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f I THE TILTON MEMORIAL THE TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA Gift of Jambalaya o i 1 - NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FIFTY O ' i«; WALTER SPENCE RUDY EASON WARREN MIX THE PRESENTS TULANE PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS OF THE TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA. NEW ORLEANS, LA. V ' .n - Lrll ,■ V 1 ' ft ' , I it ' .jM • ■ j - ' y K ' i n •1- .. .i. 4k f • .? ,Jr y V ■ig . «fc,— • .i_ NEWCOMB ADMINISTRATION BUILDING • NEWCOMB HALL • FOOTBALL STADIUM HUTCHENSON MEMORIAL JOHN M O R R I S E Y The JAMBALAYA staff feels honored in dedicating the 1950 JAMBALAYA to a man who con- tributes a vital part to student life in all its aspects on the Tulane cannpus. • To his boys in Tulane ' s band, he is known and loved as " The Chief; " to peo- ple in the intercollegiate nnusic world he is recognizezd as one of the leaders; and to musicians everywhere he is known as a fine composer and director. • To us, at Tulane, he is " the man with the band " and is held in highest re- gard. With this in mind we respectfully dedicate the 1950 JAMBALAYA to John J. Morrisey. 1 1 1 n u r n It scarcely seems fashionable these days to be optimistic about the future. At the risk of being considered out of style, I am optimistic. The reason for my faith is a peculiar confidence in the purpose and ability of American college youth. I believe college men and women have today a greater concern for the world ' s problems, and their own too, than ever before. I believe they are resolved to employ generally a more mature and sober attitude in their encounter with them. This is chiefly the hope of mankind, for the future of the world largely depends upon the wisdom and vigor of America ' s course, and day by day that course is being charted in our colleges and univer- sities. Their graduates include most of the leaders of government, in- dustry and business, and virtually all the professions. It is a paradox to suggest that our democracy must establish an aristocracy. It will become perhaps the first true aristocracy in the world — a leadership by those best qualified through education and training. I believe this paradoxical arrangement assures us a brighter future Ihan Is fashionable now to predict. This yearbook provides addi- tional manifestation of it. i arrollton J c amA - W m ! jfi - j i . dm THE PRESIDENT RUFUS CARROLLTON HARRIS ACTIVITIES T H E WARREN MIX, President The Tulane Student Council, composed of one member from each of the eight colleges, is the highest governing body of Tulane students. All mat- ters of finances and policy are directly administered by the Council. All campus groups are subject to its approval for recognition and for continued function- ing. Meeting at least once, sometimes twice, each week, the 1949-50 Council organized for the first time on the Tulane campus a " Leadership Council, " composed of the presidents of all campus groups and organizations. This leadership council serves as a co- ordinating and advisory body for all areas of student activity. The Student Council officers are popularly elected by the entire student body of Tulane University, and the Council members are the popularly elected presi- dents of each of the respective colleges. JOE CONINO I : ! I The Shock Troops 8wB . ■■BB8 STUDENT COUNCIL ANITA YANCEY OFFICERS WARREN A. MIX, President Ar ' s i-d Sciences TOM DAVIS, Vice-President Med S: ANITA YANCEY, Secretary Newcsmb JOHN HAYGOOD, Low School r- - . BOB VIOSCA Pfek;aent PHIL ROUSSEL ... ■ - JOSEPH CONINO HERSCHEL SAUCIER .... ? RUBY CROSBY School of Social W rt f DR. JOHN H. STIBBS Student L • 17 __ NEWCOMB ' " " ' " STUDENT COUNCIL ANITA YANCEY OFFICERS ANITA YANCEY ' President JUNE ANTLEY Corresponding Secretary ANN BRODIE ' " ' . ' Vice-President JANET LEVY Recording Secretary ELIZABETH COOK Treasurer MEMBERS Nathalie Reeling Margee Gandolfo Marie Hamel Beverly Becker Jeannine McGee Margaret Endress Isabel Gardiner Susie Smith _ Lanier Allingham El ' " Lieber Norma Clesi To form a basis of cooperation between the faculty body the active worlc of an association of able and adult and students is the prinnary function of the association. individuals. An efficient and representative self-govern- Student Council, composed of the officers of the associa- j f Council. It has tion, acts as the piloting unit in the plan. accomplished its aim this year in completing various The Student Council, moreover, proposes any needed • T r -j • x x j x xu i! x-x x I • M L ' „,x:+,,+;„, - ;x ra +c 11 rhsr+prc; DToiects ot campus-wide interest, and tor the benetit ot changes in Newcomb s constitution, it grants all cnariers t r for campus organizations; it strives, at all times, to em- every Newcomb student. Anita and her po!ItIcos NATHALIE ROELING Lanier Alllngham Elizabeth Cook Margaret Endress OFFICERS President ELIZABETH COOK Secretary MEMBERS Margee Gandolfo Isabel Gardiner Marie Hamel Eiaine Leiber The Newcomb Honor Board functions as the judiciary committee of the Student Government organization under the hlonor System: students have full control of all matters of conduct in examinations, class work, and out- Claire Lewis Yvonne LyIe Morris Middleton Jeannine McGee Nathalie Roeling Susie Smith Anita Yancey side work. Any violation of the honor system is handled by hHonor Board, with the President presiding and the members acting as a jury. Honor Board also has charge of all new students signing honor pledges. NATHALIE ROELING NEWCOMB HONOR BOARD N E W C M B DORMITORY COUNCIL JEANNINE McGEE OFFICERS JEANNINE McGEE President CHELSIA WEBSTER West Wing PAT MAY East Wing President President CATHERINE NAEF Warren House President ANN COLEBECK Doris Hall President Jane Allis June Antley Nancy Burdette Eloise Cappel Ann Coiebeck Elizabeth Cook Frances Dalton Betty Eikle Biliie Harper Lynn Hock JUNE ANTLEY MEMBERS Claire Lewis Pat May Jeannine McGee Catherine Naef Secretary Charlotte Shoaf Settle Stoner Olga Turner Chelsia Webster Mary Williamson Composed of representatives from all of the campus houses, the Newcomb Dormitory Council provides the resident student govern- ment for students living in the dormitories. It carries out the rules and regulations, tries offenders, and serves with executive, judicia and legislative powers. The Council also provides for entertainments by members, working with all dormitory students for an and for its fficient sys- tem of self-government in matters relating to the conduct of its members both as Individuals and as a social group. In these ways the Council endeavors to obtain a well-rounded dormitory life. PUBLICATIONS BOARD K ' WARREN MIX OFFICERS WARREN A. MIX . . . Student Council President, Chairman TOM McBRIDE Hullabo ; Mara -r JOSEPH CONINO Connmerce School President WALT SPENCE i RUDY EASON . . . Jomboraya Cc " LANIER ALLINGHAM . Senior Class Presid ent, Newcomb College OLGA TURNER Carnival • DAVE HAMILTON . Senior Class President, Commerce College AL PERRY Thofa Nu Repreientativa EDGAR ASHWORTH Hullabaloo Editor DR. JOHN H. STIBBS a .,:. . GEORGE E, SIMMONS . . . Journalism Dept. Head, Advisor The Publications Board, composed of the editors and business managers of the campus paper and yearbook, the president of Theta Nu Journalism .Fraternity, the president and one elected member from the Student Council, two senior class officers, and the editor of Carnival Literary Magazine, direct the affairs of all campus publications and select all editors and business managers. The director of student life and the head of the journalism department serve on the board in an advisory capacity. I 21 JAMBALAYA 1950 The staff this year did a good iob of cooperating and doing their part in the overall scheme. They were as follows: RUDY EASON Co-Editor WALTER SPENCE Co-Editor JACK TURNER Associate Editor DORA MARTIN Associate Editor TORRIE JONES Assistant Editor TOM LEACH Assistant Editor BARBARA CHERRY Newcomb Organizations OLGA TURNER Sororities ED SCHLESINGER Fraternities CHRIS BOSCH Features FRANK S. CANNON Sports Editor and those other people who did the jobs without which no book could be completed: Sara French, Mary Finley, Mary Jane Carr, Cissy hHart, Sara Woods, Pat Williams, Anne Ventress Spence, Joan Strahle, Louis Vergne, Bob Thompson, Wayne Cockrell, Ann Crump, and many others. BOB THOMPSON BILL BROCKWAY, Artist RUDY EASON and WALT SPENCE, Editors TORRIE JONES BARBARA CHERRY 22 WARREN MIX, Business Manager The Art work on " Pete ' the pelican was done by Bill Brockway. The photography was done by the Tulane Photo Serv- ice with Armand Bertin and V! doing the yeoman work. On the whole, we the editors have felt that Tulane has had one of its biggest years. It was a year when there was much to be proud, of course every rose has the proverbial thorn and Tulane was no exception (witness the N.D. and L.S.U. fiascos). But on the whole the spirit gained, the campus wide elections drew tremendous in- terest as well as the election of the first Miss Pauline Tulane, and then the addition of a real, live mascot in the form of a pelican. The book this year was dedicated to John J. Morrlssey, Director of the Tulane Band, for the reasons expressed In the dedication but It was a hard close choice witfi Monk Simons leaving the campus. Dr. John H. Stibbs do- ing his work In student life, and Coaches Frnlta and Wells doing such splendid jobs. We the editors, pay humble tribute to these men, and in the name of the JAMBAL- AYA thank them for their help to the Tulane Student Body. f OLGA TURNER TOM LEACH DORA MARTIN ARMAND BERTIN. Photographer JACK TURNER 23 T H E Dis honest boi, Jerry BUSINESS STAFF - The 1950 Jamb business staff, through the industry and WARREN A. MIX Business Manager initiative of many cooperating students, raised more RONALD STURTZ Organizations Manager money in advertising sales than has ever been raised by SMILEY MARTIN Oftice Manager previous staff. Relying upon an efficient office staff T m ' rTaN ■•■.-. -. ■- ■. ■. ■. AdlerS " i l Zr under the direction of Office Manager ' ' Smi ey ; Martin, PATSY WEIL Asst. Ad Manager Advertising Manager Tom Ryan led a hard-workmg sales HUBERT COHN Salesman staff through many a difficult sales campaign, ably as- JACK FISCHER Salesman j-j gj Asstislant Ad Manager Patsy Weil, to a record- CORKY FALBAUM Salesman L„,l,;„ ' l SHIRLEY GLOSSERMAN Salesman DreaKing peaK _ , , cx i_ L • i 5l_lgR[ AN RAPHAEL Salesman I he organizations manager, Ronald bturtz, who is also BOB BREGER Salesman one of the campus ' leading publications experts, engi- AUDREY LEHMON Salesman neered the sale and allocation of space to all organiza- ADELE EDWARDS Salesman ,. ,, . •,; ,111: ± x 1 1 ± SARA FRENCH . Office Staff + ' °ns on the campus. With a staff of competent student JEAN COVINGTON Office Staff personnel, Sturtz completed his job very effectively in MARY PILLOW SALES Office Staff semester, and assisted the editorial and advertising MARY JANE DILLARD Office Staff , rr , i-j xL • I HILDRED RUNYAN Office Staff staffs to expedite their work. The only time they worked! J A B A L A Y A How ' s for a smile. Smiley Well, not quite everybody! Duh, whdt ' cha doing. Bod? AU-A4ne Uocun iJxme I Hu Mabal oo ASHWDRTH, McBRIDE MME ]VEW STAFF September 20, 1949 — Edgar Ashworth, Jr., editor of the " Tulane Hullabaloo, " and Tom McBride, business manager, have appointed their 1949-1950 staff. The big editorial jobs will be filled by Bill Jenkins as associate editor, Jack Owens as news editor, Charles Ray- mond as copy editor, Al Perry as sports editor. Bill Conery as assistant sports editor, Rosita Garcia as society editor, M. D. Sapp as intercollegiate editor. Bob Smith as reviewing editor. Clyde i , McLean as feature editor. Hugh Oliver f- as columnist, and Ronald Sturtz as poll conductor. Cartoons " will be handled by George Nelson, Dick Fields and Tom Beal. Editorial assitants will include: Pat Truog. Brewer Pence. Adrien Aitkens Rene Daussin. Buddy Rodrigue, Ann Hahn, Ann Williams, Marilyn Weiss Hans Feibelmann. and Carl Schu- macher. Reporters appointed are Robert Leidenheimer, Andrew Mays, Frank Tornabene, George Wiisn. Louis Ros- ner, Mel Opofowsky, Juan Velasco. Jack Wormser. Louis Vergne, B.etty Kiralfy, and Al Lottinger. McBride will be aided on the busi- ness end by circulation Manager Jack Conroy, Business assistant Larry Hen- nessy and Janet Scharff, circulation as- sistants Loretta Lowey. Joy Reinganum Marilyn Rosenberg. Jack Ponder, Frank Stitch, and John Phillips. HULLABALOO STAFF REOHGAMZED November 10. 1943 — A reorganization of the " Hullabaloo " staff has been ef- fected, announced Edgar Ashworth. Jr.. editor. Jack Owens, formerly news editor, and Charles Raymond, formerly copy editor, have both been promoted to the newly created rank of associate editor. Clyde McLean will take over as news editor. Bob Smith as copy editor. Rene Mendlovitz will succeed M. D. Sni; ;; as intercollegiate editor. Adrien Aitkens has been named assistant news editor, while Patricia Truog has been given the post of assistant copy editor. Newly appointed reviewing editor is Andrevr Mays. Lurilla Harris, Myron Eichler and Don- ald Ray are three new editorial as- sistants. Business Manager Tom McBride has promoted Gerald Schwark to assistant business manager. Old Headgear himse ' -f My files are closed DWEi S ASSUMES IVEW POSITIDIV January 19, 19J0 — A new position has been created on the " Hullabaloo " staff. The title of managing editor falls to Jack Owens, former associate editor. Because of Bob Smith ' s resignation Patricia Truog will beccme copy editor under Owens, and Conrad Smith and Dick Hart will be assistant copy editor. Elise Mitchell will replace Adrien Aitkens as assistant news .editor. On the business staff Jack Ponder will succeed Jack Conroy as circula- tion manager. New circulation assistants are Bob Hogue and Shirley Fred. " ODLABALLUH " IS BIOT OF THE YEAR April 2, I9J0— The " Tulane Hulla- caloo " became the Oolaballuh yester- day as th.e paper switched to humor in celebration of April Fool ' s Day. Editors Elise Mitchell. Mary Krebs, Conrad Smith, and Dick Hart put out an edition full of color, notority. pictures, and TISSUE. Rumor hath it that this was the best sdition of the year. I BULLA RECEIVES 7TH ALL-AMEBICAIV May 8. 1950— The " Hullabaloo " re- ceived its seventh consecutive AU- Araerican award from the Associate Collegiate Press this semester . The " Hullabaloo " received 960 points out of a possible 1000 on the ACP rating scale, " which judge news values, writing and editing, headlines and makeup, and departments and special features. Only five other newspapers in the ' Hullabaloo ' s " classification received an W.-f. merican rating. COMAH SMITH MMEB NEW EBITDB June 8, 1950— Editor of the " Hulla- baloo " for 1950-1951 will be Conrad Smith, senior journalism major, the Pub- lication Board announced recently. Smith has been on the staff of the " Hullabaloo " for over two years, most recently as assistant copy editor. He was also co-editor of the widely ac- claimed April Fool issue. Others who tried out for the position of the editorship included: Mary Krebs, J)ick Hart, and Elise Mitchell. , 1049-50 AS THE HULLABALOO SAW IT Excerpts from the Edi ' .orial Pages of the Tulane Hullabaloo October 6 . . . With regret we ac- i-ept the inevitable and approve the recommendation of the Student Coun- cil to publish the names of honor sys- tem violators . . . we hope that this measure will detour potential violators and therefore have to be exercised very little . . . October 13 . . . The return of a semblance :)f orderly con- duct at the movies in McAlister Audi- torium last weekend wjs heartening ... it might seem facetiou.; to congratu- late college students for behaving as gentlemen, but in view c; the exam- ples of rudeness during movies in the past, we think that praise is called for . . . October 20 . . . Notre Dame ' s Frank Leahy has a theory about how many players take the field in a foot- ball game. He says that ii takes twelve men to win. He sends eleven onto the field and leaves it up to iht students to keep that other " man " — ' he rooters in the stands and on the campus — encour- aging and supporting the first eleven . . . we believe that the Greenies were outnumbered Saturday: Tulane had elev- en good men on the field, but Notre Darae had twelve . . . November 10 . . . A.D. 1950 will be remembered as an important year in university history. It will be the year that construction was first started on units of a large-scale Tulane dormitory housing program . . . December 1 . . . This week, the after- math of the LSU game, it became in- creasingly plain that there exists on the Tulane campus a relative lack of school spirit . . . we fcce a great challenge: every student, from the hoari- est upperclassman to the freshman wet- test behind the ears, must take part in a rebirth of ardor, or else Tulane spirit will inevitably die a slow death . . . December 15 . . . Dr. Kieffer has succeeded in smearing Tuiane ' s name and creating an impression in the minds of many — an impression that must be removed ... we call upon Dr. Kieffer to announce the names of any Com- munistic professors . . . Who are they? What is their organization? II Dr. Kieffer doesn ' t do this, he stands self-convicted of dealing us all a hard kick . . . Jan- uary 5 . . . Tulane needs a centrally located Student Union Building. The present Student Center has neither ade- quate space nor enough equipment to provide for the needs of a student population in excess of 6,500 . . . January 12 ... A couple of years ago it was no task at all to gel a ticket for a Tulane basketball game . . . now. If we want a ticket, we have to hike over to the stadium and back ... a more practical location for the ticket office Is a must . . . February 9 . . . Another slam at fraternities this month — this lime by Mrs. Glenn Frank, widow of the former president of the University of Wisconsin, in an article, " Citadels of Snobbery, " in this month ' s Pageant magazine . . ■ she failed to emphasize the high ideals and good works of fraternities and sororities ... at Tu- lane we have seen few instances of snobbery, undemocialic or un-American action on the part of .her fraternities and sororities. Instjead they are an im- portant part of student life . . . Feb- ruary 18 . . . The Hullabaloo takes pride once again in advocating Kew Orleans ' grandest and most distinctive tradition — the wearing of a mask on Mardi Gras day . . . we commend those student groups that are decorating trucks which will follow the Rex parade Tuesday morning . . . and we urge every stu- dent to abandon his studies for a day to don a mask and costume . . . March 2 ... At its third convention this week, the Student Federation of Louisiana Col- leges and Universities will have arrived at a crucial point . . . should SFLCU fail to accomphsh anything that will make students aware and appreciative of its existence, it will be relegated to the role of just another organization . . . the Federation has to choose be- tween real and written existence . . . March 9 . . . " Happy birthday " to Carnival, Tuiane ' s literary magazine . . . when its first issue appeared last May, a long-felt gap in the structure of stu- dent activities was filled ... it seems to be here to stay . . . March 16 . . . From all reports, the best Campus Nile in many years hit Tulane Saturday, but an estimated 400 persons were turned away from the already overflowing Dixon Hall . . . why wasn ' t Campus Nile given at McAlister? . . . maybe someonje who wanted to see Campus Nile will never get the chance . . . we wouldn ' t want that to happen . . . Cam- pus Nile was too enjoyable . . . March 23 ... If a student doesn ' vote, he is a nonentity in student government, and has no basis for criticizing any actions of ths Student Council . . . how can he chastise the representatives for fail- ing to meet their obligation to him when ho has failed them? . . . now is the time for each student to survey the candidates, find out their qualifications, check their platforms and then vote In three officers whom he thinks will run things the way he likes ' hem run . . . March 30 . . . Tomorrow ' s election sees the end of the middleman: lor the first time in the history of the University, the student has a direct voice in elect- ing his president . . . the turn-out will be an Index of the student body ' s in- terest In a good old American ideal that thinking people have guarded jealously for centuries . . . Abe Lincoln christ- ened it — government by Iho people . . . April 13 . . . The fast-buck boys have finally run up against an Imposing ob- stacle to their recent " sL ' ccesses " in the Vieux Carre . . . that obstacle Is an enraged citizenry . . . the oppor- tunity is certainly here for the honest club-owners and operators in French town to form the vanguard of a clean- up corps down there . . . April 20 . . . Saturday the Student Council closed its doors to inleresUKJ stucents when reaching the decision to invalidate the recent election . . . the council had no right to do so ... an oversight? . . . April 27 . . . This is iho last semester lor lames M. Robert, dea.i of the Col- lege of Engineering ... he has served Tulane faithfully for 44 years ... no longer will new students hear his fa- therly advice that " there Ic no mystery in engineering " ... his philoeophy held that the answers were there for anyone who would search for them . . ■ May 4 . . . Tulane needs something more than a weekly paper . . . under present circumstances, the Hullabaloo cannot adequately serve the purpoees of Tuiane ' s student body . . . many other universities, havin7 little more claim to greatness than Tulane. publish student daihes . . . ii Tulane can ' t be on the list with Harvard. Yale. Columbia. Calilornia. Baylor. Michigan. Missouri. Virginia and L.S.n., all of whom publish fine college dailies, can ' t the student Ixdy here try at least to publish some- thina mcrp thnn a weekly tabloid? — Charles Ramond. That " Hullabaloo " fea.ti of ' 50 That ain ' t nice, Clyde! Pipe the calendar! SPIRIT OF ' 50 His beak can hold more than . . . PELICANS OFFICERS DICK PEET President BILL REMINGTON Vice-President ELISE MITCHELL . Secretary The Mob. ADELPHONS OFFICERS MacGREGOR BULLOCH, JR President PARKS PEDRICK Vice-President AARON SELBER Secretary JERRY V ELLBORN Treasurer Greenbackers is an organization devoted to the promotion of school spirit and activities. Each year the group plans and directs pep rallies, bonfires, shirt tail parades, and so forth. Among the events of the past year were: a " Meet the Team " party at Mc- Alister Auditorium, a Christmas party in the football dormitory and send-offs for the team as the boys left for out-of-town games. The members of Greenbackers assist in the orientation program by selling freshman caps and In or- ganizing the freshman cheering section for the home football games. GREENBACKERS OFFICERS WALTER SPENCE President BOB PARSONS Vice-President CISSY CONDER Secretary HAL JAMISON Sergeant at Arms WALTER SPENCE Hey, boy, get off the rostrum Pete ' s got the goat now, but Zastrow got It later CHEERLEADERS The Cheerleaders, this year had their best year In terms of co- operation of the student body. Tulane ' s spirit began to arrive at the first football game and continually grew largely due to the help of the athletes who this year fought hard in every game that fhey played. Tulane was proud of these men and found it easy to cheer for them and consequently did cheer with all their might. Fog-horn voiced Rudy Eason and cute li ' l Tinky Thibaut were head and assistant cheerleaders. Pete Roux and Franit McDonald flip-flopped in a professional manner to help make the squad have a sharper crew. Don Harris and Jackie Vizzini contributed much to the new yells and last, but not least, Edie Harris from Tennessee kept the squad in a constant dither with her southern drawl. OFFICERS TOM LEACH President FRANK STICH Vice-President KIT LANDON Secretary BILL CRULL Sergeant-at-arms TUSK The Tulane University Spirit Kiub oonsors pep meetings, shirt tail pa- ades, bonfires and other activities boosterinq school spirit. One of the iTiain events of this past v««f a ' •he sponsoring of the ' ■ -« ' ' - ;:ed Pan-Mural ath conjunction with Council. What ' cha doing? T U L A N E BAND John " Chief " Morrissey The Tulane University Band draws its membership, during the football season, from the men students of the University. During the concert season membership is open to women students as well. The Band performs at all home football games and is noted for its intricate and interesting " Half-time Shows. " Its theme song, " Way Down Yonder, " is a forerunner for much of the popular swing music played at each game — both in the stands and on the field. The Band Spring Concert is an annual event scheduled for the first week in May. This year the concert was given on three successive nights to accommodate the large and enthusiastic audiences. A Spring Concert Tour is a yearly planned feature of the Band ' s activities. During the concert season the Band plays music ranging from Bach to Gershwin. , Crack the i I We Shut ma mouf! JOHN J. MORRISSEY . HARRY MENDELSON, JR. JOSEPH STOCKWELL . MARVIN GLUCKSTERN . Director President 1st Vice-President 2nd Vice-President OFFICERS MORT MADOFF . . SHERMAN RAPHAEL DICK KELLOGG . . DICK HART . . . Treasurer Secretary Librarian Assistant Librarian Reginald Adams Charles R. Alfaro LeRoy J. Allain, Jr. Homer AIU;n James L. Allen, Jr. Edward Baggett, Jr. Joseph P. barreca Louis J. Bsrnolt Phil Bookman Eleanor Burdeshaw Howard Calder Joseph Donald Campbell Nesbit G. Coltharp Richard L. Crosby Frederick Arthur Deckbar Theodore L. Demuth Lester Doussan, Jr. MEMBERS Ulysses Florane Don M. Gallant Pat Garms Bob Gilliam Marvin Gluckstern F. C. Guinle James R. Guyton, Jr. Jack Hailaron Hils Eriing Hansen Richard Robert Hart Lawrence V. Hartmann. Stan Herron William J. Hess Robert James Higglns Robert Denva Irving Arthur B. Johnson, Jr. Richard Kellogg Jr. Dewey E Keen James Kincaid Russell Krog:gard H. A. Levey, Jr. Walter W. Long Beryl Lovitz Don Mackenroth Mort Madoff Earl Magner Fortune Mannino David H. Masur Harry Mendelson. Jr. Louis Hilmar Bruce David O ' Reilly Charles S. Palazzoio J. Palazzoio Willis J. Poirrier Norwood R. Prero Sherman F. Raphael Robert McKenna Richard; Mildred Runyan Seymour Schwartz Harold Smelson Eric D. Simmons Bob Smith Melvin E. Stager Richard Sterk« Mel Sternberg Joseph E. Stockwell Harold Tannenbaum Robert E. Thompson Herbert Thurber Porter Warren Robert Wooten James E. Wynne whip Boss. V ' • r •A CAMPUS NIGHT: SUCCESS STORY This year ' s series of Campus Nights under the directio; " i of Wynne Pearce, Jr., piled up a record of one success after another. Pearce won hearty congratulations for his skillful use of student talent in producing three well-staged, well-directed and highly entertaining shows. The first show was the bright spot of the bleak Fall Registration week. Even before school had actually begun Pearce had combined songs, laughs, and pretty girls to produce an excellent show, Jack Dabdoub was at his best In a black-face number. Red Watson, hit of last year ' s Campus Night, scored another success with " Coffee Time. " Providing excellent comedy was the director, Pearce, with his Inimitable monologues " Romeo and Juliet " and " Macbeth " both done In the " light " manner. Excellent lokes made such scenes as the discussion between the pinkish professor and the not-too-bright freshman favorites with the audience. The enthusiasm of the cast and the freshness and Imagination evident in the staging promised even better things to come. The promise was fulfilled In March, when the smash hit " Dig Your Own Grave " was presented In Dixon Hall. This show, an original musical comedy with script, words, music and choreography by Tulane and Newcomb stu- Hey, Louie, you kill dat cockroach yet! ■ dents, surpassed dll previous Campus Night performances in spectator ap- peal. Playing to a packed house, the cast gave such on excellent per- formance that they repeated the show three weeks later in Dixon Hall and hit the road to Baton Rouge to draw rave notices from critical L. S. U. spectators. " Dig Your Own Grave " though full of digs, was anything but grove, as the laughter of delighted audiences proved. Following the alternately bored, alternately frantic antics of Detective Sam Shovel, ployed in on admirably sneering monner by Ed Nelson, his scatter-brained secretory. Effie (Jere Johnson), a shell-shocked sailor (Joe Ross) who followed pretty Mary Lou Soudain around when not in a trance brought on by the words " Twenty-four hundred, " the audience found itself on a cross country tour. The scene quickly shifted from Shovel ' s corpse-ridden office to a bar " somewhere In the French Quarter. " Pearce evoked hearty lougnier with his imitation of a dypsomanlac searching for her husband who hod " started drinking ogoin, " before the doughty Shovel was slipped a tvlickey by- wicked- looking Kit London. Shovel, recovering from his potent cocktail, ond his cronies continued the search for the murderer of the neglected corpse In his office. In Mexico, they found brief diversion In watching a colorful Paso Doble, choreographed and danced by Trudy Mlangolarra and Louis Vergne. Falling agoln Into the hands of evil companions, the scene chonged to an opium den. The choreogrophy of this ballet by Trudy Miangolarra and Its performance by Trudy and Pat May. combined with its almost professional staging, lighting, and execution made this one of the most popular scenes of the whole show. Ending up at a ranch " Way Out West. " our bungling but never-daunted hero solved the mysterv. Such a show as " Dig Your Own Grave " indicates that Tulane has the talent and the ambition to produce first-class amateur comedies that are something more than a campus-wide talent night. Its success from a spectator as well as participant ' s point of view was due to several factors. Aside from enjoying the unexpected throughout the show, it was observed that on the whole the production could not be compared with other per- formances of Its kind by amateur or professional groups, and spectators were left with the feeling of having seen something different — something for the first time. The reaction of the participants without exception to ploying some part In the production of an original show was that of contributing something appreciated by others which they themselves could call their own. Credit belongs to Wynne Pearce. who directed the rehearsals, lost a few night ' s sleep over the script, and who successfully assigned leadership responsibilities throughout the organization, which paid off In the form of cooperation and coordination of effort, respect for talents, and a total feeling of accomplishment, whatever the individual contribution. Credit also be- longs to the song writers, Segal. Saggett, Pearce. and Einar Pedersen, whose music and lyrics added the Intangible spark of orIginalit ' sid freshness that mode the show worth seeing more than once. The ore: - of the show was a challenge to the numerous committees, such as f " - crew under Frank Cannon, who fought the battle of purchase o z- , ' , produce some remarkable sets. Finally, the Integration of creative ideas and efforts by the unseen crews and committees was polished off ond presented to the office by tireless cast. EInar Pedersen. Assistant to the Director of Student Ufo. addfid more than music for several songs to the show. His calm, friendly advice and constant presence and encouragement provided the inspiration that such a large-scale student production needs to progress past the embrvo : age. With such encouragement and with the enthusiasm for such perfo- —- - greatly stimulated during the past year, the Campus Night orgo ' looks with eager anticipation toward •- .rr- rHo ■ n-- -• and t- c achievements In years to coma. Wanna bet? TDL ANE UNIVERSITY THEATRE DIRECTOR MONROE LIPPMAN TUT 3-PLAY PROGRAM CHARMING. HAD VARIETY THOUGH CROWD SMALL Tulane University Theatre gave a characteristically enthusiastic production to its three-play program of Friday and Saturday nights. The most striking aspect of the presentation proved to be the imaginative sets, particularly those for " Moonsiiine " and " The Valiant. " Charles Hinrichs ' set for " Moonshine " created the atmosphere of a mountaineer ' s cabin effectively with an outline back and a few typical props. The main charm of the plays lay in their variety. There was " The Valiant, " a tense thing concerning a man ' s last hours before execution; " Moonshine, " a short farcial piece; and Chekhov ' s " The Boor. " a boots and beards Russian costume play. But the program could have been more wisely staged in the intimacy of the smaMer theatre workshop. Lines were frequently obscured by a hollow ring In the Dixon auditorium. Unfortunately the au- dience was so scattered that it could easily have been fitted Into a smaller house. The cast of " The Valiant " was the smoothest. Bill Remington. Charles Gray, and William Hatten are players of a good deal more experience than members of the other two casts. While I don ' t think a heavy part is exactly Hatten ' s meat, he did very well by It. Byron Sigler and Bruce MacArthur took the only two parts In " Moon- shine. " The latter made an amusing effort in the dialect role of the gang- ling mountaineer. Ed Chadick played the boor In " The Boor " like a bear. He attacked the part with a youthful vim that was sometimes ear-shattering. The play capitalized on the disparity of height between Chadlck ' s boor and Louis Rosner as the scurrying servant. ■ Queer looking — picfure Oh, terror TUT CAST HAS A JOLLY TIME ROMPING THRU " CANDLELIGHT " The Tulane University Theatre players bounced through a btt of froth called " Candlelight " last Friday night, apparently having as jolly a time as did the audience. The " half-arena " staging blotted out the footlight line between audience and actors, creating such intimacy that spectators were tempted to enter right into the play. This piece of nonsense by Siegfrid Geyer runs in the tried-and-trusty mis- taken identity formula. A double switch here finds the Prince Rudolf and his latest Baroness serving her maid Marie and his valet Josef. The humor, aside from the situation, is mainly in the fast give and take of cracks like any radio comedy show. Edward Baldwin was good as the debonaire prince, William Hatten better as Josef, and Al Shea best as a waiter. Hatten. as the valet who was " prince for a night, " lost none of his aplomb at a sticking eilt door in the first act; he saved it to lose at the spot In his role in which he is discovered playing prince by the real Rudolf. But when Al Shea fluttered on In the minute part of the waiter late in the play, his peculiar brand of zanyness set off the most laughs of the night. I am sure that the women in the play do more convincing acting on their Saturday night dates. But Alice Kock as Marie. Jodie Von Ehren. the Baroness, and Lynn Oorsen, Liserl, are handsome ono and all. and more than adequately filled a series of handsome gowns, which is enough for the purposes of this play. Move the Parthenon a little to the le t Mirror test! A CAPELLA CHOIR OFFICERS EVA LOUISE HELLMERS . President TOM LEACH Vice-President BETH SMITH Secretary-Treasurer You ' ll need a bull whip for that crew NEWCOMB GLEE CLl OFFICERS MARILYN WOODWARD . . President JANE PARKHOUSE . . Vice-President FLORA TALMAGE .... Secretary EMILY ANN DEES . . . Accompanist FESTIVAL CHOIR The festival choir is made up of the Tulane and Newcomb Glee Clubs with the New Orleans Symphony Orchestra. The high spot of the year ' s activities Is the annual pro- duction of Handel ' s Messiah. Hey, bud, hows to move your hand! .a.M«tMa a,j-«»rwpat.w w«w«««m Yeah, but can they sing? GWYNN S. McPEEK : .. Personality, I ' d rather hear the dog! TOLANE GLEE CLUB OFFICERS LOUIS LARUE President TOM LEACH JIMMY GOUAUX Vice -President Secretary THOMAS CAIN Treasurer They sang for the girls or the photographer? GILBERT AND SULLIVAN Members of the Tulane Glee Club and the Newcomb Glee Club make up the cast for one Gilbert and Sullivan production each year. This year they did Utopia Ltd. Dig that stage fright! T H E CLAYTON L. NAIRNE Alumni Fund Kiclc-Off Dinner OFFICERS CLAYTON L. NAIRNE President CARROLL S. MAYER Third Vice-President FRANCISCO LUIS FIGUEROA .... First Vice-President HARRY P. GAMBLE. JR Secretary GERALD L. ANDRUS Second Vice-President G. SHELBY FRIEDRICHS Treasurer BEATRICE M. FIELD Director of Alumni Activities Arts and Sciences: Edward W. Owen, Jr., George D. Tessier, Eugene Simon, Commerce and Business Administration: R. Lynn Colomb, Clarence Bonnett, Ernest B. Mason. Engineering: Ralph H. Mann, Roy B. Bastin, D. B. H. Chaffe. Graduate: Lane C. Kendall, Harry R. Cabral, Dr. J. Karlem Riess. Law: Arthur C. Watson, Nolan C. Kammer, James Kepper, Jr.. Medicine: Dr. Vance M. Strange, Dr. Joseph S. D ' Antoni, Dr. Pat H. Hanley. Newcomb: Mrs. Frank M. Taylor, Mrs. G. E. Gillis, Jr., Miss Angela Gregory. Social Work: Homecoming Queen Is crowned by Alumni President Winner — Fraternity House Homecoming decorations ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Engineering 24 Class Reunion Members of the Class of 1899 hold Commencement Reunion Mrs. Rose Toney Hill, Henry M. Rlghtor. Mrs. Mayola Mlltenberger. Representatives at Large: John Arthur, Dr. Woodard D. Beacham. Adolph E. Jastram. Robert G. Polaclc. The Tulane Alumni Association is a national organization which has become a salient factor in the progress of one of the South ' s oldest and greatest universities. Through It each alumnus is given an opportunity to serve and assist In the progress of the Univer- sity. There are no membership dues, and all students upon leaving the University are entitled to membership In the Alumni Associa- tion. Records are Icept on the activities of all alumni and efforts are made at all times to keep in contact with the former students. One means of achieving this Is through the medium of the " Tulanian. " alumni publication which contains news of the Univer- sity and alumni. This magazine Is sent to all graduates and former students for whom the office has correct mailing addresses. A representative from the Association welcomes each graduating class at Commencement. Active local alumni clubs have been or- ganized in many parts of the United States and elsewhere. Each year the alumni sponsors Homecoming, a celebration which brings many grads back to the campus for reunions and other activ- ities. On May tenth, the birthdate of Paul Tulane. alumni meetings are held throughout the country and a memorial service Is held In Princeton, New Jersey. The Tulane Alumni Fund, Organized four years ago. is conducted by Class Agents and other representatives of the Association. The Fund has grown each year and Is now of real value to ihe Univer- sity ' s financial program. Former Cheer Leaders perform at Homecoming Beatrice M. Field bj jg-.- m. - L-.-r ' ' LOUISIANA FEDERATION OF COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES JACK JONES The " SFLCU, " composed of some 30,000 students in the student bodies of eight member colleges throughout Louisiana, was organized about a year ago at a constitu- tional convention attended and originated by the student body representatives from Tulane, Northwestern State College, LSD and Southeastern Louisiana College. elow: If it ' s tree, he ' ll be there every time Bottom: So it RjssJa Will . . . With a purpose of bringing the students or Louisiana institutions of higher education into closer contact and cooperation, the Federation functions through sub-com- mittees on publications, loan funds, academic freedom, instruction evaluation, and many other areas of student life. hleaded by en Executive Committee composed of the four executive officers and one representative from each member school, the Federation has within Its first year of operation made its influence known and felt by the public of the state. Two general conventions are held each school year, attended by three delegates, three alternates and a greater but varying number of observers from each mem- ber school. These conventions are the clearing house for all Federation business. Here new projects are Intro- duced, committee and sub-committee reports are heard and debated on the floor of the assembly, and plans are made for future activity. What ' s that you say? ' « Hit PAUL DASTUGUE, JR. DELTA SIGMA PI Leoploe M. LaPoufqe Melvin A. Laurent Richard H. McCrocUIn Joseph T. Micell Theodore Molse Henry I. Montgomery Donald A. Muller Rudick J. M ' jrphy Harold R. Neuburger Bernard L. Neville Thomas G, O ' Connor Frank H. Patterson William F. Yoder Philip N. Pecquet Carl C. Perry Edouard M. Plauche Vincent Ramoneda George A. Rouch Edward M. Richardson, Jr. Thomas E. Ryar Henry A. Schnittker Louis Skolfield John A. Trauth George J. Wesi George O. Woods CHARTER OFFICERS PAUL F. DASTUGUE, JR Head Master BERNARD J. CONROY Senior Warden JOSEPH MICELI Junior Warden THOMAS E. RYAN Scribe RAYMOND E. GRZELEWSKI Treasurer H. A. SCHNITTKER Historian HENRY I. MONTGOMERY Chancellor MELVIN A. LAURENT Correspondent CHARTER MEMBERS ALUMNI AND FACULTY MEMBERS Robert B. Acomb Edwin B. Angel Albert M. Anseman John F. Bakor Francis S. Bowers Kenneth E. Bullock Jefferson F. Chouest Milton F. Clinton Joseph A. Conino Bernard J. Corroy George E. Copeland William H. Cothern Kent H. Courtney Paul F. Dastugue, Jr. Manuel O. Delgado, Jr. Jack Different John C. Dodt, III Arcelio Ducreux Raymond E. GrzeiewskI Fred J. Hoffman, Jr. Jack W. Jones Donald J. Lanning Ferdinand J. Cefoiia Marvin A. Clement Coldwell Daniel, Jr. Henry J. Haffner Philip M. Harris Royce P. Kaupp George C. Eyrich F. Santry Reed (faculty) Founded at New York University, School of Commerce, Ac- counts and Finance, on November 7, 1907, Delta Sigma Pi is a professional fraternity organized to foster the study of business In universities: to encourage scholarship, social activity and the association of students for their mutual advancement by research and practice; to promote closer affiliation between the commercial world and students of commerce: and to further a high standard of commercial ethics and culture, and the civic and commercial wel- fare of the community. Gamma Mu Chapter at Tulane was founded by Paul F. Dastugue, Jr. and Installed on December 4, 1949. With bi-weekly business meetings, the Tuiane chapter sponsors regular luncheons and din- ners with prominent speakers from the New Orleans business world, industrial tours, and an annual Rose of Delta SIg presented at the annual Masquerade Ball In celebration of Mardi Gras. Delta Sigma PI is also active in special research projects and any school sponsored activities. It also sponsors a semi-annual Com- merce Queen who Is presented with a gold loving cup at the semi- annual Commerce Dance. --n ' Mmw SNAPSHOTS JN ' T MILK. SON! A| i mm ' ;Sor: v Ek .r " - v H ' i YOU WAS EXPECTING. " SCOOTIE " DAY MCA Vv 3 ; :SSSs»- ■ .Pftfll » , THE CHEMISTS ' CHRISTMAS TREE 1 DUZ ' DOESN T DO EVERYTHING! FRATERNITIES 62 NORMA CLESI NEWCOMB PAN-HELLENIC The Pan-Hellenic Council represents the co-operation and harmony maintained by the sororities in guarding their college ' s ideals and better serving their college community. The Council is the governing body of the eleven sororities on New- comb ' s campus: it is composed of two representatives from each soror- ity. Sorority Skit Night again was outstanding on the entertainment pro- gram. The talent and Ideas originated within each sorority and were most cleverly presented much to the pleasure of the entire University. A cup v as awarded to Beta Sigma Omicron, the sorority which produced the best skit. During second semester the annual Scholarship Banquet was held honor- ing the pledge and active members of each sorority who led their group in scholarship. First Row: Barbara Cherry, Mary Jane Dillard, Margee Gondolpho, Mary Margaret Hannah, Mary Henderson, Petie Kelly. Second Row: Janet Levy, Claire Lewis, Patricia May, Patsy Jo McDowell, Tricia McRaven, Fran- ces McShane. Third Row: Morris Middleton, Ninette Perrilliat, Patricia Welton, Mary Williamson. Not in Panel: Esther Gilbert, Jane Johnston, Janet Levy. i 1 Jm ■9 ;,»4»- ( h ' } . M j r ; " " -WH |l i • 4 i -jzijaneEfciX 1 w ■■ 1 ADPi??? Below; Ann Fears no Wynn! Botfom: Note our famous loving clock! ALPHA DELTA PI On November 10, 1904 Epsilon chapter of Alpha Delta Pi was installed at Newcomb College. It is the oldest of womens secret sororities. On May 15, I 85 I , a group of women gathered together at Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia with the hope of estab- lishing an organization of high ideals and standards. From this common interest grew Alpha Delta Pi. Epsilon chapter has been " fine in forty-nine, " and fifty has been a booming year also. The year began with a weekly open house at the sorority rooms preceding each home football game. One Sunday, bright and early, the ADH ' s and their dates took off to Gulfport for an all day picnic which proved to be a lot of fun for all. The Winter formal was one of the first and best of the year. The social calendar was well filled with barbecues, welner roasts, and other gay affairs. The BWOC ' s in the chapter include Jackie Vizzinni, cheerleader, and Marilyn Woodward, President of the Newcomb Glee Club. We were active in TUT productions as well as other organizations on the campus. 66 AAH First Row: Eleanor Burdshav , Patricia Burke, Marcia Campagria, Louise Cate. Second Row: June Earnest, Suzanne Faure, Ann Fears, Mary Jane Green. Third Row: Shirley Green, Fleurette Gross, Nell Guillot, Ann hiahn. Fourth Row: Patricia Hinrichsen, Dorothy Jung, Shiela Kramer, Tricia McRaven. Fifth Row: Dorothy Maness, Emma Morphy, Joyce Myers, Effie Perkins. Sixth Row: Carol Lynn Pierson, Char- lotte Somers, Langston Sutter, Kath- erine Thornton, Jacquelyn Vizzinni. Not in Panel: Patricia Adams, Janice Fabacher, Rosemary McDonnell, Mary Mattage, Silveria Mendez, Gertrude Miangollorra, Dorothy Ohifest, Beth Smith, Jocelyn Von Ehren, Marilyn Woodward. The Double cross! Below: Well I didn ' t think it was that funny Bottom: Late Lip Lick! ALPHA EPSILON PHI The letters " A. E. Phi, " set with pearls and standing side by side, form the pin of Alpha Epsilon Phi. This pin, together with the colors, green and white, and the flower (lily-of-the-valley), and the jewel (pearl) com- pose the insignia of Alpha Epsilon Phi. Phi was founded October 24, 1909, at New York ' s Barnard College; seven years later, on Decennber 24, 1916, Epsilon chapter came to Newcomb, taking its place as the third oldest active chapter in the country. The officers are: Flora Mae Gale, President; Betty Lee Seff, Vice-President; Anne Pake, Scribe; Marjorie Kahn, Registrar; Tanya Wohl, Treasurer. 68 A 1 : 4 First Row: Janet Brizman, Peggy Burkenroad, Roberta Cooper, Grace Debrovener, Jo Ann Flom. Second Row: Shirley Fred, Yvonne Frimel, Flora Mae Sale, Gerry Gins- burg, Gloria Goodman. Third Row: Maxine Isaccson, Joann Katz, Betty Kiraify, Alice Koch, Doris Levy. Fourth Row: Renee Mendlevitz, Mari- lyn Morais, Janet Newman, Isabelle Peal, Ruth Radin. Fifth Row: Marilyn Rosenberg, Rose Rubel, Janet Scharff, Ann Schorn- stein, Betty Lee Seff. Sixth Row: Marilyn Weiss, Tanya Wohl, Martha Zilberman. Not in Panel: Marilyn Auer, Luciene Brunschwig, Jane E. Burkenroad, Pat Burkenroad, Connie Cohen, Leah Dresher, Ina Lee Edrehi, Sydney Hohenberg, Lillian hHyman, Marjorie Kahn, Charlene Kaplan, Frances Katzenstein, Carolyn Klein, Delores Krasne, Jane Levy, Pat May, Diane Michael, Anne Pake, Joy Reinganum, Betty Jean Rosen, Jossi Spitz, Kay Threefoot, Ellen Tishman, Florence Weil, Patsy Weil. 69 Oh! Fear, Oh! Mortal Fear! Take your choice Below: Pucltered up and Ready to go! ALPHA OMICRON PI . Alpha Omicron Pi was founded at Barnard College, January 2, 1897, and the following year Pi, now the oldest active chapter, was established at Newcomb. The pin, composed of the letters " AOPi, " the color cardinal; the ruby, and th e Jacqueminot Rose have been important symbols of the sorority. Through the years AOPi has played an Important part on the Newcomb campus with its Student Government officers, Beauty Queens, and members of Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Sigma Sigma, and Assets. This year has been no exception. AOPi is especially proud of Ann Brodie, Vice-President of the Newcomb Student Body, Dora Martin, Newcomb editor for the JAMBALAYA, and Ann Colebeck, who served as president of the Forum. The social calendar for this year has been highlighted by a houseparty at Gulfport in the fall; the Pledge, Founder ' s Day, and Senior Banquets; and the Spring Formal in March. Aside from the many social activities AOPi has busied Itself with many philan- thropic works, including baskets of clothing for Kentucky Mountain children and playing Santa Claus for two poor families in New Orleans. 70 1 () IJ First Row: Renee Bousquet, Ann Brodie, Peggy Brown, Deidre Burke, Nanette Carr. Second Row: Barbara Cherry, Betty Jane Cloutman, Ann Colebeck, Lucie Crane, Ann Crunnp. Third Row: Claire de la Vergne, Patsy Edv ins, Mary Virginia Feraud, Marianna Flowers, Elizabeth Fon- taine. Fourth Row: Carol Cranberry, Joyce Harper, Peggy hlover. Nan Howell, Sally Kastler. Fifth Row: Mary Landry, Gwen Landredge, Betty Lott, Jane Mar- riott, Dora Martin. Sixth Row: Morris Middleton, Mary Elizabeth Patton, Charlotte Shoaf, Isabella Snelling, Betty Verlander. Not in Panel: Martha Hughes Bringle, Jeanne Day, Barbara Ferguson, Pamela Floyd, Ann Franklin, Ann Green, Jocelyn Heaney, Helen Ja- cobs, Joan Kastler, Pat Reinerth, Noel Robinson, Evie Socola, Nadia St. Paul, Doris Tremoulet, Marion Videau, Mary Walker. h Mi 71 Oh! Walter we didn ' t know you cared At least they have dates Below: Big shot outing BETA SIGMA OMICRON Founded nationally in 1888, Beta Sigma Omicron came to Newcomb as Alpha Sigma Chapter in 1929. Our colors are ruby and pink, our flower, the Killarny and Richmond roses. w, • d ■ The officers are President, Catherine Naef; Vice-President, Nat Reeling; Secretary, Jane Lee Luff; Treasurer, Marion Romaine; and Pledge Trainer, Mary Durland Sapp. n- ■ lU The pledges, under the leadership of Sherry Bunton, President, and Annette Ruckstuhl, Secretary, started things rolhng in the fall with a party by and for the pledges: a French Market shindig, complete with coffee and doughnuts. We celebrated at many planned and impromptu get-togethers during the year. Our formal in March was a red-letter day for all of us, and the Easter holidays were notable for our house party across the We are proud to count among our ranks Honor Board President Roeling; the Recording Secretary of Student Body, Janet Levy; and the President of Warren House, Catherine Naef. 72 BiO First Row: Sue Berman, Jan Boyd, Joyce Bruff, Sherill Lee Bunton. Second Row: Jean Celll, Joyce Sil- thorpe, Wally Goedeche, Gretchen Hanemann. Third Row: Marilyn Hanemann, Pat High, Jane Lee Luft, Sue Maynard. Fourth Row: Catherine Naef, Jo Ramos, Nathalie Roeiing, Marion Romaine. Fifth Row: Annette Ruckstuhl, Patsy- earl Spring, Pat Welton, Betty Jean West. Not in Panel: Yvonne De Lawder, Mercedes Emerson, Marcia Lans- ford, Janet Levy, Betty Neville, Mary Durland Sapp, Dorothy Var- lander. 73 And Morflmer Snerd made It, too Two expectant Chi omegas! Below: Five O ' clock Shadow! Bottom: Swat that fly! CHI OMEGA This year marks the golden anniversary of the founding of Rho chapter of Chi Omega on the Newcomb campus in 1900. Na- turally the banquet celebrating the event has been the favorite topic of the Chi O ' s this year. hlowever, Chi Omega is equally proud of its members today as it was of its charter members fifty years ago. The Chi O ' s are well represented in the Student Council, Dormitory Council, Honor Board, and class officers. They also take an active part in campus clubs such as the Glee Club, A Cappella Choir, swimming club, and Beta Beta Beta. Several have made the Dean ' s List, and twa members are represented In Who ' s Who. As for social activities, the Chi O ' s enjoy bi-monthly suppers In their newly decorated rooms, parties given by the alumnae anci pledges, and their annual formal, which to Chi O ' s Is the most important social occasion of the year. 74 I First Row: June Antley, Ann Baker, Betty Barkdull, Peggy Bingham. Second Row: Doris Carre, Margaret Endress, Normastel Ford, Margee Gandolfo. Third Row: Marie Hamel, Mary Kay Hickey, Phyllis Hobbs, Helene de la hHoussaye. Fourth Row: Ellen Ignatius, Jere Johnson, Barbara Kington, Claire Lewis. Fifth Row: Andrea Livaudais, Mari- anne Meinert, Jane Parkhouse, Mary Brooks Soule. Sixth Row: Flora Talmage, Margaret Ann Turfitt, Mary Whitehead, Lynn Willianns. Not in Panel: Jane Allis, Gene Baird, Mary Biederman, Beverly Brown, Eloise Cappel, Jean Edwards, Mar- garet Anna Edwards, Phyllis Emiing, Margaret Field, Betsy Garrison, Martha Hutchette, Marian hHodges, Virginia King, Yvonne La Croix, Mar- garet Landry, Nancy Marler, Eu- genia McLaughlin, Nita Merrick, Helen Messick, Dahlgren Miller, Bet- tina Mueling, Jaquelyn Orsborne, Elizabeth Plauche, Genevieve Walk- er, Monnie Watkins, June Wells. 75 4 Delta Zeta Sanctuary! Below: Mary Never smiles Bottom: Raise you two bucks " " ?kl - N-S ' lj iM i»« 1 ■ ' li l t ' 1 DELTA ZETA , 3 Delta Ze+a was founded at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio on October 24, 1902 and has since established chapters at all the outstanding accredited college campuses. The Newcomb chapter, having been founded as a chapter of Beta Phi Alpha in 1928, be- came the Beta Upsilon of Delta Zeta when the two national sororities merged in 1941. The Delta Zeta colors are old rose and vieux green; the flower, the Kilarney rose; and the pin, the Roman lamp. On the social calendar, the Delta Zeta ' s place among the most-looked-forward-to occasions the annual Rose Formal in the Spring, house parties, pre-game get-togethers, and last, but not least, the Founder ' s Day Banquet in October. Officers are: Anna Bartels, President; Mary Jane Carr, Vice-President; Mitzie Evans, 2nd Vice-President; Norma Kirchberg, Recording Secretary; Jackie Rauch, Corresponding Secretary; Vilma Grosz, Treasurer; Diede Maralst, hiistorlan. 76 S ••||!Q AZ First Row: Carolee Ballowe, Bettie Barrere, Anna Bartels, Diane Bour- geois. Second Row: Karin Brandf, Mary Jane Carr, Mitzie Evans, Mary Fin- ley. Third Row: Mildred Foley, Mary Alice Fournier, Vilma Grosz, Jane Johnston. Fourth Row: Nonna Kirchberg, Mer- cedes Maralst, Patsy Jo McDowell, Jacquelyn Rauch. Fifth Row: Alberta Retif, Janet Richardson, Eugenia Willingham. Not in Panel: June-Marie Huck, Angela Leggio. 77 Looking Down Ihat lonesome case! The well-spread table Below: Don ' t be S-Tinlcy Bottom: Things are tough all over, Cissy! KAPPA GAMMA Our new school year started off with the usual trials and worries of Orientation and Rush Week, but as usuai Kappa survived with unexpected success. We were very pleased to have pledged a wonderful group of girls. Thus far, our forty-fifth year on campus was in our favor and it continued to be so. The Mother ' s Club kept us well fed every Wednesday and the girls enjoyed the opportunity of being with each other. I he so- .,ial calendar was filled for the year by the formal in April, a picnic in the fall at Tinky Thibaut ' s plantation home, Madewood, the Beta Omicron Founders Day banquet was held on May 15 at the Country Club. This year we also had a wonderful house party with our sisters from L.S.U. in spite of the great school rivalry. . We are proud of the enthusiasm that the Kappas have shown in campus activities. We hope they will continue to do so in the years to come. The names of Lanier Allingham, Renee Aubrey, " Issie " Gardner, and Tinky Thibaut are familiar to many a New- comb student. _ Our colors are the two blues, light and dark; the pin is the little golden key. Beta Omicron chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma was installed at Newcomb on May I I, 1904. The officers are: Virginia Frederic, President; Lanier Allingham, Vice-President; Lucy Barrett, Secretary; Natalie Gessner, I reas- urer. _ 78 K K r First Row: Carolyn Abaunza, Lanier Allingham, Ann Anderson, Renee Aubrey, Margot Bouden. Second Row: Margaret Craig, Emily Ann Dees, Jane Emerson, Joan Essig, Eleanor Francisco. Third Row: Virginia Frederic, Isabel Gardner, Diane Greenslit, Ann Had- ley, Sara Hall. Fourth Row: Mary Margaret Han- nah, Betty Lyons, Sue Madison, Ellen Morris, Ruth-Ellen Noetzel. Fifth Row: Ninette Perrilliat, Karin Ristad, Helen Ruffin, Ann Sartain, Elsa Taylor. Sixth Row: Olga Turner, Hartwell Watkins, Chelsea Webster, Pat Wil- liams, Sara Woods. Not in Panel: Lucy Barrett, Barbara Burgess, Natalie Gessner, Frances Hemingway, Ann Henican, Beth Henican, Margaret Hilzim, Virginia Hughes, Ann Kendall, Mary Lou Kendall, Brenda Moore, Joan Mor- rison, Isabel Oschner, Betty Pharr, Louise Reiss, Barbara St. Paul, Joan Schwing, Ann Simpson, Hunter Stickney, Margaret Thibaut, Shirley Young. 79 Love those tights SEX, Hot, Hot, SEX! Below: Fetch " Dodie " a pillow! Bottom: It was like this KAPPA ALPHA THETA Kappa Alpha Theta was founded at Indiana Asbury College (DePauw University) in 1870. It was the first fraternity for women to bear a foreek etter name. The colors are black and gold, and its flower is the pansy. One of its sixty-seven chapters, Alpha Phi, was established at Newcomb on May 16, 1914. Rush season was very successful. It was followed by a rip-roaring houseparty on the Gulf Coast. In November Thanksgiving bas- kets were tilled, and the annual Katsup Party was given by the pledges. The theme of the affair was a " Pauper Party, " but never- tlneiess the members were well-fed. The wonderful Theta mothers entertained with a supper for the members and dates in Decem- ber. Alpha Phi also played Santa Claus for the orphans with a party. In March the gay whirl was climaxed by the spring formal. Among our most outstanding girls is Dodie Brisbi, chapter president, who was elected a Campus Fav orite last year. Susie Smith f.L. c?- 7 " ors- She IS president of the Athletic Association, and elected to Who ' s Who. Phalie Evans is Newcomb editor ot the Surt, and Babs Bartlett, a pledge, was elected secretary of the freshman class. 80 K Ae First Row: Betty Jean Adams, Adrlen Aitkens, Frances Aleman, Barbara Bartlet, Dolores Brisbi. Second Row: Nancy Burdett, Joyce Caldwell, Marcia Davis, Helen Deal, Patricia Denby. Third Row: Jeanne Devron, Diane Dixey, Linda Dragon, Phallie Evans, Sue Francis. Fourth Row: Marilyn Folse, Nathalie Ganucheau, Emily Goss, Madeline Hatrel, Billie Harper. Fifth Row: Mary Henderson, Char- lotte Horton, Elizabeth Janssen, Petie Kelly, Ruth Kennedy. Sixth Row: Marguarite Lamkin, Jane Leach, Jackie Lolan, Fleur Marcoux, Patricia O ' Sullivan. Seventh Row: Grace Ramsey, May Kammer Reed, Kay Russell, Loraine Saucier, Eleanor Smith. Eighth Row: Aline Stouse, Barbara Watson, Carol Sue Smith. Not in Panel: Jane Dorwick, Char- lotte Gilbert, Tita O ' Neill, Patricia Scott, Betty Ray Trelford. II That ' s the Funniest PHOTOGRAPHER! PHI Who ' s on Top Below: Phi Moooo, cried the Beast Bottom: Cooking with gas! Founded In 1852 at Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia, Phi Mu is the second oldest sorority in the country. Delta chapter came to Newcomb in 1906. The flower is the Enchantress carnation and the colors are rose and white. Highlights of the year included the re-decoration of the rooms, the flapper rush party; complete with style show and " flapper flashbacks, " the football game with the Thetas, the University Chest Carnival in which we won the cup for the most novel booth and collected the second largest amount of money. Of course, the annual winter formal was the biggest occasion for all of us. In the campus limelight were Gayle Mackenroth, Maid in Saint Patricia ' s Court; and Shirley Haddock, who was selected as one of the Pledge Pinups. The officers are: Gayle Mackenroth, President; Patsy Lemieux, Vice-President; Bettie Stoner, Secretary; Maylou Reynaud, Treas- 82 I I First Row: Dot Ane, Jane Annis, Bar- bara Bolton, Eulalie DeBen, Joanne Dowllng. Second Row: Barbara Grace, Shirley Haddock, Mary Jo Holland, Joan Jackson, Rennie Jones. Third Row: Greta Le Blanc, Patsy Lemieux, Aline Longino, Gayle Mackenroth, Millie Mason. Fourth Row: Joyce Mathes, Merle Maumus, Gardner Morrow, Anne Mcintosh, Frances McShane. Fifth Row: Kitty Poole, Susan Rey- naud, Diana Rosamond, Sue Scherer, Bettie Stoner. Sixth Row: Barbara Thonnas, Lil Webb, Anne Willianns. Not in Panel: Peggy Atkinson, Lucille Blake, Laura Cadien, Jean Coving- ton, Coral Freeman, Esther Gilbert, Mary Gilbert, Alice Hoover, Emily Palmer, Maylou Renaud, Ann Spence, Dinah Umsted, Barbara Viavant. !T « i. 83 " Scootie! " Nuff said! Laugh, I thought I ' d die! PI BETA PHI Pi Beta Phi was founded at Monmouth College and dates back to 1867. The Louisiana Alpha chapter was founded at Newcomb in 1891. Pi Phi ' s colors are wine and silver blue; the flower is the white carnation. Louisiana Alpha Is well represented in Campus activities. The PI Phi ' s have a hand in nearly every organization on campus. PI Phi Is proud of the school officers in the chapter, such as Kitten McGee, President of the Resident Student Body and Queen of the Homecoming Court, Elizabeth Cook, Treasurer of the Student Body and elected to Who ' s Who, Pineapple Williamson, of Lagniappes, Joel Wolfe, President of the Swimming Club, as they are of the " Beauties, " such as Scootie Day, Sue Storrs, Marion Andrus, and Violet Whitehead. Before rush week this year, the Mother ' s Club and the active chapter got together and the Pi Phi house was completely redone. Lots of soap and water, new paint, new curtains and a coke machine completed the transformation. After rush week there was a banquet at Arnaud ' s for pledges, actives, and alumni; before the holidays, a big Christmas party complete with carols and Santa Claus; in February, our Founder ' s day banquet; and in April, climaxing the year, our spring formal. The officers are: Norma Lewis, President; Effle Stockton, Vice-President; Barbara BIzzell, Corresponding Secretary; hielen Ann Garrett, Recording Secretary; Joel Wolfe, Treasurer. 84 II IM First Row: Marlon Andrus, Barbara Bizzell, Ann Bridges, Barbara Brogan, Laura Burks. Second Row: Dorothy Carrere, Kath- leen Coleman, Margaret Conder, Judith Conley, Dulaney Dart. Third Row: Virginia Ann Day, Mary Jane Dillard, Jane Doggett, Vir- ginia Fairfax, Edwa Farwell. Fourth Row: Leila Floumoy, Sara French, Fielen Ann Garrett, Edith Harris, Cornelia hlowell. Fifth Row: Ann Hutchinson, Kay Lowry, Virginia McConnell, Jeannine McGee, Nancy Moore. Sixth Row: Emilie Nott, Judith Nott, Betty Orr, Marianne Pratt, Helen Rapier. Seventh Row: Marie Roussel, Eliza- beth Spring, Kathy Ann Steinmeyer, Effie Stockton, Sue Storrs. Eighth Row: Violet Whitehead, Imo- gene Whyte, Mary Williamson, Joel Wolfe. Not in Panel: Lucile Adams, Jo Ann Ansley, Elizabeth Cook, Frances Dal- ton, Hanton de la Houssey, Evelyn Dietze, Mary Foster, Josephine Gi- bert, Susan Hill, Jean Lawson, Norma Lewis, Yvonne Lyie, Alice Meade, Amelia Munson, Betty Paul, Maureen Prothro, Sedley Roussel, Caroline Staub, Mary Louise Steele, Laura Sussdorff, Joan White. I ' ll bite what is it?? ZETA TAU ALPHA Ho-Hum! Another photographer! Below: Teacher, may I be excused! Bottom: And on our left Old Faithful! Zeta Tau Alpha was founded at Virginia State Normal College, Farmville, Virginia, on October 15, 1898, ihe first woman ' s fraternity to be chartered by a special act of the legislature. Beta Kappa chapter was established at Newcomb College in 1927. Since that time the members of Beta Kappa have taken an active part in all phases of " campus life. Among the outstanding Zetas are: Norma Clesi, President of the Newcomb Pan-Hellenic Council; Ruby Crosby, President of the School of Social V ork, a Jamb " beauty, " and a member of the Home- ■coming Court; Virginia Provost, member of Phi Sigma lota and vice-president of La Tertuiia; Debby Berry, Treasurer of La Tertulia. Zeta also has its share of active members in other campus organizations. Beta Kappa also had the distinction of having the highest scholastic average of all sororities on campus both semesters last year. Helping to achieve this honor was Anna Frances Jones, Phi Beta Kappa. A busy social calendar included the Founders ' Day banquet. Spring Formal, Christmas Party, and a Barn Dance, as well as numerous coke parties and suppers in the rooms. Zeta Tau Alpha ' s colors are turquoise blue and steel gray; its flower is the white violet. The officers are: Sally James, President; Deborah Berry, Vice-President; Margaret Spengler, Secretary; Virginia, Treasurer; Hildred Runion, Historian. 86 ZTA First Row: Deborah Berry, Elyrae Carroll, Norma Clesi. Second Row: Ruby Crosby, Adele Edwards, Sally James. Third Row: Rosa Lamar, Harrllyn Peltz, Lucille Pool. Fourth Row: Virginia Provost, Hildie Runyan, Waldine Ryan, Joan Strahle. Not in Panel: Lydia Ann Bosworth, Marcia Brown, Maxine Kidd, Jerry Kelly, Ines Segarie, Margaret Speng- ler, Mary Ann Sprinkle. 87 ROBERT LAGARDE T U L A N E PAN-HELLENIC The Tulane Pan-Hellenic Council serves as a governing board for the seventeen fraternities on the campus. Guided by Dr. Karlem RIess, as faculty advisor, the Council again su- pervised the keen scholastic and athletic competition for the coveted Pan-Hellenic Trophy. In addition to the social highlight of the annual Pan-Hellenic formal, the fraternities through the Council, gives an annual fellowship awarded to a worthy student for graduate work in medicine. The Council consists of the Judicial Committee, composed of Leonard Bagleman (S A M), Robert Boudreau (S A E), C. Bayless Conley (Phi Delta Theta), and Alfred Lewis (D K E), and the Athletic Committee com- posed of David Conroy (A T O), Voss Cooksey (K A), Jack Lohman (Phi Kappa Sigma), and Louis Magee (Sigma Chi). Robert Lagarde (Beta Theta PI) served as Chairman of the Council and of both committees and Leo S. Roos (Z B T) served as Secretary-Treasurer and voting member of both committees. 88 First Row: Al Binder, Bob Boudreau, Dave Con- roy, Julian Good, Dave Levins, Alfred Lewis. Second Row: Jack Lohman, Louis MaGee, Mike Malony, Don Maynard, Don Muller, Herb Roepe. Third Row: Leo Roos, Herb Shapiro, Jere Well- born, Herb Wren. Not in Panel: Joe Acierno, Leonard Bagelmann, Harry Burglass, Morris Burk, Leon Cambon, Sonny Conley, Voss Cooksey, Bill Crull, Norman Dun- can, Jorge Grana, J. Martin Hidalgo, Warren Mix, Paul Morphy, Harvey Oelkers, Buddy Rose, Gene Rutter, Harold Scherer, Jimmy Stulb, Clay Talbot. A firm grasp on the Uh!! Ah! Ecstacy! Below: Even the best laid plans . . , Bottom: Another mugger! ALPHA TAU OMEGA Alpha Tau Omega vvas founded at the Virginia Miiilary Institute in 1865, and in 1887, Louisiana Beta Chapter was founded at Tulane. The fraternity colors are Old Gold and White, and the fraternity flower is the White Tea Rose. David Conroy is bos.j of the outfit with the title of " Worthy Master " ; Worthy Keeper of Exchequer is Jim hlumphreys (he is always bothering someone for money); Gordon Collins takes the minutes at the meetings; Art Naquin is the Veep, Don Luden- bacher is Usher, and Marshall Blanchard Is Sentinel. The ATO ' s are most notoriously noted for their " Sneaky Pete Parties " along with many other things. Any casual passerby will no doubt be shocked by the delicate songs being wafted through the open windows on Saturday nights, and the delicate mem.- bers waifted through the doors. 90 A T il First Row: Woody Banks, Frank Burge, Armond Cobb, Thomas Crozat. Second Row: Mickey de Ben, Henry Dolcaster, Richard Ellis, John Fisher. Third Row: Tom hludson, Jim hHum- phreys, John Labetreaux, Don Luten- bacher. Fourth Row: Robert Mclntyre, Ed Murphy, Nick Nicholas, Walter Rooney. Fifth Row: Dan Stewart, David Wall, Leater Wrestling, William Williams. Not in Panel: Jim Allen, Tom Bar- tong, William Baumann, Paul Bienz, Marshall Blanchard, Bob Bradeng, C. C. Clifton, Gordon Collins, David Conroy, Bill Cristovich, Frank Ebel, Steve Ellis, Don hHarris, Bob McKee, Ed hHodge, Baxter hlutto, Joel Joa- chim, Paul Loria, Ronny Loria, Harvey Marcoux, Larry Molony. Authur Naquin, Jerry Nicholson, Pete Pizzo, Larry Poteet, George Renaudin, John Sampson, Pete Smith, Pat Steel, Louis Vreeland, Allen Wickersham, Don Wiederecht, Frank Wood, Juan Velasco. ' ff 91 It didn ' f do the job BETA THETA PI Don ' t cry, son, Leahy will let us come home! Below: What, no wings? Bottom: A din of iniquity The Betas, long known as the " Hungry Greeks " because of that wolf-like look they acquire while staring at the Newcomb girls in the nearby sorority rooms, enjoyed a highly successful year, this, their forty-first year on Tulane ' s campus. The chapter was led this year by the capable efforts of John " Dewey " Jackson, who was assisted in his job by " Ole Man " Rivers LeLong. In the social department, there were many varied parties, but it was generally agreed by all the brothers that the high point of the social season was the " Blue and White " Formal, which was held at the Country Club shortly before the end of the first semes- ter. There have been some changes around the house that have added materially to the comfort and enjoyment of the members, among them a redecorating job and addition of a cook and meal manager. 92 1 B(-) 1 1 First Row: Hugh Benton, Joe Bien- venu, Donald BIythe, Dan Bullington. Second Row: O ' Neal Chadwlck, Nor- n " ian Duncan, Oliver Ernst, Fritz Franz. Third Row: Leonard Gessner, Alan Harris, Bill Hogden, Arthur Hyatt. Fourth Row: John Jackson, Robert Lagarde, Harold Legeai, Levere Montgomery. Fifth Row: John Morrison, Forrest Rau, Boatner Reily, Robert Reily, Louis Rodrigue. Sixth Row: Robert Ryan, Gardiner Sebralla, Jack Steele, Herbert Wil- son, Paul Winder. Not in Panel: Alan Adanns, Saunders Alpauqh, John Bell, Fallon Bentz, Jimmy Boulel, Clemon Bounds, Wil- liam Buchanan, Frank Clesi, Allen Compagno, William Conery, Char- les Dicks, Dan Durham, Max Durham, Jefferson Earle, Prioleau Ellis, Stone- wall Felton, Jack Flowers, Robert Franz, Bush Gamble, Donald Guinee, Thomas Hall, Harold Hattier, John Herman, George Holitik, James Huff, Ben Johnson, Jerry Kehoe, John Kerrigan, Rivers Leiong, Aylmer Montgomery, Clark Montgomery, Garic Moran, Charles Ogden, Teddy Perrier, Gus Reynoir, Dick Roach, Donald Ryan, Ernest Sandlin, Charles Schmidt, Henry Sirex, John Shaw, George Thomas, Shaun Viguerle, Clarence Webb. iiMii iMiiiiili i f) Let ' s all go over and DELTA KAPPA EPSILON Anofher thrilling ac+ion shot! Below: 23 slciddoo! Bottom: Bar the gap, Shep? Born at Yale University in 1844, the old Deke Lion rambled south to leave its mark on the Tulane campus in 1899. (The campus never quite recovered.) As sleepless neighbors can attest, the Dekes are famous for their favorite pastime of roaming up and down hHenry Clay Avenue at all hours singing their " Phi Marching Song. " No party ends without a lusty rendition shouted at the top of the " Bonded Broth- ers ' " voices. Other activities range from Phi Beta Kappas (Dunbar) and Presidents of ODK (Weinmann) to drinking all of Rod ' s beer as fast as he can ice it. Tommy Ellis wields the gavel, and is ably assisted in his duties by " Cavalier " Dunbar. Warren Gardner records the meetings and Jack Weinmann collects what the boys can spare from their French Quarter budget. 94 A K I : First Row: Henry Alsobrcok, Hen- derson Berkley, III, Robert White Brunnfield, Robert Craig. Second Row: Hugues de la Vergne, O. A. Easterling, H. Mortimer Fav- rot, Jr., Richard Fox. Third Row: Wllliann Geary, J. War- ren Gardner, William Kay, Leon Leonard. Fourth Row: John Parker, Shepard Pleasants, Paul Tennis, Charles Tru- fant. Fifth Row: John Weinmann, George H. Williams, Charles Wilson. Not in Panel: Edward Alker, John Bailey, Alfred Brown, Gordon Brown, Donald Bousquet, Leon F. Cambon, Harold Cox, Ransdale Cox, Charles Dunbar, Thomas Ellis, Francis Emmett, James Faust, John Fournet, John Grenier, Donald Ham- mett, George W. Healy, III, Colville Jackson, Billy Janin, Robert King, Alfred Lewis, Edward Ludwig, An- drew Martinez, Caffery McCay, Gordon Millet, Denis Murrell, Stew- art Morris, William W. Morris, Ab- ner K. Northrop, Ledoux Provosty, Kenneth Saer, Henry Schamburg, Robert Simpson, Murdock M. Snell- Ing, Edmund Talbot, Aionzo M. West, Joseph B. Winston, William Worden. dikTi 95 We had the best ginger al DELTA SIGMA PHI Well, like I was saying! Below: It only cost $1.65! Bottom: You iim too, please! Delta Sigma Phi was founded, with the 20th century, at the College of the City of New York December 10, 1899. Chi chapter was chartered on the campus of the Tulane University of Louisiana March II, 1916. The fraternity colors are nile green and white, and the official flower is the white carnation. Guiding the destinies of the fraternity this year are Joe Mice!!, president, and his colleagues C. B. Brewster, in charge of the parties and athletics; " Coot " Davis, who instructs the pledges; and the co-keepers of the exchequer, Don Muller and Camille Cut- rone. The man who writes the letters is Oliver Dabezies, whil Bob Collins dishes out the fines. Emile Kraft is the chaplain, and Jerry M. hloneycutt handles the publicity. The Delta Sig Bayou Brawl is something of a fixture around Tulane, and never fails to excite gay spirits (or vice versa). Other annual features are the indescribable Sailor ' s Ball and the Winter .Formal. Another source of merriment this year was the huge banquet in observation of Delta Sig ' s 50th birthday. 96 v:i i First Row: William Boeglin, Christian Bosch, Neil Cinnater, Joseph Conino. Second Row: Paul Dastigue, Charles F-ife, Earl George, Arthur hlyland. Third Row: Wilbur Hantel, Gerald Honeycutt, Franklin Jones, Emile Krafft. Fourth Row: Stanley Kotteman, Peter Lampros, Thonnas Leach, Jules Lizar- raga. Fifth Row: Donald Muller, Stanley Muller, Joseph Palermo, Walter Spence. Sixth Row: Richard Sullivan, Theo- dore Von Gohren, George Winn. Not in Panel: Gerald Ahem, Andrew Baxter, Andrew Benson, James Bois- seau, Wallace Bond, Robert Bowers, C. B. Brewster, Donald Carson, Rob- ert Collins, Oliver Dabezies, Carru- ther Davis, Alan Felger, Carl Garrett, Gordon Jones, Richard Kerwath, Louis Lanaux, Benjamin Mauthe, Ray McGehee, Warren Mc- Govern, Joseph Miceli, Paul MIelly, Warren Mix, Leslie Norman, James Pezant, Harold Pike, Royce Sedatal, Joseph Stevenson. 97 Delts and dates! DELTA TAD DELTA You so cute, Charlie, my boy! Below: Aw! Go to the devil! Bottom; Dig that five. Jack! The Delta Tau Delta fraternity was founded In 1858 at Bethany College. Their colors are purple, white, and gold; their flower is the iris. This chapter began its sixtieth year on the Tulane cannpus by pledging 24 men. The more memorable rush-season soirees were the " Vive La France " party and the Beta Xi-clone brawl, which featured the inimitable Beta Xl-clone brew made in an asbestos- lined crock. Another highlight of the social season was the Delt Inferno party. Over 400 guests swarmed into the Audubon Street shelter to hear Papa Celestine ' s jazz. The annual orphan-benefit Christmas party, the Winter Formal at the New Orleans Country Club, and the " Uptown Strutters Brawl " were also definite successes. The fall semester saw the Delts place in 3 of the first 4 Pan-hHellenic activities, including the hHomecoming Decorations event. Delt ' s prizewinning display was the brain-child of Hullabaloo cartoonist, Tom Beal. 98 aTA ATA First Row: Bruce Ashley, Roland Ba- han, Thomas Beal, Moe Campagna, Edward Chadick. Second Row: Anthony Clesi, Clinton Exby, Paul Floyd, Jr., Phares Frantz, James Gillespie. Third Row: Carl hHakenjos, George Helton, G. Torrie Jones, William Mendez, Frank McDonnell. Fourth Row: Paul Morphy, Jr., Jack Pablo, William Paine, Thomas Quails, Charles Ramond, II. Fifth Row: Sidney Reynaud, Jr., In- dian Joe Aztec, Otha Smith, Fernad Toups, Jr., Martial Waldo. Sixth Row: Jack Weiss, Fernad Wil- loz, III. Not in Panel: Thomas Allen, Frank Bell, Jr., Samuel Blanchard, Reginald Caro, Jr., William Cady, III, Gerald Call, William Coleman, John Frae- ring, Robert Fuselier, Frederick Hare, William Hare, Donald Harris, Nor_- wood Hymel, Milton Janssen, J. Boiling Jones, Charles Labiche, George Newburn, Herbert Roepe, Jr., James Reynolds, J. Tufts, Carl White, Herbert Young. n Gimme my cup back, now! A bunch of the boys were . . . Below: Where ' s Kimo? Bottom: Save your Confederate money boys — the South will rise again KAPPA ALPHA I Founded at Washington and Lee University in 1865. Psi first tinged the Green Wave with the Crimson and Old Gold in 1886. Psi Chapter immediately established a reputation for good entertaining. This reputation Is maintained by the many memorable Saturday night parties. Larger events are the Winter Formal, ruled by the Kappa Alpha Rose, and the Cotton Ball, at which a prize is awarded some fortunate young lady of particular merit. Leading the aggregation Is Parks Pedrick. Second in command Is Bill Moore. The secretary is Mac Gautler. j The Mansion boasts a Confederate Militia to defend the flag against any " die-hards " who don ' t know that the South won the Civil War. Another feature which often prompts yells of purely intellectual joy Is the unequalled view of 1037 Audubon St. 100 KA First Row: Gordon Clay, Bo Denton, James Dick. Second Row: Strueby Drumm, Mar- vin Sau+ier, William Gardener. Third Row: Senton Granberry, Char- les LeCorgne, John Marshall. Fourth Row: Kimo McVay, Thomas Nelson, Parks Pedrick, John Poite- vent. Fifth Row: James Stulb, Ballard Tebo, Stephen Voelker, Blake West. Not in Panel: George Baus, Louis Bernard, Edouard Cooksey, Frank Costley, Cy Crites, Andrew Dykers, Arthur Emery, Robert Emery, Shir- ley Friend, James Gouaux, Wal- ter Grant, John Hammond, John Hobson, Killian Huger, Fonde Jerni- gan, Robert Kammer, Thomas Killeen, Eugene Lozes, Hadden Ma- gee, William Moore, Ross Murrel, Randolph Newman, Gordon Post, Ed- v ard Roddy, Burl Sammons, Samuel Schwing, Francis Scarritt, Leroy Schneider, Wilson Shirley, Frank Smith, Lamar Stephenson, Jerry Suhling, Lucius Suthon, Walter Suth- on, James Tant, Frank Toye, Quen- ton Urquhart, Edwin Warwick, John Vv ' inn, Stuart Woody. 101 All right, bud, where ' s the other strap? Hey! Mac, off the grass Below: Attention! Bottom: Who has the Toni? KAPPA NH Sigma Chapter of Kappa Nu began its year In another new house— this one, the column-fronted 1013 Broadway After a hectic period ot preparation, the school year began with the usual round of rush parties. As spirit waxed and waned during the football season, the cnapter managed to maintain a fairly high level of ardor with a series of weekend parties, entertainment for which was supplied by everything from wandering minstrels to highly original skits by members of the pledge class. Stags, hayrldes, and barbe- cues rounded out the social schedule. r- •:, , . We look back with pride to another Kappa Nu first In March when, after a cocktail party at the Gold Room, members dates alumni and_ guests danced to Lloyd Alexander ' s music In the Grand Ballroom of the Roosevelt. As for vital statistics: Kappa Nu was founded at Rochester University in 1911; Sigma at Tulane in 1922. The fraternity ' s colors are purple and white and the flowers are appropriately orchid and gardenia. Saul Schneider, Hal Breslow, Nat Hart, Aaron Buchs- baum, and David Lev ine govern the group with timely Interference from such old hands as Leonard Fuhrer end Warren Eisner Gene Alters doubles as house " mother " and manager. ■ 02 K JV First Row: Simon Ball, Hal Breslow, Victor Brown, Aaron Buchsbaum. Second Row: Stanley Goodfriend, NathanisI Hart, Howard Hochman, Morton Kleinman. Third Row: Albert .Levitt, David Levine, Monroe Marsh, Alex New- man. Fourth Row: Phil Poston, Stanley Rabin, Hal Rosen, Joe Ross. Fifth Row: Kenneth Rubenstein, Saul Schneider, Art Steinberg, Edward Zaita, Herbert Zeffert. Not in Panel: Gene Alters, Maurice Burk, Stanley Cantor, Alvin Gotler, E. Warren Eisner, Stuart Farber, Leon- ard Fuhrer, Henry Joachim, Donald Katz, Robert Levine, Jerome Lowen- stein, Harold Marmer, Joseph Ross, Mark Sackett, Bernard Samuels, David Schultz, Jack Shermon, Harold Smelson, Alan Sternfeld, Ronald Sturtz, Gilbert Walker, Melvin Wein- garten, Lewis Weiner. 103 and then there was Notre Dame! Still pulling the wrong string! Below; Massa-Mose and his glass Bo1+om: Tau Kappa Alpha ' s finest! KAPPA SIGMA Kappa Sigma started and finished the year with two very successful parties. Their winter formal, first of the season was a gala affair, and the Pirate Party, one of the best attended of the year was a memorable event to everyone especially for Miss Elsa Taylor, Pirate Princess of 1950. Backed by a spirited mother ' s club our house ha. seen many improvements. In athletics the ooys on Broadway won their share of games but it was in campus activities that they really excelled. Campus Nite, school ' s Moot Court, JAMBALAYA, ODK, KD??, all were honors gathered in by the Kappa Sigs. Yes without a doubt Kappa Sigma is a fraternity on the Tulane Campus. The o fficers are: Harold Hart, Grand Master; William Crull, Grand Procurator; Earl Campbell, Grand Master of Ceremonies; Robert Seay, Grand Scribe; Reginald Brinkman, Grand Treasurer; Richard Norris, Jack Reid, Guards. 104 k:i First Row: Robert Bruce, Clifton Carswell, James Conover, William Crull. Second Row: Bob Danos, Rudy Eason, Homer Ellis, Robert Green. Third Row: Julian Harwe ' l, William Hess, Hal Jamison, Claude Kelly. Fourth Row: James Kemp, Edward Lindsay, Don Mackenroth, Richard Mouledous. Fifth Row: Edward O ' Conner, Eldon Pence, David Pope, Jack Reid. Sixth Row: Jack Roberts, Robert Thompson, Jack Turner, Herb Wren, John Young. Not in Panel: Curtis Boisfontaine, Robert Boudreaux, Robert Breeding, Earl Campbell, Frank Cannon, Wayne Cockrell, Berkely Davis, Ger- ald Delery, Thomas Delgado, Fred Dixon, Claude Gillette, Harold Hart, Robert Hess, E. B. Holbrook, John Kingston, Armand Legendre, J. C. Liner, Sumner Long, Bill tvUddleton, Paul Newell, Richard Norris, Wynne Pearce, Robert Peyroux, Jamar Reid, Dan Rogas, Wilfred Roux, Harry Schmidt, Robert Seay, Richard Springer, Don Tinkle. David Treen, Gladden Walters. 105 One tiger stealt, pleasel Drop the hawkleg, son! Below: What, no Errol Flynn? Bottom: Nothing lii e a quiet evenlna at horn PHI RAPPA SIGMA Phi Kappa Sigma is now in Its 1 00th year nationally. Founded at the University ot Pennsylvania in 1850, Phi Kap arrived at Tu- lane in 1858. the first fraternity on the campus. With the addition of several new chapters since the war, Phi Kap now has 42 chap- ters in the United States and Canada. Their colors: Black and Gold. Their flower: Yellow Chrysanthemum. The year ' s social activities started with a house-warming party to celebrate the remodeling of their abode at 700 Broadway. Top Brawls of the year included the Personality Party and Bowery, Plainsman Party, with the annual formal at the New Orleans Country Club climaxing the social season. Bill Jameson is head man with Bill Allison second In command. What money there Is, Jingles In the pockets of SImmie Monroe. The guard will be increased shortly after the brothers find this out. Jack Ponder records whatever Pearls of Wisdom that might be dropped at the weekly chapter conclaves, while Homer Johnson keeps the pledges under control. 106 ■ id 1 1 l K i First Row: William Allison, Harold Balmer, Ted Broekman. Second Row: MacGregor Bulloch, Wilson Couch, Whit Cramer. Third Row: Lockwood Fell, William Jameson, Homer Johnson. Fourth Row: Jack Lohman, Russell Mennen, William Morgan. Fifth Row: Edmund Pixberg, Edward Ross, Peter Schneider. Not in Panel: J. Bruce Arnold, Ed- ward Baggett, Joseph Balmer, Rob- ert Barnett, Emile Baumhauer, Jack Bertino, John Bise, Brantle Blakenship, Grover Bynum, Warren Coleman, Paul DeBlanc, Max Druen, Robert Eddy, Jack Farloy, John Ferris, Wil- liam Funke, Stephen Grove, Robert Guyton, Ted Haller, Herman Hassell, Robert Hogue, Donald Jackson, John Jameson, James Kincaid, Ced- ric Lowrey, Robert Magee, Chris Mengis, Sellers Meric, Simmie Mon- roe, Benjamin Okel, John Phillips, Jack Ponder, James Roberts, Pete Smith, Frank Smolen, Robert Smyth, John Stafford, Van Ness Tanner, Eddie Van Amerongen. 107 Atfe ' :. Bobby gave Ihe cups Don ' t blow your top, Mary! Below: Disc and Date Bottom: 432 Too loose morals? PHI DELTA THETA Phi Delta Tlieta was founded at Miami University in 1848, and Louisiana Alpha was founded at Tulane in 1889. The colors of the fraternity are argent and azure. Brother Frank Stitch was a fire in the Phi Delt furnace throughout the year with Brother Joiner, Cooper, and Floyd providing plenty of spark. Credit, and much of it, too, is due Brothers Maddox and Maxwell for the splendid job they did leading the Phi Athletics in one of the best Phi Delt years. Pledges Talor, Lee, Noetzel, McVay, Shivers, and Galloway indicate Phi Delt ' s future eminence in Pan hiel Athletics. These boys carried the banner of the Blue and White this year in nearly all sports. Phi Delta Theta ' s parties hit a new high this year. The South Sea Island party, Christmas party, and annual Spring Formal were gems cf the Phi Delt " social year. " 108 l A -) First Row: Jules Davidson. Jr., Har- old Galloway, John Grassel. Second Row: David Henderson, Robert Hoffman, William Knighf. Third Row: Hal P. Norman, J. Chris Nungesser, James T. Ross, III. Fourth Row: Thomas E. Ryan, Jack Sammer, Robert F. Starks. Fifth Row: Henry L. Stoutz, III, Doug- las Watters, Jr., Richard Wilson, Robert Zetzmann. Not in Panel: John A. Batt, Frank A. Beasley, William Beckham, Jr., Char- les M. Bonvra, Robert Charbonnet, C. Bayless Conley, Jr., John T. Cooper, James O. Crary, Burton S. Floyd, Harold Fraser, Jr., Earl Fred- ricks, Stuart Hellmann, Alexander Jackson, Ben J. Joiner, William Stone Leake, Jr., Walter Lee, Samuel E. Maclin, George Maddox, Robert L. Maxwell, Richard Mayer, Roger Mc- Kenzie, Julian McVay, Albert Meric, Jr., Richard Nash, Everett Noetzel, Jr., Walter C. Ray, Robert Rodgers, Edmund Rose, Robert J. Shader, Ed- ward D. Shivers, III, Earl Siqur, Frank J. Stitch, Jr., Herbert L. Strator, Charles F. Taylor, Will ' am Kent laliaferro, Jr., Richard Wamsgans, Jr., J. Walter Ward, Lowell Wester- m.an, William J. Willkomn, Jr. 109 You keep missing ' em, Jim Strictly formal! Below: Coats of Navy blue! Bottom: He out Rudy ' s Rudy! PI KAPPA ALPHA .. PI KAPPA ALPHA was -founded at the University of Virginia in 1868. Eta was founded atTulane in 1878. First semester of the 1949-50 school year at Tulane saw James Snediger commanding the Presidency with Jack Cadzow holding the money and Bobby Glen Snnith taking the minutes. Second semester Carl Kline took over the gavel and was very ably assisted by Hardy Davis as Treasurer and Gil Morgan as Sec- retary. In every manner Eta enjoyed one of it ' s most successful years. With plenty to drink, beaucoupe femmes, and an abundance of pledges, social life was fantastic. The parties started early at the Pike house and ended late in the French Quarter. Such annual affairs as the Pledge-Active party, the Dream Girl Formal, and the inimitable Fals-Do Do were even more stupendous than ever before. 110 II KA First Row: Edgar Ashworth, Jr. Frederick J. Baehr, J. P. Barreca, Michael Bearden, Charles Bourgeois. Second Row: hHarry Burglass, John Carinhas, Alvin Caserta, Donald Gordillo-Pail, G. K. Hartley. Third Row: Ernest hlupperich, George Karney, Carl Kline, Richard Nolan Leach, Russell Le Doux. Fourth Row: William Longfellow, William C. Long, Jr., James Mc- Closkey, John McLaughlin, Albert McRae. Fitth Row: C. J. Martin, Donald Morrison, Robert Munch, C. C. Per- kins, Donald Ray. Sixth Row: Kenneth Regenos, hHarold Scherer, Jr., Lowell Scheuer, Bobby Glenn Smith, James Snedigar. Seventh Row: Edwin Stacey, George Wimblsh, William Zisi. Not in Panel: Wallace Bewley, James Cadzow, William Dalton, Wilfred David, Edward De Martini, Earl Ginn, Richard Grayson, Richard Fields, Walter Folse, John Hassenplug, John Hirsh, Joseph hHolIday, John Le Bour- geois, Benjamin Lucio, Raymond Mc- Bride, Jacob Maechling, Alvin M. Maher, Clyde P. Martin, Gilbert Morgan, John Murphy, W. Dean Pfeiffer, Jack Powhatan, Donald Randolph, Matt Roberts, C. E. Rush, Jr., Louis Sicard, Joseph Stabile, Charles White, Jr. Ill Pof luck! Maggie ' s, no doubt! Be ' ow: Hiding fhe grip, but everybody knows Boi+om: And to you fair . . . SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Sigma Alpha Epsilon was founded at the University of Alabama on March 9, 1856. The Fraternity is symbolized by the Lion and the Goddess Minerva; its colors are purple and gold; its flower is the violet. Louisiana Tau-Upsilon of SAE began its fifty-second year on the Tulane campus this fall by pledging twenty-one men. The chap- ter quickly entered into the spirit of the football season, and emerged with the hHomecoming Decoration First-Place Award, which was presented to the chapter at the annual meeting of the Tulane Alumni Association. Regular Saturday afternoon and night parties marked the fall season, which ended with the annual Chri ' stmas party and a serenade to the Newcomb dormitory girls. After the Christmas holidays the parties were continued, climaxed by the Founder ' s Day Banquet and Formal Dance, at the Grand Ballroom of the Roosevelt hlotel, on March 4, 1949. These events were in conjunction with the biennial Province Theta Convention, at which this chapter was host. The officers are: Robert J. Boudreau, President; James B. Collins, Vice-President; Thomas S. Farmer, Recorder; D. Ryan Sartor, Jr., Treasurer; Philip B. Watson, Jr., Correspondent; Kenneth A. Langguth, Chronicler; James H. Kennedy, hHerald; Jack Newman, Warden; hiamllton Cage, Chaplain; R. Wayne Vincent, Pledge Trainer; Robert B. hlulick, hlouse Manager. 112 ( v 2: E First Row: Robert J. Boudreau, Wade W. Burnside, Jr., Frank F. Domnick, Jr., Herman Frank Fal- baum. Second Row: Thomas S. Farmer, Murrell W. Hilton, Ramon K. Hinds, Richard D. Howe. Third Row: Samuel Jagoda, Jr., Ken- neth A. Langguth, Redden L. Parra- more, Jr., James K. Patrick. Fourth Row: Daniel Ryan Sartor, Jr., Richmond F. Sharbrough, Richard A. Sterkx, Blanchard H. Texada, Jr. Fifth Row: R. Wayne Vincent, Eu- gene L. Wallace, Jr., Philip B. Wat; son, Jr., Samuel G. Wellborn, Rob- ert L. Wilson. Not In Panel: J. Henri Bayle, Samuel H. Benbow, James H. Blake, Don K. Broadwell, Harry R. Cabral, Jr., James B. Collins, Fred J. Daussin, Eugene T. Glanker, Jr., Harold Gra- ham, M. David Gray, Richard I. Hadden, Steven T. Jenkins, Robert B. Hulick, James H. Kennedy, Carlos Lamar, Jr., Guy LeMieux, Andrew Mays, Michael J. McNulty, Edward L. Patton, Joseph N. Pratt, Jere M. Pound, Wilson F. Shoughroe, Robert Z. Smith, Thomas Smith, H. Hough- ton Treleaven, Jr., Woodrow Wat- son, William J. Willis, James E. Wil- lis, James C. Wilson, Ernest Allen Wright, Jr. ID That oriental gentleman Is the prior Both us! Below: We always laying ' em in fact! Bottom: Ah! Haw! Hot cinders! SIGMA ALPHA Without a shadow of a doubt, this has been Sigma Alpha Mu ' s best year since Its establishnnent on the Tulane campus thirty years ago. Even before school began, the chapter bought a house, the first one it has ever owned, and by the beginning of school, the house was in shape to accommodate sixteen men. The high point of the social season was the thirtieth annual Orchid Formal, which was held in conjunction with a regional conven- tion of the southeastern chapters of the fraternity. In addition to this traditionally excellent affair, the chapter threw many other parties during the year, none of which will be forgotten by those who were there. Sammies ' social reputation was further enhanced by several open house receptions, the Mardi Gras Truck ride and the annual spring banquet. The chapter gave a fine account of itself in campus activities too: pan-hellenic sports, homecoming, the community chest drive, song fest, skit night and surprisingly enough, it even gave a good showing in the scholastic average. Under the capable leadership of its prior, Mort Madoff, Sigma Gamma of Sigma Alpha Mu has reached its highest pinnacle of success thus far, and every indication is toward a bigger and better future. 114 2 A M First Row: Marshall I. Alperin, Louis I. Bell, Robert R. Bender, Alvin S. Binder, Joel Montrose Cohn. Second Row: Julius M. Cohn, Jerald Feldman, Beryl Fisher, Donald Gold- en, Leonard A. Goldstein. Third Row: Mason Griff, Robert Gross, Steven Ira Holzman, Malcom Kassanoff, Stuart R. Klabin. Fourth Row: Samuel Perry Landers, Robert Levy, Beryl Lovitz, Simon Mexic, Erwin Monastersky. Fifth Row: Arnold Pesses, S. Norman Reich, Lloyd Jerome Rosen, Barry Rosenberg, Paul Scheib, Edward S. Schlesinger, Larry Siegler, hiarland W. Sindell, George Sterne, Manuel Weiss. Sixth Row: Donald B. Wolfe, Harry F. Yoffee, Robert O. Zeleny. Not in Panel: Beryl D. Ames, Hubert K. Cohn, Howard B. Ginsburg, Les- ter A. Granetz, Eliot Klorfein, Ivan R. Leopold, Richard L. Levy, III, Mil- ton J. Loeb, Morton A. Madoff, Norman A. Nash, Robert L. Oren- stein, J ack Usdin. J -k i . 115 The gallant effort! It is a cameraman, isn ' t it? Below: Left to Right: Dragon Lady, Doe Redwood, Copper Calhoun, Maid of LX, Madame Lynx, Missy Lace, and Summer Smith Bottom: Boy, does Sara take a beating! SIGMA CHI r Yes Sir, the year 49-50 was a great one for Sigma Chi. This year we won the Intramural and Pan-Mural Softball trophy with Reed pitching two no-hit games. Also one of the Sig ' s old traditions was initiated at Tulane, the Sigma Chi Derby. This attracted more attention on the campus than any other single func- tion. The very beautiful Joyce Bruff was the Sweetheart. The SIgs don ' t have officers like everybody else. They have a Consul who was Tom Habig. The Pro-Consul was Tom Pitcher (al- ways knew he was a pro at something.) Livingstone de Lancey was Annotator, what ever that Is, and Richmond Galbreath was the Quaestor. They had several more but they get more ridiculous as they go along. High spots of the year were the Sweetheart Dance, the L.S.U. Game party and the New Year ' s Eve Party. :ix First Row: Austin Baker, George W. Black, Richard Bradford, Livingstone De Lancey. Second Row: Bill Evans, Fred Evans, Vernon Ewing, Richmond B. Gal- breath. Third Row: Frank hiildebrand, Rich- ard Johnson, Louis McGee, George Nelson. Fourth Row: Myron A. Pickens, Jr., Edward Reed, Bob Simmons, Don Stone. Fifth Row: Robert Wells, Walker Weston. Not in Panel: Bill Blackstone, Tom Bowman, Pete Brennecke, Walter Carnes, Sloan Cummins, Tom Deane, hHarry Gould, Tom Habig, David Hamilton, Robert hlammett, Grady hHarper, Bobby Jones, Louis Larue, Charles Lawrence, Clinton Lochard, Max McGinnis, Michael Molony, Buddy Molter, Ralph Pederson, Tom Pitcher, Edouard Plauche, John Pon- der, Robert Reed, Shelly Reinerth, Tom Reising, Bobby Richards, Ben Sale, Joe Shields, Tom Stout, Ed- ward C. Swanson, Bob Swords, Jim Van Pelt, FHunter Wagner, Dick Wells. 117 Okay, I ' ll string along! She will arrange easy terms! Below: Okay, here ' s the dollar, now you dance witK her! Bottom: The balloon was burst! ZETA BETA TAU I Zeta Befa Tau was founded at the Jewish Theological Seminary in 1898, and in 1909, the Sigma Chapter at Tulane was installed. The fraternity colors are Blue, White, and Gold, and the flower is the white rose. Guiding stars of the Sigma Chapter are hHerbert Abraham; with Leo Roos acting as Vice-President; Buddy Lazarov jotted down the chapter ' s functions for posterity and future ZBT ' s; Norman Davidson did the thankless task of recording debits and credits; Jerry Edelstein compiled the chapter ' s history and edited the " Sigmature; " Tony Lowe acted as Steward and Corresponding Secre- tary; and Leonard Stern " educated " the pledges. Among the social events on the Zebe calender were the Winter Formal, a truck ride to Covington to meet their L.S.U. brothers, and the usual aggregation of parties during the year. 118 ::: n r First Row: Herbert Abraham, Robert Ader, Murry Cohn, Maurice Davis, Herman Davidson. Second Row: Jerry Edelstein, How- ard Eichenbaum, Byron Eicholz, Philip Flowers, Julian Good. Third Row: Frank Gruber, Harry Hammill, David Harris, Alfred Hiller, L. R. Jalenak. Fourth Row: Leon Kahn, Donald Kahn, Harvey Karsh, Neil Kurtz, Buddy Lazarov. Fifth Row: Donald Lipton, Tony Lowe, Robert Maltz, David Masur, Sol Mintz. Sixth Row: Mel Opotowsky, Leonard Parker, Louis Rosner, Walter Sch- wartz, Ralph Seelig. Seventh Row: Aaron Selber, Skeppy Shlenker, Alan Sigman, Ralfe Silver- man, Stanley Starr. Eighth Row: Charles Stern, Sam Strauss, Ivan Uttal, Donald Weil, Jack Weil. Not in Panel: John Dreyfous, Willard Eisner, Marc Golden, Vincent Good- man, Irving Greenfield, Marvin Jankower, Roger Jacobs, Alan Kauf- man, Julian Kurtz, Sydney Lazard, Norman Lepow, Ferd Levy, Alfred Liepold, Paul Litner, Howard Mai- bach, Hoby Meyer, Leonard Miller, Leo Roos, Jerry Rosenthal, David Sherman, Robert Sonfield, Leonard Stern, Leonard Tunis, Conrad Weil, Seymour Weiss, Richard Wise, Jack Wormser. 119 EDWARD R. MORGAN MEDICAL PAN-HELLENIC OFFICERS EDWARD R. MORGAN President ZELIG LIEBERMAN Vice-President MARY LOU HIMSON Secretary Directed toward coordinating interfraternity -scholastic, athletic and social life, the Medical School Pan-hlellenic council was established. Members are Alpha Epsilon lota, Alpha Kappa Kappa, Nu Sigma Nu, Phi Chi, Phi Delta Epsilon, Phi Lambda Kappa, Phi Rho Sigma, Theta Kappa Psi. The Officers are: Edward R. Morgan, President; Zelig Leiberman, Vice-President; Mary Lou hllnson. Secretary and Treasurer. 120 PHI LAMBDA KAPPA OFFICERS SOL COURT MAN President YALE CITRIN Vice-President ALAN LIPrON .... Recording Secretary DAVID FEIGENBAUM. Corresponding Secretary PHILIP ASTOR Treasurer The Psi chapter of Phi Lambda Kappa Medical Fraternity was established on the Tulane Campus in 1910 three years after the fraternity was founded at the Univer- S ' ty of Pennsylvania. The main activities of the chapter were divided into two main categories: ' social and educational. On the social si; ' e of the balance sheet, PLK had the usual number of the normal parties, picnics and stag brawls. On the more staid and educa- tional level, the chapter had ;everal excel- lent lecture meetings, which were so suc- cessful that prospects seem quite bright for the establishment of an annual lecture- ship. First Row: hierbert Bloom, Yate Cirtin, Sol Irving Courtman. Second Row: Robert Herman Goodman, David Katz, Maxwell L. Liftman. Third Row: Max Pallet, Lewis I. Post, Seymour .F. Rossenwasser. Fourth Row: Gerald Sandler, Morris M. Schechter. Not in Panel: Philip Astor, Herbert Bell, Herman Cohen, Stuart Farber, David Feigenbaum, Avram Finger, Burton Glick, Melvin Kahn, Alan Lipton, Albert Mailer, Morton Rachelson, Melvin Schechter, Gil- bert Walker, Samuel Witten. 121 NU SIGMA NU OFFICERS JIMMY LANCASTER President JAMES HARRISON Vice-President JAMES ALTGELT Secretary CHRISTOPHER MINGIS Treasurer MEMBERS Thomas E. Abernathy James E. Alt-gelt Leroy C. Antrobus John H. Arnold James C. Ati inson William L. Bass, Jr. John R. Bise, III Walter H. Brent Joe Frank Brothers Thomas J. Brothers David S. Busll Ralph H. Cameron. Jr. Craig G. Cantrell Marvin E. Chernosky Irvin Clayton David B. Dale Ted K. Dampeer Warren G. Darty Thomas S. Edwards Joseph L. Ewing, Jr. Tom K. Farris Paul Ned Graffagnino Charles P. Hargis James H. Harrison Charles R. Hogue Milton J. Hoftman Noei V. Ice John D. Jackson John B. Jameson, Jr. Fred B. Jones James W. Lancaster Edward B. Leverich Gordon B. Kelly Gaylord S. Knox Foster C. McCaleb, Jr. William E. McGee, Jr. James T. Maddox Robert L. Magee Christopher L. Mengis William D. Monroe Donald T. Morrison John L. Ochsner Francis M. Pearce, Jr. John E. Pittman, Jr. Reuben J. Plant, Jr. George L. Sackett Billy P. Sammons H. Jack Shaner Rayford A. Smith, Jr. Richard T. Smith Julian H. Sims John P. Schneider John E. Stafford Albert F. Strafton, Jr. Jack E. Thielen Peyton R. Tunstall, Jr. Ward Turner John C. Turnham, Jr. William W. Walker, Jr. Harry U. Whayne James Williams, Jr. Jack F. Wisman m 122 Nu Sigma Nu was founded at the University of Michigan in 1882, and the Beta lota Chapter was established at Tulane in 1910. The Chapter ' s beautiful and annple house is conveniently located on St. Charles Ave- nue and is the scene of frequent and nnemorable parties. Its chief sources of pride are its excellent library and the annual Rudolph Matas Lectureship. The latter, established in 1947, has thus far sponsored lectures by the eminent Doctors Alfred Blalock and William Menninger. 123 PHI CHI Phi Chi was founded at the University of Vernnont in 1889, and the Omicron Chapter was instituted at Tulane in 1902. Fraternity activities are centered at the beau- tiful Chapter house on St. Charles Avenue. One of the Chapter ' -s primary projects for the year has been the further expansion of its C. Jeff Miller Memorial Library, one of the most complete privately-owned medical li- braries in the city. Presiding Senior Bob Ivy keeps fraternity activities run- ning smoothly, with Ted Votteler assisting as Presiding Junior; Larry McGee makes appropriate use of the stamps and stationery purchased by John Shriner. In student affairs, Tom Davis serves as Vice-President of the Tulane University Student Body. Tom also fills the office of President of the Medical School Student Body, with Jack Ely, Dick Pierce, and hHank Post filling out the panel of supporting officers. 124 MEMBERS Gilbert Alexander Laverne Alexander James Alison George Allord Richard J. Barry Emil Boumhauer Jesse Belyeu Robert Bcnhard Whifney Boggs Frank Boswell William Box Frederick Broden Earl T. Brandon Robert B own Charles Brown George Brown Jeff Burnett Robert Cameron George L. Campbell Ira Campbell Jack Coppet Bill Carlisle David CaHton Henry Carter Hugh Carter Robert Carter William Carter Robert Clifton James Coker James Connely Morris Crisler Robert Culpepper Thomas W. Davis John Edwards John C. Ely Dabney M, Ewin Richa ' d M. Ewing Harry E. Fair Gwinn L. Fincher Rudolph Flasdick Jerry Fortenbery John Fridge Harry Garrett Richard Gibson Drew Glesen hlenry Guerrlero Thomas Guyton Doyle Ham.ilton Vince Hanneken Robyn W. Ha-dy John Harrington F. H. Harris Walker Harris William Harwell Bill Hayden Robert Hendrick Robert Holdren Richard HoHIs Edward Hudgens Alexander Hulelt Warren Hunt Baxter Hutto Robert Ivy John Jackson Robert Jernigan Charles Kelly Donald Killelea John Kitxhing Thomas Kramer Thomas Krueger Parkie Laville Duke LeJeune Ronnie Loria Clu Flu Lusk Amzi Montgomery Edward Morris Ken Moss Henry C. Mullins Lawrence McGee Donald McMahon Francis Nicolie Emmett Nelll Richard Nunnally William Odom John O ' Kcefe Marion Parker James R. Pierce Hea-y Post Pete Phillips Danny Powell Lamar Puryear Rex Ramsay Richard Reed OFFICERS ROBERT IVY . . . THEODORE VOHELER Presiding Senior Presiding Junior LAWRENCE McGEE . JOHN SHRINER . . 125 W, W. Richardson Albert D. Rood Glenn Ruffin Randolph Rutledge Charles Seiah Jamts Sewell Henry Sherrod John F. Shriner Clyde Smith Lamar Smith Earle Spencer George Stewa ' t J. Hooper Stiles Jack Stuckey Bill Suttle Walter T.ll John C. Tomltnson Theodo ' e Votteler Gordon Walker Charles Wascom H. Aubrey White John J. White Gtenn Whitley Ernest Williams Ollie Penn Williams Robert Wilson William Wolfe Virgil William Wood Gerald Woodruff Charles Wright Secretary Treasii ' cr ALPHA KAPPA KAPPA OFFICERS .AMES P. WOOD President EDWARD R. MORGAN . . . Vice-President RICHARD E. PERRY . Corresponding Secretary LYNN J. P. TAYLOR . . Recording Secretary CARL J. McCANDLISH Treasurer RICHARD A. McELROY Marshal VERNON B. JACKSON Warden Alpha Kappa Kappa Medical fraternity v as founded at Dartmouth College in 1888. Alpha Beta Chapter was instituted at Tulane in 1903, as the successor to Zeta Chapter of Phi Kappa Psi. During the war years the chapter suffered severely, both from the loss of its house and from the loss of many local alumni to the armed services. In 1947, Alpha Beta was completely reorganized, and established in a new house located on St. Charles Avenue, midway between the tv o campuses. Since that time the chapter has grown rapidly in size and •strength, and may be expected to resume its place of prominence among the medical fraternities on the Tulane campus. First Row: Carl Austin McCandlish, Edward Raymond Morgan. Second Row: Richard E. Perry, Ellis Walter Wilkerson, III. Third Row: James Powers Wood. Not in Panel: William C. Dudley, William F. Encke, Gregory S. Ferris, James hi. Gaddy, Wil- liam A. Middleton, George P. Puryear, Alien M. Read, Wayne E. Shepard. 126 ALPHA EPSILON IOTA OFFICERS GENE C. HASSENGER President ELEANOR GOULD .... Vice-President LOUISE ANN BENNETT. Corresponding Secretary CECELIA REICHERT . . Recording Secretary KAY BACHMAN Treasur er Alpha Epsilon lota was founded at the University of Michigan in 1890, and was established at Tulane in 1919. It is the only women ' s medical fraternity at lulane. The colons are black, white and green and the flower is the white carnation. The year ' s events Included both social activities and a number of lectures on subjects of medical interest. First Row: Virginia N. Apter, Gene C. Hassinger. Second Row: Louise P. Mark- ham, Mary Frances Mayfield, Jean K. Noxon. Third Row: Margaret C. Reichert, Winnifred Seeger, Gloria Ann Stewart. Not in Panel: hielen Ahman, Kay Bachman, Louise Ann Bennett, Margaret Bolton, Julia Box, Anna Correre, Carolyn Denning, Nina Bess Goss, Eleanor Gould, Mary Louise Hinson, Elizabeth Jones, Nell Kenny, Ruth Kirschstein, Mary Sue Larry. Beatrice Morales, Elizabeth Rankin, Virginia Reid, Emasue Snow, Shara Stewart, Mary John Tiller, Patricia Webb, Priscilla Wells, Nell Pape Williams. 127 f: FEATURES 128 T U L A N E ' S FIRST If 1 I is 6 f- a aline u it uuiine (OR THE PERILS OF PAULINE) ane The 1950 JAMBALAYA presents Tulane ' s first Miss Pauline Tulane. She was selected from former JAM- BALAYA beauties and members of this year ' s group by popular election. She cannot be a freshman. We hope y ou like her WALT AND RUDY Tulane ' s most lovable boys (as selected by the editors of the JAMBALAYA Left to Right: Polly Phelps, Nat Roeling, Sue Madison, Mary Kay HIclcey, Renee Aubry, Sara French. Violet White- head, Virginia Day, and Mary Jane Dillard. 130 [ Ira In la nn cJDat ' 9 f 132 (JSeverlu (lj f rown Iflaru J au .,J4ick y y 134 ue il ' ladi i6on 135 ¥ amara ( nei ri ¥ 136 ■ Hit " ' - ' .U ' l tr- . y V t:: V .■ T r " r- - r If vlaru Aane djlttarci 137 J- ollu Aean f- kelps 138 ara French 13? LANIER ALLINGHAM JUDY SEGAL and CARMEN MARTINEZ 140 DEDE MARIST and GAYLE MACKENROTH ELIZABETH JANSSEN FAVORITES 141 " PINEAPPLE " WILLIAMSON FAVORITES RUTHIE ALEMAN r ' - p " TINKY ■ THIBAUT • r Queen " KHfen " McGee and escort Frank Burge H E C Left to Right: Renee Aubry, Anita Yancy, Virginia Day, Ann Schornstein, Ruby Crosby, Lanier Allingham. Whooping it up on Canal Street I N G Royalty at the Homecoming Danes THE T D L A N E ' 50 EDGAR ASHWORTH, JR. TOM DAVIS WARREN MIX i M WYNN PEARCE. JR. LEO ROOS GEORGE BYWATER 146 HALL OF FA E CHARLES WILSON PAUL DASTUGUE BOB VISOCA JOHN HAYGOOD i1 HALL OF FA E RUDY EASON WALT SPENCE " FOOTSIE " HOLBROOK BILL BROCKWAY 148 WHO ' S W H IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES LANIER ALLINGHAM VIRGINIA APTER JAMES BUTCH ANN BRODIE KENNETH BURGESS GEORGE BYWATER ANN COLEBECK JOSEPH CONINO RUBY CROSBY THOMAS DAVIS KARL GUMNICK SENIORS DAVID HAMILTON JOHN HAYGOOD WILLIAM JAMESON JAMES LANCASTER ALFRED LANDRY ZELIG LIEBERMAN ELIZABETH LOVETT DORA MARTIN PATRICIA MAY WARREN Ml CARL PERRY WILLIAM RAGLAND GEORGE ROBINSON NATHALIE ROELING PHILLIP ROUSSEL HERSCHEL SAUCIER MIMI SEGALL CAROL SUE SMITH WALTER SPENCE DONALD URQUHART ROBERT VIOSCA JUNIORS JUNE ANTLEY RUDY EASON MARGARET GANDOLFO EDGAR ASHWORTh HERMAN FALBAUM KIMO McVAY ELIZABETH COOK MORRIS MIDDLETON 149 PHI BETA KAPPA I OFFICERS ADELE DROUET President PANOS MORPHOS Vice-President FANNIE RUSS Secretary SUSAN TEW Treasurer STUDENT MEMBERS Lanier Alllnqham Wilburn Atkinson Paul Brosnnan Virginia Colebeck David Conroy Charles Dunbar Clinton Etfinger Myron Eichler Myrna Feinberg Diane Fournet Marguerite Galloway Shirley Grau Robert Greenwood Betsy Griffen William Hayden Marie Heller David Hullinghorst John Jameson Anna Francis Jones Melvin Kahn Joan Kastler John Laur Laura McClanahan James McDougald Lucien Moss Hazel Muller Charles O ' Brien Virginia Provost Charles Ramond Mary Rohrberger Calvin Roland Charles Roth Audrey Scott Melvin Selzer Jacqueline Sllln Dorothy Simons Susie Smith Gloria Ann Steward Richard Thorpe Elizabeth Turner Lewis Weiner John Welnmann Edward Wilson Mary Withers Oskar Zerniicow ISO T A U BETA P I OFFICERS JOHN E. MORRISON Presidenf DONALD W. URQUHART Vice-President ROBERT L. DRAKE Recording Secretary EDWARD A. CHMIELINSKI Corresponding Secretary HOWARD D. HARDGRAVE Cataloguer JOHN L MARTINEZ .... Treasurer FACULTY ADVISORY BOARD W. E. Blessey M. E. Forsman J. L. Martinez F. M. Taylor MEMBERS Jules C. Bernard Henry L. Blust Hudson G. Boue Robert L. Bouis Henry G. Buse George P. Bywater Edward A. Chmlelinski Robert L. Drake Fred A. Evans George S. Foersfer Roy N. Gasfon Vincent L. Goodman Frand R. Groves Karl F. Gumnicic Howard D. Hardgrave Thomas E. Louis Robert B. Marston Irving E. Martin John E. Morrison Waiter M. Nunn Donald W. Urquhart Robert R. Viosca William L Williams Bolyn J. Wolf 151 BETA GAMMA SIGMA I OFFICERS GLENN EAGAN President ROBERT D. MUNCH . . . GERALD E. WARREN Secretary-Treasurer Vice-President MEMBERS Julius M. Alford Mrs. Glenn Eagan Mrs. Phyllis Eagan Robert M. Floyd, Jr. Carol Goettinger Raymond E, Grzelewski David C. Hamilton Shepard G. Jane Theodore W. Kossler Frank J. Kinberger William O. Lavin Wiiliam F. Matthews Robert D. Munch Rudick J. Mu.-phy Harold R. Neuburger Marion R. Roquevert L. Gardiner Sebralfa Mimi R. Segail George J. West, Jr. IN FACULTY Marvin L. Fair Peter A. Firmin Robert W. French Donald M. Halley Harry A. Mitchell Martin D. Palm F. Santry Reed Paul C. Taylor Jay C. Van Kirk Eisie M. Watters 152 M I C R N DELTA KAPPA ■ji OFFICERS JACK WEINMANN Presldenr DABNEY EWIN Vice-President DR. KARLEM RIESS Secretary and Faculty Advisor MEMBERS Edward Baggett Richard J. Barry Robert V. Barnett James Blitch Paul Brosman, Jr. Frank Burgs George Bywater Edward Chmielinsici David Conroy Neville Cull Thomas W. Davis Stephen Ellis Dabney M. Ewin Harry C. Frye William M. Sordy David Hamilton William Harwell John Haygood E. Bradford Holbroolc William S. Jameson Jack W. Jonas James Lancaster Zelig Lieberman Clu Flu Lusk Robert K. Mayo Stanley McDermott Anthony Ortega Eidon Pence Shepard Pleasants Gerald Posner Charles Ramond Joseph M. Raull, Jr. George Robinsor Leo S. Roos Phillip Roussel Frank Stich David Traen Clyde T. Turner, Jr. Donald Urquahart Jack Wsinmann Blake West Charles B. Wilson Herbert Wren Charles Wright 153 R A P P A DELTA PHI OFFICERS JOHN SMALLPASE . . . BRADFORD HOLBROOK . President Vice-President MEMBERS Robert Bsrnett George B ' weter David Conroy Brooke Duncan Rudy Eason Steve Eliis Dabney Ewin Bradford Holbrook Henry Millon Warren Mix Robert Parsons Dean P-feiffer Charles Ramcnd Joseph Rault Cari Schumacher John Smallpage Walter Spence Frank Stich Ballard Tebo John Weinmann Leonard Oppenheim Karlem Reiss Cliff Weils 154 T H E T A N U OFFICERS BILL JENKINS President EDGAR ASHWORTH Vice-President JACK OWENS Secretary Edgar Ashworlh Vernon Bourdette Rosemary Carnes Bill Conery Harris Ccpenhaver Patricia Cronin Everett Dane Rene Daussin Marie Rose Dwyer Diane Farrell Elmer Freed Sidney Friedman Harry Helntzen Dixie Hutchinson Bill Jenkins David Kleclc Edmund Martin MEMBERS V ' allace Miller Mary Lou Mossy Pat McCauley Paul Newman Jack Owens Paul Perret Aivln Perry James Plauche James Puneky Earl Rodriguez Elmer Sharp Tom Sillers Bob Smith Walter Spence Frank Stainton Beniamin White David Yockey 155 The best damn bull shooters In school. GLENDY BURRE The purpose of Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society is to stimulate forensic activity among the students of the University, and to assist the various New Orleans high schools in their debating and oratorical contests. In keeping with tradition Slendy Burke ' s membership is limited to forty-eight male stu- dents, each representing a senator from a different state. The varsity debating team is selected annually from the society to represent Tulane in intercollegiate debating contests and in the annual National Debate Tournament. Among the awards given through Glendy Burke are the Carnot Medal for proficient oration on a topic related to French politics, the Terri- berry Prize, the George Prize, and the Glendy Burke Medal for oratory. TORRIE JONES G. TORRIE JONES . SHERMAN RAPHAEL Roy A. Alba Dean Andrews Jake L Bell Robert Brumfield Frank Bruno Edward Wright Torrie, the bull out frontl OFFICERS Speaker EDWARD WRIGHT . . .... Vice-speaker CLARENCE DUPUY . . JOEL FEIGON Sergeant-at-arms Secretary-Treasurer Parliamentarian MEMBERS Clarence Dupuy Hans Feibelman Joel H. Feiqon Jerald Honeycutt G. Torrie Jones Eugene Lawes Clyde Martin Brewer Pence Eric Plesner Bill Ragland Eric Plesner VARSITY DEBATE TEAM Robert Brumfie Shernnan Raphael William H. Shaw Ronald Sturtz E. J. Thigpen Edward Wright Frank Bruno 156 How much A.S.S. power in that job? OFFICERS LANIER ALLINSHAM President Jeannine fvicGee MEMBERS Anita Yancey Susie Smith Alpha Sigma Sigma, the senior honorary society, was founded at Newcomb in 1915 to promote leadership, scholarship end loyal service to the school. On Alpha Sigma Sigma Day the names of those girls elected are announced to the student body. The following fall these members conduct a three day Freshman Orientation Program. The president of Alpha Sigma Sigma presides at fresh- man class meetings until the freshman officers are elected. OFFICERS ELOISE CHAPPEL President ANDREA LIVANDAIS Secretary-Treasurer Margaret Endress Cookie Patten MEMBERS Janet Levy Joan Morrison Jane Doggett " Assets " was founded at Newcomb in 1938. At the end of each year the nine most outstanding freshmen at Newcomb are selected on the basis of school spirit, leadership, and scholarship to be- come " Assets. " The " Assets " are chosen in the Spring and during the following year, they take an active part in Freshman Orientation, acting as " big sisters " to the Freshman. ALPHA SIGMA SIGMA Man, I hate this ASSETS ALPHA P H 1 OMEGA Joseph University Pope OFFICERS G. SLADOVICh President BILL OBERHELMAN . . . Recording Secretary JERRY HONEYCUTT Veep TOM BEAL .... Corresponding Secretary TOM BIRDWELL Treasurer L. VERGNE . Campus Project Chairman GEORGE WIMBiSH .... Alumni Secretary MEMBERS Jerry Honeycutt Bobby G. Smith Bob Hargrove Normer. Hymes Hardy Davts Louis Vergne Ira Hymes George Helton Anthony Savoca Dudley Smolen Tom Birdwell Tom Beal Roy O. Smith Don Gallant Ben Mauthe George WIniblsh Paul Dastugue Dave Pope William Beckhart Harold Berpov ertlx Bill Oberhelman Tom SIssion Martial Walden A, M. Maher Harry Engelhart Joe Acernio Gera ' d Delery George Rizan Don Randolph Wayne Cockeral Torrie Jones Eli Hannon William Zlsi Clarence J. Martin George Sladovlcb Alpha Phi Omega Is an organization of former Boy Scouts, v ho ' ie purpose Is to assemble college men In the fellowship of the Scout Law and Oath, to develop friendship, and promote service to humanity. Each year with the sponsorship of such affairs as the Kampus Karnival and the Ugly Mug contest, A. P.O. raises funds for the University Chest. Last year nearly $1,000 was collected. T A U SIGMA DELTA JIM BLITCH . . BILL WOODWARD Jim Blitch Bill Brockway OFFICERS Chapter Master WALTER ROONEY . Chapter Scnbe BUFORD L. PICKENS Chapter Recorder Faculty Advisor Nesbit Colihorp MEMBERS Jack Parrlsh Walter Rooney Bill Woodward The Eta-Alpha Chapter of Tau Sigma Delta was installed at Tulane December 10, 1949, as the official honorary f ' -aternlty of the School of Architecture, replacing the former Gargoyle Society. Students are selected on the basis of scholarship, leadership, and character, and must have completed five semesters of the archltecltural curriculum to be eligible for this honor. Nominees undergo a pledge period wherein the winning sketch of the traditional Gargoyle competition is selected. In 1949, the pledges completed the " Student Societies " room. here illustrated. Tau Sigma Delta provides a collegiate organization which assists In the promotion of worthy endeavors which lend to benefit the profession and boasts as active alumni the outstanding architects of the city and state. Hey! Stupid, get serious! INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB Bill and his relations OFFICERS DONALD RAY President TONY LOWE Vice-President DR. W. ROBERTS . JOYCE REGENAM . . Secretary-Treasurer LEONARD STERN Librarian Faculty Advisor MEMBERS Deborah N. Berry Ivlax Barnett Claire J. Courtney Florence Effinqer Sarah V. Frederic Leatrice Gerstenbilth Shirley A. Grau Lurllla Harris Erwin R. Johnson Donald LIpton Tony Lowe Clyde McLean Warren Mix Lee Mowe Angelo S. PIrozzi Mary H. Rohrberger Rose Ruble Frank Tornabne Louis J. Vergne Jack Weil The purpose of the International Relations Club is to instruct and enlighten student opinion in current events. The members endeavor to accomplish this by becoming acquainted wirh the political ideas of the nations of the world. Membership entitles a student to use all books furnished the club by the Carnegie Peace Foundation. Barba Dreshe ACTIVE MEMBERS PROVISIONAL MEMBERS Audrey ScoU Vivienne Parker Dorothy Perrier Jeanne Voitagio became Beta Lambda Since then, the New- e!l as maintaining Marion Andru? Margaret Conder Renee Mendlovitz Jane Annis Natalie Gessr.er Lorraine Murphy Renee Cobb Patricia Heinrichs Emily Notr Formerly known as Lampyrids, Newcomb ' s honorary biological fraternity chapter of Beta Beta Beta, National Honorary Biological fraternity, in 1945. comb chapter has participated in national and regional Tri Beta activities as Its own program. Open to any student demonstrating exceptional aptitude and interest in Biology, Tri Beta aims to promote sound scholarship and encourage investigation in the life sciences. This year ' s program of events included local speakers on topics of interest to biology students, a study of the mechanisms of civic health organizations, a student debate on the problem of natural resources, and a field trip. Big, best, and beautiful! BETA BETA BETA ORGANIZATIONS -«- DANCE CLUB Gimme one of these, and one of those, and . . OFFICERS MINNEHE STARTS President MERLE MAUMUS Vice-President JOYCE MATHES Secretary I Barbara Bartlett Betty BranCau Dolores Brisbi Sherry Buntcn Peggy Burkenroad Sheila Carme ' Jean Celli Eulalie DeBen Patricia Edwins Esther Ewing Sarah French MEMBERS Barbara Grace Mary Jane Green Patricia Greenfield Beverly Hard Carol Heinberg Jane Lee Luft Gayle Mackenroth Joyce Mathes Merle Maumus Gardner Morrow Bettina Muelling Diana Rosamond Betty Jean Rosen Barbara Rubenstein Isabel Snelling Minnette Starts Marilyn Tarantina Kay Threefoct Jackie Vizzini Barbara Watson Joel Wolfe The Newcomb Dance Club, which was officially founded in 1940, has progressed steadily through the years under the enthusiastic direction of Miss Frances Bush. This year, in order to promote interest in this Club, the membership was divided into two groups. The Coryphees and the Ballerinas. The Ballerinas were the original members of the Club, and the new members, taken In by try-outs, formed a Coryphee group. During the past year Coryphees who improved their ability and showed cooperation were admitted to the Ballerina group. This plan has worked successfully and will be continued along these lines. The annual spring recital for this year included an original selection; music by Miss Ydeen Francis, a member of the Newcomb Music School, and choreography by the members of the Dance Ciub. Also included on the program was Smetena ' s Moldau and divertissements in which all members of the Dance Club participated. t 162 Susie, let ' s down her hair OFFICER SUSIE SMITH President Jane Doqgett Lynn Hock Mary Elizabeth Patton Emily Palmer Ann Mcintosh Betty Paul MEMBERS Gloria Patron Leila Flournov Renee Bousquet Tina Mjelling Effie Stockton Madeline Occhipenti Minette Starts Joel Wolfe Sophie Newcomb ' s Southern belles are more athletic than they look! All Newcomb girls are members of the Newcomb Athletic Association, which is divided into four leagues — Dixon. Gibson, Howard, and Norman. Through the four leagues, intramural competition both team sports and individual sports are conducted. Governing the Athletic Association is the Newcomb Athlefic Council. On the Council arc representatives from each class, presidents of the Swimming, the Dance, and the Tennis Clubs, chairmen of the three maior sports, and chairmen of the four leagues. Under the guidance of Athletic Council, intramural tournaments are organized, and the gym is opened for recreational purposes. No member of the Athletic Association need feel that her efforts are futile in competitions for the various awards are conferred not only fa- skill but also for enlhusiasm and participation. For league victories trophies are awarded. Individual tournament winners sport gold keys. A felt " N, " a silver " N " pin, and a_ blazer f ' } the seal of Newcomb are presented to those girls who have the participation. OFFICERS MARY WILLIAMSON President VIOLET EDOUARD PLAUCHE .... Vice-President FRANK required points — compiled from all athletic WHITEHEAD Secretary STICH .... Sergeant-at-arms Chelsie Webster Jack Weinmann Violet Whitehead Anita Yancey Bobby Zetimann MEMBERS Lucy Adams Rudy Fason 3en Joiner Jeannlne McGee Jack Roberts Tom Bowman Joan Essig Eugenie LeDoux Bill Moore John Smallpage Mickey Carso Joan Gillis Claire Lewis Dick Nunnally Frank Stich Virginia Day Mary Ann Hebert William Long BeHy Oehmig Flora Talmadge Tom Deane Mary K. Hickey Betty Lyons Robert Parsons Jack Turner Jimmy Huff Dora Martin Ed Plai ' che Lagniappes, the Student Dance Organization, started off the year in a bang-up fashion. The Annual Freshman Dance held this year as always at the Gymnasium, was a huge success. Begun with the idea of having Tulane end Newcomb Frosh come and meet at a dance, the venture has proven to be very enjoyable for everyone— including the Freshmen. This year the floor was packed with the boys outnumbering the gals three to one which made it even better as far as the girls were concerned. Of course the fact that it was held the night of the opening football game, and the fact that we won, helped to bring out the large attendance. The Annual Homecoming Dance, held at the Municipal Auditorium, to celebrate Homecoming was likewise a smash. Charlie Spivak and his well known orchestra provided the best all around danceable music heard down this way In many an eon. The presentation of the Homecoming Queen and her Court was a highlight as in the past. Air-conditioning and " requestlonlng " of more tables made this Homecoming Dance the best in the past three years. The organ lovers! NEWCOMB ATHLETIC COUNCIL LflGNIilPPES MATH CLUB Aw, please fake a front seat! OFFICERS JAMES ELLIS President BEVERLY BECKER Vice-President BETTY BARRERE Corresponding Secretary HERON COLLINS Recording Secretary end Treasurer The Tulane-Newcomb Mathematics Club, organized in 1940, meets every month to consider topics related to mathematics. Informal talks, on subjects not covered in classroonn work, form the main portion of the program; these are often followed by discussion of mathematical topics. Refreshments and a social get-together usually concludes the meeting. Membership In the Math Club is open to all University students interested in mathematics. Each year the club gives a prize which is very coveted among Tulane ' s mathematicians. This award, known as the Math Club Prize, is given for the most interesting and original talk given by a student on contemporary mathematics. CHAPTER OFFICERS WILLIAM B. ALLISON. JR President TRICIA McRAVEN JOSEPH B. SERREH Vice-President CHIN HOY . ROBERT MONTGOMERY . . . Faculty Adviser Secretary Treasurer William B. Allison, Jr. Henry C. Daubert, Jr. Albert Bar! John E. Baudean Rene Baus Walter C. Bosch Renee Bousquet Charles Daniels Lloyd B. DeLuca Hans Feibelmann Diane Fournei Don Gallant John U. Hidalgo Chin Hoy ACTIVE MEMBERS Edward iber ' Sargent Jones Joseph J. Kyome Anthony LaRocca Ferdinand K. Levy Tricia McRave- Donald P. Miller Robert Montqcmery John B. Moore J. C. Morris Andrew Oser Wilbur B. Payne Charles L. Peacock Blanche Portei Karlem Riess Joseph B. Serrett Harold G. Smith Powell B. Stokes Gea ' ge S. Thomas Beverly Turner Bruce Arnold John S. Fischer Ewell C. Caniey ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Edmond S. Hebert Harold A, Levey, Jr. Edward Slmcr Robert D. Irving Edmund P. PIxberg Benlamln R. Strong Homer K. JcKnson. Jr. Riley R. Ryan Ballard V . Tebc- Ronald M. Sturt Frank M. Wynr All that meat and three potatoes. S I G P I S 1 G I A SOCIOLOGY CLUB Cheesecalce?? HERB COUNiHAN OFFICERS Co-President DOT BAER ISABEL PEAL Secretary-Treasurer Co-President Dot Baer Lucy Barrett- Arthur Barron Donald Beacocic Gene Buchert Sarah Burcharr- Jane Burkea ' oad Jack Circle Roberta Cooper Herb Counlhar. Jean Covington Gerry Delery Leah Drescher Corky Falbaurr Betty Freedman Virginia Frederick Beryl Goldberg Mason Griff Clare Hillike. ' MEMBERS Frank Hudson Norman Hyams Joan Jackson Mary Elizabeth Jackson Ed Johnson Dot Krasne Jane Marriott James McBee Virginia McCcnnell Ellhu Monica Joyce Mulbera Blanche Myers Isabel Peal Betty Pemberton Dorothy Perrier Pat Pirozzi Rock PLroz i Eric Plesner Myron Schelnfeld Mary Louise Scherer Marietta Schleh Dot Simons Tom Sisson Sylvia Solomon Jocelyn Spitz Frank Stockwell Ellen Tishman Martha Zilbermann The Tulane-Newcomb Sociology Club fosters Interest in sociology and social work. The organization is composed of all interested individuals who wish to meet and exchange Ideas on sociology. Out- side spealters are sponsored by the club who present ideas on sociology and social improvement. Parties are also planned during the meetings and usually remain in the planning stage. The club was organized in 1946 and has been functioning, after a fashion, ever since. The Leadership Council, composed of the President or appointed representative of every organiza- tion on the Tulane-Newcomb campus, was conceived and set up by the 1949-50 Student Council. The Leadership Council, serving as an advisory body to the Student Council, has Its own constitution, rules and regulations, and is divided into sub-committees to deal with various phases of student activ- ities. Although in its first few months of existence, it has served as a remarkably accurate sounding- board for student opinion and has functioned very effectively in executing a great many campus-wide projects. Under the capable administration of Chairman Jack Weiss and Secretary Jerry M. Honey- cutt. the Leadership Council has succeeded in coordinating and Integrating the activities of all the organized groups on the campus, and has served as a right arm to the Student Council, LEADERSHIP COUNCIL ENGINEERS ' TECHNO- LOGICAL ATELIER We wuz all on de rack togedder! The engineers suitably named their official student organization the Engineer ' s Technological Atelier because " atelier " means workshop. E.T.A., as It Is better known on the campus, is a workshop which knits to- gether the five engineering schools with a spirit of friendship in a common cause. Student engineers work hard, but when they play, they play hard. The annual tradition of honoring St. Patrick, the engineer ' s patron saint, is carefully guided by the members of E.T.A. They must handle the election of St. Pat and his queen, St. Patricia. They must plan the formal dance and the half-time skit which are part of the Engineer ' s Week. In the field of technical knowledge, E.T.A. annually sponsors the Engi- neer ' s forum at which outsiders are invited to hear students talk on tech- nical subjects and to see the college ' s laboratories In operation. In between these two major functions, E.T.A. gathers the engineers at the Student Center for the Annual Smoker where they poke good-na- tured fun at their professors. The Atelier Is a workshop. What It produces Is evidence that. In the College of Engineering, school spirit Is far from dead. 166 A group of civic minded citizens? OFFICERS EARL BELLANGER Presldenf CLAUDE KELLY Vice-President LARRY BODET ... Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS Jr. Lonnie H. Collins Cecil H. Marf M. J. Leumas Jr. Dubois J. Der.Iels Gerald N. Heydel Robert J. L ' Hoste Lloyd E. Ducotft Bradford Holle Rucky J. Larusio Isaac R. Foster Donald B. Jackson Dean C. McKee Robert Estes Fra nk J. Jackson Albert E. McSwaIn Donald Estoplnal Claude Kell Wesley D. Milter Walter D. Gindle Joseph J. Krebs. Jr. Joseph E. Novak Carl F. Gumnick Alvin J. Lazarov Pierre C. Reeh Russell A. Hali George Lenkj Jack R. Reid William F. Becker Earl T. Ballanger Jules C. Bernard Walter C. Bonle Lawrence G. Bodet Robert H. Bo Robert N. Bruce Cris A. Cacoutas Aii R. CaKk Robert Cra ' g Osca-- RIess, Jr. Lucian B. Rodriguez Michael J. Ruck Richard E. Ruckstuhl Matthew P. Schneider William R. Scot+ George J. Sullivan Clyde T. Turner, Jr. John V. Wilson Kong Wong In the past year the A.S.C.E. has become one of the most active of Tulane ' s enginee ' lng professional societies under the capable leadership of its past president, Bill Scott. The School of Civil Engineering is one of the most closely-knit schools in the College of Engineering a nd this is due largely to the A.S.C.E. The A.S.C.E. has become very active In ajl the fields that a professional society can enter. Believing that the prime interest of its members lies in civil engineering subiects (and women) it has fostered lectures by noted engineers on various advances In construclion wo.-k and in engineering practice. It also has sponsored original research oroiects in several engi- neering fields, most notable being its research on foundation problems in and around New Orleans As for social functions, A.S.C.E. has given during the last year, dances, luncheons, field Trips, beer parties, and even " alligator hunts. " A.S.C.E. feels_ that through Its professional and social activities it has been able fo help weld i»s members and the school of Civil Engineering into a frata nlty of friendship and technical know-how. HAROLD MOKE WILLIAM E. McWHIRTER E. S. Atkinson Gaston Beauclair Thomas Birdwell A. F. Burns Charles L. Carney George Creteau Hugh Davis Uland F. Delhom Milton Ebeyer Ca-I W. Eiler Vernon Ewing Thomas Farmer George Foerster Jack Fritz Henry R. George Richard H. Goode OFFICERS President WILLIAM A. LEFTWICH Treasurer Vice-President HUGH DAVIS Secretary MEMBERS Adrian Laza ' re Harold Moke William A. Leftwich William Morel Thomas E. Louis Jose Perdomo William Lusby Ray Sims John Laberteaux Melvin Steger Robert Marston _ Murdoch Watklns James McLaughlin S. G. Wellborn Herbert Graci Frank P. Groves O. E. Hembree Hamlet Hernandez Kendall W. Hess Donald L, Higglns F. E. Kleyle George Lambousy William E. McWhirter Boylan Wolf The Student Chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers is a counter-part of the Senior Chapter. Its main purpose is to provide training of the students in the functions of the Senior Chaote - of the A merican Institute of Chemical Engineers and as such works In close harmony with the Senior Chapter. The student c|roup has sponsored many field trips which are of interest to chemical engineers. The chapter has also been active in participation In school events such as sponsoring a half-time skit at the Engineer ' s Day and at the Engineer ' s Forum. More meat for Fagley! AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF CIVIL ENGINEERS AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERS AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS The laundryman and photographer have a deal on and . . . H. G. BOUE . . . G. H. 5CHONEKA5, JR. OFFICERS Chairman T. TURKER Secretary VIce-Chalrman J. E. MORRISON Treasurer D. E. Anderson W. J. Anderson M. J. Armbruster T. A. Aucoin F. J. Baehr. Jr. E. R. Baker W. S. Berge ' on J. B. Bethancourt R. Blum L. Blust P. Boone L. Bouls G. Boue M. H. D. R. H. P. E. Brou R. J. B- ' oussard P. Bryer G. P. Bywater D. J. Caster E. A. Chmjel ' nski L. V. Cressy N. J. Cuccia H. Dees A. L. Doucei F. J. Ebel. Jr, H. L. Engell ar J. D. Fernandez J. MEMBERS J. C. Finney H. J. Franklin R. N. Gaston C. B. Hakenjos S. C. Heath H. N. Helnemann J. A. Mine E. R. Johnson D. A, Lassus D. J. Levine J. M. Marcev. Jr, W. E. Martin T. L. McCoy. Jr. D, P. Maynorc G. D. Moate J. E. Morrison G. M. Murrel A. C. Occhlplnti C. D. Olivier E. L. Pick L. C. J. J. E. F. Roudanc Rouquette Ruck J. L. Russo R. E. Ryan M. M. Salvato ' -e W, E. Schoenborn G. H, Schonekas. M, R. Sherman L. Stravasnick F. A. Swan, Jr. A. J. Tricon W. T. Tucker T. Turker V. K. Van Allen G. G. VIcknaIr R. R. Viosca S. Vltallero P. A. Younq H. W. Zeffert The Tulane University Student Branch of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers is a counterpart of the Senior Chapter of the A.S.M.E. By means of joint meetings between fhese two organizations the student engineers are given the opportunity to make personal contacts with pracilcing engineers and to discuss current p.roblems in the engineering field. The objectives of the society are to give the student an Idea of the practical side of engineering, to develop his initiative and ability to speak In public, keep him informed about engineering progress; and to familiarize him with parliamentary procedure and organization. The activities of the group are numerous, varying from technical movies, papers, talks, and discussions to social gatherings and Inspection trips to Industrial and manufacturing plants. The A.S.M.E. annual banquet tops the year ' s social activities. AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS The Tulane Student Chapter of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers and Institute of Radio Engineers provides the student with an added interest in electrical engineering during his college career. The alms of the society are to furnish to each student the opportunity of following current projects and developments in the electrical field, of making contacts with practicing engineers, and of receiving valuable training In public speaking and leadership. In addition, interesting field trips to industrial plants are made and movies on the sublect of electrical engineering are shown. In order that the members of the society may become better acquainted, several social get-togethers such as dances and welner-roasts are held during the year. Eager electrlcals Expansion by non-organic growth Henderson Barkley, ill Michael Banowetz, Jr. William J. Berg Jim Blitch Edward J. Bondurant Wliiiam R. Brookway Harold C. Brumfield Wllllcim Campbell Tilghman S. Chachere, Jr. Nesbit G. Coltharp Kenneth S. Conley Ransdell Cox Jame: T. Dent Walter F. Entrekin Henry M. Favrot, Jr. Phares Franrz Joseph Thomas Fulco MEMBERS William J. Galloway Lawrence A. Garcia Robert Garland, Jr. Corrie P. Garms Eugene T. Glankler Louis Goldstein Willis Guild, Jr. Elden C. Heck William P. Howard, Jr John Huddleston, Jr. Irvin J. Kohler Juies A. Lizarraga Ben K. Lohman O. Ray Martin Clark E. MerricI Stanley W. Muller James Paul Oubre John D. Parrish M ' Idred Popkin Walter J. Roor.ey, Jr. Burl R. Sammors Fank R. Seavey Robert Z. Smith Wilbur D. Starr Arthur P. Steinberg Leonard Tate Eddie van Amerongen Leo F. Wagner, Jr. John G. Warren William C. Washburn William H. Woodward John R. Young Thomas P. Williams Horacio Diaz AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ARCHITECTS The Tulane Student Chapter of the American Institute of Architects was organized on January 6, 1947, for ' the purpose of establishing a liaison between the student architects at Tuiane and those architects engaged In actual practice of their profession. Its membership is limited to third, fourth, and fifth year architectural students. The chapter represents the school in all matters relating to the profession, assists in finding em- ployment in architectural offices for students during summer months, and in general seeks to elevate the standards of the profession by stressing higher scholastic requirements. 169 TULANE ARCHI- TECTURAL SOCIETY Is this functional or not? OFFICERS RAY MARTIN, JR President KENNETH CONLEY Vice-President BOB SCHROEDER Secretary WILLIAM CAMPBELL Treasurer HENDERSON BARKLEY Sergeant-at-arms JOHN LAWRENCE Faculty Advisor MEMBERS J. Alsing R. Cox S. Hill W. Paine M. Banowetz J. T. Dent R. Kellog J. D. Parrish H. Barkley W. E. Entrekin B. Langston D. Perkins E. Bentin H. S. Eichenbaum O. R. Martin R. D. Reed J. Berg J. T. Fuico D. Mechling P. Roberts W. R. Brockway L. A. Garcia T. S. Meric R. Santoine J. Broleman R. Garland J. Milan R. L. Schroeder H. Brown C. P. Garms S. Miller W. Schmitt W. R. Campbell L. Goldstein S. Mintz J. Shelton D. E. Carson L. J. Guido P. Morris A. Steinberg T. G. Chachers W. T. Guild C. Murphy L. Tate N. Cinnater W. Hess L. Norman J. Warren K. Conley J. F. Hester M. O ' Neal C. Washburn J. Young The Tulane Architecfural Society is one of the oldest professional organizations in the school of Engineering. Since its founding in 1913 it has had its membership open to al! students in the School of Architecture. The T. A. S. is not connected with any national professional society but has as its purpose to foster fellowship between the Architectural students in social and academic relationships, co-operation between the school and the students, and the developing of Qood will between the School of Architecture and the other Engineering Schools. 170 PAN AMERICAN SOCIETY LOUIS J. VERGNE JEAN VOLTAGGIO DEBORAH BERRY . OFFICERS President AARON BUSCHBAUM . Corresponding Secretary . . Vice-President MELBA WEINBERGER Treasurer Recording Secretary JERRY HONEYCUTT Historian MEMBERS Robe- ' i Acomb, Max Barnett, Deborah Berry, Juan F. Brln, Aaron Buchsbaum, Jo ce Caldwell, James Chitders, Joseph Conino, Hugh Davis. Gerald Delery, Horatio Diaz, Ralph Dorris. Arcelio Ducreux, Isaac Farrar, Delfin Gomez, Alfred Gonzales. Carlos A. Gonzales, Jorge Grana, Lurilla Harris, Mary J. Higglns. Je. ' ry Honeycutt, Robert Hulick, Nick Krieger, Jacqueline Lafranca, Rosa Lamar, Greta Le Blanc, El lie Luecke, Clarence Martin, Don Mechling. Stella Mongeau, Alex Newman, Yolanda Ocampo, Francisco Paredes, Ninette Penlliat. Arturo Piano, A. A. Restum. Lloyd Rickman. Emilio Rodriguez, Arturo Riosso, Mary Scherer. Louis Vergne, Jean Voltaggio. Melba Weinberger, William Wilkerson. Genevieve Wellbaum, Edward Zaita. PAGE 181 CUT I8I-A The Pan American Society is a campus wide organization which associated foreign and native students with the purpose of promoting Pan American understanding and fellowship among the people of the Americas. OFFICERS HARLAN SINDELL President ROBERT THOMPSON Secretary LOUIS VERGNE Vice-President HERBERT WEISER DANIEL BULLINGTON Historian Treasurer Joe Ac! Robert Marsha Harold Edward Jesse B Joseph Daniel James Wayne lerno Ader II Alperin Arencfsky Bagget ' - larrett Blenvent Bullingtor Childe- ' s Cockrell C. D. Delery Herbert Dyer Myron Elchler Marvin Elsenberg Harold Fausak Donald Gallant Jimmy Guyton Howard Heck Charlotte Hunt Albert Jorden MEMBERS Warner Kass Richard Klalm Irving Kurlnsky Max McGInnis Kenneth McLeod Allen Mink Ma ' v Morgan Lorraine Murphy Karl Nelson W. J. Oberhelman David Pope Evans Powe! ' Jamar Reid Ira Rothfeld Frank Rowley Thomas Scarborough Paul Scheib George Shlbley Harlan Sindell Dick Sprinpcr Melville Sternberg William Taylor Robert Thompson David Tuman Louis Vergne Jeanne Voltaggio Hc ' bert Weiser Ralph Wilson Herbert Wren The Pre-Medi the pre-med cu expect to enter gether into a cl information by provide for gro visor, this year Ochsner. cal Society was founded in April 1948 by a small group of Individuals who were in rriculum and who believed that there was a definite need for a club for those who the medical profession. Some of the purposes of this organization are to bring to- oser fellowship those to whom the field of medicine Is a common interest, to provide having visiting lecturers who are capable of giving authoritative Information, and to up tours to places of Interest. Under the guidance of Dr. Ralph Smith, faculty ad- the society has secured such capable spealcers as Dr. T. A. Watters and Dr. Alton Before! (note med seniors for after!) PRE-MEDICAL SOCIETY P H I SIGMA IOTA Now we know where Brosman found her MEMBERS Deborah N. Berry Ernest C. Bufkin. Jr. Jovce Caldwell Wilfred L. Guerln, Jr. Joyce Harper Mary Jane Higglns Dorofhy Ann Maness Janes B. McDougald Ann Halbert A. Reeves Joy Relnganum Genevieve W- lbaum John G. Weinmann Levy K. Sue Scherer Marilyn B. Rosenthal Virginia A. Provost Sharon E. Mattes Phi Sigma lota was founded at Allegheny College in 1922. Its purpose is to encourage high scholarship and individual research in the field of Romance languages and literatures, and the promotion of amity between our nation and the nations using these languages. Active membership consists of teachers and advanced students of Romance languages. Phi Kappa chapter was installed at Tulane University In 1947. PI SIGMA ALPHA political science honor society (naiional) Tulane chapter is Alpha Sigma. Back Row, left to rig hl: John A. Marque, Francis C. Guinie, Kenneth McCarty, Davis Preston. Moris Atkinson. John A. Stewa ' -t, John E. Miller. Middle Row. left to right: Hugh Oliver, Secretary; Dr. K. Vines; Dr. Faculty Advisor; Dr. V arren Roberts, Jr., and Dr. J. S. Gillespie. Front Row. left to right: John V Iseman, President; William Gregory, Jr.; Olive Davis, Leslie L. Inman. and Julian C. Campbell. Other members include: Herbert F. Bennerfield. Paul W. Brosman. Jr., Gordy. Kenneth Gorman. R. E. Johnson, Roger Kellar, Mary Jane Kerensky, Lee Mowe, Jr.. James W. Murphy, E. C. Rose, John F. BurVis. Lawrence CampuMI, R. M. Floyd, Jr., Leatrlce Gerstenblith, T. J. Kelly, Charles Lay. Howard Malbach, and Donald Schwarz. L. V. Howard; Dr. Jr., Vice-President; Kalman, H. Silvert. Wallace E. Mathes, Harry Cohen, Richard Ellis, William M. PI Sigma Aipha is a national political science honor fraternity for students and faculty members. It was begun at the University of Texas 20 years ago and today has over 45 chapters throughout the U. S. with over 5,500 active members. The Tulane chapter (Aipha Sigma) was begun in 1949 and now has 39 members. The organization sponsors leading speakers In the field of politics and political science when they speak on the campus. Special speakers In international politics are also sponsored by the group. Membership Is based on minimum political science but is not restricted to p.s. majors. Guess who the Owl Is! P I SIGMA ALPHA -t3s% I n i3B k Mi 3 RADIO CLUB A group of happy students! CHARLES LEE BUDDECKE Eddie Andrews Franic Bollinger Charles Lee Buddecke James A. Cronvich OFFICERS President GODFREY DONAVAN FRED WINSLOW Sec-etary MEMBERS Godfrey Donavan Bob Irvinq John Fishar Stanley OrreM Vincent Goodman Charles PeacocJ: Bud Grover Vice-President Al Buxton Anthony C nzonerl Burton Stakes Weldon Voqt Fred Winslow The Tulane Amateur Radio Club is a campus organization of licensed radio amateurs and interested experi- menters for the purpose of providing a means of pursuing their hobby on the campus. The Club ' s activities center about the three transmitters and two receivers tucked away in a corner of the Physics Laboratory on the third floor of the Physics Building. The equipment Is used on almost all of the frequencies assigned to the Ama- teur Service and licensed members communicate with other amateurs by voice and telegraph in all parts of the United States and often with amateurs In foreign countries. Members of the club have arranged schedules with amateur stations in many cities in order that lulane and Newcomb . ludents may talk to their parents and friends over a medium that often far exceeds the telephone in quality— then there Is also the fact that no phone bill is attached! The Club has endeavored to communicate with similar clubs at other universities in order to exchange messages between student bodies and to swap " Shop Talk. " For non-licensed members Ihe Club has equipment available to teach the telegraph code and thea-y required to obtain the government issued license necessary to operate their own or the Club ' s radio transmitters. The Club is a recognized member of the A.mcrican Radio Relay League, the nation wide organization of amateurs, and members take part In many conlesis and activities sponsored by the League. JOEL WOLFE Dorothy Carrere Virqinia Day Joan Essig Marian Hodges Joan Morrison OFFICERS . . . President JOAN ESSIG . . VIRGINIA DAY Secretary BARRACUDAS Emily Palmer Joyce Selkman Helen Ma-Ie Rapier Jocelyn Spir Vice-President Effie Stockton Joel Wolfe Anita Yancey Ann Baker Eleanor Burdeshaw Claire dtf !- Vergne BABY BARRACUDAS Leita Flournoy Judy Johnsoi Marilyn Morais Elizabeth Spring Emily Goss Jere Johns ' an Ellen Morris Imogene Whyte Ann Hutchinson Betty Paul Sara Woods The Barracuda Swimming Club plays an Important role In Newcomb activities. The chief pu ' pose of the club is to promote interest In form swimming and pageant planning. The Swimming Club sponsors the National Telegraphic Swimming Meet, The Newcomb Intramural Swimming Meet, and plans a swimming program for Newcomb orientation. The main event of the club Is the presentation of Its annual water ballet in which each member of the club participates. This yea - the Barracudas presented " The World Pool; ' in which different aspects of various coun- tries wee portrayed. What holds it up, Jere? SWIMMING CLUB dm ' " i - ' •iL ' H OREADES MARIE LOUISE ARNAULT MARIAN ROSENTHAL . La+In me tell you OFFICERS . President MARY RUSH Secretary Vice-President REGINA GUNTHORPE Treasurer Oreades Is an honorary club for Newconnb students who are interested in studying the Greek and Roman classics. At the beginning of the second semester Freshmen who are studying classics are chosen to be new members on the basis of interest and scholarship. The big event of the year is Saturnalia, a Christmas festival named after the old Roman celebration In December, when slaves be- come masters and masters are slaves. The members celebrate with games, skits, and refreshments. A Nativity scene or play is given to remind the merry-makers of the holy day of Christmas. SHIRLEY ANN GRAU HANS FEIBELMANN OFFICERS . President EHA ROSE D ' ALFONSO Vice-President MARIANA SCOTT . . Secretary-Treasurer Advisor Karin Brandt Javier Bray Audrey Brechv oldt Mona Brown Elyene Carroll Frank Chalaire P. E. Conner E. Dakirtes Etta Rose D ' Alfonso Margaret Dlngfelder Stephen DIttmanr. Ha. ' -old Fausak Hans Feibelp " .ann Don Garoer Lea Gerstenbilfh MEMBERS Wally Goedeckfc John Grassel Shirley Ann Grau F-ed Ivey Leslie Lagutllon Mildred Lahasky Audrey LIgget Joseph Lomiselli Ray Matherne Joseph Mille Emily Palmer Fred Robiticheck Mary Rohrberger Marietta Schleh Albert Schmidt Aud. ' -ey Scot. " - Samuel Shannon Guy Sheot; Frank Stockwell Steve VarvarU Roger Weinberg Hamilton Willis Ralph Wilson The German Club has just completed Its fourth year of activity on the Tulane-Newcomb campus. The organization Is dedicated to the furthering of both Interest and understanding In the German language and culture. The year of I949-I9S0 was a particularly successful and active one. The club has held regular semi-monthly meetings, and a program of particular Interest has been presented each time. During the Christmas season, the club entertained with a Nativity pagent and party. In the spring, the club presented a program of German Lleder; this was done with the co-operation of the Music Depart- ment. However, the achievement of which the club members were most proud was the Easter play. This production marks the first performance on the campus of a full length German play in many years. There now, It didn ' t hurt, did It? GERMAN CLUB There are no senors, I fheenk! OFFICERS DIANNE BOURGEOIS President VIRGINIA PROVOST Vice-President DEBORAH BERRY Treasurer DOTTY MANESS Secretary La Tertulia is the honorary Spanish Club on the Newcomb campus. It holds meetings once a month at which prominent speakers discuss topics of interest. Each meeting is devoted to some phase of Latin-American or Spanish life. There are four reunions each year to which the whole uni- versity, as well as the public, is invited: October 12, Columbus Day; a Christmas Fiesta; April 14, Pan-American Day; and April 23, Cervantes Day (Dia de la Lengua.) In addition, a banquet for the members and new initiates is held at the close of each year. SPANISH CLUB OFFICERS CLAUDINE COULANGES President PAT MAY Vice-President EMMA MORPHY Secretary MEMBERS Patricia Butltenroad Tinky Thibaut Nancy Philips Olive Danis Helene de la Houssaye Marilyn Rosenthal Barbara Dixor Nita Howell Pat May Cooltie Patten Patsy Jo McDowell Norma Lewis Andrea Kambur Jane Johnston Emma Morphy Geraldine Ginsberg Polly Jean Phelps Claudine Coulangos Lucienne Brunschwig Morris Mlddleton Sally Kastler Ro!a Lamar Betty Lee Seff Dolores Ballina Barbara Watson Christina West The French Club is organized for students v ho wish to further their interest in the study of the French language and French thought and culture. Its activities include lectures by out-of-town guests and faculty members and also occasional films. Interesting!! What? LE CERCLE FRANCAIS A R T CLUB Shirley ' s green eyes! NATHALIE GANUCHEAU. MARY BROOKS SOULE OFFICERS President GLORIA GOODMAN . . . Vice-President JUDY SEGEL . . . SALLY JAMES Publicity Chairman Marilee Arnaud Ann Baker Eulalie de Ben Barbara Bizzel Lucie nne Brunschwig Laura Burks Peggy Burkenroad Janis Blackmar June Canle Connie Cohen Kathleen Coleman Lucie Cranr Virginia Day Mary Jane DiMard Diane Douglas Clal-re de !a Vergne Jean Edwards Virginia Fairfax Ann Franklin Nathalie Ganucheau Isabel Gardener Monita Gerson MEMBERS Gerry Ginsberg Carol Granberry Shirley Green Madeline HalreJ Mildred Holler Mai-garet Hilzini Ellen Ignatius Maxlne Isaacson Sally JamPs Frances Katzenstein Jane Marlot Alice Meede Marilyn Morals ■ Janet Newman Judith NoH- Carolyn Plerson Maureen Prolhro Helen Rapier Deborah Redler Pat Reiner+h Diana Rosamond Marie Roussei Secretary-Treasurer Assistant Treasurer Sedley Rousse- Helen Rurfin Judy Segel Isabelle Snelllrg Elizabeth Spring Kathy Ann Stelnmayer Mary Jo Sternberg Barbara St. Paul Tanya Woh! Patsy Weil Phyllis Woif The purpose of the University Art Club is to promote art principles throughout the community and the understanding of art as anything which is well done. This self-supportmg club holds Its business meeting once a month and members are allowed to bring one guest to these functions. Programs and activities consist of films, some art, some modern dance and some documentary; lec- tures from the art and academic faculties; slide demonstrations; an annual banquet; and helping with the decorations for the Beaux Arts Ball of the Architecture School. This year, the Art Club members can be identified by a gold key, designed by the president. Club membership is open to all colleges on campus, an interest in art being the only requirement for membership. LANIER ALLINGHAM STAFF - . . . Editor CHARLES RAMOND . SHIRLEY ANN GRAU Associate Editor Associate Editor " Carnival, " the Tulane-Newcomb literary magazine is now in its second year of publication. It is published quarterly and contains fiction, essays, poetry, and plays written by the students. The staff members of " Carnival " decide on what selections are to appear in the magazine; and, at the end of the school year, they give an award to the author of the outstanding contribution made to " Carnival " during the year. Where the ferris wheel, caiun? CARNIVIL Y. W. C. L You Would Come Always BEVERLY BECKER FLORA MAE 2IEGLER OFFICERS . President JANE LEE LUFT . Vice-President BEHIE RUTH BARRERHE Anna Bartels Martha H. Bringle Patricia Burke Jean CelM Claudine Coulanges Patsy Dew Margaret Field Membership In College. The " Y " debates. The " Y, Deborah Berry Joyce Harper Mildred May Foley Pat High Pollie Holder June Husk Shirley Jackson CABINET Susan Hill Janet Levy MEMBERS Gwen Langridge Angela Leggio Janet Levy Anne Mcintosh Tricia McRaven Morris Middleton_ Madeline Oechipint Ann Maddrey Mercedes Maraist Harrilyn Pelly Polly Jean Phelps J. Waldine Ryan Secretary Treasurer Patricia Welton Susan Reynaud Rhoda Schmidt Patsyearl Spring Marilyn Tarantina Dinah Umsted Dorothy Verlander the Young Women ' s Christian Association is open to all students of Newcomb meets twice monthly for open discussion, talks by outstanding personajities, and established at Newcomb in 1901, presents a program of well-rounded events, among which is the annual " Y " picnic supper during Freshman Orientation. " Y " traditions include the annual Christmas and Easter parties for a group of children from a local orphanage; the Christmas tree placed in the main hall of the Newcomb Administration Build- ing; and the Senior baby contest in the Spring. With other Tulane organizations, the " Y " annually conducts the Easter Sunrise Service, held in the Quadrangle of Newcomb College. OFFICERS BOB LEE President MILDRED RUNYAN . . JOAN ROEHL . . Devotional Vice-President HARRY ENGELHARDT . HAROLD BRUMFIELD. Enlistment Vice-Pres. Xulnne — Newcomb — Loyola Baptist Student Union, one of five local groups in a ization, serves the primary purpose of linking out-of-town Baptist students with oni tist churches. The organization, housed in the new Baptist Center at 7111 Freret Street, inclu monthly Dinner Forums, afternoon fellowships. Baptist Student Conventions and socials and Noonday Chapel Services, as well as a weokiy mission program and Revival. Under the leadership of Director Mary Lee Vines and the Executive Council, th large its current program by concentration on missionary activities and a broad ' fields. The Baptists must be afraid of the front pew Secretary Treasurer world-wide organ- of the local Bap- des in its program Retreats, parties. a City-wide Youth B.S.U. plans to en- jning of fellowship BAPTIST STUDENT UNION CANTERBDRY CLUB I guess she wants a whole tasse! OFFICERS BOB SMITH President EMILY XANTEN Treasurer HAROLD PIKE Vice-President MARY DURLAND SAPP . . Publicity Chairman MARY MATLASE Secretary REV. JOHN R. ALLIN Chaplain The Canterbury Club is the official organization for ail Episcopal students on the Tulane and New- comb Campuses. Each member or friend of the Episcopal Church is considered a member of the weekly meetings, which consist of worship, study, service, and fellowship. Each Wednesday morning there is a celebration of the Holy Communion, and on Thursday eve- nings, a discussion and study group is held. In the past, these services have been conducted in the temporary Episcopal Student Rooms on Zimple Street, however, there is being planned a Student Center oh Broadway Street which is to be known as the Francis Lister Hawks Student Center. The Club also offers the services of a chaplain for the students ' spiritual consultation at ail times. OFFICERS NORMAN R. TILDEN . HAROLD A. LEVEY, JR. PATSY JO McDowell President Vice-President Recording Secretary LEON C. SOULE . . Corresponding Secretary CHRI5TIANE WEST Treasurer MRS. CURTIS L. COATS Advisor Christian Science Organization at the Tulane University of Louisiana was organized in December, 1943, and is authorized by the Manual of The Mother Church, the First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts. Regular weekly meetings are held on the campus. Students, faculty and staff members are invited to attend. The purposes of this organization are to unite the Christian Scientists within the University In closer bonds of Christian fellowship, to welcome Chrstlan Scientists entering the University, and to afford to the entire University the opportunity to study the Bible, and to learn the truth about Chris- tian Science as taught in the Christian Science textbook, " Science and Health with Key to the Scrip- tures, " by Mary Baker Eddy, The Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science. I don ' t like big groups, do you? CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ORGANIZATION GAMMA DELTA Bruffly, I ' d say a rafher common group! V HERBERT ROEPE . D. JAMES DANIELS Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary OFFICERS . . . . President FLORA MAE ZIEGLER . . . Vice-President BETTY RUTH BARRERE ELEANOR LUECKE Treasurer Gamma Delta, the International Association of Lutheran Students, has two main objectives: the promotion of Christian knowledge and the promotion of Christian service among Lutheran Youth. To further these objectives. Alpha Upsilon, the Tulane and Newcomb chapter, holds semi-monthly meetings at which the pastoral advisor presents topics and conducts discussions on the Bible, doc- trine, and Christian llvinq. At least once a month Alpha Upsilon has a social function. During the past year the chapter has sponsored a number of successful square dances in conjunction with youth groups from the local Lutheran churches. In addition to the regularly-scheduled meetings and social functions. Alpha Up- silon occasionally undertakes special projects. A movie entitled " The Sickle or the Cross, " was pre- sented for the general public in the Student Center last fall. On Holy Thursday an hour radio broad- cast of Christ ' s last days and death Is sponsored by Alpha Upsilon and presented by the Tulane Radio Guild. OFFICERS BENNETT WEINBAUM .... President SONIA KLEINFELD Secretary JORDY MATLIN Vice-President SONNY WILLIS Treasurer 20LLY LEVINE Counselor The Hillel Foundation Is composed of the Jewish students on the Newcomb and Tulane campuses. Hlllel, which Is sponsored by B ' nai B ' rith, has as Its purpose the furtherance of the cultural, rell- ious, and social aspects of the Jewish students enrolled In the University. Through Its many activities and functions, Hillel has made Important contributions to the University-at-large by bringing speakers and lecturers to the campus who have presented to the student many topics of interest and value. In the past, Hillel has been very instrumental in raising funds for the University Chest Drive by their active participation in the annual Kampus Karnlval, and through their other service projects. How strong can a chair be? HILLEL FOUNDATIONS NEWMAN CLUB Newman or New Woman! OFFICERS THOMAS R. DRUHAN, JR President JERRY GCHONEKAS Treasurer WILTON VIGO Vice-President REV. JAS. F. BENEDICT Chaplain REGINA GUNTHORPE Secretary DR. HAROLD J. BECK . . . Faculty Advisor The Newman Club is a group for Calhollc moral, cultural, and social activities under the guidance of the Chaplain who serves as spiritual and religious advisor. Since 1893, when the first Newman Club was formed at the University of Pennsylvania, the movement has gone forward until today there are over 400 Newman Ciubs throughout America. The Tulane Newman Club Is a member of the Gulf States Province of the National Newman Club Federation and of the National Catholic Youth Council of America. During the past year the club ' s activities has consisted of dally worship services, service projects, and social functions which are designed to bring together, In a better bond of fellowship, the 2,000 Catholic students at Tulane. WESLEY FOUNDATION HERMAN FALBAUM BILL PORTER MRS. OFFICERS . . President PEGGY FLOWERS . Vice-President NANCY MARLER FRANCIS POLLARD .... Advisor Secretary Treasurer Under the leadership of " Corky " Falbaum, Wesley Foundation has made many fine improvements during the last year. It has succeeded In Increasing Its membership, has been active In service proj- ects, and has presented a well planned year around spiritual and devotional program. Wesley Foundation is primarily an organization for the spiritual development of Methodist Stu- dents, and to further this aim, Wesley has sponsored talks by ministers and faculty members, has conducted weekly devotional services, and has had weekly chapel services. Other of Wesley ' s activities during the year were a Spring Retreat, a drive to send clothing and Care Packages to Overseas Relief, observation of World Student Day of Prayer, hayrides, picnics, radio football game parties, benefit movies, a plantation social, and a Christmas party. Much of the recent success of Wesley Is due to Mrs. Francis Pollard. Without her advice and Inspiration, Interest In Wesley would not be at the high level that it is today. Jack couldn ' t make up his mind (note B.S.U) WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP ED LINDSEY . . . MARGARET ENDRESS OFFICERS President MARY RUSH Secretary Vice-President DAVID POPE Treasurer The Westminister group meets every Sunday afternoon at five o ' clock and Is usually preceded by an informal half-hour of fellowship. The programs are varied and Include movies, forums, discussion groups, guest speakers, simple vesper meetings, and song services. Then comes the fellowship supper, which is financed by funds from the Student Work Committee. The remainder of the evening is free for any other plans the group may have. St. Charles Presbyterian Church, the Student Church at Tulane University. Is host at all meetings of the Westminister Fellowship and Its parties. Out-of-town students who have no church home In New Orleans usually attend services there. OFFICERS BOB SMITH President MARGARET DINGFELDER HAL LEVEY Vice-President SUE MADISON . . DR. PAUL TAYLOR .... Faculty Advisor Secretary-Treasu- ' er Corresponding Secretary The Tulane Interfaith Council was founded two years ago on the campus for the purpose of pro- moting Interfalth understanding through joint activities of an undenominational nature, and to pro- mote and obtain a greater religious emphasis on the campus by means of joint projects. The council Is composed of the following organizations: Baptist Student Union. Canterbury Club (Episcopal). Channing Club (Unitarian). Christian Youth Fellowship. Christian Science Organization. Gamma Delta (Lutheran), Hlllel (Jewish), Newman Club (pending approval), Wesley Foundation (Methodist), and Westminster Fellowship (Presbyterian). Each of these organizations has two rep- resentatives on the council plus an advisor from each group. Some of the aims of the council are the erection of a non-denominational chapel on the campus, the bringing of speakers of other races to the campus, and the sponsoring of a larger and greater Religious Emphasis Week. One ham says. " Cheese! INTER-FAITH COUNCIL OFFICERS EUGENE SCHAEFFER Captain CLYDE T. TURNER, JR Firsf Lieutenant McLAIN FORMAN Second Lieutenant HARDY DAVIS First Sergeant Colonel Heany and the President of Chile. At Tulane University, E-Company 8th Regiment of the National Society has been established. In 1942 it was orig- inally founded by the Naval ROTC Midshipmen, but its activities were nec- essarily curtailed during World War II. When the Army and Air Force ROTC programs were established just after the war ended, the company was reorgan- ized. Membership in the society is limit- ed to 30% of the cadet officers of each Army, Navy, and Air Force ROTC unit. Each candidate must rank in the upper half of his ROTC class to be considered for admission. At every .Friday drill period Scabbard and Blade selects the most outstanding marching unit, which is entitled to carry the proficiency standard the following week. MEMBERS William Anderson Alfred A. Betanc urt Robert E. Biackwell Donald F. BIythe Curtis Rich Boisfontai Paul Brosman George Bywater Frank S. Cannon James O. Crary William Davis Strueby Drumm Harold C. Durke McLain Forman Henry J. Franklin Marvin Gautier Robert Green Ray G. Hooper Joseph W. Huttner James Jeffrey Edward L. Johnson Erwin R. Johnson Ben J. Joiner Carl A. Kline Theodore N. Kontos Edward A. Kunz Robert E. Langston Francis R. Leiong Waldemar Markus Joseph T. McKay Hilman Mendosa John Milandin Gerard W. Monier Paul H. Morales George D. Nelson Joseph Netick Walter L. Nixon Walter M. Nunn Chester L. Pasguier Eric D. Pearson Robert A. Peyroux Florentine Priede A. Albert Restum Edward M. Richardson Martin S. Sanders Edward F, Sbardella Eugene E. Schaefer Stanley Schwam Otha R. Smith Clyde T. Turner, Jr. Ralph L. Tyler Peyton D. Waters Jack Weinmann Jack C. Wimbish Robert E. Wright NO CHANGE, NO CHANGE!!! 182 Red, White and Blue, and Olive Green and blue, proud sy.mbols of our heritag SCABBARD AND BLADE Sc,ihbflrd and Blade: watch thi crpw they ' ll draw a blade on you. Look Out He Gonna Slug ya, pal. The " Taffrail " of a ship is the railing at the very stern of a ship. However, the Taffrail Society is by no means at the very rear of the Naval Unit. It is composed of the leading men in the N. R. O. T. C. In the past, Taffrail has been primarily a social or- ganization. During the last year, however, Taffrail has broadened its scope to include, not only social functions, but also campus service projects end is now preparing itself also to take on the role of a professional Naval Society. Taffrail has been extremely active during the last school year and has accomplished many notable things under the inspired leadership of its president, Dave Kirchner. TUFFRAIL NAVAL SOCIETY It has succeeded in weiding together the midshipmen of the Tulane N.R.O.T.C. Unit into one large fraternity of fellowship. The Tulane ' Middies " and dates have enloyed several fine truck rides, outings, and dances together in addition to the Annual Naval GraduaHon Ball. One of Taff rail ' s proudest projects this year was their " Break The Record " booth at the Kampus Karnlval at which It was able to raise a large amount of money for the University Chest Drive. Taffrail has rapidly become one of the prime factors in the developing of the high " esprit de corps " which characterizes Tulane ' s N.R.O.T.C. Battalion. MEMBERS W. J. Anderson C. G. Font R. L. Mennen J. Anton A. Gamon J. Mliandln E. W. Ashworth R. A. Goelzer G J. Palmer, Jr R. Bahan R. E. Green J. B. Palmen W. S. Beckham W. Gregory F. Patterson J. Bertino N. 1. Hart R. Pflster G. Bywater W. Hodgens J. E. Sammer F. S. Cannon F. S. Hurd B. Shriner R. E. Chachere J. E. Jackson, Jr. J. Simon W. L. Crull D. Kirchner J. Stewart W. J. David J. McLaughlin B. W. Tebo E. D. Dougerty G. Markey C T. Turner P. W. Floyd J. Welnmann A bunch of salty dogs! ryinq to blow themsolves out ot the cjqc. ATHLETICS 186 The Brain Trust TULANE ' S FOOTBALL SEASON, 1949 Coach of Tulane ' s S.E.C. Champions, Henry Frnka A combination of one of the finest coaching staffs and ail-American players saw Tulane come through a hard-fought season with the Southeastern Champion- ship under their belt. Suffering only one conference loss Coach Frnka fielded one of the best teams in Tulane gridiron his- tory. Yes, things were, " Fine in ' 49. " Although the ' 49 squad boasted of all-American Eddie Price and stalwarts of first class caliber, it was teamwork that put the Greenies on top of the pile. Each man on the squad did his job in a brilliant man- ner. A rugged line that was as strong as the proverbial stone wall refused to let the opposition through. The backfield combined speed, power, and dexterity to pile up the points to fulfill hlenry Frnka ' s dream of a championship team. 188 The graduating seniors were honored at a television show in which each was given a certificate of nnerit fronn Tulane and the SEC Championship award was presented to the team. With a championship football team, school spirit showed a definite increase. This essential quality will do much to encourage the Sreenles on to great things in the coming season. Wi th all confidence we can say that things will be " Nifty in ' 50. " I would like to express my appreciation to Mr. Bill McKeefe who has prepared the write-ups for the in- dividual games this year. ELEGANT EDDIE PRICE DENNIS DOYLE Most Unselfish and Best Spirited Athlete BOBBY JONES Most Unselfish and Best Blocking and Tackling Back REX PARTRIDGE Most Unselfish and Best Blocking and Tackling Lineman MAX DRUEN Co-C jptjin BILL SVOBODA Co-Cjptdin DICK SHEFFIELD Co-Captain 189 Kinek furns It on! TULANE ALABAMA 28 14 Tulane traveled to Ladd Memorial Stadium to turn the " Tide " for the third straight year, by a score of 28-14, a feat which has never been duplicated. It was a case of Tulane ' s possessing the ball too much that beat Alabama. Of course, the able running of Bill Svoboda, one 87 yard trip to TD territory was the longest of the game, and Eddie Price ' s footwork for 149 yards in 21 trys were instrumental in the Wave win. Fumbling shortly after the opening kickoff, the Greenies went on the defensive. Brilliant defen- sive work by Johnny Hickman and company kept ' Bama from crossing to pay dirt. Tulane ' s touchdowns came as George KInek, halfback, powered through the Alabama line. The second came shortly afterwards by Eddie as he galloped 17 yards. Bill Svoboda scored the other two for the Wave. Tulane ' s own Sherman tank under way TULANE GA. TECH 18 The Green Wave kept its conference record clean by beating the Yellow Jackets 18-0, before 55,000 fans in Tulane Stadium. Tulane drew first blood on a spectacular pass, Quarterback Joe Ernst throwing 47 yards to Half- back George Kinek. Eddie Price was the sparkplug that brought the ball to the one foot line of the Yellow Jackets where big Bill Svoboda took it over for the score. In the dying minutes of the game, the Wave put on another drive. John Sikora was the inspira- tion this time, as he ran over standing up from the four-yard line to make it I 8-0. Offense was overshadowed on both sides by the brilliant defensive play which prevailed. Jimmy Gllsson and Bobby Jones both intercept- ed Tech passes to prevent scores. Jerome Helluin and Paul Lea were the outstanding linemen for the day. Over the land, through the air? Hal leads out or Cliff! At least you could smile, A. G. TULANE . . .40; SOUTHEASTERN LA. ... Playing in mud and rain, the Wave rolled over the Lions 40-0 in a game that saw the Greenies taking the advantage right from the start. The outcome was never in doubt, even with Eddie Price on the injured list. The Wave scored by air as well as by land. Fine passing was shown by Bill Bonar and Joe Ernst, although the ball and field were wet. The spotlight was shared by a group of soph- omores that got to show their wares for the first time this year and they did a mighty fine job. Torpedo him, Joe, baby 194 ' - TULANE ... 6; DAME ... 47 On that dime turn, wo got 9 cents change! The Sreenies traveled to South Bend for their first defeat of the season to bow to the champ- ions from Notre Dame. The Wave tried to discover a combination to combat the Irish but it never came. The bright spot of the day for Tulane was a fine pass from Bill Bonar to George Kinek, for a touchdown, the longest of the afternoon. Tulane started the game minus Dennis Doyle, Rainey Brown, and Jim Keeton, all three of whom would have helped. Hal and Gus start to move out 195 Tulane ' s first touchdown of the game! TULANE ... 14; AUBURN ... 6 Travis Tidwell and Co. invaded Tulane Stadium and provided the Wave with plenty of stubborn resistance, but Eddie Price, despite an injured leg, provided the deciding factor. All of the scoring came in the second quarter. A drive v hich started in the first quarter carried the ball to Auburn ' s four-yard line, where Bill Bonar shot a high pass to Kinek. The rangy half- back jumped up and took it from the arms of Johnny Wallis to go over for the score. Eddie Price brought the crowd to its feet when he took a hand-off from Joe Ernst and rolled through right tackle for 62 yards. Paul Lea, hHarold hieadrick, George Maddox, and Bill Svoboda kept the Auburn boys under control with fine defensive play. Dan Rogas unbars the gap! TULANE 54; . STATE I I I 6 Tulane ' s Green Wave released a football steam-roller to crush the Maroons 54-6. Completely outmanned, outrun, and outclass- ed the Maroons fought to the finish against over- old ' Mule ' liclcs whelming odds after Eddie Price dashed 65 yards in the opening seconds of the second period to put the Greenies ahead, 21-6. Mississippi State had scored its lone touchdown a minute or so be- fore this. Price had also scored Tulane ' s first touchdown In the opening minutes of the game on an 18- yard dash. Cliff Van Meter scored 3 of Tulane ' s 8 touchdowns. Bobby Jones and the rest of the Greenies turned In some of the best down field blocking that has been seen in many Saturdays of football at Tulane Stadium. Substitutes outstanding for the Greenies were Al Burr, Gus Nlhart, Bob Rogers, Nick Digiralmo, Harry hHahn, Art Kleinschmldt, Bob Eddy, and Dick Fugler. Kleinschmldt turned in one of the best performances of any Greenie lineman this year, including blocking a Maroon punt. 197 Ed makes the old school fry! TULANE ... 21 NAVY ... 21 Homecoming 1949 saw Navy establishing a beach head on Tulane gridiron and holding on for a 21-21 tie. The passing of Bob Zastrow enabled the Mid- dies to give the Wave a thrilling battle that kept 70,000 fans standing most of the way. His pass at the end of the first half gave the men from Annapolis a 14-7 lead as they walked off the field. Again it was Eddie Price who was the big gun for the Tulane eleven as he scored all three of the Wave ' s touchdowns. But the Sreenies first had to come from behind to tie the Navy. On the opening kickoff Navy started a drive that lasted 88 yards for their first touchdown. A spectacular run by Eddie Price put the ball on Navy ' s 39 yard line and then pushed it over for Tulane ' s first tally. In the third quarter Price broke off left tackle and ran for 68 yards for an- other score. In the final period on a pitchout from Joe Ernst, he ran 25 yards for the last Wave score. A screen pass, Zastrow to Arnold, was good for six points to tie the score. TULANE VANDY 41 14 In a rough and tumble game, a hard driving and very aggressive Tulane team smothered the Vanderbllt Commodores 41-14 for their fifth con- ference victory. Eddie Price stood out like a sore thumb. Most of the time he got fine blocking, but at others he simply ran power-house style right through the middle of the Vandy line. He scored three times. Joe Ernst, Bobby Jones, and Jimmy Slisson each scored one time with Euel Davis kicking five times for the extra point. In the second period George Maddox inter- cepted a pass, and Bill Svoboda on the next play took it to the one-yard line v here Joe Ernst went over on a quarterback sneak. Price went over for the third Tulane score by hammering out 15 yards. He also raced 69 yards for the next score. Later he took a pass from Bonar on the Vandy 45 and ran the rest of the way for the score. This last one brought cheers from the Vandy side of the stadium. Jimmy Glisson went down the sidelines for the last Tulane score. Eddie throws a block! M m One lung on the hand off! TULANE VIRGINIA 28 14 TDLANE L. S. U. . . 19 The Wave rolled right Into Charlottesville and right out leaving in its wake a 28-14 victory and 30,000 fans. The Greenies played heads up ball all the way and ended Virginia ' s seven game winning streak. The Cavaliers just couldn ' t get rolling against the big Tulane line and had to resort to passing for its two tallies. The first touchdown was on a pass from Joe Ernst to Bobby Jones. The second also on a pass at the end of the second quarter on a pass from Jones to Sheffield. Virginia countered with a pass to Bill Maustell- er for a score, but Jimmy Glisson took some of the pressure off the Greenies by taking one of Michel ' s punts and running 65 yards for a touch- down. Price finished off the day with an eleven yard jaunt to pay dirt. In the last game of the season before a jam- packed Tulane Stadium, the Wave went down before a determined band of L. S. U. Tigers. Tulane ' s pass defense was good, limiting the Tigers to only 44 yards via that route. This game saw Eddie Price ' s lone pass for four years of col- lege ball. It was just too much Konz and hiedges for the boys from Tulane that day. Price wasn ' t able to get started and the Wave lost nine passes by in- terceptions, as many as had been intercepted all season by nine previous foes. Ground floor! ».-V- - ' «TVi. n TULANE ' S BASKETBALL SEASON Perhaps a bit of the luster was rubbed off the fabulous Greenie quintet this year, but in order to get a more accurate picture of the season, it is necessary to look beyond the record books and into the games themselves. The beginning of the season saw Tulane blast the Fliers of Keesler Field 81-43, and the fans predicted a great year for the team. Then SLC, Spring hHill, SLI, and Rice bowed before an in- spired Greenie five that would not be denied, and the enthusiasm mounted. It couldn ' t last, however, and the law of aver- ages finally caught up with the high-riding Green Wave. It was the Razorbacks of Arkansas who were fated to hand Tulane not only Its first loss of the season, by an unfortunate margin of one point, but also Its first defeat on the home court in four years. Nevertheless, the Wave spirit still ran high. Large margins of victory were next scored over Florida, Ole Miss, and Vlllanova. Virgil Rlsner with his rifle-shot, Ji m Riffey with his push shots, and 2C3 Sitting, Left to Right: Al Wick, Tom Bowman, Virgil Risner, Ivan Wllhelm, Bob Wells, Ralph Pederson. Standing: Coach Wells, Mel Payton, Bob Hullenqer, Jim Riffey, Bob Bostel, Jim Sinclair, Gus Adomitis, Manager Holman. Mel Peyton with his tip-ins and set shots were racking up points and fame for themselves and Tulane in every game. Then came the dark day of the first Sugar Bowl game when Tulane lost to highly-rated Brad- ley in its worst defeat of the season. On the next day, however, the boys came back with that will- to-win and rolled over Villanova. Keeping alive the Greenie winning tradition, the Wave met Georgia Tech next in one of the thrillers of the season. Excellent ball was played by both teams, but the Wave superiority showed in the end as they went ahead to win 64-62, Come on fellows, pile on! Doctor Risner ' s still hot shooting! Next on the schedule was LSU in Baton Rouge. The Tigers, having lost six consecutive games to Tulane, were keyed up for the kill. Their home court seemed to be the ideal place, but, when Tiger met Greenie on the court, Tiger was hav- ing a hard time keeping his tail from getting pulled. The lead In the game changed 15 times — one indication of the spirit of the two teams. But as the game drew to a close, the Tigers found themselves losing ground, and the curtain fell on the most thrilling game of the year with the score reading 75 for Tulane, 70 for LSU. It might be argued that the boys from up the bayou had forgotten their rabbit ' s foot that night — or that the Green Wave " gris gris " was too potent. Anyway, the thirteenth game of the Aw! Come on, Pete! Going down! bowman goes up; year, played on Friday the thirteenth, spelled disaster for the victory-hungry Bengals. Then something went wrong, for the Tulane team that met Alabama and Georgia Tech was not the same team that began the season. They lost these two games, and stellar players Risner and Bostel at the same time. Thus weakened, the Wave was slated to lose three more before the end of the season. Mississippi State claimed two of the defeats, and Auburn the other. All was not darkness, however, for traces of the old fire were still to be seen when Tulane met and defeated highly-touted Tennessee and avenged themselves on Ole Miss. The expert ball- handling of Ralph Pederson and newly-healed Tom Bowman proved too much for their op- ponents. The final victory of the season was taken once again at the expense of the Tigers of LSU. It was sheer endurance coming through as the Greenies engulfed the hapless boys from up the bayou to the tune of 77-71. The spark was out at the SEC tournament, however, as Tulane met Miss State in the first game and went home early. " Nuff said. " Next year the loss of Tommy Bowman, Gus Adomitis, and All S.E.C. Jim Riffey will weigh heavily, but the Wave will continue its roll under the capable direction of Coach Cliff Wells. Ye oide Bowman by -pass 207 We looked and he missed! SCHEDULE Nov. 28, 1949 New Orleans — Tulane 81 Keesler Field. 43 Nov, 30, 1949 New Orleans — Tulane 74; SLC . . . . 53 Dec. 3, 1949 New Orleans — Tulane 83; Spring Hill 66 Dec. 5, 1949 New Orleans — Tulane 84; SLI .... 56 Dec. 9, 1949 New Orleans — Tulane 62: Rice .... 58 Dec. 10, 1949 New Orleans — Tulane 41; Arkansas . 42 Pec. 16, 1949 New Orleans — Tulane 69; Florida . . . 50 Dec. 17, 1949 New Orleans — Tulane 70; Ole Miss . . 58 Dec. 20, 1949 San Antonio — Tulane 86; Baylor 53 Dec. 29, 1949 Sugar Bowl — Tulane 46: Bradley . . . 78 Dec. 30, 1949 Sugar Bowl — Tulane 58; Villanova 55 Jan. 7, 1950 New Orleans — Tulane 64; Georgia Tech . 62 Jan. 13, 1950 Baton Rouge — Tulane 75; LSU .... 70 Jan. 21, 1950 New Orleans — Tulane 51; Alabanna 57 Jan. 28, 1950 Aflan+a — Tulane 55; Georgia Tech . 59 Jan, 30, 1950 Knoxville — Tulane 68; Tennessee 55 Feb. 4, 1950 Siarkvllle — Tulane 53: Miss. State 55 Feb. 6, 1950 Oxford — Tulane 68; Ole Miss . . 66 Feb. II, 1950 New Orleans — Tulane 60; Auburn 64 Feb. 18, 1950 New Orleans — Tulane 73; Miss. State 53 Feb. 24, 1950 New Orleans — Tulane 77; LSU ' . . . 71 Mar. 2, 1950 Louisville — Tulane 47; Miss. State 76 SEC g annes. t SEC tournament. Season Recorc : Won 15, Lost 7. Note fho poise, the grace, the " " ■ ■1 0 1 H BASKETBALL STATISTICS Playar Riffey . . Payton Bowman Pedorson Adomltis P G FGM PCT FTM PCT FC TP AVG Player P G FGM PCT FTM PCT FC TP AVG c 2: US .J49 46 .719 71 316 14.4 Sinclair c 9 3 .176 1 .250 8 7 0.8 1 f 11 i2b .J20 3b .700 38 285 13,0 Hullenger . q fi 000 1 1.000 2 1 • g . f IV 22 91 70- .367 .323 47 38 .635 .613 54 68 229 178 12.1 8.0 Risnor • Bostel . . 9 . f 15 10 89 9 .309 .563 41 2 .631 27 1 1 220 10 14.7 1 f 2! JJ .2 5 34 .586 45 100 4.8 Wilheim Wick . . Walls . . • g 18 22 .275 5 .714 16 49 2.7 Dismissed J inuary 79 1950. • g IV II .355 6 .429 20 28 I.S Own Team 22 594 .324 ?57 .677 377 1,445 • g 6 .231 1 .200 Is 13 0.8 Opoonents 22 505 .292 24 .58 » 342 1 253 BASEBALL Faced with the problem of rebuilding a base- ball team that looked good in 1949, but had lost most of its experienced men by the scoring of 1950, Coach John Read started to rebuild. While not showing an impressive record, the Wave showed plenty of improvement by their last game. The final game of the season was an excellent showing against a well-seasoned LSD nine that had lots of everything. It came on the strength of Jack Doland ' s three run homerun in the last of the ninth inning with two out. It was a Ruthian wallop all the way to dead center that gave the Green an 8-6 win over the Tigers in their only encounter of the season. i : 1 a si i s i S 5 a . f ' He ssayd, haid fust! The final lineup for 1950 showed the following: First Base George Kinek and Woody Watson Second Base Eddie Brennan and John McCormoclc Short Stop Jack Doland Third Base Bili Bonar and Bob Whitnnan Catcher Dewey Keen Pitchers Ed Heider, Dick Norris, Pat Harrington. Tom Comeaux Centerfield I el Payton. Mike Stohlnnan Right Field Aaron Selber, Phil CentannI Left Field Jack Ward, Phil Foto Top Hitters Me Payton, Jack Doland, Phil Foto. George Kinek He looks better with the mask! That terrifying Brennan boy! ' " ' . • L ' TENNIS AT Coach Emmet Pane ' s netmen again piled up another impressive string of victories this year, but a change in the rules for the SEC meet pre- vented the Greenies from taking the champion- ship. Playing brilliantly all season long was number one man Jack Tuero. He won the National Col- legiate Athletic Association Championship last year on the heat drenched courts of the Univer- sity of Texas. In 1950 Tuero won the grand total of twelve matches without a defeat. In four years of college play he has lost only three matches. 1950 also saw the curley-haired fellow take the SEC singles title for the third time. Dick Mouledous, a former national boy ' s singles champion and junior Davis Cup winn-er, as the number two punch In the " old one-two " of Tu- lane for three years. He took the number two singles championship at the SEC tourney. Tuero and Mouledous combined forces to take the number one doubles match. Walker Harris, Med School student, held down DICK MOULEDOUS JACK TUERO ' v T U L A N E . . . |-he number three position and took the SEC number four singles championship. Ellery Carver and Horacio Amengual, both sophomores, promise to be the mainstays in 1951 for Coach Pare. The Wave Netmen and Coach Tuero and Mouledous ■W I J My J f U1. VN UT fVERSiTY 1 1 ' ' 1 ' !T 4 kV f i i ■l .L , ' X The track squad TRACK T E A Tulane ' s thinclads wound up with a even split in their two dual matches of 1950. They lost to Alabama, the con- ference champions, by a score of 73% to 57I 3, and won over the Yellow Jackets of Georgia Tech 70 to 61. The scheduled match with LSU was rained out twice, and was not held in 1950. The Green also entered in the Texas, Kansas, Drake and Southern Relays led by Paul " No Legs " Bienz, and came in fourth in the annual SEC meet in Birmingham. Paul Bienz, the greatest sprinter to ever run for the Wave, won practically all his races, only losing to Texas ' Charlie Parker in the Kansas and Texas Relays. Both losses came in photo-finish style. The All-American track man successfully defended his titles in the Drake and Southern Relays, where he beat Jolting Johnny Jogmg Frank snorts one!!! U.S.S. PAUL BIENZ underway . . . you some of the nation s best sprinters. In fact, only four men in the U. S. today have bettered or equalled the Greenle ' s records for 1950. He ' s done the century in 9.6 and the 220 In 20.6 seconds. Outstanding for the Wave in 1950 were: Dick Fos. broad jumper; Tom hHudson, middle distances; Bill Geary. middle distances; Spencer Johnson, distances; Bob Par- sons, middles distances; Frank Surge, hurdles; Don Joyce, weights; Walker Spangenburg, pole vaulter; and Bill Bos- tel, high jumper. In the sprint medley relays at the Kansas and Southern Relays, the Wave finished in the money behind the pace- setting Oklahoma Aggies. They finished fourth in the for- mer and second in the latter. The Innes and The little known and even less appreciated Tulane Golf Team did a sterling job this year in upholding the Green Waves ' standards. Most important of all the team this year beat the L.S.U. Tigers in their first meet. It was the first time such a thing has happened in many a year. Following are a few notes on the activities of the team this year: SCHEDULE March 3. . . Gulfport Open— Both Co-Captains, Dick Chassee and Fritz Franz, looked exceptionally well. G oufes of it . . . March 14 Tulane, 9I 2; LSU, 8I 2 at New Orleans March 25 Tulane, 5I 2; LSU, I2I 2 at Baton Rouge April I Tulane, 17; Spring Hill, I at New Orleans April 8 . . Tulane, I2I 2; Memphis State, I4I 2 at New Orleans In college piay Tulane won 2, lost 3. NOTES Tulane vs. Spring Hill, April I . . . Fritz Franz hit a very nice looking 69 to win over Bud Wade at 75 for the course. Tulane vs. LSU, March 14, 1950 . . . Franz scored a two over par 73. Chassee fired a neat 75. The Wave entries In tournament play held their own in good style — Dick Chassee and Fritz Franz. Other Members: Herbert Abraham, Harry Burglass, Herbert Wren, Tommy Thorn, Don McMahon. CO-CAPTAIN FRANZ L F :, k «ii:«»i The Green GREENIES FR SH FOOTBALL FROSH BASKETBALL The -freshman football squad went through another rugged season of training and work preparing to help fill the ranks of the varsity squad, depleted by graduation. The job of taking boys fresh from high school and turning them into varsity calibre is no easy one, but Coach McElreal tackled the problem this year with renewed vigor, knowing that next year would be one for his boys to shine. In view of his past record Tulane can expect ' 49 ' s freshmen to show great stuff in the ' season of 1950. As evidence we point out T.U. ' s Freshman team beat the L.S.U. Tiger cubs. Pounding the hardwood this year are some of the finest freshman basketball players to come to Tulane in several years. Coach Wells, as usual, has kept them shrouded in secrecy, but if rumors are any indication, the boys of the freshman basketball squad should show up well in next year ' s games. Some good tall boys are supposed to show from this group. Tulane needs some height under the backboards. and these boys should be just what the doctor ordered. The Dutch Boys . . r ' Z- f ' ll tl OFFICERS DONALD URQUHART President GEORGE BYWATER Secretary EINAR PEDERSEN .... Faculty Advisor MEMBERS PETER BEER DONALD CASH WAYNE COCKRELL JERRY HONEYCUTT CORKY FALBAUM BILL KAY TOM LEACH That ain ' t Peter Cottontail, Mac INTRAMURAL Intramurals, while often taken too lightly by the col- lege student, is an integral part of education in that all aspects of the Individual ' s development are taken into consideration. The Intramural Council of Tulane Univer- sity, made up of students from the various colleges with- in the university, has during the past year accepted its great responsibility as a planning and promotional group with enthusiasm, and, through constant study and effec- tive planning, has initiated a program of activities whose growth is inevitable. Judging from this year ' s perform- ances in intramural activities, varying from the rough and tumble physical activity of touch-football to the more relaxing diversion offered by an impressive chess club, the immediate goal of 100% class participation in major sports promoted will be reached in the 1950-1951 acad- emic year. This can be accomplished, however, only through the support of the newly elected Class Intramural Representatives, together with an appreciation of the Of all the Crust! 218 Po or man s Jim Riff ey The old two hand push shot! physical, social, mental and emotional values of intra- murals participation by more students. This years activities were augmented by a newly in- augurated Intramural " Club Plan " for minor sports and other activities and the introduction of " Pan-Mural " championship games in major sports, sponsored by univer- sity spirit organizations. The effect of these steps taken by the Intramural Council, the Pan Hellenic Council and ATHLETICS Snort another ' un, Frank! k the sponsoring spirit organizations, " TUSK " and Green- backers, has been a marked increase in student interest in sports on the university level and a resulting increase in general school spirit on the campus. The Intramural clubs were formed in order to provide for participation of a continuous nature in the various activities, sports or recreational, promoted by the Intramural Council, and those clubs organized during the past year have, through their activities and sound practices, proven the need for such a program. The " Pan-Mural " championship games have served to bring about a greater competitive spirit among Pan-Hellenic Sports and Intramurals participants as well as a closer relationship between the two pro- motional groups. Participation In intramurals is the voluntary choice of the student of Tulane University, and the success of the program, therefore, rests with the Individual and Is meas- ured in terms of the benefits which he personally enjoys. 219 ••■ w ' .JTif: ■»5 ;-5l-» .i. " « ' |t| ■• v. ,:: 5 ' ;f t-:?v. CLASSES I . - SOCIAL WORK OFFICERS THE GRADUATE SCHOOL AND SOCIAL WORK DEAN ROGER McCUTCHEON 222 GRADUATES • ANNA MARGERET BILAS, Philadelphia, Pa. • HELEN CIER B ROWN, New Orleans, La. • MAX BRUCK, Columbus, Ohio. • JULIAN C. CAMPBELL, New Orleans, La.; Beta Theta Pi. • RUBIE SAUNDERS CROSBY, Roswell, N. Mex.; JAMBALAYA Beauty, Homecoming Court, President Social Woric, Student Council. • DOANALD FELDMAN, New Orleans. La. • PEGGY GRIMSLEY, New Orleans, La. • LESTER MORGAN HALL. Fort Worth, Tex.; PsI Chi. • ALFRED LOUIS LE BLANC. New Orleans, La. • ROBERT LOUIS LE BLANC, Tullulah, La.; Sigma Chi. • FRANCES ANNE LOCKRIDGE, Baton Rouge, La. • MARIAN RUTH LOEHLIN, Akron, Ohio; Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Sigma lota, Secretary-Treasurer; Social Work. • ELIZABETH L. LOVITT, Alexandria. Va. • CARL W. LYONS, Richmond. Ind. • BARBARA JEAN McCARTHY, Burnt Ranch, Calif. • ROBERT D. MUNCH, New Orleans, La.; PI Kappa Alpha, Beta Gamma Sigma. • ANNA ELIZABETH ROBERTS, Boonevlllo, Ark.; I.R.C. • LOUIS ROSNER. Fort Worth, Tex.; Zeta Beta Tau, Alpha Sigma PI, PI Mu Sigma. Alpha Chi; Hullabaloo: T.U.T.; Radio Workshop. • HORACE MOORE SHERWOOD, JR., Coral Gables, Fla.; Beta Theta Pi, Canterbury Club; American Chemical Society. • JOHN B. SMALLPAGE. New Orleans. La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon, Kappa Delta Phi. • REGINALD TROTTER, JR.. Montlcello, Ark.; Newman Club, French Club, Phi Slqma lota. • MILO MICHAEL VUJNOVICH, New Orleans, La. • RENA WEINER, Tupelo, Miss.; Treasurer. Social Work Student Council. • MARY DELLE WATKINS. Oxford, Ala. 1950 Our own private little SHI 223 Left- to Right: Richard Davis, Secretary-Treasurer; John Haygood. President; Russell Moore, Vice-President. LAW SCHOOL OFFICERS THE SCHOOL OF LAW DEAN PAUL BROSMAN 224 • MILTON EVANS ANTON, McComb, Mississippi; PI Kappa Alpha: Glendy Burke. • JACK CHARLES BENJAMIN. New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Delta Phi. • EUGENE D. BRIERRE, New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • KENNETH GRAHAM BURGESS, Shreveport. Louisiana; Phi Delta Phi; Moot Court; President Student Bar Association; La Societe de Droit Civile. • JAMES MONTGOMERY BURLINGAME. New Orleans. Louis- iana; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • THEODOR EDWIN CARRIGAN, Sherman Oaks, California. • GROVER LEA COVINGTON, Kentwood, Louisiana. • WILLIAM MINOS GORDY, New Iberia, Louisiana; Kappa Sigma; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Delta Phi; La Societe du Droit Civile; Law Review; Phi Sigma lota; Pi Siqma Alpha; Order of the Coif Glendy Burke; I.R.C.; Who ' s Who. • JOHN WARREN HAYGOOD, Shreveport, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha; Phi Delta Phi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Moot Court; President law School Student Body: La Societe du Droit Civile. • E. BRADFORD HOLBROOK, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Sigma; Phi Delt.i Phi; Who ' s Who; Kappa Delta Phi: Omicron Delta Kappa; Campus Night; T.U.S.K.; Lagniappes; La Societe du Droit Civile; Student Activities Koy. • INGARD OLAI JOHANNESEN. New Orleans. Louisiana. • ELTON CHARLES LASSEIGNE. New Orleans. Louisiana: Sigma Pi; Phi Delta Phi; Beta Gamma Siqma; Law Rovtow. • THOMAS MATTHEW McBRIDE, ill. Now Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Pi; Phi Alpha Delta; Business Manager " Hullabaloo; " Publica- tions Board. Chi. MICHEAL J. MOLONY, JR., New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma SENIORS, 1950 • PAUL HENRY MORPHY, JR., New Orleans, Louisiana: Delta Tau Delta: Pan Hellenic Council. • DAVID R. NORMAN, New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi. • CHESTER L. PASOUIER, New Orleans. Louisiana: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Phi Delta Phi. • W. DEAN PFIEFFER, Trumbull, Nebraska; Pi Kappa Alpha; Cheerleader; Kappa Delta Phi; Who ' s Who. • JOSEPH MATTHEW RAULT, JR., New Orleans. Louisiana: Beta Theta Pi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Delta Phi; Kappa Delta Phi; Law Review; La Societe du Droit Civile. • LEO ROOS, New Orleans, Louisiana; Zeta Beta Tau; Pan Hellenic Council. • CARL J. SCHUMACHER. Now Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Sigma: Moot Court; La Societe du Droit Civile: Omicron Delta Kappa; Editor " Hullabaloo: " Editor JAMBALAYA; President College of Arts and Sciences; Phi Delta Phi. • MOREY. LEONARD SEAR, New Orleans, Louisiana: Zeta Beta Tau; Copy Editor JAMBALAYA. • GEORGE SPENCER. Tallulah, Louisiana; Kappa Sigma. • WILMER, THOMAS, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsi- lon; Wilmer Board. • JOHN SHELDON TOOMER, Lake Charles, Louisiana; Phi Alpha Delta. • LUDWIG H. VON GOHREN. New Orleans. Louisiana: Delta Sigma Phi. 225 UNDERGRADUATES First Row: • FRAND OTIS BURGE. JR.. Birmingham, Ala.; Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Delta Phi; Unit Manager Sophomore Class, ' 45; Track Team. • MAURICE LERNER BURK, New Orleans. La.; Kappa Nu; Pan-Hellenic; Hillel; IZFA. • LEON FERRIER CAMBON, New Orleans, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Pan- hlellenic: Baseball Team. Second Row: • HARRY COHEN. New Orleans. La.; Pi Sigma Alpha; Phi Delta Phi; Law Review. • RICHARD PERRY DAVIS. Shreveport, La.; Kappa Alpha; Secretary Law Stu- dent Body. • BROOKE HELM DUNCAN. II, New Orleans, La.; Beta Theta Pi; Phi Delta Phi; Kappa Delta Phi; President Freshman Class. ' 48- ' 4?; La Societe du Droit Civile. Third Row; • ORLAND A. EASTERLING. JR., Monroe, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • WILLIAM FOSTER FANT. New Orleans. La.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Tusk. • JEFFREY LOCKWOOD FELL. Shreveport, La.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Adelphon. Fourth Row: • FALVEY JEROME FOX. New Orleans, La.; Phi Alpha Delta. • CARLOS ALBERTO GONZALEZ, San Sebastian. Puerto Rico. • WILLIAM ARTHUR GREGORY. JR.. Griffin, Ga.; Lambda Chi Alpha; Pi Sigma Alpha; Wesley Foundation; Taffrail Club. Fifth Row: • SHIRA KANAR HARTLEY. JR., Hazlehurst, Miss.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • LAWRENCE HENNESSEY. JR., New Orleans. La.; Sigma Pi; ■ ' Hullabaloo. " • DANIEL LEON KIRSCHENHEUTER, JR.. New Orleans, La.; Delta Sigma Phi; Phi Delta Phi; President Junior Class; Honor Board; Football Letterman, ' 43. " Racey " Simons and his flappers! UNDERGRADUATES Firs Row: • CHARLES EUGENE LUGENBUHL, New Orlonv U.: Ph! Dclti Phi: Moot Court. • ROBERT KIRK MAYO. Shrevcport. Ld.: Kdppd Alpha: Omicron Delld Kdppa. • ALBERT MINTZ. New Orleans, La.: Zeta Beta Tau: Ph! Delta Phi; La Social« du Droit Civile. Second Row: • RUSSEL D. MOORE, New Orleans. La.: Vice-President Student Body. • WILLIAM BROWN MORGAN, II, New Orleans, La.; Phi Kappa Siqma; Phi Alpha Delta. • WILLIAM H. MURRAY, Eagle Pass. Tei. Third Row: • GEORGE D. NELSON. JR.. Daphne. Ala.: Sigma Chi; " Hullabaloo. " • ANTHONY J. ORTEGA, New Orleans, La,: Phi Delta Phi: La Societe du Droit Civile: Speaker of Glcndy Burke. ' 48- ' «: Asst. Editor JAMBALAYA. ■48- ' 49: Varsitv Debate Team: Secretary-Treasurer Sophomore Class, ' 46, • GUY BRUCE SCOGGIN, New Orleans, La.: Beta Theta Pi. Fourth Row: • ROBERT R. SIMMONS. Bowling Green. Ky.: Sigma Chi • WALTER JOSEPH SUTHON. New Orleans. La.: Kappa Alpha: Phi D ll Phi; Law Review. • FRANK JOSEPH STICH. JR.. New Orleans. La.: Phi Delta Theta: Vice-Presi- dent Freshman Class: President Junior Class AAS. Fifth Row: • RICHARD ANDREW THALHEIM. Gretna. La.: Phi Alpha Delta. • RICHARD TREATING. New Orleans. La. • BLAKE WEST. New Orleans. La.; Kappa Alpha; Phi Delta Phi; Law Review; Graduate Editor " Carnival " Magaxine. 227 Right Naborly of yo, suh! T U L A N E LA R E V I E OFFICERS GEORGE H. ROBINSON Editor-in-Chief MAY B. HUBERT ' . . . Book Review Editor JOSEPH J. JACOBS Civil Law Editor ROLAND J. STERNFELS Secretary WILLIAM M. GORDY .... Statutory Interpretation Editor ELTON C. LASSEIGNE Index Editor ZUE VANCE Index Editor Harry CoNen Nathan Greenberq Robert E. Johnson BOARD MEMBERS M. Hepburn Many Stanley McDermott, Jr. John M. Moore Walter L. Nixon, Jr. Joseph M. Rault, Jr. Wiiliann S. Stone Walter J. Suthon, III Jack W. Thonnson, Jr. Blake West Joseph B. Winston Henry F. Yoder The Tulane Law Review was established in 1929 and is devoted to the study ct civil law and comparative law with the particular emphasis on study and recommenda- tions for codification and statutory interpretation. The Review is edited by a student board under the super- vision of a faculty advisor, and is published quarterly. The Tulane Law Review has accomplished many worth- while accomplishments in the field of law and enjoys an enviable and respected position among leading Ameri- can legal periodicals. 228 Recorde. ' Adan S. Arguello Jules R. Ashlock John V. Baus OFFICERS . , Chief Justice FRANCIS EMMETT LEON D. HUBERT Facullv Advisor MEMBERS Kenneth G. Burgess John P. Hammond John E. La when Carl J. Schumacher Charles E. Dunbar, III John W. Haygood Charles E. Lugenbuhj David C. Treen Fredrick S. EMis William B. Ragland Ben L. Upton The Moot Court is an important organ of the law school, designed to supplement knowledge gained by prac- tical experience In the classroom and the library by practical experience in the analysis, preparation, and argu- ment of the cases. Each student in the law school Is required to present two moot court cases during his Freshman year. The Junor-Senior Competition is open to members of the Junior class on a voluntary basis. The climax of ' this elimination series, which extends through two years, is the final case which is argued before the judges of the Court of Appeals of the Parish of Orleans. The winners of the 1949-1950 competition were David C. Treen and Carl J. Schumacher. Their ntjmes will be inscribed on a plaque located in the lobby of Tilton Hall. The Judges of the Moot Court are chosen In equal number from the Junior and Senior classes on a scholastic basis It is thefunction of the Court to draft fact situations involving moot points of law, perform the adminis- trative duties of the Court, and sit as Justices of the Supreme Court of Tulane. T COURT MICHAEL J. MOLONY .... ELLIS THOMPSON Vice-President OFFICERS President JAMES M. BURLINGAME WILLIAM LUCAS Secretary Treasurer Edward C. Alker M. D. Armagnac Richard C. Baldwin John V, Baus Jack Bender Jack C. Benjamin Raymond S. Be:mett Frank Bruno Kenneth Burgess James M. BufUngame Gerald Call William M. Cady Walter Carroll Philip C. Claccio Ray Clements Elmc 0. Davles Warren Dc Brueys Charles E. Dunbar Brooke Helm Duncan Jack Easterllnq William F. Fan- William Gordy Carlos Gonzales C. J. Gracionette Nathan Green burg John W. Hayqood Lawrenc: Hennessy Bradford Hoi brook Bennte F. Ho ' : Jack Holt John S. Hunt Joseph J. Jacobs Joseph Joachim Robert E, Johnson R. R. Kinq David L. Kirschenhuetcr MEMBERS Alfred S. Landry Elton La selgne William Lucas Charles E. Lugenbahl James Mary Robert K. Mayo Carmen P. Martinez Albert Mintz Lawrence J. Molony Michael J. Molony John M. Moore Russel D, Moore William MorgoiT James Murphy Joseph Nelkin Paul Newell David R. Norman Chester L. Fasquler W. Dean Pfeiffei Newton Pharr Russel Porier C. R. P.revost Michael Provosty William Ragland Louis V. Rand Joseph M. Rault James Rives George Robinson Mark W. Sackett Martin S. Sanders Albln P. Scot Morey Sear Edison C. Serna Ben R. Short Carl SchumacVer Gerald N. Sims Guy Scoqqins Frank Smith P. B. Smith George Spencer Roland Sterninis Edwin Stockmeyer Walter J. Suthon Wllmer J. Thomas Ellis Thompson David Treen A. R. Treutinq Ludwig H. Von Gohro Zue Vance Ben Voohrios Harold H. Wedig Blake West Jack C. Win.bish Henry P. Yoder Frank Zaccario And in the middle LA SOCIETE DE DROIT CIVIL PHI DELTA P H I P H 1 ALPHA DELTA Aw, go on and laugh, Carl! Philip Claccio Harry Cohen Ollner Collins William Crai Warren De Brueys Donald Doerr A. J. Donaldson Charles Dunbar Brooke Duncan Edward Dusson; Frederick Ellis A. D. Freeman Eugene Friedman Cyril Graceqnette Kennedy Gilly William Gordy OFFICERS Magister ALFRED LANDRY Historian Exchequer FRANK 2ACCARIA . . . . . . Clerk MEMBERS Nathan Greenberg Jimmy Monroe Martin Sanders John Haygood John Moore Carl Schumacher Jack Holt Jack Morison Wilson Shirley Johns Hunt James Murphy Benjamin Shorr Joseph Jacobs Walter Nixon Roland Sterntcis Robert Johnson David Normann Wilham Stone Daniel Kirsehenheuter Joseph Nelkiii Walter Suthon Elton Lasseigne Anthony Crteg;: Ellis Thompson Eugene Lawei Chester Pasquier Jack Thomson John Lawhon Newton Pha ' -- David Treen Charles Luqenbuhi Moris Phillips Ben Upton Robert Maya Charles Prevost Bennett Voorhies Stanley McCermott Joseph Rault Thellier Waggoner Albert Mintz James Rives Harold Wediq Michael Ivlolony George Robinson Blake West Charles Rosen Henry t ' oder WILLIAM RAGLAND EMMET HOLBROOK Milton Anton Jules Asklock John Baus Herbert Beel Jack T. Bender Jack Beniamin Louis Bernard William Boldinq Ted Borowski Walter Brauer Frank Brune Sam Buckley Frank Burge Kenneth Burgees Cecil Burglass William Cady White Inn of Phi Delta Phi International Legal Fraternity was established at Tulane in 1911. Members areselected on the basis of scholarship and ethics. Its aims are the promotion of legal training and ethics. Projects for this year include a lending library for law students needing textbooks, the awarding of a legal text to the Senior law student whose scholastic average has improved most from his Freshman year to his Junior year, plans leading toward the acquisition of a fraternity house, and the Inauguration of annual joint meetings with the chapter at LSU. The national fraternity was founded in 1869 at the University of Michigan and is Ihe oldest professional frater- nity In America. OFFICERS WILLIAM B. MORGAN, il . . . . Justice KENNETH E. GORMAN Clerk HENRY J. ROBERTS Vice-Justice FALVEY FOX Treasurer MEMBERS IN PICTURE Seated (alumni officers): Norton Wisdom, John Singreen, Charles de la Vergne, Judge Rene A. VIosca, Justice Douglas L. Edmonds, Dean Paul Brosman. Henry Foss, Dee Brown Walker, George E. Konrad, Professor Leon Hubert. Standing First Row: H. J. Roberts, J. W. Hammett, M. Provosty, L. T. Zermger, L. V. Rand. L. Hennessey, C. A. Gonzales, H. A. Dickson, E. K. Pinner, C. J. Davis, P. Smith, J. M. Burlingame, A. R. Treuting, V. C. Rod- riguez, R. A. Thalheim, J. B. Collins. Second Row: J. L. Bell, W. D. Pfiffer, E. C. Serna, H. F. Roy. W. K. Kuhn, L. T. Inman, W. F. Fant, R. J. Gallagher G. O. Woods, W. Thomas, J. 5. Toomer, G. M. Sims. Third Row- K. E. Gorman W. B. Wise, F. J. Fox, W. B. Morgan, W. A. Lastoskie, T. M. McBride. W. F. Shoughrue, R. L. Shirley, H. R. Cab ' al, J. W. Davis, R. C. Baldwin, R. S. Clement, J. K. Clay, R. H. Smith. Never thought you ' d nnake it, Paul! OFFICERS MEDICAL SCHOOL THE COLLEGE OF MEDICINE DEAN MAXWELL LAPHAM 231 GAULMAN ABSHIRE JAMES ALISON, JR. RICHARD ALLEN, JR. VIRGINIA APTER ROSA DE DELIS GATES BARKER KIRK BARNES ROBERT BARNETT EMILE BAUMHAUER. JR. HAROLD BOLDING VAL BORUM NELSON BOUDREAUX, JR. • GAULMAN ABSHIRE, Abbeville, Louisiana; Theta Kappa Psi. • JAMES FAIRLY ALISON, JR., Selma, Alabama; Phi Chi. • RICHARD CORTEZ ALLEN, JR., El Campo, Texas; Theta Kappa Psi. • VIRGINIA NASH APTER, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Epsilon lota; History of Medicine; Who ' s Who; Secretary Freshman Class; Beta Beta Beta. • ROSA ASMAR deDELIS, Santurce, Puerto Rico; Alpha Epsilon lota. • GERALD EDWARD BRANDES, Victoria, Texas; Delta Epsilon Sigma. • WALTER HUGH BRENT, JR., Hammond, Louisiana; Beta Theta PI; Nu Sigma Nu. • CHARLES WILLIAM BRICE, JR., Chester, S. C. • MASON EUGENE BROCK, Grapevine, Texas. • GEORGE GERNON BROWN, JR., New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Rho Sigma. • GATES RICKARD BARKER, Ranger, Texas. • KIRK KENNETH BARNES, Spokane, Washington; Sigma Chi; Phi Chi. • ROBERT VERNON BARNETT. Camden, Alabama; Alpha Omega Alpha; Omicron Delta Kappa; History of Medicine Society; Owl Club. • EMILE MAJERSKI BAUMHAUER, JR., Meridian, Mississippi; Phi Kappa Sigma; Phi Chi; Owl Club. • HAROLD FRANK BOLDING, Austin, Texas; Theta Kappa Psi. m VAL F. EORUM, Shreveport, Louisiana. • NELSON CLAY BOUDREAUX, JR., Jeanerette, Louisiana. • FREM F. BOUSTANY, JR., Lafayette, Louisiana; Theta Kappa Psi; Delta Tau Delta. FKEM BOUSTANY, JR. GERALD BRANDES WALTER BSENT, JR. CHARLES BRICE, JR. MASON BROCK GEORGE BROWN, JR. 232 I • THOMAS CIAMPA, Cuba, N. Y.; Thota Kappa Psi; Alpha Omoga Alpha. • YALE CITRIN. New York, N. Y.; Phi Lambda Kappa; Alpha Phi Omaga; Alpha Omega Alpha; Phi Beta Kappa; Beta Lambda Sigma. • SOL IRVING COURTMAN. New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Lambda Kappa; Honor Council. SENIORS, 1950 • JAMES ARTHUR CUTSHAW. Crown Point, Indiana. • AVOLIN ROSS DAVIS, Houston, Texas; Theta Kappa Psi; Owl Club; President Junior Class, ' 48- ' 49. • THOMAS W. DAVIS, Alexandria, Louisiana; Phi Chi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Owl Club; History of Medicine Society; Secretary Freshman Class; President Sophomore Class; President Student Body, ' 49- ' 50; Vice-President Tulane Student Council. • GEORGE DORFMAN, New Britain, Conn.; Sigma Alpha Mu. • THOMAS S. EDWARDS, Jaclconvllle, Fla.; Beta Theta Pi; Nu Sigma Nu; Alpha Phi Omega; History of Medicine Society. • JOHN CALVIN. Glasgow, Kentucky; Phi Chi; Owl Club. • JOSEPH LUTHER EWING, JR., Shreveport, La. • TOM KELLY FARRIS. Harlan, Kentucky; Nu Sigma Nu; History of Medicine Society; Owl Club. ROBERT PIERCE FOSTER, Alexandria, La.; Sigma Chi; Phi Chi Smith and Martin at work -f i THOMAS CIAMPA YALE CITRIN SOL COURTMAN JAMES CUTSHAW AVOLIN DAVIS THOMAS DAVIS GEORGE DORFMAN THOMAS EDWARDS JOSEPH EWING JR 233 TOM FARRIS ROBERT FOSTER ROGER GEIBEL RAFAEL GONZALEZ-CORREA ROBERT GOODMAN WINN GOSS DOYLE HAMILTON, JR. WILLIAM HARDY, JR. CHARLES HARGIS FRIEDRICHS HARRIS JAMES HARRISON GENE HASSINGER DANILO HERRERA JERALD HOUGH ROGER SCHWERTFEGER GEIBEL, Muscatine, Iowa. • NOEL VICTOR ICE, McAllen, Texas; Nu Sigma Nu. • RAFAEL A. GONZALEZ-CORREA, Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico; Medical R. O. T. C. • ROBERT HERMAN GOODMAN, Jersey City, N. J.; Phi Lambda Kappa. • WINN BESS GOSS, Jackson, Mississippi. • DOYLE ROACH HAMILTON, JR., New Orleans, Louisiana; Owl Club; Treasurer Junior Class. • WILLIAM ROBYN HARDY, JR., New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Chi; Phi Chi. • CHARLES PATE HARGIS, Fort Worth, Texas; Nu Sigma Nu. • FRIEDRICHS HENRY HARRIS, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Chi; Owl Club. • JAMES HAROL HARRISON, Gadsden, Alabama; Nu Sigma Nu. • GENE CATHERINE HASSINGER, New Orleans. Louisiana; Alpha Epsilon lota; History of Medicine Society. • DANILO ANTONIO HERRERA, Heredia, Costa Rica; Alpha Omega Alpha. • JERALD PAT HOUGH, Harlingen, Texas; Sigma Chi. • ALEXANDER WIRT HULETT, Charleston, Mississippi; Phi Chi; Alpha Omega Alpha; History of Medicine Society. • ROBERT EUGENE IVY, Hollandale, Mississippi; Owl Club. • ROBERT HOWARD JERNIGAN, Dunedin, Florida; Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Chi; Owl Club; History of Medicine Society; Band. • FREDERICK BOONE JONES, New Orleans, Louisiana; Nu Sigma Nu; History of Medicine Society; Baptist Student Union; Veterans ' Association. • SAMUEL THOMAS JONES, Birmingham, Alabama; Theta Kappa Psi; Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Omega; Alpha President. ALEXANDER HULETT NOEL ICE ROBERT IVY ROBERT JERNIGAN FREDERICK JONES SAMUEL JONES 234 • CHARLES JULES KAHN, Pensacola, Florida; Zota Bola Tau; Phi Doltd Epsilon. • DAVID KATZ, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Phi Lambda Kappa. SENIORS, 1950 JAMES HENRY KIMBELL, Birmingham, Alabama; Theta Kappa PsI. • BRUCE McPHERSON KUEHNLE, Natchez, Mississippi; Kappa Siqma; Phi Chi. • JAMES WILLIAM LANCASTER, Sunflower, Mississippi; Nu Sigma Nu; Kappa Alpha; Omicron Delta Kappa; Who ' s Who. • SAUL FRANCIS LANDRY. JR., Houma, Louisiana; Theta Kappa V. . • ZELIG HERBERT LIEBERMAN, San Antonio, Texas; Phi Delta Epsilon; Alpha Omega Alpha; Omicron Delta Kappa; Owl Club President; Medical Pan-Hellenic Vice-President. • MAXWELL L. LITTMAN, New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Chi; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Lambda Kappa. • CLU FLU LUSK, Eros, Louisiana; Phi Chi; Alpha Omega Alpha; Owl Club; Baptist Student Union; Honor Council. • ROBERT LESLIE MAGEE, Springfield, Missouri; Phi Kappa Sigma; Nu Sigma Nu; Owl Club. • WILLARD EDGAR MANRY, JR., Spring Hill, Alabama. • LOUISE PURNELL MARKHAM. Russellville, Kentucky; Alpha Epsilon lota. . . Again, as usual CHARLES KAHN DAVID KATZ JAMES Klt.1BELL BRUCE KUEHNLE JAMES LANCASTER SAUL LANDRY, JS ZELIG LIEBERMAN MAXWELL LITTMAN CLU LUSK ROBERT MAGEE 235 WILLARD HANRY. JR. LOUISE MARKHAM MARY MAYFIELD ANGUS McBRYDE CARL McCANDLISH LAWRENCE McCULLOUGH, JR. WILLIAM McGEE, JR. JOHN MILAM WILLIAM MONROE ROBERT MOORE JOHN M005SY DONALD MORRISON FRANCIS NICOLLE ELVIN NOXON • MARY FRANCES MAYFIELD, Laurel, Mississippi; Alpha Epsilon lota. • WILLIAM AUGUSTIN PACEHI, JR., Miami, Florida; Phi Chi: PI Kappa Alpha. • ANGUS MITCHEL McBRYDE, Sumrall, Mississippi. • CARL AUSTIN McCANDLISH, Delhi, Louisiana; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • LAWRENCE NEIL McCULLOUGH, JR., Theta Kappa Psi, Treas- urer Student Body. • MAX PAILET, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Lambda Kappa; Kap- pa Nu. • VAN BUREN PHiLPOT, JR.. Holly Springs, -Miss. • LEWIS I. POST, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Lambda Kappa; • WILLIAM ELLIS McGEE, JR., Macon, Mississippi; Nu Sigma Nu; President Senior Class. History of Medicine. • MORTON H. RACHELSON, Flushing, N. Y. • JOHN THOMAS MILAM, Sissonvllle, West Virginia. • WILLIAM DANIEL MONROE, Clearwater, Florida; Nu Sigma Nu. • ROBERT A. MOORE, Waco, Texas. • JOHN MOOSSY, Shreveport, Louisiana. • DONALD TAYLOR MORRISON, Portland, Oregon; Nu Sigma Nu; History of Medicine. • FRANCIS IGNATIOR NICOLLE, Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Phi Chi; History of Medicine. • ELVIN BAYARD NOXON, San Antonio, Texas; Theta Kappa Psi; President Freshman Class, ' 46. • JEAN KESSLER NOXON, Birmingham, Alabama; Alpha Chi Omega; Alpha Epsilon lota; Mortar Board. JEAN NOXON WILLIAM PACEHI, JR. MAX PAILET VAN BUREN PHILPOT, JR. LEWIS POST MORTON RACHELSON 236 • MARGARET CECELIA REICHERT, St. Louis, Miisouri: Alpha Epsilon Iota; Socrotary. Senior Class. • ERMINIO RIZZOLO, Newark, N. J.; Theta Kappa Psi. SENIORS, 1950 FELIX R. RODRIGUEZ, Caracas, Venezuela; Phi lota Alpha. • FLOYD DAVID ROOS, Shreveport, Louisiana; Zeta Beta Tau; Phi Delta Epsilon. o SEYMOUR FRED ROSENWASSER, New Orleans, Louisiana; Ph ' i Lambda Kappa; History of Medicine; Medical Pan-Hellenic. O RANDOLPH RUTLEDGE, Flugdada, Texas; Phi Chi; Owl Club. • JOSE RICARDO SALECEDO, Maracabio, Venezuela. WILLIAM MARLAND SAMMONS. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. • GERALD SANDLER, Brooklyn. N. Y.; Phi Lambda Kappa; Alpha Epsilon Pi. «» MORRIS MURRAY SCHECHTER, Miami, Florida; Phi Lambda Kappa; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Eta Sigma. • COLEMAN SAMUEL SCHNEIDER. Port St. Joe, Florida; Phi Delta Epsilon; Siqma Alpha Mu. • CARLOS SANTORO-RUA, Mayaguez, Puerto Rico; Phi Rho Siqma. The bull pen MARGARET REICHERT ERMINIO RIZZOLO FELIX RODRIGUEZ FLOYD ROOS SEYMOUR ROSENWASSER RANDOLPH RUTlEOGE JOSE 5ALCEDO WILLIAM SAMMONS GERALD SANDLER MORRIS SCHECHTER COLEMAN SCHNEIDER CARLOS SANTORO-RUA SENIORS, 1950 with whose wife • FERD M. SHELL, JR., Jackson, Mississippi; Theta Kappa PsI; Owl Club: Medical Pan-Hellenic. • JOHN FRANKLIN SHRINER, Mobile, Alabama; Delta Kappa Epsllon; Phi Chi; Owl Club. • RICHARD THOMAS SMITH, Fort Worth, Texas; Delta Tau Delta; Nu Sigma Nu; Alpha Omega Alpha; History of Medicine. • EMASUE SNOW, Springfield, Missouri. • OTTO CHRISTOPH STEINMAYER, JR., Montreal, Canada; Theta Kappa PsI. • WILLIAM A. STEPHENS, Laramie, Wyoming; Theta Kappa PsI. • ANTONIO JOSE SUCRE, Caracas, Venezuela; Phi lota Alpha. • J. P. LYNNE TAYLOR, Harper, Texas. • JAMES FRED VAN PELT, JR., Oak Hill, West Virginia; Phi Chi Owls Club; Vice-President Freshman Class. » MARILYN WAGNER, New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Sigma Oml- cron. • WALTER JOSEPH WALKER, Bourg, Louisiana; Vice-President, Senior Class. • JOHN CLAUDE WELLS, JR., St. Petersburg, Florida; Theta Kappa Psi. • HARRY UTTERBACK WHAYNE, JR., Columbus, Kentucky; Nu Sigma Nu; History of Medicine; Owl Club. e ELLIS WALTER WILKERSON, III, Columbia, Alabama; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • JAMES POWERS WOOD, Clinton, Mississippi; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • ERNIE ALVIN YOUNG, Commerce, Texas; Theta Kappa PsI; Owl Club. FERD SHELL, JR. JOHN SHRINER RICHARD SMITH EMASUE SNOW OTTO STEINMAYER, JR. WILLIAM STEPHENS ANTONIO SUCRE J. P. TAYLOR JAMES VAN PELT, JR. MARILYN WAGNER WALTER WALKER JOHN WELLS. JR. HARRY WHAYNE, JR. ELLIS WILKERSON, III JAMES WOOD ERNIE YOUNG 238 FIr;t Row: • GEORGE DALE ALLARD. Fiord. Mill,: Phi Chi, • RAUL ANTONIO ARMSTRONG, Pone.. Puerto Rico; Phi Rho Sl,m, • MALCOLM ANDERSON, Croii City. Fla.; Nu Si )mj Nu. Second Row: • PAUL BERTRAM ANDERSON. Neoiho. Mo,; Nu Siqma Nu. • JOSEPH A. BALDONE, Birmingham. Aid.; Thcta Kappa Pii. • JOHN ROY BANE, JR.. Jackjon, Mill.; Theta Kappa Psi. Third Rov : • BENJAMIN BASHINSKI. JR.. Macon. Ga.; Zeta Beta Tau; Phi Delta Ep.ilon. • HERBERT BLOOM, Brooklyn. N. Y.; Phi Lambda Kappa; Phi Beta Kappa. • ROBERT RUDOLPH BOESE, H. Lauderdale, Fla.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Theta Kappa Psi. Fourth Row: • FREDERICK RICHARD BRADEN. Huntington. W. Va.; Phi Ch!. • CHARLES LAFAYEHE BROWN. New Orleans. La.; Kappa Alpha; Phi Chi. • EDWIN ERROL BUCKNER, New Orleans. La.; Theta Kappa Pii. Fi. ' th Row: • LINWOOD HUGH CARTER. Montgomery. Ala.; Phi Chi. • WILLIAM P. CAGLE, Los Angeles. Calif.; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Bapfitt Stu- dent Union. • GEORGE LEE CAMPBELL. Belton. Tex.; Phi Chi. Sixth Row: • JACK KEITH CLEMONS. Albertville. Ala.; Nu Sigma Nu. • ROBERT B. CLIFTON. Shreveport, La.; Phi Chi; Kappa Alpha. • HORACE ROBERT COOK. San Francisco. Calif. Van Pelt. Kahn. and Landry UNDERGRADUATES N D E R G R A D D A T E S First Row: • MORRIS McCALEB CRISLER. JR., Port Gibson, Miss.; Phi Chi. • CARL ANTHONY CULICCHIA, Donna, Tex.; Theta Kappa Psi. • ROBERT CAMPBELL CULPEPPER, Alexandria, La.; Kappa Alpha; Phi Chi. Second Row; • DAVID BERRY DALE, Prentiss, Miss.; Nu Sigma Nu. • JANE ADRIENNE DAVIDSON, New Orleans, La. • ERNEST EDWARD DESHAUTREAUX, Kenner, La. Third Rov : • PERRY JACK EKMAN, New Orleans, La.; Zeta Zeta Tau; Phi Delta Epsilon. • DABNEY MINOR EWIN, New Orleans, La.; Beta Theta Pi; Phi Chi; Kappa Delta Phi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Who ' s Who; History of Medicine; Canterbury Club; President Freshman Class, ' 47- ' 48. • DAVID MAURICE FRIEFELD, Vicksburg, Miss.; Zeta Beta Tau; Beta Tau Mu; Mu Sigma Rho. Fourth Row: C JOHN CARLYLE FRIDGE, Prentiss, Miss.; Phi Chi. • JERRY A. FORTENBERRY, Columbia, Miss.; Phi Chi; Kappa Sigma; Omicron Delta Kappa; Alpha Psi Omega; Alpha Epsilon Delta; International Relations Club. • LOUIS ANTHONY GALLO, New Orleans, La.; Beta Mu; Theta Kappa Psi. Fifth Row: • HENRY LAWRENCE GARDINER, JR., Crowley, La.; Kappa Sigma; Nu Sigma Nu; Beta Tau Mu. • RICHARD WELDON GIBSON, Haynesville, La.; Kappa Alpha; Phi Chi. • CHARLES LAWRENCE GOMBERG, Montreal, Canada; Phi Delta Epsilon. Sixth Row: 9 JAMES KENNETH GOODLAD, Orange, Tex.; Theta Kappa Psi. e WILLIAM DEGRAFFENRIED HAYDEN, Shreveport. La.; Kappa Alpha; Phi Chi. • ROBERT S. HENDRICK, Shreveport, La.; Phi Chi; Phi Delta Theta; History of Medicine Society. The chief and the boys in bull pen U N D E R G R A D U A T E S Snoozing in the lounge First Row: • BERNARD TURNER HICKMAN, Loulsvnie. Misi.: Thela K ppa Pi!. » CHARLES REID HOGUE, Eden. Mhi.; Nu Siqma Nu. • JOHN BIRL HOLLAND, Horton, Ala.: Nu Siqma Nu. Second Row: • RICARD S. MOLLIS. Amory, Miss.: Pni Chi. • WARREN HAN5ELL HUNT, III, Rayville. La.: Phi Chi; Kappa Alpha. • WILLIAM BAXTER HUHO. Gulfporl. M!s$.: Phi Chi. Third Row: • JOHN FENWICH JACKSON, Kosciusko. Miss.: Phi Chi. • JOHN B. JAMESON, JR., Camden. Ark.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Nu Siqma Nu; Phi Beta Kappa; History ot Medicine Society. • JOHN HARVEY KARAM. Shreveport, La. Fourth Row: • HERMAN EDWARD KELLUM, JR.. Haynesville, La.; Th.ta Kappa P«i. • CHARLES WARREN KELLY. Maqnolla, Ark.; Phi Chi. • GORDON BROOKS KELLY, Fort Worth. Tti,; Kappa Siqma; Nu Siqma Nu; History of Medicine Society; Treasurer Student Body, ' 48- ' 4?. Fifth Row: • GAYLORD SHEARER KNOX. New Orleans. La.; Nu Siqma Nu; Hiitorr of Medicine Society; Phi Eta Siqma; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Phi Beta Kappa. • THOMAS FRERE KRAMER. Franklin. La.; Phi Chi. • LOUIS PARKERSON LAVILLE, JR,, Plaquemine, La.; Phi Chi. Sixth Row: • FRANCIS ERNEST LEJEUNE. JR.. New Orleans. La.; Beta Theta Pi; Phi Chi. • LEON LENOIR. JR.. GuKport. Miss. • SAMUEL L. LIEBER, Shreveport, La.; Phi Delta Epsilon; Phi Siqma Delta. D N D E R G R A D D A T E S First Row; • CHARLES TERRELL McCARTHY, JR., Morehans, Tex.: Theta Kappa Psi. • DONALD RAY McCURLEY, Reserve. La.; Sigma Pi. • FREDERICK JAMES McCUTCHON. New Orleans, La.; Nu Sigma Nu. Second Row: • CECIL RAY McEWEN, JR., Brookhaven, Miss.; Kappa Sigma; Phi Kappa Psi. • ROBERT MORGAN MILLER, Columbus, Ohio; Theta Kappa Psi. • RONALD BURDETTE MITCHELL, Leipsic, Ohio; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Third Row; • JIMMIE W. MORGAN. Macon. Ga.; Nu Sigma Nu; Kappa Alpha. • PETER JOHNSON MORGANE, New Orleans, La.; Theta Kappa Psi. • JESSE EDWIN MORRISS, Wetumpica. La.; Phi Chi. Fourth Row: • LUCIEN KENNEDY MOSS, Lake Charles, La.; Beta Theta Pi; Phi Chi; Secre- tary Junior Class AiS, ' 48- ' 49. • RICHARD M. NUNNALLY, New Orleans, La.; Phi Chi. • MIMS GAGE OCHSNER, New Orleans, La.; Beta Theta Pi; Nu Sigma Nu, Fifth Row: • WILLIAM GLEN ODOM, Haynesville, La.; Phi Chi. JAMES KARON PATRICK, Camden, Ark.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Nu Sigma Nu. • RICHARD EUGENE PERRY. Gainesville, Fla.; Alpha Kappa Kappa. Sixth Row: • EDWARD WALTON PHILLIPS, JR., Lake Charles, La.; Beta Theta Pi; Phi Chi. • LESTER NORMAN PLOSS, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Phi Rho Sigma. • GERALD E. POSNER, Baton Rouge, La.; Zeta Beta Tau; Omicron Delta Kappa. Golden Boy Brown UNDERGRADUATES Delivering babies First Row: • DANIEL BENJAMIN POWELL. JR.. Hirahan. U.; Phi Chi; Baptiit Studtnl Union. • LAMAR PURYEAR. JR., Raymond. Ml«. • REGINALD CARLYLE RAMSAY. Nashville. Ark.: Kappa Slqma: Phi Chi. Second Row: • GLENN B. RUFFIN, Laurel. Miss.; Phi Chi: President Freshman Class. ' 48. • BILL PROCTOR SAMMONS. El Dorado. Ark.: Nu Sigma Nu: History of Medicine Society; Honor Board, 48- ' 49. • ARTHUR SEYMOUR SAMUELS. St. Petersburg, Fla.; Phi Delta Epsilon. Third Row: • JACK SARTIN. Columbia. Miss.; Theta Kappa Psi. • WINNIFRED SEEGERS. Logansport. La.; Beta Sigma Omicron; Alpha Epsilon Iota. • JACK SHERMAN. New Orleans. La.; Kappa Nu; Phi Lambda Kappa. Fourth Row: • HERSCHEL SIDRANSKY. Pensacola. Fla. • RUFUS CLYDE SMITH. JR.. Dothan. Ala.; Phi Chi. • JOHN ELLIOn STAFFORD, Franklinton, La.: Nu Sigma Nu; Phi Kappa Sigma. Fifth Row: • GEORGE DEFENDANT STEWART. Amory. Miss.; Phi Chi. • GLORIA ANN STEWART. New Orleans. La,; Alpha Delta Pi; Alpha Epsilon lola; Beta Beta Beta; Phi Beta Kappa. • JOSEPH RODOLPH SWARTWOUT. Pascagoula, Miss.; Theta Kappa Psi. Sixth Row: • JACK EDWIN THIELENK. Lake Charles. La.; Ph! Delta Theta; Nu Sigma Nu; History of Medicine Society. • JOHN COLEMAN TOMLINSON. Gulfport, Miss.: Ph! Chi. • PEYTON RANDOLPH TUNSTALL. JR.. Mobile, Ala.; Nu Sigma Nu; Hittory ol Medicine Society. Seventh Row: • JOHN C. TURNHAM. Freer. Tei.; Nu Sigma Nu. • H. AUBREY WHITE, JR.. Aleiandria, L«.; Kappa Siqme; Phi Chi. • CORNELIUS GLENN WHITLEY. Biloii, Miss.; Phi Chi. HISTORY OF MEDICINE The History of Medicine Society of Tuiane was established in 1933 by three students interested in fostering an appreciation and knowiedge of medical history and lore which was not formally pro- vided in the medical curriculum. From an initial membership of twelve, it has gradually grown, and now numbers approximately 60 active members. Meetings are held monthly, at which time one of the seniors or staff members presents an original paper relating to the particular phase of medical his- tory in which he Is especially interested. The Society has established a Library Fund to add volumes of historical Interest to the Tuiane Medical Library; and three awards, the Rudolf Matas award, the I. I. Leman award, and the B. B. Welnstein award for the three best senior papers of the year, that are presented at the annual banquet each spring. RICHARD T. SMITH VIRGINIA AFTER . President Vice-President JOHN OCHSNER . OFFICERS DABNEY EV IN Secretary GORDON B. KELLY Treasurer Corresponding Secretary R. L. Alexander James Aitgelt Paul Anderson LeRoy Antrobus Virginia Apter Phillip Astor James Atkinson Joseph Baldone Robert Barnett Louise Bennett John Bise Tom Brothers Charles Brown Glenn Brown Grover Bynum Craig Cantrell Robert Carter David Chandler Marvin Chernosky Yale Citrin Vera Cleveland Sol Courtman Morris Crisier Robert Culpepper Dabney Ewin Harry Fair S. D. Farber John Ferris MEMBERS Louis Gallo James Goodlad Paul Grafflgnino David Green James Hand WWWam Hardy V alker Harris Gene Hasslnger Robert Hendrlck Richard Hollis Alexander Hulett Baxter Hutto Robert Jernigan Elizabeth Jones Gordon Kelly Gayiord Knox Thomas Kramer James Lancaster Carol Landrum Alvln Lavender Francis LeJeune Edward Leverlch Foster McCaleb C. T. McCarthy James McCutchon Lloyd McLaughlin Christopher Mengis Donald Morrison Jesse Morrlss Kennedy Moss Frances NIcolle John Ochsner James Patrick J. W. Perret E. W. Phillips Lewis Post D. B. Powell George Puryear R. C. Ramsey Seymour Rosenwasser George Sackett Billy Sammons John Schnleder WInnlfred Seegers J. Sherman Rayford Smith Richard Smith Waiter Stuckey Jack Thielen Peyton Tunstall John Turner John Turnham J. H. Watklns Harry Whayne Nell V lSlIams Charles Wright The Queen and her bees U P H A OMEGA ALPHA SAMUEL T. JONES RICHARD T. SMITH OFFICERS . . . President DR. MARIDEL SAUNDERS Secretary-Treasurer Vice-President DR. RALPH G. SMITH Counsellor Robert V. Barnett Thomas Clampa Yale Citrin W. G. Darty MEMBERS Bennett L. Elisberg Alex W. Hulett Bertrand Myers P. N. Sraffagnino Samuel T. Jones Richard T. Smith Danilo A. Herrera Zelig H. Lieberman Ralph E. Tiller Alpha Omega Alpha is a non-secret honorary medical society founded at the University of Illinois in 1902. The society is composed of reg- ular members, who as medical students have given promise of becoming leaders in their pro- fession, of honorary members consisting of phy- sicians who have attained distinction in a worthy line of human endeavor, and of persons whether physicians or not, who have gained unusual rec- ognition in fields related to medicine. The aims of the society are the promotion of scholarship and research in medical schools, the encouragement of e high standard of character and conduct among medical students and gradu- ates, and the recognition of high attainment in medicine and related fields. W L CLUB ZELIG LIEBERMAN OFFICERS President ROBERT JERNIGAN . . DOYLE HAMILTON, JR Secretary-Treasurer Vice-President MEMBERS Robert V. Barnett Emile Baumhauer Charles W. Brice, Jr. A. Ross Davis Thomas W. Davis Bennett L. Elisberg John C. Ely Dabney Ewin Tom K. Farris Doyle R. Hamilton, Jr. Friedrichs H. Harris Danilo A. Herrera Robert E. Ivy Robert H. Jernigan James W. Lancaster Zelig H. Lieberman Clu Flu Lusk Robert L. Magee Foster McCaleb Albert D. Rood Gerald Posner Randolph Rutledge John F. Shriner Ferd M. Shell, Jr. James F. Van Pelt, Jr. Harry U. Whayne, Jr Ernie A. Young The principal purpose of the twenty-eight- year-old Owl Club is to promote better student- faculty relationships by creating a thorough un- derstanding of the problems In teaching and be- ing taught so that both parties may benefit from constructive criticism and thus maintain and ad- vance scholarship, teaching, and ethics at the Medical School. It is composed of twenty-four seniors and three juniors elected yearly on the basis of their character, personality, and scholastic interest. The organization is pledged to several projects, such as gathering information of aid to juniors and seniors in the selection of internships, and has taken leadership in sponsoring the Tulane Medical Research Fund, which promotes and finances wider research at the School of Medi- 246 NEWCOMB OFFICERS Left to Right: Jane Cutely, Vice-President; Ann Brodie, Secretary-Treasurer; Anita Yancey, Prtiident. N E W C B COLLEGE DEAN LOGAN WILSON 247 LANIER ALLINGHAM DOROTHY BAER BETTIE BARRERE BEVERLEY BECKER BARBARA BIZZELL DIANE BOURGEOIS RENEE BOUSQUET DOLORES BRISBI ANN BRODIE JOAN CAHN JOYCE CALDWELL LETITIA CARTER • E. LANIER ALLINGHAM, Lafayette, Louisiana: Kappa Kappa Gamma; President, Alpha Sigma Sigma; Assets; Who ' s Who; Secre- tary, Newcomb Student Body, ' 48- ' 49; Editor, " Carnival; " Publica- tions Board; Honor Board; Student Government Association; Canter- bury Club; Campus Night; President, Newcomb Senior Class; New- comb Student Council; Phi Beta Kappa. • DOROTHY ANN BAER, Bay City, Texas; Student Government Association; Greenbackers; Lagniappes; Tulane University Theatre; Co-President, Sociology Club, ' 49; JAMBALAYA. • BEHIE RUTH BARRERE, Houston, Texas; Delta Zeta; La Ter- tulia; Y.W.C.A.; Gamma Delta; Math Club. e BEVERLEY BECKER, New Orleans, Louisiana; Y.W.C.A.; Math Club. • NORMA S. CLESI, New Orleans, Louisiana; Zeta Tau Alpha; Newcomb Student Council; President, Newcomb Pan Hellenic, ' 49- ' 50; La Tertulia; Greenbackers. • ANN HALLIDAY COLEBECK, Greensboro, Alabama; Alpha Omicron Pi; Who ' s Who; Dormitory Council: Forum. • CLAUDINE RENEE COULANGES, Sao Paulo, Brazil; La Tertulia; French Club. • MARGARET HENRY CRAIG, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Westminster Fellowship. • ETTA ROSE JENNIE D ' ALFONSO, New Orleans, Louisiana; New- man Club; Deutsch Verein. • JANE ADRIENNE DAVIDSON, New Orleans, Louisiana. • BARBARA BIZZELL, New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi; Glee Club; Dance Club; Wesley Foundation; Art Club. • DIANE MARY BOURGEOIS, New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Zeta; La Tertulia; Oreades. • RENEE MARIE BOUSQUET, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi; Athletic Council; Newman Club. • DOLORES YVONNE BRISBI, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta; Dance Club; Canterbury Club. • CAROLYN ANN BRODIE, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Omi- cron Pi; Who ' s Who; Vice-President, Newcomb Student Body, ' 49- ' 50; Festival Choir; Operetta; Glee Club; Student Government As- sociation; Newman Club. • JOAN CAHN, Augusta, Ga.; Hillel. • JOYCE L. CALDWELL, Little Rocit, Arkansas; Kappa Alpha Theta; La Tertulia; Campus Night; Pan-American Society. • LETITIA ANNE CARTER, Stoudsburg, Pennsylvania. NORMA CLESI ANN COLEBECK CLAUDINE COULANGES MARGARET CRAIG ETTA D ' ALFONSO JANE DAVIDSON • CLAIRE DoLAVERGNE, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi; Arf Club; Tusk; Swimming Club. • MARGARET DINGFELDER. Sanford. Florida; Dtutsch Verein; Inter-Faith Council; Hillel; United World Federalists. SENIORS, 1950 • JOAN ESSIG, Lexington, Ky.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Lagniap- pes; Swimming Club. ARLEH MITZI EVENS, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Zeta. • PHALLIE EVANS, Lake Providence, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta; JAMBALAYA; Newman Club; Campus Night; Greenbacicers. SHIRLEY DORIS FINKELSTEIN, Morgan City, Louisiana. • MARY PATRICIA FINLEY, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Zeta; JAMBALAYA. JO ANN MITTLE FLOM, Tampa, Florida; Alpha Epsilon Phi. DIANE MARIE FOURNET, New Orleans, Louisiana. • SARAH VIRGINIA FREDERIC, Shreveport, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • FLORA MAE GALE, Chicago, Illinois; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • NATHALIE MARIE GANUCHEAU. New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta; Operetta; La Tertutia; President, Art Club. Wheel — The Simple Tool! I CLAIRE DoLAVERGNE MARGARET DINGFELDER JOAN ESSIG ARLEH EVENS PHALLiE EVANS SHIRLEY FINKELSTEIN MARY FINLEY JO ANN FLOM DIANE FOURNET SARAH FREDERIC FLORA GALE NATHALIE GANUCHEAV ISABEL GARDNER HELEN GARETT LEATRICE GERSTENBLITH GLORIA GOODMAN SHIRLEY GRAU NELL GUILLOT CATHERINE HAMILTON GRETCHEN HANEMANN MARILLYN HANEMANN MARY HANNAH ROSAMOND HARRIS MARIE HCLLER O ISABEL HUNT GARDNER, New Orleans, Lou ' siana; Kappa Kappa Gamma; President, Art School; Festival Choir; Operetta; Honor Board; Oreades; Art Club; Newcomb Studoni Council. O HELEN ANN GARETT, Shreveport, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi; Dance Club; Student Government Association; Wesley Foundation. • LEATRICE JOY GERSTENBLITH, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Deutches Verein; Hillel. • GLORIA JEAN GOODMAN, Derbionx, Louisiana; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Art Club. • SHIRLEY ANN GRAU, New Orleans, Louisiana; Deutches Ve- rein; International Relations Club. • NELL EVELYN GUILLOT, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Delta Pi; La Tertulia. • CATHERINE HODGES HAMILTON, New Orleans Louisiana. • GRETCHEN MARY HANEMANN, New Orlean:, Louisiana; Beta Sigma Omicron; Newman Club. • MARILYN BARBARA HANEMANN, New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Sigma Omicron; Newman Club. • MARY MARGARET HANNAH, Shreveport, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Pan-Hellenic Council. ROSAMOND RUTH HARRIS, New Orleans, Louisiana; Student Affiliates of American Chemical Society: Intercollegiate Zionist Federation of America; Hillel. • .MARIE LOUISE JACQUELINE HELLER, New Orleans, Louisiana. • MARY YVONNE HENDERSON, Lufkin, Texas; Kappa Alpha Theta; JAMBALAYA; Pan-Hellenic Council; Canterbury Club; Cam- pus Night; Greenbackers. • DOROTHY RANDOLPH ILEY, New Orleans, Louisiana; Swimming Club. • MARY ELIZABETH JACKSON, New Orleans, Louisiana; Baptist Student Union; Sociology Club. • ELIZABETH JOY JANSSEN, New Orleans, Lcui;iana; Kappa Alpha Theta; Campus Night; Lagniappes; Student Affiliates of American Chemical Society. • DOROTHY E. JUNG, Metairie, Louisiana; Alpha Delta Pi. • JESSIE ELIZABETH KELLY, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta; Pan Hellenic Council; Art Club. MARY HENDERSON DOROTHY ILEY MARY JACKSON ELIZABETH JANSSEN DOROTHY JUNG JESSIE KELLY 250 • ROSEMARY COLLIER KENTY. Shdwano, Wisconsin; Forum; Tu- lano Cinema Guild. • MARY BOONE LANDRY, Now Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Omi- cron Pi; Newman Club. SENIORS. 1950 • MARILYN SYLVIA LAVIGNE, Now Orleans, Louisiana; Oreades; Hlllel. • PATRICIA JANE LEMIEUX, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu. • ELAINE DREYFUS LIEBER. New Orleans, Louisiana; President, Music School; Honor Board; A Cappella Choir; Student Government Association. • AUDREY HAMMOND LIGGET, Valley Forge, Pennsylvania; Ger- nnan Club; International Relations Club. • JACQUELINE lONE LOLAN, Jackson Heights. New York; Kappa Alpha Theta. • JANE MARIE MARRIOTT, Chicago, Illinois; Alpha Onnlcron Pi; Operetta; Intramurals. • DORA ODILE MARTIN, New Orleans, Louisiana; A ' pha Omi- cron Pi; Assets; Who ' s Who; Glee Club; Operetta; JAMBALAYA; Campus Night; Lagniappes. • SHARON ELIZABETH MATTES, New Orlean;, Louisiana; Phi Sigma lota; La Tertulla. • PATRICIA MAY, New York, N. Y.; Alpha Epsllon Phi; Who ' s Who; Dance Club; Dormitory Council; Pan Hellenic Council; Campus Night; French Club; Greenbackers; International Relations Club. • ROSEMARY MYRNA McDONNELL, Metairle, Louisiana; Alpha Delta Pi; Pan-Hellenic Council; Newman Club. She got a bigger cup because she can drink more! ROSEMARY KENTY MARY LANDRY CARILYN LAVIGNE PATRICIA LEMIEUX ELAINE LIEBER AUDREY LIGGET ROSEMARY McDonnell JEANNINE McGEE FRANCES McSHANE EMMA MORPHY VEITA MULBERG JANE PARKH0U5E VIRGINIA PROVOST MAY REID YVONNE RICHOUX JOAN ROEHL NATHALIE ROELING MARY ROHRBERSER • JEANNINE McGEE, Memphis, Tenn.; Pi Beta Phi: Alpha Chi Sigma: Alpha Sigma Sigma: Vice-President, Senior Class; President, Resident Student Government: President, Athletic Council, ' 48- ' 49; Who ' s Who: Dormitory Council; Honor Board; La Tertulia; Student Government Association; Lagniappes. • FRANCES GWENDOLYN McSHANE, Greenwood. Mississippi; Phi Mu. • EMMA ADRIENNE MORPHY, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Delta Pi; French Club. • VEITA JOYCE MULBERG, Key West Florida; Hillel. • JANE MEREDITH PARKHOUSE, New Orleans. Louisiana; Chi Omega; Assets; A Cappella Choir; Festival Choir; Glee Club; Operetta. • VIRGINIA ATKINS PROVOST, San Leandro, California; Zeta Tau Alpha; Phi Sigma lota; La Tertulia; Canterbury Club; French Club; Phi Beta Kappa. • MAY KAMMER REED, New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta. • MAY VIRGINIA REID, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Epsllon lota. • YVONNE RITA RICHOUX, New Orleans, Louisiana: Kappa Delta Pi. • JOAN ELLEN ROEHL, New Orleans, Louisiana; Baptist Student Union. • NATHALIE ROELING, New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Sigma Omi- cron; President, Honor Board; Who ' s Who; La Tertulia; Student Government Association; Newcomb Student Council. • MARY HELEN ROHRBERGER, New Orleans, Louisiana; Deutches Verein; Inter national Relations Club. a MARILYN BAXTER ROSENTHAL. New Orleans. Louisiana; La Tertulia; Oreades; French Club; Phi Sigma lota. O CLAIRE ALLTMONT ROUFF, New Orleans, Louisiana. • HELEN BENOIST RUFFIN, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Art Club. 9 ANN SARTAIN, Shreveport, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Forum. • K. SUE SCHERER, Peoria, Illinois; Phi Mu; Phi Sigma Iota; La Tertulia. • MARIEHA ESTHER SCHLEH, New Orleans, Louisiana: Sociology Club. ANN SARTAIN ANN SCHORNSTEIN CHARLOTTE SHOAF DOROTHY SIMONS SUSIE SMITH SENIORS 1950 MARY SOULE MINNETTE STARTS MARY JO STERNBERG BETTIE STONER • ANN SCHORNSTEIN, New Orleans, Louisiana: Alpha Epsilon Phi; Secretary, Junior Class, ' 48- ' 49. • CHARLOTTE EARLY SHOAF, Covington, Tenn.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Secretary, Junior Class; Treasurer, Senior Class; Dormitory Cou n- cil; La Tertulia; Student Government Association. • DOROTHY JEAN SIMONS, New Orleans, Louisiana; Senior Class Secretary; Glee Club; Wesley Foundation; Sociology Club. • SUSIE SMITH, Dallas, Texas; Kappa Alpha Theta; President, Athletic Association; Alpha Sigma Sigma; Alpha Chi Sigma; Vice- President, Junior Class, ■48- ' 49; Who ' s Who; Honor Board; La Tertulia; Oreades; Student Government Association; Phi Alpha Theta; Kappa Delta Pi; Phi Beta Kappa. • MARY BROOKS SOULE, New Orleans, Louisiana; Chi Omega; Art Club. • MINNETTE LOUISE STARTS, New Orleans, Louisiana; President, Dance Club; Athletic Council. • MARY JO STERNBERG, Gulfport, Mississippi; A Ceppella Choir; Glee Club; Operetta; Newman Club; Art Club. • BETTIE DINKINS STONER, Greenwood, Mississippi; Phi Mu; Dormitory Council; La Tertulia; Greenbackers. • MARGARET HARTWELL WATKINS, Aberdeen, Mississippi; Kap- pa Kappa Gamma; Glee Ciub; Lagniappes. Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Phi Mu. linols; Kappa Kappa ; Chi Omega. Pi Beta Phi; Alabama; PI • BARBARA WATSON, New Orleans Theta; Westminster Fellowship. • LIL GILDER WEBB, New Orleans, Louisiana • CHELSIA PRATT WEBSTER, Highland Park, Gamma; Dormitory Council. • GENEVIEVE WELLBAUM. New Orleans, Louisiana. • MARY WARD WHITEHEAD, Winona, Mississippi; • VIOLET MARIE WHITEHEAD, Memphis, Tenn.; Lagniappes. • MARY MATHESON WILLIAMSON, Pine Apple Beta Phi; Dormitory Council; Pan-Hellenic Council; Campus Night; Greenbackers; International Relations Club; Lagniappes; Surf. • MARY BURKHAM WITHERS, Greensboro, Alabama; Forum. • ANITA FAYE YANCEY, Hickory Flat, Mississippi; Alpha Sigma Sigma; Assets; Who ' s Who; Secretary, Freshman Class, ' 46- ' 47 President, Junior Class, ' 48-49; President, Student Body, •49- ' 50 Dormitory Council; Honor Board; Student Government Association University Student Council; Swimming Club. • MARTHA ZIEBERMANN, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Swimming Club; Sociology Club. • FLORA MAE ZIEGLER, New Orleans, Louisiana; Oreades; Y.W.- C.A.; Gamma Delta; Math Club; Eta Sigma Phi. MARGARET WATKINS BARBARA WATSON LIL WEBB CHELSIA WEBSTER GENEVIEVE WELLBAUM MARY WHITEHEAD VIOLET WHITEHEAD MARY WILLIAMSON MARY WITHERS ANITA YANCEY MARTHA ZIEBERMANN FLORA ZIEGLER 253 First Row: • CAROLYN MOONEY ABAUNZA, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Festival Choir; Glee Club. • BETTY JEAN ADAMS, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Festival Choir; Baptist Student Union. • ADRIEN AITKEN5, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha Theta; " Hullabaloo; " La Tertulia; Campus Night. Second Row: • HATHAWAY FRANCES ALEMAN, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha Theta. • LAURIE ANNE ALLEN, Chicago, III. • MARION LUCILE ANDRUS, New Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Phi; Beta Beta Beta; La Tertulia. Third Row: • DOROTHY MARIE ANE, New Orleans, La.; Phi Mu. • CAROL JANE ANNIS, New Orleans, La.; Phi Mu; Beta Beta Beta. • JUNE ANTLEY, Marietta, Ga.; Chi Omega; Secretary, Sophomore Class, ' 49- ' 49; Corresponding Secretary, Student Body, ' 50; Who ' s Who; Dormitory Council; Student Government Association; " Carnival. " Fourth Row: • MARILEE ARNAUD, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha Theta. • RENEE LILLIAN AUBRY, Cinclare, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Newman Club; Art Club. • ANN BAKER, Little Rock, Ark.; Chi Omega; Canterbury Club; Swimming Club. Fifth Row: • CAROLEE BALLOWE, New Orleans, La.; Delta Zeta; Wesley Foundation. • ELIZABETH BARKDULL. New Orleans, La. • BARBARA BETH BARTLETT, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Secre- tary, Freshman Class; Dance Club; Tusk. Sixth Row: • GUERLAIN MARIE BEAUCOUDRAY, New Orleans, La.; Newman Club; French Club. • SUZANNE BERMAN, New York, N. Y.; Beta Sigma Omicron. • DEBORAH NEWTON BERRY, Gulfport, Miss.; Zeta Tau Alpha; La Tertulia, Oriades; Westminster Fellowship. Seventh Row: • MARGARET FOX BINGHAM, Greenwood, Miss.; Chi Omega; Beta Beta Beta: Dance Club; La Tertulia. • JANIS E, BLACKMAN, New Orleans, La.; Art Club. • MARILYN BLADKMAN, New Orleans, La. Freshmen are so innocent when they Rrst come here UNDERGRADUATES UNDERGRADUATES Which one of you claim fhe liHle ones? First Row; • BABS BOLTON. New Orleans. La.: Phi Mu; Canterbury Club. • MARGOT BOUDEN. New Orleans, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma: Festival Choir: Glee Club; Campus Night. • KATHARINE JAN BOYD, Scoltsboro, Ala.; Beta Sigma Omicron- JAM- BALAYA. Second Row: • KARIN INGEGERD BRANDT, New Orleans, La.; Delta Zeta; Gamma Delta; German Club. • ANN BRIDGES, Sulphur Springs. Tei.; Pi Beta Phi. Treasurer. Freshman Class; " Hullabaloo; " Wesley Foundation. • JANET CAROL BRIZMAN, San Antonio, Tex.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Swimming Club. Third Row: • BARBARA LILLIAN BROGAN, New Orleans. La.; Pi Beta Phi; Baptist Stu- dent Union; Tulane University Theatre. • PEGGY BOYD BROWN, t adison, t«1iss.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Tusk. • HAZEL JOYCE BRUFF, San Antonio, Tex.; Beta Sigma Omicron; Dance Club; Campus Night; Tulane University Theatre; Tulane University Radio. Fourth Row: • SHERRILL LEE BUNTON, Anchorage. Ky.; Beta Sigma Omicron; Dance Club; Campus Night; Tulane University Theatre. • ELEANOR ANNE BURDESHAW. Corpus Christi, Tei.; Alpha Delta Pi. Swim- ming Club. • NANCY JEAN BUROETT, Jacksonville, Fla.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Dormitory Council; Greenbackers. Fifth Row: • DEIDRE GIBBONS BURKE, New Orleans. La.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Newman Club; Tusk. • PATTY ANN BURKE. Now Orlcjns. La.; Alpha Delta Pi; Y.V C.A.; Newman Club; Math Club. • PEGGY ALICE BURKENROAD Now Orleans. La.; Aloha Epsilon Phi; Dance Club; Art Club. Sixth Row: • LAURA LOGAN BURKS. Tyler. To.-.- Pi Beta Phi. • DORIS EUGENIA CAHN. K ontgomery, Ala.; Glee Club; Westminster Fel- lowship; Tulane University Theatre. • MARIE CAMPAGNA, New Orleans. La.; Alpha Delta Pi. Seventh Row: • JUDY CANLEY. Ivlarietta. Ga.; PI Beta Phi; Wesley Foundation. • SHEILA RUTH CARKHEL. New Orleans, La.; Dance Club: Oriades. • MARY JANE CARR, New Orleans. La.; Delta Zeta; La Tertulia; Wesley Foundation. First Row: • NANNETTE ELIZABETH CARR, Gulfport, Miss.; Alpha Omicrori Pi; Wesley Foundation: Tusk. • DORIS OVERTON CARRE. Little Rock, Ark.; Chi Omega; Festival Choir; Wesley Foundation. • DOROTHY CLAIRE CARRERE, New Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Phi; Newman Club; Swimming Club. Second Row: • ELYRAE ANN CARROLL, Metairie, La.; Zeta Tau Alpha; Wesley Founda- tion; Deutsch Verein. • LOUISE COURTNEY CATE. La Ceiba, Honduras; Alpha Delta Pi. • CAROLYN JEAN CELLI, New Orleans, La.; Beta Sigma Omicron; Dance Club; La Tertulia; Y.W.C.A. Third Row: • BARBARA CHERRY, Covington. Tenn.; Alpha Omicron Pi; JAMBALAYA; Pan Hellenic Council; Greenbackers. • BARBARA FAYE COHN, Fort Worth, Tex.; Dance Club. • ELIZABETH CLOUTMAN. New Orleans, La.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Glee Club. Fourth Row: • KATHLEEN COLEMAN, Shreveport, La.; Pi Beta Phi; La Tertulia; Newman Club; Art Club. • JOANNA MARGARET CONDER, Chicago Heights, III.; Pi Beta Phi; Beta Beta Beta; Canterbury Club; Greenbackers. • JUDY CONLEY, Marietta, Ga.; Pi Beta Phi. Fifth Row: • ROBERTA JACQUELINE COOPER, Asheville. N. C. Alpha Epsilon Phi; Glee Club; JAMBALAYA; Sociology Club. • LUCIE SERE CRANE, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Honor Board; Greenbackers. • ANN CRUMP, Dundee, Miss.; Alpha Omicron Pi; JAMBALAYA, Sixth Row: • VIRGINIA DAY. Shreveport, La.; Pi Beta Phi; Art Ctub; Lagniappes; ' 49 JAMBALAYA; Beauty Court; ' 49 Homecoming Court, • DULANEY DART, New Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Phi. MARCIA LOUISA DAVIS, Corpus Chrisli, Tex.; Kappa Alpha Theta. Seventh Row: • HELEN CLARK DEAL, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha Theta. • EULALIE ANN DEBEN, New Orleans, La.; Phi Mu. • GRACE SUSANAH DEBROVNER, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Alpha Epsilon Phi. Mother and children D N D E R G R A D U A T E S N D E R G R A D U A T E S fhp The morning after the night before First Row: • EMILY ANN DEES, Greensboro. N. C; Kappa Kappa Gamma; A Capp.lla Choir; Glee Club; Westminster Fellowship. • PHOEBE HELENE DE LA HOUSSAYE, New Orleans, La.; Chi Omega- Gle. Club. ■ • PAT DENBY, Palestine, Tex.; Kappa Alpha Theta. Second Row: • JEANNE DEVRON, New Orleans. La.; Kappa Alpha Theta A Cappella Choir; Festival Choir. • MARY JANE DILLARD. New Orleans. U.; Pi Beta Phi; JAMBALAYA; Pan Hellenic Council; Baptist Student Union; Art Club; Campus Night. • DIANE R. DIXEY, New Orleans. La.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Glu Qub; Newman Club, Third Row: • BARBARA CAROL DIXON. New Orleans. La.; Alpha Delta Pi; Glee Club; Newman Club; French Club. • JANE DOGGETT. Nashville. Tenn.; Pi Beta Phi; Assets; Vice-President. Sopho- more Class. • CARTER GIBSON DORWART. Muskogee. Okla. Fourth Row: • CLEMENTINE DOSKEY. New Orleans, La.; Beta Sigma Omicron; Newman Club; Greenbackers. • NANCY DIANE DOUGLAS. San Antonio, Tei.; Art Club; French Club; Tulane University Theatre. • THEO JOANNE DOWLING. Valdosta. Ga.; Phi Mu; Glee Club; Wetlminster Fellowship. Fifth Row: • EMILIE JANE DOWRICK. New Cumberland. Pa.; Kappa Alpha Theta. • JUNE EARNEST. Dallas. Texas.; Alpha Delta Pi; Wesley Foundation. • ADELE EDWARDS. New Orleans. La.; Zeta Tau Alpha. Sixth Row: • PATRICIA RUTH EDWINS. Gulfport, Miss.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Tusl. • JANE EMERSON. San Antonio. Tex.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Canterburr Club; Campus Night. • MARGARET VIRGINIA ENDRESS. Fort Worth. Tex.; Chi Omega; Assets; President, Sophomore Class; Honor Board; Student Government Associet;on: Westminster Fellowship; Lagniappes. Seventh Row: • MARY VIRGINIA FAIRFAX. New Orleans. La.; Pi Beta Phi- Newman Club- Art Club. • EDWA FARWELL. New Orleans. La.; Pi Beta Phi; Glee Club- Cantebury Club; Art Club. • SUZANNE MARIE FAURE. New Orleans. La.; Alpha Delta Pi. D N D E R G R A D 11 A T E S First Row: • ALMA LAURA FAUST, West Helena, Ark.; Festival Choir; Westminster Fel- lowship. • ANN FEARS, Beaumont, Tex.; Alpha Delta Pi. • MARY VIRGINIA FERAUD, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Athletic Council; Newman Club. Second Row: • LEILA MOREY FLOURNOY, New Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Phi; Athletic Council; Swimming Club. • MARGARET LOUISA FLOWERS, New Orleans, La.; Wesley Foundation. • MARIANNA FLOWERS, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Glee Club; Newman Club. Third Row: • MARILYN DILL FOLSE, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Newman Club. • MARY ELIZABETH FONTAINE, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Glee Club; Newman Club; Tusk. • NORMA5TEL FORD, Jackson, Miss.; Chi Omega; Glee Club; Westminster Fellowship. Fourth Row: • JULIA HOOVER FOWLER, Port Arthur, Tex.; Kappa Alpha Theta. • SUE FRANCIS, Hattiesburg, Miss.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Glee Club; Bap- tist Student Union. • ELEANOR FRANCISCO, Laf ayette, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Wesley Foundation. Fifth Row: • SHIRLEY RUTH FRED, Waco, Tex.; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • SARA KATHRYN FRENCH, Dallas, Tex.; Pi Beta Phi; Vice-President, Junior Class; JAMBALAYA; Dance Club; Canterbury Club; International Relations Club. • YVONNE SHIRLEY FRIMEL, Houston, Tex.; Alpha Epsilon Phi. Sixth Row: • MARGARET MALONEY GANDOLFO, New Orleans, La.; Chi Omega; Treas- urer, Pan Hellenic Council; Secretary, Freshman Class, ' 47- ' 48; Vice-President, Sophomore Class, ' 48- 49; President, Junior Class; Who ' s Who; Honor Board; Student Government Association; Newman Club; Greenbackers. • ROSITA GARCIA, Wilmington, N. C; " Hullabaloo; " La Tertulia; Westmin- ster Fellowship. • SHIRLEY MAE GARDNER, New Orleans, La.; Baptist Student Union. Seventh Row: • JOYCE GILTHORPE, New Orleans, La.; Beta Sigma Omicron; Newman Club; Tusk. • GERRY GINSBERG, New Castle, Pa.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; French Club; Tusk, e MARY FRANCES GIORDANO, Bogalusia, La. Violet, you look so lonesome! UNDERGRADUATES SIrls, you loolc sort of unsteady — wh« ' hoppin? First Row: • SHIRLEY JANICE GL05SERMAN. Lockhart. lei.; Alpha Epiilon Phi. • WALTRAUT LUCINDE GOEDECKE, HalleHoville. Tei.; Beta Siqma Omicron. • EMILY CAROLINE G05S, Shreveport, La.; Kappa Alpha Thela. Second Row: • BARBARA ANN GRACE, New Orleans, La.; Phi Mu; Dance Club; Wailminsltr Fellowship. • CAROL CRANBERRY. New Orleans. La.; Alpha Omicron Pi. • MARY JANE GREEN, Natchei, Miss.; Alpha Delia Pi; Dance Club; Tulk. Third Row: • SHIRLEY ELIZABETH GREEN. Houston, Tex.; Alpha Delta Pi; Art Club. • DIANE 8. GREENSLIT, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Ftslival Choir; Glee Club. • FLEURETTE MARY GROSS, New Orleans. La.; Alpha Delia Pi; Festival Choir; Glee Club; Gamma Delta. Fourth Row: • SHIRLEY LeCONTE HADDOCK. Atlanta, Ga.; Phi Mu; A CappcMa Choir; Westminster Fellowship; French Club. • ANNE CARLETON HADLEY, St. Louis, Mo.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Glee Club; Westminster Fellowship; Pelicans. • ANN FLEMING HAHN. Birmingham, Ala,; Alpha Delta Pi; " Hullabaloo; ' " Wesley Foundation, Fifth Row: • MARIE LOUISE HAMEL. Shreveport, La.; Chi Omega; President, Frtihman Class: Honor Board; Student Government Association; Westminster Fellowship; Tusk. • BEVERLY STEPHENS HARD, Claromonl. Calif.; Dance Club. • BILLIE A. HARPER, Monroe, La.; Kappa Alpha Thela; Dormitory Council; Pan Hellenic Council. S!xfh Row: • EDIE HARRIS, Ridgely, Tenn.; Pi Beta Phi; Wesley Foundation; Chaerltadare; Greenbackers. • LURILLA HARRIS. Brooklyn, N. Y.; " Hullabaloo; " Campus Night. • M. MADELEINE HATREL. New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha Thela; Newman Club; Art Club; French Club; Tusk. Seventh Row: • MARY KAY HICKEY; New Orleans, La.; Chi Omega; " Hullabaloo; " Newman Club; Lagnappes, Student Center Council; Sweetheart of Sigma Chi. ' 49. • LADY PATRICIA HIGH, New Orleans, La.; Beta Sigma Omicron- Y.W.C.A.- Tusk. • CLARET BOWEN HILLIKER, New Orleans, La. First Row: • PATRICIA SULLIVAN HINRICHSEN, Houston. Tex.; Alpha Delta Pi; Beta Beta Beta. • PHYLLIS SUE HOBBS, Monroe, La.; Chi Omega. • E. LYNN HOCK, Baltimore, Md.; Assets; Athletic Council; Dormiiory Coun- cil; Canterbury Club. Second Row: • MARY JO HOLLAND, New Orleans, La.; Phi Mu. • MARILYN JUNE HOPPMEYER, New Orleans, La. • CHARLOTTE NORTON, Columbus, Tex.; Kappa Alpha Theta. Third Row: • PEGGY HOVER, Gulfport, Miss.; Alpha Omicron Pi. • CORNELIA HOWELL, Alexandria, La.; Pi Beta Phi. • NANCY EARLE HOWELL. Jackson. Miss.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Baptist S:u- dent Union; Tusk. Fourth Row: • M. ANN HUTCHINSON, Shreveport, La.; Pi Beta Phi; Vice-President, Fresh- man Class. • MAXINE DORIS ISAACSON, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; JAM- BALAYA; Art Club; Tusk. • ELLEN MORRIS IGNATIUS, New Orleans, La.; Chi Omega; Art Club. Fifth Row: • JOAN W. JACKSON, McComb, Miss.; Phi Mu. • SHIRLEY MOORE JACKSON, New Orleans. La.; Y.W.C.A.; Wesley Founda- tion. • SALLY JAMES, Swarthmore, Pa.; Zeta Tau Alpha; Operetta; " Hullabaloo; " Pan Hellenic Council; Canterbury Club; Art Club; International Relations Club. Sixth Row: • JANE EVELYN JOHNSTON, Crowley, La.; Delta Zeta. • JERE LYNN JOHNSON. Brookhaven. Miss.; Chi Omega. • SUSAN REYNOLDS JONES, Atlanta, Ga.; Phi Mu. Seventh Row; • JEAN CUTHBERT JOURDAN, New Orleans, La. • ANDREA ELIZABETH KAMBUR, New Orleans, La. • FAY KAPSINOW, LafayeHe, La.; Glee Club. Janle, don ' t stand there laughing — try to get the ball! I 1 U K D E R G R A D U A T E S UNDERGRADUATES Smoking In season and she ' s the team ' s captain First Row: • SALLY KASTLER. New Orleans. La.; Alpha Omicron Pi. • JO ANN FRANKEL KATZ, GretnvMIe, Miss.; Alpha Epiilon Phi. • RUTH KENNEDY. Jackson. Miss.; Kappa Alpha Theta. Second Row: • BARBARA KINGTON, Madisonville. Ky.; Chi Omega. • BERNICE HELENE KIRALFY. Columbus. Ga.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Glee Club: ■ ' HulldbdloO. " • SONYA D. G. KLEINFELDT, New Orleans, La. Third Row: • ALICE KOCH, Dallas, let.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; JAMBALAYA; Tulane Univer- sity Theatre. • SHEILA ELISA KRAMER. Jennings, La.; Alpha Delta Pi; Newman Club; Tulane University Theatre. • THELMA MILDRED LAHASKY. New Orleans, La. Fourth Row: • ROSA LAMAR. Mexico City, Mexico; Zeta Tau Alpha; La Tertulia; Newman Club. • MARGUERITE LAMKIN. Monroe. La.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Canterbury Club. • GWEN FAY LANGRIDGE, New Orleans. La.; Alpha Omicron Pi. Fifth Row: • JANE WALKER LEACH. New Orleans. La.; Kappa Alpha Theta. Glee Club; Canterbury Club. • GRETA MARIE LeBLANC, New Orleans, La.; Phi Mu; Newman Club. • NANCY ELIZABETH LEEPER. New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha Theta. Sixth Row: • DORIS LEVY. Nalchei. Miss.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Camaus Night; Tulane Uni- versity Theatre. • JANET MOORE LEVY. New Orleans. La.; Beta Sigma Omicron; Assets; Pres- ident. Freshman Class. ' 48- ' 49; Recording Secretary. Newcomb Student Council; Student Government Auociation; Baptist Student Union; Intertaith Council. • CLAIRE LEWIS. Amite. La.; Chi Omega; Assets; Recording Secretary. Stu- dent Body. ' 4e- ' 49; Glee Club; Dormitory Council; Honor Board; Pan HeTenic Council: Lagnlappos; Swimming Club. Seventh Row: • ANDREA LIVAUDAIS, New Orleans, La.; Chi Omega; Assets; La Tertulia; Lagnlappes. • BETTY LOTT, Bude, Miss.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Tusk. • KAY LOWRY; Tyler, Texas; Pi Beta Phi. First Row: • ELEANOR EDITH LUECKE, New Orleans, La.; La Tertulia; Gamma Delta. • JANE LEE LUFT, New Orleans, La.; Beta Sigma Omicron; Dance Club; La Tertulia; Oriades; Y.W.C.A.; JAMBALAYA; Tusk. • ELIZABETH LYONS, Jackson, Miss.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Treasurer, Fresh- man Class, ' 47- ' 4B; Canterbury Club; Lagniappes. Second Row: • GAYLE URSULA MACKENROTH, New Orleans, La.; Phi Mu; Dance Club; La Tertulia. • SUE MADISON, Bastrop, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Canlerbury Club; Interfaith Council. • DOROTHY ANN MANESS, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Delta Pi; La Tertulia. Third Row: • INELL JOAN MANNING, New Orleans, La.; Newman Club. • FLEUR MARGOT MARCOUX, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha Theta. • MERCEDES EDITHA MARAIST, New Orleans, La.; Delta Zeta; Y.W.C.A.; Newman Club; German Club. Fourth Row: • MILDRED IRENE MASON, Mobile, Ala.; Phi Mu; A Cappella Choir; Fes- tival Choir; JAMBALAYA; Westminster Fellowship; Tusk. • JOYCE CAROL MATHES, New Orleans, La.; Phi Mu; Dance Club. • DOROTHY JANE MATTICE, Memphis, Tenn. Fifth Row: • MERLE MARIE MAUMUS, New Orleans, La.; Phi Mu; Dance Club; New- man Club. • SUE MAYNARD, New Orleans, La.; Beta Sigma Omicron; Newman Club; French Club; Greenbackers. • GRACE ADAIR McCONNELL, New Orleans, La. Sixth Row: • VIRGINIA McCONNELL, New Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Phi; Canterbury Club. • MIRIAM LEE McDERMOTT, New Orleans, La.; Newman Club. • PATSY JO McDowell, Napoleonville, La.; Delta Zeta; Pan Hellenic Coun- cil; Christian Science Organization; French Club; Interfaith Council, Seventh Row: • MARION ANNE MclNTOSH, New Orleans, La.; Phi Mu; Athletic Council; Y.W.C.A.; Westminster Fellowship. • TRICIA McRAVEN, Little Rock, Ark.; Alpha Delta Pi; Pan Hellenic Council. • MARIANNE MEINERT, El Dorado, Ark.; Chi Omega. Ahl What poise, what grace n N D E R G R A D n A T E S UNDERGRADUATES Who lei them out of their cages? First Row: • RENEE LUCILLE MENDLOUITZ, New Branfels, Tei.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Beta Beta Beta; " Hullabaloo. " • ELIZABETH ANN MICHAELS. Chicago, III.: Festival Choir; Glee Club; Operetta; Westminster Fellowship; Radio Workshop; Tulane University Theatre. • MORRIS MIDDLETON. Hammond. La.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Assets; Who ' s Who; Glee Club; Honor Board; La Tertulia; Pan Hellenic Council; Y.W.C.A.; Westminster Fellowship; French Club. Second Row; • ANN MISCH, Glencoe. III.; Glee Club. • NANNETTE ELIZABETH MOHR. New Orleans. La. • NANCY KATHARINE MOORE, New Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Phi. Third Row: • MARILYN MORAiS, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Glee Club; Campus Night; Swimming Club. • HELENE ZELDA MORALES, New Orleans. La. • ELIZABETH ELLEN MORRIS, Now Orleans, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Fourth Row: • MAE GARDNER MORROW, Birmingham, Ala.; Phi Mu; Dance Club. • MILDRED JOYCE MYERS, Birmingham, Ala.; Alpha Delta Pi; Wesley Founda- tion; Greenbackers. • CATHERINE NAEF, Jackson, Miss.; Beta Sigma Omicron. President; Dormi- tory Council; Wesley Foundation; Art Club; Tulane University Theatre. Fifth Row: • JANET ELINOR NEWMAN. Detroit. Mich.; Alpha =psilon Phi; Glee Club; JAMBALAYA; Art Club. • RUTH ELLEN NOETZEL, Scarsdale, N. Y.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Newman Club; Campus Night. • EMILIE HAMPTON NOH. New Orleans. La.; Pi Beta Phi; Glee Club; Symphony Orchestra. Sixth Row: • JUDITH ELISKA NOn. New Orleans, La.; Pi oela Phi; Operetta; Canterbury Club; Art Club. • YOLANOA OCAMPO. New Orleans. La.; Baptist Student Union. • MADELINE C. OCCHIPINTI. New Orleans. La. Sovonth Row: • BETTY ORR. Nashville, Tenn.; Pi Beta Phi; Canterbury Club; French Club. • PATRICIA NAN O ' SULLIVAN, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Can- terbury Club; Art Club. • WILLODEAN PACKWOOD. New Orleans, Li.; Interfaith Council. First Row: • WANDA MARIANNA PALERMO. New Orleans, La. • GLORIA ALYCE PATRON. New Orleans, La.; Athletic Council; La Tertulia; Newman Club. • MARY ELIZABETH PATTON, Whitehaven, Tenn.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Assets; Athletic Council. Second Row: • ISABEL PEAL, Webb, Miss.; Alpha Epsilor Phi; Secretary. Junior Class; Greenbackers; Sociology Club. • HARRILYN VIRGINIA PELTZ. New Orleans, La.; Zeta Tau Alpha; Y.W.C.A. • EFFIE LOUISE PERKINS. Dayton, Ohio; Alpha Delta Pi. Third Row: • NINETTE DUQUE PERRILLIAT, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; La Tertulia; Pan Hellenic Council; Newman Club. • POLLY JEAN PHELPS. Monroe, La.; Chi Omega; A Cappella Choir; Operetta; Wesley Foundation. • CAROL LYNN PIERSON, Los Angeles, Calif.; Alpha Delta Pr. Fourth Row: • LUCILE POOL, Victoria, Tex.; Zeta Tau Alpha. • KATHERINE POOLE, Atlanta, Ga.; Phi Mu; Westminster Fellowship; Art Club. • MARION CHRISTINE PRATT, Newfoundland, Canada; Pi Beta Phi; West- minster Fellowship. Fifth Row: • RUTH ELAINE RADIN, Norfolk, Va.; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • JOSEPHINE GABRIELLE RAMOS, Patterson, La.; Beta Sigma Omicron; New- man Club; Tusk. • GRACE GWYNNE RANSAY. New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha Theta. Sixth Row: • HELEN MARY RAPIER, New Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Phi; Newman Club; Swim- ming Club. • DEBORAH ROSALIND REDLER, New Orleans, La.; Art Club; Hillel. • ALBERTO GRUN RETIF, New Orleans, La.; Delta Zeta; Dance Club; Gamma Delta. Seventh Row: • SUSAN ST. MARTIN REYNAUD, Lutcher, La.; Phi Mu; Y.W.C.A.; Newman Club; Tusk. • JANET MARILYN RICHARDSON, Houston, Tex.; Delta Zeta. • KAREN ANN RISTAD Manitowoc, Wis.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; JAM- BALAYA. First Row: • MARION LILLIAN ROMAINE. New Orleans, La.; Beta Sigma Omicron; La Tertulia; Wesley Foundation. • DIANA FRANCES ROSAMOND, New Orleans, La.; Phi Mu; Dance Club; Art Club. • MARYLIN ROSENBERG. Lawrence, N. Y.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; JAMBALAYA; " Hullabaloo; " Tulane University Theatre. Second Row: • MARIE HARWARD ROUSSEL, New Orleans, La ; Pi Beta Phi; Glee Club; Newman Club; Art Club. • ROSE G. RUBEL, Okolona, Miss.; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • BARBARA LEE RUBENSTEIN, Augusta, Ga.; Festival Choir; Glee Club; Dance Club. D N D E R G R A D D A T E S UNDERGRADUATES FIrsf Row: • MARY SUE STORRS. Pentacola. Ha.; H Beta Phi- Ftitival Choir; GIm Club- Tuik. • ALINE LOUISE STOUSE, Meiico. D. F. Meiico; Kappd Alpha Th U: Hv- tival Choir, • JOAN WILMA STAHLE, HaddonHeld, N. J.; Zcia Tau Alpha; Gamma DtlU. Second Row: • ANNA LANGSTON SUHER. New Orleans, La.; Alpha Delia Pi; W.itmin- ster Fellowship; TuiV. • FLORA CRANE TALMAGE, New Orleani. La.; Chi Omega; Treaiurar, Junior Class; Newcomb Club; Glee Club; Westminster Fellowship; Lagniapptl. • ELSA STORCK TAYLOR, Shreveport. La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma- JAMBA. LAYA; Westminster Fellowship; Art Club; Tusk, First Row: • ANNETTE FELICIA RUCKSTUHL. New Orleani, La.; Newman Club- French Club; Tusk. • MILDRED EUGENE RUNYAN, Alpine. Ark.; Zata Tau Alpha; Band: JAM- BALAYA; Pan Hellenic Council; Baptist Student Union; Tusk. • MARY MINNIECE RUCH, Meridian. Miss.; Oreades; Westminster Fellow- ship; French Club; Tulane University Theatre. Second Row: • KATHERINE MARIE RUSSELL. Wichita. Kans.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Canter- bury Club. • JOAN WALDINE RYAN. New Orleans. La.; Zeta Tau Alpha. • LORAINE WOLCOn SAUCIER, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Glee Club; Wesley Foundation, Third Row: • MARY PILLOW SCALES. Greenwood, Miss.; JAMBALAYA; Westminster Fel- lowship; Tulane University Theatre. • JANET CAROL SCHARFF. Kansas City, Mo.; Alpha Epiilon Phi. • LYNROSE MARIE SCHROTH. New Orleans, La. Fourth Row: • ELAINE SUE SCHULTZ, Sanath. Mo.; Glee Club. • BETTY LEE SEFF. Aleiandria. La.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Beta Beta Beta; 5:udant Government Association. • JUDITH SIGEL, New Orleans, La. Fifth Row: • ANN SIGEL. San Antonio. Tei, • ELEANOR GENEVIEVE SMITH, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha Theta; New- man Club; Tusk. • ISABELLE MURPH SNELLING, GuKport. Miss.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Operetta; JAMBALAYA; Dance Club; Art Club; Tusk. Siith Row: • EVELYN MARGARET SOCOLA, New Orleans. La.; Alpha Omicron Pi; New- man Club. • CHARLOHE SOMERS. LiHIe Rock. Ark.; Alpha Delta Pi. • PATSYEARL SPRING. New Orleans, La ; Beta Siqma Omicron; Glee Club; Y.W.CA ; Westminster Fellowship. Seventh Row: • ELIZABETH LYNN SPRING. Atlanta, Ga.; Pi Beta Phi; Art Club; Swimming Club • KATHERINE ANNE STEINMAYER, New Orleans. La.: Pi Beta Phi; Festival Choir; Glee Club; Art Club. • EFFIE MARIE STOCKTON. New Orleans. La.; Pi Beta Phi; AlhleKc Council; Newman Club. D N D E R G R fi D II A T E S First Row: • BARBARA LEE THOMAS. New Orleans, La.; Phi Mu; Newcomb Glee Club; Canterbury Club. O KATHERINE ELIZABETH THORNTON. Boyce, La.; Alpha Delta Pi; Oreades; Canterbury Club; Greenbackers. • PATRICIA GRACE TRUOG, New Orleans, La.; " Hullabaloo. " Second Row: • RUTH ARLENE TUCKER, Oak Park, III.; Festival Choir. • MARGARET ANN TURFITT, New Orleans, La.; Chi Omega; Westminster Fellowship; Tusk, O OLGA JOSEPHINE TURNER. Atlanta. Ga.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Assets; JAMBALAYA; Dormitory Council; Newman Club; Campus Night; Greenbackers. Third Row: • BOBBIE VAN LOON, New Orleans, La.; Student Affiliates of American Chemical Society. • BETTY VERLANDER, New Orleans. La.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Newman Club. • JACQUELINE VIZZINI, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Delta Pi; Westminster Fellowship; Cheerleaders; Greenbackers. Fourth Row: • RUTH ESTHER WAGNER, New Orleans, La. • MARY ALYCE WARE, Atlanta, Ga.; Newman Club. • PATSY WEIL. Birmingham, Ala.; Alpha Epsilon Phi. Fifth Row: • MARILYN WEISS, New Orleans La.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Newcomb Glee Club; JAMBALAYA; " Hullabaloo. " • PATRICIA WELTON, Moorefield, W. Va.; Beta Sigma Omicron; Pan Hel- lenic Council; Y.W.C.A.; Westminster Fellowship. • JOYCE ARLENE WENT, Elkhart, Ind.; United World Federalist. Sixth Row: • ELIZABETH JEAN WEST, Macon, Ga.; Beta Sigma Omicron; Baptist Stu- dent Union. • IMOGENE ANNE WHYTE. Texarkana, Ark.; Pi Beta Phi; Wesley Foundation; Newcomb Swimming Club. • CELIA LYNN WILLIAMS, Hattiesburg, Miss.; Chi Omega. Seventh Row: • DORIS ANNE WILLIAMS. Opelika, Ala.; Phi Mu; " Hullabaloo; " Baptist Student Union; JAMBALAYA. • PATRICIA RHODES WILLIAMS. Dallas, Tex.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Oper- etta; JAMBALAYA; Westminster Fellowship; Campus Night. • OCTAVIE WILSON, Nashville, Tenn.; Alpha Delta Pi; Newcomb Glee Club; Newman Club; Campus Night, First Row: • TANYA MYRA WOHL, Tampa, Fla,; Alpha Epsilon Phi; La Tertulia; Art Club; French Club. • JOEL BLACK WOLFE, New Orleans; Pi Beta Phi; Athletic Council; Math Club; Swimming Club; Intramurals. • SARA JANE WOODS. Chickasha, Okla.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Swimming Club. ---■nd Row: • MARILYN WOODWARD, Picayune, Miss.; Alpha Delta Pi; A Cappella Choir; Festival Choir; Newcomb Glee Club; Opera; Operetta; Baptist Student Union. • RAY MARIE ZEMMER; New Orleans, La.; Newcomb Glee Club; Newman Club. U-_ COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING OFFICERS Strictly Posed. ' . THE COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Dean Lee Johnson and Retired Dean Roberts 267 JAMES ADAMS TED AUCOIN, JR. EDWARD BAKER WILLIAM BERS WILLIAM BERGERON JULES BERNARD JOSEPH BETHANCOURT THOMAS BIRDWELL, JR. JAMES BLITCH MILLARD BLUM. JR. HENRY BLUST DONALD BLYTHE • JAMES BRUCE ADAMS, Abbeville. Mississippi; Tulane Archi- tectural Society; A.I.A. • TED A. AUCOIN, JR., New Orleans, Louisiana; " Techni-Torque " Reporter. • EDWARD R. BAKER, Waxahatchie, Texas; A.S.M.E.; Chess Club. • WILLIAM JOSEPH BERG, New Orleans Louisiana: Tulane Archi- .tectural Society; A.I.A. • WILLIAM SCHERER BERGERON, New Orleans. Louisiana; A.S.M.E. • JULES CONSTANT BERNARD, New Orleans, Louisiana; Tau Beta Pi; A.S.C.E.; E.T.A. • JOSEPH BERNARD BETHANCOURT, New Orleans, Louisiana. . • THOMAS M. BIRDWELL, JR., New Orleans, Louisiana; NROTC; Alpha Phi Omega; Alpha Chi Sigma; A.I.Ch.E.; Wesrey Foundation. • JAMES BUCHANAN BLITCH, New Orleans, Louisiana; Vice- President, Senior Class, ' 49; Who ' s Who; Gargoyle Society; Tau Sigma Delta; E.T.A. ; Tulane Archifectural Society; Art Editor, " Hul- labaloo; " " Techni-Torque; " Newman Club; A.I.A.; Editor, " Journal of Associated Junior Chapters, A.I.A.. " • MILLARD RALPH BLUM, JR., New Orleans, La.; A.S.M.E. • HENRY L BLUST, New Orleans, La.; Tau Beta Pi. • DONALD FORBES BLYTHE, New Orleans, Louisiana; Army ROTC; Beta Theta Pi. • HUDSON GOSTARE BOUE, New Orleans, Louisiana; Chairman, A.S.M.E.; Tau Beta PI. • ROBERT LAWRENCE BOUIS, New Orleans, Louisiana; Tau Beta PI; A.S.M.E.; E.T.A. • WALTER CLAUDE BOWIE, New Orleans, Louisiana; Class Pres- ident, ' 46- ' 47; Student Body Vice-President, ' 49; Newman Club; A.S.C.E.; E.T.A. • CLAYTON C. BREWER, Paris, Arkansas. • HAROLD CARTER BRUMFIELD, Hammond, Louisiana; Tulane Architectural Society; A.I.A. • GEORGE PELSBURY BYWATER, New Orleans, Louisiana; NR- OTC; Unit Manager, Senior Class; Secretary-Treasurer, Sophomore Class, ' 47- ' 48; Omicron Delta Kappa; Tau Beta Pi; A.S.M.E.; E.T.A.; Newman Club; Intramural Council; Taffrall; A.S.H.V.E. HUDSON BOUE ROBERT BOUIS WALTER BOWIE DONALD JOSEPH CASTER, Now Orlodns, Louisiana. • CHARLES LOUIS CARNEY, MlKord, Connoctlcu ; A.I.Ch.E. • EDWARD ALEXANDER CHMIELINSKI, Waterbury, Connecticut; Unit Manager of Class, ' 48: President of Class, ' 49; Tau Beta PI; A.S.M.E. SENIORS, 1950 • HORACIO DIAZ, Guayama, Puerto Rico: Phi lota Alpha; Tulane Architectural Society; A. I. A. • ROBERT LEE DI AKE, tvfemphls, Tenn.; President, Senior Class, ' 50; Secretary-Treasure-, Junior Cass, ' 49; Tau Beta PI; A.I.E.E.; E.T.A. • THOIviAS r.OACH DRUHAN, JR., New Orleans, Louisiana; A.I.E.E.; Newman Club. • RAYMOND J. DUNN, New Orleans, Louisiana. • MARQUETTE EMMANUEL DUST, Chicago, Illinois; A.S.C.E. • MILTON ARTHUR EBEYER, New Orleans, Louisiana; A.I.Ch.E. • CARL WILLIAM ELLER, New Orleans, La ; A.I.Ch.E.; " Technl- Torque. " • FREDERICK A. EVANS, Tuscaloosa, Alabama; Sigma Chi; Tau Beta Pi; A.I.E.E. • GEORGE STEPHEN FOERSTER, New Orleans, Louisiana; Tau Beta Pi; A.I.Ch.E.; Wesley Foundation; Student Affiliate of Ameri- can Chemical Society. Functional or Non-Functional? DONALD CASTER CHARLES CARNEY EDWARD CHMIELINSKI HORACIO DIAZ ROBERT DRAKE THOMAS DRUHAN. JR. GEORGE FOERSTER ISAAC FOSTER, JR. RICHARD FOX HENRY FRANKLIN PHARES FRANTZ RICHMOND GALBREATH ROY GASTON iSaaBaiasa " J W I p I MARVIN GAUTIER HENRY GEORGE FRANK GROVES CARL HAKENJOS RUSSELL HALL HOWARD HARDGRAVE • ISAAC RUSSELL FOSTER, JR., New Orleans, Louisiana; A.S.C.E.; Baptist Student Union. • RICHARD B. FOX, New Orleans, La.; Pelta Kappa Epsilon; A.I.E.E.; E.T.A. • HENRY JOSEPH FRANKLIN, New Orleans, La.; Air ROTC; Scabbard and Blade. • PHARES A. FRANTZ, New Orleans, La.; Delta Tau Delta; Vice- President, Student Body; Alpha Phi Omega; E.T.A.; Tulane Archi- tectural Society; A.I.A. • RICHMOND BRIERRE GALBREATH, New Orleans, La.; Sigma Chi; Alpha Chi Sigma; A.I.Ch.E. • ROY NEWELL GASTON, New Orleans, Louisiana; Tau Beta Pi; A.S.M.E. • MARVIN McGEHEE GAUTIER, Pascagoula, Mississippi; NROTC; Kappa Alpha; A.S.C.E.; Taffrail Club. • HENRY RICHARD GEORGE, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. • FRANK ROCHE GROVES, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Chi Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; A.I.Ch.E.; Wesley Foundation. • CARL BACHER HAKENJOS, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Tau Delta. • RUSSELL ADDISON HALL, Wallingford, Connecticut; A.S.C.E. • HOWARD DAVID HARDGRAVE, Little Rock, Arkansas; Tau Beta Pi; A.I.E.E.; E.T.A. • HERBERT EARL HAUER, New Orleans, Louisiana; Vice-President, Freshman Class, ' 45; A.I.E.E.; E.T.A. ; Westminster Feilowship. • SHELDON COFFMAN HEATH, Mobile, Alabama; A.S.M.E. • JOHN ARTHUR HELMER, New Orleans, Louisiana; A.i.E.E.; Newman Club; Tulane University Theatre. • HANS NORBERT HEINEMANN, New Orleans, Louisiana; A.S.- M.E.; E.T.A.; " Techni-Torque; " Tulane Veterans ' Association. • C. F. HOLTHAUS, JR., New Orleans, Louisiana. • RANDALL AUGUSTIN HOVIDORE, New Orleans, Louisiana. HERBERT HAUER SHELDON HEATH JOHN HELMER 270 HANS HEINEMANN • JOHN McK. HUDDLESTON, Shrovoport, Loul ' .iana- Kappa Al- pha; Tulano Architectural Society; Symphony Orchestra; " Techni- Torque; " Wesley Foundation; Art Club; A. I. A. • JAMES BECK JEFFREY, Jeanerette, Louisiana; NROTC; A.S.C.E.; Taffrail Club. SENIORS, 1950 • JOSEPH JACKSON KRABS, JR., New Orleans, Louisiana; A.S.C.E.; E.T.A. • FRED ELLSWORTH KLEYLE, New Orleans, La.; Sigma Chi; AI.Ch.E. • JOHN KOBLER LABERTEAUX. Niles, Michigan; Alpha Tau Omega; AI.Ch.E. • GEORGE GREGORY LAMBOUSY, Jennings, Louisiana; Secre- tary-Treasurer, Student Body, ' 50; Alpha Chi Sigma; A.I.Ch.E.; E.T.A. ; Student Affiliates of American Chemical Society. • EDWARD FELIX LANOUX, New Orleans, Louisiana; A.S.M.E.; Newman Club. • DONALD ALBERT LA5SUS, New Orleans, Louisiana; A.S.M.E. • ROLLA ADRIAN LAXARRE, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Chi Sigma; A.I.Ch.E. • WILLIAM AUSTIN LEFTWICH, New Orleans, Louisiana; A.I.- Ch.E.; Newman Club. • BEN KELLY LOHMAN, Carlsbad, New Mexico; Tulane Archi- tectural Society; A. I. A. The Engineers are winning the war — Parlez vous! • THOMAS EDWIN LOUIS, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Chi Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; A.I.Ch.E.; E.T.A.; Math Club. JOHN LABERTEAUX GEORGE LAMBOUSY EDWARD LANOUX DONALD LA5SU5 ROLLA LAXARRE WILLIAM LEFTW:CH 271 eEN LOHMAN THOMAS LOUIS GEORGE MARCHES3EAU, JR. BOB MARSTON IRVING MARTIN WILLIAM MARTIN THOMAS McCOY, JR. JOHN McLAUGHLIN WILLIAM McWHIRTER, JR. HAROLD MOKE FRANK MONTELEONE, JR. WILLIAM MOREL JOHN MORRISON A. CHARLES OCCHIPINTI • GEORGE LEON MARCHESSEAU, JR., New Orleans, Louisiana: A.I.E.E. • BOB MARSTON, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Chi Sigma; Tau Beta PI; A.I.Ch.E.; Wesley Foundation. • IRVING EDWIN MARTIN, New Orleans, Louisiana; Tau Beta PI; A.I.E.E.; E.T.A. • WILLIAM EMILE MARTIN, New Orleans, Louisiana; A.S.M.E.; E.T.A. • THOMAS LEMUEL McCOY, JR., New Orleans, Louisiana; A.S.- M.E.; " Techni-Torque. " • CHARLES D. OLIVIER, New Orleans, Louisiana; A.S.M.E. • JAMES LEON PARKER, JR., Wesson, MIssissiopI; A.S.C.E. • ASHTON JOSEPH PECQUET, New Orleans, Louisiana; A.I.Ch.E. • EDWARD L. PICK, New Orleans, Louisiana; Tau Epsilon Phi; A.S.M.E. • JOSE LIONEL PERDOMO, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Chi Sigma. • FRANCIS MATHURIN POCHE, New Orleans, Louisiana; A.S.C.E. • JOHN RICHARDSON McLAUGHLIN, New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Kappa Alpha; NROTC; Alpha Chi Sigma; A.I.Ch.E.; Taffrail Club: Greenbackers; Chess Club. • WILLIAM EDWARD McWHIRTER, JR., New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Chi Sigma; Secretary-Treasurer, Senior Class, ' 49; A.I.Ch.E.; E.T.A.; Student Affiliates of American Chemical Society. • HAROLD C. MOKE, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Chi Sigma; A.I.Ch.E.; E.T.A. • FRANK JOSEPH MONTELEONE, JR., New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Chi Sigma. o WILLIAM CLAUDE MOREL, Mandevllle, Louisiana; A.I.Ch.E. • JOHN EDWARD MORRISON, New Orleans, Louisiana; Tau Beta PI; A.S.M.E. • A. CHARLES OCCHIPINTI, New Orleans, Louisiana; A.S.M.E.; Baptist Student Union. CHARLES OLIVIER JAMES PARKER, JR. ASHTON PECQUET 272 JOSE PERDOMO • WALTER JOSEPH ROONEY, JR.. Now Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Tau Omega; Tau Sigma Dolta; E.T.A.; Tulano Archltocfural Soclofy: A.I.A. • CHARLES ROUDANE, Now Orleans, Louisiana. • ELMORE f. RUCK, Now Orleans, Louisiana; A.S.M.E. SENIORS, 1950 • WILLIAM ROBERT SCOTT, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Up- silon; A.S.C.E.; E.T.A. • EDWARD ANTON SCHIELE. New Orleans, Louisiana; A.I.E.E. • MATTHEW PETER SCHNEIDER, JR., New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Kappa Sigma; A.S.C.E. • WILLIAM ERNEST SCHOENBORN, Chicago, Illinois; A.S.M.E.; Westminster Fellowship, • GERARD HARRY SCHONEKAS, JR., New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Omega; A.S.M.E.; Newman Club. • ROBERT LOUIS SCHROEDER, New Orleans, Louisiana; A.I.E.E.; Newman Club. • LUKE FRANK STAVASNIK, Johnstown, Pennsylvania, A.S.M.E. • GEORGE JOSEPH SULLIVAN, New Orleans, Louisiana; A.S.C.E. • LEONARD TATE, Eunice, Louisiana; Tulane Architectural So- ciety; A.I.A. Not only God can malte a free! -J WALTER ROONEY. JR. CHARLES ROUDANE EDWARD SCHIELE WILLIAM SCOTT ELMORE RUCK MATTHEW SCHNEIDER. JR SENIORS, 1950 : ALFRED JOSEPH TRICON, New Orleans, Louisiana; A.S.M.E. TURHAN TURKER, Istanbul, Turkey; A.S.M.E. • GUILAS GILMORE VICKNAIR, Gretna, Louisiana, A.S.M.E. Who ' s class are you cutting? • JOHN GUILFORD WARREN, Lake Providence, Louisiana; E.T.A.; Tulane Architectural Society; A. I. A. MURDOCH M. WATKINS, JR., New Orleans, Louisiana. • WALTER RAY WATSON, New Orleans, Louisiana; A ' pha Chi Sigma; A.I.Ch.E. • CLEMENT WALKER WESTON, JR., New Orlean:, Louisiana; Sigma Chi. • WILLIAM LANE WILLIAMS, Tampa, Florida; Alpha Tau Omega; Tau Beta Pi; Air ROTC; A.I.E.E.; E.T.A. • RICHARD DEAN WOOD, New Orleans, Louisiana; A.I.E.E. • WILLIAM HENRY WOODWARD, Lake Charles, Louisiana; Gar- goyle; Tau Sigma Delta; A. I. A. • PETER ALBERT YOUNG, JR., New Orleans, Louisiana; A.S.M.E.; E.T.A. • HERBERT WALTER ZEFFERT, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Kappa Nu; A.S.M.E. ALFRED TRICON TURHAN TURKER GUILAS VICKNAIR JOHN WARREN MURDOCH WATKINS, JR. WALTER WATSON P f CLEMENT V ESTON, JR. WILLIAM WILLIAMS RICHARD WOOD 274 WILLIAM WOODWARD PETER YOUNG, JR. HERBERT ZEFFERT Patio by 5th year design itudeni First Row: • ALFRED JOHN AFRICH, New Orleans, La. • WILLIAM JESSE ANDERSON, III. New Orleans U.- Siqma Pi- NROTC: ASME: Tdffrail Club. • FREDERICK JACOB BAEHR, JR., New Orleans, La.- Pi Kappa Alpha- ASME, Second Row; • AUSTIN ALEXANDER BAKER, Bolivar, Tenn.; Sigma Chi; T. Arch. Soc. • HENDERSON BARKLEY, III, New Orleans. La.: Delta Kappa Epsilon; E.T.A.: T. Arch. Sec, Techni-Torgue, A. I, A. • LAWRENCE GILBERT BODET. New Orleans. La.; A.S.C.E. Third Row: • EDWARD J. BONDURANT. Memphis. Tenn.; NROTC; T. Arch. Sec. Wesley Foundation; Greenbackers; A. I. A. • CHARLES ARISTIDE BOURGEOIS. New Orleans. La.; Pi Kappa Alpha- Army ROTC. • WILLIAM ROBERT BROCKWAY. Shreveport. La.; Tau Sigma Delta; E.A., T. Arch. Sec. A. I. A. Fourth Row: • THEODORE GERARD BROEKMAN. New Orleans La.- Phi Kappa Sigma- NROTC: Taffrail Club. • ROBERT NOLAN BRUCE. JR., New Orleans, La.; Kappa Sigma; A.S.C.E. • PATRICK BRYER. New Orleans, La.; Sigma Pi; A.S.M.E. Fifth Row: • AUBREY FREDERICK BURAS, JR.. New Orleans. La.; Sec-Treas. Class •48- " «: A.I. of Ch.E.: Student Affiliates of Am. Chem. Soc • ROHNOL CECIL CHANCY, New Orleans. La. • NEIL CINNATER, New Orleans. La.; T. Arch. Sec Sixth Row: • ROBERT EMMET CRAIG. III. New Orleans. La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; A.S.C.E.; E.T.A. • NICKOLAS JOSEPH CUCCIA. New Orleans, La.; A.S.M.E. • DUBOIS JAMES DANIELS, JR. New Orleans. La.; Army ROTC; A.S.C.E.: Gamma Delta. Seventh Row: • HARLIN MARVIN DEES. Tyler. Te.. • ANDREW WOODS DYKERS. JR.. New Orleans. La.; Kappa Alpha. • HOWARD SAMUEL EICHENBAUM. JR.. Little Rock, Ark.; Zcta Bata Tau; Army ROTC; Architectural Society. Eighth Row: • HARRY LINUS ENGELHARDT. New Orleans. La.; A.S.M.E ; Tachni-Torqua; Baptist Student Union. • VERNON LEE EWING. JR.. New Orleans. La.; Sigma Chi; A.I. of Ch.E.; Adelphon. • THOMAS SHELBY FARMER. New Orleans. La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; A.I. of Ch.E.; Student Affiliates of Am. Chem. Sac; Adelphon. UNDERGRADUATES UND ER G R A D D A T E S First Row: • HENRI MORTIMER FAVROT, JR., New Orleans. La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Architectural Society; E-T.A. • LOUIS JOSEPH FISHER, New Orleans. La. • CARLOS G. FONT. Santurce. Puerto Rico; NROTC. Second Row: • JACK BRADBURN FRERET, New Orleans. La. • LAWRENCE ARTHUR GARCIA. Pineville. La. • WILLIAM PRESTON GARDNER. New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha; NROTC. Third Row: • CORRIE PATSY GARMS. Little Rock. Ark.; Architectural Society; Band; A. I. A. • WALTER DAVID GINOL, Calumet City, III. • LOUIS ALLAN GOLDSTEIN, New Orleans. La.; Phi Epsilon Pi; Architectural Society; A. I. A. Fourth Row: • NILS ERLING HANSEN. New Orleans. La.; Band. • DAVID JESSE HARRIS, New Orleans. La.; Zeta Beta Tau; Army ROTC. • WILLIAM JACOB HESS, New Orleans, La.; Architectural Society; Newman Club; Band. Fifth Row: • ALFRED EUGENE MILLER, New Orleans, La.; Zeta Beta Tau; NROTC; Taff- rail Club. • EUGENE CHIN HOY. New Orleans. La. • FRANK JOSEPH JACKSON. New Orleans, La.; A.S.C.E. Sixth Row: • FRANKLIN HARDY JONES, JR., New Orleans. La.; Delta Sigma Phi; Vice- President Freshman Class ' 50; Canterbury Club. • WILLIAM HENRY KAY, JR.. Cleveland, Ohio; Delta Kappa Epsilon; A.S.M.E.; Intramurals Council. • CLAUDE JOHN KELLY. New Orleans. La.; Kappa Sigma; A.S.C.E.; Newman Club. Seventh Row: • EMIL EDWARD KRAFFT. New Orleans. La.; Delta Sigma Phi. • ROBERT LONGSTON. Dundee. Miss.; Kappa Sigma; Air ROTC. • LEON C. LEONARD, New Orleans, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; NROTC; A.S.M.E.; Tatfrail Club. • ALVIN J. LAZAROV, Memphis. Tenn.; Beta Tau, • DAVID LEVINE. Roxbury. Mass.; Kappa Nu. • JULES LIZARRAGA. Belize, British Honduras; Delta Sigma Phi; Greenbackers. Telescope used for peeking in windows of Warren hlouse Open yo mouf. honey — First Row: • BRUCE ELVIN MacARTHUR, Old Hickory, Tenn.; Tulane Univerjity Thaatr . • WILLIAM ARTHUR LONGFELLOW. New Orleans. La.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • RAYMOND PAUL MADDUX. New Orleans. La. Second Row: • CLYDE PHILIP MARTIN. New Orleans. La.: PI Kappa Alpha: NROTC; Glendy Burke. • DONALD PETER MAYNARD. New Orleans. La.: Sigma Pi: A.S.M.E.: Pan- Hellenic Council: Greenbackers. • JAMES JOSEPH McCLOSKEY. New Orleans. La.: Pi Kappa Alpha. Third Row: • WILLIAM E. MENDEZ, New Orleans. La.: Delta Tau Delta; Y.M.C.A. • SAUL AARON MINTZ New Orleans. La.; Zeta Beta Tau; Architectural So- ciety. • RALPH R. MONGEAU. New Orleans, La. Fourth Row: • JAMES P. MUELLER, Houston. Te«.: Pi Kappa Alpha; T. Arch. Sec: Newman Club. • JAMES JOSEPH MULLEN New Orleans. La.; A.I.E.E.; President Junior Class, ■50. • STAN WILFRED MULLER New Orleans. La.; Delta Sigma Phi; Architectural Society: A.I.A. Fifth Row: • LOUIS PETER ORTH. New Orleans. La.; Gamma Delta. • WILLIAM WALLACE PAINE. Lakewood. Ohio; Delta Tau Delta; T. Arch. Soc: Wesley Foundation. • JOHN DAVID PARRISH. St. Petersburg. Fla.; Tau Sigma Delta; E.T.A.; T. Arch. Soc; A.I.A. Sixth Row: • CORNELIUS CHURCHILL PERKINS. Dayton. Ohio; Pi Kappa Alpha; A.I.E.E.: Channlnq Club; Interfaith Council. • DONALD C. PEHEPHER. Now Orleans. La. • GERARD RAYMOND POIRIER. New Orleans. La. Sovenih Row: • JACK R. REID, Greenville. Miss.; Kappa Sigma; NROTC; AS C.E : Baptist Student Union. • LLOYD JEROME ROSEN. Brooklyn, N. Y.; Sigma Alpha Mu. • MICHAEL JOHN RUCK, New Orleans. La.; A.S.C.E. Eighth Row: • RICHARD EDWARD RUCKSTUHL. New Orleans. La.; A.S.C.E.; Newman Club. • GERALD LOUIS RUSSO. New Orleans. La.; A.S.M.E. • JOHN MANUEL SANCHEZ. Pachuca. Hgo,. Meiico. D ND E R G R A D A T E S First Row: • LUIS MANUEL SANCHEZ, Pashner. Mexico. • LOWELL EDWARD SCHEUER, Fremont, Ohio; Pi Kappa Alpha; NROTC; Taffrail Club. • FRANK RIEVES SEAVEY. Aberdeen. Miss.; A. I. A. Second Row: • RALPH SEELIG. New Orleans, La.; Zeta Beta Tau; Architectural Society. • JAMES DANIEL STOKES. JR., New Orleans, La.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Air ROTC; Westminster Fellowship. • ARTHUR DAVID STEINBERG, New York City. N. Y.; Kappa Nu; Architec- tural Society; A. I. A. Third Row: • WILLIAM T. TUCKER, McComb, Miss.; Vice-President Sophomore Class, ' 48- ' 49: A.S.M.E. • CLYDE T. TURNER, Greenwood. Miss.; Kappa Sigma; NROTC; Lagniappes; JAMBALAYA. • VINCE NT KILEY VAN ALLEN, New Orleans, La.; A.S.M.E. Fourth Row: • DONALD JOSEPH VECA, New Orleans. La. • SAMUEL R. VITELLARO. New Orleans, La.; Air ROTC; A.S.M.E. • MARTIAL EDGAR WALDO. New Orleans. La.; Delta Tau Delta; Alpha Phi Omega; Newman Club. Fifth Row: • PAUL BERT WELTY. JR.; Pass Christian, Miss.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; A Cap- pella Choir; Glee Club; Gamma Delta. • SAMUEL SATEWOOD WELLBORN, New Orleans, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; A.I. of Ch.E.; JAMBALAYA; Pan-Hellenic Council; Greenbackers; Student Af- filiates of Am. Chem. Soc; Westminster Fellowship. • LESTER LEON WESTLING, JR., Oakland. Calif.; Alpha Tau Omega; Canter- bury Club. Sixth Row: • FERNAND FORESTER WILLOZ, III, New Orleans, La.; Delta Tau Delta; NROTC; Band; Taffrail Club; Chess Club. • ROBERT LAURENCE WILSON. New Orleans. La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • DONALD B. WOLFE. Malverne, N. Y.; Sigma Alpha Mu. Seventh Row: • ROBERT GORDON WOOTEN, New Orleans, La.; Band; Student Affiliates of Am. Chem. Soc. • JOHN ROSS YOUNG. Ponchatoula, La.; Kappa Sigma; T. Arch. Soc. • ROBERT OWEN ZELENY. New Orleans, La.; Sigma Alpha Mu. I don ' t have the slightest Idea D N D E R G R n U A T E S ARTS AND SCIENCES OFFICERS Warren Mix. President; Kimo McVay. Secretary. THE COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES DEAN FRED COLE If 279 WILLIAM ALLISON, JR. WILLIAM ALTHANS HUGH BAREFOOT JOHN BELL CASMIER BLANDA RONALD BRANDT, JR. CHARLES BROWN, JR. WADE BURNSIDE SROVER BYNUM, JR. WILLIAM CARLISLE ROBERT CHACHERE ROBERT CHADWICK • WILLIAM BARTLETT ALLISON, JR., Meridian, Miss.; Phi Kappa Sigma. • WILLIAM KENNETH ALTHANS, New Orleans, La.; Army ROTC; Newman Club. • HUGH CAMERON BAREFOOT, Elmhurst, N. Y. e B. H. COGDELL, New Orleans, La. • IRVING MURRAY COHEN, Nashville, Tenn.; Zeta Beta Tau. • THOMAS PALFREY CROZAT, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Tau Omega; G. E. O. • JOHN H. BELL, Hobart, Ind., G. E. O. • CASMIER JOSEPH BLANDA, New Orleans, La. • RONALD S. BRANDT, JR., Brooklyn, N. Y. O DAVID J. CONROY, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Tau Omega, Omicron Delta Kappa. • CARL ANTHONY CULICCHIA, Donna, Tex.; Theta Kappa Psi. • CHARLES LAFAYETTE BROWN, JR., New Orleans, La.; Medical ROTC; Kappa Alpha, Phi Chi. • WADE WALKER BURNSIDE, NewelHon, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Unit Manager Senior Class; Wesley Foundation. • GROVER L. BYNUM, JR., Henryetta, Olda.; Phi Kappa Sigma, Nu Sigma Nu, Alpha Phi Omega. • WILLIAM EDGAR CARLISLE, Pen:acola, Fla.; Phi Chi, Alpha Phi Omega; Baptist Student Union. • ROBERT EDWARD CHACHERE, New Orleans, La.; NROTC; Taffrail Club. • ROBERT O ' NEAL CHADWICK, Bayou Goula, La.; Beta Theta Pi, Beta Beta Beta. o JACK HOBERT CIRCLE, Kiowa, Kan. JACK CIRCLE B. H. COGDELL IRVING COHEN THOMAS CROZAT DAVID CONROY CARL CULICCHIA 280 r— = — ««i|» ROBERT McCLURE DANOS, Now Orleans, La.; Kappa Sigma. LIVINGSTONE DELANCEY. JR., Now Orloans, La.; Siqma Chi. ERNEST EDWARD DESHAUTREAUX. Kennor, La. GRADY CARLTON DINWIDDIE, New Orleans, La.; Delta Siqma SENIORS, 1950 Phi. • FELIX JOHN DREYFOUS, New Orleans, La.; Vice-President Sophomore Class. ' 48; Greenbaclters. • STREUBY LLOYD DRUMM, JR., New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha; NROTC; Greenbackers; Manager-Editor, CARNIVAL. • JAMES WARDY DUCOTE, New Orleans, La. MAURICE GERALD EDELSTIEN, Lake Charles, La.; Zeta Beta Tau. • MYRON FRANKLIN EICHLER, Brooklyn, N. Y.; HULLABALOO; Intercollegiate Zionist Federation of America; Hlllel; Pre-Medical Society: American Chemical Society. • WILLARD RONALD EISNER, New York, N. Y.; Zeta Beta Tau; Pre-Medical Society; Adelphon. • PERRY JACK EKMAN, New Orleans, La.; Zeta Beta Tau, Phi Delta Epsilon; Medical ROTC. • HOMER GLENN ELLIS, Biloxi, Miss.; Kappa Siqma; Wesley Foundation. Al least they ' ll die laughing ROBERT DANOS LIVINGSTONE DELANCEY, JR. ERNEST DESHAUTREAUX GRADY DINWIDDIE FELIX DREYFOUS STREUBY DRUMM. JR. JAMES DUCOTE MAURICE EDELSTIEN MYRON EICHLER WILLARD EISNER PERRY EKMAN HOMER ELLIS 281 PERRY EKMAN RICHARD P. ELLIS RICHARD V. ELLIS PAUL ESTACHY JOHN FERRIS, JR. JERALD FELDMAN JOHN S. FISCHER JOHN W. FISCHER MORRIS FISHER FREDERICK K. FRANKLIN ERIC FREEMAN LEONARD FUHRER • PERRY JACK EKMAN, New Orleans; Zeta Beta Tau. • RICHARD PARKE ELLIS, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Tau Omega; Unit Manager, Class ' 47; PI Sigma Alpha. • WILLIAM DONALD GEORGE, Columbus, Ohio; Glee Club; Canterbury Club. • KENNETH RAY GILLELAND, Chlckasha, Okla.; Gamma Epsllon Omicron President. • RICHARD V. ELLIS, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Tau Omega. • JAMES REESE GILLESPIE, San Antonio, Tex.; Delta Tau Delta; Radio; Chess Club. • PAUL ESTACHY, New Orleans, La. • KURT GINGOLD, New York, N. Y.; Student Affiliates of American Chemical Society: Hlllel. • JOHN ACKEL FERRIS, JR., Corpus ChrlstI, Tex.; Phi Kappa Sigma, Nu Sigma Nu, Alpha Phi Omega. • MARWIN GLUCKSTERN, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Vice-President, Band; Operetta; Intercollegiate Zionist Federation of America; Hillel; Pre-Medical Society. JERALD FELDMAN, New Orleans, La.; Sigma Alpha Mu. • JOHN SARGENT FISCHER, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Tau Omega; Physics Club. e JOHN W. FISCHER, Bangor, Pa.; JAMBALAYA; International Relations Club. « MORRIS FISHER, New Orleans, La. • FREDERICK ERNEST FRANKLIN, New Orleans, La. DONALD GARRETT WILLIAM GEORGE ENNETH GILLELAND • ERIC VANCE FREEMAN, Blloxi, Mis; • LEONARD FUHRER, Dallas, Tex.; Kappa Nu. • DONALD ALBERT GARRETT, V estwego, La.; Alpha Phi Omega; Physics Club. KUPT SINGOLP MARW:N GLUCKSTERN 282 • LEONARD ALBERT GOLDSTEIN. Beaumont, Tox.; Sigma Alpha Mu. • JAMES KENNETH GOODLAD. Orongo. Tox.; Theto Kappa Psl Canterbury Club. SENIORS, 1950 • WILLIAM SENTON GRANBERRY. Laurel, Miss.; Kappa Alpha; Army ROTC. • ROBERT LOUIS GREEN, Wichita, Kan.; Kappa Sigma; NROTC; Newman Club: Taffrail Club. O FRANCIS C. GUINLE, New Orleans, La.; Pi Sigma Alpha. O OETTRICH LAURENT HAAS, JR., Vacherie, La.; Sigma Pi. • ELI 8. HARMON, Now York, N. Y.; Alpha Phi Omega. • SPENCER TURNER HARRISON, JR., New Orleans, La.; Alpha Tau Omega. • JULIAN LANIER HARWELL, Tonkawa, Okla.; Kappa Sigma. • WILLIAM DEGRAFFENRIED HAYDEN, Shreveport, La.; Kappa Alpha, Phi Chi. FRANK HILDEBRAND, Jennings, La., Sigma Chi. • CHARLES FREDERICK HINRICHS, JR., New Orleans, La. Theta Xi. And I told him he could go LEONARD GOLDSTEIN JAMES GOODLAD WILLIAM GRANBERRY ROBERT GREEN FSANCIS GUINLE OEHRICH HAAS JR ELI HARMON CHARLES HINRICHS jR MICHAEL HiRSCH MARVIN HIXON ERVIN HODGE CHIN HOY WARREN HUNT, III NORMAN HYAMS ARTHUR HYLAND. JR. EDWARD IBERT ROBERT IRVING WILLIAM JAMESON HAROLD JAMISON EDWARD JOHNSON I • MICHAEL JACOB HIRSCH, New Orleans, La. • JOHN KUSTAVE JOHNSON, New Orleans, La. • MARVIN ALLEN HIXON, Naples, Fla. • ERVIN F. HODGE, Orleano, Fla.; NROTC CHIN HOY, New Orleans, La. • RICHARD JAY JOHNSON, New Orleans, La.; Sigma Chi; Adelphon. • G. TORRIE JONES, Jackson, Miss.; Delta Tau Delta, Alpha Phi Omega; JAMBALAYA; Glendy Burke; Student Affiliates of Amer- ican Chemical Society. • WARREN HANSELL HUNT, III, Rayville, La.; Kappa Alpha. • EDV ARD V ALTER KARPINSKI, Elizabeth, N. J. • NORMAN HYAMS, Jamaica, N. Y.; Army ROTC; Alpha Phi Omega; Sociology Club. • CHARLES WARREN KELLEY, Magnolia, Ark.; Phi Chi. • ARTHUR W. HYLAND, JR., New Orleans, La.; Delta Sigma Phi; Army ROTC. • EDWARD R. IBERT, Franklin, La.; Alpha Chi Sigma; Student Affiliates of American Chemical Society. ROBERT DENVA IRVING, Pascagoula, Miss.; Band; Physics Club. • WILLIAM STEELE JAMESON, Camden, Ark.; Phi Kappa Sigma, Omecron Delta Kappa; Unit Manager, Sophomore Class, ' 48; President, Senior Class, ' 50; Baptist Student Union; Gamma Epsilon Omicron, Adelphon. • HAROLD ARTHUR JAMISON, Logansport, Ind.; Kappa Sigma; Greenbackers; Varsity Basketball. • EDWARD LEE JOHNSON, New Orleans, La.; Army ROTC. • HOMER KEETON JOHNSON, JR., Scarsdale, N. Y.; Phi Kappa Sigma. HOMER JOHNSON, JR. JOHN JOHNSON RICHARD JOHNSON 284 • THOMAS J. KELLY, New Orleans, La. EDWARD TATNALL KENDRICK, Tampa, Fla.; Channing Club. SENIORS, 1950 RUTH ANN KESSLER, Lancaster, Ohio. • RAUL KOBETZ, New Orleans, La. JOSEPH THOMAS LABORDE. New Orleans, La.; Physics Club. • ROBERT EDWARD LAGARDE, New Orleans, La.; Beta Theta Pi; NROTC; Newman Club; Taffrail Club; Pan Hellenic Council; Greenbackers. • WILLIAM R. LAGERGREN, Pensacola, Fla. • CONSTANTINE PETER LAMPROS. Rome, Ga.; Delta Sigma Phi; Canterbury Club. • MARK MERWYN LAZARRE, Metairie, La.; Alpha Chi Sigma, Omicron Delta Kappa, Who ' s Who. • ROBERT E. LEE, Picayune, Miss.; Baptist Student Union. • FRANCIS ERNEST LEJEUNE, JR., New Orleans, La.; Beta Theta PI, Phi Chi. • HAROLD ALVIN LEVEY, JR., New Orleans, La.; Banit; Christian Science Organization; Student Affiliates of American Chemical Society; Inter-faith Council; Physics Club. Leave some for fhe tcids, Mackenroth! THOMAS KELLY EDWARD KENDRICK RUTH KESSLER RAUL KOBETZ JOSEPH LABORDE ROBERT LAGARDE WILLIAM LAGERGREN CONSTANTINE LAMPROS MARK LAZARRE ROBERT LEE FRANCIS LEJEUNE, JR. HAROLD LEVEY. JR. 215 FERDINANK LEVY ROBERT LEVY WILLIAM LONG, JR. DONALD LUTENBACHER HOWARD MAIBACH JOHN MARSHALL WALLACE MATHES, JR. JORDON MATLIN M. MAYS CHARLES McCarthy, jr. TILEY McCHESNEY JAMES McCONNELL • FERDINANK KATZ LEVY, New Orleans, La.; Zeta Beta Tau. • JACK McNEELY, New Orleans, La. • ROBERT EDWIN LEVY, New Orleans, La.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Greenbackers; Hillel. • WILLIAM C. LONG, JR., Thibodaux, La.; PI Kappa Alpha; Business Manager, JAMBALAYA, ' 48; President International Rela- tions Club; President, Greenbackers, ' 48; HULLABALOO, Publica- tions Board; Canterbury Club; Lagniappes. • GEORGE MIHALY, Youngstown, Ohio. • ERWIN MONASTERSKY, New Orleans, La.; Sigma Alpha Mu; A Cappella Choir; Festival Choir; Glee Club; Intercollegiate Zionist Federation of America; Deutches Verein; French Club; Greenbackers; Math Club; Spectators; Psychology Club; Hillel. • DONALD KEITH LUTENBACHER, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Tau Omega. • ARTHUR MORGAN, Ellisville, Miss.; Radio Club; Tulane Uni- versity Theatre. • HOWARD I. MAIBACH, New York, N. Y.; Zeta Beta Tau. • EDWARD WASHBURN MORRIS, Rochester, N. Y. • JOHN CULLUM MARSHALL, Shreveport, La.; Kappa Alpha; Student Affiliates of American Chemical Society, • WALLACE ERSKINE -MATHES, JR., Munford, Ala.; Army ROTC; Scabbard and Blade. • JORDON SANDERS MATLIN, Miami, Fla.; Intercollegiate Zion- ist Federation of America; Pre-Medical Society; Hillel. • M. ANDREW MAYS, New Orleans, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; HULLABALOO. • CHARLES TERRELL McCARTHY, JR., Monehans, Tex.; Theta Kappa Psi. • TILEY S. McCHESNEY, New Orleans, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Alpha Phi Omega. • JAMES LOGAN McCONNELL, Waveland, Miss.; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • JOSEPH TIMOTHY McKAY, JR., New Orleans, La.; Scabbard and Blade. JOSEPH McKAY, JR. JACK McNEELY GEORGE MIHALY ERWIN MONASTERSKY ARTHUR MORGAN EDWARD MORRIS 286 • LUCIEN KENNEDY MOSS. Lake Charles, La.; Befa Theta Pi, Phi Chi; Medical ROTC; Secretary, Junior Class, ' 48- ' 49. • RICHARD CALVIN MOULEDOUS. Now Orleans, La.; Kappa Sigma; Varsity Tennis Team. SENIORS, 1950 C WARREN ALFRED NELSON. New Orleans, La.; Gamma Delta. • RICHARD M. NUNNALLY, New Orleans. La.; Phi Chi. • JACK MARSHALL OWENS, McDonald, Miss.; Theta Nu; HUL- LABALOO. • JAMES KARON PATRICK. Camden, Ark.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Nu Sigma Nu. • PARKS BRINKLEY PEDRICK. JR., New Orleans. La.; Kappa Alpha; Secretary-Treasurer, Senior Class. JOSEPH WILLIAM PERRET, New Orleans, La. • MYRON ASHLEY PICKENS. JR.; Deland. Fla.; Sigma Chi. • PATSY JOSEPH PIROZZI, Mt. Kisco, N. Y.; Tusk; Sociology Club. ROCCO VINCENT PIROZZI, Mt. Kisco. N. Y.; Sociology Club. • EDMUND PAUL PIXBERG, JR., New Orleans, La.; Phi Kappa Sigma. F,-ench Cuisine LUCIEN MOSS RICHARD MOULEDOUS WARREN NELSON RICHARD NUNNALLY JACK OWENS JAMES PATRICK ROCCO PIROZZI EDMUND PIXBERG. JR. ERIC PLE5NER CHARLES RAMOND WILLIAM REILY. Ill ALBERT RESTUM GEORGE RIZAN CALVIN ROLLAND RILEY RYAN STANLEY SARD EDWARD SCHLESiNGER SAUL SCHNEIDER SCHWAM SCHWAM WALTER SCHWARTZ | • ERIC HASTRUP PLESNER, New Orleans, La.; Phi Alpha Theta; Glendy Burke. • EDWARD S. SCHLESINGER, Jackson Heights, N. Y.; Sigma Alpha Mu; NROTC; JAMBALAYA; Taffrail Club; Greenbackers. • CHARLES KNIGHT RAMOND, New Orleans, La.; Delta Tau Delta, Alpha Phi Omega. • SAUL HIRSCH SCHNEIDER, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Nu; Air ROTC; Campus Night. • WILLIAM BOATNER REILY, III, New Orleans, La.; Beta Theta Pi. • SCHWAM SCHWAM, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Army ROTC; Alpha Ph! Omega; Hillel. • ALBERT A. RESTUM, Allentown, Pa.; Army ROTC; International Relations Club; Scabbard and Blade. • WALTER FRANK SCHWARTZ, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Zeta Beta Tau. Chiseler!!! • GEORGE STEPHEN RIZAN, New Orleans, La.; Air ROTC; Alpha Phi Omega. • CALVIN CHARLES ROLLAND, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Chi Sigma. • RILEY RAY RYAN, New Orleans, La. • STANLEY SARD. New York, N. Y. 288 • CREED BATES SCOGGINS, Forf Worth, Tox.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • DONALD GUY SELL, Jackson, Ohio. SENIORS, 1950 THOMAS MACK SERRETT, Forriday, La. • ELMER WINSTON SHARP, New Orleans, La.; Theta Nu; HUL- LABALOO. JACK MARWOOD SHORT, Lubbocic, Tex.; Sigma Chi. • THOMAS EARL SISSON, Birmingham, Ala.; Alpha Phi Omega; Baptist Student Union. • GEORGE SLADOVICH, III, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Phi Omega Glendy Burke. • ROBERT W. SMITH, New Orleans, La.; Radio Club. • WALTER F. SPENCE, NIcevllle, Fla.; Delta Sigma Phi; Vice President, Senior Class; Greenbackers; Theta Nu; JAMBALAYA; Publication Board; Kappa Delta Phi. • JOHN ARTHUR STEWART, New Orleans, La.; Gamma Delta, Kappa Delta Pi. • FRANK JOSEPH STICH, JR., New Orleans, La.; Phi Delta Theta; Vice President-, Freshman Class, ' 48; President, Junior Class, ' 49; Omicron Delta Kappa; Lagniappas; Tusk; Kappa Delta Phi. Barefoot boys with cheeks of tan • FRANK SANFORD STOCKWELL, New Orleans, La.; Wesley Foundation. CREED SCOGGINS DONALD SELL THOMAS SERRETT ELMER SHARP JACK SHORT THOMAS SISSON GEORGE SLADOVICH, III ROBERT SMItH WALTER SPENCE JOHN STEWART 289 FRANK STICH, JR. FRANK STOCKWELL MILTON SURLES BALLARD TEBO BEVERLY THOMAS FRANK TORNABENE FERDINANDO VIZZI HARVEY VLAHO STEPHEN VOELKER, JR. EUGENE WALTER MANUEL WEISS WESLEY WHITCOMBE BENJAMIN WHITE SELWYN WILLIS • MILTON ALLEN SURLES, Lakeland, Fla. • WESLEY WYMAN WHITCOMBE, New Orleans, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • BALLARD WING TEBO, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha; NROTC; Taffrail Club; Physics Club. BEVERLY ERMA THOMAS, New Orleans, La. • BENJAMIN LEWIS WHITE, Norfolk, Va.; Theta Nu, HULLA- BALOO, CARNIVAL. • FRANK SALVATORE TORNABENE, Brooklyn, N. Y.; HULLA- BALOO, Newman Club. • SELWYN GERALD WILLIG, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Intercollegiate Zionist Federation of America; Student Affiliates of American Chemical Society. • FERDINANDO FREDDIE VIZZI, Tampa, Fla. • HERBERT CUMBERLAND WILSON, Monroe, La.; Beta Theta Pi. • HARVEY M. VLAHO, New Orleans, La. • STEPHEN VOELKER, JR., New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha; NROTC. • EUGENE PAUL WALTER, Hasbroock Hts., N. J.; Army ROTC; Scabbard and Blade. • RICHARD WADSWORTH WILSON, New Orleans. La.; Phi Delta Theta; Canterbury Club; Eta Sigma Phi. • GEORGE RUFUS WIMBISH, Monroe, La.; Pi Kappa Alpha, Alpha Phi Omega. MANUEL WEISS, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Sigma Alpha Mu. SENIORS, 1950 HERBERT WILSON RICHARD WILSON GEORGE WIMBISH 290 UNDERGRADUATES Cdnnon is the number one gun!!! First Row: • HERBERT SAMUEL ABRAHAM. Memphis. Tenn..- Zeta Beta Tau. • ROBERT ADER. New York. N. Y.; Zeta Beta Tau. • MARSHALL IRVING ALPERIN. Memphis. Tenn.: Sigma Alpha Mu. Second Row; • HENRY BERNIS ALSOBROOK, JR.. New Orleans. La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; NROTC. • ANN CHRISTIAN ANDERSON, New Orleans. La.: Kappa Kappa Gamma; Campus Nlqht. • BRUCE C. ASHLEY, New Orleans, La.; Delta Tau Delta. Third Row: • EDGAR MAHHEWS ASHWORTH. JR., Norfolk, Va.; Pi Kappa Alpha; NROTC: Editor " Hullabaloo; " Theta Nu; Who ' s Who; Publications Board; Idtfrall Club. • ROLAND ALOYSIUS BAHAN, JR.. New Orleans. La.; Delta Tau Delta; Alpha Phi Omega; Newman Club. • HUGH RICHARD BAKER. Wood River, III.; Delta Sigma Phi. Fourth Row; • SIMON NATHAN BALL, Hammond, La.; Kappa Nu; Hitlel. • HAROLD C. BALMER. New Orleans, La.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Army ROTO. • WOODRUFF ASBURY BANKS, ChaHanooga, Tenn.; Alpha Tau Omega. Fifth Row: • JOSEPH PETER BARRECA. JR., New Orleans, La.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Band. • JESSE RAY BARRETT, Lumberton, Miss.; Pre-Medical Society. • THOMAS P. BEAL. Omoha. Nob.. Delta Tau Delta; Air ROTC; Alpha Phi Omega; " Hullabaloo. " Sixth Row: • MIKE MITCHELL 8EARDEN. New Orleans. La.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Air ROTC; Bjptlst Student Union. • LOUIS I. BELL. Port Chester. N. Y.; Sigma Alpha Mu. • ROBERT R. BENDER. Shreveport. La.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Air ROTC. Seventh Row: • LOUIS A BENINATE. New Orleans, La.; Glee Club; OpereHa; " Hullabaloo: " Newman Club; French Club. • HUGH CHRISTOPHER BENTON. New Orleans, La.; Beta Theta Pi. • ALFRED ANTHONY BETANCOURT. JR., New Orleans, La.; Army ROTC; S:abbard and Blade. First Row: • LIONEL JOSEPH BIENVENU, Opelousas, La., Glee Club. • OSCAR JOSEPH BIENVENU, JR., Opelousas, La., Beta Theta Pi, Glee Club, Operetta, Pre-medical Society. • ALVIN BINDER, Clarksdale, Miss., Sigma Alpha Mu. Second Row: • THOMAS JOHN BISKUPOVICH, New Orleans, La., Newman Club. • GEORGE WILLIAM BLACK. New Orleans, La., Sigma Chi. • RUSSELL PAUL BLOCK, Kenner. La. Third Row: • WALTER SCOTT BLOMELEY, Richmond Valley, N. Y., Intramurals. • WILLIAM ANTHONY BOEGLIN, Carlsbad, N. M., Delta Sigma Phi. • PHILLIP HAROLD BOOKMAN, Jersey City, N. J., Army ROTO, Band. Fourth Row: • ROBERT FRANCIS BOWERS, Wayland, Mass. • RICHARD ROARK BRADFORD, New Orleans, La., Sigma Chi. • ROBERT ALOY5IUS BREGIR, Fall River, Mass., Vice President Freshman Class, ' 49; Delta Sigma Phi. Fifth Row: • HAROLD BRESLOW. Paterson, N. J., Kappa Nu. • HAROLD THOMAS BRINSON, De Queen, Ark. • LEWIS RAYMOND BROWN. New Orleans, La. Sixth Row: • VICTOR BROWN, New Orleans, La., Kappa Nu. • ROBERT WHITE BRUMFIELD, McComb, Miss.: Delta Kappa Epsilon. • JAMES DANIEL BULLINGTON, Fort Smith, Ark.: Beta Theta Pi. Seventh Row: • HARRY ABRAHAM BURGLASS, New Orleans, La.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Pan Hellenic Council; Adelphon. • THOMAS LUTHER CAIN, DeRidder, La.; NROTC; A Cappella Choir; Fes- tival Choir; Glee Club; Operetta; Baptist Student Union; Taffrail Club; Pre- medical Society. • MAURICE CAMPAGNA. JR., New Orleans, La.; Delta Tau Delta. Obviously, she has a " B " average. D N D E R G R A D U A T E S UNDERGRADUATES w The doctor who SMELLS!!! First Row: • FRANCISCO JAVIER CAPO. Sanlurce, Puerto Rico. • JOHN S. CARINHAS. JR.. Patterson, La.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Alpha Phi Omega; GreenbacVers. • CLARENCE SALAZAR CARPENTER. San Luis. Colo.; Army ROTC; Glee Club; International Relations Club. Second Row: • DAVID RICHARD CARROLL. Jackson, Miss. • ALVIN SHEA CASERTA. New Orleans. La.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Campus NigM; Tulane University Theatre. • CLIFF CARSWELL. JR.. Americus. Ga.; Kappa Sigma; Campus Night; Baptist Student Union. Third Row: • STEVE DON CIBIK. Cleveland. Ohio; Army ROTC. • EDWIN DAVIS CHADICK. New Orleans. La.; Delta Tau Delta. • GORDON EDWARD CLAY, JR., New Orleans, La,; Kappa Alpha. Fourth Row: • ANTHONY JOHN CLESI. JR.. New Orleans, La.; Delia Tau Delta. • HUBERT KARL COHN. New Orleans, La.; Sigma Alpha Mu. • JAMES ADAMS CONOVER. JR., Absecon. N. J.; Kappa Sigma; NROTC: Glee Club; Wesley Foundation; Taffrail Club; Campus Night; Rifle Team. Fifth Row: • WILSON PAUL COUCH. Hancoville, Ala.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Glee Club. • HERBERT EMERSON COUNIHAN. St. Petersburg, Fla.; Sociology Club. • ANDREW WHITTIER CRAMER. Fairhope. Ala.; Phi Kappa Sigma; NROTC; A Cappella Choir; Festival; Choir; Glee Club; Operetta; Tusk. Sixth Row: • SALVADOR THOMAS CHRISTINA. JR.. Kenner. La.; Sigma Pi; Gamma Epsilon Omicron. • WILLIAM L. CRULL, III, Jackson, Miss.; Kappa Sigma; NROTC; TaHrail Club. Pan Hellenic Council; Campus Night; Lagniappas; Tusk. • MORTIMER LESLIE CURRAN, New Orleans, La.; International Rtlations Club, Tusk. Seventh Row: • FRANK JOHN DALIA, New Orleans, La. • ARTHUR LOUIS DAUER. JR.. New Orleans, La.; Festival Choir; Glee Club Operetta; Gamma Delta. • WILLIAM HARDY DAVIS, Tyler. Teias; Pi Kappa Alpha; Army ROTC; Alpha Phi Omega. First Row: • HUGUES JULES DE LA VERSNE, II, New Orleans, La.: Delta Kappa Epsilon, NROTC; Newman Club: Taffrail Club. • TED LOUIS DEMUTH, New Orleans. La.: Band: Dance Orchestra. » HENRY LEE DENTON. Jackson. Miss.: Kappa Alpha. Second Rov : • ROBERT JAMES DICK. Tulsa. Okla.: Kappa Alpha. • JAN HENRY DOLCASTER, Tampa, Fla.: Alpha Tau Omega. • FRANK FREDERICK DOMNICK. JR.. Miami. Fla.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Third Row: • RALPH OWEN DORRIS. Brunswick, Ga.: International Relations Club. • ALBERT AUGUST DOSKEY, New Orleans, La.: Newman Club. Pre-medical Society. • ALVIN RUDOLPH EASON. Monroe. La.: Kappa Sigma: Who ' s Who: Pub- lications Board; Cheerleaders: Lagniappes: Tusk: Campus Night; Editor JAMBALAYA; Kappa Delta Phi. Fourth Row: • CLINTON BROOKS EXBY, Memphis. Tenn.; Delta Tau Delta; Tusk. • HERMAN F. FALBAUM, New Orleans, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • GERALD PATRICK FALLETTA, Birmingham. Ala.; Newman Club; Greenbackers. FItth Row: • CHARLES MURPHY FIFE. New Orleans, La.; Delta Sigma Phi. • PHILIP HAROLD FLOWERS, Ruleville, Miss.; Zeta Beta Tau; Band. • PAUL WHITFIELD FLOYD. JR.. Houston, Texas; Delta Tau Delta; NROTC; Phi Phi; Wesley Foundation; Taffrail Club. Sixth Row: • FREDERIC EDMUND FRANZ, Crystal Lake. III.; Beta Theta Pi. • DAVID ABRAHAM GALO, Tegucigalpa, Honduras; Phi lota Alpha; Pre- medical Society: Newman Club. • JOSEPH ALLEN GANNAWAY, III, Arkadelphia, Ark.; Kappa Sigma Kappa; Air ROTC. Seventh Row: • CARL WALLACE GARRETT, Cheyenne, Wyo.; Festival Choir; Glee Club; Operetta: Canterbury Club. • WILLIAM LAWRENCE GEARY, New Orleans, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; President Sophomore Class; Lagniappes. • GUY EDDIE GILBERT, Dallas. Texas. On a Saturday Nite fish Fry D N D E R G R A D U A T E S UNDERGRADUATES Jug Hald and his iug-type grip . . . First Row: • ROBERT LAGRONE GILLIAM. El Dorado. Ark.; NROTC; Taflrail Club. • JARED YOUNG GILMORE. JR.. Morgan City. La. • H. EARL SINN. JR., Tylcrtown. Misi. Club; Baptist Student Union. Kappa Alpha: Air ROTC: !•• Second Row: • DONALD GOLDEN, Savannah. Ga.: Sigma Alpha Mu. • JULIAN HERMAN GOOD. New Orleans. La.: Zeta Beta Tau: Glee Club: Operetta; Pan Hellenic Council. • STANLEY SAUL GOODFRIEND. Miami. Fla.; Kappa Nu; Pre-medical Socitty. Third Row: • JOSEPH McCORMICK GONDRAN, New Orleans, La. • FERRER ALFREDO RODOLFO GONZALEZ. Havana. Cuba; Newman Club. • DONALD JOSEPH GORDILLO. Managua. Nicaragua: Pi Kappa Alpha. Fourth Row; • JOHN LAMBERT GRA5SEL. Hailehurst. Miss.: Phi Delia Theta. • MASON GRIFF, Waltham. Mass.; Sigma Alpha Mu. • ROBERT GROSS, Brooklyn. N. Y.; Sigma Alpha Mu. Fifth Row: • FRANK LAWRENCE GRUBER. New York. N. Y.; Zeta Beta Tau. • JAMES ROY GUYTON. JR.. Tupelo. Miss.: Band: Pra-m«dical Soci«»y. • HARRY ARTHUR HAMMILL. Alexandria, La.. Zeta Beta Tau; Air ROTC: Glendy Burke: Radio Workshop. Sixth Row: • CHARLES D. HANCOCK. Many. La.; Wesley Foundation. Gr «nb«cl[«rs. • WILBUR CHARLES MANTEL. New Orleans. La.: Delta Sigma Phi. • NATHANIEL IRWIN HART. Dover. N. J.: Kappa Nu; NROTC: Taftrall Club; Hillel. Seventh Row: • GEORGE A. HELTON. Trenton. N. J.; Delta Tau Delta; Army ROTC: Alpha Phi Omega. • MARLIN DAVID HENDERSON. Pensacola. Ha.: Phi Delta Theta. • MORRELL WELDON HILTON. Alexandria. La.. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. First Row: • RAMON KEITH HINDS. Guynon. Okla.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Air ROTC. • LEONARD MAURICE HIPWELL. Claremont. N. H. • HOWARD STANI ORD HOCHMAN, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Nu. Second Row: • WILLIAM FRANCIS HODGDEN. Vallejo. Calif.; Beta Theta Pi; NROTC; Taffrail Club. • ROBERT DEAN HOFFMAN. New Orleans, La.; Phi Delta Theta. JERALD MICHAEL HONEYCUTT, Hawkins, Texas; Delta Sigma Phi, Alpha Phi Omega, Alpha Ctii Sigma. Glee Club; JAMBALAYA; Westminster Fellow- ship; Glendy Burke; Intramurals Council; Campus Night; Student Affiliates of Am. Chem. Society; Greenbackers. Third Row: • RAY GILBERT HOOPER, Boling. Texas; Army ROTC; Scabbard and Blade. • THOMAS LEO HUDSON, Lake Wales, Fla.; Alplia Tau Omega. • DANIEL PATRICK HURLEY. Brooklyn, N. Y.; Sigma Pi; Army ROTC; Pan Hellenic Council. Fourth Row: • ERNEST WILLIAM HUPPERICH, JR., New Orleans, La.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Air ROTC. • ARTHUR WILLIAM HYATT. New Orleans, La.; Beta Theta Pi. • SAMUEL JAGODA, JR., Fort Worth. Texas; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Fifth Row: • DON BENARD KAHAN. Mission Hills, Kan.; Zeta Beta Tau. • GEORGE KARNEY, North Plainfield, N. J.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • HARVEY BARRY KARSH, Denver, Colo.; Zeta Beta Tau; Army ROTC. Sixth Row: • MALCOLM MERRILL KASANOFF, Haverhill, Mass.; Sigma Alpha Mu. • STUART RICHARD KLABIN, Union, N. J.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Glee Club. • RONALD JACK KLEINFIELD. New York, N. Y. Seventh Row: • MORTON L. KLEINMAN, New York, N. Y.; Kappa Nu; Army ROTC. • LEONARD IRVING KOCH. San Antonio. Tex.; Army ROTC. • EDWARD KONCHAGULIAN. Chelsea, Mass. D N D E R G R A D D A T E S U N D E R G R A U A T E S 1 i I Doc Harris has em under his thumb First Row; • STANLEY CHRISTIAN KOTTEMANN, New Orleans. La.: D ' l ' a Sigma Phi; President Sophomore Class. ' 46; Football Team; Adelphon, • IRVING E. KURIN5KY. Lakewcod. N. J.: Sigma Alpha Mu: Army ROTC; Festival Choir; Glee Club; Pre-Medical Society. • NEIL W. KURTZ. Bronx. N. Y.; Zeta Beta Tau. Second Row; • SAMUEL PERRY LANDERS, Deal, N. J.; Siqma Alpha Mu. • THOMAS H. LEACH. New Orleans. La.; Delta Siqma Phi; Army ROTC: A Cappella Choir; Festival Choir; Glee Club; Operetta; JAMBALAYA; Newman Club; Tusk; Campus Night; ROTC Rifle Team; Intramural Council. • RICHARD NOLAN LEACH. New Orleans. La.; Pi Kappa Alpha. Third Row: • CHARLES EDWARD LECORGNE. New Orleans. La.; Kappa Alpha. • RUSSELL FRANCIS LEDOUX. Port Arthur. Tei.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • HAROLD GEORGE LEGEAI. New Orleans. La.; Beta Theta Pi. Fourth Row: • ALBERT MITCHELL LEVITT, New Orleans. La.; Kappa Nu. • EDWARD S, LINDSEY. Elsa. Tex.; Kappa Sigma; NROTC; Weilminsler Ftltow- ship; Taffrall Club; Campus Night. • JOHN ARTHUR LOHMAN. New Orleans. La.; Phi Kappa Sigma. Fifth Row: • WILLIAM ALEXANDER LONG. JR.. Hailehurst. Miss.: Phi Delta Thtta; Beta Beta Beta; Westminster Fellowship. • RUSSELL J. LOVE, Chicago. III.; Sigma Alpha Mu. • BERYL LOVITZ, Jacksonville. Fla.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Band; JAMBALAYA. Sixth Row: • DONALD IRWIN MACKENROTH. New Orleans. La.; Kappa Sigma; Band. • ALVIN MICHAEL MAKER. Houston. Tex.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Alpha Phi Omega. • GEORGE MURPHY MARKEY. JR.. New Orleans. La.; Sigma Pi; NROTC; Taff- rail Club; German Club; Adelphon. Seventh Row: • MONROE MARSH. Now York. N. Y.; Kappa Nu. • CLARENCE J. MARTIN. New Orleans. La.: Pi Kappa Alpha; Alpha Phi Omega; Adelphon; JAMBALAYA: International Rtlationt Club. • WILLIAM RESON MARTIN. New Orleans, La. First Row: • FRANK VILAC McDONNELL. New Orleans, La.: Delta Tau Delta; Cheer- leaders. • MAX RICHARD McGINNIS. Rondo, Ark.; Sigma Ch!; Greenbackers. • KENNETH J. McLEOD, New Orleans, La.; JAMBALAYA; Carrpus Night; Pre-Medica! Society. Second Row: • ALBERT B. McRAE, San Antonio. Tex.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • KIMO WILDER McVAY. Honolulu, Hawaii; Kappa Alpha; Secretary-Treasurer Student Body. " 50; Campus Night. • HARRY MENDELSON. JR.. New Orleans, La.; Band President. Third Row: • HELMAN LOUIS MENDOZA. New Orleans. La.; Air ROTC. • RUSSELL LEE MENNEN. Battle Ground, Ind.; Phi Kappa Sigma; NROTC; Taffrail Club. • ALLEN MINK, Brooklyn, N. Y. Fourth Row: • ELISE MITCHELL. Burlington, Iowa; Newman Club; Deutches Verein; Radio Workshop. • WALTER ROSEMOND MONNIN, New Orleans, La. • JOHN BOWMAN MOORE. Oklahoma City, Okla.; Canterbury Club. Fifth Row: • DONALD RAYMOND MORRISON, New Orleans, La.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Army ROTC. • JOHNNY GORMAN MORRISON, New Orleans. La.; Beta Theta Pi; Army ROTC. • EDWARD BARRIE MURPHY. New Orleans, La.; Alpha Tau Omega; Newman Club. Sixth Row: • EDWIN STAFFORD NELSON, New Orleans, La.; Campus Night. • KARL BERTEL NELSON, Panama City, Fla.; Westminster Fellowship. • THOMAS HUTSON NELSON, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha; President Freshman Class. Seventh Row: • ALEX NEWMAN. Reynosa, Tamps, Mexico; Kappa Nu; Hillel. • NICK C. NICHOLS, Pasadena, Tex.; Alpha Tau Omega. • HAL PRESTON NORMAN. New Orleans, La.; Phi Delta Theta; NROTC; Taff- rail Club; Wesley Foundation. Getting on top, the hard way! D N D E R G R A D U A T E S N D E R G R 11 D U A T E S You ' re too young io drink, on FIrsf Row: • FRED KEVIN O ' BRIEN. Polm Beach. Fla.: Vice-Preildent Sophomore Clais. •50. • EDWIN MORTON O ' CONNOR. Dallas. Tex.: Kappa Sigma: Vice-Prei!d«nt Sophomore Class. ' 48; Westminster Fellowship; Campus Night; Tusk. • BENJAMIN B. OKEL. Montgomery. Ala.; Phi Kappa Sigma; NROTC; Pr»- Medical Society. Second Row: • M. BEN OSSI, Jacksonville. Fla.; Band; Newman Club. • JASEPH PAUL PALERMO. New Orleans. La.; Delta Sigma Phi. • FRANCISCO PAREDES. JR.. San Pedro Sula. Honduras. Third Row: • JOHN BURRUSS PARKER. New Orleans. La.; Delta Kaopa Epsilon; NROTC. • REDDEN LAMB PARRAMORE. JR.. Valdosta. Ga.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • VERNON LESTE PARRISH, Monahans. Tex.; Delta Sigma Phi; NROTC; JAM- BALAYA: Taffrail Club. Fourth Row: • JAMES M. PARSONS. Ladonia. Tel. • PHILIP PASTON. Brooklyn. N. Y.; Kappa Nu. • MAURICE ALLEN PEARL. New York. N. Y. Fifth Row: • ELDON D. PENCE. JR.. Fort Smith. Ark.; Kappa S ' gma; Army ROTO; Vic«- Picsident Sophomore Class. ' 49; Phi Eta Sigma; Campus Night. • PETER J. PIZZO. JR.. New Orleans. La.; Alpha Tau Omjga. • WILLIAM SHEPARO PLEASANTS. Now Orleans. La.; D«lta Kapp Epsilon; Omicron Delta Kappa; President Freshman Class. ' 48; Secretary.Treasurer Soph- omore Class. ' 49; " Hullabaloo; " Greenbackers; Track. Sixth Row: • WILLIS JOSEPH POIRRIER. Vacherie, La.; Army ROTC; Band; Newman Club. • HENRY DAVID POPE. JR.. Arlington. Tex.; Kappa Sigma; Army ROTC; Alpha Phi Omega; Westminster Fellowship; Inter-faith Council; Pr«-Kr»edical Society, • THOMAS FRANKLIN OUALLS, Burlington. N. C; Delta Tau Delta; NROTC; Baptist Student Union; Taffrail Club. Seventh Row: • ROBERT ALLEN QUINN, New Orleans, La.; Sigma Pi. • STANLEY SEARLE RABIN. Pensacola. Fla.; Kappa Nu; " Hullabaloo; " Inter- collegiate Zionist Fed. of Am.: Campus Night; Hillel. • SHERMAN FABIAN RAPHAEL. Now Haven. Conn ; Band; Symphony Orch- estra; JAMBALAYA; Glendy Burke; Inlornalional Relations Club. First Row: • FORREST RAU, New Orleans, La.: Beta Theta P!. • DONALD VAUGHAN RAY. McCorrb, Miss.: Pi Kappa Alpha: JAMBALAYA; " tHullabaloo: " International Relations Club. • JOSEPH LEE REGAN, Baton Rouge, La.: NROTC. Second Row: • KENNETH MELVIN REGENOS, New Orleans, La.: PI Kappa Alpha: Army ROTO; Band: Westminster Fellowship: Tulane Radio. • SEYMOUR NORMAN REICH, Brooklyn. N. Y.: Sigma Alpha Mu. • JACK RONALD ROBERTS, New Orleans. La.: Kappa Sigma: Lagniappes. Third Row: • JAMES BYRON ROBERTS. JR., Baton Rouge, La.: Phi Kappa Sigma: Pre- Medlcal Society. • LOUIS WALDEMAR RODRIGUE. New Orleans, La.: Beta Theta Pi: NROTC: " Hullabaloo; " Newman Club: Taffrall Club, • HERBERT BRUNS ROEPE, New Orleans, La.: Delta Tau Delta: NROTC: Glee Club: Operetta: Gamma Delta: Inter-Faith Council; Pan-Hellenic Council. Fourth Row: • WILLIAM KENNETH ROGERS. Tampa, Fla.; Tusk. • HAROLD ROSEN. Forest Hills. N. Y.; Kappa Nu. • BARRY ROSENBERG, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Sigma Alpha Mu; NROTC. Fifth Row: • EDWARD VICTOR ROSS. Picayune, Miss.; Phi Kappa Sigma; NROTC. • JAMES THWEATT ROSS, III, Miami. Fla.; Phi Delta Theta. • JOSEPH I. ROSS, Bronx, N. Y.; Kappa Nu; Pre-Medical Society. Sixth Row: • IRA DONALD ROTHFELD. Forest Hills, N. Y.; Air ROTC; Glee Club. • FRANK LAWRENCE ROWLEY. Tulsa, Okla.; Westminster Fellowship; Pre- Medical Society. • KENNETH RUBENSTEIN. Brooklyn. N. Y.; Kappa Nu. Seventh Row: • ROBERT NEVIN RYAN. New Orleans, La.; Beta Theta Pi. • JACK E. SAMMER, New Orleans, La.; Phi Delta Theta; NROTC; Baptist Student Union; Taffrail Club. • GEORGE M. SANCHEZ. Hidalgo, Mexico; Glee Club; Operetta. Old Bloclchald herself! U N D E R G R A D n AT E S U N D E II GRAB U A T E S Bewitched, bothered and bewilderedlll First Row: • DANIEL RYAN SARTOR JR., Alto, La.: Sigma Alpha Epilton. • PAUL MARVIN SCHEIB, Yonkers. N. Y.: Sigma Alpha Mu: Army ROTC: Gl»« Club: Rifle Squad. • GERALD LOUIS SCHWARK. New Orleans, La.; Sigma Pi. Second Row: • ROYCE LEON SEDOTAL. Port Arthur, Tex.;- Delta Sigma Phi: Newman Club. • JOSEPH BAILEY SERRETT, Ferriday, La. • RICHMOND FRANCIS SHARUROUGH, Holly Bluff, Miss.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Third Row: • A. GEORGE SHIBLEY. JR., BIytheville, ArV.: Glee Club: Canterbury Club; Tusk. • JOSEPH JAMES SIMON. Winona, Minn.: NROTC: International Relations Club. • HARLAN WAYNE SINDELL, Miami Beach. Fla.; Sigma Alpha Mu; HJIIel; Pre-Medlcat Society; Inter-falth Council. Fourth Row: • NORMAN CHARLES SLADE Margarita, Canal Zone. • HAROLD IRVING SMELSON. Elizabeth, N. J.; Kappa Nu; Band; Pre- Medical Society; Hillel. • BOBBY GLENN SMITH. Shreveport. La.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Alpha Phi Omtga; Canterbury Club; Inter-faith Council. Fifth Row: • OTHA ROYCE SMITH. JR.. Ocala, Fla.; Delta Tau Delta; Army ROTC; Alpha Phi Omoqa. • EDWIN FREDERICK STACY. JR.. Now Orleans. La.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Secre- tdrv-Treasurcr Freshman Class. ' SO; " Hullabaloo; " Newman Club; Honor Board. • ROBERT FRANCIS STARKS. Memphis. Tonn.; Phi Dalta Thtfa; Air ROTC; Tusk, Sixth Row: • DICK ANTHONY STUKY. Alexandria. La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; NROTC. • MELVILLE JAY STERNBERG. New Orleans. La.; Band; Radio Club. • GEORGE GERSHON STERNE. Albany. Ga.; Sigma Alpha Mu; JAMBALAYA. Seventh Row: • DAN W. STEWART. III. Minden. La.; Alpha Tau Omega; NROTC; A Cop- polla; Festival Choir; Glee Club. • WILLIAM ARMAND ST. JOHN. New Orleans. La.; NROTC. • DONALD WAYNE STONE. Helena. Ark.; Sigma Chi; Wesley Foundation. UNDERGRADUATES Firsi Row: • HENRY LEWIS 5TOUTZ, III, New Orleans, La.; Phi Delta Theta; Glee Club; Westminster Fellowship; Basketball. • RONALD MARK STURTZ, Bayonne, N. J.; Kappa Nu; JAMBALAYA; " Hulla- baloo; " Glendy Burke; Physics Club. • RICHARD ALOYSIUS SULLIVAN, Haverhill, Mass.; Delta Sigma Phi. Second Row: • WILLIAM G. TAYLOR, New Orleans, La.; Newman Club; Pre-Medical So- ciety; Tusk. • PAUL RICHARD TENNIS, Neosho, Mo.; Delta Kappa Epsllon. • BLANCHARD HICKMAN TEXADA, Alexandria. La.; Sigma Alpha Epsllon. Third Rov : • ROBERT EUGENE THOMPSON, McComb, Miss,; Kappa Sigma; Army ROTC; Band; JAMBALAYA; Radio Club; Campus Night; Tusk; Pre-Medical Society. • FERNAND JEAN TOUPS. JR., New Orleans, La,; Delta Tau Delta. • LOUIS PHILIP TRENT, Dearborn, Mich. Four+h Row: • FRANK JOSEPH TUMULTY, JR., Baltimore, Md. • IVAN UTTAL, New Orleans, La.; Zeta Beta Tau; Glee Club; Operetta; Tulanc University Theatre. • STEVE EMANUAL VARVARIS, Jackson, Miss. Fifth Row: • LOUIS J. VERGNE, Orcovis, P. R., Alpha Phi Omega; Glee Club; Operetta; JAMBALAYA; Newman Club; Pre-Medical Society; Tusk; Campus Night; Interna- tional Relations Club; Pan-American Society. • MILTON CONRAD VIGO, New Orleans, La.; Newman Club. • DAVID WEEKS WALL. Baton Rouge, La.; Alpha Tau Omega. Sixth Row: • EUGENE LEE WALLACE, Tallulah. La.; Sigma Alpha Epsllon; Band. • DOUGLAS STEVENS WATTERS, JR., New Orleans. La.; Phi Delta Theta; Westminster Fellowship; Lagniappes. • PHILIP BROOKS WATSON. JR., St. Joseph, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsllon; NROTC Seventh Row: • ROBERT EDGAR WEAVER, New Orleans. La. • JACK BAUM WEIL. Denver, Colo.; Zeta Beta Tau, • ROBERT MILTON WELLS, New Orleans, La.; Sigma Chi; Air ROTO; Vice- President Freshman Class. ' ■18. Two drips and a drhzle??? UNDERGRADUATES One foot, two foot, slew foot rag Fir:t Row: • C. HERBERT WEISER. New Orleans. La.; Newman Club; lnt rnational Rela- tions Club: Pre-Medical Society; Tusk. • JACK FREDERICK WEISS. New Orleans. La.; Delta Tau Delta. • GEORGE HARRY WILLIAMS, Neosho. Mo.; Delta Kappa Eptilon. Second Row: • CHARLES BYRON WILSON, Neosho. Mo.; Delia Kappa Epsilon; President Junior Class. ' 50; Unit Manager Sophomore Class. " 49; Omicfon Delta Kappa; Greenbackers; Track. " 49. • DON PETTIT WILSON. Honolulu. Hawaii. • PAUL RATCLIFF WINDER. Shreveport. La. Third Row: • GEORGE CARROLL WINN, Lakeland, Fla.; Delta Sigma Phi; Glee Club; JAMBALAYA: Wesley Foundation. • HERBERT BENJAMIN WREN, Texarkana. Ark.; Kappa Sigma; Army ROTC; President Sophomore Class. ' 49; Omicron Delta Kappa; Wesley Foundation; Pan-Hellenic Council; Greenbackers. • EDWARD EARL WRIGHT. Houma. La.; Army ROTC; " Hullabaloo; " Slendy Burke; International Relations Club; Chess Club. Fourth Row: • HARRY FRANK YOFFEE. Jacksonville, Fla.; Sigma Aloha Mu; Hlllel; Pre- Medical Society. • ROBERT HARVEY YOUNG. Hollywood. Fla.; Pre-Medical Society; Interna- tional Relations Club: Tulanc Veterans ' Association. • DAVID MILLS ZALA. Jamaica. N. Y.; Air ROTC. Fifth Row: • EDWARD ZALATA. Houston. Tex.; Kappa Nu. • ROBERT E ZETZMANN. New Orleans. La.; Phi Delta Theta; Greenbacken; Laqniappes. • WILLIAM ZESIOU ZISI. Boston. Mass.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Alpha Phi Omega. 30) COLLEGE OF COMMERCE OFFICERS Left to Right; Paul Dastague, Joe Canlno, Mrmi Segall THE COLLEGE OF COMMERCE DEAN ROBERT FRENCH 304 • EDWIN BENJAMIN ANGEL, Now Orleans, Louisiana; Vice- President Froshmon Class, 1947; Delta Sigma Pi. JOHN R. ASPLINT, New Orleans, Louisiana. SENIORS, 1950 • ROBERT RIOROAN AUGUSTIN, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Tau Delta. • ANNA CHARLOTTE BARTELS, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Zeta; Y.W.C.A.; Westminster Fellowship. LUCILLE NORD BLAKE, New Orleans, Louisiana. • JOHN FRANCIS BLEND, Brooklyn, New York. • CONRAD ANTHONY BOURGEOIS, New Orleans, Louisiana. PRENTISS RAYMOND BOYT, McComb, Mississippi. ODEA JOSEPH BREAUS, New Orleans. Louisiana. • STANLEY ROBERT BREMERMANN, New Orleans. Louisiana; Beta Theta PI. • JACK GAINES BRYAN, New Orleans, Louisiana. • JOSEPH WILLIAMS BUCHANAN, JR., New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi. Speak again, sweet l!ps!!! EDWIN ANGEL JOHN ASPLINT ROBERT AUGUSTIN JOHN BLEND CONRAD BOURGEOIS PRENTISS BOYT ODEA BREAUS L STANLEY BREMERMANN 305 JACK BRYAN JOSEPH BUCHANAN, JR. JAMES CADZON JULIUS COHN FRANK COMFORT ERNARD CONROY JOSEPH CONINO JOSEPH CRIST NORMAN DAVIDSON JOSEPH Dl BENEDETTO FRED DIXON ARCELIO DUCREUS HAROLD ERNST, JR. ROBERT FLOYD, JR. • JAMES HARVEY CADZON, New Orleans, Louisiana; PI Kappa Alpha; Vice-President Senior Class, 1950. • RAYMOND EDWARD GRAZELEWSKI, New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Gamma Sigma; Delta Sigma Pi. • JULIUS MEYER COHN, New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Mu. • FRANK COMFORT, Duncan, Mississippi. • BERNARD JACKSON CONROY, New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Pi; Delta Sigma Pi; Scabbard Blade; Hullalaboo. • JOSEPH ALOYSIUS CONINO, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi; President College of Commerce, 1950; Who ' s Who; Publications Board; Newman Club; Radio Club; Business Talks; Delta Sigma PI; President, Society of Advancement of Management. • JOSEPH PETER CRIST, New Orleans, Louisiana. • THOMAS LOUIS HABIG, St. Jasper, Indiana; Sigma Chi; Unit Manager Jr. Class. • DAVID COWLE HAMILTON, Little Rock, Arkansas; Sigma Chi; President Senior Class, ' 49- ' 50; Vice-President Junior Class, ' 48- ' 49; Omicron Delta Kappa; Who ' s Who; Varsity Track; Society for Ad- vancement of Management. • JOSEPH CLAY HOLLIDAY, McComb, Mississippi; Pi Kappa Alpha. • NORMAN STANLEY DAVIDSON, Memphis, Tennessee; Zeta Beta Tau. • JOSEPH VINCENT Dl BENEDETTO, Bay St Louis, Mississippi. • FRED WHITE DIXON, Salisbury, North Carolina; Kappa Sigma. • ARCELIO DUCREUS, Chitre, Rep. of Panama; Delta Sigma Pi; Newman Club. • HAROLD OLIVER ERNST, JR., New Orleans, Louisiana; ROTC; Beta Theta Pi. • ROBERT MONROE FLOYD, JR., New Orleans, Louisiana; Secre- tary-Treasurer Junior Class, ' 48- ' 49; Beta Gamma Sigma. • CYRIL LAWRENCE GREENSTEIN, Bayonne, New Jersey; Hille Foundation. • VILMA ANN GROSZ, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Zeta. CYRIL GREENSTEIN VILMA GROSZ RAYMOND GRAZELEV SKI • BEN J. JOINER, JR., ChorloHo, North Cirolln,): Phi Delta Thota; Air ROTC; Scabbard Blade; Lagniappes. THEODORE WILLIAM KESSLER, New Orleans, Louisiana, SENIORS, 1950 • JAMES CARLISLE KIMBEL, New Orleans, Louisiana; Chess Club. • NORMA MAE KIRCHBERG, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Zeta. ROBERT CHARLES KLEMANN, New Orleans, Louisiana. • CARL A. KLINE, San Antonio, Texas; Air ROTC; President Pi Kappa Alpha; Scabbard 4 B:ade; JAMBALAYA; Pan-Hellenic Coun- cil; Greenbdckers. • HARVEY FRANK KREFFT, Chicago, Illinois. • KENNETH ARNOLD LANGGUTH, New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. MILVIN ALBERT LAURENT, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Sigma • MICHEL GERALD MAILHES, New Orleans, Louisiana. • HARRY THEODORE MARTIN, New Orleans, Louisiana. • WILLIAM FRANCIS MATTHEWS, El Dorado, Arkansas; Inter- Faith Council. Our friend racks up another " B. " BEN JOINER, JR THEODORE XESSLER JAMES KIMBEL NORMA KIRCHBERG ROBERT KLEM NN CARL KLINE HARVEY KREFFT KENNETH LANGGUTH MILVIN LAURENT MICHEL MAILHES HARRY MARTIN WILLIAM MATTHEWS 307 CHARLES MITCriELL, JR. THEODORE MOISE AYLMCE MONTGOMERY. JR. HENRY MONTGOMERY LEVERE MONTGOMERY JR DONALD MULLEN RUDICK MURPHY HAROLD NEUBURGER BERNARD NEVILLE HOMOR NIELSON CARL PERRY EDOUARD PLAUCHE • CHARLES GRIFFIN MITCHELL, JR., Birmingham, Alabama; ROTC; Scabbard Blade; Baptist Student Union. • THEODORE C. MOISE, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Sigma PI. • AYLMCE EUGENE MONTGOMERY, JR., Monroe, Louisiana; Beta Theta PI. • HENRY I. MONTGOMERY. Decoran. Iowa; Delta Sigma Pi. • LEVERE C. MONTGOMERY, JR., New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Theta PI; Vice-President Freshman Class, 1945; President Sophomore Class 1945. • GEORGE A. RAUCH, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Sigma PI; Newman Club. • DEWARD S. REED, New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Chi. • SIDNEY LOUIS REYNAUD, Lutcher, Louisiana; Delta Tau Delta. • MARION RITA ROpUEVERT, New Orleans, Louisiana. • EDWARD M. RICHARDSON, JR., New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Sigma Pi; ROTC; Scabbard and Blade. • ALLEN LEWIS SCHINDLER, New Orleans, Louisiana; Gamma Delta. • DONALD A. MULLER, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi; Westminster Fellowship; Pan-Hellenic Council. • RUDICK J. MURPHY, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Sigma PI; Secretary-Treasurer Senior Class, 1950. • HAROLD RAYMOND NEUBURGER, New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Gamma Sigma; Publication, Business Talk. • BERNARD LEO NEVILLE, Hattiesburg, Mississippi; Delta Sigma PI. • HOMOR SEVERIN NIELSON, Waterloo, Iowa. • CARL CEDRIC PERRY, Yonkers, N. Y.; Delta Sigma Pi; Business Talk; Commerce Dance Assn.; Society tor the Advancement of Man- agement; Who ' s Who. • EDOUARD McCALL PLAUCHE, New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Chi; Newman Club. GEORGE RAUCH DEWARD REED SIDNEY REYNAUD MARION ROQUEVERT EDWARD RICHARDSON, JR. ALLEN SCHINDLER 308 • HAROLD EMILE ROBERT SCHERER, JR.. Now Orleans, Louis- iana; Pi Kappa Alpha; Pan-Hollonic Council. • HENRY ALBERT SCHNITTKER. JR.. Cullman, Alabama; Delta Sigma Pi; Sociofy for the Advancement of Management; Business Tallt; Pan-American Club; Newman Club. SENIORS, 1950 • LOUIS GARDINER SEBRALLA, Memphis, Tennessee; Beta Theta Pi; Newman Club. • MIMI RUTH SEGALL, New Orleans, Louisiana; Secretary-Treas- urer Commerce Student Body; Business Talk; JAMBALAYA; Campus Nlqht. • AARON SELBER, JR.. Shreveport, Louisiana; Zeta Beta Tau; Intra-Mural Council; Pan-Hellenic Council. • SIMON SHLENKER, III, New Orleans, Louisiana; Zeta Beta Tau. • JAMES MORRIS SNEDIGAR, Miami Beach, Florida; PI Kappa Alpha. JAMES LOFLIN STULB, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha. GRANT RUSSEL SYKES, Sherman Oaks, California. RICHARD PAUL TAYLOR, New Orleans, Louisiana. • JOHN CLEMENT WALSH, Watertown, Massachusetts. • ROBERT EDWARD WRIGHT, Washington, D. C; ROTC; Scab- bard end Blade. Dob Seay ' s great uncle and even he has a date HAROLD SCHERER, JR. HENRY SCHNITTKER, JR. LOUIS SEBRALLA MIMI SEGALL AARON SELBER. JR. SIMON SHLENKER. II JAMES SNEDIGAR JAMES STULB GRANT SYKES RICHARD TAYLOR JOHN WALSH ROBERT WRIGHT 309 D N D E R G R n U A T E S First Row: • ROBERT BAILEY ACOMB. JR., New Orleans, La.; Delta Sigma Pi; Newman Club; President Junior Class; Vice-President Sophomore Class, ' 48- ' 49; Com- merce Academic Board. • GWENDOLYN CLAIRE ANDREASON, Houston, Tex.; Wesley Foundation. • JOHN FOREST BAKER, New Orleans, La.; " Hullabaloo; " International Rela- tions Club; Gamma Mu. Second Row: • LEONARD NORMAN BAGELMAN, Port Arthur, Tex.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pan- Hellenic Council; Adelphon. • MAX BARNETT, New Orleans, La.; Campus Night; President Freshman Class; Tusk; International Relations Club; Assistant Feature Editor; " Business Talks. " • CHRISTIAN ELLIOTT BOSCH. Delta Sigma Phi; JAMBALAYA. Third Row: • ROBERT JOSEPH BOUDREAU, Lake Charles, La.; Sinma Alpha Epsilon; Adelphon; Greenbackers; Pan-Hellenic. • REGINALD ROY BRINKMANN, Shreveport, La.; Kappa Sigma; Army ROTC; Campus Night; Tusk. • JEAN WINIFRED BROWN, New Orleans. La. Fourth Row: • AARON LEVY BUCHSBAUM, Savannah. Ga.; Kappa Nu; Intercollegiate Zionist: Fed. Of Am.; Hillel. • DANNY BUCKMAN, New Orleans, La.; Zcta Beta Tau. • MAC G. BULLOCH, New Orleans. La.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Adelphon. Fifth Row: • KENNETH EDWARD BULLOCK, Ellisville, Miss.; Alpha Sigma Pi; Army ROTC. • JEFF F. CHOUEST. New Orleans, La.; Delta Sigma Pi. • MILTON FRANKLIN CLINTON, Osceola, Ark.; Delta Sigma Pi; President Freshman Class, ' 48- ' 49. Si.xth Row: • JAMES ARMOND COBB, New Orleans. La.; Alpha Tau Omega. • EHUD J. COHEN, Washington, D. C; Hillel. • JOEL COHN, Newark. N. J.; Sigma Alpha Mu. Seventh Rov : • SYLVAN ROBERT COHN. Union Springs, Ala.; Zefa Beta Tau. • PAUL FERNAND DASTUGUE, New Orleans, La.; Delta Sigma Phi; NROTC; President Sophomore Class, ' 48- ' 49; Vice-President Com— erce Student Body. ■49- ' 50; Alpha Phi Omega; Who ' s Who; JAMBALAYA; P.esidant West.minster Fellowship: President Delta Sigma Pi; Society for the Advancer.ent o; Man- agement. O MAURICE C. DAVIS, Chicago. III.; Zeta Beta Tau; Glee Club; JAMBALAYA. Why did ' ia do it. Phallle??? UNDERGRADUATES Who ' s the baldheaded dude in your hdnd, Footsie??? First Row; • JULES LOUIS DAVIDSON. JR., New Orleans, La.: Phi Delia Tliela. • JOHN MILTON DoBEN. New Orleans. La.: Alpha Tau 0.-r,ega; Ncwmjn Club. • JOSEPH FREDERICK DERRY. Sclby. Yorkshire. England; A Cappella Choir; Glee Club. Second Row: • WILLIAM H. NORMAN DUNCAN. New Orleans. La.: Beta Theta Pi; Pan- Hellenic Council. • BYRON BRODIE EICHHOLZ, Savannah. Ga.; Zcta Beta Tau: Glee Club; Operetta. • WILLIAM DARRELL EVANS. Sedalia. Missouri: Signna Chi. Third Row: • VERNON L. EWING. New Orleans. La.: Sigma Chi. • KARL EZKOVICH. New Orleans. La. • JAMES COULTER FAUST. New Orleans, La.: Delta Kappa Epsilon; Army ROTC. Fourth Row: • BERYL FISHER, New Orleans. La.: Sigma Alpha Mu: Glee Club. • MILDRED MARY FOLEY. New Orleans. La.: Delta Zcta • MARY ALICE FOURNIER. New Orleans, La.: Delta Zeta: Newman Club: Tusk. Fifth Row: • ABRAHAM PHILIP FRIEDMAN Franklin. La. • HOWARD HARRELL GALLOWAY. Moble, Ala.; Phi Delia Thela: Air ROTC; Glee Club. • FLORENCIO G. LINARES GARCIA. La Habana. Cubj. Sixth Row: • J. WARREN GARDNER New Orleans. La.: Delia Kappa Epsilon. • LEONARD EDWARD GESSNER. Now Orleans, La.: Beta Ttiet Pi; NROTC. • ALLAN JOSEPH HARRIS. JR., New Orleans. La.: Beta Theta Pi. Seventh Row: • THOMAS NATHANIEL HALL. JR.. New Orleans, la.; Beta Thela Pi. NROTC: Lagniappos: TaHraM Club. • STEPHIN IRA HOLZMAN. Trenton. N. J,; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pan-Hellenic Counc ' l: Adelphon. • RICHARD 0. HOWE. Marfield, Ky.; Sigma Alpha Epsi ' on. a mm U H D E R E R A D D A T E S First Row: • JAMES ANDREW HUMPHREYS, JR., Memphis. Tenn.; Alpha Tau Omega; NROTC. • LILLIAN HYMAN, New Orleans, La.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Unit Manager; Commerce Junior Class. « LEO RICHARD JALENAK, JR., Memphis, Tenn.; Zeta Beta Tau. Second Row: • LEON KAHN, Morgan City, La.; Army ROTC; Zeta Beta Tau. • JAMES BRADLEY KEMP. New Orleans. La.; Kappa Sigma. • WILLIAM CHAPMAN KNIGHT. New Orleans, La.; Phi Delta Theta; Army ROTC; Christian Science Organization; International Relations Club; " Business Talk. " Third Row: • GORDON LEBARON, New Orleans, La. • AUDNEY LEE LEHMAN. Richmond, Va. • DONN HERBERT LIPTON, St. Louis, Mo.; Zeta Beta Tau; International Rela- tions Club. Fourth Row: • ANTHONY JOHN LOWE, New York, N. Y.; Zeta Beta Tau; Forum; Interna- tional Relations Club; Radio Workshop; Tuiane Veterans ' Association; " Business Talks. " • ROBERT ALLEN MALTZ. Newton. Mass.; Zeta Beta Tau; Campus Night; Laqniappes; Tusk; Baseball; Adelphon. • VINCENT MASSIMINI, JR., New Orleans, La.; Kappa Sigma; Adelphon. Fifth Row: • DAVID HERRMAN MASUR. Monroe, La.; Zeta Beta Tau; Air ROTC; Band; Symphony Orchestra. • LOUIS SLADNEY McGEE. JR., New Orleans, La.; Sigma Chi. • ROBERT CHARBONNET MclNTYRE, New Orleans, La.; Air ROTC; Alpha Tau Omega; Newman Club. Sixth Row; • CLAIRE METZGER. Selma, Ala. • SIMON MEXIC. New Orleans, La.; Sigma Alpha Mu. • F. LEONARD G. MILLER. Jackson, Miss.; Zeta Beta Tau. Seventh Row: • RICHARD MERRILL MILLS. New Orleans, La.; Baptist Student Union. • R. DAVID NELSON. New Orleans. La. • J. CHRIS NUNGES5ER, II, New Orleans, La.; Phi Delta Theta; NROTC. Keep the hell off the grass, Mac D N D E R G R A D D A T E S m so fhrilled!!! First Row: • MEL OPOTOWDKY. New Orleans. La.; Zeta Beta Tau; " Hullabaloo. " • JOHN THOMAS PABLO, Portsmouth. Va.; Delta Tau Delta. • GEORGE JOSEPH PALMER. JR., New Orleans. La.; NHOTC: Newman Club; Tatfrall Club; Campus Nlqht. Second Row: • LEONARD FISHER PARKER, Pensacola. Fla.; Zeta Beta Tau; Air ROTC. • FRANK HENRY PAnERSON. JR.. New Orleans. La.; Delta Sigma Pi; Taffrail Club; NROTC. • RICHARD GEORGE PEET. Brooklyn. N. Y.; Air ROTC; Campus Night; In- ternational Relations Club; Pelicans; " Business Talks. " Third Row; • ARNOLD NATHANIEL PESSES. El Dorado. Ark.; Sigma Alpha Mu. • JOHN POITEVENT. tvtandeville, La.; Kappa Alpha; NROTC; Canterburr Club: Tatfrail Club. • VINCENT LOUIS RAMONEDA, New Orleans. La.; Newman Club. Fourth Row: • JACKIE RAUCH. New Orleans. La.; Delta Zeta; Dance Club; Newman Club; Tusk. • ROBERT DICKS REILY. New Orleans. La.; Beta Thota Pi; Tennis Team. • THOMAS EDNAN RYAN. New Orleans, La.; Phi Delta Thela; Tusk; Delta Sigma Pi. Fifth Row: • LOUIS DAVID SKOLFIELD. Norco, La.; Delta Sigma Pi. • LARRY N. SIEGLER. Cleveland Hts.. Ohio; Sigma Alpha Mu; " Business Talks, ■ • ALAN LAWRENCE SIGMAN. Denver. Colorado: Zeta Beta Tau. 313 D N D E R G R A D D A T E S First Row: • RALFE OLIVER PETER SELVERMAN, San Antonio. Tex., Zeta Beta Tau; Y.M.C.A. • THOMAS STANLEY SIMS. Centreville. Miss.: Wesley Foundation. • STANLEY STARR, Memphis. Tenn.; Zeta Beta Tau. Second Row: • JACK FROST STEELE, Monroe. La.; Beta Theta Pi; Army ROTC. • CHARLES LOUIS STERN. New Orleans. La.; Zeta Beta Tau. • SAM STRUASS, JR., Little Rock, Ark.; Zeta Beta fau. Third Row: • JOHN ADAM TRAUTH, JR., New Orleans, La.; Delta Sigma Pi. • CHARL5 REYNES TRUFANT, New Orleans, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; NROTC. • RAYMOND WAYNE VINCENT, Lake Charles, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Fourth Row: • DONALD MICHAELIS WEIL, New Orleans, La.; Zeta Beta Tau; NROTC. • WILLIAM CHARLES WEISSBORN. New Orleans. La. • MARY ESTELLE WHITE. New Orleans. La. Fifth Row: • WALTER JOSEPH WILD. New Orleans. La. • EUGENIA MARIE WILLINGHAM, New Orleans, La.; Delta Zeta; Secretary- Treasurer Freshman Class; Baptist Student Union. Easter Sunrise Devotional ADVERTISEMENTS The James A. Noe Station NEW ORLEANS Want to sell your product? ADVERTISE IT ON THIS POWERFUL STATION WITH A POWERFUL LOT OF LISTENERS ALL OVER THE COUNTRY! 5,000 WATTS NIGHT ■u- WHITNEY NATIONAL BANK OF NEW ORLEANS Established 1883 FOROVER66YEARS,THEWHITNEYHASPRO- VIDED CONTINUOUS SERVICES TO THE BANKS AND INSTITUTIONS THAT ARE BUILDING THE SOUTH MEMBER OF THE FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION m. In New Imported Priestley ' s Nor-East Non-Crush Worsted and Mohair. $1.50 On sale at the TULANE BOOK STORE and at your Favorite Local Store 14 - NO WRINKLES WEMBLEY lor-Easf on-trush Ties (J WE World ' s Longest-Wearing Tie • CRUSH IT! • TWIST IT! • KNOT IT! • NOT A WRINKLE! Cleanable and Fadeproof BEG. U.S. PAT, OFF. — COPYBI MT 1950. WEMBLEY. INC. abklieAD 311 BARONNE STREET NEW ORLEANS 12, LOUISIANA i ltt ' Stuff • 1 imiiff . i ' ii tirnl .ft ' n ll i Stuff ' tttintff ARNAUD ' S 801-29 BIENVILLE STREET OPEN FROM II A. M. to 12:30 A.M. GERMAINE CAZENAVE Owner and manager of Arnaud ' s Restaurant, daughter of the late Count Araaud, founder of the restaurant that bears his name, as well as creator of many famous Creole and French dishes famed throughout the world. Few are the people who set foot on the sidewalk of New Orleans who do not seek to learn fhe location of Ar- naud ' s and forthwith journey there to enjoy this famous cuisine. After partaking of a notable meal, guests fre- quently ask the derivation of a particular dish: " Is it French? " " Is it Spanish? " The answer is that it is a connbination of the wizardry of the French with the art of Spanish to make Arnaud ' s masterpieces. RESTAURANT ARNAUD Ma 3477— Ra 6985 Ch 4792 CLIFF PROBST AUCTIONEER-REALTOR 427 Carondelet St. N. O. 12, La. THE AMERICAN PRINTING CO., LTD. New Orleans, La. Greetings to the Jambalaya From TABASCO The Sauce Supreme Not only the standard of fine seasoning throughout the world for more than seventy-five years, but one of the open secrets of master chefs! There are countless uses for TABASCO in every day dishes, but use it with discrimination — a few drops to make food tantalizing; a generous amount to make food hot. Summertime means Barbecue Time! For thaf extra some- thing in your barbecue sauce, try TABASCO — once tried, always used! Manufactured by MclLHENNY COMPANY AVERY ISLAND, LOUISIANA " It Pays To Play " FORMERLY " DUNLAP ' S " Specialists In all types of athletic equipment 138 Carondelet St. MAgnolia 5891 TULANE AND NEWCOMB STUDENTS For a lot of fun for a little nnoney go to the Penny Arcade at 620 Canal Street next to the Tudor and Globe Theatres. Here you can have your photograph taken automatically for 15c or for 25c you can make a recording of your voice delivered in an envelope ready for mail- ing. THE PENNY ARCADE 620 Canal Street METAIRIE PHARMACY 343 METAIRIE ROAD Phone CEdar 3199 for service PRESCRPTIONS CALLED FOR AND DELIVERED Raymond 5260 JAMES H. ROAN JAMES H. ROAN CO. Manufacturers ' Agents 329-31 Tchoupitoulas St. New Orleans 12. La. ASBESTONE CORPORATION Manufacturers of ASBESTOS CEMENT ROOFING SIDING NEW ORLEANS, LA. FOR LOVELY FLOWERS ALWAYS FRESH E. A. FARLEY FLORIST Two Locations: GENTILLY TERRACE NURSERY 3333 Sentilly Blvd. Fr. 4194 ROOSEVELT HOTEL FLOWER SHOP Lobby Roosevelt Hotel RA 5949 COMPLIMENTS OF FREEPORT SULPHUR CO. (Producers of Crude Sulphur) NEW ORLEANS PORT SULPHUR THE LOUBAT GLASSWARE CORK CO. Established 1875 Cooking and Serving Equipment and Supplies for Bars, Hotels, Restaurants, Cafeterias, Clubs, Hospitals and Institutions. 510-520 Bienville Street NEW ORLEANS Ma 281! BUSINESS AND INSTITUTIONAL FURNITURE EQUIPMENT OF EVERY TYPE LIBRARY FURNITURE SHELVING SHAW WALKER STEEL DES KS AND FILES STOW-DAVIS EXECUTIVE DESKS CHAIRS DoMORE POSTURE CHAIRS PLAYGROUND EQUIPMENT GYMNASIUM EQUIPMENT LABORATORY FIXTURES INDOOR AND OUTDOOR SEATING H. C. PARKER. INC. 336 Camp Street New Orleans, U.S.A. COMPLIMENTS OF STAUFFER ESHLEMAN CO., LTD. WHOLESALE HARDWARE IMPORTERS and EXPORTERS Phone MA 5621 5 1 I Canal Street New Orleans THE BEST FOR OUR GUESTS D ' ] WYl S RESTAURANT AND COCKTAIL LOUNGE 100 Jefferson Highway Open 12 Noon to 5 A.M. RAY McNAMARA AND HIS TRIO FOR DINNER RESERVATIONS CALL TEMPLE 5529 ACOUSTICS SPECIALTIES COMPANY 718 HIbernia Bank Bldg. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA ACOUSTICAL CORRECTION - OFFICE NOISE REDUCTION wifh ACOUSTI-CELOTEX CONSULT AN EYE PHYSICIAN FOR EYE EXAMINATION BARNETT OPTICAL CORPORATION WM. J. HAGSTETTE Opthalmic Dispensers QUALITY— ACCURACY— SERVICE Ra. 4711— Ra. 7414 833 Common St. Now Orleans 12, La. EASTMAN KODAK STORES Incorporated EVERYTHING PHOTOGRAPHIC A Connplete Line of Photographic Merchandise and Accessories 928 Canal St. New Orleans, Louisiana where good quality always costs less NEW ORLEANS MOST COMPLETE DEPARTMENT STORE atU acticH uatantee4 ct Ifcut tHcneif Sack SEARS • HOLIDAYS • GAME TRIPS • WEEK ENDS • VACATIONS Your travel dollar buys you most and takes you farther when you go by Trail ways bus. Trallways has excellent connections out of New Orleans to all points. Yes, it ' s more fun and it ' s less fuss . . . when you travel by Trailways bus. 1314 TU LANE AVE. PHONE RA 4201 Town Clotkes ... • • . Country Clotnes Tow n and Country 1432 St. Charles Ave. BEL J. 0. KUEBEl CO. Builder 55 Lake Ave. Ce. 1841 NEW ORLEANS 20, LA. MAJORS MEDICAL BOOKSTORES Three stores to serve you with any medical book in print. Subscriptions solicited for all medical periodicals in the English language. A full line of books is carried in stock at all times so that immediate delivery can be made. J. A. MAJORS CO. New Orleans 12 Dallas I Atlanta 3 COMPLIMENTS OF CRESCENT CITY FEED STORE 2001 St. Louis TU 5454 C A. SPORL CO. INCORPORATED ALL KINDS OF INSURANCE Whitney Building Canal 5341 USE QUALITY UNION COFFEE IT ' S BETTER EXTRA FLAVOR IN EVERY CUP MERCHANT COFFEE COMPANY OF NEV ORLEANS B. C. CASANAS, President GEO. E. FLETTPICH, Secre ' ary-T ' is.j ' e ' SERVING BUSINESS INDUSTRIES SINCE 1904! Commercial Stationery — Office Furniture — Files and Filing Supplies — Printing — Lithog ' -aphing — Engraving — A. B. Dick Mimeographs and A. B. Dick Supplies " Everything for your Office " DAMERON-PIERSON CO., LTD. RAymond 1204 400 Camp Street New Orleans O ' SHAUGHNESSY SERVICE, INC. A — Texaco Service Stations- 40 — Bowling Lanes — 40 101 Airline Highway LESSONS BY APPOINTMENT Temple 5577 GULF RADIO AND TELEVISION SCHOOL Since 1925 LEARN Television Radio Electronics OPERATING COURSES: Marine — Broadcasting — (AM-FM-Television) — lines — Police - Air- SERVICING COURSES: Television Receivers — Home Radios (AM and Auio Radios — Ship to Shore — Public Addres ten s — Communication Receivers — Marine Equip FM) Sys- ment Approved For Veteran Training Call-MAgnolia-3435 137 CARONDELET ST. Serving Hospitals, Schools, Restaurants and Institutions INSTITUTIONAL SUPPLY COMPANY BRANCH OF CONSOLIDATED COMPANIES, INC. V holesale Grocers LIBBY ' S FAMOUS FOODS AUTOCRAT FINER FOODS RED BALL AND JUBILEE RICE 744 South Scott St. AUdubon 4437-8 DAVIS-WOOD LUMBER CO.. INC. Grade-marked Cypress and Pine Lumber of every description. Frames and millwork. Large and small orders handled promptly. 1620 AIR-LINE HIGHWAY Phone Temple 5505 W. H. CURTIN CO. Laboratory Apparatus Reagents Spencer and Bausch Lomb Microscopes 2800 Frenchman St. New Orleans, La. FOR FINE PHOTO SUPPLIES Alw ays a complete stock of world-famous cameras and equipment, yours on easy terms. 320 Baronne Street Opposite Public Service OAK STREET RESTAURANT OYSTER HOUSE HOME OF FINE FOODS Home Made Chili, Sea Food, Gumbo, Fresh Oysters, Shrimp, Fish Crabs, Chicken and Sandwiches of All Kinds Draught Beer in Frozen Glasses Students Cordially Invited 8242 Oak St. Quincy Pace, Prop. GEO. B. MATTHEWS AND SONS. INC. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Manufacturers of High Grade Horse and Mule, Deiry, Poultry Feed and Mashes WE ARE JUST A MATTER OF HOURS FROM YOU ACCURACY All orders are carefully checked before ship- ment. PROMPTNESS Express, mail, truck and train speed our de- livery to you shortly after the order is re- ceived. FAIR DEALING Our Policy — To serve the pharmacists of Louisiana economically, fairly and to pro- mote ideas that will build business for you. McKESSON ROBBINS. Incorporated NEW ORLEANS DIVISION New Orleans 7, La. Phone RAymond 2101 CANDIES Supplied the Cafeteria by PURITY-REISS CANDY COMPANY Since 1859 HAEMER ' S BARBER SHOP 8112 Oak Street Opposite Whitney Bank In Business Over Fifty Years Now " Air-Conditioned " For Your Comfort Solicits Your Patronage 3 Barbers in Attendance First Class Shoe Shine Department Hours: — 8 A.M. to 6 P.M. Saturdays: — 8 A.M. to 8 P.M. CLIFFORD fl. KIHG Floor Coverings Acoustical Materials Marble Brick and Tile Steel Products 219 Dryades Street Raymond 051 5 _y friend of the lAnlverAltu yy SOUTHERN BLUE PRINT CO, BLUE PRINTS ARCHITECTS AND ENGINEERS SUPPLIES film negatives BLACKLINES 710 Gravler Street ELECTRICAL LOGS PHOTO-COPIES NEW ORLEANS 12, LOUISIANA PHOTOSTATS FRONT AND BACK ON ONE SHEET BY " PHOTOSTAT DUPLEX " WILLIAM S. VINCENT INSURANCE AGENCY General Insurance 620 Carondelet BIdg. Raymond 1268-1269 A. s. Aloe Company " The World ' s Largest Su rgica 1 Supply House " The One Stop Source of Supply for the Physician, Hospital and Clinical Laboratory New Orleans Branch CA 7741-42-43-44 1425 TULANE AVENUE What would Jambalaya be without rice? To jambalaya and gumbo, shrimp Creole and good honest beans, rice is indeed es- sential. The rice business itself is a great and satisfying one. Growing and milling, marketing and merchandising -these of- fer a constant challenge to those of us who live with, by and for the rice of Louisiana. Growers work to improve the varieties. Scientists develop new uses for rice. Our own company made marketing RICE history this year by introducing a pack- age design new to the industry. Every enterprise affords such new and ever- interesting possibilities. As a graduate of Tulane University, you have the advantage of a fine start. It is our hope that your future " building years " — whether they be in industry or science or a profession will also be good years, yielding many challenges and richrewards. I □Hi Louisiana State Rice Milling Company, Inc. America ' s Largest Rice Millers ABBEVILLE, LOUISIANA illi aif the Xea et! In School and Out BLUE HORSE PAPER SCHOOL SUPPLIES " The Kind Your Mother and Dad Used " MONTAG ' S FASHIONABLE WRITING PAPERS MONTAG BROTHERS. INC. 182 Marisfta Street, N.W. Atlanta 3, Georgia Phone UP 3996 Pick-up Deliver • WARDROBE CLEANERS LAUNDRY • 4613 Freret Street LOUIS J. GALLO Branch Proprietor Laborafory Apparatus and Reagent Chemicals • • • • 1. L wm CO., Limited Established 1866 NEW ORLEANS, LA. ■■■■ " ■if " 4 " r4|fal 1 1A.. m m :- : ' MiiiinM m ' - SEli T wrt ' BM H r Si V n ' ' ' m Ms I: m- -, s flp 1 ' ' k ' Sf- , |H S iMffi ' ' V ' dH m ' COMPLIMENTS OF UNITED FRUIT COMPANY MB puts the New in New Orleans . . . that ' s whv whenc -cr, wherever the young crowd gathers, MB " s heautiKil correct, distinctively designed fashions capture the center of admiring attention. iMB ' s Si-cond Tloor of Fashion Maison B LANCHE K t A it S i s K E S O V r H OFFICIAL JAMBALAYA PHOTOGRAPHER P II O T O G R x P II Y BY 2034 ST. CHARLES AVE. TULANE 3469 MISS SARA FRENCH JAMB BEAUTY 1950 Jchh X. HetmaHH ft.p. . NEW ORLEANS of INCOME against OLD AGE and ILLNESS PAN-AMERICAN LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY offers a CAREER CONTRACT FOR CAREER MEN embracing a Pension for Retirement with Disability Provisions and Death Benefits ... on a Non-Contributory Basis . . . Plus: UNEXCELLED SERVICE • COMPETITIVE MERCHANDISE • FLEXIBLE UNDERWRITING For Information Address: B. B. MACFARLANE Supervisor for Louisiana CRAWFORD H. ELLIS President EDWARD G. SIMMONS Executive Vice President PAN-AMERICAN LIFE INSURANCE CO. KENNETH D. HAMER Vice President Agency Director NEW ORLEANS, U. S. A. JEAN CcniNGTON Consult Holmes Junior Shop for those wonderful, worldly-wise little evening gowns that catch and match the mood of all your marvelous moments. TJ £RE-S NO PLACE LIKE lldliiiti Junior Slirif . Siioiuf Floor Wa mf THE COLLEGE CORNER TEA ROOM HENRY KRAAK FLORIST 1425 ELEONORE STREET UP I 198 DELICIOUS ' Brown ' s " f ICE CREAM . AMERICA ' S FAVORITE FOOD ' ' ' ' ' ' KINGSKRAFT COVERS MANUFACTURED BY KINGSPORT PRESS, INC KINSSPORT. TENNESSEE DRINK OtlVL CROll COLA Best by tas+e-test WEDDINGS PICCADILLY FLORIST WE TELEGRAPH FLOWERS FORMALS CARROLLTON AT ST. CHARLES Wa 2552 Est. 1788 ORIGINAL fl»ii:iiiii: ma im:iio ' !S i: ( iiax4;i: ARTHUR LAMAZOU. Prop. Only the best grades of domestic and Imported wines and liquors MA. 8924 NEW ORLEANS. U. S. A. 440 Chartros St. FOR FURNITURE 1899-1950 BARNETT ' S— 600 CARONDELET ST. AT GODCHAUX ' S . . . YOU PAY NO MORE . . . YOU GET THE BEST IN FASHION, QUALITY. SERVICE . . . 1 la our Jnd odcHuu x ' ! TfSe a]}pare] 1 ■ ' K. _-ii . ,» ' C naircived bu SHREUEPORT EnCRflUmG compnnv SHREVEPDRT, LOUISIANA -« Partners in Proffress -r-t -r., with Southwest Louisiana Sria Markets For Beautiful ALitcbcd Diiimouil M cddiug Sets- ' " . Manufacturing Jewelers y lURONNK ST. SOUTHERN CONSTRUCTION CORP. COASTAL DEVELOPMENT CO., INC. LAKE CHARLES, LA. TULME UNIVERSITY PRESS GIBSON HALL UNIVERSITY 2741 EXT. 344 So PURE So GOOD So WHOLESOME WHOLE-PRESERVED Louisiana STRAWBERRIES " The Best You Ever Tasted " Phone Jackson 8639 MILL DISTRIBUTORS TWI-RO-PA MILLS AGENCY Twin-Rope-Yarn GEORGE J. PALMER 1607 Napoleon Avenue New Orleans SCHNEIDER BRICK AND TILE CO., LTD. Facebrick Building Brick Clay Roofing Tile Farm Drain Tile STRUCTURAL TILE Sales Office — Raymond 2855 I 101 A Pare Marquette Bldg., New Orleans La. PLANT, Slide!!, Louisiana COMPLIMENTS ( ot. V lufofd J . A. dSattet ' BALTER BUILDING BLUE BLACK LINE PRINTS PHOTOSTAT PRINTS KEUFFEL ESSER DRAWING MATERIALS SLIDE RULES DRAWING SETS SUPPLIES PHOTO MURALS NEW ORLEANS BLUE PRINT SUPPLY CO., INC. 824 Union Street RA 4196 TROPICAL PRESS OFFSET— COMMERCIAL PRINTER Canal 1294 510 Camp Streel NEW ORLEANS 12, LA. EDDIE SCHNEIDER N. E. ROSS R. P. FARNSWDRTH S. Cn„ INC. K en era l C on fra c lor NEW ORLEANS HOUSTON M. D. KOSTMAYER GENERAL INSURANCE AND BONDS 709 UNITED FRUIT BUILDING Raymond 6151 Walnut I 152 Repairing and Refinishing PIETER Van ASSENDELFT Designer and Cabinet Maker of Fine Furniture UPHOLSTERING DONE 7934 Maple Street New Orleans, La. COLLEGE RINGS SORORITY PINS FRATERNITY KEYS SPECIAL DESIGNS CREATED BERNARD GRUNNING " Better Jewelry " 146 Baronne Street FOR FUN TULANE AND NEWCOMB GO TO PONTCH A RTRAI N BEACH SHIPDECK STAGE and LIFE GUARD CONTROL TOWER _K_ Aerial View PONTCHARTRAIN BEACH QapP UNIFORMS, CLOTHING, SHIRTS, HABERDASHERY 135 CARONDELET STREET NEW ORLEANS 12, LOUISIANA ' Over 60 Years in Business " STAUSS AND HAAS Incorporated 514 CAMP STREET • -♦- • SELLING QUALITY TOOLS FOR OVER 43 YEARS You can Irade-in your old appliances for America ' s Finest Appliances at GEORGE ' S PLUMBING APPLIANCES 5226 Elysian Fields FR 9862 G1 Westinghouse Bendix Phiico Crosley Chambers RAY PHILIBERT Complete Insurance Service PROPERLY ANALYZED 501 HIbernia Bidg. New Orleans, La. CA 6526 AU 6694-5-6-7-8 THE ASSOCIATED GENERAL CONTRACTORS OF AMERICA •■ ' ■1 ' ' " " W- y - ▼ CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, INC. 1 ' ' S- o- ' ' enera i K ona-acJors 8137 Oleander St. NEIL CHRISTOPHER New Orleans 18, La. HEADQUARTERS for Scott- Atwater Shift outboards FOUR SHIFT MODELS! 4 I 16 HP $I49J0le349J0 FIND OUT NOW how far out- boards have ad- vanced — see our complete line of Scott-Atwater complete bhtft motors! All have Neu- tral, Forward, Full Control Reverse. All have single knob control, push-button carburetor drain, ball and roller bearings! Come in today. Bgy today— 12 monlhs to pay! SECURITY CO. 124-30 South Rampart St. CA 081 1 AUTO PAINTING AND REPAIRING CO.. INC. 1725 Dufossat St. BOYLE OUSTALET ' 24 Hour Emergency Gas and Oil Service " Jackson 4801 Nadtesn uoberG DENDINGER, INC.. OWNER The Department Store of Building Materials 721 South Claiborne Ave., Phone: Raymond 1363 JNO. WORNER SON BUILDERS HARDWARE W Quality Distributors of YALE LOCKS AND HARDWARE Phone Raymond 1674 Phone Raymond 0353 401-405 Decatur Street New Orleans 16, U.S.A. Samuel F. Zemurry Memorial Athletic Dormitory University 5496 New Orleans Office 4-5795 Baton Rouge Office PERRILLIAT-RICKEY CONSTRUCTION CO., Inc. Ljenetat (contractors 1530 S. Rendon Street NEW ORLEANS, LA. Pioneer Building LAKE CHARLES, LA. I04S Choctaw Road BATON ROUGE, LA. Phone CA 3619 WA 2277 Napoleon Avenue Wharf Night Phones ] WA II95-W Phone UP 1820 WA 6I0I-J THOS. W. HOOLEY SONS Machine and Boiler Works Marine Work a Specialty 1026-36 Tchoupitoulas Street New Orleans, La. BREEN ' S ' Pcflcall DRUGS Ai PRESCRIPTION SPECIALIST COMPLETE FOUNTAIN SERVICE SODA — SANDWICHES 7600 St. Charles Ave. Phone WA 3400 Prompt Delivery TULANE ' S MODERN CAFETERIA Invites You To Enjoy food at it ' s best — served in our pleasant surroundings, at reasonable prices. Dining with us is more economical than dining at home — try It on your maid ' s next night off. UPPER CITY SERVICE ROAD SERVICE— BATTERIES— TIRES— TUBES ACCESSORIES— WASHING AND GREASING W. N. MILLER, JR., Prop. Phone Walnut 4842 600 S. Carrollton Ave. : ILLER Since 1919 FIRE FIGHTING HEADQUARTERS 52 I Gravier St. New Orleans BROADVIEW CLEANERS TAILORS Alterations and Repairs of All Kinds Phone Ga. 5092 1300 N. Broad New Orleans, La. Smoke King Edward Cigars AL PENDERGRASS GILBERT GELE Tennis - Badminton rJV Fishing Tackle Supplies 6i Reel Repairs PROFESSIONAL TENNIS -SPORTS SUPPLIES 934 Gravier Street Professional " No-Awl " Restrin ging 24 Hour Service Telephone MA. 7386 New Orleans, La. -K " Where Art is Fashion " C ARRIAGE iHADE Ti BEAUTY SALON 1522 St. Charles Ave. RA 0724 J. B. EATON Board Choifman C. C. FRIEDRICHS President A. SALAUN. JR. Vice-President IRVIN L. DUSSOM Vice-Pres.-Secfetary COLUMBIA HOMESTEAD ASSOCIATION 330 Carondelet Street, New Orleans 3% CURRENT DIVIDEND MEYNIER DILLMANN HARDWARE CO. 7724 Maple Street Phone: Walnut 2546 Incorporated HARDWARE, CROCKERY, PAINT, GLASS, BUILDING MATERIALS and ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES New Orleans, La. n s 9 ill H i t I HAD BETTER CALL tARRy ' S | CLEANERS Jambdhya since printers 191B ART • DESIGN TYPOGRAPHY PRESSWORK BOOKBINDING PRINTING NASHVILLE, COMPANY TENNESSEE i

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