; 6258 Belmont, Dallas, Texas; Phi Delta Theta. • W. DAVID JACKSON; Engineer- ing; 916 Clayton Ave., Tupelo, Miss.; Phi Delta Theta; Naval ROTC. • PAUL C. JAMES; A S; Physics; 25 Westlane, Houston, Texas; Pi Kappa Alpha; Pan-Hellenic Council; Air Force ROTC; Air Force Drill Team. • ELIZABETH D. JONES; Newcomb ; Bayshore Drive, Pensacola, Fla. ; Pi Beta Phi; Wesley Foundation; International Relations Club. • WILLIAM N. JONES; A S; Pre-Med.; 416 North Main, Benton, Ark.; Sigma Chi; Track; Football; Army ROTC. • EUGENE G. JUMON- VILLE; A S; Geology; P.O. Box 61, Napoleon- ville. La.; Beta Theta Phi. Fourth Row: • JOAN HESTER LADEN; Newcomb; Economics 186 Edgemont, Thaneek, N. J.; Phi Mu; Barra cudas; Newman Club. • EDWARD E. LAFAYE A S; Geology; 5423 Hewes, New Orleans, La. Beta Theta Pi. • JACQUELYN LAFAYE; New comb; English; 2438 Octavia, New Orleans, La. Kappa Kappa Gamma; Newman Club. • LUCIUS M. LAMAR; A S; Pre-Med.; 1203 Marengo, New Orleans, La.; Beta Theta Pi; Pre-Medical Society; Army ROTC. • SIDNEY LASSEN; Commerce; 8 Ibis, New Orleans, La.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Societv Advertising Management; Air Force ROTC. ' MARY LAW; Newcomb; 1125 Eleonire, New Orleans, La.; Y.W.C.A.; Greenbackers; Wesley Foundation; Glee Club; Beta Beta Beta. • DIANE LAWTON; New- comb; 566 Oneonta, Shreveport, La.; Chi Omega. • HENRY LEE, JR.; A S; Chemistry; 2104 Brai- nard. New Orleans, La.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Alpha Chi Sigma; German Club; Pre-Medical Society; Pep Band; Tulane Band; Army ROTC. • JOAN LEONARD; Newcomb; Education; 318 S. Jeffer- son, Neosho, Mo.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Newcomb Pan-Hellenic Council; Beta Beta Beta; Wesley Foun- dation; A Cappella Choir. 244 , r:i A , L. First Row: • GEORGE L. LEONARD; A S; Zoology; 4630 St. Charles, New Orleans, La, ; Delta Kappa Epsilon ; Pre-Medical Society; Army ROTC. • BILL LEO- NARD; 2645 Sage, New Orleans, La.; Glee Club; Tulane University Theatre; Pi Lambda Beta; Flying Club; Tulane Radio. ■ JAY P. LEVIN; A S; 3300 Clarks Lane, Balto, Md.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre-Medical Society; Alpha Phi Omega; Beta Delta Alpha. • ANNE LEVINSON; Study in angles Newcomb; Art; 54 Parkview Place, Baldwin, N. Y.; Delta Zeta; Art Club; Internatinal Relations Club. Second Row: • BARS LEVY; Newcomb; English; Box 439, De- iiKipolis, Ala.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Oreades; Psy- I linlugy Maj ir Club; International Relations Club. • .1 AY LEVY; A S; Pre-Med.; 1523 Soniat, New (Irhans, La.: Zeta Beta Tau; Pre-Medical Society; Army ROTC; Pershing Rifles. ■ MERRILL LIP- SITZ; A S; Sociology; 131 9.3rd, New York, N. Y.; Sigroa Alpha Mu; Beta Delta Alpha: Flying Club; Pi Lambda Beta. • BUDDY LOMAX; Com- merce; 1021 9th Ave., Laurel, Miss.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Tennis; Air Force ROTC. Third Row: ' NN I. LONG; 1615 ( li Linhers, Vicksburg, Miss. • CHARLES PLAIS- M I LORIO; A S; Geology; 7420 Benjamin, N.« Orleans, La.; Alpha Tau Omega: Pan-Hellenic ( ouncil; Math Club: Naval Reserve. • SHIRLEE lOWE: A S; Med. Technology; 5300 Danneel, tw Orleans, La.; Westminster Foundation. • ANN RAY LOWENTRITT; Newcomb: English; Box 189; ]nnsboro. La.; Alpha Epsilon Phi. Fourth Row: • SHIRLEY LUCAS; Newcomb; Journalism; Gar- den City, La.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Newcomb Pan- Hellenic Council; Barracudas; Tennis Club; Hiilla- Imloo; Tusk; Canterbury Club. • RICHARD LYLE, JR.; Architecture; 2313 P.S.D., Meridian, Miss.; Kappa Alpha; Pan-Hellenic Council; Golf; Air Force ROTC. • SALLY LYON; Newcomb; Sociology; Route 3, Foley, Ala.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Psycholo- gy Major Club; Dormitory Council; Westminster Foundation. • NORWOOD MARCY LYONS; Engi- neering; P.O. Box 514, Church Point, La.: Delta Sig- ma Phi. Fijih Row: • BENJAMI N NORTH McBRIDE: Commerce; 2021 Dante, New Orleans, La.: Westminster Foundation; Army ROTC; Army ROTC Band. • CHARLES Mc- CONNELL; A S; Zoology; 1731 Calhoun, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Tau Omega; Army ROTC: Adelphons. • SANDRA McCOY; Newcomb: Art; 302 East 6th, Stuttgart, Ark.; Art Club; Canter- bury Club. • J. KIRK McDonald ; Architecture; 19 S. Tucker, Apt. 6, Memphis, Tenn.; A.I.A.; Air Force ROTC. Sixth Row: • ROSEMARY McGinn ; Newcomb; 1900 Stuart Ave., Monroe, La.; Chi Omega. • HILAH McLEAN; Newcomb; English; 2217 2.?rd Ave., Meridian, Miss.; Chi Omega. • JIMMIE .MACKENROTH; Newcomb; Education: 74 Versailles Blvd., New Orleans, La.; Chi Omega; Recording Secretary, Sophomore Class; Assets; Student Government Association; TusK; Christian Science Organization; Lagniappes. • SHIR- LEY MARCO: Newcomb: Economics; 903 West Daniel, Champaign, 111.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Art Club: Hillel Foundation; International Relations Club. Seventh Row: • MARTHA LOUISE MARSHALL; Newcomb; Bi- ology; 2001 Albert, Alexandria, La.; Pre-Medical Society; Le Circle Francais: Newman Club; Lag- niappes. • MARISA MARTINEZ; Newcomb; Soci- ology; 4137 Prytania, New Orleans, La.; Delta Zeta; La Tertulia; Newcomb Pan-Hellenic Council. ■ EL- LIOTT MIKE MARX; A S; Bogalusa, La.; Delta Sigma Phi; German Club; Pre-Medical Society; Greenbackers; Army ROTC; Adelphons. • BOB MASON; Engineering: Mechanical Engineering; 1423 Audubon, New Orleans, La.: Delta Kappa Epsi- lon; A.S.M.E.; Tusk; Air Force ROTC; Lagniappes; Tulane Sailing Club. Eighth Row: • WALTER MAXWELL MAYER, JR.; Commerce; 2440 Long Ave., Beaumont, Texas; Zeta Beta Tau: Greenbackers; Army ROTC; Pre-Law Club. • DON- ALD A. MEYER; A S; History; 15 Newcomb Blvd., New Orleans, La.; Jambalaya; Army ROTC; Debate Team: Glendy Burke Society; CarnivaL • WARREN A. MEYN; Commerce; 233 Aris, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Tau Omega. • JANET MICK- ENHIME; Newcomb; Education; 1330 Pine, New Orleans, La.; Beta Sigma Omicron; La Tertulia; Athletic Council; Y.W.C.A.; White Caps; Welsey Foundation. Ninth Row: • MAURY A. MIDLO; Electrical Engineering; 2436 Jefferson Ave., New Orleans, La.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pan-Hellenic Council Member, Tulane; A.I.E.E. • RITA FAYE MINSKY; Newcomb; Radio and Television; 4424 Grassmere Lane, Dallas, Texas; Campus Night. • JUAN J. MISELEM: Mechanical Engineering; Yacatas 369 Mexico 7, D.F.; Phi Iota Alpha. • ANTHONY P. MOROVICH; Chemical Engineering; 7001 Vicksburg, New Orleans, La,; Delta Sigma Phi; A.S.C.E.; Army ROTC. ■ 245 First Row: • JIM MORRIS: Chemical Engineering: P.O. Box 36, Kenner. La.: Delta Tau Delta; . lplia Clii Sig- ma: Tulane Band: Naval ROTC. • ROBERT E. MORRIS; Commerce: Piieasants Run. Harrison, N. Y.: Sigma .-Mpha Mu: . ir Force ROTC. • TOM- MY MULLIN; Civil Engineering: 210 Stella. New Orleans, La.: Alpha Tau Omega. • JOHN A. MUL- RENNAN. JR.; A S: Zoology: 2167 Larchmont Road. Jacksonville, Fla.: Phi Kappa Sigma: Pre- Medical Society: Track Team: Newman Club. • BOMTA B. NAIHAUS; Newcomb: Education; .3621 State Street Dr., New Orleans. La. • RUTH NAIRNE; Newcomb: 6031 Pitt. New Orleans. La.: Kappa Kappa Gamma: Pan-Hellenic Council Mem- ber, Newcomb. • BARBARA NEWMAN: Newcomb: History: 7210 Lakewood Blvd.. Dallas. Texas: Pi Bet.t Phi: Canterbury Cbib: International Relations Club. • NANCY NICHOLS: Newcomb: Anthropolo- gy: 134 E. Andrews Drive. -Atlanta. Ga.: Pi Beta Phi; Tt- ' SK: Glee Club; Operetta: Westminster Fel- lowship. • JERRY NUSLOCH: : 3235 Jefferson Ave., New Orleans, La.: Kappa . lpha. Third Row: • JUDITH PERKINS: Newcomb: Quarters 3 N.A.S.. Pensacola, Fla.: Kappa Kappa Gamma. " HELEN FAYE PERRY: Newcomb: 213 Linton Ave.. Natchez. Miss.: Phi M ' l; La Tertulia: Baptist Sfident Un- ion. • CAROLYN PETERS: Newcomb; Education: 1311 Forsyth. Monroe. La.; Chi Omega; Canterbury Club. • NORA PETERS: Architecture: Bluefields. Nicaragua. • ARTHUR TAD PHILLIPS: Com- merce: 10 Edgehill. Little Rock. . rk.: Zeta Beta Ta-i; Tl ' sk: .Air Force ROTC; Arnold .Air Society. • TERESITA PINZON Y F: Newcomb; Biology: -Avenida Perez Ponce 477. Merida. Yucatan, Mexi- co; La Tertulia: Pre-Medical Society: White Caps: Newman Club: International Relations Club. • LID.A L. PLACEK: Newcomb: Chemistry: 5943 N. Park .Ave.. Philadelphia 4. Pa.: Secretary Pre-Medical Society. 1953- ' 54: Pre-Medical Societv: Westminster Fellowship. • JUDSON POCHE: Mechanical Engi- neering: 2909 Pine, New Orleans, La.: Phi Delta Theta: A.S.M.E.; Naval ROTC. • KATHERINE POLL.ARD; Newcomb; Education: 1456 Calhoun. New Orleans, La. OPHOMORES Second Row: ' ELIZABETH BARBARA OBERHELMAN: New- comb: 1322 Burdette, New Orleans, La.; Beta Sigma Omicron; Pan-Hellenic Council Member. Newcomb: La Tertulia: Newman Club. • GASPER CHARLES OCCHIPINTI: Engineering: 425 lon a. New Or- leans. La.: Kappa Sigma: Air Force ROTC. • JAY W. OPPENHEIM: Mechanical Engineering; No. 4 Trianon Plaza, New Orleans. La.; Sigma Alpha Mu : A.S.M.E.: Tl-sk. • WALTER H. PACE. JR.: Elec- trical Engineering: 5822 General Haig. New Orleans. La.: IRE; Wesley Foundation. ' EMMY PARKS: Newcomb: Art: 6004 West Beach, Gulfport, Miss.: Alpha Omicron Pi; Pan-Hellenic Council Member, Newcomb: Dormitory Council: Newman Club Campus Night: Sailing Club. • ANN .MacD. PAR SONS: Newcomb: Art: 417 West Davis Blvd.. Tam pa. Fla,; Chi Omega; Art Club: Canterburv Club • PATSY PAYNE; Newcomb: P.O. Box 7, Marrero La.: Kappa Alpha Theta; Canterbury Club. • BAR BAR A KAYE PEREZ; Newcomb: 1902 Dauphin Mobile. Ala.: Phi Mu: Beta Beta Beta: La Ter Rico: Beta Sigma Omicron: Beta Beta Beta: La Ter- tulia: Newman Club. • ELENA M. PEREZ; New- comb; Biology; 2021 McLeary, Santurce. Puerto tulia: Pre-Medical Society: Dormitory Council: White Caps; Newman Club; International Relations Club. Fourth Roiv: ' JAY FEURE POTTER: Commerce: 1523 Eleonore, New Orleans, La.: Alpha Tau Omega: . ccounting Club. • ALICE PREWITT: Newcomb: 120 E. Camp- bell, Frankfort. Ky.: Kappa Kappa Gamma: J-AM- BALAVA: .Art Club: Le Circle Francais: Wesley Foun- dation. • SHIRLEY RAE PRIDE; Newcomb: Music: 3112 Angeles. Tampa. Fla.: German Club; Green- backers: Weslev Foundation: A Cappella Choir: Glee Club: Operetta. • W. RICHARD PRIVETTE: Commerce: 1410 21st Ave., Covington, La.: Phi Delta Theta: Army ROTC. • MIMI ALTHEA RAI- NOLD: Newcomb: Art: 2236 Palmer Ave.. New Or- leans, La.: Kappa Kappa Gamma. • H. RRY CHARLES RAY. JR.; Civil Engineering: 7618 Burihe. New Orleans, La.; 1953 Unit Manager; 1954 Secretary-Treasurer: A.S.C.E.: E.T.. .: Intramural Council: Newman Club; Naval ROTC: Taffrail Na- val Society: International Relations Club; Flying Club. • CHARLES REA: 3010 W. 11th. Little Rock. Ark. • BILL REDDOCH: A S; Zoology; 62 Fon- tainebleau Dr.. New Orleans, La.; Kappa . lpha Order; Tulane Pan-Hellenic Council: TlSK; West- minster Fellowship; . rmy ROTC: Pershing Rifles. • LYNN REEDER: Newomb: Education: 8017 Cnhn, New Orleans, La.; Chi Omega; Westminster Fellowship. 246 A " 1. lil-i I :::M First Row: • JOAN HELENE RENKEN: Newcorab: B.F.A.; 154 Audubon Blvd., New Orleans, La.; Alpha Omi- cron Pi; Y.W.C.A.; Canterbury Club. • JULIO ADOLFO REY; Political Science; 25 Calle Poniente, Santa Ana, EI Salvador. • C. M. RITTELMEYER; A S; Pre-Med.; 2405 Cherry, Pine Bluff, Ark.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Army ROTC. JOANNE UIZZO; Newcomb; English; Edgewater Gardens, What big legs you have, gramma iMiinroe, La.; Kappa Alpha Tiieta; Newcomb Pan- Hellenic Council; Newman Club; Glee Club; Inter- national Relations Club. Scco ' id Row: • BETTY ROBERTS; Newcomb; Psychohigy; 1930 W. Wesley Road N.W., Atlanta, Ga.; Alpha Delta Pi; Baptist Student Union. • BETTY ROBINSON, Newn.mb; B.. .; 2936 Octavia, New Orleans, La.; ■Mpha Omicron Pi; Dance Club; Baptist Student Union. • JOANNA ROBINSON; Newcomb; Chem- istry; 10 Stilt, New Orleans. La.; Delta Zela: New- comb Pan-Hellenic Council; La Tertulia; Disciples Student Fellowship. • NATALIE ANN ROEHRIG; Newcomb; Biology; 2359 Odin, New Orlenas, La.; .Alpha Omicron Pi; Dance Club; Newman Club. Third Roiv: • ROBERT EVERETT ROOD; Electrical Engineer- ing; 610 Fillmore Ave., New Orleans, La.; Delta Sigma Phi. • SUZANNE ROSEN; Newcomb; 73 Park, Brooklinc, Mass.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Beta Beta Beta. • LEWIS ALBERT ROSENBAUM; A S; Spanish; 1908 23rd Ave., Meridian, Miss. • MYRON I. ROSENBERG; English; 2840 Jeffer- son Ave., New Orleans, La.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Tulane Pan. Hellenic Council; Hullabaloo; Glendy Burke Society; Psychology Club; Pi Lambda Beta. Fourth Row: I • RUSTY ROSS; Newcomb; Music; 101 9th Ave., N., Texas City, Texas; Pep Band; Westminster Fellowship; Tulane Band; Tulane Flying Club. • AL ROTENBERG; Psychology; P.O. Box 53 Fort Pierce, Fla. ; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre-Medical Society. • EDWARD M. RUBENSTEIN; Commerce; Man- agement; 7611 Plum, New Orleans, La.; Sigma Al- pha Mu; Society Advertising Management; Varsity Letter in Baseball; Naval ROTC; Commerce Honor Board. • PHIL RUBENSTEIN; A S; Psychology; 2345 Maple Lane; Highland Park, 111.; Zeta Beta Tau ; Naval ROTC. Fi lh Row: ' THEODORE J. RUCKSTUHL; Architecture; 4526 Elba St., New Orleans, La.; A.I.A. • ALLAN SACKS; Theatre; 1218 70th., Kansas City, Mo.; .Sigma Alpha Mu; Army ROTC. • EDMOND C. iSALASSI; A S; Eng.; 842 Margaret Place, IShreveport, La.; Beta Theta Pi. • JACK SAUL isAMUELS; A S; Psychology; 607 Old Trail llRoad, Daytona Beach, Fla.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Tu- lane Pan Hellenic Council; Pre-Medical Society; Psychology Major Club; Hillel Foundation. Sixlli Row; • KATHERINE HILTON SANDOZ; Newcomb; 1320 Pine, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • JOHN SANDY; Engineering; 4804 29th. Ave. So., St. Petersburg, Fla.; Delta Sigma Phi; Naval ROTC; Spinakers. ■ DALE SANSOM; Newcomb; Art His- tory; Fairhope, Ala.; Alpha Omicron Pi. Jamba- laya; Greenbackers ; Leadership Council. • HENRY SAXE; A S; Chemistry; 113 Wayside Drive, Amarillo, Texas; Kappa Nu; Pre-Medical Society; Varsity Letter in Track. Seventh Row; • PHYLLIS SCHARFF; Newcomb; Biology; 1624 Broadway, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Campus Night. • MILTON G. SCHEUERMANN, JR.; Architecture; 1 Ibis St., New Orleans, La.; Pres. 3rd. year class; A.I.A. • JOHN E. SCHROED- ER; A S; Psychology; 224 20 Edmore Avenue; Queens Village, N. Y.; Air Force ROTC. • PHILIP A. SCHWERI; Mechanical Engineering; 1626— A Moore Court, Louisville, Ky. ; A.S.M.E. ; Naval ROTC. Eighth Row: • BUSH SEAVEY; A S; Physics; 516 Cherokee St., New Orleans, La.: Phi Delta Theta; Air Force ROTC. • JACQUELINE SEGALL; Commerce; 2801 Joseph St., New Orleans, La.; Publicity Chairman — School of Bus. Adm. ; Eta Sigma Phi; Soc. Adv. Management; Tusk; Campus Night; Lagniappes Commerce Women ' s Club. • LEONARD M. SELBER B. A.; 612 Wilder, Shreveport, La.; Zeta Beta Tau Jambalaya, Unit Manager — Soph. Class; Intramural Council: Greenbackers; Air Force ROTC; Adelph- ons. • GILBERT L. SELVIDGE; Electrical Engineer- ing; 124 N. Jeff Davis Pkwy., New Orleans, La; Ninth Row: • PERCY ARNOLD SHARP, III; Zoology; Route 1, Mooringsport, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Wesley Foundation; Army ROTC. • BOYD SHAW; A S; Pre-Med.; 607 West Avenue, Indianola, Miss.; Phi Delta Theta; German Club; Pre-Medical Society; Westminster Fellowship. • CHARLES EDWARD SHEA: 903 7th, Lake Charles, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Jambalaya; Wesley Foundation; Army ROTC. • WILLIAM DAVID SHELEY; Architec- ture; 615 Oakhurst Road, Clarksdale, Miss.; Sigma Chi; A.I.A.; Baptist Student Union. 247 OPHOMORES First Row: • BOB SHERMAN; Commerce: 3615 Poplar, Pine Bluff. Ark.: Zeta Beta Tau : Pan Hellenic Council: Commerce Honor Board: Delta Sigma Pi: Tulane University Theatre: Air Force ROTC: . lpha Phi Omega. • STANTON EARL SHULER: A S: 3514 Greenway Place, Shreveport. La.: Beta Theta Pi; Varsity Letter in Golf; Greenbarkers. • MARIANNE SIGLER: Newcomb: BA: 518 Second, Gulfport, Miss.: Chi Omega; Athletic Council: Barracudas: TrsK: Newman Club. • NAN SILBER: Newcomb: .3076 Kingsley Road. Shaker Heights, Ohio: Aloha Eosilon Phi: Campos Night; Wavettes. • JEAN SIM- ONS: Newcomb: English: 1510 Eb»rhart Avenue. Columbus. Ga.: Alpha Eosilon Phi: Jamb4Iaya; In- ternational Relations Club: Campos Night: Psvch- ology Cl " b: French Club. • WILLIAM M. SIM- MONS; General Business: Avery Island, La.; Kapna Alpha Order. • DORIS SKELTON: Newcomb; Sociol- ogy; 3539 St. Charles Avenue. New Orleans, La.; Alpha Omicron Pi: Psychology Major Club; West- minster Fellowship; Sailing Club. • MARGARET SMITH; Newcomb: 5123 Edgewood. Little Rock, Ark.; Alpha Delta Pi: Newcomb Pan Hellenic Coun- cil. • PRENTISS EDWARD SMITH. JR.; A S; Chemistry; 104 South 20th Avenue, Hattiesburg, Miss.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon : A Capella Choir. • WIL- LIAM RUDY SMITH; Civil Engineering: 6213 Col- bert, New Orleans, La.: Delta Sigma Phi. Second Row: • MARGIE SOUDAIN: Newcomb; Primary Educa- tion; 4145 Piedmont Drive, New Orleans, La.: Ter- tulia. • MELANIE SPEER: Newcomb: Art; 2414 Hendricks, Ft. Smith. Ark.: Pi Beta Phi; An Club; Canterbury Club. • BETTY RUTH SPEIR; New- comb; Mimosa Row, Greenville, Ala.; Canterbury Club. • LAWRENCE ALLAN SPITALNY; Pre-Med.; 21 W. Camelback, Phoenix, Ariz.; Pre-Medical So- ciety. • LYNNE SPITZBERG; Newcomb; Art; 5014 Crestwood, Little Rock, Ark.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Lagniappes. • LYDIANNE STAHEL; Newcomb; B.F.A.: 115 Stella, New Orleans, La.: Pi Beta Phi; Art Club. • JOEL BERNARD STEINBERG: Pre- Med; Chemistry; 3417 University Drive, Ft. Worth, Texas: Zeta Beta Tau; Alpha Chi Sigma; President — Pre-Medical Society; Leadership Council. • NEIL STEINER: Newcomb: Biology; 4129 Vendome Place, New Orleans, La.: Alpha Epsilon Phi. • ROBERT BERNARD STEUER; Commerce: Merchandising; 3408 Nashville Avenue, New Orleans, La. • W. L. (BILL) STOCKTON, JR,; A S; Zoology; 418 South Long, Aberdeen, Miss.; Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon; Wesley Foundation; Tulane Band; Army ROTC. TJiird Row: • MARI ELISE STREET; Newcomb; Spanish; 1419 Chambers, Vicksburg, Miss.; Chi Omega; La Ter- tulia: Greenbackers: Canterbury Club; Tulane Llni- versity Theatre; International Relations Club. " JOHN OLIVER STUARDI, III; Architecture: 2230 Jena, New Orleans, La.; Army ROTC; Pershing Rifles; Newman Club. • JOEL SUGAR; Newcomb: Ameri- can Studies; Loop Road, Monroe, La.; Alpha Epsi- lon Phi: Jambalaya; Psychology Major Club; Art Club. • EDMUND H. SULLTVAN: A S; Zoology; 416 S. Beash Blvd., Bay St. Louis, Miss.; Army ROTC. • WALKER SULLIVAN; Civil Engineering; 368 Audubon, New Orleans, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Tulane Pan Hellenic Council; Varsitv Letter in Golf: Air Force ROTC. • ROGER SUNDAHL; Dean : BBA : Economics; 1833 Upperline, New Orleans, La.; Phi Delta Theta. • M. GLYNN SUTTON; Commerce: 1215 Foucher, New Orleans, La.; Wesley Founda- tion; Air Force ROTC. • ROBERT T, SWANSON; BBA; . ccounting; 140 Wyoming. Stratford, Conn.; Accounting Club. ■ LOWELL A. SWITZER : Ac- counting; 2545 Jonquil, New Orleans. La.; Kappa Sigma: Gamma Delta: Army ROTC: Pershing Rifles. • ANN SYNNOTT; Newcomb; B.A.: 2157 Troon Road, Houston, Tex as; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Assets; Vice-Pres. Soph. Class; .Athletic Council; Barra- cudas; Dormitory Council; Canterbury Club; Lag- niappes. Foiirfh Row: • JERRY TANENBAUM: Economics; 210 W. Jones. Dumas, Ark.; Zeta Beta Tau; TusK: Air Force ROTC: Alpha Phi Omega. • FELIX TANKERSLEY; A S; Pre-Med.: 737 Park Avenue, Montgomery, Ala.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; German Club: West- minster Fellowship; Army ROTC. • PEGGY TEA- GUE: Newcomb; Psychology; 1817 Shadowlane, Little Rock, Ark.; Chi Omega; Athletic Council; Barracudas. • JOAN TERRY; Newcomb: Chemis- try; 1704 Laurel, Pine Bluff. Ark.: Alpha Delta Pi: La Tcrtulia; Baptist Student Union. • MAUREEN TERRY ' ; Newcomb; B.B.A.: 2343 Broadway, New Orleans, La. • JOSIE TESSITORE: Newcomb: Spanish: 3934 Canal, New Orleans, La. • PALMER TEXADA; A S; 1740 White, Alexandria. La.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Vice Pres. — Soph. A S. ' STANLEY THE; Commerce; Economics; 7 Petu- dungan, Semerang, Java, • ADDIE JOY ' THIBO- DAUX; Newcomb; History: 812 St. Philip. Thibo- daux. La.: Phi Mu. • GLENDA THOMAS; B.B.A.; 7030 St. Charles Ave., New Orleans, La. 248 Wliat do you mean I don ' t need any more? zi .-M - First Row: • DERIS E. THOMPSON; Geology; 1435 N. John- ..m St., New Orleans. La. ■ JOHN " WILLIAM TOBIN, III: A S; Music; 4707 Prytania, Neiv Orleans, La.; Sigma Chi. • HIROAKI TOTTORI; Pre-Med.; 915 Sheridan, Honolulu, Hawaii. • ED TOWNLEY B.B.A.; 1710 Brush Creek Pkwy., Kansas City, Mo. Delta Kappa Epsilon; German Club; Naval ROTC Pi Lambda Beta; Student Directory. Second Rom: • ANN TRENCHARD: Newcomb; B.F.A.; 1121 Oc- tavia. New Orleans, La.; Chi Omega; Art Club; Y.W.C.A.: Canterbury Club. • PAUL TRIM; A S; S|ie, h: 1354 10th., Bogalusa, La.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Mplia Phi Omega; Radio Club. • LYNNE TRIST; Xcw.omb; B.A.; 948 Friscoville, Arabi, La.: Alpha Omicron Pi; Newman Club. • JANE HANNA TRU- FANT; Newcomb; 201 Mound Avenue, New Or- leans, La.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Canterbury Club. Third Row: • DANE H. TURNER; Civil Engineering; 186.? In ion Lake Road, Pontiac, Mich.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • JO ANN TURNER; Newcomb; 101 Westchester Place, New Orleans. La.: Kappa Alpha Theta. • AURELIANO URRUTIA, IV; A S; Zoology; 330 Rosemary; San Antonio, Texas; Kappa Sigma; Newman Club: Army ROTC. • DANIEL VEITH; A S; Pre-Med.; 2103 Gen. Taylor, New Orleans, La,: Phi Kappa Sigma. Fourth Row: • JORGE VENDRELL: A S; Zoology; 36 Marina, Ponce, Puerto Rico. • RUDOLPH VIENER, III; Electrical Engineering; 2340 State, New Orleans, La.; Beta Theta Pi; " Westminster Fellowship: Air Force ROTC. • LYNN VIRDEN; A S; Rt. 1, Box 64— Al, Greenville, Miss.; Phi Delta Theta; Air Force ROTC. • PETE VOGT; A S; 1728 Mazant, ew Orleans, La. Fifth Row: ■ SYLVIA F. von OSTHOFF; Commerce; 511 Low- irline. New Orleans, La.; Chi Omega; Bus. Ad. Soph. Sec-Treas. • JIMMY WADICK; Mechanical Engineering; 1444 State, New Orleans, La.: Kappa ■•Vlpha; Air Force ROTC. • ROBERT " WAGUES- PACK; Engineering; 2120 Napoleon Avenue, New Orleans, La.; Sigma Chi; A.S.M.E. : Newman Club; Naval ROTC. • MARION WATSON: Newcomb; Sociology; 434 Fourth, Natchitoches, La.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Glee Club; Newman Club. Sixth Roiii: • WILLIAM WADE WATSON; A S; St. Joseph, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Jambalaya; President — Soph. Class; Secretary — Honor Board; Delta Sigma Pi; Canterbury Club: Air Force ROTC. • JAMES MOORE WATTS; A S; Pre-Med; 504 Storm Ave- nue, Brookhaven, Miss.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • JERRY L. WATTS; A S; Pre-Med.; 1703 Rich- land Road, Atlanta, Ga.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Hitllabaloo; Baptist Student Union; Air Force ROTC; Lagniappes. • FLORENCE WEILAND; Newcomb; English; 1503 Jefferson Avenue, New Or- leans, La.; Alpha Epsilon Phi. Seventh Row: • LYNNE WEINBERGER; Newcomb; Drama; 4739 St. Charles . venue. Apt. B, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • RALPH C. WEISS; Engineering; 113 Avenue E, Metairie, La.; Kappa Sigma; Air Force ROTC; Sailing Club. • WILLIAM ARMSTRONG WHITAKER; A S: Physics; 401 South Washing- ton, Alexandria, Va.; Air Force ROTC; International Relations Club; Radio Club. • JACQUES LOEB WIENER, JR.; Pre-Law; 622 Longleaf Road, Shreveport, La.; Zeta Beta Tau ; Tulane Pan Hel- lenic Council; Jamhalava; Greenbackers; Naval ROTC; Pi Lambda Beta. Eifihth Row: • JOY WIGGINS; Newcomb; 1571 Eastmoreland, Memphis, Tenn.; Jambalaya; Beta Beta Beta; La Terlulia; Greenbackers; Wesley Foundation; Glee Club. • RAYMOND M. WILENZICK; A S; Phys- ics: 501 Alexander Ave., Monroe, La.: Sigma Alpha Mu; Air Force ROTC. ■ LARRY WILK; A S; 1393 27th., Tulsa, Okla.; Sigma Alpha Mu. • ALTA MAE WILLIAMS: Newcomb; 535 Mitchell, Picay- une, Miss.: Art Club; Greenbackers; Lagniappes; Air ROTC " Little Colonel. " Ninth Row: • SONIA WINER; Newcomb; English; 1309 Chest- nut Lane, Chattanooga, Tenn.; Jambalay ' a; Beta Beta Beta; La Tertulia; Campus Night; Glee Club; International Relations Club; Psychology Club. • PHIL WITTMANN, JR.; A S; Political Science; 57 Bienville Avenue, Mobile. Ala.; Sigma Alpha Ep- silon; Secretary-Treasurer — Freshman A S: Green- backers; Naval ROTC. " LIL " WOO; Newcomb; Biology: Box 45, Louise, Miss.; I.R.C.; Pre-Med Club; White Caps; Wesley Foundation. • DON WOOD: A S; Chemistry; 700 Broadway, New Or- leans, La.: Phi Kappa Sigma; Wesley Foundation; Air Force ROTC. • RAYMOND A. ZAMBRANO; Architecture; 55 Parkway East, Mt. Vernon, N. Y. ; Delta Sigma Phi. • YVONNE YUSPEH; Newcomb; 3410 Octavia, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Newcomb Pan-Hellenic Council; Jambalaya; Beta Beta Beta; Psychology Major Club. • JOHN M. YARBROUGH, JR., A S; Pre-Med; Pickens, Miss.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Baptist Student Union; Campus Night: Glee Club; Tulane Band: Army ROTC: Lagniappes. • ROBERT ESKRIDGE YOUNG: Commerce; Mar- keting: 1631 Green, Columbia, S. C; Alpha Tau Omega; Army ROTC: Adelphons. • LOLLY ZAN- DER; Newcomb; 400 Lowerline, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Canterbury Club. 249 ■r It RESHMEN Flrsi Row: • SABINA ABRAHM; Newcomb; Art; 325 Fairway Drive, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Epsilon Phi: Jamba- laya; Art Club; Campus Night. • SANFORD LES- TER ABRAMS; Commerce; Woodland Pari;, Natch- ez, Miss.; Zeta Beta Tau; Jambalaya; Naval ROTC: Alpha Phi Omega. • ERNEST L. ACKLEY, III; Civil Engineering; Washington Terrace Apt, Jeffer- son City, Mo. • BOB AGNEW; 845 Phosphor, New Orleans, La.; Sigma Chi; Air Force ROTC. • PAT AKIN; Math; Newcomb; 2828 Thornhill, Shreve- port, La.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Pre-Medical Society; YWCA; Newman Club; Waveltes. • JACK ALBAN; A S; 4518 Fairfield, Shreveport, La.; Beta Theta Pi; Westminster Fellowship; Army ROTC. • CARO- LYN ALFORD; Newcomb; 1452 W. Kirby, Shreve- port, La.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Jambalaya; YWCA: Wesley Foundation; Wavettes. • JAMES ALLIS- TON; Journalism; 615 Roy, Biloxi, Miss. • TOPS ANDERSON; Newcomb; Mar-Beth-Top, Fletcher. N. C; Alpha Delta Pi; Canterbury Club; Glee Club; International Relations Club. Second Row: • FRANK J. ANFOSSO, JR.; Chemistry; 7815 Sycamore, New Orleans, La. • ISABEL LUISA AN- GLADE; Newcomb; 409 Fernando I, Hato Rey, Puerto Rico; Newman Club; Campus Night; Glee Club; International Relations Club. • FRANCISCO APONTE; Commerce; 16191 2 St. Andrew, New Or- leans, La.; Phi Iota Alpha. • DONALD J. AR- MAND; Engineering; 548 Jefferson Park Ave., New Orleans, La.; Phi Delta Theta. • MARTHA LILLIAN ARMISTEAD: Education; Newcomb: 1200 Fairfield, Shreveport, La.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Jambalaya; Wesley Foundation; Wavettes; YWCA. • CAROL JEAN ARNOULT: Newcomb; .34.54 Vincennes, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Art Club; YWCA; Canterbury Club. • YVONNE ARNOULT; New- comb; 2000 Palmer Ave., New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Le Circle Francais; Canterbury Club. • ANN ARROWSMITH; English; Newcomb; .308 Brockenbraugh Ct., New Orleans, La.; Phi Mu; Baptist Student Union. • LYNETTE ASKEW; Com- merce; 7444 St. Charles Ave., New Orleans, La.; Women ' s Commerce Club. Third Row: • ADOLPH ASSENHEIMER; A S; Geology; 3923 Piedmont Dr., New Orleans, La.; Kappa Sigma. • JESS W. ATKINSON; Engineering; 3937 Camp, New Orleans, La.; Phi Delta Theta; Air Force ROTC. • CLARE ATTWELL; Newcomb; 2924 Ella Lee Lane, Houston, Texas; Pi Beta Phi; Canterbury Club. • WILLIAM M. AVERY; A S; 2441 E. 22nd, Tulsa, Okla.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Hillel Foundation; Pre-Medical Society; Army ROTC. • JOEL ELLEN BABYLON; Newcomb; Chemistry; 210 Seguin, New Orleans, La.; Delta Zeta; Wesley Foundation. • DAN- IEL BARKDULL; A S; Sociology; Route 1-A, Lib- erty, Miss.; Baptist Student Union. • MARY JEAN BARKDULL; Newcomb; 310 Florida Blvd., New Orleans, La.; Chi Omega. • ROBERT B. BARNETT; Engineering; 1515 Greymont, Jackson, Miss.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • GERARD W. BAROUSSE; Com- merce; 1807 Pine, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha; President of Commerce Freshmen. Fourth Row: • DAVID H. BARON; 5250 St. Charles, New Or- leans, La.; Kappa Alpha. • RICHARD BARON; 5250 St. Charles, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha. • DON BATTSON; Physics; 1304 E. Hernandez, Pensacola, Fla.; Delta Sigma Phi; Air Force ROTC; Flying Club. • FEDERICO BAUS; Pre-Med: Leon Nicaragua, C. A.; Pi Kappa Alpha; • CATER BAXLEY; Education; Pierce Dr., Macon, Ga.; Ciii Omega; Foundation. • CAREY BECKER: neering; Modena. Pa.; Sigma Clii • RICHARD E. BELTZ: 2310 Calhoun, New Or- leans; Army ROTC. • PETE BILLAC; A S; Geol- ogy; 1607 Pomona, New Orleans, La. • FELTON W. BINGHAM; 717 Aurora Ave., New Orleans, La.; Glee Club. Newman Club. Newcomb: 445 ; YWCA: Wesley Cliemical Engi- Naval ROTC. 252 And then I smashed hnn with a right First Rotv: • NAOMI BIRDWELL; Newcomb; Biology; 566 Longleaf, Shreveport, La.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Vice- Pres. Freshman Class ' 53- ' 54; Jambalaya; Pre- Medical Society; Baptist Student Union. • LINDA BLACK; Newcomb; Route 3, Box 141, Canton, Miss.; Baptist Student Union; Glee Club; Tulane Band. • BETTY ANN BLALOCK; Newcomb; 2101 Pine, New Orleans, La. • ROBERT B. BLAND, JR.; Commerce; 4517 Piety Dr., New Orleans, La.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Pershing Rifles. Second Rotv: • BOB BLATT; A S; Pre-Med.; 5355 Nakoma, Dallas, Texas; Zeta Beta Tau. • GAYLE BORDE- LON; Newcomb; Music; 338 Florence, Alexandria, La.; Chi Omega. • ANNE BOND; Newcomb; Jambalaya; 927 Broadway, New Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Phi; Westminster Fellowship; Glee Club • GERALD F. BOURGEOIS; A S; Exporting; 2604 Gen. Pershing, New Orleans, La.; Pi Kappa Alpha. Third Row: • ALFRED C. BOWEN; A S; Zoology; 1402 Edgewood Ave., Jacksonville, Fla.; Phi Delta Theta; Pre-Medical Society; Westminster Fellowship; Army ROTC. • BETH E. POWERMASTER; Newcomb; 335 Fairway Dr., New Orleans, La.; Alpha Omicron Pi; YWCA; Canterbury Club. • HAL BOYLSTON; A S- Pre-Med.; 425 Monroe, Bossier City, La.; KappJ Sigma; Army ROTC. • FRANCISCO-BOZA- PAIZ; Commerce; No. 309 Calle 75 de Sept., Mana- gua, Nicaragua; Pi Kappa Alpha. Fourth Row: • MERWIN M. BRANDON, JR.; A S; Pre-Med.; 26 Wildwood Lane, Darien, Conn.; Delta Kappa Ep- silon; Pre-Medical Society; Army ROTC; Tulane Sailing Club. • DAVID W. BREEDLOVE; Engi- neering; 5923 Louisville, New Orleans, La.; Delta Sigma Phi; Army ROTC; Pershing Rifles. • TEDDY BRIERRE; A S; 4425 So. Johnson, New Orleans, La.; Delta Tau Delta. • SARAH BRITTON ; New- comb; E. Cotaco, Russellville, Ala.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Wesley Foundation; Art Club. Fifth Row: • LEE J. BROOKSHIRE, JR.; A S; Pre-Med.; 915 Southwood Dr., Lufkin, Texas; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Pre-Medical Society. • JOE A. BROWN; A S- 1903 Robinson Rd., Grand Rapids, Mich.; Zeta Beta Tau; Army ROTC. • JANE BRUCE; New- comb; 502 Pine, New Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Phi; Tusk; Westminster Fellowship. • JAMES RUSSELL BRUNER; A S; Chemistry; 716 Mt. Vernon Ave., Orlando, Fla.; Westminster Fellowship; Air Force ROTC. Sixth Row: • ANNA MAE BRUNO; A S; Education; 4138 Baudin, New Orleans, La. • JOSEPH MICHAEL BRUNO; A S; Freehold-Marlboro Rd., Freehold, New Jersey; Delta Sigma Phi. • PAUL BUCHOLTZ; Commerce; 1457 Edgewood Circle, Jacksonville, Fla.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Tulane Band. • VIVIAN BURCH; Newcomb; English; 535 Betz PL, New Orleans, La.; Hullabaloo ; Jambalaya; Glee Club. Seventh Row: • JOHN PATRICK BURKE; Commerce; Manage ment; 2309 Mendez, New Orleans, La.; Naval ROTC • HENRY RICHARD BUTKER; A S; Science 7640 Plum, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Tau Omega • ROSE-MARY BUTTS; Newcomb; Art; 612 High land Dr., Kilgore, Texas; Disciples Student Fellow ship; International Relations Club; Art Club; • PA TRICIA BYRAM; Newcomb; 3080 Ridgewood Rd. NW, Atlanta, Ga.; Chi Omega; Wesley Foundation International Relations Club. Eighth Row: • CAROLE IRENE BYRD; Newcomb; Pre-Med.; 205 E. Thelma Dr., San Antonio, Texas; Alpha Omicron Pi. • CORNELIA F. B. CABRAL; Newcomb; 2940 Palmyra, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Glee Club; College Opera Guild. • SAM A. CAR- MACK; A S; East Three Notch, Andalusia, Ala.; Sigma Chi. • FRED CARROLL, JR.; Architecture; Lyon, Miss.; Sigma Chi; A.I. A.; Wesley Founda- tion; Air Force ROTC. Ninth Row: • TOM CAVIN; A S; Pre-Med; 3010 Hayden, Amarillo, Texas; Pi Kappa Alpha; Army ROTC. • MARG VRET CELLI; Newcomb; Psychology; 6339 West End Blvd., New Orleans, La.; Phi Mu; Hulla- baloo; Jambalaya; Newman Club; Glee Club. • KAY CHAFFEE; Newcomb; Music; 3737 Plumb, Hous- ton, Texas; Kappa Alpha Theta; Hallabaloo; Can- terbury Club. • GEORGE A. CHANCELLOR, JR.; A S; Pre-Med.; 112 13th Ave., Hattiesburg, Miss.; Sigma Chi. 253 Fir. ' it Rotv: ' GINGER CHAPMAN; Newcomb; 819 Old Austin Rd.. San Antonio, Texas; Alpha Delta Pi; West- minster Fellowship; Wavettes. • KENNETH HOW- ARD CHESKIN; Mechanical Engineering; 915 Hunterdon, Newark. N. J.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Hillel Foundation; Army ROTC. • O. STANLEY CHIOC- CHIO; Engineering: 5324 Canal Blvd., New Orleans, La.; Alpha Tau Omega. • ELIZABETH CIRE; New- comb; 2824 Jackson, Alexandria, La.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Newman Club. • JAMES M. CLANN, JR.; Engineering; 344 Broadway, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Tau Omega; Air Force ROTC. • MAUMUS F. CLAVERIE, JR.; Engineering; 1230 Webster, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Tau Omega. • MARY LILIAS CLEVE: Newcomb; Math; 545 East Terrace, Presidio, San Francisco, Calif.; Phi Mu; Canterbury Club; Campus Night. • HOWARD MARK COHEN; A S; 1510 N. Broad, Hillside, N. J.; Alpha Epsi- lon Pi; Pre-Medical Society; Hillel Foundation; Army ROTC. • JERRY COHEN; 2601 Linden, Pine Bluff, Ark.; Zeta Beta Tau; Tulane Band; Army ROTC. Third Row: • .MARION CRAIG; Newcomb; Art; .3324 West- minster, Houston, Texas; Pi Beta Phi. • JAMES CRAIG; Commerce; 2118 Prairie, Fort Worth, Texas; Phi Kappa Sigma; Naval ROTC. • BOB HAMILTON CRANFILL; Engineering; 1026 7th Avenue, Laurel, Miss.; Kappa Sigma; A Cappella Choir; Operetta; Air Force ROTC. • ANNE CRITZ; Newcomb; Art; 1217 Dorothy Lane, Fort Worth, Texas; Kappa Alpha Theta; Art Club; Newman Club: Campus Night. • MEME CULPEPPER; New- comb; Education; 226 Bolton Avenue, Alexandria, La.; Chi Omega; Canterbury Club; Wavettes. • FRED GUSHING, JR.; Chemistry; 255 Levert. Mobile, . la.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Army ROTC; Vice-President Palerson House Council. • DOROTHY DAKIN; Newcomb; Art; 5309 Bayou Glen, Hous- ton, Texas; Pi Beta Phi; Westminster Fellowship; A Cappella Choir. • MAURA D ' ANTONI; New- comb; 1825 Calhoun, New Orleans, La.; Newman Club. • DIANE DASHIELL; Newcomb; 1601 North Reus, Pensacola, Fla. ; Kappa Kappa Gamma. I RESHMEN Second Roiv: • ALLEN BERNARD COLEMAN; A S; History; 416 South Broad, New Orleans, La. • JOHN COLE- MAN; A S; Box 59, Plant City, Fla.; Kappa Alpha; Unit Manager of the Freshman A S class. • JOHN R. COLEMAN; A S; 1014 S. 3rd Ave- nue. Maywood, 111.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Air Force ROTC; Flying Club. • WAYNE COOPER; Journal- ism; 7101 Princeton, St. Louis, Mo.; Zeta Beta Tau; Hidlabaloo. • CAROLE COOPWOOD; Newcomb; Theatre; 620 College Avenue, Holly Springs, Miss.; Phi Mu. • JANICE DAVIS; Newcomb; Art; McLean, Va.; Beta Sigma Oraicron. • LEWIS M. CORSON; A S; Zoology; 1011 State, New Orleans, La.; Phi Delta Theta; Army ROTC. • PICKENS COSTLEY; Newcomb; 1212 Webster, New Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Phi. • MARIWOOD CRADY; Newcomb; Chemistry; 3419 Grandview, Meridian, Miss.; Chi Omega; Bar- racudas; Disciples Student Fellowship. Fourth Row: • ROBERT DAWSON DAVEE; A S; Pre-Med.; 215 Bryn-Mawr, Edgewater Park, Miss.; Baptist Student Union; Air Force ROTC. • CHARLES S. DAVIS, JR.; A S; Pre-Med.; 3 E. Wimbledon Drive, Springhill, Ala.; Pre-Medical Society; Army ROTC. ■ JOHNNIE DAVIS; Newcomb; Education; 1401 Cambronne, New Orleans, La.; Beta Sigma Omieron; Wesley Foundation; TUT. • MAUDE DAVIS; Newcomb; English; Fort Hill, Vicksburg, Miss.; Chi Omega; Canterbury Club; Glee Club; International Relations Club. • BUD DAYRIES: Engineering; 2036 Octavia, New Orleans, La.; Beta Theta Pi; Naval ROTC. • ROSE MARY DECKER; Engineering; 8827 Jeannetle, New Orleans, La.; Secretary-Treasurer Freshman Class. ■ BARBARA DEE; Newcomb; Education; 5674 Washington Blvd., Indianapolis, Ind.; Alpha Epsilon Plli; Campus Night. • CAROL deJEAN; Commerce; 4626 Venus, New Orleans, La.; Gamma Delta; Commerce Women ' s Club; Accounting Club. ' PATRICK DE- LANEY; Mech. Engineering; 200 East Maple, New Orleans, La.; Wesley Foundation; Air Force ROTC. 254 First Row: • CHARLES E. de la VERGNE, JR. : A S ; History ; 472 Walnut, New Orleans, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Newman Club; Naval ROTC; Phi Lambda Beta. • RICHARDA ELAINE DeLEE; Newcomb; Span- ish; 368 Albany, Shreveport, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • THOMAS PERCY DeLONG; Pre-Med.; 10 N. Magdalen, San Angelo, Texas; Pre-Med Socie- ty; Wesley Foundation. • GEORGE DEMAREST: Civil Engineering; 2625 Lepage, New Orleans, La.: Naval ROTC. Sfcoiid Rolo: • DONALD VICTOR DePASQUALE, JR.; A S; Hie-Med.; Box 637, Dickinson, Texas; Kappa Sigma; Army ROTC. • PAMELA DEXHEIMER; Newcomb; Gil son Court, Somerset, Ky.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Disciples Student Fellowship; Wavettes. • DONALD ANTHONY DEYHOODT; Commerce; 3102 Esplan- ade Ave., New Orleans, La.; Delta Tau Delta; New- man Club; Glee Club. • MARTHA JANE DEZEN- DORF; Newcomb; 3001 Foxhall Road, N.W., Wash- ington, D. C; Kappa Alpha Theta; YWCA; West- minster Fellowsliip. Third Row: • EMILIE RUSSELL DIETRICH; Newcomb; 4243 Vincennes PL, New Orleans, La.; Carnival: Hulla- baloo; Glendy Burke Society; Christian Science Or- ganization. • BOZIE DIETZE; Architecture; 1723 2,5lh St., Galveston, Texas; Alpha Tau Omega. • BARBARA DILLINGER; Commerce; 1772 Clai- borne Towers, New Orleans, La.: YWCA. • MAL- COLM LEE DINWIDDIE, JR.; A S; Zoology; , ' )424 Pitt, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Tau Omega. Fourth Row: • LARALEE DiTRAPANI; Newcomb: Chemistry; 1807 Piety, New Orleans, La.; Jambalaya; Newman Club: Wavettes. • GEORGE DOUGLASS, JR.; 835 I ' .xposition Boulevard, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha: Naval ROTC. • ALBERT FRANCIS DUKE; Engineering; 162 Glenn Avenue, Mobile, Ala.; TUT; Naval ROTC. • JAMES ROY DUKE; A S; Pre- Med.; 510 Turrey, Ocala, Fla.; Kappa Alpha. Fillh Row: • CHARLES L. DUMAS; 135 Elaine Avenue, Hara- lian. La.; Delta Tau Delta. • ARTIE J. DUMESNIL, JR.; Engineering; 1123 Farragut, New Orleans, La.; Tulane Band; Air Force ROTC. • JOHN EADIE; A S; 1524 North 39th, Fort Smith, Ark. • EUGENE F. EBLEN, JR.; Engineering; 58 Metairie Court, New Orleans, La.; Pi Kappa Alpha. Sixth Row: • ARNOLD NEIL EDELSTEIN; A S; 1440 26th, North Bergen, N. J.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Array ROTC. • PEGGY EICHENBAUM; Newcomb; 5210 Sher- wood, Little Rock, Ark.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Dance Club. • WILLIAM W. EIDSON; A S; Physics; 219 Ridgewood Drive, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Sigma. • ELEANOR EIKEL; Newcomb; Art; 1303 North Fourth, Monroe, La.; Chi Omega; Art Club; Canterbury Club. Seventh Row: • ANN EINBINDER; Newcomb; 2316 Bristol Ave- nue, Tampa, Florida: Alpha Epsilon Phi; Jamba- laya; A Cappella Choir; Campus Night; Glee Club. • DANNY EINHORN; Commerce: 53 Auerbach Lane, Cedarhurst, N. Y.; Sigma Alpha Mu. • PHILIP EDWARD EMERSON; Commerce; Accounting; 220 South 28th Avenue, Hattiesburg, Miss.; Kappa Sigma; Army ROTC. • RUTH EMRICH; Newcomb; 604 Hardy Avenue, Gulfport, Miss.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Art Club; Hullabaloo; Campus Night. Eighth Row: • JANICE B. EUBANKS; Newcomb; Art; 2821 Pe- nick, Shreveport, La.; Alpha Delta Pi; Baptist Stu- dent Union. • BABS JORDAN EVANS; Newcomb; Art; 824 13th Avenue, Alexandria, La.; Chi Omega; Art Club; Tusk. • EMORY " PETE " EVANS; A S; Journalism; Quarters 2, U.S. Naval Hospital, Annapolis, Md.; Delta Tau Delta; President of Paterson House 1953-54; Freshman Football: Naval ROTC. • ESTELLE FAIVRE; Newcomb; Education; 4333 South Prieur, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha Theta. Ninth Row: • ROSANNA FALL; Newcomb; 2318 Underwood. Houston, Texas; Alpha Omicron Pi; Canterbury Club. • ALICE FALLETTA; Newcomb; 2840 Moun- tain Brook Parkway, Birmingham, Ala.; Dance Club; Hullabaloo; Jambalaya; Greenhackers; Newman Club; Campus Night. • GENEVIEVE FEATHER- STONE; Newcomb; Art; 1440 Linden, Memphis, Tenn • Alpha Omicron Pi; Art Club; Barracudas; Baptist Student Union. • GEORGE DAWSON FEE, III; Architecture; Pointe-a-la-Hache, La. 255 r- . I ' p W First Ro7v: • FRED FELDMAN; Commerce; 14 Buckingham Road, Rockville Centre. N. Y.; Zeta Beta Tau. • JARRETT COURTNEY FERINGA; Newcomb; 1521 Dufossat, New Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Plii; Art Club; Canterbury Club. • RICHARD FINN; Arclli- tecture; 165 Atlantic, Shreveport, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Sec.-Treas. Freshman Class of Architecture; Naval ROTC. • MICHAEL A. FITTS; Civil Engi- neering; 13 Northwood, Jackson, Tenn.; Beta Theta Pi. • CYRIL FLAKE; A S; 7901 Gentilly High- way, New Orleans, La. • WALTER FREEMAN FLATO; Commerce; Accounting; 535 Carondelet, New Orleans, La.; Fresiiman Honor Board Represen- tative; Naval ROTC. • FROST FLEMING; Com- merce; Box 490, Lafitte, La.; Beta Theta Pi. • PAT FLEMING; Newcomb; Education; 3005 Northwest 28th, Oklahoma City, Okla.; Wesley Foundation. • PATRICIA FLEMING; Newcomb; 5526 Loyola Avenue, New Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Phi; Canterbury Club; Glee Club. • CLYDE FULTON; Chemical Engineering; 135 Splane Drive, West Monroe, La.; • BILL FUTRELL; A S; Political Science; 173 Albert, Shreveport, La.; Wesley Foundation; Naval ROTC. • CAROLYN FYNN; Newcomb; Psychology; 20 Belleview Ave- nue, Port Washington, N. Y.; Phi Mu; Wesley Foundation; Glee Club. • JERRY GAFFNEY; A S; Pre-Med.; 7546 El-Rancho, Houston, Texas; Phi Kappa Sigma; Pre-Medical Society; Newman Club. • ALBERT ANDREW GALANTE; A S; Pre- Med.; 1417 Corbin Avenue, New Britain, Conn.; Newman Club. • ANN MARIE GANDOLFO; New- comb; 4160 Vendome Place, New Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Phi; TUSK; A Cappella Choir; Glee Club. • THERESA GARDNER; Education; 3040 Louis- iana Avenue Parkway, New Orleans, La.; White Caps; Baptist Student Union. • W. GERALD GAU- DET; Journalism; 406 Beach Blvd., Waveland, Miss.; Beta Theta Pi; Air Force ROTC. RESHMEN Second Roto; • JOEL LAFAYETTE FLETCHER; A S; English; 1 Southwestern Circle, Lafayette, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • ANN FLINN; Newcomb; 2309 Myrtle, Monroe, La.; Phi Mu; Wesley Foundation; Glee Club; Operetta. • AMY FOLLANSBEE; Newcomb; Math; 2102 Pine, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Delta Pi. ■ DOUGLAS H. FORSYTH; A S; Chemistry; 5822 Willow, New Orleans, La.; Army ROTC. • CAMILLE FORTUNE; Newcomb; English; 1630 Carr Avenue, Memphis, Tenn.; Pi Beta Phi; Newman Club •CHARLES " CHUCK " FOSTER; A S; Math 935 East Church, Jacksonville, Fla.; Pep Band; Tu lane Band; Naval ROTC. • MARVIN FOURMAUX Commerce ; 2621 Rousseau, New Orleans, La • LORELEI FOX; Newcomb; English; 3230 Oak dale, Houston, Texas; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Campus Night; Glendy Burke Society. • AMY FREDERICK; Newcomb; 7924 S. Claiborne Ave, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha Theta. Third Row: • JOHN P. FRIEDEL; Commerce; Accounting; Apartment 366, Claiborne Towers, New Orleans, La. Fourth Row: • PHILIP GENSLER, JR.; A S; Pre-Med.; 1021 Bourbon, New Orleans, La.; Sigma Chi; Pre-Medical Society; Newman Club; Air Force ROTC. • MARK GEORGEOU; A S; Pre-Med.; 737 Eaton, Eliza- beth, N. J.; Delta Sigma Phi; Pre-Medical Society; Hullabaloo; Air Force ROTC. • JAMES B. GILES; A S; Chemistry; 1217 North Fourth, Wichita Falls, Texas; Pre-Medical Society. • WALTUS H. GILL; Chemical Engineering; 2065 Cherrydale, Baton Rouge, La.; Westminster Fellowship; Glee Club; Naval ROTC. • EMILY GILLHAM; Education; 2113 Audubon, New Orleans, La.: Kappa Kappa Gamma; Westminster Fellowship; International Relations Club. • FREDERICK CHARLES GIRAUD; Ac- counting; Box 365, RFD 6, New Orleans, La.; Ac- counting Club. • JAMES GLEASON; A S; Prc- Law; Naval Air Station, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Sigma; Army ROTC; Glendy Burke Society. • TOMMY GODFREY; A S; 2004 Pargoud Boulevard, Monroe, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Wes- ley Foundation; Air Force ROTC. • JANICE GOLD- STEIN; Newcomb; Sociology; No. 5 Montcresl Dr., Birmingham, Ala.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Jambalaya; TUT. 256 1 mv ' k H I Pi First Roio: • JOHN B. GOOCH; A S; 4032 Vincennes PI,, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha; Newman Club; Army ROTC. • WARREN GOSS; Engineering; 251 Patton, Shreveport, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Army ROTC. • LINDA COUGH; Newcomb; 1629 Broad- way, New Orleans, La.; Chi Omega; Canterbury Club. • CHARLES JAY GRATZ; A S; 4333 Nau- tilus Drive, Miami Beach, Fla. ; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre-Medical Society: Hillel Foundation. Second Roiv: • FRED GREEN: 1.35 North Bergen PL, Freeport, N. Y.; Pre-Medical Society; Hullabaloo: Hillel Foundation. • SAMMY ELLIOT GREENBERG: Pre- Med.; 4744 St. Roch Ave., New Orleans, La.; Hillel F,)undation. • LANCE J. GREMILLION, JR.; Com- merce; .5630 Laurel, New Orleans, La. • DOUGLAS W. GREVE; A S; Zoology; 23321 Roger Dr.; Eu- . lid, O.; Delta Sigma Phi. Third Row: • MAURICE GRODENSKY; Arts and Science; Li- beral Arts; 170 E. Broadway, Long Beach, N. Y. Alpha Epsilon Pi. • DORIS GUILLOT; Newcomb I.)3 Bellaire Dr., New Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Phi Wesley Foundation. • ARMAND GUIZERIX, JR. jvi! Engineering; 6443 Canal Blvd., New Orleans, I.J. • JOAN GUNN; Newcomb; Education; 164 East Oakridge Park, New Orleans. La.; Alpha Omicron Pi : Newman Club. ! ' ntrlh Roiv: • ARNOLD GUSSIN; Pre-Med.; 41-16 25th Ave., Lung Island City, N. Y.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Hillel Foundation; Army ROTC. • MELVIN A, (MAC) HAIRSTON, JR.; Pre-Mcd.; 715 Bellshire, Houston, Texas; Sigma Chi. • NANCY HALEY; Newcomb; History; 746 Main, Laconia, N. H.; Phi Mu; Wes- ley Foundation; Glee Club; International Relations Club. • ROBERT R. HALEY; A S; Chem- i lry-Pre Med.; 4.38 Thelma Dr., San Antonio, Tex.; Kappa Sigma; Pre-Medical Society; Newman Club; Army ROTC; Pershing Rifles. n th Row: • HUBERT B. HALL; Pre-Med.; 6135 Mandeville; New Orleans, La.; Delta Tau Delta. • TANIA ELIN HALLBERG; Newcomb: French; 477 Audubon, New Orleans, La.; Phi Mu; Glee Club. • JULIUS HANDELMAN; Arts and Sciences; Journalism; Box 470 Yoakum, Tex.; Hullabaloo; Hillel Founda- tion; Army ROTC; Intramural Council. • ALBERT HENRY HANEMANN, JR.; Arts and Science; Pre- Law; 4040 Vendome Place, New Orleans, La.; Delta Tau Delta. Sixth Row: • JIMMIE HANEMANN, JR.; Engineering; 123 Bellaire Drive, New Orleans, La.; Delta Kappa Ep- silon; Freshman Class President; Newman Club; Naval ROTC; Tallrail Naval Society. • JOHN PA- TRICK HANLEY; Arts and Science; Chemistry; 418 Lakewood Road, West Palm Beach, Fla.; A Cappella Choir; Army ROTC. • TED HARDTNER; Architecture; 725 Cassity Road, Shreveport, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Christian Science Organiza- tion. • BARBARA HARRIS; Newcomb: 4300 West Beach, Gulfport, Miss.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Fresh- man Class President; Honor Board; Student Gov- ernment Ass ' n. ; Greenbackers; Baptist Student Union. Seventh Row: • DORIS LEE HARRIS; Newcomb; English; 316 Orlando Dr., New Orleans, La.; J.4MBAt.AVA; Cam- pus Night; Wavettes. • DAVID B. HARRISON; Arts and Science; 2425 Tennessee, New Orleans, La. • A. J. HARTMANN, JR.; Arts and Science; Theatre; 220: Robert E. Lee Blvd., New Orleans, La.; Naval ROTC. • HARRIET HARVEY; New- comb; 953 -Trabue, Shreveport, La.; Chi Omega; Jamdalaya; Westminster Fellowship; Wavettes. Eighth Row: • ARTHUR HASTINGS; .507 W. Sherman, Neosho, Mo.; Kappa Sigma; Hullabaloo; Disciples Student Fellowship; Tulane Band; Debate Team; Glendy Burke Society. • MARTHA HAWKINS; Newc omb; Art; No. 6 Pine Crest Road, Birmingham, Ala.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Art Club; Greenbackers; Newman Club: Glee Club. • WILLIAM G. HAYES; Pre-Med; 720 Westwood; Birmingham, Mich.; Kappa Sigma; Pre-Medical Society; Canterbury Club; Air Force ROTC. • ANN HAYWARD; Newcomb; 3 Audubon Place, New Orleans, La.; Chi Omega; Westminster Fellowship. Ninth Rotn: • WAYNE HEBERT; 5938 Gen. Diaz, New Orleans, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon. ■ SUSIE HEIMOVICS; Newcomb; English; Literature; 1028 West 72, Kan- sas City, Mo.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Art Club: Glee Club. • JOAN HENDERSON; Newcomb; Educa- tion; 83 Adalia Ave., Tampa Fla.; Chi Omega YWCA; Wesley Foundation. • RUTH HENDRICKS Newcomb; English; 9 Van Corlear Place, New York N, Y. ; Alpha Omicron Pi; International Relations 257 , 1 ( f FtVs? Row: • MARTHA HERNANDEZ: Newcomb; 7419 Maple, New Orleans, La.; White Caps; Wesley Foundation. • NORMAN HESS: Arts and Science; Psychology; 320 Grant Ave., Woodmere, N. Y.; Sigma Alpha Mu. • DAN HEZEAU; Engineering; 1418 Short, New Orleans, La.: Kappa Sigma. • MARILYN HILBERT; Newcomb; Education; 6601 Memphis, New Orleans, La.; Beta Sigma Omicron; White Caps; Newman Club. • WILLIAM .M. HILBUN, JR.; Arts and Science; Pre-Med.; Box 206 Gloster, Miss.; Pre- Medical Society; Baptist Student Union; Air Force ROTC. • HELENA HILL; Newcomb; 1636 Forest Ave., Columbus, Ga.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Barra- cudas; Canterbury Club. • HOLLY HILLIARD; Newcomb; 1112 Cherokee, Pasadena, Tex.; Kappa Alpha Tlieta; Newman Club. • BARBARA HIRS- BERG; Newcomb; 322 West Second, Clarksdale, Miss.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Art Club; Campus Night. • ODETTE HLXON; Newcomb; Education; 2214 Pine, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Student Government Ass ' n.; Newman Club; Glee Club. Third Row: • MARYLIN HYATT; Newcomb; Psychology; 36 Fountainbleau Dr., New Orleans, La.; White Caps; Canterbury Club; Jambalava. • DINAH HYMAN; Newcomb; Art; 211-12th Ave., East, Cordele, Ga.; Phi Mu. • DELMAS A. JACKSON, JR.; Arts and Science; Chemistry; 404 Sherrouse, Monroe, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Arts and Science Freshman Class Vice-President. • WALTER JAHNCKE; Engi- neering; No. 3 Bamboo Road, New Orleans, La.; Phi Delta Theta; Army ROTC. • MARVIN L. JEF- FER; Arts and Science; 2418 Joseph, New Orleans, La. • GAIL JENKINS; Newcomb; English; 49 Homochitto, Natchez, Miss.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • BOB JINES; Commerce; 609 Ninth, Lake Charles, La.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Naval ROTC. • JOSEPH JOHNSON; 1300 Mark Ave., Bossier, La. • JOY JONES; Newcomb; Sciences; 3949 Louisiana Ave. Parkway, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Omicron Pi; YWCA ; Westminster Fellowship. RESHMEN Second Row: • BILL HOBBY; Engineering; 411 E. 45th, Savan- nah, Ga.: Sigma Chi: Baptist Student Union; Naval ROTC. • GAIL LOUISE HODGES; Newcomb; 208 Audubon Blvd., New Orleans, La.; Chi Omega; Barracudas; Newman Club. • ALAN HOFFMAN; 5112 Beverly Road, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Alpha Epsilon Pi. • OLIVER HOLDEN, JR.; Arts and Science; 2318 W. Mistletoe; San Antonio, Tex.; Delta Tan Delta. • W. CHARLES HOLLAND, JR.; 2704 Ports- mouth, Houston, Tex.; Air Force ROTC. • HER- BERT HOPPMEYER, JR.; Arts and Science; Pre- Med.; 223 Alherton Dr., New Orleans, La.; Alpha Tau Omega. • BABS JEAN HUBER; Newcomb; Fine Arts; 221 Manson, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Delta Pi; Tulane Band. • MINOR HUCK; Arts and Science; Pre-Med; 216 Terrell Road, San Antonio, Tex.; Phi Delta Theta; Army ROTC; Lagniappes. • JIMMY HUDSON; Arts and Science; Pre-Med.; Morton, Miss. Fourth Roiv: • ROBERT JONES; Arts and Science; Pre-Med.; 135 Palm Dr., San Antonio, Tex.; Sigma Alpha Ep- silon; Army ROTC. • ROXILEA JONES; Newcomb; Jasper, Ga.; Phi Mu; Art Club; Baptist Student Union. • LUIS A. JUAN; Corte Superior, San Juan, Puerto Rico. • RICHARD B. JURISICH; 4627 Baronne, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Sigma. • BOB K. GY; Engineering; Electrical Engineering; 2234 Napoleon Ave., New Orleans, La. ; Phi Delta Theta ; Vice-President Freshman Engineering Class. • MAR- TIN NEAL KAPLAN; Arts and Science; Pre-Law; 640 Carlyle, Cedarhurst, N. Y ' .; Sigma Alpha Mu. • HONORINE KARNO; Commerce; 4500 Elba, New Orleans, La.; HiUel Foundation; Commerce Wo- men ' s Club. • DOROTHY CLAIRE KATZ; New- comb; Psychology; 165 Victoria Road, Spartanburg, S. C. ; Student Government As ' sn.; Hillel Founda- tion. • RONALD KATZ; 1601 8th So. Fargo, N. D.; Sigma Alpha Mu; German Club; Hillel Foundation. 258 1 f S f M t M First Row: • CAREY KEEN; Newcomb; 2319 Clayton, Macon, Ga.; Alpha Delta Pi; Barracudas; Wesley Founda- tion. • SHEILA J. KELLEY; Newcomb; 734 Senaca, Palo Alto, Calif.; Alpha Oraicron Pi. • KAROL KENNARD; Newcomb; Geology; 1015 Nyssa, Mc- AUen, Tex.; White Caps; Wesley Foundation; In- ternational Relations Club. • J. B. KIEFERj Arts Second Rotv: • ARTHUR G. KINGSMILL; Engineering; 507 Hector Ave., New Orleans, La.; Newman Club; Naval ROTC. • NANCY KIRKENDALL; Newcomb; Edu- cation: 156 Twin Oaks Blvd., Lafayette, La.; Chi Omega; Canterbury Club; Wavettes. • VIRGINIA ANN KLUMPP; Newcomb; Art; 90 Sands Pt. Rd., Port Washington, N, Y.; Canterbury Club; Interna- tional Relations Club. ■ JEAN KNO.X; Newcomb; Physics; 6012 Spain, New Orleans, La.; Beta Sigma Omicron; Glee Club. Third Roic; • SHIRLEY ELAINE KOCHMAN; Newcomb; 4234 Purdue, Dallas, Tex.; Le Circle Francais; Hillel Foundation; Campus Night. • CHARLES KOPPA; Engineering; 4909 Roanoke, Fort Worth, Tex.; Delta Sigma Phi; Newman Club; Naval ROTC. • BETH KOTTES: Newcomb; Chemistry; 2738 Calhoun, New Orleans, La.; Phi Mu. • MELVIN R. KOVEN; Arts and Science; Psychology; 510 Valencia No. 3, Coral Gables, Fla. ; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Hillel Foundation; Air Force ROTC. Fourth Row: • ROBERT H. KREMER; Commerce; Mathematics; 281 N. McNeiL Memphis, Tenn.; Zeta Beta Tau; Jambalaya; Army ROTC. • MARY KATHERINE KUCHEMAN; Commerce; 1205 St. Charles Ave., New Orleans, La.; Commerce Women ' s Club. • PA- MELLA KUHN; Newcomb; Science; 4317 So. Miro, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Omicron Pi; YWCA; Jambalaya; Canterbury Club. • DON LADNER; Arts and Sciences; Education; Poplarville, Miss. Fifth Row: ' JERON J. LA FARGUE: Arts and Science; Polit- ical Science; 411 Pecan, Sulphur, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Cheerleaders; Greenbackers; Newman Club; Army ROTC. • JARRELL LaFITTE; Arts and Science; Political Science; 3752 W. College, Shreveport, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Freshman Class President; Army ROTC; Debate Team. • RA- CHAEL LAFRANZ; Arts and Science; Chemistry; 2200 28th Ave., Meridian, Miss.; Newman Club. • FREDRIC LA GROVE; Arts and Science; Engi- neering; 2509 Franklin Ave., New Orleans, La. Si:tth Row: • BOBBYE LANDRY; Arts and Science; Pre-Med.; 6326 Magnolia, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Pre-Medical Society; Student Government Ass ' n.; Wavettes; Newman Club; Glee Club. • BARBARA LANGER; Newcomb; English; 445 Ratcliff, Shreveport, La.; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • CARL E. LAZARONE; Engineering; Electrical Engineering; 5612 Woodlawn Place, New Orleans, La. • KATE LEACH; Newcomb; 2630 Jefferson Ave., New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Canterbury Club. Seventh Row: • SOPHIA LEACH; Newcomb; 5406 St. Charles Ave., New Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Phi; Westminster Fellowship. • LOUIS LeBOURGEOIS; Arts and Science; History; 35 Pelham Drive, New Orleans, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society; Navy Rifle Team. • A. J. LE BRETON, III; Arts and Science; Chemistry; 6001 Elysian Fields, New Orleans, La.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Air Force ROTC. • JAMES M. LEEPER; Commmerce; 2136 Broadway, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Sigma; Newman Club; Glee Club; Air Force ROTC. Eighth Row: • ELIZABETH LEIGH; Newcomb; Education; 1221 Fairview Ave., Monroe, La.; Phi Mu. • LEE R. LEONARD; Arts and Science; 3021 Joseph, New Orleans, La.; Zeta Beta Tau; Pre-Medical Society. • JOHN LESTER; Arts and Science; c o TGT Batesville, Miss.; Air Force ROTC. ■ BARBARA LEVSKY; Newcomb; 3306 Avon, Tampa, Fla.; Le Circle Francais. Ninth Row: • PAUL LEVY; Newcomb; Philosophy; 7506 Morningside, Houston, Tex.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Art Club; Campus Night; International Relations Club. • MORRIS LEWIS, III; Arts and Science; Indianola, Miss.; Zeta Beta Tau; Army ROTC. • JOE LICCIARD; Arts and Science; 328 Fairway Drive, New Orleans, La.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Newman Club. • JOHN LINDGREN; Engineering; 2511 So. CarroUton, New Orleans, La. 259 First Roiv: • BERT LINDQUIST; Engineering; 446 Orion Ave., New Orleans, La.; Kappa Sigma; Air ROTC. • HOMER L. LOCHRIDGE; Pre-Med; 3562 Wil- mington Rd.. Montgomery, Ala.; Pre-Med Society; Baptist Student Union; A Cappella Choir; Glee Club; Tulane Band; Army ROTC; Fourlanians. • FREDERICK N. LOEBER; 2519 Short, New Or- leans, La. • MARY ANN LOFTON; Newcomb; 3934 So. Lookout, Little Rock, Ark.; Alpha Delta Pi; Canterbury Club; Wavettes. • EVA LORIDANS; Newcomb; 1930 Wildwood Ave., Columbus, Ga.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Wesley Foundation; Interna- tional Relations Club. • JANE LOWE; Newcomb; History; 572 Ridge Road, Wethersfield, Conn.; Phi Mu; White Caps; Baptist Student Union. • JEAN LOWENTRITT; Newcomb; Box 189, Winnsboro, La.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Jambal. ya; Campus Night; Wavettes. • MALCOM LUXENBERG; P. 0. Box 1096, Hollywood, Fla.; Pre-Med Society; Hullabaloo; Army ROTC. • BLANCHE JOY MacFADYEN; Newcomb; 3 Cumberland Circle, Asheville, N. C; Alpha Delta Pi; Westminster Fellowship; A Cap- pella Choir; Glee Club; International Relations Club. ROTC. ■ SUE ANN McDOWELL; Newcomb; Box 306, Napoleonville, La.; Alpha Delta Pi; Wavettes; Christian Science Organization. Third Row: • JOHN F. McELLIGOTT; Engineering; 3321 Drummond, Vicksburg, Miss. • CHARLES McFAR- LAND; 342 Pine, New Orleans, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Newman Club. • JANE MARILYN Mc- GUIRE; Newcomb; 3719 Mountain Pk. Dr., Bir- mingham, Ala.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Canterbury Club. • MARY ANN McINTYRE; Newcomb; 1549 State, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Can- terbury Club. • CAREY McLEAN; Newcomb; 1325 Cadiz, New Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Phi. • CAROLE MANISCALCO, Newcomb; 4626 Western, New Or- leans, La. • ROBERT M. MARSH, 949 Springfield Ave., New Providence, N. J.; Delta Sigma Phi; Greenbackers; Westminster Fellowship; Spinnerkers. • FRANK MARSHALL; A S; Physics; Rt. 1, Franklin, Tern.; Sigma Chi; Army ROTC. ' HELEN CLAIRE MARTIN; Newcomb; 1840 Oak, Pine Bluff, Ark.; Chi Omega; Treasurer — Freshman Class; Westminster Fellowship. RESHMEN Second Row: • LYNN MacMURDO; 1309 Bordeaux, New Orleans, La.; Newcomb; Chi Omega; Newman Club; Glee Club. • MOIRA McBRIDE; Newcomb; 5918 Louis- ville, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Delta Pi; Jambalaya; Art Club; Hullabaloo; Newman Club; Wavettes. • HARRY E. McCALL, JR.; 1502 Eleanore, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Tau Omega; Math Club; Ma- rine Reserve. • JANE CESSNA McCALL; Newcomb; 127 Ridge Rd., Birmingham, Ala.; Phi Mu; West- minster Fellowship; Glee Club; TUT. • BILL Mc- CLELLAN; Architecture; 4002 Corona, Tampa, Fla.: Delta Sigma Phi. • STUART McCLENDON; 1912 Palmer Ave., New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha. • CAROL McDonald, Newcomb; Kappa Alpha Theta; 2715 N.W. 25, Oklahoma City, Okla.; Wes- ley Foundation. • CHARLES W. McDOWELL, JR.; 10 Gull, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Tau Omega; Army Fourth Row: • THOMAS J. MARTIN; A S; History; 1201 First, New Orleans, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Newman Club; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society; Pi Lambda Beta. • ROBERT MARTINEZ, 6009 St. Charles Ave., New Orleans, La.; Delta Kappa Epsi- lon. • JOANNE MASSA ; Newcomb ; 1621 So. Jeff Da- vis Pkwy., New Orleans, La.; Phi Mu; Wesley Foundation; Art Club. • ROLANDO A. MATA; San Pedro, Sula, Honduras. • A. D. .MATHYS, JR.; Architecture; 304 East 30th, Bryan, Tex. • BETSY .M AUGHT; Newcomb; 1221 Soniat, New Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Phi; Canterbury Club. • PAUL BLAND MAXWELL; Engineering; 3402 Octavia, New Or- leans, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Newman Club; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society. • MARION MAYER; Zoology; Winnsboro, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilo; German Club. • LOUIS DAN MEGEHEE, JR.; Physics; Hazlehurst, Miss.; Phi Delta Theta; Greenbackers; Naval ROTC. 260 For our Mrs. Gill First Row: • BILL MELLON; Commerce; 622 N. Root. Aurora, IlL; Phi Kappa Sigma. • GRACE MERRITT; New- comb; 340 Edinburgh, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Omicron Pi; YWCA; Wesley Foundation. • JANE DUDLEY MERRITT; Newcomb; 3175 Harper, Houston, Tex.; Canterbury Club. • MARVIN LEONARD MEYER.S; 20-57 Seagirt Ave., Far Rock- away, N. Y. Sfconit Row: • GUNTHER MICHAELIS; Biology; 118 Ocean Ave., Jersey City, N. J.; Delta Sigma Phi; Army ROTC. • G. T. MICHELLI, JR.; Engineering; 650 Orion. New Orleans, La.; Air Force ROTC. • GEORGE S. MICHINARD, JR., 1714 Audubon, ew Orleans, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Pre.Medi- ral S ociety; Army ROTC. • LARRY MILLER; Architecture; 473 E. Center, Manchester, Conn.; Sigma Alpha Mu; A. I. A. Tliird Ro7v: • -MARIAN MILLER; University College; 24 Aubu- d„n Place, New Orleans. La. • PATRICIA ANN MIL- LER; Newcomb: Anoka Farm, Lynnwood, Va.; Al- plia Omicron Pi. • RONNIE MILLER; 1101 North, Logansport, Ind.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Wesley Foundation; Air Force ROTC. • SHIRLEY L. MIL- LER; Newcomb; 3224 Austin, Waco. Texas; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Art Club; Jamimlaya; Hillel Founda- tion; Campus Night. Fourth Row: • CAROLYN MULLER: Newcomb; 2711 Cilhoun, New Orleans, La. • PETER LAKE MULLINS; En- gineering; 326 Bellaire Dr., New Orleans, La.; Phi Delta Theta; Air Force ROTC. • TOM MURPHY; Commerce; RR 13, Wallen Rd.. Ft. Wayne, Ind.; Varsity Basketball; Army ROTC. • ALLEN H. MY- ERS; Architecture; Winchester, Tenn.; Alpha Tau Omega. Fifth Roiv: • YVONNE ADELLE NASSAR; Newcomb; 3902 W. Capitol, Jackson, Miss.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Wavettes: Newman Club; Glee Club; Operetta. • JOHN E. NAYLOR, JR.; Psychology; 105 N. Line Dr., New Orleans, La.; Alpha Tau Omega. • JAMES H. NEELD, III; Pre-Med.; Benton Rd., Yazoo City, Miss.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Tulane Band; Air ROTC. • SARAH NEWELL; Newcomb; 311 E. Washington, Goshen, Ind.; Glee Club. Sixth Row: • DAVID B. NEWSTADT; Commerce; 728 Mon- rovia, Shreveport, La.; Zeta Beta Tau; Intramural Council. • JUDY NIMAN; Newcomb; 229 Ward Parkway. Kansas City, Mo.; Alpha Epsilon Phi: Art Club. • MARY ALICE NORMAN; Newcomb; 1220 State, New Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Phi: Canterbury Club. • WHARTON " MITCH " MILLER; Gmi- merce Law ; 1306 Lowerline, New Orleans, La, Seventh Row: • FREDDIE MINER: Accounting: 910 N.McNeil, Memphis, Tenn.; Sigma Alpha Mu: Hillel Founda- tion; Army ROTC. • CHARLIE MITCHELL; Com- merce; Ganiwyn Park, Greenville, Miss.: Phi Delta Theta; Unit Manager Freshman Class; TusK: Can- terbury Club; Army ROTC. • JOAN MITCHELL; Newcomb; 6336 Louisville, New Orleans, La.: Alpha Delta Pi: Newman Club. • RALPH C. MITCHELL; Commerce: 908 W. 20th, Pine Bluff, Ark.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Secretary-Treasurer, Freshman Class; Tulane Band; Naval ROTC. Eighth Row — •JOHN A. .MMAHAT; Pre-Law; New Orleans, La.; Newman Club. ■ LOUIS L. MORGAN; A S; Amite, La.; Kappa Sigma; Newman Club; Naval ROTC. • ED MORRISON, Manchester, Ga.; Delta Tau Delta; Naval ROTC. • ROBERT MOSES; Business; New Orleans, La.; Zeta Beta Tau; Vice-President, Freshman Commerce Class; Air ROTC, Rifle Team. Ninth Rotv: • OLIVE MOSS; Newcomb; 302 Drew Park Drive, Lake Charles, La.; Chi Omega; Wesley Foundation. • CAROL MOUCHET; Newcomb; 1867 W. Wesley Rd., Atlanta, Ga.; Chi Omega; Le Circle Francais; Glee Club; Lutheran Student Association. • PAUL W. OBERDORFER: Pre.Med; 1857 Shadowlawn, Jacksonville, Fla.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre-Medical Society; Hnllabaloo; Hillel Foundation; Air ROTC. • LILLIAN ODEN; Newcomb; 802 Slattery, Shreve- port, La.; Chi Omega. 261 1 f .y ii First Row: • TOMMY OELSNER; Physics; 225 Ridgewood Dr., New Orleans, La.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Hillel Foun- dation. • URSULA OELSNER; Architecture; 225 Ridgewood Dr., New Orleans, La.: Hillel Founda- tion. • CALVIN OLANO, JR., 616 Dolhonde, Gret- na, La.; Delta Sigma Phi. • A. DEUTSCHE O ' NEAL, JR.; A S; 132 West Park Ave., Houma, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • ROY N. O ' NEAL; Engineer- ing; 290R St. Charles Ave., New Orleans, La.; Alpha Tau Omega; Naval ROTC; Sailing Club. • GAIL O ' REGAN; Architecture; 235 S. Alexander, New Orleans, La.; Vice-President Freshman Architecture Class; A.I.A.; Newman Club. • BETTY OSBORN; Newcomb; 5509 Hurst, New Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Phi; Canterbury Club; A Cappella Choir. • SALLY JO OSBORN; Newcomb; 1504 E. 37th PL, Tulsa, Okla.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Wesley Foundation; Y.W.C.A. • AL V. OSER; A S; 4305 Coliseum, New Orleans, La.; Sigma Chi; Newman Club; Air ROTC. Third Row: • FRANCES A. POTTS; Newcomb; 60 Jaenick Lane, Hamden, Conn.; Alpha Omicron Pi. ' PAT POWELL; Newcomb; 4961 Woodburn, Milwaukee, Wis.; Alpha Omicron Pi.; Barracudas; Wesley Foundation. • SI PULITZER; Commerce; 3700 Oc- tavia. New Orleans, La.; Zeta Beta Tau. • ONEY RAINES; A S; Pre-Med; 1804 East Beach, Gulf- port, Miss.: Phi Delta Theta; Air ROTC. • CAROLE JOY RAMBACH; Newcomb; 1916 Robert, New Orleans, La.; Tulane University Theatre. • MARTIN P. RAPPAPORT; Pre-Med; 920 Meridian Ave., Miami Beach, Fla.; Pre-Med Society. • DIANE RAUCH; Newcomb; Education; 815 Elenore, New Orleans, La.; Dance Club; Tusk. • JANE REDDY; Newcomb; 6029 Prytania, New Orleans, La.; New- man Club. • JOAN REICH; Newcomb; 900 Bush- wick Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. ; Alpha Epsilon Phi. RESHMEN Second Row: • JOHN A. OTWELL; A S; Extention, La. • PAS- CAL PALMISANO; Engineering; 1217 Annuncia- tion, New Orleans, La. • THOS. A. PARKER, II; Mech. Engr. ; 938 Webster, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha. • NOLAN J. PARRENIN; A S; Box 215, Ensenada. Puerto Rico; Newman Club. • FELICE PERRILLIAT; Newcomb; 8005 Nelson, New Or- leans, La.; Pi Beta Phi; Secretary Freshman Class, ' 53; Barracudas; Wesley Foundation. • PATRICIA JO PHILLIPS; Newcomb; 4424 S. Claiborne Ave., New Orleans, La.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Jamb. laya; Campus Night. • NATHANIEL W. PLOTKIN; A S; History; 420 Cleveland Ave., Bridgeport, Conn.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Air ROTC. • RUTH POMERANZ; Newcomb; 18606 Parkland Dr., Cleve- land, Ohio; Jambalaya; Hillel Foundation; Cam- pus Night; International Relations Club. • JUDY PORTE; Newcomb; 2024 Congress; New Orleans, La.; Wesley Foundation; Wavettes. Fourth Row: ' AUDREY REINIKE; Newcomb; 1130 3rd, New Orleans, La.; Phi Mu; Dance Club; Newman Club. • JUSTIN W. RENAUDIN ; A S; 3705 State Street Dr., New Orleans, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Pre- Med Society; Newman Club; Army ROTC. • WIL- LIAM SUTCLIFFE RENAUDIN; A S: 102 Fair- way Dr., New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha. • MAURICE A. REUTHER; 1017 Gordon, New Orleans, La.; COLIN REYNOLDS; A S; 2523 South " V " , Fort Smith, Ark.; Phi Delta Theta; Army ROTC; Pershing RiOes. • ANNE PAYNE RICHARDSON; Newcomb; 3325 Coliseum, New Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Phi; Barracudas; Canterbury Club. • HAROLD N. RICHMOND: A S; Pre- Med; 955 Harding Rd., Elizabeth, N. J.: Alpha Epsilon Pi. • MARILYN RIEDLINGER; Architec- ture; 4625 Painters, New Orleans, La, • BUDDY RIZZO; A S; Pre-Med; Edgewater Gardens, Mon- roe, La,; Newman Club; Air Force ROTC. 262 First Row • RICHARD R. ROBBINS: A S; Chemistry; 81% i. Rulledge, Charleston, S. C; Sigma Chi; I i, ii.h(jl Society; Newman Club; Army ROTC; 1 ' , i hin- Rifles. • SUZANNE ROBERTS; Newcomb; Edm-aluin, 318 Lewisville, Minrlen, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • BETTY ROBINSON; Newcomb; Social Sicence; 399 Broadway, New Orleans, La.: Phi Mu; Jambalaya; Wavettes; Dance Club. • CLYDE M. ROGERS, JR.; Commerce; Mt. Olive, JIiss. Second Row • FRANK ALLEN ROMEU; Mechanical Engineer- ing, 5S16 Pasteur Blvd., New Orleans, La. • SALLYE ROSEN Newcomb; .318 Ridgeway, Little Rock, Aik , Alpha Epsilon Phi; Barracudas. • SAM RO- SEN, Business Administration; 2417 Medford Ct. W, Fort Worth, Texas; Zeta Beta Tau. • DEBBIE ROSENBAUM: Newcomb; 1739 Noble Dr., Atlanta, Ga . Alpha Epsilon Phi; Jamualava; Le Circle Francais, Campus Night. Third Row: • ESTHER ROSENTHAL; Newcomb; Sociology; 3045 Lipscomb, Fort Worth, Texas; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Jambalaya; International Relations Club. • ELAINE ROSENWALD; Newcomb; Political Sci- ence; 11072 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Art Club; Campus Night. • LEILA ROSSNER; Newcomb; 47 Nenm PL, New Orleans, La.; Beta Sigma Omicron; Canterbury Club. • WIL- LIAM D. ROUSSEL; Commerce; 1544 Webster, New Orleans, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon. Fourth Row: • BERNARD RUCKSTUHL; Engineering; 4526 Elba, New Orlenas, La.; Air Force ROTC; Newman Club. • PAPPY RUCKSTUHL; Engineering; 8220 Spruce, New Orleans, La.; Phi Delta Theta; Air Force ROTC. • JOANIE RUVEL; Newcomb; 804 W. 63rd, Kansas City, Mo.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Art Club; Campus Night. • DALE ARDEN SALS- BURY; Newcomb; Psychology: 802 West Frances Ave., Tampa, Fla.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Jambalaya; Campus Night. Fifth Row: • CAROL SANDER; Newcomb; Education; 4082 Fairmont Dr., New Orleans, La.; Alpha Delta Pi; Hiillabnlo; Newman Club; Wavettes. • BILL SAN- DERS; Mechanical Engineering; Box 477, Southport, N. C; Sigma Chi; Naval ROTC: Taffrail Naval Society. ■ BILL SANTOS; 212 South Cherry, Pough- keepsie, N. Y.; Delta Sigma Phi; Tulane Flying Club; Intramural Football. • BARBARA KAY SCHECHTMAN; Newcomb; Sociology; 2603 E. 14th, Tulsa. Okla. Sixth Roiv: • CHARLOTTE SCHMIDT ; Newcomb ; 2437 Joseph, New Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Phi; Wesley Foundation. • W HAROLD SCHNAUDER, JR., 7464 Pearl, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Sigma. ■ JOYCE SCHNEI- DER; A S; 225 Phosphor Ave., New Orleans, La.; Delta Zeta; Hullabaloo; Newman Club. • BOB SCHULL; A S: Political Science; 1130 Anderson Ave., New York, N. Y.; Alpha Epsilon Pi. Seventh Row: • JEROME SCHWARTZREICH; A S; Pre-Med; 64-55 217th, Bayside, N. Y.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre-Medical Society; Hullabaloo; Hillel Founda- tion; Army ROTC. • WILLIAM SCOTT; A S; Spanish; Delaware Extension, McComb, Miss.; Phi Delta Theta; Army ROTC; Military Band. • SUSIE SEAMAN; Newcomb; Art; 2501 Maconda, Hous- ton, Texas; Alpha Omicron Pi; Art Club; Canter- bury Club. Campus Night. • SARAH F. SEGEL; Commerce: 3125 General Taylor, New Orleans, La.; Commerce Women ' s Club. Eighth Row: ' JOEL ANN SELBY; Newcomb; 1519 Pinehurst, Jackson, Miss.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Wesley Foun- dation; Glee Club. • ROBERT P. SENGELMANN, A S- Pre-Med; 226 Hutchinson Rd., Englewood, N J.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • SANFORD FREEMAN SEPLOW; A S; Pre-Med: 47 Madison, Newton, N. J.; Zeta Beta Tau; Pre-Medical Society. • BOBBY SHAFTO; Commerce; 1065 N. ■ 3rd, Monroe, La.; Beta Theta Pi. Ninth Row: • HARVEY SIEGEL; B.A.; 441 West End Ave., N Y.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Tulane University The- atre • ROBERT A. SILVERBERG; A S; 309 Dahlia, Denver, Colo.; Zeta Beta Tau. • MARILYN SIZELER; Newcomb; Music; 3306 Octavia, New Orleans, La. • ARTHUR SMITH, JR.; B.A.; 1729 Third, New Orleans, La.; Delta Sigma Phi. Tenth Row: • BOBBY SMITH; A S; 296 Carrolton, Shreve- port. La. • JOHN MICHAEL SMITH; Commerce; 1123 South Grand, Stuttgart, Ark.; A Cappella Choir; Tulane Band; Naval ROTC. • LIDA MAE SMITH; Newcomb: Arf 3417 Caruth, Dallas, Texas; Pi Beta Phi; Art Club; Canterbury Club. • PUNKY SMITH; Newcomb; Music; 1031 Forest Ave., Oak Park, 111.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Canterbury Club; Festival Choir; Glee Club; Wavettes. 263 1 ai f! o f ,r Ci RESHMEN Fir i Row: • W, WALLACE SMITH, III: A S; 2120 Cam- bronne, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Sigma; Disciples Stiident Fellowship; Interfaith Council; Glee Club. • STANLEY SNIDER, 2238 Jefferson Ave., New Or- leans, La.; Kappa Sigma. • BARBARA Y. SOLO- iVION; Newcomb; 272.5 Robert, New Orleans, La.; Hillel Foundation. • IVO J. STAKELUM, JR.; A S; 4927 S. Johnson, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Sigma. • QUINTON G. STANSELL; A S; 2446 W. Summit, San Antonio, Texas; Kappa Sigma; Glendy Burke Society. • EMMA STARK; Newcomb; Art; 2151 Slanmore, Houston, Texas; Phi Mu; Art Club. • JOSEPH G. STASSI; Engineering; 1704 Jefferson Davis, New Orleans, La.; Phi Kappa Sig- ma. • RONNY J. STERNFELS; ASiS; Economics; Klolzville, La.; Kappa Sigma. • CONNIE LEE STEWART; Newcomb; Ardsley Rd., Jacksonville, Fla.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Dance Club; Hullabaloo ; Cheerleaders; Greenbackers; Wesley Foundation. • FRANK B. STEWART, JR.; Civil Engineering; 515 Lowerline, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Tau Omega; Newman Club ; Naval ROTC. Second Roiv: • SOL A. STEWART, 100 Clinton, Jackson, Ala.; Naval ROTC. • LYNN STOKES; Newcomb; 1007 S. Boulevard, Greenwood, Miss.; Delta Zeta; Y.W.C.A.; Wesley Foundation; International Rela- tions Club. • BEN HARRY STONE; Commerce; 2307 Broadmoor PL; Gulfport, Miss.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • .MADOLENE STONE: Newcomb; 2419 Lipscomb, Amarillo, Texas; Kappa Alpha Theta; Hullabaloo; Westminster Fellowship. • STANLEY STUMPF, JR.; A S; Pre-Med; 9 Willow Dr., Gretna, La.; Basketball Team; Gamma Delta. ' JAY SULLIVAN; Chemical Engineering; Box 157. Lut- cher. La.; Pershing RiHes; Army ROTC. ■ S. M. SUNSERI, 926 Dumaine, New Orleans, La. • THOM- AS M. SUTTER, JR.; Engineering; 7826 S. Clai- Ijorne Ave., New Orleans, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Westminster Fellowship; Air Force ROTC. • RAY W. SWAN; Psychology; 14.34 6th, New Orleans, La.; Delta Sigma Phi; Psychology Major Club; Newman Club. • BUZZY TATUM; Commerce; 913 Cedar, Greenville, Miss.; Sigma Chi. Third Row: • RUSSELL KENNETH THAL; Mechanical Engi- neering; 1.328 Findlay Ave., New York, N. Y.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Army ROTC; Pershing Rifles; Flying Club. • JOHN J. THEILER ; A S ; 7624 St. Charles Ave., New Orleans, La. ; Phi Kappa Sigma. • NANCY JO THERIOT; Newcomb; Art; .527 McKinley, La- fayette, La.; Chi Omega; Art Club: Dance Club: Newman Club. • TRELLES TIDMORE; B.A.: 240 Bellaire Dr., New Orleans, La.: Delta Tau Delta; Air Force ROTC. • SHIRLEY ANN TIMSON; New- comb; Biology; 1227 Whitney Ave., New Orleans, La. • JAY TONE; B.A.; 115 34th, Des Moines, Iowa; Alpha Tau Omega. ' J.ACK TOYE; Commerce; 4444 Franklin Ave., New Orleans, La.: Air Force ROTC; Kappa Alpha. • ANN TRACHT; Newcomb; Education; 801 Slattery, Shreveport, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Art Club: Christian Science Or- ganization: Campus Night; Glee Club; Wavettes. • NANCY TROUSDALE; Newcomb; 117 Hudson Lane, Monroe, La.: Kappa Kappa Gamma. • CE- LINE ELIZABETH TROWBRIDGE; Newcomb; 1445 Nashville Ave., New Orleans, La.; Chi Omega; Can- terbury Club. Fourth Row: • CHARLES ELLIOTT TUCKER: A S; Poplar- ville. Miss.; Air Force ROTC; Football; Baseball. • LOIS UTAY; Newcomb; Sociology: 4408 Wind- sor Parkway, Dallas, Texas. • EDWARD R. VILLE- MEZ: A S: 500 N. Wilson, Kaplan, La.; Newman Club. • ROY HENRY VIOSCA: A S; .5238 Old Gentilly Rd., New Orleans, La.; Tulane University Theatre; Alpha Theta Epsilon. • JOHN VOLZ; A S; Political Science; 1000 Broadway. New Or- leans, La.; Sigma Chi. • HARVEY FRED WACHS- MAN; A S; Chemistry: 570 Kosciusko, Brooklyn. N. Y.; Pre-Medical Soccily. • J. JAMES WADDELL; Commerce; 6133 .Marshall Foch, New Orleans. La.; Phi Kajjpa Sigma; Tulane Band; Air Force ROTC. •JACK H. WADE; A S: 718 Frank, Lufkin. Texas. • VERNON WAGNER, JR.; A S: Chemis- try: 1515 Dufossat, New Orleans, La.: Kappa Alpha. • WILLIAM A. WAGNER, JR., 7030 Canal Blvd., New Orleans, La.; Pi Kappa .Alpha; . rmy ROTC. 264 f A I ' irst Row: • RUTH ELIZABETH WALL; Newcomb; An; 915 I ' ine, New Orleans, La.; Art Club; Wesley Founda- lion; Student Government Association. • BRENDA WALLBILLICH; Newcomb ; Education; 4212 State Street Dr., New Orleans, La.: Alpha Omicron Pi. • PHYLLIS WARD; Newcomb; P.O. Box 147, Mt. I ' leasant, Tenn.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Glee Club: Westminster Fellowship. • PAUL WEAR: A S; 1031 College, Shreveport, La. Second Row: • DONALD E. WEAVER; Engineering; 204 Stiles, Houston, Texas; Naval ROTC. • RICHARD WEA- VER; Chemical Engineering; 4819 Bienville, New Orleans, La.; Christian Science Organization. " OL- IVE WEBB: Newcomb; Art; 2315 Jefferson Ave., New Orleans, La.: Alpha Omicron Pi; Glee Club; Hulliihiiloo. • JANE WEIL; Newcomb; 233 Bellaire, ll.Tivcr. C.ilo.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Jambalaya; Le Circle Francais; Greenbackers; Campus Night. Third Roiv: • ROSE MARY WEIL; University College; Med. Technology: 4947 Painters, New Orleans, La. ■ AL- LEN ROS ' WEINSTEIN; Architecture: 141 West Market. Long Beach, N. Y.; Alpha Epsilon Pi. • DOROTHY LYNN WEISS; Newcomb; Theater; 2043 Swift, Houston, Texas; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Jambalaya; Barracudas. • LEON CHARLES WEISS, JR.; Engineering; 7425 Dominican, New Orleans, La.; Zeta Beta Tau. Fourth Row: • DONNA WELTE; Newcomb; 1505 Owens Blvd., New Orleans. La.; Westminster Fellowship. • WIL- LIAM WEST, JR.; Commerce: 323 W. Living- ston PL, New Orleans, La.: Newman Club; Tulane Flying Club. • JOHN WESTON; Commerce; 806 South Beach, Bay St. Louis, Miss.; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • LUTIE A. WHEAT; Engineering; 540 Homestead Ave., New Orleans, La.; Beta Sigma Omicron; AT.E.E.; Baptist Student Union; Glendy Burke Society. Fifth Row: • ANN WHEELAHAN; Newcomb: 8000 Spruce, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Tusk; New- man Club. ■ LARRY B. WHITE; B.B.A.; 703 Vir- ■ inia Ave, Bogalusa, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • LEON .M. WHITE; Engineering: 7906 Plum, New Orleans. La.; Kappa Sigma: Air Force ROTC. • DICK WHITE; Engineering; 7906 Plum, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Sigma; Air Force ROTC. Sixth Row: • WILLIAM LOUIS WHITE; A S; 946 W. Els- mere, San Antonio, Texas; Pre-Medical Society; HiUcl Foundation. • ROZZIE WHITLEN ; Newcomb; 7630 Southwestern, Dallas, Texas; Pi Beta Phi. • MARION WIENER; Newcomb; 622 Longleaf, Shreveport, La.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Barracudas; Campus Night. • NANCY JEAN WILLIAMS; New- comb; 2911 Berwick Rrf., Birmingham, Ala.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Freshman Honor Board Representa- tive; Pre-Medical Society: Jambalaya; Canterbury Club. Seventh Row: • JACK CULLEN WILLIS; German; 1844 Tennes- see New Orleans, La.: President German Club; A Cappella Choir; Glee Club; Operetta. • TOMMY WILLSON; 2137 Jefferson Hwy., New Orleans, La.: Kappa Sigma. • GENEY WILSON; Newcomb; 1109 North 4th, Monroe, La.; Chi Omega; Canterbury Club. • JIM WILSON; Accounting: 3302 Clover- dale Rd., Montgomery, Ala.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Army ROTC. Eighth Row: • MARY LOUISE WINDER; Newcomb; 707 Rob- inson PL, Shreveport, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma: Freshman Athletic Association. • PAT WISE; New- comb; 1520 Wildwood Ave., Columbus, Ga.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Campus Night. • JOHN WITTEN- BERG; 5902 Hurst, New Orleans, La.; Zeta Beta Tau: Air Force ROTC. • BEVERLY WOLF; New- comb; 245 Luther Dr., San Antonio, Texas; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Barracudas.. Ninth Row: • HARRY E. WOOD; Chemical Engineering; .552 Walnut. New Orleans, La.; Phi Delta Theta. • W. A. (DUB) WORTHINGTON; A S; 125 East To- peka, Shreveport, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Air Force ROTC. • INA SUE WORTHY: Newcomb; 702 16th Ave., Cordel, Ga.; Phi Mu. • FRED A. WULFF; Engineering: 1503 Pine, New Orleans, La.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Westminster Fellowship; Naval ROTC; NROTC Drill Team. Tenth Row: • MIDDIE LOU YAGER; Newcomb; 305 Paul Saw- yer Dr., Frankfort, Ky.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Jambalaya; Art Club: Campus Night; Glee Club. • FREDERIC A. YOUNGS, JR.: Pre-Law: 11.52 Ingleside Dr., Baton Rouge, La.; Kappa Sigma; Secretary-Treasurer Freshman A S: Jambalaya: Army ROTC; Alpha Phi Omega; Glendy Burke Society; Pershing Rifles. • STEPHEN JAY ZELIG- SON; Accounting; 214 East 27th PI., Tulsa, Okla.; Zeta Beta Tau. • JOAN LILLIAN ZIEMER; 242 Brooklyn Ave., New Orleans, La.; Beta Sigma Omi- cron; Wesley Foundation; Commerce Women ' s Club. 265 ORGANIZATIONS full of pseudo-wheels and boring meetings— but at times provide a specialized insight found nowhere else I in the university. NEWCOMB DORMITORY COUNCIL OFFICERS SALLY PITTS President SUE FOX Wing President RUTH HENDRICKS Secretary MARY MONTAGUE Wing President FRANCES PRIEST President of Warren House MARY ANN KELLEY Wing President SALLY LYONS President oj Doris Hall ANN HASTINGS Wing President The representative governing body of all students living in Newcomb dormitories. NEWCOMB HONOR BOARD OFFICERS JOAN BURLINGAME President ANN SHAFTO , Vice-President LUCY YERLY Secretary Defines and enforces the Honor System and conducts all elections on Newcomb campus. 268 ALPHA SIGMA SIGMA MARY MYERS JULIE DOUGLAS JOAN BURLINGAME CAROLINE TRUEMAN FRANCES SMITH Senior honorary organization wliich selects its members on the basis of leadership, schol- arship, and loyalty to the school. ASSETS ANN SYNOTT SHELTON BROOKE DEE DEE GRIFFEN JIMMIE MACKENROTH MARY ANNA KENDALL MARYEM FOWLKES President LIBBY ALLEGRET Secretary Sophomore honorary organization which selects its members on the basis of leadership, scholarship, service and school spirit. 269 PHI DELTA EPSILON OFFICERS WILLIAM BROOKS Consul LAWRENCE GOLODNER Vice-Consul ELI SEDLIN : Secretary NEIL AUGUST Treasurer MEMBERS Seniors Maynard Alstat Melvin Buxbaum Lawrence Golodner Lewis Weiner William Brooks Alan Cohen Millon Orkin Harry Yoffee Juniors Neil August Henry Freedman Donald Gallant Leon Kent Eli Sedlin Freshmen Donald Herman Matthew Cohen Norman Stahl Bernard Weiss Eugene Borowitz Warren Leiberman Bruce Sarlin Myron Weiner Martin Bronstein Stanley Saperstein Herbert Sussman Melvin Wise Sophomores Marshall Alperin Robert Levine Hobart Meyers Sender Stolove William Epstein Beryl Lovitz Marvin Rothenberg Edward Zalta Arnold Kassonoff Stuart Mann Ira Rothfield Phi Delta Epsilon, a national medical fraternity, was founded at Cornell in 1904. Alpha Iota chapter was founded at Tulane in 1918. The fraternity sponsors an annual lecture which this year featured Dr. Harry Rein, M.D., of the Tulane Medical school. The highlights of the social program this year were a Rush Dance at Lakewood Country Club, and Orchid Ball at the Court of Two Sisters, and an Invitation Supper Dance at Lake- wood in March. 270 HISTORY OF MEDICINE OFFICERS AMOS PREVAT President KENNETH SAER Vice-President GERALD FALETTA - Secretary ANDREW ORESTANO Treasurer A society to afford students an opportunity to become better acquainted with medical history, holding lectures by various authorities on related subjects of history. Y OWL CLUB OFFICERS ROBERT WELLS President CHARLES PETERS Vice-President EUGENE CELAND Secretary-Treasurer A society for the promotion and maintenance of better faculty-student relations. It is composed of representatives from all departments of the medical school and three honorary juniors. 271 MOOT COURT OFFICERS FELICIAN LOZES ' . Presiding Judge CORNELIUS VANDALEN Recorder Student Court to Supplement Classroom work of law students. Holds voluntary competi- tion over a two years period, for juniors and seniors, the finals of which is argued before the Orleans parish court of appeals. TULANE LAW REVIEW WALTER J. WADLINGTON, III Editor JULIAN GOOD Assistant Editor LOUISE KORNS Assistant Editor Editorial Board RYAN SARTOR KATHERINE RODNEY LOUIS DRUEIL HELAINE WALKER CLARENCE FROST Oldest legal Journal in Louisiana, devoted to the study of Civil law. Comparative law and Codification. Members are chosen on basis of academic achievement and faculty recommendation. 272 PHI DELTA PHI OFFICERS AYLMER E. MONTGOMERY, JR MagUter DONALD MILLER Exchequer MICHAEL McNULTY Clerk DONALD L. FERGUSON Historian An international legal fraternity whose primary purpose is the maintenance oi a high standard of legal ethics. Projects for the year include a lending library and a legal text award. 273 PHI ALPHA DELTA OFFICERS LUIS E. CARDENAS lustice GORDON L. BYNUM Secretary ROBERT A. BREGER Vice-Justice BURTON G. KLEIN Treasurer CORNELIUS G. VAN DALEN Marshal A national legal fraternity with 74 active chapters, sponsors, several social functions and various service activities. imjmmTininiuiiTiaitnraiiiEiTniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiyiiiEiiiiiiiiiilii 274 SIGMA GAMMA EPSILON OFFICERS JULIA McVAY President RAY NEIGEL Secretary-Treasurer JIM CHILDRESS Vice-President RICHARD KETHLY Corresponding Secretary DR. JOHN C. McCAMPBELL Faculty Advisor An honorary Earth Sciences fraternity for Earth Science students with high academic standing. G L E N D Y U R K E OFFICERS _ MELVIN MATHES Speaker MARILYN LEVY . ' TT Secretary SCOTT BRUNS Vice-Speaker CASPER OCHIPINTI Sergeanl-at-Arms Literary and Debating Society stimulating forensic activity among the students of Tulane. Revised Carnival Magazine this year. 275 DELTA SIGMA PI Fall Semester Officers GRAEME M. TON, JR President HERBERT C. WEISER Senior Vice-President TEXAS E. REARDON Ju.nior Vice-President JOSEPH M. WAINWRIGHT Secretary C. LOUIS CHOL Treasurer WILEY H. SHARP Chancellor Spring Semester Officers WILEY H. SHARP President TEXAS E. REARDON Senior Vice-President CLINTON F. KERN Junior Vice-President JOE W. PITTS WILFRED E. YOUNGBLOOD Treasurer WILLIAM G. BAKER Secretary JAMES CAIN Historian Chancellor An international professional business administration fraternity, for business students who show outstanding characteristics of leadership, scholarship, character, and interest in the fraternity. 276 SOCIETY OF ADVANCEMENT OF MANAGEMENT OFFICERS WILLIAM G. BAKER, JR President ELLIOT BAIN Secretary GROEME M. TON, JR Vice-President EVELYN GIRAUD Treasurer A national organization designed to encourage and stimulate interest and understanding in the scientific principles of management. 277 COMMERCE WOMEN ' S CLUB OFFICERS WILD A FREDERICK President FRANCES OHLHAUSEN Secretary JACKIE SEGALL Vice-Preisdcnt EVELYN GIRAUD Treasurer MISS ELSIE WAITERS iivisor A professional business administration organization which seeks to give its members more knowledge about careers for women. ALPHA PHI OMEGA OFFICERS DICK ARSENAULT : .President CHARLES MITCHELL Vice-President FRED YOUNG Secretary-Treasurer A national service fraternity sponsoring many worthwhile projects throughout the school year, and aiding other organizations in the preparation and fulfillment of their projects. 27S PRE-MEDICAL SOCIETY OFFICERS LIDA PLACEK Recording Secretary FLORENCE ABRAM Corresponding Secretary An organization of 60 memljers proposed to give tlie pre-medical student an insight into the medical profession. JOEL STEINBERG Prseident MELVYN KOSSOVER Vice-President PI LAMBDA BETA . .Corresponding Secretary JOSEPH WAITERS Treasurer SYLVAN STEINBERG Parliamentarian Officers: Fall Semester BOB BROUSSARD President BILL MESSERSMITH MARTY FELDMAN Vice-President JACK " WIENER Recording Secretary Officers: Spring Semester JACK WIENER President SYLVAN STEINBERG Treasurer DONALD KLEIN Vice-President BOB BROUSSARD Parliamentarian ELLEN MACK Recording Secretary MARTY FELDMAN Publicity Chairman CAROL DE AhCOVKT.. Corresponding Secretary PROF. C. J. MORROW Faculty Advisor DONALD KLEIN Publicity Chairman A pre-legal fraternity providing a basic understanding of several aspects in the field of law. 279 NEWCOMB ATHLETIC COUNCIL OFFICERS ANN KENNINGTON President ANN SYNNOTT Secretary-Treasurer TIVIE LETELLIER Vice-President JOAN SCHEUERMANN Social Chairman JANE FRAZIER Publicity Chairman Sponsors the intramural program and awards trophies to winning teams and individuals. -f INTRAMURAL COUNCIL OFFICERS FRANK DePAOLI President HOMER HARTON Vice-President WOODY YORK (1st semester) Secretary-Treasurer JOE WAITERS (2nd semester) Secretary-Treasurer A university wide council for the promotion of student participation in organized athletics and recreation. 280 ADELPHONS OFFICERS HOWARD LEWIS President JULIAN McVAY Treasuier BLACK CHAKFE, III Vice-President . HAROLD LAMBERT Sergeant-al-Arms JOE W. PITTS, JR Secretary DR. KARLEM RIESS Faculty Advisor A society to promote interfraternity relations and spirit and to further cooperation be- tween the University and the Greek letter organizations. LEADERSHIP COUNCIL OFFICERS RALPH 0. DORRIS President EARL SONNIER Vice-President DONNA JO MIESSE Corresponding Secretary ANN ALLEN Recording Secretary WAYNE WOODY Treasurer WILEY SHARP Sergeant-at-Arms Composed of representatives of organizations on the Tulane and Newcomb Campuses, serving in an ad- visory capacity to the Student Council, and as sponsor for many campus-wise activities and projects. 281 BARRACUDA CLUB OFFICERS JULIA CHERRY ; President JACKIE PRESSNER Vice-President PEGGY TEAGUE Secretary NANCY TURNER Publicity Manager Presents annual water ballet pageant and sponsors the Newcomb Intramural Swimming Meet. NEWCOMB DANCE CLUB OFFICERS BARBARA GREENFIELD President BETTY LOUISE ROBINSON l ' ice-President ARLINE WINCHESTER Secretary Promotes interest in varieties of ballet and furnishes dances for campus activities. 282 OREADES OFFICERS MARY ELIZA SOUTHHALL President MICKEY LEHMAN ' Secretary BETH SLAWSON Treasurer Honorary Classics fraternity. LA TERTULA OFFICERS BARBARA HECKER President JOYCE CARINHAS (- ice-President MARILYN LEVY Secretary LIZ OBERHELMAN Treasurer Honorary club to further interest in Spanish and Latin American culture. 283 A CAPPELLA CHOIR OFFICERS ROLAND GUERIN ■ President NASH COX Secretary DONNA JO MIESSE Vice-President OWENE HALL Librarian DON MUTH Business Manager LIBBY ALLEGRET Librarian A television program, concerts at Christmas and in the Spring, and a week ' s tour through- out Louisiana. Mississippi and Alabama were the year ' s major events. Zcfia .Q NEWCOMB ART CLUB OFFICERS MARILYN MOORE .President ANN GUSHING Secretary-Treasurer SABINA ABRAMS Social Chairman Promotes interest of both student and faculty in art and sponsors many exhibits in the Art School gallery. 284 NEWCOMB GLEE CLUB OFFICERS BARBARA SILIN President SHIRLEY PRIDE -. Vice-President FLORENCE FREEDMAN Secretary DONNA JO MIESSE Business Manager SUE HAMPTON Librarian and Accompanist Join tcijietlier in prpsentiTiji Chii-tnui Caii.llcliolit concert and a festival of song in the spniii:. TULANE GLEE CLUB OFFICERS JACK BELSOiVI President DAN OLIVIER Vice-President MURRAY SMART : Secretary JACK QUACKENBUSH Business Manager JACK WILLIS Librarian 285 TULANE-NEWCOMB PSYCHOLOGY CLUB OFFICERS MELVYN KOSSOVER President JANICE COHEN Recording Secretary GARY KUSHNER Vice-President SANDRA JACOBS Corresponding Secretary ARTHUR LICHTMAN Tresaurer An organization to provide psychology students with information and gronp experiences aside from regular schoolroom activities. SIGMA PI SIGMA OFFICERS MELVIN GOLDSTEIN President MARY MYERS SHIA ELSON Vice-President ROBERT C. HOY DR. JOSEPH KYAME Faculty Advisor National honor society founded to promote interest in the field of physics. .Secretary .Treasurer 286 PUBLICATIONS BOARD Publication Board supervises campus publications, and elects editors and business managers for them. The board is composed of representatives from the Jambalaya, the HuUaballoo, the Student Council, and the Journalism department. THE STUDENT LAWYER OFFICERS MARCIA MELLON Editor-in-Chief KING NUNGESSOR Associate Editor MICHAEL McNULTY issociate Editor EDWARD DE LA HOUSSAYE ..Basmess Manager CECIL E. RAMEY Faculty Advisor The national publication of the American Law btudents Association, having a circulation of over 35,000 legal students throughout the country. 287 E. T. A. OFFICERS FELIX VIOSCA President JOHN M. VAUGHN Treasurer LOUIS VELASCO Vice-President RICHARD D. BERNARD Secretary A spirit organization, the Engineers ' Technological Atelier sponsors Engineers day, Engineers ' dance. Field day, and St. Pat ' s day. A. I. E. E. OFFICERS WILLIAM FUHR Chairman HOWARD UPTON Secretary MAURICE TIMKEN I ' ice-Chairman KENNETH GASPER Treasurer The Tulane branch of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers and Institute of Radio Engineers, devoted to adding interest in electrical engineering. 28S A. S . C . E . OFFICERS BLAIR FAVROT President JOHN M. VAUGHN Secretary J. DENNIS POWERS Vice-President JAMES L. KELLY Treasurer Student branch of the American Society of Chemical Engineers, wliose purpose is to bridge the gap college education and existing conditions in the professional world, for students of Chemical Engineering. A. S. M. E. OFFICERS CHRIS ANTON President C. G. CHALFANT Secretary ROGER K. BATTLE Vice-President E. J. BLACHE Treasurer Composed of undergraduates in mechanical engineering, exists to develop initiative, lead- ership, and public speaking ability by holding its meetings on a professional level. 289 INTERFAITH COUNCIL OFFICERS JOHN HOWARD President ANN ALLEN Treasurer DICK WELLS Vice President LUXIAN STEWART Corresponding Secretary JENNIFER MANN Secretary MISS FANNIE R. RUSS Advisor Composed of two representatives from each religious organization on campus to unite the faiths for action on common issues and activities. The council annually sponsors a Religious Orientation Week in the fall for new students, a Religious Emphasis Week in the spring during which open houses are held, exhibits, devotionals, and speakers address the fraternities and sororities. Climaxing the week is a university-wide banquet and a guest speaker for the convocation. Y. W. C. A. (Picture on dorm page) OFFICERS ARLENE WINCHESTER President GLEN R. HANEMANN..Tice-P -e5irfen BARBARA PELTON Secretary MARY LAW Treasurer ANITA PARENT. yl em er of the Cabinet MARTHA CHURCH Member of the Cabinet ANNE ALLEN. . .Member of the Cabinet The Y.W.C.A. cooperates with Newcomb in presenting a picnic supper for fres ' .i- men, constructs the Newcomb Hall Christmas Tree, the Newcomb Sen ior Baby Picture contest, is co-sponsor ol Easter Sunrise Service and holds Iwc orphan parties annually. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION OFFICERS TOM MVGEE President B.S.U. meets weekly at the Baptist Sludenl Center, JOHN HUNT Vice President ; punsors Mission Empliasis Week, daily noon-day THOMAS NUCKLOS Missions Chairman chapel, religious retreats. Socially, activities consist NANCY HARRIS Publicity Chairman ' . , ,■ , i .• . j ROSA FRASER Social Chairman " ' " ' ™ " ' ■ " ' ' " ' " • l ' n " -r-forums, a skat.ng party and BETH SLAWSON Promotions Chai rman slate conventions. 290 CANTERBURY CLUB OFFICERS JOHN D. AUSTIN Senior Warden WILLIAM D. HORAN Treasurer C. STANTON GREEN Junior Warden DEAN CALCOTE Sacristan ANN LEARY Secretary REVEREND THOMAS AYCOCK Chaplain Serves the mission of Christianity in higher education hy fostering among university students a better under- standing of the faith and practice of the Episcopal Church and loyalty to its corporate life. Activities include the observance of the Lenten season with special discussion led by prominent clergy, participation in the conventions at L.S.U. and Sewanee University, and weekly speakers at the meetings at Canterbury House. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ORGANIZATION OFFICERS ROBERT WEAVER Corresponding Secretary SHIRLEY LEVEY Treasurer MRS. CURTIS L. COATS Counselor Faculty Advisor JIMMY MACKENROTH President RICHARD WEAVER Vice President SUE ANN McDowell Recording Secretary MISS LUCILE SNYDER , Formed in December 1943 at Tulane, authorized by the Manual of the Mother Church, The First Church of Christian Scientist in Boston, Massachusetts. Weekly testimonial meetings are held on campus, annually the Or- ganization sponsors a lecture by an authorized member of the Board of Lectureship of the Mother Church to which students and faculty members are welcome. The purposes of this organization are to unite the Christian Scientists within the University in closer bonds of fellowship; to welcome Christian Scientists entering the Uni- versity; and to afford the University to learn the truth about Christian Science as taught in the Christian Science Textbooks, the Bible and " Science and Health with Key to Scriptures " by Mary Baker Eddy, the discoverer and founder of Christian Science. 291 DISCIPLES STUDENT FELLOWSHIP OFFICERS Every Sunday evening at the St. Charles „„„„„, .,.,,r,TT,,r D •; . Avenue Christ Church the D.S.F. meets for CURTIS IIANDLEY President i r ■ . i- • lectures irom various speakers on religion HARRY REESE ice Prendint vocations and to plan socials including BARBARA PELTON . . . Secretary truck rides, all day picnics, and square JOHN SPESSARD Treasurer dances. NEWMAN CLUB OFFICERS ANDREE BRIAN! President MARIO CALONJE Treasurer JANET BLANCHARD Vice President LARRY DU BUYS, IJI Sergeant at Arms LIZ OBERHELMAN Secretary BARBARA HECKER " News " Editor FATHER JAMES F. BENEDICT Chaplain Provides for spiritual, intellectual and social welfare of students along Catholic lines. Activities include weekly speakers. Way of the Cross during Lent, monthly Communion Breakfasts, National and Province Conventions, anual retreats, Welcome Freshmen party. Sponsors ' Tea, picnics, informal dances and parties, annual formal supper-dance and publishing of the Newman Club News— circulation over 2,000. 292 WESLEY FOUNDATION OFFICERS ROGER MILLER President MARY ANNA KENDALL Secretary JOY WIGGINS Vice President JENNIFER MANN Treasurer Tulane ' s Wesley Foundation is the Methodist student organization on the- campus, bringing the program of the church to the campus, providing an opportunity for recreational, intellectual, and spiritual growth. The Wesley House at 1030 Audubon Street is used by many and is open to all students. Available there are recreational facili- ties, library, lounge and the beautiful C. I. Jones Memorial Chapel. Everyone is welcome ... no one is a stranger. WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP OFFICERS DICK WELLS President PAUL ATKINSON Corresponding Secretary RANDY WHITNEY First Vice President JOY McFAYDEN Recording Secretary LYNN REEDER Second Vice President BOYD SHAW Treasurer BETTY HOM Reporter Meets every Sunday at St. Charles Avenue Presbyterian Church. Purpose is to reach Presbyterian students on campus and to help them to be Witnesses in their religion. Activities include Bible Study Groups, Noon Day Chapel, guest spealiers, panel discussions and a Statewide Conference near Alexandria. Social events are truck rides, square dances and a Halloween Party, 293 ni-eA .dA...f I ■ t AW, i.tii c4 S l?5i :0 .- ,--V 1 -: 1 ' ■■■■■■■ :■ jfc - H m • H ™«io m MU m y:4 M ' ' m-m r " ) jasr ? M ' » e m ;, « " f ' k -J ' e W fr,l i ' ' ■ S ti... xO «l : " fi V W4i V K. ni IL ' ,- V-.m ADS AND STUDENT DIRECTORY WHITNEY NATIONAL BANK OF NEW ORLEANS Established 1883 FOR OVER 70 YEARS, OUR RESOURCES HAVE BEEN DEDICATED TO THE BUILDING OF THE SOUTH MEMBER OF THE FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION keep it young, keep it gay see it at MB, of course For casual wear, for dress-up — for classroom, for dates . . . it ' s always MB! Here ' s Margie Becker, Newcomb, Senior, wearing one of the many charming dresses fo be foun-d In MB ' s Junior Shop, Second Floor. Maison B LMCHE GREATEST STORE SOUTH A. S. Aloe Company ' The World ' s Largest Surgical Supply House " The One Stop Source of Supply for the Physician, Hospital and Clinical Laboratory New Orleans Branch CA 7741-42-43-44 1425 TULANE AVENUE ESTABLISHED SERVICES TO Cuba - Jamaica - Panama - Colombia - Costa Rica - Nicaragua - Honduras - Guatemala - Salvador - British Honduras - West Coast Central and South America UNITED FRUIT COMPANY 321 St. Charles St. New Orleans, La. As Always . . . for fine feminine apparel CO § LiMirao Did You Know . . . Shakespeare called it a luxury? In " Winter ' s Tale, " Shakespeare alludes to rice as a great luxury in England. the Chinese made a religious cere- mony of its planting? An ancient Chinese script records this cere- monial of 5,000 years ago. the Burmese include it among the gifts of God? The Burmese account of Creation states, " Thus God created man. God made food and drink, rice, fire and water, cattle, elephants and birds. " ... an emperor developed an irrigation system for it? Emperor Yu, about 2356 B.C., according to Chi- nese classics, constructed a system of rice ir- rigation. ... a hurricane blew it to America? Mos t sources agree that the first rice seeds were planted here after a sailing vessel bound for Liverpool was blown off its course and landed at Charleston. The captain left a small bag of rough rice with the Colony ' s governor, and this was the start of rice cultivation in America. And . . . did you know . . . rice is the basic food for over half the world ' s population? These are just a few of the reasons we find the rice business a fascinating one. We hope your chosen career will be as interesting and satisfying for you. LOUISIANA STATE RICE MILLING COMPANY, INC., Abbeville, Louisiana • Americas largest Ri.e Miiien STRUCTURAL STEEL • MISCELLANEOUS ORNAMENTAL IRON • REINFORCING STEEL ORLEANS MATERIALS EQUIPMENT CO. Incorporated FABRICATORS OMECO DESIGNERS I 556 Tchoupitoulas Street New Orleans 6, La. New Orleans Office University 5496 Bato PERIIILLIAT-RIC KI]V t ONSTRICTIOX KJenerat K ontractord 1530 S. Rendon Street Pioneer Building NEW ORLEANS, LA. LAKE CHARLES, LA. n Rouge Office 4-5795 CO., Inc. 1045 Choctaw Road BATON ROUGE, LA. WEDDINGS CARROLLTON AT ST. CHARLES PICCADILLY FLORIST WE TELEGRAPH FLOWERS FORMALS WA 2552 FACULTY— STAFF— STUDENTS DESIGNED FOR YOUR EXCLUSIVE USE TULANE UNIVERSITY LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING DEPT. COMPLIMENTS OF 1. L. Lyons and Co. Ltd. Established 1866 BATON ROUGE PENSACOLA, FLA. LAKE CHARLES, LA. NEW ORLEANS, LA. 4938 Prytania St. CUSIMANO ' S LOUNGE Every Third Drink on the House Monday through Friday between the hours of 4:30 and 7:00 (Beer Excluded) UP 9239 Phone CA 3619 WA 2277 Night Phones |wA 7393 (UN 2865 THOS. W. HOOLEY SONS Machine and Boiler Works Marine Work a Specialty 1026-36 Tchoupitoulas Street New Orleans, La. MAgnolia 281 Since 1875 THE LOUBAT GLASSWARE CORK COMPANY Complete Equipment and Supplies HOTELS. RESTAURANTS, INSTITUTIONS NEW ORLEANS Some places crowds . . . It ' s Bennett ' s for the Largest Variety of Photographic Equipment in the City ARGUS 75 One of America ' s lowest price precision reflex cam- , _ eras. V v :: 3 320 320 BARONNE ST. Opposite Public Service TROPICAL PRESS OFFSET— COMMERCIAL PRINTER Canal 1294 510 Camp Street NEW ORLEANS 12, LA. EDDIE SCHNEIDER Ma 3477— Ra 6985 Ch 4792 CLIFF PROBST AUCTIONEER-REALTOR 425 Carondelet St. N. O. 12, La. UPPER CITY SERVICE ROAD SERVICE— BATTERIES— TIRES— TUBES ACCESSORIES— WASHING AND GREASING W. N. MILLER, JR., Pros. Phone Walnut 4842 600 S. Carrollton Ave. MAJORS MEDICAL BOOKSTORES Three stores to serve you with any medical book in print. Subscriptions solicited for all rt;edical periodicals in the English language. A full line of books is carried in stock at all times so that immediate delivery can be made. J. A. MAJORS CO. New Orleans 12 Dallas Atlanta 3 WE ARE JUST A MATTER OF HOURS FROM YOU ACCURACY All orders are carefully checked before ship- ment. PROMPTNESS Express, mail, truck and train speed our de- livery to you shortly after the order is re- ceived. FAIR DEALING Our Policy — To serve the pharmacists of Louisiana economically, fairly and to pro- mote ideas that will build business for you. McKESSON ROBBINS, Incorporated NEW ORLEANS DIVISION New Orleans 7, La. Phone RAymond 2101 DRESS UP YOUR Table Top — Dresser Top — Coffee Table Top with attractive " CRYSTAL SHEET " or " PLATE " Glass Any Paltern — Any Size — Cut to fit ALL GLASS EDGES SMOOTHED FOR SAFETY MEYNIER DILLMANN HARDWARE CO.. INC. 7724-30 Maple Street WAlnut 2545 COMPLIMENTS OF TULANE BOOK STORE NEWCOMB SHOP TULANE MEDICAL STORE COMPLIMENTS OF STAUFFER ESHLEMAN CO.. LTD. WHOLESALE HARDWARE IMPORTERS and EXPORTERS Phone MA 5621 I 148 South Peters New Orleans CANAL-VILLERE FOOD STORES, INC. 4528 Freret St. NEW ORLEANS, LA. u.f ' Work? Sweat and Tears! STUDENT DIRECTORY Charles Abbott: 231 Sena, Xew Orleans. Lane Abbott; 509 S. Sarah. Welsh. Robert Acomb; 3435 Louisiana Ave. Parkway, Xew Orleans. Bametle Adams; 14 Versailles, New Orleans. E. Adams; 7831 Xelson, New Orleans. Orr Adams; 2402 Octavia. New Orleans. Richard Adams; 619 Aurora, Xew Orleans. John Adkins; 31-A McAUster, N ' ew Orleans. Helen Ahmann; 124 S.E. 7th, Gainesi-ille, Fla. Donald Aiken; Bos 231. Rt. 4, Auropa. Co:o. Max Ainsworth; Moss Point, Miss. T. R. Albritton; Llndwood. Giilfport. Miss. Jerome Alolatore; 1511 Broadway, New Orleans. Wendell Aldrich; 2015 Metarie. New Orleans. James Alexander; 1320 Lowerline, N ew Orleans. Philip Alexander; 5654 Hawthorne. N ' ew O ' leaJis. Ronald Alexander; care L ' nited Carbon Co,. Franklin. Nofie Alfonso; 1535 Hillary. New Orleans. Ava Alford; 622 Dumaine, New Orleans. Marilyn Alford; 2216 Hardy, Houston. Tex. Philip Alker; 1109 Peachtree, Augusta, Ga. Frank Allen ; 2109 Calhoun . New Orleans. James Allen; 166 Hannon. Mobile. Ala. Robert Allen ; 24S W. Henry, SparUnburg. S. C. W. Allensworth; 1714 Avenue X, Lubbock. T-x. George Allison; 1530 E. ISth. Brooklyn, N. T. Arnold Alper; 901 Pontalba. X ' ew Orleans. John Althans; 2232 Magazine, X ' ew Orleans. Betty Althaus; 4921 Congress, New Orleans. Rodrigo Altmann; Box 378, San Jose, Costa Rica. Donald Alvarado: 963 Wilson. New Orleans. Carlos Alviares ; Carrara 10 X ' o. 37, San Cristobal. Venezuela. Luis Alvarez; Puerto Rico. Dan Anderson; Claiborne Towers, New Orleans. Earl Anderson; 424 Lake. New Orleans. James Anderson; 3808 Hilltop. Ft. Worth. Tex. Lee Anderson; 14-D X ewcomb Campus. X ' ew Orleans. Robert Anderson; 109 Avenue A. X ' .E.. Winter Haven, Fla, William Anderson; 620 Cabildo Alley, New Orleans, Anna Andollina; 2422 Dante. X ' ew Orleans. Robert Andre; 1923 i X ' apoleon. New Orleans. Dudley Andrews ; 930 Tomense. Biloxi, Miss. Jerald Andry; 2121 Piety, X ' ew Orleans. Edward Anatcd; 325 X ' .E. 96th, Miami. Fla. F. Aponte; 1619 St. Andrew. X ' ew Orleans. Kazko Aral; 6950 Lawndale. Houston. Tex. C. Arceneaux; 202 Dodge. Xew Orleans. B, Arceneaux; 1921 Mirabeau. X ' ew Orleans. W. Arceneaux; 1428 Marigny, New Orleans. Edward Ardoyro; 311 Marine, Mobile, Ala. Henri Ardlti; Paris. France. Frank Aries; 314 Harvey. Oak Park. HI. Charles Arnold; 3075 Ash. Denver, Colo. John Arnold; 1006 W. Lynwood. San Antonio, Tex. Joseph Arnoult; 516 Arnoult. X ' ew Orleans, Luis Arocha; Carrara 53, X ' o. 54-25, Barranquilla. Colombia. A. Arostegue; Calle 15 de Sept No. 310, Managua, Nicaragua. Humberto Arriaga; Tela, Honduras. Jesse Arriago; 429 Pruitt, San Antonio, Tex. MjTon Arrington ; 14 King. Hazlehurst, Miss. Jelt Arthur; Box 353. Kirbyville, Tex. J. Aschenbrenner; 152 Harrison. Biloxi, Miss. Jessie Ash: 630 Phosphor. X ' ew Orleans. F. Atkinson; Summit, Miss. Clinton Aubert; 2710 Verbena, New Orleans. Louis Audler; 5323 Venus. Xew Orleans. Neil August; 333 E. 176th. New Tork, X. T. El issa Austin; 259 W. Cherry Circle. Jlempliis, Tenn. John Austin; 2326 Camp, New Orleans. Enoch Authement; 2020 W. 6th. Odessa. Tex. Donald Auzine; 1906 Annunciation, Xew Orleans. William Avant; 4414 Baronne, Xew Orleans. , Charles Ayala; 1700 Behrman, Xew Orleans. Gennady Babenko; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. John Badger; 305 2nd. Murfreesboro. Tenn. Chris Barres ; 2607 Cleveland. X ' ew Orleans. Joseph Bagara; 5425 Franklin. X ' ew Orleans. Mohamed Bagato; Roosevelt Hotel, New Orleans. Arthur Baggett; 88 South. Titusville. Fla. Alba Baggi: Batovi 2312. Montevideo. Vruguay. Jerrj ' Bagwell; Star Route. Mavfield, Ky. Gus Barano; 804 6th. Asbury Park. X ' . J. Thomas Baney; 1614 Pine. X ' ew Orleans. Donald Baker: 621 Desire, X ' ew Orleans. B. Baldinger: 308 Homestead, Xew Orleans. Simon Ball; 2833 X ' apoleon. New Orleans. Kermit Ballay; 43-B McAHster. X ' ew Orleans. Horace Baltz: 1323 Eagle, Xew Orleans. Frederic Bancroft: 1200 St. John, Monroe. Edward Banker; 819 Washington, Huntingdon, Pa. Roger Barba: 3660 Gentilly. Xew Orleans. Mary Barbee: 1143 Louisiana. Xew Orlea-s, Bernard Barfoot: 907 Peachtree. Gadsden. Ala- Arthur Barker; 5610 Ada. New Orleans. John Barnes; 6126 Magnolia. X ' ew Orleans. Shelby Barnes; 911 View. Sweetwater. Tex. Jean Bamett : 1632 Olive. Baton Rouge, Linda Barnett; 39 Newcomb Blvd.. New Orleans. IrfOn Barnett; 723 HuUen. Xew Orleans. Stanley Baron; 5250 St. Charles. X ' ew Orlea-is. Seymour Baron; 754 Brady. New Tork. X. T. Joseph Barone; 1473 N. Villere. New Orleans. Jaime- Barraza; 1905 S. Carrolton. New Orleans. Nelida Barrios: Asuncion. Paraguay. Philip Barron ; 38 Webster. Rockland. Mass. Lawrence Barthe; 724 Xashville, New Orleans. Clay Bartlett; 5620 Hurst, X ' ew Orleans. Raymond Barzilal; 9 Zaghloul Square. Alexandria, Ben Bashinski; 1529 Green, Xew Orleans. Anthony Baskos; 3206 W. Beach. Gulfport, Miss. Charles Bass; 1417 Congress. New Orleans. Paul Bassin; 3223 Marigny. New Orleans. Betty Batt; Bos 238-B. Hwy. 90, X ' ew Orleans. Richard Batt; 7301 Cohn, New Orleans. Colden Ba ttey; Star Route 1, Bos 87. Beaufort. S. L. Charles Battig: 1809 Napoleon. X ' ew Orleans. Roger Battle; 2915 Bore; New Orleans. William Bamann; 601 Elmwood. Shreveport. Yvonne Bavle; 8014 Willow. New Orleans. Albert Beacham; 1527 S. Carrollton. New Orleans. John Beall; 5725 Pleasant, Des Moines. Iowa. Arthe Beardsley: 2516 Mesa. Co ' orado Springs, Colo, Robert Beatty; Box 11. Splndale, N. C. Paula Beaver; 4900 Baronne. New Orleans. William Becker; 1509 :Hithra. Xew Orleans. John Beckham; 819 X. Tvler. Dallas. Tex. George Beddlngfleld : 1907 lola, Valdosta, Ga. Edward Behcler; 510 Davis. Taylor. Tex. Hebert Behrend: 8226 Preret. X w Orleans. Frederick Behrens : 7038 Catina, New Orleans. Albert Bell; 1015 Garland. Hot Springs. Ark. Bryan Bell: 4455 St. Roch. Xew Orleans. Charles Bell; Devils Garden. S. Xorwalk, Conn. Dehn Bell: 706 S, 9th. Columbus, Ohio. Jack Bemporad; 1430 Lincoln. Miami Beach. Fla. Harrv Beverungen; 4520 LaSalle. X ' ew Orleans. Ben Benlgno; 1900 Dumaine. X ' ew Orleans. Frank Benlncaso; 64 McKinley. Hackensack. N. J. Edward Benjamin; 2203 St. Charles. X ' ew Orleans. Ann Bennett: 2214 Peachtree, Atlanta. Ga. Arthur Bennett: 223 Metairie Lawn. New Orleans. Perry Bennett: 8400 46th Ave., S.W.. Seattle, Wash. Roy Bennett; 812 Southern. Hattiesburg, Miss. Caroline Benlon: Ixinokc, Ark. Harold Bentz; 5625 Rosemarj ' , X ' ew Orleans. Henry Bergeron; 4615 Mandeville, New Orleans. John Berke: Coral Gables. Fla, Diana Bernard; 4218 Atlantic. Sengate. N. Y. Harry Bernard; 519 W. Main. X ' ew Iberia. Louis Bernat; 1643 Bartholomew. New Orleans, Robert Benuiard: 3427 S. Broad. Xew Orleans. Raymond Bernard; 4739 Warrington, X ' ew Orleans. Vivian Beros: 4234 St. Claude. New Orleans. Mary Berry; 149 Audubon. New Orleans. Hubert Berryman: 3207 Bienville. Xew Orleans. Bonnie Berlrand. 3720 Inwood. Houston. Tex. Peter Bertucci ; 2815 General Pershing. X ' ew Orleans. Teter Bertucci; 3314 Camp. X ' ew Orleans. Ronald Bertus; 2752 Myrtle, Xew Orleans, .Tessie Bessette; 104 Dunmoreland. Springfield. Ma s. Milrov Beydler; 2824 Audubon. Xew Orleans. Indu Bhatt; 418 Hector, Xew Orleans. Pravin Bhatt: 418 Hector, X ' ew Orleans. Donald Bidwell; 4004 Anderson. Coral Gables. Fla. Mitchell Biedul: 45-G McAlister. X ' ew Orleans. Barbara Biermann ; 448 Clayton. Montgomery, Ala. William Bilderback; 6320 Magnolia. Xew Orleans. Donald Bilinski; 4510 X ' . 15th. Philadelphia. Pa. C. Billingsley; 1216 Blutt. Fort Smith. Ark. Calvin Billman : 14-C X ' ewcomb Campus, X ' ew Or- leans. Lillie Binnings; 4322 S. Saratoga. Xew Orleans. E ' sie Bird; 3320 S. CarroiUon. Xew Orleans. Thomas Eirdwell; 457 Audubon. X ' ew Orleans, John Bise; 3648 Mayflower. Xashville. Tenn. William Bishoff; Hotel Seelbech, Louisville, Ky. Raymond Bisliop : 1026 Upson, El Paso, Tex. Charles Bittenbring; 403 Whitney, New Orleans. Frances Black; 2555 N. 12th. Monroe. Hugh Black: 882 Eighth. Masslllon. Ohio. Daniel Blackstone; care Goodyear. Sydney, Aus- tralia. Bobbie Blanchard. 1820 S. Carrollton. X ' ew Orleans. Lloyd Blanke; 4525 Flamingo. Xew Orlea:is. Sylvia Bledsoe; 3 08 Lexington, Montgomery, Ala. Emmanuel Bli ■■ ' : I " ' . ' ii ?!t Peter, New Orleans. : rartha Blmk ' l ' . ; . II ■. hiras. Eugene Blos-n. !■ i - I ■ i lance, X ' ew Orleans. Joseph BlotriiT _in. . l,iL::i ,ine, New Orleans. Florine Blouin: -l Ji;! Uanks, New Orleans. Michel Blotiin; 4219 Banks, Xew Orleans. Dillon Blount ; 1501 PerdiUo. New Orleans. Neil Blue; 1919 E. Lakeview. Pensacola. Fla. . lvin Blum: 421S Cleveland, X ' ew Orleans, Sidney Blumenthal; 1219 Passaic. Linden, N. J. Peggy Bockel, Route 2. Holsopple, Pa. Wayne Bocckelman: 1518 Demosthenes, New Orleans. Donald Boenscl : 4710 Iberville. X ' ew Orleans. Robert Eoese: 121 Bose. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Enoch Bolding: Oak Grove. Lucien Bonck; 5739 W. End. Xew Orleans. Clemmon Bond; 4443 Spain. New Orleans. Judith Bondurant: 430 College, San An:onio. Tex Charles Bonura: 3024 Seville. Ft. Lauderdale. Fla. Phillip Bookman; 43 Eastern Pkwy.. Jersey City, N. J. William Bootie: 196 Buckingham. Macon. Ga. Randolph Bordlee; 529 MacArthur, Harvey, New Orleans. Alex Boris; 92-C Stadium PI.. New Orleans. Allen Borne; 101 Honywood. X ' ew Orleans. Eugene Borowitz; 2732 Catalpa. Chicago, 111, Stephen Borrello; 1459 Mithra, Xew Orleans. Eugemo Borrero; Calle 8, No. 6-33, Xeiva. Colombia. Edward Bothe; 5160 Pauline. X ' ew Orleans, Thomas Boudreau; 1400 Lowerline. Xew Orleans. Donald Boudreaux; 617 Eliza. Houma. Herman Bourgeois; Star Route Box 115-A. Gibson. Rodney Bourgeois: 2548 Dreux, X ' ew Orleans. Walter Bourgeois; 2306 Wlrth. New Orleans. Samuel Boushy; Kfarmlshki. Lebanon. James Bowen; 3357 Felton, San Diego, Cal. Beth Bowermaster; 335 Fairway, Xew Orleans. Ralph Bowling; Wildcat. Ky. Caroline Bowm ' an; 624 Audubon, New Orleans. Edwin Bowman: 512 Parsons, Greenwood, 5Iiss. Paul Bowron; 56 Country Club, Birmingham, Ala. ■John Boxley: 2504 W. Grace. Richmond, Va. Don Boyer; 3908 N.W. 25th, Oklahoma City, Okla. Werner Braack ; Hamburg. Germany. Gordon Bradberry; 5520 Lovola, X ' ew Orleans. John Bradin ; Chesaning, Mich. .Tames Bradley: 4514 Prytania. New Orleans. Samuel Brady; 176 Mashta, Key Biscaine, Miami, Fla, Randall Braman: 708 Ridgewood, New Orleans. Russell Brand; 2011 Magazine, New Orleans. Elizabeth Brandau ; 332 Brockenbraugh, New Or- leans. Edward Bravo; 1821 Bobert, Xew Orleans, Virginia Breazeale; Doddsville. Miss. Warren Bretchel ; 3033 Bienville. X ' ew Orleans. Bobert Breger; 108 Garden. Fall Biver. Mass. George Brelmian : 321 23rd., Altoona, Pa. Richard Brennan ; 1435 Eleanore, New Orleans. Charles Brent; 1509 Hardy. Hattiesburg. Miss. Thomas BresUn ; 9913 Heath. Cleveland, Oliio. David Bridges: 7115 Burthe. New Orleans. Robert Brldgewater 420 Homestead, New Orleans. John Brigham : Route 1, Soulhbury. Conn . Ernest Brin: 1123 Burgiuuly. New Orleans. Ijester Briwa ; 1101 Codifcr. New Orleans. Barbara Broadwell: 1605 Robert. X ' ew Orleans. Don Broadwell; 1605 Robert. New Orleans. Joy Broas 4921 S. Claiborne. Xew Orleans. T. G. Broekman: 219 Magnolia. X ' ew Orleans. Susan Bro.ly; 2330 W, Kings Hwy., San Antonio, Tex. Ethel Bronstein: 313 Virginia. Xew Orleans. , Jiartin Bronstein; 429 Vine, Elizabeth, X, J. Billv Brooks; 701 Mayborn, Temp ' e. Tex. William Brooks; 523 High, Petersburg, Va, Bene Broussard; 614 X ' . Louisiana, Abbeville. Bob Broussard: 117 Jefferson. Xew Ibsrla. Alex Brown; 600 lona, X ' ew Orleans. Billy Brown; 531 Atlantic. Xew Orleans. Connie Brown: 3927 State. Xew Orleans. Eli Brown; 323 Camilo. Coral Gables, Fla, George Brown; 4515 Duplessis. X ' ew Orleans. James Brown; 4434 Spain. Xew Orleans. John Brown ; 4471 Spain, New Orleans. John Brown 424 Douglas, Brewton. Ala, Richard Brown; 246 vVudubon St.. X ' ew Orleans. Robert Brown ; 2502 Jefferson, Xew Orleans. Robin Brown: 2914 Bay Vista, Tampa, Fla. Donald Brunner: 321 Cvpress. Teague, Tex. Daniel Bruno; 701 W. Jlallory, Pensacola. Fla. Xolen Brunson; Route 3, Fairfax, S. C. Siflney Bryant; 2145 X. Douglas. Springfield, Mo. August Bubert; 284 Lake, New Orleans. Lynne Bulliard; 8406 Hickory, X ' ew Orleans. James BulUngton: 3520 S. " O, " Ft. Smith. Ark. Luther Bullock; 712 E. 2nd. Hattiesburg. Miss. Edmund Buras; 5913 Argonne, X ' ew Orleans. Howard Burch; Kosciusko. Miss. Bruce Burglass; 1625 General Taylor, Xew Orleans. James Burke; 452 Audubon, New Orleans. Patrick Burke; New York, N. Y. Dallas Burkhalter; 622 Durmaine, New Orl-ans. Robert Burkhalter; 2051 Highland. Jacksonville, Fla. Jane Burkhead; Bardstown, Brecliel, Ky. William Burnett: 745 Hawthorne, Memphis. Tenn. Arthur Burrell; 512 E. 1st. Casa Grande. Ariz. Peggy Burrell; 1320 Lowerline, X ' ew Orleans. Wesley Busby; 8210 Oleander. New Orleans. Courtney Busch ; 85 Oaklawn. New Orleans. Louis Busch; 85 Oaklawn. Xew Orleans. Billy Butkin: 505 W. Clinton. Hobbs. N. M. John Butler: 7014 St. Charles. X ' ew Orleans. John Butts; 4815 Dryades. New Orleans. Joseph Buvel; 27 Lawn Park, Trenton. X ' . J. Gordon Byrne; 1033 Bordeaux. Xew Orleans. Henry Cacciatore; 2002 9th, Tampa. Fla. Bobert Cabal; 201 Metaire. Xew Orleans. Thomas Cahal; 2226 Xashville, X ' ew Orleans. June Cahn: 3 Versailles, Xew Orleans. Leonard Cailler: 175 S. Slain, Concord, N. H. James Cain; 969 Cvril; Baton Bouge. John Caldwell: 806 St. Philip. Thibodeaux. Lawrence Callen; 408 Dodge. X ' ew Orleans. Sally Calmes: 4304 Fortainebleau. X ' ew Orleans. Marie Oalonie; 1333 Lowerline. X ' ew Orleans. Lindell Cambier; 1896 Wycliff. Atlanta. Ga. Charles Camp ; 4651 Marigny, New Orleans. Genevieve Campbell: 6004 E. Bidge. Shreveport. Charles Campbell; 1501 General Taylor, Xew Or- leans. Richard Campbell; 3611 Granada. Coral Gables. Fla. Weldon Campbell: 4120 Vincennes; Xew Orleans. John Campesta ; 1714 Paul Morphy. New Orleans. John Campora : 5119 Cunningham. New Orleans. Hilda Cannon; Goose Creek, S. C. Frank Canter; 236 Oak. Bristol. Via. Peter Cannizzaro; 3300 Joliet, X ' ew Orleans. Stanley Cantor; 2226 Burdetto, New Orleans, Shirley Caple; Lake George, X ' . Y. Albert Caproni; 83-C Stadium PI., New Orleans. George Carey; 1854 Flagler, Atlanta, Ga. Frances Carinhas ; Box 314, Patterson. Ernest Carl; 8602 Willow. X ' ew Orleans. 0. H. Carlesimo: 547 S. 11th. Newark. X. J. Helen Carlisle; Box 237. Ralls. Tex. Edwin Carlson: 822 Clouet. New Orleans. Frank Carlton; 57-F McAlister PL. Xew Orleans. Hugh Carnes; 8240 Panola, X ' ew Orleans. Xeline Caron ; 155 W. Oakrldge, Xew Orleans, Carlton Carpenter; Box 56. Starkville, Miss. Jimmie Carpenter. Route 2. Box 26, Opelousas. Mary Carr; The Gilmore. Memphis, Tenn. Cynthia Carso; 2717 Audubon St., Xew Orleans. Charles Caruso; 221 X. Streeby, Greenville, Miss. John Caruso; 3827 Frenchman, X ' ew Orleans. Salvatore Caruso; 1470 N. Miro. Xew Orleans. Vivian Carver: PoplarvlUe. Miss. James Case; 27 1st: Franklinville. X, Y. Salvador Casente; 2900 Jena. Xew Orleans. Lionel Casey; 3322 Leno. X ' orfolk. Va. Gerald Casso; 5831 Laurel. Xew Orleans. Muriel Casso; 5831 Laurel. X ' ew Orleans. Louis Castanza: 826 Marengo. Xew Orleans. Dolly Castorina; 1000 West Gregory. Pensacola. Fla. Jack Castrogiovanni : 2400 Tulane. X ' ew Orleans. William Catchings; 2260 Marais. Xew Orleans. Joseph Catalano; 3037 Washington; X ' ew Orleans. Harry Causey: 1819 28th. Meridian, Miss. Jack Causey; Liberty, Miss. Sally Cauthen; 217 Beverly. Baton Rouge. Joseph Cauvin; 3625 Clematis, X ' ew Orleans. Arthur Cedotal; 2842 Chippewa, New Orleans. Eugene Celano; 603 E. G ' adsden, Pensacola. Fla. Harold Cervini; 1625 Marigny; Xew Orleans. Edwin Chadick; 339 Pine. New Orleans. Robert Chadwick; 914 LaBauve, Plaqueniine. Gordon Chaifant: 108 Egret. New Orleans . Donald Chapman: Star Route 1185. Kaneohe. Oaho. Hawaii. Jean Charitat: 3630 Frenchman. Xew Orleans. Earl Chase; 211 Jefferson Davis. Xew Orleans. Samuel Chase; 3613 Chestnut. New Orleans. Edward Chauvin ; Bourg, Oran Chenault ; Qt. 22 N.AS.. Pensacola. Fla. Robert Chenoweth; 7601 Hanipson. Xew Orleans. Barbara Cheslock: 102 Bouchelle, Morgantown. X. C. Xathaniel Chesnut; 1413 Chartres. Xew Orleans. Dorothy Chew: 7820 Cohn. X ' ew Orleans. Enrique Chi: Box 24. Santiago, Panama. Domenick Chilura; 1614 19th. Tampa, Fla. Hubert Cbinn; Route 4. Kansas City, Mo. Egnio Cbong; Calle del Cementerlo, Diriamba. Xicaragua. John Christian; 1255 S. Pidnvich. Springfield. Mo. Ralph Christi ' an; 1323 Eleanore. New Orleans. Evertt ChrlstJiias; 6413 Arts. X ' ew Orleans. Gabriel Churcnam ; Caracas, Venezuela. Danforth Chun: 1114 Webster. X ' ew Orleans. Robert Clccarelli ; 100 Walker, X ' ew Orleans. Victor Cientat; 431 Tricou. Xew Orleans. Neil Cinnater; 2305 Bobert E. Lee, Xew Orleans. Bay Cinnater; 2305 Bobert E. Lee, X ' ew Orleans. Susan Clann; 344 Broadway. X ' ew Orleans. Howard Clark; Box 101. Richton, Miss. Arthur Clarkson; 1232 Calhoun. New Orleans. Carolyn Clawson; 209 N. Vanderbilt, Oak Ridge. Tenn. Robert Claypool; 570 20th. Beaumont. Tex. Kenneth Clement; 1106 10th. Lake Charles. Peter Clement; Reserve. William Clement; 228 Mitchell. Jackson. Miss. Anthony Clesi ; 2814 Palmer. New Orleans. Peter Coan ; 19603 Parke Lane, Grosse He. Mich. Charles Coates; 8325 Birch. Xew Orleans. Howard Cohen; 1510 N. Broad. Hillside. N. J. Bichard Cohen; 80 Somerset. Brookllne. Mass. Richard Cohen; 2111 St. Charles, Xew Orleans. Reuben Cohen; 5413 S. Tonti, Xew Orleans. Sidney Coler; 901 Walnut, Pine Bluff. Ark. James Colburn ; 1316 E, Moreland. Phoenix, Ariz. Cecil Cole; 324 East, Jonesboro. Ark. Edwin Cole: 301 S. Meridan, Aberdeen, JIlss. Rozann Cole: 4425 S. Robertson. Xew Orleans, Sutherland Cole; 1903 Homer. Xew Orleans. .Tames Coleman; 4414 S. Miro, Xew Orleans. .John Coleman; 1014 S. Third. Xarwood. III. Leon Collettl: 6759 Canal Blvd.. Xew Orleans. James Colligan; 5819 Clara, Xew Orleans. Andrea Collins; 1806 S. Carrollton. Xew Orleans. Henry Collins; 829 Olga, New Orleans. Henry Colonib; 2030 Palmer. New Orleans. Richard Colomes ; 2039 Franklin. X ' ew Orleans, Raymond Comstock: 3018 Maurepas. Xew Orleans. Wilbur Conley; 237 E. McLemore. Memphis. Tenn. Clyde (Sonny) Connell; 209 Good. Ruston, George Conners; 3924 Cambronne, X ' ew Orleans, Robert Connolly; 5105 Western, New Orleans. Josepliine Connors; 2909 Highland. Birmingham, Ala. Carl Conrad; 3839 State. X ' ew Orleans. Peter Contacos ; 54 Audubon. Springfield. Mass. Carole Coollk; 104 E. Broad. Newman, Ga. Tyler Coomer; 6153 S. Mayfield. Chicago, III. Henson Coon; 601 Auburn, Monroe. Arthur Cooper; 1482 Shenandoah, Los Angeles, Cal. Helen Cooper; 7307 St. Charles, New Orleans. Irving Coppel: 1347 E. 7lh, Brooklyn. N. Y. Magrudee Corban; 23 Washington. Ocean Springs, Miss. William Corbidge; 45 Camino Espanol Tucson, Ariz. Luke Corcoran; 1722 St. Boch, New Orleans. Zelpha Corkern; 215 Phosphor. X ' ew Orleans. Adele Cornav; 337 Stevenson, Lafayette. Paul Cornell; 1817 Annunciation, X ' ew Orleans. Mary Corprew; Box 216. Dadeville. Ala. Melvln Corrv; 264 S. Third West, Cedar City, Utah. James Cothern; 7043 Magazine, New Orleans. Bernice Cotton; 1117 Jenks, Panama City, Fla. Wilson Couch; 4117 X. Bampart, X ' ew Orleans, Charles Couts; 4422 Duplessis, New Orleans. Glenn Cowart : 5049 " Dreux, New Orleans. Albert Coworey: 4466 Venus, New Orleans. Mary Cox; 866 Virginia Circle, Altanta, Ga. Robert Cox: 7706 Burthe, Xew Orleans. Donald Craig; Qtrs. 13 X.A.S., Pensacola, Fla. George Craig; 7333 Spruce. New Orleans. Robert Craig; 299 Audubon, New Orleans. John Cramer; 700 N. Fifth. Independence. Kan. Martin Cramer; 211 Seaside. Atlantic Citv. N. J. John Cranmer: 1043 W. Shine. Orlando. Fla. Carey Crantford ; 2713 127tb. Chattanooga, Tenn. Villere Cressy: 3217 DeSoto, Xew Orleans. Ben Crocker; 625 Pine. X ' ew Orleans. William Croft. 5220 Magazine, Xew Orleans. Lila Cronin: 1130 E. 37th. Savannah, Ga. L e Crook; 188 Glentay. Lansdowne, Pa. ilichael Crossin; 3225 C ■press. New Orleans. Sharon Grouse; 315 Cuddihy, New Orleans, Craig Crovetto; Goodhope. .John Crowley; 325 Helois. New Orleans. Miguel Cuadros; 1956 Eve. Stalia. Santurie. P. B. Leonard Culotta; 2618 Marai. New Orleans. Arthur Cummins ; 24 Richmond. Douglas Manor. Long Island. N. Y. Lewis Curlee; Route 5, Charlotte. X ' . C. .Tames Ciirran: 5035 Danncel, New Orleans. Mortimer Currau ; Claiborne Towers. New Orleans. William Currie; 4116 Central, Gulfport. Miss. Thomas Currier: 503 Sherwood, Shreveport. George Cushman; 54 Forsythe, Boston, Mass. Hayden Cutler; 624 Loop Road, Monroe. Eugene Dabezies; 4000 Delgado, X ' ew Orleans. . lfred Daech: 7444 St. Charles, X ' ew Orleans. Warren Dale; Box 13, Goodman. Miss. William Dale: 2002 E. Lakeview. Pensacola, Fla. Frank Dalferes: 258 Elmer. New Orleans. Jerr - Dabrymple; 4503 Perrier. New Orleans. Nicholas D ' Amato; 112 W. Powhatten. Tampa. Fla. Robert D ' Angelo; 157-05 Rose, Flushing. N. Y. Salvatore Danna: 4332 Magazine. Xew Orleans. Edward Dannemann ; 5949 Constance. Xew Orleans. Edward Daray; 5245 Camp, Xew Orleans. Stanley Daul; 420 Slidell. Xew Orleans. Etta Davidson: 3502 Rosedale. Houston, Tex. Peter Davidson; 1317 Octavia. X ' ew Orleans. John Davies; 102-G, Stadium PI. X ' ew Orleans. Sidney Davilla; 7229 Jannssen. Arabi. Harold Davis; 1027 Elm, Glendale. Cal. James Davis; Box 168, Poplarville, Miss. Marilyn Davis; 111 E. Hermosa, San Antonio, Tex. Guade Davis; Fort Hill, Vicksburg. Miss. Paul Deal; 4641 De Montluzen. Xew Orleans. Wilhelmina Deas ; 1236 Piedmont. Atlanta. Ga. Charles Deasv : 18 Elmhurst, Cincinnati. Ohio. Irvin DeBarbieris ; 3209 Toulouse, Xew Orleans. Perry DeBardeleben; 1115 Highland. Selma. Ala. L. L. deBoxtle; 211 N. Pine. Hammond. Lvle Dege ' os ; 109 Lark. Xew Orleans. Harold Degroy; 6015 West End. New Orleans. Erna Deiglmayer; 555 Audubon, 33rue Gretry, Ant- werp. Belgium. Ed Delahoussaye; 619 Adams, Franklin. F. de la Houssaye: 5829 St. Charles. Xew Orleans. . rmando De La Paz; 409 E. Xevava. SI Paso, Tex. Martin Delatte; 737 Hidalgo. X ' ew Orleans. Rudy Delatte; 902 Witteman, McComb. Miss. Yvonne Delawder; Tiquisate. Guatemala. Elba Delgado: Santa Ana. El Salvadore. Robert Delpit; 1425 St. Claude. Llovd De Luca: 826 Solomon, Xfw 0-Ipan« R bvin deMerritt; 4225 S. Claiborne, New Orleans. Robert Demirt: 1914 Wilton. New Orleans. Theodore Demuth; 285 Haring. Xew Orleans. .John Dent; 3645 Coliseum. Xew Orleans. Xicanor de Obarrio; 50th St. X. 59. Panama City. Panama LeRoy DePuy; 421 Eliza. Xew Orleans. Anne DeRussy; 1140 4th, " Xew Orleans. Elster Desselle; 1933 Cambronne, X ' ew Orleans. Philip Detweiler : 3221 I ' pperllne, New Orleans. Phyllis Deutsch; 49.53 N. Hamlin, Chloago, 111. Charles Develle; 5128 Music Xew Orleans. Jack Devereux; Taft. Xew Orleans. John Dews: 571 Broadway, Forrest Citv. Ark Alden Deyo: 894 Stadium Place. Xew Orleans. Jason Diaville : 3922 Ida. New Orleans. James Diaz; Tampico, Tamps, Mexico. Rafael Diaz; Vedado Havana, Cuba. Thomas DiCarlo : 4417 Constance, Xew Orleans. Charles Dick: Jlelbourne, Fla. Clifton Dickson; Tampa. Fla. James Dienes; Cleveland. Ohio. Joyce Dllleshaw: La Ferla, Tex. James Dillon; 124 Madison. Maplewuod. Steve Dlmak; 2633 St. Philip, New Orleans. George Dimitrl; 5343 Canal. New Orleans, Carl Dingeldeln; 505 Royal, Xew Orleans. Robert Dion; 53 McAlister Place. Xew Orleans. Xichoias DiSan ti ; 6822 16th, Brooklvn. N. Y. Fred Dittniaii; 1121 Independence, Xew Orleans. . lida Dixon; 1469 Bryan, Salt Lake City. Utah. Barbara Dixon; 200 W, Farls, Greenville, S. C. James Dixon; El Bosal. Caracas. Emma Dodd: 4908 Baronne. New Orleans. Fred Doehring; Montrose. Ala. Clarence Doepke; 908 Taft. X ' ew Orleans. Allen Dorfman ; 2404 Stanley. New Britain, Conn. Eugene Doub ; Box 111. Pfafflown, N. C. Elaine Douglas: 4930 S. Johnson, New Orleans. Hal Douglass; 3708 Benalre, Ft. Worth, Tex. Jolui Dousse; 2736 Castlglione. Xew Orleans. Joseph Downey; 3330 Spain. Xew Orleans. Alex Dovle; 272 Audubon. Xew Orleans, George Dovle; 272 Audubon. Xew Orleans. John Doyle: 2336 Esplanade. Xew Orleans. Bctte Drafts ; 505 Southfleld, Shreveport. Peter Drakopoulos; 91 Walnut, Somervillc, Mass. Francisco Dreiss; 1503 Gentilly, Xew Orleans. Junius Dressel; 4203 Burgundy, Xew Orleans. Emile Dreuil; 234 Orlando. Xew Orleans. Louis Dreuil; 234 Orlando. Xew Orleans. Gerald DrlRgers ; 2744 Prcssburg. New Orleans. Stanley Drlvas; Palmetto, Dunnellon. Fla. Ronald Drouant; 4531 Desire, New Orleans, Hughes Drunini; 1514 Henn- Clay, New Orleans. Jacquelyn Dubos; 1774 N. Gavoso. New Orleans. Louisa DuBose; 1709 Fair, Camden, S. C. STUDENT DIRECTORY George Ducorbier; Itoute 1. Box 691. New Orleans. Richard Ducote; 211 Marais. New Orleans. Paul Duet; 1722 Napoleon, New Orleans. Rriwarti DuFuur; 1300 .Toliet. New Orleas. Lionel DuFour ; SIS Roosevelt, New Orleans, Harris Dulitz; 5518 Freret. New Orleans. Richard Dunham; Ted Dunham. Baton Rout, ' " . Richard Dunham; 1833 Inez, Harahan, New Orleans. .Tames Dunkun; 53-F [cAlister. New Orleans. Amy Dunlap; 2127 MichiEan. Dallas. Tex. Ralph Dunn; Route 7. Hattlesburg. Miss, Dorothy Dnplants; Route 2, Box 98. New Il)eria. G.-orge Dupre; 3913 Ford, New Orleans. John Dupre; W. Main, Vllle Ralte. William Dupree: Tulane Apts., New Orleans. Hector Dugue; Damas 3G, Mexico City. Lionel Dureau; 80fl Hidalgo. New Orleans. Ronald Durham: Route 3, Hammond. Fred Durrance; 2124 Albans, Houston, Tex. Huchel Durrett; 2t)33 Reymond. Baton Roiig . Estevez Dutarl; Calls 43 No. 3G. Panama. Panama. Harry Duvigneaud; 2853 G.Rte. St. John. New Orleans. Paul Duvoiain; li)lS N, Rochneblave, New Orleans. A ' " tolet Dwyer; 4923 S. Rochenhlave. New Orlea is, Herbert Dyer; 2G8 aicAUster, New Orleans. Glenn Earl; 2125 Lennidn . New Orleans. Alma Eastlariil. I ' ' .i.h ■. j I ' .■. Miss. David Bherliii; ■ I nt. New Orleans. Donald Ede.sii ' I ■ ' i .ni. Honolulu. T.H. Pomelia Edd : I ■ " ; s i ii.irles. New Orleans. Jean Eddv; 6873 Canal Blvd., New Orleans. H. J. Edwards; 127 N. St. Patrick, New Orleans, William Edwards; 3102 N. Delaware; Indianapolis. Ind. Elaine Egger; 3301 Terry; Jackson. 5Iiss. Matt Ehlen; 1041 College. Fargo. N. J. Lionel Ehrenworth; 106 Belleville, Eloomrield, N J, Gerald Ehringer: 844 Sorrento. Jacksonville. Fla. Henry Ehrlich; Broughton. Bambridge, Ga. Howard Ehrlich; 708 London. Brunswick, Ga. Donald Eichmeyer; 32-E McAlister PI.. New Or- William Eidson; 219 Uidgewood. New Orleans. Mary Eiermann; 1933 rrsulines. New Orleans. Betty Eikel; 1303 N. 4th. Monroe. Slarvin Eisenberg; 741 N. 34th, Milwaukee. Wis. Xancy Eley; S225 Panola, New Orleans. Mohamed El Habbal; Cairo, Eftvpt. G?rald Bligs ; 318 Weeks, New Iberia. Beverly Ellington; 12 Tally Ho Lane, Alexandria. Va: Clarence Ellington; 449 Stoner, Shreveport. :Margaret Elliott; 212 Maple, Lancaster. Ky. William Elliott; 152 Virginia. New Orleans. Abriel Ellis; 1311 Arabella, New Orleans. Homer Ellis; Riviera Hotel. Biloxi. Miss. William Ellsworth: 161!) Mirabeau. New Orleans. Shia Elson; 1633 3rd. New Orleans. Elwood Elsteroth: 721 Joseph, New Orleans. Barbara Ely: Itta Bena. Miss. Eliza Bmbrey; nOl Hanover, Fredericksburg. Va, Lawrence Emboulas ; 2313 Franklin. New Orleans. Samuel Emerson: 615 W. Court, Winnfield. Arthur Emery; 7522 Jeannette, New Orleans. David Bndara; Box 3325. Panama. Donald Enderle: 5il71 Canal Bhd.. New Orlcins. Leonard Enderle, 5971 Canal Blvd.. New Orleans. f ' .erald English; Box 2. Cambridge, Idaho. Henry Engler; 120 14th, New Orleans. Henry Ensenat; 1539 Euterpe. New Orleans . Maurice Epstein; 2243 W. Mistletoe. San An ' o-.ln, Tex. Kenneth Erickson : SG02 Palm, New Orleans. William Ermon; 2720 General Pershing, New Or- leans. Claire Ernhart; 7395 River, Olmsted Falls. O ' no. Daniel Etter; 3821 Maltison. Ft. Worth, Tex. Bobby Evans ; Davant. David Evans; 116 11th, Portsmouth. Va. Elliott Evans ; St. Joseph. Merle Evans; 544 Arlington, New Orleans. William Evans; 141S Park. Alexandria. Martha Everritt; 1835 General Pershing. New Or- leans. .Tessie Ewell ; 183S Fendall. Charlottesville, Va. Donald Ewing; 455 Rateliff, Shreveport. Jamie Pabrega: 24 E. 3!)th, Panama, Panama. William Pagan ; 239 Glendale. New Orleans. T.rfonard Fagot; 102-F Stadium PI., New Orleans, James Fairly; 137 W. Jefferson, Opelousas. Larry Falcon; care Noreo Refinery, Norco. N;!W Orleans. ■ . , Tom Palkowski; 39 Duncan, Jersey City. N. J. Barry Panburg; 110 Amhurst, Chattanooga. Tenn. Anthony Pantozzi : Meridian, Southington. Co-nt. Fernando Parah; Calle 30 Np. 145, Progreso. Yuca- tan, Mexico. George Farha; Rue Sadat. Beirut. Lebanon. Charles Farley; S39 Jackson, New Orleans. Robert Farris; 116 Elm, Clarksdale. Miss. Robert Farnsworth; 12103 Minden, Detroit. Mich, Vincent Farrugia : 421 Shrewsbury. New Orleans. William Faucett: 85-H, Stadium PL, New Orleans. Henrv Favrot: 1448 Nashville, New Orleans. James Pazio; S Fourth. Pittsfield. Mass. Thomas Fedor; 4617 Prytania, Route 1, New Milfor. Ohio. Roy Pee; 8825 Jeanette, New Orleans. Solonian Pelfinan ; 527 Beech, Helena, Ark. Miriam Ferebee; Manteo, N. C. Beverly Ferguson; 1625 Bordeaux. New Orleans. Dan Ferguson; 6 Donnybrook, Greenville, S. C. William Ferrante: Box 261. Melville. Olavio Ferraz; Sao Paulo, Brazil. David Perrie; 1302 Clay. Kenner, New Orleans. Sanya Feuer ; 2224 Gen Taylor. New Orleans. David Fiedler; 5739 Albia. Jennings, Mo. Jack Field; 3634 Penn. Gary, Ind. John Fielding; 2471 Gladiolus, New Orleans. Robert Fine; 313 Bidgeway, Little Rock, Ark. Sewall Fine; 67 Trowbridge, Newton, Mass. John Finegan ; 1508 Wakefield. New Orleans. David Finegold; 1922 Maringo, New Orleans. Will Finley; 551 Lauricella. New Orleans. Betty Finney; Golf Club Lane, Nashville. Tenn, Robert Firnberg; 2S05 S. Grand, Monroe. Gordon Fisher; 918 Adams, New Orleans. Austin Fitzjarrell; 6069 Vicksburg. New Orleans. Carol Pitzpatrick; 718 Perry. Gretna. New Orleans. E Pitzpatrick; 415 S. Genois, New Orleans. Harold Piatt; S236 5th. Birmingham, Ala. Richard Fleck; 1905 S. Carrollton. New Orleans. Harold Flettrich; 6911 Wuerple. New Orleans. Leon Flettrich; 1801 S. White. New Orleans. Claude Fleurichamp : 1524 Joliet, New Orleans. Jack Flood; St. Ann. Jackson, Miss. John Flowers; 423 Hillary. New Orleans. Richard Flowers ; 504 Polar. Greenwood. Miss. Wiley Flowers; 521 El Alford, Baytown. Tex. William Fly; 360 Milandon. New Orleans. Jlary Flvnn; 440 E. 15th. Hialeah, Fla. Emilv Foland; Cornelius, N. C. Gorde-n Folger; Sylvan Shores, Mount Dora. lua. Joseph Follettie: 317 Royal, New Oi ' leans. Charles Folse; 7210 Success. Arabi. Weston Poise; 950 North. Jackson, Miss. Joseph Fontana; 3501-03 Pamyra, New Orleans. Charles Fonteneu ; 103-D Stadium PI.. New Orleans, Margaret Fontelieu; 103-D St ' adium PI.. Ntw O. - leans. George Foote; 1205 St. Charles. New Orleans. Eugene Ford; 1430 N. Johnson. New Orleans, Joseph Ford; 1439 N. Johnson. New Orleans. John Fordtran; Box 7. Stockdale, Tex. Felipe Pornelli; Chihuahua. Mexico. Williajn Forrest; Box 67. Winterville. N. C. Mildred Fossler; 8125 Hickory. New Orleans. Victor Foster: 93-G-. Stalium PI.. New Orleans. Walter Foster; Care of Shell Oil, Norco, New Or- leans, Charles FotI; 3122 De S uix. New Orleans. David Poulis; Box 393. S. Miami. Fla. Talmadge Fowler; Buford. Ga. Frank Fox; 3926 Delachaise, New Orleans. Robert Pox; 1408 Congress. Mobile. A ' a. Wllbert Fox; 1315 Gravier, New Orleans. Raymond Pracasso; 81 Carlisle, New Haven, CoU ' i Miriam Franco; 3175 Montezuma. Montgomery, Ala, Augusta Frank; 33 Newcomb Blvd.. New Orleans, -U. Frankenherg; 3144 McCart. Ft. Worth, Tex. Ben Franklin; 741 Esplanade, New Orleans. Paul Fr;iri-f ii ■ ?i:-iM State. New Orleans. Albert ri.iiii; 111 Middle Park. New Orleans. David I ' l.in. ' - ' I ' - ' I MiirfiiKO. New Orli ans. HaroM l-i.ivn imii . iiiiiibon. New Orleans, Albert Kreathv: ( liniun. AUss. Henry Freedman; 526 E. 82nd St.. New York. N. Y " . Dorothy Freeman; 3115 E. Lester. Tucson, Ariz Dennis Fremin; Box 269. Route 6. New Orlca;is. Charles French: 2326 Jetia. New Orleans, Frederick Frcy ; li;.-i| i Tiiduslry. New Orleans. Norma Prey: mil llih Si,. Giih.-stnn. T - Donald Priedel; 12iHi:i Waylarid, Clevcljiid. Ohio. Shirley Frieiul : Box 5H6, Shreveport, Luther Frink; 21 I ' ackenham, Chalmette, New Or- leans. B. Frischhertz; 2660 Verbena, New Orleans. Avrum Froimson; 3915 Third, Beaver Falls, William Frommever; 3630 Clematis. N ' w Orleans. James Frosch; 2719 GladioUis, New Orleans. Clarence Frost; Laplace. New Orleans, Donald Fruge; Box 121. Crowley. Hoffman Fuller: 1246 Delhi. Boussier. Jerome Gaillard: 29-100 McAIister. New OrU-ans. Hicardii (liillii : Havana. Cuba, Charles Calhicfln , ti20 Clav. Ro: hester. N, Y. Donald t;,ill,iiil. i:i ' i2 New York. Brooklyn. N. Y. August GjIIii; 2742 Jasmine. New Orleans. Bush Gamble: 1316 Henry Clay. New Orleans. Manuel Gan ; 14 Henry, Hackensack. N. J. Ronald Gandolfo; 2014 Broadway, New Orleans, Dominic Gannon; Box 626, Hammond. Eugene Garher; 2602 Park Lane. Birmingham, Ala. Joan Garcia; 1802 General Pershing, New Or ' ean.s. Reynold Garcia; 3016 N. Albany, Tampa. Fla. Robert Garcia; 2561 Orion, Jacksonville. Fla. Santiago Garcia; 5717 Canal Blvd.. New Orleans. Jose Garcia-Oller; 3326 Nashville. New Orleans, George Gardner; 6241 Waterman. St. Louis. Mo. Jerry Gardner; 4462 DeMontelu ' iin. New Orleans. Harvev Gardy: 2510 Polk. Hollywood, Fla, Francis Garitty: 1221 Sister, New Orleans. Gloria Garner; Sweet Water, Ala. William Garrett; 1812 Napoleon. New Orleans. Harvev Garrison: 1335 Calhoun. New Orleans. Doris Garten: 5401 Canyon Train, W. Palm Beavh. Fla. Lloyd Garj ' : Eupora, Miss. Fred Gast: 4600 Warrington. New Orlea-is. Harvey Gast; 4600 Warrington. New Orleans. George Gauore; 247 Maplewood, Riverside, III. William Gay; 121 Carrolton, Shreveport. William Geary; 4515 S. Prleur, New Orleans. Willard Gee; 339 S. Teleraachus. New Orleans. Pedro Gelabert; 1513 Las Marios. Santorce. P. R. Albert Gelpi; 6029 Vermillion. New Orleans. Gerard Gelpi ; 302 Maple Ridge, New Orleans. Pagena Gemelos: 1309 Almonaster. New Orleans. Leo Gentry: 3106 Centenary. Shreveport. I. ewis George; Route 1. Collinsville. Miss. Robert George; 402 Atlantic. Delray Beach. Fla. Juan Gerala; Venequela 910, Buenos Aires. Argen- tina. Roy Gernon: 113 Beverly. New Orleans. Merrill Gerster ; Gramercy, Lucien Gex: 224 N, Beach. Bay St. Louis. M ' ss. Robert Gibbons: 40-F McAIister. New Orleans. Arden Gibbs; 558 Carrie, Sault Ste, Marie. Mich. Gary Gibbs : 130 Elvis, New Orleans. Stanley Gilibs; 935 Broadway. New Orleans. Albert Gibson : University. Ala. Jerry Gibson: Route 1. Finger, Tenn. Phillip Giffin: 152 Broadway. .Arlington. Mass. Paul Gilbert; 3430 Vineennes. New Orleans. Richard Gilbert; 229 W. 78th, New York, N. Y. William Giles; 210 E. Third. Hattlesburg. Miss, Ralph Gilland; 2065 Cherrydale, Baton Rouge, Robert Gilliland; Sallis, Miss. Gary Gillis; 2010 Palmer, New Orleans. George Gilman; Route i), W. Congers. N. Y. James Gilman; Blount Pt. Rd.. Worwick City. Va. Peachy Gilmer; 851 Olive. Shreveport. .Tames Gilmore: Grove Hill, Ala. Jared Gilmore; 307 Pershing. Morgan City. Otis Gilmore; 3235 Marigny, New Orleans. .Joseph Giovinco; 3305 Cj-press, Tanipa, Fla. Henry Glade; 7112 Coliseum. New Orleans. Benjamin Glaudi; 2236 Marigny. New Orleans. Frederick Gleber; 78-H Stadium P!.. N-w Orleans. Louis Godwin: 1008 N. E.. Pensacola. F:a. Norman Goebel; Box 127. Bessie Goldberg: 7720 Nelson. New Orleans. Donald Golden: 312 E. 48th. Savannah, Ga. Melvin Goldstein; 3711 Louisiana. New Orleans, Nell Goldstein; 516 Audubon St., New Orleans. Fabian Gomez; 308 N. W. 3rd, Big Spring, Tex. Paul Gomez; 2361 Rousseau. New Orleans. Alice Gomlla; 600 Harrison. New Orleans. Jefferson Gonor; 305 N. Magnolia. Lafayette. Antonio Gonzalez; Carrera 54, No. 68-215, Barran- quilla. Col. Elwood Gonzalez; 2325 N. Villere. New Orleans. Michael Gonzalez; 4211 Freret, New Orleans. Remingio Gonzalez; Apartado 774. Panama City. Panama. Julian Good; 2817 Jefferson. New Orleans. Elaine Gordon; U.S.P.H.S.. Carville. Judith Gordon; 4618 Bienville. New Orleans. Mary Gordon; Watkinsville. Ga. Robert Gordon; 68-B Stadium PI.. New Orleans. Glenn Gore; 639 Florence. Webster Groves, Mo. Patricia Gorham : 4610 Orlean. New Orleans. Allana Gornev; 2314 Wirth, New Orleans. Larry Gott.segen : 3226 Nashville, New Orleans. James Gouax: 2422 Audubon, New Orleans. George Gounares; 1211 Government. Mobile. Ala. William Graber; 695 20th, Beaumont, Tex. Robert Grabowski; 88 Willow. Gretna, New Orleans. Harold Graliam; 1515 Webster, New Orleans. Henry Granet; 730 Orleans. New Orleans. Edward Gray; 12 Riverview, Y ' onkcrs. N. Y. Louise Gray; Lamar, S. C, Vincent Greco; 2:!47 I ' rentiss. New Orleans. Peter GreoJi . ' ' ' ' ' « M nii ., New Orleans. Tom Greenbn - - Ituch. New Orleans. Henryetta firi i ■ i i ' i state. New Orleans. Henry (ireumv ■ l ' .1 hindeville. New Orleans. I ' etLT ' ;i-. iii ' ilii:i Royal. New Orleans. Hurcill t. ' l.Li I iiT Henry Clay. New Orleans .leniirid liiiiii ' i ilim Palmer, Jacksonville 10, Fla. Joe can ■U.. Sr Or Arlhur Marvin (:l■li.l. , : . . IUm.i,! ru urli;ins. Don Grunaii ' i ' ; - ' mi W.nin;;. lrni|ihi-, Tenn. Ruth Croner; lU Furust llills, .N ' ca Orleans, Frank Gruber; 50 E. Slli, New York, N. Y. August Gueldner: 4.S1S Palnicllo, New Orleans. Stanley Guerra; 3220 A lLll ' tun. New Orleans. Jerry Guice; 2315 .hi- |,h n -m Orleans. Lawrence Guido; 5:i!i .M.iin Mimclieii, N. J. Albert Guidry; 683,s i,,;,.il, Orleans. George Guidry; 1735 AliLind,mri-. New Orleans. Guy Guillot: 501 S. Cortez, New Orleans. .Joseph Guinta; 1169 Tchopitouhis. New Orleans. Carmen Gumlna; 57 Patton, New Brunswick, N, J. Phylis Gunter; 614 E. 22nd. Aniiislon, Ala. Donald Gunther; 1805 St. Roch, John Gutknecht; 905 Pine. New Orleans. John Ha ' iart: 4fl Pecan, Sulphur. Julian llaher: 21 Alontilla. Coral G-abies. Fla. Joan H iddard; 2iiu:) Palmer. New Orleans . J- mes Uaddieaii; 4:56 St. Mary, New O ' leans. Clyde HagiHdl; 2716 Honevsuckle. Fort Worth. Te;. Christian Haindel; 4321 Perrier, New Orleans. Paul Halt; 2132 Robert. New Orleans. James Hailev; 2113 Octavia. New Orleans. David Haithcock: 403 W. Main. Bennettville. S. C, Alfred Hale; 2529 Palmer. New Orleans. Millv Hale; Button. Ala. Jorge Halphen; Box 785. Panama. R. P. Roberto Halphen; Box 785. Panama R. P. Charles Hamilton; 1208 Calhoun. New Orleans. George Hamilton; 601 Grand, Greenwood, Miss Iluth Hamilton; 1106 Hemeage. Moose Jaw. Sas- katchewan. Allen Hammer; 2620 E. Wesley. Atlanta, Ga. Donald Hammett; 290 Walnut. New Orleans. Robert Hammett ; 290 Walnut. New Orleans, Harry liaiiunili; 2130 .Tackson. Alexandria. Cynthiii iliiriiiiiund : 6217 Magnolia. New Orleans. James I hiiiiMlmi : 121 S. 8th. Van Buren. Ark. Helen Hiinmik: silii Live O ' ak. New Orleans. William Hancock; 800 Live Oak, New Orleans. Julius Handelman: Box 470, Y ' oakum, Tex. Albert Hanemann; 4040 Vendome. New Orleans. James Hanemann ; 123 Bellalre. New Orleans. Ernest Hanewinckel; 960 W. Gralee. Opdousias John Hanley; 418 Lakewood. W. Palm Beach. Fla. Joseph Hanrahan; 9243 Bishop. Chicago, III. Beverly Hansen; 38-C McAIister, New Orleans. David Harden; 1107 N. Corry, Pensacola. Fla. James Harding; 1205 E. Main. Danville, 111. Quintin Hardtner; 724 Cassity, Shreveport. Harold Harger : 2823 General Pershing. New Or- leans. Sidney Hargett: 1033 Moss. New Orleans. Robert Hargrave; 1824 Huff. Wichita Falls, Tex. .Marion Hargrove; 608 rnadilla. Shreveport. William Hargrove: 1000 6th. Ft. Worth. Tex. Thomas Harkins : Petal. Miss. David Harllee; 2929 Marengo. New Orleans. -Augustus Harmon: 97 Park PI., New Orleans. Eli Harmon: 92 Stadium PI.. New Orleans. Frederick Harper; 3037 Contl. New Orleans. Malchom Harper; 3539 Mandeville. New Orleans. Robert Harper; 3037 Conti. New Orleans. Robert Harrell; 242 Jefferson. New Orleans. Henrv Harren; La Feria, Tex. Charles Harrington; 325 Hialeah. Hialeah. Fla. Thomas Harrington; 227 Bermuda. New Orleans. William Harrington; 1105 W. Pine; Hattlesburg, Miss. Barbara Harris: 4300 W. Beach; Gulfport, Miss. Doris Harris: 316 Orlando. New Orleans. James Harris: Route 3. Hattlesburg. Miss. John Harris: 3011 Houma. New Orleans. Robert Harris; 910 Dauphine. New Orleans. Rose Harris ; Lafayette. Tenn. Lurilla Harris; Box 446. New Orleans. Alfred Harrison; 87 Pontainebleau. New Orleans. David Harrison; 2435 Tennessee, New Orleans, Shirley Harrison: 2840 Jefferson. New Orleans. William Harrison; 8304 Forshey. New Orleans. .John Hart: 91-A Statium PI.. New Orleans. Alphonse Hartmann; 2205 Robert B. Lee, New Or- leans, Lise Harlson: 1528 Webster, New Orleans. Harriet Har ey; 953 Trabue. Shreveport. Julian Harwell: Route 2, Tonkawa. Okia, Don Hassell; 585 Alexander. Meniiihis. Tenn, Herman Hassell; 7726 S. Chiil nrne, New Orleans. Richard Hassenplug; 501 Ferndaie. Jn ' instown, I ' a. Anne Hastings; 227 Woodside. Ridgewood, N. .L . rthur Hastings; 507 W. Sherman. Neosho. Mo. David Hatch; 339 Broadway, New Orleans. Ada Hatfield: 601 Page, N.E., Atlanta. Ga. Tfobert Hatton; Box 936. Pahakee. Fla. Harold Hawkins: 719 Rutherfoor. Shreveport, G ' orge Hayes: Box 476. Route 2, Shreveport, Hiram Havnie; 880 Highland. Abilene, Tex. Virgil Haywood; 220 Pelican. New Orleans, Georgia Hazard ; Saguache. Colo. Edwin Heaton ; 8437 Apricot. New Orleans. J " ssie Hebert; 461S S. Claiborne, New Orleans. Marianne Heimann; 1653 Plnehurst. St. Paul. Minn. Wallace Heinbaugh; 155 Michigan. Ironwood, Mich. James Heinritz; 537 Elmira. New Orleans, George Helfrich; 1020 Port, New Orleans, Sandra Heller; 3012 Calhoun. New Orleans. William Henderson: 4020 St. Charles. New Orleans. Hannelore Hendygain ; 1350 Camp. New Orleans. Gerald Henries; 1610 Leonidas. New Orleans. Flovd Henzel; 150-31 (JOth. Flushing. N, Y. Jim Hercher; 5347 Chesnut. New Orleans. Alfred Herkes; 2006 St. Roch. New Orleans. Itelmuth Herman; Guatemala. Guatemala. Malcolm Hernandez: 1629 Frenchman. New Orleans. Conrad Herr; 311 Harris. Lydon, Ky. Leslie Hess; 98-G Stadium PL. New Orleans. Robert Hess; 1915 S,W. 12th. Miami. Fla. Clifton Hester; Clinton, Miss. Louis Heyd; 4316 Constance. New Orleans. Leo Heymann: 2123 Jefferson. New Orleans. John Hidalgo; 530 S. Scott. New Orleans. George Higginbotham ; 1328 Lowerline. New Orleans. Barry Hildebrand; 512 Belleville, New Orleans. Grady Hill; 2010 Netclies. Port Arthur, Tex. Helena HIU; 1636 Forest. Columbus, Ga. John Hill; 400 9th, Williamsburg. Ky. Calvin Hingle; 4321 Marais, New Orleans. Franklin Hingle; 443 Belleville, New Orleans. Pedro Hinojosa; Box 436, Rio Grande, Tex. Anne Hinton; 4018 De Siard, Monroe. Andrew Hirt; 1643 Mandeville. New Orleans. James Hitt; 3214 Prytania. New Orleans. Marvin HLxon; Box 483. Naple, Fla. Geralk Hoag; 5737 Penrose, Dallas, Tex, Robert Hobbs; 1010 N. Gth, Ft. Smith. Ark. Max Hocutt; Baldwin. Chicksaw, Ala. Winifred Hodges; 38 Neron. New Orleans, William Hof: 171 Jefferson Hts.. New Orleans. Elbert Hoffman; Paterson House, New Orleans. Katlileen Hogan; 4119 Fairmont. New Orleans. Michael Hogan; 111 Missouri. West Plains. Mo. Thomas Hogan; 836 Arabella. New Orleans. Frances Hollard; 2S35 Esplanade. New Orleans. Gerald Holliday; 3755 Roman, New Orleans. Franklin Holman ; 4249 Oreteoa PI.. Jacksonville, Fla, Mary Holmes; 631 Deepdene Rd.. Baltimore, Md. Robert Holmes; 200 East. E. Norwalk, Conn. Bobby Hood: Box 1181. Pampa. Tex. John Hooper: 2125 Pine Valley, Houston, Tex. Rav Hooper; Boling. Tex. James Hopkins; 7703 Burthe. ' New Orleans. Robert Hopkins; Horseshoe Dr., Alexandria. Tvson Hopkins: Box 590, Asher. Okla. P ' red Hornberger; 1503 Verna. New Orleans. Howard Horton ; 1277 E. Grand Blvd., Detroit. Mich. Homer Horton: SO-C Stadium PI.. New Orleans. . rleta Hosack; 718 N. Ash. Otlunnva. Iowa. Richard Hosch; 7607 Hampson, New Orleans, Richard Hosen ; Box 948, Laurel, Miss. Sharon Howard; 9 Power Lane PI.. Decatur. III. Kenneth Howarth; 6409 Louisville, New Orleans. Loren Howell; 5504 Wickfield, New Orleans. Mary Howell: 1132 S.E. 3rd. Ft. Lauderdale. Fla. Douglas Howie; 1927 Milan. New Orleans. Bobert Howie; 3421 Galoway, Jackson, Miss. George Hubbard; Box 94, Richmond, Tex. Nancv Hubbard: 3041 Park, Miami. Fla. ,Tohn Hudgens; Station B,. Gulfport. Miss. Clyde IliijiKiiis; ;M22 L«ve. Nashville. Tenn. .Tanu-s UiiAihe : :il76 State. New Orleans. Earl lluKucnel: l!212 Pine, New Orleans. Coleman Hull; 4502 PrytaJiia, New Orleans. Esther Hunt: 233 Williford. Memphis, Tenn. John Hunt; Route 2. Box 638-D. Pine Bluff. Ark. Willam Hunt; 631 St. Philip, New Orleans. William Hunler: 812 Atherton. New Orleans. Daviil lhn!i , :i: ' .i:i Piedmont, New Orleans. Eugene Ihini. 1779 Shirley. New Orleans. William Hulchin.-ion ; 96-C Stadium PL. New Or- leans. Enrique Hurtado; 3 Calle N.E, No. 303, Managun, Nicaragua. Alvin Hvde; 92-A Stadium PI.. New Orleans. Dena Hvde: Favette, Ala. Ethel Hyman; 7040 Oanal Blvd., New Orleans. Jack Hvman; 5421 S. Tonti. New Orleans. Rav Hymel; Box 68. Reserve. William Hymes; 3228 Palmyra. New Orleans. Herbert Ichlnose; 3254 Castle. Honolulu. Hawaii, Armando Inizarry; Box 1070, Ponce. R. R. Melvin Isemann; 458 Marion, Harvey, New Orleans, I iio Jack; 33-G McAIister, New Orleans. -Allen .Tackson ; 5026 Batoa Rouge. Baton Rouge. Bilward .Tackson; 12 Tokalon. New Orleans. .John Jackson: 2537 Woodlawn. San Antonio, Tex. Robert Jackson: Box 276. Covington. Roland Jackson; 2716 23rd. Meridian. Miss. Thomas Jackson; Box 276. Lecompte. Ulnia Jackson ; 1125 Third. New Orleans. .Toel Jacob; 3750 Lakeshore. Chicago, III. Ixmls Jacob: 8405 Dixon. New Orleans. Sarah Jacob; 220 South Seventh, Columbus. Miss. Harvey Jacobs; 3403 Foster. Brooklyn. N. Y. Henry Jacobs; 2709 Soniat, New Orleans. .John Jaffe; 622 Esplanade. New Orleans. Oabot Jaffee: 335 B. 187th, New York, N. T. Philip James: 103 S. 4th. Amory, Miss. Thomas James; 610 Kirby. Shreveport. Mervine Jankower ; Ravne, Hermann Jan.vsen : i;Hi;i Short, New Orleans. Alfred Jellev : lii:i,s K lib, Tucson. Ariz. Elizabeth Jenkins; 117 Chilton, Talladega, Ala. Stephen Jenkins; 1437 Octavia. New Orleans. David Jenks; 111 Grenadine. New Orleans. John Jeter; 4534 Fairfield. Shreveport. • " " harles Johnson: 324 Thirba, New Orleans. Edgar Johnson; 112 W. Fourth, Long Beach. Miss. Eugene Johnson; 428 Walnut, New Orleans. Howard Johnson: 85 B, Park PL. New Orleans. Leonard Johnson; 3030-B Gen Taylor. New Orleans. Blward Jones: 135S Dunbar; Bay St. Louis, Miss. Ernest Jones; 3323 Johnson. New Orleans. Franklin Jones; 211 Newman, New Orleans, Nelson Jones; 613 Second; Gulfport, Miss, Richard Jones; 204 Bast Main. New Iberia. Harry Jordan: 1439 Seventh. New Orleans. Robert Jordan: 172 E. 74th. New Y ' ork. N. T. BJwin .Joseph ; 5338 Perrier, New Orleans Jeanne Joseph; 5338 Perrier, New Orleans. Bruce Julien: 830 W. 43rd. Miami Beach. Fla. Richard Julien; 830 W. 43rd, Miami Beach, Fla. Henry Jungle; 027 Arahelle, New Orleans. Julian Jurgens: 1031 Moss. New Orleans. Levnei Kahn; 509 N. Adams. Rayne. Ora Kahn; 1103 Lowerline, New Orleans. Andrie Kail; 937 Pine. New Orleans. Egon Kamarasy; Budapest. Hungary. Donald Kanuk: 2825 Chaflin. New York. N. Y. Ethel Karst; 4436 St. Ann. New Orleans. David Kasner; 1152 Simpson. New York. N. Y. Arnold Kassanoff; 2716 Silver. El Paso. Tex. Hanne Katz; 6318 Barrett. New Orleans. Maurice Katz; 4100 Vineennes. New Orleans. Paul Kav: 1904 Napoleon. New Orleans. Dwight Ready: N. Liberty. Canton. Mass. John Keegan; 4174 Iberville, New Orleans. Elmo Keenan; 420 Elmira. New Orleans. Beryl Keller; 2625 Jefferson Hwy.. New Orleans. Dean Keller: 214 Harding, New Orleans. Suzanne Keller; 719 Exposition. New Orleans. Lewis Kellogg: 3921 Cleveland. New Orleans. Carlos Kellv; 3324 Camp. New Orleans. Herbert Kelly: 1708 Robert, New Orleans. John Kelly: 293 Onota. Pittsfield. Mass, Wallace Kemper ; 1654 Valmont, New Orleans, Richard Kempson ; 729 W. Lynwood. Phoenix, Anz. Gerald Kendal; 15 Cromwell, New Orleans. Elizabeth ICennard; 2700 Coliseum. New Orleans. Lester Kennedy; 2013 Painters, New Orleans, Leon Kent; 84-D Stadium PL. New Orleans. Ronald Kent; 3807 Derhigny. Metairie. Marc Kerlin: 30 Papworth, New Orleans. Arthur Kern; 973 Navarre. New Orleans. Tvatiierine Kerne; E. First. Thibodeaux. Edward Kerth; 1427 ' Louisiana. New Orleans. Richard Kethley; 5516 St. Anthony. New Orleans. John Kief er; 4171 Vendome, New Orleans. Andrew Kikas ; 2753 Dumaine. New Orleans. Kay Kikuchi; 1939 Cambronne, New Orleans. STUDENT DIRECTORY VVilliam KilUnger; 1827 Willow Branch. Jackson- ville. Fla. George Kiniata; Box 148, Eleele, Kanai, Hawaii. Robert Kimball: 105 Morgan, Houma. Charles ICimura ; 1461 River, Honolulu. Hawaii. George Kimura; 2505 Rose. Honolulu, Hawaii. .Joseph Kincaid; 721 Burdelte. New Orleans. Dana King; 2301 Gulf. Gulfport. Miss. .Tames King; 6677 Canal. New Orleans. John King: 4816 Carondelet. New Orleans. Mercedes King; 88 Hillcraft Way, Wal;mt Creek. Cal. Richard Kinser; 4522 N. Cove. Tacoraa, Wash. Waite Kirkconnell; 1006 28th. Tampa. Fla. Nancy Kirkendall; 15G Twin Oaks, Lafayette. Steve Kirkikes: 808 Elm. Minden. Daniel Kirkley; 501 Whitney, New Orleans. Walter Kirsch: 535 Arlington, New Orleans. Warren Kirsch; 8502 Sycamore, New Orleans. Carl Kirst: 6145 Colbert. New Orle.aiis. Ben Kitchings; Clinlnn. Miss. Donald Kle in: 208 W. 65th. Kansas City. Mo. Elias Klein; 47-B McAlister, New Orleans. Margot Klein: 5129 Wheelis, Memphis. Tenn. William Klein; 208 W. 65th. Kansas City, Mo. W. Kleinstenber; 11 Marlborough Gates, New Or- leans. Diana Kleven; 114 Chestnut, Haverhill, Mass. Elliott Klorfein; 5401 Prairie Trail, W. Palm Beach. Fla. Robert Kluge; Route 3, Mantua, Oliio. Henry Kmen ; SOD Stadium PI.. New Orleans. Donald Koberg; 4412 Eden. New Orleans. .John Koehler; 9828 S. Drexel. Chicago. 111. Ida Kohlmeyer; 11 Pelham. New Orleans. Glenn Kokame; 2824y2 Tulane, New Orleans. Noel Koll; 114 Sherwood Forest. New Orleans. Harvey Komet; 250 E. Gunhill, New York, N. Y. Bill Komodore; 304 N. Rens, Pensacola, Fla. John Konior; 209 Main. Blakely, Pa. Louise Korns; 3522 Chestnut, New Orl ' ians. Robert Kovanda: 218 ' S. Haj-es, Pocaldio, Idaho. Etta Kozberg; 333 MacAlister. St. Paul. Minn. Thomas Kozden; 27 Jennings, Pittston. Pa. William Kraft; 5108 Spain, New Orleans. Betsy Kramer: Mt. Dora, Fla. Maurice Kreeger; 208 Colony. New Orleans. Matthew Kreller ; 316 Pig, Kenner. New Orleans. Russell Krogsgard ; 8232 S. Claiborne. New Orleans, Henry Kron; 5421 St. Charles, New Orleans. Mary ICrotzer; Weed Heights, Nev, Invin Krule; 6435 Bordeaux. Dallas. Tex. Mary Kucheman: 1205 St. Charles, New Orlsans, Lloyd Kuhn ; 4317 S. Miro. New Orleans. Russell Kullman; 7714 Walmsley, New Orleans. Edward Kunz; 926 Cambronne, New Orleans. Pred Kunz; 307 Fairway. New Orleans. Jene Labovitz; 18 Chesapeake. Annapolis, Md. Philip Laborde; 2913 Lu, Alexandria. Mays Lacour, Moreauville. Jerow LaFarave; 411 Pecan, Sulphur. Marie Lagarde; 1235 Pine. New Orleans. Eldon Lair; Hamburg; Iowa. Salvador Lamandre; 420 S. Rampart. New Orleans. Dora Lamar; Reforma 77, Mexico, Mexico. Carlos Lamar; Mercy Hospital, New Orleans. Mark Lambert; 1427 Baltimore, Orlando, Fla. Oliver Lambert; 4431 Ligustrum, New Orleans. Edmond Lamperez; 707 B. Main. New Iberia. Herbert Landey: 6505 Webster, New Orleans. Linda Landey; 6505 Webster. New Orleans. Samuel Landry; Norco. Walter Landry; 751 Central. New Orleans, .Joseph Landwehr: IROl Broadway, New Orleans. Shirley Landwehr; 1668 Jefferson. New Orleans. Melnrad Lang; 1203 Dauphlne, New Orleans. William Langhorne; tTniontown, A ' a. Thomas Langley; 2I04-C Bragg. Mobile. Ala. Doyle Lansford; 359 Addas. San Antonio, Tex. Bernard Lanza; 51 Ackley, Malverne, N. Y. Gerald Lapsensohn; 23-108 McAlister. New Orleans. Ronald Larkin; 49 Willow, Gretna, New Orleans. Barbara Larman; 305 Hector, New Orleans. Anthony LaRocca ; 707 N. Murat. New Orleans. Rrvln Lashley; No. 4, Coffe Chalmette. .John Latil; 40-G McAlister, New Orleans. Joseph Lavarine; G129 Spain, New Orleans. Robert Laville; Box 268, Plaquemine. l ewis Lawrence; 7418 Maple, New Orleans. Warren Lawson ; 603 Pelican, New Orleans. Xorman Lazan; 1365 Locust, Washington. D. C. Sidney Lazard; 5620 Hurst, New Orleans. Janet Leach; 6744 Louisville, New Orleans. George Leal; 638 Elysian Fields. New Orleans. Clare Lear ' ; 4120 Fairfield, Shreveport. Cronan LeBlane; 4722 Palmyra, New Orleans. Felix LeBlane; 416 Codifer. New Orleans. Hayword LeBlane; 139 N. Hennesav. New Orleans. Jamil LeBlane; 1209 4th, New Orleans. .Merrill LeBlane; 1610 4th Kenner, New Orleans. Kaoul LeBlane; 7911 Oak. New Orleans, John LeBourgeois; 7839 Fig, New Orleans. John LeCorgne; 966 Picheloup. New Orleans. Jesse Ledbetter; 18 Ashurst. Tallassee. Ala. Charles Lee; 96 Stadium PI.. Forest. Miss. John Lee; 3119 Delachalse. New Orleans. James l eftwicli: 506 Richardson, Muiden. Lurline Leftwich; 7605 S. Claiborne. New Orleans. Harold Legeai ; 3129 State. New Orleans. Octave Legenore; 5911 West End, New Orleans. Robert Legendre; 6865 West End. New Orleans. James Leggett; No. 4 Betswood, Little Rock, Ark. Jacques LeGrip; Strasbourg. France. Carlos Leiva; 2125 Banks. New Orleans. Edwin Leland; 825 Dublin, New Orleans. Jules Lemaitre; 2464 Pressburg, New Orleans. Richard Lemann: 1637 Palmer, New Orleans. I..0U1S Lemarie; 7644 Plum, New Orleans. Guv LeMieux; 6821 Louis XIY, New Orleans. William Lemmon; 4635 Baccich, New Orleans. Ethelyn Lenfant; 1820 Gentilly. New Orleans. George Lenko; 1723 Melpomene, Newburgh, N. Y, . nthony Lenzer; 73 California, Long Beach. N. Y. Joan Lenzer; 73 California; Long Beach, N. Y. Sergio Leon; 2221 Calhoun, Box 112. Curaico, Lee Leonard; 3021 .Tosepli. New Orleans. Albert Leonhard; 1709 S. Dupre, New Orleans. Donald Lesser; 336 Pepperidge. Hewlett Harbor. N. Y. Peter Lestelle; S105 Columnus. New Orleans. William Levering; S5-P Stadium PI,. New Orleans, John Levert; 1514 Nashville. New Orleans. Irvine Ijevi ; 271 Fairway; New OrU ' ans. Itobcrt Ijcvine; 4223% Carondelet. New Orleans. .Mii ' h;i(-I Levlne; 50 Maple. Brooklyn, N. Y. Dimald I evy: 149 Bay A ' iew. Bay St. I uis. Miss. Edmund Levy; 125 N. St. Patrick. New Orleans. Frederick Levy; 10 Shore. Brooklyn. N. Y. John Levy; Franklin. Joseph Levy; 1801 S. Dupre. New Orleans. Morris Levy; 33 Audubon Blvd., New Orleans. Richard Levy; 94 Howard. Ansonia. Conn, Frederick Lewis; 835 General Pershing, New Or- leans. Raymond Lewis; 4613 Saratoga, New Orleans, Mary Lewis; 409 S. Jackson. Starkville, Miss. Renna Leyens; 1406 Baum, Vicksburg, Miss. Ramon Leyre; 456 St. .tVjidrew, New Orleans. Winnie Li; Kobe. Japan. Tully Liddell; 505 French. New Orleans. Warren Lieberman; 1025 Fairway. Miami Beach, Fla. Robert Liles; 4735 Cleveland, New Orleans. Beverly Limbaugh; 422 Finley, Moitgomery. Ala. John Lincks ; 5603 Annunciation, New Orleans. Frederick Und; 2721 Joseph, New Orleans. Helen Lindley; 99-B Stadium PI.. New Orleans. Petter Llndstedt; Grondalsvagen 10. Bolebro. Sweden. Rose Link; 211 E. Oak, .Tonesboro, Ark, Jolin Lipsey; 212 Shadipide, Brookhaven. Miss, Lewis Lisook; 527 N. Clinton, Trenton. N. J. James Little; 715 S. Pecan, Osceola. Ark. Polly Litton; Bastrop. Jules Lizarraga ; 5360 Chestnut, New Orleans. Peter Lobello; 2109 S. CarrolUon, New Orleans. William Lockwood: Summit, Miss. Ralph Long; 620 Polo, Winston-Salem. N. C. Robert Long; 32-F McAlister, New Orleans, Charles Longenecker; 205 S, 6th, Amory. Miss. Joe Longenecker; G-A Newcomb Campus, New Or- leans. Harriet 1,-ooney; 2504 Fifth, Ft. Worth, Tex. Rene Lorio; 139 Hollywood, New Orleans. Warren Lorio; 4678 LaPaj ' e, New Orleans. David Lott: 2415 Almonaster, New Orleans. John Lotz; 6339 Muste. New Orleans. Merlin Louapre; 6235 Marshall Foch, New Orleans. Thomas Louis; 100 Beverly, New Orleans. Tom Louis ; 3401 Drummond, Vicksburg, Miss. Joseph Loupe; 5010 DeBore, New Orleans. Clara Lovell; Thibodaux. Felicien Lozes; 6057 Patton. New Orleans. Ronald Lubritz; 4169 Vincennes, New Orleans. John Liieas; 1211 River, Greenwood. Miss. Janet Lumiansky; 1314 Audubon. New Orleans. JoAnn Lumpkin; 1795 Linden. Memphis, Tenn. Carolyn Lundquist; Route 1, Wavnesboro. Miss, Arnold Lupin; 3307 Louisiana. New Or ' eans. Ruby Luster; 503 School, Clarksdale, Miss. I-IaroUl Lutenbacker; 87-C Stadium PL, New Or- leans. John Lyle, 1702 Woodhead, Houston, Tex. Guv Lyman; 1251 Beach. Pascagoula, Miss. Robert Lynch; 6262 Prytania. New Orleans. Diana Lynne; 1936 S. CarrolUon, New Orleans. Donald MacConnel; 353 Broadway. New Orleans. Theodore Mace; 1724 S. CarrolUon, New Orleans. Charles Mack; 5912 St. Charles, New Orleans. Allen Mackenzie; 5018 St. Charles, N. O., Spartan- burg. S. C. Margaret Madere: 2628 Sage. New Orleans. : Iorton Madoft: Clinton. Mass. John Maecher; 6800 S. W. 40th. Jliami, Fla. Thomas Magee; 219 Audubon, New Orleans. Chris Magruder: 190 Ridge. Jackson. Miss. Joseph Mahoney; 5639 West End. New Orleans. Howard Maibach; 277 W. End Ave.. Now York, N. Y. Siesel Maibach; 626 Wilder, Shreveport. John Malamo; 524 Hayne, Pensacola. Fla. Harold Mallory; 1319 S. 9th, Elwood. Ind. John Malm ; 2428 Calhoun, New Orleans. David Malone; 411 Lowerline, New Orleans. Frank Malta; 1134 Monroe, Asburv, N. J. Errol Malvaney; 7008 Zimple, N. O., 805 Lyncrest. Columbia. Miss. Richard Manak; 3925 Delgado. New Orleans. Rol)ert Maness; 2720 Palmer, New Orleans. Billy Mangum; Mize. Miss. Elliot Manint; 1522 N. Dupre, New Orleans. Bi Mann ; Hong Kong, China. Robert Mann; 714 W. 27th, Texarkana. Tex. Stuart Mann; 1665 Berkshire. Winter Park, Fla. Patrick Manning; 2432 Broadway, New Orleans. Nubia Maradiaga ; Bluefields, Nicaragua. Gus Marcotte; 4661 Dart, New Orleans. Barbara Marcus; 1645 Foucher. New Orleans, Harman Marcus; 723 Ontario. Shreveport. Walter Marcus; 1645 Foucher, New Orleans. Otis Marinoni; 1427 Calhoun. New Orlpiais. Stanley Markantowis; 605 W. 137th, New York. N. Y. Eugene Markase; 926 Amelia. Gretna. Henry Markel; 1407 Louisiana, New Orleans. Isabel Markle; Leddo. Pa. Marie M ' arks; 2903 Napoleon, New Orleans. Doroth,v Marks; 1738 Fillmore. New Orleans. Leon Marks; 5301 S. Liberty. New Orleans. , Lloyd Marks; 4715 Eastern, New Orleans. Stephen Marks; 3461 Inglewood. Los Angeles. Calif. Joseph Marquette; 2619 Fern, New Orleans. Catherine Marsalise; 208 Jefferson, DeRldder. Clarence Martin; 485 Lions. New Orleans. Clyde Martin; 4852 Kendall. New Orleans . James Martin; Naval Station, Algiers, New Orleans. Kenneth Martin; Bay Minette, Ala. Paul Martineau; 530 Del Mar. Corpus Cliristi, Tex. Paul Mass; 46 Wren. New Orleans. Tliomas Matarazzo; 184 W. 8th. Brooklyn, N. Y. John Matherne; 7301 Plum, New Orleans. Mederic Matherne: 4729 St. Roch, New Orleans. Edgar Mathews; 701 Valence. New Orleans. Elizabeth Matthews; 206 Hunter, Charleston, Mo. V. E. Mathis; 302 Neil. New Orleans. Gerald Matters; 614 3rd St., Jefferson, Wis. William Mattison; 202 Odom, Bastrop. Oliver Maumus; 4149 Orleans, New Orleans. Patricia May; 250 Bellaire, New Orleans. Tliayer May; Garden City. Tamara Mayer; 5317 St. Charles. New Orleans. Theodore Mayer; 160 Beverly, New Orleans. Raymond Jlayerhafcr; 2004 N. Claiborne, New Or- leans. Huey Mayronne; 1924 Fourth, Harvey. John Mays; 1407 First, New Orleans. John Mazza; 120 St. Lawrence. New York. N. Y. Lawrence Mazzeno; 7317 Green, New Orleans. Robert McAfee; 700 N. Church. Favette. Mo. Eugene McArthur; 3319 Banks, New Orleans. Raymond McBride; 4538 Woodside, Houston. Tex. William McBride; 1836 Albert. Alexandria. James McBunch; 2243 Dayton, Baton Rouge. Harry McCall; 1502 Eleanore. New Orleans. Laura McCall; 501 Cherokee. New Orleans. Rugh McCarthy; 3816 Napoleon, New Orleans. Jean McCarroll; 5631 St. Charles, New Orleans. John McCawley; 1412 Sylvia, New Orleans. Donelson McCay; 1625 Arabella. New Orleans. Tobe-rtine McClendon; 2536 Nashville. New Orleans. Virginia McConnell; 1731 Calhoun. New Orleans. Mark McCoy; 228 ' , N. Main. South Bend, Ind. Curtis McCune; Stonewall. Miriam McDermotl; 6233 West End, New Orleans. John McDonald; Baldwyn, Miss, Robert McDonald; 106 Highland. Bastrop. enas McDonald; 802 Spring, Macon, Ga, Frank McDonnell; 1004 N. I..opez, New Orleans. Thomas McElhinney; 3117 St. Anthony, New Or- leans, Maryrose McFauH; 703 Catina, New Orleans. Robert McGaruey; 223-30 103rd Queen ViUage, N. Y. Chloe McGee; Tenula, Miss. Thomas McGee; 234 Atetairie Lawn, New Orleans. William McGee; 1306 N. Houston, Ft. Worth, Tex. William McGinity; 6468 General Diaz. New Orleans. Ann McGovern; 802 S. Gibson. Princeton, Ind. Richard McGowan; 759 Canal. Bearer. Pa. Ed McGlasson; 9 St. Anthony, Lake Charles. Gladys McGowann; Airbase Apt 82-C. Jackson, Miss. Daniel Mclntire; 1344 W. Congress, Lafayette. Albert Mclnvale; 313 4th, Manchester. Ga. -Vevell McKeehan: 79-G Stadium PI.. New Orleans. Billy McKeJIan; 2832 Palmer. N. O., Plain DeaUng. Thomas McKenna; 1560 Magazine, New Orleans. James McLaughlin; 3833 Lakeshore, Port Arthur, Tex. Julia McLean; 1226 N. Broad, New Orleans. Richard McLead; 2639 Napoleon. New Orleans. James McClendon ; 4020 St. Charles, New Orleans. Edward McMahon ; 1409 Adams, Mobile, Ala. Elizabeth McLenan; 318 Cuddiny, New Orleans. .Toe McMinn; 1401 Dallas. Port Neche.s, Tex. Thomas McMahon; 1410 Philip, New Orleans, Jack McNaughton; 371(1 Clermont Dr.. New Orleans. Michael Mc ' Nulty: Hr, Lee. Franklin, Prank McPherson; 811 University. Cleveland. Miss. Ann Meade; 1838 State. New Orleans. Willis Meadows; 1932 Va Broadway, New Orleans. Vincent Meccio; 3342 Pearsall, Bronx, N. Y. Joseph Meigs; Route 2. New London. N. C. Manuel Melendez; 1627 Jackson, New Orleans. Marcia Mellon; 99-C Stadium PL. New Orleans. Robert Mellon; 99-C Stadium PL. New Orleans. Hiram Melvin; 306 Berryhill. Milton. Fla. Julio Merlda; 118 N. Olvmpia, New Orleans. Daisy Meriwether; 1221 Exposition. New Orleans. .Alvin Merlin: 1316 Broadway. New Orleans. Tliomas Merrigan; 732 Independence, New Orleans. Frank Mershon; 41-6 McAlister, New Orleans Phyllis Mexic; 2625 Joseph. New Orleans. Sarae Mexic; 1729 Nashville, New Orleans. Hohart Meyer; 78-P Stadium PI., New Orleans. Jacob Jleyer; 5530 Willow. New Orleans. Leo Meyer; 3208 Spain. New Orleans. Warren Meyn ; 233 Aris. New Orleans. Oliver Miles; 2332 Chestnut. New Orleans. Donald Miller; 34-D McAlister. New Orleans. Donald Miller; 522 Forest Ave.. Westfield. N. J. Edward Miller; 437 E. .37th. Paterson. N. J. Eugene Miller; 173 Edgebrook, Wood Dale. III. George Miller; 1509 Ridgelake, New Orleans. Hainon Miller; Rolling Fork, Miss. Joyce Miller; 1946 Wildair. New Orleans. Richard Mill; 4-G Newcomb Campus, New Orleans. Nestor Mills ; 7923 Belfast, New Orleans. Donny Millsap; 2212 Pakenham. Chalmette. Grace Minagawa; 937 W. Eastwood. Chicago. Ill, Alfred Miranne; 1766 Gentilly. New Orleans. Francis Mire ; Jeanerette. Donald Mitchell; 2615 Rosalind. Roanoke. Va. Vincent Molina; 1125 Margaret, Key West. Fla. Edmund Molnar; Guthbert, Ga. Joseph Moncada; 4716 Baccich. New Orleans. Peter Montalbano: 8618 Belfast. New Orleans. Bobby Montgomery; Route 4, Box 16. Brookhaven, Miss. Aylmer Montgomery; 1804 Island Drive. Monroe. Don Montgomery; 3719 Mtn. Park. Birmingham, Ala. James Alontgomery; 2282 Lakeshore Blvd., Jackson- ville, Fla. Milton Montgomery: 3117 t pperline. New Orleans. Francis Mooney; 4739 Louisa, New Orleans. .Tames Mooney ; 200 Beach, Bay St. Lou s. Miss. Anthony Moore; 3811 Pinewood. West Palm Beach. Fla. Brenda Moore; 5417 S. Liberty. New Orleans. Charles Moore; 79-A Stadium PI.. New Orleans. Thomas Moore; Town House, New Or ' eans. John Moore; 4501 Dalton Rd.. Chevy Chase. Md. Rogello Morales; 10 Ave. Sur. 3; Santa Ana, El Salvador. Ernesto Moran ; Santa Ana, El S.alvador. Robert Mordini ; 231 Oakridge. Highwood, HI. Pierre Morere ; 1712 Riverside. New Orleans. Harry Moresi; 338 Henicle. Jenerette. Cecil Morgan; 525 Park Ave,. New York, N. Y. Jean Morgan; 3519 Country Club, Birmingham. Ala. Ivouis Morgan; 211 N. Bay, Amite. Ralph Morgan; 849 Weiblen. New Orleans Richard Morgan; 297 Azalea Circle, Mobile, Ala. Sam Morgan; Young Selma, Ala. Maline Morganstein; 3323 Robert. New Orleans. Vincent Morici; 1507 Bienville, New Orleans. Anthony Morovich; 7001 Vicksburg. New Orleans. Betty Morphy; 200 Island View, Long Beach, Miss. Edward Morphj-; 2115 Ottavla, New Orleans. Cliffton Morris; 2258 Terrace; Baton Rouge. Edward Morris; Box 36. Kenna. Peter Morris; 179 E. 105th, New York, N. Y. Robert Morris; Pheasants Harrison. New York. Edward Morrison; 1312 First, New Orleans. Gilbert Morrison; 102-E Stadium PL, New Orleans. Helen Morrison; 5120 Prytania, New Orleans. Barbara Morrow; 1609 State, New Orleans. Richard Morton; 1910 N. Stanton. El Paso. Tex. Robert Moses : 1620 Audubon, New Orleans Olive Moss: 302 Drew Park. Lake Charles. Walter Mott; 3303 Panola, New Orleans. Carole Mouchet; 1867 W. Wesley, Atlanta, Ga. Richard Mouledous ; 76-B Stadium PL, New Orleans. Judith Moulon; 120 Gill, Biloxi. Miss. Betty Moye; 1967 State, Waycross. Ga. David Moyan; 3117 Robert, New Orleans. James Mueller; 710 Burdette. New Orleans. Patrick Mulcajiy; 2222 Peniston, New Orleans. James Muldrey; 517 Calhoun, New Orleans, Dean Mullavey; 17 Union, Concord. N. H. Earl Mulley; 4900 Music, New Orleans. Carolyn JIuller ; 2711 Calhoun, New Orleans. Robert Muller; 603 Julius, New Orleans. James Mulligan; 1688 North. Bridgeport. Conn. Thomas Mullin; 210 Stella, New Orleans. Peter Mullins ; 326 Bellaire, New Orleans. John Mulrennan; 2167 Larchmont. Jax. Fla. Miriam Mumme; 833 Poland. New Orleans. Malcolm Mundy; 4700 Baccich, New Orleans. Clara Munholland; 1605 Fairview. Monroe. Thomas Murpliy; Wallen, Route 13. Ft, Wayne, Ind. Janeth Murray ; 3723 Carondelet. New Orleans. John Murray; Bennoch. Orono, Me. Paul Murray; Good Hope. New Orleans. David Philip iluth; 8529 S. Claiborne. New OrleaJis. Donald Charles Muth ; 8529 S, Claiborne, New Or- leans. Charlene Ann Mulz; 1129 Tevnes. New Orleans. Allen Hill Myers; Winchester. Tenn. Dovle Lvnn Myers; 731 Esplanade. New Orleans. Hulon Walker Myers; 214 S. 24th, Harrlsburg. Miss. Mary Myers ; Winchester, Tenn. .Toel Slater Myres ; MayersvlUe, Miss. Edward Maberschnlg; Box 365, River Road, West- wego. James Madlle; 20 S. View, Mcridon, Conn, Bernie Nachman; 1634 Woodmere. Jacksonville, Pla, Bonita Naihaus; 2621 Slate, New Orleans Thelma Naihaus ; 3621 State, New Orleans. Ruth Naire; 6031 Pitt. New Orleans. Norman Nakamura; Box 285. Kapaa, Kauai. T. H. Arthur Naquin; 2515 Pine, New Orleans. Paul Naquin ; Napoleonville. Yvonne Nassar; 3902 W. Capitol. Jackson. Miss. " Felix NasoU; 532 St. Philip. New Orleans. Ingeborg Naylor; 2012 Mandolin. New Orleans. . John Navlor; 105 Norlhllne, New Orleans Robert Naylor; 26 Spring, Amherst. Nova Scotia. Herbert Nederveld; 3218 Ben. Taylor, New Orleans. James Neeld; Benton Rd., Yazoo City, Miss Robert Neft; 3108 Ben Meyet, New Orleans Raymond Neigel ; 724 I pperllne. New Orleans. Orin Neiman; 901 N. Euclid. Oak Park, 111 Millard Nelsen; 1282 Devon. Los Angeles Cal Jane Nelson; Box 5315; Whilehaven, Tenn. Mary Nelson; 7319 Panola, New Orleans. Norman Nelson; 2412 Craigmont. Houston. Tex. Tliomas Nelson; 7319 Panola. New Orleans. .Toe Netick; Del Rio. Tex. Emile Netzhammer: 7623 Plum. New Orleans Robert Neuman; 3727 Coliseum. New Orleans. Louise Newitt; 2661 Mvrtle, New Orleans. Sarah Newell; 311 E. Washington, Goshen. Ind. Joseph New Hall; 870 Mayfield. Winter Park. Fla Amy Ne«Tnan: 2805 Ludlow. Cleveland, Ohio Barbara Newman: 7210 Lakewood. Dallas. Tex Louis Newman; 3902 Cambronne. New Orleans. David Newstadt; 728 Monrovia. Shreveport Richard Neyrey; 3115 Derby; New Orleans. La. Frederick Nlcaud: 907 Solomon, New Orleans Nancy Nichols; 134 E. Andrews. Atlanta. Ga. Nick Nichols; 416 Vince. Pasadena, Tex Robert Nichols; 30 Frankford. New Kensington; Pa. Crawford Nicholson; 411 Hemphill. Columbia. S. C Jerry Nicholson ; 1826 Valence. New Orleans. Earl Niehaus; 2901 S. CarrolUon. New Orleans .John Niklous; 4665 Venus, New Orleans. Judith Niman; 229 Ward Pkwy. . Kansas City, Mo. Charles Nissel; 5912 Catina. New Orleans. Anthony Noe; 8400 Hickor ' . New Orleans William Nolen; 311 E. 16th. Anniston. Ala. Lawrence Noonan ; 3815 Marais. New Orleans Ivslie Norman; 1114 S. Carrolton. New Orleans. Mary Norman; 1220 State. New Orleans. Charles Norris ; 930 Derbignv. Gretna. Charles Northum; 414 N. 16th, Ft. Smith. Ark. -Andrew Norton; 1000 Ridge Lake. New Orleans James Nowakowski ; 230 Spring. Willard.Ohlo. Thomas Nuckols; Route 2. Burleson, Tex. King Nungesser; 4421 Baronne, New Orleans. Robert Nunnally; Box 55, Camden, Ark Jerry Nusloch; 3235 Jefferson. New Orleans Richard Ober ; 102 Johnston. Monroe Paul Oberdorfer; 187 Shadowlawn. Jacksonville, Fla E Oherhelman; 1322 Burdette. New Orleans W. Oherhelman; 1322 Burdette. New Orleans. James O ' Brien; 73-P Stadium PL. New Orleans. Kevin O ' Brien; Palm Beach. Fla. Oswin O ' Brien; 122 Sierra, New Orl-ans. William O ' Brien; 2716 Camp, New Orleans George O ' Brjan: Altha, Fla. Gasper Occhipinti ; 425 lona. New Orleans. Minis Ochsner; 1347 Exposition, New Orleans. Dingrando Oddo: 622 Cumaine, New Orleans Lillian Oden; 802 Slattery, Shreveport. Marylin Odom; 5401 S. Miro. New Orleans C. O ' Donnell; 619 Second, New Orleans Robert O ' Donnell : 1822 National, Hockford, III. Tommy Oelsner; 225 Ridgewood. New Orleans T ' rsula Oelsner; 225 Ridgewood. New Orleans. Roberto Ogarrio; Guatemala. Guatemala Richard Ogawa; 174 N. Beretania. Honolulu. Hawaii. Raymond Oglukian : Route 2 Charlolte N C Frances Ohihausen; 2728 General Pershing. New Orleans. Benjamin Okel; 315 S. Panama, Montgomery. Ala. alvin Oland; 616 Dolhonde. Gretna John Olive: 512 Backusburg. Mayfield Kv. Itiirton Oliver; Tallahassee, Fla Hugh Oliver; 66-F Stadium PL, New Orleans. JHines Oliver; Box 59. Egan. Martha Oliver; 5327 Prytania, New Orleans. Daniel Olivier: 1229 Adams. New Orleans. Victor Olivier; 1423 N. Claiborne, New Orleans. Herman Olliges; 45-H McAlister. New Orleans. Junan Olsen ; 82-B Stadium PL. New Orleans. Lawrence O ' Mealle: 8860 Apricot. New Orleans Albert O ' Neal; 132 W. Park, Houma. Itoy O ' Neil; 2908 St. Charles. New Orleans. .Tohn O ' Neill; 120 S. First, Sharpsville. Pa. Hassan O ' Nichelv; Roosevelt Hotel. New Orleans. Belle ONeill; 1930 Jefferson, New Orleans. Erin O ' Neill; 1930 Jefferson, New Orleans. Jay Oppenheim; 4 Trianon Plaza, New Orleans. Raymond Ordogui ; 271 Avenue A, Westwego. Jehanc Ordorica; 4019 Dancel, New Orleans. Gail O ' Regaii; 235 S. Alexander. New Orleans. Andrew Orestano; 4020 St. Charles. New Orleans. Milton Orkin ; 9 Rogers, Danbury, Conn. . ndrew Ortli; 1817 Gallier, New Orleans. Louis Orth; 625 N. Olympic, New Orleans. Martin Ortlz-Nleves ; Box 3878. San Jose Br.. Rio Piedras. P. R. Thomas Ortolano; 420 Dorrington. New Orleans. Betty Osbom; 5509 Hurst. New Orleans. Sally Osbom; 1235 Broadway. New Orleans. William Osborn; 119 W. Almeria. Phoenix. Ariz. Donald Oschwald; 44-H McAlister, New Orleans. Alvin Oser; 4305 Coliseum. New Orleans. John O ' Shaughnessey; 284 Albcrmarle. Macon. Ga. Herbert Osofsky; 48 New Haven, Woodmont. Conn. Alfredo Osorio; Av, Bolivar No. 611. Managua. Nicaragua. Manier Ossi; 1604 Berwick. Jacksonville, Fla. William Osterhoit; 700 San Lorenzo. Santa Monica, CaL William Oswald; 2618 Edenborn, New Orleans. Julian Otillio; 5012 Touro. New Orleans, John Otwell ; Extension. Harold Ouchi; 1331 Nehoa. Honolulu, Hawaii. Clayton Overton; 760 N. State, Jackson, Miss. Thomas Owen; 110 4lh, DeRidder. WllHam Owens; Heflin. Ala. Clyde Owelngs ; Brent, Ala. Walter Pace; 5822 General Haig. New Orleans. Prank Pack; 7915 Plum. New Orleans. Manuel Paez; Carrera 16 No. 2285, Bogata, Colombia, Berryman Page: 125 S. Scott, New Orleans. Lyle Page; 1435 Henry Clay. New Orleans. Malcolm Page; 5664 Marshal Foeh. New Orleans. Paul Page; 1805 Burgundy. New Orleans. Elaine Pallet; 2111 St. Charles. New Orleans. Tester Pallet; 317 Audubon Blvd.. New Orleans. William Paine; 4417 Conslance, New Orleans. Hlchnrd Palmer; 5505 St. Charles. New Orleans. STUDENT DIRECTORY Robert Palmer; 13S0 X. Spring. Pensacola. Fla. .Mary Palmerlee; N. Congress. Jackson. Miss. Pascal Palmlsano; 1217 Annunciation. New Orleans. Frederick Paluinbo; 2581 Madrid. New Orleans. ( " ■huck Pang: 0O8 Kinaii, Honolulu. Hawaii. Richard Pang; 2122 Kanealu, Honolulu, Hawaii. George Pankey; Box 84, Ruston. S. Panzeoa; 414G Toulouse, New Orleans. Sol Pappernian: H20 Harnion,v, New Orleans. .Tames Pardue: 1036 Audubon, New Orleans. William ParOue; 10825 Troy. Cliicago. III. Anita Parent; 1214 Pine. New Orleans. Nilo Pareja; 1002 W. Adelee. Tampa, Fla. Edward Parker; E, Beach. Gulfport. Miss. Vernon Parker; 223 Washington. Bay St. Louis, Miss. Shirley Parker; ReilwooO. Miss. Thomas Parker; !t38 Webster. New Orleans. Richard Parkinson; Franklin, Idaho. Kmmy Parks; 6004 W. Beach. Gulfport. Miss. Xolan Parenln; Box 215. Ensenada. Puerto Rico. Ann Parsons; 417 W. Davis Blvd., Tampa. Fla. .Tames Parsons: Ladonia. Tex. Robert Parsons ; Maha Bend, Mo. .fames Partridge: 1955 SpringliiU. Mo ' ' i!e. Ala. Rafael Pasarell; 10 Mayor, Ponce. P. R. Leandro Pasosr C. 15 Sept. No. 107. Managua, Nioar agua. Harold Pastor; 4315 St. Ann, New Orleans. Robert Patterson: Route 1, West Point. Miss. Alfred Patttson; 1337 State, New Orleans. ■Tacquenne Pattlson; 5210 Paris. New Orleans. Helen Patton; 349 Georgia. Hollywood, Fla. Donald Pavy; 319 Jefferson, Opelousas. Done Payne; Tylertown. Miss. Patsy Payne; Box 7, Marrero. Ralph Payne: 839 Webster, New Orleans. Stanley Payne; 222 Inslee, San Antonio. Tex. Maurice Pearl; New York, N. Y. Ernest Peenon ; The Wohl. New Orleans. Robert Peddy: 729 S. Johnson, Lakeland, Fla. Sterling Peebles; 2121 Poplar. Memphis. Tenn. Oscar Peeples; 1846 S. Pkwy., E. Meinpliis, Tenn. Martha Peery; Route 1, Thorntown, Ind. Kenneth Peirce ; Route 1. Box 1S2-B, Warner Rob- ins. Ga. Barbar Peltfln ; 210 Avenue E. New Orleans. Tom Pemberton: 2401 29th W.. Seattle. Wash. Richard Pena; San Peiiro Sula, Honduras. Ca. A. Eldon Penu: 3190 Poplar. Lynwood. Cal. George Peneguy; 6900 Deanne, New Orleans. Philip Peperone: 2130 4th. Harvey. August Perez; 6604 Beauregard, New Orleans. Barbara Perez; 1902 Dauphin, Mobile, Ala. Carlos Perez; Calle Garcia No. 7. LaFlorida. Carcas. Donald Perez; 640 N. St. Patrick. New Orleans. Elena Perez; 2021 McLeary. Sanlurce, P. R. Vernon Perez; 640 N. St. Patrick, New Orleans. David Perkins: Box 47, Route 2. Mt. Hermon. Judith Perkins: Qtrs. 32. N. A. S.. Pensacola. Fla. Ivan Perla; 9 Country Club. Great Neck. N. Y. Shirley Perloff; 5 Riclunoml, New Orleans. ■toseph Ferret; 636 Nashville, New Orleans. Felice Perrilllat; 8005 Nelson, New Orleans. r.x)uis Perrilliat; 1928 Octavia. New Orleans. Carl Perritt; 929 Cumaine. New Orleans. Hallie Perrv; 8215 Palm. New Orleans. Helen Perry; 213 Linton. Natchez. Miss. Kenneth Perry; Box 79. Route 2. Ocean Springs, Miss. Charles Peter; 2054 Senator. Mobile. Ala, Carolyn Peters; 1311 Forsythe, Monroe. Nora Peters; Calle Reyes. Bluefields, Nicaragua. Richard Peters; 502 Greening. Camden, Ark. Arthur Peterson; 1905 19th. Greenley, Colo. Charles Peterson ; Schenectady, N. T, Luke Petrovicli; Buras. Harvey Pewitt; Route 4. Fulton. Ky. ToDomie Pewitt: Route 2, Box 75. New Orleans. Robert Pfister ; 2766 Creux, New Orleans. Calhoun Phifer; 7314 Hurst. New Orleans. Arthur Phillips; 10 Edgehill. Little- Bock. Ark. Cass Phillips; 259 Phospor, New Orleans. Charles Phillips; Shelhvville. Tenn. Coulson Phillips: 2620 Pressbury, New Orleans. .Tohn Phillips: 372 Pine. New Orleans. Patricia Phillips; 4424 S. Claiborne. New Orleans. Stuart Phillips: 5419 Hewes. New Orleans. William Phillips: Route 1. Raymond. Jackson, Miss. Donald Philpott; 3758 Cleveland. New Orleans. Hesden Pick: Box 45, Route 1. Lacombe. .7ohn Pico; 3333 State. New Orleans. . Courtney Picou; 7833 Burthe. New Orleans. William Pierce; 2310 10th. Meridian. Miss. Edwin Pike: 1332 Pauline. New Orleans. Ana Pineda; 7321 Panola, New Orleans. James Pinner; 99-A Stadium PL, New Orleans. Sylvia Pinner; 2227 Cambronne, New Orleans. Teresita Pinzon; Yucatan. Mexico. George Piske; 3435 Chestnut. New Orleans. Ifenrj- Pitot; 3 E. 8th, New York. N. Y. Charles Pittman: 4050 Franklin. New Orleans. Sidney PitUnan ; 1556 Bienvilie. New Orleans. ,7oe Pitts: 1213 Blythe. Alexandria. Sally Pitts: 1213 Blythe. Alexandria. Lida Placek; 59434 N. Park. Philadelphia. Pa. Claytus Plaisance; 1935 Tulane. New Orleans. Laura Planche; 818 22nd. Covington. Robert Planchet: 2.331 Franklin. New Orleans. Ann Pleasant; 740 Merrick. Shreveport. Ethel Plesner; 805 Belleville. New Orleans. Nathaniel Plotkin; 420 Cleveland. Bridgeport, Conn. Steven Plotkin: 622 SUte. New Orleans. Charles Plunkett; 149 Jackson, Camden. Ark. Adolph Poche; 2909 Pine. New Orleans. ,- Francis Poche; 1131 Mystery. New Orleans. John Poitevent; Lake, Mandeville. Demetri Polites: 1742 Arabella. New Orleans. Barbara Polk: 719 Frank, Lufkin, Tex. Katherine Pollard; 1456 Calhoun, New Orleans, Ruth Pomeranz; 18606 Parkland. Shaker Heights. Ohio. Jack Ponder ; 5514 Falls, Dallas, Tex. John Ponder; 20 Neron. New Orleans. Frank Pons; 3723 Beauvais. New Orleans. Sidney Ponseti; 1635 Paul Morphy. New Orleans. Gayle Pontz; 4548 Duplessis, New Orleans. Henry Pope; 210 S. Cooper, Arlington. Tex. James Pope; Riohton. Miss. Judith Porte; 2024 Congress. New Orleans. Harold Porter; 2127 Pine. New Orleans. Carmen Posada; 756 Monserrate, Santurce, P. R. Richard Post; Hot Springs. Ark. Louis Potash; 14 Pasadena. Dorchester. Mass, John Potter; 1523 Eleanore, New Orleans. Dorothy Potts; 60 Jaenieke, Hamden. Conn. Frances Potts; 60 Jaenieke. Hamden. Conn. Daniel Pouwels: 911 Barataria. Marrero, Elwin Powell; Box 1173, Plainview. Tex. Frank Powell; 5534 Garfield. New Orleans. Patricia Powell ; 4961 N. WooLlhurn. Milwaukee. Wis. Joseph Powers: 2220 Stanmore. Houston, Tex. Clifton Pown; 3001 Paris, New Orleans. Barbara Prago; 324 N. E, Greenway, Greensboro, N. C John Pratt: Bernee. Thurston Pratt ; Collinston. Amos Prevett; 206 Lee, Tampa, Fla. Henry Prescott; 6625 Louisville, New Orleans. Jackie Pressner: 278 Audubon Blvd., New Orleans Peter Prevett; 481 Sprague, Dedhani, Mass. Alice Prewitt; E. Campbell, Frankfort, Ky. Fred Price; 6458 Canal Blvd., New Orleans. Gail Price; Lake Latawana, Lee ' s Summit, Mo. James Price; 8218 Burtlie, New Orleans. .Muriel Price; 206 E. First, Thibodeaux. Raymond Price; 3332 N. Derbigny. New Orleans, Walter l rickett; Route S, Browning, Evansvil Ind. Thomas Pruitt; 5430 Hamilton. New Orleans. Kblrlev Pride; 3112 Angeles. Tampa. Fla. Bobbi Pridgen; 952 Porter, Jackson, Miss. Frances Priest; Jackson, Ala. James Primos ; 1319 N. Ramp-art. New Orleans. George Prince; 1933M: Ursuline, New Orl-ans. St ' -phen Priskie; 104 Elliott. Bronx, N. Y. William Privette: 1410 21st, Covington. Leonard Prondo; 2443 Annalee, Brentwood, Mo. David Proutv; Main, Rutland, Mass. LeDou.-i Provosty; 1134 Broadway. New Orleans. ■Thomas Pronty: 8718 Nelson. New Orleans. William Ptomey; Century. Fla. Jacoueline Pugh; Box 7. Portland, Ark. Simon Pulitzer; 3700 Octavia, New Orleans. Benny PumlUa; 5707 Rosemary, New Orleans. Dorothy Roessle; 1019 Leontine. New Orleans. Robert Rogers; 1725 6th. Lake Charles. Kennon Robbock: 6427 Main. New Orleans, Itobert Rohr; 1310 Clouet. New Orleans. Oscar Rohrmoser; San Jose, Costa Ricn. Calvin Rolland; 94 Stadium PI., New Orleans Sister Romagosa; 420 Robert E. Lee, N ' ew Orleans. Clement Rondeau; 381 Houk, Ironwood, Mich. Pablo Rontiuillo; Vehtientes, Cuba. Catherine Rooney; 3432 Derby, New Orleans. George Roper; 6040 -Burgundy, New Orleans. Jeanne Rosenberg; 1734 Wildwood, Atlanta, Ga. le, Marilyn Rosenthal; 3174 State. New Orleans. Edward Ross; Picayune, Miss. Hector Ross; Caracas, Venezuela. James Ross; Picayune. Miss. Paul Rossano; 1018 Anderson, New Orleans. Marion Rossi; 4900 Elysian Fields. New Orleans. Krskine Boss; 416 Bay. Hatliesburg. Miss. Jesse Roth: 1030 E. 71h. Brooklyn, N. Y. Afarvin Rothenberg; 2019 N. Decalur. Atlanta. Git, Ira Rothfield: 98-19 64 A, Forest Hils. N. . Xeal Rotbman; 710 Bardette. New Orleans. Manuel Rotolo; 3000 4th. Harvey. Thomas Roundtree; Box 115, Pinckard. Ala. Eugene Rouse; 1108 N. Sixth. Monroe. Larry Rousseau: 4417 Eastern. New Orleans. Richard Roussell; 3352 Roger Williams. New Or leans. Joe Rowe; 2223 Wood, Texark ana, Tex. Bernard Segaloff; 4525 Freret, New Orleans. Guv Sechers : 1483 Mirabeau, New Orleans. William Seibert; 5824 Metchill. New Orleans. Joseph Seller; 4520 Cross, New Odeans. John Sela; Box 2536. aiaplewood. Ronald Sena; 364 Aris. New Orleans. Jose Setiueira; Bl Bluff. Bluefields. Nicaragua. Cen. Am. Robert Serpa! Maria Serrano; Bennett Sewell; Royal, Jack Quackenbush : 329 Main. Port Monmouth. X. J. Thomas Quehl ; 2216 Carleton, Baton Rouge. Ronald Quillian : 2331 Wirth, New Orleans. Don Quillin: 3823 State. New Orleans. Gerald Quinlan; 827 Calhoun, New Orloans. Leonie Quinn; 1503 Valmont, New York. Eduardo Rahel ; 4651 Marigny, New Orleans. Robert Rabel; Box 264, Anna, III. Alice Rabn: 566 Dowling, San Leandro, Cal. Arlington Bagsdale; 1272 Fairvlew, N. E. Atlanta. Ga. Anthony Ragusa ; 327 Calhoun, New Orleans. Oney Raines; 1804 East Beach, Gulfport, Miss. Mimi Rainold; 2236 Palmer, New Orleans. Carole Rambach; 1916 Robert, New Orleans. Emile Ramirez; 2708 S, Carrollton, New Orleans. X ' ' oel Rando; 2428 Jackson. New Orleans. Martin Rappaport: 920 Meridian. Miami. Fla. Diane Ranch ; 815 E ' eonore. New Orleans. Marge Rauch ; 815 Eleonore, New Orleans. James Rawhns; 344 Winnona, Decatur, Ala. Harry Bay; 7618 Barthe, New Orleans. James Ray; 7106 Freret. New Orleans. Donald Ravner; 518 Scott. .Mexandria. Charles Hea: 3010 W. 11th, Little Rock. Ark. John Read; Box 1031. Picayune, Mi?s. Mari ' Ready; 1301 38th. Meridian. Miss. Texas Reardon ; 4412 Constance, N ' ew 0-leans. Douglas Reaves: 415 Sufforth. Ventnos, N. J, Milton Rebennack: 2331 Cumaine, New Oi-leans. Joseph Reddoch: 62 Fontainebleau. New Orleans. .Tane Reddy; 6029 Prytania, X ' -w Orleans. Robert Redlcarn ; 2330 Jena, New Orleans. Albert Redler: 14523 Barber. Houston. Tex. William Redmann; 7017 Broad. New Orleans. George Reed; 75-D Stadium PI.. New Orleans. Lawrence Reed : 2520 Audubon, New Orleans. Samuel Reed, Burling, N. J. Lynn Reeder: 8017 Cohn. New Orleans. Terry Rees; Boonevllle. Aliss. Charles Reese; 1512 Milan. New Orleans. Harry Reese; 1820 Calhoun. New Orleans. Ernest Reeves: 755 East View. JackS " n. Miss. Mary Reeves; Route 1. Forsyth Rd.. Macon, Ga. Wilson Reeves ; 5007 Bison. N ew Orleans . lbert Regenbogen; 1600 Prytania, New O-l-ans. Tony Rpginelli: Route 1. Box 360, Shaw. Miss. Harri ' Rebm ; 2229 St. Roch. New Orleans. Joan Reich: 900 Bushwirk. Brooklyn. N. Y. Txiuis B»ich: Snake Hill Rd., Trussville, Ala. Leo Reillv: 36 E. McAlister. New Orleans. Denise Reinecke; 1201 N. Dunre. N w Orleans. Aurey Reinike; 1130 Third. XVw Orleans, Xorman Reisig; 5717 Canal, New Orleans. Frank Ramond; 3030 Orleans. New Orleans. Paul Remy; 5306 Magazine, New Orleans. Justin Renaudin: 3705 State, New Orlpans. William Renaudin ; 102 Fairwav, N ' ew Orio-ans. Joan Renken; 154 Audubon Blvd.. New Orleans. Carolyn Rentz; Box 712. Lake Providence. Irwin Resnick: 2112 S. Dale Mabrj . Tampa. Fla. James Resor; 2778 Lavender, X ' ew Orleans. Milton Rptif; 9311 Palmer. Xew Orleans. Maurice Rcutber; 1017 Gordon, New Orleans. Julio Rey: 5 C. P. No. 2. Santa Ana. El Saha ' or. Colin Reynolds; 2523 S. ' •V. " Fort SmUb. Ark. Harold Rhodes: 1109 Collins, Natchitoches. Lionel Richard; 3317 Leonidas, New Orleans. Joseph Richard : 803 Ridgewood, New Orleans. Anne Richardson; 3325 Coliseum. N pw Orleans. Donald Richardson; 775 N. President, Jnckson, Miss. George Richardson; 4970 Arts, New Orleans. Ham Richardson ; 2626 Dalrymple. Baton Rouge. .Tohn Richardson; 1527 Webster. New Orleans. Kav Richardson: 3325 Coliseum. New Orleans. Ijouis Richardson: 2919 Carondclet. X ' ew O-leans. H— ol- ' Richmond; 955 Harding Rd.. Elizabeth. N. J. Richard Richter: 385 Northfield. Woodmere. N. T. Lester Ricks; 8821 Chatsworth Dr.. Houston. Tex. Henry Riecke; 5753 Memphis, New Orleans. William Riecken ; 625 Broadway. Ja-kson Mi?s. Marilvn Reidlinger; 4625 Painters, N-= w Orleans. Winston Riehl: 45 Park PI.. New Orleans Robert Rinesmith: 34 X " . W. 24 ' h. Miami. Fla. Andrew Rinker; 208 Campus, Eureta, III. Roland Ripperger; 06-23-53 Ave.. Maspeth. X. Y, Dorothy Risinger: 604 Polk. Manfield. Philip Pispoli: 25 Crane, Xewark. N. J. .Tames Rivet; 1610 Pine. New Orleans. Charles Robards ; 221 Coolidge. New Orleans. Ari ' old Robbins; 5562 Hobart. Pittsburgh, Pa. Alfred Robelot; 1704 Eagle. New Orleans. Walter Robelot: 1704 Eagle. X ' ew Orleans. Gerald Roberts ; 401 E. Third, Deouincy. James Roberts: 439 Steele. Baton Rouge, Lov Roberts: 4S-G McAlister. New Orleans. Matt Roberts ; 7707 Jeanette, New Orleans. Thomas Roberts: 8019 Maple. New Orleans. .Tack Robertson: Route 3. Box 25. Blytheville. Ark. Louis Robilla: 7235 Anne, Arabi. Barbara Robinson; 5445 Decatur. Omaha. Neb. Colleen Robinson; 4729 Bank, X ' ew Orleans. Elizabtth Robinson: 399 Broadwav. Xew Orleans. Jack Robinson: 261 Pine. X ' ew Orleans. Robert Robinson; Lecompte. Wilbert Robinson; 3224 Thomas, Port Arthur. Tex, Henry Roco ; 426 S. Solomon, Xew Orleans. Carmen Roccaforte; 1336 W. Cass. Tampa, Fhi. Tliomas Roche; 43105 Rocheblave, New Orleans. Emilio Rodriquez; Havana. Cuba. Robert Rodstrom : 8130 Sycamore, New Orleans. F. H. Roe: 805 Royal, New Orleans. Roderick Roehr; 122 Mountainview, Caldwell. Idaho. ■ .-ii2 Di Xew Orleans. Arabi. !. Shreveport. Xew Orleans. jrd. Brooklyn, X . New Orleans. Frank Rowley .lobn Rowli ' v Rita Roy; ! Teurlings H " Arthur Rulupi Michael Ruck _ -,-., - Roval Rudolph; 3935 E. Miner, Tucson, Ariz. Jerrj ' Rudwitsky; 107 Spring, Passall, X. J. Kobert Rueb; St. Francis, Kan. ,Tnseph Rufin: 6416 Louis XIV, New Orleans. Denis Rufin; 1620 Fourth, New Orleans. Hector Ruiz; 605 Hildalgo. Laredo. Tex. Thomas Rumble: 5822 Fontainehleau. New Orleans. Ravmond Rummel; 2428 Eagle. New Orleans. Esther Rush; 805 W. Congress, Lafayette. Mary Rush; 2100 Octavia. New Orleans. Mary Rush; 3623 P.S.D,. Meridian. Miss. Paul Rushing; 751 N. Bonham, San Benito, Tex. . lbert Russell; 70 Ijovelace, Brewton. Ala. . ugust Russo: 927 Walker. New Orleans. Frank Rutherford; 1631 Delachalse, New Orleans. Patricia Ryan; 1914 Broadway, New Orleans. Vera Sable; 5668 General Haig, New Orleans. Gordon Sa. ' ol: 521 Polk, Bethlehem. Pa. Ellsworth Sacks: Vet. Adm. Center. Biloxi. Miss. Gerald Sadlier; 5855 Catina. Xew Orleans. Frefl Suhhar; Jerusalem. Palestine. Robert Saia: 1523 Broad. Xew Orleans. .Toel Saiwer: 241 Central Pkwy. X ' ew York. N. Y, Henry St. Paul: 6302 Fontainehleau. X ' ew O-leans. Manuel Sala : Sta. A. Route 5, Box 436, New Orleans. John Salaoino: 131FI Sixth, X ' ew Orleans, Harold Salaun; 5843 Vicksburg. N w Orleans. T-arrie Salisbury; 8000 St. Charles. New Orleans. Pedro Salem; Carrera, 16 No. 20. Barquislmeto. A ' ' enezuela. Earl Sanchez: 4207 D ' Hemecourt, New Orleans. .Tohn Sanchez; 934 X ' ' . Rocheblave, New Orleans. Clifford Sanders; 4209 Iris. New Orleans. Curtis Sanders; 2120 Jena. New Orleans. Margaret Sanders: 2 Lemon, Abbeville, S. C Melvin Sandler: 15 Somerset, Great Neck. N. Y. Ralnh Santhin ; 1616 Clouet. New Orleans. Waldo Santiago; Box 28. Caho Rodo. Puerto Rico. Romero Santiago; 1060 Humacao. Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico. Anthony Sardisco: 2264 Barksdale, Bossier City. Daniel Sarter; Alto. Sam Sarullo; 334 E. Starling. Greenville. Misi. Bernhart Savikko; Route 1. Box 353, St. Martin- ville. Dan Sawver; 2640 W. College. Shreveport. Harvey Sbisa; 2105 Mirabeau. New Orleans. Mary Scales; W. River Rtl. , Greenwooi. Miss. Casper Scaline ; 1123 Secrest. Warren, Pa. Ann Schaafsma: 4833 St. Charles. New Orleans, John Schaffer; Box 55. Dilworth. Minn. Justin Schaffer; 3 Madeira, Queenstown. I .P., South Africa. Wilber Schnauder: 7464 Pearl. New Orleans. Dena Schneider; 257 Sk ' line. Park Hil ' . Ark. .Tovce Schneider: 225 Phospor. New Orleans. Thomas Schoen; 2626 Wisteria. New Orleans. Thomas Schorr; 1221 General Tavlor, New Orleans. James Shoultz; Box 313. Covington. Charlotte Schrader; 106 S. Greer. Memphis. Tenn. Michael Schrelber; 5616 Wornall, Kansas Citv. Mo. John Schroeder: 224-20 Bdmore, Queens Village. N. Y. Valwyn Schroeder; Claiborne Towers. New Orleans, H. J. Schulingkamp ; 1316 Bartholomew. New Or- leans. R. H. Schulingkamp: Box 634, Route 2, New Or- leans. Carl Schumacher; 4614 Perrier, X w Orleans. Charles Schwartz; 250 Bellaire, New Orleans. David Schwartz: 215 Ridgewood, N ew Orleans. Harold Schwartz; 8439 Palmetto, New Orleans. Louis Schwartz; 3220 Nashville. New Orleans. William Schwarze; 2124 St. Thomas. New Orleans, B. Schwarzwalder : 813 Washington, Natchez. Miss. P. Schweickbardt ; 8222 Hickory, New Orleans. Philip Schaffner; Conamore, Loreislane. Ocean Springs. Miss. Michael Schafir; 2832 Palmer. New Or ' eans. Murray Schatten ; 1759 Lenox Rd., N. E,. Atlanta, Ga. Henrv ' Schaumburg: 6 Neron PI.. New Orleans. .Terald Schenken; 377 S. Happy Hollow. Omaha, Xeb. .loan Scheuermann; 522 Fern. New Orleans. I ' -ving Schexnayder; Welcome. Reinhold Schiebel : 2001 St. Thomas, New Orleans. Charles Schillin; 246 Audubon, New Orleans. .Tohn Schindler; 715 I ' rsuline, New Orleans. Vorman Schinetsk ' : 316 Eleanore, New Orleans. Tvermit Scblameus ; 2321 Robert St., New Orleans ,Tohn Schmarkey; 2231 Highland. Birmingham, Ala. David Schmidt; 1432 A ' alence, X ' ew Orleans. Avres Schmitt; 616 Patton, Xew Orleans. Charles Sehwing; 720 Habauve. Plaquemine. Ifenry Sciambra: 3213 Banks, Xew Orleans. John Scofield; 322 Parish. Maplewood. Ann Scott; 280 Audubon, New Orleans. Jack Searcy: Box 446. Lewisville, Ark. William Searcy: 1623 W. 22nd, Little Rock, Ark. Stanlev Secklet: 3022 Drighton 2 St.. Brooklyn, N. Y. Donald Secunda: 029 Addison, Chicago. III. Elias Sedlin; 551 Live Oak, Mobile. Ala, Stephen Seeder: 3520 Lake Shore. Chicago, 111. Odette Seelig; 296 Linden Park PL. Highland Park, Ralph Seelig; 7121 Panola. New Orleans. Shirley Seelig: 7121 Panola. New Orleans . Leon Segal; 402 Rosa, New Orleans, 17 Urquhart. Xew Orleans. 924th 11th, Tampa, Fla. Boyce. Lawrence Seybold; 215 State, New Orleans. Edward Seymour; 1507 Park, Monroe. Holly Shaffer; 3001 Coliseum, New Orleans. Charles Shanhouse; Magnolia, Ark. Richmond Sharbrough; Holly Bluff. Miss. Roger Sharp ; 1838 Robert, New Orleans. Jerry Shaw; 1300 W. 24th, Pine Bluff. Ark. Paul Shaw; Moorhead, Miss. William Shaw; 1118 Joseph. X ' ew Orleans. Lorraine Shay: Route 7, Box 618, E. Jeff. Hwy.. Haralian, Xew Orleans. Eugene Shechan; 1914 Milan, X ' ew Orleans. Lowrv Sheely; Lee-Gray Chev. Co,, Forest, Miss, Williani SiudI: , " 54 Gelpl. New Orleans. Morion Sli.T .c!-: 712 E. 27th. Brooklyn, N. Y. CLntra Sliolicr ; 1137 X asbville, New Orleans. Martin Sburr; lill Elmore. Woonsocket. R. I. John Siegvvart; 22 N. Humes. Memphis. Tenn. James Siff: 440 W. End, New York City, N, Y. Orval Sifontes; Box 279. Calle IT. Roosevelt, P. B. Byron Sigler; 619 Commandie. Chillicothe. Ohio. Eleaniir Sigler; 60-D Stadium PL, X ' ew Orleans. Wade Sigmon; Box 305. X ' ewton, N. C, Walter Sills; 4393 Welvton, Jackson, Miss. .Albert Silverman; 3553 Jackson, Chicago, III. Frieda Silvert; 1813 S. 6th, Philadelphia. Pa. Ann Sislcr: ' 905 Governor Nichols, New Orleans. William Sistrunk; 567 Warrior Trail, Jackson. Miss. Lionel Sketlmon; 2408 Wisteria. X ' ew Orleans. Josep ' h Skinner; 3125 N. Villere, New Orleans. .Toseph Skinner: 1428 Port, New Orleans. Philip Slade; 314 S. 23rd. Hattiesburg, Miss. .Joseph Slochta; 90-G SUdium PL, X ' ew Orleans. Willard Sloshberg; 102 N. Gouver Nert. Trenton, N. Y. Albert Smith: 775 E. Beach, Pass Christian. Miss. Alva Smith: 1430 ' Pine. New Orleans. Charles Smilh: Box 32. Mamou. Charles Smith; 46 Potomac. Rochester, N. Y. David Smith: 317 Chestnut, St. Marys, Pa. Harriet Smith; 44-E McAlister, New Orleans. Helene Smith; 270 First, New York, N, Y. Henry Smith; Box 156, Hubbell, Mich. Jack Smith: 8200 Forshev, New Orleans, James Smith; Route 6. Hattiesburg, Miss. .Tohn Smith; Box 45. Carriene. Miss. Kent Smith: 1740 Oak. Birmingham, Mich. Leavell Smith. 12th and Grand, Stuttgart, Ark. Linda Smith; 4717 Marigny, New Orleans. Manship Smith; 3208 Cadiz. X ' ew Orleans. Phillip Smith; Route 4, Hattiesburg. Miss. Philip Smith; 1115 North " C. " Wellington, Kan. Philip Smith: 331 Broadway. New Orleans. Roxy Smith; 019 17th. St. Petersburg. Fla. Eugene Snearv; Route 5. Marlon, Mich. Dorothy Snider; 4228 Carondelet. New Orleans. Bernal Soganoanos ; Marbanija. Canal Zone. David Sallenberger; 643 Sizeler, X ' ew Orleans. George Soniat; 821 N. Hennessy. New Orleans, Fred Southerland: 46-D McAlister PL. New Orleans. Salvador Spear; 2212 N. Broad. New Orleans. Washington Speer; 72-C Stadium PL. New Orleans. Lloyd Spencer; 216 N. E. 7th, Delray Beach, Fla. .Tohn Spessard; 202 Woodward, Cincinnati, Ohio. William Spollew; 114-45 Jane College Pt,. Long Island. N. Y. Nelson Spoto; 2718 Roval, Tampa, Fla , Carlo Squitiero; 1199 Pembroke. Bridgeport, Conn. Ann Sproul; Box 98, Sedan, Kan. Grove Stafford: 520 Hillcrcst, Alexandria, Morris Stahl ; 51-A McAlister, New Orleans. X ' orman Stahl; 21 E. 43rd. Brooklyn, N. Y, Ernest Stabler; 739 Pine, New Orleans, Nicholas Stallworth; 105 Main, Evergreen, Ala. Rov Standard: 4508 Duplessis, X ew Orleans. Herbert SUnton; 2301 Napoleon, New Orleans. Frank Stass; 4315 Duplessis. New Orleans. Patrick Staub: 2605 Prytania. New Orleans. Roy Staub: 2605 Prj-tania, New Orleans. Robert Stearns: 1224 Leontine, New Orleans, Edward Steed; 1111 Fern. New Orleans, J-fferson Steele; 1935 Audubon, New Orleans. Gary Steen; 218 Metarie Hgts., New Orleans. Jerome Steen, Pinola, Miss. Mary Steg; 4-F Newcomh Campus. New Orleans. Charles Steib; 824 Sixth. New Orleans. Leslie Stein; 448 W. Olive. Long Beach. N. Y. Harlan Steinbaum ; 6221 Rosebury, St. Louis, Mo. Alfred Steinmuller: 231 Delgado. Baton Rouge. Rene Stelly; 1154 Market, Opelousas. George Stenne: 406 5th, Albany. Ga. James Stephenson; Parnish. Ala. W M. Stephenson: 56 Allard, New Orleans. Lucretia Sterling: 1316 Calhoun. New Orleans, Theodore Sterling; 64-D St.adiuni PL, New Orleans. Stanley Sternfels; Klotzville. Warren Stems; 31 7th. New Bedford. Mass. James Stevens ; Colonial Cottages, Gulfport. Miss, Dan Stewart; Minden. , , Elizabeth Stewart; 1306 Alpha, Carlsbad, N. M. Rufus Stewart; 1403 St. Charles. New Orleans. William Stewart: 2303 Gulf. Gulfport, Miss. Ellen Stier: 916 Leontine, New Orleans. Anton Stifter; 23 Jale 54Ui, Miami. Fla. Xelle Stinson; Pine Apple. Ala. Jack Stocker; 111 Burlingame. Detroit, Miclu . dele Stockham; 5324 Dryades, New Orleans. Clare Stocks: 38-A McAlister, Xew Orleans. John Stocks; 38-A McAlister, New Orleans. Lorraine Stokes; 7837 Freret, New Orleans. Roy Stoll; 527 B. State, Princeton, Ind. Sender Stolove; 3230 N. W. Third, Miami, Fla. James Stone; 4632 Bright, New Orleans. Walter Stone; 1640 Dufossat, New Orleans. Graham Stoner; 1320 Etaily, Sogenaw, Mich, Charles Storm: 542 W. 11th, Traverse City, Mich.. Glenn Stotz: 921 S. Penn, Aberdeen, S. D. Frank Stouder; 1001 Lillian, New Orleans. Richard Stout; 31-B McAlister, New Orleans. Robert Stratford; Box 426, Route 3. Louisville, Ky. Edward Streiffer; 155 E. 96th St., New York City, N. Y. Gayle Strickland, Centervllle. Miss. Edward Strenk; 4016 Culver. Dearborn, Mich. Sandra Stringer; 302 Herndon. Shreveport. Margaret Strong; 2228 Island Hone, Knoxville. Tenn. Jan Stroud; 714 W. 27th, Texarkana, Ark. Hal Stubbs ; 309 N, Peterson, Douglas, Ga. Herman Stumborg: 936 Arabella, Xew Orleans. Edmund Stumpf; 3822 Coliseum, New Orleans. Edward Suffern; 2225 Milan. New Orleans. Mary Sullivan; Hartford. Ala. Don Summerhalter; 919 N, Hagan, New Orleans, STUDENT DIRECTORY Donald Siiti; Eiwartlo Costa 112, Buenos Aires. Ar- gentina- Herbert Sussiuan; 823 E. 173rd. New York City. N. T. ■Iiianita Sutton ; Test, Kj ' . Howard Suzuki; 37-H Stadium PI.. New Orleans. Delmer Swander; 712 E. Moses. Cusliing. Okla. Xeil Sweeney; 614 Carol, Is ' ew Orleans. Frank Tagliarim : 3102 9tli. Tampa. Fla. Saehio Takata; 3215 Champa, Denver, Colo. Benjamin Talbot; 5520 Pitt. New Orleans. William Taliaferro; 7829% Belfast. New Orleans. Peter Talluto; 110 Homestead, New Orleans. John Tamberolla; 4120 Monroe. New Orleans. Franeis Tanaka; 3411 Florence. San Diego. Cal. Frank Taorminu ; S29 Wilson. New Orleans. Gail Tatum; 53-G McAlister. New Orleans. Lewis Taylor; 2800 Pass. Biloxi. Miss. Norma Taylor; 239S W. Maple. Fiint. Mich. ■Toseph Tedesco; 615 Fordham. San Mateo. Cal. Floyd Tenionia; 11123 Alnionasler. New Orleans. Blanche Texada; 1740 White. Alexandria. George Thabit: 803 8th. Huntington. W. Va. C. Theodocion; 505 Cherokee. Smyrna. Ga. Dolores Theriot; 7110 Deanne, New Orlea:is. Paul Thetford; 340 West, Baton Kouge. Wieck Tliimmesch; 2003 Metaire. New Orleans. Charles Thomas; 1910 E. Hawthorne. Tucson, Ariz. Eugene Thomas; 5335 St. An thony. New Orleans. Haley Thomas; Cheraw. S. C. Richard Thomas ; 110 Egret. New Orleans. Howard Thompson; 265 W. Lauderdale, Bussellvilte, James Thompson; 31-E McAlister, New Orleans. Merle Thompson; Forest City. Iowa, Ray Thompson; Box 803. .Tena. William Thompson; 304 Belle. Ft. Smith. Ark. William Thompson; 34 Gull. New Orleans. William Thompson ; 631 Maple. Haney. Jack Thorp; Route 2. Oskalooaa, Iowa. Ann Thweatt; Bos 14, Millbrook, Ala. Frank Thweatt; 1619 St. Mary. New Orleans. Clarence Tilger: 2336 Robert. New Orleans. Robert Tilghman; 3227 Arts. New Orleans. Fred Tilley; 2624 Vienna, New Orleans. Maurice Timken; 5922 Laurel. New Orleans. Donald Tinkle; 3523 Potomac, Dallas. Tex. Allen Tirado: 1605 Washington. Houston, Tex. Roland Toca ; 1222 Granda, New Orleans. James Todd; 17 Richmond, New Orleans. Jacques Toledano; 3028 Prytania. New Orleans. Nancy Toney; 7734 Cohn. New Orleans. John Tooley; SS-A Stadium PI., New Orleans. E. Torregrossa; 6702 10th. Brooklyn. N. T. Edilberto Torres; Calle 7 No. 65fi, Fusagasuga. Co- lombia. Mitsuo Tottori; 915 Sheridan, Honolulu. Hawaii. Robert Townes ; Fourth and Line. Grenada, Miss. Hall Townsend; 4409 Walmsley, New Orleans. Clifford Trahan; 4605 Baronne, New Orleans. Jacqueline Tracy; 1S19 Louisiana, Little Bock, Ark. Eugenia Trapp ; 2276 Montpelier, Macon, Ga. Heinke Trapp; 421 9th. Gretna. Gordon Trentecosto; 5317 N. Derbigny. New Orleans. Joan Tres; 12 Ave Sur No. 21-26, Guatemala City, C. A. David Treviel; 130 St. Charles, Bay St. Louis. Miss. Bert Trinchard; 4313 Palmyra. New Orleans. Guy Trouard; 247 Phospor, New Orleans. Wilbur Trosclair; 5350 Camp, New Orleans. Dalton Truax; 626 Friscoville, New Orleans. Caroline Trueman; 3225 Carlisle, Birmingham. Ala. John Truett; 4S27 St. Charles, New Orleans. Johnnie Trulove; Cedar Bluff, Miss. Robert Truxillo: 3117 Chippewa, New Orleans. Jumes Tucker; 4911 De Montluzin, New Orleans. Robert Tucker; 8411 Fig. New Orleans. William Tucker; 656 Louisiana. McComb. Miss. Helmut Tuerk; Bornweg 4, Bebra. Germany. William Tully; 89-27 74th. Glendale, N. Y. Henry Tung; 5205 Perlita, New Orleans. .Leonard Tunis; 2175 Ryer, Bronx, N. Y, Cleveland Turner; 94-F Stadium PI., New Orleans. Robert Turner: 6003y2 Fremont. Dallas. Tex. Dean Tyner; 409 N. Market. N. Manchester, Ind. Melvin Ulmer; 436 Hector. New Orleans. Patrick Unkel; Kinder. Howard Upton; 5807 W. End, Ne w Orleans. Christine Urda; 12700 Buckeye. Cleveland. Ohio. Ivan Uttal; 0241 N. Winthrop, Chicago. 111. George Vateades; 910 S. Carrolllon, New Orleans. Eve Vail: 1315 Gravier, New Orleans. John Vale; 232 Walnut. New Orleans. Edmund Vales; 1918 Napoleon. New Orleans. Felino Valiente: 1816 11th, Tampa, Fla. Rene Valladares ; 1542 Harcourt. New Orleans. Horace Vallas ; 425 French. New Orleans. Virginia Valle; 491S Mandeville. New Orleans. John Vance; 2104 Brainard. New Orleans. William Van Cleve; Gresham. Indianola, Miss. L. Van Dalen; 15 Rosalie, Clifton. N. J. Jaciiues Vandevoordet 1564 Valmont, New Orleans. Robert A ' andiver; 1604 Choctaw. Clarksdale, Miss. Dreux Van Horn ; Pass Christian, filiss. Wim Van Muyden; Beatrixplein 6, Curaco, D.W.I. Mary Van Poole; 429 W. Horah, Salisbury, N. C. Donald Van Wart; 8205 S. Claiborne, New Orleans. Jose Varona; San Fernando No. 74, Carnagliey, Cuba. Sara VasNunes: 2367 G4th. Brooklyn. N. Y. Henry Vasterling; 125 Beverly, New Orleans. Valentine Vaughan; 4951 Painters. New Orleans. Martin Vaupel; 1014 E. Blackford, Evansville, Ind. Jose Veilez: 271 San Aquistin San Juan. P. R. James Venable; 1523 Hilton. Colurahus. Ga. Nadia Venerable; Hope Hull, Ala. Jose Vendrell; Ponce, P. R. George Verges ; 1707 S. Gayoso, New Orleans. . Eugene Verrett; 1625 Almonaster, New Orleans. William A ' ickery; 1805 N. " M. " Pensacola, Fla. Joseph Viguerie; 39 Maryland. New Orleans. Rene A ' illaiorta; 1445 N. Bocheblave, New Orleans. Felix Viosca; 5632 Ada. New Orleans. Freddie Vizzi ; 608 7th, Tampa, Fla. Stephen Voelker: 5240 Pitt. New Orleans. Leon Vogt; Box 342. Route- 1. Bartlesville, Okla. William Vogtle; 25 Clarendon. Birmingliam. Ala. William Van Hoerne; 1729 Milan. New Orleans. William Vorhaben; 1222 Delachaise, New Orleans, Marcex Wade; 613 Linden, Shreveport, Walter Wadlington; Box 2. Biloxi. Miss. Jacob Wagner; 561 Joseph. New Orleans. Wiley Waite; 1306 E. Gonzalez. Pensacola. Fla. Clifton Walker; 69-G Stadium PI., New Orleans. Edgar Walker; 918 Short. New Orleans. Helen Walker; 918 Short, New Orleans. James Walker; 200 28th. Hattiesburg, Miss. Zelda Walker; Box 949, Laurel. Miss. Marv Walkinshaw; 1077 Kings, Jacksonville. Fla. Artie Wall; 2709 N. Robinson, Texarkana. Ark. David Wall; 636 Lakeshore, Baton Rouge, Eugene Wallace: Tallulali. John Wallace; 1525 Short, New Orleans. Robert Wallace; 2285 Kleinert. Baton Rouge. Roland Wallace; Route 3, Sheridan. Ind. William Wallace; Braxton, Miss. Arthe Walmsley; 1210 Octavia. New Orleans. Patrick Walsh; 7217 Prosperity. Arabia. H. Lorenzo Walters: Belle Harbor. N. Y. James Walther; 1202 Felcily, New Orleans. Elroy Waltzer: 1326 Congress. New Orleans. C. Wangensteen; Chisholm. Minn. Alice Ward; 2816-A General Pershing. New Orleans. Gene Ward: Fairbanks. Joseph W ' ard : 2206 Calhoun, New Orleans. Mary Ward; 1304 Ursuline. Bryan. Tex. William Ware: 99 Park, New Orleans. Thomas Warner; 2621 Joliet. New Orleans, Kazoo Watanabe; 25-207 McAlister, New Orleans.- Philip Waters; Century. Fla. Ben Watson; 301 English. Birmingham, Ala. Donald Watts ; Bush. Harry Wat; 124 E. 96th, Brooklyn. N. Y. James Weatherly; 6023 Hurst. New Orleans. Robert W ' eaver; 4819 Bienville. New Orleans. Ciarence Webb; 3904 Creswell. Shreveport. George Webb; 537 Dale. Wynnewood. Pa. John Webb: Banes Oeiente. Cuba. Robert Webb; 5206 Pine Forest. Houston. Tex. Edwin Webber: 55 Hillcrest, Auburn. Me. Lerov Weeks; 7624 Sassurait. Kansas City. Mo. Svlvia Weibelt; 1234 St. Maurice. New Orleans. Lawrence Wiedemann; 3238 S. CarroUton, New Or- leans. Raymond Weidenbacher ; 2009 Congress, New Or- leans. John Weigel; S439 Sycamore, New Orleans. Ronald Weinberger; 2212 W ' est Beach. Biloxi. Miss. Ernest Weiner; 40 Ramsey, Albany. N. Y. Mvron Weiner; 6105 Milburn. Ft. Worth. Tex. Mark Wi ' iiiril); :i.il4 Gilmer. Montgomery, Ala. Bernar ! w ■ i - - ' A3 Munhall. Pittsburgh. Pa. Elhrl w . I ' I i- ir.i. Miss. Eli ,.il ' ; I: ' 1 :il25 Dominican. New Orleans. Tjovi.-. Wii,-., J.)-:; Prentiss. New Orleans. Albert Welch; 209 Fairway. New Orleans. Charles Wells; 60-B Stadium PI.. New Orleans. Waller Wells; 2219 Bellefontaine. Houston. Tex. Paul Welly ; Menge. Pass Christian. Miss. Arleue Went; 1036 Lowerline, New Orleans. R. 0. Werlein; 1525 Arabella, New Orleans. Robert West; 1031 College. Shreveport. Lowell Westerman: 3532 Upperline. New Orleans. Wilbert Wetzel; G K)dhope. Herbert Weyer; 640 Bonny, New Orleans. Joe Wheeler; Route 1, South Point, Ohio. Winifred Wheeler; 1506 McGowen. Houston. Tex. Anna White: 3623 Republic. New Orleans. Martin Wliilc; Woodville. Miss. Natalie White; 6040 Jocelyn Hollow, Nashville. Tenn. William White: 57 Willow. Gretna. Shirley Whlteman; 1122 Zimmer. N. E,. Af.anta. Ga. Jackir Wliiiitrl.l: 114 Monroe, Picayune. Miss. Doti;:!.! Whin,. ; 418 College. La Grange, Ga. RaiM.iM I ■ - . 118 College, La Grange, Ga. Geor;;!.- Winn: - " N. Franklin. Mobile. Ala. Allan ' ilbur; G119 Vicksburg. New Orleans. Freddie Wilcox; 158 Hickorj-, Harahan. Leonard Wilcox; 17586 Warrington, Detroit. Mich. William Wilcox; 63 Ocean Front. Atlantic Beach. Fla. Vernon W ' ild: 604 N. Hennessey. New Orleans. Henry Wilde; 3013 Aralon. Houston. Tex. George Williams; 420 S. Valley. Neoso. Mo. Herbert Williams; 57 Fontainebleau. New Orleans. Paul Williams; Box 2115. South Bend. Ind. Raymond Williams: 5873 Louisville. New Orleans. Kobt-rl Wiltiiiins; 101 E. Vlnita, Sulphur. Okla. Rohi-rt William-;; 1328 State. New Orleans. William Williaiti.s; 2649 Stanislaus, Macon. Ga. ChristiER- WilliiLgham; Fairforest. S. C. Frank Willis; 2800 White, New Orleans. Lev Willis; 2801 White. New Orleans. Norman Willis; 4715 Western. New Orleans. Ford Willoughby; 1420 Canibronne. New Orleans Austin Wi " n: 1031 Alar, New Orleans. Janii- i! I ' ll tJH N. Dupre. New Orleans. PbuMi. Wilnii Itintte 1. Fairview. V. Va. Rail,!, Wil i,u, Jii:; W. Hempstead. Nashville. Ark. WilUaii. Wil.,oJi; Route 8. Whistler. Ala. Wilma Wilson; 4900 St. Charles, New Orleans. Gerard Wimberly; 6039 Pasteur. New Orleans. John Windham; 900 Pioneen Bldg.. Lake Charles. Marion Winkler; Box 055. Tupelo, Miss. William Winkler; 55 Farnham. New Orleans. George Winn; 1304 W. 10th. Lakeland. Fla. Jack Winn: 1528 Polymnis. New Orleans. Abraham Winter: 2191 Long Island. Brooklyn. N. Y. Adelaide Wisdom : 1823 Palmer. New Orleans. Melvin Wise; 847 Wildwood. Atlanta, Ga. Norman Witthauer; Picayune. Miss. Lionel Wolford; W. Main. Jeanerette. Eugene Womble; 201 E. Burton; High Point. N. C. Charles Wonderley; 41-H ifcAlister. New Orleans. Arthur Wong; 1612 9th, Honolulu. Hawaii. ■Johnson Wong; 1523 Palolo. Honolulu, Hawaii. Donald Wood; 407 Fline, Mobile. Ala. George Wood; 1500 Runnels, Big Spring. Tex. Thomas Wood; 429 Louisiana, McComb, Jliss. Bobby Woods: 1111 General Pershing. New Orleans. Eugene Woods; 67 Dream. New Orleans. Marilyn Woodward; 404 Goodyear. Picayune. Jliss. Wayne Woody; 1115 Royal, New Orleans. Beatrice Woof; 2203 N. Fruit, Fresno, Cal. Lynn Wooten; 9026 Apple. New Orleans. Eva Worris; 401 liowerline. New Orleans. .Toe Wright; Route 1. Box 387. Mexia, Tex. Thomas Wright; 839 Main, Hattiesburg. Miss. Alvin Yeagcr; 1843 Crete, New Orleans. Alaurice Yager; Route 12. Box 270-B, Indianapolis. Ind. Harold Ycary; Box 53-A. Laredo, Tex. Harry Yoffee; 1580 Alexandria, Jax, Fla. Patricia York: 908 Denver. Wichita Falls. Tex. Woody York; 3414 Sherwood. Wichita Falls, Tex. Robert Yost; 712 Erie, Lewistown, Mont. Donn Yost ; Belle Time Farms, Holly. Mich. William Young; 5918 Coliseum, New Orleans, Wanda Youngs: Box 283. Anne. III. David Yuspeh; 3500 Vpperline, New Orleans. Charles Zanizov; Box 945, San Juan, Tex, Anton Zanki; 4139 Canal. New Orleans. .Tordan Zarren; 419 Washington, Chelsa, Mass. Jose Zelaya; 1216 N. Lopez, New Orleans. Emmett Zelenka; 2806 General Ogden, New Orleans. Ann Zeringue; 4202 Dumaine, New Orleans. Joseph Zeringue; 5750 Memphis. New Orleans. Oskar Zernickow; 346 Delgade. Santa Fe, N. M. Anthony Ziegler; 324 E. 7th. Crowley. Martha Zilbermann; 3912 Jena. New Orleans. Jame Zimmerle; 2658 Lubelin. Baton Bouge. Marie Zimmerman; 308 E. Beech, Hazelton. Pa. Anne Zindler; 570 Ott, Harrisonburg, Va. Leo Zinser ; 1220 Second. New Orleans. David Zuber; 116 Hollywood. New Orleans. William Zuber; 116 Hollywood, New Orleans. Gary Zuckerman; 7725 W. Biltmore, Clayton. Mo. Virginia Zuniga; Costa Rico. This Directory includes the names and addresses of those students not pictured in the class section, and is included as a service to the student hody. ykete J ffo place i.ike (mmf fleu; OfieaHJ ' Qualitif hepaftmnt tcfe OF Z- When You Mean BUS Say CONTINENTAL TRAIL WAYS! For Complete Travel information Call . . . CONTINENTAL TRAILWAYS BUS DEPOT 1314 Tulane Ave. Phone RA420I For olhers, none Our " Naluraldlre " model The natural approach to fashion PRIDE OF OWNERSHIP There is a certain self-esteem experienced in the wearing of quality apparel — an inner satisfaction that your clothing is worn in true good taste. That is what we offer you in a garment with a Terry and Juden label. evru and Auden L o. 135 Carondelet St. NEW ORLEANS, LA. " Fine Apparel and Uniforms for over 60 years " Tulane ROTC uniforms made by us TULANE ' S MODERN CAFETERIA Invites You To Enjoy food at it ' s best — served in our pleasant surroundings, at reasonable pric s. Dining with us is more economical than dining at home — Air Conditioned for Your Comfort HENRY KRAAK FLORIST 1425 Eleonore St. UP I 198 Member — Florist Telegraph Delivery BARNETT OPTICAL CO. 333 Common Street WM. J. HAGSTETTE, Mgr. RAymond 471 1-7414 NEW ORLEANS, LA. Pere Marquette Arcade L. G. BALFOUR Headquarters for CO. BADGES CRESTED NOVELTIES TROPHIES. KEYS, STATIONERY. MU S, RINGS, etc. WALTER S. CRUMP, Mgr. 619 S Carroll+on Ave. WA 7980 COMPLIMENTS OF FREEPORT SULPHUR CO. (Producers of Crude Sulphur) NEW ORLEANS PORT SULPHUR COLLEGE RINGS SORORITY PINS FRATERNITY KEYS Special Designs Created BERNARD 8. GRUNNING " Better Jewelry " 146 Baronne Street M. D. KOSTMAYER GENERAL INSURANCE AND BONDS 709 UNITED FRUIT BUILDING Raymond 6151 Magnolia 9111 l CthihC A PIZZERIA RESTAURANT BAR Magnolia 9753 701 ST. CHARLES STREET HOJRS Week-Days iO;00 A. U. to 5:00 A. M. Sundays 5:00 P. M. to 5:00 A. U. VXTLK AND ITALIAN SPECIALTIES LINGUINI AND SPAGHETTI COOKED TO ORDER The Storv for Yountf 3tvn twntl 3§en Who Sitwy Young! 311 Baronne Street, New Orleans, La. JAHNCKE SERVICE, INC. ALL BUILDING MATERIALS... HYDRAULIC DREDGING... SAND • GRAVEL • SHELLS... READY MIXED CONCRETE... CONCRETE PRODUCTS . . . SAFWAY STEEL SCAFFOLDING... LUMBER • PAINTS... C A. SPORL CO. INCORPORATED COLUMBIA HOMESTEAD ASSOCIATION 330 Carondelet St. ALL KINDS OF NEW ORLEANS INSURANCE 3% Current Dividend J. 8. EATON Board Chairman Whitney Building Canal 5341 C. C. FRIEDRICHS President 1. L. DUSSOM Vice President JNO. WORNER SON BUILDERS HARDWARE BEST WISHES W Quality Disfribufors of TO THE YALE LOCKS AND HARDWARE SARGENT LOCKS AND HARDWARE SCHLAGE LOCKS JAMBALAYA Phone Raymond 1674 Phone Raymond 0353 401-405 Decatur Street New Orleans 16, U.S.A. Bond ' Asbestos-Cement Products • Chroma-Tex Siding Shingles with " Surfaseal " Finish • Roofing Shingles • Piiaboard and Permaboard • Corrugated Asbestone Roofing Siding NATIONAL GYPSUM COMPANY 325 DELAWARE AVE. BUFFALO, N. Y. 5300 TCHOUPITOULAS ST., NEW ORLEANS, LA. G REAT UNIVERSITIES DO NOT " JUST HAPPEN. " Since 1834, integrity, sound direction, creative planning, pro- gressive policies efficiently carried through, are some of the factors that have contributed to the development of Tulane from a humble beginning to its present dominant position among Southern Universities. These same factors constitute a solid framework for success within any field of endeavor. R.P. F AflNSWORTH C, I NC. GENERAL CONTRACTORS P. O. Box 850 New Orleans 2. La. W. H. CURTIN CO. Laboratory Apparatus Reagents Spencer and Bausch Lomb Microscopes 2800 Frenchman St. New Orleans, La. For Bcaulifitl Matched Diamond Wedding Sets-. Padel ■ P,neJo, Jnc. Manufacturing Jewelers 152 BARONNE ST. All for charity ARNAUD ' S " The House of Hospitality and Friends " 80I-2V BIENVILLE STREET OPEN FROM II A. M. to 12:30 A.M. GERMAINE CAZENAVE WELLS Owner of Arnaud ' s Restaurant, daughter ol the late Count Arnaud, founder of the restaurant that bears his name, as well as creator of many famous Creole and French dishes famed throughout the world. -V , ARNAUD ' S — Selected the best restaurant of the South for the 2000th anniversary of the founding of the City of Paris. !Ki 3iB|p=7 ' -.«ri= - l ed aurun t Few are the people who set foot on the sidewalk of New Orleans who do not seek to learn the location of Ar- naud ' s and forthwith journey there to enjoy this famous cuisine. After partaking of a notable nneal, guests fre- quently ask the derivation of a particular dish: " Is it French? " " Is it Spanish? " The answer is that it is a combination of the wizardry of the French with the art of Spanish to make Arnaud ' s masterpieces. rnaucL AIR CONDITIONED AGENTS FOR GOLD CHAIN FLOUR COLD STORAGE AT LAKE CHARLES. LA. KELLY. WEBER COMPANY, INC. Wholesale Groceries, Produce and Grain FERTILIZER MANUFACTURERS LAKE CHARLES, LA. MAIN OFFICE: LAKE CHARLES. LA. BRANCHES: EUNICE, LA. LEESVILLE, LA. MANY, LA. NATCHITOCHES, LA. OAKDALE, LA. GIFTS HEMENWAY 1740 St. Charles Avenue For the finest gifts in all Price Ranges INTERIORS TABASCO The Seasoning Supreme As even the dullest student knows, an imitation makes a poor substitute!! Always insist on gen- uine TABASCO when eating at your favorite restaurant, whether it be the Toddle House or Galatoire ' s. EASTMAN KODAK STORES Incorporated EVERYTHING PHOTOGRAPHIC A Complete Line of Photographic Merchandise and Accessories 928 Canal St. New Orleans, Louisiana CRAWFORD H. ELLIS President EDWARD G. SIMMONS Executive Vice-President KENNETH D. HAMER Vice-President Agency Director For infornnation address CHARLES J. MESMAN Superintendent of Agencies PAN-AMERICAN LIFE INSURANCE CO. HEW ORLEANS. U. S. A. important reasons Pan-American Life Insurance Company field represenfa- fives are among the most successful In the industry! • Advanced Training Procedure Including: Business Insurance Pension Trust Group Insurance • Modern Unexcelled Sales Aids • A Proven Direct Mall Plan • A Modern and Liberal Compensation Contract INCLUDING 1. Group Life Insurance 2. Group Hospitalization for Representative and Family 3. Disability Benefits 4. Pension Plans ALL with no expense to representative ' S y mv ■ We had a team! SCHOOL COLLEGE PHOTOGRAPHERS Rappoport Studios OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS CLASS OF 1954 Leaders in Photography Since 1905 485 FIFTH AVENUE NEW YORK 17, N. Y. MUrray Hill 2-90V4 C naruved b aravect ou SHREUEPORT EnCRflUinG compflnv n SHREVEPDRT. LOUISIANA oDedianed and J Anted hu Bcnson PRinnnG compflnv O J NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE A v. n ' : ■ ■ ?w , . w I i 4:4 i. . JiL M :: ::i - : ' V - ' %-. ■i :- dW i A - t i ' - .t , - ff ' " i .t-i] i-j ' . V ■ ' V • X. . : . iPiiSi ' . - ■ „ ■ ' :? ' » .: g r.. mm ' JW: " • « « -1 REGUJ k-tO V%i •ifff ;« n i ' ♦ . s: • 7»vi ' -v -J t- ' . ' K , -««. ■ ■ - L .. I •— o " . »tt5 Qi ( s---=- — -AiM-BrB w w y ■ I II Be ■ k U ' lC ;: C lr ic» • " " .r--- h (Ki:0 C2fc— . 4 - OiS ' iW V

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