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The Jambalaya cover this year is the work of Architecture senior Ross Murrell. Ross, an LSU student before transferring to Tulane, laid out every line and chose the colors that you see on the front. Incidentally, he is the first Tulane student to design a Jambalaya cover completely. What does it represent? In the artist ' s own words: " This mural is offered as my interpretation, in line, of the academic, fraternal, and religious life here at Tulane. " Murrell, however, refrains from explaining his abstract drawing in detail — thot is left to the ingenuity and imagination of the reader. R Of A S. A at Uu£ane • ROBERT E. THOMPSON EDITOR • THOMAS E. RYAN • Business Manager H E Y E A R B K — P U B L I S H E D BY THE TULANE UNIVERSITY OF L U I S I A N A — N E W ORLEANS S E P T E B E R JJ cJLee , nn Kobertson SEPTEMBER mi s m t UI t f s I 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 II 12 13 14 15 I6 17 l8 19 20 21 22 V 24 25 26 27 28 29 . . . regis+ra-Hon . . . standing in line . . . preparing the house for rushing . . . books . . . confused freshmen . . . assemblies . . . cheerleader election . . . bonfires . . . miami game . . . rush week . . . freshman dance . . . greenie-beanies . . . shaking hands . . . governor warren . . . new dorm r jJ Aan KJt dopl oncci OCTOBER i9n s m t w t I 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 II 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 c T B E R . . . orientation . . . cheesy smiles . . . honor system . . . pledging . . . football . . . thurber ' s pep band . . . teas . . . I.s.u. game tickets . . . election of homecoming queen . . . television at the student center . . . pep rallies . . . hodda gabler . . . jamb picture . . . lae undertakers ball . . . 1 iai ■ " - . . . convocation with gen. collins . . . who ' s who . . . senator +af+ . . . hullabaloo . . . derby week . . . kangaroo court . . . homecoming . . . joan morrlson, queen . . . more pep rallies . . . homecoming dance . . . sugar bowl tickets . . . variety show . . . freshman assemblies . . . margaret truman, singer . . . beaux arts ball . . . thanksgiving . . . st. pat and engineers dance . . . N V E B E R NOVEMBER I 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 n 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 V 26 27 28 29 30 yrnn ( Bennett Idd r lancu cJ itlendtei DECEMBER I9?i s m t w I 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 II 12 13 14 15 I6 17 l8 19 20 21 22 V n 25 26 27 28 29 ein . . . I.S.I game . . . moot court team wins . . . freshman-sophomore game . . . jamb beauty election . . . basketball . . . g s operettas . . . christmas tree . . . quizzes . . . casamento ' s . . , Sunday night movies . . . pedersen injured . . . endowment drive . . . chi omega v ins songfest , christmas parties . . . holidays . . . D E C E B E . . . f rst blood drive . . . french quarter . . . addition to downtown med school . . . bull sessions . . . soccer . . . coke dates . . . robert frost . . .coffee in the cafeteria . . . pace inspects rote . . . exams . . . JANUARY I9?l s m f w t s I 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 II 12 13 14 15 " i6 17 i8 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 oan J A N U A R Y . . . cadaver ball . . . regis+ra+ion again Vaughn monroe . . . religious emphasis week . . . more basketball . . . first spring tormals . . . Intramurals . . . coffee after the movie . . . alice koch, delta sig " rose " . . . studying in the library . . . charles laughton . . . I.s.u. game . . . matas lectureship . . . basketball honors night . . . mardi gras . . . babs bartlett, new newcomb president . . . FEBRUARY mi s m t w t f s I 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 II 12 13 14 15 l6 17 l8 19 20 21 22 23 24 1 ' ) 26 27 28 29 IS6 E B R U A R Y ormunn MARCH 19 1 s m t w s m I 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 n 12 13 15 i6 17 i8 19 20 21 22 " 31 25 26 27 28 29 r jj nil C.J cu . . . moonlight walks . . . style show . . . greek week . . . festival choir concert . . . second blood drive . . . leadership council constitution . . . cannpus night . . , wearing new pins . . . cafeteria . . . newcomb senior-faculty skit . . . bobble webb, nniss pauline tulane . . . frnka resigns . . . french market coffee . . . s.i.a.s.g. convention at newcomb . . . honor roll . . . newcomb glee club concert . . . baseball starts . . . o.d.k. convention . . . election campaigning . . . MARCH campus carnival . . . commerce formal . . . tulane glee club concert . . . easter, and sunrise service . . . mimi provos+y, sweetheart of sigma chi . . . a.i.e.e. convention . . . junior cap and gown day . . . band tour . . . barristers ball . . . tennis victories . . . swaim ticket elected . . . sorority skit night, a.e.phi winners . . . blue key . . . phi beta kappa ... pi phi wins sigma chi derby day . . . more dances . . . sacred cow pasture . . . sae wins fraternity skit night . . . APRIL 1951 12 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 II 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 -J y i- ' -.wJi:.Jfcw»Atfe ' -- - " ' um Recording a calendar of events of Tulane University of Nev Orleans for the school year, September through May nh oan W, iramon MAY 1952 s m f If t I 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 II 12 13 14 15 l6 17 i8 19 20 21 22 V- li 25 26 27 28 29 3( . . . band concert . . . may day ... a s spring frolic dance . . . sen. douglas speaks at founders day . . . honors night . . . farewell parties . . . newcomb dorm nearly completed . . . exams . . . phillips . . . goodbys . . . graduation . . . -• --ITW --- n " -, ' -- -! } CLASSES September 25 Newcomb 26 Arts and Sciences 57 Commerce 79 Engineering 93 Architecture 105 Law 113 Medicine 125 Graduate Sctiool Social Work 150 tt ACTIVITIES January 213 ATHLETICS October 153 Football 154 Basketball liS Soccer 173 Baseball 174 Tennis 176 Track 178 Golf 179 Pan-Hellenic Sports 180 Intramurals .182 MILITARY April .307 4i - l SPIRIT November 185 MUSIC DRAMATICS May 315 Advertising 322 ble of CO n t e n t s Dedication 15 Message frcm the President. . 16 Division of Student Life . . . fB Student Council 20 Tulane Alumni Association . . 22 .Newcomb Alumnae Association 24 •s-r -? vi=« - r iii-ijJJ W ' .rJ ' - i:.-.=. FEATURES December 191 Beauties I ' 2 Favorites 206 Hall of Fame 210 ORGANIZATIONS February 233 University-wide 234 Publications 237 Religious 242 Honoraries 247 GREEKS March 251 Fraternities 252 Sororities 263 ,« - £;i taftXo -. Miss Anna E. Many, Counselor to Wonnen, three times Acting Dean, Professor of Mathennatlcs, and a person without whonn we cannot imagine Newcomb, defies Gaylord hiauseur. Spurning yogurt and wheat germ, she retains an unbelievably youthful vitality by simply working out the problems of seven hundred some- odd students and, we dare say, some faculty, one by one, and realizing that most of them are not, as the sti ' dents think, impossible. When university students, and especially Newcomb students, see Miss Many, the smile given her, as the smile received, is not " polite, " but spontaneous. To Miss Many we are hon- oured to dedicate the 1952 JAMBALAYA. MI ' .s Ann i E. Many dedication message from the president To the Students of Tulane University: The school year 1951-52 has been one of splendid progress for the University. A new men ' s residence hall for freshmen students was opened in September of I 95 I , and plans are being studied for three additional ones. The Warren hlouse for women is being doubled, and will be ready for occupancy in September of 1952. hHutchinson Memorial Building is being enlarged. The research facilities not only in the Medical School but throughout the University are expanding rapidly. An Alumni HHouse located on Willow Street has been purchased. This home will make available adequate office space and a proper reception center for Tulane alumni. The great educational foundations have seen fit to award Tulane substantial grants for the improvement of teaching and research. Perhaps more significant than any other single achievement is the University ' s increase of its endowment fund. From private individuals, corporations, alumni, faculty, staff, and students, two million dollars were raised in the preliminary effort. Another million and a quarter to be matched by an equal sum from the General Education Board is the goal for 1952. The fine support which the University received from its students in this drive testified to the solid morale and sincere school spirit prevailing in the student body. I feel that we are living through a period of great development at Tulane University, and I am certain that future generations of Tulanians will applaud the considerable and significant contributions of the class of 1952. f uj-ui L arrollton ..J artL MR. Kins C;, RK(Jl,l.l(i, IIAKIUS 17 New and exciting developments took place during 1951-52 in the Student Program. New dormitories for both men and women were completed, and plans are underway for more. A thoroughgoing Orientation Pro- gram brought together new students of both Tulane and Newcomb in a series of meetings, parties, and dances. Dr. John H. Stibbs was named Dean of Students by President Harris, with responsibility for supervision of personnel matters throughout the several colleges of the University. With the help and experience of Miss Anna Many, the Counselor to Women at Newcomb Col- lege, Dr. Stibbs is developing a staff of assistants who not only carry their share of the administrative load but also serve as approachable, personal friends to the stu- dents. This year special attention was given to the Foreign Student Program. The Division of Student Life has been very much concerned about the increase in knowledge, understanding, and good will which can come from close division of DR. JOHN H. STIBBS Dean of Student Life Faculty Committee on Student Affairs student EINAR PEDERSEN Asiiltant to the Dean of Student Life JOHN BRANCH Placement Officer contact between American students and faculty members and the many -foreign students we have among us, and is doing its utmost to extend a warm welcome to these students from other countries. In the Recreational Pro- gram, the year 1951-52 has seen the inauguration of the Soccer Club on the campus. An exciting game was played In the Stadium just prior to the annual Fresh- man-Sophomore Football Classic. Another addition to the Recreational Program was the inauguration of the Audubon Screen Tours. The New Orleans Audubon So- ciety now cooperates with Tulane University to bring to the campus each year five lecturers who personally present the best in all-color outdoor motion pictures on a variety of wildlife subjects. MRS. BUCKNER CHIPLEY Stud f f 0 f ' r Ho ' .t«! . ' , DR. ANDRES HORCASITAS Foreign Student Advisor MRS. BROOKE DUNCAN Houio Suporviior, Mon ' i Roiidonco Hall MRS. MYRA CULBERTSON Housing Director J ■ m FADELL GOLDMIER HART HIDALGO MclNTYRE t u I a n e university JOHN G. WEINMANN Student Council President Composed of the presidents of each college and three officers elected by the student body, the Student Council is the voice of the 5,000 Tu- lane students in university matters. The respon- sibilities and duties this past year ranged from conducting the endov ment fund drive to causing an investigation of the cafeteria by higher school authorities. The Student Council of the 1951- 1952 session handled their business so efficiently as to make many students comment " this is the best student council we ' ve ever had. " The endowment fund drive backed by the council had as its aim 100% participation by the student body. Many of the colleges did re- ceive a donation from each of its students and none fell below the 90% mark, due to the per- sistent effort of the members of the council. In all routine affairs, handling of contracts, budgetary problems, university elections, settling minor issues, the student council of 1952 proved itself very outstanding. 20 PAHON REEO REMINGTON RODRIGUEZ WELLBORN Student council JOHN G. WEINMANN Student Council SAMUEL G. WELLBORN . . Student Council ELOISU CAPPEL Student Council TOM FADELL ... Law School FRANKLIN RODRIGUEZ .... First Semester President School of Social Work JOHN GOLDMIER . Second Semester President School of Social Work OFFICERS President HAROLD HART . . JOHN HIDALGO . ROBERT MclNTYRE Vice-President . . . Secretary . . . President Engineering Graduate School Commerce MARY ELIZABETH PATTON Newcomb JOHN REED Architecture BILL REMINGTON . . Arts and Sciences GLENN RUFFIN President Medicine Fadell and followers. President President President President Presi dent President 21 New Alumni House Sixth Alumni Fund Kicl-Off Dinner OFFICERS GERALD L. ANDRUS President ARTHUR HOGE First Vice-President G. SHELBY FRIEDRICHS Second Vice-President D. B. H.CHAFFE Third Vice-President HARRY P. GAMBLE, JR Secretary ROYAL R. BASTIAN Treasurer BEATRICE M. FIELD Director of Alumni Activities The Tulane Alumni Association is a national organira- tion which has beconne a sahent factor in the progress of one of the South ' s oldest and greatest universities. Through it each alumnus is given an opportunity to serve and assist in the progress of the University. There are no membership dues, and all students upon leaving the University are entitled to membership in the Alumni As- sociation. Records are kept on the activities of all alumni. One means of achieving this is through the medium of the " Tulanian, " alumni publication which contains news of the University and alumni. A representative from the Association welcomes each graduating class at Commencement. Active local alumni clubs have been organized In many parts of the United States and elsewhere. Each year the Association sponsors hHomecoming, a celebration which brings many grads back to the campus for reunions and other activities. For many years the Newcomb Alumnae Association has been active and of valued assistance to Newcomb College. All former Newcomb students are automatically members of the National Association and active local Newcomb alumnae clubs are located in many cities. Other College Clubs are the TCAC, commerce alumni club, The Society of Tulane Engineers, The College of Law Alumni Club, the Social Work Alumni Club and University College Alumni Club. The Tulane Alumni Fund, organized six years ago. Is conducted by Class Agents and other representatives of the Association. The Fund has grown each year and is now of real value to the University ' s financial program. Medical Class of 1946 Reunion t u I a n e GERALD L ANDRUS President, Tulane Alumni Association BEATRICE M. FIELD Director of Alumni Activities 1951 Homecoming Court and Escorts GO Alumni Barbershop Quarfet+o DOROTHY NUNGESSER RICCIUTI National President of the Ncwcomb Alumnae Association s WW GEORGIA SEAGO FISCHER Alumnae Executive Secretary ANNA MANY Newcomb Alumna of the Year newcomb alumni association The Newcomb Alumnae Association composed of all graduates and former students, is a means of channeling loyalties to Newcomb. Its office is housed in Newcomb Hall where files and pertinent information are kept. Made up of a national group of officers and clubs located in leading cities in the United States, its acrivities include thousands of women and cover a wide range of interests. Its two national meetings yearly are held, one at Home- coming and the other at Commencement time. Its pur- pose is to fill college needs when they arise, to foster alumnae activities, and to serve as a tie between future, present and past students and the college, faculty and administrators. NATIONAL OFFICERS DOROTHY NUNGESSER RICCIUTI President LALISE MOORE O ' BRIEN 1st Vice-President CHARLOTTE HAWKINS FREMAUX .... 2nd Vice-President ELIZABETH EDWARDS Treasurer MOONYEAN MARION JOHNSTON . . Recording Secretary SELMA HAAS ADAIR Corresponding Secretary GEORGIA SEAGO FISCHER Execu:lve Secretary HELEN BELL WAGNER . . Representative Academic School LILIAN WALTHER PAGE Representative Art School CAROLYN STUBBS LYNCH Music Representative MARY HOEHN ROTH Fund Chairman HELEN HARRY MORRISON Tulanian Editor PlGGV ROEMER read Membership Chairman Newcomb ' s 20th Century Alumnae Show accurately portrays impact of 50 years on Graphic Arts. Forward looking Alumnae, Elizabeth Hughes Freret and Louise Nel- son Ewin, President of the New Orleans Club, discuss year ' s pro- gram with Art School Head, John Canaday. •• ' ■ ' ' , ,■• ' ■• ' A ' « " ' ■ 7 . J - t ' •» ' T _ •i ;.- fei % ' " «:■ 4 rv..« SO -, ■■■■ ' , •:- ' - newcomb Spot and friend T U L A N E Marion Andfui Margaret Burn Sheila Carmel Jane Doqgett Betty Eikel Mdrilee Arnaud Laura Cadlen Jean Celli Lynn Dorsen Jane Emerson cienne Brunschwig Etoise Cappel Barbara Cherry Clementine Doskey Mercedes Emerson Phyllis Emiinq First Column; • MARION ANORUS. 130? Nashville Ave.. New Orleans. Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi. Beta Beta Beta; La Tertulia. • MARILEE ARNAUD. 7830 Freret St.. Hew Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta- • LUCIENNE IDA BRUNSCHWIG. 702 Elmgrove Ave., Providence, Rhode Island; Alpha Epsilon Phi. Second Column: • MARGARET BURN 102? N. Armiio. Las Cruces. New Mexico; Zeta Tau Alpha; Dormitory Council; Student Government Association. • LAURA IRVIN CADIEN. 506 S, Commerce, Natctiei, Mississippi; Phi Mu; Baptist Student Union; A Cappella Choir- Festival Choir Glee Club; Oper- etta. • ELOISE CAPPEL. 1741 Thornton Ct.. Alexandria, Louisiana; Chi Omega; S«cretarY, Tulane Student Council; President, Alpha Sigma Sigma; Assets; Who ' s Who; Barracudas; Wesley Foundation; Lagniappes; Leadership Council. Third Column: • SHEILA RUTH CARMEL, i22t St. Charles. New Orleans. Louisiana; Eta Sigma Phi; Oreades; Dance Club. • JEAN CELLI «33? West End Blvd.. New Orieani. Louisiana; Be ' a Sigma Omicron; Pan Hellenic Council; Senior Class Treasurer; La Tertulia; Dance Club; Sociology Club • BARBARA CHERRY. All 5. Maple. Covington. Tennessee; Alpha Omicron Pi; JAMBALAYA; Graanbackari. Fourth Column: • JANE DOGGETT. Valley Brook Rd.. Nashville, Tennessee; Pi Beta Phi; VIc« Pr«tid«nt. Sophomore Class ' 49; Corresponding Secretary. Student Body ' 50 ' Assets; Who ' s Who; Student Government Association; Carnival. • LYNN DORSEN 4152 Stale St. Dr. New Orleans. Louisiana; Beta Beta ■eta; Phi Beta Kappa; T.U.T. • CLEMENTINE DOSKEY. 3117 Slate St.. Dr.. New Orleans. Louisiana; Beta Sigma Omicron; Newman Club. Fifth Column: • BETTY EIKEL MB Artillery Rd.. Fori Sam Houston. Texas; Dormitory Coun- cil; A Cappella Choir. • JANE EMERSON. 204 W. Mislleloa Ave., San Antonio. Texas; Kappa Kappa Gamma; La Tertulia; Canterbury Club. • MERCEDES C. EMERSON. tl5 West Court. Winnfield. Louisiana; Beta Sigma Omicron; TUSK. • PHYLLIS EMLING. 20M Palmer. New Orleans. Louisiana; Chi Omega; f4fi Hellenic Council; Laqniappes. N E W C O M B COLLEGE ARTS AND SCIENCES COMMERCE ENGINEERING ARCHITECTURE LAW MEDICINE GRADUATE SCHOOL SOCIAL WORK 27 --.- - iS ' ' - Edwd Farwell Myrna Finger Margaret Flowers Marilyn Folse Judy Fowler Eleanor Francisco Esther Gilbert Mary Gilbert Gerry Ginsburg Mary Giordano Waltraut Goedecke Emily Goss Janet Gravjee Regina Gunthorpe Sara Hall Billie Harper Madeleine Hatrel Patricia HInrichsen Cornelia Howell Nellie Hutc hison Rosalie Johnston First Column: • EDWA FARWELL, 4 Dunleith Court, New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi; y-Nrt Club; Canterbury Club. 9 MYRNA LIPTON FINGER, 97-49 63 Drive, Rego Park, New York; Sociology Club; Tulane University Theatre. • MARGARET LOUISA FLOWERS, 4225 St. Charles. New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Alpha Theta; Greenbackers; Wesley Foundation; Glee Club. Second Column: • MARILYN DILL FOLSE, 1816 Broadway. New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta; Art Club; Newman Club. • JUDY FOWLER, 3334 lOth St., Port Arthur. Texas; Kappa Alpha Theta; Dormitory Council; Sociology Club; Canterbury Club. • ELEANOR FRANCISCO. 136 Smith, Lafayette, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Vice-President, Senior Class; Art Club; JAMBALAYA; Wesley Foun- oalion. Third Column: • rSTHER WALTON GILBERT. 134 Rose Ave., Metairie. Louisiana; Phi Mu; Li Tertulia; Phi Beta Kappa; SIc;ma Pi Sigma; Who ' s Who; " Carnival " ; CdPterbury Club. • MARY ELIZABETH GILBERT, 134 Rose Ave.. New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Ml-; President, Senior Class; Alpha Sigma Slcma; La Tertulia; Phi Beta Kappa; Who ' s Who; Honor Board; Student Government Association; " Carnival. " • GERRY GINSBURG, 203 Leasure Ave.. New Castle, Pennsylvania; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Psychology Mafor Club; Sociology Club; Campus Night. Fourth Column: • MARY FRANCES GIORDANO. Oieades; Pre-Medical Society. First Ave., Bogalusa. Louisiana; 3 WALTRAUT GOEDECKE, Hillside Terrace, Hallettsvllle. Texas; Beta Sigma Omicron; International Relations Club; German Club. • EMILY CAROLINE GOSS, 251 Patton Ave.. Shreveport, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta; Athletic Council; Barracudas; Student Government Association; Greenbackers. Fifth Column: « JANET GRAVLEE. 4535 Duplessls. New Orleans, Louisiana; Zeta Tau Alpha. • REGINA R. GUNTHORPE, 902 S. Cedar St., Mobile, Alabama; Eta Sigma Phi; Oreades; Newman Club; Leadership Council. • SARA BRANDON HALL, St. Francisvllle, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma; President, Resident Student Government; Dormitory Council; Honor Board; Student Government Association; Canterbury Club. Sixfh Column: • BILLIE HARPER, 1412 Island Dr., Monroe, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta; Mewcomb First Vice-President; Dormitory Council; Student Government Asso- ciation; Newcomb Handbook; Leadership Council. C M. MADELEINE HATREL, 6121 Delord St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta; Newman Club. • PATRICIA HINRICHSEN, 3208 Duval, Houston, Texas; Beta Beta Beta. Seventh Column: • CORNELIA HOWELL, 2600 Marye. Alexandria, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi; Pin Hellenic Council; Secretary. Junior Class, ' 51 ; Dormitory Council; Le Circle Francals; Canterbury Club. • NELLIE BOOTH HUTCHISON. 356S Stratford Rd., Atlanta, Georgia; Phi Mu. • ROSALIE ATWOOO JOHNSTON, 1621 State St., New Orleans, Louisiana; p; Beta Phi. 28 Easter Sunrise Service TULANE UNIVERSITY Susan Jones Maxine KIdd Marion Mcintosh Inell Manning Stilly KdStler Carolyn Klein Eugenia McLaughlin Nancy Marler Bonnie Kernaghan Andrea Llvaudais Yolanda Manautou Joyce Mdthes First Column: • SUSAN REYNOLDS JONES, 65 Muscogee Ave., Atlanta, Georgia; Phi Mu; Archery Club; A Cappella Choir. • SALLY KASTLER, 2005 Audubon St.. New Orleans. ' Louisiana; Alpha Omi- cron Pi; Archery Club; Athletic Council; Canterbury Club. • BONNIE MOSSLER KERNAGHAN. II Audubon PL, New Orleans. Louisi- dpa; Archery Club; Canterbury Club. Second Column: • MAXINE KIDD. 107 Myra. Mansfield, Louistana; Zeta Tau Alpha; Pan Hel- lenic Council; Glee Club. • CAROLYN BLUM KLEIN. 7830 St. Charles Ave., New Orleans. Louisiana; Cffitipus Night; Tulane University Theatre. • ANDREA LtVAUOAIS, 319 Audubon St.. New Orleans. Louisiana; Chi Gmegd; Asiets; La Tertulia; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Sigma lota; Lagniappes. Third Column: • MARION ANNE MclNTOSH. 3715 State St. Dr.. New Orleans. Louisiana; PliJ Mu; Preiidtnt, Athletic Council; Newcomb Student Council. • EUGENIA McLaughlin, eO03 Jeannette St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Chi Om«q«; L Tertulia. • YOLANDA manautou, 5 Elizabeth. Brownsville, Texas; Delta Zeta; Pan H«ll«n!c Council; t Tertutia; Newman Club; Glee Club; Pan American So- ciety. Fourfh Column: t INELL JOAN MANNING 224 N. Miro. Hew Orleans. Louisiana; White Cept; N«wnrt«n Club. • NANCY MARLEIt, ISM Oc.ee St.. Cleveland, Tennessee; Chi Omega; La Tftuli : Greenbecltvrt: Wesley Poundation; Gtee Club. • JOYCE MATHES. 4S24 S. Tontl, New Orleant, Louisiana; Phi Mu; Athletic CoHAcll; Otrtc Cfub; Leadership Council. NEWCOMB COLLEGE ARTS AND SCIENCES COMMERCE ENGINEERING ARCHITECTURE LAW MEDICINE GRADUATE SCHOOL SOCIAL WORK Merle Maumus Jocelyn Maynard Oahlgren Miller Joan Morrison Emille Nott Yolanda Ocampo Mary Patton Effie Perkins Elizabeth Pharr Polly Phelps Rosemary Priede Maureen Prothro Ann Quin Josephine Ramos Donna Reese Patricia Reinerth Susan Reynaud Marion Romaine Marie Roussel Sedley Roussel Annette Ruckstuhl First Column: • MERLE MAUMUS. 2313 Calhoun St.. New Orleans, Louisiana; La Tertulia; Psychology Major Club; Newman Club; Phi Mu, • JOYCELYN ANN MAYNARD. 2422 Wisteria, New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Siqma Omicron; Psychology Major Club; Le Circle Francais; Greenbackers; Newman Club. • DAHLGREN MILLER, 7211 Broad Place, New Orleans, Louisiana; Chi Omega; Oreades. Second Column: • JOAN MORRISON, 1714 Preston Dr., Columbus, Georgia; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Secretary, Sophomore Class, ' 49; President, Junior Class, ' 50; Presi- dent, Honor Board, ' 51; Alpha Sigma Sigma; Assets; La Tertulia; Phi Sigma lota; Who ' s Who; Student Government Association; Greenbackers; Canter- bury Club; Homecoming Queen. • EMILIE HAMPTON NOH, 1724 Cadiz St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi; Beta Beta Beta. • YOLANDA OCAMPO, 1120 Orange, New Orleans, Louisiana; Baptist Stu- dent Union. Third Column: • MARY ELIZABETH PATTON, 1072 Mosby Rd., Whitehaven, Tennessee; Al- pha Omicron PI; Vice-President, Junior Class, ' 51; Student Body President, ' 52; Alpha Sigma Sigma; Assets; Who ' s Who; Psychology Major Club; Archery Club; Barracudas; Honor Board; Student Government Association; Wesley Foundation; Leadership Council. • EFFIE LOUISE PERKINS, 1222 Fern St.. New Orleans, Louisiana; Channlng Club; Interfaith Council. • ELIZABETH MERRICK PHARR, 6226 Marguette PI., New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Archery Club; Newcomb Handbook; Canterbury Club. Fourth Column: • POLLY JEAN PHELPS. 503 Speed Ave., Monroe, Louisiana; Chi Omega; President, School of Music; Alpha Sigma Sigma; Who ' s Who; Dormitory Council; Honor Board; Student Government Association; Newcomb Hand- book; Wesley Foundation; A Cappella Choir; Festival Choir; Glee Club; Operetta; Lagniappes. • MRS. ROSEMARY SPOTO PRIEDE, 816 S. Edison Ave.. Tampa. Florida. • MAUREEN PROTHRO, 4134 Richmond St., Shreveport, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi; President. Newcomb Art School. ' 51; Art Club; Dance Club; Honor Board; Student Government Association; Westminster Fellowship; Leadership Council; Newcomb Student Council. Fifth Column: • ANN ALEXANDER QUIN, 151 Woodland Drive, Jackson. Mississippi; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • JOSEPHINE RAMOS, Patterson, Louisiana; Beta Sigma Omicron; La Tertulia; TUSK; Newman Club. • DONNA REESE, 4006 Pinehill Dr., Jackson. Mississippi; PI Beta Phi; Art Club; JAMBALAYA; TUSK; Newman Club. Sixth Column: • PATRICIA ANN REINERTH, 5819 Prytania, New Orleans. Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi. • SUSAN ST. MARTIN REYNAUD, Lutcher. Louisiana; Phi Mu; Phi Beta Kappa; Sociology Club; Y.W.C.A.; " Carnival " ; TUSK; Newman Club; 1951 Quarente Club Short Story Prize. • MARION L. ROMAINE. 2116 Calhoun St.. New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Sigma Omicron; La Tertulia; Phi Beta Kappa; Wesley Foundation. Seventh Column: • MARIE HAYWARD ROUSSEL, 1544 Webster St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi; Senior Class Secretary, ' 5l- ' 52; La Tertulia; Phi Alpha Theta; Art Club; Newman Club. • SEDLEY H. ROUSSEL. 1544 Webster St.. New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi. • ANNETTE RUCKSTUHL, 3619 Robert St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Sig- ma Omicron; President, Newcomb Pan Hellenic Council; Student Government Association; TUSK; Newman Club; Leadership Council. 30 Which Iwin had Tony? TULAN E UNIVERSITY niiorea Runyan Janet Scharff Betty Trelford Betty Wellborn Mdry Sapp Mary Sherwood Jackie Vizzini Patricia Williams June Schaefer Barbara Threefoot Florence Weil Emily Xanten First Column: • HILDREO EUGENE RUNYAN, Terre Noir Ranch, Alpine, Arkansas; Zeta Tau Alpha; Student Government Association; TUSK; Baptist Student Union; Tulane Band. • MARr DURLAND SAPP, Hobbs Road. Greensboro, North Carolina; Beta Sigma Omicron; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Sigma lota. • JUNE GABRIELLE SCHUPP SCHAEFFER, 84? Navarre Ave.. Nevf Or- leans, Louisiana; Phi Beta Kappa; Channing Club, Second Column: • JANET (CASEY) SCHARFF, 1217 W. 61 Terrace, Kansas City, Missouri; Alpha Epiilon Phi; Newcomb Pan Hellenic Council; Art Club; Athletic Coun- cil; Honor Board; Sociology Club; Student Government Association; Green- backers; Campus Nite; Ukulele Club. • MARY SUE SHERWOOD. 1321 Nashville Ave.. New Orleans. Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi. • BARBARA ALCUS THREEFOOT, lOO-A Stadium PI., Nev» Orleans, Louisiana. Third Column: • BETTY TRELFORD. 1642 Colquitt St.. Houston, Texas; Kappa Alpha Thota; L Ttrtulia; Canterbury Club. • JACKIE VIZZINI, 20 Allard Blvd., Now Orleans. Louisiana; Alpha Delta ?!; Student Activities Key; Who ' s Who; Dance Club; Cheerleaders; Greon- backert; Westminster Fellowship; Leadership Council. • FLORENCE WEIL. 3310 S. Perry St.. Montgomery, Alabama; Alpha Epsilon ft,;. Fourth Column: • lETTY ADAMS WELLBORN, 7826 Nelson St., New Orleans, Louisiana; K«pp« Alphe Theta. • PATRICIA RHODES WILLIAMS, 4401 Edmondson, D ll ii, T«4i; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Pratidant, Warran Houta, ' 51; Dormitory Council; Student Govafnmant Association; " Carnival, " • EMILY RUTH XANTEN, 2227 Calhoun St.. New Orleans, Louisiana; Art Club- Glaa Club; A Cappalla Choir; Oparatia, NEWCOMB COLLEGE ARTS AND SCIENCES COMMERCE ENGINEERING ARCHITECTURE LAW MEDICINE GRADUATE SCHOOL SOCIAL WORK 31 TU LAN E UNIVERSITY Who ' :: head of ihe hout;c? N E W C O M B COLLEGE ARTS AND SCIENCES COMMERCE ENGINEERING ARCHITECTURE LAW MEDICINE GRADUATE SCHOOL SOCIAL WORK CAROLYN ABAUNZA 2102 Octavia New Orleans, Louisiana Kappa Kappa Gamma. JEANETTE ABEL Box III Ferriday. Louisiana Alpha Delta Pi. IRIS ACQUISTAPACE 2701 Paris Road Chalmette, Louisiana White Caps; Newman Club. ROSE NANI AG NEW 345 Phosphon Ave. New Orleans, Louisiana Delta Zeta; Dance Club; Y.W.C.A.: Bap- tist Student Union; Campus Night. ALICE AKINS 908 Peachtree Street Gadsden, Alabama Kappa Kappa Gamma. PHEBE P. ALEXANDER 3531 Nashville Ave. New Orleans. Louisiana Kappa Alpha Theta; Art Club; Barracudas; Campus Night. SONJA ANDERSEN 104 Montary Circle Gadsden, Alabama Kappa Kappa Gamma; Art Club; Wesley Foun- dation. STAR ANDERSON 4021 Childress Houston, Texas Pi Beta Phi; Dance Club; Canterbury Club. CAROLE ARNOLD 3443 Binkley Dallas, Texas Kappa Alpha Theta; Glee Club, NELL AUSTIN Box 26 Mandarin, Florida Alpha Delta Pi; White Caps; Westminster Fel- lowship; International Relations Club. PEGGY BACARISSE 1203 23rd Ave. Covington, Louisiana Kappa Alpha Theta; Newman Club; Glee Club. JUDY BAEHR 4S00 So. Johnson New Orleans, Louisiana Phi Mu. CYNTHIA BAILEY 3521 Drexel Dallas, Texas PI Beta Phi; Glee Club. ALICE BAIRD 334 Sampson Ave. Dyersburg, Tennesse Pi Beta Phi. ANN BAKER 1900 Beachwood Little Rock. Arkansas Chi Omega; Art Club; Athletic Council; Bar- racudas; TUSK; Canter- bury Club; Campus Night. LINDA BARNETT 39 Newcomb Blvd. New Orleans, Louisiana Alpha Epsilon Phi; Campus Night. BABS BARTLETT 6124 Clara St. New Orleans, Louisiana Kappa Alpha Theta; Assets; La Tertulia; Secretary, Freshman Class (50); Recording Secretary, Student Body (51); 2nd Vice-Presi- dent, Studeit Body (52); Dance Club; Honor Board; Student Govern- ment Association; New- comb Handbook; TUSK; Campus Night. BETTY BATT 41 1 1 Vendome Place New Orleans, Louisiana Phi Ua. ANN BENNEH 546 Pershing San Antonio, Texas Kappa Alpha Theta; Canterbury Club. ANN Y. BENNETT 2214 Peachtree Rd. Atlanta, Georgia PI Beta Phi; La Tertu- lia; Barracudas; Can- terbury Club. ANNE CLAYTON MARTHA DORTHY PATRICIA PASTY CONNIE JOAN BENOIST BIENVENU BLAND BOEHM BRENNAN BROWN BURLINGAME too S. Union St. 218 Pinaud SI. 1442 Webster St. 1134 7th Ave. 927 Unadllla 2123 Jefferson Ave. 6404 Cantrell Rd, Ndtchez. Misiitsippi St. Martinville. Louisi- New Orleans, Louis ana Laurel, Mississippi Shreveport, Louisiana New Orleans, Louisiana Little Rock, Arkansas Kappd Kappa Gdrnma; ana Kappa Kappa Gamma. Phi Mu; Barracudas; Pi Beta Phi. PI Beta Phi; JAMBA- Chi Omega, Treasurer, Weitmlniter Fellowihip. Alpha Omicron Pi. HELENE Y.W.C.A.; Westminster Fellowship. ANDREE LAYA; Canterbury Club; Campus Night. Freshman Class (51); Recording Secre- tary, Newcomb Student Body (52); Assets; La Tertulla; Pan Hellenic Council; Carnival; New- CAROLINE lENOIST JANIS E. BLACKMAN BOATNER 430 Abisa BETSEY BOISFONTAINE BRIANT 4224 S. Galvei St, New Orleans, Louisiana DONA GAYLE BROWNE 4920 St. Charles Ave. comb Handbook; Can- terbury Club; Lagni- appes. 414 S. Union S». Nafchn. Millitlippi lUppa Kappa Gamma; 3715 Octavia St. New Orleans. Louisiana San Antonio, lexas Alpha Delta Pi; dent Government Stu- As- 7217 St. Charles Ave. New Orleans. Louisiana Kappa Kappa Gamma; Phi Mu; JAMBALAYA; Newman Club; Campus Night; Hullabaloo. New Orleans. Louisiana Kappa Kappa Gamma; Dance Club. MARY MINOR BUSH JAMBALAYA: Wtttmln- sociation. JAMBALAYA. 5»tr F«llo« tlip. 1424 Milan ROSE PATRICIA Now Orleans, Louisiana BURDETT PI Beta Phi; Campus lONNIE NANCY DEAN BLAIR CAROLYN BODET LORAINE JANE BOTTGER SUSAN BRODY 1510 Alexandria PI. Jacksonville. Florida Night. •EtTkANO I43S Toladano Nvvr OrUans. Louisiana 2021 Gen, Pershing 3132 Monroe St. 2330 W. Kings Hwy, San Antonio, Texas Kappa Alpha Theta; Wesley Foundation; BARBARA NELL }720 Invood St. Kappa Alpha Thata. Now Orleans, Louisianij Delta Zeta; Greonback- Glee Club; Internation- BUTLER Howtton. T«fa( Phi Mu, ers; Newman Club; In- al Relations Club, 2021 N, " J " St, Ponsacola. Florida ICappa Alpha Thata. ternational Relations Club, Kappa Alpha Theta; ELIZABETH PEGGY Intramural Council. BRONSON BURKENROAD BEHY GERRY 2803 OctavIa St, 22 Nowcomb Blvd. SALLIE CALLAWAY CAIOIE ANN lETZNE BLAND lt}t Napolaon Kit. BOEHM 1134 7lh A»». CYNTHIA BRASWELL New Orleans. Louisiana Chi Omega; Art Club; Now Orleans, Louisiana Athlotic Council; Dance »I7 Short SI. U w OrUans, Louisiana Laurel, Mississippi 1736 Valmont Lo Circle Francais; Club; JAMBALAYA; 310 Broad N w Orlaa»«. Lovilrana Kappa Kappa Gamma; Phi Mu; W.stminst er Utiw Orleans. Louisiana Newman Club; Glee Groonbackors; Campus La Grange, Georgia Ntvman Club. La Tarfulla, Fallowthip, Alpha Delta Pi, Club, Night. Phi Mu. 33 TULANE UNIVERSITY Bird dogs at work PEGGY NANNETTE JULIA ALETHA SHIRLEY RANDALL SUZANNE N E W C O M B CAMPBELL CARR CHERRY CLARK COHEN 3374 State St. Drive 707 2nd St. 1 170 Ontario Houston. Texas 2133 Maroneal C O L L E G E New Orleans, Louisiana Chi Omega. Gulfport. Mississippi Alpha Omicron Pi; YWCA; JAMBALAYA; Shreveport, Louisiana Vice-President, Fresh- men (52); Archery Alpha Omicron Pi; Westminster Fellow- ship; Campus Night; Houston. Texas. TUSK; Wesley Founda- Club; Barracudas; Glee Club. ARTS AND SCIENCES tion. Dance Club; Student Government As- BARBARA COMMERCE JUDY CANADA sociation; Greenbaclc- ers; Westminster Fel- COHN 2454 Lofton Terrace ENGINEERING 7703 Green St. New Orleans, Louisiana lowship. PATRICIA CLESI Fort Worth. Texas Beta Beta Beta; Dance ARCHITECTURE MEDICINE LAW GRADUATE SCHOOL SOCIAL Dance Club; Sociology Club; Wesley Founda- tion; Glee Club; Tulane University Theatre. CAMILLE CARAWAY DORIS OVERTON CARRE 1904 N. Monroe Little Rock. Arkansas Chi Omega; Beta Beta Beta; Wesley Founda- tion. ERNESTINE CHRIST 424 E. Beach Pass Christian, Missis- sippi 904 Louisiana Ave. New Orleans, Louisiana Zeta Tau Alpha Pan Hellenic Council; YWCA. SALLIE BONITA Club; JAMBALAYA; Greenbackers; Lagnl- appes. HULDA COLLINS WORK Mansfield, Louisiana Zeta Tau Alpha; Orea- BARBARA CLANN COCO 706 Washington 1530 Hillary St. New Orleans. Louisiana Phi Mu; Art Club; n des; Athletic Council; Green backers; Wesley Foundation; A Cap- pelia Choir; Glee Club. ELIZABETH CARTER Oak Ridge. Louisiana Chi Omega; TUSK. 344 Broadway New Orleans, Louisiana Pi Beta Phi; Student Government Associa- tion. Marksville. Louisiana Alpha Delta Pi; New- man Club; Glee Club. JANICE COHEN Wesley Foundation; Campus Night. CAROLYN PATRICIA i CONWAY j L, JOYCE CARINHAS CAROL CLARK 4321 Windsor Pkwy. Dallas, Texas 2425 Napoleon Ave. New Orleans, Louisiana Box 314 Patterson, Louisiana Beta Sigma Omlcron; CLAIRE MARY CHAMPAGNE 490 Lions Route I McDade, Louisiana Chi Omega; Westmin- Alpha Epsilon Phi; Ath- letic Council; JAM- BALAYA; Urchin Fresh- Phi Mu; Student Gov- ernment Association; JAMBALAYA; Newman k f J) h. rw La Tertulia. New Orleans. Louisiana §M It §4 ster Fellowship. man Beauty Court (52). Club; Glee Club. ft iJL t €Aji4A,MyUAA JOYCE COOPER BEVERLY LOUISE WALTER MAY EMILY ANN JULIE ANN MARY VIRGINIA »« S. Barkidale CRAIG DALGARN DEES DOUGLASS EMILE FERAUD Memphis Tennessee 6408 Henderson Colllnston, Louisiana 305 S. Mendenhall 531 Westovcr Driv e 224 Couevas 500 Woodvine Ave. Alpha Epsiton Phi; Art Shreveport, Louisiana Alpha Delta Pi Can- Greensboro, North Car- Atlanta, Georgia Biloxl, Mississippi New Orleans, Louisiana Club. Beta Sigma Omicron; terbury Club. olina Chi Omega; Wesley Alpha Omicron Pi; Art Club: Le Circle Kappa Kappa Gamma; Foundation. YWCA. Francais; Tennis Club; Art Club; Lc Circle YWCA; JAMBALAYA; Francais; Canterbury Wesley Foundation; Club; A Cappclla Glee Club. PHOEBE DALE DARBY Choir; Festival Choir; PAT Glee Club. ETHRIDGE LOUISE DENT JOANNA LEE CRENSHAW 1900 N. Tylor JUNE I7i0 Rice Blvd. FERGUSON COSBEAU Little Rock, Ark Wesley Foun Campus Night; Club. ansas dation; EARNEST Houston, Texas Rt. 3 «M Piedmont Dr. New Orleans. Louisidna Z t Tau Alpha: While 508 N. Catawba St. Lancaster, South Caro- lina Glee HANTON de la HOUS5AYE 4100 Herschel Dr Dallas, Texas Alpha Delta Pi; Ive Pan Alpha Delta PI; Club; Westminster lowshlp. Art Fel- Clarksvllle, Tennessee Chi Omega; Le Circle Francais; Wesley Foun- Caps: Newman Club. Alpha Delta Pi; Pan Hellenic Council; La 5B09 St. Charles Ave. New Orleans, Louisiana Hellenic Counci Tertulia; Le C i Francais; Wesley : La rcle Foun- dation. Tertulia; Art Club; MARCIA PI Beta Phi; Newman dation; Urchin Staff. JAMBALAYA: Wesley DAVIS Club. Foundation. COURTNEY ANN t4l Atlantic ESTABROOK JEANNE MARY LYNN Corpus Christi, Texas 312 Breamwood Ave. FERRIS 1 Ulir (AND CO«EY CROMWELL Kappa Alpha Theta; Pan Helenic Council; JEANNE ALEXANDRA DEVRON NELL Mobile, Alabama Kappa Kappa Gamma: 309 S. Broadway Corpus ChrlstI, Texas lin fine tidqe Itoad Krfningliam. Alabama 24 Northwood Ave. La Tertulia; TUSK; In- EASTLAND Assets; Wesley Fo jnda- Chi Omega; Newman Atlanta, Georgia Chi Omega; Art Club; terfaith Council minster Fell Wost- owship; 1924 Octavia St. Now Orleans, Louisiana Doddsvlllo. Miss Phi Mu. sslppl tlon; Leadership Coun- cil. Club. Westminster Fellow- Glee Club; Lea dorshlp Kappa Alpha Theta. ship; Campus Night. Council. ANN ELINOR GUSHING DIANE R. FINLEY MAfy STEELE leeO Vollenline Memphis. Tennessee SHIRLEY DIXEY DIANE MIGNON 2224 Calhoun St. COIIEY DEE 4503 S. Oerbigny ELLENDER PAGET Now Orleans, Louisiana 11 | Kk4»bf i ch C . Alpha Omicron Pi; 1020 Carondelet New Orleans, Louisiana Bayou Black 1459 Moss St. Kappa Kappa Gamma; Mew Orlea«, L««itlana Art Club; YWCA; New Orleans, Louisiana Kappa Alpha Theta; Houma, Louisiana Now Orleans, Louisiana JAMBALAYA; TUSK; K4PPa AJpka Th«»a, JAMBALAYA. Delta Zeta Pan Hellenic Council. Phi Mu; Newman Club. Chi Omoqa. Newman Club. 35 TULANE UNIVERSITY Hocus-Pocus, you are in focus CAROL CYNTHIA SUSAN BEHY ETHEL B. N E W C O M B FITZPATRICK FORCHHEIMER FOX FREDERICK GABRIEL 718 Perry St. 5521 S. Galvei Street 820 Ridge 7924 S. Clalbourne 2701 Pauger C O L L E G E Gretna, Louisiana New Orleans, Louisiana Highland Park, III nois New Orleans, Louisiana New Orleans, Louisiana Alpha Omicron Pi; Archery Club; Y.W. Pi Beta Phi; Jambalaya; Newman Club Alpha Epsilon Phi; Hellenic Council; Pan Stu- Chi Omega; Jamba- laya; Newman Club La Tertulia; Oreades; White Caps; C.A.; Jambalaya; Glee dent Government As- Newman Club ARTS AND SCIENCES Club. sociation; A Cappella Choir; Campus Night; COMMERCE PRISCILLA Festival Choir; Op ta; Ukulele Club; pret- Slee NORMASTEL Club CATHERINE ALICE E. ENGINEERING FLEMING FORD FRITCHIE GAUDET Box 490 947 N. Jefferson 309 Cleveland 4104 Fairmont Drive ARCHITECTURE Lafitte, Louisiana Jackson. Mississippi MARY Slldell. Louisiana New Orleans, Louisiana Pi Beta Phi: Hullaba- Chi Omega; Archery FRANCIS Phi Mu Delta Zeta LAW loo; Campus Night Club; Glee Club 2915 Federal El Paso, Texas MEDICINE SARAH FRANCES Kappa Alpha Theta; Art Club; Dance Club; JANET GERSTNER GRADUATE SCHOOL SOCIAL FLOWERS Canterbury Club BETH WORK 1506 Hermitage Ct. Durham. North Carolina LYDIA FRITCHIE Gramercy. Lou isiana Wesley Foundation; FOSSIER ANN PAGE 127 Cleveland Alpha Delta Pi; Campus Festival Choir; Glee 2218 Napoleon Ave. FRANKLIN Slidell, Louisiana Night; Glee Club; Club New Orleans, Louisiana Phi Mu Operetta 1 141 Lingenose Place Kappa Kappa Gamma; Charlotte, N. Caro ina MARY ELIZABETH Newman Club Alpha Omicron Pi; y FONTAINE Panhellenic Council; M Art Club JOYCE X J 15 Richmond Place JOANNE GILTHORPE M Alpha Omicron PI; £ 1950-1952 Honor Board PENELOPE SHIRLEY FUTCH 3327 General Taylor St. Representative, Sopho- more and Junior Class; FOX FRED 228 Glenwood Drive Thomasvllle, Georgia New Orleans, Louisiana Beta Sigma Omicron; M La Tertulia; Le Circle 1727 Arabella St. 3503 Carondelel Phi Mu; Athletic Coun- German Club; TUSK; M Francais; Nev man New Orleans, Louisiana Waco, Texas cil; Secretary-Treasurer Newman Club; Tulane w Club; Honor Board Kappa Kappa Gamma Alpha Epsilon Phi Athletic Council University Theatre UKSULA eOEDECKE 3 Hilliidt Ttrrac Hjlltthvillt, T »t ft«t« Sigma Omicron; Ittttmational Relations Club MARCIA LEAH eOLDBEN 7707 Hoibrook Cairo, Illinois Alpha Epsilon Phi; Cappalla Choir; Gl Club; Oparatta JAN eoiE 21 » Oc«a ia Ma« Oflaans. Louisiana Alpha Omicron ?]■ ' •sHniaiftar Fallovship OOROTKY OIAMT f ' -» -da ioB Hospital ►••• Ortaarvs, Louisiana C» Omaqa; Art Club; ' s ' t-itii Govarnntartt »in- «•-,»; Cantarbury : ' ub MELISSA GREEN 297 N, Hampton Kershaw, So. Carolina Alpha Delta Pi; Student Government Associa- tion; Y.W.C.A.; Green- backers; Westminster Fellowship BARBARA ANNE GREENFIELD 44« St. Roch New Orleans, Louisiana Dance Club; Canter- burY Club; Campus Night DIANE GREENSLIT IS24 Stale New Orleans, Louisiana Kappa Kappa Gamma JANICE GREGORY I2S9 Owsley Ave, Columbus, Georgia Chi Omega EMILY GRIFFITH 2i03 Hughes Amarillo. Texas Kappa Alpha Theta; Beta Beta Beta ISABEL GUTHRIE 2435 Stale New Orleans, Louisiana Phi Mu; While Caps; Newman Club; Glee Club CHARLSA GUYNES 3211 Allura El Paso, Teias Zela Tau Alpha; Stu- dent Government As- sociation; Jambalaya; Urchin SHIRLEY LECONTE HADDOCK 39SO Paachlree Dunwoody Road Atlanta, Georgia Phi Mu; Pan Hellenic Council; Corresponding Secretary, Student Body; Alpha Sigma Sigma; Dormitory Council; Student Gov- ernment Association; TUSK; Westminster Fel- lowship; A Cappalla Choir; Lagnlappes ANNE C. HADLEY 2101 Connecticut Washington, D. C. Kappa Kappa Gamma; Pan Hellenic Council; Oreades; Student Gov- ernment Association; Carnival; Pelicans; In- ternational Relations Club ELIZABETH HAEUSER 4937 So. Tonli SI. New Orleans, Louisiana Delia Zela; German Club RUTH HALE Burdetle, Ark. MARIE HAMEL 629 Kings Highway Shreveport, Louisiana Chi Omega; President, Freshman Class, ' 49- ' 50; Treasurer, Junior Class. •5I- ' S2; Assets; TUSK; Woilmlnsler Fellow- ship; Lagnlappai GLEN RAE HANEMANN 635 N. Pierce New Orleans, Louisiana Beta Sigma Omicron; Oreades; Y.W.C.A. (V.P.) MARTHA HATCHETTE Box 322 Lake Charles, Louisiana Chi Omega; Oreades JOYCE HATFIELD 6ie Audubon St. Alpha Omicron Pi; Wesley Foundation; Glee Club; Opornlla LURILLA HARRIS P.O. Bo 446 New Orleans, Louisiana Jambalaya; Campus Night, Secretary; Lead- ership Council, Secre- tory. WARRENE FOSTER HAYNE 2106 Stanford Ave. Baton Rouge, Louisiana Kappa Kappa Gam- ma; La Terlulla; West- minster Fellowship JO ANN HEBERT 1005 Federal Ave. Morgan City, Louisiana Alpha Delta Pi; New- man Club; Glee Club BARBARA HECKER 1619 Dublin St. Now Orleans, Louisiana Delia Zola; Hullabaloo; Jambalaya; Newman Club HETTIE JEANNINE HENDERSON Millers Ferry, Alabama PI Beta Phi; Oreades; Jambalaya; Weslmln- slor Fellowship, RUTH HENDRICKS South lOlh SI. McAllen, Texas Kappa Alpha Theta; Wesley Foundation; A Cappalla Choir; Glee Club KAY BARRY HENRY Rt. I, Bo x 26-E Fort Nogalos, Vicksburg, Mississippi Kappa Alpha Theta; Hullabaloo; Jambalaya; Groonbackors; Canter- bury Club; Campus Night; Glee Club; Uku- lele Club. MARY MINNETTE HINTON 1626 Sprlnghlll Ave. Mobile, Alabama Bola Sigma Omicron; Panhollonic Council; Dance Club; Pre-Modl- cal Society; Woslmln- sler Fellowship JUDY CHARBONNET HIXON 2214 Pine SI. New Orleans, Louisiana Kappo Kappa Gamma; Nftwman Club, S7 TULANE UNIVERSITY Ars gratia Artis ' i A MA N E W C O M B SHEILA HODGES MARY HOOTON MARIE HOWELL ANNE HUMPHREYS CONNIE JOHNSON 510 Harrison Ave. 2916 Revere 2600 Ma rye St. 2701 N. Street 543 Garrity Rd. C O L L E G E San Antonio, Texas Houston, Texas Alexandria, Louisiana Washington, D. C. San Antonio, Texas Kappa Kappa Gamma; Pi Beta Phi. Pi Beta Phi; Le Circle Alpha Omicron Pi. Beta Sigma Omicron; jndation; Francats; Student Gov- e r n m e n t Associa- Beta Beta Beta; La Ter- Wesley Fo eiee Club. tulia; Pre-Medlcal So- tion; Canterbury Club. ciety; Newman Club. ARTS AND SCIENCES COMMERCE WINNIE GARLAND HOUCK BETTY LEW ESTHER LOUISE HUNT ENGINEERING HODGES 936 Thora HOM 233 Williford CAROLYN 38 Neron PI, Shreveport, Louisiana 4432 Magazine St. Memphis, Tennessee JOHNSON ARCHITECTURE New Orleans, Louisiana Alpha Omicron Pi. Chi Omega; JAMBA- LAYA; Wesminster Fel- New Orleans, Louisiana JAMBALAYA; Westmin- Alpha Omicron Pi. 308 Third LAW lowship. ster Fellowship; Glee Club. Hattiesburg, Mississippi Chi Omega. MEDICINE EDITH MARIE GRADUATE SCHOOL SOCIAL WORK HOFFMAN 8008 Spruce New Orleans, .oulsiana PEGGY HOVER LANIER HUDSON 1029 Clifton Rd., N.E. EVELYN JACKSON 358 W. Livingston Place JERE LYNN JOHNSON Kappa Alpha Theta; 918 39th Ave. Atlanta, Georgia New Orleans, Louisiana Box 655 Newman Club. Gulfport, Mississippi Chi Omega; Secretary Phi Mu; Barracudas; Brookhaven, Mississippi Alpha Omicron Pi; Freshman Class 5I; As- Y.W.C.A.; TUSK; Wes- Chi Omega; Assets; Greenbackers; Newman sets; Dormitory Coun- ley Foundation. Campus Night. Club. cil; Wesley Foundation. O JAN X J HOLMQUIST MARGARET M 715 N. Thomas Ave. HUGHEY LENORE Oakland, Neb Kappa Kappa Beta Beta Beta aska Gamma; ; Student MARY LOUISE HOWARD 1831 Largo Rd. Jacksonville, Florida SANDRA JACOBS JOHNSON 8513 Eldon Drive m Government Assocla- 61 1 Hyman Drive Delta Zeta; Disciples 2709 Sonlat St. Dallas, Texas M tion; Campus Night; New Orleans, Louisiana Student Fellowship; New Orleans, Louisiana. German Club; Disciples i f t J fk. FV Glee Club. J Westminster Fellowship. ii ni i Glee Club. oA. Alpha Epsllon Phi. Student Fellowship. f i t f y C f.M C ' C ' a i C t: J I ■ t EUGENIE JONES 11 Ndtuu Drive New Orlednt, Louisidna Kappd Kdppd Gamma; Psychology Major Club; y.w.cA. MARILYN KASSEL 24S3 Jonquil SI. New Orleans. Loursrana Delta Zeta; While Caps; Newman Club. ANN KATHRYN KENNINGTON 4822 SI. Charles Ave. New Orleans, Loursiano Pi Bela Phi; Athletic Council; Canlerbur Club; Carnival. Et MIE KLAPP Newtown Sq., Pennsyl- vania Alpha Omicron Pi; Can- terbury Club. EMILY LACKEY 322 S. 22nd Hatliesburq, Missis- sippi Glee Club; Canterbury Club. GILDA MAE LAVIGNE 1836 Dryades 51. New Orleans, Louisiana SHIRLEY ALICE LEVEY 311 Audubon Blvd. New Orleans. Louisiana Bela Sigma Omicron; Christian Science Or- ganization; Glee Club. NATALIE KAMMER 1201 Jefferson Ave. New Orltant. Louisidna Pki Belt Phi; JAMBA- LA YA. CAROL KAPLAN S4U Neoiho Sf. tUn i City, lUnut Alp u Epsilon Phi; Art Club; JAMIALAYA. ANNE KEEFE 6803 Memphis New Orleans. Louisiana Phi Mu; Wesley Foun- dation, MARY ANN KELLEY R». I Alevandrid, Louisiana Chi Omegd; Newmdn Club. ANNE BARRINGTON KING 389 Broadway New Orleans, Louisiana Kappa Kappa Gamma. KATHLEEN KING AV Collier Rd. Atlanta, Georgia Kappa Alpha T h Q I a; JAMBALAYA; Canter- bury Club. ALICE KOCH 4409 Windsor Parkway Dallas. Texas Alpha Epsilon Phi; As- sets; La Terlulia; Who ' s Who; Athletic Council; Dormitory Council; Honor Board; Student Government A s s o cia- lion; Tulane University Theatre; Leadership Council Secretary. MARY KOLOVOS t7S0 Canal Blvd. Now Orleani, Louisiana MILDRED LAHASKY I60B Prytania St. New Orleans. Louisiana White Caps; Glee Club. LYNN LANDRY Grand Callourto Houma, Louisiana Beta Sigma Omicron. PATRICIA LEE 4503 Galvei St. New Orleans, Louisiana Alpha Omicron Pi; Can- terbury Club. MICKEY LEHMAN 15718 Chadbourno Road Shaker Heights 20, Ohio Alpha Epsilon Phi. NAN JOAN LEVEY 307 Audubon Blvd. New Orleans, Louisiana Beta Sigma Omicron; Christian Science Or- ganization. JACQUELINE LEVINGSTON 2644 Park Lane Ct., E. Birmingham, Alabama, FAYE KAWINOW 214 IfdslMdr St. L(f«r tte, lovh ' itns Alpkd Epiilon Phi; !•) ■ • l« «: JAMIA- LAYA. RUTH KENNEDY 311 Road of Remem- br«nc Jdckson, Mlssis«ippi Kdppd Alpha T h • I «; C«nterbury Club, BETTY KIRALFY 1672 Forest St. Columbus, Georgia Alpha Epsilon Phi; Hul- labaloo; Campus Night; Ukulele Club, JUDY KRENSKY 4955 Delaware Ave. Miami Beach, Florida Alpha Epsilon Phi; A Cappello Choir GWEN LANGRIDGE 529 Woodvino Now Orleans, Louisiana Alpha Omicron PI; Art Club; Archory Club; Y.W.CA. YETIVE MARIE LETELLIER Rl. 7. Box 387 Now Orleans, Louisiana Kappa Alpha T h « t a; Gloo Club. DORIS LEVY 508 Franklin Natchez, Missisilppi Alpha Epsilon Phi; La Tortulia; Gloo Club; Oporotta; Tulano Uni- versity Thoatro, 39 TULANE UNIVERSITY We use chlorophyll toothpaste N E W C O M B COLLEGE ARTS AND SCIENCES COMMERCE ENGINEERING ARCHITECT URE LAW MEDICINE GRADUATE SCHOOL SOCIAL WORK JERRY ANN PAT MARY ANN ISABEL LEVY LONG McCABE McHANEY MARKLE 3200 Arlington St. 1615 Chambers St. 4626 St. Charles Ave. Rt. 3, Box 271-L Teddo, Pennsylvania New Orleans, Louisiana Vicksburg, Mississippi New Orleans, Louisiana San Antonio, Texas Alpha Omicron Pi; Beta Sigma Omlcron Student Government Beta Sigma Omicron; Pi Beta Phi; Sophomore Oreades. Association; Newman JAMBALAYA; TUSK; Class Treasurer; Wesley Club. Newman Club. Foundation: Glee Club. MARILYN LEVY 2618 Short St. LURLINE McMAHON ELIZABETH EMORY New Orleans, Louisiana DIANE LYNN MATTHEWS Alpha Epsilon Phi; La LONG McCLURE 806 State Tertulia; Hullabaloo; 379 Bellaire Drive 1025 State St. 15 Swan St. Charleston, Missouri JAMBALAYA; Fencing New Orleans, Louisiana Wesley Foundation; New Orleans. Louisiana New Orleans, Louisiana Club. Chi Omega; Student Beta Sigma Omicron. Kappa Alpha Theta. Government Associa- tion; Y.W.C.A.; New- man Club. Campus Night. NANCY LILJENSTEIN ARGIRO CAROLE 1659 Valmont St. LOUCHIS McGEE New Orleans, Louisiana PATSY MALONE 315 N. Greenwood Fort Smith. Arkansas Chi Omega; Le Circle DOROTHY Alpha Omicron Pi; 1012 N. Gayoso St. 330 Dexter MATTICE JAMBALAYA; TUSK; Westminster Fellowship; Lagniappes; LIT Col- o n e 1— AROTC; Urchin New Orleans, Louisiana Dance Club; JAMBA- LAYA; Gamma Delta; Campus Night. Denver, Colorado Alpha Omicron Pi; Le Circle Francais; New- man Club. 2463 Autumn St. Memphis, Tennessee Art Club; Canterbury Club; Carnival Staff. Pledge Pin-Up. Francais. ANN PHYLLIS PATRICIA LINGAN LOWRY McGEE JENNIFER MANN JUDY 2618 Palm St. 121 W. High St. 5527 Loyola MAY Houston. Texas Mt. Sterling, Kentucky New Orleans, Louisiana 1122 Fern St. Alpha Omicron Pi; Art Kappa Alpha Theta; Pi Beta Phi; La Tertulia. New Orleans, Louisiana Sterling Plantation Club; TUSK; Canter- Barracudas; Wesley Oreades; Westminster Pi Beta Phi; JAMBA- Franklin, Louisiana bury Club; Y.W.C.A. Foundation; Glee Club. Fellowship. LAYA; Glee Club. Kappa Kappa Gamma. ruie uiAaxiuyC tf b f L SUZANNE E. CYNTHIA JEAN EVE MARILYN CHARLENE ANN ANN MARYLIN E. MELANCON MILLER MIRANDONA MORAIS MUTZ NICOLL ODOM 424i VIncennes PI. 3725 Napoleon Ave. 11 Newcomb Blvd. 280? Octavia St. 1129 Reynes St. 1966 Overhill Rd. 5401 S. Miro St. N«w Orleant. Loui siana New Orleans. Louisiana New Orleans, Louisiana New Orleans, Louisiana New Orleans, Louisiana Charlotte. N. Carolina New Orleans, Louisiana Alpha OmJcron Pi As- Alpha Epsilon Phi; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Alpha Epsilon Phi. Delta Zeta. Chi Omega. Kappa Alpha Theta. »ti; L Tertulid. JAM8ALAYA; Campus Night; Operetta; Inter- national Relations Club. JEAN MARY JOAN CECELIA MARY MORGAN MYERS HELEN MARTHA ANN MENENOEZ 3519 Country Club Rd. Winchester, Tennessee NORMAN OLIVER 2102 43rd St. N«w Orlvant. Louitiana eiM Club. JEANNE MILLER M20 Hammerstone Way, Mariemont MONTAGUE 1028 Main St. Hattiesburq, Mississippi Chi Omega. Birmingham, Alabama Alpha Delta PI. Alpha Omicron Pi; Hul- labaloo; JAMBALAYA; Greenbackers; Canter- bury Club. 8124 Sycamore St. New Orleans, Louisiana Kappa Kappa Gamma. 5327 Prytania St. New Orleans, Louisiana Beta Sigma Omicron; Canterbury Club; Glee Cincinnati 27. Ohio Club. Kappa Kappa Gamma; ELLEN ELIZABETH Barracudas; Canterbury Club. MORRIS fMYlLIS 1529 Henry Clay Ave. NANCY GINNY MEXIC Now Orleans, Louisiana NABERSCHNIG NORRIS U2S JoMpK St. MARILYN Kappa Kappa Gamma; Nine Mile Point 420 Oak Lano Towson 4, Maryland Student Government As- sociation; Campus JEHANE C mp»« NiqhI. MARLENE E. MILLER MOORE 1702 E. Main St. Humboldt. Tennessee Athletic Council; Bar- r a c u d a s; Intramural Council; Pelicans; Can- terbury Club; Campus Wostweqo, Louisiana Alpha Delta PI; Cam- pus Night; Glee Club. ORDORICA 2 Cromwell PI. Now Orleans, Louisiana 2703 Urquhart St. Alpha Omicron Pi; Night; Festival Choir. Night, Alpha Omicron Pi; New Orleans, Louisiana Y.W.C.A.: White Caps. Glee Club. DONNA JO U T«rtu(i : GIm Club. MIBSE BETTY 324 Ro«d 0 R«mtrr. NEVILLE bfax JANETH RAI MURRAY 2211 Valmont St. ISABEL SWOOP JcctlO Mif.ltlippi fi !•«• Pli!: A C pp«ll MARILYN 3723 Carondelel SI. Now Orleans, Louisiana Beta Sigma Omicron; NOTT ANITA CI o r; Campui N ahl; MILLIKEN ELEANOR MARGARET MOORE New Orleans, Louisiana Assets; Wesley Founda- 1635 Amelia St. PARENT FMfWal Ow! ' : e 1 • • Nashville Road PI Beta Phi; La Tertulla; tion; A Cappolla Choir; New Orleans, LouisIan i 603 Union St. 0«b: OpcrtMa; Uku- ••Twling Green, Ky. Lewitburq, W. Virginia Barracudas; Canterbury Festival Choir; Glee Kappa Kappa Gamm.i; Natchez, Mississippi !• • Cl b. Kappe Alphe Theta. Glee Club. Club. Club; Operetta. Newman Club. Phi Mu. 41 TULAN E UNIVERSITY At least 1-he girls ' figures haven ' t charged much i N E W C O MB COLLEGE ARTS AND SCIENCES COMMERCE ENGINEERING ARCHITECTURE LAW MEDICINE GRADUATE SCHOOL SOCIAL WORK JO ANN PARIS 8004 Freret St. New Orleans, Louisiana Chi Omega: Y.W.C.A.; Baptist Student Union. MINANN PEARCE 2950 Canterbury Rd. Birmingham, Alabama Phi Mu; Wesley Foun- dation; Glee Club; Ukulele Club. JANE FRANCES PEARLSTINE 121 Moultrie St. Charleston, S. Carolina Alpha Epsilon Phi; Art Club; JAMBALAYA; Campus Night. STERLING WILKINS PEEBLES 2121 Poplar St. Apt. 75 Memphis, Tennessee Alpha Omicron Pi; Oredes; Dance Club; Canterbury Club. SANDRA ANN PEILEN 1400 Summit St. St. Paul, Minnesota Alpha Epsilon Phi; So- ciology Club; Carnival; JAMBALAYA; Campus Night; Glee Club; In- ternational Relations Club. PEGGY PELT 104 Brown St. Stamps, Arkansas Zeta Tau Alpha. BARBARA PELTON 210 Avenue E New Orleans, Louisiana Kappa Alpha Theta; Disciples Student Fel- lowship. GRACE PELTON 210 Avenue E New Orleans. Louisiana VIRGINIA PERRIER 1241 Fourth St. New Orleans, Louisiana Kappa Kappa Gamma; Newman Club. HALLIE FRANCES PERRY 8215 Palm St. New Orleans, Louisiana Delta Zeta; German Club; Wesley Founda- tion; Glee Club. ANN PITTS 715 Elizabeth Rd. San Antonio, Texas Chi Omega; TUSK; Westminster Fellow- ship. SALLY PITTS 1213 Blythe St. Alexandri a, Louisiana Chi Omega; Wesley Foundation. MARION PRATT St. John ' s Newfound- land, Canada Pi Beta Phi; Secretary of Pan Hellenic; Secre- tary of Junior Class; Dance Club; Dormitory Council; Student Gov- ernment Association; Greenbackers; Westmin- ster Fellowship. JACKIE PRESSNER 3531 Baronne St. New Orleans. Louisiana Barracudas; Htllel Foun- dation. FRANCES VICTORIA PRIEST Jackson, Alabama P r e-Medical Society; Dormitory Council; Bap- tist Student Union; Glee Club; Y.W.C.A. CYNTHIA RAINOLD 2236 Palmer Ave. New Orleans. Louisiana Kappa Kappa Gamma; La Tertulia; Art Club. GRACE GWYNNE RAMSAY 4706 Lafaye New Orleans. Louisiana Kappa Alpha Theta. JACKIE RAUCH 815 Eleonore St. New Orleans. Louisiana Delta Zeta; Secretary- Treasurer Freshman Commerce Class ' 49; Art Club; TUSK; New- man Club. MARGE RAUCH 815 Eleonore St. New Orleans. Louisiana Newman Club; German Club. BARBARA REAVES Summers Hill Dyersburg. Tennessee PI Beta Phi. nc£e i AxiAiuUe ■■ " i5i-i» 1 MARY ALICE KAY CYNTHIA MARTHA ANNE MARGARET ANNE JOAN S. PAT REISS RICHARDSON ROBERTSON ROGERS SASSER SCHEUERMANN SCHWARTZ 4 Rom Pdrk 3325 Coliseum St. 125 East 45th St. 105-C Benning Road 192 Washington Lane 522 Fern St. 3918 S. Lookout New Orleans. Louitiard New Orleans. Louisiana Savannah, Georgia Columbus, Georgia Concord. N. Carolina New Orleans, Louisiana Little Rocic, Arkansas lUppa Kappa Gamma; Pi Beta Phi; Glee Club; Chi Omega. Alpha Delta Pi. Pi Beta Phi. Pi Beta Phi. Kappa Alpha Theta; NcwRUll Club. Canterbury Club. LEE ANN MARYLIN ROSENBERG LORAINE WOLCOTT Greenbackers; Canter- bury Club; Glee Club. CAROirN KAREN ROBERTSON SAUCIER RHODA ELIZABETH RENT7 RISTAD 9033 N. Lake Drive 8 Stuyvesant PI. Lawrence, L. 1., N. Y. ■lO Maryland Dr. SCHMIDT ANN SCOTT Lake Provldenet, La. B ptitt Student Union; Inttrffilfc Council. 718 N. Water Manitowoc, Wisconsin Kappa Kappa Gamma. Milwaukee, Wisconsin Alpha Omicron Pi; JAMBALAYA; Gamma Delta. Alpha Epsilon Phi; La T e r t u 1 I a; Sociology Club; Hullabaloo: JAM- BALAYA; Campus Night. New Orleans. Louisiana Kappa Alpha Theta; Art Club; Dance Club; Wesley Foundation. 1028 Port New Orleans, Louisiana Gamma Delta MI2 Contrell Rd. Littio Rock, Arkansas Pi Beta Phi; Barracudas; Canterbury Club. MRS. JACK MARY AGNES BEHY RICH RIZZO BOOTSIE EDWINA BARBARA ANN ROBINSON RUCKSTUHL SAUNDERS SCHNEIDER MARIANNE 111! Short Edqewater Gardens 2026 Broadway New Orleans, Louisianj Alpha Omicron Pi. SCOTT New Orleani. Louiti«r4 Alplve Eptilofl Phi. Monroe, Louisiana Phi Mu; Newman Club. 592 ' ! Coliseum St. Now Orleans, Louisiana Phi Mu; JAMBALAYA; 21 Nassau Dr. Now Orleans. Louisianj Kappa Kappa Gamma. 2125 Music Now Orleans, Louisiana Nowman Club. 814 West I4lh Pino Bluff, Arkansas Campus Night; G 1 e o Chi Omoga; Campus Club; Newman Club. Night; Glee Club. ANN CAROLYN lONE JOAN MAUDE RICHARDSON ROBERTSON ROBINSON LORRAINE SAUNDERS JOAN 274 P H9fl 42S Lowerline 8538 Rosalie SANCHEZ 110 Wilson St. SCHWANDT ETHEL SEILER S »e»epo»f. tovitiene New Orleani, Louisiana Brentwood, Missouri 1318 N. Lopot Hammond, Louisiana 1324 Music Pt •««« Ph!; Newmefl Kappa Kappa Gemma; Alpha Omicron Pi; Art New Orteons. Louisian.i Kappa Kappa Gamma; Now Orloans, Louisiana 3463 Gonfilly Blvd. Oib. Wesley Foundation. Club; JAMBALAYA. Phi Mu; Newman Club. JAMBALAYA. Dolta Zota. Now Orleans, Louisiana 43 TULANE UNIVERSITY Babies must play MARY BETH SARA REDDING C. ANN BARBARA CAROL N E W C O M B SELBY SEWELL SHERMAN SILIN SMITH 1519 Pinehurst Trinity, Alabama 5300 Centerwood 1314 Audubon St. 552 Sunnyside Dr. COLLEGE Jackson, Mississippi Little Rock, Arkansas New Orleans, Louisiana Louisville, Kentucky Kappa Alpha Theta; As- Alpha Epsilon Phi; Art Alpha Omicron Pi; Phi Mu; Pan Hellenic sets; Le Circle Francais; Club; JAMBALAYA; JAMBALAYA; Canter- Council; TUSK; Wesley Student Government Campus Night. bury Club; A Cappella Foundation; Glee Club. Association; Wesley ANN SHAFTO Choir; Festival Choir; ARTS AND SCIENCES Foundation; A Cappel- Glee Club. la Choir; Glee Club. COMMERCE 1005 N. Third St. Monroe, Louisiana JANE SHOAF CAROLYN GAYE ENGINEERING Chi Omega; JAMBA- LAYA; Canterbury Club. 322 E. Liberty JANET SITGES SMITH ARCHITECTURE MARTHA SENTER Covington. Tennessee Alpha Omicron Pi; Wes- 2435 Pine 927 Desire New Orleans, Louisiana 836 Ontario ley Foundation; A Cap- New Orleans, Louisiana Alpha Delta Pi; New- LAW Shreveport, Louisiana pella Choir; Glee Club. Glee Club. man Club; A Cappella C h i Omega; Student JILL Choir; Glee Club; Op- MEDICINE Government Associa- SHEEHY eretta. GRADUATE SCHOOL SOCIAL WORK tion. Campus Drive Slippery Rock. Pa. Kappa Alpha Theta; ETHEL IRA SHORE PEGGY SLOAN Westminster F e 1 1 o v - 207 Roper 5555 Waneta DIANE SMITH MARCIA ship; Glee Club. Mobile, Alabama Dallas, Texas 5ETEL Hullabaloo; JAMBA- PI Beta Phi; TUSK; LAYA; Greenbackers; Westminster Fellow- 1936 S. Carrollton Ave. 1601 Ellis Ave. Westminster Fellowship; ship. New Orleans, Louisiana I Fairlawn, Nevr Jersey Glee Club. GLADNEY SHELL 2000 Palmer Ave. Campus Night; Glee Club. Phi Mu. M MARY . M SEHEGAST Nevr Orleans, Louisiana ANN ANN MARSHALL ELEANOR G. Lj M Kappa Kappa Gamma; SIGEL SMITH SMITH m 2323 Mimosa Art Club; Student Gov- M Houston. Texas ernment Association; 2406 W. Summit 2420 Alston Dr., S. E. 1308 Broadway W Pi Beta Phi; Canterbury Canterbury Club; Cam- San Antonio, Texas Atlanta. Georgia New Orleans, Louisiana w Club. pus Night. La Tertulia. Kappa Alpha Theta. Kappa Alpha Theta. n xeMoAoxiu Ue EMMA SUE ALISON EMILY WALD MILDRED ANNE SALLY ANN JACKIE CAROLYN SMITH STACY STIX STOUSE STRIKER TAXMAN THORNE 320 B«ti PI. 49 Hawk St. 3759 Washington Ave. 5601 Hurst St. 350 Albion 925 Burdette 4603 S. Carrollfon New Orleans. Louitidna New Orleans. Louis ana Cincinnati. Ohio New Orleans, Louisiana Denver. Colorado New Orleans, Louisiana New Orleans, Louisiana Alpha Omicron Pi; Phi Mu; Art Club; N cw- Alpha Epsilon Phi; La Pi Beta Phi; Le Circle Alpha Epsilon Phi; Alpha Epsilon Phi, Delta Zeta; Wesley Newman Club; Art man Club; C a rn p u s Tertulia; Glee Club. Francais; Newman Club. Dance Club; JAMBA- Foundation. Club. Night. RUTH STOBAUGH LAYA; Campus N ' ght. ELSA STORCK TAYLOR 845 Unadllla St. HIANCES PRESTON SMITH 3K E. Mad:»n AHiens. Tenneiiee Kappa lUppa Gamma; AiMll: Art Club: Stu- dent Government Ajto- SYLVIA RAE STAHL 2429 Octavia St. New Orleans, Louisiana H i 1 1 e 1 Foundation; Campus Night. 3700 Hill Road Little Rock, Arkansas Alpha Delta Pi; JAM- BALAYA; Wesley Foun- dation; Campus Night; Glee Club. LUCY LYNN STRAIN 743 Thora Shreveport, Louisiana Chi Omega. MARY FRANCIS STUBBS 1089 Oakdale Rd. Atlanta. Georgia Kappa Kappa Gamma; Student Government Shreveport, Louisiana Kappa Kappa Gamma Art Club; Dance Club Le Circle Francais JAMBALAYA; TUSK Westminster Fellowship Lagniappes. SONYA TRAHAN 1612 Jackson Alexandria, Louisiana Chi Omega. c i « t 1 o n; Canterbury Association; Bap I s t Clsb: Glee Club; JAM- Student Union. ■ALAYA. BETH ANNE STOCKER JOANNE TERRANELLA CAROL DAVID ANN STEPHENS 1465 Eleonore St. New Orleans, Louisiana JEAN STRAUSS 4S0I Bolclaire Dallas, Texas TRAMMELL 3908 Monticello Dr. SUSAN E. Semmes. Alabama Chi Omega; Art Club; Athletic Council; Bar- racudas; Cheerleaders; Greenbackert. 1401 N. 3rd St. SHIRLEY Delta Zola; Pan Hol- Fort Worth, Texas SMITH 424 W Henr;et«a Alpha Omicron JAMBALAYA Pi; Monroe, Louisiana Alpha Epsilon Phi. TANENBAUM 908 W. 19th lonic Council; West- minster Fellowship; Gloo Club; Interna- Kiaqtville TeM» Austin, Texas tional Relations Club. Kappa Kappa Gamma. LILLIAN IRMA ALINE LOUISA STOUSE JOAN DOROTHY LYNNE TRAUTH MAir ELIZA SOUTHALL STEWART l]2f SI Roch A«e. 7S Sierra Fria, Mexico D. F., Mexico PEGGY STRAUSS GAYLE L, TANNER Ser. Det. A,S.U. 3 ' THIBODAUX 604 Carol Dr. 206 Vincent Ave. Now Orloans, Louisiana m E Tstcaloota St BofeAce Alabama New Orleans, Louisiana Gamma Delta; Glee Kappa Alpha Theta; La Tertulia; JAMBALAYA; 1401 N. 3rd S . Monroe. Loulilani 41 N(tw Orloans, Louisian. Kappa Alpha Thota Alpha Omicron Pi; Archory Club; Wosl- Alptu Delta Pi Club. Radio Club Alpha Epsilon Phi, Camp Gordon, Ga Newman Club, mlnltor Fellowship. 45 TULANE UNIVERSITY He found out the Truth about Ruth N E W C O M B COLLEGE ARTS AND SCIENCES COMMERCE ENGINEERING ARCHITECTURE LAW MEDICINE GRADUATE SCHOOL SOCIAL WORK ANN MORTON NANCY B. JANE VIRGINIA BETTY TRICE TURNER ULMER VALLE VERLANDER 404 Seminary St. 360 Hawthorne 8019 Cohn St. 1500 N. Villere 225 Audubon Blvd. Madlsonvllle, Kentucky Memphis, Tennessee New Orleans, Louisiana New Orleans. Loui iana New Orleans, Louisiana Delta Zeta; Beta Beta Alpha m ' c r n Pi Chi Omega; Glee Club. White Caps. Alpha Omicron Pi. Beta; Baptist Student Barracudas; JAMBA- Union. LAYA; White C a Christian Science ganizatlon. P s; Or- ALENE TERRY BETTY JANE BARBARA VAN RAPPARD VOLKER TROSCLAIR SARAH FRANCES UMBACH 1003 Lillian St. Ward Hotel 1530 Lesseps St. TURNER 3617 La. Ave. Pkwy. New Orleans. Loui lana Fort Smith, Ark. New Orleans, Louisiana 1224 Madeline New Orleans, Louisiana Beta Sigma Omicron. Pi Beta Phi; Student White Caps; Glee Club. Chi Omega. Government Associa- El Paso, Texas Kappa Alpha Theta La tion; Newman Club. T e r t u 1 ia; Canterbury Club. MARGARET ANN ANNE WEIR MONTE TURFITT VARINO MARY MARJORIE von ROSENBERG 2101 Jefferson Ave. New Orleans, Louisiana JANET TYSON UPHAM 101 Richmond Monroe, Louisiana 796 Bedford Chi Omega- TUSK; In- 306 Cedar Dr. Canterbury Club; nter- Grosse Pointe, Mich. terfaith Council; West- 2803 Olive New Orleans, Louisiana faith Council. Beta Sigma Omicron; minster Fellowship. Texarkana, Texas Pi Beta Phi. Kappa Kappa Gamma. JAMBALAYA; Canter- bury Club; Glee Club; International Relations Club. ANN E. ULMER P. O. Box 57! CHRISTINE URDA ALCENITH B. VEITH RUTH ESTER Columbia, Mississippi Kappa Alpha Theta; Cheerleaders; Green- backers; Newman Club. 12700 Buckeye Rd. Cleveland. Ohio Newman Club. 3448 Fish Ave. New York, New York Phi Mu. WAGNER 561 Joseph New Orleans, Loui iana fM. MARY ALYCE JEANNE LYNN TODD MARY SUE KATHRYN BARBARA WARE WHITE WILLIAMS WILLINGHAM WOOD YERGER YOUNGS low N. Virginia Ave., 4412 S. Lookout 2500 Hardy 81 18 Green 2819 Pine 1525 N. State 5901 Gen. Diaz N. E. Little Rock, Arkansas Hdttlesburg,_ Mississippi New Orleans, Louis ana New Orleans, Louisiana Jackson, Mississ PPi New Orleans, Louisiana Atlanta. Georgia Pi Beta Phi. Chi Omega; Art Club; TUSK; Baptist Student Union. Chi Omega. Alpha Omicron F ' i; Canterbury Club; Glee Club. Chi Omega, Kappa Alpha Theta; Newman Club; Ukulele Club. BOBBIE WEBB ANNE OCTAVIE LUCY c o United Fruit Sugar SIESEL WILLIAMS WILSON SARA JANE WOODS YERLY RAY MARIE Co. 703 Ingram Dr. Golf Club Lane 325 E. Huisache ZEMMER Banet. Oriente, Cuba WILE Opelika, Alabama Nashville, Tennessee 1028 S. 8th San Antonio, Te xas Alpha O m i c r n Pi; i2i Wilder Phi Mu; Athletic Coun- Alpha Delta Pi; Phi Al- Chickasha, Oklahoma Kappa Alpha Theta; 1909 S. Dupre St. Barracudat; Dance Shreveport. Louis ana cil; Dormitory Council; pha Theta; JAM B A- Kappa Kappa Gamma; Honor Board Represen- New Orleans, Louisiana Club. Alpha Epsilon Phi Greenbackers; Baptisl LAYA; Newman Club: Assets; Arts Club; Bar- tative, ' 50- ' 52; Canter- Delta Zeta; La Tortulia; Student Union. Campus Night. racudas; Dormitory Council. bury Club, Newman Club; Glee Club. PATSr GRACE WEIL WILLIAMS M40 Monte allo Rd. Birmingham. Alabama ALETHA i5l5 Milne St. Now Orleans, Louisiana E. ARLINE WINCHESTER MARY HARRIET WREN ROSALIE YORK ANN ZINDLER Alpha Eptilon Phi, Piy- WILLIAMS Beta Sigma Omicron; 1315 Locust 3655 Del Monte 570 Ott chologr Maior Club; Art Club; U Circle F r a n c a i t; Sociology Club; JAMBALAYA; Campus Night; Glee Bor 425, Barataria , u. Glee Club. NANCY ELLEN WILLIAMSON 2801 Arts St. Now Orleans, Louisiana Dolld Zoti; YW.C.A.; Whilo Caps; Wesley Foundation, Texarkana, Arkansas Chi Omega; JAMBA- LAYA; Groonbackors; Wesley Foundation; Urchin Pledge Pin Up. Houston, Texas. Harrisonburg, Virginia. Cl.b. CATHERINE 502 Evans Ave. San Antonio, Teiat Kappa Kappa Gamma; Freshman Class PresI JAME WILLIAMS dent ' 50; Sophomore JERRY JOY ANITA SARA WMIOOOM 4431 Edmondson Class Secretary ' 51; As- sets; Dormitory Council; WOLF WYNNE I7M Magnolia Dallas. Terat Student Government As- I00 Woiblon PI, 205 Collage SI. Oofhan. Alabama l app Kappa Gamma sociation; Wesley Foun- Now Orleans, Louis ana Balnbrldge, Georgia Alpfca Delta Pi. Wa;tmlnitef Fellowship dation. Delta Zela, Hlllel Foundation, 47 n e w c m b student counci COOKIE PATTON President OFFICERS MARY ELIZABETH PATTON President BILLIE HARPER First Vice-President BARBARA BARTLETT , Second Vice-President SHIRLEY HADDOCK Corresponding Secretary JOAN BURLINGAME Recording Secretary Mary Gilbert Sara Hall Alice Koch Gwen Landridge Ann Mcintosh MEMBERS Joan Morrison Polly Jean Phelps Maureen Prothro Annette Ruchstuhl Caroline Trueman The Newcomb Student Council Is the piloting unit of the self-governing student body. It is composed of the officers of the Student Government Association, and the presidents of fHonor Board, Resident Government, Pan- hellenlc, YWCA, Athletic Council, Art School, Music School and the four classes. It has the power to initiate legislation, consider any proposed amendment to or revision of the constitution, and to consent to the holding of any election on New- comb Campus. It strives to encourage the highest stu- dent-faculty relationship and at all times the council embodies in its actions the active and creative spirit and Ideal of an association of able and adult Individuals. Cookie ' s Crew Wish Lucy weren ' t pinned! n e w c m b honor board OFFICERS JOAN MORRISON . ' President MARY GILBERT Vice-President CAROLINE TRUEMAN Secretory Barbara Bartlett Diedre Burlce Mary Elizabeth Fontaine Mary Gilbert Sara Hall MEMBERS Alice Koch Joan Morrison Polly Jean Phelps Maureen Prothro Janet Scharff Jean Strauss Caroline Trueman Renate Wohlert Lucy Yerley Newcomb students tate pride In their system of honor which holds above all else the integrity of each student. Under the hlonor System each student is accountable on her honor for her conduct. Violations which endanger the system and thus the personal honor of every member are dealt with by representative students who compose the Honor Board. The Honor Board has jurisdiction over examinations and school work in and outside of classes. Upon enrolling in Newcomb each student, before the Honor Board, pledges herself to abide by the system — to maintain a high ' .tandnrd of integrity and personal honor. A9 A sale on white blouses n e w c m b dormitory c o u n c i OFFICERS SARA HALL President Resident Student Government JOANN ANSLEY Secretary Resident Student Government PAT WILLIAMS President of Warren House LANIER HUDSON President of Doris Hall CORNELIA HOWELL President of East wing of J.L. JUDY FOWLER President of West wing of J.L. Alice Aikens Star Anderson Margaret Burn Shirley Haddock Doris Kahn MEMBERS Billie Harper Alice Koch Polly Jean Phelps Sally Pitts Marion Pratt Frances Priest Mary Pillow Scales Nancy Williamson Sara Woods The Nev comb Dormitory Council, composed of representatives from all of the dormitories, provides the resident student government for the students living in the dormitories. It makes the rules, tries the offenders, and executes executive, legisla- tive, and judicial powers. While serving as a governing board of behavior of dormitory members, the council also offers entertainment for dormitory residents. Thus attempting to develop self-control and good judgment, the dormitory council also strives for self-govern- ment and the upholding of its regulations. 50 OFFICERS DONNA REESE President GWEN LANDRIDGE Vice-President CYNTHIA RAINOLD Secretary MARY FRANCIS Treasurer MEMBERS Phoebe Alexander. Carolyn Bodet. Judith Baehr. Hulda Collins, Lee Crenshaw. Mary Francis. Ann King. Gwen Landridge. Ann Lingan, Sarah Hall, Maureen Prothro. Donna Reese. Jackie Rauch, Cynthia Rainold. Allison Stacy, Loralne Saucier. Gladney Shell, Sara Woods, Sklppy Grant, Carol Kaplan Marge Rauch, Anita Parent, Jane Pearlestein, Joyce Cooper, Shirley Clark, Ann Sherman, Lee Robertson. Beverly Craig, Mary Alice Riese, MIgnon Faget. Donna Miesse, Diane Ellen- der. Frances Snnith. The University Art Club was organized to stimulate a greater interest In art end art principles in the University and in the com- munity and to further the the belief that art Is anything that Is well done. The club is self-supporting and holds its business meet- ings once a month. Membership is open to any student in any college on the campus, the only requirement being an interest In art. Members are encouraged to bring a guest tvi the functions. The club sponsors certain programs and activities that are open to the public. These functions consist of films, some of which are on art, some on modern dance, lectures from the art and the academic faculties, and slide demonstrations. The club also holds an annual banquet and helps with the decorations for the Beaux Arts Ball given by the School of Architecture. n e w c m b art club Who else lilces art? Nict aiphtlt til sociology club OFFICERS BEN SWEARINGER President JUDY FOWLER Vice-President SUSAN REYNAUD . .Secretary-treasurer MEMBERS Beverly Alper, Joan Seidenbach Berenson. Jean Celli, Raj Chowdhez. Myrna Finger, Judy Fowler. Barbara Glick, Frank Hud- son, Sue Johnson, Ann NIcoll, Susan Rey- naud, Marilyn Rosenberg. Margaret Sas- ser, Helen Skipman. Emily StIx, Ben Swear- inqer. The primary function of the Tulone-New- comb Sociology Club is to stimulate In- terest in various aspects of human life and society within a broad sociological frame of reference. Membership consists of majors in Sociology, majors in ollied fields, students from the School of Social work, and any other students with an In- terest in Sociology. The faculty of the Soclolgy Department act as advisors. Visi- tors from the local and other areas speak at the club ' s monthly meetings. Such programs hove Included litoroturc on such pertinent topics as labor relations, child care, and the race issue. Informal meet- ings for general discussion have been held at the homes of some of tfie faculty mem- bers. One espociolly stimulating program last fall was a tray-supper-mooting at the Tulone Cafotcria; faculty members pre- sented very briefly their various ap- proaches to Sociology. In the spring a banquet climaxes the year ' s activities. This year the Sociology Club hopes to instoll at Tulanc a chapter of Alpho Koppa Del- ta, honorary Sociology fraternity, which i ' 4 to bo asioclotod with the present organi- zation, 51 le circle f rancais OFFICER CHRISTIAN WEST President What ' s he got that I haven ' t The purpose of Le Circle Fran- cals is to further the interest in French culture. Some of the va- rious activities offered by the club are movies, lectures, and the op- portunity to converse in French with friends among the student body and members of the faculty. The meetings are held tv ice a month in the Student Center. The traditional cafe and petits gateaux are alv ays served while everyone chats in French. The membership is made up of anyone who is in- terested in French. OFFICERS GWEN LANDRIDGE . . . GLEN RAE HANEMANN , . ANNE ALLEN MARY V. FERAUD .... . . . President Vice-President . . . Secretary . . . Treasurer MEMBERS Jeannette Abit, Rose Agnew, Ann Alexis, Ann Allen, Martha Bien venue, Gerald Boehm, Janet Bray, Nannet e Cam, Martha Church, Patricia Clesi. Beverly Craig. Ann Cushinq. Mary V. Feraud, Carol Fitz- patrick. Beth Fritchie. Catherine Fritchie, Mellisa Green, Isabel Gutherie, Glen Rae Hanneman, Ann Hastings, Elizabeth Mau- ser, Jo Ann Hebert, Winnie Hodges. Peggy Hover, Ann Humphreys, Esther Hunt, Evelyn Jackson, Gwen Land ridge. Nan Levey, Ann Llngan, Diane Long, Lynn McClure, Lurline McMakon, Jean Menen- dez, Marilyn Mlllekin, Eleanor Moore. Charlene Ann Mutz, Ann Nicoll, Marylin Odom, Anita Parent. Jo Ann Paris, Bar- bara Pel ton, Francis Perry. Sylvia Pinner. Frances Priest, Ann (pulnn, Jackie Rauch, Barbara Reaves, Susan Reynaud, Pat Ryan. Margaret Ann Sasser, Joan Schv andt, Sara Sewell. Gladney Shell. Jane Shoaf. Ann Stephens, Ann trice, Nancy Turner, Olive Van Rappard. Earline Vlavant, Grace Wil- liams, Arline Winchester, Jerry Wolf, Mary Sue Wood. The Young Women ' s Christian Assocla- tIon._ established at Newcomb In 1901, Is an inter-denominational organization un- der student leadership with faculty mem- bers acting In an advisory capacity. The membership is open to all students a1 Newcomb College. " Y " traditions are: giving a supper for _ the Freshmen during orientation, the giving of baskets to the poor at Thanks- giving, entertaining children from local orphanages at Christmas and at Easter, placing the tree In Newcomb Hall, spon- soring the Senior " Baby Contest, " and conducting the annual Easter Sunrise Serv- ice in co-operation with other campus organizations. The " ' Y " Is concerned with stimulating student interest In specific problems con- cerned with four general fields of work in the national Y.W.C.A. program: Personal Life, the Church, Higher Education, the Nation and the World. Mary V. looks cold y. w. c. a 52 OFFICERS PROFESSOR MILDRE D CHRISTIAN President PROFESSOR HANS B. JONASSEN Vice-President MISS FANNIE RAYNE RUSS Secretary PROFESSOR KARLEM RIESS Treasurer PROFESSOR MARIE J. WEISS Executive Connmittee MISS MARIAN NASH Executive Committee 1952 MEMBERS Dolores Balllna Andrea Llvaudals Mrs. Marilyn Dorsen Susan Reynaud Esther Gilbert Marlon Romaine Mary Gilbert Mary Durland Sapp Dorothy Harris Mrs. June Schaefer HONORARY beta kappa The privilege to be initiated into Phi Beta Kappa and to wear its key indicates that a student has reached the top rung on the scholaslic ladder, since this organization has the distinction of being the highest scholastic honorary fraternity recognized today. Originally founded as a social fraternity in 1776, Phi Beta Kappa has grown in number and reputation until the fact that it Is the oldest American fraternity has almost been forgotten. The Louisiana Alpha Chapter was organized at this university in 1909. Each year the Tulane Chapter sponsors two lectures on the campus, the first being In the fall. Early In the spring a meeting is held by the faculty fraternity members to select approximately twenty-five students for membership. The fraternity ' s activities are then brought to a climax when these students are initiated at the annual spring lecture. First Row; Dorson, E, Gilbert, M. Gilbert, Livaudols Socond Row: Roynoud, Romolno, Sopp, Vol- taggio H O A R 53 H HONORARY alpha Sigma Sigma OFFICER ELOISE CAPPEL , President MEMBERS Mary Gilbert Janet Levy Joan Morrison Mary Elizabeth Patton Alpha Sigma Sigma, the senior honorary society at Newcomb, was founded in 1915. Members are elected on leadership, scholarship, and loyal service to the school. They are in charge of the Freshman Orientation Program at the beginning of the following fall. The president pre- sides at the Freshman class meetings until the Freshman officers are elected. On Alpha Sigma Sigma Day, the members are an- nounced at Student Body meeting where they are given a pair of donkey ears to wear the rest of the day. Later in the spring they have a dinner and foimal initiation. LEADERSHIP H I P OFFICERS CORKY E5TABROOK President FRANCES SMITH Vice-President MEMBERS Paula Beaver Joan Burlingame Lanier Hudson Sue Melancon Mary Beth Selby Caroline Trueman Nancy Wllliannson Every spring, Freshmen who have been outstanding on the campus are selected to become members of Assets. It is an honorary society based on service, leadership, scholarship, and school spirit. The Assets active at the time choose the members for the following year and the names of those Freshmen are announced at the last Stu- dent Body meeting of the year. These newly elected As- sets begin their activities their Sophomore year by be- ing " Big Sisters " to the Freshmen and new students in the orientation program before classes begin in the fall. Throughout the year they are asked to usher at campus assemblies and perform certain other duties. Their part in Kangaroo Court Is an important aspect of their ac- tivities. HONORARY assets OFFICERS MARY FRANCIS GIORDANO President SHEILA CARMEL Vice-President GLEN RAE HANEMAN Secretary CAMILLE CARAWAY ... Treasurer MEMBERS Paula Beaver Doris Cahn Camille Caraway Sheila Carmel Betty Daniels Ethel Gabriel Shirley Mae Gardner Mary Francis Giordano Regina Gunthorpe Anne Hadley Glen Rae Haneman Hettie Henderson Charlene Kaplan Jean Krotier Pat McGee Millie Mason Dahlgren Miller Sterling Peebles Sylvia Pinner Alida Treuting Oreades Is an organization for Newcomb students who are studying courses in the Classics Departnnent. The purpose is to stimulate an appreciation for the classics and to sustain an interest in the knov ledge of the classics. Members are selected by the faculty of the Classics Department on the basis of scholarship and interest. Honor students may be elected to Eta Sigma Phi, na- tional honorary fraternity. The club began its activities with a picnic on the jevee A Saturnalic Party was held in December in imitation of the Roman Holiday that is celebrated at the same time. Other activities included lectures and discussions at infor- mal meetings. HONORARY oreades s A HONORARY ] e t a ) e t a beta MEMBERS Active Marian Andrus Pat Hinrichson Emily Nott Probational Paula Beaver Doris Carre Barbara Cohn Marilyn Dorslc Shirley Fred Emily Griffith Connce Hohnson Faye Kapsinow Pat McGee Lorraine Murphy Martha Ann Rogers Terry Volker Beta Beta Beta National Honorary Biological Frater- nity is for students who show a great interest in biology and have a high scholastic average. Its purpose is to acquaint Its mennbers with the field of science and its innportance. The activities of the club consist of field trips and lectures on various subjects pertaining to science. o o kappa delta Kappa Delta Pi, Honor Society in Education, was founded at the University of Illinois on June 8, 1911. The Epsilon Beta Chapter was established at Tulane February 21, 1940. Membership in this society is open to all Education students above the junior level who have an average of " B " or better. The primary purpose of this group is to encourage high professional, intellectual, and personal standards, and to recognize outstanding contributions to education. In conjunction with this idea the program of the past year has stressed " Guidance in the Field of Education. " OFFICERS KENNETH BYRNNE President WILLIAM YOUNG Vice-President EDITH RAINWATER Secretary WILFRED GUERIN Treasurer MEMBERS Dr. John P. Dyer Dr. Joe Gibson Dr. Selma Herr Dr. E. C. Hunter Miss Gaither McConnell Dr. Stewart Noble John Brauch Kenneth Byrnne Barbara Cherry Melvin Corry Marcia Davis Ted Demuth Naomi Gardberg Shirley Gardner Wilfred Guerin Joyce Hatfield Charlene Kaplan Albert Keru Anna Klein Edward Koschman Edna Lambert Elaine Marshal Yolanda Ocampo Edith Rainwater Yvonne Richoux Rhoda Schmidt John Stewart Audrey Swanson William Young Ray Marie Zemmer u A T I N N H OFFICERS YOLANDA MANAUTOU President ALICE KOCH Vice-President JO RAMOS Secretary LIZ FONTAINE Treasurer MEMBERS Delores Ballina Barbara Bartlett Ann Bennet Betty Bland Joyces Carinhas Marcia Davis June Earnest Ethel Gabriel Nancy Gooch Connie Johnson Warrene Hayne Rosa Lamar Andrea Livaudais Nancy Marler Joan Morrison Eugenia McLoughlin Janeth Murray Cynthia Ralnold Marilyn Rosenburg La tertulia is an honorary Spanish Club on Newcomb Campus. It holds meetings twice a month at which prominent speakers discuss topics of interest. Each meet- ing is devoted to some phase of Latin-American or Spanish life. There are four reunions each year to which the whole University, as well as the public. Is Invited; October 12, Columbus Day; and April 23, Cervantes Dia de la Lengua. In addition, a banquet for the members and new initiates Is held at the close of each year. la tertulia arts and sciences Rodriqo Altman Samuel Barnes Rafael Barrios-Rojas Murray Belsky James Blake Frank Blue. Jr. Phillip Bookman James Bostick, Jr. Hal Breslow Richard Briggs Louis Brown, Jr. Bernard Busch Thomas Cain William Callaghan John Carinhas. Jr. Eugene Celano Anthony Clesi Nathan Cohen Hunt Comer James Conover. Jr. Salvador D ' Amico, Sr. First Column: • RODRIGO ORFIZ ALTMAN, Box 378. San Jose. Costa Rica; Phi Beta Kappa. • SAMUEL HENRY BARNES, 114 W. 4th St,, Hattiesburg, Mississippi; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Pi Sigma Alpha; Air Force ROTC Major; International Rela- tions Club. • RAFAEL BARRIOS ROJAS, Urb. Sn. Martin, Calle Sevilla No. 5. Caracas Venezuela, S. A. Second Colunnn: • MURRAY E. BELSKY. 2 Chapman PL, Irvington, New Jersey. • JAMES H. BLAKE, 125 Lake St.. Lake Charles, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • FRANK HAMLIN BLUE, JR.. 2832 Ponce de Leon. New Orleans, Louisiana; Naval ROTC. Third Column: • PHILLIP BOOKMAN, 55 Stegman St., Jersey City. New Jersey; Alpha Ep- si ' on Pi; Phi Beta Kappa; Tulane Band. • JAMES H. BOSTICK. JR.. 524 Jefferson Ave., New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Alpha Theta; Scabbard and Blade; Air Force ROTC Major; Baptist Stu- dent Union. • HAL BRESLOW, 582 Main St., Brick Church. New Jersey; Kappa Nu; Track Letter; Hiltel Foundation; Glee Club; German Club. Fourth Column: • RICHARD D. BRIGGS. 354 Grove St., Tonawanda, New York; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; President. Sophomore Class {Fla. Southern Col.). • LOUIS J. BROWN, JR.. 2835 Pine St.. New Orleans. Louisiana; Secretary- Treasurer, ' 43. » BERNARD BUSCH, 162 Scheerer Ave.; Newark, New Jersey. Fifth Column: • THOMAS L. CAIN, Rt. I, Box 384. DeRidder, Louisiana; JAMBALAYA; Baptist Student Union; A Cappella Choir; Glee Club; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society; Urchin Staff. • WILLIAM JOSEPH CALLAGHAN, 222 N. Olympla St., New Orleans, Louis- iana; Newman Club. • JOHN 5. CARINHAS, JR., Box 314, Patterson, Louisiana; PI Kappa Alpha. Sixth Column: • EUGENE R. CELANO, 603 E. Gadsden, Pensacoia. Florida. • ANTHONY J. CLESI. 2814 Palmer, New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Tau Del- ta; Newman Club; Campus Night; Co-Editor of " Wave. " • NATHAN S. COHEN. 3425 Robert St.. New Orleans. Louisiana; Theta Nu; Sports Editor of " Hullabaloo " ; Hillel Foundation; Urchin. Seventh Column: • HUNT COMER, 4188 Lexington Ave., Jacksonville, Florida; Eta Sigma Phi; Canterbury Club; T.U.T. • JAMES A. CONOVER. JR., 833 New York Rd.. Absecon. New Jersey; Kap- pa Sigma; Scabbard and Blade; Sigma PI Sigma; Wesley Foundation; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society. • SALVADOR J. D ' AMICO, SR., 2852 Fortln. New Orleans, Louisiana. 58 The last row ' s best for sleeping TU LAN E S. J. Danna Wilfred David Peter Drakopoulos Robert Eddy, Jr. M. Epstein McLain Forman Malcolm Forsyth Marvin Friedman Jack Giglione Paul Gilbert Julian Good Donald Gordillo-Paii Joseph Gremillion James Guyton. Jr. Don Harris First Column: • S. J. DANNA, 4332 Magazine, New Orieans, Louisiana; Theta Kappa Psi. • WILFRED L. DAVID. 2403 Madison, Covington, Louisiana; Beta Phi; New- man Club; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society. • PETER GEORGE DRAKOPOULOS, 91 Walnut, Somerville, Iv assachusetts. Second Column; • ROBERT NEWTON EDDY, JR., 1324 S. Main, Carthage, Missouri; Phi Kappa Sigma. • M. WILLIAM EPSTEIN, 22? Club Dr., San Antonio, Texas; Pre-Medical Society. • McLAIN J. FORMAN, 1038 Lowell St,, Nev York, Nev York; Phi Beta Kappa; Scabbard and Blade; Sigma Gamma Epjilon, Third Column: • MALCOLM HARRIS FORSYTH, 5820 Willov , New Orleans, Louisiana; Sig- ma Alpha Epsilon; Theta Nu; " Carnival " ; " Hullabaloo. " • MARVIN ROBERT FRIEDMAN, liOO Clinton PI., Hillside, New Jersey; Kap- pa Nu; PI Sigma Alpha; Hillel Foundation; Alpha Phi Omega. • JACK WILSON GIGLIONE, 3312 Paris Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana; So- ciology Club. Fourth Column: • PAUL ROBERT GILBERT, 3430 Vinconnei PI., New Orleans, Louisiana. • JULIAN H. GOOD. 2817 J«H«rson Ave,, New Orleans, Louisiana; Zota Beta Tau; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Beta Kappa; German Club; Phi Delta Phi; Air Force ROTC; Kappa Delta Phi. • DONALD JOSEPH GOROILLO-PAIZ, P. O. Box 272, Managua, Nicaragua; PI Kappa Alpha; Glendy Burke Society; International Relotioni Club; Lagni- • pp«f; Pan American Society; Pan Hellenic Council. Fifth Column: • JOSEPH A GREMILLION. iSO S. MIro, New Orleani, Louisiana. • JAMES ROY GUYTON. JR , 357 Spring, Tupelo, Miiiiiilppi. • DON HARRIS. K4I Da Sail Blvd., New Orleani. Loultlana; Delta Tau Delta; ' feeidant o Psychology Major Club; Greenbackari; Weitmlniter Fellowship; Air Force ROTO; Leadership Council. NEWCOMB COLLEGE ARTS AND SCIENCES COMMERCE ENGINEERING ARCHITECTURE LAW MEDICINE GRADUATE SCHOOL SOCIAL WORK Stuart Hellman ' n, Jr. Ramon Hinds William Hodgden Thomas Hoeffner Henry Hofmann, Jr. Ray Hooper Robert Hullinger Gordon Jones Donald Kati Doyle Lansford Thomas Leach Millard Lipscomb Benjamin Lucio David Lutenbacher Robert Mabson Carlton McArfhur Raymond McBride John McLean Raymond Magallanes, Sr. Louis Mey, Jr. Al Moore First Column: • S. STUART HELLMANN. JR.. 4733 Overton Dr., Nev Orfeans, Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta; President of Senior Class. ' 51- ' 52; Scabbard and Blade; Psychology Major Club; Canterbury Club; Naval ROTC. Captain; Taffrail Naval Society. • RAMON K. HINDS. 1009 N. Leiia, Guyman. Oklahoma; Sigma Alpha Ep- silon. • WILLIAM F. HODGDEN, 23 McNair, Vallejo, California; Beta Theta Pi; Vice-President of Senior Class; Scabbard and Blade; Psychology Major Club; Canterbury Club; Lieutenant, NROTC; Taffrail Naval Society. Second Column: • THOMAS C HOEFFNER, 4502 St. Anthony, New Orleans, Louisiana. • HENRY CHARLES HOFMANN, JR., 256 Boulevard, Shreveport. Louisiana. • RAY G. HOOPER, Boling. Texas; Kappa Alpha; Phi Chi. Third Column: • ROBERT K. HULLINGER, 444 Whitelock, Huntington, Ind.; Varsify Letter In Bask etball. • GORDON S. JONES, 1525 Lov erline, New Orleans. Louisiana; Eta Sigma Phi; Canterbury Club; Interfaith Council; Lieutenant, NROTC; Taffrail Naval Society; Leadership Council; Rifle Team; Honor Grad. • DONALD KATZ. 121 Bellingham Rd.. Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts; Kappa Nu; PI Sigma Alpha. Fourth Column: • DOYLE KEITH LANSFORD. Valparaiso, Florida; Phi Chi; Beta Beta Beta; American Chemical Society; Baptist Student Union; Alpha Epsilon Delta. • THOMAS H. LEACH, 7511 Freret, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi; Scabbard and Blade; Student Activities Key; Who ' s Who; Intramural Council; JAMBALAYA; " Wave " Handbook; TUSK, President. ■49- ' 5l; New- man Club; A Cappella Choir; Campus Night; Festival Choir; Glee Club, President. ' 50- ' 5l; Operetta; Army ROTC; Cadet Staff Officer; Lieutenant- Colonel. • MILLARD LIPSCOMB, 4657 Van Dyke. San Diego 16, California; Delta Tau Delta; Pre-Medical Society. Fifth Column: • BENJAMIN ANDREW LUCIO, Central Hershey, Havana, Cuba; Pi Kappa Alpha; Newman Club; Lieutenant, Air Force ROTC. • DAVID AUGUST LUTENBACHER. 357 Lincoln, New Orleans, Louisiana. • ROBERT L. MABSON, 121 Avenue E. New Orleans, Louisiana; Westminster Fellowship. Sixth Column: • CARLTON McARTHUR, 920 Jackson Ave., New Orleans; Baptist Student Union. • RAYMOND ANDREW McBRIDE, 4538 Woodside Dr., Houston. Texas; P! Kappa Alpha. • JOHN M. McLEAN, Southern State College, Magnolia, Arkansas; Varsity Letter; Football, ' 50- ' 5l; Air Force ROTC. Captain. Seventh Column: • RAYMOND D. MAGALLANES, SR.. 946 Reynoir. Biloxi, Mississippi; Army ROTC. • LOUIS MEY, JR., 4907 Marlborough. New Orleans. Louisiana; Beta Phi; Pi Sigma Alpha; International Relations Club; Pan-American Society. • AL MOORE, 2417 Hamilton, New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Tau Delta; Phi Delta Phi. 60 Women, guitars, and papayos — what more could you ask? TULANE 9 cert Morrison ; = e-t Musacchia A ei Newman George Newburn Everett Noetiel. Jr. Richard Parkinson James Parsons Philip Pdston Charles Peacock, Jr Ralph Pedersen Morton Pepper Frank Powell Donald Rayner Kenneth Reqenos Francis Remington First Column: • GILBERT CAFFALL MORRISON, 3975 Kenneth. Beaumont. Texas; Phi Delta Theta. • ROBERT J. MUSACCHIA, 31 Boy 34th St.. Brooklyn. New York. • ALEX NEWMAN, Apartado. 33 Reynosa. Tamps. Mexico; Kappa Nu; Pre- Medlcal Society; Hillel Foundation; Glee Club; Operetta. Second Column: • GEORGE GILRUTH NEWBURN, 1443 7th St.. New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta :au Delta. • EVERETT L. NOETZEL. JR., 2i Madden Rd.. Scarsdale. New York; Phi Delta Thetd. • RICHARD P. PARKINSON, Franklin. Idaho; Sigma Chi. Third Column: • JAMES MORROW PARSONS. Ladonia, Texas; Pre-Medical Society; Dis- ciplfi Student FtHowship • PHILIP PASTON. 789 S t. Marks Ave.. New York, New York; Kappa Nu; Pft-M dical Society; Psychology Major Club. • CHARLES L. PEACOCK, JR.. 2311 Peniiton. New Orleans. Louisiana; Tau lUppA Epiilon; Slqma Pi Sigma; Air Force ROTC; Radio Club. Fourth Column: • RALPH PEDERSEN, East Wdshington. Culver. Indiana; Sigma Chi; Varsity L«tt«r; BdiketbAll; Grttnbackeri. • MORTON M. PEPPER, 4aS7 E. 17 Av«.. Denver. Colorado. • FRANK EVANS POWELL, 629 Julius Av«.. New Orleans, Louisiana. Fifth Column: • DONALD R. RAYNER, I4 t3th St., Alexandria, Loultiana; Phi Chi; Sigmd Pt, • KENNETH M. REGENOS. 2S06 Stat St., N«w Orltdni, Loultfdna; PI Kappa Alpha; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Betd Kappa; Sigma Pt Sigma; Math Club; Waftminttar Fallowihip; Army ROTC; R4dio Tulane. • FRANCIS W. REMINGTON. 370 Lenor St., New Haven, Connecticut; Proii- d nt. A ti and Sclance Student Body; Who ' t Who; Pelicans; Campus Night Diractor; Co-Diracfor ' Orqantzar, " Toast to the Team " ; AtS Honor Board, NEWCOMB COLLEGE ARTS AND SCIENCES COMMERCE ENGINEERING ARCHITECTURE LAW MEDICINE GRADUATE SCHOOL SOCIAL WORK 61 Louis Rrttler Frederick Robitschek Buddy Rodrigue Robert Rogers Waymond Rone Harold Rosen Ernest Roth, Jr. Marvin Rothenberg Molly Roy Ernest Sandlin D. Sartor, Jr. Gordon Saussy, II Paul Schelb Thomas Shea Byron Sigler William Staiger Dan Stewart. Ill Richard Story Archibald Suthon. Jr. Sachio Takata Clay Talbot First Column: • LOUIS A. RITTLER, 1534 Music St., New Orleai.s. Louisiana. • FREDERICK W. ROBITSCHEK, Box 1309, St. Augustine, Florida; German Club; Gamma Delta. • BUDDY RODRIGUE, 2525 Nashville Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Thetd Pi; Pan Hellenic Council; Senior Class Unit Manager; Omicron Delta Kappa; Pi Sigma Alpha; Scabbar d and Blade; Lieutenant (jg), NROTC; Adelphons; Lagnlappes; Taffrail Naval Society. Second Column: • ROBERT EARL ROGERS. 1725 6th St.. Lake Charles, Louisiana; Phi Delta rheta; Nu Sigma Nu; Phi Beta Kappa. • WAYMOND L. RONE, Rt. 2, Portageville. Missouri; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Scabbard and Blade. • HAROLD ROSEN, 6353 Haring St., Forest Hills, New York; Kappa Nu; Psychology Major Club; Hillel Foundation. Third Column: • ERNEST P. ROTH, JR., 636 Nashville Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Gamma Epsilon. • MARVIN ROTHENBERG, 2019 N. Decatur Rd., Atlanta, Ga.; Sigma Alpha Mu; " Carnival " ; " Hullabaloo. " • MOLLY ROY, 2418 Fifth Ave.. Ft. Worth. Texas; Chi Omega. Fourth Column: • ERNEST SANDLIN, 14 Allard Blvd., New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi; AFROTC. • D. RYAN SARTOR. JR., Alto. Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Eta Sigma Phi; Phi Beta Kappa; AFROTC. • GORDON SAUSSY. II. 2339 Octavia St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha; Adelphons. Fifth Column: • THOMAS F. SHEA. 8 Sheldon PI., Oceanside. New York; Pi Sigma Alpha; International Relations Club; American Political Science Association. • PAUL MARVIN SCHEIB, 209 Kneeland Ave., Yonkers. New York; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre-Medical Society. • BYRON ELBERT SIGLER, 619 Commanche Rd., Chilllcothe, Ohio; T.U.T. Sixth Column: • WILLIAM C. STAIGER, 376 Ridgeway Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana; Base- ball Letter. • DAN W. STEWART, III, 216 Union St., MInden, Louijiana; Alpha Tau Omega; NROTC. • RICHARD E. STORY, 1623 Fourth St., New Orleans. Louisiana; Sigma Chi; Scabbard and Blade; Cadet Colonel, Army ROTC. Seventh Column: • ARCHIBALD MAGILL SUTHON, JR., 917 Solomon PI.. New Orleani. Loulv iana; Beta Theta Pi; Pi Sigma Alpha; Canterbury Club. • SACHIO J. TAKATA, 3215 Champa. Denver, Colorado. • CLAY TALBOT, 2617 Palmer Ave.. New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Kappa Sig- ma; t an Hellenic Council. President; Adelphons; Leadership Council. 62 TULAN E UNIVERSITY Robert Thompson Edmund Tunstall Thomas Underwood. Jr. John Waits David Wall Rodger Wall First Column: Gene Wallace Jack Weil Norton Weiss • ROBERT E. THOMPSON, 319 Sixth St.. McComb, Mississippi; Kappa Sigma; Nu Sigma Nu; Kappa Delta Phi; Omicron Delfa Kappa; Who ' s Who; JAM- BALAYA. Editor; Publications Board; Baptist Student Union, • EDMUND J. TUNSTALL. 4G Newcomb Campus. New Orleans, Louisiana; Who ' s Who; " Hullabaloo " ; Pelicans; Co-Producer, " Toast to the Team. " • THOMAS C. UNDERWOOD, JR.. Florence, Alabama. Second Coiumn: • JOHN D. WAITS, rOle Elmira Ave.. New Orleans, Louisiana. • DAVID WEEKS WALL. 331 Steele Blvd., Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Chi. • RODGER W WALL 2M0 Harrison, Topeka, Kansas; AFROTC. Third Column: • GENE WALLACE, 504 S. Walnut; Tallulah, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsi- lor; Phi Delta Phi; Tulane Band. • JACK B. WEIL, 233 Bellaire St., Denver. Colorado; Zeta Beta Tau; Pan Hel- lenic Council; Kappa Delta Phi; Scabbard and Blade; Who ' s Who; Society fof the Advancement of Management; " Carnival " ; JAMBALAYA; " Wave " Hondbook; Greenbeckers; Army ROTC, 2nd Lieutenant; ROTC Guidon; Lead- ership Council. • NORTON M. WEISS. 38 OIney St., Providence, Rhode Island; Alpha Epsi- lon Pi. Fourfh Colunnn: • ALFRED WICtt, M04 Euclid Ave., Fort Wayne. Indiana; Vice-President, College of Arts end Sciences; Basketball Letter; Gamma Delta; Army ROTC. • ARTHUR K. WONG, Itl2 »th Ave . Honolulu, Hawaii. • ROBERT OWEN ZELENY, 4fM Marine Ave., Chicago, Illinois; Sigma Al- ok Mu; Pi SIgme Alpha; Thele Nu; " Hullabaloo " ; International Relalloni Club. Alfred Wick Arthur Wong Robert Zeleny NEWCOMB COLLEGE ARTS AND SCIENCES COMMERCE ENGINEERING ARCHITECTURE LAW MEDICINE GRADUATE SCHOOL SOCIAL WORK 63 TULANE UNIVERSITY Too bad all labs aren ' like ' ihls NEWCOMB COLLEGE ARTS AND SCIENCES COMMERCE ENGINEERING ARCHITECTURE LAW MEDICINE GRADUATE SCHOOL SOCIAL WORK AFEMAN HAROLD JOSEPH PETER AL JAMES C. CHARLES E. ARENOFSKY BARRECA, JR. BEACHAM BERBIGLIA Lecompte, Louisiana 170 W. 49 St. 2903 Carondelet St. 1527 S. Carrollton 212 Selord Dr. Alpha Tau Omega; Pre- Bayonne. New Jersey New Orleans, Louisiana New Orleans, Louisiana San Antonio. Texas Medical Society; Wes- Kappa Nu; Pre-Medical PI Kappa Alpha; Pre- AFROTC. Pre-Medical Society; ley F oundation; Army Society; Hillel Founda- Medical Society; Pep Westminster Fellowship; ROTC. tion. Band; Tulane Band. MIKE MITCHELL Army ROTC; Rebel Ri- fles; Chess Club. JIM JOHN C. BEARDEN ALAN ALLEN PAUL EL2Y BARNES 7422 Maple BERRY 166 Hannon Ave. ATKINSON 6126 Magnolia St. New Orleans. Louisiana 800 E. Main Mobile. Alabama Summit, Mississippi New Orleans, Louisiana Pi Kappa Alpha; Bap- BIytheville, Ark. Alpha Tau Omega; AFROTC. tist Student Union; In- Delta Psi; Phi Eta Sig- AFROTC terfaith Council; ma; AFROTC. AFROTC; International Relations Club. STUART BARON OSCAR L. MARSHALL IRVING ALPERIN TOM B. 1030 Liberty BERRY. JR. BAILEY Union. New Jersey 276 Prospect 262 Anqelus St. Kappa Nu; German MARTIN Shreveport. Louisiana Memphis, Tennessee 1614 Pine St. Club; Pre-Medical So- BECKERMAN Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre- Medical Society; Hulla- New Orleans, Louisiana Alpha Tau Omega. ciety; Hillel Founda- tion; Campus Night; 480 Montgomery St. German Club; Pre-Med- ical Society; Rifle baloo. Soccer Team; Fencing Brooklyn. New York Team; Canterbury Club; Club. Kappa Nu. Army ROTC. HENRY W. WOODRUFF A. ANDRESSEN BANKS, JR. JOHN FRANK BARTIZAL, JR. JOEL H. BEYER 6269 Colbert New Orleans, Louisiana 1700 Cliamberlain Ave. Chattanooga, Tennessee 286 Delaplaine JOE BECKMAN 491 E. 45 St. Brooklyn. New York Delta Sigma Phi; TUSK; Alpha Tau Omega; Riverside. Illinois Newman Club; Army Greenbackers; Army Delta Tau Delta; 5963 Vicksburg Kappa Nu; Glee Club; ROTC; Rebel Rifles. ROTC; Adelphons. AFROTC. New Orleans. Louisiana AFROTC. nx e i Aaciuiite I HARRY A. RONALD .lULES JERRY N. ROBERT BOB EDWARD THOMAS PAUL SEVERUNGEN BLOCK BROOKS BRUMFIELD. JR. CHENOWETH CULLOM DEAL «520 USill. St. leS Vine Ave. Loop Road 424 La. Ave. 1413 Hillary St. 1907 Jefferson Ave. 4441 DeMontluiin New Orlednt. Louisiana Highland Park. Illinois Monroe. Louisiana McComb, Mississippi New Orleans, Louisiana New Orleans, Louisiana New Orleans, Louisiana Phi 0 lta Thela; Hulla- Zeta Beta Tau: JAMBA- Beta ThetaPi. Delta Kappa Epsilon; Sigma Chi; Sophomore Delta Kappa Epsilon; Alpha Tau Omega. baloo; Gr««nbackert; LAYA: AFROTC. Westminster Fellowship; Unit Manager. AFROTC. AFROTC: Laqniappcs. Glee Club. TERYL BROOKS, JR. SCOTT BRYAN DONALD E. DALLAS, JR. FRANK J. DePAOLI, JR. juir (ISHOP 2 fin Cl CorpM Chriiti. T i (. FRED B BOOKHARDT 822i Panola New Orleans, Louisiana Sigma Chi. Bo. 595 Lafayette. Louisiana Beta Theta Pi; Pre-Med- ical Society; Army ROTC. BRUMS 2511 Chestnut St. New Orleans. Louisiana Phi Delta Theta; Hulla- baloo; JAMBALAYA. CHILI CHILDRESS Box 471, Motel Stevens Carlsbad, N. Mexico Alpha Tau Omega. 3503 Barcelona Tampa, Florida Radio Club. 444 S. 4th St. Globe, Arizona Freshman Dorm House Council; Intramural Council: AFROTC. FRANK " HAPPY " DAN JOHN (JACK) NORWOOD V, BROWN. JR. ALAN DEAN CALCOTE DAVIS 403 Myrtle PI. C. B. DIBOLL, JR. IIACKSTOCK Oirrtkolin. Sotdcfl n Kjpp« Alpha. HAMILTON 8OY0. JR. 4312 Fontainebleau Dr. New Orleans, Louisiana Phi Delta Theta. 307 Filth Ave. Cleveland. Mississippi Sigma Chi; Pan Hel- lenic Council; AFROTC. 3473 Johnette Shreveport, Louisiana Sigma Alpha Epsilon; P f e-Medical Society; Canterbury Club; Army ROTC. WILLIAM J. COTTRELL HIE. Seventh Little Rock, Arkansas Ldfayotto, Louisiana Beta Thota Pi; Pro-Med- ical Society; Groon- backors; Army ROTC and Drum and Bugle Corps; Lagnlappos. 5713 Clara St. Now Orleans, Louisiana Sigma Alpha Epsilon; AFROTC; Adolphons, ORLANDO F, GERALD IDH. f RICHARD ROARK BROWN, JR. LARRY BOB JAMES B. DOMINGUEZ ILANKS. J». BRADFORD SM N. Riverside Dr CARRUTH CROTTY DAVIS 417 W, Francos IMt N l«l » n-jm McAllller PI. New Smyrna Beach Fla. Bo 3 2124 Madison St. Box 148 Tampa, Florida Mewo . Lo«l(iau New Orleans, Louisiana Westminster Fell O W. Kohomo, Mississippi Alexandria, Louisiana Poptarvillo, Mississippi P r o-Modlcal Society; !•«« TWta PI: AFROTC. S «m« Chi; Carnival ■hip; Army ROTC. Sigma Chi; AFROTC. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, PI Kappa Alpha. AFROTC, 1 ' - , TULAN E UNIVERSITY NEWCOMB COLLEGE ARTS AND SCIENCES COMMERCE ENGINEERING ARCHITECTURE LAW MEDICINE GRADUATE SCHOOL SOCIAL WORK RALPH O. DORRIS Rt. 2 Brunswick, Georgia AFROTC; Internationdl Relations Club; Pan- American Society. LORETTA ALICE DUODEN 4222 Iris St. New Orleans, Louisiana German Club; Newman Club. DANIEL S. DUET Rt. I, Box 492 Westwego. Louisiana Newman Club; AFROTC. DICK ENDERLE 250 Bellaire Dr. New Orleans, Louisiana Delta Tau Delta; Pan Hellenic Council; Pre- Medical Society. JACK V. ESKENAZI 734 S. W. 24 Rd. Miami. Florida Basketball Letter; NROTC; Taffrail Club. JOSEPH ETTINGER Hotel Claridge Lakewood. New Jersey Sigma Alpha Mu; AFROTC. BARRY FANBURG 110 Amhurst Ave. Chattanooga, Tenn. Sigma Alpha Mu; Pan Hellenic Council; Pre- Medical Society; AFROTC. JAMES F. FARGASON, JR. Port Sulphur, Louisiana Pi Kappa Alpha; Pre- Medical Society; Army ROTC. ■■MARTY " FELDMAN 5548 Waterman St. Louis. Missouri Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre- Medical Society; AFROTC. J. KING FIFE 4437 Painters St. New Orleans, Louisiana Pi Kappa Alpha; Pre- Medical Society; Peli- cans; Army ROTC; Reb- el Rifles. CHESTON FELTUS FOLKES 1114 19th Ave. Covington. Louisiana. AFROTC. GLENN W. FOWLER 4911 Willow St. New Orleans, Louisiana Pi Kappa Alpha; Pre- Medical Society AFROTC. BETTY ANN FRISARD 3219 New Orleans St. New Orleans, Louisiana Newman Club. NATHAN C. GALLOWAY Box Ilk Katy, Texas Kappa Sigma; TUSK. AL GAMON 5112 Webster St. Philadelphia, Pa. Pi Kappa Alpha; NROTC; Taffrail Club. SAMUEL M. EMERSON 415 Westcourt Winnfield, Louisiana Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Tulane Band; Army ROTC. ELLIOT COLEMAN EVANS St. Joseph, Louisiana Phi Delta Theta; Pre- Medical Society; Hulla- baloo; Army ROTC. JACK FIELD, JR. 3224 Jackson Alexandria. Louisiana Sigma Alpha Epsilon. AFROTC. n4xekjfka4£wccte DON FRIEDL 12009 Wayland Ave. Cleveland. Ohio Delta Tau Delta. SANTIAGO A. GARCIA 5717 Canal Blvd. New Orleans. Louisiana Pi Kappa Alpha; Army ROTC. RICHARD G. GEER tOlf Hunt St. New Orlcdns, Louisidna Ph! Delld Theld: NROTC; Ldgnlappes. RICHARD L. GLATZER 98-26 Mth Ave. Forest Hills, New York Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre- Medical Society; Hulla- baloo: Army ROTC; Rebel Rifles. RICHARD GREEN 611 Lyons Lake Charles, Louisiana Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Student Co uncil of Freshman Dorm. Pre-Medical Society. CHARLES H. HAMILTON, JR. 1208 Calhoun St. New Orleans, Louisiana Sigma Alpha Epsilon; P r e-Medicat Society; Newman Club; Army ROTC. HERBERT M. HENRY 21 Shady Lane Fort Smith, Arkansas Sigma Alpha Epsilon. JAMES S. HOLMES Foley, Alabama Sigma Alpha Epsilon. ROBERT E. HUSBAND, JR. 223 E. Jackson St. Laurel, Mississippi Beta Phi; AFROTC; In- ternational Relations Club. LEWIS W. GEORGE 147 RFD I Coilifuvill , Miislltlppi K«pp« Sigma; Scab- bard and Blade; Grecn- backart; Army ROTC; Laqniappat. JULES J. CEIVAIS KV DaSaii ll«d N«w Orlaans. Louisiana 1. W (IIU) eiLMOIE. J . tm n t Mdid4 , Alabama Si ms Alpha Ept«lon; Soplwmofa Clatt Traat- wfi; Watlar Founda- «»«: AFtOTC DONALD GOLDEN 312 E. 48(h St. Savannah, Georgia Sigma Alpha Mu; Hillel Foundation; Army ROTC; Rebel Rifles. SAUL ROBERT GORMAN 305 Adam; Ave. Alaiandria, Virginia Sigma Alpha Mu; Track Latter; AFROTC. W. MALCOLM GRANBERRY Ml E. Elmviaw PI. San Antonio, Taxal Kappa Sigma; Pra-Mad- ical Society; B a p t i » f Student Union; Glea Club; Tulane Band; AFROTC STANTON GREEN 31 12 Semon Palatka, Florida Pi Kappa Alpha. JIM GREENBAUM I90IS Van Aken Blvd. Shaker Hts., Ohio Zafa Beta Tau; Pro- Madlcdl Society; Hulla- ba loo; JAMBALAYA; AFROTC. MICHAEL GREICUS 421 W. Howard Muncia, Indiana Delta Tau Oalla. BOBBY HARGROVE 608 Unadilla St. Shreveport, Louisiana Beta Theta PI; AFROTC; Westminster Fellowship. E. EUGENE HART 2515 Annunciation Now Orleans, Louisiana Xi Epsilon; Wesley Foundation; Campus Night; Army ROTC; Glondy Burke Society; International Rolationi Club; Pan-American Society, IKE F. HAWKINS, JR. SSI Sherwood Rd. Shravaport, Louisiana Sigma Alpha Epiilon; P r e-Madical Society; Wesley Foundation. FLOYD J. HENZEL 150-31 60th Ave. Flushing, N. Y. P r e-Medical Society; Pep Band; Campus Night; Tulane Band; AFROTC; International Relations Club. JACK HEPINSTALL 1036 Audubon SI. Now Orleans, Louisiana Kappa Alpha. DONALD HOFFMAN 40 ' I0 Clermont Dr. New Orleans, Louisiana P r o-Medicdl Society; Intramural Council; Army ROTC BILL HORAN 623 Merrick Shreveport, Louisiana JAMBALAYA; TUSK; Canterbury Club. JOHN FRANKLIN HOWELL, JR. Box 5305 Sonora, Texas Wesley Foundation. ROBERT C. HOY 504 S. Ganols Now Orleans, Louisiana AFROTC, STEPHEN E. JACOBS 80-10 Haddon St. Jamaica Estates, N. Y. Kappa Nu; Pelicans; Campus Night; Glee Club; Operetta. WALLY JACOBS 615 S. Leslie Stuttgart, Arkansas Kappa Sigma; TUSK; Hullabaloo. PHILIP JAMES 103 S. 4lh St. Amory, Mississippi Hullabaloo; Wesley Foundation; Tulane Band; AFROTC; Golf Club. 67 TULANE UNIVERSITY NEWCOMB COLLEGE A S R C T S 1 E A N C N E D S COMMERCE ENGINEERING ARCHITECTURE LAW MEDICINE GRADUATE SCHOOL SOCIAL WORK JAMES E. STUART RICHARD CHARLES FREDERICK LOUIS WALTER COOKE JOBE KLABIN KLUG LANDRY LEE 319 S. Monroe St. 970 Salem Rd. 613 Lake St. 506 Speed 1729 Audubon St. Brookfield, Missouri Union, New Jersey St. Joseph, Michigan Monroe, Louisiana New Orleans, Louisiana NROTC: TaWrail So- Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre- Delta Sigma Phi; Green- Campus Night; Radio Phi Delta Theta; Omi- ciety. Medical Society; Glee backers; Gamma Delta; Tulane. cron Delta Kappa; Club. A Cappella Choir; Campus Night; Glee Club; Festival Choir; Operetta; NROTC. TUSK; Westminster Fel- lowship; A Cappella Choir; Festival Choir; Glee Club; Operetta; Lagnlappes. RICHARD ALAN JOHNSON 51 1 Rebecca Ave. Hdttiesburq, Miss. Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Tulane Band; AFROTC. RONALD J. KLEINFIELD 405 E. 54th St. New York, New York Hullabaloo. MELVYN FREEMAN KOSSOVER 109 Linwood Court Little Rock, Arkansas Zeta Beta Tau; Pre- Medical Society: AFROTC. MERRILL MARKS LeBLANC 1610 4th Kenner, Louisiana Tau Kappa Epsilon; Newman Club; Taffrail Naval Society. ALLEN LEONARD 219 Alonio St. New Orleans, Louisiana Le Circle Francais; Op- eretta. BAKER JORDAN MORTON LEON GARY DONALD YOST LESSER 203B E. ISth St. Brooklyn, New York Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre- Medical Society; Hillal Foundation: AFROTC. 1439 Seventh St. New Orleans, Louisiana Sigma Chi. KLEINMAN 54-19 217th St. Bayside, L. !., N. Y. Kappa Nu. KUSHNER 409 Saratoga Ave. Brooklyn, New York Kappa Nu; German Club; Pre-Medical So- ciety; Hlllel Founda- CHARLES EDWARD LeCORGNE 966 Picheloup PI. New Orleans, Louisiana Kappa Alpha; Adel- phons. tion; T.U.T. DONALD L. BYRON JAY KING FRANK JOHN LEVINE 1421 Broadway New Orleans. Louisiana KLONOSKI 19 Fern EDMOND A. LAMPEREZ JOHN M. LEE 382 E. 33rd St. Paterson, New Jersey Delta Kappa Epsilon; Naugatuck, Conn. 707 E. Main Kappa Nu; Glee Club; International Relations Sigma Chi; Basketball New Iberia, Louisiana 2305 Carondelet International Relations Club. Letter; AFROTC. Army ROTC. New Orleans, Louisiana Club. n £e iM utAu4ue ROBERT " RED " J. C. WILLIAM H. FRANK VILAC FARRIS VINCENT (JIM) PAUL LEVINE LINER. Ill McARTHUR. JR. McDonnell MARTIN MEDIATE MIELLY, JR. 114-20 Queeni tlvd. 214 " K " St. 1033 firoadwav 1004 N. Lopei St. 204 Shawnee 821 Sumner 1020 Audubon St. Forttt Hilll. N«« York Monroe, Louisiand New Orleans, Lou siana New Orleans, Louisiana Montgomery. Alabama Sheridan. Wyomi nq. New Orleans, Louisiana Kdppd Nu; Pan Hel- Kappa Sigma. Sigma Alpha Epsi on. Pi Sigma Alpha; Cheer- Delta Sigma Phi; Wes- Itnic Council; Psycholo- leaders; TUSK; Newman ley Foundation; Glee qr Mjjor Club: TUSK; Club; Ukulele Club; Club; Army ROTC. HilUI Founddtlon; A AFROTC. C4PP«IIa Choir; Cam- pin N i q h 1; Feifival Choir; GiM Club; Op- ELLIOn •ratta; Army ROTC; LEWIS 1. JAMES MARX BEHE JANE Lvadtrthip Council. LISOOK McCOMISKEY 1009 Carolina MENUET SHELDON M. 527 1 . Clinton A»«. 2022 Robert ED Bogalusa, Louisiana 8008 Sycamore MILGROM Trenton. New Jersey New Orleans. Lou ' siana McGLASSON Delta Sigma Phi; Pre- New Orleans. Lou isiana 1701 Ocean Parkway JULIUS L. Sigma Alpha h u. Kappa Alpha; Pan Hel- No. ■? St Anthony Medical Society; Hulla- Alpha Delta Pi; New Brooklyn, New York LEVY. JR. lenic Council. Lake Charles, Louisiana b a 1 o; Cheerleaders; man Club. Kappa Nu; Hiilel Foun- 5«4 w. Sacond St. Sigma Alpha Epsllon; Groenbackers; TUSK; Army ROTC. d a t i o n; Glee Club; Clarksdala. Mittittippi Wesley Foundation; AFROTC. Z« a l««a Tau: Pra- NROTC; Taftrail Club. Madical Socitty; Hulla- baloo. DONALD JOSEPH LLOYD DOUG 822 Monroe McCOY GEORGE G. CARL F. ROGER H. FIEO E. LIND Gretna. Louiliana Army ROTC; Baieball Team. 34 Metairie Heights. New Orleans. Louisiana J. J. MAECHLING MAYS 925 Washington St. MERTZ 4024 Essex Lano MILLER West Loon St. mi JoMpk Glee Club; AFROTC; 3219 Toledano St. Monticello, Florida Houston. ToKas Gatesvillo, Texas N«w Orlaani. Louiliana Drum and Bugle Corps. New Orleans, Louisiana Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Wosloy Foundation; Tu- Kappa Alpha Pi Kappa Alpha. lane Band; Army ROTC, AUSTIN U JOE IINOSET LUPO tl2 R««ti Ara. I40t 2Sth A«a. DENNIS CHARLES MADDEN JOHN DAVID EMMETT MARTIN JACK QnUport. MiHilllppi Tampa. Florida McDonald MA6EE MAZZA MICHEL MITCHELL •tappa S ' gma; TUSK; Kappa Sigma; Pra-Mad- IS20 A e O 4024 Vincennei PI. 1520 St, Lawrence Ave Bo» 37 (336 Louisville W»;t»»-:-:ta ' Fallowihip; ical Society; W e 1 a y Galveston. Tevas New Orleans, Louiliana New York, New Yo ' k Port Sulphur. Lou siana Now Orleans, Louisiana HtOTC T,«,,:i Club. Fovndalion; AFROTC Kappa Alpha; AFROTC. Kappa Alph . Delta Tau Delta, Army ROTC. Alpha Tau Omega, 69 TULAN E UNIVERSITY ■ N EWCOMB COLLEC jE MILES AUBREY JACK TOMMY GEORGE ATKINSON — T V V 1 V 1 W X l_ X MITCHEM 1015 nth MORRIS 1719 Vesey NELSON 9117 Stroeliti St. NOLEN 1712 Puintard PANKEY Box 84 A R T S AN D Lake Charles. La. Memphis, Tennessee New Orleans, Louisiana Anniston. Alabama Ruston. Louisiana Sigma Alpha Epsllon; Hullabaloo; AFROTC. Hullabaloo. Phi Delta Theta. Kappa Alpha; Army S C 1 E N C E S P r e-Medical Society; AFROTC. ROTC; Pre-Medical So- ciety. COMMERCE ENGINEERING CHARLIE ROBERT QUIMBY HAL PRESTON ARCHITECTURE MONTGOMERY Nebo. North Carolina MORRIS 1306 Jefferson Ave. JOHN D. NICHOLAS NORMAN 753 Homestead DENIS C. PARKER LAW Soccer Team; Newman New Orleans, Louisiana 420 Boulevard New Orleans, Louisiana 5602 Hansford St. Club; NROTC, Midn. Shreveport, Louisiana Phi Delta Theta; Psy- Houston, Texas MEDICINE 3 c Ta f f r a i 1 Club; Green Wave Paper. Delta Kappa Epsilon. chology Major Club; NROTC. GRADUATE SCHOOL SOCIAL WORK TOM T. MOORE ?4I9 Airline New Orleans, Louisiana EDWARD B. MURPHY 3521 Palmyra New Orleans. Louisiana Alpha Tau Omega; KRISTIN T. NIELSEN ROBERT HOWARD NUNNALLY TOM PEEPLES 1846 S. Parkway E Memphis, Tennessee -v Pi Kappa Alpha. NROTC; Newman Club. 2832 Hiawatha St. New Orleans, Louisiana Box 55 Camden, Arkansas J O HARRY HERBERT £ MORESI, JR. PEISIKOWITZ 6 338 Henkle Jeanerette, Louisiana Beta Theta Pi; German TOM NELSON 7319 Panola St. HELEN NOLAN LAWRENCE P. O ' MEALLIE 637 Marcy Avt. Brooklyn. New York Kappa Nu; German A W Club; Pre-Med!cal So- New Orleans, Louisiana 3834 Cambronne St. Club; Fresh-Soph A f ciety; Newman Club; Kappa Alpha; Green- 939 Harding New Orleans, Louisiana Game; Campus Night; i (a w nr4 £i A. m AFROTC. backers. S M 1l Ma New Orleans, Louisiana Alpha Tau Omega. Glee Club; Operetta. dtkmk GEORGE AUGUST POLITIS 274 Carroll St. Pdterion, New Jersey Delta Tdu Delta. RONALD HESS RINGER 2385 Wood Path Highland Park, Illinois Zeta Beta Tau; Interna- tional Relations Club; Philosophy Club. ERSKINE ROSS, JR. 416 Bay St. Hattiesburg, Miss. Kappa Alpha. M. BRUCE SARLIN 211 Jesamine Blvd. Daytona Beach, Fla. Alpha Epsilon Pi; Phi Eta Sioma; Pre-Medical Society; AFROTC. MICHAEL SCHREIBER 5415 Wornall Rd, Kansas City, Missouri Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre- Medical Society; AFROTC. BENNETT N. SEWELL Boyce, Louisiana SigrTia Alpha Epsilon; Wesley Foundation. BART SIGLER 808 Watt St. Jeffersonville, Indiana Delta Sigma Phi; AFROTC. NATHAN SHERMAN POPKIN 45OT 5. Tonti St. N«w Orltans, Louisiana Siqma Alpha Mu; Hiliel Foundation; AFROTC; Debate Team; Giendy Burke. PHILIP A. RISPOLI 30 Stone SI. Newark, New Jersey IRA D. ROTHFELD 98-19 64 Ave. Forest Hills, New York Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pre- Medical Society; AFROTC; Giendy Burke Society; Leadership Council; Soccer Club. JERALD R. SCHENKEN 327 S. Happy Hollow Blvd., Omaha, Neb. Wesley Foundation. DAVID H. SEELIG 1128 Amelia New Orleans, Louisiana Sigma Alpha Mu; Hiliel Foundation; N R O T C; Giendy Burke. JAMES DIXON SEWELL Boyce, Louisiana Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Wesley Foundation. WILLARD SLOSHBERG 102 N. Gouverneur Trenton. Nevr Jersey Sigma Alpha Mu; Cam- pus Night; Operetta; Army ROTC. JOHN F 9UACKEN8USH J?9 Main SI. Port Monmoulh, N. J. jiqma Alpha Epsilon; ettmintler Fallow- ' .hip; Glee Club; ••»OTC BOBBr RIVET DONALD G. 1410 Pine RUSHTON New Orltant, Louisiana 17 Arnold St. Pi Kappa Alphd. Lonsdale, R. 1. Delia Tau Delta WARREN SCHLESINGER 409 N. Olympia Now Orleans, Louisiana Alpha Tau Omega; Newman Club; AFROTC. HOWARD A. SERLING 13 Bancroft St, Albany, Now York Kappa Nu. BARRY H. SHAFER 442 W. 30 St. Miami Boach, Florida Sigma Alpha Mu; Gor- man Club; Pro-Medical Society; JAMBALAYA. EDGAR J. SMITH Box 454 VIdor. Texas Wesley Foundation; AFROTC; Air Force Band. ROIEtT eiAroON tEeENOS .At stele V. Mvw Orleertt, touisierva Kjppe Siqma; AFROTC; WOTtmiMlef Fellowship. MARTY ROSENFELD I7t Glewood Rd. Enqlewood, N. J. Siqma Alph« Mu; Hiliel foundttien; Army ROTC. STANLEY SAPERSTEIN 930 Galloway Ave. Memphis, Tennessee Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre- Medical Society; Hiliel Foundallon; AFROTC. EVERETT A. SCHNEIDER 336 Brockenbrough Ct. Now Orleans, Louisiana P r o-Modical Society; AFROTC, DWIGHT SEHLE Neptune Road Kisslmmoo, Florida Delta Tau Dolta; Pan Hollonic Council; Ger- man Club; Pre-Medical Society; NROTC. JOHN DANIEL SHEA 2430 St.ilo St. Now Orleans, Louisiana Phi Delta Thota; New- man Club; Army ROTC. H. RALPH SMITH 1440 Shades CresI Rd. Birmingham, Alabama Sigma Alpha Epsilon; W s I o y Foundation; Army ROTC. 71 TULANE UNIVERSITY Gee. Mister Taft NEWCOMB COLLEGE JAMES C. ERNEST IVY MELVILLE JAY ED RAY SMITH 715 W. 12th St. STAHLER 739 Pine St. STERNBERG 1546 Jefferson Ave. SUFFERN 496 Audubon THOMPSON Box 803 A R T S AN D Bogalusa, Louisiana New Orleans, Louisiana New Orleans, Louisiana New Orleans, Louisiana Jena. Louisiana Delta Kappa Epsilon; P r e-Medical Society; Delta Tau Delta. Alpha Tau Omega; S C 1 E N C E S TIM MURPHY SMITH Army ROTC. Band. AFROTC. COMMERCE GEORGE STERNE Box 103 ENGINEERING St. Andrew, Florida Phi Delta Theta. LOUISE VAUX 406 Fifth Ave. Albany, Ga. KENT TALIAFERRO CHARLES PETER ARCHITECTURE STAGS 2707 Gen. Pers hing St. Sigma Alpha Mu; Jun- ior Class President; Pre- 7829J Belfast St. New Orleans, Louisiana TRELEAVEN 625 Lowerline St. New Orleans. 1 Louisiana Medical Society. Phi Delta Theta. New Orleans, Louisiana LAW EARL J. SONNIER Hullabaloo; Ba dent Union. ptist Stu- Alpha Tau Omega. MEDICINE Box 82 DONALD WAYNE STONE GRADUATE SCHOOL SOCIAL Scott, Louisiana Kappa Sigma; President leO Oakland Ave. Helena, Arkansas PAUL WORK Freshman Class; Pre- Medical Society; JAM- RICHARD Sigma Chi; Pan Hel- TENNIS PAUL BALAYA; TUSK; Ne w- STANCO lenic Council. 629 Oak Ridge Drive TRIM man Club; Army ROTC; 719 S. Ilth St. Neosho, Missouri Box 564 Lagnlappes. Newark, New « lersey Delta Kappa Epsilon; Bogalusa, Louisiana Campus Night ; G 1 e e HENRY L. Vice-President, Junior Delta Sigma Phi; Hul- Club; Ope r e t t a; STOUTZ, III Class; Pre-Medical So- labaloo; Glee Club; EDWIN FREDERICK AFROTC; ROTC Band. 181 1 Audubon St. ciety. NROTC; Taffrail Club. 0 STACY, JR. New Orleans, Louisiana Phi Delta Theta; Pan J y 49 Hawk St. Hellenic Council; Uni t £ New Orleans, Louisiana Manager, Junior Class; M Pi Kappa Alpha; Pan Kappa Delta Phi; Omi- . M Hellenic Council; Sec- LAMAR V. cron Delta Kappa; Pre- MALCOLM JAMES SAM (J M retary-Treasurer. Fresh- STEPHENSON Medical Society; Intra- THOMAS, JR. TUCKER m man, ' 49 and Sopho- 2303 Joseph mural Council; JAMBA- 301 Dodge Pi. 2915 Coliseum St. A W more ' 50 Classes; New- New Orleans, 1 .oulsiana LAYA; TUSK; Westmin- Pt. Arthur, Texas New Orleans, Louisiana M f man Club; Adelphons. Kappa Alpha; Army ster Fellowship; P r e-Medical Society; Delta Tau Delta; w A ROTC; Greenb ackers. AFROTC. Baptist Student Union. AFROTC. n4xe LaA€uiu Ue NICK CHARLIE GEORGE A. ROBERT (BUDDY) GEORGE HARRY PAUL R. WILLIAM J. TURNER VICCELLIO WASHINGTON WESTBROOK WILLIAMS WINDER WYLIE, JR. I4U Vinton 7M Irii St. 408 Cherokee 414 Washington 420 S. Valley 707 Robinson PI. 305 N. Magnolia Mtmphit. Ttnneswe Lake Charlej, t a. New Orleans, Louisiana Shreveport. Louisiana Neosho, Missouri Shreveport, Louisiana Hammond. Louisiana Alpha Tdu Omtga. Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Delta Theta; Army German Club; Pre-Med- Delta Kappa Epsilon; Beta Theta Pi; Pan Hel- Delta Tau Delta. Newman Club Army ROTC. ical Society; Baptist P r e-Medical Society; lenic Council; Class ROTC; International Student Union; Wesley Foundation. Unit Manager. Relations Club AFROTC. PATRICK UNKEL Kjsdir. Louiliina ULVESTER WALKER HERBERT S. WEIL, JR. 2 Dunleith Court DENNIS WHELAN, JR. JAMES EDWARD VAN PELT 4M N Grint W(t« t f Tt»t» Ind. Siqnu Chi: AAS Stcn- ttfrr: Omicron DaltA IUpp«: Gf« nb«ck«n; Wttl«r Fo«nd »ion: A C«pp«ll CKolr; eiM 427 Center St. Henderson, Ke AFROTC. JOHN K. WALTERS. JR. Rof Tree Farm Media, Penniyl Phi Delta The Hellenic Co tucky New Orleans, Louisiana HANS WEILL 1171 Biarriti Dr. Miami Beach. Florida 722 Cherokee New Orleans. Louisiana Delta Sigma Phi; AFROTC. RANDALL B. JAMES T. WILLIAMS Box 169 Picayune, Mississippi Alpha Tau Omega; Tu- JACK CAROL WORMSER Jeanerette, Louisiana Zeta Beta Tau. WOODY YORK 423 Taylor Wichita Falls, Texas Sigma Chi; President, Freshman Class; AFROTC. a.b: NROTC; Ad.i- plio s yania ta; Pan u n c i 1; Sigma Alpha Mu; De- bate Team; Internation- al Relations Club. WHITNEY 539 Valencia Sanford, Florida lane Band; Army ROTC. Greenbackert; NROTC; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; LOUIS J VEIGNE T ffr«ll Club. Westminster Fellowship; AFROTC. Orocorif. fwrto Rico r«ld.««. SFLCU SO; STONE WARE r» E Park PI New Orleeni. I JAMES E. WEILBAECHER, JR. K pp 0«l) rM: Stv d »t Ae»l i);ti ICar: Wlwi WHO, N««n«n Cl«b. 6U Club; Ai- ouitiana 7IS Maple RIdqe Dr. New Orleans. Louisiana Alpha Tau Omega; F r e s h m an Secretary- IVAN E. WILHELM l4Sf Gardendale PAUL ANNAN WARREN WULFEKUHLER PETER GEORGE ZACK ptu «.; Ow,,,; IRC.; Siqme Alpha Epellon; Treasurer; Newman Huntington, Indiana WILLIAMS Bo 5484 1845 Beech L««d«r»ii p Council; Intramural C uncll; Club; Pre-Medlcal So- Basketball Letter; Base. Bo ]li Daytona Beach, Florida Pine Bluff, Arkansas R AS : JAMIAIAYA ■ F»OTC cl«hr. ball L H r: Math Club. Rensselaer, Indiana Beta Theta PI. Sigma Chi; Army ROTC. 73 pre-medical society Free movies OFFICERS IRA ROTHFELD President MEL STERNBERG Vice-President BARRY FANBURG Secretary IRV KURINSKY Corr. Secretary ROBERT ADER Treasurer LYNN LANDRY Historian MEMBERS Charles Afeman, Austin Allen, Alexander Azar Stewart Baron, Joseph Barreca, M. Belsky, Jack Bemperod, Jose Berrlos, Robert Brooks, Joe Brown, Warren Brown, Bob Byer, Franlr Davis, Peter Drakopoulos, Henry Erhllch, W, Epstein, Elliot Evans, James Fargason, Marty Feldman, Klngsley Fife, Robert Flnkelsteln, Joseph Frost, Martin Geller, Louie Gllbertl, Dick Glatzer, Richard Green, Frank G ruber, Roy Gulatta. Charles Hamilton. Floyd Henzel, Donald Hoffman, Harry Holloway, John Jack- son, Don Kanuk, George Kimata, George Ki - mura, Morty Kleinman, Charles Leonl, Joe Lerpo. Julius Levy, Beryl Lovltz. Farrls Mar- tin, Elliot Marx, Ed McCool, Allen Mershon, Miles Mitch um, Harry Moresl. Norman Nash, Alfred Nemlrow, Robert Nunnally, Nell Pace, George Panhery, Maurice Pearl, Manuel Ram- irez, Herter Ring, Philip Rispoli, Be njamin Rudolph. John Sanchez, Stanley Saperstein, Herbert Schlnose. Everett Schneider, Barry Shafer, Paul Shelb, Morty Sherzer, Mike Shrieber, Franklin Sogandares, Earl Sonnler, Mel Sternberg, Anton Stiffer, Henry Stoutz. The Pre- Medical Society has as its goal a closer integration of fellowship between those to whom the field of medicine provides a common Interest. At the same time the so- ciety offers information relative to the field of medicine to the prospective medical stu- dent through lectures, discussions, and group tours to various hospitals. Through these lectures, discussions, and tours the society proposes to give the pre-medlcal student an inkling of what ' s in store for him In the medical profession — something which is often slighted in the regular pre-medical cur- riculum. Lecturers are obtained throughout the year with the best Interests of the Indi- vidual society member in mind. Thus the member gets a chance to solve first hand va- rious problems he has as a pre-medical stu- dent. Under the faculty guidance of Drs, Edward S. Hathaway, William B. Wendell, and Rich- ard Taylor, the society hosts prominent med- ical authorities, holds an annual banquet In May, and publishes yearly a journal for dis- tribution to pre-medical students. OFFICERS THOMAS FARMER . . . Master Alchemist DONALD HIGGIN5 . V. Master Alchemist HERBERT THURBER Treasurer SAMUEL G. WELLBORN .... Reporter THOMAS O. SI5TRUNK .... Recorder FRANK C. CANTER Historian JACOB FRITZ, JR. . Master of Ceremonies MEMBERS Gaston Beauclalr, Sidney L. Chauvin, Jr., John S, Coleman, Henry C. Colomb, Jr., Alfred Hiller, Robert G. Irwin, Douglas J. Jaubert, Joseph KIrschner, Harry E. Osment, Calvin C. Rolland, Robert R. Sims, Melvin E. Steger, Jack Stocker, Paul B. Welty, Jr. The Alpha Tau Chapter of Alpha Chi Sigma, Tulane ' s Professional Chemistry Fraternity, has for one of its purposes the stimulation of interests in Chemistry. In the pursuit of this goal the chapter has purchased a laboratory safety film which is shown all freshmen at the beginning of their first course in chemistry. This Is one of several of the tools for the estab- lishment of safer laboratory practices which Is either sponsored or endorsed by the fraternity. The chapter sponsors an- nually both a freshman and a high school essay contest, the subject of which must be some phase of chemistry. An engraved cup is presented to each freshman and high school winner. The social functions of the fraternity include the semi-annual rush parties which are climaxed by a dance just before ini- tiation and the annual Alpha Chi Sigma — Chemistry Faculty softball game, which has developed Into a rivalry overshad- owed only by the increased friendly re- lationship between the students and fac- ulty. Future chemists alpha Chi s i g m a 74 OFFiCERS DON HARRIS President HARVEY HELLMAN Vice-President MERLE WAUMUS Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS Robert Adir, Jarres Anderson, Marion Andrus. Alvln Cotiar. Wallace Dunckelman, W. H. Garrett, Gerry Ginsburg, Harvey Hellman, Ramon Hinds, Williann Hodgden. Harvey Karsh, Neil Knitz, Sheila Kramer, Merle Mau- mus. Sue Maynard, Donald Mechling, Hobart Meyer. Phillip Paston. Cookie Patton, Harold Reiss, Betty Rosen. Casey Scharf. Theodore Shapiro, Jackie VIzzini, Patsy Weil, Arthur Wong. The Psychology Major Club is a rela- tively new organization on the Tulane Campus. Its function is to provide Psy- chology Majors with information and group experiences aside fronn regular school work activities. It furnishes its members with the opportunlt " of follow- ing current projects and developments in the field of psychology, and of mak- ing contacts with professional workers. This year, one of its guest speakers was Dr. Irian, who presented " Where Do We Go From Here, " a very practical lec- ture on the possible professions to be entered by graduates in Psvchology. In addition, interesting field trips to Insti- tutions are made, and movies on the subject of every-day psychology are shown. In order that the members of the society may become better acquainted, revere! social get-togethers such as wel- ner roasts and coke parties are held du- ring the year. psychology major club The masters of mice Ach du liebar! g e r m a n club OFFICERS DAVID E. SILAS President WALLY SOEDEKE Vice-President DR. ERICH A. ALBRECHT . . . .Advisor MEMBEi S Dr. Erich A. Albrecht, Beverly Alper, Be- atrice Baldinger, Frank H. Blue, Eckhard Boekh, Barbara N. Butler, Harold Breslow, Charles Cassiabando. Edward de Martini. Dr. Uhland Fehlau, Gunther Geist. Waliy Goedeke, Ursula Goedeke. Dr. Margaret Groben, Elizabeth Mauser, Lenore Johnson, Jean Jourdan, Lynn Landry, Doris Levy, Frederick Marsh. Jr., Mrs. M. Mosely, Charlene Mutz, Francis Perry, Marge Rauch, Joan Schwandt, Martin Shorr, Dr. Gemot Straub, Malte von Borgan, John Warnock, Marilyn Woodward. The German Club was organized to qive students a chance to use their tnov ledqe of the Gernnan lan- guage in a congenial setting. Mem- bers of the Club believe that Ger- man literature and culture have been, are, and will be eminently worthwhile studying — and that In spite of all occasional " Schicltlgru- bers. " The Club has the very human ten- dency to seek a " gemutllche " atmos- phere, such as the Deutsche Haus, and to enioy life. The Club produces plays, skits, and informal opportuni- ties for good fellowship. During the past year the Club was especially fortunate In having almost dozen natives (Germans, thanks to the State Department) to enrich its orqonizotional life. Wo shall miss Re- noto Wohlort and our ten Gorman law students! Their coming hero may well bo considered a happy promise for a better future. Gruss Gott! 75 phi beta OFFICERS PROFESSOR MILDRED CHRISTIAN President PROFESSOR HANS B. JONASSEN . Vice-President MISS FANNIE RAYNE RUSS Secretary PROFESSOR KARLEM RIESS Treasurer PROFESSOR MARIE J. WEISS Execulive Committee MISS MARIAN NASH Executive Committee The privilege to be initiated into Phi Beta Kappa and to wear Its key indicates that a student has re. ' ched the top rung on the scnolaslic ladder, since this organization has the distinction of being the highest scholastic honorary fraternity recognized today. Originally founded as a social fraternity in 1776. Phi Beta Kappa has grown In number and reputa- tion until the fact that it is the oldest American fraternity has almost been forgotten. The Louisiana Alpha Chapter was organized at this university in 1909. Each year the Tulane Chapter sponsors two lectures on the campus, the first being in the fall. Early In the spring a meeting is held by the faculty fraternity members to select approximately twenty-five students for membership. The fraternity ' s activities are then brought to a cli- max when these students are initiated at the annual spring lecture. Rodrigo Altmann Pierre E. Conner, Jr. Lionel Eh re n worth Julian H. Good 1952 MEMBERS Ellas Klein Glenn M. Kokame Thomas A. Magee Herbert S. Matthews, Jr Kenneth M. Regenos Harold G. Reiss Robert E. Rogers Daniel Ryan Sartor, Jr Gordon Saussy Hal S. Stubbs Robert M. Swords First Row; Altman. Bookman, Conroy, Freed man, Good, Orlcin, Pence. Second Row: Regenos, Rogers, Sartor, Saussy, Stubbs, Weinmann, Wilson. H H 76 H Sigma Pi Sigma is a national honorary society founded to promote interest in the field of Physics. Membership is open to all students interested in the science of Physics, provided a certain scholastic standing has been main- tained. Meetings are held about once a month during the school year. Talks on various subjects in the field of Physics are given by professors and graduate students of the Tulane Physics Department and also by visaing pro- fessional Physicists from Oak Ridge National institute and similar scientific laboratories throughout the country. Social activities of Sigma Pi Sigma usually consist of a Banquet given at the end of the school year and some informal gatherings such as a picnic given during the school year. OFFICERS ANDRFW W. OSER, Jr President EWELL C. CANTEY Vice-President ESTHER GILBERT Secretary HARRY E. OSMENT Treasurer MEMBERS Harold Arenofsky Albert Baril, Jr. Hal C. Becker Dr. Walter C. Bosch Ewell C. Cantey Charles W. Daniels Lloyd B. De Luca Esther Gilbert Melvin Goldstein Frank Gruber Miles Hanchett Joyce Hatfield Marlin Henderson Donald Ingram Jean Jourdan Ray Lauer Ferdinand K. Levy John Magyer Robert McAfee Donald Miller Dr. Joseph Morris Andrew W. Oser, Jr. Harry E. Osment Vernon Parrish Blanche Porter Charles L. Peacock Dr. Charles L. Peacock Bro. James F. Quin Mrs. Trecia Reeves Kenneth Regenos Dr. Karlem Riess Edward Ross Baruch Rosenberg Ernest Sandlien Melvin Steger George Sterne Shateen Taylor George Thomas Malcom Thomas. Jr. Paul Vega HONORARY Sigma pi Sigma J S m HONORARY e t a phi Sigma Eta Sigma Phi is an honorary Greek Letter society of undergraduate students. Membership in the fraternity is based on excellence in Greek or Latin. The first chapter was organized at the University of Chicago in 1914 and became a national society in 1924. There are now over fifty active chapters in the nation. The Alpha Chi chapter of Tulane endeavors to pro- mote an interest in the classical study of Greek and Roman civilizations among the students. During the year there is a Fall initiation of new members, a Christmas party in December, a special program during Latin Week in April, and the presentation of various speakers who are outstanding in fields pertaining to Latin or Greek. OFFICERS HUNT COMER President REGINA GUNTHORPE Vice-President GORDON JONES Recording Secretary MARIS FULHAM Corresponding Secretary DANIEL RYAN SARTOR Treasurer MEMBERS Doris Cahn Shoilah Carmel Hunt Comer Wesley James Fernandez Betty Friedman Maris Fulhom Eugene Garber Mary Francos Giordano Roglna Gunthorpo Robarf Guyton Glen Rao Hanomann Alice Horreck Gordon Jones John Lee, Jr. Anne Lupean Ann Levy Milllo Mason J. Clarence McCants Sterling Peebles James Roberts, Jr. Daniel Ryan Sartor James Smith Kent Taliaforo Mrs. Alida Trueting GREEK AND LATIN HONORARY Sigma gamma epsilon Sigma Gamma Epsilon Is the National Honorary Pro- fessional Fraternity in Geology and was founded at the University of Kansas in 1915. Beta Eta Chapter at Tu- lane was chartered on November II, 1950 as the out- growth of Gamma Epsilon Omicron, a local club which was established in 1938. Throughout the year, Sigma Gamma Epsilon presents especially qualified speakers on geological topics in open assemblies. The chapter par- ticipated to a large extent in acting as a co-sponsor, along with the Geology Department and Sigma Xi, in making the Geology Department ' s Open Workshop a reality. This Workshop gave the layman a brief insight into the many phases of the theoretical and practical application of Geology. OFFICERS GLADDEN WALTERS President BOB SWORDS Vice-President MAC GONDRAN Secretary DON SCHEILE Treasurer DR. J, C. McCAMPBELL Faculty Advisor PROFESSOR R. A. STEINMAYER Associate Member MEMBERS Roy S. Alba Carlos G. Font McLain Jay Forman Joseph M. Gondran David M. Hobrogd John C, Lopez, Jr. Robert E, McLaughlin Albert E. Namias, Jr. Ernest P. Roth, Jr. Donald J. Schiele Robert M. Swords Raynnond G. Voelker Gladden S. Walters Jack G. Wills POLITICAL SCIENCE Pi Sigma Alpha originated several decades ago at the University of Texas. Since that time it has spread throughout the United States. Tulane ' s Alpha Sigma chapter is typical of the member units of the national organization. Aims of the organization include presentation of speak- ers in the field of political science to the campus and fostering of interest in the specialized fields of political studies. Membership in the organization is based on high gen- eral academic average plus a " B " average in over 10 hours of political science. Alpha Sigma chapter does not restrict membership to political science majors; the organization cuts across all schools and colleges to in- clude all with the required hours. The chapter has mem- bers from the College of Law, the Graduate School, the faculty, the School of Social Work, and the College of Arts and Sciences. Members are accepted from the other colleges (even Newcomb) if they have the required number of hours of political science. OFFICERS WILLIAM GREGORY President HUGH G. OLIVER Vice-President COL. JAMES C. TODD Secretary KENNETH VINES .... .... Faculty Advisor MEMBERS Herbert J. Ackernriann Herbert S. Lowe Eulalie Adams Samuel Maclin Domenic Albano Frank V. McDonnell Britt L. Albritton Germinal Messina Claude H. Babin Louis Mey, Jr. Samuel H. Barnes J. E. Miller Peter Bertucci H. G. Oliver Richard Crater W. K. Robinson Donald E. Everett L. W. Rodrigue, Jr. L. J. Fagot R. J. Saiz James C. Fletcher Thomas F. Shea C. M. Fontenot John E. Sprague M. R. Friedman Marianne Sprinkle H. R. Fuller Archibald Suthon Richard Fulmer G. T. Swaim Manuel F. Gan F. Jay Taylor William Gregory T. W. Thome Thomas J. Hanlten James C. Todd Morris K. Hepler ' C. G. Van Dalen Frank Hudson Hunter O. Wagner Egon de Kamarasy G. H. Wang J. J. Kelleher Joyce Went T. J. Kelly Robert W. White Wilson B. Key Robert W. Williams Edmund H. Levy Robert O. Zeleny HONORARY Sigma commerce TEk«t. V Ruth Baxter Louis Bernard, Jr. Robert BoudreauK Maurice Bourgeois Reginald Brinkmann, Jr. Aaron Buchsbaum Arthur Burrows Donald Carson Ehud Cohen III Carl DeNapoli Lorraine Duvoisin Andrew Dykers, Jr. Dick Ellis Harry Evans William Evans Karl Ezkovich Thomas Hall, Jr. Jack Hallaron First Column: Fourth Column: • RUTH JORDAN BAXTER. 2708 Coliseum, New Orleans, Louisiana. • LOUIS JOSEPH BERNARD, JR., 54 Neron PL, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Order; Scabbard and Blade; Naval ROTC. • ROBERT BOUDREAUX, Bourg, Louisiana; Kappa Sigma; Naval ROTC. Second Column: • CARL J. DeNAPOLI, 168 Avenue V, Brooklyn, New York. • LORRAINE ANNE DUVOISIN, 1918 Rocheblane St.. New Orleans, Louisi- ana; Secretary-Treasurer. Junior Class. ' 50- ' 5l; Vice-President, Senior Class, ' 51 - ' 52; Propeller Club; President, Women ' s Commerce Club; Barracudas; Society for Advancement of Management. • ANDREW WOODS DYKERS, JR., 8320 Sycamore, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Order; Scabbard and Blade; Wesley Foundation; Lieutenant (J.G.), Naval ROTC; Richard Foster Navigation Award. • MAURICE TOBIAS BOURGEOIS, 1133 Avenue " A " . Westwego. Louisiana; Christian Science Organiiation; Interfaith Council; Commerce Honor Board. • REGINALD BRINKMANN. JR.. 1826 S. Carrollton. New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Sigma; Tulane Pan-Hell Council; Scabbard and Blade; " Hullabaloo " ; JAMBALAYA; " Wave " Handbook; President. TUSK; Canterbury Club; Cadet Lieutenant-Colonel. Army ROTC; Laqniappes; Leadership Council; Editor of " Guidon " and National Defense Transportation Association. • AARON LEVY BUCHSBAUM, 30 E. 51st St., Savannah. Georgia; Kappa Nu; President, Hillel Foundation; Interfaith Council; Glee Club; Leadership Coun- cil. Fifth Column: • DICK ELLIS, 135 Hesper. Metairie, Louisiana; Delta Sigma Pi; Propeller Club; Society for Advancement of Management. • J. HARRY EVANS, 1211 9th Ave.. Neptune, New Jersey. • WILLIAM D. EVANS. Boonville Rd., Rt. 5. Sedalia, Missouri; Sigma Chi; Lagniappes. Third Column: • ARTHUR J. BURROWS, 3225 87th St.. Jackson Heights. New York; Psi Up- silon; Delta Sigma Pi; Delta Nu Alpha; Propeller Club; President, Junior Class. College of Commerce, ' 50- ' 5l; Honor Board. ' 50- ' 5l. • DONALD E. CARSON, 123 13th St., San Antonio, Teias; Delta Sigma Phi; " Hullabaloo, " Business Manager; Cadet Lieutenant Senior Grade, Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society. • EHUD J. COHEN, 1 1 1 Webster St.. N. W., Washington, D. C. Sixth Column: • KARL EZKOVICH. 302B Baronne, New Orleans. Louisiana; Society for Ad- vancement of Management; Hillel Foundation. • THOMA S N. HALL. JR.. 10 Tokalon PI.. New Orleans. Louisiana; Beta Iheta Pi. • JACK D. HALLARON, 7523 Zimple St., New Orleans, Louiiiana; Student Body Office, ' 49- ' 49- ' 50; Pep Band; Newman Club; Tulane Band. Drum Major. 80 The wheel of Yorfune TULAN E UNIVERSITY Charles Hdmm Robert Hdskell Stephen Holzman James Humphreys, Jr. Mervine Jankower James Johnson Leon Kahn Maurice King Robert Larue First Column: • CHARLES THOMAS HAMM. 1068 Oak Park Ave., Corpus Chrlsti, Texas; Ph ' Kappa Sigma. • ROBERT VERNON HASKELL, 4603 S. Priem PI.; New Orleans. Louisiana; Secretary-Treasurer, Senior Class, ■5l- 52; Delta Sigma Pi; Propeller Club; Society for Advancement of Management; Radio Club. • STEPHEN I. HOLZMAN, 216 Renfrew Ave., Trenton, New Jersey; Sigma Alpha Mu; Adelphons. Second Column: • JAMES A. HUMPHREYS, JR., IS2I Belvidere Dr., Nashville, Tennessee; Atphd Tau Omega; Scabbard and Blade; Pelicans; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society: Adelphons; Omicron Delta Kappa; Student Activities Key; Kappa Delta Phi. MERVINE L. JANKOWER. 109 N. Parkorion, Rayne, Louisiana; Zeta Beta Tau; Air Force ROTC. • JAMES WALTER JOHNSON, 1935 Second St., Slidoll, Louisiana; Delta Sigma Pi. Third Column: • LEON KAHN, 413 Firtf St., Morqan City, Louliiana; Zota Bot j Tau; Scab- bard and BUd . • MAUKICE LEON KING 4038 Show Blvd. St Louit, Mitiouri; Dalta Sigma . • lOIEIT E. LARUE. 4729 Ibvrvill St.. N«w OHoans, Louitlona. NEWCOMB COLLEGE ARTS AND SCIENCES COMMERCE ENGINEERING ARCHITECTURE LAW MEDICINE GRADUATE SCHOOL SOCIAL WORK 81 Luis Leao Gordon LeBaron Greta LeBlanc Florencio Linares Jack Lohman William Luciano Robert Mclntyre Louis Mailhes Monroe Marsh Albert Meric. Jr. Bertram Miller John Parker Leonard Parker Patrick Roper Thomas Ryan Joseph Shinn Thomas Sims First Column: • LUIZ C. LEAO. Central Leao. Alagoas. Brazil; Society for Advancement of Management. • GORDON LeBARON, 5023 Magnolia St.. New Orleans, Louisiana; Baptist Student Union. Fourth Column: • MONROE MARSH, 1013 Broadway, New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Nu Society for Advancement of Management; International Relations Club. • ALBERT L. MERIC, JR., 4 Richmond PI.. New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta; Delta Sigma Pi; JAMBALAYA. • BERTRAM E. MILLER, 930 E. Fortification. Jackson, Mississippi; Kappa Alpha Order. Second Column: • GRETA LeBLANC, 4624 S. Johnson St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu; Newman Club; Commerce Women ' s Club. • FLORENCIO G. LINARES, 460 D ' Strampes, Habana, Cuba; Phi lota Alpha; Treasurer, Delta Sigma Pi; Vice-President, Propeller Club; Newman Club. O JACK LOHMAN, 357 Broadway, New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Kappa Sig- ma; Scabbard and Blade; Naval ROTC; Adelphons. Fifth Column: • JOHN RICHARD PARKER, 5602 Hansford, Houston, Texas; Delta Sigma Phi; Srabbard and Blade; Intramural, Football. Baseball; Cadet Lt. Naval ROTC; Taffrall Naval Society. ® LEONARD F. PARKER, 112 West Moreno, Pensacola, Florida; Zeta Beta Tflu; Air Force ROTC. 4 PATRICK E. ROPER, 69 Georgetown St.. Hailehurst. Mississippi; Kappa Sigma; Naval ROTC. Third Column: • WILLIAM LUCIANO. 25 Lark. Amsterdam, New York. • ROBERT C. MclNTYRE, 4526 Perrier St., New Orleans. Louisiana; Alpha Tau Omega; Tulane Pan-Hellenic Council; President, Student Body, ' 51 - ' 52; Omlcron Delta Kappa; Scabbard and Blade; Who ' s Who; Green backers; Cadet Maior. Air Force ROTC; Adelphons; Kappa Delta Phi. • LOUIS E. MAILHES, 3837 Napoleon Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana; Intra- mural Council Representative, ' 5I- ' 52; Varsity Letter, Baseball; Newman Club; Army ROTC. Sixth Column: • THOMAS EDNAN RYAN, 15 Maryland Dr., New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta; Omicron Delta Kappa; Who ' s Who; Delta Sigma Pi; JAMBA- LAYA; Publications Board; TUSK; Leadership Council. © JOSEPH D. SHINN, 1719 Arch St., Little Rock. Arkansas; Kappa Sigma; Football Varsity Letter, ' 50; Air Force ROTC; Newman Club. 9 THOMAS STANLEY SIMS, Box, 9595 Centreville. Mississippi; Delta Sigma Pi; Propeller Club; Greenbackers; Interfaith Council; Wesley Foundation; Glee Club. 82 STJ " I ' d vote ?or you anytime TULAN E UNIVERSITY He-man Stone. Jr. Walter Ward Sam Strauss. Jr. Conrad Weil, Jr. Clarence Tolk Jim Wyrick Cyril Verret Arthur Yazmailan First Column: • HERMAN P. STONE, JR,, 210 West St. Hattiesburq. Mississippi. • SAM STRAUSS, JR., 420 Midland, Little Rock. Arkansas; Zeta Beta Tau; president. Senior Class. ' 5l- ' 52; Scabbard and Blade; Air Force ROTC; Adel- phons. • CLARENCE C. TOLK, 1027 Arabella St., New Orleans. Louisiana. Second Column: • JAMES WALTER WARD. Bo» ' tOOI. Centenary Station. Shreveport, Louisi- «n«; Phi Dtltd Thcta; Omicron Delta Kappa; Scabbard and Blade. • CONRAD WEIL. JR.. 2008 White St.. Alexandria. Louisiana; Zeta Beta lau; Scabbard and Blade; Society for Advancement of Management; Air Fore ROTC; Cadet Major. • JIM WYRICK, 102 SI. Louit. Joplin. Missouri; Disciples Student Fellowship; Accounting Club. Third Column: • CYRIL J. VERRET. Star Rl. A Bo H New Iberia. Louisiana. • ARTHUR R. YAZMAJIAN. 1077 Flalbulh Ave., Brooklyn. New York; Delta Sijm fi; Vice-President. Junior Cleis. ' 60- ' 5l; " Hullabaloo " ; Glee Club; Air Fore ROTC; Glendy lurk Society; Honor Board, NEWCOMB COLLEGE ARTS AND SCIENCES COMMERCE ENGINEERING ARCHITECTURE LAW MEDICINE GRADUATE SCHOOL SOCIAL WORK 83 TULANE UNIVERSITY The bare vacts NEWCOMB COLLEGE HARRY ALLEN DONALD JAY BAILEY BUDDY BASS ROBERT P. BROUSSARD NORMAN S. BROWN ARTS AND SCIENCES 6345 Canal Blvd. 69 North Hood 1417 Congress 177 Jefferson St. 924 East Main St. New Orleans, Louisiana Phi Delta Theta. Peru, Indiana Hullabaloo; A Cappel- New Orleans, Lou Sigma Alpha Epsi islana Ion. New Iberia, Louisiana Sigma Alpha Epsilon; New Iberia. Louisiana Delta Kappa Epsilon; la Choir; Glee Club. Newman Club; Naval Air Force ROTC. COMMERCE WILLIAM G. ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society. BAKER. JR. 1307 Philip St. ALECE M. BLANCHE BOB LEE New Orleans, Louisiana ENGINEERING ANDERSON Canterbury Club; Air 925 Chapelle St. ALEC H. Force ROTC. New Orleans, Louisiana BROWN ROBERT HENDERSON ARCHITECTURE 3837 Delechaise New Orleans, Louisiana MAX BARNETT, JR. Honor Board; Com- 7103 Burthe BURTON LAW Delta Tau Delta; Naval ROTC. merce Women ' s Newman Club; Club; Glee New Orleans. Louisiana Sigma Alpha Mu. 6316 Story St. New Orleans, Louisiana 5534 South Glavez St. Club; International Ke- Air Force ROTC. MEDICINE New Orleans, Louisiana Omicron Delta Kappa; lations Club. GRADUATE SCHOOL SOCIAL Delta Sigma Pi; Propel- ler Club Vice-President; President ot Soc. Adv. ALFRED WHITNEY BROWN, JR. WORK THEODORE C. Management; TUSK; FREDERICK R. Ormond Plantation ANDRESSEN Campus Night; Alpha Phi Omega; President BOTT Destrehan. Louisiana BOB 3319 Chestnut St. of International Rela- 2115 Dublin Delta Kappa Epsilon; BUTLER New Orleans, Louisiana tions Club; Leadership New Orleans, Loi ilsiana Soc. Adv. Management; Pi Kappa Alpha; Army Council; Radio Club; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Naval ROTC. Box 596 y ROTC. Pan-American Society. President; Honor Board; C o m m erce Women ' s Club Medal; President, F r e s hman-Sophomore Class ■49- ' 50- ' 5l; Vice- President Fresh Class ' 51. man GORDON S. BROWN Jena, Louisiana Alpha Tau Omega; Air Force ROTC. J DONALD President Junior Class ' 5l- ' 52. THEODOR E. 924 East Main St. New Iberia, Louisiana M ASKINS BRODKMAN Delta Kappa Epsilon; A M 33 North Main St. ANNEHE 219 Magnolia Drive Vice-President, ' SO- ' SI; JOHN RANDOLPH w M Wharton. New Jersey BARTON New Orleans. Louisiana Honor Board; Soc. Adv. BUTTS M Sigma Alpha Epsilon; 26 Warbler Sigma Chi; N aval Management; Air Force M Wesley Foundation; Air New Orleans. Louisiana ROTC; Taffrail Naval ROTC; Adelphons; Ra- 5908 Hursts St. i M J. ,9m r% Force ROTC. Sigma Delta Tau. Society dio Club. Kappa Alpha. EDWIN J. WILLIAM KENNETH TIM EVERETT dav;d j. SAM B. RICHARD CAPLAN CATCHING, JR. COLLINS CRUDUP, JR. DESSANER. JR. DUNBAR. JR. FELSENTHAL 23M h;ii St. 15 Estelle 534 Gladstone 920 30th Ave. 4220 Iris St. 2338 Valmont St. 208 East College St. Ateundria. Louisiana Hailehurst, Miss, Shreveport, La. Meridian. Miss. New Orleans, Louisiana New Orleans, Louisiana Brownsville, Tennessee Young Men ' s Business Phi Delta Theta. Greenbackers; Wesley Kappa Sigma Glee Phi Kappa Sigma; Air Soc. Adv. Management; Zeta Beta Tau, Club of New Orleans; Foundation, Club: Operetta; Naval Force ROTC. Wesley Foundation; A Propeller Club; Soc. ROTC. Cappella Choir; Glee Adv. M a n a g e m enf; Club; Operetta. A ' ftiir dOTC; Interna- tional Relations Club; HULON P. Pan American Society. MARTHA E. CHARLES FILLINGANE CHURCH 1810 Pine St. GAIL CORNMAN JERRY R. DANIEL DICKS 15 Audubon Blvd. SAMMY R. DUNBAR 101 14th Ave. Hattiesburg, Miss. New Orleans, Louisiana 2106 Baronne 20 East Broadoaks New Orleans , Louisiana 2417 Myrtle S. E. Sigma Chi; Soc, Adv, THOMAS W. Phi Mu; Commerce New Orleans, Louisiana Houston 19, Texas Beta Theta Pi; TUSK; Alexandria, Louisiana Management; Naval CARMICHAEL Women ' s Club; Hillel Foundation; Glee Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Baptist Student Union; Delta Sigma Pi; Propel- ROTC: Taffrail Naval Y.W.C.A. Club; Commerce Wom- Alpha Sigma Sigma Army ROTC. ler Club; Soc. Adv. Society. in W Center St. en ' s Club, Army ROTC, Management; Army El Dorado, Arkansas. ROTC; I.R.C.; Pan- Wesley Foundation. JACK DENNY American Society; Y.M,B,C. JERRY JOSEPH JACK CHARLES H, DIENES FINGER JIM COHEN COWART DANTE 25 Farnham Place 2308 Calumet Drive CARNEY «74 Empire Blvd. iOI6 Pitt St, 200 W, Jones Now Orleans, Louisiana RONNY C. Houston, Texas 507 E Lincoln St. Brooklyn, New York, New Orleans. Louisiana Dumas, Arkansas Alpha Tau Omega; DURHAM Beta Bota Tau; JAM- Kappa Nu; Glee Club, Alpha Tau Omega; Zeta Beta Tau; Soc. Westminster Fellowship; RFD 3 BALAYA; Naval ROTC. Sigma Chi; Army ROTC. Westminster Follow- Adv. M a n a g e m ent; Naval ROTC; TaHrail Hammond, Louisiana ship; Naval ROTC, JAMBALAYA; Army ROTC, Naval Society, Kappa Alpha. DON CLARK RICHARD 1. FREDERICK WATERS CARRAWAr COHEN DON J. LAWRENCE A. FISCHER J«M Mid-ay S», AI««iMjri», Louisiana to Somerset Rd. Brookline. Mass. EDWARD ROBERTS CRAWFORD DAVID DENNERLINE DUVIGNEAUD 2B53 Grand Rto, SI. John EMBOULAS 2312 Franklin Ave. 919 State St, New Orleans 18, La. Sigma Alplla Eptilon; Sigma Alpha Mu; Hul- SOS Beti Place 7937 Yale Now Orleans, Louisiana Now Orleans, Louisiana Kappa Alpha; Glee Canterbury Club; Air labaloo; Hillal Founda- New Orleans, Louisiana Chicago, Illinois Pi Kappa Alpha; Army ProiidonI, Sophomore Club; Oporolta; Naval fo c« ROTC. tion; Army ROTC. Delta Kappa Epsilon. Alpha Tau Omega, ROTC. Class, ROTC, TULAN E UNIVERSITY NEWCOMB COLLEGE ARTS AND SCIENCES COMMERCE ENGINEERING ARCHITECTURE LAW MEDICINE GRADUATE SCHOOL SOCIAL WORK BERTHA LEONARD R. EARL R. CHARLES PATRICIA FISHER FRANSEEN GRAHAM HALE HEROY 3431 Octavia St. 7828 Willow 6372 VIcksburg St. 210 Rontes Escandlna- 103 Elvis Court New Orleans. Louisiana New Orleans, Louisiana New Orleans, Louisiana vos. New Orleans. Louisiana Scabbard Blade. Alpha Tau Omega; Pan Mexico, D. F., Mexico. Delta Zeta; Commerce Hellenic Council; Army Alpha Epsllon PI; Pan Women ' s Club. ROTC. Hellenic Council; Army ROTC. BERYL FISHER 6364 Canal Blvd. WILDA FREDERICK ATWOOD HOBBS New Orleans. Louisiana Sigma Alpha Mu; Hillel Foundation. 1448 Verna St. New Orleans. Louisiana Commerce Woman ' s Club; Westminster Fel- lowship. EDWARD ALAN GREENE 152 East 94 St. ROBERT D. HAMER 361 Bellaire Dr. New Orleans, Louisiana P. 0. Box 2362 Longvlew. Texas Alpha Tau Omega; Westminster Fellowship; Air Force ROTC. New York, New York Delta Tau Delta; Vice- FRANCIS Siqma Alpha Mu; Tu- President F r e s h m a :i FRAENKEL lane Band; Army ROTC. Class, ' 51. MORRIS 2111 St. Charles Ave. New Orleans, Louisiana Zeta Beta Tau; Pan Hel- DONALD A. GALBRAITH HOHENBERG 4321 Lawther Dr. Dallas, Texas lenic Council: Delta 403 Burton Road WALTER P. Zeta Beta Tau; Wave Sigma Pi; JAMBALAYA; Oreland, Pennsylvania WALTER R. GREEN Franklinton. Louisiana Phi Delta Theta; Naval ROTC. HARRIS, JR. Handbook; Naval Greenbackers; Naval ROTC; Lagniappes. Kappa Sigma; Hullaba- loo; Canterbury Club; Air Force ROTC. 8223 Sycamore St. New Orleans. Louisiana Kappa Sigma; Wesley Foundation; Air Force ROTC; Taffrall Naval Society. ROTC. W. JOHN STANLEY LEE HOWARD, JR. FRANCIS Box 364 LEONARD GESSNER 534 Slieler Ave. New Orleans, Louisiana Round Lake. Illinois Delta Sigma Pi; Propel- ler Club; Society Adv. 1838 Octavia St. New Orleans, Louisiana Beta Theta Pi; Sopho- EVELYN EVA GIRAUD CARLDON O. HASKINS Tau Kappa Epsllon; President Disci- ples Student Fellow- Management; Air Force more Secretary-Treasur- Belzonl, Mississippi ship; Interfalth Council; ROTC; International Re- er; Naval ROTC; Taff- Rt. 6, Box 213 Delt a Sigma Pi; Propel- Glee Club; Air Force lations Club. rail Naval Society. New Orleans, Louisiana ler Club. ROTC. RICHARD D. MAURICE BLANCHE DONN H. HAROLD E. SIMON WALER S. HOWE KATZ LANDAU UPTON t.1ALLORY MEXIC MOTT, JR. SM College St. 3113 Louisiana Ave. 6153 St. Charles Ave. 7900 David Dr. 1319 S. " E " 1729 Nashville Ave. 8303 Panola St. Miyfield. Kentuckr Pkwy. New Orleans, Louisiana St. Louis, Missouri Elwood. Indiana New Orleans, Louisiana New Orleans, Louisiana Signu Alpha Epsilon; New Orleans. Louisiana Channing Club; Com- Zetd Beta Tau; A i r Phi Delta Theta; Bas- Sl qma Alpha Mu; Air Pi Kappa Alpha; Pep Westmimter Fellowship. Sigma Alpha Mu; Foundation; Air ROTC; Interne Relations Club. Hillel Force itional merce Women ' s Club. CHARLES W. Force ROTC. MILTON ketball Letter; Green- backers; Wesley Foun- dation; Air Force ROTC; ROTC Sergeant. Force ROTC. Band; Tulane Band; Naval ROTC. ALFRED LANE, III LOEB JOAN THELMA HTMAN 2215 Terrace Ave. 7037 Turtle Creek MELVIN W. MATHES MIRAMON NAIHAUS 7049 C014I Blvd. JAMES B. Baton Rouge, Louisiana Dallas, Texas 4704 S. Carrollton Ave. 3621 State St, Dr. New Orleant. Louilianj KEMP. JR. Delta Kappa Epiilon; Zeta Beta Tau; Army Box 660-M, Rt. 7 New Orleans, Louisiana New Orleans, Louisiana Hillel Foundetion; In- 6203 Zimple St. New Orleans, Lol Soc. Adv. Managt Canterbury Club; Air ROTC; Rifle Team New Orleans 21, La. Phi Mu; Secretdry-Treds- Commerce Women ' s lerfelHi Council: Infer- MtioiKl lUljtioni Club. lisiana sment; Force ROTC. Kappa Sigma; Hullaba- loo: JAMBALAYA; uruer Freshman Class Commerce: JAMBA- Club. Army ROTC. ELISE LUSTBERG TUSK; Christian Science Organization; Glee LAYA; " Hullabaloo, " Club; Operetta; Air JOHN BACHMAN Force ROTC; Interna- BUZZY lADAI LEE 91 1 Jefferson Ave. tional Relations Club. NORTHROP New Orleans, Louisiana JACKSON WALLACE C. Benton, Louisiana Hullabaloo; Commerce PAT 275 Audubon Blvd. 1} TotelOfi Piece KEMPER Delta Kappa Epsilon; Women ' s Club. MONROE Now Orleans, Louisiana New O ' leeni. Louiliene Delle ILeppe Epiilon. IK4 Valmont St. New Orleans, Loi Kappa Alpha. lisiana Westminster Fellow- ship; Naval ROTC. JOHN R. McCAWLEY, SR, RICHARD MAYER 469 Broadway Now Orleans, Louisiana Phi Delta Thota. 1557 Webster St, New Orleans. Louisiana Kappa Alpha, Delta Kappa Epsilon; Naval ROTC; Lagni- appos. HITZ LEE K. LEVY 1412 Sylvia ROBERT H. JAHNCKE 1 Mewcomb |l»d. STANLEY LACHTMAN 501 West Robert Hammond, LouisianA New Orleans, Louisiana Vice-President F r e I h- man Class, ' 50- ' 5l; WILLIAM W, MESSERSMITH, III A. L, MORRISON, JR. O ' DONNELL 1822 National St. Rockford, III. New Ofleeftt. Lovitiene 317 Leslie SI. Zela Beta Tau; Carni- Chairman, Comi Tierce Del e Keppe E ilon; Newark, New Jersey val; Hullabaloo; Air Honor Board, ' 51; Sec- 1701 JoHorson Ave. 4919 Frenchman St. Newman Club; tntorn.i- Newmen Club; Nevel Kappa Nu; Pan Hel Force ROTC; Honor retory-Treasurer SI udent Now Orleans, Louisiana Now Orleans, Louisiana tional Relations Club; •etc. lenic Council m« imber Board. Body, ' 51. Delta Kappa Epsilon, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Propeller Club. TULANE UNIVERSITY Muslrat ramble NEWCOMB COLLEGE ARTS AND SCIENCES COMMERCE JOHN TERRY OLIVE 1220 Broadway New Orleans, Louisiana Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Arrry ROTC; ROTO Ri- fle Team; Rifle Club President. JOE W. PITTS, JR. 1213 BIythe Ave. Alexandria, Louisiana Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Wesley Foundation; Army ROTC. TEXAS E. REARDON, JR. 415 N. Suffolk Ave. Ventor, New Jersey. Sigma Chi; Wesley Foundation; Air Force ROTC. EDWARD RODDY 2735 Jefferson Ave. New Orleans, Louisiana Kappa Alpha; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society. ENGINEERING ARCHITECTURE LAW MEDICINE GRADUATE SCHOOL SOCIAL WORK WILLIAM EDWARD PAER 235 E. 32nd St. Paterson, New Jersey Kappa Nu; Hille! Foun- dation; Army ROTC Band. THOMAS G. PEMBERTON M-l, U. S. Naval Sta- tion, Alg. New Orleans, Louisiana Sigma Chi; Air Force ROTC. ARTHUR TAD PHILLIPS 10 Edgehill Little Rock, Arkansas Zeta Beta Tau; TUSK; Air Force ROTC. SHEPARD PLEASANTS, JR. 71 Versailles Blvd. New Orleans, Louisiana Delta Kappa Epsilon; Omicron Delta Kappa; Theta Nu; Who ' s Who; " Hullabaloo " ; Green- backers; Kappa Delta Phi. JOHN POITEVENT 19 Lake St. Mandeville, Louisiana Kappa Alpha Order; Greenbackers; A i r Force ROTC; Adel- phons. STEPHEN PRISKIE 104 Elliot Place Bronx, New York. rumkj kaxiiud WILLIAM B. REEHLMAN 2332 Jena St. New Orleans. Glee Club. Louisiana ALBERTA GRUN RETIF 5530 St. Claude Ave. New Orleans, Louisiana Delta Zeta; Greenback- ers; Gamma Delta. JAMES M. ROBBINS Apt. C, BIdg. 112, U. S. Naval Station New Orleans, Louisiana Sigma Chi; Naval ROTC. ROBERT F. RODSTROM 8130 Sycamore St. New Orleans, Louisiana MARY LYNN ROHRER 3908 Fairmont Dr. New Orleans, Louisiana Secret ary-Treasurer, Sophomore Class; New- man Club; Commerce Women ' s Culb. ROBERT DREYFUSS ROSEN 101 Central Park West New York, New York Honor Board (Fresh. Rep.); Tennis Club; Hil- lel Foundation; Army ROTC. CHARLES L. HOWARD SYLVAN T. BEN BILL RICHARD ROBERT LAWRENCE SALTZMAN SIESEL STEINBERG TALBOT VON HOENE WELLS WILSON 407 Rochelle A»e. 371 Thompson St. 715 E. Main St. 5520 Pitt 172? Milan St, New Orleans, Louisiana Kappa Alpiia; Naval ROTC, 1525 Exposition Blvd, 2114 Dekle Monro«, Louisidnd Zeta Beta Tau; Armif Hackensack. New Jersey Kappa Nu. New Orleans, Louisiana New Orleans, Loui Kappa Alpha; siand Air New Orleans, Louisiana Sigma Chi; Vice-Presi- Tampa, Florida Sigma Alpha Epsilon, ROTC. LEONARD D. STONE Force ROTC. JOHN W. dent (Commerce): Del- ta Sigma Pi; Propeller Club; Westminster Fel- lowship; Army ROTC. SHrRLEY SYLVIA ALAN L. SISMAN 4115 S. Prievr St. CHUCK TAYLOR 7417 Jeanette St. New Orleans, Loui Phi Delta Theta; Manager (Fresh,) WALL SAWL lilf Broadway N«w Orltans. Louiliana P ' OP«ll«r Club. W7 Monaco Denver, Colorado Zeta Beta Tau: JAMBA- LAYA; Air Force ROTC. New Orleans, Lot Sigma Alpha Mu; Foundation; Air ROTC. lislana Hillel Force siana Unit 715 Pine St. New Orleans, Louisiana Greenbackers; Wesley Foundation; Air Force ROTC. BEN KNOX WHITE 216 Wiley Ave, Salisbury, N, Carolina Alpha Epsilon PI; Air MALCOLM Force ROTC, WRIGHT 506 W. Morris Ave. JEFF STRANGE ?2e; E. Market Logansport, Indi. Alpha Tau O m Westminster Folio Naval ROTC, Hammond, Louisiana JACK SCHMIDT II] GitHon S . Mortl. Ealt. Pa. D«lt« Sigma Phi; Air Fore ROTC. BURTON EDWARD SILVERMAN r Uiqh Av . Ntwark 8. New Jersey Zeta Beta Tao. ana oga; wship; LEO WILLARD TUCKER, JR. P. 0. Box 1410 Honolulu, Hawaii S i q m d Chi; N a ROTC. V a 1 EBEN T. WATKINS, III 1116 Second St, Now Orleans, Louisiana Kappa Alpha, DAN WHITEMAN 4261 Vinconnos PI, Now Orleans, Louisiana Newman Club; Army ROTC. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. C. HERBERT JUAN A. WEISER CLIFfORO A. ANNEHE VIVIAN VELASCO 4822 Bienville Ave. Now Orleans, Louisiana Phi Delta Theta; Now- SHAMFEIO 7{» C rlMll SMITH 3I2S Broadway 5USSMAN 2127 MiUn St, 474 Pine St. New Orleans, Louli liana ROBERT E, WILSON PHILIP LAWRENCE ZIEGLER, JR, Unirtniff C! r. Mo. New Orleens, Louisiana New Orleans. Lou isiann Alpha Tau O m e 9 ■; men Club; Army ROTC; 1522 Pino St, 827 Greenwood 2«f (• T«ii; JAMBA- Hillel Foundation; Glee Hillel Foundation; Glee " Hullabaloo " ; N e w- International Relations New Orleans, Louisiana Now Orleans, Louisiana lAYA: Air fore ROTC. Club, Club; Operetta. man Club; Army ROTC, Club, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Gamma Delta, delta Sigma pi Clobber him, Walter OFFICERS JAMES W. WARD Headmaster THOMAS E. RYAN Senior Warden RICHARD C. WELLS Junior Warden ROBERT V. HASKELL Scribe FLORENCIO G. LINARES Treasurer FRANCIS S. BOWERS Chancellor RICHARD M. WAGNER Historian MEMBERS Max Barnett, Jr., Maurice E. Bourgeois, Fran- cis S. Bowers, Arthur J. Burrows, Edwin J. Caplan, Thomas W. Carnnlchael, Charles J. Cater. Samuel R. Dunbar. Richard V. Ellis. Francis L. Fraenkel. Stanley L. Francis, How- ard H. Galloway, Joseph E. Gebbia, Frederick W. Hall, Robert V. Haskell. Carldon O. Has- klns. Edward Hoffman. Richard D. Howe. James W. Johnson, Maurice L. King, Floren- clo G. LIneares, Peter LInstedt, John R. Mc- Cawley, Albert L. Merle, George J. Palmer, Thomas E. Ryan. Thomas S. Sims, Richard M. Wagner, Gayle G. Ward. James W. Ward. Eben T. Watkins III. Calvin H. Welser. Jr.. Richard C. Wells. The Tulane Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi is still a comparatively new chapter in the fraternity but It has already gained national fame and prestige. During the past year Gamma Mu Chapter has had Its own " Sweet- heart, " Miss Bobble " Webb, crowned as the National " Rose of Delta SIg " ; has sponsored a defense clinic that received nationwide press notices; and was one of the first place win- ners In the annual contest In which the various chapters of Delta Sigma PI are judged on their social and professional activities and on their chapter administration. These achieve- ments were attained only by much hard work and cooperation by all of the members and officers. Being a professional business fraternity, Del- ta Sigma PI strives to foster the study of business in universities; to encourage scholar- ship, social activity and the association of students for their mutual advancement by re- search and practice; to promote closer affil- iation between the commercial world and stu- dents of commerce and to further a higher standard of commercial ethics and culture, and the civic and commercial welfare of the community. OFFICERS ROBERT V. HASKELL President MAX BARNETT Vice-President FLORENCIO G. LIVARES Vice-President (2nd) RICHARD V. ELLIS . . Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS Bradford Allen, John Bailey, Max Barnett. Maurice Bourgeois, Art Burrows, Edwin Caplan, Sam Dunbar, Lorraine Duvolsln. Richard Ellis. Stanley Francis, Tom Fred- ericks, Robert Haskell, Ed Hoffman, James Kemp, Donald Levy, Florencio Linares, Jules Lizarraga, Bow Lum, Ernest Martin, Frank Patterson, Mary Lynn Rohrer, Shir- ley Sawl, Stanley Sims, Chester Stokeley, Dick Wells, Robert White. Tulane ' s branch of the Propeller Club of the United States, national organization for promotion of maritime Interests, re- ceived its charter of February 21, 1951. The primary purpose of the Propeller Club Student Port is to develop an appre- ciation for the Importance of the Amer- ican Merchant Marine by the young men and women who will shortly take their places In the business and industrial world. The Propeller Club of the Port of Tulane University has many professional and so- cial functions that promote interest in for- eign and domestic commerce, trade and transportation, business administration, economics, and allied fields. Wheel transportation propeller club 90 OFFICERS MAX BARNETT. JR President FRANK PATTERSON Vice-President EDWIN CAPLAN Secretary SAMMY DUNBAR Treasurer MEMBERS Alfred Brown, Gordon Brown, Tommy Car- michael, Hugh Carnes. Jr.. Charles Dante. Charles Dicks. Robert Donnell, Sammy Dun- bar, Lorraine Duvoisin, Dick Ellis. Karl Ezko- vlch, Francis Fraenkel, Stanley Francis, Albert Girard. Robert Haskell, Jimmy Kemp, Luiz Leao. Peter Ltndstedt, Jack Lynch. Monroe Marsh. Dickie Meyer, Devis Murrell. Stephen Penzes, Burton Silverman, Fred Skrain ka. Ches- ter Stokley. Gayle Ward. Conrad Weil, Jr., Jack Weil Affiliated with the national organization of the Society for Advancement of Management, the Tulane chapter of S.A.M. is designed to en- courage and stimulate interest and under- standing in the scientific principles of manage- ment. Members are elected annually and consist of those students in the College of Commerce and Business Administration who display par- ticular Interest in the field of management and industrial activities. The chapter provtd2s frequent opportuni- ties for members to exchange ideas and to enjoy continuous contact with the latest devel- opments in management ideas and practices. Some of the highlights of this year ' s pro- gram include field tours to the Coca-Cola Bottling Company and the Blue Plate Factory, with a visit schedu ' ed to Freeport Sulphur. The club attends the monthly lectures and discussions presented at the luncheon and dinner meetings of the senior chapter in New Orleans and tops off the end of each year s activities with an annual S. A. M. banquet. society for the advance- ment of management Gordon forgot his suit HONORARY beta gamma Sigma SCHOLARSHIP OFFICERS GERALD E. WARREN President MARVIN L. FAIR Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS Kenneth E. Bullock, Milton F. Clinton, Wil- liam C. Hartranft, Leslie C. Laguillon, Rich- ard M. Mills, Henry I. Montgomery, Edward K. Pinner, James F. Pinner, Henry E. Schaefer, Gerald Schlosser, William C, Weissborn NEW ELECTEES Donald E. Carson, Lorraine A. Duvoisin, Fred- erick W. Hall, Harold J. Heck, James W. Johnson, Greta M. LcBlanc, Ferdinand K. Levy, Gordon R. Mott, Curtis C. Walthcr Beta Gamma Sigma, a national hon- orary commerce fraternity, was founded at the University of Illinois and the Uni- versity of Wisconsin in 1913. The Alpha chapter was founded at Tulane in 1926. The purpose of this association is to encourage and reward scholarship and accompllshmont in Iho field of business studios among students and graduates of collegiate schools of business; to pro- mote the advancement and growth of education in the science of business; and to foster the principles of honesty and integrity in business practico. 91 DEAN LEE JOHNSON Nolan Bourgeois Richard Brannen Robert Bruce, Jr. Edward Bultman, Jr. Sidney Cauvin, Jr. John Coleman Ronald Cressy Marvin Dees John Ebey. Jr. Thomas Farmer John Fisher Jackson Fihner Jacob Friti, Jr. Harold Hart Gerald Haydel Robert Hess Erwin Johnson Anthony La Barbera M. J. Leumas, Jr. Rucky Lorusso Albert McSwain First Column: • NOLAN ALOYSIUS BOURGEOIS, 2417 Robert St., New Orleans, Louisiana; V ' ce-President, Sophomore Class, ' 49- ' 50; Tau Beta Pi; A.I.E.E.; Air Force ROTC. • RICHARD LEE BRANNEN, 413 Lindsay St., Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania. • ROBERT NOLAN BRUCE, JR., 502 Pine, New Orluans, Louisiana; Kappa Sigma; President, Engineering Student Body, ' 50; Chairman Engineering Hon- or Board, ' 50; Tulane Student Council, ' 50; Kappa Delta Phi; Who ' s Who; President, A.S.C.E.; E.T.A.; JAMBALAYA; Westminster Fellowship; Adel- phons; Leadership Council; Omicron Delta Kappa. Second Column; • EDWARD H. BULTMAN, JR., 3206 Dclachaise St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Secretary, Sophomore Class, ' 49; Tau Beta Pi; Air Force ROTC, Cadet Major; A.S.C.E.; E.T.A. • SIDNEY L. CAUVIN, JR., 2535 Franklin Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Chi Sigma; A.I.Ch.E. • JOHN S. COLEMAN, 5143 Western St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Lambda Chi Alpha; Alpha Chi Sigma; A.I.Ch.E.; E.T.A. ; Gamma Delta. Fourth Column: • THOMAS SHELBY FARMER, 327 Florida Blvd., New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Tau Beta PI; Alpha Chi Sigma, American Chemical Society; A.I.Ch.E.; E.T.A.; Adclphons. • JOHN B. FISHER, 89 F Stadium PI., New Orleans, Louisiana; A.I.E.E.; I.R.E. • JACKSON PETER FITZNER, 1206 3rd St., New Orleans, Louisiana; A.I.E.E. Fifth Column: • JACOB C. FRITZ, JR., 2736 Bienville Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Chi Sigma; A.I.Ch.E.; Tau Beta PI. • HAROLD HART, 2027 Lowerllne, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Sigma; President, Engineering School; Chairman, Honor Board; Scabbard and Blade; Who ' s Who; A.S.C.E.; Naval ROTC; Student Council. • GERALD HAYDEL, P. O. Box 278. Kenner, Louisiana; Tau Beta PI; A.S.C.E. Sixth Column; • ROBERT TALMAN HESS, Box 764, Rt. 2, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Sigma; Senior Class, President, ' 52; Omicron Delta Kappa; Tau Beta Pi; AS.M.E.; E.T.A.; Publications Board. • ERWIN RAYMOND JOHNSON, 1412 Alvar St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Tau Delta; Scabbard and Blade. • ANTHONY LA BARBERA, 4227 South Carrollton, New Orleans, Louisiana; A.S.M.E. Third Column; • RONALD P. CRESSY, 3217 DeSoto St., New Orleans, Louisiana; A.S.C.E.; E.T.A.; Newman Club; Army ROTC. • MARVIN DEES, Tyler, Texas; A.S.M.E. • JOHN B. EBEY, JR., Apt. 53-E, McAlister PL, New Orleans, Louisiana; Treasurer. A.S.C.E. Seventh Column: • M. J. LEUMAS, JR., 4308 Walmsley, New Orleans, Louisiana; Tau Beta PI; A.S.C.E.; E.T.A.; Newman Club; Army ROTC. • RUCKY J. LORUSSO, 25 Tremont, Norwood, Massachusetts; A.S.C.E. • ALBERT E. McSWAIN, 4023 Danneel, New Orleans, Louisiana; Tau Beta PI; A S.C.E. 94 St. Pat and St. Patricia TULANE Ralph Mongeau Harry Osment Raymond Rawls Plei Reid Wilmer Rhode Richard Ruckstuhl David Schulti James Simmons Bruce Stevenson James Stev art Herbert Thurber W. D. Thurmond James Tracy Samuel Wellborn Don Wiederecht Donald Wolf 3034 Napoleon Av First Column: • RALPH R. MONGEAU. A.I.E.E. • HARRY E. OSMENT. 2035 Palmer Ave.. Ncv Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; A.l.Ch.E.; Nev man Club; Alpha Chi Sigma. • RAYMOND L. RAWLS, 603 D St., South Norfolk, Virginia; Sigma Chi; A.S.M.E.; E.T.A.; Wrestling Team; Greenbackers; Naval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society; Wesley Foundation. Nev Orleans. Louisiana; Sigma Pi Second Column: • PLEZ Z. REID, 5318 Wildalr Dr., Nev Orleans. Louisiana. • WILMER JOSEPH RHODE, 1108 Marengo, New Orleans. Louisiana; A.S.M.E. ORICHARO E. RUCKSTUHL, 452t Elba St.. New Orleans. Louisiana; Vice- President. College of Engineering; Omicron Delta Kappa; Tau Beta Pi; Who ' s Who; A.S.C.E.; E.T.A.; Newman Club; Army ROTC; Kappa Delta Phi. Third Column: • DAVID IRVING SCHULTZ, 4729 Louis XIV. New Orleans, Louisiana; A S.C.E.: ROTC. • JAMES L. SIMMONS, McCrory. Arkansas. • BRUCE ALDEN STEVENSON, 84 Maryland Dr., New Orleans. Louisiana: A.S.M.E.; E.T.A, FouHh Column: • JAMES P STEWART. English. Indiana; A.S.M.E.; Weslminitor Fellowship. • HERBERT THURBER. 1124 East AMh St.. Chicago, Illinois; Pi Kappa Alpha; Alpha Chi Sigma; American Chemical Society; A.l.Ch.E.; Greenbackers; Wesley Foundation; Tulane Band. • W. D. THURMOND. J5I8 Camp. New Orleans. Louisiana; A.I.E.E. Fifth Column: • JAMES T. TRACY, 4?7 Marianno, Memphis. Tennessee; A.S.M.E. • SAMUEL G. WELLBORN. 826 Bourbon St.. New Orleans. Louisiana; Sigma A ' pha Epsilon; Vice-President, Junior Class. ' 51; Vice-President. Student Body. ' 52; Kappa Delta Pi; Omicron Delta Kappa- Student Activities Key; Who ' s Who; Alpha Chi Sigma; American Chemical Society; A.l.Ch.E.; E.T.A. ; JAM6ALAYA; Chairman, Publications Board; Greenbackers; Adalphons; Lag- niappes; Leadership Council. • DON WIEDERECHT, i38l Catina St.. New Orleans, Louisiana; Junior Eng- lish Class President, ' 50- ' 5l; Omicron Delta Kappa: Tau Beta Pi- Who ' s Who: A.S.M E,; ETA.; Greenbackers; Newman Club; h aval ROTC; Taffrail Naval Society; Alpha Tau Omega. • DONALD B. WOLF, ?0 Scercliff Dr., Malvarna. New York; Sigma Alpha Mu; A S.M.E : Pelicans. NEWCOMB COLLEGE ARTS AND SCIENCES COMMERCE ENGINEERING ARCHITECTURE LAW MEDICINE GRADUATE SCHOOL SOCIAL WORK 95 TULANE UNIVERSITY You ' ve sent me, now bring me back NEWCOMB COLLEGE ARTS AND SCIENCES COMMERCE iL.- iWi mt tr-i i. Al.f " .. I ALAN FRANK L. ROLAND THEODORE DAVID MOREY ADAMS BLUE, III BRIERRE CARRE, JR. 1913 S. Gayoso 1420 Winston Rd. 2607 Jefferson Ave. 163 W. Oakridge Parl New Orleans, Louisiana Baltimore, Maryland Nev ' Orleans. Louisiana New Orleans. Louisiana Beta Theta Pi: Adel- PI Kappa Alpha; Navai Alpha Tau Omega; Kappa Alpha; Naval phons. ROTC; Taffrail Naval Naval ROTC; Taffrail ROTC. Society; International Naval Society. Relations Club. ENGINEERING ARCHITECTURE LAW MEDICINE GRADUATE SCHOOL SOCIAL WORK CHRIS JAMES V. PHILIP N. BLACK ANSEL, JR. BOONE BUCHANAN CHAFFE 6577 Gen. Dia: 2810 47th St. 1105 Walton St. 1136 Second St. New Orleans, Louisiana New Orleans, Louisiana College Station. Texas New Orleans, Louisiana Delta Tau Delta. Air Force ROTC. Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Kappa Alpha; President Naval ROTC. Freshman Engineer; Greenbackers; Naval ROTC. EUGENE BRECK CHEE PAUL CABELL 13 Strand New Amsterdam, 1 bice JOHN J. BEVERUNG BOWRON 56 Country Club Blvd. 591 Warrior Trail Jackson, Mississippi 628 Phosphor Birmingham, Alabama Phi Delta Theta; Wesley British Guiana, S. A New Orleans, Loui iana Delta Kappa Epsilon. Foundation. Gamma Delta. CLEMENT ALLEN ARTHUR A. CURTIS G. WILLIAM 1. DONALD L. JOHN L. DAVID COLE. JR. DeFRAITES. JR. EICHMAN FONT HIGGINS HOOPER KLEGAR 7009 JeanneMe St 8002 Jeannette PI. 4313 S. Tonti St. 4503 Prytania 1013 Navarre Ave. 5TH VERT ROW 1722 Sixth St. New Orleans. Louisiana New Orleans, Louisiana New Orleans, Louisiana New Orleans. Louisiana New Orleans. Louisiana 2125 Pine Valley Dr. New Orleans, Louisiana Kappa Sigma, Tulane A.S.C.E.; Glee Club; A.I.Ch.E. Club; New- Alpha Chi Sigma; Houston, Texas Pan Hellenic Council; Operetta; Naval ROTC; man Club; Air Force A.I.Ch.E.; Leadership Council. Sigma Chi; A.I.Ch.E. American Chemical So- Taffrail Naval Society. ROTC. ciety: A.I.Ch.E.: Intra- mural Council; JAM- BALAYA; TUSK; Cam- pus Night; Glee Club; Air Force ROTC; Lead- ership Council; Radio Club; Alpha Phi Ome- qa; Adclphons. ROBERT MAITRE WILLIAM B. WILLIAM R. JOHN C. ALFRED EUGENE EUGENE CHIN SAM B. COOK EARTHMAN JR. FAGAN GROUT. JR. HILLER HOY LAINE 7732 Hampson US N. Haugh Ave. 239Glendale 8010 Hickory 2514 Nashville Ave. 504 S. Genois St. 5229 Camp St. New Orleans. Louisiana Picayune, Mississippi New Orleans, Louisiana New Orleans. Louisiana New Orleans, Louisiana New Orleans, Louisiana New Orleans, Louisiana Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Delta Theta, Naval Pi Kappa Alpha: New- Sigma Chi; Canterbury Zetd Beta Tau; Alpha I.R.E.; Tau Beta Pi. Air Force ROTC. Tulane Band; N a V a 1 ROTC; TaHrail Naval man Club; Navdl ROTC. Club; Naval ROTC. Chi Sigma; A.I.Ch.E.; lOTC. Society. Naval ROTC. RICHARD EDWARD D. BLAIR JOSEPH EATON FAVROT GERALD DENNIS HEALY JR. IRA LUCAS KIRSCHNER NAT LANGLOIS 7822 Burtht 7375 Hampson St. HINTON, III 1132 Soniat JOSEPH CELESTIN OeCKERT New Orleans, Louisiana New Orleans, Louisiana 4126 Walmsley Ave. Now Orleans, Louisiana 5237 Coliseum Sigma Chi; Wesley Delta Kappa Epsilon; Now Orleans, Louisiana 232 Phosphor Ave. Alpha Chi Sigma; Now Orleans, Louisiana Foundation; Naval Naval ROTC; TaHrail P h i Kappa Sigma; Now Orleans, Louisiana A.I.Ch,E.; C h a n n ing Alpha Tau O m g a; tan Oeslonde St ROTC: TaHrail Naval Naval Society; Radio A.I.Ch,E.; Air Force Enqr, Fresh. Vice-Presi- Club; Intorfaith Coun- Newman Club; Army Mew 0 ' l 4nf loyl ' .l-tr fl Society, Club, ROTC. dent, cil. ROTC, TULAN E UNIVERSITY Hooped skirts and looped squirts NEWCOMB COLLEGE ARTS AND SCIENCES COMMERCE HOWARD E. MICKEY DON MACK BILL LEWIS. JR. McCLURE MAYER MOUTON 305 Broadway i t,2 Louis XIV liOl Pine 1231 St. John New Orleans, Louisiana New Orleans, Louisiana Winnsboro, Louisiana Lafayette, Louisiana Delta Tau Delta; New- Delta Tau Delta; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Kappa Sigma; President man Club; Naval ROTC. Newman Club; Army Naval ROTC; Taffrail Junior Enq. Class; ROTC. Naval Society; Interna- A.S.C.E.; N e w m a n tional Relations Club. Club; Naval Tatfrail Nava NROTC ' s Wave. " ROTC; Society; ' Green ENGINEERING ARCHITECTURE LAW MEDICINE GRADUATE SCHOOL SOCIAL WORK WALLY J. TOM THEODORE F JIM LINK McELHINNEY MEHRTENS NEWELL 108 Lincoln 3117 St. Anthony 78li Pearl Bo« 5173 Riverside, III nois New Orleans, Louis ana New Orleans, Loui iana Lake Charles, La. Pi Kappa A! P h a; Westminster Fellows hip; Air Force ROTC. Sigma Alpha Eps A.I.E.E.; Gamma D elta. Naval ROTC. Naval ROTC. JOHN R. FRANK EDWARD WILLIAM E. LOUIS P. LOWRY McKAY MENDEZ, JR. ORTH, JR. Box 629 Dewitt, Arkansas 4321 S. Derbigne 425 N. Olympia Winnsboro, Louisiana Baptist Student Un on; New Orleans, Louisiana New Orleans, Louisiana Naval ROTC; Interna- Air Force ROTC. Delta Tau Delta. Gamma Delta. tional Rela ions Club. r p O ft .f SAM COURTNEY f. ROBERT L. JOHN MARTIN JACOB GEORGE PAUL BERT ROBERT G. PARKHOUSE PICOU REDFEARN VAUGHAN WAGNER WELTY WOOTEN S402 St. ChdHes Ave. 7833 Burthc U. S. Marine Hospital Box 125, 561 Joseph Pass Christian, Miss. 9026 Apple New Orleans, Loiusia a New Orleans, Louisiana Norfolk, Virginia Crestview, Florida. New Orleans, Louisiana Delta Kappa Epsilon; New Orleans, Louisiana Sigma Chi; Air Force Delta Sigma Phi; Alpha Tau Omega. Naval ROTC. A Cappella Choir; Omicron Delta Kappa; Tau Beta Pi; Tulane ROTC. A.I.Ch.E.; Air Force ROTC. ■ Glee Club; Air Force ROTC; De Molay; Op- eretta. Alpha Chi Sigma; American Chemical So- ciety; A.I.Ch.E.; E.T.A.; Greenbackers; Lagnl- appes. Band. WALTER H. GERARD RAYMOND WILLIAM K. LOUIS R. JIM DAVID GLENN W. VILLERE PARR POIRIER ROGERS VELASCO WARE WILSON WRIGHT S77 Central Ave. 4015 Magazine 55D3 Miami Ave. 1020 Wilson 33 Versailles Blvd. 1492 Columbus Ave. 1304 Lowerline New Orleans. Louisiana New Orleans. Louisiana Tampa. Florida New Orleans, Loul iana New Orleans, Louisiana Monticello, Mississippi New Orleans, Louisiana Delia SIcjma Phi; Air Vice-President Junior Air Force ROTC. Delta Tau Delta; S oph- Alpha Tau Omega. Fore. ROTC Class; A.I.E.E. omore Vice-Preside nt. ROBERT EDGAR WEAVER 4SI? Bionvillo Ave. Now Orleans, Louisiunj LOUIS C PERIILLIAT It2t Ocla ia DENIS POWERS JOHN SNUGGS BRUCE von PHUL 323 W, Hollywood American Chemical So- ciety; German Club; Math Club; A.I.Ch.E.; Le Circle Francais; Christian Science Or- ROBERT HUNTER WISE 57 Gallitin Hazlehurst, Mississippi New Orleans. Louisiana 7?20 Stanmora San Antonio, Texas ganization; Inlorlailh Phi Delta Thola; JAM- Delia Kappa Eptilon; Houston, Te at I0( Parkwood Dr. Alpha Tau Omega; Air Council; Glee Club; BALAYA; TUSK; Air Newmen Club. AlCh.E. Greenville, S. Carollno. Force ROTC. Tau Bold Pi. Forci) ROTC. L american institute of diemical enginneers Where ' d Welty get +he He? OFFICERS DON HIGGINS Resident JACK FRITZ Vice-President HERB THURBER Treasurer ALFRED HILLER Secretary P AUL WELTY Historian MEMBERS Gaston Beauclair, Lloyd Blanke, Al Cole, James Coleman, Thomas Farmer, Gerald Heal- ey, Robert Irwin, Joseph Klrschner, Joseph Perret, Bernard Rodgers, Robert Sims. To supplement chemical engineering school work, the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Student Branch, has been termed. By inviting local industri- alists to speak at A.I.Ch.E. meetings and by making field trips to chemical pro- cess plants In the New Orleans vicinity, the chapter affords its members the op- portunity to obtain practical information concerning work in their chosen profes- sion. For example, a recent A.I.Ch.E. activity was a program with a speech given on the process and uses of Asbes- tone — Asbestos and cement — by Mr. A. T. Rowan, engineer for the Asbestone Corporation, preceding a tour of the plant. OFFICERS ROBERT N. BRUCE President EDWARD H. BULTMAN . .Vice-President RICHARD E. RUCHSTUHL. . .Secretary JOHN B. EBEY. JR Treasurer MEMBERS Edward H, Bultman, Robert N. Bruce, Ronnie P. Cressy, John B. Ebey, Jr., Paul S. Glllon, Maurice Greenwald. N. E. Han- sen, C. Harold Hart, Gerald N. Haydel, Bradford Holle, Kendrick Holle, Rucky La- russo. M. J. Lemuas, Albert E. McSwain, Billy Mouton Raymond C. Nelgel, Conald Payne, P. Rh ' ea, Richard E. Ruchstuhl, Da- vid I. Schultz, James L. Simmons. The student chapter of the American So- ciety of Civil Engineers has as Its ultimate purpose breaching the gap for the student engineer between his college education and the existing conditions in the Engi- neering Profession. Regular field trips, in- cluding a tour of the United States Water- ways Experiment Station at Vicksburg, Mis- sissippi, are taken to observe notable en- gineering achievennents and procedures. These are recorded on color slides In a permanent file for further study and as lecture material for future classes. The A. S. C. E. assisted its outstanding faculty advisor, Professor Walter E. Bles- sey, in recent tests on pre-stressed con- crete beams. Another original _ research project of the organization is Its study of foundation problems In and around New Orleans. The Student Chapter cooperated with the Louisiana Section of the A5CE as host of the Annual Regional Convention, held in New Orleans In March, I952._ Although primarily technical In nature, the A5CE also sponsors such social ac- tivities as luncheons, dances and beer par- ties, and enters teams In athletic activi- ties. Nice socks Bruce is wearing american society of civil engineers 100 OFFICERS M. J. LEUMAS President JAMES McCLOSKEY Vice-President GASTON BEAUCLAIR Secretary JOHN COLEMAN Treasurer MEMBERS Gaston Beauclair, Henry Boisseau, Robert Bruce, Edward Bultman, John Coleman, Ron- ald Cressy. Thomas Farmer, Robert Hess. James Kelley, John Kerrigan. David Klegar, M. J. Leumas, John Malm, Clyde Martin, James McCtoskey, Rodney Mouton, Louis Orth, Richard RucVstuhl, Vincent Spear, James Stokes. Paul V elty. Donald V iederecht, The Engineers ' Technological Atelier was organized in 1938 to promote school spirit among the students of the College of Engi- neering. Each year the Engineers ' Techno- logical Atelier sponsors the Engineers ' Dance at which St, Pat and St, Patricia rule. St. Pat is a senior elected from one of the Engi- neering Schools and St. Patricia is elected from candidates submitted by engineering students. The Engineers ' Technological Atelier also sponsors the Engineers ' Day during the foot- ball season. On this day the engineering stu- dents march to the game in a body, wear- ing dungarees and engineer ' s caps; a skit written and acted by engineering students is presented at half time. The E. T. A. sponsors the annual Engineers ' Forum. Technical papers are presented by the students, who compete for a plaque, and during this time the buildings and facilities of the College of Engineering are open to The public. The E.TJA. also sponsors the annual Engineers ' Smoker to enable the stu- dents to meet the faculty In an informal way. engineer ' s technological atelier What ' s behind vhe Rock? Mechanics of iho Fuluro a m e r I c a n of mechanica society engineers OFFICERS ARTHUR GRESHEMER Chairman ROBERT HESS Vice-Chairman RONALD WIEDERECHT Secretary ANTHONY LaBARBERA . . . .Treasurer MR. J. K. MAYER (Faculty) . . . Honorary Chairman MEMBE ' S F. S. Bennett E. J. B!ache. F. J. Brown. E. F. Chee, J. C. Deckert, H. M. Dees, A. L. Doucet, R. Douglass. W. H. Dudley. J. R. Grana. A. M. Greshemer, C. L. Gwin. R. T. Hess, M. L. Huber, E. R. Johnson. P. N. Johnson, D. Klegar. J. M. Koffskey, A. LaBarbera, J. H. Lotz, J. M. Marcev, K. A. Merrill, L. P. Orth. W. E. Owen, K. W. Perry, M. A. Pessin, R. L. Rawles, W. F. Rhode, J. M. Snuggs, B. A. Stephenson, J. P. Stewart, G. C. Suhling. F. A. Swan. F. T. Tracy, F. J. Viosca, D. A. Wiederecht, D. B. Wolfe. The American Society of Mechanical Engineers, student branch, is an organi- zotton composed of undergraduate stu- dents in mechanical engineering. It pro- vides a means for those students meeting on a professional basis in order to discuss matters of Interest, and to carry out ac- tivities during the school year. Among the activities of the Amoricon Society of Mechanical Engineers are bi- weekly meetings, smokers, presentations of popcrs, ond field trips to Industrlol plonts in this vicinity. Contests ore held ond an oword Is given for the best poper pre- sented to trie group. Speokers ore invited to address the branch on topics of intoroBt to mochanlcol engineers; tochnlcol movies ore ' .hown frequently at meetings. Upon graduation the student is afforded the opportunity of transferring his status in the A.S.M.E. from Student Mornbor to Junior Member, and ho may thus further hi ' , activity on n higher level of Iho or- gonl otlon. 101 american institute of electrical enRineers The white collar men The Tulane University Joint Student Branch of the A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. through its various meetings, provides op- portunities for its members to discuss subjects of mutual concern, offers the opportunity for social and profession- al contacts, not only with students of similar background, but also with practicing professional engineers. Meetings are held regularly with the New Orleans Section of the A.I.E.E., the Louisiana Engineering Society, and the L.S.U. Student Branch A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Field trips are arranged so that the student members have a chance to observe electrical engineering in practice. Student members automatically receive a monthly magazine which contains general and timely articles, di- gests of technical and conference program papers, news Items, and many other features. The Student Branch also serves as a springboard to join the Senior A.I.E.E. organization. Immediately upon graduation, the Student Member is invited to apply for Associate Membership without having to pay an entrance fee. OFFICERS VINCENT SPEAR, JR Chairman DAVE ZIMMERMAN, JR Vice-Chairman RALPH MONGEAU Secretary A.I.E.E. JAMES STOKES, JR Secretary I.R.E. NOLAN BOURGEOIS, JR Treasurer MEMBERS Robert A. Arrlngton Gus G. Balano Charles Battig Henry J. Boisseau, Jr Nolan A. Bourgeois W. L. Bourgeois Leonard J. Cailler Anthony Canzoneri Joseph J. Collins Louis A. Delhom John B. Fisher Jackson P. Fitzner William H. Fuhr Kenneth C. Gaspar Lin G. Gee Walter T. Hermann Eugene C. Hoy Rene B. Kronlage Walter J. Link George L. MacMurtray Joseph L. Mixon Ralph R. Mongeau Gil F. Morgan Rodney A. Mouton Raymond J. Ordoqui Gerald R. Poirier Plez Z. Reid Forrest L. Smith Theodore A. Sorensen Vincent D. Spear James D. Stokes, Jr. Maurice C. Timpken Harold F. Trepagnier, Jr. Leslie S. Trest, Jr. Howard C. Upton Donald J. Veca Anton N. Zanki Donald G. Zimmerman 102 HONORARY t a u beta OFFICERS THOMAS A. FARMER President ALBERT E. McSWAIN Vice-President JACK C. FRITZ Corresponding Secretary DONALD A. WIEDERECHT Recording Secretary JOHN H. MARTINEZ (faculty) Treasurer MEMBERS Gaston Beauclair Nolan A, Bourgeois, Jr. Edward A. Bultman, Jr. Thomas A. Farmer Jack C. Fritz Gerald M. Haydel Robert T. Hess Marcel J. Leumas Albert E. McSwain Harry E. Osment Richard E. RucbtuhL James D. Stokes Donald A. Wiederecht The Beta of Louisiana Chapter of Tau Beta Pi was established at Tulane in 1936. Tau Beta Pi ' s membership is exclusive to those students engaged in studies leading to an Engineering Degree. Its requirements for member- ship are an outstanding scholastic record and exemplary character. " Among the activities of Tau Beta Pi each year are two Smokers, one each semester, honoring those students who have done outstanding work in the College of Engineer- ing; in addition there are two semester projects, usually being a faculty evaluation poll and an employment survey of the Senior class. f P C5 fi ■ y First Row: Bourgeoii, Bultmann, Farmer, Frilz, Haydel, Hon, Hoy, Second Row; Leumos, McSwain, Osment, R„rt..t,phl W - ivrT Wlfrliir. ' rht Wor t -n. H O H 103 in memoriam HENDERSON BARKLEY DIANE ELLENDER architecture ■fKOmiMkM 7 ' 9 ' ' W Edward Bondurant Tilghman Chachere. Jr. Benedetto Cimini, Jr. Nesbit Coltharp Francis Cox Treadway Edson Walter Entrekln, Jr. Joseph Fulco William Galloway Lawrence Garcia Gene Glanker Willis Guild. Jr. Eldon Heck John Hester Irvin Kohler Charles Marlonneaux Sellers Meric Stan Muller Ross Murrell, Jr. Murff O ' Neal, Jr. James Oubre First Column: • EDWARD J. BONDURANT, Rt. II. Memphis 18, Tennessee; Vice-President, Architecture. ' 5 1 - ' 52; Who ' s Who; A. I. A; Green backers; Interfaith Council; We:ley Foundation; Naval ROTC; Taffrall Naval Society; Leadership Council; Student Activities Key. • TILGHMAN GEORGE CHACHERE, JR., 7705 Willow. New Orleans, Louisi- ona; Vice-President. 5th Year Class, Architecture; A. I. A.; Newman Club. • BENEDETTO CIMINI. JR.. 815 Broadway. New Orleans, Louisiana; Presi- dent, Senior Class, ' 5l- ' 52; A. I. A.; T.A.S. Second Column: • NESBIT G. COLTHARP. 315 Bankhead, New Albany. Mississippi; Tau Sigma Delta; Tulane Band. • FRANCIS XAVIER RANSDELL COX, 120 Hood Lake, Providence, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsllon; A.t.A.; T.A.S.; Newman Club. • F. TREADWAY EDSON, 55-C McAIIster PI., New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Sigma; A. I. A.; T.A.S. Fourth Column: • LAWRENCE A. GARCIA, Pinevllle, Louisiana. • GENE GLANKER, 1924 Thornton Court, Alexandria. Louisiana. Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Tau Sigma Delta; A. I. A.; T.A.S. • WILLIS T. GUILD, JR., 1000 East Beach, Long Beach. Mississippi; A.I. A.; T.A.S. Fifth Column: • ELDON C. HECK. 2457 Jonquil St., New Orleans, Louisiana. • JOHN F. HESTER, 5623 Hawthorne PL, New Orleans. Louisiana; A.I. A.; T.A.S. • IRVIN JOSEPH KOHLER. 1879 Benefit St., New Orleans, Louisiana. Sixth Column: • CHARLES W. MARIONNEAUX, 4209 S. Prleur, New Orleans, Louisiana; A I. A. • T. SELLERS MERIC. 2341 Broadway; A. I. A.; T.A.S. • STAN MULLER. 1917 Audubon St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi; A. I. A.; T.A.S.; TUSK. Third Column: • WALTER E. ENTREKIN. JR.. 1055 Elmlra St., Mobile. Alabama; A. I. A.; T.A.S. • JOSEPH T. FULCO, 2335 Nashville Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana; A. I. A.; T.A.S.; Newman Club. • WILLIAM J. GALLOWAY, 4209 St. Charles Ave., Apt. 5, New Orleans. Louisiana; A. I. A.; T.A.S. Seventh Column: 9 GEORGE ROSS MURRELL. JR., 1114 Stanford Ave., Baton Rouge. Louisi- ana; Kappa Alpha; JAMBALAYA. • P. MURFF O ' NEAL, JR., 228 Lister St., Shreveport, Louisiana; Tau Beta Pi; Who ' s Who; A. I. A.; T.A.S.; Newman Club. • JAMES P. OUBRE, 1905 Congress St., New Orleans, Louisiana; A.I.A.; T.A.S. 106 Ice cold Ansley?? TULANE UNIVERSITY John Reed Carrot! Santos Robert Schroeder Sam Short. Jr. Robert Smith Leonard Spangenberg Arthur Steinberg H. Van Amerongen Robert Walsh W. Washburn John Young First Column: • JOHN B. REED. Jackson. Mississippi; Delta Kappa Epsilon; President. Architecture Student Body. ■5l- ' 52; Who ' s Who; A. I. A. • CARROLL A. SANTOS. Isle of Palms. South Carolina; Tau Sigma Delta. • ROBERT SCHROEDER. 116 Lake St., Oak Park, Illinois; A. I. A.; T.A.S. Second Column: • SAM B. SHORT. JR.. 5014 Wcstdale Dr.. Baton Rouge. Louisiana; 4th Year Class Representative. 50- ' 5l; Kappa Alpha; A. I. A.; T.A.S.; Canterbury Club. • ROBERT Z. SMITH. 1024 Dudley. Cleveland, Texas; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Secretary-Treasurer. 5th Year Class. ' 5l- ' 52; A. I. A.; T.A.S. • LEONARD REESE SPANGENBERG. 515 Short St.. New Orleans. Louisiana. Third Column: • ARTHUR DAVID STEINBERG. 482 East 147th St.. New York 56. New York; Kappa Nu; Treasurer of A. I. A.. ' 50; Tau Sigma Delta; A. I. A.; T.A.S.; Hillol foundation; Campus Night. • H. EDWARD VAN AMERONGEN. S. Cunningham, Rayne, Louisiana; Phi k«ppa Siqmd; Tau Sigma Delta; Who ' s Who; President and Vice-President, A.I.A., ' 50; T.A.5.; E.T.A.. ' 50; Newman Club; Glee Club; Leadership Coun- c ' l; University Student Council, ' 50; Blue Key, • ROBERT NOONAN WALSH, 27 Nelson St., Winchester, Massachusetts; A.I.A. Fourth Column: • W. CONWAY WASHBURN. 734 Westmoreland. Baton Rouge, Louisiana; iiqmt Chi; A.I.A,; T.A.S. • JOHN R. YOUNG, 155 W. Pint St., Ponchatoula, Louisiana; Kappa Sigma; l u iiqmt 0«lt«: A.I.A. NEWCOMB COLLEGE ARTS AND SCIENCES COMMERCE ENGINEERING ARCHITECTURE LAW MEDICINE GRADUATE SCHOOL SOCIAL WORK 107 There ' s a man in my cabin! TULAN E UNIVERSITY NEWCOMB COLLEGE AUSTIN A. BAKER, JR. DANIEL BRUNO HENRI M. FAVROT, JR. CURTIS D. GILLESPIE ARTS AND SCIENCES 407 W. Market Bolivar, Tennessee 701 W. Mallory Pensacola, Florida 5824 St. Charles Ave. New Orleans, Louisiana 201 Glenwood Ave. Anderson, S. Carolina Sigma Chi; A.I, A.; T.A.S.; Army ROTC. Delta Kappa Epsilon; Delta Sigma Phi; Tulane COMMERCE A.I. A.; T.A.S.; Air Pan Hellenic Council Force ROTC; Major. Member; Glee Club; ENGINEERING Naval ROTC. ARCHITECTURE EDWARD DONALD DOUGLAS JACK BRADBURN WILLIAM JACOB BENTIN, JR. CHAPMAN FRERET HESS, JR. 314 S. Cortei St. 5273 Manuwea St. 7531 Willow 4544 La Salle LAW New Orleans, Louisiana Honolulu, Hawaii New Orleans, Louisiana New Orleans, Louisiana Sigma Pi; President 4tll Pi Kappa Alpha. A,I.A. A.I. A; Pep Band; New- Year Arch.; A.I. A. man Club; Tulane Band; MEDICINE Army ROTC; Army ROTC Band. GRADUATE SCHOOL SOCI kV WORK BILL LYNTON LUTHER E. HOMER BLACKSTONE COOPER, JR. FINK HORTON, JR. 112 E. Adams St. 4607 Churchill 21 Packenham Ave. 423 E. View Dr. Greenwood, Mississippi Jackson, Mississippi Chalmette, Louisiana New Orleans, Louisiana Sigma Chi; A.I. A.; Kappa Alpha; A.I. A.; Air Force ROTC. 7 T.A.S.; Army ROTC. Naval ROTC. LEONARD V. HUBER, JR. £ GLENN M. WILLIAM P. 204 Fairway Dr. M FRANK N. EARL GARDNER New Orleans, Louisiana f BROCATO 2125 Leonidas St. 1508 Audubon St. Phi Delta Theta; JAM- f 2719 Florida St. New Orleans, Louisiana New Orleans, Louisiana BALAYA; Westminster ym tm fm Baton Rouge, Louisiana Delta Tau Delta. Kappa Alpha; A.I. A. Fellowship. pi o p. r , p il i fk il d!k RICHARD E. RAFAEL JEROME IRWIN PAUL W. EUGENE F. MURRAY JOHN FRANCIS KELLOGG LOPEZ MECKLER O ' SHIELDS ROUSE SMART, JR. URBINATI tl Sduktrail Carrera 13 No. 2420 576 Bdinbridge St. 173 Lamont Dr. HOB N. Sixth St. 1044 Walnut St. 91 Portsea St. Park Forest. Illinois Bogota, Colombia, Brooklyn, .New York Decatur, Georgia. Monroe, Louisiana. BIytheville, Arkansas New Haven, Conn. Vice-Preirdent 4th Year South America Kappa Nu; Hillel Foun- Sigma Alpha Epsilon. A.I. A.; T.A.S.; Newman Cld»; Scabbard ar d A.I. A. dation; Campus Night; Club; Air Force ROTC. Blade; Tau Sigma Del- Glee Club; Army ta; A.I.A.; Pep Band; ROTC; International T u 1 a n e Band; Army Relations Club. «OTC; ROTC Army TOM H. THEODORE J. Band. PEARCE RUCKSTUHL AARON KKAEMER 114 Slwrman PI. S. Orange. New JtrMy Sigma Alpha Mu; A.I.A.; TaHrail Naval Soc «T ' HEN«r WILEY KIOTZER JR Hardtcrabble Hill ChappcqiM, Nev York EU6ENE LAFLEUR 3123 Cambronr e N v Orleans. Louisiana Sigma Alpha Epfilon; Wetley Fovndaliofi; Air hxf «OTC. DOROTHY McCABE 170 Bellaire Dr. New Orleans, Louisiana Phi Mu. JACK EUGENE McNAUGHTON 371 Clermont Dr. New Orleans. Louisiana Delta Sigma Phi; Naval ROTC. GENE MAXWELL mi i. 37th SI. St. Louis, Missouri HENRY ARMAND MILLON 324 E. 17th St. Hidleah, Florida Kappa Delta Phi; Omi- cron Delta Kappa; Who ' s Who; A. I. A.; T. A. S.; Canterbury Club. SAUL A. MINT2 4SI? S. Galvei New Orleans, Louisiana Zeta Beta Tau; Secre- tary-Treasurer 4th Year Class; A. I, A.; T.A.S.; J A M fl A L A Y A; Air Force ROTC; Sergeant ROTC. L. A, NORMAN 711 Pu|o Lake Charles, 103 College Shreveport, Louisiana Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Newman Club; Air Force ROTC. R. D. REED 3118 lilh Ave. Sacramento, California Tau Sigma Delta; A, I. A.; T.A.S. ; E.T.A.; Naval ROTC. Louisiana LLOYD J. ROSEN I004.A Da Kalb Ave. Brooklyn. New York. Sigma Alpha Mu T, A, S.; Hullabaloo. 4526 Elba St. New Orleans, Louisiana Newman Club; Army ROTC. MILTON G. SCHEUERMANN, JR. No. I Ibis St. New Orleans, Louisiana. H. JAMES SCHEXNAYDER 810 Ditch Ave. Morgan City, Louisiana Delta Sigma Phi; JAM- BALAYA; Newman Club; Campus Night; Festival Choir; Glee Club; Oporolt.]; Army ROTC A. C. SMITH, JR. 42-B McAlister PI. New Orleans, Louisiana W. PATRICK VOGTLE 21 Clarendon Rd. Birmingham, Alabama Sigma Alpha Epsilon. GEORGE VONCE TRIESCHMANN Lake Providence. La. Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Greenbackors; Naval ROTC. WILLIAM RAGLAND WATKINS. Ill McComb, Mississippi ROBERT E. TUCKER, JR. 8411 Fig St. Now Orleans, Army ROTC, Louisiana ROBERT DRUHAN WYNNE 1801 Marnngo New Orleans, Louisiana Sigma Alpha Epsilon; A. I. A. american institute of architects OFFICERS CHARLES W. VIARIONNEUX President HENDERSON BARKLEY III Vice-President HENRI M. FAVROT Secretary ROBERT D. WYNNE Treasurer MEMBERS Austin Baker Williann Blackstone Frank Brocato Daniel R. Bruno Tillman G. Chachere. Jr. Benedetto CinninI Edward Colbert Francis Cox Walter Entrekin Jack B. Freret Joseph T. Fuico Lawrence Garcia William P. Gardner Roy Guderian John Hester James Hopkins Richard Kellogg Russell Krogsgard Ra-fael Lopez Eugene Maxwell Donald Miller Henry Miilon Richard Mouledous Leslie Norman Paul M. ONeal, Jr. George Reed John Reed Raymond D. Reed Leo Reilly Lloyd Rosen Carroll A. Santos, Jr. Herbert Schulingkamp Sam Short Robert Smith William Watkins III The Tulane Chapter of the American Institute of Arch- itects was organized on January 6, 1947, for the purpose of establishing a liaison between the practicing architect and the student. In June of 1951 the Tulane Architec- tural Society was dissolved, and the functions that were formerly undertaken by that organization are now the responsibilities of the A. I. A. Chapter. The objects of the American Institute of Architects are to organize and unite In fellowship the architects of the United States, to combine their efforts in order to promote the aesthetic, scientific, and practical effi- ciency of the profession; to advance the science and art of planning and building by advancing the standards of architectural education, training, and practice; to coor- dinate the building industry and the profession of archi- tecture to insure the advancement of the living standards of our people through their improved environment; and to make the profession of ever increasing service to so- ciety. Architects, etc. 110 HONORARY OFFICERS P. MURFF O ' NEAL, JR Chapter Masler EDWARD VAN AMERONGEN Chapter Recorder NESBIT G. COLTHARP Chapter Scribe t a u Sigma delta MEMBERS Nesbit G. Coltharp Eugene T. Glankler Richard E. Kellogg Cliff E Murphy, Jr. P. Murff O ' Neal. Jr. Raymond D. Reed Carroll A. Santos. Jr. Arthur D. Steinberg Edward Van Ameronqen John R. Young Tau Sigma Delta, national honorary Architectural fra- ternity in Architecture and Allied Arts, was founded at Tulane University in 1949. Membership is based on schol- arship and leadership, eligibility being limited to the top fifteen percent of the fourth and fifth year classes. Although it is a relatively young organization on Tu- lane campus, Tau Sigma Delta has accomplished a great deal. It sponsors a contest each year between the archi- tectural students to design something of benefit to the School of Architecture. The prize-winning design each i year is executed by the pledges before they are initiated. The expenses of constructing this design are paid by the raffling of a piece of contemporary furniture. The three projects, to date have been a Student Societies Room, an hlonors Display Unit for the Architectural Library, and a small Student Lounge. " .-. . GI inU !r f-lk, ' n, O ' Noai. ScconrJ Row: Rci d, Sonfo ' ,, SIcinbprq, V )n A ' Young H O R H 111 Robert Acomb, Jr. Luis Alvarez Dean Andrews, Jr. Charles Arceneaux Peter Beer Edward Benjamin, Jr. Maurice Burk James Butler Harry Cabral. Jr. James Cain L. Cambon Henry Carmouche, Jr. Jo Chandler Art Cohn David Conroy Clifford de Laup, Jr. Ken Deshotel Juan de Vidaurraiaga First Column: O ROBERT BAILEY ACOMB, JR., 8124 Pritchard PI., New Orleans. Louisiana; President, Commerce Junior Class, ' 49; Vice-President of Sophomore Class; Delta Sigma Pi; Propeller Club; Society for Advancement of Management; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi; Newman Club; Commerce Honor Board. ■48- " 50. • LUIS G, ALVAREZ. Box 75, Caguas, Puerto Rico; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Alpha Delta. • DEAN A. ANDREWS, JR., 64-D, Stadium PL; Phi Alpha Delta; Alpha Phi Omega; Glendy Burke Society. Fourth Column: Bluefield. West Virginia; • JAMES CLEMENT CAIN. 1712 College Ave Phi Alpha Delta. • L. FERRIER CAMBON, 1537 Calhoun St., New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Kjppa Epsilon; Intramural Representative; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi; Letter, Baseball, 1946. • HENRY PURVIS CARMOUCHE. JR.. 22i E. Northern Ave., Crowley. Louisi- ana; Moot Court Board; Phi Delta Phi, Second Column: • CHARLES JAMES ARCENEAUX, 329 S. Scott St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Alpha Delta. • PETER HILL BEER, 639 Pine St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Zeta Beta Tau; Vice-President, Law Student Bar Association, ' 50- ' 5l; Omicron Delta Kappa; Scabbard and Blade; Student Activities Key; Who ' s Who; La Societe du Droit Civil; Moot Court Board; Phi Delta Phi; Intramural Council, President, ' 5J: Greenbackers; Air Force ROTC; Cadet Staff Officer. 0 Major; Leader- ship Council. • EDWARD B. BENJAMIN, JR., 1423 Soniat St., New Orleans. Louisiana; Edi- tor-in-Chief, " Tulane Law Review. " ' 5l- ' 52; Order of the Coif; Who ' s Who; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi; Leadership Council. Fifth Column: • JO BUSH CHANDLER, 1348 Kings Hwy., Shreveport, Louisiana; Chi Omega. • ART COH N. Box 537.Waynesville, Missouri; La Societe du Droit Civil; Mcot Court Board; Phi Delta Phi. • DAVID J. CONROY, 142 E. Oakridge Park. New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Tau Omega; Secretary, Sophomore Class, A. S., ' 47- ' 48; Kappa Delta Phi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Order of the Coif; Phi Beta Kappa; Student Activities Key; Who ' s Who; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi; 1947 Track Man- ager; " Law Review. " Third Column: • MAURICE L. BURK, 4411 Fontainebleau Dr., New Orleans, Louisiana; Kap- pa Nu; Omicron Delta Kappa; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Alpha Delta; " Law Review " ; Hlllel Foundation; Glee Club. • JAMES J. BUTLER. Bird Island. Shreveport. Louisiana; Kappa Sigma. • HARRY R. CABRAL, JR., 1335 Henry Clay Ave.. New Orleans. Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; President. Junior Law Class. ' 50- ' 5l; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Alpha Delta; Greenbackers, Sixth Column: • CLIFFORD P. de LAUP, JR.. 4902 Painters St.. New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Pi; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Alpha Delta. • KEN DESHOTEL, Washington, Louisiana; La Societe du Droit Civil; Gam- ma Eta Gamma; Newman Club. • JUAN JOSE de VIDAURRAZAGA, Fortuny 45, Madrid. Spain; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Alpha Delta. 114 Say cheese TULANE UNIVERSITY Hilton Dickson, Jr. William Draunyak Clarence Dupuy Thomas Fadell Jeffrey Fell Leonard Fuhrer Kenneth Gorman Joseph Gowan William Gregory, Jr. First Column: • HILTON A. DICKSON. JR.. 1501 Georgia, Silver City, New Mexico; Scab- bard and Blade; Phi Alpha Delta. • WILLIAM S. DRAZSNYAK, 1134 W. Napier St., South Bend, Indiana; Theta Xi; Vice-President. Freshman Law. ' 50, President, ' 51;- La Soclete du Droit Civil; Phi Alpha Delta; Alpha Delta Sigma. • CLARENCE O. DUPUY, 1531 Clio St.. New Orleans. Louisiana; La Societe du Droit Civil; President. Phi Alpha Delta; Interfaith Council; Glendy Burke Society; Leadership Council. Second Column: • THOMAS R. FADELL. 4416 Madison, Gary.lndlana; President, Law Student Body; Order of the Coif; Who ' s Who; La Soclete du Droit Civil; Phi Alpha Delta; " Law Review " ; Newman Club; NROTC; President, Law Honor Board; St ' tdenti Council; Publication Committee Chairman, American Law Students stociatlon, • JEFFREY LOCKWOOD FELL. 4400 Richmond Ave., Shreveport. Louisiana; Phi Kappa Sigma; Scabbard tind Blade; Student Activities Key; La Socletc du Droit Civil; Phi Dettd Phi; AFROTC, Lieutenant-Colonel; Adetphons. • LEONARD FUHRER, 314 Pork Place Dr., Alexandria. Louisiana; Kappa Nu; L4 Societt du Droit Civil; Moot Court Board; Ph! Deltd Phi; Adeiphons. NEWCOMB COLLEGE ARTS AND SCIENCES COMMERCE ENGINEERING ARCHITECTURE Third Column: • KENNETH E. GORMAN, 3508 Stminnry Av«., Richmond, Virqinio; Pi Siqmj Alph4; Lt Socivt du Droit Civil; Phi Alphd Dtlfd; N«wmdn Club. • JOSEPH eOWAN, 712 Auttin PI.. Shrtvtport, Louitiono; Ordor of tho Coil; L« So i«t« du Dfoit Civil; Phi Dtltn Phi; Low Raviow; Wiiil«y Foundtidon. • WILLIAM A, GREeORr. JR., Boi 322, Griffin, Gaorgio; Lumbdo Chi Ai- pK ; Pi Sigma Alpha, Pa-.t Vica-Pratidant and Praiidant; Who ' i Who; Ph! Dalta Phi; Co apfain, Soccar Taam; Liautanant Commandar, NROTC; Wat ray Foundation; Patt Praddant, Taffrail Naval Sociafy; Pratidant, Laadarthip CoorKll. LAW MEDICINE GRADUATE SCHOOL SOCIAL WORK 115 Richard Hadden Prince Christian of Hohenlohe Leslie Inman Delos Johnson, Jr. James Johnson, Jr. Roger Keller Thomas Kelley, Jr. Wilder Kuhn Nathan Levy. Jr. Jack McNeely Lloyd Melancon Percy Mirikitani Simmie Monroe William Murray Robert Neblett, Jr. George Nelson, Jr . Richard Peet Edward Pinner George Renaudin Frederico Rodriguez-Gelpi First Column: • RICHARD IRVINE HADDEN, 1408 Jefferson Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Alpha Theta; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi; Canterbury Club. • PRINCE CHRISTIAN OF HOHENLOHE, II Alberto Bosch, Madrid. Spain; Phi Alpha Delta. Second Column: • LESLIE L. INMAN, 965 Galloway Ave.. Memphis, Tennessee; Delta Tau Delta; Omicron Delta Kappa; Pi Sigma Alpha; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Alpha Delta; " Law Review. " • DELOS R. JOHNSON. JR.. Franklinton. Louisiana. • JAMES DALTON JOHNSON. JR.. Box 503. Rt. 2. Augusta. Georgia; Phi Alpha Delta; Order of the Coif; La Societe du Droit Civil; " Law Review. " Third Column: • ROGER JOS. KELLER. 6559 Louis XIV St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Sigma Alpha; La Societe du Droit Civil; Moot Court Board; Phi Alpha Delta; Tulane University Theatre. • THOMAS J. KELLEY. JR., 2319 Jefferson Ave.. New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Sigma Alpha; Scabbard and Blade; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi. • WILDER KILGUS KUHN. 4317 Fontainebleau. New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Pi; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Alpha Delta. Fourth Column: • NATHAN A. LEVY. JR.. Franklin. Louisiana. • JACK McNEELY. 570 Walnut. New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Alpha Delta; La Societe du Droit Civil; Tulane University Theatre. • LLOYD C. MELANCON. P. O. Box 404. New Orleans. Louisiana; President, La Societe du Droit Civil. ' 51; Who ' s Who; Phi Delta Phi. Fi th Column: • PERCY K. MIRIKITANI. 2336 Oahu Ave.. Honolulu. Hawaii; Phi Alpha Delta. • SIMMIE RAY MONROE. 1217 W. Texas. Alexandria. Louisiana; Phi Kappa Sigma; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi; Channing Club; AFROTC; Gtendy Burk Society; International Relations Club. • WILLIAM H. MURRAY. 565 N. Monroe St.. Eagle Pass. Texas; Who ' s Who; Phi Alpha Delta. Sixth Column: • ROBERT B. NEBLETT. JR.. Inglewood Plantation. Alexandria, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha; President. Student Bar Association. ' 5l- ' 52; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi; AFROTC. • GEORGE D. NELSON. JR.. Falrhopc. Alabama; Sigma Chi; Scabbard and Blade; Phi Delta Phi; " Hullabaloo " ; Army ROTC. Captain. ' 50. • RICHARD GEORGE PEET. 630 Westminster Rd.. Brooklyn. New York; Pi Kappa Alpha; Unit Manager Junior Law; Scabbard and Blade; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi; Pelicans. Seventh Column: . • EDWARD K. PINNER. 1837 Crete St.. New Orleans. Louisiana; Seta Gamma Sigma; La Societe du Droit Civil; Moot Court Board; Phi Alpha Delta. • GEORGE W. RENAUDIN. 1622 Pine St., New Orleans. Louisiana; Alpha liu Omega; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi; Army ROTC. Lieutenant. • FREDERICO RODRIGUEZ-GELPI. 662 Concordia. Santurce. Puerto Rico; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Alpha Delta. 116 Senators of 1985 TULAN E UNIVERSITY First Column: • LEO SIDNEY ROOS. 93 Vcrsdllles Blvd., New Orleans, Louisiana; Zeta Beta Tau; Secretary-Treasurer, Senior Law Class; Kappa Delta Phi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Who ' s Who; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi; Adel- phons; Chairman, Tulane Orientation; Vice-President, Omicron Delta Kappa. • HARMON F. ROY. 128 Florida Ct., Lafayette, Louisiana; Lambda Chi Aloha; President, Senior Class; Vice-President, ' 51; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Alpha Delta. • BELLE GREENBAUM SEITEL, 3IS W. 100 St., New York 25, New York. Sftcond Column: • ROBERT D. SIMMONS. Bowling Green. Kentucky; Sigma Chi; Phi Delta PM. • RALPH SLOVENKO, 252? Jefferson Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana; Omicron Delta Kappa; A.S.C.E.; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi; Vanity Let- ter Track; Law Review. • FRANK J. STITCH, JR.. I03i City Park Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Delta Thate; Vice-President, Freshman Class A.J.S., ' 44- ' 47; President, Junior riesi A.tS., ' 4«- ' 47; Kappa Delta Phi; Who ' s Who; La Societe du Droll Civil; Phi Delta Phi; Law Review; Leadership Council. Third Column: • LUCIUS F. SUTHON, Mli Hurst St.. New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha; L« Seeitt du Droit Civil; Moot Court Board; Phi Delta Phi. • JAMES DAVID TUFTS, De; a Phi. II, Deslraden, Louisiana; Delta Tau Delta; Phi • JOHN e. WEINMANN, 7027 Green St.. New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta iMPpa Epsilon; Phi Delta Phi; President. Student Council, SI -52; Kappa Delta Phi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Sigma lota; Scabbard and Hade; Student Acllviliat Key; Who ' s Who; La Societe du Droit Civil; Law Reviev; Canterbury Club; Ltgniappas. NEWCOMB COLLEGE ARTS AND SCIENCES COMMERCE ENGINEERING ARCHITECTURE LAW MEDICINE GRADUATE SCHOOL SOCIAL WORK 117 TULANE UNIVERSITY Prince Christian of Hohenlohe NEWCOMB COLLEGE ARTS AND SCIENCES COMMERCE ENGINEERING ARCHITECTURE LAW MEDICINE GRADUATE SCHOOL SOCIAL WORK EDWARD BALDWIN lOO-B Stadium PI. New Orleans, Louisiana Delta Kappa Epsilon; La Societe du Droit Civil; Moot Court Board; Phi Alpha Delta; T.U.T. SIMON NATHAN BALL 2833 Napoleon Ave. New Orleans, Louisiana Kappa Nu; Phi Delta Phi; Hillel Foundation. FALLON W. BENTZ 2409 Broadway New Orleans, Louisiana Beta Theta Pi; Secre- tary-Treasurer Junior Class; Phi Delta Phi. ROBERT J. BOUDREAU, II 1345 Louisiana Ave. Lake Charles, Louisiana Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Omicron Delta Kappa; Delta Sigma Pi; Moot Court Board; Green- backers; Adelphons; Tulane Pan Hellenic Council. ROBERT A. BREGER 108 Garden St. Fall River. Mass. Delta Sigma Phi; Vice- President Freshman Class; Scabbard and Blade; Psychology Ma- jor Club; Phi Delta Phi Cheerleaders; TUSK Campus Night; T.U.T. Lieutenant -Colonel AFROTC; Radio Tu- lane; Veteran Associa- tion; Arnold Air So- ciety. LUIS EDUARDO CARDENAS Calle II, No. 27-48 Bogota. Colombia. S.A. Phi Alpha Delta; Moot Court Board; Phi Alpha Delta. A. J. CLESI, JR. 2814 Palmer Ave. New Orleans, Louisiana Delta Tau Delta; New- man Club; Campus Night. JULES LOUIS DAVIDSON, JR. 820 Bush Ave. Alexandria, Louisiana Phi Delta Theta; Omi- cron Delta Kappa; La Societe du Droit Civil; Moot Court Board; Phi Delta Phi; Army ROTC. JOHN DOYLE, II 2336 Esplanade Ave. New Orleans, Louisiana Delta Sigma Phi; Phi Delta Phi. DON FERGUSON 6 Donnybrook Ave. Greenville, S. Carolina WILLIAM L. FOLSE, JR. (29 Maine Ave. Slidell, Louisiana Sigma Alpha Epsilon. J. WINSTON FONTENOT 2108 S. Carrollton New Orleans, Louisiana Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Who ' s Who; Phi Delta Phi. ABRAHAM P. FRIEDMAN 917 First St. Franklin, Louisiana V i c e-President Senior Class of Commerce, ' 51 ; Unit Manager Sophomore Commerce Class, ' 48; Phi Delta Phi; Hillel Foundation. GUS A. FRITCHIE 309 Cleveland Slidell, Louisiana Sigma Alpha Epsilon; La Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi. BUSH LOUIS GAMBLE 1316 Henry Clay New Orleans. Louisiana Beta Theta Pi; NROTC. PAUL ROBERT GILBERT 3430 Vincennes PI. New Orleans, Louisiana. lEVEN H. HARRIS 2SW Pmehunt Blvd. Shrtveport. Louisiana Kappa Alpha; La So- ciete du Droit Civil. CHARLES ANDREW HOLLIS, JR. Itl7 Robinion St. Jickion. Miltiuippi D(lt Siqma Pi: Phi D lt Phi. DANIEL PATRICK HURLEY U StMrnvan St. l OOfclyn. Nrw York Sigmj Pi; Army ROTC; Ad«lption». ROIEIT EMMETT KING 1421 t ' Oa ' tl Nvw Ofl «m. Lo«ifi«na D (t K4pp« Epiilon; fki 0 ll« Pfcl; AFROTC; SOTUCK. THOMAS H. LEACH 7511 Freret St. New Orleans. Louisiana Delta Sigma Phi; Stu- dent Activities Key; Who ' s Who; Intramural Council; JAMBALAYA; Wave Handbook: TUSK; Newman Club; A Cappella Choir; Campus Night; Fes- tival Choir. Glee Club. President, ' 51; Oper- etta; Lieutenant-Colon- el. Army ROTC; Lead- ership Council. TED MACE M2S N. Robertson St. New Orleans. Louisiana Intramural Council; Phi Delta Phi. RICHARD MARTIN MATHEWS 4923 St. Charles Ave. New Orleans. Louisiana Phi Delta Phi; La So- citte du Droit Civil; Moot Court Board. WALTER PAT MAYHAN 327 Wilkinson Shreveport. Louisiana Kappa Alpha; Senior Councilor. Residence H ll; Vic. President. Law Honor Board; Vice- President. Law Student Body; Who ' s Wh«v Lo Societe du Droit Civil; Phi Delt Phi; Alpha Om«9«. DON MILLARD T. ROBERT N. ROBERT DARWIN MILLER NELSEN RYAN VALTER RIdqway, Illinois 522 Forest Ave. 1282 Devon 1706 Palmer Ave. Sigma Chi; Basket- Westfield,. New Jersey Los Angeles, California New Orleans, Louisiana ball Letter; New- Sigma Chi; Phi Delta Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Beta Theta Pi; La So- ger Basketball Phi; Pi Kappa Delta. ciete du Droit Civil; Phi Team. Delta Phi; AFROTC. M. DREUX VAN HORN, II 1238 W. Beach Pass Christian, Miss. NADIA Vice-P resident. ST. PAUL Freshman Class. ' 51. HAINON A. MILLER LYLE M. PAGE 1225 First St. New Orleans, Louisiana GENE WALLACE 506 S. Walnut 1516 W. Beach Alpha Omicron Pi. Tallulah, Louisiana Clinton. Mississippi Who ' s Who; Phi Delta Biloxi, Mississippi Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon; Phi Delta Phi; Phi; Baptist Student Alpha Tau Omega; Phi EDWIN G. Band. Union. Delta Phi. SALYERS PHILIP B. 200 Fourth WATSON Corbin, Kentucky St. Joseph, La. Secretary, Law Student Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon; Pan Hellenic Body; Phi Delta Phi; Council; Omicron Newman Club; Secre- Delta Kappa; Law tary. Honor Board. Review; Lieutenant, AL DOSITEHUGH (J.G.), NROTC. MOORE PERKINS, JR. 2417 Hamilton SI. 324 Wyandotte LOUIS PHILIP GEORGE C. WINN New Orleans, Louisiana Shreveport, Louisiana TRENT 1304 W. lOlh St. Delia Tau Delta; Phi Delta Phi. Phi Delta Phi; La So- 2535 Calhoun Lakeland, Florida Delta Sigma Phi; cioto du Droit Civil. Now Orleans, Louisiana Pan Hotlonic Coun- Beta Phi; Pan Hellenic cil; Omicron Delta Council; Freshman Unil Kappa; Phi Delia Phi; ' Hullaba- Manager, ' 50; Summer loo; JAMBA- School Junior V 1 c o- LAYA; Chonrlo.id- JAMES ANDREW Prosidont; Junior Class President; La Socloto ors; Groonbackors; TUSK; Wesley Foun- dation; Campus MUNDIE. JR. OLIVER L. du Droll Civil; Phi Al- Night; Gloo Club; 4523 P.rri.r PRICE pha Delta; Westminster Ukulele Club; NROTC; TaHrail New Orleans, Louisiana 59 Genet SI. Fellowship; AFROTC; Naval Society; Law Review, Dunkirk, New York. Radio Club. Leadership Council. 119 phi delta phi OFFICERS FALLON BENTZ Maglster JOSEPH GOWAN Exchequer GEORGE SWAIM Clerk ROBERT SIMMONS Historian MEMBERS Robert Acomb William Barnett William Beckham Ed Benjamin William Benjamin Curtis Boisfohtalne William Benin Fred Bowden Milton Brenner Harry Burglass James Butler Leon Cambon David Conroy Henry Carmouche Jules Davidson Jeffrey Fell Gus Fritchie Leonard Fuhrer , Richard Garfunltel William Gregory Richard Hadden Luther Hall Charles Hollls, Jr. Milton Jansen Thomas Kelly, Jr. Harold Levey, Jr. Nathan Levy Rivers Le Long Richard Mathews Pat Mayhan Lloyd Melancon William Moensch Slmmle Monroe Robert Neblett, Jr. George Nelson, Jr. Charlton Ogden Richard Peet Doslte Perkins, Jr. George Renaudin Leo Roos Robert Ryan Ralph Slovenko Frank Stich, Jr. Lucius Suthon Thomas Thorne James Tu ts Henry Verlander John G. Welnmann Why Swaim got elected White Inn of Phi Delta Phi International Legal Fra- ternity was established at Tulane in 1911. Members are selected on the basis of scholarship and ethics. Its aims are the promotion of higher standards of professional ethics and culture in law schools and in the profession at large. Projects for this year include a lending library for law students needing textbooks and the awarding of a legal te t to the senior law student who has improved his average the most between his freshman and junior years. The National fraternity was founded in 1869 at the University of Michigan and is the oldest professional fraternity in America. 120 la s c i e t e d u droit civil OFFICERS LLOYD C. MELANCON President DOSITE H. PERKINS. JR President JEFFERY L FELL Vice-President WILLIAM M. BENJAMIN Treasurer H. S. H. VERLANDER Secretary MEMBERS Robert B. Acomb, Jr. Leven H. Harris Dean A. Andrews Leslie L. Inman Edward M. Baldwin John Jackson William M. Barnett James D. Johnson, Jr. Peter H. Beer Thomas J. Kelly, Jr. J. Laughn Bell Wilder K. Kuhn Edward B. Benjamin, Jr. Harold Levy Curtis R. Boisfontaine Jackson McNeely William O. Bonnin Richard M. Mathews Robert J. Boudreau Percy K. Mirikitani Maurice L. Buric Robert B. Neblett, Jr. James J. Butler Richard G. Peet Harry R. Cabral, Jr. Dosite H. Perkins, Jr. Leon F. Cambon Leo S. Roos David J. Conroy Harmon F. Roy Camille A. Cutrone Philip P. Slipakoff Jules L. Davidson Ralph Slovenko Clifford P. DeLaup, Jr. Frank J. Stich, Jr. Cleophas K. Deshotel Louis P. Trent Robert J. Donovan Wayne Vincent William S. Drazsnyak John G. Weinmann Clarence O. Dupuy, Jr. Georgje O. Woods Gus A. Fritchle Jasper K. Wright, Jr. Richard I. Hadden La Societe du Droit Civil is an extracurricular society supervised by the faculty and dedicated to the promo- tion of scholarly interest in the civil law. Student mem- bers of the Society are enabled to delve much more thoroughly than regular curricular time permits into the origins, history, development and method of the civil law, with particular attention to the Louisiana scene. Research projects are undertaken and a regular program of reports and papers is presented, both by the student and faculty members and by guest speakers. One of the Society ' s main purposes is the preservation and exten- sion of civil law influences in Louisiana and elsewhere. Dr. Mitchell Franklin, presented a paper in the early summer entitled " The Influence of 19th Century German Thinkers on Christian Roselius. " This was the outstanding meeting of the year being attended by the faculty, some 75 students and alumni of the College of Law. At the end of the presentation a standing ovation was given Dr. Franklin. Several other distinguished speakers, Mr. Rudolph Waldo, Mr. Edward A. Parsons, and Professor Leonard Oppenheim, at various meetings discussed subjects per- taining to the civil law. Due to the accelerated program in the law school during the past year, the society found it necessary to elect two groups of officers. THEY ate in the cafeteria , Rogue ' s Gallery WILLIAM DRAZSNYAK EDGAR MOUTON OFFICERS Justice KENNL-TH GORMAN Vice-Justice CHARLES ARCENEAUX HILTON DICKSON Marshall . Clerk Treasurer MEMBERS Luis Alvarez Dean Andrews John Anton Charles Arceneaux Tatuso Asari Edward Baldwin Jacob Bell Robert Body Clyde Randolph Brown Maurice Burk Harry Cabral James Cain Luis Cardenas James Collins Camllle Cutrone Clifford DeLaup Juan DeVidaurrazaga Hilton Dickson Robert Donavan William Drazsnyak Clarence Dupuy Harold Durke Thomas Fadell Richard Gallagher Bowman Don Goetamann Hernando Gomez Kenneth Gorman Claude Hall Jorge Halphen Roberto Halphen George Hlllburn Michael Hoqan Christian Prince ot Hohen- lohe Leslie Inman James Johnson Roger Keller Burton Klein Wilder Kuhn Jack McNeely Percy Mirikitani Edgar Mouton Harold Mouzon William Murray Malcolm O ' Hara Hugh Oliver Edward Pinner Edgar Quillln Federico Rodriguez Harmon Roy Benjamin Slater Philip Slipakoff Kenneth Squires Louis Trent Miguel Valldejul Dreux Van Horn, III John Welsh George Woods Jasper Wright Phi Alpha Delta is a national legal fraternity devoted to the needs of those who intend to study and practice law. It was founded in 1896 and at present has 74 chap- ters in class " A " law schools throughout the United States. Martin chapter was chartered at Tulane Uni- versity in 1924. Active membership is extended to those students who show an active interest in the profession. Outstanding events of the chapters social calendar in- cluded the gay Initiation Dance at the Audubon Tea Room and a special party for the incoming freshmen. Luncheons with prominent judges and lawyers as speakers, rounded out the activities of the chapter. phi alpha delta 122 EDITORS EDWARD B. BENJAMIN, JR. . Editor-in-Chief DAVID J. CONROY Assistant Editor CLAUDE E. HALL Assistant Editor LESLIE L. INMAN. . . .Book Review Editor JOSEPH A. GOWAN. JR Secretary JAMES D. JOHNSON. JR., . .Index Editor JUAN J. de ViDAURAZAGA. .Index Editor BOARD MEMBERS Tatsuo Asarl. William M. Barnett, William M. Benjamin, William O. Bonin, Maurice C. Burk, Thomas R. Fadel!, Michael W. Hogan, James Andrew Mundle, Benjamin R. Slater, Jr., Ralph Slovenico, Frank J. Stich. Jr., Phillip B. Wat- son, Jr., John G. Weinmann. The Tulane Law Review, a quarterly periodical devoted principally io ' Ihe study and advocacy of Civil Law, Com- parative Law and Codification, Is inter- nationally recognized as the foremost English-language review dealing with these subjects. In addition, the Tulane Law Review presents authoritative dis- cussions of Louisiana law which are ex- tensively used as research aids by Lou- isiana courts and attorneys. Leading articles published by the Tu- lane Law Review are written by out- standing jurists from throughout the world. Shorter analyses of legal prob- lems are written, under faculty supervis- ion, by members of the Board of Stu- dent Editors, a group selected from honors seniors and juniors of the Law School. Edited by the Board of Student Editors under the direction of a Faculty Advisor, the Tulane Law Review enjoys a respected position among ihe leading American legal periodicals. tulane law review Ready to impeach Harry Stiffs moot court board OFFICERS ART COHEN Chief Justice MALCOLM O ' HARA Recorder LEON D. HUBERT. . . .Faculty Adviser MEMBERS Ed Baldwin, Peter H. Beer, Roberty Body. Bob Boudreau, Milton E. Brenner, Nolan Brunson, Henry Carmouche, Jr.. Jo Chand- ler. Jules Davidson, Leonard Fuhrer, John Grenier. Rodger Keller. Richard Mathews, Edgar Mouton, Jr., Edward Pinner, Lucius Suthon, The Moot Court Board of the Tulane College of Law is composed of Junior and Senior Law students. They are selected by their scholastic average. The goal of the Moot Court Board is to give the students In Law School the practical experience in research, brief writing, and oral argument before a court. This is accomplished by wrillng fact situations with moot points of law involved, and of staging trial facts, which involve criminal prosecution, or civil litigation. The members of the Moot Court Board sit as justices of the Supreme Court of Tulane. The finals of the Tulane Moot Court competition Is argued before the full bench of the Court of Appeals of the Parish of Orleans. The names of win- ners of the competition are engraved on a marble plaque in the Low School lobby. The Moot Court Board also selects o three-man team to represent Tulono In the National Moot Court Co mpetition spon- ■-.ored by the Committee on Junior Bar Activities of Ihc Bar Assocloilon of the City of New York, This yoor the team won the regional competition in Dallas, and went to New York to arguo In the final round. 123 HONORARY the order of the coif To the upper 10% scholastlcally In each Law school graduating class goes the honor of being selected to the Order of the Coif. It is the oldest national honor legal society, organized for the recognition and advancement of this high standard of scholarship in law. The Tulane chapter of the Order of the Coif was installed in 1931. MEMBERS EDWARD BENJAMIN. JR. CLAUDE E. HALL DAVID J. CONROY JAMES D. JOHNSON, JR. THOMAS R. FADELL JOHN G. WEINMANN JOSEPH A. GOWAN, JR. BENJAMIN CONROY FADELL GOWAN JOHNSON WEINMANN H H 124 Thomas Abernathy John Albea Ira Anderson LeRoy Anfrobus James Atkinson Richard Barry Ben Bashinski. Jr. William Bass. Jr. Louise Bennett Robert Bernhard, Jr. Herbert Bloom Julia Box William Box Frederick Braden Joe Brothers Thomas Brothers Raymond Browning Donald Carpenter Maxwell Carroll Henry Carter William Carter, Jr. First Column: • THOMAS E. ABERNATHY. 2828 Selma St., Jacksonville, Florida; Nu Sigma Nu. • JOHN MORGAN ALBEA, 15 Sou. Ave.. Piedmont. Alabama. • IRA BRAXTON ANDERSON, Lake, Mississippi; Alpha Kappa Kappa. Second Column: • HERBERT BLOOM. 2112 79th St.. Brooklyn. New York; Phi Lambda Kappa; Phi Beta Kappa. « JULIA HART BOX, 4963 W. Congress St.. Chicago, Illinois; Alpha Epsiton lota. Fifth Column: • WILLIAM ARTHUR BOX, Box 523, State College, Mississippi; Phi Chi; Who ' s Who; Owl Club. • LeROY CLIFFORD ANTROBUS. Box 794. Tucumcari, New Mexcio; Nu Sigma Nu; History of Medicine Society. • JAMES CLAY ATKINSON. Scooba. Mississippi; Nu Sigma Nu. • FREDERICK RICHARD BRADEN, 209 Belford Ave., Huntington, West Vir- ginia; Phi Chi. e JOE FRANK BROTHERS. 3700 Enfield. Austin, Texas; Nu Sigma Nu. • RICHARD J. BARRY, 411 Dalzellsf, Shreveport, Louisiana; Phi Chi; Omi- cron Delta Kappa. Third Cofumn: • BEN BASHINSKI, JR., 164 Buford Place, Macon, Georgia; Zeta Beta Tau; Phi Delta Epsilon. • WILLIAM LANG BASS, JR., 1107 5th Ave.. Laurel. Mississippi; Nu Sigma Nu. • LOUISE ANN BENNETT, 1610 Main. Big Spring. Texas. Sixth Column: • THOMAS JEFFERSON BROTHERS, 1121 Christine. Annlston. Alabama; Nu Sigma Nu. • RAYMOND BROWNING, R.F.D. No. 2, Carrollton, Mississippi; Alpha Omega Alpha; Phi Eta Sigma. • DONALD J. CARPENTER. Woodsboro, Texas. Seventh Column: « MAXWELL GLENN CARROLL, Bearmont. Mississippi. Fourth Column: « HENRY S. CARTER, Newton, Mississippi; Phi Chi; Owl Club; Baptist Stu- dent Union. • ROBERT BERNHARD, JR., 3427 S. Broad St.. New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Chi. S WILLIAM LARKIN CARTER, JR.. 418 Denon Drive, Birmingham, Alabama; Phi Chi. 126 Before, and After TU LANE UNIVERSITY Marvin Chernosky Irvin Clayton Herman Cohen James Coker. Jr. Sidney Coleman. Jr. Bill Connelly Eugene Cooper D. D. Delgado John Edwards, Jr. First Column: • MARVIN E. CHERNOSKY, 1712 HarHord Rd., Austin, Texas: Nu Sigma Nu; Phi Beta Kappa: Phi Eta Sigma: History of Medicine Sociely. • IRVIN CLAYTON. Rt. 8. Bo« 119. Ft. Worth. Texas; Nu Sigma Nu. • HERMAN COHEN. 3529 Pinetrec Dr.. Miami Beach. Florida: Phi Lambda Second Column; • JAMES W. COKER. JR.. 1512 N. 13th Ave.. Birmingham. Alabama; Phi Chi; Owl Club; M dical ROTC. • SIDNEY A. COLEMAN. JR., 203 5. Wells St., Kosciusko. Mississippi. • BILL CONNELLY, 380( Ridgewood, Natchez. Mississippi; Phi Chi. Third Column: • EUGENE A. COOPER BS H Stadium PI.. New Orleans. Louisiana; Alpha l «PP« K ppa. • DELGADO, 3010 P r it, El Poio, Taiai. • JOHN AtCHIBALO EDWARDS. JR., 1312 Wooditoch Ave., Anniiton, Ala- btnu; Phi Chi; Owl Club. NEWCOMB COLLEGE ARTS AND SCIENCES COMMERCE ENGINEERING ARCHITECTURE LAW MEDICINE GRADUATE SCHOOL SOCIAL WORK 127 Theodore Elchos Randall Ferris Arrow Finger Rudolf Flasdick Neil Flowers Warren Gadpaille Ralph Gardner Eric Geiqer Andrew Giesen. Jr. Charles Gomberq Raul Guevara George Halllday Bernard Hickman Milton Hoffman Charles Hogue Pete Hollis Edward Hudgens, Jr. John Jackson Moody Jacobs John Jameson, Jr. Carl Jarrell First Column: • THEODORE GEORGE ELCHOS, 3420 Washington St., Vicksburg, Missis- sippi; Theta Kappa PsI; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Beta Beta Beta; Phi Eta Sigma. • RANDALL FERRIS. Aptdo 999, San Jose, Costa Rica, Central America. • ARROW CARREL FINGER, 285 Central Park West, New York, New York; Phi Lambda Kappa. Second Column: • RUDOLF MONROE FLASDICK, 6037 Freret St.; Phi Chi. • NEAL S. FLOWERS, Box 543, Chlpley. Florida; Kappa Alpha; Alpha Omega Alpha; Phi Beta Kappa. • WARREN J. GADPAILLE, 608 Atherton Dr., N ew Orleans, Louisaina; Theta Kappa PsI; Alpha Omega Alpha; Phi Beta Kappa, " 43. Third Column: • RALPH E. GARDNER, 214 S. Myrtle. McComb, Mississippi; Theta Kappa Psi; Alpha Omega Alpha. • ERIC FRANCIS GEIGER. Lake Butler Florida. • ANDREW FREDERICK GIESEN. JR.. c-o Community Hospital. Radford. Virginia; Phi Chi; Owl Club. Fourth Column: • CHARLES LAWRENCE GOMBERG, 2048 Maplewood Ave.. Montreal. Can- ada; Phi Delta Epsilon. • RAUL A. GUEVARA. 32 Barbosa. Isabela, Puerto Rico. • GEORGE BARRY HALLIDAY. 409 Elmlra St., Mobile, Alabama; Theta Kappa Psi. Fifth Column: • BERNARD TURNER HICKMAN. 314 East Main St.. Louisville. Mississippi; Theta Kappa Psi; Medical Pan Hellenic Council Member. • MILTON JOSEPH HOFFMAN. 8008 Spruce St.. New Orleans. Louisiana; Nu Sigma Nu. • CHARLES HOGUE. Eden Mississippi; Nu Sigma Nu. Siifh Column: • PETE HOLLIS, Amory. Mississippi; Phi Chi; Medical Pan Hsilenic Council; Vice-President. Senior Class. ' 52. • EDWARD D. HUDGENS, JR., 257 South Ann, Mobile. Alabama; Phi Chi; Operetta. • JOHN D. JACKSON, 430 W. Main St.. Danville, Kentucky; Nu Sigma Nu. Seventh Column : • MOODY D. JACOBS. Toxey, Alabama. • JOHN B. JAMESON. JR., 424 W. Washington. Camden. Arkansas; Nu Sigma Nu; Phi Kappa Sigma; Alpha Omega Alpha; Phi B«ta Kappa; Owl Ciub. • CARL B. JARRELL, Comfort. West Virginia. 128 Malab, Ochsner, and Lapham Elizabeth Jones Herman Keltum, II Donald Killelea George Kittredge, Jr J. Krueger Leon Lenoir, Jr. Carrol Landrum Edward Leverich Mary Lowry TU LANE UNIVERSITY First Column: • ELIZABETH C. JONES. Branford, Florida. • HERMAN E. KELLUM. II. Haynesville, Louisiana; Theta Kappa Psi; Medi- cal ROTC. • DONALD E. KILLELEA. 1313 Hazel, Jackson, Mississippi; Phi Chi. Second Column: • EORGE H. KirrREDGE. JR.. Orlando. Florida; Thota Kappa Psi; Class Tr»«»urtr. ' Ai- ' VI; Clali Pr«iid«nt, •49- ' 50. • .). TOM KRUEGER. 2703 I9(h St.. Lubbock. Texas; Phi Chi. • lEON LENOIR. JR.. 4S40 Railroad St.. Gullport. Missi»ippi. NEWCOMB COLLEGE ARTS AND SCIENCES COMMERCE ENGINEERING ARCHITECTURE LAW Third Column: CARROL FRAZIER LANDRUM. T ylortvill(. Mitlillippl. • EDWARD eRASWELL LEVERICH, 7}2f SycAmor . Naw OrlMOi. Louliiino; Nu iigms Nit; Alplu Offl«9« Alph«; HUtory ol Mtdicint Society; Owl Club. • MAKr SUE LOWRY, 104 W. leth St., Auttin, Taint. MEDICINE GRADUATE SCHOOL SOCIAL WORK 129 William McDaniel Ray McEwen, Jr. Joseph McKell Norman McKinnon, Jr. Lloyd McLaughlin, Jr. Donald McMahon, Jr. Edwin McNamee. Jr. Robert Miller James Mitchell Amzi Montgomery Emett Neill, Jr. Farell Nicholson John Ochsner Frank Orland Prentiss Parker, Jr. J. B. Perez Phanor Perot, Jr. Milton Person Clarence Phelps A. M. Phillips Lester Ploss First Column: • WILLIAM YOUNG McDANIEL, 719 N. Main St., Tuscumbia, Alabama. » RAY McEWEN, JR., 126 N, Jackson St., Brookhaven. Mississippi; Kappa Sigma; Theta Kappa Psi, • JOSEPH POWER McKELL, Florence, Mississippi; Phi Chi; Kappa Sigma. Second Column: NORMAN McKINNON, JR., Box 4332, Fondren Sta., Jackson, Mississippi; Phi Chi. e LLOYD A. McLaughlin, jr.. 46I3 Lasalle, New Orleans, Louisiana; Theta Kappa Psi; Vice-President of Student Body, ' 48; Who ' s Who. • EMETT C. NEILL, JR., 2617 Confederate Ave., Vicksburg, Mississippi; Phi Chi; Alpha Omega Alpha. • FARELL R. NICHOLSON, 82-E Stadium PI., New Orleans, Louisiana. Fifth Column: • JOHN LOCKWOOD OCHSNER, 1347 Exposition Blvd., New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi; Nu Sigma Nu; Who ' s Who; History of Medicine So- ciety, President; Owl Club, Vice-President. • FRANK ORLAND, 1407 Franklin Ave., New York, New York; Alpha Omega Alpha; Phi Beta Kappa. © PRENTISS E. PARKER, JR., Johnson City, Tennessee. • DONALD McMAHON, JR., Box 1728, Meridian, Mississippi; Phi Chi; Kap- pa Alpha. Third Column: • EDWIN T. McNAMEE, JR., 621 Queen City Ave., Tuscaloosa, Alabama; Theta Kappa Psi. Sixth Column: O J. B. PEREZ, 25161 N. Howard Ave., Tampa, Florida; Theta Kappa Psi; Honor Council, ' 50- ' 5l; Owl Club; Newman Club. • PHANOR L. PEROT, JR., 1405 Park Ave., Monroe, Louisiana; Phi Chi; History of Medicine Society; Alpha Omega Alpha. » ROBERT MORGAN MILLER, 4217 St. Charles, New Orleans, Louisiana; Theta Kappa Psi; Class Vice-President, ' 48- ' 49 and ' 4?- ' 50; Medical Pan Hel- lenic Council; Owl Club. • JAMES A. MITCHELL, llll Atlanta Ave., Sheffield, Alabama. e MILTON THOMAS PERSON, Stockdale, Texas; Theta Kappa Psi. Seventh Column: • CLARENCE S. PHELPS, Marks, Mississippi; Owl Club. Fourth Column: • AMZI DENBO MONTGOMERY, 1106 Lafayette, Lafayette, Louisiana; Phi Chi; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Blue Key. • A. M. PHILLIPS, Lexington, Kentucky; Medical ROTC. • LESTER N. PLOSS, 73 Summer Ave., Brooklyn, New York; Phi Rho Sigma. 130 Typical debutante TULANE UNIVERSITY First Column: • HENRY WILLIAM POST, Box 266, Denver City, Texas; Phi Chi; Treasurer, Medical School Student Body, ' 49- ' 50; President, Senior Class, ' 5l- ' 52; Honor Council, ' SO- ' SI, •5l- ' 52: Who ' s Who. RICKIARD REED, 821 Buffalo, Gilmer, Texas; Phi Chi; Alpha Onneqa Alpha. » GLENN B. RUFFIN, 1727 Bay Springs Road, Laurel, Missis;ipp ' ; Phi Chi; P ' tsident. Freshman Class, ' 48- ' 49; Treasurer, Medical School Sludent Body, •50- ' 5l; President, Medical School Student Body, ' 5l- ' 52; Who ' s Who; Owl Club; Alpha Epsilon Delta. Second Column: • BILL P. SAMMONS, 114 W. Main St., El Dorado, Arkansas; Nu Sigma Nu; Madical Honor Council, ' 48- ' 49; History of Medicine Society; Baptist Stu- «rTl Union. • JACK SARTIN. 910 N. Main, Columbia, Mississippi; Theta Kappa Psi. • JOHN PHILLIP SCHNEIDER, 1500 Travis Heights Blvd,, Austin, Texas; Nu S.gm« Nu; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Medical Pan Hellenic Council; Alpha Omega A ' pha; Phi Beta Kappo; Owl Club; Newman Club; Omicron Delta Kappa, NEWCOMB COLLEGE ARTS AND SCIENCES COMMERCE ENGINEERING ARCHITECTURE LAW Third Column: • MELVIN L. SELZER. 2813 W. 28th, BroaUyn, New York; Phi Lambda Kappa; Alph« Omega Alpha; Phi Beta K«pp . M E D I C r N E • JAMES W. SEWELL, UIB Dearlnq PI., Tuscaloosa, Alabama; Phi Chi. • JESSE 9. SEWELL, !•., 70-« St dlum Pl„ Haw OrlMni, Loulilana. GRADUATE SCHOOL SOCIAL WORK 131 Lamar Smith, Jr. W. R. Smith. Jr. Earle Spencer, Jr. John Stafford Hugh Steele Albert Stratton, Jr. William Taylor Jack Thielen Henry Threefoof Walter Till William Tisdale John Tomlinson Jerome Tucker Peyton Tunstall, Jr. John Turnham, Jr. Gilbert Walker Herman Webster, Jr. John Weiss First Column: « LAMAR M. C. SMITH, JR., 6216 2nd Ave., N., Birmingham, Alabama; Phi Chi; Kappa Sigma. • W. R. SMITH, JR., Box 5002, Fountain City, Tennessee. • EARLE EDGAR SPENCER, JR., 209 Rutherford St., Pine Bluff, Arkansas; Phi Chi; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Fourth Column: • WALTER H. TILL, Elmore, Alabama; Phi Chi; Lambda Chi; Vice-President, Sophomore Class; Vice-President, Medical School Student Body; Owl Club; St ' jdent Activities Key. • WILLIAM APPLETON TISDALE, 614 Fovder, Biloxi, Mississippi. • JOHN C. TOMLINSON, Rt. I, Box 37, Gulfport, Mississippi; Phi Chi; Phi Eta Sigma; Owl Club; Medical ROTC. Second Column: Fifth Column: • JOHN E. STAFFORD, Frankiinton, Louisiana; Nu Sigma Nu; Phi Kappa Sigma. • HUGH GENE STEELE, 3303 Palmira St., Tampa, Fla.; Phi Eta Sigma. • ALBERT F. STRATTON, JR., 109 N. 12th St., Leesburg, Florida; Sigma Nu. • JEROME L. TUCKER, 2130 University Circle, Memphis, Tennessee; Phi Lambda Kappa; Zeta Beta Tau • PEYTON RANDOLPH TUNSTALL, JR., 24D7 Grant St., Mobile, Alabama; Nu Sigma Nu; History of Medicine Society; Owl Club. • JOHN C. TURNHAM, JR., P. O. Box 51, Freen, Texas; Nu Sigma Nu; Phi Eta Sigma; Owl Club. Third Column: • WILLIAM K. TAYLOR, Raymond, Mississippi; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Delta Sixth Column: Sigma Phi. • GILBERT HAROLD WALKER, 258 93rd, Brooklyn, New York; Phi Lambda • JACK EDWIN THIELEN, 1308 9fh St., Lake Charles, Louisiana; Nu Sigma Kappa. Nu. • HERMAN D. WEBSTER, JR., 1424 South Lamar, Oxford, Mississippi; Phi Chi. • HENRY K. THREEFOOT, lOO-A Stadium PI., New Orleans, Louisiana; Owl Club. • JOHN T. WEISS, Lincoln, Alabama; Theta Kappa Psi. 132 Ain ' t love grand? TULANE UNIVERSITY J3h- Wh e Robert Wilson Samuel Wiften Bill Wood Gerald Woodruff. Jr. Fernando Woodwor+h Charles Wright Corbin Young First Column: • JOHN JAMES WHITE. 38-C McAlister PI., New Orleans, Louisiana; Ph! Chi: Beta Beta Beta; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Epsilon. Delta; Kappa Mu Epsilon. • ROBERT R. WILSON. 2727 W. College. Shreveport. Louisiana; Phi Chi; Medical Pan-Hellenic Council. • SAMUEL B. WITTEN. 2004 River Road. Jax. Florida; Phi Lambda Kappa. Second Column: • BILL WOOD. 1815 E. 31 PI.. Tulsa. Oklahoma; Phi Chi. • GERALD G. WOODRUFF. JR.. 1301 Woodstock Ave.. Annlston. Alabama; Phi Chi; Owl Club; Mtdical ROTC. • FERNANDO SANCHEZ WOODWORTH, 123 Costa Rica, Monterrey. Mex- ico: Thela Kappa Pli. enim NEWCOMB COLLEGE ARTS AND SCIENCES COMMERCE ENGINEERING ARCHITECTURE LAW Third Column: • CHARLES N, WRIGHT. (08 North SI.. Jackson. Mississippi; Phi Chi; PI K«ppa Alph«; Omicron Delta Kappa. • CORIIN A, YOUNG, l»M Caddo, Comm«rc«, Tm«s. 133 MEDICINE GRADUATE SCHOOL SOCIAL WORK . TULAN E UNIVERSITY Bull pen tactics A NEWCOMB COLLEGE JOHN GILBERT ALEXANDER AUSTIN PLEASANT BOGGAN CHARLES LAFAYEHE BROWN, JR. WADE WALKER BURNSIDE, JR. ARTS AND SCIENCES 211 Norte St. Union. Mississippi Hickory, Mississippi Phi Chi. 27 Neron PI. New Orleans, Louisiana Nesellton, Louisiana Sigma Alpha Epsilon; COMMERCE Sigma Nu; Phi Clii. Kappa Alpha; Phi Chi; Treasurer, Medical School, ■5l- ' 52; History Nu Sigma Nu; Wesley Foundation. ENGINEERING of Medicine Society; Baptist Student Union. ARCHITECTURE PHILLIP HAROLD RODRIGO ORTIZ BOOKMAN ROBERT P. LAW ALTMANN 55 Stegman St. CAMERON Box 378 Jersey City. New Jersey Alpha Epsilon Pi; Phi 104 E. 6th St, San Jose, Costa Rico JAMES WILLIAM Hattiesburg. Miss. MEDICINE Phi Beta Kappa. Beta Kappa; T u 1 a n e Band; Medical ROTO. BUGG 124 Adalia Ave. Tampa, Florida Theta Kappa Psi. Phi Chi. GRADUATE SCHOOL SOC A .L JACK THOMPSON WORK EDWARD MILTON BEHELER RALPH EUGENE CAPPEL, JR. 1741 Thornton Ct. 510 Davis BOWLING JAMES DANIEL Alexandria, Louisiana Taylor, Texas Oneida. Kentucky BULLINGTON Phi Chi; Omicron Delta o Phi Chi. Alpha Kappa Kappa. 3520 Pelley Ft. Smith, Arkansas Beta Theta Pi; Phi Chi. Kappd. CARLTON LANIER J OSCAR JOSEPH CARPENTER, JR. M BIENVENU, JR. JAMES MARION Box 56 M BRAKEFIELD m 708 S. Union THOMAS JEFFERSON Starkville. Mississippi Opeiousas, Louisiana 853-77 Way South, BURN ETT Kappa Sigma; Phi Chi; Beta Theta Pi; Phi Chi; Birmingham, Alabama D U f 11 C 1 1 Beta Beta Beta; Omi- History of Medicine So- Sigma Nu; Phi Chi; 215 South Pine St. cron Delta Kappa, ciety; Glee Club; Oper- Omicron Delta Kappa; Greenville, Alabama Who ' s Who, Medical etta. Who ' s Who. fy X . Phi Chi. ROTC. fi X4£ tAM J,U4JU€ UA4:: CHARLES JAMES CARUSO 22r H. Shelby Sf. Theta Kappa Pfi. Gr««nville, Mi si»ippi B. H. COGDELL 117 French St. New Iberia, Louisiana Theta Kappa Psi. 5. J. DANNA 4332 Magazine St. New Orleans. Louisiana Theta Kappa Psi. GERALD PATRICK FALLEHA 19 Norwood Circle Birmingham, Alabama Theta Kappa Psi, Stu- dent Activities Key: Kappa Delta Phi. ROBERT MERRIL FINE 313 Ridgeway Little Rocit, Arkansas. LOUIS ANTHONY GALLO 4700 St. Ferdinand Dr. New Orleans, Louisiana Theta Kappa Psi; Beta Mu. EUGENE ROBERT CELANO i03 E. GadKltn SI. P nucol . Rorrda ROBERT IRVIN COX Brandon, Mississippi Phi Chi. ROY EDWARD de la HOUSSAYE, JR. 4917 St. Charles Ave. New Orleans, Louisiana Beta Theta Pi. STUART DANIEL FARBER 200 Primero Dr. San Antonio, Texas Phi Lambda Kappa. ROBERT LOUIS FIRNBERG 2805 South Grand St. Monroe, Louisiana Theta Kappa Psi . HENRY LAWRENCE GARDINER, JR. 307 S. Hutchinson Ave. Crowley, Louisiana Nu Sigma Nu; Kappa Sigma. JAMES H. CHfLDERS Ptcb Mill. W. Virqinia Alpha IUpp« Kappa. OLIVER HIPPOLYTE DABEZIES 4000 Dalgado Ntw Orlaani. Louisiana Oalta Siqma Phi; Phi Chi. CHARLES JOSEPH DICK 71-A Stadium Placa Ntw Orltans, Louisiana SALVADOR FERRERI 2929 18th St. Tampa, Florida Alpha Kappa Kappa, JERRY A. FORTENBERRY 905 N. Main St. Columbia, Mississippi Kappa Sigma; Phi Chi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Medical ROTC. ZANE NOEL GAUT 136 Crest Rd. Hueytown, Alabama. IICHAID HARRY CLARK Owfoka Hill Hattiatbvq. Miu. Phi Dalta Thata: Phi Cfcl; Traaturar Frath- man Mad. GEORGE dtMURO U4 laitwood Ava. Jackionvlllt, Rorlda Sigma PI; Thata Kappa PERRY JACK EKMAN 783( S. Etstr Chicago. Illinois Zata Beta Tau; Phi Del- ta Epslton, Medical ROTC. JOHN A. FERRIS, JR. 309 S, Broadway Corpus Chrisfi, Toxal Nu Sigmo Nu; Phi Kap- pa Slgmo; History of Madlclna Soclaty; Ntw- man Club. HENRY KALMAN FREEDMAN 524 Eost 82 St. Now York, Now York. Phi Beta Kappa. RICHARD W. GIBSON 213 Second East St. Haynosvillo, Louisiana Phi Chi; Kappa Alpha. L lis TULANE UNIVERSITY Take a chance with an AOPI NEWCOMB COLLEGE ARTS AND SCIENCES COMMERCE ENGINEERING ARCHITECTURE LAW MEDICINE GRADUATE SCHOOL SOCIAL WORK WILLIAM R. DAVID E. CHRISTIAN JOSEPH JULIAN LANIER GIDDENS GREEN HAINDEL HARWELL 4734 Fairfield Flomaton, Alabama 4321 Perrier St. 215 N. Jenkins Shreveport. Louisiana New Orleans. Louisiana Tonkawa, Oklahoma Phi Clii. Kappa Sigma. H. GLEN JOE FRANKLIN HENDERSON ROBERT JOE CHARLES HAMILTON, JR. 2203 Wilbarger St. GILMORE GRIFFING 855 Bluebird Lane Vernon, Texas 2700 Cockrell Gilbert, Louisiana Memphis, Tennessee Phi Chi. Ft. Worth, Texas Theta Kappa Psi. Phi Chi; Baptist Student Alpha Kappa Kappa. Union. CONRAD EDWARD HERR 3422 Grandview Ave. St. Mathews. Kentucky LAWRENCE GOLODNER 1413 Second Ave. New York, New York. Phi Delta Epsilon. EDWARD GUFIERREZ. JR. 5521 S. Tonti New Orleans. Louisiana Phi Chi. JAMES NICHOLS HAMPTON 421 South 8th St. Van Buren. Arkansas Nu Sigma Nu. Sigma Phi Epsilon; Al- pha Kappa Kappa; Al- pha Epsilon Delta. EDWARD JOHN HINMAN 426 College Norman, Oklahoma AL GOULD P. O. Box 6B St. Francisville, La. JAMES ROY GUYTON, JR. MARION DOUGLAS HARGROVE, JR. 608 Unadilla Acacia; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Who ' s Who; Phi Sigma; Medi- Alpha Kappa Kappa; Shreveport, Louisiana cal ROTC; Bronze Let- History of Medicine So- 357 Spring Kappa Alpha; Ptii Chi; zeiser Medal {U. of ciety. Tupelo, Mississippi. Omicron Delta Kappa. Okla.). ■ RAY GILBERT HOOPER Boling. TeidS Kappa Alpha; Phi Chi; Medical ROTC. TOM FRERE KRAMER Ml Adams Franklin. Louisiana Delta Kappa Epsilon; Phi Chi; History of Medicine Society. DAVID LEE 190 W. 3rd St. Forest. Mississippi Phi Chi. GENE RAY LINDLEY 811 W. Vance Wilson. N. Carolina Theta Kappa PsI; Dis- ciples Student Fellow- ship. McGINTY McBRIDE 1836 Albert St. Alexandria, Louisiana Phi Chi; Kappa Sigma; Who ' s Who. KENNETH McLEOD. JR. 2115 Jefferson Ave. New Orleans. Louisiana Kappa Alpha. JOHN CLARK HUD6ENS. JR. Sta. B Gulfpor . Phi Chi. Mittiitippi JOHN FENWICK JACKSON Ml E J«H«r on KoviiuUto, Mils, Phi Cfci. DOYLE KEITH LANSFORD Valparaiso, Florida Beta Beta Beta; Ameri- can Chemical Society; Baptist Student Union; Medical ROTC; Alpha Epsilon Delta. WILBUR DARRELL LATHAM 230 Lindiey Dr. J«ck or. MiuliiippI Phi Chi. ROBERT EDWIN LEE Rt. 3 Picayune. Mississippi Phi Chi; Baptist Student Union; Medical ROTC. JAMES WRIGHT LEFTWICH S0 Richardson Mindefl, Louisiana Phi Chi. EDWARD STORMONT LINDSEY Walnut Ridge, Ark. Kappa Sigma; Nu Sig- ma Nu; Scabbard and Blade; Westminster Fel- lowship; Cadet Lieuten- ant, Naval ROTC. BOB LITTLE 1013 S. Lamar Oxford, Mississippi Sigma Chi; Phi Chi. F. JAMES McCUTCHON 2233 Joseph St. New Orleans, Louisiana Nu Sigma Nu; History of Medicine Society; Newman Club. BILL McKELLAR Plain Dealing, La. Phi Chi; Phi Kappa Phi. WILLIAM A. MIDDLETON Graysport. Mississippi Alpha Kappa Kappa. SAM MORGAN BI2 Young Selma, Alabama Phi Chi. WILLIAM TAfLOR KEUMEIEI )I2 C C Diiv HaidenilU. OkUhom Ha ilqnu Nu. LOUIS PARKERSON LAVILIE. JR. Pliqutmint, LouUlanj Phi Chi. francis e. LoJEun:, jr. 49 Audubon Blvd. New Orleans, Louisiana Beta Theta Pi; Phi Chi; History of Medicine So- cittY. TED LOWREY 313 Archer Hot Springs, Arkansas Nu Sigma Nu; Baptist Student Union, JAMES ROBERT McKINNEY -1210 Lonr, Oak Dr. Ft. Worth. Texas Alpha Kappa Kappa. RICHARD M. NUNNALLY 1617 Broadway Now Orleans, Louisiana Phi Delta Theta; Phi Chi; Canterbury Club; Lagnlappoi. TULANE UNIVERSITY " Ga-Ga " NEWCOMB COLLEGE ANDREW ORE5TANO RICHARD P. PARKINSON CARMEN ISABEL POSADA DONALD R. RAYNER ARTS AND SCIENCES 911 14th St. Tampa, Florida Franklin, Idaho Sigma Chi. 756 Menserrate St. Santurce. Puerto Rico. 614 13th St. Alexandria, Louisiana COMMERCE Alpha Kappa Kappa. Alpha Epsilon lota. Phi Chi; Sigma Pi. ENGINEERING ELDON D. ARCHITECTURE PENCE, JR. DAN B. POWELL, JR. LAW MILTON ORKIN 2205 S. " S " St. Ft. Smith, Arkansas Kappa Sigma; Nu Sig- 59 Hickory New Orleans 23, La. TERRY REES 9 Rogers Ave. ma Nu; Omicron Delta Phi Chi; History ot Danbury, Connecticut Kappa; Phi Beta Kap- Medicine Society; Bap- Booneville. Mississippi MEDICINE Sigma Alpha Mu; Phi Delta Epsilon; Phi Beta Kappa. L pa; Phi Eta Sigma; Medical ROTC; Vice- President Sophomore Class A S. ■48- ' 49. tist Student Union; Medical ROTC. THOMAS DAVID Phi Chi; Delta Kappa Epsilon. G RADUATE SCHOOL SOCI WORK BILL FRANK EDWARD W. PRUin, JR. 1010 Watauga LOUISA. OSBORN PHILLIPS, JR. Kingsport, Tennessee. REICH 119 W. Almeria 2626 Touchy 137 Meadow Lane Phoenix, Arizona Lake Charles, Louisiana Trussville, Alabama. Delta Kappa Epsilon; Phi Chi. Nu Sigma Nu. REX RAMSAY 303 N. 4th St. 6 M. BENJAMIN H. DAVID POPE. JR. 210 S. Cooper St. Nashville, Arkansas Phi Chi; Kappa Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Scabbard and VIRGINIA MAY REID M OSSI Arlington. Texas Blade; Pre-Medical So- 4314 Walmsley Ave. M Ii04 Berwick Rd. Phi Chi; Omicron Delta ciety; History of Medi- New Orleans, Louisiana M Jacksonville, Florida Kappa; Scabbard and cine Society; Medical Alpha Epsilon lota; m m WM £4 fw £ f A Theta Kappa Psi. Blade; Medical ROTC. ROTC. Junior Class Secretary. ¥€ VA. iy%A AJl Ay% . l y € JAMES BYRON ROBERTS, JR. 43f Steele Blvd. Bdton Rouge. Louisiana Phi Chi: Phi Kdppa Sig- ma; Eta Sigma Phi. ROBERT EARL ROGERS ITS Uh St. Late Charlas. Florida Phi Delta Theta; Nu Siqma Nu; Phi Beta Kappa. F. UWRENCE ROWLEY HIS N. Main St. Talu t. Oblahofna Plii Chi; Newman Club. PATTY SCARROROUGH Rt I, i»f l]4 lllovi. MiuiuippI S« reterr ot Sophomore ClaH ' Sl- ' i2; trie Beta B« «. W»i ' ey Pownde LOWRY SHEELY 75 S. Main Forest, Miss. Theta Kappa Psi. HARLAN W. SINDELL 435 E. Rlvo Alto Dr. Miami Beach, Florida Sigma Alpha Mu; Phi Lambda Kappa. CHARLES RODNEY SMITH Rulevllle, MitiittippI Phi Chi; Beta Beta Beta; Phi Eta Sigma. GLORIA ANN STEWART 4441 Palntert St. New Orleans, Louisiana Alphe Delta Pi; Beta Beta Bete ; Phi Beta Kappe; tJewman Club. PRESTON RAY STODARD Rt. 7 Meridian, Mississippi Phi Chi; Baptist Student Union. HAL S. STUBBS 309 N. Peterson Ave. Douglas, Georgia Alpha Kappa Kappa; Phi Beta Kappa. HART SYLVESTER Villo Platte, Louisiana Sigma Pi; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Medical Pan Hellenic Council; Blue Key. FRAtIK PHILIP TA LIARINI 3102 9th Ava. Tampa, Florida Alpha Kappa Kappa. SACHIO J. TAKATA 3215 Champa, Denver, Colorado. ROBERT EUGENE THOMPSON 319 Sixth St. McComb, Mississippi Nu Sigma Nu; Kappa Sigma; Omicron Delta Kappa, Who ' s Who JAMBALAYA Editor Publications Board Baptist Student Union Kappa Delta Phi. MITSUO TOnORI 915 Sheridan St. Honolulu. Hawaii. JAMES LANIER TUCKER 532 S. 55th St, Birmingham, Alabama Phi Chi. CHARLES CONNALLY TYLER 1404 River Road Picayune, Mississippi Phi Chi; Secretary Med- ical Student Body; Who ' s Who. JEANNE MARIE VOLTAGGIO 1917 Calhoun St, New Orleans, Louisiana Alpha Epsilon lota; Phi Beta Kappa; Secretary Freshman Class, ' 50. DAVID WEEKS WALL 331 Steele Blvd. Baton Rouge, Louisiana Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Chi, CORNELIUS GLENN WHITLEY 1077 W, Howard Ave, Blloxl. Missliilppi Phi Chi; Medical ROTC. RALPH COURTNEY WILSON 524 W. Sypert St. Nashville. Arkansas Kappa Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa; His- tory of Medicine Society; Newman Club; Medical ROTC. MARION MAYERS WINKLER, JR. 659 Jefferson St. Tupelo, MIssIssioni Sioma Chi; Phi Chi; Phi Eta Sigma. WILLIAM WISE WOLFE, JR, 1001 Centenary Blvd. Shreveport, La. Ph! Chi. ARTHUR E. WOOD Box 53 Clinton, Mississippi Alpha Kappa Kap- pa; Medical Pan Hollonic Council; Medical ROTC. THOMAS PURSER WOOD 429 Louisiana Ave, McComb, Miss, Phi Chi; Alpha Tau Omega, They don ' t like to smile history of medicine society The History of Medicine Society was founded in 1933 by Gordon ttolcomb, Gres Dawson, and Bernard Weinstein with the idea of tracing the developments of various aspects in nnedicine through- out the years. Each year new members are elected from the fresh- man class, according to scholastic standing, faculty recommenda- tion and group approval. At each meeting a paper is presented by a student member, a visiting guest or a member of the medical faculty. The year ' y program is concluded with a banquet at which a prom- inent guest speaker is present. The following student awards are presented at that time: the Rudolf Mates award for the best paper presented during the year, the I. I. Lemann award for the best discussion of a paper, the B. B. Weinstein award for the most outstanding original presentation of a paper. OFFICERS JOHN L OCHSNER President LLOYD McLaughlin Vice-President RONALD LORIA Secretary JAMES REYNOLDS Treasurer MEMBERS Richmond Alexander Paul Anderson Leroy Antrobus James Atkinson Joe Baldone Pravin Bhatt Orvilie Blank Thomas Brothers Charles Brown Glenn Brown Grover Bynum Robert Carter David Chandler Marvin Chernosky Vera Cleveland Merrill Cooper Arthur Corey Morris Crisler Robert Culpepper Stuart Farber John Ferris Louis Gallo James Goodlad Alfred Gould James Hand Walker Harris William Hutto Elizabeth Jones Charles Kelly Thomas Kramer Carol Landrum Alvin Lavender Francis LeJuene Glen Leiand Edward Leverlch Charles McCarthy James McCutchon William Marshall Clifton Morris Jesse Morriss Kennedy Moss Edward Parker James Patrick Phanor Perot Joseph Perret Edward Phillips Daniel Powell Amos Prevatt Reginald Ramsey Kenneth Saer Wlnnlfred Seegers Jack Sherman James Watklns Robert Wells Cornelius Whitley Lewis Wiener Charles Wilson Ralph Wilson Gerald Woodruff 140 the owl club OFFICERS JAME3 W. COKER . . JOHN OCHSNER . LLOYD McLaughlin President . . Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS James C. Atkinson William A. Box George F. Brown Grover Bynum Henry S. Carter James W. Coker John A. Edwards Louis A. Gallo Eric Geiger Andrew F. Giesen James K. Goodlad John B. Jameson Edward Leverlch Lloyd McLaughlin Robert M. Miller John Ochsner Joseph Perez Clarence Phelps Henry Post Glenn B. RufRn John Schneider Henry Threefoot John C. Tomlinson Walter Till Peyton R. Tunstall John C. Turnham V. William Wood The Owl Club is composed of twenfy-four seniors and three iuniors in the School of Medicine who are selected yearly on the basis of character, personality, and interest in school welfare. The purpose of the club is to promote and maintain better student-faculty relationships so that both parties may benefit by conslructive criticism, in order to advance scholarship, teaching, and ethics in med school. Included among the activities of the organization are the obtaining of information to aid seniors in the selec- tion of internships and leadership in sponsoring the Tu- lane Medical Research Fund. All the owls 141 HONORARY OFFICERS JOHN E. JAMESON President RAYMOND BROWNING Vice-President DR. MARIDEL SAUNDERS Secretary-Treasurer DR. ALLAN GOLDMAN Counselor MEMBERS George Brown Emmet Neill Raymond Browning Frank Orland Neill Flowers Thanor Perot Warren Gadpaille Richard Reed Ralph Gardner John P. Schneider John Jameson Melvin E. Selzer Edward Lever! :h alpha omega alpha Alpha Omega Alpha is an honorary society of medi- cal undergraduates, both men and women, who have shown promise of becoming leaders in their professions. The society elects to honorary memberships physicians who have attained distinction in any line of specialized endeavor and other persons, physicians or not, who have gained unusual recognition in fields related to medicine. Prerequisites for undergraduate membership are broad scholastic accomplishment, together with character, in- dependence, and originality. Among the year ' s activi- ties are an annual initiation banquet and the presenta- tion of an annual lecture by a carefully chosen individual who has distinguished himself in some field of medical practice or research. First Row: Brown, Browning. Flowers, Gadpaille, Gardner, Jameson, Leverich. Second Row: Neill, Orland, Perot, Reed, Selzer. Schneider. H R H 142 OFFICERS KEN MOSS President BERNARD HICKMAN Vice-President JIM REYNOLDS ■ Secretary HART SYLVESTER Treasurer MEMBERS Bernard Hickman Jim Reynolds Pete Hollis Jack Schneider Bob Miller Hart Sylvester Ken Moss Arthur Wood The work of Tulane ' s Medical Pan-Hel- forts of the Council. It is also the aim of lenic Council is directed toward coordi- the Council that each new medical stu- nation of interfratemity scholastic, ath- Jent be welcomed into the medical letic and social life. The harmony of a sat- l i j • x ±i i- i i i i-r • ' school and into the medical school lite in isfactory and well-managed fraternity , • n i i -i i a triendly and hospitible manner. " rush week " is achieved through the ef- medical pan-hellenic counci Fir5t Row: HIrtman. Hrvjlls, Miller. Second Row: Schneider. Svlvester, Woods. 143 phi Chi Phi Chi was founded at the University of Vermont in 1889; Omicron chap- ter has been at Tulane since 1902. Famous for quiet parties and clean skits, they are proud of the C. Jeff Miller library and their beautiful house in which many social activities are held. Some of the outstanding events this past year have been the annual Christmas Formal, Founder ' s Day Banquet, and the Spring Formal given in honor of the seniors. Pete Mollis swings the gavel and Ken Moss is Presiding Junior. John Jackson sends out post cards. Bob Carter pockets the money, and Jim Coker gets the boys fed. Some of the biggest wheels in the chapter are Glenn Ruffin, Walter Till, hlank Post, Charlie Brown, Charles Tyler, and next year ' s Presiding Senior, Jack Cappel. OFFICERS PETE MOLLIS President KEN MOSS Vice-President JOHN JACKSON Secretary BOB CARTER, JR Treasurer JIM COKER House MEMBERS Gilbert Alexander Lavern Alexander George Allard Lamar Arlington Jerry Belles Richard Barry Haskell Bass -Milton Beheler Robert Bernhard Joe Bienvenu Orvllle Blank Brantley Btankenshlp Frank Boswell William Box Frederick Braden Jim Brakefeld Charles Brown George Brown Dan Bullinqton Jeff Burnett Robert Cameron Earl Campbell Ira Campbell Jack Cappell Bill Carlisle John Carney Carlton Carpenter Henry Carter Robert Carter William Carter George Cary Richard Castle O ' Neal Chadwick Richard Clark James Coker Bobby Cox Morris Crisler Bob Culpepper Oliver Dabezies Richard Dickinson James Dunklin John Edwards John Eggar Gwinn FIncher Rudolph Flosdick Weston Folse Jerry Fortenberry Harry Garrett Ellery Gay Dick Gibson Bill Giddens Drew Gieson Ed Guflerrez Joe Hanranhan Marlon Hargrove Walker Harris Herman Hassell Bill Hayden Glenn Henderson Malcolm Hodges Richard Hollis Ray Hooper Thomas Hudson John Hudgens Warren Hunt Baxter Hufto John F. Jackson Clark Jennings Robert Kellogg Charles Kelly Donald Klilelea Thomas Kramer Thomas Krueger Carlos Lamar Parkerson Lavllle Karl Lawing Dave Lee Robert E. Lee Francis Le Jeune James Leftwich Glenn Leiand Robert Little William Long Ronnie Lovia Ted Lucas William Mitchell Denbo Montgomery Sam Morgan Clifton Morris Edwin Morris Ken Moss McGinty McBride John McDonald Joe McKell William McKellar Norman McKInnon Donald McMahon Emmett Neill Joe Netick Joe Newhall Richard Nunnally John O ' Shaughnessey Frank Owens Marlon Parker Charles Peter Thanor Perot Pete Phillips Henry PItot Dave Pope Henry Post Daniel B. Powell Paul Pratt Rex Ramsey Don Rayner Richard Reed Terry Rees Ernest Reeves Larry Rowley Glenn Ruffin James Sewell Jerry Shaw Clyde Smith Charles Smith Lamar Smith Earle Spencer Albert Stephens Ray Stoddard William Suttle Sonny Texada John Tomlinson Robert Townes Jim Tucker Charles Tyler Pete Walker Dave Wall Charles Wascom Clarence Webb Herman D. Webster Robert Wells John White Glenn Whitley Bob Williams Ollle Williams Robert Wilson Marlon Winkler William Wolfe Tommy Wood William Wood Gerald Woodruff Charles Wright Joe Wright On cok one coke only ly? Snow in New Orleans 1 ' ? J! IfT- f " ' - :« fit ' ' " ' -J- f- 4 (fZ- JZJ- t . f , " 1- First Row: Alexander, Bar- ry, Beheler, Bernhard, Bi- envenu, Box, B r a d e n , Brakefleld. Second Row: C. Brown, G. F. Brown, Bullington, Burnett, Cameron, Cap- pel, Carpenter, H. Car- ter. Third Row: W. Carter, Clark, Coker, Cox, Dabe- zies, Edwards, Fincher, Flasdic k. Fourth Row: Fortenberry, Gibson, Giddens, Giesen, Gufierrer, Hamilton, Har- grove, Henderson. Fifth Row: Hollis, Hooper, Hudgens, Jackson, Kille- lea, Kramer, Krueger, La- ville. Sixth Row: D. Lee, R. E. Lee, Le Jeune, Little, Mc- Bride, McKell, McKellar, McKinnon. Seventh Row: McMahon, Montgomery, Morgan, Nelll, Nunnally, Perot, Phillips, Pope. Eighth Row: Post, Powell, Ramsey, Rayner, Reed, Rees, Roberts, Rowley. Ninth Row: Ruffin, Sewell, C. Smith, L. Smith, Spen- cer, Stodard, Till, Tomlin- son. Tenth Row: Tucker, Tyler, Wall, Webster, White, Whitley, Wilson, Winkler. Eleventh Row: Wolf, T. P. Wood, V. M. Wood, Woodruff, Wright. FHI CHI SENIOR SKIT IS GRAND FINALE FOR YEAR OF PARTIES 14S n u Sigma n u The medical school started two weeks before other colleges of Tulane this year, but not without the traditional medical fraternity rush week. Nu Sigma Nu entertained its rushees by having a warm-up stag party preceding the official rush week activities. The annual picnic was held at the lake, and one of the highlights of the week was the alumni-active banquet held this year at the Court of Two Sisters. A beautiful fall night, excellent food, and fine, inspiring speeches made the occasion one to be remembered by all. The grand finale was a dance held at the Chapter House, which provided ade- quate insight into the good times which are often had by Beta lota Chap- ter. Buddy Patrick and his social committee provided several of the finest parties seen on the campus this year. The skit given by the freshmen at the party in their honor was a masterpiece. The Spring Formal held at the newly dec- orated Jung Tulane Room was an outstanding social event, thoroughly en- joyed by all who attended. The Rudolph Matas Lectureship, honoring Tulane ' s and Beta lota ' s most dis- tinguished alumnus, provided the medical profession the opportunity of hear- ing Dr. Joe V. Meigs, one of the nation ' s famous gynecological surgeons. Dr. Meigs presented a most interesting and informative lecture, and Beta lota looks with pride to this annual event which has brought outstanding men of the medical profession to New Orleans each year since its founding in 1947. OFFICERS JOHN P. SCHNEIDER President PEYTON R. TUNSTALL Vice-President JOHN FERRIS Secretary GEORGE OLIVE Treasurer ELDON PENCE Historian BILL ALLENSWORTH Custodian Tom Abernathy Robert Allen Bill Allensworth Paul Anderson Leroy Antrobus Jim Atkinson William L. Bass Chuck Bonura Ed Bowman Jim Bridges Joe Brothers Tom Brothers Glenn Brown Wade Burnside Glover Bynum Madison Cawein David Chandler Bill Chapman Marvin Chernosky I. Clayton Jack Clemons Avery Cook Harold Cox Homer Ellis John Ferris Lawrence Gardiner Bill Geary Victor Goeller Charles Gross Jack Hale Jim Hampton Ed Hand Bob Hill Charles Hogue MEMBERS Milton Hoffman John Holland John Jackson Jack Jameson Dick Kempson Bill Kemmerer Ray Ledbetter Ed Leverich Alfred Lewis Ed Lindsey Ted Lowrey John Lucas Allan McKenzie Jimmy McCutcheon Ernie Miller Jim Morgan John Ochsner Mims Ochsner Ben Okel George Olive Bill Osburn Rob Palmer Ed Parker Bob Parsons Buddy Patrick William Perrett John Phillips Jack Ponder Dan D. Powell G. B. Paxton Eldon Pence Bob Rader Ted Ray Jimmy Reynolds Bob Rodgers Mike Russell Ken Saer Billy Sammons Jack Schneider John Stafford Jack Thielen Bob Thompson Peyton Tunstall John Turnham Jim Venable William Walker Charles Wilson Don Wilson Herb Wren First Row: Abernathy, An- trobus, Atkinson, Bass, Joe F. Brothers. Second Row: Thomas J. Brothers, Burnside, Cher- nosky, Clayton, Ferris. Third Row: Gardiner, hH a m p to n, hloffman, hlogue, J. D. Jackson. Fourth Row: Jameson, Kemmerer, Leverich, Lind- sey, Lowrey. Fifth Row: McCutchon, Ochsner, Osborn, Pence, Rogers. Sixth Row: Sammons, I Schneider, Stafford, Thie- len, Thompson. Seventh Row: Tunstal Turnham. DR. MEIGS OF BOSTON PRESENTED AT NU SIG ANNUAL MATAS LECTURE Poor man ' s Dicic Contino alpha kappa kappa OFFICERS WILLIAM K. TAYLOR President SALVADOR FERRERI Vice-President RICHARD MacELROY Recording Secretary WILLIAM COLBERT DUDLEY .. Corresponding Secretary WILLIAM FORBES DOUGLAS Treasurer ARTHUR E. WOOD, JR Historian EUGENE COOPER Marshall HART SYLVESTER Warden ALFRED R. GOULD Chaplain MEMBERS Ira Anderson William Melvin Brantley Ralph Eugene Bowling James Harlon Childers Merrill M. Cooper James W. Cotter William F. Encke Richard J. Fleck Robert D. Gilmore William D. Henderson Conrad E. Herr Frank J. Malta William H. Middleton James E. McClendon James McKinney Kevin O ' Brien Andrew Orestano David D. Richardson Hal S. Stubbs Frank P. Tagliarini Alpha Kappa Kappa Fraternity was founded at Dartmouth Col- lege in 1888. Alpha Beta Chapter was established at Tulane in 1903 as the first medical fraternity on the campus. Nationally, Alpha Kappa Kappa is one of the largest medical fraternities in the country. For many years Alpha Kappa Kappa was one of the largest fra- ternities on the campus but disaster struck in 1944 when its house burned. Due to war conditions they were not able to get a new house and the chapter diminished in size. In 1947 the chapter was completely reorganized and established in a new house on St. Charles Avenue, midway between " ihe two campuses. Since that time the chapter has steadily grown in size and this year initiated fourteen men. Among the outstanding social functions of the year were the Christmas party given with the L.S.U. Chapter of Alpha Kappa Kappa and the annual picnic given at Fontainbleau Park. First Row: Bugg, Caruso, Cogdell, Dame. Danna. Elchos, Falietta, Firnnberg. Second Row: Gadpaille, Gallo, Gardner, Gritting, Haltiday, Hickman. Hinman, Holcomb. Third Row: Kellum, Kittredqe, LIndlev McEwan. McLaughlin, McNamee, Miller, Ossi. Fourth Row: Perez, Sartain, Sheely, Weiss, Wood worth. OFFICERS ROBERT MILLER President BERNARD HICKMAN Vice-President GENE LINDLEY Secretary JOHN BRADIN Treasurer MEMBERS Chris Baftls Marvin A. Hlxon Joe Baldone Carter Holcomb Bill Bennett Kenneth S. Johnson Ralph Bergeron J. Boiling Jones Pete Bertucci Herman Kellum John Bradln George Kittridge JImmie Bugg Wllllann R. Lagergren Charles Caruso Al Lavender B. H. Cogdeil Gene R. Lindley Tony Coppolo John Luttrell Carl Cullcchla Charles McCarthy George Dame Ray McEwan S. J. Danna Lloyd McLaughlin Ernest Deshautreau Ed McNamee Herb Dyer Robert Miller Theodore Elchos Ben Ossl Gerry Falletta Leandro Pasos Bob Firnberg Joseph B. Perez Warren Gadpaille Pete Pratt Louis A. Gallo Amos L. Prevalt Ralph Gardner Jeo Frank Robberson William L. Geissler Jack Sartln Kenneth Goodlad Lowry L. Sheely Joe Griffinq Dale B. Snow George Halliday George Thabit Henry Harren Fred Woodworth Bernard T. Hickman John Weiss Ed Hinman Let ' s have a toast theta kappa psi Another year with Theta Kappa Psi has demonstrated a full academic as well as social calendar. The academic needs of the fraternity were satis- fied by " a series of stag smokers featuring guest speakers, notable among whom were Dr. J, W. Overstreet of the Department of Surgery and Dr. Maxwell E. Lapham, Dean of the School of Medicine. Halloween was duly ushered in with an appropriate party, and qala Christmas " spirits " were loosed at the annual Christmas party held at the chapter house; Carter Holcomb did the honors as Santa. January saw the beginning of the New Year ' s festivities in the form of a shrimp and beer party. In February the pledges celebrated the completion of gross anatomy by entertaining the entire medical student body at the traditional Cadaver Ball, held at the Crystal Ballroom. In March a ranch party was held at the house; this featured a skit, " The Shooting of Dan McGrew " in which local talent (?) was employed. The annual Spring Formal in April climaxed Pi Chapter ' s social calendar, with Lloyd Alexander ' s orchestra furnishing the music at the New Orleans Airport. The fraternity ' s activities were officially brought to a close In May with a picnic trip to the state park at Covington. PI Chapter served as host for the International Convention of Theta Kappa Psi Medical Fraternity, held here December 27 and 28. The chapter ranks were increased this year by twenty new initiates. First Row: Bugg. Caruso, Cogdeil. Dame, Danna, Elchos, Fal!etta, Firnnberg. Second Row: Gadpaille, Gallo, Gardner, Griffing. Halliday, Hickman, Hinman, Holcomb. Third Row: Kellum. Kittred ge. Lindley, McEwan, McLaughlin. McNamee. Miller. Ossl. Fourth Row: Perez, Sartain, Sheely. Weiss, Wood A-orth. _ graduate school and social work STUDENT BODV OFFICERS • JOHN HIDA ' • FRANKfRQDRIGUEZ First S. esident of Graduate School President ofSocial Work «H4PHN G0LDK|EIER, Second Semester rresident of Social Work DEAN ROSe ' P. McCUTCHEON W 1, SRADUATE tipOL DEXW aiZABETH WISNER k SCjaAL WORK graduate schoo Watch out, Pete — she ' s got that look in her eyes APPLICANTS FOR DEGREES • BETTINA HUMAN, 142 Albert, Shreveport, Louisiana; Canter- bury Club; Chi Omega. • ELIAS KLEIN, 6001 Mariqny St.. New Orleans, Louisiana. • JOHN M. ROGERS, Morton, Mississippi; Phi Delta Theta. Bettina Hilman Elias Klein John Rogers graduate students • JOHN V. HIDALGO. 530 S. Scott St., New Orleans. Louisiana; Grad. School Student Body President " SI- ' SZ; Sigma PI Sigma; Who ' s Who. • MARILYN JUNE HOPPMEYEft, 8219 Apple Street, New Orleans, La.; A Cdppella Choir; Festival Choir; Glee Club; Secretary-Treasurer Music School ' SO- ' Sl. • WILLIAM FORREST HUTCHISON, 914 S. Penn. Ave., Lakeland, Florida; Kappa Alpha. • DOROTHY R, 1LEY, 28 Papworth PI., New Orleans. Louisiana; American Ch«mic«1 $oci«t). Barracudas. • FERDINAND K. LEVY, 539 Broadway, New Orleans. Louisiana; Sigma Pi Sigma; Zeta Beta Tau. • JEANNE SNIDER, 1007 Broadway, New Orleans, Louisiana; Art Club; Westminster Fellowship; Kappa Delta Pi; Kappa Alpha Theta. • MARILYN WOODWARD, 404 Goodyear Blvd., Picayune, Mississippi; President Newcomb Music School ' 50- ' 5l; A Cappella Choir; Festival Choir; Glee Club; Alpha Delta PI. John Hidalgo Marilyn Hoppnity«r William Hutchison Dorothy llcy Ferdinand Levy Jeanne Snider Marilyn Woodward mm ... ▼ social work students APPLICANTS FOR DEGREES First Row: • EUGENE C. BUCHERT, JR.. 819 N. Lopez. New Orleans. Louisiana. • MARYLU2 DE BEDOUR, 15-53 43rd Street, Bogota Columbia, South America. • JOHN GAROOGIAN, 1288 St. John ' s Place, Brooklyn, New York. Second Row; • JOHN GOLDMEIER. 102-05 62nd Road. Forest Hills, L. I.. New York; President, School of Social Work; Student Council; Blue Key. • BARBARA ROSEN GOMBERG, 2048 Maplewood Ave., Montreal. Quebec, Canada. • HERMAN LEE GREEN, JR., Route 8. Tyler, Texas. Third Row: • HENRY FRITH HUNTER, Bunkic, Louisiana. • ROD KRAATZ. Olmstead, Illinois. • BURTON STANLEY MALCOLM, 30 Dongan Place, New York City, New York. Fourth Row: CHRIS LAWRENCE PREVETTI, 2872 South Delaware Ave.. Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Vice-President Social Work ' 5l- ' 52; Who ' s Who; Newman Club; Phi Sigma Epsilon. FRANKLIN RICARDO RODRIGUEZ, 8308 Forshey Street, New Orleans. Lou- isiana; President Social Work ' 5l- ' 52; Who ' s Who; Student Activities Key. • CARL S. SELSKY, 939 Longfellow St., N.W., Washington, D. C. Eugene Buchert, Jr. John Goldmeier Henry Hunter Chris Prevetti Marylui de Bedour Barbara Gomberg Rod Kraatz Franklin Rodriguez John Garoogian Herman Green, Jr. Bu ' -ton Malcolm Carl Selsky First Row: • BETTIE BARKSDALE. HalifaK. Virginia. • CORINNE CARROLL, 1422 Main. Texarkana. Texas. • HERBERT E. COUNIHAN, 735 Ninth Ave. No.. St Petersburg Florida- Newman Club. • DOROTHY MADELINE CRUMBLEY, Hollypond, Alabama. • LELA MOORE HALL, Sylva. North Carolina. • FRANK HUDSON, Eagle Pass. Texas; Secretary A S Freshman Class 1948; Pi Sigma Alpha. • JACK K. JOHNSON. 4029 Indiana Avenue, Winston Salem, North Car- olina; Theta Chi. Second Row: • AHMED MONIR KASABY. 42 Ismalia, Heliopolis, Cairo. Egypt. • JOAN AUDREY MONJURE, 5809 Fontainebleau Dr.. New Orleans. Lou- isiana. • MARY ALICE PALMER, 1118 Government St., Mobile. Alabama. • MARY SUE ROBINSON, 502 Terry. Wynne, Arkansas. • FRANCIS PAGE RYLAND. 1822 Park Ave.. Richmond, Virginia. • THOMAS H. SIMMONS, R.F.D. No. I. Conway. Arkansas. • PEGGY THACKSTON. 520 Conn. Ave.. Spartanburg, South Carolina. • BEHY WOODWARD, 2705 17th Ave., Columbus, Georgia. Bettie Barksdale Ahmed Kasaby Corinne Carroll Joan Monjure Herbert Counihan Dorothy Crumbley Leia Hall Mary Palmer Mary Robinson Francis Ryland Thomas Simmons Frank Hudson Peggy Thackston Jack Johnson Betty Woodward Coach Henry Frnka and son foot Tulane ' s varsity gridders came up against a most challenging but disappointing leason this year. The Green Wave to ' ighr with as much determination as any football eleven in the country — the team spirit was top-notch and the entire squad was in wonderful shape. The leading handicap for the Greenies was inexperience. The overwhelming majority of the team this year were sophomores and juniors, hlowever, what with the new rules of the S.E.C. Confer- ence a number of freshmen were permitted to play on the varsity also. All of this literally made the Greenies look green; neverthe- less, the way was opened for better and more experienced teams in the future. Coach hHenry Frnka and his assistants whipped a team into shape this year with little more than a hope and a prayer. Six lettermen returned to the gridiron from last year ' s ranks. A number of highly promising prospects also returned from last year ' s freshman team, but nothing definite developed until practice season was nearly over. Then many of our coaches ' highest hopes began to materialize. As the old saying goes, " You can ' t judge a book by Its cover. " Neither can you judge a team by score alone. Consideration must be given to the game, handicaps, spirit, sportsmanship, and future prospects. coaches Coaclies Wolf, VInjant, Frnica, Pilney, McElreath, Knoles ba MIKE McLEAN Most Unselfish and Best Spirited Athlete ELLSWORTH KINGERY Most Unselfish and Best Blocking and Tackling Back JEROME HELLUIN Most Unselfish and Best Blocking and Tackling Lineman Much to the surprise of the student body, Coach Henry Frnka announced his resignation as head coach of Tulane University last March. Although he will not officially surrender his position until June 30, Line Coach Raymond " Bear " Wolf immediately as- sumed head mentor duties for spring practice. Frnka ceded his coaching post to Wolf so thai he could become executive vice-president of Austin College at Sherman, Texas, his old alma mater. There he will be in charge of financial matters such as endowments and other promotional work in Texas and Oklahoma. It is with deep regret that Tulane sees the Frnka era of Football at the university pass. i n i J-r r- ■•1: •. ' ■rSf ' Wk %r :- rf p fl . f .- ' P ' ' ' . y ■:). .If. ' jj I( ' X ln r • ' TV - - « :? • •r •I ' r ■ .s? I,; :: r ' • f- - First Row. Roy Bailey, Alvis Batson, Weldon Behrend. Marcus Bow- man, Edward Bravo, Donald Brignac, Earle Burke. Second Row: Charles Camp, Pete Clement, Charley Coates, Tommv Comeaux, George Cummins, Charles Daigle. Third Row: J. V. Davis, Fred Dempsey, Cecil Doyle, Dick Fugler, Patrick Hazel. Fourth Row: Jerome Helluin, Robert Hobbs, Mike Housepian. Fifth Row: James Muggins. Ray Hymel, Jim- my Johnston. Sixth Row: Lester Kennedy, Ronnie Kent. ■ D ' .t - ■ ■ fs- ' . 5 ' ' T» :a cr ' -ill. : ' M ' « ' ' » ' 1 «-: i il. A r . r, ■iiCr i%« i : ' - - „N ' I ' flr r? ■M yiti tSi S X " . . fi . ' -- • n ' W C l ie s Firif Row: Fordio Kibodoaux, Ellsworth Klngory, Galo Kirltpatrlck, Art Kloinschmidt, Losfor Lautonichlagor, Max McGoo, W. C. McElhannon, Second Row: Milo McLoan. Bobby Nuss, Jnmos Partridge, Edward Po- troikr, Ctiarloi Pittman, Honry Pratlia. Third Row: Soorgo Roy, Alfred Robolot, Gono Rogas, Paul Rushing, Bob Saia. Fourth Row: Harold Shea, Bill Spollon, Lon Toouws. Fifth Row: Ray Thomp-.on, Wayno Wall, Donald Wntton, Sixth Row: Ray Woidonbachnr, Martin Zapalac. - . What are you smelling, Jerry? tulane 21 Daigle snares one Tulane started its 1951 football season by upsetting the 1950 champs, Miami, to the tune of 21-7. The beginning of this tilt was somewhat depressing, for the Wave fumbled twice at the beginning of the first quarter. One of these was " " esponsible for Miami ' s only score. hHowever, as soon as the team members got their sea legs back, there was no stopping them. In the Third quarter Pete Clement sailed a beautiful long pass all the way to the Miami end zone and tied the score. I ' n the fourth period, the Tulane . . . . . . . 7 14 14 14 Baylor . . . ... 7 14 14 27 tulane 14 Tulane came up against one of the South ' s leading elevens when it met the Baylor Bears. The Texans were led by All-American Larry Isbell. The score at the end showed Baylor 13 points ahead of Tulane. Up to the close of the fourth quarter Tulane held its own with a tied score of 14-all. Finally, though, the heavy Bear line broke down the tiring Wave line and Isbell began to demonstrate his All-American abilities. Pete Clement matched Isbell in passing percentage, but the crucial point of ground yardage was the Waterloo of the Greenies. The highlight of the game was the punting duel between McSee and Isbell. End of vhe line He slipped Don ' t !ef him get away with vhat, Charley m i a m i 7 pay Greenies continued to roll by adding two more touchdowns and con- versions to their collection. Ronnie Kent, Max McGee, Charlie Daigle, and Ellsworth Kingery showed the Hurricanes what their team was really made of. hHowever, practically all K liami saw of these boys was their heels . The Hurricanemen were tamed to a mild drizzle by the hard-hitting defensive team. Big Jerome hielluin, Dick Fugler, and Mike McLean led this frustrating effort. Tulane Miami 7 2! baylor 27 Special recognition should be given to Kent, Bailey, and McGee in the offensive attack. Although the yardage was small, these boys put Their hearts into attempting to crack the Texans ' line. Bravo and Mc- Elhannon held down the back-breaking job of retrieving Clement ' s passes. Defensively Kennedy, Kingery, Nuss, and Camp held the Wave ' s sec- cndar foreign to Baylor. All members of the Tulane squad in play did a noteworthy job, but Baylor gradually overpowered the die-hard Greenies. He ' s not going any place Your guess Is as good as mine Cafch vhat man tulane 20 Tulane magnificently oufran, outpassed, and outmaneuvered the North ' s leading eleven, the Holy Cross Crusaders. Tremendously rated as the underdog, Tulane got off to a dreaded but expected start when the Crusaders rolled up two successive touchdowns in the first period. hHowever, this seemingly demoralizing start sparked rather than de- pressed, the Wave eleven. Maloy of Holy Cross coinpleted a number of forward passes for the first touchdown. Tulane fumbled a few plays later deep in their own territory and the Crusaders utilized their advantage for their second and last touchdown. tulane 6 Tul ane 6 Ole Miss 6 6 13 27 He ' s not going anywhere Led by the running and passing of quarterback Jim Lear, the Rebels broke the long five-year winning streak that Tulane has held over the Rebels. Before a crowd of 20,000 Oxford rooters, Mississippi under- mined the Wave to the tune of 27-6. Ole Miss ' s air potency was quickly displayed in the first quarter when Lear completed a 67-yard pass for the first touchdown. The Wave came to life in the second period with a seventy-yard drive down to the Rebels ' three. Max McGee and Ronnie Kent, who sparked this drive, were halted by a fumble which the Ole Miss team recovered inches away from their own goal line. Going for a touchdown :?imfi W ; ; r ' i t MK Look out, here comes Bailey holy cross 14 Even so, Tulane was not idle during the first period. With a touchdown set up by a pass from Clement to Wiedenbacker, McGee crashed over for a T.U. score and the conversion was made. The Wave succeeded in scoring twice more during the game, in the second and fourth quarters. Clement ' s passing attack surpassed that of the famed Maloy. Cle- ment ' s completions were 10 out of 14, Maloy ' s 7 out of 24. The Wave ' s entire offensive team showed a spectacular display of cooperation. The speed and driving ability of backs McGee, Kent, and Bailey, totaled an overwhelmingly higher average of yard gainage over hHoly Cross. The defensive line checked nearly all of the Crusaders ' drives. Daigle, Camp, and Nuss were the principal tnorns in the Yankees ' side. Whei: the Immovable object meets the irresistible force Tulane . . 7 13 13 20 Holy Cross . . . . . 12 12 12 14 1 e miss 27 Displaying a powerful offense, the rebels pushed across two second- half touchdowns, which cinched the final score and the victory. With only minutes to play, Fred Dempsey completed two long passes to Ray Wiedenbacker. The second toss netted fifty yards and Tulane ' s only score. The brightest spot in the Tulane line-up was Fred Dempsey, who netted six of nine pass attempts. Tulane ' s Dick Fugler, Ellsworth Kingery, Ed Bravo, Weldon Behrand, and Jerome hielluin turned in outstanding defensive performances. Betcha can ' t catch him Kirlcpatrick, the Man from Mars Art moves in for the kill t u I a n e -.J- 12 When two hard heads meet Although Tulane ' s yardage greatly surpassed Auburn ' s, we met an unscheduled defeat by a score of 21-0. Tulane was tremendously hin- dered by a lack of pass offense and a final scoring punch. Auburn ' s aerial attacks were rifled principally by Parks. The ' Wave ' s defensive team held the Plainsmen ' s ground attacks to a minimum. Jerome Helluin, throughout the entire contest placed his bulk to the maximum use in the line, while Les Kennedy guarded the second- ary from many would-be scoring points. Max McGee, when the Greenies found themselves in any dangerous situations, punted the Wave back into a more advantageous position. Tulane .... . . . 7 7 7 Miss. State . . . . . 7 7 10 tulane 7 Tulane, fighting its way up again after three defeats, lost by a slim margin to the Maroon. A final period field goal was the deciding fac- tor, giving the boys from State a 10 to 7 victory. If was our Greenies, however, who leaped Into an early lead with a touchdown drive in the second period. The scoring was set up by Jerome Helluin who recovered a fumble close to pay dirt, after McGee had successfully placed State with their backs against their front door. Demp- sey passed to Wiedenbacker for Tulane ' s first and only touchdown. Comeaux made the conversion. He ' ; going to get a spanking for that Hang on, Charley LOOK ou Ronnie, Frankenstein Is behind you auburn 21 Offensively the team held its own and even outranged their opponents. The yardage averaged up to 280 yards over Auburn ' s 250. Dempsey and Clement battled to a nearly even average of completed passes. Both men played an excellent game in the quarterback slot. Kent, McGee, and Kingery would have been unable to roll without the cooperation given them by each member of the team. The scoring points were made in the second and fourth periods. In the second period the first touchdown was made by a completed pass into the end zone. The second score of that half was caused by an inter- cepted pass which was run all the way back. The fourth period brought the third and last touchdown. Four on one Tulane . . . . . . . Auburn . . . ... 14 14 21 miss, state 10 On the return kickoff the Wave was somewhat bewildered when Duplain ran all the way back, 85 yards, to an even score. The remainder of the game was entirely a defensive duel on the part of both teams. Finally in the fourth quarter Miss. State drove deep into Tulane terri- tory only to be stopped short of the goal. On the third down the Ma- roon attempted a field goal from an almost impossible angle. With a little help from one of the University ' s numerous pigeons, the ball went through the uprights giving a 10 to 7 victory to Mississippi State. For once Kent was caught Oof n " m C v v - Where there ' s a will there ' s a way t u I a n e Stopped, Thank Heaven Tulane bowed, as did many others, to the conference champions, the Kentucky Wildcats, (or to be more specific, to Babe Parilli). Al- though the score would seem a walk away, the Greenies put up a ecrappy battle. Scoring was made practically impossible due to the in- surpassable bulk of the Wildcats ' line. The initial starting ability of the Wave ' s was among the best of any of Kentucky ' s opponents, hlow- ever, Tulane seemed to invariably fall short of the needed last scoring punch. The Greenies ' defensive line held up rather well at the begin- Tulane . . . . . . . 7 7 14 Vandy . . . . . . . 7 10 10 tulane 14 The Wave flowed over the Nashville Commodores and sank their ship from under them in a bitter-cold battle which ended with a score of 14- 10 in favor of the Greenies. Mike Housepian, Charlie Pittman, and Al Robelot sparked the defen- sive line and secondary to halt Vandy ' s passing ace Bill Wade. Kirk- patrick and Fugler put an abrupt halt to many of the Commodores ' drives as they came face to face. Roy Bailey and Max McGee led the backfield in Its running attack. Will he catch it? Who has the ball? Bottoms up k e n t u c k y 3 7 ning of the game until, due to injuries and fatigue, their holding power was dwindled. Helluin, Kingery, and Daigle exemplified the fine spirit and determi- nation of the entire team. McElhanon, Kent, and Bailey sparked many a near successful drive, which if they had had anywhere near an equal chance, the results would not have seemed so in vain. Kentucky made five touchdowns, at least one in every quarter, with successful conversions on each. One safety was also made. Kentucky skated through this one Tulane .... . . . Kentucky . . . . . . 14 21 30 37 V a n d e r b i 1 1 10 Bailey rolled up 72 yards and McGee, 64 yards. Tulane totaled 207 yards that afternoon; out of twelve first downs they made eleven by rushing. Even with the unusual weather to which the Wave was unaccustomed, the Wave ' s morale and drive survived from the start to the finish. Tulane showed once more its spectacular ability to meet and defeat an evenly-matched opponent when handicaps from injuries and dis- placements were kept to a minimum. Leave flying to the Air Force Dance Ballerina dance! What is this? A sit down strike? t u I a n e 4 8 Tulane again rolled over its opponent, Southeastern, by an overwhelm- ing score of 48-7. The Lions had a small team but every ounce of its men was directed toward stopping the hard-hitting Wave. The Greenies started their scoring run in the first period with two fast touchdowns by Max McGee. Roy Bailey later in the game took his toll with a four-yard buck to pay-dirt. Other scores were made by Char- lie Daigle on an eighty-eight yard run with an intercepted pass; Ronnie Tulanc L.S.U. 7 14 14 tulane 13 When the L.S.U. Tigers played host to the Tulane Greenies all bets on the game would have been even money on either side to win. Tulane fans put their hopes on Pete Clement ' s strong throwing arm and Mc- Gee ' s power driving. However, Lester Kennedy proved to be the inspi- ration of the afternoon. The Tigers made the first touchdown of the game. It was set up by a fumble on Tulane ' s twenty yard line. For the rest of quarter the Bengals had everything pretty much their own way. hlowever, in the last minutes of the first period, L. S. U. threatened once more. This drive was skillfully stopped by Charlie Camp, who intercepted a Tiger pass close to our end zone. In the second quarter the Greenies came to life, driving to L. S. U. ' s Boys, Boys, you ' re fighting the wrong peopli The ole College try i r Ti ' if p frr ' ir No Bet Max geis it southeastern 7 Kent on a ten-yard end-sweep; Ray Weidenbacher on a fifteen-yard jaunt off tackle; Al Batson on a five-yard drive. Tommy Comeaux con- verted six out of seven attempts. The spirit, characteristic of the team and student body during the entire year, was upheld in this Thanksgiving Day game. The Wave ful- filled all the hopes of the spectators in an excellent showing of ball- handling and maneuvering. Tulane . . . . ... 14 2! 34 48 SLC ... 7 7 ouisiana state 14 28-yard line. Max McGee, Bob Saia, and Bailey led the attack. Tu- iane ' s drive, however, fell short of the promised land. In the third quarter the Wave hit pay-dirt when McGee drove across from the one, and Tulane trailed 7 to 6. In the fourth quarter Les Kennedy surprised the entire audience with his superb passing ability. Unheard-of formations were unfurled which completely frustrated our opponents. A fifty-five yard pass from Kenne- dy to Weidenbacker set the Wave up for another six points. Bailey pushed the ball across the remaining few yards for the scoring points. Time ran out and the clock ended the game Tulane 13, L.S.U. 14. The game was lost in points, but the moral victory was Tulane ' s. The Case of the Missing Ball % basketball Tulane ' s cage stars again turned in another year of thrilling games. Led by Wllhelm, Pederson, hlolt, and Reed, the team trampled over many of their opponents. Coach Wells, who hails from Yankee land up in Indiana, for another Now I lay me down to sleep 168 ; Ret- Manaoer. Tyner, Reed, Hobbs, Wilhelm, Pedersen, Keller, McGowan, Cervini, Mdnagfr. Biktmi ' i. Second Row: Coach Wells. Browne. Stoops. Schulti, Holt. Klonoski, Hul- lenqer, Kriebel. Brennan, Trainer. Porche. consecutive year proved his molding ability by getting a team rounded off into a fast-moving, elusive, and sharpshooting organization. As in any sport, cooperation among players is one of the prime factors in getting a team condi- tioned to the desired qualities of a ball club; cer- tainly the teamwork this year was exceptional. Tulane carried the attack this year to many distant courts and returned as victors in many instances. However, in the S.E.C. competition the Wave was eliminated in the second trials by Ken- tucky. Tulane has had for the past number of years one of the top teams of the country. With more practice and help, basketball in the coming years should be one of the University ' s brightest sports. 169 Up in the air, Junior birdman SCHEDULE December 4 Birmingham Southern December 8 Rice December 10 Alabama December 13 Mississippi State December 14 Ole Miss December 18 Texas December 20 " Cornell December 22 ' Cornell December 27-29 Oklahoma City January 5 . . . . ... Georgia Tech January 7 . . Tennessee January 12 Mississippi State January 26 L.S.U. February 2 Washington U. February 4 Kentucky February 9 L.S.U. February II Vanderbilt February 16 Ole Miss February 18 Auburn February 22 Florida February 28-March I S.E.C. Tourney The Green Wave hoopsters this season turned in an outstanding example of basket- ball proficiency by winning twelve out of their twenty-three games. The team, it is true, lost quite a few of their encounters, but it must be remembered that their schedule this year was unusually long and grueling. Along with their numerous wins several rec- ords were smashed by the Tulane quintet. Their victory over Florida by 102-77 was the highest S.E.C. Conference score of the year. Don hHolt approached within a few points of Mel Payton ' s 398 point record. Then, too, the spirit of the team and of the uni- versity as a whole set an all-time record this year. With the aid of the pep band ana rne spirit organizations i uiane snowea some of the old spirit for which it was once noted. This year ' s elected captains, Ivan Wilhelm and Ralph Pederson, under the capable mentorship of Coach Cliff Wells, led the team in their fine demonstrations. For his But-But-But H H |e ' ' ' ' ' !f H w m_ ' " ' - ' ' ■- ' - ' iW Hl ' -- .- ' K ' m m ■ 5 0 B v " 9 " . r ' L ' Bs V h ' . ' l V i F k ' ' H. i jyi H! : f B ▼ Q H p|j|jH gH V i A f V r K l B ' ifl B V w 1 p p 1 1 l[ hUk They like it seven years at Tulane, Coach Wells holds an outstand- ing record of I 23 wins and 53 losses. Tulane first met Birmingham in a traditional opener and as usual defeated them. The Wave five next met Rice and Alabama, defeating both by scores of 67-64 and 51-48, respectively. Cervini and hHoit paced the team with their long, accurate shooting. hHowever, the Green- ies suffered a tremendous handicap due to the type of game that Alabama played. Then, too, Ralph Pederson was injured and put out of play for six weeks. Neverthe- less, the team went on to meet and defeat Georgia Tech Don is up fo his old friclcs Sh we dance by a score of 73-58 and later to topple Tennessee. Don hHolt mainly took charge of this game by attaining the record single game score of 29 points. Texas was the next downed, 78-64. With three consecutive wins under their belts the Wave traveled to Oklahoma City to participate in the All-College Invitational Tourney. There they met but were defeated by the ultimate champions, Okla- homa, by d score of 52-49. This was the nearest any team came to defeating the Chiefs, Ltiter they met Beauty and the Beast and were defeafed also by San Francisco. Fritz Shul+z, however, was a constanf burr in Frisco ' s side. The Greenies came back to defeat Alabama for the second time, and after losing the first meeting with Mississippi State, managed to defeat them in the second trial to the tune of 71-58. Farther on in the season Tulane came out victorious over Georgia and LSU, their old rivals. Throughout the whole season five boys in particu- lar turned in an outstanding showing. They are hiolt, Shultz, Kriebel, Brennan, and Browne. It should also be noted that Don Holt was chosen for the second team in the All-SEC lineup. Let ' s play keep-away Front row, seated: Sterns. Gordillo, Gregory (capfain), Baron, Brown, Kevlin. Perdomo. Second row, kneeling: Gomez, Jobe, Montgomery, Leonard. Quackenbush, Watkins, Dutari. Back row. standing: Rothfeld, Pearl, Sloshberg, Hunt, Kvamme, Monge, Logan (coach). soccer Four Birds in a guilded cage Soccer, the world ' s most popular game, came into its own this year at Tulane advancing from a club status to a team status. Playing a twenty-one game schedule over a period of two semesters against teams that at one time were beating Tulane by scores as high as 10-0, the Greenies this year lost but five games (three of these by one point), tied four, and won twelve, including seven shutouts. Several contests were played in the Tulane Stadium while the culminat- ing game of the season with LSU was played in LSU stadium. Twenty-four soccer monograms were award- ed this year. The squad received notable publicity through the media of newspapers and radio and some team members appeared on television. Thi s season Out for an afternoon sfroll That ' s using the old head was particularly successful considering that the calibre of teams played was at least equal to, and in many cases superior to many intercollegiate soccer teams ployinq Ihroughout Ihs United States. § I base Tulane ' s baseball team green ieam and a green ask their opponents if they they would emphatically deny that slightly chartreuse. Coach Dennis his nine returning veterans and rookies powerfully-developed squad. baseball as they had in any of the other major 5 losses, was up among the leading averages of S.E.C. officials in organizing the brackets, Tulane was pass them by this year, even with their outstanding Ray Weidenbacher, a veteran from last and did a magnificent job of hurling against also came out with a marvelous record. the entire S.E.C. conference — .461. who filled the remaining seven slots Wilhelm, Milt Retif, Jimmy played many magnificent The teams which the were: Southeastern Oil, Ole Miss, Ala- sissippi State, osgan Tne season with a coach, but if anyone should agreed with this statement, the Wave ball playing was even Vinzant saw to this by working with until they became a well-coordinated and Tulane had as rough a schedule sports. Their record for the year, 12 wins- the S.E.C. However, because of a mix-up by obhged to sit at home and watch the conference record. was the Green Wave ' s pitching ace year h s hard-h,ttmg opponents. Les Kennedy H,s was the highest batting average of The other members of the squad — among them were Kaiser Nissel, and Carlos Levia — games for the Greenies. Wave nine met this year Louisiana College, Shell bama, Auburn, Mis- LSU. tennis This year ' s Tulane tennis teann again turned in a bril- liant performance. Last year they came away with a co- championship in the S.E.C. tennis tourney with Tennes- see; this year they came out one better, winning the championship alone. For once Tulane went into a contest favored to win, and did win. hiam Richardson, a freshman this year, sparked the team to a clean-sweep victory over all opponents. This member of the Davis Cup team, who is also eighth-rank- ing men ' s amateur champion, had an undefeated year. Other mainstays on the team were Al Wickersham and Don Merritt. In nine matches the netters completely shut out five of the opposing teams. The other four were won by a very low marginal score. Since the nucleus of this team will still be around for some years to come, it looks like a very bright future is in store for the Green Wave on the tennis courts. The schedule of games was: City Park Tennis Club. New Orleans Lawn Tennis Club. Vanderbilt. Texas Christian University. University of Oklahoma. Rice. University of Texas. Georgia Tech. LSU. S.E.C. Conference. HAM RICHARDSON HORATIO AMENGUAL Back Row, left to right; Coacti Emmeft Pare, Barney Donnelly, Harmon Collins, Horatio Amengual. Charles Buck Atherton. Ham Richardson. Front Row left to right: Tony Ullman, Don Merritt. Alan Wickersham, Bob Hoffman. oon MERR.:: ALAfJ v ICKLRSHAM CHARLES BUCK ATHERTON 177 BARNEY DONNELLY track BILL KLOTZ - L_Vc " -■ -t ' rti ' ; ' i ' .iwAiiHi»w ' " .iaii ssiij..v--fc BILL GEARY It definitely could not be stated that Tulane had one of the best track teams in the coun- try, or that the team could compare with all the .other teams at the university, but con- sidering the size of the team that Coach Oakes had to work with and the negligible back- ing which the student body offered them, they did amazingly well. Coach Oakes made the nucleus of his team out of four boys — Bill Geary. Bill Klotz, Mark McCoy, and Art Alderson. The Greenies ' schedule this year was very small. First they met Fort Worth, then entered the Southern Relays, and next ran against- Louisiana State. Follow- ing this they participated In the Southwestern relays, met Alabama, and finally wound up the season by entering the S.E.C. meet. In Fort Worth only three men participated, but out of those three, two placed. Bill Klotz was fourth in the Freshman mile, and Art Alderson came in third in the shot put. When the Wave met Alabama, Klotz rang up a first in the mile run and Bill Geary was close on his heels for the second place. Wayne Hall also made a good showing with second and third .olace wins. The thinclad boys didn ' t break any records this year, but they tried mighty hard. Perhaps with a little added spirit next season, they ' ll really be able to make their sport an Important one on campus. ART ALDERSON GEORGE CUMMINGS 173 MARK McCOY golf The Green Wave golfers had a fairly good season considering the handicaps that they operated under. Bad weather kept the team Indoors during most of the available practice time. Coach Innes Miller named his four leading men early in the season and they proved themselves quite capable throughout the remaining matches. These men were John Manuele, the captain and only returning letterman, Pat Browne, Jerry Schenlcen, and Speed Bancroft. Other contenders for positions on the team were Hal Lambert, Bill Mac Arthur, Walker Sullivan, and Hooks Mallory. Up Ihrough the first of April the Greenies had had one win and one defeat. Their schedule consisted of two games each with Louisiana Tech, Spring Hill, and LSU. Anybody got an adding machine? Pjf Browne and John Manuele Coach Innes Miller ' k ' i . ' % I ' ll bet he ' s surprised! Going, going, gone Each year every fraternity on campus puts up a team picked from Its members to participate in sports events staged by the Pan-hHellenlc Council. This athletic council governs the brackets In which the Individuals will compete and t he rules by which they will play. The main events of the year are football, basketball, and softball. However, there are a goodly number of minor sports in which all fraternities compete. At the end of the year the fraternity with the most total wins In the sports field, and consequently the high- est number of points. Is named the Pan-hHel champion and Is presented with a trophy. This year Phi Delta Theta fraternity won the cup. The events and winners for the 1951-52 season were: football. Alpha Tau Omega; basketball, Beta Theta Pi; Softball, Slqma Chi; Ping Pong, Sigma Alpha Mu; volley- ball. Phi Delta Theta; track, Phi Delta Theta; bowling. Phi Delta Theta; golf; Phi Delta Theta. p a n - h e 1 1 e n i c The winners 180 Wha hoppened +o the ball? sports Don ' t hurt the little boy; Joe Atlas The Frog-man What charm! i n t r a m u r a sports The Commerce Seniors repeated their Intramural Football Champ- ionship of last year by defeating the Commerce Juniors 20 to 6. In the consolation game, the Engineering Seniors edged out the Engin- eering Juniors 13 to 12 In a hard-fought battle v hlch saw the smaller Seniors outrun the bigger Juniors. In the " Rnais of the Intramural Basketball tournament, the " hiello Mellows " overcame the Freshman Dorm 23 to 17 in a rough and tum- ble affair. Other finalists In the tournament Included the Med. Seniors and the " 49 ' ers. " The University Basketball Championship Trophy went to the " hiello Mellows — the Intramural Champs — who defeated the Beta Theta PI fraternity — the Pan-Hell Champs — by a close score of 42 to 35. Another feature of this year ' s basketball season was the selection of an all-tourney team. hHal Shea and Tom FalkowskI were nominated as forwards while Henry Stoutz took down the center post, to com- plete the first team. Jim Van Pelt and Ellsworth KIngery were chosen at the guard slots. The Intramural Volleyball tournament found the Law Freshmen de- feating the " Small Giants " for the top spot. In third place were the Med Frosh, while the Commerce Seniors took fourth place. An inter- esting sidelight on the volleyball picture was the capturing of the SAAU novice division volleyball trophy by a Tulane group captained by Lt. James Sherman. On the bowling hardwoods, Phi Delta Theta captured first place with Gwin ' s Five In the second spot. Third place laurels were split among Kappa Sigma. ASME, and the Law Freshmen. One of the final events — the Intramural Softball tournament — saw an all-ROTC finish as the Army team, behind the pitching of Bob Reed, defeated the Air Force team paced by Max McGee ' s pitching. Another Air Force team — AFROTC No. 2 — made the Air Force entries very prominent by ending up In third place. The Navy, not to be denied, finished fourth to complete the ROTC picture. The Intramural Council again sponsored the Annual Frosh-Sopli football game that It revived last year. This year ' s game was held Dec. 15 in Tulane Stadium and was preceded by an exhibition soccer game between Tulane ' s soccer team and the N.O. Soccer Club. In the game Itself the Frosh, coached b ' Weldon Behrend. Wayne Wall, and W. C. McElhannon, defeated the Sophs, coached by Ellsworth KIngery, Hal Waggoner, and Len Teeuws, by a score of 14-0. At half- time, the Frosh and Soph courts were presented, followed by exhibi- tions by the Rebel Rifles Drill Team and the Pep Band. The Soph Queen Carolyn Smith and the Frosh Queen Sandra Jacobs along with their respective courts were chosen by a footrace across the New- comb Quadrangle. The recipient of this year ' s class trophy was the Engineering Junior Class with several 2nd, 3rd. and 4th places In various Intramural events and participation in others. Walt till the ball gets there Winning Intramural Football Team Intramural champs — please refer to Henry OFFICERS AL COLE President HENRY STOUTZ Secretary BILL KAY Vice-President MR. EINAR N. PEDERSON Director The Intramural Council has as its aim the active participation of the entire male student body in campus sports. In furthering this goal, the council promoted both team and Individual sports such as football, Softball, tennis, voiley-ball. bowling, etc. and the very popular basketball round-robin. A fencing club was successfully started and the annual Frosh-Soph football game for non-varsity men was carried out with a good deal of spirit. Another accomplishment of the year was the establishment of a uniform set of football rules with the Tulane Pan-Hellenic Council for both Intramural and Pan-Hel games. Ttie Council Is composed of the Unit Mana- gers of all the classes In the University and a few specially appointed men. These mem- bers perform the many necessary duties con- nected with the sports, and also manage their class teams In competing for the trophy awarded at the end of the year to the team with the most points. The Council awarded keys to Lester Arbo, Frank De Palol, Curtis Gillespie. Bill Kay. Ted Mace. Lou Mallhes. John Murray, Budd ' y Rodrigue, Henry Stoutz, Gayle Ward, and Stone Ware. One Indication of the yearly growth of the activities Is In the fact that the budget was exceeded. Yet there are great possibilities for a much greater program, an expansion for hlch the council Is always striving. tulane intramural counci King Cole and his knights The Athlefrc Angols newcomb athletic counci OFFICERS ANNE MclNTOSH President ANN WILLIAMS Vice-President JOANNE FUTCH . . . Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS Joan Anderson, Ann Baker, Barbara Bolton, Peggy Burkenroad. CamiNe Carraway, Emily Goss, Margie Hale, Sally Kastler, Anne Kennlngton, Alice Koch. Joyce Math- es. Ellen Morris, Emily Nott, Louise Reiss, Janet Scharff, Allison Stacy, Barbara Youngs. The Newcomb Athletic Council is the governing body of the Newcomb Athletic Association. The Association is divided into four leagues according to classes — Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior. Through the four leagues. Intramural com- petition in both teams and individual sports is conducted. On the council are representatives from each class, presidents of the swimming, the dance, and the archery clubs, chairmen of the throe major sports, and captains of the four leagues. Under their guidance Intramural tourna ments are organized and the gym Is opened for recreational purposes. No member of the Athletic Association needs to feel that her efforts arc futile, because various owards ore conferred not only for skill but also for enthusiasm and participation; trophies are awarded for league victories. Individual tournament winners rocoivo awards: a felt " N " , a silver " N " pin, and a blazer jacket are proientod to those girls who hove the " ' quired number of points, compiled from 9orticipatlon. 183 the barracuda club Don ' t forget to pull off your watches, girls OFFICERS ANN BAKER President JERE JOHNSON Vice-President EMILY GOSS Secretary BARRACUDAS Jean Anderson. Joan Ansley, Ann Baker. Ann Bennett, Margaret Burn, Elolse Cappell, Emily Goss. Jere Johnson, Jean Miller, Marilyn Mo- rais, Ellen Morris, Janeth Murray, Mary Eliz- abeth Patton, Beth Stocker. BABY BARRACUDAS Phoebe Alexander, Pat Boehm, Jul!a Cherry, Julie Douglas, DIanne El lender. Penny Fox, Evelyn Jackson, Patsy Lee. Phyllis Lowry, Joan McCullough, Jan Ordorcia, Jackie Pressner, Kay Richardson. Joan Scheuermann, Ann Scott. Mary Ann Scott. Mary Settegast, Ann Shafto, Janet Sitges. Ann Stephens. Mary Frances Stubbs. Nancy Turner. Bobbie Webb. The Barracuda Swimming Club is an organi- zation composed of members who are chosen at the beginning of each semester on the basis of their swimming ability and the per- fection of their strokes. The club meets every other Wednesday in the Newcomb pool. Each spring a swimming pageant is sponsored by the club which demonstrates diving as well as water formations and variations on the regular strokes. Until a member has parti- cipated in one pageant, she Is a Baby Barra- cuda. " Water Color " was the name of the pag- eant last year and music for the numbers contained the names of the various colors of the rainbow in their titles. The finale was a ■formation to " Over the Rainbow. " Besides the annual water ballet the swimming club sponsors the Newcomb Intramural Swimming Meet and plans a program for Newcomb orientation. OFFICERS JOYCE MATHES President BABS BARTLETT Vice-President JEAN CELLI Secretary BALLERINAS Star Anderson, Rose Agnew, Babs Bart- lett. Dona Browne, Peggy Bur ken road. Jean Celli, Barbara Greenfield, Joyce Mathes, Sterling Peebles, Marion Pratt, Lorraine Saucier. CORYPHEES Cynthia Bailey, hielene Boatner, Julia Cherry, Arglra Louchls, Cynthia Robertson, Betty Robinson, Sally Striker, Shirley Tannenbaum. Sonya Trahan, Bobbie Webb, Tulle and tarleton, though important in- gredients In the making of the recital which climaxes each year ' s work, are not those which bring forth the sighs and sore muscles of Dance Club members. In the past few years choreographic training has become an Important part of Dance Club ' s program, the goal being a num- ber, a feature of each year ' s recital, composed by the group. Every Tuesday and Thursday from four until five-thirty small children, people go- ing home from labs, and assorted per- sonas campi stand, either rapt or In gig- gles, outside Newcomb ' s gymnasium win- dows watching Dance Club members struggle and slide through the lesson pre- pared for them by Miss Bush, faculty su- pervisor of the club. Future ballerinas annually become mem- bers of the club by surviving try-outs, then completing their " coryphee-ships, " or introductory period. Coryphees prov- ing worthy are voted Into the Ballerina group the day of the recital. A How graceful newcomb dance club 184 spirit ; = • . f - -y . ' n? .ij .-iry ' i g r e e n b a c k e r s OFFICERS JACK WEIL . . . President JACKIE TOMMY RS IZZINI Secrptarv JERE WELLBORN . Vice Presidenf MEMBE CARMICHAEL . . . Seraean -at-Arms • ■ • ■ j ru %jiijui iiMO Rose Agnew Barbara Cohn Tick! Green Stanley Payne Jim Van Pelt Jo Ann Ansley Tim Collins Don E. Harris Ralph Pedersen Barbara Viavant Harry Beverungen Happy Davis Peggy Hover Marion Pratt Jackie VIzzini Ed Bondurant Julie Douglas John Howard Alberta Retiff John Wall Lorraine Bottger Walter Entrekin Jim Humphreys Janet Scharff Jack Watters Norwood Brown Corky Estabrook Jules Lizaraqa Pat Schwartz Jack Weil Bruce Burglass Peter Feringa Nancy Marler Ethel Shops Jere Wellborn Camille Caraway Peggy Flowers Mike Marx Stanley Sims Paul Welty Tommy Carmlchael Sue Fox Sue Maynard Frances Smith Don WIederecht Black Chaffe Shorty Fraenkel Cecil Morgan Herb Thurber Ann Williams Julia Cherry Shirley Fred Ellen Morris George Irishman George Winn Pat Clesi Buddy George Mary Myers Ann Ulmer Harriet Wren Sally Coco Emily Goss Pep up with Greenbackers Greenbackers was the group +his year most Instru- mental in the furthering of spirit here at Tulane. The members of this organization, all spirit-minded students, are elected on the basis of ability and desire to con- tribute to the organization and campus life. Through the efforts of the students and Greenbacker members springs the drive and spirit of the student body. The Friday night preceding each football game Green- backers puts on a pep rally outside of the athletic dor- mitory, after holding a big bonfire at the stadium. The coaches and captains are called for by the thousands of thundering voices to predict the outcome of the next day ' s game. Twice during the season, shirt-tail pa- rades were held downtown following the pep rally and the entire student body marched wildly over the Canal Street area shouting Tulane chants. The weekend of the L.S.U. game Greenbackers sponsored almost continuous pep rallies there in Baton Rouge. During the basketball season a new spirit was developed with the Greenbacker- devised cheering section and pep band. At the close of the season a basketball players honors night was spon- sored by Greenbackers, and the captains were presented keys to the city. Although these are its most obvious functions Green- backers also distributes the freshman beanies, sponsors sorority skit night, and helps out the university in any way it can. 186 tusk OFFICERS BUDDY BRINKMANN President ELSA TAYLOR TOMMY RYAN Vice-President JOYCE GILTHORPE WALTER LEE Parllarrentarian MEMBERS Henry Andressen Don Collins Kendrlck Holie Nancy Liljensieln Cynthia Bailey Marcia Davis Marie Hamel Ann Lingan Max BarneH Charlie Dicks Evelyn Jackson Melvin Mathes Sabs Barfleit Merce Emerson Wally Jacobs Pat McCabe Ann Bennett Elinor Finley Harold Lambert Stan Muller Bob Breger Nat Galloway Tom Leach Fred Phillips Buddy Brinkmann Joyce Gilthorpe Don Lee Jo Ramos Nanette Carr Shirley Haddock Walter Lee Jackie Rauch Bill Catching Bill Horan Bob Levlne Susan Raynaud Mickey Church Bradford Holle Austin Lindsey Donna Reese A! Cole Corresponding Secretary , . . Recording Secretary Hlldred Runyan Tommy Ryan Peggy Sloan Earl Sonnier Chester Stokley Henry Stoutz Lucy Strain Elsa Taylor Margaret Ann Turfitt George Winn O i TUSK had an active year planning new pep-rallies, making new shakers and novelties for the football games, and painting new slogans to encourage the team. TUSK and Greenbackers worked hand In hand spon- soring many activities. Both organizations joined forces and put their ideas over in a big way. TUSK worked alone for the Homecoming game with the Idea of the coffin and flowers. When the pep-rally started, we joined Greenbackers in running around town displaying school spirit. Football season was our biggest time, because it was hard to do anything special for basketball games due to the fact that there were so many games played in each week. Even then, signs and posters and a jai7 band gave our boys a helping hand. TUSK accepted twenty new members In the beginning of the year and sixteen at the end. This year has shown wonderful spirit and unity. Everyone wants Tulane to be regarded as the best, and through Spirit Organizations, outsiders, especially New Orleanians and people from op- posing teams can realize what the Tulanians really are do- ing. You can ' t let your teams down — keep spirit high —join in the fun and work with the TULANE UNIVER- SITY SPIRIT KLUB. 187 cheerleaders Let ' s give a big Hullabaloo! During +he 1951-52 school year, the Cheerleaders were most active at the football and basketball gannes and at the Friday night pep-rallies and shirt- tail parades. The enthusiastic spirit of the students prevailed throughout the entire year and was nnost effective at the Tulane-LSU game, where students, faculty members, alums and Cheerlead- ers yelled together every minute of the game. ' Twas great! Some of the Cheerleaders traveled with the team to Oxford. Mississippi for the Tulane-Ole Miss game and followed it to Nashville, Tennessee where Tulane beat Vanderbllt In the snow. Of course, all Cheerleaders went to the LSU game at Baton Rouge and cheered their hearts out. The clan this year was headed by Jacl;le Vizzini, a veteran of four years, and George Winn, assistant head Cheer- leader. Frank McDonnell performed his usual clever tumbling tricks while Bob Breger and Beth Stocker, new varsity leaders added much to the vivaclousness of the group. Freshmen Cheerleaders Mike Marx from Bogalusa, Louisiana and cute iri Ann Ulmer from Columbus, Mis- sissippi gave their all to making this a really gratifying year for the Cheer- leaders. OFFICERS JOHN FOURNET President JACK LOWMAN Vice-President ED STACY Secretary ALAN ADAMS Treasurer DR. KARLAM RIESS . . .Faculty Advisor MEMBERS Alan Adams, Woodruff Banks, Bob Bou- dreau, Gordon Brown, Bob Bruce. Harry Burglass, Ranny Cox. Buddy DI Boll, Tom Farmer. Lockwood Fell, John Fournet, Jim Humphreys, Dan Hurley, L. R. Jalenak, Douglas Joubert, Harvey Karsh, Charles LeCorgne, Armand Legend re, Jack Leh- man, Buddy Lorio, Bob Mclntyre, Sam Maclin, Mort Madoff, Clarence Martin, Cecil Morgan, Jim Owens, John Poltevent, Buddv Rodrigue. Leo Rods, Joe Ross, Gordon Saussy, Ed Stacy, Sam Strauss, Clay Talbot. Jim Van Pelt, Hunter Wag- ner, Jere Wellborn. Paul Winder, Ed Zal- ta, Bobby Zetzmann. Adelphons is an interfraternlty fraternity founded at Tulane in 1949 to promote In- terfraternity relations and spirit, to_ further cooperation between the University and the Greek letter organizations and to serve the school. The first of these obiectlves is acconn- pllshed by the very nature of the organi- zation since its membership is made up of representatives from all the national social fraternities on the campus. Meetings are held every two weeks at different _ frater- nity houses, affording each fraternity op- portunity to meet and make new friends among the others. Adelphons have served the school at such functions as the University Convoca- tion. At Christmas it coordinated many of the Greek letter organizations, seeking through the purchase of clothes, to bring Christmas Into the homes of many needy families. Along the social lines, the Adelphons have had during the last year, cocktail parties, picnics, and beer parties. Looka da white sholts adelphons 188 MEMBERS ' esb;t Coltharp. Phil Laborde, Walter Mott, J. P. Barrece. Richard Johnson, James Stokes, Richard Kellog. Charles Thompson, Francis Guinle. Mayer Hyman. Don Mackenroth, Har- old Bret; Bill Hess, Ernie Weiner, Herb Thurber. The Pep band, which is made up of members of ihe Tuiane Univerity Band ptays at all the pep rallies and the mair home basketball aames. This year it also played at the Tuiane- L. S. U. freshman game, thrilling the spectators with its half-time show, and also at the Fresh- man-Sophomore football game. For the first time in Its history, the pep band traveled to play at an away basketball game, going up to Baton Rouge for the second Tulane-L S, U. game, marking the first time that a band has played for an L. S. U. basketball game. pep band And now for a little music - i Put your best foot torward white caps o:r- CE?.s INELL MANNING President VIRGINIA VALLE Vice-President E. ARLINE WINCHESTER . . .Secretary JOANNA CORBEAU Treasurer MILDRED LAHASKY .Publicity Chairman ANNE ALLEN . . . .Publicity Chairman MISS FRANCES BUSH . . Faculty Advisor MEMBERS Iris Acquistapace, Anne Allen, Joanna Corbeau, Nell Eastland, Ethel Gabriel, Elizabeth Anne Haeuser. Marilyn Rose Kassel, Mary Marie Kolovos, Emily Eliz- abeth Lackey. Mildred Lahasky, Gllda Lavigne, Dotty McCabe, Inell Man- ning, Jean Morgan. Joan Cecelia Men- cndez, Betty Minuet. Eleanor Margaret Moore. Marge Catherine Rauch. Mickie Carol Setel. Betty Jane Trosclair. Vir- ginia Valle, E. Arlinc Winchester. The purpose of the White Cops is to foster school spirit by co-operat- ing v ith other organizations on the campus and by v orking with the band sometimes during half-time at football games. Each sorority is al- lowed a number of members whom Iho sororities select. Non-sorority ' )irls are invited fo join by potilion- ing the executive committee. 189 features m id A bobble webb ;i»i,: MISS PAULINE TULANE I midJ bar bur a be In bcirtleti : Z t! m id 6 Janice blach man ■ ■ ' ' ' % » m id 5 lean ceiii miJd em ill f unn clee5 de !»s ?T ' ' r 1 fni3 3 iunn williamd " :! . _ - ■ ■- midd dLddu areenS (it " favorites JOAN MORRISON and ELEANOR FRANCISCO favorites BILLIE HARPER and POLLY JEAN PHELPS KATHLEEN KING favorites JANET SCHARFF and COOKIE PATTON favorites SHIRLEY HADDOCK ond ALICE KOCH y : .-j A . m NANNETTE CARR ■r T . „ V 1 ' k 7r " »i ■ " fM IhMumA9 i 1 . : the hall of FRANK STICH First semester President of ODK TOM FARMER President of Tau Beta Pi JACK SCHNEIDER Merrber of AOA and President of Nu Sigma JERE WELLBORN Vice-President of the Student CouncI WALTER WARD President of Phi Delta Theta and Delta Sigma Pi JACK WEINMANN President of the Student Council fame ••.-• LEO ROOS Chairman of Freshman Orientation DON WIEDERECHT Active Engineering Student MAX BARNETT President of Pan American Society, Interna- tional Relations Club, and Society for Ad- vancement of Management. SHEP PLEASANTS Second semester President of ODK TOMMY RYAN Business Manager of the Jambalaya PETE MOLLIS President of Phi Chi hall of fame GEORGE WINN Cheerleader and Chairman of Campus Carnival BUDDY BRINKMANN President of TUSK BOB THOMPSON Editor of the Jambalaya JOE CROSSLEY Editor of the Hullabaloo WALTER LEE Active participant In choral work JACK WEIL President of Green backers ♦.vww. ii ' ik jr ' i rtii C(mpuus r..m f y ' i mS: -■ . •■.■• " •f. t ' 1 eadership counci Blily the Kid THE EXECUTIVE BOARD BILL GREGORY President TONY LOWE Vice-President (First Semester) JACK WEIL Vice-President (Second Semester) ALICE KOCH Recording Secretary BILLIE HARPER. . .Corresponding Secretary SHEP PLEASANTS Honorary BOB LEVINE Music and Dramatics ANNETTE RUCKSTUHL Pan-Hellenic BOB HASKELL Professional HARRY BEVERUNGEN Publications ED BONDURANT Religious GEORGE WINN Spirit DON HARRIS Miscellaneous DOSITE PERKINS Member at large JERE WELLBORN Member at large HENRY STOUTZ Member at large ESTHER GILBERT Member at large COURTNEY ESTABROOK . . Member at large According to the newly-revised con- stitution of the Leadership Council, the organization is made up of the pres- idents or representalives of all student organizations on the Tulane cannpus and has as its purpose the promotion of closer cooperation and coordination of effort among the various student organi- zations on campus by making recom- mendations to the Student Council and all member groups. The Leadership Council is governed by an Executive Board made up of the officers and elected representatives from ihe follow- ing categories: honorary, musical, and dramatic, Pan hiellenic, professional, pub- lications, religious, spirit, and miscellane- ous. There are also five elected members- at-large. New interest in the Leadership Coun- cil and the new authority granted it by ihe Student Council have promised a more active and meaningful Leadership Council for ihe future. This organization is comparatively new on the campus, but it Is progressing actively. OFFICERS HAROLD J. ROUNDTREE . . . .Speaker JAMES F. MOONEY. . . .Vice Speaker JOYCE A. WENT . . . Secretary-Treasurer JOSEPH FITZPATRICK . . Parliamentarian MEMBERS Philip R. Allen. Philip Bacaro. Jerry R. Brooks, Luis E. Cardenas. Joseph Fitzpat- rick, Carlos Giron, Robert Liles. James Mooney. Nathan Popkin, Harold J. Round- tree. Ewell Walther, Joyce Went, Herbert Weil, Jr., Wayne Woody, Edward Wright. The purpose of the Glendy Burke Liter- ary and Debating Society of Tulane Is to foster interest in literary and forensic ac- tivities. In keeping with this purpose Glendy Burke selects and trains the inter- collegiate debaters of Tulane, presents in- teresting lectures, holds public forums on vital topics, and presents public debates on the campus. In addition Glendy Burke also administers a number of debating, oratorical and literary prizes among which are the Glendy Burke Medal for oratory, the George Prize for achievement In de- bating, the Carnot Medal for proficiency in a debate on French politics, and the George H. Terriberry Prize for excellence in public speaking. Glendy Burke has a long and a distin- guished history as one of Tulane ' s best or- ganizations; in fact, it Is Tulane ' s oldest social organization. In 1948. three years after the eleven-year-old Medical College of Louisiana changed its name to the University of Louisiana. Glendy Burke, a contemporary of Paul Tulane, endowed the university with a fund for the establish- ment of a prize in elocution. Ever since then a student literary and forensic pro- gram has been perpetuated at Tulane, since 1880, by the formally organized Glendy Burke Society. Wanna argue? glendy burke 234 OFFICERS JERE WELLBORN President PHYLLIS EMLINS Secretary WALTER LEE Sergeant-at-Arms a g n I a p p e s MEMBERS Betsy Boisfontaine, Ed Bondurani-, Ted Broek- man. Buddy Brlnkmann, Harry Beverungen, Joan Burlingame. Nannette Carr, Eloise Cap- pel. Barbara Cohn. Happy Davis, Shorty Fraenkel, Shirley Fred, Richard Gear, Buddy George, Don Gordillo. Shirley Ha.ddock, Ma- rie Hamel, Ann Holbrook. Dick Howe, Jim Humphreys. Jere Johnson. Walter Lee, Nancy Lilienstein. Andrea Livaudais, Cecil Morgan, Buzzy Northrop, Polly Jean Phelps, Joe Pitts, Buddy Rodrigue, Mary Beth Selby, Earl Son- nier, Etsa Taylor, Jack Weinmann. Paul Welty. Lagniappes began the 1951 year with a bang by having a very spirited and friendly Fresh- man Dance. Right after the dance nnany new members were elected in order that Lag- niappes could make the campus events they sponsor more successful, and they were. Our former student stomps were converted into larger dances which were thoroughly enjoyed by all during the various holiday seasons. Homecoming was a Lagniappe sponsored event and attended by hundreds at the Munic- ipal Auditorium, dancing to the music of Hal Mclntyre. Through cooperation between the members and school authorities and the active participation of the student body Lagniappes had one of its most successful years. Arthur Murray ' s Protegees Not satisfied with relations just on campu:.? international relations club OFFICERS MAX BARNETT, JR President STANLEY L. FRANCIS. . .Vice-President SAMUAL R. DUNBAR .Secretary-Treasurer WALLY GOEDECKE. . . .Corresponding Secretary EDWIN J. CAPLAN Historian ROBERT A. ABBEY .... Faculty Advisor MEMBERS Eulalle Adams, B. Allen, Joan Anderson, Nell Austin, Edgar A. Ballen, Samuel H. Barnes, Mike Bearden, Jack Bempord, R. T. Bergeron, George A. Berry, Alec Blanche. Frank Blue, Gousi Bose. Pra- vin N. Budtt, Edwin J. Caplan, Charles K. Casey, Frank Comes, Ralph O. Dorrls, Lorraine Lu vol sin, Brian J. Elfer. Charles K. Fasey, Charles K. Fontenot, John Four- net, Stanley L. Francis. David Lee Gilles- pie, Irvin N. Greene, Lurilla Harris, Eu- gene Hart. Ike Hawkins, James Hay, Floyd Henzel. Robert Husband, Alfred Hyrrian, Thomas Kohn, Don Konuck, M. R. Fried- man, Ursula Goedecke, Wally Goedecke, Donald Katz, John J. Kelleher, Donald King, Charles LeonI, Byron Levlne, Lee Levey, John Lowry, Lewis Lisook, Ray Mc- Bride, Melvin Mathes. Don Mayer, Jerome Meckler, Louis Mey. Bea S. Olsen. J. R. Pounds, John Powers, David Pratt, Anne puinn, Carlos L. Reddoch, Bill Reming- ton, June Schaefer. Fred R. Shrinka, Mari- anne Sprinkle, Jack Spelgel, Dlmltri Sty- llanopoulos, Tommy Tee pies. Joanne Tor- anella, Ruth Stobouqh, Jim Thompson, Monte Von Rosenberg. Hans Weill. The International Relations Club Is t_hc Tulane Chopter of the American Associa- tion of International Relations Clubs. Its mo in objective Is to further international understonding ond uphold the Idcols and statutes of the United Nations. The organization enjoys a vorled pro- gram including scheduling distinguished speakers; conducting extensive tours of the horbor, rosoorch InstHulos, and gov- ernment ond trade buildings; otoginq on annual United Nations Day Banquet celo- braltnt Unlled Nations Week ond ot- tf.-ndnfJ by rnony dignitorJcs. 235 pan american society Let ' s go boating ! OFFICERS MAX BARNETT, JR President EDWIN J. CAPLAN t Vice-President SAMMY R. DUNBAR Corresponding Secretary YOLANDA MANAUTOU Recording Secretary EMILIO RODRIGUEZ Historion MEMBERS Gerhart Allgaier, Dr. Zilton A. Andrade, Max Barnett, Jr.. Edchard Boedch. Edwin J. Cap- Ian, Luis £. Cardenas. Raul H. Davila. Sammy R. Dunbar, Volker Eschrlch, Stanley Francis, Alfred Hyman, Maurice Katz. Bismark Leal, Toro Leal, Luis C. Leao, Peter N. Linstedt, Yolanda Manautou, George Palmer, Ana Lisa Pineda, Emillo Rodriguez, Couri Rose, Dr. Ya- suo Takano, Bobbie Webb, Rena+e E. Woh- lert J. H. Wong, Rita Wristers, William L. S. Wu. The Pan American Society is a campus-wid? organization dedicated to promoting a closer association of all the students of the Americas. Among their activities is an elaborate fiesla where an interesting and varied program Is presented, paralleling as nearly as possible the fiestas of old Spain. In celebrating Pan American Week, a number of programs and socials, ranging from a style show to a ban- quet, are customarily held each year. To permit the students to get acquainted. this past year ' s activities began with a smok- er in the Sun Room of the Student Centc. Another activity was a harbor trip of the Port of New Orleans on the Good Neighbor, a beautiful pleasure yacht. . To further the member ' s understanding of the different countries In the Western Hemi- sphere, a number of outstanding speakers and educational movies were presented. Any Tulane or Newcomb student Interested in these activities may belong to the society. OFFICERS AARON ROSEN .... ANDREW RINKER . . . CLEMENT AL COLE, JR. JACK ESKENAZI . . . JAMES GREENBAUM . . LEE KAHN LEVY .... DUDLEY R. SMOLEN . . . . . President . Vice-President .... Treasurer Corr. Secretary . Rec. Secretary . . . . Historian . Past President MEMBERS Max Barnett, Jr., Bert A. Benowitz, Joel H. Beyer, Jr., Ronald J. Block, Merle F. Brown. Warren E. Brown, Edwin J. Cap- Ian, Clement Al Cole, Jr., Louis A. Del- horn. Samuel Dunbar, Ralph O. Dorris, Jack ' Eskenazi, Jules J. Gervais, Jr., Arthur Gilbert, James Greenbaum, Melvyn F. Kossover, Julius L. Levy, Jr., Lee Kahn Levy, Austin M. Lindsay, Andrew Rinker, Aaron Rosen, Bernard Segaloff, ttoward Siegal, Dudley R. Smolen, Paulin A. Trim, Warren S. Tucker, Jr., Louis Vergne, Ernest L. Weiner, William Zisi. Dedicated to unselfish service, friend- ship, and the promotion of leadership. Alpha Phi Omega is the largest fraternity in the world, accounting for well over two hundred chapters. Though approved by the National Council of the Boy Scouts of America as the official college service or- ganization for Scouts and former Scouts, A ' PO is a self-governing and self-support- ing fraternity, crossing al! lines of honor- ary, social and professional fraternities and welcoming into active participation members of other campus organizations. Fraternity social affairs, campus and com- munity service activities provide enjoy- ment and personal advantages that con- tribute to the successful fulfillment of Alpha Phi Omega ' s vital roll on the Tulane Campus. Look at all the sport coats alpha phi omega 236 STAFF ESTHER GILBERT Editor MALCOM FORSYTH .... Associate Editor MARY GILBERT Associate Editor SHIRLEY GRAU . . . .Graduate Editor JANE DOGGETT Art Editor DOROTHY MAHICE Art Editor EDITORIAL BOARD Paula Beaver. Dick Bradford, Joan Burlingame. Doris Catin, Ann Kennington, Lee Levy. John Magyar, Susan Reynaud, Marvin Rauthenburg, Marian Siegman. Jack Weil. FACULTY ADVISORS Robert Manson Myers, John Henry Stlbbs. " Carnival " comes in March. October. De- cember, and May. The literary magazine of Tulane University, it combines Mardi Gras exurberance and Ash Wednesday sobriety. Each thirty-two page Issue of fiction, poetry and criticism may range in subject matter from springtime love to the Intellectual thrill of reading Donne, to the hardships of being a French Poodle. This school season, its fourlh year of publication. " Carnival " sallied forth »n a brand new costume, featuring a new cover design, single column make-up, illustra- tions and " Billboard " (Carnival ' s department of literary gossip, and " Letters To The Ed i- tors " ). The staff consists of six editors, and an edi- torial board of twelve, and three faculty ad- visors; their duties Including reading and judging manuscripts [submitted by University students), a proofreading, copy-editing, make- up, and selling. With the incentive of a yearly increasing subscription list, " Carnival " looks forward to its fifth year of providing an outlet for the best of student-produced literature. c a r n I V a Mardi Gras? " ' ' U Freedom of the Press publications board OFFICERS JERE WELLBORN Chairman MARY ELIZABETH RATION . . Secretary MEMBERS Don Carson. Joe Crossley, Esther Gilbert, Mary Gilbert, Robert Hess, Cookie Patton, Thomas Ryan, Robert Thompson. Jere Wellborn, Robert Zeleny. The primary purpose of the pub- lications board Is the supervision and election of editors and business man- agers of all campus publications. The JAMBALAYA, the " Hullabaloo, " the " Carnival " and the " Wave " are un- der the jurisdiction of this 9-member council. The board consists of these members: Editor and Business Man- ager of the JAMBALAYA, Editor and Business Manager of the " Hulla- baloo, " Editor of the " Carnival, " President or Vice-President of the Student Council, elected member of the Student Council, officers of two graduating classes from any of the colleges, and a representative of Theto Nu honorary journalism frater- nity. The President or Vice-President of the student council acts as presi- dent of the board. 237 THE ALL-AMERICAN JOE CROSSLEY Editor Family Portrait EDITORIAL STAFF JOE CROSSLEY Editor BOBZELENEY Managing Editor FRANCISCO PAREDES Copy Editor HARRY BEVERUNGEN News Editor NATE COHEN Sports Editor LOUISE STAGS Feature Editor JERRY ROSEN Cartoonist AARON KRAMER Cartoonist BETTY KARALFY Society Editor PRISCILLA FLEMING Editorial Assistant DON BAILEY Editorial Assistant ELLIOT EVANS Editorial Assistanf hu a Highlights of the 47th Volume of the Ail-American Tulane hlullabaloo were two successful campaigns con- ducted by Editor Joe Crossley and his staff. Early in the year the hHulla broke the news that LSU students were only charged $1.25 for the 1950 Wave- Tiger tussle and demanded that the Tulane price of $5 be reduced. The result was a $2.05 refund. The cafeteria was the object of the tHulla ' s other cru- sade. Through a series of editorials and stories criticizing Bruff Commons, the " Hullabaloo, " with the cooperation of the student council, advocated and got an investigat- ing committee which looked into the students ' complaints. The result — improved food and prices for hungry Tula- nians. Other 1951-52 events which made Hulla headlines were: the $2 million endowment fund drive; the campus Blood Drive; the election of Joan Morrison as homecom- ing queen; George Swaim ' s election as Student Body president; and, biggest of all, Henry Frnka ' s resignation as Greenie football coach and his replacement by " Bear " Wolf. The sports page followed the fortunes of the Greenie teams and announced Davis Cupper Ham Richardson ' s enrollment here. How ' bout the tattoo? baloo Big moment on the editorial page was the " Sacred Cow " editorial which brought bouquets and brickbats ga- lore. Other editorial subjects were football deemphasiza- tion, Senator Joe McCarthy, the Bookstore, basketball scandals and everything else from flowers to politics. Editor Crossley and his managing editor. Bob Zeleny, got their copy from News Editor hiarry Beverungen. The headlines were written by Chito Paredes with the help of Don Bailey. Nate Cohen " Scoop ed the Greenies " this year on the sports page with the help of Ed Tunstall, who left the Hulla staff to become Tulane ' s sports pub- licity director. The feminine interest was provided by the " Cajun Kid " Priscilla Fleming, who was assistant news editor; Louise Stagg, who wrote features all year; and Betty Kiralfy, who covered the " Social Lights and Shadows. " Jerry Rosen and Ronnie Kraemer did the art work. On the business side, Don Carson handled the funds with the help of circulation manager Mary Myers and her staff of " newshawks. " Added note: The hlulla had a baby all its own this year when Mrs. Joe Crossley, nee Mary Krebs, who was news editor on the 1950-51 paper, presented her husband with a six-pound girl in May. No doubt inspired by some " Letter to the Editor " DON CARSON Business Manager Dear Miss Dix BUSINESS STAFF DON CARSON Business Manager MARY MYERS Circulation Manager GEORGE WINN Assistant Circulation Manager WALTER KROPF Circulalion Assistant PAUL ROSSANO Circulation Assistant ETHEL SHORE Circulation Assistant DICK JACARUSO Circulation Assistant PHOEBE DARBY Circulation Assistant 1952 Bob Thompson, Editor Buddy Brinlcmann, Associate Editor Barbara Cherry, Associate Editor jambalaya Before anything else, the yearbook staff must solve that Inevitable prob- lenn of planning the JAMB so that It will be distinctly different from its predecessors and yet at the same time record those never-changing ac- tivities and organizations on campus. The 1952 JAMBALAYA, therefore, selected as its theme one that might solve this perplexing situation — the nine month school year. Complete with the year ' s events and Incidents, we add a new touch — calendar girls typical of each month, September through May. Now, combining a new theme In the contents and Ross Mur- rell ' s " atomic age " cover, we hope the layout of the JAMB will provide that hereditary splash of variation from Its ancestors. Photography by Wallace Studios consisted of the class, fraternities and beauty sections. All other pictures — those fascinating action shots were taken by Armand Bertin of Tulane Photo Service. Mr. Bertln did a com- mendable job In his coverage of all campus events by himself, while in the past he was aided by paid assistants. Editorial staffwork, a seemingly never-ending project, consisted of typ- ing, filing pictures, making panels, proofreading, sending material to the engraver and printer, then more typing. The Business staff is made up of people v ho sell JAMBS, contact organizations for paid space and secure advertisements. Both staffs worked tirelessly this year, for which the Editor and Business Manager bow their grateful heads. STAFF .MEMBERS Phoebe Alexander Jack Bailey Martha Blenvenu Ronald Block Cynthia Braswell Andrea Brlant Terryl Brooks Bob Brumfield Don Caraway Janice Cohen Ann Cushing Beverly Craig Charles Dante Phoebe Darby Elinor Finley Florence Flowers Donald Gordillo James Greenbaum Isabel Guthrie Anne Hastings Barbara Hecker Hettie Henderson Kay Henry Mary Hooten Billy Horan Garland Houch Esther Hunt Carol Kaplan Kathleen King Tom Leach Mickey Lehman Marilyn Levy Nancy Liljensteln Ann Lingan Melvin Mathes Myrtle McPhail Donna Jo Miesse Joan Miramon Sandra Pellen Tad Phillips Lee Ann Robertson Jimmie Schexnayder Ann Shafto Ann Sherman Ethel Shope BipsI Sllln Peggy Sloan Frances Smith Earl Sonnier Ann Stephens Ruth Stobaugh Peggy Strauss Sally Striker Monte von Rosenberg Hans Weill Taffy Wilson The two best guys and friend f Wlh ELEANOR FRANCISCO JACK WEIL SHORTY FRAENKEL NANNETTE CARR Editor Tulane Associate Editor STAFF ROBERT £. THOMPSON . . , REGINALD R. BRINKMANN, JR BARBARA CHERRY Newcomb Associate Editor JACK WEIL . - Tulane Assistant Editor ELEANOR FRANCISCO Newcomb Assistant Editor SHORTY FRAENKEL Tulane Organizations Editor NANNETTE CARR Newcomb Organizations Editor AL COLE . . Publicity Manager MICKEY CHURCH Sports Editor MARY MYERS Sorority Editor GEORGE WINN Fraternity Editor ELSA TAYLOR . . Photography Editor JERE WELLBORN Beauty Contest Manager ALINE STOUSE Typing Editor FRANCES SMITH Art Editor BOB BRUCE . Caption Editor DR. JOHN HUBBARD ... Faculty Advisor THOMAS E. RYAN ... . . Business Manager ALBERT MERIC ... . . Organizations Manager ANNE HOLBROOK Office Manager PATSY WEIL Advertising Manager HENRY STOUTZ Layout Manager JULES DAVIDSON Assistant HARRY ALLEN Assistant WALTER WARD Assistant Can we put down French Opera House as an activity? PAISY WEIL Thomas E. Ryan, Business Manager Albert Moric, Organizations Manager interf aith counci Let ' s all face fhe camera OFFICERS ED BONDURANT Kresident MIKE BEARDEN Vice-President MARGARET ANN TURFITT. . Rec. Secretary ANNE VARRINO. .Corresponding Secretary MEMBERS Baptist Student Union; Mariln Milllken, Miss Mary Lee Vines (Advisor). Canterbury Ci ' ub; Gordon Jones, Rev, John M, Allen (Advisor). Channing Club; Effie Perkins, Joe Kirschner. Christian Science Organization; Maurice Bour- geios, Bob V eaver, Mrs. C. L. Coates (Ad- visor). Disciples Student Fellowship; John Howard. Barbara Pelton, Rev. E. V. Russell, (Advisor), Gamma Delta; Louis Orth. Hiilel Foundation; Meyer Nelkin. Gilda Lavigne, Mr. Zolly Levin (Advisor). Newman Club; Argi Lago, George Palmer, Rev. J. T. Benedicf, (Advisor) Wesley Foundation; Stanley Sims, V ade Surnside, Mrs. J. G. Pollard (Advisor). Westminster Fellowship; Marsha Davis, Rev. R, E. Cogswell (Advisor). Faculty Advisor; Miss Fannie Raine Russ. The Interf aith Council at Tulane is a group made up of representatives from the ten re- ligious organizations on Tulane campus, and has as its main purpose to unite the various faiths for action on common issues and activ- ities. The major obiectives of the Interfaith council are: to bring about a greater stress on religious participation as a vital part of campus life; to promote a greater under- standing and tolerance of other faiths and de- nominations; and to interest students in be- coming active in the religious organization of their faith or denomination. The Interfaith Council ' s main events are Religious Orienta- tion and Religious Emphasis Week. In Relig- ious Orientation the new students are Intro- duced to the Religious activities of the cam- pus, and during Religious Emphasis Week they are shown the importance of religion on the campus through Convocations, Exhibits, Devo- tionals, and by sending speakers to sorority and fraternity meetings. The theme for 1952 was " Faith above Fear. " OFFICERS ARCHIE M. SUTHON, JR. . Senior Warden ANN QUIN Junior Warden ANNE VARINO Secretary HORACE VALLAS Treasurer REV. JOHN M. ALLIN Chaplain The Canterbury Association is composed of Episcopal college stu- dents in the city of New Orleans, and offers a warm welcome to other students who may wish +o share In the Association ' s activities. Episcopal students are automatically members of the Association by right of their membership In the Church. The As- sociation ' s membership numbers some four hundred students. Canterbury hfouse is fhe " official center " for Episcopal students and the residence of the Chaplain. It includes a Chapel, providing regular services for students. The Canterbury Forum and Sunday afternoon teas are regular weekly features at the Student Center. The Association is organized under a Student Chapter, composed of representatives from the various schools and dormitories. They flunked Latin canterbury club 242 OFFICERS BOB WEAVER President RUTH POSTATE Vice-President HAROLD LEVEY . . . Corresponding Secretary SHIRLEY LEVEY Recording Secretary NORMAN TILDEN Treasurer christian science organization The Christian Science Organization at the Tulane University of Louisiana was formed in December, 1943, and Is au- thorized by the Manual of the Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Sci- entist, in Boston Massachusetts. Regular weekly testimonial meetings are held on the campus, and each year the Organi- zation sponsors a lecture by an author- ized member of The Board of Lecture- ship of the Mother Church. Students and faculty members are welcome at the meetings and lectures. The purposes of this Organization are to unite the Christian Scientists within the University In closer bonds of Christ- ian fellowship: to welcome Christian Sci- entists entering the University; and to afford the entire University the opportu- nity to learn the truth about Christian Science as taught in the Christian Sci- ence Textbooks, the Bible, and " Science and Health with Keys to the Scriptures " by Mary Baker Eddy, the discoverer and founder of Christian Science. Someone lend Bob a tie Girli in front, boys behind gamma delta OFFICERS LOUIS ORTH President BILL UELSMANN Vice-President RHODA SCHMIDT . . . . Corr. Secretary LILLIAN STEWART . . . Rec. Secretary PHILIP ZEIGLER Treasurer MEMBERS Irene Anderson, Eugene Chee. John Cole- man, Jimmy Daniels, Arthur Dauer, Beverly Gonzales . Erling Hansen, Judith Hansen, George Helfrlch, Walter Link, Argiro Lou- chis. Sue Oppliger, Louis Orth, Fred Robltschek, Rhoda Schmidt, Lillian Stew- art, Bill Uelsmann, Philip Zeigler, Rev. Paul G. Bretscher The objectives of Gamma Delta, the In- ternational Association of Lutheran Stu- dents, are two fold: the promotion of Christian knowledge and the promotion of Christian Service among Lutherans. Alpha Upsllon, the Tulane and New- comb chapter, holds meetings on the first and third Tuesdays of every month In the Tulane Cafeteria at five o ' clock. At these meetings the pastoral advisor pre- sents religious topics and conducts dis- cussions on Bible topics. At least once a month Alpha Upsllon has a social funtlon. During the post year the chapter sponsored a city-wlde supper, and a square dance In addiiton to welnor roasts, picnics, and a got-together supper for new students. Chapter traditions in- clude a Founder ' s Day Banquet, and Chapter attendance at the Reformation Day Service held by the Now Orleans Lutheran Churches. 243 h i 1 1 e I foundation Nol- enough chairs OFFICERS SONNY WILLie President DAVID SEELIS Vice-President DEBBIE REDLER Secretary STANLEY SAPERSTEIN Treasurer During the past year the Hiilel Foun- dation, organization for jhe purpose of furthering religious and social activities for Jewish youth on the Tulane Cannpus, had an extensive and successful pro- gram. Speakers addressed the member- ship frequently on interesting topics. Religious services were held throughout the year, the highlight of which was a model passover sedar. Once during the year Hiilel conducted services at a local synagogue. Much of the success of ihe first Religious Emphasis Week was due to the cooperation and hard of the Hii- lel members. But on the lighter side was Hillel ' s outstanding social program. It was com- prised of many and varied dances, par- ties, and costume affairs all of which provided excellent diversion for ihe members of the Hlllei Foundation. OFFICERS GEORGE J. PALMER. JR President INELL MANNING Vice-President ALECE BLANCHE Secretary ARTHUR DeFRAITES. JR. . . .Treasurer HARRY OSMENT Marshal The Newman Club of Tulane Uni- versity Is a club of Catholic religious, intellectual and social activities. Membership is open to all Catholic students on the campus. Main religious events were Days of Recollection, Communion Breakfasts every month, Manresa Retreat, and weekly Mass and Communion. Four classes were sponsored in Apologetics, Psychology, Theology, and Epistemology each week by the Newman Club. Guest speakers were chosen to explain timely Issues; other attractions during the year were fo- rums and discussions. Newman ' s major annual forum was this year on Marriage and Courtship and was the most successful ever. Regular social events were picnics, fishing parties, dances and teas. The large finale was a formal near the end of the year. The club maintained a mailing list of 1200 who received regularly the seven publications of the club News and ftandbook, keeping Catholics abreast of every club activity. Those Newcomb gals always have their books n e w m a n c I u 244 OFFICERS STANLEY SIMS President CHARLES HANCOCK Vice-President HARRIET WREN Secretary TOMMY CARMICHAEL Treasurer Wesley foundation The Tulane-Newcomb Wesley Founda- tion is the Merhodisf Student Orqanlza- tion on the campus. Its nnain objectives are to provide for the spiritual, moral and social needs of Methodist students and to develop a group on the campus In which Tndividuals mutually strengthen one another In Christian living through experiences in creative worship and wholesome recreation. Its chief activities are three weekly meetings. Two of these are noonday de- votional services which are " Time-Apart " periods for spiritual refreshing and are ied by the students. The third and major activity is the Thursday afternoon pro- gram meeting. At this time outside speakers bring informational and Inspira- tional messages pertaining to the -Reld of religion. Also a full program of recreation Is carried on which always features fun, food, and fellowship. The Wesley Foundation has enjoyed a hearty growth this year with an active membership of 125. Somebody forgot to say cheese Whaf ' i Hank up in the «ir for? Westminster fellowship OFFICERS MARCIA DAVIS President KENNETH REGENOS . . . .Vice-President HENRY STOUTZ Secretary DICK WELLS Treasurer Helping students maintain a qood balance between school, social and spiritual life is the aim of the West- minster Fellowship, the organization on the campus for all Presbyterian students. In way of achieving this ob- jective, the Fellowship has had a stu- dent-professor discussion series, cul- minating in the second Student-Fac- ulty Banquet. Meetings are held every Sunday at 5:00 o ' clock in the Student Building of the St. Charles Avenue Presbyte- rian Church. An informal " Cokos and Conversation " gathering precedes the meetings. Under the able guidance of Asso- ciate Minister Robert Cogswell, the group has participated in a number of activities including a Mid-Term Retreat at Fontainbleau State Park, square dances and parties, and the annual Spring Retreat at Camp Grant Walker in Alexandria for all colleges in Louisiana. 245 desciples student fellowship D.S.F. — Distinguished Single Fellows W. JOHN HOWARD PresidenI SIDNEY BONER Vice-President ALICE GAUDET Secretary EDMOND DeLAHE Treasurer MARGARET HUEY . .Membership Secretary BARBARA PELTON . Interfaith Representative MR. MRS. FRED DOWLING Adult Counselors DR. CHARLES PEACOCK . . Faculty Advisor REV. ED RUSSELL Minister The Disciples Student Fellowship is a program for Christian students to main- tain and strengthen their church rela- tionship. This year our D5F was off to a good beginning. St. Charles Ave. Christian Church has provided a small chapel, lounge, and youth library for our use. The building was open 7 days a week for Christian students and their friends. DSF students participated with othef protest- ant groups of the Tulane campus in a noon-day Chapel worship on Tuesdays and Fridays. We were represented in the Interfaith Council and worked with the other religious groups during " Religious Emphasis Week. " A Newsletter was pub- lished monthly giving the news and views of the DSF. Our DSF group " adopted " a needy family as one of our projects. Besides providing a Christmas and Easter for them, we helped them throughout the year with gifts to serve their msny needs. We invited many important speakers to talk to our group on problems con- cerning our interest. The year was high- lighted with square dances and other parties and the production of such plays as Little Women, Barretts of Wimpole Street, A Child is Born, and Dona Del- fina ' s Gift. OFFICERS DALE COKER President GORDON LeBARON Enlistment Vice-President CAROLYN RENTZ . . Social Vice-President NANCY HARRIS . . Devotional V-President FRANCES PRIEST Secretarv DAN BLACKSTOCK Treasurer Tulane-Newcomb-Loyola Baptist Student Union, which is the Baptist student organization on the cam- puses, serves as a link between the student and the local churches, in an effort to develop him spiritually, as well as mentally and socially. The activities, such as Noonday Chapel followed by lunch, Dinner Forums, discussion groups, open house after all home football games, and buffet suppers, are enjoyed at the Baptist Student Union Center, 7111 Freret Street. Other activities which are held outside of the Center are Mission Projects, Youth Revivals, conventions, Retreats and various so- cial functions. Under the leadership of Director Mary Lee Vines and the Executive Council, the Baptist Student Union hopes and plans to extend its activi- ties to every Baptist student on the campus. Quit mugging and eat your beans baptist student union 246 OFFICERS FRANK STICH President JULIAN GOOD Vice-President DR. KARLEM RIESS Secretary MEMBERS Edward Baggett, Jr. H. David Pope Max Barnett, Jr. Louis W. Rodrigue Williann M. Barnett Leo S. Roos Richard J. Barry Philip Roussel Peter H. Beer Richard Ruckstuhl Robert Boudreau Thomas E. Ryan Ira L, Cannpbell. Jr. Ralph Slovenlco Carlton Carpenter Frank Stich, Jr. David J. Conroy Henry Stoutz III Jerry A. Fortenberry Robert Thompson William Geary Walter Ward Julian Good Jack Weinmann Thomas Hudson Jere Wellborn Walter C. Lee Paul Welty Robert Mclntyre Donald Wiederecht Henry A. Millon George Winn Eldon Pence, Jr. Charles B. Wilson John H. Phillips, Jr. Herbert Wren Shepard Pleasants Charles Wright Omicron Delta Kappa, National Leadership Honor Society for Men, is designed to recognize and honor those men who have distinguished themselves as leaders in collegiate activities, and to encourage other students to strive for achievements along similar lines. To be eligible for membership in Omicron Delta Kappa, a man must have displayed leadership in at least 2 of 5 major fields of cannpus life, namely, scholarship, athletics, publications, social and religious affairs, and speech, music, and dramatic arts, and must be in the upper 35 percent of his class scholastically. The primary requisite for membership, however, is character. Omicron Delta Kappa was founded at Washington and Lee University in 1914 and the Alpha Zeta Circle was established here at Tulane in I9?0 HONORARY omicron delta kappa • ' -. ' -o - birrirtt, fcTC, boudreau, bujcr, 6 ji ., Cofi ' oy, Uo id ' .ori, Good, Hoi ' , Second Row; Hurnphrcy;., Inrnon, Leo, Mclntyre, Milton. Pence, Plcasonls, Pope R«aenot. Third Row; Rodrigue, Rooi, Rockrtuhl, Ryan, Schneider, Slovenko. Stich, Stoutz, Thompson. Fourth Row: Von Pelt, Ward, Watson, Weinmann, Wellborn, Welty, Wiederecht, Winn. D H 247 HONORARY 1952 RECIPIENTS Ed Bondurant Joe Crossley Lockwood Fell Robert Furuno Paul Sillan Jim Humphreys Richard Steele Walter Till Jacque line Vizzini Jack Welch A tradition but a few years old, the awarding of Stu- dent Activities Keys is nevertheless a noteworthy occur- rence on the Tulane campus. The Keys, ten of them, are presented to those seniors in the university most active and diligent in extra-curricular activities during their years at Tulane, especially the year the keys are award- ed, as selected by the Student Council. The recipients are announced annually on University Honors Night ana from year to year the keys are gaining in importance because of the purpose behind their presentation. Student activities mim. First Row: Beer, Bondurant, Conroy, Falletta, Fell, Humphreys. Second Row: Leach, Rodriguez. Till. Vergne, Vizzini, Weinmann, Wellborn. 248 HONORARY The students recognized In Who ' s Who each year are nominated from approximately 600 colleges and universities. Campus nominating committees are instructed, in making their decisions, to consider the student ' s scholarship; his co- operation and leadership in academic and extracurricular ac- tivities; his service and citirenship to the school; and his promise of future usefulness. Recognition by Who ' s Who means that the student was, first officially recommended from the university or college he attends and, then, accepted by the organization. w h o ' s w h Fiftt Sow: B««f, B«nJ9min, Bondurant, Bo», Bfoc«, Cappel, Conroy, DoggctI, Fontcnot. Second Row, E. iMch, Mclnty . MeUughlin, Third Row: Mayhon, Moloncon, Millon Morriion, Och;ncr O ' Nool, Patfon, ton, todfiqun. Boo , Ruebtuhl, Ruffin, Ryan, SHeh. fifth Row; Thompion, Tun-.toll, Von Amcrongcn, Vc EXTRACURRICU LAR 249 Gilbert, Gregory, sonts. Fourth Row; , Weil. Woinmonn, Hort, Poot Wollb Hidalgo, Koch, Reod, Rominq- orn, WiedcTOcht ACTIVITY HONORARY kappa delta phi OFFICERS BIIL GEARY President BOB BRUCE . Vice-President TONY LOWE Secretary MEMBERS Robert Bruce Leo Roos David Conroy Richard Ruckstuhl Gerry Falletta Frank Stich William Geary Henry Stoutz Julian Good Robert Thompson James Humphreys Louis Vergne Antony Lowe Jack Weil Robert Mclntyre John Weinmann Henry Millon Samuel Wellborn Shepard Pleasants A. H. Levey Kappa Delta Phi is the oldest honorary fraternity at Tulane, having been founded in 1904 with the object in nnind of rewarding and bringing together in a solid union those nnen who have accomplished the most for our uni- versity. Prerequisites for membership are that a man must have made exceptional endeavor on behalf of the uni- versity and evinced unquestionable loyalty to its cause and advancement. Not more than ten members are selected each year these being picked from the junior class, senior class, or graduate school. First Row; Bruce. Conroy, Falletta. Good. Humphreys, Mclntyre, Millon, Pleasants. Second Row: Rocs. Ruckstuhl, ' Stich, Stoutz, Thompson, Vergne, Weil, Weinmann, Wellborn. LOYALTY AND SERVICE TO TULANE 250 greeks . mMm ■ 4 1 ,•4 )-■■ 1 OFFICERS The prime purpose of the Pan-Hellenic Council is the First Semester regulation of fraternity life by the elected representa- CLAY TALBOT Chairman tives of the fraternities. This is accomplished through the BUDDY RODRIGUE Secretary-Treasurer i • ■ L J I ±L L I -1 J X j. ' decisions reached by the whole council composed ot two representatives from each fraternity. The Council is Second Semester „, aided in Its varied activities by the Judiciary and Athletic BUDDY RODRIGUE Chairman ' ' HENRY STOUTZ Secretary-Treasurer Committees. JUDICIARY COMMITTEE ' ' ' ' ' manifested ever increasing frater- Bobby Boudreau Bobby Mclntyre " ' Y Participation in all walks of campus and civic life Buzzy Northrop Bob Levine through the median of the Council. The 1952 Greek Week, climaxed by the Pan-hHel formal, was particularly ATHLETIC COMMITTEE successful in displaying the interest of fraternity men in Jack Weil James McComiskey Buddy Brinkmann Georqe Winn unified action. tulane pan-hellenic council BOUDREAU BRINKMANN BROWN COLE ENDERLE FANBURG FRAENKEL GILLESPIE GORDILLO GRAHAM HALE LACHTMAN LEVINE McCOMISKEY 252 MEMBERS Alpha Epsilon Pi CHARLIE HALE Alpha Epsilon Pi MERLE BROW.N Alpha Tau Omega BOBBY MclNTYRE AlpU Tau Omega EARL GRAHAM Beta Theta Pi BUDDY RODRISUE Beta Theta PI ... PAUL WINDER Beta Phi LOUIS TRENT Beta Phi JOHN ANTON Delta Kappa Epsilon BUZZY NORTHROP Delta Kappa Epsilon BILL GEARY Delta Sigma Phi GEORGE WINN Delta Sigma Phi CURTIS GILLESPIE Delta Tau Delta DICK ENDERLE Delta Tau Delta DWIGHT SETTLE Kappa Alpha JAMES McCOMISKEY Kapoa Alpha GEORGE BAUS Kappa Nu ROBERT LEVINE Kappa Nu STANLEY LACHTMAN Kappa Sigma BUDDY BRINKMANN Kaopa Sigma AL COLE Phi DsHa Theta HENRY STOUTZ Phi D.!ta Thetd JACK WALTERS Phi Iota Alpha MARTIN HIDALGO Phi lota Alpha JORGE GIANA . . CLAY TALBOT JOHN HANLEY DON GORDILLO .... ED STACY BOBBY BOUDREAU Phi Kappa Sigma ... Phi Kappa Sigma Pi Kappa Alpha Pi Kappa Alpha Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Alpha Epsilon PHIL WATSON Sigma Alpha Mu MAL KASANOFF Sigma Alpha Mu BARRY FANBURG Sigma Pi ANDY STIFER Sigma Pi HARVEY OELKERS Sigma Chi DON STONE Sigma Chi NORWOOD BROWN Zeta Beta Tau JACK WEIL Zeta Beta Tau SHORTY FRAENKEL MclNTYRE TALBOT NORTHROP TRENT RODRIGUE WALTERS SETTLE WATSON STACY WEIL STONE WINDER STOUTZ WINN 253 alpha tau omega 1 95 I -52 has been a full year for the members of the Beta Epsllon chapter of Alpha Tau Omega. The chapter house was redecorated during the summer in prepa- ration for Fall rushing. Eighteen men were pledged after a rush week greatly enjoyed by all. The Taus had a highly successful season in Pan-hHellenic competi- tion, netting a first place in football as their major accomplishment. Another high point of the year was " hielp Week. " This was the first year any Tulane fraternity has attempted such a project, and its success was very gratifying. At the annual Winter formal. Miss Margie Upham was named Sweetheart of ATO. She and her court were presented with bou- quets of roses. The traditional Beachcomber ' s Ball enthusiastically marked the end of final exams and another school year. OFFICERS WOODY BANKS President ED MURPHY Vice-President BOB MclNTYRE Treasurer NICK TURNER Secretary MEMBERS Charles Afennan Frank Allen Jim Allen Tom Bailey Woody Banks Roland Brierre Bob Butler David Conroy Armond Cobb Jim Childress Jack Cowart Paul Deal Dave Dennerline Jack Dienes Earl Graham Atwood hlobbs Jim Humphreys Nat Langlois Bob Mclntyre Jack Mitchell Ed Murphy Larry O ' Meallie Lyie Page Henry Phillips Jim Price George Renaudin Bob Redfearn Warren Schlesinger Ellis Stearns Dan Stewart Jeff Strange Ray Thompson Charles Treleaven Nick Turner Juannie Velasco Bruce von Phul Jimmy Ware Don Wiederecht Jim Wlelbaecher Jim Williams Truth is stranger than fiction Atomic ATO ' s Firsf Row: Afeman, Allen, Bailey, Banks, Brierre. Second Row: Butler, Chil- dress, Conroy, Cowart, Deal. Thind Row: Dennerline, Dienes, Graham, Hobbs, Humphreys. Fourth Row: Langlois, Mc- Intyre, Mitchell, Murphy, O ' Meallie. Fifth Row: Page, Red- fearn, Renaudin, Schlesin- ger, Stewart. Sixth Row: Strange, Thompson, Treleaven, Tur- ner, Velasco. Seventh Row: Von Phul, Ware, Weilbaecher, Wie- derecht, Williams. A T O ' BEACHCOMBER BALL ' CLEANS U P beta theta pi 1839, Beta Theta Pi was founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio in and the Tulane Chapter, Beta Xi, was established in 1908. Under the capable leadership of President Bush Gamble, the year 1951-52 proved to be a most successful one for the Betas. The Pan-Hellenic basket- ball trophy for this year was won by the Beta team sparked by Captains Chucky Dicks and Paul Winder. This, along with second places in football and tennis, serves as an example of Beta Xi ' s success in interfraternity com- petition. Even scholarship, which has long been a sore spot with this chap- ter, was considerably improved over that of the past years. Social activities, a function in which the Betas have always excelled, were certainly not lacking this year. Almost any Saturday night the repercussion of " Beta Brawls " can be heard issuing forth from the " Beta Mansion. " This year ' s parties were highlighted by the Blue and White Formal and the Mothers ' Club Barbecue. All in all this was a very good year for Beta Xi, and indications are that next year will surpass all others for the Sons of Wooglin. OFFICERS BUSH GAMBLE President FALLON BENTZ Vice-President ALLEN CAMPAGNO Treasurer BUDDY RODRIGUE Recorder PAUL V INDER Secretary BOBBY RYAN Sergeant-at-Arms ACTIVES Bo Adams tHunter Babin Fallon Bentz Edel Blanks Albert Buchanan Frank Ctesi Henry Coionnb Allen Compagno Orr Adams Al Batson Speed Bancroft Bob Barousse Jerry Brooks Jack Dent Chucky Dicks Bush Gamble Lennard Gessner Tommy Hall Harold Hattier John Herman Bill Hodgden Bob Fisher Teryl Brooks Hoky Colomb Happy Davis John Kerrigan Garic Moran Harry Moresi John Noel Buddy Rodrigue Jack Roy Jim Russell Bobby Ryan OLD PLEDGES Pat Hazel NEW P LEDGES Bob Hargrove Connie Kuebel Bubsy Partridge Ernie Sandlin Archie Suthon Shaun Viguerie Paul Winder Warren Wultekuhler Harold Legeai Ed Seymour Donald Ryan Jack Ryan Louie Harris Past masters First Row: Adams, Ben+z, Blanks, J. Brooks. Second Row: T. Brooks, Davis, Dicks, Gamble. Third Row: Gessner, Hail, Hargrove, Hodgen. Fourth Row: MoresI, Rod- rigue, Ryan, Sandlin. Fifth Row: Suthon, Wind- er, Wulfekuhler. BETA ' S STREET DANCE CLIMAXES END OF EXAMS 257 H a BBp«Va ff ,-iJt " rj M» V?? ' ■ 4 " " BByi ' ' ' - ' ■-• ge K K ' --■ ' ■ YT t bmI l :1;V »• : : ' ' ' ■■ " si K f ' j ' .! ' ' • m i39 |jBiv j-.iV. jU 1 dKB| I • ' ■-.. ' vfr . ..t._. raw V;- ■■ ■ , ' x S kN M ' i ' .] , ' delta kappa epsilon Starting the year with a very successful rush week in which twenty-one boys were pledged, the Dekes ran in high gear September through May, ending the season with the Senior banquet. Intra-fraternity elections gave Bill Kay the honor of being the most active graduating senior, with Paul Welty being voted the most actvie Deke and Peter Feringa the most valuable pledge. Among the highlights of Tau Lambda ' s 54th year at Tulane were the reign of Jack V einmann as student body president, Shep Pleasants ' election as president of ODK, numerous parties, the best being the annual formal at the St. Charles Hotel. Other accomplishments were the elections of Paul Welty to ODK, Fritz Bott to the presidency of the Commerce Freshman class, and Cecil Morgan to Lagniappes head for next year. OFFICERS ANDREW MARTINEZ President TIM FAVROT . . Vice-President HUGHES de la VERGNE Secretary DONALD HAMMETT Treasurer PAUL WELTY Corresponding Secretary MEMBERS Bernie Alsobrook Jack Bailey Dufour Bayle Fritz Bott Paul Bowron Alfred Brown Gordon Brown Norman Brown Pat Browne Bob Brunnfield Jimmy Burke Ranny Cox Ed Crawford Tom Cullom Hughes de la Vergne Bill De Pass Robert Faust Blair Favrot Tim Favrot Peter Feringa John Fournet Gene Garber John Grenier Donald Hammett Harry Howard Norcom Jackson Rader Jackson Fritz Jahncke Bill Kay Charlie Keller Jim Kelly Bob King Donald King Charlie Lane Lester Lautensc Bachman Lee John Levert Buddy Ludwig Andrew Martinez Bill Messersmith Denis Murrell Cecil Morgan Abner Northrop Bock O ' Shee Louis Perrilliat Shep Plesants Vance Redmond Ruppert Richards aeger John Richardson David Schmidt Robert Sharpe Ernest Stahler Nick Stallworth Avery Stirratt Walker Sullivan Paul Tennis Jimmie Todd Ewell Walther Joseph Watters John G. Weinmann Paul Welty George Williams Tad Wilson Bill Worden Scotch or bourbon? Really? First Row: Bott, Bowron, A. Brown, G. Brown. Second Row: N. Brown, Brumfield, Cox, Crawford. Third Row: Cullom, B. Favrot, H. Favrot, Jack- son. Fourth Row: Jahncke, B, King, D. King, Lane. Fifth Row: Lee, M ' esser- snnith, Northrop, Perrilliat, Pleasants. Sixth Row: Stahler, Tennis, Weinmann, Welty, Wil- liams. DEKES ENTERTAIN ORPHANS AT CHRISTMAS PARTY 259 delta Sigma phi Founded? Certainly, and at C.C.N.Y. In 1899; established at Tulane in 1916. At last count there were 72 chapters scattered throughout the provinces. Flower: White Carnation. Colors: Nile Green and White. hHead men in the lodge Include Lionel Flotte as Gavel-grabber, Tom Leach to echo his commands, and Jack McNaughton to write down the wise sayings of the brothers at meetings. Jerry Ahern was given the job of evading the Alumni landlord but he seems to have failed miserably. Campus activities for this year included keeping the gendarmes bribed, placating the neighbors, and poisoning the large crowd which attended the annual Bayou Brawl. This crew must be long on hot air since three of their number served as cheerleaders. Meet- ings were held at least twice each semester. OFFICERS LIONEL FLOTTE, JR President TOMMY LEACH Vice-President JAMES SCHEXNAYDER Secretary GERALD AHERN Treasurer BOB O ' CONNELL Serqeant-at-Arms MEMBERS Gerald Ahern Austin Allen Henry Andressen Robert Arrington Joe Becknnan Bill Biango James Boisseau Robert Breger Goodwyn BroggI John Currier Robert d ' Angelo M. J. Delatte Jack Doyle Lionel Flotte Curtis Gillespie Charles Gregg Ernest Hanewinckel George " Lucky " Hayes Charles Klug Thomas Leach Elliot Marx Benjamin Mauihe Jack McNaughton Paul Mielly Stanley Muller Robert O ' Connell August Perez Courtney Picou Paul Rossano James Schexnayder Charles Schillin John Schmidt K. Bart Sigler Kenneth Squires Paulin Trim George Winn Watching the girls go by Getting the hot scoop - ' A First Row: Andressen, Brc- qer, Carson. Second Row: Doyle, Gil- lespie, Klug. Third Row: Leach, Mc- Naughton, Marx. Fourth Row: Mielly, Parr, Picou, Schexnayder. Fifth Row: Schmidt, Sig- ler, Trim, Winn. mJ DELTA SIGS WIN CAMPUS CARNIVAL PRIZE FOR ORIGINALITY 261 delta tau delta The Delta Tau Delta fraternity was founded In 1858 at Bethany College. Its Beta Xi chapter at Tulane is now in its sixty-second year. Down Ihrough the years the Delts ' reputation for fun and frolic has grown with their parties filled with mirth. Such parties as " Vive La France, " " Uptown Strutters Brawl ' and " Little Inferno " added much to brighten up the Aububon Street shelter and also the guests. This year the Delts turned back the clock to those " Roaring Twenties. " The dates were decked out in those nifty little flapper dresses and uncom- plimentary bathing suits. Our formal was literally true to the fraternity colors. The " little women " ' were wearing a purple and gold iris corsage with white ribbons. Mickey McClure runs this outpost with Ed Chadick as second in com- mand. Don friedl holds the job of treasurer; Mel Lips comb prepares the poison, while Mike Greicus records our revolutionary meetings. OFFICERS WILLIAM MENDEZ, JR President HOWARD E. LEWIS, JR. Vice-President A. C. COCKE. JR Treasurer ROBERT CLARK McCLURE Secretary MEMBERS R. Lee Anderson Christian R. Ansel John F. Bartizal Anthony Clesi Edwin Chaddick, Jr. A. C. Cocke, Jr. Glen Maury Earl Leonard R. Enderle, Jr. Charles L. Farris Donald George Friedl Michael S. Greicus Donald E. Harris Robert Daniel Hamer Robert A. Hayden James B. Jobe Erwin R. Johnson Howard E. Lewis, Jr. Millard Lipscomb John David Mazza Robert Clark McClure William E. Mendez, Jr. George Gilruth Newburn Lloyd Garrison Pattee George August Politis Garland R. Rolling Donald Graham Rushton Charles Dwight Settle Philip C. Sperier Edward Thomas Suffern Thomas John Tomeny Warren S. Tucker, Jr. Howard Tllton Upton 111 Luis R. Velasco Earl Glen Wilson William Lee Wisniewski William Jerome Wylle All dressed up Uncle Tom ' s Cabin and Aunt Jemima First Row: Anderson, An- sel, Bartizal, Clesi. Second Row: Earl, En- derle, Friedl, Grelcus. Third Row: Hamer, Harris, Johnson, Lewis. Fourth Row: Lipscomb, McClure, Mazza, Mendez. Fifth Row: Newburn, Poli- tis, Rushton, Settle. Sixth Row: Suffern, Tuck- er, Velasco, Wylie. DELTS TURhi TO ' ROARING TWENTIES " FOR FUN 263 kappa alpha Founded at Washington and Lee University In 1865, Psi first tinged the Green Wave with the Crimson and Sold in 1886. PsI Chapter immediately established a reputation for good entertain- ing. This reputation Is maintained by many end-of-the-year v eek- end parties. Larger events are the Winter Formal, ruled by the Kappa Alpha Rose, and the Cotton Ball, at which a prize Is award- ed to some fortunate lady of particular merit. Leading the Black Knights is Charles Le Corgne. Second in command Is George Baus. The secretary Is Gordon Saussy. The Mansion boasts a Confederate Militia to defend the flag against any " die-hards " who don ' t know that the South won the Civil War. Another feature which often prompts yells of purely intellectual joy is the unequaled view of I 037 Audubon Street. CHARLES LeCORGNE OFFICERS President GEORGE BAUS GORDON SAUSSY Secretary Vice-President MEMBERS Milton Ailes Frank Anderson Stan Baron Mike Bartlett Louie Bernard Billy Bernard Randy Butts John Caldwell David Carre Black Chaffe Ralph Christnnan Sonny Cooper Frank Davis Bo Denion Hughes Drunnm Ronny Durham Andy Dykers Buddy Emery Fred Fischer Jack Freret Jack Hepinstall Frank de la Houssaye Wallace Kemper Billy Le Corgne Charlie Le Corgne Fred Lind Tony Magee Jimmy McComiskey Dennis McDonald Kenneth McLeod Bert Miller Pat Monroe Robert Nebblett Tommy Nelson Randy Newman Ashton Pardue Hayward Pardue John Poitevent Bob Pope Ed Roddy Gordon Saussy Gary Sneed Lamar Stephenson Jerry Suhlinq Lucius Suthon Ben Talbot Frank Toye Bill Von Hoene Ed Vv ' arwick Buddy Watkins Bobby Wolfe In front of the frat house? Darktown Poker Club First Row: Bernard, Butts, Carre, Chaffe. Second Row: Cooper, Durham, Dykers, Fischer. Third Row: Gardner, Hep- install, Kemper, Le Corgne. Fourth Row: Lind, Mc- Comislcey, McDonald, Mc- Leod. Fifth Row: Magee, Miller, Monroe, Neblett. Sixth Row: Nelson, Poite- vent, Roddy, Saussy. Seventh Row: Stephenson, Suthon, Talbot, Von hHoe- ne, Watkins. DE COTTON BALL FOR KA ' S " MATERIAL- ' -IZED RAPIDLY 265 1 kappa n u The good ship Sigma replaced seaweed, with the lily, the fraternity flower, in 1922, and has been rolling with the " Green Wave " ever since. Memories of her maiden voyage are still kept by those founding salts who now are sailing with the New Orleans Graduate Club of Kappa Nu. These old grads come on board the active vessel and swap fraternalism with the crew at their annual functions including: the original W and P party, known to re- fined sailors as a surrealist dance, and a premature New Year ' s Eve party " thrown " by our " boilerman " (a nautical expression for PLEDGE). Semaphore man Steve Jacobs sends monthly signals to its nationwide land- lubbers which tell watery tales of the crews ' athletic triumphs and song fest contests. The galley is run by chief messman Gary Kushner and cabin boy Stanley Lachtman, meals being dished out on the Broadway Street deck. Guarding the officer quarters is a mighty rolling pin, its aim being upon: Admiral hiarold Arenofsky, who presides over crew meetings; Morton Klein- man pulls his hair out to keep an excellent second-in-command; Joseph Cohen checks the ship vaults when money and " schnops " is available. Joel Beyer and hloward Siegel scribble in the captain ' s log, while Alvin Cotlar has the duty of walking young seamen along the plank. ' Round about April, each swabby grabs a gal from the port of New- comb when the good ship Sigma docks at the Grand Ballroom in the Roosevelt Hotel, for the final ball of a successful voyage. ALEX NEWMAN . . . MORTON KLEINMAN Harold Arenofsky Simon Ball Stuart Baron Martin Beckerman Joel Beyer Harold Breslow Aaron Buchsbaum Maurice Burk Joseph Cohen Alvin Cotlar Robert Finkelstein OFFICERS President STEPHEN JACOBS Vice-President HERBERT PEISIKOWITZ . . . HAROLD ARENOFSKY Corresponding Secretary MEMBERS AND PLEDGES Treasurer Recording Secretary Robert Friednnan Leonard Fuhrer Stephen Jacobs Howard Kane Donald Katz Donald Kanuk Morton Kleinman Gary Kushner Stanley Lachtman Byron Levine Robert Levine Arthur Lichtman Harold Marmer Monroe Marsh Jerome Meckler Sheldon Milgrom Alex Newman Philip Paston Herbert Peisikowitz Gene Robinson Micheal Roth Harold Rosen Joseph Ross Howard Siegal Howard Serling Morton Sherzer Warren Stearns Arthur Steinberg Morton Stelner Fred Weinberg Edward Zaita Oh, gee — an orchid! United front, U. N. background First Row: Arenofsky, Ball, Baron, Beckerman, Beyer. Second Row: Breslow, Buchsbaum, Burk, Cohen, Friedman. Third Row: Fuhrer, Ja- cobs, Katz, K I e i n m a n, Kushner. Fourth Row: Lachtman, B. Levine, R. Levine, Marsh, Meckler. Fifth Row: Milgronn, New- man, Fasten, Peislkowitz, Rosen. Sixth Row: Serling, Siegal, Steinberg. KAPPA NUS STAGE W AND PARTY 267 kappa Sigma The men of Kappa Sigma have been on the Tulane Campus since 1889. Since that date hundreds of men have been initiated into Sigma Chapter. And this year, 63 years after that founding, Kappa Sigma is carrying on in a grand and glorious fashion. We entertained with some fine parties that were wholeheartedly enjoyed. The fellowship was " superlative " and the old Sig proposition of reciprocity toward members and fraternity was tena- ciously adhered to. The little morsels of college life at the old white house on 928 Broadway will long be remembered by those who were associated with Kappa Sigma. As for outstanding men on the campus, Kappa Sigma has its share. Robert Thompson is EDITOR of the JAMBALAYA while Buddy Brinkmann is presi- dent of TUSK, Associate Editor of the JAMBALAYA, and editor of the army ROTC newspaper. In engineering. Bob Bruce and Bob Hess were elected to O.D.K. Kappa Sigma can also proudly point to its finest footballer. Max Magee, of the Greenie Football Varsity and Earl Sonnier, president of the A3(S Freshman Class. Guiding us through this successful year was James Conover who manipu- lated the gavel; Bob hiess who worked in the shadow of our GM; Wally Jacobs who recorded the chapter functions for posterity; Chet Stokely did the debiting and crediting: Buddy Brinkmann was our " public relations " man; and Mickey Church had the nerve-racking job of educating our pledges. OFFICERS JIM CONOVER Grand Master WALLY JACOBS Grand Scribe BOB HESS Grand Procurator CHET STOKLEY Grand Treasurer KEN HOLLE Grand Master of Ceremonies BUDDY BRINKMANN .... Senior Pan-Hellenic Representative AL COLE Junior Pan-Hellenic Representative MEMBERS Phil Alker Bill Baker Bob Boudreau Buddy Brinkmann Mickey Church Al Cole Jim Conover Everett Crudupe Don Galbraith Nathan Galloway Malcolm Granberry Wally Jacobs Charles Jarret Walter Harris Bob Hess Brad Holle Ken Holle Phil Laborde Harold Lambert Dink Liner Dick Loflin Joe Lupo Howell Mann Melvin Mathes Dan McGlassen Max Magee Bill Mouton- Scotty O ' Neal Fred Phillips Bob Regenos Pat Roper Joe Shinn Joe Smith Earl Sonnier Chet Stokely Dick Springer Ulvester Walker Harold Waggoner Charles Wright Whistler ' s Mother ' s Sons The SAE ' s will never burn our siump agam First Row: Brinkmann, Cole, Conover, Crudup. Second Row: Galbraith, Galloway, George, Gran- berry. Third Row: Harris, Harf, Hess, Jacobs. Fourth Row: Liner, Math- es, Mouton, Regenos. Fifth Row: Roper, Sonnier. phi delta theta The cry around the Phi Delt house this year was " Let ' s get the Cup! " — and surprisingly enough, the task was accomplished. Led by athletes Chuck Taylor, hHank Stoutz, and Bill Dudley, everybody pitched in and the combined skill was enough to win five events and the Pan-hHel trophy. Not to be overlooked In recounting the pleasures of the year were the staid social gatherings. Starting off with a post-rush week Sleepy-Time party, the good times rolled and stumbled through numerous Saturday night affairs, the annual Christmas Orphan Party, the Winter Formal at the Country Club, and almost came to a staggering halt at the South Sea Island party in the spring. Worthy of note were the large number of brot hers who were pinned, engaged, and even married during the year. No prece- dent, we hope! OFFICERS V ALTER WARD President S. S. HELLMAN ' Reporter CHARLES TAYLOR Warden WALTER LEE Secretary H. H. GALLOWAY Treasurer MEMBERS Harry Allen Johnny Batt Frank Beasley Emanuel Blessey Bill Beckham Harry Beverungen Donald Bilinski Jack Boyd Scott Bruns Breck Cabell Tommy Capo Thomas Carter William Catching Charles Cater Donald Collins Jules Davidson Lyie Degelos William Earthman Elliot Evans Howard Eraser Richard Seer John Grassel Walter Green Ralph Harris Harvey Hellmann Marlin Henderson Robert Hoffman Leonard Huber Herbert Landey Donald Lee Walter Lee Emanuel Lividais Samuel Maclin Hooks Mailory Buddy McVay Albert Meric Dick Mayer Gil Morrison William Nolen Hal Norman Everett Noetzel James Owens John Rogers Thomas Ryan John Shea Tim Smith Frank Stich Henry Stoutz Kent Taliaferro Chuck Taylor John Walters James Ward George Washington Calvin Weiser Bob Wise Bobby Zefzmann The Seven-Up Boys Look at me, Mama First Row: Allen, Beverun- gen, Boyd, Bruns, Cabell. Second Row: Catching, Davidson, Earthman, Evans, Geer. Third Row: Green, Hell- mann, hHuber, Lee Mal- lory. FSurth Row: Mayer, Me- ric, Morrison, Noetzel, Nolen. Fifth Row: Nornnan, Rog- ers, Ryan, Shea, Smith. Sixth Row: Stich, Stoutz, Taliaferro, Taylor, Wal- ters. Seventh Row: Ward, Washington, Weiser, Wise, Wright. P H I DELTS COP PAN H E L TROPHY 271 w w MS m |;,! V ' - ' .x i ' i- fe y jrj ■• ' ■ -■ ' ' ' Mr i ' Xi ' l t ' ' ' ' ' ■ pi kappa alpha PiKA has chalked up another successful year under the able leadership of Ed DeMartini and Johnny Carlnhas. The Pikes ' victorious rush season cli- maxed with Papa Celestine and resulted in the pledging of twenty-two rushees. Concerning campus activities, the Pikes rate high with impressive contri- butions. Ken Regenos ' election to Phi Beta Kappa and Jim Stokes ' election to Tau Beta Pi highlighted the chapter ' s scholastic effort. Ken Regenos is also in Sigma Pi Sigma, Physics fraternity, while Jim Stokes is a member of ODK. Ed Stacy is the new president of Adelphons while Mike Bearden is president of the Inter-faith Council. Sandy Garcia is the able commander of the " Rebel Rifles, " Tulane ' s crack drill team and hierb Thurber is president of the band. The Pikes are also well represented in Scabbard and Blade, Arnold Air Society, Greenbackers, and the JAMBALAYA staff. The Pikes proudly presented their fifty-ninth annual Dreamgirl Formal, and popular Jackie Vizzini was elected " Dreamgirl of PiKA. " Of course the Pikes ' social season ended with the Pais Do Do held at the Pan-American Plaza this year in which: " You kin tote along Marie, Or eef yo wanna Fifi, But plees don ' t f ' git dose Jug! " OFFICERS JOHN S. CARINHAS, JR President RAYMOND A. McBRIDE, JR Vice-President JAMES D. STOKES, JR Secretary HENRY S. RIECKE, III Treasurer MEMBERS Ted Andressen Bernard Barfoot Joseph Barreca, Jr. Mike Bearden Frank L. Blue Daniel Blackstock Honore Bourgeois John S. Carlnhas. Jr. John H. Chamberlain Raymond Frank Cornes Don Chapman James B. Davis Edward John DeMarilni Don Duvlgneaud William Fagan James Fargason James Fife Andrew Foster Thomas William Foster Glenn Wayne Fowler Albert Gamon Santiago Garcia Donald I. Gordillo-Palz Stanley Green Richard Hoeger Howard Johnson T homas Kozden Gerald Lapsensohn Wallace Link Banjamin A. Lucio Raymond A. McBride James J. McCloskey Norman McNeil Jacob J. Maechling Clyde P. Martin. Jr. James Mediate Tom Moore Gilbert Morgan Walter Stephen Mott, Jr. Richard Peet Kenneth M. Regenos Henry S. Riecke III Robert Rivet Kenneth Rolfs Roger Rosenberg Richard Sammons Lowell E. Scheuer Edwin F. Stacy. Jr. James D. Stokes. Jr. Herbert T. Thurber Patrick Unkel Paul Williams William ZisI Who ' s Cookie looking at? Everyone follows a pair of shorts FIrsf Row: Andressen, Bar- reca, Bearden, Blacksfock, Blue. Second Row: Carinhas, Chapman, Davis, Duvig- neaud, Fagan. Third Row: Fargason, Fife, Fowler, Gamon, Garcia. Four+h Row: Gordillo, Green, Link, Lucio, Mc- Bride. Fifth Row: Maechling, Moore, Matt, Peet, Rege- nos. Sixfh Row: Rivet, Stacy, Thurber. PIKE ' S PAIS DO DO ACCLAIMED " BETTAH THAN EVAH " 273 Sigma alpha epsilon With lions bloody (from their numerous paintings) but unbowed, Sigma Alpha Epsilon looked back on 1951-52 as an extremely outstanding year in the chapter ' s fifty-four year history at Tulane. The year began with a most successful rush season. The round of parties started with an Undertakers ' Ball, where the girls, having been brought to the house in hearses, were required to find their dates from among the " bodies " in the morgue. The traditional Arab and Christmas parties rounded out the big social events of the season. The Spring Semester opened with a formal at the Country Club. Greek Week, Spring Initiation, and a Founders ' Day Banquet followed shortly. Parties for underpriviledged children were given at Christmas and Easter. The " Banana Brawl, " a costume party at the house, was a great success. When the weather turned warm, the brothers and dates turned out for an all-day truck ride and picnic across the lake. Bringing the year ' s events to a climactic close, a Spring Formal honoring the graduating brothers was held. OFFICERS PHILIP B. WATSON, JR Eminent Archon THOMAS S. FARMER Eminent Deputy Archon ROBERT L. WILSON Eminent Correspondent D. RYAN SARTOR, JR Emlnant Treasurer MEMBERS Donald Asklns Samuel Henry Barnes Charles M. Bass Emile Bayle Hank Bayle Sam Benbov Oscar L. Berry James Blake Neil Blue Robert Boudreau Richard D. Briggs Bob Broussard Philip N. Buchanan Larry Byrd Harry Cabral Alan Dean Calcote Don Carraway Robert M. Cook Bob Crotfy Jerry Daniels C. B. Dibol, Jr. Andrew M. Doyle Samuel M. Emerson Tom Farmer Jack Field Bill Folse J. Winston Fontenot Mike Forsyth Gus Fritchie R. W. Gilmore. J r. Gene Glanker Richard Green Richard I. Hadden Charles H. Hamilton Ike Hawkins, Jr. Murrell Hilton Ramon K. Hinds James Holmes Richard Howe Richard Alan Johnson Carlos Lomar William H. McArthur Ed McCool Ed McGlosson Don Mayer Thayer T. May George G. Mays Miles Mitchem Avery Morrison Millard Nelson James F. Newell Boy O ' Brien Terry Olive Tom H. Pearce Joe W. Pitts John F. Quackenbush Wayne Rone Franklin Russell Paul Rushing Ryan Sartor Bennett Sewell James Dixon Sewell Richmond F. Sharbrough C. Murray Smart Ralph Smith Robert Smith Sonny Texada George Trieschmann Charlie Viccellio Wayne Vincent William P. Vogtie Gene Wallace Stone Ware Phil Watson Samuel G. Wellborn Randy Whitney Robert E. Wilson Robert L Wilson Malcolm B. Wright Robert Wynne Half and Halt Alcoholics Unanimous i)r.mMr. i ' ; tilt Hill 1, First Row: Askins, Barnes, Bass, Berry, Blake, Bou- dreau, Briggs. Second Row: Broussard, Buchanan, Cabral, Cal- cote, Carraway, Cook, Crotty. Third Row: Daniels, Diboll, Emerson, Farnner, Field, Folse, Fon+enot. Fourth Row: Forsyth, Frit- chie, Gilmore, Gianker, Green, hHadden, Hamil- ton. Fifth Row: Hawkins, Hinds, Holmes, Howe, Johnson, McArthur, Mc- Glassen. Sixth Row: Mayer, Mays, Mitchem, Morrison, Nel- son, Newell, Olive. Seventh Row: Pearce, Pitts, Quackenbush, Rone, Sartor, B. Sewell, J. Sew- ell. Eighth Row: Smart, H. Smith, R. Smith, Triesch- mann, Viccellio, Vogtie, Wallace. Ninth Row: Ware, Wat- son, Wellborn, Whitney, R. E. Wilson, R. L. Wilson, Wright, Wynne. BLOODY YEAR FOR SAE LIONS 275 Sigma aipna mu Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity was founded at the College of the City of New York in 1909 and Sigma Gamma chapter came to Tulane in 1920. Its thirty-first year in New Orleans was a big one for the boys in the " Purple and White Castle " on Audubon Street. Under the leadership of Prior George Sterne, the chapter pledged one of its largest groups in history with a class of nineteen boys. Another big moment was the announcement in September that the Sammies had won the Pan-Hellenic scholarship trophy with a 1.62 fraternity average — some 3 10 of a point above the all-men ' s average. The Sammies were prominent in Pan-hHellenic activities in 1951-52. They won the Ping-Pong trophy, took second place in Skit Night and hHomecom- ing, and placed in Volley Ball. High spot of the social season was the annual Orchid Formal In the Tulane Room. The big affair was preceded by a banquet in honor of the initiation of the pledge class. Mrs. Sam Rosenberg, wife of the fraternity ' s advisor was named " Sweetheart of Sigma Gamma. " Other social events were the Plantation Party, Mardi Gras truck ride, and the annual year-end banquet at Lakewood Country Club. Also during 1951-52, the Sammies adopted a German war orphan and contributed to his support. Members of the chapter also took part in the Cerebral Palsy drive and the pledges worked for the City during Pan-Hel- lenci " Help Week. " SAM members were prominent on the " Hullabaloo, " held student offices, worked on Campus Night, held office in the Pre-Med- ical Society, and other honorary and service groups on campus. All-in-all, 1951-52 was one of the Chapter ' s big years on campus. GEORGE STERNE OFFICERS Prior BOB ZELENY Exchequer Marshall Alperin Bob Barrett Alec Brown Dick Cohen Allen Dortman Shia Elson Henry Eriich Joseph Ettinger Barry Fanburg Marty Feldman Beryl Fisher Dick Glatzer BERYL LOVITZ Recorder Donald Golden Bob Gorman Ed Green Steve Holzman Mai Kassanoff Maurice Katz Stu Klabin Rony Kraemer Donald Lesser Lew Lisook Beryl Lovitz MEMBERS Simon Mexic John Miller Bob Morris Nathan Popkin Norman Reich Jerry Rosen Barry Rosenberg Martin Rosenfeid Marvin Rothenberg Stanley Saperstein Paul Scheib Harold Schwartz Mike Schreiber David Seeling Barry Shafer Bill Sloshberg George Sterne Sylvan Steinberg Lenord Stone Donald Wolfe Hans Weill Bob Zeleny And they ' re off! Seat of the Cenfederacy S ? V f? First Row: Alperin, Brown, Cohen, Ettinger, Fanburg. Second Row: Feldman, Fisher, Glatzer, Golden, Gorman. Third Row: Green, Holz- man, Katr, Klabin, Krae- mer. Fourth Row: Lesser, Li- sook, Mexic, Popkin, Ro- sen. Fifth Row: Rosenfeld, Rothenberg, Saperstein, Scheib, Schreiber. Sixth Row: Seelig, Shafer, Sloshberg, Sterne, Stone. Seventh Row: Weill, Wolfe, Zeleny. SAMMY ' S ORCHID FORMAL PRECEDED BY HUGE BANQUET 277 Sigma c h i Since 1862 the White Cross of Sigma Chi has proudly radiated on the Tulane campus, hlundreds of outstanding Tulane citizens have been Initiated into our Alpha Omicron Chapter and have gloriously carried on the tradi- tions of Tulane. Among our outstanding members in 1952 was Jim Van Pelt, past president of our chapter and newly elected president of the Col- lege of Arts and Sciences. Last March, during the annual Sweetheart Ball, to the strains of the Sweetheart of Sigma Chi " , our lovely 1952 Sweetheart, Mimi Provosty, and her court consisting of Babs Bartlett, Penny Fox, Diane Greenslit, Gwen Langridge, Tivie Letellier, and Elsa Taylor were presented to their closely packed, applauding audience. Norwood Brown has been elected the outstanding sophomore of 1952, and Don Stone will lead our Chapter through the fall session of 1952 with Tex RearHon working closely under him. Wiley Jenkins will record chapter functions for posterity and future SIgs. Jim Robbins will handle our finances, and Norwood Brown will crack the whip over our pledges. JIM VAN PELT. DON STONE . OFFICERS . . . President NORWOOD BROWN Secretary Vice-President TEX REARDON ... Treasurer MEMBERS Austin Baker William Blackstono Fred Bookhardt Richard Bradford Pete Brenneclce Ted Broekman Norwood Brown James Carney Larry Caruth Robert Chenoweth Gerald Dominguez John Doucournau Richard Eaton William Evans Hulon Fillingame Cheston Folkes John Grout Derrick Guice John Hooper Fred Howell Wiley Jenkins Baker Jordan Frank Klonoski Donald Miller George D. Nelson Ralph Pederson Cad Polk Tom Pemberton Ray Rawls Tex Reardon Robert Reed James Robbins Robert Simmons Donald Stone Robert Swords Cliff Taylor William Tucker Fred Vandenburqh Robert Valter Jim Van Pelt Walter Wadlington Hunter Wagner Conway Washburn Richard Wells Walter Wells Robert Westbrook Woody York Don ' t fight, children Sweetheart of Sigma Chi A lesson In judo n MdiM V First Row: Baker, Black- stone, Bookhardt, Brad- ford, Broekman. Second Row: Brown, Car- ney, Carruth, Chenowi+h, Dominguei: Third Row: Eaton, Evans, Fillingame, Grout, Hoop- er. Fourth Row: Jordan, Klo- noski. Miller, Nelson, Pe- derson. Fifth Row: Pemberton, Rawls, Reardon, Robblns, Simmons. Sixth Row: Stone, Tucker, Valter, Van Pelt, Wash- burn. Seventh Row: R. Wells, York. MAMMOTH CROSS OF REAL FLOWERS DECORATES SIGMA CHI FORMAL 279 zeta beta tau A top-notch rushing program began an even greater year for Sigma. After showing off the big Pan-Hellenic trophy to all the prospective pledges, wining and dining them for ten days, seventeen pledged themselves faithful servants to the Sigma brotherhood. Throughout the year there were outstanding accomplishments and rip- roaring socials. For the first time in the history of Sigma the cup for the outstanding homecoming display was awarded to ZBT. In Pan-Hellenic, Sigma won first place in tennis and handball, and second in bowling, ping- pong, bridge, and golf. Mr. Bruno, well-known College Inn proprietor, pre- sented ZBT with a towering trophy denoting superior campus spirit. On the lighter side was the purple-passion party, the south sea island shindig, and a terrific boat party on the lakefront but none could eclipse the splendor of the ZBT formal held in the Grand Ball Room of the Roosevelt. Campus big-wigs were Pete Beer, Julian Good, Leo Roos and Jack Weil, electees to Who ' s Who; Julian Good and Jack Weil, initiates to Kappa Delta Phi leadership honorary. Sam Strauss was president of the Commerce seniors, and Shorty Fraenkel organizations editor of the JAMBALAYA. OFFICERS JULIAN GOOD ' President SAM STRAUSS Vice-President HARVEY KARSH Secretary ALFRED HILLER Historian CONNIE WEIL Treasurer MEMBERS Bob Ader Frank Aires Ronny Block Beril Bohrer Howard Eichenbaum Charles Dante Dick Felsenthal Jerry Finqer Shorty Fraenkel Art Gilbert Dick Gilbert Julian Good James Greenbaum Irv Greenfield Frank Gruber David Harris Mayer Heiman Alfred Hiller Morris Hohenberq L. R. Jalenak Marvin Jankower Leon Kahn Harvey Karsh Melvyn Kossover Larry Landa Don Levy Julius Levy Lee Levy Donn Lipton Sol Lift Milton Loeb Ted Lowi Irving Manis Imy Marcus Hoby Meyer Saul Mintz Lenny Parker Tad Phillips Ronny Ringer Aaron Rosen Bobby Rosenfield Larry Saltzman Gordy Scherck Ralph Seelig Cliff Shanfield SIcIp Sigman Burt Silverman Ralfe Silverman Harlan Stelnbaum Arnie Straus Sam Strauss Tony Ullman Bob Weihrauch Connie Well Jack Weil Jack Wormser Bernard Zindler four horsemen Come on ' a my house First Row: Beer, Block, Dante, Felsenthal, Finger. Second Row: Fraenkel, Good, Greenbaum, Hiller, Hohenberg. Third Row: Jankower, Kahn, Kossover, F. Levy, J. Levy. Fourth Row: L. Levy, Lip- ton, Loeb, MIntz, Parker. Fifth Row: Phillips, Rin- ger, Roos, Saltzman, Shan- feld. Sixth Row: Sigman, Silver- man, Strauss, C. Weil, J. Weil, Wormser. ZEBES AWARDED FIRST PLACE IN HOMECOMING DISPLAY 281 One cuHer sinking rapidly alpha epsilon pi Alpha Epsilon Pi was started at Tulane in September 1949 as a local chap- ter named Tau Upsllon; the name of the original group was, in part, derived from the initials of Tulane University with the idea of using this name as its chapter designation when the group became accepted to Alpha Epsilon Pi national fraternity. The organization grew rapidly, first being accepted as a probationary member of the Tulane Pan-hHellenic council then receiving its charter from the national fraternity. The group is open to boys of all faiths, carrying out Its non-sectarian aspi- rations, and thus making acceptance into the fraternity dependent only upon the Individual. After only three years on the campus. Alpha Epsilon PI has taken its p ' ace next to the other organizations at Tulane. OFFICERS CHARLES HALE President HARVEY MARON Vice-President BERT BENOWITZ Secretary BRUCE SARLIN Treasurer MEMBERS Fred Barlow Frank Be-necaso Bert Benowitz Merle Brown Henry Carlesimo Don Eisenberg Jim Flannaghan Charles Hale Sheldon Klotz Horvey Maron Billy Paer Dick Rlchter Larry Rosedale Joel Sainer Bruce- Sarlin Herb Shapiro Ted Shapiro Ernie Welner Nort Weiss First Row: Burn, Careway C ' esi Corbeau, Gravlee. Second Row: Guynes, Kidd, Pelt, Runyan. OFFICERS MAXINE KIDD President MILDRED RUNYAN Vice-President JANET GRAVLIN Secretary MARGARET BURN Treasurer MEMBERS MAXINE KIDD Zeta President Joan Anderson Marcia Brown Margaret Burn Cannille Caraway Patricia Clesi Joanna Corbeau Suzanne Gittens Janet Gravlln Mexine Kidd Jo Ann Lumplcin Peggy Pelt Mildred Runyan Marianne Sprinkle Zeta Tau Alpha was founded at Virginia State Normal College, Farmville, Virginia on October 15, 1898, the first women ' s fraternity to be chartered by a special act of the legislature. Beta Kappa was established at New- comb College in 1927. Since that time BK members have been active in many campus activities. After a busy rush season our social calendar started off with a party for the pledges. Next came a Christmas party, our Founders Day Banquet, the spring formal, and our monthly suppers at the rooms. Zeta Tau Alpha ' s colors are turquoise blue and steel grey; our flower is the white violet, zeta tau alpha 283 alpha delta pi This year Alpha Delta Pi is indeed proud to be the first sorority to cele- brate its one hundredth birthday. Alpha Delta Pi, organized in 1851, is the oldest secret sorority for women. Several members of the chapter journeyed to Macon, Georgia during the summer to attend the Centennial Convention at historic old Wesleyan College, our founding place. Among the activities for this year have been our monthly supper meetings, a tea given by the Mother ' s Club, the alum Christmas party, and a house- party in Pearlington, Mississippi, in the home of our alum president. Alpha Delta Pi State Day vi as celebrated in the spring when all the chapters in Louisiana met for a weekend of work and play and was climaxed by a ban- quet. Of course, the main event of the year was the Alpha Delta Pi Formal on February twenty-second. At Christmas we worked with the Welfare Agency to provide an underprlviledged family with food and gifts for a " real Christmas. " Alpha Delta PI Is proud of her many members who are active In campus activities and organizations such as La Tertulia, Greenbackers, Glee Club, Campus Night, and T.U.T. Jackie VIzzInl Is cheerleader for her fourth straight year and was co-chairman of Newcomb Orientation. Cynthia Braswell was selected as an Urchin pledge pin-up. June Earnest, our president, was elected St. Patricia at the Engineering School Dance and is also R.O.T.C. sponsor of Company B. OFFICERS JUNE EARNEST President JANE WHIDDON Vice-President OCTAVIA WILSON Secretary LEE CRENSHAW Treasurer MELISSA GREEN R " sh Chairma.n MEMBERS Jeanette Abel Nell Austin Helene Boatner Cynthia Braswell Janet Bray Sallle Coco Lee Crenshaw Walter Mae Dalgarn June Earnest Pat Etherldge Janet Gerstner Melissa Green Jo Ann Hebert Pat HInrichson Shelia Kranner Betty Jane Menuet Jean Morgan Nancy Naberschnig Carolyn Smith Ruth Stobaugh Martha Ann Rogers Mary Eliza Southall Jackie Vizzini Jane Whiddon Octavia Wilson Marilyn Woodward Planning the attack if k mk What ' cha say, gals? First Row: Abel, Austin, Boatner, Braswell. Second Row: Coco, Cren shaw, Dalgren, Earnest. Third Row: Ethridge, Ger- stner, Green, Hebert. Fourth Row: M e n u e t Morgan, Naberschnig, Rogers. Fifth Row: Smith, South- all, Stobaugh, Vizzini. Sixth Row: Whiddon, Wil- son. ADPI ' S CLAIM ST. PATRICIA (JUNE EARNEST) OF ENGINEERING COURT 285 alpha epsilon phi This year Alpha Epsilon Phi celebrates the thirty-sixth anniver- sary of the founding of Epsilon Chapter on the Newcomb campus in December, 1916. This December the chapter enjoyed a dinner dance commemorating their birthday. The social calendar was filled with a series of monthly parties highlighted by the annual spring formal. We are proud of the chapter ' s representation In campus activ- ities and clubs. Many officers and honors are held by members such as: Alice Koch, acting president of the Junior class, Home- coming maid. Who ' s Who; Shirley Fred, Greenbackers, and Lag- niappes; Sue Fox, Greenbackers; Janet Scharff, hHonor Board; and Jean Strauss, president of the Freshman class. OFFICERS BETTY JEAN ROSEN Presldenh SHIRLEY FRED Vice-President BARBARA GLICK Recording Secretary PATSY WEIL Corresponding Sceretary FLORENCE WEIL Treasurer MEMBERS Lucy Brunschweig Joyce Cooper Susan Fox Shirley Fred Gerry Ginsberg Barbara Glick Lynn Greer Margie Kahn Faye Kapsinow Joanne Ka+z Charlene Kaplan Jean Kell Betty Kiraify Alice Koch Doris Levy Ann Levin Cynthia Miller Marilyn Morals Jane Pearlstine Sandra Pellen Betty Jean Rosen Marilyn Rosenberg Janel Scharff Ann Sherman Florence Weil Patsy Weil Marilyn Weiss Linda Barnett . Janice Cohen Marcia Goldben Sandra Jacobs Carol Kaplan Judy Krensky Mickey Lehman Eleanor Lesser Marilyn Levy Jean Strauss Peggy Strauss Emily Stix Sally Striker Seisel Wile Watch those waistllnesl They walk, they talk, they crawl on their bellies like a reptile — First Row: Barnett, Brun- schwig, Cohen, Cooper, Fox. Second Row: Fred, Gins- burg, Goldben, Jacobs, Kaplan. Third Row: Kapsinow, Kir- alfy, Koch, Krensky, Leh- man. Fourth Row: D. Levy, M. Levy, Miller, Morals, Pearlstine. Fifth Row: Peilen, Rich, Rosenberg, Scharff, Sher- man. Sixth Row: Stix, J. Strauss, P. Strauss, Striker, Tax- man. Seventh Row: F. Weil, P. Weil, Wile. AEPHI ' S DINNER DANCE HIGHLIGHTS 36TH BIRTHDAY 287 aipna omicron pi This year seems to have been a big one for the members of Alpha Omicron Pi. Monthly informal suppers for actives and pledges, the annual spring formal, the traditional PhlBK luncheon, and various other parties kept the girls fairly busy. In addition to our social life, we ' ve had our usual number of brains and beauties. For the third consecutive year, AOPi walked off with the Urchin Pledge Pin-Up in the person of Nancy Liljen- stein, a luscious, blue-eyed blonde. Cookie Patton was president of the Newcomb Student Body, and Gwen Langridge headed the YWCA. AOPi has been well represented in choral, religious, ath- letic and spirit groups, on the JAMBALAYA and " hlullabaloo " staffs, and in all phases of campus activities. OFFICERS BARBARA CHERRY President PAT REINERTH Vice-President GWEN LANGRIDGE ' . . . Recording Secretary SALLY KASTLER Corresponding Secretary MARY SUE SHERWOOD Treasurer MEMBERS Ann Alexis Marlha Bienvenue Nanette Carr Barbara Cherry Shirley Clark Ann Crump Ann Cushing Mary V. Feraud Carol Fitzpatrick Liz Fontaine Ann Franklin Nancy Gooch Jan Gore Joyce Hatfield Winnie Hodges Peggy Hover Ann Humphreys Esther Hunt Sally Kastler Emmie Klapp Gwen Langridge Patsy Lee Nancy Liljenstein Ann LIngan Isabel Market Sue Melancon Marylln Moore Mary Myers Carol McGee Lee McNamera Jan Odorica Mary Elizabeth Patton Sterling Peebles Pat Relnerth Lee Ann Robertson Betty Robin Betty Robinson Joan Robinson Nadia St. Paul Mary Sue Sherwood Jane Shoaf Barbara Silin Emma Sue Smith Ann Stephens Lynn Trauth Nancy Turner Betty Verlander Roberta Webb Mary Sue Wood D.A.R. ' s Who? Me: ' i.fi| ,ii 1 if First Row: Bienvenu, Carr, Cherry, Clark, Cushing, Feraud. Second Row: Fitrpatrlck, Fontaine, Franklin, Gore, Hatfield, Hodges. Third Row: Hover, Hum- phreys, Hunt, Kastler, Klapp, Langridge. Fourth Row: Lee, Liljen- stein, Lingan, McGee, Markel, Melancon. Fifth Row: Moore, Myers, Ordorica, Patton, Peebles, Reinerth. Sixth Row: Robertson, B. Robinson, J. Robinson, St. Paul, Sherwood, Shoaf, Silin. Seventh Row: Smith, Ste- phens, Trauth, Turner, Verlander, Webb, Wood. AOPI ' S CLAIM URCHIN PIN-UP QUEEN FOR THIRD CONSECUTIVE YEAR 289 beta sipa omicron Founded nafionally on December 12, 1888, Beta Sigma Omi- cron established Alpha Sigma chapter at Newcomb In 1929. From the beginning Alpha Sigma members have been active in many campus organizations and activities. This year we have members prominent in Greenbackers, Tusk, the religious organizations, Dance Club, Glee Club, Y.W.C.A., and many others. Our mem- bers have also been elected to Assets, Alpha Sigma Sigma, hlonor Bo ard and Who ' s Who. This year began with a busy Rush Week, as usual, followed shortly by a big hHalloween Party. Our other sorority activities included monthly suppers at the rooms, a Christmas party, annual Founder ' s Day Banquet, and our annual spring formal. OFFICERS MARION ROMAINE President JOCELYN MAYNARD Vice-President CLEMENTINE DOSKY Recording Secretary WALTRANT GOEDECKE Treasurer MEMBERS Ann Allen Joyce Carinhas Joan Celll Beverly Craig Clementine Doskey Mercedes Emerson Joyce Gilthorpe Miltrant Goedecke Ursula Goedecke Glen Rae Hanemann Mary Hinton Constance Johnson Lynn Landry Nan Levey Shirley Levey Geraldine Levy Diane Long Patsy Jo McCabe Jocelyn Maynard Mrs. Janet Millanden Betty Neville Martha Ann Oliver Sylvia Pinner Josephine Ramos Marion Romaine Aline Van Rappard Monty Von Rosenberg Annette Ruckstuhl Mary Durland Sapp Grace Williams Yeah? Firsh Row: Carinhas, Celli, Craig, Doskey, Emerson. Second Row: Gilthorpe, U. Goedecke, W. Goe- decke, Hanemann, Hin- ton. Third Row: Johnson, Lan- dry, N. Levey, S. Levey, Levy. Fourth Row: Long, Mc- Cabe, Maynard, Neville. Oliver. Fifth Row: Ramos, Ro- maine, Ruckstuhl, Sapp, Van Rappard. Sixth Row: Von Rosen- berg, Williams. SPOOKY HALLOWEEN PARTY FOR BSO ' S 291 Chi omega Rho Chapter of Chi Omega was founded at Newcomb in the year 1900. Through the years we have been proud of the record we have made on the campus as well as our social activities. The Chi Omega ' s are well represented in the Student Council, Dormitory Council and Honor Board. They also take an active part in campus organizations and activities with several members in Tusk, Lagniappes, Greenbackers, Campus Night, Operetta, Glee Club, Swim- ming Club and others. Polly Jean Phelps is president of the Music School, Joan Burlingame is secretary of the Student Body and Ann Baker is president of the Sv imming Club. Several members have made the Dean ' s List, Who ' s Who. Alpha Sigma Sigma and Beta Beta Beta and others have been elected to the Jamb Beauty Court, the Homecoming Court in which Phyllis Emiing was maid of honor, and the Urchin Beauty Court. Among our sorority activities this year have been bi-monthly suppers in our rooms, a Christmas party for orphans, a winter formal, a spring house party and several other informal parties. OFFICERS ANDREA LIVAUDAIS President ANN BAKER POLLY JEAN PHELPS Vke-President NANCY MARLER ■ ELOISE CAPPELL Pledge Mother Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS Ann Baker Margaret Boyer Elizabeth Bronson Joan Burlingame Eloise Cappell Doris Carre Elizabeth Carter Julie Douglass Phyllis Ennling Louise Ferguson Normastei Ford Marie Hamel Martha Hatchette Ann Holbrook Lanier Hudson Jere Johnson Carolyn Johnson Mary Ann Keiley Andrea Livaudais Patsy Malone Nancy Marler Eugenia McLaughlin Dahlgren Miller Polly Jean Phelps Ann Pitts Sally Pitts Molly Roy Belh Stocker Margaret Ann Turfitt Lynn Williams hiarriet Wren Katherlne Yerger Peggy Campbell Carol Clark Mary Lynn Cromwell Mignon Paget Betty Frederick Jean Ferris Dorothy Grant Janice Gregory Garland Houck Lurline McMahan Ann Nicoll Jo Ann Parris Cynthia Robertson Marianne Scott Martha Senter Ann Shafto Lucy Lynn Strain Sonya Trahan Barbara Umbach Jane Ulmer Mary Todd Wiliingham Pay attention, Betty Last minute brlefinc ' il n J 9 M a f First Row: Baker, Bronson, Burlingame, Campbell, Cappel, Carre. Second Row: Carter, Clark, Cromwell, Douglas, Emiing, Paget. Third Row: Ferguson, Fer- ris, Ford. Frederick, Grant, Gregory. Fourth Row: H a m e I , Hatchette, Houck, Hud- son, C. Johnson, J. John- son. Fifth Row: Kelley, Livau- dais, McLaughlin, McMa- han, Malone, Marler. Sixth Row: Miller, Mon- tague, N i col I , Paris, Phelps, A. Pitts. Seventh Row: S. Pitts, Robertson, Roy, Scott, Senter, Shafto. Eighth Row: Stocks r, Strain, Trahan, Turfitt, Umbach, Ulmer. Ninth Row: Williams, Wil- lingham. Wren, Yerger. C H I O WIN SORORITY SONGFEST 293 delta z e t a Eleven years ago, in 1941, Newcomb College was invaded by a friendly group of girls known as the Delta Zetas. They founded the Beta Upsilon chapter of the national sorority comprising 83 chapters. The girls brought with them their pin, the Roman Lamp, their jewel, the diamond, and their flower, the Killarney rose. Ever since the chapter of Beta Phi Alpha became Delta Zeta these girls have been active in all campus organizations and projects. We are especially proud of Jackie Rauch, our president, who was in ths Engineers ' Court and is the sponsor of Company D of the Army ROTC. Among the many social activities, a highlight Is the Founders ' Day Ban- quet, held on October 24 at which the pledges and alumnae presented skits. Under ihe able leadership of Jackie Rauch, Delta Zeta has made the school year a memorable one for each of its members. OFFICERS JACKIE RAUCH President YOLANDA MANAUTOU Recording Secretary ALBERTA RETIF Vice-President LORAINE BOTTSER Treasurer FRANCES PERRY Corresponding Secretary ALBERTA RETIF Rush Captain ARLINE WINCHESTER Historian MEMBERS Ros8 Agnew Loralne Bottger Shirley Dee June Huck Farley Alice Gaudet Elizabeth Haeuser Barbara Hecker Pat Heroy Margaret Hughey Marilyn Kassel Yolanda Manautou Charlene Mutz Frances Perry Jackie Rauch Alberta Retif Joan Schwandt Joan Terraneila Carolyn Thorne Ann Morton Trice Arline Winchester Jerry Woif Ray Zemmer If I knew you were comin ' Looking for flying saucers? First Row: Agnew, Bott- ger, Dee, Gaudet. Second Row: Haeuser, Hecker, Heroy, Hughey. Third Row: Kassel, Manau- tou, Mutz, Perry. Fourth Row: Rauch, Retif, Schwandt, Terranella. Fifth Row: Thorne, Trice, Winchester, Wolf, Zem- mer. SKITS SUPREME AT DELTA ZETA ' S FOUNDERS DAY BANQUET 295 kappa alpha theta Kappa Alpha Theta, the first fraternity for women to bear a Greek name, was founded at Indiana Asbury College (DePauw University) in 1870. Alpha Phi chapter was established at Newcomb in 1914. The Theta colors are black and gold and the pin is the kite. The close of rush-week brought Alpha Phi 21 wonderful pledges, and the chapter welcomed them with a party at the home of Marilee Arnaud. Rush- week was followed by several luncheons and supper-parties given by the Theta Mothers ' Club. The Thetas also got together once a month for supper at the rooms. With December came the Orphans ' Party, and the Thetas started the New Year off enthusiastically with the Founders ' Day Banquet and the annual Katsup Party at which the pledges played hostess to the actives. Two more highlights of the year were the Theta Formal in March and the Senior Banquet in April. The Thetas are proud of the achievements of their members. Billle hHarper and Babs Bartlett hold the offices of first and second vice-presidents of the Student Government Association, and they were both members of this year ' s Homecoming Court. Alpha Phi chapter has representatives in Who ' s Who, hlonor Board, Dormitory Council, Dance Club, and many other campus activities and clubs. OFFICERS MARILYN FOLSE President JUDY FOWLER Vice-President BETTY TRELFORD Recording Secretary BILLIE HARPER Corresponding Secretary MADELINE HATREL Treasurer MEMBERS Betty Jean Adams Phoebe Alexander Marilee Arnaud Carole Arnold Peggy Bacarisse Barbara Bartlett Ann Bennett Bonnie Bertrand Nancy Blair Barbara Butler Mary Corley Jeanne Devron Dianne Dixey Marcia Davis Marilvn Fclse Judy Fowler Mary Francis Emily Goss Emily Griffith Blllie Harper Madeline Hatrel Ruth Hendricks Kay Henry Edith Hoffman Ruth Kennedy Kathleen King Yetive Letellier Phyliss Lowry Lynn McClure Linda Marshall Marilyn Millilcen Marilyn Odom Belle O ' Neill Barbara Pelton Grace Ramsay Lorraine Saucier Pat Schwartz Mary Beth Selby Jill Sheehy Ann Marshall Smith Eleanor Smith Jeanne Snider Aline Stouse Joan Thibodaux Betty Trelford Sara Turner Ann Ulmer Earline Viavant Lucy Yerly Barbara Youngs 0 First Row: Alexander, Ar- naud, Arnold, Bacarisse, Bartlett, Bennett. Second Row: Bertrand, Blair, Burdett, Butler, Cor- ley, Davis. Third Row: Devron, Dixey, Folse, Fowler, Francis, Griffith. Fourth Row: hiarper, fHa- trel, hiendricks, Henry, Hoffman, Kennedy. Fifth Row: King, Letellier, Lowry, McClure, Milliken, Odom. Sixth Row: Pelton, Ram- say, Saucier, Schwartz, Selby, Sheehy. Seventh Row: A. Smith, E. Smith, Snider, Stouse, Thi- bodaux, Trelford. Eighth Row: Turner, Ul- mer. Wellborn, Y e r I y. Youngs. THETA PLEDGES PLAY HOSTESS TO ACTIVES AT KATSUP PARTY 297 ■ l kappa kappa gamma Beta Omicron of Kappa Kappa Gamma was founded on the Newcomb Campus in 1904. This, our 48th year, began with a highly successful rush season as we looked forward to a year of equal success in all our activities. " Chapter Life " is being stressed more than ever this year, and Kappas have come to look forward to the periodical luncheons and suppers in our rooms. During such gatherings we have had the pleasure of hearing a variety of guest speakers, and meeting other guests who visit us. Kappa has remained active in Pan-Hellenic events, such as the annual Sorority Song Fest and Skit Night, besides contributing both individually and collectively to a variety of campus activi- ties. These and our traditional banquets, ceremonies, and parties have served to make this a good year for each Kappa. OFFI CERS PATRICIA Vv ' ILLIAMS Pr6$Ident JOAN MORRISON Vice-President SARA WOODS Corresponding Secretary EMILY DEES Recording Secretary ELLEN MORRIS Pledge Mistress MEMBERS Carolyn Abaunza Alice Akins Sonja Andersen Anne Benolst Caroline Benoist Betty Bland Dottle Bland Betsy Bolsfontalne Donna Browne Emily Dees Pamela Depass Jane Emerson Courtney Estabrook Elinor Finley Lydia Fossler Penelope Fox Eleanor Francisco Diane Greenslit Ann Hadley Sara Hall Warrene Hayne Judy Hlxon Sheila Hodges Jan Holmquist Eugenie Jones Ann King Julia Taylor May Jean Miller Jean MIrandona Ellen Morris Joan Morrison Helen Norman Isabel Nott Virginia Perrier Betty Pharr Ann Quin Cynthia Rainold Louise Reiss Mary Alice RIess Karen Rlstad Carolyn Robertson Edwina Saunders Maudy Saunders Gladney Shell Frances Smith Susan Smith Mary Frances Stubbs Elsa Taylor Margie Upham Catherine Williams Pat Williams Nancy Williamson Sara Woods I feel upside down Little Red Riding Hood First Row: Abaunza, Akins, Andersen, A. Benoist, C. Benoist, B. Bland. Second Row: D. Bland, Bolsfonfaine, Browne, Dees, Emerson, Es+abrook. Third Row: Finley, Fossier, Fox, Francisco, Sreenslit, Hadley. Fourth Row: Hall, Hayne, Hixon, Hodges, Holm- quist, Jones. Fifth Row: King, May, Miller, Mirandona, Morris, Morrison. Sixth Row: Norman, Nott, Perrier, Pharr, Quin, Rain- old. Seventh Row: M. A. Reiss, Ristad, Robertson, E, Saunders, M. Saunders, Shell. Eighth Row: F. Smith, S. Smith, Stubbs, Taylor, Up- ham, C. Williams. Ninth Row: P. Williams, Williamson, Woods. KAPPAS STRESS ' ' CHAPTER LIFE ' ' THIS YEAR 299 ir phi m u In 1852 Phi Mu Fraternity was founded at Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia. Our flower is the Enchantress carnation, and our colors are rose and white. We are very proud of our record and of the fact that 1952 is our Centennial, the anniversary of one hundred years of our existence. As usual the school year began with Orientation — and with Rush Week, which resulted ultimately in a splendid pledge class. The year ' s social cal- endar was crammed with monthly suppers with the pledges, " A Party for Parents " banquets, house parties (with our sisters from Alpha Eta Chapter of Louisiana State University), and a climactic Centennial Dance in the spring. We are; proud of the interest Phi Mu ' s take in campus organizations and activities — as well as in their studies. We are well-represented in Athletic Council, Honor Board, Student Council, Dance Club, Glee Club, Dormitory Council, and many other organizations. MERLE MAUMUS . SUSAN REYNAUD OFFICERS President SHIRLEY HADDOCK Pledge Directoi Vice-President SUSAN JONES Secretary MILDRED MASON Treasurer MEMBERS Peggy Atlclnson Judy Bahr Carolyn Bodet Geraldine Boehm Patricia Boehm Barbara Bolton Andree Briant Laura Cadien Sarah Callaway Martha Church hHulda Collins Carolyn Conway Eleanor Eastland Diane Ellender Beth Fritchie Catherine Fritchie Joanne Futch Esther Gilbert Mary Gilbert Isabel Guthrie Shirley hiaddock Evelyn Jackson Susan Jones Anne Keefe Greta LeBlanc Joan Eversmeyer Mildred Mason Dorothy McCabe Anne Mcintosh Joyce Mathes Merle Maumus Joan Miramon Anita Parent Mtnann Pearce Susan Reynaud Mary Agnes Rizzo Patricia Ryan Etheldreda Ruckstuhl Carol Smith Dianne Smith Alison Stacy Barbara Thomas Lorraine Sanchez Anne Williams Happy birthday to you Notice the beautiful, well-shaped, light bulbs fL f l First Row: Baehr, Bodet, G. Boehm, P. Boehm, Bri- ant. Second Row: Cadlen, Cal- laway, Church, Collins, Conway. Third Row: Eastland, El- lender, B. Fritchie, C. Fritchie, Futch. Fourfh Row: E. Gilberh, M. Gilbert, Guthrie, Had- dock, hlutchinson. Fifth Row: Jackson, Jones, Keefe, LeBlanc, McCabe. Sixth Row: Mcintosh, Ma- thes, Maumus, Miramon, Parent. Seventh Row: Pearce, Reynaud, Riizo, Ruchstuhl, Sanchez. Eighth Row: C. Smith, D. Smith, Stacy. Williams. PHI MU CELEBRATES CENTENNIAL 100 YEARS OLD 301 pi beta phi In 1867 Pi Beta Phi was founded at Monmouth College, Monmouth, Illinois. In 1891 Louisiana Alpha was established on the Newcomb campus. The flower is the wine carnation and the colors are wine and silver blue. The Pi Phi ' s have been outstanding in all campus activities. Some of the honors and offices which are held by members are: Caroline Trueman, pres- ident of the Sophomore Class; Maureen Prothro, President of the art school; Marion Andrus, maid in the homecoming court; Marie Roussel, secretary of the senior class. Those who have been elected to Who ' s Who are Maureen Prothro and Jane Doggett. Rush week was very successful and following pledging there was the tra- ditional banquet given at Arnaud ' s. Filling the social calendar for the rest of the school year were such events as the pledge house party. Founders ' Day Banquet, another house party during the Easter holidays and climaxing the school year was the annual dance given at the New Orleans Country Club in April. OFFICERS MARIE ROUSSEL President SEDLEY ROUSSEL ■ Vice-President MARION ANDRUS Recording Secretary MAUREEN PROTHRO Corresponding Secretary EMILY NOTT Treasurer MEMBERS Star Anderson Marion Andrus Jo Ann Ansley Cynthia Bailey Alice Baird Caroline Baker Arthe Beardsley Paula Beaver Ann Bennett Patricia Brennan Connie Brown Mary Minor Bush Mary Jane Carter Barbara Clann Betty Daniel Hanton de la hloussaye Jane Doggett Edwa Farwell Peggy Fleming Priscilla Fleming Cynthia Forcheimer Hettle Henderson Susan hiill Mary Hooten Nita Howell Rosalie Johnston Natalie Kammer Jennifer Mann Joan McCullough Patricia McGee Mary Ann McHoney Virginia Meriwether Donna Jo Miesse Ann Montgomery Janeth Murray Emily Nott Ruth Parsons Marian Pratt Maureen Ppothro Miriam Provosty Barbara Reaves Donna Reese Ann Richardson Kay Richardson Marie Roussel Sedley Roussel Margaret Ann Sasser Joan Scheuermann Ann Scott Mary Settegast Peggy Sloan Mildred Stouse Caroline Trueman Janet Tyson Terry Volker Joan White Jeanne White Lynn Youmans Pratt! .V- First Row: Anderson, An- drus, Bailey, Baird, Ben- nett, Brennan. Second Row: Brown, Bush, Clann, de la Houssaye, Doggett, Farwell. Third Row: Fleming, For- cheimer, H e n d e r s,o n Hooten, C. Howell, M. Howell. Fourth Row: Johnson, Kammer, Kennington, M ' c- Gee, McHaney, Mann. Fifth Row: Meisse, Mur- ray, Nott, Pratt, Prothro, Reaves. Sixth Row: Reese, A, Rich- ardson, K. Richardson, M. Roussel, S. Roussel. Seventh Row: S a s s e r , Scheuermann, Scott, Set- tegast, Sloan. Eighth Row: Stouse, Ty- son, Volker, Jeanne White, Joan White. PI PHIS KEEP SIGMA CHI CUP AFTER THRICE WINNING DERBY DAY 303 ll ANNETTE RUCKSTUHL President OFFICERS ANNETTE RUCKSTUHL President MARION PRATT Secretary SHIRLEY HADDOCK Treasurer MEMBERS JUNE EARNEST LEE CRENSHAW JANET SCHARFF SUE FOX LIZ FONTAINE ANN FRANKLIN JEAN CELLI MARY HINTON PHYLLIS EMLING JOAN BURLINGAME YOLANDA MANATOU JOANNE TERRANELLA DIANE DIXEY MARCIA DAVIS LOUISE REISS ANN HADLEY MARION PRATT NITA HOWELL SHIRLEY HADDOCK CAROL SMITH PATSY CLESI MAXINE KIDD n e w c m b BURLINGAME DIXEY CELLI EARNEST DAVIS FOX Newcomb Penhelienic Council is the governing body of the eleven national sororities on Tulane campus. It is composed of one alumnus and two student representatives from each sorority. We meet monthly to discuss matters of importance in the college and sorority world. Among our annual events are song test and skit night in which each sorority participates. Again this year a donation was collected at skit night to sponsor a foreign student at Newcomb. A scholarship luncheon Is held each April honoring the active and pledge of each sorority having the highest scholastic average. p a n - h e I I e n i c council FRANKLIN KIDD HADDOCK MANATOU HOWELL TERRANELLA military army r. o. t. c. New ' secret weapon Do you ge+ vhe point? The Army Reserve Officers Training Corps Unit at Tulane University has dgain shown expansion over last year ' s enrollment. The Army ROTC was established in 1947 and since that time has experienced continued growth. The enrollment this year reached a total of 355 cadets In the Transporta- 1Ion Corps unit which Is located on the main campus and 147 in the Medical Service Unit located at the Tulane Medical School downtown. The Transportation Corps Unit changed its organization this year, setting up a Group Headquarters with two Battalions, each consisting of two companies. The Drill Platoon, known as the " Rebel Rifles, " again functioned this year as well as a joint Army-Air Force Drum Bugle Corps and Band. In keeping with the expansion of the unit, the ROTC Staff has been Increased so as to maintain the high standard of military instruction. Colonel Lowell A. Yost, the Professor of Military Science Tactics, is ably assisted by Lt. Col. John D. Woodman and Captain Edward L. Slow down, Faust! Shortage of uniforms? Descendants of Gunga Din Emting In the Transportation Unit and Major Irvine G. Jordan. Jr., As- sistant PMS T, who handles the Medical Service Unit. A competent staff of enlisted personnel also assists in maintaining one of the highest rated Senior ROTC units in the Fourth Army area. The " Rebel Rifles. " organized and trained by Sergeant First Class Charles W, Ross, has maintained itself as an outstanding Drill Platoon and received numerous commendations on its efficiency and precision ;hown in the many extra curricular activities in which It has participated, " • " he joint Drum Bugle Corps with the addition of the Army-Air Force Cand has grown to a group of 50 cadets and furnish both the Army and Air Force ROTC units with inspiring military music ' at all ceremonies and perades. Both units are under the supervision of Army Cadet Major Gladden S. Walters. This year ' s Transportation Group was led in Its activities by Cadet Colonel Richard E. Story, assisted by his staff and Cadet Lt. Cols. Horace A. Vallas and Thomas H. Leach commanding the Ist and 2nd Battalions lespectlvely. Cadet Captains Francis S. Bowers, Leonard R. Franseen, Camllle A. Cutrone and Robert E, Weber have shown outstanding lead- ership and ability In commanding the four companies of the Army Unit. This year for the first time Coed sponsors from Newcomb College were chosen by popular vote to represent each unit and were presented at a military dance held in the late fall. Other activities which were organized by the unit were a display of military equipment during registration, a Bi-monthly unit newspaper and active participation in the University In- tramural program In which the Army ROTC won the softball championship. The Army ROTC Rifle Team, under the capable guidance of Master Sergeant Wiliiam W. Law, made a very representative showing In the Annual Fourth Army Match, the Hearst Trophy matches and also shot a ihoulder to shoulder match with the University of Auburn. Gee, look at Bultman What? No neckties? Cromagnon or Neanderthal? air force r. o. t. c. In August of 1947. the first Army and Air Force joint ROTC unit was established at Tulane. Colonel George R. HeaneY. US Army, was the first Professor of Military Science and Tactics of the joint Army and Air Force ROTC unit. July I, 1949 orders were published separating the Air Force- and the Army ROTC into two separate units. Lt. Colonel Frank L. Wood, who was the executive officer under Colonel George R. He-aney, be- came the Professor of Air Science and Tactics of the AFROTC. The missions of the Air Force ROTC is to deve-lop in prospective college graduates qualities of leadership and other attributes es- sential to the students ' progressive advanceme-nt leading to a com- mission in the United States Air Force, or United States Air Force i eserve. and to prepare him for immediate- assignments to specific duties in the Regular Air Force, United States Air Force Reserve, or in the Air National Guard. In the first semester of the 1947 and 1948 school year, seventy students at Tulane became cadets in the first Air Force ROTC pro- gram. A staff of four officers and three airmen composed the per- sonnel assigned. The curriculum consiste-d of options in communica- t ' on and administration and logistics, Basic I and Basic II which re- ceived the same course of instruction. The cadets who enrolled Into Air Force ROTC the first two years ai Tulane were chie-fly veterans. At the beginning of the. first semes- ter of the 1948 and 1949 school year, 124 students enrolled in the Air Force ROTC cadet program. In June 1949 the first class of Air Force Second Lieutenants were- graduated from Tulane. Forty we-i-e in the graduating class. Look at the models! 310 In the first semester of the 1949 and 1950 school year, 151 stu- dents enrolled in the Air Force ROTC Program. Thirty-one- cadets received their commissions in the June, 1950. commencement. During August of 1950, Colonel Frank L Wood ' s tour of duty os frofessor of Air Science and Tactics at Tulane was concluded. Col- onel Wood was replaced by Colonel Byron B. Webb as Professor of Art Science and Tactics. With the outbreak of the Korean War in 1950. a large influx of students enrolled in the Air Force ROTC program, more than doubling the previous year total. Three hundred ninety were reg- istered for the 1950-51 school year. At the beginning of the 1951-52 school ye-ar, an increase in staff personnel was provided the Air Force ROTC Unit, giving It a total of eight officers and eight airmen. There were 35 cadets graduated as second lieutenants in the June commencement of 1951. At registration for the- first semester of the 1951-52 school year, 606 students enrolled in the program. The curriculum was Increased p ' -ovldlng options In General Technical and Flight Operations. A new course In geo-politics was added to the curriculum for the freshmen In Basic Course I. Patty caice, patty cake . . Welcoming the football ream Sneering lessons laught here New Recruits Gen. Lawfon Collins Everybody ' s in siep Man of Distinciion Practice makes perfect Sdy, fhat ' s a cute toy! What ' cha see. Jim? navy r. o. t. c. Under the capable leadership of Captain Edward T. Eves, the i ' Javal ROTC. the oldest ROTC unit on the campus, entered its four- teenth year with approninnately two hundred forty midshipmen. Though classroom sessions serve as a very important part of mid- shipmen training, there were many activities in which the " future admirals " participated. The summer training cruise witnessed some, midshipmen crossing the Atlantic and visiting ports from Norway and Scotland southward tc Portugal. Other midshipmen received aviation-amphibious in- doctrination at Pensacola, Florida and Little Creek, Virginia respec- iively, while Marine candidates pursued their training at Quantico, irainia. Once the school year commenced, the Navy Unit paraded Its hon- or guard for Convocation speaker. General Joseph Lawton Collins, the Chief of Staff of the U. S. Army. Two days later the entire Naval Unit participated in the half-time activitie-s at the Homecoming Game. Later in the year the Under Secretary of Defense of Denmark and high-ranking Danish military officers visited the unit and observed Naval Science classes in session, visited the rifle range, and witnessed a midshipmen review held in their honor. At the- final ioint ROTC review held in May, the Navy paraded for Maior General R. B, Woodruff, Jr. USA. Shortly afterv ard, the Navy formed an honor guard for Senator Paul Howard Douglas, who spoke at Founder ' s Day Ceremonies. Armed Forces Day saw the Naval Unit parade In New Orleans. During the spring months many midshipmen found time ' to partici- pate In at least one of the two LSI cruises that made Gulfport and B ' loxl the ports of call. The NROTC rifle team was also busy as it competed in four na- iionai matches as well as twenfy-flve postal matches with oth«T NROTC units. The waning days of the schooi year were indeed busy ones for the middies. The battalion under Midshipman Stuart Hellman paraded at Pre ' sldent Harris ' Review where twenty-three trophies, medals, and watches were awarded to meritorious midshipmen. Also on this oc- casion, the NROTC Color Girl, Miss Ann Bennett of Newcomb Col- lege, presented the colors to Midshipman Gordon Jones, who com- manded the winning company In this year ' s drill competition. Highlighting the Year ' s activities was the Annual Midshipman Ball and the " Wedding of Waters of the Seven Seas, " which was held at the Officer ' s Club at Algiers Naval Station. With the culmination of the school year, the senior midshipmen were commissioned, received orders to ships scattered throughout the world, and the underclassmen prepared for European cruises, the av ' ation-amphibious cruise, or Marine Corps training. I - o,ilHr M ni -o fr t ' r ' , I h hoSO bab»iS Aw, don ' t rub it in An atomic riflo? OFFICERS BRADFORD HOLLE .Captain BUDDY RODRIGUE 1st Lieutenant TOMMY COMEAUX 2nd Lieutenant HARVEY HELLMAN Sergeant MEMBERS Al Batson. Bill Beckham. Louis Bernard. James 3reger, Bob Brignac, Buddy Brinkmann, John Fred Barlow Bostic, Bob -.-,-, --- - . . Cater, Tom Comeaux, Jim Conover. Ronald Cressy, Andre ' Dykers, Lockwood Fell, Leonard Franseen. Joseph Fredericks, Lewis W. George, Thomas Hall, Donald E. Harris. Donald J. Harris, Harold Hart, Harvey Hellman, Edward Hoffman. Bill Hogden, Bradford Holle. Kendrick Holle. Jim Humphreys, Don Ingram, Douglas Joubert. Leon Kahn, Dick Kellogg, Ken Kis- sel, Ed Lindsey, Jack Lohman, Bob Mclntyre, Mike McLean, Buddy Rodrigue. Pat Roper, Harry Schmidt, Richard Story. Sam Strauss, Robert Swords, Gladden Walters, Conrad Weil, Jack Weil. Edward Wright Scabbard and Blade is an Honorary Military Society. It is national in scope, having chapters in Universities throughout the United States. Its members are drawn from Cadets and Midshipmen of all the branches of the Reserve Officers Train- ing Corps. The unit sponsors competition drill between the elements of each ROTC and between the ROTC ' s themselves. Other activities are the rifle team, pistol team, and athletic teams which may be organized and which compete with other Scab- bard and Blade chapters. An annual affair is the Scabbard and Blade Military Ball, to which all members of the ROTC look forward each year. At this Ball, a girl is selected by the society members to reign as queen of the ball under the title of " Little Colonel. " Membership, which is restricted to seniors, is an honor which is greatly desired by all the seniors but which Is given to only a few, grades, military aptitude and average all-round campus Interest being the prime requirements for selection of this honor. Sleepy and Smiley were put on the back row scabbard and blade a r n 1 d air society The Arnold Air Society is a national organization whose purpose is to further the mission and scope of the United States Air Force at the college and University level by en- couraging greater teamwork, technical knowledge, and coop- eration among the students enrolled in the AFROTC program. Alvin Callender Squadron of Tulane was founded In 1951. Membership is limited to outstanding advanced ROTC cadets selected each semester. The Squadron holds social and cul- tural functions with the intent of Increasing goodwill and spirit among the cadets. This year the Squadron flew to visit air bases In the San Antonio area and held a cadet dance at Camp Leroy Johnson. OFFICERS DONALD E. HARRIS Commander DONALD J. HARRIS Executive HOWARD S. EICHENBAUM Operations ROBERT C. MclNTYRE . Adiutant Recorder J. LOCKWOOD FELL Treasurer ROBERT A. BREGER Public Relations MEMBERS James L. Allen, Samuel H. Barnes, Mike M. Bearden, Walter C. Bonie, Marcus W. Bowman, Robert A. Breger, Gordon S. Brown, Edward H. Bultman, James L. Dauzat, Howard S, Elch- enbaum, Jr.. J. Lockwood Fell, Stanley L. Francis, R. William Gilmore, Jr., John A. Grassel, Irving E. Greenfield, Jr., Jos- eph A. Gremllllon, Donald J. Harris, Donald E. Harris, Carl- don O. Haskins, Dave M. Henderson, Albert N, Hudgens, Donald F. Ingram, Donald H. Kenaley, Gale KIrkpatrick, Rob- ert F. Ledoux, Emanuel F. Livaudais, Jr., Benjamin A. Lucio, Robert C. Mclntyre, J. Michael McLean, George G. Newburn, Lenard F. Parker, James R. Price, Gene H. Rogas. Morton B. Sarlln, Joseph D. Shinn, Alan Sigman, Samuel Strauss. Jr., Roy G. Voelker, Robert L. Wilson. Advisors: Lt, James Sherman, Capt. Walter E. Scott Desk sergeants get flight pay OFFICERS WILFRED DAVID President CARLOS FONT Vice-President ROBERT MOHR Secretary AARON ROSEN Treasurer MEMBERS John Anton, Elliot Bain, Frank Blue, Phillip Buchanan, Louis Busch, Paul Dastague, Wilfred David, Arthur DeFraltes. Ed- ward DeMartIni, Jack Dienes, Jack Eskanazi, Carlos Font. Leonard Gessner, Bill Gregory, Harvey Hellmann, Bill Hodg- den, Morris Hohenberg, Jim Humphreys, Jim Jobe, Gordon Jones, Douglas Joubert, Pat Kevlln. Sam Landry, Merrill Le- Blanc, Don Mayer, Robert Mohr. Bill Moran. BII! Mouton, Hal Norman, Vernon Parrlsh, Ed Roddy. Buddy Rodrigue, Aaron Rosen, Leavell R. Smith William Turner Mercer Wade Don Welderecht, Randy Willoz The Taffrail Is the railing at the very stern of a ship. How- ever, the Taffrail Society is by no means at the very rear of the Naval ROTC unit. It Is composed of the leadlnq men In the NROTC. Although Taffrail is a social club, its activities have been broadened to include service projects and the furthering of esprit de corps within the unit. One of the Society ' s honored functions Is to choose the Midshipman for the Esprit de Corps award, an award that was first presented last year. The outstanding social activity sponsored by Taffrail Is the NavalBall presented In honor of the midshipmen first class recelving_ their commission. At this dance the color girl of the Unit is also honored, this year lovely Ann Bennett, choice of Gordon Jones, Midshipman Commander of the winning company In competition. taffrail naval society Watch the birdie L . ■ M . . ■ . »?|W N Wr ' v — ■:ot : V ; . ' MA 1 Blow it, BIng Trombones Triumphant the t u I a n e band OFFICERS JOHN J. MORRISSEY Director TED DEMUTH Ass ' t Director HERB THURBER President DICK KELLOGG Vice President HAROLD BRETZ Librarian RUSSELL KROSSGARD Librarian PAULA BEAVER Secretary BILL HESS Treasurer .. siiJ ' Jxii Harry Allen Gleb AuIqw Charles Barfoof Charles Bass Paula Beaver Rodney Bourgeois Harold Bretz Lester Briwa Nesbit Col+harp Richard Crosby Robert Crofty Ted Demuth Allen Dorfman Sam Emerson Louise Ferguson William Font Joseph Ford Warren Granberry Edward Greene Francis Guinle Mayer Helman Floyd Henzel William Hess Barry Hlldebrand Alfred Hul+t Philip James Richard Johnson MEMBERS Richard Kellogg Jack King Russell Krogsgard Philip Laborde Warren Lorlo Beryl Lovitz Calvin McBrlde Francis McNuly Roger Miller Alfred Morrison Walter Mott William Paer Willis Poirrier Hlldred Runyan Ronald Schroeder Marianne Scott John Spiro Melville Sternberg Melvin Steger James Stokes Charles Thompson Herbert Thurber Carol Tramwell Ernest Weiner James Williams Robert Wooten Peter 2a ck Likewise, I ' m sure - 1 il i Jr: 34 P.MMi r .- ESi=ii Them Bases Hey, Pedro The Tulane University Band, during the football sea- san, draws its membership from the men students of the University. The band marches at the half and plays du- ring all the home football games and, this year, jour- neyed up to Baton Rouge to give L. S. U. a glimpse of the type of show furnished Tulanians this year. Its theme song, " Way Down Yonder in New Orleans, " has long been an introduction to good entertainment on the foot- ball field. After the football season, the band starts planning for its Spring Program. Girls, from both Newcomb and Tu- lane, are admitted into the Band for the concert season. The highlight of the Spring was the annual concer t given at McAllister Auditorium. For the past two years, the same concert has had to be given three times, on suc- cessive nights, so that all those who wanted to see it would be able to. The week before the concert, the Band held its yearly television show, on which it plays some of of the music on the concert program so that the tele- vision audience may hear and see it also. This year, the Band went on a concert trip through northern Louisiana and Mississippi, playing concerts at the various high schools in Baton Rouge, Monroe, Jack- son and fHattiesburg. On this trip the band featured its popular and semi-classical numbers although, as brought out by the concert, the band is well known for the variation of its repertoire, ranging from classical to the most modern. A rose amidst Ihe fhorns « Dr. Gwynn McPeeIc, Choral Director The Fourlanlans THE FESTIVAL CHORUS, composed of Tulane and Newcomb students, faculty members, and townspeople, specializes in performing large choral works with orches- tral accompaniment. On March 10, the group, with the aid of the New Orleans Philharmonic Symphony Orches- tra, presented the Easter portions of Handel ' s Messiah, some parts of which had never been presented before in New Orleans. The tradition of presenting Gilbert and Sullivan OPERETTAS was upheld this year when " Trial by Jury " and " H.M.S. Pinafore " were performed through the com- bined efforts of the choral groups. The sparkling dia- logue, clever stage sets, and charming music made the performances a great success. The A CAPPELLA CHOIR performed its major con- cert on April 27 at the annual spring Newcomb Memorial Service. With Beth Smith, Beatrice Baldinger, and War- ren Gadpaille as soloists, and with a small chamber or- chestra, they performed Bach ' s " They All Are Waiting on Thee, " and t+ien concluded the program with Brahms ' " Wherefore hast the Light Been Granted. ' In addition to the major choral activities, there are numerous smaller ensembles, chief among which are five girls ' trios and two male quartets. These groups per- formed more than thirty times throughout the year to audiences in three states. The first notable appearance of the Newcomb Glee Club this year was at the Christmas Memorial Program honoring the memory of Harriet Sophie Newcomb. In the spring the group took a three-day tour, giving two or three concerts a day in cities throughout Louisiana and Mississippi. Climax of the tour was the concert given here at Tulane. Then too, the trip to the Pensacola Naval Base provided such an enjoyable time for all that everyone is in favor of making this an annual event. Some of the smaller functions at which the Glee Club performed are the New Orleans Spring Fiesta ' s " Patios by Candlelight, " radio and television shows, and im- promptu gatherings and parties. The TULANE GLEE CLUB also went on tour this year, giving performances in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Ala- tulane-newcomb bama. Immediately following the trip they held their an- nual concert on April 3. The versatility of the club was well illustrated by the varied selections offered during the tour and the con- cert. Those who preferred classical music were pleased by selections from Bach and Palestrina, while the semi- classical group enjoyed the compositions of Randall Thompson. In addition, the show tunes of Gershwin, Friml, Herbert, Rogers, and Romberg were featured. Other activities of the club during the year consisted of entertaining the guests at the Alumni Homecoming Dinner, singing in conjunction wi th the Newcomb Glee Club on Founder ' s Day, and participating in the Christ- mas festivities in Bruff Commons. OFFICERS SWYNN S. McPEEK General Director TULANE GLEE CLUB ROBERT LEViNE President V ALTER LEE Vice-President ARTHUR DeFRAITES Secretary AARON 8UCHSBAUM Business Manager JIMMY 5CHEXNAYDER Publicity Manager Newcomb Glee Club The Tennessee Walfi The Tulane-Newconnb Glee Clubs at Convocailon choral groups NEWCOMB GLEE CLUB BETTY NEVILLE President JOYCE HATFIELD Vice-President FRANCES SMITH Secretary DONNA JO MIESSE Publicity Manager CAMILLE CARAWAY Business Manager CHRIS WEST Librarian OPEREHA WARREN GADPAILLE ' . . Drannatic Director G. CAMPBELL COOKS6Y Musical Director DOROTHY GADPAILLE Assistant to Dramatic Director LAURA CADIEN Rehearsal Accompanist SPECIAL GROUPS Festival Chorus Soloists, Handel ' s " Messiah " MARILYN WOODWARD Soprano LCRRAINE WRIGHT Contralto ARTHU R SCHOENBERGER Tenor DONALD RODRIGUEZ Bass MALE GLEE CLUB QUARTET James Gouaux Walter Lee Roland Gucrin Jacob Wagner THE FOURLANIANS Einar Pedersen, Arranger and Accompanist Richard Stanko Arthur Peisikowitz Arthur de Fraltes Stephen Jacobs NEWCOMB GLEE CLUB TRIOS Sophomore Marcia Goldben Carolyn Smith Marcia Davis Junior Betty Neville Jo Ann Ansley Joyce Hatfield Senior Polly Jean Phelps Laura Cadien Emily Xanten Graduate Marilyn Hoppmeyer Marilyn Woodward Beatrice Baldinger Watch out ' for Dead-eye DIcIt v ¥| ' R, I say R, R " The power behind the scenes Baggett and Blanchard arranging CAMPUS NITE STAFF Director BOBBIE SUE BLANCHARD Assistart to the Director BETTY KIRALFY Musical Director ED BAGGETT Choral Arranger EINAR PEDERSEN Rehearsal Pianist MARTHA SINTER Lyricists MIMI and JAQUE 5EGALL Script Continuity MARY ANN LANG and JACK STOCKER Designer . BILL SMITH Stage Manager " CORKY " FALBAUM Assistant Stage Manager BILL SLOSHBERG Program Director TONI CLESI Secretary ANN SHERMAN Publicity Director BILL REMINGTON Business Manager STEVE JACOBS Lighting GARY KUSHNER Properties HOWIE KANE fostumes JANE PEARL5TINE Make-Up MRS. HENDERSON BARKLEY, II Stage Hands BETTY BAH, ANREE BRIANT, BEVERLY BRIANT, DOUG WAIIERS, ED BONDURANT, MARIE HAMEL, JANE ULMER f ' aJimL m L4. Oh, you nasty, you! 1 111 I ill II I M !|. Jl wl %ii Waiting " for a handout Closing the year with their annual original musical comedy, Campus Nite com- pleted another year of fun and entertainment for the student body. The first show of the yfcar was under the direction of Bill Remington who. In early November, put the Cannpus Niters through their paces in the " Varsity Varieties. " This show was a capsule lize version of the 1951 show, " Gecrgle Goes to Press, " as wel! as an oppor- tunity for students with various talents to display their wares. Ranging In form of entertainment from a fire eater to a soft shoe number with a barber shop quartet, the " Var;Ity Varieties " consisted of scenes from the Gay Nineties, the Circus, and a Louisiana Bayou. Tlie h ' .q show of the year came late in March. " Finishing Abroad, " under the di- rection of Chairman Bobble-Sue Blanchard and with music by Ed Baggett, was hailed a success throughout the campus. The show was entirely " student. " Newcomb and Tulane students wrote the script, wrote the music and lyrics, designed and con- structed the sets, published a thirty page program, sang, danced, and acted their show to success. Credit for much of the success of both shows belongs to Einar Pedersen, the Cam- pus Nite Faculty Advisor. With a keen sense of and love for music, he was able to help l-he Campus Niters over many rough places. " Finishing Abroad " Is the story of a group of girls from Agatha Smythe ' s Seminary v ho embark on a culture tour of Europe. Due to the gullibility of " Tex " Malarkey (Sue Fox), the girls and their chaperone wind up on a cattle boat completely manned by a crew of Ivy League football players. The final blow comes when, after arriving In France and the football players and one of the girls are thrown In jail and after an extremely funny pantomine routine between Francis Edgewood, one of The girls, and the French Constable at which time the boys and girls are released, Francis (Ed Chadwick) turns out to be a boy In girl ' s clothing sent along to chap- erone " Tpx. " In the meantime Miss Tilly, th? old maid chaperone, and the water- hating Captain (Herb Pelskowlti) have fallen In love. Everything ends happily at everyone embarks on the trip home. Rembrandt and Picasso campus night advertisements WHITNEY NATIONAL BANK OF NEW ORLEANS Establiihed 1883 FOR OVER 68 YEARS. OUR RESOURCES HAVE BEEN DEDICATED TO THE BUILDING OF THE SOUTH MEMBER OF THE FEDERAL DtK)SIT INSURANCE CORPORATION ARNAUD ' S " The House of Hospitality and Friends " 801-29 BIENVILLE STREET OPEN FROM II A. M. to 12:30 A.M. GERMAINE CAZENAVE WELLS Owner oi Arnaud ' s Restaurant, daughter oi the late Count Arnaud, founder of the restaurant that bears his name, as well as creator oi many famous Creole and French dishes famed throughout the world. ARNAUD ' S — Selected the best restaurant ot the South for the 2000th anniversary of the founding of the City of Paris. Few are the people who set foot on the sidewalk of New Orleans who do not seek to learn the location of Ar- naud ' s and forthwith journey there to enjoy this famous cuisine. After partaking of a notable meal, guests fre- quently ask the derivation of a particular dish: " Is it French? " " Is it Spanish? " The answer is that it is a combination of the wizardry of the French with the art of Spanish to make Arnaud ' s masterpieces. . edtaarun t . y rncLud SHELTON SMITH NASH CO. NEW CAR SERVICE DEPTS. 1018 Baronne St. Tulane 548 1 USED CAR DEPT. 844 Howard Ave. Canal 0188 NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA 311 Baronne Street, New Orleans, La. The Siore for Youny 3§en and 3ten Who Stay Youny! ESTABLISHED SERVICES TO Cuba - Jamaica - Panama - Colombia - Costa Rica - Nicaragua - Honduras - Guatemala - Salvador - British Honduras - West Coast Central and South America UNITED FRUIT COMPANY 321 St. Charles St. New Orleans La. Campus Night Engineers where good quality always costs less NEW ORLEANS MOST COMPLETE DEPARTMENT STORE atU acthh uataHtee4 ct Ifcuf iHcneif Sack SEARS MAJORS MEDICAL BOOKSTORES Three stores to serve you with any medical book in print. Subscriptions solicited for all medical periodicals in the English language. A full line of books is carried in stock at all times so that immediate delivery can be made. J. A. MAJORS CO. New Orleani 12 Dallas I Atlanta 3 Wh.it, Drj homfworlt! Est 1788 MA. 8924 ORIGINAL PIERRE MASPERO ' S EXCHANGE ARTHUR LAMAZOU, Prop. Only the best grades of domestic and imported wines and liquors NEW ORLEANS, U. S. A. 440 Chartres St. J. B. EATON Board Chairman C. C. FRIEDRICHS President A. SALAUN, JR. Vice-President IRVIN L. DUSSOM Vice-Pres.-Secretary COLUMBIA HOMESTEAD ASSOCIATION 330 Carondelet Street, New Orleans 3% CURRENT DIVIDEND SPECIAL FOR TULANE AND NEWCOMB STUDENTS AND FACULTY 2c Discount on each gallon of gas LEONARD ' S SHELL SERVICE 7700 Maple Street at Adams Phone WAInut 9389 Open on Sunday MARIO ' S We Deliver HOT SANDWICHES HALF FRIED CHICKEN 2906 B roadway Ph. UN. 7595 CLIFFORD fl. KinC uDuilcling. peciatti 9 -V tied Floor Coverings Acoustical Materials Marble Brick and Tile Steel Products 2 1 9 Dryades Street Raymond 05 1 5 :■-■;■•!- r The Greenie Triple Threat AT GODCHAUX ' S . . . YOU PAY NO MORE . . . YOU GET THE BEST IN FASHION. QUALITY, SERVICE . . . oAieX a»x ' ■ ' ZaacS Do Marin ; hflvo blood? ml! ) JNO. WORNER SON BUILDERS HARDWARE W Quality Distributors of YALE LOCKS AND HARDWARE Phone Raymond 1674 Phone Raymond 0353 401-405 Decatur Street New Orleans 16, U.S.A. l EEsd.V ILLER Sine 1919 FIRE FIGHTING HEADQUARTERS 52 I Gravier St. New Orleans " YOUR SPECIALISTS IN SPORTS " SPORTS. INC. (Formerly Dunlap ' s) EQUIPMENT FOR EVERY SPORT 308 St. Charles Street MA 589! New Orleans 5892 SCHNEIDER BRICK AND TILE CO., INC. Facebrick Building Brick Clay Roofing Tile Farm Drain Tile STRUCTURAL TILE Sales Office — Raymond 2855 1101 A Pere Marquette BIdg., New Orleans La. PLANT, Slidell, Louisiana COLLEGE RINGS SORORITY PINS FRATERNITY KEYS SPECIAL DESIGNS CREATED BERNARD 8 GRUNNING " Better Jewelry " 146 Baronne Street THE AMERICAN PRINTING CO., LTD. New Orleans, La. Question Mark TUUNE PRINTING OFFICE C ampud ■ rinterd - UNIVERSITY 2741 GIBSON HALL EXT. 344 A. S. Aloe Company " The World ' s Largest Surgical Supply House " The One Stop Source of Supply for the Physician, Hospital and Clinical Laboratory New Orleans Branch CA 7741-42-43-44 1425 TULANE AVENUE H«ll no, Grij«?fc Wuolr SERVING BUSINESS INDUSTRIES SINCE 19041 Commercial Stationery — Office Furniture — Files and Filing Supplies — Printing — Lithographing — Engraving — A. B. Dick Mimeographs and A. B. Dick Supplies " Everything for your Office " DAMERON-PIERSON CO.. LTD. 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NEW ORLEANS, LA. EXPORT LUMBER Pine and Hondouran Mahogany We ship to all parts of the World. Prize Pledge Phone CA 3619 [wA 2277 Napoleon Avenue Wharf Night Phones ] WA II95-W Phone UP 1820 WA 6I0I-J THOS. W. HOOLEY SONS Machine and Boiler Works Marine Work a Specialty 1026-36 Tchoupitoulas Street New Orleans, La. New Orleans Office University 5496 Baton Rouge Office 4-5795 PERRILLIAT-RICKEY CONSTRUCTION CO., Inc. Luenera I L o i tractors 1530 S. Rendon Street NEW ORLEANS, LA. Pioneer Building LAKE CHARLES, LA. 1045 Choctaw Road BATON ROUGE, LA. COMPLIMENTS OF FREEPORT SULPHUR CO. (Producers of Crude Sulphur) NEW ORLEANS PORT SULPHUR COMPLIMENTS OF THE STRATTON BALDWIN CO., INC. A Hungry SfudrTit TULANE ' S MODERN CAFETERIA Invites You To Enjoy food at it ' s best — served in our pleasant surroundings, at reasonable prices. Dining with us is more economical than dining at home — try it on your maid ' s next night off. COMPLIMENTS OF CRESCENT CITY FEED STORE 2001 St. Louis TU 5454 MMMM As Always . , . for fine feminine apparel qUA.Mai{ L. CO m LIMITED Tn ■ ' ■ ' ■■ i ; E ' H 141, ■riiiiftlniM " ' -- R. P. FARNSWORTH AND CO., INC. L enerut (contractor NEW ORLEANS BATON ROUGE J ' i-i " ' NC ' the younger set all agree the place for fashion is MB . . . and to prove the point, here is Sally Pitts, Newcomb, wearing one of the many happy young styles from MB ' s Junior Shop, Second Floor Maison B LMCHE GREATEST STORE SOUTH SOUTHERN BLUE PRINT CO. BLUE PRINTS ARCHITECTS AND ENGINEERS SUPPLIES FILM NEGATIVES BLACKLINES 708 Gravier Street ELECTRICAL LOGS PHOTO-COPIES NEW ORLEANS 12, LOUISIANA PHOTOSTATS =RONT AND BACK ON ONE SHEET BY " PHOTOSTAT DUPLEX AUTO PAINTING AND REPAIRING CO.. INC. 1725 Dufossat St. BOYLE OUSTALET " 24 Hour Emergency Gas and Oil Service " Jackson 4801 YE OLDE COLLEGE INN DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT and COCKTAIL LOUNGE 3016 South Carrollton Ave. New Orleans DAVIS-WOOD LUMBER CO.. INC. Long Leaf, grade marked Pine, Cypress and Fir lumber of every descriptioti. Frames and millwork. Large and small orders handled promptly. I 620 Airline Highway Phone TEmple 5505-6-7 DDMIND ' S PIZZA PIE WE DELIVER PIZZA Call Us MA. 9111 Open All Night 505 St. Louis MA. 91 What would Jambalaya be without rice? To jambalaya and gumbo, shrimp Creole and good honest beans, rice is indeed es- sential. The rice business itself is a great and satisfying one. Growing and milling, marketing and merchandising — these of- fer a constant challenge to those of us who live with, by and for the rice of Louisiana. Growers work to improve the varieties. Scientists develop new uses for rice. Our own company made marketing history this year by introducing a pack- age design new to the industry. Every enterprise affords such new and ever- interesting possibilities. As a graduate of Tulane University, you have the advantage of a fine start. It is our hope that your future " bxiilding years " — whether they be in industry or science or a profession — will also be good years, yielding many challenges and rich rewards. 4 RICE RICE WATERj MAIC RICE Louisiana State Rice Milling Company, Inc. America ' s Largest Rice Millers ABBEVILLE, LOUISI ANA THE mnVFfllR LOUnCE 1 505 Amelia Street UP. 9044 H Hp H H ; H HHD Bfl B Hte _ BB H bhhh h 9n M E g B 1 1 . JH CRESCENT CITY MOTORS PHONE CAnal 2365-6-7 2001 St. Charles Avenue New Orleans 13, La. the enchantment ot summer eapturedby ev A crisp white pique . . . from Holmes Junior Shop . . . for dating, for dancing all summer long. There ' s maximum magic in the minimum waist, wonderful freedom in the wide-flung skirt. Lace frosting for sleeves, lace inserts on skirt. 35.00 Holmes Junior Shop Second Floor NANCY LIUENSTEIN The Medical Technique FACULTY— STAFF— STUDENTS Designed for Your EXCLUSIVE USE TULANE LAUNDRY Located behind Newcomb Gym — Art School Ma 3477— Ra 6985 Ch 4792 CLIFF PROBST AUCTIONEER-REALTOR 427 Carondelet St. N. O. 12, La. COMPLIMENTS OF 1. L Lyons and Co. Ltd. Established 1866 New Orleans, La. Lake Charles, La. EASTMAN KODAK STORES Incorporated EVERYTHING PHOTOGRAPHIC A Complete Line of Photographic Merchandise and Accessories 928 Canal St. New Orleans, Louisiana OAK STREET RESTAURANT OYSTER HOUSE HOME OF FINE FOODS Home Made Chili, Sea Food, Gumbo, Fresh Oysters, Shrimp, Fish, Crabs, Chicken, and Sandwiches of All Kinds Draught Beer in Frozen Glasses Hot Lunches Served Students Cordially Invited 8242 Oak St. Quincy Pa .e, Prop. WILLIAM S. VINCENT INSURANCE AGENCY GENERAL INSURANCE 620 Carondelet BIdg. RAymond I 268- 1 269 PAN-AMERICAN LIFE . . . A Growing Industry in a Growing State Louisiana ' s largest legal Reserve Life Insur- ance Company, The Pan-Annerican is this year celebrating its fortieth year in business. During that period, Pan-American has rec- ords that can be matched by but few other life insurance companies in the United States. Pan-American Life Insurance Company Now Has . . . Over a Half Billion Dollars of Life Insur- ance in Force Over $125,000,000 in Assets Over $8,500,000 in Surplus for Added Protection of More than 165,000 Policy- owners Paid over $1 17,000,000 to Policyowners and Beneficiaries in Benefit Payments CRAWFORD H. ELLIS President EDWARD G. SIMMONS Executive Vice-President MARION SOUCHON, M.D. Vice-President Medical Director During 195! the Company completed and occupied the most modern life insurance home office building in the United States and completed a 10 year Mutuallzation Plan which makes the Company a pure mutual company — owned entirely by its policy- owners. The New Orleans Agency, under the supervision of Miss B. B. Macfarlane. Supervisor for Louisiana and Mr. Fisher E. Simmons, Jr., CLU, Assistant Supervisor, is the largest agency of the Company ' s sixty-one agencies. Miss Macfarlane and her repre- sentatives throughout the State of Louisiana are well-trained and equipped to render the most outstanding service to you in your insurance problems — both personal and business-wise. B. B. MACFARLANE Supervisor for Louisiana F. E. SIMMONS, JR., CLU Assistant Supervisor for Louisiana PAN-AMERICAN LIFE INSURANCE CO. PHILLIP ' S RESTAURANT NICK STIPELCOVICH, Manager 733 Cherokee WA930I Built by Globe Construction Conripany zrii. - COWSTRUCTICW COMPANY. INC7 ' eneral KyoruracZbrs 8137 Oleander St. 9 New Orleans 18, La. COMPLIMENTS TO THE SENIOR CLASS Good Taste LARRY ' S CLEANERS 7435 Freret St. WA. 6606 CONTINENTAL TRAILWAYS Fast, Express Bus Service From NEW ORLEANS to BATON ROUGE Also thru (no change) BUSES to SHREVEPORT— DALLAS BEAUMONT— HOUSTON JACKSON— MEMPHIS and All Intermediate Points For Complete Information Call CONTINENTAL TRAILWAYS BUS DEPOT 1314 Tulane Ave. Phone R A 4201 USE QUALITY UNION COFFEE IT ' S BETTER EXTRA FLAVOR IN EVERY CUP MERCHANTS COFFEE COMPANY OF NEW ORLEANS B. C. CASANAS, President GEO. E. FLETTRICH, Secretary-Treasurer Phone Jackson 8639 MILL DISTRIBUTORS TWI-RO-PA MILLS AGENCY Twine-Rope-Yarn GEORGE J. PALMER 1607 Napoleon Avenue New Orleans The Formal Touch T4A- R.OOM Bree kfa f, Lunch AVAILABLE FOR PRWATE PARTIES (057 VUDO Ofr) I notoaranliu bu JOHN L HERRMANN F.R.P.S. 2034 St. Charles Avenue Tulane 3469 WEDDINGS CARROLLTON AT ST. CHARLES PICCADILLY FLORIST WE TELEGRAPH FLOWERS FORMALS WA 2552 HENRY KRAAK FLORIST 1425 ELEONORE STREET UP 1198 Member — Florist Telegraph Delivery BROWN VELVET ICE CREAM DELICIOUS AND NUTRITIOUS America ' s Favorite Food COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND R. J. YOUNG MOTOR CO., INC. DODGE PASSENGER CARS DODGE " JOB-RATED " TRUCKS PLYMOUTH PASSENGER CARS 1331 So. Broad St. RAymond 6291 HEADQUARTERS for Scott ' Atwater Shift outhoards FIVE SHIFT MODELS! 4 to 16 HP $149.5010 349 FIND OUT NOW how far out- boards have ad- vanced — see our complete line of Scott- At water complete Shift motors! All have Neu- tral, Forward, Full Control Reverse. All have single knob control, push-button carburetor drain, ball and roller bearings! Come in today. Bijr todajr— 12 months to pay I SECURITY CO. 124-30 South Rampart St. CA 081 1 COMPLIMENTS OF PORTER ' S Corner of Carondelet and Gravier What a horse WA. 4788 WonteL eone COIFFURES 630 S. Carrollton Ave. NEW ORLEANS 18, LA. Na t uoberG DENDINGER, INC.. OWNER The DeDar ' ment S ore of Building Materials 721 South Claiborne Ave., Phone: Raymond 1363 MEYNIER DILLMANN HARDWARE CO. 7724 Maple Street Phone: Walnut 2545 Incorporated HARDWARE. CROCKERY, PAINT, GLASS, BUILDING MATERIALS and ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES New Orleans, La. Easy Doe; It M. D. KOSTMAYER GENERAL INSURANCE AND BONDS 709 UNITED FRUIT BUILDING Raymond 6151 COMPLIMENTS OF STAUFFER ESHLEMAN CO., LTD. WHOLESALE HARDWARE IMPORTERS and EXPORTERS Phone MA 5621 I UP o ' J♦ P«r»e " t If-w Orlo ' in ' W. H. CURTIN CO. Laboratory Apparatus Reagents Spencer and Bausch Lomb Microscopes 2800 Frenchman St. New Orleans, La. ASBESTONE CORPORATION Manufacturers of ASBESTOS CEMENT ROOFING SIDING NEW ORLEANS. LA. HAEMER ' S BARBER SHOP 8112 Oak Street Opposite Whitney Bank In Business Over Fifty Years Now " Air-Conditioned " For Your Comfort Solicits Your Patronage 3 Barbers in Attendance First Class Shoe Shine Department Hours: — 8 A.M. to 6 P.M. Saturdays: — 8 A.M. to 8 P.M. BUSINESS AND INSTITUTIONAL FURNITURE EQUIPMENT OF EVERY TYPE LIBRARY FURNITURE SHELVING SHAW WALKER STEEL DESKS AND FILES STOW-DAVIS EXECUTIVE DESKS CHAIRS DoMORE POSTURE CHAIRS PLAYGROUND EQUIPMENT GYMNASIUM EQUIPMENT LABORATORY FIXTURES INDOOR AND OUTDOOR SEATING H. C. PARKER. INC. 336 C-jrnp Sfreel New Orleans, U.S.A. Who ' s the Singing Rebel CONSULT AN EYE PHYSICIAN FOR EYE EXAMINATION BARNETT OPTICAL CORPORATION WM. J. HAGSTETTE Ophthalmic Dispensers QUALITY— ACCURACY— SERVICE Ra. 4711 — Ra. 7414 833 Common St. New Orleans 12, La. For Beautiful Matched Diamond Weddittg Sets (■ ailet Cf Jj- eneao, nc. Manufacturing Jewelers 152 BARONNE ST. CANDIES Supplied the Cafeteria by PURITY-REISS CANDY COMPANY Since 1859 LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA LLOYD ALEXANDER IRWIN KNIOHT A. F. M. Lloyd Alexanders Orchestra " Pride of New Orleans " 8336 PRITCHARD PLACE PHONE WA. 6395-R AFTER 5:00 P M. LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA WE ARE JUST A MATTER OF HOURS FROM YOU ACCURACY All orders are carefully checked before ship- ment. PROMPTNESS Express, mail, truck and train speed our de- livery to you shortly after the order is re- ceived. FAIR DEALING Our Policy — To serve the pharmacists of Louisiana economically, fairly and to pro- mote ideas that will build business for you. McKESSON ROBBINS. Incorporated NEW ORLEANS DIVISION New Orleans 7, La. Phone RAymond 2101 FOR THE PRIVILEGE OF MAKING THE PHOTOGRAPHS CONTAINED IN THIS ANNUAL OUR SINCERE THANKS lUflLinCE STUDIOS ivIaherA of Ine f- oAraili 37 BRANCHES THROUGHOUT THE NATION TO SERVE YOU ii oLJeAlaned and f rinied bu Benson PRinTinc compnnv NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE C naraued bu SHREUePORT EnGRflUinG compnnv SHREVEPDRT, LOUISIANA L II w newt ir .WMMUKYi M ' f " " ' " ' - -lrT T " r

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