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THE TILTON MEMORIAL THE TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA L31 ■0 ? -I " 1( heh time t hc Mealj Put i eat aufui hall Meal cut pleaMte Up The mem til c the paM uill Atat and hal cut jc teneu , " —White ■ i Y i c k i ' iM:-:SB Jr mm ) ta OF TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA FRANCIS FRAENKEL • EDITOR-IN-CHIEF JULES DAVIDSON, JR. • BUSINESS MANAGER 24f886 oc: a ao a 7 a a The world on my shoulders . . . Library . . . Labs . . . Drills . . . Term papers . . Exams . . . Cramming for knowlerge Knowledge is power . . . Power is strength . . . There ' s S strength in numbers ... A number oi people are in Bruff Commons . . . therefore Bruff Commons is the place for knowledge . . . Ho hum ... I think I ' ll cut my next class. led v--- UGLY MUGS . . You may not Remember . . . Your despair over the D in Economics . . . even one sentence from your first term paper ... or rule number 1 36 in the Newcomb handbook . . . But try and forget The Homecoming defeat of Vandy . . . endless cokes in Bruff Commons . . . the race to beat the 1 :00 curfew ... I like Ike ... a beer at Phillip ' s lambalaya, crayfish pie, filet gumbo. REENIE— BEANIES a a[ o a BLOODY NOSES s a B SPIRITS FLARING -- - ' — T- nil W ' iitt)i|t|||yii| ::llil.:.!(mmimi}mmsimeni, G ■SMBItWiBtKaMMBa v o o i eAd. WE RECALL . . SECRET HANDCLASPS O No man more active on the university campus than " Ducky " . . . Advisor to ODK, Pan-Hellenic Council, Kappa Delta Phi, Sigma Pi Sigma, Adelphons; possessing ■fervor and enthusiasm that inevitably has rtf d off on many Ojj Fdrtunate is Tulane to have a man suonas DR. KARLEM RIESS CONTENTS ■ Adminls+ra-Hon |8 ■ Classes 32 Medicine 35 Law 47 Newcomb 55 Architecture 79 Arts and Sciences 83 Business Administration 101 Engineering | | | Social Work and Graduate School 119 ■ Campus Life 122 ■ Athletics 172 ■ Activities and Organizations 202 Governing Councils 204 Publications 208 Honoraries 212 Spirit 217 Religion 221 Music and Dramatics 226 Miscellaneous Clubs 233 Military 236 ■ Greeks 244 Tulane Fraternities ■. . . 246 Newcomb Sororities 280 Med Fraternities 302 r w m m f 5 as ' . fmmmim PRESIDENT DEANS r DIVISION OF STUDENT LIFE ALUMNI JMSF ' «i i niw i ' i»i ' iii wi " " i a i» !i ' »i . •- THE PRESIDENT ' S MESSAGE The 1953 JAMBALAYA makes another fine vol- ume for the University ' s pictorial records. The story of 1952-53 Is one of achievement. Approxi- mately five million dollars will have been added to the endowment of the University. A new and very beautiful Alumni hHouse has been inaugurat- ed. Expanded facilities are now available for stu- dent services and organizations at the Student Center. This building is devoted now entirely to the program of student affairs. The new Warren House for women was opened. Before this volume goes to press, ground will have been broken for two new men ' s dormitories which will house four hundred and fifty students. The signs of the times are auspicious. An even more significant and ex- citing student life lies ahead at Tulane. The year 1953 will be marked as a pivotal period through which the University moved forward to greatly increased educational authority and responsi- bility. EINAR PEDERSEN Assistant to the Dean of Students JOHNIE BRANCH Placement Officer ANDRES HORCASITAS Advisor to Foreign Students OK, Poker Face, your play DIVISION OF DR. JOHN H. STIBBS Dean of Students MRS. BUCKNER CHIPLEY Student Center Housemother MRS. MYRA CULBERTSON Housing Officer CHARLENE SMITH Secretary to the Dean GERRY NEWMAN Secretary to the Dean s T U D E N T L I F E 23 T U L A N E UNIVERSITY STUDENT COUNCIL GEORGE SWAIM President OFFICERS GEORGE SWAIM Ist Semester President DICK GIBSON .- 2nd Semester President LYNN WILLIAMS Secretary MEMBERS ARTHUR A. DeFRAITES Engineering JIM VAN PELT Arts and Sciences FRANK BROCATO Architecture SAMLJEL R. DUNBAR Business Administration JOHN GRENIER Law WILLIAM HAYDEN Medicine BARBARA BARTLETT Newcomb JACK STOCKER Graduate School BILL SMITH Social Work The Student Council is the highest governing body of the Associated Students of Tulane University. It is composed of the presidents of the student bodies of each of the eight colleges of the University. The officers of the council itself are chosen by an elec- toral college which is made up of members elected by their respective colleges. The council is vested with the government and supervision of the student body and all the activities thereof. Administration of the University Student Fund is one of the major duties of the council, along with general supervision of all student elections and provid- ing for the election of university cheerleaders. All organizations must be approved by the council before they can become official activities on the campus. 24 Gentlemen, we ' ve lots of work In ■front of us tonight. BABS BARTLETT ART DeFRAITES SAMMY DUNBAR DICK GIBSON JOHN GRENIER BILLY HAYDEN BILL SMITH JIM VAN PELT LYNN WILLIAMS DEAN LEE JOHNSON Engineering DIRECTOR BUFORD PICKENS Architecture DEAN ROBERT FRENCH Business Administration DR. JOE MORRIS Vice-President of the University DEAN ANNA MANY Newcomb DEAN MAXWELL LAPHAM Medicine EMANUEL LIVAUDAIS University Bursar DEANS DEAN JOHN DYER University College DEAN FORREST LAKE Admissions DEAN ROGER McCUTCHEON Graduate School DEAN RAY FORESTER Law DEAN FRED COLE Arts and Sciences DEAN ELIZABETH WISNER Social Work AND OFFICIALS 27 DR. CLARENCE SCHEPS University Comptroller MRS. FLORENCE TOPPING Registrar RICHARD O. BAUMBACH Director of Athletics aMuu| DR. GARLAND TAYLOR Director of Libraries HORACE RENEGAR Director of Public Rclatiori! PERCY GENERES Secretary. Treasurer of the University DOROTHY RICCIUTI President ' GEORGIA SEAGO FISCHER Executive Secretary NEWCOMB ALUMNAE ASSOCIATION NATIONAL OFFICERS DOROTHY NUNGESSER RICCIUTI President KATE HODGE First Vice-President CHARLOHE HAWKINS FREMAUX .... Second Vice-President ELIZABETH EDWARDS Treasurer MOONYEAN MARION JOHNSTON .... Recording Secretary LOUISE HOEHN HOGAN Corresponding Secretary GEORGIA SEAGO FISCHER Executive Secretary LALISE MOORE O ' BRIEN . . . . Representative Academic School RITA HOVEY KINGYOKUM Representative Art School CAROLYN STUBBS LYNCH Music Representative HELEN RUSSELL DIETRICH Fund Chairman HELEN HARRY MORRISON " Tulanlan " Editor PEGGY ROEMER READ Membership Chairman The Newcomb Alumnae Association, composed of all graduates and former students, is a means of channelling loyalties to Nev comb. Its office is housed In the Tulane Alumnae hlouse where files and pertinent information are kept. Made up of a national group of officers and clubs located In leading cities In the United States, its activities Include thousands of women and cover a wide range of Interests. Its two national meetings yearly are held, one at Home- coming and the other at Commencement time. Its purpose Is to fill college needs when they arise, to foster alumnae activities, and to serve as a tie between future, present and past students and the college faculty administrators. Miss Many displays her " favorite chillun " Gayle ' Maclcenroth, Mrs. Clifford Favrot, Mrs. Robert Lynch make plans tor Homecoming, T U L A N E DR. ARTHUR F. HOGE President MISS BEATRICE FIELD Director oF Alumni Activities __ OFFICERS ARTHUR F. HOGE President G. SHELBY FRIEDRICHS First Vice-President D. B. H. CHAFFE : Second Vice-President MRS. F. H. DAVIS Third Vice-President HARRY P. GAMBLE, JR. . Secretary A. L. JUNG, JR Treasurer BEATRICE M. FIELD Director of Alumni Activities The Tulane Alumni Association was organized in 1898 devoted to the broad principles of devotion and service to Tulane Univer- sity. Since that time Tulane alumni have participated in the educa- tional progress of one of the South ' s oldest and greatest universi- ties. There are no membership dues in the Alumni Association. Through it each alumnus is given an opportunity to serve and fur- ther the progress of the University. Through the Alumni Associa- tion the University maintains contacts with all former students. One means is through the " Tulanian, " alumni magazine which is sent free of charge to all former students. Active local Tulane alumni clubs exist In many parts of the United States and elsewhere. Each year the Alumni Association sponsors Homecoming, a celebration which brings graduates back to the campus for reunions and other activities. Several of the individual colleges of the University have active alumni clubs all affiliated with the general Association. The Tulane Alumni Fund, organized seven years ago, is conducted by Class Agents and other representatives of the Alumni Association. The Fund has increased each year both in numbers of contributors and total contributed. It has become a strong financial support of the University and has been another means of nurturing alumni Interest. One of the most significant achievements of the Association has been the acquisition and occupation of the new Alumni hlouse at 6319 Willow St. For the first time Alumni have a " home " on the campus and for the first time all alumni activities are housed In one building. The house is already being used by alumni and other Uni- versity groups and through the years Its usefulness will be ever- Increasing. OFFICERS A. L. Jung, D. B. H. Chaffe, Dr. Hoge, Mrs. F. H. Davis, G. Shelby Friedrichs, Harry P. Gamble, Jr. ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Outgoing president Gerald Andrus congratulates the two oldest present: William Weeks and Lewis Scherclc. Why didn ' t I use Lifebuoy soap? Edward D. FInley presents Queen Sissy .mn-riri tm ' : " V. MEDICINE LAW NEWCOMB ARCHITECTURE ARTS SCIENCES BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ENGINEERING SOCIAL WORK GRAD SCHOOL ?- 33 jfn tHetHcHant ALBERT BARNETT PATERSON Tulane Board of Administrators, 1938-1952 PHiL WARREN STRATTON Glass of 1956 BERNARD HENRY GREHAN Tulane Board of Administrators, 1949-1952 MAX LYLES GRIFFIN Professor of English, 1945-1953 f 1 COLLEGE MEDICI Clyde Smith, Viee-Prosldenl; Billy Haydsn, Presldetil; Frank Owens, Secretary. R. L. Alexander Paul Anderson George Allard Joseph Baldone J b ' • ' L HIUh i F r I I n E s y k ti ri k A ? 3 p sppr pppg .era te B 3 y-te a M ' n0 p rr : ;; ssffi5HgEiifiii!2g!6a liifij ' Sffl New addition to Hutchison Memorial Building TH t i s ft J L C 1 KG ■ t « M HH ABOVE: First Row: • R. L. ALEXANDER, JR., Laurel, Mississippi; Phi Chi. • GEORGE DALE ALLARD, Flora, Mississippi; Phi Chi; Medical Pan-Hellenic Council. Second Row: • PAUL B. ANDERSON, Neosho, Missouri; Nu Sigma Nu; Owls Club; Honor Council. • JOSEPH ANTHONY BALDONE, Birmingham. Alabama; Theta Kappa Psi; Class Secretary 1750-1952; History of Medicine Society. I9S3 SENIORS BELOW: First Row: • GEORGE KENNETH BARRETT, Sulphur. Louisiana. • HERBERT S. BELL, New York, New York; Phi Lambda Kappa. • AUSTIN P. BOGGAN, Hickory, Mississippi; Phi Chi. • FRANK BOSWELL, Noxapater, Mississippi; Phi Chi. • JAMES LOUIS BRIDGES, Bessemer, Alabama; Nu Sigma Nu. • CHARLES L. BROWN, JR., New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Chi; • GLENN C. BROWN, Selma, Alabama; Nu Sigma Nu. Kappa Alpha; Treasurer Medical School 1951-1952. Second Row: • J. P. BUCKLEY. JR., Jackson, Mississippi; Owl Club; Class Vice-President 1951-1952. • EDWIN E. BUCKNER, New Orleans, Louisiana. • THOMAS J. BURNETT, Greenville, Alabama; Phi Chi. • GROVER L. BYNUM, Heniyetta, Oklahoma; Nu Sigma Nu; Medical Pan-Hellenic Council; Phi Kappa Sigma; His- tory of Medicine Society. • ROBERT P. CAMERON, Hattiesburg, Mississippi; Phi Chi; Kappa Alpha; Alpha Chi Sigma; Alpha Omega Alpha; Beta Beta Beta; A.I.Ch.E.; American Chemical Society. • JACK THOMPSON CAPPEL, Alexandria, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Chi; Omicron Delta Kappa- Owl Club. • WILLIAM EDGAR CARLISLE, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Chi; Alpha Phi Omega; Baptist Student Union. George Barrett J. P. Buckley Herbert Bell Edwin Buckner Austin Boggan Thorn,)! Burnntt Frank Boswell Grover Bynum James Bridges Robert Cameron Charles Brown Jack Cappel Glenn Brown William Carlisle 36 Robert Carfer L. J. Credeur John Castle Morris Crisler John Chandler Carl Culicchia Jack Clemons Robert Culpepper Jack Coleman Ernest Deshautreaux ABOVE: First Row; • ROBERT F. CARTER, JR., Pascagoula, Mississippi; Phi Chi; History of Medicine Society; Medical ROTC; Thespians. • JOHN RICHARD CASTLE, Meridian, Mississippi; Kappa Alpha; Phi Chi; Medical ROTC. • JOHN D. CHANDLER, Decatur, Alabama; Nu Sigma Nu; History of Medicine Society; Owl Club. • JACK K. CLEMONS, Albertville, Alabama; Nu Sigma Nu. • JACK TURNER COLEMAN. Mobile, Alabama; Beta Beta Beta. • ANTHONY FRANK COPPOLA, New Orleans. Louisiana; Theta Kappa Psi. • BEN L. CRAWFORD. Tylertown, Mississippi; Phi Chi. Second Row: • L. J. CREDEUR, Alexandria, Louisiana. • MORRIS M. CRISLER, JR., Port Gibson. Mississippi; Phi Chi. • CARL F. CULICCHIA, Donna. Texas; Theta Kappa Psi. • ROBERT C. CULPEPPER, Alexandria, Louisiana; Phi Chi. • ERNEST E. DESHAUTREAUX, Kenner. Louisiana. • WILLIAM H. C. DUDLEY, JR., Jackson, Mississippi; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • JOHN F. EGGER, Meridian, Mississippi; Phi Chi. BELOW: First Row; • PERRY J. EKMAN, New Orleans, Louisiana; Zeta Beta Tau; Phi Delta Epsilon. . cTti n-rr, i-.nn.-ft . , • t . Phi La m bda Ka ppa ; H i story o f M ed i cine Society Phi Kappa Sigma; Nu Sigma Nu History of Medicine Society; Ow - rt:i i i J. cr rviAM ' (, i- ew v-riedfi • STUART D. FARBER, San Antonio, Texas; . ... __ • JOHN A. FERRIS, JR., Corpus ChristI, Texas; Club; Newman Club. Second Row: • JERRY A. FORTENBERRY. Columbia, Mississippi; Phi Chi; Kappa Sigma; Omicron Delta Kappa; Medical ROTC- Alpha Psi Omega; Alpha Epsilon Delta. • DAVID MAURICE FRIEFELD. Vicksburg, Mississippi; Phi Delta Epsilon; Zeta Beta Tau. • LOUIS A. GALLO, New Orleans, Louisiana; Theta Kappa Psi; History of Medicine Society; Owl Club. Ccilcfe 0 MEDICINE We pause now for station identification Perry Ekman Jerry Fortenberry Stuart Farber David Friefeld John Ferris Louis Gallo Harry Garrett David Green Richard Gibson Joseph Hamilton James Goodlad James Hand Time for tea, old chap l9Si SENIORS ABOVE: First Row: • HARRY WARREN GARRETT, JR., Vivian, Louisiana; Phi Chi. • RICHARD W, GIBSON, Haynesville, Louisiana: Phi Chi; Kappa Alpha; Vice-President Student Body 1952-1953; Owl Club; Student American Medical Association; Who ' s Who; President Student Body 1953. • JAMES KENNETH GOODLAD, Orange, Texas; Theta Kappa Psi; Owl Club. Second Row: • DAVID E. GREEN, Flomaton, Alabama. • JOSEPH FRANKLIN HAMILTON, JR., Memphis, Tennessee; Phi Chi; Owl Club; Baptist Student Union. • JAMES EDGAR HAND, Graceville, Florida; Nu Sigma Nu. BELOW: First Row: • VINCENT J. HANNEKEN, Van Buren, Arkansas. • WALKER HARRIS, New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi; Phi Chi. • WALTER E. HARRISON, JR., Winter Haven, Florida. • WILLIAM deGRAFFENRIED HAYDEN, Shreveport, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha; Phi Chi; President Medical Student Body 1952-1953; Phi Beta Kappa; History of Medicine Society; Owl Club; Varsity Baseball 1948; President Honor Coun- cil Medical School 1952-1953; President Student American Medical Association 1952-1953; Who ' s Who. • JOHN B. HOLLAND, Horton, Alabama; Pi Kappa Alpha; Nu Sigma Nu. • WARREN HANSELL HUNT, III; Rayville, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha; Phi Chi; History of Medicine Society; Canter- bury Club. • BAXTER HUnO, Gulfport, Mississippi; Phi Chi. Second Row: • FENWICK JOHN JACKSON. Kosciusko, Mississippi; Phi Chi. • TOMAS JIMENEZ, New Orleans, Louisiana. • BOLLING J. JONES, Monroe, Louisiana; Delta Tau Delta; Theta Kappa Psi; Alpha Phi Omega. • MELVIN KAHN, Brooklyn, New York; Phi Lambda Kappa; Alpha Omega Alpha; Phi Beta Kappa. • JOHN H. KARAM. Shreveport, Louisiana. • CHARLES W. KELLEY, Magnolia, Arkansas; Sigma Nu; Phi Chi; History of Medicine Society. • TOM FR6RE KRAMER, Franklin, Louisiana; Phi Chi; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Eta Sigma Phi; History of Medicine Society. Vincent Hanneken Fenwick Jackson Walker Harris Tomas JIminez Walter Harrison Boiling Jones William Hayden Melvin Kahn John Holland John Karam Warren Hunt Charles Kelley Baxter Hutto Tom Kramer William Landry James McCutchon W. D. Latham Leroy McFarland Alvin Lavender William McNichols Parkerson Laville Albert Mailer Francis LeJeune Ronald Mann Philip Loria William Marshall Charles McCarthy William Middleton ABOVE: First Row: • WILLIAM BURTON LANDRY, New Iberia, Louisiana. • W. D. LATHAM, Jackson, Mississippi; Phi Chi. • ALVIN KNIGHT LAVENDER, Dallas. TeKas. • L. PARKERSON LAVILLE, JR., Plaqumine. Louisiana; Phi Chi; Owl Club. • FRANCIS E. LeJEUNE. JR., New Orleans. Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi; Phi Chi; History of Medicine Society; Owl Club. • PHILIP RONALD LORIA, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Tau Omega; Vice-President Freshman Medical School I949-I750; President History o( Medicine Society 1952-1953; Owl Club. • CHARLES TERRELL McCARTHY. JR., Monahans, Texas; Theta Kappa Psi; Medical Pan-Hellenic Council; History of Medicine Society; Owl Club. Second Row: • F. JAMES McCUTCHON, New Orleans. Louisiana; Nu Sigma Nu; History of Medicine Society; Newman Club. • LEROY McFARLAND, Bay St. Louis. Mississippi; Phi Chi. • WILLIAM ARTHUR McNICHOLS, JR., New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Delta Phi. • ALBERT I. MALLER, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Lambda Kappa. • RONALD J. MANN, Winter Park, Florida; Phi Delta Epsilon; Medical Pan-Hellenic Council; Treasurer Junior Class 1951-1962; Phi Beta Kappa. • WILLIAM S. MARSHALL. JR.. New Orleans, Louisiana; History of Medicine Society. • WILLIAM A. MIDDLTON, Gore Springs, Mississippi; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Owl Club; Medical ROTC; Junior Medical Association. BELOW: First Row: • JACKSON CHADWICK MINGE, JR., Jacksonville, Florida. • J. EDWIN MORRISS, JR., New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Chi; Baptist Student Union; Medical ROTC; Medical Honor Council. • L. KENNEDY MOSS, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Chi; Beta Theta Pi; President of Class 1952; Phi Beta Kappa. Second Row: • RICHARD M, NUNNALLY, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Chi; History of Medicine Society; Canter- bury Club; Lagniappes • GEORGE CHAPMAN OLIVE, Brantley, Alabama; Nu Sigma Nu; Owl Club. • JOSUE PAGAN-CARLO, Puerto Rico. EDICINE Think you can do It? Jackson Minge Richard Nunnally Edwin Morriss George Olive Kennedy Moss Josue Pagan-Carlo John Parker George Paxton Marlon Parker William Perret James Patrick Edward Phillips Say, who spiked this stuff? ABOVE: First Row: • JOHN H. PARKER. JR., Perry. Florida; Theta Kappa Psi. • MARION P. PARKER, Jackson, Mississippi; Phi Chi. • JAMES KARON PATRICK, Camden, Arkansas; Nu Sigma Nu. Second Row: • GEORGE B. PAXTON, JR.. Birmingham, Alabama; Nu Sigma Nu; President Freshman Class I947-I950. • WILLIAM PERRET. New Orleans, Louisiana; Nu Sigma Nu; History of Medicine Society; Newman Club. • EDWARD W. PHILLIPS, JR., Lake Charles. Louisiana; Phi Chi. I9S3 SENIORS BELOW: First Row: • DANIEL B. POWELL. JR., New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Chi; History of Medicine Society; Baptist Student Union; Medical ROTC. • DAN D. POWELL. Carson, Alabama; Nu Sigma Nu. • GEORGE H. PitATT, III, Amarillo, Texas; Theta Kappa Psi. • REX RAMSAY, Nashville, Arkansas; Phi Chi; Kappa Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Scabbard and Blade; History of Medicine Society; Air Force ROTC. • EDWARD HUNT RAY. JR.. Lexington, Kentucky; Nu Sigma Nu. • WILLIAM C. REAGAN, Greenville, Texas. • MAY VIRGINIA REID, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Epsilon lota; Secretary Junior Class 1952. Second Row: • JAMES L. REYNOLDS, New Orleans, Louisiana; Nu Sigma Nu; Medical Pan-Hellenic Council. • DAVID D. RICHARDSON, Louisville, Mississippi; Sigma Chi; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Medical Pan-Hellenic Council. • JOE FRANK ROBBERSON, Amarillo, Texas. • CHARLES M. ROBERTS, Collinsville. Alabama. • DIEGO J. ROCA-FRANCE5CHI, Yanco. Puerto Rico. • M. PAYTON RUSSELL, Natchitoches. Louisiana; Nu Sigma Nu. • WINNIFRED SEEGERS, Logansport, Louisiana; Alpha Epsilon lota. Daniel Powell James Reynolds Dan Powell David Richardson George Pratt Joe Robberson Rex Ramsay Charles Roberts Edward Ray Diego Roca-Franceschi William Reagan Payfon Russell May Virginia Reid Winnifred Seegers 40 Jack Sherman Gloria Ann Stewart Herschel Sidransky William Suttle Charles Smith Hart Sylvester Rufus Smith Fernando Vaiverde Dale Snow Clinton Wallace Frederick Spell Charles Wascom George Stewart James Watkins ABOVE: First Row: • JACK SHERMAN, New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Nu; Phi Lambda Kappa. • HERSCHEL SIDRANSKY, Pensacola, Florida. • CHARLES RODNEY SMITH, Ruleville, Mississippi; Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Chi; Beta Beta Beta; Phi Eta Sigma. • RUFUS CLYDE SMITH, JR., Dothan, Alabama; Phi Chi; Vice-President Medical School 1952-1953. • DALE B. SNOW, New Orleans. Louisiana; Theta Kappa Psi. • FREDERICK K. SPELL. Columbia, Mississippi. • GEORGE D. STEWART, Brandon, Mississippi; Vice-President of Class 1952; Phi Eta Sigma. Second Row: • GLORIA ANN STEWART, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Delta Pi; Alpha Epsilon lota; Beta Beta Beta; Phi Beta Kappa; Newman Club. • WILLIA M M. SUTTLE. Jackson. Mississippi; Kappa Sigma; Phi Chi. • HART SYLVESTER, Ville Platte, Louisiana; Sigma Pi; Medical Pan-Hellenic Council; Blue Key; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • FERNANDO S. VALVERDE, New Orleans. Louisiana. • CLINTON ELTON WALLACE, Yazoo City. Mississippi; Sigma Chi; Beta Beta Beta; Who ' s Who. • CHARLES M. WASCOM. JR., Meridian, Mississippi; Phi Chi; Medical Pan Helelnic Council; Owl Club. • JAMES HAROLD WATKINS, JR.. Montgomery. Alabama; Treasurer Freshman Class 1949-1950; Vice President Student American Medical Association 1952-1953; History of Medicine Society; Canterbury Club. BELOW: First Row: • PRISCILLA ANN WELLS, New Orleans, Louisiana. • GLENN WHITLEY, Biloxi, Mississippi; Phi Chi. • OLLIE WILLIAMS, Shrevcport. Louisiana; Phi Chi. Second Row: • WILLIAM WISE WOLFE, JR.. Shreveport. Louisiana; Phi Chi. • ARTHUR E. WOOD. JR . Clinton. Mississippi; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Medical Pan Hellenic Council EDICINE It was a great fight Priscilla Ann Wells William Wolfe Glenn Whitley Arthur Wood OIlie Williams First Row: • J. GILBERT ALEXANDER. Union, K ississippi; Sigma Nu; Phi Chi. • RODRIGO ALTMAN, San Jose, Costa Rica; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Medical Pan- Hellenic Council. • NICK AUTHEMENT, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • JERRY BAGWELL, Mayfield, Kentucky. • HASKELL HARRIS BASS. JR., New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Chi. • GEORGE W. BEDDINGFIELD, Valdosta, Georgia; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Chi. • PHILLIP H. BOOKt AN, Jersey City, New Jersey; Phi Lambda Kappa; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Secretary Class ' 52; Phi Beta Kappa; Medical ROTC. • EUGENE BOWLING, Manchester. Kentucky; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Medical Pan- Hellenic. • JOHN LLOYD BRADIN, JR., Chesaning, Michigan; Theta Kappa Psi; Medical Pan-Hellenic; Leadership Council. Second Row; • JAMES M. BRAKEFIELD, Birmingham, Alabama; Phi Chi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Who ' s Who; Baptist Student Union. • RONALD S. BRANDT, JR., Brooklyn, New York. • MELVIN BRANTLEY, Garland, Alabama; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • WILLIAM BROOKS. New York, New York; Phi Delta Epsilon; Varsity Football Manager ' 49; Carnival Staff. • JAMES W. BUGG, Mulberry. Florida; Theta Kappa Psi. • DICK CAMPBELL. Coral Gables, Florida; Phi Chi. • CHUCK CARUSO, Greenville, Mississippi; Theta Kappa Psi. • O ' NEAL CHADWICK. Plaquemine, Louisiana; Phi Chi; Beta Theta Pi. • RICHARD HARRY CLARK, JR.. Hattiesburg. Mississippi; Phi Chi; Phi Delta Theta; Vice-President Class ' 52. Third Row; • B. H. COGDELL. New Iberia, Louisiana; Theta Kappa Psi. • JAMES EDWARD COLBURN, Phoenix, Arizona; Nu Sigma Nu. • MELVIN J. CORRY, Cedar, Utah; Nu Sigma Nu; Kappa Delta Pi. • JOHN H. COUNCE, II, New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi; Nu Sigma Nu. • BOBBY COX, Grandon, Mississippi; Phi Chi. • OLIVER HIPPOLYTE DABEZIES, JR., New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi; Phi Chi. • GEORGE DeMUNO DAME, Jacksonville, Florida; Sigma Pi; Phi Sigma; Theta Kappa Psi. • S. J. DANNA, New Orleans, Louisiana; Theta Kappa Psi; Newman Club. • WILLIAM F. DOUGLAS. JR., New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Kappa Kappa. Fourth Row; • MAn JOHN EHLEN, Fargo, North Dakota; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • HOMER GLENN ELLIS, Biloxi, Mississippi; Kappa Sigma; Nu Sigma Nu. • GERALD M. ENGLISH, Cambridge. Idaho; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • GERALD PATRICK FALLETTA. Birmingham, Alabama; Theta Kappa Psi; Pres- ident Class ' 52; Kappa Delta Phi; Student Activities Key; Newman Club. • SALVADOR FERRERI, Tampa, Florida; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • ROBERT LEWIS FIRNBERG, Monroe, Louisiana; Theta Kappa Psi. • JOHN SATTERFIELD FORDTRAN, Stockdale, Texas; Phi Chi; Phi Eta Sigma. • ZANE GAUT, Hueytown, Alabama. • WILLIAM L. GEISSLER. New Orleans, Louisiana; Theta Kappa Psi; Gamma Delta. UNDERGRADUATES 42 First Row: • BILL GIDDENS, Shreveport, Louisiana; Phi Chi. • DEAN GILLESPIE, Phoenix, Arizona; Nu Sigma Nu. • LAWRENCE GOLODNER, New York, New York; Phi Delta Epsilon, • AL GOULD, St. Francisville. Louisiana; Alpha Kappa Kappa; History of Med- icine Society. • JOE GRIPPING, Gilbert, Louisiana; Theta Kappa Psi. • EDWARD GUTIERREZ, JR.. Alexandria, louisiana; Phi Chi. • JAMES GUYTON. JR., Tupelo, Mississippi. • CHRISTIAN J. HAINDEL, New Orleans, Louisiana. • JULIAN L. HARWELL, Tonkawa, Oklahoma; Kappa Sigma. Second Row: • ANN TIFPEN HAYS. Mobile, Alabama. • HENRY GLEN HENDERSON, Vernon, Texas; Phi Chi. • JIM M. HERCHER, Pine Bluff, Arkansas; Sigma Tau Gamma. • JOHN B. HILL, Williamsburg, Kentucky; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • ED. J. HINMAN, New Orleans, Louisiana; Theta Kappa Psi; Acacia; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Who ' s Who; Medical ROTC; S.A.M.A. • GEORGE W. HOFFMAN. Hattiesburg, Mississippi; Phi Chi; Phi Delta Theta, • RONALD D. JACKSON, Meridian. Mississippi; Phi Chi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Epsilon Delta. • ROBERT P. JOHNSON, Palm Beach, Florida; Phi Chi. • DWIGHT S. KEADY, Canton, Mississippi; Phi Chi; Pre-Medical Society; Army ROTC. Third Row; • JOHN LINDEN KITCHENS, Coral Gables, Florida; Sigma Chi. • CARL A. KLINE, San Antonio, Texas; Pi Kappa Alpha; Nu Sigma Nu; Scabbard and Blade. • GLENN M. KOKAME, Waimea, Kauai, T.H.; Phi Beta Kappa. • LIEV KVAMME, Voss, Norway. • MARK O. LAMBERT, Orlando, Florida; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • CLEMENT CHARLES LAURENT, JR., Alexandria, Louisiana; Theta Kappa Psi. • ROBERT EDWIN LEE. Picayune, Mississippi; Phi Chi; Baptist Student Union; Medical ROTC. • GENE R. LINDLEY, Wilson. North Carolina; Theta Kappa Psi; Disciples Student Fellowship. • ANN LONG. Vicksburn, Mississippi. Fourth Row: • WILLIAM A. LONG. JR.. Hazelhurst, Mississippi; Phi Chi; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Eta Sigma. • WILLIAM McGINTY McBRIDE, Alexandria, Louisiana; Phi Chi. • BILL McKELLAR. Plain Dealing, Louisiana; Phi Chi. • CHARLES M. MOORE, Union, Mississippi; Phi Chi. • RICHARD A. MORGAN. JR., Mobile, Alabama; Theta Kappa Psi. • SAM MORGAN. Selma, Alabama; Phi Chi. • CLIP MORRIS, Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Phi Chi. • ANDREW ORESTANO, Tampa, Florida; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Newman Club. • MILTON ORKIN, Danbury, Connecticut; Sigma Alpha Mu; Phi Delta Epsilon; Phi Beta Kappa. CdU eo MEDICINE 5 3 UNDERGRADUATES First Row: • BILL OSBORN, Phoenix, Arizona; Nu Sigma Nu; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • M. BENJAMIN OSSI, Jacksonville, Florida; Theta Kappa Psi; Tulane Band. • ROBERT B. PEDDY, Lakeland, Florida; Beta Theta Pi. • H. DAVID POPE. JR., Arlington, Texas; Phi Chi; Kappa Sigma; Westminster Fellowship; Medical ROTO; Omicron Delta Kappa,; Scabbard and Blade. • F. EVANS POWELL, New Orleans, Louisiana; Theta Kappa Psi. • THOMAS M. pUEHL, Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Theta Kappa Psi. • DONALD R. RAYNER, Alexandria. Louisiana; Phi Chi; Sigma Pi; Wesley Foun- dation. • LOUIS A. REICH, Trussville, Alabama. • WILLIAM E. RIEC.KEN. Jackson, Mississippi; Theta Kappa Psi. Second Row: • JERRY ROEBUCK, Newton, Mississippi; Phi Chi. • BARNARD RUSSELL. JR., Brewton, Alabama. • PATTY SCARBOROUGH, Biloxi, Mississippi; Secretary Class ' 52; Wesley Foun- dation; Alpha Epsilon lota. • LOWRY L. SHEELY. Forest, Mississippi; Theta Kappa Psi. • JOHN J. SMITH, Canniene, Mississippi; Nu Sigma Nu; Beta Beta Beta; Medical ROTC; Canterbury Club. • JAMES P. SPELL, Columbia, Mississippi; Baptist Student Union. • NELSON JOSEPH SPOTO, Tampa, Florida; Theta Kappa Psi. • ANTON J. STIFTER, Miami, Florida; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • RAY STODARD, Meridian, Mississippi; Phi Chi. s.a llBfl Third Row: • HENRY LOUIS STOUTZ, III. New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta; Nu Sigma Nu; Omicron Delta Kappa; Kappa Delta Phi; Westminster Fellowship; Medical ROTC. • ROY 5. STOVALL, JR., Jackson, Mississippi; Phi Chi. • FRANK P. TASLIARNl, Tampa. Florida; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Honor Council. • HAROLD JAMES TENNIS. Kansas City, Missouri; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • PAUL TENNIS, Neosho, Missouri; Nu Sigma Nu; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Vice- President Class ' 52. • GEORGE THABIT. JR., Huntington, West Virginia; Theta Kappa Psi. • ROBERT E. THOMPSON, McComb, Mississippi; Kappa Sigma; Nu Sigma Nu; Editor ' 52 JAMBALAYA; Kappa Delta Phi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Who ' s Who; Pep Band; Tulane Band; Baptist Student Union. • MITSUO TOnORI, Honolulu, Hawaii. • JAMES TUCKER, Birmingham, Alabama; Phi Chi; Medical Pan-Hellenic Council. Fourth Row: • CHARLES C. TYLER, Picayune, Mississiopi; Phi Chi; Who ' s Who; Baptist Student Union. • JACQUES P. VANDEVOORDE, New Orleans, Louisiana; Theta Kappa Psi. • JACK ALBERT VOIGHT, Jacksonville, Florida; Theta Kappa Psi. • RALPH COURTNEY WILSON, Nashville, Arkansas; Kappa Sigma; Phi Beta Kap- pa; History of Medicine Society; Newman Club; Medical ROTC. • PAUL RATCLIFF WINDER, Shreveport, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi; Nu Sigma Nu. • ABRAHAM WINTER, Brooklyn, New York; Phi Lambda Kappa; Alpha Epsilon Pi. • WARREN V. WULFEKUHLER, Daytona Beach, Florida; Beta Theta Pi; Nu Sigma Nu. • ROBERT P, YOST. Lewistown. Montana; Nu Sigma Nu; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Medical Pan-Hellenic Council. • EDWARD ZALTA, Houston, Texas; Kappa Nu; Phi Delta Epsilon. c lU e MEDICINE 44 The society is composed of regular members consisting of medical men and women who as undergraduates have given promise of becoming leaders in their professions, of honorary members consisting of outstanding physicians, and of persons, whether physicians or not, who have gained unusual recognition in fields related to medicine. The most prominent requisite for membership is high scholarship in a broad sense, along with evidence of strength of character, individuality, originality, and moral character. The aims of the society are: ( I ) the promotion of scholarship and research in medical schools, the encouragement of a high standard of character and conduct among med- ical students and graduates, and the recognition of high attainment in medical science of practice and related fields; and (2) the creation of a fund to aid deserving students in the School of Medicine of the Tulane University of Louisiana. MELVIN KAHN . . ROBERT CAMERON OFFICERS . . . President DR. ANA E. CARRERA Secretary-Treasurer Vice-President DR. ALLAN M. GOLDMAN Counsellor MEMBERS Charles L. Brown, Jr. Robert Cameron Anthony F. Coppola Ernest Deshaufreaux Perry Jack Ekman William deG. Hayden John F. Jackson Melvin Kahn John H. Karam L. Kennedy Moss Josue Pagan-Carlo Edward W. Phillips. Jr Jack Sherman Gloria Stewart HISTORY OF MEDICINE This year marlced the twentieth anniversary of ihe History of Medicine Society at Tulane. As in past years of the society the students have presented papers of medical historical importance. Included among the fifteen programs have been guest speakers from among the faculty of the medical school. The annual banquet is the concluding feature. Regularly in attendance at the meetings are past members of the organization, including Dr. B. Bernard Weinstein, one of the original founders and the chief benefactor of the society today. The purpose of the society is to afford the medical student with an opportunity to become acquainted with medical history — a subject taught in no university. trach year new members are chosen from among those students in the freshman class who are eligible scholastically and express their interest to learn more of the forefathers of rriedlcine and their work. The Owl Club is composed of twenty-four seniors representing the departments of the medical school and three honorary members from the junior class. Members are selected on the basis of character, personality, and interest in school welfare. The purpose of the club is to promote and maintain better student-faculty relationships so that both parties advance scholarship, teaching, and ethics in the medical school. THE OWL CLUB OFFICERS PHILIP RONALD LORIA President JAMES LOUIS REYNOLDS Vice-President AMOS PREVATT Secretary KENNETH SAER Treasurer OFFICERS PAUL B. ANDERSON President CHARLES McCarthy Vice-President PETE PHILLIPS , Secretary MEMBERS Paul B. Anderson Ronnie Loria George C. Olive Pete Phillips Grover Bynum Richard W. Gibson Ted Lucas James L. Reynolds John Buckley Kenneth Goodlad William L. Mellon Rufus C. Smith Jack Cappel Joe Frank Hamilton Charles McCarthv Charles Wascom John D. Chandler William Hayden Bill Middleton Bob Wells John A. Ferris Parkie Laville Jimmie W. Morgan Lou Weiner Louis Gallo Francis E. LeJeune Ken Moss John Srenier, Presidant; Bob Mellon, Secretary; Don Ferguson, Vice-President. 1 ■9 ' Robert Acomb, Jr. William Beckham, Jr. Edward Alker Robert Boudreau Not guilty! I9S3 SENIORS ABOVE: First Row: • ROBERT BAILEY ACOMB, JR.. New Orleans. Louisiana; President Commerce Junior Class, 1950; Vice-President Sophomore Class, l?49; Delta Sigma Pi; Propeller Club; Soc. Adv. Management; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi; Law Review; Newman Club; Pan-American Society; Omicron Delta Kappa. • EDWARD C. ALKER, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon. Second Row: • WILLIAM G. BECKHAM, JR., Shreveport, Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta; Scabbard and Blade; Phi Delta Phi; Naval ROTO; Taffrail Naval Society. • ROBERT J. BOUDREAU. Lake Charles. Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Omicron Delta Kappa; Delta Sigma Pi; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi; Adelphons. BELOW: First Row: • THEODORE INNIS CARROLL. Edgewood, Rhode Island; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi. • WILLIAM SEBASTIAN COCI, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Delta Phi; Vice-President Freshman Class 1951; La So- ciete du Droit Civil- Phi Delta Phi. • MILTON H. COHEN, New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Mu; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi. • JULES L. DAVIDSON, JR., Alexandria, Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta; Omicron Delta Kappa; La Societe du Droit Civil; Moot Court Board; Phi Delta Phi; JAMBALAYA; Publications Board; Army ROTC; National Defense Transporta- tion Association; Class Agent Commerce 1950. • JOSEPH P. DELANEY, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Delta Phi; Freshman Class President 1951-1952; La Societe du Droit Civil; Moot Court Board. • WILLIAM STEPHEN DRAZSNYAK, New Orleans, Louisiana; Theta Chi; President Freshman Law Class 1950-1951; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Alpha Delta; Justice 1951-1952; Newman Club; Leadership Council; Vice-President Order of the Key; Alpha Delta Sigma. • JOHN WINSTON FONTENOT, Ville Platte, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Vice-President Junior Class 1952; Phi Delta Phi; Order of the Key; Student Lawyer. Second Row: • RICHARD JOSEPH GARFUNKEL, New Orleans. Louisiana; Zeta Beta Tau; Phi Delta Phi- Army ROTC • KEITH ANDERSON GATLIN, Newberry, South Carolina. • HERNANDO GOMEZ-VALDERRAMA, Bogota, Colombia; Phi Alpha Delta. • JOHN F. GRENIER. New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon; President Law School 1952-1953- Scabbard and Blade; Who ' s Who; Moot Court Board; Phi Delta Phi; Leadership Council; Editor-in-Chief " Student Lawyer " ' Order of the Key. ' • RICHARD IRVINE HADDEN, New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Alpha Theta- La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi; Canterbury Club. • JORGE ENRIQUE HALPHEN, Panama, R.P.; Phi Alpha Delta; Moot Court Board Theodore Carroll Richard Garfunkel William Coci Keith GatliVi Milton Cohen Hernado Gomez-Vatderra Jules Davidson. Jr. John Grenier Joseph Delaney Richard Hadden William Drazsnyak Jorge Halphen John Fontenot Thomas Meyer 43 Harold Levy Dosite Perkins, Jr. Angel Martin Lewis Pitman Walter Mayhan Robert Rust William Moench, Jr. Robert Ryan Al Moore Ralph Slovenko James Mundie, Jr. Q. L. Stewart Dick Peet George Swaim, Jr ABOVE: First Row: • THOMAS J. HEYER, Chattanooga. Tennessee; La Societe du Droit Ci il. • HAROLD ALVIN LEVEf. New Orleans, Louisiana. • ANGEL MANUEL MARTIN. Santurce. Puerto Rico; Tiieta Chi; Secretary-Treasurer Junior Class 1951; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi; Law Review. o WALTER PAT MAYHAN, Shreveport. Louisiana; Kappa Alpha; Vice President Law Student Body I95I-I95I; Secre- tary-Treasurer Law Student Body 1950-1951; Who ' s Who; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi; Alpha Phi Omega; Vice-President Honor Board 1951-1952; Secretary Honor Board; Publications Board; American Law Student Association. • WILLIAM G. MOENCH, JR., Oneida, New York. • AL JOSEPH MOORE, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Tau Delta; Phi Delta Phi; Moot Court Board. • JAMES A. MUNDIE. JR., New Orleans, Louisiana; Law Review. • DICK PEET, Brooklyn, New York; Pi Kappa Alpha; Scabbard and Blade; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi; Pelicans. Second Row: • DOSITE HUSH PERKINS, JR., Shreveport, Louisiana; President of Leadership Council 1952-1953 " President La So- ciete du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi. • LEWIS H. PITMAN. New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Kappa Alpha; Square and Compass Club. • ROBERT E. RUST, Villa Ridge, Illinois. • ROBERT N. RYAN, New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi; La Societe du Droit Civil- Phi Delta Phi- Air Force ROTC • RALPH SLOVENKO, New Orleans, Louisiana; Omicron Delta Kappa; Order of the Coif; Who ' s Who; A.S.C.E.; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi; Varsity Letter Track; Editor Law Review; Leadership Council. • Q. L. STEWART. Florien, Louisiana; Vice-President Senior Law Class 1952-1953; President Square and Compass Club • GEORGE T. SWAIM, JR.. Kankakee, Illinois; President of Ihe Student Body 1952-1953; Pi Sigma Alpha; Phi Delta Phi; Square and Compass Club. BELOW: First Row: • LOUIS PHILIP TRENT, New Orleans, Louisiana; Freshman Unit Manager; Vice-President Junior Class; President Junior Class; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Alpha Delta; Westminster Fellowship; Air Force ROTC- Radio Club- Beta Phi. • PHILIP B. WATSON, JR., St. Joseph, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Omicron Delta Kappa- Who ' s Who- Phi Delta Phi; Law Review; Naval ROTC; Canterbury Club. Second Row: • J. H. WELSH, JR., Paterson, New Jersey; Sigma Chi; Vice-President Class 1951; Student Activities Key Phi Alpha Delta; Order of the Key. • RICHARD O. WERLEIN, Dallas. Texas; Beta Theta Pi; Order of the Key; Phi Delta Phi- Student Lawyer cclie e c LA Louis Trent Philip Watson, Jr. J H Welsh, Jr. Richard Werlein Looic at those poker faces UNDERGRADUATES First Row: • SIMON NATHAN BALL, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Nu; La Societe du Droit Civil; Hillel Foundation; Phi Delta Phi. • MIKE MITCHELL BEARDEN, New Orleans, Louisiana; PI Kappa A ' pha; Scab- bard Blade. • ALEC HERMAN BROWN, Memphis, lenenssee; Sigma Alpha Mu. • LUIS EDUARDO CARDENAS, Bogota, Columbia; Phi Alpha Delta. • A. J. CLESI, JR., New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Vau Delta. • DON L. FERGUSON, Greenville, South Carolina; Pi Kappa Phi; Vice President Freshman Law Class 1952; Vice President Law School 1952-1953; Baptist Student Union; Air Force ROTC. • JOHN R. FLOWERS, New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Theta PI. • BUSH L. GAMBLE, New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Theta PI; Scabbard Blade; Greenbackers; Naval ROTC; Taffrall Naval Society. Second Row: • JULIAN H. GOOD, New Orleans. Louisrana; Zeta Beta Tau; Kappa Delta Phi- Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Delta Phi; Law Review; Air Force ROTC. • HAROLD G. GRAHAM, JR., N=w Orleans. Louisiana. • DONALD A. HAMMETT. New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsllon; Phi Delta Phi. • ROBERT KING, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Phi Delta Phi; Air Force ROTC; Arnold Air Society. • DALE FREDERICK KOONS, Baton Rouge Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Phi Delta Phi; Naval ROTC; Taffrall Naval Society. • THOMAS H. LEACH. New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi; Tulane Pan Hellenic Council; Student Activities Key; Who ' s Who; La Societe du Droit Civil; Intramural Council; JAMBALAYA; Wave Handbook; TUSK; Newman Club; A Cappella Choir; Campus Night; Festival Choir; Operetta; Leadership Council. • FRANK VILAC McDONNELL, New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Sigma Alpha; Phi Delta Phi; Cheerleaders; Greenbackers; Interfaith Council; Newman Club; Uke- lele Club; Air Force ROTC; Leadership Council. • T. JAMES McMAHON, JR., New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha. Third Row:- • MICHAEL JESSE McNULTY JR., Franklin, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Vice President Junior Class 1952; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi; Stu- dent Lawyer. • HAINON A. MILLER, Clinton, Mississippi; Who ' s Who; Phi Delta Phi; Varsity Letter Track; Law Review; Baptist Student Union; Leadership Council; Omicron Delta Kappa. • NORMAN NAKAMURA, Kauai, T. H. • LYLE M. PAGE, Biloxi, Mississippi; Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Delta Phi; Canter- bury Club. • LUKE A. PETROVICH, Buras, Louisiana. • JOHN POITEVENT, Mandeville, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha; Greenbackers; Can- terbury Club; Air Force ROTC; Adelphons. • DANIEL RYAN SARTOR. JR., Alto, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Tulane Pan Hellenic Council; Eta Sigma Phi; Phi Beta Kappa; Air Force ROTC; Omicron Delta Kappa. • H. DAN SAWYER, Shreveport. Louisiana; Kappa Alpha; President Freshman Law Class. Fourth Row: • JACKIE R. SCOUTEN, Beaumont, Texas; Phi Alpha Delta. • CROVE STAFFORD, JR., Alexandria, Louisiana; President Junior Class 1952- 1953; Phi Delta Phi. • M. DREUX VAN HORN, II, Pass Christian, Mississippi; Phi Alpha Delta; Vice President Freshman Class 1952; La Societe du Droit Civil; Canterbury Club. • STEPHEN VOELKER, JR., New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha. • WALTER J. WADLINGTON, III, Biloxi, Mississippi; Sigma Chi; President Freshman Law 1952; Omicron Delta Kappa. • RICHARD WELLS, New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Chi; Propeller Club; West- minster Fellowship; Army ROTC. • GEORGE CARROLL WINN, Lakeland, Florida; Delta Sigma Phi; Tulane Pan Hellenic Council; Omicron Delta Kappa; Hullabaloo; Cheerleaders; TUSK; Wes- ley Foundation; Glee Club; Naval ROTC; Taffrall Naval Society; Leadership Council. • ROBERT E. ZETZMANN, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta. cpiie e L A W 50 White Inn of Phi Delta Phi International Legal Fraternity was established at Tulane in 1911. Members are selected on the basis of scholarship and ethics. Its aims are the promotion of higher standards of professional ethics and culture In law schools and in the profession at large. The National fraternity was founded In 1869 at the University of Mich- igan and is the oldest professional fraternity in America. OFFICERS WINSTON FONTENOT Magister AL J. MOORE Exchequer MILLARD NELSEN Clerk SIMON BALL Historian OFFICERS MARIAN DREUX VAN HORN Justice JACKIE SCOUTEN Marshall CORNELIUS GERARD VAN DALEN . . . .Vice-Justice ARMANDO LUIS IRIZARRY Treasurer JOHN ADKINS Clerk John Ellsworth Adkins, Jr. John Nicit Anton Edward L. Ardoyno, Jr. E. W. Bolding Robert Aioysius Breger Gordon Leigh Bynum Luis Eduardo Cardenas Lee J. Crook Henry G. Ensenat Hernando Gomez-Valderrama Jorge Halphen MEMBERS Roberto Halphen Richard Doss Hassenplug Michael William Hogan Armando Luis Irizarrv Burton Gerald Klein Al Kuntz Vincent Meccio Nester Mills Harold Alwyn Mouzon James Andrew Mundie, Jr Hugh Gene Oliver Lewis Henry Pitman Waldo Santiago Jackie R. Scouten James P. Thompson. Jr. Louis Philip Trent Miguel Alberto Valldejuli Cornelius Van Dalen Marian Dreux Van Horn K. Watanabe Lawrence Dupuy Wiedeman John H. Wisby John Wong Tulane ' s Francis X. Martin chapter of the national Phi Alpha Delta legal fraternity is devoted to forwardinq the interests of law students. The chap- ter has begun a law scholarship fund at Tulane and is working toward a special type of used law book exchange. In addition to service activities, the chapter annually sponsors several social functions. Outstanding legal speakers appear at many of these functions. The national Phi Alpha Delta fraternity was founded in I 896. It presently has 74 active chapters throughout the nation. The Martin chapter was originally installed at Tulane in 1924. La Societe du Droit Civil is an extracurricular society supervised by the faculty and dedicated to the promotion of scholarly interest in the civil law. Student members of the Society are enabled to delve much more thorough ly than regular curricular time permits into the origins, history, develop- ment and method of the civil law, with particular attention to the Louisiana scene. Research projects are undertaken and a regular program of reports and papers is presented, both by the student and faculty members and by guest speakers. One of the Society ' s main purposes is the preservation and extension of civil law influences in Louisiana and elsewhere. c » MOOT COURT The Moot Court is an important organ of the law school, designed to supplement knowledge gained by pracKcal experience in the classroom and the library by practical experience In the analysis, preparation, and argument of the cases. Each student in the law school is required to presenv two moot court cases during his Freshman year. The Junior-Senior competition is open to members of the Junior class on a voluntary basis. The climax of this elimination series, which extends through two years, is the final case which is argued before the judges of the Court of Appeals of the Parish of Orleans. The Judges of the Moot Court are chosen in equal number from the Junior and Seniorclasson a scholastic basis. It is the function of the Court to draft fact situations involving moot points of law, perform the administrative duties of the court, and sit as Justices of the Supreme Court of Tulane. This year the Moot Court acted as student co- ordinators for the Legal Aid Division, a program set up to send Senior law students down to the Legal Aid Division in furtherance of their work. The Tulane Law Review is a quarterly periodical devoted principally to the study of Civil Law, Comparati ve Law and Codification. International in reputation and the oldest legal journal in Louisiana, The Tulane Law Review is a fundamental research source for courts, attorneys and scholars. The work of the Review is borne chiefly by a Student Board of Editors, a group selected from the highest honor students of the Junior and Senior classes. Law review work, which includes the reporting and selection of cases, research and writing, is of tremendous value in the training of a student for the law. The Student Board is assisted by a faculty advisor, and Miss Marguerite G. Stein, secretary, are again to be commended for their devoted service to the Review. LAW REVIEW OFFICERS MALCOLM V. O ' HARA Presiding Judge JULES L. DAVIDSON, JR Presiding Judge JULES L. DAVIDSON, JR Recorder STUDENT BOARD MICHAEL W. HOGAN, RALPH SLOVENKO . . Edltors-in-Chief WILLIAM M. BARNETT, PHILIP B. WATSON Assistant Editors MICHAEL W. HOGAN, JAMES MUNDIE Book Review Editors WILLIAM O. BONIN, BENJAMIN R. SLATER Index Editors MAURICE L. BURK Secretary MEMBERS Robert B. Acomb Julian H. Good Hainon A. Miller Louis J. Dreuil Louise S. Korns Walter J. Wadlington Angel M. Martin NEWCOMB COLLEGE Shirley Haddock, Vice-President; Babs Bartlett, President; Frances Smith, Corresponding Secretary. Carolyn Abaunza Alice Baird Jo Ann Ansley Barbara Bartlett " Wherefore Art Thou. Romeo? " I9S3 SENIORS ABOVE: First Row: • CAROLYN ABAUNZA, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma; JAMBALAYA Beauty Court. • BEVERLY ALPER, Brooklyn, New York; Psychology Majors Club. • JO ANN ANSLEY, San Antonio, Texas; Pi Beta Phi; Dormitory Council; Student Gov ernment Association; Green- backers. Second Row: • ALICE BAIRD, Dyersburg, Tennessee; Pi Beta Phi. • ANN BAKER, Little Rock, Arkansas; Chi Omega; Art Club; Barracudas; TUSK; Leadership Council; Athletic Coun- cil; Canterbury Club. • BARBARA BETH BARTLETT, New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta; Alpha Sigma Sigma; Assets; La Tertulla; Who ' s Who; Secretary Class 1949; Secretary Student Body 1950; Vice-President Student Body 1951; President Student Body 1952; Tulane Student Council; Publications Board; Dance Club; Dormitory Council; Honor Board; Student Gov- ernment Association; Newcomb Student Council. BELOW: First Row: • BARBARA BOLTON, New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Mu; Athletic Council. • NANNETTE CARR, Gulfport, Mississippi- Alpha Omicron Pi- JAMBALAYA " Wesley Foundation; Lagniappes. • MARTHA MclLWAINE CHAFFE, New Orleans, Louisiana; Chi Omega; Le Circle Francals; Canterbury Club. • MARCIA DAVIS, Corpus Christi, Texas; Kappa Alpha Theta; Kappa Delta Pi; La Tertulla; Athletic Council; Dormi- tory Council; TUSK; Inter faith Council; Westminster Fellowship. • EMILY ANN DEES. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; Kappa Kappa Gamma; President of Music School; Alpha Sigma Sigma; Beta Beta Beta; Who ' s Who; Dormitory Council; Honor Board; Le Circle Francais; Student Government Asso- ciation; Canterbury Club • HANTON DE LA HOUSSAYE New Orleans. Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi; Homecoming Court. • DIANE R. DIXEY, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta. Second Row: • JUNE EARNEST, Dallas. Texas; Alpha Delta Pi; Beta Beta Beta; La Tertulla; Psychology Majors Club; Wesley Foun- dation; Newcomb Pan-Hellenic Council. • GOLDA JOAN EVERSMEYER, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu. • AVA ANNE FESTORAZZl New Orleans Louisiana. • SARAH FRANCES FLOWERS Durham North Carolina; La Tertulla; Wesley Foundation; Festival Choir; Glee Club. • MARY ELIZABETH FONTAINE New Orleans Louisiana; Omicron Pi- La Tertulla; Phi Sigma lota. • NORMASTEL FORD, Jackson Mississippi- Chi Omega. • ANN PAGE FRANKLIN, Charlotte. No rth Carolina; Alpha Omicron PI; Newcomb Pan-Hellenic Council; Art Club; Canterbury Club. Barbara Bolton June Earnest Nannefte Carr Golda Eversmeyer Martha Chaffe Avd Anne Festorazzi Marcia Davis Emily Ann Dees Hanton de la Houssaye Sarah Frances Flowers Mary Elizabeth Fontaine Normastel Ford Diane Dixey Ann Page Franklin 56 Shirley Ruth Fred Ada Hatfield Shirley Mae Gardner Lenore Johnson Joyce Gilthorpe Engenie Jones Diane Greenslit Jean Jourdan Shirley Haddock Faye Kapsinow Martha Hatche+te Alice Koch ABOVE: First Row: , • SHIRLEY RUTH FRED, Waco Texas; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Greenbackers; Lagniappes; Psychology Ma|Ors Club. • SHIRLEY MAE GARDNER, New Orleans. Louisiana. • JOYCE GILTHORPE, New Orleans. Louisiana; Beta Sigma Omicron; Newman Club; TUSK; Tulane University Thea- atre. • DIANE B. GREENSLIT, New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Homecoming Queen. • SHIRLEY LeCONTE HADDOCK, Atlanta, Georgia; Phi Mu; Alpha Sigma Sigma; Who ' s Who; Vice-President Stu- dent Body 1953; Secretary Student Body 1952; Student Government Association; Newcomb Handbook Editor; Lag- niappes; Leadership Council; Westminster Fellowship. • MARIE HAMEL, Shreveport, Louisiana; Chi Omega; Alpha Sigma Sigma; Assets; Student Government Association; Westminster Fellowship; Lagniappes; Leadership Council; Chairman Newcomb Orientation; President Class 1949; Treasurer Class 1951. • MARTHA HATCHETTE, Lake Charles, Louisiana; Chi Omega; Secretary Class 1953; Oreades. Second Row: • ADA JOYCE HATFIELD, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi; Wesley Foundation; Glee Club; Kappa Delta Pi; Sigma Pi Sigma. • LENORE J. JOHNSON, Bogalusa, Louisiana; German Club. • ENGENIE PENICK JONES, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • JEAN CUTHBERT JOURDAN, New Orleans. Louisiana; Sigma PI Sigma; Kappa Delta Pi. • FAYE KAPSINOW Lafayette, Louisiana- Alpha Epsilon Phi; Beta Beta Be ta; Glee Club; Leadership. • BETTY KIRALFY. Columbus, Georgia; Alpha Epsilon Phi; President Class 1953; Alpha Sigma Sigma; Who ' s Who; Honor Board; Student Council; Hulabaloo; Co-Editor Wave Handbook; TUSK; Campus Night Assistant Director; Glee Club- Leadership Council; Ukelele Club. • ALICE KOCH, Dallas, Texas; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Newcomb Pan-Hellenic Council; President Class 1952; Vice-Presi- dent Class 1951; Alpha Sigma Sigma; La Tertulia; Phi Sigma lota; Who ' s Who; Dormitory Council; Tulane University Theatre; Leadership Council; Homecoming Court; President Honor Board; Newcomb Student Council. BELOW: First Row: • PATRICIA ANN LANG, New Orleans, Louisiana. • GWEN LANGRIDGE, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi; Y.W.C.A.; Art Club; Archery Club; Leadership Council. • DORIS LEVY, Natchez, Mississippi; Alpha Epsilon Phi; German Club; Glee Club; Operetta; La Tertulia. Second Row: • DOROTHY MATTICE. Memphis, Tennessee; Beta Beta Beta; Art Club; Dance Club; Dormitory Council; Honor Board; Student Government Association; Canterbury Club; Carnival. • JUDY MAY, Franklin, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma. COLLEGE Hot off the press Patricia Ann Lang Dorothy Mattice Gwen Langridge Judy May Doris Levy Joan McCullough Elizabeth Morris Cynthia Miller Nancy Naberschnig Marilyn Morais Made in Texas by Texans rABOVE: First Row: • JOAN McCULLOUGH, Birmingham, Alabama; PI Beta Phi; Barracuda Club. • CYNTHIA MILLER. New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Newcomb Pan-Hellenic Council; Glee Club; So- ciology Club; Operetta. • MARILYN MORAIS, New Orleans. Louisiana; Alpha Epsilon Phi. Second Row: • ELIZABETH ELLEN MORRIS, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Newcomb Pan-HeMenIc Council; Alpha Sigma Sigma; Athletic Council; Barracudas; Greenbackers; Canterbury Club; Leadership Council; Student Council. • NANCY QUINETTE NABERSCHNIG. Westwego, Louisiana; Alpha Delta Pi; Glee Club; Westminster Fellowship; Greenbackers. 19S3 SENIORS BELOW: First Row: • ANN NICOLL. Charlotte. North Carolina; Chi Omega; Canterbury Club; Sociology Club. • MARTHA PAGE, New Orleans. Louisiana; Baptist Student Union. • JO ANN PARIS. New Orleans. Louisiana; Chi Omega; Student Government Association; Baptist Student Union, • JANE FRANCES PEARLSTINE. Charleston. North Carolina; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Art Club; Campus Night. • MARION CHRISTINE PRATT. Arlington. Virginia; Pi Beta Phi; President Newcomb Pan-Hellenic Council; Secre- tary Class 1952; Dance Club; Student Government Association; Greenbackers; Westminster Fellowship. • GRACE GWYNNE RAMSAY, New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta; Canterbury Club; Greenbackers. • JACKIE RAUCH. New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Zeta; Art Club; Honor Board; Student Government Association; TUSK; President Art ' School. Second Row: • DEBORAH REDLER. New Orleans. Louisiana; Hilkl Foundation. • LOUISE REISS. New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • ANN RICHARDSON. Shreveport. Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi; Newman Club. • KAREN ANN RISTAD. Manitowac. Wisconsin; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • MARTHA ANNE ROGERS. Ft. McClellan. Alabama; Alpha Delta Pi. • MARYLIN ROSENBERG. Long Island. New York; Alpha Epsilon Phi; La Tertulia; Pre-Medical Society; Psychology Majors Club; Dormitory Council; Sociology Club; Campus Night; Who ' s Who. • MARGARET ANNE SASSER. Concord. North Carolina; Pi Beta Phi. Ann Nicoll Deborah Redler Jane Pearlstlne Karen Ann Ristad Marion Pratt Mdrthd Anne Rogers Grace Ramsay Marylin Rosenberg Jackie Rauch Margaret Anne Sasser 58 Lorraine Saucier Elsa Taylor Mary Scales Rhcda Schmidt Barbara Ann Schneider Margaret Ann Turfltt Octavle Van Ameronqen Betty Verlander Martha Senter Barbara Viavant Eleanor Smith Mary Alyce Ware Yetta Spizer Patsy Weil ABOVE: First Row: • LORRAINE WOLCOTT SAUCIER, New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta; Newcomb Pan-Hellenic Council; Art Club; Athletic Council; Dance Club; Wesley Foundation; Campus Night; Leadership Council. • MARY PILLOW SCALES. Greenwood, Mississippi; President Resident Student Government Association; Newcomb Student Council; Dormitory Council; Who ' s Who. • RHODA SCHMIDT, New Orleans. Louisiana; Gamma Delta; Kappa Delta PI. • BARBARA ANN SCHNEIDER. New Orleans, Louisiana. • MARTHA SENTER. Shrevepor+. Louisiana; Chi Omega; Treasurer Class 1953; Newcomb Handbook; A Cappella Choir. • ELEANOR GENEVIEVE SMITH, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta. • YEHA GERTRUDE SPIZER, New Orleans, Louisiana; White Caps; Hlllel Foundation. Second Row: • ELSA STORCK TAYLOR, Shreveport. Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Art Club; Student Government Association; JAMBALAYA; TUSK; Laqniappes; Homecoming Court. • MARGARET ANN TURFITT, New Orleans. Louisiana; Chi Omega; Vice-President Class 1953; TUSK; Interfaith Council; Westminster Fellowship; Leadership Council. • OCTAVIE WILSON VAN AMERONGEN, New Orleans. Louisiana; Alpha Delta Pi; Phi Alpha Vheta. • BETTY VERLANDER, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi; Beta Beta Beta; Psychology Majors Club; Student Government Association. • BARBARA VIAVANT, New Orleans, Louisiana; Greenbackers; Westminster Fellowship. • MARY ALYCE WARE, Atlanta. Georgia. • PATSY WEIL, Birmingham, Alabama; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Beta Beta Beta; Psychology Majors Club; Art Club; Le Circle Francals; Sociology Club; JAMBALAYA Advertising Manager; Campus Night; Leadership Council. BELOW: First Row: • MARILYN WEISS, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Psychology Majors Club; Glee Club " Glendy Burke. • ANNE WILLIAMS, Opellka, Alabama; Phi Mu; Athletic Council; Greenbackers; Baptist Student Union; Dormitory Council . • LYNN WILLIAMS, Hattiesburg. Mississippi; Chi Omega; Secretary Student Council; Who ' s Who; Art Club; Stu- dent Government Association. Second Row: • LYNNE YOUMANS, Franklin. Tennessee; Pi Beta Phi, • RAY MARIE ZEMMER, New Orleans, Louisiana; La Tertulia; Y.W.C.A.; Newman Club; Glee Club; Kappa Delta Pi. COLLEGE Shreveport or Bust! Marilyn Weiss Lynne Youmans Anne Williams Rr V Marie Zemm Lynn Williams First Row: • FLORENCE ANN ABRAM, Lufkin, Texas; Pre-Medical Society. • SANDRA ABRAMSON, Shreveport, Louisiana. • LAURIE CORINNE ADAMS, Atlantic Beach, Florida; JAMBALAYA; Westmin- ster Fellowship; Campus Night; Glee Club. • CARMEL ADLER, Asheville, North Carolina; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Hullabaloo; International Relations Club. • ALICE AKINS, Gadsden, Alabama; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Dormitory Council; Wesley Foundation. • ELIZABETH ALLEGRET. Houston, Texas; Chi Omega. • ANNE ALLEN, New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Sigma Omicron; President YWCA; White Caps; Westminster Fellowship; Interfaith Council; Leadership Council; Newcomb Student Council. • LAURA AMACKER, San Angelo, Texas; Alpha Delta Pi. • GENE CLAIRE ANSEMAN, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu. Second Row: • CAROLE ARONLD, Dallas Texas; Kappa Alpha Theta; Assets; A Cappella Choir; Glee Club; Operetta; Baptist Student Union; TUSK. • PHYLLIS ASKANASE, Houston, Texas; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Intramurals. • DIXIE LOU BADER, Cape Girardeau, Missouri; Alpha Omicron Pi; Wesley Foundation. • ROSALEEANN BAER, Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Hillel Foundation. • CYNTHIA BAILEY, Dallas, Texas; Pi Beta Phi; Dance Club; Westminster Fel- lowship. • PATRICIA BAIRD, Shreveport, Louisiana; Delta Zeta; Campus Night; Tulane University Theatre; Glendy Burke. • SYLVIA BALLARD. New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Zeta. • ELISE BARKEMEYER, New Orleans. Louisiana; Gamma Delta; White Caps. • JERRY BARNUM, Oconomowac, Wisconsin; Pi Beta Phi; Canterbury Club; Glee Club. Third Row: • MARY BARTLETT, New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi; White Caps; Westmin- ster Fellowship. • DOROTHY BASKETT, Texarkana, Arkansas; Alpha Omicron Pi; Westminster Fellowship; French Club. • PAULA BEAVER, New Orleans; Pi Beta Ph;; Assets; Beia Beta Beta; La Tertulia; Oreades; Tulane Band. • MARGIE BECKER, Brookhaven, Mississippi; Chi O T cga; Newman Club. • OLIVE BECNEL, Harvey, Louisiana; Newman Club. • DIANE BELL, St. Petersburg, Florida; Alpha Omicron Pi; TUSK; Canterbury Club. • ANN BENNETT. San Antonio. Texas; Kappa Alpha Theta; TUSK; Canterbury Club. • ANN V. BENNETT, Atlanta, Georgia; Pi Beta Phi; La Tertulia; Barracudas; Can- terbury Club. • ANNE BENOIST, Natchez, Mississippi; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Beta Beta Beta. Fourth Row: • CAROLINE BENOIST, Natchez, Mississippi; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • CAROLINE BENTON, Lonoke, Arkansas; Pi Beta Phi; Newman Club. • TAMARA BERNSTEIN, New Orleans. Louisiana; Operetta. • DENISE JEANNE BEYT. Port Arthur, Texas; Kappa Alpha Theta; Le Circle Francais; Newman Club; Glee Club. • NANCY JEAN BLACK, Rock Hill. South Carolina; Chi Omega; Dance Club; Westminster Fellowship; Tulane University Theatre; Campus Night. • NANCY DEAN BLAIR, New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta. • MOLLIE BLAKENEY, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi. • JANET M. BLANCHARD. New Orleans. Louisiana; Newman Club; White Caps; Glendy Burke. • DOROTHY WHITNEY BLAND, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma. UNDERGRADUATES 60 Hirst Row: • BE1TY BLAND, New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • SUSIE BLOCK. Kansas City, Missouri; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Campus Night. • GERALDINE BOEHM. Laurel. Mississippi; Phi Mu; Oreades; Psychology Major Club; Y.W.C.A.; Westminster Fellowship. • PATRICIA BOEHM, Laurel. Mississippi; Phi Mu; Newcomb Pan-Hellenic Coun- cil; Oreades; Y.W.C.A.; Barracudas; Westminster Fellowship. • BETSY 80ISF0NTAINE. New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma; As- sets; Lagniappes. • JUDY BONDURANT. San Antonio, Texas; Pi Beta Phi; Westminster Fellowship; Intramurals. • MATILDE BONILLA; San Pedro Sula. Honduras; Delta Zeta; La Tertulia; Inter- national Relations Club. • PATSY BOUDREAU. Lake Charles. Louisiana; Chi Omega; International Rela- tions Club. • CYNTHIA INEZ BRASWELL, New Orleans. Louisiana; Alpha Delta Pi; Can- terbury Club. Second Row: • JAN BRAY, Albuquerque. New Mexico; Alpha Delta Pi; Newcomb Pan-Hellenic Council; Westminster Fellowship. • PATRICIA ANN BRENNAN, Shreveport, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi; Dormitory Coun- cil; Newman Club. • CAROL LISE BRENNER, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Glee Club; Campus Night. • JANE BRESLER, Kansas City, Missouri; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Campus Night; In- ternational Relations Club. • ANDREE MARIE BRIANT. New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Mu; JAMBALAYA; TUSK; Newman Club; Campus Night. • JOY BROAS. New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Delta Pi. • BETTY JEAN BROCATO. Beaumont, Texas; Newman Club. • ELIZABETH BRONSON, New Orleans, Louisiana; Chi Omega; Art Club; Glee Club; Newman Club. • SHELTON BROOKE, Atlanta, Georgia; Kappa Alpha Theta; Freshman Class Treasurer. Canterbury Club. Third Row: • AMANDA BROWN. Lake Providence, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta; Newman Club; Glee Club. • BETSY BUEHRER, Birmingham, Alabama; Pi Beta Phi; Westminster Fellowship. • PATRICIA ANNA BURGLASS. New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta. • JOAN BURLINGAME, Little Rock, Arkansas; Chi Omega; Newcomb Pan- Hellenic Council; Oreades; Phi Sigma lota; Honor Board; Lagniappes. • MARY MINOR BUSH, New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi; Canterbury Club; Campus Night. • BARBARA NELL BUTLER. Pensacola. Florida; Kappa Alpha Theta; Intramurals. • CAROLYN MARLOWE CALHOUN, Birmingham. Alabama; Phi Mu; Wesley Foundation; Glee Club; International Relations Club. • GENEVIEVe CAMPBELL, Shreveport, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi. • PEGGY ANNE CAMPBELL, New Orleans. Louisiana; Chi Omega. Fourth Row: • JUDITH ANNE CANADA. New Orleans. Louisiana; Psychology Major Club; Sociology Club; Wesley Foundation; Glee Club. • NANCY CANFIELD, Davenport, Washington; Alpha Delta Pi; Westminster Fellowship; Glee Club. • JOYCE CARINHAS, Patterson, Louisiana; Beta Sigma Omicron; La Tertulia; Newman Club; Pan-American Society. • CYNTHIA CARSO, New Orleans, Louisiana; Chi Omega; Dance Club; Student Government Association. • MARY JANE CARTER, New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi; La Tertulia. • CATHERINE MOORE CHAPMAN, Raleigh, Norlh Carolina; Pi Beta Phi; West- minster Fellowship; Glee Club; International Relations Club. • JULIA CHERRY, Shreveport, Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi; Assets; Athletic Council; Dance Club; Westminster Fellowship; Cheerleaders; Greenbackers; Barracudas. • BARBARA C. CHESLOCK. Morganton, Norlh Carolina. • JENNIE CHESNUT, Hopkinsville. Kentucky; Phi Mu; Art Club; Canterbury Club. Heufcmlf COLLEGE 19 5 3 61 Firsf Row: • SUE CLANN. New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi. • CAROL CLARK. McDade, Louisiana; Clii Omeqa; Recording Secretary Student Body 1952-1953; Assets; TUSK; Westminster Fellowsliip. • MARGARET ELEANOR CLARK, Texariiana. Texas; Alpha Omicron Pi; Wesley Foundation. • SALLIE BONITA COCO, Marksville, Louisiana; Alpha Delta Pi; Newman Club; Greenbackers. • ERNA COHEN, Clayton, Missouri; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Campus Night; Interna- tional Relations Club. • JAN COHEN, Dallas, Texas; Alpha Epsilon Phi; La Tertulia; Art Club; Ath- letic Council; Campus Night. • SUE COLLINS, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Wesley Foundation. • CAROLYN COMEGYS, Wichita Falls, Texas; Kappa Alpha Theta; Art Club; Westminster Fellowship; Pan American Society. • CAROLYN PATRICIA CONWAY, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu; Newman Club; Glee Club. Second Row; • BARBARA ANN CONNER, Hattiesburg, Mississippi; Chi Omega. • SANDY COOKE. New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu; Canterbury Club; Glee Club. • BURRULL COOPER, Mobile, Alabama; Kappa Alpha Theta. • HELEN EDITH COOPER, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu; Newman Club. • JOYCE COOPER, Memphis, Tennessee; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Oreades; Art Club. • ZELPHA CORKERN, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Zeta. • MARY NASH COX, Frankfort, Kentucky; Glee Club; A Cappella Choir. • BEVERLY LOUISE CRAIG. Shreveport, Louisiana; Beta Sigma Omicron; Art Club; Le Circle Francais; Y.W.C.A.; Campus Night; Glee Club. • SHIRLEY JANE CRENSHAW, Charlotte, North Carolina; Alpha Delta Pi; La Tertulia; Wesley Foundation; Art Club. Third Row: • CAROL ANN CURET, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu; Wesley Foundation; Glee Club. • ANN GUSHING, Memphis, Tennessee; Alpha Omicron Pi; Art Club. • JOAN DAMONTE, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu. • BENNIE DANNENBAUM, Houston, Texas; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Hullabaloo; JAMBALAYA; International Relations Club. • CAROL DAVIS, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Barracudas; New- comb Pan Hellenic Council; Campus Nights; Intramurals. • SUE DAVIS, Poplar Bluff, Missouri; Kappa Alpha Theta; Glee Club. • JANET DEAN, Baltimore, Maryland; Kappa Alpha Theta. • BARBARA ANN DEE, Indianapolis, Indiana; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • BETTY ANN DELL, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Fourth Row: • PAMELA DePASS, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • ANNE DeRUSSEY. New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • ALICE FENN DIGGS, Cordova, Tennessee; Kappa Alpha Th eta; Art Club; Westminster Fellowship; Campus Night. • JULIE DOUGLASS, Atlanta, Georgia; Chi Omega; Treasurer Class 1952-1953; Barracudas; Greenbackers; Wesley Foundation; Glendy Burke; International Re- lations Club. • SANDRA DUBBIN, Miami, Florida. • DAWN DIANE DUNN, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Delta Pi. • NELL EASTLAMD, Doddsville, Mississippi; Phi Mu; Glee Club; Wesley Foun- dation; Y.W.C.A. • MARGARET MAC ELLIOT, Lancaster. Kentucky; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Tu- lane University Theatre. • JACQUELYN ANN ELLIS, Glasgow, Kentucky; Sociology Club; Hullabaloo; Greenbackers; Wesley Foundation. UNDERGRADUATES 62 First Row: ond Ro • ANN EMILE, Biloxi, Mississippi. • EVELYN ENSOR, Alva, Oklahoma; Dormitory Council; Baptist Student Union. • COURTNEY E5TABROOK, Pascagoula, Mississippi; Kappa Kappa Gamma; President Junior Class 1952-1953; Assets; Student Activities Key; Dormitory Coun- cil; Honor Board; Greenbackers. • MIGNON PAGET, New Orleans. Louisiana; Chi Omega; Art Club; Newman Club; Student Government Association. • MARTHA EMILY FARROW, Shreveport, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi. • GLADYS FEDOROFF, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi; Art Club; Le Circle Francais. • LOUISE DENT FERGUSON, Clarksville, Tennessee; Chi Omega; Student Gov- ernment Association; Wesley Foundation; International Relations Club. • SYLVIA C. FERNANDEZ, New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Sigma Omicron; Y.W.C.A.; White Caps; Newcomb Pan Hellenic Council. • JEANNE FERRIS, Corpus Christi, Texas; Chi Omega; Newman Club. • PAULA FINKELSTEIN, Morgan City, Louisiana; Hlllel Foundation. • ELINOR DEVEREUX FINLEY, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Newman Club; TUSK. • CAROL FITZPATRICK, Gretna, Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi; Gamma Delta. • BARBARA FLEISCHMAN, Elmhurst, Illinois; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Hullabaloo; Campus Night; International Relations Club. • PRISCILLA FLEMING, LaFitte, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi; Athletic Council; Hulla- baloo; Canterbury Club. • MARIANNA FLOWERS, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi. • CYNTHIA FORCHEIMER. New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi; La Tertulia; Le Circle Francais; Hullabaloo; Newman Club; Campus Night. • LUCIENE FOUNTAIN. Macon, Georgia; Phi Mu; Y.W.C.A.; Baptist Student Union. • MARYEM FOWLKES, Handsboro, Mississippi; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Vice President Freshman Class 1952-1953; Y.W.C.A.; Canterbury Club. Third Row: • SUE ANN FRANCIS, Midland, Texas; Baptist Student Union. • SALLY FRANKLIN, River Forest, Illinois; Alpha Omicron Pi; Westminster Fellowship. • ROSE ERASER, Many, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta; Baptist Student Union; Glee Club. • JANE FRAZIER, New Orleans, Louisiana; Athletic Council; Intramural Coun- cil; Westminster Fellowship. • FLORENCE FREEDMAN. Douglas, Arizona; Westminster Fellowship; Interna- tional Relations Club; Glee Club. • CATHERINE FRITCHIE, Slidell, Louisiana; Phi Mu; Y.W.C.A.; Westminster Fellowship. • BETH FRITCHIE. Slidell, Louisiana; Phi Mu; Y.W.C.A. • ETHEL B. GABRIEL, New Orleans, Louisiana; White Caps; Newman Club; Oreades; La Tertulia. • PAULINE GALIOTTO, New Orleans, Louisiana. Fourth Row: • JOAN GARCIA, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu. • ALICE GAUDET, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta 2eta; Greenbackers; Disciples Student Fellowship; Leadership Council. • JANET ANNE GERSTNER, Gramercy, Louisiana; Alpha Delta Pi; Glee Club; Operetta. • ANN GILL, Russellvllle, Kentucky; Kappa Kappa Gamma; TUSK. • URSULA M. GOEDECKE, Hallettsvllle, Texas; Beta Sigma Omicron; Interna- tional Relations Club. • MARCIA GOLDBEN. Cairo, Illinois; Alpha Epsilon Phi; A Cappella Choir; Festival Choir; Glee Club; Operetta. • KARITA GOELLER. New Orleans, Louisiana. • BESSIE GOLDBERG, New Orleans, Louisiana. • DOROTHY GOOD, Texarkana, Texas. nei cmlf COLLEGE 19 5 3 63 First Row: • NANCY BARR GOOCH, New Orleans, Louisiana; Aiplia Omicron Pi; Beta Beta Beta; La Tertuiia; Phi Sigma lota. • JAN GORE. New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi; Y.W.C.A.; West- minster Fellowship. • JUDY GORDON, New Orleans, Louisiana. • FRANCES GOSS. New Orleans. Louisiana; Chi Omega. • DOROTHY GRANT, New Orleans, Louisiana; Chi Omega; Secretary Art School 1952-1953; Art Club; Student Government Association; Canterbury Club. • BARBARA ANN GREENFIELD, New Orleans, Louisiana; Dance Club; Canter- bury Club; Campus Night. • JAN GREGORY. Columbus, Georgia; Chi Omega; Oreades; Student Govern- ment Association; Newman Club; Glee Club. • DEEDEE GRIFFEN, Pelham Manor, New York; Pi Beta Phi; Glee Club; Can- terbury Club. • JACKIE GROSSMAN, Kansas City, Missouri; Aloha Epsilon Phi; Campus Night. Second Row: • JOEL GROSSMAN, New Orleans. Louisiana; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Le Circle Francais; JAMBALAYA; Campus Night; Glendy Burke Society; Intramurals. • MARGARET GUSTAFSON, Port Sulphur, Louisiana; Chi Omega; Tulane Con- cert Band. • ELIZABETH ANN HAEUSER, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Zeta; Y.W.C.A.; White Caps; Westminster Fellowship; German Club. • OWENE HALL, Lookout Mountain. Tennessee; Chi Omega; Canterbury Club; A Cappella Choir. • SUE HAMPTON, Stuttgart. Arkansas; Wesley Foundation; Glee Club; A Cappella Choir; Y.W.C.A. • GLEN RAE HANEMANN, New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Sigma Omicron; Eta Sigma Phi; Oreades; Y.W.C.A. • MARY HARRELL, Macon, Georgia; Phi Mu; Wesley Foundation. • HELEN HARRIS. Augusta. Georgia; Chi Omega; Glee Club; Baptist Student Union. • MARTHA HATCHELL, Monroe, Louisiana; Chi Omega; Westminster Fellow- ship. £ : 1 J Third Row: • HARRIET BLOKER HAWKINS, Caruthersville. Missouri; Alpha Delta Pi; West- minster Fellowship. • SANCY HAWKINS, Lake Village. Arkansas; Chi Omega; Art Club; Glee Club; Canterbury Club. • MARGARET ANN HEAD. Shreveport. Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi; Dance Club; Wes- ley Foundation; International Relations Club. • JO ANN HEBERT. Morgan City. Louisiana; Alpha Delta Pi. • BARBARA E. HECKER, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Zeta; La Tertuiia; JAM- BALAYA; Newman Club. • RUTH HENDRICKS, McAllen, Texas; Kappa Alpha Theta; Assets; Dormitory Council; Honor Board; Student Government Association; Wesley Foundation; Glee Club; Operetta. • SUE HERTZMAN, Louisville, Kentucky; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Dance Club; JAM- BALAYA; Campus Night; Tulane University Theatre; International Relations Club. • ROSEMARIE HEWITT, Westfield, New Jersey; Kappa Alpha Theta; Newman Club. • SUE HIERONYMUS, Winchester. Kentucky; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Glee Club. Fourth Rov ; • BETTIE B. HILL, Montgomery. Alabama; Kappa Alpha Theta. • ELLEN I. HODGES. New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Delta Pi; Wesley Founda- tion. • SHEILA HODGES, San Antonio, Texas; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Assets; TUSK; Wesley Foundation. • WINNIE HODGES, New Orelans, Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi. • ANNE HOLBROOK. New Orleans, Louisiana; Chi Omega; JAMBALAYA; TUSK; Lagniappes. • JANET HOLMQUIST, Oakland, Nebraska; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Vice-President Sophomore Class 1952-1953; Beta Beta Beta; Newcomb Pan-Helelnic Council; Gamma Delta. • BETTY LEW HOM, New Orleans, Louisiana; Westminster Fellowship. • ALICE JANE HOMAN, El Paso. Texas; Kappa Alpha Theta; Disciples Student Fellowship. • CATHY HOMAN. El Paso. Texas; Kappa Alpha Theta; Glee Club. UNDERGRADUATES 64 First Row: • VICKIE HOOPER, Houston, Texas; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Y.W.C.A.; Canter- bury Club; Tulane University Theatre. • MARY HOOTEN. Houston, Texas; Pi Beta Phi. • LE ANN HORN, Lake Charles, Louisiana; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Dance Club; JAM- BALAYA; Campus Night. • GARLAND HOUCK, Shreveport. Louisiana; Chi Omega; Y.W.C.A.; Westmin- ster Fellowship, • t.tARY LOUISE HOWARD, New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Beta Beta; Westmin- ster Fellowship. • ANNE HUMPHREYS. Washington, D. C; JAMBALAYA; Y.W.C.A.; Canterbury Club; Campus Night; Intramurals; Student Government Association. • SUZANNE HUNDLING, Little Rock. Arkansas; Chi Omega; A Cappella Choir. • AUDREY HUNTER, Belize, British Honduras; Phi Mu. • ROYANNE HURD, Covington, Louisiana. • EVELYN JACKSON, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu; Barracudas; Y.W.C.A.; TUSK; Wesley Foundation. Second Row: • SANDRA JACOBS, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Campus Night; Glee Club; German Club; Psychology Club. • MARJIE JANON, St. Louis, Missouri; Alpha Epsilon Phi; La Tertulia. • CAROLYN JOHNSON, Hattiesburg, Mississippi; Chi Omega. • CONNIE JOHNSON, San Antonio. Texas; Beta Sigma Omicron; Beta Beta Beta; La Tertulia; Pre-Medical Society; Dormitory Council; Newman Club; International Relations Club. • ELIZABETH JONES, Pensacola, Florida; Pi Beta Phi. • CAROL KAPLAN, Kansas City, Kansas; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Newcomb Pan-Hel- lenic Council; Art Club. • HANNE KATZ, New Orleans, Louisiana. • ANNE KEEFE, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu; Psychology Major Club. • ANN KEIM. Cape Girardeau. Missouri; Alpha Omicron Pi, • MAY ANN KELLEY, Alexandria, Louisiana; Chi Omega; Dormitory Council; Student Government Association; Newman Club; JAMBALAYA. Third Row: • MARY ANNA KENDALL, Jackson, Mississippi; Chi Omega; Wesley Foundation. • ANN KATHRYN KENNINGTON, New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi; La Ter- tulia; Athletic Council; Honor Board; Carnival; Canterbury Club. • KATHERINE KERNE, Thibodaux, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi; Newman Club. • ANNE KING, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Art Club; Can- terbury Club. • KATHLEEN KING, Atlanta, Georgia; Kappa Alpha Theta; Canterbury Club. • MARJORIE KING. Gretna. Louisiana; Newman Club. • CATHERINE KIRKLAND. Houston. Texas; Phi Mu; German Club; Art Club; Baptist Student Union. • MARIA KOLOVOS, New Orleans, Louisiana; White Caps; Glee Club. • JANET KNIGHT, Clayton, Missouri; Kappa Alpha Theta; Hullabaloo. • SHIRLEY KNUPP, St. Louis, Missouri; Kappa Alpha Theta. Fourth Row: • JUDY KRENSKY, Miami Beach, Florida; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Archery Club; A Cappella Choir; Festival Choir; Glee Club. • JOANNE KRIEGER, Greensboro, North Carolina; Dormitory Council; TUSK; Hillel Foundation; Campus Night, • MARY ANN KROTZER, Yerington, Nevada; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • EMILY ELIZABETH LACKEY, Hattiesburg, Mississippi; White Caps; Canterbury Club; Glee Club; A Cappella Choir. • LYNN M. LANDRY, Houma, Louisiana; Beta Sigma Omicron; TUSK; Newman Club. • BARBARA EMIG LARMANN. New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Mu; Newman Club. • GILDA MAE LAVIGNE. New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Beta Beta; White Caps; Hillel Foundation; Interfaith Council. • MARY LAW, New Orleans, Louisiana; Y.W.C.A.; Wesley Foundation; Glee Club. • MARY DARRAH LAWSON, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • DIANE LAWTON, Shreveport, Louisiana; Chi Omega; Hullabaloo. nei coftt COLLEGE 19 5 3 65 Pirst Row: • MARY ANN LEHMAN, Shaker Heights. Ohio; Alpha Epsllon Phi; Campus Night; Intramurals. • JOAN LEONARD, Neosho, Missouri; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Disciples Student Fellowship; A Cappella Choir. • SHIRLEY LEVEY. New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Sigma Omicron; La Tertulia; TUSK; Glee Club; Christian Science Organization; Operetta; Newcomb Pan- Hellenic Council. • JACKIE LEVINGSTON, Birmingham. Alabama; Beta Beta Beta. • BABETTE LEVY. Demopolis, Alabama; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • JERRY LEVY, New Orleans. Louisiana; Beta Sigma Omicron; Wesley Foundation. • MARILYN LEVY. New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Beta Beta Beta; La Tertulia; Hullabaloo; JAMBALAYA; Glenda Burke Society. • NANCY LILJtNSTEIN, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi; Art Club; TUSK; Westminster Fellowship; Lagniappes. • DIANE LONG, Bethesda. Maryland; Beta Sigma Omicron; La Tertulia; Y.W.C.A.; Glee ' Club; Operetta. • ANN RAY LOWENTRITT, Winnsboro, Louisiana; Alpha Epsilon Phi. Second Row: • PHYLLIS LOWRY. Mf. Sterling. Kentucky; Kappa Alpha Theta; Barracudas; Wesley Foundation. • SHIRLEY LUCAS, Garden City. Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi; Hullabaloo; Can- terbury Club; Glee Club; A Cappella Choir. • JUDY LUNDY, Pensacola. Florida. • SALLY ANN LYON. Montgomery, Alabama; Alpha Omicron Pi; Westminster Fellowship. • PAT McCABE. New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Sigma Omicron; La Tertulia; TUSK; Newman Club; Newcomb Pan-Hellenic Council. • GLADYS McCARROLL, New Orleans, Louisi ana; Pi Beta Phi; Newman Club. • KATHERINE McCARTHY, St. Louis. Missouri; Alpha Omicron Pi. • ALEXANDRA McCOY, Stuttgart, Arkansas; Art Club; Canterbury Club; Cam- pus Night. • MARION I. McDonald, Berkeley, California. • PATRICIA McGEE, New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi; Beta Beta Beta; La Tertulia; Oreades; Westminster Fellowship; Sociology Club. Third Row: • ROSEMARY McGINN, Monroe, Louisiana; Chi Omega. • ELLEN JANE MACHLIN, Brooklyn, New York; Hillel Foundation; International Relations Club. • ELLEN BARBARA MACK, Scarsdale, New York; JAMBALAYA; Campus Night. • JIMMIE MACKENROTH, New Orleans, Louisiana; Chi Omega; Y.W.C.A.; Christian Science Organization. • HILAH McLEAN. Meridian, Mississippi; Chi Omega; Westminster Fellowship. • JENNIFER MANN, New Orleans. Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi; Intertaith Council; Wesley Foundation; Glee Club. • SHIRLEY MAY MARCO, Champaign. Illinois; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Hillel Foun- dation; International Relations Club. • ANNETTE MARSHALL. Bloomingdale. Ohio; White Caps; Glee Club. • MARTHA LOUISE MARSHALL, Alexandria, Louisiana; Newman Club. • MARISA MARTINEZ, New Orleans, Louisiana.; Delta Zeta; Newman Club. Fourth Row: • MARJORIE MARX, Lake Charles, Louisiana; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Hullabaloo. • ANN MEADE, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Y.W.C.A. • DAISY MERIWETHER. New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi; Newcomb Pan- Hellenic Council. • DONA MESKIMEN. Robinson, Illinois. • JANET MICKENHIME, New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Sigma Omicron; Y.W.C.A.; White Caps. • DONNA JO MIESSE, Jackson, Mississippi; Pi Beta Phi; Glee Club President; TUSK; A Cappella Clioir; Westminster Fellowship; Campus Night; Festival Choir; Operetta; Leadership Council. • JEANNE MILLER, Cincinnati. Ohio; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Barracudas; Dor- mitory Council; Canterbury Club. • MARILYN MILLIKEN, Bowling Green, Kentucky; Kappa Alpha Theta; Green- backers; Baptist Student Union; Intertaith Council. • CAROLYN MONROE, Beaumont, Texas; Alpha Delta Pi. • MARY MONTAGUE, Hattiesburg, Mississippi; Chi Omega; Dormitory Council. UNDERGRADUATES 66 First Row: • LAURETTE MONTGOMERY. New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • BARBARA CATHERINE MOON, Eglin Air Force Base, Florida. • MARILYN MOORE, Humboldt, Tennessee: Alpha Omicron Pi; Art Club; Y.W.C.A.; Westminster Fellowship. • ELEANOR MOORE, Lewisburg, West Virginia; A Cappella Choir; Glee Club; Y.W.C.A.; White Caps; Westminster Fellowship; German Club. • JEAN ELIZABETH MORGAN. Birmingham, Alabama; Alpha Delta Pi; Barra- cudas; Westminster Fellowship. • MALINE MORGANSTEIN, New Orleans, Louisiana. • JANETH RAINOLD MURRAY. New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi; Beta Beta Beta; La Tertulia; Art Club; Barracudas; Athletic Council. • CLARA MUNHOLLAND, Monroe, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi; Wesley Foundation; International Relations Club. • CHARLENE ANN MUTZ, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Zeta; Y.W.C.A.; New- man Club; German Club. • MARY MYERS, Winchester, Tennessee; Alpha Omicron Pi; Newcomb Pan-Hel- lenic Council; Greenbackers. Second Row: • RUTH NAIRNE, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • JANE NELSON, Whitehaven, Tennessee; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Art Club; Westminster Fellowship. • NANCY A. NICHOLS, Newfoundland, Canada; Pi Beta Phi; Dance Club; Le Circle Francais; Westminster Fellowship. • HELEN NORMANN, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma; New- comb Pan-Hellenic Council. • ISABEL NOTT, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • ELIZABETH BARBARA OBERHELMAN, New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Sigma Omicron; Newman Club. • MARTHA ANN OLIVER. New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Sigma Omicron; Green- backers; Canterbury Club; Glendy Burke Society. • ELAINE J. PAILET, New Orleans, Louisiana; Barracudas; Intramurals. • ANITA PARENT, Natchez, Mississippi; Phi Mu; Art Club; Y.W.C.A.; Wesley Foundation. • LESLIE PARKER, New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Third Row: • EMMY PARKS, Gulfport, Mississippi; Alpha Omicron Pi; Newman Club. • ANN PARSONS, Tampa, Florida; Chi Omega; Art Club; Canterbury Club. • ELSIE PAULUS, Oklahoma City. Oklahoma. • PATSY PAYNE, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta; Canterbury Club; Glee Club. • STERLING WILKINS PEEBLES. Memphis, Tennessee; Alpha Omicron Pi; Eta Sigma Phi; Oreades; Dance Club; Canterbury Club. • SANDY ANN PEILEN, St. Paul. Minnesota; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Hullabaloo; Campus Night. • BARBARA PELTON, New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta; Y.W.C.A.; Interfaith Council; Disciples Student Fellowship; Student Government Association. • BARBARA KAYE PEREZ, Mobile, Alabama; Newman Club. • ELENA M. PEREZ, Santurce, Puerto Rico; Beta Sigma Omicron; Y.W.C.A.; New- man Club; La Tertulia. • JUDITH PERKINS, Pcnsacola, Florida; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Fourth Row: • VIRGINIA CONWAY PERRIER, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • HELEN FAYE PERRY. Natchez, Mississippi; Phi Mu; Dance Club; Baptist Stu- dent Union. • CAROLYN PETERS, Monroe. Louisiana; Chi Omega; Canterbury Club; Interna- tional Relations Club, • ANA LIA PINEDA, Honduras, C. A.; Delta Zeta; Newcomb Pan-Hellenic Coun- cil; Dance Club; La Tertulia; Newman Club; French Club. • SALLY PITTS, Alexandria, Louisiana; Chi Omega; President of J. L. Dormitory I952-I7S3; JAMBALAYA; Wesley Foundation. • LIDA L. PLACEK, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. • MARISUE POUNDERS. Oklahoma City. Oklahoma; Kappa Alpha Theta; Wes- ley Foundation; International Relations Club. • ALICE ARCHER PREWITT, Frankfort. Kentucky; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Art Club; Dance Club; Disciples Student Fellowship. • SHIRLEY PRIDE, Tampa, Florida; Wesley Foundation; Glee Club; A Cappella Choir. • JEANENNE PRIDSEN. Jackson, Missisippi; Wesley Foundation; Glee Club. Heu c0m(f COLLEGE 19 5 3 67 First Row: • FRANCES V. PRIEST. Jackson, Alabama; Dormitory Council; Y.W.C.A.; Baptist Student Union; Psychology Major Club. • CYNTHIA RAINOLD, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma; La Ter- tulia; Art Club. • MIMI ALTHEA RAINOLD. New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • MARGE RAUCH, New Orleans, Louisiana; Art Club; White Caps; Newman Club; German Club. • PAULA ANNE REED, Indianola, Mississippi; Kappa Alpha Theta; Wesley Foun- dation; Tulane University Theatre. LYNN REEDER, New Orleans, Louisiana; Chi Omega; Y.W.C.A.; Westminster Fellowship. • MARY ALICE REISS, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Art Club; Newman Club. • CAROLYN RENTZ, New Orleans, Louisiana; La Tertulia; Psychology Major Club; Baptist Student Union. • JANET RENEAU. New Orleans. Louisiana; Disciples Student Fellowship. • JOAN RENKIN. New Orleans. Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi; Y.W.C.A.; Can- terbury Club. Second Row: • KAY RICHARDSON, New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi; Oreades; Barracudas; Canterbury Club. • BETTY SUE RIDDELL, Canton, Mississippi; Chi Omega. • GAY RIVET. New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu. • BETTY ROBERTS, Atlanta, Georgia; Alpha Delta Pi. • CAROLYN ROBERTSON, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Wes- ley Foundation. • CYNTHIA ROBERTSON, Savannah, Georgia; Chi Omega; La Tertulia; West- minster Foundation. • LEE ANN ROBERTSON, Milwaukee. Wisconsin; Alpha Omicron Pi; Art Club; Gamma Delta. • BETTY ROBINSON. New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Omicron PI; Dance Club; Baptist Student Union. • JOAN ROBINSON, Kirkwood Missouri; Alpha Omicron Pi; Art Club; JAM- BALAYA. • JOANNA FAUST ROBINSON. New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Zeta; Disciples Student Fellowship. Third Row: • NATALIE ANN ROEHRIG, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi; New- man Club. • LINDA ROESCH, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu; TUSK; Canterbury Club; • SUZANNE ROSEN, Brookline, Massachusetts; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Campus Night; International Relations Club; intramurals. • IDA MORTON ROSS, Texas City, Texas; Pi Beta Phi; Pep Band; Westminster Fellowship; Campus Night; Tulane Band. • RITA ANNE ROY, Shreveport, Louisiana; Chi Omega; Campus Night. • MARILYN ROYSTON, Roanoke, Alabama; Alpha Delta Pi; Wesley Foundation; Glee Club. • ETHELDREDA MAURER RUCKSTUHL, New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Mu. • MARGARET RUSH, New Orleans, Lou isiana; Alpha Omicron Pi. • PAULINE SACK, Tyler. Texas; Campus Night; Glee Club; International Rela- tions Club; A Cappella Choir. • KATHERINE HILTON SANDOZ, New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Fourth Row: • DALE SANSOM. Jackson, Mississippi; Alpha Omicron Pi; JAMBALAYA; Cam- pus Night; Tulane University Theatre. • MAUDE SAUNDERS, Hammond, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma; President Sophomore Class 1952-1953; Assets; Honor Board; TUSK; Student Government Association; Canterbury Club. • PHYLLIS SCHARFF, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Campus Night; Glee Club. • SAHR.A SCHMID. Birmingham, Alabama; Kappa Alpha Theta. • DENA LEE SCHNEIDER. Little Rock, Arkansas; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • VAL SCHROEDER, Shreveport. Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Wesley Foun- dation. • MARILYN L. SCHUSTER, New Orleans, Louisiana; Chi Omega; Newman Club. • JOAN SCHWANDT, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Zeta; Y.W.C.A.; Newman Club. • MARIANNE SCOTT, Pine Bluff, Arkansas; Chi Omega; Assets. UNDERGRADUATES 68 First Row: • ETHEL SEILER, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Delta Pi: Soc. Adv. Manage- ment; Newman Club. • MARY BETH SELBY, Jackson, Mississippi; Kappa Alpha Tileta; Vice-President Junior Class 1952-1953; Assets; Festival Choir; Lagniappes; Newcomfa Pan-Hellenic Council. • MARCIA SETEL, Fairlawn, New Jersey. • ANN SHAFTO, Monroe, Louisiana; Chi Omega; Newcomb Pan-Hellenic Coun- cil; Barracudas; Dormitory Council; Canterbury Club. • JILL M. SHEEHY, Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania; Kappa Alpha Theta; Westmin- ster Fellowship. • ANN SHERMAN, Kansas City, Missouri; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Art Club; Wave Handbook; Greenbackers; Psychology Major Club; Campus Night. • SONYA SHULER. Shreveport, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Wesley Foun- dation; A Cap.Dilla Choir. • NANCY SILBER, Shaker Heights. Ohio; Alpha Epsllon Phi; JAMBALAYA; Art Club; Campus Night. • MARIANNE SIGLER. Gulfport, Mississippi; Chi Omega; Newman Club. • BETH SLAWSON, Jackson, Mississippi; Baptist Student Union; Eta Sigma Phi. Second Row: • PEGGY SLOAN, Dallas, Texas; PI Beta Phi; TUSK. • ANN M. SMITH. Atlanta, Georgia; Kappa Alpha Theta; JAMBALAYA; TUSK; Westminster Fellowship; Campus Night. • DIANE SMITH, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu. • FRANCES SMITH, Athens. Tennessee; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Secretary Junior Class 1952-1953; Corresponding Secretary of Student Government Association 1952- 1953; Art Club; Assets; Dormitory Council; Greenbackers; Canterbury Club. • MARGARET SMITH, Little Rock, Arkansas; Alpha Delta Pi; Dance Club. • MARY PRINGLE SMITH, Athens, Tennessee; Kappa Kappa Gamma; A Cappella Choir; Glee Club. • SUSAN E. SMITH, KIngsville, Texas; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Westminster Fel- lowship. • MARGIE SOUDAIN. New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Delta Pi. • MARTHA SPARKS, Monroe, Louisiana; Chi Omega; Newman Club; Interna- tional Relations Club. • MELANIE SPEER, Ft. Smith, Arkansas; Pi Beta Phi; Art Club; Canterbury Club. Third Row: • BETTY RUTH SPEIR, Greenville, Alabama; Canterbury Club. • LYNNE SPITZBERG, Little Rock, Arkansas; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Campus Night. • JO ANN SPORL, Jackson, Alabama; Glee Club. • LYDIANNE STAHEL, New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi; Y.W.C.A. • SYLVIA RAE STAHL. New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Le Circle Francats; Hlllel Foundation; Operetta. • M. ANN STEPHENS, Semmes, Alabama; Alpha Omlcron Pi; Barracudas; Y.W.C.A.; JAMBALAYA; Greenbackers; Campus Night. • ANN STEWART, Carlsbad. New Mexico; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Oreades; Can- terbury Club. • LILLIAN STEWART, New Orleans, Louisiana; Gamma Delta; Interfalth Council. • MILDRED ANNE STOUSE, New Orleans. Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi; Secretary Sophomore Class 1952-1953; Assets; Beta Beta Beta; La Tertulia; Le Circle Fran- cais; Newman Club; Leadership Council. • JEAN STRAUSS, Monroe, Louisiana; Alpha Epsilon Phi. Fourth Row: • PEGGY STRAUSS, Monroe, Louisiana; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • MARY ELISE STREET, Vicksburg, Mississippi; Chi Omega; Barracudas; Cheer- leader; Greenbackers; Canterbury Club. • SALLY ANN STRIKER, Denver, Colorado; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Art Club; Campus Night. • SANDRA STRINGER, Shreveport, Louisiana; Canterbury Club; Campus Night; Intramural Council. • JOEL SUGAR, Monroe, Louisiana; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Art Club; JAMBALAYA Campus Night. • ANN SYNOTT, Houston, Texas; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Canterbury Club Y.W.C.A. • SHIRLEY TANENBAUM, Austin, Texas; Greenbackers. • GAYLE LUCILLE TANNER, New Orleans. Louisiana. • JOAN TERRY, Pine Bluff, Arkansas; Alpha Delta Pi; Baptist Student Union; Glee Club. Heu;c0mb COLLEGE 69 19 5 3 UNDERGRADUATES First Row: • JOSIE TESSITORE, New Orleans, Louisiand, • PEGGY TEAGUE, Little Rock, Arkansas; Chi Omega; Dance Club; Barracudas. • ADDIE THIBODEAUX, Thibodeaux, Louisiana; Phi Mu. • SONYA TRAHAN, Alexandria, Louisiana; Chi Omega; Dance Club. • ANN TRENCHARD. New Orleans, Louisiana; Chi Omega; Y.W.C.A.; Canter- bury Club. • BETTY JANE TROSCLAIR, New Orleans, Louisiana; White Caps; A Cappella Choir; Glee Club; Leadership Council. • CAROLINE TRUEMAN, Birmingham, Alabama; Pi Beta Phi; Assets; Beta Beta Beta; La Tertulia; Who ' s Who; Dormitory Council; Honor Board; Second Vice- President Student Government Association; Newcomb Handbook; Greenbackers. • JANE TRUFANT, New Orleans, Louisiana; Canterbury Club. • LYNNE TRIST, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi. • JO ANN TURNER, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta; Newman Club. Second Row: • NANCY B. TURNER, Memphis, Tennessee; Alpha Omicron Pi; Barracudas; Christian Science Organization; Intertaith Council; Glee Club; Operetta. • JANET TYSON, Texarkana, Texas; Pi Beta Phi; Wesley Foundation. • ANNE E. ULMER, Columbia. Mississippi; Kappa Alpha Theta; Cheerleaders; Greenbackers; Newman Club. • JANE ULMER, New Orleans, Louisiana; Chi Omega; Treasurer Sophomore Class 1952-1953; Beta Beta Beta; Campus Night; Glee Club. • BARBARA CLAIRE UMBACH, New Orleans, Louisiana; Chi Omega. • CHRISTINE URDA, Cleveland, Ohio; Newman Club. • ANNE VARINO, Monroe, Louisiana; Dormitory Council; Canterbury Club; International Relations Club; Intertaith Council. • JANICE LEE VIZZINI, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta. • SALLY WARNER, Memphis, Tennessee; Kappa Alpha Theta; Canterbury Club. • PATTY WATTS, Roswell, New Mexico; Phi Mu; Campus Night. Third Row; • FRAN WEAVER. St. Petersburg, Florida; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • BOBBIE WEBB, Oriente, Cuba; Alpha Omicron Pi; La Tertulia; Barracudas. • FLO WEILAND, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Epsilon Phi; JAMBALAYA,; Campus Night; Glee Club; Glendy Burke Society. • DEANIE WENDLAND, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • GENE WHITE, Overland Park, Kansas; TUSK; Wesley Foundation; Campus Night; Tulane University Theatre. • CHIGGER WHITE, Franklin, Tennessee; Alpha Omicron Pi. • JOY LEE WIGGINS, Memphis, Tennessee; Wesley Foundation; Glee Club. • TODD WILLINGHAM, New Orleans, Louisiana; Chi Omega. • ARLINE WINCHESTER, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Zeta; Newcomb Pan- Hellenic Council; Beta Beta Beta; Dance Cl ub; Le Circle Francais; Y.W.C.A.; White Caps; Wesley Foundation. • SONIA WINER, Chattanooga, Tennessee; Campus Night; Glee Club. Fourth Row: • JANET LEE WINGATE, Beaumont, Texas; Kappa Alpha Theta. • MARJORIE WINN, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta; Wesley Foun- dation; Glee Club. • MARY SUE WOOD, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi; Y.W.C.A.; Canterbury Club. • MARY HARRIET WREN, Texarkana, Arkansas; Chi Omega; Greenbackers; Wes- ley Foundation. • LUCY YEARLY, San Antonio, Texas; Kappa Alpha Theta; Canterbury Club. • KATHRYN YERGER, Jackson, Mississippi; Chi Omega. • BARBARA YOUNGS, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta; Athletic Council; Newman Club; Intramural Council. • YVONNE YUSPEH, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Le Circle Fran- cais; JAMBALAYA; Campus Night; Debate Team; Glendy Burke Society. • MARJORIE ZANDER; New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Y.W.C.A.; Canterbury Club. neufcpm(f COLLEGE 70 BABS BARTLETT . . SHIRLEY HADDOCK OFFICERS President CAROLI NE TRUEMAN Second Vice-President . . . First Vice-President FRANCES SMITH Corresponding Secretary CAROL CLARK Recording Secretary MFMBERS Anne Allen Teeta Ansley Emily Dees Courtney Estabrook Alice Koch Ellen Morris Marion Pratt Jackie Rauch Maude Saunders Mary Pillow Scales C The Newcomb Student Council Is the piloting unit of a self-governing student body. It is composed of the officers of the Student Government Association and the presidents of the hlonor Board, Resident Student Gov- ernment, Pan-hellenic Council, Art School, Y.W.C.A., Athletic Council, Music School, and the four classes. It has the power to initiate legislation, consider any proposed amend- ment to, or revision of, the constitution, and to consent to the holding of any election on Newcomb Campus. It strives to maintain the ideals and preserve the strength of the college by encouraging the highest student- faculty relationship and by embodying in its actions the active and creative spirit of an association of able and adult Individuals. Newcomb students take pride in their system of honor which holds above all else the integrity of each student. Under the Honor System each student is accountable on her honor for her conduct. Violations which endanger the system and thus the personal honor of every member are dealt with by representatives who comprise the Honor Board. The Honor Board has jurisdiction over examinations and school work in and outside of classes. Upon enrolling in Newcomb each student, before the Honor Board, pledges herself to abide by the system — to maintain a high standard of integrity and personal honor. OFFICERS ALICE KOCH President BETTY KIRALFY Vice-President ANN KENNINGTON Secretary MEMBERS Emma Ansley Courtney Estabrook Jackie Rauch Barbara Barflett Margaret Gustafson Maude Saunders Joan Burlingame Ruth Hendricks Mary Pillow Scales Emily Ann Dees Dorothy Mattlce Caroline Trueman ALPHA SIGMA SIGMA Members of Alpha Sigma Sigma are chosen from the Junior and Senior classes of Newcomb College on fhe basis of their outstanding participation in school activities, their admirable record in scholarship, and their unselfish service to the school. Membership in this society Is comparable to Mortar Board elections at other colleges. At a special Student Body meeting in the spring of each year, those students so honored are recognized and later are initiated into the group. Alpha Sigma Sigma ' s primary responsibility is the planning, organization, and supervision of the fall Orientation Program, together with the direction of Freshman Government for the first semester of the school year. Assets is an honorary society based on leadership, scholarship, service, and school spirit. Each spring, outstanding Freshmen are elected to become members of this organization. The Assets active at the time choose the members for the following year and the names of Ihose Freshmen are announced at the last Student Body meeting of the year. The:e newly elected Assets begin their activities In their Sophomore year by being " Big Sisters " lo the new Freshmen and new students during the Orientation program. In the beginning of the school year they talce part In the Kangaroo Court held for the Freshmen, and throughout the remainder of the year they serve as ushers for various campus activities. ASSETS OFFICER MARIE HAMEL President MEMBERS Barbara Bartlett Shirley Haddock Alice Koch Emily Dees Betty Kiralfy Ellen Morris OFFICERS MILDRED STOUSE MARIANNE SCOTT Carole Arnold Arthe Beardsley Betsy Boisfontaine . President Secretary MEMBERS Ju!ia Cherry Carol Clark Ruth hiendrlcks Sheila hlodges Maudle Saunders ART CLUB The Art Club Is a Newcomb organization designed to promote the interest of both student and faculty In art. Memershlp Is open to any Newcomb student. The club has many events during the year. During the orientation of new students, a tea Is given In their honor. It sponsors some exhibits In the Arr School gallery, such as the " art for Christmas " exhibit. In addition, It shows a number of films and sponsors guest speakers, to which events the public Is Invited. The Barracuda Swimming Club is an organization composed of members chosen at the beginning of the year on the basis of their swimming ability. The chief purpose of the club is to promote Interest In form swimming and pageant planning. Meetings are every other Wednesday at five o ' clock. The main event of the club Is the presentation of Its annual water pageant in the spring. Last year the theme was " Holidays. " A few of the numbers included were: Thanksgiving, The Fourth of July. and Easter. Diving as well as water formations demonstrating syncronized swimming, was exhibited. Every member takes part in at least one number. Until a member has participated in a pageani ' , she Is a Baby Barracuda. Besides the water ballet, the ciub sponsors the National Telegraphic Meet and the Newcomb Intramural Swimming Meet. It also plans a program for Newcomb Orientation. BARRACUDAS ANN SHERMAN Susie Block Jane Bresler Joy Brand Carolyn Comegys Joyce Cooper Ann Cushing Gladys Federoff Penny Fox OFFICERS - . PresidentFRANCES SMITH CAROL KAPLAN Secretary MEMBERS Dorothy Good Irene Graham Carol Kaplan Dottle Kris Anita Lamar Paula Levy Nancy Llljensteln Ann LIngan Dorothy Mattlce Ann Meade Marylin Moore Anita Parent Pamela De Pass Cynthia Ralnold Mimi Rainold ildent Jennie Ann Scharff Dena Schneider Ann Sherman Ann Smith Frances Smith Joel Sugar Ann Hastings OFFICERS JANETH MURRAY President JULIA CHERRY Vice-President JOAN SCHEURMANN Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS Ann Bennett Phyllis Lowry Jackie Pressner Ann Shafto Pat Boehm Joan McCullough Kay Richardson Ann Stephens Julia Cherry Ellen Morris J ck Scheurmann Nancy Turner Julie Douglass Janeth Murray Mary Settegast Bobble Webb Evelyn Jackson LE CIRCLE FRANCAIS The purpose of Le Circle Francals is to further the interest in French culture. Some of the various activities ofrered by the club are movies, lectures, and the opporl-unity to converse in French v i.h friends among the student body and members of the faculty. The meeiing:. are held twice a monlh In the Student Center. The traditional cafe and petits ga! " eaux arc always served while everyone chal ' s In French. The memberjhip Is made up of anyone who is Inj-eres ' ed In French. OFFICER ANA PINEDA Chairman MEMBERS Libby Allegret Arfhe Beardsley Matilda Bonilla Denise Beyt Martha Chaffe Jennie Chesnut Sue Collins Nash Cox Dawn Dunn Maryem Fowlkes Nancy Gooch Owene Hall Barbara Hecker Mary Hooton Shirley Jaffe Shirley Marco Martha Marshall Ann Parsons Sandra Peilen Ana Pineda Alice Prewi+t Marilyn Royston Sarah Schmid Barbara Silin Mildred Stouse Sonya Trahan Christian West Arline Winchester Janet Wingate The Newcomb Dance Club was originally founded in 1940 and has been a wonderful success under the ardent direction of Miss Frances Busli. The purpose of the club is to promote interest " in all types of ballet and to furnish dances for campus productions and other aclivities. Tryouts are held at the beginning of each semester lOi- new members. The new members are known as Coryphies until they have proven ihemselves worthy of being elected into the ballerina group. Elections are based upon service as well as the ability and Interest of the girl. Meetings are held on Monday and Wednesday for one hour. A recital will be held in the Spring to climax the year ' s activities. This year we will present the Nutcracker Suite, and other Divertisements. NEWCOMB DANCE CLUB LORAINE SAUCIER Barbara Bartlett Cynthia Bailey Julia Cherry Carolyn Benoist Nancy Jean Black Cynthia Carso Joan Garcia Margaret Ann tHead OFFICERS President BARBARA GREENFIELD Vice-President STERLING PEEBLES . BALLERINAS Barbara Greenfield Sterling Peebles Marion Pratt CORYPHIES Secretary Betty Robinson Loralne Saucier Sonja Trahan Le Ann Horn Sue Hertzman Dorothy Mattice Nancy Mattice Helen Perry Ana Pineda Alice Prewitt Margaret Smith _ Peggy Teague Jo Ann Turner Arline Winchester Chlgger White BETA BETA BETA Beta Lambda chapter of Beta Beta Beta is the national honorary biological fraternity at Newcomb. Its purpose is to stimulate sound scholarship in members and to point out the importance of science in everyday life to all students who show an interest. To be eligible for membership, a student must take at least one course above the Freshman level and have a grade of C or better. There are two types of members. A provisional member is any student fulfilling the above requirements, or any upperclassman taking the Freshman course. The student may either be interested in Biology but not planning to go into it any further, or may be a major in the field. An active member must have taken at least two advanced courses In the department and maintained a C average. The fraternity meets once a month, the speaker alternating between outside speakers and members who prepare the programs. The activities for the year include lectures, films and slides, demonstrations, and a final social at the end of the year. ' The Young Women ' s Christian Association, established at Newcomb in 1901. is an inter- denominational organization. Under Student leadership, the faculty members acting in an advisory capacity, the Y.W.C.A. offers membership to all students at Newcomb. " Y " traditions are giving a Freshman supper during orientation, the giving of baskets to the poor at Thanksgiving, entertaining children from the local orphanages at Christmas and Easier, placing a tree in Newcomb tHall. sponsoring the Senior Baby Contest and conducting the annual Easter Sunrise service In cooperation with other campus organizations. The " Y ' s " concern is stimulating student interest in specific problems concerned with four general fields of work in the National Y.W.C.A. program: personal life, the church, higher education, and the nation and the world. Y. W. C. A. OFFICERS FAY KAPSINOW President CONNIE JOHNSON Vice-President PAULA BEAVER Secretary ACTIVE MEMBERS Paula Beaver Connie Johnson Jennifer Byrnes Peggy Buescher Karifa Goeller Maria Kaiovos Fay Kapsinov Frances Perry PROVISIONAL MEMBERS Paf Lang Daisy Meriwether Mary Lawson Rhoda Schmidt Marilyn Levy Marion Siegman Martha Ann Rogers Ann Trice Lillian Stewart Patsy Weil Arline Winchester Jerry Wolf ANN ALLEN .... GLEN RAE HANNEMAN. Ann Allen Mary Bartlett Mollie Blakeney Joy Broas Martha Church Janet Dean Betty Ann Dell Nell Eastland Sylvia Fernandez Lucciene Fountains Maryem Fowlkes OFFICERS . President ESTHER HUNT Secretary Vice-President DIANE LONG Treasurer Sue Francis Beth Fritchie Catherine Fritchie Elizabeth Haeuser Sue Hampton Glen Rae Hanemann Martha Hatchell Ann Hastinns Vicki Hooper Anne Humphreys Esther Hunt Evelyn Jackson MEMBERS Mary Law Ann Lingan Diane Long Jimmie Mackenroth Rosemary McGinn Daisy Meriwether Mc ryjin Milllken Ruth Nairne Barbara Pelton Caroline Peters Frances Perry Elena Perez Lynn Reeder Joan Renkin Pat Ryan Lydia Ann Stahel Ann Trenchard Ann Triste Leigh Wilkinson Arline Winchester Jerry Wolf Lollle Zander Rae Zimmer OREADES To students of classics at Newcomb College, Oreades offers a chance to get together both for lectures during the monthly meetings and for social activities. To begin the new year Oreades had a sun-set picnic on the levee for members and prospective members who were initiated in February, The main event of each year is the Saturnalia party during the Christmas season, at which each class in the department presents a skit before a student who is elected " king " of Saturnalia, according to the old Roman custom of letting a slave rule for a day. Then from a cornacopia the herald of the evening draws for each guest a small gift reminiscent of Greek or Roman mythology. Then the slave king returns to his origin for another year. Athletic Council Is the governing body for the Newcomb Athletic Association. Its function is the carrying out of the intramural program, which consists of: volleyball, basketball, swimming, badminton, ping pong, tennis, square dancing and baseball. Our prime objective this year is to arouse interest In sports more as recreation than as cut-throat competition. It is with this thought in mind that we have tried a new policy. Any group of Newcomb girls wishing to form a team for any activity may do so. Cups and individual trophies are awarded to the winning teams and Individuals for each activity. Also Newcomb felt emblems, silver " N ' s, " and blazlers are awarded to girls achieving points for participation. NEWCOMB ATHLETIC COUNCIL GLEN RAE HANEMANN President ARTHE BEARDSLEY OFFICERS JAN GREGORY . . . Secretary-Treasurer Vice-President MEMBERS Anne Alien Ar+he Beardsley Paula Beaver Dot+Ie Bland Jerry Boehm Pa+sy Boehm Joan Buriingame Doris Cahn Joyce Cooper Margaret MacElliott Ethel Gabriel Shirley Gardner Karlta Goeller Nancy Gooch Melissa Green Jan Gregory Glen Rae Hanemann Martha Hatchett Sheila Hodges Mary Hooten Mary Anna Kendall Maria Kolovos Mary Ann Krotzer Mary Lehman Babette Levy Pat McGee Dora Meskiman Agatha Newitt Sterling Peebles Sylvia Pinner Kay Richardson Beth Slawson Mary Eliza Southall Ann Stewart Alida Mary Treuting OFFICERS ELLEN MORRIS President ANN KENNINGTON Vice-President JULIA CHERRY Secretary MEMBERS Ellen Morris Joan Scheurmann Ann Synott Ann Kennirlgton Mildred Lahasky Jane Frazer Julia Cherry Janice Cohen Marianne Seigler Barbara Bolton Marcia Davis Jo McCullough Priscllla Fleming Mary Settegast NEWCOMB DORMITORY COUNCIL The Newcomb Dormitory Council, composed of representatives from all of the dormitories, is the governing body of the Resident Student Government Association. The executive, judicial and legislative power of the association is vested in the dormitory council. Its primary aim is to promote self- government and the responsibility of upholding the siandards and regulations of the dormitories order to assure an enriched college life. OFFICERS MARY PILLOW SCALES President, Resident Student Government CAROLINE TRUEMAN Secretary. Resident Sttideni Government SALLY PITTS President ot Josephine Louise REBECCA WHITE President of Doris Hall JO ANN ANSLEY President, South Wing of Warren House FRANCES PRIEST President. North Wing of Warren House ANN WILLIAMS President, East Wing of Josephine Louise MARYLIN ROSENBERG , President. West Wing of Josephine Louise MEMBERS Alice Akins Emily Dees Connie Johnson Mary Montague Peggy Atkinson Evelyn Ensor Joanne Kreige ' Ann Shaffo Patsy Brennan Courtney Estabrook Mary Ann Kelley Frances Smith Marcia Davis Melissa Green Dorothy Mattice Ann Varino Ruth Hendricks Jeanne Miller La lertu ' ia is the honorary Spanish Club on the Newcomb Campus. It holds meetings once a month, ai- which prominent speakers discuss topics of interest. There are four reunions each year to which the whole University, as well as the public, is invited. These reunions are October I 2, which is Columbus Day: the Christmas fiesta: April 14. which is Fan-American Day, and April 23, " Cervante " Day. This year on Columbus Day Mr. Horcasitas spoke and Mr. Castro de Silva played the piano. At the Christmas fiesta there was a presentation of " Autos de los Reyes Magos " : Miss Carol Barnett played the accordion: a pinata was broken: Christmas Carols were sung: and then there was dancing. A banquet for the members and new initiates is held df the close of each year. LA TERTULIA OFFICERS ALICE KOCH . . . . ■ Presid ent MARCIA DAVIS JOYCE CARINHAS . . . Vice-Presid SHIRLEY LEVEY ent BARBARA HECKER , , . Publicity Chairman Treasurer MEMBERS Babs Bartle+t Frances Flowers Shirley Levey Ana Pineda Ann Bennett Liz Fontaine Doris Levy Cynthia Rainold Matilde Boniila Nancy Gooch Marilyn Levy Marylin Rosenberg Sue Brody Lynn Greer Diane Long Mary Eliza Southall Joan Burlingame Barbara Hecker Pat McCabe Emily Stix Joyce Carlnhas Marjone Janon Pat McGee Bettv Verlander Janice Cohen Connie Johnson Janeth Murray Bobbie Webb Marcia Davis Alice Koch Elena Perez Ray Zemmer June Earnest SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE Frank Brogato, President; James Dent, Vice-President; Earl Stalil, Secretary. 79 I9S3 |Ti SENIORS ' I ' m not crazy, I ' m just a Swiss Watch " BELOW: First Row: • EDWARD COLBERT, JR., Royal Oak, Michigan. • JAMES T. DENT, New Orleans. Louisiana; Vice-President of Class 1953; Tau Delta Sigma; Who ' s Who; A. I. A.; T.A.S. • HENRI M. FAVROT. JR., New Orleans, ' Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon; A.l.A. • WILLIAM P. GARDNER, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha; A.l.A. • WILLIAM JACOB HESS, JR., New Orleans, Louisiana; Class Secretary 1953; A.l.A.; Pep Band; Newman Club; Tulane Band. • SUSAN HILL, Lake Charles, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi; A.l.A. • RICHARD E. KELLOGG, Park Forest, Illinois; Vice-President Class 1952; President Class 1953; Scabbard and Blade; Tau Sigma Delta; Who ' s Who; A.l.A.; Pep Band; Tulane Band; Leadership Council. Second Row: • RAFAEL URIBE LOPEZ, Bogota. Colombia; A.l.A. • SAUL A. MINTZ, New Orleans, Louisiana; Zeta Beta Tau; Class Secretary-Treasurer 1952; A.l.A.; T.A.S. • CLIFF E. MURPHY, JR., Gulfport, Mississippi; Tau Sigma Delta; A.l.A. • RAYMOND D. REED, Sacramento, California; Tau Sigma Delta; A.l.A.; T.A.S.; Naval ROTC. • WILLIAM RAGLAND WATKINS, III. McComb, Mississippi. • ROBERT DRUHAN WYNNE, New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. coiiefeo ARCHITECTURE Edward Colbert Rafael Lopez James Dent Saul Mintz Henri Favrot Cliff Murphy William Gardner Raymond Re ' ?d Richard Kellogg UNDERGRADUATES First Row: • JOHN N. BADGER, Murfreesboro. Tennessee; Sigma Ch!; Army ROTC; Disci- ples Student FeHowstiip. • JOHN C. BARNES, New Orleans, Louisiana; Westminster Fellowship; Air Force ROTC. • SHELDON BLU, Lafayette, Louisiana; Kappa Sigma. • FRED B. BOOKHARDT, New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Chi; Army ROTC. • DONALD H. CALDWELL, Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Kappa Sigma; Glee Club. • FRED CARROLL, JR., Lyon, Mississippi; Sigma Ctli; Wesley Foundation; Air Force ROTC. • NEIL CINNATER, New Orleans, Louisiana; A. I. A. • RICHARD IvlYRON COHEN, New Orleans, Louisiana; Zeta Beta Tau; JAM- BALAYA. • LYNTON " SONNY " COOPER. Jackson, Mississippi; Kappa Alpha; A.I.A.; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society. • THEODORE CONTONIO, III, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Tau Delta; A. I. A.; Newman Club: Naval ROTC. Second Row; • WADE COTTON. Monroe, Louisiana; Kappa Sigma; Hullabaloo; Air Force ROTC; Wesley Foundation. • V. AUGUSTO CRISTALES, Guatemala City, Guatemala. • CHARLES F. CRONIN, New Orleans. Louisiana. • ANNE DeSAUSSURE. Norwalk, Connecticut; Phi Mu. • A. GEORGE DUCORBIER, JR., New Orleans, Louisiana. • B. FRANK EVANS, Longview. Texas; Air Force ROTC; Baptist Student Union. • WILLIAM R. GAY, JR., Shreveport, Louisiana; Phi Sigma lota. • SANDRA HALL, Wichita Falls. Texas; Secretary-Treasurer Class 1952-1953. • GERALD J. KELLEY, New Orleans, Louisiana. • AARON KRAEMER, Orange. New Jersey; Sigma Alpha Mu; A. I. A.; Hullabaloo; Naval ROTC; Tatfrail Naval Society. Third Row: • RICHARD LYLE. JR., Meridian, Mississippi; Kappa Alpha. • DOROTHY McCABE, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu; Sophomore Class Sec- retary-Treasurer; A. I. A. • J. KIRK McDonald, Memphis. Tennessee. • ROBERT MARSH New Providence. New Jersey; Delta Sigma Phi; Glee Club; Naval ROTC. • BERNARD MASON, Clarksdale, Mississippi; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Naval ROTC. • BILL MATTISON, Phi Delta Theta; Air Force ROTC. • JEROME IRWIN MECKLER, Brooklyn, New York; Army ROTC; Kappa Nu; Glee Club; Campus Night; International Relations Club; Hillel Foundation. • MARTIN GILBERT MYERS, Ossining, New York; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Hillel Foun- dation; Army ROTC. • JOHN MILES O ' NEILL, Sharpsville, Pennsylvania; A.I.A. • MACK G. PARSONS. Nashville, Tennessee; President Freshman Class 1952. Fourth Row: • TOM H. PEARCE, Shreveport. Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Air Force ROTC. • EUGENE A. RAY. Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Sigma Chi. • T. J. ROY, JR.. Metairie. Louisiana; Vice-President Freshman Class 1952. • JOSE J. D. SEpUEIRA. Nicaraugua. C.A. • WILLIAM DAVID SHELEY, Clarksdale, Mississippi; Sigma Chi. • CLIFTON MURRAY SMART. JR.. BIytheville, Arkansas; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Air Force ROTC; Baptist Student Union. • JOHN OLIVER STUARDI, III, New Orleans, Louisiana; Newman Club; Army ROTC. • MELVIN B. YOUNG, Shreveport. Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Naval ROTC. colie e c ARCHITECTURE 81 CO UJ OFFICERS ROBERT WYNNE President ROBERT SEAY Vice-President BILL GARDNER Secretary ROBERT WATKINS Treasurer !; -0 ■- ' ■ 5v»is ( ,«.«si(sr ' !rTV CO The Tulane Chapter of the American Institute of Architects was organ- ized on January 6, 1947, for the purpose of establishing a liaison between the student and the practitioner. Its membership is limited to third, fourth, and fifth year architecture students. The Society represents the school in all matters relating to the profes- sion, finds employment in architectural offices for students during summer months and in general seeks to elevate the standards of the profession by stressing higher scholastic requirements. t J " w John Murray, Vice-President; Jim Van Pelt, President; Merle Brown, Secretary. Herbert Ackermann Dave Anderson Robert Ader Harold Arenofsky Tripping the light fantastic ABOVE: First Row; • HERBERT J. ACKERMANN, New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigrra Gamma Epsilon. • ROBEKT ader. New York, New York; Zeta Beta Tau; Pre-Medical Society; President Leadership Council. Second Row: • DAVE ANDERSON, New Orleans Louisiana. • HAKOLD ARENOFSKY, Bayonne, New Jersey; Kappa Nu; Sigma Pi Sigma; Pre-Medical Society; Hillel Foundation. BELOW: First Row: • SHELDON DAVID BAUM, Elizabeth New Jersey; Army ROTC. • MIKE MITCHELL BEARDEN, Nej» Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Kappa Alpha; Tulane Pan-Hellenic Council; Scabbard and Blade; Baptist Student Union; Intertaith Council; Air Force ROTC; Arnold Air Society; International Relations Club; Leadership Council. o MARTIN BECKERMAN, Brooklyn, New York; Kappa Nu; Hillel Foundation. • EDGAR A. BENESCH-MARVIN, Boston, Massachusetts. • JUAN F. BRIN, N3W Orleans. Louisiana; Air Force ROTC. o JERRY N. BROOKS, Monroe, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi; Tulane Pan-Hellenic Council. I9S3 SENIOR Second Row: • JOHN V. CALDWELL, Thibodaux, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha; Air Force ROTC. • DANFORTH CHUN, Honolulu, T.H. • ALVIN MAkTIN COTLAR, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Nu; Scabbard and Blade; Psychology Major Club; Hillel Foundation; Army ROTC; National Defense Transportation Association. • EDWARD DE MARTINI, New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Kappa Alpha; Scabbard and Blade; Glee Club; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society. • TED DEMUTH, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Delta Pi; Band President 1952-1953. o C. B. DIBOLL, JR., New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Air Force ROTC; Arnold Air Society; Adel- phons. Sheldon Baum John Caldwell Mike Bearden Danforth Chun Martin Beckerman Alvln Cotlar Edgar Benesch-Marvin Edward De Martini Juan Brin Ted Demuth Jerry Brooks C. B. Diboll 84 Nathan Galloway John Jackson J. W. Garrett Stephen Jacobs Charles Gritfen Colden Jones Roy Guderian Paul Juneau William Hobbs Harvey Karsh Herbert Ichinose Malcolm Kasanoff ABOVE: First Row: • NATHAN G. GALLOWAY, Katy, Texas; Kappa Sigma. • J. W. GARRETT. Roselle, New Jersey. • CHARLES EDWARD GRIFFEN, New Orleans, Louisiana; Air Force ROTO. • ROY J. GUDERIAN, New Orleans, Louisiana. • WILLIAM JOSEPH HOBBS, JR., New Orleans. Louisiana; Newman Club. • HERBERT ICHINOSE. Honolulu, T.H.; Pre-Medical Society. Second Row: • JOHN K. JACKSON, JR., San Antonio, Texas; Army ROTC. • STEPHEN EDWARD JACOBS, Jamaica, New York; Kappa Nu; Hillel Foundation; Campus Night; Fourlanians; Tulane Quintet. • COLDEN B. JONES, New Orleans, Louisiana. • PAUL W. JUNEAU, JR., New Orleans, Louisiana. • HARVEY B. KARSH, Denver, Colorado; Zcta Beta Tau; Scabbard and Blad?; Adelphons. • MALCOLM MERRILL KASANOFF, Haverhill. Massachusetts; Sigma Alpha Mu; Tulane Pan-Hellenic Council; Cam- pus Night; Tulane University Theatre. BELOW: First Row: • GEORGE KIMATA, Eleele. Kauai. T.H.; Pre-Medical Society. • KENNETH R. KISSEL, McKeesport, Pennsylvania; Phi Kappa Sigma; Newman Club. • STUART RICHARD KLABIN, Union, New Jersey; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre-Medical Society; Psychology Major Club; Hullabaloo; Glee Club. Second Row: • RONALD J. KLEINFIELD. New York. New York. • MORTON LEON KLEINMAN, Bayside, Long Island, New York; Kappa Nu; Pre-Medical Society; Hillel Foundation; Intramurals. • IRV KURINSKY. Phoenix, Arizona; Pre-Medical Society; Glee Club; Army ROTC. ARTS AND SCIENCES With my eyes wide open George Kimata Ronald Kleinfield Kenneth Kissel Morton Klelnman Stuart Klabin Irv Kurinsky Fugitive from the Tulane Cafeteria ABOVE: First Row: • NEIL W. KURTZ. Bronx, New York; Glee Club; Psychology Club. • LELAND J. LANDRY. Port Arthur. Texas. „ . ,, , „ • WALTER COOKE LEE New Orleans Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta; President of Class 1952; Omicron Delta Kappa; Who ' s Who; A Cappella Choir; Festival Choir; Glee Club; Operetta; Westminster Fellowship; Lagniappes; TUSK; Signna Pi Sigma; Executive Board of Leadership Council. Second Row; • GEORGE G. MAYS Monticello. Florida; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • FRANK VILAC McDONALD. New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Delta Phi; Cheerleaders; Interfaith Council; Newman Club; Greenbackers; Ukelele Club; Air Force ROTC; Pi Sigma Alpha; Leadership Council. • DON MERRITT, Memphis. Tennessee; Varsity Tennis; Newman Club; Air Force ROTC. BELOW: First Row: • PAUL MIELLY. New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi; Wesley Foundation; Glee Club. • ALLEN MINK. Brooklyn. New York. • EDWARD B. MURPHY. New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Tau Omega; Newman Club. • HAL NORMAN, New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta; Psychology Major Club. • HERBERT PAIGE. New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Nu; Glee Club; Operetta; Campus Night; Fourlanians; Col- legians; German Club. • GEORGE ATKINSON PANKEY. Ruston. Louisiana; Kappa Alpha. • ROBERT L. pUAGLIN. Jamaica. New York; President of Freshman Engineering Class 1950. I9S3 SENIORS Second Row: • NORMAN S. REICH Brooklyn. New York; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre-Medical Society; Hullabaloo; Army ROTC. • PHILIP A. RISPOLI, Newark. New Jersey; Beta Phi. • BARRY ROSENBERG, Brooklyn, New York; Sigma Alpha Mu; Naval ROTC; Sigma Pi Sigma; Taffrail Naval Society; Adelphons; Scabbard and Blade. • RAYMOND P. ROY; New Orleans, Louisiana. • M. BRUCE SARLIN, Daytona Beach. Florida; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Tulane Pan-Hellenic Council; Scabbard and Blade; Phi Eta Sigma; Pre-Medical Society; Greenbackers; Air Force ROTC; Arnold Air Society. • M. R. SPRINGER, JR.. Little Rock, Arkansas; Kappa Sigma; Pre-Medical Society; TUSK. • EDWIN FREDERICK STACY, JR., New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Kappa Alpha; President Adelphons; Leadership Council; Tulane Pan-Hellenic Council; Secretary-Treasurer of Freshman and Sophomore Class; Honor Board 1949; Pre- Medical Society. Paul MIelly Norman Reich Allen Mink Philip Rispoli Edward Murphy Barry Rosenberg Hal Norman Raymond Roy Herbert Paige Bruce Sdrlin George Pankey M. R. Springer Robert Quaglln Edwin Stacy 86 Louise Stagg Robert Valter Norman Stahl James Van Pelt Lamar Steptienson Louis Vergne Jotin Stoddard Raymond Voelker Paul Tennis Robert Warren J. P. Ttiompson Paul Welty ABOVE: First Row; • LOUISE VAUX STAGG, New Orleans. Louisiana; Hulabaloo; Baptist Student Union. • NORMAN O. STAHL, Brooklyn. New York; Pre-Medical Society; Hillel Foundation. • LAMAR VOYLES STEPHENSON. New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Alpha; Army ROTO; Scabbard and Blade. • JOHN H. STODDARD, New Orleans. Louisiana. • HENRY LEWIS STOUT2, III; New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta; Nu Sigma Nu; Omicron Delta Kappa; Kappa Delta Phi; Westminster Fellowship; Medical ROTC. • PAUL R. TENNIS, Neosho, Missouri; Nu Sigma Nu; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Vice-President of Class 1953. • J. P. THOMPSON. JR., New Orleans, Louisiana. Second Row: • ROBERT DARWIN VALTER. Ridgway. Illinois; Sigma Chi; Newman Club; Manager of Basketball Team. • JAMES E. VAN PELT, West Lafayetie, Indiana; Sigma Chi; Secretary of Arts and Sciences 1751-1952; President of Arts Sciences 1952-1953; Omicron Delta Kappa; Scabbard and Blade; Who ' s Who; Greenbackers; Wesley Founda- tion; Glee Club; Naval ROTC; Adelphons; Leadership Council. • LOUIS J. VERGNE. Orocovis, Puerto Rico; Phi Kappa Sigma; Kappa Delta Phi; Student Activities Key; Who ' s Who; Greenbackers; Alpha Phi Omega; International Relations Club; Leadership Council; Pan-American Society. • RAYMOND G. VOELKER, New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Gamma Epsilon; Arnold Air Society. • JOHN D. WAITS, Grayville. Illinois; Wesley Foundation; Air Rorce ROTC. • ROBERT E. WARREN. Tonopah. Nevada; Theta Nu; Tulane Correspondent Times-Picayune. • PAUL B. WELTY. Pass Christian. Mississippi; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Omicron Delta Kappa; Greenbackers; Lag- niappes; Alpha Chi Sigma, BELOW: First Row: • HERBERT I. WEYER. New Orleans, Louisiana; Army ROTC; National Defense Transortation Association. • GEORGE W. WILKINS. JR., Memphis. Tennessee; Phi Sigma lota; TUSK; Wesley Foundation. • PAUL RATCLIFF WINDER. Shreveport, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi; Nu Sigma Nu; Unit Manager 1950. Second Row: • WARREN VINSON WULFEKUHLER. Daytona Beach. Florida; Beta Theta Pi; Nu Sigma Nu. • WILLIAM J, YOUNG, Miami Beach. Florida; Pre-Medlcal Society; Psychology Major Club. • EDWARD ZALTA, Houston. Texas; Kappa Nu; Phi Delta Epsilon. ARTS AND SCIENCES What ' cha lookin ' a ' t, Herbie? Herbert Weyer Warren Wulfekuhler George Wilklns William Young Paul Winder Edward Zdltd First Row: • JEANETTE ABEL. Ferriday, Louisiana; Alpha Delta Pi. • RONALD ALEXANDER, Shamrock. Texas; Wesley Foundation; Air Force ROTC. • ROBERT A. ALKOV. Pensacola. Florida; Sigma Chi; Naval ROTC. • DAN M. ANDERSON, New Orleans. Louisiana. • HENRY WICKS ANDRESSEN, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Siqma Phi; TUSK; Newman Club; Pershing Rifles; Army ROTC. • ALLAIN C. ANDRY, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Air Force ROTC. • JOYCE F. AMRHEIN, New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta iieta. • RICHARD C. ARSENAULT. Hollywood. Florida; Delta Sigma Phi; Cheerleaders; Greenbackers; Army ROTC. • JOE W. ASPLEY. JR.. Glasgow. Kentucky; Delta Sigma Phi. Second Row: • ROBERT D. ATKINS, Gibson. Tennessee; Pi Kappa Alpha; Air Force ROTC; Interfaith Council. • WILLIAM J. ATKINS. Shreveport, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • PAUL ELZY ATKINSON. Summit. Mississippi; Hullabaloo; Westminster Fel- lowship; Air Force ROTC. • GLEB J. AULOW. Arubo, N.W.I. • LARRY EUGENE BAKER. BIytheville. Arkansas; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Army ROTC. • STUART BARON. Union, New York; Kappa Nu; German Club; Pre-Medical So- ciety; Hillel Foundation; Soccer Team. • ROBERT BAROUSSE, New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi. • JOHN L. BARTHELMESS. Savannah. Georgia. • COLDEN R. BATTEY, JR., Beanfort, South Carolina; Delta Sigma Phi; Air Force ROTC. Third Row: • AL W. BEACHAM, New Orleans, Louisiana; Pre-Medical Society; Wesley Foun- dation; Air Force ROTC. • RUDY BECKER. New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha. • JOE BECKMAN. New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi; Hullabaloo; Canter- bury Club; Army ROTC. • JOHN A. BELSON. New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Siqma; Glee Club; Oper- etta; Newman Club; Air Force ROTC. • FRANK VITO BENINCASO. Hackensack. New Jersey; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Army ROTC; Glee Club; Newman Club; French Club. • GEORGE DUNBAR BENSABAT. New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • RICHARD L. BERG, Miami, Florida; Alpha Epsilon Pi. • HAROLD BERGER, Laurelton, Long Island, New York; Sigma Alpha Mu. • FRANK BERGEROT, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Kappa Sigma. Fourth Row: • OSCAR LEE BERRY, JR., Shreveport. Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; German Club; Canterbury Club; Army ROTC. • HARRY A. BEVERUNGEN. New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta; Air Force ROTC; Theta Nu; Who ' s Who; Hullabaloo; Publications Board; Greenbackers; Lagniappes. • JOEL H. BEYER. Brooklyn. New York; Kappa Nu; TUSK; Hillel Foundation; Glee Club; Air Force ROTC; Alpha Phi Omega. • JOSEPH A. BIGGIO, Montgomery. Alabama. • DICK BINNINGS. New Orleans. Louisiana. • JERRY BISHOP. El Paso, Texas; Pre-Medical Society; Wesley Foundation. • BANKS BLACKWELL, Pine Blutf, Arkansas; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Air Force ROTC. • ROBERT V. BLEDSOE, Montgomery, Alabama; Air Force ROTC. • DONALD L. BLOCK, Thibodeaux, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Mu. UNDERGRADUATES 88 First Row; Second Row: • RONALD JULES BLOCK. Highland Park. Illinois; Zeta Beta Tau; Air Force ROTO; Alpha Phi Omega. • NEILD. BLUE, JR.. Pensacola. Florida; S ' gma Alpha Epsilon. • CLYDE C. BOND, Wiggins. Mississippi; Phi Kappa Sigma; Campus Night. • ROBERT BOULET, Larose. Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi; Army ROTC. • HONORE GEORGE BOURGEOIS, JR., Thidcbaux, Louisiana; Pi Kappa Alpha; Adelphons. • RICHARD BOWEN. Pass Christian, Mississippi; Delta Sigma Phi; Army ROTC. • AL BRAUMILLER, Gulfport. Mississippi; Kappa Sigma. • REGINALD R. BRINKMANN JR.. Shreveport Louisiana- Kappa Sigma; Who ' s Who; Scabbard and Blade; Pi Sigma Alpha; JAMBALji YA; Hullabaloo; Wave Handbook; President of TUSK 1951-52; Cadet It. Col. Army ROTC 1751-52; Lagniappes; Executive Board of Leadership Council; Editor-in-Chief of the " Guidon " 1951-52; Tulane Pan-Hellenic Council 1950-52; Pre-Legal Society. • GOODWYN BROGGI. New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society. • TERYL BROOKS. JR., Lafayette, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi; Pre-Medical Society; Greenbackers; Baptist Student Union; Army ROTC. • ROBERT P. BROUSSARD, New Iberia, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon- Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society. • E. HINSON BROWN, Coral Gables, Florida. • NORWOOD V. BROWN. Cleveland. Mississippi; Sigma Chi; Tulane Pan-Hel- lenic Council. • ORLANDO F. BROWN, JR., New Smyrna Beach Florida- Westminster Fellow- ship; Army ROTC. • TERRY WALLACE BROWN, Fort Lauderdale Florida- Delta Sigma Phi- Naval ROTC. • WARREN E. BROWN, Long Island, New York; Pre-Medical Society; Soccer Team; Hillel Foundation; Alpha Phi Omega. • PATRICK BROWNE, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Golf; Bas- ketball; Newman Club; Air Force ROTC. • BOB BRUMFIELD, McComb, Mississippi; Delta Kappa Epsilon- Pre-Medical Society; JAMBALAYA; Westminster Fellowship; Air Force ROTC. Third Row: • JOSEPH MICHAEL BRUNO, Freehold. New Jersey; Delta Sigma Phi; Army ROTC. • SCOTT BRYAN BRUNS, New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta; Hulabaloo; JAMBALAYA; Air Force ROTC; Glendy Burke Society. • A. P. BURRELL, Casa Grande, Arizona. • STUART BUSCH, Brooklyn, New York; Alpha Epsilon Pi. • JOHN RANDOLPH BUTTS, JR., New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha; Air Force ROTC. • BRECK CABELL, Jackson, Mississippi; Phi Delta Theta; Greenbackers. • ADRIAN B. CAIRNS, JR., New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta; Hullaba- loo; Tulane Band; Army ROTC. • ALAN DEAN CALCOTE, Shreveport, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Canter- bury Club; Army ROTC. • RICHARD W, CALHOUN, Alexandria, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Fourth Row: • DIANNE CALONGNE, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Zeta. • MARIO A. CALONJE, New Orleans. Louisiana. • JACK G. CARINHAS, JR.. Brownsville, Texas; Pi Kappa Alpha; Newman Club; Glee Club; International Relations Club; Y.M.C.A. • RICKY CARRERAS, Bristol, Tennessee; Delta Tau Delta. • JACK CARRUTH. New Orleans, Louisiana. • LARRY CARRUTH, Kokomo, Mississippi. Sigma Chi; Pre-Medical Society; Wesley Foundation; Air Force ROTC. • HOWARD CARTER, Lake Charles, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Naval ROTC. • FRANK L. CATC, New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta. • EDWIN DAVIS CHADICK. New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Tau Delta; Hullaba- loo; Campus Night; Tulane University Theatre. cotUfe c ARTS AND SCIENCES 89 First Row: • HUEY CHAMPAGNE, New Orleans, Louisiana. • ORAM WARD CHENAULT, JR., Pensacola. Florida; Army ROTC. • JIM CHILDRESS. Carlsbad, New Mexico; Alpha Tau Omega; Adelphons. • BOB CLEMENTS, Lake Charles, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • ALEX COCKE, JR., New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Tau Delta; Newman Club; Ukelele Club; Arnny ROTC. • CLEMENT ALLEN COLE, JR., New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Sigma; Slee Club; JAMBALAYA; Intramural Council; Pan-H ellenic Council; Radio Club; Cam- pus Night; TUSK; Alpha Phi Omega. • ANTHONY JUSTIN COLLETT, JR., Bogalusa. Louisiana; Pi Kappa Alpha; Army ROTC. • LEON GEORGE COLLETTI, New Orleans, Louisiana. • BASIL COLLINS, New Orleans, Louisiana. Second Row: • HEN50N COON, Monroe, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Army ROTC. • JAKE NORMAN COON, Monroe, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Baptist Student Union; Air Force ROTC. • WILLIAM J. COTTRELL, Little Rock, Arkansas. • ROGER P. COUNTS, Nazareth, Pennsylvania; Delta Sigma Phi; Hullabaloo; TUSK; Glee Club; Tulane Yacht Club; Campus Night. • JACK COWART, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Tau Omega; Westminster Fel- lowship; Naval ROTC. • BEN F. CROCKER, New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi; Westminster Fel- lowship; Army ROTC. • BOB CROTTY, Alexandria, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • DENIS CROWLEY, JR., Cleveland Heights, Ohio; Phi Kappa Sigma; Newman Club; Campus Night; Glee Club. • TOM CULLOM, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Canterbury Club; Air Force ROTC. Third Row: • RICHARD L. CULPEPPER, Alexandria, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Tulane Band; Air Force ROTC. • PETE JOHN DAREOS, San Antonio, Texas; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Pre-Medical Society; JAMBALAYA; Army ROTC. • FRANK CHAPPY " ) DAVIS, JR., Lafayette, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi; Vice-Presi- dent of Sophomore Arts and Sciences; Pre-Medical Society; Greenbackers; Can- terbury Club; Lagniappes. • JOSE A. DECASTRO, Yauco, Puerto Rico. • WILLIE P. DE LA HOUSSAYE, New Orleans, Louisiana. • FRANK J. DEPAOLI, Globe, Arizona; Phi Delta Theta; Intramural Council; Air Force ROTC. • CAROL C. DeVALCOURT, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Kappa Sigma. • JOE DICKEY, Little Rock. Arkansas; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Westminster Fellow- ship; Naval ROTC. • GERALD DOMINGUEZ, Tampa, Florida; Sigma Chi; Pre-Medical Society; Air Force ROTC. Fourth Row: • ALLEN DORFMAN, New Haven, Connecticut; Sigma Alpha Mu. • RALPH DORRIS, Brunswick, Georgia; Air Force ROTC; International Relations Club; Leadership Counci-; Pan-American Society. • DANIEL DUET. Westwego, Louisiana; Army ROTC; International Relations Club; Newman Club. • CLANCY DUPEPE, Kenner, Louisiana; Alpha Tau Omega; Air Force ROTC. • WILLIAM E. DUPLAISIR, New Orleans, Louisiana. • DICK ELLISON, GulFport, Mississippi; Phi Delta Theta. • JAMES EMERSON, Winnfield, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • SAMUEL M. EMERSON, Winnfield. Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Tulane Band; Army ROTC. • JACK V. ESKENAZI, Miami, Florida; Basketball and Football Manager; JAM- BALAYA; Alpha Phi Omega; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society. UNDERGRADUATES 90 First Row: • JOSEPH ETTINGER. Lakewood. New Jersey; Sigma Alpha Mu. • DICK EVANS, Charlestown, West Virginia. • BARRY L. FANBURS, Chattanooga, Tennessee; Sigma Alpha Mu. • CHARLES WILLIAM FASTERLING, Buras. Louisiana; Alpha Tau Omega. • MARTY L. FELDMAN. St. Louis, Missouri; Sigma Alpha Mu. • PETER A. FERINGA, Jr., Vicksburg, Mississippi; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Pre- Medical Society; Greenbackers; Canterbury Club; Army ROTC. • WILLIAM A. FERRANTE, Melville. Louisiana; Sigma Chi. • JACK H. FIELD, JR., Alexandria. Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Westminster Fellowship; Air Force ROTC. • KINGSLEY FIFE, New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Kappa Alpha; Pre-Medical So- ciety; Psychology Major Club; Campus Night; Army ROTC; International Relations Club. Second Row: • ROBERT FINKELSTEIN. Jamaica, New York; Kappa Nu; Pre-Medical Society; Air Force ROTC. • DANIEL M. FOLEY, JR., New Orleans, Louisiana. • CHESTON FOLKES, Covington. Louisiana; Sigma Chi. • CARLOS G. FONT. Santurce. Puerto Rico; Scabbard and Blade; Sigma Gamma Epsilon; Naval ROTC; A.I.E.E.; Wesley Foundation. • J. L. FORD. JR., New Orleans. Louisiana. • ROY FORD, Boutte, Louisiana; Freshman Football; Air Force ROTC. • JAMES M. FOSTER, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Air Force ROTC. • GLENN WAYNE FOWLER, New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Kappa Alpha; Newman Club; Air Force ROTC; Alpha Phi Omega; International Relations Club. • DONALD G. FRIEDL. Cleveland, Ohio; Delta Tau Delta; Wesley Foundation; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society. Third Row: • CESAR RONALDO FUNES, Honduras, C.A, • EUGENE K. GARBER, Birmingham, Alabama; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • REYNOLD GARCIA, Tampa. Florida. • SANTIAGO A. GARCIA, New Orleans. Louisiana; Pi Kappa Alpha; Army ROTC; International Relations Club; Tulane Pan-Hellenic Council, • HARVEY H. GARDY. Hollywood, Florida; Army ROTC; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre- Medical Society. • GEORGE B. GARFINKEL. Liberty. New York; Kappa Nu; Pre-Medical Society; Psychology Major Club; Hillel Foundation. • BUDDY GARRISON. Fort Worth, Texas; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Pre-Medical So- ciety. • E. A. GASTON. JR.. Shreveport. Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • BOB GEORGE, Delray Beach. Florida; Phi Kappa Sigma. Fourth Row; • RICHARD LAFAYETTE GIBSON, Texarkana. Texas; Phi Kappa Sigma; Pre-Med- ical Society. • PEACHY RIDGEWAY GILMER. Shreveport. Louisiana; Kappa Alpha. • DICK GLATZER. Forest Hills, New York; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre-Medical So- ciety; Hullabaloo; Army ROTC; Rifle Team; Crack-Drill Team. • ALLEN WAYNE GLIDEWELL, Wichita Falls, Texas; Sigma Chi; Air Force ROTC. • RAUL DAVILA GOMEZ, San Juan, Puerto Rico; Phi lota Kappa; Newman Club. • ROY ROOS GONSENHEIM, New Orleans. Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Mu. • PHILIP GOODMAN, New Orleans. Louisiana; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval So- ciety. W. MALCOLM GRANBERRY. San Antonio, Texas; Kappa Sigma; Baptist Stu- dent Union. • CAUSEY STANTON GREEN, Palatka, Florida; Pi Kappa Alpha. coUep 0 ARTS AND SCIENCES 91 First Row: • RICHARD T. GREEN. Lake Charles, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • JAMES GREENBAUM, Shaker Heights. Ohio; Zeta Beta Tau; Pre-Medical So- ciety; Psychologv Major Club; JAMBALAYA; TUSK; Air Force ROTC; Alpha Phi Omega; Air Force Drill Team. • BOB GREENBERG. New Haven. Connecticut; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Air Force ROTC. • LEONARD D GREMILLON Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Newman Club; Army ROTC. • DOUGLAS W, GREVE, Euclid, Ohio; Delta Sigma Phi. • CHARLES HALE, Mexico City, Mexico; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Greenbackers. • DONALD B. HALL, Meridian. Mississippi; Kappa Sigma; JAMBALAYA; Wesley Foundation. • ROBERT D. HAMER, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Tau Delta; Greenbackers; Air Force ROTC; Air Force Rifle Team. • ERNEST H. HANEWINCKEL, Opelousas, Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi. Second Row: • JEFF A. HANNA. JR., Loraine, Texas; Canterbury Club; Air Force ROTC. • DAVID L. HARDEN, Pensacola, Florida. • BOBBY HARGROVE, Shreveport, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi; Westminster Fellow- ship; Air Force ROTC. • RAYMOND BERT HARNEY. New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi. • LOUIE KONTZ HARRIS, New Orleans. Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi; Naval ROTC. • E. EUGENE HART, New Orleans, Louisiana; Wesley Foundation; Campus Night; Army ROTC; Alpha Phi Omega; International Relations Club; Square and Compass Club. • MAYER HEIMAN. New Orleans. Louisiana; Zeta Beta Tau. • FLOYD " NIP " HENZEL. Flushing, New York; Pre-Medical Society; Pep Band; Interfaith Council; Campus Night; Tulane Band; Air Force ROTC; International Relations Club. • NEAL HOBSON, New Orleans. Louisiana; Alpha Tau Omega; Naval ROTC. Third Row: • RICHARD HOBART HOEGER, Brookville, Indiana; Pi Kappa Alpha; Air Force ROTC. • DONALD E. HOFFMAN, New Orleans. Louisiana; Pre-Medical Society; New- man Club; Army ROTC; Intramural Council. • JAMES S. HOLMES, Foley. Alabama; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Secretary-Treas- urer of Sophomore Class; Newman Club; Air Force ROTC. • BILL HORAN, Shreveport, Louisiana; TUSK; Canterbury Club. • FRANK " SONNY " HOWELL, Sonora, Texas; Sigma Chi; Pre-Medical Society; Wesley Foundation. • ROBERT C. HOY, New Orleans, Louisiana; Air Force ROTC. • JACK STANLEY HYMAN, New Orleans. Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Mu. • J. NORCOM JACKSON, JR., New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Newman Club. • TOM W. JACKSON, Lecompte, Louisiana. Fourth Row: • WALTER L. JACOBS, JR., Stuttgart, Arkansas; JAMBALAYA; TUSK; Army ROTC; Guidon. • PAUL C. JAMES, Houston, Texas. • PHILIP JAMES, Amory, Mississippi; Pre-Medical Society; Wesley Foundation; Air Force ROTC; Drum and Bugle Corps; Sigma Chi. • JAMES E. JOBE, Brookfield. Missouri; Delta Tau Delta; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society; Green Wave Paper. • RICHARD ALAN JOHNSON, Hattiesburg. Mississippi; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Tulane Band; Air Force ROTC; Pep Band. • WILLIAM N. JONES. Benton. Arkansas. • BRUCE A. JULIEN. Miami Beach. Florida; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre-Medical So- ciety. • RICHARD A. JULIEN. Miami Beach. Florida; Sigma Alpha Mu. • LEONEL L. KAHN, JR., Rayne, Louisiana; Army ROTC. UNDERGRADUATES 92 First Row: • JOHN JOSEPH KEELEY. San Francisco, California; Newnnan Club; Army ROTC. • DONALD HARRY KENALY, New Orleans, Louisiana; Scabbard and Blade; Air Force ROTC; Arnold Air Society. • MARC LESLIE KERLIN, New Orleans, Louisiana; PKi Delta Theta; Air Force ROTC. • DONALD L. KING, New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • THOMAS A. KLAMMER. Omaha. Nebraska; Naval ROTC; International Rela- .ons Club; Newman Club. • JAMES EDWARD KNIGHTON JR. Sh.-eveport. Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi; Army ROTC. • MELVYN FREEMAN KOSSOVER, Little Rock. Arkansas; Zeta Beta Tau; Pre- Medical Society; Air Force ROTC; Alpha Ph! Omega. • CHARLES A. KOVACS. Patterson, New Jersey; Delta Sigma Phi. • GARY KUSHNER, Brooklyn, New York; Kappa Nu; German Club; Pre-Medical Society; Hillel Foundation; Campus Night; Tulane University Theatre; Psychology Major Club. Second Row: • PHILIP M. LABORDE. Alexandria, Louisiana; Kappa Sigma; Tulane Band. • RONALD J. LARKIN, Gretna. Louisiana. • ANN LEARY, New Orleans, Louisiana; Canterbury Club. • ANDRE MOORE LECHE, Birmingham, Alabama; Army ROTC; Phi Kappa Sig- ma; Newman Club, • JOE LEDFORD, Wichita Falls, Texas; Sigma Chi; Army ROTC. • HARRY LEGGETT, Little Rock. Arkansas; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • ALLAN LEONARD, New Orleans, Louisiana; Le Circle Francais; Air Force ROTC. • BILL LEONARD, New Orleans, Louisiana; Glee Club; Tulane University Theatre. • GEORGE L. LEONARD, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Army ROTC. Third Row: • DONALD YOST LESSER. Newlett Harbor. Long Island, New York; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre-Medical Society; Hillel Foundation; Air Force ROTC; Alpha Ph! Omega; Air Force Drill Team. • JAY P. LEVIN, Baltimore, Maryland; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre-Medical Society; Army ROTC; Alpha Phi Omega. • FREDERICK LEVY. Brooklyn, New York; Kappa Nu. • JULIUS L. LEVY. JR., Clarksdale, Mississippi; Zeta Beta Tau; Pre-Medical So- ciety; Alpha Phi Omega. • AUSTIN M. LINDSEY, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Sigma; Psychology Maior Club; TUSK; Westminster Fellowship; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society; Alpha Phi Omega. • MEL LIPSITZ, New York, New York; Sigma Alpha Mu; Army ROTC. • EMANUEL F. LIVAUDAIS. JR., New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta; Air Force ROTC; Arnold Air Society; Leadership Council; Scabbard and Blade. • DONALD JOSEPH LLOYD. Gretna. Louisiana; Varsity Letter Baseball; Newman Club; Army ROTC. • CHARLES PLAISANCE LORIO, New Orleans. Louisiana; Alpha Tau Omega. Fourth Row: • A. R. LOZANO. Montgomery, Alabama; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • RONALD R. LUBRITZ. New Orleans. Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Mu. • JOE LUPO, Tampa. Florida; Kappa Sigma; Pre-Medical Society; Wesley Foun- dation; Air Force ROTC. • GUY LYMAN, JR.. New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Alpha; Naval ROTC; Taff- rail Naval Society. • R. CLYDE LYNCH, III, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Tau Delta. • CHRIS HERBERT MAGRUDER, Jackson. Mississippi; Kappa Alpha. • ELLIOT MARX, Bogalusa, Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi; Pre-Medical Society; Greenbackers; Baptist Student Union; Army ROTC. • HARRY E. McCALL, JR., New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Tau Omega. • WILLIAM H. McCLENDON, III, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha. college 0 ARTS AND SCIENCES 93 First Row: • JAMES McCOMISKEY, New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Alpha; President of Tulane Pan-Hellenic Council; Psychology Major Club; Leadership Council. • CHARLES F. McCONNELL, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Tau Omega. • DOUGLAS ALLEN McCOY, New Orleans, Louisiana; Westrrinster Fellowship; Campus Night; Air Force ROTC; Glendy Burke; Army and Air Force Drum and Bugle Corps. • MARTIN McCOY, South Bend. Indiana; Sigma Chi; Track Team. • ED McGLASSON, Lake Charles, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; President of Sophomore Class; Wesley Foundation. • KEY DAVID McMURRAIN. Hapeville, Georgia; Army ROTC. • NORMAN B. McNIEL, Pensacola, Florida; Pi Kappa Alpha; Army RO TC. • BUDDY McVAY, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta; Air Force ROTC; Adelphons; Newman Club. • VINCENT " JIM " MEDIATE, Sheridan, V yoming. Second Row: • WILLIAM RAYMOND MEEKER, JR., Mobile. Alabama; Phi Delta Theta; Can- terbury Club. • ROBERT MERIKANGAS, Cochituotep, Massachusetts; Delta Sigma Phi; New- man Club; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society. • WILLIAM BRYANT MESSER, Crystal Springs, Mississippi; Eta Sigma Phi; Bap- tist Student Union. • EMMETT MARTIN MICHEL, Port Sulphur. Louisiana; Army ROTC. • SHELDON MARVIN MILGROM. Brooklyn, New York; Kappa Nu; Hillel Foun- dation. • ROGER H. MILLER. JR.. Gatesville, Texas; Phi Kappa Sigma; Greenbackers; Pep Band; Wesley Foundation; Tulane Band; Army ROTC; Pre-Medical Society. • BRIAN FLOYD MIRACLE, Santa Ana. California; Beta Theta Pi. • ERNEST J. MIRANNE, JR., New Orleans, Louisiana. • JACK MITCHELL, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Tau Omega; Tulane Pan- Hellenic Council; Greenbackers; Air Force ROTC. Third Row: • MILES RANDALL MITCHEM, Lake Charles, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Pre-Medical Society; Baptist Student Union; Air Force ROTC. • TOM MOORE, New Orleans. Louisiana; Pi Kappa Alpha. • HARRY JAMES MORESI, JR., Jeanerette. Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi. • CECIL MORGAN, JR., New York, New York; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Green- backers; Air Force ROTC; Adelphons; Lagniappes. • WALTER S. MOTT, JR., New Orleans. Louisiana; Pi Kappa Alpha; TUSK; Naval ROTC. • JOHN MULRENNAN. Jacksonville, Florida; Phi Kappa Sigma. • JOHN MURRAY, Orono, Maine; Phi Kappa Sigma; 1952 Vice-President of Arts and Sciences. • DAN S. MURRELL, Natchez, Mississippi; Baptist Student Union; Army ROTC; International Relations Club; Pre-Medical Society. • TOMMY NOLEN. Anniston, Alabama; Phi Delta Theta; Pre-Medical Society. Fourth Row: • THOMAS NUCKOLS, Burleson, Texas; Baptist Student Union; Naval ROTC. • ROBERT HOWARD NUNNALLY, Camden, Arkansas; Phi Kappa Sigma; Pre- Medical Society; Army ROTC. • RICHARD OBER, Monroe. Louisiana. • OSWIN I. O ' BRIEN, New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Psychology Major Club; Air Force ROTC; Arnold Air Society. • VIC OLIVIER, New Orleans, Louisiana; Hullabaloo; Tulane Sailing Club. • LEONARD OLSHEIM, Brooklyn New York; Sigma Alpha Mu. • HENRY ORDA, Lawrence, New York; Kappa Nu; Glee Club. • NOLAN J. PARRENIN, cnsenada, Puerto Rico. • TOMMY PEEPLES. Memphis, Tennessee; Phi Kappa Sigma; Glee Club; Pan Hellenic Council, Westminster Fellowship; ROTC; International Relations Club. UNDERGRADUATES 94 First Row: • ROY PENCHANSKY, Bayonne, New Jersey; Kappa Nu; Pre-Medical Society; Hillel Foundation; Campus Niqilt; Glee Club; Army ROTC. • IVAN L. PERLA Great Neck, New York; Wesley Foundation; Glee Club; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society. • FREDRIC WARREN PLAINER, Altadena. California; Hullabaloo; Naval ROTC. • JOHN pUACKENBUSH, Port Monmouth, New Jersey; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Varsity Soccer Letter; Westminster Fellowship; Glee Club; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society. • VANCE REDMOND, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • ROBERT REGENOS, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Sigma; Westminster Fel- lowship; Army ROTC. • JANICE MARIE RIERA. New Orleans, Louisiana. • CLARENCE McNEW RIHELMEYER. Pine Bluff, Arkansas; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • AARON ROSEN. New Orleans. Louisiana; Zeta Beta Tau; Naval ROTC Color Guard; President of Alpha Phi Omega; JAMBALAYA; Taffrail Naval Society; Greenbackers; Lines and Bit Naval Paper; Executive Board of Leadership Council; Chairman of Campus Carnival; Scabbard and Blade. Second Row: • MYRON IRVING ROSENBERG, New Orleans. Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Mu; Army ROTC. • EDWARD ROSS, Picayune, Mississippi; Phi Kappa Sigma; Sigma Pi Sigma. • ERSKINE ROSS, JR., Hattiesburg, Mississippi; Kappa Alpha. • ALVIN GERALD ROTENBERG, Fort Pierce, Florida; Sigma Alpha Mu. • PHILIP RUBENSTEIN, Highland Park, Illinois; Zeta Beta Tau; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society; Sailing Club. • ARTHUR RUBIN, Brooklyn. New York; Sigma Alpha Mu; Army ROTC; Army Drill Team. • DONALD G. RUSHTON, Lonsdale. Rhode Island; Delta Tau Delta; Air Force ROTC; Arnold Air Society. • FRANK J. SACCO, Houston. Texas; Kappa Sigma. • ALLAN J. SACKS, Kansas City, Missouri; Sigma Alpha Mu; Army ROTC. HM ii Third Row: • JACK SAUL SAMUELS. Daytona Beach, Florida; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pre-Medical Society; Hillel Foundation; Air Force ROTC. • STANLEY SAPERSTEIN, Memphis, Tennessee; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre-Medical Society; Hillel Foundation. • HOMER JAMES SCHEXNAYDER Morgan City. Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi; TUSK; Newman Club; Campus Night; Festival Choir; Glee Club; Ukelele Club; Army ROTC. • MICHAEL M. SCHREIBER, Kansas City, Missouri; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre-Med- ical Society; Air Force ROTC; Air Force ROTC Rifle Team. • LOUIS A. SCHWARTZ, JR., New Orleans. Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi. • BUSHNELL CLEMENT SEAVEY, New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta. • DAVID H. SEELIG, New Orleans. Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Mu; Hullabaloo; Hillel Foundation; Naval ROTC; Glendy Burke Society. • DWIGHT SETTLE, Kissimmee, Florida; Delta Tau Delta; Tulane Pan-Hellenic Council; Pre-Medical Society; Psychology Major Club; Air Force ROTC; Arnold Air Society; Adelphons. • BENNETT N. SEWELL, Boyce. Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Wesley Founda- tion, Fourth Row: • JAMES DIXON SEWELL, Boyce, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Wesley Foun- dation. • BARRY H. SHAFER, Miami Beach, Florida; Sigma Alpha Mu; German Club; Hillel Foundation; Campus Night; Air Force ROTC. • PERCY SHARP, III, Mooringsport, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Army ROTC. • BOYD SHAW, Indianola. Mississippi; Plii Delta Theta; Westminster Fellowship; Army ROTC. • CHARLES E. SHEA, Lake Charles, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Wesley Foundation; Army ROTC. • JOHN DANIEL SHEA, New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta; Newman Club; Army ROTC. • MICKEY SHEEHAN, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • MORTON P. SHERZER, Brooklyn, New York; Kappa Nu; Army ROTC; Tulane Pan-Hellenic Council; International Relations Club; Pre-Medical Society; Hillel Foundation. • STANTON SHULER, Shreveport, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi. ccUep c ARTS AND SCIENCES 95 First Row; • JAMES SIFF, New York. New York; Zeta Beta Tau; Pre-Medical Society; Alpha Phi Omega. • W. M. SIMMONS, Avery Island. Louisiana; Kappa Alpha, • WILLARD SLOSHBERG, Trenton. New Jersey; Sigma Alpha Mu; Varsity Soccer Letter; Campus Night. • PRENTISS E. SMITH, Hattiesburg, Mississippi; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; A Cap- pella Choir; Glee Club. • EARL J. SONNIER, Scott. Louisiana; Kappa Sigma; Tulane Pan-Hellenic Coun- cil; Pre-Medical Society; JAMBALAYA; TUSK; Newman Club; Army ROTC; Lagniappes. • LARRY SPITALNY, Phoenix, Arizona. • ERNEST IVY STAHLER, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Army ROTC. • RICHARD STANCO, Miami Beach, Florida; Campus Night; Glee C lub; Air Force ROTC; Fourlanians; Tulane Band. • JEROME B. STEEN. Pinola, Mississippi; Naval ROTC. Second Row: • JOEL B. STEINBERG, Fort Worth, Texas; Zeta Beta Tau; Pre-Medical Society. • EDWARD F. STEPHENS. Ill, Centralia, Illinois; Pre-Medical Society; Varsiry Letter Soccer. • DAN STEWART, III, Minden, Louisiana. • WILLIAM L. STOCKSTON, JR., Aberdeen, Mississippi; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • CARL H. STOLLEY, JR., New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Kappa Alpha; Canterbury Club; Army ROTC; Rebel Rifles. • DONALD WAYNE STONE, Helena. Arkansas; Sigma Chi; Tulane Pan-Hellenic Council. • GEOFFREY GREY STRANGE. Logansport, Indiana; Alpha Tau Omega; Hullabaloo; Wcs. minster Fellowship; Glee Club; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval So- ciety. • FELIX TANKERSLEY, Montgomery, Alabama; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Pre-Med- icai Society; Westminster Fellowship; Army ROTC. • PALMER TEXADA. Alexandria. Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; President of Arts and Sciences Freshman Class. 1 JlLI Third Row: • BARBARA THOMAS, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu; Newcomb Pan-Hellenic Council; Canterbury Club. • JOHN WILLIAM TOBIN, III, New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Chi. • GEORGE TREISCHMANN, Lake Providence, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Wesley Foundation; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society. • PAUL TRIM, Bogalusa, Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi; Alpha Phi Omega. • NICK TURNER, Memphis, Tennessee; Alpha Tau Omega; Greenbackers; Baptist Student Union; NavaF ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society; Rho Rho Rho. • FREDDY LEE TUTON, Carlsbad, New Mexico; Alpha Tau Omega. • WILLIAM A. ULLMAN, New York, New York; Zeta Beta Tau; Air Force ROTC; Varsity Tennis Squad. • AURELIANO URRUTIA, San Antonio, Texas; Kappa Sigma. • LOUIS CHAMIZO VARGAS, New Orleans, Louisiana. Fourth Row: • DANIEL VEITH, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Kappa Sigma. • JORGE VENDRELL. Ponce, Puerto Rico. • CHARLIE VICCELLIO, Lake Charles, Louisiana. Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Tulane Pan-Hellenic Council; JAMBALAYA; Army ROTC; International Relations Club. • HANS VIELBERTH. Regensburg, Germany; German Club. • DAN VIGUERIE. New Orleans. Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi; Air Force ROTC. • ROY H. VIOSCA, New Orleans, Louisiana. • LYNN VIRDEN, Greenville, Mississippi; Phi Delta Theta; Air Force ROTC. • ARLICE ULVESTER WALKER, Henderson, Kentucky; Kappa Sigma; Air Force ROTC. • THAIR R. WARMACK, Kansas City, Missouri; Delta Kappa Epsilon. UNDERGRADUATES 96 First Row: Second Row: • DOUGLAS S. WATTER5, JR.. New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta; West- minster Fellowship; Lagniappes. • BUDDY WATTS, Brookhaven, Mississippi; Sigrra Alpha Epsilon. • JERRY I. WATTS, Atlanta, Georgia; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • HERBERT WEIL, JR., New Orleans. Louisiana; Hullabaloo; JAMBALAYA; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society; Debate Team; Glendy Burke Society; Green Wave Paper. • JAMES EDWARD WEILBAECHER, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Tau Omega; Air Force ROTC; Newman Club; Alpha Phi Omega; Pre-Medical Society; Baseball Letter. • ROBERT I. WESTBROOK, JR.. Shreveport, Louisiana; Sigma Chi; German Club; Pre-Medical Society; Intramural Council; Baptist Student Union; Yacht Club; Air Force ROTC. • WILLIAM ARMSTRONG WHITAKER, Alexandria, Virginia; Air Force ROTC. • DOUGLASS WHITNEY, Sanford, Florida; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • RANDY WHITNEY, St. Augustine, Florida; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Westminster Fellowship; Glee Club; Air Force ROTC. • JACQUES L. WIENER, JR., Shreveport, Louisiana; Zeta Beta Tau; JAMBA- LAYA; Naval ROTC. • RAYMOND M. WILENZICK. Monroe, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Mu; Air Force ROTC; JAMBALAYA. • LARRY MAYER WILK, Tulsa, Oklahoma; Sigma Alpha Mu; Air Force ROTC. • JAMES T. WILLIAMS. Picayune, Mississippi; Alpha Tau Omega; German Club; Tulane Band; Air Force ROTC. • PHIL WITTMANN, Mobile, Alabama; Air Force ROTC; Debate Team; Glendy Burke Society. Third Row: Fourth Row: • DONALD L. WOOD, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Kappa Sigma; Wesley Foun- dation. • G. H. WOOD, Big Spring, Texas; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Army ROTC. • DOUG WOODRUFF. New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Air Force ROTC. • JOHN BRECKENRIDGE WOODVILLE, Maderia Beach, Florida; Phi Kappa Sigma. • WAYNE SHAFFER WOODY, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Sigma; Canter- bury Club; Army ROTC; Debate Team; Glendy Burke Society. • JOHN YARBOROUGH, JR.. Pickens, Missisisppi; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Campus Night. • WOODY YORK, Wichita Falls, Texas; Sigma Chi; Intramural Council; Air Force ROTC; Greenbackers; Unit Manager of Sophomore Class. • PETER GEORGE ZACK. Pine Bluff. Arkansas; Army ROTC; Army ROTC Band; Canterbury Club. • AL WRIGHT. New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Tau Omega. • WILLIAM JEROME WYLIE, Hammond, Louisiana; Delta Tau Delta; German Club; Wesley Foundation; Ukelele Club; Air Force ROTC; Alpha Phi Omega. ro% ARTS AND SCIENCES 97 CO ROBERT ADER Pre ROBERT NUNNALLY Vice-Pi JULIUS LEVY Recording Sec Roy Sfaub Edmond Lampory Dan S. Murrell Klngsley Fife Harold Berger Jay Levy Julius Levy Jorge Vendreil Davis Harden Robert Davis Bruce A. Julien Richard Julian Eddie Miller Felipe Joannis OFFICERS sident ROGER MILLER Corresoonding Secretary dent STANLEY SAPERSTEIN " . . . .Treasurer retary PETER FERINGA Sergeant-at-Arms MEMBERS Larry Wilk Golden Battey John D. Nicholas James Greenbaum Beverly Buclcman Jack Samuels Mel Kossover Lide L. Placek Earl Sonnier Dan Veith C. W. de Boisblanc Adrian Cairns Henry Vasterling Robert Howard Nunnally Demetri J. Polites Everett Schneider Roger H. Miller Harold Arenofsky Mayer Heiman Al Rotenberg Morton Kleinman Joseph L. Ford, Jr. Harvey Gardy Morton Scherzer Joel Steinberg Paul Welty George Garfinkel James Siff George Leonard Cecil Morgan Florence Abram Richard Binnings William Meeker Janet Lundy Joanna Robinson Frederick Atkinson John Mulrenne n Diane Cologne Stanley Saperstein Henry Saxe Dan Veith Richard Ober MEMBERS Jim Siff Richard Gibson Al Beacham Jerry Bishop Johnathan Woodv Mary Ellen Kirk Donald Hall E. Hinson Brown Henry Ehrlich John Schroeder Thair Warmack Peter Faringa George Wood Pete John Dareos Fabian Gomez George A. Pankey Harold Hanger Roberta A. George Donald Lesser Stuart Baron Warren Brown Marilyn Rosenberg Ted Atkinson Organized in 1948, the Pre-Medlcal Society of Tulane University has completed four successful years. The Society nneets an average of twice each month, and, among its other activities, publishes a Journal at the end of each year. An active, rather than a large, membership Is stressed so as to more effectively carry out the purposes of the Society. Through lectures, discussions, and tours of various hospitals, the Society proposed to give the pre-medlcal student an Inkling of what ' s in store for him in the medical pro- fession — something which is often slighted in the regular pre-medical curriculum. The activities of the Society are climaxed each year by a banquet. 98 PSYCHOLOGY MAJOR CLUB The Psychology Major Club is a relatively new organization on the Tulane Campus. Its function is to provide Psychology Majors with information and group experiences aside fronn regular school work activities. It furnishes its members with the opportunity to follow current projects and developments In the field of psychology, and to make contacts with professional workers. In addition. Interesting field trips to Institutions are made. and movies on the subject of every- day psychology are shown. Eta Sigma Phi Is an honorary society of undergraduate students. Membership in the fraternity Is based on excellence In Greek or Latin. The first chapter was organized at the University of Chicago in 1914 and became a national society In 1924. There are now over fifty active chapters in the nation. The Alpha Chi chapter of Tulane endeavors to promote an interest in the classical study of Greek and Roman civilizations among the students. During the year there is a Fall Initiation of new members, a Christmas party In December, a special program during Latin Week in April, and the presentation of various speakers who are outstanding In fields pertaining to Latin or Greek. ETA SIGMA PHI OFFICERS PATSY WEIL President JUNE EARNEST Vice-President MELVYN KOSSOVER Recording Secretary JAMES GREENBAUM Corresponding Secretary GARY KUSHNER Treasurer OFFICERS SIGMA PI SIGMA HAROLD ARENOFSKY President SHATEEN TAYLOR Vice-President BLANCHE PORTER Secretary JOYCE HATFIELD Treasurer Sigma Pi Sigma is a national honorary society founded to promote interest in the fields of Physics. Membership is open to all students interested in the science of Physics, provided a satisfactory scholastic standing has been maintained. Meetings are held about once a month during the school year. Talks on various subjects in the field of Physics are given by professors and graduate students of the Tulane Physics Department. Social activities of Sigma Pi Sigma usually comprise a Banquet given at the end of the school year and some informal gatherings such as a picnic given during the school year. Pi Sigma Alpha originated several decades ago at the University of Texas. Since that time it has spread throughout the United States. Aims of the organization include presentation of speakers in the field of political science and fostering of interest in the specialized fields of political studies. Membership in the organization is based on high general academic average plus a " B " average in over 10 hours of political science. Alpha Sigma chapter does not restrict membership to political science majors. The chapter has members from the College of Law, the Graduate School, the faculty, the School of Social Work, and the College of Arts and Sciences. Members are accepted from the other colleges (in- cluding Newcomb) if they have the required number of hours of political science. PI SIGMA ALPHA OFFICERS EDMUND H. LEVY President FRANK McDonnell Vlce-Presldent DOMINIC A. ALBANO Secretary 100 Larry Emboulas, Vice-President; Sammy Dunbar, President; Mary Lynn Rohrer, Secretary. 101 Jerry Ahern Alfred Brown Charles Arceneaux Alec Brown John Bailey Gordon Brown Getting an earful I9S3 SENIORS ABOVE: First Row: • JERRY AHERN, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Sigma Plii. • CHARLES JAMES ARCENEAUX, New Orleans, Louisiana. • JOHN CARTER BAILEr New Orleans Louisiana- Delta Kappa Epsilon; Scabbard and Blade; Propeller Club; Canterbury Club; Army ROTC; JAMBALAYA. • MAX BARNETT. New Orleans, Louisiana; President of Freshman and Sophomore Classes 1947-1950, 1950-1951; Vice- President Junior Class 1951-1952- Omicron Delta Kappa; Wiio ' s Who; Delta Sigma Pi; Vice-President Propeller Club 1951-1952; President Soc. Adv. Management 1951-1952; President TUSK 1952-1953; Campus Night; Ukelele Club; Alpha Phi Omega; International Relations Club- Leadership Council; President Pan-American Society 1951-1952; Commerce Honor Board 1949-1952. Second Row: • ALFRED WHITNEY BROWN, JR., Destrehan, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Soc. Adv. Management; Varsity Let- ter Soccer; Naval ROTC; Tatfrail Naval Society. Scabbard and Blade ; Soc. Adv. Management; ican Society; ' Y.M.c!A. BELOW: First Row: • THOMAS W. CARMICHAEL. El Dorado, Arkansas; Delta Sigma Pi; Soc. Adv. Management; Greenbackers; Lead- ership Council: Interfalth Council; Wesley Foundation. • J. ARMOND COBB, JR., New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Tau Omega; Air ROTC. • JOSEPH COHEN, Brooklyn, New York; Kappa Nu; Soc. Adv. Management; Glee Club. • TIM COLLINS, Shreveport, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha; Soc. Adv. Management; Greenbackers; Wesley Foundation. • ALLEN COMPAGNO, New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi; Scabbard and Blade; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society; Adelphons. • WILLIAM B. DALTON, JR., New Orleans, Louisiana; Propeller Club. • JIMMY DAUZAT, New Orleans, Louisiana; Air Force ROTC; Arnold Air Society. • SAM BAUER DUNBAR, New Orleans, Louisiana; Soc. Adv. Management; Wesley Foundation; Glee Club; Alpha Phi Omega. Second Row: • SAMUEL ROSS DUNBAR, Alexandria, Louisiana: President Commerce Student Body 1952-1953; Who ' s Who; Scribe, Delta Sigma Pi 1951-1952; Secretary-Treasurer IRC 1951-1952; Young Men ' s Business Club; Pan-American Society; TUSK; Student Council; Head Master Delta Sigma Pi; Treasurer Soc. Adv. Management 1951-1952; Propeller Club; Army ROTC. • LAWRENCE A. EMBOULAS, New Orleans, Louisiana; Vice-President Commerce Student Body 1952-1953; Who ' s Who; Accounting Club; Secretary-Treasurer Freshman Class 1951-1952; President Sophomore Class 1951-1952; Honor Board; Delta Sigma Pi. • CHARLES E. ERIE. New Orleans, Louisiana. • EARL EDWARD FERGUSON, New Orleans, Louisiana. • BERYL FISHER, New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Mu. • STANLEY LEE FRANCIS, Round Lake, Illinois; Vice-President Commerce Student Body 1951-1952; Delta Sigma Pi; Soc. Adv. Management; Air Force ROTC; Arnold Air Society. • LEONARD REACH FRANSEEN, New Orleans, Louisiana; Varsity Letter Track. • THOMAS HERBERT FREDERICK, New Orleans, Louisiana; Propeller Club; Soc. Adv. Management. omas Carmichael Samuel Dunbar Armond Cobb Lawrence Emboulas Joseph Cohen Charles Erie Allen Compagno Beryl Fisher William Dalton Stanley Frdncis Jimmy Dauzat Leonard Franseen Sam Dunbar Thomas Frederick The lonesome gal, incognito Robert O ' Donnell Ralph Skralnka Jared Palmer Chester Stokely Edward Roddy Robert White Gene Schaefer Robert Wilson Alan Sigman Billy Worden ABOVE: First Row: • ROBERT H. O ' DONNELL, Rockford, Illinois; Delta Sigma Pi; Newman Club. • JARED B. PALMER New Orleans Louisiana; Commerce Honor Board 1949, 1951, 1952, Chairman 1952; Newman Club; Naval ROTC. • EDWARD RODDY, New Orleans, Louisiana; Naval ROTC; Kappa Alpha; Taffrail Naval Society. • GENE EMILE ROY SCHAEFER, JR. New Orleans, Louisiana; Scabbard and Blade. • ALAN L, SIGMAN, Denver. Colorado; Zeta Beta Tau; Scabbard and Blade; JAMBALAYA; Air Force ROTC; Ar- nold Air Society. Second Row: • FRED RALPH SKRAINKA, Shreveport Louisiana; Soc. Adv. Management; Army ROTC; International Relations Club. • CHESTER ARTHUR STOKELY, Niles, Michigan; Kappa Sigma; Scabbard and Blade; Soc. Adv. Management; TUSK; Air Force ROTC. • ROBERT I. WHITE, New Orleans, Louisiana; Unit Manager Junior Class; Delta Sigma Pi; Propeller Club; Army ROTC. • ROBERT LAWRENCE WILSON, Tampa, Florida; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Baptist Student Union; Arnold Air Society. • BILLY WORDEN, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon. BELOW: First Row: • HAL GALLOWAY, Mobile, Alabama; Phi Delta Theta; President Junior Class 1951-1952; Delta Sigma Pi; Air Force ROTC; Arnold Air Society. • LEONARD GE5SNER, JR., New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi; Secretary-Treasurer Sophomore Class; Senior Unit Manager; Scabbard and Blade; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society; Commerce Honor Board. • DONALD GOLDEN, Savannah. Georgia; Sigma Alpha Mu. • EDWARD ALAN GREENE, New York, New York; Sigma Alpha Mu; Tulane Band; Army ROTC. • CARLDON O. HASKINS, Belzoni, Mississippi; Treasurer Delta Sigma Pi; Vice-President Propeller Club; Air Force ROTC; Arnold Air Society. • RICHARD D. HOWE Mayfield, Kentucky; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Delta Sigma Pi; Lagniappes; Soc. Adv. Manage- ment; JAMBALAYA. • DALE HUBBARD, Mobile, Alabama; Varsity Letter Basketball; Westminster Fellowship; Air Force ROTC; Arnold Air Society. • JAMES B. KEMP, JR., New Orleans, Louisiana; Soc. Adv. Management; Army ROTC. Second Row: • JAY FREDERIC KISSEL, New York, New York. • DOROTHY AGNES KROGH, New Orleans Louisiana; Commerce Woman ' s Club. • DONN H. LIPTON, St. Louis, Missouri; Zeta Beta Tau; Scabbard and Blade; Air Force ROTC; Arnold Air Society. • BOW LUM. Mobile. Alabama; Air Force ROTC. • JOHN R. McCAWLEY, JR., New Orleans, Louisiana; Vice-President Business Administration 1951; Secretary Soph- omore Class 1951; President Senior Class 1952; Delta Sigma Pi; Soc. Adv. Management; Honor Board; Propeller Club; Who ' s Who. • SIMON MEXIC, New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Mu; Air Force ROTC. • DENIS MURRELL, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Secretary-Treasurer Junior Class 1951-1952; Soc. Adv. Management; Canterbury Club; Air Force ROTC; Arnold Air Society. • MEYER DAVID NELKIN, Houston, Texas; Soc. Adv. Management; Hlllel Foundation; Interfalth Council; Leadership Council. ccllefe BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Hal Galloway Jay Kissel Leonard Gessner Doro+hy Krogh Donald Golden Donn Lipton Edward Greene Bow Lum Carldon Haskins John McCawley Richard Howe Simon Mexlr Dale Hubbard Denis Murrell James Kemp Meyer Nelkin First Row: • DICK AKERS, West Pornt, Mississippi; Sigma Chi. • FRANK A. ARIES, Oal Park, Illinois; Soc. Adv. Management; Army ROTC; Alpha Phi Omega. • ELLIOTT MARTIN BAIN. New Orleans, Louisiana; President Sophomore Class 1952-1953; Delta Sigma Pi; Soc. Adv. Management; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society; Accounting Club. • WILLIAM G. BAKER, New Orleans. Louisiana; Honor Board; Delta Sigma Pi; Propeller Club; Air Force ROTC; Soc. Adv. Management. • WILLIAM ALFRED BANTA, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Kappa Sigma; A Cappella Choir; Festival Choir; Glee Club; Air Force ROTC. • CHARLES M. BASS. JR., New Orleans. Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Tu- lane Band. • DU FOUR BAYLE. New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • HOWARD BERG, Brooklyn, New York; Sigma Alpha Mu. • CAROLE ANN BET2ER. New Orleans, Louisiana; Newman Club; Commerce Woman ' s Club. • BERIL BOHRER, New Orleans, Louisiana; Zeta Beta Tau. Second Row: • FRITZ BOTT, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Naval ROTC; Taff- rail Naval Society. • THOMAS P. BRESLIN, Cleveland, Ohio. • PAUL V. BRIERRE, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Tau Omega; Air Force ROTC. • BENNY BRIWA, New Orleans, Louisiana; Newman Club; Interfaith Council; Leadership Council. • NORMAN BROWN, New Iberia, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • ROBERT H. BURTON. New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Sigma PI; Soc. Adv. Man- agement. • BOB BUTLER, Jena, Louisiana; Alpha Tau Omega; Air Force ROTC. • HUGH BYRON CARNES, JR.; New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Sigma Pi; Air Force ROTC; Vice President Soc. Adv. Management; Propeller Club. • DONALD CLARK CARRAWAY, Alexandria, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Delta Sigma Pi; Soc. Adv. Management; Canterbury Club; Air Force ROTC. • JOHN F. CASSIDY, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Sigma; Naval ROTC. Third Row: • WILLIAM K CATCHING, JR. Hailehurst, Mississippi; Phi Delta Theta; JAMBALAYA; TUSK; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society; Adelphons. • B. J. CHAUVIN, JR.. New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi. • CAMILE LOUIS CHOL, New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Sigma PI. • RALPH J. CHRISTMAN New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Alpha; Air Force ROTC. • EDWIN GREINES COHEN, Fort Worth, Texas; Zeta Beta Tau; JAMBALAYA; Alpha Phi Omega. • RICHARD IRVIN COHEN, Brookline, Massachusetts; Sigma Alpha Mu; Army ROTC. • JOHN L. CONNOLLY, New Orleans, Louisiana. • PETER A. CONRAVEY, JR., New Orleans, Louisiana; Air Force ROTC. • GAIL CORNMAN, New Orleans, Louisiana; Soc. Adv. Management; Hillel Foundation; Commerce Woman ' s Club. • CHARLES E. CORRIGAN, III; New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Air Force ROTC. Fourth Row: • JOHN B. CORRIGAN, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • JAMES COTHERN, New Orleans Louisiana; President Fershman Commerce Class 1952; Air Force ROTC. • EVERETT H. CRUDUP, JR., Meridian, Mississippi; Kappa Sigma; Baptist Stu- dent Union; Naval ROTC. • A. WILMOT DALFERES, JR., Lafayette, Louisiana; Kappa Sigma; Newman Club; Naval ROTC; Glcndy Burke Society. • CHARLES H, DANTE, Dumas, Arkansas; Zeta Beta Tau; Soc, Adv. Manage- ment; TUSK; Army ROTC; Alpha Phi Omega. • BEVERLY JOAN DAVIS. New Orleans, Louisiana; Soc. Adv. Management; Commerce Woman ' s Club. • JACK DIENES. New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Tau Omega; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society, • J. C. DUPONT, III. New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • BILL FALBAUM, New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Wesley Foundation; Air Force ROTC. • RICHARD H. FELSENTHAL, Brownsville Tennessee; Zeta Beta Tau; Army ROTC; Alpha Phi Omega; JAMBALAYA; Scabbard and Blade. UNDERGRADUATES 104 First Row: • DARWIN CHARLES FENNER, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Canterbury Club; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society. • HULON PERRY FILLINGANE, Hattiesburg, Mississippi; Sigma Chi; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society. • BERTHA MIRIAM FISHER, Nev Orleans, Louisiana; Hillel Foundation; Com- merce Woman ' s Club. • BUDDY FORCHEIMER, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Naval ROTC. • FRANCIS L. FRAENKEL, New Orleans, Louisiana; Zeta Beta Tau; Tulane Pan Hellenic Council- Omicron Delta Kappa; Delta Sigma Pi; Editor of the 1953 JAMBALAYA; Publications Board; Naval ROTC; Scabbard t Blade; Adelphons; Lagniappes; Greenbackers. • STANLEY FRANK, JR.. San Antonio, Texas; Zeta Beta Tau. • WILDA FREDERICK, New Orleans. Louisiana; Commerce Woman ' s Club. • DONALD A. SALBRAITH, Fort Washington, Pennsylvania; Kappa Sigma; Soc. Adv. Management; Hullabaloo; JAMBALAYA; Canterbury Club; Air Force ROTC; Air Force Drill Team; Alpha Phi Omega. • EVELYN EVA GIRAUD, New Orleans, Louisiana; Propeller Club; Soc. Adv. Management; Secretary Commerce Woman ' s Club; Accounting Club. • MURRAY R. GLAUBINGER, Brooklyn, New York; Alpha Epsilon Pi. Second Row: • ALFRED E. GOLDMAN, Clayton, Missouri; Zeta Beta Tau; Glendy Burke Society. • DON. GOLDWASSER, Clayton, Missouri; Sigma Alpha Mu; Glendy Burke Society. • EARL REGINALD GRAHAM, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Tau Omega; Army ROTC; Tulane Pan Hellenic Council. • WALTER R. GREEN Franklinton, Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta; JAMBALAYA; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society. • DONALD GRONAUER, Memphis, Tennessee; Zeta Beta Tau. • CHARLES HAMAKER. Sprlnghill, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • WALTER P. HARRIS, JR., New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Sigma; Soc. Adv. Management; Greenbackers; Wesley Foundation; Air Force ROTC. • IKE F. HAWKINS, JR., Shreveport, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Wesley foundation; Army ROTC. • BOB HEAD, Royal Oak, Michigan; Pi Kappa Alpha; International Relations Club. • PATRICIA ANN HEROY, New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Zeta; Propeller Club; Leadership Council; President Commerce Woman ' s Club. Third Row: • IRA L. HINTON, III. New Orleans, Louisiana; Square Compass Club. • ATWOOD B. HOBBS, Longview, Texas; Alpha Tau Omega; Westminster Fel lowship; Air Force ROTC; Accounting Club. • EDWARD HOFMANN, New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Sigma Pi; Scabbard Blade; Propeller Club; National Transportation Association; Leadership Council. • EDWIN M. HORTON, Camden, Arkansas; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Wesley Foundation; Air Force ROTC • W. JOHN HOWARD JR., New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Kappa Alpha; Delta Sigma Pi; Soc. Adv. Management; Greenbackers; Disciples Student Fellowship; Interfaith Council; Air Force ROTC; Arnold Air Society; Leadership Council. • STEPHEN L. JENKINS, New Orleans. Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • BOB KAUSZH, Huntington, New York; Delta Sigma Phi; Glee Club; Hulla- baloo; Sailing Club. • WALLACE C. KEMPER, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha; Naval ROTC. • CLINTON F. KERN, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Sigma Pi; Army ROTC; Pershing Rifles. • STANLEY HERBERT LACHTMAN, Newark, New Jersey; Kappa Nu; Tulane Pan Hellenic Council; Glee Club; Hillel Foundation. Fourth Row: • LARRY H. LANDA, Dallas, Texas; Zeta Beta Tau; JAMBALAYA; Alpha Phi Omega. • CHARLES W. LANE, III, Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Can- terbury Club; Air Force ROTC. • SIDNEY LASSEN, New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Mu; Air Force ROTC. • LESTER LAUTENSCHLAGER, JR., New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Ep- silon; Naval ROTC. • JOHN BACHMAN LEE, Benton, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society; Westminster Fellowship. • ROBERT LESTER, Shreveport, Louisiana; Kappa Sigma; Westminster Fellow- ship; Naval ROTC. • LEE K. LEVY. Hamn-.ond, Louisiana; Zeta Beta Tau; JAMBALAYA; Hullabaloo; Air Force ROTC; Alpha Phi Omega; Honor Board; Tulane Pan Hellenic Council; Delta Sigma Pi. • MILTON LOEB, Dallas, Texas; Zeta Beta Tau; Army ROTC. • BUDDY LOMAX, Laurel, Mississippi; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • ROBERT E. MAHER. New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Kappa Alpha; Naval ROTC. cM e 0 BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 19 5 3 105 First Row: • HAROLD EUGENE MALLORY, Elwood, Indiana; Phi Delta Tlieta; Air Force ROTC; JAMBALAYA; Wesley Foundation; Greenbackers. • MELVIN MATHES New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Sigma; Soc. Adv. Man- agement; JAMBALAYA; TUSK; Christian Science Organization; Glee Club; Air Force ROTC; International Relations Club. • THAYER THOMAS MAY, Franklin, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Air Force ROTC. • WALTER MAYER. JR., Beaumont. Texas; Zeta Beta Tau; Hullabaloo; Air Force ROTC; Alpha Phi Omega. • BENJAMIN NORTH McBRIDE, New Orleans, Louisiana; Army ROTC; Army Band. • MELVIN MAURICE MELANCON, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Sigma Pi. • WILLIAM W. MESSERSMITH, III, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Ep- silon; Unit Manager Sophomore Class 1952; Air Force ROTC. • JACK R. MEYERS, New Orleans. Louisiana. • WARREN ANTHONY MEYN. New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Tau Omega; Vice-President Freshman Class 1952-1953. • GERALD SHELDON MILLER, Miami Beach, Florida; Sigma Alpha Mu. Second Row: • JOAN MIRAMON New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu; Secretary-Treasurer Soph- omore Class 1952; Soc. Adv. Management; JAMBALAYA; Gamma Delta; Gke Club; Slendy Burke Society; Newcomb Handbook. • JOSEPH PERCY MONROE JR., New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha; Naval ROTC. • WILLIAM BOWDITCH MOORE, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta; Naval ROTC; Hullabaloo; Westminster Fellowship; Deutsches Verein; Taffrail Naval Society. • ROBERT E. MORRIS, Harrison, New York; Sigma Alpha Mu; Air Force ROTC. • EARL S. MULLEY, II, New Orleans. Louisiana; Westminster Fellowship; Glee Club; Army ROTC. • THELMA NAIHAUS, New Orleans, Louisiana; Hillel Foundation; Soc. Adv. Management; Commerce Woman ' s Club. • LEE A. NELSON, Lombard, Illinois; Delta Sigma Phi; Air Force ROTC. • JERRY NUSLOCH, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha; Air Force ROTC. • FRANCES JANE OHLHAUSEN, New Orleans. Louisiana; Commerce Woman ' s Club. • LESTER PAILET, New Orleans, Louisiana; Zeta Beta Tau; Soc. Adv. Manage- ment; Army ROTC. Third Row: • THOMAS G. PENBERTON. Seattle, Washington; Sigma Chi; Soc. Adv. Man- agement; Glee Club; Air Force ROTC; Air Force Drill Squad. • ARTHUR TAD PHILLIPS, Little Rock, Arkansas; Zeta Beta Tau; TUSK; Air Force ROTC. • JOE W. PITTS. JR., Alexandria, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Soc. Adv. Management; Wesley Foundation; Army ROTC; Adelphons; Lagniappes; Green- backers. • JAY FEORE POTTER, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Tau Omega. • JERRY PRICE, White Plains, New York. • STEPHEN PRISKIE, Bronx, New York; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Hillel Foundation; Air Force ROTC. • W. RICHARD PRIVETTE, JR., Covington, Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta; Army ROTC; Pershing Rifles. • TEXAS ELBERT REARDON JR. Ventnor, New Jersey; Sigma Chi; Unit Manager 1952-1953; Wesley Foundation; Delta Sigma Pi; Air Force ROTC; Arnold Air So- ciety; Soc. Adv. Management; Adelphons. • SANFORD RIVE, New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi; Newman Club. • JAMES M. ROBBINS, New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Chi; Naval ROTC. Fourth Row: • MARY LYNN ROHRER, New Orleans, Louisiana; Secretary-Treasurer Com- merce Student Body 1952-1953; Soc. Adv. Management; Commerce V oman ' s Club. • JACK ROY. Fort Worth, Texas; Beta Theta Pi; Naval ROTC. • EDWARD MARTIN RUBENSTEIN, New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Mu; Honor Board; Naval ROTC. • EMMETT RUSSELL, New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Naval ROTC. • W. SPENCER RUSSELL. Ill, New Orleans, Louisiana. • LARRY SALTZMAN, Monroe, Louisiana; Zeta Beta Tau; Air Force ROTC. • SHIRLEY SYLVIA SAWL. New Orleans, Louisiana; Commerce Woman ' s Club. • HENRY C. SCHAUMBURG. New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • RALPH SEELIG, New Orleans, Louisiana; Zeta Beta Tau; Army ROTC. • JACQUELINE SEGALL, New Orleans, Louisiana; Secretary-Treasurer Freshman Class; Campus flight. UNDERGRADUATES 106 First Kow; • LEONARD M. SELBER. Shreveport, Louisiana; Zeta Beta Tau; Secretary-Treas- urer Men ' s Residence Hall. • WILEY H. SHARP, Hamrrond, Louisiana; Delta Tau Delta; Delta Sigma Pi; Propeller Club; Soc. Adv. Management; Air Force ROTC; Arnold Air Society. • BOB SHERMAN, Pine Bluft, Arkansas; Zeta Beta Tau; Honor Board; Alpha Phi Omega. • BURT SILVERMAN, Newark, New Jersey; Zeta Beta Tau; Soc. Adv. Manage- ment. • ANNETTE SMITH, New Orleans, Louisiana; Hillel Foundation; Commerce Woman ' s Club. • LEAVELL SMITH, Stuttgart, Arkansas; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society; Greenwave. • PHILIP LOUIS SMITH, JR., New Orleans, Louisiana. • NEIL SOKOLSKI, Woodmere, New York; Air Force ROTC. • SYLVAN J. STEINBERG, New Iberia, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Mu; Tulane Pan Hellenic Council; Air Force ROTC. Second Row: • STANLEY STERNFELS, Klotzville, Louisiana; Air Force ROTC. • AVERY 5TIRRATT, JR., New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Honor Board; Canterbury Club; Naval ROTC; Adelphons. • LEONARD DAVID STONE, New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Mu; Hillel Foundation; Army ROTC. • WARREN STRATTON, JR., New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha. • ROGER DEAN SUNDAHL, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta; Air Force ROTC. • LOWELL SWITZER, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Sigma; Gamma Delta; Army ROTC. • JERRY TANENBAUM, Dumas, Arkansas; Zeta Beta Tau; JAMBALAYA; Alpha Phi Omega; Air Force ROTC. • SHERWIN THALER, Forest Hills, New York; Sigma Alpha Mu. • GRAEME M. TON, JR., New Orleans, Louisiana; Secretary-Treasurer Junior Class; Honor Board; Delta Sigma Pi; Publicity Committee of Commerce; Secre- tary Soc. Adv. Management; Editor ot the Skull. Third Row: • ED TOWNLEY, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Naval ROTC. • JUAN ARGOTE VELA5CO, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Tau Omega; Army ROTC. • WILLIAM LEWIS VON HOENE, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha; Green- backers; Naval ROTC. • JOSEPH MARCUS WAINWRIGHT, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Sigma Pi. • JOHN W. WALL, New Orleans, Louisiana; Grcenbackers; Wesley Foundation; Air Force ROTC. • CHARLES THOMAS WAGENSTEEN, Chisholm, Minnesota; Air Force ROTC; Air Force Drill Team; Delta Sigma Phi; Gamma Delta. • JOHN STONE WARE, III, New Orleans. Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Unit Manager of Freshman Class; Intramurals Council; Newman Club; Greenbackers; Air Force ROTC. • EBEN TARVER WATKINS, III, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha; Naval ROTC; Honor Board; Baptist Student Union; Taffrail Naval Society; Secretary Soc. Adv. Management; Propeller Club; Letter Soccer, • WILLIAM WADE WATSON, St. Joseph, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Honor Board " President Men ' s Residence Hall. Fourth Row: • JOSEPH ADAIR WATTERS, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Army ROTC. • CALVIN HERBERT WEISER, JR., New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta; Delta Sigma Pi; Propeller Club; Newman Club; Army ROTC. • ROBERT E. WILSON, New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Wesley Foundation; Naval ROTC. • MALCOLM BAIRD WRIGHT, III, Hammond, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Army ROTC; Army Drill Platoon, • ROBERT ESKRIDGE YOUNG, Atlanta, Georgia; Alpha fau Omega. • WILFRED E. YOUNGBLOOD, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Sigma Pi; Ac- counting Club; Air Force ROTC, • PHILIP L, ZIEGLER, JR., New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Sigma Pi; Gamma Delta; Army ROTC. • BERNARD MEYER ZINDLER, Houston, Texas; Zeta Beta Tau; Alpha Phi Omega; Air Force ROTC; Air Force Drill Team. cf lU e pf BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 107 First Semester SAMMY R. DUNBAR President RICHARD C. WELLS Senior Vice-President GAYLE G. WARD Vice-President EDWIN J, CAPLAN Secretary CARLDON HASKINS Treasurer RICHARD D. HOWE Historian JOHN R. McCAWLEY Chancellor OFFICERS Second Semester CARLDON O. HASKINS President EDWIN J. CAPLAN Senior Vice-President GAYLE G. WARD Vice-President GRAEME M. TON, JR Secretary WILFRED YOUNGBLOOD Treasurer STANLEY L. FRANCIS Historian WILEY H. SHARP, JR Chancellor C 9 Gamma Mu Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi, the world ' s largest international professional business admin- istration fraternity, binds together those business students selected on the basis of leadership, character, scholarship, and interest in the fraternity. The school year 1952-53 has proved to be one of the most outstanding in the history of the chapter. Competing with 82 other chapters in the United States, Gamma Mu this year ranked first in the frater- nity ' s national efficiency contest. The chapter ' s professional activities have been highlighted with the sponsorship of a university-wide forum series on " Which Career for You? " , presenting prominent speakers in banking, accounting, labor- management relations, engineering, factory management, and other business fields. Combining the pro- gram of business speakers with tours of store, plant, and port areas, the chapter ' s activities also include rush parties, elaborate initiation banquets, chapter birthday, national founders ' day, and Homecoming social functions. The social program was this year traditionally climaxed with the Rose Formal Dance at the New Orleans Country Club where Gamma Mu Chapter ' s Rose for 1953, Miss Pat McGee, was pre- sented with her court. The Society for Advancement of Management is a professional society organized for those students interested in the phases of the broad field of management. The Tulane Chapter of S.A.M. was established in 1949 and Is one of the 95 active student chapters. The Tulane Chapter is sponsored by the New Orleans senior chapter of the Society for Advancement of Management, which is composed of outstanding business leaders in the New Orleans area. Field trips to local industrial establishments, outstanding speakers, and various social events are among the yearly activities of the Society. Students in the College of Business Administration who have completed 36 semester hours, and who are Interested In mangement are eligible for membership. CO OFFICERS— 1952-1953 EDWIN J. CAPLAN President HUGH B. CARNES, JR Vice-President GRAEME M. TON, JR Secretary ROBERT BURTON Treasurer DR. PAUL TAYLOR Faculty Advisor PROF. PAUL GRAMBSCH ...,. ' Faculty Advisor PROPELLER CLUB On February 21, 1951, the Port of Tula ne University, the student chapter of the Propeller Club of the United States, received its charter. The purpose of the student chapter is to encourage those undergraduates who are interested in the field of transportation. The Port of Tulane University has many professional meetings throughout the college year. Field trips to places of importance as well as social functions are carried on by the members. To dose the college year a banquet is scheduled. The Commerce Women ' s Club is one of the youngest organizations in the College of Business Administration. Its primary purpose is to promote a better understanding of the business world. The past year has been a full one for the CWC ' s. During the fall orientation program they served as hostesses at a luncheon given by Dean and Mrs. French honoring the new students; formed a special cheering section on Business Administration Day at the Ole Miss-Tulane game; sponsored a " Commerce King " contest for the Business Administration fall dance; and presented a key to the outstanding Freshman on Recognition Day. Climaxing the year ' s activities was a luncheon in honor of their newly-elected officers for the year 1953-1954. OFFICERS EDWARD HOFMANN President GAYLE G. WARD First Vice-President CARLDON O. HASKINS Second Vice-President PATRICIA HEROY ■ Secretary EDWIN J.CAPLAN Treasurer COMMERCE WOMEN ' S CLUB PATRICIA HEROY ANNETTE SMITH . Yvonne Bayle Sally Calmes Gall Cornman Beverly Davis Evelyn Engel Bertha Fisher Wilda Frederick OFFICERS . . President EVELYN GIRAUD Secretary . Vice-President ELISE LUSTBERG Treasurer MISS ELSIE WATTERS . . . .Advisor MEMBERS Evelyn Giraud Patricia Heroy June Hebert Dorothy Krogh Elise Lustberg Joycelyn McMahon Joan Miramon Luz Moncada Thelma Naihaus Frances Ohihausen Dorothy O ' Toole Mary Lynn Rohrer Jacqueline Segall Annette Smith COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Louis Orlh, President; Art DeFraites, President; Rodney Mouton, Vice-President. Horacio Amengual Lew BremenstuI Bob Arrington Robert Davis Henry Boisseau Arthur DeFraites Rest in peace ABOVE: First Row: • HORACIO AMENGUAL, Havana. Cuba. • BOB ARRINGTON, Tulsa, Oklahoma; Delta Sigma Phi; Scabbard and Blade; AlEE; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society. • HENRY JAMES BOISSEAU. JR., New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi; AIE2; ETA; Leadership Council. Second Row: • LEW J. BREMENSTUL, New Orleans, Louisiana. • ROBERT E. DAVIS. New Orleans. Louisiana; ASME. • ARTHUR ALEXANDER DeFRAlTES, New Orleans. Louisiana; Pi Kappa Alpha; Student Body President; ASCE; ETA; Operetta; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society; Fourlaniana; Student Council; Business Manager Glee Club; Newman Club; Who ' s Who. 19S3 SENIORS BELOW: First Row: • WILLIAM HENRY DUDLEY, III. New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta: ASME. • PAULS. GILLAN, New Orleans, Louisiana; ASCE; ETA; Student Activities Key. • HARVEY L. GOLDEN, Pine Bluff, Arkansas; AlEE. • EDWARD J. GOLLER, New Orleans, Loiusiana; ASME. • JORGE R. GRANA, Marianao. Cuba; Phi lota Alpha; ASME. • NILS ERLING HANSEN. New Orleans, Louisiana; ASCE. • ALFRED EUGENE HILLER, New Orleans, Louisiana; Zeta Beta Tau; Alpha Chi Sigma; AlChE; ETA; Naval ROTC. • EUGENE CHIN HOY, New Orleans, Louisiana; Tau Beta Pi; AlEE. Second Row: • PHILIP N. JOHNSON, New Orleans. Louisiana; ASME. • JOSEPH KIRSCHNER, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Chi Sigma; AlChE; Channing Club; Glee Club. • DAVID KLEGAR, New Orleans. Louisiana; Tau Befa Pi; ASME; ETA, • JOHN M. KOFFSKEY, JR., New Orleans. Louisiana; ASME. • MARCEL A. LOISEL, JR.. New Orleans. Louisiana; President Class 1753; ASME; ETA. • RAYMOND PAUL MADDOX, Chalmette. Louisiana. • JAMES J. McCLOSKEY. JR., New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Kappa Alpha; ETA; AlEE; Canterbury Club. • KEITH AUSTIN MERRILL, Preston, Idaho; ASME. William Dudley Philip Johnson Paul Gillan Joseph Kirschner Harvey Golden David Klegar Edward Goller John Koffskey Jorge Grana Marcel Loisel Nils Hansen Raymond Maddox Alfred Hiller James McCloskey Eugene Hoy Keith Merrill 112 Joseph Mixon Allen Porter Rodney Mcuton Luclan Rodriguez William Mouton Fernando Samillan Russell Nunez Clair Shively Louis Orth Vincent Spear Gerard Poirie Gerald Suhlin AIEE; ETA; Newman Club; Omicron Delta Kappa. President Class 1952; ASCE; ETA; Newman Club; ABOVE: First Row: • JOSEPH L. MIXON, New Orleans, Louisiana; AIEE. • RODNEY A. MOUTON, New Orleans, Louisiana; Tau Beta Pi; • WILLIAM J. MOUTON, Lafayette, Louisiana; Kappa Sigma; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society. • RUSSELL J. NUNEZ, New Orleans, Louisiana. • LOUIS P. ORTH. JR., New Orleans, Louisiana; Gamma Delta; Secretary-Treasurer Student Body 1953; Tau Beta Pi; ASME; ETA; Leadership Council; Interfaith Council. • DONALD PAYNE, Tylertown, Mississippi; Tau Beta Pi; ASCE. • MYRON ALBERT PESSIN, New Haven, Connecticut; ASME; ETA. • GERARD RAYMOND POIRIER, Riverside. Illinois; AIEE; Sailing Club. Second Row: • ALLEN C. PORTER, JR.. New Orleans, Louisiana; Vice President Class 1953; ASME. • LUCIAN RODRIGUEZ, New Orleans, Louisiana; ASCE. • FERNANDO SAMILLAN, Lima, Peru, South America. • CLAIR L. SHIVELY, New Orleans, Louisiana; ASCE. • VINCENT D, SPEAR, New Orleans, Louisiana; AIEE; ETA; Air Force ROTC. • JAMES D, STOKES, JR., New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Kappa Alpha; Tau Beta Pi; Omicron Delta Kappa. • GEORGE JOHN STOLL, III, New Orleans, Louisiana; ASCE; Air Force ROTC. • GERALD CHARLES SUHLING, New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Alpha; Unit Manager Class 1953. BELOW: First Row: • LESLIE S. TREST, JR., New Orleans, Louisiana; AIEE. • VICTOR J. TUDURY, JR., New Orleans, Louisiana. • PAUL L. VEGAS, New Orleans, Louisiana; Secretary-Treasurer Class 1953. Second Row: • ROBERT EDGAR WEAVER, New Orleans, Louisiana; Tau Beta Pi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Alpha Chi Sigma; American Chemical Society; AlChE; ETA; Le Circle Francais; Hullabaloo; Christian Science Organization; Easter Sunrise Services; Interfaith Council; Festival Choir; Glee Club; Operetta; Alpha Phi Omega; Debate Team; ' Glendy Burke; Leadership Council; German Club. • ROBERT GORDON WOOTEN, New Orleans, Louisiana; Tau Beta Pi; AlChE; Tulane Band. • ANTON M. ZANKI, New Orleans, Louisiana; AIEE. college c ENGINEERING Engineering fhe new men ' s dorm Leslie Trest Robert Weaver Victor Tudury Robert Vv ' ooten First Row: • ALAN ADAMS, New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi; Adelphons; Army ROTC. • NICK ALFONSO, New Orleans, Louisiana. • LESTER H. ARBO, JR.. New Orleans, Louisiana; ASCE. • W. A. BAKER, JR., McComb. Mississippi; Kappa Alpha. • ROGER KENT BATTLE. New Orleans, Louisiana; ASME; Baptist Student Union. • RICHARD EUGENE BELTZ, New Orleans, Louisiana. • FRED BEVERLY, New Orleans, Louisiana; Air Force ROTC. • JOHN J, BEVERUNG, New Orleans, Louisiana. • FRED BIAMONTE. Lawrence. New York; Delta Sigma Phi; Air Force ROTC. Second Row: • ROBERT A. BLOME, New Orleans, Louisiana; Vice President Class ' 52. • JAMES V. BOONE, New Orleans, Louisiana; AIEE; Baptist Student Union; Glee Club; Air Force ROTC, • DAVID V . BREEDLOVE, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi; Army ROTC; Pershing Rifles. • PHILIP NORTON BUCHANAN, College Station, Texas; Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon; ASCE; Canterbury Club; Interfaith Council; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society. • WESLEY L. BUSBY, New Orleans, Louisiana; Naval ROTC. • BOB CAGLE, Pass Christian, Mississippi; Sigma Chi. • GENE CAGLE, Pass Christian, Mississippi; Sigma Chi. • C. KEITH CAPDEPON, Gulfport, Mississippi; Kappa Sigma; Glee Club. • BLACK CHAFFE, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha; Pan Hellenic Council; President Class 1952 and 1953; ASME; Greenbackers; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society; Adelphons. Third Row: • JOHN E. COLES. New Orleans. Louisiana. • ROBERT M. COOK, New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; ASME; Unit Manager Class 1953. • JOSEPH L DALTON III New Orleans Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta; Naval ROTC. • ARTHUR P. DAYRIES, New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi. • JOSEPH C. DECKERT. New Orleans, Louisiana; ASME; Newman Club; Glee Club; Air Force ROTC; Drill Team. • ARMANDO DeLaPAZ. El Paso. Texas; AlChE; Newman Club; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society. • JACK DEVEREUX, New Orleans. Louisiana; ASME. • C. R. DOEPKE, New Orleans. Louisiana; Air Force ROTC. • ALEX DOYLE, New Orleans. Loiusiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Fourth Row: • GEORGE W. DOYLE. New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • PAUL FRANK DUVOISIN. New Orleans. Louisiana; Air Force ROTC. • WILLIAM B. EARTHMAN. JR., Picayune, Mississippi; Phi Delta Theta; ASME; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society; Wesley Foundation; Greenbackers. • RICHARD EATON, New Orleans. Louisiana; Sigma Chi; AlChE; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society; Wesley Foundation. • JACK EHLINGER, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta. • WILLIAM R. FAGAN, New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Kappa Alpha; Naval ROTC; AIEE; Newman Club. • D. BLAIR FAVROT, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon; AlChE; Radio Club; Taffrail Naval Society; Naval ROTC. • GEOFFREY K. FERNON, New Orleans, Louisiana; Secretary-Treasurer Class 1953. • FRANK P. FISCHER, JR.. New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Presi- dent Class 1953. UNDERGRADUATES 114 First Row: • JIM FORD, La Junta, Colorado; Delta Tau Delta. • JEANNETTE MARIE FUNEL, New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Sigma Omicron; ASME; Newman Club. • BILL FURLONG, New Orleans, Louisiana. • GEORGE W. GARDNER, St. Louis, Missouri; Kappa Alpha; Naval ROTC. • JOHN M. GOWOY, JR., Memphis, Tennessee; Sigma Chi. • CHARLEY J. GREGG, JR., New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Sigma PhJ. • JOHN C. GROUT, JR., New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Chi; ASME; Canter- bury Club; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society. • JOSEPH MICHAEL GUINTA, New Orleans, Louisiana; Secretary-Treasurer Class 1952. • CLARENCE LES GWIN, New Orleans, Louisiana; ASME; ETA; Baptist Student Union; Interfaith Council; Air Force ROTC. Second Row: • WILLIAM PATRICK HARRINGTON, JR., Hattiesburg, Mississippi; ASME; Baseball Team; Army ROTC. • ERNEST L. HAWKINS, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Tau Delta; Air Force ROTC. • HAROLD D. HAWKINS, Shreveport, Louisiana; Football Team; Track Team; Air Force ROTC. • GERALD DENNIS HEALY, JR., New Orleans, Louisiana; AlChE; Air Force ROTC. • WAYNE " TROPHY " HEBERT, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • ROBERT HIPPLER, III, New Orleans, Louisiana; ASME; Air Force ROTC. • GLEN JACKSON, New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • WILLIAM DAVID JACKSON, Newton, Mississippi; Phi Delta Theta; Naval ROTC. • EUGENE GERARD JUMONVILLE, Napoleonville, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi. Third Row: • JAMES KELLY New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Vice President Class 1953; AlChE ' ; ETA; Army ROTC. • WAITE SCOTT KIRKCONNELL, Tampa, Florida; Westminster Fellowship; Na- val ROTC. • DONALD HARRY KORN, New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Mu. • EDWARD E. LAFAYE, New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi; Naval ROTC. • SAM B. LAINE, New Orleans, Louisiana; Westminster Fellowship; Glee Club; Air Force ROTC; Intramural Council. • VICTOR A. LANDRY, New Orleans, Louisiana; ASME; Air Force ROTC. • DAVID A. LEVINE, Brooklyn, New York; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Hillel Foundation; Air Force ROTC. • HOWARD E. LEWIS, JR., New Orleans Louisiana; Delta Tau Delta; Tulane Pan-Hellenic Council; Newman Club; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society; Adelphons. • NORWOOD MARCY LYONS, Church Point, Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi; Naval ROTC. Fourth Row: • FRANK EDWARD McKAY, DeWitt, Arkansas; Baptist Student Union. • EDWARD J. McMAHON, Gretna, Louisiana; Air Force ROTC. • LEON L. MARKS, JR., New Orleans, Louisiana; Newman Club; Air Force ROTC. • BOB MASON, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • DON MAYER, Winnsboro, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; AlChE; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society. • WILLIAM E. MENDEZ, JR., New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Tau Delta, • MAURY A. MIDLO, New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Mu; Operetta; Air Force ROTC; Radio Club; JAMBALAYA. • ANTHONY P. MOROVICH, New Orleans, Louisiana; Army ROTC. • TOM MULLIN, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Tau Omega. cclUfe of! ENGINEERING UNDERGRADUATES First Row: • JIM NEWELL, Towson, Maryland; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Naval ROTC; Taff- rail Naval Society. • GASPER CHARLES OCCHIPINll. New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Sigma, JAMBALAYA; Air Force ROTC. • JAY W. OPPENHEIM. New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Mu; JAMBA- LAYA, • RAY ORDOGUI, Westwego, Louisiana; AIEE. • WALTER H. PACE, JR., New Orleans, Louisiana. • VERNON PARKER, Bay Saint Louis. Mississippi; A Cappella Choir; Glee Club; Air Force ROTC. • ROBERT C. PATTERSON, West Point, Mississippi; Sigma Chi; Air Force ROTC. • LOUIS C. PERRILLIAT, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon; ASCE. • JOHN A. PICO, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Tau Omega. Second Row: • COURTNEY F. PICOU, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi; AlChE; Air Force ROTC. • A. JUDSON POCHE, JR., New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta. • CHARLES ALONZO REESE, New Orleans. Louisiana; ASME. • HARRY DAVID REHM, New Orleans. Louisiana; ASME. • ROBERT EVERETT ROOD, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi. • LARRY J. ROUSSEAU, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi; Naval ROTC. • HAROLD SALAUN, JR., New Orleans. Louisiana; Pi Kappa Alpha. • FRANK X. SANDER. Newfane. New York; Kappa Sigma. • JOHN SANDY, JR., St. Petersburg, Florida; Delta Sigma Phi; Glee Club; Naval ROTC. Third Row: • CASPER " CAPPY " SCALISE, Bay St. Louis. Mississippi; Air Force ROTC. • PHIL SCHWERI, Louisville. Kentucky; Naval ROTC; Newman Club. • DeVAN SHARBROUGH. JR.. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Naval ROTC; Can- terbury Club. • RUDY SMITH, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi; Army ROTC. • JOHN MASON SNUGGS. New Orleans, Louisiana; ASME; Baptist Student Union. • LAWRENCE B. STEWART, Brooklyn, New York; Delta Sigma Phi. • WILLIAM THOMAS. Evanston, Illinois. • JOHN M. VAUGHAN, Crestview, Florida; Pi Kappa Alpha; AlChE; ETA; Pep Band; Westminster Fellowship; Tulane Band; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society; I.R.C. • LOUIS R. VELASCO, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Tau Delta; ETA; Glee Club; ASCE. Fourth Row: • RUDOLPH VIENER. Ill, New Orleans. Louisiana, • JAMES K. WADICK. New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Alpha; Air Force ROTC. • CHARLES ROBERT WAGUESPACK. New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Chi; Naval ROTC. • JIM WARE. Columbus, Mississippi; Alpha Tau Omega; ASME; Naval ROTC. • RALPH C. WEISS, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Sigma. • ROBERT J. WILLIAMS, New Orleans, Louisiana; Air Force ROTC. • GLENN WILSON, Monticello. Mississippi; Delta Tau Delta; Wesley Founda- tion; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society. • ROBERT HUNTER WISE, Hazelhurst, Mississippi; Phi Delta Theta; ASME; Wesley Foundation; Air Force ROTC; TUSK. LOUIS ZERINGUE. jr.. New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Kappa Alpha. coUep c ENGINEERING E. T. A. The Engineers ' Technological Atelier is the engineering Spirit Group on the campus. Throughout the year this organization sponsors the annual Engineering Dance, Engineers ' Day at the footbali ganne and the skit at half-time, the Engineers ' Smol:er, and the Engineering Forum and Field Day. At the Dance St. Pat, the Engineers ' Guardian Saint, St. Patricia and their court are presented and reign supreme over the dance. This year ' s court were St. Pa t — Jimmy McCloskey, St. Patricia — Marilyn Zimmerman, Nancy Liljenstein, Joan Miramon, Evelyn Jackson, and lhe three other St. Pat nominees, Allen Porter, Ed Grant and hloratio Amenguel. Each year at the smoker, the students have a chance to good-naturedly ridicule the professors through humorous skits and capers. The Field Day is held to stimulate high school student interest in Engineering and to give these students a good look at our Engineering College. The Tulane joint student branch of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers and the Institute of Radio Engineers provides the student with an added Interest in electrical engineering during his college career. This is done by furnishing the opportunities of making contacts with practicing engineers and of hearing technical papers presented by both students and professional men. In addition, field trips are made to surrounding Industrial plants. A major activity of this school year was the preparation of exhibits for the Tulane Engineering Review Day held on March 13. Another outstanding event was the annual AIEE student districl ' convention In Louisville, Kentucky, which was attended by many of the Tulane members. A. I. E. E. HENRY BOISSEAU . RODNEY MOUTON LOUIS ORTH . . . OFFICERS . . . President DAVID KLEGAR Treasurer Vice-President MR, DANIEL VLIET . Faculty Advisor , . . Secretary MR. CHESTER PEYRONNIN . . Faculty Advisor MEMBERS L. Arbo R. Bernard D. Bilinski A. De Fraites E. Frank C.Gv in P. Gillan A. Hiller P. Johnson J. Kelly M. Loisel F. Loty Malm J. McCloskey B. Mouton M. Pessin V. Spear J. Stokes Timken Vaughn L. Velasco F, Viosca R. Weaver A. Zanki OFFICERS JIM STO KES Chairman EUGENE HOY . . JIM BOISSEAU Vice-chairman RODNEY MOUTON MAURICE TIMKIN AIEE Secretary PROF. JAM ES A. CRON MEMBERS Robert Arrington Louis Delhom John Malm Gus Baiano H. J. Edwards William Marshall Charles Battig William Fagan James McCloskey Richard Bernard William Fuhr Joseph Mixon Donald Boensel Kenneth Gaspar Ralph Morgan James Boisseau Harvey Golden Rodney MouTon James Boone Charles Gregg Raymond Ordoqu Anthony Canzoneri Walter Herrmann Gerald Poirier Kenneth Carbo Eugene Hoy Frank Remond Gorden Coffman Warren Lorlo Charles Robards Joe Gotten Merlin Louapre Richard Sammons . . IRE Secretary .... Treasurer VICH. Faculty Advisor Clifford Sanders Theodore Sorensen James Stokes Maurice Timken Leslie Trest Gene Tye William Uelsmann Howard Upton Jacob Wagner John Wilkes Anton Zanki A. S. C. E. The Student Chapter of t he American Society of Civil Engineers has as its ultimate purpose, breaching the gap for the student engineer between his college education and the existing conditions in the Engineering Profession. Regular field trips, including a tour of the United States Waterways Experiment Station at Vicksburg, Mississippi, are taken to observe notable engineering achievements and procedures. These are recorded on color slides in a permanent file for future study and as lecture material for future classes. The ASCE is at present assisting its outstanding faculty advisor. Professor Walter E. Blessey, in current tests on pre-stressed concrete beams. Another original research proiect of the organization is its study of foundation problems in and around New Orleans. Although primarily technical in nature, the ASCE also sponsors such social functions as luncheons, dances, and beer parties, and enters teams in athletic activities. It recently sponsored a very successful Field Day program. OFFICERS p. S. GILLAN - President C L SHIVELY Vice-President W J. MOUTON Secretary A. A. DeFRAITES Treasurer MEMBERS tH. M Amengual H. A. Deyo R. C. McClure S. J. Stroll L. H. Arbo C.G.Fleming J. L. Niklaus F. J.Stouder E. J. Breckwoldt N.E.Hansen W. P. Osterholt T.Titus L. J. BremenstuI H.B.Harrington D. Payne P.L.Vegas R.P.Childress F. Hornberger L. B. Rodrigues L. R. Velasco H. R. Davis M. F. Lang ' The American Society of Mechanical Engineers, student branch, which is composed of the undergraduate students in mechanical engineering, exists to develop leadership, initiative, and public speaking ability by placing its meetings on a professional level. These meetings are held bi-weekly, although night meetings are frequently called for the convenience of speakers from various companies, and special talks or movies. These talks by professional men, field trips to industrial and manutacturing plants, technical papers, technical movies, discussions, and paper writing contests make up the year ' s program. Banquets and other social gatherings are held to further fellowship and cooperation within the organization. Field day mechanical projects are formed and supervised by ASME members. The student branch is linked to the Senior Chapter through conventions, joint meetings, and a monthly technical magazine. This year ' s regional convention was held in New Orleans. A. S. M. E. OFFICERS JOHN KOFFSKEY Chairman " ° " ' km ' -°m APTINF7 MYRON PESSIN . . . Vice-Chairman MR. JOHN L. MARTINEZ. LOUIS ORTH ■ ■ Secretary MR. ARTHUR M. HILL . . MEMBERS Alfred Africh William Dudley Martin Huber Chris-Anton Bill Earthman Philip Johnson Rodger Battle Jeannette Funel David Klegar F S Bennett Edward Goller Victor Landry Erwin Blache Jorge Grana Marcel Loisel Rodney Bourgeois John Grant Ray P. Maddux David Chafte Joseph Guinta Clyde Martin Bob Cook Clarence Swin Theodore Mehrtens R E Davis William Harrington William Mendez Joseph Deckert Robert Hippler Keith Merrill Jack Devereux . . Treasurer , . Faculty Advisor Honorary Chairman David Monnin Lawrence Noonan Russell Nunez Allen Porter Charles Reese Harry Rehm Gerald Subling Victor Tudury Jimmy Ware Bob Wise f I Lj PJ L. " % j, Hg grt a £ i ¥m SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WORK AND GRADUATE SCHOOL Merl Browning Stanley Robert Marilyn Hoppmeyer William Schroeder Jr. Coleman Hull, Jr Frank Stass John McLaughlin Insa Sternberg Nice material, huh? ABOVE: First Row: • MERL KATE BROWNING, New Orleans Louisiana • MARILYN HOPPMEYER. New Orleans, ' Louisiana. • COLEMAN HULL, JR., New Orleans. Louisiana; Commerce Graduate School. • JOHN McLaughlin, New Orleans, Louisiana; Commerce Graduate School. Second Row: • STANLEY ROBERT, New Orleans, Louisiana; Commerce Graduate School. • WILLIAM SCHROEDER, JR., New Orleans. Louisiana; Commerce Graduate School. • FRANK STASS, Baltimore, Maryland; Commerce Graduate School. • INSA STERNBERG, Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Sigma Delta Tau; Commerce Graduate School. GRADUATE 4chcci BELOW: First Row: • JUNE CROSWELL, Little Rock, Arkansas. • BARBARA JEAN DIXON, Greenville, South Carolina. • FRANCIS ARRAS GARRITY, New Orleans, Louisiana; Commerce Graduate School. • LESLIE HESS, New Orleans, Louisiana; Commerce Graduate School. • JAMES JOHNSON, Slidell. Louisiana; Commerce Graduate School. • WARREN KIRSCH, New Orleans, Louisiana; American Chemical Society. • MATTHEW KRELLER, JR., N ew Orleans, Louisiana; Commerce Graduate School. • PETTER LINDSTEDT, Retebro, Sweden; Commerce Graduate School. Second Row: • SHEPARD PLEASANTS, New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Kappa Delta Phi- Omicron Delta Kappa- Theta Nu; Who ' s Who; Hullabaloo; Greenbackers; Executive Board of Leadership Council- Commerce Graduate School. • NOEL RANDO, New Orleans. Louisiana; Commerce Graduate School. • HENRY HONORE ST. PAUL, JR., New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Commerce Graduate School. • JOHN D. VALE, New Orleans, Louisiana; Commerce Graduate School. • SARA VAS NUNES, New Orleans, Louisiana; Commerce Graduate School • CARMEN EDILIA VILLASMIL, New Orleans, Louisiana. • DON WIEDERECHT. New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Tau Omega; Omicron Delta Kappa; Scabbard Blade- Tau Beta Pi; Who s Who; ASME; ETA; Greenbackers; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society; Leadership Council. ' June Croswell lepard Pleasants Barbara Dixon Noel Rando Francis Garrlty Henry St. Paul, Jr Leslie Hess John Vale James Johnson Sara Nunes Warren Kirsch Carmen Villasmll Matthew Kreller, Jr, Don WIederecht Petter Lindstedf 120 Lois Andrews Willard Cannon Guy Ervin George Friend Lela Hall Irene Hirsch Beatrice Lovette Pauline Millspau Mabel Palmer Elinor Racker Mary Robinso ' n Alfred Selber Thomas Simmons Bill Smith Bonnie Warren Betty Woodwar ABOVE: First Row: • LOIS ANN ANDREWS, Charleston, West Virginia. • WILLARD EVERETT CANNON, Tuscaloosa, Alabama; Alpha Kappa Delta. • GUY D. ERVIN, Marshall. Illinois. • GEORGE C. J. FRIEND, New York, New York. • LELA MOORE HALL. Sylvia, North Carolina. • IRENE HIRSCH. New Orleans, Louisiana. • BEATRICE LOVEHE, Wilkesboro, North Carolina. • PAULINE MILLSPAUGH. Lubbock, Texas. Second Row: • MABEL PALMER, New Orleans. Louisiana; Publicity Chairman; Who ' s Who; Vice President Social Work, I752-I953. • ELINOR M. RACKER. Manerly, Iowa. • MARY SUE ROBINSON, Wynne, Arkansas. • ALFRED SELBER. Houston, Texas. • THOMAS H. SIMMONS, Conway, Arkansas. • BILL SMITH, Clarksville, Tennessee; President School of Social Work; Student Council; Who ' s Who; Channing Club, Campus Night. • BONNIE LOU WARREN. Galveston, Texas. • BETTY WOODWARD, Columbus. Georgia; Phi Mu; Secretary School of Social Work 1952-1953; Phi Beta Kappa. BELOW: First Row: • DIXIE COGGIN. Birmingham, Alabama. » SHIRLEY M. HARRISON. New Orleans, Louisiana. • VIRGINIA HAYNES, Corinth, Mississippi. Second Row: • CLIO LOVIN, Decatur, Alabama. • MURIEL ELAINE WINICK, Knoxville, Tennessee; Hillel Foundation; Festival Choir. ccliefc c SOCIAL WORK The Collegians Dixie Coggin Clio Lovin Shirley Harrison Muriel Wi ' nick Virginia Haynes BEAUTIES FAVORITES HALL OF FAME SNAPSHOTS r tltU Pamela he PaM MISS PAULINE TULANE Paul Tulane himself would no doubt be very pleased to have his name attached to a lass so lovely as Pam DePass. But the choice by the student body was not a simple one for maids Nancy Liljenstein, Peggy Sloan, Carolyn Abaunza, Mignon Paget, Mary Lawson, and Carol Clark are pulchritude personified. And consider the plight of the poor JAMBALAYA staff who had to select from the Newcomb upper classes the I 7 most lovely girls. ' Twas no easy thing to arrive at the decision that Ann Bennett, Corky Esta- brook, Ann hlolbrook, Mary Ann Kelley, Pat McGee, Jeanne Miller, Mimi Provosty, Cynthia Rainold, Ann Reed, and Dena Schneider along with the seven win- ners were the girls best qualified. 124 FAVORITES .MARIE HAMEL EMILY ANN DEES and MARTHA SENTER Ifti CatclifH ll auHja FAVORITES CAROLINE TRUEMAN JOYCE GILTHORPE ti Y u tItiM tttifMH a et ! FAVORITES MARION PRATT MARYLIN ROSENBERG FAVORITES MARY PILLOW SCALES BETTY KIRALFY and NANNETTE CARR IH ' J Vahcif Xtijeh te h n ' || ' ||r-i IV r Hum Cowl Clark f FAVORITES • f- . ' ;■ r s ' MIMl PROVOSTY ELSA TAYLOR u Ht JJ Pef if han lEUIEIHE ■niEiHEm HliHmEili lEIIIEIil ilMEIIIE lEIIIEIII illlEIIIEIII lEIIIEIIIE IIIEIII- lEII ' HUE ! vvvai!EIIIEIII = illEIIIE JIIEIIIEIIIEI sIHEIIIEIIi; HIEIIIE isniEiii; eim; FAVORITES SHIRLEY HADDOCK JACKIE RAUCH and LIZ FONTAINE FAVORITES BABS BARTLETT SALLY PITTS i.1. ' 1, , te tHatif iauMH n FAVORITES FRANCES SMITH TICKI GREEN and CORKY ESTABROOK HALL F ip ' if z- " ' BOBBY BOUDREAU Orientdtion chairman JIM VAN PELT Arts and Sciences, and Scabbard and Blade President fV . " i l JOHN GRENIER Law School President HARRY BEVERUNGEN Hullabaloo chief JULIAN GOOD Beta Kappa. Law Review, ex-ZBT prexy FAME i AL COLE amurdl Council head, JAMBALAYA Associate Editor AARON ROSEN Driving Force behind ' 53 Campus Carnival SAMMY DUNBAR Commerce President JULES DAVIDSON JAMBALAYA Business Manager WALT WADLINGTON OAK, Law Review active Law student ART DeFRAITES Engineering School President HAINON MILLER OAK, Law Review, outstanding trackman -£ S iai )fW „ «M»««„ RYAN SARTOR -AE prexy, Phi Beta Kappa, tops in Law class DICK GIBSON Anniable Student Body President " SHORTY FRAENKEL This volume, his pride and Joy HALL OF FAME BILLY HAYDEN Med School prexy JIM McCOMISKEY Pan-Hellenic Council head ■agS Bteiij RICHARD KELLOGG OAK, Tau Sigma Delta, active architecture student ' » % FRANK McDonnell Four years as a cheerleader, this time head man JIM STOKES Tau Beta Pi, OAK, an outstanding engineer «K:i.-,. -« 4 " " ' J f ' ' -I ' " - i :- m ■ --f i ' l» X " ' ■I- :x : in LKm U - Vn y . )i ' ' ' . ' ' adiocked some shots ...and big shots I Mi THE m PORTER .»- J- " " S J mr " ■ " .■ ■■ ' ■ .■i i c » V :v s I , ..ORIENT REGISTRATE ) n . f - i WPK f j! .iff¥i Mm v . » ' ' l i ,?»ii ' ' 4 h -AN y - ' i m • !».. IV. % ¥;f a ir P a 1 « " l! " ;v FOOTBALL BASKETBALL BASEBALL TENNIS TRACK GOLF INTRAMURALS 173 COACH BOBBY WHITMAN HEAD COACH BEAR " WOLF COACH GENE HARLOW fy S vM COACH DENNIS VINZANT COACH ANDY PILNEY COACHES 174 V, F T .5 ' " JH sSr« " " y£: IW ... v; yy r r x J " rjp A P »-.-•. ' ■ ' t CAPTAIN JIMMY JOHNSTON BOBBY NUSS Most unselfish and best spirited ROY BAILEY Most unselfish and best spirited back The GRIDIRON WAVE An optimistic but slightly conservative football fan might well have predicted before the season the outlook of every Tulane game during the 1952 season. But this was no dull eleven plodding along in an expected rut. Opening with a spectacular second half rebound, the Greenies were barely edged by Georgia in a thriller; next came the Santa Clara romp and the sturdy defensive effort against the Southern ace, Georgia Tech. The classy all-around performance against Auburn in Mobile not only revenged a poor ' 51 showing but gained for the Wave, Auburn coach Jordan ' s plaudits as the best-coached and most underrated team in the SEC. Revenge was again sweet as Mississippi State fell in a wild offensive battle — a stark contrast with the slow game of ' 5 I . The disappointing games against Kentucky and LSU of the injury-ridden Greenies — hurt especially by the loss of Kennedy and Robelot — could not efface the sparkling early showings. McGee and Robelot made several all-opponents teams, they and Sardisco made second or third string all SEC squads. Tulane ranked third in pass offense, tying for second behind Georgia (who played an extra game) in TD passes. Clement and Dempsey were the only pair ranking among the top eleven individual passers from one team. Better than blackboard dril AL ROBELOT Most unselfish and best blocking lineman 1 idM Quattef ZEKE PASS C4$eA Wafie In a spine-+ingler, Georgia ' s Bulldogs capitalized on a Greenie fumble to score in the last two minutes for a 21-16 victory. Tulane had completely outclassed a more experienced eleven during the second half, overcoming a 14-6 deficit, and closing the game with a stirring 57 yard drive to the Bulldog 15 as time ran out. The Greenies outgained Georgia, both rushing and passing, allowing only 100 yards on the ground. Tulane could generate little offense during the first half. Georgia picked up a 7-0 guarter lead on a 60 yard drive sparked by Zeke Bratkov ski to hlarry Babcock passes, after a Greenie drive was blasted by a TRAINER " BUBBA " PORCHE WAYNE WALL CHARLIE CAMP fumble on the 16 and the Wave lost a safety by an offside penalty. Tulane recovered a Georgia fumble on the 15 and scored on a fourth-down Clement-to-Bravo pass from the 12. The Bulldogs marched back 70 yards, mostly through the air, to lead 1 4-6 at the half. McGee opened the second half with a sensational 77 yard kick-off return to the Georgia 25, but was roughed and hurt on the next play. Clement took the ball over on a fourth-down sneak, and added the conversion. Late in the quarter the Green Wave marched 75 yards on a bril- CHARLIE PITTMAN BILL McELHANNON liant set of plays. On the second play of the final quarter, Clement kicked a field goal to give the Greenies a 16-14 lead. Another Greenie march was stopped by a pass interception which was returned to the Tulane 27. The defensive platoon stopped Georgia cold, but a few minutes later the Bulldogs recovered a pitchout on the 36, and scored the game-winning touchdown on a pass from Brat- kowski to Manis. Sensational passing and running by Clem- ent, before a wild crowd, almost pulled the game out of the fire in the closing minutes, but the clock throttled this threat. Georgia coach. Butts, called McGee the best running back in the SEC, while Clement, Camp, Coates, Robelot, and hlousepian led an inspired team in one of the hardest- fought Tulane games in recent years. Hey, wait for me O . «? W " " 0 - H(ax Hita Hi icent as Wane WalUpA BRONCS Doing the Bunny Hop CHARLIE COATES LARRY POUNDERS The Greenies completely outclassed the Pacific Coast ' s leading independent in drubbing Santa Clara 35-0, far worse than did California or Kansas. The defensive platoon completely stifled the Broncos, allowing no severe threats, less than 100 yards net, and only 42 on the ground, to gain third place nationally in rushing defense. McGee continued his superb punting to lead the nation with a 46.8 average. He also set some sort of dubious record by having runs for 150 yards in three plays (including a 77 yard TD jaunt) called back by clipping penalties. All in all, the Greenies were penalized 95 yards, calling back 183 yards. It was a team victory as the Wave used 40 men, but never stopped rolling. Kennedy, Clement, Sardisco, Pittman, and Spollen shared the glory with McGee. After receiving the opening kick-off, the Wave was never ' ;topped, driving 70 yards, but Max McGee fumbled as he crossed the goal, the officials calling a touchback in a decision apparently contradicted by the cameras. But unperturbed, Tulane immediately charged back to score, McGee driving over from the fifteen. The rest of the half was offensively listless until McGee returned a punt 79 yards. On the final play of the half, Clement passed to Bravo for the second TD. In the second half, Tulane ran wild, scoring when, with second and one from the Santa Clara 34, Clement passed to McElhannon who was completely open for the score. Although Mac set an all-time Tulane pass-receiving record last year, this was his first touchdown. Clement was hurt on the play, but McGee kicked his extra point. The fourth quarter was featured by a fine Dempsey-to-McGee pass from the 32 — Max scoring with superb broken-field run- ning. Partridge plunged over for the final marker after a short punt had set up the 20 yard drive. 178 ED McCOOL 9 hai ecPH4 7ell TECH TALE Displaying its finest defensive effort of the season, Tulane halted every sustained Georgia Tech drive, succumbing before two last minute touchdowns 14-0. In Atlanta for its first game before a hostile crowd, the ' 52 Sreenie eleven could generate little of the sparkling offense shown in the first two games. The Engineers, undisputed top Southern juggernaut and the second team nationally, displayed probably the best defensive secondary in college football, holding the Wave to only 27 yards on 20 passes and to no gains of over I I yards in the entire game. In con- trast, the massive Yellowjackets convincingly shattered Tulane ' s ranking as third team in rushing defense. They moved easily outside the 30, but had four drives of over 50 yards halted in the clutch during the first half. First quarter marches were halted on the 28 and nine, with Greenies generating the first offensive as the quarter closed, moving from their 23 to the Tech 35 before McGee MAX tvlcGEE A study in right angles opened the second quarter by punting. A 57 yard McGee punt offset Tech gains until the closing minutes, when Pittman ' s interception was followed by Rudolph ' s interception of Clement ' s pass on the first olay. Brigman was twice smeared trying to throw, but with only seconds remaining hit his big end, Martin, for a 48 yard gain and a touchdown. Sparkling running by Kennedy, Clement, and McGee carried the Wave for four first downs to the Tech 19. In a very unusual decision, not substantiated by game pic- tures, the referee overruled an interference call by the official on the play at the 14. After another incomplete pass, Tech took over on downs and moved to the Tulane 42, when Davis punted dead on the five. Clement picked up a first down, but had two passes batted down. Back to punt, McGee got a bad pass from center, but almost drove to a first down. After a measurement Tech got the ball on the 24. hiardeman and Teas bucked to the two on six rushes, though the Rambling Wreck needed another Brlgman-Martin pass on a fourth down to pick up a first down. With 41 seconds left, Johnson smashed the final two yards on fourth down for a TD. 179 SUGAR BOWL RAY WEIDENBACHER PETE CLEMENT The favored Greenies simply could not reach the peak shown in their three opening gannes, and bowed before a powerful hot-and-cold Ole Miss eleven 20-14. Despite con- vincing flashes, the Wave was throttled by the superb play of a bigger line sparked by the crashing end, Mask. The brilliant ball-handling of Lear and the smashes of Dillard and Westerman showed the class which eventually brought the Rebels an undefeated season and ranking sixth nation- ally. The first time Tulane had the ball, the team smashed 33 yards but lost the ball on a fumble on the Ole Miss 37. After Lear had punted into the end zone, Kennedy got off a booming 69 yard quick kick to the Rebel seven. Dillard picked up 57 yards on four consecutive plays, but the drive was finally halted en the 28. Clement began taking advantage of the relatively por- ous Rebel pass defense to pick up several first downs, by passing, but his third throw was intercepted. On the next play, Ole Miss executed a beautiful screen pass, with Westerman running 54 yards for a TD, behind the best Ole Miss interference shown this season. Afte . -ter another short kick-off, the Greenies clicked for 55 yards to tie the score. Clement passed in three plays, to Bravo, McElhannon, and then down the sidelines 22 yards to Bailey for the tally. The Rebels marched back 77 yards on the ground to the Tulane 12 where Pittman pounced on a Lear fumble. Three plays barely missed a first down. A bad pass from center and a charging line smeared McGee on the two. Westerman bucked over on the first play. On the final play of the quarter, a McGee punt bounced backward to the Wave 38. Dillard, carrying on five of six plays, went over for the marker. Clement quickly completed two passes to the 21, but was held on a fourth down quarter-back sneak. In the closing minutes, Kennedy completed three passes, and a personal foul pen- alty put the ball on the 27. A screen pass to McGee moved the ball to the two. After the sterling Rebel line stopped three smashes, Bailey took a pitchout around end to score as the gun ended the game. iiaefiiii 6tDST0 60 Cla A WIIL TELl JIM PARTRIDGE FRED DEMPSEY Golng-going-gone Displaying a brillianf defense, the Greenles decisively trounced Auburn 21-6 in Mobile ' s Ladd Stadiunn. After a scoreless first half, the Wave scored three touchdowns In ten nninutes, sparked by a series of spectacular plays — and after the Auburn touchdown in the closing minutes. Tulane had a thirty-two yard scoring pass to McGee called back. On the first play fronri scrinnmage, Auburn completed a long pass that was called back for off-sides. Spence then passed for Auburn ' s only first down of the quarter to Tulane ' s 45 yard line. In the second quarter, Shea fumbled Spence ' s 60-yard punt and Alford then returned McGee ' s kick thirty yards to the Greenie 31. In two series of plays Auburn picked up first downs on the 20 and six, but lost the ball on the five. Tulane moved the ball out well, but Spence ' s punt after an exchange rolled dead on the two. After Auburn moved to the Wave 32, three plays were smeared for a loss of 29 yards. Wall took a hand-off to return a punt of 52 yards to the 19. Partridge ripped 17 yards, but Bailey was held, and on the final play of the half, McMurray intercepted Clement ' s pass in the end zone. Taking the second half kick-off, Tulane moved 60 yards sparked by Partridge ' s 31 yard dash, but two plays failed to gain one yard needed for a first down on the nine. After several punts, Clement passed 19 yards to McElhannon, and Partridge ran 24 to the two, from where he scored in two plays. Three plays later Kennedy took Spence ' s punt, and raced 65 yards down the side-lines to score his first touchdown as a Greenie. Midway in the third quarter, Pounders intercepted a pass at mid-field, and when tackled, lateraled to Sardisco who scooted to the 16. After a clipping penalty, Dempsey passed to McElhannon on the nine, and Weidenbacher swept end to score for the first time this season. After the kick-off, Auburn moved 78 yards to the Tulane one, aided by an interference penalty and completed passes for four first downs. The line held for three plays, but on fourth down Spence passed to Hayley alone in the end zone. BILL SPOLLEN RAY THOMPSON TONY SARDISCO GEORGE CUMMINS BEATS STATE In a fhrill-packed offensive battle, Tulane returned to the stadium and toppled Mississippi State 34-2 I . The pattern for the game was set the initial time Tulane got the ball. Bailey picked up eight yards on two plays, and then raced 63 yards to paydirt, outsprinting three Maroon backs. The next time the Greenies got the ball, Clement completed two passes to Bravo to move the ball to the State 14, but Partridge fumbled and Fulton recov- ered on the ten as McGee was hurt. After a punt exchange — Weidenbacher, kicking since both McSee and Kennedy were out, got off a beautiful 55 yarder — Sardisco recov- ered a fumble on the Maroon 14. Partridge and Bailey picked up a first down and Clement sneaked over, but missed the conversion. State rolled right back sparked by Parker ' s passing, moving swiftly from its own 27 to the Greenie nine as the quarter ended. Tulane ' s second quarter jinx continued as Wilson swept end to score, Parker con- verting. Later the Maroons moved from the eight to mid- field on Parker ' s passing. Fortunate crashed 30 yards and Parker swept end for the final 20 on consecutive plays; Steven ' s place-kick gave State a 14-13 lead at the half. Tulane took the second-half kick-off 74 yards in ten plays, sparked by the running of Kennedy, and Weidenbacher, who dashed the last eleven yards untouched through guard to put the Greenies ahead. After a State march was stopped, Collins punted to the five, and the Wave went all the way on thirteen plays behind Clement ' s spot passing, with Partridge scoring around end from the four. Late in the quarter Parker ' s passes and Fortunato ' s bull-like rushes took the ball 61 yards to the I 3. Then, in the final quarter, Parker passed to Katusa for the score. Clement electrified the crowds by his wide-open plays with a lead of less than seven points, but there was no back- fire this time. His oassing and Bailey ' s running moved the ball from the Greenie 25 to the Maroon 17. Chauvin plowed through the middle, four men on his back to ice the game. Outstanding for the day was the play of State ' s Parker, a swivel-hipped country QB. 182 CcH0ei-te4 Cn4 " T ' A o f ON TULANE In its poorest game of the season, injury-riddled Tulane blew an early lead and was trampled by Kentucky 27-6 in the Wildcat ' s Homecoming. The early season stalwart defense was nowhere evident as the Cats amassed almost 400 yards rushing, Steve Meilinger, a converted end, completed his first two passes of the season, each for a big gain. Offensively, the Wave was seriously hampered by the loss of Kennedy, Robelot and an injured Weidenbacher. After holding Kentucky, the Wave smashed 73 yards to paydirt the first time it controlled the ball. Sparked by a 13-yard slash by McGee — who almost missed the game because of a head injury — the Greenies were never halted. Clement completed an 18-yard pass to Partridge, and a 21 yard touchdown pass to Bailey. Clement ' s placement was wide, but the margin stood for the rest of the quarter, as each team picked up rushing yardage but neither threatened until early in the second quarter. Kentucky reached the Tulane 34, where the Cats were held and forcd to punt. A rough- ing-the-klcker penalty provided a first down on the 24. On the first play Meilinger completed his first pass of the season to Corley for a touchdown; Bassitt ' s conversion made the tally 7-6. After a short McGee punt, the winners steam-rollered 78 yards on the ground, Meilinger covering the final 41 to score. In the closing minutes of the half a Clement pass was intercepted. Meilinger passed 47 yards to Jim Proffitt, and then bull-dozed over for the third marker of the disastrous quarter. Despite numerous gains rushing by each team on the ground in the third quarter, there were no real threats until Dempsey completed a screen pass to Partridge who ran 50 yards to the five. Bailey slipped on the first play and the Greenies were then penalized 15 yards, stopping the march. Kentucky marched 80 yards on the ground sparked by Feltch with Juschelo scampe ring the final 1 4 for the last Kentucky touchdown. ED PETROSKI LESTER KENNEDY Round and round we go TULANE WAVE - Tip-toe touch Tulane bounced back to defeat Vanderbilt 16-7 in a tight game before the hHonneconning crowd. It was a fumble- ridden game with the Greenies recovering three Commo- dore bobbles, but losing the ball five times themselves. In the second quarter, short kicks gave each team the ball in their opponents territory. The Greenie line held and Rogas, an Ineligible receiver, fumbled the ball on the Vandy 29. After another short kick, Tulane, sparked by Clement ' s passing, moved 36 yards to the 10, but lost four on a McGee fumble. Goad intercepted a pass, re- turning 33 yards. After the Commodores picked up one first down, Krietemeyer passed 52 yards to Be n RodericK to tally with ninety seconds remaining in the half. Wade intercepted another Clement pass as time ran out. After smearing Vandy, the Wave put itself in a hole when hlorton recovered a Clement fumble I 9 yards behind the line of scrimmage on the 18. After moving to the five, Foster fumbled and Pittman pounced on the ball. The Greenies picked up a first down and had third and one when Bailey cut off tackle and raced 75 yards to score on the longest Tulane play of the season. Clement ' s conversion tied the score. Shortly after, the Greenies, aided by a holding penalty, moved to the Vandy twelve. McGee sliced to the four, but Tulane was penalized to the 19. Lakos recovered a McGee fumble and the Commodores picked up two first downs before hlousepian threw Kriete- meyer for an I 8 yard loss as the quarter ended. Vandy threatened when Gleisner recovered a fumble by McElhannon on the Greenie 49. After gaining to the 37, Vandy was stopped, and Holmes, back to punt, was smeared on his own 44. Clement passed to Bravo on the 2 I . Partridge picked up five and McGee one, but Clement was thrown back to the 17. With slightly over seven min- utes remaining, Clement kicked a booming field goal from an angle, to put the Wave ahead for the first time. On the first play after the kick-off, Krietemeyer faded to pass from his 21, was massacred, fumbled, and htousepian re- covered on the four. On the third play, McGee plunged over from the one for the clincher. As the game ended, Tulane had again moved into Commodore territory. Who wants blockers W I 1 D C A T S In a breather before the L.S.U. game, Tulane rolled over Louisiana College 46-14, moving almost at will, to score 32 points in the first 16 minutes. With a line-up depleted by injuries and food-poisoning, Tulane used its regulars for less than a quarter and saw its inexperienced players almost matched by the Wildcats for the last three periods. High-lighting the game was the passing of Fred Demp- sey, who played the entire game on offense. He tied at least one SEC record by throwing five touchdown passes, completing eight in a row in the first half, four long passes for touchdowns. Scoring everytime they had the ball in the first quarter, the Wave first moved 65 yards in eight plays, with McGee carrying five tacklers the final 1 3. Dempsey then passed 31 yards to McElhannon. As the second quarter opened, McCool, taking the ball for the second time this season, powered 40 yards to score. Alex- ander returned the kick-off 57 yards before being caught from behind by Richie Boudreaux, Wave safety man. Bul- lock passed to Ward on the five, and then to Alexander to score. After the kick-off, Dempsey passed 35 yards to Vick- ery to score, but Warner sparked another Wildcat march, with Alexander scoring from the three. The second half proved fumble-laden and sluggish. Fea- turing the final periods was a 91 yard punt return by Bou- dreaux after he twice seemed smeared, but it was called back and the Wave penalized to its one. He then fumbled, but Louisiana College could not score after recovering on the four. On the first play of the fourth quarter, Dempsey passed to Vickery down the side-lines for the final touch- down. «Mii» ' ' LSU swimming meet De-emphas!s BRYAN BURNTHORNE ALVlS BATSON PAUL RUSHING EARL BURKE 185 -Mi ■■■f ' T ' .ifrf-9- r - We t fc the BIG ONE A favored Greenle eleven proved to be no " mudder, " boWing to an alert L.S.U. Bengal squad 16-0 in the big season finale for both squads. For the only time this season — and in over two years — Tulane played on a rainy Saturday, and never managed to hold onto the ball once the offense started rolling. Five pass Interceptions and two recovered fumbles by the Tiger defensive unit set up all three scores in the first half. Partridge picked up fifteen yards on the first two plays of the game, but fumbled and Miller recovered on the Wave 35. On the second play Labat raced around his right end 33 yards to score, Stringfield converting. This was the first time since the Georgia game, that Tulane was scored upon in the first quarter. On the second play, Oakley intercepted a Clement pass, returning to the Greenie 22. Doggett was held on fourth down, but fumbled with Tuminello recovering on the six as the ball bounced for- ward. Labat blasted through to the four, but a bad pitch-out threw L.S.U. back to the 14. After an incomplete pass, Stevens passed short to Gautreaux with the Wave taking over on the 10. The Wave swiftly moved out to the 35, but Miller recovered a Clement fumble on the thirty. After two penalties, Doggett punted into the end zone. Sparked by McGee ' s running, greatly aided by a fourth-down penalty, Tulane marched to the L.S.U. I 3 and then to the I 0, but after two plays failed to gain, Murphy threw Clement on the 24, where the Bengals took over on downs. After Doggett ' s punt, Brancato intercepted a Clement pass, but his fine run-back was nullified by a clipping penalty. On the first play, Marchand sliced over his right tackle, outracing the Greenie secondary 53 yards to score. PetroskI blocked Stringfield ' s placement. Tulane picked up two quick first downs on the ground, but a Clement pass to Bravo on the L.S.U. 25 was cancelled by a clipping penalty and the drive was stalled. After several punt exchanges, Oakley intercepted and returned to the Tulane 39. With third and 13, Stephens passed to Mitchell and the first Tiger first down of the game on the sixteen. After three plays failed to qain, Stringfield kicked a field goal from a slight angle less than a minute before the half ended. L.S.U. took the kick-off opening the second half and marched 52 yards before the Wave braced and took over on the Tulane 45. The Tigers were held on the 38 and Doggett ' s only poor punt of the day rolled dead on the 32. As the quarter ended. E. J. CHAUVIN EDDIE BRAVO the Green marched on the ground to the Bengal 37, and to the 25 as the fourth quarter opened, but Clement was twice thrown back and McGee punted from the 49 out of bounds on the L.S.U. five. After L.S.U. burst out to its 38, with Stringfield and Oakley carrying, Doggett had to punt. Another exchange followed when neither team could pick up a first down. In the closing five minutes, after a clipping penalty, Tulane rolled from its 22 to the L.S.U. 34, sparked by Clem- ent ' s running and two passes to Vickery, but L.S.U. threw the Greenies back to the 48 and Brancato returned an in- terception 24 yards as the final gun closed the season. Camp, Batson, and Sardisco sparked the Tulane de- fense while McGee and Partridge picked up 69 and 62 yards respectively as the Wave outgained L.S.U. in gross yardage, and held a 17-10 margin In first downs. For the Tigers, Marchand gained I 15 yards. Murphy, Miller, Oak- ley, and Brancato sparked the defense, throwing Clement for losses of 45 yards, while his seven completions netted only 49. Sut Wait till 1953 «. % - Y V ' - - DICK BUTCHEE MIKE HOUSEPIAN GREENIES aiH £CC eci H4 fict Night Flight Open mouths, open arms Combining a deliberate control game patterned on the " figure eight, " with their expected fast- break game, Coach Wells ' Greenie hoopsters clinched the runner-up position in the 1952-3 basketball race a week before their climatic battle with the champion LSU five, rated fifth in the country. For this fray, a roaring, over-capacity crowd In the Tulane Gym watched the Wave outplay and out-smart the favored Tigers except for a seven-minute period In mid-game when the Bengals took advantage of the absence of Schuiz to score I 5 consecutive points after trailing 29-20. Schuiz playing his top game, despite four fouls called on him in the first half, out-scored All-American Bob Pettit from the floor, while guarding him and paced an electric Wave to a near upset, nipped by the final buzzer in a 53-52 heartbreaker. The Well ' s-coached Greenles finished ninth in the country with a free-throw percentage of 69.2 per cent and fourteenth with a defense allowing but an average of 58.5 points each game without a single man graduating. With three starting sophomores, and six freshmen on the fhirteen-man squad — and at least two promising new players, Nowakowski and P. Wallace; the outlook for another exciting season is fine. This year ' s team lost on Its home court only two games falling before teams ranking In the nation ' s top six. In addition. Wells gained revenge on the two SEC teams, Ole Miss and Auburn that won In ' 52 DICK McGOWAN ROY STOLL BOB KRIEBEL y on the Freret Street floor, by beating both this season on their home court. In a relatively unimpressive start, the Greenies managed to decisively trounce four lesser opponents, but lost close games to Kansas, defending NCAA champs and ultimate Big 7 champion and sixth team nationally, and to Rice, the Southwestern runner-up in Houston. Tulane led for much of the first half in each game, and lost a lead in the last five minutes against the Owls only after Browne and Brennan had fouled out. Flanking the Christmas holidays were three fine efforts as Baylor fell before first m ' TULANE BASKETBALL 1952-53 RESULTS Tu lane . . . . . .91; Birmingham-Souihern 42 Tulane . . . ... 94; Southwestern [Mem phis 32 Tulane . . . ... 79; Pensacola N. A. S 47 Tulane . . . ... 50; Kansas ... 63 Tulane . . . ... 63; Pensacola N. A. S 47 Tulane . . . ... 56; Rice 62 Tulane . . . ... 77; Baylor ..... 60 Tulane . . . ... 76; Vanderbilt . . . 53 Tulane . . . ... 83; Ole Miss .... 77 Tulane . . . . . .61; Miss. State . . . 67 Tulane 57 Tulane 66 Tulane 68 Tulane 31 Tulane 69 Tulane 70 Tulane 84 Tulane 70; Georgia Tech Tulane 69; Miss State . Tulane 52; L. S. U. . . Florida Georgia . Tennessee L. S. U. . Alabama 87 64 63 48 63 Auburn 65 Ole Miss 68 ... 55 ... 52 ... 53 FRITZ SCHULZ Follow through and last quarter onslaughts totalling 53 points. Then an under- dog Greenie routed Vanderbilt in its first conference game, with a phenomenal shooting exhibition of over 60 per cent in the second half, and out-ran the torrid Ole Miss Rebels in Oxford, never trail- ing despite the loss of Cervini (by injury), Browne and Brennan on fouls and a nerve-wracking 47-minute game and 17-minute third quarter when the timer ' s clock refused to run. A cold streak com- bined with injuries to Cervini and McGowan brought road defeat by Mississippi State and Florida, but clutch last-minute performances brought pulsating triumphs over Georgia in Athens — as the Green- ies sank seven free throws in the last minute after Schuiz, Cervini, and Brennan had been lost on personals — and against Tennessee — when five points were scored in the last 30 seconds to break the tie after a s.uccessful three-minute freeze. A frigid night from the floor in Baton Rouge brought a failure to capitalize on the early be- fuddlement gained by the Greenies ' unexpected control game. Rebounding in fine fashion, the Greenies swept tight road games against strong Alabama and Auburn fives, turning in sensational shooting percentages of 45 per cent from the floor and 89 per cent from the free throw line in the Alabama fray. Three decisive home- court victories by fifteen or more points against the two Mississippis -3 and Tech clinched second and set the stage for the spine- tingling finale against LSU. This was the only Greenie game lost in the last minute, after five wins, and LSU never trailed during the last seven- teen minutes in defeating a Well ' s-coached team for the first time in the Tulane gym. This year ' s was the best-balanced five in the conference and within memory at Tulane: all five starters averaged over ten points (but none over 14) and all paced the team in at least one game. Schuiz was named third best player in the entire South by the coaches on the PAT BROWNE HAL CERVINI P ROLAND WALLACE DICKIE BRENNAN The long arm of B. H, Born l — HARRY HOBBS CLYDE COX " Collier ' s " board while Brennan, Browne, and Cer- vini also received votes. McGowan who played his best ball after this team was picked, paced the Greenies in the later balloting for All-SEC, and if an all conference freshman team was named, as it is in football, Stoll would have been a sure bet. Schuiz led the squad with a 13.8 average and with 216 rebounds; his best all-around game was against Pettit in New Orleans, but in the mara- thon against Ole Miss In Oxford he scored 22 points and grabbed 23 rebounds — both season- high for the Wave. When not forced to the bench Strategy Drive for 2 by personals, Fritz was almost invariably good for I 5 points. Dick McGowan, when hot, was the spark-plug of the late-season surge. Driving for 20 markers against Georgia Tech, he paced the team in four of the last six games, receiving a two-column splurge in the Birmingham papers for his fine effort against Auburn. Usually assigned to guard the opposing ace scorer, Dick Brennan turned in especially fine defensive efforts against Jarvis, Branch, and Silas, on the home court, while he was at his best against Tennessee with 16. Although hHal Cervini tossed in 19 against Pensacola, his top performance came against Tennessee with the game-winner coming among his 18 tallies. HIal missed three games completely with a knee injury and his fouling-out hurt in each LSU game, but paced the regulars in percentage from both floor and free-throw line with 39 per cent and 77 per cent including one stretch of 13 straight. Pat Browne turned in the team ' s best performance on the defensive back board and wound up second in scoring. Though fouling out after three quarters, his top performance came as he hit for 18 against Ole Miss here, though twice, against Auburn and Ole Miss, he scored II and 14 in the first half fouling out shortly after. Roy Stoll and Bob Kriebel, each playing in all 20 games, kept the team going when either guard was hurt or any of the taller men fouled out. Roy hit for over 40 per cent from the floor, including 16 against Vandy and a fine all-around effort in the season finale against LSU. Kriebel was especially valuable against Georgia when Schuiz fouled out after 15 minutes, and against Auburn with I I points and fine backboard play. ' «3 What can I do with it now 2 down — 3 to go Roland Wallace and Clyde Cox, both freshmen, played their best games in the clutch fourth-quarters after regulars had fouled out, though Cox hit four straight baskets against Southwestern. His most valuable showing was against Georgia, while Wallace showed best against LSU, with four consecutive last minute free-throws. hHarry hHobbs had the squad ' s best free-throw percentage and turned in seven priceless points in the nip-and-tuck last quarter at Oxford. Bobby Delpit played fine floor games in his six appearances, and Jim Cothern in his three games. Leon Vogt got huge ovations from the crowd in each game he played. These three freshmen combined with Stoll, Wallace, and Cox to give Tulane its best yearling crop of recent years. ' wTSI SaHHinQV The squad .% ' - . 1 lAAr a ;l );4 ' -.A V . h i % - RAY WEIDENBACHER Ace Moundsman Retif, Nissel, Coach Vinzant, Weldenbacher, Lloyd. Oh the DIAMOND For the first time in many seasons, Tulane ' s diamond fortunes loomed brightest in Southeastern Conference play. From Coach Vinzant ' s ' 52 nine, six regulars return. Last year ' s under-rated team surprised by compiling the second best record in the conference, losing only three games and no season series to a conference team. Deprived of a berth in the SEC cham- pionship play-offs and NCAA qualifying round — by a scheduling mix-up, the Greenies promised to be strong contenders to dethrone Florida. A strong battery with veterans Ray Weidenbacher, Jack Champione, Flecker, and rookie Doug Regan pitching and top receivers in Don Lloyd and Al Robelot is surpassed only by an outstanding infield composed of rookie Pete Vogt, veterans Captain Jimmy Nissel, Milt Retif and Randy Bordlee, backed by Bill Fleming and Ed Rubenstein. Veteran outfielders Carlos Leiva and Tom Cooke combine with newcomers Clyde Cox, Pete Clement, and Wilber Conley to patrol the outer gardens. s: -wsssxs5 : Tom Coolce, Hustling left fielder The Returnees (top row), Campione, Weilbaecher, Lloyd. (Bottomrow). Fleming, Nissel, Retif, Cooke. Bordlee. DON LLOYD BILL FLEMING JIMMY NISSEL RANDY BORDLEE 195 TRACK M ki ' id ' The squad Greeting Coaches Fritz Oakes and Johnny Oeikers this spring was the largest and most promising group of track men in recent years. Top prospects are veterans Art Alderson in the shot and transfer-student hHainon Miller in the distance runs both of whom are listed in " The World Book " for turning in performances among the top 50 in 1 952. Since spring training was held in February, an influx of gridders have joined the cinder-men, greatly beefing up the ranks of last season ' s small squad. Cummins in th e weights and hHawkins in the javelin are back with Wall, Partridge, and Hof In the dashes. Veterans McCoy, Wiron, and McCool in the 440 and 880 and newcomer Gilmore give new depth in these events. Kennedy leads the broad jumpers and hurdlers, while McGee is a seasoned high jumper. Tregle, B. Hobbs, and Vaughn are pitching in for the field events. Six meets were on the schedule this year with the SEC rheet the finale for the team, while Alderson and Miller may earn trips to the NCAA. ART ALDERSON HAINON MILLER MARK McCOY 196 . « ' m ! Left to right; Schenken. Bancroft, Browne. Sullivan, Lyle. i. ? GOLF Prospects for an improved golf team in 1953 came In the return of Captain Pat Browne, Walker Sullivan and Jerry Schenken. Still brighter was the play of newcomers Dickie Lyle, Stanton Schuler, and Neal hHobson. The team again coached by Innes Millar, pro- fessional at Audubon Golf Club, opened its sea- son in the New Orleans Country Club tournament. Following were matches with the power-laden LSD linksmen — one of the strongest college teams in the country — and with Spring hiill, Pensacola NAS, and Louisiana Tech. JERRY SCHENKEN PAT BROWNE .iifc-»»ji£Bi ' ' iiAis " ' IS ' asSS.ai ' S aK» - 197 . ♦• .-.m • »». ■ns, THE SQUAD Top Row: Jungle, Donnelly, Collins, Richardson. Bottom Row: Ullman, Merritt, Lomax. Tfte Cch efcHce CHAMPS Coach Emmetf Fare ' s perennially-powerful tennis team captured the SEC championship In 1952 on the Tulane courts, and are favorites to repeat again in 1953. " hiam ' Richardson, seventh-seeded in men ' s singles and a member of the Davis Cup Squad, returns to defend the conference crown he won as a freshman. In addition, the former National Junior Champion will compete in the NCAA tournament in Syracuse which last year conflicted with Wimbledon. Playing again are five other members of last year ' s undefeated squad: Al Wickersham, Don Mer- ritt, Harmon Collins, Barney Donnelly, and Tony Ullman. Two freshmen, HHenry Jungle and Buddy Lomax, are al- ready outplaying some of the veterans, and the former Is expected to perform especially well in the junior tourna- ments. In addition to the afore-mentioned tournaments, the net- ters will meet Texas, Rice, Western Michigan, and several conference foes. HAM RICHARDSON Tulane ' s Davis Cupper Alice DIggs, " Fastest girl on campus, " is presented at the annual Frosh-Soph game. INTRAMURALS Deke swept through Pan-hlellenic football without a set-back, edging Beta Theta Pi 6-0 in the finals. Grenier, Brunnfield, O ' Shee spurred the Dekes. Beta was led by Gamble and Colomb, while Sigma Chi was sparked by Van Pelt and Chenoweth in defeating Delta Tau Delta for third. Other outstanding performers in the league included KA ' s Bartlett, Delt ' s hHamer, Zebe ' s A. Gilbert, and SAE ' s Dibol. Record turn-out of 16 teams in the intramural league saw the Engineering Seniors, led by Porter and Grant, defeat the Air ROTC, starring Klonoski, in two straight. Climaxing the intramurals was the Freshman Sophomore A study in symmetry. _ -p p ' K Coaches Davis, McGee, Wall, pose before victorious SopKs. game — the only " tackle " contest. Max McGee and Wayne Wall coa ched the Sophs to a clear-cut 29-0 victory. Cap- italizing on Freshman fumbles, the Sophomore offense clicked well behind the passing of Dalferes and the running of Nicholas. The other intramural sports — basketball, Softball, track, handball, tennis, golf, bov ling, sv lmming, and ping-pong — took place after the JAMBALAYA went to press. A valiant attempt. Refs and players but where the heck ' s the ball. LEADERSHIP PUBLICATIONS HONORARIES SPIRIT GROUPS RELIGION MUSIC DRAMA MILITARY i Qlcfa LEADERSHIP COUNCIL The Leadership Council, composed of the president or appointed representative of every organization on the Tulane-Newcomb campus, was conceived and set up by the 1949-1950 Student Council. The Leadership Council, serving as an advisory body to the Student Council, has " ts own constitution, rules, and regulations, and is divided into sub-committees to deal with various phases of stu- dent activities. It has served as a sounding-board for stu- dent opinion and has functioned in executing a great many campus-wide projects. The Leadership Council has worked diligently in coordinating and integrating the activities of all the organized groups on the campus. OFFICERS First Semester DOSITE PERKINS President GWEN LANDRIDGE Vice-President JOHN HOWARD Recording Secretary TONY CLESI Treasurer MARION PRATT Corresponding Secretary OFFICERS Second Semester JOHN HOWARD President MIKE BEARDEN Vice-President ED HOFMANN Recording Secretary TONY CLESI Treasurer MARION PRATT Corresponding Secretary EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE SHEP PLEASANTS Honoraries WALTER LEE Music and Dramatics JOHN BRADIN Pan-Hellenic JAMES BOISSEAU Professional BUDDY BRINKMANN Publications MIKE BEARDEN Religion DON WIEDERECHT Spirit AL COLE Mi scellaneous MEMBERS AT LARGE Cecil Morgan Harry Beverungen Alice Koch Bobby Sue Blanchard Aaron Rosen 204 OFFICERS First Semester AL COLE President TED MACE Vice-President FRANK DEPAOLI Secretary-Treasurer OFFICERS Second Semester GERALD SUHLING Presidenf H. HORTON, JR Vice-President FRANK DEPAOLI Secretary-Treasurer The function of the Intramural Council is to encourage the entire male student body to participate in organized athletic sports, and also to encourage participation in active recreation. The Intramural Council organizes and promotes competition between indi- viduals and groups of students and fosters the spirit of sportsmanship between partici- pants and spectators. INTRAMURAL COUNCIL 205 PUBLICATIONS BOARD OFFICERS RICHARD GIBSON Chairman BARBARA BARTLETT Secretary Barbara Bartlett Harry Beverungen Jules Davidson ME MBERS Shorty Fraenkel Richard Gibson Gus Fritchie John McCawley Mary Myers The primary purpose of the Publications Board is the supervision and election of editor and business managers of all campus publications. The JAMBALAYA, the " hHullabaloo, " and the " Wave " are under the jurisdiction of this council. The board consists of the following members: Editor and Business Manager of the JAMBALAYA, Editor and Business Manager of the Hullabaloo, President and Vice-president of the Student Council, appointed member of Student Council, and officers of two graduating classes from any of the colleges. The President or Vice-President of the Student Council acts as president of the board. 206 FRESHMAN DORM COUNCIL Bl ' S OFFICERS BILL WATSON President TONY SARDISCO Vice-President LEONARD SELBER Secretary PHILSCHWERI Unit Manager Peterson Hall, formerly Men ' s Residence Hall, Is the home of many first year poten- tially prominent Tulane students. Living in this recently constructed dormitory are participants In almost every phase of activity at Tulane. Football lettermen residing there include Tony Sardisco, Harold Hawkins, E. J. Chauvin, and Bryan Burnthorne. Internationally famous tennis player Hamilton Richard- son also lives in this modern and handsome building, as do freshmen basketball aces Roy Stoll, Roland Wallace, Clyde Cox, and Leon Vogt. Scholastically, many students have proved that Paterson Hall is an ideal environ- ment for study by making the Dean ' s List in their respective colleges in their initial semesters. The very popular House Supervisor is Mrs. Brookes Duncan, an extremely thoughtful and industrious worker for Improvements for the Hall. Mr. Tom Kane Is the faculty advisor, and Sam Barnes is a graduate advisor. The Hall has a beautiful lounge, well furnished with attractive furniture of good taste, and a new televi sion set. All In all, Paterson Hall offers the best living condi- tions possible for a well rounded college life. 207 " You want to v ork? Well, steo Into my office. ' " Tic tac toe " 1953 JAMBALAYA The 1953 JAMBALAYA represents the efforts of the staff to portray the nine months comprising the 1952-53 school year to its fullest extent. While we realize that issu- ing the Jamb in May necessitated missing several late spring functions, we believe that students would appreciate getting their books before leaving for home. However, all was not work as was evidenced by the Jamb receptions given throughout the year and the " bull-ses- sions " iiiar were interspersed between periods of honest labor. The smoke-filled green cubicle on the third floor of the student center was the scene of many afternoon and night sessions that were so necessary to completing the yearbook. During these sessions the problems of trying to match pictures with names, names with fraternities, and fraternities with deadlines were encountered. Along with the regular routine of filing, typing, and writing, the Jamb staff became proficient in developing public relations techniques since the staff had much practice explaining why pictures could not be taken over and over and over again to pacify those who claimed, if not satis- fied that they would promptly procede to have themselves arrested and the ensuing " mug " shots used in the class sections. In contrast to the above, everyone turned camera- hog when Armand came to parties or formals to take pic- tures for the Jamb. In spite of this, we believe that Armand was able to snap some unposed shots that reflect the true spirit of the occasions. While the editorial side of the JAMBALAYA was being put through the mill, the business side was being feted at a local downtown restaurant as guests to be included in that restaurant ' s advertisement in the ad section. Outside of such gay excursions, the business staff also had its hands full wondering whether or not it could provide the neces- sary funds to permit the editor to have all his little heart desired. Ail in all, the activity of putting out the ' 53 Jamb was not only work but also an accomplishment of which the staff could well be proud of since it represented the best we could produce. Our only hope is that the Jamb will meet with the approval of everyone of you and that you will join us in the feeling that the ' 53 Jamb presents an excellent means of recording the memories of the past year. Armand Bertin; " Chief cocl and bottie washer. Top Row: Briant, Brinkmann, Carr, Catchinigs. Bottom Row: Mallory, Mathes, Pitts. Sansom. 208 STAFF F. L " SHORTY " FRAENKEL Editor AL COLE Associate Editor (Tulane) NANNETTECARR Associate Editor (Newcomb) REGINALD BRINKMANN Tulane Editor ELSA TAYLOR Newcomb Editor HERBIEWEIL Sports Editor JIM GREENBAUM Organizations Editor (Tulane) ANN LINGAN Organizations Editor (Newcomb) MEL MATHES Fraternity Editor ANN STEPHENS Sorority Editor DALE SANSOM Typing Editor ANN HUMPHREY Typing Editor CLARENCE CHACHERE Caption Editor MARYLIN ROSENBERG Caption Editor LEE LEVY Caption Editor BOB BRUMFIELD Intramurals Editor ANDRE BRIANT Copy Editor EARLSONNIER Features Editor ARMAND BERTIN Photographer EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS Wally Jacobs Hank Ehrllch Nancy Silber Jack Eskenazi Joy Brand Ann Sherman Ann Smith Richard Felsenthal Mary Harrell Jay Oppenhelm Janet Knight Sherwin Thaler Ann Hastings Allan Sacks Ellen Mack Tippy Cohen Joel Sugar Jack Weiner Donald Korn Donald Hall Sallie Pitts Don Galbraith Ray Wilenzlg Aaron Rosen BUSINESS STAFF JULES DAVIDSON Business Manager PATSY WEIL Advertising Manager CHARLIE VICCELLIO . . . . Subscriptions and Distributions BILLY CATCHINGS Organizations Co-Manager Vv ALTER GREEN Organizations Co-Manager ANN HOLBROOK Office Manager LARRY LANDA Layout Manager STAFF ASSISTANTS Hooks Mallory Charles Shea Harry Allen Sandy Abramson Carmel Alder Nancy Silber Yvonne Yuspeh F. L. (SHORTY] FRAENKEL Editor JULES. DAVIDSON Business Manager Top Row: Cole, Green, Greenbaum, Humphrey, Jacobs Landa. Bottom Row Stephens Taylor Viccelllo H. Weil P. Weil, Yuspeh. 209 HARRY BEVERUNSEN Editor-in-Chief MARY MYERS Business Manager THE ALL-AMERICAN EDITORIAL STAFF HARRY BEVERUNGEN Editor FRANCISCO PAREDES Managing Editor SCGIT BRUNS News Editor NORMAN REICH Sports Editor BOB WARREN Copy Editor LOUISE STAGG Feature Editor CYNTHIA FORCHEIMER Society Editor RONNIE KRAEMER Cartoonist EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS Ed Boone John Clay Jackie Ellis Jim Cox Fred Platner BUSINESS STAFF MARY MYERS Business Manager GEORGE WINN Circulation Manager ROGER COUNTS Assistant Circulation Manager Joe Aspley Bob Kausch CIRCULATING ASSISTANTS Diane Lawton Shirley Lucas John Sandy The place is a mess. Wadded sheets of yellow paper all over the floor. Waste-paper baskets filled to the rafters. Cigarets, in every stage of consumption, scattered on the floor and bulging on the ash trays. Stacks of books, paper, and pencils thrown on the desks. lacked on the bulletin board is a sign reading: " Reminiscences of an old witch. Starting next issue, a series of articles by Louise Stagg on her experiences as feature editor for the Hullabaloo. " The watchman, standing by the door, simply shakes his head and continues his round. He ' s used to that mess. It ' s there every Monday and Tuesday nights. Six or seven hours earlier the Hullabaloo office is a rather orderly and quiet place. The news editor is checking the stories that have coma in. At the other end of the desk the copy editor copyheads and writes headlines. Only an occasional ring of the telephone interrup s the soft cursing of the copy editor as he comes upon a too-poorly written story. Or the news editor as he finds that one of his big stories is still missing. At 6:30 they decide to take a break and get a bite to eat at the cafeteria. Half-an-hour later they return and find the editor-in-chief typing away his editorials. They discuss the situation with him for about 15 minutes. Then go back to work. NULLA " Cutting out paper dolls is so much fun. " Bruns gets a date! That is news! " Wat dat word is, huh, Uncle Fred? " All work is stopped when the sports editor comes in and tells the joke he just heard at his fraternity house. In the midst of laughter the cartoonist arrives. All five discuss the best subject for the cartoon. Then the artist draws a few rough sketches of the best suggestion. Unanimous approval — after a few touches have been added here and there. The cartoonist recedes to a corner of a desk to create his masterpiece of the week. The feature editor rushes in and over to the telephone. As she dials the number — she Informs the editor; " There will be no features this week. " She simply hasn ' t got the Information she needs. The party at the other end of the line claims ail of her attention now. She takes many notes, hiangs up and dials other numbers. She finally slides In front of a typewriter and starts pounding on the keys. There will be features. A couple of cute Newcomb freshmen shyly walk in. They want to work on the paper, they say. The new editor takes down their names and phone numbers. " For the record, " he explains blandly, hlls staff laughs suspiciously. He sends them to get the pictures from the photographers. The girls look thrilled. Their first assignment! A male forum on the looks of the girls follows their departure. The female feature editor Just comments on their clothes. Around this time someone gets thirsty and announces he ' s going to the cafeteria for a coke. Money flies from all angles for cokes, cofFee, candy, and cigarets. The arrival of the refreshments temporarily ends all work. A bull session develops. The couriers arrive with the pictures. The sports editor makes a date with one of them for the movie at McAllister Friday. He ' s a fast worker. He has finished his work and leaves with them. He ' s going " towards Newcomb, too. " A fraternity brother of the editor-ln-chlef comes in to make a quick phone call. He hangs up half-an-hour later. The profes sor next door comes in. He says his University College students can ' t hear a word he says. He asks for a little less noise. Work is resumed. A group of four or five reporters arrive and begin to rewrite their stories after a ten-minute break. The feature editor hands over her feature and leaves with the student that just came In to fetch her. After many questions and much moving around, the four or five reporters quit too. The cartoonist, his masterpiece finlsned, also goes out. The copy editor, news editor, and editor-ln-chlef decide to leave a little work for tomorrow night. And they adjourn to the University inn for a beer or two. B A L Cox — accessory to the crime. Executive and assistants. OFFICERS SHEPARD PLEASANTS President DONALD WIEDERECHT .Vice-President DR. KARLEM RIESS Secretary MEMBERS Edward Baggett, Jr. Max Barne+t William Barnett Robert Boudreau James Brakefleld Robert Bruce Maurice L. Burl Ira L. Campbe!l. Jr. Carlton Carpenter Jules Davidson Caldwell DeBardeleben Jerry A. Fortenberry William Geary Julian H. Good Ray Haddad, Jr. Thomas Hudson Walter C. Lee William Miller Henry A. Millon Eldon Pence. Jr. John H. Phillips Shepard Pleasants H. David Pope Ralph Slovenko James D. Stokes, Jr. Robert Thompson James VanPelt Philip Watson Samuel G. Wellborn Paul Welty Donald Wiederecht Charles B. Wilson George Winn Herbert Wren 1953 TAPPEES Robert B. Acomb, Jr. Harry A. Beverungen Francis L. Fraenkel William DeG. Hayden Richard E. Kellogg Halnon A. Miller Rodney A. Mouton D. Ryan Sartor, Jr. Walter J. Wadlington, III Ewell P. Walther, Jr. Robert E. Weaver First Row: Acomb, Barnett, Beverungen, Boudreau. Second Row: Brakefield, Davidson, Fortenberry, Fraenkel. Third Row: Good, Hay- den, Kellogg, Lee. Fourth Row; Miller, Mouton, Pleasants, Pope. Fifth Row: Slovenko, Sartor, Stokes, Thompson. Sixth Row: VanPelt, Wadlington, Watson, Weaver. Seventh Row: Welty, Wiederecht, Winn. M I C R N DELTA KAPPA 212 The students recognized in Who ' s Who each year are nominated from approximately 600 colleges and univer- sities. Campus nominating committees are instructed, In making their decisions, to consid er the student ' s scholar- ship: his co-operation and leadership in academic and extracurricular activities; his service and citizenship to the school; and his promise of future usefulness. Recognition by Who ' s Who means that the student was, first officially recommended from the university or college he attends and, then, accepted by the organization. Paul Anderson Bill Barnett Max Barnett Harry Beverungen Reginald Brinkmann, Jr. Frank Brocato Emily Ann Dees Jules Davidson Arthur DeFraites James Dent Lawrence Emboula ; Courtney Ann Es abrook Mary Elizabeth Fontaine Richard Gibson John Grenler Shirley hladdock Marie Hamel WilPam hiayden Richard Kellogg Betty Klralfy N Valter Lee John McCawley Ellen Morris Luclen Moss Rodney Mouton Mabel Palmer Marion Pratt Marilyn Rosenberg Mary Pillow Scales Ralph Slovenko William Smith Jack Stocker James Stokes George Swaim Elsa Taylor Caroline Trueman Jim Van Pelt Phil Watson Robert Weaver Lynn Williams First Row: Anderson, Barnett, Beverungen, Brinkmann, Davidson. Second Row: Dees, DeFraites, Dent, Emboulas. Estabrook. Third Row: Fontaine, Gibson, Grenler, Haddock, Hamel. Fourth Row: Hayden, Kellogg. Kiraify, Lee, McCawley. Fifth Row: Morris, Moss, Mouton, Palmer, Pratt. Sixih Row: Rosenberg, Scales, Slovenko, Smith, Stokes. Seventh Row: Swaim, Taylor, Trueman, VanPelt, Watson. Eighth Row: Weaver, Williams. W H O ' S WHO 213 OFFICERS BOB BRUCE President JERRY FALLETTA Vice-President JULIAN GOOD Secretary-Treasurer KARLEM RIESS Faculty Adviser Kappa Delta Phi is the oldest honorary leadership fra- ternity at Tulane, having been founded in 1904, to reward and bond together in a solid union the men who have accomplished the most for Tulane. Membership is con- ferred each year upon no more than ten students chosen from the Junior and Senior classes and the graduate schools and upon one member of the faculty who have been conspicuous for school spirit and for distinguished and unselfish loyalty to and endeavor in behalf of Tulane. Kappa Delta Phi has a two-fold purpose. It confers membership upon those singularly effective and success- ful in promoting school spirit and advancing university enterprise, and it binds together these men into an or- ganization dedicated to further endeavor in behalf of Tulane. KAPPA DELTA P H I P H I BETA KAPPA OFFICERS PROFESSOR HANS B. JONASSEN President PROFESSOR MARGARET GROBEN Vice-President PROFESSOR FANNIE RAYNE RUSS Secretary PROFESSOR KARLEM RIESS Treasurer MRS. W. C. BACHER Executive Committee MR. CHARLES DUNBAR, III Executive Committee Members Elected 1952 PROFESSOR JAMES KERN FEIBLEMAN Honorary Dolores Ballina Herbert S. Matthews, Jr. Rodrigo Altmann Kenneth M, Regenos Pierre E. Conner. Jr. Harold G. Reiss Marilyn M. Dorsen (Mrs.) Susan Reynaud Lionel Ehrenworth Robert E. Rogers Esther W. Gilbert Marion L. Romaine Mary E. Gilbert Mary D. Sapp Field (Mrs.) Julian H. Good Ryan Sartor, Jr. Dorothy M. Harris Gordon Saussy Ellas Klein June S. Schaefer (Mrs.) Glenn M, Kokame Ha! S. Stubbs Andrea Livaudais Robert M. Swords Thomas A. Magee Members Elected 1953 Louise Vaux Stagg George W. Wilkins, Jr. Edward V. Ross Doris Cahn Jean Jourdon James Alien, Jr. June Earnest Ralph Dunn Thomas H. Nelson Joyce V ent Shia Elson Erman Procter Patricia Lang Hugh Patrick Baruch Rosenberg Rhoda Schmidt Felix F. Castagna Alice Koch Mrs. Octavie Wilson Walter C. Lee David E. Silas van Amerongen Ronald Drouant Ann Levin 214 OFFICERS RICHARD KELLOGG President RAYMOND REED Secretary CLIFF MURPHY Treasurer MEMBERS Edward Bentln. Jr. James L. Broadwell James T. Dent James Hopkins Richard Kellogg Richard C. Mouledous Cliff Murphy Raymond Reed Herbert Schullngkamp The Eta-Alpha Chapter of Tau Sigma Delta was in- stalled at Tulane December 10, 1949, as the official honorary fraternity of the School of Architecture. Stu- dents are selected on the basis of scholarship, leader- ship, and character, and must have completed five semesters of the architectural curriculum to be eligible for this honor. Nominees undergo a pledge period where- in the winning sketch of the traditional Gargoyle compe- tition is selected. Tau Sigma Delta provides a collegiate organization which assists in the promotion of worthy endeavors which tend to benefit the profession and boasts as active alumni the outstanding architects of the city and state. TAU SIGMA DELTA BETA GAMMA SIGMA OFFICERS GERALD E. WARREN President " RICHARD GRAVES Secretary-Treasurer ELECTEES Max Barnett, Jr. Edwin Caplan Thomas Carmlchae! Samuel Dunbar Lawrence Emboulas Stanley L. Francis John R. Mayer Robert Rodstrom Catherine Rooney Edward Streiffer Beta Gamma Sigma, a national honorary commerce fraternity, was founded at the University of Illinois and the University of Wisconsin in 1913. The Alpha chapter was founded at Tulane in 1926. The purpose of this association is to encourage and reward scholarship and accomplishment in the field of business studies among students and graduates of col- legiate schools of business; to promote the advancement and growth of education in the science of business; and to foster the principles of honesty and integrity in busi- ness practice. 215 OFFICERS JIM STOKES President RODNEY MOUTON Vice-President EUGENE HOY Corresponding Secretary MARTIN HUKER Recording Secretary JOHN MARTINEZ Treasurer (Faculty) MEMBERS James Bolsseau David Klegar John Koffskey, Jr Louis Orth, Jr. Donald Payne Robert E. Davis H. Alden Deyo William Fuhr Joseph D. Perret, Jr. Frank Redmond Bob Weaver Robert Wooten ELECTEES John Gutknecht Cortney Picou Gene Tye The Tau Beta Pi Association was founded at Lehigh University in 1885 to mark in a fitting nnanner those who have conferred honor upon their Alma Mater by dis- tinguished scholarship and exemplary character as un- dergraduates in engineering, and to foster a spirit of liberal culture in the engineering colleges of America. The Tulane chapter elects new members at a smoker held in the fall and spring of the school year for those juniors and seniors who are eligible. TAU BETA PI THETA NU Theta Nu is an honorary fraternity for the purpose of stimulating undergrad- uate participation in journalism activities. MEMBERS Harry Beverungen Elsie J. Bird Nate Cohen Nornnal J. Gallo William Kleinsteuber Robert C. Kriebel Edmund Levy Victor W. Oliver Francisco Paredes Fredric W. Platner Louise Vaux Stagg Bob Warren 216 OFFICERS DON WIEDERECHT . . . . President ANN WILLIAMS Secretary GEORGE WINN . Vice President BARBARA VIAVANT Treasurer TOMMY CARMICHAEL . . . . Serg eanf-at-Arms MEMBERS Barbara Viavanf Mary Myers Marlon Pratt Nick Turner Roger Miller Julia Cherry Ann Stephens Jo Ann Ansley Cecil Morgan Tommy Peeples Shirley Tannenbaum BIpsy Silin Tim Collins Paul Welty John Howard Janice VizzinI Martha Oliver Tommy Carnnlchael Pete Feringa Stone Ware Alta Mae Williams Marianne Scott Louis Vergne George Winn Bill Gllmore Jackie Ellis Julia Douglass Earl Stahl Mike Marx Joe Pitts Ann Ulmer Alice Gaudet Jimmy Morel J. B. Aspley Jim van Pelt Mary Elise Street Earline Viavant Teryl Brooks Black Chaffe Norwood Brown Ticki Green Grace Ramsay Happy Davis Bill von Hoene Woody York Sallie Coco Marilyn Milliken Frank McDonnefl Walter Harris Shorty Fraenkel Nancy Naberschnig Frances Smith Dick Arsenaulf Breck Cabell Aaron Rosen Shirley Fred Corky Estabrook Don Wlederecht Harry Beverungen Bruce Sarlln Ann Sherman Anne Williams Jack Mitchell Bill Earthman Marshall Pepper Bob Hamer Greenbackers is an honorary organization for the promotion of school spirit. Students are elected to membership on the basis of their ability and desire to contribute to this end. Among the many activities this year were the sponsorship of pep- rallies, bonfires, and the distribution of football slogan stickers for cars during the gridiron season. Throughout the year, signs were painted publicizing school activities, while shakers and cowbells were distributed to students at various sports events. Greenbackers helped with Freshman Orientation, sold freshman caps, and ushered at football games. A few of the more outstanding events were the shirt-tail parade preceeding the Georgia game; the early morning send-off preceeding the Georgia Tech game; a pep rally and parade in Mobile before the Auburn game; and, participation in forming the letters " Yea Tulane " at the Vanderbilt game. We hope that by our efforts this year, the successful promotion of greater Tulane spirit was brought about. GREENBACKERS 217 TUSK OFFICERS MAX BARNETT President PAT McCABE EARL SONNIER Vice-President WALTER LEE JOYCE GILTHORPE Recording Secretary MICKEY CHU MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE Henry Andressen A! Cole Elinor Fi MEMBERS Henry Andressen Al Cole Evelyn Jacobs Carole Arnold ■ Don Collins Wally Jacobs Bill Baker Roger Counts Harold Lambert Max Barneft Charles Dante Lynn Landry Diane Bell Charlie Dicb Mary Lawson Ann Bennett Sammy Dunbar Tom Leach Joel Beyer Evelyn Ensor Don Lee Fritz Bott Elinor Finley Walter Lee Bob Breger Ann Gill Shirley Levey Andre Briant James Greenbaum Austin Lindsay Edwin Caplan Joyce Gilthorpe Nancy Liljensteln Bill Catching Sancy Hawkins Fred Lind Huey Champagne Sheila Hodges Ann Ltngan Carol Clark Bill Horan Shirley Lucas Jo Ann Kreiger Mel Mathes Corresponding Secretary Treasurer RCH Parliamentarian nley Pat McCabe Bill McLendon Donna Jo Miesse Joan Miramon Tom Moore Walter Mott Nancy Nichols Sally Pitts Fred Phillips Tad Phillips Jackie Rauch Maude Saunders Frank Sanders Jimmy Schexnayder Jackie Segall Mel Mdthe Mary Ann Seigler Wiley Sharp Ann Smith Earl Sonnier Carl Stolley Chester Stokley Jerry Tanenbaum Charlie Thompson Addie Thibodeaux Sam Tucker Chigger White Genie White Randy Whitney Bob Wise The Tulane University Spirit Klub had a very successful year. As usual the organization took part in the -football activities of the season by participating in pep ' " allies and bonfires. Something new was begun this year TUSK worked with the Tulane Band on various occasions by aiding in formations and half-time activities. It Is supposed to become a standard function of the club to join with the Band in the coming years. Another newly initiated Idea is the one of entertaining Tulane ' s It is hoped that this athletes at the end of their sport season, plan will be carried on In effect. As always TUSK followed its general duties and activities as In the previous years. There was election of many new members and the club is now at its maximum membership. With everyone working as they have TUSK will have many more useful years on the Tulane Campus. 218 ADELPHONS Adelphons Is an interfra+ernil-y fraternity founded at Tulane in 1949 to pronnote interfraternity relations and spirit, to further cooperation between the Uni- versity and the Greek letter organizations and to serve the school. The first of these objectives is accomplished by the very nature of the organization since its nnembership is made up of representatives from al! the national social fraternities on the campus. Meet- ings are held every two weeks at different frater- nity houses, affording each fraternity opportunity to meet and make new friends among the others. Adelphons have served the school at such functions as the University Convocation. At Christ- mas It coordinated many of the Greek letter organiza- tions, seeking through the purchase of clothes, to bring Christmas Into the homes of many needy families. This past year the organization has assumed the job of showing the campus to visiting high school senior graduating classes. Along the social lines, the Adelphons have had during the last year, cocktail parties, picnics, and beer parties. The Pep Band which is made up of members of the Tulane University Band, plays at all the pep rallies and the main home basketball games. For the second time In Its history, the pep band traveled to play at an away basketball game, going up f-o Baton Rouge for the second Tulane-LSU game, marking the second time that a band has played for an LSU basketball game. OFFICERS EDWARD STACY President HARVEY KARSH Vice-President GORDON BROWN Secretary HOWARD LEWIS Treasurer ROBERT BRUCE Sergean+-at-Arms DR. KARLEM RIESS Faculty Advisor Jannes Childress Lawrence O ' Meallie James Weilbaecher Alan Adams Fallon Ben+z Allen Compagno Gordon Brown Cecil Morgan Avery Stlrratt Ernest Hanewincke! Howard Lewis Dwight Settle Black Chaffe John Poitevent Gerald SuhMng Harold Lambert MEMBERS Al Cole William Catching Dick Mayer Julian McVay Honore Bourgeois Fritz Riecke Edward Stacy Buddy Diboil Bill Gilmore Joe Pitts Frank Klonoski Tex Rearden Jim Van Pelt Francis Fraenkel Art Gilbert Harvey Karsh PEP BAND FLOYD HENZEL DICK KELLOGG MAYER HEIMAN HAROLD BRETZ CALVIN McBRIDE MEMBERS CHARLES THOMPSON RUSTY ROSS ERNIE WIENER DICK AKERS LOUIS BERNDT CHEERLEADERS With an often underdog team the Cheerleaders, together with the stu- dent body, really showed their spunk during the 1952 football season. Of course, they also exhibited their enthusiasm at basketball games, bonfires, and early morning pep rallies. Their flashy new uniforms matched the underlying spirit which prevailed at Tulane this year. Head of the group was Frank McDonnell, a veteran of four years, as- sisted by Bob Breger. Ann Ulmer and Julia Cherry did much for the vivaciousness of the group, while George Winn added a note of sharpness. Freshmen Cheerleaders were Dick Arsenault and Mary Elise Street, who were always on hand to plug the new yells. 220 INTER-FAITH COUNCIL OFFICERS MICHAEL BEARDEN President MEYER NELKIN ■.■,■.■.■.■.■ .Vice-President BARBARA PELTON Secretary-Treasurer MARCIA DAVIS Corresponding Secretary • " ■ - I USS Faculty Advisor MEMBERS MARILYN MILLIKEN Baptist Student Union MICHAEL BEARDEN Baptist Student Union ANNE VARINO Canterbury Club HORACE VALLAS Canterbury Club NANCY TURNER Christian Science OrganLtion JOHN HOWARD Disciples Student Fellowship BARBARA PELTON Disciples Student Fellowship LOUIS ORTH : . . Gar ma Delta LILLIAN STEWART Ga , Delta MEYER NELKIN GILDA LAVIGNE FRANK McDonnell BENNY L. BRIWA Hillel Foundation Hillel Foundation Newman Club Newman Club JOSEPH KIRSCHNER Unitari TOMMY CARMICHAEL Wesley Foundation JENNIFER MANN Wesley Foundation MARGARET TURFITT Westminster MARCIA DAVIS Westminster ANNEALLEN YWCA ANNE HASTINGS ....... ' . , Y !w ' c A The Inter-Faith Council is composed of two representatives from each of the religious organizations on the Tulane campus with the main purpose to unite the various faiths for action on common issues and activities. Each year the council holds an Orientation Week in the fall to introduce new students to religious activities on campus. Religious Emphasis Period was observed March 8-12 with Dr. Allen Wehrii as principal convocation speaker. The theme for this year was " God, The Student ' s Guide. " During this period open houses were held by all groups, exhibits, devotionals, and speakers addressed fraternities and sororities to show students the importance of religion in campus life. 221 BAPTIST STUDENT UNION The Tulane-Newcomb-Loyola B.S.U. Is a part of a broader program, the Baptist Student Union of New Orleans, a fellowship of college andprofessional stu- dents in Universities, nnedical schools, and nurses ' training schools. The B.S.U. is the connecting link belween the college life of the student and his church life. Designed to promote the work of local chdrches on the cam- puses and to help coordinate the respective teach- ing and social activities of the church and the college, the B.S.U. has the ultimate goal of preserving and enriching the student ' s religious life. To promote the ends of the B.S.U. the organiza- tion maintains a student center on Freret Street with a chapel, a recreation center, a library and administra- tive officers. Efforts are made to orient new students in their college-church relationship and to provide places of service for those who wish to take active roles in the various aspects of B.S.U. work — through socials, monthly dinner forums, chapel, and mission points. The Canterbury club serves the mission of Chris- tianity in higher education by fostering among university students a better understanding of the faith and practice of the Episcopal Church and loyalty to its corporate life. Part of the program of the Canterbury Club includes the observance of the Lenten season with special discussions led by prominent clergy in the church, participation in the diocesan convention of Canterbury Clubs. CANTERBURY CLUB OFFICERS HAINON MILLER ... . President TOM MAGEE . Enlistment Vice-President NANCY HARRIS Second Vice-President CAROLYN RENTZ Secretary JO ANN PARIS Devotional Chairman JO ANNE STURGEON Devotional Chairman JOHN HUNT Missions DALE COKER Missions JIMMY SMITH Missions FRANCES PRIEST Social Chairman MARILYN MILLIKEN Interfaith Representative OFFICERS HORACE A. VALLAS Senior Warden PHILLIP V ATSON Junior Warden GEORGE KIMURA Treasurer ANN LEARY Secretary CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ORGANIZATION Christian Science Organization at Tulane University ot Louisiana was ■formed in December. 1943. and Is authorized by the Manual of the Mother Church, I he First Church oi Christian Scientist in Boston, Massachuetts. Regular weeUy testimonial meetings are held on the campus, and each year the Organizations sponsors a lecture by an authorized member of the Board of Lectureship of The Mother Church. Students and faculty members are welcome to the meetings and lectures. I he purposes of this organization are fo unite the Christian Scientists within the University In closer bonds of fellowship; to welcome Christian Scientists entering the University; and to afford the entire University the opportunity to learn the truth about Christian Science as taught in the Christian Science textbooks, the Bible and " Science and Health With Key to the Scriptures " by Mary Baker Eddy, the discoverer and founder cf Christian Science. I he D.S.F. is designed to help students bring God closer in their everyday life, and to provide e " second home, " friends, and fun, especially for those students who are away from their home towns. We do this by having interesting programs which include .many distinguished guest speakers; by having manyfellowship sings, where all of the old favorites are revived: by having picnics, holiday parties, truck rides, and skating and bowling Jaunts. And too, our D.S.F. has, for the past year and a half provided for a needy family of " five: a mother and her four small children. AH these things are accomplished with the aid of our minister. Rev. Ed, Russell; our counselors. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Dowllng; and our faculty advisor Dr. Charles Peacock, who Is a member of the Tulane faculty. Where do all these come about? All these things come about In our own lounge and chapel in the brand new addition to the St. Charles Avenue Christian Church. This building Is open seven days a week for study, recreation, and v orshlp. It is In easy walking distance from the campus. DISCIPLES STUDENT FELLOWSHIP OFFICERS SHIRLEY LEVEY Presidenf ROBERT WEAVER Vlce-PresIdenT NORMAN TILDEN Recording Secretary HAROLD A. LEVEY, JR Corresponding Secretary RUTH P. LEVEY Treasurer MRS. CURTIS L. COATS Advisor OFFICERS ALICE GAUDET Presidenf BOB SMITH Vice-President ESTHER HUNT , . . Secretary JOHN HOV ARD Treasurer GAMMA DELTA The objectives of Gamma Delta, The International Association of Lutheran Students, Missouri Synod, are two fold: the promotion of Christian knowledge, and the promotion of Christian service among Lutherans. Alpha Upsilon. the Tulane-Newcomb chapter, holds one meeting every month on Sunday in the Tulane Cafeteria at three-thirty o ' clock. At these meetings and, also, at the socials the Pastoral Advisor or the Student Pastor presents religious topics, con- ducts discussions on Bible Topics, and holds Vesper Services. At least once a month Alpha Upsilon has a social funcfion. During the past year the chapter sponsored a city-wide supper, and a square dance in ad- tion to a progressive supper, wiener roast, swimming party, and other sports activities. Chapter traditions include a Founder ' s Day — Initiation Banquet, and Chapter attendance at the Reformation Day Service held by the New Orleans Lutheran Churches. Members of the chapter attended the Gamma Delta Regional Convention held In Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and, aUo, went caroling with the Walther Leagues of the city at the New Orleans hlospltals. The Newman Club of Tulane University is a religious organization open to all Catholics on campus. Established seven years ago to provide Catholics with additional spiritual, Intellectual, and social outlets, the club endeavors to fulfill its aim by holding weekly meetings, and monthly Communion breakfasts and socials. The religious aspect Is augmented by Days of Recollection, retreats, and weekly classes in Apologetics. On the intellectual side, three meetings a month are devoted to lectures or films on current topics. Truckrides, picnics, and Informal dances form a large part of the social activities of the club. Then too, there are monthly Sunday meetings with dancing afterward and the Sponsor ' s Tea and annual formal are the major events of the year. The Newman Club also sponsors a newspaper, " The News, " which sends out a bi-monthly booklet to all of the 1,000 Catholics on campus. It is written. edited, and printed solely by the members and their chaplain, The Rev. Father James F. Benedict. NEWMAN CLUB OFFICERS LOUIS ORTH Presfdent GEORGE HELFRICH Vice-President RHODA SCHMIDT Corresponding Secretary LILLIAN STEWART Recording Secretary PHILIP ZIEGLER ; Treasurer REV. PAUL BRETSCHER Pastoral Advisor STUDENT PASTOR KJERGAARD Membership Chairman OFFICERS BENNY L. BRIWA President ANDREE BRIANT Vice-President ETHEL GABRIEL Secretary JARED PALMER Treasurer RENE LORIO Marshal WESLEY FOUNDATION The Tulane-Newcomb Wesley Foundation Is the Meth- odist Student Organization on the campus, its nnain objectives are to provide for the spiritual, moral and social needs of Methodist students and to develop a group on the campus In which individuals mutually strengthen one another in Christian living through experiences in creative worship and wholesome recreation. Its chief activities are three weekly meetings. Two of these are noonday devotional services which re " Time-Apart " periods for spiritual refreshing and are led by the students. The third and major activity Is the Thursday afternoon program meeting. At this time outside speakers bring informational and in- spirational messages pertaining to the field of religion. Also a full program of recreation is carried on which always features fun, food, and fellowship. The Wesley Foundation has enjoyed a hearty growth this year with an active membership of 125. The Westminster Fellowship functions on the Tulane- Newcomb campus to give spiritual guidance to Pres- byterian students, and to provide a channel for Christian Fellowship. The supper meetings on Sunday from 6 to 7:30 are centered around addresses by noted authorities on the church, world affairs, and a variety of topics related to the church. Service to the community, as well as to the church, Is stressed, and all Presbyterian students are urged to join. WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP OFFICERS TOMMY CARMICHAEL President DON RAYNER Vice-President SHIELA HODGES Secretary TIM COLLINS Treasurer OFFICERS MARGARET ANN TURFITT President RANDY WHITNEY Vice-President CYNTHIA ROBERTSON Secretary SHELBY BENNETT Treasurer MARCIA DAVIS Interfaith Representative TULANE BAND " CHIEF " JOHN MORRISSEY The Tulane University Band draws its mennbership, during the football season, from the men students of the University. During the concert season membership is open to v omen students as well. The Band performs at all home football games and is noted for its intricate and interesting " hHalf- time Shows. " Its theme song, " Way Down Yonder, " is a fore-runner for much of the popular swing music played at each game — both in the stands and on the field. The band members use their valuable study time in order to come to- gether three hours every week to play or to prepare formations for Satur- day ' s game. The Band, as contrasted with most other activities, is really a fraternity — the members showing their school spirit in the best way they know. The Band, of course, is centered around its capable director, John J. Morrissey, without whose inspiration the Tulane Band would not exist. Mr. tviorrlssey ' s national reputation as a composer is well known. The Spring Concert, presented by the Band the first week in May, is an annual event. In addition, a Spring Concert Tour is a yearly planned ac- tivity. As a concert band the " Chief ' s boys " have few peers among univer- sities throughout the country presenting annually perhaps the most eagerly awaited show of the year on the campus. 226 BAND OFFICERS THEODORE DEMUTH President RICHARD E. KELLOGG First Vice-President WILLIAM L. HESS. JR Second Vice-President RICHARD A. JOHNSON Treasurer PAULA J. BEAVER Secretary HAROLD BRETZ, JR Librarian RUSSELL KROGSGARD Librarian HAROLD BRETZ, JR Properties BAND ROSTER Dick Akers Mayer Heiman Harry Allen Floyd Henzel Gleb Aulow William Hess Charles Bass Barry Hildebrand Paula Beaver Alfred Huitt Louis Berndt Richard Johnson Robert Blome Richard Kellogg Fred Bologne Russell Krogsgard Rodney Bourgeois Philip Laborde Harold Bretz Raymond Lafont Beverly Brickman Jimmy Leach Lester Briwa John Lyle T Adrian Cairns Clarence Chachere Richard Crosby Bob Crotty Richard Culpepper Theodore Demuth Allen Dorfman Hughes Drumm James Emerson Sam Emerson William Font Joseph Ford Jerry Foster Russell Gefvin Margaret Gustafson Frederick hiarper Sancy Hawkins Robert Head Calvin McBride Roger Miller Edward Morris Adoiph Poche Morton Ross Ronald Schroeder Marianne Scott Lawrence Seybold William Stephenson Billy Stockton James Stokes Charles Thompson Robert Thompson John Vaughan Gene Wallace Ernest Weiner James Williams Robert Wooton 227 " Cigars, cigarettes, candy " Yes. mother " 228 CAMPUS NIGHT STAFF ED CHADICK Director ANN SHERMAN Assistant Director CAMPUS NISHTERS Script, Music. Lyrics BILLSLOSHBERG Technical Director GARRY KUSHNER Stage Manager JERRY ROSEN Set Designer SANDY JACOBS Publicity SANDRA PIELEN Publicity BARBARA FLEISCHMAN Publicity MIMI MARKS Publicity HANNE KATZ Costumes SANDRA STRINGER Properties WHAT ' S NEW? We are here to show you WHAT ' S NEW!! And that ' s exactly what the Campus Nighters did! Through skits and songs, gems from the entertainment world came alive on Tulane ' s campus. A full chorus number including all the Campus Nighters got the show on the road. The first stop was in the death call where MC Fred Landry interviewed convicts Loory (Mike Roth) and Sheed (Joe Ettinger). Pilgrim ' s Progress was sung by Jackie Segall and Sonia Winer. A take off on TV was presented in a skit called Captain Cosmic, Queen Chlorophyl ' s (Rusty Ross) planet was In- vaded by Captain Cosmic (Barry Shafer) and his crew (Ernie Wiener, Floyd Hengle, Doug McCoy, and Jose Myers.) Following our trip to Venus, we heard some out-of-the- world music rendered by the Quintet, (Herb Paige, Dick Stance, Jackie Segall, Joanne Krleger, and Steve Jacobs.) Doug McCoy and LeAnn Home were " The Perfect Pair. " The Last Drama Quarter then gave their famous rendi- tion of a Mickey Splllane novel. Mike Hammer, ace detec- tive (Mike Roth) with the aid of his pal Pat (Jerry Meckler) and his secretary, Velda (Phyllis Scharff) discovered that Juno (Jane Bresler) was a Shetland pony. The first act closed with a musical production of " Some- day " done by all the Campus Nighters with Lynne Spltz- berg and Joel Myers doing the duet. The second act got off to a good start with " The City Wakes Up Slowly " by Sherman Cherry. Joanne Krieger won the audience with her song, " I ' m Just a Bust on TV. " Cleopatra (Ann Sherman) then related her problems concerning Antony (Ed Chadick) and wound up In a hilarious fix. Nancy Black and the Quintet sang " The Guy Sat Down and Wrote a Song. " The last skit, Ivanhoe, found Ivanhoe (Herb Paige) and Richard (Dick Stance) fighting for Rebecca ' s (Sue Hertz- man) life. Steve Jacobs was King John. The finale was sung by the Campus Night Chorus. When the curtain came down on the Campus Night Show, everyone knew what was new and the Campus Nighters agreed — there ' s no business like show business. Occupational hazard 229 THE MIKADO Hypnosis The Tulane-Newcomb Choral Groups, under the general and musical direction of Carldon V. Burnham and the stage direction of WaTren Gadpaille, presented Gilbert and Sullivan ' s Mikado, December II, 12, and 13. The Opera Workshop was organized this year and presented two contemporary operas on May 8 and 9. The operas performed were: Gian Carlo Menotti ' s The Telephone, and Ralph Vaughan- Williams ' Riders To The Sea. Plans for next year include the pres- entation of two evenings of " Scenes from Opera " and a major production of either one or two early or contemporary operas. An operetta is also planned for late fall production. It ' s no use — no ticlcee, no washee 231 TULANE GLEE CLUB The Tulane Glee Club enjoyed a very rewarding tour this year which included concerts in this state and Mississippi and was culnninated by the concert at Dixon Hall. All modes of music were given, from Rossini ' s classic, " La Danza " to " There ' s Nothing Like a Dame " and " What Shall We Do With a Drunken Sailor? " The activity of the Glee Club was not centered solely around its annual tour, however. Its itinerary also included welcoming the team, singing at Founder ' s Day exercises, and participating in Christ- mas Festivities. Carldon V. Burnham, Jr., directing his first year here, has organized the Club into a well-rehearsed, well-functioning unit. He has created a group which is recognized for its fine rendition of all forms of choral music, from the simplest to the most difficult. In short, this year has been a very successful one for the Tulane Glee Club. The Newcomb Glee Club completed a year of great performances as attested to by is many enthusias- tic audiences. The inspiration and genius of the new director. Mr. Carldon V. Burnham. brought the choral group to a new peak of success. The New Orleans audience on Halloween night heard a splendid concert of the Glee Club with the Pensacola Naval Aviation Cadet Choir. This was fol- lowed by the group ' s participation in the Sophie Newcomb Memorial services. Combined with the Men ' s Glee Club, the choir also sang for the Fall Convocation. March third found the group embarking on a tour. This year the Glee Club visited some of the principal cities of Louisiana and climaxed the tour with its annual Spring Concert here in New Orleans. These performances plus others off campus totaled a busy and enjoyable choral year. NEWCOMB GLEE CLUB OFFICERS WALTER LEE President JAMES BOONE Vice-President GORDON BELL Secretary VICTOR CIEUTAT Public Relations Manager VICTOR CIEUTAT Business Manager STANLEY LACHTMAN Librarian DONALD MUTH ' Librarian JACK BELSOM Librarian OFFICERS CARDON V. BURNHAM Director DONNA JO MIESSE President VIRGINIA MERIWETHER Vice-President NELL EASTLAND Secretary BARBARA SILIN Business Manager EMILY LACKEY Librarian BETTY JANE TROSCLAIR Librarian MADRIGAL GROUP Virginia Meriwether Mary Pringle Smith Ruth Hendricks Donna Jo Miesse Elizabeth Allegret Accompanist — Carolyn Monroe Ruth Hendricks Alpha Phi Omega is a national service fraternity, composed of college men who have dedicated themselves to unselfish service, friendship, and the promotion of leader- ship. Though approved by the National Council of the Boy Scouts of America as the official college service organization for Scouts and former Scouts, the only require- ment for membership in the Tulane Chapter are a desire to render service to others and a satisfactory scholastic standing. This year APO sponsored a youngster from one of New Orleans ' orphanages as the football teams ' mascot, aided a needy family during the holiday season, was in charge of the Christmas tree, and operated the bulletin-board In the school cafeteria. These and many other fraternity social affairs, campus and community service projects contributed to the successful fulfillment of Alpha Phi Omega ' s vital roll on the Tulane Campus. AARON ROSEN .... ANDREW RINKER . . . CLEMENT AL COLE, JR. OFFICERS . . . President JACK ESKENAZI . . Vice-President JAMES GREENBAUM . . . Treasurer LEE LEVY ...... Corresponding Secretary , . . Recording Secretary Historian MEMBERS Joel Beyer Warren E. Brown Ed Caplan Clement Allen Cole, Jr. Jack Eskenazi Lee Levy Andy Rinker Aaron Rosen Ernie Weiner Max Barnett Larry O ' Meallle Jim Greenbaum Joel Sfelnberg Tom Peeples John F. Quackenbush Bernard Zindler Stanley Frank Robert Dillenkoffer Meivin Kossover Marty Feldman Bernard Segaloff Mayer Heiman Jimmy Wellbaecher Herbert Osofsky Merle Brown Donald Lesser Jay Levin INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB The International Relations Club is the Tulane chapter of the Annerican Association of International Relations Clubs. Its nnain objective is to encourage interest In International affairs. Members may attend Regional and National Conventions. The Club enjoys a varied program including dis- tinguished speakers, movies and debates and sponsors the Annual United Nations Week, which v as climaxed by the 5th Annual Banquet with Mr. Guy Quoniam de Schompre, the French Consul General to New Orleans as guest speaker. Ralph Dorris is the first Tulanian to be elected Presi- dent of the Southwest region of Inlernalional Relation; Club. The Tulane Amateur Radio Club is a campus or- ganization of licensed radio amateurs and interested experimenters for the purpose of providing a means of pursuing their hobby on the campus. Formerly an experimental broadcast station using what we now consider antiquated radio comment on the third floor of- the Physics Building. Licensed club members communicate with other amateurs by voice and often establish communication with foreign amateur radio stations. For non-licensed members the Club has equipment available to teach the telegraph code and theory required to obtain the government issued license necessary to operate their own or the Club s radio transmitters. With the advent of the recent changes made in license requirements by the FCC, with the let-up of formerly rigid requirements, it is to be expected that there will be many a new member added to the Club ' s present list. The Club is a recognized member of the American Radio Relay League, the nation wide organization of amateurs, and members often take part in many contests and activities sponsored by the league. The assigned station call letters of the Club are W5YU. However, the original call issued by the Department of Com- merce was just plain 5YU, one of the earliest call letters officially issued to any type of recognized licensed broadcast station. AMATEUR RADIO CLUB RALPH O. DORRIS FRANK CORNES JULIE DOUGLASS Carmel Adler Mike Bearden Dan Blacks+ock Susie Block Jane Bresler Ann Broad Doris Cahn Genevieve Campbell Shirley Caple Luis Cardenas Jack Carinhas Catherine Chapman Daniel J. Chavey OFFICERS President URSULA GOEDECKE Corresponding Secretary . . . Vice-President MEL MATHES Historian Secretary-Treasurer PROF. DAVID R. DEENER. . . Faculty Advisor MEMBERS Frank Comes Betty Daniel Julia Douglass J. M. Douglas Ralph Dorris Louise Ferguson Glenn Fowler Sandy Garcia Ursula Goedecke Ruth Hale James Hay Bob Head Dr. L. V. Howard Anita Wynne John Jaffe Shirley Jaffe Egon Kamarasy Col. John J. Kelleher Mary Anna Kendall Norman Lazin Jackie Levingstone Babs Levy Ann Lowentritt Shirley Marco Hilah McLean_ Lord James Milner Dan Murrell Florence Ozier Tommy Peeples Marthy Perry Dane Pratt Karen Ristad Rita Roy Bernie Sigaloff Devereaux Somerville Ruth Stobough Peggy Strauss Mary Elise Street Leyla Urreha Monte von Rosenberg OFFICERS WALTER BOURGEOIS President CHARLES BATTING Secretary LAGNIAPPES OFFICERS CECIL MORGAN President MARIE HAMEL Vice-President BARBARA COHN Secretary BUZZY NORTHROP Sergeant-at-Arms Laqniappes, the Student Dance Organization, start- ed off the year in a bang-up fashion. The Annual Fresh- man Dance, held this year as always at the Gymnasium, was a huge success. Begun with the idea of having Tulane and Newcomb Fresh come and meet at a dance, the venture has proven to be very enjoyable for everyone — Including the Freshmen. This year the floor was packed with the boys out- numbering the gals three to one which made It even better as far as the girls were concerned. Of course the fact that it was held the night of the opening football game, and the fact that we won, helped to bring out the large attendance. The Annual Homecoming dance, held at the Muni- cipal Auditorium, to Celebrate Homecoming was likewise a smash. The presentation of the Home- coming Queen and her Court was a highlight as In the past. The purpose of the Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society Is to stimulate forensic activity among the students of the University. Limited In its mem- bership TO 49 male students. Its meetings include extemporaneous orations and debates on topics of current interest. The varsity debate team is selected annually from Glendy Burke to represent Tulane University In Intercollegiate debating. Among the awards given through Glendy Burke are the Carnot Medal for proficient oration on a topic related to French politics; The Terrlberry Prize; and the George Prize; and the Glendy Burke Medal for oratory. GLENDY BURKE OFFICERS WAYNE WOODY Speaker JACKBEMPORAD Vice-Speaker PHILLIP ALKER Secretary-Treasurer JERRY BROOKS ■• Sergeant-at-Arms ROBERT LILES ■ «... Historian OFFICERS JIM VAN PELT President BRUCE SARLIN Vice-President BILLY GILMORE Secretary FRED PHILLIPS Treasurer Scabbard and Blade is an Honorary Military Society. It is national in scope, having chapters in Universities throughout the United States. Its members are drawn from Cadets and Midshipmen of all the branches of the Reserve Officers Training Corps. CO -IT ■mi ]i:z=ii!fe, ; ■■maaonaiaii I f f The unit sponsors competition drill betv een the elements of each ROTC and between the ROTC ' s themselves. Other activities are the rifle team, pistol team, and athletic teams which may be organized and which compete with other Scabbard and Blade chapters. An annual affair is the Scabbard and Blade Military Ball, to which all members of the ROTC look forward each year. At this Ball, a girl is selected by the society members to reign as queen of the ball under the title of " Little Colonel. " Membership In Scabbard and Blade Is qiven to only a few — grades, military aptitude, and average all-round campus interest being the prime requirements for selection of this honor. TAFFRAIL NAVAL SOCIETY The " Taffrail " of a ship is the railing at the very stern of a ship. However, the Taffrail Society Is by no means at the very rear of the Naval Unit. It is composed of the leading men in the N.R.O.T.C. In the past, Taffrail has been primarily a social organ- ization. During the last year, however, Taffrail has broadened Its scope to include, not only social func- tions, but also campus service projects and Is now preparing Itself also to take on the role of a professional Naval Society. Taffrail has been ex- tremely active during the last school year and has accomplished many notable things under the Inspired leadership of its president, Wilfred David. Taffrail has rapidly become one of the prime factors in the developing of the high " esprit de corps " which characterizes Tulane ' s N.R.O.T.C. Battalion. The Arnold Air Society is a national organization wllh membership limited to outstanding advanced Air ROTC cadets. Alvln Callender Squadron at Tu- lane, founded In 1951, held social and cultural functions with the intent of encouraging greater team- work, technical knowledge, and cooperation among students enrolled in the AF ROTC program. The Squadron contemplates trips to near-by air Installations and a successful Cadet dance at Camp Leroy Johnson. ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY OFFICERS WILFRED DAVID President CARLOS FONT Vice-President ROBERT MOHR Secretary AARON ROSEN Treasurer OFFICERS EMANUEL F. LIVAUDAIS, JR Commander JAMES R. PRICE Executive GORDON S. BROWN Operations IRVING E.GREENFIELD, JR Adjutant; Recorder STANLEY FRANCIS Treasurer MICHAEL BEARDEN Publications The Sarge shows the way Under the leadership of Captain Edward T. Eves, in his last year at Tu- lane, the Naval ROTC unit enjoyed one of its most successful nine month periods. The unit exhibited more group activity and cooperation than in previous years, and maintained its high degree of esprit de corps. Though classroom sessions serve as a very important part of midship- men training, there v ere many other activities within the unit. The various classes had functions throughout the year at such places as the Algiers Officers ' Club, and the Naval Air Station on the lakefront, but the year was highlighted by the annual Midshipman Ball honoring the newly commissioned seniors, many of whom were assigned immediate sea billets. The Battalion of Midshipmen was commanded during the three sepa- NAVY R. 0. T. C The once over 238 rate phases first by Midshipman Carlos Font, then Mid- shipman Don Wiederecht, and during the last phase by Midshipman Alfred Brown, Throughout the last phase company competition was held with Midshipmen Gamon, Gamble, and Van Pelt commanding the three companies through competition in marching, manual of arms, and overall excellence. The NROTC rifle team was also busy as it competed in a number of national matches as well as postal matches with other ROTC units throughout the country. The summer training cruises included a first and third classmen cruise across the Atlantic to such ports as Nor- way, France, England, and Ireland; a second classmen In- doctrination In aviation and amphibious training at Cor- pus Christi, and specialized marine training at Quantico. Throughout the 1952-1953 year many midshipmen par- ticipated in the cruises across the lake to Biloxi and Gulf- port and enjoyed a first taste of the " salty life, " while at the same time getting in a couple of licks at the Gulf Park fems. One of the most gratifying accomplishments in the unit this year was the Improvement in the navy semi- monthly publication, " Lines and Bits " which profited under HMNWfP Captain E. T. Eves the guidance of Midshipman L. T. Corcoran and LTJG Carter. Finally, navy sports teams did extremely well in intra- mural activities, football, basketball, and baseball. The basketball and baseball squads especially fared well, going all the way to the finals. You sure this Is the way Farragut started Autographs 239 4 COLONEL BYRON WEBB The Air Force has its ups and downs Likewise I ' m sure The Air Force ROTC started it sixth year at Tulane Uni- versity under the capable leadership of Colonel Byron B. Webb. Staff personnel consisted of seven officers and seven airmen. It is the mission of the Air Force ROTC staff to develop in the prospective colleqe graduates qualities of leadership and other attributes essential to the student ' s progressive advancement leading to a commission in the United States Air Force Reserve, and to prepare him for immediate as- signments to specific duties in the Regular Air Force, Air Force Reserve or in the Air National Guard. Academically the Air Force ROTC furnishes the cadets with both general and specialized type training. During the basic years the cadet is given courses in geography, geo- politics, navigation, weather, aerodynamics, radar, bombs, guns and applied Air Power. Upon entering his advanced years the cadet has the privilege of choosing between one of three fields of training. The three fields are administration. The takeoff AIR FORCE R. 0. T. C. general technical, and flight operations. Colonel Webb and Captain Scott are carrying on an ac- tual flying experience program for all senior flight operation cadets and all other senior cadets who desire any flying experience. Under the assistance of Captain Sherman who has since left, the Arnold Air Society was estab- lished for the first time during the I 95 I -52 school Captain Lycan and Sgt. Edwards are supervisors In charge of the Rifle team and have scheduled shoulder to shoulder matches with other air force units along with the various tournaments and weekly postal matches. During the past summer camp training was held at three Texas Air bases giving the Tulane Air J Dont ' cha know how to spell your name? year and Is being handled by Captain Scott at the present time. The Arnold Air Society Is composed of a select group of Juniors and seniors In the Air Force unit. The cadets have formed a " crack " drill squad under the supervision of M Sgt. Edwards and op- timistic results are expected from the squad In future performance. Force ROTC cadets a first hand view of air force life. The enrollment In the ROTC program has main- tained close to record heights. After reaching a record enrollment during the I 95 I -52 school year of approximately 600 cadets the enrollment In 1952-53 dropped slightly to 530 cadets In the program. 241 Congratulations, little man. you ' ve made the grade The Barber of Seville-Ians ARMY R. O.T. C. Little Colonel Pam DePass and Cadet Colonel Dan Hurley The Army ROTC established in 1947 at Tulane University has again shown expansion over last year ' s enrollment. The enrollment this year reached a total of 5 1 3 cadets, with the Transportation Corps unit, which is located on the main campus, and the Medical Service unit which is located at the Tulane Medical School in downtown New Orleans. Colonel Lowell A. Yost, the Professor of Military Science and Tactics, Is ably assisted by Lt. Col. John D. Woodman and Captain Edward L. Emiing in the Transportation Unit and Lt. Col. Carl W. hHall, who handles the Medical Service Unit, and a competent staff of enlisted personnel. The Pershing Rifles formerly The " Rebel Rifles, " organized and trained by Cadet Santiago Garcia under the supervision of Captain Emiing has shown itself to be an outstanding Drill Unit and received numerous commendations on its efficiency and precision. The joint Drum and Bugle Corps with the addition of the Army-Air Force Band It ain ' t loac ed, see? k 1 242 Pre-attack briefing has continued to furnish both the Army and Air Force ROTC Units with inspiring military music at all ceremonies and parades. Both units are under the supervision and guidance of Army Cadet Captain hHarold P. Lambert. This year ' s Transportation Group was led in its activities by Cadet Colonel Daniel P. Hurley, assisted by his staff and Lt. Cols. Donn F. Yost and Alvin M. Cotlar, commanding the 1st and 2nd Battalions respectively. Cadet Captains Lamar V. Stephenson, Robert I. White, William H. Worden, Jr., and Joseph A. Meyers, III, have shown out- standing leadership and ability in commanding the four companies of the Army Unit. Other activities in which the Army ROTC Unit participated in were the Tulane Homecoming Celebration, Infra-mural Sports and the Armed Forces Day Parade. The Army ROTC Rifle Team under the capable guidance of Master Sergeant William W. Law made a very representative showing In the Annual Fourth Army Match, the Hearst Trophy matches and various shoulder-to-shoulder matches with other universities. Colonel L. A. Yosf fy On parade - W " (: •=111 - X % X v -• ' _ FRATERNITIES SORORITIES MED FRATERNITIES r JIM McCOMISKEY President T U L A N E The Tulane Pan-Hellenic Council is the governing body which guides the 16 social fraternities on the campus. Be- sides this function the Council also provides and supervises inter-fraternity competition in different fields, from foot- ball, handball and swimming to skit night, song test and Homecoming. Another up and coming activity of the Pan-Hellenic Council is Greek Week. This program is composed of a series of events tending to better pledge training and better interfraternities relations. Mr. Howard Locke, the National President of Kappa Alpha Order, spoke on " What is a Fraternity? " One of the outstanding events of the year is the Spring Formal which is open to all fraternity men on the campus. ' This year it is was held at the Tulane Room and was High- lighted by the presentation of the members of the JAMBALAYA Beauty Court of 1953 Top Row: Bearden, Brooks, Brown, Catching, Chaffe, Cole. Bottom Row: Levy. Lewis, Mitchell, Peeples, Sarlin, Sartor, 246 PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL JIM McCOMlSKEY Francis Fraenkel Jerry Brooks OFFICERS President BUZZY NORTHROP Secretary-Treasurer JUDICIARY COMMITTEE Mai Kasanoff Dwight Settle ATHLETIC COMMITTEE Al Cole Ryan Sartor George Winn Don Stone MEMBERS MIKE BEARDEN Pi Kappa Alpha JERRY BROOKS Beta Theta Pi NORWOOD BROWN Sigma Chi BILL CATCHING Phi Delta Theta BLACK CHAFFE Kappa Alpha AL COLE Kappa Sigma " HAPPY " DAVIS Beta Theta Pi JAMES FLANAGAN Alpha Epsilon Pi FRANCIS FRAENKEL Zeta Beta Tau SANDY GARCIA Pi Kappa Alpha EARL GRAHAM Alpha Tau Omega MAL KASANOFF Sigma Alpha Mu STANLEY LACHTMAN Kappa Nu TOM LEACH Delta Sigma Phi LEE LEVY Zeta Beta Tau HOWARD LEWIS Delta Tau Delta JIM McCOMlSKEY Kappa Alpha JACK MITCHELL Alpha Tau Omega BUZZY NORTHROP Delta Kappa Epsilon TOMMY PEEPLES Phi Kappa Sigma BRUCE SARLIN Alpha Epsilon PI RYAN SARTOR Sigma Alpha Epsilon DWIGHT SETTLE Delta Tau Delta MARTY SHERZER Kappa Nu EARLSONNIER Kappa Sigma SYLVAN STEINBERG Sigma Alpha Mu DON STONE Sigma Chi CHARLES VICCELLIO Sigma Alpha Epsilon JACK WALTERS Phi Delta Theta EWELL WALTHER Delta Kappa Epsilon GEORGE WINN Delta Sigma Phi Top Row: Davis Fraenlcel Garcia Graham Kasanoff Lachtman Leacfi. Bottom Row: Settle Sherzer Sonnier Stein- ' :-:■■. ' S-:-e ' . ' ::-:- ' " ' ' Winn, 247 AE TAU UPSILON CHAPTER First Row: Benlncaso, Berg, Bookman, Busch, Glaublnger. Second Row: Greenberg, Hale, Levine, Myers, Priskie. Third Row: Sarlin, Samuels, Winter. 248 Only a mother could love! Founded at New York University in 1913... Established at Tulane in 195 I ... Colors, gold and blue . . . flower, fleur de lis . . . Tau Upsiion received visits from the national governor of Southern, Southwestern, and Eastern areas . . . The National Executive Secretary also paid a call . . . During Help Week the pledges did volunteer work for the Red Cross . . . The House was overhauled, with a new paint job inside and out . . . Merle Brown was Secretary-Treasurer of A S . . . Three mennbers inducted into Greenbackers and Scabbard and Blade . . . Claim one AEpi charter member of the Arnold Air Society . . . Socially, AEpi threw a Charleston party which was an outstanding success . . . Other bang-up affairs included the Bowery Brawl, Hallowe ' en Party and Pledge Dinner at Antoine ' s. OFFICERS MERLE BROWN Master CHARLIE HALE Lt. Master RICHIE RICHTER Treasurer BERT BENOWITZ Scribe JOEL SAINER Scribe Frank Benincaso Bert Benowitz Richard Berg Phil Booltman Merle Brown S+uart Busch Howard Ehrlich William Ehrlanger James Flanagan Al Gilson Murray Glaubinger MEMBERS Robert Greenberg Charles Hale Burton Leeb Dave Levine Richard Levy Samuel Lipman Ronald Iv ann Harvey Maron Justin Morganstein Martin Myers Marshall Pepper Stephen Prlskie Richaid Richter Robert Riesel Neai Rothman Joel Sainer Jack Samuels Melvin Sandler M. Bruce Sarlin Bert Sweet Selv yn Wiillg Abe Winter CO Birth of an expectation na BETA EPSILON CHAPTER First Row: Brlerre, Butler, Childress, Cobb, Cowart, Dienes, Dupepe. Second Row: Fasterling, Graham, Hobbs, Hobson, Loria, McCali, McConnell. Third Row: Meyn, Mitchell, Mullins, Murphy, Page, Pico, Potter. Fourth Row: Strange, Turner, Tuton, Velasco, Ware, Weilbaecher, Wiederecht. Fifth Row: Williams, Wright, Young. 250 ill ■■ —r. VW " ilfl ' lltl So did ATfi Founded at V.M.I. In 1865 . . . 1953 marks 66+h year at Tulane . . . " Rah-rah " rush season was off to a grand start with ATO ' s traditional Sneaky Pete Party, the Chicken-Fish Fry at Johnson ' s Farm and a Mint Julep Party . . . The house was lavishly redecor ated for the year ' s crowded activities — including a hHobo Party with the Zebes, a Gangster Party and that traditional Beachcombers Ball (or brawl) . . . The ATO ' s climaxed their 66 years at Tulane with their Sweetheart Ball at the Tulane Room — claiming Peggy Fleming Sweetheart of ATO and Margaret Williamson, Maid of hlonor . . . Maids were Ann Bennett, Elizabeth Jones, Marilyn Schuster and Suzie Nicholls . . . BMOC ' s included Don Weiderecht, Battalion Commander of the N.R.O.T.C. and President of Greenbackers and Jack Mitchell Pan-Hellenic athletic committeeman. OFFICERS ARIVIAND COBB Worthy Master EARL GRAHAM Worthy Chaplain DON WIEDERECHT Worthy Exchequer W. H. TURNER Worthy Annals Keeper JIM ALLEN Worthy Scribe ROLAND BRIERRE Worthy Sentinel BOB BUTLER Worthy Usher JIM PRICE Palm Reporter Frank Allen Jim Allen Tom Bailey Milton Bernos Paul Brierre Roland Brierre Bob Butler Jim Childress Armand Coob Jack Cowart Paul Deal Jack Dienes Clancy Dupepe Charles Fasterling MEMBERS Earl Graham Atwood Hobbs Neal Hobson Nat Langlois Charles Lorlo Harry McCall Fenner McConnell Warren Meyn Jack Mitchell Tommy MuNln Larry O ' Meallle Lyie Page Henry Phillips Jay Potter Jim Price Bob Redfearn Jeff Strange W. H. Turner Fred Tuton Jack Truett Juannie Velasco Bruce Von Phul Jim Ware Don Weiderecht Jim Vv ' eilbaecher Jim Williams Al Wright Bob Young Rocky Marciano in spring training ee BETA XI CHAPTER First Row: Adams, Barousse, Boulef, J. Brooks, T. Brooks, Compagno, Crocker. Second Row: Davis, Dayries, Gamble, Gessner, Hargrove, Harris, Harney. Third Row: Jumon- ville, Knighton, LaFaye, Miracle, Moresi, Rive, Roy. Fourth Row: Ryan, Schwartz, Shuler, D. Viguerie, Winder, Wulfekuhler. 252 Next time they ' ll pay the rent Founded at Miami University in 1839 . . . established at Tulane in 1908 . . . The Betas concentrated on Pan-hHellenic competition winning the bridge tourna- ment, second in football, and third in handball . . . They defended their title unsuccessfully as champions in basketball . . . Beta house took on a brighter appearance after receiving a complete redecorating job inside and out . . . On the lighter side, a Street Dance, Dixieland Annual, and an Indian Party were a whopping success . . . And of course there was the traditional Blue and White Formal ... To lure new pledges. Beta organized their usual Mint Julep and Dixieland parties and a picnic . . . Big-Wigs included Fallon Benz, Phi Delta Phi Law Frat, Bush Gamble, Navy Company Commander and hiappy Davis, Vice-President of Sophomore A S. OFFICERS CHARLES DICKS President ROB ERT HARGROVE Vice-President ALLEN COMPAGNO Recording Secretary LEONARD GESSNER Corresponding Secretary JACK ROY Treasurer Allen Adams Orr Adams Hunter Babin Speed Bancroft Bob Barousse Fallon Bentz Edel Blanks Bob Boulet Jerry Brooks Teryl Brooks Al Buchanan Henry Colomb Hoky Colomb Allen Compagno Ben Crocker Happy Davis Bud Dayries MEMBERS Chucky Dicks Barney Donnelly Bush Gamble Leonard Gessner Bob Hargrove Ray Harney Louie Harris Harold Ha+tier Bill Hays Pat Hazel Gene Jumonvllle Ed Knigh+on Ned LaFaye Lucius Lamar Harold Legeai Brian Miracle Clarke Montgomery Garic Moran Harry Moresi John Noel Sandy Rive Jack Ryan Jack Roy Bob Ryan Louie Schwartz Ed Seymour Stanton Shuler Rudy Viener Dan Viguerie Shaun Viguerie John Wilkinson Paul Winder Warren Wulfekuhler When does the floor show start? JK[ TAU LAMBDA CHAPTER First Row: Andry, Atkins, Bailey, Bayle, Bensabat, Bott, A. Brown, G. Brown, N, Brown. Second Row: Browne, Brumfleid. C. Corrlgan, J. Corrlgan, Cullom, DuPont, B. Favrot, H. Favrot, Fenner. Third Row: Feringa, Fisher, Forchelmer, Foster, Garber, Grenier, Hammett, Herbert, Jackson. Fourth Row; Kelly, D. King, R. King, Koons, Lane, Lautenschlaeger, Lee, Leonard, Mason. Fifth Row: Messersmlth, Morgan, Murrell, Perrilliat, Pleasants, Redmond, Schaumburg, Sheeban, Stabler. Sixth Row: Stlrratf, St. Paul, Tennis, Townley, Warmack, Watters, Welty, Williams, Young, 254 New addition to the house? Began at Yale in I 844 . . . Brought to Tulane in I 899 . . . Don Hannmett handled the gavel ... by his side was HHarry hloward . . . Commanding the pledges was Paul Welty . . . Deke colors are crimson, blue and gold; the flower, Pansy . . . Party average is 3.0 . . . Scholastic average not quite so high . . . Known for genial hospitality and unusual parties . . . Annual Kick-a-pooh Joy Juice Party is still favorite at 1469 hHenry Clay . . . DKE ' s came out on top in Pan-hlellenic football, 2nd in bowling . . . Buzzy Northrop handled Pan-hlellenic books and funds . . . John Grenier Law School prexy . . . Shep Pleasants ODK head. OFFICERS DON HAMMETT President HARRY HOWARD Vice-President EUGENE GARBER Corresponding Secretary AVERY STIRRATT Recording Secretary DENIS MURRELL Treasurer BILLY WORDEN Historian Allain Andry Bill Atkins Jack Baily Dufore Bayle George Bensabat Fritz Bott Paul Bowron Alfred Brown Gordon Brown Nornnan Brown Pat Browne Robert Brumfield James Burke Charles Corrigan John Corrigan Tom Cullom Hugh de la Vergne Bill De Pass J. C. DuPont Darwin Fenner Peter Feringa Blair Favrot Tim Favrot Phil Fisher James Foster MEMBERS Buddy Forchelmer Gene Garber John Grenier Don Hammett Wayne Hebert Ed Home Harry Howard Nordom Jackson Radar Jackson James Kelley Robert King Donald King Dale Koons Charles Lane Lester Lautenschlaeger Bachman Lee George Leonard John Levert Buddy Ludwig Robert Mason Bill Messersmith Denis Murrell Cecil Morgan John Nicholas Buzzy Northrop Bock O ' Shee Louis Perrilliat Shep Pleasants Vance Redmond John Richardson Rupert Richards Ham Richardson Roger Sharp Mickey Sheehan Ernest Stahler Nick Stallworth David Schmidt Avery Stirratt Walker Sullivan Paul Tennis James Todd Ed Townley Charles Trufant Ewell Walther Joseph Watters Thair Warmack Paul Welty George Williams Tad Wilson Bill Worden Melvin Younq Abaunia with abundant booze! m iH CHI CHAPTER First Row: Ahern, Andressen, Arrington, Arsenault, Aspley, Beckman, Biamonte, Bois- seau. Second Row: Bowen, Breedlove, Broggi, Brown, Bruno, Counts, Gregg, Greve. Third Row: Hanewinckle, Kausch, Kovacs, Leach, Lyons, Marsh, Marx, Merikangas. Fourth Row: Mielly, P ' icou, Nelson, Rood, Rousseau, Sandy, Schexnayder, Smith. Fifth Row: Stewart, Trim, Wagensteen, Winn. 256 " Hooray, I just go+ the ring! Founded at City College of New York in 1899 ... A Tulane institution since 1916.. . The Delta Sig ' s pledged 32 men through the coercions of a barbecue, a Gambler ' s party, and a Cocktail party . . . Besides repainting the inside of their house and buying a T.V. set, they gave a welfare family a Merry Christmas complete with a tree and presents for the children . . . Campus wheels include cheerleaders Bob Breger, ODK George Winn, and Dick Arsenault . . . Tom Leach, president of TUSK, member of Who ' s Who . . . Jim Schnieder led the Drum and Bugle Corps . . . Charlie Kovacs member of the track team . . . Socially the Delta Sigs had a closed Christmas formal for pledges, actives, and alums on their Founder ' s Day ... An open formal preceded by a cham- pagne party on March 7 . . . Other blowouts were a Bayou Brawl, a party given by the pledges for the AOPi pledges, a voodoo party, and a New Year ' s party for Georgia Tech Delta Sigs. OFFICERS THOMAS LEACH President JAMES SCHEXNAYDER Vice-President JOHN DOYLE Secretary EARNEST HANEWINCKLE . . . Treasurer Q—m MENylBERS Gerald Ahern Henry Andressen, Jr. Robert Arrington Joseph Beckman James Bolsseau Goodwyn BroggI Robert Boeyer John Currier Robert d ' Angelo Martin de Latte Charles Fife Charlie Gregg George hiayes, I II Benjamin Mauthe Elliot Marx Paul Mielly, Jr. Robert Merikangas John McNaughton Robert O ' Connell Courtney Picou George Winn Richard Arsenault Joseph Aspley Alfred Bidmark Robert BIsso Richard Bowen David Breedlove Terry Brown Joseph Bruno Joseph Buvel Roger Counts Douglas Greve Robert hiarper, Jr. Albert Johnston, Jr. Robert Kausch Charles Kovacs Norwood Lyons Robert Marsh Lee Nelson Joseph Pacelli August Perez, III Harry Ray. Jr. Robert Rood Paul Rossano Larry Rousseau John Sandy, Jr. Everett Schneider Rudolph Smith, III Lawrence Stewart Paulln Trim Charles Wagensteen, Jr c Delta SIg ' s first lady court JTl BETA XI CHAPTER First Row: Cameras, ClesI, Cocke, Cotonio, Ford. Second Row: Friedi, Hamer, Hawkins, Jobe, Lewis. Third Row: Lynch, Mendez, Rushton, Settle, Velasco. Fourth Row: Wilson, Wylie. 258 Del+s don ' t drink? Ninety-four years ago Delt founded at Bethany College, Virginia (now West Virginia) . . . The local colony was begun in 1889 . . . The Delta Tau Delta ' s journal, " The Rainbow " third oldest college fraternity magazine, was first published in September of 1877 at Cincinnati . . . The formal was held in the Gold Room of the Roosevelt hlotel with Lloyd Alexander ' s Band ... A Christ- mas Party was held for a group of orphans . . . Rushees got their first taste of Delt hospitality at the Inferno Party . . . The Delt ' s copped first place in homecoming decorations, Pan-hlellenic bowling, handball and eked a fourth in football . . . Wiley Sharp was Chancellor of Delta Sigma Pi, Tony Clesi co- editor of the Wave and Louie Velasco Vice-President of A.S.C.E. . . . Some trouble was encountere d in trying to keep members from leaving school for reasons other than scholastic . . . Among the better known parties were the Roaring Twenties and the Beta Xiyclone. OFFICERS ROBERT McCLURE President LOUIS VELASCO Vice-President WILLIAM RYAN Secretary JOHN MAZZA Corresponding Secretary DONALD FRIEDL Treasurer JAMES JOBE Treasurer John Bartlzal Anthony Clesi A. C. Cocke, Jr. Robert hHamer Howard Lewis, Jr. Theodore Meserve V illiam Mendez, Jr Donald Rushton Charles Settle Edward Sutfern MEMBERS Thomas Tomeny F. J. Toups Warren Tucker, Jr. Howard Upton, III Donald Van Wart, Jr Earj Wilson William Wylie Lee Anderson Michael Berger Rene Brunet Wilfred Cameras Clarence Chachere, John Clay Theodore Cotonio. I James Ford Carlos Kelly Robert Lynch Ernest Hawkins, Jr. George Politis John Mavs Sleepy time gal u PSI CHAPTER First Row: Baker, Becker, Butts, Caldwell, Chaffe, Christian, Cooper. Second Row: G. Gardner, W. Gardner, Gilmer, Kemper, Lyie, Lyman, Magruder. Third Row: Mc- Clendon, McComiskey, Monroe, Nusloch, Poitevant, Roddy, Ross. Fourth Row: Sim- mons, Stephenson, Stratton, Suhling, Von Hoene, Wadick, Watkins. 260 I bet I can " Founded at Washington and Lee In 1 865 . . . Established at Tulane In I 892 . . . The KA house was completely remodeled on the inside and repainted on the outside this year . . . Rushees got their first and best taste of the fraternity at the Mint Julep party during rush week . . . The spirit of the South rose again at the Old South Ball and the Rose Dance . . . Additionally, the alums joined the actives for a chapter Convlvium on January 19 honoring General Robert E. Lee . . . More Informally, the KA ' s commandeered the freshmen ' s shoes at Newcomb ' s Kangaroo Court . . . Jim McComlskey guided the fate of Pan- Hellenic this year . . . KA copped second place In the Pan-Hel bridge tourna- ment , . . MardI Gras spirits dampened by death of Kappa Alpha brother Phil Warren Stratton. OFFICERS LAMAR STEPHENSON Number One JOHN POITEVANT Number Two JAMES McCOMISKEY Number Three EDWARD RODDY Number Four BILL VON HOENE Number Five EBEN WATKINS Number Six JERRY SUHLING Number Seven HUGHES DE GRUY DRUMM Number Eight RALP -! CHRISTMAN Number Nine MEMBERS William Baker. Jr. Randy But+s Clay Bartlett Jean Barne+t William Bernard Black Chaffe Ronald Durham Fred Fischer Peachy Gilmer Jack Heplnstall Wallace Kemper Fred Llnd Joseph Monroe Hayward Pardue Ersklne Ross Ben Talbot Robert Wolfe Stephn Voelker Milton Ailes Stanley Baron. Jr. John Caldwell Frank de la Houssaye Buddy Emery Jack Freret William LeCorgne Frank Toy Edwin Warwick Rudy Becker Don Ewing George Gardner Jerry GelpI Guy Lyman Herbert Magruder Bill McClendon Jerry Nusloch Bill Reddoch Jerry Schenken Bill Simmons Warren Stratton James Wadick Lyton Cooper Richard Lyie ' I ' m smooth, baby i GMA CHAPTER First Row: Arenofs! y, Ball, Baron, Beckerman, Beyer. Second Row: Cohen, Cotlar, Garfinkel, Jacobs, Kleinman. Third Row: Kushner, Lachtnnan, Levy, Meckler, Milgrom. Fourth Row: Penchansky, Scherzer, Zaita. 262 This is a man ' s army!? Founded at the University of Rochester in 1911 ... On Tulane campus 3 I years . . . KN ' s rolled through rush season with a picnic at Mandeville, Louisiana, and a bowling party . . . Founders Day was celebrated by a banquet at Delmonico ' s . . . Maurice Burk copped the award this year for highest scholastic average in the entire KN frat . . . Alvin Cotlar was a student commander in the A.R.O.T.C. . . . FHarold Arenofsky holds the dual titles of Secretary of Sigma Pi Sigma and Editor of the Pre-Medical Journal . . . Claim two participants in annual Freshman-Sophomore football game . . . Weekly parties and dances take place at KN house, and their traditional Sur ' -ealist party was held in February. OFFICERS HAROLD ARENOFSKY President MORTON KLEINMAN Vice-President JOSEPH COHEN Treasurer JOEL BEYER Secretary MEMBERS Stuart Baron Donald Kanuk Sheldon Milgrom Martin Beckerman Howard Kane Herbert Paige Alvin Cotlar Gary Kushner Roy Penchansky Robert Fink Stanley Lachtman Neal Pace George Garflnke! Fred Levy Michael Roth Stephen Jacobs Arthur Lichtman Morton Scherzer Henry Joachim Jerome Meckler Warren Sterns How tender! • n SIGMA CHAPTER First Row: Blue, Braumiller, Caldwell, Capdepon, Cole, Cot+en, Crudup. Second Row: Dalferes, Galbraith, Galloway, Granberry, Hall, Harris, Laborde. Third Row: Lester, Lindsey, ' Lupo, Mathes, Mouton, Occhipinti, Regenos, Sacca. Fourth Row: Sander, Son- nier, Stokely, Switzer, Urrutia, Woody, Weiss, Walker. 264 " Did Dr. Kinsey really say that? " Kappa Sigma was founded in 1869 at the University of Virginia . . , Came to Tulane in 1889 . . . Sigma Chapter was host to the Tri-District Conclave . . . hlonored visiting Brothers with Black and White Formal . . . Won the annual Alumni-Active football game 6-0 . . . The formal, first of the season, was held at the New Orleans Country Club with Lloyd Alexander ' s Band . . . Pledged 20 men in highly successful rush season . . . Entertained rushees with Dixieland Party, Candlelite Supper . . . Also had Archie at the piano several afternoons . . . Re-landscaped front lawn after several months of intermittent work . . . Scholarship? . . . Well represented In campus activities with Al Cole as President of Intramural Council and Associate Editor of the JAMBALAYA, Earl Sonnier second in command of Tusk and Wayne Woody President of Glendy Burke . . . Had considerable trouble keeping lights burning particularly on Saturday night . . . Social activities were highlighted by the annual Pirate ' s Party, the Purple Passion Party and the everlasting Saturday Nite coat and tie parties. OFFICERS NAT GALLOWAY President AL COLE Vice-President EARL SONNIER Secretary MELVIN MATHES Treasurer Philip Alter Everett Crudup Don Galbraith Malcomb Granberry Phi! Laborde Hal Lambert Bob Lester J. C. Liner Austin Lindsey Joe Lupo Howell Mann William Mouton MEMBERS Fred Phillips Bob Regenos Earl Sonnier Dick Springer Chet Stokely Dent Tisdale Ulvester Walker Sheldon Blue Fred Bolonga Al Braumiller Don Caldwell Keith Capdepon Wade Gotten Sonney Dalferes Don Hall Walter Harris Fred Landry Gasper Occhipinti Frank Sacco Frank Sander Bud Urrutia Ralph Weiss Wayne Woodv Kappa Sigs have a night Icappa c lie LOUISIANA ALPHA CHAPTER Firsi Row: Beckham, Beverungen, Bruns, Cabell, Cairns, Catching, Ca+o, Dalton. Second Row: DePaoli, Dudley, Earthman, Ehlinger, Ellison, Galloway, Davidson. Third Row: Green, Jackson, Kerlin, W. Lee, McVay, Mallory, Mattison, Meeker. FouHh Row: Moore, Nolen, Norman, Poche, Privette, Seavey, Shaw, Shea. Fifth Row: Stoutz, Sundahl, Virden, Waters, Weiser, Wise, Zetzmann. 266 What, no cues? Founded at Miami University in I 848 . . . Louisiana Alpha established at Tulane in I 889 . . . Colors are argent end azure . . . Phi Delt won the 1952 Pan-hHellenic Trophy thus entitling them to the Bruno trophy presented on November 15, 1952 . . . Big brothers exchanged paddles with their little brothers and the actives presented the pledges with fraternity mugs . . . Beverungen ably edited the " hHullaballoo " with Bruns as his news editor . . . Davidson managed the business end of the JAMBALAYA . . . Known for cordial hospitality and willingness to pin Newcomb qirls . . . The Phi Delts welcomed a house mother for the first time in ' 52 . . . The annual Winter Ball was held February 6 at the New Orleans Country Club . . . Annual South Sea Island Party climaxed the Phi Delt ' s round of parties. OFFICERS DICK MAYER President HAL GALLOWAY Reporter HARRY BEVERUNGEN Secretary BILL BECKHAM Treasurer HAL NORMAN Warden Charles Afeman Harry Allen Dawson Baptist Emanuel Blessey John Boyd Scott Bruns Joseph Cabell Adrian Cairns Thomas Capo Bill Catching Frank Cato Donald Collins William Corbidge Joseph Dalton Frank DePaoli Jules Davidson Lyie Degelos William Dudley Bill Earthman Jacques Ehlinger MEMBERS Richard Ellison Elliot Evans Hal Eraser Al French Richard Geer Walter Green Ralph Harris Bob Hoffman Leonard Huber Henry Ivy David Jackson Leslie Kerlin Donald Lee Walter Lee Emmanuel LIvaudals Buddy McVay Harold Mallory William Mattison William Meeker Bill Moore Gilbert Morrison Thomas Nolen Judson Poche Richard Privette Bushnell Seavey Boyd Shaw John Shea Tim Smith Henry Stoutz Roger Sundahl Kent Taliaferro Charles Taylor Lynn Virden John Walters Douglas Watters Herbert Welser Robert Wise Vlllere Wright Robert Zetzman That ' s what they goJ for sweeping the dirt behind the sofa HI MU CHAPTER First Row: Banta, Bond, Crowley, Leche, Miller. Second Row: Mulrennan, Murray, Nunnally, Peeples, Veith. Third Row: Vergne, Wood, Woodville. 268 And the Commodores ' tummy ached Began as a national frat in 1850 . . . Broke ground at Tulane in 1858 . . . Mu chapter of Phi Kap is the oldest fraternity on theTulane campus . . . Copped the Pan-hHellenic Scholarship Trophy with a 1 .6 all men ' s average . . . Week-end parties helped break the monotony of study . . . The Christmas pariy for orphans which ended with happy faces was a stupendous success . . . Black and Gold Formal was held in the late Spring . . . Efficiently wielding the gavel at the " four story brick mansion " was Robert Nunnally for the fall semester and Tom Peeples for the spring semester . . . Bennett Wight and Roger Miller were big wheels in the frat ' s operations. OFFICERS ROBERT NUNNALLY President TOMMY PEEPLES Vice-President ROGER MILLER Secretary BENNETT WIGHT Sergeant-at-Arms Bob Blagg Clement Bond Denis Crowley Walter Davis Bob George MEMBERS George Kimura Andre Leche Roger Miller John Murray Roberf Nunnally Tommy Peeples Dan Veith Louis Vergne Bennett Wight Don Wood John Woodville " Warning to obstinate pledges " c ETA CHAPTER First Row: Atkins, Bearden, Bourgeois, Carinhas, Collett, DeFraites, DeMartini. Second Row: Fagan, Fife, Fowler, Garcia, Green, Head, Hoeger. Third Row: Howard, Mc- Closkey, McNeil, Maher, Moore, Mott, Murrell. Fourth Row: Peet, Salaun, Stacy, Stokes, Stolley, Vaughn, Zeringue. 270 " Well, I think my jokes are funny " Virginia Aristocrats, " PiKA founded at the University of Virginia in 1868 . . . Established at Tulane 1878 . . . The Pikes began the season with a successful rush week climaxed by the appearance of Papa Celestin at their last party . . . Beautified house by adding patio to make conducive party setting . . . Campus wheels included Art De Fraites president of the College of Engineering and Who ' s Who electee . . . Jimmy Stokes, ETA prexy . . . Mike Bearden, gavel wielder of Inter-Faith Council, Sandy Garcia, commander of the Rebel Rifles . . . Jim McCioskey reigned as S t. Patrick at the Engineers ' annual ball ... A Pais Do-Do brawl delighted those of Cajun aristocracy . . . PiKA ' s Dream Girl Evelyn Jackson presented at Golden Anniversary formal. OFFICERS MIKE BEARDEN President JAMES STOKES Vice-President FRITZ RIECKE Treasurer WALTER MOTT Secretary BERNARD BARFOOT House Manager SANTIAGO GARCIA ' Pan-Hellenic Representative MIKE BEARDEN Pan-Hellenic Representative Robert D. Atkins C. Bernard Barfoot Mike M. Bearden Daniel V. Blackstock Honore G. Bourgeois, Jr Burton L. Butler Jack Gomes Carlnhas Donald D. Chapman Anthony J. Collette Raymond F. Comes Arthur A. DeFraites Edward J. De Martini William R. Fagan James Kinsley File Tom M. Foster MEMBERS Glenn W. Fowler Albert T. Gamon Santiago A. Garcia C. Stanton Green Richard Hoeger Allen J. Hammer Robert A. Head W. John Howard. Jr. Paul James Samuel A. Leonard Robert E. Maher James J. McCioskey Norman B. McNeil Thomas F. Moore, il i Walter S. Mott. Jr. Malcolm G. Mundy Dan S. Murrell Richard Peet Henry S. Reicke. Ill Kenneth A. Rolfs Harold L. Salaun, Jr. Edwin F. Stacy, Jr. James D, Stokes Carl H. StoHey, Jr. Lowell E. Scheurer Robert Esco Taylor William M. Tu!ly Patrick Unkel Paul Allen Williams Joseph L. Zeringue, Jr. John Vaughan Doggone alhletes foot! IH TAU UPSILON CHAPTER First Row: Baker, Bass, Berry, Blackwell, Blue, Boudreau, Broussard, Buchanon, Calcote, Calhoun, Carra- way. Second Row: Carter. Clements, Cook, Coon, Crotty, Culpepper, Dareos, Diboll, Dickey, A. Doyle, C. Doyle. Third Row: J. Emerson, S. Emerson, Falbaum, Field, Fontenot, Garrison, Gaston, Green, Hamaker, FHawkins, Holmes. Fourth Row: Horton, hlowe. Jackson, Jenkins. Johnson. Leggett, Lomax, Lozano, McGlasson, Mason, May. Fifth Row: Mayer, Mitchem, Newell, O ' Brien. Pearce. Pitts, Quacken- bush, Rittlemeyer, Russell. Sartor. B. Sewell. Sixth Row: J. Sewell, Sharp, Shea. Smart. Smith, Stockton, Tankersly, Texada. Treishmann, Viccellio, Ware, P. Watson. Seventh Row: W. Watson, B. Watts. J. Watts. D. Whitney, R. Whitney. R. E. Wilson. R. L. Wilson, Wood, Woodruff, Wright, Wynne, Yarbrough. 272 ' I ' m runnin ' dis mob, see! " Founded at the University of Alabama in 1856 . . . Now has chapters in 46 states and largest fraternity membership . . . Gus Fritchie headed Tulane Law Seniors . . . Bob Boudreau acted as co-chairman of Freshman Orientation . . . McGlasson presided over the A S Sophomore conclaves . . . Sig Alphs constant- threat in all Pan-hHellenic sports . . . Pledges participated in hielp Day by painting an orphanage . . . The newly pinned brothers, as usual, were dunked In the fish pond, after serenading the Newcomb girls ... A Christmas party and Easter Egg hunt were held for underprivileged children . . . Many pledge hours spent on paint-laden lions. OFFICERS RYAN SARTOR President CERRE DIBOLL Vice-President JOE PITTS ■ Recording Secretary RICHARD GREEN Corresponding Secretary RALPH GILMORE Treasurer MEMBERS L, E. Baker G. A. Fritchie J. F. Quackenbush C. M. Bass F. I. Garrison T. Rapier E. J. Bayle E. A. Gaston C. M. Rittlemeyer O. L. Berry R. W. Gilmore P. Ru ' hinq B. Blackwell R.T.Green F.E.Russell N.D. Blue C. D. Hamaker D. R. Sartor R.J. Boudreau C.H.Hamilton B. N. Sewell R. N. Broussard I. F. Hawkins J. D. Sewell P. N. Buchanon J.S.Holmes P.M.Sharp L. F. Byrd H. M. Horton C. E. Shea A. D. Calcote R. D. Howe C. M. Smart R. W. Calhoun A. G. Jackson P. E. Smith D.C.Carraway S.L.Jenkins W.L.Stockton H.R.Carter R.A.Johnson F. M. Tankersly R. Clements J. H. Leggett P. J. Texada R.M.Cook C. F. LeMieux G, V. Trieschm.ann J. N. Coon R. C. Lomax C. D. Viccellio R. E. Crotty A. R. Lozano E. L. Wallace R.L.Culpepper B.D.Mason J.F.Wallace P. J.Dareos T.T.May J.S.Ware C. B. Diboll D.M.Mayer P.B.Watson J.Dickey M.R. Mitchem W.W.Watson A. L. Doyle W. H. McArthur J. L. Watts A. M. Doyle E. E. McCool J. M. Watts G.W.Doyle H. E. McGlasson D.G.Whitney J. H. Emerson J. F. Newell R. B. Whitney S. M. Emerson O. S. O ' Brien R. E. Wilson W. E. Falbaum J.T.Olive R.L.Wilson J. H. Field T. H. Pearce G. H. Wood D. Flukinger J.W.Pitts M.B.Wright J.W. Fontenot J. M. Yarborough Dates are so hard to find nowadays c lAM SIGMA GAMMA CHAPTER First Row: Berg, Berger, Block, Brown, R. Cohen, Dorfman, Ettinger, Fanburg, Feldman. Second Row: Fisher, Gardy, Glatzer, Golden, Goldwasser, Gonsenheim, Greene, hly- man, B. Jullen. Third Row: R. Julien, Kasanoff, Klabin, Korn, Kraemer, Lassen, Lesser, Levin, Lipsitz. Four+h Row: Lubritz, Mexic, Midio, Miller, Morris, Oppenheim, Reich, B. Rosenberg, M. Rosenberg. Fifth Row: Rotenberg, Rubin, Rubensfein, Sacks, Saper- stein, Schreiber, Seelig, Shafer, Sloshberg. Sixth Row: Steinberg, Stone, Thaler, Wilen- zick, Wilk. 274 " We sure did ' In 1909 founded at CCNY . . . Established at Tuiane in 1920 .. . Norman Reich served as Sports Editor of the hlullabaloo . . . Barry Rosenberg chosen to both Scabbard and Blade and Phi Beta Kappa . . . Boasts more 3. averages than any other fraternity . . . The Sammies adopted a War Orphan this year . . . Cop- ped second places in Homecoming display and 1952 Scholarship competition among fraternities . . . Placed in ping pong and bowling . . . New housemother adds homelike atmosphere ... In March annual formal was held in the Tuiane Room . . . Other blasts of note included a Plantation Party and Annual Blue Champaign Affair . . . Members gave up suppers for Negro Orphan ' s Christmas Party at house. OFFICERS BARRY FANBURG Prior BARRY ROSENBERG Recorder LEONARD STONE Exchequer Marshall Alperin Howie Berg Hal Berger Don Block Alec Brown Dick Cohen Allen Dorfman Henry Ehrllch Shia Eison Joe E+tinger Barry Fanburg Marty Feldman Beryl Fisher Dick Gla+zer Don Golden Don Goldwasser Roy Gonsenheim Harvey Gardy Bob Gorman Edward Greene MEMBERS Jack Hyman Bruce Jullen Richard Jullen Maurice Katz Mai Kasanoff Donald Korn Stu Klabln Aaron Kraemer Sidney Lassen Don Lesser Jay Levin Mel Lipsitz Lewis Lisook Beryl Lovitz Ronnie Lubrltz Simon Mexic Maury Midio Bob Morris Jay Oppenheim Norman Reich Jerry Rosen Barry Rosenberg Myron Rosenberg Marf-y Rosenfeld Al Rotenberg Marv Rothenberg Eddie Rubenstein Art Rubin Allan Sacks Stan Saperstein Bill Schloshberg Mike Schreiber Hal Schwartz Dave Seellg Barry Shafer Sylvan Steinberg George Sterne Leonard Stone Sherwin Thaler Hans Weill Larry Wilk c Mighty pretty tonsils n SIGMA CHAPTER First Row: Akers, Alkov, Badger, Bookhardt, Brown, E. Cagle, R. Cagle. Second Row: Carroll, Carruth, Dominguez, Eaton, Ferran+e, Fillingane, Folkes. Third Row: Glldwell, Gowdy, Grout, Howell, Ledford, McCoy, Patterson. Fourth Row: Penberton, Reardon, Robbins, Ray, Sheley, Stone, Tobin. Fifth Row: Valter, Van Pelt, Wadlington, Wagues- pack. Wells, Welsh, Westbrook, York. 276 " One is outstanding " Founded at Miami University in 1855 . . . Established at Tulane in 1886 . . . Achieved the unparalelled honor of having a chapter in the Confederate Army, composed of members serving under General Joseph E. Johnston in the Army of Tennessee, called the " Constantine Chapter " . . . Flower is the white rose; the colors, blue and old gold . . . One of Sigma Chi ' s assets is the most popular of all fraternity songs, " The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi " . . . Jim Van Pelt was prexy of the College of Arts and Sciences . . . The annual Sweetheart Ball with its huge floral replica of a white cross was one of the most impressive formals of the year . . . Derby Day sponsored annually by Sigma Chi was a " splashing " success ... An active Mother ' s Club contributed much to a successful year by completely redecorating the house. OFFICERS DONALD W. STONE Consul TEXAS E, REARDEN, JR Pro Consul JAMES M. ROBBINS Quaestor NORWOOD V. BROWN Magister WILEY JENKINS Annotator RICHARD E. EATON Tribune THOMAS G. PENBERTON Associate Editor and Historian FRANK J. KLONOSKI House Manager glBgX Mmms SMIM. smKF Dick Akers Robert Alkov John N. Badger John L. Barthelmess William C. Blackstone Richard J. Brennan Theodore G. Broekman Fred Bookhardt Norwood V. Brown Eugene P. Cagle Robert E. Cagle Fred Carroll, Jr. hi. Larry Carruth John A. Cramer Gerald H. Dominguez Richard E. Eaton MEMBERS William A. Ferrante Hulon P. Filllngane Cheston F. Folkes Luclen M. Gex, Jr. Allen W. Glldewell John M . Gowdy, Jr. John Grout John L. Hooper John F. hlowell, Jr. Wiley H. Jenkins H. Baker Jordan, Jr. Frank J. Klonoslcl Joe H. Ledford Mark E. McCoy Robert Patterson C » Thomas G. Penberton Eugene A. Ray Texas E, Rearden, Jr. Robert L. Reed James M. Robbins Fritz Schulz- Donald W. Stone William D.Sheley J. Bard Sullenger John Tobin James E. Van Pelt C. Robert Waguespack Richard C.Wells Walter D. Wells Robert I. Wesfbrook Woody Neli York ow divmely you wrestle tie danc 1 ZBT SIGMA CHAPTER First Row: Ader, Block, Bohrer, E. Cohen, R. Cohen, Dante, Felsenthal, Fraenkel. Sec- ond Row: Frank, Garfunkel, Goldman, Good, Greenbaum, Gronauer, hHeiman, Hiller. Third Row: Karsh, Kossover, Landa, J. Levy, L. Levy, Lipton, Loeb, Mayer. Fourth Row: Mintz, Pallet, Phillips, Rosen, Rubenstein, Saltzman, Seelig, Selber. Fifth Row: Sherman, Siff, Sigman, Silverman, Steinberg, Tanenbaum, Ullman, Wiener, Zindler. 278 Fish face Founded at City College of New York In 1898 . . . Established at Tulane In 1909 . . . Colors are blue and white . . . The Zebes placed second In the 1952 Pan-tHell competition . . . They are the only fraternity to have won Pan-hlell three times, thus retaining the cup permanently . . . Extremely active in campus extra-currlcs . . . Fraenkel, an ODK tappee, edited the JAMBALAYA . . . Rosen headed the Campus Carnival and APO service fraternity . . . Donn Lipton was Air ROTC CO . . . Julian Good ODK, Phi Beta Kappa, and Kappa Delta Phi . . . hlousemother " Mrs. G " served best fraternity meals . . . Lighted crest guided wayward members home after trying weekend. OFFICERS HARVEY KARSH President IRVING GREENFIELD Vice-President FRANCIS FRAENKEL Secretary ALAN SIGMAN Treasurer Robert Ader Ronald Block Beril Bohrer Edwin Cohen Tippy Cohen Charles Dante Richard Fels enthal Francis Fraenkel Stanley Frank Arthur Gilbert Richard Gilbert Alfred Goldman Jim Greenbaum Irving Greenfield Donald Gronauer David Harris MEMBERS Mayer Helman Alfred Hiller Harvey Karsh Arthur King Mel Kossover Larry Landa Jay Levy Julius Levy Lee Levy Donn Lipton Milton Loeb I my Marcus Walter Mayer Lester Pallet Tad Phillips Ronald Ringer Aaron Rosen Phil Rubenstein Larry Saltzman Gordon Scherck Ralph Seellg Leonard Seiber Robert Sherman Jimmy Siff Skippy Sigman Burton Silverman Joel Steinberg Jerry Tanenbaum Tony Ullman Jack Weiner John Wittenberg Bernard Zindler ISJ Drink to the girl N E W C M B MARION PRMT President ■MARY MYERS Secretary The Pan-Hellenic Council of Newcomb College is part of the National Pan-rHellenic Council which is the highest authority among women ' s Greek letter organizations. The council serves to further cooperation among the sororities on the campus and to make rules governing rushing, pledging, initiation, and other activities. Two actives from each sorority comprise the membership of the council. As part of its program the Pan-Hellenic Council spon- sors sorority competition in skit night, song test, bridge, scholarship and other activities leading up to the presenta- tion of the Pan-Hellenic trophy to the sorority possessing the greatest number of points at the end of the school year. This is the first year such a program was in effect. Top Row, left to right: Boehm, Bray, BurllngarT,e. Bottom Row: Morris, Pineda. Richardson. 280 PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL OFFICERS MARION PRATT President MARY MYERS Secretary JUNE EARNEST Treasurer MEMBERS PAT BOEHM Phi Mu JAN BRAY Alpha Delta Pi JOAN BURLINGAME Chi Omega JUNE EARNEST Alpha Delta Pi ANN FRANKLIN Alpha Omicron Pi MARY HINTON Beta Sigma Omicron CAROL KAPLAN Alpha Epsilon Phi PAT McCABE Beta Sigma Omicron CYNTHIA MILLER Alpha Epsilon Phi JEAN MIRANDONA Kappa Kappa Gamma ELLEN MORRIS Kappa Kappa Gamma MARY MYERS Alpha Omicron PI ANA PINEDA Delta Zeta MARION PRATT Pi Beta Phi KAY RICHARDSON Pi Beta Phi LORRAINE SAUCIER Kaopa Alpha Theta MARY BETH SELBY Kappa Alpha Theta ANN SHAFTO Chi Omega BARBARA THOMAS Phi Mu ARLINE WINCHESTER Delta Zeta Top Row. left to right: Earnest, Franklin. Kaplan. McCabe. Miller. Bottcn Row: Saucier, Selby, Shafto, Thomas, Winchester, 281 n EPSILON CHAPTER First Row: Abel, Amacker, Braswell, Bray, Broas, Canfleld. Second Row: Coco, Cren- shaw, Dunn, Earnest, Ethrldge, Gerstner. Third Row: Hawkins, Herbert, Hodges, Mon- roe, Morgan, Naberschnig. Fourth Row: Roberts, Royston, Seller, Smith, Soudain, Terry, Van Amerongen. 282 " Wow, did you see that? " ADPI founded In 1851 proudly claims to be the oldest secret society among women . . . But they aren ' t too old to learn new tricks . . . Prexy June Earnest and Cynthia Braswell represented ADPi as ROTC color girls . . . The annual formal held on December 15th was a booming success . . . ADPi ' s claim the violet as their fraternity flower . . . They contribute yearly to the National Crippled Children ' s Fund . . . Proud of their first prize in the ' 52 Campus Carnival . . . Tlcki Green selected as a JAMBALAYA favorite . . . Activities throughout the year Included a party-packed rush week, a pledge, Founders, and Senior banquet, and get-togethers In the rooms . . . Officers were June Earnest, Ticki Green, Jeanette Abel, and Sallie Coco. OFFICERS JUNE EARNEST . MELISSA GREEN JEANETTE ABEL SALLIE COCO President . . . . Vice-President Corresponding Secretary . . Recording Secretary MEMBERS Jeanette Abel Laura Amacker Cynthia Braswell Janet Bray Joy Broas Nancy Canfield Sallie Coco Lee Crenshaw Sharon Crouse Dawn Dunn June Earnest Betty Fricard Janet Gerstner Melissa Green JoAnn Hebert Harriet Hawkins Eleanora Hodges Florence Marshall Marjorie Marx Betty Minuet Caro ' yn Monroe Jean Morgan Nancy Naberschnig Martha Ann Rogers Betty Roberts Marilyn Royston Ethel Seller Margaret Smith Marjorie Soudain Ruth Stobough Joan Terry Octavia (Wilson) Van Amerogen The Big 4. AEI EPSILON CHAPTER First Row: Adier, Askanase, Block, Brenner. Bresler, E. Cohen, J. Cohen, Cooper, Dannenbaum. Second Row; Davis, Dee, Fleischman, Fred, Goldben, Jacquelyn Grossman, Joel Grossman, Hertzman, Horn. Third Row: Jacobs, Janon, Kaplan, Kapsinow, Kiralfy. Koch, Krensky, Lehman, B. Levy. Fourth Row; D. Levy, M. Levy, Lowentritt, Marco. Marx. Miller, Morais. Pearlstine, Peilen. Fifth Row; Rosen, Rosenberg, Scharff. Schneider. Sherman, Silber. Spitzberg, Stahl, J. Strauss. Sixth Row: P. Strauss, Striker, Sugar, Weil, Weiland, Weiss, Yuspeh. 284 The boy needs a toofhpick The AEPhi ' s celebrate 37 years on the Tulane Campus . . . Their formal on February 14th highlighted the social calendar of the year . . . Beauty came to the fore front as Dena Schneider won the URChHIN Pledge Pin-up contest . . . Marylin Rosenberg, President, in Who ' s Who along with Betty Kiraify . . . Kiraify served as associate editor of the Wave and Senior Class President . . . Alice Koch hlonor Board prexy and La Tertulia head . . . Ann Sherman co- chaired Campus Nite . . . The Fraternity publication is " The Columns " and the flower the Lily. OFFICERS MARYLIN ROSENBERG President BETTY KIRALFY Vice-President MARILYN LEVY Recording Secretary FAYE KAPSINOW Treasurer iAA0A - f - I Carmel Adier Phyllis Askanase Susan Block Joy Brand Carol Lise Brenner Jane Bresler Ann Broad Janice Cohen Erna Cohen Joyce Cooper Berenice Dannenbaun Carol Davis Barbara Dee Barbara Fleischman Marcia Goldben Marcia Gould Lynn Greer Joe! Grossman Jackie Grossman MEMBERS Sue hiertzman LeAnn hiorn Sandra Jacobs Shirley Jaffe Marjorie Janon Carol Kaplan Faye Kapslnow Alice Koch Judith Krensky Dotty Kris Eleanor Lesser Ann Levin Babette Levy Doris Levv Marilyn Levy Paula Levy Ann Lowentritt Shirley May Marco Marjorie Marx Marilyn Morais Jane Pearlstein Sandra Peilen Naomi Roby Suzanne Rosen Marilyn Rosenberg Cecele Ross Jennie Ann Scharff Phyllis Scharff Dena Schneider Ann Sherman Nancy Silber Lynne Spitzberg Sylvia Stahl Joel Sugar Patsy Weil Florence Welland Siesel Wile Marilyn Weiss Yvonne Yuspeh c M.i They ' ve got the spirit PI CHAPTER First Row: Bader, Baskett, Bell, Blakeney, Carr, Cherry, Clark, Cushing, Federoff. Second Row: Fitzpatrick, Flowers, Fontaine, A. Franklin, S. Franklin, Gocch, Gore, Hatfield, Hodges. Third Row: Keim, Landridge, Liljenstein, Lucas, Lyon, McCarthy, Moore, Myers, Parks. Fourth Row: Peebles, Renken, Robertson, B. Robinson, J. Robin- son, Roehrig, Rush, Sansom, Stephens. Fifth Row: Trist, Turner, Verlander, Webb, White, Wood. ns 1 L-J-J ' L j 2_ " Europe Is so European " The Jacquemenot Rose is the flower of the " cutie-pi ' s " founded in 1898 on Newcomb Campus . . . This year AOPi " cuties " came in the persons of Nancy Liljenstein a JAMBALAYA beauty, ROTC color girl and Bobbie Webb, maid of honor in ye olde hlomecoming court . . . Nannette Carr and Liz Fontaine AOPi Jamb favorites ... Pi chapter claims many wheels . . . Mary Myers is " hHullabaloo " business manager and Carr Newcomb Editor of the JAMBA- LAYA . . . Gwen Landridge handled Leadership Council books . . . President Fontaine co-chaired Freshmen Orientation . . . Highlights of the low life were Tacky Party in mid-December and the annual formal March 27th. OFFICERS LIZ FONTAINE President GWEN LANDRIDGE Vice-President NANETTE CARR Corresponding Secretary JOAN ROBINSON Recording Secretary MEMBERS Dixie Bader Ada Joyce Hatfield Sterling Peebles Dorothy Ruth Baskett Winnie Hodges Joan Renken Diane T. Bell Esther Hunt Lee Ann Robertson Mollie Blankeney Ann Keim Betty Robinson Martha Bienvenu Anita Lamar Joan Robinson Nanne+te Carr Gwen Landridge Natalie Ann Roehriq Julia Cherry Nancy Liljenstein Dale Sansom Margaret Clark Ann Lingan Barbara Silin Ann Cushing Shirley Lucas Ann Stephens Gladys Fedoroft Shirley Lyon Lynne Trist Carol Fitzpatrick Kay McCarthy Nancy Turner Marianna Flowers Lee McNamara Betty Verlander Liz Fontaine Marilyn Moore Bobbie Webb Sally Ann Franklin Mary Myers Rebecca White Nancy Gooch Jehane Ordorica Leigh Wilkinson Jan Gore Emmy Parks Mary Sue Wood Irene Graham Full house U L U A L P H A SIGMA CHAPTE First Row: Allen, Carlnhas, Craig, Fernandez, Funel. Second Row: Gilthorpe, Goedecke, Johnson, Hanemann, Landry. Third Row: Levey, Levy, Long, McCabe, Michenklme. Fourth Row: Oberhelman, Oliver, Perez. " Getting to know you " Beta Sigma Omicron established at Newcomb in 1888 . . . under the leadership of Joyce Gilthrope the BSO ' s had a wonderful year . . . Anne Allen was YWCA prexy while Pat McCabe was secretary of Tusk . . . Joyce represented them in the JAMBALAYA Favorite Section . . . other officers were Joyce Carlnhas, Martha Anne Oliver and Anne Allen . . . Other members of Alpha Sigma have been active In many campus activities . . . Spirit clubs, religious groups, honorary associations. OFFICERS JOYCE GILTHORPE President JOYCE CARINHAS Vice-Presiclent MARTHA ANN OLIVER Recording Secretary ANN ALLEN Treasurer Ann Allen Joyce Carinhas Sylvia Fernandez Jeannette Marie Funel Ursula Goedecke Joyce Gilthorpe MEMBERS Mary HInton Geraldine Levy Shirley Levey Diane Margaret Long Lynn Landry Patsy Joy McCabe Janet Mickenheinn Martha Ann Oliver Elena Mercedes Pere Sylvia Pinner Monte Von Rosenberg c Stagline o RHO CHAPTER First Row: Allegret, Baker, Becker, Black, Boudreau, Burlingame, Campbell, Carso, Chaffe. Second Row: Clark, Conner, Douglass, Paget, Ferguson, Ferris, Ford, Goss, Grant. Third Row: Gustafson, tHall, Hamel, tHarris, Hatchell, Hatchette, tHawkins, Holbrook, Houck. Fourth Row: tHundling, Johnson, Kelly, Kendall, Lawton, Mackenroth, McGinn, McLean, Montague. Fifth Row: Nicoll, Paris, Parsons, Peters, Pitts, Reeder, Riddell, Robertson, Roy. Sixth Row: Schuster, Scott, Senter. Shafto, Sigler, Sparks, Street, league, Trahan. Seventh Row: Trenchard, Turfitt, Ulmer, Umbach, Willingham, Wren, Yerger. 290 mii %, " I ' m feeling mighly low " Rho Chapter of Chi Omega moved Into a new home this year . . . They were founded at Newcomb in 1900 . . . Chi O proudly claims their representatives in Campus activities . . . Lynn Williams is Secretary of the University Student Council . . . Sally Pitts president of Dormitory hHouse Council . . . Marie Hamel prexy of Alpha Sigma Sigma . . . Carol Clark and Mignon Paget were elected JAMBALAYA beauties . . . Clark is Secretary of Newcomb Student Body . . . Favorites are Sally Pitts, Marie Hamel, and Martha Senter as chosen by the JAMBALAYA . . . Marie Hamel wields the Chi Omega gavel . . . Veep is Margaret Ann Turfitt and Lynn Williams Secretary ... X and a horseshoe Chi O! OFFICERS MARIE HAMEL President MARGARET ANN TURFITT Vice-President MARY ANN KELLY Corresponding Secretary MARTHA HATCHETTE Recording Secretary LYNN WILLIAMS Treasurer Elizabeth Allegret Ann Baker Marjorie Becker Nancy Jean Black Patsy Boudreau Elizabeth Bronson Joan Burlingame Peggy Campbell Cynthia Carso Martha Chaffe Carol Clark Barbara Ann Conner Julie Douglass Mignon Paget Louise Ferguson Jeanne Ferris Normastel Ford Frances Goss Dorothy Grant Jan Gregory Margaret Gustafson Owene Hall Marie Hamel Hooray, we got our quota! MEMBERS Helen Susan Harris Martha Hatchell Martha Hatchette Sancy Hawkins Ann Holbrook Garland Houck Suzanne Hundling Jere Lynn Johnson Caroline Johnson Mary Ann Kelly Mary Ann Kendall Diane Lawton Rosemary McGinn Hilah McLean Lurline McMahon Jimmie Mackenroth Mary Montague Virginia Newman Ann Nicoil Jo Ann Paris Ann Parsons Carolyn Louise Peters Sally Pitts Lynn Reeder Mary Sue Riddel Cynthia Robertson Rita Ann Roy Marilyn Schuster Ann Shafto Martha Senter Marianne Sigler Mary Ann Scott Martha Clayton Sparks Lucy Strain Mary Elise Street Peggy league Sonja Trahan Ann Trenchard Margaret Ann Turfitt Jane Ulmer Barbara Umbach Lynn Williams Todd Willingham Harriet Wren Kathryn Yerger n BETA UPSILON CHAPTER First Row: Amrhein, Baird, Ballard, Bonilla, Calongne. Second Row: Corkern, Gaudet, Haeuser, Hecker, Heroy. Third Row: Mar+inez, Mufz, Pineda, Rauch, Robinson. Fourth Row: Schwandt, Winchester, Zennmer. 292 Watch that diet The youngest Sorority on the campus established here in I94i ... Delta Zetas claim the Roman Lamp as their pin, the Diamond as their jewel . . . Flower is the Kilarny Rose . . . Jackie Rauch President was also a JAMBALAYA favorite and President of the Newcomb Art School . . . Under officers Rauch, Arline Winchester and Ray Zemmer the year has been a memorable one . . . The Founders Day Banquet and the Formal have rounded out the social calendar. OFFICERS JACKIE RAUCH President ARLINE WINCHESTER First Vice-President BARBARA HECKER Second Vice-President JOAN SCHWANDT Secretary RAY ZEMMER Secretary CHARLENE MUTZ Treasurer Joyce Amrhein Patricia Baird Sylvia Ballard Matilde Rosalie Bonilla Gladys Sevin Brennan Joyce Brown Dianne Calongne Zelpha Corkern Kip Egger " 1 mean it, sister " MEMBERS Alice Gaudet Elisabeth Ann Haeuser Barbara Ann Hecker Patricia Heroy Mary Ellen Kiric Maria Louisa Martinez Charlene Ann Mutz Hallie Perry rsi Ana Lia Pineda Jackie Rauch Joanna Robinson Joan Schwandt Gayle Tanner Anne Trice Arline Winchester Jerry Joy Wolfe Fary Marie Zemmer ye ALPHA PHI CHAPTER First Row: Arnold, Bartlett, Bennett, Beyt, Blair, Brooke, Brown, Burglass. Second Row: Butler, Comegys, Cooper, M. L Davis, M. S. Davis, Dean, Dixey, Diggs. Third Row: Fraser, Hendricks, Hewitt, Hill, A. Homan, C. Homan, King, Knight. Fourth Row: Knupp, Lowery, Milliken, Payne, Pelton, Pounders, Ramsey, Reed. Fifth Row: Saucier, Schmid, Selby, Sheehy, A. Smith, E. Smith, Turner, Ulmer. Sixth Row: Vizzini, Warner, Wingate, Winn, Yerly, Youngs. 294 " Come on along, come on along " The K.A.T. ' s founded In 1870 claim the Pansy as the flower and Black and Gold as their colors . . . Babs Bartlett, prexy, was Newcomb Student Body President and a member of the ' 52 Homecoming Court . . . Lorraine Saucier headed Dance Club . . . The Jamb chose Babs as a favorite . . . Alpha Phi ' s were active in many activities and clubs . . . Spirit, Religious, Dance, hlonorary, etc. . . . The formal on March 20th, hhe Senior Banquet, Founders Day Banquet, Orphans Party, and annual Katsup Party kept their social calendar well filled . . . They were the first fraternity among women to adopt a Greek name . . . Were runners-up in sorority song test. OFFICERS BABS BARTLETT President ELEANOR SMITH Vice-President MARCIA DAVIS Corresponding Secretary DIANE DIXEY Recording Secretary GRACE RAMSEY Treasurer Carol Anderson Carol Arnold Barbara Beth Bartlett Yvonne Bayle Ann Bennett Denise Jeanne Beyt Shelton Brooke Amanda Brown Pat Burdett Pat Burglass Barbara Butler Carolyn Comegys Burrell Cooper Sue Davis Janet Dean Alice Diggs MEMBERS Diane Dixey Rose Eraser Ruth Hendricks Rosemarie Hewitt Elizabeth Hill Alice Jane Homan Catherine Homan Ruth Kennedy Shirley Knupp Janet Knight Yetive Letellier Lyon McClure Marilyn Milliken Belle O ' Neill Patsy Payne Marisue Pounders Grace Ramsay Anne Reed Loraine Saucier Sahra Schmid Mary Beth Selby Ann Marshall Smith Eleanor Smith Jo Ann Turner Ann Ulmer Janice Vizzini Earlene Viavant Sally Warner Janet Wingate Marjorie Winn Lucy Yerly We eally . . . m u BETA OMICRON CHAPTER First Row: Abaunza, Akins, A. Benoist, C. Benoist, D. Bland, E. Bland, Boisfontaine, Dees, Dell. Second Row: DePass, DeRussy, Elliott, Estabrook, Finley, Fowlkes, Gill, Greenslit, HIeronymus. Third Row: Hodges, Holmquist, Hooper, Jones, King, Knotzer, Lawson. Leonard, May. Fourth Row: Meade, Mille ' , Montgomery. Morris, Nairne, Nelson, Norman, Nott, Parker. Fifth Row: Perkins, Perrier, Prewitt, C. Rainold, M. Rainold, Reiss, Ristad, Robertson, Sandoz. Sixth Row: Saunders, Schroeder, Shuler, F, Smith, P. Smith, S. Smith, Stewart, Synott, Taylor. Seventh Row: Weaver, Wendland. Zander. 296 Kappa claims the Golden Key as their pin, carnation as their flower and the color blue . . . Proud of their 48 years at Newcomb, Kappa claimed her campus honors, extra cu rricuiar and beauty wise . . . Hogged the spotlight with Jamb beauties Pam De Pass, Carolyn Abaunza, and Mary Lawson, and Homecoming Queen Sissy Greenslit . . . Prexy Elsa Taylor was a member of Queen Sissy ' s court . . . Emily Dees presided over the Music School . . . Taylor, Dees, and Estabrcok were selected Jamb favorites . . . Leading them through a successful year were officers Taylor, Louise Riess, Jeanne Miller, and Maude Saunders . . . Claim top notch cigarette pin-up gal in Herbert Taryton queen De Pass. OFFICERS ELSA TAYLOR President LOUISE REISS Vice-President JEANNE MILLER Secretary MAUDE SAUNDERS Treasurer Carolyn Abaunza Alalce Akins Ann Benoist Carolyn Benoist Betty Bland Dorothy Bland Betsy Boisfontaine Donna Gayle Browne Betty Ann Dell Diane Dashiell Emily Dees Pamela De Pass Anne DeRussey Margaret Elliot Courtney Ann Esiabrool; Elinor Finley Maryem Fowlkes Penelope Fox Ann Gill Diane Greenslit Warrene Hayne Susan Hieronymus MEMBERS Shiela Hodges Diane Holland Jan Holmqulsf Vickie Hooper Eugenie Jones Ann King Mary Ann Krotzer Mary Lawson Joan Leonard Judy Taylor May Ann Mead Jeanne Miller Jeanne MIrandona Laurette Mon+gomery Ellen Morris Ruth Nalrne Jane Nelson He!en Nermann Sister Parker Judy Perkins Virginia Perrler Alice Prewltt Cynthia Rainold MIml Ralnold Louise Reiss Mary Alice ReIss Karen RIstad Carolyn Robertson Kathryn Sandoz Val Schroeder Maude Saunders Gladney Shell Sonya Shuler Frances Smith Pringle Smith Susan Smith Ann Stewart Ann Synott Elsa Taylor Fran Weaver Deanle V endlend Adelaide Wisdom Lolile Zander Taylor ' s tots DELTA CHAPTER First Row: Anslman, G. Boehm, P. Boehm, Bolton, Briant, Caihoun, Chestnut, Conway. Second Row: Cooke, Cooper, Curet, Damonte, De Saussure, Eastland, Eversmeyer, Fountain. Third Row: C. Fritchie, G. B. Fritchie, Garcia, Haddock, h a rell, Hunter, Jackson, Keefe. Fourth Row: Kirkland, Larmann, McCabe, Miramon, Parent, Perry, Rivet, Roesch. Fifth Row: Ruckstuhl, Smith, Thibodeaux, Thomas, Watts, Williams. 298 Lefs all make faces Founded in I 852 si Wesleyan College, Macon, Georgia, second eldest sorority lighting this Centennial year, Phi Mu was awarded first place in Sorority Song Fest . . . Rush Week saw a series of gay parties: Mother Goose, a French Night Club, and the traditional Castle Ceremony . . . Other activities Included monthly dinners by the Mothers ' Club, pledge banquet at the Court of Two Sisters, and a combination Senior and Initiation Banquet ... In conjunction with Newcomb: Basketball intersorority competition, campus carnival, and Sorority Skit tryouts . . . The annual Spring Form al at the N.O.C.C. climaxed a highly successful year . . . Newcomb big-wigs were Shirley tHaddock, Who ' s Who, Student Body veep, Joan Miramcn, Secretary-Treasurer of Commerce, Evelyn Jackson, Dream Girl of PiKA . . . Members in nearly every organization on campus: Tusk, Dance Club, Fencing Club, JAMBALAYA Staff, Athletic As- sociation, Barracudas, Le Circle Francais, and various religious clubs. OFFICERS SHIRLEY HADDOCK President BARBARA THOMAS Vice-President JOAN EVERSMEYER Secretary DIANE SMITH Treasurer ANITA PARENT Pledge Director Jean Ansemann Peggy Atkinson Betty Batt Andre Briant Babs Bolton Gerry Boehm Pat Boehm Prudence Buescher Carolyn Calhoun Jennie Chestnut Martha Church Hulda Collins Carolyn Conway Helen Cooper Carol Curet " OK, 1 had It first " MEMBERS Joan Damonte Anne De Saessure Elaine Douglas Nell Eastland Joan Eversmeyer Luciene Fountain Beth Fritchle Catherine Fritchie Joan Garcia Shirley Haddock Mary hiarrell Audrey hHunter Evelyn Jackson Ann Keefe Katharine Kirkland Barbara Larnnan Dottie McCabe Joan Miramon Anita Parent Minann Pearce Helen Perry Gay Rivet Linda Roesch Bootsie Ruckstuhl Pat Ryan Diane Smith Allison Stacey Addie Thibodeaux Barbara Thomas Pat Watts Ann Williams D (P LOU ISIANA ALPHA CHAPTER First Row: Ansley, Bailey, Baird, Barnum, Bartietf, Beaver, Bennett, Benton, Bondurant. Second Row: Brennan, Buehrer, Bush, Campbell, Carter, Chapman, Clann, De La HHoussaye, Farrow. Third Row: Fleming, Forcheimer, Griffen, hHead, hHill, Hooton, Jones, Kennington, Kerne. Fourth Row: Mann, McCarroll, McCuliough, McGee, Meriwether, Miesse, Munholland, Murray, Nichols. Fifth Row: Pratt, A. Richardson, K. Richardson, Ross, Sasser, Sloan, Speer, Stahl, Stouse. Trueman, Tyson, Youmans. 300 We ' re quarantined Had its inception in 1867 at Monmouth College and was established at New- comb in I 89 I . . . Pi Phi ' s enter 1953 three time winners of Sigma Chi Derby Day . . . Carnation is their flower and wine and blue the colors . . . Proud of Marion Pratt Pan-hHellenic President and Janeth Murray head of Barracudas . . . Hanton dela hloussaye was selected to the hHomecoming Court and Peggy Sloan to the JAMBALAYA Beauty Court . . . The Jamb also chose Caroline Trueman, Mimi Provosty, and Marion Pratt as favorites . . . JoAnn Ansley acted ably as president with de la Houssaye as chief assistant . . . Climax of the social year was the Country Club Formal. OFFICERS JO ANN ANSLEY President HANTON DeLA HOUSSAYE Vice-President KAY RICHARDSON Recording Secretary MARGARET SASSER Corresponding Secretary Emma Ansley Jo Ann Ansley Cyntlnia Bailey Alice Baird Caroline Baker Jere Barnum Mary Bartlett Arthe Beardsley Paula Beaver Ann V. Bennett Caroline Benton Judy Bondurant Patsy Brennan Connie Brown Betsy Buchrer Mary Bush Genevieve Campbell Mary Jane Carter Catherine Chapman Sue Clann Betty Daniel Hanton De La Houssaye MEMBERS Martha Farrow Peggy Fleming Prlsci!!a Fleming Valerie Fleming Cynthia Forscheimer Gary Gillis Ellen Grlffen Margaret Ann Head Susan Hill Mary Hooton Elizabeth Jones Ann J. Kennington Katherine Kerne Clare Leary Gladys McCarroli Joan McCullough Jennifer Mann Virginia Me ri whether Daisey Me ri whether Donna Jo Miesse Clara Munholland Janeth Murray Barbara Newman Nancy Nichols Florence Ozier Marion Pratt Miriam Provosty Ann Richardson Kay Richardson Morton Ross Margaret Ann Sasser Joan Scheuerman Mary Settagast Peggy Sloan Demmereux Sommerville Melanie Speer Lydianne Stahel Mildred Stouse Caroline Trueman Janet Tyson Jeanne V hite Lynne Youmar.s " But, somebody stole my bourbon Top Row; Bynum, Henderson, McCarthy. Bottom Row: Moss, Reynolds, Wood. MEDICAL PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL It is the aim of Tulane ' s Medical Pan-Hellenic Council for each new medical student to be welcomed into the medical school life in a friendly and hospitable manner. The work of the council is directed toward coordination of interfraternity scholastic and social life. The harmony of a satis- factory and well-managed fraternity " rush week " is achieved through the efforts of the council. OFFICERS JOHN L. BRADIN, JR President GROVER BYNUM Vice-President ARTHUR WOOD Secretary GLEN HENDERSON Treasurer MEMBERS JOHN L. BRADIN, JR Theta Kappa Psi GROVER BYNUM Nu Sigma Nu ROBERT GILMORE Alpha Kappa Kappa GLEN HENDERSON Phi Chi CHARLES McCarthy Theta Kappa Psi LUCIEN K. MOSS Phi Chi JAMES REYNOLDS Nu Sigma Nu ARTHUR WOOD Alpha Kappa Kappa 302 JOHN BRADIN President Founded at Cornell University in 1904 . . . came to Tulane in 1918 .. . This year ' s activities included a combination buffet supper-dance, and swim party at Lakev ood Country Club given in conjunction with the L.S.U. chapter and the New Orleans Graduate Club . . . Also a stag and several other after-football game gatherings . . . Other activities were informal discussions by graduate members, a pre-cadaver ball cocktail party, and an initiation banquet. OFFICERS P. J. EKMAN President DAVE FRIEFELD , Vice-President BILL BROOKS : . Secretary-Treasurer LAWRENCE GOLODNER Historian c Maynard Alsted Neil August Bill Brooks Mel Buxbaum Alan Cohen P. J. Ekman Bill Epstein Henry Freedman Dave Friefeld MEMBERS Don Gallant Hobart Meyer Martin Geller Milton Orkln Lawrence Golodner Ira Rothfeld Arnold Kassanoff Art Samuels Leon Kniker Eli Sedlin Bob Levine Sandy Stolove Richard Litt Lou Wiener Ronald Mann Harry Yoffee Stewart Mann Edward Zaita Hi ALPHA BETA CHAPTER First Row: Altman, Authemenf, Bowling, Brantley, Douglas, Dudley. Second Row: Ehlen, English, Ferreri, Gould, Hill, Lambert. Third Row: Middleton, Orestano, Richardson, Stifter, Tagliarini, Tennis, Wood. 304 ' Even Carmen Miranda goes to an AKK party " Began at Dartmouth Medical College in 1888 . . . Came to Tulane in 1903 . . . The AKK ' s provided a dance, a banquet and a party at the lake to lure pros- pective pledges into their fold . . . They banded together with the LSU chapter for a Christmas party at their recently redecorated house ... A stag Christmas party was given for AKK ' s eminent alumnus, Dr. Donovan Browne ... A spring formal was held at the Walnut Room and a picnic at Fountainbleau State Park . . . Every six weeks on Sunday afternoons the alumni led discussions on matters of interest to the medical profession. OFFICERS ROBERT GILMORE President COLBERT DUDLEY Vice-President MERRILL COOPER Recording Secretary JAMES McCLENDON Corresponding Secretary SALVADOR FERRERI Treasurer HAL STUBBS Marshall FRANK TAGLIARINI V arden RICHARD FLECK Chaplain JAMES COTTER Historian Rodrigo Altmann Enoch Authment Melvin Brantley Eugene Bowling Merrill Cooper James Cotter William Douglas Colbert Dudley Matt Ehlen Gerald English Salvador Ferrer! Richard Fleck MEMBERS Gordon Folger Roberf Gilmore Alfred Gould . Clyde Hagood William Henderson Conrad Herr Grady Hill John Hill Mark Lambert James McClendon James McKinney Frank Malta William Middleton Kevin O ' Brien Andrew Orestano Charles Peterson David Richardson Edward Serrano Anton Stifter Hal Stubbs Frank Tagliarinl Harold Tennis Ferdinando VizzI Arthur Wood " The girls know what the red lantern Is for " I BETA IOTA CHAPTER First Row: Anderson, Bridges, Brown, Bynum, Chandler, demons, Colburn. Second Row: Corry, Counce, Ellis, Ferris, Gillespie, Hand, Holland. Third Row: Kline, Olive, Osborn, Patrick, Paxton, Ferret, Powell. Fourth Row: Ray, Reynolds, Russell, Smith, Stoutz, Tennis, Thompson. Fi ' fth Row: Williams, Winder, Wulfekuhler, Yost. 306 " A Nu way to dance? Founded at University of Michigan in 1882 . . . Established at Tulane in 1910 . . . Nu Sig opened the year with a highly successful series of rush parties . . . hiighlight of Rush Week was the annual active-alumni banquet at the Metarie Country Club . . . Their social comnnittee cooked up many parties throughout the year besides the informal get-togethers in the Bamboo Lounge . . . The Spring Formal was staged at the Tulane Room . . . Among outstanding events of the year was the annual Rudolph Matas Lectureship in honor of Nu Sig ' s most distinguished alumnus ... Dr. Barry Woods, professor of Medicine at Washington University, delivered the talk . . . Bl chapter is proud to bring such prominent leaders In the medical professions to New Orleans for this purpose. c OFFICERS GROVER BYNUM President JIM REYNOLDS Vice-President HERB WREN Secretary BOB RADER Treasurer MEMBERS Bob Allen Bill Allensworth Paul Anderson Harold Avant Jerry Bagwell Chuck Bonura Ed Bowman Jim Bridges Glenn Brown Wade Burnside Grover Bynum Madison Cadwin Dave Chandler Bill Chapman Jack demons Jim Colburn Avery Cook Mel Corry Jack Counce Harold Cox Homer Ellis John Ferris Jack Flood Lawrence G Bill Geary Dean Gillespie Vic Goeller Jimmy Gouaux Charles Gross Jack Hale Billy Hamilton Jim Hampton Ed Hand Jim Hercher Bob Hill John Holland Bill Kemmerer Dick Kempson Carl Kline Ray Ledbetter Al Lewis Ted Lowrey dine " Any doctor wiil tell you liquor is bad for the body " John Lucas Jim McCutcheon Ernie Miller Jim Morgan Tommy Nelson Mimes Ochsner Ben Okel George Olive Bill Osburn Rob Palmer Ed Parker Bob Parsons Buddy Patrick Bernie Paxton Eldon Pence William Perret Mack Pewitt John Phillips Jack Ponder Danny Powell Bob Rader Ted Ray Jim Reynolds Bob Rogers Mike Russell Ken Saer John Smith Henry Stoutz Paul Tennis Bob Thompson Jack Thorp Albert Urrutia Jim Venable William Walker John Watts George Williams Charles Wilson Dan Wilson Paul Winder Herb Wren Warren Wulfekuhier Bud Yost H OMICRON CHAPTER First Row: J. Alexander, R. Alexander, Aliard, Bass, Beddingfield, Boswell, Brakefield, Broggan, Brown, Burnett, Cameron. Second Row: Campbell. Cappel, Carlisle, Carter, Castle, Chadwick, Clark. Cox, Crawford. Crisler, Culpepper. Third Row: Dabezies, Egger, Fontenberry, Fordtran, Garrett, Gibson. Giddens. Gutierrez, Hamilton, Harris, Hayden. Fourth Row: Henderson, Hoffman, Hunt. Hutto, J. Jackson, R. Jackson, Johnson, Keady, Kelley, Kramer, Latham. Fifth Row: Laville, Lee, Lejeune, Long. McBride, McFarland, McKellar. Moore, Morgan, Morris, Moss. Sixth Row: Nunnally, Parker, Phillips, Pope, Powell, Ramsey, Rayner, Roebuck, C, Smith, R. Smith, Stoddard. Seventh Row: Stovall, Suttle, Tucker, Tyler, Wascom, Whitley, Williams, Wolfe. 303 " Don ' t be scared, Marion, Buddy is a Phi Chi now Founded at University of Vermont, 1889 . . . Established at Tulane in 1902 . . . Phi Chi zipped through Rush Week with a luncheon, a beer and shrimp party at the lake, and of course, a dance ... In addition to the monthly dances at the house, a Christmas formal was held at the New Orleans Airport . . . And their house was made more attractive by the acquisition of new furniture for both upstairs and downstairs ... Phi Chis point with pride to the fact that their chapter edited the Spring issue of their National magazine . . . Top men on the Med campus were Bill hHayden, president of the Medical Student Body, Ken Moss, president of the Senior Med Class, and Dick Gibson, vice- president of the Tulane Student Body. OFFICERS JACK CAPPEL President GLEN HENDERSON Vice-President CARLTON CARPENTER Secretary R.T.LUCAS Treasurer MEMBERS Gilbert Alexander Laverne Alexander George Allard Lamar Arrington Jerry Bailes Rober-f Bass Haskell Bass George Beddingfield Milton Beheler Thomas Benefleld Joe Bienvenue Brantley Biankenship Austin Boggan Frank Boswell Orvilie Blank Jim Brakefield Charles Brown Dan Bullington Howard Burch Jeff Burnett Richard Cambell Robert Cameron Earl Campbell Ira Campbell Jack Cappel Bill Carlisle John Carney Carlton Carpenter Hugh Carter Robert Carter George Cary Richard Castle Harry Causey O ' Neal Chadw Richard Clark Edwin Cole Bobby Cox Ben Crawford Robert Crisler Robert Culpepper Oliver Dabezies ick Caldwell DeBardeleban Dick Dickinson James Dunklin Ralph Dunn John Eggar Richard Flowers Weston Folse Jerry Fontenberry John Fordran Harry Garrett Ellery Gay Lewis George Richard Gibson William Giddens Billy Graham Ed Gutierrez Ray Haddad Joe Hamilton Joe Hanrahan Marion Hargrove Walker Harris Herman Hassell Bill Hayden _ Hiram Haynie Glen Henderson Clifton Hester Malcolm Hodges Bill Hoffman Ray Hooper John Hudgens Thomas Hudson Warren Hunt Baxter Hutto John Jackson Roland Jackson Clark Jennings Robert Johnson Dwight Keady Charles Kelley William Killinger John Kitchens Thomas Kramer Carlos Lamar Wilbur Latham Parkie Laville Dave Lee Robert Lee Jim Leftwich Duke LeJeune Glen Leiand John Lipsy Bob Little William Long Charles Longeneaker Joe Longeneaker Ronnie Loria Theodore Lucas Billy Miller William Mitchell Charles Moore Sam Morgan Clifton Morris Ed Morriss Ken Moss McGinty McBride Raymond McBride John McDonald Zenas McDonald Roy McFarland Billy McKeller Frank McPherson Joe Netick Joe Newhall Richard Nunnally John O ' Shaughnessey Frank Owens Clyde Owings Marion Parker Jim Parson Don Pavy Charles Peter Henry Pitot Pete Phillips Dave Pope Danny Powell Paul Pratt Rex Ramsey Don Rayner Sam Reed Terry Rees Ernest Reeves Jim Roberts Jerry Roebuck Larry Rowley Jerry Shaw Charles Smith Clyde Smith Albert Stephens Ray Stodard Roy Stovall Bill-Suttle Gail Tatrum Sonny Texada Malcolm Thomas Bob Townes James Tucker Cleveland Turner Charles Tyker Dave Wall Charles Wascom Clarence Webb Robert Wells Glenn Whitley Alfred Wick Ollle Williams Robert Williams Marion Winkler William Wolfe Tommy Wood Joe Wright " Fete de Chapeau " iU PI CHAPTER Firsf Row: Baldone, Bradin, Bugg, Caruso, Cogdell, Coppola, Culicchla. Second Row: Dame, Danna, Falletta, Firnberg, Gallo, Geissler, Goodlad, Third Row: Griffing, Hinman, Jones, Laurent, LIndley, Morgan, McCarthy. Fourth Row: Ossi, Parker, Powell, Pratt, Quehl, Riecken, Sheely. Fifth Row: Snow, Spoto, Thabit, Vandevoorde, Voight. 310 ' Standing Room Only Founded at Russell and Cheshire Military Academies in 1879 . . . Came into its own at Tulane in 1904 ... In addition to many impromptu parties, Theta Kap threw a Halloween party and a Christmas Banquet and party . . . The Cadaver Ball, of course, was the party of parties, given by the Theta Kap pledges for the rest of the Med School ... A quieter event was the Spring Formal with awards presented to the more active members . . . Some of the more educational aspects of the groups included a series of movies and lectures by members of the faculty . . . The Foster M. Johns Library, Theta Kap ' s pride, received many new books . . . Plans are moving along swiftly under Ed FHinman ' s guidance for the purchase of a large new house. OFFICERS JOHN L. BRADIN, JR President JAMES K. GOODLAD Vice-President S. J.DANNA Secretary MARVIN A. HIXON Treasurer Chris Gus Baffles Joseph Baldone Willard Bennett Ralph Bergeron Peter Bertuccl John L. Bradin, Jr. James W. Bugg Charles J. Caruso B. H. Cogdell Anthony F. Coppolo Carl Culicchia George Dame S. J. Danna Herbert Dyer MEMBERS Gerald P. Falletta Thomas Fedor Robert Firnberg Louis A. Galio William Geissler James K. Goodlad Joseph G. Griffing Henry Harren Robert Hatton Edward J. Hinman Marvin A. Hixon Kenneth Johnson J. Boiling Jones, 1 1 1 Charles Laurent Gene Ray Lindley " Malcolm ' s potted again " John Lut+reli Charles T. McCarthy Richard Morgan M. Benjamin Ossi Leandro Pasos Amos Lee Prevatt Evans Powell Thomas Quehl William Riecken Lowry L. Sheely Nelson Spoto George Thabit Jacques Vandevoorde Jack Voight c Phi Lambda Kappa began in 1909 at the University of Pennsylvania . . It was established at Tulane in 1924 . . . Had several lectures during the year by members of the Medical Faculty including Dr. Bernard Weinstein and Dr. Morton Ziskind ... A film of medical interest was shown every m onth ... A banquet was held in February honoring the Freshman and a Senior Banquet was held in May. J . HERBERT S. BELL PHILIP BOOKMAN IRVING COPPEL ARTHUR COREY STUART PARSER FRANK GRUBER MEMBERS ELI HARMON MELVIN KAHN DAVID KASNER ARTHUR KERN DICK LEVY AL MALLER MEL SANDLER STAN SECKLER JACK SHERMAN HARLAN SINDELL SELWYN WILLIG ABRAHAM WINTERS " ■PWBPipiWIpWIB " ..: W. r- J t ' II fCPTTON ' S en ' tm . »r_ A ■■ WHITNEY NATIONAL BANK OF NEW ORLEANS Established 1883 FOR OVER 68 YEARS. OUR RESOURCES HAVE BEEN DEDICATED TO THE BUILDING OF THE SOUTH MEMBER OF THE FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION ARNAUD ' S " The House of Hospitality and Friends " 801-29 BIENVILLE STREET OPEN FROM II A. M. to 12:30 A.M. GERMAINE CAZENAVE WELLS Owner of Arnaud ' s Restaurant, daughter of the late Count Ainaud, founder of the restaurant that bears bis name, as well as creator of many famous Creole and French dishes famed throughout the world. ARNAUD ' S — Selected the best restaurant of the South for the 2000th anniversary of the founding of the City of P aris. -.irt 5%l.- Re.t uurcin t Few are the people who set fooh on the sidewalk of New Orleans who do not seek to learn the location of Ar- naud ' s and forthwith journey there to enjoy this famous cuisine. After partaking of a notable meal, guests fre- quenlly ask the derivation of a particular dish: " Is it French? " " Is it Spanish? " The answer Is that it is a combinalion of the wizardry of the French wiih the art of Spanish o make Arnaud ' s masterpieces. pnaitd AIR CONDITIONED " Saturday nite ba+h " LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA LLOYD ALEXANDER IRWIN KNIGHT A. F. M. Lloyd Alexanders Orchestra " Pride of New Orleans " 8336 PRITCHARD PLACE PHONE WA. 6395-R AFTER 5:00 P M. LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA COMPLIMENTS OF CRESCENT CITY FEED STORE 2000 St. Claude Ave. VI. 2171 CLIFFORD fl. KinC v uildina pecialL 9 - P ' ties Floor Coverings Acoustical Materials Marble Brick and Tile Steel Products 2 I 9 Dryades Street Raymond 05 I 5 Est. 1788 MA. 8924 ORIGINAL PIERIfiC: MASPERO ' S EXCHAIVliE ARTHUR LAMAZOU, Prop. Only the best grades of domestic and imported wines and liquors NEW ORLEANS, U. S. A. 440 Chartres St. Z DENDINGER, In " OWNER V The Department Store of Building Materials 721 South Claiborne Ave, Phone: Raymond 1363 311 Baronne Street, New Orleans, La. The Store for YoMint 3Men and JfMen Who Stay Yountf! LIBBY AUTOCRAT INSTITUTIONAL SUPPLY CO. BRANCH CONSOLIDATED COMPANIES. INC. WHOLESALE GROCERS TUIane 8196 I 545 Julia Street New Orleans, La. BLUE BLACK LINE PRINTS PHOTOSTAT PRINTS KEUFFEL ESSER DRAWING MATERIALS SLIDE RULES DRAWING SETS SUPPLIES PHOTO MURALS NEW ORLEANS BLUE PRINT SUPPLY CO., INC. 824 Union Street RA4I96 " The long and short of it " EDGAR MURRAY SUPPLY COMPANY, IIVC. MACHINERY AND INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES NEW ORLEANS, LA. COLLEGE RINGS SORORITY PINS FRATERNITY KEYS SPECIAL DESIGNS CREATED BERNARD 8. GRUNNING " Better Jewelry " 146 Baronne Street TABASCO Try it with eggs ONE DROP WORKS WONDERS Made only by Mcllhenny Company. Avery Island, La. " Steady boy . . . steady C A. SPORL CO. INCORPORATED ALL KINDS OF INSURANCE Whitney Building Canal 5341 Did You Know . . Shakespeare called it a luxury? In " Winter ' s Tale, " Shakespeare alludes to rice as a great luxury in England. the Chinese made a religious cere- mony of its planting? An ancient Chinese script records this cere- monial of 5,000 years ago. the Burmese include it among the gifts of God? The Burmese account of Creation states, " Thus God created man. God made food and drink, rice, fire and water, cattle, elephants and birds. " ... an emperor developed an irrigation system for it? Emperor Yu, about 2356 B.C., according to Chi- nese classics, constructed a system of rice ir- rigation. ... a hurricane blew it to America? Most sources agree that the first rice seeds were planted here after a sailing vessel bound for Liverpool was blown off its course and landed at Charleston. The captain left a small bag of rough rice with the Colony ' s governor, and this was the start of rice cultivation in America. And . . . did you know . . . rice is the basic food for over half the world ' s population? These are just a few of the reasons we find the rice business a fascinating one. We hope your chosen career will be as interesting and satisfying for you. LOUISIANA STATE RICE MILLING COMPANY, INC., Abbeville, Louisiana • Amer ca ' s Largest nice Miners " Just another quack " ESTABLISHED SERVICES TO Cuba - Jamaica - Panama - Colombia - Costa Rica - Nicaragua - Honduras - Guatemala - Salvador - British Honduras - West Coast Central and South America UNITED FRUIT COMPANY 321 St. Charles St. New Orleans. La. STRUCTURAL STEEL • MISCELLANEOUS ORNAMENTAL IRON • REINFORCING STEEL ORLEANS MATERIALS EQUIPMENT CO. Incorporated FABRICATORS OMECO DESIGNERS 556 Tchoupltoulas Street New Orleans 6, La. New Orleans Office University 5496 Baton Rouge Office 4-5795 PERRILLIAT-RICKEY CONSTRUCTION CO., nc Ljeneral (contractors 1530 S. Rendon Street Pioneer Building 1045 Choctaw Road NEW ORLEANS, LA. LAKE CHARLES, LA. BATON ROUGE, LA. As Always . . . for fine feminine apparel quA.Mai{ i. CO § LIMITED W. H. CURTIN CO. Laboratory Apparatus Reagents Spencer and Bausch Lomb Microscopes 2800 Frenchman St. New Orieans, La. For Beautiful Matched Diamond Wedding Sets- f ailet Cf f- " enedo, nc. Manufacturing Jewelers 152 BARONNE ST. ' Bon Fire Night " COMPLIMENTS OF THE STRATTON BALDWIN CO., INC. MAJORS MEDICAL BOOKSTORES Three stores to serve you with any medical book in print. Subscriptions solicited for all medical periodicals in the English language. A full line of books is carried in stock at all times so that immediate delivery can be made. J. A. MAJORS CO. New Orleans 12 Dallas I Atlanta 3 ' r ILLER since 1919 FIRE FIGHTING HEADQUARTERS 52 I Sravier St. New Orleans ALL THE STUDENTS " NEEDS AT THE TULANE BOOK STORE " What ' s with the extra leg? " " But Confucious say . . . " TROPICAL PRESS OFFSET— COMMERCIAL PRINTER Canal 1294 510 Camp Street NEW ORLEANS 12, LA. EDDIE SCHNEIDER UPPER CITY SERVICE ROAD SERVICE— BATTERIES— TIRES— TUBES ACCESSORIES— WASHING AND GREASING W. N. MILLER, JR., Prop. Phone Walnut 4842 600 S. Carrollton Ave. A. S. Aloe Company ' The World ' s Largest Surgical Supply House " The One Stop Source of Supply for the Physician, Hospital and Clinical Laboratory New Orleans Branch CA 7741-42-43-44 1425 TULANE AVENUE PHILLIP ' S RESTAURANT NICK STIPELCOVICH, Manager 733 Cherokee WA 9301 TULANE ' S MODERN CAFETERIA Invites You To Enjoy food at it ' s best — served in our pleasant surroundings, at reasonable prices. Dimng v ith us Is more economical than dining at home — try it on your maid ' s next night ofr. COMPLIMENTS OF STAUFFER ESHLEMAN CO.. LTD. WHOLESALE HARDWARE IMPORTERS and EXPORTERS Phone MA 5621 I M8 South Peters New Orleans R. J. YOUNG MOTOR CO., INC, DODGE PASSENGER CARS DODGE " JOB-RATED " TRUCKS PLYMOUTH PASSENGER CARS 1331 So. Broad St. RAymond 6291 THE CARRIAGE TRADE BEAUTY SALON l552St. Charles Ave. Phone Raymond 0724 MAgnolla 281 Since 1875 THE LOUBAT GLASSWARE CORK COMPANY Complete Equipment and Supplies HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, INSTITUTIONS NEW ORLEANS WE ARE JUST A MATTER OF HOURS FROM YOU ACCURACY All orders are carefully checked before ship- ment. PROMPTNESS Express, mail, truck and train speed our de- livery to you shortly after the order is re- ceived. FAIR DEALING Our Policy — To serve the pharmacists of Louisiana economically, fairly and to pro- mote ideas that will build business for you. McKesson ROBBINS, incorporated NEW ORLEANS DIVISION New Orleans 7, La. Phone RAymond 2101 ASBESTONE CORPORATION Manufacturers of ASBESTOS CEMENT ROOFING SIDING NEW ORLEANS, LA. " And there I was ... at 3.000 feet " AUTO PAINTING AND REPAIRING CO.. INC. 1725 Dufossat St. BOYLE OUSTALET " 24 Hour Emergency Gas and Oil Service " Jackson 4801 SHELTON SMITH NASH CO. NEW CAR SERVICE DEPTS. 1018 Baronne St. Tulane548l USED CAR DEPT. 844 Howard Ave. Canal 1 88 NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA TDLANE PRINTING OFFICE L amtyui J- rinterS ■ UNIVERSITY 2741 GIBSON HALL EXT. 344 CONTINENTAL TRAILWAYS Fast, Express Bus Service From NEW ORLEANS +o BATON ROUGE Also thru (no change) BUSES +0 SHREVEPORT— DALLAS BEAUMONT— HOUSTON JACKSON— MEMPHIS and All Intermediate Points For Complete Information Call CONTINENTAL TRAILWAYS BUS DEPOT 1 3 14 Tulane Ave. Phone RA420I WILLIAM S. VINCENT INSURANCE AGENCY GENERAL INSURANCE 415 Carondelet BIdg. RAymond 1268-1269 Ma 3477— Ra 6985 Ch 4792 CLIFF PROBST AUCTIONEER-REALTOR 427 Carondelet St. N. O. 12, La. DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT GOOD SANDWICHES COCKTAIL LOUNGE 3016 South Carrollton Ave. New Orleans " Watch the birdie " CANAL-VILLERE FOOD STORES. INC. 4528 Freret St. NEW ORLEANS, LA. FACU LTY— STAFF— STU DENTS Designed -for Your EXCLUSIVE USE TULANE LAUNDRY Located behind Newcomb Gym — Art School FINE FURNITURE RARE ACCESSORIES INTERIOR " m DECORATiON Here in a magnificently restored ante- bellum mansion Is snown one or tne worm ' s great collectioni; of tine furniture (antique and modern) along with a large collection or rare, decorative accessories. An accomplisned stati of interior decorators serves a distingulsned clientele tnrougliout the boutn and t-outhwest. Inquiries are invited. ' :ilMMii ;:j!ipiji; tafe Ul :;i r; ' ir 111 " 3M 111 ' ' Sst : ; ,, FINE FURNITURE DECORATIVE ACCESSORIES RARE PORCELAINS COMPLETE INTERIORS HEMENWAY 521 Royal Street NEW ORLEANS L. G. BALFOUR Headquarters for CO. BADGES CRESTED NOVELTIES, TROPHIES, KEYS, STATIONERY, MUGS, RINGS, etc. WALTER S. CRUMP, Mgr. 619 S. Carrollton Ave. WA 7980 MEYNIER DILLMANN HARDWARE CO. 7724 Maple Street Phone: Walnut 2545 Incorporated HARDWARE, CROCKERY, PAINT, GLASS, BUILDING MATERIALS and ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES New Orleans, La. 4938 Prytania St. CUSIMANO ' S LOUNGE Every Third Drink on fhe House Monday through Friday between the hours of 4:30 and 7:00 (Beer Excluded) UP 9239 COMPLIMENTS OF FREEPORT SULPHUR CO. (Producers of Crude Sulphur) NEW ORLEANS PORT SULPHUR Phone CA 3619 WA 2277 Night Phones WA 7397 (uN 2865 THOS. W. HOOLEY SONS Machine and Boiler Works Marine Work a Specialty I 026-36 Tchoupitoulas Street New Orleans, La. FOR FURNITURE 1889-1953 BARNETT ' S 600 CARONDELET ST. r Our " Naturalaire " model The natural approach to fashion PRIDE OF OWNERSHIP There is a certain self-esteem experienced in the wearing of quality apparel — an inner satisfaction that your clothing is worn in true good taste. That is what we offer you in a garment with a Terry and Juden label. erru and Auden Oo. 135 Carondelet St. NEW ORLEANS, LA. " Fine Apparel and Uniforms for over 60 years " Tulane ROTC uniforms made by us M. D. KOSTMAYER GENERAL INSURANCE AND BONDS 709 UNITED FRUIT BUILDING Raymond 6151 COMPLIMENTS OF I. L. Lyons and Co. Ltd. Established 1866 Pensacola, Fla. Lake Charles, La. NEW ORLEANS, LA. 833 Common Street BARNETT OPTICAL CO. WM. J. HAGSTETTE, Mgr. GUILD PRESCRIPTION OPTICIANS RAymond 47 II -74 1 4 New Orleans, La. Get The Best @cSSi Get Sealtestf DAIRY PRODUCTS ' " • " ■ " • ' " ■•• " " ••■• • " •■° G REAT UNIVERSITIES DO NOT " JUST HAPPEN. " SINCE 1834, INTEGRITY. SOUND DIRECTION. CREATIVE PLANNING, PROGRESSIVE POLICIES EFFICIENTLY CARRIED THROUGH. ARE SOME OF THE FACTORS THAT HAVE CONTRIBUTED TO THE DEVELOPMENT OF TULANE FROM A HUMBLE BEGINNING TO ITS PRESENT DOMINANT POSI- TION AMONG SOUTHERN UNIVERSITIES. THESE SAME FACTORS CONSTITUTE A SOLID FRAME- WORK FOR SUCCESS V ITHIN ANY FIELD OF ENDEAVOR. R.P. F ARNSWORTH a Co., I NC, GENERAL CONTRACTORS P. O. Box 850 New Orleans 2. La. CLARK. DUNBAR DUNN 325 Jackson Street HOME FURNISHINGS P. O. Drawer 1288 Alexandria, Louisiana WEDDINGS CARROLLTON AT ST. CHARLES PICCADILLY FLORIST WE TELEGRAPH FLOWERS FORMALS WA 2552 THE mflVFfllR LOUnCE 3633 Prytania St. UP. 9044 MARIO ' S We Deliver HOT SANDWICHES HALF FRIED CHICKEN 2906 B roadway Ph. UN. 7595 WA. 4788 WonteL eone COIFFURES 630 S. Carrollton Ave. NEW ORLEANS 18, LA. " DIAMOND " JIM MDRAN FOOD FOR KINGS MA 945 1 CA 7456 809 St. Louis St. New Orleans, La. wmm DDMIND ' S PIZZA PIE WE DELIVER PIZZA Call Us— MA. 91 I I Open All Niqhf 701 St. Charles Ave. MA. 91 cut heca4e c ptc nM 1 9 1 2 to 1 952 1. An all time high in new sales, $116,000,000 in 1951 (includes re-insta+emenfs and revivals) 2. Half a billion dollars of insurance In force 3. Complete mutualiiation 4. The completion and occupancy of our new $3,000,000 Home Office building. WE HAVE: A. A WELL-TRAINED SALES ORGANIZATION B. ARMED WITH EXCELLENT SALES TOOLS and HIGHLY COMPETITIVE SALES MERCHANDISE C. A LIBERAL COMPENSATION PLAN . . . PLUS 1. Free Hospitalization 2. Group Insurance up to $6,000 3. A Non-Contributory Pension Plan 4. Disability Benefits The progress of Pan-American Life Insurance Company is measured by the ability and success of Its agency organization. Our 238 Junior and Senior Dynamo Club Members averaged over $350,000 of Ordinary Life business during 1951 CRAWFORD H. ELLIS President EDWARD G. SIMMONS Executive Vice-President KENNETH D. HAMER Vice-President Agency Director CRESCENT CITY MOTORS STUDEBAKER DEALER PHONE CAnal 2365 2001 St. Charles Avenue Sales Service New Orleans 13, La. JNO. WORNER SON BUILDERS HARDWARE W puality Distributors ot YALE LOCKS AND HARDWARE SARGENT LOCKS AND HARDWARE Phone Raymond 1674 Phone Raymond 0353 401-405 Decatur Street New Orleans 16, U.S.A. J. D. LE BLANC. INC. OFFICE FURNITURE— SYSTEMS- STATIONERY OFFICE PLANNING COUNSELORS MA 7764 6 I 8 Gravier New Orleans, La. It ' s Bennett ' s for the Largest Variety of Photographic Equipment in the City ARGUS 75 One of America ' s lowest price precision reflex cam- «e» i lWS TST ' wniif St. 320 BARONNE ST. Opposite Public Service EASTMAN KODAK STORES Incorporated EVERYTHING PHOTOGRAPHIC A Complete Line of Photographic Merchandise and Accessories 928 Canal St. New Orleans, Louisiana For Fun — Tulane and Newcombites Enjoy PONTCHARTRAIN BEACH 251 ' h Anniversary Season FOR THE FINEST YEARBOOK COVER THE JAMBALAYA STAFF PICKED A KINGSKRAFT COVER BY THE KINGSPORT PRESS KINGSPORT, TENNESSEE O ' SHAUGHNESSY SERVICE, INC. 4 — Texaco Service Stations — 4 40 — Bowling Lanes — 40 101 Airline Highway LESSONS BY APPOINTMENT Temple 5577 COMPLIMENTS OF PORTER ' S Corner of Carondelet a nd Gravler HENRY KRAAK FLORIST 1425 Eieonore St. UP 1 198 Member — Florist Telegraph Delivery the younger set all agree the place for fashion is MB . . . and to prove the point, here is Joan Robinson, Newcomb, wearing one of the many happy young styles from MB ' s Junior Shop, Second Floor Maison B LANCHE GREATEST STORE SOUTH pure silk pure ildttery by Ann Fogarty Pure silk . . . sophisticated simplicity for the Jr. figure in the wide, fitted midriff . . . rustling, full skirt and V neckline. Deep-toned modernistic print. Sizes 9, II and 13. $39.98 Holme ' s Jr. Shop, Second Floor MARTHA BIENVENU TTie i w place l COLUMBIA HOMESTEAD ASSOCIATIONS 330 Carondelet St. NEW ORLEANS 3% Current Dividend J. B. EATON C. C. FRIEDRICHS I. L. DUSSOM Board Chairman President Vice President BUSINESS AND INSTITUTIONAL FURNITURE EQUIPMENT OF EVERY TYPE LIBRARY FURNITURE SHELVING SHAW WALKER STEEL DESKS AND FILES STOW-DAVIS EXECUTIVE DESKS CHAIRS DoMORE POSTURE CHAIRS PLAYGROUND EQUIPMENT GYMNASIUM EQUIPMENT LABORATORY FIXTURES INDOOR AND OUTDOOR SEATING H. C. PARKER. INC. 336 Camp Street New Orleans, U.S.A. " Stage struck? " where good quality always costs less NEW ORLEANS MOST COMPLETE DEPARTMENT STORE atU actm uaMHtee4 f y ut lUcneif Sack SEARS FOR THE PRIVILEGE OF MAKING THE PHOTOGRAPHS CONTAINED IN THIS ANNUAL OUR SINCERE THANKS UJflLLRCE STUDIOS rf aKerd of Sjrine f- ortfaiti 37 BRANCHES THROUGHOUT THE NATION TO SERVE YOU L naraved b arauea ou SHREUePORT CnGRflUinG compnnv SHREVEPDRT, LOUISIANA oDeslaned and f- nnted v f Benson PRinnnG compflnv NASHVILLE. TENNESSEE

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