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II Jatnl alaifa William C. XoHf. Jk The year 1947-48 at Tulane was just about like all the rest. It started unevent- fully enough with a record enrollment of over 7000 in all branches of the Uni- versity. The influx of veterans to the campus went on unabated, and though slightly faded and ragged around the cuffs, khaki was still high style for the male population. The housing units which sprouted up last year were still overflowing, and diapers made up a large percentage of all laundry done for the residents. The new History Building was completed and put to use, and another of uncertain purpose was begun. A country club-like dormitory for the athletes was under construc- tion in center field on the baseball diamond. By the time that the miles of registration blanks had been dispersed to their final resting places, the initial excitement of registration had worn off. Every- one had recovered from the rigors of the book line, and, with exams still a comfortable fifteen weeks off, college life began with a vengeance. The flurry of excitement caused by the unexpected and dramatic victory over Alabama in the opening game of the football season soon died out, only to be revived by the 6-6 tie with L. S. U. In the season ' s closing contest. Classes, sandwiched in between Saturday nights, had been progressing pain- lessly enough and resolutions to get caught up during the Christmas holidays were being heard on all sides. Everyone lived up to them, too, along about the third of January. Mid-semester exams came as a blow to most. Dating became a thing of the past, and midnight oil was reported up ten points on the market. Blue jeans made themselves only too apparent on the Newcomb campus, and among the boys, beards and bloodshot eyes were all the rage. THOSE Then it was all over. The heat was off forjdnother four months, an fancies were turning away from books. Second semester registration cramped the style of the studertrbody only momentarily. if bod UIERE THE ( A brilliant oasketball team won the attention of the nation with vic- m the qar Bowl and Delta Dowir When the tories in the Sugar Bowl and Delta BowIT When the curtain finally fell ipm ' .. ■ on the season, only three defeats marred the record of the Greehi who had taken the measure of twenty-three opponents, including rsome of the best teams in the country. j T J " he main topic of conversation on the campus suddenly switched from basketball to international affairs with President Truman ' s an- -s . nouneement of the coming draft. A great deal of consternation was caused by the fact that nobody ' s uniforms fit any longer. Glendy Burke brought Tulane into the public eye with its Centen- V K Dfl VS TO • li }A nial Forensic Tournament. Forty-four colleges and universities from all parts of the United States and Canada were represented. The Time Forum which was to bring President Truman to Tulane, was cause OT tne wo called off because orld situation. The Hullabaloo, unde aloo, under the guidance of Dennis Bryant was again ( I . awarded Ail-American honors. There was a little noise over the policies of an obscure yearbook on the campus. T ' This year probably marked the end of a unique period in educa- ionai history. The first big group of veterans is graduating this ear, and their influx into college is rapidly falling off. They ' ll still be here for the next few years, but in ever decreasing numbers. Next year, the typical freshman will be downy cheeked as in days of yore. ollege life Is going back to normal. It ' ll never be the same. Lfluj ARTS nno sciencES mEDicine neiucomB EnGincERinG commERCE grrdurte social uj ORK ARTS AHD EHGinEERinG mEDICIHE LAIU AR TS AHD SCIEHCES mEDICIHE HEUJCOmB EHGinE ERIHG commERCE GRADUATE SOCIAL WORK AR vouR cnmpus CO CO THE RUFUS C. HARRIS PRESIDEIIT ' S mESSflGE The year 1947-48 at Tulane has found us concerned with unsolved problenns, conflicting opinions, and uncontrolled forces in the political and moral spheres of the world. Military superiority did not bring vic- tory. If the purpose of the war was idealogical, we have not won it. We have only changed our weapons from force to persuasion. Who knows how to use this new weapon? The purpose of higher education is training in the art of thinking. Mastery of that art will develop the mind for intentional and intelligent use, not for unwitting and unwilling manipulation. Freedom from preju- dice, freedom from ignorance, freedom from complacence depends upon minds disciplined enough to be con- trollable and therefore really free. For the men and women of Tulane and Newcomb, and for the wife of the student veteran, that freedom is a precious thing. They have fought for it in war, they have striven for it in peace, that they may insure for themselves and their descendants a future worthy of their illustrious past. As this yearbook brings back memories of these extraordinary campus days, I hope il will renew and nourish your determination to live intelligently and courageously, in the fear of God and in the light of truth. RUFUS CARROLLTON HARRIS Pte inleHt MAXWELL E. LAPHAM Dean of the College of Medicine Z O a m 3 ,x LOGAN WILSON Dean of Newcomb College i i) CO O O UJ mi PAUL BROSMAN Dean oi the College of Law z Q Q£ ROGER P. MC CUCHEON Dean of the Graduate School « JAMES M. ROBERT u Dean of the College of Engineering UJ z o 0£ LU 2 z 2 ID Z LU LESLIE J. BUCHAN Dean of the College of Commerce O o I u UJ u z UJ U oa I— LU LU o o - 00 Z 3 LU z I u a: LU — q: S T ca o u " iS FORREST U. LAKE Dortn of Admissions FRED C. COLE Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences JOSEPH C. MORRIS Vice-President of the University T. T. EARLE Director of University College ELIZABETH WISNER Dean of the School of Social Work ROBERT WAUCHOPE Director of the Middle American Research Institute HORACE RENEGAR Director of Public Relations ANNA E. MANY Counselor to Women. Nowcomb College z o U _i 00 Lumni AssociflTion STUoenr R BOARD DORmiTORV CO LflBflLOO THE 1948 JRmBflLAV CIL CHORAL GROUPS BARD DARI ROTC CARTERBURV CLUB RADIO LTA PHI PHI BETA KAPPA HILLE SSOCIATION REUJCOmB STUDER1 inBALAVA ASCE BAPTIST STUDEf PUS RIGHT HISTORV OF RIEDICII C T I U I T I E S umni nssociflTion studert council nEUicome non t BOARD DORmiTORV COUnCIL PUBLICRTIOnS BOARD RBflLOO THE 1948 JflmBRLflVfl STUDERT CERTER COUR L CHORAL GROUPS BARD DARCE CLUB RIEE RRRIV RAUV N)TC Cfl A PHI OCIAT BALAV pIis RIC L 1 TULflHE flLumni RSSOCIRTIOn OFFICERS E. CLAGGETT UPTON. JR President A. WATSON CHAPMAN Vice-President CLAYTON L. NAIRNE Vice-President GERALD L. ANDRUS Vice-President HARRY P. GAMBLE, JR Secretary SHELBY FRIEDRICHS Treasurer BEATRICE M. FIELD Director of Alumni Relations LAV : Arthur C. V atson. Moise Dennery, Murray Cleveland; MEDICINE: Dr. Vance M. Strange. Dr. Charles Odom, Dr. Ambrose Storck; ARTS AND SCIENCES: Edward W. Owen. Jr., Bernard D. Mintz, Darwin S. Fenner; ENGINEERING: Ralph H. Mann, Pat Richardson, Albert Fransen; COMMERCE: R. Lynn Colomb. George Dinwiddle, J. 8. Sanford, Jr.; GRADUATE: Lane C. Kendall, Mrs. Louis Binstock, Mrs. Janet W. Yancey; NEWCOMB: Mrs. Frank M. Taylor, Miss Angela Devlin. Miss Angela Gregory; SOCIAL WORK: Miss Rose L. Toney, Miss Louise Meyer. Mrs. Joseph E. Schenthal; REPRESENTATIVES AT LARGE: Harry R. Cabral. Claiborne Perrilliat. A, Brown Moore, Lacy RIcheson. The membership of The Tulane Alumni Association includes all graduates and former students of all col- leges of the University. The Student Center Building on the Tulane Campus houses the General Alumni Offices, the Alumni Records Office, and the TULANIAN, quarterly publication of The Association, which is sent free of charge to all Alumni. A representative of The Alumni Association welcomes the graduating classes at each Commencement. Active Tulane Alumni Clubs are in existence throughout the United States. hHomecoming is celebrated each year, and Class Reunions are held. On May 1 0th, anniversary of the birth date of Paul Tulane, Alumni honor their benefactor ' s memory at Princeton, New Jersey. The Tulane Alumni Fund, now in its second year, has grown to be of real value to the University. A well organized Class Agent system has been an effective instrument in Alumni affairs. BEATRICE M. FIELD BH IB " . s s t 1 S Sm kL " » lit m _ ._j GEORGE HALL GEORGE HALL, President Law LLOYD ANDERSON. Vice-President Connmerce FLORENCE GASKIN, Secretary Social Work JACK JACKSON Medicine EDMUND MARTIN Arts and Sciences PAUL LORRAINE Graduate School BETTY GRAY Newcomb NICK GAGLIANO Engineering The Student Council of the university is the highest governing body of the Associated Students of Tulane University. It is conn- posed of the presidents of each of the eight colleges of the T U L fl n E S T U D £ n T council university, and the ofFicers of the council itselF are chosen by an electoral college which is made up ot members appointed by their respective colleges. The principal function of the Student Council Is that of inter- preting and executing the constitution of the association. The Council also exercises general supervision over all expenditures from the Student Fund, as well as supervising the entire student activities program. During this school year, the Council was confronted with many problems which it endeavored to solve In the Interests of the student body as a whole. The Council published the first Tulane Student Directory. At the beginning of the year, the Council conducted an orientation program designed to familiarize all stu- dents with the physical facilities of the University. .Ill I . li I THE PUBLICflTIOnS BOARD GEORGE HALL OFFICERS Chairman ADELAIDE PHILLIPS .... . . Secretary Robert Bland Dennis Bryant Steve Ellis MEMBERS George Hall Phil Harsham Larry Hennessey Bill Long Adelaide Phillips Jack Schwegmann The membership of the Publication Board consists of the editors and bus- iness managers of the two publications, the president of the University Student Council, an elected member of the Student Council, and two senior class presidents, choose from any of the colleges by vote of the University Student Council. Besides being responsible for the selection of the editors and business managers, the board settles any disputes with or between staffs concerning questions of policy. Selection of staffs, however, is left to the discretion of the individual, Editorial and business heads. Chairman of the board is the president of the University Student Council. The advisers are Miss Beatrice M. Field and Dean George E. Simmons. GEORGE HALL 17 nEUJCome studeiit council OFFICERS BETTY GRAY President ANNE LANDRY Vice-President FRANCES CRUMBAUGH Treasurer VERA WRIGHT Recording Secretary ELAINE JONES Corresponding Secretary MEMBERS Cetty Cro ' .vne Ruth Boulet Virginia Jones Mary E. Sheehan Pat Evans Pat Phillips Beatrice Rault Betty Oehmig Olga Turner Fannie Kyker The Student Council, over which the President of ihe Student Government Association presides, is the or- ganizing and directing body of all Nev comb campus activities. Its functions specifically include keeping the Student Body informed on all matters, carrying out the legislation of the Student Body, chartering all clubs and organizations, and, insofar as possible, integrating all campus activities into one cooperative and harmonious whole. OFFICERS BETTY BROWNE President MARY VIRGINIA GRAIN Vice-President BETTY TURNER Secretary-Treasurer MISS DOROTHY SEAGO Faculty Advisor MEMBERS Ruth Boulet Betty Oehmig Page Gary Pat Phillips Pat Evans Beatrice Rault Merle Fisher Mary Ellen Sheehan Betty Gray Olga Turner Vera Wright Honor Board has jurisdiction over the conduct of the sludents of Newcomb College, and maintains the school standards of personal honor, loyalty and integrity. Each student, upon entrance into the College, signs a pledge in an impressive ceremony before the Board, promising to abide by the regulations of the Newcomb Honor System. Any infringements or violations of the pledge are referred to the Board for judgment, each student being on her honor to report herself as well as any other student involved. The Honor Board supervises all general student body elections, from keeping the polls to counting the votes. nciucomB HonoR board 18 neujcomB doritiitorv council OFFICERS RUTH BOULET President NAT WALKER West WInq President JEAN HARDIN East Winq President MARION WASHAM Warren House President VALERIE EDWARDS Doris Hall President JOYCE JOHNSON Secretary MEMBERS Gertrude Chitty Ann Colebeck Virginia Colebeck Myrna Feinberq Sally Foster Virginia Frederic Virginia Jones Pegqy Jordan Jeannine MeGee Betty Oehmig June Sherrouse Mary Ann Thompson Betty Turner Ann Welch The Newconib Dormitory Council, which is composed of representatives from all of the campus houses, provides the resident-government for students of Newcomb College living in the dormitories. It carries out the rules and reaulations, tries offenders, and serves with executive, judicial and legislative powers. The Council also provides for entertainments by and for its members, working with all dormitory students for an efficient system of self-government in matters relating to the conduct of its members, both as Individuals and as a social group. It attempts In these ways to obtain a well-rounded dormitory life. OFFICERS VIRGINIA JONES Chairman JEANNINE McGEE Secretary MEMBERS Gladys Bloom Rene Bousquet Elsie Brupbacher Laurelle Fillmore Jean Hardin Claire Hero Virginia Jones Marjorie Isaacson Jeannine McGee Beatrice Rault Gail Swarzwnbach Anita Yancey The Newcomb Athletic Council is the executive body of the Athletic Association, which is composed of any student who participates in activities offered by the gym. The Council is composed of: a representative from each class, chairmen of the three big intramural sports, presi- dents of individual athletic clubs, and the leaders of the four leagues — Dixon, Gibson, Howard, and Norman. Everyone in the Athletic Association falls into one of these four categories, as a method of competition. The results of intramural competition may be either League or individual victories. Trophies are awarded the winning Leagues, and gold charms go to the winners of individual tournaments. Awards for the accumulation of Individual points, which are given for all athletic participation, are, in order, a felt " N " letter, a silver " N " pin, and a blazer jacket with the seal of Newcomb. These awards are given for enthusiasm and participation, not merely outstanding skill in sports. nEUJCome athletic nssocinTion 19 STEVE ELLIS THE 1948 STAFF STEVE ELLIS Editor CARL SCHUMACHER Associate Editor ELA HOCKADAY Associate Editor HARRIS COPENHAVER Assistant Editor VMLTER SPENCE Assistant Editor JACK ORTEGA Orqanlzatlons JANE BIEDERMAN Organizations TOM POWER Features BUBBA RAPPEPORT Snapshots JACK WEINMANN Fraternities DORA MARTIN Fraternities REPORTERS Anne McAskill Catherine Naef Ann Ventress Bertha Stein Bobbie Blum Bill Crull CARL SCHUMACHER ELA HOCKADAY Ye Editor looking over a Power caption Vol! THINK Recipe for Jambalaya: Take one office. Add three tables, one addressograph, two cabinets, nine filing cases, 150 1946 Jambs, 200 assorted yearbooks, one hatrack, two slightly aged type- writers, and chairs to taste. Mix well and add a sprinkling of assorted characters. Boll for six months, adding ink and copy paper at regular intervals. Serves 3500. JflmBflLflVfl Org. Edlfor Ortega and Bill Crull BUSINESS STAFF WILLIAIvl C. LONG Business Manager HARRY HOWARD Assistant KEN McCLOUD Assistant BILL WEIL Assistant ELIZABETH JANSSEN Assistant JACKIE SILIN Assistant MICKEY CARSO Assistant The Business Staff as usual received, or is still trying to receive, the gravy resulting from the Business end of Jamb Assistant Editor Copenhaver and picture pulling party efforts of the Editorial Staff. But then where would they be without the money brought In by the financial engineers of the book? A new idea instituted is the use of the campus personalities as models In the ad section. BILL LONG DENNIS BRYANT THE RLL-RmERICnn HULLflBflLOO When Editor Dennis Bryant surveyed his meager newspaper sta+t last September, he concluded that Editorial Order No. I must real: " Inter-staff dating v ill not be tolerated. " For marriage had ripped the staff from stem to stern. Gone were Associate Editors Bob Barnes and Wllma Knight by way of the altar. Gone was Society Editor Lorraine Freeman with trackman Hugh Liles, to the tune of the wedding march. Untouched by love ' s demands were: Phil Harsham, who filed the associate editor ' s slot; Rosemary Carnes, who moved into the society editor ' s shoes; Columnist Vic Gold was rumored " steady " with Dale Soloman, the new Newcomb editor. Single Henry Hulla business staff 9 Threefoot took over spores, along with married Al Perry and suspected John Gleason. New faces made to realize the dateless responsibilities of being a Hullabalooite were: McVey Ward, Edgar Ashworth. Bob Guggen- heijTier, News Ed. Bill Jenkins, feature writers Diane Ferrell, Herman Kohlman, Critic Pat Cronin, and Assistant Business Manager Larry Hennessey. Even Business Manager Jack Schwegmann fell under close scrutiny as well as Feature Ed Harry Heintzen. Heintzen remained a loyal newspaperman throughout, scorning entangling alliances, but Jack broke the shackles near the close of the Bryant term by marriage to Nanette Taylor. A few days before his term as editor closed, Bryant made a start- ling announcement: His engagement to Newcombite Rene Herbert. A careful screening revealed Harsham as the least likely to be hooked. " I live in the veterans barracks, and, as such, am not a likely prospect. Besides. I don ' t have a car, " he said, clinching his eligibility. With car-less Harsham came still single, still around McVey Ward and Harry Heintzen as associate editors. Unfortunately, Ward had gone the way of most flesh by planning to marry Betty Holland in September. With the New Order, some changes and additions were made. Dale Soloman became copy editor and Diane Farrell took over as feature editor. Edgar Ashworth was promoted to assistant copy editor. Continuing In the same jobs were Bill Jenkins as news editor, Henry Threefoot as sports editor, Rosemary Carnes as society editor, Vic Gold as columnist and Jim Blitch as cartoonist. Singer Larry Hennessey, as business manager, dropped his vocal chords to look after the Hullabaloo purse strings. With him, hands cupped under the money bags, was Assistant Business Manager Tom McBrlde. Harlan Sindell got a weekly mouthful of Uncle Sam ' s postage paste as circulation manager. _, OmiCROn DELTA KRPPfl OFFICERS T. N. JAMES President HANS B. JOHASSEN Facuiiy Advisor MEMBERS H. L. Baker R. F. Bland G. E. Burgess, Jr. E. L, Deramee, Jr. L. Fin ley N. J. Gaqliano C. B. Hall R. Harris, Jr. G. L. Hetherwicic J. T. Jackson T. N. James F. W. Lewis F. B. Martin H. Marx T. B. Mcintosh A. Moore C. M. Moss, Jr. R. A. Murphy T. Reboul J. K. RIess (faculty) H. L. Stone T. A. Svendson J. H. Terry Omicron Delta Kappa Is a national collegiate organiza- tion which selects for membership students who have excelled In more than one of the following fields of uni- versity activity: scholarship, athletics, social and religious affairs, publications, speech, music, and dramatic arts. Members are elected from the faculty and administration on the basis of having displayed unselfish leadership in the interest of the university. The two primary bases for election are character and leadership. ODK is the only national collegiate organization which recognizes excellence in extracurricular pursuits; It is also the only national collegiate organization which embraces both student and faculty as active members. The national organization was founded at Washington and Lee University in 1914. The Alpha Zeta Circle ai Tulane was established In 1930. OFFICERS LEONARD FINLEY President TOM MclNTOSH Vlce-Presldenl EDMUND MARTIN Secretary MEMBERS Herbert Baker Newell Berry Forres Collins Rufus Harris, Jr. Floyd Lewis Henry A. Mellon Aubrey Moore Murphy Moss Bob Murphy Dean Pfelffer Jimmy Plauche Troye Svendson Kappa Delta Phi was founded at Tulane In 1904 as an honorary organization for the promotion of school spirit. Each year it selects from the junior and senior classes and from graduate school, men who have been conspicuous for school spirit and for distinguished and unselfish loyalty and endeavor during their university careers. One faculty member Is recognized for outstand- ing service. Kappa Delta Phi has a two-fold purpose. It confers membership upon those singularly effective and successful in promoting school spirit and advancing university enterprise, and it binds together these men Into an organization dedicated to further endeavor In behalf of Tulane. KflPPfl DELTA PHI 24 PHI BETH KflPPfl OFFICERS DR. WILLIAM DUREN President MEMBERS Quentin L. Ault Herbert Bloom William Brown Dorothy Carru + h William Cherry Neville Cull tvlarqaret Cuneo Donald Dexter Julia Ferguson Lois Flurry Fay Frey Norman Creco Simeon Heninger, Jr Leo hloran Roy Huss Maxine Kaplan Norman Karchmer Dolores Kelley Felice Maurer hielen Meriwether Lillian Nequeloua Frank Orland Herve Raclvitch, Jr. Andrew Reck Jane Rodrlque Roqina Rouk William Shepard Matthew Sutherland, Jr. Harold R. Swardson, Jr. Robert Warriner, II Barbara Wedemeyer Anne Weitz OFFICERS DANIEL T. RAWLS President GEORGE E. NUNN Secretary-Treasurer Lloyd W. Anderson, Jr. Alice Colleen Becham Jean E. Friedman David Glover MEMBERS Alvan D. Hellback Lindon J. Mellancon Andrew G. Henning Art Oldstein Ernest N. Kahn Henry Plouche (Honorary) Elton C. Lasseiqne George T. Plunkett Walton J. Lebretan Benjeman Roach, Jr. Edward B. Scherich Roy J. Segall Guy W. Trump Patricia Jo W-jrner Beta Gamma Sigma, a national honorary commerce fraternity, was founded at the University of Illinois and the University of Wisconsin in 1913. The Alpha chapter was founded at Tulane in 1926. The purpose of this association is to encourage and reward scholarship and accomplishment in the field of bus- iness studies among students and graduates of collegiate schools of business; to promote the advancement and spread of education in the science of business; and to foster principles of honesty and integrity in business pratice. BETA LflmBDfl SIGdlfl 25 T fl U BETA PI OFFICERS ROBERT G. BEADLE President GRIFF C. LEE Vice-President FRED WEISSBORN Recording Secretary ROBERT F. BLAND Correspondinq Secretary MEMBERS Robert G. Beadle Walter Martiny Richard F. Blake Robert L. Pons Robert F. Bland Nicholas A. Saiqh Robert F. Fortier Surey R. Slovenko John D. Fitch Milton Van Manen Nicholas N. Henriques Rodney M. Vincent Griqq C. Lee Luther hi. Waller Robert A. Lonqmire Fred Weissborn The Tau Beta Pi Association was founded at Lehiqh University in 1885 by Edward Higgenson Willians, Jr. It is dedicated to those who have conferred honor upon the ' r Alma Mater by distinguished scholarship and exemplary character as underqraduates in engineering, or by their attainments as alumni in the field of engineer- ing. Its aim is to foster a spirit of liberal culture in the engineering colleges of America. New members are selected from the upper scholarship brackets of the College of Engineering by vote of the chapter. Tau Beta Pi was founded at Tulane in 1936. The society is composed of regular members consisting of medical men and women v ho as undergraduates have given promise of becoming leaders in their professions, of honorary members consisting of physicians who have at- tained distinction in any worthy line of human endeavor, and of persons, whether physicians or not, who have gained unusual recognition in fields related to medicine. The most prominent requisite for membership is high scholarship in a broad sense, along with evidence of strength of character, Individuality, originality and moral character. The aims of the society are: (I) the promotion of scholar- ship and research in medical schools, the encouragement of a high standard of character and conduct among medical students and graduates, and the recognition of high at- tainment in medical science of practice and related fields; and (2) the creation of a fund to aid deserving students in the School of Medicine of the Tulane University of Louisiana. DR. RALPH G. SMITH OFFICERS President DR. WILLIAM A. SODEMAN . DR. EDWIN S. KAGY Secretary-Treasurer Vice-President Benjamin Reid Clanton Flora Finch Hurst Bunn Hatch, Jr. Aynaud Maurice Hebert MEMBERS Ervin Hecker Roy Ryoichi Ohtani Francis Leon Jaubert, Jr. Takeshi Okano James Gentry Moore Francis Meredith Parks Thomas Everett Strain, Jr. William Dennis Thames, Jr George Wylie Wyatt flLPHfl OmEGfl flLPHfl 26 flLPHfl CHI SIGmfl OFFICERS FREDERICK A. OECKBAR PresidonI FRANK R, HESS. JR Vice-Prejidenl PHIL NAQUIN Reporter ALTON A. LANDRY Recorder GEORGE B. LUCAS Treasurer HOHN C. CLARK Master of Ceremonies GEORGE E. THOt-IPSON Alumni Secretary CHARLES G. MARSHALL Chapter Advisor MEMBERS John W. Anderson J. Landwehr T. M. Birdwell J. G. Lipps. Clarence Biack R. A. Louymire R. J. Bryson T. E. Louis John C. Clark George B. Lucas N. Cull R. B. Marston Frederick A. Deckbar Herbert E. tvlauterer Noel C. Davie. Jr. Christopher L. Menqis R J French J. R. McLaughlin R. B ' . Galbrelh H. C. Moke Ruber A. Generes Frank J. Monteleone Angelo V, Graci Phil Naquin Guy A. Guillot Boo Nunnaly Alton S. Hall G. K. Shaw Frank R. Hess. Jr. G. A. Schmit P. E. Hollov ay George H. Thompson C. G. Jeremias S. L. Vail. Jr. Geo. G. Lamaousy Clyde Welcker Alton A. Landry W. K. Witherspoon Alpha Chi Sigma Is a professional chemical fraternity open to qualified men in chemistry and allied fields. The Alpha Tau Chapter was organized at Tulane in the spring of 1928. The three objects of the fraternity are: 1. To bind its members with a tie of true and lasting friend- ship. 2. To strive for the advancement of Chemistry both as a science and a profession. 3. To aid its members by every honorable means in the at- tainment of their ambitions as chemists throughout their lives. The Alpha Tau Chapter sponsors annually a freshman essay contest in Chemistry at Tulane. It also sponsors a safety program and maintains a display case in the Richardson Chemistry Building. OFFICERS CLYDE J. WELCKER President GAYLE SCHWARZENBACH Vice-President GEORGE LUCAS Treasurer LORELEI CARROLL Secretary MEMBERS Ledolpti Baer Douqias R. Ingram Burnham J. Berthelol Elizabeth Jensen Lorelei G. Carroll Georqe G. Lambousy Arthur Corey Harold A. Levey, Jr. John R. Cripe Robert A. Lonqmire Edmund Dakutls Georqe B. Lucas Frederick A. Deckbar William E. McWhirter Carl W. Eller Albert I. Mailer Mary FInley Charles Mastio Georqe L. Foerster Ashton J. Pecquet Frank D. Franklin. Jr. Gayle M. Schwarzenbach Alder Frederlckson Georqe K. Shaw Joan C. Grattan Herschel Sidransky Rosalind Harris Beryle E. Stall Stanford P. Herron Gloria Stewart Frank R. Hess, Jr. Clyde J. Welcker Randall A. Houidobre Georqe M. Zleqier One of the newest orqanlzations of the Tulane- Newcomb campus Is the Student Affiliates of the Ameri- can Chemical Society, which was established here durlnq the summer session of 1945. With Dr. John Scott as Its faculty advisor, the qroup functions to stimulate Interest In the more modern advances in chemistry. Members have the opportunity to learn, and to ' express themselves In the various branches of their chemical interests by the presentation of oriqinally prepared papers, and by informal discussions. RinERicnn CHEmicfli societv 27 UJ L CLUB OFFICERS JOE OGLE Presideni ROY LEDBETTER Vice-President DAVE SEEL Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS H. Blackburn R. Maxon D. M. Bradburn D. E. Newman R. Brock A. Ochsner W. W. BuckhauKs J. C. Oqle R. Gales F. M. Parks J. G. Denton R. J. Peace E. L. Garlett M. PraH J. E. Goode R. Raborn J. Heard J. Sawyers J. Jackson D. Seel R. Ledbetter S. SkiHicorn A. K. Mclnnis J. V illiamson The Owt Glub is an organization composed of twenty- four seniors in the School of Medicine elected yearly on the basis of their character, personality, scholastic in- terest. The purpose of the club is to promote better student-faculty relationships so that both parties may benefit from constructive criticism, in order to maintain and advance scholarship, teaching, and ethics at the Medical school. In addition, the organization Is pledged to several projects, such as gathering information of aid to junior and senior students in the selection of internships, and has taken leadership in sponsoring the Tulane Medical Research Fund, for the promoting and financing of wider research at the School of Medicine. OFFICERS CARL SCHUMACHER President HARRY HEINTZEN Vice-President EDMUND MARTIN Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS Dennis Bryant Vernon Bourdette Bliss Buchan Thomas Clapp Patricia Cronin Paul Desbon S+eve Ellis Diane Farrell Elmer Freed Lawrence Fritz Robert Guggenheli Philip Harsham Julian Henrlques David Kleck Edmund Martin Patrick McCauley Paul Newman Carl Schumacher Thomas Sillars Richard Smart Frank StaJnton McVey Ward Robert V ' Illar d David Yockey Founded at Tulane In 1926, Theta Nu. honorary journal- ism fraternity, strives to further the achievement of good journalism not only on the campus but wherever Tulane copy Is printed. It is especially active In the develop- ment of undergraduate participation In the Hullabaloo. Back In force after a wartime lapse, Theta Nu will again award the Reporter ' s Gup to the outstanding Tulane reporter of Tulane news and will continue to pro- mote interest in the annual Dorothy Dlx Feature Story Contest. Last year ' s award was presented to David M. Kleck. T H E T R n U 28 BETA BETA BETA OFFICERS HtLEN SHERRARP PresldenI PRISCILLA WELLS Secretary GLADYS BLOOM Treasurer MEMBERS Frances Bryssori Peqqy Michel Rosalie L. Cocchiara Rosemonde Peltz Ellen Kelley Joyce Sieknnann Gloria Stuart Beta Beta Beta is an honorary international bioloqical fraternity which was formed in 1920. The Beia Lambda chapter was installed at Newcomb Colleqe in 1933 Beta seeks to encouraqe scholarly attainment in the scientific field of learnlnq by reservinq its membership for those who achieve superior academic records and who indicate special aptitude for the subject of biology. Every month Beta Beta Beta sponsors a noted speaker, who lectures on some bioloqical field. OFFICERS GEORGE E. BURGESS Maqiste. ROBERT C. SMITH Clerk JAMES G. DUBUISSON Exchequer PEDRO E. MUNIZ-RAMOS Historian MEMBERS Michael H. Baqot John Harty, Jr. Nicholas D. Bernard Norwood H. Hinqle, Jr. Francis H. Bohlen Robert E. Johnson Farrell A. Blanchard Lee P. Lottinqer Julian P. Briqnac Charlton H. Lyons, Jr. Marvin L. Collins Edmund Mclllhenny William J. Conrad Aubrey L. Moore Dwiqht A. Dahmes Herve Racivitch, Jr. Georqe Deneqre Edward J. Randle Jack H. Folk Davis F. Reid Edward V. Frayle Edward H. Saer, Jr. Georqe H. Fust Russell J. Schnoekas Mason P. Gilfoil Hugh L. Stone Harry Glass II " James E. Wright, Jr. Donald R. Wellford Phi Delta Phi leqal fraternity selects its members on the basis of scholarship and ethics. Hs aims are the pro- motion of leqal training and ethics. Projects for White Inn for the year 1947-1948 include a placement service for law qraduates and a lending library for law students needing textbooks. PHI DELTA PHI 29 flLPHfl sicmn sicmn OFFICER MERLE FISHER President Ruth Boulet MEMBERS Betty Gray Betty Browne Alpha Sigma Sigma is the senior honorary so- ciety. It was founded at Newcomb in 1 9 1 5 to promote leadership, scholarship, and loyal s ervice to the school. On Alpha Sigma Sigma Day the names of those elected are announced before the Student Body. These members represent the ideals of honor, scholarship, leadership, ser- vice, and school spirit for which the organization stands. The members of this organization play a large part in Freshman Orientation and have charge of Freshman Government for the first semester of the school year. OFFICERS JEANINNE McGEE President BEVERLY McARTHUR Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS Lanier Allingham Beverly Brown Emily Jean Grisson Dora Martin Betty Oehmig Jane Parkhouse Carol Sue Smith Vera Wright Anita Yancey At the end of each year the most outstanding freshmen at Newcomb are selected on the basis of school spirit, leadership, and scholarship to be Assets. Initiation day is a highlight on Newcomb campus. At the chapel service the new members are called from the audience and donkey ' s tails are tied on them by the Sophomore Assets. After a song has been composed in honor of the day, the initiates, led by the old members, parade around the campus, concluding the initia- tion with a luncheon in the recreation room of Dixon Hall. The following year Assets take an active part in Freshman orientation. The president is on the orientation committee and the members act as Big Sisters to the Freshmen. S S E T 30 G fl R G V L E S OFFICERS JOHN I. NEEL Prosldonf CHARLES W. ELLIS Vlco-Presldonf ROY L. DAVENPORT Secretory-Treasuror FACULTY MEMBERS A. Herbert Levy Buford L, Pickens J. Horndon Thomson MEMBERS James B. Blltch Raymond J. Boudreaux Emlle de Armas Kenneth C. Landry Albert C. Ledner Jesse O. Morqan Salvat ore C. Noschello Albert G. Olivier Arthur E. Shelton William H. Woodward The Tulane Chapter of Gargoyle, the national archi- tectural honor society, was established in 1923. Quali- Tcations for membership include high scholastic average and a demonstration of leadership in the profession of architecture. Members are selected from the 3rd, 4th, and 5th year students of the school of Architecture. The active alumni make up the major portion of the membership. The Tulane Chapter sponsors an annual architectural design competition open to members of the sophomore and Junior classes of the architeclural school. OFFICERS FALL SEMESTER HUGH H. STONE, JR Editor-in-Chlet HAROLD MARX, JR Civil Law Editor FROBEL E. LEE .... Statutory Interpretation Editor HERVE RACIVITCH, JR Book Review Editor AUBREY L. MOORE Secretary GEORGE B. HALL Index Editor EUGENE A. NABORS Faculty Advisor GORDON O. EWIN Index Editor MARGUERITE G. STEIN Secretary SPRING SEMESTER AUBREY L. MOORE Editor-in-rhlef GEORGE B. HALL Civil Law Editor GEORGE DENEGRE Statutory Interpretation Editor CHARLES J. BOUDREAUX . . Book Review Editor EUGENE E. HUPPENBAUER, JR Secretary GORDON O. EWIN Index Editor GILBERT HETHERWICK Index Editor EUGENE A. NABORS Faculty Advisor MARGUERITE G. STEIN Secretary BOARD MEMBERS John G. Baldwin, Jr. Thomas B. Mcintosh Luclen " C " Bertrand Clement M. Moss, Jr. John W. Cox Edward H. Saer, Jr. Eustace L. Edwards Russell I. Schonekas Norwood N. Hinqle, Jr. Robert C. Smith R. Lohmann Matthew R. Sutherland Floyd W. Lewis James G. Tucker, Jr. Thomas C. Wicker, Jr. Established in 1929, the Tulane Law Review is devoted to the civil law, comparative law, codification and statu- tory interpretation. Edited by a student board under the supervision of a faculty advisor, the Review is pub- lished quarterly and enjoys an enviable and respected position among leading American legal periodicals. TULflHE LflUJ REUIEUJ 31 mOOT COURT BOARD LR SOCIETE DU DROIT CIUIL OFFICERS LEE F. MURPHY Presiding Judge RUFUS C. HARRIS, JR Clerk LEON D. HUBERT Faculty Advisor MEMBERS Lucian C. Bertrand, Jr. Thomas B. Mcintosh, Jr. William J. Conrad Lee F. Murphy James G. Dubuisson Sidney W. Provensal, Jr. Robert H. Gipson, Jr. Milton I. Rosenson Rufus C. Harris, Jr. Alphonse J. Schmitt, Jr. Frederick J. R. Heebe James H. D. Tipping Robert E. Johnson Francis McR. Turner, Jr. Edmund Mcllhenny Albert V. Zimmermann, Jr. The Moot Court system in the College of Law Is espec- ially designed to train students in the preparation and argument of cases. It is this practical aspect of the practice of law toward which the efforts of the Competi- tion are directed. Technical training in research, brief writing, and oral argument of cases before a court form the foundation of the moot court work. The present Court is composed of 16 ranking members of the Junior and Senior classes. The work of the Court is to prepare the facts to be argued, sit as Justices on the Supreme Court of the State of Tulane, and to super- vise and administer the competition. Since no one jurisdiction is controlling in the Supreme Court of Tulane, the student attorney must weigh the social and economic factors and must concentrate on the functioning of the rule of law. In the acadamic year 1947-48 the Moot Court Compe- tition was won by Walter Wedig and Chalin Perez. In accordance with the tradition of the College their names will be engraved on a marble plaque in hte College of Law Library OFFICERS CHARLES J. BOUDREAUX PresldenI ELLIOTT R. BUCKLEY Secretary CLARENCE J. MORROW Faculty Advisor MEMBERS Joseph E. Allain David E. Hoqan Charles A. Anderson, Jr. Hewitt B. Johnson Walter G. Andry Marcel Livaudais Nathan G. Beard William J. Lopez Lucien C. Bertrand, Jr. John M. Myers, Jr. John A. Boatner Charles H. Netter Charles J. Boudreaux Herve Raclvltch. Jr. Elliot R. Buckley Edmund M. Reggie Patrick L. Colomb Anatole J. Resweber Harris D. Copenhaver Irvin B. Salomon Eustace L. Edwards Alphonse J. Schmitt, Jr. Georce C. Ehmiq Robert B. Stark Edward V. Frayle Andre V. Woqan Carol Hart Robert L. Vickers The Civil Law Society was formed at Tulane in 1938 by a group of law students who were Interested in extra- curricular research and discussion of Lousiana legal history and the Civil law. The interest of the Society is not confined to the legal systems of Lousiana and France, but those occupy an outstanding position in their work. The Society was not active during the war, but was reactivated In 1946. The present membership has done much to maintain and improve the program of student participation and guest speakers on the Civil law which has been the means of carrying out the objects of the Society. 32 OFFICERS ED MARTIN President BILL WEIL Vica-ProsidonI MARY JOAN GONIA . . Secretary MEMBERS Lucy Adams Dora Martin Polly Adams Ed Martin Ruth Boulet Bill Moore Tom Bowman Emily Moise Jim Brennan Beverly McArlhur Betty Browne Jeannino McGee Michael Carso Dick Nunnally Paqe Gary Betty Oehmig Scootie Day Bob Parsons Tom Deane Pat Phillips Rudy Eason Ed Plauche Joan Esslq Tom Power Bill Faust Bubba Rappaport Merle Fischer Bea Rault Jim Gibert Jack Roberts Joan Gillls Buddy Rose Mary Joan Gonia Jo Ann Scott Tom Green Mary Louise Scherer Mary Ann Hebert Wilson Shoughrue Dee Herrlcit Frank Stitch Emmett Holbrook John Smallpage Jim Huff Bill Weil Joyce Johnson Jack Weinman Eugenie LeDoux Violet Whithead Bill Long Pineapple Williams Anita Yancev ., Laqniappe, the Tulane student dance organization. sponsors undergraduate dances throughout the school year. Something for noth ng is the literal translation of their name, and the members live up to it by giving street dances, the Homecoming dance, the Freshman Dance, and a boat ride each year. They also sponsor a " name band " dance each year. This year, Sammy Kaye brought his orchestra to New Orleans to play for the Tulane students. OFFICERS TORRIE JONES President LLOYD McLaughlin . Vice-President NED LAMBREMONT . . . .... Recording Secretary CHARLES RAMOND . . . . Corresponding Secretary ANTHONY ORTEGA . . Treasurer JOHN ST. PAUL .... . Campus Project Chairman SIDNEY ROSENTHAL . . Alumni Secretary MEMBERS Roland A. Bahan Ryan Morreau Frank A. Bell Anthony Ortega Grover Bynum Robert Lee Parsons William Carlisle Bernard Paxton Phil Flowers Charles Ramond Phares A. Frantz Edwin C. Rose Robert H. Fuselier Sidney Rosenthal Carl B. Hakenios John St. Paul G. Torrie Jones Robert P. Schlessel Julian Kurtz Thomas E. Sisson Edward N. Lambremont George Sladovich William Lyons Theodore G. Smith Lloyd A. McLaughlin Douglas P. Starr Warren Mix Sidney Lee Vail Jess O. Morgan George R. Wimbish Gamma Upsilon chapter saw one of its most active years during the 1947-48 session since its beginning six years ago. Activities of this year included selling tickets to the Hurricane Bowl, spo isoring the traditional " Ugly Mug Contest " , ushering at the Easter Sunrise Services and spring concert, and planning the program for Paul Tulane Day. The national fraternity, founded in 1925, at Lafayete College, in Pennsylvania, has as its purpose the assemb- lage of college men in the fellowship of the Scout Oath and Law, the Development of friendship, and the pro- motion of service to school and community. | L fl G n I fl P P E s RLPHn PHI OmEGfl 33 GREEnBRCKERS Greenbackers rose to new heights this year in their activities by sponsoring several large parades on the Friday night before football games in downtown New Orleans and one in Houston, Texas, before the Rice game. This was the first time that Tulane students had indulged in such an undertaking since before the war. Freshmen once again wore freshman caps and sat together to make the most effective cheering section in many a long year of listless school spirit. Greenbackers sponsored a Fraternity and Sorority Singfest which was won by Pi Kappa Alpha and Kappa Alpha Theta in an attempt to establish a new tradition on Tulane Campus. The gym was the scene of a Tiger Hunt sponsored by Greenbackers and Coach Cliff Wells received a plaque in recogni- tion of his fiftieth victory for Tulane. All this was accomplished along with the adoption and obtaining of a new design service key for members and a new type jacket. OFFICERS WILLIAM C. LONG, JR President BOB PARSONS Vice-President BETTY RUTH DAVIS Secretary ELROY SCOTT Sergeant-at-Arms Merline Auzine Ruth Boulet Jimmie Brennan Emigdio Buonomo Grover Bynum Jack Byrd Mary Lou Cabral Forres Collins Margaret Cojider Bayless Conley E. Voss Cooksey Robert Cox Jack Dabdoub Betty R. Davis Donald Dexter MEMBERS Barbara Dresher Pat Evans Mary Finley Merle Fischer Georgia Fisher Dave Fried John Gleason Betty Gray Tommy Green Harold Grehan, Carl Hakenjos Mary Henderson Patsey Housel Eddie Hytken Harold Jamison Bob Jones Jr. Peggy Jordon Bill Keller Mary Jane Krinsky Lottie Lee William Long Hank Mlllon Dick McCutchen Jerry Mcintosh Cristel Nungesser Bette Nicoll Bob Parsons Hal Peck Bea Rault Charles Raymond Natalie Roehling Jack Schwegmanm Eiroy Scott Wilson Shoughrue Peter Smith Joan Solomon Joanie Spity Clay Talbot Margaret Thibeaux Dave Green Jean Turbeville Olga Turner John Walker Lew Weiner Herbert Williams Mary Williamson Ann Woodride 34 Ul OFFICERS TOM POWER President DABNEY EWIN Vice-President EMMETT B. HOLBROOK. JR Treasurer BLAKE WEST Secretary JACK COOPER Serqeant-at-Arms FRANK STICH Mahout The Tulane University Spirit Klub is in its second year of functioning on the cannpus. It was started last year when a group of students felt that there was a need for another school spirit organization. The KLUB sponsors such things as bonfires and pep rallies, before the game greenie stunts, a cannpus guide service, and anything else that will benefit the school and the students. Jeanne Abadle Lewis Abraham Joseph Acierno Patsy Adams Polly Adams Adrion Aitkens Mary Belle Alston W. J. Anderson June Antley Joyce Appel Rene Aubry Ledolph Baer James Baker 8cMy Barlcdull S. Barnett Bettic Ruth Barrere W. L. Bass G. Beauccoudray Beverly Becker Peter Beer Jano Beiderman Fred Bennett Carol Benton Jules Bernard Deborah Berry MEMBERS Lucillf e v:- Virginia Blundoll Pat Bradford Elaine Brazda Ann Bfodie Jean Browno Patsy Burke Molly Ann Caheen Joan Chan Mario Compagna Frank Cannon Vic Carattinr Dorothy Carrere Lorelei Carrol) Leititia Carter Jane Carver Pat Caiso Phyllis Chancellor Millicent Clesi Carolyn Cohen Arnold Cooper Jack Cooper Cy Courtney W. Crull Frank Dalia Duboit Daniels Dutanev Dart Thomas Deane Gd : D- .. } ■♦ C M: _ . _ 3rd Barbara l tcu.tr Leah Orcshner John Dreyfouf Ann Ougon Shirley Uuisor A. Eason Valerie Edward Marjorie EMingson Joan Etiig Phallie Evans Jerry Fallctta Willlonr Fant M. Fellman Margaret Field Dorothy Finn Shirley Finklestein Jack Gallion Margee Gsndolfo Nathalie Ganucheau Margaret Gassett Lea trice Gorstenblith Marilyn Goll Louis Good V. L. Goodwin Shirley Green Jeanne Grissom Carol Granberry Betty Haase Mary Haneman Joyce Harper Patsy Hausman Mary Hebert Eva Hellmers Clarie Hero Mary Mickey Lynn Hock Edward Hodge Katherinc Hodges Marilyn Hodges Marion Hoqan E, Bradford Holbrook Alice Hoover Harold Horowitz James Huss_ Janice Hullinghorst Charlotte Hunt Susan Hyamo A. Hyland L. Jatenais Sally James Bob Jennings Jouls Jumonville Leone Kahn Gilda Kansas Alan Kaufman Richard Keller Nancye Kimmel Ruth King John Koob Edward Lambrcmont Mary Landry Ken Langgluth Marie Larue Thomas Leach Eugenie Lcdoux Ferd Levy Mildred levy Harriet Llversey Aline Longino Allen Lottinger Don Lutcnbacher Beverly Lyie Betty Lyons Elsie Magendie Elizabeth Malin Robert Moltz Ross Mamola Dottie Maness Mercedes Maraist Jane Marrlot Dora Martin Lillian Massamini David Masur Pat May L. McClanahan Rosemary McDonald Zoo-Love McGovcrn Jack McGowan Lloyd McLaughlin John McLaughlin Betty McLean Frances McShane Don Meister Elizabeth Michaels Thelma MIchalik Martha Mills Warren Mix Erwin Monastersickey Bill Moore Nancy Moore Emma Morphy Lucien Moss Angela Moyan Maud Muller Sid Murray Betty Nairne Richard Nash Mary Newton Eddie O ' Connor Anna O ' Donnelt Jean Orr Pat O ' Suliivan Ted Pallet Isabel Peal Parks Pedrick Conelius Perkins Ninette Pcrrilllat Harold Pike Jimmlo Joe Purzer Sanford Radnw Helen Rapier Myron Rappeport Gloria Ratchford Maylou Renaud Jack Roberts Buddy Rose Dorothy Rosen Beryl Russakoff Gene Rutter Donnie St. Onge Joel Sandra Anna Schauber Ruth Schumann Gaylo Schwarzcnbach Mason Se als Morey Sears Dottle Segari Betty Ann Simpson Phil Sitpakoff Mary Smallpage John Smallpage Betty Smith Susie Smith June Sparkman Nancy Stallworth Doug Starr Robert Stem Frank Stich Effie Stockton Betty Ston»r r iugh DCrq Jo Von Ehren A. Wagn p ■g Jerry V. Anita Floria t j. TUSK 35 STUDEHT CEIITER COUnCIL OFFICERS DUNCAN GRAY President DAVE TREEN Vice-President LOU CABRAL Secretary Bliss Buchan Phil Bultman Lou Cabral Sally Foster Duncan Gray Bill Lyons MEMBERS Jeanne Mayo Jerry Mcintosh Hank Millon Brenda Moore Dave Treen Alan Van Sinden Harold Wedlq The activities of the year consisted of all ac- tivities that took place in +he Student Center: bridge, chess, ping pong tournaments and all students stomps. CHAIRMEN Ann Colebeck Rosemary Kenety Virginia Colebeck John Marque Noel Dlllard Hugo Wedemeyer Mary Burkam Withers The Forum, a non-membership organization, holds weekly lecture discussion-meetings on topics of general Interest. Meetings which are open to the public, are held informally In the Student Center Lounge on Tuesday or Wednes- day nights. A guest speaker first presents his point of view, and the floor is then thrown open for discussion. The Forum thus affords students an opportunity to discuss topics of current in- terest with authorities in the field. Some of the topics arousing the most lively campus Interest this year were: " States Rights and White Su- premacy, " " Wallace and a Third Party, " " The Woman ' s Place, " " Existentialism, " and " Ac- ademic Freedom — Can Teachers Be Communists? FORUm BOARD 36 OFFICERS WILLIAM M, GORDY Prciidont FRANK S. BRUNO Vicc-PreiidenI MARY ROHRBERGER SocrolorvTroasurcr LEATRICE GERSTENBLITH Librarian DR. JOHN KIEFFER Facuily Advisor inTERnflTIOnRL RElflTIOnS CLUB MEMBERS Suzdnne Alcus Margaret Bailey Gwcn Bailie George Barrow Deborah Berry Virginia Bowen Marjorio Brown Ben Brubacher Clivo Cummis Claric Courtney Olive Oavis Fred Dixon Brooke H, Duncan. Ill Leah Dreschen Mariorie Ellingsworth Lois Emrich Virginia Fredericks Claude Gillette Patricia Goff Frank Godkman Norman Gould Shirley Ann Grau Helen Hahnberq Mary Hoiden Dorcas HollJnqsworth Anna Hover Amy Clarie Jacobs Hermine Jacobs Hugo Erwrn Johnson Maxine Kaplan Mryer Kaplan Norman Katz Mary Louise Kendall Armand Legcndre Anthony Lowe Ivan Magnitzky JohnMarque Carmen Martinez Robert Masston Jeanne Mayo Jacqueline McCutcheon Warren Mix Jack McGowan E ' . Lee Mowc Anna Well Pake Noel Parmentel Carl Pepstein Aubre Robertson Louise Rothchild Sally Sawyer James D, Schneider David Sherman Louise Smith John S. Treen Lawrence Wadsworth Emil Vela Wedemeyer The purpose of the International Relations Club Is to in- struct and enlighten student opinion in current events. The members endeavor to accomplish this by becoming acquainted with the political ideas of the nations of the world. Member- ship entitles a student to use all books furnished the club by the Carnegie Peace Foundation. Officers of the Organiza- tion are: William M. Gordy. President; Frank S. Bruno. Vice- President; Mary Rohrberger, Secretary-Treasurer; Lea trice Gerst- cnbllth. Librarian. OFFICERS LAURELLE FILLMORE President MEMBERS Lucille Bernard Lydia Bosworth Dodie Brisbi Joyce Bruff Laurie Bull Lorelei Carroll Janice Carter Maria Garcia Isabel Gardner Rita Mae Greqorie Dessame Hart Honey Hohenberq Anna Hover Mariorie Issacson Shirley Isklwitch Fanny Kyker Carol Layton Harriet Livesey Gayle Macltenroth Isabel Peal Dolly Ann Souchon Helen Thomsen Kay Threefoot Carolyn Wenlinq Violet Whitehead Luciana Wriqht Doris Wunder Promotinq interest in creative dancing of all types, the Newcomb Dance Club has progressed considerably under the enthusiastic direction of Miss Francis Bush. During the year all ballet routines necessary are sup- plied to campus productions, besides the annual sprinq recital in which every member participates. This year the recital was held on May S, 1948. Membership is through try-out. neujcomB daiice club 37 t Ay Arms and the Man TULflne uniucRSiTv theater honey T. U. T. got under way this year with an entirely new set-up. For years our cry has been " We need a theatre, " and this year our plea was partially answered by a merger with the New Orleans Little Theatre. T. U. T. gained three directors, two technical directors, and a good stage; and the Little Theatre gained a number of inexperienced, but hard working, student crews. The aim is still for a campus theatre, but until our dream comes true, we can take advantage of the facilities at our disposal. The nine shows this year were open to students, and two of the shows, " All My Sons " and " Kiss and Tell. " were also brought up to the campus. Besides the two shows mentioned the productions of the year Included " Golden Boy, " " The Philadelphia Story, " " Out- ward Bound, " " Arms and the Man. " " The Late George Apley, " " Medea, " and " The Time of Your Life. " Working under Dr. Monroe Lippman, executive director, are: Robert Hyde Wilson and Darrell Ross, associate directors. Ethel Crumb Brett and George W. Hendrickson, technical directors, and Beverly Bruff. executive secretary of T. U. T. MEMBERS OF NATIONAL COLLEGIATE PLAYERS Beverly Bruff President Killian Charbonnet Patricia Cronin Stocker Fontelleu FACULTY MEMBERS Ferd Manning Margaret O ' Neil Lloyd Roux Ethel Crumb Brett George W. hiendrickson Daniel Mullin Monroe Lippman Advisor What makes the show go George Boileau on the lights MEMBERS Clare Abrahm Phil Ambler Dorothy Baer Frank Barchard Alice Blundell Georqe Boileau Beverly Bruff Joyce Bruff Louis Cajoleas Killian Charbonnet Patricia Cronin Larry Dillon Joan Donaldson Stocker Fontelieu Elizabeth Garrison William Gilthorpe Robert Goodman Roy Grubb Marjorie Isaacson Lottie Lee Oscar Levy Marylen McKenzie Ferd Manning Donald Moister Elizabeth Michaels William Moore Catherine Naef Marqaret O ' Neill James Plauche Monica Tiernoy The Late George Apley Everybody wants to get into the act Rehearsal — a must for any show cnmpus niGHT ORGflnizflTion Below: Quick, Henry, the anti-freeie Bottom: Who fluffed that last line? STAFF MYRON H. RAPPEPORT Co-Chairman BETTY RUTH DAVIS Co-Chairman CHARLEY WITCHER Production Manager BRADFORD HOLBROOK Publicity Manager The Campus Nighters were responsible for four prod- uctions. The first was to welcome the new students to Newcomb. The second, which took place the night be- fore the L. S. U. game, was to be an original take-off on the song hit, " Civilization, " but technical difficulties pro- hibited this. Instead, a variety show was presented which included an ode by a quartet for the benefit of our upstate rivals: Down upon the Mississippi, Stands the olde war skule! It ' s an old abandoned out house. Known as L-S-U! The Five Misses Third was the Fraternity Skit night worked out in con- juction with the Pan Hellenic Council. The Delta Sigs took first place with an original three act play, a drama- tization of that old love feud, " Frankie and Johnnie. " The fourth event of the year was a joint operation with the Radio Club. It was a simulated radio broadcast. Below; Tote dat barge Bottom: Looks novet Bubba UnlversHy Convocation CHORAL GROUPS The Choral groups of Tulane and Newcomb offer a varied program to those interested in group singing. They play an important role in the life of the university, participating in many of the official ceremonies, as well as the student productions. There are six organized groups which take part in these activities. Under the direction of Maynard Klein of the Newcomb School of Music, the finest choral music is presented. Their repertoire varies from the masterpieces to the works of contemporary composers. The groups perform annually at the Newcomb Me- morial Service, the University Baccalaureate Services, and at other events that might require their services. Each of them has appeared on programs of national and city-wide scope. The Tulane and Newcomb Glee Clubs form the back- bone of the choral organizations, the only require- ment for membership being an interest in singing. The A Capella Choir which consists of the most advanced singers of the University, has attained an enviable reputation. This year the twenty-first presentation in the traditional series of Gilbert and Sullivan operettas took place. Ruddigore was well received. In the spring the Gertrude Stein, Vergil Thompson operetta Mother of Us All was presented for the first time since its premiere. Newcomb Glee Club Newcomb Choral Group t Tuinne uniuERsnv enno The Tulane University Band, numbering seventy-four players is composed of men. .students from all schools of the University. During the football season, the Band performed at all home games and made the trip to hlou- ston for the Rice game. A " Pop " Concert the Friday preceding hHomecoming, presented the Band in its first concert appearance of the year. In the spring the band presents its traditional Annual Spring Concert in McAllster Auditorium. OFFICERS JOHN J. MORRISSEY NORWOOD R. PRETO PORTER WARREN . . DAVID WILLIAMS . . ROBERT GOODMAN - . . .... Director . . - President 1st Vice-President 2nd Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer HARRY MENDELSON, JR Librarian WILLIAM MOORE Assistant Librarian FRANK NATHAN Publicity EORGE BOILEAU Technical Director ROY GRUBB Assistant Technical Director MORRIS WARNKE Head Drum Maior ' i Pmipk HPsm ■ ■ ' ■ ■ ' «; MEMBERS Charles R. Alfaro Arthur E. Baggett, Jr. Lester W. Bergeron Paul Blau George E. Boilear J. H. Bonck, Jr. Richard E. Brown Charles L. Buddecke William E. Carlisle James Cook Fred H. Cooper, Jr. William C. Crais Frederick A. Deckbar Theodore L. Demuth John A. Ferris Samuel S. Fine Lionel E. Flotte, Jr. Philip H. Flowers Leon S. Gabaeff Don M. Gallant Lyie J. Garrity. Jr. Marvin Gluckstern Robert H, Goodman Carol D. Greene Roy B. Grubb, Jr. Francis C. Gulnle Richard R. Hart Sol S. Heiman William Heine Stanford P. Herron Edward I. Hytken Robert D. Irving Robert Jennings J. T. La Nasa Haskell Laramie Robert J. Latina John F. Laur Harold A. Levey, Jr. Cedrlc T. Lowrey Donald Mackenroth Morton Madoff Ferdinand L. Manning Fortune Mannino Fred Mannino Joseph Marchese Ray P. Martinez Harry Mendelson, Jr. Wiiliam R. Moore Frank Nathan Jerome J. Palazzolo Norwood R. Preto Sherman F. Raphael Gordon Richards Samuel J. Ross Donald R. Scherer L. T. Sherer, Jr. Paul C. Sllbersher Eric D. Simmons Harold Smelson Frank Smith, Jr. Robert W. Smith, Jr. Melvin E. Steger J. E. Stockwell Fernand J. Toups, Jr. Ralph J. Turner Donald J. Veca Morris Warnke Porter H. Warren, Jr. Charles L. White, Jr. Dave Williams David Williams Lynn Wooten James E. Wynne 44 OFFICERS WILMER HINRICHS Spoater ROLAND J. STERNFELS Vice-Spooler EMMETT B. HOLBROOK Secrotary-Troasufor FRANK S. BRUNO Public Relations WILLIAM M. GORDY Parliamentarian DAVID J. WOOD Historian MEMBERS: Milton Anton, Arthur Barron, Herbert Bloom, John B. Brldgowater, Frank Bruno. Alvin Eason, Edmond Eberle, John Flowers. Jr.. William Gilthorpe. Nick Gordon. William Gordy, Nathan Halpern. Jr.. Harry Hammill, Wilmer Hinrichs. Bradford Holbroolt. Torrie Jones. Warren Mix. Edwin Mowe. Anthony Ortega. Jr.. William Ragland, David Schaeffer. James Schneider. Carl Schumacher. Harry Sneed, Roland Sternfels. John Welnmann. David Wood. 1848- 1948 FORENSIC CENTENNIAL One hundred years ago Glendy Burke, a ccnTemporary oi rjui Tulane and an outstanding educator, banker, public official and humanitarian, set up a sum for the establishment of a prize in elocution, later known as the Glendy Burke medal. Thirty-two years later, the boys got down to constltutionallzlnq their activities, and appropriately adopted their fosterer ' s name, adding " Literary and Debating Society. " This was in 1880. four years before the adoption of the present name of the university. The caliber and success of Tulane ' s Glendy Burke alumni has been proven. Among them are prominent members of the Tulane Board of Administrators, internationally known doctors and lawyers, law faculty members, one of the few lawyers privileged to practice before the U. S. Supreme Court, a journalist of CBS fame, Loulsl- arui b moil pi.nnoent contemporary author, a member of Conqreu, and the president of a midwostern university. The Glendy Burke Society, proud of its heritage, proud of its illustrious alumni, and proud of its past, has not rested upon its laurels. Glendy Burke members derive their eiperience from a yearly program which includes a number of infercolloqiate debates. Besides regular, formally conducted meetings, the program also includes competition for the George Priie, awarded to the best debater of the year, and the George H. Torriborry Priio for excellence in public speaking. The varsity debaters won the men ' s championship of the Grand National Debating Tournament in 1946 and 1947. Oxford University of England and West Point were among the univers ities debated this year. G L E n D V BURKE 45 R E n D E S OFFICERS FLORA MAE ZEIGLER President OLiVE DAVIS Vice-President DIANE BOURGEOIS Secretary BARBARA DRACKETT Treasurer MEMBERS Betty Brandeau Virginia Brodie Pat Cronin Jean Eddy Betty Evans Lorraine Fox Betty Freedman Isabel Gardner Sue Henderson Margaret P. Houseal Dolores Kelley Beverly Lyie Anne Meyer Blanche Meyers Stella Mongeau Ann Otto Dorothy Post Ann Robinson Gayle Schwarzenbach Susie Smith Sydney Smithers Corinne Vauqhan Beverly Wolf Oreades is an honorary organization of members of the Classical department at Newcomb to encourage interest in the Greek and Latin languages and literature. Each year before the Christmas holidays a Saturnalian party is given in true Roman style. During the year, lectures and discussions on classical subjects are pre- sented. OFFICERS JOY HARPER Pesiden) BEVERLY JACKSON Vice-President ALICE ANN BUTMAN Secretary MARY EMILY ACREE Treasurer MISS BETTY RAYMOND . Faculty Advisor MEMBERS Mary Emily Acree June Antley Gene Baird Jean Brandin Jane Bratton blafne Brazda Dodle Brisbie Carol Brown Alice Butman Nannette Caffery Milllcent Clesi Kathleen Coleman Peggy Connell Joy Crews Virginia Day Helen Deal Margaret Ann Edwjrds Sara Eustis Jean Felder Deane Fournet Nancy Franketl Ruth Frye Carol Gates Isabel Gardner Casli Gavin Nlta Joan Glade Cleta Godfrey Joan Goodman Shirley Green Bea Haas Tanya Wahl Jean hiardin Joy Harper Sue Henderson Henrietta Herbert Margaret Heyer Kathleen Hooe Beverly Jackson Hermine Jacobs Sue Keefe Nancy Lockwood Leah Loveland Christine Mag ruder Betty Marlowe Peggy Michel Elinor Newstadt Judith Nott Patty O ' Brien Carolyn Pettiss Mary Francis Prioieau Adair Ramsey Louise Rothchild Doris Seeliq Betty Lee Seff Millie Smitherman Gayle Stocker Noreen Thoman Geargine Thome Jean Tuberville Teency Walker Carolyn Winlinq ART CLUB The purpose of the Art Club is to promote the University art principles throughout the community. An Interest in art is the only requisite for membership. 46 OFFICERS MARIA GARCIA NORBERT BARRUEL . . CLAUDINE COULANGES . . Proiidenl . . . Vicc-Proiidcnt Secrotary Tfeosurer F R E n C H CLUB MEMBERS Lanier Allingham Guertain Bcaucoudray Pafrlcia Bradford Carol Brown Anne Bryan Turner Anne Burdetle Ann Colebeck Virginia Colcbecic Claudine Coulanqcs Jane Davidson Joan Donaldson Leah Dresher Claudia Dyke Maud Ellen Farrar Maria Garcia Charlotte Gilbert Patsy Goff Joan Goodman Ela Hockaday Mary M. Holden Ruth Hoppe Peqqy Jordan Virginia King Fannie Kyker Marie Louise La Garde Haskell Laramie Jean Leftwich Leo A. Loubere Ann Maddrey Clarence J. Martin Carmen P. Martinez Charles May Marylen McKenzie Kenneth Mcleod. Jr. Tricio McRaven Catherine Noef Nancy Phillips Russeit Porter Anthony Savoco Betty Lee Seff Bayto Sheinbcrq Joan Soloman Ruth Raddin Donald Randolph Oneil J. Richard Barbara Tope! Req Trotter Betty Turner Arnil K. Vela Ann Ventress Jackie Walker Mary Withers Tanya Wohl Martha Worthing ton The French Club, one of the newer campus organizations. was reorganized this year. The activity of the group has been the presentation of a series of lectures by noted members of the faculty and the community. The club was organized by a small group of students who desired to further their interest in the study of French and who wanted to derive pleasure and benefits from their mutual interest. In the future the group plans to extend ils program to in- clude a greater variety of events such as a dramatic program, a banquet lectures and Internationa! activities. OFFICERS CARL VON MEYSENBUG President LORELEI G. CARROLL Secretary-Treasurer GAYLE SCHWARZENBACH . Corresponding Secretary BILL AICKLEN Publicity Chairman BERYL STALL Social Chairman MEMBERS Bill Aicklen Lewis Miller Betty Barrere Edward C. Moore Beverly Becker Robert L. Pons Lorelei Carroll William Pollard R. Dalia Sandra Roqaschenko N. C. Duvic Charles Raymond Ethel Eaton Gayle Schwarzenbach Greqory Ferris H. Sidrandky Dave Freed Beryl Stall Marguerite Galloway Harold Schaefer Rita Greqorie Grover J. Trammell Leonore Gutierrez Carl von Meysenbuq Joan Grattan Drury Wall Dessamae Hart Am. M. Wohlet Eddie Hess Flora Mae Jeiqier Frank Hess Dr. W. L. Duren John Hodqes Dr. R. Hersh Tom Louis Dr. B. J. Pettis Paul Lorraine Dr. J. F. Thomson Dr. A. D. Wallace The Math Club endeavors, by presenting student and faculty speakers, to stimulate interest in mathematics and related fields. Topics for the popular talks qlven at the monthly meetings range from such subiects as " Complex Variables " and " The Mathematical Theory of Games " to subjects with such deceivingly unmathemaflcal titles as " Lion Hunting In Africa. " Orqanized in 1940 by Dr. William Duren, the Club has continued to function under the able guidance of Dr. J. F. Thomson. Membership is granted any Tulane or Newcomb student who has completed at least an elementary course in Calculus. m fl T H CLUB 47 G E R m fl n CLUB L fl T E R T U L I fl 48 OFFI CERS PORTER WARREN President DORIS DUVIGNEAUD Vice-President MORRIS HEPLER Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS Seymour Berson Don Carpenter Lorelei Carroll Frank Chalaire Cy Courtney Norman Davis Doris Duviqneaud Marie Dwyer Carl Epstein Robert Fuselier Mason Griff Ernest Haydel Morris Hepler Thomas HIley George Horvath Hans lllinq Alan Kaufman Burton Klein Eola Levy George Lindberg Ralph Lowenthal W. F. Owens Helen Rault James Reynolds John Robertson William Rosenbauer Beth Smith Riley Smith Murdock Snelling Chris Teeuwissen Peyton Tunstall Harris Ullman Frank Vonder Haar Porter Warren Martin Williams Eugene Wilson Joe Wood Oskar Zernlckow After a successful year under the capable leadership of Porter Warren, the German Club will resume its activi- ties in September, 1948 with German films, student skits and lectures on German culture by various speakers. Plans are also being made for a picnic at the end o f the year. OFFICERS CARMEN MARTINEZ President ANNA HOVER Vice-President HARRIET STEVENS Secretary FANNY KYKER Treasurer MRS. J. B. MARTINEZ Counsellor MEMBERS Joan Arbour Beverly Blane Diane Bourgeois Beverly Broyles Joyce Caldwell Myrna Flrnberg Virginia Frederic Maria Garcia Louise Goldman Sydney Hohenberq Anna Hover Lillian Hyman Anna Jones Rosalie Ketchum Helen King Fannie Kyker Ann Levy Carmen Martinez Virginia May Emily Moise Carolyn Montgomery Trudy Weil Susan Moore Carolyn Murphy Florence Muse Jackie McCutcheon Betty Oehmlq Jean Orr Patty Paterson Mary Ann Patterson Gloria Ratchford Denise Relnecke Nathalie Roelinq Marilyn Rosenthal Mattie Jo Simmons Beverly Sherwood Charlotte Shoaf Pearl Singerman Jacklyn Steeg Harriet Stevens Dodie Sturcken Mary Thoman 2ue Vance La Tertulia Is the honorary Spanish Club on the Newcomb campus. It holds meetings once a month at which there is a speaker who is an authority on his subiect. This year each meeting Is devoted to some cultural phase of Spain or of a La tin- American country. There are four reunions each year to which the whole University, as well as the public. Is Invited: October 12th. Columbus Day; a Christmas Fiesta; April 14th, Pan-American Day; April 23rd, Cervantes — Dia de la Lengua. OFFICERS GEORGE C. SIMMONS President HUGH L. BAKER Vice-President MERLE H. WEAVER Secretory-Treasurer MEMBERS G. C. Battalora J. P. Byrne J. M. Carstens R. F. Catchinqs L. W. Cobena W, C. Cowan B. H. Dehart F. S. Ellis C. F. Fee M. B. Gatlin F. Gotesky R. B. Hayes R. J. Hope E. G. Kinq E, J. Laizer R. J. Marino C. E. McHale C. C. McLean L. V. Provensal V. P. Randatzo N. J. Schrieber C. Sciortino M. J. Stouse L. Usner C. W. VanVleet L. M. Vass J. T. Velkas J. D. Williamson Gamma Epsilon Omega — honorary qeoloqical fra- ternity — was founded in 1945. Its activities include lectures by practicing qeoloqists, student papers, and social functions. This group is distlnquished by their ability to raise beards. They are currently petitioning Siqma Gamma Epsilon, national honorary geoloqical fraternity, for affiliation. OFFICERS BERND FALK President STANLEY M. PULITZER Vice-President PAUL JENSEN Secretary jAMES a. CRONVICH Faculty Advisor MEMBERS Wm. E. Andrews. Jr. Ed Atkinson Hal Backer Lee Buddecke Edward Buwe Al Buxton James A. Cronvich Richard Davis Godfrey Donovan Bernd Falk Vincent L. Goodman Paul Jensen Larry Justrabo Daniel E. Kinkley. Jr. Don LeBrun Henry Lehmann Richard Maxwell Alan McWhorter J. F. Palmer Stanley M. Pulitzer Fred Schmidt Howard Shrieffer Phil Slipakoff Jack Tallant J. H. VanOs T. G. Wing During the past year the radio club station WSYU In the physics building has enabled the club ' s members to communicate with other amateur stations all over the world. The club was organized to foster amateur radio on the campus and to assist the community by render- ing public service. Last September, the station served as the sole link between New Orleans and the outside world during the hurricane. Members of the club build emergency equipment, participate in contests, hear lect- ures by prominent speakers, and experiment with new equipment. Gflmmn epsiloii oitiegr RADIO CLUB 49 HISTORV OF mEDICine SOCIETV OFFICERS ALTON OCHSNER. JR President JAMES WILLIAM VILDIBILL, JR Vlce-Presideni ISADOi E YAGER Secretary JOHN H. TERRY Treasurer B. BERNARD WEINSTEiN. M.D Faculty Advisor Founded in 1933, through the stimulus of Gordon Holcomb. Gres Dawson and Bernard Welnstein, the History of Medicine Society Is primarily Interested In tracing the development and seek- ing factual Information in Its field. Basing Its selection of member- ship upon Interest in the group, scholastic standing, faculty recommendation and group approval, the organization each year selects from the undergraduates those fulfilling these standards. Meetings are held every other Friday night at the Student Center; student members alternating with faculty members In the presentation of papers. One of the major projects of the year Is the publishing of a transactions of the papers for permanent reference in the Medical library. At an annual banquet In the spring, newly-elected members are presented with membership certificates, officers for the next year are Introduced and awards are made. These include the Rudolph Matas award for the best student paper, and 1. I. Lemann award for the best discussion of the paper and the B. B. Welnstein award for the most outstanding research done by a student member. V . J ' 1 MEMBERS Ivan S. Alfman John Marsh Frere, Jr. Clu Flu Lusk Robert Joseph Schramel Robert H. Barnes, Jr. John Rogers Gibson Cunningham R. MacCordy Henry Gerson Simon Robert V. Barnett William R. Hardy, Jr. Henry Cone Magee, Jr. Stanley Arthur Skillicorn Andrew Jackson Barry Friedrichs Henry Harris Robert Leslie Maqee John Leslie Smith, Jr. Frederick B, Berry Mary Lee Murray Hickman Jeanne Marie Marcoux Richard Thomas Smilh Henry Webster Blackburn, Jr. Richard Vernon Hickman Donald Taylor Morrison William Christian Super Donald M. Bradburn Leo Sallaspy Horan F rancis Ignatius Nicoile John H. Terry Robert Jackson Cales Louis Bond Huqhes Alton Ochsner, Jr. George Wm. Tucker Yale Citrin Robert Eugene Ivy Robert Joseph Peace Jerome Leslie Tucker Herman R. Coehn Jack Tom Jackson Van Buren Philpot, Jr. James Wm. Vlldibill. Jr. Clayton Stevens Cook Thomas Naum James Albert Miles Pratt, 1! Mary Elizabeth Walker i Sol 1. Courtman Margaret Louise Kerr James Rutus Rogers Harry Utterback Whayne, Jr. ! John Joseph David Kathryn Johanna Krieqer Floyd David Roos James Williams, Jr. Carter James Denton Elmo John Laborde Irving L. Rosen Joel William Williamson j Milton Eichler James Wm. Lancaster Seymour Rosenwasser Jack Frederick Wismen Charles A. Farwell, ill Alvin Harold Lassen Randolph Rutledqe Isadore Yager , Richard Jenninqs Field, Jr. Roy Harrison Ledbetter, Jr. Melvin Sabshin Samuel John Zoeckler 50 1; 1 EHGinEER ' S TECHnOLOGICRL flTELIER OFFICERS M. H. VAN MANEN. JR. . President HUBERT WALKER ... Vice-President NICK SAIGH Secretary ALAN VAN SINDEN Treasurer Behind shouts of " Erin Go Braugh " and " St. Patrick was an engineer, " the Engineers ' Tech- nological Atelier presents itself as the engineer ' s school spirit organization. Founded in 1936. the E. T. A. Is an honorary society which reaches into the field of knowledge by sponsoring the forum. which gives the student an opportunity for re- search on technical papers, and into the field of entertainment by sponsoring such activities as the Engineer ' s smoker and the engineers day fete at the Auburn Game. MEMBERS T. Babinqton H. Evans L. McCoy H. Baker W. Faust J. Morqan R. Beadle R. Fox P. Munson C. Black N. Gaqliano P. Noble R. Bland V . Gaqnet J. Neel J. Booth D. Gray J. Olivier E. Cambon J. Green R. Overall R. Cox T. Green T. Perkins E. DoArmas G. Lee S. Ross J. Devlin H. Liles N. Saiqh W. Martiny J. Shlfalo J. Smallpaqe R. Vacaro H. Van Horn M. Van Manen A. Van Sindsn H. Waller J. V alker J. Williams L. Waller L. WInqate 51 flmERicnn insTiTUTE OF CHEmiCRL EnCinEERS flmERicnn insTiTUTE of ELECTRiCRL EnSinEERS OFFICERS JOHN C. CLARK President FREDERICK A. DECKBAR Vice-President ALTON A. LANDRY Treasurer CLYDE J. WELCKER Secretary MEMBERS J. W. Anderson P. E. Holloway F. R. Banard, Jr. R. A. Hovidoore T. M. BIrdwell. Jr. F. E. Kleyle C. L. Black J. Baberteaus C. L. Carney J. C. Landwehr W. C-iin W. A. Leftiwich B. Cripe J. G. Lipps H. L. Cromwell R. A. Longmire G. Fcerster J. W. McCrary R. J. F.ench H. Moke R. B. Galbreath F. J. Monteleon. Jr. R. Generes W. C. Morel H. R. George B. Nunnally L. L. Givens A. J. Pecquet S. S. Goff J. L. Perdomo A. V. Gracl. Jr. G. Sanderson F. R. Graves G. K. Shaw A. S. Hall S. R. Slovjnko F, R. Hess. Jr. S. Vail K. W. Hess W. R. Watson R. H. Henley B. J. V olf Another of the several engineering societies whose ainm it is to foster one of the branches within that field is the Tulane student chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engi- neers, established on the campus In 1938. Membership Is open to all Interested in the advancement of the profession. Lectures by prominent chemical engineers, papers prepared by the students, discussions led bv faculty members, and motion pictures from the foundation for the group ' s monthly meetings. Supplementing the encouragement of student interest in the field, it further creates a means of contact between the under- graduate and the practicing engineer. 1 OFFICERS WALTER MARTINY President NICHOLAS SAGLIANO Vice-President ROBERT BEADLE Secretary ABRAHAM WEISLER Treasure ' MEMBERS w Aicklen N. Hutson E. Alito E. Himel R. Beadle J. Koob R. Blake L. Lassiter F. Chambers H. Lehmann E. Davis A. Manyak J. Fineqan W. Martiny J. Fitch C. Perkins R. Fortier J, Renfrew D. Fried E. Schiele N, Gagliano H. Stern V. Goodman P. Stouse D. Gray A. Van Sinden M Head A. V eisler D. Henriques R. Wolfson A. Wohlert Membership in the Tulane Student Branch of the Ameri- can Institute of Electrical Engineers is open to all stu- dents of electrical engineering of sophomore standing or higher. Founded here in 1936, the group strives to advance knowledge of theory and practice by the pre- sentation of student papers and by contact with the faculty and with practicing engineers. Although primarly technical in nature, the activities of the organization are not confined to professional ones. During the past year, its members have enjoyed social gatherings such as dances, picnics, and ball games. 52 OFFICERS HARRY D. EVANS JULES E. SIMONEAUX ROBERT F. BLAND . . . President ... VicO ' Prcsidcnt . Socrelflry-Trcosuror MEMBERS Fronk A. Belt John H. Boll Robert F. Bland Dennis F. BIdlock Walter C. Bonic Emilc J. Brlnkmann William H. Butts Charles R. Camp Lonnie H. Collins Robert N. Crews Frank J. Dalid Georqc B. Davis Alfred J. Diamond John S. Drago Marquette Dust Lyman L. Ellzey Henry 0. Evans Robert E. Evans Frank S. Foster Isaac R. Foster Marvin M. Gauticr Paul B. Goodqame Thomas Warren Gray Clarence H. Greff Marion Charles Grillot Wermund E. S. Hansen John R. Harris Elliot J. Herbert Frank M. Heroy Norwood F. Hym?I Joseph J. Krebs Clyde J. LeBlanc Griff C. Lee Henry F. LeMleuK Harold C, Matchow Raymond E. Matthews Edward R. Morphy G K. Pratt Munson Robert C. Overall James C. Permcntcr Vincenl R. Perrin Albert L. Plalz Francis M. Pochc Walter E. Ridqeway Walter Rody Charles W. Ruckstuhl James R. Rudy Nick A. Saiqh Jules Edward Simonoaux Ralph Slovenko Robert K. Smith 5. Ruqqics Stapleton Robert L, Vaccaro Rodney M. Vincent John E. Walker Harold Wright Founded in 1933. the student chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers at Tulane has as its ultimate goal to breach the gap for the student engineer between his college education and the existing conditions in the practical field. This is accomplished by monthly field trips to local con- struction iobs under the guidance of a company representative who is in a position to furnish full Information covering the operation from the drafting board to completed construction. Hand in hand with this are the guest speakers at the monthly meetings who, being successful authorities in their field, are able to furnish a wealth of practical information to the students. With these, and a few social events to further friendship, the chapter is forever striving to aid the students of the school of civil engineering. At Tulane. the activities of the AS ME follow the trend of similar engineering societies, with technical papers, lectures, discussions, field trips annual conventions, and social gatherings by no means being neglected. Awards given to the most outstanding member and best student speaker play a part In the group ' s competitive program. Officers serving the group during the past year were: Thomas E. Perkins, president; John H, Williams, vice-president; Robert L. Pons. secretary; Carl R. von Meysenbug. treasurer. flniERICfln SOCIETV OF CIUIL ERGineERS flmERICfln SOCIETV OF mECHRniCflL EHGIIIEERS TULflnC RRCHITECTURflL SOCIETV OFFICERS ALBERT OLIVIER Presideni W. D. HUNT Vice-President JESSE O. MORGAN, JR Secretary JOSEPH M. SHIFALO ' Treasurer J. G. WARREN Sergeant-at-Arms ALBERT J. WOLF, JR Faculty Advisor The Tulane Architectural Society, one of the oldest organizations in the College of Engineering, wa.s founded in 1913. This year the Society has well served its pur- pose to its members, the school, and the architectural profession by promoting fellowship amoung architectural students and good will between the architectural school and the other engineering schools. With membership open to all students enrolled in the School of Architecture this organization is essentially for the good of the School of Architecture and its students. J. B. Adams Robert Alexander Erwin Arata Henderson Barkley L. L. Barre William Berq J. B. Blitch William Brockway J. K. Broussard Harold Brumfield W. R. Campbell Eugene Carlos Benjamin Cimini E. L. Clements N. C. Colthorp Kenneth Conley Joseph S. Cordero Roy Davenport J. W. Davis Emile de Armas Richard Dicharry Philip Diamond Horacio Diaz John Dreytous Brooke Duncan F. T. Edson Dorothy Edwards Charles Ellis, Jr. H. M. Favrot, Jr. John Finney David Fitzierald Elmer Flair Phares Frantz Joseph Fulco W, J. Galloway L. A. Garcia Patricia Garms James Gibert MEMBERS Henry Grimball William Howard W. D. Hunt William Howard Leon Impastato Frank Juden James H. Kennedy K. C. Landry Albert C. Ledner Jules Lizzarraga B. K. Lohman Mark Lowery Barny Lyie Henry Masset Gradie Mayo J. A. McCoy L W. McCoy P. Moore, Jr. J. O. Morgan Salvatore Moschella S. W. Muller Ludwig Mulling John I. Neel Thomas Vehrbass Donald Nores Albert S. Olivier James Oubre James Parker John Parrish C. A. Peterson Donald Pfefferle Mildred Popkin L. P. Puckett John B. Reed Philip Roach Walter Rooney Ben Roth Burl Sammons R. C. Sanderson Albert Saputo Harry Schoust Frank Seavy Arthur Shelton Joseph Shifalo James E. Shaw Dale Stancliff Patrick Staub Leonard Tate Charles Thomas E. Van Ameronqen L. F. Wagner Robert Walsh John Warren Rosalie Weiner George Wimbish Charles Wustoff 54 FANNIE UVELLE KYKER JOY COHN OFFICERS . . . Prosidonf BERYL STALL VIco-Presidont ' ' ' - ' EL EATON Anna Bartels Beverly Bockor Mary Belle Alston Juno Antloy Beltle Ruth Barrere Lucy Barrett Deborah Berry Vivian Van Bever Betty Braden Phyllis Chancellor Mary Dixon Marqaret Field Lorraine Fox CABINET Rita Groqorio Dessamae Hart Caroline Gavin Claire Giovenqo Joan Gratton Betty Gray Joyce Harper Susan Hill Pollie Holden Mary Alice Jackson Sally James Rhoda Kelloqq Lou Rachel Kern Elizabeth Malm Marqory Rose MEMBERS Joan Leftwich Betty Jane Lucas Jane Lee Luft Helen McAnolly Laura McClanahan Zoe-Love McGovern Tricia McRavon Ann Maddrey Dorothy Maness Betty Martin Morris Middleton Secretary Troaiurer Oeano Stinson Flora Mao Zioqier Doris Miller Kathleen Neaf Mary Ann Newton Virqinia Provost Jane Sparkman Rose Frances Spicola Patsyearl Sprinq Bettie Stoner Marilyn Woodward Mary Williamson Allie Wyier Jerry Wyler This year marked the 7Sth anniversary of the National Student Y.W.C.A. For 75 years the Younq Women ' s Christian Association has been sheddinq its quidinq liqht on women students everywhere and illuminatinq their path throuqhout colleqe and into the future. thus helpinq them to build the hiqhest standards of true woman- hood. This 75th birthday was celebrated on the Newcomb campus with an anniversary tea which was attended by the entire faculty and student body. The Y.W.C.A. was established at Newcomb in 1901. Meetinqs are held- twice monthly for open discussions, talks by outstandinq personalities, and debates. This year, a series of personality talks, proved very successful, and an outstandinq feature of the year was the showinq of a series of mot. en p.cture tums jLquaintinq tha members with different countries. The main proiect of the year has been a campaign to increase morning chapel attendance at Newcomb — it seems that the college will soon hava nead of tha new chapel building promised to us. Y traditions are the annual Christmas and Easter parties for a group of children from a local orphanage, the Christmas tree placed in the main hall of the Administration Building, and tha Senior Baby Contest. With the Y.M.C.A. of Tulana, it annually conducts the Easter Sunrise Service, held in the quadrangle of the Newcomb campus. The Y takes an active part in freshman orientation, presenting a program of wall-rounded events to aid tha freshman in becoming acquainted with the activities of tha collega. V. lU. C. A 55 CflHTERBURV CLUB OFFICERS DICK ELLIS President DICK WILSON Vice-President LANIE R ALLINGHAM Secretary DABNEY EWIN Treasurer JOAN GILLIS Social Committee BARBARA DRESHER Social Committee ANNE BRYAN-TURNER Social Committee JIMMY CRARY Publicity Chairman The Canterbury club serves the mission of Chrisfiani+y in higher education by fostering among university .students a better under- standing of the faith and practice of the Epis- copal Church and loyalty to its corporate life. Part of the program of the Canterbury Club includes the observance of the Lenten season with special discussions led by prominent clergy in the church, participation in the diocesan con- vention of Canterbury Clubs. Pending construction of the Francis Lister hHawks Student Center, the weekly Wednesday morning communions and the Thursday evening discussion programs are being held in the tem- porary Episcopal Student Center, 7070 Zimple St. near Audubon. OFFICERS JIM FOGLEMAN President PHIL BULTMAN Men ' s Enlistment V. P. HELEN THOMSEN Women ' s Enlistment V. P. JACK BRYAN Social Vice-President MAURICE LITTLE Devotional Vice-President TOM SISSON Chapel Director MARY ANN NEWTON Secretary WESLEY BOWMAN Treasurer ELTON E5TESS Sunday School Representative EDGAR WHITFIELD Training Union Rep. PAUL JENSEN Editor of the BZOO BILL CARLISLE Campus Publicity Chairman B. T. KAYLOR Church Publicity Chairman CHARLES MITCHELL Music Director JOAN ROEHL Missions Director JACK RODDY Faculty Advisor HARVEY T. WHALEY Pastor Advisor MARY LEE VINES Student Secretary The Tulane-Newcomb B. S, U. is one of many such organiza- tions on college and university campuses throughout the south. The purpose of these Baptist Student groups is to serve as the connecting link between the student who is attending college and one of the local churches. The Baptist Student Union during the past year, under the capable direction of the Executive Council, has done a magnifi- cent iob of enlisting students in local churches and interesting them in some form of Baptist activity in the city. As a means of publicizing its activities, the B. S. U. has used posters, hand-bills, post cards and letters, the " BZOO " . the newspaper published by the Baptist Students, and. most important of all, personal contacts. Among the activities sponsored by the B. S. U. are the Chapel Services which are held every day from 12:00 noon until 12:20 in room 201 of the_ Social Science Building. It seeks to cooperate with the various churches in the city in their missionary and social efforts. Truly, it is the connecting link and constant reminder of each Baptist student of his church duties while attending chool. BAPTIST STUDEdT UniOR 56 OFFICERS MYRA SCHWARTZ Prosidont HAROLD LEVEY Vice-President FRED GUIDRY Recordinq Secretary DOROTHEA KONRAD . . Corresponding Secretary EOLA LEVY Treasurer The purpose of the Christian Science Organ- ization at the Tulane University of Louisiana re to unite students In Christian fellowship, and to welcome Christian Science texboolcs: the Bible and " Science and hiealth with Key to the Scrip- tures " by Mary Baker Eddy, the discoverer and founder of Christian Science. This organization was formed in December 1943 ,and is authorized by the Manual of The Mother Church. The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts. Regular weekly testimonial meetings ere held on the campus, and each year the Organization sponsors a lecture by an authorized member of The Board of Lectureship of The Mother Church. Students and faculty members are welcome at the meetings and lectures. OFFICERS DORIS DUVIGNEAUD NORMAN REISIG . . JOEL BETH SUHREN PAT RHODES . . . . President Secretary . Corresponding Secretary Treasurer AL SCHINDLER Alumni Secretary MEMBERS Lloyd Andersen, Jr. James T. Badeaux, Jr. Bettie Barrere Erin Born Jean Brandin Lorelei Carroll Marquette Dust Doris Duvinqneaud Lorraine Fox Marilyn GoH Richard Gouqh Wilda Hagstcttc William Haqstctle Alton Hall Phil Harsham Harry Heintzcn Wilmer Hinrichs Gerajd Hoehn Galvin Hoppmeyer Lothar Hornseff John Keller Rosalie Ketcham Flora Zieqier Carl Landwehr Merle Lemieux Patsy Lemieux Robert Luecke Jane Lee Luft Thetma Michaik Dorothy Miramon Harold Moke Warren Nelson Vernon Park Hard Pederson Helen Rault Norman Reisig Pat Rhodes Edwin Rosenbohm Allen Schindlor John Stewart Joel Both Surren Andrew Thalheim Richard Thalheim Daniel Wilder John Wittman. Jr. The Alpha Upsilon Chapter of Gamma Delta was established at Tulane in 1942. and has since become one of the prominent religious jgroups on the campus. The national organization was founded in 1934 in Chicago by representatives from 20 mid- western universities. The purpose of the group is to encourage and maintain Lutheran fellowship and establish fraternal relations with other Lutheran organizations. Advisor to the campus chapter Is the Reverend Marvin Lehnhardt. CHRisTifln sciencE ORGflnizflTion C fl m m fl DELTA 57 HILLEL FOUnOflTIOn OFFICERS JACK L. WALLICK .... .... Presided i7A V!li }A ■. ' . ' . " Vice-Presidln NITA JOAN GLADE Secretarv JOYCE MULBERG " ' Treasurer SHIRLEY BERSADSKY Elected Member at L rnl MARILYN UCHTENSTEIN " Elected Member a [Vrfe MEMBERS Beryl Ames Mary Jane Krensky Roy Bernstein Bertha Longer Shirley Bersadcky Marilyn Lavigns Marilyn Blackman Harriet Levlne Joan Cahn Richard Levy Barbara Cohen Marilyn Lichtenstein Herman Cohen Sharon Mattes Hubert Cohen Selma Mextc J. M. Cohen Roy Monastersky Betty Comma n Joyce Mulberg Ricky Davis Leon Myer Mvron Eichler Dave Mykoff Shirley Finl:e!stein Ross Popkin Lee Friedlander Doris Quicksflver Bertha Freedman Bubba Rappaport Henry Freedman Josie Rose Ruth Freedman Sig Rosen Ruth Fry Beryl Rusakof Donald Gallant Gerson Saltz Lea Gerstenblith Dotsie Samuelson Nita Joan Glade Gerald Sch lesser Emanuel Glinky Phyllis Shoaz Helen Goldberg Hershel Sidransky Lenny Goldstein Doris Sieliz Norman Gould F. Siniawsky Nat Halpern Bertha Jean Stein Joe Harris Morris Steinberg Bill Hiene Harry Ullman Eli Herman Jack Wallick Shirley Iskiwitz Lou Wiener Gilda Koniarskt Harry Yaffe The Hillel Counsel orship was founded at Tulane University in March. 1947. Its purpose is to provide information on cur- rent Jewish problems and to give to Jewish students at Tulane and Newcomb a full religious life while at school. Although founded on this campus only last year, the group has already made great strides and has a full program planned. OFFICERS ROBERT N. BOSE President THOMAS R. DRUHAN Vice-President ANGELA MOYNAN Secretary NEIL HUTSON Treasurer NICK J. GAGLIANO Marshal REV. MALCOLM B. STRASSEL Moderator MEMBERS Bernard Abadie, Charles Abadie, Jaret Abadie, Jeanne Abadie, William Aicklen. Betty Alexander, EmJIe Alito. Bill K. Althans, Wm. Anderson, III, Ralph Andrews, Pat Arms, Edward H. Arnold, R. W. Augrain, Joan Baehr. Roland Bahan, Harold Balmer, Michael Banowetz. Lloyd Baumer. Henry Bayhr, Colleene Beacmham, Guerlain Beaucondray, George Boileau, Joe Bonflglio, Robert N. Bose, Ann Brodie, Harwood Brown, Loyce Brownsor.. Elsie Brupbacher, Alwyn Buck!and. Cecil Burglass, Patricia Burke. George Bywater, Henry Caublrac, Marie Campagna, Barbara Carol, John Carney. Dorothy Garrere, Louis Caserta, Clarence Caster, Frank Chalaire, Ml, Dick Chassee, Herma Chlrino. Hays Clark, Fred Clerc, Patricia Cronin, Dolores Culotta, Jack Dabdoub, Frank Dalla. Anna M. D ' Antonio, Fernand Dausslnt. Fred Deckbar, Terry Lynn deJaive, Gerald Delery, Alfred Diamond, John Dodt. Ill, A. A, Doskey, August Douglas, Robert Douglas, Thomas Druhan, Louis H. Dumser. Noel Duvic, Marie Rose Dwyer, Elaine Fabacher, Gerry Falletta, Elton Fallon, John Ferris, John J. Flnegan. Mary Finley, Mildred Foley, Laurence Fritz, Nicholas Gagliano, Margee Gondolfo, Willie Jo Gelsenheimer, Robert Generes, John Gleason., Nathan Gordon, Angelo Gracl. Rita Gregorio. Barbara Hammett, Robert Hardgrave, Georg© Harris, Manuel Head, Mary Ann Hebert, Eva Louise Hellmers, John Helmer, Douglas Henriques, Edward Hess, Mary Day Hickey, John Hodges, Kathleen Hooe, Andres Horcasitas. Harry Howard, Al Howell, Eugent Huppenbauer, Neil Hutson, Pecobio Impastato. Douglas Joubert, Andrea Kambur, William Keller, Claude Kelly, Winifred Kelly, Patricia Kerrigan, Hubert Kleinpeter, III, Robert Kline, William Klotz, Victor La Brosse, Donald Lagarde, Louis Lambert, August LaNasa, Alton Landry, Gordon Landry, Kenneth Landry. Haskell Laramie. Donald Lassus, Dorothy Douglas George James Legeal. Robert Long mire, Manuel Lopez, Elsie Magendle, Andrew Manyak, June Marriott, Warren McGovern, Lloyd McLaughlin, Betty Joyce Mc- Leen, Tricia McRaven, William McWhirter, Virginia Macagoni, Henry Markel, Carmen Martinez, Charles Miller, Jacob Minor, Stella Mongeau, Clara Monjure, Edward Moore, Emma Morphy, Angela Moyran, Sid Murray, Miriam McDermott, Betty Nalrne, Carmel Netzhammer, William Oberhelman, Charles O ' Brien, Nancy O ' Connell, John O ' Hern, Ann Oliver, Charles Oliver, Guy Oliver, Humberto Ollvera. Ann Otto, Clare Palmlsano, Gloria Patron, George B. Paxton, Jo Penick, Ninette Petrilliat, Robert Peyroux, Don Pfefferle. Edward Plauche, Robert Pops, Jim Puneky, John Ramoneda, Helen Rapier, Darwin Rebstock, May Lou Reynaud, Jock Roberts, Natalie Reeling, William Roeling, Samuel J. Ross, Eugene Rutter, Carlos Santora. Anthony Savoca, Edward Schiele, Joy Sch mid, Jerry Schonekas, Charles Shott, Gayle Schwa rzenback, Segari. Jules Simoneaux, Robert Shea, Grace Smith, Sydney Smithers, Starr, Gloria Stewart, Effie Stockton, Pierre Stouse, John St. Raymond. A. Sullivan, Stanley Swan, Marilyn Tarantira. Maurica Thiele, Rodney Thompson, Madeline Tuminello, Lawrence Usner, Hector Valencia, Eddie van Amerongen. Marcel le van Velsen, Dolly Vardin, Milton Vigo, Jeanne Voltaggio, Aline Waguespack, Francis Waguespack, Elvia Weirgart, Andrew Whitman, John Wildes. Earl C. Woods, David Yockey, Joseph Young. This year the Tulane Newman Club sponsored a program for the 2,000 Catholic students at Tulane which included one philosophy and two religious classes each week, two " Days of Recollection, " dally rosary, weekly mass and communion, and numerous lectures and forums. Other highlights of the year Included the annual Newman Club Night, a Christmas toy drive for orphans, caroling party. Twelfth-Night, party, Mardl Gras truckrlde. and May Formal. This program followed the purposes of the Newman Club, which Is to foster the spiritual, intellectual and social Interests of all Catholic students, to join them In a common union and assist the University and Its students whenever possible. TULflne nEUjmnn club 58 1 OFFICERS GEORGE CADY . . President ANN VENTRESS . . Secretary BEHY MARTIN ico-Pre ident BETTY BROCK . . Troasurci COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Bob Morsten Joan Donaldson Barbara Wimbofly Herman Falbaum Claudia Dyke Bob Smith Kathryn Scegars Audrey Knight Ben Petty Jack Cadzow MEMBERS Betty Adams Helen McAnelly Anqel Allison Dcane Magness David Barrem Bob Marston tommy Birdwell Betty Martin Barbara Bizzell Carolyn Montgomery Ed Bondurant Donbo Montgomery Susie Brown Pete Mulliny George Cady Joyce Myers Jack Cadzow Catherine Nacf Cathryn Cafierok Turner Newton Mary Jane Carr Ben Petty Harriett Carter McKee Pitts Tom Conyers Dick Polk Norman Davis Kathryn Segars Dorothy Simons Dulany Dart Joan Donaldson Robert G. Smith Claudia Dyke Walter Spence Ettiel Eaton Elliott Streeck Herman Falbaum Dick Taylor Dr. Paul Taylor Jack Fischer Paul Floyd George Thompson Ann Ventress Marguerite Galloway Charles Hancock Fred Wagner tsjorwood Hingle Drury Wall Audry Knight Barbare Wimberly MRS. JOHN B. POLLARD . . . . Director of Wesley Foundation Lynn Wooten The Wesley Foundation is an organization primarily for Methodist students but studen ts of all faiths are invited. It holds a weekly meeting each Thursday in the choral room of Dixon Hall at five o ' clock. The programs consist of a period of worship, forum discussions on subiects pertinent to student life and outside speakers on va ied subjects. Many recreational fea tures are held which include parties, hayrides, picnics, and teas. This organization also carries on community proiects as a service to others and pa rticipates in the World Service Program of the Methodist Church of America. UJESLEV FOUnDflTIOn OFFICERS JOY COHN President PEGGY BOSWELL Vice-President CAROLYN MURPHY . . Secretary-Treasurer BEHY OEMIG and JOYCE JOHNSON. . Membership Committee WARREN MIX and PAUL NEWELL. . . . Publicity Committee DONALD WELLPORD Recreation Committee MISS LOUISE McCOMB Adult Advisor Laurie Anne Allen Betty Barkdull Carroll Benton Deborah Berry Lucy Blake Branfle Blankenshlp Peggy Boswell Sam Boyd Pierce Bradburn Joy Cohn Doris Como Harris Copenhaver Helen Deal Leslie Ellis Gayle Farrar Helen Garrett Joy Harper Richard Hart Sue Henderson Ted Hewitt Margaret Heyer Susan Hill Marcia Hilliker Jerry Honeycutt Alice Hoover Sally James Sam Johnson Ben Joiner Nancy Kimmcll MEMBERS Jules LIzzaraza Marion Lowe Betty Malone Charles K. Matthew Annie McAsklll Richard A. McElroy Ann Mcintosh Frances McShane Liz Michaels G. Morris Middleton Warren A, Mix Eddie Morrison Milton Morrison Maud Muller Carolyn Murphy Paul Newell Bob Parsons Katherine Poole Adair Ramsey Charlotte Reynolds Betty Simpson Jo-Ann Scott T. H. Smith Walter Von Hovcn Ruth Washington Barbara Watson Lillian Webb Donald Wcllford Etmer Williams Mary Williamson The Westminister Fellowship functions on the Tulane-Newcomb campus to give spiritual guidance and religious instruction to Presbyterian students, and to provide a channel for Christian recreation. The weekly meetings are centered around ad- dresses by no.ted authorities on the church, world affairs, and a variety of topics related to the church. Service to the com- munity, as well as to the church, is stressed, and all Presby- terian students are urged to ioin. UJESTminSTER FELLOUJSHIP 59 u. s. nnuv r. o. t. c The past year has been quite a busy one for the " Middies " of the NROTC. Aside from the regular classes in naval organization, marllnspike seamanship, navigation, and naval justice, the " Rotcees ' organized a baseball team that took on all challengers. The Taffrail Club, social organization for the Navy, gave several fine parties, one of which was a " dress blues " formal given at the N. O. airport. The " Middies " exhibited their marksmanship on the rifle range by meeting and beating some of the best teams in the country. One activity not enjoyed so much though was the weekly vaccination, which all boys taking the summer cruise had to go through. Then there was checking out in signalling procedure. A note of thanks to Chief Wilson for being so patient with the " cow ' s tails. " Platoon drill competition and manual of arms competi- tion was held at the end of the year. The second platoon was adjudged best of the three, and Jack Jackson copped the manual of arms award. Yes, it was quite a busy year for the " Rotcees. " STAFF Captain Harry D. Power. USN; Commander C. M. Howe, USN; Lieutenant Commander E. I. Gibson, USN; Lieutenant Commander G. M. Reeves. USN; Major G. W. Comer, JR., USMC; Lieutenant C. T. Frotine, Jr.. USN; Lieutenant J, C. Vanzant, USN. Company Organization: Co. Cdr., McCutclien. R. S.; Co. CPO, McCaskill, R. D. Color Guard: National Color, Bryer, P.; Company Color, Stiore, J. L.; Color Guard, Hobson, J. B.; Color Guard, Jackson, J. E. A L Brogdon GMC USN; W. J. Holt, S03. USN; J. L. Jordan. Tech. Sgt. USMC- t. E. May, SKC, USN; R. V. Page, QMC. USN; F. W. White. YNC ' , USN; W. C. Wilson. BMC, USN; Mrs. Frank Hagaman, Civilian Secretary, FIRST PLATOON Loft to Right, 1st Rank: Beadle, R G. (PI. Cdr.). Biiiell, W. B. (PI. Guide). Gallion, J. H., Vior, S. A., Green. R. L., Bondurant. E. J.. Maynard. D. P.. Pitctlcr. E. T. Left to Right, Second Rank: Stewart, J. P.. McLaughlin. J. R., Schroeder, R. L.. Birdwell. T. M.. Floyd. P. W.. L«Blanc. G. E.. Qualll. T. F., Cachere. R. E. Left to Right. Third Rank: Emery. P. L.. Perkins. C. C. Ashworth, E. M.. Provosty, L. R , Co«, R. H., Brown, D. D , Counihan. H. E., Weinmann, J. G. (IvtPO). 1 r " -r- li I t . A i i 9 t 9f .mm mm ■ .mmf- mm- SECOND PLATOON Left to Right First Rank: Velkas, J. T. (PI. Cdr.), Cooper, J. T. (PI. Guide), Gautier, M. M., Anderson, W. J., Sullivan, G. A., McConkey, W. B., Fadell T R ' Markey G M., Palmer G. J., Cannon, F. S. Left to Right, Second Rank: Cooksey, E. V., Kerwath, R. C, Hannah, J. L., Moak, W. A., Healey G. W. Friend, 5. C, Blankenship, B. L., Sere, R. P. Left to Right, Third Rank: Wilson, R. L, Petersen, C. A., Milandin, J., Byrd, J. H., McCay, D. C, Landwehr, J. C, Reid, J. R., Deardorff, R. E,, Brosman, P. W. (MPO). THE TWO CRUISES Last summer the U. S. Navy sponsored two eight- week guided tours for NROTC men. One group of the midshipmen were assigned to the Carrier Randolph, in between aviation classes and flights to and from the Carrier, the middies saw three days of London, the shore of Scotland, the North Sea and some of the hangouts of Goteborg, Sweden. Meanwhile, on board the heavy cruisers Albany and Oregon City, another bunch of carefree midshipmen were conscientiously holystoning the decks. In between times, they visited Panama, Trinidad, Cuba, Porto Rico and Bermuda. m. 5 . « u. s. n fl U V R T c THIRD PLATOON Left to Right, First Rank: Matthew, C. K. (PI. Cdr,), Tebo, B. W. (PI, Cdr.) Drumm, S. L., Shader, R. J.. Pfistar. R. J., Voeliior. 5., Crull. W. L.. McDonald. C. D., Schlesinger, E S Ljft to Right. Second Rank: Jeffrey, J, B,, Okel, B, B., Collins, R. J., Simon. J. J.. Faulks. J. K.. Giliette, C, G,. Rtgan, J. L.. Jackson. A, Loft to Right, Third Rank: Harr.mond, J. P., Leonard, L. C, Walker, F. R., Backer, W. H. A,. Bahan. R. K.. Turner. C. T.. Oalhoudt. D. 0.. Bywater, G. P. (MPO). u. s. flRmv I ri ' ] " ; ' — . ' " I ' -iT 1 M SGT. TAKAHARU KUSABA M SGT. BILLIE B. SHOUPE M SGT. GORDON T. LAPHAM M ' SGT. HOWELL C. SMITH M SGT. DONALD M. ROYCE IST SGT. W. W. HOWELL T SGT. RUSSELL G. CALBRANE T C COMPANY A Cadet Captain Sam Mattina; Cadet 1st Lt. William D. Weil; Cadet 2nd Lt. Peter H. Roer- Cadet 2nd Lt. Forrest C. Wilson, Jr. Cadet Ist Sgt. Joseph S. Ward; Cadet T Sgts.: Edward C. Alker, Philip E. Albrecht, Sargent P. Mellon; Cadet S Sgts.: Henry G. Casserleigh, Jr., Randal A. Houidobre; Cadet Sgts.: R. S. Clement, M. M. Laiarre, S. F. Parker, L. P. Shiell, G. W. Small; Cadet Cpls.: A. M. Bulling, F. M. Chalaire, D. L. Corbin, A. E. Carey, Theodore Schenk, McVey F. Ward; Cadet Pvts.: P. A. Applebaum, R. R. Hart. B. J. Joiner. J. M. Badt, J. O. Crary, H. J. Davis, A. W. Decker. L. J. Dumestre, S. S. Fine, W. J. Hagstette, S. H. Herzfeld. J. J. Palaziolo. F. H. Patterson. D. M. Randolph, B. J. Russell. H. W. Sindell. J. C, Steele, T. S. Wing. v. f ' . ' . 1: a 4 1 - ' =f|!: A COL. GEORGE F. HEANEY, JR. LT. COL. FRANK L WOOD, JR. STAFF MAJ. WILLIAM F. CURRY MAJ. WARREN H. KARSTEDT f 1S» Ilii — J MAJ. DANIEL K. PHIPPEN CART. SAMUEL C. SCHLITZKUS ' i ' - ' l " " ' oil I ' m ' — ■ T BV. ' i -«i:»« ' ( iil m i : . r-f% s§ %. wB jL jHbF " " " 1 _ The Army R. O. T. C. Is a newcomer to the campus, having established residence at the be- ginning of the fall semester. There are t wo groups: one Air Force unit, end one Transporta- tion Corps unit. Men who enlist In the R. O. T. C. are allowed credit for military service during the war, and are commissioned upon graduation. In addition to the training received on the campus. the unit enjoys the use of surrounding Army facilities and there Is a summer camp held each year. 55S= COMPANY B Cadet Capt. Rivers R, King; Cadet 1st Lt. Frederick M. Guice; Cadet 2nd Lt. R. L. Douglas; Cadet 2nd Lt. C. W. Etfinger III: Cadet 1st Sgt. Nolan A. Ttieriot; Cadet T Sgts.: D. Imgrund, R. H. Lowenthal. R. D. Marchelos: Cadat S Sgts.: B. Hauser, J. D. Schneider; Cadet Sgts. P. 5. Ambler. M. M. Ambler, M. W. Porter. G. S. Rizan, A. H. Roden. C. C. Sarris; Cadet Cpls.: J. Garcia, J. A. Jumel. R. E. McGetiee, W. R. Moore. J. Penne, S. B. Wimberly; Cadet Pvts.: C. A. Kline. F. Priede. E. Richardson. A. C. Buckland. J. 5. Carinhas, S. Ferreri. R. B. Hammett; L. R. Kuss W. C. Long H. I. tvtaibach, F. J. Matthew, J. B. Newman. W. J. Oberhelman, C. H. Smith, J. F. Steele, C. J. Turpin, D. L. Wilder, K. Wong. m t . , T n t « Colonel George F. Heaney, Jr. Is the com- manding officer, and Lt. Col. Frank L. Wood Is the Assistant Professor of Military Science for Air. Hi COMPANY C Cadet Capf. J. R. Rarick: Cadet 1st Lt. H. F. Kreift; Cadet 2nd Lt. B. J. Conroy; Cadet 2nd Lt. C. S. Fonlelieu; M S9I. E. P. Walter; T Sgli : L C«mpulli. C. R Murptiy; S Sgts.: J. W. McCrary. G. D. Nelson; Sgls.: W. K. Alttians. L. J. Garrity. G. Gavora. Jr., J. W. Hebert. R. L. Parpal. J. A. Thompson; Cpls.: R. J. Froeba. W. C. Mathes. T. M. McBride, H. P. Sneed; Pvls.: C. R. Lee. S. J. Schwarti, J. C. Bailey. H. C. Balmer. S. G. Be.ij. C. A. Cutfone. 0. J. Daniels. J. C. Faust, J. D. Fournol. H. A. Hammill. R. B. Jacobs. L. Mey, Jr., J. W. HuHner. R. A. Peyroui. W. B. Reinhardt. N. W. Reisiq. V " M » • • Features beauties snnpsHOTS COmPUS LIFE BIG SHOTS FflUI lES FEATURES BEAUTIES CAAIP FEATURES BEAUTIES SAAPSHOTS ) CAHIPUS LIFE BIG SHOTS FAUI riES FEATURES BEAUTIES CAAIP FEATURES BEAUTIES SAAPSHOTS I CAAIPUS LIFE BIG SHOTS FAUI riES FEATURES BEAUTIES CAHIP F E U E RTURES BCnUTIES SRHPSHOTS PERSOnHLITIES BtHUIIC CflmPUS LIFE BIG SHOTS FflUORITES SHRPS PERSOHRLI ES FEATURES BEAUTIES CARIPUS LIFE SHAPS BIG SHOTS iATURES BEAUTIES SHAPSHOTS PERSORALITJES BEflUTIE CRmPU ES FER ■RTURE CRRIPU ES FEfl JJ nn ndi erdon 1 k . - — a ■: , J ]i-. « j Miirrras Wu lUet WluteLaJ fAjJ Aacaueiine If V IcL utchen tflidS ( laire de la Ucrgne r jj iVlarle cJLouide remoutet PERSOnflLITIES PHIL HARSHAM LLOYD ANDERSON TOM POWER BILL LONG PAT PHILLIPS ED MARTIN AUBREY MOORE BETTY BROWNE DENNIS BRYANT GEORGE HALL flnO BIG SHOTS IF MOTHER COULD ONLY SEE ME NOW q Mj s Mtvf NEWCOMITE AND FRIEND ■I ' —?—— MiiiM i J OOTBRLL iflSEBflLL [ROCK TE FOOTBALL iflSEBflLL RACK TE OOTBflLL tflSEBflLL [RACK TE TRACK TEnniS GOLF TRACK TEnniS GOLF TR nniS BflSKETBALL TE TRACK TEnniS GOLF TRACK TEnniS GOLF TR nniS BASKETBALL TE TRACK TEnniS GOLF TRACK TEnniS GOLF TR nniS BASKETBALL TE ' iT, ' :lA i - -I »T ' ' 7j rrH CV ' VJ V " rf ' v» v - . T H L € T I C FOOTBALL TRACK TEHniS GOLF BRSEBRLL TRHCK TERRIS IflSEBRLL TRACK TEHRIS GOLF TRACK TERRIS GOLF FOOTBALIi IRACK TERRIS BASKETBALL TERRIS BASKETBALL TRACK (OOTBALL TRACK TERRIS GOLF BASEBALL TRACK TERRI IflSEBAL iRRCK T fiOOTBAL IIASEBAL IRACK T -m j ATHLETIC DIRECTOR " LITTLE " MONK SIMONS THE ATHLETIC flSSOCIflTIOII All sports being considered, it was a fair year at Tulane. Coach Fare ' s netmen distinguished themselves by making a clean sweep of things In the SEC tourney. Tuero and company played beautiful tennis, but poor hosts to their friends from the conference. As this book goes to press two basketball seasons have passed since the last Jamb. In those two seasons Cliff Wells has made his name a byword to all Tulane fans. In reality he has introduced basketball to Tulane for the first time. About the only thing the hoopsters haven ' t done in these two seasons is wrest the SEC championship from Kentucky, but judging from past perform- ances, that ultimate victory is inevitable. Coach Simons and his diamond stars turned up with an enviable record of 96 17 for us, and three for them. Outstanding among the victories was the 3 out of 4 against L. S. U. Our trackmen were erratic this year. We had individual stars, but it took L. S. U. In a dual meet to make team stars. The combined talents brought about our first track victory over L. S. U. in sixteen years. Hopes were high, but a combi- nation of circumstances brought about a weak showing at the conference meet. Mr. Frnka and friends had a more or less dismal time of it. What proved to be false optimism was everywhere prevalent after the Alabama game, but when we hit our mid season stride, the awful truth could be seen. Football like everything else, however, had Its redeeming moments. We did tie L. S. U. COACH HENRY FRNKA Clambdlte fM% 1 1 f Tulane — Georgia -Tech FOOTBALL TULANE-ALABAMA Alabama ' s Crimson Tide rolled Inio New Orleans as the favorl+e In the Southeastern Conference football championship race, but after Tulane ' s famous 53 seconds, Bama was busted. Never before in Tulane history had fans seen so much football In so little time. The kiclcoff after the Tide ' s first score went to Price, he got It under control three yards behind his own goal, and proceeded to turn In the longest run seen here since Bobby Kellogg ran 106 yards. Helder made his kick. And things continued to happen fast. Ol- sen recovered an Alabama fumble, and on the next play Benny Ellender sent a long pass into the hands of Prats, who caught It on the five, and lunged across for our second score, hielder made his kick. It was just a couple of minutes after the third period opened that Prats grabbed one of Harry Gilmer ' s passes at dead center on the 50-yard line and raced for a touchdown. Helder made his kick. Bama came back strong. Never for a moment did they give up, but they were beaten. Heider ' s three points proved the deciding margin. As the fans left the Stadium, there was plenty of speculation, but one thing was certain, Tulane had It this year. TULANE-GEORGIA TECH Going Into the Georgia Tech we were still the underdogs, bui even the pessimists had hope. Tech came to town with a well polished machine, and they used It. Displaying a fine passing attack that accounted for two of their three touchdowns the Yeliowjackets proved too much for the Greenles. The Tech men were light, fast, tricky, but more Important, they were experienced. Their strong defense put a crimp In our offensive and but for one stage in the fourth quarter when the Greenles got to the 7 yard line only to lose the ball on downs, the Techmen were secure. Price, Van Meter and Ellender figured prominently In this drive, but our best wasn ' t good enough, and Tech took over on their seven. We OK, You see ' em, so what. f t r- " ■. . ► ' I ( tolfwll •- Tulane — Georgld-Tech I ' V . } 9 Complete to Fortier were alerf recovering fumbles, we fought hard, we held them scoreless d uring the last half, but as the 50 thousand fans turned homeward the questions like. " Why does he substitute so much? " , started, and comments like . . . " If he ' d just let them alone, they ' d do a hellova lot better " . could be heard. TULANE-RICE The Green Wave went over to Houston the second weel of October to meet the Rice owls. Unfortunately, they met them. It was just a case of too much Rice, and not enough Tulane. Rice ' s fast-stepping backs broke through the Greenie lino often enough to set up four of the touchdown plays, and a long heave was good for the other. Tulane never was able to make a de- finite threat. Eddie Price and Cliff Van Meter got away for some runs that brought a good delegation from New Orleans to its foot. but the stout Owl line, for the most part messed up Tulane ' s offen- sive on the ground, and the Owl backs proved alert against the Wave ' s passes. The Greenies missed Finley ' s kicking. Spirits were down when the guys came home, but ne«t week would be - coming, and maybe that would turn the tide. Will you look at those Owls! Mr. Poote see you H m E c m I n G TULANE-OLE MISS Homecoming perhaps is Inspirational, but It would have taken more than inspiration to counteract Ole Miss ' s Conerly to Poole combination. Trailing by 13 points at halftlme, the Greenies came to life In the third quarter, scoring two touchdowns with Don Fortier ' s long passes paving the way. but this only seemed to Inspire the Rebels who hit back with Conerly ' s passes and drew away again. The first Wave touchdown came when Keeton was In at quarterback. A long pass from Fortler to Waller put the ball on the Rebel ' s two yard line, and shortly after, with Ellender back in, he threw a lateral to Fortler who went over for the score. It was Fortler again, In the same period, who passed to hHelder on the Rebs 28 yard line. Keeton ran It to the nine, and two plays later Price took a laterlal from Keeton and went over for another touchdown, Heider kicked both goals. hlome-comlng was fun, Betty Gray made a good-looking Queen, but that night at the dance, the jokers were already beglning to say . . . " It ' ll be great In 48 " TULANE-AUBURN There was a change in our lineup before the Auburn game, and It appeared to be what we needed. The Wave ' s revamped lineup made an ambitious Auburn team look impotent and helpless. The Tulane — Ole Miss. Miss, goes over Greonios rolled up a score of 40-0 against the Plainsmen. Aftui a bit more than live minutes of play, Ed Price ran 32 yards for Tulano ' s first touchdown and a costly fumble stopped a Wave drive that seemed headed for another score in that first period. The second period was scoreless, but the Wave came back to score a pair in the third and fourth periods each. Tulane com- pletely outplayed Auburn at every angle excepting punting. The Groenies blocliod belter than Ihey had blocked all season, rushed with more vim and ran off deceptive plays wilh such a show of efficiency that thoy looked like a different team. Auburn never was in the ball game. The Tigers seemed resigned to their fate in the second half. They wore sadly ovormalched and . . . (hoy know it. TULANE-MISSISSIPPI STATE The Wave opened its November schedule with another neighbor from Mississippi, ond the second one was as discourieous as the first. Shorty McWilliams and Compony from Mississippi State routed the Wave before 40,000 spectators. Tulane had two scoring chances but were stopped each time, losing the ball once on downs on the State 10-yard line, and once on the four-yard stripe in the second quarter. Offensively the Greenies simply couldn ' t get along. Except for a flash in the second quarter whan their drives failed to reach their mark, the Wave was mostly on the defensive. Miss. State scored early in the first quarter when McWilliams raced over tackle from the five-yard line. In the third quarter Jim Bailey drove over left guard from the two-vaa " -e i ' -c a r ' ner march. The finial touchdown was made b , yard run off left tackle. Ray Olson played etceptionally well but left the game with injuries after recovering a punt which was blocked by Bob Franz in the second quarter. As Iha crowd dis- persed, fans were remarking . . . " Well oven if it isn ' t great in 48, it may be fine in 49 " . Maroon annoying Fortier Trip the Light Fantastic :y: iii . ' " » TULANE-FLORIDA Afler a week off, the Wave came back to take part in what was probably the least interesting game of the season. Florida came to New Orleans with a record of two wins and 4 losses, and for the first time since the Auburn game Tulane was rated a favorite. The Wave scored first. Van Meter and Bobby Jones alternated in driving down close to the goal and then combined their forces for the touchdown, Jones going over with Van Meter pulling. The Wave was playing pretty ball then, and when Ed Heider added his on e to Jones ' six, the score looked pretty good. But, hial Griffin, a Florida back, grabbed one of FInley ' s punts on his 42- yard line end ran until he fell on his face on the Tulane 13. Then -•p ' kvi T Price and Friend Van Meter takes off against Florida An all too familiar scene on a pass, Belden to Chesser the Alllgatiors scored. Lewis kicked their point, and the referee finished the game pacing off a clipping penalty against Tulane and a roughness punishment against the ' Gators. The fans were beginning to wonder " Will It be fine In ' 49? " TULANE-NOTRE DAME The amazing thing aboul the Tulane-Notre Dame game was that 57,000 fans braved freezing, murlty weather to see it. Again it was a case of iust no contest . . . Frank Leahy was out scouting California, but the Irish didn ' t seem to miss him. The weather handicapped the Greenies, but not half so much as Notre Dame did. Although the Wave played hard, they seemed to have difficulty holding the Irish ' s kickoff ' s and it wasn ' t long before they found themselves five touchdowns behind. The Green- ies fought back though. Van Meter playing the best game of his Tulane career, and when they did score they had the distinction of driving all the way from their own 17-yard line across the Notre !■ ' 1 Kick hell outa him, Bucket Dame goal. The Wave came back o New Orleans a whipped outfit, but they realized they could redeem themselves. There was still one game to piay. TULANE-L S. U. The largest crowd that ever saw a regularly scheduled football game In Dixie sat through an afternoon that could not be tied and watched the Greenles battle L.S.U. to a 6-6 tie. The Tigers went Into the fray a so-called " favorite " , but It wasn ' t long before the Wave had proved the ridiculousness of either team being called a favorite in an L.S.U. — Tulane contest. L.S.U. scored In in the last second of the first half, but the Greenles. turned on a ground attack that at times swept the Bayou Bengals off their feet. registered 13 first downs against L.S.U. ' s 12. and but for Y.A. Tittle ' s passes would have decisively outplayed the Tigers. The play Tulanlans will never forget was the sleeper from Ellender to Helder, the second play of the second half. The play didn ' t score, but It knocked the wind out of L.S.U., and It wasn ' t long before the Wave held the ball on the Tiger ' s eight. Hoot took It over from there to tie the score. The Greenles played terrific ball, they played Inspired ball, and to pick out stars would have been an injustice. The line battled the Tigers blue, the backs made Ihem see Green. The season ended successfully. 2 hits says you miss — Tiger Fancy rtepping against L. S. U. Ellender to Van Meter To fhe Victors Belong the Trophies V COACH WELLS T w E n T V ui I n s BASKETBALL With 23 wins and 3 losses, the big five turned in the best cage record in Tulane history. But this isn ' t all the 1948 season boasts, it was also a record attendance year for basketball. Our reverses in football coupled with the brilliance of the cagers have gone far to convert Tulane to a " basketball school. " HIGHLIGHTS OF THE SEASON The N. Y. U. contest, which saw Tulane participate in Madison Square Garden for the first time, drew Eastern acclaim for the Greenles. Against Wyoming Tulane ' s play was outstanding. The cool defensive and smooth offensive work of the Wave in the game served notice to the basketball public of things to come. The Wave knocked down victories in two bowl games in a single week. The hoopsters conquered I947 ' s N. C. A. A. runnerup, Oklahoma, in the Sugar Bowl, then iourneyed to Memphis to knock off Vanderbilt in the Delta Bowl. The Oklahoma game is believed by many to have been the best performance of the Wells- 104 OUT OF TIUCnTV-THREE GflmeS The Best We ' ve Had 1 g» s n 1 . - - « :-J jnp I ' s 0 L ' b1 s Se " Watch him fellas — some day maybe you can do it men for the season. Perkins racked 24 points as the Greenies ran the big Sooners down. The real highlight of the season was our two victories over L. S. U. Despite the roughness and shoddy play by both teams, a victory over L S. U. is a highlight in any sport any season. Another standout performance was the final regular game of the season. When the Greenies gained sweet revenge over a stubborn Alabama outfit that had handed the Wave one of its two seasonal defeats. In the Southeastern Conference Tournament, Tulane reached the semi-finals by virtue of victories over Auburn 106 Walti me around again, Willie Kick Jamison, It ' s 3rd down and Vanderbllt. The semi-final game with Georgia Tech was probably the most disappointing event of the sea- son. The Greenies were handed a solid defeat by a scrappy, underdog quint. Tulane cage enthusiasts will remember the factors which made the Greenies a great team and a great team to watch. They will remember Risner ' s jump shot, that baseball like throw; Perkins hook shot; and Athas ' drlve-in crip-shot; the overall steady play of Riffey and Payton. and the timely substitute work of Jamison, Peck and Svendson. The fast, hustling play of the freshman " eager beavers, " as they have been called, was another factor which contributed to the crowd ' s staying until the final whistle had blown. Good block, Perk The Little Man Is Happy Winning Is Fun Three Greenies made the All-Southeastern Conference second team for seasonal play. These were Warren Perkins, Jim Riffey, and Virgil Risner. The " Greek " re- peated as a member of the second team of the All- Tournament team. SCHEDULE Tulane 81; Keesler Field Tulane 74; Spring hiill . 49 36 Tulane 37; N. Y. U 41 Tulane 62; Centenary 46 Tulane . . ' . 93; Spring Hill 39 Tulane 44; Wyoming 30 Tulane 70; Auburn 37 Tulane 49; Oklahoma 32 Tulane 64; Vanderbilt 56 Tulane 68; Mississippi Southern . . 45 Tulane 62; Florida 35 Now ya see It — now ya don ' t Glad to see ya Riffoy J " Cowboys " Tulane 54; Georgia Tech . . . . 29 Tulane 54; L. S. U 42 Tulane 63; Vanderbilf 44 Tulane 52; Ole Miss 46 Tulane 55; Mississippi State ... 47 Tulane 49; Alabama 50 Tulane 59; Georgia Tech .... 55 Tulane 70; Mississippi State ... 47 Tulane 50; L. S. U 41 Tulane 75; Ole Miss 46 Tulane 37; Alabama 29 SEC TOURNAMENT Tulane 47; Auburn . . . Tulane 67; Vanderbilt . . Tulane 40; Georgia Tech 40 53 50 PITCHER JOHNNY OWEN B fl S £ B fl L L oach Simons ' diamond stars completed a most suc- cessful season taking 17 games, and loosing but 3, to Mississippi State, Thibodaux, and L. S. U. The real success of the season was, however, not realized until the last day of play, when the batsmen took the local double- header from L. S. U. Heroes of the afternoon were Ferd Lorio, with his five out of eight, and Ed Ludman who pitched in the first game, to close his record for the season with 6 wins and no losses. Ludman distinguished himself earlier in the year by striking out 14 Tigers in the second Baton Rouge L. S. U. game. Outstanding stars of the season were Ray Dufrechou, Warren Perkins, Johnny Owen, Carleton hiale, Bernie Abadie, Stan McDermott, Ed Ludman, and Ferd Lorio. A run ' gainst the Tigers Forget it Catcher — you ' ll never see that ' un RECORD OF THE SEASON Tulane 6; Southeastern 2 Tulane 11; Southeastern 7 Tulane 18; Southeastern 3 Tulane 19; Southeastern 5 Tulane 6; Northwestern .... 5 Tulane 6; Northwestern .... 2 Tulane I; Mississippi State ... 8 Tulane 3; Thibodaux 9 Tulane 10; S. L. 1 Tulane 7; S. L. 1 3 Tulane 33; AMA Aces 2 Tulane 6; Keesler Field 4 Tulane 21; Keesler Field Tulane II; Spring Hill I Tulane 20; Army Air Base .... I Tulane 3; L. S. U 15 Tulane 9; L. S. U 2 Tulane 13; N. A. S 3 Tulane 5; L. S. U 3 Tulane 7; L. S. U 2 TRACK We beat the Tigers Although the Wave thinclads had their disappointing monnents this year, the season might be classified as " eminently successful. " We licked the Tigers in a dual meet. It was the Wave ' s first track victory over L. S. U. since 1931, v hen Johnny Oelkers, and Don Zimmerman led the field. Hugh Liles, Spencer Johnson, and Paul Bienz each v on tvv ' o events. At the Southwestern Relays Spencer Johnson set a mile record of 4 minutes 24.5 seconds. Johnson went on to take the 3,000 meter run at the Texas relays. T ■ " ■» II yr " " .— ..1 " -ST " 112 CAPTAIN JOHNSON Cross Country Men Other than our L. S. U. win the only decisive victory of the season was our win over the University of Mexico. Our visitors fronn the south managed to eke out wins in two events. The S. E. C. was an unhappy affair for Tulane. With the exception of Greek Athas ' win in the broad jump, we failed to take an event, and finished in a poor fifth place. SCHEDULE Tulane 104; University of Mexico . . 28 Tulane 45; Georgia Tech 81 Tulane 62; L. S. U 55 Fare ' s Friends T £ n n I s T £ fl m The Wave ' s six lettermen, Glenn Gardner, Rufus Harris, Jr., Wade Herren, Dick Mouledous, Jack Tuero, and Harcourt Waters swept Tulane to another S. E. C. Championship this year concluding a terrific season. The netters ' only defeat was an expected one at the hands of Williann and Mary. We were playing on foreign courts and William and Mary was plenty good. Jack Tuero, our number one singles player went through the season undefeated, and continued on to win the S. E. C. championship. In the Southern Championship matches, Tuero advanced to the finals where he was defeated by Frankie Parker. The finals of the S. E. C. tourney found an all Tulane show with Tuero defeating hierren in the Class A finals, and Gardner defeating Waters In the Class B event. 114 EMMETT PARE Tennis Coach Gang Bdng RECORD OF THE SEASON Tulane 8; N. O. L. T. C Tuiane . . . Tulane 6; L. S. U Tulane . . . Tulane 3; Texas 3 Tulane ... Tulane 6; Mianni 3 Tulane . . . Tulane 8; Georgia Tech I Tulane . . . Tulane 6; Florida 4; Rice 9; Dub 3; William and Mary .... 6 9; Maxwell Field 7: City Pari; I GLENN GARDNER WADE HERREN DICK MOULEDOUS IIS Golf Squad GOLF Seven llnksmen and seven events constituted the 1947 golf competition. The team opened the season with a hotly contested scrap against the Spring Hill Badgers, coming out on the short end of a close score. When the Mobile squad came to Audubon Park, for a return match, Tulane hammered home its revenge, 9l 2-8 ' 2. Ted Hewitt came through with wins in both meets, while Captain Charlie Rosen, Tom Sullivan, and John Gleason, Jr. all came out on top once. An Interesting problem arose when the local Army Air Base was encountered. They arrived minus one man, so Tulane ' s John Blane took to khakis and then defeated his Tulane opponent. L. S. U. gave the Wave two convincing lickings before they went on to win the National Intercollegiates at Ann Arbor. During that tourney, Tom Sullivan, Ted Hewitt, John Gleason, Jr., and John Blane represented Tulane. Charles Rosen and Ted Hewitt played In the Southern Intercollegiates. Bill Owen set an unofficial conference putting record during the L. S. U. dual meet in New Orleans by touring the Audubon greens In 22 putts. RECORD OF THE SEASON Tulane 7 Tulane 9 ' 2; Sprlnghill Tulane l ' Ai Army A. Tulane 3 ; L S. U. . Springhill II 81 2 71 2 15 Tulane 2I 2; L S. U. 151 2 r inTRnmuRflL athletic nssociRTion OFFICERS FORRES M. COLLINS • .,. .,,. ROBERT F. BLAND . MEMBERS ' ' jJocraJa Diraclor R. E. Bland F. Eaqan M. C. K - F. M. Collins W. Van Hoven J. Roach B. Conley J. S. Mcintosh D. Urquart The function of the Intramural Council is to encourage the entire male student body to participate in organized athletic sports, and also to encourage partici- pation in active recreation. The Intramural Council organizes and promotes individual team competition. It fosters the spirit of sportsmanship between participants and spectators. This, the second year since its reformation, has proved more successful, with more participation and interest than previously. The program this past year added football, in addition to handball, golf, track, tennis, swimming, and a cross country run. Vivian Van Bever — Mary Snnallpage neujcomB athletics Newcomb Faculty-Student Softball Game " Beau-Tee " formation Newcomb Faculfy-Student Softball Game t5r- rrP H fl D ETTflP I fl I P H fl nu sicmn kappa iota EPSILOn THETA OAIEGA ALPHA DELTA PI ALPHA nu SIGHIA KAPPA EOTA EPSILOn THETA ORIEGA ALPHA DELTA PI ALPHA nu SICniA KAPPA IOTA EPSILOn THETA OmEGA omicRC H RHO 01 H BETA 01 1 1 OmiCRC H RHO 01 w sM BETA 01 Ea H HHl OmiCRC H RHO 01 H BETA 01 Hjfjjl F R n fl n D T E R n I T I E S SORORITIES ILPHfl DELTA PI flLPHfl OmiCROn EPSILOR PI THETfl CHI lU SIGmn KflPPfl lOTfl RHO ORIEGR THETfl RIU LfllllBDfl PSILOn THETR ORIEGR BETR ORIICROR KflPPfl EPSILOR ILPHR DELTR PI RLPHfl ORIICROR EPSILOR PI THETR CHI lU SIGR PSILOR ILPHfl D lU SIGR PSILOR The Pan-Hellenic Council is the governing body coordinating the eleven fraternities on the Newcomb campus. The council is composed of two representatives from each fraternity. Some of the activities for the college year included a scholar- ship luncheon, sponsorship of the student and faculty style shows, sponsorship of the sociology lectures by Grace Sloan Overton, and a chapel week. It has been the principal aim of the organization this year to further interfraternity spirit and to strengthen the entire group through modifications and enforcements of the regu- lations. This year ' s council instigated a new Constitution and Rush Comoact in order to fulfill these aims. MARY ALYCE JACKSON nEUJCome pnn-HEUEnic council OFFICERS MARY ALYCE JACKSON President FELICIA SCHORNSTEIN Secretary ELAINE SARRE Treasurer REPRESENTATIVES PAT EVANS Alpha Delta Pi JOYCE STABA Alpha Delta Pi FELICIA SCHORNSTEIIN . . . .Alpha Epsilon Phi LYLIAN WRIGHT Alpha Epsilon Phi ANN WELSH Alpha Omicron Pi BEA RAULT Alpha Omicron Pi BEVERLY BLANE Beta Sigma Omicron MARY LOU SOULE Beta Sigma Omicron GAYLE STOCKER Chi Omega MARY ELLEN SHEEHAN ' .Chi Omega CARMEN MARTINEZ Delta Zeta i CHRISTINE NUNNGESSER Delta Zeta MARY ALYCE JACKSON . . , Kappa Alpha Theta MARTHA ANN TAYLOR .... Kappa Alpha Theta PHYLLIS CHURCH Kappa Kappa Gamma SALLY SAWYER Kappa Kappa Gamma MARY MARSH Phi Mu CORAL FREEMAN Phi Mu ELAINE SARRE Pi Beta Phi GLADYS BLOOM Pi Beta Phi DOT SEGARII Zeta Tau Alpha ALICE BLUNDELL Zeta Tau Alpha 124 First Row: Gladys Bloom, Beverly Blane, Alice Second Row: Mary Marsh, Carmen Martinez, Blundell, Pat Evans, Coral Freeman, Mary Alyce Christine Nungesser, Bea Rault, Sally Sawyer, Jackson. Felicia Schornstein. Third Row: Dot Segari, Mary Ellen Sheehan, Gayle Stocker, Joyce Staba, Martha Ann Tay- lor, Ann Welsh. Not In Panel: Phyllis Church, Elaine Sarre, Mary Lou Soule, Lyiian Wright. 125 LOTTIE LEE Alpha Delta PI, the oldest Greek letter sorority for college women, was founded by Eugenia Tucker Fitzgerald at Wesleyan College in 1851. Epsilon, founded at Newcomb in November of 1906, is proud to be the second oldest active chapter. This year the Alpha Delta Pi ' s have carried on their old tradition of hospitality by having Pipe that, willya niPHR DELTA PI " open house " before the football games. Also included in their social calendar was a delightful, bewitching hHalloween Party given by the pledges, their annual formal held in March, and a Founder ' s Day Banquet, celebrated on May 15. The insignia is a diamond shaped pin set in pearls and the flower is the violet. This is not a posed shot 126 First Row: Mercedes Bailey, Betty Braden, Patricia Bradford, Elaine Brazda, Laurie Bull, Patricia Burke. Second Row: Marie Campagna, Barbara Carol, Doris Como, Annette Evans, Mar- guerite Galloway, Shirley Green. Third Row: Fleurette Gross, Cleo Gruber, Nell Guillot, Dorothy Jung, Lottie Louise Lee, hiarriet Livesey. Fourth Row: Rose- mary McDonnell, Bet- ty Joyce McLean, Tricia McRaven, Dor- othy Maness, Emnna Morphy, Joyce Myers. Fifth Row: Ann Robin- son, Katherine Seegars, Beth Smith, Jane Sparkman, Joyce Staba, Gloria Stew- art, Babs Strasbaugh. Sixth Row: Dale Sturdy, Helen Thonn- sen, Katherine Thorn- ton, Joan Windmuller, Carolyn Winling, Marilyn Woodward. Not in Panel: Mar- garet Ann Connell, Florence Muse. 127 SUE ALCUS On October 24, 1909, Alpha Epsllon Phi came into existence at Barnard College in New York City. Seven years later, December 24, 1916, Epsilon chapter was installed at Newcomb, and has been going strong ever since. A. E. Phi ' s colors are green and white, and the flower is the lily-of-the-valley. On the schedule of activities were two formals, one in the winter and one in the spring, a tea, and a party. And hello to you, too -JMlJ RLPHfl EPSILOn PHI Outstanding on the campus were Felicia Schornstein, who was president of the Sociology Club, and Marjorle Issacson, who was very active in theatre work, and was the athletic representa- tive of her class. Suzanne Alcus was secretary of Pan-Hellenic and will take over the presidency in September. Here ' s your picture, Sue ]28 First Row: Suzanne Alcus, Shirley Bersadsky, Carol Brown, Dorothy Burk, Jane Burkenroad, Molly Ca- hecn. Second Row: Marian Copland, Jane Goldman, Louise Goldman, Rita Goldstone, Gloria Good- man, Joan Goodman. Third Row: Patzy Haus- mann, Marion Helzberq. hloney Hohenberg, Lil- lian hHyman, Marjorle Isaccson, Amy Clare Jacobs. Fourth Row: Hermine Jacobs, Pat Kisber, Pa- tricia May, Marilyn Meyer, Marjorie Netter, Isabelle Peal. Fifth Row: Zelda Person, Doris Quicksilver, Ruth Radin, Alyce Rosenberg, Louise Rothchild, Ann Schornsteln. Sixth Row: Felicia Schorn- stein, Betty Lee Seff, Joan Solomon, Fannette Sommers, Natalie Spigel, Jocelyn Spitz. Seventh Row: Bertha Jean Stein, Frances Sterne, Barbara Topol, Clare Walker, Barbara Weiss. Tanya Wohl. Not in panel: Clare Ab- rahm, Lorynne Davidow, Shirley Dryer, Lois Em- rich, Verna Feinberg, Nancy Fraenkel, Rose Friedlander, Ellen Froh- lichstein, Flora Mae Gale. Carol Heinberg, Sydney Hohenberg, Marjory Jacobs, Virginia May, Eli- nor Newstadt, Ann Pake, Joy Reinganum, Marilyn Rubin, Bette Rose Scharf-f, Frances Sontheimer, Kay Threefoot, Ellen Tishman, Bettye Wagenheim. Juanita Weil, Lillian Wright, Martha Zilber- man, Anita Fay Zimm. 129 RUTH BOULET Established at Newcomb in 1898, Pi chapter is the second oldest sorority on the campus and the oldest active chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi. The colors are cardinal and white, the jewel is the ruby and the flower, the jacqueminot rose. On December 8, the A. O. Pi members and alumnae joined in paying tribute to their founders at the annual banquet. Other highlights of the social calendar included the dance in February and a luncheon for the Phi Beta Kappas in the spring. Pi ' s members devoted their time and efforts to Watch out RLPHfl omiCRon PI the sorority ' s social service work In Kentucky and other social work. The A. O. Pi ' s also found time to take an active part In school organization and this year Ruth Boulet and Anna Hover were In the Homecoming Court. Pi ' s major officers were: Ruth Boulet, presi- dent; Jane Biederman, first vice-president; Vir- ginia Brodle, second vice-president; Lucy Mac- Murry, recording secretary; Frances Crumbaugh, treasurer; and Anna Hover, corresponding secre- tary. Is that the best you girls can do7 130 First Row: Mary Emily Acree, Mary Belle Al- ston, Carol Benton, Jane Biederman, Bar- bara Blum, Ruth Bou- et. Second Row: Frances Crumbaugh, Louanna Cuenod, Shirley Cun- ningham, Terry de Jaive, Claire de la Vergne, Noel Dillard. Third Row: Elizabeth Evans, Carol Gran- berry, Joyce hHarper, Mary Anne Hebert, Catherine Hodges, Marilyn Hodges. Fourth Row: Cynthia Hoffman, Anna Hover, Carol le Corgne, Edna Lee, Marion Lowe, Dora Martin. Fifth Row: Morris Middieton, Marion McCutcheon, Lucy McMurry, Joan Pesquie, Elizabeth Prague, Beatrice Rault. Sixth Row: Joel Beth Suhren, Katherine Tal- bot, Marie Louise Tre- moulet, Susan Wright, Vera Wright. Not in Panel: Dorothy Bernhard, Eustasia Bounchaud, Re nee Bousquet, Ann Brodie, Virginia Brodie, Ann Colebeck, Carmen Duvic, Barbara Fer- geson, Barbara Ham- mett, Elizabeth Lamar, Mary Landry, Jerrye Mirandona, Patricia O ' Brien, Jane Rich- ardson, Marion Washam, Anne Welsh, Patricia Wil- liams. JEAN LESENDRE Chi Omega was founded at the University of Arkansas in 1895. Rho chapter came to New- comb campus in 1900. In the past year, Rho has upheld the standards set by the chapter for the past forty-eight years. Mary Ellen Sheehan wore the robe of Art School president and Elaine Jones was corresponding secretary of the student body. Rho ' s social work That must be some birdie CHI omcGfl consisted of Easter and Christmas parties for th e orphans. Besides the more serious business of the chap- ter, Rho has had time for a winter formal, spring house-party, and numerous teas and suppers in the room. Mary Kay hHickey and Elaine Jones were chosen for the sweetheart of Sigma Chi court. WhoVe you trying to kid, Sally? 132 First Row:Polly Adams, Ann Ander- son, June Antley, Eugenia Baird, Eliza- beth Barkdull, Jane Bland. Second Row: Peggy Boswell, Virginia Bow- en, Beverly Brown, Bliss Buchan, Bertita Connpton, Mary Dix- on. Third Row: Joan Don- aldson, Noel Donovan, Margaret Ann Ed- wards, Margaret Field, Sally Foster, Elizabeth Freret. Fourth Row: Marga- ret Heyer, Mary Kay Hickey, Joella Junkin, Janet Kerlin, Ruth King, Virginia Lawson. Fifth Row: Jean Le- gendre, Claire Lewis, Kit Moody, Bettina Muelling, Betty Oeh- mig, Peggy O ' Neil. Sixth Row: Jane Park- house, Louise Scott, Mary Ellen Sheehan, June Sherrouse, Betty Jo Simpson, Mary Brooks Soule. Seventh Row: Nancy Thomas, Genevieve Walker, Adine Wal- lace, Jane Kit Ware. June Wells, Mary Withers. Not in Panel: Emita Benedict, Mignon Ellsworth, Cleta God- frey, Margee Gondoi- fo, Natalie Hicks, Mary Elaine Jones, Virginia King, Harriet Landry, Margaret Lemie, Christine Mc- Gruder, Milllcent Smitherman, Gayle Stocker, Jackie Walk- er, Jean Walker, Mary Clark Webster, Rose- mary Wellford. 133 J MARGERY ROSE Delta Zeta was founded in 1902 at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Beta Upsilon at Newcomb College chartered in 1940 was the forty-second chapter of the national organization. Since that date the number of chapters has risen to sixty-two. Beta Upsilon easily found Its place at Newcomb because of its early merger with Beta Phi Alpha which had been at the college since 1928. Delta Zeta is especially proud of its members who have been and are now leaders in scholarship, honorary. DELTA ZETfl academic, religious, and spirit groups. Tulane has always had one or more Delta Zeta cheerleaders since 1939. The officers for the 1947-48 term were: Margery Rose, President; Helen Rault, Vice-President; Denise Reinecke, Recording Secretary; Christel Nungesser, Corresponding Secretary; Marie Louise Tureaud, Treasurer; Gayle Schwarzenbach, hiistorlan. Old rose and vieux green are our colors, the Killarney rose the flower, the Roman Lamp the badge, and the Lamp our publication. Higher Education 10 part harmony 134 First Row: Janet Aba- die, Bettie Ruth Bar- rere, Anna Bartels, Joan Blair, Jean Brandln. Second Row: Mary Jane Carr, Doris Du- vingneaud, Mary Fin- ley, Marilyn Soli, Nor- ma Kirchberg. Third Row: Mildred Levy, Mercedes Maraist, Carmen Mar- tinez, Rita Mae Mas- set, Patsy Jo Mc- Dowell. Fourth Row: Jo Pen- ick, Helen Rault, Den- ise Reinecke, Margery Rose, Gayle Schwar- zenbach. Fifth Row: Margaret Thatcher, Marie Lou- ise Tureaud, Emily Vaughn, Mary Sue Wilson. Not in Panel: Diane Bourgeois, Betsie Gil- lespie, Vilma Gros, Janice Hullinghorst, Rosalie Ketchum, Christel Nungesser, Doris Wunder. 135 BETTY BROWNE Kappa Kappa Gamma was founded af Mon- mouth College in 1870. Beta Omlcron chapter was established at Newcomb in 1904. The colors are light blue and dark blue and the flower is the fleur-de-lis. Outstanding on the campus this year were: Betty Gray, president of the Newcomb Student Body; Betty Browne, president of Newcomb hHonor Board; Virginia Jones, president of the Athletic Council; and Olga Turner, president of the Freshman Class. Pay attention, Muggy KflPPfl KflPPfl Gflmmfl Weekly luncheons by the Mothers ' Club, and monthly suppers by the active chapter, kept the Kappas well fed. Other social activities included a dance, a house-party, and the Founder ' s Day Banquet. Officers for the year included: Betty Browne, president; Virginia Jones, Standards Chairman; Ann hHowell, Corresponding Secretary; Mary Virginia Grain, Recording Secretary; Jean Ar- bour, Treasurer; Ann Burdette, Rush Chairman; and Sara Eustis, pledge mother. , , . but I ' m all right " j km ' d: ' y First Row: Lanier Al- llngham, Joan Arbour, Renee Aubre, Betty Browne, Ann Burdette Alice Ann Buttnnan. Second Row: Mary Virginia Grain, Cath- erine Dicks, Sara Eus- tis, Georgia Fischer, Virginia Frederic, Nathalie Gessner. Third Row: Betty Gray, Ann Greenslit, Emily Jean Grissonn, Mary Margaret hlan- nah, Margaret Hilzim, Kathleen HHooe. Fourth Row: Dorcas Hollingsworth, Ann Howell, Betty Jean Jones, Virginia Jones, Eugenie LeDoux, Bet- ty Lyons. Fifth Row: Patricia McMeans, Martha Miles, Brenda Moore, Ninette Perrillat, Car- olyn Pettiss, Diane Redmond. Sixth Row: Dolly Ann Souchon, Marjorie Stone, Margaret Thi- baut, Georgine Thorne, Betty Turner, Olga Turner. Seventh Row: Natalie V alker, Chelsea Webster, Dorothy Woods. Not in Panel: Lucy Barret, Leiia Browne, Deborah Carroll, Con- nie Jones, Mary Lou- ise Kendall, Marie Louise Le Gardeur, Dorothy Myers, Rho- da Norman, Grady Gene Riggin, Carolyn Wilbert. 137 BEHY RUTH DAVIS " The+a Lips Are Smiling " is a familiar tune heard on all campuses where there are Theta chapters. It was made famous at Tulane last spring at the sorority song test when the Theta ' s received first place. Founded at De Pauw University of Indiana in 1870, Theta was the first Greek letter fraternity known among women. The Alpha Phi chapter was brought to Newcomb in 1914, and its members have taken an active part in college life. Outstanding In college activities this year is KflPPfl RLPHfl THETfl Betty Ruth Davis who holds down the job of co-chairman of campus night. Mary Alyce Jack- son, president of Pan-Hellenic, has been ac- claimed for doing such a big part in making one of the best rush seasons ever known at Newcomb. She has also been elected to " Who ' s Who. " The Theta ' s social activities are highlighted with Sunday night suppers, teas, rush parties, and best of all, the spring formal in March. The Theta pin is kite shaped and the flower is the black and gold pansy. 138 ©QA First Row: Adrien Aitkens, Frances Ale- man, Lois Bermudez, Virginia Blundell, Do- lores Brisbi, Joyce Caldwell. Second Row: Millicent Clesi, Bet+y Ruth Da- vis, Helen Deal, Ar- dythe Donnaud, Claudia Ann Dyke, Phallie Evans. Third Row: Jean Fel- der, Nathalie Sanu- cheau, Charlotte Gil- bert, Beatrice Haas, Ann Haley, Jean Hardin. Fourth Row: Joy Harper, Mary Hen- derson, Beverly Jack- son, Mary Alyce Jack- son, Elizabeth Jans- sen, Helen Jordan. Fifth Row: Jessie Kel- ey, Carol Layton, Sara Lisenby, Betty Magee, Dean Mag- ness, Helen McAnelly. Sixth Row: Marilyn McKenzIe, Peggy Mi- chel, Mary Lou Mossy. Hazel Muller, Joyce Norman, Patsy O ' Sul- ivan. Seventh Row: Lucy Pasquier, Adair Ram- sey, May Kay Reed, Charlotte Reynolds, Joel Roy, Jo Ann Scott. Eighth Row: Carol Sue Smith, Corinne Vaughan, Barbara Watson, Elaine Win- gate. Not in Panel: Henri- etta Herbert, Mary Smallpage, Jane Stew- art, Sue Stewart, Mar- tha Ann Taylor. r PAULA SMITH PHI mu Phi Mu, the second oldest sorority, was found- ed in 1852 at Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia. Delta chapter came to Newconnb campus in I 906. This years ' activities began with rush parties, pledging and a banquet following the pledging ceremony. Phi Mu entertained with several teas during the year and the pledges gave monthly suppers for the actives and a Christmas party for a group from one of the New Orleans orphan homes. The outstanding event of the year was I don ' t know about that the Spring Formal in February, honoring the newly initiated members. The Initiation cere- mony was followed by a banquet for both new and old members. High honors of the year were claimed by Merle Fischer. Merle was prexy of Alpha Sigma Sigma and head of orientation as well as pledge director of Delta chapter. Phi Mu ' s colors ere rose and white and the flower is the enchantress carnation. But can you cook? 140 First Row: Jeanne Abadle, Laurie Allen, Betty Amann, Jane Annis, Gwen Bailie, Lucy Blake. Second Row: Mary Lou Cdbral, Barbara Draclcett, Dot Ed- wards, Merle Fischer, Mary Joan Gonia, Patsy Haas. Third Row: Mary Haneman, Lynn Hock, Betty Holland, Mary Jo Holland, Alice Hoover, Margaret Hutchinson. Fourth Row: Sue Keefe, Winnie Kelly, Merle Lemieux, Patsy Lemleux, Aline Lon- gino, Gayle Macken- roth. Fifth Row: Mary Marsh, Ann McAskill, Laura McClanahan, Ann Mcintosh, Frances M cShane, Maud Muller. Sixth Row: Carolyn Murphy, Batty Nairne, Kitty Poole, May-Lou Renaud, Aubrie Rob- ertson, Mary Louise Schnnidt. Seventh Row: Paula Smith, Lorraine Steidtmann, Dean Stinson, Betty Ston- ner, Dodle Sturcken, Yvette Wolfe. Not in Panel: Claire Cook, Coral Freeman, Marion Hogan, Joyce Johnson, Joan Landry, Emily Moise, Boo Scherer, Dorel Shoug- rue, Ann Ventress, LIll Webb, Betty White, Anita Willingham. • 141 PI BETH PHI PAT PHILLIPS Pi Beta Phi was founded at Monmouth College in 1876. Louisiana Alpha was established at Newconnb in 1891 and is the oldest sorority on campus. The colors are wine and blue and the flower is the wine carnation. Pat Phillips ruled the senior class, while Anne Landry was vice-president of the student body. Laurelle Fillmore was president of the dance club. If couldn ' t be thaf bad The chapter social activities were composed of teas, luncheons and suppers at the house, a Founder ' s Day banquet and the Spring Formal. Officers for the year were: Pat Phillips, presi- dent; Page Cary, vice-president; Susan Moore, recording secretary; Jane Logan, corresponding secretary; Charlene McCorkle, treasurer; and Gladys Bloom, rush chairman. What big eyes you have £k 01 A First Row: Lucy Adams, Lucille Bernard, Armande Billon, Barbara Bizzell. Gladys Bloonn, Dorothy Carrere. Second Row: Page Cary, Helen Christ, Kathleen Coleman, Margaret Conder, Fran Dalton, Du- laney Dart. Third Row: Virginia Day, Mary Jane Dillard, Laurelle Fillmore, Leiia Flourney, Carol Gates, Joan Gillis. Fourth Row: Marie Gre- han, Betsy Griffin, Nea Hoffmeyer, Ruth Hoppe. Susan Hyams, Chloe Lain. Fifth Row: Anne Landry, Marie Therese Larue, Katharine Legendre, Nor- ma Lewis, Beverly Lyie, Beverly McArthur. Sixth Row: Charlene Mc- CorMe, Jeanine McGee. Jeanne Mayo, Carolyn Montgomery, Camille Moss, Nancy Moore. Seventh Row: Elizabeth Nicholson, Margaret O ' Neil, Pat Phillips. Mc- Kee Pitts, Helen Rapier, Gloria Ratchford. Eighth Row: Effie Stock- ton, Violet Whitehead, Mary Williamson, Marie Withers, Joel Wolfe. Not in panel: Nannette Caifery. Janice Carter, Gertrude Chit+y, Eliza- beth Cook, Roberta Doggett, Helen Garrett, Susan Hill, Adele Jackson, Jane Logan. Susan Moore. Jean Orr. Elaine Sarre, Evelyn Woosley. J THELMA MUNCH Zeta Tau Alpha was founded at Virginia State Normal College, Farmville, Virginia, October 15, 1898. It was the first women ' s fraternity to be chartered in Virginia and the first one ever to be chartered by a special act of the legislature. Zeta Tau Alpha boasts of eighty-eight active chapters and one hundred alumnae chapters in all parts of the United States and Canada. What ' s the trouble, kid ZETfl TflU RLPHR Beta Kappa chapter at Newcomb was founded in 1927 and has always been noted for Its numer- ous parties throughout the years. Helen Sher- rard, Vice-President, is also the President of Beta Beta Beta and Frances Kyker holds the office of President of the Y. W. C. A. Patsy Goff was chosen to serve as one of the maids in the Tulane University hlomecoming Court this year. My, my 144 yll ly First Row: Deborah Berry, Lydia Ann Bos- worth, Jane Bratton, Constance Carter, Marjorie Brown. Second Row: Phyllis Chancellor, Norma Clesi, Ann Duggan, Patricia Goff, Mary Holden. Third Row: Sally James, Anna Frances Jones, Frances Kent- ner, Helen King, Frances Kyker. Fourth Row: Ann Maddrey, Carol Miller, Thelma Munch, Mary Ann Newton, Virginia Provost. Fifth Row: Dorothy Segari, hHelen Sher- rard, Betty Stafford, Gladys Tarut, Ruth Washington , Ann Wilson. Not in Panel: Alice Biundeli, Geraldlne Dye, Caroline Gavin. 145 First Row: Juana Basilio, Winnie Beier, Beverly Bruff, Joyce Bruff, Jane Carver. Second Row: Ethel Eaton, Diane Fournet, Betty Haase, Jane Lee Luft, Betty Malone. Third Row: Elise Mitchell, Catherine Naef, Carmel Netzhammer, Doris Pierson, Nathalie Reeling. Fourth Row: Joy Schmid, Sydney Smithers, Patsyearl Spring, Norma Stratz, Noreen Thomas. Fifth Row: Dottie Belle Verlander, Allie Wyler, Jerry Wyler. Not in Panel: Beverly Blane, Margie Bonner, Lettie Lou Deas, Lillian Forstall, Jean Suhling, Mary Ann Thompson. Beta Sigma Omicron was established Dec. 18, 1888, in Columbia, Missouri. Newcomb welcomed Alphat Sigma chapter on its campus in 1929. Since then the chapter has participated in numerous campus activities. Prominent among its members were: Beverly Bruff, president of the Tulane University Theater; Winifred Beier and Norma Stratz who figure in all Music School functions: and Ethel Eaton, treasurer of the Y.W.C.A. The chapter ' s social functions include among spontaneous parties, the annual Spring Formal, Spring Banquet, Founder ' s Day Banquet, the Chapter Birthday, and all Holiday Celebrations. The girls who wear the ruby and pink are right- fully proud of their scholastic record which surpasses their social accomplishments. They boast of representation on the Dean ' s List, Phi Beta Kappa, and several honorary societies. ALLIE WYLER BETA siGmn omiCRon PHI DELTA EPSILOn Phi Delta Epsilon medical fraternity was founded at Cornell University In 1904. Alpha lota appeared on Tulane ' s campus in 1918. The big wheels in the fraternity are: Moe Claman, president; Bill Krivit, vice-president; Coleman Schneider, treasurer; Zellg Lieberman, secretary. The main activities of the year centered around monthly lectures. Saturday night socials, and picnics. Gerald Posner was elected treasurer of the fresh- man class and Jimmy Saft is the incoming vice-president of the Pan-Hellenic Council. First Row: Sherman Bruckner, Sher- wood Jacobson, William Krivit. Second Row: Sam Lleber, Zelig Lieberman, Leon Meier. Third Row: Gerald Posner, Floyd Roos, James Saft. Fourth Row: Coleman Schneider. Not in Panel: Maurice Claman, Charles Kahn, CARTER DENTON The Theta Kappa Psi ' s first saw the light of day at the Medical College of Virginia in 1879. In 1904 they descended on the Tulane campus, and despite all efforts to the contrary, have be- come a fixture. They are currently residing on St. Charles ave- nue in the vicinity of some other outfit of the same sort. They shattered the peace and quiet of their neighborhood last hialloween night with THETfl KflPPn PSI a large party, and tossed a formal dance some- time around Thanksgiving. Carter Denton heads the lodge, assisted by Frank London. Skipper Boldlng and Fred Berry share secretarial duties, and Tommy Summar is the house mother. Their flower is the red rose, and the colors are green and gold. 148 1 1 " 1 First Row: Byron Allen, Jr., Richard Allen, W. T. Bailey, Andrew Jackson Barry, Ralph Billington, R. R. Boese. Second Row: Fairfax Breneman, C. W. Brice, Jr., W. W. Buckhaults, Tom Campbell, Bill Cherry, John Davis. Third Row: Carter Den- ton, Jame s E. Goode. C. E. Hamilton, Ed. B. Helms, Lynn Hunt, E. W. rvine, Jr. Fourth Row: S. T. Jones. Neil McCuliough, James D. Malone, Harry Martin, S. L. Middleton, P. J. Morgane. Fifth Row: J. B. Moss. Jr., Joseph Ogle, Donald Jack Perry, Robert E. Raborn, R. R. Reed, L. J. Rolfes. Sixth Row: Joe Swartwout, G. H. Temple, W. S. Ul- om. Not in Panel: G. Abshire G. E. Bennett, Fred Berry. C. W. Bertinot, Jr.. H. R. Bolding, V. F. Borum, Nel- son Boudreaux, Roy Brab- ham, Tom Brewer, Kennell Brow, Dave Carson, R. J. Carson, R. T. Cates. Thomas Ciampa, Ross Davis, V. A. Durham, Jr.. Robert Fairchild. B. H. Grimm, Jerry Hough, J. H. Kembell. S. F. Landry, Jr., S. H. McDanniels. Jr., J. P. McNulty, J. T. Milam, E. B. Noxon, Paul Paulsen, E. Rizzolo, Billie Rountree. E. M. Shell, W. A. Stephens. O. C. Stein- mayer. Jr., Thomas Marion Summar, Spencer Walton, J. C. Wells. Jr.. J. B. Withrow, Jr. JACK JACKSON Phi Chi medical fraternity was founded at the University of Vermont in 1889, and Omicron chapter hit the Tulane campus in 1902. Since that time, they have been distinguished by their strange affinity to houses built out of rock. Besides a number of loud and lavish parties this year, they have also managed to squeeze in a few other activities, and point with pride He ain ' t that funny PHI CHI to Jack Jackson and Tommy James, who can roll with any wheel on the campus. The colors, green and white, and the flower, the lily of the valley, are supposed to be for hte benefit of the members on their mornings after. Jack Jackso n heads this group, assisted by Tommy James, who goes under the title of Pre- siding Junior. Bob Ivy takes the minutes and Jack Moore handles the cash. What brand of coke is that? 150 ■ I Firsf Row: James F. Alison, A. E. Anderson, Whitney Boggs, Leroy K. Branch, Earl Brandon, Bob Bullington. Second Row: Robert J. Cales, George L. Campbell, Clayton S. Cook, Weeks Dauterive. Thomas W. Davis, Clarence H. Denser. Third Row: Don Dexter, Richard M. Ewing, John Frere, Tharp Gillespie, Robert E. Higgs, George E. Howell. Fourth Row: Alexander W. Hulett, Jack Jackson, Thomas N. James, Millard Jenson, James E. Kraft, Elmo Laborde. Fifth Row: Roy Ledbetter, George Lewis, Clu Flu Lusk. Lawrence S. McGee, Frank Marascaico, Robert Maxon. Sixth Row: Jack Moore. Carl Ivlurra , Francis K. Nicolle. Robert Palmer, James R. Pierce, Robert Potts. Seventh Row: Russell Rigby, Randolph Rutledge, Robert Schramel, Henry L. Sherrod, James E. Shropshire, John L. Stewart. Eighth Row: Hooper Stiles, Louis Turbeville, William Vildi- bill, Ted P. Votteler. Gordon Walter Earnest C. Williams. Not in Panel: Joe Asherman, Kirk K. Barnes, Robert H. Barnes, Jake Bos, Donald Brad- burn, Bob Brown, Tom C. Bush, David M. Carlton, Jerald R. Careton, John C. Ely, Dabney M. Ewln, Harry E. Fair, William E. Faris, John A. Fisher, Robert P. Foster, Tom B. Guyton, Doyle R. Hamilton, John N. Harring- ton, Friedrichs W. Harris, Wil- liam R. Hardy, Robert Hen- drick, Robert E. Ivy. Robert H. Jernigan, Edward C. Mann, Henry McGee, Denbo Mont- gomery, Clifford Mulllns. James B. OKeefe, Ralph Nuzum, Wil- liam A. Parcetti. Milam B. Pharo. Van Buren Philpot. Bill Richardson. James Roark, Al- bert D. Rood, Charles E. Selah. John F. Shriner, Andrew Tal- helm, Sellers Thomas. Ralph E. Tiller, Peyton Walton, Aubrey White, Phil J. White, Joel Wil- liamson. 151 First Row: Helen Ahmann, Ka+herine Bachman, Mary Beaman. Second Row: Loyse Crawford, Mar- jorie Dale, Flora Finch. Third Row: Gene hlassinger, Mary L. Hinson, Johnny Horn. Fourth Row: Margaret Kerr, Eloise Munoz. Not in Panel: Virginia Ayster, Rosa Asman, Maria Beria, Mary J. Brown, Ava Carrera, Priscilla Diaz, Carolyn Denning, Nina Bess Goss, Mary Heckmann, Jackie Hunt, Nell Kenny, Jean Kessler, Katharine Kern, Ruth Kerschstein, Evelyn Kuinlam, Jeanne Marcoux, Josephine Marguae, Louise Markham, Frances Mayfield, Be- atrice Monales, Mary Jean Nelson, Cecelia Reichert, Emasue Snow, Sarah Stewart, Marilyn Wagner, Patricia Webb, Nell Williams. FLORA FINCH Alpha Epsilon lota was founded at the University of Michigan in 1890, and was estab- lished at Tuiane in 1919. All of the members are girls. Their colors are black, white and green and the flower is the white carnation. Flora Finch is the president of this outfit. flLPHfl EPSILOn IOTA PHI LflmBDfl KflPPfl JOHN DAVID First Row: Philip Aster, Irving Brud- rick, Herman Cohen. Second Row: John David, Bert Glick, Robert Goodman. Third Row: Alvln Lassen, Maz Pallet, Morton Rachelson. Fourth Row: Irving Rosen, Gerald Sandler, hHerbert Vogel. Not in Panel: Ivan Altman, David Caul, Yale Citrin, Sol Courtman, David Feigenbaum, David Katz, Al- lan Lipton, Lewis Post, Seymour Rosenwasser, Murray Schecter, Jerry Tucker. Three years after its inception at the University of Pennsylvania in 1907, Phi Lambda Kappa was established on the Tulane campus. John David is president of the group, and hterbert Vogel is vice-president. Sol Courtman takes the minutes, and Ivan Altman handles the cash. ' T W|» » ' . ' 153 :?» iij im In 1890, the stork left Phi Rho Sigma at Northwestern University. By 1918, there was a little chapter at Tulane. C. C. Jaubert is president of this group, ably assisted by R. R. Buie. Gernon Brown is the secretary, and M. R. Blais writes the checks. Their colors are scarlet and gold. PHI RHO SIGITIfl First Row: M. R. Blais, G. S. Brown, R. R. Bule. Second Row: George Caruso, R. J. Culotta, C. C. Jaubert. Third Row: John Moossy, Mario Palafox, C. G. Santoro. Fourth Row: C. J. Schneider, A. Silva-Beauchannp, P. J. Spoto. Not in Panel: L. M. Boudreaux, R. E. Morgan, Dave Reeves, C. B. Willard. C. C. JAUBERT STAN SKILLICORN First Row: Robert V. Barnett, John H. Bise, Henry W. Blackburn, David B. Dale, David S. Buell, Craig Cantrell. Second Row: Ted K. Dampeer, Thomas Edwards, Charles A. Farwell, Richard J. Field, John Fridge, John R. Gibson. Third Row: Paul Ned Graffagnino, Jerome L. hHeard, Guy M. Hicks, Louis B. Hughes, Curtis Jones, Gay S. Knox. Fourth Row: C. Ramsey MacCordy, Robert L. Magee, Donald T. Morrison, E. W. Alton Ochsner, Lamar Puryear, Robert J. Peace. Fltth Row: John Pittman, Ruben Plant, Richard O. Rutland, J. H. Shaner, Julian Sims, Stanley Skillicorn. Sixth Row: J. Leslie Smith, Michael H. Sulack, M. Bruce Sullivan, William D. Swackhamer, John Terry, Jack WIsman, Not in panel: James Altgelt, John A rnold, Hal Breen, Walter Brent, M. Eugene Brock, Ralph H. Cameron, Warren Darty, Joseph Ewing, Tom Farris, John Hall, Charles Hargis, James Harrison, Leo Horan, Noel Ice, Fred Jones, James Lancaster, Jacob C. Lippincott, James Maddox, William Magee, William McBride, Foster McCaleb, Christopher L. Mengis, Jerrell Mitchell, John Monroe, William Monroe, T. K. Mor- row, Francis M. Pearce, A. Miles Pratt, Dan Russell, George Sackett, Royford Smith, Richard Smith, George W. Tucker, Jack Turner, Ward Turner, Andrew Wach- tel, Harry Whayne, James Williams. B nu sicmn nu The Nu Sigs, who had their house rewired, repainted and rescreened this year, go their start at the University of Michigan In 1882. In 1910, they came to Tulane to stay. They say they throw renowned parties. Heading these paragons is Stanley Skillicorn! Alton Ochsner Is vice-president, Leo Horan secretary, and John Gibson pinches the pennies. ff " 5r a» r 1 f , ? ' ' ?% O fT mCDICflL Pfln-HELLCniC MEMBER FRATERNITIES Medical School Pan-Hellenic Council is composed ALPHA EPSILON IOTA of members of the seven Greek Letter medical fra- ALPHA KAPPA KAPPA NU SIGMA NU ternities, and functions as the governing body for PHI CHI these fraternities. The council organizes and directs PHI LAMBDA KAPPA PHI RHO SIGMA interfraternlty competitions. A highlight of the medi- THETA KAPPA PSI cal school year is the Medical Pan-Hellenic dance. 156 RLPHfl TflU OmEGII BETA TflETfl PI DELTA KflPPfl EPSILOn DELTA SlCmn PHI DELTA TAU DELTA KAPPA ALPHA KAPPA nu KAPPA SIGIAA PHI DELTA THETA PHI IOTA ALPHA PHI KAPPA SIGHIA PI KAPPA ALPHA SIGHIA ALPHA EPSILGO SIGAIA CHI SIGHIA PI ZETA DETA TAU FRESHmEn SOPHOmORES junii SEniORS FRESHmEn SOPHOmt RESHinEn juniORS soPHomoR FRESHmEn SOPHOmORES junii SEniORS FRESHmEn SOPHOm( RESHmEn JuniORS soPHomoR FRESHmEn soPHomoREs junr SEniORS FRESHmEn SOPHOmf RESHmEn juniORS soPHomoR C L E :tESHmEn soPHomoREs JuniORS SEnioRS FRESHmen lEniORS FRESHmEn SOPHOmORES JUniORS SEniORS F psHmEn juniORS soPHomoRES sehiors juriors fre ESHniEn SOPHOmORES JUniORS sehiors FRESHRIEn iEniORS fESHmE FRESHmi EniORS ESHRIE 160 seniORS FIRST ROW; • MARY EMILY AGREE, Ncwcomb, South Mobile, Alabama; Alpha Omlcron P!. Art Club. • JAMES TAYLOR ADAMS. Law, Shreveport. Louisiana, • ROBERT JULES ADAMS, Law, Lafayette, Louisiana; Phi Delta Phi. • VARIA P. ADAMS. Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana. • WILLIAM EDWARD AICKLEN. JR.. Engineering, New Orleans, Louisiana; Newman Club, Math Club, A. I. E. E. • THEODORE JEROME AIN, Arts and Science, Brooklyn, New York; Kappa Nu. • JOSEPH L. AKERMAN. Arts and Science. Orlando, Florida; Kappa Alpha. FOURTH ROW: e HERMAN WILLIAM BARTELS. Commerce. New Orleans, Louisiana, e JAMES HUNT BASS, Commerce. Jackson, Mississippi. O HARRY J. BATT. JR.. Commerce. New Orleans. Louisiana; Sigma Pi. • ALICE COLLEEN BEACHAM. Commerce, New Orleans. Louisiana; Newman Club. International Relations Club. • ROBERT GORDON BEADLE. Engineering. Little Ro:k. Arkansas; Tau Beta Pi. Delta Tau Delta, Engineering Vice-President ' Al- ' iS. A. I. E. E.. E. T. A., Tecchni-Torgue. • WILLIAM PHILLIP BEATROUS, Arts and Sciences. New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Alpha. • JAMES DOUGHTY BECK III. Engineering. New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Sigma. A. S. M. E. SECOND ROW: • JAMES GARY ALBERTINE, Arts and Science, Memphis, Tennessee; Beta Theta Pi. • GEORGE HOWARD AMANN, JR., Commerce, New Orleans, Louisiana. • ANNIE ELIZABETH ANDERSON, Newcomb. Charlotte. North Carolina; Chi Omega. Art Club, Westminister Fellowship. • LLOYD WINFIELD ANDERSON. JR.. Commerce, Milan, Minnesota; Junior Class President ■46- ' 47, Commerce Student Body President ' 47- ' 48, Vice-President Tulane Student Council ' 47- ' 48, Gamma Delta, University Student Council. • WALTER GILBERT ANDRY. JR., Law, New Orleans. Louisiana; Alpha Phi Omega, Phi Delta Phi. La Society du Droit Civil. • PATRICIA MARGARET ARMS. Commerce New Orleans Louisiana- Newman Club. • EDWARD HENRY ARNOLD, JR., Engineering, New Orleans, Louisiana; Newman Club, A. I E E FIFTH ROW: « JACK CHARLES BENJAMIN, Arts and Sciences; New Orleans. Louisiana. • ROBERT EMMETT BERMUDE2. Commerce. New Orleans. Louisiana; Canter- bury Club. • ROY LE STER BERNSTEIN Arts i nd Science. Newark. New Jersey; Sigma Alpha Mu. Pan Hellenic Council. Tusk. Hillel Foundation. • JANE ELIZABETH BIEDERMAN. Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi. Secretary-Treasurer Senior Class, Tusk. Sociology Club. Jambalaya. • ROBERT MAIRUS BILLET. Commerce. New Orleans. Louisiana; Pi Kappa Alpha. • RALPH HOWARD BILLINGTON. Medicine. New Orleans. Louisiana; Thtta Kappa Psi. • CLARENCE LEO BLACK. Engineering, Bogalusa. Louisiana; Kappa Sigma. Alpha Chi Sigma. A I. Ch. E., E. T. A., Newman Club. THIRD ROW: • SAMUEL D ASHON. Arts and Science. New Orleans. Louisiana. O WILLIAM HAROLD AVANT, Arts and Science. Andalusia. Alabama; Phi Delta Thata. Frashman President ' 4S. O GWEN ANNETTE BAILIE. Newcomb. Central Soledad. Guantanamo. Cuba; Phi Mu. • ROBERT RUSSELL BAIN. JR . Commerce. New Orleans, Louisiana. • RICHARD KELLY BAIRD Commerce. New Orleans, Louisiana; Newman Club. • HERBERT LEE BAKER, Engineering, Shreveport, Louisiana; Phi Kappa Sigrra. Kappa Delta Phi, Omlcron Delta Kappa, A.S.M E. • FRANCIS ROWEN BARNARD JR . Engineering. New Orleans. Louisiana; Sigma Phi Epsilon, A. I. Ch. E. SIXTH ROW: • HENRY WEBSTER BLACKBURN, JR . Medi:ine. Miami. Florida; Nu Sigma Nu. History of Medicine Society. Owl Club. • KENNETH GEORGE BLACKWELL. Commerce. New Orleans. Louisiana. • JOAN MAY BLAIR. Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana; Oello Zaia. Arl Club, French Club. • RICHARD F. BLAKE, Engineering. New Orleans. Louisiana; Pi Kappa Alpha, Tau Beta Pi. A. I. E. E. O FARRELL ANTHONY BLANCHARD. Law. Donaldtonvillt, Louisiana: Phi Delta Phi • GLADYS MARIE BLOOM. Newcomb. New Orlaani. Louisiana: Pi Seta Phi. Beta Beta Beta. Athletic Council. Pan Htllanic Council. Newman Club. O ROBERT FAULK BLAND. Engineering. New Orleans. Louisiana. Delta Kappa Epsilon. President Junior Class. Prasidont Senior Class. A.S.C.E.. E.T.A.. Tau Beta Pi. Publications Board. Intramurals Council. 161 %mk SEniORS FIRST ROW: • HERBERT BLOOM. Graduate School. Brooklyn, N. Y.; Secretary-Treasurer. Senior Class. June 1947, Phi Beta Kappa. Glendy Burke. • ROBERT RUDOLPH BOESE. Arts and Science. Fort Lauderdale. Florida. Pi Kappa Alpha and Theta Kappa Psi. • JOE F. BONFISLIO, Commerce, Brookhaven. Mississippi; Newman Club. • ERIN ADELINE BORN. Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana; Gamma Delta. • PEGGY BOSWELL, Newcomb, Sanatorium, Mississippi; Chi Omega. President. A Capella Choir. Elizabethans. Festival Choir. Glee Club. Newcomb. Opera. Operatta. Vice-President. Westminister Fellowship. • EUSTATIA MORRISON BOUNCHAUD. Newcomb. New Roads, Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi. • PAUL CHARLES BOUDOUSQUIE, Commerce. New Orleans, Louisiana. SECOND ROW: • RUTH CHARLOHE BOULET. Newcomb, Larese, Louisiana; Alpha Omicron PI. Campus Night. Greenbackers. Lagniappes. Alpha Sigma Sigma. Assets, Who ' s Who. Dormitory Council, Honor Board, Student Government Associa- tion. Cantebury Club. • FREM F. BOUSTANY. JR., Arts and Sciences. Lafayette. Louisiana; Delta Tau Delta, Theta Kappa PsI. • DAVID FRENCH BOYD. JR.. Law, New Orleans. Louisiana; Sigma Chi. Phi Delta Phi. La. Society du Droit Civil. • LEROY KILPATRICK BRANCH. Medicine, Lettsworth. Louisiana; Phi Chi Medical Fraternity. • JANE LOUISE BRATTON, Newcomb, Memphis, Tennessee; Zeta Tau Alpha, La Tertulia, Y.W.C.A., Baptist Student Union. Art Club. • JOHN LESTER BRAUD. Arts and Sciences. New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Tau Delta, E. T.A.. Pan Hellenic Council. • FAIRFAX V. BRENEMAN. Paris. Texas; Medicine. Theta Kappa Psi. FOURTH ROW: O BEVERLY OLIVE BRUFF, Newcomb. San Antonio. Texas. Beta Sigma Omicron, Glee Club. Newcomb. Dance Club. La Tertulia. Y.W.C.A.. Baptist Student Union, Tulane University Theatre, National Collegiate Players. Executive Secretary of T.U.T. • ELSIE KATHRYN BRUPBACHER. Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana; Athletic Council, La Tertulia. Newman Club, Sociology Club. Newcomb Swimming Club. • DENNIS VANCE BRYANT, Arts and Science. Van Buren Arkansas; Theta Nu. Hullabaloo, Greenbackers, Lagniappes. • ANN BRYAN-TURNER. Newcomb, Santurse. Puerto Rico. • RALPH JOSEPH BRYSSON. Arts and Science, New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Kappa Alpha. • BLISS S. BUCHAN, Arts and Sciences. New Orleans. Louisiana; Chi Omega, Treasurer, ' 44- ' 45 Freshman Class. Student Center Council. • WILLIAM H. BUCK. Medicine. New Orleans. Louisiana. FIFTH ROW: • WENDELL WALLACE BUCKHAULTS, Medicine. Perryton. Texas; Theta Kappa Psi. Owl Club. • RALPH ROY BUIE. Medicine. Mertens. Texas; Phi Rho Sigma. • EGBERT DERWOOD BUNIFF, Arts and Sciences. New Orleans, Louisiana. • EMIGDIO A. BUONOMO, Arts and Science. Caguas. Puerto Rico; Phi lota Alpha, Greenbackrs. G.D.L. • ROBERT RAY BURCH. Medicine. New Orleans. Louisiana. • GEORGE EVANS BURGESS. JR., Law, New Orleans, Louisiana; PI Kappa Alpha, President Phi Delta Phi 1947-8. National Collegiate Players. « DOROTHY KAY BURK. Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana; Alpha Epsilon Fhi. THIRD ROW: • ELIZABETH MARY BRIGTSEN. Newcomb. New Orleans, Louisiana. • RALPH LUCIUS BROCK, Medicine. McComb. Mississippi; Phi Chi, Beta Beta Beta, Omicron Delta Kappa, Owl Club. • JACK STANLEY BROWN. Arts and Science. New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Tau Delta. • KENNELL PHILIP BROWN, Arts and Science. Jeanerette. Louisiana; Theta Kappa Psi. Festival Choir. Glee Club. Tulane. Jambalaya, Hullabaloo. Campus Night. • BETTY HANAH BROWNE, Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Honor Board President. 1947. 1948. Alpha Sigma Omega. Assets. Who ' s Who. Lagniappes. Canterbury Club. Mlllbrae, California; • WILLIAM HENRY BROWNLEE, Medical School. Christian Med. Society. • BETTY BEVERLY BROYLES. Newcomb. Kilgore. Texas; Glee Club. Newcomb. La Tertluia. Westminster Fellowship. Art Club. International Relations Club. 162 SIXTH ROW: • LOUIS GARLAND BURKES, C ommerce. New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Kappa Sigma. • LOWELL ROYCE BURNHAM, Engineering, Pilger. Nebraska; A.S.M.E. e ALICE ANN BUTMAN. Newcomb. Fremont, Ohio; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Student Government Association, Canterbury Club, Art Club. • CELSO RAFAEL CABALLERO, Arts and Science. Santurce. Puerto Rico; Phi lota Alpha, Newman Club, G.D.L. • MARY-LOU CABRAL, Newcomb, New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Mu. Jambalaya, Newman Club, Art Club, Greenbackers. Student Cenuter Council. Swimming Club, • GEORGE HILL CADY. Engineering. North Tonawanda, New York; A.S.M.E., E.T.A., Wesley Foundation. • WILLIAM M. CADY III, Commerce. Alexandria. Louisiana; Delta Tau Delta. Pan Hellenic Council. • n 163 4 164 senioRS FIRST ROW: • KATHERINE SHIRLEY CAFIERO, Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana; La Tertulia, Y.W.CA., Wesley Founration, Art Club. • LOUIS PETER CAJOLEAS. Arts and Science. New Orleans, Louisiana; Radio Workshop, Tulane University Theatre, O ROBERT JACKSON CALES. Medicine. Ralston. Oklahoma; Phi Chi. History of tvledicine Society. Owl Club, • ETIENNE DANA CAMBON. JR., Engineering, New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsiton. E.T.A. • CHARLES ROLLIN CAIvlP. JR.. Engineering. New Orleans. Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. A.S.C.E, • THOMAS DOUGLAS CAMPBELL. Arts and Sciences, New Orleans. Louis- iana. • CI AIG G. CANTRELL, Arts and Sciences, Gadsden. Alabama; Phi Delta Thetj. Nu Sigma Nu. President Junior Class 1944-7 A S. Vice-President Fresh. Med. Classs IM7-48, SECOND ROW: O JOSEPH M. A. CARAVELLA. Arts and Science. New Orleans. Louisiana. • JOHN DANICL CARNEY. Arts and Science. Staten Island. New York; Alpha Phi Omega. A Cappeetia Choir. Festival Choir. Glee Club. Tulane. Newman Club, Glendy Burke. Campus Night. Radio Workshop, Spectators. Tulane University Theatre, T.U.S.K. • LEONARD CARP, Commerce, Picayune. Mississippi; Zeta Beta Tau. • MICHAEL A, CARSO II. Arts and Science. New Orleans. Louisiana; Pi Kappa Alpha. Glee Club. Tulane, Die Mozart Gesellschaft. • JANE CARVER. Newcomb, Lakeland. Florida; Beta Sigma Omicron. Pan Hellenic Council, Westminster Fellowship, Student Affiliates of Am. Chem. Soc. TUSK. • RODOLFO CHACON, Medicine, Hereida, Costa Rica. • WILLIE CHIN, Engineering, New Orleans, Louisiana; A.I. of Ch.E. FOURTH ROW: • FORRES M GRAW COLLINS, Arts and Science, New Orleans. LouiliatM; Phi Delta Theta. President Senior Class. 1947-48, Kappa Delta Phi. Huilabdioo. Canterbury Club. Intramurats Council, Pan Hellenic Council, Greanbackars, Honor Board, Football Mgr. 1943. • PATRICK LOUIS COLOMB, Law, Lafayette. Louisiana. • BERTITA COMPTON. Newcomb, Shreveporl, Louisiana. Chi Omega. Canter- bury Club. O WILLIAM JOSHUA CONRAD. Law. New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi D«ll Phi. Moot Court. La. Society du Droit Civil. « ROY PHILIP COOK5TON. Graduate School. Alexandria. Louisiana; Phi Kappa Sigma, Festival Choir. Glee Club. Tulane. Greenbackers. Student Center Council. • HARRIS DEWITT COPCNHAVER. JR.. Arts and Sciences, New Orleans. Louisiana; President Sigma Chi. President A S Sophomore and Junior Classes, La. Society du Droit Civil. Jambalaya, Asst Editor Westminster Fellowship. Pan Hellenic Council. President T.U.S.K.. Orientation Committee. Y.M.C.A. • GROVER LEA COVINGTON Arts and Science. Kentwood. Louisiana. FIFTH ROW: • WALLACE CRAWFORD COWAN. Arts and Science. Russellville. Arkantal. • WILLIAM BIGGS COX, Commerce. New Orleans. Louisiana. • MARY VIRGINIA CRAIN Newcomb. Shreveport. Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Vice-President Newcomb Honor Eoard. Canterbury Club. • LOYCE LEANORE CRAWFORD. Medicine. Shreveport. Louisiana; Alpha Epsilon lota. • JOY KLECK CREWS. Newcomb, Phoenix. Ariiona; Chi Omega. Art Club. • ROBERT NELSON CREWS, Engineering. Phoenix. Ariiona; A.S.C.E- e NADINE LOUANNE CUENOD, Newcomb. Houston. Texas; Alpha Omicron Pi . THIRD ROW: • JOHN COLLIN CLARK, JR . Engineering, Now Orleans. Louisiana; Sigma Pi. Alpha Chi Sigma, A.I, of Ch.E Math Club. • MASON E CLARSON, Arts and Science, SI. Petersburg. Florida; Phi Delta Theta. • EDWARD LEWIS CLEMCNTS, Engineering. Lake Charles, Louisiana; Delta Tdu Delta, T. Arch. Soc. • JOSEPH FRED CLERC. Commerce. New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Kappa Sigma, Newman Club. Class Secretary-Treasurer 1912 (I). • AUDREY MARY CATHERINE COBB, Newcomb. New Orleans, Louisiana. » JOY MARIE COHN, Newcomb. Now Orleans. Louisiana; A Cappolla Choir. Festival Choir. Glee Club. Newcomb. Opera. Operetta. Y.W.CA. Vice- President 1949. Westminster Fellowship, President 1948. • DONALD MACMILLIAN COLEMAN, Commerce, Now Orleans. Louisiana; Alpha Tau Omoqa. SIXTH ROW: • RALPH JOHN CULOTTA. Medicine. New Orleans. Louisiana; Mad Frat. Phi Rho Sigma. • SHIRLEY FLO CUNNINGHAM. Nawcorr.b. Baton Rouqa. Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi. • DWIGHT A. OAHMES. Law. New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Oalta Phi. A Cap- pella Choir, Gleo Club. Tulane • JOHN THOMAS DALY. JR , Arts and Sciences. New Orlaanl. Louisiana: Alpha Tau Omega. • PENNY DARLING. Commerce. New Orleans. Louisiana; Graanbackan, Intar- national Relations Club. • EDWARD WEEKS OAUTERIVE. Medicine. New Iberia. Louisiana: Alpha Tau Omega. Phi Chi. • ROY LEONARD DAVENPORT. JR . Engineering. Baton Rouge. Louisiana; Sigma Nu. T. Arch. Sec. Gargoyle. 165 SEniORS FIRST ROW: • JOHN JOSEPH DAVID, Medicine, Springfield, Massachusetts; Phi Lambda Kappa, Phi Epsilon Pi, Phi Beta Kappa, History of Medicine Society. e GEORGE W. DAVILA, JR., Engineering, New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Pi, A.5.M.E. • BETTY RUTH DAVIS, Newcomb, Hughes, Arkansas; Kappa Alpha Theta, 1945 President Sophomore Class, Assets, Campus Night, Greenbackers. • DOROTHY JACQUELINE DAVIS, School of Social Work, Marshallville, Georgia; 2nd year Program Chairman — Student Council. • GEORGE BEL DAVIS, Engineering, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Sigma, A.S.C.E., ET.A. • JOHN SPENCER DAVIS, Arts and Science, Dallas, Texas; Theta Kappa Psi Med. Frat. • RICHARD GORDON DAVIS, Arts and Science, New Orleans, Louisiana; Festival Choir, Glee Club, Tulane, French Club, Math Club, Spectators. FOURTH ROW: • RONALD BRESLER DURNING. Arts and Science. New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon, President Junior Class Engineering 1946, E.T.A., Glee Club, Tulane. • DORIS MAE DUVIGNEAUD, Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Zeta, Festival Choir, Gamma Delta, Deutches Verein, • NOEL CLEMENT DUVIC, JR.. Arts and Science, Gretna, Louisiana; Alpha Chi Sigma, Newrr.an Club, Math Club. © JEAN EDDY. Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana; La Terlulia, Oreades, International Relations Club, Eta Sigma Phi, • BENNIE ELLENDER, Arts and Science, Sulphur, Louisiana. ©ARTHUR STANWOOD ELLIS, Commerce, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Kappa Sigma. O CHARLES WRENNE ELLIS, Engineering, Memphis, Tennessee; Pi Kappa Alpha, T.A.S., Glendy Burke, Gargoyle. SECOND ROW: e THOMAS MOORE DAVIS. Arts and Sciences, Meridian, Mississippi. • WARREN LESLIE DAVIS, Arts and Science, El Reno, Oklahoma; Sigma Chi, Festival Choir. • WINBORN ELTON DAVIS, Graduate School Work, Heflin. Louisiana. • FREDERICK ARTHUR DECKBAR. JR., Engineering, New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Pi, Alpha Chi Sigma, A.I. of Ch.E., Band. Symphony Orchestra, Newman Club. • SIDNEY BRUNSON DENMAN, Graduate, Charleston, Mississippi. • CLARENCE HUGH DENSER, JR., Medicine, Whitfield, Mississippi; Phi Chi Medical. • JAMES CARTER DENTON, Medicine, Oneonta, Alabama; Theta Kappa Psi, History of Medicine Society, Owl Club, Pan Hellenic Council. FIFTH ROW: • FREDERICK STEPHEN ELLIS. Arts and Science, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Tau Omega, Theta Nu. Who ' s Who, Editor-in-chief, Jambalaya, Hulla- baloo, Publications Board, Gamma Epsilon Omega. • LESLIE LEE ELLIS, JR., Arts and Science, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Sigma, Westminster Fellowship. • RICHARD PARKE ELLIS, Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Tau Omega, President, Canterbury Club, Intramurals, Track. • ANNETTE PATTEN EVANS, Newcomb, Lake Prividence, Louisiana; Alpha Delta Pi, President of Music School, l947- ' ;8, Who ' s Who, A Cappella Choir, Glee Club, Newcomb, Opera, Operetta, Honor Board, Pan Hellenic Council, Student Government Association, Newman Club, Greenbackers. O HARRY D. EVANS. Engineering, Pensacola, Florida. O HAROLD ELDEN FALIER, Engineering, New Orleans, Louisiana; A.S.M.E., Christian Science Organization. • WILLIAM FOSTER FANT, Arts and Science, New Orleans, Louisiana; TUSK. THIRD ROW: • JOHN JOSEPH DEVLIN, Engineering, New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon. E.T.A. • ROBERTA ANN DOGGETT, Newcomb, Nashville, Tennessee; Pi Beta Phi, Art Club. • ARDYTHE MARY DONNAUD, Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta. • BARBARA ROSE DRACKETT, Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu, Oreades. • JOHN SWEENEY DRAGO, Engineering, Mobile, Alabama. • VERNON DAY DUKE, Commerce, Greenwood, Mississippi; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, President Senior Class Summer 1947. • JAMES CONDREY DUNAVANT, Engineering, Richmond, Virginia; Phi Kappa Sigma, A.S.M.E. SIXTH ROW: O WILLIAM RAYMOND FARMER, Arts and Science. Anderson, Indiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Dance Orchestra, Campus Night, Radio Workshop, Tulane University Theater. • WILLIAM DAVID FAUST, Engineering, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon, A.S.M.E., E.T.A., Lagniappes. • HECTOR HIRAM FILARDI, Medicine. Puerto Rico. Georgia; PI Beta Phi, President, Alpha Epsilon • INA LAURELLE FILLMORE, Newcomb, Atlanta, Athletic Council, Dance Club, Lagniappes. • FLORA FINCH, Medicine, McComb, Mississippi; lota; Alpha Omega Alpha, Pan Hellenic Council. • JOHN JOSEPH FINEGAN, JR.. Engineering. New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Tau Delta, A.I.E.E., Newman Club. • MARIE ELIZABETH FISCHER, Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu, Freshman Class President, 1944-45, Corresponding Secretary of Student Body, 1946-47, Alpha Sigma Sigma, Assets. Who ' s Who. Honor Board. Oreades, Greenbackers, Lagniappes. 166 d k T 167 168 SEniORS FIRST ROW: • JOHN A. FISHER, Medicine, Del Rio, Texas; Phi Chi, • THOMAS STEPHEN FITZPATRICK, JR., Commerce, New Orleans. Louisiana. • ROBERT MARTIN FLEMING, Law, New Iberia, Louisiana; La Society du Droit Civil. • THEODORE JAMES FONTELIEU. JR., Arts and Science. New Orleans, Louisana; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • SALLY FOSTER. Newcomb, Monroe, Louisiana; Chi Omega, Dormitory Council, Greenbackers, Student Center Council. • GERLAND JOSEPH FOUCHA. JR., Commerce, New Orleans, Louisiana; Newman Club. • EDWARD VICTOR FRAYLE, Law, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Delta Phi, La. Society du Droit Civil. FOURTH ROW: • RICHARD JOSEPH GARFUNKEL. Arts and Science. New Orleans. Louisi- ana; Zeta Beta Tau, A Cappella Choir, Elizabethans, Festival Choir. Gl« Club, Tulane, Opera, Operetta, Spectators. • EDWIN LEE GARLEH, Medicine. Denver, Colorado; Owl Club. • FLORENCE A. GASKIN. School of Social Work. Birmingham. Alabama; Kappa Kappa Gamma, President of School of Social Work. ' 47- ' 4e; Secretary- Treasurer Tulane Student Council. • CAROL A. GATES, Newcomb, Franklin. Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi; Canterbury Club, Art Club, Lagniappes. • ROBERT ANTHONY GENERES, Engineering, New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Tau Delta, Alpha Chi Sigma, A.I. of Ch.E., Newman Club. • ALFRED PETER GIARRUSSO. Arts and Science. New Orleans. Louisiana. • JAMES HOWARD GIBERT, Engineering, New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Sigma, T.A.S., Lagniappes. SECOND ROW: • ELMER CLINTON FREED. Arts and Science, New Orleans, Louisiana; Theta N u. • BERTRAM I. FREEDMAN. Commerce. Wakefield, New York; Track. • ABRAHAM DAVID FREEMAN. JR., Arts and Science, New Orleans, Louisi- ana; Theta Xi, • DAVID BEER FRIED, JR., Engineering. Vicksburg, Mississippi; Zeta Beta Tau, A.IEE, Greenbackers. • GENE EDWIN FRIEDMAN, Commerce; New Orleans, Louisiana. • ALBERT CHARLES FRITZ, Commerce, New Orleans, Louisiana; Tulane Veteran ' s Association. • LAURENCE JOHN FRITZ. Arts and Science, New Orleans, Louisiana; Theta Nu. Newman Club. FIFTH ROW: • ALEX THARP GILLESPIE, Medicine. Avoca, Texas; Kappa Sigma, Phi Chi. O WILLIAM EDWARD GILTHORPE. JR.. Arts and Science. New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Tau Delta. Glendy Burke. • LESLIE LEE GIVENS, Engineering, New Castle. Virginia; A.I. of Ch.E. • DANIEL DAVID GLADSTONE, Arts and Science, New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Nu. • HARRY JOHN GLASS II, Law, Colorado Springs. Colorado; Phi Kapp« Sigma, Phi Delta Phi. • RAYMOND ALVIN GODWIN. Commerce. Pensacola. Florida; Delta Sigma Phi. • JOHN WILBUR GOEDDERTZ, Commerce. New Orleans. Louisiana. THIRD ROW: • GEORGE JAMES FRUTHALER. Medicine, New Orleans. Louisiana; Alpha Kappa Kappa, Phi Beta Kappa. • RUTH ANN FUNDIS. School of Social Work. Wheeling, West Virginia; Alpha Phi. • GEORGE HENRY FUST, Law, Now Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Delta Phi. • CHARLES JULES GADMER. JR.. Commerce, Now Orleans. Louisiana; Gamma Delta, Tulano Veteran ' s Association. • NICHOLAS JOSEPH GAGLIANO. Engineering, New Orleans, Louisiana; Engineering Student Body President 1947-48, Tau Beta Pi, A.I.E.E.. E.TA., Newman Club, Student Council. • LOUIS ANTHONY GALLO, Arts and Science. Now Orleans. Louisiana. • ROGER CARLYLE GARDNER, Commerce, Now Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Sigma, Choorloadcr. SIXTH ROW: • PATRICIA GOFF, Newcomb, Wichita Falls, Texas; Zeta Tau Alpha, Jambal«v«, Dance Club, Campus Night, French Club. International Relations Club, Tulane University Theater. • MARY JOAN GONIA, Newcomb, New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Mu. Wasl- minster Fellowship. Lagniappes. • LOUIS KAUFMAN GOOD. JR.. Commerce, New Orleans, Louisiana; Ztia Beta Tau, TUSK. • JAMES EMMEn GOODE. Medicine. Dallas. Texas; Theta Kappa PsI, Prvsi- dent Senior Class. ' 47- ' 4B. Owl Club. • RAYMOND KENDRICK GOODE. Engineering. New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta • NATHAN NICHOLAS GORDON. Commerce. Joplin. Mluouri; Navman Club, Glendy Burke. Alpha Mu Gamma. Camera Club. • WILLIAM MINOS GORDY. Arts and Science, N«- Ibdrl,. Louisiana; Kappa Sigma, Phi Sigma Iota. 169 seniORS FIRST ROW: • SAMUEL DAVIS GORE. Arts and Science, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • RICHARD JOHN GOUGH. Commerce, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Tau Delta. e PAUL NED GRAFFAGNINO, Arts and Science, New Orleans, Louisiana; Nu Sigma Nu. • BETTY RATCLIFF GRAY, Newcomb, Shreveport, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma, President Newcomb Student Body and Student Council; Alpha Sigma Sigma, Assets, Who ' s Who, Dormitory Council, Honor Board, La Tertullia, Student Government Association, Y.W.C.A., Canterbury Club, Greenbackers, University Student Council. • DONALD D. GRAY, Arts and Science, Kansas City. Kansas; Sigma Chi. • DUNCAN MONTGOMERY GRAY, JR., Engineering, Jackson, Mississippi; Delta Kappa Epsilon, Vice-President Class, ' 45, President Class, ' 45- ' 46, Tau Beta Pi, Who ' s Who, A.I.E.E., E.Tjk., Canterbury Club, Taffrail Club. Green- backers, Lagniappes, Student Center Council. © DAVID ERBIE GREEN, Arts and Science; Flomaton, Alabama. SECOND ROW: O RITA MAE GREGORIO, Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana; Dance Club, Y.W.C.A., Newman Club, Math Club. • HAROLD SIMON GREHAN, JR., Commerce, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha, Greenbackers. • ROBERT HUGHES GREHAN, Engineering, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha, A.S.C.E., E.T.A. • MARION CHARLES GRILLOT, Engineering, New Orleans, Louisiana. • MANUEL MARIA GRIMALDO, Arts and Science, Panama City, Panama. • HENRY GUILDS GRIMBALL, Engineering, New Orleans. Louisiana; T. Arch. Secretary, • JOHN LEE SRUSH, Commerce, New Orleans, Louisiana, THIRD ROW: • LEONORE MARIE GUTIERREZ, Graduate School, New Orleans, Louisiana; Math Club. • BETTY HAASE, Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Sigma Omicron, Jambalaya, Newman Club, TUSK. • FRANK HENRY HAGAMAN, Commerce, Jackson, Mississippi. • ANDREW DAWS HAGAN, Arts and Science. Sylacauga, Alabama; Kappa Sigma. • ALTON STEWART HALL, Engineering, New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Kappa Alpha, Alpha Chi Sigma, A.I. of Ch.E., Gamma Delta. • GEORGE BARTLETT HALL, Law, Alexandria, Louisiana; Phi Kappa Sigma, President Law Student Body ' 47- ' 48. Beta Gamma Sigma, Phi Delta Phi, Presi- dent Student ' 47- ' 8, Law Review. Publications Board, University Student Council. • JEFFERSON O. HAMBY, Arts and Science, New Orleans, Louisiana. FOURTH ROW: • ELLEN JEAN HARDIN. Newcomb, Shreveport, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta, Dormitory Council, La Tertulia, Art Club. • JOHN HORTON HAROLD, Commerce, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Kappa Sigma. • ALICE JOY HARPER. Newcomb, Monroe, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta, Art Club. • GEORGE CHESTERFIELD HARROD, Arts and Science, Hattiesburg, Missis- sippi; Tulane University Theater. • CAROL BERNARD HART, Law, New Orleans, Louisiana; Zeta Beta Tau, Unit Manager, Commerce. 1944. • DESSAMAE HART, Newcomb. New Orleans, Louisiana; Dance Club, Y.W.C.A., Math Club. • JOHN HARTY, JR.. Law. Memphis, Tennessee; Phi Delta Phi. FIFTH ROW: • RAYMOND B. HAYES, Arts and Science, Alexandria, Louisiana. • WILFRED O. HEAD, Arts and Science, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Delta Phi. e JEROME LESTER HEARD, Medicine, Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon, Nu Sigma Nu, Kappa Delta Phi. • SOL SIDNEY HEIMAN, Arts and Science, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Nu, A Cappella Choir, Band, Opera, Operetta,. • HARRY LEONARD HEINTZEN. Graduate School, New Orleans, Louisiana; Theta Nu, Hullabaloo, Garr-.ma Delta. • WILLIAM ARNOLD HEINE, Commerce. New Orleans, Louisiana; Band. • ED BUMPASS HELMS, Medicine, Austin, Texas; Theta Kappa Psi. SIXTH ROW: • ROBERT SMITH HENDRICK. Arts and Science, Shreveport, Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta, Phi Chi. • DOUGLAS NUNES HENRIQUES. Engineering. New Orleans. Louisiana; A.I.E.E., Newman Club. • FRANK MELVILLE HEROY, JR., Engineering, New Orleans, Louisiana; A.S.CE, Christian Science Organization. • DANILO ANTONIO HERRERA, Arts and Science, Hereida, Costa Rica; Phi lota Alpha. • HAROLD LOUIS HERRMANN. JR., Commerce. New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Pi, Newman Club. • EDWARD WILLIAM HESS. Arts and Science, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Tau Delta, Newman Club, TUSK. • FRANK RUFUS HESS, JR.. Engineering, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Chi Sigma, A.I. of Ch.E. 170 171 J. 172 seniORS FIRST ROW: • NORWOOD NOEL HINGLE. JR., Law, New Orleans. Louisiana; Ph! Delta Phi, Law Review, Wesley Foundation • ELA HOCKADAY, Newcomb, Ft. Worth, Texas; Vice-President Senior Class, Who ' s Who, Jambalaya, Canterbaury Club, French Club, I.R.C. • DAVID EARL HOGAN, Law, New Orleans, Louisiana; La Society du Droit Civil. • EMMETT BRADFORD HOLBROOK, JR.. Arts and Science, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Slqma, Glendy Burke, Campus Night, Laqniappes, TUSK, • BETTY HOLLAND, Newcomb, New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Mu. • DORCAS N. HOLLINGSWORTH, Newcomb, Lexington. Kentucky; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Dance Club, Art Club, Campus Night, Forum, Greenbackers, I.R.C, Tulane University Theater, Treasurer TUSK, • CORTELL K. HOLSAPPLE, Medicine, Ft. Worth. Texas; Alpha Kappa Kappa. FOURTH ROW: • HANS A. ILLING, Social Work, San Francisco, California. • LEON IMPASTATO. Engineering, New Orleans. Louisia na; T.A.S. • ELBERT LEE INGRAM, JR.. Law. New Orioans. Louisiana: Senior Class President 1947.48. • LEO FIRM INGRAM, Arts and Sciences, Niagra Falls, New York; Phi Kappa Sigma. • WILLIAM H. INGRAM, JR.. Engineering. Laurel. Mississippi; Kappa Alpha, Secretary Sophomore Class 1945, A.S.M.E. O BEVERLY BRITTON JACKSON, Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana; aKppa Alpha Theta, Art Club. • JACK TOM JACKSON, Medicine, Monroe, Louisiana; Seta Theta Pi. Phi Chi, President Medical Student Body ■47- ' 48. SECOND ROW: • RAY JOSEPH HOPE, Arts and Science, New Orleans, Louisiana; G.E.C. • RUTH SHIPPEN HOPPE, Newcomb, Atlanta, Georgia; PI Beta Phi. Newcomb Art School Vice-President, Class Vice-President ' 46- ' 47, Canterbury Club, Art Club, French Ctub. • CALVIN CARL HOPPMEYER. Arts and Scien:e, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Delta Phi, Theta Nu, Gamma Delta. • WARREN HERBERT HOPPMEYER, Engineering, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi, A.SC.E., E.T.A. • ANNA GIBSON HOVER, Newcomb, Gulport, Mississippi; Alpha Omicron Pi, Festival Choir. Dance Club. La Terttilia, Phi Sigma lota. • ANN HOWELL, Newcomb, Alexandria, Louisiana: Kappa Kappa Gamma, Canterbury Club. • GEORGE ELI HOWELL, Medicine, Meridian, Mississippi; Phi Chi. FIFTH ROW: • MARY ALYCE JACKSON, Newcomb, Monroe. Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Thata. President, Pan Hellenic Council, Who ' s Who, Festival Choir. Glee Club. Pan Hellenic Council, Student Government Association, Y.W.C.A.. Wesley Founda- tion, Student-Faculty Relations Council. • ARTHUR SHERWOOD JACOBSON, Medicine. Sanford, Alabama; Phi Delta Epsilon. Spectators. • CHARLES CLEMENT JAUBERT. Medicine. New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Rho Sigma. • EDWARD T. JENNINGS, Commerce. New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Kappa Sigma. • MILLARD JENSEN, Medicine. Lticed lo, Mississippi; Alpha Tau Omaga. Phi Chi. • PAUL EDWARD TYSON JENSEN. Graduate School. Now Orleans. Louisiana; PI Kappa Alpha, Baptist Union. Radio Club. • ERIK FRITHJOF JOHNSEN, Commorca. New Orlaans. Louisiana; Phi Dalta Theta, Secretary. I94i. THIRD ROW: • THOMAS W. HOWARD, Arts and Sciences, Toxarkana, Arkansas; Sigma Chi. • KENNETH C. HUGHES, Arts and Sciences, Now Orleans. Louisiana; Sigma Pi. Doutchos Vorcin, International Relations Club. American Veteran ' s Committoo. • GEORGE ARTHUR HUNT, Commerce, Memphis, Tonnossoo. • HUBERT LYNWOOD HUNT. JR. Medicine, Dallas, Texas; Thota Kappa Psi. • EMILY GILBERT HUNTER, Newcomb, Louisville, Kentucky; Dormitory Council, Greenbackers. • FRED MEAD HUNTER. Medicine, Bowling Green, Missouri; Alpha Tau Omega. • RICHARD NEIL HUTSON, Enqlnooring, New Orleans, Louisiana. SIXTH ROW: • BARA MAE JOHNSON, Newcomb, Now Orlaans. Louisiana. • HEWITT B. JOHNSON, Law. Harrisonburg. Louisiana; Phi Dtlla Phi. • MELVIN FREDERICK JOHNSON. JR.. Madicint. Shravtport. Louisiana; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • ROBERT E. JOHNSON. Law. SI. Marlinvlllt. Louisiana; Phi Dtlla Phi. • SAMUEL BRITTON JOHNSON. Madicint. Canyon, Ttias. Alpha Kappa Kappa, Vice-Prosidant Class ' 44- ' 45, Secretary Class ' 47- ' 48 Alpha Chi, A Cap- pella Choir, Baptist Studtnt Union. • CURTIS WHITTEMORE JONES. Mtdicint. Btnlon. Arkansas; Sigma Chi. Nu Sigma Nu. • GEORGE EMERSON JONES. Arts and Scitnct. Trenton. Ttnntsstt; Dtlla Kappa Epsilon 173 seniORS FIRST ROW: • MARGARET ADELE JONES, Newcomb. Rennesselaer, Indiana. • SAMUEL THOMAS JONES. Medicine, Birmingham. Alabama; Theta Kappa Psi. O VIRGINIA JONES, Newcomb. Alexandria, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Athletic Council Chairman. ' 47- ' 48. Dormitory Council. Athletic Council. Student Government Association, Art Club. Newcomb Student Council, Swimming Club. O FRANK B. JUDEN, Engineering. Atlanta, Georgia; T.A.S.. Festival Choir. • SUE MARSCHALL KEEFE. Newcomb, Miami, Fllrlda; Phi Mu, Art Club. O EDWARD HAYES KEILER, Engineering. New Orleans. Louisiana. 9 EDWARD GEORGE KING, JR., Arts and Science.New Orleans; Louisiana; Alpha Tau Omega. FOURTH ROW: • JOHN EDWIN LANNE, Arts and Science, New Orleans. Louisiana. • HASKELL LARAMIE. Arts and Science, Oak Forest, Illinois; Band, Festival Choir, French Club, Newman Club. • WALTER JOSEPH LeBRETON, Commerce. New Orleans. Louisiana; Beta Gamma Sigma. • ROY HARRISON LEDBETTER, JR.. Medicine, Birmingham. Alabama; History of Medicine Society, Owl Club, Phi Chi. O ALBERT CHARLES LEDNER. Engineering, New Orleans, Louisiana; T.A.S. • GRIFF CALICCUT LEE, Engineering, Anguilla, Mississippi; Phi DIta Theta, President Sophomore Class, Secretary-Treasurer Junior Class, Tau Beta Pi. Who ' s Who, A.S.C.E.. E.T.A.. Technl-Torque, Taffrall Club. • JEAN MARIE LEGENDRE. Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana; President Chi Omega. SECOND ROW: • LEONARD MUELLER KING. JR.. Law, New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Kappa Alpha, Kappa Delta Phi, Who ' s Who, Christian Science Organization. • JACK E. KOCH, Law, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Sigma. • CHARLES ALBERT KOEHLER. JR.. Law. Carlo. Illinois. O JAMES EDARD KRAFT, Medicine. Tulsa, Oklahoma; Beta Theta PI, Phi Chi, Alpha Epsllon Delta. • MONA GLASSTON KRIVIT Newcomb. Linden, New Jersey. • WILLIAM L. KRIVIT, Medicine, Linden, New Jersey; Phi Delta Sigma, Zeta Beta Tau, Phi Beta Kappa. • FANNIE LaVELLE KYKER. Newcomb. Hattiesburg, Mississippi; Zeta Tau Alpha, President Y.W.C.A. ' 47- ' 48, Treasurer La Tertulia, ' 47- ' ' 18, Festival Choir, Glee Club, Operetta, Hullabaloo, Dance Club, Student Government Associa- tion, Baptist Student Union, Art Club, Deutches Verein, French Club, Student- Faculty Relations Committee. FIFTH ROW: • HENRY LEHMANN, Engineering, New Orleans, Louisiana; A.I.E.E.. Forum, French Club. Math Club. • MERLE ELIZABETH LEMIEUX. Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Mu. • DOUGLAS POKORNY LEVEY, Commerce, New Orleans, Louisiana; Christian Service Organization. • EOLA LOUISE LEVY. Newcomb, New Orleans. Louisiana. • OSCAR ZACHARY LEVY, JR.. Commerce. New Orleans, Louisiana; Tulane University Theater. • HUGH ALLEN LILES, Engineering, Birmingham, Alabama; Alpha Tau Omega, A.S.M.E., E.T.A.. Lettered Track ' 44, ' 45, ' 46, ' 47, Co-Captain ' 46. • SARA LISENBY, Newcomb. Atmore, Alabama; Kappa Alpha Theta. THIRD ROW: O ELMO JOHN LABORDE, Medicine, Marksville, Louisiana; Phi Chi. History of Medicine Society. • DOMINICK MANUEL LAGO, Arts and Science, New Orleans, Louisiana; Newman Club. • JACOB RAPHAEL LAHASKY. Arts and Science. New Orleans. Louisiana; Unit Manager, Senior Class. « SHIRLEY MAE LAIN. Commerce. New Orleans. Louisiana. • EDWIN JOSEPH LAIZER, JR.. Arts and Science. New Orleans. Louisiana; G.E.O. • CLARIE LOUISE LALLY, Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana. • ANNE BILLIU LANDRY, Newcomb. New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi, Vice-President Newcomb Student Body, Beta Beta Beta. SIXTH ROW: • MAURICE LITTLE, Commerce, New Orleans, Louisiana; President Senior Class, Baptist Student Union. Track Team, Lettered. • FRANK N. LONDON, Medicine. Winters, Texas; Theta Kappa PsI. • FREDERICK WILSON LONG. Commerce; Jacksonville, Florida; PI Kappa Alpha. 9 ROBERT FRANKLIN LONG, Medicine. Lexington, Kentucky; Theta Kappa Psi. • WILLIAM C. LONG, JR.. Arts and Science, Thibodaux. Louisiana; Pi Kappa Alpha, Who ' s Who, Business Manager of Jambalaya. Publications Board, Hulla- baloo, Canterbury Club, President Greenbackers, I. R. C, Lagnlappes. • WILLIAM JOSEPH LOPEZ, Law, New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Tau Delta. La Society du Droit Civil. O FERNAND DeBOlSSAC LORIO. Arts and Science. New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi, Newman Club. 174 J wupi 175 176 seniORS e FIRST ROW: • ALLEN JOSEPH LOTTINGER. JR., Arts and Science, Houma, Louisiana, Kappa Sigma, Glee Club, • LEE PHILIP LOTTINGER, Law, Houma, Louisiana; Phi Delta Phi, La Society du Droit Civil. « FRED HAWKINS LOWE, JR . Arts and Science, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Sigma. • WILLIAM IvIAXWELL LUCAS, JR.. Commerce, New Orleans, Louisiana; Zeta Beta Tau. • JOHN B. LUTENBACHER. Commerce, New Orleans, Louisiana; Secretary- Treasurer Soptiomore Class, ' 47, Secretary-Treasurer Junior Class, ' 47- ' 48. • GEORGE BIERCE IvIcCULLOUGH, Commerce. Tyler. Texas; Tulane University Theater. • SLYVESTER HARRIS McDONNIEAL, JR., Medicine, Summerland, Mississippi; Theta Kappa Psi. FOURTH ROW: • MARY MARSH, Newcomb. New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu. Pan H«ll«nic Council. • EDMUND BUTTS MARTIN, JR., Arts and Science, Now Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi, President; President of A.«S. Student Body. ' 48; Secretary-Treas- urer of Kappa Delta Phi; On-.icron Delta Kappa; Secretary-Treasurer Theta Nu: Who ' s Who, ' 47- ' 48; Jambalaya Editor ' 47; Hullabaloo; Publications Board ' 47- ' 48; Greenbackers; Lagniappes President ' 43- ' 48; University Student Council. • HARRY GIVHAN MARTIN. Medicine, Bessmer, Alabama; Theta Kappa Psi. • MARGARET ELIZABETH MARTIN, Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana: Junior Class Treasurer, Festival Choir, Wesley Foundation, Tulane University Theater. • CARMEN PILAR MARTINEZE, Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Zeta. O HECTOR ANIBAL MARTINEZ, Medicine, Ceiba, Puerto Rico. • WALTER JOHN MARTINY, Engineering. New Orleans. Louisiana; Pi Kappa Alpha, Secretary-Treasurer Engineering School ' 47, Tau Beta Pi, A.I.E.E., E.T.A. SECOND ROW: • LAWRENCE STONE McGEE, JR., Arts and Science, Shreveport, Louisiana, Beta Theta Pi, Phi Chi. • ADRIAN KELL MclNNIS, JR., Medicine, Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Owl Club. 6 BILLY DEAN McKNEELY, Medicine, San Saba, Texas; Phi Chi. • THOMAS JAMES McMAHON, Commerce, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha. • LUCIE HESTER McMURRAY, Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi, Secretary Athletic Council, Tennis Club President. • CUNNINGHAM RAMSEY MAC CORDY, Medicine, St, Petersburg, Florida: Nil Sigma Nu, History of Medicine Society. O HARVEY ANDREW MACKEY, Engineering, Seattle, Washington; AS. ME. FIFTH ROW: O HAROLD MARK, JR., Law, New Orleans, Louisiana; Zeta Beta Tau. Alpha Alpha Alpha, Kappa Delta Phi, Omicron Delta Kappa. Phi Beta Kappa. Law Review. • WILLIAM OWEN MASON, JR., Commerce, Bay Springs. Misslilippi; Phi Delta Theta. • CHARLES KENNETH MATTHEW, Engineering. Arkadeiphia. ;Arkant4s A S M.E., Westminster Fellowship. • ROBERT von PURUCKER MAXON, Medicine, New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Chi. Treasurer Class ' 46- ' 47. Owl Club. • PAUL ROBARDS MAYER. Law. Shreveport, Louisiana: AROTC. • JEANNE MAYO Newcomb, Fort Smith, Arkansas: intenallonal R«la;i-ni Club, Spectators. • LEON MEIER, Medicine, Seattle, Washington; Phi Dolta Epiilon. THIRD ROW; • BETTY MAGEE. Newcomb, New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta. • HENRY CONE MAGEE, JR . Medicine, New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Kappa Sigma. Phi Chi, History of Medicine Society, • JOE GLENN MAGEE, Commorco. Columbia, Mississippi. • ALBERT IRVING MALLER. Arts and Science, New Orleans. Louisiana. • JAMES DONALD MALONE, Medicine, Fort Worth, Texas; Theta Kappa Psi. • JOSEFINA del PILAR MANGl AL, Medicine, Kansas City, Missouri; Alpha Epsilon lota. • FRANK THEDDEUS MARASCALCO, Medicine, Grenada, Mississippi; Phi Chi. SIXTH ROW: • LINOEN JOSEPH MELANCON. Commerce. New Orleans. Louisiana. • SELMA MEXIC, Newcomb. New Orleans, Louisiana; I.Z.F.A.. Hillal Founda- tjon. • PEGGY MICHEL. Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theia, Beta Beta Beta, Arf Club. « STANTON LEVI MIDOLETON. JR Medicine. Roiia, Miiiissippi; Theta Kappa Psi. • FRANCIS LEE MILES, Commerce. Crowley, Louisiana. • ALBERT MINTZ. Commerce. New Orleans, Louisiana; Zela Beta Tau. • MANUEL NICOMEDES MIRANDA. Mtdicina, Rio Piedrai. Putrto Rico; Phi lota Alpha, History of Medicine Sociaty. 177 senioRS FIRST ROW: • DONALD MITCHAM, Arts and Science, New Orleans, Louisiana. e RONALD BURDETTE MITCHELL, Medicine, Leipsic. Ohio; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • MYRA JOYNEY MITCHINEY. School of Social Work, Durham. North Carolina. • AUBREY LEE MOORE, Law. New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Kappa Sigma, Kappa Delta Phi, Omicron Delta Kappa. Phi Delta Phi, Tau Beta Pi, A Cappella Choir, Festival Choir, Glee Club, Opera, Operetta, Law Review. O EDWARD CONRAD MOORE, Engineering, Hammond, Louisiana; AS.M.E., Newman Club, Math Club. • ROBERT MADISON MOORE. Commerce, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Tau Omega. • PETER JOHNSON MORGANS, Arts and Science. New Orleans, Louisiana; Theta Kappa Psi. FOURTH ROW: • ELIZABETH RUDD NICOLL, Newcomb, Charlotte, North Carolina; Canter- bury Club, Art Club, Greenbackers, Tulane University Theater. • JACK ALTON NIELSON, Commerce, New Orleans. Louisiana; Sigma Pi. C BRUCE NEMOURS NUNEZ, Arts and Science, Arabi, Louisiana; Sigma Pi. American Legion, Tulane Post. • EDWARD W. ALTON OCHSNER, JR., Medicine, Beta Theta Pi, Nu Sigma Nu President, History of Medicine Society, Owl Club. • NATHANIEL JOHN ODDO, Arts and Science. New Orleans, Louisiana; Gamma Delta, Tulane University Theater. • WILLIAM GLEN ODOM, Arts and Science, Haynesville, Louisiana. e ANNA NANCY O ' DONNELL, Commerce; New Orleans, Louisiana; Secretary- Treasurer Jr. Class, Vice-President Senior Class. Newman Club, TUSK. SECOND ROW: O MARIE ANGELA MOYNAN, Commerce, New Orleans, Louisiana; Secretary Class " 45, President Class " 46. Vice-President Commerce Student Body, ' 46- ' 47, Who ' s Who, Newman Club, TUSK. • MILTON MOZER, Arts and Science, New Orleans, Louisiana; Tulane Veteran ' s Association. • THELMA RUTH MUNICH. Newcomb, New Orleans. Louisiana; Zeta Tau Alpha, Pan-Hellenic Council, Wesley Foundation. Art Club, Tulane University Theater. • PEDRO E. MUNIZ-RAMOS, Law, Manati, Puerto Rico; Historian, Phi Delta Phi, President, La. Society du Droit Civil. • ELOISA MUNOZ, Medicine, Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico; Alpha Epsilon lota, American Chemistry Society. • GEORGE K. PRATT MUNSON. Engineering, Jeanerette, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon, A.S.C.E., E.T.A. • CARL OTIS MURRAY, JR., Medicine, Crockett, Texas; Phi Chi. FIFTH ROW: • EULA SMITH O ' DONNELL, School of Social Work; New Orleans, Louisiana. • JOSEPH CRAFT OGLE, Medicine, Garland, Texas; Theta Kappa Psi, Vice- President Junior Class. Owl Club. • ADA MAE OLDENBURG, Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana. • ART OLDSTEIN, Commerce, New Orleans, Louisiana. « ALBERT GILBERT OLIVIER, JR., Engineering, St. Martinville. Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon, E.T.A., T.A.S. • HAROLD B. OLSON. School of Social Work. Boise. Idaho. O MARGARET O ' NEILL. Newcomb, Rome. Georgia; Tulane University Theater. THIRD ROW: • SIDNEY AUGUSTINE MURRAY. JR., Arts and Science. Vidalia, Louisiana; Kappa Sigma. • FLORENCE MUSE. Newcomb, Dallas, Texas; Vice-President, Alpha Delta Pi, La Tertulia. • PHIL JOSEPH NAQUIN. Arts and Science. Thibodaux . Louisiana; Alpha Chi Sigma, Deutches Verein, American Chemistry Society, Camera Club. • JOHN IRWIN NEEL, Engineering, Monroe, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon, Gargoyle, E.T.A. , T.A.S. • THOMAS OWEN NEHRBASS, Engineering, Lafaytte, Louisiana. • CARMEL JOY NETZHAMMER, Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Sigma Omicron. • DALE EVERETT NEWMAN, Medicine, Tulsa, Oklahoma; History of Medicine Society, Owl Club. SIXTH ROW: • SIDNEY VICTOR OBOTOWSKY, Arts and Science, New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Mu. O ANN MARY OTTO, Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana; Oreades, Newman Club, Eta Sigma Phi. • MAX PAILET, Medicine. New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Lambda Kappa, Kappa Nu. © NORMAN WELLINGTON PAINTER, Graduate School, Waco, Texas. • VERNON KEE PARK, Arts and Science, Lake Charles, Louisiana; Gamma Delta. • FRANCIS M. PARKS, Medicine, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Omega Alpha, Owl Club. • ROBERT JOSEPH PEACE, Medicine. Jackson. Mississippi; Kappa Sigma. Nu Sigma Nu, 178 179 .. 180 SEIIIORS FIRST ROW: • RANDOLPH DILLON PEETS, JR.. Commerce, Jackson. Mississippi; Kappa Sigma. • ROSEMONDE STEVENS PELTZ, Newcomb. New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Beta Beta, Art Club. • CHALIN OCTAVE PEREZ. Law, Dalcour, Louisiana; Sigma Chi. • THOMAS EVERETT PERKINS, Engineering, Richmond, Virginia; Sigma Chi, A.S.M.E., E.TA. • JAMES THOMAS PERRET, Meclizine, New Orleans, Louisiana, • DONALD JACK PERRY, Medicine, Artesia, New Mexico; Theta Kappa Psi, History of Medicine Society. • ADELAIDE PHILLIPS, Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi, President, Class Secretary ' 4 ' 1- ' 45, Class President ' 47- ' 48, Who ' s Who, Jamba- taya News Editor, Sports Edilor, Hullabaloo, Honor Board, Student Government Association, Newman Club, Lagnlappes. FOURTH ROW: • MARY FRANCES PRIOLEAU, Newcomb. Daytona Beach. Florida; Chi Omiqa. Canterbury Club, Art Club, Tulane University Theater. • LOUIS VICTOR PROVENSAL III. Arts and Science. New Orleans. Louisiana. • SIDNEY WILLIAM PROVENSAL, JR.. Law. Slidell. Louisiana; Pi Kappa Alpha, Vice-President Senior Class, Phi Delta Phi, Moot Court. • STANLEY MORRIS PULTIZER, Commerce. New Orleans. Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Mu. • JAMES PURZER, Arts and Science. Shreveport, Louisiana; Phi Delia Thata, Secretary-Treasurer Arts and Science, ' 45, Vice-President Class ' 45. TUSK. • ROBERT EDWARDS RABORN, Medicine, Trenton, Florida; Theta Kappa Psi. Owl Club. • HERVE RACIVITCH, JR., Law, New Orleans. Louisiana; President of Gltnd» Burke " 44, Phi Beta Kappa, Law Review. SECOND ROW: • MORRIS BERNARD PHILLIPS, Commerce, New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Mu. • DORIS LUCILLE PIERSON, Newcomb. New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Sigma Omicron. • ADA IRCNE PINCHOUK, School of Social Work, Miam.i, Florida. • MICHAEL H. PIPER, JR., Commerce, New Orleans, Louisiana. • ALBERT LOUIS PLATZ, Engineering, Petaluma. California; AS.CE. • WALTER FLOWER PLAUCHE, Engineering, New Orleans, Louisiana; A.S.M.E., Newman Club. • FRANCIS AZZO PLOUGH, Arts and Science, New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Beta Beta, FIFTH ROW: • MARY MAXWELL RAMSEY, School of Social Work, Darlington. Soirth Carolina; Chi Omeg.i. • JAMES BENNETT RANDALL, JR.. Arts and Science, Pascagoula. Miuitsippi. • WILLIAM ANDREW RAPPOLD, Arts and Science, New Orltani. Louitiana. • HELEN ELIZABETH RAULT, Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana; Oalta Zala, Festival Choir, Gamma Delta, Deutches Verein. • ARTHUR MALCOMB REAGAN. Arts and Science. Jacksonvillt, Taias; Wesley Foundation, I.R.C. Tulane Veteran ' s Association. • RALPH ROBERT REED. Medicine, New Orleans. Louisiana; Thtia Kappa Psi. • DAVIS FOLKES REID, Law, Amite. Louisiana; Delta Tau Delta. Phi Otita Phi. THIRD ROW: • MILDRED YATES PLUMBER, Law. Port Arthur. To»a s. e GEORGE T. PLUNKETT, Commerce, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi, President Student Body {Summer Session ' 46- ' 47). Treasurer Class ' 47- ' 43. • WILLIAM EDWARD POLLARD, Engineering. Montgomery. Alabama; Delta Tau Delta, Sorretory Class ' 44. A.S.M.E.. Math Club. • ROBERT LEONARD PONS. Engineering, Now Orleans, Louisiana; A.S.M.E.. Newman Club. Technl-Torquo, Math Club. • ROSLYN 0. POPKIN, Newcomb, Now Orleans. Louisiana; President I.Z.F.A , Internation Relations Club. • DOROTHY LYNN POST. Newcomb, Alexandria, Louisiana; Chi Omega. • NORWOOD RAYMOND PRETO. Arts and Scionco, Now Orleans, Louisiana; Band, Symphony Orchestra, Newman Club. SIXTH ROW: • OENISE MARIE REINCCKE. Newcomb. New Orleans Louisiana; Delia Zela. Phi Sigma lota. Kappa Delta Pi. • STEVENS RAY RENFROW. Arts and Science. Brookhaven. Miuitsippi. O CHARLOTTE REYNOLDS. Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta, Westminister Fellowship. • HOUSTON CHAPMAN REYNOLDS. Law. New Orleans. Louisiana: Phi Dalla Phi. • PATRICIA RHODES. Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana: Gamma Delia. • BENJAMIN ROACH. Commerce. New Orleans. Louisiana: Junior Class President ' 47. ' 48, Junior Class Vice-President ' 47. • EDWARD RAY ROBERTSON. Engineering, New Orleans Louisiana; A.S.M.E. 181 senioRS FIRST ROW: • WALTER WILLIAM RODY. Enginearing, Harvey. Louisiana; A.S.C.E , Wesley Foundation. • V. ALEXANDRIA ROGACHENKO, Arrs and Science. Philadelphia. Pennsyl vania; Math Club. O ALICE CANNON ROGERS. School of Social Work. Charleston. South Carolina. • JESS ROGERS, Commerce. New Orleans. Louisiana. • LEONARD JOSEPH ROLFES. Arts and Science. New Orleans, Louisiana; Theta Kappa Psi. • JULIUS HENRY ROLFS. Commerce. New Orleans. Louisiana. • WILLIAM EUGENE ROONEY, Arts and Science, New Orleans. Louisiana. FOURTH ROW: • PASCUAL SANCHEZ. Arts and Science. San Juan. Puerto Rico; Pi Kappa Alpha. • JOHN FRANCIS SANTOS. JR.. Arts and Science. New Orleans, Louisiana. • SALLY ANN SAWYER, Newcomb. Menominee. Michigan; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Jambalaya, Pan Hellenic Council, Greenbackers, Lagniappes. • JAMES R. SAWYERS. Medicine. Ryan. Oklahoma; Alpha Kappa Kappa, President Class, ' 46- ' 47, A Cappella Choir, Owl Club. • MORRIS FRAENKEL SCHARFF. Arts and Science. Shreveport, Louisiana; Vice-President Class, ' 47- ' 48, Zeta Beta Tau, Hullabaloo. • ANNA RUTH SCHAUBER, Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana; I.RC. TUSK. • EDWARD B. SCHERICH. Commerce, Inland. Nebraska. SECOND ROW: • MARGERY JEANNE ROSE, Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Zeta. Assels, Y.W.C.A. O HOWARD G. ROSEN. Art; and Science. Kew Gardens. Long Island. New York. O CHARLES SEGLIG ROSENBLUM. Commerce, New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Mu. O MILTON ISRCAIL R05ENS0N. Law. New Orleans. Louisiana; Beta Gamma Sigma, Moot C-u.t. • JOHN ALBERT ROSS. Arts and Science. New Orleans. Louisia.na. • BEN NEWTON ROTH, Engineering, Thibodaux. Louisiana; T.A S. • RICHARD ROBERT ROTHARMEL, A. ' ts and Science. New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Kappa Sigma, Secretary-Treasurer (Senior year). FIFTH ROW: • MILTON A. SCHLESINGER, Commerce, Brookhaven, Mississippi; Zeta Bata Tau, Unit Manager Senior Class, Band. • JOY M. SCHMID, Newcomb: New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Sigma Omicron, Newman Club. • PAUL WILLIAM SCHMID. Engineering. Gretna, Louisiana; AS.M.E., Gamma Delta. • MARY LOUISE SCHMIDT, Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu, Vice-President Class, MS- ' ' ! . • CLARENCE JAMES SCHNEIDER. Medicine, Oshkosh. Wisconsin; Phi Rho Sigma. • HELEN SCHNEIDER. Newcomb. Chipley. Florida. • FELICIA SCHORNSTEIN, Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana; Alpha Epsilon Phi. Secretary Newcomb Pan Hellenic Council. Sociology Club. THIRD ROW: • CHARLES WIGGINS RUCKSTUHL, JR., Engineering, New Orleans. Louisiana; A.SC.E. • DON CARLOS RUDEEN, Medicine. Los Angeles. California; Sigma Chi, Phi Chi. • GEORGE NORMAN SADKA, School of Social Work, Jackson Mississippi. • FRANCIS WARD SADLER Arts and Science. New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Pi. • JAMES EDWARD SAFLEY. Medicine, Drew. Mississippi; Phi Chi. O NICHOLAS ALLEN SAIGH, JR., Engneering, San Antonio, Texas; Pi Kappa Alpha, Tau Beta Pi, A.S.C.E., E.T.A., Techni-Torque, Taffrail Club. • IRVIN BERNARD SALOMON, Law. New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Nu, La Society du Droit Civil. SIXTH ROW: • ROBERT JOSEPH SCHRAMEL. Medicine, Overland, Mississippi; Phi Chi. • RAYMOND ARTHUR SCHWARZ. Arts and Science. New Orleans. Louisiana. • MILDRED MARIE SCIVICQUE. Commerce. New Orleans, Louisiana. • ELROY FRED SCOTT. Arts and Science, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi, Greenbackers. • LOUISE PRICE SCOTT. Newcomb. New Orleans, Louisiana; Chi Omega, Canterbury Club, TUSK. • DAVID JOHN SEEL, Medicine. Brodanto. Florida; Owl Club. O DORIS RAE SEELIG. Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana; Art Club, Hillel Counselorship. 182 183 1 184 seniORS FIRST ROW: • DOROTHY 5EGARI. Newcomb, New Orleans. Louisiana; Zeta Tau Alpha, Pan Hellenic Council, Newman Club. TUSK. • MELVIN LAWRENCE SELZER, Arts and Science, Brooklyn, New York; I.Z.F.A., Tulane Unlvorsitv Theater. • MARY ELLEN SHEEHAN, Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana; Chi Omega, Art School President ■47- ' 48, Honor Board, Pan Hellenic Council, Student Government Association, Art Club. • HELEN ELIZABETH SHERRARD, Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana; Zeta Tau Alpha, President of Beta Beta Beta, Newman Club, Tulane University Theater, TUSK. • JOSEPH MEDRON SHIFALO. Engineering, Gulfport, Mississippi; E.T.A., TA.S. • ROBERT EDWARD SHRODER, Commrce, Memphis, Tennessee; Zeta Beta Tau. • ARMANDO SILVA-BEAUCHAMP, Medicine, Quebradillas, Puerto Rico; President Phi Iota Alpha, Phi Rho Sigma. FOURTH ROW: • ROBERT CORNELIUS SMITH, Law. New Orleans, Louisiana; Clerk of Phi Delta Phi, Alpha Phi Omega, Secretary of Moot Court Board. ' 47. Tulana Law Review. • WILLIAM LOYD SMITH, JR., Commerce, Nashville, Tennessee; Phi Delta Theta. • CHARLES ALFRED SNEE, Engineernig. New Orleans. Louisiana; AS.M.E. • BEHY ADELE STAFFORD, Commerce. San Antonio, Teiat; Zeta Tau Alpha. • CLYDE RICHARD STANLEY, Arts and Science. New Orleans. Louisiana. • JACKLYN LOUISE STEEG, Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana; La Tertulia. Sociology Club. • G. LORRANIE STEIDTMANN, Newcomb. New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu, Canterbury Club. SECOND ROW: « GEORGE CLARKE SIMMONS, Arts and Science. New Orleans. Louisiana; Alpha Tau Omega, Tulane Glee Club, Camera Club. Operetta. • JAMES MAURICE SIMMONS, Commerce, Wills Point, Texas. • HENRY GERSON SIMON. Mericine, New Orleans, Louisiana; Zeta Beta Tau, History of Medicine Society. • BEHY ANN SIMPSON, Newcomb, Winter Haven, Florida; Chi Omega, Westminister Fellowship, TUSK. • JULIAN HALLMAN SIMS, Arts and Science, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta, Nu Sigma Nu, Canterbury Club. • PEARL SINGERMAN. Newcomb, N=w Orleans. Louisiana; La Tertulia. Inatornational Relations Club. Phi Sigma lota. • STANLEY ARTHUR SKILLICORN, Medicine, San Jose, California; Nu Sigma Nu, Class President, ' 46, History of Medicine Society, Owl Club, Pan Hellenic Council. FIFTH ROW: • MORRIS STEINBERG. Arts and Science, Jacksonville. Alabama; Sigma Alpha Mu. • SAUL STEILMAN, Commerce, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Nu. • JULIAN P. STERN, Arts and Science, New Orleans, Louisiana. • HARRIET LOUISE STEVENS, Newcomb, New Orleans. Louisiana; La Tertluia. Art Club, Radio Workshop, Tulane University Theater. • JOHN P ST. RAYMOND. Engineering, New Orleans. Louisiana; Newman Club, AS.M.E, • CLARENCE EDWARD STRINGER. JR., Arts and Science, New Orleans. Louisiana; Sigma Pi. • PIERRE JOSEPH STOUSE. JR. Engineering. Waqgaman, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi. A.I.EE., Newman Club. THIRD ROW: • CHARLES BOERNER SKINNER, JR., Engineering, New Orleans, Louisiana; A S.M E. • RALPH SLOVENKO. Engineering, Now Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Nu, Unit Manager, ' 44, A.S.C.E,. Track. Cross Country, Intramurals. • SUREY ROY SLOVENKO, Engineering, New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Nu, A.I of Ch.E. • JOHN 8. SMALLPAGE, Engineering, Now Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon, A.S.M.E., E.T.A., Jambalaya, Techni-Torque, Intramurals Council, Pan Hellenic Council, Campus Night, Lagniappos, TUSK. • EDWARD GRINNELL SMITH. JR., Commerce, Now Orleans. Louisiana. • JOHN LESLIE SMITH, JR.. Medicine, Dallas. Texas; Nu Sigma Nu. History of Modicino Society. • PAULA FRANCES SMITH. Newcomb, Gulfport, Mississippi; Phi Mu. SIXTH ROW: • DALE HASKELL STURDY, Newcomb. Daytona Beach. Florida: Alpha Delta P!. • WILLIAM DODGE SWACKHAMER. Medicine, Superior. Ariiona; Nu Siqma Nu. Phi Gamma Delta. • EDWARD CLARENCE TANNER. Arts and Science. St. Joseph, Miuouri. • ALICE LEE TAYLOR. School o( Social Work. Durham. North Carolina. • BARNEY TAYLOR. JR.. Commerce. Hull. Texas. • ANIBAL SANTIAGO TEJADA. Art: and Science. New Orleans. Louitlana; Tulane Glee Club. Newman Club. • JOHN E. THIBAUT, Arts and Science. Napoleonville. Louitiana; Ph! Delta Theta. 185 SEniORS FIRST ROW: e NANCY STALLWORTH THOMAS. Newcomb. Houston, Texas; Ch! Orr.eqa. Dormitory Council, TUSK. • SELLERS J. THOMAS. JR., Medicine, Houston, Texas; Phi Delta Theta. Phi Chi. e JAMES EVERSTON THRELKELD. Commerce. Memphis. Tennessee. O DAVID CONNER TREEN. Arts and Science, New Orleans. Louisiana; President Class. ' 45. Greenbackers. Student Center Council. • MARIE LOUISE TREMOULET. Newcomb, New Orleans. Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi. • LOUIS RICHARD TURBEViLLE. JR., Medicine. Dallas. Texas; Phi Chi. Honor Board. ' 45- ' 46, History of Medicine Society. • MILTON HERBERT VAN MANEN. JR.. Engineering. New Orleans. Louisiana; Senior Class Vice-President. Tau Beta Pi. A.S.M.E., E.T.A., Techni-Torque. FOURTH ROW: • JAMES HUBERT WALKER. Engineering. New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon, Secretary-Treasurer Junior Class. Secretary-Treasurer Senior Class, E.T.A. • JOHN EDWARD WALKER. Engineering. Plant City. Florida; Junior Class Vice-President. A.S.C.E.. E.T.A.. Westminister Fellowship, Greenbackers. • MARY ELIZABETH WALKER. Medicine, Decatur. Georgia; Alpha Epsilon lota. History of Medicine Society. • NATALIE DALE WALKER, Newcomb. Spartanburg. South Carolina; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Dormitory Council. Sociology Club. O WILLIAM WHITE WALKER. JR., Arts and Science, Memphis, Tennessee; Phi Gamma Delta. • DRURY WILLIAM WALL, Arts and Science. New Orleans, Louisiana; Wesley Foundation. Glendy Burke. Math Club. O ADINE TERRELL WALLACE, Newcomb. Jackson. Mississippi; Chi Omega. SECOND ROW: • ALAN EDWIN VAN 5INDEN. JR.. Engineering. Los Angeles, California; Phi Delta Theta, E.T.A.. Student Canter Council. e BEVERLY RAE VEDRENNE. Newcomb, New Orleans. Louisiana; Festival Choir, Newcomb Glee Club, Gamma Delta. • EMIL KARLIST VELA, Arts and Science. Buras, Louisiana. • JOHN THOMAS VELKAS, Arts and S:ience. Middlelown. Ohio; Gam;na Epsilon Omega. • JAMES WILLIAM VILDIBILL, Medicine. Columbia, South Carolina; Sigma Nu, Phi Chi. History of Medicine Society. • LUIS ANTONIO VINAS-SORBA, Arts and Science. San Turce. Puerto Rico Phi lota Alpha. e RODNEY MOSS VINCINT. Engineering, Lake Charles. Louisiana; Delta Tau Delta, AS.C.E. FIFTH ROW: • JACK LEONARD WALLICK. Engineering. New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Mu. Hillel Counseiorship. A.S.M.E. • FAYE HAZEL WALLIS. School of SoTial Work, Memphis, Tennessee, e TRUMAN LEE WARD. Arts and Science. Tyler. Texas. e MARCUS ELTON WARING, Medicine. Tylertown, Mississippi; Pi Kappa Alpha. • BOYD K. WATSON. JR , Law, Marion. Louisiana. • TRUDY WEIL, Newcorrb. Alexandria, Louisiana: La Tertulia. Y.W.C A., Deutches Verlein. I.R C. Tulane University Theater. • ELVIA MARIE-ELIZABETH WEINGART. Newcomb. New Orleans, Louisiana; Newman Club. Art Club. THIRD ROW: • HERBERT PAUL VOGEL. Medicine. Brooklyn. New York; Kappa Nu. Phi Lambda Kappa. • HENRY RICHARD VOGT. JR.. Commerce, New Orleans. Louisiana. « PATRICIA VON DER HAAR. Newcomb. New Orleans, Louisiana. • CARL RIVALIER VON MEYSENBURG. Engineering, New Orleans, Louisiana; A.S.M.E. O BURTON LACOUR WADE. Law, St. Joseph Louisiana. • THELLIE BRELON WAGGONER. Commerce. Jackson, Mississippi. © HAROLD B. WALKER. Engineering, New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Chi. A.E. of Ch.E. SIXTH ROW: © FLORA FLORENCE WEINSTEIN. Newcjmb. New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Sigma Sigma. • ABRAHAM B. WEISLER, Engineering, New Orleans, Louisiana; A.IE.E. • BARBARA JOAN WEISS. Newcomb. Chicago. Illinois; Alpha Epsilon Phi. International Relations Club, Spectators. • FREDERICK WILLIAM WEISSBORN, JR.. Engineering; New Orleans, Louisi- ana; Tau Beta Pi. O GEORGE HENRY WEISSBORN. Commerce. New Orleans, Louisiana. • CLYDE JOSEPH WELCKER, Engineering, New Orleans, Louisiana; A.I. of Ch.E.. American Chemistry Society. • PRISCILLA ANN WELLS, Newcomb, New Orleans. Louisiana; Beta Beta Beta. 186 3]:t iM tf mfc tffi ir ,1. 187 seniORS FIRST ROW: • AUBREY H WHITE. Arts and Science. Alexandria. Louisiana; Kappa Sigma, Phi Chi. • JOHN BENSON WIER. Arls and Science, New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Kappa Alpha. • HARRY JOHN WILLIAMS. JR , Commerce. New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Kappa Alpha. SECOND ROW: • JOHN HERBERT WILLIAMS, Engineering, New Orleans. Louisiana; Sigma Chi. A.S.M.E . E.T.A., Greenbackers, Lagniappes. • MARTHA WITHERINGTON WILLIAMS. School of Social Work. Newton, Alabama. • ESMAR KAISER WILLIAMSON, Commerce, New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Alpha. THIRD ROW: • JESSE LEE WIMBERLY. Commerce. New Orleans. Louisiana. • CAROLYN ANN WILBERT. Newcomb. Donaldsonville. Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Student Government Association. Newman Club. Tulane Uni- versity Theater. • CAROLYN BRASWELL WINLING. Newcomb. Alpha Delta Pi. Dance Club, Art Club. FOURTH ROW: • DAVID DANIEL WINSTON. Commerce. New Orleans, Louisiana. • CHARLES SWANSON WITCHER, Arls and Science. New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi. • SAMUEL B. WITTEN. Arls and Science. Jacksonville. Florida; Tau Epsilon Phi FIFTH ROW: • JEROME WOLF. Arls and Science, Now Orlans, Louisiana. • ROBERT P, WOLFSON, Engineering, Miami. Florida; A.I.E.E. • CLIFFORD MILLARD WOOD, Commerce, Robortsdalo. Alabama, Sigma Chi SIXTH ROW: • JAMES EDWARD WRIGHT. JR.. Law. Now Orleans. Louisiana; Proiidont Class ' 44, yic«-Prosidont Student Body ' 47, Phi Delta Phi. • ALLIE AVICE WYLER. Nowcomb, New Orleans. Louisiana; Beta Sigma Omicron. • JERRY MARGARET WYLER. Nowcomb. Now Orleans. Louisiana; Beta Sigma Omicron. • GEORGE RODNEY YOUNG. School of Social Work. Opolousas. Louisiana. 189 FIRST ROW: Aardweg, Bernard Abadie, Jr., Janet Abadie, Jeanme Abadie Herbert Abraham, Helene Abraham. SECOND ROW: Acomb! Betty Adams, James Adams, Lucy Adams Polly Adams, Adeison THIRD ROW: Ahern, Ahmarn, A.tkens, Alcus, Matthew Albert Phyllis Albert. FOURTH ROW: Albreght, Aleman, Alexander, Alison ' Byron Allen, Jr., Laurie Allen. FIFTH ROW: Richard Allen, Jr Alllngham, Allison, Chester Alpaugh, Edward Alpaugh, Alston SIXTH ROW: Amann. Ames, Anderson, Ralphs Andrews, Robert Andrews, William Andrews, Jr. SEVENTH ROW: Angel, Angulo, Amis Antley, Anton, Appel. EIGHTH ROW: Arata, Arbour, Arlt. Luther Armstrong, Paul Armstrong, Arnold. NINTH ROW: Arostequ,, Ashworth, Astor, Atkinson, Aubrey, Baccich. Mewnhcrs Reading from Left to Right: • HENRY T. AARDWEG, JR.. M. ' 48, Commerce. Greenville, Missis sipp! O BERNARD ABADIE. JR.! ' 50. Arts and Sciences. Ne ' Orleans Louisiana. • JANET M. ABADIE, ' 49. Newccmb Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Zeta. O JEANNIE Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Mu. ABRAHAM, ' 50, Commerce. Memphis. Tennessee; • HELENE C. ABRAHAM. ' 50, Newcomb Alpha Epsilon Phi. Orleans, Louisiana. ' 51. Orleans. Louisiana, ville, Mississippi. • LUCY ADAMS, • POLLY A. ADAMS, Omega. « MAURICE Hollandale. Mississippi; New ABADIE. ' 51, • HERBERT S. Zeta Beta Tau. New Orleans, Louisiana; • ROBERT B. ACOMB, ' 51, Commerce. New e BETTY ANN ADAMS, ' 51. Newcomb. New e JAMES B. ADAMS. ' 49, Engineering Abbe Newcomb, York. Alabama; Pi Beta ' 50. Newcomb. Alexandria. Louisiana; Chi B ADELSON 111. ' 49. Graduate School, Zeta Beta Tau. • FRANK JOSEPH AHERN, ' 48 Commerce, New Orleans. Louisiana. • HELEN M. AHMANN ■51 ' Midlcine, Gainesville. Florida; Zeta Tau Alpha. e ADRIEH AITKENS ' 51 Newcomb. New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta e SUZANNE ALCUS, ' 47. Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisi- ana- ' Alpha Epsilon Phi. « MATTHEW ALBERT. ' 49. Arts and Sciences. Hartford. Connecticut. C PHYLLIS MOE ALBZRT. 50. Newcomb New York. New York. e PHILIP ERNST ALBREGHT, ' 49. Commerce, New Orleans. Louisi- ana; Kappa Sigma. O HATHAWAY FRANCES ALEMAN, ' 5 Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta. • BETTY JUNE ALEXANDER, ' 51, Newcomb. New Orleans Louisiana, e JAMES F. ALISON. JR., ' 50. Medicine. Selma, Alabama; Phi Chi O BYRON ALLEN. JR.. ' 51. Medicine, Houston, Texas; Thea Kappa Psl O LAURIE ANNE ALLEN. ' 51, Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana- Phi Mu. © RICHARD C. ALLEN, JR.. ' 50, Medicine, El Campo, Texas; Theta Kappa Psl. • ELLEN LANIER ALLINGHAM. ■50, Newcomb. Lafayette. Louisiana: Kappa Kappa Gamma, e ANGEL MARY ALLISON. ' 51, Newcomb. New Orleans, Louisiana. O CHESTER T. ALPAUGH. ' 49. Engineering. New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi © EDWARD S. ALPAUGH, ' 50, Commerce. Ne v Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Theta PI. © MARY BELLE ALSTON, ' 51, Newcomb, Covington, Tennessee; Alpha Omicron PI. • BETTY HELEN AMANN. ' 51, Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Mu O BERYL DAVID AMES, ' 51, Arts and Science. Bogalusa. Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Mu. © AUGUSTUS EMMETT ANDERSON. JR Medicine. Dade City. Florida; Phi Chi and Sigma Alpha Epsilon. « Ralph: H. Andrews, ' so. Aits and science. Sagimaw, Michigan e ROBERT ANDREWS. ' 49. Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana. O WILLIAM EDWARD ANDREWS, JR., ' 50. Engineering, New Orleans. Louisiana. e EDWIN B. ANGEL. ' 50, Commerce. New Orleans. Louisiana. O HENRY C. ANGULO, ' 50. Commerce, Tampa, Florida; Delta Tau Delta. © CAROL JANE ANNIS, ' 51, Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Mu. © JUNE ANTLEY, ' 51, Newcomb Georgia; Chi Omega. © MILTON FARRIS ANTON. McCom.b. Mississippi; PI Kappa Alpha Commerce. New Orleans, Louisiana Engineering. New Orleans, Louisiana. O JOAN Newcomb, New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma. © JOHN B. ARLT. JR., ' 49. Commerce, New Orleans. Louisiana, e LUTHER A. ARMSTRONG, ' 49. Engineering. Plymouth, Nort Carolina. © PAUL A. ARMSTRONG. ' 51. Medicine. Ponce. Puerto Rico. © JOHN B. ARNOLD. JR., ' 50. Arts and Sciences. New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Kappa Sigma. © MYRIAM AROSTEQU ' 51. Newcomb. Managua. Nicaragua. © EDGAR M. ASHWORTH, jr!. ' 51. Arts and Sciences, Norfolk. Virginia. • PHILIP ASTOR, ' 52. Medicine, New Rochelle. New York; Phi Lambda Kappa. © EDWARD S. ATKINSON. ' 51. Engineering, New Orleans. Louisi- ana. © RENEE L. AUBREY, ' 50, Newcomb, Jeanerette, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma. © HELION D. BACCICH, ' 50, Commerce New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Alpt.a. Marieha ' 50. Law O JOYCE T. APPEL, ' 5 O ERVIN M. ARATA, ' 49 ARBOUR, ' 47, 190 ' 51. Modkine, Bristol, Tonnoiioo • WARREN • JAMES Louill ind. Louisidnd. Loulsland Louisiana. First Row: • KAY BACHMAN, H. A. BACKER, " 51. Comfr.orcc. Now Orleans. Louisiana. T, BADEAUX. JR.. ' 4?, Arli jnd Sciences. Now Orleans. • FRED J. flAEHR. ' 52. Enqinoorinq. New Orleans. • JOAN J. BAEHR. ' 50, Nowcomb, Now Orleans. • JOYCE A BAEHR. ' 50. Nowcomh. New Orloans. • DOROTHY ANN BAER. " 50. Nowcomb. Bay City. Texas. • LEDOLPH BAER. ' 50. Arts and Sc ' onces. Monroe. Louisiana; Zeta Beta Tdu. • ARTHUR E. BAGGETT. JR . ' 51. Arts and S:iolces. Titusvillo. Florida: Phi Kappa Signna O ROLAND A. BAHAM. " 51. Commerce. New Orleans. Louisiana; De ' ta Tau Delta. Second Row: • JOHN C. BAILEY. " 52. EngiToering. New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon. e MERCEDES BAILEY. ' 51. Nowcomb. New Orleanj. Louisiana; Alpha Dolta Pi. • MILTON E. BAILEY, ' 48, Arts and Sciences. DeRiddor. Louisiana. • WILLIAM T BAILEY. ' 51. Medicine. New Orleans. Louisiana. • EUGENIA E. BAIRD, ' 51. Newzomb, M--rietta. Georgia; Chi Omega. • DONALD J. BAKER. ' 49. Commerce. New Orleans. Louisiana. • EDWARD R BAKER. ' 49. Engineering. Waxahachie. Texas. • JAMES P. BAKER. ' 51. Arts and Sciences. New Orleans. Louisiana. • ALBERT BALD- WIN. JR.. ' 49. Commerce, New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • HAROLD C. BALMER. ' 51. Arts and Sciences. New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Kappa Sigrr.a. Third Row: • JOSEPH W. BALMER, JR., ' 49, Commerce, Njw Orleans. Louisi- ana; Pl:i Kappa Sinma. • JOHN ROY BANE. ' 51. Medicine, Jackson, Missisrippi. • R0?:RT 5ANNON. ' 49. Commerce. New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • H. CAMERON BARE- FOOT. ' 50. Arts and Sciences, New Orleans. Louisiana. • ELIZA- BETH BARKDULL. Omoga. Louisiana. Orlo ins. BARNETT. ' SI. Newcomb, New Orlaans, Louisiana: Chi • JOANNE C. BARKDULL. ' 51. Newcomb, Now Orleans. • WALTER S BARNES. ' 47 Arts and S-i«nc«s. Now Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi • ROBERT VERNON ' 50. Medicine. Camdon. Alabama. • JAIME BARRAZA. ' AT, Medicine. Republic of Panama. • LYLE LEON BARRE. ' 4?. Engineering, Shrevoport, Louisiana. Fourth Row: C BETTII: RUTH BARRERE. Niwcamb Houston. Toia;; Dolta Zota. • ANDREW JACKSON BARRY. ' 41, Medicine. Ntwborry. Florida. • ANNA BARTELS. ' 50. Commo-ce. Now Orloans. Louisiana; Oeta Zeta. • JUANA E. BASILIO. ' 50. Nowcorr.b, Now Orleans. Louisi- ana; Beta Sigma Omicron. • WILLIAM L. BASS. JR.. ' 49. Arts and Sciences. La rel, Missirs ' noi. • BEAUREGARD L. BAS5ICH. ' 50, Commerce. New Orleans. Louisiana- Beta Ihe ' .a Pi. • LEE J BATEMAN, ' 49, Engineering. Now Orloans. Louisiana; Sigma PI. • HENRY J. BAYHI. ' 50. Commerce. New Orloans. Louisiana. O HERBERT BEAL. ' 51. Arts and Sciences New Orloans. Louisiana. O MARY T. BEAMAN. ' 49. Medicine. Tampa. Florida; Alpha Epsilon lota. Fifth Row: • GUERLAIN M. BEAUCOUDRAY. ' 51. Newcomb New Orloans. Louisiana. • SEVERLY S. BZCKER, ' 50, Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana. • WINIFRED E. BEIER, ' 49. Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana; Beta Sigma Omicron. • FRANK A. BELL. JR.. ' 49. Engineering. Oklahoma City. Oklahoma; De ta Tau Delta. • JOHN H. BELL, ' 50. Engineering. Hobart. Indiana. • GEORGE C. BEL- LENGER. JR. ' 51. Arts and Sciences. Gad;den. Alabama; Phi Delta Theta. • EMITA P. BENEDICT. ' 47. Newcomb. Now Orloans. Louisiana; Chi Omega. • ADRIAN C. BENJAMIN. JR.. ' 49. La;. New Orleans. Louisiana; Zeta Beta Tau. • FRED E. BEN- MET. " . JR.. 47. Arts and Sciences. West Ktonrje. Louisiana. IS €i i ik 191 First Row: • CARROLL BOAS BENTON. ' 51, Newcomb. New Orleans, Louisi- ana; Alpha Omicron Pi. • LESTER W. BERGERON. ' 50. Arts and Sciences. New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Kappa Alpha. • LOIS BERMUDEZ, ' 51. Arts and Sciences. New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta. • KATHERINE L. BERNARt). ' 49. Newcomb, New Orleans. Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi. • DEBBY BERRY, ' 51. Newcomb, GuHport. Mississippi; Zeta Tau Alpha. • SHIRLEY BERSADSKY. ' 49. Newcomb, New Orleans. Louisiana; Alpha Epsilon Phi, B.S. • DONALD J. BERTUCCI. ' 49, Art; and Sciences. Memphis. Tennes- see. • ALFRED A. BETANCOURT. JR.. ' 50. Engineering. New Orleans, Louisiana. STANLEY G. BEVIS. JR.. ' 51. Engineering. Middletown, Ohio; Alpha Tau Omega. • STERLING B. BIGNER. ' 49. Arts and Sciences. Shreveport, Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta. Second Row: • ARMANDE BILLION. ' 49. Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi. • JOSEPH A. BIRDSALL, JR.. ' 49, Commerce. Lock- port. Louisiana. • THOMAS MALVIN BIRDWELL. JR.. ' 50, Engi- neering, New Orleans, Louisiana. • JOHN REUBEN BISE 111. ' 51. Medicine, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Kappa Sigma. Nu Sigma Nu. • BARBARA BIZZELL. ' 50. Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi. • WILLIAM B. BIZZELL ill. ' 49. Arts and Sciences. New Orleans. Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi. • MARILYN BLACKMAN, ' 51, Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana. • CLAY D. BLAIR. JR., ' 50. Arts and Sciences. Bay St. Louis. Mississippi: Beta Theta Pi. • MIEHAEL R. BLAIS. ' 49. Medicine. Daytona Beach. Florida; Phi Rho Sigma. • LUCILLE N. BLAKE. ' 50. Newcomb. New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu. Third Row: • ROLAND BLALOCK. ' 49. Arts and Sciences, Pampa. Texas. • JANE D. BLAND. ' 50. Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana; Chi Omega. • BEVERLY BLANE. ' 49. Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisi- ana; Beta Sigma Omicron. • BRANTLE E. BLANKENSHIP, ' 51 Arts and Sciences. Birmingham, Alabama. • JOHN F, BLEND. ' 50, Commerce, Brooklyn. New York. • LEONE F. BLOCH, ' 49, Newcomb, Thibodaux, Louisiana. • RUSSELL P. BLOCK, ' 51. Arts and Sciences. Kenner. Louisiana. • JOYCE BLOTNER, ' 49, Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana. • BARBARA J. BLUM. ' 49. Newcomb. Donaldsonville, Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi. • TERESE A. BLUM- BERG. ' 51. Newcomb. Dothan. Alabama; Alpha Epsilon Phi Fourth Row: • ALICE BLUNDELL. ' 49. Newcomb. Houston, Texas; Zeta Tau Alpha, e VIRGINIA C. BLUNDELL, ' 51. Newcomb. New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta. • DONALD FORBES BLYTHE. ' 50. Engineer- ing, New Orleans. Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi. • JOHN A. BOATNER. JR.. ' 41, Law, New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Pi. • ROBERT F. BOBAY. JR., ' 52. Engineering. Edgewood, Rhode Island. • HORACE W. BOGGS. ' 51. Medicine. Shreveport. Louisiana; Phi Chi. • ROBERT H. BOH. ' 51, Engineering, Shreveport, Louisiana. • KATHRYN E. BOHNSTORFF, ' 49. Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana. O GEORGE E. BOILEAU, ' 49. Arts and Sciences. New Orleans, Louisiana. • ALBERT M. BOLTON, ' 49, Commerce, Alexandria. Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon. Fifth Row: • JOHN H. BONCK. ' 51. Commerce. New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta. • AMBROSE T. BOND, JR.. ' 50, Law. Monroe, Louisi- ana. • WALTER C. BONIE, ' 50, Engineering. New Orleans, Louisi- ana. • ROBERT N. BOSE, ' 49. Engineering. New Orleans. Louisi- ana. • LYDIA A. BOSWORTH. ' 51, Newcomb. New Orleans, Louisiana; Zeta Tau Alpha. • ROBERT J. BOUDREAU. ' 53, Com- merce. Lake Charles. Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • MAURICE T. BOUGEOIS. ' 49. Engineering, Westwego, Louisiana. • CHARLES W. BOUSTANY. ' 50, Arts and Sciences. Lafayette. Louisiana. • VIRGINIA P. BOWEN, ' 49. Newcomb. Atlanta. Georgia; Chi Omega. • PRENTISS R. BOYT. ' 49, Commerce, New Orleans, Louisiana. 192 193 ROW: Bradberry. Braden, Bradford, Brandau. Brandei. Brandin. ND ROW: Brandon, Brazda, Bremermann, Bfcnnan. Brennen, . THIRD ROW: Bricrre. BrinknnaPfl. Briibi, Broekway, Brodlt. monn. FOURTH ROW: Brody. Bronstein, Brou, Beverley Brown. 1 Brown, Charlei Brown. Jr. FIFTH ROW: Georqc Brown. Jr., Brown. Bewis Brown. Marjorle Brown. Mor on Brown. Richard . SIXTH ROW: Browne. Brownson. Bruce. Bruckner, Brudnick, SEVENTH ROW: Brugier. Brumfield. Bruro. Brush. Bryan. EIGHTH ROW: Joseph Buchanan. William Buchanan. Eugene rt. Jr.. George Buchert, Bukland, Elliott Buckley. NINTH ROW: Buckley, Buddacke, Buell, Bugg, BuM B.jlling ' on. ifMtfmbcrs Reading from Left to Right: • RICHARD F. BRADBERRY. ' 50. Arts and Sciencei. Baytown. Teiai: Phi Kappa Sigma. • BETTY A. BRADEN, ' 50. Newcomb. Beaumont. Texas; Alpha Delta Pi. • ALICE P. BRADFORD. ' 51. Newcomb. New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Delta Pi, • ELIZABETH E. BRANDAU. ' 51, Newcomb, Mobile, Alabama, • GERALD E. BRANDES, ' SO, Medicine, Victoria, Texas, • JEAN M, BRANDIN. ' (9, Newcorr.b, New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Zela, • THURMAN E. BRANDON. SI. Medicine, Fairfield, Alabama; Chi Phi, Phi Chi, • BEAUFORT E. BRAZDA, ■50, Art School, Ranger, Texas; Alpha Delta Pi. • STANLEY R. BREMERMANN, ' 50, Commerce, New Orleans. Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi. • JAMES H. BRENNAN, JR., ' 53, Arts and Sciences, Dolhan. Alabama; Phi Delta Theta. • WARREN E. BRENNEN. ■49, Com- merce. New Orleans , Louisiana; Kappa Sigma. • CHARLES W. BRICu, JR., ' 50. Medicine, Chester, South Carolina; Theta Kappa Psi. • EUGENE D. BRIERRE, ' 51. Law, New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • EMILE J. BRINKMANN, ' Al, Engineering, New Orleans, Louisiana. • DOLORES Y. BRISBI, 50. Newcomb. New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta. • WILLIAM R. BROCK- WAY, ■SO, Engineering, Shreveporl, Louisiana. • LITTLETON M. BRODIi;. ' 49, Commerce. Baltimore, Maryland; Phi Delta Theta. • EDWARD S. BRODTMANN, ' 50. Commerce, New Orleans. Louisi- ana; Beta Theta Pi. • PAULA S. BRODY, ' 51. Newcomb. Bradley Beach, New Jersey. C MAURY W. BRONSTEIN, ' A ' !. Arts and Sciences, Memphis. Ten. nessee; Zeta Beta Tau. • PHIL BROU, ' 51, Engineering, New Orleans, Louisiana. • BEVERLEY J. BROWN, ' 50, Newcomb. San Francisco, California; Chi Omega. • CAROL L. BROWN, ' 51, New- comb, Chicago, Illinois; Alpha Epsilon Phi, • CHARLES L, BROWN, JR,, ' 53, Arts and Sclenres New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha. • GEORGE G. BROWN, JR,. ' 50. Medicine, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Rho Sigma. • JOHN H. BROWN. ' SI, Commerce, Paducah, Kentucky. • BEWIS R. BROWN, ' 51, Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Kappa Alpha. Fourth Column: • MARJORIE L, BROWN. ' 50, Newcomb. Mexia. Texas; Zeta Tau Alpha, • MORTON BROWN, ■SO, Arts and Sciences, New Orleans. Louisiana. • RICHARD E. BROWN. 50, Commerce, New Orleans. Louisiana; Sigma Pi. • JEAN L. BROWNE, ' SO, Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • LOYCE V. BROWN- SON, ' 49. Newcomb, New Orleans. Louisiana. • ROBERT N. BRUCL, ' 51, Engineering, Now Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Sigma. • SHERMAN H. BRUCKNER, 49, Medicine. Los Angeles. California. • IRVING S. BRUDNICK, 51. Medicine. Maiden. MassachuseHs; Phi Lambda Kappa. • HAZEL J. 8RUFF, ' 51. Newcomb. San Antonio. Texas; Beta Sigma Omicron. • PERCY B. BRUGIER, ' 50, Engineeri ng, New Orleans. Louisiana. • HAROLD . BRUMFIELD, ' SO. Engineering. Hammond. Louisiana. • FRANK S. BRUNO, ' 50, Law, New Orleans. Louisiana. • ROBERl S BRUSH, 49. Ponca City. Oklahoma: Sigma Chi. • JOHN L. BRYAN. 49. Commerce. Lucedale. Mississippi. • PATRICK BRYER, 50, Engineering, Now Orleans, Louisiana. • JOSEPH W. BUCH- Orleans. Louisiana; Beta Thata Pi. Arts and Sciences. Salem. Illinois. ' SI. Arts and Sciences. New Orleans. ANAN, ' 50, Commerce. New • WILLIAM D. BUCHANAN. • EUGENE C. BUCHERT. JR., Louisiana. • GEORGE J. BUCHERT. 49. • ALVIN . BUKLAND. ' 51. Louisiana; Phi Kappa Sigma , Commerce. New Orleans. Louisiana Arts and Sciences. New Orleans. • ELLIOn R. BUCKLEY. ' 48. Law San Antonio, Texas; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • FRANK C. BUCKLEY. ' SI. Arts and Sciences. Now Orleans. Louisiana. CHARLES L. BUO DECKE. 51, Engineering, Port Arthur. Texas. • DAVID S. BUELL. ■SI, Medicine, Los Angelas, California; Nu Sigma Nu. JIMMIE W. BUGG, ' 51, Arts and Sciences, Tampa. Florida: Phi Kappa Sigma. • EDITH L. BULL. " SO. Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana; Alpha Delta Pi • ROBERT H. BULLINGTON, ' 49. Medicine. Fort Smith, Aransas; Phi Chi, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. FIRST ROW: Bultman. Burdette. Burez. Ferrell Burgess. Kenneth Burgess, Annie N. Burke. SECOND ROW: Patricia Burke. Burkenroad. Burlingame, Burns, Bush, Bynum. THIRD ROW: Kenneth Byrne, Robert Byri-e, Bywater. Cacoutas. Gagle, Caheen. FOURTH ROW: Cahn, Caldwell, Caleyo. Call, Canneron. Campagna. FIFTH ROW: George Campbeil. Julian Campbell, Cannon. Carlos, Carmedelle. Carney. SIXTH ROW: Carol, Carr, Carrere, Carroll, Carrell. Carrubba. SEVENTH ROW: Carson. Jimme Carter, Letltia Carter. Mary C. Carter. Mary K. Carter. Naomi Carter. EIGHTH ROW: Caruse, Carveth. Cary, Casserleigh, Casse, Cates. NINTH ROW: Cefolia. Chalaire. Chambers. Chancellor, Charbonnet. Cherry. 3tewnbcrs Reading from Left to Right: • EDWIN P. BULTMAN, JR.. ' 49, Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana: Phi Kappa Sigma. • ANN BURDETTE. ' 48. Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana: Kappa Kappa Gamma. JOSEPH BUREZ. ' 4?. Commerce. New Orleans. Louisiana. • FERRELL L. BURG-SS. ' 47, Commerce. Shreveport. Louisiana. • KENNETH GRAHAM BURGESS. ' 4?. Commerce. Shreveport. Louisiana, e ANN:E N. burke, ' 49. Commerca, New Orleans. Louisiana. • PATRICIA ANN BURKE. ' 51. Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana: Alpha De;ta Pi. • JANE E. BURKENI?OAD. ' 51. Newcomb. New Orleans, Louisiana: Alpha Epsilon Phi. • JAMES M. BURLINGAME. ' 50. Law, Hammond, Louisiana; Beta Thela Pi. » WILLIAM B. BURNS. ' 49, Commerce. New Orleans. Louisiana, « ALDA R. BUSH, ' 47. School of Social Work. Jackson, Mississippi. • GROVER L. BYNUM. JR.. ' 50, Arts and S:iences. Henryefta. Oklahoma: Phi Kappa Sig-ra. e KENNETH J. BYRNE. ' 51. Arts and Science;. New Orleans. Louisiana. • ROBERT A. BYRNE, ' 42, Arts and Sciences. New 0.-leans. Louisiana. O GEORGE P. BY- WATER. ' 50. Engineering. New Orleans. Louisiana. • CHRIS A. CACOUTAS, ' 51, Engineering. Limarson. Cyprus. B. I. • WILLIAM P. GAGLE. III. ' 51. Medicine. Los Angeles. California. • MOLLY ANN CAHEEN. ' 51. Newcomb. Birmingham. Alabama: Alpha Epsilon Phi. • JOAN CAHN. ' 50. Newcomb. Fayefteville, North Carolina. • JOYCE L. CALDWELL. ' 50. Newcomb. Little Rock. Arkansas: Kapp i Alphc Theta. S JOSEPH R. CALEYO. JR.. ' 51. Commerce. New Orleans. Louisiana, • RONALD D. CALL, ' 50, Law, Alexandria. Louisiana. • WILLIAM B. CAMERON. ' 51. Arts and Sciences, Sweetwater, Tennessee: Phi Kappa Sigma. • MARIE ANN CAM- PAGNA, ' 51. Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana: Alpha Delta Phi. C GEORGE L. CAMPBELL. ' 51, Medicine. Belton. Texas; Phi Chi. • JULIAN C. CAMPBELL. ' 47. Arts and Sciences. New Orleans. Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi. • FRANK S. CANNON, ' 51, Arts and Sciences, Clinton. Mississippi; Kappa Sigma. C EUGENE D. CARLOS. ' 51. Engineering. Houma. Louisiana, e RAYMOND L. CARMEDELLE. ' 49. Commerce. New Orleans. Louisiana. e CHARLES L. CARNEY, ' 50, Engineering, Milford, Connecticut. O BARBARA E. CAROL. ' 51. Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana; Alpha Delta Pi. • MARY JANE CARR. ' 51. Newcomb. N3W Orleans. Louisiana. • DORTHY CLARIE CARRERE. Newcorr.b. New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi. • DAVID RICHARD CARROLL. ' 51. Arts and Sciences. Jackson. Mississippi. • LERELEI G. CAR- RELL, ' 49. Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana. • PETE H, CAR- RUBBA. ' 50. Commerce. Longbeach. Mississippi. e ARTHUR J. CARSON. ' 51. Medicine. Houston. Texas; Theta Kappa Psi. • JIMMIE CARTER. ' 54. Arts and Sciences. Fordyce, Arkansas; Kappa Sigma. • LETITIA A. CARTER ' 50. Newcomb. Strouds- burg. Pennsylvania. • MARY C. CARTER. ' 49. Newcomb. Biloxi. Mississippi; Zeta Tau Alpha. • MARY K. CARTER. ' 49. Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana. • NAOMI ANN CARTER. ' 51. Newcomb, New Orleans. Louisiana. • GEOUGE J. CARUSE. ' 49, Medicine. New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Rho Sigma. • ELBERT C. CARVETH. ' 50. Arts and Sciences. New Orleans. Louisiana. • PAGE CARY, ' 49. Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi. • HENRY P. CASSERLEIGH. JR.. Commerce. New Orleans, Louisi- ana. • DOROTHEA P. CASSE, ' 49. Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana. • ROBERT T. CATES. ' 51. Medicine. Pascagoula. Mis- sissippi; Theta Kappa Psi. « FERDINAND J. CEFOLIA. ' 50. Commerce. New Orleans. Louisiana. • FRANK M. CHALAIRE III. ' 49. Arts and Sciences. St. Bernard. ER5. JR.. ' 49. Engineering. New • PHYLLIS ANN CHANCELLOR. Zeta Tau Alpha. • ROBERT H. Sciences. New Orleans. Louisiana. Louisiana. • JOHN T. CHAMB- Orleans. Louisiana; Sigma Chi. ' 50, Newcomb, Midland. Texas; CHARBONNET. ' 51. Arts and • WILLIAM A. CHERRY, ' 49, Y F ' Medicine, Halls, Ttnnessee; Theta Kappa Psi. 194 First Row: • EDWARD A. CHMIELINSKI. ' 50, Enginttrinq. Wdlarbury, Con- nocticul. • HELEN D, CHRIST, ' SI. Unlvonity. fan Chritlian, Miiiiisippi; Pi Bolii Phi, • FRANK P CICERELLE. ' •)9. Comm«rc«. Bradford, ' Pennlyly.inl.i. • MAURICE ALLEN CLAMAN, ' 49. Med- icine, Los Anqolol. Cdlifomij; Phi Doltj Epiilon, • ACHILLE EXAVIER CLARK, JR,, ■49. Commorco. Now Orleans, Louisiana • HAYS BLACKMAN CLARK. JR.. ' 47. Commerce. New Orleans, Louisiana: Delta Sima Phi. • GORDON EDWARD CLAY. JR . ' 50. Arts and Sciences. New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Alpha • MILLICENT MAGDALENE CLESI. ' 49 Nowcomb, New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Thota • NORMA S, CLESI, ' 50. Newcomb, Now Orleans. Louisiana; Zota Tau Alpha. • ROBERT BRAINARD CLIFTON. ' 51, Medicine, Shreveport, Louisiana. Second Row: • ROSALIE LUCY COCCHIARA, ' 49. Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana. • LEO J. COCO. ' 49, Arts and Sciences. Cottonport. Louisiana; Delta Tau Delta. • BARBARA LEE COHEN. ' 49, New- comb. Lynchburg, Virginia. • CAROLYN COHEN. ' 51. Newcomb. New ' Orleans. Louisiana. •HERMAN REUBEN COHEN. ' 49. Medicine, New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Lambda Kappa. • IRVING Murray ' COHEN. ' 50, Arts and Sciences. Nashville. Tennessee; Zeta Beta Tau • HUBERT KARL COHN. ' 51. Arts and Science. Elberton. Georgia; Sigma Alpha Mu. • JULIUS MEYER COHN. ' 5J. Commerce. Elberton, Georgia; Sigma Alpha Mu. • VIRGINIA WITHERS COLEBECK. ' 49, Newcomb. Greensboro, Alabama. • KATHLEEN COLEMAN, ' 51, Newcomb, Shrcveport, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi. Third Row: • WARREN O. COLEMAN. JR.. ' 51. Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Kappa Sigma. • JAMES BENNETT COLLINS. 50, Commerce. Houston, Texas; Sigma Alpha Epsllon. • ROBERT JOSEPH COLLINS, ' 50. Engineering. New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Phi. •FRANK COMFORT, ' 50, Commerce. Duncan. Missis- bigma slppi. • DORIS HELEN COMO, ' 49, Commerce, New Orleans. Louisiana ' Alpha Delta Pi • MARGARET CONDER. ' 50. Newcomb. Ft. McPhorson. Georgia; Pi Beta Phi. • JOSEPH ALOYSIUS CONINO. ' SO. Commerce. New Orleans. Louisiana • C BAYLESS CONLEY. JR.. ' 50. Arts and Science. Orlando. Florida: Phi Delta Thela. • BERNARD JACKSON CONROY. ' 49. Commerce. New Orleans. Louisiana; Sigma Pi. Fourth Row: • DAVID JEROME CONROY. ' 50. Arts and Science. New Orleans. Louisiana; Alpha Tau Omega. • CLAYTON STEVENS COOK. ' 49. Medicine. Hattiesburg. Mississippi; Kappa Alpha. • HORACE ROBERT COOK ' 51. Medicine. San Francisco. California; • EDOUARD VOSS COOKSEY. ' 50. Arts and Sciences. New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Alpha. • FRED H COOPER. JR.. ' 51. Commerce. Morton. Mississippi; Pi Kappa Alpha. • JOHN T. COOPER. ' 51. Arts and Sciences, New Orleans. Louisiana; Pt»I Delta Thete. • GEORGE E. COPELAND. ' 49. Commerce, Laurel. Mississippi. • MARIANN COPLAND. ' 50. Newcomb. New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • DUDLEY L. CORBIN. JR., ' 49, Commerce, New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Kappa Alpha. • BETTY CORNMAN, ' 49, Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana. Fifth Row: • JUAN LUIS CORREA. ' 48. Medicine. Panama, R. P. • WILLIAM EDWARD CORRY ' 50 Arts and Science, New Orleans. Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. ' • CLAUOINE RENEE COULANGES. ' 51, Newcomb, Sao Paulo Braiil. • JOHN HENDERSON COUNCEI II, ' 49 Arts and Science, New Orleans. Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi. • ' rOBRT EDWIN COURTIN JR., ' 49, Arts and Science, New Orleans Louisiana- Phi Delta Theta. • CLARIE COURTNEY, ' 50, Newcon b, Flers-Lilie, France. • CY DAVID FRANCIS COURTNEY. ' 4? Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha. • RONALD BOYD COWART ' 49, Engineering, Wauchula, Florida; Kappa Sigma • JOHN WALTER COX, ' 49, Law, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi. • ROBERT HAROLD COX, ' 54, Arts and Science, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon. Texas; Alpha Delta Pi. 195 First Row: • ROBERT L. COX. ' 50, Arts and Science, Pine Bluff, Arkansas; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • WILLIAM CHARLES CRAIS III, ' 50, Arts and Science, New Orleans. Louisiana. • JIMMIE CRARY. ' 51, Art-; and Science, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta. • ELIZABETH SUE CRAWFORD, ' 51, Arts and Science. Marianna, Arkansas. • HENRY RUSSELL CRAWFORD, ' 51, Engineering, Buras, Louisiana, • JOHN ROBERT CRIPE, ' 50, Engineering, Flora, Indiana. • RODNEY CROWDER, ' SO, Law, Langdale. Alabama; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • THOMAS PALFREY CROZAT, ' 50, Arts and Science, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Tau Omega. • BILL CRULL, ' 51, Arts and Science. Jackson. Mississippi; Kappa Sigma. • FRANCES LEE CRUMBAUGH, ' 49. Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi. Second Row: • ANN CRUMP, ' 51, Newcom.b, Dundee. Mississippi; Alpha Omicron Pi. • EDDIE CULLEN, ' 52, Engineering. New Orleans, Louisiana. • DOLORES CULOTTA, ' 51, Newcomb. New Orleans, Louisiana. • CLIVE 5. CUMMIS, ' 49, Arts and Science, Hollywood. Florida; Kappa Nu. • CAMILLE ANTHONY CUTRONE, ' 51. Commerce. Morgan City. Louisiana. • JACK DABDOUR, ' 48. Commerce, New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Tau Delta, e OLIVER HIPPOLYTE DABEZIES, ' 51, Arts and Science, New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi. • DAVID BERRY DALE. ' 51, Medicine. Prentiss, Mis- sissippi; Nu Sigma Nu. • MARJORIE DALE, ' 49, Medicine, Mont- gomery, Alabama; Alpha Epsilon lota. • ETTAROSE JENNIE D ' ALFONSO ' 50. Newcomb. New Orleans, Louisiana. Third Row: • FRANK JOHN DALLA, ' 49, Civil Engineering, New Orleans, Louisiana, • ANNIE FRANCES DALTON, ' 51. Newcomb. Forest City, North Carolina; Pi Beta Phi. • TED K. DAMPEER. ' 51. Medicine, Fort Worth. Texas; Nu Sigma Nu. • COLDWELL DANIEL III. ' 49. Commerce. New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi. • EDITH REGINA DANOS, ' 49, Newcomb, New Orleans. Louisiana. • ROBERT MC CLURE DANOS. ' 50. Arts and Science. New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Sigma. • DULANEY DART. ' 51, Newcomb. New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi. • FERDINAND JULES DAUSSIN, ' 49, Arts and Sciences, New Orleans. Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • JANE ADRIENNE DAVIDSON. ' 50. Newcomb. New Orleans, Louisiana. • CARRUTHER J. DAVIS. JR.. ' 49. Arts and Sci ences. Terry. Mississippi. Fourth Row: • FREDDA DAVIS, ' 49, School of Social Work, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu. • OLIVE MERITA DAVIS, ' 50, Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana. • THOMAS WRIGHT DAVIS ' 50. Medical, Alexandria, Louisiana; Phi Chi. • WILLIAM HARDY DAVIS. ' 50, Arts and Sciences. Tyler, Texas. • SCOOTIE DAY, ' 51, Newcomb, Shrevepor;, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi. • PETER J. DEAGANO. ' 50, Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana. • HELEN CLARK DEAL, ' 51. Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta. • THOMAS N. DEANE. ' 49. Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Chi. • EMILE DEARMAS. ' 49, Engineering. New Orleans. Louisiana. • ALBERT WILLIAM DECKER. ' 50, Engineering, New Orleans, Louisiana. Fifth Row: • S. J. DeFELICE, ' 48. Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana. • TERRY LYNN DEJAIVE, ' 51, Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi. • ROY EDWARD DE LA HOUSSAYE. JR., ' 50, Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi, • CLIFFORD PETER DE LAUP, JR., ' 50, Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Pi. • CLARIE DE LA VERGNE. ' 49, Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Omicron PI. • CLOTAIRE D. DELERY, Arts and Sciences, Gretna. Louisiana. • FRANK D. DELERY, ' 49, Commerce, New Orleans, Louisiana. • GERALD D. DELERY, ' 50, Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Sigma. • AUGUSTUS H. DENIS, ' 49, Commerce, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • RICHMOND P DENNIS, ' 49, Commerce, New Orleans. Louisiana. 196 m M ' ft,, ■ tek A ' FIRST ROW: Wint, Deilcr. Alfred Diamond. Louii Diamond, Philip Diamond. Horacio Diaz. SECOND ROW: Priscilla Diaz. Dick. Oick- crion. Dicks. Dickion. Florence Oillerd. THIRD ROW: Mary Oillard, Dingleldcr. Oinkel. Diiimone. Diion, Dodqe. FOURTH ROW: Doerr. Dolce. Donaldion. Donchin. Donovan. Doikey. FIFTH ROW: A. H. Douglas, Jr.. Robert Douglai. Downing. Doyle. DrackeM. Leah Drescher. SIXTH ROW: Barbara Drejher. f. John Orcyloui. Elaine Dreylui, Druhan. Drumm. Dryluie. SEVENTH ROW: Dubuiiton. Duclaux. Ducreu). Duggan. Dumscr. Duncan. EIGHTH ROW: Dunn. Durham. Ouior. Dyke, Fred Eagan. Maurice Eagan, NINTH ROW: Earle, Eason, Eaton, Eddlcstone. Edelstein. Edwards. 3M mberti Reading from Left to Right: • MARILYN LOUISE DE WINT. ' 51. Ncwcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana. • DONALD H. DEXTER. ' 50, Medicine. New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Chi. • ALFRED J. DIAMOND. ' 49. Engineering. New Orleans. Louisiana. • LOUIS E. DIAMOND. JR.. ' 50. Com- merce, Houston, Texas; Alpha Tau Omega. • PHILIP J. DIAMOND. ■51, Engineering, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. • HORACIO DIAZ, ' 4?, Engineering, Guayama, Puerto Rico; Phi lota Alpha. • PRIS- CILA DIAZ, ' 49, Medicine, Caguos, Puerto Rico; Alpha Epsilon lota. • ROBERT J. DICK, ' 51, Arts and Sciences. Tulsa, Oklahoma. • LEE DICKERSON, ' 49, Commerce. Fort Worth. Texas; Sigma Ch i. • CATHERINE DICKS, ' 49. Newcomb, New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • HILTON A. DICKSON, JR.. ' 49. Arts and Sciences; Silver City, New Mexico. • FLORENCE NOEL DILLARD, ' 49, Newcomb, Birmingham. Alabama; Alpha Omicron Pi. • MARY JANE DILLARD, ' 51, Newcomb. New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi. • MARGARET DINGFELDER. ' 5C, Newcomb. Sanlord. Florida. • AUDREY A. DINKEL, ' 51. Arts and Sciences. New Orleans, Louisiana. • MALCOLM S. DISIMONE. ' 48. Commerce. New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi. • MARY DIXON. ' 49. Newcomb. Hattlesburg, Mississippi; Chi Omega. • JENNINGS BRYAN DODGE, ' 50. Commerce, Gulfport, Mississippi. • DON DOERR, ' 49, Law. Butler, Pennsylvania. • CARL J. DOLCE, ' 47, Graduate, New Orleans, Louisiana. • JOAN DONALDSON. ' 52, Newcomb, Little Rock. Arkansas; Chi Omega. • JEROME H. DONCHIN. ' 49. Medicine. New York, New York. • NOEL D. DONOVAN, ' 49, Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana; Chi Omega. • A, A. DOSKEY, ' 51, Arts and Sciences. New Orleans, Louisiana. • A.H. DOUGLAS, JR.. ' 49, Engineering, New Orleans. Louisiana; Seta Theta Pi. • ROBERT LIVINGSTON DOUGLAS, ' 49. Commerce. St. Petersburg, Florida; Pi Kappa Alpha. • JACK L. DOWNING. ' 49, Commerce. New Orleans. Louisiana. • DENNIS VERNON DOYLE. ' 51. Arts and Scences. San Angelo. Texas. • ERNEST WILLIAM DRACKETT. JR , ' 49, Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Kappa Sigma. • LEAH DRESCHER. ' 51, Newcomb, Fort Worth, Texas. • BARBARA ANNE DRESHER. ' 50, Newcomb, Wavelane, Mississippi. • F. JOHN DREYFOUS, ' 51. Engineering, New Orleans, Louisiana; Zefa Beta Tau, • ELAINE DREYFUS, ' 50, Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana. • THOMAS R. DRUHAN, JR.. ' 49. Engineering. New Orleans. Louisiana. • STREUBY LLOYD DRUMM, JR., ' 50. Arts and Sciences, Ne- Orloans. Louisiana; Kappa Alpha. • RONALD H. DRYFUSE. ' 51. Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana. • HAROLD L DUBUISSON, JR . 4 9. Commerce. Long Beach. Mississippi • JOAN CLARE DUCLAUX. ' 51 Newcomb. New Orleans, Louisiana. • ARCELIO DUCREUX. ' 51. Commerce. Chllre. Republic oi Panama. • ANN DUGGAN, ' 50. Newcomb. Houston. Texas; Zeta Tau Alpha. •LOUIS H. DUMSER. ' 49. Arts and Sciences. New Orleans. Louisiana. • BROOKE HELM DUNCAN II. ' 50, Engineering, New Orleans. Louisiana; Beta Thela Pi. • RAY- MOND J. DUNN. ' 50. Engineering. New Orleans. Louisiana • MAX HOLMES DURHAM. JR., ' 51, Engineering, ' Hammond. Louisiana; Beta Thela Pi. • SHIRLEY LOUISE DUSOR. ' 51 Newcomb] New Orleans. Louisiana. • CLAUDIA DYKE. ' 51. Newcomb. Manhall. Texas; Kappa Alpha Tholj. • FRED L. EAGAN. ' 49. Arts and Sciences, New Orleans. Louisiana; Delia Sigma Phi. • MAURICE FRANCIS EAGAN. iO. Commerce, New Orleans. Louisiana; Delia Sigma Phi. • JEFF EARLE. ' 49. Arts and Sciences. Rayvilla. Louisiana; Beta Thela Pi. • ALVIN R EASON. ' 51. Artj and Sciences. Monroe. Louisiana; Kappa Sigma. • ETHEL L. EATON. ' 49, Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana; Bela Sigma Omicron. • NATHAN H. EDDLESTONE. ' 51. Commerce. New Orleans, Louisiana. • MAURICE G. EDEL- STEIN. ' 50. Arts and Sciences. Lake Charles. Louisiana; Zela Bela Tau. • DOROTHY M. EDWARDS. ' 51. Englnee-ing. New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu. 197 FIRST ROW: Eustace L. Edwards, Margaret A. Edwards, Thomas S. Edwards, Eftinger, Egdorf. Ehnnlg. SECOND ROW: Eichler, E. Warren Eisner, Willard R. Eisner, Ekman, ElliRgson, Elliott. THIRD ROW; Homer G. Ellis, Thomas C. W. Ellis, Ellsworth, Emery, Emilng. EngelhardI FOURTH ROW: Ernst, Essig, Estachy. Estevez, Eudy, Eustis, FIFTH ROW: Betty R. Evans, Phallie Evans. Ewing, Eyrich, Fabacher. Falbaum. SIXTH ROW: Fallin, Fallon, Gayle E. Farrar, Issac D. Farrar, Jr., Farwell, Faust. SEVENTH ROW: Favrot, Fee, Feibelmann, Feigenbaum, Barbara D. Feinberg, Myrna Fein- berg. EIGHTH ROW: Felder, Jerry Feldman, Robert S. Feldman, Fellman, Felton, Felts. NINTH ROW: Ferrerl, Ferris, Margaret Field, Richard J. Field, Sondra R. Fine, Sewall S. Fine. Metnbers Reading from Left to Right: • EUSTACE L. EDWARDS, ' 49, Law. Many. Louisiana. • MARG- ARET A. EDWARDS, ' 50, Newcomb. Oakdale, Louisiana; Chi Omega. • THOMAS S EDWARDS, ' 50, Medicine. Jacksonville, Florida; Beta Theta PI, Nu Sigma Nu. • CLINTON W. EFFINGER III, ■5J, Arts and Sciences, Palm Beach. Florida. • GEORGE E. EGDORF. ' 50. Commerce. New Orleans. Louisiana. • GEORGE C EHMIG ' 49, Law. New Orleans, Louisiana. • MILTON EICHLER ■49, Medicine. Bronx, New York. • E. WARREN EISNER, ' 50, Arts and Sciences ' Brooklyn. New York; Kappa Nu. • WILLARD R. EISNER, ' 51, Arts and Sciences. New York. New York. • PERRY J. EKMAN, ' 50, Arts and Sciences. New Orleans. Louisiana; Zeta Beta Tau. • MARJORIE E. ELLINGSON. ' 51. Newcomb. New Orleans, Louisiana. • GEORGE B. ELLIOTT. JR., ' 49, Com- merce. PIkeville, Kentucky. • HOMER G. ELLIS, ' 50, Arts and Sciences, Blloxl, Mississippi; Kappa Sigma. • THOMAS C. W. ELLIS, ' 49, Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilo ' n. • MIGNON M. ELLSWORTH. ' 50, Newcomb, New Orleans. Louisiana; Chi Omeqa. • ROBERT LEE EMERY. ' 50. Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha. • EDWARD L, EMLING. ' 49, Commerc e, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Tau Delta. • HARRY L. ENGELHAfDT. ' 50, Engineering. New Orleans, Louisi- ana. • HAROLD O. ERNST, JR., ' 50, Commerce. New Orleans. Louisi- ana; Beta Theta Pi. • JOAN ESSIG. ' 50, Newcomb, Lexington. Kentucky; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • PAUL ESTACHY. ' 50. Arts and Sciences, New Orleans. Louisiana. • MARIO V. ESTEVEZ, ' 50, Arts and Sciences, Honduras. Central America. • THOMAS E. EUDY. ' 49, Graduate School, Amite. Louisiana. • SARA EUSTIS, ' 49. Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • BETTY R. EVANS. ' 51. Newcomb, Greencastle, Indiana; Alpha Omicron Pi. • PHALLIE EVANS. ' 50. Newcomb , Lake Providence, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta. « RICHARD M, EWING, ' 51. Medicine, Amery, Mississippi; Phi Chi, • GEORGE C. EYRICH, ' 47. Commerce. Natchez, Mississippi. • ELANE FABACHER, ' 51, Newcomb. New Orleans, Louisiana. • CORKY FALBAUM, ' 52, Arts and Science. New Orleans, Louisi- ana. • BILLY M. FALLIN, ' 51. Commerce, New Orleans. Louisiana. • ELTON E. FALLON, ' 50, Arts and Sciences. New Orleans, Louisi- ana. • GAYLE E. FARRAR, ' 51, Newcomb, New Orleans. Louisi- ana. • ISSAC D. FARRAR. JR., ' 50, Arts and Sciences. New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Theta PI. • CHARLES A. Medicine. New Orleans, Louisiana; Nu Sigma Nu. FAUST, ' 52. Commerce, New Orleans. Louisiana; Epsilon. • HENRY M. FAVROT, JR., ' 52, Engineering, New ana; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • CHARLES F. FEE. Sciences. New Orleans. Louisiana. • HANS W. Arts and Sciences, New Orleans. Louisiana FARWELL. ' 49. • JAMES C. Delta Kappa Orleans. Louisi- ' 49. Arts and FEIBELMANN. ' 51, • DAVID FEIGEN- BAUM. ' 51, Medicine, Meridian, Mississippi; Phi Lambda Kappa. • BARBARA D. FEINBERG, ' 51, Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana. • MYRNA FEINBERG. ' 4. Newcomb. Dallas, Texas; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • RUTH J. FELDER. ' 50, Newcomb, Huntsvllle, Texas; Kappa Alpha Theta. • JERRY FELDMAN, ' 50, Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Mu. • ROBERT S, FELDMAN, ' SI, Commerce, Miami Beach. Florida; Zeta Beta Tau. • MYRA J. FELLMAN. ' 51, Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana. • STONEWALL J. FELTON, ' 50. Arts and Sciences, New Orleans. Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi. • NOLLIE C. FELTS, JR.. ' 49, Medicine, Hattlesburg, Mississippi; Sigma Chi. • SALVATORE FERRERI. ' 51. Arts and Sciences, Tampa. Florida. O JOHN A. FERRIS. JR.. ' 50. Arts and Sciences, Corpus Chrlsli, Texas; Phi Kappa Sigma. • MARGARET FIELD. ' 51. Newcomb, Lake Charles, Louisiana; Chi Omega, • RICHARD J. FIELD, ■4H. Medicine, Centerville, Missis- sippi; Delta Kappa Epsilon, Nu Sigma Nu. • SONDRA R. FINE. ■51, Newcomb. Norfolk, Virginia. O SEWALL S. FINE. ' 51, Com- merce, Boston, Massachusetts; Sigma lpha Mu. " ™°°THp H P 198 Firsf Row: • MILTON H, FINGER. ' 51. Enqinoorinq. Younqilown. Ohio; Dolla Siqma Phi. • SHIRLEY D, FINKELSTEIN. ' 50. Nowcomb. Morqan City. Louiiiana. O JOHN B. FINLEY. ' 51. Atli and Scioncol. Now Orloani, Louisidnj; Kjppa Alpha • MARY P FINLEY, ' 50 New comb. Now Orloars. Louiiiana; DoDa Zola • WILL A FINLEY ' 51, Enqinoorlnq. Now Orleans, Louisiana. • GEORGIA S. FISCHER ' 4?. Nowcomb, Now Orloans, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma • JOHN W FISCHER. ' 50. Arts and Scioncos, Now Orloans. Louisi ana. • MORRIS FISHER, ' 50, Arts and Scioncos, Now Orloans. Louisi ana. • ELMER H FLAIR. ' 49. Enqinoorlnq, Now Orleans, Louisiana • LIONEL E. FLOTTE, JR., ' 51, Enqinoorlnq, Now Orloans, Louisiana Dolla Tau Delia. Second Row: • LEILA M. FLOURNOY, ' 51, Nowcomb, Now Orleans, Louisiana Pi Beta Phi. • JOHN R. FLCWERS, JR., ' 51, Arts and Sciences Now Orleans. Louisiana: Beta Thela Pi. • BURTON S, FLOYD ' 50 Arts and Sciences. Orlando. Florida; Phi Dolta Thota. • ROB ERT T. FLY. ' 51, Arts and Sciences, Houston, Texas; Phi Delta Theta • MILDRED M FOLEY, ' 51, Commerce. New Orleans, Louisiana • ALINr. L. FOLSE, ' 4?, Nowcomb, New Orleans. Louisiana • CHARLES S. FONTELIEU, ' 49, Arts and Sciences, New Orleans Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • DONALD R. FORD. ' 51. Com morce, Now Orleans, Louisiana, • ISAAC R, FOSTER. JR.. ' 50 Enqineerinq. New Orleans, Louisiana. • DIANE M. FOURNET, ' 50 Newcon-.b, New Orleans. Louisiana; Beta Siqma Omicron. Third Row: • ROBERT R FOWLER. ' 49. Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana. • LORRAINE E. FOX, ' 51, Ncwcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana. • JOHN M. FRAERING. ' 50. Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Tau Delta. • PHARES A. FRANTZ, ' 50, Enqineerinq, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Tau Delta. • HARRY G. FRAZER, JR.. ' 50, Law, Monroe, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi. • SARAH V FREDERIC, ' 50, Nowcomb, Shrovoporl, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma • GERALD P. FALLETTA. ' 51, Alls and Scioncol, Birminqham. Alabama. • ALDEN R. FREDERICKSON, ' 49. Arts and Scioncos, Now Orloans, Louisiana. • CORAL FREE- MAN. JR , ' 49, Nowcomb, Now Orloans. Louisiana; Phi Mu. • DEWITT W FREEMAN, JR , ' 50, Commorco. Fort SIM. Oklahoma • JOHN Phi Chi. Louisiana; Sciences, Arts and Fourlh Row: M FRERE. JR. ' 49, Modicino. Chaltanooqa. Tonneiloo: • ELIZABETH H FRERET. ' 50, Nowcomb, Now Orloans. Chi Omoqa. • THOMAS R FRERET. ' 51, Arts and New Orloans, Louisiana. • EDWARD R FREITAG. ' 49. Sciences. Now Orloans, Louisiana. • JOHN C FRIDGE, ' 51, Modicino. Prentiss. Mississipp;i Nu Siqma Nu. • ROSE L FRIEDLANDER, ' 50, Nowcomb. Valdosta. Goorqia; Alpha Epsilon Phi, • ABRAHAM P. FRIEDMAN. ' 51. Commerce, Franklin, Louisiana. • SHIRLEY C. FRIEND. JR.. ' 50, Arts and Scioncos. Shrovoporl, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha. • RAY S. FROEBA. JR., ' 49. Arts and Sciences, Now Orloans, Louisiana: Delta Siqma Phi • ELLEN FROLICHSTEIN, ' 51. Nowcomb, New Orloans. Louisiana: Alpha Epsilon Phi. Fifth Row: • RUTH M. FRY, ' 49, Nowcomb, Lake Charles. Louisiana. • LEON- ARD FUHRER. ' 50. Arts and Sciences. Alexandria, Louisiana; Kappa Nu. • ROBERT H. FUSELIER. ' 49, Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Tau Delta, • IRA E, GADDY, ' 51, Medicine. State Line, Mississippi. • HOWARD O. GAFFORD. ' 48. Commerce. New Orleans, Louisiana. • WALTER J. GAGNET. JR.. ' 49. Enqineer- inq, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta. • SAM C. GAINS- BURGH, ' 49, Law, Alexandria, Louisiana. • DONALD M. GALLANT, ' 51. Arts and Sciences, Brooklyn, New York; Kappa Nu. • JOHN H GALLION ' 50 Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana: Kappa Siqma ' •MARGUERITE H. GALLOWAY, ' 49. Newcomb. Mobile, Alabama; Alpha Delta Pi. r» P p pt 199 First Row: • HARRY P. GAMBLE III. ' 49, Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana: Beta Theta Pi. • MARGARET M. GANDOLFO. ' 51. Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana; Chi Omega. • NATHALIE M. GANUCHEAU. ' 50. Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta. • JOSE R. GARCIA. ' AB, Arts and Sciences. Santurce. Puerto Rico; Phi lota Alpha. • MARIA A. GARCIA. ' 48. Newcomb. South Ozone Park, New York. • ISABEL H. GARDNER, ' 49, Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • JOSEPH W. GARDNER. ' 50, Commerce. New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • LYLE J. GARITTY, ' 49. Arts and Sciences. New Orleans. Louisiana; Sigma Pi. • CARRIE PATSY GARMS. ' 51. Engineering, Little Rock. Arkansas. • HERBERT J. GARON. ' 49, Law, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Epsi lon Pi, Second Row: • ANA E. GARRERA. ' 51. Medicine. New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Beta Beta. • JOHN D. GAUTIER, ' 50. Commerce. Pasca- goula. Mississippi; Kappa Alpha. • MARVIN M. GAUTIER. ' 50. Engineering, Pascagoula, Mississippi; Kappa Alpha. • LIN C. GEE. ' 49. Engineering, New Orleans, Louisiana. • JAMES H. GENTRY. ' 49, Medicine, Montgomery, Alabama; Phi Chi, Alpha Tau Omega. • LEATRICE J. GERSTENBLITH, ' 50, Newcomb, Brooklyn, New York. • NATALIE G. GESSNER. ' 51. Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • JOHN W. GIARDINA. ' 50, New Orleans, Louisiana. • JOHN R. GIBSON. ' ' 47, Portland, Oregon; Nu Sigma Nu. • CHARLOTTE A. 51, Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Commerce Medicine, GILBERT, Theta. Third Row: • MARY G. GILCHRIST. ' 50, Commerce, Gilchrist, Oregon. • THOMAS T. GILLEN. ' 49. Arts and Sciences. New Orleans, Louisiana. • CLAUDE G. GILLETTE, JR., ' 51, Arts and Sciences, Stuttgart, Arkansas; Kappa Sigma. • JOAN GILLIS. ' 49. Newcomb. New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi. • VANCE M. GILMER. ' 49. Law. New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Tau Omega. • JAMES M. GIPE, ' 51, Commerce, Owensboro, Kentucky. • FRANK J. GIURINTANO. JR., ' 49, Commerce, New Orleans, Louisiana. • NITA-JOAN GLADE, ' 50. Newcomb, Brooklyn, New York. • ALVIN A. GLASER, JR.. ' 51, Engineering, New Orleans, Louisiana. • CHARLES R. GLEASON. JR., ' 51, Arts and Sciences. Jackson- ville, Florida; Phi Kappa Sigma. Fourth Row: • JOHN F. GLEASON. JR.. ' 50, Arts and Sciences, Shaker Heights, Ohio. • BURTON S. GLICK, ' 51. Medicine. New York. New York; Phi Lambda Kappa. • MARVIN GLUCKSTERN. ' 51. Arts and Sciences. Brooklyn. New York. • JACOB E. GOLDBLUM, ' 49, Arts and Sciences, New Oriels, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Mu, • JANE E. GOLDMAN, ' 51. Newcomb. St. Petersburg, Florida; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • LOUISE GOLDMAN. ' 50. Newcomb. Shreve- port. Louisiana; Alpha Epsilon, Phi. • ROBERT M. GOLDSMITH, ' 52, Arts and Sciences, Lake Charles, Louisiana; Zeta Beta Tau. • LEONARD A. GOLDSTEIN. ' 53. Arts and Sciences Beaumont, Texas; Sigma Alpha Mu. • MOISE H. GOLDSTEIN, JR.. ' 49, Engi- neering. New Orleans. Louisiana. • RITA B. GOLDSTONE, ' 50, Newcomb, Baltimore, Maryland; Alpha Epsilon Phi. Fifth Row: • MARILYN GLADYS GOLL. ' 51, Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Zeta. • ROY B. GONZALES ' 51. Engineering. New Orleans. Louisiana. • RAFAEL A. GONZALEZ-CORREA. ' 51. Medicine. Rio Pledros. Puerto Rico; Phi lota Alpha. • JAMES K. GOODLAD, ' 50. Arts and Sciences. Orange. Texas. • GLORIA J. GOODMAN, ' 50, Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • JOAN GOODMAN. ' 51, Newcomb, New York, New York; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • ROBERT H. GOODMAN. ' 50. Medicine Jersey City. New Jersey; Phi Lambda Kappa. • VINCENT LOUIS GOODMAN. ' 50, Engineering, New Orleans, Louisiana; Zeta Beta Tau. • JOHN A. GORDON. ' 50. Arts and Sciences. New Orleans. Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi. • EARL P. GORE. JR.. ' 50. Commerce. New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Chi. FIRST ROW; Garreft, Gould, Granberry, Granetz, Grottan, Grau. SECOND ROW: Robert L. Green. Shirley E. Green. 7homo-. Z. Grcon. William K. Green. Grccnberg, Greenfield. THIRD ROW: Grccnilit. Grchan. Grif, GriKen. Griisom. Grois. FOURTH ROW: Grubcr. Grundmann. Guice, Albert C. Guiltot, Nell E. Guillot, Guirard. FIFTH ROW: Gutierrez. Guzman. Beatrice L. Haas. Patricia A. Haas, Hague. Hoindel. SIXTH ROW: Halenioi. Haley. Luther E. Hall. Russell A. Hall. Haller. Alvln K. Halpern. SEVENTH ROW: Nathan Haipcrn. Jr.. Hamby. Charlc E. Hamilton, David C. Hamilton, Hammill, HamricV. EIGHTH ROW: Hand, Hanennann, Hanley, Hannah. Hanlel. Harary. NINTH ROW: Hardgrave, Harmon, Harper, Allan J. Harris. Jr.. Donald J. Harri-,. John Rushee Harris. I f f 0| 3Wt»nabf»rs Reading from Left to Right: • HELEN A. GARRETT. ' 50, Newcomb, Shreveport, Louisiana: Pi Beta Phi. • NORMAN S, GOULD, ■48. Arts and Sciences. Brooklyn, New York. • CAROL GRANBERRY. ' 51. Newcomb. New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi. • LESTER 5. GRANETZ. ' 51. Com- merce. Raritan, New Jersey: Sigma Alpha Mu. • JOAN C. GRATTAN. ' 4?, Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana. • SHIRLEY A. GRAU, ' 50, Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana. • ROBERT L. GREEN, ' 51. Arts and Sciences. Wichita. Kansas; Kappa Sigma. • SHIRLEY E. GREEN. ' 51, Newcomb, Houston. Texas; Alpha Delta Pi, • THOMAS Z, GREEN, ' 49, Engineering. Crawfordsville, Indiana; Sigma Chi. • WILLIAM K, GREEN. ' 49. Engineering. Shamrock. Texas; Kappa Sigma. • NATHAN GREENBERG. ' 50. Commerce. New Orleans. Louisiana. • PATRICIA J, GREENFIELD, ' 51. Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana. • ANN I. GREENSLIT. ' 51, Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • MARIE L. GREHAN. ' 47. Newcomb, New Orleans. Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi. • MASON GRIFi ' , ' 51, Arts and Sciences. Waltham. Massachusetts; Sigma Alpha Mu. e BETSY L. GRIFFEN. ' 49, Newcomb. Pelham Manor. New York; Pi Beta Phi, • EMILY J. GRIS50M. ' 50. Newcomb. East- land, Texas; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • FLEURETTE M. GROSS. ' 50, Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Delta Pi. • CLEO J. GRUBER, ' 51. Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana; Alpha Delta Pi. • MARSHALL J. GRUNDMANN. ' 51. Arts and Sciences. New Orleans. Louisiana. • FREDERICK M. GUICE. ' 49. Arts and Sciences. New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Kappa Sigma. • ALBERT C. GUILLOT. ' 49, Commerce, New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi. • NELL E. GUILLOT. ' 50. Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana: Alpha Delta Pi. • ALFRED P. GUIRARD. ' SO. Arts and Sciences. St. Martinville. Louisiana. • CECILIO H. GUTIERREZ, ' 51, Medicine. Rio Grande City. Texas. • EDWARD J. GUZMAN. ' 51. Arts and Sciences, Mexico City. Mexico . • BEATRICE L. HAAS. ' 51. New. comb. Chicksaw. Alabama; Kappa Alpha Theta. • PATRICIA A. HAAS. ' 50. Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Mu. • ELMER E. HAGUE. ' 49, Arts and Sciences. Neptune Beach. Florida. • CHRISTIAN J. HAINDEL. ' 51. Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana. • CARL B. HAKENJOS. ' 50. Engineering. New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Tau Delta. • FRANCES A. HALEY. ' 50. Newcon-.b. Dallas. Texas; Kappa Alpha Theta. • LUTHER E. HALL, ' 50. Arts and Sciences. New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Alpha. • RUSSELL A. HALL. ' 50. Engineering. Wallingford. Connecticut; Delta Sigma Phi. • THEODORE F, HALLER. JR.. ' 51. Commerce, Now Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Kappa Sigma. • ALVIN K. HALPERN, ' 51. Commerce. New Orleans. Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Mu. • NATHAN HALPERN. JR., ' 49. Commerre. New Orleans. Louisiana. • THEESTER A. HAMBY. JR . ' 50. Commerce. New Orleans. Louisi- ana. • CHARLES E. HAMILTON. ' 49. Medicine. Altus, Oklahoma: Thota Kappa Psi. • DAVID C. HAMILTON. ' 50. Commerce, LiMIe Rock, Arkansas; Sigma Chi. • HARRY A. HAMMILL, ' 51. Arts and Sciences. Alexandria. Louisiana; Zeta Beta Tau. JULIA R. HAMRICK. ' 50. Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana. • JAMES E. HAND. ' 49. Arts and Sciences. Graeeville. Florida. • MARY A. HANEMANN. ' 49. Newcomb. New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu. • CORNELIUS M. HANLEY. ' 51. Commerce. Jacksonville. Illinois. • MARY M. HANNAH. ' SO. Newcomb. Shreveport. Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • WILBUR C. HANTEL. ' 51, Engineering, New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi. • MORRIS J. HARARY. ' 50. Commerce. New Orleans. Louisiana. • HOWARD D. HARD- GRAVE. ' 50, Engineering. Little Rock. Arkansas. • ELI B. HARMON. ' 50, Arts and Sciences, New York. New York. • JOYCE HARPER. ' 51. Newcomb. Memphis. Tennessee; Alpha Omicron Pi. ALLAN J. HARRIS. JR.. ' 51. Commerce, New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi. • DONALD J, HARRIS, ' 51. Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Tau Omega. • JOHN RUSHEE HARRIS, ' 50, Engineering, New Orleans. Louisiana. 201 FIRST ROW: Joseph S. Harris, Leven R. Harris, Rosamond R. Harris, Rufus S. Harris, Jr., Sam L. Harris, Walker Harris. SECOND ROW: ' Harrison, Harsharr, Cecil H. Hart, Richard R. Hart, Harwell, Hassenplug. THIRD ROW: Hassinger, Hatcher, Hauer, Gabe Hausmann, Patzy Hausmann, Hava. FOURTH ROW: Hawn, Jerome A Hayes Wilfred J. Hayes, Haygood, Hays, Hauser. FIFTH ROW: Hayward Healy, Heaney, Heath, Hebert, Heebe. SIXTH ROW: Heinemann, Mary Louise Heller, Theo. M. Heller, Helzberg, Helmer, Hellmers SEVENTH ROW: Hemperley, Mary Y. Henderson, Robert G Henderson, Sue Henderson, Hendler, Hendrick. EIGHTH ROW: Henley, Hennessey, Henriques, Jannes R. Henry, William G. Henry, Herbert. NINTH ROW: Clarie C. Hero, M. Joseph C. Hero. Herren, Herrlck, Hess, Hewitt. Mctnbcrs Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Louisiana; Kappa Alpha. New Orleans, Louisiana. Orleans, Louisiana; Beta ana ana. • JOHN F town, Pennsylvania. Reading from Left to Right: • JOSEPH S. HARRIS, ' 51, Engineering, New Orleans Mu • LEVEN H. HARRIS, ' 50, Law. Shreveport. • ROSAMOND R. HARRIS, ' 50, Newcomb. • RUFUS C. HARRIS, JR., ' 49, Law, New Theta Pi. • SAM L. HARRIS, ' 51, Arts and Sciences. Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Phi Delta Theta. • WALKER HARRIS, ' 50, Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi • FREDERICK N. HARRISON, JR., ' 49. Commerce. Yazoo City, Mississippi- Delta Tau Delta. • PHILIP HARSHAM, ' 48, Arts and Sciences, Carter, Kentucky. • CECIL H. HART, ' 51, Engineering, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Sigma. • RICHARD R. HART, ' 51, Arts and Sciences, New Orleans. Louisi- WILLIAM S. HARWELL, ' 51, Medicine. Shreveport, Louisi- HASSENPLUG, ' 51, Arts and Sciences, Johns- • GENE C. HASSINGER, ' 50, Medicine, New Orleans. Louisiana; Alpha Epsilon lota. • ETHAN N. HATCHER, ■48, Arts ad Scieces, Quicy, Florida; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • HERBERT E. HAUER, ' 50, Engineering, New Orleans, Louisiana. • GABE HAUSMANN, ' 49, Commerce, New Orleans, Louisiana; Zeta Beta Tau. • PATZY HAUSMANN. ' 50, Commerce, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • FRANK A. HAVA, ' 52, Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Pi. Sciences. Birmnigham, Alabama. • LOWELL O. HAWN, ' 49, Commerce. Grand Bay. Alabama. • JEROME A. HAYES. ' 49. Commerce. New Orleans. Louisiana. • WILFRED J. HAYES, ' 49. Commerce, Cleveland, Tennessee; Sigma Pi, • JOHN W. HAYGOOD, ' 50, Law, Shreveport, Louisi- ana; Kappa Alpha. • MARGRUDER G. HAYS, ' 47, Engineering, Waterproof, Louisiana; Alpha Tau Omega. • SONDRA HAUSER, ■49, Newcomb. Forest Hills, New York. • DOUGLAS S. HAY- WARD, ' 51. Commerce, Hohen Solms. Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi. • GEORGE W. HEALY III. ' 50. Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • JOAN HEANEY, ' 49, Commerce, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi. • JAMES L. HEATH, JR., ' 50, Law, Holderville, Oklahoma; Lambda Chi Alpha. • MARY ANNE HEBERT, ' 50, Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi. • FREDERICK J. R. HEEBE, ' 48, Law. New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi. • HANS N. HEINEMANN, ' 49, Engineering, New Orleans. Louisiana. • MARY LOUISE HELLER, ' 50, Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana. • THEO M. HELLER, ' 49. Commerce. New Orleans. Louisiana; Zeta Beta Tau. • MARION HELZBERG, ' 51, Newcomb. Kansas City, Missouri; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • JOHN A. HELMER, ' 50, Engineering, New Orleans, Louisiana. • EVA LOUISE HELLMERS, ' 51, Newcomb, New Orleans. Louisiana. • ROBERT F. HEMPERLEY, JR., ' 50, Law, Shreveport. Louisiana; Kappa Sigma. • MARY Y. HENDERSON. ' 50, Newcomb, Lufkin, Texas; Kappa Alpha Theta. • ROBERT G. HENDERSON. ' 49, Commerce, Austin, Texas; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • SUE HENDER- SON, ' 49, Newcomb, Hattiesburg. Mississippi. • IDA HENDLER. ■51, Commerce, New Orleans, Louisiana. • JAMES W. HENDRICK. ' 49. Medicine, Keithville, Louisiana; Kappa Sigma. • ANTHONY H. HENLEY, JR., ■SO. Engineering, Bogalusa. Louisiana. • LAWRENCE HENNESSEY, JR., 49, Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Pi. • JULIAN N. HENRIQUES. 49, Arts and Sciences, Pensacola, Florida; Zeta Beta Tau. • JAMES R. HENRY. ' 51. Arts and Sciences. Dubach, Louisiana; Pi Kappa Alpha. • WILLIAM G. HENRY. ' 49, Arts and Sciences, Bogalusa, Louisiana. • HENRIETTA HERBERT, ' 51, Newcomb, Alexandria, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta. • CLARIE C. HERO, ' 49, Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi. • M. JOSEPH C. HERO, ' 50, Law, New Orleans, Louisiana; aKppa Alpha. • WADE L. HERREN, ' 50. Arts and Sciences, Birmingham, Alabama; Beta Theta Pi. • DEE O. HERRICK, ' 49, Engineering. New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi. • KENDAL W. HESS, ' 50, Engineering, New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Sigma. • HAROLD T. HEWITT, ■51, Arts and Sciences, Detroit, Michigan; Pi Kappa Alpha. 202 First Row: • MARGARET A. HEYER, ' 49. Nowcomb, Chattanooga. Tennoiioo; Chi Omega. • MARY K HICKEY. ' 51, Ncwcomb, Now Orleani. Louisiana; Chi Omega. • GUY M. HICKS. JR., ■•(9. Modicine. Alexandria. Louisiana; Kappa Sigma. Nu Sigma Nu. • ASAICHI S. HIESHIMA, ' 49. Medicine. Chicago. Illinois. • ROBERT E. HIGGS. ' 49. Medicine, Oakland. California; Phi Chi. • DAWN HIGGINS. 50. Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta. • HERNAN A. HIGUERO, ' 49. Arts and Sciences. Panama Cilv, Panama. • ROGER T. HILDENBRAND. ' 49, Commerce. Brooklvn, New York. • GEORGE A. HILLBURN, JR.. ' SO. Arts and Sciences, Houma. Louisiana. • MARGARET HILZIM. ' 51. Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Second Row: • JOHN A. MINE, ' 50. Engineering. Port Arthur. Texas. • CHARLES r. HINRICHS. ' 50. Arts and Sciences. New Orleans, Louisiana; Theta X!. • WILMER G HINRICHS. ' 49. Law. New Orleans, Louisi- ana. • MARY L. HINSON. ' 51. Medicine. Spring Lake. Texas • ROSLYN M. HIRSBERG, ' 51, Newcomb, Friars Point. Mississippi. • AUGUSTUS S. HIRSCH. ' 51. Commerce. New Orleans, Louisiana. • EMILY R. HIRSCH. ' 50, Newcomb. Opelousas. Louisiana. • JOE E. HIRSCH. ' 49. Medicine, Middletown. Missouri. • MICHAEL J. HIRSCH, ' 51. Arts and Sciences. New Orleans, Louisiana. • ROBERT Z. HIRSCH. ' 49, Commerce. New Orleans, Louisiana; Zeta Beta Tau. Third Row: • ETHEL L. HOCK. ' 51. Newcomb. Baltimore. Maryland; Phi Mu. • EDWARD J. HODGE. ' 49. Arts and Sciences, Newark. New Jersey; Alpha Tau Omega. • CATHERINE Z. HODGES. ' 50. Newcomb. New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi. • GEORGE W. HODGES. JR.. ' 49, Law, Ashville. Alabama; Delta Sigma Phi. • MARILYN JEAN HODGES. ' 51, Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisi- ana; Alpha Omicron Pi. • WILLIAM M. HODGSON. JR.. ' 51. Aril and Sciences, New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi. GERALD R HOEHN, ' 51. Commerce, New Orleans. Louisiana; Gamma Delia. • CYNTHIA M, HOFFMAN. ' 50. Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisi- ana; Alpha Omicron Pi. • NEA A. HOFFMEYER. ' 49. Newcomb, Hattiesburg. Mississippi; Pi Beta Phi • HONEY H. HOHENBERG, ' 51, Newcomb. Memphis, Tennessee; Alpha Epsilon Phi. Fourth Row: • MILTON R HOLBROOK. ' 51. Engineering. Goose Creek. Texas. • MARY M. HOLDEN. ' 51, Newcomb. San Antonio, Texas; Zela Tau Alpha. • MARY JO HOLLAND. ' 51. Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi M-, • JOSEPH C. HOLLIDAY. ' 50. Commerce, McComb. Mississippi. • RALPH K, HOLLISTER. JR.. ' 51. Com. merce. Pascagoula. Mississippi; Kappa Alpha. • PIERRE E. HOLLOWAY. ' 49. Engineering. New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Sigma. • JAMES W. HOLMES. ' 49. Arts and Sciences. New Orlean;, Louisiana; Phi Kappa Sigma. • JERALD M. HONEYCUn, ' 51. Arts and Sciences. Paradis. Louisiana. • KATHLEEN H. HOOE. ' 51. Alexandria. Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • ALICE M. HOOVER. ' 51, Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Mu Fifth Row: • WILLIAM H. HOPPER. ' 50. Law, Lucedale. Mississippi. • MARILYN J. HOPPMEYER, ' 51. Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisi- ana. • ANDRES N. HORCASITAS. JR.. ' 49, Commerce. New Orleans, Louisiana. • JONNIE M. HORN. ' 49. Medicine. Lucedale, Mississippi; Zeta Tau Alpha. • LOTHAR E. HORNUFF. JR., ' 48, Arts and Sciences. New Orleans. Louisiana. • BERNARD A. HORTON. ' 50. Law. Los Angeles, California; Sigma Pi. • CHARLES J. HORTON. ' 50, Commerce. New Orleans. Louisiana. • GEORGE HORVATH. ' 50. Arts and Sciences. Monessen. Pennsylvania. • RANDAL A. HOULDOBRE. ' 50, Engineering. Marshall. Texas. • MARGARET P. HOUSEAL. ' 51. Newcomb, Memphis, Tennessee. [ ' First Row; • GEORGE M. HOWARD. ' 48, Commerce. New Orleans, Louisiana. • BARBARA E. HOWELL, ' 4?, Newcomb. New Orleans, Louisiana. • GLADYS JEAN HOWELL, ' 48. Newcomb. New Orleans, Louisiana. • RICHARD L. HOWELL, ' 51. Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Tau De lta. • CHIN HOY, ' 49, Engineering, New Orleans, Louisiana. • JAMES F. HUFF, ' 51, Arts and Sciences, Shreveport, Louisina; Beta Theta Pi. • BYRON R. HUGHES, JR., ' 4?, Commerce, Roxton, Texas. • LOUIS B. HUGHES, ' 49, Medi- cine. Austin, Texas; Nu Sigma Nu. • LELAND R. HUGHLEH, ' 45, Arts and Sciences. Tampa, Florida; Alpha Tau Omega. • ALEX- ANDER W. HULETT, ' 50. Medicine. Charleston. Mississippi; Phi Chi. Second Row: • ROBERT B. HULICK, ' 51, Commerce. Manstield. Illinois. • JANIECE A. HULLINGHORST. ' 50. Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana. • JOHN S. HUNT. ' 50, Law. Ruston, Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta. • THEO L. HUNT, JR.. ' 49, Commerce. McComb, Mississippi. • GEORGE M. HUNTER ' SO, Commerce, Managua, Nicaragua. • EUGENE E. HUPPENBAUER, JR., ' 49, Law. New Orleans. Louisiana, • ERNEST W. HUPPERICH, JR.. ' 52, Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana. Pi Kappa Alpha. • DANIEL P. HURLEY, ' 51, Arts and Sciences, Brooklyn, New York, Sigma Pi. • MARGARET A. HUTCHINSON, ' 51, Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Mu. • SUSAN P. HYAMS. ' 51, Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi. Third Row: • ARTHUR W. HYLAND, ' 50, Arts and Sciences. New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi. • LILLIAN HYMAN. ' 50. Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • NORWOOD. F. HYMEL, ' 49, Engineering. New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Tau Delta. • EDWARD I. HYTKEN. ' 49. Arts and Sciences. Belzon. Mississippi; Sigma Alpha Mu. • DOROTHY R. ILEY, ' 50, Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana. • DURWOOD IMGRUND, ' 49, Commerce Decatu,-, Illinois; Tau Kappa Epsilon. • PECOBIO C. IMPASTATO ' 47, Commerce, New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Kappa Alpha. • WIL LIAM A. INGRAHAM, ' 52, Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisi ana; Pi Kappa Alpha. • EVEREH W. IRVINE, JR., ' 51, Medicine, New Orleans, Louisiana; Theta Kappa Psi. • MARJORIE ISAAC SON, ' 49, Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Epsilon Phi Fourth Row: • SHIRLEY A. ISKIWITCH, ' 49, Newcomb. Memphis, Tennessee. • JAY ISRAEL, ' 51, Engineering, St. Louis. Missouri; Beta Theta Pi. • JAMES W. IVES, ' 51, Arts and Sciences, Lake City Florida, Delta Tau Delta. • ALEX JACKSON, ' 51. Engineering. New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta. • ARTHUR A. JACKSON. ' 51, Arts and Sciences, Louisville, Kentucky. • JOHN E. JACKSON, ' 50, Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi. • SHIRLEY M. JACKSON, ' 51, Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana. • VERNON B. JACKSON, ' 51, Medicine, Bradley, Arkansas. • AMY C. JACOBS, ' 5J, Newcomb, Gunnison, Mississippi; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • HERM- INE JACOBS, ' 51, Newcomb, Rosedale, Mississippi; Alpha Epsilon Phi. Fifth Row: » FRANCIS W. H. JACOBSON, ' 49, Engineering, Delafield, Wis- consin. • RACHEL JAC5. ' 50, Newcomb. New York. New York. • L. R. JALENAK. JR.. ' 51. Arts and Sciences, Memphis, Tennessee; Zeta Beta Tau. • SALLY JAMES, ' 51, Newcomb, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania; Zeta Tau Alpha. • THOMAS N. JAMES, ' 49, Medicine, Amory, Mississippi; Phi Chi. • JOHN B. JAMESON, JR., ' 49, Art; and Sciences, Camden, Arkansas; Phi Kappa Sigma. • WIL- LIAM S. JAMESON, ' 50, Arts and Sciences, Camden, Arkansas; Phi Kappa Sigma. • HAROLD A. JAMISON, ' 50. Arts and Sciences. Loganport, Indiana; Kappa Sigma. • SHEPARD G. JANE, ' 49, Commerce, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta. • ELIZABETH J. JANSEN, ' 50, Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta. 204 MIsl gTi£m ' l l " 2 BBT ' di FIRST ROW: Jarrell, Jeantonne, Jeffer, Jenkini, Jentan, Jimenez. SECOND ROW: Edqar D. Johnion, Erwin R. Johnton, Homer K. John-.on, Jr., Joiner, Anno F. Jonef, Betty J. Jonet. THIRD ROW: Conitonce N. Jor.ei. G. Torrle Jones, J. Boiling Jonej. Elaine Jonei, Jordan, Joubert. FOURTH ROW: Joyner, Jumel, Jumonville, Jung, Hugh Y. Junkin, Jo Ella Juntin. FIFTH ROW: Ern«f N. Katin. Leon Kahn, Andrea Kambur, George Kambur, Kaplan, Katller. SIXTH ROW: Katz. Kaupman, Kaupp, Kaylor. William Keller, William J. Keller. SEVENTH ROW: Claude J. Kelly, Dolorn M. Kellev. Thoma: J. Kelly, Jc ' .sic E. Kelly, Winifred M. Kelly, Kennon. EIGHTH ROW: Frances M. Kentner, Kerlin. Kern, Kerr, Key, Killen. NINTH ROW: Kimmel, Kincaid, Kincannon, Erwin M. King. Hjlen R. King. Riven R. King. j? p f«6«»r« Reading from Left to Right: • ROYCE K. JARRELL. ' 50, Arti and Sciences, OeRidder, Louiiiana. • LESTER L. JEANSONNE, ' 51, Engineering, New Orleans. Louisiana, • HERMAN JEFFER, •!?, Arts and Sciences. New Orleans, Louisi- ana; Kappa Nu. • WILLIAM A. JENKINS, ' 51. Arts and Sciences, Teancc!;, New Jersey. • A. JOYCE JENSEN, ' 51. Ncwcomb. New Orleans, Louisiana. • TOMAS JIMENEZ, ' 51, Arts and Sciences, Santurce, Puerto Rico. • EDGAR D. JOHNSON, ' 49, Ails and Sciences, Long Beach, Mississippi; Pi Kappa Alpha. • ERWIN R. JOHNSON, ' 51, Arts and Sciences, New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Tau Delta. • HOMER K. JOHNSON. JR.. ' 50. Engineering, Scars- dale, New York; Phi Kappa Sigma O BEN J. JOINER, JR., ' 50, Commerce. New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta. • ANNA F. JONES, ' •)9, Newcomb. Dyersburg, Tennessee; Zo»a T::u Alpha. • BETTY J. JONES, ' 51, Newcomb, Alexandria, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • CONSTANCE N. JONES, ' 51, Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • G. TORRIE JONES. ' 49, Arts and Sciences, Jackson. Mississippi; Delta Tau Delt:!. • J. BOLLING JONES. ' 50. Arts and Sciences, Monroe, Louisiana, • ELAINE JONES. ' 49. Newcomb, Nashville, Tennessee; Chi Omega. • HELEN M. JORDAN, ' 49, Newcomb, Chaltanooga, Tennessee; Kappa Alpha Theta. • DOUGLAS JOUBERT, ' 52, Engineering, New Orleans, Louisiana. • NICOLAS E. JOYNER, JR., ' 49, Commerce, Minden, Louisiana; Alpha Tau Omega. • ALLEN JUMEL, " 49, Commerce, New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Kappa Alpha. • LOUIS W. JUMONVILLE, JR.. ' 47, Arts and Sciences, Napoleonville, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi. O DOROTHY E. JUNG, ' 50, Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana: Alpha Delta Pi. • HUGH Y. JUNKIN. ' 50. Arts and Sciences. Natchez. Mississippi. • JO ELLA JUNKIN. ' 50, Newcomb. Natchez, Mississippi; Chi Omega. • ERNEST N. KAHN. ' 48. Commerce, New Orleans. Louisiana. • LEON KAHN. ' 51, Commerce Morgan City, Louisiana; Zcta Beta Tau. • ANDREA KAMBUR, ' 51, Newcomb. New Orleans, Louisiana. • GEORGE J. KAMBUR, ' 49, Law. New Orleans, Louisiana • MEYER KAPLAN. ' 49. Arts and Sciences New Orleans, Louisiana. » JOAN KASTLER ' 50. Newcomb, New Orleans. Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi. • EUGENE R. KATZ ' 51, Commer:e. Mjmphls. Tennessee; Zeta Beta Tau. O ALAN R KAUFMAN, ' 51, Arts and Sciences, San Antonio, Texas; Zcta Beta Tau. • ROYCc P KAUPP, ' 47, Commerce, New Orleans, Louisiana. • BERNARD T. KAYLOR. ' 4?, Commerce, Magnolia, Mississippi. • WILLIAM KELLER. ' SI. Arts and Sciences, Brooklyn, New York • WILLIAM J. KELUR, JR., ' 49, Engineering, New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Pi. • CLAUDE J. KELLY. ' 50, Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisi- ana; Kappa Sigma. • DOLORES M KELLEY, ' 48, Arts and Sciences, New OrIe. ns, Louisiana; Beta Sigma Omicron. • THOMAS J. KELLY, ' 48, Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana. • JES- SIE E. KELLY, ' 50, Nowcomb, Now Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta. • WINIFRED M KELLY, ' 49, Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu • SAMMY C. KENNON, ' 49. Law. Huntingdon. Tennossoc. • FRANCES M. KENTNER. ' 51, Now:omb. New Orleans, Louisiana; Zcta Tau Alpha. • JANET KERLIN, ' 49, Newcomb. Shreveport, Louisiana; Chi Omega. LOU R. KERN, SI, Newcomb, Bastrop, Louisiana. • MARGARET L KERR. ' 49, Medicine, Fayettevilla, Arkansas; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Alpha Epsllon lota. • WILLIAM J. KEY. ' Si, Engineering. Memphis, Tenn. • WILLIAM L. KILLEEN, JR.. ' 47, Commerce. New Orleans. Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi. • NANCYE M. KIMMEL. ' SO, Newcomb. Miami. Florida. • HANSEL O. KIN- CAID, ' 47, Commerce, Jacksonville. Florida. • JEAN L. KIN- CANNON. ' 4?, Commerce. Lake Charles, Louisiana; Delta Tau Delta • ERWIN M. KING. SO, Commerce. New Orleans. Louisiana. • HELEN R. KING. ' 48, Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana; Zeta Tau Alpha. • RIVERS R. KING. ' 49. Arts and Sciences. New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi. 205 FIRST ROW: Ruth P. King. Virginia A. King, William R. King Kirchberg. Kirschenheuter, Kisber. SECOND ROW: Kitchlngs, Klein- dotter. Kline, Klosinski, Knowles, Knox. THIRD ROW: Kohlmar, Koniarski. Konrad, Kottemann. Kreeger, Kuhn. FOURTH ROW: Koinlam. Kuntz, Kurtz, Laberteaux, Lafranca, Lagarde. FIFTH ROW: Lagarde, Lago. Lain, Lambousy, Lambremont, Lambright. SIXTH ROW: Lambrecht, Lanasa, Ashton Landry, Kenneth Landry. Lanaux, Landreth. SEVENTH ROW: Alton Landry, Saul Landry, Landwehr, Langguth, Poutge. Larue. EIGHTH ROW: Lassen. Latlna, Laurent, Lavigne, Lawson, Lay. NINTH ROW: Layton, Lazarov, Lazarre. Leblanc. Brum. IMewnhers Reading from Left to Right: • RUTH P. KING. ' 50. Newcomb, Leesville. Louisiana; Chi Omega. • VIRGINIA A. KING. ' 51. Newcomb. Leesville, Louisiana; Chi Omega. • WILLIAM R. KING. ' 48. Arts and Sciences, Franklin- tDn, Louisiana. • NOMA M. KIRCHBERG, ' 50, Commerce. New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Zeta. • DANIEL L. KIRSCHENHEUTER, ' 47, Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi. • MARION P. KISBER. ' 49, Newcomb, Jackson. Tennessee; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • JOHN T. KITCHINGS, ' 51, Medicine, Clinton, Mississippi. • HUBERT I. KLEINDETTER III. ' 51, Arts and Sciences, North Chevychasc, Maryland. • ROBERTS KLINE, JR.. ' 49, Arts and Sciences. New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Kappa Sigma. O FLORIAN J. KLOSINSKI, ' 51, Arts and Sciences. South Bend. Indiana. • BETTY R. KNOWLES. ' 49, Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana. • GAYLORD S. KNOX. ' 51, Medicine. Columbus. Ohio; Nu Sigma Nu. O HERMAN S. KOHLMAN, ' 51, Arts and Sciences, NewOrleans, Louisiana. • GERTRUDE R. KONIARSKI. ' 51. New- comb. New Orleans. Louisiana. • DOROTHEA E. KONRAD. ' 49, Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana. • STANLEY C. KOTTEMANN. ' 50. Arts and Sciences, New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi. O MARCIA L. KREEGER, ' 50, Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana, O WILDER K. KUHN, ' 50, Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisi- ana: Sigma PI • EVELYN KulNLAM, ' 47, Medicine, Arecibo. Puerto Rico; Alpha Epsilon lota. • ALOYSIUS L. KUNTZ. ' 51. Medicine. South Bend, Indiana. « JULIAN M. KURTZ. ' 50, Arts and Sciences. Opelousas, Louisiana; Zeta Beta Tau. • JOHN LABERTEAUX, ' 50. Engineering, Ni ' eT, Michigan; Alpha Tau Omega. • JACQUELINE M. LA- FRANCA. ' 51, Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana. • DONALD E. LAGARDJ. JR.. ' 47, Engineering. New Orleans. Louisiana; Beta Thela Pi. « ROBERT E. LAGARDE, ' 50. Engineering, New Orleans. Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi. • JOSEPH MANUEL LAGO. ' 47. Arts and Sciences. New Orleans. Louisiana. • CHLOE LAIN. " 50. Newcomb. Pelray Beach, Florida; Beta Phi. O GEORGE G. LAMBOUSY, ' 49, Engineering; Jennings, Louisiana O EDWARD NELSON LAMBREMONT. JR., ' 49. Arts and Sciences. New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Tau Delta. • LUDIE F. LAMBRIGHT, " 5C, Arts and Sciences. New Orleans. Louisiana. O GEORGE FREDERICK LAMPRECHT. JR., ' 52, Arts and Sciences, New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta. • AUGUST S. LANASA. ' 51. Arts and Sciences. New Orleans, Louisiana. • ASHTON JOSEPH LANDRY. ' 49. Commerce. New Orleans. Louisiana. • KENNETH CHARLES LANDRY, ' 47. Engineering, Baton Rouge. Louisiana, O LOUIS ADRIEN LANAUX. JR. ' 51. Arts and Sciences. New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi. e CLIDE VERNON LAND- RETH II. ' 48. Arts and Sciences, Oakland. Mississippi; Kappa Alpha. • ALTON ALPHONSE LANDRY. ' 49, Engineering. New Orleans. Louisiana. • SAUL FRANCIS LANDRY. JR.. ' 50. Medicine. Houma. Louisia na; Theta Kappa Psi. • JOSEPH CLARKSON LANDWEHR. ' 4?, Engineering. New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Sigma. • KEN LANGGUTH. ' 50, Engineering, New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. » L. MARSHALL LA POUTGE. ' 49, Commerce. New Orleans. Louisiana. • MARIE THERESE LARUE, ' 50. Newcomb. New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi. • ALVIN HAROLD LASSEN. ' 4 . Medicine. New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Mu. • ROBERT JEAN LATINA, ' 49. Arts and Sciences. New Orleans, Louisiana, ALBERT LAURENT. ' 50. Commerce. New Orleans O MELVIN Louisiana. • MARILYN SYLVIA LAVIGNE. ' 50, Louisiana. • VIRGINIA KATHERINE New Orleans, Louisiana; Chi Omega. Arts and Sciences. Del Rio, Texas. © ' 47, Newcomb, Monroe. Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta. • ALVItl JEROME LAZAROV, ' 51. Engineering. Memphis. Tennessee; Ze a Beta Tau. • MARK MERWYN LAZARRE. ' 50. Commerce, Nev Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi. • GEORGES E. LEBLANC, JR., " 51, Arts and Sciences. Paincourtville. Louisiana. • DONALD EARL LE BRUM, ' 51, Engineering. New Orleans, Louisiana. Newcomb. New Orleans. LAWSON, ' 50. Newcomb. O CHARLES H. LAY, ' 47. CAROL FLOWER LAYTON. First Row: • ALBERT NORMAN LECHTER, ' 50. Commorce, Nowork, Now Jorjoy; Kappa Nu. • CHARLES E. LECORGNE, 51. Arts and Scioncos, Now Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alptia. • CAROL LECORGNE. ' SI. Arts and Sciences. Now Orleans, Louisiana; Alpt a Omicron Pi. • BIMMIE LoDOUX. ' ' 51. Nowcomb. Now Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • CHARLES R, LEE. JR . ' 51. Art ' , and Sciences. Now Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Delta Ttieta, • EDNA DOROTHY LEE. ' •19. Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi. • LOTTIE LOUISE LEE. ' Al, Nowcomb. Tallulah. Louisiana; Alpha Delta PI. • ROBERT E. LEE. ' 50. Arts and Sciences. Picayune. Mississippi. • JEAN GRAHAM LEFTWICH. •4;. Newcomb. Bronxvillo. Now York. • JAMES J. LEGEAI. ' -19. Commerce. New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi. Second Row: • ARMAND LEGENDRE. JR.. ' 51. Arts and Sciences. New Orleans Louisiana; Kappa Sigma. KATHARINE LEGENDRE. ' 51. Newcomb New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi. • FRANCIS E. LE JEUNE, JR.. ' 50. Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Theta PI • FRANCIS RIVERS LELONG, ' 49. Arts and Sciences. New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi. • JOHN DuBOSE LELONG. ' 49. Com merce, New Orleans. Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi. • PATRICIA JANE LEMIEUX. ' 50, Newcomb. New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu • MARGARET LEMLE. ' 50, Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana Chi Omega. • EDWARD N. LENNOX. ' 49. Arts and Sciences New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta. • LEON LEONIR. JR. ' 47, Arts and Sciences, Gulfport, Mississippi. • IVAN R. LEOPOLD ' 50. Engineering. New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Mu. Third Row: • GEORGE J. LERA. ' 48. Art and Sconces. New Orleans. Louisi- ana. • DAVE LEVINE, ' 51. Engineering. Roxbury. Mississippi; Kappa Nu. • FERDINAND KATL LEVY. ' 50. Arts and Sciences. New Orleans. Louisiana; Zeta Beta Tou. • STANFORD JULIUS LEVY. JR . ' 51. Commerce. New Orleans. Louisiana; Zeta Beta Tau. • CLARIE LEWIS. ' 51. Newcomb. Amite. Louisiana: Chi Orrega • FLOYD W LEWIS, ' 49. Law. Kenlwood Louisiana; Btta Thela Pi • GEORGE N LEWIS. ' 49. Medicine, Bartow. Florida; Beta Theta Pi. Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Chi • NORMA LEWIS. ' 50. Newcomb. Now Orleans. Louisiana; PI Beta Phi. • HARRIETT BERYL LEVINE. ' 5J. Nowcomb. New York. Now York • ANN KATZ LEVY. ' 49. Nowcomb. Now Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Epsiton Phi Fourth Row: • MILDRED LEVY ' 51. Newcomb Now Orleans Louisiana- Delta Zeta • MARILYN RUTH LICHTENSTEIN. ' 50. tHewcomb. Birminij- ham. Alabama. • SAMUEL LOWENSTEIN LIEBER. ' 51. Medicine. Shroveporr. Louisiana; Phi Delta Epsilon. Phi Sigma Delta. • ZELIG LIEBERMAN. ' 50. Medicine. San Antonio. Teias; Phi Delta Epsilon. • AUDREY HAMMOND LIGGETT. ' 50. Newcomb, Valley Forge. Pennsylvania. • WINSTON CARRINGTON LILL. •49. Arts and Sciences. Now Orleans. Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi. JOHN GERARD LIPPS. ' 49. Engineering. Now Orleans. Louisiana. • HAR- RIET LIVESEY. ' 51. Newcomb. Now Orleans. Louisiana; Alpha Delta PI. • JULES AUGUST BABER LIZARRAGA. ' 52. Engineering, Bellie. British Honduras. • NANCY LOCKWOOD. ' 49. Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana. Fifth Row: • RALPH HERBERT LOWENTHAL. ' 49. Arts and Sciences. New Orleans. Louisiana. • CRAWFORD WILLIAMSON LONG. ' 49. Arts and Sciences. Jacksonville. Florida; PI Kappa Alpha. • ALINE LONGINO. ' 51. Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Mu. • RICHARD JOSEPH LORENTZ. ' 49. Arts and Sciences. Ne Orleans. Louisiana. • THOMAS E. LOUIS. ' 50. Engineering. New Orleans. Louisiana. • MARION LOWE. ' 51. Newcomb. ' New Orleans. Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi. • TONY LOWE. ' 50, Commerce. New York. New York; Zeta Beta Tau. • CEDRIC WARREN LOWERY. ' 51. Arts and Sciences. Hot Springs. Arkansas; Phi Kappa Sigma. • MARK PERRIN LOWERY. ' 50. Engineering, Marki. Mississippi; Sigma Chi. • BETTY JANE LUCAS. ' 50. Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana. First Row: • JANE LEE LUFT, Sigma Omicron. © Phi Chi. • JOHN Leesville, Louisiana. Nawton, Mississippi. Bay City, Texas; PI ' 51. Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana; Beta CLU FLU LUSK, ' 50. Medicine. Eros. Louisiana; EDWARD LUTTRELL, ' 50, Arts and Sciences. • BERNARD W. LYLE. ' 49. Engineering, 9 BEVERLY MARSHA LYLE. ' 50, Newcomb, Beta Phi. • WILLIAM R. LYNCH. ' 50. Arts and Siences. Oshkosh. Wisconsin. • BETTY LYONS, ' 51, Newcomb. Jackson, Mississippi; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • KATHERINE HART LYONS. ' 49, Social Work, Nashville, Tennessee. • WILLIAM B. LYONS. ' SO. Art: and Sciences, McComb, Mississippi, Phi Delta Theta. • HELEN STAFFORD. McANELLY, ' 51, Newcomb, Ranger. Texas; Kappa Alpha Theta. Second Row: • BEVERLY ANN McARTHUR, ' 50. Newcomb, New Orelans. Louis ana; Pi Beta Phi. • ANNE McASKILL. ' 49, Newcomb, New Orlenas Louisiana; Phi Mu. • TOM McBRIDE. ' 50, Law. New Orleans Louisiana; Sigma PI. • CARL A. McCANDLISH, ' 50, Medicine Delhi. Louisiana: Theta Kappa PsI. • ROBERT EMETT Mc CARTHY. ' IS, Commerce. New Orleans. Louisiana. RALPH D McCASKILL, ' 49. Commerce. Pleasant Hill. Louisiana. • CHARLENE WOOD McCORKLE. ' 49. Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi. • LOUIS KENNETH McCOWN. ' 49, Medicine, Forrest City. Arkansas; Sigma Chi, Phi Chi. • THOMAS LEMUEL McCOY. JR., ' 50. Engineering. New Orleans, Louisiana. • LAURENCE NEIL McCULLOUGH. JR.. ' 50. Medicine. Alburquerque. New Mexico; Theta Kappa PsI. Third Row: • DONALD RAY McCURLEY. ' 51. Medicine. Reserve, Louisiana; Sigma Pi. • FOSTER COLLINS. McCALEB, JR ' Si! Medicine, New Iberia. Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta. Nu Sigma Nu. • ROBERT WELDON McCANN, ' 49. Commerce. Shreveporl, Louisiana. • TILEY S. McCHESNEY, 50, Arts and Sciences. New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • LAURA McCLANAHAN. ' 49, Newcomb Columbus, Mississippi; Phi Mu. • WILLIAM McCONKEY. ' 51, Commerce, Jackson. Michigan; Alpha Tau Omega. • GRACE ADAIR McCONNELL, ' 51, Newcomb, New Orleans. Louisiana. • LEMUEL W. McCOY, ' 49, Engineering. Rayville. Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • MARIAN McCUTCHON. ' 49. Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana; Alpha Omicron PI. • MIRIAM McDERMOTT. " 51. Newcomb. New Orleans, Louisiana. Fourth Row: • STANLEY McDERMOTT. JR.. ' 49, Arts and Sciences. New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi. • CLYDE McDONALD, ' 51, Engineer- ing. Greenville. Mississippi. • ROSEMARY McDONNELL. ' 50. Newcomb. New Orleans, Louslana; Alpha Delta PI. • PATSY JO McDowell. ' 51. Newcomb. Napoleonville. Louisiana; Delta Zeta. • CECIL RAY McEWEN. ' 49. Arts and Sciences. Brookhaven, Missis- sippi; Kappa Sigma. • JEANNIE McGEE, ' 50. Memphis. Tennessee; PI Beta Phi. • WARREN J. McGOVERN, ' 48, Arts and Sciences. New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi. • JACK L. McGOWAN. ' ' 50. Arts and clences, Hamlet, North Carolina; Kappa Sigma. • JAMES S. McGRATH. ' 50. Law. New Orleans, Louisiana. • GORDON McHENRY. ' 50, Arts and Sciences, McHenry. Mississippi. Fifth Row: • JERRY MclNTOSH, ' 49. Arts and Sciences. New Orleans. Louisi- ana; Delta Sigma Phi. • MARION ANNE MclNTOSH. ' 51, New- comb, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu. • THOMAS B. MclNTOSH, ' 48, Law, New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi. • JOHN WINN McKEE. ' 49. Law. Lake Charles. Louisiana. • MARYLEN McKENZIE. ' 51, Newcomb. Pawhuska. Oklahoma; Kappa Alpha Theta. • WALTER WILLIAM McKERNAN, ' 49, Engineering. New Orleans. Louisiana. • JOHN RidHARDSON McLAUGHLIN, ' ' 50. Engineer- ing. New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Kappa Alpha. • BETTY JOYCE McLEAN. ' 51, Newcomb, Alexandria, Louisiana; Alpha Delta Pi. • KENNETH. McLEOD. JR.. ' 51, Art! and Sciences, New Orleans. Louisiana. • PATSY McMEANS. ' 50. Newcomb. Galveston. Texas; Kappa Kappa Gamma. 208 FIRST ROW: McMillen. McNair, McNoely. McNultv, Martha Jane McQulnn. William Charles McQuicin. SECOND ROW: McRaven. McShanc, McSwain. McWhirler. McWhorter. McVay. THIRD ROW: Mackcnroth. MacMillan, Maddrey, Madofl. Magee. Magendie. FOURTH ROW: Maqreti, Mognihky, Magruder, Mahony. Malm, i foilho-,. FIFTH ROW: Malone. Malti, Mamola, Mane», Mangin, l jnry. SIXTH ROW: Maniour, Margol, Manyat, Maralit. Marcheloi, Mo ey. SEVENTH ROW: Marque. Marriott. Dora Odile Martin. Garnii Martin, J. Bernard Martin. Jr.. Maiut. EIGHTH ROW: Lillian Colletta Maiiimini, Vincent Masiimini, Maiur, Matlin, Mattes, Matthew. NINTH ROW: Matlo«. Charles J. May. »— -- Jane May. Maynard. Mayon, Meagher. Reading from Left to Right: • FRANK V. McMILLEN II, ' 49, Engineering, Columbia, Tenn.sset: Ph! Kappa Sigma. • ALBERT DORRIS McNAIR, ' 50, Commerce, Jackson, Mississippi. • JACK McNEELY, ' 50, Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana. • MICHAEL JESSE McNULTY. JR.. ' 50. Arts and Sciences. Franklin. Louisiana. • MARTHA JANE McOUINN. ■49. Newcomb. Greenwood. Mississippi. • WILLIAM CHARLES McQUINN. " 49. Medicine. Greenwood. Mississippi: Alpha Tau Omega, Phi Chi. • TRICIA McRAVEN, ' 51, Newcomb. Little Rock. Arkansas; Alpha Delta Pi. • FRANCES GWENDOLYN McSHANE. ' 50. Newcomb. Greenwood. Mississipp: Phi Mu. • RUSSELL HAIR- STON McSWAIN, JR., ' 51, Arts and Sciences. New Orleans. Louisi- ana. • WILLIAM EDWARD McWHIRTER. JR.. ' 50. Arts and Sciences. New Orleans, Louisiana. •ALAN LOUIS McWHORTER, ' 51 Engineering, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Sigma. • KIMO WILDER McVAY, ' 51. Arts and Sciences. Honolulu. Hawaii; Kappa Alpha. • GAYLE U. MACKENROTH. ' 51. Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Mu. • WILLAIM BAXTER MacMILLAN. ' 48. Arts and Sciences. Monte Christy, Dominican Republic; Delta Sigma Phi. • ANN MADDREY. ' 51. Newcomb. Eastland. Texas; Zeta Tau Alpha. • MORTON A. MADOFF, ' 51, Arts and Sciences, Clinton, Mas- sachusetts; Sigma Alpha Mu. • ROBERT LESLIE MAGEE, ' 50, Medicine, Warrensburg, Missouri; Phi Kappa Sigma, Nu Sigma Nu • ELSIE MAGENDIE, ' 51, Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana. • SARA DEAN MAGNESS. ' 50. Newcomb. McMinnville. Tenn.; Kappa Alpha Theta. • IVAN A MAGNITZKY. JR., ' 50. Commerce. Bogalusa. Louisiana. • CHRISTINE MAGRUDER. ' 49. Newcomb. Jackson. Mississippi; Chi Omega. • JOHN LAWRENCE MAHONY. ' 49. Commerce, New Orleans. Louisiana. • ELIZABETH SOPHIE MALM. 50, New Orleans. Louisiana. • MONA ANNA MAILHES. ' 49, Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana. • BETTY JANE MALONE, •49 Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Sigma Omicron. • ROBERT ALLEN MALTZ, ' 51. Commerce, Chestnut Hill, Massa- chusetts; Zeta Beta Tau. • ROSS R. MAMOLA, ' 51, Engineering, Garfield. New Jersey. • DOROTHY ANN MANESS, ' 51. Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisi- ana; Alpha Delta Pi. • ALBERT L. MANGIN. JR.. ' 49. Commerce. Biloxi. Mississippi. • WILLARD E. MANRY. ' 50. Medicine. New Orleans, Louisiana. • PHILIP MANSOUR, ' 49. Law. Greenville. Mississippi. • BERNICE SHIRLEY MARGOL. ' 51. Newcomb. Jacksonville, Florida. • ANDREW EDWARD MANYAK. ' 49. Engi- neering. East Douglas. Massachusetts. • MERCEDES EDITHA MARAIST, ' 51. Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Zeta. • ROBERT GEORGE MARCHELOS, ' 49. Commerce. Pensacola. Florida; Delta Sigma Phi. • GEORGE MORPHY MARKEY. JR.. ' 51. Arts and Sciences. New Orleans. Louisiana; Sigma Pi. • JOHN ALBERT MAROUE. ' 50. Arts and Sciences. New Orleans. Louisiana. • JANE MARIE MARRIOTT. ' 50. Newcomb. Chicago. Illinois. • DORA ODILE MARTIN, ' 50, Newcomb, New Orleans. Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi. • GARNIS MARTIN, ' 49, Arts and Sciences, Wheelwright, Kentucky. • J. BERNARD MARTIN, JR., ' 51, Engineering, New Orleans, Louisiana. • RITA MAE MASSET, ' 49. Commerce. New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Zeta. • LILLIAN COLLEHA MASSIMINI. ' 49, Newcomb, • VINCENT MASSIMINI, ' 50. Arts and Louisiana; Kappa Sigma. • DAVID H. Monroe. Louisiana; Zeta Beta Tau • JORDON SANDERS MATLIN. ' SI. Arts and Sciences. Miami, Florida: Kappa Nu. • SHARON ELIZABETH MAHES. ' 50. New. com.b. New Orleans. Louisiana. • JUNE ELIZABETH MAHHEW. SI. Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana. • WILLIAM ROBERT MATTOX. ' 49. Commerce. New Orleans. Louisiana; Alpha Tau Omega. • CHARLES J. MAY. SO. Arts and Sciences. Baltimore. Maryland. • PATRICIA JANE MAY. SO, Newcomb. New York, New York; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • DONALD PETER MAYNARD, ' 51. Engineering, New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Pi. • CHARLES A. MAYON, ' 51. Arts and Sciences. New Orleans. Louisiana. • THOMAS FRANCIS MEAGHER. ' 52. Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana. New Orleans. Louisiana. Sciences. New Orleans. MASUR. ' 51. Commerce. 209 aim FIRST ROW: Meiers, Mendelson, Metzger. Meyer, Meyn, Miceli. SECOND ROW: Michael, Michaels, Michalik, Middleton, Midio, Miester. THIRD ROW: Miles, Carol Miller, Max Miller, Minor, Mitchell, Mix. FOURTH ROW: Moise, Moke, Monastersky, Mongeu, Monier. Monroe. FIFTH ROW: Monteserin, Aylmer Montgomery, Carolyn Montgomery. Philip Montgomery, William Montgomery, Moody. SIXTH ROW: Brenda Moore, Jack Moore, John Moore, Nancy Moore, Norman Moore, William Moore. SEVENTH ROW: Moossy, Moppert, Beatrice Morales, Elena Morales, Moreaux, Morel. EIGHTH ROW: Morgan, Emma Adrienne Morphy, Paul Morphy, Jr.. Donald Taylor Morrison, Jack L. Morrison, Milton K. Morrison. NINTH ROW: Clement Moss, James Moss, Jr., Katherine Moss, Lucien Moss, Mossy, Moten. 3MeMnbers Reading from Left to Right: Delta Ken- ' 50, ' 51, rond. • BETTY JEAN MEIERS. ' 49, Newcomb. New Orleans, Louisiana • HARRY MENDELSON. JR., Arts and Sciences. New Orleans, Louisiana • JORDAN ALLEN METZGER, ' 51, Arts and Sciences, Woodmere, New York; Sigma Alpha Mu. • ANNE FRIEDRICHS MEYER, ' 50, Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana. • MARILYN ALMA MEYN, ' 51, Commerce, New Orleans, Louisiana. • JOSEPH THOMAS MICELI, ' 4 ' ), Commerce. New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Phi • DIANNFi MICHAEL, ' 51. Newcomb, Paducah, tucky Alpha Epsilon Phi. • ELIZABETH ANN MICHAELS. Newcomb. Chicago, Illinois. • THELMA ALICE MICHALIK. Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana. • GERTRUDE MORRIS MIDDLETON. ' 51, Newcomb. Hamn Louisiana- Alpha Omicron Pi. • GWEN MIDLO, ' 51, Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana. • DONALD J. MIESTER, ' 50, Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Sigma. • MARTHA ELLIS MILES, ' 49, Newcomb, Vicksburg, Mississippi; Kappa Kappa Gamma • CAROL CELESTE MILLER. ' 49, Newcomb. New Orleans, Louisiana- Zeta Tau Alpha. • MAX EMERY MILLER, ' 50, Commerce, Mobile; Alabama; Delta Sigma Phi. • JACOB C. MINOR, ' 49, Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana. • ELSIE MITCHELL, ' 51, Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana. • WARREN A. MIX, ' 50, Arts and Sciences, New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi. e FRANK V. MOISE, JR.. ' 49, Law, New Orleans, Louisiana. • HAROLD C. MOKE, ' 50, Engineering, New Orleans, Louisiana. • ERWIN MONASTERSKY, ' 49, Arts and Sciences, Bradley Beach, New Jersey; Sigma Alpha Mu. • STELLA CELESTE MONGEAU. ' 51. Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana. • GERARD WILLIAM MONIER, ' 50, Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, La. • SIMMIE MONROE, 50, Commerce, Alexandria, Louisiana; Phi Kappa Sigma. • ANTONIO MONTESERIN, ' 50, Arts and Sciences, Santurce, Puerto Rico- Phi lota Alpha. • AYLMER MONTGOMERY, ' 50, Commerce, Monroe, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi. • CAROLYN JANE MONT- GOMERY, ' 50, Newcomb, Nashville, Tennessee; Pi Beta Phi. • PHILIP RUSSELL MONTGOMERY, ' 49. Commerce. New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Kappa Sigma. • WILLIAM JOSEPH MONTGOMERY. ' 50. Arts and Sciences. New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi. • KATHRYN MOODY, ' 49. Newcomb. Hattiesburg. Mississippi; Chi Omega. • BRENDA MOORE. ' 50, Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana- Kappa Kappa Gamma. • JACK MOORE, ' 49. Medicine. Wharton Texas; Phi Chi. • JOHN BOWMAN MOORE. ' 51. Arts and Sciences. Oklahoma City. Oklahoma. • NANCY KATHARINE MOORE. ' 51. Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi. • NORMAN W. MOORE. ' 49, • WILLIAM RAYMOND MOORE. Texas; Kappa Alpha. • JOHN MOOSSY, ' 50, Medicine Sigma. • LLOYD E. MOPPERT, Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi. • ' 61, Medicine, Miami, Florida. ' 51, JR., Commerce, Marion, Arkansas. ' 51, Arts and Sciences. Vernon. Shreveport, Louisiana; Phi Rho ' 49, Commerce, New Orleans, BEATRICE ELEANOR MORALES, • ELENA HARRIETT MORALES, Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana. • RYAN J. MOREAUX. ' 50, Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Tau Delta. • WILLIAM CLAUDE MOREL, ' 50, Engineering, New Orleans. Louisiana. • JESSE O. MORGAN. JR.. ' 49, Engineering, Lake Charles, Louisiana. • EMMA ADRIENNE MORPHY, ' 50, Newcomb, New Orleans. Louisiana; Alpha Delta Pi. • PAUL MORPHY, JR.. ' 50, Law, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Tau Delta. • DONALD TAYLOR MORRISON, ' 49, Arts and Sciences, Daytona Beach, Florida; Pi Kappa Alpha. • MILTON K. MORRISON, ' 49, Engineering, New Orleans, Louisiana. • CLEMENT MURPHY MOSS, JR., ' 49, Law. New Orleans. Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi. • JAMES MOSS, JR., ' 51, Medicine, Clouis, New Mexico; Theta Kappa Psi. • KATHERINE CAMILLE MOSS, ' 49. Newcomb. Lake Charles, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi. • LUCIEN KENNEDY MOSS. ' 50, Arts and Sciences, Lake Charles, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi. • MARY LOUISE MOSSY, ' 49, Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta. • WILLIAM MAURICE MOTEN. ' 49. Medicine, Western Grove, Arkansas. 210 Fir5» Row: • RICHARD C. MOULEDOUS. ' 50. Arli and Sclonc««. N«w Orltani, Louiiidno; Kdpp.i Siqmn. • E. LEE MOWE. JR.. ■48. Arti and Scioncos, Now Orleans. Louliiana. • BETTINA EVANT MUELLING. ' 50, Nowconnb, SuKport. Milliiiippi; Clii Omogj. • VEITA JOYCE MULBERG, ' 50, Nowcomb, Key Well. Florida. • HAZEL AMELLIA MULLER. ' 4 ' ?. Newcomb, Now Orloant. Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Thota. • MAUD CROSSEN MULLER. ' 51. Nnwcomb. Now Orleans. Louisi- ana; Phi Mu, • STANLEY WILFRED MULLER. ' 52, Enqinoorinq, New Orleans, Louisiana • ROBERT DIETRICH MUNCH. ' 49, Com- merce, Now Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Kappa Alpha. • CAROLYN LOUISE MURPHY, ' 50, Nowcomb, Chjtlanooqa, Tennessee; Phi Mu. • JANET HOLMES MURPHY, ' 50, Nowcomb. New Orleans, Louisi- ana, SeconcJ Row: • ROBERT A. MURPHY. California; Phi Delta Theta Engineering, Bayou Goula MADISON MYERS, JR., ' 49, RED JOYCE MYERS, ' 51 JR., ' 49, Graduate School, McCloud, • GEORGE MICHAEL MURRELL, ' 50, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi. • JOHN Law. New Orleans, Louisiana. • MILD- Newcomb. Birmingham. Alabama; Alpha Delta Pi. • DAVID MYKOFF, ' 49. Arts and Sciences, Alexandria, Louisiana; Kappa Nu. • CATHERINE NAEF, ' 52, Newcomb, Jack- son, Mississippi; Beta Sigma Omicron. • BETTY ANN MAIRNE, ' 49, Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu. • FRANK HENRY NATHAN, ' 49, Arts and Sciences, New Brunswick. New Jersey; Sigma Alpha Mu. • ELSIE HARRIET NEALE. ' 49. Commerce, San Antonio. Texas. • ROY LEE NEAL, ' 50. Law. New Orleans. Louisi- Thlrd Row: • WILLIAM ALBERT NEFF. ' 50. Commerce. New Orleans. Louisiana. • GEORGE D. NELSON, JR., ' 49, Arts and Sciences, Daphne, Ala- bama; Sigma Chi. • WILLIAM C. NELSON, ' 51, Commerce, Artesia, Colorado; Alpha Tau Omega. • MARGERY NETTER, ' 50, Newcomb, Philadelphia. Pennsylvania; Alpha Delta Phi. • JOHN STEWART NEVILLE. ' 49, Commerce, New Orleans, Louisiana. • PAUL ASHBEL NEWELL. ' 50. Law. New Orlaanl. Louisiana: Kappa Sigma. • JOEL M NEWMAN. ' 50. Nowcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana. • J. BARRY NEWMAN, ' 50. Arts and Sciences. New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha. • MARY ANN NEWTON. ' 50. Newcomb. Shrevoporf. Louisiana; 2ota Tau Alpha. • JON N(CK- INOVICH, ' 49, Arts and Sciences. SeaHle. Washington Fourth Row: • NICK COSSEY NICHOLS. ' 51. Arts and Sciences. Pauden . Texas; Alpha Tau Omega. • ELIZABETH LEE NICHOLSON. ' 4?. Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi. • FRANCIS IGNATIUS NICOLLE. ' 50. Medicine, Baton Rouge. Louisiana; Phi Chi. • ORLANDO NIEVES. ' 51. Arts and Sciences. Hato Rey. Puerto Rico. • JOHN PAUL NODINE. ' 50. Arts and Sciences. Montgomery. Alabama; Phi Delta Thota. • EUGENE ANTHONY NOLAN. ' 51. Arts and Scioncos. Baton Rouge, Louisiana. • EDWIN A. NOLEN. ' 49. Commerce. Jackson. Mississippi; Sigma Pi. • DONALD U. NORES. ' 52. Tampa. Florida • JOYCE RITA NORMAN. ' 50. Houma, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta, • RICHARD JOHN MORRIS, ' 51, Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Sigma. Fifth Row: • STANLEY F. NETHERTON, ' 50. Commerce. Now Orleans, Louisi- ana. • JUDITH NOTT. ' 51. Newcomb. New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi. • CHRISTHEL MARIE NUNGESSER, ' 49. Newcomb, New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Zeta. • BOO NUNNALLY. •49. Engineering. New Orleans. Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsiloo • RICHARD M. NUNNALLY, ' 50, Arts and Sciences, GuKport, Mississippi; Phi Delta Theta. • WILLIAM JOHN OBERHELMAN, ' 51, Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana. • ANTHONY CHARLES OCCHIPINTI. ' 50. Engineering. Kenner, Louisiana. • JOHN LOCKWOOD OCHSNER. ' 49. Arts and Sciences. New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi. • MINNIE OCHSNER. ' 49. Arts and Sciences, New Orleans. Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi. • CHARLES B. O ' CONNELL, ' 49, Engineering, Pensacola. Florida; Delta Sigma Phi. an •I First Row: e ED O ' CONNOR III, ' 51, Arts and Sciences, Dallas. Texas; Kappa Sigma. • BETTY OEHMIG, ' 50, Newcomb, Chattanooga, Tennessee; Chi Omega. • HARVEY S. OELKERS, ' 53, Commerce, New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Pi. • BENJAtvllN BOYD OKEL, ' 52, Arts and Sciences, Montgomery, Alabama; Phi Kappa Sigma. • GEORGE ALVIN OLDENBURG, ' 50, University College, New Orleans, Louisi- ana; Sigma Pi. • CHARLES D. OLIVIER, ' 50, Engineering, New Orleans. Louisiana. • PEGGY O ' NIELL, ' 51, Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana; Chi Omega. O ANDREW ORESTANO, ' 49, Arts and Sciences, Tampa, Florida. • ED RONALD ORFILA. ' 49, Commerce, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Kappa Sigma. • DONALD JOSEPH O ' ROURKE, ' 50, University College, Engineering, New Orleans, Louisiana. Second Row: » PATRICIA MAN O ' SULLIVAN, ' 51. Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta. O JEAN ORR, ' 50, Newcomb, Nashville, Tennessee; Pi Beta Phi. • ANTHONY J. ORTEGA. ' 49, Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana. • ROBERT C. OVERALL, ' 47, Engineering, Trenton. Tennessee; DIta aKppa Epsilon. OHECTOR E. PABON, JR., ' 49, Arts and Sciences, Hormiquerus, Puerto Rico; Phi lota Alpha. • HENRY FRELLSEN PAGE, ' 49, Engineering, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta. • ALVIN PAILET, ' 50, Commerce, New Orleans, Louisiana. • TED PAILET, ' 50, New Orleans, Louisiana; Zeta Beta Tau. • MARIO PALAFOX. ' 49, Medicine, El Paso, Texas; Phi Rho Sigma. 9 JEROME JOHN PALAZZOLO, ' 50, Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana. Third Row: • JOE PAUL PALERMO, ' 51. Arts ind Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi. • WANDA M. PALERMO, ' 50, New- comb, New Orleans, Louisiana. • EMILY F. PALMER, ' 51, New- comb, Mobile. Alabama. • ROBERT HAMILTON PALMER, JR., ' 49, Medicine, Greenville, Tennessee; Phi Chi. • ANNA RITA PANDISCIO. ' 50, Newcomb, Fitchburg, Massachusetts. • A. J. PARATOPE. ' 51, Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana. • FRANCISCO PAREDES, JR.. ' 52, Engineering, San Pedro Sula, Honduras. SAMUEL FRANCIS PARKER, ' 49, Commerce, Foley, Alabama; Pi Kappa Sigma. • CHARLES R. PARKERSON, ' 50, Arts and Sciences, Lafayette, Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta. • JANE MEREDITH PARKHOUSE. ' 50. Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana; Chi Omega. Fourth Row: • RAYMOND EUEL PARKHURST, ' 49. Engineering, New Orleans, Louisiana. • NOEL E. PARMENTEL, JR., ' 49, Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi. • RUSSELL L. PARPAL. ' 49, Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana. • C. L. PASpUIER, JR., ' 50, Law, New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • LUCIE PASQUIER. ' 51, Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta. • JAMES KARON PATRICK. ' 50, Arts and Sciences, Camden, Arkansas; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • FRANK H. PATTERSON, JR., ' 51, Commerce, New Orleans, Louisiana. • ROBERT E. PAT- TERSON, ' 50, Commerce, New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Chi. • GEORGE B. PAXTON, JR.. ' 49, Arts and Sciences, Birmingham, Alabama. • ISABEL PEAL, ' 51, Newcomb, Webb, Mississippi; Alpha Epsilon Phi. Fifth Row: • PHILIP NEMOURS, PECQUET, ' 50, Commerce, New Orleans, Louisiana. • ADAIR LYON PEDRICK, ' 49 Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha. • PARKS BRINKLEY PEDRICK, JR., ' 50, Engineering, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha. O JO PENICK, ' 51, Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana. • BUSTER PEPPER, ' 48, Arts and Sciences, Pensacola, Florida; Delta Sigma Phi. O CORNELIUS CHURCHILL PERKINS, ' 50, Engineering, Dayton, Ohio; Pi Kappa Alpha. • JAMES CARLYLE PERMENTER, JR., ' 50, Engineering, Lakeland, Florida; Pi Kappa Alpha. O NINETTE PERRILLIAT, ' 51, Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • JEANNE PERRIN, ' 50, Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisi- ana; Alpha Omicron Pi. • AL PERRY, ' 51, Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana. 212 FIRST ROW: Carl Perr , Richard Perry, Perjon, Pcsqure. Peiro, Putt;-,-,. SECOND ROW: Peyroun. Don P(e((erle, Dean PfeIHe . Phillips. Phillpolt, PIckeni. THIRD ROW: Elizabeth Pierce. Jomei Pierce, Jr.. Pique, Pitcher. Pitkin, Pittman. FOURTH ROW: Pliti. Pixberg. Plaia. Plant, Plauche. Pleaianli. FIFTH ROW: Pocho, Francl« Poe. William Poe. Jr.. Polk. Poole, Pope. SIXTH ROW: Popkln. Posncr. Potti. Powe. Power. Prague. SEVENTH ROW: P ' ovo-.t. Puiol. Puryear. Qualli. Quickjilver, Rachelion. EIGHTH ROW: Radin. Radnor. Ramond. John Ramoneda. Vincent Ramoneda, Ramiey. NINTH ROW: Donald Randolph. Edward Randolph. Rapier, Rappe- port. Ratchlord. Rault. 3§t mb«»rfii Reading from Left to Righl: • CARI. CEDRIC PERRY. ' 50. Commerce. Now Orleani. Louitiana. • RICHARD EUGENE PERRY. ' 51. Medicine. Gainetville. Florida. • ZELDA ROSE PERSON, ' 50. Newcomb. Lambert. Miiiiliippi; Alpha Epsilon Phi, • JOAN M, PESQUIE, ' 50. Arli and Sciencej. New Orleans. Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi, • PETER PETRO. ' 49. Law, Lalayetle, Louisiana. • CAROLYN PETTISS. ' 51. Newcomb. Baton Rouge. Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • ROBERT ALBERT PEYROUX, ' 51. Commerce, New Orleans. Louisiana: Kappa Sigma. • DON B, PFEFFERLE. 49. Engineering. New Orleans. Louisiana, O W. DEAN PFEIFFER, ' 51, Law. Trumball. Nebraska: PI Kappa Alpha. • MURIEL PHILLIPS, ' 50. Commerce. Dallas, Teias, • DONALD EDWARD PHILLPOTT, ' 50, Engineering, New Orleans. Louisiana, • MYRON ASHELEY PICKENS, JR.. ' 50, Arts and Sciences. Deland. Florida. • ELIZABETH PIERCE, ' 49. Newcomb, Greenville. Mis- sissippi. • JAMES RICHARD PIERCE JR.. ' 51. Medicine. Pine Bluff. Arkansas: Phi Chi, • CHARLES S, PIQUE, ' 49. Arts and Sciences. Now Orleans. Louisiana. • TOM PITCHER. ' 50. Arts and Sciences. Springfield. Louisiana; Sigma Chi. • JOHN WALDO PITKIN. JR.. ' 48. Commerce. New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta. • JOHN EDWIN PITTMAN. JR.. ' 51. Medicine. Enterprise. Alabama; Nu Sigma Nu. • McKEE PITTS. ' 51. Newcomb, H. Smith. Arkansas; Pi Beta Phi. • EDMUND PAUL PIXBERG. JR.. ' 49, Arts and Sciences. New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Kappa Sigma, • SAMUEL L, PLAIA. ' 51. Arts and Sciences. Alabama City. Alabama. • REUBEN JACKSON PLANT. JR.. ' 49, Medicine, Tallassee, Alabama; Phi Kappa Sigma, Nu Sigma Nu, • EDOUARD McCALL PLAUCHE. ' 50. Commerce, New Orleans. Louisiana; Sigma Chi, • SHEPARD PLEASANTS. JR., ' 51, Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • IRWIN F. POCHE, JR.. ' 50. Law. New Orleans. Louisiana: Delta Sigma Phi. • FRANCIS EUGENE POE. ' 49. Arts and Sciences. Miami, Florida; Kappa Sigma, • WILLIAM LEE POE. JR.. ' 49, Arts and Sciences, Birmingham, Alabama: Phi Delta Theta. • RICHARD CARROLL POLK, ' 50. Commerce. Corning. Arkansas. • KATHERINE POOLE, ' 51. Newcomb. Atlanta, Georgia; Phi Mu, • CARL J POPE. ' 48. Arts and Sciences. New Orleans. Louisiana • MILDRED POPKIN. ' 51. Engineering. New Orleans. Louisiana. • GERALD EMILE POSNER. ' 51. Medicine. Baton. Rouge. Louisiana: Zeta Beta Tau. Phi Delta Epsilon. • ROBERT HOLLINSWORTH POTTS. JR.. ' 49. Medicine. New Orleans. Louisiana: Delta Tau Delta. Phi Chi. • JULIUS W, POWE, ' 48. Commerce. New Orleans. Louisiana, • WILLIAM THOMAS POWER II. ' 49, Commerce, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilson. • ELIZABETH L, PRAGUE, ' 50, Newcomb. Houston. Texas; Alpha Omicron Pi, • VIRGINIA PROVOST, ' 50. Newcomb. San Leandro. California: Zeta Tau Alpha, • RAYMOND J, PUJOL, ' 49, Commerce. New Orleans. Louisiana. • LAMAR PURYEAR. JR . ' 52. Medicine. Ray- mond. Mississippi; Nu Sigma Nu. • THOMAS F, (?UALLS, ' S3. Commerce. Burlington. North Carolina • DORIS QUICKSILVER. ' 50, Newcomb. Wichita Falls. Texas; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • MORTON H. RACHELSON. ' 50. Medicine, Flushing, New York; Tau Epsilon Phi. Phi Lambda Kappa. • RUTH ELAINE RADIN. ' 51. Newcomb. Norfolk. Virginia: Alpha Epsilon Phi, • SANFORD RADNER. ' 51. Arts and Sciences. Brooklyn. New York; Kappa Nu. • CHARLES KNIGHT RAMOND. ' 50. Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana: Delta Tau Delta. • JOHN V. RAMONEDA. ' 50. Commerce, New Orleans. Louisiana: Delta Sigma Phi, • VINCENT LOUIS RAMONEDA. ' 51. Commerce. New Orleans. Louisiana. • MARION ADAIR RAMSEY. ' 51. Newcomb. Golia. Texas; Kappa Alpha Theta. • DONALD M. RANDOLPH. ' 51. Arts and Sciences. New Orleans. Louisiana: Kappa Alpha. • EDWARD PHILIP RANDOLPH III. Graduate School. New Orleans. Louisiana: Pi Kappa Alpha. • HELEN RAPIER, ' 51. Newcomb. New Orleans, Louisiana: PI Beta Phi. • MYRON H RAPPEPORT ' 48. Commerce. Shreveport. Louisiana, • GLORIA ANN RATCHFORD, ' 49. New. comb. New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi. • BEATRICE E. RAULT. ■49, Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi. t m FIRST ROW: Raymond, Beulah Rayner, Mary Rayner, Redmond, Edward Reed May Reed. SECOND ROW: Regan, Reggie, Reid, Reilley Robert Reily, William Reily. THIRD ROW: Reive, Renaud, Renaud ' in. Resweber, Revisore, Reynolds. FOURTH ROW: Reynolds, Richards, Richardson, Rife, Rigby, Roach. FIFTH ROW: Jack Roberts, James Roberts, Jr., Robertson, Ann Robinson, Kenneth Robinson, Rockoff. SIXTH ROW: Rogers, Rodrigue, Rodriguez, Roehl. Roeling, Roland SEVENTH ROW: Roman, Floyd Roos, Leo Roos, Donald Rose, Edmund Rose, Jr., Dorothy Rosen. EIGHTH ROW: Irving Rosen, Seymour Rosen, Rosenbauer, Roserterg, Rosenbohm, Rosen- thal. NINTH ROW: Rosman, Rosner, Ross, Roth, Rothchild, Roux. Orleans, Louisiana. Orleans. Louisiana. Mcwnbcrs Reading from Left to Right: • DOUGLAS FARMOND RAYMOND. ' 51. Arts and Sciences, New • BEULAH RAYNER, ' 51, Newcomb. New • MARY LESTER RAYNER, ' 49, Newcomb, New Orleans Louisiana. • DIANE REDMOND, ' 51, Newcomb, New Orleans Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • EDWARD S. REED, ■50, Engineering, New Orleans, Louisiana. • MAY KAMMER REED, ' 5o ' Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta. • JOE REGAN. ' 51, ' Engineering, Baton Rouge. Louisiana. •EDMUND M REGGIE. ' 49, Law. Crowley, Louisiana. • VIRGINIA REID, ' 50 Newcomb. New Orleans, Louisiana. • JOHN FORD REILLEY, ' 49, Commerce, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Kappa Sigma. • ROBERT REILY, ' 50. Commerce. New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi. • WILLIAM BOATNER REILY, ' 50, Arts and Sciencees, New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi. • DAVID LAWRENCE REIVE. ' 49, Medicine, Detroit, Michigan; Phi Rho Sigma. • MAYLOU HARANG RENAUD, ' 51. Newcomb. New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu. • GEORGE WILLIAM RENAUDIN. ' 51. Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Tau Omega. • A. J. RESWEBER, ' 49, Law, Martinville. Louisiana. • JOHN JOSEPH REVISORE, ' 49, Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana. • PAUL WILSON REYNOLDS. ' 50, Arts and Sciences. Columbus. Georgia. • ROBERTA MARY REYNOLDS. ' 51, Commerce, New Orleans, Louisiana • KINCH JOSEPH RICHARDS, ' 50, Engineering. New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Pi. • JOHN BERIAN RICHARDSON, JR., ' 51, Arts and Sciences. New Orleans. Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi. • JOHN H. RIFE III. ' 49. Commerce. McComb, Mississippi. • RUSSELL OWEN RISBY, ' 49. Medicine, Shreveport, Louisiana; Phi Chi. • GERALD EDWARD ROACH, ' 50. Commerce, New Orleans. Louisiana. • JACK RONALD ROBERTS. ' 51. Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Sigma. • JAMES BYRON ROBERTS, JR., ' 51, Arts and Sciences, Baton Rouge. Louisiana; Phi Kappa Sigma. • AUBRE ANN ROBERTSON. ' 51, Newcomb, New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Mu. • ANN BOYCE ROBINSON. ' 51, Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisi- ana; Alpha Delta Pi. • KENNETH BLAIR ROBINSON. ' 49, Engi- neering, New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Kappa Alpha. • HERBERT ROCKOFF, ' 50, Engineering, St. Joseph. Louisiana. • LEWIS LEE ROGERS, ' 50, Engineering. Moss Point, Mississippi. • DAVID RICHARD RODRIGUE, ' 48, Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisi- ana; Pi Kappa Alpha. • FELIX R. RODRIGUEZ. ' 50. Medicine. Caracas, Venezuela; Phi lota Alpha. • JOAN ROEHL. ' 50, New- comb, New Orleans, Louisitna. • M. NATHALIE ROELING, ' 50, Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Sigma Omicron. • WIL- LIAM G. ROLAND, JR., ' 49, Commerce, Vicksburg, Mississippi; Pi Kappa Alpha. • EDMUNDO R. ROMAN. ' 51, Commerce, Jinotepe, Nicaragua. • FLOYD DAVID ROOS, ' 50, Medicine. Shreveport. Louisiana; Zeta Beta Tau, Phi Delta Epsilon. • LEO SIDNEY ROOS, ' 50, Arts and Sciences. New Orleans. Louisiana; Zeta Beta Tau. • DONALD LEE ROSE, ' 49, Arts and Sciences. La Cygne, Kansas. • EDMUND C. ROSE, JR., ' 49, Arts and Sciences. New Iberia, Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta. • DOROTHY HELENE ROSEN, ' 51, Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana. • IRVING LOUIS ROSEN. ' 49, Medicine, New Orleans ' , Louisiana; Phi Lambda Kappa. • SEYMOUR ROSEN, •50, Graduate School, New York, New York. • WILLIAM A. ROSEN- BAUER, ' 50, Law, Minden, Louisiana. • ALYCE KAHN ROSENBERG. ' 49, Newcomb. Greenwood, South Carolina; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • EDWIN R. ROSENBOHM. ' 49. Commerce, New Orleans. Louisiana. • JEROME A. ROSENTHAL, ' 50, Commerce, Deal, New Jersey; Zeta Beta Tau. • LORRAINE ELISE ROSMAN, ' 51, Newcomb, New Orleans. Louisiana. • LOUIS ROSNER, ' 49, Arts and Sciences, Ft. Worth, Texas; Zeta Beta Tau. • PAUL L. ROSS, ' 49. Arts and Sciences. New Orleans, Louisiana. • CHARLES PHILIP ROTH, JR., ' 50. Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana. • LOUISE ROTHCHILD. ' 51. Newcomb, Benoit. Mississippi; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • WILFRED FRANCOIS ROUX, ' 50, Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Sigma. 214 First Row: • EDWIN J ROVIRA JR., ' 50, Commorco, Now Orlo inl, Loulllanl. • CLARIS A. ROWFF, ' 50, Nowcomb, Now Orloani, Loulllana. • JOEL ROY, ' J ' ), Nowcomb. Now Orlo.inv Louilianj; Kappa Alpha Thota. • FREDERICK DONALD RUBINS, ' •(9, Commorco, Now Orloani Louisiana. • ELMORE F, RUCK, ' 50, Enqinoorinq, Now OrlOdfii! Louisian.i. • BERYL DORRIS RUSAKOF, ' 50, Nowcomb, Now Orloani Louisiana. • BILLY RUSSELL, ' 51, Enqinoorinq, Monroo, Louisiana. • RICHARD OLIVER RUTLAND, JR.. ' ■) ' . Modicin ' o, Eulaula. Alabama: Nu Siqma Nu. • RANDOLPH RUT- LEDGE. ' 49, McHicino, Floyd- ' da, To«as: Phi Chi. • EUGENE JAMES RUTTER, ' 47, Enqinoorinq, Now Orloani, Louisiana: Dolta Kappa Epsilon. Second Row: • JAMES HARRY SAFT, ' 49, Medicine, Houston, Texas; Zela Beta Tau, Phi Dolta Epsilon. • GERSON SALTZ ' 49, Arts and Sciences, Amite, Louisiana; Kappa Nu. • BILL SAMMONS. ' 49, Arts and Science: El Dorado Arkansas. • BURL R. SAMMONS. ' 51, Enqi- noorinq, ' Sedalia, Missouri; Kappa Alpha, • RICHARD JEROME SANDERS, ' 50, Arts and Sciences, Kenncr, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi • WILLIAM GILLIS SANDERS, ' 49, Arts and Sciences, Mobile, Alabama- Beta Theta Pi. • GERALD SANDLER, ' 50, Medicine, Broolclyn, ' New York; Phi Lambda Kappa. • THOMAS JEFFERSON SANDRIDGE, ' 49, Arts and Sciences, Monroe, Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta. • CHARLES R. SANG. ' 49. Commerce. Kansas City, Mis- souri. • HAYWARD ROBERT SANTA CRUZ, ' 49, Arts and Sciences, Biloxi, Mississippi. Third Row: • CARLOS SANTORO-RUA, ' 50. Medicine, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Rho Siqma. • ALBERT J. SAPUTO, ' 49, Enqineerinq, New Orleans, Louisiana. • ANTHONY SAVOCA, ' 49, Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana, • FERDINAND J. SCHAFF, ' 51, Commerce, Commerce, New Orleans, Louisiana. O FRANCIS MORGAN SCAR- RITT, JR., ' 50. Arts and Sciences, St. Petersburq, Florida; Kappa Alpha, • ROBERT F, SCHAFF, ' 49, Arli and Scioncti, Now Orlaani. Louiliana, • EDGAR LOUIS SCHAMBACH, ' 50, Enqinoorinq, Now Orloani, Louiliana Gamma Doha. • BEHE SCHARFF. ' 50, Nowcomb. Waco. To.ai; Alpha Epillon Phi. • THEODORE SCHENK, •4), Artj and Scioncol, Now Orloani, Louiliana. • DONALD ROY SCHERER, ' 48, Arfi and Scioncol, Now Orloani, Louiliana. Fourth Row: • HAROLD EMILE ROBERT SCHERER. JR . ' 48. Commarco. Now Orloani Louiliana • EDWARD A. 5CHIELE. ' SO. Enqinoorinq. Now Orlnani. Louisiana. • MARIETTA ESTHER SCHLEH. ' 50. Nowcomb, Now Orloani, Louiliana. • EDWARD S. SCHLESINGER, ' 50, Arti and Scioncol, Jackion Hoiqhli, Now York; Siqma Alpha Mu. • ROERT PHILIP SCHLESSEL, ' 50, Law. Brooklyn, Now York. • GERALD SCHLOSSER, ' 51, Brooklyn. Now York; Kappa Nu. A. J. SCHMITT, JR , ' 49, Law. Now Orloani, Louiliana: Phi Kappa Siqma. • COLEMAN SAMUEL SCHNEIDER, ' 50, Modicino. Port St. Joe. Florida: Siqma ATlpha Mu. Phi Delta Epiilon. • JAMES D SCHNEIDER, ' 49. Arts and Sciencoi. Monroo, Louiliana: Kappa Siqma, • SAUL H. SCHNEIDER. ' 49, Arti and Scloncei, Now Orleans, Louiliana, Kappa Nu. Fifth Row: • RANDY SCHOEDLER, ' 51, Commerce, York. • GERALD H. SCHONEKAS, JR Orleans, Louisiana. Orleans, Louisiana Jackson Helqhti, " 49. Engineerin, Now New ANN SCHORNSTEIN, ' 50. Ncwcomb, Now Alpha Epsilon Phi. • CARL JOSEPH SCHUMACHER. JR., ' 50, Law. New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Sigma • WALTER SCHWARTZ. ' 48. Arts and Science, Brooklyn, New York; Zeta Beta Tau. • GAYLE MARIE SCHWAR2ENBACH, ' 47, Newcomb. New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Zeta. • JACK SCHWEGMANN, 49, Arts and Sciences, New Orleans. Louiliana: Sigma PI • PHILIP JAMES SCIRORTINO, ' 49, Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana. • GUY B. SCOGGIN, ' 48, Arts and Sciences New Orleans, New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi. • CREED BATES SCOGGINS, ' 49. Arts and Sciences. Ft. Worth, Texas, Pi aKppa Alpha. CO dMm 1 o- ..i; i 1 ' i " -5, 215 First Row: • ALBIN PROVOSTY SCOH, ' 50, Law Alexandria, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • JO ANN SCOTT, ' 51, Newcomb, Pensacola, Florida: Kappa Alpha Theta. • WILLIAM SHAW, ' 51, Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana. O BAYLA SHEINBERG, ' 51, Newcomb, Forf Worth, Texas. • ARTHUR SHELTON, ' 49, Engi- neering, Epps, Louisiana. • SHEPHERD LA SALES SHELTON. ' 49, Commerce, Leiand. Mississippi. • DAVID SOLTZ SHERMAN. ' 51, Commerce, Little Rock, Arkansas; Zeta Beta Tau. • HENRY L. SHERROD. JR.. ' 51. Medicine. Birmingham, Alabama; Phi Chi. • CLARISSA JUNE SHERROUSE, ' 49, Newcomb, Gilbert, Louisiana; Chi Omega. • JAMES BATCHELOR SHERROUSE, ' 50. Engineering, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • CHANDLER B. SHERWOOD, ' 49, Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon. Second Row: • JOSEPH W. SHIELDS, JR., ' 49, Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Chi. • LYALL GUTHERIE SHIELL, JR., ' 48, Law, New Orleans, Louisiana. • CHARLOTTE EARLY SHOAF, ' 50, New- comb, Covington, Tennessee. • PHYLIS MARILYN SHOAG. ' 51, Newcomb, Mediden, Connecticut. • JOEL L. SHORE, ' 50, Arts and Sciences, Long Island, New York; Zeta Beta Tau. • ROBERT F. SHRIEVE, ' 50, Law, Andalusia, Alabama. • JAMES EDWARD SHROPSHIRE, JR., ' 49, Medicine, Birmingham. Alabama: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Chi. • WILSON FRANCIS SHOUGHRUE, JR., ' 49, Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, • HERSCHEL SIDRANSKY, ' 48, Arts and Sciences, Pensacola, Florida. Third Row: • JACQUELINE SILIN, ' 51, Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana. • MOREY SEAR. ' 50, Law. New Orleans. Louisiana; Zeta Beta Tau. • FRANK R. SEAVEY, ' 51, Engineering, New Orleans, Louisiana. • LOUIS GARDINER SEBRALLA, ' 50, Commerce, Memphis, Tennessee; Beta Theta Pi. • KATHRYN SEEGERS, ' 51, Louisiana; Alpha Delta Pi. • BETTY LEE Alexandria, Louisiana; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • ' 51J Commerce, New Orleans, Louisiana. • Newcomb, Columbia, SEFF ' 51, Newcomb. MIMI RUTH SEGALL, AARON SELBER, JR., ' 50, Commerce, Shreveport, Louisiana; Zeta Beta Tau. • SUZANNE L. SERE, ' 51, Engineering, New Orleans. Louisiana. • EDITO DAVID SERNa ' . ' 49. Law, Silver City, New Mexico. Fourth Row: • M. EDDIE SERRANO. ' 51, Arts and Sciences, Tampa, Florida. • BETTY SEVERSON. ' 51. Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana. • HAROLD J. SHANER, ' 49, Medicine, Dayton, Ohio; Nu Sigma Nu. • JAMES M. SHARP. ' 49. Engineering, Biloxi. Mississippi. • DONALD P. SHAW ' 50, Arts and Sciences, Quito, Ecuador; Alpha Tau Omega. • GEORGE KENDALL SHAW. ' 49, Engineer- ing, New Orleani, Louisiana; Delta Tau Delta. • JAMES EARL SHAW, ' 53, Engineering. Grenada. Mississippi; Phi Kappa Sigma. • RALPH OLIVER PETER SILVERMAN. ' 51. Arts and Sciences, San Antonio, Texas. • DORATHY JEAN SIMONS, ' 49, Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana, e HARLAN WAYNE SINDELL. ' 51, Arts and Sciences, Coral Cables, Florida; Sigma Alpha Mu. Fifth Row: • FLORENCF: SINIAW5KY, ' 51, Newcomb, New Orleans. Louisiana. • IRVIN ALFRED SKIBELL, ' 50, Arts and Sciences, Greenville, Texas; Sigma Alpha Mu. • NORMAN CHARLES SLADE, ' 50. Arts and Sciences. Margarita. Canal Zone. • GEORGE SLADOVICH III. ' 50. Arts and Sciences. New Orleans. Louisiana. • DAVID F. SIAGLE. ' 49, Commerce. Poland. Ohio. • FREDIA MARILYN SLIMAN, ' 51, Newcomb, New Orleans. Louisiana. • PHILIP POLMER SLIPAKOFF, ' 48, Commerce. New Orleans, Louisiana. • FRANKIE SONTHEIMER, ' 50, Newcomb. New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • MONICA FUSELIER SCRUM, ' 50, Law, New Orleans, Louisiana. • HAROLD I. SMELSON, ' 51, Arts and Sciences, Elizabeth, New Jersey. • AL P. SMITH, ' 49, Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta. 216 1 ip .u»t, iyi 4M FIRST ROW: Alvin Smilh, Jr., Arthur Smith, i;, i.-. t S : " i. Coicn- Inqi Smith. Frank Smilh, Jr., Mary Smith. SECOND ROW: Ralph Smith. Robert K. Smith, Rob trt W, Smith, Jr., Theodore Smith, Smilhermon, Smithers. THIRD ROW: Smythe. Snedlgar, Snelling, Solomon, Sommor, Sorum. FOURTH ROW: Souchon, Leon C. Soulo, Mary Soule, Spain, Sparkman. Spence. FIFTH ROW: Spencer, Spiqel, Spiti, Spolo, Spring, Staba. SIXTH ROW: Sianton, Stafford, Stall. Stamper, Stampj, Starr, SEVENTH ROW: Stein, Sterne. SternfeU. Gloria-Annie Stewart, John Arthur Stewart, John L. Stewart. EIGHTH ROW: Ro Stewart, Stich, Sliegman, Sfinwn, Stapleton, Starr, NINTH ROW: Steele, St. John. St. Onge, Stiles, Slocker, StocUon. 3€cmbcrs Reading from Left to Right: • ALVIN LINFIELD SMITH. JR.. ' 50. Law. Gulfporl. MilliHippi. • ARTHUR McDANEL SMITH II. ' 51, Arti and Sciencet. Carrier , Mississippi. • SUSir SMITH. ' 50. Newcomb, Dallas. Teiai: Kappa Alpha Theta. • CATCHINGS BAIRD SMITH, ' «. Commerce, Green- wood, Mississippi: Sigma Chi. • FRANK SMITH. JR.. ' 50. Arts and Sciences. Lafayette. Louisiana. • MARY BETH SMITH. ' 51. Newcomb, New Orleans. Louisiana: Alpha Delta Pi. • RALPH W. SMITH. ' 50. Arts and Sciences. Monroe. Louisiana. • ROBERT K. SMITH, ' A:, Engineering. New Orleans, Louisiana. • ROBERT W. SMITH, JR., ' 50, Arts and Sciences, New Orleans. Louisiana. • THEODORE G SMITH ' 4? Arts and Sciences. New Orleans. • MARY MELLICENT SMITHERMAN, Louisiana: Chi Omega, • SIDNEY New Orleans, Louisiana: Beta Sigma ' 51, Commerce, Lake Charles. Louisi- SNEDIGAR, ' 50, Commerce, Miami Beach, Florida: e MURDOCK M. SNELLING. ' 50, Engineering. Louisiana: Delta Tau Delta. ' 51, Newcomb. Shreveporf. SMITHERS. ' 51. Newcomb. Omicrcn. • BOB SMYTHE ana • JAMES M Pi Kappa Alpha. Gulfporf, Mississippi: Deta Kappa Epsilon. • JOAN ROSALYN SOLOMON, ' 49, Newcomb. Las Vegas. New Meiico: Alpha Epsilon Phi O FANNETTE SOMMER, ' 49, Newcomb, Hawkinsville, Georgia: Alpha Epsilon Phi. • WILLIAM ROBERT SORUM, ' 49, Medicine. New Orleans, Louisiana. O DOLLY ANN SOUCHON, ' 51, Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana: Kappa Kappa Gamma. • LEON C. SOULE, ' 49, Arts and Sciences. New Orleans. Louisiana. • MARY BROOKS SOULE, ' 50, Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana: Chi Omega. • JAMES D. SPAIN. JR.. ' 5.;. Art; and Sciences. New Orleans. Lojisiana. • JANE CAROLYN SPARKMAN. ' 51. Newcomb. Skokie. Illinois: Alpha Delta Phi. • WALTER P. SPENCE, ' 50, Arts and Sciences, Niceville, Florida: Delta Sigma Phi. • GEORGE SPENCER. ' 50, Law, Tallulah. Louisi- ana- Kappa Sigma. O NATALIE CAROL SPIGEL. ' 49, Newcomb. Roanoke. Virginia: Alpha Epsilcn Phi. • JOCELYN HART SPITZ. ' 50. Newcomb. Glencoe. Illinois: Alpha Epsilon Phi. • PETER JOHN SPOTO. ' 51. Medicine. Tampa. Florida: Phi Rho Sigma • PATSYEARL SPRING, ' 51. Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana: Beta Sigma Omicron. • JOYCE LOUISE STABA. ' 4?. New Orleans. Louisiana: Alpha Delta Pi. • FRANK R. ' 49, Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana. ELIOTT STAFFORD, ' 48. Arts and Sciences. Franklinton. Phi Kappa Sigma • BERYL STALL, it. Newcomb. New Louisiana. • CLIFFORD M. STAMPER. ' 51. Commerce. Newcomb. STANTON. • JOHN Louisiana: Orleans Covington, Kentucky: Pi Kappa Alpha. • WILLIAM M. STAMPS. ' 50, Commerce. New Orleans. Louisiana. • DOUGLAS P. STARR. ' 50. Arts and Sciences, New Orleans. Louisiana. • BERTHA JEAN STEIN. ' 51, Newcomb. Greenville, Mislltslppi; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • FRANCES CAROLYN STERNE. ' «. Newcomb. Albany, Gerogia: Alpha Epsilon Phi. • ROLAND JULIUS STERN- FELS ' 50, Law, New Orleans, Louisiana, • GLORIA-ANNIE STEWART, ' 4(, Nowcomb, Now Orleans, Louisiana: Alpha 0 11 Pi. • JOHN ARTHUR STEWART, ' 50, Arts and Scienc«s. N w Orl ans. Louisiana. • JOHN L. STEWART. ' 51. M.dicine. Farm.rville. Louisiana- Phi Chi. © ROY STEWART. 49. Commerce. New Orleans. Louisiana. • FRANK J. STICH. JR.. ' 50. Arts and Sci.nc s. N w Orleans. Louisiana: Phi Delta Theta. • JACK J. STIEGMAN. ' n. Commerce, Now Or ' oans, Louisiana. • DEAN STINSON. ' 49, Commarc . Jon sboro, Louisiana: Phi Mu. • S RUGGLES STAPLETON, JR.. ' 49. Engin ring. New Orleans. Louisiana- Sigma Pi. • STANLEY STARR. ' 51. Arts and Sci.nc.s. M.mphis Tennosse : Zeta Bata Tau. • JACK FROST STEELE. ' 53. Commerce, Monro., Louisiana: B.ta Theta Pi. • EUGENE MILTON ST JOHN, ' 49. Commerce. New Cleans. Louisiana: Delta Sig-ia Phi e DONALD GEORGE ST. ONGE. ' 51. Arts a-.d Sciences. Hobo Sound. Florida: Kappa Alpha. • JAMES HOOPER STILES. JR., ' 51, M.dicine, Lubbock, Te.as: Phi Chi. • GAYLE STOCKER. ■4). Newcomb. N.w Orl.ans. Louisiana: Chi O-ega. O EFFIE STOCKTON. ' 51. Nowcomb. N.w Orl.ans. Louisiana: PI Beta Phi. 217 FIRST ROW: Stockwell, Charles Stokes, Jr., George Stokes, Stone, ■ Stor.er, St. Paul. SECOND ROW: Startmann, Stratz. Strausbaugh, Streckfus, Strong, Stuib. THIRD ROW: Sturcken,, Sturkie, Sturtz, Suhren, Sulak. Melvin Sullivan, FOURTH ROW: George Sullivan, Sumrall, Surles, Sutherland, Lucius Suthon, Waiter Suthon. FIFTH ROW: Svendson, Swain, Swann, Swartwout, Sykes, Clay Talbot. SIXTH ROW: Mary Talbot, Tamplain, Tarantina, Tarut, Tate, Martha Taylor. SEVENTH ROW: Richard Taylor, Robert Taylor, Tebo, Teetor, Temple, Terry. EIGHTH ROW: Terza. Andrew Thalheim, Jr., Richard Thalheim. Thatcher, Maurice Theriot, Jr., Nolan Theriot. NINTH ROW: Thibaut, Thibodeaux. Thielen, Thoman, Eugene Thonnas. War- rer Thomas. ]Mctnhers Reading from Left to Right: • J. E. STOCKWELL, ' 49. Arts and Sciences, New Roads, Louisiana. • CHARLES GREGG STOKES, JR.. ' 50, Commerce. New Orleans, Louisiana. • GEORGE W. STOKES, ' 48, Commerce. New Orleans, Louisiana: Kappa Sigma. • MARJORIE STONE, ' 51, Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • BETTIE DINKIN5 STONER, ' 50, Newcomb, Greenwood, Mississippi; Phi Mu. • JOHN ST. PAUL III, ' 50, University College, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Tau Delta. • L. C. STRATMANN 111. ' 50. Arts and Sciences. New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi. NORMA STRATZ, ' 49, Newcomb, New Orleans. Louisiana; Beta Sigma Omicron. • MARY HELEN STRAUSBAUGH, ' 51, Newcomb, Atlanta. Gerogia; Alpha Delta Pi. • LILY ANN STRECKFUS, ' 49, Commerce. New Orleans, Louisiana. • BENJAMIN RUSH STRONG, ' 49, Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi. • JAMES L. STULB, JR., ' 50, Commerce, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha. O DODIE STURCKEN. ' 48, Arts and Sciences. New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu. • HENRY ' 50, Arts and Sciences. Gadsden, Alabama. STURTZ, ' 51, Arts and Sciences, Bayonne, New • JOEL BETH SUHREN, ' 49, Newcomb, New Alpha Omicron Pi. • MICHAEL HUNTING- Medicine. Upper Darby, Pennsylvania; Nu Sigma RAY STURKIE. JR.. • RONALD MARK Jersey; Kappa Nu. Orleans, Louisiana; DON SULAK. ' 50. ' 49 Medicine, Ft. Worth, Nu. • MELVIN BRUCE SULLIVAN. Texas; Nu Sigma Nu. • GEORGE ANTHONY SULLIVAN. ' 5v, Arts and Sciences. Chicago, Illinois. • WILBUR ROBERT SUMRALL, ' 50, Arts and Sciences, Crystal Springs. Mississippi. • MILTON A. SURLES, ' 50, Arts and Sciences, Lakeland, Florida. • MATTHEW R. SUTHERLAND, ' 49, Law, New Orlean, Louisiana. • LUCIUS F. SUTHON, ' 50, Arts and Sciences, New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Alpha. • WALTER JOSEPH SUTHON, ' 49. Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha. • TROYE A. SVENDSON. ' 49. Law, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi. e CHARLES R. SWAIN. ' 49, Arts and Sciences, New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi. • STANFORD ANTHONY SWANN, ' 49, Commerce, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. • JOSEPH RODOLPH SWARTWOUT, ' 51, Medicine, Pascagoula. Mississippi; Theta Kappa Psi. • BILL SYKES, ' 51, Commerce, New Orleans. Louisiana. • CLAY E. TALBOT, ' 51, Engineering, New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Kappa Sigma. • MARY KATHERINE TALBOT. ' 50. Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi. • HARRY JAMES TAMPLAIN, ' 49. Commerce, Garyville. Louisiana. • MARILYN C. TARANTINA, ' 51, Newcomb, New Orleans. Louisi- ana. • GLADYS MARIE TARUT, ' 48, Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana; Zeta Tau Alpha. • LEONARD TATE, ' 50, Engineering, Eunice. Louisiana. • MARTHA ANNE TAYLOR. ' 49, Newcomb, Durham, North Carolina; Kappa Alpha Theta. • RICHARD P. TAYLOR, ' 50, Commerce, New Orleans, Louisiana. • ROBERT E. TAYLOR, ' 51, Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Kappa Alpha. O BALLARD W. TEBO. ' 50, Arts and Sciences. New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha, • MACY O. TEETOR. JR., ' 49. Engineering, New Orleans. Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi. • GEORGE HARRELL TEMPLE. ' 51, Medicine. Bude. Mississippi. • JOHN HEANEY TERRY, ' 49, Medicine, Galesburg, Illinois; Beta Theta Pi, Nu Sigma Nu. • FENSKY CONROE TERZA, JR., ' 49. Commerce. Monroe, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi. • ANDREW HENRY THALHEIM, JR., ' 49. Medicine, New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi, Phi Chi. • RICHARD A. THALHEIM, ' 49, Arts and Sciences. Gretna, Louisiana. • MARGARET THATCHER, ' 50, Newcomb, Chattanooga, Tennessee; Delta Zeta. • MAURICE A. THERIOT. JR.. ' 49, Commerce, New Orleans. Louisiana; Pi Kappa Alpha. • NOLAN ANTOINE THERIOT. ' 49. Arts and Sciences. New Orleans, Louisiana. • MARGARET LOUISE THIBAUT, ' 51, Newcomb, Napoleonville, Louisiana: Kappa Kappa Gamma. • N. THIBODEAUX, ' 49. Com- merce. Lafayette, Louisiana. • JACK EDWIN THIELEN, ' 49, Arts and Sciences. Lake Charles. Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta. • MARY NOREEN THOMAN, ' 50. Newcomb, New Orleans. Louisiana; Beta Sigma Omicron. • EUGENE JOSEPH THOMAS, ' 49, Medicine, Jackson. Mississippi; Kappa Sigma, Phi Chi. • WARREN L. THOMAS, ' 49. Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana. 218 First Row: • ELLIS W, THOMPSON, SO, Ljw, Looivill«. Louiliana. • JOHN A. THOMPSON, ' AT, Commorco, Monlqomory, Aldbam : Phi Delta Theta. • RODNEY R THOMPSON, ' 52 Arli and Scioncoi, Now Orloanl, Louiiiana. • HELEN LEE THOMSEN. ' I?, Nowcomb, Now Orleans. Louisiana; Alpha Delta PI • GEORGINE LEB THORN, ' 47, Nowcomb, Birmingham, Alabama; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • KATHERNE ELIZABETH THORNTON, ' 51, Nowcomb, Boyco, Louisiana; Alpha Dolla Pi, • HENRY K. THREEFOOT, ' 48, Arts and Scioncos, Solma. Alabama; Zota Bota Tau. • WILLIAM YANCY TICKLE. ' 51. Arts and Scioncos, Now Orleans. Louisiana. • MONICA V. TIERNEY, ' 51. Arts .-.nd Scioncoi. Now Orleans, Louisiana. • JOHN SHELDON TOOMER. JR., ' 50. Law. Lake Charles. Louisiana. Second Row: • BARBARA ANN TOPOL, ' 51, Nowcomb, Greenville. Mississippi; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • ROSEMARY TORBET. ' 49. Law, Homer, Louisi- ana; Alpha Chi Omega. • LEE HOWARD TRAPP, ' 49, Medicine, Nottleton. Mi:sissippi; Phi Chi. • SHELBY C, TRICE, ' 49, Com- merce, New Orleans, Louisiana. • BEATRICE RITA TRIDICO, ' 51, Nowcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana. • REGINALD TROTTER, JR., ' 49, Arts and Sciences, Monticello. Arkansas. • SAMMY TRUPIANO, ' 4J. Arts and Sciences, New Orleans. Louisiana. • JAMES DAVID TUFTS II. ' 49. Commerce. Destrehan. Louisiana; Delta Tau Delta. • DAVID TUMAN, ' 51, Arts and Sciences, Brooklyn. New York; Kappa Nu. • MADELINE MARY TUMINELLO. ' 49. Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana. Third Row: • LEONARD TUNIS. ' 51. Arts and Sciences. New York, New York. • PEYTON RANDOLPH TUNSTALL. JR.. ' 49. Arts and Sciences. Mobile. Alabama, • JFAN TURBEVILLE, ' 5v, Newcomb, Dallas. Texas. • JULES J. TUREAUD, JR., ' 51. Engineering. New Orleans, Louisiana. • MARIE LOUISE TUREAUD. ' 49, Commerce, New Crloans, Louisiana; Dolla Zota • TURHAN TURKER. ' 49. Enqinoor- ing. Istanbul. Turkey. • CLYDE TEMPLETON. JR . ' 51. Enginooring. Jackson. Mississippi; Kappa Sigma • CORA ELIZABETH GRAML- ING TURNER. ' 49. Newcomb. Spartanburg, South Carolina; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • E. M. TURNER. JR . ' 49. Low. GuHport. Mis- sissippi. • JOHN COOPER TURNER. JR.. ' 51. Northport, Alabama, Fourth Row: • OLGA J. TURNER, ' 51, Nowcomb. Atlanta. Goorgia; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • RALPH JULIAN TURNER, ' 49. Commorco, Rule- ville, Mississippi; Zeta Bota Tau. • HARRIS LEON ULLMAN. ' 50, Arts and Sciences. Brooklyn. New York; Sigma Alpha Mu. • WIL- LIAM STANLEY ULLOM. ' 51. Medicine. Stratford. Toiai; Thota Kappa Psi • CHARLES R. UNSWORTH. ' 49. Jacksonvillo. Florida; Phi Delta Thota. • EMILE TELESPHORE VACANT. JR.. ' 49. Com- merce. New Orleans. Louisiana. • SIDNEY L. VAIL. JR.. ' 49, Engineering, New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Sigma. • EVERARDUS VAN AMERONGEN. ' 51. Engineering. Amsterdam. Netherlands. • VIVIAN LUCILLE VAN BEVER. ' 49, Nowcomb. Plnovllle. Kentucky. • M. DREUX VAN HORN II. ' 50. Arts and Sciences. Pass Christian. Mississippi. Fifth Row: • CORINNE VAUGHAN. ' 50. Newcomb. Bay City. Texas; Kappa Alpha Thota. • EMILY LOUISE VAUGHN. ' 50. Newcomb. Now Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Zeta. • MICHAEL J. VERDI, ' 51, Com- merce, New Orleans, Louisiana. • DOROTHY BELLE VERLANDER. ' 53, Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana; Beta Sigma Omicron. • ARTHUR N. VICKNAIR, ' 49, Commerce, New Orleans. Louisiana. • JEAN VICKNAIR. ' 51, Newcomb, Gretna, Louisiana: Beta Sigma Omicron. • NORBERT B. VICKNAIR. ' 49. Law. Gretna. Louisiana. • MARSHALL K. VIGNES. ' 48. Commerce. New Orleans. Louisiana; Pi Kappa Alpha. • RAYMOND WAYNE VINCENT. ' 51, Commerce. Lake Charles. Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsllon. • FERDINANDO FREDDIE VIZZE, ' 50. Arts and Sciences. Tabpa. Florida. Ki First Row: • STEPHEN VOELKER, JR. ' 50, Arts and Sciences. New Orleans, Louisiana- Kappa Alpha • IRVIN O. VOGT, ' 49, Engineering, New Orleans. Louisiana. • FRANK VON DER HAAR. JR., ' 49, Commerce. New Orleans Louisiana; Delta Tau Delta. • JO MARIE VON EHREN ' 51. Newcomb. New Orleans, Louisiana. • LUDWIG H VON GOHREN JR. ' 50. Law, New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi. • WaLtER P. VON HOVEN. JR., ' 49, Commerce, New Orleans Louisiana- Delta Sigma Phi. • ALBERT L. VOSS, ' 49, Commerce New Orleans Louisiana. • THEODORE PAUL VOT- TELER ' 51 ' Medicine, Dallas, Texas; Phi Chi. • ALINE LIRETTE WAGUE5PACK, ' 51, Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana. O CLARE FRANCES WALKER, ' 51, Newcomb, Jacksonville. Florida; Alpha Epsilon Phi. Second Row: • GENEVIEVE WALKER, ' 51 Newcomb, Alexandria, Louisiana Chi Omega • GORDON W. WALKER. Medicine, New Orleans Louisiana- Phi Chi. • JACKIE WALKER, ' 5v. Newcomb Monroe Louisiana- Chi Omega. • ERNEST C. WALLEY. ' 49, Commerce, New Orleans. Louisiana. • GLADDEN SAUNDERS WALTERS ' 50 Arts and Sciences, Monroe. Louisiana; Kappa Sigma • BETTY JANE WAMBSGANS, ' 50, Newcomb New Orleans, Louis ' ana. • REGINALD CONRAD WAGNER. ' 49. Arts and Sciences, New Orleans Louisiana; Kappa Sigma. • NATALIE LOUISE WALDAUER ' ' 51, Newcomb, Greenville, Mississippi. • WAYNE NELSON WALLACE ' 51 Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana. O PHILIP MATHER WALMSLEY. ' 48, Commerce. New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Alpha. Third Row: • JOSEPH S. WARD, ' 49, Arts and Sciences, Brownsville, Texas. • McVEY F. WARD, ' 49, Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisi- ana; Pi Kappa Alpha. • SWAN SULLIVAN WARD, ' 49, Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi. • JANE KIT- TRELL WARE ' 51 Newcomb New Orleans Louisiana; Chi Omega. O JOHN GUILFORD WARREN ' 49, Engineering, Lake Providence, Louisiana • CHARLES M. WASCOM JR.. ' 49, Arts and Sciences, Meridian, Mississippi. » RUTH E. WASHINGTON. ' 51, Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana; Zeta Tau Alpha. • BARBARA WATSON, ' 50 Newcomb New Orleans Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta. a CLARENCE ' h WEBB JR., ' 50 Arts and Sciences, Shreveport, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi. « CHELSIA WEBSTER. ' 50. Newcomb, Highland Park, Illinois; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Commerce. New Orleans, WEIL. ' 49. Commerce. New • JEANNE H. WEILL ' 51, • MELBA DENESA WEIN- Louisiana. • MELVIN WEIN- Fourth Row: • DONALD MICHAELIS WEIL. ' 51 Louisiana. • WILLIAM DOUGLAS Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Kappa Alpha. Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana. BERGER ' 51, Newcomb, New Orleans GARTEN. ' 50. Commerce, Mobile, Alabama- Kappa Nu. • JOHN G. WEINMANN. ' 50. Arts and Sciences. New Orleans Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • MAX WEINSTEIN, JR., ' 49, Commerce, Charleston. Mississippi; Zeta Beta Tau. • MANUEL WEISS. ' 49, Arts and Sciences, Brooklyn, New York; Sigma Alpha Mu. • STAN- LEY WEISS, ' 48, Arts and Sciences Brooklyn New York; Sigma Alpha Mu. e WILLIAM CHARLES WEISSBORN, ' 51, Commerce, New Orleans, Louisiana. Fifth Row: • JUNE WARREN WELLS ' 51 Newcomb, Memphis, Tennessee; Chi Omega. • ANN WELSH. ' 49 Newcomb Shreveport Louisi- ana; Alpha Omicron Pi. • BLAKE WEST ' 49, Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha. • LOWELL WESTERMAN, ' 51, Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta. • BOOGIE WETMORE. ' 51 Commerce New Orleans Louisiana- Beta Theta Pi. • CHARLES T. WHITE. JR. ' 51. Commerce New Orleans, Louisiana; PI Kappa Alpha. • CHARLES S. WHITE-SPUN- NER, JR. ' 48, Arts and Sciences, Mobile, Alabama- Alpha Tau Omega. • EDGAR WHITFIELD, ' 49, Arts and Sciences Picayune, Mississippi. • VIOLET MARIE WHITEHEAD, ' 50, Newcomb, Memphis Tennessee; PI Beta Phi. a CORNELIUS GLENN WHITLEY, ' 50, ' Arts and Sciences, BIloxI, Mississippi; Delta Sigma Ph. Sixth Row: e WALTER W. WHITLOCK, ' 49. Arts and Sciences. Arcadia, Florida; PI Kappa Alpha. O ©FRANCIS MARIE WHITTELSEY. ' 51. Newcomb, Monroe. Louisiana. O THOMAS C. WICKER, JR., ' 49, Law, New Orleans, Louisiana ; Pi Kappa Alpha. • LEWIS MARTIN WIENER, ' 4?, Arts and Sciences, Brooklyn, New York; Kappa Nu. • CHARLES BYRON WILSON, ' 51, Arts and Sciences, Neosho, Missouri. O ERNEST COUNCIL WILLIAMS, ' 51, Medicine, Blowing Rock, North Carolina; Phi Chi. O JACK W. WILLIAMS, ' 50, Commerce, Port Arthur, Texas; Pi Kappa Alpha. • MORTON WILLIAMS, ' 40, Arts and Sciences, St. Petersburg. Florida. • MARY WILLIAM- SON. ' 50, Newcomb, Pine Apple, Alabama; Pi Beta Phi. L l mhSi FIRST ROW: Willkomm, Anne Wiljon, Eugene WHson. Forrest Wilion, Herbert Wilson. Mery Wilson. SECOND ROW: Richard Wiljon. Ro Wilion, George Wimbish, Jack Wimbiih, Windmuller, Wing. THIRD ROW: Winqote. Winn. Wrnsloft, Winter. Wisman, Wilcher. FOURTH ROW: Marie Withers, Mary Withers. Wohl, Wohlert, Wolf. Joel Wolfe. FIFTH ROW: Yvctte Wolfe. McFarland Wood. Jr.. G. R, Wood, Jr.. Joe Wood, Dorothy Woods, Woodward. SIXTH ROW: Wren. George Wright, Jasper Wright. Jr.. Luciana Wright. Sue Wright, Vera Wright. SEVENTH ROW: Wustholf. Wynne. Yager, Ylanitsas, Yockey, Henry Yoder. EIGHTH ROW: William Yoder, Yoffoe, Yongue, John Young, Joseph Young, Shirley Young. NINTH ROW: Zeffert, Zeitzmann, Flora Ziegler, George Ziegler, Jr., Zinn, Zoekter. Reading from Left to Right: O WILLIAt J. WILLKOMM, JR., ' 50, Arts and Scitnc«s. New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi De ' ta Theta. • ANNE S. WILSON, ' 50. N;wcomb, Houston, Texas; Zeta Tau Alpha. • EUGENE CANNON WILSON. ' 4?. Engineering. Monticello. Mississippi. • FORREST CARROL WILSON, ' 47. Arts and Sconces. New Orleans, Lousiana. • HERBERT C. WILSON, ' 50. Law. Monroe. Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi. O MARY SUE WILSON, ' 50, Newcmob. Gretna, Louisiana, • RICHARD WARDWORTH WILSON, ' 50, Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana; Ph! Delta Theta. O ROY WILSON. ' 51. Engineer- ing, West Monroe, Louisiana: Kappa Sigma. • GEORGE R. WIMBISH, ' 51, Engineering. Monroe. Louisiana; Pi Kappa Alpha. « JACK COLLINS. WIMBISH, ' 50. Law, Shre»eport, Louisiana. • JOAN CLAIRE WINDMULLER, ' 51. Newcomb. New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Delta Pi, • T, G, WING, ' 4?, Arts and Sciences. Shaw, Mississippi. • ELAINE WINGATE, ' 49. Newcomb. Beaumont, Texas; Kappa Alpha Thola. • JOHN M. WINN, JR.. ' 51. Arts and Scences. New Orleans, Louisiana, • NELL MOORE WINSTON. ' 4?. Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • ABRAHAM T. WINTER. ' 51. Arts and Sciences, Brooklyn. New York; Kappa Nu. • JACK FREDERICK WISMAN. ' «. Medicine. Culby. Kansas; Sigma Nu. Nu SIg-na Nu, • ROBERT CAMPBELL V ITCHER, ' 48. Arts and Sciences. New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta S ' gma Phi, O MARIE COWIE WITHERS. ' 51. Newcomb Tampa. Florida: Pi Bela Phi. • MARY BURKAM WITHERS ' 50. Newcomb, Greensboro. Alabama; Chi Omega. O TANYA M WOHL. ' 51. Newcomb. Tampa. Florida; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • ANDREW M. WOHLERT. ' 4?. Engi- neering. New Orlea ns, Louisi ' na. • JOSEPH WOLF, ' 51. Com- me.-ce, New York, New York, O JOE BLACK WOLFE, ' 51, Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi, • YVETTE MARIE WOLFE, ' 47, Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana: Phi Mu. • McFARLAND V ALKER WOOD, JR.. ' 52. Engineering, New Orleans, Louisiana. O G R. WOOD. JR., ' 4?, Engineering, Fairhope. Alabama; Pi Kappa Alpha, • JOE GEORGE WOOD. ' 51. Arts and Sciences, Victoria. Texas. • DOROTHY JUNE W003S. ' 47. Newcomb. Oklahoma City Oklahoma: Kappa Kappa Gamma. • MARILYN WOOD- WARD, ' 51. Na comb. Picayune. Mississippi; Alpha Delta Pi. C HERBERT B, WREN ' 51. Arts and Sciences, Teiarkana, Arkansas. O GEORGE WM, WRIGHT. SO. Law. New Orleans. Louisiana. O JASPER KOHN WRIGHT. JR., ' 49. Arts and Sciences, Houme. Louisiana. • LUCIANA WRIGHT. ' 51. Newcomb, Mexico City. Mexico. • SUE ROSE WRIGHT. ' 51. Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi. • VERA LOUISE WRIGHT. ' 50. Newcomb. New Orleans, Louisiana; Aloha Pi. e CHARLES F. WUSTHOFF. JR . ' 49. Engineering. New Orleans. Louisiana. • JAMES EDWARD WYNNE. ' 50. Arts and Sciences. New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • ISADORE YAGER. ' 49. Medicine, Brooklyn. New York. • GEORGE HARRY YIANITSAS. ' 51, Art: and Sciences, Beaumont. Texas; Phi Delta Theta. • DAVID H YOCKEY. ' 47. Arts and Scie.ncjs. New Orleans. Louisiana. • HENRY F. YODER, ' 47, Commerce. Jackson. Mississippi. • WIL- LIAM F. YODER, ' 50. Commerce, Jackson, Mississippi. • HARRY FRANK YOFFEE, ' 53, Arts and Sciences Jacksonville. Florida: Sigma Alpha Mu. • JAMES A. YONGUE. ' 48. Commerce. Jackson- ville. Florida; Delta Sigma Phi. • JOHN WILLIAM YOUNG, ' 50, University Collage. Noiapatar. Miss.; Kappa Sigma. • JOSEPH EDWARD YOUNG. ' 49. Commerce. Now Orleans. Louisiana. O SHIRLEY J. YOUNG. ' 51. Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana • HERBERT WALTER ZEFFERT. ' 50. Engineering. Brooklyn. New Yoik; Kappa Nu. • ROBERT EDWIN ZEITZMAN N. ' 51. Arts and Sciences. New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta. O FLORA M. ZIEGLER. ' 50. Newcomb. New Orleans. Louisiana. • GEORGE MIKE ZIEGLER. JR.. ' 49, Arts and Sciences. New Orleans. Louisiana. • ANITA FAY ZINN ' 51, Newcomb. Galveston. Toxis: Aloha Epsilon Phi. • SAMUEL JOHN ZOEKLER. ■49. Medicine. Davenport, Iowa 2 21 Gourmets Rendevausi — dans la Coeur du Vieux Carre ARNAUD ' S Few are the people who set foot on the sidewalks of New Orleans who do not seek to learn the location of Arnaud ' s and forthwith journey there to enjoy this famous cuisine. After partaking of a notable meal, guests frequently ask the derivation of a particular dish: " Is it French? " " Is it Spanish? " The answer is that it is a combination of the wizardry of the French with the art of the Spanish to make Arnaud ' s masterpieces. Specialties de la Maison Shrimp Arnaud Poulet Clemenceau Oyster Suzette Monts d ' Amours Langousfe Sarah Bernhardt Mistinguette Filet de Sole Vendome Crepes Paulette THE FAMOUS TRADITION OF FINE FOODS AS ORIGINATED BY THE LATE C-o n e Arnaud IS NOW BEING CARRIED ON UNDER THE SAME MANAGEMENT i ? ' NEW ORLEANS ALL TULANE NEWCOMB GEO. B. MATTHEWS AND SONS. Inc. New Orleans, Louisiana O Manufacturers of High Grade Horse and Mule, Dairy, Poultry Feed and Mashes ( andi led SUPPLIED THE Book Store By PURITY-REISS CANDY CO. Since 1859 M. D. KOSTMAYER GENERAL INSURANCE 709 UNITED FRUIT BUILDING RAymond 615! STAUSS AND HAAS Incorporated 514 CAMP STREET SELLING QUALITY TOOLS FOR OVER 41 YEARS Stationery, Office Furniture, Printing, Lithographing, Social Engraving, Blank Bool Making, Mimeograph Duplicators and Brand Products. MANUFACTURING STATIONERS AND OFFICE OUTFIHERS Dameron-Pierson Co., Ltd. J. Ogden Pienon, President James B. Eaton, Vice-President C. N. Wurstaeisen, Secy.-Treas. 400 CAMP STREET NEW ORLEANS. LA. Phone RAymond 1204 DELICIOUS and NUTRITIOUS FOOD Samuel F. Zemurry Memorial Afhietic Dormitory under construction PERRILLIAT-RICKEY CONSTRUCTION CO., Inc. L enerai ( oniraclord HERBERT A. BENSON AND GEORGE J. RIEHL tchitecU Phone Jackson 8639 MILL DISTRIBUTORS TWI-RO-PA MILLS AGENCY TwIne-Rope-Yarn GEORGE J. PALMER 4335 St. Charles Avenue New Orleans USE QUALITY UNION COFFEE IT ' S BETTER EXTRA FLAVOR IN EVERY CUP MERCHANT COFFEE COMPANY OF NEW ORLEANS B. C. CASANAS, President GEO. E. FLETTRICH Secretary-Treasurer COMPLIMENTS OF FREEPORT SULPHUR CO. (Producers of Crude Sulphur) NEVv ORLEANS PORT SULPHUR COMPLIMENTS OF STAUFFER ESHLEMAN CO., LTD. WHOLESALE HARDV ARE IMPORTERS and EXPORTERS Phone MA 5621 511 Canal Street New Orleans . . . where good things need not be expensive, and inexpensive things have to be good. oddkciux 108 YEARS OF FINE APPAREL FOR MEN. WOMEN AND CHILDREN %i£p 7 7 i J R. SHOP YOU ' LL BE TEACHER ' S PET (AND HIS) IN PLAID GING- HAM What prettier way, to start the ' first days of school! The charm of plaid gingham ... so sweetly styled by JUNIOR HOUSE, it ' s guaranteed to make you a pet of teacher and the stagline, too! With deep ruffled yoke . . . push-up sleeves . . . and a tiny waist above a whirl of skirt. In black, bottle green, or brown. Sizes 9-15. 14.98 JUNIOR SHOP. MB Second Floor g it 6 EEEH MAVER CD LTD or women who appreciate the finest I aualltu reaau-lo wear in E. A. MclLHENNY AVERY ISLAND, LOUISIANA Grower of " Plants for the South " Specialist in Camellias, Bamboo and Landscape Plants. Available: Rare Camellia Book Translation of: MONOGRAPH OF THE GENUS CAMELLIA By the Abbe Berlese and Nouvelle Iconographie Des Camellia By Verschaffelt The Tour Through " Jungle Gardens " is Educational in Itself Open from 8 A. M. to 5 P. M. SCHNEIDER BRICK AND TILE CO., LTD. Facebrick Building Brick Clay Roofing Tile Farm Orian Tile STRUCTURAL TILE Sales Office 110 1 A Pere Marquette Bldg., New Orleans La. PLANT, Slidell, Louisiana CONSULT AN EYE PHYSICIAN FOR EYE EXAMINATION BARNETT OPTICAL CORPORATION WM. J. HAGSTETTE Opthalmic Dispensers QUALITY— ACCU RACY— SERVICE Ra. 471 I— Ra. 7414 833 Common St. New Orleans 12, La. Greetings to the Jambalaya Fronn TABASCO The Sauce Suprenne Not only the standard of fine seasoning throughout the world for more than seventy-five years, but one of the open secrets of master chefs! There are countless uses for TABASCO in every day dishes, but use it with discrimination — a few drops to make food tantalizing: a generous amount to make food hot. 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HAUSMANN, INC. 730 CANAL STREET MANUFACTURING JEWELERS SPECIALIZES IN FRATERNITY AND COLLEGE JEWELRY Your Jambalaya Photographer r 1 T D nrr Ul ri J IF iL nr We have the negative of your " Jamb " picture, and from it can make up for you a beautiful 8x1 0-inch Portrait. Raymond 3455 Strand Building 219 Baronne Street rvtr • COMMERCIAL RECEIVERS TRANSMITTERS SOUND EQUIPMENT L c. DENNY RADIO SALES— SERVICE RA 1897 510-512 St. Charles St. RA 3588 New Orleans, La. b R E A T w H I m E F L E SERVING E T COLOMBIA- COSTA RICA- -CUBA DOMINICAN REPUBLIC— ECUADOR EL SALVADOR— GUATEMALA BRITISH HONDURAS- -HONDURAS JAMAICA, B. W. 1.— NICARAGUA PANAMA CANAL ZONE— PANAMA UNITED FRUIT COMPANY 321 St. Charle s St. New Orleans 4, La. KINGSKRAFT COVERS KINGSPORT PRESS. INC. KINSSPORT, TENNESSEE R, P. FARNSWDRTH Cn., INC. Ljenetat Contractor NEW ORLEANS HOUSTON lie - " lace to ao for the tloineA f-you now y ' ■ SOCIETY BRAND CLOTHES ARROW SHIRTS JARMAN SHOES L onat ratulations W N O THE JAMES A. NOE E STATION " MUTUAL BROADCASTING SYSTEM " 1450 On Your D ' al Studios— -ST. CHARLES HOTEL JAMES E. GORDON General Manaaer FOR OVER HALF A CENTURY THE STORE OF FINE FASHIONS FOR MEN. WOMEN AND CHILDREN MM um 1 WHOLE-PRESERVED Louisiana STRAWBERRIES " The Best You Ever-Tasted " ASBESTONE CORPORATION Manufacturers of " ASBESTONE " ROOFING HENRY KRAAK FLORIST 1425 ELENORE STREET The Case of the Successful family. . . Or why the New Underwood Champion Portable offers the keys to better writing PU?U! .. " " i .. Father opened the case in the living room and proudly displayed the new, streamlined Champion . . . the handsomest portable typewriter the family had ever seen. Said Betty, " It ' s marvelous . . . such smooth, easy action . . . and what cleancut typing. Just wait until the history prof sees my typewritten notes. " Underwood Corporation 324 Camp Street New Orleans 3. SaUi and Service Everywhere U. " It ' s neat, " Bill exclaimed. " This way even writing compositions is a lot of fun. And, I ' ll have to talk to Dad about getting me an Underwood Champion when I go to college next year. " One or more of the family take a turn on the Underwood Champion Portable. Mother has caught up on her correspondence. Father has written speeches, memos, and reports. Why not get a " Champion " in your home. You ' ll find it holds the keys that unlock the doors to advancement and progress . . . better work for the youngsters in school, modern writing convenience for the parents . . . and greater success for every member of the family. Ask your dealer for a demonstration . . . today. Underwood.,, TYPEWRITER LEADER OF THE WORLD CADIIMC-OIDSMOBIIE S aleA - e ervice PONTCHARIRAIN MOTOR COMPANY 719 Baronne St. MA-I78I W. J. WILLKOMM President B csDedianeci and J rlnted bu Benson PRinnnG compnnv NASHVILLE. TENNESSEE C naraved bu SHREUePORT EnGRRumc compnnv r SHREVEPDRT, LOUISIANA I '

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