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THE HOl ARD- TILTON MEMORIAL LIBRARY THE TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA Gift of George P.Guidry in memory of iitieiine Fidel Aragon PETE . THE PELICAN PRESENTS THE 19 5 1 JAMBALAYA OF TULANE UNIVERSITY THOMAS fv w LISTEn, mV CHILDRCn . . . GATHER ' ROUnO, R STORV VOU SHOULD HEAR; A tale of thiiiss I saw and did While at Tulane one vear. While flying over New Orleans My feathered tail was hit; The time was back in ' 51, I never shall forget. Some greenie ' s shot had found its mark, Controls got out of hand; So, perched atop Dinwiddy Hall I surveyed all the land. MkHi. The sfudenf center was down fhere, Calling bacic to my mind; All my many college friendships; Tie thai the years will bind I walked past a red brick building Where memories would lurk Reminding me of college days; The kids in social work. I looked toward another building, My thoughts turned back the years; To other +im.ei I ' d stood before Tho school of engineer ' ; I was an " on-the-spot " witness, And here, I ' ll take my stand; That Tilton Law Building puts out The best lawyers in our land. Wanting to fly over Tulane, Once, before I ' d depart, Richardson Building came Into view; Surely, here was my heart. The business end of our nation, Caued me to stop and stare; At hundreds who were studying Commerce — in Norman Mayer. ! inG THROUGH THE flTmOSPHERE That day .... to look arour I felt a new Tulane spirit Enveloped eaifiplRrground Pep rallies at McAllister, Joined with shirt-tail parades Virginia and Ole ' Miss bonfires Lighted the shadows and shades. I spotted Tilton Library, Thoughts went back to tarry On times I ' d had to study here; Books I ' d had to carry. Up to the clouds the voices came Loud with vigor and vim; This was the spirit of Tulane Working out In the gym. I clapped my wings when I beheld Future filled with promise; Npw architects and engineers Pflssed from Stanley Thomas. My gaie then fixed on one building, (Here physics notes were read); Memories walked through these hallways Where many more shall tread. A big black cloud rose in the sky, I stopped so I could see; Some student had exploited the Theory of chemistry. Flying o ' er the athletic dorm. On " T " formation beam; I proudly dipped a wing to say. Hi, Green Wave football team. Standing rar off in the distance, Past the houses and trees; Stood Hutchinson Memorial — Symbolic of M.D. ' s. In every organization. One thing ' s behind it all — I found the heart of a campus Beating in Newcomb Hall. Two teams met on the Green Wave field, And, though I hate to brag; Along with their mascot; L.S.U. Vied for — and lost — " The Rag. " Four boys went out for a " coon-hunt, " (They hadn ' t far to hike). When they found game, not coon, oh, no- Better!! L.S.U. ' s " Mike. " Sandburg spoke from McAllister, And, though he had great form; My thoughts trailed off in ecstacy Over the new men ' s Dorm. Countless have passed through our portals And, though their image fades, Their hearts will always dwell among TULflHE ' S w.V " Miss Football " was Renee Aubry, (She went to Californ); And Sarah, as " Miss Basketball, " Almost completes this yarn. The lights were dimmed, the curtains down, Imagination tilled each age; The applause brought forth more curtain-calls Drama had found our stage. " Tulane at Mid-Century " was Carried out every Inch, In a Homecoming theme set off By our queen Sara French. The barkers yelled to sell their wares Gaiety knew no bounds; Tulane soil was transformed Into Campus Carnival grounds. m jiM. fl mess AGE FROm RUFUS CARROLTON HARRIS ADMINISTRATOR EDUCATOR SPORTSMAN THE PRESIDEilT M - D E D I C fl T I n Behind our school stands a famfliar figure; changeable in outward appearance, but, in spirit, as inrimovable as the Statue of Liberty. She is Tulane ' s own Mrs. Buckner Chipley, who can be found in the student center every day from nine to five. Here she is known as " Chip " to the hundreds of boys and girls who come to her with their personal prob- lems, love affairs, and friendships. Along with planning their parties, she encourages tournaments of all sorts, for she is a staunch believer in the great American spirit — the spirit of contest. Though she has traveled a great deal through Housemother of the University Hostess of the University Europe, South and Central America, she prefers to stay here at Tulane indefinitely. To her, the students are the most important persons of the school, and she not only gives them her time — but her heart. Mrs. Chipley is of a generation-old New Orleans family, and is not the first of her family to win the acclaim of Tulane. In 1914, her brother edited the JAMBALAYA, and in 1 937, her son was also editor of the yearbook. With a heartfelt interest and understanding of o thers, she is an ember, igniting a hidden spark of ambition or hap- piness somewhere within us. So It is with greatest pride that the staff dedicates the 1951 JAMBALAYA to Mrs. Buckner Chipley. Companion of the University 13 TULRHE UniUERSITV %fmA f mm Save your Confederate money boys, etc. The Tulane Student Council is composed of the presidents of each of the nine colleges and the presidents, vice-president, and secretary of the student body. All matters of student life, jects: getting a JAMB photographer, solving the legal aspects of electing a Homecoming Queen, preventing a riot over a kidnapped tiger, untangling parking problems with the city com- extending to the Honor System, student publi- missioner, deflating the " basketball incident, " cations, organizations, and their budgets, elec- and just generally failing-to-knit-up-the-raveled- tions, and dances are within the jurisdiction of sleeve-of-care over deficit budgeting, the Honor the Council. System, and the Student Federation of Louisi- This year ' s headaches covered a range of sub- ana Colleges and Universities. 14 STUDEIIT council DABNEY EWIN President OFFICERS DABNEY M EWIN . . . ROBERT BRUCE .... STEVE ELLIS . . . Vice-President, Student Body Secretary, Student Body DAVID CLARY MORRIS MIDDLETON . . MARGARET GANDOLFO . . President, Newcomb LESTER HALL .... President, School of Social Work CALVIN ROLLAND .... President, Graduate School DAVID KIRCHNER . . . President, Arts and Sciences CHARLES SELAH President ' Med. School WILLIAM CADY . . . President, Law School ED VAN AMERONGEN . . Representative, Architecture First Row: Bruce. Cady. Clary. Ellis, Gandolfo. Second Row: Hall. Middleton, Selah, Van Amerongen. 15 The Alumni Fund Kicltoff Dinner FRANCISCO FIGUEROA President, Tulane Alumni Association OFFICERS FRANCISCO LUIS FIGUEROA President GERALD L. ANDRUS First Vice-President CARROLL S. MAYER Second Vice-President G. SHELBY FRIEDRICHS Third Vice-President HARRY P. GAMBLE, JR Secretary HARRY R. CABRAL Treasurer BEATRICE M. FIELD Director of Alumni Activities T U L fl n E . The Tulane Alumni Association is a national organization which has become a salient factor in the progress of one of the South ' s oldest and greatest universities. Through It each alumnus is given an opportunity to serve and assist in the progress of the University. There are no membership dues, and all students upon leaving the University are entitled to membership in the Alumni Association. Records are kept on the activities of all alumni and efforts are being made at all times to keep in contact with the former students. One means of achieving this is through the medium of the TULANIAN, alumni publication which contains new.s of the University and alumni. This magazine Is sent to all grad- uates and former students for whom the office has correct mailing addresses. A representative from the Association welcomeis each graduating class at Commencement. Active local alumni clubs have been organized in many parts of the United States and elsewhere. Each year the Association sponsors hHomecoming, a cel- ebration which brings many grads back to the campus for reunions and other activities. On May tenth, the birthday of Paul Tulane, alumni meetings are held throughout the country and a memorial service is held In Prince ton, New Jersey. The Tulane Alumni Fund, organized five years ago, is conducted by Class Agents and other representatives of the As ' soclatlon. The Fund has grown each year and is now of real value to the University ' s financial program. 16 BEATRICE M. FIELD Director of Alumni Activities The alumni badminton tean RLumni nssociRTioN Top left: The Alumni delegation from Havana arrive for Homecoming Bottom left: Engineering ' 05 holds 45th reunion Top right: Members of the Class of 1900 celebrate fiftieth Reunion Bottom right: Reunion of class of ' 33 " QUEEN BEE " MRS. ANNA D. WARRINER National President of the Newcomb Alumnae Association NATIONAL OFFICERS OF THE NEWCOMB ALUMNAE ASSOCIATION MRS. ANNA DOHAN WARRINER President MRS. DOROTHY NUNGESSER RICCIUTI . . First Vice-Pr esident MISS ELSIE FIELD Second Vice-President MRS. FELICE MAURER LOWE Recording Secretary MISS KATE HODGE Corresponding Secretary MRS. HELEN R. DIETRICH Treasurer MRS. GEORGIA SEAGO FISCHER . . . . Executive Secretary MISS MARIAN L. NASH Past President MRS. HELEN BELL WAGNER . Representative Academic School MRS. LILLIAN WALTHER PAGE . . Representative Art School MRS. NELLIE MAE GUNN PARKHAM Representative Music School MRS. MARY HOEHN ROTH . Fund Chairman MRS. LALISE O ' BRIEN Tulanian Editor ncujcomB NflTionni Newcomb ' s National Alumnae Association is composed of graduates and former students of the college. Our Alumnae office is in the Newcomb Gymnasium building. We keep a complete file of up-to-date addresses of alum- nae. Each class has a New Orleans Alumnae chairman who is the contact for her classmates with the Association. Every alumnae in New Orleans is eligible for member- ship in the New Orleans Club, which is one of the many clubs in the country that make up the National Association. They are kept posted of the Association workings and take an active part in its drives and projects. Each year the Association sponsons a project for each of the undergraduate classes. This year we will have the Seniors come to the Alumnae banquet during Commence- ment week. For the Juniors and Sophomores we offered Career talks by some of our outstanding alumnae, and for our Freshmen, a dance with the cooperation of the Tulane Alumni was given after one of the first football games In the Student Center. The Alumnae meet on the campus twice a year for Memorial Services in December and April. There are two National Association meetings annually — one the morning of hlomecoming and the other during Commencement week In June. Our alumnae come back to their alma mater at this time and renew their cherished college day associa- tions. ' MADAM EX " MRS. GEORGIA FISCHER Alumnae Executive Secretary 18 siip i ' A- L. M - . 1 k_ K— ' ' i l H| n 1 ff i«k.AL Jm M " DIAMOND LIL " Aline Richter Stevens, toastmlstress at the Diamond Jubilee Banquet. NASH AND NAT Marian Nash. 1949-50 Alumnae President, and Natalie Scott, Dorm Drive Alumnae Director, on the beam for the new dorm. ALumnflE RSSociflTion " TOP BRASS " Dean and Mrs. Logan Wilson. Miss Anna Many, Felice Maurer Lowe. Pres. and Mrs. Rufus Harris. " RIGHT AROUND HOME " Faculty Alumnae " THE COUNSELOR AND THE BIRD DOS " Career gals Eleanor LeBlanc and Dorothea Sclesinger talk to the Juniors and Sophs- " AS WE WERE " or " ANYTHING FOR NEWCOMB " Alumnae Out-of-Style Show for the Dormitory Drive. OFFICERS JERRY HONEYCUTT President BILL OBERHELMAN Veep HARDY DAVIS Secretary HARRY ENGLEHARDT .... Treasurer LOUIS VERGNE Historian MEMBERS Max Barnett, Bert Benowltz. vier, Me. " le Brown. Hardy WIMIam Armstrong, Bill Boeglin, Clo E Davis, Harry Englehardt, Joe Fitzpotrick, Jerry Honeyc ' jtt, Dick Keller, Mike Maher, Clarence Martin, Ben Mauthe. Bill Oberhelman, Brewer Pence, Dave Pope, Evans Powell, Conrad Smith, Roy Smith, Dudley Smolen, Louis Vergne, Bill Zizi. Alpha Phi Omega is on organization whose pur- pose is vo assemble men in ' ihe fellowship of he Scout Oath and Law, and to provide a means by which college men might continue io carry on in the tradition of " Ihe Boy Scouts of America. Every year it is ihe custom of Gamma Upsilon, the Tulane chapter of APO, " lo render service :o the community, ' ihe university, and ;he itudent body, through a program of planned activities. The chapter this year assisted in Freshman Orienta- tion Week, ushered ilt various university functions, held Paul Tuiane Day. and staged ihe annual Kampus Karnival. which netted just under Ij400 for charity. The local group also played host io ihe State Conclave of the fraternity. On ihe lighter side, Alpha Phi Omega put on ihe hilarious Ugly Mug contest, through which ihe ugliest man on the Tulane campus is selected! It is easy io see ihat APO is not an organization for ihose who desire personal recognition, but rather, ihe group tends io play up ihe value of teamwork and stresses ihe fact ihat irue personal satisfaction can be had by helping others. The boys behind Kampus Karnival ALPHA PHI OmEGA OFFICERS LOUIS VERGNE President EMILIO RODRIGU EZ . Vice-President NINETTE PERRILLIAT , Corr. Secretary MARY 5CHERER . . Recordincj Secretary HUGH DAVIS Treasurer ROSA LAMAR Historian MEMBERS Marcelo Aguile.ra, Fernando Aponfe. Dick Arena, Hernan Arostegut. Max Barnett, Edwin Caplan, Elizabeth Carter. Charles Clark, Jos- eph Crossley, Mortimer Curran. Hugh Davis, Rafael Diaz. Sam R. Dumbar, Miguel Ferrer, Delfin Gomez, Carlos Gonzalez. Rafael Grillo, Rosa Lamar, Ellie Luecke, Juan P. Lopez, Angel L. Lugo, Thelton McCa ' kle. Donald Nicol, Ninette Perrilliat, Emiio Rodriguez, Luciano Salcedo, Mary Scherer, George Shibley, Mario Stein worth. Louis Vergne, Bobbie Webb, Genevieve Wellbaum, Melba Weinberger. George WJIkins, Stafford Williams, Edward Zarachowicz, Raul Zelaya. The Pan American Society is a campus wide organization dedicated 1o i he promotion of Pan American understanding and fellowship among the students of Tulane. Under ihe spon- sorship of the Society a series of social, cul- tural, and educational activities are held dur- ing the year with the purpose of familiarizing the students with the culture of ihe Americas. Outstanding among ihese activities is ihe ceie- bratlon of Pan American Week in April. The PAS plays an Important part in ihe orientation of foreign students and in ihe Latin-American relations of Tulane University and ihe City of New Orleans. Membership In ihe Society Is open to all bona-fide students of Tulane and faculty members. Se habia espanol PAn-AHIERICAn SOCIETV OFFICERS BILL GEARY . . JACK TURNER . . FLORA TALMADGE BOBBY ZETZMAN . Pi ' esidenf Vice President Secretary Sergeant-at-Arms MEMBERS Henderson Barkley. Chuck Bonura. Joan Burl In- game Buddy Brlnkmann, Elolse Cappel, Barbara Cohn, Bill Crull. Vrginia Day. Bill Evans, Phylljs EmJlng, Mary Kay Hickey, Tommy Hall, Marie Hamel. Dave Henderfon. Anne Holbrook, Jere Johnson. Ed LIndsey, Claire Lewis, Andrea Llvau- dais. Slim Long. Bob Maltz. Joyce Myers. Walter Lee, Abner Northrop, Polly Jean Phelps, Peter PIzzo, Carol Ray. Jack Robe.rts, Bob Seay, Elsa Taylor, Jere Wellborn. Paul Welty. Lagniappes gave the students more dances and stomps In the past year than have been enjoyed on this campus in many moons. The Freshman Dance, which started the year, packed ihe gym. Here many friendships received their start and many little black books received additional phone numbers. At the Homecoming Dance all of us enloyed the music of Hal Mclntyre. His sweet dancable music coupled with the presentation of a lovely court made it an enjoyable evening. In addition. Lagni- appes sponsored a large Spring Dance, a square dance In the gym, and student stomps which were held every other Friday. It Is the hope of the members of this organ- ization ihat ihese dances will provide a medium by which students mav become better acquainted. thus tending to form a more closely knit and better spirited student body. Don ' t go to sleep on us, Slim L n I 6 S OFFICERS TONY LOWE . , . MAX BARNETT . WALLY GOEDECKE . BETTY JEAN WEST . LEONARD STERN DR. JOHN ESTERLINE President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Corr, Secretary , . Librarian Faculty Advisor t ■■ -■r-: iJ:T «e ' «aR:-. Realizing the Importance of a knowledge of ou.r country ' s international affairs, and feeling a need of a systematic study of ' ihe problems which are constantly confronting the American people, the Tulane International Relations Club was formed for the purpose of 5tudylng_ and discussing these national and international events and Issues which are daily transpiring within and without our " national borders and which vitally concern our Ame-Ican life. It is the intention of the club io deal with all ques- tions and topics In an impartial manner, _ al- ways endeavoring to search out and appreciate the truth of each situation under Investigation, It is the IRC ' s ambition to maintain a broad- mindedness and a fair judgment In discussing our national and International problems, and Ihus better fit ourselves, as college men and women, io take an intelligent and effective part In (o.-wardlng the Interests of our country and our several communities. In order vo carry out ihese intentions o he fullest extent and in ihe most expeditious man- ner, ihe IRC this year has sponsored a number of nationally and iniernationaliy known speak- ers who have spoken on such timely topics as France and Indo-Chlna, New Orleans .ind World Trade, British Socialism. The United Nations, and Spain Under Franco. Also, some very excellent movies were shown, and _1he biggest highlight of ihe year was the United Nations Day Banquet. That ' s a snazzy coat you have on, Tony inTERIIflTIONflL RELflTIOnS CLUB fl D E L P H n S OFFICERS JERE WELLBORN President BILL MOORE Vice President BOB MALTZ Secretary MAX DURHAM Treasurer VINCE MAS5IMINI .... Sgt. At Arms DR. KARLAM RIESS . . . Faculty Adviser MEMBERS Paul Loria, Peter Pizzo, Woody Banks, Frances Scarritt. Bill Moore. Armand Legend.re, VInce Massimini, Bobby Maxwell, Bobby Zetzman. Lock- wood Fell, Lenny Furher, C, J. Martin, Bob Bou- dreau. Tom Farmer, V. L, Ewing, J ere Wellborn, Dick Johnson, Don Maynard, Doug Jaubert, Bob Maltz, Max Durham, Gordon Brown, Jack Lohman, Dan Hurly, L, R. Jalanak, Jr., Julian Good, Joe Ross, Ed Zaita, Clay Talbot, John Fournet, Allen Adams, Ed Stacy. Chuck Bonura. Adelphons is an interfraternity fraternity, founded at Tulane University in 1949 to promote inter- fraternity relations and spirit, to further coopera- tion between the University and the Greek Letter organizations and to serve the school. By its very nature it accomplishes the first of these objects since it is composed of members of the social fraternities elected by the Adelphons. In this group they work and relax together creating a bond and a unity of nineteen fraternities which are rivals in almost every other field. Meetings are held in roundrobin fashion in the fraternity houses on the campus, affording an opportunity to each fraternity to meet and make new friends among the others. The Adelphons -have represented the fraternity world in such school functions as University Convo- cation. At Christmas it served as a coordinating body when many of the Greeks sought through the purchase of presents and clothes to bring Christmas into the homes of many needy families. At present the Adelphons are spon soring a move to publish an interfraternity handbook to be sent out to all incoming Freshmen. This is an effort to promote and publicize the obiects and values of fraternities at Tulane and by providing information to give a better understanding of their worth. In the line of social functions probably hte most outstanding was the picnic given ai Vince Massimi- ni ' s house in Slidell. It was there that most of the members acquired their first sunburn of the year while swimming and playing Softball. OFFICERS EDWARD WRIGHT . BREWER PENCE . . JOEL FEIGAN , . . HANS FEIBELMAN . JOSEPH FITZPATRICK ROBERT BRUMFIELD . Speaker Vice-Speaker Secretary-Treasurer Parliamentarian Historian Sergeant-at-arms MEMBERS Arthur Barron, Dan Blackstock, Robert B rum- field, Hans Feibelmann, Joel Feigon, Joseph Fitzpatrick, Carlos Giron. Arthur Lichtman, Jim Mooney, Brewer Pence, Nathan Popkin, Harold Roundtree, David Seelig. Phillip Slipakoff, Ronald Sturtz, John Welsh, Jr., Edward Wright, Arthur Yazmajian. Anything from Churchillian oratory to Im- promptu " Give ' em hell " diatribe can be heard in the chamber of the Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society. Generally the latter though, fo.r if current political issues are seldom solved in its Senate-like proceedings, they are given a violent airing. The Glendy Burke Society is the University ' s representative for intercollegiate debate, and it is around debating that most of the society ' s activities center. Besides entertaining visiting teams, often outstanding ones such as Oxford, U. of California, and West Point, the society sends Its varsity squad to week-end tourna- ments and out on brief tours. Glendy Burke is the pjace to acquire self-confidence in public speaking, to hear book reviews on Important political writings, to become a stickler for parliamentary procedure, and to get chummy with a crowd of future (and present) poli- ticians. The society is freighted with traditions — one being that no women are -allowed — but this Is altogether to be expected, for, after all, as the members do unanimously agree: the Glendy Burke Society Is older than the University. Hot air for sale G L E n D V BURKE 22 " T-U 1951 C. T. (JACK) TURNER EdHor-in-Chief Below: The sinner, the preacher, and the pope Bottom: Obviously posed The staff has tried to present this 1951 JAMBALAYA in a different manner than its predecessors with several changes from the standard run of JAMBALAYA. Recognizing the fact that the individual student is interested pri- marily in his or her particular school the class sections have been ar- ranged according to the separate Universities and Colleges comprising Tulane University. In these separate sections have also been placed the various organizations which are mainly participated in by the students of that particular College. This has enabled us to eliminate a large and sometimes dull organizations section. With the belief that the full value of a college annual is not realized until some time after a student ' s graduation we have made an attempt to give the hometown addresses of all students whose names appear in this book. We believe that this may be of value to a student in later life T. LEACH E. FRANCISCO R. BRINKMANN » ' t ROBERT THOMPSON Associate Editor have the feeling I ' m watched OLGA TURNER Associate Editor who wishes to contact an old classmate but who has lost that classnnate ' 5 address. At least the home address as given in this book will give the student a starting point for correspondence with old classmates. Another point of interest in this book is the different sections devoted to various activities such as Dramatics and Music, Religion. Dorm life, etc. We feel that all these actvities play a very great part in any stu- dent ' s college life and therefore should be remembered through his col- lege annual. Also in this book we have tried to give credit where credit is due. Those students who have achieved outstanding success on the campus have been duly recognized but at no time have we allowed just plain old Joe College to be lost among the B.M.O.C. ' s, favorites, wheels and what have you. This book is designed for the average man in the class- rooms and not for the boys in the extra-curriculum fields. D. POPE B. CHERRY G, WINN C. GUYNES A. HOLBROOK THOMAS E. RYAN Business Manager Another picture of me? jflmBRLflvn RONALD STURTZ Executive Business Manager TONY LOWE Office Manager EDITORIAL STAFF CLYDE T. TURNER, JR Editor BOB THOMPSON . ... . . Tulane Associate Editor OLGA TURNER .... Newcomb Associate Editor TOM LEACH Tulane Assistant Editor ELEANOR FRANCISCO . . . Newcomb Assistant Editor GEORGE WINN Fraternity Editor BARBARA CHERRY Sorority Editor EDWARD WRIGHT .... Tulane Organizations Editor ELSA TAYLOR .... Newcomb Organizations Editor DAVE POPE Sports Editor " BUDDY ' BRINKMANN Layout Editor DOODLE GUYNES Caption Editor MEMBERS Jack Weil Nanette Carr Mary Myers Anne Holbrook Mickey Church Cliff Carswell Aline Stouse A. MERIC Shorty Fraenkel Joel Duvic Betty Bland Virginia Newman Harold Harland Katherine Naef Bob Hess A. YAZMAJIAN F. FRAENKEL K .■ r 26 The perfect triangle Next year I ' ll watch BUSINESS STAFF THOMAS E. RYAN Business Manager RONALD STURTZ Organizations Manager AL MERIC Assistant Organizations Manager TONY LOWE Office Manager PATSY WEIL Advertising Manager HENRY STOUTZ Layout Manager ART YAZMAJIAN . ■ Publicity Manager PEGGY BURKENROAD Salesman JULIAN GOOD Salesman PETER PIZZO Salesman WALTER WARD Salesman SHIRLEY GLOSSERMAN Office Staff BARBARA GLICK Office Staff BETTY OLIVER . Office Staff LEE FLE5HMAN ' . . Office Staff EUGENE LEWIS ......... Office Staff ROSE RUEBEL Office Staff ROY SMITH Office Staff SANDRA PEILEN Office Staff The 1951 Jamb Business Staff, because of every- one ' s excellent cooperation, had the most successful year known in the history of JAMBALAYA business operations. Everyone on the staff gladly took on their responsibilities and pulled their share of the load to a successful conclusion. Congratulations to all the staff members and the many others who helped out at registration and at other times for a job well done. Bedroom eyes H. STOUTZ N. CARR B. OLIVER M. CHURCH 27 CONRAD SMITH Editor BERT SHRINE Business Manager J he ..y t I - m e r i c a n STAFF CONRAD SMITH Editor RICHARD HART Managing Editor MARY KREBS Associate Editor JOE CROSSLEY News Editor BOB ZELENY Copy Editor SHEP PLEASANTS Sports Editor ADRIEN AITKENS Society Editor ART YAZMAJIAN Intercollegiate Editor BETTY KIRALFY Assistant News Editor JOHN WINN Assistant Sports Editor JACK ANDERSON Columnist REPORTERS — Robert Leidenheimer, Edward Wright, Marshall Alperin, Harry Beverungen, Gene Garber. BERT SHRINE Business Manager DON CARSON Circulation Manager MARY MYERS Assistant Circulation Manager WARRENE HAYNE Business Staff ETHEL SHORE Business Staff LOUISE HARDING Business Staff KAY HENRY Circulation Assistant WALTER KROPF Circulation Assistant I don ' t see my nanne anywhere Dick hard at work ID 4 The " Hullabaloo " managed to break many records this year. Principle among them were printing three editions on one day and also having more issues burned than in any previous yea ' " . Conrad " Red " Smith was the power that was with Bert Shrine holding forth over the business staff. Chief assistants were Dick Hart, Elise Mitchell, Mary Krebs, Joe Crossley, and Bob Zeleny. George Rigby, Don Carson, and Mary Myers rounded out the ad and business staff. All American Shep Pleasants led the sports department uncapably assisted by Scoop Cohen, John Winn, and anyone else who could be rooked into writing some sort of sports story. Especially one about soccer. . Also prominent in the " Hulla " office were the two col- umnists. Jack Anderson, who always pleased the advertis- ers, and Bob Leidenhelmer, the red blooded American boy. Usually hiding in a corner until ten minutes before their columns were due, they would crawl out and bang frantically away at a typewriter for a few seconds. The re- sult was generally just short of being libelous. Still the " Hulla " staff continued its winning ways with its stupenduous editorial page. The athletic office set up an office In the gym; the cafeteria started using hot water, and the engineers and lawyers wrote nasty letters. Another feature was the hole In the head which resulted from the Gorgeous Gertrude vs. Canada Don. Gorgeous Gertrude put up a terrific struggle but Don was too much for him. But week after week the " Hullabaloo " marched on, or perhaps a step back once In a whjje. " Our Cig Is best, the nose test does work " Top: Gef that editorial look Bottom: Short staffed? STAFF HAL REEVES . . . ESTHER GILBERT . MARY GILBERT . . JANE DOGGETT . . SHIRLEY ANN GRAU ANDREW MAYS . . . . . Editor Associate Editor Associate Editor Business Manager Graduate Editor Graduate Editor BLAKE WEST Graduate Editor Editorial Board: Barbara Brogan, Doris Cahn. Leah Drescher, Jack Flowers, Malcolm Forsyth, Wiltred L. Guerin, Jr., H. Barry Immel, Alice Koch, John H. Magyar, Tricia McRaven, Marie Roussel, Fred West. BUSINESS STAFF JUNE ANTLEY Business Staff EMILY DEES Business Staff ANNE HADLEY Business Staff PATRICIA WILLIAMS . . . Business Staff JOHN DILLON HUSBAND . Faculty Advisor ROBERT MANSON MYERS . Faculty Advisor JOHN HENRY STIBBS . . . Faculty Advisor Carnival represents an answer to the long felt need for a litera,ry magazine at Tulane. It is pub- lished four times yearly by the students of ihe university, and is a recognized member of the University Publications Board. Its selections consist of short stories, poems, and critical articles sub- mitted by members of the student body. Although, only in its second full year as a publication. Carni- val has received the active support of both the students and the university administration., June ' s half asleep again c n u L OFFICERS STEVE ELLIS Chairman JUNE ANTLEY Secretary PROF. GEORGE E. SIMMONS . Advisor DR. JOHN H. STIBBS .... Advisor MEMBERS June Antfey, BIN Cady, Dave Clary, Dick Hart, Keith Hotard. Hal Reeves, Thomas Ryan, Bert Shrine. Coarad Smith, Jack Turner, Vincent Goodman, To direct the affairs ot all university publica- tions is the primary function of the Publications Board. Morever, editors and business managers of campus publications are selected by the Board, which also r-upervlses any changes In, or cont.roverslal matters concerning publica- tions. The Board is composed of Ihe editors and business managers of the " Hullabaloo " and the JAMBALAYA, the editor of " Carnival " magazine, the president of Theta Nu Journalism Fraternity, the president and one elected mem- ber of Student Council, two senior class of- ficers, and one Newcomb representative. Act- ing in the advisory capacity are ' he head of the Journalism Department and ' he Director of Student Life. " UPTwr Turner, borrowed the coat for the picture? PUBLICflTIOnS BOARD 30 ei w Prayer at Easter Sunrise EflSTER SURRISE SERUICE This year ' s annual Easter Sunrise Service was held at 7:00 A.M. on the Newcomb quadrangle. Delivering the main address at the Service was Dr. Albert S. Hurley, pastor of the Napoleon Ave. Methodist Church, with a talk entitled " After Sunset, the Dawn. " The Service was planned by Herman Falbaum and Jane Lee Luft, and a 30 voice Tulane-Newcomb Glee Club choir provided music. inTER-FfliTH council OFFICERS SUE MADISON Chairman EFFIE PERKINS . . . . Secretary-Treasurer MARGARET ANN TURFITT Corr. Secretary MEMBERS William Culpepper, Jack Reid. Jr., Sylvia Pinner, Sue Madison, James O. Crary, Jr., Effie Perkins, Mrs. Lorelei Guidry, Robert E. Weaver, W, John Howard. Du- bois James Daniels, Nathaniel Hart, Mildred Lahasky, Richard Ruckstuhl, Gerry Fallelta, Corky Falbaum, Ed Bondurant, Marga.-et Ann Turfitt, David Pope, Gor- don Jones. The Inferfalth Council serves as an Integrating body for the ten stu- dent- religious groups on the Tulane-Newcomb campus. It provides an opportunity for combined projects and the sharing of activities. The council ' s major proiect of the year Is sponsoring a religious em- phasis week. Through work with various campus organizations and unlver- slty-wlde meetings with outstanding leaders It helps focus student at- tention on the place of religion on the college campus. In working toward better relations and understanding between the various faiths represented In the university a series of lectures on com- parative religion is offered by the council. The differentiated groups also join In each other ' s programs of service, study, and worship. Religious Wheels i t u Mllandin seeming to be enjoy- ing himself, wonder why? BAPTIST STUDERT UniOII " A campus home-away-from-home. " That ' s what the Baptist Student Center on Freret Street is to Ihe out-of-town Baptist students coming to local campuses. The Tulane-Newcomb-Loyola group is one of fivs Baptist Student Union organizations in the Crescent City , . . The B.S.U. itself Is world-wide in scope, and has as Its main purpose the enlistment of away-from-home Baptist students in the local church of their choice. The Student Center severs as a nucleus for a well-rounded program of activities designed to further the spiritual and recreational phases of student life. Such get-togeth rs as monthly Dinner Forums, Baptist Student Conventions and Retreats, Noonday Chapel Services with lunch following, an annual City- wide Youth Revival, and seasonal socials are included. The Executive Council, under the leadership of City-wide B.S.U, Director Mary Lee Vines, plans and directs the many-sided program. The Executive Council of Tulane-Newcomb B.S.U.: President, Hlldred Runyan; Vice Presidents, Cliff CarsweM; Harry Englehardt, Laura Cadlen; Secretary, Shirley Gardner; Treasurer, Gordon LeBaron; Director, Mary Lee Vines. The Executive Council of Medical B.S.U.: President, Charles Tamer; Vice Presi- dents, Edwin Morriss, Ray McEwen, Charles Bass, Bill Carlisle, Henry Carter; Editor, Joe Frank Hamilton; Director, Mary Lee Vines. CnnTERBURV CLUB OFFICERS HAROLD PIKE, JR Senior Warden BOBBY GLENN SMITH junior Warden ANN VARINO Secretary HUNT COMER Treasurer THE REV. JOHN MAURY ALLIN Chaplain First in importance of Canterbury activities of tiie past year was the acquisi- tion of Canterbury House at 1 122 Broadway where Chaplain John Maury Allin and his fannily reside and which is the official home of this club for Episcopal stu- dents on the campus. Through these added facilifies Canterbury Club can now en- ioy a balanced program of worship, fellowship and study. Besides the established Wednesday morning celebration of Holy Communion and the Thursday night meeting, the club now has a celebration of Holy Communion each Sunday morning and an informal Tuesday Tea. This program is to be extended in the coming year to include activities for special interest groups and for the students of the Medical and Law Schools. High points in the past year ' s program include a Christmas party for the chil- dren ' s ward " at Flint-Goodrich Hospital, a Lenten series of tails on " Anglicism " by distinguished guest speakers, and a visit from Dom Gregory Dix, Benedictine Order, Ashdom Abbey, England. Where are all the boys? Ifs all in your mind CHRisTinn sciEncE ORGflniZflTION OFFICERS HAROLD A. LEVY, JR. . . President PATSY JO McDowell VIce-P,residenl LORELEI GUIDRY .... ... - . Recording Secretary MURIEL CALDWELL Corresponding Secretary NORMAN R. TILDEN Treasurer MRS. CURTIS L. COATS Advisor Christian Science Organization at the Tulane University of Louisiana was organ- ized in Decembe ' - 1943 an-:! is aut-horized by the Manuel of The Mother Church, the First Chu ' " ch of Christ Scientist in Boston, Massachusetts. Regular weekly meet- ings are held on ' I ' he campus. Students, faculty members, and friends are invited to attend. The purposes of this organization are to unite the Christian Scientists within the University In closer bonds of Christian fellowship, to welcorr.e Christian Scientists ente.-ing the University, and to afford to the entire University the op- portunity to study the Bible and to team the truth about Christian Science as taught in the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science. Gflmmfl DELTA President Vice-President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Pastoral Advisor OFFICERS D. JAMES DANIELS, JR. . ... DANNY WILDER .... . . LOUIS ORTH .... ALBERTA RETIF ARTHUR DAUER ... REV. PAUL G. ERETSCHER . . Gamma Delta, the InteVnational Association of Lutheran Students, has two main obiectives; the promotion of Christian knowledge and the promotion of Christian service among Luthe.:-an Youth. To further these obiectlves. Alpha Upsilon. the Tulane and Newcomb chapter, holds semi-monthly meetings, at which the pastoral advisor presents religious topics and conducts discussions of Christian doctrine and manners as found in the Bible. At least once a month Alpha Upsilon has a social function. During the past year the chapter sponsored two city-wide square dances. In addition to welner roasts, and a " progressive party " for new students. Chapter traditions Include a Fouider ' b Day Banquet and chapter attendance of the Reformation Day service held by the New Orleans ' Lutheran Churches. Last year more than half of the chapter drove to Ihe Magnolia Region of Gamma Delta ' s convention, which was heid at the University of Alabama. The group is looking forward to attending the convention to be held in Texas this spring. Camera hogs S -% " i One more fellow allergic to flash bulbs HILLEL FOUNDflTIOn lUeSLEV FOUNDflTIOn OFFICERS AARON L. BUCHSBAUM President HANS FEI3LEMAN _. . . . Vice-President SONYA KLEINFELDT Secretary NATHANIEL HART Treasurer Seventy- five Tulane and Newcomb freshmen received their first sample of Jev ish Community campus life at Hillel ' s annual open house which inaugurated our fourth and biggest year on this campus. The year was filled wUh varied activ- ities including cultural, religious, community service, and other social affairs. One of the headliners was a lecture series dealing with the problems of the individual, presenl-ed by Professors Fogle and Lee of Newcomb and Silvert of lulane. Another highlight was the Passover Seder which supplemented the weekly Friday night services. Several of the heartier souls braved the elements for a fun-packed Thanksgiving trip to Fontalnbleau State Pa ' -k. In line with our community welfare program we participated in the Campus Carnival for the University Chest Drive and sparked a student campaign for Jewish charities. Next year, General Hershey permitting, we ' ll_ all be back looking forward fo.r greater sfrldes by Hillel, the Jewish Community on the Tulane and Newcomb Campus. OFFICERS EDWARD BON DU RANT President DON RAYNER Vice-President DOROTHY VERLANDER ... , Secretary STANLEY SIMS Treasurer This is the organlzaHon of Methodist students on the Campus. It holds th.ree meetings weekly — two are noon-day " Time Apart " services held in Alcee Fortier Auditorium. These are of a devotional nature and led by students. On Tliursday of each week the Program Meeting is held in the Newcomb Art School. Thir. consists of outside speakers, forums and discussions on pertinent subiects of the day, always with the religious slant and emphasis. An att ' -aclive recreational program is featured throughout the year. This con- sists of square dances, radio listening parties, open house following football games, hayridss and picnics. The purpose of this organization is to help the Individual student to develop into an effective Christian personality, growing in ideas and vision, in a sense of responsibiliry, in a knowledoe of himself and his relations to men and God and In a Christian philosophy of life that Is Intellectually respectable, spiritually satis- fying and morally relevant to his day. Homer take seriously this Brinkmann, the smiling Irishman lUESTmmiSTER FELLOWSHIP The Westminster Fellowship Is o Qiroup composed of the Presbyterian students on the ' Tulane and Newcomb campuses. Under leadership of its President, Dave Pope, who has been assisted by Langston Sutter, Vice-President, Marcia Davis, Secretary, and Ed Lindsey. Treasurer, the organization has greatly Increased Its membership and has made many fine Improvements during the past year. Meetings are held every Sunday afternoon at five o ' clock In the recently erected Student Building of the St. Charles Avenue Presbyterian Church. At this time the group either participates in discussions, forums, song services or is p, ' -ivileged to hear the message of a guest speaker. The Fall Retreat at Foritainbleau State Park was among the outstanding activities of the year. Westminster also sponsored a Student-Faculty Banquet, and enloyed numerous informal get-togetheirs and parties. It is to Reverend Robert Cogswell, Assistant Pastor of St. Charles Avenue Presby- terian Church, that Is owed much of the success of Westminster Fellowship, It has been his untiring efforts, his advice, and inspiration which has added so much to its growth and continued success. Officers are: Dave Pope, President; Langston Sutter, Vice-President; Marcia Davis. Secretary; Ed Lindsey, Treasurer. IIEUJmflN CLUB OFFICERS RICHARD RUCKSTUHL President WILLIAM OBERHELMAN Vice-President CLEMENTINE DCSKEY Secretary INELL MANNING Treasurer GEORGE PALMER Marshal REVEREND JAMES F. BENEDICT Chaplain The Nev man Club — so named after the great English churchman and scholar, John Henry Cardinal Newman — Is the officially designated organization appoint- ed by the Church for Catholic students on the Tulane and Newcomb_ campuses. The fourfold prog,ram of the Newman Club includes the religious, cultural, intellectual and social phases of activity. The religious program emphasizes frequent attendance at Mass and reception of the Sacraments, daily recitation of the Rosary, days of recollection and re- treats. The Newman Club features education through the medium of classes twice week- ly In both Theology and Scholastic Philosophy. Culturally, the Club features guest speakars, formus, discussions and debates. The social program Includes picnics, dances and parties for members as well as their guests. In early November the Newman Club sponsored a Province Convention which nearly a hundred delegates of Newman Clubs from Alabama, Louisiana, Mis- sissippi and Tennessee attended. First In the A.P.O. carnival, tiie Newman Club, as an Indication of Its readiness to promote general campus activities, raised $118.00 for the Community Chest. It appears that Father Benanti enjoys his work i ' : ■ , „ A TULflNE GLEE CLUB nEUJCOmB GLEE CLUB Officers are: Thomas Leach, President; Robert Levine, Vice-President; Her- bert Roepe, Secretary; Jimmy Gouaux, Treasurev; Walter Lee, Librarian. Thomas Cain, Librarian. This year found the Tulane Glee Club making its greatest stride toward a very bright future. When Dr. McPeek took over the position of director of this group, the future looked mighty dim. The club was disorganized and small. Buh with a lot of hard work, the group has made this their bGnne " - year. With their membership numbering in the eighties, the Glee Club found it possible to make the first club trip since 1926. Setting out early in the school year, they soent the weekend entertaining the women at Gulf Park College with a s-i ' all concert. By the middle of April, the club was off again on a tour of Louisiana. They presented concerts in Lafayette. Opelusas, Lake Charles, and Alexandria. The last stoo was their campus, Tulane. Along with giving a con:ert at the Alumni dinner, during Homecoming, the c:lub furnished hhe male leads and chorus for the yearly operetta and sang for a Christmas party in the cafeteria. This long list of activities does nol include, of course, innumerable impromptu serenades at the Newcomb dorms. Yes, this .vas a grsat year for Tulane ' s Glee Club, and from he ' e on there will be many, many more. Officers are: Emily Xanfen, President; Betty Neville, Vice-President; Mildred Lahasky, Secretary; Christine West, Publicity Manager; Rey Zemmer, Business Manager. Female students of the University who enjoy singing as a diversion from classwork find the Newcomb Glee Club a means of combining pleasure and skillful Instruction in choral work. Under the direction of Dr. McPeek, this group boasted a successful year with participa- tion In the Newcomb Christmas Memorial Service, Its annual Spring Concert, and a two-day tour of Mississippi. OPERETTA This year ' s Gilbert and Sullivan production was the satire, " Pa- tience, " a take-off on the aesthetlcism of Oscar Wilde and other poets of 19th century England. The members of the Tulane and New- comb Glee Clubs cooperated to play for enthusiastic audiences both nights. Polly Jean Phelps was Patience and Warren Gadpallle was Bunthorne. Under the expert direction of Dr. McPeek and the fine enthusiastic cooperation of the cast, this year ' s production turned out to be one of the funniest, most successful operettas given at Tulane. THE UKELflNinnS Officers are: Buddy Roepe, Major; Janet Scharff, Minor; Emily Griffith, Diminished; Minan Pearce, 7th; Mr. Elnar Pedersen, Aug- mented; Arthur Godfrey, Collossal Uke and hlonorary Member. The " Ukelanlan, " the Tulane ukulele club, was formed this year under the lively motto " Fun for all and all for fun. " Its members frol- icked, musically speaking, regularly once a week and, like jolly good fellows, took an enlivening part in many a campus activity throughout the year. Among the events at which their lilting dischords were heard were the Faculty hHomecomlng Dance and the Campus night show. In addi- tion they played, reputedly by request, over several Radio Tulane programs. 38 OFFICERS JOHN J. MORRISSEY Director NESBIT COLTHARP President DON MACKENROTH 1st Vice-President HERBTHURBER 2nd Vice-President DICK HART Secretary DICK KELLOGG Treasurer HARRY MENDELSON Librarian HAROLD BRETZ Librarian JACK HALLARON Head Drum-Major GENE WALLACE Assistant Drum-Major GLADDEN WALTERS Assistant Drum-Major TULflne BAND Joseph Anello Charles Bass Joe Barreca Paula Beaver Phil Bookman Harold Bretz Les+er Briwa Dan Brown Lee Buddecke Eleanor Burdeshaw Howard Calder Nesbit Coltharp Richard Crosby Allen Dorfman Don Gallant Pat Garms Edward Greene Francis Guinle Jimmy Guyton Jack Hallaron Dick Hart Philip Hedderel Mayer Heiman Stan Herron Bill Hess Bob Irving Dewey Keen Dick Kellogg Russell Krogsgard Philip Laborde Harold Lambert MEMBERS Bob Lavey Beryl Lovltz Ted Lowl Don Mackenroth Fortune Mannino Dave Masur Thelton McCorcle Harry Mendelson Ben OssI Jerry Palazzola Charles Palazzola Willis Polrrler Norwood Preto Hlldred Runyan Ronald Schroeder Seymour Schwartz Sally Silverberg Harold Steger Leonard Stern Richard Sterkx Mel Sternberg James Stokes Harold Tannenbaun Bob Thompson Charles Thompson Herb Thurber Fred Weinberg Ernest Welner Robert Wooten Jimmy Wynne " CHIEF " JOHN J. MORRISSEY Marching to the tune of Its theme song " Way Down Yon- der, " the Tulane Band began another successful .season when it showed Alabama ' s " Million Dollar Band " our version of co- ordinated marching and playing at the first football game of the school year. Compared with the bands of Notre Dame, Vanderbilt, and LSU, the Band demonstrated unusual ability to put on an effective half-time show with a minimum of prac- tice time. Yes, the band members use their valuable ' study time in order to come together three hours every week to play or to prepare formations for Saturday ' s game. The Band, as contrasted with most other activities, Is really a fraternity — the members showing their school spirit in the beot way they know. The Band, of course. Is centered around its capable director, John J. Morrlssey, without whose inspiration the Tulane Band would not exist. Mr. Morrissey ' s national reputation as a com- poser is well known. At its spring concert every year, the Con- cert Band gives a first performance of one of his compositions. Recent compositions by Mr. MorriGsey include the " French Quarter Suite, " " Carnival Day in New Orleans, " and " Amer- ican Week End. " This year, much to the delight of the student body, he wrote a new spirit song, " hlullaballoo. " After its In- troduction at the Vandy game, everyone was humming or whistling this catchy tune. Members of the marching band are men students of the university. At the clcise of the football season when the ef- forts of the Band are directed toward concert music, mem- bership is also open to women students of Tulane and New- comb, in the past years, participation in the Band brought no reward other than the pride In being a part of this group, but now each member receives a sweater or key at the end of the season. The Spring Concert, pre ' Sented by the Band during the first week in May, is an annual event. This year the concert was given on three consecutive nights to accommodate the large and enthusiastic audiences. In addition, a Spring Concert Tour is a yearly planned activity of the Band. THE PEP BAND The Tulane University Pep Band is composed of members of the Tulane University Band, but It Is an entirely .separate organization. This spirit and pep group plays at all of the pep rallies and shirt-tail parades throughout the football season during which the Tulane University Band does not participate. All the school songs are played by this spirit group at these rallies as well as other marches and some old-time Dixieland jazz. It has been only during the past few years that this or- ganization has become active at the school pep rallies, but they have become a permanent and looked-for Gf?irit group. 41 nRil SOMETHING ABOUT YOU ' S ABNORMAL I r " COL. LOWELL A. YOST, U.S.A. CAPT. EDWARD T. EVES, U.S.N. COL. BYRON B. WEBB, U.S.A.F. TULflne RIR FORCE ROTC The Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps was esfabllshed af Tulane Universlfy, New Orleans, Louisiana, In 1947, with Lt. Col. Frank L. Wood as Assltant PMS T for Air. For two years the unit operated under the joint direction of the Army and Air Force. The enrollment during that time was 164 Cadets. In 1947, the unit was separated from the Army and placed under full Air Force control. Colonel Byron S. Webb replaced Colonel Wood In August 1950 and Is presently the Professor of Air Science. The permanent party personnel assigned to this unit has increased this year from four officers and four airmen, as of the beginning of the school year, to seven officers, one warrant officer, and four airmen. At the beginning of this school year Colonel Byron B. Webb was as- signed to this unit as PAS T to replace Colonel Frank L. Wood, Jr., who completed his AF ROTC tour of duty with this unit at the close of the 1949-1950 school year. Major James G. Jones was assigned to this unit as an instructor in Administration and Logistics. Captain Walter E. Scott was assigned to this unit as an Instructor, In Commu- nications; Captain Jack W. Lycan was assigned to this unit as a Communications Instructor; S Sgt. Theodore F. Morosko, clerk-typist; M Sgt. Roy M. Barlow, Warrant Officer Junior Grade, Is Instructor, General Training. The AF ROTC training at Tulane University Is divided into two phases, the first being Administration and Logistics. Air Science IV offers training In General Administration givng special emphasis on Air Force Management, Food Service Supervision, Purpose and Basic Functions of the Staff, Administration of Personnel, and Comptroller- ship. Air Science III deals more with Forms and Reports along with Logistics. Air Science II deals with specific Air Force subjects such as Navigation, Meteorology, Aerodynamics and Propulsion, and Al- lied Air Power. Air Science I deals with general military subjects. The second phase In AF ROTC training Is Communications. This course Is to indoctrinate the officer candidate in the fundamental principles of Air Force Communications, rather than to present a detailed course of the entire complex field. Some of the highlights of the course are Command and Administration, Inspection and Training as related to Communications Personnel; Comnnunlcations Centers, and M essage hlandling; Functional Communications Systems; and finally Communications organizations. During the year three joint parades were held with the Army and Navy ROTC units. Among the dignitaries attending the reviews were Dr. Harris, Colonel Maraist, Commanding Officer of the Louisiana Military District, and Admiral William K. Phillips, Commandant of the Eighth Naval District. Passing the reviewing stand R.O.T.C. on review Officers and dates of Scabbard and Blade Scene of the Military Ball flRmV ROTC The Army Reserve Officer ' s Training Corps Unit at Tulane Univer- sity has been the most rapidly expanding department of the Univer- sity this year. The Army Unit was founded only three years ago with an initial enrollment of 135 in the Transportation Corps Battalion on the main campus and 105 in the Medical Service Unit located at the Tulane School of Medicine downtown. Now the Transportation Corps Battalion boasts 304 cadets which make up the four companies, the Drill Platoon known as the " Rebel Rifles. " and the joint Drum and Bugle Corps. The Medical Service Unit has been increased to a total present enrollment of 154; accordingly the Professor of Military Science and Tactics " staff has been Increased to maintain the high standard of instruction. Colonel Lowell A. Yost, the Professor of Military Science and Tac- tics, ably assisted by Major Irwin Jordan. Assistant PMS T for the Medical Service Unit. Major Warren H. Kerstadt, and the competent staff of Instructors has built up one of the highest rated ROTC Units In the Fourth Army Area. The " Rebel Rifles, " organized and Instructed by Sergeant First Class Ross, has shown the Tulane spirit of accomplishment in making Itself an outstanding Drill Platoon which has participated In many extra- curricular activitie s of a patriotic nature. Just this year, the Drum and Bugle Corps has been formed from Cadets of the Army and Air Force ROTC Units. This musical corps has a full complement of 30 members which has attended all the ROTC ceremonies and parades to lend the inspiring cadence that has re- sulted In the precision of the Battalion. The Transportation Corps Battalion was led in Its activities this year by Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Hilton A. Dickson, Jr., assisted by his staff. Cadet Majors Peyroux. Williams, and Lanham. Cadets Eugene E. Schaefer. Jr., William H. Davis. Gladden S. Walters, Hilton A. Dickson, Jr., Richard E. Story, and Henry D. Pope, Jr., received awards from Military and Patriotic organizations this year for leadership and military proficiency. William H. Davis nnURL ROTC The U. S. Naval ROTC Unit is in its thirteenth year at Tulane University. The Unit has 203 members and of these, 37 will graduate and receive commissions in the Navy and Marine Corps this summer. The Unit has grown steadily since the end of World War II. and v ill have an enrollment of about 275 Midshipmen during the 1951-52 school year. The enrollment Is limited, admission being based on an annual guota. Because of this, the requirements for admission are rela- tively high. The Navy Unit was commanded by Captain E. T. Eves, USN. during the i950-5l school year, assisted by Commander T. C. Edrlngton, USN, the executive officer. The military staff in addition, consisted of one marine officer, four naval officers and seven navy and marine petty officers. Midshipman John Mllandin commanded the Mid- shipman Battalion with Midshipman Leon C. Leonard as sub-com- mander, and Midshipman William L. Crull, III, John E. Jackson, Jr., and Frank S. Cannon as company commanders. The academic year activities of the Unit were brought to a finale this year by a Parade for Presentation of Awards and the President ' s Review, at which the traditional presentation of colors to the com- pany winning the annual competition took place. This was followed by the Annual Ball held at the Naval Station in Algiers. La. On the completion of the activities for the year, the midshipmen left for training cruises and vacation periods lasting until the start of the 1951-52 academic year. Middies at sea or how easy can life get? " Home " and the boys at Little Creek. Va. ¥ ' .ji-: i-S r ' f iSiflr . v.v-,.j WHICH LEFT HANDED BUGLER ' S STICKING - HIS TONGUE OUT AT WHO? STRAIGHTEN UP THAT RIFLE BONDURANT! . , . TRYING ' TO kill HUMPHREYS? KIRSHNER ' S STOMACH DOESN ' T HURT Wheels of the armed forces OFFICERS GENE SCHAEFFER President CLYDE T. TURNER .... Vice-President HARDY DAVIS Secretary HENRY WARD Treasu-er Scabbard and Blade, as national honorary and professional Military Society, ca-ne into Its own his year on 1he Tulane campus. Membership in this organization is limited to the top cadet officers in the senior classes of the Army, Navy, and Air Force ROTC units, and election to its member- ship signifies superior ability in Military S;ience, both in the classroom and on the drill field. This year Scabbard and Blade sponsored the highly successful Military Ball of the io ' nt Army, Navy, and Air Force units, which promises to be a yea, ' " iy tradition In the future. " Little Colonel " of Scabbard and Blade this year was Miss Terry De Jalve, escorted by Cadet Malor Robert Peyroux. At Intermission time at the Military Ball a special ceremony was held to pre- sent the " Little Colonel, " and the officers and members of Scabba.i-d and Blade. SCflBBflRD flno BLflOe OFFICERS MIDN BILL GREGORY. USNR MIDN BUDDY RODRIGUE, USNR MIDN WILFRED DAVID, USNR . MIDN JOHN ANTON, USNR MIDN ED ARDOYNO, USNR . LT BRAULT, USN . . . President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Master at A ' -ms Faculty Advisor MEMBERS John Anton, Ed Ardoyno, Shelby Bennett, J. Ber- tino. Roland Brierre. Wilfred David, De la Vergne, Carlos Font, Bill Gregory, John Jackson James Jobe. Pat Kelvin, David Kirschner, Merrill Leblanc, McDonald, John Mllandin. Robert MoKr, Charles Montgomery. Christian Nick, Lee Page, Walter Parr, Robert Perry, Tex Powell, Richard Price, Jack Quackenbush, Buddy Rodrlgue, Lowell Schoener, Bert Shrine, Bill St. John, Glenn Wilson, George Winn. The Taffrail Naval Society 1his yea, " has reached a high point of campus activity since the war. The 4th classmen (which means, for the benefit oF civilians — If ihere are any left — " men who are In the naval unit for their first year " ) have displayed an outstanding interest in ihe organization and these additional members have boosted cpirlt considerably. Under capable leadership ;he Society has plan- ned many social functions th.-oughout the year, such as a series of Informal dances in ihe naval building and -.he annual Shipwreck Party. To men- tion a few other activities, Taffrail has established a naval library in -.he Midshipman Wardroom and has sponsored NROTC ' s outstanding football and soccer teams. An annual award Is given by the Club each year io ihe Midshipman making ihe outstanding contribution to esprit de corps. Func- tions of se- ' vlce on the campus include putting up football spirit posters. Through activities such as these, Taffrail promises to continue being a con- tributing factor to the fellowship characterizing the Midshipman Battalion. Anchors aweigh — Korea here we come TflFFRfllL nnUflL SOCIETV 50 SPIRIT ORGflnizflTions T II Q U neral, the shirt-tall parade, the procession, bon- fire, and finally the ail-out effort of the students, OFFICERS the team and the other organizations is something THOMAS H. LEACH President which will be remembered for a long time. REGINALD R. BRINKMANN, JR. Vice-President A TUSK member is interested in fostering school JOYCE GILTHORPE Recording Secretary spirit and helping both his fellow student and his MARGARET ANN TURFITT .... Corresponding Secretary school. Since I 950 the distinctive Blue jacket with LANGSTON SUTTER Treasurer the green and blue " T " and a white tusk super- This year TUSK is proud that it had a hand in imposed on it has become a familiar object around developing a new high in school spirit on the Tu- the campus circle. We hope to keep the spirit lane campus. The spirit reached an all time peak growing and in the future surpass this year ' s ac- tor the Tuiane-Notre Dame game. The mock fu- tivities. All sporting their new jackets ill ,1- Peet, the Pelican PELicnns OFFICERS DICK PEET President BILL REMINGTON Vice-President ELISE MITCHELL Secretary Tfils ear marked a continuance of the general rise of school spirit on ihe Tulane campus. Th ' 3 Pelicans endeavo- ' ed to stimulate and augment this process through the many and varied activities on the campus undertaken by the club. Of course, the care and training of " Pete the Pelican " was of primary Importance for the grouo. During the past year we have all become accus- tomed to Pete wearing his green " T " sweate. ' as a symbol of Tulane on. and around the campus. He is enjoying increasing and widening recognition and has been hailed as one of the most novel mascots In ihe country. In other fields " Meet the Team, " square dances, general publicity and many other varied activities have made the Pelicans one of the leading spirit groups at Tulane. Come up and see me sometime CHEeRLEflDERS Spirit in the 1950-51 season reached Its highest peak In many yea.rs. The increase in ent ' iuslasm was shown by spontaneous week-day pep-rallles and car caravans downtown and by the traditional Friday night pep-rallies at ■ihe Athletic Dormitory, The Cheerleaders, held In tow by Tinky Thibaut and Jackie Vizzini, head and assistant head Cheerleaders, couldn ' t have asked fo. ' more spirit from the students and the teams. Everyone wanted to cheer when the teams were ' winning and had ample opportunrty-to do so. Aside from their usual capacities, the Cheerleaders loined the band In half- time ceremonies at the football games and helped to Introduce new cheers and songs. Frank McDonnell and Vic Chesesi kept ihe crowds continually awed bv rhel.r tumbling while George Winn took over, doing a fine job of announcing the yells. Dimpled Sue Hastings and ever-acHve PePe Colomes, freshmen Cheerleaders, added much in ihe way of pep and popularity to the group. To say the least, Cheerlsading was more enjoyable and self-satisfying this year because of the tremendous cooperation and never-say-die spirit of the sludents. alumni and school officials. GREERBflCKERS OFFICERS 5HEP PLEASANTS President JERRY FALLETTA Vice-President CISSY CONDER Secretary PAUL WELTY Sergeant-at-Arms Green backers, honorary organization for the promotion of school spirit, takes great pride in whatever part It has played in the visible Increase in Tulane spirit during the past year. Among Greenbacker activities are the sponsorship of pep-rallles. bon- fires, shirt-tail parades and other events before football games. Football slogan stickers for cars were distributed before games. Signs are painted weekly publicizing school activities. Among memorable events were the Notre Dame. Virginia, and L.5.U. pep-rallles and parades and a " dawn " send-off for the Auburn game. A card display was successfully executed by members of the Army, Navy and Air Corps R.O.T.C. units, and the seating of ihe 850 men In a " T " was organized. Greenbackers assists in the seating of ihe Fresh- man cheering section. Although its functions are most noticeable during ihe grid season. Green- backe rs carries on its activities during the entire year. It helps with F ' -eshman Orientation, sells Greenle Beanies, sponsors the Sorority Song test, gave a street dance by McAIIster. The group helps in all functions pertaining to school Imp-ovement, student body participation In extra-curricular activity. The year v as also brightened by closer cooperation with TUSK, " 4 0 piji l ta Kuppu OFFICERS DR. MARVIN L. FAIR President DR. WILLIAM KLOB Vice-President MISS FANNIE RAYNE RUSS Secretary MISS SUSAN B. TEW Treasurer MEMBERS Philip Boolcman Hazel Joyce Bruff Joseph Cathcarf Renea Cobb Irving Coppel Arthur L. Dauer Albert Dilcet Joel H. Felgon McLaIn J. Forman hHenry K. Freedman Wilfred L. Guerin Eli B. Harmon Betty Seff Isaacson Tricia McRaven Dorothy Ann Maness Morris Middleton Richard Nash Milton Orkln Eldon Pence John Phillips Halbert Reeves Myron Sheinfeld Thomas W. Thorne Beniamin Troemel Cornelius VanDalen Jeanne Voltagglo Barbara Watson Roger Weinberg Robert Williams Charles Wilson Ralph Wilson Herbert Wren Edward Wright Harry Yoffee SCHOLARSHIP 58 ®ttttrr0n i lta SCappa OFFICERS FRANK STITCH, JR. President LEO S. ROOS Vice-President DR. KARLEM RIESS Secretary and T ' easurer MEMBERS Edward Baggett, Jr. Richard J. Barry Peter Beer Paul Brosman, Jr. Frank O. Burqe William Cady I. L Campbell, Jr. David J. Conrcy Stephen Ellis Dabney M. Ewin Jerry A. Fortenberry hiarry C. Frye Charles Gasque Bill Geary Julian Good Vincent Goodman William Harwell Thomas Hudson John E. Jackson William S. Jameson Bob Johnson Robert K. Mayo Stanley McDermott Henry A. MillcR Albert Mintz Anthony Ortega Eldon Pence, Jr. John Phillips Shepard Pleasants David Pope Gerald Posner Louis Rodrigue Leo S. Rods Philip Roussel Tommy Ryan Bobby Glenn Smith Frank Stich, Jr. Bob Thompson Clyde Turner Walter Ward John G. Weinmann Samuel Wellborn Blake West Charles B. Wilson Herbert Wren Charles Wright Henry Yoder LEADERSHIP 59 ®au OFFICERS JOHN FINNEY President VINCENT GOODMAN Vice-President ROBERT BOH Corresponding Secretary EDWIN PETERSON Recording Secretary JULES ROUQUETTE Cataloguer MR. J. L. MARTINEZ Treasurer MEMBERS Mr. J. L. Martinez Emil Kraft Dr. F. M. Taylor Donald LeBrun Mr. M. E. Forsman Lee Leonard Mr. M. G. Communtzis Dave Levine V illiam Turner William Lusby Dave Anderson Francis Magaro Gaston Beauclair, Jr. Albert McSwain Nolan Bourgeois, Jr. John Milandin Richard Brunner John Noonan Edward Bultman, Jr. Richard Ruclcstuhl Jannes Dudenhefer, Jr. William Tucker Tom Farmer William Turner Jacob Fritz Donald Wiederecht Frank Jackson SCHOLARSHIP lil|o 0 IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES MEMBERS ARTHUR BAGGETT WILLIAM BROCKWAY ROBERT BRUCE FRANK SURGE WILLIAM CADY WILLIAM CAMPBELL ARTHUR CARSON DAVID CLARY DAVID CONROY BROOKE DUNCAN FREDERICK ELLIS DABNEY EWIN VINCENT GOODMAN LESTER HALL ROBERT JOHNSON DAVID KIRCHNER THOMAS LEACH ROBERT MAYO STANLEY McDERMOTT JOHN MILANDIN ANTHONY ORTEGA GERALD POSNER CALVIN ROLLAND CHARLES SELAH CONRAD SMITH FRANK STICH CLYDE TURNER, JR. EDDIE VAN AMERONGEN BLAKE WEST VERNON WOOLSTON HENRY YODER H N R R 60 Ipta Cliamma i ' igma OFFICERS GLENN EAGAN President GERALD E.WARREN Secrelary-Treasurer MEMBERS Julius M. Alford Kenneth E. Builock Mrs. Glenn Eagan Mrs. Phyllis Eagan Robert M. Floyd. Jr. Carol Goettlnger Raymond E. Grzelewski David C. Hamilton William C. Hartranft Shepard G. Jane Theodore W. Kessler Frank J. Kinberger William O. Lavin William F. Matthews Henry I. Montgomery Robert D. Munch Rudick J. Murphy Harold R. Neuburger Edward K. Pinner Marion R. Roquevert Gerald Schlosser L. Gardiner Sebralla MIml R. Segal! George J. West, Jr. IN FACULTY Marvin L. Fair Peter A. Firmin Robert W. French Donald M. Halley Harry A. Mitchell F, Santry Reed Paul C. Taylor Jay C. Van Kirk Elsie M. Watters SCHOLARSHIP ICap ia OFFICERS HANK MILLON President JACK WEINMANN Vice-President BROOKE DUNCAN Secretary MEMBERS Bob Barnett George Bywater David Conroy Brooke Duncan Rudy Eason Steve Ellis Dabney Ewin Anthony Lowe Hank Mlllon Robert Parsons Dean Pfelffer Charles Ramond Joseph Rault John Smallpage Frank Stlch Ballard Tebo Jack Turner Jack Weinmann Leonard Oppenheim Karlem Reiss Cliff Wells R H 61 Tflu siGmn oeLTfl OFFICERS WILLIAM R. BROCKWAY Chapter Master NESBIT G. COLTHARP Chapter Scribe JOHN D. PARRISH Chapter Recorder MEMBERS William R. Brockway Nesbit G. Coltharp James T. Dent Eugene T. Glanitler P. Murft O ' Neal John D. Parrish H, Evorardus Van Amerongen John Young SCHOLARSHIP THETfl nU OFFICERS JOHN WINN . . . JACK ANDERSON . . ELISE MITCHELL . . GEORGE E. SIMMONS President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Faculty Advisor MEMBERS Ann Anderson Jack Anderson Edgar Ashworth Richard Hart Mary Krebs Robert Leidenheimer Elise Mitchell Francisco Paredes Shepard Pleasants Conrad Smith John Winn H O N R Y Ze iU JUNE ANTLEY BARBARA COHN OiA iuS L I SPu a iocfh MISS PAULINE TULANE ]ohn L. Hnrman?}, jrp. ELOISE CAPPEL ELEANOR FRANCISCO a4 M£A MARGEE GANDOLFO LYNN HOCK tyiiu taa tel tMgAafn fuhn L H ' TTusLinn jip l-.r ' .K ' i.i tyUa u Se ment loh.; L. Hcr,,njnn, fip. ANNE HOLBROOK CLAIRE LEWIS JANE LEE LUFT MORRIS MIDDLETON jimyiuBiL S AuMi Sm tn John L. HerTmann, frps jVo mm:kfe oul John L Herrmann, frps JOAN MORRISON ISABEL PEAL CHARLOTTE SOMERS OLGA TURNER a4Ayul£A. ii ie t u e John L. Herrmann, jrps " ' d e tyl ' ieic en ' ie-l t .-.i- ...K%Si r Ef«afe ' jiiS. w. .iifei; 5. - -? REGINALD BRINKMANN, JR. ROBERT N. BRUCE WILLIAM CODY T U L fl n £ ' S DAVID CLARY DABNEY EWIN BILL GEARY JERRY HONEYCUTT JOHN E. JACKSON DAVID KIRCHNER HALL OF F fl m E THOMAS LEACH ANTHONY J. LOWE JOHN MILANDIN unei SPcAci John L II r numii. Irp. JACKIE VIZZINI LYNN WILLIAMS OdAyuaA. BERT MYERS THOMAS E. RYAN BERT SHRINE HALL F F n m E CONRAD SMITH CLYDE T. TURNER ED VAN AMERONGEN LOUIS McGEE President T U L fl n E OFFICERS Spring BOB BOUDREAU President JULIAN GOOD Secretary-Treasurer Fall LOUIS McGEE President BOB BOUDREAU Secretary-Treasurer ATHLETIC COMMITTEE Bill Moore George Winn Slim Long Peter Pizzo JUDICIARY COMMITTEE Clay Talbot Louis Rodrigue Bill Geary Bob Zetzman MEMBERS Jack Asher Ray Rawls Richard Bradford Charles White hians W. Feibelmann Matt Roberts hienry Stoutz Bill Geary Andrew Martinez Louis Rodrigue George Winn George Baus Bill Moore Herb Roepe Bill Mendez Bob Boudreau Louis McGee Clay Talbot Robert Levine Julian Good Peter Pizzo Buddy Brinkmann Slim Long Mel Opotowsky Bob Zetzman Jere Wellborn Maurice Burk Paul Mielly George Sterne Robert Zeleny Paul Winder Bob Mclntyre Jack Lohman Don Maynard Harvey Oelkers Larry Dumestre David Tuman The Tulane Pan-Hellenic Council functions as different fields, from football, handball and swlm- the governing and mediating body for the social fraternities on the campus. Aside from keeping the Greek letter organizations In line they pro- vide and supervise Inter-fraternity competition in ming to skit night, song test and hlomecoming. Those which win or place in these events receive proportional numbers of points. Trophies are awarded to the winner of each event. The frater- 84 pfln-HELLENic council nity with the highest score at the close of all com- petition is given the Pan-hlellenic Cup for the year. This year for the first time the Council spon- sored a Greek Week program which was com- posed of a series of events tending to bring to the pledges of every fraternity the full meaning of brotherhood, the value of a fraternity, the rela- tion of the fraternities to the school and the methods and duties of the Council. Group dis- cussions, a talk by a fraternity alumnus on " Why Be a Fraternity Man, " and a party for all members and pledges comprised this Greek Week which was successful in every way. One of the outstanding events of the year is the Spring Formal which is open to all fraternity men on the campus. This year it was held at the Tulane room and was highlighted by the presen- tation of the members of the Jambalaya Beauty Court of 1951. 85 flLPHfl TflU OmCGfl OFFICERS PAUL L LORIA President WOODRUFF A. BANKS Vice-President WILLIAM C. BAUMANN ROBERT C. MclNTYRE Secretary 1 only want a buddy — not a sweetheart Beta Epsilon chapter of the Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity has enjoyed one of its most outstanding seasons in recent years. A.T.O. started things in September with a highly successful rush week, climaxed by the pledging of twenty-two rushees. The chapter showed a great deal of school spirit during the football season, attending en masse the Notre Dame pep rally in a truck bedecked with green and blue and numerous spirit slogans and signs. This year A.T.O. at Tulane elected a sweetheart for the first time In the chapter ' s history. Elected upon the basis of her active A.T.O. spirit and loyalty. Miss Hanton de la hfoussaye was presented as sweetheart at the annual formal held at the New Orleans Country Club on Febru- ary 9. The newest member of A.T.O. on the Tulane campus is Dr. Hans B. Jonassen. who was welcomed into the fraternity in a long anticipated initiation ceremony on April 2. The high point of the year was the announcement that the chapter had won the Alpha Tau Omega High Council award for the highest scholastic improvement record over the preceding year. This award, won In competition with one hundred and eight other chapters in the nation, consisted of a thirty volume set of the Encyclopedia Americana and the High Council Plaque. The waltz of the fairies MEMBERS James L. AHen Woodruff A. Banks Thomas B. Barton William C. Baumann Marshall A. Blanchard Bruce Bleuler Roland Brierre Robert M. Butler Robert Braden James W. Childress Clarence C. Clifton James A. Cobb Gordon Collins Harmon Collins David G. Conroy Milton G. DeBen Donald L. Eliot Otto Engleman Earl Graham Don Harris Charles Jepperson James Humphreys, Jr. Nat L. Langlois Hilliard A. Le Breton Paul L. Loria IN PANEL First Row: Allen, Banb, Barton, Butler, Childress, Cobb. Second Row: Conroy, de Ben, Ellis, Harris. Third Row: Humphreys, Loria. Mclntyre, Murphy. Harvey Marcoux Don Merrit Robert Mclntyre Robert McKee Robert McClure Edward Murphy Arthur Naquin Nikolas Nichols Gerald K. Nicholson Lawrence O ' Meallie Lyie M. Page John A. Phillips Peter G. Pizzo Lawrence Poteet George Renaudin Jefferson Steele Dan Stewart Thomas W. Thorne Peter C. Treleaven William H. Turner Juan Veiasco Louis C. Vreeland David Wall Donald A. Wiederecht Abner S. Zachry Fourth Row: Nichols, Stewart, Phillips. Pizzo. Thorne, Trelea- ven. Fifth Row: Turner, Veiasco, Vreeland, Wall, Wiederecht. 86 BETA T H £ T fl P I OFFICERS NORMAN DUNCAN President ROBERT DICKS REILY ' • ■ Vice-President FALLON WIGGINTON BENTZ Recording Secretary FORREST RAU Corresponding Secretary LOUIS WALDEMAR RODRIGUE Treasurer Even Fallon got a date After a rather slow start in Intramural Connpetition, the tHungry Greeks, winners of last year ' s Intramural trophy and Bruno Cup for Outstanding fraternity on the Tulane Campus, took stock of themselves and slowed down just a little bit more. Despite police protection, the Betas are still highly discriminated against by their neighbors who don ' t seem to enjoy the melodious entertainment on Saturday night as also the Beta Band any day of the week, anytime. The Blue and White Formal this year marked the initial occasion that the brothers decided on a Sweetheart Court. Even though the band was contracted for the wrong night and wrong hours, quick action prevented the Beta Girl from strutting to local band talent. Beta ' s sweetheart, Scootie Day MEMBERS Alan Adams Orr Adams Hunter E. Babln Edel Blanks, Jr. Albert H. Buchanan Frank E. Clesi Henry O. Colomb Allen E. Compagno Jack Dent Charles B. Dicks Max H. Durham Robert Fisher Jack Flowers Fritz E. Franz Bush L. Gamble Leonard E. Gessner, Jr. Donald Guinee Ed Gunn Thomas N. Hall, Jr. Allan J. Harris, Jr. Harold F. Hattler John Herman Bill Hodgden James F. Huff IN PANEL First Row; Babin, Blanks, Col- omb, Duncan, Durham, Franz. Arthur W. Hyatt, Jr. Ben A. Johnston Gerard R. Kehoe John E. Kerrigan Harold Legeai Jack McCloskey Clark Montgomery Garic Moran Harry Moresi, Jr. John P. Noel, Jr. F. Codman Parkerson Robert E. L. Roane, Jr. Jack O. Roy Donald Ryan Robert N. Ryan Ernest E. Sandlin Pike Schmidt Archie M. Suthon, Jr. Shaun Viguerie Larry Wetterhall Paul R. Winder Gerald Winkler Brit Wright Third Row: Huff, Jackon, Mc- Closky, Montgomery. Second Row: Gessner, Gordon. Fourth Row: Moresi, Noel, Par- Herman, Hodgen. kenson, Rau, Reily, Roane. Fifth Row: Rodrigue, Roy, Ryan, Scoggin, Suthon, Winder. 88 89 DELTA KflPPREPSILOn OFFICERS SHEPARD PLEASANTS Presidenf WILLIAM H. KAY Vice-President HENDERSON BARKLEY. Ill Recording Secretary LEON C. LEONARD Corresponding Secretary JAMES FAUST Treasurer EDMUND E. TALBOT Pledgemaster D. CAFFERY McCAY Historian First night in port Athletics, scholarship, campus activity, and social life all came in for a big share of attention this year at the Henry Clay Avenue mansion. Highlight of the year, was the Deke National Convention held in New Orleans during the Christmas holidays, when the brothers from all over Joined for a round of parties and incidental business. Wins in football and track, and other places kept the Dekes in the thick of the Pan-Hellenic cup competition, Charlie Wilson ' s election to Phi Beta Kappa, the third Deke In three years, highlighted the chapter ' s sterling scholastic effort. Election of Jack Weinmann as student body president, various class presidents, Greenbackers and Lagniappes president, and members of Tau Beta Pi and ODK kept the Dekes busy around school. The usual noisy Saturday nights kept the neighbors awake, as did the noisy meeting for the house-boys. Other favorite habits included shouting their " Phi Marching Song, " the annual picnic at Favrot ' s In Covington, and the dance at the St. Charles. New efforts included a re-painting of the chapter house and the literary work. " West on Poker. " Dekes relaxing between classes MEMBERS Henry Alsobroolc Jack Bailey Henderson Barkley. Ill Alfred Brown Gordon Brown Pat Browne Bob White Brumfleld James Burke Leon F. Cambon Randsdale Cox Harold Cox Robert Craig Thomas Cullom Hugh de la Vergne William K. DePass Charles Dunbar Thomas C. W. Ellis Francis Emmett James Faust Robert Faust Blair Favrot Mortimer Favrot Eugene Garber William Geary John E. Grenler Donald Hammett George W. Healy, III Harry Howard Norcom Jackson William Janln IN PANEL First Row: Alsobrook, Bailey, A. W. Brown, G. S. Brown, Browne, Brumfleld, Cambon, Cox. Second Row: Craig, Cullom, de la Vergne, Easterling, Ellis, J. Faust, R. Faust, D. B. Favrot. Third Row: H. M. Favrot, Four- net, Garber, Geary, Hammet, Howard. William H. Kay James Kelly Donald King Robert King Charles Lane Lester Lautenschlager, Jr. Leon C. Leonard E. B. Ludwig Andrew Martinez D. Caffery McCay Cecil Morgan Stewart Morris Denis Murreil Abner K. Northrop William Osborn John Parker Shepard Pleasants LeDoux Provosty Rupert Richards John Richardson Ernest Stahler Avery Stirrat Edmund Talbot Paul Tennis Ewell Walther John G. Weinmann Paul Welty George H. Williams John Fournet William Worden Fourth Row: Jackson, Kay, Kel- ly, D. King, R. King, Lane. Fifth Row: Lautenschlaeger. Lee, Leonard, Martinez, Mor- gan, Morris, Murreil, Northop. Sixth Row: Osborn. Parker, Pleasants, Provosty, Richards, Stahler, Stirrat. Tennis. Seventh Row: Trufant, Walther. Weinmann. Wefty, West, Wil- liams, Worden. 90 S K E DELTA SIGMfl PHI OFFICERS RICHARD C. KERWATH President STANLEY MULLER Vice-President JOE STEPHENSON Second Vice-President GERALD HONEYCUTT Secretary CHRIS BOSCH Treasurer BEN MAUTHE Treasurer Whose heart ' s showing? Delta Sigma Phi was founded, with the 20th century, at the College of the City of New York December 10, 1899. Chi chapter was chartered on the campus ofTulane University March II, 1916. The fraternity colors are nile green and white, and the official flower is the white carnation. Guiding the destinies of the fraternity this year are Stan Muller. Presi- dent, and his colleagues, Bob Collins in charge of fun and parties, Jerry (The Whip) Honeycutt in charge of the pledges. The gentleman who never makes a mistake with the minutes during the meetings is Steve Kandra. The money changers for the Klan were Ben Mauthe and Bob Arrington. The house and the garage have undergone many changes this year. The garage was turned into a ping pong room (did you say ping pong room) and the house turned into a home for honest, hard working, clean cut American boys. Joe Steverson, Bob Breger, Ben Mauthe and many others were responsible for the changes around here. The Delta SIg Bayou Brawl is something of a fixture around Tulane and never fails to excite gay spirits, but this year our shipwreck party gave the Brawl some keen competition. This year the Delta Sigs are having a monthly dinner (it ' s all we can afford) at one of the swank cafes in town. They have proven a great success in keeping the gang to- gether. All we can say about the Winter Formal is it was GREAT. The Young Alumni have formed a Club and we believe they will be of great assistance to the active chapter in the coming years. AN children need If MEMBERS Gerald Ahern Leo Bisso BiH Boeglin Jim Bolsseau Chris Bosch Robert A. Breger Donald Carson Robert Collins Pepe Colomes Robert d ' Angelo M. J. Delatte Vincent Farruqa Jack Fontana Larry Fuhman Wilber Hanfel Charles E. Higgens Gerald Honeycutt Gordon Jones Steve Kandra IN PANEL First Row: Andressen, Boeglin, Fourth Row: Honeycutt, Ker- Bosch, Breger. wath, Kerschenheuter, Krafft. Second Row: Collins, Cutrone. Fifth Row: Leach, Lizarraga, Third Row: Dastugue, Hantel. McDermatt, Winn. Richard C. Kerwath A. G. Kleinschmidt Walter Kropf Leiand Landry Tom Leach Jules Lizarraga Vic Lota Jack McNaughton Ben Mauthe Paul MIeliy Stan Muller Vernon Parrlsh August Perez Jim Pezant Courtney F. Picou Kenneth C. Squires Joe Stephenson George Winn 92 93 5) DELTA TflU DELTA OFFICERS ROLAND A. BAHAN, JR President BRUCE C. ASHLEY Vice-President O.R.SMITH Secretary CLINTON B. EXBY Treasurer Paul Dealt Founded at Bethany College in 1858, the Delta Tau Delta Fraternity came to Tulane ' s campus in 1889. Its colors are purple, white and gold and its official flower, the iris. The social calendar of Beta Xi chapter was given a good start with the Beta Xiclone party which celebrated a successful rush week in which Delt pledged more new members than any other fraternity on the campus. Other notable events were the Halloween party, the annual Orphan Benefit party at Christmas and the New Year ' s party at the Shelter at which both Kentucky and Oklahoma Delts celebrated the Sugar Bowl week-end. Always active in campus affairs, Delt again showed interest in almost all phases of student life, especially the Military, Choral activities, and Homecoming in which it again placed in the display competition. Devils at the Inferno MEMBERS Nofle Alfonso Bruce Ashley Roland Bahan, Jr. John Blnkley Edwin Chaddick, Jr. Anthony Clesi Alex Cocke. Jr. Glen Earl L. R. Enderle Clinton Exby Paul W. Floyd, Jr. Donald Friedl Donald Harris Robert Hayden Everrett Hornberger Howard Lewis Mel Lipscomb Caril Magdefrau Robert McCiure IN PANEL First Row: Ashley, Bahan, Cha- Third Row: McCIure. Mendez. dick, Clesl. r- i « Fourth Row: Roepe, Rolling, Second Row: Cocke, Floyd. Settle, Smith. William E. Mendez John Mazza George Newburn George Polltis Thomas Quails Robert Reinecke hlerbert Roepe, Jr. Garland R. Rolling Donald Rushton Dwight Settle Otha R. Smith Phil Sperier Edward Suffern Clarence Tomeny Louis Velasco Martial Waldo Fernand Willoz Bert Yoring hHoward Upton 94 nj KflPPfl flLPHfl OFFICERS WALTER K. GRANT. JR President FRANCIS MORGAN SCARRITT, JR. Vice-PresidenI " FRANK GRITHER COSTLEY Secretary GORDON E. CLAY, JR. Treasurer True Southern gentlemen and their belles Old Robert E. Lee looks down from the blue On Psi Chapter In New Orleans; And after seeing what the boys went through, He turns to Saint Peter and beams. " Them boys ain ' t the brightest in the land. As the records plainly show; Bui " they ' re natural — they ain ' t ' Ihesplans — And after skit night, that we know. " " They ain ' t the most athletlcaf bunch I ' ve seen In my born days; But after watching I got me a hunch That second bestest pays. " " Their cultured side, though, sho Is fine, They go for women and they go for wine; And when they gave their Confederate Ball, Man! they had a time then — one and all. " Ya know, St. Pete, If I could get back That group looks right appealln ' , I ' d sit and have fun and mix with them boys, And get that Southern regal feelln ' . " The South will rise again MEMBERS Frank Clayton Anderson Stanley Alphonse Baron George Vlllars Baus Louis Jos. Nicodemus Bernard William Hickman Bernard hiarold Brinson William Cameron Car ra way Ralph James Christ man, II Louis Fenner Claiborne Gordon Edward Clay, Jr. Frank Grlther Costley Henry Lee Denton, Jr. Robert James Dick Hughes deGruy Drumm Andrew Woods Dykers, Jr. Arthur Buchanan Emery Robert Lee Emery, III Jack Bradburn Freret Thomas Randolph Freret, II William Preston Gardner James Eric Gouaux Walter Kastler Grant John Heplnstall Ray Gilbert Hooper Klllian Loew Huger, Jr. Fonde Thomas Jernlgan Peter Emile Juge IN PANEL First Row: Anderson, Baron, G. V. Baus, J. V. Baus, L. S. Ber- nard, Jr., W. H. Bernard. Second Row: W. C. Carraway, Costley, Denton, Dick. Drumm, Dykers. Robert Hale Kammer, Jr. Charles Edward Le Corgne Fredrick Everard Lind Charles Hadden Magee Albert James McComlskey Dennis Walter McDonald Michael McLean Kenneth McLeod, Jr. Kimo Wilder McVay Joseph Percy Monroe, Jr. William Raymond Moore, Jr. Thomas Hutson Nelson Wlllard Randolph Newman James Hayward Pardue John Poitevent James Robert Pope Edward Roddy Gordon Saussy, II Francis Morgan Scarritt, Jr. Frank Smith, II Gerald Charles Suhling James Eugene Tant Frank Croswell Toye William Lewis Von Hoene Edwin Earl Warwick Eben Tarver Watkins, III Third Row: Emery, Grant, Hammond. Goua Fourth Row: Hooper, Huger, Juge, Kammer. Fifth Row: LeCorgne, McCo- mlskey, Magee, McVay, Mon- roe, Moore, Nelson. Sixth Row: Poitevent, Pope, Roddy, Sammons, Scarritt. Shir- ley, Sims. Seventh Row: Smith, Suhling, Suthon, Toye. Van Hoene, Wat- kins, West. 5s K A KflPPfl nu OFFICERS RONALD STURTZ President EDWARD ZALTA . Vice-President ALEX NEWMAN Recording Secretary HAROLD ROSEN Corresponding Secretary AARON BUCHSBAUM Treasurer Fifl LaRue and Company Sigma Chapter of Kappa Nu Fraternity was founded at Tulane In 1922. Its official colors are purple and white and the representing flowers are the orchid and gardenia. The chapter was ruled by President Ronald Sturtz assisted by Veep Ed Zaita, while Aaron Buschbaum tried to collect money and Alex Newman wrote the minutes. " Mother " Monroe Marsh ably managed the house. Every member of Kappa Nu still remembers vividly their 29th annual Spring Formal held at the Grand Ballroom of the Roosevelt Hotel, since it was one of the best formals that Sigma ever had. Awards and the new officers were presented at the preceding cocktail party held In the Gold Room. " Kayen " received prominence in the newspaper world due to its excellent monthiy, the " Sigma Signals " capably written by Harold Breslow. The " Purple Wave " participated in all sports with spirit and hope, with their full share of victory. The year was marked with numerous " drlnk-fuli " house parties. Prominent Alumni — ' nuff said! MEMBERS Harold Arenofsky Simon Ball Stuart Baron Martin Beckerman Harold Breslow Aaron Buchsbaum Maurice Burk Stanley Cantor Joseph Cohen Alvin Cotlar Norman DIugantch Stuart Farber Robert Finkelstein Martin Friedman Robert Friedman Leonard Fuhrer Nathaniel Hart Jay Horowitz Stephen Jacobs Donald Katz Donald Kanuk Morton Klelnman Gary Kushner Stanley Lachtman Byron Levlne David Levlne IN PANEL First Row: Arenofsky. Ball, Bar- on, Beckerman, Buchsbaum, Burk. Second Row: Cohen, Finkel- stein, Friedman, Jacobs. Third Row: Kanuk. Klelnman. Kushner. Lachtman. Robert Levlne Arthur Lichtman Haioid Marmer Monroe Marsh Jerome Meckler Sheldon Milgron Alex Newman William Paer Philip Paston Herbert Peisikowltz Micheal Roth David Schultz Howard Serling Harold Rosen Joseph Ross Bernard Samuels Jack Sherman Harold Smelson Arthur Steinberg Ronald Sturtz Gelbert Walker Fred Weinberg Jerome Welner Lewis Weiner Edward ZaIta Irving Zaslow Fourth Row: Levlne, Marsh, Meckler, Newman, Paston, Pei- slkowitz. Fifth Row: Rosen, Samuels, Ser- ling, Smelson. Sturtz, Weiner, ZaIta. 98 K KflPPfl sicmn OFFICERS GLADDEN WALTERS President ED LINDSEY Vice-President CLIFF CARSWELL Secretary HARRY SCHMIDT Treasurer Whose spade? For sixty-two years the crescent and the star has adorned the Tulane campus. And this year the seniors of Kappa Sigma may [oolc back over a year of achievement, activity, and fun. The fall formal, the first of the year, being on the night before Christmas holidays, promised no inhi- bitions to the gala time everyone evperienced. The year also saw the an- nual Christmas party with their sister Chi O ' s, a beer party blowout with the Phi Kaps, and April ' s " Pirate Party " with Jim ' s Plaza Club offering standing room only to an over capacity crowd. In activities and spirit groups Kappa Sigma was tops, having a large Tusk membership, representatives in Greenbiickers ' , Omega Delta Kappa, Lagniappes, Phi Beta Kappa. Scabbard and Blade, and on the JAMBA- LAYA Staff. Athletics found the Kappa Sigs as chief contenders in foot- ball, basketball, softball, and tennis. The officers are: Gladden Walters, President; Ed Lindsay, Vice-Presi- dent; James Conover, Grand Master of Ceremonies; Cliff Carswell, Sec- retary; Harry Schmidt, Treasurer. This one has me stumped MEMBERS Merle Asper Curtis Boisfontaine Bob Boudreaux Buddy Brinkmann Bob Bruce Cliff Carswell Mickey Church A! Cole Jim Conover Bill Crull Berkley Davis Tom Dekle Gerald Delery Rudy Eason Nathan Galloway Buddy George Claude Gillette Alfred Gallagher Malcolm Cranberry Bob Green Harold Hart Bob Hess Bill Hess Bradford Holle IN PANEL First Row: Asper, Brinkmann, Bruce, Church, Cole, Conover. Second Row: Crull, Eason, Gal- lagher, Galloway, George, Gil- lette. Third Row: Cranberry, Hess, B. Holle, K. Holle. Kendrick Holle Wally Jacobs Jimmy Kemp Billy Kentner Harold Lambert Armand Legendre Ed Lindsey Slim Long Claude Kelly Don Mackenroth Vince Massimini Dick Norris Fred Phillips Bob Peyroux Dave Pope Jack Reid Jack Roberts Harry Schmidt Bob Seay Dick Springer Chester Stokely Bob Thompson Jack Turner Gladden Walters Fourth Row: Jacobs, Kelly, Kemp, Legendre. Fifth Row: Lindsey, Long, Mack- enroth, Massimini, Norris, Pope. Sixth Row: Reid, Springer, Stokeley, Thompson, Turner. 100 n PHI DELTA THETR OFFICERS ROBERT EDWIN ZETZMAN President JAMES WALTER WARD Secretary SAMUEL EARL MACLIN Treasurer EVERETT LLEWELLYN NOETZEL ■ Warden Ryan behind the 8 ball Things really seenned to rock around the Phi Delt house this year. Led by Bobby Zetzmann, who vainly pounded the gavel in an attempt to bring order out of the chaos in the chapter meetings and Sam Maclin who became famous for his " We just can ' t afford it, you guys, " a full year of parties and other activities crowded the Phi calendar. The year got oif to a roaring start with the sleepy-time party which climaxed rush week. Only trouble was, nobody was sleepy! Around Christ- mas, the Phis staged a party for some of the city ' s orphans. It was hard to tell who had the most fun; the orphans or the Phis and their dates. Spring came and found the Phis rolicking at the annual formal. The year was closed out with the SOUTH SEA ISLAND party, where every- body played like natives . . . sarongs, Hawaiian music, pineapple juice, etc., etc. . . . Big wheels around the house, besides the two above, included Bob (this IS good food) Shader, the house manager; Walter Ward, who tried to record the antics in the chapter room; Ev Noetzel, who valiantly (and vainly) tried to keep EVERYBODY from yelling at once; and Lowell Wes- terman, whose job it was to keep National HQ happy and occasionally filled in in Zetz ' s absence. . . . We didn ' t show the feet — they ' d hung up their stockings MEMBERS John August Batt Frank Allen Beasley William Garre+t Beckham, Jr. Harry Arthur Benerungen Donald Joseph Blliniski Charles Meyer Bonura John Hamilton Boyd, Jr. Thomas William Capo Charles John Cater Thomas Clyde Carter Jack Terry Cooper James Oliver Crary John Wilkes Davidson Jules Louis Davidson, Jr. William Henry Dedley, III Harold Fraser, Jr. Earl Joseph Fredericks John Lambert Grassel Howard Harrell Galloway Ralph Enerson Harris, Jr. Gordon Stuart Hellman, Jr. Marlin David Henderson Robert Dean Hoffman Alexander Jackson Roger Williams Jordan Hebert Max Landey. Jr. William Stone Leake, Jr. Walter Cooke Lee Emanuel Francis Livaudals, Jr. IN PANEL First Row: Bait, Beasley, Ben- erungen, Bonura, Boyd. Capo. Second Row: Cooper, Crary, J. L. Davidson, J. W. David- son, Galloway, Jordan. Third Row: Landey, Lee, Li- vaudals, Maclin. Fourth Row: McVay, Maddox, Maxwell, Mayer. Samuel Earl Maclin George F. Maddox John Richard Mayer Robert E. Maxwell Julian Clyde McVay, Jr. Albert Louis Merle, Jr. Gil Morrison Richard Milburn Nash Everett Llewellyn Noetzel Hal Preston Norman Jacob Christopher Nungesser James Lewis Owens Patrick William Parkinson Walter Carroll Ray Robert E. Rogers Thomas Edan Ryan Robert Jett Shader Edward Daniel Shivers, III Tim Murphy Smith Frank Joseph Stitch, Jr. Henry Louis Stoutz, III William Kent Taliaferro, Jr. Charles Francis Taylor John Kerlin Walters, Jr. Richard M. Wambsgans, Jr. James Walter Ward Lowell Westerman William Julius Wlllkomm, Jr. Robert Edwin Zetzmann Fifth Row: Merle, Morrison, Nash, Noetzel, Norman, Nun- gesser. Sixth Row: Owens, Ray, Shader, Shivers, Stich. Ryan, Seventh Row: Stoutz, Taylor, Wambsgans, Ward, Wester- man, Zetzmann. 102 PHI KRPPA siGmn OFFICERS JACK LOHMAN Alpha JACK PONDER Beta HAROLD BALMER Pi LOCKWOOD FELL lola ROY WESTMARK Sigma DON JACKSON Tau Five bucks If you ' ll cut in Under the able dictatorship of Jack " the old sentimentalist " Lehman and the bloody hatchet of Don " Morgantheau " Jackson, Minister of Fi- nance, the Skull House has successfully weathered the ravages of alco- holism and late hours of " study. " The house men, however, have made some rather dire threats concerning the meais and one " Mother " Tanner, the House Manager. After celebrating their one hundredth anniversary with the annual dinner and formal In January, the Phi Kaps are looking forward to another year at the " salt mines " and more hilarious frolics In the future. It might also be mentioned that although the cries of Dr. Karlem Rless could be heard for miles around (even at the Deke House), the Plainsman Party and Bowery Party went off with the usual police raids. Chez When MEMBERS Allen Armstrong, Jr. J. R. Bruce Arnold Edward Baggett Harold C. Balmer John D. Bertlno John R. Bise, 111 Brantle Blankenship MacGregor Bulloch, Jr. Grover L. Bynum Millard Clark Robert Coleman Warren Coleman Richard E. Gotten Paul E. DeBlanc, Jr. David Dessauer, Jr. John Dunn Robert Eddy Dyer J. Farley, Jr. John B. Easterling, III Lockwood Fell John A. Ferris, Jr. David Gillespie Robert Guyton Ted Haller Thomas Hamm Herman V. Hassell, Jr. IN PANEL First Row: Armstrong, Baggett. Balmer, Bertlno, Gotten, Des- sauer. Second Row: Eddy, Fasterling, Fell, Gillespie. Neil Hudgens Gerald D. Healy, Jr. John T. Hunley Donald B. Jackson John B. Jameson, Jr. James I. Kincaid John A. Lohman Cedric W. Lowrey Eugene Maxwell Chris L. Mengis, Jr. William B. Morgan Benjamin B. Okel Stanley Payne John H. Phillips Jack Ponder Charles Powell August Reinhard James B. Roberts, Jr. Edward V. Ross John E. Stafford Edward Stephens Clay Talbot VanNess Tanner Eddie vanAmerongen Roy Westmark Third Row: Hamm, Hudgens, Hunley. Heal ealy, Fourth Row: Jackson, Kincaid, Lohman, Payne, Phillips, Pon- der, Powell. Fifth Row: Roberts, Ross. Ste- phen, Talbot, Tanner, Van Amerongen, Westmark 104 « n PI KflPPA ALPHA OFFICERS CHARLES T. WHITE President M. T. ROBERTS Vice-President KENNETH ROLFE Secretary JOHN H. CHAMBERLAIN Treasurer WILLIAM ZISI - • • House Manager MICHAEL MAHER Pledge Master What ' s that on the right? Pi Kappa Alpha she start off ze yere wiz zem rush wek. Is zere dose rushee dey git dere hans shokt by dose actifs an zey hear zose Pike iss wun fine fraternity. Ze year she hardly start when dose elecjuns zey cum. Ze gud bruzzer Smiley Martin he iss first president wiz ze bruzzers Jack Hassenplug and ze Charlie White zey follow. Ze bruzzer Jack Chamber- lain, he always tryin to git does dollar; zen ze bruzzers zey gif to him ze good fellowship award; he still not git dose dollar. Zat bruzzer Al Gamen, is gif to him ze bes pledge-of-the-year mug while zat Dan Blackstock dat makes dem grade get ze scholarship jug. Iss no time before dose Pikes zey make Dell Darden zere 1951 dremin gal. Zey haff beoucoupe grate git-togezzer zey call zis zere dreamgirl formal. Wiz zis fancy-britches celebrajun offer wiz, zose Pike zey get down to bizznes. Zose plej almos feex der bosses at ze plej-actif bus. Zen finally cums de spring wen ze birds are birding and ze blooms are blooming. Ze Pikes gebin ze grate Cajun Aristocracies Pais Do Do, where ze Marie she is brung if you wannt but dose jug aren ' t fergit. Do you see spots before your eyes? MEMBERS Edgar M. Ashworth Frederick J. Baehr Joseph P. Barreca, Jr. Mll e Bearden Daniel Blackstock Honore Bourgeois Raymond F. Carnes John hi. Chamberlain Don Chapman Ashley M. Costin William H. Davis Edward J. DeMarlini Irwin Dillard Richard Fields James Fife Walter J. Folse Tom W. Foster Glenn W. Fowler Al Gamon Donald J. Gordillo-Pai; John F. hiassenplug James B. Kennedy Gerald Lapsensohn Russell F. Le Doux IN PANEL First Row: Ashworth, Baehr. B rrencer, Bourgeois, Bearden, Chamberlain. Second Row: Crucia, Davis, Em- banlos, Fant. Third Row: File, Folse, Barmoa, Gorchillo, Benjamin A. Lucio Jacob J. Meachling Michael Maher Robert Maher C. J. Martin Clyde P. Martin, Jr. Raymond A. McBride, Jr. James J. McClosky Gilbert Morgan Charles J. Nissel Richard Peet C. C. Perkins Donald M. Randolph Kenneth M. Regenos Henry S. Riecke. Ill M. T. Roberts Kenneth Rolfs Lowell E. Scheur Bobby G. Smith Edward Stacey James D. Stokes, Jr. hlerb Thurber Charles T. White. Jr. William Zisi Fourth Row: McCloskey, Maechling, Maher, R. E. Maher, Peet, Perkins. Fifth Row: Regenos, Roberts, Rolfs, Smith. Stokes, White. 106 n n sicmn ALPHA EPSILOn OFFICERS SAMUEL G. WELLBORN President PHILIP B. WATSON, JR ' . . . Vice-President D. RYAN SARTOR, JR Treasurer WILLIAM C. PORTER Correspondent BLANCHARD H. TEXADA, JR Recorder The SAE handclasp As its lions roared their approval, Sigma Alpha Epsilon looked back on the year 1950-51 as the best one in the fifty-three years that the Louisiana Tau Upsilon Chapter has been established on the Tulane Campus. The round of activities began with a rousing rush v eek followed closely by a series of gala mennorable parties and social events. Of special note was the Arabian party complete with three tons of sand and a question- able " Casbah. " After the Tulane-Notre Dame game, the chapter was host to the team, band, and student body of Notre Dame. The tradi- tional Christmas serenade of the Newcomb dormitories was followed by a brief holiday rest. Second semester activ ities were resumed with Greek Week and pledge initiation on February 17 with a banquet and a party at the Roosevelt ' s Blue Room. During the year, the fraternity was host to the Pan-Hellenic Council meetings. March 10 saw the Annual Founder ' s Day Banquet at the Country Club and on April 21 the chapter ' s Formal Dance was held. Events continued throughout the semester with entertainment provided by the SAE Band. Charge! MEMBERS Emile J. Bayle J. Henri Bayle Sam H. Benbow James H. Blake Robert J. Boudreau Richard D. Briggs Don K. Broadwell Harry R. Cabral, Jr. C. Hamilton Cage James B. Collins Charles R. Crowder Cerre B. Diboll. Jr. Frank F. Domnick Sam M. Emerson Herman F, Falbaum William L. Folse Malcolm H. Forsyth John Foster Gus A. Fritchie Ralph W. Gilmore, Jr. Eugene T. Glankler. Jr. Harold Graham Murrell W. Hilton Raymond K. Hinds IN PANEL First Row: Blake, Boudreau, Broadwell, Collins, Diboll, Em- erson. Second Row: Falbaum, Farmer, Fritchie, Gilmore, Graham, Hil- ton. Third Row: Hinds, Howe, Jago- da, Kennedy. Richard D. Howe Samuel Jagoda, Jr. James H. Kennedy Andrew Mays George Mays J. Terry Olive James K. Patrick William C. Porter Jere M. Pound Waymond L. Rone D. Ryan Sartor, Jr. Bennett N. Seweli Richmond F. Sharbrough Wilson F. Shoughrue H. Ralph Smith Fred G. Stevens Blanchard H. Texada, Jr. George V. Trieschman R. Wayne Vincent Eugene L. Wallace. Jr. Philip B. Watson, Jr. Samuel G. Wellborn Robert L. Wilson James E. Wynne Fourth Row: Mays, Olive, Por- ter, Rone. Fifth Row: Sartor, Seweli, Shar- brough, Shoughrue, R. Smith, R. Z. Smith, Stevens. Sixth Row: Trieschmann, Vin- cent, Wallace, Watson, Well- born, Wilson, Wynne. 108 s I G m n ALPHA m u OFFICERS LEONARD BAGELMAN President SAMUEL LANDERS Exchequer MARVIN ROTHENBERG Recorder This Is dancing? The Sammies have chalked up another successful year under the lea- dership of Prior Leonard Bagelman. The " Bag " and his boys began the year by taking first place in the tHomecoming decorations with our tin- foil covered house. We also learned that we had won the Pan-hellenic Scholarship Cup for the preceding year with the help of Phi Beta Kappa ' s Orkin and Yoffee. Our take-off on the " Pied Piper of Hamelin " tied for second place in Skit Night. Sammie athletic teams competed actively in all Pan-Hellenic sports and we won the volley-ball championship. Our social season was marked by the annual Orchid Formal in February, at which Sweetheart Betty Rubins w as introduced, the " Hawaiian Hang- over " party in April, and our year-end banquet in May. South Sea Island on Audubon St. MEMBERS Marshall Alpern Bob Barnett Louis Bell Robert Bender Alvin Binder Aiec Brown Hubert Cohn Alan Dorfman Shia Elson Joe Ettinger Barry Fanburg Beryl Fisher Donald Golden Bob Gorman Robert Gross Alven Halpern Steve Holzman Mai -Kasanoff Stuart Klabin IN PANEL First Row: Alperin, Bagelman, Fourth Row: htalpern, Klabin, Bender, Brown, Cohn, Dorfman. K I o r f e I n , Popkin, Rosen, Second Row: Elson, Ettmger, Schwartz. Fanburg, Fisher. c-Xiu d c i- c. l-itth Row: Seelig, Sterne, Third Row: Golden. Gorman, Stone, Strauss, Weinman. Griff, Gross. Wolfe, Zeleny. Elliott Klorfein Milton Loeb Beryl Lovitz Morton Madoff Simon Mexic John Miller Nathan Popkin Norman Reich Jerry Rosen Barry Rosenberg Paul Scheib Harold Schwartz David Selig George Sterne Leonard Stone Gilbert Strauss Edward Weinman Donald Wolfe Robert Zeleny no I s I G m fl C H I OFFICERS LOUIS McGEE, JR Consul TOM REISING Pro-Consul BILL EVANS Anno+ator AUSTIN BAKER ' Maglster DON STONE Quaestor x Sweetheart and Court of Sigma Chi Sigma Chi had its bigges season in many years during the 1950-51 school term. In scholarship, the chapter moved up nearly 40 places on the list of all Sig chapters. The Sigs picked up greatly in Pan-Hellenic sports, also, taking the Pan- hHell trophy in basketball and furnishing big competition in track, in which they placed third. Sigma Chi was a top contender for the Pan-HeN Softball trophy. The first annual Sigma Chi Derby Day was a great success last May, and the second event promises to be even bigger, with enthusiastic sup- port from all Newcomb sororities. Highlight of the social season, the March 10 Sweetheart Ball was as great a success this year as it has been in the past with Kappa beauty Sara Woods as the 1951 Sweetheart of Sigma Chi. The new officers, elected in February, are: Consul. Tom Reising; pro- Consul, Ray Rawis; Annotator, Billy Blackstone; Magister, Bob Simmons; and Quaestor, Max McGinnis. Just trying to show off their gals MEMBERS Austin Baker John Benson Blliy Blackstone Richard Bradford Pete Brennecke Bob Bronaugh Norwood Brown Sidney Brown Jim Carney Chris Douglas Bill Evans Vernon Ewing Bob Gilliam Dick hiassenplug Wiley Jenkins Bob Jordan Louis Jung Glenn Koch Clinton Lockard Louis McGee, Jr. IN PANEL First Row: Baker, Bradford, Bronaugh, J. S. Brown, N. V. Brown, Carney, Ewing. Second Row: Evans, Gilliam, Jenkins, McGee. Third Row: McGinnis, Nelson, Oliver, Ponder. Max McGinnis Bill Oliver Cad Polk John Ponder Jerry Post Ray Rawls Tex Reardon Bob Reed Tom Reising Bob Simmons Clifford Smith Don Stone Jeff Strange Bob Swords Bob Valter Jim Van Pelt Fred Vandenburgh Hunter Wagner Dick Walls Walter Wells Fourth Row: Post, Rawls, Reis- ing, Savory, Simmons, Smith, Stone. Fifth Row: Strange, Swords, Valter, Vandenburg, Van Pelt. R. C. Wells, W. D. Wells. 112 n Z E T fl BETA T fl U OFFICERS JULIAN GOOD President SAM STRAUSS Vice-President HARVEY KARSH Secretary CONNIE WEIL Treasurer HOWARD EICHENBAUM Historian Is this typical of the Zebe House? This has been a gala year for the members of Sigma chapter of ZBT. The social calendar has been filled with numerous fine parties, such as our annual Purple Passion Party which has now become famous for Its charity irrigation project. Although our Homecoming display was a thing of beauty, it did not place, and the brothers had to console themselves with a consolation prize; beer. The annual Woman Hater ' s Week was one of mucfi joy for the Zebes, but much sorrow for the Newcomltes, as they persisted In jeering at our house, even though they were not being spoken to. All offenders were sen- tenced to the lagoon. ZBT ' s first annual Big Weekend was on Easter Weekend and consisted of a series of fine parties, followed by a ban- quet and formal honoring our nineteen newly Initiated brothers. The boys at 1006 Broadway were In their best year on the Tulane Campus. May I take this to my room nnate? MEMBERS Herbert Abraham Robert Ader Beril Bohrer Howard Eichenbaum Richard Felsenthal Jerry Finger Francis Fraenke! Arthur Gilbert Arnold Goldblatt Mark Golden Vincent Goodman Irving Greenfield Frank Gruber David Harris Mayer Helman Alfred Hiller Roger Jacobs L. R. Jalenak Mervine Jankower Leon Kahn Harvey Karsh Alan Kaufman Donald Levy Eugene Lewis Donn Lipton Sol Lift Milton Loeb Tony Lowe Ted Lowi Robert Maltz Irving Manis IN PANEL Firs) Row: Abraham, Eichen- baum, Finger, Fraenkel, Gold- en, Good. Second Row: Goodman, Jale- nak, Katz, Lazarov. Herman Imy Marcus David Masur Hobart Meyer Jerry Miller Leonard Miller Saul MIntz Mel Opotowsky Leonard Parker Leo Roos Aaron Rosen Robert Rosenfleid Jerry Rosenthal Larry Saltzman Ralph Seellg Gordon Scherck David Sherman " Skip " Sigman Ralfe Silverman Stanley Starr Harlan Steinbaum Leonard Stern Arnold Strauss Sam Strauss Burton Teter Leonard Tunis Ivan Uttai Donald Weil Jack Weil Connie Well Robert Welrauch Felix Welsch Jack Wormser Third Row: Lipton. LItt, Lowe, Low!. Fourth Row: Maltz, Miller, MIntz, Roos, Rosen, Saltzman. Fifth Row: Straus, Tunis Sigman, Starr, Weil, Wormser. 114 Ai r x- W h Z,-,B,,T ' K i I ' : K li sicmfl PI OFFICERS PATRICK BRYER President JOHN LOPEZ . Vice-President DON RAYNER Secretary DAVE CLARY Treasurer MEMBERS Vv ' . J, ANDERSON R. PENARD E. BENTIN P. BRYER D. CLARY S. T. CHRISTINA S. COMEAUX D. HURLEY D. JOUBERT J. L LOPEZ G. M. MARKEY D. P. MAYNARD H. S. OELKERS R. QUINN B. PUMILIA D. RAYNER N. REISIG G. SCHWARK A. STIFTER During the past year Omicron chapter has been under the able leadership of Sage Patrick Bryer. He has been greatly assisted by Veep John Lopez, minute man Don Rayner, and money man Dave Clary. The men with the Iron hands at meetings are S. T. Christina at the active and Dan hHurley at the pledge meetings. After a wild and woolly rush season the broth- ers settled down to the business of having bigger and better parties. Outstanding of these was the monster hHalloween party on the west bank of the Mississippi. The members and alumni joined together and gave a blow out Christmas party In the Old French Quarter. March was the date of the annual Formal con- sidered to be the best of all Sigma Pi ' s events. ' Campus wheels are Dave Clary, president of Commerce student body; Pat Bryer, president of E.T.A. (Engineering spirit club); and S. T. Christina, president of Geology Fraternity. First Row; Anderson, Bryer, Christina, Clary, Hurley. Second Row: Joubert, Kuhn, Rayner, Markey. Maynard, Sopey. 116 If you don ' t at first succeed . DAVID KIRCHNER CHUCK FURTENOT OFFICERS Commander LEE PAGE . Lt. Commander KEN ANDERSON Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS James K. Anderson John N. Anton Jack O ' Hair Asher Wilfred David Frank Davis Larry Dumestre Billy M. Faliln McLaIn O. Forman Charles Fontenot Wesley Hudgens Robert L. Keenan David P. Kirchner M. F. Lang Kenneth Miller M. Lee Page E. D. Perreira Louis P. Trent Daniel Lee Wilde Beta Phi fraternity Is a new local fraternity aimed at reviving the dormant Sigma Nu Chapter at Tulane. The group was formed In September of 1950 and is composed of members of Sigma Nu national fraternity and other Tulanlans. Social activities of Beta Phi have Included rush parties, truck rides and house parties. Beta Phi and its guests attend the annua! White Rose Formal of the LSD chapter of Sigma Nu early In the Spring. The men of Beta Phi came from all parts of the country. Some were Sigma Nus at other col- leges and some have always attended Tulane. They are enrolled In every college and participate In all phases of student affairs. B e T H 117 Fugitives from Dick Tracy OFFICERS HANS W. FEIBELMANN President DUDLEY R. SMOLEN Corresponding Secretary RICHARD A. KELLER Vice-President DAVID 2ALA Treasurer RAYMOND COHEN .... .... Reca-dlng Secretary JAY KISSEL Member at Large PHILLIP BOOKMAN Sentinel MEMBERS Joseph Acierno Hans W. Feibelmdr.n Jay Paulen Edward Serrano Fred Barlow Jim Flanagan Maurice Pearl David Tuman Bert Benowitz Dick Keller Herbert Shapiro Bennett Weinbaum Phil Bookman Jay Kissel Teddy Shapiro Norton Weiss Me-le Brown Harvey Maron Mickey Sheinfeld Abe Winter Raymond Cohen Alan Mink Dudley Smolen David Zaia PLEDGES Morton Be ' ger Bob Byer Jerry Kerwin Jimmy Maniatis Warren Brown Don Eissenberg Robert Levey Bob Meltzer Tau Upsilon was started at Tulane in September. 1949, with the hope of At the beginning of this year, Tau Upsilon participated in the flrstorgan- becoming a colony of Alpha Epsllon PI National fraternity. The name of The ized rush week, and when the excitement had died down, the ■rraternity had local group was, in part, derived trom the Initials of Tulane University with its first pledge class of sixteen men. A fine program of athletic competition the idea of using this name as its chapter designation when ;he group re- In the Senior AAU and in intramural sports proved ihat the group was ca- celved Its charter. The fraternity grew rapidly, overcoming many difficulties, pable of meeting all competition. Scholastlcally, Tau Upsilon rated high and last year was accepted as a probationary member of the Pan Hellenic among the other fraternities on campus. Council. A crowded social season was highlighted by Its first initiation banquet, The group Is open to boys of all faiths, carrying out Its non-sectarian aspira- its ann ' jal roaring twenties Cha- ' -leston party, and a most successful dlsc- tlons, and thus making acceptance into the fraternity dependent only upon iockey dance. the In dividual. After only two years on the campus, Tau Upsilon has taken Under the guidance of a capable set of officers beaded by Hans Felbel- its place next to the other organizations at Tulane. mann, as president, the fraternity has been gearing itself ' .owards. a rounder and a brighter future. T fl U u p s I L n 118 n E lu c m B OFFICERS PATSY JO McDowell President JANET LEVY Secretary NATALIE GESSNER PATSY JO McDowell MEMBERS Karin Brandt Barbara Brogan Jane E. Burkenroad Barbara Cherry Margaret Conder Lucie Crane June Earnest Ester Gilbert Shirley Haddock Billie Harper The Panhellenic Council of Newcomb College is pari of the National Panhellenic Council, which is the highest authority among women ' s Greek- letter organizations. The Newcomb Panhellenic serves to further co- operation among the sororities on the campus and to make rules governing rushing, pledging, initia- tion, and other activities. Two actives and one alumna representative from each sorority com- prise the membership of the Council. As part of its contribution to college life, Pan- hellenic sponsors a Sorority Skit Night. Members Alice Koch Claire Lewis Mercedes Maraist Ninete Perrilliat Lucile Poole Annette Ruckstuhl Marianne Sprinkle Betty Trelford Jackie Vizzini of the university and the public are invited to watch the Newcomb girls perform. This year Pan- hellenic has also decided to give the sororities a second chance to compete against each other in a Song Fest. Other activities of Panhellenic Council include an annual Scholarship Banquet given to honor the pledge and the active with the highest average in each sorority. Also, as in the past, Panhellenic will donate a substantial sum of money to the for- eign student program. 120 pfln-HELLENic council First Row: Brandt, Brogan, Burkenroad, Cherry, Conder. Second Row: Crane, Earnest, Emiing, Gessner, Gilbert. Third Row: Haddock, Harper, Koch, Levy, Lewis. Fourth Row: Maraist, Perrilliat, Ruckstuhl, Trel- ford, Vizzini. i 121 ALPHA DELTA PI OFFICERS JOYCE MYERS President KITTY THORNTON Vice-President OCTAVIE WILSON Secretary LANGSTON SUTTER Treasurer MARIE CAMPAGNA Guard Caught with the iigger glasses on the table This year the ADPi ' s spent a great deal of time talking about plans for the Centennial in Macon, Georgia, cele- brating the hundredth anniversary of the founding of Alpha Delta Pi. They had a lot of fun in the meanwhile, too. The annual formal on November I I brought everyone out in winter formals for the first time of the season. Christmas, ADPi ' s alumnae gave a party, as did the pledges. When Eas- ter vacation came around, all the ADPi ' s ' spent the week- end at Biloxi, everyone having a wonderful time, and came back, naturally, with a beautiful sunburn. Amid all this play, the ADPi ' s were quite active on the campus. Their wheels include: Marilyn Woodward, who was president of the music school; Jackie Zizinni, who was cheer- leader for the third straight year; Jo Von Ehren and Trudy Meangollora, whom all devotees of the theatre know be- cause of their outstanding performances. Sing me a sweet melody MEMBERS Nell Austin Eleanor Burdeshaw Marie Campagna Sallie Coco Sheila Cramer Shirley Crenshaw June Ernest Jo Von Ehren Janet Gerstner Melissa Greene Pat Hinrichson Dorothy Maness Tricia McRaven IN PANEL Silverla Mendez Trudy Miangolarra Joyce Myers Betty Oliver Effie Perkins Betsy Siler Charlotte Somers Langston Sutter Katherine Thornton Jackie Vizzini Octavie Wilson Marilyn Woodward First Row: Austin, Burdeshaw, Third Row: Gerstiner, Green. Campagna, Coco. Second Row: Crenshaw, Earn- est. Fourth Row: hiendrichsen. Mc- Raven, Maness, Myer, Oliver. Fifth Row: Somers, Sutter Thornton. Vizzini, Wilson. 122 ALPHA EPSILOn PHI OFFICERS BETTY LEE SEFF President ISABEL PEAL Vice-President JANE E. BURKENROAD Rush Captain JANET SCHARFF Co-Rush Captain GERALDINE GINSBURG Treasurer BETTY KIRALFY Recording Secretary RENEE MENDOLVITZ Corresponding Secretary Those could be argyles, or something else? Alpha Epsllon Phi began one of her most successful years with a " Rhapsody in Blue " formal early In November In honor of her pledges. Highlighting the dance was the leadout of the members and their dates through a tremendous piece of silver and blue sheet music. The girls gave a number of parties throughout the year and then climaxed their social calendar of activities with a Senior Banquet. The AEPHI ' s are represented on the Jambalaya, hlullabaloo, and Car- nival staffs, and are active In such campus organizations as Greenbacl;- ers, TUT, swimming club. La Tertulla, Glee Club, and Campus Night. Isabel Peal, vice-president of the Newcomb Student Body, Is president of the Sociology Club, past secretary of the Junior Class, and editor of the Newcomb handbook. Alice Koch, president of Assets, Is also vice- president of the Sophomore Class, and chairman of Kangaroo Court. Alice had the leading role in the TUT play last year and was one of the Jam " Favor ites. " Epsllon chapter Is proud of her pledge. Jean Kell, v ho was chosen to be In the Urchin Beauty Court. The sorority officers are: Betty Lee Seff, president; Isabel Peal, vice- president; Betty Kiraify, recording secretary; Renee Mendolvltz, cor- responding secretary; Gerry GInsburg, treasurer; Janle Burkenroad, rush chairman: and Janet Scharff, assistant rush chairman. George, ' ole boy, haven ' t seen you in a long time. MEMBERS Jane E. Burkenroad Peggy Burkenroad Roberta Cooper Grace Debrovner Leah Drescher. Ina Le Edrehi Susan Fox Shirley Fred Geraldine GInsburg Barbara Glick Maxlne Isaacson Beverly Kaplan Charlene Kaplan Faye Kapslnow Jo Ann Katz Frances Katzensteln Jean Kiel Betty Kiraify Carolyn Klein Alice Koch Doris Levy IN PANEL Firsi- Row; Burkenroad, Cooper, Edrehi, Fox. GInsburg, Gllck. Second Row: B. Seff, M. D. Isaacson, B. Kaplan, C. Kaplan, Kapslnow, Kell. Third Row: Kiraify, Koch, Levy, Lowensteln. Elaine Lowensteln Renee MendlovHz Cynthia Miller Marilyn Morals Isabel Peal Marian Petchesky Sandra Pielen Joy Relnganum Betty Jean Rosen Rose Rubel Janet Scharff Betty Lee Seff Joan Seldenbach Sally Sllverberg Barbara Stern Emily Stix Florence Weil Patsy Wei! Marilyn Weiss Tanya Wohl Fourth Row: Mendlovoitz, Mil- ler. Morals, Peal. Fifth Row: Pellen, Petchesky, Relnganum, Rosen, Rubel, Scharff. Sixth Row: Seldenbach, Silver- berg, Stern, Stix, F. Weil. P. Weil, Weiss. 124 ' ' — " A X et) a " E v XO V P I A EK ALPHA omicRon PI OFFICERS MORRIS MIDDLETON President CAROL CRANBERRY Vice-President BARBARA FERGUSON Recording Secretary MARY ELIZABETH PATTON .... Corresponding Secretary PATRICIA LEINERTH Treasurer Always eating, Barbara? Alpha Omicron Pi was founded at Barnard College, January 2, 1897, and Pi chapter at Newcomb was established September 8, 1898. The pin is composed of the letters " AOPi " superimposed; the color is cardinal; the jewel is the ruby; the flower is the Jacqueminot Rose. Pi chapter has continued its activity on the campus with members in all organizations — honor, social, and religious. AOPi is especially proud of Morris Middleton, who is president of the Senior Class, secretary of the Tulane Student Council, and a member of Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Cookie Patten and Lucie Crane are officers of the Junior and Sophomore Classes, respectively. For the second con- secutive year the Urchin Pledge Pin-Up is an AOPi; Bobbie Webb took the honors this year. Barbara Cherry, a Jambalaya beauty, was In the hfomecoming Court. The social program began with the Pledge Banquet. The annual fall houseparty was in Covington. Founder ' s Day and Senior Banquets were followed by the Spring Formal in March to complete the program. This year the chapter emphasized philanthropic work for the Ken- tucky Mountain children with magazine and clothing drives. At Thanks- giving and Christmas, Pi helped two needy and deserving families. Mary V ' s just winding up that little ball of yarn MEMBERS Ann Alexis Marie Baker Deidre Burke Nanette Carr Carolyn Carter Barbara Cherry Lucie Crane Ann Crump Joel Duvic Mary Virginia Feraud Barbara Ferguson Lee Fleshnnan Marianna Flowers Liz Fontaine Ann Franklin Nancy Gooch Jan Gore Carol Cranberry Joyce Hatfield Peggy Hover Helen Jacobs Sally Kastler Emmie Klapp Gwendolyn Lang ridge Patricia Lee IN PANEL First Row: Alexis, Carr, Carter, Cherry. Crane, Crump. Second Row: Duvic. Feraud. Ferguson, Flowers, Fontaine. Gooch. Third Row: Gore. Cranberry, Hatfield. Hover. Fourth Row: Kastler, Langridge, Lee. Klapp, Betty Lett Carole McGee Lee McNamara Suzanne Melancon Amber Meyers Morris Middleton Mary Myers Mary Elizabeth Patton Sterling Peebles Patricia Reinerth Betty Robin Joan Robinson Noel Robinson Nadia St. Paul Mary Sue Sherwood Jane Shoaf Emma Sue Smith Evelyn Socola Lynn Trauth Doris Tremoulet Betty Verlander Marian Videau Roberta Webb Winston Withers Catherine Wood Fifth Row: Lett, McGee, Mc- Namara, Melancon, Middleton, Myers, Patton. Sixth Row: Peebles, Reinerth, Robin, J. Robinson, N. Robin- son, St. Paul, Sherwood. Seventh Row: Shoaf, Socola, Trauth, Verlander, Videau, Webb, Withers. 126 A BETA siGmA omicRon OFFICERS JOYCE BRUFF President CATHERINE NAEF Vice-President JEAN CELLI Recording Secretary JANE LEE LUFT Corresponding Secretary GING DOSKEY Treasurer One big happy family Founded nationally on December 12, 1888, Beta Sigma Omicron es- tablished Alpha Sigma chapter at Newcomb in 1929. This year began with a busy Rush Week, followed by parties given by and for our pledges. Monthly joint meetings and parties were enjoyed throughout the year, as were the banquets and our formal in March, the main event of the year. We are proud of our campus leaders: Marion Romaine, Treasurer of the Junior Class; Janey Levy, Second Vice-President of the Student Gov- ernment; Catherine Naef, President of Warren House; and Jane Lee Luff, maid in the Homecoming Court. The last three of whom were se- lected to " Who ' s Who. " Our colors are ruby and pink, our flowers, the Killarney and Richmond roses. Those B.S.O. cookies were really swell MEMBERS Jan Boyd Betty Jean Brocalo Joyce Bruff Joyce Carinhas Jean Cell! Ging Doskey Mercedes Emerson Wal+raut Goedecke Glen Rae Hanemann Mary Hinton Constance Johnson Dorothy Jordan Lynn Landry Nan Levey Janet Levy Jane Lee Luff Marianne McDonald Elizabeth Matthews Sue Maynard Catherine Naef Betty Neville Elizabeth Palmer Sylvia Pinner Josephine Ramos Marion Romaine Annette Ruckstuhl Mary Durland Sapp Patsyearl Spring Dorothy Verlander IN PANEL First Row: Brocato, Bruff, Car- inhas, Celli, Doskey, Emerson. Second Row: Gilthorpe, Goe- decke, hianemann, Hinton. Third Row: Johnson, Jordan, Levey, Levy, Fourth Row: Luft, Matthews, Maynard, Naef, Neville, Ramos. Fifth Row: Romaine, Ruckstuhl, Sapp, Spring, Verlander, West. 128 BIO CHI omecfl OFFICERS FLORA TALMAGE President BETTY BARKDULL Vice-President JUNE ANTLEY Secretary POLLY JEAN PHELPS Treasurer MARY KAY HICKEY Pledge Mother Play sonnething iowdown and dirty Rho chapter of Chi Omega was founded at Newcomb in 1900. We are very proud of our record since then, and feel that this year we have certainly continued to keep it very outstanding. We are well represented in various cannpus organizations and activities with several members in Tusk, Lagniappes, Greenbackers, the religious organizations. Campus Night, Operetta, Glee Club, Swimming Club, and others. We are especially proud of our representation in Newcomb ' s Stu- dent Council with Margee Gandolfo as President and in the hHonor Board with Claire Lewis as President and several other members. " Who ' s Who " and Alpha Sigma Sigma claim some of our members, while several others have been elected to the Urchin and Jamb Beauty Courts and the Homecoming Court. Among our sorority activities this year have been bi- monthly suppers In our room, a Christmas party for orphans, a winter formal, a spring houseparty, and several informal parties. When better bodies are built, Ford will build them MEMBERS June Anfley Eugenia Balrd Ann Baker Betty Barkdull Mary Biederman Peggy Bingham Beverly Brown Elolse Cappell Doris Carre Jean Edwards Phyliss Emiing Margaret Field Mormastel Ford Margee Gandolfo Betsy Garrison Marie Hamel Martha hHatchette Mary Kay HIckey Ellen Ignatius Jere Johnson Virginia King Barbara Kington Yvonne La Croix Margaret Landry Claire Lewis Andrea Livaudals Nancy Marler Eugenia McLaughlin Helen Messick Dahlgren Miller Polly Jean Phelps Elizabeth Plauche Flora Talmage Margaret Ann Turfitt Genevlve Walker Margaret Wafklns June Wells Lynn Williams PLEDGES Jean Anderson Elizabeth Bronson Joan Buf-llngame Elizabeth Carter Diane Dehmer Julia Douglas Louise Ferguson Georgia Garrison All Holbrook Lanier Hudson Carolyn Johnson Mary Ann Kelly IN PANEL First Row: Anderson, Antley, Baker, Barkdull, Biederman, Bingham, Bronson, Brown. Second Row: Burlingame, Cap- pel, Carre, Carter, Daussin, Dehmer, Douglas, Emiing. Third Row: Ferguson, Field, Ford, Gondolfo, E. Garrison. G. Garrison, Hamel, Hatchette. Fourth Row: HIckey, Holbrook, Hudson, Ignatius. Patsy Malone Virginia Newman Alice O ' Ferrall Ann Pitts Sally Pitts Ann Polk Marylyn Schuster Beth Stocker Susie Taylor Beitina Wallace Harriett Wren Kathryn Yerger Fifth Row: C. Johnson, J. John- son, Kelley, Kington. Sixth Row: Landry, Lewis, Livo- dals, Malone. Marler, Miller, Newman, O ' Ferrall, Seventh Row: Phelps, A. Pitts, S. Pitts, Plauche. Polk, Schuster. Srocker, Talmage. Eighth Row: Taylor, Turfitt, Wallace, Watklns. Wells. Wil- liams, Wren, Yerger. 130 ) i I li. M , F- 1 IQli CI 1 ' x s DELTA ZETfl OFFICERS MARY JANE CARR President JACKIE RAUCH Vice-President DEDE MARAIST Recording Secretary KARIN BRANDT Corresponding Secretary ALBERTA RETIF Treasurer I. " Dear Johns, " en masse Founded at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio on October 24, 1902, Delta Zeta " just grew and grew like Topsy. " The Newcomb chapter, founded as a chapter of Beta Phi Alpha, became Beta Upsilon of Delta Zeta when the two sororities merged in 1941. The colors are rose and green, and the girls keep the dia- mond and the pearls in their Roman lamp gleaming. Bi-monthly suppers and weekly luncheons at the rooms, truck rides for the members and their dates, and the annual Ro ' se Formal were high on the social calendar with the f-Qunder ' s Day Banquet leading. Who are they trying to tool with the books? MEMBERS Carolee Bailowe Lorraine Bottger Karin Brandt MIfzi Brown Judith Canada Mary Jane Carr Doiores Culotta Jacquelyn Ellis Mildred Foley Shirley Jaclcson Joy Rose Gardner Jane Johnson Golden Patricia Heroy June hHuck IN PANEL Yolanda Manautou Marcedes Maraist Patsy Jo McDowell Jacquelyn Rauch Alberta Retif Shirley Retit Mary Lynn Rohrer Mary Rush Ethel Shope Joanne Teranella Carolyn Thome Yvonne Tingstrom Ariine Winchester Jerry Wolf First Row: Bailows, Bottger, Fourth Row: A. G. Retif. S. Brandt, Canada, Carr, Cullotta. efli, Rush, Shope, Thorne, c J D mi- CI r A Tingstrom. Second Row: bllis, holey, (card- ner. Heroy. Fifth Row: Trice, Winchester. Wolf, Yolanda. Third Row: Jackson, McDowell. Maraist, Perry. 132 ( •ATcpoi i - ' - ' •fv M hi KflPPA ALPHA THETfl OFFICERS FRANCIS ALEMAN President NANCY BURDETT . Vice-President MARILYN FOLSE Recording Secretary ADRIEN AITKENS Corresponding Secretary HELEN DEAL Treasurer The Kats Founded nationally at Indiana Asbury College (DePauw University) in 1870, Kappa Alpha Theta came to Newcomb in 1914 as the Alpha Phi Chapter. The usual snags and difficulties of rush week and the beginning of the year seemed to iron themselves out with amazing alacrity. Success con- tinued to work in our favor and we pledged an exceptionally wonderful group of girls. Our rush week was followed by a hilarious house party on the gulf coast. Time moved unusually fast and soon it was time to send Thanks- giving baskets. Also in November the pledges gave the annual Katsup Party for the Actives. This year the theme was " that new miracle drug, Mr. Kat ' s miracle juice. " Time whirled on through the Christmas holi- days, Mardi Gras, and was climaxed finally by the Spring formal. Alpha Phi is proud of the enthusiasm shown by its members in campus activities and organizations. Such names as Francis Aleman, " Red " Wat- son, Nancy Burdett, and " Babs " Bartlett are familiar to all Newcomb students. A chain on the door for this? MEMBERS Adrlen Aitkens Frances Aleman Barbara Bartleit Nancy Burdett Pat Burdett Barbara Connett Marcia Davis Helen Deal Jeonne Devron Diane Dixey Pat Doherty Marilyn Folse Judy Fowler Mary Francis Emily Goss Emily Griffith Madeline Hatrel Billie Harper Kay Henry Edith Hoffman IN PANEL Ruth Kennedy Mary Kent Marguerite Lamkin Rosalyn Leggett Fleur Marcoux TIta O ' Neill Patricia O ' Sullivan Lynn Ott Grace Ramsay Jean Schumacher Mary Beth Selby Eleanor Smith Pat Smith Aline Stouse Betty Ray Trelford Sarah F. Turner " Red " Watson Joan Wilkinson Lucy Yearly Barbara Youngs First Row: Aitkens, Aleman, Fifth Row: Henry, Hoffman, Arnaud, Bartlett, N. J. Burdett, Kent, Leggett, Marcoux. O ' Sul- P. Burdett. livan. Second Row: Butler, Connett, Davis, Deal, Devron, Dixey. Third Row: Doherty, Folse, Fow- ler, Francis. Fourth Row: Goss, Griffith, Harper. Hatrel. Sixh Row: Ott, Saucier, Schu- macher. Selby, E. G. Smith, P. J. Smith. Seventh Row: Stouse, Trelford, Turner, Yeriy, Youngs. 134 n e KAPPR KAPPRGflmmn OFFICERS OLGA TURNER President NINNETTE PERRILLIAT Vice-President ELEANOR FRANCISCO Secretary PAT WILLIAMS Treasurer JOAN MORRISON Pledge Captain Mighty purty Kappa Kappa Gams This year marks the 47th anniversary of the founding of Beta Omicron chapler of Kappa Kappa Gamma on the Newcomb campus in 1904. Our new school year started with the usual Orientation and Rush Week, which resulted in our pledging a wonderful group of girls. The Kappas enjoyed luncheons served every Wednesday, by the Moth- ers ' Club and at least twice a month we got together at our rooms and had coffee or supper with our pledges. The social calendar was filled for the year by the Founder ' s Day Banquet in October, open house for our alums, pledges and Mothers ' Clubs in November, a Christmas party In December, Alum dinner in March, and the highlight of the year, the Kappa formal April 7. We are especially happy that we could make Christmas a better time of the year for a few unfortunate families of New Orleans. We are proud of the many Kappas who take an active part In campus activities and clubs. We are well-represented in the Dormitory Council, Glee Club, swimming club, Honor Board, and many others. Our colors are the two blues, light and dark; the pin is the golden key. The officers are: Olga Turner, president: Ninette Perllliat, vice- president; Eleanor Francisco, secretary; Pat Williams, treasurer; and Joan Morrison, pledge captain. How does she keep that flgger? MEMBERS Ann Anderson Renee Aubrey Betty Bland Dorothy Bland Donna Brown Barbara Burgess Emily Ann Dees Pamela De Pass Jane Emerson Courtney Esterbrook Lydia Fossier Eleanor Francisco Natalie Gessner Ann Hadley Sue Hastings Sara Hall Warrene Hayne Ann Henlcan Beth Henican Margaret Hilzem Judy Hlxon Virginia Hughes Sue Madison Jean McGregor Jean Miller IN PANEL First Row: Anderson, Aubrey, B. Bland. D. Bland. Brown, Burgess, Dees. Second Row: De Pass, Emer- son, Estabrook. Fossier, Fran- cisco. Gessner, Hall. Third Row: Hastings, Hayne, B. Henican, Hltzem, Hixon, McGregor, Madison. Fourth Row: Miller, M Iran- dona, Morris, Morrison. Jeanne MIrandona Ellen Morris Joan Morrison Ruth-Ellen Noetzel Grace Parlcer Ninette Perllliat Betty Pharr Ann Qulnn Cynthia Rainold Louise Reiss Karen Ristad Mary Irene RIcheson Gladney Shell Frances Smith Joan Smith Hunter StIckney Barbara St. Paul Elsa Taylor Julia Taylor Margaret Thibaut Olga Turner Margie Upham Mary Wlllces Pat Williams Nancy Williamson Sara Woods Fifth Row: Noetzel, Parker, Perllliat, Pharr. Sixth Row: Quinn, Rainold, Reiss, RIcheson, St. Paul, Shell, Smith. Seventh Row: Smith, Stickney, E. Taylor, S. Taylor, Thibaut, Turner, Upham. Eighth Row: Wilks. P. Williams, N. Williamson, Woods. 136 K i r P H I m u OFFICERS JOYCE MATHES - . . President MERLE MAM US Vice-President JANE ANNIS Secretary ESTHER GILBERT Treasurer JEAN COVINGTON Pledge Director Look! We have a new record player Phi Mu sorority was founded In 1852 at Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia. Delta chapter of Phi Mu has its rooms at 919 Broadway, and as anyone who lives within ten blocks of the rooms can tell you, there isn ' t a dull moment. Officers Joyce Mathes, President; Merle Mamus, Vice- President; Jane Annis, Secretary, and Esther Gilbert, Treas- urer, rule the actives and pledges with an iron hand. But in ' spite of this tyranny, the Phi Mu ' s manage to have won- derful times at such outstanding events as our Dinner Dance at the Country Club, the annual formal, in March this year, and also at our jam-packed houseparties at the Waveland home of our President. In spite of all these activities, Phi Mu ranked first on the campus scholastlcally for the last semester of the l949- ' 50 session, proving that fun and study are entirely compatible. Phi Moo Contented Hour MEMBERS Blair Alexander Jane Annis Peggy Atkinson Barbara Branan Babs Bolton Laura Cadien Caliie Callaway Jean Covington Eulalie DeBen Janice Edmonson Joanne Futch Esther Gilbert Mary Gilbert Barbara Greenfield Shirley hiaddoclc Mary Jo Holland Joan Jackson Rennie Jones Ann Keefe Greta LeBlanc Aline Longino IN PANEL First Row: Annis, Atkinson, Branan. Cadien, Callaway, Cov- ington. Second Row: De Ben, Futch, E. Gilbert, M. Gilbert, Gree- field. Haddock. Third Row: Hines. Jackson, Keefe, Le Blanc. Gayle Mackenroth Millie Mason Joyce Mathes Merle Maumus Marilyn Mossier Emily Palmer Minaan Pierce Katherine Poole Susan Reynaud Mary Agnes Rizzo Diana Rosamond Lorraine Sanchez Carol Smith Diane Smith Henrietta Speas Barbara Thomas Dinah Umsted Barbara Viavant Frances Wehrenberg Ann Williams Fourth Row: Longino, Macken- roth, Ma+hes, Maumus. Fifth Row: Pearce, Reynaud, Rizzo, Rosamond, Sanchez, C. Smith. Sixth Row: D. G, Smith, Speas, Thomas, Umsted, Viavant, Weh- renberg, Williams. 138 IM p I BETA P H I OFFICERS ELIZABETH COOK President LELIA FLOURNOY Vice-President VIRGINIA DAY Recording Secretary KATHLEEN COLEMAN Corresponding Secretary MARIE ROUSSEL Treasurer Now eat your cream oi wheat, baby Pi Beta Phi was founded at Monmouth College and dates back to 1867. Louisiana Alpha came to Newcomb in 1891, sixty short years ago. The flower is the wine carnation and the colors of Pi Phi are wine and silver blue. We are proud of the enthusiasm that the Pi Phi ' s have shown in every campus activity. Many offices and honors are held by members such as: Elizabeth Cook, president of the Resident Student Body, and president of Alpha Sigma Sigma; Sara French, Queen of Homecoming and Jamb beauty; Virginia Day, president of Swimming Club, and Miss Tulane; Mary Jane Dillard, maid at Homecoming and Jamb beauty; and Kath- leen Coleman, president of the Art Club. Rush season was very successful, and the annual banquet at Armaud ' s given after pledging, proved to be a delightful display of talent by ihe pledges. The social calendar was filled for the year by a picnic at a plantation home near Baton Rouge, a rip-roaring house party, the Found- er ' s Day Banquet, and the climaxing dance given In the spring. The officers are: Elizabeth Cook, president; Leila Flourney, vice-presi- dent; Virginia Ann Day, recording secretary; Kathleen Coleman, cor- responding secretary, and Marie Roussel, treasurer. Once a child, always a child MEMBERS Star Anderson Jo Ann Ansley Alice Baird Caroline Baker Paula Beaver Ann Bennett Barbara Brogan Laura Burke . Marion Caffery Dorothy Carrere Kathleen Coleman Margaret Conde Elizabeth Cook Bette Daniels Virginia Day Hanton de la Houssaye Mary Jane Dillard Jane Doggett Valerie Ernst Peggy Fleming Leila Flournoy Sara French Louise Harding Hettie Henderson Susan Hill Cornelia Howell Marie Howell Ann Hutchinson IN PANEL First Row: Anderson, Ansley, Baird, Baker, Bennett, Brogan, Burks. Second Row: Carrere, Cole- man, Conder, de la Houssaye, Dillard, Ernst, Fleming, Third Row: Flournoy, French, Harding, Harris. Henderson, M. Howell. Emille Lapeyre Leila Lawson Virginia McConnell Pat McGee Mary Ann McHaney Myra May Donna Jo MIesse Janeth Murray Emily Nott Judy Nott Ruth Parsons Betty Paul Marion Pratt Maureen Prothro Nancy Moore Helen Rapier Donna Reese Ann Richardson Kay Richardson Marie Roussel Ting Steele Katharine Stelnmeyer Effie Stockton Judy Confey Talbot Caroline Truman Joan White Imogene Whyte Joel Wolfe Fourth Row: N. Howell, Hutch- inson, Johnston, McConnell, McGee, McHaney. Fifth Row: May, Meade, MIesse. Moore, Murray, E, Nott, J. Nott. Sixh Row: Parsons, Pratt, Proth- ro, Rapier, Reese, Richardson, Sawyer. Seventh Row: Stelnmayer. Stockton, Talbot, Trueman, White. Wolfe. 140 ZETfl TflU ALPHA OFFICERS MARIANNA SPRINGLE President MAXINE KIDD Vice-President ADELE EDWARDS Secretary MILDRED RUNYAN . - Treasurer Operation rug-laying Zeta Tau Alpha was founded at Virginia Sfa+e Normal College, Farmville, Virginia on October 15, 1898, the first women ' s fraternity to be chartered by a special act of the legislature. Beta Kappa was establi ' shed at Newcomb Col- lege in 1927. Since that time BK members have been active in many campus activities. After a busy rush season our social calendar started off with a party for the pledges. Next came a Christmas party, our Founder ' s Day Banquet, the spring formal, and our monthly suppers at the rooms. Zeta Tau Alpha ' s colors are turquoise blue and steel grey; our flower is the white violet. The officers are: President, Marianne Springle; Vice-Pres- ident, Mav.ine Kidd; Secretary, Adele Edwards; and Treas- urer, hiildrid Runyan. " Three Came Home " MEMBERS Deborah Berry Lydia Ann Bosworth Marcia Brown Eiyrae Carroll Norma ClesI Ruby Crosby Adele Edwards Sally James Maxine Kidd Jerry Kelly Rosa Lamar Harrllyn Pelfz Lucille Pool Virginia Provost Hildie Runyan Waldine Ryan Ines Segarie Margaret Spangler Mary Ann Sprinkle Joan Strahle Marcia Brown PLEDGES Joan Anderson Delores Bates Brenda Blalock Margaret Burn Camille Caraway Patricia Clesi Joanna Corbeau Bonnie Dilworth IN PANEL Suzanne Gittins Lorelei Guidry Charlsa Guynes Carolyn Ruchton Sue Kipp Jean Kroizer Ann Reeves Margi Winstead Third Row: Guynes, Huchton. First Row: Anderson, Brown, Burn, Clesi, Corbeau. Fourth Row: James, Kipp, Run- Second Row: Dilworth, Guidry. yan, Spengler, Winstead. 142 4 I COACH HENRY E. FRNKA T H E Left to Right: Coaches Reed, Wolf, Viniant, Frnka, Pilney, McElieath, Knoles COACHES HAROLD BRINSON Most Unselfish and Best Spirited Athlete JEROME HELLUIN AP Ail-American Defensive Second Team; DON JOYCE Most Unselfish and Best Blocking and Tackling Lineman PAUL LEA AP UP All-SEC ELLSWORTH KINGERY Most Unselfish and Best Blocking and Tackling Back ART KLEINSCHMIDT Quarterback Club Scholastic Award :: DENNIS DOYLE Co-Captain NEA Features Service All -American Guard GEORGE MADDOX Co-Captain RHEUl SPIRIT IS BORn AT TULRHE A new and finer team and school spirit was Tulane ' s line was sixth in the nation on defense, born at Tulane this year. From the Notre Dame The Greenies ' overall defensive record also ranked game onward the Greenies played with a spirit unequaled in many a year. The team continually displayed marvelous courage and fine team play. in the top ten. The freshman team also displayed lots of cour- age and fine team play throughout its brief sea- The coaching this year was magnificent. Coach son. The fine coaching iob turned in by Coach Frnka and his assistants produced one of the fin- MacElreath will prove to be an invaluable aid to est teams in Tulane history. Action and thrills were future Green Wave teams. abundant throughout the year. Yes, this was truly a fine football year at Tulane. 147 " ' " -iw ' a - ■ ' Brignac carries " for the Wave George, talcing a " dive " ? RLflBflmn Gflme Tulane ' s Green Wave opened its football season against a hard- fighting Alabama team. The Wave was hindered by numerous fum- bles and a psychological disadvantage as well as a good pass offense possessed by the Tide. During the first period Albama ' s Crimson Tide marched down to the Tulane 3-yard line but end Ferdie Kibodeaux saved the Wave from immediate tragedy by throwing ' Bama ' s Avinger for an I l-yard loss. After an exchange of punts, Alabama recovered a Greenie fumble on the Wave 35-yard line. The Tide marched to the 3 and big Ed Salem plowed over for the first touchdown. In the second quarter the Greenies threw the Tidesmen for con- siderable losses but another Wave fumble on its own 26 gave the ball to Alabama. Salem dropped back to pass and connected with Long in the end zone and the half ended with ' Bama leading 13-0. Hal Waggoner The Greenies valiantly fought off a hard-rushing Tide In the 3rd quarter but It was Long who scored again on a pass from Salem. The Wave began to gain amazing speed with the kick-off return. KInek broke loose for a 32-yard sprint, and soon after hlarold Waggoner raced around left end for 35 yards that put the ball on Alabama ' s 5- yard line. Kinek crashed through for the first Tulane score and Co- meaux converted. Alabama ' s passing attack was not to be stopped and they struck back with another pass from Salem to Long and ' Bama led 26-7. The Greenies fought back with a 33-yard punt return by Kinek and a n 18-yard pass from Bonar to Klrkpatrlc. Tulane again found itself knocking at ' Bama ' s door. Kinek scored the second Greenie TD. That was all the scoring to be done and the remainder of the game was a see-saw battle with the final score 26-14 In Alabama ' s favor. The ball got away but not a score 148 tMfr ' IP ' MMft St«« «OkJ i 0 w McLean scores for the Wave Why so perplexed, Ferdle? LOUISIflnn COLLEGE GflmE Tulane ' s Greenles crushed Louisiana College 64-0, scoring nine touchdowns with eight conversions and a safety. These scores came about by good offensive play, led by Kent, Klngery, and Waggoner. The passing of Bonar, Ernst, and Dempsey was also outstanding. The first touchdown came one minute and fifty seconds after the opening kickoff, as KInek circled his right end for eight yards and a score. One of the best runs of the day came early In the second half when " Tiger " Waggoner skillfully knifed through his right guard and raced forty-two yards for a touchdown. With a good lead built up during the third quarter. Coach Frnka was able to use many of his reserves. Then with Tulane ' s sophomore quarterback, Fred Dempsey, doing the passing, Tulane opened an air attack which came to a climax as Tulane scored Its ninth touchdown. Tulane ' s defensive teams displayed new vitality as they held the Louisiana College offense throughout the game. The opponents ' single threat came in the final quarter as White Intercepted a pass from Joe Ernst and ran to the Wave ' s fifteen-yard line. Shortly afterwards Homer Dedaux intercepted a pass from Dyer, thus ending the threat Run Kingery, that brute has blood in his eye. RONNIE KENT 149, ?; ' KT ' ; ' 2ffitlr ' Just look at that stride The great Williams in trouble noTRE DfliiiE Gflme The Notre Dame game featured spirit on Tulane ' s part unequaled In many a season. Although outscored by only four points, Tulane gained a moral victory felt both by the students and the team. Tulane threatened Ali-Amerlcan Bob Williams ' home grounds throughout the game, making passing difficult and running almost impossible. Coach Frnka changed his strategy from last year and elected to receive. Fine running by Waggoner and Klnelc and superb passing on the part of Ernst put Tulane In the scoring column with only two minutes of the first quarter gone. But Notre Dame was not to be denied, for within seven plays after the Tulane score a 54-yard pass and run from Williams to John Petltbon Med the game. A seesaw battle ensued with the strong Tulane line holding the edge. Tulane, three times in the first half, was within the Notre Dame 25-yard line, but could not put the ball over. The second Notre Dame score came late In the second period with a 10-yard jaunt by Gander. Tulane stormed back but could only attain the Notre Dame 5-yard line when the half ended. The second half resulted in a defensive battle, most of It being played In Notre Dame ' s end of the field. The superb defensive play of Don Joyce and Mike McLean resulted in catching the great Bob Williams behind his own goal for a two point score for the Wave. The high spirit of the whole Greenie team and the presence of the " twelfth man, " a thrilled and spirited student body, enabled the Wave to soundly outplay a once great Notre Dame. Drive, Hal, you ' re not down yet y r fttr««rrr « ( w4rw«f 9 . j ' -• ' " . ;!■ ■,•11.1 f « « H " ' JOE ERNST 150 He ' s giving you his blessings, Joe Don ' i worry, George, you ' re over OLE miss GRmE The Wave, showing little preference to any one method of point production, hit pay dirt twice through the air and twice on the ground in downing a listless Ole Miss team 27-20. The seven-point difference provided a poor measure of the two teams as the game was all Tulane, except the last five minutes in which the Rebels scored Iwice over Greenie reserves. Early in the second quarter Mike McLean recovered an Ole Miss fumble on the Rebel 39. Three plays later the Greenies cashed in when Joe Ernst planted a pass in the glue-like fingers of George Kinek standing in the end zone. Tommy Comeaux failed the conver- sion and the Wave led 6-0. Later in the second period Brinson pounced on a Rebel fumble on the Ole Miss 24. Ernst passed to Shinn to put the ball on the seven. Bonar replaced Ernst and immediately hit Kinek in the end zone for the T.D. Comeaux ' s kick was good and the half ended Tulane 13. Ole Miss 0. JOE SHINN Tulane received the opening kick-off of the second half, but fum- bled on the second play on its own 19. The Rebels took quick ad- vantage and with the aid of big John Dottley moved to the Tulane one in four piays. Wilson Dillard banged over for the score but the extra point try was blocked. The Greenies, however, were not to be stopped and they struck back with lightning swiftness after Waggoner had returned the kick- off 61 yards to the Rebel 37. It took just two plays to score with the sterling soph, Ronnie Kent, breaking through for 22 yards and the tally. Comeaux exercised his able toe and the Wave led 20-6. A duel of punts then ensued but the Greenies got to rolling again and soon was on the Rebel one, this drive being sparked by King- ery, Kent, and Waggoner. From the one Ernst went over on a quar- terback sneak. Comeaux converted. The Greenie reserves played the rest of the game and allowed two Ole Miss tallies, both passes thrown by Rocky Byrd but sparked by hard-charging John Dottley who had been stopped cold all day by the magnificent work of Don Joyce and Jerome Hellium. I think he wants your shirt, Ellsworth w w w nlP w ' ' ppi w Pi pW S wpwi ' W ' ' ' ' ' " i t t ' . . • »!.»; V 2 " 151 K J •::mi ' % i eorge is on the go again Just like a ballet flUBURn GflmE Tulane ' s surging Green Wave started slow but grew steadily fiercer In sweeping Auburn ' s Tigers to their sixth loss In a row. The Greenies, led by flashy 170-pound fullback hiarold Waggoner and left halfback George KInek, took advantage of an Auburn fum- ble early In the second quarter and punched over the first of their four touchdowns. They added two more In the third period and another in the fourth. Auburn back, Bill Tucker, gave the Greenies their first scoring chance when his pitch-out Intended for Bill Davis misfired and dropped to the ground on the Tigers ' five-yard line. Kinek plunged over in three tries and Tommy Comeaux made the JOE HARPER conversion good, the first of four perfect placements for him. Taking the ball on Its own 10, at the start of the third quarter, Tu- lane drove 90 yards downfleld for another six pointer, Waggoner crossing the line after a 19-yard sprint behind superb blocking. The Tigers tried three running plays after the kick-off but had to punt, and again the Greenies started a touchdown march that trav- eled 63 yards. End Kibodeaux went over on a four-yard pass from back Bill Sonar. Tiger quarterback Allen Parks dropped the ball in the fourth period to give the Green Wave Its final scoring opportunity. Recovering the b ' all on Auburn ' s 40, Tulane drove right on down field, halfback Van Meter going over from the three. Tulane ' s line play against Auburn was superb. Auburn gained only one yard net in rushing and 34 yards on passes In contrast to 240 for the Greenies on ground plays and 102 In the air. Look! Joe ' s running -J 152 ' " s vj ' ;3 pt:- til Say, fellas, where ' s my hole? They have blood in their eyes, George nnuv GflmE Tulane traveled to Baltimore to whitewash the Navy 27-0. Even the cold wintry weather did not stop 20,000 fans from witnessing the im- moveable Wave line and the long direct passes of Joe Ernst sink the Navy ' s midshipmen. The Greenies struck hard and fast with Ernst opening up with deadly passes to Kinek and Kent and Waggoner striking on the ground. Three minutes after the first period opened Tulane had the ball on the Navy three. Waggoner sprinted left end and Comeaux converted. The second quarter saw the Wave on the roll again with much of the yardage being eaten up by passes from Ernst. A 40-yard pass to Waggoner and an I 1-yard pass to Shinn put the ball on the Mid- die 14 but a fumble was recovered by Steele of the Navy. Tulane re- turned the play by taki ng a fumble from the Navy on the Navy 19. Again, on the ground, the Greenies moved to the three and Wag- goner put it over. Comeaux ' s conversion was good. The Wave filled the air with footballs again in the third period and it wasn ' t long unitil it paid off again with the third Greenie T.D. The Middies came to life in the fourth quarter and began to show some real fight. Navy ' s great quarterback. Bob Zastrow, began to connect with some desperate last minute passes. The Navy was on the move until Tulane ' s Bobby Jones got hold of a Zastrow pass on his own 18 and raced 82 yards for the Wave ' s fourth score. In the waning minutes the Middies recovered a fumble on the Greenie 25 and Zastrow began to pass again. One of his passes went to the end zone but Greenie Kingery was on the receiving end and he brought it back to the 20. This was the only time that the Navy really threatened the Wave, Final score, Tulane 27 and Navy 0. It was later stated by the Navy head coach that Tulane showed them a much better team than did the Army this year. You ' re too late bud. we have the ball Grab It and go, Ferdle They call it bulldogging in Texas uiRGinifl GflmE The dazzling passes of Sreenie quarterback, Joe Ernst, set a Home- coming crowd of some 30,000 fans Into a wild frenzie. and the Cava- liers from Virginia into complete bewilderment last November 18. Ernst completed 14 out of 16 passes and 10 of them consecutively, just one shy of the conference record. Tulane opened the scoring with a safety. The Virginia safety man bobbled a punt on his own five. The next play John Papit took a flat pass In his own end zone but defensive halfback Elsworth KIngery was there to nail him in his tracks and Tulane led 2-0. Still in the first quarter the Wave took a Virginia punt on the Cavalier 49 and after a series of plays Kinek, from five yards out, shot through right guard and the first Tulane touchdown. A fumble by Virginia on Its own 30 gave the Greenies the ball in enemy territory again. Mixing running with pass- ing, the Wave surged to the Cavalier 5 and from there Ernst hit Kinek in the end zone. The second period saw the Greenies run from their own 30 to the Virginia goal line. In this series, everyone was startled by a beautiful pass from " Tiger " Waggoner to reserve end McElhannon who carried the ball to the Virginia 4. Ernst then hit McElhannon on the goal line for the score. The Cavaliers broke into the scoring column in their sec- ond period. After the kickoff they moved, with the aid of two penal- ties, to the Wave 6. Quarterback Barkely hit end Brasell with a pass in the end zone. But Tulane was not to be denied, and on 4 plays from their own 20, the Greenies moved for their 4th touchdown on a 28- yard pass from Ernst to Waggoner. In the third quarter, Tulane scored again, this time on a 36-yard jaunt by speedster Harold Waggoner. He broke off right tackle and sprinted untouched for the score. It was also in this quarter that Snider of the Cavaliers Intercepted an Ernst pass and ran 80 yards only to be caught short of the goal line by the passer, Ernst. But they went on to score on a pass again from Barkely to Brasell. Coach Frnka had a chance to see some of his reserves in action in the 4th period. The battle was a bitter chase, but the Greenies added another T.D. on a two-yard buck by KIngery. Two minutes before the end of the game, Virginia moved from their own 24 to a score against Greenle substitutes. Furst crashed the last five yards. But this scoring was of little avail, as Tulane sent a Homecoming crowd home happy with a score of 42-18. DAN ROGAS He didn ' t quite make It 154 If he only knew what was behind him Waggoner on the loose again unnov GflmE A mighfy Green Wave trampled Vanderbilt ' s Commodores 35-6 before a 30,000 Thanksgiving crowd. Tulane completely outclassing the boys from Nashville opening the first period with an 80-yard drive deep Into Vandy territory only to be stopped before reaching pay dirt. Then with an exchange of punts " Tiger " Waggoner raced 48 yards for the first Wave score. Comeaux converted and Tulane led 7-0 nine minutes deep in the first quarter. About midway of the second period Kinek intercepted a pass and returned It to the Commodore 39 before being stopped. Ernst began to open up with passes one of which Kinek took on the Vandy 13 and twisting and turning from several would-be tacklers went over for the second Tulane T.D. The conversion was good and Tulane led 14-0. In the same period an Ernst to Kinek pass chalked up 35 yards and put Ihe ball on Vandy ' s three-yard line. Waggoner plunged through the line for the score. The half ended with Tulane on the long end of a 21-0 count. The Commodores threatened In the third quarter but their hopes were short-lived, for Kinek made his third Interception of a pass and ran It back to the Vandy 13. The next play Kent went for the T.D, Comeaux again converted. Soon after Kinek ran a punt back to the Vandy 37. KIbodeaux took a short 10-yard pass and then scored the Wave ' s fifth T.D. on a pass from Ernst. The " golden toe " of Comeaux put the ball through the uprights. Vanderbilt ' s score finally came In the last minute of the game against the Tulane reserves. Ernst passed to set up four of the five touchdowns and during the game he completed 16 of 29 attempts which far outshone Vandy ' s celebrated Bill Wade. ELLSWORTH KINGERY The " little power-house " goes for extra yardage 155 He just couldn ' t hang on! Oh — Pardon nny being in the way L. s. u.-TULflne GflmE A game and fighting L.S.U. team battled the favored Green Wave to a scoreless standstill for tv o quarters and then the fireworks began. A crowd of 74,000 keyed to a high pitch by a tiger-napping episode, saw the Tulane team come from behind and tie the underdogs 14-14. The first half was a see-saw battle and punting duel between the two traditional rivals. Tulane ' s Bill Bonar saved the Sreenies several times from disaster by a beautiful exhibition of kicking. His average for the day was some 41 yards per boot. Tulane opened the scoring in the third quarter when they seemed to catch on fire and powered their way 61 yards to a T.D. Ronnie Kent did the chore with a line buck from the 1-yard line. Tommy Comeaux added the extra point. The Wave seemed to have the Tigers mastered until the latter part of the quarter. They were given the ball on the Wave 40 as a result of an illegal 4th down pass by Bonar. Nine yards was all L.S.U. could pick up on four plays but on the next play a fake sent Billy Baggett around end for 31 yards and six points. Konz tied it up with the conversion. This event seemed to fire the L.S.U. team and they turned in a second rapid-fire touchdown. Jim Barton tallied on a one-yard plunge and the Tigers led 14-7 following the conversion. The Greenies were not to be denied however, and with slightly more than one minute remaining, started rolling. In three plays they moved 67 yards. Bonar hit Joe Shinn with a beautiful pass that covered 38 yards. Harold Waggoner, on probably the most spectacular bit of running during t+ie entire game, picked up 21 yards smack through the middle. Ronnie Kent then carried it eight yards to the one, and Bonar sneaked over. Tommy Comeaux ' s " golden toe " added the tying point. It was a game that neither team lost face in — a battle befitting the L.S.U.-Tulane tradition. BONAR and COMEAUX Glue fingered Joe for 20 yards ' • ' " ' ; ' ' AiW 156 The youngsters defense Up and coming offense FROSH GflmE The Baby Billows got off to a rough start in the 1950 season. The Wave Fresh after a very linnited practice played an early September opener with the McNeese Cowboys who won the game 27-20. hiowever, this game showed some very promising prospects for next year ' s Wave In Max McGee, Les Kennedy and Pete Clement. After another six weeks ' practice, the Greenies met Florida and won easily by 41-21. Tulane took the kickoff. After three quick plays, Weidenbacher cut through the middle and ran 67 yards to score. Later in the first period, Wall intercepted one of Florida ' s passes, and McGee soon hit pay dirt. In the opening minutes of the second quarter, Florida sparked back with a score. Soon the Billows drove on for 52 yards, and with a pass from Clement to Price, scored the third touchdown. Again in the second period, Florida scored. The half ended. Wave 21, Florida 14. A 67 yard march and 2S-yard pass chalked up the fourth touch- down for the Greenies in the third quarter. Shortly thereafter, Weiden- bacher again went through the line for another touchdown. Florida, in the fourth quarter, made their last score. McGee fol- lowed with another romp to Tulane ' s sixth and last score, and the game ended, Wave 41, Florida 21. On Thanksgiving Day, the annual freshman Tulane-L.S.U. game was played. The teams fought to a 27-27 deadlock. The Baby Bengals got off to a fast start in first half and led the Billow by 20 points. However, the Baby Wave began to roll late In the second period. Our first touchdown came when Max McGee and Jim Partridge carried alternately for 77 yards and then McGee crashed across from the 1-yard line. Pete Clement threw two touchdown passes to Kennedy and Weiden- bacher in the third period to tie the score at 20-20. In the fourth quarter, Kennedy recovered an L.S.U. fumble on their 40-yard line. The Greenies marched to another score and pulled ahead 27-20. The Bengals came back In the last minutes, however, to tie the score 27-27. Trainers Dick and Porche try to cool Joe off BILL HELLUIN 157 B fl S K eTB fl LL COACH " CLIFF " WELLS In spite of the fact that the Sreenie basketball team had a not too impressive 1 2 won I 2 lost record, much credit must be given to this year ' s team. Never before since Coach Wells came to Tulane has the Wave had Guch a good schedule or a tougher one. None of the previous teams coached by Cliff Wells have had to play three of the nation ' s top ranking teams in one season ' s schedule, teams such as Kentucky, the nation ' s number one team: North Carolina State, ranked in the top ten of the nation; and Columbia, acclaimed as one of the nation ' s best. Yes, the Greenles had their work cut out for them, and consid- ering the schedule and the fact that they are one of the youngest and most inexperienced teams to play under Coach Wells, they did a fine job. Much credit must be given to the captain of this year ' s team, Mel Payton. Not only did Mel do a superb job of leading the team to a rather successful season but he also became the recipient of several personal honors. During the season he became a member of the 1 .000 point club, a mark that very few attain. He was second only to Ken- tucky ' .s Bill Spivey in S.E.C. scoring and sixth in the nation in number of rebounds for the season. For the third straight year one of the Wellsmen have been selected to an All- S.E.C. first team. It was Payton who. received this honor. Also for the third year in a row a Tulane man has been named to play in the East-West All-Star game in Madison Square Garden and it ' s Payton who is to go. Mel also was named on the All-Tournament second team at the S.E.C. tournament in Louisville, Kentucky. Mel is going to be missed next year by the Greenies but all good men must go sometime. Now to look back on the season. Tulane opened its sea- son early in December with a romping 74-55 score over visiting Birmingham Southern. It was the lOOth game that a Tulane Wells coached team has won and it also kept the tradition of never being beaten in the opening game. Mr. Payton got off to a nice start with 29 points. The Greenies then journeyed to hHouston and dropped a 70-66 one to the Owls from Rice Institute. Payton kept up his pace, net- ting 24 points. Big Don Holt also began to find the basket. Then came the Christmas holidays but the Wave bas- keteers went right on playing. The period from December 15 to January 5 saw the Greenies play eight games, of which they won four. Still in mid-December the Wave en- 159 " HOOKS " MALLORY Hullenger puts in his 2 points worth Pete goes in for d lay-up countered Ole Miss and Mississippi State, winning both contests 72-62 and 74-52. Columbia, one of the nation ' s top teams, moved into New Orleans and Tulane Gym. The boys from New York were a little too much for the Wave and the Greenies dropped two 51-63 and 56-62. North- western then moved in for a one game appearance and were taken by the Wave 67-49. After a quick trip home for Christmas the team left for the Dixie Tournament in Raleigh, North Carolina. It was here in the first rounds that the Wave again encountered one of the nation ' s best. North Carolina State, and State rode the Wave by a score of 89-75. In the consolation rounds the GreenicG showed much promise by taking the measure of one of the list ' s " better " teams, Rhode Island State, 8 I -62. The Wave met Duke for the consolation cham- pionship and after building up a 56-27 half time had the roof fall in and the Wave fell before Duke 74-72. Regard- less of these losses everyone got to see a lot of action and Coach Wellis was able to determine his best men. January 5 saw Conference play begin for the Wave, as they again took Mississippi State 71-64. Georgia Tech and I This isn ' t football. Mel Tennessee were Tulane ' s next victims by 49-45 and 71-60 scores. It was In the Tennessee game that Mel Payton hit hiiS 1 ,000th point. Tulane then journeyed to Athens, Ga., for a game with Georgia that proved to be one of the year ' s most thrilling games. With the score tied 70-70 and the clock running out Georgia ' s Jordan sank a set shot from far out that put the Greenles under 72-70. A hot Kentucky team, the nation ' s number one, moved In to the Greenle camp and dealt the Wave a stunning 104-68 blow. Four records fell that night: the most poinl-s scored by one S.E.C. team against another, the most field goals made by two S.E.C. teams together. Also this was the most number of points that any team scored against Kentucky all year. The Wave went on the road again, this time meeting Auburn and Florida and again they were defeated. This made four losses in a row for the Tulane team. Upon re- turn the Greenles met the Bayou Bengals from Baton Rouge and took out their vengeance by whipping L.S.U. 69-54. Again the Wave went on the road and again they lost this time to Alabama 66-57 But the next game was at home HENRY STOUTZ A perplexing problem 55. Ole Miss then moved to New Orleans and the Greenies led by a much improved Don hHolt beat the Rebs 64-50. But In the last game the old story of the road repeated it- self and Tulane fell before L.S.U. in Baton Rouge 51-46. It was the first time in 4 years that the Tigers had won. Probably the most thrilling games of the whole iseason were played by the Greenies in the S.E.C. tournament. In the first round Tulane ran against Florida who had beaten the Greenies in regular play. The game was too close for comfort but Tulane won 66-62. The second game was even closer with Georgia Tech doing to the Wave what the Wave had done to the Gators. In an over-time period Georgia Tech won 63-61. Thus the 1950-51 basketball season was complete. Tulane won only half her games but she was up against really stiff competition. The season saw Don hfolt blossom into a pol- ThaKs an awful big bite! and a different story. The second place Vanderbilt Com- madores invaded the Greenie court but they couldn ' t get started and the Wave basketeers played the best game of the season. Payton with 24 points and Ralph Pederson with 22 points led the Wave as they sank the Commodores 90- But tacks aren ' t allowed on the court BOB HULLENGER ished player with a deadly hook shot, Bob Reed gained much experience a-s did several others. The only losses from the team will be Mel Payton and George KInek so here ' s to the team of 5 I -52. BASKETBALL SCHEDULE AND SCORES Dec. A — Tulane Tulane. 74; Birmingham-Southern Dec. 9 — Houston Tulane. . . . 66: Rice Institute Dec. 15— Oxford Tulane. . . . 72: Ole Miss Dec. 16— Starkville Tulane. 74: Mississippi State Dec. 19 — Tulane Tulane. 5 1 : Columbia Dec. 20— Tulane Tulane. 56: Columbia Dec. 21— Tulane Tulane. 67: Northwestern Dec. 28 — Raleigh (Dixie Tournament) Tulane. . . . 75: North Carolina State . . . AL WICK 55 70 62 52 63 62 49 89 t •V. k_ k ' ft. . i mm Wmd m m m .m .. 5| lP l j KG H LB r , ti J : li • .,-iSr ' Such grace and poise Dec. 29 — Raleigh (Dixie Tournament) Tulane 81; Rhode Island Stafe . Dec. 30 — Raleigh (Dixie Tournament) Tulane 72; Duke Jan. 5 — Tulane Tulane 71; Mississippi State. Long range 62 74 64 George plays football, too Tulane. Tulane Tulane. Jan. 6 — Tulane 49; Georgia Tech 45 Jan. 13 — Tulane 7 I : Tennessee 60 Jan. 15 — Athens 70; Georgia 72 Jan. 29 — Tulane Tulane 68; Kentucky . Tulane. Tulane. Tulane Tulane. Tulane Tulane. Tulane. Tulane Feb. 3 — Auburn 7 I ; Auburn Feb. 6 — Gainesville 64; Florida . Feb. 10— Tulane 69; L.S.U. Feb. l2 Tu5caloosa 57; Alabama Feb. 17 — Tulane 90; Vanderbilt Feb. 19 — Tulane 64; Ole Miss . Feb. 23 — Baton Rouge 46; L.S.U. . . Mar. I — Louisville (SEC Tournament) 66; Florida .... Tulane. Mar. 2 — Louisville (SEC Tournament) 61 ; Georgia Tech 104 92 72 54 66 55 50 51 62 63 GEORGE KINEK SUMMARY OF THE SEASON Player No. Field Goals Free Throws PF Points Games Atts. Scored Pet. Atts. Scored Pet. No. No. Aver. Mel Payton, f 24 452 160 35.4 105 78 74.3 54 398 16.6 Don Holt, c 23 366 144 39.3 123 80 65.0 82 368 16.0 Pell ' Mel, the 100 point man 122 32.3 64 37 57.8 88 281 11.7 97 31.5 36 20 55.6 38 214 8.9 69 36.3 81 50 61.7 48 188 7.8 18 31.5 13 10 76.4 12 46 2.7 12 30.0 10 7 70.0 26 31 1.6 13 20.0 19 12 63.2 21 38 1.8 7 34.4 7 4 57.1 14 18 1.6 3 17.6 9 4 44.4 12 10 0.6 3 27.3 3 3 100.0 3 I.I 2 50.0 00.0 4 0.6 650 34.0 470 305 64.9 398 1605 66.9 630 480 289 60.2 402 1548 64.5 Ralph Pedersen. g... 24 378 Ivan Wilhelm 24 308 Bob Reed, f 24 190 Bob Hullenger. f.... 17 58 Jim Carlin, f 20 40 Harold Mallory, g... 21 65 Dale Hubbard, c... II 23 Al Wicic, g 18 17 George Kinek, f 8 II Henry Stou+7. c 7 4 Own Team Total 24 1912 Opponents ' Totals .. INDIVIDUAL HIGHS Total Points Scored Player Opponent Record Payton Birmingham-Southern 29 ( FG 14. FT I ) Holt Mississippi State 29 (FG 13, FT 3) Field Goals Scored Payton Birmingham-Southern 14 (Attempts 25) Free Throws Scored Reed Georgia 8 (Attempts 8) Holt Auburn 8 (Attempts 12) TEAM HIGHS Opponent Record Fields Goals Scored vs. Vanderbilt 37 Free Throws Attempted vs. Northwestern 29 V3. Rhode Island 29 Free Throws Scored vs. Georgia 20 Personal Fouls vi. Rice 9 Opponent Lows Field Goals Scored by Northwestern 18 Free Throws Attempted by Mississippi State 12 by Georgia Tech 12 Free Throws Scored by Georgia Tech 7 Personal Fouls by Mississippi State 9 Reed takes aim Wick goes In for a lay-up DALE HUBBARD V - w r They lost their caps B fl S E B fl L L The baseball team opened its season against the Wild- cats of Northwestern in a doubleheader played on Mc- Allister green. The team began its workouts on February 19th and were able to get in some good practice sessions while the weather was good. Coach Read thought that the boys were in better shape at the opening this year than they were last year because of fairly good weather. The Wave lost seven men from last year ' s team. The candidates for this year ' s team include eleven lettermen and a large group of hopefuls. The returning lettermen are: " KNUCK " NORRIS He pitches a tootball, catches a baseball i.3 IpWs Xk 166 ocy, eorge pitchers — Dick Norris, Tommy Comeaux, Rob- ert Matty, Pat Harrington; catcher — Dewey Keen; third baseman and catcher — Bill Bonar; second baseman — John McCormick; first base- man and outfielder — George Kinek; outfield- ers — Mel Payton, John Ward, Phil Foto. Other good prospects are: pitchers — Ray Weidenbacker, Roger Knox, Anthony PItuls; catchers — L. E. Hannon, Ellsworth Kingery, Robert Whyte; infielders — Joe Shinn, Arlen Nihart, James Grady, Cecil Dayle, Irv Kurinsky, Louis Mailkes, Hal Woods, Ronnie Kent, C. J. Jacomiene; outfielders — Marcus Baumann, Fred Dempsey, Ivan Wilhelm, John Connoth; utility men — Michael Stohlman, Carl Ferguson, Bill Staiger. With this many prospects the competition was tough for all positions; however, it was be- lieved that a better team than last year ' s could be fielded. Several of last year ' s men were much improved according to Coach Read. He said the teams to beat this year were Alabama, L.S.U., and Mississippi State. Alabama won the conference title last year. JOHN McCORMICK " Slinging " Ray Weidenbecfcer 167 Throw that b ll. Jim! TRACK TOM HUDSON SCHEDULE OF MEETS ENTERED March 16, 17 — Southwestern Recreational Meet at Fort Worth, Texas March 31 — Texas Relays at Austin The thinly-clad 168 He flies through the air . . . April 6-7 — bouthern Relays at Birmingham April 21— S.L.I. Relays at Lafayette May 5 — Alabama at Tuscaloosa May 12 — L.S.U. at Baton Rouge May 17-19 — S.E.C. meet at Birmingham May 24-26 — Southern vs. S.E.C. meet at Atlanta The Central Collegiate meet was also entered, at Milwaukee, Wis. With an early printing of the JAMB this year full results of the Wave thinclads could not be reported. We can report that shot putter Jim Billon placed second In the Southwestern Recreation track and field meet In Forth Worth, March 17. Jim ' s distance was 41 ' 10 " , his best this year so far. Two freshmen also competed In the meet In special freshmen events. Big Art Alderson, last year ' s Texas school boy shot put champ, won the meet event with a toss of 46 ' % " . Mark Mc- Coy, a two mile prospect, with a high school record of 9:47 for the distance, entered the half mile and one mile races In order to get In some good competition. Coaches Oelkers and Oakes had only six returning lettermen, but there were some other good prospects this year. Those lettermen re- turning included Tom hHudson, a 220 and 440 man who was a confer- ence finalist In the 440 last year. hHis best time was 48.8 to date. Bill Geary Is a miler and the conference 880 champ with times of 4:19.9 and I :54.7 respectively. Jim Foss is the conference broad jump cham- pion, hlls best leap is 23 ft. 4 ' 2 In. Jim was also a low hurdle man. Jim Billon, who has already been mentioned, helped greatly with his shot put efforts. Walker Spangenburg placed in the conference meet in the pole vault last year with a leap of 12 ft. ' 8 In. Jim Dalgle rounds out the list of lettermen as a Javelin thrower with a toss of 190 feet. From the squad men several stood out as good prospects. Lennle Franclne did well In the 880 and mile as a freshman last year. George Cummins is a promising weight man. He broke the freshman shot rec- ord last year with a 48 ' ft. 10 " toss. Other prospects are Hal Wag- goner, Bob Rogers, and Arlen Nihart in the sprints; Harry Howard In the 220 and 440: Bob Wiven In 880 and mile; Ernie Sandlln in 440; Ray Weldenbacher In the hurdles; and Nihart In the broad jump. BILL GEARY Sprint for the finish! 169 The loss of two outstanding netmen, Jack Tuero and Dick Mouledous hit the Greenle tennis team hard this year. Only two letter- men returned, Walker hiarris, this year ' s cap- tain, and Ellery Carver. As the season rolled along two sophomores carried the bulk of the responsibility — Don Merritt and Alan Wick- ersham. They held down the number I and 2 spots respectively. h oracIo Amengual and Bobby Hoffman rounded out the six man COACH PARE HORACIO AMENGUAL T E n N I s Tulane Netmen and Manager 170 squad. Merrllt and Wickersham played ex- cellently with due consideration to their lack of collegiate experience. A red-headed lad from Memphis, Merritt was an ace in high school, as was WIckersham, from Sylacagua, Ala. Both won numerous schoolboy titles. This year ' s squad was somewhat of an exper- iment with two sophomores leading the way. With the promising freshmen now under Coach Fare ' s guidance fine tennis teams are assured for the Wave in the future. CAPTAIN WALKER HARRIS The Doubles Team, Merritf and Wiclcersham ELLERY CARVER rs ' J 171 The team minus the twosome in the next picture Make it a " birdie " Friti L F The opening of golf season found Tulane ' s Greenies with only three return- ing letternnen, Fritz Franz, Herb Abrahann, and Harry Burglass. This year ' s team was captained by one of last year ' s co-captains, Fritz Franz. Fritz, an able golfer, played this year in the Gulf Coast Invitational Tournament at Gulfport, in which he won third place in medalist competition. Last year, Franz was also in the semi-finals of the Louisiana State Amateur Tournament and together with co-captain Dick Chasse scored 39 out of a possible 45 points for the season ' s play. HERBIE ABRAHAM What a follow-through!!! Vs ; HARRY BURGLASS CAPTAIN FRITZ FRANS Herb Abraham last year was in the semi-finals of the City Pro and Amateur Tournament of the city and this year won his flight in the New Orleans Country Club Invitational Tourney. Harold Lambert, one of the promising freshman golfers, also played in the N.O.C.C. tourney. Transfer student Bob Blanek was one of the most promising mem- bers of the ' 51 squad, according to Coach Innes Millar. It was thought as the season got well under way that Blanek probably would take over the number 2 spot on the team. Other members of the Wave team included John Manuele. Everett Noetagel and Harold Galloway. The Greenles played several duel and single matches. The season was climaxed by the Southern Intercollegiate Tournament at Athens, Georgia. Lambert blasts out Intra-mural Council INTRflmURflLS TULANE INTRAMURAL COUNCIL PETER BEER President JERRY M. HONEYCUTT Vice-President WILLIAM H. KAY Secretary EINAR PEDERSEN Faculty Advisor MEMBERS Mire Thomas Thomas hH. Leach Jerome h-ielllum Joe Cox Corky Falbaun Allen Cole The Tulane Intramural Council is composed of rep- resentative men from the various colleges of the uni- versity. It is responsible to all the students of the uni- versity for the administration of all intramural activi- ties; including inter-class sports, sport clubs, such as the soccer and tennis clubs, and entertainment organiza- tions such as the bridge and chess clubs. One of the most important working parts of the coun- cil are the class Unit Managers who help carry out the mission of the council at the class level. Great strides have been made in intramural activity at Tulane in the past few years, and, by working closely with the Student Council, the Pan-hHellenic Council, and the Director of Student Life, this year ' s council ha done its best to continue this advancement. Where ' s the ball? edi!! 174 Top; Scarritt ' s T.D. bound? Above: Must have been 4+h down The Commerce Juniors came out as the University champions in the 1950-51 Intramural touch football contest, by defeating the sopho- more Engineers, who had been vic- torious over several other teams. This game was an easily won contest with the Commerce boys running and passing to an easy 25-0 victory over the engineers. The Commerce Juniors then met the Law Seniors for the championship crown and with good luck and fine playing defeated them 18-2. In the Pan-hHel Conference, Sigma Alpha Epsilon started out in a big rush by downing Kappa Sig- ma I 0-6 and Delta Tau Delta I 3- 0. hHowever, they dropped from first place and bowed to the three top contenders for the fin- als. Kappa Alpha, Phi Delta Theta and Delta Kappa Epsilon. The Kappa Alphas and Phi Delta Thetas met four times. Twice they fought to a tie, once Kappa Alpha won but the game was Who ' ll grab it? i 175 Drawing equipment before the big game How high did that ball go . . .? protested. Finally Kappa Alpha won the fourth game by a 2-0 score. The Dekes and KA ' s then vie for the championship. The Dekes fought KA to a 7-0 victory for the 1950 Pan-hlel touch foot- ball championship. Will he dump it? A notable mention should be made that this year the Sophomore-Freshman game was re- established with the freshmen defeating the sophomores 2 I -20. Following the football season Pan-hlel bowling took place. The first and second place went to Sigma Alpha Mu and Kappa Sig, respectively. 176 Well, iust stand there!! It ' s iust a basketball, Joe . . . Ping Pong succeeded bowling with Zeta Beta Tau, Delta Sigma Phi, and Alpha Tau Omega winning first, second and third place! Sigma Chi defeated Kappa Alpha for the Pan- Hel basketball contest by a score of 32-28. Both the KA ' s and Sigma Chi ' s went into the finals with a 3-0 record. In Pan-Hel track the Delta Kappa Epsilon ' s were victorious again. They rolled up 57 points to Kappa Alpha ' s 24 and Sigma Chi ' s 20. A fantasy in basketball or — the photographer had a beer too many Fifteen rahs!!! 177 Freshn Sophomores I N T R fl m U R fl L S INTRAMURAL PARTIAL RESULTS Winner APO . . Comm. Jrs. Eng. Fr. A SJrs. . Wesley King ' s . . Law Srs. BSU . . Score 32: 45; 29; 56; 40; 43; 2; 39; Eng. Sophs 39; Forty-Niners Loser Newman Club Thunderjets . Ambrosians . Grads . Law Fr. Bruff Comnfions Hometowners . Pan-Ams . Tau Upsilon . 53; Med Srs. Score 15 16 22 31 16 39 orfeit) 33 28 28 Rinkydinks JEFC . . APO . . A S Sophs. Sea Dogs . TAS . . Social Work Vets . . Mustangs . Comnn. Sophs 35; 47; 32; 2; 39; 35; 2; 2; 2; Eng. Srs. . Firehouse " 5 ' Social Work . Law Jrs. . . Bobcats . . A S Fr. . . Con-Acs Sad-Acs A S Srs. . (Forfeit); Comm. Fresh. . 20 . 30 . 29 (Forfeit) . 26 . 26 (Forfeit) (Forfeit) (Forfeit) (Forfeit) How did they gef In here?? 178 180 First Row: • JOHN VILLARS BAUS, 1459 Henry Clay Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha; Phi Delta Phi; Moot Court Louisiana Society du Droit Civil. • FRANK O. BURSE, JR., 1121 So. 14th Ave., Birmingham, Alabama: Alpha Tau Omega; Omicron Delta Kappa Phi Delta Phi; Who ' s Who; Track. ,.,.,. • ELWYN LOOMIS CADY, JR., 5100 Woodland Ave., Kansas City, Missouri; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Phi Eta Sigma Band- Phi Alpha Delta; American Law Student Association. • WILLIAM U. CADY, III, 2015 Marye St.. Alexandria, Louisiana: Delta Tau Delta; President Law Student Body Phi Delta Phi- Who ' s Who; Louisiana Society du Droit Civil; Student Council; Louisiana Federation of Colleges and Universities- Americ.m Law School Assocation; Editoi ' of " Law Review " ; Honor Board; Omicron Delta Kappa. • LEONARD ANTHONY CALCAGNO. 4321 Saint Ann St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Alpha Delta. • HARRY COHN, 2235 General Perishing St., New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Delta Phi; " Law Review " ; Pi Sigma • JOHN TERRY COOPER, 3207 Vinccnnes Place, New Orleans. Louisiana: Phi Delta Theta. Second Row; • HAROLD L. DOBUISSON, JR., Gulfport, Mississippi. • BROOKE HELM DUNCAN, II, 1901 Broadway, New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi; President Class ' 49; Kappa Delta Phi- Phi Delta Phi; Who ' s Who; President Louisiana Society du Droit Civil. • ORLANDO A. ESTERLING, JR., 1508 S. Grand, Monroe, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Phi Delta Phi; Louisiana Society du Droit Civil. • FREDERICK STEPHEN ELLIS. 814 Dumaine St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Tau Omega; Vice-President Student Council, ' 51; Secretary-Treasurer Law, ' 49; Kappa Delta Phi; ODK; Phi Delta Phi; Theta Nu; Who ' s Who; " Law Re- veiw " - Publications Board; Student Council. • THOMAS CURGILL WARNER ELLIS, 3811 Carondelef, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Unit Man- ager Law; Phi Delta Phi. • FRANCIS EMMETT, 1448 Henry Clay New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Phi Delta Phi; Moot Court. • WILLIAM FOSTER FANT, 1900 Jefferson Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana: Pi Kaopa Alpha; Louisiana Society du Droit Civil; Phi Alpha Delta. m Third Row: • FALVEY JEROME FOX 5531 S. Galvci St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Alpha Delta; Louisiana Society du Droit Civil. • CARLOS ALBERTO GONZALEZ, San Sebastian, Puerto Rico; Louisiana Society du Droit Civil; Newman Club; Phi Alpha Delta; Phi lota Alpha. • JOHN A. GORDON, 1918 Broadway, New Orleans, Louisiana: Beta Theta Pi. • NATHAN GREENBERG, 1720 Second St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Delta Phi; Louisiana Society du Droit Civil; " Law Review. " • JOHN PHELPS HAMMOND. 3309 St. Charles Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha; Louisiana Society du Droit C ' vil; " Law Review. " • LAWRENCE HENNESSEY, JR., 1618 Thalia St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Pi; Phi Alpha Delta; Louisiana Society du Droit Civil. • CAMILLE FARES HOYEK, 5in-EI-Fil. P.O.B.I., Beirut, Lebanon; Phi Alpha Delta; American Sociological Associa- tion. Fourth Row: • DANIEL LEON KIRSCHENHEUTER, JR., 1928 Marengo. New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi; Vice-President Law, ' 48; President Law, ' 49; Phi Delta Phi; Louisiana Society du Droit Civil; Football Letter " 43; Honor Board. ' 48- ' 49. • JOHN ELVINGTON LAWHON, 1531 Claiborne Ave., Shreveport, Louisiana; Phi Delta Phi; Moot Court. • STANLEY McDERMOTT, JR., 6233 W. End Blvd.. New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi; Unit Manager Law, ' 49; Vice-President Law, ' 50; ODK; Phi Delta Phi; Who ' s Who; Louisiana Society du Droit Civil- " Law Review " ; Baseball Letter. • CARMEN PILAR MARTINEZ, 4137 Prytania St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Zeta; Phi Delta Delta. • ROBERT KIRK MAYO, 1915 Fairfield St., Shreveport, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha; O.D.K.; Phi Delta Phi; Who ' s Who- Moot Court; Louisiana Society du Droit Civil. • IRVING CHASE MENEFEE. 4024 Akard Blvd., Shreveport, Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Delta Phi. • ALBERT MINTZ, 4519 S. Galvel St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Zeta Beta Tau; Phi Delta Phi; Bar Assosiation; Secretary-Treasurer Commerce. ' 46; h4oot Court; Louisiana Society du Droit Civil; Omicron Delta Kappa, Fifth Row: • RUSSELL D. MOORE. III. 5723 Catina. New Orleans. Louisiana: Vice-President Law Student Body, ' 49; Bar As- sociation; Louisiana Society du Droit Civil; Phi Alpha Delta. • JAMES WEEKS MURPHY, 47 McAlister Place, New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Sigma Alpha: Phi Delta Phi; Louisiana Society du Droit Civil. • WALTER LOUIS NIXON, JR.. 316 Bass St., Biloxi, Mississippi; Vice-President Bar Association, ' 49; Louisiana So- ciety du Droit Civil; " Law Review " ; Phi Delta Phi. • ANTHONY J. ORTEGA, 4202 Franklin Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana; Secretary-Treasurer Law, ' 45; ODK; Phi Delta Phi; Who ' s Who; Moot Court; Louisiana Soc ' ety du Droit Civil. • CHARLES ROSEN, II, 7022 Hickory St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Captain Golf Team, ' 43. ' 47. ' 48; Louisiana Society du Droit Civil; Phi Delta Phi. • MARTIN S. SANDERS. 283 Robinson Place. Shreveport. Louisiana; Kappa Alpha; Phi Delta Phi. • GUY BRUCE SCOGGIN. 1320 Henry Clay, New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi; Phi Delta Phi; Louisiana So- ciety du Droit Civil. Sixth Row: • GERALD NICHOLLS SIMS, 7737 Belfast St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha; Secretary Law, ' 47; Louis- iana Society du Dioit Civil. • WILSON S. SHIRLEY, JR., 75 Audubon Blvd., New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha; Phi Delta Phi. • WILSON FRANCIS 5HOUGHRUE, JR., 7530 St. Charles Ave.. New Orleans. Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Vice-President Law, ' 51; Greenbackers; Lagniappes; Phi Alpha Delta. • BENJAMIN EUGENE SMITH 613 S. Vienna St.. Ruston Louisiana; Kappa Sigma; Moot Court. • FRANK SMITH, JR., Box 394 Lafayette, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha; Phi Delta Phi; Louisiana Society du Droit Civil. • WALTER JOSEPH 5UTHON, 6018 Hurst St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha; Secretary-Treasurer A. S., ' 48- Phi Delta Phi- Louis ' arJ Society du Droit Civil; " Law Review. " • CRISTIAN GOSS TIMMINS, 21V Geranium St.. New Orhans, Louisiana; Phi Alpha Delta. And 7-UP was there COLLEGE OF LA The lawless Seventh Row: • RICHARD ANDREW THALHEIM, 1039 Fifth St., Gretna, Louisiana; Phi Alpha Delta. • AUGUST RAYMOND TREUTING, 1216 Congress St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Alpha Delta; Louisiana Society du Droit Civil. • ALONSO MINOR WEST. III. 1030 Robert St., New Orleans, Louisiana: Delta Kappa Epsilon; N.R.O.T.C; Phi Delta Bhi. • BLAKE WEST. 1624 Arabella, New Orleans, Louisiana; ODK; Phi Delta Phi; Who ' s Who; Louisiana Society du Droit Civil- " Law Review " ; " Carnival " ; Kappa Alpha. • HENRY F. YODER, 327 Hemlock St., Jackson, Mississippi; Lambda Chi Alpha; President Law, ' 51; Phi Delta Phi; Who ' s Who; Louisiana Society du Droit Civil; " Law Review. " .f JHm 182 First Row: • CHARLES JAMES ARCENEAUX. 327 S. Scott St. New Orleans Louisiana • ROBERT BEILEY ACOMB, JR., 8124 Pritchard Place, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Sigma Pi; President, Com- merce Junior Class, ' 49; Vice-President, ' 48; Newman Club; Society for the Advancement of Management; Pan American Society. • WILLIAM OLIVER BONIN, 222 French, New Iberia. Louisiana. • ROBERT JOSEPH BOUDREAU, 1345 Louisiana Ave., Lake Charles, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Pan Hellenic Council; Greenbackers; Adelphons; Phi Alpha Delta; Delta Sigma Pi. • MAURICE LERNER BURK, 4411 Fontainebleau Drive, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Nu; Louisiana Society du Droit Civil; Law Review; Pan Hellenic Council; Phi Alpha Delta- Hillel. • JAMES CLEMENT CAIN, 1712 College Ave., Bluefield, West Virginia. Second Row: • LEON FREIRER CAMBON, 1537 Calhoun St., New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Phi Delta Phi; Louisiana Society du Droit Civil; Baseball, " 46; Pan Hellenic Council. • FRANCIS RAYMOND CASILLI. 847 Sheridan Ave.. Elizabeth, New Jersey. • JAMES BENNETT COLLINS, 5307 Crawford, Houston, Texa s; Sigma Alphi( Epsilcn; Louisiana Society du Droit Civil; Pan Hellenic Council; Phi Alpha Delta. • DAVID JEROME CONROY, 142 E. Oakridge Pari:. New Orleans. Louisiana; Alpha Tan Omega; Class Secretary A. a S., ' 47. ' 48; Kappa Delta Phi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Delta Phi; Louisiana Society du Droit Civil; Law Review. • WILLIAM NOLAN COX, 923 7th. Lake Charles. Louisiana; Phi Alpha Delta; President of Class. ' 51. • CAMILLA ANTHONY CUTRONE, I 101 Ditch Ave., Morgan City. Louisiana- Delta Sigma Phi- Vice-President Student Body, ' 50; Phi Alpha Delta. Third Row: • JULES LOUIS DAVIDSON. 6 Maryland Drive • CLIFFORD P. DjLAUP, JR.. 4900 Painters St • ANGELO JOHN DONATO, 119 Walnut St. • WILLIAM STEPHEN DRAZSNYAK. 1134 W. Alpha Delta; Vice-President Freshman Class • THOMAS ROBERT FADELL, 4416 Madison St, Review. • ELLIS JABOUR FARRIS. 1215 Washington St.. Vicksburg. Mississippi N2w Orleans. Louisiana; Army ROTC; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Delta Phi. , New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Alpha Delta; Newman Club. Roselle Park, f lew Jersey. Napier St., South Bend. Indiana; Theta Xi; Alpha Delta Sigma; Phi Gary. Indiana; NROTC; Newman Club; Phi Alpha Delta; Law Phi Delta Phi. Fourth Row: • JEFFREY LOCKWOOD FELL, 4400 Rrchmond Ave , Shreveport, Louisiana; Phi Kappa Sigma; Air ROTC; Phi Delta Phi; Adelphons; Louisiana Society du Droit Civil. • WILLIAM LEONARD FOLSE, JR., 62? Maine St., Slidcll. Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • JOHN D. FOURNET. 480 Woodvine. New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Army ROTC. • GUS A FRITCHIE. 309 Cleveland. Slidell. Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Delta Phi. • KENNETH EDWARD GORMAN. 71 E. Stadium Place. New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Sigma Alpha; Louisiana Society du Droit Civil; Newman Club. • JOSEPH A. GOWAN. JR., 712 Austin Place, Shreveport. Louisiana; Alpha Chi Sigma; Phi Delta Phi; Alpha Chi; Louisiana Society du Droit Civil; Wesley Foundation; Law Review. Fifth Row: • WILLIAM ARTHUR GREGORY, JR.. Box 322. Griffin. Georgia; Lambda Chi Alpha; NROTC; Taffrail Club. President; Pi Sigma Alpha; Leadership Council; Wesley Foundation. e JOHN LOUIS HOOPER, 710 Park Blvd., New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Delta Phi. • NELITA GORMAN HOOPER, 710 Park Blvd., New Orleans, Louisiana; Secretary. Law Freshman Clas • JOHN ELLETT JACKSON. JR.. 3525 St. Charles Ave.. New Orleans. Louisiana; NROTC; Beta Theta Law Freshman Class. ' 50; Vice-President. Law Juniors. ' 51; Moot Court. • WILDER KILGUS KUHN. 4317 Fontainebleau Drive. New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Pi; Phi Alpha • WALTER PAT MAYHAN, 327 Wilkinson. Shreveport. Louisiana; Kappa Alpha; Alpha Phi Omega; Secretary-Treasurer. Law School. ass. ' 51. Pi; President. Delta. Phi Delta Phi; Sixth Row: • LLOYD CYRIL MELANCON. 7910 Jeanette Place. New Orleans. Louisiana; French Club; Louisiana Society du Droit Civil. • AYLMER EUGENE MONTGOMERY, JR., 1804 Island Drive. Monroe, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi; Louisiana Society du Droit Civil. • WILLIAM MURRAY, 565 N. Monroe St., Eagle Pass, Texas; Phi Alpha Delta. • GEORGE D. NELSON. JR.. Box 97, Daphne. Alabama; Sigma Chi; Phi Delta Phi; Scabbard i Blade. • LOUISE BLANCHE NORDSTROM. 211 Rue St.. Honroe, Paris, France; Pi Delta Phi. • RICHARD GEORGE FEET, 630 Westminister Rd.. Brooklyn. New York; Pi Kappa Alpha; Pelicans; Scabbard Blade; Air ROTC. Seventh Row: • JOHN DAVID PONDER, 20 Neron Place, New Orleans. Louisiana; Sigma Chi. • WILLIAM CARITHERS PORTER. 60 17th St. N.E.. Atlanta. Georgia; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Wesley Foundation. • LeDOUX ROGER PROVOSTY. 1233 Barrister, Alex., Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon; NROTC. • LEO SIDNEY ROOS, 93 Versailles Blvd., New Orleans. Louisiana; Zeta Beta Tau; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Delta Phi- Louisiana Society du Droix Civil. • ROBERT NEVIN RYAN. 1706 Palmer Ave.. New Orleans. Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi; Air ROTC. • ROBERT D. SIMMONS. 1505 High St., Bowling Green, Kentucky; Sigma Chi; Phi Delta Phi. Eighth Row: • PHILIP POLMER SLIPAKOFF. Ducros Plantation, Box 44, Schriever, L- uisiana; Phi Alpha Delta; Louisiana Society du Droit Civil; Hullabaloo; Glendy Burke; Band; Radio Club; Forum; International Relations Club; Radio Work- shop; Tulane University Theatre. • FRANK JOSEPH STICH. JR.. 1036 City Park Ave.. New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta; Kappa Delta Phi; Omicron Delta Kappa- Phi Delta Phi; Who ' s Who; Moot Court; Louisiana Society du Droit Civil; Vice-President A. S. Freshman Class. ' 46; President A. S. Junior Class. ' 48. • THOMAS WHITMELL THORNE. JR . 4603 So. Carrollton Ave., New Orleans. Louisiana; Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Delta Pi Sigma Alpha; Air ROTC; Golf Team, ' 49- ' 50. « LOUIS PHILIP TRENT, 2535 Calhoun St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Alpha Delta; Radio Club; Westminster Fel- lowship- Unit Manager Law Freshman Class, ' 50. • MICPUEL A. VALLDEJULl, P. O. Box 607 San Juan. Puerto Rico. Ninth Row: • RAYMOND WAYNE VINCENT, 635 9th St., Lake Charles. Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • PHILIP BROOKS WASON. JR.. St. Joseph, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Alpha Delta. • JOHN GIFFEN WEINMANN. 7027 Green St.. New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Phi Delta Phi; Kappa Delta Phi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Beta Kappa; Who ' s Who; Louisiana Society du Droit Civil; Law Review; Lagniappes. • STAFFORD M. WILLIAMS 49B Cascade Rd., Port of Spain, Trinidad; Pan American Society. • GEORGE OLIVER WOODS, 112 So. 61st St., Birmingham. Alabama; Delta Sigma Pi; Phi Alpha Delta. COLLEGE OF L fl Ul What is it— the thing? Frank gets a case at last 183 PHI D C L T fl PHI OFFICERS ROBERT K. MAYO . . Magister JACK HOLT . Clerk ALBERT MiNTZ . . . . Exchequer MARTIN SANDERS Historian MEMBERS Robert Acomb L. F. Cambon Richard Garfunkel Lloyd C. Melancon Charles Rosen Adam Arguello Henry P. Carmouche Joseph A. Gowan Chase Menefee G. B. Scogg ' n William M. Barnett Harry Cohen Cyril J. Gracegnette William G. Moench Wilson _S. Srlrjey John V. Baus Arthur B. Cohn Nathan Greenburg A. E. Montgomery Benjamin R, Short Herbert Seal Gordon Collins William A. Gregory John M. Moore Robert Simmons William G. Beckham David J. Conroy Luther E. Hall Jack L, Morrison Ralph Slovenko Pete Beer William C. Crais Harry Hamill James W. Murphy O. L. Stewart Edward C. Benjamin Jules L. Davidson George W, Healy Robert B. Neblett Frank Smith William M. Beniamin Frank De La Barre John E. Jackson Jim Nelson Frank Stitch Louis E. Bernard Charles Dunbar Robert E. Johnson Walter L. Nixon Lucius Suthon Curtis Boisfontaine Brooke Duncan Thomas Jordan Anthony Ortega Walter Suthon William W. Bolding Edward M. Dussom Ted Keiler Lyie M. Page Edward Talbot William O. Bonin 0. H. Easterling Thomas J. Kelly Richard Peet Jack W, Thomson Ted J. Borowski Edward Elllor R. R. King D. H. Perkins Thomas W. Thorne Milton Brenner Frederick S. Ellis Daniel L. Kirschenheuter Morris Phillips James D. Tufts Jack P. Brousard Tom Ellis Hal Larey Lewis Pitman Harry S. H. yerlandcr Sam S. Bucklev Frank Emmett John E. Lawhon John Ponder John G. Weinmann Frank O. Burge Ellis J. Farris Charles E. Lugenbuhl Charles R. Prevost Blake West Cecil M. Burglass Jeffery L. Fell Patrick Mayhan Le Doux Provosty L. West Harry Burglass William Folse Robert K. Mayo George W. Renaudin Stafford M. Williams William M. Cady Leonard Futtrer Stanley McDermott Leo S. Roos Henry Yoder J. F. Call Phi Delta Phi is the oldest professional fraternity In America — Phi Delta Phi, that means Portias Definitely Prohibited. This international legal fraternity has as its alms " the promotion of legal training and ethics, " which even lawyers seemingly believe need promotion. Projects Include a lending library for law students In need of text- books, the award of a legal text to the law student whose scholastic average has improved most from his freshman to his junior year, and the promotion of an annual joint meeting with the LSU chapter. Talks by notable members of the bench and bar are sponsored by the fraternity. All waiting for an ambulance to chase 184 PHI flLPHfl DELTA OFFICERS FRIM SMITH Justice KENNETH GORMAN Clerk LESLIE INMAN Vice Justice WILSON SHOUGHRUE Treasurer FALVEY FOX Marshal Phi Alpha Delta is a national secret Greek letter law fraternity Chapter delegates attended Phi Alpha Delta ' s twenty-eighth bien- founded in 1896 by a group of law students in Chicago, Illinois. Its nial convention this year at French Lick, Indiana. activities have since spread to seventy campuses throughout the |n jts second year of renewed activity Martin Chapter has had a ration. In 1924, Martin Chapter was established at Tulane. Its pur- successful rtishing period in which a variety of social functions were nose is to develop higher ideals among its members who will enter given. Its main project for this year is membership participation in the legal profession and to instigate projects v hich will be bene- legal aid work for indigent persons who are in need of legal aid; a ficial to the fraternity, the school, and the profession. project to afford members some practical knowledge of the prob- The Chapter ' s activities are presided over by Justice Prim Smith, lems of law practice before they are admitted to the bar. The ably assisted by Vice Justice Leslie Inman, recorded by Clerk Ken Chapter will also establish a legal placement bureau for Its members Gomran, and reluctantly paid for by Treasurer Wilson Shoughrue. and alumni. MEMBERS Luis Alvarez James Collins Kenneth Gorman John Marque VincenI- Rodriguez Dean Andrews Camllle Cutrone Claude Hall Jack McNeely Harman Roy John Anton Carruther Davis Robert Halphen Percy MIrikltani Wilson Shoughrue Charles Arceneaux Clifford de Laup Jorge Halphen Russcl Moore Gerald Sims Tatsuo Asari Juan de Vidaurrazaga James Haught William Morgan Benjamin Slater Edward Baldwin Hilton Dickson Lawrence Hennessey Edgar Mouton Philip Slioakoff Jacob Bell Robert Donovan George Hillburn Harold Mouzon Prim Smith Robert Body William Drazsnyak Christian Prince of Hohenlohe William Murray Kenneth Squires George Bouchard Clarence Dupuy John Hooper Malcolm O ' Hara Richard Thalheim Maurice Burk Harold Durke Camllle Hoyek Hugh Oliver Christian Timmlns Harry Cabral Thomas Fadell Leslie Inman Robert Pickens August Treuting Elwyn Cady William Fant James Johnson Edward Pinner John Welsh Leonard Calcagno Falvey Fox John Keese Frank Pulli George Woods Ernest Catlett Richard Gallagher Roger Keller Federico Rodriguez Jasper Wright Joseph Clay Carlos Gonzalez Wilder Kuhn Future young men of the bar 185 OFFICERS BROOKE H. DUNCAN, II . . . . President NATHAN GREENBERG . . . VIce-Presiden+ LAWRENCE HENNESSEY Secretary ANTHONY ORTEGA Treasurer MEN IBERS L. Alvarez R. Keller D. Andrews R. R. King F. DeLaBarre D. Kirchenheuter P. Beer W. Kuhn J. Bell R. F. Leiong E. Benjamin J. Lawhon W. M. Benjami n C. Martinez C. Boisfontaine R. Mayo M. Burk R. McNeely J, Butler L. Melancon H. R. Cabral A. Mintz G. Call P. Mirikitani L. F. Cambon A. Montgomery J. Chandler J. Moore J. B. Collins R. Moore D. Conroy J. Murphy C. Catrone R. Neblatt C. De Laup A. Ortega J. De Vidaurag aga G. Piggman B, Duncan E. K. Pinner C. O. Dupuy G. Renaudin J. Easterling F. Rodriguez W. Fant L. Roos J. L. Fell H. Roy L. Fuhrer M. Sanders C. Gonzalez G. Scoggins K. Gorman W. Shirley J. Gowan B. Short N, Greenburg P. Slipakoff L. E. Hall F. Smith C. E. Hall P. Smith J. Hammond F. Stitch L. Hennessey L. Suthon C. Hohenlobe R. Thalheim L. Inman H. Verlander J. E. Jackson J. Weinmann R. Johnson J. Wright J. D. Johnson H. Yoder Future shysters — oops, pardon! Lfl SOCIETE DU DROIT CIUIL La Societe du Droit Civil was formed at Tulane a baker ' s dozen years ago by a group of law stu- dents interested in extra-curricular research and discussion of the civil law systems of France and Louisiana. The interests of the Society have broad- ened since and, at the dinner meetings of the Society now, leading members of the bench and bar are invited to speak on various phases of the law. (That ' s bar in the legal sense.) Discussion groups and special lectures, concerned with sub- jects of general interest to law students, are also sponsored by the Society. Faculty advisors for La Societe this year were Ferdinand F. Stone and Clarence J. Morrow. 186 OFFICERS FRANCIS EMMETT .... ChieF .lusflce JOHN E .lACKSON . . . Recorder LEON D. HUBERT . Faculty Advisor MEMBERS Ta+suo Asarl, John Baus, Peter H. Beer. Milton E. Brenner, William C. G-als. Robert J. Donovan, Charles E. Dunbar, III. Francis Emmett. John E. Jackson, John Lawhon, Charles Lugenbuhl. Robert Mayo, Albert Mintz. Anthony Ortega. Edward K. Pinner. Ben Snnith, Frank J. Stitch, Christopher Tompkins. The Moot Court system in ihe College of Law is especially designed to train students in the pre paration and argument of cases. It is ' .his practical aspect of rhe practice of law voward which rhe efforts of vhe annual competition are directed. Technical Training in research, brief writing, and oral argument of cases before a court from the foundation of ihe Moot Court work. The Judges of the Moot Cou.-t are chosen from the lunior and senior classes on a scholastic basis. It is their function to draft fact sifuations involv- ing moot points of iaw. to perform the adminis- trative duties of he Court, and to sit as justices of the Supreme Court of the State of Tulane. The Moot Court competition, which extends " .hrough the iunlor and senior years, has Its climax In ihe final case which is argued before the full bench of the Orleans Parish Court of Appeal, In ac- cordance with the tradition of the college, the names of these winners are yearly engraved on a marble plaque in the law school lobby. This year a program was established in coniunc- tion with the geology department whereby several oil and gas cases Involving the use of expert wit- nesses were staged, and similar ar-angements are being planned with the medical school. Also for the first time, this year Tulane participated In the national Moot Court competition sponsored by the Committee on Junior Bar Activities of the Bar Association of the City cf New York. That ' s a moot question mOOT COURTBOflRD TULANE LfllU REUIEUJ " Guilty, " said the jury OFFICERS ROBERT E. JOHNSON . . Edltor-m-Chief NATHAN GREENBERG . . Civil Law Editor BLAKE WEST . Statutory Interpretation Editor HARRY COHEN . . . Book Review Editor HENRY F. YODER Index Editor STANLEY McDERMOTT . . Index Editor WALTER L. NIXON Secretary BOARD MEMBERS Edward B. Beniamin, Maurice L. Burk. David J. Conroy. Juan J. de Vidaurrazaga, Frederick S. Ellis, Thomas R. Fadell, Joseph A. Gowan, Claude E. hiall. John P. Hammond, Leslie L. Inman, John M. Moore, Lucius F. Suthon, Walter J. Suthon, Jack W, Thompson. John G. Weinmann, Joseph B. Winston. The Tulane Law Review is a quarterly periodical devoted to the study of civil and comparative law. Its particular emphasis is the study of codification and statutory interpretation and the most recent recommendations made in ihese fields. The Review is edited, under faculty supervision, by a student board, membership on which is re- garded as one of the highest honors to be won in the law school. Its editors are the lions of Tilton Hall and they can be heard roaring ' most any time. • 187 LflUJ CLASS OFFICERS SENIOR. CLASS Left to Right HENRY E. YODER President GERARD CALL Secretary-Treasurer FRESHMAN CLASS Left to Right BILL DRAZYNAK President LYNN JACKSON Secretary-Treasurer JACK BROUSARD Vice-President 1S! 0?. Jife 190 First Row: » LORIN EUGENE AINGER, 112 3th Ave,, San Francisco, California. • JOSEPH LAX AKERMAN, 47 Cheney Place, Orlando. Florida; Kappa Alpha; Kappa D«lta Pi. • BYRON SEDRIC ALLEN, JR., KSS Penisfon, New Orleans, Louisiana. • JAMES ERNES ALTGELT. 107 W. Mistletoe. San Antonio, Texas; Nu Sigma Nu. • HELEN MARIE AHMANN, 124 S.E 7th St., Gainesville, Florida; Alpha Epsilon lota; Alpha Omega Alpha; Beta Beta Beta. Beta Deia, • RAUL ANTONIO ARMSTRONG, 31 Sol St. Ponce, Puerto Rico; Phi Rho Sigma. Second Row: • JOHN HAMPTON ARNOLD, 95 Stadium Place, New Orleans, Louisiana; Nu Sigma Nu. • PHILIP ASTOR. 352o Milan St.. New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Lambda Kappa; History of Medicine Society. • JAMES KIRL AVENT, 105 Margin St., Grenada, Mississippi; Pi Kappa Alpha; Phi Chi. • KATHERINE 0. BACHMAN, 1155 Holston Ave.. Bristol, Tennessee. • WILLIAM T. BAILEY, Box 68, Tulane University, New Orleans. Louisiana. • JOHN ROY BANE, JR., 4005 North State St., Jackson, Mississippi; Theta Kappa Psi; Kappa Sigma. Third Row: • JESSE HARVEY BELYEU, Quincy, Florida. • GEORGE EARL BENNETT, Box 206 Linden, Texas; Theta Kappa Psi; Owl Club; Pan Hellenic Council. • JOHN RUBEN BISE. Ill, 2108 Broadway, New Orleans, Louisiana;) Phi Kappa Sigma; Nu Sigma N ' .i; History of Medicine Society. • ROBERT RUDOLPH BOESE, 121 Rose Dri " a, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; Theta Kappa, Psi; Pi Kappa Alpha; Pan- Hellenic Council, President, ' 51. • HORACE WHITNEY BOGGS, JR., 160 Herndon, Shreveport, Louisiana; Phi Chi. • LUKE MARTIAL BOUDREAUX, Erath, Louisiana. Fourth Row: • THURMAN EARL BRANDON, IR., 4120 Court St., Fairfield, Alabama; Phi Chi. • HAL JOSEPH BREEN, 143 Volusia Ave., Daytona Beach, Florida; Nu Sigma Nu. • THOMAS HARRINGTON BREWER, 7115 Walmsley, New Orleans, Louisiana. • KENNELL PHILIP BROWN, Jeanerette, Louisiana; Theta Kappa Psi; JAMBALAYA; Hullabaloo. • DAVID SYME BUELL, 695 S, Norton Ave., Los Angeles, California; Nu Sigma Nu. • ROBERT RAY BURCH, 2820 Eagle, New Orleans, Louisiana, Fifth Row: • WILLIS BUTLER, 1404 Route I, Westwego, New Orleans, Louisiana. • WILLIAM P. CAGLE, III, Box 85, Mar Vista, California; A. K. K.; Baptist Student Union. • RALLPH HAYWOOD CAMERON, JR , 232 Park Hill Drive, San Antonio, Texas; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Nu Sigma Nu. • GEORGE LEE CAMPBELL. 314 W. 7th Ave., Belton, Texas; Phi Chi. • THOMAS DOUGLAS CAMPBELL, 3008 Bore St., New Orleans, Louisiana. • CRAIG GORDON CANTRELL, 622 Turrentine Ave., Gadsden, Alabama; Phi Delta Theta Nu Sigma Nu; History of Medicine Society; President A, S. Juniors, ' 46- " 47; Vice-President Medical Freshmen, 47-48. It ' s not wash day MEDICINE Sixth Row: • RAYMOND CARLSON, Route 4, Box 68A. San Benito, Texas. • DAVID MILTON CARLTON, 3442 Penick St., Shreveport, Louisiana; Phi Chi. • ANA E. CARRERA, Puerto Rico; Alpha Epsilon lota; Alpha Omega Alpha; Beta Beta Beta; Class Secretary, ' 50. • ARTHUR JAMES CARSON, 2119 Bartlett, Houston, Texas; Thsta Kappa Psi; Owl Club; Pan-Hellenic Council Baptist Student Union; President Medical Seniors, • ROBERT THERREL CATES, Box 72, Longview, Mississippi. • ROBERT BRAINARD CLIFTON 812 Ontario St., Shreveport, Louisiana; Phi Chi; Kappa Alpha. Seventh Row: S HORACE ROBERT COOK, 140 Lunado Way, San Francisco, California. O JERALD RHODES CURETON, 3457 De Soto St., Shreveport, Louisiana; Phi Chi. • DAVID BERRY DALE, Prentiss, Mississippi; Nu Sigma Nu. • TED KENDALL DAMPEER, 2317 State St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Nu Sigma Nu; Beta Beta Beta. • WARREN G. DARTY, Box 2, Lake Wales, Florida; Nu Sigma Nu; Owl Cluo; Alpha Omega Alpha; ODK. • THOMAS MOORE DAViS, 712 Belhaven, Jackson, Mississippi; Theta Kappa Psi. He smokes Sir Walter Raleigh 192 Phi Chi; History ot First Row: • VOLLA A. DUNHAM, JR., 1535 Magnolia, Shreveport, Louisiana; Thefa Kappa Psi. • FRANK RAYMOND ERVIN, 53 E. McAlister Place, New Orleans, Louisiana. • DABNEY MINOR EWIN, 2520 Prytania St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi; President Student Council, ' 51; ODK; Who ' s Who; Phi Chi; Owl Club; History of Medicine Society; Kappa Delta Phi. • RICHARD MONTERVILLE EWING, Amory, Mi!sissip: i; Phi Chi. e HARRY ELSWORTH FAIR, JR., 7318 Whipple St., Pittsburg, Pennsylvania; Beta Theta Pi; Medicine Society. • ROBERT JAMES FAIRCHILD. 4120 Franklin Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana; Theta Kappa Psi. Second Row; • DAVID FEIGENBAUM, 2203 41st St., Meridia.i, Mississippi; Phi Lambda Kappa. • GREGORY STARK FERRISS, 820 Valmont St , New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • JOHN A. FISHER. 86E Stadium Place. New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Beta Kappa. • JOHN CARLYLE FRIDGE, Prentiss, Mississippi; Phi Chi; Vice-President Senior Class, ' 51. • HARRY CHARLES FRYE, JR., 410 Decelle St.. Jackson, Mississiopi; ODK. • IRA EUGENE GADDY, JR., State Line, Mississippi; Theta Kappa Psi. Third Row: • JAMES HURD GADDY, State Line Mississippi; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • UPTON WRIGHT GILES, Schiela Cove Minocqua, Wisconsin; Kappa Sigma. • BURTON STANLEY GLICK. 69-38 138th St., Kew Gardens. Queens, New York; Phi Lambda Kappa; Operetta. • ALBERT LEROY GORE, 902 N. Congress St.. Jackson. Mississippi. • ELEANOR SOLOMON GOULD, 7819 St. Charles Ave.. New Orleans. Louisiana; Alpha Epsilon lota. • PAUL NED GRAFFAGNING. 340 Fairway Drive, New Orleans, Louisiana; Nu Sigma Nu: Alpha Omega Alpha; Phi Beta Kappa; History of Medicine Society; Vice-President Medical Juniors, ' 49- ' 50. Fourth Row: • CECILIO HOMERO GUTIERREZ, Box 159, Rio Grande City, Texas; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Phi Sigma. • THOMAS BRYAN GUYTON, 548 Grand Concourse, Miami. Florida; Phi Chi. • JOHN NEVILLE HARRINGTON, 1315 22nd Ave., Heights. Meridian, Mississippi; Phi Chi; Kappa Alpha. • WILLIAM STEWART HARWELL, 715 ELnwood. Shreveport. Louisiana; Phi Chi; ODK. • ROBERT SMITH HENURICK. 404 Evangeline St.. Shreveport, Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Chi; History of, Medicine Society; Christian Medical Society. • MARY LOUISE HINSON, Spring Lake, Texas; Alpha Epsilon lota. Secretary of Class, ' 48. Fifth Row: • ROBERT FRANKLIN HOLDREN, Curtis Park, Philipsburg, Pennsylvania; Phi Chi; Sigma Xi; American Chemical Society; Alpha Chi Sigma; Owl Club. • EVERETT WALLACE IRVINE, JR., 5308 Prytania, New Orleans, Louisiana; Theta Kappa Psi. • VERNON BLAND JACKSON, Box 416, Marrero, Louisiana; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • GORDON BROOKS KELLY, 1311 Virginia Place, R. Worth, Texas; Kappa Sigma; Nu Sigma Nu; Treasurer Student Body, l948- ' 49; Hisiory of Medicine Society. • MILDRED NELL KENNEY, 18 First St., Moultrie, Georgia; Alpha Epsilon lota; Senior Medical Secretary, ' 50- ' 5l. • DURWOOD LAWRENCE KIRK, Doddsville, Mississippi. Then you put two fingers of . MEDICINE Sixth Row: • RUTH LILLIAN KIRSCHSTEIN. 115 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, New York • JOHN TAYLOR KITCHINGS, Clinton, Mississippi; Phi Chi. • GAYLORD SHEARER KNOX, 3278 DeSaix Blvd., New Orlean of Medicine Society. • ALOYSIUS LEO KUNTZ, 1725 N. College St., South Bend, Indiana. • KERMIT DENVER LAIRD, Bassfield, Mississippi. • SAMUEL LOEWENSTEIN LIEBER, 1100 E. Kings Highway, Shreveport, Louisiana; Phi Delta Epsilon; Who ' s Who. Alpha Epsilon lota. Louisiana; Nu Sigma Nu; Medical ROTO; History Just a little night cap ■mil ieve nth R ow: • ALAN ALVIN LIPTON, 1051 Baronne, New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Lanbda Kappa. • JAMES THERON MADDOX, Fayette, Alabama; Nu Sigma Nu. • FOSTER COLLINS McCALEB, JR., Box 503, New Iberia. Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta; Nu Sigma Nu;, History of Medicine Society; Owl Club; Pan Hellenic Council. • DONALD RAY McCURLEY, Reserve. Louisiana; Sigma Pi. • LAWRENCE STONE McGEE, JR., 538 Ratcliff. Shreveport, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pt; Phi Chi; Alpha Omega Alpha; Owl Club. • JOHN PETTY McNULTY, 3800 Magazine St , New Orleans, Louisiana. 193 ■ i " ! IS ' ■ O i ' i ra 194 First Row; • CHRIS L. MENGIS, 29i Jefferson, Opelousas, Louisiana; Nu Sigma Nu; Phi Kappa Sigma; Alpfia Chi Sigma. • JERRELL LEE MITCHELL, 9030 W. Peter Smith, Fort Worth, Texa:. • JOHN POTTER MITCHELL, JR., Abbeville, Alabama; Athletic Council; Medical R.O.T.C. • RONALD BURDETTE MITCHELL, 60 Liberty St., Leipsic, Ohio; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • BEATRICE ELEANOR MORALES, 5.520 S. W. Sth St., Miami, Florida; Alpha Epsilon lota. • PETER JOHNSON MORGANE, 6320 Willow St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Thefa Kappa Psi. • JAMES BLANTON MOSS, JR., 903 Pile. Clovis. New Mexico; Theta Kappa Psi; Vice-President Medical School Student Body. Second Row: Tuscaloosa, Alabama; Phi Chi, New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Delta Epsilon; Alpha Omega • HENRY CLIFFORD MULLINS, JR., 1717 Second Ave • MELVIL BERTRAND MYERS, JR.. 2908 Octavia St Alpha; Phi Beta Kappa; Owl Club. • MARION HARVEY NELSON, 46-B McAHster Place, New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Alpha. • WILLIAM GLEN ODOM, R. D., Haynesville. Louisiana; Phi Chi. • JOHN BERNARD O ' KEEFE, 824 West Beach Drive. Biloxi, Mississippi; Phi Chi. • PAUL FRED PAULSEN, 50 West Hickory, Chicago Heights. Illinois. • FRANCIS MARION PEARCE. JR., 701 8th St., Ballinqer. Texas; Nu Sigma Nu; Alpha Omega Alpha Third Row: • RICHARD EUGENE PERRY, 412 NE 1st Ave . Gainesville, Florida; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • JAMES RICHARD PIERCE, JR , 202 West 19th St.. Pine Bluff, Arkansas; Phi Chi. • JOHN DWIN PITTMAN, JR.. Box 147. Enterprise. Alabama; Nu Sigma Nu; President Sophomore Medical Class, l948- ' 49; Owl Club. • GERALD E. POSNER, 2629 Edward Ave., Baton Rouge. Louisiana; Zeta Beta Tau; Phi Delta Epsilon (President); Omicron Delta Kappa; Owl Club (President); Pan Hellenic Council. • GEORGE PORTER PURYEAR, Raymond. Mississippi; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • LAMAR PURYEAR, JR.. Raymond. Mississippi. • ALLEN MARTIN READ, 107 15th Ave.. Hattiesburg. Mississippi; Alpha Kappa Kappa; ROTC (Medical). Fourth Row: • WILLIAM WOODROW RICHARDSON, 330 East Ave., Panama City. Florida; Phi Chi; Medical ROTC. • LEONARD JOSEPH ROLFES, 4044 Franklin Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana; Theta Kappa Psi. • DANIEL ABELL RUSSELL. JR.. 600 Patterson Ave.. San Antonio. Texas; Nu Sigma Nu. e GEORGE LESLIE SACKETT, 2900 Warrington, Cleveland, Ohio; Nu Sigma Nu; History of Medicine Society. • CHARLES EDWARD SELAH, 942 Bellevue. Jackson, Mississippi; Phi Chi; Owl Club; University Student Council; President Medical Student Body I950- ' 5I. • HENRY LAMBERT SHERROO, JR., 2660 Park Lane, Birmingham, Alabama; Phi Chi; Owl Club; Medical ROTC. • JULIAN HALLMAN SIMS, 7620 Sycamore New Orleans, Louisiana; Nu Sigma Nu- Phi Beta Kappa- Medici " ! ROTC. Fifth Row: • DOYLE PRESTON SMITH, Perkinston, Mississippi. • RAYFORD A. SMITH, JR.. Monroeville, Alabama. Nu Sigma Nu. • PETER JOHN SPOTO, 2708 Royal Court, Tampa. Florida. • JOHN LORENZO STEWART. Farmerville, Louisiana; Honor Council; Medical School; Owl Club. • JAMES HOOPER STILES, JR., 3002 22nd St.. Lubbock. Texas; Phi Chi. • WALTER JACKSON STUCKEY. JR., 214 First St.. Crestview. Florida; Delta Chi; Phi Chi; Medical ROTC; History of Medicine Society. • JOSEH RODOLPH SWARTHOUT. Pascegoula, Mississippi; Theta Kappa Psi; Honor Council; Owl Club, Loolis like Santa pleased her MEDICINE Sixth Row: • GEORGE HARRELL TEMPLE, Bude, Mississippi; Theta Kappa Psi. • MARY JOHN TILLER, 1409 32nd St.. Birmingiiam. Alabama. • RALPH EARL TILLER, 1409 32nd St., Birmingham, Alabama. • JOHN COOPER TURNER, JR.. Box 343 Northport, Alabama; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Medical ROTC, • WILLIAM STANLEY ULLOM, Stratford, Texas; Theta Kappa Psi. • THEODORE P. VOTTELER, 6819 Robin Road, Dallas, Texas; Phi Chi; Honor Council. 1948; Owl Hellenic Council. • W. GORDON WALKER. Lena, Louisiana; Phi Chi. Seventh Row: • SPENCER WALTON, 48-G McAlister Place, New Orleans. Louisiana; Owl Club; President Junior Class. l949- ' 50. • H. AUBREY WHITE, JR. 3124 Marye St.. Alexandria, Louisiana; Kappa Sigma; Phi Chi; Owl Club. • ERNEST COUNCIL WILLIAMS, Box 201 Blowing Rock, North Carolina; Phi Chi. • NELL RAPE WILLIAMS, 6120 Marguette Place, New Orleans. Louisiana; Alpha Epsilon Iota- Kappa Kappa Gamma. • JOHN BLAKE WITHROW, JR., 4729 Dryades. New Orleans. Louisiana; Theta Kappa Psi; Medical ROTC. • aLVIN LLOYD WOLDMAN. 751 Wavarly, San Antonio, Texas; Who ' s Who. How many of those did you empty, Barbara? 196 First Row: • RICHMOND LAVERN ALEXANDER, 2103 Fifth Ave., Laurel Miss.; Phi Chi. • PAUL BERTRAM ANDERSON, 218 South Ripley, Neosho, Missouri: Nu Sigma Nu; Vice-President Sophomore Class, nso- ' Bi. • JOSEPH ANTHONY BALDONE, 1409 N. 32rd St., Birmingham, Alabama; Theta Kappa Psi; Class Secretary 1950- ' 51; History of Medicine Society. • CLAUDE JAMES BARNES, 67 S. Walker, Milton, Florida; Nu Sigma Nu. • RICHARD J. BARRY. 411 Daliell St., Shreveoort, Louisiana; Phi Chi; Omicron Delta Kappa. • WILLARD HALL BENNETT, 527 Washington Ave., Tltusvllla, Florida. • RALPH B. BERGERON, 422 S. Rocheblave St., New Orleans, Louisiana. • OSCAR JOSEPH BIENVENU, 70S S. Union, Opelouses, Louisiana: Beta Theta Pi. COLLEGE OF m E D I C I n E Second Row: • HERBERT BLOOM, 2112 79 St., Brooklyn New York- Phi Beta Kaopa; PLA. • JULIA HART BOX, Bon 523 State College Mississippi; Alpha Epsilon lota. • WILLIAM ARTHUR BOX Box 523 State College, Mississippi; Army ROTC Med Unit; Phi Chi; President Junior Class, I950- ' 5I. • WILLIAM BROOKS, 1338 Stebbins Ave , New York City; Varsity Football Manager, 1949; Carnival Staff. • CHARLES LAFAYEHE BROWN, JR., 27 Neron Place, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Chi; Kappa Alpha; History of Medicine Society. • DUFFY J. BROWN, 722 St. Louis, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. • JAMES WILLIAM BUGG, 124 Adalia, Tampa, Florida. • JAMES DANIEL BULLINGTON, 3520 Pelley, Fort Smith, Arkansas; Beta Theta Pi; Phi Chi; Beta Beta Beta. Third Row: • WADE WALKER BURNSIDE, JR. Newellton, Louisiana- Sigma Alpha Epsilon- Nu Sigma Nu; Wesley Foundation. • GROVER LAFAYETTE BYNUM, 512 W. Moore, Henryetta Oklahoma- Nu Sigma Nu. • ROBERT PEEL CAMERON, 104 E. 6th, Hattiesburg, Mississippi; Phi Chi. • WILLIAM E. CARLISLE, 1018 W. Gregary Pensacola, Florida- Alpha Phi Omega- BSU; Phi Chi. • ROBERT O ' NEAL CHADWICK, Bayou Goula, Louisiana: Phi Chi; Beta Beta Beta. • RICHARD HARRY CLARK, JR., 3110 Hardy St., Hattiesburg, Mississippi; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Chi; Medical Frat. • B. H. COGDELL, 209 S. Cayoso St. New Orleans, Louisiana. • AVERY LEVERN COOK, Moundvillc, Alabama. Fourth Row: • MERRIL MORRIS COOPER, Box 87, Roscoe Texas. • MILLARD SEALS COSTILOW, Star Route 2 Grenada Mississippi. • ROBERT CAMPBELL CULPEPPER, JR., 2512 A.C. C Alexandria, Louisiana: Phi Chi- Kappa Alpha; Medical ROTC. • OLIVER IPPOLYTE DABEZIES, JR., 4000 Delgado, New Orleans Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi: Phi Chi. • PAUL EUGENE De BLANC, JR., 4425 Walmsley Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Kappa Sigma- Nu Sigma Nu. • GEORGE JEMURO DAME. 144 W. 26 St., Jacksonville, Florida- Sigma Pi- Theta Kappa Psi; Phi Sigma. • ERNEST EDWARD DE5H AUTREAUX, 2110 Airline Highway. Kenner, Louisiana; Theta Kappa Psi; Medical ROTC. • CHARLES JOSEPH DICK, 636 Lincoln Ave., Melbourne, Florida. Fifth Row: • JOHN FONTAINE EGGER, 2314 PSD. Meridian, Mississippi- Phi Cni- Kappa Alpha. • MARVIN PHILIP EISENBERG, 741 N. 34th St., Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Phi Lambda Kappa- Tau Epsilon. • PERRY JACK EKMAN, 1230 Calhoun. New Orleans, Louisiana; Medical ROTC; Zeta Beta Tau; Phi Delta Epsilon. • SALVADOR FERRERI. 2929 18th St., Tampa, Florida; AKK. • JOHN A. FERRIS, JR., 309 S. Broadway, Corpus ChrlstI, Texas; Phi Kappa Sigma; Nu Sigma Nu; History of Medicine Society; Newman Club; Alpha Phi Omega. • ROBERT LEWIS FIRNBERG, 2895 S Grand St., Monroe, Louisiana; Theta Kappa Psi. • JERRY A. FORTENBERRY, 965 N. Main St., Columbia, Mississippi; Army ROTC; Phi Chi; Kappa Sigma; Alpha Psi Omega- Omicron Delta Kappa; Alpha Epsilon Delta. • LOUIS ANTHONY GALLO, 3100 Octavia St., New Orleans, Louiiiana; Theta Kappa Psi; BM; History of Medicine Society. Sixth Row: • HENRY LAWRENCE GARDINER, JR., 397 E. Hutchinson Ave., Crowley Louisiana; Nu Sigma Nu; Kappa Sigma; B.T.M. • ZANE NOEL GAUT, 136 Crest Rd., Hueyto.n, Alabama. • WILLIAM LOUIS GEISSLER, 2345 N. Mire, New Orleans, Louisiana. • RICHARD WELDON GIBSON, 213 2nd East St., Haynesville, Louisiana; Medical ROTC; Phi Chi; K.A. • VICTOR RUSSELL GOELLER, JR., 507 Hermitage Court, Charlotte, North Carolina; Pi Kappa Alpha- Nu Sigma Nu. • LAWRENCE GOLODNER, 1413 2nd Ave., New York City; Phi Delta Epsilon; Intramural Sports; Junior Class Arts and Science Seotember 1949-June 1950. • JAMES KENNETH GOODLAD, Route i. Box 434, Orange. Texas; Theta Kappa Psi; Honor Council, I950- ' 5I; History of Medic ' ne Society; Canterbury Club. • ALFRED RAYMOND GOULD, P. O. Box 68, St. Francisvlile, Louisiana; Kappa Delta Rho, Seventh Row: • CHARLES MORGAN GROSS, 1009 OUve, Montgomery, Alabama- Medical ROC; Nu Sigma Nu. • MANUEL EDWARD GUTIERREZ 2015 Palmer Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana. • JACK EDWARD HALE, 4501 S. 34th W, Ave., Tulsa Oklahoma- Nu Sigma Nu. • JOE FRANK HAMILTON, JR., 855 Bluebird Lane, Momohis, Tennessee; BSU. • JAMES EDGAR HAND, Graceville, Florida; Nu Sioma Nu; History of Medicine Society; BSU. • VINCENT JOHN HANNEKEN, 917 Clay St., Van Buren, Arkansas. e ELI B. HARMON, 230 E. 54 St., New York City; Phi Lambda Kapoa, • WALKER HARRIS, 1776 State St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Chi Phi; Beta Theta PI; Tennis. Eighth Row: • JULIAN LANIER HARWELL, 215 N, Henk-ns Tonkawa. Oklahoma; Kappa Sigma; Wesley Foundation. • WILLIAM DEGRAFFENFIED HAYDEN, 3743 Richmond St., Shreveport, Louisiana; K.A.; Phi Chi; Phi Beta Kappa; Honor Council. • HENRY GLEN HENDERSON, 2203 Wllberger St., Vernon. Texas; Phi Chi. • MALCOLM R. HODGES, 2416 Vineville Ave., Macon, Georgia; Sigma Nu; Phi Chi. • JOHN BIRL HOLLAND, Horton, Alabama- Nu Sigma Nu. • JAMES HUDDLESTON 1360 Donnelly Ave., Atlanta, Georgia; Phi Chi. • THOMAS LEO HUDSON. Box 209 Lake Water Florida- Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Chi- Newman Club. O WARREN HANSELL HUNT, Rayville, Louisiana; Phi Chi; K.A. Ninth Row: • CLYDE OREN HURST, Route I, Laurel, Mississippi. • WILLIAM BAXTER HUTTO, Box 312, Gulfport, Mississippi; Army ROTC; Alpha Theta Omega; Phi Chi. • ALLEN JACKSON, 5026 Baton Rouge Ave., Baton Rouge, Louisiana. • JOHN FENWICK JACKSON, 301 E. Jefferson, Kosciusko, Mississippi- Phi Chi. • CLARK W. JENNINGS, JR.. 7512 A S. Claiborne; Phi Chi. • ALLAN MACKENZIE JOHNSTONE, 735 N. W. 30th Place, Miami, Florida; Theta Kappa Psi. • KENNETH SAMUEL JOHNSON, JR., Ill Magnolia Ave., Sebring, Florida; Pi Kappa Alpha; Alpha Omega Alpha. • JOHN BOLLING JONES, III, 307 Erin Ave., Monroe, Louisiana; Delta Tau Delta; Theta Kappa Psi; Alpha Phi Omega. Frnka in ac-tlon 197 193 First Row: • JOHN HARVEY KARAM, 118 Albany Ave.. Shreveport. Louisiana. • CHARLES WARREN KELLEY, 508 N Jaclison St., Magnolia, Arkansas; Sigma Nu; Phi Chi. • HERMAN EDWARD KELLUM, JR., Haynesviile, Louisiana; Theta Kappa Psi. « WILLIAM TAYLOR KEMMERER, 312 Country Club Drive, Holdenville, Oklahoma; Nu Sigma Nu. • THOMAS FRERE KRAMER, 401 Adams, Franklin, Louisiana; Phi Chi; History of Medicine Society; ROTC (Medi- cal). • WILLIAM R. LAGERGREN, 15 North, E. Pensacola, Florida; Theta Kappa Psi. • WILLIAM BURTON LANDRY, Box 26, New Iberia, Louisiana; Theta Kappa Psi; History of Medicine Society; New- man Club. • CARROL F. LANDRUM, Route 2, Mils, Mississippi; History of Medicine Society. Second Row: • LOUIS PARKERSON LAVILLE. JR., Plaquemine, Louisiana; Phi Chi. • ROBERT EDWIN LEE, Route 3, Picayune, Mississippi; Phi Chi; Baptist Student Union. • JAMES WRIGHT LEFTWICH, 506 Richardson, Minden. Louisiana. • FRANCIS ERNEST LE JEUNE, JR., 49 Audubon Blvd., New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi; Phi Chi; History of Medicine Society. • ALFRED LAWSON LEWIS, Amite. Louisiana; Nu Sigma Nu. • GENE RAY LINDlEY, 611 N. Vance, Wilson, North Carolina; Theta Kappa Psi. • WILLIAM ALEXANDER LONG, JR., Hazelhurst, Mississippi; Phi Delta Theta; Beta Beta Beta; Westminster Fellow- ship. • PHILIP RONALD LORIA, 223 Audubon Blvd.. New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Chi; Vice-President Freshman Medical Class, l949- ' 50. Third Row: • TED LOWREY, 313 Archer. Hot Springs, Arkansas- Nu Sigma Nu; Phi Kappa Sigma. • JOHN E. LUTTRELL, 8125 Birch. New OrUans, Louisiana; Theta Kappa Psi. • CHARLES TERRELL McCARTHY, JR.. Box 445. Monahans, Texas; Theta Kappa Psi. • FREDERICK JAMES McCUTCHON, 2233 Joseph, New Orleans, Louisiana; Nu Sigma Nu; History of Medicine Society. • RICHARD ALLEN McELROY, 1208 Rennie Ave., Richmond, Virginia; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • JAMES ROBERT McKINNEY, 4200 Lone Oak, R. Worth, Texas; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • NORMAN ARNOLD McKINNON, Adkins Blvd., Jackson, Mississippi; Phi Chi. • KENNETH McLEOD, JR., 2115 Jefferson Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha. Fourth Row: • WILLIAM ALFRED MIDDLETON. Route I. Graysport, Mississippi- Alpha Kappa Kappa. • CLIFTON TATE MORRIS. JR., 2258 Terrace Ave. Baton Rouge, Louisiana: Kappa Alpha; Phi Chi. • J. EDWIN MORRISS. JR., 613 N. Bridge St., Wetumpka, Alabama; Phi Chi; History of Medicine Society; Baptist Student Union. • LUCIEN KENNEDY MOSS, 901 Cleveland St., Lake Charles. Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi; Phi Chi; Phi Beta Kappa; Secretary, Medical School, ' 51. • NORMAN CROOKS NELSON, 2412 Craigmont, Houston, Texas. • RICHARD MILBURN NUNNALLY, 1617 Broadway New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Chi; Phi Delta Theta; Secretary- Treasurer (1946 A. S S.). • WILMER CI.AUOE ODOM, Box 125, Stonewall, Mississippi; Phi Chi. • BENJAMIN OKEL, 207 S. Panama. Montgomery, Alabama; Phi Kappa Sigma; Nu Sigma Nu. Fifth Row: • LEANDRO PASOS, 15 Sept 105, Managua, Nicaragua; Theta Kappa Psi; Glee Club; Newman Club; Radio Club; International Relations Club. • JAMES KARON PATRICK, 208 Adams St., Camden, Arkansas; Nu Sigma Nu; JAMBALAYA Representative; His- tory of Medicine Society. • HENRY WYNNE PEARCE, JR.. 812 Cypress St., Orange, Texas; Kappa Sigma; Campus Night Chairman, 1949- ' 50; Theta Kappa Psi. • ELDON ORYDEN PENCE. JR., 2205 So. " S " Street, Ft. Smith, Arkansas; Kappa Sigma; Nu Sigma Nu; Vice-Presi- dent Sophomore Class, ' 48- ' 49; Omicron Delta Kappa; Campus Night; Phi Eta Sigma; American Legion Award. • JOSEPH WILLIAM PERRET, 1305 S- Carrollton Ave.; History of Medicine Society. • EDWARD WALTON PHILLIPS, JR., 2626 Touchy St., Lake Charles, Louisiana; Phi Chi. • DANIEL BENJAMIN POWELL, JR., 59 Hickory, Harahan, Louisiana; Phi Chi; History of Medicine Society; Baptist Student Union. • GEORGE HAGEN PRATT, III, 701 Sunset. Amarillo, Texas; Theta Kappa Psi. Sixth Row: • THOMAS DAID PRUITT, JR., 1010 Watauoa, Kingsport, Tennessee. • REGINALD CARLYLE RAMSAY, Nashville. Arkansas; Kappa Sigma; Phi Chi; Phi Beta Kappa; History of Medicine Society; Wesley Foundation. • EDWARD HUNT RAY, JR., Route 2, Lexington, Kentucky; Nu Sigma Nu. • ERNEST PRESTON REEVES, JR., 755 Eastview, Jackson, Mississippi; Kappa Alpha; Phi Chi. • MAY VIRGINIA REID. 4314 Walmsley Ave.. New Orleans. Louisiana; Alpha Epsilon lota; Baptist Student Union. • JAMES LOUIS REYNOLDS, 355 Fairway Drive, New Orleans, Louisiana; Nu Sigma Nu. • JOE FRANK ROBBERbON, 1001 Avondale, Amarilio, Texas; Theta Kappa Psi. • GLENN B. RUFFIN, 1727 Bay Springs Road, Laurel, Mississippi; Phi Chi; President Freshman Class, l948- ' 49; Treasurer Medical Student Body, ' 50- ' 5l. Seventh Row: • MALCOLM PEXTON RUSSELL, Route 2, Box 45, Natchitoches, Louisiana; Nu Sigma Nu: Lambda Delta Lambda. • JOHN KENNETH SAER, 1619 Anabela, New Orleans. Louisiana; Nu Sigma Nu; Dslta Kappa Epsilon. • CLARENCE SHOICHI SAKAI, 1720-C Kalihi St., Honolulu, T. H.. • BILLY P, SAMMONS, 114 W. Main, El Dorado, Arkansas; Nu Sigma Nu; Honor Council ' 48)- B. S. U. Junior Medical Representative 1950; History of Medicine Society. • JERRY MILTON SHAW, 1300 W. 24 Pine Bluff, Arkansas; Phi Chi: Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi • RUFUS CLYDE SMITH, JR., 1205 Magnolia, Dothan, Alabama; Phi Chi. • JAMES P. SPELL. Route 2, Columbia, Mississippi. • JOHN ELLIOTT STAFFORD, Franklinton, Louisiana; Nu Sigma Nu; Phi Kappa Sigma. COLLEGE OF m E D I C I n E (Freshman Medical Beta Kappa. Eighth Row: • GLORIA ANN STEWART. 4441 Painters, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Delta Pi; Alpha Epsilon lota; Beta Beta Beta; Phi Beta Kappa. • PRESTON RAY STODARD, Route 7, Meridian, Mississippi; Phi Chi. • WILLIAM KELLY TAYLOR, Raymond, Mississip pi; Delta Sigma Phi; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • HENRY KUTCHER THREEFOOT, 509 King, Selma, Alabama; Phi Beta Kappa. • CHARLES CONNALLY TYLER, 1604 River Road. Picayune, Mississippi; Phi Chi. • HERMAN DEXTER WEBSTER, JR.. 1424 S. Lamar, Oxford, Mississippi: Phi Chi. • ROBERT MILTON WELLS, 1525 Exposition, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Chi; Sigma Chi; Vice-President Freshman A. 8 S.; Basketball. • CORNELIUS GLENN WHITLEY, 1077 W. Howard, Biloxi, Mississippi; Phi Chi. • LEWIS MARTIN WIENER, 8002 21 Ave., Brooklyn, New York; Phi Delta Epsilon; Kappa Nu; Phi Beta Kappa. Ninth Row: • OSCAR LANE WILLIAMS, 501 7th Ave., Laurel Mississippi; Pi Kappa Alpha; Phi Chi. • 5ELWYN GERALD WILLIG 1580 E 19 St., Brooklyn, New York; Tau Upsilon; Phi Lambda Kappa. • CHARLES BYRON WILSON, Route 2, Neosho, Missouri: Delta Kappa Epsilon; Nu Sigma Nu; Omicron Delta Kappa; Greenbackers. • DON PETTIT WILSON, 2528 Olopua St., Honolulu, Hawaii; Nu Sigma Nu. • RALPH COURTNEY WILSON. 524 W. Sypert, Nashville, Arkansas; Kappa Sigma; Newman Club. • ARTHUR EUGENE WOOD. JR., Clinton, Mississippi; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • GERALD GINNESS WOODRUFF, JR., 1301 Woodstock Ave., Anniston, Alabama; Phi Chi. • HERBERT BENJAMIN WREN, III, 1315 Locust, Texarkana Arkansas; Kappa Sigma; Nu Sigma Nu; Omicron Delta Kappa- President Sophomore A. S., ' 43- ' 49; Wesley Foundation; Greenbackers. • CORBIN A. YOUNG, 1620 Caddo, Commerce, Texas. Top: Exchange students? Bottom: Newcomb girls are getting better looking every day 199 HISTORV OF mEDICINE SOCIETV OFFICERS DABNEY EWIN - President JOHN OCHSNER Secretary GORDON KELLY Vice-President LLOYD McLAUGHLIN Treasurer MEMBERS Richmond Alexander James Altgelt Paul Anderson LeRoy Antrobus Phillip As+or James Atkinson Joseph Baldone John Bise Tom Brothers Charles Brown Glenn Brown Grover Bynum Craig Cantrell Robert Carter David Chandler Marvin Chernosky Vera Cleveland Morris Crisler Robert Culpepper Dabney Ewin hHarry Fair Daniel Farber John Ferris Louis Gallo James Goodlad Paul Graffignino James hland Walker Harris Robert hHendrick Baxter Hutto John Jamison Elizabeth Jones Gordon Kelly Gaylord Knox Thomas Kramer Carol Landrum Alvin Lavender Francis LeJeune Edward Leverich Foster McCaleb Charles McCarthy James McCutchon Lloyd McLaughlin William Marxhal! Christopher Mengis Edwin Morriss Kennedy Moss John Ochsner James Patrick Joseph Perret Edward Phillips John Pittman Daniel Powell Reginald Ramsey George Sackett John Schnieder Winnifred Seegers Jack Sherman Rayford Smith Peyton Tunstall John Turner James Watkins Nell Williams The History of Medicine Society was established si Tulane in 1933 for students interested in this particular facet of medicine which Is not included In the regular curriculum. Meeting once or twice a month, the Society hears original papers on various phases of medical history presented by students or guest speakers. The papers this year were largely concerned with Tulane ' s contribution to medicine, and the speakers were such well-known local physicians as Dr. C. Jeff Miller. Dr. J. T. Nix, and Dr. Bennett Dowler. At the annual banquet each spring three awards are given for the best student papers: the B. B. Welnstein award for the paper repre- senting the most original work; the I. I. Lehman award for the best discussion or presentation; and the Rudolf Matas award for the paper most suitable for publication. Med School ' s Finest 200 OFFICERS M. BERT MYERS, JR. . PAUL NED GRAFFAGNINO . DR. MARIDEL SAUNDERS . DR. ALLAN GOLDMAN . President Vice-President Sec.-Treas. Counselor MEMBERS Helen Marie Ahmann. Ana Estreda Carrera, Robert The-rel Gates, Warren Gamaliel Darty, Paul Ned Graffagnino, Kermlt Denver Laird, Donald Ray McCurley, Lawrence Stone McGee. Petty McNulty, M. Bert Myers, Jr.. Francis Marion Pearce, Ralph Earl Tiller, Wilbur Gordon Walke.-. Alpha Omega Alpha is an honorary society of medical undergraduates, both men and women, who have shown promise of becoming leaders in their profession. The society elects to honorary membership physicians who have attained distinction in any line of specialized endeavor and other persons, physicians or not. who have gained unusual recognition in fields felated to medicine. Prerequisites for under- graduate membership are broad scholastic ac- complishment, together with character, in- dependence, and originality. The Tulane chapter sponsors an annual lec- tureship program which this year was given by Dewitt Stetten, Jr.. M.D., Ph.D. of New York City. His subject (and this has been carefully checked) was " U.ric Acid Metabolism in the Normal and Gouty Human Subject. " ti ' 1 -1 HH u K V U 1 i ' l Ey 1 1 H K ■ V S Kr ' ; ' . -f l m y Jl ■ I H piiu ,«i. iWW I H Tell me doctor! RLPHfl OmEGfl ALPHA OFFICERS GERALD E. POSNER . ROBERT F. HOLDREN JOHN L. STEWART . President Vice-President Secretary MEMBERS John H. Arnold, George E. Bennett, William A. Box. Thomas J. Brothers, Robert R. Burch, Arthur J. Carson. Warren G. Darty, Dabney M. Ewin, John A. Fishe, ' , Robert F. Holdren, Ker- mit D. Laird, Foster C. McCalab, Lawrence 5. McGee, Henry C. Mullins, Melvin B. Myers, John A. Ochsner, John E. Pittman, Gerald E. Posner, George P. Puryear, Charles E. Selah, Henry L. Sherrod, John L. Stewart, Joseph R. Swartwout. Ralph E. Tille,-, Theodore P. Votte- ler. Spencer Walton, Herman A. White. The Owl Club is a medical organization founded at Tulane University _ in 1921. It Is composed of iwenty-four seniors and ;hree iunlors in the School of Medicine who are elected yearly by the club on the basis of charazter, personality, and scholastic interest. The purpose of this cganization is to promote s.u dent-faculty relationships -ih rough construc- tive criticism in order to improve scholarship, teaching, and standards of ethics. Also, the club is active in such projects as obtaining internship information for the benefit of the medical students, sponsoring the Tutane Stu- dent Research Fund, and conducting a survey of medical g. ' aduates of the past five years to ob ain suggestions and criticism relevant to medical education. They don ' t a!l look like owls T H E UJ L CLUB 201 First Row: Boese, Fairchlld, Gould, Hlnson, McCaleb. Second Row: Posner, Puryear. Turner, Votteler, Woodruff. ROBERT R.BOESE OFFICERS President TED VOTTELER Vice-President and Secretary MARY LOU HINSON MEMBERS Alpha Epsilon Iota TED VOTTELER Phi Chi ELEANOR GOULD Alpha Epsilon lota GERALD WOODRUFF Phi Chi PORTER PURYEAR Alpha Kappa Kappa GERALD POSNER Phi Delta Epsilon JOHN TURNER Alpha Kappa Kappa BEN BASHINSKI Phi Delta Epsilon FOSTER McCALEB Nu Sigma Nii BOB BOESE -. Theta Kappa Psi JOHN OCHSNER Nu Sigma Nu BOBFAIRCHILD Theta Kappa Psi The Council ' s work is directed toward coordination of interfraternity scholastic, athletic, and social life. The har- mony of a satisfactory and well-managed fraternity " rush- week " is achieved through the efforts of the Council. It is also the aim of the Council that each new medical student be welcomed to the medical school and into the medical school life in a friendly and hospitable manner. mcDicRL pflN-HELLcnic counciL 202 OFFICERS GERALD POSNER President BERT MYERS Vice-President RONNY MANN Secretary-Treasurer Manard Alstedt Ben Bashinski Bill Brooks Mel Buxbaum Allen Cohen MEMBERS P. J. Elcman David Friefeld Eugene Goldstein Larry Golodner Charles Gomberg Sam Lieber Ronny Mann Berl Myers Gerald Posner Arthur Samuels Lewis Wiener PHI DELTA EPSILON Phi Delta Epsilon medical fraternity began at Cornell University in 1904 and has been at Tulane since 1918. The year ' s program started in a big way with an evening swimming party given by the New Orleans Graduate Club. The chapter continued the policy of joint meetings with the LSU chapter. A number of informative lectures on med- ical topics were given at these functions. Several Saturday night socials appeared on the agenda as well. The fraternity was led this year by Gerald Posner, president; Bert Myers, vice-pres- ident; Ronny Mann, secretary-treasurer. " Big Wheels " included Bert Myers as president of AOA and Gerald Posner who headed the Owl Club. Such a cozy little gathering 203 RLPHfl EPSILON lOTfl OFFICERS ELEANOR GOULD President LOUISE BENNETT Vice-President RUTH KIRSCHSTEIN Corresponding Secretary KAY BACHMAN Treasurer MARY LOU HINSON " Program Chairman Helen Ahman Kay Bachman Louise Ann Bennett Margaret Bolton Julia Box Anna Carrere Carolyn Denning Eleanor Gould MEMBERS Mary Louise Hinson Elizabeth Jones Nell Kenny Ruth Kirschstein Mary Sue Lowrey Bea Morales Carnnen Posada Virginia Reid Patty Scarborough Winnifre d Seegers Gloria Ann Stewart Mary John Tiller Elizabeth Rankin Vaughn Jeanne Voltaggio Priscilla V ells Neil Pape Williams First Row: Box. Carrera, Gould, Hinson, Kenney. Second Row: Kirschstein, Morales, Reid, Stewart, Wil- liams. Alpha Epsilon Iota wa ' S founded at the University of Michigan in 1890 and was established at Tulane in 1919. It is the only women ' s medical fraternity at Tulane. The colors are black, white and green and the flower is the white carnation. The year ' s activities we e many and varied. On the professional side, there were the Sunday afternoon meetings with speakers from the faculty of Tulane and the practicing physicians of the city. Social highlights included the Senior Luncheon and the much anticipated Powder Puff Ball. 204 OFFICERS PORTER PURYEAR President GENE PERRY Vice-President WILLIAM CAGLE Recording Secretary JOHN TURNER Corresponding Secretary HURD GADDY Treasurer FirsY Row: Cagle, Ferreri, Ferriss, Gaddy, Jackson. McElroy, McKinney. Second Row: Mlddleion, Perry, Puryear, Read. Tay- lor, Turner, Wood. Ira Anderson Melvin Brantley William Cagle Gene Cooper Bill Douglas Colbert Dudley William Encke Sam Ferreri MEMBERS Gregory Ferris Hurd Gaddy Bob Gllmore Al Gould Richard McElroy James McKinney Bill MIddleton Gene Perry Porter Puryear Allen Read David Richardson Hart Sylvester Wllllann Taylor John Turner Arthur Wood Alpha Kappa Kappa Fraternity was founded at Dartmouth College in 1888. Alpha Beta Chapter was establi ' shed at Tulane in 1903 as the first medical fraternity on the campus. In 1947, the chapter was completely reorganized and established in a new house located on St. Charles Avenue, midway between the two campuses. The chapter emphasizes close social and professional fellowship with the prominent physicians who make up its large Alumni Association, In addition to numerous stimulat- ing activities restricted to members alone. The chapter is aided and assisted in its plans and projects not only by its alumni but also by a Ladies Auxiliary composed of the wives and the mothers of the active members and alumni. ■ - -- RLPHfl KflPPfl n H P P H 205 n u s I G m fl n u OFFICERS FOSTER C. McCALEB, JR President JOHN E. PITTMAN, JR. . . .- Vice-President PEYTON R. TUNSTALL, JR Secretary GEORGE C. OLIVE Treasurer Why so formal? Nu Sigma Nu was founded at the University of Michigan in 1882, and the Beta lota Chapter was established at Tulane in 1910. Nu Sigma Nu is the oldest undergraduate medical fraternity in America. At the beginning of Its fiftieth year on the Tulane Campus this fall, the chapter pledged twenty-two freshmen. Under the direction of President Foster McCaleb, Jr., and House Manager George Olive the Interior of the chapter house was redecorated with the creation of a dazzling gold and green living room among the more radical changes. The chapter house, located on St. Charles Avenue, Is typical of the massive structure of early New Orleans homes. It was built in the year 1903 by Emile A. Allgeyer for his family and contains twenty-five large rooms. Other highlights of the year were the Annual Rudolph Matas Lec- tureship which is presented to the campus each year by this chapter in honor of its famed alumnus. This year Dr. Frank H. Lahey of the Lahey Clinic of Boston presented a lecture on neck tumors. Also It has been this chapter ' s privilege to take an active part in the estab- lishment and installation of a new Nu Sigma Nu chapter at Louisiana State University. MEMBERS Thomas E. Abernathy, Jr James E. Altgelt William B. Allensworth Pari B. Anderson Leroy C. Antrobus John H. Arnold James C. Atkinson C. Jim Barnes William L. Bass, Jr. John R. Bise, III James L. Bridges Joe Frank Brothers Tom Brothers Glenn C. Brown The boys were whooping it up MEMBERS David S. Buell VVade Burnside Grover L. Bynum, Jr. Ralph H. Cameron, Jr. Craig G. Cantrell Madison J. Cawein John D. Chandler William L. Chapman Marvin E. Chernosky irvln Clayton Jack K. demons Avery L. Cook David B. Dale Ted K. Dampeer, Jr. Warren G. Darty Paul E. DeBlanc, Jr. John A. Ferris, Jr. Henry L. Gardiner, Jr. Victor E. Goeller Paul Ned Graffagnino Charles C. Gross Jack Hale J. Ed Hand Robert D. Hill Milton J. Hoffman Charles R. Hogue John B. Holland John D. Jackson John B. Jameson, Jr. Gordon B. Kell William Kemmerer Gaylord S. Knox Ray Ledbetter Edward B. Leverlch Alfred L. Lewis, Jr. Ted Lowrey IN PANEL First Row: Al+gelt. Anderson, Arn- old, Barnes, Bise, Brent, Buell. Second Row: Burnside. Bynum, Cameron, Canirell, Dale, Damper, Darty. Third Row: Deblanc, Ferris, Gardi- ner, Goeller, Gratfagnino, Gross, Hale. Fourth Row: Hand. Holland. Kelly, Kemerer. Jr. Foster C. McCaleb, Jr F. James McCutchon James T. Maddox Chris L. Mengis, Jr. Jimmie W. Morgan John Ochsner Mims G. Ochsner Ben B. Okel George C. Olive Bob Palmer Ed Parker James K. Patrick George B. Paxton, Francis M. Pearce, J Eldon D. Pence, Jr. John E. Pittman, Jr. Daniel D. Powell Edward H. Ray, Jr. James L. Reynolds Dan A. Russell, Jr. Malcolm P. Russell George L. Sackett J. Kenneth Saer Billy P. Sammons John P. Schneider Julian H. Sims Rayford A. Smith, Ji John E. Stafford Jack E. Thielen Peyton R. Tunstall John C. Turnham, Jr. William W. Walker, Jr. James A. Williams, Jr. Charles B. Wilson Don Wilson Herbert B. Wren Fifth Row: Knox, Le -is Lovrey, McCaleb. Sixth Row: McCu+chon, Maddox, Mengis, Okel, Patrick, Pearce, Pence. Seventh Row: PiUman, Ray Rey- nolds, D. Russell, M. Russell. Sack- ett. Saer. Eighth Row: Sammons. Sims, Smith, Stafford, C. Wilson, D. Wilson, Wren. all, Jr. 206 207 PHI CHI OFFICERS THEODORE P. VOTTELER Presiding Senior GERALD WOODRUFF. JR Presiding Junior JOHN EDWARDS JAMES COKER Secr etary Treasurer Take a cup and drink If up — The Phi Chi mansion, better known as " The ROCK, " witnessed a very successful year under the guiding hand of Presiding Senior Ted Votteler. Topping the list of social activities were the Christmas Formal, held at the house, and the Founders ' Day Banquet at which several of the original founders of Omicron Chapter were present. The C. Jeff Miller Memorial Library, one of the_ most complete private medical libraries in New Orleans, contributed greatly to the Wednesday Night Journal Club organized and presided over by Larry McGee. Leaving the Fraternity this year are several outstanding leaders, such as Dabney Ewin, President of the Tulane Student Body, and Charles Selah, President of the Medical School Student Body, but replacing them is a bevy of potential big wheels including Glenn Ruffin. Walter Till, Charles Brown, Charles Tyler, and the amiable Pete tHollis. MEMBERS Gilbert Alexander Harry Garrett Laverne Alexander Richard Gibson Jerry Balles Williarn GIddens Richard Ba-ry Drew Giesen Where ' s +he desserf? Robert BaFiS Jesse Belyeu Robert Bernhard Brantle Blankenship Whitnev Boggs F-ank Boswell William Box Frederick Braden Earl Brandon Charles Brown George Brown Dan Bullington Jeff Bu-nett Robert Cameron Earl Campbell Ge: rge CampboH Ira Campbell Jack Cappel •A ' illidm Carlisle David Carlton Henry Carter Hugh Carter Robert Carter William Carte- Richard Castle O ' Neal Chadwick Richard Clark Robert ClifTon James Coker James Conn ly Morris Crisler Robert Culpepper Oli er Dabezies James Dunklin John Edwards John Eggar Dabney Ewin Richard Ewing Harry Fair Gwinn Fincher Rudolph Flasdick WesTon Folse Jerry Forfenberry John Fridge IN PANEL MEMBERS Henry Giier. ' -ie-o Thomas Guyion Marion Ha- grove John Harrington Harris Walker William Hayden Glen Henderson Robert Hendrick Malcolm Hodges R. P. Holdren Richard Hollis James Huddleston Thomas Hudson Wa ' ren Hunt Baxter Hutto John Jackson Clajk Jennings Charles Kelley Donsid Killelea John Kltchings Thomas Kramer Thomas Krueger Louis P. Laville Robert Lee Duke LeJeune Glen Leiand William Long Ronald Loria Theodore Lucas William Mitchell Amzi Montgomery Clif!-on Morris Ed Morris Kennedy Moss Henry Mullins Lawrence McGee Donald McMahon Emmett Nelll Richard Nunnally William Odom Wllmer Odom John O ' Keefe Frank Owens Marion Parker Pete Phillips Daniel Powell Rex Ramsay Richard Reed E. P. Reeves William Richardson Glenn Ruffin Charles Selah James Sewell Jerry Shaw Hea-y Sherrod Clyde Smith Lamar Smith Earle Spencer Albert Stephens Hopper Stiles Ray Stoddard Jack Stuckey William Suttle V alter Till John Tomlinson Charles Tyler Ted Votfoler Gordon Walker Charles Wascom Clarence Webb Robert Wells Aubrey Whit e John White Glen Whitely Ernest Williams OIlie Williams Osca, " Williams Robert Wilson Wiilia ' --i Wolfe William Wood Gerald Woodruff Charles Wright Herman Webster Josech Bienvenu Richard Dickinson James Left ' ich Joseph McKell Normal McKinnon Phanor Perot Charles Peter Richard Pierce Henry Post First Row: Alexande-, Belyeu, Barry, Bienvenu. Boggs. Box, Brandon, Brown, Bullington. Second Row: Cameron, Carrpbell. Carlisle. Carlton, Chadwick, Clark. Clifton, Culpepper, Cureton. Third Row: Dabezies, Egger, Ewin, Ewing, Fair, Forfenberry, Fridge, Gibson, Guyton. Fourth Ro ' : Harrington, Harris Harwell, Hayden. Henderson, Hen- drick, Hodges, Holdren, Huddles- ton. Fifth Row: Hudson. Hunt, Hutto, Jackson, Jennings, Kelley. Sixth Row: K ' tchings, Kramer, La- ville, Lee. Leftwich, LeJeune. Seventh Row: Long. Loria, McGee, McKinnon, Morris, Morrtss. Moss. Mullins, Nunn- l ' y. Eighth Row: W. C. Odom, W. G. Odom. O ' Keefe, Phillips. Pierce, Powell, Ramsay. Reeves, Richard- son. Ninth Row: Ruffin, Selah, Shaw, Sherrod, Smith, Stiles, Stodard, Stuckey, Tyler. Tenth Row: Votteler, Walker. Webs- ter. Wells, A. White, Whitley, E. Williams O. Williams. Woodruff. 208 209 THETfl Kfl PPfl PSI OFFICERS GEORGE E. BENNETT Prytan _ Jr} ROBERT R. BOESE Vice-Prytan LOUIS A. GALLO Bursar J. BOILING JONES Recorder Isn ' t that an odd way to dance Theta Kappa Psi, the oldest of Medical Fraternities, was founded In New Haven, Connecticut, in 1879. Pi chapter has been active in the Greek world since 1904. The more serious efforts of the chapter during the 1950-51 season have been directed toward the revision of Ziernan ' s Surgery Syllabus and keeping the excellent Foster John ' s library up-to-date with bound and current medical periodicals. Among the social highlights of the past year was the annual Cadaver Ball given by the Theta Kap freshmen for the rest of the medical school. Also worthy of note were the Christmas and hlalloween parties and, of course, the Spring Formal. At this latter function Kit Carson was announced as the " Outstanding Senior of the Year. " In addition to his active role in fraternity life. Kit is president of the senior class. Runners-up were Joe Moss, Vice-President of the medical student body, and Bob Boese, President of Medical Pan-fHellenic. Chow Call!! MEMBERS Joseph A. Baldone John Roy Bane, Jr. George E. Bennett Robert R. Boese John L. Bradin Ken Brown Thomas Campbell Arthur J. Carson Carl A. Culicchia George M. Dame Tom Davis Ernest Deshautreau James R. Dixon Theodore G. Elchos Robert J. Fairchild Robert L. Firnberq Ira Gaddy Warren J. Gadpaille Louis A. Gallo Ralph E. Gardner James K. Goodlad George B. hHalliday Henry F. hiarren, Jr. Bernard T. Hickman Carter Holcomb Carl B. Jarrell Herman E. Kellum, Jr. IN PANEL First Row: Baldone, Bane, Ben- nett, Boese, Brown, Campbell. Second Row: Carson, Dame, Davis, Deshautreau, Fairchild, Firnberg. Third Row: Gaddy, Gallo, Goodlad, Irvine. George Kitteridge William R. Lagergren Al Lavender Gene LIndley John E. Luttrell Charles T. McCarthy, Jr C. Ray McEwen Lloyd A. McLaughlin Edwin T. McNamee Robert M. Miller Peter J. Morgane James B. Moss John H. Parker, Jr. Leandro Pasos H. Wynne Pearce, Jr. Milton Person Joseph B. Perez George H. Pratt Joe Frank Robberson Leonard J. Rolfes Jack Sartin Dale B. Snow Joseph R. Swartoui W. Stanley Ullam John B. Withrow Fred Woodworth John T. Weiss Fourth Row: Jones, Kellum, Lagergren, Lindley. Fifth Row: Luttrell, McCarthy, Morgane, Moss, Pasos, Pearce. Sixth Row: Pratt, Robberson, Rolfes, Swartout, Temple, Ul- lom, Withrow. 210 211 P H I LflmBDfl KflPPA OFFICERS JEROME TUCKER President GILBERT WALKER Vice-Presideni STUART FARBER Scribe HERBERT BELL Correspondent SAMUEL WITTEN Treasurer Philip As+or Samuel Witten Alan LIpton Al Mailer Mel Kahn Stuart ' Farber David Feiqenbaum Avram Finger MEMBERS Gilbert Walker Herman Cohen Herbert S. Bell Bert Glick Herbert Bloom Mel Selzer Jerry Tucker Selwyn Willig Marvin Eisenberg Eli Harmon Milt Orkin Art Corey Dave Kassner Jack Sherman Harlan Sindell The newly elected officers of Phi Lambda Kappa for the conning year are Jerome Tucker, president; Gilbert Walker, vice-president; Stuart Farber, scribe; hierbert Bell, correspondent; Samuel Witten, treasurer; and David Kasner, sergeant-at-arms. Dr. Ber- nard B. Weinstein, gynecologist, New Orleans, has been voted as faculty advi ' sor for the Tulane chapter. The chapter plans a lecture series for the I 95 I - ' 52 school year on both medical subjects and unallied general items of interest, to be delivered by experts in their respective fields. To complete the current program we shall have the last in a series of talks by Dr. Sidney Jacobs, and will then bid our seniors a fond farewell at our annual fraternity senior banquet. Try garters 212 Dean Logan Wilson Newcomb AdministratioH Building M ' 214 First Row: • ADRIEN AiTKENS. 7707 Nelson, New Orleans, Louisiana: Kappa Alpha Tlieta; " Hullabaloo " : La Tertulia; Campus Night: Treasurer Newccmb Senior Class, ' 51. • HATHA WAY FRANCES ALEMAN. 7923 Oak St., New Orleans, Louisiana: Kappa Alpha Theta. • LAURIEANNE ALLEN, 1425 Astor, Chicago, Illinois. • CAROL JANE ANNIS. I 101 Stale St., New Orleans, Louisiana: Phi Mu: Beta Beta Beta. • JUNE ANTLEY, 1004 Cherokee St., Mariett], Georgia: Chi Omega: Secretary Sophomore Class, ' 49: Correspond- ing Secretary Student Body, ' 50; Vice-President Senior Class, ' 51: Who ' s Who: Wing President of Dormitory, ' 51 Secretary House Council. ' 50: Student Council, ' 50: Dormitory " Newcomb Handbook " : Student Government Association. • MARIE LOUISE ARNOULT, 5527 Pitt St.. New Orleans, Louisiana: • RENEE LILLIAN AUBRY, Cinclaire Plantation, Cinclaire, Louisiana: man Club: Glee Club: Newcomb: Art Club. Council; Art Club; " Carnival " Staff; Art Editor of Oreades; Canterbury; Glee Club. Kappa Kappa Gamma; Y.W.C.A.; New- Second Row: • ELIZABETH BARKDULL, 310 Florida Blvd., New Orleans. Louisiana; Chi Omega; Westminster Fellowship; Laqniappes. • GUERLAIN MARIE SEAUCOUDRAY, 2931 Upperline St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Newman Club; French Club; International Relations Club. • ELIZABETH E, BRANDAU, 202 South Jefferson Davis Parkway, New Orleans, Louisiana; Dance Club; Oreades; Eta Sigma Phi. • KARIN INGEGERD BRANDT, 347 Blackebergsv, Stockholm, Sweden; Delta Zeta: Pan-Hellenic Council; Deutches Verein. • BEVERLY JANE BROWN, I Fair Oaks St., San Francisco. California; Chi Omega; Newcomb Recording Secre- tary. ' 47; Assets, ' 47. • HAZEL JOYCE BRUFF, Box 5074. Sa | Anto.iio. Texas; Beta Sigma Omicron; Kappa Delta Phi; Dormitory Coun-i cil: Radio Workshop: T. U. T. • ELEANOR ANNE BURDESHAW, 1702 Santa Fe, Corpus Christi, Texas; Alpha Delta Pi; Band; Wesley Foundation. Third Row: • NANCY JEAN BURDETT, 1510 Alexandria Place. Jacksonville, Florida; Kappa Alpha Theta; Greenbackers. • JANE EVELYN BURKENROAD, 22 Newcomb Blvd.. New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Pan Hellenic Council; Sociology Club. • MARIE CAMPAGNA, 2921 Napoleon Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Delta Pi: La Tertulia. • MRS. BARBARA FEINBERG CANTOR, 1316 7th St., New Orleans, Louisiana; La Tertulia. • DOROTHY CLAIRE CARRE, 7930 Plum St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi; Glee Club, Tulan !; JAMBA- LAYA; Y. W. C. A.; Newman Club; Art Club; International Relations Club; T.U.S..; Swimming Club. « MARY JANE CARR, 2472 Vienna St.. New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Zeta; Wesley Foundation. • KATHLEEN COLEMAN, 734 Slattery, Shrevepoit, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi. Fourth Row: • JOANNA MARGARET CONDER, 619 Ogden St., San Antonio, Texas; Pi Beta Phi: Junior Representative to Canterbury Club; )n Phi; Sociology Canterbury Club; Honor Beard, ' 48- ' 49; Secretary of Beta Beta Beta; Dormitory Council; Pan Hellenic Council Greenbackers, Secretary; Leadership Council. • ROBERTA JACQUELINE COOPER, II Lynwood R., Asheville. North Carolina; Alpha Eps Club. • NANCY JEAN COVINGTON, Magnolia, Mississippi; Phi Mu; International Relations Club Sociology Club. • ANN CRUMP, Dundee, Mississippi: Alpha Omicron Pi; JAMBALAYA. • ALTHEA DOBBINS DILY, 623 N. St. Patrick, New Orleans. Louisiana. • MRS, FERDINAND JULES DAUSSIN, JR.. 627 Bonnabel Blvd., New Orleans, Louisiana; Chi Omega. • LYNN DAZET, 2204 Calhoun St., Nev Orleans, Louisiana. Fifth Row: • HELEN CLARK DEAL, 4641 DeMontluzin, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta. • MARILYN LOUISE DeWlNT. 2754 Verbenn St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Gamma Delta; T.U.S.K. • MARY JANE DILLARD, 1317 Valence St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi; Glee Club- Newcomb- JAMBA- LAYA; Pan Hellenic Council; Y.W.C.A.; B.S.U.; Art Club. • BARBARA FERGUSON. 119 Audubon Blvd., New Orleans. Louisiana: Alpha Omicron Pi. • MARGARET FIELD, 1127 Nashville, New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi; Swimming Club; Athletic Council. • LEILA MOREY FLOURNOY, 1123 Nashville, New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi; Swimming Club- Athletic Coun- cil. • SARA KATHRYN FRENCH, 4394 Edmondson, Dallas, Texas; Pi Beta Phi; Junior Class Vice-President. ' 49- ' 50; Senior Class Secretary, " SO- ' SI; JAMBALAYA; Dance Club; Ca nterbury Club; International Relations Club. Sixth Row: • MARGARET MALONEY GANDOLFO, 5531 St. Charles Ave.. New Orleans, Louisiana; Chi Omega: Treasurer- Pan Hellenic, ' 50; Freshman Class Secretary, ' 48; Vice-President Sophomore Class. ' 49; President Junior Class, ' 50- President Student Government Association, ' 51; Alpha Sigma Sigma; Who ' s Who; Honor Board; Pan Hellenic; Council; Student Government Association; Newman Club; Greenbackers. • ELIZABETH RACHEL GARRISON, 1335 Calhoun St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Chi Omega; Canterbury Club. • NATALIE GUTHRIE GESSNER, 1838 Cctavia, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Beta Beta Beta;- Pan Hellenic Council; Swimming Club. • CAROL CRANBERRY, 4030 Vendome Place. New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi; Art Club. • PATRICIA JEAN GREENFIELD, 4485 St. Roch, New Orleans, Louisiana; Dance Club; Canterbury Club. • BETH CHARBONNET HENICAN, 1536 Webster St.. New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma; La Tertulia; Newman Club. • MARY KAY HICKEY, 285 Audubon Blvd., New Orleans. Louisiana: Chi Omega: " Hullabaloo " : Newman Club. Lagniappes; Newcomb Freshman Beauty Court, ' 48; JAMBALAYA Beauty Court. ' 50; Sweetheart of Sigma Chi. ' 49- Rose of Dela Sigma Pi, ' 50; Tusk; Sudent Center Council. Seventh Row: • MARY JANE HIGGINS, 24 Sv allow St., New Orleans, Louisiana; La Tertulia; Phi Sigma lota; Pan American Club; Westminster Fellowship. • CLARE BOWEN HILLIKER, 635 Eleanore, New Orleans, Louisiana. • LYNN E, HOCK, 13 Elmwood Rd., Baltimore, Maryland; Athletic Council Chairman; Dormitory Council; Honor Board; Student Goveinment Association; Student-Faculty Relations Committee. • MARILYN JUNE HOPPMEYER, 3219 Apple. Nev, Orleans, Louisiana- Glee Club; Newcomb. • JOAN WINIFRED JACKSON, 738 Louisiana Ave., McComb, Mississippi: Phi Mu. • SHIRLEY MOORE JACKSON, 358 W. Livingston Place. New Orleans, ' Louisiana; Y.W.C.A.; Wesley Foundation; Greenbackers. • SALLY JAMES. Park Ave., Swarthmore, Pennsylvania; Zeta Tau Alpha; President Art School; Student Body. ' 51; Operetta; Honor Board; Pan Hellenic Council; Student Government Associafon; Art Club. Signing out with hiiawatha NEWCOMB COLLEGE Who did you say lived In Apr. 3B? 216 First Row; O MARGARET LANDRY CHASSEE, 31? Bayou Black Drive, Houma, Louisiana; Chi Omega. • CLAIRE LEWIS, Amite, Louisiana; Chi Omega; Alpha Sigma Sigma; Assets; Honor Board, ' 50; Recording, Secretary of Newcomb Student Body, " 49. President Honor Board, ' 51; Dormitory Council; Pan Hellenic Council; Student Government Association; Lagniappes. • BETTY FREEDMAN L ' HOSTE, 26C5 Napoleon Ave.. New Orleans Louisiana. • ALINE LONGINO, 2201 Calhoun, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu; Wesley Foundation; Art Club. 9 BETTY LOTT. 1235 Broadway. New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi; LaTertulia; Tusk. • ELEANOR EDITH LUECKE, 8922 Nelson, Ne Orleans. Louisiana; La Tertulia; Gamma Delta; Pan American. • JANE LEE LUFT, 6301 Tchoupitoulas, New Orleans. Louisiana; B. S. O.; Dance Club, Secretary-Treasurer; La Tertulia; Creades; Student Government Association: Y.W.C.A., President, ' 51, Secretary. ' 50; Intramurals; Leader- ship Council; Cc-Chalrman of Orientation; JAMBALAYA. Second Row: • ANN LUPEAN, 24C3 Camp St., New Orleans. Louisiana; Oreades; Eta Sigma Phi; Pi Sigma Alpha; International Relations Club. • TRICIA McRAVEN. 2423 Wolfe. Llftle Rock. Arkansas; Sigma Pi Sigma; ■■Carnival " Staff. • GAYLE URSULA MACKENROTH, 80 Fountainebleau Drive, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu; Dance Club; Presi- dent, ' 51; La Tertulia; Athletic Council. • SUE MADISON, 529 N. Washington, Bastrop, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Canterbury Club; Interfailh Council; Leadership Council. • DOROTHY ANN MANESS, 2720 Palmer. New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Delta PI; La Tertulia; Phi Sigma Iota. • MERCEDES EDITHA MARAIST, 812 Bellevlll,; St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Zeta; Pan Hellenic; Y.W.C.A.; Newman Club; German C!ub. • RENEE LUCILLE MENDLOVITZ, 462 Walnut Ave.. Braunfels. Texas; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Beta Beta Beta. Third Row: • MORRIS MIDDLETON, 408 W. Char ' es St., Hammond, Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi; Assets; Who ' s Who; Glee Club, Newcomb; Honor Board; La Tertulia; Pan Hellenic; Student Government Association; Y.W.C.A.; Westmlnsfer Fellowship; Secretary of Tulane Student Council; President Senior Class. Newcomb. • STELLA CELESTE MONGEAU, 3615 Jena, New Orleans. Louisiana; La Tertulia; Oreades; Newman Club. 9 NANCY K. MOORE. 1328 Webster, New Orleans. Louisiana- Pi Beta Phi. • MILDRED JOYCE MYERS, 1900 Mayfalr Drive. Birmingham. Alabama; Alpha Delta Pi; Glee Club, Newcomb; Wesley Foundation; Greenbackers; Lagniappes. New Orleans, Louisiana. Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi; Canterbury Club; Art Club; • GRACE ADAIR McCONNELL, 4021 Leonldas St.. • VIRGINIA McCONNELL, 1731 Calhoun St., New Sociology Club. • PATSY JO McDowell, Box 306. Napoleonville, Festival Choir; Glee Club, Newcomb; Pan Hellenic; ship Council. Fourth Row: Louisiana: Delta Zeta; President Newcomb Pan Hellenic. ' 51; Student Government; Christian Science Organization; Leader- • CATHERINE NAEF, 536 Eastview, Jackson. Mississippi; B.S.O.; JAMBALAYA; Dormitory Council; Art Club; Wesley Foundation; T.U.T. • RUTH-ELLEN NOETZEL. 26 Hadden Road. Scarsdale, New York; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Newman Club. • JUDITH NOTT, 1724 Cadiz, New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi- Operetta; Canterbury Club; Art Club. • GLORIA ALYCE PATRON, 3300 Nashville Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana; " Hullabaloo " ; Athletic Council; La Tertulia; Campus Night; Tusk. • ISABEL PEAL, Webb. Mississippi; Alpha Epsilon Phi- Vice-President Newcomb Student Body, ' 51; Secretary Junior Class, ' 50- Dance Club- Student Government Association; GreBnbackers; Leadership Council; Sociology, • BETTY ANN PEMBERTON. ptrs. M-l, Naval Station, New Orleans, Louisiana. • NINETTE DUGUE PERRILLIAT. 1923 Octavia, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma; La Tertulia; Pan Hellenic; Newman Club; Pan American Society. Fifth Row: • HELEN MARY RAPIER, 7640 Jeanne+te St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi; Newman Club; Swimming Club. • JOY REINGANUM, 5100 Cornell. Chicago. Illinois; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Operetta; " Hullabaloo " ; La Tertulia; Greenbackers; International Relations Club; Phi Sigma lota; Leadership Council. • MARY LOWISE SCHERER, V66 E. Cantrell, Decatur. Illinois; Lagniappes; Pan American Society. • LYNROSE MARIE SCHROTH, 730 Pelican Ave., New Orleans. Louisiana. • BETTY LEE SEFF, 1772 Jackson, Alexandria, Louisiana; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Beta Beta Beta; Student Government Association. • CHARLOTTE SOMERS 5020 W 30th St., Little Rock. Arkansas; Alpha Delta Pi; Sociology Club. • MARIE LOUISE CLAIR SOUDAIN, 4145 Piedmont Drive. New Orleans, Louisiana; A Cappella Choir; Operetta; Campus Night. A prize winning recipe NEWCOMB COLLEGE Sixth Row: • MARGARET NATALIA SPENGLER, 4036 Ockley Drive, Shreveport, Louisiana; Zeta Tau Alplia; International! Relations Club. • PATSYEARL SPRING, 4037 D ' Herrecourt. New Orleans, Louisiana; B.S.O ; Y.W.C.A.; Wes ' mlnster Fellowship. • HUNTER STICKNEY. 631 hiaralson Ave., Gadsden, Alabama; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Canterbury Club. • EFFIE MARIE STOCKTON, 7803 Nelson St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi; Representative to Athletic Council, ' 50; Honor Board, " 51; Student Government Association; Swimming Club. • FLORA CRANE TALMAGE, 382 Broadway, New Orleans, Louisiana; Chi Omega; Lagniappes; Honor Board; Westminster Fellowship; Treasurer Junior Class, ' 50; Vice-President Honor Board. ' 51. • MARILYN CLARE TARANTINA, 3116 Louisiana Ave. Parlcway, New Orleans, Louisiana; Dance Club. • KATHERINE ELIZABETH THORNTON, Boyce, Louisiana; Alpha Delta Pi; Greenbackers; Oreades. Seventh Row: • MONICA VETA TIERNEY, 4628 Mandeville. New Orleans, Louisiana; Campus Night; Radio Workshop; Tulane University Theatre, President. • OLGA JOSEPHINE TURNER, 3985 Vermont Rd., Atlanta, Georgia; Kaopa Kappa Gamma; President Sophomore Class, ' 48; Assets; JAMBALAYA; Dance Club; Dormitory Council; Honor Board; Student Government Association; Greenbackers; Newman Club. • DINAH UMSTED 60 Neron Place, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu. • MELBA DENESA WEINBERGER, 2611 Milan St.. New Orleans, Louisiana; La Tertulia. • JUNE WARREN WELLS. 3625 Mynders. Memphis, Tennessee; Chi Omega; Canterbury Club; Archery Club • PHYLLIS JANE WOLF. 4411 Fannin St.. Houston, Texas; Art Club. • JOEL BLAIK WOLFE, 1329 Octavia St.. New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi; Athletic Council; Dance Club-. Y.W.C.A.; Canterbury Club. Come and get It. 217 2T8 First Row: • MARILYN ABRAHM, 325 Fairway Driva. New Orleans. Louisiana. • BLAIR ALEXANDER, 3531 Nashville Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana: Phi Mu; Glee Club; Canterbury Club; French Club. • ANN ALEXIS. 448 Audubon Blvd., New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Omega Pi; Y.W.C.A.; Art Club. • ANNE ELIZABETH ALLEN, 1805 Milan St., New Orleans. Louisiana; Westminster Fellowship. • JEAN CHRISTINE ANDERSON. 4923 E. Crestwood, Little Rock, Arkansas; Chi Omega; " Hullabaloo " : Canterbury Club. • JULIA JOAN ANDERSON, 822 E. Beach, Long Beach, Mississippi; Zeta Tau Alpha. n E lu c m B COLLEGE Itchy feet Second Row: • STAR ANDERSON. 4021 Childress, Houston. Texas; Pi Beta Phi; Canterbury Club. • JO ANN ANSLEY. 162 Katherine St.. San Antonio. Texas; Pi Beta Phi; A Cappela Choir; Swimming Club; Wesley Foundation. • DORIS ANTIN. 5 Marlborough Gate, New Orleans. Louisiana. • MARLEE ARNAUD. New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta. • PEGGY JOYCE ATKINSON, 107 St. Thomas St.. Lafayette. Louisiana; Wesley Foundation. • NELL ROSE AUSTIN. Mandarin, Florida; Alpha Delta Pi; Westminster Fellowship; White Caps. Third Row: • ALICE LAUDERDALE B.AIRD, 304 Sampson Ave., Dyersburg, Tennessee; Pi Beta Phi; Student Government As- sociation; Wesley Foundation. • ANN BAKER 1900 Beachwood Little Rock, Arkansas; Chi Omega; Canterbury Club; Art Club; Tusk; Swimming Club. • CAROLINE FRANCES BAKER. 1228 Race St.. New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi. • JULIA CAROLEE BALLOWE. 400 County St., Manteo. North Carolina; Delta Zeta; Wesley Foundation. • BARBARA BETH BARTLETT. 6124 Clara St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta; Secretary Freshman Class, ' 50; Recording Secretary Student Body, ' 51; Assets; Dance Club; La Tertulia; Tusk; Student Government Asso- ciation. • ANN BENNETT, 2214 Peachtree Rd-, Atlanta. Georgia; Pi Beta Phi; Canterbury Club. Fourth Row: • MARILYN RUTH BERLOT, 2303 Octavia St., New Orleans, Louisiana; A Cappela Choir; Glee Club; Inter- collegiate Zionist Federation of America. • MARY BAKER BIEDERMAN. 7929 Zimple St.. New Orleans. Louisiana; Chi Omega. • MARGARET FOX BINGHAM, 202 Howard, Greenwood, Mississippi; Chi Omega; Beta Beta Beta; JAMBALAYA; La Tertulia; Wesley Foundation; Dcrmitory Council, • JANIS E. BLACKMAN. 3715 Octavia New Orleans. Louisiana: Art Club; Hillel Foundation; French Club. • BETTY BLAND, 1626 Napoleon Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Glee Club; JAMBALAYA; Westminster Fellowship; Campus Night. • DOROTHY WHITNEY BLAND, 1442 Webster St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Glee Club. Fifth Row: • LORAINE JANET BOTTGER, 3132 Monroe. New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Zeta; Newman Club; French Club. • BARBARA BRANAN, Shades Crescent, Lake Shore Estates, Birmingham, Alabama; Phi Mu. • BETTY JEAN BROCATO, 2505 Goliad, Beaumont, Texas; B.S.O.; Glee Club; JAMBALAYA; " Hullabaloo " : Student Government Association; Newman Club; French Club. • BARBARA LILLIAN BROGAN 147 Joseph St., New Orleans. Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi; Glee Club; Pan Hellenic Y.W.C.A ; B.S.U.: Art Club; " Carnival " T.U.T. • ELIZABETH BRONSON. 2803 Octavia. New Orleans. Louisiana; Chi Omega: Glee Club; Newman Club. • MARCIA ELIZABETH BROWN. 1306 N. 39th, Fort Smith, Arkansas; Zeta Tau Alpha; Glee Club. Sixth Row: • DONA GAYLE BROWNE. 4920 St. Chas. Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Glee Club; JAMBALAYA; Canterbury Club. • ROSE PATRICIA BURDETT, 1510 Alexandria Place, Jacksonville, Florida; Kappa Alpha Theta; Newman Club; In- ternational Relations Club. • BARBARA BEARD BURGESS, 40 Woodcrest Ave., Atlanta, Georgia; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • LAURA LOGAN BURKS, 322 Windsey Lane. Tyler. Texas; Pi Beta Phi; Glee Club; " Hullabaloo " ; Y.W.C.A.; Can- terbury Club; Art Club. • JOAN BURLINGAME, 6404 Cantrell, Little Rock, Arkansas; Chi Omega; Glee Club; " Hullabaloo " ; Canterbury Club Campus Night. • EMILY MARGARET BURN, 1029 N. Armijo. Las Cruces. New Mexico; Zeta Tau Alpha; Canterbury Club; Oper- etta. Seventh Row: • BARBARA NELL BUTLER. 2021 N. J St., Pensacola. Florida; Kappa Alpha Theta; Glee Club; B.S.U.; Pre- Medical Society. • LAURA IRVIN CADIEN. 506 S. Commerce, Natchez, Miss; Phi Mu; A Cappella Choir; Glee Club; Operetta; B.S.U. • DORIS EUGENIA CAHN, 3411 Wellinaton Road, Montgomery, Alabama; Oreades; Westminster Fellowship; T.U.T. ; Eta Sigma Phi; " Carnival " . • SARAH REDD CALLAWAY, 310 Broad St.. LaGrange, Georgia; Phi Mu; Canterbury Club; German Club. • JUDITH ANNE CANADA, 7703 Green St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Zeta. • ELOISE CAPPEL. 1741 Thornton St.. Alexandria. Louisiana; Chi Omega; Assels; Dormitory Council; Secretary of Honor Board; Wesley Foundation. Typical Newcomb freshman? 219 w j 5k hirst Row: • FRANCES JOYCE CARINHAS. Eox 314 Patterson, Louisiana: B.S.O.; Newman Club. • SHEILA RUTH CARMEL, 6226 St. Chas. Ave.; Oreades; Eta Sigma Phi. • NANNETTE CARR, 707 2nd St., Gulfoort, Mississippi: Alpha Omicron Pi: JAMBALAYA: Y.W.C.A.: Wesley Foundation: Tusk. • DORIS OVERTON CARRE. 1904 N. Monroe, Little Rock, Arkansas; Chi Omega; Festival Cho ' r; Wesley Founda- tion; French Club; T.U.T. • CAROLYN CARTER, 1516 Pine St., Nev Orleans, Louisiana; Aloha Omicron Pi; Campus Night; Wesley Founda- tion; French Club. • ELIZABETH CARTER. Oak Ridge. Louisiana; Chi Omega; Tusk. Second Row: O CAROLYN JEAN CELLI, 6337 Westend Blvd., New Orleans, Louisiana; B.S.O.; Dance Clu b; United World Federalists. • BARBARA CHERRY 412 So Mayle, Covington, Tennessee; Alpha Omicron PI; JAMBALAYA; Pan Hellenic Coun- cil; Greenbackers. • ERNESTINE INEZ CHRIST, 424 E. Beach. Pass Christian. Mississippi. • PATRICIA CLESI, 904 Louisiana Ave.. New Orleans. Louisiana; Zeta Tau Alpha; JAMBALAYA; Campus Night; Urchin; White Caps ' . • SALLIE BONITA COCO, 70o Washington. Marksvllle, Louisiana; Alpha Delta Pi; Glee Club; Newman Club. • BARBARA FAYE COHN, 2454 Lofton Terrace, Fort Worth. Texas; Dance Club. Third Row: • BARBARA ANN CONNETT, Newton, Mississippi; Kappa Alpha Theta; Canterbury Club. • JOANNA CATHERINE CORBEAU, 4055 Piadmont Drive, New Orleans, Louisiana; Zeta Tau Alpha; Newman Club; Can:pus Night. • PADDY C. COUSINS, 1530 S. Ash. Casper, Wyoming; A Cappella Choir- Glee Club; Canterbury Club; Art Club; French Club. • LUCIE SERE CRANE, I8 ' 8 Broadway, New Orleans, Louisiana; Assets; Pan Hellenic; Art Club; Greenbackers; Badger Club. • SHIRLEY JANE CRENSHAW, 508 N. Catawba St.. Lancaster, South Carolina; Alpha Delta PI; Student Govern- ment; T.U.T. • DOLORES JOSEPHINE GULOTTA, 2626 State St., New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Zeta. Fourth Row: • BERTA FAYE CURTIS, 2230 South Z St , Fort Smith. Arkansas: French Club. • MARCIA DAVIDOFF, 17 Sunnyside Road, Scotia, New York. • MARCIA LOUISA DAVIS, 641 Atlantic, Corous Chrlstl Texas: Kappa Alpha Theta; Westminster Fellowship; Tusk. • ULLI ANN DEBEN, 33:5 Nashville Ave , New Orlears, Louisiana; Phi Mu; Newman Club; Art Club; French Club. • EMILY ANN DEES, 305 S. Mendenhall, Greensboro, North Carolina; Kappa Kappa Gamma, A Cappella Choir; Glee Club; Canterbury Club; " Carnival " Board. • DIANE BARTON DEHMER, Jackson, Mississippi; Chi Omega; Newman Club. Fifth Row: • ELIZABETH HANTON De La HOUSSAYE. 5809 St. Charles Ave.. New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi; Newman Club. • MIRIAM PAMALA DePASS, 4IU Vincent Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana: Kappa Kappa Gamma. • JEANNE ALEXANDER DEVRON, 1924 Octavla, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta; A Cappella Choir: Festival Choir; Operetta. • BONNIE SUE DILWORTH, 316 E. Lullwood. San Antonio, Texas; Zeta Tau Alpha; JAMBALAYA; " Hullabaloo " ; Canterbury Club; French Club; T.U.T. • MARY ANN DiNICOLA. 1725 Burgundy. New Orleans, Louisiana; Newman Club; Campus Night. • DIANE R. DIXEY, 4503 S. Derblgny, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta. Sixth Row: • PAT DOHERTY, 2235 Brentwood, Houston, Texas; Kappa Alpha Theta. • CLEMENTINE DOSKER, 3117 State St. Drive, New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Sigma Omicron; Newman Club; Greenbackers. • JULIA DOUGLASS, 531 Westover Drive, Atlanta, Georgia; Chi Omega; Student Government Association; Wes- ley Foundation. • EMILIE JANE DOWRICK, 327 Filth St., New Cumberland. Pennsylvania. • JOEL LUCILLE DUVIC, 7033 Walmsley, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi- A Cappella Choir- Glee Club; Operetta; JAMBALAYA. • JUNE EARNEST, 306 E. 6th St., Dallas. Texas; Alpha Delta Pi; La Tertulia: Pan Hellenic; Wesley Foundation. Seventh Row: • MARY ALICE EDMONDS, 8 Elizabeth Place, Mobile, Alabama; Westminster Fellowship; Greenbackers: Barra- cuda Swim Club; JAMBALAYA; Campus Night. • INA LEE EDREHI, 2121 North 20lh Ave.. Pensacola. Florida; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • JACgUELYN ANN ELLIS, 304 W. Wash., Glasgow, Kentucky; Delta Zeta; B.SU. • JANE EMERSON, 204 W. Mistletoe Ave.. San Antonio, Texas; Kappa Kappa Gamma; La Tertulia- Canterbury Club. • MERCEDES CAROLYN EMERSON, 615 W. Court, Winnfield, Louisiana; B.S.O.; French Club; Tusk. • PHYLLIS EMLING. 2009 Palmer, New Orleans. Louisiana; Chi Omega; Lagniappes. n E uj c m B COLLEGE This is what happens to bad upperclassmen 221 222 First Row; • VALERIE VIRGINIA ERNST, Waldenheim Sardens, Three Rivers Road, Covington, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi. • COURT NEY ANN E5TABROOK, 312 Breamv ood. Mobile, Alabama; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Glee Club; Wesley Foundation. • MARY VIRGINIA FERAUD, 500 Woodvine, Hkw Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi; Nev man Club. • LOUISE DENT FERGUSON, W. Flov er St.. Pulaski, Tennessee; Chi Omega; Glee Club; Wesley Foundation. • AVA ANNE FESTORAZZI, 1337 Henry Clay, Nev Orleans, Louisiana; Newman Club. 9 PAULA FINKELSTEIN, 1123 2nd St., Morgan City, Louisiana. Second Row: • BERTHA MIRIAM FISHER, 3431 Octavia St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Hillel Foundation. • PEGGY MASON SMITH FLEMING. 5533 Dann-el St., New Orleans. Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi. • PEGGY FLOWERS, 4225 St. Charles, New Orleans, Louisiana; Wesley Foundation; United World Federalists. • MARIANNA FLOWERS, I7C5 General Pershing, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi; Glee Club; Newman Club; Art Club. • MARILYN DILL FOLSE, 1316 Broadway St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta; Newman Club. • MARY ELIZABETH FONTAINE, 15 Richmond Place. New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi; Newman Club; Tusk. Third Row: • NORMASTEL FORD, 949 N. Jefferson, Jackson, Mississippi; Chi Om-ga. » LYDIA FOSSIER, 2219 Napoleon, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Glee Club; Newman Club, e JULIA HOOVER FOWLER, 3334 lOth St., Port Arthur, Texas; Canterbury Club; Kappa Alpha Theta. • SUSAN FOX, 740 S. Ridge, Highland Park, Illinois; Alpha Epsilon Phi; A Cappela Choir; Glee Club; Festival Choir; Ukulele Club; Student Government Association; Campus Night. » MARY FRANCIS, 2915 Federal. El Paso, Texas; Canterbury Club; Kappa Alpha Theta. • SUE FRANCIS, Hattiesburg, Mississippi; Baptist Student Union. Fourth Row: • ELEANOR FRANCISCO. 136 Smith. Lafayette, Louisiana: Kappa Kappa Gamma; JAMBAIAYA; Wesley Founda- tion. • DOROTHY JOANNE FUTCH. 228 Glenwood Drive. Thomasville. Georgia; Phi Mu; Glee Club; B.S.U.; Pelicans. M ETHEL BERNICE GABRIEL, 2701 Pauger, New Orleans. Louisiana; Newman Club, • ROSITA GARCIA, 323 Davie Drive, Wilmington, North Carolina: La Tertulia; Westminster Fellowship; Tusk. • GEORGIA GARRISON, 1335 Calhoun, New Orleans, Louisiana; Chi Omega. • ANNE GEFFKEN, 635 Andover Drive, Atlanta. Georgia. Rfth Row: «» JANET ANNE GERSTNER, Gramercy, Louisiana; Alpha Delta Pi; Glee Club; Newman Club. • ESTHER WALTON GILBERT, 134 Rose Ave . New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu; La Tertulia; Pan Hellenic Council; Canterbury Club; " Carnival " : United World Federalists. • MARY ELIZABETH GILBERT, 134 Rose Ave,, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu; Sophomore Class Treasurer; Honor Board; La Tertulia; " Carnival " ; United World Federalists. • JOYCE GILTHORPE, 3327 General Taylor St,; Befa Sigma Omicron; Newman Club; T. U. T.; Tusk. • GERALDINE ALICE GINSBURF, 203 Leasure Ave., New Castle, Pennsylvania; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • MARY FRANCES GIORDANO, 711 1st Ave., Bogalusa. Louisiana; Oreades; Pre-Medical Society. Sixth Row: • BARBARA SUSAN GLICK, 525 N, Sheridan Rd.. Highland Park, Illinois; Alpha Epsilon Phi; JAMBALAYA; Student Government Association; French Club. • WALTRAUT LUCINDE GOEDECKE, Hillside Terrace, Hallettsville. Texas; B.S.O.; International Relations Club; German Club. • JAN GORE, 2129 Ocfavia. New Orleans. Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi. • EMILY CAROLINE GOSS, 251 Patton Ave., Shreveport, Louisiana; Swimming Club; Kappa Alpha Theta. • NANCY BARR GOUCH, 4032 Vincennes, New Orleans. Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi. • MARY JANE GREEN, Box 520, Natchez, Mississippi; JAMBALAYA; Dance Club; B.S.U.; Campus Night; Tusk. Sevenlh Row: • MELISSA GREEN, 201 N. Hampton St., Kershaw. South Carolina; Alpha Delta Pi; Westminster Fellowship; Glee Club. • BARBARA ANNE GREENFIELD, 4485 St Roch, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu; Dance Club; Camous Night; Canterbury Club. • LYNN GREER, 354 Marshrnan Highland Park, Illinois; JAMBALAYA; " Hullabaloo " ; Campus Night; T. U. T. • MARY EMILY GRIFFITH, 2603 Hughes, Arnarilla, Texas; Westminster Fellowship, French Club; Kappa Alpha Theta. • LORELEI FLORA GUIDRY, 7221 Sycamore, New Orleans, Louisiana; Zeta Tau Alpha; Glee Club; Christian Science Organization. • CHARLSA ANNE GUYNES, 3211 Altura Blvd., El Paso, Texas; Student Government Association; T. U. T.; JAMBALAYA; Zeta Tau Alpha. n E ui c m B COLLEGE The power of a unitorm What in the world are they doing? 223 224 First Row: • SHIRLEY LeCONTE HADDOCK, 3950 Peachfree Dunwoody, Atlanta, Georgia; Phi Mu; A Cappella Choir; Oper- etta; Westminster Fellowship: French Club; Newcomb; Pan Hellenic. • SARA BRANDON HALL, St. Francisville. Louisiana: Kappa Kappa Gamnna; Dormitory Council; Greenbackers. • MARIE LOUISE HAMEL, 629 Kings Highway. Shreveport, Louisiana; Chi Omega; President Freshman Class, ' 50; Assets; Westminster Fellowship; Lagniappes; Tusk. • GLEN RAE HANEMANN, 635 N. Pierce St., Nrw Orleans, Louisiana; B.S.O.; " Hullabaloo. " • BEVERLY STEPHENS HARD, 950 Amherst Ave., Claremont, California: A Cappella Choir; Glee Club; Operetta; Canterbury Club; Dance Club. • BILLIE A. HARPER, 1412 Island Drive, Monroe, Louisia.ia; Dormitory Council; Honor Board; Pan Helleni;; Kappa Alpha Theta. Second Row: • EDIE HARRIS. 411 S. Main, Ridgely, Tennessee; Pi Beta Phi; Glee Club; Wesley Foundation; Greenbackers. • SUE ANNE HASTINGS, 6031 Blossom, Houston, Texas; Canterbury Club; Cheerleaders; Greenbackers; Tusk; Ukulele Club; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • MARTHA HATCHETTE. Box 322, Lake Charks, Louisiana: Chi Omega. • ADA JOYCE HATFIELD. 618 Audubon St.. New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Omega Pi; A Cappella Choir; Glee Club; Operetta. • MADELEINE HATREL, 6121 Delord St., New Orleans, Louisiana: Newman Club; French Club; Kappa Alpha Theta. • WARRENE FOSTER HAYNE. 2101 Stanford. Baton Rouge. Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma; " Hullabaloo " : West- minster Fellowship; Ukulele Club. Third Row: « HETTIE JEANNINE HENDERSON, Millers Ferry, Alabama; Student Government Association; Y.W.C.A.; West- minster Fellowship; Pi Beta Phi, • KAY BARRY HENRY, Rt. I, Box 28-E Fort Nogales, Vicksburg. Mississippi; JAMBALAYA; " Hullabaloo " ; ' Dance Club; Canterbury Club; Campus Night; T. U. T.; Kappa Alpha Theta. • MARGARET HILZIM, 1018 State St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Art Club; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • GAYNELL HINE3, 1722 5th. Lake Charles, Louisiana; Phi Mu; A Cappella Choir; Glee Club; Westminster Fellow- ship. e PATRICIA HINRICHSON, 3203 Duval, Houston, Texas- Alpha Delta Pi; Beta Beta Beta- La Tertulia- Newman Club- Tusk. • MARY MINNETIE HINTON, 1626 Soringhill Ave., Mobile. Alabama; B.S.O.; Glee Club; Y.W.C.A.; Westminster Fellowship. Fourth Row: • JUDY CHARBONNET HIXON. 2214 Pine St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Newman Club; Kappa Kappa Gamma. 9 EDITH MARIE HOFFMAN, 6008 Spruce. New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta; Newman Club; Intramurals. e ANNE HOLBROOK, 216 Betz Plice. New Orleans. Louisiana; Chi Omega; JAMBALAYA; Glee Club; Tusk. • MARGUERITE LUCILLE HOVER, 918 39th Ave., Gulfport, Mississippi; Alpha Omicron Pi- Festival Choir- JAMBA- LAYA; Newman Club; Art Club. e MARIE CELESTE HOV ELL, 2600 Marye St., Alexandria, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi. © NITA C. HOWELL. 2600 Marye St., Alexandria, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi; Canterbury Club; French Club. Fifth Row: • CAROLYN ELIZABETH HUCHTON, 815 Blacker, El Peso, Texas; T.U.T.; Zeta Tau Alpha. « MARY LANIER HUDSON, 1029 Clifton Rd.. N.E,, Atlanta. Georgia; Chi Omega. • ANN HUTCHINSON. 736 Elmwood, Shreveport, Louisiana: Pi Beta Phi; President Sophomore Class. ' 51; Vice- President Freshman Class, ' 50; Assets; Honor Board; Wesley Foundation; Newcomb Student Council; Barracuda Club. • ELLEN MORRIS IGNATIUS, 1525 Whitesburg, Huntsville. Alabama; Chi Omega; Westminster Fellowship; Art Club. • MAXINE DORIS ISAACSON, 3318 Robert St , New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • CAROLYN JOHNSON. 308 3rd Ave., Hattlesburg. Mississippi; Chi Omega. Sixth Row: 9 CONNIE ELISE JOHNSON, 543 Garr ty Road. San Antonio, Texas; 3.S.O.: Newman Club; Pre-Medirai Society. • JERE LYNN JOHNSON, Brookhaven, Mississippi; Chi Omega; Assets; Campus Night; Lagniappes; Swimming Club. • LENORE JOHNSON. 8513 Elmore Drive, Dallas. Texas- German Club. 9 SUE ANTHONY JOHNSON, 405 Cedar St., Washington. Missouri. • ROSALIE ATWOOO JOHNSTON, 1621 State St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi. • DOROTHY GREY JORDAN, P. O. Box 25i, Arlington, Jacksonville. Florida; B.S.O.; Glee Club- Westminster Fellowship. Seventh Row; • BEVERLY RUTH KAPLAN. Kaplan, Louisiana; Alpha Epsilon Phi; JAMBALAYA. • CHARLENE REBECCA KAPLAN. 303 Auburn, Monroe, Louisiana; Alpha Epsilon Phi; T.U.T.; JAMBALAYA. • FAYE KAPSINOW. 214 Brashear, Lafayette, Louisiana; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Glee Club; JAMBALAYA. • SALLY KASTLER, 2005 Audubon St., New Orleans, Louisiana: Alpha Omicron Pi; Canterbury Club- United World Federalists. • BARBARA ANNE KEEFE, 6803 Memphis, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu; Wesley Foundation; French Club. • JEAN MARGARET KEIL, 15 Allard Blvd., New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Epsilon Phi- Glee Club- French Club- T.U.T.; Urchin. 225 n E uj c m B COLLEGE War worker of ' 52 Newcomb dorm house mother ' s? 776 First Row: • MARY ANN KELLEY. Rt. I. Alexandria, Louisiana: Chi Omega. • ANN KATHRYN KENNINGTON, 4822 St. Cliarl»s Ave.. New Orleans, Louisiana; Glee Club: Canterbury Club. • MARY EUGENIA KENT, 1515 Morninqside Drive, Atlanta, Georgia; Kappa Alpha Theta. • BARBARA KINGTON, 315 S. Seminary, Madisonville, Kentucky; Chi Omega; Wesley Foundation; Glee Club. • BETTY SUE KIPP, 405 Alexandria Hamilton, San Antonio, Texas; Zeta Tau Alpha. • BERNICE HELENE KIRALFY, 1672 Potest Ave., Columbus, Georgia; Alpha Epsilon Phi; " Hullabaloo " : Campus Night. Second Row: • EMMIE KLAPP, Nev ton Square, Pennsylvania; Alpha Omicron Pi; " Hullabaloo " : Canterbury Club; T.U.T. • 50NYA KLINFELDT, 1735 General Pershing, New Orleans, Louisiana: Hillel Foundation; Glee Club; Operetta. • ALICE KOCH, 4409 Windsor Parkway, Dallas, Texas; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Assets; JAMBALAYA; La Tertulia; Pan Hellenic; Radio Workshop; T.U.T.; Leadership Council. • THELMA MILDRED LAHASKY, 1608 Prytania, New Orleans, Louisiana; Glee Club; Newcomb; Operetta; Athletic Council; hillel; White Caps; Interfaith Council. • LYNN MARIE LANDRY, Grand Caillou. Houma. Louisiana; B.S.O. • HOPE LANGER, 1641 St. Andrew St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Hillel Foundation. Third Row: • GWEN FAY LANGRIDGE, 529 Woodvinc, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi; Y.W.C.A.; Archery Club. • MARCIA VanSANT LANSFORD, 1418 Governor Nicholls. New Orleans, Louisiana; Glee Club. • PATRICIA ANNE LEE, 4503 S. Galvei St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi; Campus Night. • ROSALYNN ADAIE LEGGEH, 901 W. Storey, Midland, Texas; Glee Club; Wesley Foundation; Kappa Alpha Thcta. • DORIS LEVY, 508 Franklin, Natchez, Mississippi; Alpha Epsilon Phi; La Tertulia; T.U.T. • JANET MOORE LEVY, 5673 West End Blvd., New Orleans. Louisiana; B.S.O. ; Vice-President of Newcomb Student Council, ' 50; Assets; Honor Board; Pan Hellen ic; B.S.U. Fourth Row: • NAN JOAN LEVEY, 307 Audubon Blvd., New Orleans, Louisiana; B.S.O.; Christian Science Organization. • ANDREA LIVAUDAIS, 319 Audubon St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Chi Omega; Assets: La Tertulia: Campus Night; Lagnlappes. • ELAINE JUNE LOEWENSTEIN, 616 West Richards, Peoria, Illinois; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • JAN ROSE LONDON, 411 6th Ave., Hattiesburg, Mississippi. • TERRYE NAOMI LUBEL, 5824 S. Galvez, New Orlea: s, Louisiana; Glee Club; Operetta; Campus Night; Hillel Foundation. • PATSY ANN MALONE, 315 N. Greenwood, Fort Smith, Arkansas; Chi Omega; French Club. Fifth Row: • YOLANDA H. MANITOU, 5 Elizabeth, Brownsville, Texas; Newman Club; Delta Zet«. • FLEUR MARGOT MARCOUX, 1521 Jefferson Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta. • NANCY JANE MARLER, 1560 Ocoee St., Cleveland. Tennessee; Chi Omega; La Tertulia: Y.W.C.A.: Wesley Foundation; Greenbackers. • JOYCE CATHERINE MARSHALL, 135 Helois, Metairie, Louisiana. • JOYCE CAROL MATHES, 4526 S. Conti, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu. • ELIZABETH EMORY MATTHEWS, 806 State. Charleston, Missouri; B.S.O.; Glee Club; JAMBALAYA; Y.W.C.A.; Wesley Foundation; French Club. Sixth Row: • DOROTHY JANE MATTICE, 2463 Autumn, Memphis, Tennessee; Glee Club; Canterbury Club; Art Club. • MERLE MARIE MAUMUS, 2313 Calhoun St., New Orleans, Louisiana: Phi Mu. • MYRA JANE MAY. 212 Rueralitf Apt., Little Rock, Arkansas: Pi Beta Phi. • SUE MAYNARD, 2422 Wisteria, New Orleans, Louisiana: B.S.O.; Newmar) Club; Campus Night; French Club; Greenbackers. • THEDA ALICE MEAD, 1838 State St., New Orleans, Louisiana: Newman Club; Pi Beta Phi. • SUZANNE ELMA MELANCHON, 4246 Vincennes Place, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi. Seventh Row: • DONNA JO MIESSE, 324 Road of Remembrance, Jackson, Mississippi; Pi Beta Phi; A Cappella Choir; Glee Club; Operetta; Ukulele Club. • CYNTHIA MILLER, 3725 Napoleon Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Glee Club; Operetta; International Relations Club. • MARJORIE DAHLGREN MILLER, 7211 Broad Place, New Orleans, Louisiana; Chi Omega. • JEANNE IRENE MILLER, 6820 Hammerstone, Mariemont, Ohio; Canterbury Club; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • JEAN EVE MIRANDONA, II Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana; Glee Club; Campus Night; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • MARILYN MORAIS, 2809 Octavia, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Epsilon Phi. 227 n E uj c m B COLLEGE Who is if tonight. Ticlcy? Man-hunting again 228 First Row: • ELIZABETH ELLEN MORRIS, 1529 Henry Clay, New Orleans, Louisiana; Ca.iipus Night: Pelicans; Intermurals; Swimming Club; Festival Choir; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • JOAN MORRISON, 6714 Preston Drive, Columbus, Georgia; Kappa Kappa Gamma; President Junior Class. ' 51; Secretary Sophomore Class. ' 50; Assets; Honor Board; La Tertulia; Student Government Association; French Club; Greenbackers. • LORRAINE IMELDA MURPHY, 46 Lawrence St.. Bioomfield, New Jersey; Pre-Medical Soc ' -ty. Vice-President. • JANET RAI MURRAY, 3723 Carondelet, New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi; Glee Club; Canterbury Club. • CHARLENE ANN MUTZ, 1129 Reynes, New Orleans, Louisiana. • MARY OCTA MYERS. Winchester, Tennessee; Alpha Omicron Pi; " Hullabaloo " ; Canterbury Club; Campus Night; JAMBALAYA. Second Row; • CAROLE JANE McGEE, 330 Dexter, Denver, Colorado; Alpha Omicron Pi; Glee Club; Newcomb; Newman Club. French Club. • PATRICIA McGEE. 5527 Loyola. New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi. • JEAN McGregor, 3025 Aurora, El Paso, Texas; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Glee Club, Newcomb; Canterbury Club. • MARY ANN McHANEY. Rt. 3, Box 291-L, San Antonio, Texas; Pi Beta Phi; Glee Club; Newcomb: Wesley Founda- tion. • J. LEE McNAMARA, 1240 Williams St., River Forest, Illinois; Alpha Omicron Pi. • BETTY JOYCE NEVILLE. 2211 Valmont St., N w Orleans, Louisiana; B.S.O.; Assets; A Cappella Choir; Glee Club, Newcomb; Opera; Operetta; Wesley Foundation; Campus Night, Third Row: • VIRGINIA MARGUENITE NEWMAN. 1453 State SI.. New Orleans. Louisiana; Chi Omega; Glee Club, Newcomb; JAMBALAYA; Campus Night. • EMILE HAMPTON NOTT. 1724 Cadiz St., New Orleans, Louisiana; ' i Beta Phi; Beta Beta Beta; Athletic Council. • YOLANDA OCAMPO. 1120 Orange. New Orleans. Louisiana; Baptist Student Union; Pan American Society. • ALICE O ' FERRALL, 1200 St. Ann St.. Jackson. Mississippi; Chi Omsga; Glee Club, Newcomb; Westminster Fellowship. • BETTE WYN OLIVER. Harper Star Route. Kerrville. Texas; Alpha Delta Pi; JAMBALAYA; " Hullabaloo " : Campus Night. • PATRICIA NAN O ' SULLIVAN, 1708 DuFossat, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta; Canterbury Club; Art Club. Fourth Row: • MARGARET CAROLYN OTT, 18 Farnham Place. New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta. • GRACE PHILLIPS PARKER. 1640 State. Ne- Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Glee Club; Newcomb; Operetta; Campus Night; Newman Club. • RUTH LEE PARSONS. 2711 Confederate Ave , Vicksburg, Mississippi; Pi Beta Phi; Art Club; French Club. • MARY ELIZABETH PATTON. 1072 Mosby Rd., Whitehaven, Tennessee; Alpha Omicron Pi; Vice-President Junior Class. ' 51; Assets; Athletic Council; Dormitory Council; Student Government Association; Wesley Foundation. • MINANN PEARCE, 2950 Canterbury Rd.. Birmingham, Alabama; Phi Mu. • STERLING WILKINS PEEBLES. 2121 Poplar Apt. 75. Memphis. Tennessee; Alpha Omicron Pi; Canterbury Club. Fifth Row: • SANDRA ANN PEYLEN. 1400 Summit. St. Paul. Minnesota: Alpha Epsilon Phi; Dance Club; La Tertulia; " Hulla- baloo. " • EFFIE LOUISE PERKINS. 1222 Fern St.. New Orleans, Louisiana; Chsnning Club; Art Club; Interfaith Council. • HALLIE FRANCES PERRY, 8215 Palm St., New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Zeta. • MARIAN IDA PETCHESKEY, 812 Don Gaspar, Santa Fe, New Mexico; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Glee Club, Newcomb. • ELIZABETH MERRICK PHARR 6226 Marguerte Place, New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Canterbury Club. • POLLY JEAN PHELPS, 503 Speed, Monroe, Louisiana; Chi Omega; A Cappella Choir; Glee Club; Operetta; Dormitory Council; Wesley Foundation; Lagniapoes, Sixth Row: • PATRICIA ANN PITTS, 1706 W. Summit, San Antonio, Texas; Chi Omega; Westminster Fellowship; Art Club. • SALLY PITTS. 1213 Blythe. Alexandria, Louisiana; Chi Omega. • LIDA LOUISIANA PLACEK, 5943 N. Pard Ave., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Glee Club, Newcomb; Westminster Fellowship. • ELIZABETH SCOTT PLAUCHE, 4433 l. Charles. New Orleans, Louisiana; Chi Omega; Newman Club. • ANN POLK, 1409 State St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Chi Omega; Canterbury Club. • MARION CHRISTINE PRAH, New Fouidland; Pi Beta Phi; Westminster Fellowship; Greenbackers. Seventh Row; • FRANCES VICTORIA PRIEST, Jackson, Alabama; Glee Club, Newcomb; Y.W.C.A.; Pre-Medical Society; Baptist Student Union. • MAUREEN PROTHRO, 928 Jefferson Place, Shreveport. Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi; Dance Club; Westminster Fellow- ship; Art Club, Secretary. • JEANNE PAULINE QUETENS. 2703 Napoleon Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana; Art Club. • ANN ALEXANDER QUINN, 151 Woodland Drive. Jackson. Mississippi; Canterbury Club: French Club; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • CYNTHIA WUERREL RAINOLD, 2236 Palmer Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma; JAMBA- LAYA; Campus Nighr. • JOSEPHINE GABRIELLE RAMOS. Box 267, Patterson, Louisiana; B.S.O. ; La Tertulia: Newman Club; Tusk. 229 n E ui c m B COLLEGE The lolly-pop won ouf Does the future look bright? 230 First Row: • DEBORAH R. REDLER. 5533 Willow St., New Orleans. Louisiana; Hillcl: Art Club. • DONNA LUCY REESE, 4006 Pinchill Drive, Jackson, Mississippi; Pi Beta Phi; JAMBALAYA; Y.W.C.A.; Newman Club; Art Club; Tusk; Badger Club. • PATRICIA ANN REINERTH, 5819 Prytania St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi; Canterbury Club; Art Club. • LOUISE REI5S, 4 Rosa Park, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Newman Club; Art Club. • ALBERTA GRUN RETIF, 5530 St. Claude Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Zeta; Dance Club; Gamma Helta; Greenbackers. • SHIRLEY MAE RETIF, 4804 Touro, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Zeta; Newman Club. Second Row: • SUSAN ST, MARTIN REYNAUD, Lutcher, Louisiana; Phi Mu; Deans List, ' 4?, ' 50, ' 51; Y.W.C.A.; Newman Club; Tusk; Sociology Club. • ANN RICHARDSON, 274 Patton, Shreveport, Louisiana; Newman Club; Art Club. • KAY G. RICHARDSON, 3325 Coliseum, New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi; Glee Club, Ncwcomb; Canterbury Club. • MARY IRENE RICHESON, 5238 Pitt, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Glee Club, Newcomb; Newman Club; Campus Night. • MARY AGNES RIZZO, Edgewater Gardens, Monroe, Louisiana; Phi Mu; Newman Club; French Club; " Hulla- baloo. " • BETTY ANN ROBIN, 946 Picheloup Place, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi. Third Row: • JEAN HONEY ROBINSON 8538 Rosalie Ave., Brentwood, Missouri; Alpha Omicron Pi. • SARAH NOEL ROBINSON, 925 So. 28th St., Birmingham, Alabama; Alpha Omicron Pi; Glee Club; Newcomb; Operetta; JAMBALAYA; Westminster Fellowship. • MARION LILLIAN ROMAINE, 2116 Calhoun St., New Orleans, Louisiana; B.S.O.; Treasurer Junior Class, ' 50; La Tertulla; Wesley Foundation. • DIANA FRANCES ROSAMOND, 3321 Octavia, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu; Newman Club; Art Club. • BETTY JEAN ROSEN, 2417 Medford Court, W., Ft. Worth, Texas; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Dance Club. • GERTRUDE ROSE RUBEL, Okolona, Mississippi; Alpha Epsilon Phi; JAMBALAYA; Archery Club. Fourth Row: • BARBARA LEE RUBENSTEIN. 2407 McDowell. Augusta, Georgia; Glee Club, Newcomb; Operetta; Dance Club; La Tertulia; Art Club; Sociology Club. • ANNETTE FELICIA RUCKSTUHL, 3619 Robert St., New Orleans, Louisiana; B.S.O.; Pan Hellenic; Newman Club; Tusk. • LOUISE JOAN RUE, 6812 Catina St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Glee Club, Newcomb. • HILDRED EUGENE RUNYAN, Tcrre Noir Ranch, Alpine, Arkansas; Zeta Tau Alpha; Band; Tulane University Theater; Tusk; Baptist Student Union. • RAE RUSAKDOF, 2015 Broadway, New Orlean s, Louisiana. • LORRAINE CLAERE SANCHEZ, 1318 N. Lopez, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu. Fifth Row: • MARY DURLAND SAPP, Cricket Hill Hobbs Rd., Greensboro, North Carolina; B.S.O.; Canterbury Club; French Club. • MARY ROZELLE SAWYER, 901 Burdetta St.. New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi. • LORAINE WOLCOTT SAUCIER, 40 Maryland Drive, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta; JAMBALAYA; Wesley Foundation; Art Club. • MARY PILLOW SCALES, W. River Road, Greenwood, Mississippi; JAMBALAYA; Westminster Fellowship; Theta Upsilon Theta. • JANET CAROL SCHARFF, 1217 W. 61 Terrace, Kansas City, Missouri; Alpha Epsilon Phi; " Hullabaloo " : Student Government Association; Ukulele Club; Sociology Club; Greenbackers; Campus Night. • ANN ADELE SCHILLIN, 246 Audubon St., New Orleans, Louisiana. Sixth Row: • RHODA ELIZABETH SCHMIDT, 1028 Port, New Orleans, Louisiana. • BARBARA ANN SCHNEIDER, 2125 Music St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Newman Club. • DOROTHY JEAN SCHUMACHER, 4616 Perrier, New Orleans, Louisiana; Glee Club, Newcomb; Newman Club; Campus Night; Kappa Alpha Theta. • MARILYN LOUISE SCHUSTER, 516 Northline. New Orleans, Louisiana; Chi Omega; Glee Club, Newcomb; Newman Club. • JOAN MARY SCHWANDT, 1324 Music, New Orleans, Louisiana. • PATRICIA LEE SCHWARTZ, 39IE So. Lookout, Little Rock, Arkansas; Glee Club, Newcomb- Pelicans- Kappa Alpha Theta. Seventh Row: • JOAN 5EIDENBACH. 144 Audubon Blvd., New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Epsilon Phi; JAMBALAYA; Campus Night; International Relations Club. • MARY BETH SELBY, 1519 PInehurst, Jackson, Mississippi; Glee Club, Newcomb; Wesley Foundation; Kappa Alpha Theta. • GLADNEY SHELL, 2000 Palmer Ave., New Orleans 18, Louisiana; Glee Club, Newcomb; Canterbury Club- Kappa Kappa Gamma. • MARY SUE A. SHERWOOD, 1321 Nashville, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Omicron PI; Westminster Fellowship. • JANE LOUISE SHOAF, 322 E. Liberty, Covington, Tennessee; Alpha Omicron Pi; Glee Club; Newcomb. • ETHEL IRA SHORE, 207 Roper, Mobile, Alabama; " Hullabaloo " ; Westminster Fellowship; Delta Zeta. n E ui c m B COLLEGE The younger generation is getting better looking every day Don ' t get your wires crossed, Hon. 231 232 Firsf Row: • MARION JOYCE SIEGMAN. 8105 Bay Pdrkway. Brooklyn, New York. • ANN SIGEL, 2406 W. Summit, San Antonio, Texas. • SALLY ANN SILVERBERG, 1212 Sherman, Madison. Wisconsin; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Band; JAMBALAYA. • LENORA JACKLYN SILVERMAN, 2625 Nashville Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana. • DIANE GENEVIEVE SMITH, 1936 S. Carrollton Ave.. New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu. • DOROTHY CAROL SMITH, 552 Sunnyside Drive, Louisville, Kentucky; Phi Mu; Newcomb Glee Club; Wesley Second Row: • ELEANOR GENEVIEVE SMITH, 1308 Broadway, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta. Foundation; French Club; Tulane University Theatre. • FRANCES PRESTON SMITH, 1009 Dunlap Ave., Guntersville, Alabama; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Newcomb Glee Club; Canterbury Club. • JOAN SMITH, 1828 Jefferson Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa GaiTima. O PATRICIA JOAN SMITH, 424 Knawles. Kilgore, Texas; Kappa Alpha Theta; Newman Club. • EVELYN SOCOLA, Broadway, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi. • HENRIETTA DAVIS SPEAS, 458 Argonne Drive, Atlanta, Georgia; Phi Mu; Canterbury Club. Third Row: • LOUISE VANY STAGG, 1312 Louisiana Ave.. New O ' leans, Louisiana; Newcomb Glee Club. • SrLVIA RAE STAHL, 2429 Octavia, New Orleans, Louisiana; Hillel; French Club. • KATHERINE ANNE STEINMAYER, 7933 Oak St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Festival Choir; Glee Club, Newcomb; Art Club; Pi Beta Phi. • BARBARA STERN, 5515 Magnolia, New Orl ' ans, Louisiana; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • LILLIAN IRMA STEWART, 1329 St. Roch Ave., New Orleans. Louisiana; Glee Club, Newcomb; Gamma Delta. • EMILY WALD SlIX. 3759 Washington Ave.. Cincinnati 29. Ohio; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Glee Club, Newcomb; JAMBALAYA. Fourth Row: • BETH ANNE STOCKER, 1465 Eleonore. New Orleans. Louisiana; Chi Omega; Glee Club, Newcomb; Newman Club; Campus Night. • ALINE LOUISA STOUSE, 675 Sierra Fria, Mexico D.F . Mexico; Kappa Alpha Theta; JAMBALAYA. • BARBARA ANN ST. PAUL, 2005 Octavia St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Newman Club; Art Club; Kappa Kappa Gam.ma. • NADIA DE LA HOUSSAYE ST. PAUL, 1225 1st St.. New Orleans. Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi. • VIVIAN ISABEL SUSSMANN, 1530 Josephine St.. New Orleans. Louisiana; Glee Club; Operetta. • ANNA LANGSTON SUTTER. 7826 S. Claiborne, New Orleans. Louisiana; Alpha Delta Pi; Westminster Fellowship; Tusk. Fifth Row: » JUDY CONLEY TALBOT, 7444 St. Charles Ave., New Orleans. Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi. • ELSA STORCK TAYLOR, 845 Unadilla, Shreveport. Louisiana; JAMBALAYA; Westminster Fellowship; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Art Club; French Club; Lagniappes; Tusk; " Carnival. " • IDA VIVIAN TAYLOR, 1001 Hearn, BIytheville. Arkansas; Chi Omega; A Cappella Choir; Glee Club. • JUDY TAYLOR, Storlins Plantation. Franklin, Louisiana; Student Government Association; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • MARGARET LOUISE THIBAUT, NapoleonvilU, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Cheerleader; Tusk; Leadership Council. • JOAN MARIE THIBODAUX, 604 Carol Drive. New Orleans, Louisiana. Sixth Row: • BARBARA LEE THOMAS. 7030 St. Charles Ave.. New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu; Glee Club. • CAROLYN LAWTON THORNE, 4603 S. Carrollton Ave.. New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Zeta. • DOROTHY LYNNE TRAUTH, 206 Vincent Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi; Glee Club; West- minster Fellowship. • BETTY RAY TRELFORD, 1642 Colquitt. Houston. Texas; Pan Hellenic; Kappa Alpha Theta. • ANN MORION TRICE, 3320 Airline Highway, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Zeta. • CAROLINE RANKIN TRUEMAN, 1280 Carlisle Rd., Birmingham. Alabama; Pi Beta Phi; Glee Club, Newcomb; Greenbackers. Seventh Row: • RUTH ARLENE TUCKER, 833 Woodbine, Oak Park, Illinois; La Tertulia. • MARGARET ANN TURFITT, 2101 Jefferson Ave ., New Orleans, Louisiana; Chi Omega; Westminster Fellowship; Tusk; Interfaith Council; Campus Night. e SARAH FRANCES TURNER, 1224 Madeline, El Paso. Texas; Student Government Association; Canterbury Club; Kappa Alpha Theta. • MARY MARJORIE UPHAM. 316 Cedar Drive, New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • VIRGINIA LUCIA VALLE, 1500 N. Villere, New Orleans, Louisiana; Newman Club. • ANNE WEIR VARINO, !0I Richmond, Monroe, Louisiana; Canterbury Club; Art Cub; French Club. 233 n E uj c m B COLLEGE Top: Band on the way to Gulf Park College Bottom: This chow is lousy! 234 First Row: • BETTY VERLANDER. 225 Audubon Blvd., New Orleans. Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi. • DOROTHY BLUM VERLANDER, 3027 Napoleon Ave., New Orleans. Louisiana; B.S.O.; Wesley Foundation; Tusk. • BARBARA VIAVANT, 4941 St. Charles Ave., New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Mu; International Relations Club; Greenbackers. • MARION VIDEAU, 21 Versailles Blvd., New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi; Tusk. • JACKIE M. VIZ2IN1. 20 Allard Blvd., New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Delta Pi; JAMBALAYA; Dance Club; Pan Hellenic; Westminster Fellowship: Campus Night; Cheerleaders; Greenbackers; Ukulele Club; Tusk. • MILDRED VOGEL, 603 E. Evergreen, San Antonio, Texas. Second Rov : • JANE VON BEHREN, 392? N. Robertson. New Orleans, Louisiana. • RUTH ESTHER WAGNER, 561 Joseph St., New Orleans. Louisiana. • BETTINA WALLACE, 1525 Short, New Orleans, Louisiana; Chi Omega; Glee Club, Newcomb; Wesley Founda- tion. • MARY ALYCE WARE, 1029 N. Virginia, Atlanta, Georgia; Newman Club. • MARGARET WATKINS, 932 Sixth St.. Lake Charles. Louisiana; Chi Omega. • ROBERTA MARIE WEBB, Yotela R.R. Co., La Lima, Honduras; Alpha Omicron Pi. Third Row: • FLORENCE WEIL, 3310 S. Perry. Montgomery, Alabama; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • PATSY WEIL, 2840 Montevalloro, Birmingham, Alabama; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Glee Club, Newcomb; JAMBALAYA; French Club; Art Club; Campus Night; Advertising Manager of ' 51 JAMBALAYA. • MARILYN WEISS. 2603 Jefferson Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Glee Club, Newcomb; JAMBALAYA; " Hullabaloo. " • BETTY JEAN WEST, 119 Rogers Ave., Macon, Georgia; B.S.O.; International Relations Club; Tusk; White Caps. • JOAN WHITE, 4412 S. Lookout. LiHIe Rock. Arkansas; Pi Beta Phi; Glee Club, Newcomb; Dance Club; La Tertulia; Canterbury Club; Art Club. • MARY ELLEN WILKS, 331 Chestnut, Webster Grov»s, Missouri; JAMBALAYA; " Hullabaloo " ; Y.W.C.A.; West- minster Fellowship; Art Club; Campus Night; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Fourth Row: • CELIA LYNN WILLIAMS, 2500 Hardy, Hattiesburg, Mississippi; Chi Omega; B.S.U.; Art Club. • DORIS ANNE WILLIAMS, 703 Ingram Drive. Opelika, Alabama; Phi Mu; JAMBALAYA- Athleti ' Council B.S.U. • PATRICIA RHODES WILLIAMS. 4401 Edmondson, Dallas, Texas; Operetta; JAMBALAYA; Dormitory Council Art Club; " Carnival " ; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • NANCY ELLEN WILLIAMSON. 502 Evans Ave.. San Antonio, Texas; Glee Club, Newcomb; Wesley Foundation Kappa Kappa Gamma. • OCTAVIE WILSON. Golf Club Lane, Nashville, Tennessee; Alpha Delta Pi; Newman Club; Campus Night French Club. • E. ARLINE WINCHESTER, 2801 Arts. New Orleans 22, Louisiana; Delta Zeta; Wesley Foundation. Fifth Row: • MARJORIE LOUISE WINSTEAD, 66 Milton, Mexico D.F., Mexico; Zeta Tau Alpha; Glee Club, Newcomb; New- man Club; International Relations Club. • WINSTON REESE WITHERS. Grecnsburo, Alabama; Alpha Omicron Pi; Canterbury Club; French Club. • JERRY JOY WOLF, 900 Weiblen Place, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Zeta. • SARA JANE WOODS. I02S S. 8th, Chickasha, Oklahoma; Dormitory Council; Swimming Club; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • MARY HARRIET WREN, 1315 Locust, Texarkana, Arkansas; Chi Omega; JAMBALAYA; Wesley Foundation; Art Club; Campus Night; Greenbackers; Dance Club. • KATHRYN VICKERS YERGER, 1525 N. State, Jackson, Mississippi; Chi Omega; Glee Club, Newcomb; West- minster Fellowship. Sixth Row: • LUCY YERLY. 325 E. Huisache, San Antonio, Texas; Kappa Alpha Theta. • ROSALIE YORK. 3655 Del Monte, Houston, Texas. • BARBARA STRECK YOUNGS, 5901 General Diaz, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta. • EMILY RUTH XANTEN, 2227 Calhoun, New Orleans, Louisiana; A Cappella Choir; Glee Club, Newcomb; Ooer- etta; Canterbury Club; Leadership Council; President Glee Club. • RAY MARIE ZEMMER, 1909 So. Dupre St , New Orleans, Louisiana- Glee Club, Newcomb- La Tertulia- Newman Club. 235 n E uj c m B COLLEGE ■ T .; Top: Where is Slee-uum? Bottom: While strolling through the park one day " Dimples " Gandolfo steals the show again OFFICER ELIZABETH COOK . . . President MEMBERS Claire Lewis, Lynn Hock, Margee Gan- dolfo Alpha Sigma Sigma, the senior hon- orary society, was founded at Newcomb In 1915 to promote leadership, scholar- ship, and loyal service to the school. On Alpha Sigma Sigma Day the names of those girls elected are announced to the student body. The following fall these members conduct a three day Freshman Orientation Program. The president of the club presides at Freshman Class meet- ings until the freshman officers are elected. flLPHfl sicmn sicmn E T Please smile, Betty OFFICERS ALICE KOCH . . , MARIE HAMEL President Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS Barbara Bartlett, Lucy Crane, Ann Hutch- inson, Jere Johnson, Betty Neville, Sara Woods The Assets have been on the Newcomb campus since 1938. This group is com- posed of the outstanding girls of the Freshman Class. They are chosen on the basis of school spirit, scholarship, leader- ship, and contribution. The members are chosen by the previous year ' s members and are announced at the last Student Body meeting of the year. During the year after their election into the club they take an active part In Freshman Orienta- tion. They are " Big Sisters " to the new freshmen, and plan the Sophomore Kan- garoo Court at which the freshmen are on trial for their crimes. 236 OFFICERS VIRGINIA DAY . . . IMOGENE WHYTE . . ANN HUTCHINSON . . MEMBERS President Vice-President Secretary Barracudas Ann Baker. Dot Carrere, Leila Flournoy. Natalie Gessner. Emily Goss, Jere Johnson, Marilyn Morais, Ellen Morris. Emily Palmer, Betty Paul, Helen Rapier, Elizabeth Spring. Effir Stock- ton, Joyce Sukman. Joel Wolfe. Sara Woods. Baby Barracudas Jo Ann Ansley, Jean Anderson, Joan Anderson, Ann Bennett, Margaret Burn, Eloise Cappel, Mary Edmondson, Virginia Ernst, Lynn Greer, Leila Lawson, Jeanne Miller, Marilyn Mossier, Janeth Murray. Cookie Pat+on, Louise Reiss, Rose Rubel, Mary Scott. Beth Stocker. The Barraruda Swimming Club is an organ- ization which promotes form swimming and pageant planning. At the beginning of each year, those who are interested in syncronlzed swimming are chosen on the .basis of their swimming ability and the perfection of their strokes. The club meets every Wednesday at five. The main event staged by the club is the annual water ballet which takes place In the Newcomb Pool in March. Every member parti- cipates In the pageant either in a group or an individual number. A central theme is decided upon and Is carried out during the entl. ' e per- formance. Aside from the ater ballet the Swimming Club also sponsors the National Telegraphic Meet, and the Newcomb Intramural Swimming Meet. Give me the one on the right B C U fl S T C L U B jooooooooeeeeeeee OFFICERS KATHLEEN COLEMAN BARBARA ST. PAUL . MAUREEN PROTHRO . MARY JANE DILLARD President Vice-President Secretary T. ' easurer MEMBERS Ann Alexis, June Antley, Ann Baker, Elizabeth Bronson, Laura Burkes, Joan Burlingame. Kath- leen Coleman, Paddie Cousins. Shirley Cren- shaw, Virginia Day, Pam De Pass. Mary Jane Dillard, Julie Douglas, Anne Festorazzl. Peggy Fleming, Marianne Flowers, Mary Francis, Ann F. ' anklln, Carol Granbery. Sara FHaM. Margaret Hllzim, Mary HInton, Ellen Ignatius, Sally James. Gwen Langrldge, Leila Lawson. Elaine Lowenstein, Judy Nott. Effie Perkins, Ann Pitts, Maureen Prothro, Cynthia Rainold, Donna Reese, Louise Relss. Ann Richardson. Bobby Rubenstein, Barbara St. Paul, Gladney Shell, Jean Snidu. Kathryn Stelnmayer, Beth Stocke. ' . Vivian Taylor Elsa Taylor, Anne Varlno, Mary Wilks Lynn Williams, Tanya Wohl, Phyllis Wolf, Sara Woods. Harriet Wren. The purpose of the University Art Club is to promote better understanding of art as rny- thing " well done " at the University and In :he community. During ' he year ' he club sponsors certain functions which are open ' io he public. These functions consist of {Ilms, a modern dance program, lectures from : he art OS well as academic faculty, are exhibitions, and an annual banquet. An Interest In are Is the only requirement for club membership. 237 FLASH— Enfire JAMB sfaff now talcing French OFFICERS CHRIS WEST President JOE SIMON Vlce-P.resident SHIRLEY HADDOCK .... Secretary THOMAS CARMICHAEL . . Treasurer MEMBERS Blair Alexander, Lee Fleshman, Elizabeth Fon- taine. Sylvia Stahl. Judy Wenzel, Ann Keefe, Loraine Bo+tqer, Fred West, Ike Farrar, Robert Weaver, Betty Jean B.-ocato, Jane Shoaf. Emily Griffith, Minann Pearce, Mary Beth Selby, Gay- nelle HInes. Juiie Douglas. Lloyd Melancon, Allan Leonard, Thomas Carmichael, James Wynne. Charles Gasque, Carol Smith, Mary Agnes Rizzo, Bette Aliner, Sandy Pielen, Louise Ferguson, Beth Matthews, John Perrel, Winston Withers, Bonnie Dilworth, Nita Howell, Ma ie Howell, Cleo Cousins. Joan Robinson, Barbara Brannon. Nathan Galloway, Dudley Smolen. Jean Keil, Doris Carre, Ruth Tucker, Mercedes Emerson, Mary Sapp, Noel Robinson, Nadia St. Paul, Elizabeth Plauche. Octavie Wilson, Ann Quinn, Jack Tuero, Bart Jones, Eulalee Deben. Loraine Sanchez, Nancy Gooch, Paul Duet, Maddie Hattrel, Deb by Gerry. Tulane-Newcomb students who want to learn more of conversational French and French cul- ture comprise this recently reorganized club. There are meetings every other week, at which interesting French films are shown and ■Iraditional French games are played. The main obiect of the club is to help students speak more fluently and understand ihe language. Under the guidance of Chris West, president, and the executive council, the spirit and en- thusiasm has made every meeting a very suc- cessful party! LE CIRCLE FRflnCfllS NEUJCOmB DflnCE CLUB OFFICERS GAYLE MACKENROTH . . . President JOYES MATHES .... Vice-President JANE LEE LUFT Secretary MEMBERS Star Anderson, Babs Bart left, Brenda Blalock, Betty Brandau, Dona Browne, Peggy Burken- road. Jean Celli, Sara French. April Gaskins, Nancy Gooch, Barbara Greenfield, Pat Green- field, Beve.Hy Hard, Jane Lee Luft, Gayle Mackenroth, Mercedes Maraist. Joyce Mathes. Sterling Peebles, Betty Jean Rosen, Barbara Rubenstein, Marilyn Larantina, Jackie Vizzini, Joel Wolfe. The Newcomb Dance Club was originally founded in 1940 and has progressed consider- ably under ' he ardent direction of Miss Fran- ces Bush. The purpose of 1he club is io promote in- terest in all iypes of ballet and Io furnish dances (or campus productions and other activ- ities. At the beginning of each semester iry-outs for new members are held. The new membe. ' " s are put into 1he coryphee group until Ihey prove themselves worthy of election into the ballerina group. Election is based on ability plus service and interest toward ihe club. A recital held in ihe spring climaxes the year ' s activities. This year ' s recital included Degas Pictures. The Pied Piper, and Divertisse- ments. Watch it, boy, you ' re drooling on the book 238 OFFICERS ELIZABETH COOK .... President MARGARET CONDER . . . . President East Wing JUNT ANTLEY President West Wing CATHERINE NAEF .... President Warren House LYNN HOCK ...... President LeMonnia ' House JANE DOGGETT Secretary MRS. MYRTLE MOSELEY . Faculty Advisor ' MEMBERS Jo Ann Ansley. Margaret Bingham. Jo ce Bruff, Eloise Cappell, Emtiv Dees, Sara Hall, Billie Harper, Rosalyn Legett, Claire Lewis, Elizabeth Palmer. Marv Elizabeth Patton, Polly Jean Phelps. Olga Turner, Pat Williams. Sara Woods. Composed of representatives f. ' om all of the dormitories, the Newcomb Dormitory Council provides the resident student governmenr for students living in the dormitories. It carries out the ' regulations, tries offenders, and scves with executive, legislative and judicial powers. The council also provides for entertainments by and for its members, working with all dormitory students for an effective system of self-government In matters relating to the conduct of its members, both as individuals and as a social g.roup. Jf ? A Conspiring for later hours NEUJCOmB DORmiTORV COUHCIL NEUJCOmB HOnOR BOARD Someone always has his eyes closed OFFICERS CLAIRE LEWIS President FLORA TALMAGE . Vice-President ELOISE CAPPEL Secretary MEMBERS Eloise Cappel, Elizabeth Cook. Elizabeth Fon- taine, Margee Gandolfo, Mary Gilbert, Billie Harper, Ann Hutchinson, Sally James, Claire Lewis, Morris Middleton, Joan Morrison, Flora Talmage, Nancy Ellen Williamson. Marilyn Woodward, Lucy Ye.Hy. Newcomb College is proud of its honor sys- tem which is conducted by ' ihe students ihem- selves. Honor Board acts as a jury for any violations against the honor system and also witnesses the honor pledge which each student must make upon enrollment at the College. Honor Board has jurisdiction over examina- tions, classworV, smoking rules, and moral ques- tions. Hono. ' Board ' s greatest job is that of im- pressing the Importance of the honor system upon each member of Ihe Newcomb Student Government Association, so Ihat each girl feels It io be her duty -o abide by ihe rules and to see that others do ihe same. The co- operation between Honor Board and the stu- dents is a close one. 239 neujcomB studeiit council OFFICERS MARGEE GANDOLFO President JANET LEVY Second Vice-President ISABEL PEAL . . . . ' First Vice-President JA| IE DOGGETT Corresponding Secretary BARBARA BARTLETT Recording Secretary Elizabeth Cook Lynn Hock Ann Hutchinson MEMBERS Sally Jannes Claire Lewis Jane Lee Luft Patsy Jo McDowell Morris Middleton Joan Morrison Nancy Williamson Marilyn Woodward The function of thk association is to form a basis for co- operation between the faculty and the students. The pilot- ing unit is the Student Council which is composed of the officers of the association. Any needed change in Newcomb ' s constitution is pro- posed by the Council; all charters for organizations on campus are granted; and at all times, the actions of the Student Council strive to embody the active work of an association of able and adult individuals. The aim of the Council is an effective and representative self-government, as far as possible. Integrating all campus activities into one cooperative and harmonious whole. That pepsodent smile 240 OFFICERS JANE LEE LUFT President PATSYEARL SPRING . . Vice-President SUE REYNAUD Secretary GWEN LANGRIDGE .... Treasurer MEMBERS Rose Agnew, Anne Allen, Ann Alexis Nanette Carr, Mary V. Feraud. Melissa Gre n, Glen Rae Hanemann, Nan Levey. Ma-ianne Mc- Donald, Beth Matthews, Bette Oliver. Elizabeth Palmer, Sylvia Pinner, Francis Priest, Ann Irvin, Louise Rue, Lillian Stewart. The Y.W.C.A. at Newcomb was organized In 1901, as a functioning part of ihe National Student Y.W.C.A.. in order ' o promote a spirit of friendship and religious oducation on the campus and io oncou ' age ihe growth of community and group spirit among the Newcomb students. The organization has grown and developed along with :he college. Keeping step with the students, ' he " Y " is a vital organ- ization. Its membership is open :o oil New- comb students. This year the Y.W.C.A. sponsored a picnic supper for the Freshmen during orientation, gave Thanksgiving baskefs io ;he poor, spon- sored Valentine and Easte.- parties for orphans, held the Senior Baby Contest, and as usual, took a part in the planning of 1he Easter Sunrise Service. Your slip Is showing, Honey Chile V . Ul c . BETA BETA BETA There ' s always a slip showing RENE COBB .... MARGARET C. WILLIAMS MARION ANDRUS . . President Secretary Treasurer The Beta Lambda chapter of Beta Beta Beta, Nationa! Honorary Biological Frater- nity, chooses its new members each year on a basis of interest in a science and a high scholastic record in a scientific subject. The activities through each year include field trips and lectures on a variety of subjects pertaining to science. February 13 was the initiation date for I950- ' 5I. Three active mem- bers and eight provisional members were initiated at that time. 241 OFFICERS JANE LEE LUFT . . . MARY F. GIORDANOE . . President Vlce-P. ' esident MILLIE MASON Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS Marie Louise A ' noult. Betty Brandau, Doris Cahn, Sheila Carmei, Jeanne Daussin, Shirley Mae Gardner, Betty Freed man, Reqina Gun- ihorpe, Anne Lupean, Deborah McHale, Dahl- gren Miller, Stella Mongeau, Kitty Thornton, Allda Treuling, Oreades Is an honorary club :or Newcorr.b ■tudents who are studying ' ihe Latin and Greek Classics. Each year at the beginning of ihe second semester new members are Initiated Into the organization on the basis of scholar- ship and interest. This year Oreades enterlained at a tea In honor of the new students ' in the classic ' s de- partment. Then, of course in December the members and new students took part in the annual Saturnalia party, which follows the, old Roman Christmas celebration. Other social functions were held during the year and dis- cussions and lectures on classical subjects were p,resented at the meetings. Newcomb ' s most classical misses E E NElUCOmB ATHLETIC COUnCIL Scootle ' s s+ill winking at everyone OFFICERS LYNN HOCK EFFIE STOCKTON Chairman Secretary-Treasure.r .MEMBERS Ann Bridges, Virginia Day, Margaret Field, Leila Flournoy. Emily Goss. Lynn Hock, Mil- dred Lahasky, Gayle Mackenroth, Ellen Morris, Emily Nott, Emily Palmer. Gloria Patron, Cookie Parton, Effle Stockton, Ann Williams, Joel Wolfe. The Newcomb Athletic Association, of which al! students are members, is governed by the Athletic Council. This year, for the first time in over ten years, the Association Is divided Into four leagues by classes. Through " Round Robin " tournaments in volleyball, basketball, and Softball, each class competes with the others. This competition is also _ followed through in the individual sports of ping-pong, badminton, tennis, and swimming. The Athletic Council is made up of rep- resentatives of the four classes, league heads, presidents of the Swimming, Archary, and Dance Clubs, chairmen of the team and In- dividual sports, secretary, and chairman. This council supervises extracurricular sports, intra- murals and recreation nights. Team awa- ' " ds are given on the basis of skill v hile individual awards are given to the most enthusiastic students who take part in many_ of the activities. Cups are awarded the winning teams, and gold keys are awarded to the vic- tors in individual tournaments. Students who earn a sufficient number of points through participation receive felt " N ' s. " blazers, or silver " N " pins. ■fj -i 242 244 FIrsf Row; • HERBERT SAMUEL ABRAHAM, 893 Hawthorne, Memphis. Tennessee; Zeta Beta Tau. e ANN CHRISTIAN ANDERSON, 5521 Atlanta St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma; " Hullabaloo. " • RICHARD ANTHONY ASHBY, 3SI8 Clermont, New Orleans, Louisiana; Naval Air Reserve. • BRUCE C. ASHLEY, 5843 Louisville St., Now Orlaans, Louisiana; Delta Tau Delta; Sigma Gamma Epsilon. • EDGAR MATTHEWS ASHWORTH, JR., 8718 Monitor Way, Norfolk. Virginia; Pi Kappa Alpha; NROTC; Editor, " Hullabaloo " ; Theta Nu; Who ' s Who; Taffrail Club. • WILLIAM M. BAGNETTO, 550 Lowerline, New Orleans, Louisiana. ROLAND A. BAHAN, JR., 7131 So. Claiborne, New Orleans, Louisiana; NROTC; Delta Tau Delta; Taffrail Club. Second Row: • SIMON NATHAN BALL, 200 Wilson, Hammond, Louisiana; Kappa Nu; Hillel Foundation. • HAROLD CLIFFORD BALMER, 1304 Pine St., New Orleans. Louisiana; ROTC; Ph! Kappa Sigma. • THOMAS BENTON BARTON, 400 Millaudon St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Tau Omega; ROTC. • ROBERT R. BENDER. 1507 Claiborne. Shreveport, Louisiana; Air ROTC; Sigma Alpha Mu. • LOUIS ANTHONY BENINATE. 901 Pelican Avo., New Orleans. Louisiana; Theta Nu; Operetta; " Hullabaloo " ; Newman Club; Radio Workshop; Pelican Club. e ALFRED ANTHONY BETANCOURT. JR., 4537 So. Miro St., New Orleans, Louisiana. • MITCHELL JOSEPH BIEDUL, 20254 Klinger, Dstroit. Michigan; Newman Club. Third Row: • EDIBERTO J. BLASINI, 4125 de Julio St., Guanica, Puerto Rco. • RUSSELL PAUL BLOCK, 312 Williams St., Kenner. Louisiana. • HAROLD THOMAS BRINSON, Rt. 2, Dequeen, Arkansas. • IRVING BRONSKY, 1783 FuHon Ave , Bronx, New Yo.k; Intercollegiate Zionist; Federalists of America; Chemistry Club. • ALWYN CHARLES BUCKLAND, 5407 S. Tonti, New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Kappa Sigma; Air ROTC. • DAVID RICHARD CAROLL, 4266 Johnson Court. Jackson. Mississippi. • JOSEPH NATHANIEL CATHCART, 2911 Bruxelles St., New Orleans, Louisiana. Fourth Row: • ROBERT J. COLLINS. 1828 Cadii St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi. e IRVING COPPEL, 1347 7th, Brooklyn, New York. • HERBERT EMERSON COUNIHAN, 735 9th Ave. No., St. Petersburg. Florida; Sociology Club; Newman Club. • JOSEPH MARTIN COX, R.R. 4. Logansport. Indiana; ROTC; Greenbackers; Intramurals Council; Basketball Letterman, • JAMES OLIVER CRARY. JR.. Pass Christian. Mississippi; Air ROTC; Phi Delta Theta; Canterbury Club. • THOMAS SALVADOR CHRISTINA, JR.. William St.. Kenner. Louisiana; Sigma Pi; Gamma Epsilon Omicron. • WILLIAM HARDY DAVIS. 702 Hudson, Tyler, Texas; Pi Kappa Alpha; Corresponding Secretary, Alpha Phi Omega; Secretary, Scabbard and Blade. Fifth Row: • CLOTAIRE D. DELERY, 818 Derbigny. Gretna, Louisiana; Pre-Medical Society; Newman Club. • ROBERT JAMES DICK. 1132 So. Gary St., Tulsa. Oklahoma; Kappa Alpha; Vice-President. A. S. College, ' 50- ' 5l, • STEPHEN PETER DITTMAN, 3324 Bell St., New Orleans. Louisiana. • RONALD HENRY DRYFUSE. 816 N. Claiborne, New Orleans. Louisiana. • MAX HOLMES DURHAM. JR.. Hammond. Louisiana; Befa Theta Pi; Sigma Gamma Epsilon; Adelphons. • ALVIN RUDY EASON, 203 Hulberry St., Monroe. Louisiana; Kappa Sigma; JAMBALAYA co-editor. ' 50; Head Cheerleader, ' 50; Kappa Delta Phi; Who ' s Who; Phi Alpha Theta; Publications Board; Glendy Burke; Campus Night; Lagniappes; Tusk. • HAROLD EFRON. 236 E. Gun Hill Road. Bronx. New York City; ROTC. Sixth Row: e HOWARD ENSEL, 506 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, New York; International Relations Club. • JOSEPH ALBERT ERNST. 2918 St. Roch. New Orleans, Louisiana; Newman Club. ---- -- ■ ' ■ — . ' ■- Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Seer eta • HERMAN FRANK FALBAUM, 7820 Birch, New Orleans. Louisiana. ,. ,,..„ „.„.. , . „ , , Junior Class A. 5., ■49- ' 50; Who ' s Who; Intra nurals Council; JAMBALAYA; Wesley Foundation; C Greenbackers; Sociology Club; Interfaith Council. • GERALD PATRICK FALLETTA, 19 Norwood Circle, Birmingham. Alabama; Campus Night; G Interfaith Council; Psychology Club; Pre-Medical Society: Newman Club; JAMBALAYA. • HANS WOLF FEIBELMANN, 1687 Robert St., New Orleans, Louisiana; USMCR; Tau Upsilon; Sigrr Tulane Glee Club; Glendy Burke; Pan Hellenic Council: Hillel Foundation. • JOEL HIRSCH FEIGON, 1317 24th St.. Galveston. Texas: Glendy Burke; Hllel Foundation. • PAUL WHITFILD FLOYD. JR., 620 Byrne St.. Houston, Texas; Delta Tau Delta; Navy ROTC; Wcs tion; Taffrail Club; Adelphons; Scabbard and Blade- ry-Treasurer, mpus Night; reenbackers; a Pi Sigma; lev Foundj- 1362 New York Ave., Brooklyn. New York City; Alpha Phi Omega; Sigma Pi SIg.ma; Seventh Row: • CON MARVIN GALLANT, Tulane Band. • ROBERT EDWIN GALLINGHOUSE. 224 Vallete St.. Ne • JOSEPH ALLEN GANNAWAY. III. 1415 Wilson St., Wesley Foundation. • CLAUDE GABRIEL GILLETTE, JR., 601 S. Wood St., Stuttgart, Arkansas; NROTC; Kappa Sigma. • CALVIN TROY GOFORTH. Perkins, Oklahoma; Pi Sigma Alpha. • MARC LINCOLN GOLDEN. 73-12 35th Ave., Queens. New York, New York; Zeta Beta Tau; President, Senior Class A. S.. ' 51; Honor Board. A. S. Orleans. Louisiana. Arkadelphia. Kansas; Air ROTC; Kappa Sign Kappa. Off to Navy Sanne ARTS AND SCIENCES Time for a change, Kincaid? W I ft 246 First Row: ROBERTO GONZALES, Box III, San Diego, Texas. HAROLD GROVE GRAHAM. JR.. 4000 St. Charles Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana; ROTC; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. V. ' ALTER KASTLER GRANT, 1527 Audubon St., New Orleans, Louisiana; NROTC; Kappa Alpha. MASON GRIFF. 77 Columbus Ave., Waltham, Massachusetts; ROTC; Sigma Alpha Mu. ROBERT GROSS, 1718 Quentin Rd.. Brooklyn, New YDrk; Siq.-na Alpha Mu. CHARLES WILBUR HANTEL, 400 Delaronde, New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi. DONALD JOSEPH HARRIS, 1325 S. Carrollton Ave.. New Orleans, Louisiana; Air ROTC; Alpha Tau Omega. Second Row: • RICHARD ROBERT HART 4702 Toulouse, New Orlea.ns, Louisiana: Managing Editor, " Hullabaloo " . ' 50- ' 5l; Theta Nu; Band; Operetta; Symphony; Orchestra: " Hullabaloo " ; Publications Board; Leadership Council; Wave Hand Book. • MARK ALLAN HIGGINS, 806 Wiedman St., New Orleans, Louisiana. e JERALD MICHAEL HONEYCUTT, Box 331, Hawkins, Texas: Delta Sigma Phi- President, Alpha Phi Omega; Glee Club " Hullabaloo " - Westminster Fellowship; Glandy Burke; Intramurals Council: Greenbackers: Student Affiliates of American Chemical Society; Tulane Radio Guild; Leadership Council; Student Activities Key. • FRANCIS HENRY HUDSON, 1338 Quarry, Eagle Pass, Texas; Secretary, Class of A. i S., ' 48; American Legion, Tulane Post; Sociology Club. • JAMES FOSTER HUFF. 43? Wilder, Shreveport, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi; Lagniappes; Pre-Medical Society, e DANIEL PATRICK HURLEY, 36 Sherman St., Brooklyn, N. Y.; Army ROTC; Sigma Pi. • ROBERT DENVA IRVING. 803 llth St., Fascagoula, Mississippi; Band; Radio Club. Third Row: • JOY JUANITA JACKSON, 3982 Pauger St., New Orleans. Louisiana; Theta Sigma Phi; Delta Phi Alpha; Gamma Delta. • SAMUEL JAGODA, JR., 2512 Fifth Ave., Ft. Worth, Texas; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • ROBERT JENNINGS, 3500 Harvard Ave., Dallas. Texas; Band. • RAY PAUL JONES. 1207 Milan St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Lambda Chi Alpha; NROTC. • DOUGLAS JOSEPH JOUBERT, 5139 St. Roch Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Pi; Greenbackers; Adel- phons; NROTC. • DEWEY EVERETT KEEN, 514 South Scott, New Orleans, Louisiana; Band; Baptist Student Union; Baseball Letter- man for three years. • ELLIOTT HARRY KLORFEIN. 624 54fh St., West Palm Beach, Florida; Sigma Alpha Mu; International Relations Club; Pre-Medical Society; Hillel Foundation. Fourth Row: • WALTER SCOTT KNIERIEMEN. 193 Van Nostrand Ave., Jersey Cify. New Jersey. • LEONARD IRVING KOCH, 202 E. Rosewood, San Antonio, Texas; Secretary-Treasurer Senior Class of A. S., ' 50- ' 5l; A. S. Student Council; Pre-Medical Society. • ARMAND A. LEGENDRE, JR.. 1005 N. Carrollton Ave.. New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Sigma; Adelphons. • EDWARD S. LINDSEY. Walnut Ridge, Arkansas; Kappa Sigmay Westminster Fellowship; Student Affiliates of American Chemical Society; Tusk. • CLARENCE SUMNER LONG, JR., 1030 Forest Lane, Annister, Alabama; Kappa Sigma; Pan-Hellenic; Lagniappes; Greenbackers; NROTC. • JOHN LOUIS LOPEZ, 6167 Catina St.. New Orleans. Louisiana; Sigma Pi. • DONALD IRWIN MACKENROTH. 80 Fountainbleau Drive. New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Sigma; 1st Vice- President. Band, 1950; Opera. Fifth Row: • FRANK JOHN MALTA, 1134 Monroe Ave., Asbury Park, New Jersey. • JOHN S. MALTA, 1134 Monroe Ave., Asburv Park, New Jersey. • GEORGE MURPHY MARKEY. JR., 1225 Poland, New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Pi; Adelphon • ROBERT LELAND MAXWELL, JR.. 4340 Versailles, Dallas, Texas; Phi Delta Theta. Sigma Gamma. _ iLL, JR.. 4340 Versailles Dallas Texas- Phi Delta Theta Epsilon; Scabbard and Blade; Taffrail. • HARRY MENDELSON, JR., 833 N. Alexander St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Band President, 1948-1950; Pe • ROBERT SHELDON MILES, 408 Avenue " D, " Rochester, New York. • ELISE N, MITCHELL. 21075 Central. Burlington. Iowa; " Hullabaloo " cans. Now Mary had a little lamb . Pep Band. Newman Club; Phi Sigma Alpha; Peli- ARTS AND SCIENCES Sixth Row: • JOHN BOWMAN MOORE, 4140 Dennis St., Houston, Texas; Canterbury Club;Sigma Pi Siqma. • WILLIAM RAYMOND MOORE, JR.. 3031 Paradise St.. Vernon. Texas; Kappa Alpha; Sophomore President A. S., ' 48; Pan Hellenic Council; Greenbackers; Adelphons. 9 STANLEY STEWART MORRIS, JR., 1529 Henry Clay, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • WARREN JOSEPH McGOVERN, 5333 Constance. New Orleans, Louisiana; Army ROTC. » KIMO WILDER McVAY, 3935 Round To.o Drive, Honolulu T. H.; Army ROTC; Kappa Alpha; Who ' s Who. • RICHARD M. NASH, 418 Hamilton St.. Gretna. Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta; Tulane Tennis Club. • NICK C. NICHOLS, 309 Eagle St., Pasadena, Texas; Alpha Tau Omega. Seventh Row: • RICHARD JOHN NORRIS, 4328 Lena St., Ne« Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Sigma; Baseball, ' 48, ' 49, ' 50, ' 51. • WILLIAM JOHN OBERHELMAN, JR., 1322 Burdette, New Orleais, Louisiana; Air ROTC; Newman Club; Pre- Medical Society; Leadership Council. • M. BENJAMIN OSSI, 1604 Berwick Rd.. Jacksonville. Florida; Psychology Major Club Secretary-Treasurer. ' 51; Band and Pep Band; Newman Club; Pre-Medical Society. • FRANCISCO PAREDES. JR.. San Pedro Sula, Honduras. C. A.; Theta Nu; " Hullabaloo " : Leadership Council; Pan-American Society; Pelicans. • ANTHONY PARISl 5320 Venus St., New Orleans, Louisiana. • PETER JOSEPH PIZZO, JR.. 48 Audubon Blvd., New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Tau Omega; Propeller Club; Lagniappes; Pelicans; Adelphons; Tennis Team Manager; Tennis Club. They dyed with their boots on 248 First Rowr • SAMUEL LEE PLAIA, 2413 Forrest Ave-, Gadsden, Alabama; Vice-President, Psychology Maior Club. • WILLIAM SHEPARD PLEASANTS, 71 Versailles Blvd., Njv Orleans, Louisiana; President, Delta Kappa Epsilon President, Freshman A. S., 1947-48; Secretary-Treasurer. Sophomore A. S.. l?48- ' 4?; Omicron Delta Kappa Theta Nu; " Hullabaloo " ; Sreenbackers, President. • WILLIS J. POIRRIER. Vacherie. Louisiana; Air ROTC; Band; Newman Club. • HENRY DAVID POPE, JR., 210 S. Cooper St., Arlington, Texas; Army ROTC. Company Commajide Westminster Fellowship; pany; Kappa Sigma; Alpha Phi Omega; Omicron Delta Kappa; JAMBALAYA; Scabbard Blade; Interfaith Council; Pre-Medical Society, • FORREST RAU, 1517 Eighth St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi. e THOMAS JOHN REISING 1103 S. Belford, Evansville, Indiana; Sigma Chi. Second Row: • MATT TAYLOR ROBERTS, 7707 Jeanette St., New Orleans, Louisiana: Pi Kappa Alpha; I.S.S.V. • FRANK L. ROWLEY, 1315 N. I ain, Tulsa, Oklahoma; Newman Club; Pre-Medical Society. • REINALDO JOSE SAIZ, 67 H Stadium Place. New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Sigma Alpha. • FRANCIS M. SCARRITT, 1036 Audubon St. N w Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Order; Greenbackers; phons; P. M. Club. • ROBERT JETT SHADER. 5209 S. Columbia. Tulsa, Oklahoma; Phi Delta Theta; Ukulele Club. • SAMUEL A. SHANNON, JR., 119 N. Carlin St.. Mobile 17, Alabama; Beta Beta Beta; German Club. Third Row: • MYRON MAYER SHEINFELD, 72 Tudor St.. Chelsea, Massachusetts; Tau Upsilon; Pi Sigma Alpha • JAMES ARTIS SINCLAIR, Braxton, Mississippi. • EDWARD DANIEL SHIVERS, III, Marion. Alabama; Phi Delta Theta. • BERT SHRINE, JR., 3l|0 S.W. 13th St., Miami, Florida; NROTC Com Tusk Business Manager, Ave.. Eliiabeth. New Jersey; Kappa Nu, Hullabaloo " ; West- minster Fellowship; Taffrail Club. • HAROLD IRVING SMELSON. 1016 Sheridan Class, I950- ' 5I; Band; Pre-Medical Society • CONRAD HAASE SMITH. 674 Third St., New Orleans. Louisiana: AFROTC: Editor Alpha Phi Omega; Theta Nu, Who ' s Who; Publications Board- Associate Editor of Wave Council. Unit Manager Senior ■Hullabaloo " , I950 ' 5I; Handbook; Leadership Fourth Row: e OTHA ROYCE SMITH. JR., Box 428. OcaU. Florida; AROTC; Delta Tau Delta. Secretary; Alpha Phi Omega; JAMBALAYA {Business Staff)- Canterbury Club; Deutches Vcrein; Ukulele Club; Pelicans; Scabbard Blade; " P.M. " Club. • RONALD MARK STURTZ. 28 W 31 St., Bayonne, New Jersey; Kappa Nu; JAMBALAYA. Executive Manager; " Hullabaloo " ; Glendy Burke; Sigma Pi Sigma Association. • FRANK PHILIP TAGLIARINI. 3102 9th Ave.. Tamoa. Florida; Pre-Medical Society. • THOMAS W. THORNE. 4603 South Carroliton, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Tau Omega; Pi Sigma Alpha; Golf Team, ■49- ' 50. • EDWARD THOMAS TRUHAN, 605 Magnolia Ave., Elizabeth New Jersey. • DAVID TUMAN. 866 E. 53rd St., Brooklyn, New York; Tau Upsilon; Pan Hellenic Council; Pre Medical Society; Psychology Major Club; Hillel Foundation. Fifth Row: • LEONARD TUNIS. 2175 Ryer Ave., Bronx 57, New York; Zeta Beta Tau; Psychology Major Club. • CORNELIUS C. VAN DALEN, 28 Madison Ave,, Clifton, New Jersey; " Hullabaloo " ; International Relations Club; Pi Sigma Alpha. • WILLIAM ROBERTSON VANDERWALL. 906 Eliza Ave.. New Orleans, Louisiana; Sociology Club. • M. DREUX VAN HORN, II, 1238 W. Beach. Pass Christian. Mississippi. • WILEY DUDLEY WAITE, 1306 E. Gonzalez St., Pensacola, Florida; Glee Club, Tulane; Psychology Major Club. • HUGO C. WEDEMEYER, 3828 Stare St., New Orleans, Louisiana. When those saints come marchin ' in ARTS AND SCIENCES Sixth Row: e BENNETT WEINBAUM, 8609 Old Bladensburg Rd., Silver Spring. Maryland; NROTC; Tau Upsilon; Hillel Foundation. • LOWELL WESTERMAN. 3532 Upperline, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta; Alpha Chi Sigma. • CHARLES THOMAS WHITE. 9837 Plum St.. New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Kappa Alpha; Band. l947- ' 49; Canter- bury Club; International Relations Club; Tulane Uriiv.;rsity Theatre; I.S.S.U. • DANIEL LEE WILDER, 8011 Panola, New Orleans, Lousiana; Gamma Delta; AFROTC. • JACK C. WHITESELL. 3740 S. Norfolk Ave.. Tulsa. Oklahoma; Kappa Sigma. • JOHN MURRAY WINN. JR., 236 Vallette St., New Orleans, Louisiana. And you get bread and water for ten days beve nth R ow: • EDWARD EARL WRIGHT, 305 E. Park Ave , Houma, Louisiana; ROTC; Eta Sigma Phi; JAMBALAYA; " Hulla- baloo " ; Glendy Burke; International Relations Club; United World Federalists. • JAMES EDWARD WYNNE, 2129 Broadway, New Orleans. Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Band. • LOUIS CUTLIP VREELAND, 170 Audubon Blvd., New Orleans. Louisiana; Alpha Tau Omega. O ROBERT HARVEY YOUNG, 1601 S. 16th Ave., Hollywood, Florida; ROTC; International Relations Club; Tulane Veterans ' Association; Pre-Medical Society; Pi Sigma Alpha. • DAVID MILLER ZALA, 173-31 Croydon Rd., Jamaica, New York; AFROTC; Tau Upsilon. • ROBERT E. ZETZMANN, 4045 Vendoma Place, New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Delta Thera; Greenbackors; appes; Adelphons; Pan Hellenic Council, Lagni- 250 First Row: • JAME3 LOVIC ALLEN, JR.. 146 Hannon Ave., Mobile, Alabama; Alpha Tau Omega; Air ROTC. • MARSHALL IRVING ALPERIN, 262 Angelus Place. Memphis. Tennessee; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre-Medical Society; Psychology Major Club; " Hullabaloo. " • HENRY BERN IS ALSOBROOK, JR., 450 Lowerline. New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • HENRY WICKS ANDRESSEN. 6269 Colbert, New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi; ROTC; Newman Club; Drill Platoon. • JOSEPH PETER ANELLO. JR.. 1805 San Macco Place. Jacksonville. Florida; Band. • HAROLD ARENOFSKY. 170 W. 49th St.. Bayonne. New Jersey; Kappa Nu; Pre-Medical Society; Pelicans. Hillel. • MERLE ASPER, 419 E. Cypress, Anaheim. California: NROTC; Kappa Sigma; Wesley Foundation; Soccer team. Second Row: • CHRIS GUS BAFFES. 2607 Cleveland. New Orleans. Louisiana: Ore-Medical Society. • WOODRUFF ASBURY BANKS, JR., 1700 Chamberlain, Chattanooga. Tennessee; Alpha Tau Omega; Green- backers. • FRED ROBERT BARLOW, 1013 E. 163 St.. Bronx. New York; ROTC; Tau Uosilon. • STANLEY A. BARON, 5250 St. Charles Ave.. New Orleans, Louisiana; AROTC; Kappa Alpha. • STUART BARON, 1030 Liberty Ave., Union. New Jersey; Kappa Nu; German Club; Soccer Club; Pre-Medical Society. • JOSEPH PETER BARRECA, JR., 2903 Carondelet St.. New Orleans. Louisiana; Pi Kappa Alpha; Band; Pre- Medical Society. • JOHN A- BATT, Pontchartrain Beach, New Orleans. Louisiana; AROTC; Phi Delta Theta. Third Row: • MIKE MITCHELL BEARDEN, 630 Broadway, New Orleans. Louisiana; AROTC; Pi Kappa Aloha; Baptist Student Un ' on: I.R.C.; Sociology Club. • MARTIN BECKERMAN, 480 Montgomery St.. Brooklyn. Ntw York; Kaopa Nu. • BERTRAM ALAN BENOWITZ, 2016 New York Ave.. Union City. New Yc-k; ROTC. Tau Upsilon. • HARRY ARTHUR BEVERUNGEN, 3034 Napoleon Ave.. New Orleans, Louisiana- Phi Delta Theta; " Hullabaloo. " • JAMES HARDTNER BLAKE. 125 Lake, Lake Charles, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • EDEL FAULKNER BLANKS, 1004 N. 3rd St., Monroe, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi. « WILLIAM ANTHONY BOEGLIN, 405 N. Guadalupe. Carlsbad, New Mexico; Delta Sigma Phi; Alpha Phi Omega; " Hullabaloo " ; Pre-Medical Society. Fourth Row: • FRANKLIN GLENN BOLINGER, 322 S. St. Joseph Ave.. Niles. Michigan: Radio Club. • CHARLES MEVER BONURA. 3024 Seville St.. Ft. Lauderdale. Florida: Phi Delta Theta; Lagnisppes. • PHILLIP H. BOOKMAN, 55 Stegman St.. Jersey City. New Jersey; ROTC; Tau Upsilon: Band. • HONROE GEORGE BOURGEOIS, JR.. R.F.D. Box 183-A. Thibidaus. Louisiana; AROTC: Pi Kappa Alpha; I.S.S v.; Pre-Medical Society. • JOHN HAMILTON BOYD. JR., 6312 Fontainebleau, New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta. • RICHARD ROARK BRADFORD. 264 Walnut. New Orleans. Louisiana; Sigma Chi; Glee Club; Pan Hellenic Council: Radio Club. • ROBERT A. BREGER. 108 Gardon St.. Fall River. Massachusetts- AROTC; Delta Sigma Phi; Vice-President Fresh- men, 1949; Glee Club; Newman Club; Campus Night; T.U.T.; Tulane Veterans ' Association; Tusk; Radio. Tulane. Fitth Row: • HAROLD HENRY BRETZ, JR.. 2443 Almonaster Ave.. New Orleans. Louisiana; Band; Symphony Orchestra. • ROBERT S. BRONAUGH, Crestwood. Helena. Arkansas; Sigma Chi. • MERLE FRANKLIN BROWN. 2766 S.W. 33rd St.. Miami. Florida; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Vice-President Freshman University Student Council, • NORWOOD VERNE BROWN. JR.. 307 Fifth Ave.. Cleveland, Mississippi; Sigma Chi. • ORLANDO FOSTER BROWN, JR.. 508 N. Riverside Drive. New Smyrna Beach. Florida: ROTC. • PATRICK WALSH BROWNE. JR.. 9 La ' aue Plac New Orleans. Louisiana; AROTC; Delta Kappa Epsilon; BaskcrbaM. Freshman: P-e-Medical Society: New.-pan Club. • ROBERT WHITE BRUMFIELD. 424 Louisiana Ave.. McCoTib. Mississippi: Delta Kappa Epsilon; Varsity Debate Team; Glendy Burke. Sixth Row: e THOMAS LUTHER CAIN, Route I, Box 384, De Ridder, Louisiana: Delta Tau Delta; A Cappella Choir; Tulane Glee Club; Operetta: JAMBALAYA: Baptist Student Union; Taffrail Club; Tulanians. • PETER JOHN CANGELOSI. 127 North Carrollton Ave.. New Orleans. Louisiana; Newman Club. • THOMAS WILLIAM CAPO. 1040 Hidalgo St.. New Orlsans, Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta; JAMBALAYA; " Hulla- baloo. " • ELLERY F. CARVER, 25 North Hancock, Colorado Springs, Colorado; Wesley Foundation; Radio Club; Radio Workshop. • EDWIN DAVIS CHADICK. 2040 Peniston. New Orleans. Louisiana: Delta Tau Delta; Tulane University Theatre. • JAMES W. CHILDRESS, Motel Stevens, Carlsbad, New Mexico; Alpha Tau Omega; Pre-Medical Society. • MARION MOSELEY CHURCH, 510 Crestview, Park Hill. North Little Rock, Arkansas; Kappa Sigma; JAMBA- LAYA; Westminster Fellowship. Seventh Row: • ANTHONY JOHN CLESI. JR.. 2814 Palmer Ave.. New Orleans. Louisiana; Delia Tau Delta. • HAROLD DICKSON COCHRAN. 4620 Duolessis, New Orleans. Louisiana; Alpha Phi Omega. • ALEXANDER CLAYTON COCKE, JR. 411 Betz. New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Tau Delta. • KARL HUBERT COHN, 2237 Octavia St.. New Orleans. Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Mij. • ALBERT BERNARD COLOMES, 5156 Marigny, New Orleans. Louisiana. • HENRY OCTAVE COLOMB. 2030 Palmer Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi. • JAMES ADAMS CONOVER, 833 New York Road, Absecon, New Jersey; Kappa Sigma; NROTC; Sigma Pi Sigma; Wesley Foundation; Taffrail Club; NROTC Rifle Team. Eighth Row: • EDWARD THOMAS CULLOM, JR. 1907 Jefferson Ave., New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon; AROTC. • MORTIMER LESLIE CURRAN. 4713 Prytania, New Orleans. Louisiana; Tulane Glee Club; IRC; Tusk; Fan-American Society. • ARTHUR LOUIS DAUER, JR., 902 Pauline St., New Orleans, Louisiana; A Cappella Choir; Tulane Glee Club; Operetta; Gamma Delta; i adio Workshop; Eta Sigma Phi. • CERRE BORN DIBOLL, JR., 5713 Clara St.. New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • ALLEN DORFMAN 2404 Stanley, New Britain, Co.inecticut; Sigma Alpha Mu. • HUGH, JULES de la VERGNE, II, 472 Walnut St.. New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon; NROTC; Newman Club; Taffrail Club. • HUGHES DeGRUY DRUMM, 1514 Henry Clay, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha, AROTC. ARTS n n D sciences Built like a brick . . Seeing Renee off ttii . 252 First Row: • DANIEL S. DUET, Rf. I, Bo 492, Westwego, Louislara; AROTC. • SHIA H. ELSON, 1633 3rd St., New Orleans, Louisiana: Sigma Alpha Mu: Army ROTC; Pre-Medica! Socieiy. • SAMUEL M. EMERSON, 615 West Court, Wlnnfield, Louisiana: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Army ROTC. e ARTHUR BUCHANAN EMERY, 7522 Jeannette St., New Orleans, Louisiana: Kappa Alpha: Army ROTC. • JOSEPH ETTINGER, Hotel Claridge, Lacewood, New Jersey: Sigma Alpha Mu: AROTC. • BARRY L. FANBURS, NO Amhurst Ave., Chattanooga, Tennessee: Sigma Alpha Mu: AROTC: Pre-Medical ciety. • WILLIAM CLAY FARRIS, 6236 Vermillion Blvd., New Orleans, Louisiana. ARTS fl n D sciences Second Row: • BLAISE EMILE FAVARA, 1417 N. Sawtelle, Tucson. Arizona- Pre-Medical Society. • MIGUEL ANGEL FERRER, JR., 1184 Lowerline, New Orleans, Louisiana. • CHARLES MURPHY FIFE, 411 Lowerline St., New Orleans, Louisiana. • JOHN KINGSLEY FIFE, 4437 Painters St., New Orleans. Louisiana: Pi Kappa Alpha: Army ROTC: Campus Night: SAACS: Pre-Medical Society. • ROBERT FINKELSTEIN, 184-51 Midland Drive, Jamaica, New York; Kappa Nu; AROTC, • FREDERIC E FRANZ, 532 La e Street, Crystal Lake, lllnois: 3,-ta Theta Pi, O MARVIN ROBERT FRIEDMAN, 1000 Clinton Place, Hillside, New Jersey; Kappa Nu. Third Row: • ALFRED DAVID GALLAGHER, 841 Heard Ave., Augusta, Georgia; Kappa Sigma; Army ROTC; JAMBA- LAYA: Newman Club. • NATHAN C. GALLOWAY, 1103 Lowerline, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Sigma; French Club; Pre-Medical Society. • ALBERT THOMAS GAMON. 5112 Webster St., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Pi Kappa Alpha- NROTC- I S.S.V. • EUGENE KEENAN SARBER, 2602 Park Lane Court, Birmingham, Alabama; Delta Kappa Eps ' lon; NiJOTC; " Hullabaloo. " WILLIAM LAWRENCE GEARY, 4515 S. Prieur, New Orleans, Louisiana: Delta Kappa Epslon; Omicron Delta Kappa; Lagnlappes; Track Team. « LEWIS WATSON GEORGE, Rt. I, Coliinsvlle, Mississippi; Army ROTC; Kappa S ' gma; BS.U. « ROBERT L. GILLIAM, 1501 N. Jefferson, Eldorado, Arkansas; Sigma Chi; NROTC. Fourth Row; • RALPH WILKERSON GILMORE, JR , Brundridge. Alabama; AROTC; Sigma Alpha Epsilon- Wesley Foundation; Pre-Medical Society. • JOSEPH McCORMICK GONDRAN, JR., 8228 Panola, New Orleans, Louisiana. • JULIAN H. GOOD, 2817 Jefferson, New Orleans, Louis ' ana; Zeta Beta Tau; Omicron Delta Kappa. • DONALD JOSEPH GORDI LLO-PAIZ, P. O. Box 272. Managua, Nicaragua; Pi Kappa Alpha; Newman Club. • SAUL ROBERT GORMAN, 305 Adams Ave., Alexandria, Louisiana; AROTC; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre-Medical Society, • JAMES ERIC GOUAUX, 2422 Audubon St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha; Tulane Glee Club, e JAMES EDWARD GRADY, 18 Arthur St., Clinton, Massachusetts. There, I got him! 141 E. Elmview Place, San Antonio, Texas; Kappa Sigma; Tulane Glee New Orleans, Louisiana. ., New Orleans, Louisiana; Pre-Medical Society. Tupelo, Mississippi; Band; BapKst Student Union; Fifth Row: • WARREN MALCOLM GRANBERRY Club; Baptist Student Union. • GEORGE PAUL SUIDRY, JR., 3217 Havana St • DOMINICK ROY GULOTTA, 304 N. Johnson S • JAMES ROY GUYTON, JR., 357 Spring St., Tupelo, Mississippi; Band; Baplst Student Union; Pre Medical Society. • DONALD ALBERT HAMMETT, 290 Walnut St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon; AROTC. • VIRGINIA HICKMAN, 3420 Republic, New Orleaos, Louisiana. • MURRELL WELDON HILTON, 2205 Lee, Alexandria, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Sixth Row; e RAMON KIETH HINDS, 1009 N, Leiia, Guymon, Oklahoma; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • WILLIAM JOSEPH HOBBS, JR., 2615 Magazine, New Orleans, Louisiana. • WILLIAM FRANCIS HODGDEN, 23 McNais, Valleio, California; Beta Theta Pi. • RAY GILBERT HOOPER, Bcllng. Texas; Kappa Alpha, • HARRY TURNER HOWARD, 4534 St. Charles, New Orleans, Lou ' siara; Delta Kappa Epsilon; NROTC. • JAMES NORCOM JACKSON, JR.. 579 Audubon St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Eoslon; AROTC. « STEPHEN EDWARD JACOBS, 80-10 Haddon St., Jamaica Estates, L. I, New York; Kappa Nu; Pelicans. Seventh Row: O WALTER LEONARD JACOBS, 615 S. Leslie. Stuttgart, Arkansas; Kappa Sigma; Army ROTC Tulane Glee Club. » V ILEY H. JENKINS, 1803 Audubon St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Chi; AROTC; Pre-Medical Society. « JAMES E. JOCE, 3195 Monroe St., Brookfield, Missouri; NROTC; Tulane Glee Club; Tarfrail Club. • ANTHONY JONES, 141 West Sth St., Hattiesburg, Mississippi. e ROGER V . JORDAN, l ' ' 3l State St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta; AROTC; JAMBALAYA. • PETER E. JUGE, 325 Polk Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha; NROTC. O ROBERT HALE KAMMER, JR., 4470 Venus St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha. Eighth Row: e DONALD WILLIAM KANYK, 2825 Claflin Ave., New York, New York; Kappa Nu Fraternity- Pelicans- Freshman Baseball. • STUART RICHARD KLABIN, 970 Salem Rd., Union, New Jersey; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre-Medical Society; Psychology Maior Club. e MORTON LEON KLEINMAN, 56-19 217th St., New York, New York; Kappa Nu- Army ROTC Pre-Modical So- ciety; Hillel- e DONALD LUCIUS KIN3, 1412 Broadway, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilcn; NROTC. « ROBERT EMMETT KING, 1421 Broadway, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon; AROTC. O RONALD JACK KLEINFIELD, 405 E. 54lh St., New York New York; Tau Upsilon. • EDWARD KONCHAGULIAN, 274 Spruce St., Chelsea, Massachusetts; AROTC. Yea. Coach, it looks tough 253 254 First Row; • IRVING KURINSKY, 23 Seventh, Lakewood, New Jersey; Army ROTC; Tulane Slee Club; JAMBALAYA; Tulane Pre-Medical Society; German V. A. • GARY KAUSHNER, 409 Saratoga Ave E.T.A.; Newman Club. Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta; AROTC. Alpha Tau Omega; Greenbackers; Brooklyn. New York; Kappa Nu; T.U.T.; Club; Hillel. • HERBERT MAX LANDEY, 7530 St. Charles Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta. • THOMAS H LEACH 7511 Freret St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi; Army ROTC; Who ' s Who; A Cappella Choir; President of Tulane Glee Club; Operetta; Assistant Editor of JAMBALAYA; Newman Club; Campus Night; President of Tusk; Leadership Council; Intramural Council, 1951; " Wave " ; Fourlanians; Student Activities Key, ' |950- ' 5I. • WALTER COOKE LEE. 1229 Audubon St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta; A Cappella Choir; Festival Choir; Tulane Glee Club; Operetta; Westminster Fellowship; Campus Night; Lagniappes; Tusk. • ROBERT STANLEY LEVINE, 114-20 Queens Blvd., Forest Hills, New York; Kappa Nu; Army ROTC; Tulane Glee Club; Operetta; Pan Hellenic Council; Campus Night. • CHARLES EDWARD LcCORGNE, 966 Pichelouo Place, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha. Second Row: • ALLAN JOSEPH LEONARD, 219 Alonso St., New Orleans, Louisiana. • MARCEL J. LEUMAS, JR., 4308 Walmsley, New Orleans, Louisiana; A.S.C E,; • SOL LITT, IV, 5436 Hyde Park Blvd., Chicago, Illinois; Zeta Beta Tau. • EMANUEL FRANCIS LIVAUDAIS, JR.. 355 Homestead Ave.. New Orleans, • PAUL LEONARD LORIA, 223 Audubon Blvd., New Orleans, Louisiana; Adelphons • THEODORE J. LOWL, 1032 4th Ave.. Gadsden, Alabama; Zeta Beta Tau; NROTC; Band; Operetta; Symphony Orchestra; I.R.C. • ANGEL LUIS LUGO, 1357 Wilson, Santuree, Puerto Rico. Third Row: • GEORGE FRANKLIN MADDOX, 3235 Inwood Rd., Dallas. Texas; Phi Delta Theta. « JACOB JOHN MAECHLING, 3218 Toledano, New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Kappa Alpha. • CHARLES MADDEN MAGEE, 4024 Vincennes Place, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha. • ALVIN MICHAEL MAHER. 6345 Westchester, Houston. Texas; Pi Kappa Alpha; Alpha Phi Omega. • ANDREW TREDWAY MARTINEZ. 6009 St. Charles Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana; NROTC; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Pan Hellenic Ccuncil. • GEORGE C. MAYS. 925 E. Washington St , Monticello, Florida; ROTC; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Pre-Medical Society. • EMMETT MARTIN MICHEL, Port Sulphur, Louisiana; ROTC. Fourth Row: • HARRY JAMES MORESI, JR., 338 Henkle, Jeanerette, Louisiana; AROTC; Beta Theta Pi; Newman Club. • CECIL MORGAN, JR., 2151 Terrace Ave., Baton Rouge, Louisiana; ROTC; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Pre-Medical Society; Student Council; A. S. Honor Board; President, Freshmen, ' 50- ' 5l. • GILBERT CAFFALL MORRISON. 3975 Kenneth, Beaumont. Texas; Phi Delta Theta; Pre-Medical Society. • EDWARD BARRIE MURPHY, 3521 Palmyra, New Orleans. Louisiana; NROTC; Alpha Tau Omega; Newman Club- Taffrail Club. • SAMUEL F. MacLIN, Box 208, Sherman, Texas; ROTC; Phi Delta Theta; Vice-President, A. S. Junior Class. • JOHN FRANCIS McCLOSKEY, JR., 2935 Calhoun St.. New Orleans. Louisiana; NROTC; Beta Theta Pi. • ALBERT JAMES McCOMISKEY, 2022 Robert St., New Orleans. Louisiana; AROTC; Kappa Alpha; Glee Club. Fifth Row: • MAX RICHARD McGINNIS, Rondo, Arkansas; Sigma Chi; Vice-President A. S S. Sophomore Class, ' 50- ' 5l; Wesley Foundation; Greenbackers; Lagniappes; A. S. Student Council. • KARL BERTEL NELSON, 302 W. 5th St., Panama City, Florida; Westminster Fellowship; Pre-Medical Society. • THOMAS HUTSON NELSON, 7319 Panola St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha; President Freshmen, ' 49- ' 50; President Sophon-.ores, ' 50- ' 5l; Greenbackers. • ALEX NEWMAN. Hidaizo 715 B, Reynosa, Tair-ps, Mexico; Kappa Nu; Glee Club; Intercollegiate Zionist Fed- eralists ot America; Hillel; Pre-Medical Society; Pan American Socit :y. • EVERETT LLEWELLYN NOETZEL, JR.. 26 Hadden Rd., Scarsdale, New York; Phi Delta Theta. • HAL PRESTON IvIORMAN, 753 Homestead Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana; NROTC; Phi Delta Theta; Wesley Foundation. • WILLIAM DUDLEY OLIVER, 4951 St. Anthony, New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Chi. Sixth Row: • WILLIAM F. OSBORN, 119 W. Alrr.eria, Phoenix, Arizona; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Pre-Medical Society. • JAMES LEWIS OWENS, 5828 Grand Ave., Kansas City, Missouri; Phi Delta Theta; JAMBALAYA; Newman Club. • JOSEPH PAUL PALERMO, 44 Audubon Blvd.. New Orleans, Louisiana. • JOHN BURRUSS PARKER, 5828 Magnolia. New Orleans. Louisiana; NROTC; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • PHILIP PASTON, 789 St. Marks Ave., Brooklyn, New York; Kappa Nu. • JAY STANLEY PAULEN, 745 Laneview Drive, Miami Beach Florida; Tau Upsilon; International Relations Club; Texas; Phi Kappa Sigma; Glee Club; Pre-Medical Society. Hillel; Pre-Medical Society; Psychology Club. • STANLEY ROSS PAYNE, 222 Inslee, San Antonio, Seventh Row: • CHARLES LEROY PEACOCK, JR.. 2236 Jefferson Ave.. New Orleans, Louisiana; AROTC; Radio Club. • MAURICE AUEN PEARL, 926 Bronx Park, New York, New York; Tau Upsilon. • HERBERT PEISIKOWITZ. 637 Marcy Ave., Brooklyn, New York; Kappa Nu; Glee Club. • MICHAEL T. F. PETRI. 76 Bredgade, Copenhagen. Denmark; A Cappella Choir; Festival Choir; Glee Club; Operetta; Gamm.a Delta; Campus Night; Tulanlans. e JOHN HENRY PHILLIPS, 372 Pine, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Tau Omega. C NATHAN SHERMAN POPKIN, 4509 S. Tonti St., New Orleans. Louisiana; AROTC; Sigma Alpha Mu; " Hulla- baloo " ; Inlercollegiate Zionist Federalists of America; Slendy Burke; French Club; Hillel Foundation. • FRANK EVANS POWELL, 629 Julius Ave., New Orleans. Louisiana; Alpha Phi Omega; Pre-Medical Society. Eighth Row: • W. CARROLL RAY, 521 Auburn St , Andalusia, Alabama; Phi Delta Theta; Unit Manager, ' 50- ' 5l. • DONALD RAY RAYNER, 614 13th, Alexandria, Louisiana; Sigma Pi; Wesley Foundation. • KENNETH M. REGENOS, 2508 State St., New Orleans. Louisiana; ROTC; Phi Kappa Alpha; Westminster Fellow- ship; Radio Club; Mathematics Club; Radio Workshop. • FRANCIS WILLIAM REMINGTON. 370 Lenox St., Ne- Haven. Connecticut; Operetta; International Relations Club; Radio Workshop; Tulane University Theatre; Pelican ' s; Toast To the Team {Co Producer). • JAMES EMNI REVIERE. 1949 Riverside Drive. Bogalusa, Louisiana; AROTC; Baptist Student Union. • MARTIN DANEIL ROBBINS, 338 Lincoln Drive, Brooklyn, New York; Sigma Alpha Mu. • LOUIS WALDEMAR RODRIGUE, 2525 Nashville, New Orleans, Louisiana; NROTC; Beta Theta Pi; Newman Club; Taffrail Club; Pan Hellenic Council. ARTS fl n D S C I E n C E s I lost mine +00! But the laundry didn ' t come 256 First Row: • HERBERT B. ROEPE. 505 4th St., N. W. Washmgton, D. C; NROTC; Deita Tau Delta; Glee Club; Operetta; Gamma Delta; Pan Hellenic Council; Greenbackers; Fourlariians. • WILLIAM KENNETH ROGERS, 5603 Miami Ave., Tampa, Florida. • KENNETH ALLEN ROLFS, 3816 General Taylor, New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Kappa Alpha, e GARLAND RAY ROLLINE, III Stella, Hew Orleans. Louisiana; NROTC; Delta Tau Delta. e WAYMOND LEE RONA, Rt. 2, Portageville. Missouri; ROTC; Sigma Aloha Epiilon. • ARRON ROSEN, 22 Versailles Blvd.. N3 » Orleans, Louisiana; NROTC; Zeta Beta Tau; Glendy Burke; Taffrail Club; Hillel. • HARNOLD ROSEN. 63-53 Haning St., Forest Hills. New York; Kappa Nu. Second Row: • EDWARD VICTOR ROSS 457 Main St., Picayune. Mississippi; NROTC; Phi Kappa S ' gma; Pre-Medical Society. • IRA DONALD ROTHFELD, 98-19 44 Ave., Forest Hills, New York; AROlC; Glee Club; JAMBALAYA; Tulane University Theatre; Pre-Medical Society; Soccer Club. • RICHARD JGNNINGS ROY, Box 217, Wheelwright, Kentucky. • RICHARD EDWARD RUCKSTUHL, 4526 Elba, New Orleans, Louisiana; AS. ME.; ET.A.; Newman Club; Inter- faith Council; Leadership Council. • BENJAMIN LOUIS RUDOLPH, 5709 Snyder Ave., Brooklyn. New York; ROTC. • BERNARD SAMUELS. 604 Atherton Drive, New Orleans, Louisi ana; Kappa Nu; PreMedjcal Society. C DANIEL RYAN SARTOR, JR , Alto. Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Eta Sigma I ' hi. Third Row: • HAROLD SCHWARTZ, 16304 Gulf Blvd , Reddinqton Beach, St. Petersburg, Florida; Sigma Alpha Mu; I.R.C; Pre-Medical Society. • DAVID HIRSCH SEELIG, 1128 Amelia, New Orleans, Louisiana; NROTC; Sigma Alpha Mu; Glendy Burke; Hillel. • HOWARD AARON SERLING, 13 Bancroft St.. Albany. New York; Kappa Nu. • C. DWIGHT SETTLE, Neptune Road, Kissimmee. Florida; Delta Tau Delta; Pre-Medical Soc ' etv. • BENNETT NEWTON SEWELL Boyce, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Westminster Fellowship. • RICHMOND FRANCIS 5HARBROUGH, Holly Bluff. Mississippi; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. e A. GEORGE SHIBLEY, JR., 319 E. Kentucky, BIytheville, Arkansas; Glee Club; Canterbury Club; Tusk; Pan American Society; Pre-Medical Society. Fourth Row: • BOBBY GLtiNN SMITH, 2632 N. lOth. West Monroe, Louisiana; Pi Kappa Alpha; Alpha Phi Omega; Glee Club; Canterbury Club ' Pan Hellenic Council; Campus Night; Interfaith Council; Fourlanians; Tusk. • CLIFFORD GORDON SMITH, 8430 Willow. New Orleans. Louisiana; ROTC; Sigma Chi. • H. RALPH SMITH. JR., 1604 Shades Crest, Birmingham, Alabama; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Wesley Foundation; Pre-Medical Society. • DUDLEY ROBERT SMOLEN, 7314-21 Ave.. Brooklyn, New York; AROTC; Tau Upsilon; Alpha Phi Omega; Campus Night; French Club. • MELVIN RICHARD SPRINGER. 210 N. Woodrow, Little Rock, Arkansas; Kappa Sigma; Wesley Foundation; JAMBALAYA; Tusk. • ERNEST IVY STAHLER. 739 Pine St., New Orleans, Louisiana: ROTC; Delta Kappa Epsilon; JAMBALAYA © GEORGE GERSHON STERNE. 406 Fifth Ave., Albany. Georgia; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pre-Medical Society. Fifth Row: e DAN W. STEWART. 216 Union St., Minder, Louisiana; NROTC; Alpha Tau Omega. • DONALD WAYNE STONE, 180 Oakland Ave., Helena. Arkansas; Sigma Chi. » HENRY LEWIS STOUTZ, III, 1811 Audubon St., New Orleans. Lousiana; Phi Delta Thefa; Westminster Fellow- ship; Pan Hellenic Council; Tusk; JAMBALAYA. • ARNOLD MAURICE STRAWS. 4202 Meridian Ave , Miami Beach, Florida; AROTC; Zeta Beta Tau; A Cappella Choir ' Glee Club; Operetta; Glendy Buike. O MELVILLE JAX STERNBERG, 1546 Jefferson Ave., New Orleans. Lou ' siana; Band; Pre-Medical Society. • ARCHIBALD MAGILL SUTHON, JR.. 971 Solomon Place. New Orleans. Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi; Canterbury r.ii.b • ROBERT MARION SWORDS, 1304 Henry Clay Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana: AROTC; Sigma Chi. Sixth Row: • WILLIAM ARMAND ST. JOHN 4520 S Tonti, New Orleans, Louisiana; NROTC; Newman Club; Taffrail Club; Soccer Club. • CHARLES FRANCIS TAYLOR. 7617 Jeannette St.. New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta; Unit Manager. Frosh. ' 49- ' 50. • PAUL RICHARD TENNIS, 629 Oak Ridge Drive, Neosho, Missouri; Delta Kappa Eps ' lon « CHARLES EDWARD THOMPSON, 1120 Alalia, Memphis, Tennessee; NROlC; Band; Baptist Student Union; Taffrail Club. • ROBERT E. THOMPSON, 319 Sixth St., McComb, Mississippi; Kappa Sigma; Omicron Delta Kappa; Band; JAMBALAYA; Baptist Student Union; Radio Club; Pre-Medical Society; Tusk, O WILLIAM ROGERS TOCHE. 323 Seymour Lane, Biloxi. Mississippi; Pre-Medical Society. e FRANK CROSWELL TOYE. 4444 Franklin Ave., New Orleans. Louisiana; ROTC; Kappa Alpha. Seventh Row: • WILLIAM HENRY fURNER. 1236 Vinton. Memphis, Tennessee; NROTC; Alpha Tau Omega. • VICTOR YOUNG TYRONE, JR., 1851 Treasure, New Orleans, Louisiana; AROTC; Newman Club. • JAMES EDWARD VAN PELT, 460 Grant. W. Lafayette. Indiana; NROTC; Sigma Chi; Glee Club; Wesley Founda- tion; Greenbackers; Fourlanians. • ROBERT DARWIN VALTER, Ridgway, Illinois. ROTC; Sigma Chi. e LOUIS J. VERGNE, Box 26, Ordlovis, Puerto Rico; President. Pan-American Society; Alpha Ph " Omega; Student Activities Key; Festival Choir; Glee Club; Operetta; JAMBALAYA; Newman Club; Campus Night; International Relations Club; Tusk; Pre-Medical Society. • JOHN D. WAITS, 1018 Elmira Ave.. New Orleans, Louisiana; AROTC. • DAVID WEEKS WALL. 331 Steele Blvd., Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Alpha Tau Omega. Eighth Row: • EUGENE LEE WALLACE, 50i S.Walnuf, Tallulah. Louisiana: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Band. • EWELL PHILIP WALTHER. 425 St. Mary Thibodaux. Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Glendy Burke. • BRUCE CHARLES WALTZER, 883 East 8 St., Brooklyn. New York; AROTC; Tau Upsilon. • RICHARD M. WAMBSGANS, JR., 517 Cherokee, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta. • ROBERT EDGAR WEAVER. 4319 Bienville Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana; Christian Science Organization; Glendy Burke- German Club; French Club; Student Affiliates of America; Chemical Society; Interfaith Council. • JACK BAUM WEIL, 233 Bellaiie, Denver, Colorado; ROTC; Zeta Beta Tau; Greenbackers; " Wave " ; JAMBALAYA. • JERRY WEINER. 391 Schley, Newark, New Jersey; Kappa Nu. • EDWARD LEONARD WEINMAN, 1477 E. 33 St., Brooklyn. New York; ROTC; Sigma Alpha Mu. Ninth Row: • WALTER DENBOW WELLS, JR.. 2219 Belle Fontaine, Houston, Texas; AROTC; Sigma Chi. • GEORGE HARRY WILLIAMS. 420 S. Vanney, Nesho, Missouri; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • HAROLD FLOYD WILSON. Bastrop State Park, Bastrop, Texas; AROTC; Glee Club; Pre-Medical Society. • PAUL RATCLIFF WINDER, 707 Robinson ?lace, Shreveport, Louisiana; AROTC; Beta Theta Pi; Unit Manager Sophomores, ' 50- ' 5l; Greenbackers. • GEORGE CARROLL WINN, 1304 W. lOth St., Lakeland, Florida; NROTC; Delta Sigma Phi; Glee Club; JAMBA- LAYA; Taffrail Log; Wesley Foundation; Taffrail Club; Pan Hellenic Council, Campus Night; Cheerleaders; Green- backers; Tusk; Leadership Council; Ukulele Club. « JACK CAROL WORSMER, Jeanerette, Louisiana- AROTC; Zeta Beta Tau. • EDWARD ZALTA, 406 Tabor, Houston, Texas; AROTC; Kappa Nu; Glee Club; Greenbackers; Pre-Medical Society; Hillel; Order of Adelpiions. ® ROBERT OWEN ZELENY, 8425 Stroelitz. New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Mu; " Hullabaloo " ; Pan Hellenic Council; International Relations Club. " ARTS fl n D S C I E n C E s What ' s your trouble, Tom? The geologists ' field day 257 OFFICERS CALVIN ROLLAND . . Master Alchemist THOMAS FARMER . Vice Master Alchemist HUGH DAVIS .... . Reporter LOWELL WESTERMAN . . . Recorder WILLIAM LUSBY Treasurer JUSTIN RUSSELL . . Master of Ceremonies •MEMBERS Alan As wad. Gaston Beauclair, Hugh Davis, Thomas Parmer, Jacob Fritz, Stanford Herron, William Lusby, Calvin Rolland. Justin Russell, Melvin Stege. ' , Herbert Thurber. Jere Well- born, Lowell Westerman, John Wilson. Alpha Chi Sigma is a professional fraternity for chemistry students. The activities of the Tulane chapter include an annual freshman essay contest and a newly instituted high school essay contest — both, of course, restricted " o some aspect of chemistry. Aside from these disinterested proiects, the frate-nity endeavors to promote safety in the chemistry laboratory, which nobody will contend Is entirely altruistic. It is understood that Alpha Chl ' s are proud, if littery, over their low casualty rate. The frate ' -nlty meets once a week for lunch and, among other things, bubbles, gurgles, phl2zes, and slow heats over ihe topics of latest interest to chemistry devotees. Jerry ' s still politlcing R L P H fl CHI S I G m R OFFICERS EDWARD WRIGHT .... President SALLY KASTLER .... Vice-President JEAN CELLI Secretary •MEMBERS Jean Cell!, Mortimer Curran. Ester Gilbert. Mary Gllbe-t. Clara Mil liber. Ellen Ignatius, David Malone. Claire Metzger, Edward Wright. Sally Kastler, Joyce Went, Called by some visionaries, by others realists, the Tulane United World Federalists are part of a world-wide organization whose objective is to bring about an effective federal union of 1he nations while the-e are still some left to federate. In furthering this objective UWF ' s endeavor io marshall public opinion behind the necessity and urgency of federal world government, and through ihls Informed and organized support, to bring forceful political pressure on the cong. ess and the government for changing the country ' s foreign policy. UWF ' s. while backing the United Nations, be- lieve it inherently too weak to preserve world peace. The chapter ' s monthly meetings are devoted to the study of current developments affect- ing fhe WQ.rld government movement. Formed only last year, the chapter is known to hope that It will be the shortest-lived organization on campus — provided only that It dies hopplly J i ■ yf ' M i i!v The Federalist:; UNITED UJORLD FEDERRLISTS 258 OFFICERS SALVADOR T. CRISTINA . . Presidenf HAROLD J. TREPAGNIER . VTce-Presiden+ GEORGE M. MARKEY . Secretary-Treasurer WILLIAM D. GROVES . Cor.-. Sec-Editor DR. JOHN C. McCAMPBELL . Faculty Advisor •MEMBERS Albert F. Andre, Bruce C. Ashley. Robert J. CoMins, Salvador T. Cris+ina. Max H. Durham. Clarence H. Greff. Wilham D. Groves, Slim Long, George M. Markey, Louis A. Newitt, Vincent R. Perrln. Prof. R. A. Steinmaye. . Har- old J. Trepagnier. Sigma Gamma EpsIIon was founded in 1915 at The University of Kansas. Its purpose Is io honor students who show themselves to be personable and outstanding In scholarship In the Earth Sciences. Since Its founding, almost fifty chapters have been established a rec- ognized schools offering undergraduate and graduate studies in geology. Beta Eta Chapte ' of Sigma Gamma Epsilon was chartered by the Grand Council in May 1950 and installed in November of the same year. The chapter has as one of Its goals the bringing to the campus of distinguished mem- bers In the geological profession as speakers before its monthly open meetings. The local chapter also presents annually to the outstand- ing graduating senior in geology a coveted award of merit. Steinmayer ' s li+tle gang of rock breakers sicmn Gf lmmn epsilon OFFICERS RAYMOND MATHERNE . . P.-esident WALLY GOEDECKE . . . Vice-President MARIANA SCOTT Advisor MEMBERS Dr. Albrecht, Charles Arms, Louise Arms, Stuart Bacon, Karin Brant, William Burnett, Sarah Callaway, Pierre Conner, Ashley Costin, Gerhart Dambmann. F-ank Domnick, Charles Dufour. Jackie Ellis. Dr. U. Fehlau, Hans Feibelman, Bell Gilmore. Shirley Grau. Miss M, Groben, Wally Goedecke, W, A. St. John. Werner Kastl. Ken Kissel. Gary Kushner, Mil- dred Lahasky, Mrs. D. LeDoux. Dede Maraist, Ray Mat heme, Joe Miller, M,-s. M. Moseley. Frances Perry, Fred Robltschek. Albert Schmidt, Mariana Scott, David Silas, Roger Weinberg, Chuck Fontenot. The German Club Is a band of German sympathizers; they sympathize with ' ihe German language and with German culture, not with the Third Reich. Non-club students, awa.-e of the complexities of German syntax, sympathize with the sympathi zers. The Club has been in operation five years. It brings Together both Tulane and Newcomb students (fraternization, you know) in Informal gatherings. To quote its president, " The Club has made available io students as close a picture of German life as one might expect to find on a college campus. " The closing quali- fication, it is sobering to suppose, was made with a certain geographic conside-ation In mind, namely, ihat Bohemia comprises ihe greater part of southern Germany. The one not shown was under the table G E R m fl N CLUB 259 OFFICERS PIERRE E. CONNER .... President GENE HOY Vice President MISS WOLFE .... Secretarv-Treasurer L. E. WARD . . Corresponding Secretary The Mathematics Club unites undergraduates, graduates, and faculty In an informal enjoy- ment of mathematics. Membership is limited to students who have taken, or are taking, a course in calculus, but discussions at ' .he month- ly meetings are usually non-technical — o. " to the claim goes. There have never been any laymen present to refute ;he claim. The Club ' s purposes are both social and in- tellectual. The intellectual. but somehow " non-technical, " facet is promoted through the reading of papers. The Observatory is the setting for these " non-technical " papers and on clear nights the members a. " e privi- leged to peer through the astronomy depart- ment ' s telescope, retaining, of course, a " non- technical " disposition. Two plus two Is — duh . . . mflTHEmflTICS CLU OFFICERS hans w. feiblemann . donald p. miller . TRICIA McRAVEN . JOHN B. MOORE . President Vice-President- Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS John Bruce Arnold, Jr. Walter Christian Bosch, Franklin Glenn Bolinger. James Adams Con- ove,-, Jr., Ewell Charles Cantey, Charles Wil- liam Daniels, Henry Conrad Daubert, Jr., Lloyd B. DeLuca, Hans Wolf Feiblemann, Ester Walton Gilbert. Don Marvin Gallant, John Ulysses Hidalgo, Chin Hoy, Robert Denva Irving. Joseph John Kyame. Anthony Joseph LaRocca, Ferdinand K. Levy, Donald B. Miller, Thomas Alexander Magee, Robert Montgomery, John B. Moore. Harold Alvin Levey, Jr., Dr. J. C. Morris, Tricia McRaven. Andrew W. Oser, Jr., Wilbur B. Payne, Charles Peacock. John Hunter Phillips, Blanche Raney Porter, Karlem Riess, Riley Ray Ryan, Edward Simon. Harold Glenn Smi h, Ronald Ma.rk Sturtz, George Summey Thomas, Louis Charles Weiss. Sigma Pi Sigma, the national physics honor society, has chapters only in universities oF fiigh standing which offer acceptable physics major programs. Tulane ' s chapter dates from last year, though its function was -oughly served by the old physics club. Membership in Sigma pi Sigma is limited to physics ma- lors or minors or students in closely allied fields who have attained high standards of scholarship and lo faculty members or grad- uate students who have shown professional dis- tinction. A round af the square table siGmn PI siGmfl 260 OFFICERS CHARLES L. BUDDECKE . President OTTO J. GROVER . . Vice-President RICHARD OKREPKI Secretary PROF. JAMES A. CRONVICH . Sponsor MEMBERS Charles Banks, Frank Bolinger, Anthony Can- zoneri, John Chambe. " lain, Allen Cole, Louis Delhom, Godfrey Donavan, J. E. Edwards. Blair Fa u rot, John Fisher, Jay Horowitz, Bob Irving, John Malm, Ray Ordogui, Stanley Or- rel, Plez Re id, Phil Slipakoff, Bob Thompson. William Uelsmann. The Tulane Amateur Radio Club is a campus organization of " radio amateurs " who spend odd hours in ihe radio room rucked away in Ihe attic of ihe Physics Building, conversing with fellow " amateurs " in every country in ihe world. Several members use the Club ' s trans- mliters lO contact amateurs in vheir home towns and so talk directly to families and friends. The amateur ' s radio equipment is in a state of constant change and many members spend off hours building and rebuilding exist- ing eauinment as well as exoerimentinq wHh new techniques and apparatus. The Club ' s most active interest this year is to improve its emergency communication preparadness program to provide communications fc relief organizations and personal messages in rimes a natural and man-made disasters. The Club tests its ability io operate under simulated emergency conditions each year when it moves its emergency equipment Into ' Ihe ' l leld and using a portable power supply contacts other such organizations In p ' eparedness drills. Everyone at iulane Is eligible for member- ship in the Club with only one prerequisite, an Interest in maintaining and advancing the service and development of radio communica- tion. Strictly hams R CLUB OFFICERS BILL GREGORY President TONY LOWE .... Vice-President BILLIE HARPER . Corresponding Secretary ALICE KOCH . . Recording Secretary It Is the purpose of the Leadership Council Io act as an advisory board to the Student Council and to act as a right hand to the Student Council In developing activities that the Council might sponsor on the campus. The Leadership Council Is composed of presidents or representatives of all active campus organ- izations. Although newly organized, the Coun- cil hopes that, through the promotion of a closer cooperation of effort among the student organizations, its functions as an organization will prove profitable to the students. Here ' s the council, where are the leaders? LEADERSHIP COUNCIL 261 OFFICERS JOHN WISEMAN .... President WILLIAM GREGORY . . Vice-President HUGH OLIVER Secretary DR. K. H. SILVERT . . . Faculty Advisor MEMBERS H. F. Bennerfield, Harry Cohen, Elizabeth Cook, Olive Davis, Gerhard Dambmann, Char- les Fontenot, Calvn Goforth, Ken Gorman, William Gregory, Leslie Inman, Robert John- son, John Kelleher, Roger Keller, Thomas Kelly, Anne Lupean, John Miller, John Marque, Elise Mitchell, James Murphy, Louise Nord- strom, Hugh Oliver, Woodie Rollins, R. J. Salz, Patricia Schwartz, Myron Sheinfeld. Jos- eph Simon, George Swaim, James Todd, Thom- as Thorne, Cornelius Van Dalen, G. H. Wang, John Wiseman. Pi Sigma Alpha Is a national political science honorary society for students and faculty. Membe. ' ship is not restricted to political science majors (but you ' ve sure got to be a " my- political -science -grades -a re- better- i ha n- yours " snob to get in). The Tulane chapter sponsors or co-sponsors the appearance on campus of governmental VI P ' s (Ve ' y important Persons) and invites speakers of interest to political science stu- dents, from New Orleans and foreign coun- tries, to give public leclures. Mayor Morrison was one of the year ' s early attractions. Some blond must have just passed PI sicmn RLPHfl OFFICERS GERRY FALLETTA SAM PLAIA . . President BEN OSSI . DR. LOH SENG TSAI Vice-P.resident Secretary-Treasurer Faculty Advisor Frances Aleman, Jeanne Daussln. noy, J. Glglione, William Kennedy Nick Nichols, MEMBERS Laurie Allen Betty Barkdull, Gerry Ferguson, Leila Flour- D. E. Harris, A. R. Kaufman, . Sue Maynard, Kart Nelson, n Ossi, Cookie Patton, B. F. Pence, C. E. Peterson, Sam Plala, Bernard Samuels, R. J, Shader, Mary Louise Steele, David Tuman, Leonard Tunis, W. D. Walte. The Psychology Major Club is an organlza- rion which fosters friendliness and brotherhood among ihose who have a common Interest in psychology. It Is comprised of ihose who se- lected psychology as ihe major Lublect In Thei.r curriculum. The organization (unctions io pro- mote more activities pertaining to psychology, to furnish ihe student with a little more than Is usually acquired in normal class work. The organization is newly founded and has held several lectures and demonstrations dur- ing the past year. Plans are being formulated for discussions, field trips, and social func- tions. Better stop those late parties. Jerry PSVCHOLOGV mnjOR CLUB 262 f 0 f And al! they served was coffee OFFICERS HAROLD FAUSAK ... President IRA ROTHrELD .... .... Corresponding Secretary LORRAINE MURPHY Vice-President R03ERT ADER Treasurer CHARLOTTE HUNT Secreiary HARLEY CHILDERS Histo,rian Reginald Adams Bob Ader Marshall Alperin J. P. Anello Harold Arenofsky Allen Armstrong Joe Barreca Martin Beckman William Boeglln James Bordelon Honore Bourgeois Dan Brown Pat Browne William Burnette Barba.ra Butler Thamas Campbell Joe Chang Harley Childers James Childress Hugh Claughton Dale Coker Richard Colomes Ashley Costin Tom Dekle Ronald Drouant H. F. OuBose Daniel Duet Jackie Ellis Barry Fanburq Harold Fausak Blaise Favara Louise Ferguson Kingsley Fife Robert Finkelstein W. B. Frany Paul Fusfeld Nathan Galloway Saul R. Garman Martin Gelle.- Louis George Richard Gilbert Louis Gilbert! M. F. Giordano Jimmy Gouaux Malcolm Granberry Frank Gruber Fred Gruber Dominick Gulotta Jimmy Guyton Margery Hale Edga.-- Hicks M. A. Hixon Howard Hock William Honea Jimmy Huff G. R. Hugman MEMBERS Charlotte Hunt Harvey Jacobs Wiley Jenkins Connie Johnson Al Jordon Warner Kass Mervin Katz William Kennedy Mortin Kleinman Frank Klonoski Elliot Klorofein Leonard Koch Neil Kurtz Gary Kushner Philip La Borde Lynn Landry Neman Lepow Fred Lind Harvey Macon Stewart Mann Charles Martin Fred Marsh George Mays T. W. McCorcle Marianne McDonald Allen Mershon Allen Mink John Moore Harry Moresi " Cecil Morgan G. C. Morrison Lorraine Murphy Carl Nelson Alfred Nelson Alex Newman W. N. Oberhelman William Osborn Ben Ossi James Parsons Jay Paulen Stanley Pavne Charles Peterson John Phillips Evans Powell Frances Priest Donald Rayner Norman Reich Andv Rinker Philip Rispoll Martin Robblns Paul Rossano Ira Ro+hfeld Hector Ruez Myron Samalin Bernard Samuels Paul Scheib Everett Schneider Harold Schwartz Bennett Sewel Theodore Shapiro David Silas Harold Smelson James Smith Ralph Smith Edward Stephens Mel Sternbe ' " q George Ste- ' ne Anton Stifter Frank Tagliarini Malcolm Thomas Bob Thompson William R. Toche Peter Truzzalino David Tuman I. C. Underwood Edward Vargas Louis Vergne .lack Walker David Wall Edward Weinman Felix Welsh Harold Wilson Ernest Wood William Zuhe.r The Pre-Medicdl Society serves two functions: it provides a means for whetting the medical appetite of would be cadaver cutters and il offers a sympathetic atmosphere in which the chances of getting a cadaver to cut can be plaintively calculated. A closer fellowship among medically-minded students Is promoted through educational and social activities. The society assembles to hear visiting lecturers; It promotes discussion on topics interesting to pre-med students; It organizes group tours to different hospitals, holds an annual banquet In May, publishes each year a journal that Is dis- tributed to all pre-med students. Under the faculty guidance of Drs. Edward S. Hathaway, Wil- liam B. Wendell, and Richard Taylor, the society has been host to eminent medical authorities, Including the deans of the various medical schools. PRE-mEDICflL SOCIETV 263 Comer playing his usual part — a monk-ey? OFFICERS JOS. N. CATHCART . President REGINA GUNTHROPE . Vice-President HUNT COMER. . Reco-ding Secretary MARIA FULHAM . Corresponding Secretary •MEMBERS Wayne Adamson. Betty Brandau. Doris Cahn, Joseph Cathcart, Shellah Carmel. Hunt Comer, Arthur L. Dauer, Wesley J. Fernandez. Betty Friedman, Maria Fulham, Regina Gunthrope, Robe-t Guyton, Alice Her rick. Ira Hyanns, Gordon S. Jones, Anne Lupean, Ann Levy, Millie Mason, Clarence McCants, Philip Mouledous, Vivlenne Parker, Daniel R. Sartor. Mrs. Allda Truetlng, Edward Wright. Eta Sigma Phi was tounded at the University of Chicago in 1914, and became nationalized In 1924. An HonDrary Greek Letter society of underg ' aduate students, Its purposes are ' .o develop and promote interest in classical study among collies and universities, lo pro- mote closer fraternal relationship among stu- dents who are interested In classical study, including inter-campus relationship. The group engages generally in an effort to stimulate inte. ' est In classical study, and in history, art, and literature of ancient Greece and Rome. The National Socl t " " is ' ■■ • ' • " ' ■ " en ted on ■h ' ? Tulane Campus by Alpha Chi Chapter, which Ih.oughout vhe year sponsors programs o carry out the purposes and alms of the National Organization. These prog- ams are arranged so the interesting facts concerning our Greek- Latin heritage may be presented in an interest- ing manner by lecturers who have a ihorough knowledge of their subiect. E T n s I G m fl PHI OFFICERS HERMAN FALBAUM . Co-President ISABEL PEAL Co-President ROBERTA COOPER . . Secretary-Treasurer iMEMBERS Jane Burkenroad. Mitchell Biedal, eJan Cov- ington, Herbert Cunnihan, Leah Drescher, Betty f rledman, Barbara GUck, Claire Hilliker, Mary Jo Holland. Frank Hudson, Sue John- son. Joan Jackson. Virginia McConnell, Betty Pemberton, Edward Rollins. Edwa.-d Rommell, Mary _ Louise Sherer, Charlotte Somers, Ben Swearlnger. Roberta Sv earinger, Jim Thomp- son. Orlglnallv organized in 1946, vhe Tulane- Newcomb Sociology Club has as its primary function to stimulate Inte-est In various aspects of human society within a sociological frame of reference. In order to carry out its func- tion, the Club has endeavored " io provide at its _ meetings Informative presentations not limited to any individual field. Among The varied programs have been a lecture sup- plemented by movie slides on " Child Health Service " by D,r. Ralph V. Platou. Head of -he Pediatric Service at Carlty Hospital; a talk on " CuTent Problems Of Labor " by Alfred P. Harvey, A.F. of L. Labor leader in ihe New Orleans area; and a panel discussion on " Con- lemporary Race Relations " conducted by :he inte.Tacial Commission of Loyola. A unique event of the year was the tour of the city sponsored by -.he Sociology Depart- ment for Sociology students as well as mem- bers of the club. Clirriaxing thii year ' s activities was a Banquet at which the outstanding members were rec- ognized. Membership Is limited io majors In Sociology and majors In any of the allied fields such as Psychology, Economics. Anthrop- ology, etc., this also includes students from the School of Social Work. The Sociology Club was ve.ry fortunate in having faculty support which offered provoca- tive assistance throughout the year. And v hat was your environmeni lilce? SOCIOLOGV CLUB 264 §£4tiM SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE Ufulek AriduGieS hk . H K It t I -L 266 SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE SENIORS First Row; • WILLIAM ROBERT BROCKWAY, 256 Carrolton, Shreveport, Louisiana; Taj Sigma Delta; T. Arch. Society; A. I. A. • BENEDICT CIMINI, JR., 84 Ihird St., Pittsfield, Massachusetts; Sergeant of Arms of T.A.S., ' 48; A. I. A. • WILLIAM PIERCE HOWARD. JR., 117 D. St., N. W. Miami. Oklahoma; A. I. A. • JAMES MUGGINS KENNEDY, 821 2nd St., Gulfport, Mississippi; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; T. Arch. Society; A.I.A. Second Row: • MARK PERRIN LOWERY. Marks, Mississippi; T. Arch. Society. • JOHN DAVID PARRISH, 3227 6th Ave. No., St. Petersburg, Florida; Tau Sigma Delta; T. Arch. Society; A.I.A. • MILDRED POPKIN, 4509 So. Tonti, New Orleans, Louisiana; A.I.A. • BURL RAYMOND SAMMONS. 405 N. Stewart. Sepalia. Missouri; Kappa Alpha; T. Arch. Society; A.I.A. • FRANK RIEVES SEAVEY. Aberdeen, Mississippi. • WILBUR DUPAS STARR. 4215 Chestnut St., New Orlean s. Louisiana: A.I.A. UNDERGRADS First Row: • MARCEL L. C. AGUILERA, 84 Ave. Nuevo Leon, Mexico City. Mexico. • FRANK CLAYTON ANDERSON. 1700 Arabella, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha; NROTC. From Africa — the call of the dodo-bIrd Second Row: • HUNTER ELLIS BABIN. 1732 Cadiz St.. New Orleans. Louisiana: Beta Theta Pi; Canterbury Club. • AUSTIN A. BAKER. Bolivar, Tennessee; Sigma Chi; R.O.T.C; T. Arch. Society. • GEORGE VILLARS BAUS. 1459 Henry Clay Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha; N. R.O.T.C; Pan Hellenic Council. • EDWARD JUSTINE BONDURANT, 2430 Arlington, Memphis, Tennessee; NROTC; T. Arch. Society; Taffrail; Greenbackers; Wesley Foundation; Interfaith Council; A.I.A. • JOSEPH COHEN, 674 Empire Blvd.. Brooklyn. New York; Kappa Nu. • F. X. RANSDELL COX, 120 Hood, Lake Providence, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon; A.I.A.; Adelphons; T. Arch. Society. Third Row: • HOWARD S. EICHENBAUM, JR.. 9 Beverly, Little Rock, Arkansas; Zeta Beta Tau; Army ROTC; T. Arch. Society. • ROBERT L. FAUST, 41 19 Vincennes, New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Army ROTC. • HENRI MORTIMER FAVROT, JR., 5824 St. Charles, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Air ROTC; A.I.A.: T. Arch. Society. • CURTIS DOYLE GILLESPIE, 201 Glenwood, Anderson, South Carolina; NROTC; Glee Club, Tulane; Operetta; B.S.U. • EUGENE BARRY JOHNSON. 428 Walnut, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Tau Delta; NROTC; Tulane Glee Club; Operetta; Greenbackers. • CRONAN P. LeBLANC. 4722 Palmyra. New Orleans, Louisiana. Fourth Row: • JEROME IRWIN MECKLER, 574 Bainbridge St., Brooklyn, New York; Kappa Nu; Hillel; Glee Club, Tulane. • RALPH H. PRIVETTE. Abita Springs, Louisiana; Glee Club. Tulane; Operetta; Newman Club. • LLOYD JEROME ROSEN, 1004-A De Kalb Ave.. Brooklyn, New York; Sigma Alpha Mu. • EUGENE FRANCIS ROUSE, 51-B McAlister Place. New Orleans, Louisiana. • JOHN OVERTON ROY. JR.. 2721 Hemphill, Ft. Worth, Texas; Beta Theta Pi; NROTC: GIpe Club, Tulane. • HOMER NAMES SCHEXNAYDER, 810 Ditch Ave., Morgan City, Louisiana; NROTC; Glee Club. Tulane; New- man Ckb. Fifth Row: • ROBERT ZINN SMITH, Cleveland, Texas; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; T. Arch. Society. • FREDERIC GAYLORD STEVENS. 3717 Shepherd St., Brentwood, Maryland; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • GEORGE VANCE TRIESCHMANN. Lake Providence. Louisiana; NROTC; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • JOHN FRANCIS URBINATI, 91 Portsea St., New Haven, Connecticut; Air ROTC; T. Arch Society; Newman Club. • EDDIE H. VAN AMERONGEN. 296 Berg En Dalse Weg, Nymegen, Holland; Phi Kappa Sigma; President A.I.A.. ' 50; Tau Sigma Delta; E.T.A.; T. Arch Socitty; Glae Club, Tulane; Newman Club; University Student Council. • FRED ALLEN VAN DENBURGH, 3610 Carondelet, New Orleans. Louisiana; Air ROTC; Sigma Chi; Newman Club. The Atomic Age 267 A rose among mucho thorns EDDIE VAN AMERONGEN OFFICERS President ARTHUR STEINBERG Treasurer William P. Howard John D. Parrish Mildred Popkln Frank R. Seavy Leonard Tafe Henderson Barkley, III Edward Bondurant T. G. Chachere Nesbit G. Colthorp Kenneth S. Conley Francis R. Cox John W. Davis James T. Dent Frank T. Edson Walter E. Entrekin Milton H. Finger MEMBERS Joseph T. Fulco William J. Galloway Lawrence A. Garcia Robert Garland Eugene T. Glankler William T. Guild James E. Hand Eldon C. Heck James H. Kennedy Irwin J. Kohler Mark P. Lowery Clark E. Merrick Stanley W. Muller James P. Oubre Carroll A. Santos Robert L. Schroeder Sam B. Short Robert Z, Smith Arthur D. Steinberg E. Van Amerongen Robert M. Walsh Wilkin C. Washburn John R. Young Edward Benton Ben Cimini Thomas di Carlo Henri M. Favrot Eugene H. Fleming Marcel J. Fournet William Gardner Roy J. Guderian Lawrence Guido Wilham J. Hess John F. Hester Richard E. Kellogg Rufuil Lopez Charles Marionneaux Thomas S. Meric Donald C. Miller Henry Muillan Saul A. Mintz James P. Muiller Paul Murft O ' Neal John B. Reed Raymond D. Reed William Schmitt Robert D, Seavy Jane Shelton Cliff E. Murphy Sue Hill The objects of the American Institute of Architects are to organize and unite in fellowship the Architects of the United States of Annerica; to combine their efforts so as to promote the aesthetic, ' scientific, and practical effi- ciency of the profession; to advance the science and art of planning and building by advancing the standards of architecture education, training and practice: to coordi- nate the building industry and the profession of archiiec- ture; to insure the advancement of the standard of living of our people through their environment; and to mal;e the profession an ever increasing service to our society. The Tulane Chapter of the A. I. A. was founded in Janu- ary, 1947. Many articles by members of this chapter are ■submitted and published in the nation-wide A. LA. journals. RmERICflN inSTITUTE OF ARCHITECTS 268 Norman Mayer Bti ld n " " • " t . ft Ufft j f . -. xS ' - ' iti.... ! ' . V 1 _ 270 First Row: nt, Commerce Pan American • ROBERT BAILEY ACOMB, 8124 Pritchard Place, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Sigma Pi; Preside Junior Class, ' 49; Vice-President, ' 48; Newman Club; Society for the Advancement of Management Society. • ALBERT MILTON ANSEMAN, 4638 Orleans Ave., New Orleans Louisiana; Delia Sigma Pi. • JOYCE TAERESA APPEL, 1311 Benville, New Orleans. Louisiana. • LEONARD NORMAN BAGELMAN, 4449 Lakeshore Drive, Port Arthur. Texas; Sigma Alpha Mu. e CHRISTIAN ELLIOTT BOSCH. 4251 West End Blvd., New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi. • ROBERT JOSEPH BOUDREAU. 1345 Louisiana Ave., Lake Charles, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Pan Hellenic Council; Gieenbackers- Adelphons- Phi Alpha Delta- Delta Sigma Pi. • JACK GEORGE CAMINITA, 833 Hidalgo, New Orleans. Louisiana. Second Row: • JEFF F. CHOHEST, 6630 Louisville. New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Sigma Pi. • DAVID LAWRENCE CLARY, 400 Auila St., San Francisco, California; Sigma Pi; Commerce Student Body President, ' 50- ' 5l; Who ' s Who; Publications Board; Society for Advancement of Management; Member of Student Council; Chairman Commerce Honor Board. • MILTON FRANKLIN CLINTON, Osceola, Arkansas; Delta Sigma Pi; President Freshman Class, ' 48- ' 49. • FRANK G. COSTLEY, JR., 1212 Webster St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha- ROTC. • WILLIAM LUTHER CRIJLL. Ill, 452 Downing, Jackson. Mississippi; Kappa Sigma; NROTC; Lagniappes; Tatfrail Club; Tusk; Navy Rifle Team; Pan Hellenic Council; Scabbard and Blade; JAMBALAYA. • PAUL FERNAND DASTUGUE, 279 Central, New Orleans, Louisiana- Delta Sigma Phi; Vice-President Commerce Student Body; Alpha Phi Omega; Who ' s Who; NROTC; JAMBALAYA; Westminster Fellowship; Tatfrail Club; Society For Advancement of Management. • JOHN MILTON DEBEN, 1710 Audubon St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Tau Omega; Delta Sigma PI; Newman Club; Accounting Club. Third Row; • HENRY LEE DENTON. JR., 962 Madison, Jackson, Mississippi; Kappa Alpha, e ELLIOT CHARLES DIENES, 3702 Bienville, New Orleans, Louisiana. • GOODMAN O. EMANUEL, 251 Elmeer Place. New Orleans, Louisiana; Society for Advancement of Manage- ment. • VERNON LEE EWING, JR., 2722 Dublin St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Chi; Adelphons. • JAMES COULTER FAUST 263 Audubon St., New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon; ROTC. • MILDRED MARY FOLEY, 324 Urslelin s Ave.. New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Zeta; Newman Club; Commerce Women ' s Club. • ABRAHAM PHILIP FRIEDMAN, 917 First, Franklin. Louisiana; Unit Manager, ■48- ' 49. Fourth Row: • CHARLES JAMES FREITAG, 8809 Dixon St., New Orleans, Louisiana. • THOMAS MARTIN GOOCH, JR.. 2929 Cambron.ne St.. New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Sigma PI. • WILLIAM J. GRITUS 410 South llth St.. Hartshorne, Oklahoma. • ALVIN KENNETH HALPERN, 2539 Octavia St.. New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Mu. • ALLAN JOSEPH HARRIS, JR., 7615 Jeannett , New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi. • KEITH CHARLES HOTARD, 8429 Spruce ,New Orleans. Louisiana; President Senior Class. ' 51; Publications Board- Delta Sigma Pi; Secretary. Society for the Advancement of Management . • LEO RICHARD JALENA, JR.. 69 St. Albani Drive, Memphis. Tennessee; Zeta Beta Tau. Fifth Row: • EUGENE RAY KATZ, 910 N. Auburndale, Memphis, Tennessee- Zeta Beta Tau. • RICHARD CARL KERWATH, Box 269, Carondale, Illinois: Delta Sigma Phi- NROTCl Gamma Delta. • JULES AUGUST LIZARRAGA, 5360 Chestnut, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Sigma Pi; Glee Club; Operetta; Westminster Fellowship; Greenbackers; Delta SiqTa Plii. • ANTHONY JOHN LOWE, 161 W. 75th St., New York. New York; Zeta Beta Tau; President International Relations Club; President Tennis Club; Treasurer Leadership Council; Office Manager JAMBALAYA; Chairman Tulane United Nations Day; Tusk; Glee Club; Operetta; Intra-Mural Tennis Champion Summer. ' 50; Radio Club; Forum; Tulane Veterans ' Association; Editor. " Wave " . " 51; Kappa Delta Phi. e LOUIS GLADNEW McGEE, JR.. 336 Bellaire Drive, New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Chi; President, Tulane Pan- Hellenic Council- Adelphons, • ROBERT ALLEN MALTZ, 24 Quincy Rd , Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts; Zeta Beta Tau; Junior Unit Manager, ' 50; Campus N ' nht- Laqn ' aripes; Adelnhons; Baseball Tea.-n. O S. VINCENT MASSIMINI, 1402 Broadway, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Sigma; Adelphons. Bofus? COLLEGE OF COMMERCE Sixth Row: • FRANKLIN LEONARD GORDEN MILLER, 1225 Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn, New York; T.U.T.; Zeta Beta Tau. • RICHARD MERRILL MILLS. 2307 Robert St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Secretary-Treasurer, College of Commerce, ' 50- " 5|- Baptist Student Union; Treasurer, Society for Advancement of Management; Delta Sigma Pi. • FRANK HENREY PATTERSON, JR.. 2 Jackson Bks.. New Orleans, Louisiana; Tatfrail Club; Delta Sigma Pi; So- ciety for the Advancement of Management. e JAMES FRANCIS PINNER, 2237 laharpe St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Secretary-Treasurer. Senior Class. ' 50- ' 5l; Newnian Club; Society for the Advancement of Management; Delta Sigma PI. • VINCENT LOUIS RAMONEDA, 5200 St. Charles Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Sigma Pi; Newman Club. • REGGIE B. REID 435 N. Lois, Los Angeles. California; Society for Advancement of Management, ' 51, President. • ROBERT DICKS REILY, 5318 Dryades St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Theta PI. JOSEPH HENREY ROSHER. 2709 Dante St.. New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Sigma PI; Society for the Advancement of Management. Seventh Row: • WILLIAM GEORGE SCHAFFER, JR.. 68-A Stadium Place, New Orleans, Louisiana. • RAOUL PIRRE SERE, 6321 La Salle Place, New Orleans, Louisiana; NROTC. • STANLEY STARR. 255 Hawthorne, Memphis, Tennessee; Zeta Beta Tau; Commerce Senior Unit Manager. ' 51. • JOHN ADAM TRAUTH, JR., 134 So. Gayosa, New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Sigma Pi; Leadership Council; President. Society for the Advancement of Management, ' 50. • RAYMOND WAYNE VINCENT, 435 9th, Lake Charles, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • PEYTON DONALD WATERS, 57 G. McAlister Place. New Orleans. Louisiana; Air ROTC; Scabbard and Blade. • FRANCES LOUISE WEHRENBERG, 1567 Webster St.. New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu; Women ' s Commerce Club- Westminster Fellowship. • WILLIAM CHARLES WEISSBORN, 211 Bellaire Drive, New Orleans, Louisiana; Vice-President, Senior Class, 51. Brush ' em twice a day 272 First Row; • LOIS MARIE ALSINA. 4774 Lapage, New Orleans, Louisiana; Commerce Women ' s Club. • JOHN CARTER BAILEY, 6131 Pitt St., New Orleans, Louisiana; ROTC; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • MAX BARNETT, 5534 So. Galvez St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Piii Omega; President of Freshman and Sophomore Classes; Campus Night; International Relations Club; Radio Workshop; T.U.T.; Tusk; Pan American; JAMBALAYA. • FRANK ALLYN BEASLEY, 1051 S. 24th St., Birmingham, Alabama; Phi Delta Theta. • LOUIS JOSEPH BERNARD, JR., 54 Neron St., New Orleans, Louisiana; NROTC; Kappa Alpha. • WILLIAM HICKMAN BERNARD, 54 Neron Place, New Orleans, Louisiana; NROTC; Kapp Alpha. ; • ALECE BLANCHE. 825 Chapelle, New Orleans. Louisiana; Commerce Women ' s Club. Second Row: • ISABEL BRANDT. 8531 S. Claiborne, New Orleans, Louisiana. • REGINALD ROY BRINKMANN, JR., 3952 Maryland. Shreveport, Louisiana; Kappa Sigma; Tusk; JAMBALAYA; Westminster Fellowship; Campus Night; Lagnlappes; Associate Editor of the " Wave " ; Pan-Hellenic Council; Scab- bard and Blade; ROTC; Key Club, Inc; Lonely Hearts Club; P. Cousins. • DON KENNETH BROADWELL, 1740 Thornton Place, Alexandria, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 9 THEODORE GERARD BROEKMAN, 219 Magnolia Dr., New Orleans. Louisiana; NROTC; Drum and Bugle Corps. • ALEC HERMAN BROWN, 777 Leath, Mamphls, Tennessee; ROTC; Sigma Alpha Mu. O ALFRED WHITNEY BROWN, JR., Ormond Plantation, Destrehan, Louisiana. • GORDON SANDOZ BROWN, 924 East Main St.. New Iberia, Louisiana; AROTC; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Vice- President Sophomore Class. ' 50- ' 5l. Third Row: • JOHN SIDNEY BROWN, 4471 Spain St., AROTC; Sigma Chi. • AARON LEVY BUCHSEAUM. 214 E. Gaston St., Savannah, Georgia; Kappa Nu; Hillel Glee Club; Pan-American Society; United World Federalists; Tulane Leadership Council; Federalists of America. • ROBERT M. BUTLER, Box 218 Jena, Louisiana; AROTC; Aloha Tau Omega. • EDWIN JOSEPH CAPLAN. 2338 Hill, Alexandria, Louisiana; ROTC. • THOMAS WAYNE CARMICHAEL, 119 W. Center St.. Eldorado, Arkansas. • JAMES MOORE CARNEY, 507 E. Lincoln St., Tullahoma. Tennessee; Sigma Chi; ROTC. • WILLIAM C. CARRAWAY, 286 Woodmont Drive, Jackson, Mississippi; Kappa Alpha. Fourth Row: • JOHN H. CHAMBERLAIN. 1119 Fern. New Orleans, Louisiana; PI Kaopa Alpha; Radio Club; I.R.E. • JAMES ARMOND COBB. 4 Paladin PI., New Orleans. Louisiana; Alpha Tau Omega. • GAILCORNMAN. 2IOt Barronne St., New Orleans, Louisiana. • JOSEPH CRUCIA, JR.. 4414 St. Roch Ave., New Orleans. Louisiana; AROTC; PI Kappa Alpha; President, Fresh- man Class. • JOHN WILKES DAVIDSON, i Maryland Drive. New Orleans, Louisiana; AROTC; Phi Delta Theta. « LORRAINE ANNE DUVOISIN, 1918 N. Rocheblave St.. New Orleans, Louisiana; Secretary of Junior Class. 1950. • ANDREW W. DYKERS, 8320 Sycamore, New Orleans. Louisiana; NROTC; Kappa Alpha. COLLEGE OF CO m m E R C E Foundation, President; Intercollegiate Zionist Fifth Row: 1541 Harcourt Drive, New Orleans, Louisiana; 2312 Franklin Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha; Freshman Kappa Alpha; Freshman • PHILIP DONALD EISENWINTER. Secretary, ' 50- ' 5l. • LAWRENCE ALBERT EMBOULAS Secretary -Treasurer. • BRIEN JOSEPH ELTER. Reserve, Louisiana; AROTC. • WILLIAM DARRELL EVANS, Boonville Rd., R. 5, Sedalia. Missouri; Sigma Chi. • KARL ESKOVICH, 3028 Baronne, New Orleans, Louisiana. • JERRY ELLIOTT FINGER. 2508 Calumet, Houston. Texas; Zeta Beta Tau; NROTC. • BERYL FISHER, 6364 Canal Blvd.. New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Mu. Sixth Row: • FRANCIS LEVY FRAENKEL, 2194 Bralnard. New Orleans, Louisiana; Zeta Beta Tau; JAMBALAYA; I.R.C. • STANLEY LEE FRANCIS. Box 364, Bound Lake, Illinois; AROTC. • HOWARD HARRELL GALLOWAY, 1320 Government. Mobile, Alabama; Phi Delta Theta; Delta Sigma Pi. • JOY ROSE GARDNER, 4613 Dart, New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Zeta. • LEONARD EDWARD GESSNER. 838 Octavia St.. New Orleans. Louisiana; NROTC; Beta Theta PI. • RICHARD MclVER GILLIS, 4032 Franklin Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana. • DONALD GOLDEN, 312 E. 48 St., Savannah, Georgia; ROTC; Prize Drill Platoon; Sigma Alpha Mu; Hillel Foundation. Seventh Row: • IRWIN GREENE, 47 Beaumont St.. Brooklyn, New York; Kappa Nu. • SARAH LOUISE HARDING, 132 Park Drive, San Antonio. Texas; Pi Beta Phi. • ELDRIDGE EUGENIE HART, 2515 Annunciation, New Orleans, Louisiana; ROTC. • JOHN EDWARD HERMAN. 505 Northlinfe, New Orleans. Louisiana; eBta Theta PI: ROTC. • PATRICIA ANN HEROY. 103 Elvis Court, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Zeta. • WALTER JOHN HOWARD. JR.. 534 Sizeler Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana; AROTC; Interfalth Council. • RICHARD D. HOWE, 506 E. College St., Mayfieid, Kentucky; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; JAMBALAYA. Eighth Row: • KILLIAN LOEW HUGER, JR.. 1443 Joseph St., New Orlea-s, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha. • JAMES ANDREW HUMPHREYS, JR., 1521 Belvidere Drive, Nashville, Tennessee; NROTC; Alpha Tau Omega. • GERALDINE HURWITZ, 6401 Fountalnebleau Drive, New Orleans. Louisiana. • BARBARA LEE JENKINS, 3718 Nashville Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana. • JAMES WALTER JOHNSON, 6th St., Slidell. Louisiana. • MOLLYNE KARNO, 4500 Elbe, New Orleans, Louisiana. • JAMES BRADLEY KEMP, 8203 ZImple, New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Sigma. 273 Top: Keith, you look pickled Bottom: No one seems to be drinking anything but 7-up iM 11 ' I 1 7 i .- ijt „ L- ffll 1 First Row: • STANLEY HERBERT LACHTMAN, 317 Leslie St., Newark, New Jersey: Kappa Nu. • CHARLES WILLIAM LANE, III, 904 Boyd Ave., Baton Rouge, Louisiara: AROTC; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Canter- bury Club. • DONALD JEAN LANNINS. 6720 General Haiq St.. New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Siqnna Pi. • LESTER JOSEPH LAUTENSCHLAEGER. I Audubon Place, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon; NROTC; Rifle Team. « LUIZ CLAUDIO LEAO, Utinga Alalonas, Brazil. • GORDON LeBARON, 268 N. Robertson St.. New Orleans. Louisiana; Baotist Student Union. • JOHN BACHMAN LEE, 2132 Pentagon Courts, Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Taffrail Club; Westminster Fellowship; NROTC. COLLeCE OF c m m E R c E Second Row: • FLORENCIO G. LINARES. 460 D ' strampes, Havana, Cuba; Delta Sigma Pi. • DONN H. LIPTON. 7900 Davis Drive, St. Louis. Missouri; Zeta Beta Tau. • GRETA MARIE LeBLANC, 1676 Jefferson Ave.. New Orleans, Louisiana: Phi Mu; Newman Club. • ROBERT EDWARD MAHER, 6345 Westchester. Houston. Texas; Pi Kappa Alpha. • MONROE MARSH, 2440 Amsterdam, New York, New York; Kappa Nu. • JOHN RICHARD MAYER, 469 Broadway, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta. • ROBERT C. MclNTYRE. 4526 Perrier St., New Orleans, Louisiana; AROTC; Alpha Tau Omega. Third Row: • ALBERT LOUIS MERIC, JR., 44 Richmond Place, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta; Delta Sigma Pi; JAMBALAYA. • JOSEPH PERCY MC ROE, 1557 Webster St., New Orleans, Louisiana; NROTC; Kappa Alpha. • WALTER S. MOTT, 8202 Panola St., New Orleans, Louisiana; NROTC; Drum and Bugle Corps. • D. DENIS MURRELL, Bayou Goula, Louisiana; AROTC; Delta Kappa Epsilon, • THELMA G. NAIHOUS, 3621 State St.. New Orleans. Louisiana; Hillel Foundation. • R. DAVID NELSON, 850 City Park. New Orleans, Louisiana. • ABNER KNIGHT NORTHROPP, 275 Audubon Blvd., New Orleans, Louisiana; NROTC; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Newman Club; Lagniappas. Fourth Row: • J. CHRIS NUNGESSER, II, 3406 Upperline St.. New Orleans. Louisiana; NROTC; Phi Delta Theta. • FRANCES JANE OHLHAUSSEN. 2036 Cadii St., New Orleans. Louisiana. • MORRIS PAUL OUGEL. 447 Sala Ave., Westwego, Louisiana. • JOHN TERRY OLIVE. 512 Backsburg, Maytield, Kentucky; ROTC; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • GEORGE JOSEPH PALMER, JR., 5705 St. Charles Ave.. New Orleans, Louisiana; NROTC; Vice-President. Student Body (Commerce); Newman Club; Pelicans; Delta Sigma Pi; League of Independent Tulanians. • FREDERIC GODHAN PARKERSON, 1623 4th, New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi. • STEPHEN CARL PENZES, Mill St., East Aurora. New York, New York. Fifth Row: • JOHN POITEVENT. Mandcruille. Louisiana; NROTC; Kappa Alpha; Canterbury Club; Greenbackers; Taffra ' l Club; Carfipus Night, • JAMES ROBERT POPE, Richton, Mississippi; NROTC; Kappa Alpha. • JEROME POST, 139 Chippewa Ave.. South Bend, Indiana; NROTC; Sigma Chi; Newman Club. • RUPERT CLYDE RICHARDS, 1826 Valence Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • EDWARD RODDY, 2735 Jefferson Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha; NROTC. • MARY ANN RUSH, 6642 Harvard. Chicago, Illinois; Delta Zeta. • THOMAS EDNAN RYAN. 15 Maryland Drive, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta; Omicron Delta Kappa; JAMBALAYA; Publications Board; Canterbury Club; Tusk; Delta Sigma Pi; Leadership Council. • CHARLES LARRY SALTZMAN, 407 Rochelle, Monroe, Louisiana; AROTC; Zeta Beta Tau; I.R.C. Sicth Row; • SHIRLEY SYLVIA SAWL, 1619 Broadway, New Orleans. Louisiana. • ALAN LAWRENCE 5IGMAN, 1822 Monaco. Denver. Colorado; Zeta Beta Tau. • THOMAS STANLEY SIMS, Box 1215, Centerville, Mississippi; Tulane Glee Club; Wesley Foundation; Green- backers, • PATRICIA LYNN SMITH, 3309 Canal, New Orleans, Louisiana; Commerce Women ' s Club. • RICHARD FREDERICK STANCO, 719 S. Ilth St., Newark, New Jersey; AROTC; Tulane Glee Club. • AVERY STIRRATT, JR., 417 Hector Ave.. New Orleans, Louisiana; NROTC; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Canterbury Club; Navy Rifle Club. • CHESTER ARTHUR STOKLEY, 604 S. St. Joseph Ave., Niles, Michigan; Kappa Sigma; Tusk. • LEONARD DAVID STONE, 4115 S. Prieur, New Orleans, Louisiana; AROC; Sigma Alpha Mu; Hillel Foundation. Seventh Row: O GEOFFREY GREY STRANGE, 223 4th St., Logansport, Indiana; NROTC; Sigma Chi; Westminster Fellowship. • GILBERT STRAUSS, Lakeside Apts. 1912 Melrose Park, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; AROTC; Sigma Alpha Mu. • YVONNE CLARE TINGS ' ROM, 1022 Op3lousas Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Zeta; Commerce; Women ' s Club. • CHARLES PETER TRELEAVEN, 625 Lowerline, New Orleans, Louisiana; NROTC; Pi Kappa Alpha, • CHARLES R. TRUFANT. 1239 Philip St., New Orleans, Louisiana; NROTC; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • JUAN ARGOT VELASCO, 474 Pine St., New Orleans. Louisiana; ROTC; Alpha;Tau Omega; " Hullabaloo " ; New- mar Club. • WILLIAM LEWIS VON HOENE, 1729 Milan Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana; NROTC; Kappa Alpha. • JOHN W. WALL, 915 Pine St., New Orleans, Louisiana; NROTC; Wesley Foundation; Greenbackers. Top: Another guy who got the bird Bottonn: Who wouldn ' t trown to look at a face like that? Eighth Row: Shreveport, Louisiana; AROTC; Phi Delta Theta; Tusk; Delta Sigma • JAMES WALTER WARD, 2009 Woodlav. Pi; Scabbard and Blade; JAMBALAYA. • EBEN TRVER WATKINS, III, 1116 Second St.. New Orleans, Louisiana; NROTC; Kappa Alpha. • RICHARD CLIFFORD WELLS. 1525 Exposition Blvd., New Orleans, Louisiana; ROTC; Sigma Chi; Westminster Fellowship; Sophomore Class Unit Manager. • (v ' ARY ESTELLE WHITE, 709 Majestic, New Orleans, Louisiana; Women ' s Commerce Club. • ROBERT LAURENCE WILSON, 1904 Dekle St., Tampa, Florida; AROTC; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • WILLIAM HENRY WORDEN, 530 Beti Place. New Orleans, Louisiana; ROTC; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • ARTHUR R. YAZMAJIAN, 1077 Flatbush Ave., Brooklyn, New York; AROTC; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Delta Sigma Pi; Tulane Glee Club; JAMBALAYA; " Hullabaloo " ; Glendy Burke; Tusk; Honor Board; Vice-President., Commerce Junior Class. • PHILIP LAWRENCE ZIEGLER. JR., 827 Greenwood, New Orleans, Louisiana. 275 All thinking of a way to nnake a fast buck DELTA SlCmfl PI OFFICERS HENRY MONTGOMERY . Headmaster ALBERT AN5EMAN . Senior Warden JAMES PINNER Scribe FRED HOFFMAN Treasurer ■MEMBERS Robert B. Acomb, Jr.. Rene Angus. Albert M. Aaseman, Preston M. Bannistar, Francis S. Bowers. Arthur J. Burrows. Jetferson F. Chouest, Milton F. Clinton. Sam H. Cobb, Jr., Frank Comfort. William H. Cothern, Paul F. Dastu- gue, Jr.. John Millon DeBen, Jr., Jack Differ- ent. Godfrey D. Donovan, Roland J. Douglas, Howard Galloway, Thomas M. Gooch. Williarri J. Gritus. Samuel Gullo. Frederick W. Hall Robert V. Haskell, Fred J. Hoffman, Jr., Keith C. Hotard. Joseph W. Huttner. Jr., Donald J. Lanning, Florencio G. Linares, Jules A. Lizarraga, Jack A. Lynch, Ernest L. Martin. Jr.. Harold Mathews. Richard M. Mills. Henry I. Montgoms ' -y, R. David Nelson, George J. Palmer. Jr., Frank H. Patterson, Jr., James F. Pinner. Vincent L. Ramoneda, Joseph H. Rosh- er, Thomas E. Ryan. Thomas S. Sims, John A. Trauth, Richard M. Wagner, James Ward. Richard C. Wells, Arthur R. Yazmaiian. Delta Sigma Pi is a profess iona I business fratarnity still In its tender youth on the Tulane campus. Its obiectlves are: to encourage scholarship among business students, to elevate the standards of commercial ethics and cul- ture, ' o further 1he civic and commercial wel- fare_ of the community, to achieve a closer affiliation between business students and lead- ers of the commercial world, and to enable business students to associate for thei.r mutual advancement and pleasure. There are plenty of balls to swing at and they ' re big ones, so it ' s difficult to see how the fraternity could ever completely strike out. In pursuing these purposes the Tulane chap- ter sponsors field trips, business meetings, movies, and speeches by Important business men. A speech by an important business man here means more than lust a grunt to his secretary. Events each year consist of a chapter birth- day party. Founders Day celebration, an an- nual homecoming for alumni following the homecoming game, and the presentation of the Rose of Delta Slg at the fraternity ' s sweet- heart dance. OFFICERS REGGIE B. REID . . ALBERT L. GIRARD . . . LUIZ C. LEAD . ABRAHAM P. FRIEDMAN President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS Robert Acomb, Max Ba. ' -neft, Eldon C, Blanch- er. David L. Clary, Sam H. Cobb, Jr., Paul F. Dastugue, Goodman O. Emanuel, Karl Ezko- vlch, Charles J. Freltag, Abraham P. Friedman, Albert L. Glrard, Keilh C. Hotard. Luiz C. Leao, Jack A. Lynch. Ernest L. Martin, Richa. -d M. Mills, Frank H. Patterson, James F. Pinner Raymond Philibert, Reggie B. Reld. Only recently chartered, last year in fact, the Society for ihe Advancement of Management has been quietly advancing management. In on unchartered way, for several decades. Its cf- fa--ts are in the direction of broading Ihe ap- proach to Ihe management problem end strengthening the understanding of It on ihe part of the executives. The " management prob- lem " is a summary term for all ' he foils and tolls of production, distribution, administration, industrial relations, and finance. The latter Includes taxation. There Is an especial need for executives to approach that more broadly. The activities of the Society include luncheor and dinner meetings with the senior chapter in New Orleans, monthly lectures end discus- sions at ihe Roosevelt Hotel with outstanding business leaders as speakers, field " irips to in- dustries in the New Orleans area, cannpus meetings, and occasional social gatherings. Industrial leaders of tomorrov SOCICTV FOR flDUnnCEmEIIT OF mflnflGEmEIIT 276 Dean Lee Johnson i " " -i New Engineering Building r " ' ' C ' 278 First Row: • WILLIAM JESSE ANDERSON, III, 25 Sa.i E.T.A.: Taffrail Club; Scabbard and Blade. • MALCOLM J. ARMBRUSTER, 6058 Laurel • ALAN ANDRE ASWAD, 2104 Peniston St. Mateo Ave.. New Orleans, Louisiana; N.R.O.T.C; Sigma Pi; A.S.M.E.; St., New Orleans. Louisiana; A.S.M.E. New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Chi Omega; A.I. of Ch. E. • EDWARD STEVENS ATKINSON. 2619 Short St.. New Orleans. Louisiana; A, I of Ch. E.; A.C.S.; T.A.P.P.I. • FRED J. BAEHR. JR, 18 Warbler, New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Kappa Alpha; A.S.M.E.; E.T.A. e WILLIAM FRANK BECKER. JR., 2314 N. Johnson St., New Orleans, Louisiana; A.S.C.E. Second Row: • EARL THOMAS BELLANGER, 9010 Apple St., New Orleans, Louisiana; President of A S.C.E.; C.T.A.; Newman Club. • LAWRENCE GILBERT BODET, 4537 S. Prieur St.. New Orleans. Louisiana; A.S.C.E. • ROBERT HENRY BOH, 5430 Canal Blvd., New Orleans. Louisiana; Tau Beta Pi; A.S.C.E.; E.T.A. • DAVID PEQUE5 BOONE, 222 Walnut, New Orleans, Louisiana • PHILIP EDMOND BROU 21 Jackson Ave., Ocean Springs, Mississippi; Vice-President, Senior Engineering Class, ■51; A.S.M.E. • RICHARD FRANCIS BRUNNER, IC05 Jourdan Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana; A.S.M.E. Engineering ' s finest Irishman Third Row: • PATRICK BRYER, 5856 Vicksburg St., New Orleans, Louisiana; President E.T.A.; A.S.M.E.; Newman Club; Taffrail Club; Leadership Council; Sigma Pi. • AUBREY FREDERICK BURAS, JR.. 87 D Stadium Place, New Orleans, Louisiana: Secretary-Treasurer, Sophomore Engineering Class, ' 49; A.I.Ch.E.; Student Affiliates of American Chemical Society. • CHRIS A. CACOUTAS, 48 Helli.r St.. Umassol. Cyprus. • WILLIAM PETER CANACE, 83850 15th St., Newark. New Jersey; A.S.M.E. • LOUIS VINCENT CASERTA, 2180 N. Rocheblave, New Orleans, Louisiana; A.I.Ch.E. • ALI RIZA CATIK, 186 Ataturk Blvd., Istanbul, Turkey; A.S.C.E. Fourth Row: • ROBERT EMMETT CRAIG, III, 1321 State St.. New Orleans, Louisiana; A.S.C.E.; E.T.A.; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • NICKOLAS JOSEPH CUCCIA, 2424 Barracks, New Orleans, Louisiana; A.S.M.E.; Newman Club. • HUGH J. DAVIS. Ave. Patricio Sam 525-B, Mexico D.F.; Alpha Chi Sigma; E.T.A.; Pan-American Society; Leader- ship Council. » HARRY L. ENGELHARDT, 2725 Republic St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Phi Omega; A.S.M.E.; B.S.U.; Techni- Torque. e THOMAS FRANK FACIUS, 139 Pelican Ave.. New Orleans, Louisiana; A.S.M.E. • WILL ALLEN FINLEY, 7608 St. Charles Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana; A.I.E.E. Fifth Rov : « JOHN CLARENCE FINNEY, 2512 Burdette St., New Orleans, Louisiana; President, Tau Beta Pi. « WALTER JOSEPH FOLSE, JR., 1115 S. Carrollton Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana; A.S.M.E.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • WALTER DAVID GINDL, 307 157th St., Calumet City, illinois; A.S.C.E.; Newman Club. • VINCENT LOUIS GOODMAN, 4507 S. Derbigny St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Tau Pi; Tau Beta Pi; President Senior Class, ' 50; Vice-President Engineering Student Body, ' 50; A.I.E.E.; A.S.M.E.; Radio Club; Leadership Coun- cil; Zela Beta Tau; Vice-President, Tau Beta Pi, ' 50; Who ' s Who, ' 50; Glee Club; O.D.K.; Publications Board. • DONALD BERTRAND JACKSON, 238 Louisiana Ave., McComb, Mississippi; A.S.C.E.; Phi Kappa Sigma; N.R.O.T.C. • FRANK J. JACKSON, 1605 Oleander St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Tau Beta Pi; A.S.C.E. Si, th Row: • ERWIN R. JOHNSON, 1412 Alvar St., New Orleans, Louisiana; A.S.M.E.; Newman Club; I.R.C.; Air ROTC. • CLAUDE JOHN KELLY, JR., 4139 Walmsloy Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana; A.S.C.E.; E.T.A.; Newman Club; Kappa Sigma. • FRED HOWARD KINSLEY, 814 Wilson Drive, New Orleans, Louisiana; A.S.M.E. • ROGER EMMETT KNOX, Canton, Minnesota; Secretary-Treasurer Senior Class, ' 51; A.I.Ch.E.; E.T.A.; Glee Club, Tulane; Baseball. • WALTER PAUL KOENIG, JR., Rt. I, Aurora, Oregon; A.I.E.E. • JOHN M. KOZLOVIC, 1138 Deslomde St., New Orleans, Louisiana; A.I.E.E, COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Humphrey freed from confinement 279 280 First Row: • EMIL EDWARD KRAFFT, 62 E. Stadium Place, New Orleans, Louisiana; A.S.M.E.; Delta Sigma Phi. • ALVIN JEROME LAZAROV, 1776 N. Parkway. Memphis. Tennessee; A.S.C.E.; I.R.C.; Zeta Beta Tau. • AUGUST ALBERT LEBER, 2519 N. Galvez, New Orleans, Louisiana: A.I.E.E. • DONALD E. LeBRUN, 1812 Palmer, New Orleans, Louisiana; Tau Beta Pi; Air ROTC. • LEON CHARLES LEONARD, 4630 St. Charles Ave., New Orleans. Louisiana; Tau Beta Pi; A.S.M.E.; Taffrail Club; Delta Kappa Epsilon; N.R.O.T.C. chusetts; Tau Beta Pi; A.S.M.E.; E.T.A.; Pan- Second Row: • DAVID JERROLD LEVINE, 37 Abbotsford St., Roxbury, Massach Hellenic Council; Radio Tulane; " Ashue " ; Kappa Nu. • WILLIAM A. LUSBY, 4906 Chef Merteur Highway. New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Chi Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; E.T.A.; A.I.Ch.E. • FRANCIS SALVADOR MAGRO. Apl. lOIG Stadium Place. New Orleans, Louisiana; A.I.E.E.; Techni-Torque. • HRVEY JOSEPH MARTIN, 5613 Franklin Ave, New Orleans, Louisiana; A.I.E.E. • DONALD PETER MAYNARD, 2422 Wisteria St.. New Orleans, Louisiana; A.S.M.E.; Pan-Hellenic Council; Green- backers; Adelphons; Sigma Pi. Third Row: • DEAN C. McKEE, Folsom. Louisiana; Intramural Representative. ' 50; A.S.C.E. e WESLEY DON MILLER, 14729 Keystone. Midlothian, Illinois; A.S.C.E. • GEORGE DAVID MOATE, 923 Philip St., New Orleans, Louisiana; A.S.M.E.; Leadership Council; Vice-Chairman, A.S.M.E. • JOSEPH EDWARD NOVAK, 634 Franklin, Elizabeth. New Jersey; A.S.C.E. • CORNELIUS CHURCHILL PERKINS. 1222 Fern St.. New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Kappa Alpha; Interfaith Council; I.R.E.; Channing Club. Fourth Row: • JACK RAYMOND REID. 1309 S. Main St., Greenville, Mississippi; A.S.C.E.; Baptist Student Union; Kappa Sigma; N.R.O.T.C; Color Guard. • LOUIS JOSEPH RICHARD. 32 E. McAlister Place, New Orleans. Louisiana; Air ROTC; A.I.E.E. • OSCAR REISS. JR., 1423 Milan St., New Orleans. Louisiana. • ROBERT E. L. ROANE, JR .. Jeanerette, Louisiana; A.S.M.E.; Beta Theta Pi. • CHARLES D. ROBBINS, 123 Sherwood Forest Drive, New Orleans, Louisiana; A.S.M.E. • WILLIAM CRUME ROGERS, 1033 Alta St., New Orleans. Louisiana; A.I.Ch.E. Fifth Row: • MICHAEL JOHN RUCK, 613 Marengo St., New Orleans, Louisiana; A.S.C.E. • GERALD LOUIS RU5SO, 2366 Mendei St.. New Orleans, Louisiana; A.S.M.E. • MICHAEL MARION SALVATORE, 2500 Tulane Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana; A.S.M.E.; Newman Club. • ARTHUR KERMIT SMITH. 1010 E. 34th St.. Savannah. Georgia; Army ROTC; A.I.E.E.; E.T.A. • CROMWELL ORRICK SMITH, JR., 3102 Marigny St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Air ROTC; A.I.E.E. • LAWRENCE ALBERT SMITH, JR., 3215 Conti, New Orleans, Louisiana. ' How far to the head, Mr. Bruce? " COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Up for parole Sixth Row: • MELVIN EDWARD STEGER, 4604 Music St., New Orleans. Louisiana; Alpha Chi Sigma; A.I.Ch.E.; E.T.A. ; Band; Student Affiliates of American Chemical Society; Sigma Pi Sigma. • WILLIAM T. TUCKER, 656 Louisiana Ave.. McCcmb. Mississippi; Vice-President Sophomore Engineering Class; Tau Beta Pi; A.S.M.E. • CLYDE TEMPLETON TURNER, JR., Box 31, Greenwood, Mississippi; Secretary of Kappa Sigma; Vice-President Junior Class. ' 50; Omicron Delta Kappa; Who ' s Who; A.S.C.E.; Publications Board; Taffrail Club; Scabbard and Blade, Vice-President; Campus Night; Lagnlappes, Vice-President; Wesley Foundation; JAMBALAYA, Editor. ' 51; NROTC Battalion Adjutant; Techni-Torque; Student Activities Key; Kappa Delta Phi; Keys Inc.. Vice-President. • VINCENT KILEY VAN ALLEN, 835 Housatonic Ave.. Bridgeport, Connecticut; A.S.M.E.; E.T.A., President; A.S.M.E.. Chairman. • JOHN VICTOR WILSON. 4 Evergreen Place, Loch Arbour, New Jersey; A.S.C.E. • K. WONG. 1833 Milan St.. New Orleans, Louisiana; Army ROTC; A.S.C.E. 282 Pirst ftow: • WILLIS HAROLD AKINS, West State Road, Alliance, Ohio: NROTC. • NOLAN ALOY5IUS BOURGEOIS, JR., 2417 Robert St., New Orleans, Louisiana: Vice-President Sophomore Class SO ROBERT NOLAN BRUCE, JR.. 502 Pinj St., New Orleans, Louisiana: Kappa Sigma: Westminster Fellowship: Uni- versity Student Council; A.S.C.E.; Chairman, Honor Board: President. College of Engineering, ' 50. • CLEMENT ALLEN COLE. JR.. 3709 State St.. Drive New Orleans, Louisiana; Mathematics Club; Radio Club; A.I. of Ch. E.; Intramural Council; Unit Manager Sophomore Ctass ' 51; Kappa Sigma; Tusk. • DUBOIS JAMES DANIELS, JR.. 5637 Chartres St., New Orleans. Louisiana: Army ROTC; A.S.C.E.; Gamma Delta; Interfaith Leadership Council. • JAMES FREDERICK DUVALL. 1718 Valence St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Chi; NROTC. Second Row: • THOMAS SHELBY FARMER. 327 Florida Blvd., New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Alpha Chi Sigma; Tau Beta Pi: Adelphons; Student Aff ' l ' ates of American Cherrical Society. • DAVID BLAIR FAVROT, 7325 Hampson St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon; NROTC; Taffrail Club; Rado Cub. • JACOB CHRISTIAN FRITZ, 2736 Benville St.. New Orleans. Louisiana; Alpha Chi Sigma; A.I. of Ch. E.. Secre- tary. • EARL JAMES GARITTY. JR.. 3713 Airline Highway. New Orleans. Louisiana. • ROBERT A. GOELZER. JR.. Chilton, Texas; Pi Kappa Alpha; NROTC; Taffrail Club. • CLARENCE L. GWIN, 6203 Memphis St.. New Orleans. Louisiana: Baptist Student Union. Third Row: • GERALD DENNIS HEALY, JR., 4126 Walmsley Ave.. New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Kappa Sigma; Air ROTC. • ROBEi T TALMAN HESS, Box 764 RFD 2. New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Sigma; Campus Night; A.S.M.E, • DONALD LOUIS HIGGINS, 1013 Navarre, New Orleans, Louisiana: A.I. of Ch.E. • BRADFORD HOLLE. 172? Jefferson Ave , New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Sigma; Tusk; A.S.C.E.; Army ROTC. • KENDRICK HOLLE, 1729 Jefferson Ave.. New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Sigma; Army ROTC; Tusk; A.S.C.E. • EUGENE CHIN HOY. 504 So. Genois St.. New Orleans. Louisiana; Mathematics Club. Fourth Row: • WILLIAM HENRY KAY, JR.. Intramural Council, • JAMES L. KELLY, 1132 Peniston. New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Army ROTC. • ROBERT MORRISON KNOX, c o R. A. Si.r.pson. R.R. I. Vincennes, Indiana; Armj ROTC: Operetta; Glee Club. Tulane. • JAMES JOSEPH McCLOSKEY. 427 Arabella St.. New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Kappa Alpha; A.I.E.E,; E.T.A. • ROBERT CLARK McCLURE, 6162 Louis XiV St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Tau Delta; Army ROTC. • CLYDE DALE McDONALD. 31 lA Central Ave., Greenville. Mississippi; NROTC; Taffrail Club. 2375 Fenwood Rd,, Cleveland, Ohio; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Air ROTC; A.S.M.E.; Fifth Row: • JULIAN CLYDE McVAY. (05 N. Jackson Ave.. El Dorado, Arkansas: Phi Delta Theta; Air ROTC. • WILLIAM ELIGIO MENDEZ, 4321 S. Derbigny St., New Orleans. Louisiana: Delta Tan Delta; Pan Hellenic Coun- cil. • RALPH R. MONGEAU, 3615 Jena St.. New Orleans. Louisiana; A.I.E.E. • JOHN PAYNE NOEL, 1103 N. First, Monroe. Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi; Ain ROTC, • RAYMOND J. ORDOOUI, 271 Ave. " A " . Westwego, Louisiana; Radio Amateur Club. • HARRY EDWARD OSMENT, 1800 I Ith Ave . Birmingham, Alabama; Army ROTC; A.I, of Ch.E.; Newman Club, e GERARD RAYMOND POIRiER. 4JI5 Magai.ne St.. New Orleans. Louisiana. Sixth Row: • RAYMOND LEISH RAWLS 603 D. St., South Norfolk. Virgin ' a; Sigma Chi; Wesley Foundation; Greenb.-cknrs; A.S.M.E.; E.T.A. • THEODORE JOSEPH RUCKSTUHl. 4526 Elba St.. New Orleans, Louisiana; Newman Club. • CHARLES TCMAS SAVARY, Inverness. Florida: Sigma Chi; NROTC; A.S.M.E.; Baptist Student Union. • BONNIE SMITH, Route 2, Box 68. Wa-ren, Arkansas. • JAMES P. STEWART. English, Indiana; NROTC; A.S.M.E.; Taffrail Club; Westminster Fellowship. • JaMES DANIEL STOKES, JR., 8014 Panda St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Kappa Alpha; Air ROTC; A.I.E.E.; Vice-President Sophomore Engineering Class, ' 51; Band. • DEMETRIOS STYLIANOFOULOS. 20 Zinodotou. Athens, Greece: A.S.M.E.; International Relations Club. COLLEGE OF EnciNEERinc THE emWffJci FINISH wiTff CLOoo HQ wrrs, th. ocA.-i:k AN ■3ir ANO PUSHES PBH V PSNCIL. WHIIB OA ZV OAY it. AfiS .SLlPA ' Ay AMOhd HIS INKS f Sr£f CILS: HE WOK-KS wo UCS i VfViC Ih ltKi (H£ CQULDN r O 0 WITHOUT T.) hMO IP Mf STOPS ' f SLSiP HI O CPS AAO THtH HE Cffr .EAMZ ABOUT IT. Y ITH Hif OTHAT SIHKL i F ' AP ' lE WAT S lNKi. HI 00£ HIS Ton %omS outi £S. J ITH CUT A QlhNCS PoUQftV ftCMANCf kHO Bl INL 70 A-LL H£K. eSAUnESj PhO ' HEN A T last His L;P£ is. Pf T lHPlt£ COME I NO CHA.NQP TC S iCW Tj FCit £NQ-iN££lZR ACE CSAP FOe. y ztifS BPFO E Tfil £ f£R K.NC ' . ' iT. Seventh Row: • GERALD CHARLES SUHLING, 4419 S, Roman St.. New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Alpha. • SAMUEL G. WELLBORN, 825 Bourbon St., New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Alpha Chi Sigma; Greenbackers; Westminster Fellowship; JAMBALAYA; A.I. of Ch.E.; Lagniappes; Student Affiliates of Ameiican Chemical Society; Vice-President Junior Class. ' 51. • PAUL BERT WELTY. JR.. 236 West Beach. Pass Christian. Mississippi; Delta Kappa Epsilon; A.I. of Ch.E.: Gamma Delta; Greenbackers; Lagniappes; Student Affiliates of American Chemical Society; President Sophomore Engineer- ing Class. ' 51. • DONALD ALBERT WEIDERECHT, 751 Weiblen Place, New Orleans. Louisiana; Alpha Tau Omega; NROTC; A.S.M.E.; President Junior Engineering Class. ' 51. • DAVID GLENN WILSON, Monticello, Mississippi; NROTC; Taffrail Club. • DONALD B. WOLFE, SO Scarcliffe Drive, Malverne, New York; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pelican Club; A.S.M.E. • ROBERT GORDON WOOTEN, 9026 Apple St.. New Orleans, Louisiana; Student Affiliates of Chemical Society. 2?3 " %J Trying to hide f heir stil OFFICERS HUGH J. DAViS . ROGER KNOX . , MELVIN E. STEGER JACOB C. FRITZ . P esIden Vice-President Treasu.rer Secretary MEMBERS A. Aswad, B. Beauclair, A. Buras, L. Caserta, i. Cauvin, C. Cole, J. Coleman, J. Davis, T. Farmer, J, Fritz. D, Higgens, A. Hlller. J. Kirschmer, R. Knox, H. Osment. W. Rogers. M. S+eger, S. Wellborn, P. Wethy. The student chapter of the Ame. ' Ican Institute of Chemical Engineers was established at Tulane In 1938. Membership Is open io all In- terested In the chemical engineering profes- sion. The student chapter strives to supplement regular " text- book " knowledge with activities designed to acquaint its members with actual chemical engineering processes. At each month- ly meeting, technical speeches on current engi- neering p ' ocesses were given by engineers from such organizations as the Southern Regional Research Laboratory and Esso Stand- ard Oil Co. Occasionally, technical motion pictures are shown at these meetings. In addition numerous field trips were made to plants and factories around ihls section. Members we-e taken on completely guided tours during which they were free to ask as many questions as they wished. nmERicnn insmuTE of CHEmicfli EncmEERS OFFICERS EARL BELLANGER . CLAUDE J. KELLY . LAWRENCE G. BODET WALTER E, BLE55Y . President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Faculty Advisor MEMBERS William F. Becker, Earl Bellanger Law.rence G. Bodet. Robert H. Boh, Robert " N. Brude, Edward H. Bultmann, Robert E. Craig, Dubois J. Daniels, Lloyd E. Ducote Robert Estes, Don- ald Estopinal, Walter D. GIndle, Russell Hall, Harold Hart, Bradford Holle, Kendrick Holle, Donald B. Jackson, F. ank J. Jackson, Claude J. Kelly, Alvln J, Lazarou, Marcel J. Leumas, Dean McKee, WesFey D. Miller, Gene Main, Pierre C. Reeh, Jack R. Reld Oscar J. RIess, Michael J. Ruck. Richard E. Ruckstuhl, Clyde T. Turner, John V. Wilson, Kong Wong. Founded in 1933, the student Chapter of the Ame ' -Ican Society of Civil Engineers has as Its ultimate goal the breaching of the gap for the student engineer between his college edu- cation and the existing conditions in the prac- tical field. The group strives to advance knowledge of theo.ry and practice by the presentation of student papers and by contact with the fac- ulty and with practicing engineers in the world today. Foremost among the proiects under- taken by the A.S.C.E. was the recent Investiga- tion of the soil and settlement conditions In and around New Orleans. An outstanding event In the Student Chapter ' s activities Is the an- nual field trip to the U. S. Waterways Experi- mental Station at Vlcksburg, Mississippi. Although primarily technical in nature, the activities of the organization are not confined o purely professional ones. Social functions consist of dances, luncheons, field trips, and beer parties. X ' r r . I I ..v ■ The product of four years in engineering RmERicnn societv of ciuil ergiheers 284 OFFICERS ARTHUR SMITH Chairman DONALD BOWEN . . . Vfce-Chairman FRANK MAGARO . . . AIEE Secretary LLOYD CHIASSON ... IRE Secretary NEIL PERKINS . . Treasure.r ' MEMBERS H. J. Ackermann. M. A. Blanchard. H. J. Boisseau, N. A. Bourgeois, D. J. Bowen, A. S. Canzoneri. L. E. Chiasson, J. M. Dudenhefer, W. A. Fin ley, C. G. Font, V. L Goodman A. L. Karr. W. P. Koenig. J. M. Kozlovic. A. A. Leber. F. S. Magaro, H. J. Martin, L. t. Mar- tin, J. J. McCloskey, J. E. Melendez J. Milan- din, R. R. Mongeau. P. J. Naquin. N. C. Perk ins, E. L. Peterson, G. R. Poirie- P. Z. Reid, L. J. Richard, J. C. Robertson, N. E. Schmidt. A. K. Smith, C. O. Smith, V. P. Spear J. D. Stokes. F. J. Stouder. W. D. Thurmond. J. J. Tureaud, W. G. Ueismann. E. C, Uhrenholdt. D. J. Veca. D. G. Zimmerman. The Tulane University Joint Student Branch of the American Institute of Electrical Engi- neers and the Instilute of Radio Engineers was fa--med In November. 1949, in order to pro- vide a single, active, and interested group, rather than separate competing AIEE and IRE Student Branches. This ioint branch provides the broadest possible exposure to the elec- trical engineering field during the period of basic training and affords good oppo-tunlty for cultivation of many qualities needed by the engineer but not always developed in the classroom or laboratory. In addition to the regular meetings of the branch, students have attended the interesting meetings of the New Orleans Section of the AIEE. Among them, the meeting at WDSU-TV and program on Electronic Calculato.- ' s were of exceptional interest. The group holds social functions from time ti time throughout the year in order that the members may become better acquainted. Tomorrow ' s electricians nmERicnn insTiruTE of electrical ehgiiieers The big wheel and little wheels OFFICERS VINCENT K. VAN ALLEN , . . President GEORGE D. MOATE . . . Vice-President PATRICK BRYER Secretary JULES G. ROUOUETTE . . . Treasurer MEMBERS David E. Anderson. V illiam J. Anderson, Mal- colm J. Armbruster, Fred J. Baehr. Francis M. Barbier. David P. Boone. Philip E. Brou. Roland J. Broussard. Richard F. Brunner, William P. Canace, Rohnol C. Chancy. Nickolas J. Cuccia. Hai ' lin Marvin Dees. James Dees. Amos L. Doucet. Harry L. Engelhardt. Thomas F. Facius. John C. Finney. V alter J. Folse. Vin- cent L. Goodman, Jorge R. Grana, Arthur M. Greshemer, William Hess, Erwin R. Johnson. William H. Kay. Fred H. Kinsley, Emil E. Krafft. David J. Levlne. Donald P. Maynard, Arturo N. Munoz-Mellowes, John A. Noonan Wliilam H. Pinne, ' , Charles D. Robblns, Gerald Louis Russo, Michael M. Salvatore, William T. Tucker. Lawrence A. Smith. Bruce A. Steven- son. Samuel R. Vltellaro. Donald A. Wiede- recht, Donald B. Wolfe. The American Society of Mechanical Engi- neers, student branch, exists to develop lead- ership, initiative, and public speaking ability in Its members, to give them an opportunity to acquire social address and facility, and to appreciate the necessities of organization among engineers. Through joint meetings and conventions, a monthly iechnlcal magazine, and adult speakers, the ASME student branch is closely linked with the Senior Chapter. There are no blueprints for the linkage, though. In constructing the year ' s program, the ME ' s employ technical talks, papers, movies and discussions, field trips to industrial and manufacturing plants, conventions, a banquet and other social gatherings. flmERicfln sociETv OF mECHnnicRL EncinEERS 285 £NGinEER ' S TECHnOLOGICflL ATELIER OFFICERS PATRICK BRYER President FRED JACOB BAEHR, JR Secretary CLAUDE JOHN KELLY Vice-President ROBERT EMMET CRAIG, Mi Treasurer William Jesse Anderson, Gaston Beauclair, Jr. Earl Thomas Bellanger Robert Henry Boh Donald Joseph Bowen Robert Nolan Bruce, Jr. Philip Edmond Brou Lloyd Ernest Chiasson III MEMBERS John Steve Coleman Hugh Joseph Davis Roger Emmetf Knox Marcel Joseph Meumas, Jr. David Jerreld Levine William Anthony Lusby Clyde Phillip Martin, Jr. John Milandin, Jr. Joseph McCloskey Richard Edward Ruckstuhl Vincent DePaul Spear Arthur Kermit Smith Melvin Edward Steger Bruce Aiden Stevenson Vincent KIley Van Allen David George Zimmerman Cornlius Churchill Perkins Sponsoring the Engineers Dance, St. Patrick, Claude J. Kelly, St. Patricia, Miss Jean Keil, and their Court, Miss Phyllis Emiing, escorted by Fred J. Baehr, Jr., Miss Mary Edmond, escorted by Allen A. Aswad, and Miss Sue Fran- cis, escorted by John Milandin, Jr., is the Engineers ' Tech- nological Atelier which presents itself as a spirit organiza- tion. Founded in 1936, the Engineers ' Technological Atelier is an honorary society which endeavors to unite the various engineering societies. It probes into the field of education by sponsoring the forum which gives the students an op- portunity to present technical papers, and into the field of entertainment by producing the Engineers ' Smoker and Engineers ' Day skit at the Vanderbilt Game. The commerce boys messed up the Blarney Stone that way 286 DEAN ELIZABETH WISNER School oi Social Work DEAN ROGER P. McCUTCHEON Graduate School SCHOOL OF SOCIAL UJORK ROD GRflDUflTE SCHOOL School of Social Work 287 SCHOOL OF SOCIAL UJORK HALL KASHKIN LOCKRIDGE WILSON WOOLSTON 1 i i Mmm.. _Ji ROBERTS STOCKWELL TALBUTT GRflDUflTE SCHOOL i DALIA DANIELS MATLIN MENEFEE 1. Jy ' TROTTER 788 President Harris escorts Sara French at Homecoming Dance SENIORS • ELDON BERNARD BONNETT, 7030 Hickory Street, New Orleans. Louisiana, • LESTER MORGAN HALL, 2327 Oakland, Fort Worth, Teias; Sctlool Presi- dent, ' 51; University Student Council. • PAUL MILTON KASHKIN, 736 Saratoga Avenue; Brooklyn, New York. • FRANCES ANNE LOCKRIDGE, 1561 Calhoun Street, New Orleans, Louis- iana. • WALTER BROWNE WILSON, JR., 5347 La Gorce, Miami Beach, Florida. • VERNON LEE WOOLSTON, 51 Main Street, Victor, New York; Student Council; School Vice-president, ' 50. UNDERGRADS • CHRIS LAWRENCE PREVETTI, 2892 S. Delaware. Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Phi Sigma Epsilon; Newman Club. • ANNA ELIZABETH ROBERTS. Booneville, Arkansas; International Relations Club. • SPENCER L. STOCKWELL, 2112 Lowerlinc Street, New Orleans, Louisiana. • ROBERT BRYAN TALBUTT, 1428 S. Owasso, Tulsa, Oklahoma. • MAYANIC WALTON, Columbiana. Alabama. GRAD SCHOOL • FRANK JOHN DALIA. 927 Almonaster, New Orleans, Louisiana. • CHARLES WILLIAM DANIELS, 405 Michigan Avenue, Mobile, Alabama; Sigma Chi; Sigma Pi Sigma. • JORDON SANDERS MATLIN, 3116 S.W. 5th Street. Miami, Florida; Tau Upsilon; Hillel; prep-Med Society. • MARIA TERESA MENEFEE, Birmingham. Alabama, • REGINALD TROTTER, JR., 501 No, Main, Monticello, Arkansas; Phi Sigma lota; French Club. Austrian students visit Tulane 2S9 .1 iuiLn ' r.i::aia jaM3iS i SB ; i CAN ' T CAPTION IT IF I DON ' T KNOW WHAT IT IS Advertisements . . . ATTS The James A. Noe Station NEW ORLEANS I Want to sell your product? ADVERTISE IT ON THIS POWERFUL STATION WITH A POWERFUL LOT OF LISTENERS ALL OVER THE COUNTRY ! 5.000 WATTS NIGHT WHITNEY NATIONAL BANK OF NEW ORLEANS Established 1883 FOR OVER 67 YEARS, THE WHITNEY HAS PRO- VIDED CONTINUOUS SERVICES TO THE BANKS AND INSTITUTIONS THAT ARE BUILDING THE SOUTH MEMBER OF THE FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION What would Jambalaya be without rice? To jambalaya and gumbo, shrimp Creole and good honest beans, rice is indeed es- sential. The rice business itself is a great and satisfying one. Growing and milling, marketing and merchandising — these of- fer a constant challenge to those of us who live with, by and for the rice of Louisiana. Growers work to improve the varieties. Scientists develop new uses for rice. Our own company made marketing WATER, MAir RICE history this year by introducing a pack- age design new to the industry. Every enterprise affords such new and ever- interesting possibilities. As a graduate of Tulane University, you have the advantage of a fine start. It is our hope that your future " building years " — whether they be in industry or science or a profession — will also be good years, yielding many challenges and rich rewards. 5== aHA .f QIHi : Qsa Louisiana State Rice Milling Company, Inc. America ' s Largesf Rice Millers ABBEVILLE, LOUISIANA ARNAUD ' S 801-29 BIENVILLE STREET OPEN FROM II A. M. to 12:30 A.M. GERMAINE CAZENAVE Owner and manager of Arnaud ' s Restaurant, daughter of the late Count Arnaud. founder of the restaurant that bears his name, as well as creator of many famous Creole and French dishes famed throughout the world. Few are the people who set foot on the sidewalk of New Orleans who do not seek fo learn the location of Ar- naud ' s and forthwith [ourney there to enjoy this famous cuisine. After partaking of a notable meal, guests fre- quently ask the derivation of a particular dish: " Is it French? " " Is it Spanish? " The answer is that it is a combination of the wizardry of the French with the art of Spanish to make Arnaud ' s masterpieces. RESTAURANT ARNAUD As Always for fine feminine apparel CO LIMITED Ma 3477— Ra 6985 Ch 4792 CLIFF PROBST AUCTIONEER-REALTOR 427 Carondelet St. N. O. 12, La. Phone CA 3619 Napoleon Avenue Wharf Night Phones Phone UP 1820 WA 2277 WA 1 195-W WA 6101 -J THOS. W. HOOLEV SONS Machine and Boiler Works Marine Work a Specialty 1026-36 Tchoupitoulas Street New Orleans, La. rr-Tl Who are the socks or Jan? AUTO PAINTING AND REPAIRING CO.. INC. 1725 Dufossat St. BOYLE OUSTALET " 24 Hour Emergency Gas and Oil Service " Jackson 4801 BLUE PRINTS BLACKLINES PHOTO-COPIES SOUTHERN BLUE PRINT CO. ARCHITECTS AND ENGINEERS SUPPLIES 708 Gravier Street NEW ORLEANS 12, LOUISIANA FILM NEGATIVES ELECTRICAL LOGS PHOTOSTATS FRONT AND BACK ON ONE SHEET BY " PHOTOSTAT DUPLEX " WE ARE JUST A MATTER OF HOURS FROM YOU ACCURACY All orders are carefully checked before ship- ment. PROMPTNESS Express, mail, truck and train speed our de- livery to you shortly after the order is re- ceived. FAIR DEALING Our Policy — To serve the pharmacists of Louisiana economically, fairly and to pro- mote ideas that will build business for you. McKESSON ROBBINS, Incorporated NEW ORLEANS DIVISION New Orleans 7, La. Phone RAymond 2101 THE AMERICAN PRINTING CO., LTD. New Orleans, La. Who Is the birdie behind the camera? " YOUR SPECIALISTS IN SPORTS " JpkHHif ilfHch ' j SPORTS. INC. (Formerly Di inlap ' s) EQUIPMENT FOR EVERY SPORT 308 St. Charles Street MA 5891 New Orleans 5892 Catch that Arthur Murray style! BUSINESS AND INSTITUTIONAL FURNITURE EQUIPMENT OF EVERY TYPE LIBRARY FURNITURE SHELVING SHAW WALKER STEEL DESKS AND FILES STOW-DAVIS EXECUTIVE DESKS CHAIRS DoMORE POSTURE CHAIRS PLAYGROUND EQUIPMENT GYMNASIUM EQUIPMENT LABORATORY FIXTURES INDOOR AND OUTDOOR SEATING H. C. PARKER. INC. 336 Camp Street New Orleans, U.S.A. COMPLIMENTS Col i?LfoJJ4. j. BALTER BUILDING EJter CONTINENTAL TRAILWAYS Fast, Express Bus Service From NEW ORLEANS to BATON ROUGE Also thru (no change) BUSES to SHREVEPORT— DALLAS BEAUMONT— HOUSTON JACKSON— MEMPHIS and All Intermediate Points For Complete Information Call CONTINENTAL TRAILWAYS BUS DEPOT 1314 Tulane Ave. Phone RA420I O ' SHAUGHNESSY SERVICE, INC. 4 — Texaco Service Stations 40 — Bowling Lanes — 40 101 Airline Highway LESSONS BY APPOINTMENT Temple 5577 The Intelllgentia HEADQUARTERS for Scott- Atwater Shift outboards FIVE SHIFT MODELS! 4 to 16 HP $149.50 to 349.50 FIND OUT NOW how far out- boards have ad- vanced — see our complete line of Scott-Atwater complete Shift motors! All have Neu- tral, Forward, Full Control Reverse. All have single knob control, push-button carburetor drain, ball and roller bearings! Come in today. Buy today— 12 months to pay! SECURITY CO. 124-30 South Rampart St. CA 08 1 1 COMPLIMENTS OF FREEPORT SULPHUR CO. (Producers of Crude Sulphur) NEW ORLEANS PORT SULPHUR BLUE BLACK LINE PRINTS PHOTOSTAT PRINTS KEUFFEL ESSER DRAWING MATERIALS SLIDE RULES DRAWING SETS SUPPLIES PHOTO MURALS NEW ORLEANS BLUE PRINT SUPPLY CO.. INC. 824 Union Street RA 4196 Phone Jackson 8639 MILL DISTRIBUTORS TWI-RO-PA MILLS AGENCY Twine-Rope-Yarn GEORGE J. PALMER 1607 Napoleon Avenue New Orleans See at MB . . . the newest in blithe, young sportswear . . . from MB ' s sparkling collection that high-lights many famed designers. Sportswear, MB Second Floor Mmson B lANCHE GREATEST STORE SOUTH It ' s Bennett ' s for the LARGEST VARIETY OF CAMERAS SUPPLIES Buy on Easy Terms io« 320 Baronne Street Opposite Public Service BREEN ' S( DRUGS PRESCRIPTION SPECIALIST COMPLETE FOUNTAIN SERVICE SODA — SANDWICHES PACKAGE LIQUORS 7600 St. Charles Ave. Phone WA 3400 Prompt Delivery WILLIAM S. VINCENT INSURANCE AGENCY 620 Carondelet Bldg. General Insurance Raymond 1268-1269 WEDDINGS PICCADILLY FLORIST WE TELEGRAPH FLOWERS FORMALS CARROLLTON AT ST. CHARLES WA 2552 L A -LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA- LLOYD ALEXANDER IRWIN KNIGHT A. F. M. TJoyd Alexander ' s Orchestra " Pride of New Orleans " 8336 PRITCHARD PLACE PHONE WA. 6395-R AFTER 5:00 P.M. LA L A -LA-LA- LA -LA-LA-LA- LA Major construction, no less f hotoarapnu bu JOHn L. HERRmnnN f.r.p.s. 2034 St. Charles Avenue Tulane 3469 ' ' S Sap. - ' " " Ch!l Bfe- TULANE AND NEWCOMBITES ENJOY PONCHARTRAIN BEACH ALL THE STUDENTS ' NEEDS AT THE TULANE BOOK STORE COMPLIMENTS OF STAUFFER ESHLEMAN CO.. LTD. WHOLESALE HARDWARE IMPORTERS and EXPORTERS Phone MA 5621 I 148 South Peters New Orleans ROBINSON LUMBER CO. NEW ORLEANS, LA. EXPORT LUMBER Pine and Hondouran Mahogany We ship to all parts of the World. METAIRIE PHARMACY 246 METAIRIE ROAD Phone CEdar 7861 for service PRESCRIPTIONS CALLED FOR AND DELIVERED Zemurray Card Syndicate R. P. FARNSWORTH Cn., INC. Ljeneral K ontraclor NEW ORLEANS BATON ROUSE A perfect Match And a love of a set from Holmes You ' ll find gala combinations to take you through a fun-filled summer from Holmes Sportswear, Second Floor " - MM % % ;?, CLIFFORD fl. Kinc 9 Floor Coverings Acoust ' cal Materials Marble Brick and Tile Steel Products 219 Dryades Street Re iymond 05 1 5 " L ILLER since 1919 FIRE FIGHTING HEADQUARTERS 52 I Gravier St. New Orleans THE LOUBAT GLASSWARE CORK CO. Establishad 1875 COMPLETE EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, INSTITUTIONS 510-520 Bienville Street NEW ORLEANS Ma 281! Loolc what came out In the wash MAJORS MEDICAL BOOKSTORES Three stores to serve you with any medical book in print. Subscriptions solicited for all medical periodicals in the English language. A full line of books Is carried in stock at all times so that Immediate delivery can be made. J. A. MAJORS CO. New Orleans 12 Dallas I Atlanta 3 JI Built bv Globe Construction Company Photo by S. R. Sutton ■ ' ■W ' — s TELEPHONE: AU 6694-5-6-7-8 gONSTRUCTIOM COMPANY, IMC. 9 ' enera JoTuracw crs 8137 OLEANDER ST. NEW ORLEANS 18, LA. Est. 1788 MA. 8924 ORIGINAL PIERllE MASPERO ' S EXt HAIVGE ARTHUR LAMAZOU, Prop. Only the best grades of domestic and Imported wines and liquors NEW ORLEANS, U. S. A. 440 Chartres St. MEYNIER DILLMANN HARDWARE CO. 7724 Maple Street Phone: Walnut 2545 Incorporated HARDWARE, CROCKERY, PAINT, GLASS, BUILDING MATERIALS and ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES New Orleans, La. STRUCTURAL STEEL • MISCELLANEOUS ORNAMENTAL IRON • REINFORCING STEEL ORLEANS MATERIALS EQUIPMENT CO. Incorporated FABRICATORS QMECO DESIGNERS I 556 Tchoupitoulas Street New Orleans 6, La. FOR LOVELY FLOWERS ALWAYS FRESH E. A. FARLEY FLORIST Two Locations: GENTILLY TERRACE NURSERY 3333 G entilly Blvd. Fr. 4194 ROOSEVELT HOTEL FLOWER SHOP Lobby Roosevelt Hotel RA 5949 COMMERCIAL RECEIVERS TRANSMITTERS SOUND EQUIPMENT A. C. DENNY RADIO SALES— SERVICE CA 6109 510-512 St. Charles St. New Orleans, La. BEL J J. 0. KUEBEL CO. f Builder 55 Lake Ave. Ce. 1841 NEW ORLEANS 20, LA. STAUSS AND HAAS Incorporated 514 CAMP STREET • -♦- • SELLING QUALITY TOOLS FOR OVER 44 YEARS " I consider the $10 per day hospitalization and $300 surgical group insurance program which our company has added to our group life and pension programs as a most valuable addition to security provided for Pan-American agents. And all this at no cost to us! " Francis J. Selman President, Dynamo Club 1949-50 In Addition, Pan-American Offers Merchandise Such As THE MODIFIED 3 (which is sweeping the country) THE 6 STAR SPECIAL JUVENILE POLICY (a complete education plan) PLUS A CAREER CONTRACT FOR CAREER MEN WITH UNEXCELLED HOME OFFICE SERVICE AND UNDERWRITING CRAWFORD H. ELLIS President EDWARD G. SIMMONS Executive Vice President KENNETH D. HAMER Vice President Agency Director For Information Address: CHARLES J. MESMAN Superintendent of Agencies PAN-AMERICAN LIFE INSURANCE CO. NEW ORLEANS. U. S. A. AT GODCHAUX ' S . . . YOU PAY NO MORE . . . YOU GET THE BEST IN FASHION. QUALITY, SERVICE . . . (Woiiijn , tJoAcXxoux TfSs COLLEGE RINGS SORORITY PINS FRATERNITY KEYS SPECIAL DESIGNS CREATED BERNARD GRUNNING " Better Jewelry " 146 Baronne Street C A. SPORL CO. INCORPORATED ALL KINDS OF INSURANCE Whitney Building Canal 5341 ALWAYS THE LEADER! In School and Out BLUEHORSE PAPER SCHOOL SUPPLIES " The Kind Your Mother and Dad Used " MONTAG ' S FASHIONABLE WRITING PAPERS MONTAG BROTHERS. INC. 182 Marietta Street, N.W. Atlanta 3, Georgia Look at us, too. Bob TULANE ' S MODERN CAFETERIA Invites You To Enjoy food at It ' s best — served In our pleasant surroundings, at reasonable prices. Dining with us Is more economical than dining at home — try it on your maid ' s next night off. USE QUALITY UNION COFFEE IT ' S BETTER EXTRA FLAVOR IN EVERY CUP MERCHANT COFFEE COMPANY OF NEW ORLEANS B. C. CASANAS, President GEO. E. FLETTRICH, Secretary-Treasurer It can ' t be that bad. -fellows FACULTY— STAFF— STUDENTS Designed for Your EXCLUSIVE USE TULANE LAUNDRY Located behind Newcomb Gym — Art School BROADVIEW CLEANERS TAILORS Alterations and Repairs of All Kinds Phone Ga. 5092 1300 N. Broad New Orleans, La. ciaO ' UNIFORMS, CLOTHING, SHIRTS, HABERDASHERY 135 CARONDELET STREET NEW ORLEANS 12, LOUISIANA ' Over 61 Years in Business " COMPLIMENTS OF UNITED FRUIT COMPANY DELICIOUS bROWfi ' S 00. f VX. CREAM 00 AMERICA ' S FAVORITE FOOD anc NUTRITIOUS Partners in Progress » f-f-r with Southwest Louisiana Srl3 Markets SOUTHERN CONSTRUCTION CORP. COASTAL DEVELOPMENT CO., INC. LAKE CHARLES, LA. Figuring out the dope sheet New Orleans Office Universify 5496 Baton Rouge Office 4-5795 PERRILLIAT-RICKEY CONSTRUCTION CO., Inc. KJenefat L ontraciorA 1530 S. Rendon Street NEW ORLEANS, LA. Pioneer Building LAKE CHARLES, LA. 1045 Choctaw Road BATON ROUGE. LA. KINGSKRAFT COVERS MANUFACTURED BY KINGSPORT PRESS, INC. KINGSPORT, TENNESSEE Have +o hold your own hands, Bef+y? FOR FURNITURE 1899-1951 BARNETT ' S— 600 CARONDELET ST, RAY PHIUBERT Complete Insurance Service PROPERLY ANALYZED 501 Hibernia BIdg. New Orleans, La. CA 6526 where good quality always costs less NEW ORLEANS MOST COMPLETE DEPARTMENT STORE atU acthh uafahteetf 0f tfcut lUcneif Sack SEARS CONSULT AN EYE PHYSICIAN FOR EYE EXAMINATION BARNETT OPTICAL CORPORATION WM. J. HAGSTETTE Ophthalmic Dispensers QUALITY— ACCURACY— SERVICE Ra. 4711— Ra. 74 14 833 Common St. New Orleans 12, La. Serving Hospitals, Schools, Restaurants and Institutions INSTITUTIONAL SUPPLY COMPANY BRANCH OF CONSOLIDATED COMPANIES, INC. Wholesale Grocers LIBBVS FAMOUS FOODS AUTOCRAT FINER FOODS RED BALL AND JUBILEE RICE 744 South Scott St. AUdubon 4437-8 World champions ' nip match? HOWARD UNIFORMS • ARMY • NAVY • AIR FORCE • SCHOOL BANDS • INDUSTRIAL • PROFESSIONAL 606 Common St., 2nd Floor Phone MA 1488 EASTMAN KODAK STORES Incorporated EVERYTHING PHOTOGRAPHIC A Complete Line of Photographic Merchandise and Accessories 928 Canal St. New Orleans, Louisiana SERVING BUSINESS INDUSTRIES SINCE 1904! Commercial S+ationery — Office Furniture — Files and Filing Supplies — Printing — Lithographing — Engraving — A. B. Dick Mimeographs and A. B. Dick Supplies " Everything for your Office " DAMERON-PIERSON CO., LTD. RAymond 1204 400 Camp Street " New Orleans Walnut I 152 Repairing and Refinishing PIETER Van ASSENDELFT Designer and Cabinet Maker of Fine Furniture UPHOLSTERING DONE 7934 Maple Street New Orleans, La. CANDIES Supplied the Cafeteria by PURITY-REISS CANDY COMPANY Since 1859 " P WSS SSIII Balancing the diet TROPICAL PRESS OFFSET— COMMERCIAL PRINTER Canal 1294 510 Camp Street NEW ORLEANS 12, LA. EDDIE SCHNEIDER N. E. ROSS HAEMER ' S BARBER SHOP 8112 Oak Street Opposite Whitney Bank In Business Over Fifty Years Now " Air-Conditioned " For Your Comfort Solicits Your Patronage 3 Barbers in Attendance First Class Shoe Shine Department Hours: — 8 A.M. to 6 P.M. Saturdays: — 8 A.M. to 8 P.M. 311 Baronne Street, New Orleans, La. The Store tor Younf j ten and 3ien Whn Stay Youn fl JNO. WORNER SON BUILDERS HARDWARE W puality Distributors of YALE LOCKS AND HARDWARE Phone Raymond 1674 Phone Raymond 0353 401-405 Decatur Street New Orleans 16, U.S.A. COMPLIMENTS OF CRESCENT CITY FEED STORE 2001 St. Louis TU 5454 I ' m all through, Mama COMPLIMENTS OF THE STRAITEN BALDWIN CO, INC ASBESTONE CORPORATION Manufacturers of ASBESTOS CEMENT ROOFING SIDING NEW ORLEANS, LA. M. D. KOSTMAYER GENERAL INSURANCE AND BONDS 709 UNITED FRUIT BUILDING Raymond 6151 They can ' t all be yours, Joan DAVIS-WOOD LUMBER CO.. INC. Grade-marked Cypress and Pine Lumber of every description. Frames and millwork. Large and small orders handled promptly. 1620 AIR-LINE HIGHWAY Phone Temple 5505-6-7 W. H. CURTIN CO. Laboratory Apparatus Reagents Spencer and Bausch Lomb Microscopes 2800 Frenchman St. New Orleans, La. 6301 S. Claiborne Ave. FINE AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE GENERAL REPAIRS Body and Fender Work — Gulf Products UNIversity 9141 HENRY KRAAK FLORIST 1425 ELEONORE STREET UP 1198 Member — Florist Telegraph Delivery For Beautiful Matched Diamond Wedding Sets Manufacturing Jewelers 152 BARONNE ST. GEO. 6. MATTHEWS AND SONS, INC. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Manufacturers of High Grade Horse and Mule, Dairy, Poultry Feed and Mashes A. S. Aloe Company " The World ' s Largest Surgical Supply House " The One Stop Source of Supply for the Physician, Hospital and Clinical Laboratory New Orleans Branch CA 774M2-43-44 1425 TULANE AVENUE Look at the purty pictures UPPER CITY SERVICE ROAD SERVICE— BATTERIES— TIRES— TUBES ACCESSORIES— WASHING AND GREASING W. N. MILLER, JR., Prop. Phone Walnut 4842 600 S. Carrollton Ave. TOLANE UNIVERSin PRESS y amijud j rintei ' S - UNIVERSITY 2741 GIBSON HALL EXT. 344 SCHNEIDER BRICK AND TILE CO., INC. Facebrick Building Brick Clay Roofing Tile Farm Drain Tile STRUCTURAL TILE Sales Office — Raymond 2855 1101 A Pere Marquette BIdg., New Orleans La. PLANT, Slidell, Louisiana OAK STREET RESTAURANT OYSTER HOUSE HOME OF FINE FOODS Home Made Chili, Sea Food, Gumbo, Fresh Oyiters, Shrimp, Fish, Crabs, Chicken, and Sandwiches of All Kinds Draught Beer in Frozen Glasses Hot Lunches Served Students Cordially Invited 8242 Oak St. Qulncy Pace, Prop. Laboratory Apparatus and Reagent Chemicals • •• . L mi% CO., Limited Established 1866 NEW ORLEANS, LA. J. B. EATON Board Chairman C. C. FRIEDRICHS President A. SALAUN. JR. Vice-President IRVIN L. DUSSOM Vice-Pres.-Secretary COLUMBIA HOMESTEAD ASSOCIATION 330 Carondelet Street, New Orleans 3% CURRENT DIVIDEND Ma fegnbtt b erfe DENDINGER, INC.. OWNER The Department Store of Building Materials 721 South Claiborne Ave., Phone: Raymond 1363 PORTRAITS WEDDINGS LEON TRICE PHOTOGRAPHY 219 Baronne St. COMPLIMENTS OF MAURICE W. GRUNDY ' - - ' ' " o» w, c . Hluzianne J f ioo; Good JAe -- m WRINKLES L (y WEMBLEY Hk lor-Easf lion-Crnsli Ties [ g World ' s Longest-Wearing Tie ■PHHI k • CRUSH IT! i .l- Ib • TWIST IT! In New Imported Priestley ' s Nor-East Non-Crush Worsted ■k • KNOT IT! • NOT A WRINKLE! ' Cleanable and Fadeproof and Mohair. - f==f b - ■ I 1 On sale ot the TULANE BOOK STORE and at your Favorite Locol Store Wt lllemble4iY REG. U.S. PAT. OFF. COPYRIGHT 1950, WEMBLEY. INC. c T HE .ARRIAGE ..BADE Jeauty Saldn 1552 St. Charles Ave. Phone RAymond 0724 o o PHILLIP ' S RESTAURANT NICK STIPELCOVICH, Manager 733 Cherokee WA 9301 L onaratuta tiond to THE SENIOR CLASS C onaratulationi to the 1951 Lfraduatin L laSd and to tlie Aambalcu a taff and S tudentA oj Uu tan e Vm iuerS itii NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA AMONG THE MOST PROGRESSIVE ENGRAVERS IN THE DEEP SOUTH COMPLIMENTS OF SIMON SHLENKER. JR. Commerce ' 22 Smilin ' Si SIMON SHLENKER, Commerce ' 50 SMILIN ' SI COMPLETE COURSE IN HUSBAND-PLEASING FREE WITH EVERY BOHLE OF TABASCO Recipe Folder shows how to use the one- an3-only Tabasco to happify your one- and-only — for eggs, meats, sea foods, bak beans, soups — all the dishes men love most. And the folder is free — with every bottle of TABASCO Tabasco is made only by Mcllhenny Company, Avery Island, La. Trade-mark Reg. U.S. Pat. Off. KESSLER INSURANCE AGENCY Insurance and Surety Bonds 3 14 Camp St. Tu. 7650-58-59 C naruued o afaveci ou SHREUEPORT EHGRRUmG COmPRRV SHREVEPDRT, LOUISIANA Jambdiayd since printers 1913 ART • DESIGN TYPOGRAPHY PRESSWORK BOOKBINDING S ' MiM , ' ' ' : ;S SM t ' f ' i ,. •■■■ -J ' , i ; ■ ' y " r l? ' i:ts. ' :: ' ' ;; ' ' ; ' rn; ' lf Oi. ..:yir- :Jj jj; t: ' ; " i

Suggestions in the Tulane University - Jambalaya Yearbook (New Orleans, LA) collection:

Tulane University - Jambalaya Yearbook (New Orleans, LA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


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Tulane University - Jambalaya Yearbook (New Orleans, LA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Tulane University - Jambalaya Yearbook (New Orleans, LA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Tulane University - Jambalaya Yearbook (New Orleans, LA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


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