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' f Mm Big thingt were in store when, early in 1945, Old Man Winter bowed out for that season with his last blast. Come what may, though, Tulane ' s students kept going with their activities — cramming a bit of study between hours of formals, campus nights, plays, and the like. Shining brass, notables such as Governor Davis, Lord Halifax, and others visited the campus; there were graduations and com- missionings; students elected their college and class officers; and all the things so much a part of collegiate days came at their times. It was January — Johnny Mann got caught by the photographer, but musing medics were more interested in cadavers than cameras. Evidently " Tookie " hadn ' t met Don yet. " Macbeth " fought with the Lily Whiters for the campus lime light. February seemed a much bigger month — you ' d think there was a naval unit some- where around, or why else would Rear Ad- miral Bennett plus a host of gold braid inspect lines of navy-blue uniforms? Along came the St. Valentine Day formal when Carl " Cuddles " Schumacher was crowned Darling of Tulane males. Newcomb, to aid the WSSF drive, polished windows . . . and a set of twins gave the illusion of double-vision. Dating was still the style, as Tulanians rushed the ' phone booths. Legs, too, retained their spot on the Tulane hit parade. IIR CaleH4af " ' ' l -: vo- " - " i . . y P t 1 ■sr» utntneftifite Not spring, but summer and June parties turned up as pages flipped off the calendar. This was the time for graduates, for best gals to pin epaulets on best guy ' s shoulders, and for Carolyn to pre- sent . . . er, the colors ... to Blanc, while Cap ' n Lake remembers the time when — . Still gay, Newcomb turned to May Day and dancing can-can girls, while the engineers turned to slide rules and Queen Dede, pride of Rotcee Rault. Yes, summertime is swimming time, said New- comb mermaids. Oops, watch out. Sonny-boy, there may be a blade in that razor. Pardon us for dropping in like this, but we ' re always looking for a new angle. Must have been a navy dance. The fine art of mending is explained by an ever-helpful " sewing-unit-lady. " No time for many picnics, for graduations came along too fast. Stomps began again, heat waves or no; more formals, more campus nights. We ' re always open- ing the wrong doors, but, anyway, " Here ' s to you. " August followed July, and August brought the biggest event of years. While med school planted a tra- ditional sprig of ivy, and RO ' s visited Shell Beach, Tulane ' s physicists play their part in ushering in the Atomic Age. V-J and a week ' s vacation followed soon after. H the 0p4 Ole ummet Titne at Tula He September was the month all Tulane waited for. Lassies of Newcomb returned to dusty books, Forever Amber was put away. RO ' s had gas drills, the navy honored retiring Captain Lake and his successor, Captain Power. Both Dede and Mignonne bid a rather fond farewell to the Skipper, and the Veterans showed the navy a real boat . . . ah, she ' s there, too. Spring, summer, fall — it ' s all romance-time for Tulane. What the heck, say the cheerleaders, let ' s all give out. (See, we told you there was a blade in that razor. Sonny- boy.) Don ' t get alarmed, they really aren ' t mad at one another — it ' s only the Navy boxing match. And those red lanterns mean another Saturday nite party for some. Energetic Emmett shows the boys a leap or two, and Joe and Dabney rate seats with the big guys. A RECORD OF EVENTS • THE Jam( alatfa DURING THE YEAR OF 1946 11 . ' Not just In these pictures and phrases, but in our nnemories, are the events of the past 12 months etched. These months have brought history in an unparalleled form. The world ' s greatest war came to an end with a victory brought by a new power — a power made possible through years of re- search and study on the part of the greatest minds of America. Through the might of education the Atomic Age was opened and nine days later peace came again to a battered world. ' V ,x 1941 1945 IN MEMORY OF THE MEN AND WOMEN OF TULANE WHO HAVE GIVEN THEIR LIVES IN THE m SERVICE OF THEIR COUNTRY BANCROFT, JOSIAH DOZIER medicine ' 31 ELLIOTT. BILLY, YARBOROUGH Mc CAMPBELL, HERBERT JAMES, jR. Comm«rc« ' Z PEAK. WILLIAM FRANCIS E«. nr«« 1. Seiinc«« ' 38 PERRY. HAL HORACE. jR. Ex- Comm«re« ' 43 SLAYTON. NELSON RANDOLPH Ex-aHf ft. ScUnccs 40 TUCKER, WILLIAM LEE midicitu ' 28 WINTLE. JACK WILLIAM ■Ex-raculiij, n.RJ3.T.C. BOUCHE, SYLVAIN CLEMENT £nflinscriny ' 39 LONG. FELIX BENJAMIN, Jr. m«dicine ' 40 GOODELL, EDWARD KELLERMAN flr+s I. ScUnces ' 39. Ex-Loiu ' 4 1 ENGLISH.- GORDON CLARK Jx-artst ScimciS ' 42 LEVY. MELyiLL| LEO PEYROUX, NOLAN R. THOMAS, GERHARD H.A. Jr. Ex-Qr s tScitJicKS ' 4-1 BAUMBACH. EDWARD A. E«. drift 6. Scknccs ' 30 GELPI. PIERRE DeCRANCE Ex -arts tScitncB ' 41 CORN, JOEL I. Ex-nUuticinc ' 41 McCAMMON, WALTER 0. medicms ' 35 FORTSON. JAMES HARRIS Ex-Liuu ' 42 GUST. JOHN E. Ex-Enjintcrinj ' 41 CHIPLEY, BUCKNER, JR. arts Cv Seitncti ' 37 MATHEWS. WILLIAM HENRY Ex-Ortt «. Sciincts ' 42 BLAKESLEE, HOBART W. Cn intirutf ' 37 STILES, WILLIAM , CHAMPION. LOUIS EJe-Coamtra ' 40 SAMPLE, WILLIAM AUGUSTUS Oris « Soncw ' 38 TOMPKINS, GEOR E HAMILTON OrH 6, Sqhims ' ■C FITZ ERALD, JAMES FLOOD Ex-Orts b Sciincss " 29 CARAWAY, LEON WILLIAM »iivM»»ri| ' J« JOHNSON. JOHN MITCHEL,Jr. Ituaicinc ' 36 MIRANNE. CHERI ANTHONY, m Ex- Cn ncirlno 42 PELLETERE, IGNATIUS ANTHONY Ex-arif «. Scicncu ' 40 SMITH. RICHARD MARK Clrl« I. Sciinou ' 41 7 TEASLEY. HARRY EUGENE y midicint ' 28 ;,;;« 2EMURRAY SAMUEL. Jr. « Oris c ScUncis ' 32 . ' ; DUCKWORTH, JOHN CLYDE. Jr. Commsrcc ' 39 CRAM, KENDALL HUTCHINSON;; arts ». 5cIute(S ' 3S -?J MORRELL, JAMES RENFROE Laiu ' 40 HUTCHINSON, WIUIAM A. m«d»cin« ' 24 De La VERGNE, PIERRE RENAUO Lou) " 41 M MURPHY, CHARUS PATRICK.. Ex-Enjmftrmj ' 37 y,n, QUIN. FRANK WOODWARD Ex-FocuWv ' tlidicoi VENABLE, DOUGLAS R,Jr. !„ Ex-artt i ScUncM ' 41 " HOLMES. RAYHOR ELMORE. Jr. nicdicxn.£ ' 33 BELL. THOMAS a 2 Law ' 42 JACOBSEN, MILTON F. ) Ex-EnjinMrili.J. ' 42 . THOMASSON.GUSW.. JR. Hlkdicmc ' 36 LYON, LEON EUE EnynKirinj ' 94 » KOHL. GEORGE C, Jr. i Bc-CowmcrcB 38 HUNT, WILLIAM I. I trtcdlchu ' 42 HOLSTUN, JAMES DRAYTON, III Commtrct " fl-O SCHULTZ, EUGENE CHARLES Knjinur ' uvj ' 30 BOUCHE, RAYMOND V. Ort t ScitJicts ' 40 WEINGART,ZEPMANIAHB..JR. ItUditjnc ' 4Z NELSON, CHARLES WOODWARD Engineering ' 33 MILLER, HERBERT LEONARD l ai ' 40 THANNHAUSER. HEINZ JEx-FacuMn). JlMueoab COUGH, FRANK LIN C. Jr. EiC ' Ctmmarca ' 38 HEINTZ, LOUIS EWING E) - engineering ' 43 OPEN. ALLEN DOWNS, J . Ux-Ccnmttrtt ' 44 WIHBERLY, GEOR E LEE tou ' 39 LOPEZ, HUMBERTO M. Commerce ' 36 DONNELLY. CHARLES A.. Jr. l%- OrU (. falenCM ' 42 CLASS, ROBERT LLOYD Clrt« I. SciftncKft ' 42 EDMONSON, WILLIAM TYNES KORN. DAVID M. Engineering ' 39 POURCIAU. JOSEPH StWARO. J . Cx-drU e, Setenceft ' 43 TITCHE, CHARLES Lau) ' 34 FRIERSON. EDWIN S. Ex-ar tt ft. Sclencte ' 42 FULLER, JUDGE WILLIAM „ . medicine ' 42 V i GORDON, JACQUES engineering 42 HART, ROBERT SHARP Ev-Oriie «. S« ' ie«c«» ' 42. l) SEARCY. DAi» SEVILLE [( medicine ' 34 " VALLET. CLAUDE P-. JR- Ex-ar4e £■ Science ' 44 WATERS. PHANOR B. Ex- arts e. Scl nc« ' 43 EMANUEL, WILLIAM E. Ex-Commrrcc ' 37 ,iWEILER, LEONARD H. Ex-Oris (. ScUnces ' 41 aiWOLFE, EDGAR JOSEPH Ex-Enjincering ' 40 DOUCET, WALTER ANDRE Ex-Engintering ' 43 ZATARAIN. JULES FRANK HEATH. JOHN HUDDLESTON arts 1 Sciences ' 40 BLANCHARD. LAWRENCE CRANE. Jr. Ex-arts 1 Sciences. ' 28 KING, EDWARD LACY Jr. Engineering ' 39 KRANZ, LESTER MASUR -PARPAL. JOSEPH J. Emgiiieermg ' 44 BURLEIGH, HUBERT WILLIAM. Jr. Ex-OT ' Is e. Sciences ' 40 BURWICK. NORMAN N. Ex-Oris 6, Sciences ' 40 MOTTRAM, THOMAS ALVA EngiKcering ' 12 FORTENBERRV, LUTHER StXTOM medicine ' 34 SIMS. HARRY VERNON. Jr. Art L. Sc ' iencee ' 43 BERRY, FRANKLIN PIERCE, m Ex- Law ' 41 MONTGOMERY. BRAtMERD SPENCER Ortft I- Sci ' " PENN. JOSEPH CHALARCN E»-C«n ii«rce ' 37 CRUMP. BENJAMIN. IE Ex-artft I, Science; ' 41 ERHAHN. JOStPH F.. Jn. S, LEONARD S.. Jr. ree •»» . HERBERT H. ■ dr f fc Scicjicee 40 • HIRE. BURNIE N.. J . Ex-OrU • Sc ' uincee 40 TOMPKINS. W1UIAM FRASER.Jr. Engineering ' 40 ZOLLER. DAVID NATHAN Ex- Suramsr- School 39 USHLEY. WILUAM J. H, 4«. Ex-Co»»»rt ' 42 4cC0ARD. AtBERT BABCOCK. Jr. , 4i ,Ei gii ceriflg ' 43 RAY. JAMES W, icm ' 34 , ...KAL, ERNEST CoBinere 31 »MOSELEY, WILLIAM C. Connerce ' 38 • PAINTER, STEPHEN W. Engineering ' 41 i. BENEDICT. HAURKTE TEMHEY, Jr. ' Exdrti e. Sciencci ' 41 CRAIS. DAVID E. arts I. ScWneet ' 42 CELLES. GEORGE LEOPOLD. Jr. Ex - Engineering ' 30 RANDALL. JACOB COWPER, J«. Ex-Qrts ». S iene i ' 44 i FORTIER. JOHN F.. Jr. is Engineering ' 43 ' ' ER. MILTON H. Csc- Conwneree ' 42 U BLANC, SAMUEL A. Loup ' 35 LEE. MADISON C. Ex Qrt» Scieeces, ' SCHWEITZER HAROLD SiMON Ex- Arte 4. 5 i » t5, ' 43 BERNARD. GERARD HENRY Jr. DAVIS WILUAM RUSSELL HLedicuue ' 34 ALLENBER . EDWARD HARK Ex-Coiwarct ' +3 HOOD. LESLIE M„ Jr. Ex-()raduat« ' 42 CERVANTES. FRANCIS ILOEFOHSO £jc-£Mglnecrir.g 40 ♦ missing ia Action Against a backdrop o-f world s+rl-fe, Tulanlans marched along their educational paths. Somewhere else In the world, Tulanlans marched, died and made pos- sible the continuance of a way of life which we are privileged to enjoy. To the Tulanians who died in World War II we respectfully dedicate this yearbook. FROM THE PRESIDENT In the JAMBALAYA four years ago I wrote of the temporary change in the function of education which Tulane faced at that time, and it has recorded the changing aspects of the University ' s life during those years. Although the war period required consideration of temporary and emergency needs, plans also were made for our educational progress in the future. At the war ' s end Tulane announced plans to obtain new financial resources and to bring additional endow- ment to the University. This does not suggest expansion. It has always been our desire to provide the best possible instruction for a selected student body. The endowment of the University must be increased now to enable Tulane to grow normally and to maintain our present educational commitments, the assurance to this section of fine educational opportunity. Commencement this year brings an end to the wartime V-12 and NROTC programs. We shall regret to say goodbye to the Navy trainees who have come from the forty-eight states. We shall miss seeing their trim uniforms and their smart parades. We shall remember with a smile and an understanding heart the discomforts of their crowded living conditions and the monotony of a mess- hall existing on the barrenness of a civilian market! With it over we shall look back upon the past years of wartime existence with more tolerance and with nostalgia for the good friends who saw it through with us. We are happy now to welcome the return of war veterans, among whom are many former Tulanians, as well as the younger students who have not known military service. The prob- lems of reconversion are difficult and slow of solving. There is no gallantry in enduring them. But now we must engage in the struggle for peace, and ft must be without fear and without falntness of heart. This book will bring to mind the year 1945-46, which saw the end of the war and the graduation of the School of Medicine on the day of the announcement of victory over Japan. It will show the faces of many friends for whom war ' s end will mean the return to their chosen Alma Mater or the shedding of their uni- formed existence at Tulane. All of these friends will leave something of them- selves here, and will carry something of us with them throughout their lives. u uA CatfoltcH HatriA THE filu»Hi ASSOCIATION MISS BEATRICE M. FIELD Director of Alumni Relations OFFICERS Lester J. Lautenschlaeger President Dr. Walter O. Moss Vice-President E. Claggett Upton, Jr Vice-President A. Watson Chaprran Vice-President Harry Garrbia, Jr Secretary Clayton L. Nairne Treasurer Beatrice M. Field Director of Alumni Relations EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE LAW: Leon S. Cahn, Edward Dubuisson. Moise W. Dennery; tvlEDICINE: Dr. Charles J. Bloom, Dr. Rhett G. Mctvlahon; Dr. Conrad G. Collins; ARTS AND SCIENCES: Stanley S. Morris, Sherwood S. Clayton, William P. Hageriy; ENGINEERING: W. Claiborne Per- rilliat, James L. Kemper, Pat Richardson; COMMERCE: Shelby Friedrichs, Wm. B. Carter, George Dinwiddle; GRADUATE: Harry R. Cabral. Mrs. George Gardiner; Mrs. Louis Binstock; NEWCOMB: Mrs. George Mayer, Mrs. L. W. Stone, Miss Angela Devlin; SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WORK: Mrs. May F. Dykes, Mrs. W. A. Gil- laspie, Jr., Miss Louise Meyer; REPRESENTATIVES AT LARGE: Gerald Andrus, Ladd A. Dinkins, W. James Amoss, Garland Taylor. . Colorful Pre-Game Ceremonies Were Part of the 1945 Homecoming Celebration. Alumni Officers Harry Gamble, Clayton Nairne, Lester Lautenschlaeger, Watson Chapman and " Tick " Upton. The Homecoming Luncheon Brought Together Many Tulane Alumni. Alumn! Campus Night Stars Arrive at the Homecoming Dance. A Reorganization Meeting of the " T " Club Was Held on New Year ' s Day. The purpose of a well organized alumni association is to act as liaison between the University and its former stu- dents. The year ' s activities of the Tuiane Alumni Associa- tion were planned with three concomitant objectives in mind, fostering the interests of Tuiane University, serving the needs and interests of the individual alumnus and ren- dering service directly or indirectly to the country ' s war effort. These were accomplished through regular and special activities. An effective program of service for Tulanians serving in the armed forces was carried out during the year. The Tulanian, official alumni publication, was mailed to all former students In all parts of the world. A news letter, Tulaniappe, " a little extra something about Tuiane for Tulanians " was enthusiastically received. Alumni on leave from active duty were welcomed back to the campus by the alumni staff. A file of addresses of those in the services was maintained and made available to all alumni. Other activities of the Association during the year in- Miss Betty Pourciau, 1945 Homecoming Queen. eluded participation In out-of-town alumni club meetings, class reunions, and the conduct of a Memorial Service in Princeton, New Jersey, on May 1 0th in honor of Paul Tuiane. The Association continued Its custom of honoring fifty-year graduates at Commencement exercises, and of having an officer welcome members of the graduating classes Into the Tuiane Alumni Association. During the present year the T-Club was reorganized, an alumni records office established, and the first Homecoming celebration since 1941 was held. A Marine, a Naval Officer and an Army Colonel Are Reunited at Tulane ' s 1945 Homecoming. SCHOLASTIC ACTIVITIES CONTINUED ON A FDLL-YEAR BASIS AT TDLANE DURING THE WAR, THESE BEING REPRESENTED BY The ClaMeA I ' K s s z ABBERGER ACEVEDO ADAMI ADERHOLD ALDERSON ALFORD ALLAN ALLEN ALSPACH ALVARADO ALVAREZ AMBLER ANDERSEN E. ANDERSON W. ANDERSON D. ANDERSON ANDREWS F. ARMSTRONG O. ARMSTRONG ARRANTS ARROCHA ATKINS BADT BAEHR BAFFES BALDINSER BALL H. BARNETT J. BARNETT BENJAMIN L. ABBERGER. JR.. Medicine; Or- lando, Florida. JUAN ACEVEDO. Medicine; San German. Puerto Rico. GILBERT E. ADAMI, Medicine; Winters, Texas; Theta Kappa Psi. WALLACE, R. ADERHOLD, Medicine; Edinburq, Texas; Plii Ctii WILLIAM T. ALDERSON, JR., A. S.; Brook- side New Jersey; Manager Football Team. JULIUS M. ALFORD, Commerce; McComb, Mis- sissippi; Kappa Alpha. FREDERICK R. ANDREWS, A, » S.; New Orleans, Louisiana. FRANCIS L. ARMSTRONG, Engineering; Lisbon, Portugal; Phi Delta Theta; Taffrail Club; Rifle Team; Pistol Team; Boxing. OSCAR F. ARMSTRONG, A. S.; Duranl. Mis- sissippi; Jambalaya; t-tul!abaloo; Taffrail Log; Taffrail Club, ROBERT C. ARRANTS, Medicine; Sweetwaler, Tennessee; Nu Sigma Nu; Owl Club. ADOLFO J. ARROCHA, A. S S.; Panama City, Panama; Phi lota Alpha, Pan-Hellenic Council. vy RICHARD E. ALLAN, Engineering; Birmingham, Alabama; Pi Kappa Alpha; T. S. C. E. NANCY N. ALLEN, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi. B.W.AL5PACH, Medicine; Pascagoula, Mississippi, sippi. FERNANDO ALVARADO, Medicine; San Jose, Costa Rica. LUIS ALVAREZ, JR., Medicine; Santurce, Puerto Rico. ROSALIE K. AMBLER, Newcomb; Pass Christian, Mississippi; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Assets; New- comb Athletic Council; Dormitory Council; Honor Board Vice-President; Alpha Sigma Sigma; Tennis Club. ' ROBERT S. ANDERSEN. Engineering; Austin, Minnesota; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; A. S. M. E. EVELYN 1. ANDERSON, A. S.; New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Sigma Omicron; Theta Nu President, Operetta; Hullabaloo Editor-in-Chief; Publications Board; Secretary, Lagniappes; Spec- tators Theatre; Who ' s Who. HERMAN W. ANDERSON. Medicine; Carbon- dale, Illinois; Phi Chi. Phi Kappa Sigma. OSCAR M. ANDERSON, Engineering; Huntsville. Alabama; Beta Theta Pi President, Jambalaya; Co-Editor; Tennis Team; Manager, Publications Board; Sreenbackers; Pan-Hellenic Council; Stu- dent Center Council; Taffrail Club; Y. M. C. A.; Who ' s Who; Kappa Delta Phi. MARSHALL L. ATKINS. Engineering; Amite, La.; Taffrail Club. EMILY F. BADT. Newcomb; Shreveport. Louisi- ana; Alpha Epsrion Phi; Alpha Sigma Sigma; Dormitory Council; Newcomb Student; Govern- ment Association; Vice-President. Green backers; Forum; Who ' s Who. JOHN J. BAEHR, JR.. Medicine; New Orleans, Louisiana; Theta Kappa Psi; Phi Beta Kappa; A. O. A.; Alpha Chi Sigma; Owl Club; Hulla- baloo; Paul Tulane Fellow. THOMAS G. BAFFES. Medicine; New Orleans. Louisiana; A. O. A.; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Rho Sigma: History of Medicine Society; Paul Tulane F ellow. HERBERT L. BAKER, Engineering; Shreveport. Louisiana; Phi Kappa Sigma; E. T. A.; Green- backers. Pan-Hellenic Council; Taffrail Club; Ten- nis Team; Battalion Commander. L. GAYLE BALDINGER, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu; A Cappella Choir; Newcomb Glee Club; Secretary, Green backers. Vice-Presi- dent. Pan -Hellenic Council President, Operetta; Greenbackers; Who ' s Who. RAYMOND E. BALL, Law; New Orleans. Louisi- ana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Delta Phi; Law Review; Moot Court; Class President. HENRY K. BARNETT. Engineering; New Or- leans. Louisiana; Battalion Staff. JIM C. BARNETT, JR.. A. S.; Tylertown, Miss.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Band. Pin-ups versus Newcomb. C LA S S O F NINETEEN FORTY-SIX 25 B. JAIME BARRAZA, Medicine; David Chiriqui, Panama; Y. M. C. A. DAVID R. BARR, Engineering; New Sulf, Texas; Phi Kappa Sigma; Taffrall Club. FRANK J. BASILE. Engineering; New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Phi Omega; A. S. M. E. ALLAN R, BARTON, Engineering; Fairhope, Ala- bama; Pi Kappa Alpha; A. S. M. E. ROBERT F. BARTUSCH, Commerce; Memphis. Tennessee; Theatre. ROBERT H. BENBOW, Medicine; Bryan, Texas; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Chi; Owl Club. WILLIAM J. BENEDICT, A. S.; Grand Junc- tion Colorado; Taffrail Club. LEROY H. BENGSTON, JR.. Commerce; Okla- homa City. Oklahoma; Pi Kappa Alpha; Oak Leaves. CLIFFORD BENJAMIN. A. S.; San Francisco. California; Sigma Chi; Pan-Hellenic Council; Taffrail Club; Secretary, Squad Leader. CLORA M. BENNETT, Engineering; Beaumont, Texas; A. I. of Ch. E. Pin-ups versus Tulane. C LA S S O F JOSE J. BASSO, A. S S.; Santurce, Puerto Rico; Newman Club. HIRAM BATSON, Medicine; New Orleans, Louis- iana; Pi Kappa Alpha; Phi Chi, SAMUEL BAUM, Medicine; Passaic, New Jersey; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Lambda Kappa. EMILE M. BAUMHAUER, JR., A. S.; Meridian, Mississippi; Phi Kappa Sigma. JOHN E. BAYLES, Engineering; South Orange, New Jersey; Pi Kappa Alpha; A. S. M. E.; Band. FLOYD H. BEATTY. Commerce; St. Louis, Mis- souri; Taffrail Club. JACQUELINE C. BECK, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Glee Club; Jambalaya; French Club; Y. W. C. A.; Theatre. LOUIS A. BEECHER, JR.. A. S.; Dallas, Texas; Delta Tau Delta; Alpha Chi Sigma; A. I. of Ch. E.; Math Club. CATHERINE D. BENSABAT, Newcomb; New Or- leans, Louisiana; Chi Omega; President. JOHN R. BENSEN, Engineering; Grant, Florida; Tau Beta Pi; Pi Kappa Alpha; A. S. M. E.; E. T. A.; Junior Class President; Student Body President; Student Council. GERALD S. B ERENSON, Medicine; Bogalusa, Louisiana; Phi Delta Epsilon; Zeta Beta Tau; A. O. A.; History of Medicine Society; Medical Pan-Hellenic Council. LOIS G. BESS, Newcomb; New Iberia. Louisiana. MAILAND B. BEVILL, Newcomb; Haynesville, Louisiana; Kappa Apha Theta; A Cappella Choir; Glee Club. THOMAS Z. BIBB, A. i S.; Sweetwater. Texas; Vice-President, Taffrail Club; Vice-President, Sen- ior Class. JAMES F. BIGGART, JR., Medicine; Lexington, Virginia; Sigma Chi; Nu Sigma Nu. CLARENCE L. BLACK, JR., Engineering; Boga- lusa, Louisiana; A. I. of Ch. E. XIXETEEIV FRANK A. BELL, JR., Engineering; Dallas, Texas; Delta Tau Delta; Taffrail; Taffrail Log; Math Club. JOHN R. BLACK, Medicine; Salt Lake City. Utah; Theta Kappa Psi. FORTY-SIX WILLIAM B. BELL, A. S.; Banes, Oriente, Cuba; Sigma Nu. LIONEL H. BLACKMAN. Medicine; New York, N. Y.; Phi Lambda Kappa. 26 EARRAZA BARR 8ASILE BARTON BAR7USCH BASSO BATSON BAUM BAUMHAUER EAYLES BEATTY BECK BEECHER F BELL W. BELL BENBOW BENEDICT BENGSTON BENJAMIN BENNEH BENSABAT BEN5EN BERENSON BESS BEVILL BIBB BIGGART C. BLACK J. BLACK BLACKMAN BLOCH BOHMFALK BONHAM B05E BOUTALL BOWERS BOYD BOYLE BOYNTON BRADDOCK BRANNAN BRASH BRICKER 6ROCATO BROCK BROUSSARD J. BROWN EDWARD BROWN ERNEST BROWN JORDAN BROWN N. BROWN W. BROWN BRUNO BRYAN BULLOCK BUCHANAN BURDIN BURKE BURNS BYRNE TED BLOCK, Medicine; New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Beta Kappa; Zeta Beta Tau; Phi Delta Epsi- lon; History of Medicine Society. ARTHUR W. BOHMFALK, JR., Medicine; New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Rho Sigma; History of Medicine Society; A Cappella Choir; Glee Club; Operetta; Campus Night; Medical Pan-Hellenic Council; Y. M. C. A. ANNE M. BONHAM, Newcomb; Lake Charles, Louisiana; Chi Omega; Jambalaya; Dormitory Council; Pan-Hellenic Council; President of Stu- dent Center Council; President of Warren House. MADELEINE S. BOSE, Newcomb; New Orleans Louisiana; Alpha Delta Pi; Glee Club; Operetta Assets; Honor Board; Pan-Hellenic Council School of Music; President of Festival Choir Newman Club; Who ' s Who. JOSEPH D. BROUSSARD, JR., Commerce; Now Iberia, Louisiana; Tutane Veterans ' Association. J. BROOKS BROWN, Medicine; Montgomery, Alabama; Pi Kappa Alpha, Phi Chi, EDWARD A. BROWN, A. 8 S.; Anniston, Ala- bama; Bela Thefa Pi; Taffrail Club. ERNEST R. BROWN, Commerce; Pryor, Okla- homa; Jambalaya; Hullabaloo; Taffrail Log, Edi- tor; Glendy Burlfe; Taffrail Club. JORDAN BROWN, Law; New Orleans, Louisiana. JOHN C. BOUTALL, Law; Jefferson Parish, Lou- isiana; Delta Sigma Phi. HUGH H. BOWERS, Commerce; Port Lavaca, Texas; Varsity Football. SAMUEL M. BOYD, JR., Commerce; Monticello, Arkansas; Glendy Burke; Y. M. C. A. CHARLES P. BOYLE, Engineering; Bayonne, New Jersey; A. S. M. E. ROY L. BOYNTON, Commerce; Houston. Texas. CHARLES C. BRADDOCK, Commerce; Bastrop, Louisiana. CARL D. BRANNAN, Medicine; Jackson, Mis- sissippi; Kappa Alpha, Nu Sigma Nu President, Kappa Delta Phi; Medical Student Body Vice- president; History of Medicine Society; Owl Club; Who ' s Who. MARY E. BRASH, Newcomb; Gulfport, Missis- sippi; Jennie Nixon; Theatre. CHARLES R. BRICKER, A. S.; North Little Rock, Arkansas; Sigma Chi; Taffrail Club. SIMONE BROCATO, Medicine; Merigold, Mis- sippi; Delta Epsilon Sigma. NELSON L. BROWN, Medicine; Mobile, Ala- bama; Beta Beta Beta. W. PERRY BROWN, 111, Commerce; New Or- leans, Louisiana; Jambalaya; Hullabaloo; Cam- pus Night; Theatre; Advertising Manager; Y. M. C. A ; Tulane Veterans ' Association; New- man Club. . ANTHONY J. BRUNO, Medicine; Elizabeth, New Jersey; Alpha Omicron. LLOYD M. BRYAN, Engineering; Archer, Florida; Taffrail Club, Y. M. C, A. ELZA V. BULLOCK, Medicine; Augusta, Georgia; Phi Delta Theta- Phi Chi. IRENE R. BUCHANAN, Newcomb; Shreveport, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma; French Club; Dormitory Council; Oreades; Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Sigma Sigma. GROVER W BURDIN, Law; Lafayette, Louisiana; Glendy Burke JOHN J. BURKE, Engineering; Pittsburgh, Penn- sylvania; A. I. E. E. CATHERINE BURNS, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Chi Omega; Assets; French Club; Campus Night Chairman, Newcomb Student Council; Who ' s Who. Corn? CLASS OF XIXETEEN D. T. BROCK, JR.. Medicine; Jackson, Mississippi; Kappa Alpha; Nu Sigma Nu; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Omicron Delta Kappa; Owl Ctub. MARION C. BYRNE, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi; Art Club; Pan- Hellenic Council. FORTY-SIX 29 CAROL W. BYRNS. Law; New Orleans, Lou- isiana; Moot Court. GEORGE H. CADY, Engineering; Fort Erie, On- tario. Canada; A. S, M. E. JOHN B. CAIRE, Medicine; New Orleans, Lou- isiana; Phi Chi; Delta Tau Delta; History of Medicine Society. ARLIE B. CALCOTE, JR., Engineering; Merryville, Louisiana; T. S. C. E. ROBERT T. CALE, Medicine; Birmingham. Ala- bama; Alpha Kappa Kappa. MARIA C. CASTELLANOS. Social Work; Habana, Cuba. LOIS CHALONA, Newcomb; New Orleans, Lou- isiana; Glee Club; Math Club; Forum. CLARENCE J. CHAMPION, JR., Engineering; La Pine, Alabama; T. S. C. E. JUNE CHANDLER, Newcomb; New York, N. Y.; Kappa Alpha Theta. JOHN CHIARO, Commerce; Grand Junction, Colorado; Oak Leaves. A Slg Alph gets " pike-y. " C LA S S O F JOSEPH D. CALHOUN, Medicine; Rayville, Louisiana; Phi Chi; History of Medicine Society; Owl Club; Sophomore Class President. GERARD F. CALL, A. S.; New Orleans, Lou- isiana; Delta Tau Delta. JERRY C. CAMBIAS, Commerce; New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Kappa Alpha; Beta Gamma Sigma. CHARLES W. CAMPBELL, A. S.; Mt. Enter- prise, Texas; Taffrail Club. VERL L, CAPPS. Engineering; Blair. Oklahoma; Alpha Phi Omega; A. I. E. E.; Y. M. C. A. Treasurer, Campus Night. VICTOR F. CAREY, Medicine; Downsville, Lou- isiana. STANLEY H. CARPENTER, A. S.; Jackson, Mississippi; Kappa Sigma; Greenbackers; Taff- rail Club; Battalion Commander; Phi Beta Kappa; Omicron Delta Kappa; Kappa Delta Phi. GILBERT M. CARPENTER, Commerce; Birming- ham, Alabama; Pi Kappa Alpha; Alpha Phi Omega; Lagniappes, Y. M. C. A. SYLVIA S. CHILDS, Social Work; Baton Rouge, Louisiana. JOSEPH B. CHUMLEY, JR.. Commerce; Merr phis, Tennessee; Y. M. C. A.; Oak Leaves. MERVEN CHUN. Medicine; Honolulu. T, H. NOEL J. CIPRIANO. Law; New Orleans. Lou- isiana. ALICE CLARK. Newcomb; Alexandria, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Assets; Who ' s Who; Ten- nis Club. MASON CLARSON. A. S.; St. Petersburg, Florida; Phi Delta Theta; Taffrail Club. MARIE E. CLERC, Newcomb; New Orleans, Lou- isiana; Phi Mu; Newman Club. RICHARD COCKRELL, Engineering; Madison. Wisconsin; Beta Theta Pi; E. T. A.; Band; Op- eretta; Symphony Orchestra; Campus Night; Greenbackers; Student Center Council; Taffrail Club. NINETEEN RICHARD D. CARTER. Medicine; Jamestown. Alabama; Phi Beta Pi. ALVIN COHEN. Medicine; New Orleans. Lou- isiana. FORTY- SIX WILLIAM L. CARTER. Engineering; Irvlngfon, New York; Math Club; Taffrail Club. HERBERT COHEN; Medicine; Brooklyn. New York; Phi Lambda Kappa. 30 BYRNS CADY CAIRE CALCOTE CALE CALHOUN CALL CAMBIAS CAMPBELL CAPPS CAREY S. CARPENTER G. CARPENTER R. CARTER W. CARTER CASTELLANOS CHALONA CHAMPION CHANDLER CHIARO CHILDS CHUMLEY CHUN CIPRIANO CLARK CLARSON CLERC COCKRELL A. COHEN H. COHEN L. COHEN COLEMAN COLLINS COMEAUX COMER CONLAY CONN A. CONROY C. CONROY C. COOK H. COOK COOKE COOPER COPENHAVER COREY COULTER COVERT COWAN COV ART COX CRASER CRAIG CRAIS CRAYCRAFT CREASMAN CROSSETT CROWELL CRUMBLEY L. CURRIER LAWRENCE J. COHEN, Medicine; Cheyenne, Wyoming; Zeta Beta Tau; Phi Delta Epsilon; Owl Club. EDWARD S. COLEMAN, Engineering; Jackson, Mississippi. N. WESLEY COLLINS, Comnnerce; .Shreveport, Louisiana; Taffrail Club; Oak Leaves. PRESTON N. COMEAUX, Commerce; Harvey, Louisiana; Taffrail Club; Oak Leaves; Glee Club; Newman Club, Treasurer. EDWARD O. COMER. Medicine; New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Mu, Alpha Kappa Kappa. DONALD M. COULTER, Engineering; Lawrence- ville, Illinois; Taffrail Club; Junior Class Secre- tary-Treasurer. FRANK M. COVERT, III, Medicine; Austin, Texas; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Nu Sigma Nu. ROWENA S. COWAN, Newcomb, Shreveport, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma. ELGIN C. COWART, JR., Medicine; New Or- leans, Louisiana; Phi Chi. Phi Delta Thefa; His- tory of Medicine Society; Owl Club. JOHN W. COX, A. S.; Mangum, Oklahoma; Delta Sigma Phi; Greenbackers; Pan-Hellenic Council; Taffiail Club; Battalion Staff. don ' t play. DONALD P. CONLAY, Law; Campti, Louisiana; Phi Delta Phi; Moot Court; Student Council; Student Body President. FRANCIS R. CONN, Medicine; Crystal Springs, Mississippi; Phi Chi. ALICE P. CONROY, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi. BARBARA E. CONROY, Newcomb; New Or- leans, Louisiana; Beta Sigma Omicron; Assets; Newcomb Dance Club; Pan-Hellenic Council; The- atre; Y. W. C. A.; Junior Class Secretary. EVA M. COOK, Newcomb, Downers Grove, III. Forum. HENRY T. COOK, Medicine; New Orleans, Lou- isiana; Alpha Kappa Kappa. LANE B. COOKE, JR., Medicine; Little Rock, Arkansas; Phi Chi. DEIRDRE CRAGER, Newcomb; New Orleans, Lou- isiana; Theatre E:fecutive Secretary; Phi Beta Kappa. PRESTON S. CRAIG. Engineering; Portsmouth, Virginia; Sigma Chi; E. T. A.; Taffrail Club; Football; Battalion Staff; Jambalaya. EVELYN M. CRAIS, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Sigma Omicron; Glee Club; Greenbackers Secretary; Y. W, C. A. ROBERT W. CRAYCRAFT, Commerce; Ports- mouth. Ohio. RICHARD W. CREASMAN, Medicine; Mesa, Arizona; Nu Sigma Nu. ROBERT C. CROCKEH, JR., Commerce; Ala- mogordo. New Mexico. EGBERT S. CROSSETT, Medicine; LaUnion, New Mexico; Theta Kappa Psi. GRUNDY COOPER, Medicine; Mansfield, Lou- isiana. JULIAN E. CROWELL, Commerce; West Point. Mississippi; Kappa Alpha; Oak Leaves. CLASS OF RITA M. COPENHAVER, Commerce; New Or- leans. Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta. JAMES N. CRUMBLEY. Commerce; Cedartown. Georgia. XINETEEX EDGAR A. COREY, Law; Skiatook, Oklahoma; Phi Delta Phi, Law Review Editor. LIONEL F. CURRIER, Engineering; New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta; E. T. A.; T. S. C. E, FORTY- SIX 33 Aw — shed-dap. C LA S S O F KIXETEEIV Warren currier, commerce; El Cenlro. Cali- fornia; Siqma Chi; Christian Science Group. JOSEPHINE DABNEY, Newcamb; Florence Ala- bama; Alpha Delta Pi; I. R. C, RUSSELL A. DAHLSTROM, Engineering; Mt Prospect, Illinois; T. S. C. E. President. DWIGHT A. DAHMES, A. S.; New Orleans, Louisiana; Tulane Veterans ' Assoc ' a.ion; A Cap- pella Choir; Glee Club, MALCOLM C. DAMUTH, A. S.; Magnolia. Texas; Beta Theta Pi. LEAR W. DANE. Medicine; New Orleans, Lou- isiana; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Medical Pan- tHellenic Council. JAMES W. DAVIS. Medicine; Chattanooga. Ten- nessee; Nu Sigma Nu. ROBERT E. DAVIS, Medicine; Brooklyn. New York; Phi Lambda Kappa. THOMAS C. DAVIS, Medicine; Cherokee, Ala- bama; Phi Chi. WARREN L. DAVIS. A. S.; El Reno, Okla- homa; Sigma Chi; Taffrail Club. MASON F. DAY. JR.. Engineering; BIytheville, Arkansas; Delta Kappa Epsilon; A. S. M. F.; E. T. A. LANFORD H. DeGENERES. Medicine; Shreve- port. Louisiana; Alpha Kappa Kappa. GLEN R. DERBES, Commerce; New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu; Lagniappes; Newman Club; Beta Gamma Sigma. JOHN R. DERRICK, Medicine; Clayton. Georga; Ph! Chi; Owl Club; Student Council President; Student Body President; Publications Board Chair- man; Who ' s Who; Omicron Delta Kappa; Kappa Delta Phi. EDWIN J, DIETRICH, Engineering; Shreveport, Louisiana. ALBERT A, DINGRAUDO, A, i 5,; New Or ' eans, Louisiana; Glendy Burke. FRANK T DIENST. JR.. Medicine; Shreveport. Louisiana; Kappa Sigma; Alpha Kappa Kappa. NORMAN DINHOFER. Medicine; Brooklyn. New York; Kappa Nu. HENRY M. DISMUKES, Medicine; Mobile, Ala- bama; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Chi. THOMAS C DONALD. JR., Medicine; Birming- I.JmI, Alabama; Ddlta Kappa Epsilon; Phi Chi. HAROLD G. DORAN. Commerce; Murray, Ken- td .ky; Kappa Sigma; Taffail Club; Oak Leaves. KATHARINE J. DOUGLAS, Newcomb; New Or- leans, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi; Math Club; Y. W. C. A.. President; Who ' s Who; Easter Sunrise Service, Co-Chairman. LEO G, DOUTHIT, A. S.; Alexandria, Lou- isiana. KENNETH K. DUGAN, Medicine; Drexel, Mis- souri. JAMES C. DUNAVANT. Engineering; Richmond, Virginia; Phi Kappa Sigma; Taffrail Club. DONALD R. DUNCAN, A S.; Thomas, West Virginia; Greenbackers; Taffrail Club " ; Varsity Basketball. BRUCE DUNN. Engineering; El Paso. Texas; Band; Wesley Foundation. JULES DUPONT. Medicine; Houma, Louisiana; Phi Chi; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Owl Club; Honor Cjuncil. FORTY- SIX ELBERT J. DICKERT, Medicine; Newberry. South Carolina; Phi Chi. VERNON J. DUPRE. Commerce; New Orleans. Louisiana; Oak Leaves; Newman Club. 34 W, CURRIER DABNEr OAHLSTROM DAHMES DAMUTH DURHAM DURLAND EDE EDWARDS ELDER C. ELLIS G. ELLIS ELMORE ENNS ETHRIDGE EVANS EWIN EYRICH FAITH PARI NET FARWELL C. FAUST J. FAUST R. FAUST W FAUST FECHTEL FLOWERS FOLLETT FORMAN H, FOSTER P. FOSTER FOWLER FRAERING D. FRANKEL JESSE C. DURHAM. JR., Engineering: Fort Payne. Alabama; Alpha Phi Omega; A. I. E. E.; Baptist Student Union. JOAN P. DURLAND. Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma. MITCHELL EDE. Medicine; Hattiesburg, Missis- sippi; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Beta Mu. HELEN C, EDWARDS, Commerce; New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu. JOHN W. ELDER. Engineering; Birmingham, Ala- bama; Alpha Tau Omega; Math Club; Taffrail Club. CHRISTINE ELLIS, Medicine; Due West, South Carolina. SEORSE S. ELLIS, Medicine; Marshall. Texas; Phi Rho Sigma; Phi Theta Kappa. JOHN D. ELMORE, Medicine; Montgomery, Ala- bama; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Chi; Alpha Epsilon Delta. PAUL S. ENNS, Commerce; Inman, Kansas; Pi Kappa Alpha. CHARLES F. ETHRIDGE, JR., A. S.; Lake Charles, Louisiana; Math Club; Taffrail Club. ALTON N. EVANS, Medicine; Waco, Texas; Sig- ma Chi; Nu Sigma Nu; Phi Beta Kappa. DABNEY M. EWIN, Engineering; New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi; Glee Club, Operetta; Jambalaya; Taffrail Club. LLOYD C. EYRICH, JR., Medicine; New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Phi Beta Kappa. CONNIE FAUST, Newcomb; New Orleans, Lou- isiana; Pi Beta Phi; Alpha Sigma Sigma; Stu- dent Body President; Student Council Vice-Presi- dent; Publications Board; Assets; Honor Board; Newman Club; Lagnlappes; Student Center Coun- cil; Who ' s Who. JEAN L. FAUST, Newcomb; New Orleans, Lou- isiana; Chi Omega; Beta Beta Beta; Math Club. RICHARD A. FAUST. Medicine; New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha; Nu Sigma Nu Vice- President. Kappa Delta Phi President. Omicron Delta Kappa; Vice-President, Beta Mu; History of Medicine Society; Owl Club; Varsity Foot- ball, Freshmen Class President; Who ' s Who. WILLIAM D. FAUST, Engineering; New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon; E. T. A.; Green- backers; Lagnlappes; Taffrail Club. ALBERT T. FECHTEL, Medicine; Jacksonville, Forlda; Nu Sigma Nu. JACK W, FLOWERS, Medicine; Waco, Texas; Phi Chi. GEORGE J. FLYNN, Engineering; Boston, Mas- sachusetts. PRESCOTT H FOLLETT, Engineering; New Or- leans. Louisiana; Kappa Sigma; T. S. C. E. JEROME B. FORMAN. Medicine; Brooklyn, New York; Phi Lambda Kappa. HELENLEE FOSTER, Social Work; Seminole, Okla- homa; Delta Gamma; PsI Chi. PAUL S. FOSTER, Medicine; Opp, Alabama; Sigma Nu; Phi Chi. Hungover? JO ANN F AITH, Social Work; Winnfield, Lou- isiana; Student Council; Student Body President; Who ' s Who. JOE W. FOWLER, Engineering; Lynnville, Ten- nessee; PI Kappa Apha; A. S. M. E, CLASS OF GENE L. FARINET, A. S.; Canton, Ohio; Phi Delta Theta; Campus Night Chairman; Taffrail Club; Forum; Hullabaloo. WILLIAM J. FRAERING. Engineering; New Or- leans, Louisiana; Delta Tau Delta; A. S. M. E.; E. T. A.; Greenbackers; Pan-Hellenic Council. IVIIVETEEX NANCY L. FARWELL, Newcomb; Winnefka, Il- linois; Forum, DORIS J. FRANKEL, Newcomb; Danville. Ken- tucky; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Hullabaloo; Theatre. FORTY-SIX 37 JACK FRANKEL, Medicine; Jamaica, New York. WILLIAM D. FRANKLIN. Medicine; Kew Gar- dens. New York; Phi Beta Kappa; A. O. A. FORREST H. FRANTZ, A. S.; Coplay, Pennsyl- vania; Kappa Sigma; Gamma Delta; Taffrail Club. ANDREW V. FRIEDRICHS, JR., A. S S.; New Orleans. Louisiana; Alpha Tau Omega; Green- backers. W. RAY FRYE, Commerce; Minden, Louisiana; Student Body President; Publications Board; Stu- dent Council; Y. M. C. A.; Oak Leaves; Who ' s Who. SARAH E. GIBSON, Newcomb; Port Arthur, Texas; Phi Ceta Kappa. HALE GIFFEN, Medicine; Sacramento, California; Kappa Alpha; Nu Sigma Nu. RE3ECCA N. GILBERT, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana. KENNETH R. GILLELAND, A. S.; Hobart, Oklahoma; Tfffrail Club. HAROLD GLICK, Medicine; New York, New York. Raising cane. C LA S S O F FREDERICK R. FRIZELLE, JR., Engineering; Oahu, Hawaii; A. S. M. E. WARREN J. GADPAILLE. A. S.; New Or- leans, Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi; Phi Beta Kap- pa; A Cappelia Choir; Gfee Club; Operetta. RALPH D. GAINES, JR., Commerce; Talladega, Alabama; Pi Kappa Alpha; Alpha Phi Omega. BENJAMIN T. GALLOWAY, JR., Medicine; Moul- trie, Georgia: Nu Sigma Nu; Owl Club. JAMES L. GAMMELL, Engineering; Atlanta, Georgia; Kappa Alpha, Math Club. HARRY W. GARRETT, A. S.; Vivian. Louisiana; Pi Kappa Alpha; Alpha Phi Omega; Greenback- ers; Lagniappes; Pan-Hellenic Council; Taffrail Club; Y. M. C. A. RAUL A. GA5TEAZORO. Medicine; Panama City, Panama. JEANNE E. GAUDET, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Art Club. JOHN W. GOAD, JR., Engineering; Newport News, Virginia; Taffrail Club. JOHN L. GOBLE, A. S.; Delaware, Ohio; Chi Phi; Taffrail Club; Forum. IRVIN A. GOLDMAN, Medicine; Bogalusa, Lou- isiana; Kappa Nu; Phi Lambda Kappa. JEANNE L. GOLTMAN, Newcomb; Memphis, Tennessee; Alpha Epsilon Phi; I. R. C. PEGGY H. GOLTMAN, Newcomb; Memphis, Ten- nessee; Alpha Epsilon Phi; I. R, C. DORIS J. GOMES. Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Gamma Delta; Forum. ROBERT H. GOODMAN, A. i S.; Jersey City, New Jersey. SEYMOUR GOODSTEIN. Medicine; Brooklyn, New York; Phi Lambda Kappa. K IXETEE] JAMES H. GENTRY, Medicine; Montgomery, Alabama; Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Chi; Band; Glee Club; Operetta; Symphony Orchestra. PATRICIA W. GOODWIN, Newcomb; Charlotte, North Carolina; Pi Beta Phi; Dance Club; Glee Club. FORTY-Si:X PATRICIA J. GIBBENS. Newcomb; New Or- leans, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi; Athlefic Council. VIRGINIA GORDERO, Social Work; Isabela. Puerio Rico. 38 J, PRANKEL FRANKLIN FRANTZ FRIEDRICHS FRYE FRIZELLE GADPAILLE GAINES GALLOWAr GAMMELL GARRETT GASTEAZORO GAUDET GENTRY GIBBENS GIBSON GIFFEN GILBERT GILLELAND GLICK GOAD GOBLE GOLDMAN J. GOLTMAN P. GOLTMAN GOMES GOODMAft GOODSTEIN GOODWIN SORDERO GORDON GRAHAM GRAY M. GREEN T. GREEN GURTNER GUTTMAN GWIN A. HALL T. HALL HAMMAN HANNA HARDEE HARDEY HARDIE HARPER HARRAH HARRIS HART HASSAKIS DOUGLAS L. GORDON, Medicine; Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Nu Sigma Nu; Phi Delta Theta; His- tory of Medicine Society; Owl Club; A, O. A. STEPHEN H. GRAHAM, Medicine; Loredo, Texas Phi Chi. DONALD D. GRAY, A, S.; Kansas City, Kan- sas; Taffrail Club. MARVIN GREEN, Medicine; Brool lyn, New York; Phi Lambda Kappa; Medical Pan-Hellenic. THOMAS Z. GREEN. Engineering; Crawfords- ville, Indiana; Sigma Chi; Taffrail Club. WILLIAM J. GREEN, Engineering; Shamrock, Texas; Kappa Sigma, Taffrail Club. MIRIAM GREENBERG, Newcomb; Atlanta, Geor- gia. MILES R. GREER, Commerce; Missouri Valley, Iowa; Beta Theta Pi; Band; Campus Night; Taff- rail Club. DONALD W. GRIMES, Medicine; Palmetto, Florida; Alpha Kappa Kappa. JANE A. GROS, Commerce; New Orleans, Lou- isiana; Phi Mu; Lagniappes. FRANK G. GRUICH. Medicine; Biloxi, Missis- sippi. FRANZ E. GUERARD, JR., Engineering; San An- tonio, Texas; Taffrail Club. JOHN S. GUERRANT, Medicine; Sherman, Texas. DORIS M. GURTNER, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana. PAUL B, GUTTMAN, Medicine; Corpus ChristI, Tex- ' s; Phi Chi; History of Medicine Society. JUDSON C. GWIN, Medicine; Sumlton, Ala- bama, ALLON K, HALL, JR., Medicine; San Angelo, Texas; Theta Kappa PsI; History of Medicine Society, THOMAS C. HALL, Law; New Orleans, Lou- isiana; Kappa Sigma; Tulane Veterans ' Associa- tion, BOBBY McC. HAMMAN. A. S.; Jonesboro, Arkansas; Pi Kappa Alpha; Math Club; Student Council; Taffrail Club; Student Body President; Who ' s Who, HARRY L. HANNA, Engineering; Kansas City, Missouri; A. S. M. E. HOWARD D. HARDEE, Medicine; Fernandina, Florida; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Beta Mu. CHARLES O. HARDEY, Law; Shreveport, Lou- isiana; Kappa Sigma; Senior Class Secretary- Treasurer; Pan-Hellenic Council; Intramural Soft- ball. ROBERT H. HARDIE. Medicine; Houston, Texas; Phi Chi. VIVIAN E. HARPER, Newcomb; Monroe, Lou- isiana; Kappa Alpha Theta. THOMAS K. HARRAH, Commerce; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Pi Kappa Alpha; Tulanlans. ERLE W. HARRIS, JR., Medicine; Shreveport, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha; Phi Chi. What a grin! CAROL B. HART, Commerce; New Orleans, Lou- isiana- Zeta Beta Tau; Jambalaya; Hullabaloo; FRANCES W GUIDRY, Newcomb; New Orleans, Forum ' , Louisiana; Glee Club; Operetta. C LA S S O F IVIIVETEEX JOSEPH A. GUILBEAU, JR,, Medicine; Newgulf, Texas; Beta Theta Pi; Phi Chi, DEMETRI HA SSAKIS, Commerce; Mt. Vernon, Illinois; Kappa Sigma; Glendy Burke; Taffrail Club; Student Body President; Student Council. FORTY-SIX 41 Hiding? C LA S $ O F NIXETEEX MARCIA C. HATHAWAY, Newcomb; New Or- leans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta; A Cappella Choir President; Festival Choir; Elizabethans; Glee Club; Operetta. MAURICE F. HATREL. JR-, Engineering; Ne» Orleans, Louisiana; A. I. E. E. LEONARD F. HATTAWAY, Medicine; Wascom, Texas; Phi Chi; Owl Club. LEMUEL D. HAUGHTON, .IR., Medicine; Hattles- burg. Mississippi; Pi Kappa Alpha; Phi Chi; O. D. K MENDELL A. HAWK, Commerce: St. Joseph, Missauil. ALFRED K. HAWKES, Medicine; Goulds. Flor- ida DOROTHY W. HECHT, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi President; Hullabaloo; Spectators. JOSEPH J. HEIN, JR., A. i S.; Houston, Texas; Delta Til. I Delta; Taflrall Log; Taffrail Club; Math C ' . ' ib. WILLIAM A. HELSETH, Engineering; Jacksonville, Florida; Taffrail Club. ROBERT G. HENDON. JR.; Medicine; Birming- ham, Alabama; Sigma Alpha Epsllon; Phi Chi; A. O. A ALTON M. HENRICKSON, JR., Engineering; New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Tau Delta; T. S. C. E., Secretary-Treasurer. CARROLL V. HERRON, Medicine; Monessen, Pennsylvania; Nu Sigma Nu. ARTHUR D. HERTZBERG, Medicine; Bayonne, New Jersey; Phi Lambda Kappa. LAWRENCE H. HICKMAN, A. S.; Vicksburg, Mississippi; Taffrail Club. VAL V. HICKMAN, Commerce; Hortense, Texas. WARREN H. HIGGINBOTHAM, Medicine; Hous- ton, Texas; Phi Kappa Sigma, Phi Chi. ANN HIGGISON, Newcomb; Mobile, Alabama; Alpha Omicion Pi; Glee Club; Operetta. H. JACK HINRICHS, Engineering; New Or- leans, Louisiana; Pi Kappa Alpha; Tau Beta PI Secretary; Techni-Torque; Editor A. S. M. E.; E. T. A.; Who ' s Who SAMUEL L, HINTON, Engineering; Canton, Mis- sissippi; Sigma Chi; A. S. M. E.; E. T. A. JOSEPH R. HIRSCH. Medicine; Greenville, Mis- sissippi; Zeta Beta Tau; Phi Delta Epsilon; His- tory of Medicine Society; Owl Club; Pan-Hel- lenic Council. HICHARD S. HODES, Medicine; Deland, Flor- ida; Sigma Alpha Mu; Phi Delta Epsilon. JAMES E. HOLMES, Medicine; San Antonio, Texas; Theta Kappa Psi; Owl Club. JAMES W. HOLMES, Medicine; Miami, Florida. W. LYALL HOWELL, JR., Medicine; New Or- leans, Louisiana; Phi Chi; Phi Beta Kappa; O. D. K.; Kappa Delta Phi; History of Medicine Society; Owl Club; Senior Class President; Pub- lications Board; Who ' s Who. SAMERILL B. HUTTON, JR., Medicine; Fort Smith, Arkansas; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Chi. AGNES A. lANNAZZO, Newcomb; New Or- leans, Louisiana; Newman Club. CLARENCE A. IMBODEN, JR., Medicine; Mor- rilton, Arkansas; Nu Sigma Nu. JAMES L. IRVINE, Medicine; Fresno, Ciiifjr- nia. FORTY- SIX JOHN T. HICKS, JR., Medicine; Epps, Louisiana; Nu Sigma Nu. DALTON M. IVINS, Engineering; Memphis. Ten- nessee; Delta Tau Delta; Student Body Secretary; A S. M. E.; E. T. A.; Pan-Hellenic Council. 42 HATHAWAY HATREL HATTAWAY HAUGHTON MENDELL HAWKES HECHT HEiN HELSETH HENDON HENRICKSON HERRON HERTZBERS L. HICKMAN V. HICKMAN HICKS HISGINB07HAM HIGGISON HINRICHS HINTON HIRSCH HODES J. E. HOLMES J. W. HOLMES HOWELL HUTTON IANNAZ20 IMBODEN IRVINE IVINS C. JAMES n. JAMES JARRELL JIMENEZ JOFKO JOHNS C. JOHNSON O. JOHNSON JORDAN JOSLIN JUNG KAMAIKO KANT KARBACH H. KARCHMER N. KARCHMER KARTER B. KATZ D. KATZ KEENAN KENAN KILGORE KILLION KIMBELL J. KING R. KING W. KING KLINE KNOLLE KOOK CHARLES L. JAMES, Medicine; Mobile Ala- bama; Phi Beta Pi. FRED R. JAMES, A. S.; Prague, Oklahoma; Glendy Burke; Math Club; Taffrail Club; Forum; Phi Beta Kappa. MARION L. JARRELL, Medicine; Alexandria, Louisiana; Phi Kappa Sigma; Nu Sigma Nu, RAFAEL A. JIMENEZ, Medicine; Sanlurce, Puerto Rico. JOHN JOFKO, Medicine; Passaic, New Jersey. NORMAN T. KARCHMER, A. S.; New Or- leans, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Mu; Forum. DORIS M, KARTER, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu; Lagniappes; Math Club; Spanish Club; Newman Club. BURTON KAT2 Medicine; Brooklyn, New York DAVID KATZ, A. S S.; Brooklyn, New York; .Jambalaya; Hullabaloo; Forum. SUSAN C. KEENAN. Newcomb; Shreveport, Lou- isana; Zeta Tau Alpha; Glee Club; Y. W. C. A. LEO E. JOHNS, JR., Medicine; Floresyille, Texas; Phi Kappa Sigma; Nu Sigma Nu. CHARLES O. JOHNSON, A. t S.; Monroe, Lou- isiana; Glendy Burke; Phi Beta Kappa. OWEN B. JOHNSON, Medicine; Peru, Indiana; Thcta Kappa Psi; Freshman Class Vice-President. IRVINE G. JORDAN. JR., Medicine; Dallas. Texas; Nu Sigma Nu; Owl Club. HARRY W. JOSLIN. A. S., Phoenix, Arizona; Taffrail Club. RODNEY C. JUNG, Medicine; New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Rho Sigma; Beta Mu; Phi Beta Kappa; A. O. A.; Kappa Delta Phi; History of Medicine Society; Owl Club; A Cappella Choir; S!ee Club; Operetta; Sophomore Class Treasurer; Student Body Treasurer; Paul Tulane Fellow. EMMAGENE G. KAMAIKO, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Newcomb I. R. C; Spec- tators; Forum. L. ELIZABETH KENAN. Newcomb; Selma, Ala- bama; Alpha Omicron Pi. FRANK J. KILSORE, Engineering; Dallas, Texas; Sigma Chi; Math Club; Taffrail Club. V AYNE W. KILLION, A. S S.; Foley, Alabama; Taffrail Club. FARISS D. KIMBELL, Medicine; Tucson, Arizona; Alpha Kappa Kappa. JOSEPH C. KING, Medicine; Jackson, Missis- sippi; Zeta Beta Tau; Beta Mu; Phi Beta Kappa; A. O. A.; Phi Delta Epsilon. RICHARD H. KING. Commerce; Louisville, Ken- tucky; Alpha Phi Omega; President Band; Presi- dent Y. M. C. A.; President Senior Class; Vice- President Theta Nu; Theatre; Operetta; Hulla- baloo; Wesley Foundation; Omicron Delta Kappa; Kappa Delta Phi; Who ' s Who; Beta Gamma Sigma. WILLIAMS F. KING. Engineering; New Or- leans, Louisiana; A. S. M. E. TNT? MORRIS KANT, Engineering; Brooklyn. New York; A. I. E. E.; Tau Beta Pi. RICHARD H. KLINE. Engineering; Anderson. In- diana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. C LA S S O F NELSON W. KARBACH. JR., Medicine; Hous- ton. Texas. WILKES A. KNOLLE. Medicine; New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Tau Delta; Theta Kappa Psi. IVIXETEEN HARRIET B. KARCHMER. Newcomb; New Or- leans, Louisiana; Eta Siqnna Phi; La Tertulia; French Club; Oreades. S. LEWIS KOOK. Medicine; Jersey City. New Jersey; Kappa Nu; Phi Lambda Kappa. FORTY- SIX 45 WALLACE KORN, Medicine; Brooklyn. New York. JAMES L, KOTCH, Engineering; Little Rock, Arkansas; Sigma Alpha Epsllon; Alpha Chi Sig- ma: A. I. of Ch E, President, DAN J. KRAFT. Engineering; Biloxl, Mississsippi; Sigma Chi; Taffrail Club. RICHARD W. KRAMER, Medicine; Jennings, Lou- isiana; Phi Chi. ROBERT C. KREUTZER. Engineering; St. Louis, Missouri; Pi Kappa Alpha; A. S. M. E. CLARENCE C. LASTER. JR.. A. S.; Vivian, Louisiana. CHARLES F. LAY, Commerce; Gibsonburg, Ohio; Pi Kappa Alpha; Oak Leaves. WILLIAM J. LEAHEY, Engineering; Rensselaer, New York; Taffrail Club; Varsity Football. JAMES K. LEES, Medicine; Jacksonville, Florida; Theta Kappa Psi. DUDLEY LEIBOWITZ, Medicine; Brooklyn, New York; Phi Lambda Kappa. Cute, isn ' f he? CLASS OF JACK KUSHNER, Medicine; New York. New York; Kappa Nu; Phi Lambda Kappa. RAYMOND L. LAAKSO, Commerce; Biloxi, Mis- sissippi. JOHN W. LAFFERTY, Medicine; New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Chi. HARRIET H. LAIRD. Newcomb; New Orleans. Louisiana; Newman Club; French Club. KATHERINE E. LAIRD, Newcomb: New Orleans. Louisiana; Newman Club; French Club. JEAN R. LAMBOU. Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Beta Kappa. ROBERT C. LANCASTER. Medicine; Bolton, Mis- sissippi; Theta Kappa Psi; History of Medicine Society; Owl Club; Class President; Student Body Secretary. LAURA B. LANDRY. Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi; Glee Club; Theatre; Can- terbury Club. MARGARET S. LEMARIE, Newcomb; New Or- leans, Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi. HENRY F. LeMIEUX. Engineering; New Orleans, Louisiana; A. I. E. E.; E. T. A.; Greenbackers. WILLIAM F. LENFESTEY. A. S.; Tampa. Florida; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Taffrail Club; Y. M. C. A. LESTER L. LENZ, Engineering; Augusta, Kansas; Math Club; A. I. E. E. JOANNE STERN LEVEY. Newcomb; New Or- leans, Louisiana. MELVIN H. LEVIN. Medicine; Winfhrop, Mas- sachusetts; Phi Lambda Kappa. TE55 A. LEVY, Newcomb; New Orleans, Lou- isiana; Alpha Epsilon Phi. WALTER E. LEVY, JR., Medicine; New Orleans, Louisiana; Zeta Beta Tau; Phi Delta Epsilon; Beta Mu; History of Medicine Society; Senior Class Vice-President. XIXETEEN HENRY I. LANGSTON, Medicine; New Hebron, Mississippi; Phi Chi. BERNARD L. LEWIS, A. S.; Storm Lake, Iowa; Math Club; Taffrail Club. FORTY-SIX A. C. LASSITER, A. S.; Cleveland, Mississippi; Alpha Phi Omega; PI Kappa Alpha; Taffrail Log; Greenbackers; Lagniappes; Taffrail Club; Y. M, C. A. ROYCE C. LEWIS, JR., Medicine; Shamrock Texas; Phi Chi; A. O. A. 46 KORN KOTCH KRAFT KRAMER KREUTZER KUSHNER LAAKSQ LAFFERTY H. LAIRD K. LAIRD LAMBOU LANCASTER LANDRY LANGSTON LAS51TER , LASTER LAY LEAHEY LEES LEIBOWITZ LEMARIE LeMIEUX LENFESTEY LENZ LEVEY LEVIN T. LEVY W. LEVY B. LEWIS R. LEWIS LICHTBLAU LIEURANCE LILES LISTER LITTLE LOB LOCKE LODWICK LOSAN LONG LORRAIN LOW LUCKETT LYNN LYONS McBRIDE J. McCALL W. McCALL McCASKEY McCLURE McCURLEY McDONOUGH McGEE McHALE McHENRY B. MclNTOSH T. MclNTOSH McMAINS McMillan McMILLEN PHILIP O. LICHTBLAU, Medicine; Union City, New Jersey. RICHARD E. LIEURANCE, Texas; Alpha Tau Omega. Medicine; Amarillo, HUSH A. LILES, Engineering; Birmingham, Ala. bama; Alpha Tau Omega; Greenbaclcers; Math Club; Taffrail Club; Track. ROBERT H. LISTER, JR., Medicine; Birmingham, Alabama; PI Kappa Alpha; Theta Kappa Psi. WILLIAM F. LITTLE, JR., Medicine; Wetumpka, Alabama; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Chi. CHESTER G. LOB. Engineering; New Orleans, La.; Tau Beta Pi President; Senior Class Presi- dent; A. I. E. E. Chairman; Techni-Torque; E. T. A.; Publications Board; Who ' s Who; Omi- cron Delta Kappa; Kappa Delta Phi. CORBET C. LOCKE, Theta Kappa Psi. Medicine; Center, Te xas; BETTY J. LODWICK, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana. SAMUEL LOSAN, Medicine; New Orleans, Lou- isiana; Phi Chi; Kappa Delta Phi President; Beta Mu; History of Medicine Society President; Greenbackers; Lagniappes; Owl Club; Y. M. C. A.; Honor Board; Who ' s Who; Omicron Del- ta Kappa. STEWART M. LONG, Medicine; gia; Sigma Chi; Nu Sigma Nu. Atlanta, Geor- PAUL HENRY LORRAIN, A. S.; Melder, Lou- isiana; Phi Kappa Sigma; Greenbackers; Math Club; Taffrail Club; Intramurals; Student Body Secretary-Treasurer; Newman Club; Track. ROBERT E. LOW, Medicine; Fort Worth. Texas. HENRY P. LUCKETT, Engineering; Alexandria. Louisiana; Kappa Alpha; A. S. M. E.; Tau Beta PI. JAMES P. McBRIDE, Engineering; Lafayette, Lou- isiana; Sigma Chi; Taffrail Club. JOHN W. McCALL, Jr., Medicine; Jasper, Texas; Theta Kappa Psi. WILLIAM W. McCALL, Tennessee; Nu Sigma Nu. Medicine; Covington. GEORGE E. McCASKEY, JR., Medicine; New Orleans, Louisiana; PI Kappa Alpha; Nu Sigma Nu; Kappa Delta Phi; O. D. K. President; Owl Club; Freshman Class Secretary; Student Body Vice-President; Who ' s Who. BEVERLY S. McCLURE, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu; Theatre; Y. W. C. A.; Span- ish Club. DONALD R. McCURLEY, A. S.; Reserve, Lou- isiana; Sli ma PI; Junior Class President; Wesley Foundation; " Greenbackers; Lagniappes; Tulane Veterans ' Association; Cheerleader. MARTHA L. McDONOUGH. Newcomb; Orleans, Louisiana; Pi eta Phi. New SIBYL L. McGEE, Commerce; New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Zeta. CHARLES E. McHALE, JR., Engineering; New Orleans, Louisiana; Glendy Burke; Taffrail Club; Theatre; Forum. ARMAND G. McHENRY, JR., Medicine; Monroe, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Nu Sigma Nu; Owl Club. BETTY MclNTOSH, Newcomb, Savannah, Georgia; Pi Beta Phi; French Club; Dance Club President; Dormitory Council; Pan-Hellenic Council; Spec- tators. THOMAS B. MclNTOSH, A. S,, Gulfport, Mississippi; Delta Sigrra Phi Vice-President; Kap- pa Delta Phi Secretary; Cheerleaders; Green- backers President; Lagniappes; Pan-Hellenic Council; Student Center Council President; Taff- rail Club; Theatre; Student Body Vice-President; Sophomore Class President; Who ' s Who. FRANCIS C. McMAiNS. Medicine; Albuquerque. New Mexico; Phi Chi; A. O. A. Mr. Frnica, 1 presume? C LA S S O F JAMES W. LYNN, JR., Medicine; Belcher, Lou- isiana; Kappa Alpha; Eta Sigma Phi; Nu Sigma Nu; Owl Club. CHARLES D. McMILLAN, Medicine; Paris. Texas; Phi Kappa Sigma; Theta Kappa Psi; Owl Club. 1 I X ETEE ] THOMAS G. LYONS, Medicine; Stockton. Cali fornia; Phi Rho Sigma; Pan-HeMenlc Council. FRANK V. McMILLEN, II, Engineering; Columbia. Tennessee; Phi Kappa Sigma; Greenbackers, Taff- ra ' l Club. F O R T Y- S I X 49 Harvey a. MACKEY, Engineering; Indianapo- lis, Ind.: A. 5. M. E,; Math Club; Taffrail Club; Track Team. MARY M. MADISON, Newcomb; Bastrop, Lou- isiana; Alpha Omicron Pi; Senior Class Treasurer; Chapel Chairman; Mistress of Revels. FRANCES MAGUIRE. Law; Shreveport; Louisiana; Delta Delta Delta; Delta Gamma Delta. ANDREW H. MALHEIM. A. S S.; Gretna, Lou- isiana; Delta Sigma Phi; Jambalaya, Y. M. C. A.; Gamma Delta; Junior Class Secretary-Treasurer. MELVIN MANDEL, Medicine; Broolilyn. New York. High C7 EDWARD R. MEADOWS, Medicine; Birmingham, Alabama; Beta Theta Pi; Phi Chi; History of Medicine Society; Owl Club. EDWARD F. MEARES, Medicine; Clearwater, Florida. PAUL R. MECOUCH, Commerce; Rutledge, Pennsylvania; Tulanians Business Manager; Cam- pus Night; Lagniappes President; Oak Leaves. ROBERT R. MEEKER, JR., A. S.; Pensacola, Florida; Kappa Sigma. Taffrail Club. ARTHUR M. MEISEL, Medicine; Brooklyn, New York; Kappa Nu; Phi Delta Epsilon; Spectators; Theatre. C LA S S O F JOHN B. MANN, JR.; Engineering; Mulberry, Florida; Kappa Sigma; Taffrail Club President; Battalion Commander. NELSON MANOWIT2, Medicine; Jersey City, New Jersey; Phi Lambda Kappa; History of Medicine Society. ALYCE MARECHAl, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta. BERTHE L. MARKS, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Lagniappes. JOHN S. MARTIN, A. $, S.; St. Louis, Mis- souri; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Greenbackers. JOHN R. MARTINEAU, Medicine; Salt Lake City, Utah. MARY F. MARULLO, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Spanish Club President; Newman Club; Phi Beta Kappa. MARILYN MATTHEW, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi. CHALITA M. MENENDEZ, Newcomb; New Or- leans, Louisiana; Delta Zeta, Beta Beta Beta; Campus Night; Newman Club. HINTON J. MERRITT, Medicine; Colquitt, Geor- gia; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Chi. A. LANE MILLER, JR., Medicine; New Or- leans, Louisiana. JOHN K. MILLER, Medicine; Nashville, Ten- nessee. TOMMYE G. MIRANDONA, Newcomb; New Or- leans, Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi; Art Club. MIMS MITCHELL, JR., Medicine; Magee, Mis- sissippi; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Pi Kappa Alpha; Phi Chi. LELAND E. MOORE, Engineering; Tulsa, Okla- homa; Pi Kappa Alpha. DOROTHY R. MOREL, Commerce; New Orleans, Louisiana; Zeta Tau Alpha. XIXETEEX FRANK V. MAYER, Medicine; New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Rho Sigma; History of Medicine Society. JESSE B. MORGAN, Commerce, Glendale, Cali- fornia. FORTY-SIX ANNE S. MAYFIELD, Newcomb; New Orleans. Louisiana; Alpha Omicron PI; Beta Beta Beta; Canterbury Club, BEVERLY C. MORSE. Newcomb; Kansas City, Missouri; Zeta Tau Alpha. 50 MACKEY MADISON MAGUIRE MALHEIM MANDEL MANN MANOWITZ MARECHAL MARKS MARTIN MARTINEAU MARULLO MATTHEW MAYER MAYFIELD MEADOWS MEARES MECOUCH MEEKER MEISEL MENENDEZ MERRiTT A. MILLER J. MILLER MIRANDONa MITCHELL MOORE MOREL MORGAN MORSE m MOSCHELLA P. MOSELEY S. MOSELEY MOSKOWITZ C. MOSS P. MOSS S. MOSS MOTAL MOTEN MOTTRAM MOULIN MOYERS MUGNIER MUHLEISEN MUNSON MYERS NEWELL NEWSOM NOXON NYBERG NYLAND OBAUSH OBIER O ' BRIEN OLSON O ' QUINN ORLOFF PACE PALFREY PARMLEY 5ALVAT0RE C. MOSCHELLA, Engineering; New Orleans. Louisiana; T. S, C. E, POPE L. MOSELEY, III, Commerce; Meridian, Mississippi; Sigma Chi. SAMUEL O. MOSELEY, JR.. Medicine; Selma, Alabama; Nu Sigma Nu; History of Medicine Society. HERBERT L. MOSKOWITZ. Medicine; Flatbush. New York; Kappa Nu; Forum. C. MURPHY MOSS, JR.. A. S.; Lake Charles, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi; Alpha Phi Omega; Omicron Delta Kappa; Kappa Delta Phi; Band; Glee Club; Jambalaya, Co-Editor; Hullabaloo Editor-in-Chief. Publications Board Siendy Burke; Greenbackers; Student Center Council; Theatre; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. Sopho- more Class Vice-President; Who ' s Who. PHILIP B. MOSS. Medicine; Kappa Sigma; Phi Chi. Selma, Alabama; SALLY RAE MOSS, Newcomb; Louisiana; Alpha Epsilon Phi. New Orleans, GERALD E. MOTAL, Engineering; El Campo. Texas; A. I. E. E WILLIAM M. MOTEN. A. S.; Western Grove, Arkansas. FRANCIS P. MOTTRAM, Engineering; New Or- leans, Louisiana; Delta Tau Delta; A. S. M. E.; E. T. A.; Greenbackers; Pan-Hellenic Council. ALBERT E. MOULIN, JR., Commerce; New Or- leans, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi; A Cappella Choir; Lagniappes; Operetta; Newman Club; Tulane Veterans ' Association Secretary, Vice- President. LOUISE M. MUNSON. Newcomb; Jeanerette. Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Pan Hellenic Council. EDWARD L. MYERS. Medicine; Joplin, Missouri; Theta Kappa Psi; History of Medicine Society. PAUL A. NEWELL, Commerce, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Sigma; Pan-Hellenic Council. WILLIAM T, NEWSOM, Texas; Theta Kappa Psi. Medicine; Coleman, ELVIN B. NOXON A. S.; San Antonio, Texas. FREDRIK F. NYBERG, Medicine; Wichita, Kan- sas; Nu Sigma Nu. JOCELYN A. NYLAND. Newcomb; Miami, Flor- Ida; Alpha Delta Pi; A Cappella Choir; Glee Club. HENRY W. OBAUGH, Commerce; Staunton. Vir- ginia; Kappa Sigma; Oak Leaves; Baseball Team; Intramural Softball; Intramural Basketball. LEILA M. OBIER, Newcomb; Plaquemine, Lou- isiana; Alpha Delta Pi. JOHN C. O BRIEN, Commerce; San Francisco, California. KENNETH S. OLSON, JR.. Engineering; Colum- bus, Georgia; Kappa Alpha. WAYNE E. O ' QUINN. Commerce; Pollock, Lou- isiana. STANLEY J. ORLOFF, Medicine; Brooklyn. New York; Kappa Nu. Look behind you, bud. LEVI J. MOYERS, Commerce; Cumberland Gap, Tenn, ROBERT E. PACE, JR., Medicine; Wichita Falls, Texas; Theta Kappa Psi. CLASS OF CHARLOTTE MUGNIER, Newcomb; Chalmetfe, Louisiana; Hullabaloo; Spectators Provost. WILLIAM G. PALFREY. Medicine; Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha, Nu Sigma Nu. NINETEEN JOHN P. MUHLEISEN, Medicine; New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Beta Mu; New- man Cluh; A O. A. JOHN R. PARMLEY, Medicine; Electra, Texas; Thela Kappa Psi FORTY-SIX 53 Home was never like this. CLASS OF SIDNEY K. PATE. A. S, S.; Law; New Or- leans, Louisia na; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Alpha Phi Omega; Law Review; Jambalaya Co-Editor; Publications Board; Glendy Burke; Lagniappes; Pan-Hellenic Council; Spectators; Student Center Council President; Y. M. C. A. President; Who ' s Who; Oniicron Delta Kappa. President; Kappa Delta Phi. THOMAS A. PATRICK. JR.. Medicine; Fayette- ville. Tennessee; Beta Theta Pi; Phi Chi President; History of Medicine Society; Owl Club; Pan- Hellenic Council. WILLIAM T. PATTON, Medicine; New Orleans. Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi; Phi Chi; Phi Beta Kappa; Orricron De ta Kappa; Kappa Delta Phi; Who ' s Who; History of Medicine Society; Treas- urer Owl Club; Medical; Pan-Hellenic Council. WALTER C. PAYNE. JR., Medicine; Pensacola. Florida; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Chi. JAMES H. PEEBLES, JR.. Engineering; Green- wood. Mississippi. NORVIN L. PELLERIN. Engineering; New Or- leans, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon President; A. s ' . M. E.; E. T. A.; Senior Class Secretary- Treasurer. FELICIEN PERRIN, Engineering; New Orle ans, Louisiana; A. S. M. E. President; E. T. A. Vice- President; Greenbackers; Techni-Torque; Student Member L. E. S.; Who ' s Who; Kappa Delta Phi. JAMES P. PERRINE, Medicine; West Monroe. Louisiana; Phi Chi. JOHN G. PFRIMMER, Engineering; Mobile Ala- bama; Taffrail Club. MARY L. PHILLIPS. Newcomb; Shreveport. Lou- isiana; Pi Beta Phi. MARION J. PICINICH, Medicine; New Orleans, Louisiana. ROBERT A. PIERPONT, JR., Engineering; New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Chi; Alpha Chi Sigma; A. I. of Ch. E., E. T. A.; Pan-Hellenic Council; Tau Beta Pi. ENOS R. PLEASANTS, Commerce; Grenada, Mis- sissippi; Kappa Alpha; Phi Eta Sigma; Lag- niappes, Taffrail Club. ROBERT W. POLCHOW, Law; New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Delta Phi; Moot Court; Glendy Burke; 1. R. C; War Forum; Y. M. C, A.; Kappa Delta Phi; Who ' s Who. THOMAS B PORTWOOD. JR.. Engineering; San Antonio, Texas; A. I. E. E. HARVEY H. POSNER, Law; Plaquemine. Lou- isiana; Zeta Beta Tau; Omicron Delta Kappa; Beta Gamma Sigma; Sigma. Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Eta JACK W. POU, Medicine; Shreveport, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha, Phi Chi; Owl Club. ELIZABETH POURCIAU, Newcomb; New Roads, Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi; Alpha Sigma Sig- ma; Dormitory Council; Student Government As- sociation; Honor Board; Who ' s Who; Homecom- ing Queen. GEORGE W. PRATHER, Medicine; St. Peters- burg, Florida; Phi Chi; Alpha Omega Alpha; History of Medicine Society; Owl Club. HUBERT L. PREVOST, Medicine; McCool, Missis- sippi; Theta Kappa Psi. THOMAS M. PRIDEAUX, Medicine; Lubbock, Texas; Phi Chi. SIDNEY J. PRINTZ, A. S.; New York, New York. MERRILL S. PROWS. Medicine; Glendale, Cali- fornia; Aloha Kappa Kappa, Alpha Omega Al- pha; History of Medicine Society. HUMBERTO QUIRARTE-A., Medicine; Juarez, Mexico; Beta Theta Pi. NERVE P. RACIVITCH, JR.. A. S.; Law; New Orleans, Louisiana; Glendy Burke; Theatre. RAFAEL V. RAMIREZ, Medicine; Rio Piedras; Puerto Rico. NIXETEEX ROBERT H. PIERSON, Law; Alexandria, Louisi- ana- Theatre; War Forum; Newman Club. NOAH H. RANGE, Medicine; Dallas, Texas; Nu Sigma Nu; History of Medicine Society. FORTY-SIX CHARLIE PINKOSON, Medicine; Gainesville, Florida; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Chi; Owl Club. JOSEPH H. RAPPEPORT, Medicine: Shreveport, Louisiana; Phi Delta Epsilon; Sigma Alpha Mu; Owl Club. 54 PATE PATRICK PATTON PAYNE PEEBLES PELLERIN PERRIN PERRINE PFRIMMER PHILLIPS PICINICH PIERPONT PIERSON PINKOSON PLEASANTS POLCHOW PORTWOOD POSNER POU POURCIAU PRATHER PREVOST PRIDEAUX PRINTZ PROWS pUIRARTE-A RACiVlTCH RAMIREZ RANGE RAPPEPORT RAULT RAY RAWLS REAMS REEVES REICH C. REID R. REID J. REYNOLDS W. REYNOLDS RHODES J. O. RICE J. B. RICE RICKER RIGAY RITCHIE RITTER ROBBINS ROBERTS ROBINSON ROCKAWAY RODDY RODRIGUEZ ROHN ROOKS A. ROSENTHAL J. ROSENTHAL ROSENWASSER ROSS ROY JOSEPH M. RAULT, JR., Engineering; New Or- leans. Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi; Kappa Delta Phi; A, S. M. E.; E. T. A.; Taffrail Log; Siendy Burl e; Cheerleader; Greenbacl ers; Lagniappes; Pan-Hellenic Council; Student Center Council; Taffrail Club; Varsity Track Team; Newman Club. CHARLES J. RAY, Medicine; Greenville, Ala- bama; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Chi; Owl Club. RAYMOND L. RAWLS. Engineering; S3u:h Nor. folk, Virginia; Signna Chi; E. T. A.; Green- backers; Taffrail Club; War Forum; Wrestling Team. BERNARD W. REAMS. Engineering; Portsmouth, Virginil; Pi Kappa Alpha; A. S. M. E.; Pan Hellenic. JAMES J. REEVES, Commerce; Besiemer, Ala- bama. ELEANOR A. REICH, Newcomb; Fort Worth, Texas; Kappa Alpha Theta; Art Club; Dormitory Council; Greenbackers. CHARLES B. REID, A. S S.; Red Bay, Ala- bama. ROBERT C. REID, Engineering; St. Augustine, Florida; Tau Beta Pi; A. S. M. E. JANE C. REYNOLDS, Newcomb; Caruthersville, Missouri; Glee Club; A Cappella Choir, Cam- pus Night. WILLIAM C. REYNOLDS, JR., Engineering; Bir- mingham, Alabama; Sigma Chi; A. S. M. E., E. T. A.; Campus Night; Greenbackers; Student Council; Student Body President; Varsity Foot- ball; Intramurals; Kappa Delta Phi; Who ' s Who. MAX RHODES, Engineering; New York, New York; Tau Epsilon Phi; A. I. E. E. JAMES O. RICE, Medicine, Kahlotus, Washing- ton; Theta Kappa Psi. JOHN B. RICE, JR., Medicine; Birmingham, Ala- bama; Theta Kappa Psi; Omicron Delta Kappa; History of Medicine Society; Owl Club. FLORENCE H, RICKER, Newcomb; Tulsa, Okla- homa; Alpha Omicron Pi; Glee Club; Art Club; Honor Board; Greenbackers; Student Center Council; Art School Vice-President; Junior Class President. JOSE ' M. RIGAY, A. « S.; Santjrce, Puerto Rico; Y. M. C. A. MARY LOU RITCHIE, Newcon-.b, Westwego, Lou- isiana; Y. W. C, A. ANDERSON B. RITTER, Engineering; Memphis, Tennessee; T. S. C. E. RAPHAEL L. ROBBINS, Medicine; Alexandria, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Mu; Phi Delta Epsilon; A ' pha Omega Alpha. JOHN W. ROBERTS, Commerce; Tulsa, Okla- homa; Delta Tau Delta; Canterbury Club. HARRY C. ROBINSON, JR., Engineering; Au- gusta. Georgia; Delta Kappa Epsilon; A. S. M. E ; E. T. A.; Greenbackers. HAROLD ROCKAWAY, A. S.; Brooklyn, New York; Sigma Alpha Mu; Greenbackers; Pan- He lenic. ANDREW J. RODDY. A. i S.; Hartsville, South Carolina; Y. M. C. A.; Phi Beta Kappa FELIX R. RODRIGUEZ, Medicine; Caracas, Vene- zuela. JAMES G. ROHN, Medicine; Visalia. California; Phi Chi. DAVID M. ROOKS, A. S.; New Orleans, Lou- isiana; Alpha Tau Omega. ARNOLD J. ROSENTHAL, Law; Alexandria, Lou- isiana; Senior Class President; Intramural Soft- ball. J. WILLIArvl ROSENTHAL, Medicine; New Or- leans, Louisiana; Zeta Beta Tau; Phi Delta Epsi- lon; Beta Mu; History of Medicine Society. SEYMOUR ROSENWASSER, A. S.; Brooklyn, New York; Bend; Student Affiliates of American Chemistry Society; Avukah. MARTIN E. ROSS, Commerce; Pine Bluff, Ark- ansas; Oak Leaves. ALONSO R. ROY, Medicine; David, Chirigui, Panama; History of Medicine Society. What did you break, Newell? CLASS OF N IBfETEEX FORTY-SIX 57 WILLIAM W. RUMANS, Engineering; Kansas City, i«(issouri; A. I. E. E. EARLINE J. RUTTED, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta; Theatre, DONALD L. SAFERSTEIN, Commerce; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Taffrail Club; Theatre; Beta Gamma Sigma. JOSE R. SALCEDO, Medicine; Maracaibo. Vene- zuela. JACK SALL, Medicine; Paterson, N. J. AMI W, SEAR, Newcomb; New Orleans, Lou- isiana. MARIANNE SEWELL, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta; Y, W. C, A.; Phi Beta Kappa. LAWRENCE SHAPIRO. Medicine; New York, New York. FLETCHER H. SHAW, A. S.; SI. Joseph, Ten- nessee; Taffrail Club. EDGAR C. SHARP, JR., Engineering; Houston, Texas, Pi Kappa Alpha, A. S. M. E. And then I sez LLOYD W. SALATHE, Engineering; New Orleans, Louisiana; Tau Beta Pi; A. S. M. E. MARGERY A. SANDFIELD, Newcomb; San An- tonio, Texas; Alpha Epsilon Phi. CLIFFORD E. SCHATZ, A. S S,; Tonkana, Okla- homa; Sigma Chi; Taffrail Club. LEWIS K. SCHLUMBRECHT, Engineering; New Orleans Louisiana; A. S. M. E. HERMAN B. SCHOENBERGER, Law; Buras, Lou- isiana ' Senior Class Vice-President. BARBARA A. SCHREIER, Newcomb; Morgan City, i,ouisiana; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Greenbackers; Forum. AUDREY A. SCHWARK, Newcomb; New Orleans. Louisiana; Dance Club; Newman Club. GEORGE SCHWARTZ, Medicine; Brooklyn, New York; Phi Lambda Kappa. GLORIA J. SHEARIN, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Sigma Omicron; French Club; Y. W. C. A.; Phi Beta Kappa. DOUGLAS B. SHERRILL, Medicine; Houston, Texas. PAUL E. SHICK, JR., Medicine; Plalnview, Texas; Phi Chi; History of Medicine Society; Owl Club. RALPH F. SHIRER, JR., Medicine; New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Sigma; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Beta Mu; History of Medicine Society; Newman Club. ELIZABETH A. SHOUGHRO. Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana. MARY R. SHOWERMAN, Commerce; New Or- leans, Louisiana. HERBERT J. SHULMAN, A. S.; Bayonne, New Jersey. C LA S S O F XIBfETEEX FREDRIC D. SCHWARZ, Commerce; New Or- leans, Louisiana; Sigma Pi; O. 0. K.; Kappa Delta Phi; Alpha Phi Omega, A Cappella Choir; Jambalaya; Hullabaloo Business Manager; Greenbackers; Lagniappes; Theatre; Easter Sun- rise Service Chairman. IRVING SHULMAN, Medicine; Bayonne, New Jersey; History of Medicine Society. MARGARET SAAL SIDNEY. A. S.; New Or- leans. Louisiana; TrI Beta; Assets. FORTY-SIX SAMUEL M. SCOTT. Medicine; Oakdale. Lou- isiana; Pi Kappa Alpha; Owl Club. SAUL SIE3END0RF. Medicine; Passaic, Nev Jersey; Phi Lcimbda Kappa. 58 RUMANS RUTT6R SAFERSTEIN SALCEDO SALL SALATHE SANDFIELD SCHATZ SCHLUMBRECHT SCHOENBERGER SCHREIER 5CHWARK SCHWARTZ 5CHWARZ SCOTT SEAR SEWELL SHAPIRO SHAW SHARP SHEARIN SHERRILL SHICK SHIRER SHOUGHRO SHOWERMAN H. SHULMAN I. SHULMAN SIDNEY, SIEGENDORF 8. SIMMONS K. SIMMONS SIMMS SIMON SIMPSON SLAGLE SMALLPAGE SMART D. SMITH E. SMITH H. SMITH K. SMITH L. SMITH SMITHERMAN SMITHEY SNELLING B. SOLOMON H. SOLOMON SOKOLSKY SOTO SOUDERES SOWARDS SOYLAND SPAETH SPARGO SPRINGER STALL STANLEY STAUSS H. STEEN ' " - " W ' ■ BOWIE K. SIMMONS, Engineering; Mobile, Ala- bama; A. S. M. E.; Band; Glee Club; Y, M, C. A.; E. T. A,; Tau Beta Pi. KIRKSEY SIMMONS, A. S.; New Orleans, Louisiana; A Cappella Choir; Phi Beta Kappa. JACK L. SIMMS, Law; Leesville, Louisiana; Phi Delta Phi; Law Review Editor-in-Chief; Student Body President; Student Council Secretary; Fresh- man Class President; Who ' s Who. HENRY G, SIMON, A. S. and Medicine; New Orleans, Louisiana; Zeta Beta Tau; History of Medicine Society. WALTER W. SIMPSON, Engineering; Birmingham, Alabama; Beta Theta PI; A. S. M. E,; E. T. A. CLARENCE H. SNELLING, JR., A. S.; New Orleans, Louisiana; Glendy Burke; Y. M, C. A,; Wesley Foundation; Easter Sunrise Service, Co- Chairman; Kappa Delta Phi. BERNARD M. SOLOMON, Medicine; NeW Or- leans, Louisiana; Zeta Beta Tau; Phi Delta Epsi- lon; Senior Class Treasurer. HARRY N. SOLOMON, Medicine; Las Vegas, New Mexico; Zeta Beta Tau; Beta Mu; Phi Beta Kappa. IRVING SOKOLSKY, Medicine; Houma, Louisiana; Kappa Nu. BERNARD SOTO, Medicine; Douglas, Arizona; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Owl Club; Junior Class Vice-President. Let the prof worry. CLARICE C. SLAGLE, Newcomb; Monroe, Lou- isiana; Chi Omega; Alpha Sigma Sigma; Honor Board; Greenbaclcers; Senior Class President; Who ' s Who JOHN B. SMALLPAGE, Engineering; New Or- leans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsllon; E. T. A.; Taffrail Log, Taffrail Club. RICHARD T. SMART, Engineering; VIcksburg, Mississippi; Taffrail Club. DENTON W. SMITH, Medicine; Merryville, Lou- isiana; Theta Kappa Psi. ETHELDRA G. SMITH, Newcomb; Mobile, Ala- bama; Pi Beta Phi; Jambalaya; Hullabaloo; Canterbury Club, HARRY B. SMITH, Engineering; Statesboro, Geor- gia; A. S. M. E. KENT S. SMITH, Commerce; Washington, D. C; Canterbury Club; Oak Leaves. LESLIE M. SMITH, Commerce; Norman, Okla- homa. JACPUELYN SOUDERES, Newcomb; New Or- leans, Louisiana; Zeta Tau Alpha; Greenbackers; Pan-Hellenic Council; Theatre. ROLLIN B. SOWARDS, Commerce; Texarkana, Texas; Beta Gamma Sigma. CHARLOTTE A. SOYLAND, Commerce; New Or- leans, Louisiana; Alpha Delta Pi; G mma Delta. JOHN E. SPAETH, Commerce; Los Angeles, California. WILLIAM G. SPARGO, Engineering; St. Louis, Missouri; A. S. M. E.; Glee Club; Track. ANN B. SPRINGER, A. S.; New Orleans, Lou- isiana; Kappa Alpha Theta; Theta Nu; Kappa Tau Alpha; Eta Sigma Phi; Hullabaloo. HENRY N. STALL, Engineering; New Orleans, Louisiana; A. S. M. E. JAMES F. STANLEY, Medicine; Enterprise, Ala- bama; Pi Kappa Phi; Phi Chi. CLASS OF GERALDINE SMITHERMAN, Newcomb; Shreve- port, Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi; Art Club President; Honor Board; Oreades; Tennis Club- Who ' s Who, EDWIN F, STAU5S, Engineering; Louisville, Ken- tucky; Taffrail Club; Sophomore Class President; fau Beta Pi. NIXETEEX TILLMAN A. SMITHEY, Engineering; Greenville, Texas; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Tulanlans. HANS F. STEEN, Engineering. Long Island, Nev. York; Phi Eta Sigma; A. S. M. E. FORTY-SIX 61 LESLIE E. STEEN, JR., Engineering; Mission Texas; Kappa Sigma. McDonald L. Stephens. Commerce; New Or- leans, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi; Taffrail Club. TEMPLE J. STEPHENS, Engineering; Moberly, Misso ' iri; Phi Delta Theta; A. S. M. E. SAMUEL STERN, II, Commerce; Glenside, Penn- sylvania; Delta Tau Delta; Pan-Hellenic Council. BUELL STEWART, Engineering; Austin, Te«as; Kappa Sigma. JOHN D. TALLANT, Engineering; Metairie, Lou. isiana; A. I. E. E.; Matti Club; Spectators; Taffrail Club. TOKUSO TANIGUCHI, Medicine; Hilo, Hawaii; Phi Kappa Phi. LARRY R. TAYLOR, JR., A. S.; Dallas, Texas; Delta Sigma Phi; Campus Night Chairman; Student Body Vice-President; Honor Council; Greenbackers; Student Center Council; Taffrail Club; Theatre; Varsity Basketball; Kappa Delta Phi. ARTHUR H. TAYLOR, Commerce; Milan, Mich- igan; Delta Sigma Phi; Taffrail Club; Oak Leaves. Who ' s getting it? FRANK B. STEV ART, A. S S.; Memphis, Ten- nessee; Sigma Chi; Taffrail Club. J. HUNTER STOCK, Commerce; Memphis, Ten- nessee. MARTHA SUE STOKES, Commerce; Gadsden, Alabama; Alpha Omicron Pi; Tulane Veterans ' Association; Baptist Student Union; Operetta. HENRY H. ST. PAUL, III, Engineering; New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon, A. 5. M. E.; E. T. A.; Lagniappes; Pan-Hellenic Coun- ct. SAMUEL H. STRIBLING. Medicine; Philadelphia, Mississippi; Delta Tau Delta; Phi Chi; Beta Beta Beta; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Pi Kappa Pi; Phi Eta Sigma. HOWARD B. STRAUSS, Medicine; Greenwood, Mississippi; Zeta Beta Tau; Phi Beta Kappa. WILDORA J. SWAIN, Newcomb; Kansas City, Missouri; Beta Sigma Omicron; La Tertulia. H. ROLAND SWARDSON, A. i S.; Cincinnati, Ohio; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Hullabaloo Co-Edi- tor; Publications Board; Theta Nu, Secretary- Treasurer. JAMES E. TAYLOR, Medicine; Shreveport, Lou- isiana; Kappa Alpha; Phi Chi; Owl Club. VANN S. TAYLOR, Medicine; Bay City, Texas; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Phi Chi; A. O. A.; His- tory of Medicine Society. BETTY F. TERROY, Newcomb; New Orleans, Lou- isiana; Glee Club. JOHN E. TEVERBAUGH, Medicine; Ponca City, Oklahoma; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Chi. JEAN F. THIBODEAUX, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Math Club President; Theatre; Y. W. C. A.; Newman Club. ELTON S. THOMAS, Medicine; Ellisville, Mis- sissippi; Theta Kappa Psi. WESLEY L. THOMAS, A, S.; Coon Rapids, Iowa; Pi Kappa Alpha; Phi Beta Kappa; Paul Tulane Fellow; Lagniappes; Student Council; Taff- rail Club; Student Body President; Lagniappes Vice-President; Wesley Foundation President; Kap- pa Delta Phi; Who ' s Who; Paul Tulane Fellow. C LA S S O F AVRON Y. SWEET, Medicine; St. Petersburg, Florida; Phi Lambda Kappa. WILLIAM A. THOMAS, Engineering; Akron, Ohio; Delta Kappa Epsilon; A Cappella Choir; Glee Club; Y. M. C. A. XIXETEEX WILLIAM H. SYLL, Medicine; Superior, Arizona; Nu Sigma Nu. WARREN THORP, Medicine; Tucson, Arizona. FORTY-SIX MILTON W. TALBOT, JR., Medicine; Leesville, Louisiana; Phi Chi; Hullabaloo; A. O. A. SAM A. THREEFOOT, Medicine; Selma, Ala- bama; Zeta Beta Tau; Beta Mu; Phi Beta Kappa. 62 L. STEEN M, STEPHENS T, STEPHENS STERN E, STEV ART F. STEWART STOCK SIOKES ST. PAUL STRIBLINS STRAUSS SWAIN SWARDSON SWEET SYLL TALBOT TALLANT TANIGUCHI L. TAYLOR A. TAYLOR J. TAYLOR V. TAYLOR TERROY TERBAUGH THIBODEAUX E. THOMAS W. L. THOMAS W. A. THOMAS THORP THREEFOOT VORIS WAGNER WARE WARREN WASSERMAN S. WATKINS, W. WATKINS WATSON WATTERS WATTLEY WATTS WEIL WEINSTEIN WEISLER WEISS HENRY K. TIPPINS. JR.. Medicine; Geneva, Ala- bama; Pi Kappa Alpha; Phi Chi. HYMAN C. TOLMAS, Medicine; New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Nu; Beta Mu; Phi Lambda Kappa. EUGENE F. TOMKINS. Commerce; Wynnewood, Oklahoma. HALLIE R, TOWNES. Newcomb; Wilmington. North Carolina. HERMAN E. TRIE6, Commerce; Kansas City, Missouri; Alpha Phi Omega; Gamma Delta; Oak Leaves. OSCAR F. TRISTAN, Medicine; San Jose, Costa Rica. ALBERT L, S. TSAI, Medicine; Shanghai. China. IRENAEUS M. TUCKER. JR.. Medicine; Racine, Wisconsin- Delta Tau Delta; Nu Sigma Nu. LUTHER T. TYLOR. Medicine; Picayune. Mis- sissippi; Theta Kappa Psi; Owl Club; Pan-Hel- lenic Council. GENE L. USDIN. Medicine; St. Augustine, Flor- ida; Phi Delta Epsilon; Alpha Phi Omega; His- tory of Medicine Society President. LEOPOLDO B. VALDES, Engineering; Habana, Cuba; A. I. E. E.; Newman Club; Techni- Torque. MIGUEZ A. VALES, Medicine; Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. RICHARD VANDERMEULEN, Engineering; Flint. Michigan; Pi Kappa Alpha. ROBERT K. VAUGHN. Engineering; Monessen. Pennsylvania; Taffrail Club. HERB P. VOGEL, A. t S. and Medicine; Brook- lyn. New York; Kappa Nu; Phi Lambda Kappa; Beta Mu- Theatre. MARILYN WAGNER. Newcomb; New Orleans. Louisiana; Beta Sigma Omicron, S, H. WARE. Medicine; Houston. Texas. WALfER L. WARREN, Engineering; Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania; Battalion Staff. CHARLES F. WASSERMAN, Medicine; Nev. York. New York; Phi Lambda Kappa. GUYTON H. WATKINS. Law; New Iberia. Lou- isiana- Pi Kappa Alpha; Kappa Delta Phi; Phi Delta Phi; Jambalaya Business Manager; Glendy Burke, Y. M. C. A. President; Student Center Council; Publications Board; Omicron Delta Kap- pa; Who ' s Who. WILLIAM E WATKINS. Engineering; Helena. Arkansas; Sigma Chi; Band; Taffrail Club. THOMAS M, WATSON, A. S.; Houston, Tex- as; Kappa Alpha; Taffrail Club. ADAIR WATTERS. JR.. A. S.; New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta; Kappa Delta Ph,; Hullabaloo; Taffrail Log; Greenbackers; Pan- Hellenic Council; Taffrail Club; Varsity Tennis; Canterbury Club President. JAMES C. WATTLEY. Engineering; New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon; A. I, E. E.; E. T. A.; Pan-Hellenic Council Chairman. THOMAS E. WATTS, Commerce; Camden, Ark- ansas- Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Greenbackers. Lagniappes- Pan-Hellenic Council; Taffra.l Club. CECILE WEIL Newcomb; New Orleans, Lou- isiana- Alpha ' Epsilon Phi; Assets; Pan-Hellenic Council; Theatre; Tennis Club; Senior Class Sec- retary. DORIS E. WEINSTEIN, Newcomb; St. Augustine, Florida; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Dance Club; Dormi- tory Council; Spanish Club. MORRIS J. WEISLER, Medicine; New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Nu; Ph, Delta Epilson; Phi Beta Kappa; Beta Mu. Whatcha watching? C LA S S O F NINETEEN CHARLES R. VORIS, Engineering; Guthrie. Okla- homa; Phi Delta Theta; Band; Math Club; Taff- rail Club; Tulanians. GERALD N. WEISS. Medicine. New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Mu; Beta Mu; Phi Delta Epsilon; Alpha Omega Alpha; History of Medi- cine Society. FORTY-SIX 65 Then, you push this down — € LA S S O F GEORGE E. WELCH, Medicine; New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Beta Mu; Y. M. C. A. MARGIE WEST, Newcomb; New Orleans, Lou- isiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Jambalaya. ALBERT M. WESTON, Engineering; Los An geles, California; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. JAMES H. WETZEL, Commerce; New Orleans, Louisiana; Oak Leaves; Newman Club, MARCUS E. WHEAT, JR., A. S.; Lonoke, Ark- ansas; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Greenbackers; Lag- niapp9s; Taffrail Club. ELIZABETH WHELESS, Newcomb; Shreveport, Louisiana; Chi Omega; Honor Board; Dormitory Council President; Who ' s Who. HOWARD A. WHITE, A. S S.; New Orleans, Louisiana, JOHN B. WHITE, Medicine; Headland, Ala- bama; Ptii Chi. ROY WHITE, JR., Medicine; New Orleans, Lou- isiana; Beta Theta Pi; Nu Sigma Nu; Beta Mu; A. O. A. JACK R. WICKER, Commerce; Dallas, Texas; Oak Leaves; Beta Gamma Sigma. HARRY E. WIEGEL, JR., Engineering; New Or- leans, Louisiana; Kappa Sigma. CONNIE L WIENER, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Glee Club; Jambalaya; Hullabaloo; Art Club; Campus Niglit; Theatre; Y. W. C. A. EPHRAIM F. WEINIGER, A. S.; Irvington, New Jersey; Avukah President; American Chem- ical Society. JAMES E. WILLIAMS, Medicine; Hernando, Mississippi; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Phi Chi. JOHN H. WILLIAMS. Engineering; New Orleans, Louislaiia; Sigma Chi; E. T. A.; Greenbackers; Lagniappes; Pan-Hellenic Council; Taffrail Club. LEWIS M. WILLIAMS, Medicine; New Orleans, Louisiana; Ph! Delta Theta; Nu Sigma Nu. PHYLLIS L. WILLIAMS, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Math Club; Newman Club. RICHARD C. WILLIAMS, Commerce; Sacramen- to, California; Delta Tau Delta. WILLIAM B. WILTENMUTH, JR., A. S.; New Orleans, Louisiana. COURTENAY B. WINCHESTER, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Glee Club; Theatre. JACK A. WINDERS, A. 4 S.; Bristol, Tennessee; Sigma Nu; Greenbackers; Lagniappes; Taffrail Club. PHILIP D. WINDROW, Medicine; Loredo, Texas; Beta Theta Pi; Phi Chi. ROGER V. WING, A. S.; Evanston, Illinois; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Hullabaloo. SAMUEL P. WISE, III, Medicine; Amerlcus, Georgia; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Chi; His- tory of Medicine Society; A. O. A. MARTHA V. WITHERSPOON, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi; Math Club. BETTY WOLBRETTE, Newcomb; Shreveport, Lou- isiana; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Jennie Nixon; I. R. C. MARION M. WILBERT, Newcomb; Donaldson- ANN C. WOOD, Commerce; New Orleans, Lou I N E 1 EE vine, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa toamma; Dormi- tory Council. isiana. F O R T Y- S I X WILEY M. WILKINSON. JR.. Commerce; Mc- Comb, Mississippi; Alpha Phi Omega; Oak Leaves; HuHabaloo. EDWIN P. WOODWARD, Medicine; Wichita Falls, Texas; Phi Gamma Delta; Theta Kappa 66 ' . V ELCH WEST WESTON WETZEL WHEAT WHELESS H. WHITE J V HITE R. WHITE WICKER WIEGEL WIENER WEINIGER WILBERT WILKINSON J. E. WILLIAMS J. H. WILLIAMS L. WILLIAMS P. WILLIAMS R. WILLIAMS WILTENMUTH WINCHESTER WINDERS WINDROW WINS WISE WITHERSPOON WOLBREHE WOOD WOODWARD H. WRIGHT R. WRIGHT W. WRIGHT WYATT WYNNE YAPALATER YONGE JACK YOUNG E. YOUNG JESSE YOUNG ZACHERY ZESCH ZIEGLER M. ZMFLE R. ZIIFLE ZINKER 7he C LA S S O F WIXETEEN FORTY-SIX HAROLD E. WRIGHT. JR. Engineering, Me- ridian, Mississippi; Kappa Alpha; Taffrail Club. RALPH D. WRIGHT, Medicine; Alexandria, Lou- isiana; Phi Gamma Delta; Phi Chi; History of Medicine Society. WILLIAM E. WRIGHT, Law; New Orleans, Lou- isiana; Phi Delta Phi; Law Review; Student Council; Student Body President; Who ' s Who. SPERKMAN H. WYAH, Medicine; Lula, Missis- sippi; Phi Chi. THOMAS A. WYNNE, Medicine; Sierra Madre. California; Phi Rho Sigma. ALVIN R. YAPALATER, Medicine. HENRY M. YONGE, Medicine; Pensacola, Flor- ida; Kappa Alpha; Phi Chi; Phi Beta Kappa; O. D. K,; Kappa Delta Phi; History of Medicine Society; Owl Club; Class President; Student Body President; Student Council President; Who ' s Who; Publications Board Chairman. JACK R. YOUNG. Medicine; Florala. Ala- bama. EDWARD M. YOUNG, A. S.: Cleveland. Ohio; Phi Kappa Tau. JESSE R. YOUNG. Commerce; Pollock. Lcu- isiana. OTIS A. ZACHERY, JR., A. S.. Worcester. Massachusetts; Taffrail Club. JORDAN M. ZESCH, A. S.; Mason, Texas; Pi Kappa Alpha. BRYAN W. ZIEGLER, Commerce; Quitman, Tex as; A Cappella Choir; Tulane Veterans ' Asso elation. MYRA A. ZIIFLE, Newcomb; Gretna, Louisiana Gamma Delta; Math Club; Phi Beta Kappa. RUTH C. ZIIFLE Newcomb; Gretna Louisiana Math Club. LEONARD L. ZINKER, Medicine; Brooklyn. New York, Phi Lambda Kappa. 68 J THE OTHER CLASSES FIRST ROW • JANET M. ABADIE, ' 49, Nawcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Zeta. • ANNE M. ABBOTT. ' 49, Newcomb; Greenwood, Mississippi. • WALTER H. ABEL, ' 47. Engineering; Norwood. Ohio; Pi Kappa Alpha, • LUCIE L. ABRAMSON. ' 47, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Cannpus Night; Spectators; Theatre. • BOBETTE L. ABROMS, ' 49, Newcomb; Tallulah, Louisiana. • CONSTANCE ACKMAN. ' 48, Newcomb; Mobile, Alabama; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Glee Club. • ' MARY E. ACREE, ' 48, Newcomb; Mobile, Alabama; Alpha Onnicron Pi. • JOSEPH ADAMS, ' 48, Medicine; Lakeland, Florida; Theta Kappa Psi; History of Medicine Society. • HERBERT F. ADEY, II, ' 47, A. S.; New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Sigma; Tulane Veterans ' Association. SECOND ROW • HELEN M. AHMANN, ' 47, Newcomb; Gainesville, Florida; Zeta Tau Alpha; Beta Beta Beta. • WILLIAM E. AICKLEN, JR , ' 49, Engineering; New Orleans, Louisiana; Newman Club. • THEODORE J. AIN, ' 47, A, S,; Brooklyn, New York; Kappa Nu. • SUZANNE ALCUS, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans. Louisiana, • MARY ALDIGE, ' 47, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana, O RUTHIE G. ALEMAN. ' 49. Newcomb; New Orleans. Louisiana. • ALBERT E. ALEXANDER. ' 48, Engineering; New Orleans, Louisiana; A.I.E.E. • JOHN H. ALEXANDER. ' 49, Engineering; New Orleans, Louisiana. • MAURICE E. ALEXANDER, J! ,, ' 48, Medicine; Macon, Mississippi; Sigma Chi. THIRD ROW • MARY L. ALLEN, ' 48, N3wcomb; Nashville, Tennessee; Ph! Mu. • ROBERT D. ALLEN, ' 47, Engineering; New Orleans, Louisiana. • JAMES T. ALLEY, ' 47, Engineering; Birmingham, Alabama; Alpha Tau Omega. • JUDSON M, ALLRED, ' 48, A. S S.; Meridian, Mississippi; Phi Kappa Sigma. • IVAN S. ALTMAN. ' 49, Medicine; Louisville, Kentucky; Phi Lambda Kappa. • ALBERTA L. AMOTT, ' 47, Newcomb; Nashville, Tennessee; Alpha Omicron Pi; Jambalaya, Spectators. • ERNEST G. AMSLER, JR., ' 48, A. S.; Little Rock. Arkansas; Sigma Chi. • SYLVIA R. AMSTERDAM, ' 47, Newcomb; New York, New York; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • ANNE E. ANDERSON, ' 48, Newcomb; Charlotte, North Carolina. FOURTH ROW • AUGUSTUS E. ANDERSON. ' 49, Medicine; Dade City, Florida; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Chi. • ALBERT M. ANSEMAN, ' 49, Commerce; New Orleans, Louisiana. • JOAN ARBOUR, ' 47, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Campus Night. • ANIBAL M. ARISMENDI, JR., ' 48, A. i S., Ocumare Del Tuy, Venezuela. • MALCOLM J. ARMBRUSTER. ' 47, Engineering; New Orleans, Louisiana. • ROBERT B. A ' MBRUSTER. JR.. ' 48, A. S.; New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Pi. • PATRICIA M. ARMS. ' 48, Commerce; New Orleans, Louisiana. • JANE F. ARMSTRONG, ' 47, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Zeta Tau Alpha. • NEIL A. ARMSTRONG, III, ' 48, A. S S.; Chalmette, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 69 THE OTHER CLASSES FIRST ROW • ROBERTO AUDRAIN, ' 48. A. S.; Havana, Cuba. • QUENTIN L AULT, ' 48 A. S.; New Orleans, Louisiana; Hullabaloo; Y.M.C.A.; Tulane Veterans ' Association; Theta Nu. President. • LEONARD J. AUTIN, ' 48, Engineering; Golden Meadow, Louisiana; Tulane Vet- erans ' Association. • MERLIN J. AUZINE, ' 48, Engineering; New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Pi; A.l. of Cli. E.; Glendy Burke; Newman Club. • WILLIAM H. AVANT, ' 49, A. S.; Andalusia, Alabama; Phi Delta Theta; Fresh- man Class President. • JEAN N. AVEGNO, Newman Club. • JAMES F. AYCOCK, ' 49, A. S.; Hollywood, Florida; Alpha Tau Omega. • JAMES T. BADEAUX, JR., ' 49, A. S.; New Orleans, Louisiana; Glendy Burke. • BETTY S. BAETJER, ' 48, Commerce; New Orleans Louisiana; Phi Mu; Newman Club. Commerce; New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Delta Pi; SECOND ROW • WILLIAM T. BAILEY, ' 47, A. S.- Lucedale, Mississippi- Pi Kappa Alpha- Taf- frail Club. • CLAUDE BAKER, ' 47, Medicine; Minden. Louisiana; Theta Kappa Psi. • KATHERINE C. BAKER, ' 47, Newcomb- New Orleans Louisiana- Pi Beta Phi- Y.W.C.A. • THOMAS G. BAKER, ' 47, A, S.; Ardmore, Oklahoma; Sigma Chi; Band; Taf- frail Club; Theatre. • BEATRICE T. BALDINGER, ' 47, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu; Glee Club; A Cappella Choir. O RALPH B. BALDRIDGE. II, ' 49, Engineering; Wynnewood, Pennsylvania. • BARBARA A. BALLINA, ' 49, Commerce; New Orleans, Louisiana. • RONALD J. BANNISTER, ' 47, Commerce- New Orleans Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi. • STELLA B. BARBER, ' 48, Newcomb; Marietta Georgia- Glee Club- Campus Night- Y.W.C.A. THIRD ROW • WILLIAM D. BARCELO. ' 49, Commerce; New Orleans, Louisiana; Freshman Class President; Honor Council; Tulane Veterans ' Association. • FRANK V. BARCHARD, 111, ' 47, Commerce; Foley, Alabama; Phi Eta Sigma; Glee Club; Operetta; Canterbury Club, • NELL C. BARGERON, ' 49, Newcomb; Birmingham, Alabama. • NAOMI BARKOFF, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana. • JAY D. BARNES, ' 49, Engineering; St. Francisville, Louisiana; Glee Club; Op- eretta. • ROBERT H. BARNES, JR., ' 49, Medicine; Camden, Arkansas; Phi Chi. • WILLIE DEE BARNES, ' 47, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana. • ROBERT V. BARNETT, ' 48, A. S.; Camden. Alabama; Phi Kappa Sigma. • JOCELYN J. BARRETT, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana. FOURTH ROW • A. JACK BARRY, ' 49, Medicine; Newberry, Florida. • NORMA L. BARTELS, ' 47, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Sigma Omi- cron. • THOMAS B. BARTON, ' 49, A. S.; New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Tau Omega. • HARRY J. BATT, JR., ' 48, Engineering; New Orleans, Louisiana; Architectural- Society, • DIXIE H. BATTY, ' 48, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Glee Club, • BETTY J. BAUCUM, ' 47, Newcomb; Haynesville, louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta; Pan-Hellenic Council; Junior Class Secretary. • LLOYD S. BAUMER, - ' R., ' 48, A. S 5.; New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Tau Delta; Glee Club; Glendy Bur ' -e. • JOHN V. BAUS, ' 48, A. S.; Gramercy, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha. • LUCIE H. BAXTER, ' 48, Newcomb; Charlotte, North Carolina; Chi Omega; Glee Club; Art Club; Student Center Council; Theatre. 70 FIRST ROW • COLLEEN BEACHAM, ' 48, Commerce; New Orleans, Louisiana; Newman Club. • MARTHA B. BEASLEY, ' 49, Newcomb; Birmingham, Alabama. • DAN T, BEATTY. ' 48. Medicine; Birmingham, Alabama; Nu Sigma Nu; Sigma Chi; History of Medicine Society. • ANDREA H. BEAUCHAMP, ' 49, Newcomb; Blossom, Texas; Glee Club. • WILLIE M. BEEBE, ' 48, Engineering; New Orleans, Louisiana; Architectural So- ciety. • JEWEL A. BEGNAUD, ' 49, Law; Lafayette, Louisiana. e WINIFRED E. BEIER, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Sigma Omi- cron; Glee Club; A Cappella Choir. • JOSEPH C. BEISSNER, ' 47, A. S S.; San Antonio. Texas. • SHIRLEY A. BELL, ' 47. Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Y.W.C.A.; La Tertulia. SECOND ROW • ROBERT L. di BENEDETTO. ' 49, A. S.; New Oneans, Louisiana. • EMITA P. BENEDICT, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana. • DOROTHY A. BENJAMIN, ' 47, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Epsi- lon Phi. • JACK C. BENJAMIN, ' 47, A. S.; New Orleans, La.; Hullabaloo. • FRED E. BENNETT, JR., ' 49, A. S S.; West Monroe, Louisiana. • MARGOT L. BENNETT, ' 47, Newcomb; Atlanta, Georgia. • ROBIN D. BERCKES, ' 47, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi. • WILLIS BERGEN, ' 48, A. S.; Portland, Oregon. • LUCIEN H. BERGERON, ' 49, Commerce; New Orleans, Louisiana; Tulane Veterans ' Association. THIRD ROW • LUCILLE BERNARD. ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans. Louisiana; A Capella Choir; Glee Club; Dance Club; Campus Night; Assets. • LORRAINE BERNARD, ' 47, A. S.; New Orleans, Louisiana; PI Beta Phi; Theta Nu. • ROBERT BERNHARD, ' 49, A. S S.; New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Theta PI; Glee Club. • DOROTHY K. BERNHARD, ' 48, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Omicron PI. • IVA R. BERNSTEIN, ' 49, Newcomb; St. Augustine, Florida. • BETTY L. BERRY, ' 47. Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Sigma Omicron; Assets; Greenbackers; Laqniappes; Student Body Vice-President; Who ' s Who; Alpha Sigma Sigma. • NEWELL H. BERRY. ' 47, A. S 5.; Redlands, California; Phi Delta Theta, Glendy Burke Greenbackers; Lagnlappes ' Math Club; Pan-Hellenic Council Chairman; Taffrall Club; ' Forum; Y.M.C.A.; Kappa Delta Phi. • LEONA BERSADSKY, ' 47, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Epsllon Phi; Glee Club; Spectators. • SHIRLEY BERSADSKY, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Glee Club; Theatre; Forum. FOURTH ROW MAEBETH A. BERTEL, ' 49, Commerce; New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu. CHAPMAN W. BERTINOT, JR., ' 49, Medicine; Lafayette, Louisiana; Theta Kappa DONALD J. BERTUCCI, ' 49, A. S.; Memphis, Tennessee. JAMES E. BIE, ' 49, Engineering; Racine. Wisconsin, JANE E. BIEDERMAN. ' 48. Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Omicron STERLING B. BIGNER, ' 49, A. S.; Shreveport, Louisiana; Spectators; Y.M.C.A. FRANCOISE J. BILLION, ' 48, Newcomb; Paris, France; Pi Beta Phi. WILLIAM O. BINGHAM, ' 49, A. S.; North Carrollton, Mississippi. RENEE I. BLACHE, ' 49. Commerce; New Orleans. Louisiana. THE OTHER CLASSES 71 THE OTHER CLASSES FIRST ROW • HENRV W. BLACKBURN, JR., 49. Medicine: Miami, Florida; Kappa Sigma. Nu Sigma Nu. • JOAN M. BLAIR. ' 48. Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Zeta; French Club; Art Club. • MICHAEL R. BLAIS, ' 49. Medicine; Daytona Beach, Florida; Phi Rho Sigma; Newman Club. • GENE T. 6LAKELY, ' 49, A. S.; Jacksonville, Florida; Varsity Football. • BETTY BLANCAND. ' 49. Commerce; New Orleans, Louisiana. • E. BEVERLY BLANE. ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans. Louisiana; Beta Sigma Omicron; Theatre; Tennis Club. • LEONE F. BLOCK, ' 49. A. i S.; Thibodeaux. Louisiana. • HERBERT BLOOM, ' 49. A. S.; Brooklyn. New York. • JOYCE BLOTNER, ' 49. Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana. SECOND ROW • JOHN D. BLUM, ' 47, Commerce; Warwick, Rhode Island; Delta Tau Delta. • ALICE E. BLUNDELL. ' 49, Nawcomb; Houston, Texas. • JAMES W. BONNER, ' 49, Commerce; Birmingham, Alabama; Delta Sigma Phi. • CLARA C. BORDES, ' 49, Commerce; New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Zeta. • JAMES S. BOREN, ' 48, Medicine; Now Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Rho Sigma. • ERIN A. BORN, ' 48, Newcomb; New Orleans. Louisiana; Gamma Delta. • BEVERLY BORNTRAEGER, ' 19, Newcomb; St. Louis, Missouri. • PEGGY R. BOSWELL. ' 48, Newcomb; Sanatorium, Mississippi; Glee Club. • RUTH C. BOULET, ' 48, Newcomb; Larose, Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi. Assets; Honor Board, Lagniappes, Athletic Council. THIRD ROW • BONNIE J. BOURG. ' 47, Newcomb; Houma, Louisiana; Phi Mu; Glee Club. • MARGARET G. BOURG. ' 48. Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Sigma Omicron, Newman Club. • FREM F. BOUSTANY, JR.. ' 48. A. S.- Lafayette, Louisiana; Delta Tau Delta. • BARBARA BOWMAN, ' 48, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana. • JOHN W. BOYTE, ' 49. A. S.; Brookhaven, Mississippi. • ROY F. BRABHAM, ' 49. Medicine; Atlanta, Texas; Theta Kappa Psi. • DONALD M. BRADBURN, ' 49, Medicine; New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi. Phi Chi; Beta Mu; History of Medicine Society. • IAN M. BRABURN, ' 48. Medicine; New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Theta PI, Phi Chi; Beta Mu; History of Medicine Society. • MARTHA BRAINERD. ' 49, Newcomb; Denver, Colorado. FOURTH ROW • JANE L. BRATTON, ' 48, Newcomb; Memphis, Tennessee; Zeta Tau Alpha. • RAYMOND C. BREAUX, ' 49, Engineering; New Orleans, Louisiana. • JOHN H. BRES, ' 49, A. S S.; Brusly, Louisiana. • JUDITH M. BRETT, ' 49, A. S.: New Orleans, Louisiana. • JOSEPH H. BRIEL. ' 47, Commerce; Scranton, Pennsylvania; Taffrail Club. • ROBERT B. BRINGHURST, ' 49, A. S.; New Orleans, Louisiana. • LIONEL C. BRITZE, ' 49, Engineering; New Orleans, Louisiana. • VIRGINIA BRODIE. ' 48. Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana. • NAN R BROSSARD, ' 48, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Glee Club. 72 FIRST ROW • HAROLD E. BROUPHY, ' 49, Engineering; New Orleans, Louisiana. • ANNE N. BROWN, ' 48, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • HELEN V. BROWN, ' 48, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Zeta, Gamma Delta. • JACK S. BROWN ' 47, A. S.; New Orleans, Louisiana; Glendy Burke. • ROBERT W. BROWN, ' 48, Medicine; Hillsborough, California; Delta Kappa Epsilon, Phi Chi. • THOMAS J. BROWN, ' 47, A. i S.; Hoisington, Kansas; Phi Delta Theta, Lagni- appes; Junior Class President; Taffrail Club. • BETTY H. BROWNE, ' 48, Newcomb; New Orleai.s, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Assets. • WILLIAM H. BROWNLEE, JR., ' 47, Medicine; Millbrac, California; Nu Sigma Nu. • LOYCE V. BROWNSON, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana. SECOND ROW • BEVERLY O. 8RUFF, ' 48, Newcomb; San Antonio, Texas; Beta Sigma Omicron; Glee Club; Operetta; Dance Club; Campus N ' ght; Theatre; Y.W.C.A; Spanish Club; Festival Choir. • ELSIE K BRUPBACHER, ' 48, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana. • JOHN W. BRYAN, JR., ' 49, Law; New Orleans, Louisiana; Lagniappes, Tulane Veterans ' Association. • ANNE BRYAN-TURNER, ' 48, Newcomb; Santurce, Puerto Rico; Art Club; Forum. • BLISS S. BUCHAN, ' 48, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Chi Omega; Jam- balaya; Student Center Council. • ROBERT H. BUCK, ' 48, Medicine; Eugena, Oregon; Theta Kappa Psi. • WILLIAM H. BUCK, ' 49. Medicine; Brewton, Alabama. • RALPH R. BUIE, ' 49. Medicine; Mertens, Texas; Phi Rho Sigma. O ROBERT H. BULLINGTON, ' 49, Medicine; Fort Smith, Arkansas- Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Chi. THIRD ROW • EMIGDIO A. BUONOMO, ' 48, A. S.; Caguas, Puerto Rico; Phi lota Alpha. • NORMAN A. BURANDT, ' 49, Engineering; Dallas, Texas; Alpha Tau Omega; A.I.E.E.; A Cappella Choir; Glee Club; Jambalaya, Hullabaloo, Taffrail Log; Pan- Hellenic Council. Taffrail Club. • DOROTHY E. BURAS, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana. • FRANK O. BURGE, JR., ' 48. A. S S.; Birmingham, Alabama; Alpha Tau Omega; Track; Tennis. • JOAN BURGUIERES, ' 47, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; PI Beta Phi, Art Club. • DOROTHY K. BURK, ' 48, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha E psilon Phi. • KOPEL BURK, ' 48, A. S S.; New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Nu; Band; Sophomore Class Secretary-Treasurer. • WELDON J. BUWE, ' 49, Commerce; New Orleans, Louisiana; Hullabaloo; Green- backers; Tulane Veterans ' Association. • JAMES D, BYRD, JR., ' 47; Engineering; Hyattsville, Maryland. FOURTH ROW • CELSO R. CABALLERO, ' 48, A. S.; Sanfurce, Puerto Rico. • MARY-LOU CABRAL. ' 48, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu. • LYDIA T. CAFFERY, ' 47, Newcomb; Franklin, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi; Student Center Council. • KATHERINE S. CAFIERO, ' 47, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Glee Club- Art Club; Y.W.C.A. • ROBERT J. CALES, ' 49, Medicine; Ralston, Oklahoma; Phi Chi; History of Medicine. • AUDREY R. CALI, ' 48, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana. • MARY J. CALL, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Zeta. • CORAL M. CALONGNE, ' 48, Newcomb; New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Zeta; Hullabaloo; Art Club; Dance Club; Theatre. • ETIEInNE D. CAMBON, JR., ' 48. Engineering; New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Campus Night. THE OTHER €LA$SE§ 73 THE OTHER CLASSES FIRST ROW • LEu. ' v F. CAMBON, ' 49, A. S.; New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • CHARLES R. CAMP, ' 48; Engineering; New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; T.S.C.E.; Y.M.C.A. • CHARLES R. CAMPBELL, ' 49, Medicine; Berkeley, California; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • ROSEMARY CAMPBELL, ' 49, Newcomb; Florence, Alabama. • SUNNI CAMPBELL, ' 49, Newcomb; Houma, Louisiana; Glee Club; Art Club; Y.W.C.A. • THOMAS D. CAMPBELL, ' 49, A. S.; New Orleans, Louisiana. • CRAIG G. CANTRELL, ' 49, A, S S.; Gadsden, Alabama; Phi Delta Theta. • JOAN CANTRELL, ' 48, Newcomb; Gadsden, Ala.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Glee Club. • EDWARD J. CAPPER. ' 47, Commerce; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Tulanians; Campus Night; Oak Leaves; Junior Class Vice-President. SECOND ROW ' • FRANCIS H. CARNES, ' 47, Commerce; Mexico City, Mexico; Boxing; Oak Leaves. • ROSEMARY V. CARNES, 49, New.omb; New Orleans, Louisiana, • HUGH E. CARNEY, ' 49, Commerce; Texarkana, Arkansas, • LYDIA J. CARR, ' 48, Newcomb; Vic ' oria, Texas; Zeta Tau Alpha. • MARIE L. CARRERAS, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana. • ROSEMARY E. CARRERE, ' 47, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi. • ALICE E. CARROLL. ' 49, Engineering; Houston, Texas. • LORELEI S. CARROLL, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana, Spectators. • DOROTHY A. CARRUTH, ' 49, Newcomb; Memphis, Tennessee; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Spectators, THIRD ROW • BEN F CARTER, ' 47, Commerce; Dallas, Texas. • JANICE CARTER, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Festival Choir. • MARY C. CARTER, ' 49, Newcomb; Biloxi, Miss. • GEORGE J. CARUSO, ' 49, Medicine; New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Pi. © PAGE CARY, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Glee Club; Assets, O HENRY D. CASEY, ' 47, A. S.; Richmond, Indiana; Phi Delta Theta. • ANTHONY J. CASH, JR,, ' 49, Engineering; New Orleans, Louisiana; Student Body Vice-President; Football; Baseball; Track; Boxing; Basketball. • PAT CA5SO, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Zeta; Newman Club. • EDWIN A. CATALANO, ' 49, A. S.; New Orleans, Louisiana. FOURTH ROW • RODOLFO CHACON, ' 49, Medicine; Heredia, Costa Rica. • WILLIAM B. CHANDLER, JR., ' 47, Engineering; Memphis, Tennessee; Pi Kappa Alpha, A.I.E.E. « ELSIE R. CHAR30NNET, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Omicron • CATHERINE T. CHARLES, ' 48, Newcomb; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Pi Beta Phi; Glee Club; Jambalaya. • HAZEL E. CHENEY, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Zeta. • WILLIAM A. CHERRY, ' 49, Medicine; Halls, Tennessee, 9 BILLIE M. CHILDRESS, ' 48, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu, • ANITA J. CHONG, ' 49, Medicine; Fresno, California. © PHYLLIS ANN CHURCH, ' 48, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Student Center Council, 74 FIRST ROW • PHILIP C. CIACCIO. ' 49, Medicine; New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Pi. • YVONNE M. CLAIBORNE ' 4?, Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi. • JOURDAN M. CLAPP, ' 49, Commerce; New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Kappa Sigma. • JOHN C. CLARK, ' 49, Engineering; New Orleans, Louisiana. • WALLACE H. CLARK, JR.. ' 48, Medicine; LaGrange. Georgia; Phi Chi. • BEVERLY CLERC, ' 48, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; 2eta Tau Alpha, Spectators. • JOSEPHINE M. CLESI, ' 49, Commerce; Dallas, Texas; Theatre. • CLARENCE C. CLIFTON, JR., ' 49, A. S.; New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Tau Omega. • JOAN C. CLYMER, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Glee Club. SECOND ROW • CHARLOTTE K. COATS, ' 47, Newcomb; New Orleans; Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi. • AUDREY M. COBB, ' 47, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana: Hullabaloo. • ROSALIE L. COCCHIARA, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Delta Pi; Newman Club. • LOLA K. COCHRANE, ' 47, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Delta Pi; Newman Club; Lagniappes. • BARBARA L. COHEN, ' 49, Newcomb; Lynchburg. Virginia. • CARMEL R. COHEN, ' 48. Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Glee Club. • DEANE L. COHEN, ' 48, Newcomb; St. Louis, Missouri; I.R.C.; Forum. • HERMAN R. COHEN, ' 49, Medicine; New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Lambda Kappa. • JOY M. COHN, ' 48, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana- Glee Club- Operetta- Y.W.C.A.; Festival Choir. THIRD ROW • SIDNEY A. COHN, ' 48, Medicine; Union Springs, Alabama; Zeta Beta Tau; Phi Delta Epsilon. • VIRGINIA W. COLEBECK, ' 49, Newcomb; Greensboro, Alabama. • ANN B. COLEMAN, ' 48, Newcomb; Birmingham, Alabama; Alpha Delta Pi, Glee Club, Operetta; Newman Club; A Cappella Choir. • DORIS H. COMO, ' 49, Commerce; New Orleans, Louisiana. • BERTITA E. COMPTON, ' 48, Newcomb; Shreveport, Louisiana; Chi Omega, Glee Club, Y.W.C.A. • ' WILLIAM L. CONNELLY, JR., ' 47, Engineering; Baltimore, Maryland; Kappa Sigma; Glee Club; Operetta; Math Club. • CHARLAINE C. COOK, ' 48, Newcomb; Downers Grove, Illinois; Forum. • CLAYTON S. COOK, ' 49. Medicine; Hattiesburg, Mississippi; Kappa Alpha; Phi Chi. • CYNTHIA L. COOKE, ' 48, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu; Glee Club. FOURTH ROW • BETTY CORNMAN, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana. • JUAN L. CORREA, ' 49, Medicine; Panama City, Panama. • BETTY J. COUCH, ' 48, Newcomb; New Orleans. Louisiana; Beta Sigma Omicron; Glee Club. • JOHN H. COUNCE. II, ' 49, A. S.; New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi. • RONALD B. COWART. ' 47, Engineering; Wauchula, Florida; Taffrail Club. • A. ROGERS COX, ' 49, Engineering; New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon. C GRETCHEN E. CRAGER, ' 48, Newcomb; New Orleans. Louisiana; Theatre. • MARY V. GRAIN, ' 48, Newcomb; Shreveport, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma- Y.W.C.A. • ARTHUR M. CRANDALL, ' 47, Commerce; Ritchey, Missouri; Taffrail Club. THE OTHER CLASSES 75 THE OTHER CLASSES FIRST ROW • CAROLY CRANE, ' 48, Newcomb: New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu; Sloe Club; Canterbury Club. • LEWIS A. CRANE, ' 49, A. S.; Greenville, South Carolina; Alpha Tau Omega. • BETH CRAWFORD, ' 49, Newcomb; Gretna, Louisiana; Newman Club. • LOYCE L. CRAWFORD, ' 49, Medicine; Hallsville. Texas. • LOUIS S. CREWS, ' 48, Engineering; New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Pi; Alpha Chi Sigma; A. I. of Ch. E. • PAT. ICIA CRONIN, ' 48, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Newman Club; Oreades; Math Club. • FREDERICK K. CROOKSHANK, ' 47, Engineering; Sharon Hill, Pennsylvania. • JOSEPH W. CROOKSHANK, ' 47, Medicine; Purdin, Missouri; Theta Kappa Psi; History of Medicine Society • FRANCES L, CRUMBAUGH, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Assets. SECOND ROW • CLIVE S. CUMMIS, ' 49, A. « S.; Hollywood, Florida; Kappa Nu. • MARGARET CUNEO, ' 48, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Spanish Club; Canterbury Club. • SHIRLEY F. CUNNINGHAM, ' 48, Newcomb; Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi. • JOSEPH T. DABNEY, ' 48, Medicine; Livingston. Texas; Theta Kappa Psi. • MARJORIE DALE, ' 49, Medicine; Montgomery, Alabama. • FRANK J. DALIA, ' 49, Engineering; New Orleans, Louisiana; Newman Club. • HARRY K. DANIELSON, ' 49, Medicine; Chicago, Illinois; Phi Chi. • EDITH DANOS, ' 49, Commerce; New Orleans, Louisiana. • ANNA M. D ' ANTONIO. ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana. THIRD ROW • PENNY DARLING, ' 48, Commerce: New Orleans, Louisiana. • PAUL B DARON, ' 48, Medicine; Gulfport, Mississippi; Theta Kappa Psi. • PAUL F. DASTUSUE, ' 49, Engineering; New Orleans, Louisiana. • EDWARD W DAUTERIVE, ' 48, Medicine; New Iberia, Louisiana; Alpha Tau Omega, Phi Chi. • EUGENE W. DAUTERIVE, ' 49, A. ! S.; New Iberia, Louisiana; Alpha Tau Omega. • JOSEPH W. DAVENPORT, JR., ' 49, Law; Port Gibson, Mississippi. • JOHN J. DAVID, ' 49, Medicine; Springfield, Massachusetts; Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Epsilon Pi, Phi Lambda Kappa, History of Medicine Society. • HAROLD G. DAVIDSON, JR., ' 48, A. S.; St. Petersburg, Florida; Kappa Sigma. • BETTY R. DAVIS, ' 48, Newcomb; Hughes, Arkansas; Kappa Alpha Theta, Glee Club; Art Club; Assets; Honor Poard; Campus Night. FOURTH ROW • ELLIN L. DAVIS, ' 48, Newcomb; Brooklyn, New York; Theatre. • FREDDA DAVIS, ' 47, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu; Theatre. O LOUISE M. DAVIS, ' 49, Commerce; New Orleans, Louisiana; Hullabaloo. • RICHARD L. DAVIS, ' 49, A. S.; Morgan City, Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi,. • ROBERT L. DAVIS, ' 49, Engineering; New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Sigma, • NANCY T. DEANE, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi; Hullaba- loo, Lagniappes. • TOM N. DEANE, ' 49, Engineering; New Orleans, Louisiana. • GLEN L. DECHA, ' 49, Commerce; New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Tau Delta. • DAISY E. DeFELICE, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana. 76 FIRST ROW • AGUIUINO A. de la GUARDIA. ' 49, Law; New Orleans. Louisiana, • CLAIRE de la VERGNE, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana. • MARION M. DELCROIX, ' 48, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta, Greenbackers. • CARMEL M. DeLUCA, ' 48, Connmerce; New Orleans, Louisiana. • ELWOOD L. DEMMON, JR., ' 48. Engineering; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Kappa Sigma. Taffrail Club. • ANNA J. DENDINGER. ' 47. Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Sigma Omicron. • CAROLYN e. DENDINGER, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana. • CLARENCE H. DENSER, JR., ' 49, Medicine; Whitfield. Mississippi. • JAMES C. DENTON. ' 49. Medicine; Oneonta. Alabama; History of Medicine Society. SECOND ROW • EMILE C. DESHAUTREAUX. JR.. ' 48, Engineering; Kenner. Louisiana; A.I.E.E. • SHIRLEY DeSILVA, ' 49. Commerce; New Orleans, Louisiana. • WEBB T. DeTAR, ' 48, A. S.; Victoria, Texas; Kappa Alpha. • GLORIA C. DeVALCOURT, ' 47, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Theatre; Y.W.C.A.; Newman Club. • LOUIS J. DEVELLE, JR., ' 48, A. S.; New Orleans, Louisiana. • MIMI B. de WELLS, ' 48, Newcomb; Atlanta, Georgia; Kappa Kappa Gamma; French Ctub. • DONALD H. DEXTER, ' 48. A. S.; New Orleans. Louisiana; A Cappella Choir; Glee Club; Canterbury Club. • ANGEL M. DIAZ, ' 49, Medicine; Santurce, F uerto Rico. • PRISCILA DIAZ. ' 49, Medicine; Caguas, Puerto Rico. THIRD ROW • DOROTHY DIBOLL, ' 48. Newcomb; New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Mu; Art Club; Westminster Fellowship. • MARY C. DICKS. ' 49. Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana. • CLARA F. DICKSON, ' 49. Newcomb; Houston. Texas; Art Club; Athletic Council. • NOEL DILLARD. ' 49. Newcomb; Birmingham. Alabama; Glee Club. • ELODIE E. DIODENE. ' 47, Newcomb; Gretna, Louisiana; Glee Club; Math Club; Y.W.C.A. • WAYNE A. DIRKS ' 47. Commerce; Coleridge. Nebraska. • HAROLD E, DODD, JR.. ' 49. A. S.; Nashville. Tennessee; Sigma Chi. • JENNINGS 6. DODGE. ' 49, Engineering; Gulfport, Mississippi; Operetta. • ALBERTUS F. DODSON, ' 48, A. S.; Wilbor. Nebraska; Phi Kappa Sigma. FOURTH ROW • CARL J. DOLCE. ' 48, A. S.; New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Pi; Glendy Burke. • JEROME H. DONCHIN. ' 49, Medicine; New York City. New York. • ARDYTHE M. DONNAUD. ' 48, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta. • JOHN S. DONNAUD, ' 49, Law; New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Lagniappes; Tulane Veterans ' Association. • NOEL DONOVAN, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; A Cappella Choir; Glee Club. • ROBERT L. DORSEY. JR., ' 48. A. i S.; Scranton, Pennsylvania; Band. Newman Club. • JOHN T. DOUGLAS, JR., ' 48. Engineering; Bains. Louisiana. • BARBARA DRACKETT. ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu; Oreades. • ERNEST W. DRACKETT JR., ' 49, A. S.; New Orleans Louisiana. THE OTHERCLASSES 77 THE OTHER CLASSES FIRST ROW • SYBIL DRAKE, ' 49, Newcomb; Minden, Louisiana. • WALTER D. DRAUGHON, JR., ' 49. Commerce; Newton. Alabama. • DONNA R. DRAVO, ' 48, Newcomb; St, Petersburg, Florida; Alpha Delta Pi; Greenbackers; Glee Club. • EDVIGE L. DRUEDING, ' 48, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu; Glee Club, Greenbackers. • SHIRLEY F. DRYER. ' 49. Newcomb; Shreveport, Louisiana. • YVETTE S. DUPONT. ' 48, Newcomb; Houma. Louisiana. • JANET DUPUY, ' 48, Newcomb; New Orleans. Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi; Glee Club. • CARMEN M. DUVIC, ' 48. Newcomb; New Orleans. Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi; A Cappella Choir; Glee Club. • DORIS M. DUVIGNEAUD. ' 48, Newcomb; New Orleans. Louisiana; Gamma Delta; Glee Club. SECOND ROW • JERRY DYE, ' 49, Newcomb; Bay City, Texas. • JOHN A. DYKES, ' 47, Law; Shreveport, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Law Review. • SAMMY A. DYSON. ' 49. A. S.; Bossier City. Louisiana; Band. • JACK J. EASOM, ' 48, Medicine; Walnut Grove, Mississippi; Phi Chi. • ETHEL L. EATON ' 49. Newcomb; New Orleans. Louisiana; Beta Sigma Omicron. • FRANK J. EBEL. JR.. ' 48. Engineering; New Orleans. Louisiana. • FRANCISCO J. ECHEGARAY, ' 48. A, S.; Arecibo, Puerto Rico.; Y.M.C.A. • JEAN EDDY. ' 48. Newcomb; New Orleans. Louisiana; Oreades. • CECIL K. EDMONDS, ' 47, Commerce; Flint, Michigan; Taffrail Club. THIRD ROW • VALERIE EDWARDS, ' 48. Newcomb; Baltimore, Maryland; Art Club; Y.W.C.A, • VIVIAN C, EIGENBROD. ' 48, Newcomb; New Orleans. Louisiana. • ANN ELLZEY. ' 49. Medicine; Amite. Louisiana. • HUGH K. ENGLISH, ' 47. Medicine; Dallas. Texas; Phi Chi; History of Medicine. • FRANK R. ERVIN. ' 48, Medicine; Austin. Texas; Theta Kappa Psi; History of Medicine Society, • CARMEN M. ESPADA. ' 48; Newcomb; San Juan; Puerto Rico. • CECILIA S. ESTES. ' 49. Newcomb; Alexandria, Louisiana • GLENN E. ESTESS. ' 49. A. i S.; McComb. Mississippi. • SARA EUSTIS. ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; l.R.C; Forum. FOURTH ROW • PAT EVANS. ' 48. Newcomb; Lake Providence. Louisiana; Alpha Delta Pi; Glee Club; Operetta; Newman Club; Festival Choir. • DOROTHY I. EWING. ' 47. Newcomb; Shreveport. Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta; Glee Club; Operetta; A Cappella Choir. • JOSEPH L. EWING. ' 48, A. S.; Shreveport, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Eta Sigma. • ALBERT L. EXLINE. ' 48, Medicine; Dallas, Texas; Nu Sigma Nu; Kappa Sigma; History of Medicine Society, • MARY A. FAILLA. ' 48. Newcomb; Lafayette, Louisiana, • NELLIE J. FAIRCLOUGH. ' 47. Commerce; Dothan. Alabama. • ELEANOR K. FAIRMAN. ' 48. Newcomb; New Orleans. Louisiana. • HSI-PEI FAN, Graduate; Soochow, China. • WILLIAM E. PARIS. ' 49. Medicine; Birmingham, Alabama; Delta Tau Delta. 78 FIRST ROW • HUGH J. FARNET, ' 4 ' ?, A. S.; New Orleans, Louisiana. • THOMAS C. FARRELL. ' 49, Engineering; New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Tau Omega. • CHARLES A. FARRELL, ' I?, Medicine; New Orleans. Louisiana; Nu Sigma Nu. • KARL J. FASOLD, ' 49. Engineering; Sulfport. Mississippi; Band. • SHIRLEY F. FA5SBENDER. ' 47. Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Dance Club. • BEVERLY A. FAVROT, ' 48. Newcomb; New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Jambalaya. Hullabaloo. • C. ALLEN FAVROT. ' 46, Engineering; New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • FRANK B. FEATHER, ' 48, A. S.; Mesilla P arli, New Mexico. • CORA LEE FEIBLEMAN, ' 48, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana- Alpha Epsilon Phi. SECOND ROW • MYRNA FEINBERG, ' 49 Newcomb; Dallas. Texas; Glee Club. • YETTA FEINGESTS, ' 48, Commerce; New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Sigma Sigma. • EVANGELINE T. FELL, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana. • RILEY B. FELL, ' 49, Law; New Orleans, Louisiana; Theatre. Tulane Veterans ' Association. • NOLLIE C. FELTS, JR., ' 48, A. S.; Hattiesburg, Mississippi; Sigma Chi; A Cappella Choir; Glee Club. e WALTER A. FERGERSON, ' 47, A. S.; Okeene, Olilahoma; Taffrail Club; Football. • WILLIAM L. FERGUSON, JR., ' 48, Commerce; New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon, Taffrail Club. • JEANNE A. FERNANDEZ, ' 47, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; French Club; Dance Club; Spanish Club, • RICHARD J. FIELD, JR , ' 49, Medicine; Centreville. Mississippi; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Cheerleaders; Greenbackers; Lagniappes; Pan-Hellenic Council; Student Center Council; Y. M. C. A. THIRD ROW • HARVEY G. FIELDS, JR., ' 47, Law; Farmervllle, Louisiana; Phi Delta Phi; Moot Court; Student Body Secretary. • HECTOR H. FILARDI, ' 48, Medicine; Yauco, Puerto Rico. • INA L. FILLMORE, ' 48, Newcomb; Atlanta, Georgia; Pi Beta Phi; Dance Club. • FLORA FINCH, ' 49, Medicine; McComb, Mississippi; Alpha Epsilon lota. • IRVING C. FINKLEA, ' 47, Engineering; Dallas, Texas; Taffrail Club. • BETTY FIRNBERG, ' 47, Newcomb; Monroe, Louisiana; Chi Omega; Jambalaya; Greenbackers. • ELAINE A. FIRSTENBERG, ' 48, Newcomb; Jersey City, New Jersey. • GEORGIA S. FISCHER, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans. Louisiana. • MERLE E. FISCHER. ' 48. Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu; Hullabaloo; Assets; Lagniappes; Y.W.C.A.; Freshman Class President. FOURTH ROW • LOIS C. FLURRY, ' 47, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Glee Club. • SALLYE FLYNN, ' 49, Commerce; New Orleans, Louisiana. • ALINE L. FOLSE, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans. Louisiana. • ALVARO A. FONSECA, ' 49, Medicine; San Jose, Costa Rica; Phi lota Alpha; Greenbackers. • GENE M. FORD ' 47, Commerce; Chicago, lllirois. • SIDNEY M. FORD, ' 48, Medicine; De Ridder, Louisiana. • JOHN P. FORT, JR., ' 48, Medicine; Lookout Mountain. Tennessee; Phi Chi. • ROBERT E. FORTIER, ' 49, Engineering; New Orleans. Louisiana; Tulane Veterans ' Association; Lagniappes. • SALLY FOSTER, ' 48, Newcomb; Monroe, Louisiana; Chi Omega; Glee Club; Jambalaya; Student Center Council. THE OTHER CLASSES 79 THE OTHER CLASSES FIRST ROW • ROBERT R. FOWLER. ■49, Engineering; New Orleans, La. • ALBERT FRAENKEL, ' 48, Commerce; New Orleans, La.; Zeta Beta Tau; Alpha Phi Omega; Hullabaloo; Pan Hellenic Council; Freshman Class Vice-President. • A. FLORINE FRANCE, ' 47, Newcomb; Spartanburg, S. C. • FYRNE M. FRANCIONI, ' 48, Newcomb; New Orleans, La.; A Cappella Choir; Glee C-ub, Operetta; Theatre; Wesley Foundation. • HENRY E. FRANSEN, ' 49, Engineering; Bluefields, Nicaragua. • ABRAHAM DAVID FREEMAN, JR., ' 48, A. S.; New Orleans, La. • CORAL IRENE FREEMAN, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, La. • ELLEN L. FREEMAN, ' 49, Newcomb; Hopkinsville, Ky.; Spectators; Y.W.C.A. • LORRAINE E. FREEMAN. ' 47, A. S.; Nsw Orleans. La., Alpha Delta Pi; Glee Club; Assets: Theta Nu, SECOND ROW • MARY L. FREEMAN. ' 48. Newcomb; New Orleans. La.; Phi Mu. • MARY FREILER. ' 49. Newcomb; Glencoe, III. • ALICE FRELLSEN. ' 48. Newcomb; Baskin. La • FAY BETH FREY, ' 47. Newcomb; New Orleans. La.; Beta Sigma Omicron; Hulla- baloo; French Club; Y.W.C.A. • JOHN J. FRICK. ' 47. Commerce; San Francisco, Cal.; Newman Club; Oak Leaves; Band. • DAVID B. FRIED, JR.. ' 48, Engineering; Vicksburg, Miss.; Zeta Beta Tau; A.I.E.E.; Pan-Hellenic Council; Taffrail Club. • NELL FRIEDRICHS. ' 48. Newcomb; New Orleans, La.; Chi Omega. • RICHARD B. FRIEDRICH, ' 47, Engineering; Levasy. Mo. • LAURENCE J, FRITZ. ' 49, A. S.; New Orleans. La.; Hullabaloo; Glendy Burke. THIRD ROW • GEORGE J. FRUTHALER. JR.. ' 48. Medicine; New Orleans. La.; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Phi Beta Kappa. • RUTH M. FRY. ' 49. Newcomb; Lake Charles. La. • MONICA A. FUSELIER, ' 48, Newcomb; New Orleans, La.; Delta Zeta; Pan- Hellenic Council. • HARRY J. GABRIEL, ' 48, Engineering; Ponchatoula, La.; Kappa Sigma; Taffrail Club. • WALTER J. GAGNET, JR., ' 49, Engineering; New Orleans, La.; Phi Delta Theta. • JEAN P. GALE, ' 49, Newcomb; Palatka, Fla. • NORMA N. GALLAGHER, ' 49, Engineering; New Orleans, La.; Architectural Society. • MARGUERITE H. GALLOWAY, ' 49; Newcomb; Mobile, Ala. • MARY JEAN GANNAWAY, ' 47, Newcomb; Murfreesboro. Tenn.; Chi Omega FOURTH ROW • MARI.A A. GARCIA. ' 48. Newcomb; Leonardo. N. J.; La Tertulia; Newman Club; A Cappella Choir; Glee Club. • JOSE R. GARCIA-SVAREZ, ' 49, A. i S.; Santurce, Puerto Rico. • ISABEL H. GARDNER, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, La. • BELA J. GARET, ' 47, A. i S.; San Pedro, Cal., Alpha Tau Omega; Greenbackers; Pan-Hellenic Council; Freshman Class President. • RICHARD J. GARFUNKEL, ' 49, A. i S.; New Orleans, La.; Zeta Beta Tau; Glee Club. • JEANNE GARRETSON, ' 47, Newcomb; New Orleans, La.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; As- sets; Cheerleaders; Greenbackers. • FRITZ A. GARRETT, JR., ' 48. A. S.; Baton Rouge. La. • FLOOD M. GARRETT. ' 48. A. S.; Monroe, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • ROSEMARY GARRETT. ' 47. Newcomb; Hillsboro. Texas; Zeta Tau Alpha; Glee Club; Y.W.C.A. 80 FIRST ROW • ELIZABETH RACHEL GARRISON, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, La. • WALTER F. GARVEY, ' 49, Engineering; New Orleans. La.; Newrran Club. • CAROL A. G aTES, ' 47, Newcomb; Franklin, La.; fi Beta Phi; Dance Club; Lag- niappes. • MARY JO GAUTREAUX. ' 48, Newcomb; White Castle, La.; Phi Mu; Glee Club; Y.W.C.A. • WILBUR K. GELMAN, ' 47, Commerce; New Orleans, La.; Delta Epsilon Phi. . . • JOYCE L. GELPI. ' 48. Engineering; New Orleans, La.; Newman Club; Architectural Society. • C. MAC GEYER, ' 48, A. S.; Topeka, Kan.; Phi Delta Theta; Math Club; Y.M.C.A. • RAYMOND C. GILBRECK. ' 47, Engineering; Holly Gro« Ark; Lambda Chi Alpha. • ANN GILES. ' 47. Newcomb; New Orleans, La.; Phi Mu. SECOND ROW • ALEX T. GILLESPIE. ' 49. Medicine; Avoca. Teras; Kappa Sigma; Phi Chi; Alpha Epsilon Delta. • BETSIE GILLESPIE. ' 48. Newcomb; New Orleans. La.; Delta Zeta. ® JOAN C. GILLIS, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans. La.; Assets. • NORMAN G. GILLIS. ■49, A. S.- McComb. Miss. WILLIAM E. GILTHORPE. JR.. ' 48. A. S.; New Orleans. La.; Sigma Pi; Glendy Burke • HOWARD BEN GINSBERG, Greenbackers. A. S.; Brooklyn. N. Y.; Sigma Alpha Mu; • R05LYN E. GINSBURG. ' 48. Newcomb: Lewisburg. Tenn. • JOSEPH L. GIRODO. JR.. ' 47, Engineering; New Orleans. La.; Sigma PI; A.I. of Ch. E. • LEAH ROSE GLASSER. ' 47. Newcomb; Augusta, Ga.; Alpha Epsilon Phi. THIRD ROW • EMANUEL J. GLINKY, ' 49, A. S S.; New Orleans. La.; Kappa Nu; Band. • RAYMOND A. GODWIN. ' 49. Commerce; Pensacola, Fla. • RUTH A. GOEBEL, ' 48, Newcomb; New Orleans, La,; Alpha Delta Pi. Gamma Delta; Y.W.C.A. • JOHN W. GOEDDERTZ, ' 49, Commerce; New Orleans, La. • ASHLEY JACK GOLD. ' 47, Law; Shreveport. La.; Sigm.a Alpha Mu; Law Review. • HELEN ANN GOLDBERG, ' 49. Newcomb; New Orleans, La.; Forum. • REITA JEAN GOLDBERG, ' 49. Newcomb; Sylacauga. Ala. • JACOB E. GOLDBLUM. ' 49, A. i S.; New Orleans. La.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Jam- balaya; Hullabaloo. • BETTIE MAE GOLDSTEIN, ' 47. Newcomb; Shreveport. La.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Spectators. FOURTH ROW • CAROL GONDOLF. ' 48, Commerce; New Orleans, La.; Newman Club. • MARY JOAN GONIA, ' 48. Newcomb; New Orleans. La.; Phi Mu; Lagniappes; Y.W.C.A. • ROBERT F. GONSOULIN. JR., ' 48. A. S.; Houston. Texas; Newman Club. • JAMES E. GOODE. ' 49. Medicine; Dallas. Texas; Theta Kappa Psi. • RAYMOND K. GOODE, ' 48. Engineering; Rockville Centre. N. Y.; Phi Delta Theta. • HAROLD A. GORDON, ' 47. Commerce; Merigold. Miss.; Zeta Beta Tau. • WILLIAM M. GORDY, ' 48. A. S.; New Iberia. La.; Kappa Sigma. • LOUISE M. GOHESMAN, ' 47. Newcomb; New Orleans. La.; Phi Sigma Sigma; Greenbackers; I.R.C.; Spectators; Spanish Club; Avukah. • ROSEMARY GRAFFAGNINI. ' 49. Commerce: New Orleans. La. THE OTHER CLAS S E S 81 THE OTHER CLASSES FIRST ROW SECOND ROW • HENRY E. GRAHAM. Ill, ' 49, Commerce; New Orleans, La. • AUDREY T. GROS, ' 47, Newcomb; New Orleans, La,; Gamma Delta; Math Club; Y.W.C.A,; American Chemical Society. • BETTY R. GRAY, ' 48, Newcomb; Shreveport, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Assets; Dormitory Council; Y.W.C.A. • DOLLY GRAY, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, La.; Jambalaya; Campus Night. . • DUNCAN M. GRAY, ' 48, Engineering; Jackson, Miss.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; A.I.E.E.; E.T.A.; Sreenbackers; Lagniappos; Sophomore Class Vice-President. • HERMAN H. GRAY, ' ■IB, Medicine; Pomona, Cal. • DAVID McLEOD GREATHOUSE, ' 49, Commerce; Ft. Worth, Texas. • MARION B. GREEN, ' 48, Newcomb; Paducah, Ky.; Glee Club; Art Club; Green- backers; Cheerleaders. • CAROL D. GREENE, ' 48, Engineering; New Orleans, La. • REBA GREENBERG, ' 48, Newcomb; Shreveport, La. • BETH GREENWALD, ' 47, Newcomb; New Orleans, La.; Chi Omega, Dance Club. • MARIE LeMORE GREHAN, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, La.; Glee Club. . . • ROBERT H. GREHAN, ' 48, Engineering; New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha; E.T.A. • B. HOLLY GRIMM, ' 47, A. S.; New Orleans, La.; Theta Chi. • JACK L. GRINDLE, ' 48, Medicine; Harlingen, Texas; Nu Sigma Nu; History of Medicine Society. • JEAN D. GROSSMAN, Newcomb; Corpus Chrlsti, Texas; Glee Club. O CORALIE M. GUARINO, ' 47, Newcomb; New Orleans, La.; Newman Club; Hulla- baloo. • DANIEL D. GUICE, ' 48, Law; Biloxi, Miss.; Kappa Alpha; Phi Delta Phi; Moot Court; Freshman Class President. THIRD ROW • MARY ANNE GULLEDGE, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, La. • KENNETH M GUTHRIE, ' 49, Medicine; Berkeley, Cal. • PATRICIA A. HAAS, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, La.; Phi Mu; Glee Club. • MARY E. HAASE, ' 48, Newcomb; New Orleans, La.; Beta Sigma Omicron; New- man Club. • ROBERT W. HADDEN, ' 49, A. S.; New Orleans, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • CAROLYN M. HAEUSER, ' 49, Commerce; New Orleans, La. • FRED R. HAEUSER, JR., ' 47, Engineering; New Orleans, La.; A.S.M.E.; Band. • CARL N. HAGGARD, ' 48, Medicine; Lexington, Ky.; Theta Kappa Psi; History of Medicine Society. • GLORIA HAGLER, ' 49. Newcomb; Pensacola. Fla. FOURTH ROW • FORD W. HALL, ' 48, law; Commerce, Texas; Phi Delta Phi; Law Review; Omicron Delta Kappa. • HARRY B, HALL, ' 49, Medicine; Boise City, Okla.; Phi Rho Sigma. • MARY LEE HALMHUBER, ' 49, Newcomb; Frankfort, Ky. • LEONARD HALPERN, ' 47, Commerce; New Orleans, La. • ESTELLE L. HAMILTON, ' 49, Commerce; New Orleans, La. • MARY V. HAMILTON, ' 49. Law; Lafayette, La. • CAROL M. HAMRICK, ' 47, Newcomb; New Orleans, La.; Alpha Delta Pi; A Cap- pella Choir; Glee Club; Assets; Y.W.C.A. • JOHN P. HAMMOND. ' 49, A. S S.; New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha. • ELIZABETH HANSEN, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, La. 82 J FIRST ROW • ELLEN JEAN HARDIN. ' 48, Newcomb; Shreveport, La.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Glee Club; Art Club. • WILLIAM R. HARDY. JR., ■48, A. 5.; New Orleans, La.; Sigma Chi. • JOHN H. HAROLD, ' 49, Commerce; New Orleans, La.; Phi Kappa Sigma. • ALICE JOY HARPER, ' 48, Newcomb; Monroe, La.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Art Club. • AUGUSTA G. HARPER, ' 47, Newcomb; Mrnden, La.; Kappa Alpha Theta; A Cap- pella Choir; Glee Club; Operetta. • FRIEDRICHS H. HARRIS, ' 48. A. S.; New Orleans, La.; Alpha Tau Omega; Glee Club; Greenbackers; Sophomore President; Newman Club; Track. • JANE D. HARRIS, ' 47, Newcomb; New Orleans, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Beta Beta Beta; Jambalaya • JOEL H. HARRIS, ' 48, Newcorr,b: New Orleans, La. • NINA S. HARRIS. ' 47. Newcomb; Columbia, La.; Phi Mu; A Cappella Choir; Glee Club; Pan-Hellenic Council; Junior Class Vice-President. SECOND ROW • LELAND C. HARRISON. ' 4?, Medicine; Oklahoma City, Okla. • HARVEY D. HASTINGS, ' 47. Commerce; Boyce. La. • GABE HAUSMANN. ' 49. Commerce; New Orleans. La.; Zeta Beta Tau; Jam- balaya; Hullabaloo; Forum. • LEWIS C. HAYCOX, ' 47. Commerce; English. Ind.; Taffrail Club; Junior Class President. • RAYMOND B. HAYES, ' 49, A. S S.; Alexandria. La.; Tulane Veterans ' Association. • EDWIN G. HAYS, ' 47, Engineering; Lexington. Texas; A.I.E.E.; Math Club; Junior Class Vice-President; Sophomore Class President. • BETTY R. HEALY, ' 47, Newcomb, New Orleans. La.; Hullabaloo; Art Club. . . • JEROME L. HEARD, ' 49. Medicine; Shreveport. La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Nu Sigma Nu; Kappa Delta Phi; Beta Mu. • RENEE M. HEBERT, ' 48, Newcomb; New Orleans, La.; Beta Sigma Omicron; Y.W C.A.; Newman Club. THIRD ROW • ERWIN HECKER. ' 48, Medicine; Washington, D. C; Sigma Alpha Mu; Beta Mu; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Delta Epsilon; History of Medicine Society. • SOL S. HEIMAN, ' 49. A. « S.; New Orleans, La.; Kappa Nu; Band; Glee Club; German Club. • WILLIAM A. HEINE, ' 49, Commerce; New Orleans, La.; Band. • COLLEEN S. HELMER, ' 49, Commerce; New Orleans. La. • ED B. HELMS, ' 49, Medicine; Austin, Texas; Theta Kappa Psi. • DAVID C. HELTON, ' 47, Commerce; Gordon, Ky. • WILLIAM L. HEMBREE. ' 49, A. S.; Bridgeport, Ala. • ANDREW F. HEMPHILL, ' 49, A. 8 S., Columbus, Miss. • ELIZABETH S. HENDERSON, ' 49 Newcomb, Portsmouth, Va. FOURTH ROW • WARREN B. HENRY. ' 47, Medicine; Chattanooga, Tenn. • CLAIRE C, HERO, ' 49. Newcomb; New Orleans, La.; Glee Club; Spectators; Forum. • FRANK M. HEROY. JR., ' 48. Engineering; New Orleans. La.; T.S.C.E. • DANILO A. HERRERA. ' 48. A. £ S.; Heredia. Costa Rica. • HELEN L. HERZSTEIN. ' 48. Newcomb. Dallas, Texas. • EDWARD W HESS ' 48 Engineering- New Orleans La.; Delta Tau Delta- A. I. of Ch.E. • MARGARET A. HEYER. ' 49, Newcomb; Chattanooga, Tenn. • BETSY ANN HEZLETT, ' 47, Newcomb; New Orleans, La.; Zeta Tau Alpha; Glee Club; Operetta. • LEONARD C. HIGGINS, JR., ' 49. A. S.; Gretna. La. THE OTHER CLASSES 83 THE OTHER CLASSE! FIRS! ROW • WALTER D, HIGGINS JR , MS, A. S,: New Orleans. La. • WILLIAM E. HILLER. ' 49, Engineering; New Orleans. La.; Phi Kappa Sigrr.a • JOHN L. HINTON. ' 49. A. S.; Mobile. Ala.; Alpha Tau Omega. • JOE E. HIRSCH, ' 49. Medicine; Middletown. Mo. • ELA HOCKADAY, ' 48, Newcomb; Fori Worth, Texas; Jambalaya; Hullabaloo; S pectators. • ANN HODGE. 47, Newcomb; New O-leans, La.; Phi Mu; French Club; Athletic Council; Dance Club; Honor Board. • ELIZABETH A. HOFMANN. ' 49. Newcomb; Victoria, Texas. • ELWYN C. HOFMANN, ' 49. Engineering; Gretna, La. • PAUL L, HOFF, ' 47, Commerce; Lexington, M ' ss. SECOND ROW • NEONA J. HOFFSTADT. ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans. La. • JOE W. HOLCOMB, ' 49, A. S., Houston. Texas. • CAROLYN HOLMES, ' 48, Newcomb; Bay Minefte, Ala.; Delta Zeta; Glee Club; Jambalaya; Thealre. • MARY E. HOLMES, ' 47, Newcomb; Greensboro, H. C. • CORTELL K. HOLSAPPLE, ' 48. Medicine; Fort Worth. Texas; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Honor Council. • BETTY J. HOLLAND. ' 48, Newcomb; New Orleans, La.; Phi Mu. • KATHERINE V. HOLLAND, ' 49, Newcomb. Chattanooga, Tenn. • DORCAS 1.1. HOLLINGSWORTH. ' 47, Newcomb; Lexington, Ky.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Glee Club; Hullabaloo; Art Club; Dance Club; Dormitory Council; Green- backers; Spectators; Forum. • PEGGY J. HOOPER, ' 49. N ewcomb; Victoria, Texas. THIRD ROW • HELENA M. HOPFENSITZ, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, La.; Delta Zeta • HAROLD C. HOPKINS, ' 49, A. S.; Jackson, Miss. • RUTH S. HOPPE. ' 48. Newcomb; Atlanta, Ga.; Pi Beta Phi; Glee Club. • LEO G. HORAN. ' 49. Medicine; New Orleans, La.; Kappa Sigma; Nu Sigma Nu. • LOTHAN E. HORNUFF. JR., ' 49, A. S.; New Orleans, La. • GLORIA T. HORWITZ. ' 48, Newcomb; Wichita Falls, Texas; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Forum; Y.W.C.A. • ANNA G. HOVER. ' 48. Newcomb; Gulfport, Miss.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Glee Club; La Tertulla; Newman Club. • FRANK A. HOWARD, ' 48. A. S.; Enid. Okla.; Phi Delta Theta; Pan-Hellenic Council. • FRANK J. HOWARD, ' 47. A. i S.; Alexandria, La FOURTH ROW • HARRY H. HOWARD, ' 48, Commerce; New Orleans, La.; Delta Sigma Phi; Jam- balaya; Hullabaloo; Glendy Burke; Newman Club; Tulane Veterans ' Association, Vice- President. • GEORGE R. HOWE. ' 47, Commerce; Auburn, III.; Band. • ANN HOWELL. ' 48. Newcomb; Alexandria, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Jam- balaya. • BOBBIE E. HOWEIL. ' 49. Newcomb; New Orleans. La. • JEAN HOWELL. ' 48. Newcomb. New Orleans. La.; Glee Club; Y.W.C.A. • GLORIA M. HOWELLS, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, La. • CHIN HOY, ' 49, Engineering; New Orleans, La. • L, MIGNONNE HUCK, ' 47, Newcomb; New Orleans, La.; Delta Zeta, Beta Beta Beta; Jambalaya; Hullabaloo; French Club; Greenbackers; Lagniappes; Theatre; Newman Club. • THOMAS L. HUDSON. ' 49, A. S.; Lake Wales, Fla.; Alpha Tau Omega. 84 mmMM FIRST ROW • FRANCIS W. HUETE, ' 49. A. S.; New Orleans. La.; Kappa Sigma. • ADELAIDE P. HUEY. ' 48, Newcomb; New Orleans. La.; Pi Beta Phi. • JOYCE H. HUFF, ' 47, Newcomb; New Orleans, La.; Delta 2eta; Gamma Delta. . • LOUIS B. HUGHES. ' 49. Medicine; Austin, Texas; Delta Kappa Epsilon, Nu Sigma Nu. • ROBERT E. HUGHES, ' 47, Commerce; Leitchfield, Ky.; Oak Leaves. • PEGGY J. HURLEY, ' 48, Newcomb; San Antonio, Texas; Ph! Mu. • LORRAINE HURWITZ. ' 49. Newcomb; New Orleans, La. • RICHARD N. HUTSON. ' 49, Engineering; New Orleans, La.; Newman Club. • MAY HYMAN, ' 47, Newcomb; New Orleans, La.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Jambalaya; Art Club; Assets; I.R.C.; Theatre, SECOND ROW • NORWOOD F. HYMEL, ' 47, Engineering; New Orleans, La.; Delta Tau Delta; Math Club; Taffrail Club; Newman Club. • EDWARD I. HYTKEN. ' 49. A. S S.; Belzoni. Miss.; Sigma Alpha Mu. • NOEL V. ICE, ' 48. A. S.; McAllen. Texas; Phi Theta Kappa; Delta Psi Omega; Jambalaya. • LEON INPOSTATO ' 48. Engineering; New Orleans, La.; Architectural Society. • MARJORIE ISAACSON, ' 49. Newcomb; New Orleans, La.; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • SHIRLEY A. I5KWITCH. ' 49, Newcomb; Memphis, Tenn. • ROSLYN ISON, ' 47, Newcomb; Atlanta, Ga.; Chi Omega; Jambalaya; Art Club; Dance Club. • ANN E. JACKSON. Newcomb; Shreveport. La.; Tennis Club. • BEVERLY B. JACKSON, ' 48. Newcomb; New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Glee Club; Art Club; Y.W.C.A. THIRD ROW • DONALD B. JACKSON, ' 49. Engineering; New Orleans. La. • JACK T. JACKSON, ' 48, Medicine; Monroe, La.; Beta Theta Pi; Phi Chi; History of Medicine Society. • JOHN E. JACKSON. JR.. ' 49, A. S.; New Orleans. La.; Beta Theta Pi. • JULIUS H. JACKSON, ' 49, A. i S,; New Orleans, La. • MARY A. JACKSON, ' 48. A. 8 S.; Monroe. La.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Wesley Foundation; Y.W.C.A. • BERNARD L, JACOBS, ' 48, Medicine; New Orleans, La,; Zeta Beta Tau; Phi Delta Epsilon. • SHERWOOD A, JACOBSON, ' 49, Medicine; Sanford, Fla.; Spectators. • JOAN JAKEL. ' 49. Newcomb; Dallas. Texas, • DONALD E. JAMES, ' 48, Commerce; New Orleans, La.; Delta Sigma Phi, Treasurer. FOURTH ROW • THOMAS A. JAMES, JR., ' 49. Engineering; New Orleans. La. • THOMAS N. JAMES. ' 49. Medicine; Amory, Miss.; Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Chi; Glee Club; Operetta; Greenbackers; Pan-Hellenic Council; Phi Beta Kappa; Omicron Delta Kappa. • MILTON W. JANSSEN. ' 49. A. 5.; New Orleans, La.; Delta Tau Delta. • CHARLES C. JAUBERT, ' 48, Medicine; New Orleans, La.; Phi Rho Sigma; Beta Mu. • FRANCIS L. JAUBERT. ' 48, Medicine; New Orleans, La.; Phi Rho Sigma, Beta Mu; History of Medicine Society, • HERMAN JEFFER, ' 49, Commerce; New Orleans, La. • JOAN JELKS. ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, La. • DOROTHY J. JENNINGS, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, La.; Delta Zeta. • MARION F. JENNINGS, ' 47, Newcomb; New Orleans. La.; Delta Zeta; French Club; Oreades; Greenbackers. THE OTHER CLASSES 85 THE OTHER CLASSES FIRST ROW • EDITH A. JENSEN. ' -17, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Newnnan Club. • JOSEPH W. JOACHIM, JR.. ' 48, A. S.; New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Tau Omega. • FRANCES D. JOFFRION. ' 47, Engineering; Laurel. Mississippi; Delta Kappa Epsilon; A.LE.E.; E.T.A.; Lagniappes; Math Club. • BETTE W. JOHN, ' 48, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Delta Pi. • ALLEN H. JOHNESS. JR , ' 48, A. S S,; New Orleans. Louisiana. • DOROTHY D. JOHNSON, ' 47, Newcomb; Columbia. Mississippi; Phi Mu. • EVERETT K. JOHNSON. ' 48. Engineering; New Orleans, Louisiana; A. I. of Ch. E. • GENE L. JOHNSON. ' 49. A. S.: St. Louis, Missouri. • GLORIA V. JOHNSON, ' 48. Newcomb; New Orleans. Louisiana; Alpha Delta Pi; Art Club. SECOND ROW • HERBERT C. JOHNSON, ' 47, Commerce; Clinton, Iowa; Taffrall Club. • KENNETH S. JOHNSON. JR., ' 48, A. S.; Sebring, Florida. • PHYLLIS M, JOHNSON. ' 47, Newcomb; Brookhaven. Mississippi; Kappa Alpha Theta; Glee Club; Operetta; Dance Club; Spanish Club. • SAMUEL B. JOHNSON, ' 49, Medicine; Canyon. Texas; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • ANNA F. JONES, ' 49, Newcomb; Dyersburg, Tennessee. • CALVIN P. JONES. ' 49. Engineering; New Orleans. Louisiana; Tulane Veterans ' Association. • CURTIS V . JONES JR., ' 48 Medicine- Benton, Arkansas- Sigma Chi; Nu Sigma Nu; Varsity Football. • DAVID P. JONES, ' 49, A. S S.; Winston-Salem, North Carolina; Band; Wesley Foundation. • FLORENCE P. JONES. ' 47, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi; Hulla- baloo; Dance Club; Canterbury Club. THIRD ROW • JOHN B. JONES, ' 49. A. S.; Monroe. Louisiana. • LORYS S. JONES. ' 47. Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Art Club. • MARGARET A. JONES. ' 47. Newcomb; Rensselaer, Indiana; Y.W.C.A. • MAIJY E. JONES. ' 49, Newcomb; Nashville. Tennessee. • ROBERT E. JONES. ' 48, A. S.; Benton, Arkansas; Sigma Chi; Band. • SAMUEL T. JONES. ' 48. A. S.; Birmingham. Alabama. • SARGENT F. JONES. II. ' 49; Engineering; New Orleans. Louisiana; Alpha Tau Omega. • VIRGINIA JONES. ' 48, Newcomb; Alexandria, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Dormitory Council; Spectators. • HELEN M. JORDAN, ' 49. Newcomb; Chattanooga, Tennessee. FOURTH ROW • KENNETH L. JORNS, ' 48, Medicine- Clinton, Oklahoma- Lambda Chi Alpha- Who ' s Who. • LOUIS W. JUMONVILLE, JR.. ' 49, Commerce; Napoleonvllle, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi. • RALPH W. JUNIUS. ' 47, Engineering; New Orleans, Louisiana; Architectural Society. • EVELYN J. JUNKIN, ' 49, Newcomb; Natchez, Mississippi. • MARY L. JURISICH, ' 49. Newcomb; New Orleans. Louisiana. • J. D. KABLER, ' 18, A. S.; Wichita, Kansas; Phi Delta Theta; Alpha Phi Omega; Glendy Burke; Y.M.C.A. • ELLIOTT M. KAHN, ' 49, Commerce; New Orleans, Louisiana. • ROBERT H. KAHN. ' 47, Commerce; Pensacola, Florida; Zeta Beta Tau. • BOB KAPLAN, ' 49 Medicine; St. Louis, Missouri; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Phi Delta Ep- silon. 86 FIRST ROW • MAXINE KAPLAN. ' 47, Newcomb; New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Sigma Sigma; LR.C; Spectators. • MURRAY L. KAPLAN, ' 49, A. S.; St. Louis, Missouri. • VERNON E. KAPPEL, ' 48, A. 8 S.; Buffalo, New York. • CAROLYN K. KARTUS, ' 47, Newcomb; Montgomery, Alabama; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Dormitory Council; I.R.C.; Forum. • ANNA KASTLER, ' 47. Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi, • NORMAN KATZ ' 48. A. S.; Lakewood, New Jersey; Band. • DOROTHY E. KATZER, ' 48, Newcomb; Fort Smith. Arkansas. • JUDITH F. KAUFER, ' 49. Newcomb; Milwaukee, Wisconsin. • SUE M. KEEFE. ' 48, Newcomb; Miami, Florida; Phi Mu. SECOND ROW • BETSY W. KEEFER, ' 48. Commerce; New Orleans. Louisiana. • JANE T. KEEN. ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans. Louisiana. • BERT A. KEHL, ' 49. A. S.; New Orleans, Louisiana; Glee Club; Operetta; French Club; Christian Science Group; Hullabaloo. • DOLORES M. KELLEY, ' 47, Newcomb; New Orleans. Louisiana; Beta Sigma Omi- cron; Eta Sigma Phi; Hullabaloo; Oreades; Newman Club. • WINIFRED M. KELLY, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu. • JANET KERLIN. ' 49, Newcomb; Shreveport, Louisiana. • NATHAN L. KERN. ' 49. A. S.; New Orleans. Louisiana. • DONALD A. KERR. ' 49, Engineering; Bogalusa. Louisiana. • WILLIAM R. KERR. ' 48, Medicine; Houston. Texas; Theta Kappa Psi. THIRD ROW • WALTER H. KILLEEN, ' 49. Engineering; New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi. • GRACE KING. ' 49. Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana. • WALTER D. KINGSTON, ' 49. A. S S.; New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Sigma. • GRACE KI TTRELL. ' 47, Newcomb; Mobile. Alabama; Alpha Omicron Pi. • SEME S. KLEGAR. ' 47, Law; New Orleans. Louisiana; Law Review. • IRVING KLEIMAN ' 48, Commerce; Grand Rapids. Michigan; Taffrail Club. • ROBERT S. KLINE ' 49, A. S.; New Orleans. Louisiana. • FLORIAN J. KLOSINSKI, ' 49. A. S.; South B«nd, Indiana. • ANN KLUMOK, ' 49. Newcomb; Moorhead, Mississippi. FOURTH ROW • WILMA KNIGHT. ' 48. A. S.; New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta; Hul- labaloo; Y.W.C.A.; Theta Nu. e BETTY R. KNOWLES, ' 49. Newcomb; New Orleans. Louisiana. • JOEL M. KNOWLES. ' 47, Newcomb; New Orleans. Louisiana; Dance Club; Math Club. • RICHARD C. KO, ' 48. Medicine; Hilo, Hawaii. • SHIRLEY A. KOLTUN. ' 47, Newcomb; New Orleans. Louisiana; Hullabaloo. I.R.C. • THEODORE N. KONTOS, ' 49. A. S S.; Montgomery. Alabama. • EUGENE A. KRAEMER, JR., ' 48, Medicine; New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Rho Sigma; History of Medicine Society. • WILLIAM A. KRASCHEL, ' 48. Medicine; Fresno. California: Alpha Kappa Kappa. • JOYCE KRILOV, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana. THE OTHER CLASSES 87 THE OTHER CLASSES FIRST ROW • PHILIP J. KRUPP, JR., ' 48; Medicine; New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi; Thcta Kappa Psi; Beta Mu; History of Medicine Society. • STANLEY F. KUBINSKI. ' 47. A. S.; Minneapolis. Minnesota; Taffrail Club. • ALLEN KUHN, ' 49, Engineering; New Orleans, Louisiana. • COLEMAN KUHN. ' 47, Engineering; New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi; T.S.C.E. • EVELYN J. KUINLAM, ' 49, Medicine; Arecibo, Puerto Rico. • WARREN L. KUMP, ' 48, A. S.; Oberlin, Kansas; Math Club. • FANNIE L. KYKER, ' 48, Newcomb- Hattiesburg, Mississippi; Zeta Tau Alpha; Glee Club; Hullabaloo; La Tertulla. • BERNADETTE LaBANCA, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana. • ARTHUR J. LaBEAU, ' 47, A. S.; St Paul, Minnesota; Phi Delta Theta. SECOND ROW • ELMO J. La30RDE, ' 49. Medicine, Marksville, Louisiana; Phi Chi; Alpha Phi Omega; History of Medicine Society. • EMMIE J. LACKEY. Social Work; Little Rock, Arkansas. • JEAN M. LAFAYE, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu. • MARY V. LAGARDE, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu; Glee Club, • DOMINICK M. LAGO, ' 49, Engineering; New Orleans, Louisiana. • JACOB R. LAHASKY, ' 49, A. 5.; New Orleans, Louisiana. • SHIRLEY M. LAIN. ' 49, Commerce; New Orleans, Louisiana. I» CLAIRE L. LALLY, ' 48, Newconnb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Zeta; Art Club; Newman Club. • EDWARD N. LAMBREMONT, JR., ' 49, A. S.; New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Tviu Delta, THIRD ROW • ROBERT L. LAM6RIGHT. ' 48, A. S.; Jackson, Mississippi; Kappa Sigma. • PATRICIA L. LAND, ' 48, A. S-. S.; New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • GLORIA S. LANDAICHE, ' 48, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta. • JOYCE I, LANDAICHE, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana. • JANET V. LANDAICHE, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana. • J. GEOFFREY LANDRIEU, ' 48, Engineering; New Orleans, Louisiana. • CHARMAIGNE A. LANDRIEU, ' 49, Commerce; New Orleans. Louisiana. • ANNE B LANDRY ' 48 Newcomb; New Orleans Louisiana- Pi Beta Phi; Glee Club. • JOAN M. LANDRY, ' 49, Newcomb; Houma, Louislena; Phi Mu; Glee Club; Hulla- baloo, FOURTH ROW • SAUL F. LANDRY, JR., ' 48, A. S.; Houma, Louisiana- Glendy Burke. • MARILYN L. LANDWEHR, ' 48, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Gamma Delta. • JOSEPH C. LANDWEHR, ' 49, Engineering; New Orleans, Louisiana. • BERTHA D. LANGER, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana. • BETTA A. LANIER. ' 49, Newcomb; Forrest City, Arkansas, O KATHLEEN E. LANIER, ' 47, Newcomb; Thibodaux, Louisiana; Chi Omega. O HELEN R. LaPOINTE, ' 48, Engineering; Birmingham, Alabama. • EARL E. LARRE, ' 48, A. S.; New Orleans, Louisiana; Glee Club; French Club; Tulane Veterans ' Association. 9 MORTIMER LASKY, ' 47, Commerce; Miami, Florida; Hullabaloo; Beta Gamma Sigma. 88 fs f .. if ' FIRST ROW • ALVIN H. LASSEN, ' 49. Medicine; New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Mu; Phi Lambda Kappa. • JOHN A. LAURENT, JR., ' 47, Engineering; New Orleans, Louisiana; A.I.E.E.; Tau Beta Pi. • ANNE L. LAWRENCE, ' 49, Newcomb; ' Waco, Texas, • SHIRLEY M. LAWRENCE, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Zeta; Hullabaloo; Campus Night. • GEORGE S. LEACHMAN, ' 47, Engineering; Dallas Texas- Sigma Chi; Alpha Chi Sigma; A. I. of Ch. E.; Math Club; Taffrail Club. • BEVERLY Y. LeBLANC, ' 48, Newcomb; New Orleans, La. • PAUL A. LeBOURGEOIS, ' 49, A. S.; New Iberia, Louisiana; Alpha Tau Omega. • EARL R. LeCORGNE, JR., ' 49, Engineering; New Orleans, Louisiana. • LEE R. LEDBETTER, ' 47, Commerce; Live Oak, Florida; Oak Leaves. SECOND ROW • ROY H LEDBETTER, ' 48. Medicine; Birmingham, Alabama; Kappa Alpha, Phi Chi; History of Medicine Society. • ALVA R. LEE, ' 48, A. S.; Paris, Texas; Taffrail Club. • EDNA D. LEE, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans. Louisiana. O GRIFF C. LEE, ' 48, Engineering; Anguilla, Mississippi; Phi Delta Theta; T.S.C.E.; Band; Taffrail Club. • LOTTIE L. LEE, ' 49, Newcomb; Tallulah, Louisiana. • ROBERT E. LEE, JR.. ' 49, A. S.; Raleigh, North Carolina. • ROBERT A. LEFKOWITZ, ' 49, A. S.; Franklin, Louisiana; Zeta Beta Tau. • MARIE L. LeGARDEUR, ' 48, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • GEORGE V. L»GARDEUR, JR., ' 49. Engineering; New Orleans, Louisiana: Beta Theta Pi. THIRD ROW • JAMES J. LE3EAI ' 47, A. S.; New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi; New man Club, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Chi Omega; • JEAN M. LESENDRE, Jambalaya; Campus Night. • HENRY LEHMANN, ' 48, Engineering; New Orleans, Louisiana; A.I.E.E.; Math Club; Forum. • WENDEL G. LEIBE, ' 48, Engineering; New Cleans, Louisiana; Alpha Phi Omega. • LINDEN B. LeJEUNE, ' 48, Newcomb; Kaplan, Louisiana; Glee Club; Dance Club; Greenbackers. • MERLE F. LEMIEUX, ' 48, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu. • MATTHEW S. LEMPA, ' 47, Engineering; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Taffrail Club. • MARIAN R, LEOPOLD, ' 47, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Forum. • ROSALIE LEVIN, ' 48, Commerce; New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Sigma Sigma. FOURTH ROW • HA RY LEVONIAN. ' 49, A. S.; Racine, Wisconsin; Football. • ANN K. LEVY, ' 49 Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana. • ANNETTE F. LEVY. 49, Newcomb; Waco, Toxas. • CAROLYN R. LEVY, ' 48, Newcomb; Houston, Texas; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Dance Club. e DAVID B. LEVY ' 49, Commerce; South Bend, Indiana; Zeta Beta Tau. • DOROTHY J. LEVY, ' 49, Newcomb; St. Paul. Minnesota. • ELAINE M. LEVY, ' 47, Comme.ce; New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Oreades. • EOLA L. LEVY, 48, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana. • RICHARD W. LEVY, ' 48, Medicine; New Orleans, Louisiana; Zeta Beta Tau; Phi Delta Epsilon; History of Medicine Society. THE OTHER CLASSES 89 THE OTHER CLASSES FIRST ROW • ROBERT E. LEVY, ' 49, Commerce; New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Mu. • ROSEMARY D. LEVY, ' .l?, Newcomb; Kansas City, Missouri; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Art Club; Jerinie Nixon. • GEORGE N. LEWIS, ■49, Medicine, Bartow, Florida; Beta Theta Pi; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Chi; Pan-Hellenic Council, • ISABEL S. LEWIS, ' 47, A. S.; Lexington, Kentucky. • JOANNE LEWIS, ' 49, Newcomb; Houston, Te xas. • JEAN LIGHTMAN, ' 49. Newcomb; Memphis, Tennessee; Glee Club. • ROYALL T. LILES, JR.. ' 49, Medicine; New Orleans, Louisiana; Theta Kappa Psi. • DONALD T. LINDIMORE, ' 48, Engineering; Worthinqton, Ohio. • JOHN E. LINDNER. JR., ' 49. A. 5.; New Orleans, Louisiana. SECOND ROW • E. B. LIPPE, JR., ' 48, Engineering; New Orleans, Louisiana; Tulane Veterans ' As- sociation, • FORREST F, LIPSCOMB, ' 47, Commerce; Wynne, Arkansas; Phi Kappa Sigma; Pan-Hellenic Council. • SARA LISENBY, ' 48, Newcomb; Atmore, Alabama; Kappa Alpha Theta; Spectators; Forum. • FRANK B. LIVINGSTON, ' 48, A. S.; Iberia, Missouri; Phi Kappa Sigma. • ELIZABETH J. LOCKE, ' 49, Newcomb; Center, Texas. • NANCY LOCKWOOD, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana. • JANE O. LOGAN, ' 49 Newcomb; New Orleans Louisiana; Festival Choir- Glee Club. • ROBERT F. LOGAN, ' 47, A. S.- Denison, Iowa- Phi Delta Theta- Greenbackcrs ' Taffrail Club. • FRANK LONG, ' 49, Engineering; Greenville. Mississippi, THIRD ROW • FREDERICK W. LONG, ' 49, Commerce; Jacksonville, Florida; Tulane Veterans ' Association. • JOHN C. LONG, ' 49, Medicine; Crowell, Texas; Phi Chi; Alpha Epsilon Delta. • WILLIAM C. LONG, JR., ' 49, Engineering; Thibodaux, Louisiana; Band. • WILLIAM J. LOPEZ, ' 47, Commerce; New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Tau Delta. • JOSEPH C. LORE, JR., ' 49, A. S.; Greenwood, Mississippi; Alpha Tau Omega. • PAUL L. LORIA, ' 49, A. S.; New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Tau Omega. © PHILIP R. LORIA, ' 49, A. S.; New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Tau Omega. • ALLEN J. LOTTINGER, ' 49, A. S.; Houma, Louisiana; Kappa Sigma; Glee Club; Hullabaloo. • DAVID E. LOVEMAN, Kappa Kappa. Medicine; Gadsden, Alabama; Pi Kappa Alpha; Alpha FOURTH ROW • FRANCIS J. LUNGARO, ' 49, A. S S.; New Iberia, Louisiana. • GLORIA E. LUSHER, ' 47, Commerce; New Orleans, Louisiana. • ANN G, LUTZ. ' 49 Newcomb- New Orleans, Louisiana; Glee Club. • JOYCE D. LUTZ, ' 48, Newcomb; Tampa, Florida; Alpha Epsilon Phi; French Club; Theatre; Forum; Jambalaya; Hullabaloo. • GEORGE D. LYNCH, ' 47, Commerce; Rome, Georgia; Phi Delta Theta; Glee Club; Lagniappes; Taffrail Club. • GEORGE D. LYONS, JR., ' 48, A. S.; New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi; Band. • CUNNINGHAM R. MacCORDY, ' 49, Medicine; St. Petersburg, Florida; Nu Sigma Nu; History of Medicine Society. • CHARLES B. MacGLASHAN, JR.. ' 49, Medicine; Oakland, California; Sigma Chi; Nu Sigma Nu. • VIRGINIA M MACAGNONI, ' 49, Engineering, New Orleans, Louisiana. 90 FIRST ROW • BETTY MAGEE, ' 48, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta; Y.W.C.A. • HENRY C. MAGEE, JR., ' 49, Medicine; New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Kappa Sigma; Phi Chi; History of Medicine; Lagniappes. • JACQUELINE A. MAGEE. ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu. O ROBERT L. MAGEE, ' 48, A. S.; Warrensburg, Missouri; Phi Kappa Sigma. • BETTY A. MAILHES, ' 47, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu; Math Club. • MONA A MAILHES, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Y.W.C.A. • MELVIN S. MAJESTY, ' 49, Engineering; New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Pi; Glendy Burke. • STANLEY S. MALEVER, ' 47, A. 5.; Ocala, Florida; Sigma Alpha Mu. • JAMES D. MALONE, ' 49, Medicine; Fort Worth. Texas; Phi Gamma Delta, Theta Kappa Psi. SECOND ROW • JOAN K. MANDELBAUM, ' 49, Newcomb; Albany, New York. JOSEFINA MANGUAL, ' 49. Medicine; Santurce. Puerto Rico; Alpha Epsilon lota. O FERDINANO L MANNING, ' 49, A. S S.; Winchester, Massachusetts; Theatre. • FORTUNE V. MANNING, ' 49, A. S.; Mississippi City, Mississippi; Band. • ANTONIA MANOS, ' 48, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana. • ANDREW E. MANYAK, . ' 49, Engineering; East Douglas, Massachusetts; Football. • FRANK T. MARA5CALCO, ' 49, Medicine; Grenada, Mississippi; Phi Chi. • GEORGE M. MARCH. ' 48. Medicine; Mobile, Alabama; Theta Kappa Psi. • LEE D. MARCUSE. ' 48. Newcomb; Scarsdale. New York; Alpha Epsilon Phi. THIRD ROW • MARY MARSH, ' 48, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu; Art Club. • SHEILA MARSH, ' 47, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana. • MARGARET D. MARSHALL, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana. • FRANCIS MARTIN, JR., ' 49, Engineering- Vidalia, Louisiana. • LEWIS C. MARTIN. ' 49, A. S.; Orange, Texas; Band. • MARGARET E. MARTIN, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana. • CARMEN P. MARTINEZ, ' 48, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Zeta; Newman Club; French Club; La Tertulia. • HENRY V. MASSET, JR., ' 48, Engineering; Metairie, Louisiana. • S. VINCENT MASSIMINI, ' 49. Engineering; New Orleans, Louisiana. FOURTH ROW • ELAINE A. MATHEWS. ' 49. Newcomb; New Orleans. Louisiana; Beta Sigma Omi- cron. • JANICE R. MATHEWS. ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Theatre. • LEONA J. MATTES. ' 48. Commerce; New Orleans, Louisiana. • CHARLES V. MATTHEWS, ' 48, Commerce; Independence, Missouri; Pi Kappa Alpha; Jambalaya; Taffrail Club. O ELSA T. MAUFFRAY, ' 48, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana. • FELICE E. MAURER, ' 47. Newcomb; New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Assets; Honor Board; Junior Class President; Newman Club; Who ' s Who; Alpha Sigma Sigma. • MILLICENT MAY. ' 48. Newcomb; New Orleans. Louisiana; Chi Omega. • WANNA J. MAY, ' 48. Newcomb; Mobile, Alabama. • PAUL S. MAYERSON, ' 49, A, S.; Norwich, Connecticut; Zeta Beta Tau. THE OTHER CLASSES 91 THE OTHER CLASSES FIRST ROW • GEORGE MAYNARD, 49, A, S,; New Orleans. Louisiana. • JEANNE MAYO, 4S. Newcomb; Fort Smith, Arkansas. • WILLIAM A. McBRIDE, ' 48. Medicine: Centreville. Mississippi; Nu Sigma Nu; History of Medicine Society. • FRANCES L. McCALLA. ' 49, Medicine; Little Rock, Arkansas; Alpha Epsilon lota; History of Medicine Society. • BITZA L. McCAY. ' 47, Newcomb; New Orleans Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi; Glee Club; Athletic Council; Y.W.C A. • JOHN C. McCONNICO, ' 47. Commerce: Brownsville. Tennessee; Oak Leaves, Secretary. • MARCUS McCORD, ' 47, Engineering; Ashland. Kentucky; Pi Kappa Alpha. • CHARLENE W McCORKLE, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Campus Night. • LOUIS K. McCOWN. ' 49. Medicine; Forrsst City. Arkansas; Sigma Chi; Phi Chi; CD K. SECOND ROW • MARION A. McCUTCHON, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana. • LOUISE N. McDANIEL, ' 49. Newcomb; Baton Rouge. Louisiana, • FRANCIS E. McDonald, ' 48, A. S ; Webster Groves, Missouri; Beta Thefa Pi; Taffrail Club. • SYLVESTER H. McDONNIEAL. JR., ' 49, Medicine; Summerland, Mississippi; Theta Kappa Psi. • BILLY J. McEVER, ' 49, A. S.; Hillsboro. Texas; Football. • STANLEY R. Mcl-:WEN, ' 48. A. S S.; Wichita, Kansas; Phi Delta Theta; Lagniappes; Ma:h Club. » LAWRENCE S. McGEE, JR., ' 49, A. S.; Shreveport, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi. • ZOE-LOVE P. McGOVERN, ' 49. Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Glee Club; Athletic Council. » ROBERT S. M.GREGOR, ' 48, Engineerinc,; Hatliosburg, Mississippi; Kappa Sigma. THIRD ROW • CLIFTON J. MclNNIS, 49, A. 8 S.; Clarksdale, Mississippi. • JOHN W. McKAY, ' 48, A. S.; Wichita, Kansas; Phi Delta Theta; Lagniappes. • WALTER W. McKERNAN. ' 49. Engineering; New Orleans, Louisiana. • FLORENCE L. McKINNEY, ' 48, Law; New Orleans, Louisiana. • NORMAN A. McKINNON, JR., ' 48, Engineering; Jackson. Mississippi; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Freshman Class Vice-President; Tulane Veterans ' Association. • NANCY J Mel. ARTY. ' 47. Newcon Ij; Atlanta. Georgia; Pi Beta Phi; Assets; Ath- letic Council; Dormitory Council; Who ' s Who. • LUCIE McMURRY, ' 48, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi. • ROBERT L. MEIERS, ' 48, Medicine; Enid, Oklahoma; Phi Chi; History of Medi- cine Society. • THOMAS S. MERIC, ' 49, Engineering; New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. FOURTH ROW » HELEN E. MERIWETHER, ' 47, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Omi- r on Pi; A Cappella Choir- Glee Club; Assets; Canterbury Club; Alpha Sigma Sigma; Who ' s Who. • RICHARD B. MERIWETHER, ' 49, Medicine; Sanford, Florida; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • BENJAMIN C. MERRITT, ' 49, A. S.; Edison, Georgia. • CONRAD MEYER. III. ' 47, Law; New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Tau Delta; Phi Beta Kappa, O.D.K.; Law Review. • SELMA MEXIC. ' AB, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Sigma Sigma; La Ter- tulia; Avukah. • CAROL J. MEYER. ' 49. Engineering; Miami, Florida. e PEGGY M. MICHEL, ' 47, Newcomb. New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta; Hullabaoo; Art Club. • ROY J. MICHEL, ' 47, Engineering; New Orleans, Louisiana; Architectural Society; Band. • STANTON L. MIDD ' ETON, JR., ' 49, Medicine; Roxie, Mississippi; Theta Kappa Psi. 92 FIRST ROW • ROr H. MILLARD, ' 49. Medicine; Long Island, New York; Nu Sigma Nu. • BETTY J. MILLER, ' 48, Newconnb; New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta; Jambalaya. • BETTY L. MILLER. ' 47, Newcomb; Gretne, Louisiana; Gamma Delta. • CAROL C. MILLER. ' 49, Newcomb- New Orleans, Louisiana. • CECIL B. MILLER, ' 47, Newcomb; Gretna, Louisiana; Math Club; Wesley Foun- dation, • DONALD P. MILLER, Engineering; New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi; A.I.E.E. • DORIS G. MILLER. ' 49. Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana. • FRANK L. MILLER, ' 49, A. S.; New Orleans, Louisiana; Jambalaya; Hulla- baloo. • HENRY A. MILLON. ' 47, A. S.; Brownsville, Texas; Delta Sigma Phi; Glee Club; Campus Night- Greenbackers; Taffrail Club; Theatre. SECOND ROW • WALTON W. MINCHEW, ' 47, Engineering; Breckenridge, Texas; Delta Kappa Epsrion. • ALBERT MIMS, JR., ' 48, Commerce; Drift, Kentucky; Lagniappes. • HERBERT MINTZ, ' 49, A. S.; New Orleans, Louisiana: Sigma Alpha Mu; Hullabaloo. • DOROTHY E. MIRAMON. ' 49. Commerce; New Orleans. Louisiana. • MANUEL N. MIRANDA. ' 49. Medicine; Salinas. Puerto Rico; Phi lota Alpha; History of Medicine Society. O JERRYE J. MIRANDOIIA. ' 47. Newcomb; New Orleans. Louisiana; Alpha Omi- cron Pi. • JOSEPH J. MIRANNE. JR., ' 49, Law; New Orleans, Louisiana. • GEORGE E. MOCK, ' 48, Commerce; New Orleans, Louisiana; Band; Tulane Vet- erans ' Association. • EMILY C. MOISE ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu. THIRD ROW • MARGARET MOLONY, ' 48, Newcomb- New Qrleanj, Louisiana- Kappa Alpha Theta. • WILLIAM D. MONROE. ' 47, A. S.; Clearwater. Florida. • LEVERE C. MONTGOMERY, ' 49, Commerce; New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi. • JOHN A. MOODY, ' 47 A. S.; Rumford, Maine. • AL J. MOORE. 48, A. i S.; New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Tau Delta; Hulla- baloo; Greenbackers. • HELEN S. MOORE. ' 49, Engineering; New Orleans, Louisiana; Architectural Society. • JAMES G. MOORE, ' 48, Medicine; Amarillo, Tex.-is: Sigma Nu; Phi Chi. • ROBERT A. MOORE. ' 47, A. » S,; Dallas, Texas; Sigma Delta Pi. • SUSAN C. MOORE. ' 48. Newcomb; New Orleans Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi. FOURTH ROW • FRANK J. MOFGAN. JR.. ' 48. Medicine: Marion, Mississippi; Sigma Nu. a EDWARD R, MORPHY, ' 49, Engineering; New Orleans, Louisiana. • SHIRLEY J. MORRIS ' 47, Newcomb; Houston, Texas; Glee Club; Operetta: Wes- ley Foundation, V ' ce-President. » THAYER K. MORROW. JR. ' 49. Medicine; Peoria, Illinois: Nu Sigma Nu. • PATRICIA S. MORVANT. ' 48. Engineering; New Orleans. Louisiana; Architectural Society. • MARIE L. MOSSY, ' 49, Newcomb, New Orleans, Louisiana. • ALCEE G. MOUTON, ' 47, A. S.; Lafayeite, Louisiana; Kappa Sigma; Taffrail Club. • M. ANGELA MOYNAN, ' 49, Commerce; New Orleans, Louisiana; Newman Club. 9 HAZEL A. MULLER, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Theatre. THE OTHER €LAS$E§ 93 THE OTHER CLASSES FIRST ROW • THELMA R. MUNCH, ' 48, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Zeta Tau Alpha; Hullabaloo; Art Club; Spectators. • ELOISE MUNOZ, ' 49, Medicine; Rio Piedras. Puerto Rico; Alpha Epsilon lota. • RAYMOND MUROV, ' 49, A. S.; Shreveport, Louisiana; Zeta Beta Tau. • SHIRLEY MUROV, ' 47, Newcomb; Shreveport, Louisiana; Glee Club. • JAMES C. MURPHY, ' 49, Engineering; New Orleans, Louisiana. • MARION L. MURTISHAW, ' 47, Engineering; Bossier City, Louisiana. • FLORENCE MUSE, ' 49, Newcomb; Dallas, Texas; Delta Delta Delta; Glee Club. • DOROTHY E, MYERS, ' 49, Newcomb; Naw Orleans, Louisiana; Greenbackers. • ROBERT W. MfERS, ' 47, Medicine; Chattanooga, Tennessee. SECOND ROW • DAVID J. MYKOFF, ' 49, A. 4 S.; Alexandria, Louisiana. • EUNICE E. NADLER, ' 49, Newcomb; Albuquerque, New Mexico, • BETTY A. NAIRNE, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu. • PHIL J. NAQUIN, JR.. ' 48, A. S.; Thibodaux, Louisiana. • JEAN B. NASH, ' 47, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana. • JOSEPH W. NELKIN, ' 48, A. S.; Houston, Texas; Kappa Nu; Glendy Burke. • MARIE L. NELSON, ' 49, Commerce; New Orleans, Louisiana. • MARVIN NELSON. ' 49, Medicine; Madison, Wisconsin; Delta Tau Delta; Phi Chi; History of Medicine Society, • ROBERT D. NELSON, ' 49, Commerce; New Orleans, Louisiana. THIRD ROW • W. PAUL NELSON, ' 49, Medicine; Concordia, Kansas; Nu Sigma Nu. • CARMEL J. NETZHAMMER, ' 48, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Sigma Omicron. • DONALD L. NICOL, ' 49, A. S.; New Orleans, Louisiana. • DOROTHY K. NICOL. ' 49, Newcomb; Ruston, Louisiana. • BETTY NICOLL, ' 48, Newcomb; Charlotte, North Carolina; Glee Club; Art Club. • ELIZABETH L. NICHOLSON, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Glee Club. • WILLIAM F. NIELSEN. III. ' 48, Engineering; Little Rock, Arkansas; A.I.E.E. • KENNETH G. NIX, ' 48, Medicine; Spartanburg, South Carolina; Phi Chi; History of Medicine Society. • GLORIA M. NIXON, ' 47, Commerce; New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Zeta. FOURTH ROW • WILLIAM R. NIXON, ' 48, A. S.; Pine Bluff, Arkansas; Sigma Chi. • TOM D. NORMAN. ' 48, Medicine; Haynesville, Louisiana; Nu Sigma Nu, • JANET A. NORTHROP, ' 48. Newcomb; New Orleans. Louisiana; Alpha Omi- cron Pi. • CHRISTHEL M. NUNGESSER, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana. • GEORGE H. NUSLOCH, JR., ' 48, Engineering; New Orleans, Louisiana; A.I. of Ch. E. • DOROTHY C. NYMAN, ' 47, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Sigma Omicron. • JOEL A. O ' BRIEN, ' 47, A. S S.; New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta; Hullabaloo. • PATRiCIA P. O ' BRIEN, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans. Louisiana. • EDWARD W. OCHSNER. JR., ' 49, Medicine; New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Theta PI; Nu Sigma Nu; History of Medicine Society. 94 FIRST ROW • MIMS S. OCHSNER. ' 49, A. S.; New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi. • WILLIAM G. ODOM, ' 48, A. S.; Haynesville, Louisiana. • ANNA N. O ' DONNELL, ' 49. Commerce; New Orleans, Louisiana; Newman Club. • KITTY N. OEHMIG. ' 48, Newcomb; Chattanooga, Tennessee; Clii Omega. • ROY R. OHTANI, 48, Medicine; Honolulu, Hawaii; Phi Kappa Phi; A. O. A. • TAKESHI X. OKANO ' 48, Medicine; Keauhou, Kona, Hawaii. • VIGSO B. OLSEN, ' 48, A. S.; Omaha, Nebraska; Phi Kappa Sigma; Campus Night; Sophomore Class Vice-President. • MILTON C. O ' NEAL, JR.. ' 47, A. S.; Port Arthur, Texas; Beta Theta Pi; Green- backers, Taffrail Club. • JOSEPH ONEBANE. ' 49, Law; New Orleans, Louisiana. SECOND ROW • DORIS M. O ' NEIL, ' 48, Commerce; New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Delta Pi; Green- backers; Lagnlappes. • MARGARET O ' NEILL, ' 48, Newcomb; Rome, Georgia; Pi Beta Phi. • JOAN H. OPOTOWSKY. ' 47, Newcomb; New Orleans. Louisiana; Theatre. • SIDNEY V. OPOTOWSKY, ' 49. A. S.; New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Mu. • CHESTER F. O ' QUINN, ' 49, A. S.; Gadsden, Alabama; Beta Gamma Sigma. • ALICE B. OREN5TEIN. ' 49, Newcomb; Decatur. Georgia. • CECILE R. ORENSTEIN, ' 47, A. S.; New Orleans. Louisiana; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • ANTHONY J. ORTEGA, ' 49, A. S.; New Orleans. Louisiana. • MINNIE L. O ' SHlE, ' 49, Newcomb; Alexandria. Louisiana; Assets. THIRD ROW • ELIZABETH M. OSOINACH, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana. • NATHAN S. OS TRICH, ' 47, A. S.; Lafayette, Louisiana; Sigma Pi Alpha. • ANN M. OTTO, ' 48, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana. • MARY A. OWENS, ' 48, Newcorrb; Heflin, Alabama; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • RICHARD L. PAGE, ' 47, Commerce; Asheville, North Carolina; Alpha Phi Omega. • MAX PAILET, ' 48. A. S.; New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Nu. • SHIRLEY PAILET, ' 47, Newcomb; New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Sigma; Green- backers; Forum; Avukah. • MARIO PALAFOX, ' 49, Medicine; El Paso, Texas; Phi Rho Sigma. • CLARE F. PALMISANO, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana. FOURTH ROW • GENEVIEVE M. PAPALIA, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana. • SANTA M. PAPALIA, ' 48. Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana. • CARL J, PARK, ' 47, Engineering; New Orleans. Louisiana. • JAMES L. PARKER, JR., ' 48. Engineering; New Orleans, Louisiana. • PAULA H. PARKER, ' 48, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • MARTHA M. PARMLEY, ' 48, Newcomb, Electra, Texas; Kappa Alpha Theta. a BILLY J. PARNELL. ' 48, Medicine; Mt. Vernon, Texas; Theta Kappa Psi. • KATHERINE I. PARTRIDGE, ' 47, Newcomb; New Orleans. Louisiana; Alpha Delta Pi; Newman Club; Glee Club; Operetta, Festival Choir; A Cappella Choir, • BERNARD S. PATRICK, ' 48, A. 5.. Corinth. .Mississippi; Sigma Chi; Campus Night; Tulanians. THE OTHER CLASSES 95 THE OTHER CLASSES FIRST ROW • JAMES PATRICK. 47, Commerce; Lakeland, Florida; Lambda Chi Alpha; Oak Leaves. • BRAXTON I. PATTERSON, ' 47, Eng ' ncering; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; A.I.E.E. • MARY A. PATTERSON ' 49, Newcomb; Atlanta Georgia. • RAYMOND L. PATTERSON, ' 47. Commerce; Eugene, Oregon; Delta Tau Delta; Wrestling, • JOYCE C. PATTIE, ' 49. Newcomb; New Orleans. Louisiana. • JEANNE T. PAVY. ' 48. Newcomb; Opelousas, Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi; Hul- labaloo; Theatre. • GEORGE B. PAXTON, JR.. ' 49. A. 8 S.; Birmingham, Alabama; Football; Fresh- man Class Secretary. • ROBERT J. PEACE. ' 49, Medicine; Jackson. Mississippi; Kappa Sigma; Nu Sigma Nu; Beta Mu. • GEORGE W. PECK. ' 49. Engineering; Phoenix. Arizona; Phi Kappa Sigma; Archi- tectural Society; Band. SECOND ROW • LISE B. PEDERSEN. ' 47, Newcomb; Lake Charles. Louisiana; Alpha Delta Pi; Glee Club. • CAROLYN V. PEIRCE, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans. Louisiana. • ROSEMOND S. PELTZ, ' 47. Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Art Club; Spec- tators. • FRANCES A. PENFOUND, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans Louisiana. • LAURA V. PEPERONE, Social Work; Harvey, Louisiana. • MOLLY J. PEPERONE, A. I. of Ch. E. • ERNEST M. PERES, JR.. ' 48, Engineering; New Orleans, Louisiana; A. I. of Ch. E.; Operetta; Symphony Orchestra. • " PATRICIA A. PERES. ' 47, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Newman Club; Math Club. • THOMAS E. PERKINS, ' 47, Engineering; Richmond. Virginia; Taffrail Club. Engineering; Harvey. Louisiana; Newman Club; THIRD ROW • JAMES T. PERRET. ' 49. Medicine; New Orleans, Louisiana. • DONALD J. PERRY. ' 49. Medicine; Artesia. New Mexico; Theta Kappa Psi. • W. DEAN PFEIFFER. ' 48, A. S.; Trumbull, Nebraska; Pi Kappa Alpha; Cheer- leaders; Greenbackers; Lagniappes; Taffrail Club. • NEYSA M. PHARES. ' 47, Newcomb; San Diego, California. • SHIRLEY J. PHILIPSON, ' 49. Newcomb; Dallas, Texas. • ADELAIDE PHILLIPS. ' 48. Newcomb; Alexandria, Louisianan; Pi Beta Phi; Jamba- laya; Hullabaloo; Lagniappes. Secretary; Freshman Class Secretary; Sophomore Class Secretary; Newman Club. • CHARLES O. PHILLIPS, JR., ' 48. A. S.; New Orleans. Louisiana; Sigma Pi; Hullabaloo; Greenbackers; Y.M.C.A. e ELAINE S. PICKUS, ' 48. Newcomb; Sioux City, Iowa. • DORIS L. PIERSON. ' 48. Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Sigma Omicron; Y W.C.A. FOURTH ROW • WALTER T. PIETRZAK, ' 47, Engineering; Chicago. Illinois. • CAROLYN M. PIGNIOLO, ' 49. Newcomb; New Orleans. Louisiana. • ANDRE L. PINAC, ' 49, Engineering; New Orleans, Louisiana. • ALICE F. PINECAR. ' 47. Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana. • MICHAEL H. PIPER, JR., ' 48, A. S.; New Orleans. Louisiana; Varsity Football. C MARVIN A. PISKE, ' 49. A. S.; New Orleans. Louisiana; Sigma Pi. • EDMUND P. PIXBERG, JR.. ' 49, Engineering; New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Kappa Sigma. • GILDA G. PIZZO. ' 48. Newcomb; New Orleans. Louisiana; ' Delta Zeta. • REUBEN J. PLANT, JR., ' 49, Medicine; Tallassee, Alabama; Phi Kappa Sigma. 96 FIRST ROW • ANDREW L. PLAUCHE, ' 47, Law; Lake Charles. Louisiana; Delta Tau Delta; Phi Beta Kappa; O.D.K.; Phi Delta Phi, Law Review. • JAMES J. PLAUCHE, JR., ' 48, Commerce; New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Kappa Sigma; Hullabaloo, Co-Editor; Campus Night; Lagniappes, Vice-President; Theatre; Student Body Vice-President; Freshman and Sophomore Class President; Newman Club; Theta Nu, Publications Board; Kappa Delta Phi. • WILLIAM E. POLK, JR., 47, Commerce; Corinct, Arlcansas; Glendy Burke; Y.M.C.A.; Oak Leaves; Wesley Foundation. • RICHARD J. POMMREHN. ' 47, Commerce; Williams, Iowa; Delta Tau Delta. • ROBERT L. PONS, ' 47, Engineering; New Orleans, Louisiana; Newman Club; Hul- labaloo; Glendy Burke. • ROSLYN D. POPKIN, ' 48, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Sigma Sigma. • SALVADOR V. PORTERA, ' 48, Engineering; New Orleans, Louisiana; Band. • DOROTHY L. POST, ' 48, Newcomb; Alexandria, Louisiana; Chi Omega; Glee Club; Oreades. • CAROLYN POUNDERS ' 49, Newcomb; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Glee Club, SECOND ROW • OTHA F. POWELL, ' 49, A. g S.; Mobile, Alabama. • JAMES A. POYNER, ' 47, Medicine; Dothan, Alabama; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Chi. • A. MILES PRATT, 11, ' 49, Medicine; New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha; Nu Sigma Nu; History of Medicine. • WILLIAM E. PRESCOTT, ' 49, Engineering; Asheville, North Carolina. • BETTY F. PRESTON, ' 49, Newcomb; Monroe, Georgia. • FRANK R. PRESTON, ' 48, Medicine; Maywood, Illinois. • MARY F. PRIOLEAU, ' 48, Newcomb; Daytona Beach. Florida; Chi Omega; Art Club; Spectators; Forum, • ALBERT E. PUKOF, ' 48, Commerce; New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Epsilon Phi. • STANLEY M. PULITZER, ' 48, Commence; New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Mu. THIRD ROW • JIMMIE J. PURZER. ' 48, A. S.; Shreveport, Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta; Jam- balaya; Hullabaloo; Newman Club. • ELAINE A. QUERENS, ' 47, A. S.; New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta; Hullabaloo. • JOAN QUERY, ' 49, Newcomb; Montgomery, Alabama; Assets. • YOLaNDA a. PUIRARTE, ' 49, Newcomb; Chihuahua, Mexico. • ROBERT E. RABORN, ' 49, Medicine; Trenton, Florida; Theta Kappa Psi; Freshman Class President. • LOUIS H. RABOUIN, III, ' 49, A. S.; New Orleans, Louisiana; American Chem- ical Society, • TRICIA A. RALEIGH, ' 49 Newcomb; Orange, Texas; Glee Club. • ANTONIO J. RAMOS, ' 49, A. S.; Caracas, Venezuela, • MARGUERITE RANAGER, ' 47, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana. FOURTH ROW • EDWARD J. RANDLE, ' 49, Law; New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Chi. • WILLIAM A. RAPPOLD, ' 49, A. S.; New Orleans, Louisiana. • HOWARD M. RASPILAIR, ' 49, Commerce; New Orleans. Louisiana. • GLORIA A. RATCHFORD. ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana. • BECKY L. RATCLIFF. ' 48. Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi; La Tertulia, • JULES B. RATEAU, ' 48, A. S.; New Orleans, Louisiana. • BEATRICE E. RAULT, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Assets. • HELEN E. RAULT, ' 48, Newcomb ' New Orleans Louisiana- Delta Zeta; Gammo Delta; Y.W.C.A. • FLORENCE L. RAY, ' 49, Commerce; New Orleans, Louisiana; Operetta; Wesley Foundation; Campus Night. THE OTHER CLASSES 97 THE OTHER CLASSES FIRST ROW • JAMES T. RAY, ' AS, A. S.; West Point. Mississippi; Pi Kappa Alplia, Tulare Veterans ' Association. O DOROTHY A. RAYMOND, ' 49, Newcomb; Oldahoma City, Olilahoma. • GAIL READ, M8, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana- Kappa Kappa Gamma- Art Club. • ROBERT C. READ, ' 47, Engineering; Washington, D. C; Sigma Alpha Epsllon- A.I.E.E. • DAVID H. REAVES, ' 47, Engineering; Knoxville, Tennessee- Lambda Chi Alpha- A.I.E.E. • ANNABELLE RECKNER, ' 47, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Newman Club. • KERRY P. REDMANN, ' 49, A. S.; NeW Orleans, Louisiana. • RALPH R. REED, ' 49, Medicine; New Orleans, Louisiana. • JAY G. REEKS. JR., ' 48, Commerce; New Orleans, Louisiana. SECOND ROW • MARION P. REEVES, ' 47, Commerce; Baker, Florida; Pi Kappa Alpha; Alpha Phi Omega. • FREDERICK W. RECKLING, ' 47, Commerce; Waukegan, Illinois; Alpha Phi Omega; Oak Leaves. • CHARLES L. REID, ' 48, Medicine; Clayton, Alabama; Phi Chi; History of Medi- cine Society. • ANNE REILY. ' 48. Newcomb; Gulfport. Mississippi; Forum; Spectators. • CHARLES S. RElLY. ' 49, Law; New Orleans. Louisiana; Beta Theta PI; Tulane Vet- erans ' Association; Freshman Class Vice-President. • ROBERT D. REILY. ' 49, Engineering; New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi, • PATRICIA L. REILLY, ' 48, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Glee Club. • DENISE M. REINECKE French Club. Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Zeta; PATRICIA REINHARDT, ' 49, Newcomb; San Antonio, Texas; Assets. THIRD ROW • ROBERT M. REINHARDT, ' 48, A. S.; New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Pi; Hulla- baloo; Newman Club. • JAMES C. RENFROM, ' 48, Engineering; Pine Bluff, Arkansas; A.I.E.E,, Band. • ALTHEA D. REUTHER, ■4S, Commerce; New Orleans, Louisiana, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha • CHARLOTTE REYNOLDS, Theta. • MAE H. REYNOLDS. ' 47, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Swimming Club. • PATRICIA RHODES, ' 48, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Gamma Delta. • JANE RHYMES, ' 47, Newcomb; Rayville, Louisiana; Pi Beta Phi; Theatre. • HARRY M. RICKEHS, ' 48, Medicine; Dallas, Texas; Phi Chi; History of Medicine Society. • JOAN E. RICKERT. ' 47, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; PI Beta Phi; Athletic Council; Newman Club; Tennis Club President. FOURTH ROW • KATHERINE E. RICKS, ' 48, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Glee Club. • WILLIAM E. RIDGEWAY, ' 49, A. S.; Houston. Texas. • WILBUR A. RIEHL, ' 48, A. S.; New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Pi; American Chemical Society. • RUSSELL O. RIGBY, ' 49, Medicine; Shreveport, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha; Phi Chi. • JOSEPH J. RINALDI, ' 49, A. S.; Scranton, Pennsylvania; Tulane Veterans ' As- sociation. • EDWIN RIVERA, ' 49, Medicine; Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico. • JEN RIVES, ' 47, Newcomb; Mansfield, Louisiana; Zeta Tau Alpha; Glee Club. • OSCAR R. RIVERS, ' 4 7, Commerce; Pocahontas, Mississippi; Taffrail Club. O DOLORES L. ROBERTS, ' 49, Newcomb; San Antonio, Texas. 98 FIRST ROW • FLORENCE T. ROBERTS, ' 7, Ncwcomb; New Orleans. Louisiana; Plii Mu; Glee Club; Operetta; Y.W.C.A. • DOUGLAS ROBILLARD, ' 49, Engineering; Ponchatoula, Louisiana; A. I. of Ch. E.; Band. • JEAN T. ROBIN, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana. • JACK U. ROBINSON, ' 49, A. S.; Clarksdale, Mississippi. • TOM A. ROBINSON, ' 49, Engineering; New Orleans. Louisiana; Architectural Society. • JOHN W. ROCK, ' 49, Engineering; N?w Orleans, Louisiana; Architectural Society. • CARMEN S. RODRIGUEZ. ' 48, Newcomb; Ponce, Puerto Rico. • EMILIO A. RODRIGUEZ, ' 49. A. S S.; Habana, Cuba. • FELIX R. RODRIGUEZ, ' 49, Medicine; Carcacas, Venezuela. SECOND ROW • JANE B. RODRIGUE, ' 47, Newcomb; New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Zcta; Eta Sigma Phi; Glee Club; Assets; French Club; Oreades; Cheerleaders; Greenbackers; Lagniappes; Spectators; Newman Club, President; Jambalaya. • WILLIAM M. ROELING, ' 49, A. S S.; New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi. • SUSAN ROEMER, ' 49, Newcomb; Houston, Texas; Phi Mu. • CLINTON A. ROGERS, ' 49, A. S.; Pine Bluff, Arkansas. • JAMES R. ROGERS, ' 49, Medicine; Morrow, Georgia; History of Medicine Society. • THERON D. ROGERS. ' 47, Commerce; North Little Rock, Arkansas; Alpha Phi Omega; Taffrail Club. • ROSALYN ROGSTON, ' 49, Newcomb; Roanoke, Alabama; Glee Club. • EDMUND C. ROSE, ' 49, A. S S.; New Orleans, Louisiana. • MARGERY J. ROSE, ' 48, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana- Delta Zeta- Y.W.C.A.- Assets. THIRD ROW • IRVING L. ROSEN, ' 49, Medicine; New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Lambda Kappa. • ALYCE K. ROSENBERG, ' 49, Newcomb; Joplin, Missouri. • EVELYN ROSENBERG, ' 47, A. S,; Joplin, Missouri; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Jennie Nixon; I.R.C.; Forum. • SIDNEY S. ROSENBLUM, ' 48, Engineering; Hammond, Louisiana; Kappa Nu. • DORA ROSENFIELD, ' 48, Newcomb; Montgomery, Alabama; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • ROSALYN F. ROSENFIELD, ' 49, Newcomb; Shreveport, Louisiana; Jambalaya. • HAROLD ROSENZWEIG. ' 49. Engineering; New Orleans, Louisiana. • KATHERINE A. ROSS. ' 47, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Spectators. • MAY L. ROSS, ' 47, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Zeta Tau Alpha; Art Club; Theatre. FOURTH ROW • CHARLES N. ROTH, ' 49, A, S.; Waterproof, Louisiana; Alpha Tau Omega. • BILLIE ROUNTREE, ' 49. Medicine; Ft. Worth. Texas; Theta Kappa Psi. • ROBERT C. ROURKE, ' 49, Comme.-ce; New Orleans. Louisiana; Tulane Veterans ' Association. • REGINA M. ROUX, ' 47, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana. • ROBERT G. ROWE, ' 49, A. S.; Houston, Texas. • CLAIRE C. ROY, ' 49. Newcomb; Arabi, Louisiana: Delta Zeta. • JANE J. RUBENSTEIN, ' 49. Newcomb; Augusta, Georgia; Glee Club; Dance Club. • DON C RUDEEN. ' 49, Medicine; Los Angeles. California; Phi Chi. • ALICE RUIZ, ' 48. Newcomb; Santurce, Puerto Rico; Newman Club: La Terlulra. THE OTHER CLASSES 99 THE OTHER CLASSES FIRST ROW • RICHARD O- RUTLAND, JR., •49, Medicine: Eufaula, Alabama; Sigma Chi; Nu Sigma Nu. • LEWIS J. RUTLEDGE, ' 47, Medicine; McComb. Miss. • lONE RYAN, ' 48 Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Glee Club; Newman Club. • DONALD E, RYDER, ' 47, Commerce; Kansas City. Mi ' souri; Alpha Phi Omega; Pi Kappa Alpha. • NANNIE J. RYE. Social Work; Russellville. Arkansas. • MELVIN SABSHIN, ' 49. Medicine: Miami. Florida; Pi Lambda Phi; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Epsilon Delta; History of Medicine Society. • FRANCIS W. SADLER. ' 48. Engineering; New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Pi; A. I. of Ch. E. • JAMES H. S. FT. ' 49, Medicine; Houston, Texas; Zeta Beta Tau; Phi Delta Epsilon; History of Medicine Society. • RICHARD G. SALOOM, ' 43, Medicine; Lafayette. Louisiana; Alpha Phi Omega; Phi Chi; History of Medicine Society. THIRD ROW • ELAINE SAUSSY. ' 49. Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana. • JAMES R. SAWYERS. ' 49. Medicine; Ryan. Oklahoma; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Alpha Pi Mu. • MOREY L. SEAR, ' 49. A. S,; New Orleans. L:uisiana; Zeta Beta Tau. • MORRIS F. SCHARFF. ' 49. A. S S.; New Orleans, Louisiana; Zeta Beta Tau. • ANNA R. SCHAUBER, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans. Louisiana. • CHARLES C. SCHENCK. JR.. ' 49. Commerce; New Orleans, Louisiana. • PAUL W. SCHMID, ' 49. Engineering; Gretna, Louisiana. • EMILY E SCHMIDT. ' 48. Newcomb; New Orleans. Louisiana; Spectators; Forum. • MARY L. SCHMIDT ' 48, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu. SECOND ROW • DOROTHY R. SAMUELSON. ' 49. Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Campus Night; War Forum. • JOSE V. SANTOS. 48. A S.; Caquas, Puerto Rico. • NICK A. SAIGH. 48. Engineering; San Antonio, Texas; T.S.C.E.; Taffrail Club. • GERZON SALTZ. ' 49, A. i S.; Amite, Louisiana; Delta Epsilon Phi. • PASCUAL SANCHEZ, ' 49. A. i S.; San Juan. Puerto Rico. • NORMAN L. SANDELIN. ' 47. Engineering; Forrest Park, Illinois; A.I.E.E. • THOMAS J. SANDRIDGE. ' 49, A. S.; Monroe. Louisiana; Spectators. • ELAINE M. SARRE, 49. Newcomb; New Orleans. Louisiana. • S. ERNESTINE SAUCIER. ' 49. Commerce; New Orleans, Louisiana; Glee Club; Art Club; Wesley Foundation; Campus Night. FOURTH ROW • CLARENCE J. SCHNEIDER. ' 49, Medicine; Oshkosh. Wisconsin. . • COLEMAN S. SCHNEIDER, Band; Greenbackers, A. S ; Port St. Joe. Florida; Sigma Alpha Mu; • HELEN SCHNEIDER. ' 48. Newcomb; Chipley. Florida. • FELICIA SCHORNSTEIN. ' 48. Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Glee Club; Theatre. • HARRISON J. SCHOUEST, ' 49, Engineering; Harve y, Louisiana. • JOYCE B. SCHROEDER. ' 49, Commerce; New Orleans. Louisiana. • JOHN A. SCHUCHS. ' 49. A. S.; St. Joseph. Louisiana; Band. • RUTH E. SCHUMANN. ' 49. Newco.xb; New Orleans. Louisiana; Canterbury Club; Glee Club; Art Club; Dance Club. • ESTELLE E. SCHWARTZ, Commerce; New Orleans. Louisiana; Beta Sigma Omi- cron. 100 FIRST ROW • MYRA L. SCHWARTZ. ' 49. Newccmb; New Orleans. Louisiana; Christian Science. • RAYMOND A. SCHWARZ, ' 49. A. S.; New Orleans, Louisiana. • GAYLE M. SCHWARZENBACH, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans. Louisiana; Delta Zeta. • LORRAINE M. SCHWARTZ. ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana. • SAMUEL P. SCHWINS, ' 49. Engineering; New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha. • MILDRED M. SCIVICQUE. ' 48, Commerce; New Orleans, Louisiana. • DOROTHY S. SCOTT. ' 47, Newcomb; Memphis, Tennessee; Zeta Tau Alpha; Slee Club; Operetta. • REBEKAH SCOTT, ' 48, Newcomb; Atlanta, Georgia; Chi Omega; Glee Club. • CATHERINE I. SEALS, ' 48, Newcomb; Jacksonville, Florida; Pi Beta Phi; Jam- balaya; Canterbury Club; Festival Choir. SECOND ROW • DAVID J. SEEL. ' 48. Medicine; Bradenton, Florida. • DORIS R. SEELIG. ' 48, Newcomb; New Orleans. Louisiana; Art Club. • PATRICIA B. SEELY, ' 49. Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu. » DOROTHY M. SEGARI, - ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Newman Club. • LOIS SIEDENBACH. ' 47. Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Epsilon Phi. • AARON SELBER. ' 49, A. S.; Shreveport, Louisiana. • ROBERT R. SENTER. ' 48, Medicins; New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Alpha; Nu Sigma Nu. • ROBERT W, SERVICE. ' 49. Medicine; Burbank. California; Nu Sigma Nu. • HAROLD J. SHANER, ' 49. Medicine; Dayton. Ohio; Nu Sigma Nu. THIRD ROW • DONALD A SHARP. ' 48. A. S.; University City. Missouri; Delta Tau Delta. • JACQUELYN F. SHAW. ' 48. Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana. • MARY E. SHEEHAN. ' 48, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Chi Omega; Jam- balaya • JACK SHERMAN, ' 49, A. S.; Bayonnc, New Jersey; Kappa Nu; Glee Club; Hullabaloo. • HELEN E. SHERRARD, ' 48. Nev comb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Zeta Tau Alpha. • CLARISSA J. SHERROUSE. ' 49, Newcomb; Gilbert. Louisiana. • BEVERLf M. SHERWOOD, ' 48, Newcomb; New Orleans. Louisiana: Delta Zeta; Newman Club. • JAMES N. SHIRER, ' 49, A. S.; New Orleans. Louisiana; Beta Sigma Omicron. • CAROL R. SHOCKEY. ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Hullabaloo; New- man Club; Assets. FOURTH ROW • JAMES E. SHROPSHIRE. JR., ' 49, Medicine; Birrr,lngham. Alabama; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Chi. • MARY V. SIDNEY, ' 47. Newcomb; New Orleans. Louisiana; Theatre. • JOYCE M. SIEKt ANN, ' 47, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Beta Beta. • ARTHUR J. SILVERMAN. ' 47, Medicine; New York, New York; Pi Lambda Phi; Phi Delta Epsilon; History of Medicine Society. • DOROTHY J. SIMONS, ' 49. Newcomb; New Orleans. Louisiana; Glee Club. • JOHN F. SIMS, ' 47. A. S.; Columbus. Mississippi. • JULIAN H. SIMS, ' 49; A. S.; New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta. • STANLEY A, SKILLICORN, ' 49. Medicine; San Jose. California; Nu Sigma Nu; Sigma Nu; Delta Phi Alpha; History of Medicine Society. • PHILIP P. SLIPAKOFF, ' 49. Commerce; New Orleans. Louisiana. THEOTHER CLASSES 101 THE OTHER CLASSES • MARJORIE M. SLOAN, FIRST ROW Newcomb; Centerville. Michigan; Y.W.C.A. • EDWARD G. SMITH, JR., ' 49, Commerce; New Orleans. Louisiana; Tulane Vet- erans ' Association. FRED N. SMITH, Medicine; New Orleans, Louisiana. • JOHN L SMITH, ' 49, Medicine; Dallas, Texas; Nu Sigma Nu; History of Medi- cine Society. • JOSEF R. SMITH. ' 48, A. S.; Pine Bluff, Arkansas; Alpha Phi Omega. • MARTHA A. SMITHER, ' 47. Newcomb; Huntsville, Texas; Pi Beta Phi; Glee Club. • MIRIAM SMITH, ' 47, Newcomb; Jonestown, Mississippi; Chi Omega; A Capella Choir; Glee Club; Operetta; Dormitory Council. • PAULA F. SMITH, ' 48, Newcomb; Gulfport. Mississippi; Phi Mu. • PETER C. SMITH, ' 49, A S.; New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Kappa Sigma. SECOND ROW • GLORIA L. SMITHERMAN, ' 47, Newcomb; Shreveport, Louisiana; Assets; Dormi- tory Council. • MARIE L. SOCOLA, ' 49, Commerce; New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu; Newman Club. • JOAN R. SOLOMON, ' 49, Newcomb; Las Vegas, New Mexico. • ROBERT I. SONFIELD, ' 48, A. S.; New Orleans, Louisiana; Zeta Beta Tau; Hullabaloo; Forum; Y.M.C.A. • WILLIAM R. SORUM, ' 49, Medicine; Claxton, Georgia; Chi Phi. • MARY L. SOULE, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Sigma Omicron. • PATRICIA A. SPAID, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Sigma Omicron. • EtHEL M. SPEAR, ' 49, Commerce; New Orleans, Louisiana; Newman Club, • CLAY SPENCER, ' 49, Commerce; New Orleans. Louisiana; Freshman Class Vice- President. THIRD ROW • NATALIE C. 5PIGEL, ' 49. Newcomb; Roanoke, Virginia, • LEON E. SPORT, ' 49, A. S.; Headland, Alabama; Kappa Sigma. • JOYCE L. STABA, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana. • JOHN E. STAFFORD. ' 49, A, S.; Franklinton, Louisiana; Phi Kappa Sigma. • BERYL E. STALL, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana. • NANCY L, STALLWORTH, ' 48, Newcomb; Columbus, Mississippi; Chi Omega; Glee Club; Jambalaya. • LOUISE A. STANFIELD. ' 48, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana. • PHYLLIS STARR, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana. • JACKLYN L, STEEG, ' 48, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana. FOURTH ROW • HERBERT C. STEELE, ' 48, A. 5.; Battle Creek, Michigan.. • GERTRUDE L. STEIDTMANN, ' 48, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu; Glee Club; Canterbury Club; Theatre; Forum, • URSULA STEIN, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana. • MORRIS STEINBERG, ' 48, A. S.; Jacksonville. Alabama; Sigma Alpha Mu, • MARVIN E. STEINER, ' 47, A. S.; St. Louis, Missouri. • CHARLES L. STERN, ' 48, Engineering; New Orleans. Louisiana; Zeta Beta Tau. • HENRY E. STERN, ' 48, Engineering; New Orleans, Louisiana- Zeta Beta Tau; A.I.E.E.; Glee Club; Math Club. • FRANCES C. STERNE. ' 49, Newcomb; Albany, Georgia. • G. MELVIN STEVENS, ' 48, A. 5.; Hutchinson, Kansas; Phi Delta Thefa; Alpha Phi Omega; Tulane Pan-Hellenic Council; Varsity Track; Sophomore Class Secretary- 102 FIRST ROW • HARRIET L STEVENS, ' 48, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Glee Club; Art Club; Theatre; Spanish Club. • SYLVIA STEVENS, ' I?. Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana. • GLORIA A. STEWART, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Glee Club. • HELEN M. STICH ' 47, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Y.W.C.A. • DEAN STINSCN. ' 48, Newcomb; Jonesboro, Louisiana; Phi Mu; Glee Club; Y.W C.A. • JERRY A. STIVERS, ' 48, Newcomb; Cleveland, Tennessee; Spectators; Forum. • F. GAYLE STOCKER. ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans. Louisiana. • JAMES A. STOCKTON, ' 47, A. S.; Kingsville, Texas; Sigma Chi; Lagnlappes. • MARIE H- STOUSE, ' 47, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi; Lagniappes. SECOND ROW • CONRAD J. ST. PIERRE, ' 47, A. S.; Gretna, Louisiana. • HENRY F. STRACK, JR., ' 48, Engineering; New Orleans, Louisiana. • NORMA STRATZ, ' 49, Newcomb; New Crieans. Louisiana; Beta Sigma Omicron, • PATRICIA L. STRECKFUS, ' 47, Newcomb; New Orleans. Louisiana; Glee Club; Art Club. • ROSALYN J. STREIFFER, ' 47. Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana. • WARREN B. STROHM, ' 47, Engineering; Miami, Florida; A.I.E.E.; Newman Club. • J. FORD STUART, ' 47. Commerce; Batesvill?, Arkansas; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • M. DOLORES STURCKEN. ' 48, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu. • DALE H. STURDY. ' 48, Newcomb; Daytona Beach. Florida; Alpha Delta Pi; Span- ish Club THIRD ROW FOURTH ROW • ANTONIO J, SUCRE, ' 48, A. S.; Caracas. Venezuela. • JOEL B. SUHREN, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Festival Choir. • MELVIN B. SULLIVAN, JR., ' 49, Medicine; Ft. Worth, Texas; Nu Sigma Nu. • WILLIAM A. SULLIVAN. JR.. ' 47, Medicine; Gallatin, Tennessee; Phi Chi. • MARION T. 3UMMAR, ' 49, Medicine; Dallas, Texas; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Theta Kappa Psi. • GEORGE M. SUMMERVILLE. ' 47. Engineering; Birmingham. Alabama; Sigma Chi; Alpha Phi Omega. • MATTHEW R. SUTHERLAND. ' 48, A. S.; New Orleans, Louisiana; Tulane Vet- erans ' Association. • JOAN E. SVENDSON, ' 49, Commerce; New Orleans, Louisiana. • WILLIAM D. SWACKHAMMER, ' 48, Medicin. ; Superior, Arizona; Nu Sigma Nu, • CHARLES R. SWAIN, ' 48, S.; New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Sigma Phi. • BENJAMIN H. SWEET, ' 47, A. S.; Brookllne, Massachusetts; Sigma Alpha Mu; Band; Greenbackers; Spectators; Forum; Tulane Veterans ' Association; Deutches Verein. • BARBARA J. TASGART, ' 48, Engineering; San Mateo, California; A.I.E.E. • EILEEN M. TALBOT, ' 47, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Zeta Tau Alpha; Beta Beta Beta; Math Club; Pan-Hellenic Council. • JANE E. TALMAGE, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans. Louisiana; Glee Club; Festival Choir. • JULIAN C. TALLICHET. ' 48. A. i S.; Dallas. Texas; Phi Delta Theta. • SAMUEL C. TAYLOR. ' 48. Medicine; St. Francis. Kansas; Phi Chi. • MARILYN E. TAYLOR. ' 48, Newcomb; New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Mu; Y.W.C.A. e MARTHA A. TAYLOR ' 49, Newcomb; Durham, North Carolina. THE OTHER CLASSES 103 TH E OTHER CLASSES FIRST ROW • THOMAS N. TAYLOR. ' 48. Newcomb; New Orteans. Louisiana; Delta Zeta; Art Club. • HAROLD E. TERRELL. ' 48. A S,; Port Artliur. Texas; Varsity Football. • ROBERT W. TERRELL. ' 49 A. S.; San Antonio. Texas; Alplia Tau Omega. • JOHN H. TERRY. ' " I, Medicine; Galesburg, Illinois; Nu Sigma Nu; Beta Theta Pi; Campus Night; Freshman Class Secretary. • WILLIAM R. TATE. ' 48, Law; New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Sigma. • BEHRMAN P. THIBODAUX. ' 49 A, 8 S.; New Orleans. Louisiana; Sigma Pi; Glendy Burke; Newman Club. • JUNE M. THIBODEAUX. ' 49, Engineering; New Orleans, Louisiana; Architectural Society, • SALOME E. THOMAN. ' 49. Newcomb; Shreveport. Louisiana • BEVERLY E. THOMAS. ' 49. Newcomb; New Orleans. Louisiana; Glee Club. SECOND ROW • SELLERS J. THOMAS. ' 49. Medicine; Houston. Texas; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Chi. • GERALD E. THOMPSON. ' 47, A. S.; Leiand, Iowa. • MARY A. THOMPSON. ' 49. Newcomb; New Orleans. Louisiana; Beta Sigma Omi- cron; Theatre; Tennis Club. • HELEN L. THOMSEN, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana. • SALLY E, THOMSON, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans. Louisiana; Glee Club. • TERESA TIDMORE. ' 48 Newcomb; Atlanta. Georgia; Chi Omega; Glee Club; Dance Club. • DORIS E. TISDALE, ' 47. Newcomb; Jackson. Mississippi. • HELEN L. TISDALE. ' 48, Newcomb; Monroe, Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta. • MABEL K. TODD ■ «, Newcomb; Hilo. Hawaii. THIRD ROW • MARY M. TODD. ' 47, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamn-a; Pan-Hellenic Council; Theatre. • ANDRE C. TOUZET, ' 48. Medicine; New Orleans, Louisiana; Theta Kappa Psi; Beta Mu; Sophomore Class President. • RUSSELL H. TOYE. ' 49, Medicine; South Euclid, Ohio; Nu Sigma Nu. • EUGENIA P. TRAVIS. ' 48, Newcomb; New Orleans. Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi. • DAVE C. TREEN. ' 49, A. S.; New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Sigma. • MARIE L. TREMOULET. ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans. Louisiana. • FRANCES E. TRUITT. ' 47. Newcomb; Norfolk. Virginia; Beta Sigma Omicron; Oreades. • NETTIE N. TRUSTY, ' 47, Newcomb; Shreveport. Louisiana; Kappa Alpha Theta. • GEORGE W. TUCKER. ' 49, Medicine; Crowley, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsllon; Nu Sigma Nu; Canterbury Club. FOURTH ROW • HARRY L. TUCKER. ' 48. Medicine; Fl. Worth, Texas; Theta Kappa Psi. • AUBY L. TUGGLE. JR.. ' 49. Engineering; Jacksonville. Florida; Tulane Veterans ' Association. • CHARLES A. TUMBLESON. ' 49, Engineering; Beaumont, Texas. • FRANCES J. TUMINELLO, ' 48. Commerce; New Orleans, Louisiana. • MADELINE M. TUMINELLO. ' 49. Newcomb; New Orleans. Louisiana. • MARIE L. TUREAUD, ' 49. Commerce; New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Zeta; New- man Club. • AUGUSTA M. TURNER, ' 47, Newcomb; Atlanta, Georgia; Chi Omega; Art Club. • JACK L. TURNER. ' 49, Medicine; Ft. Worth, Texas; Nu Sigma Nu. • CORA E. TURNER, ' 49, Newcomb; Spartanburg. South Carolina; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Assets. 104 FIRST ROW • GLEAVES E. TYNES. ' 49, Commerce; New Orleans, Louisiana. • MARION M. VACCARO. ' 47, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana, • ALAN E. VANSINDEN, JR., ' 48, Engineering; Los Angeles, California; Phi Delta Theta; A.I.E.E.; Taffrail Club. • ANNA G. VANTREASE. ' 49, Newcomb; Nashville, Tennessee; Glee Club. • FLORENCE W. VARNELL. ' 49, Newcomb; Chattanooga, Tennessee. • BEVERLY R. VEDRENNE, ' 48. Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Gamma Delta • DOROTHY B. VERLANDER, ' 48, Commerce; New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Sigma Omicron. • ELAINE C. VERLANDER. ' 47, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Sigma Omi- cron; Beta Beta Beta. • JAMES W. VILDIBILL, ' 48, Medicine; Columbia, South Carolina; Phi Chi; History of Medicine Society. SECOND ROW • BEVERLY A. VILLARS. ' 48, Newcomb; New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Mu. • RAYMOND VILLEMARETTE. ' 49, Law; H essmer. Louisiana; Tulane Veterans ' As- sociation. • LUIS A. VINAS-SORBA. ' 48, A. S.- Santurce, Puerto Rico. • AUDREY C. VIRGET5. ' 48, Commerce; New Orleans, Louisiana. • EDWARD C. VOLKERT, ' 48, Engineering; New Orleans, Louisiana: Alpha Tau Omega; A. I. of Ch. E. • PATRICIA VONDER HAAR. ' 48. Newcomb; New Orleans. Louisiana. • CARL R. VON MEYSENBUG, ' 48. Engineering- New Orleans, Louisiana; Math Club. • HEDA F. VON MEYSENBUG, ' 47 Newcomb- New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Delta Pi; Glee Club. • PETRONILLA MARIE VOORHIES. ' 47. Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana: Glee Club; Dance Club; I.R.C. THIRD ROW • BETTYE WAGENHEIM. ' 49, Newcomb; Pensacola. Florida. • LOIS WAGNER, ' 48. Newcomb; Detroit. Michigan; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Glee Club. • REGINALD C. WAGNER. ' 49, A. S.; New Orleans. Louisiana. • EMILY M. WASUESPACK. ' 49. Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana. • BURT M. WALDEN. ' 48, Medicine; Landrum. South Carolina; Theta Kappa Psi. • JOHN E. WALKER, ' 48, Engineering; Plant City. Florida; T.S.C.E.; Hullabaloo; Spectators; Theatre; E.T.A. • MARY E. WALKER, ' 49, Medicine; Decatur. Georgia; Alpha Epsilon lota; History of Medicine Society. • NATALIE D. WALKER. ' 48, Newcomb; Spartanburg. South Carolina; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Jambalaya; Canterbury Club; German Club. • VERA A. WALKER ' 47, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Zeta Tau Alpha- Math Club; Newman Club. FOURTH ROW • BILL I. WALL, ' 49, Engineering; Dallas. Texas. • DRURY W, WALL. ' 49. A. S.; New Orleans, Louisiana; Glendy Burke. • ADINE WALLACE, ' 48. Newcomb; Jackson, Mississippi; Chi Omega. • JACK L. WALLICK, ' 49. Engineering; New Orleans, Louisiana. • ROY L WALSDORF. ' 49, Commerce; New Orleans, Louisiana. • MARG C. WALSH, ' 49. Newcomb; New Orleans. Louisiana. • WAYNE B. WANDS, ' 49, Engineering; New Orleans, Louisiana. • JOSEPH P. WARD, ' 48, Engineering New Orleans Louisiana; Kappa Alpha A. I. of Ch. E-: Y.M.C.A. • ROBERT L. WARD ' 47, Commerce; Detroi . Michigan; Oak Leaves; Beta Gamma Sigma. THE OTHER CLASSES 105 THE OTHER CLASSES FIRST ROW • MARCUS E. WARING. •A9, Medicine; Tylertown, Mississippi; Pi Kappa Alpha; Alpha Epsilon Delia. • ROBERT A. WARRINER, II. ' 48. A. S.; New Orleans. Louisiana. • MARION S. WASHAM, ' AB, Newcorrb; Talladega, Alabama. • BERTHA M. WASHASTROM. ' 47. Newcomb; New Orleans. Louisiana; Phi Slqma Sigma; Avukah; Spectators. • ANN WATKINS ■47, Newcomb; Lake Charles, Louisianan- Chi Omega; Glee Club. • VIRGINIA J. WATSON, ' 49. Newcomb; Montgomery, Alabama. • BARBARA B. WEDEMEYER, ' 47, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Art Club; I.R.C.; Spectators; Fortjm. • HAROLD H. ' WEDIG. ' 47. A. S.; New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Pi; Glendy Burke; Lagniappes; Pan-Hellenic Council; Spectators; Y.M.C.A.; Hullabaloo. • JUANITA WEIL. ' 49. Newcomb; New Orleans. Louisiana. SECOND ROW • TRUDY WEIL, ' 48, Newcomb; Alexandria. Louisiana; Jambalaya; Y.W.C.A. • GLORIA R. WEINBERGER, ' 48, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana. • RENA WEINER. ' 47. Newcomb; Tupelo, Miss. • ELVIA M. WEINGART, ' 48, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Glee Club; New- man Club. • FLORA F. WEINSTEIN, ' 48, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Sigma Sigma; Spectators; Forum; Avukah. • HELEN M. WEIR, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Sigma Omicron. • BARBARA J. WEISS, ' 48, Newcomb; Chicago. Illinois; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Jam- balaya; French Club; Theatre; Forum. • JAY W WEISS. ' ' 8. A. S.; Brooklyn. New York; Sigma Alpha Mu. • PETER WELLER JR.. ' 47. Engineering; Holland. Michigan. THIRD ROW • BLAKE WEST. ' 49, A. S S.; New Orleans. Louisiana; Kappa Alpha. • ANN WESTON, ' 49. Newcomb; Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. • MAIA WESTON. ' 47. Newcomb; New Orleans. Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi. • CLYDE H. WHALEY, ' 48. A. S.; Stephens, Arkansas. • CHARLES H. WHITAKER. ' 47. A. S S.; Leiand. Mississippi. • H. AUBREY WHITE. ' 49, A. S.; Alexandria, Louisiana; Kappa Sigma; Glee Club; Hullabaloo. • JEAN M. WHITE, ' 49. Newcomb; New Orleans. Louisiana; Glee Club; Art Club. • MARTHA F. WHITE. ' 47, Newcomb; Lecompte, Louisiana; Alpha Delta Pi; Glee Club. • BENJAMIN WHITELEY. JR.. ' 47. Engineering; Baltimore. Maryland; Sigma Chi; Tatfrail Club. FOURTH ROW • CHARLES S. WHITE-SPUNNER, JR., ' 49, A. S, S.; Mobile. Alabama; Alpha Tau Omega. • JEAN B. WHITTEN, ' 47. Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana. • CHARLES R. WIESELTHIER. ' 47. Commerce; St. Louis. Missouri; Phi Delta Theta. • BARBARA A. WILDMAN. ' 49. Newcomb; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Wesley Foundation. • ELLIS W. WILKERSON. ' 48, A. S.; Columbia. Alabama. • NANCY W. WILKINS. ' 47. Newcomb; Dallas. Texas; Kappa Alpha Theta; Glee Club; Operetta; Dance Club. • THOMAS B. WILKINS. ' 49, A. S.; McComb, Mississippi; Football. • ALBAN E. WILLIAMS. ' 48, Medicine; Puntarenas. Costa Rica. • LORRAINE M. WILLIAMS, ' 47, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Sigma Omicron; Assets. 106 FIRST ROW • PATRICIA E. WILLIAMS, ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana. • STEWART M. WILLIAMS, ' 48, Medicine: New Orleans, Louisiana; Beta Theta Pi; Nu Sigma Nu. • THOMAS J. WILLIAMS. JR., ' 47, Engineering; New Orleans, Louisiana. • JEFFERSON B. WILLIS, JR., ' 47, Engineering; New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Sigma; Alpha Chi Sigma; A. I. of Ch. E. Secretary. • F. GLENDINE WILSON, ' 47, Newcomb; Selma, Alabama; Glee Club; Dormitory Council. • JAMES W. WILSON, ' 49; A. S.; San Antonio, Texas. • JAMES W. WILSON, ' 48, A. S.; Trumann. Arkansas; Wesley Foundation. • ELAINE E. WINGATE, ' 49, Newcomb; Beaumont, Texas. • CAROLYN B. WINLING, ' 48, Newcomb; New Orleans. Louisiana; Alpha Delta Pi. SECOND ROW • NELL M. WINSTON, ' 49. Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; A Capella Choir; Glee Club. • EDITH MAY WINTERS, ' 49. Newcomb; San Antonio, Texas; Assets. • HARRY H. WINTERS, ' 48, A. S S.; Tuskegee, Alabama; Pi Kappa Alpha. • JACK F. WISMAN, ' 49, Medicine; Omaha, Nebraska; Nu Sigma Nu. • IRENE WITT, ' 47, Newcomb; Columbus, Georgia; I.R.C. • ROGER W. Win 47, Medicine; Clarence, Missouri; Theta Kappa Psi. • YVETTE M. WOLFE ' 49, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu; Glee Club. • ROBERT F. WOLFSON, ' 47, Engineering; Miami, Florida; A.I.E.E. • GEORGE R. WOOD, JR., ' 49, Engineering; Fairhope, Alabama. THIRD ROW • DOROTHY WOODS, ' 49. Newcomb; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. • RICHARD K. WOODSON, ' 49, Medicine; Oakland, California; Nu Sigma Nu. • ROSALIE E. WOOLFLEY, ' 47, Newcomb; New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Omi- cron Pi. • PATRICIA J. WORNER, ' 48, Commerce; New Orleans, Louisiana; Hullabaloo. • BEULAH WRIGHT. ' 47, Newcomb; Eunice, Louisiana; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Glee Club; Pan-Hellenic Council. • CHARLES A. WRIGHT, ' 49, Engineering; Vicksburg, Mississippi; Freshman Class President. • JANET WRIGHT, ' 48, Newcomb; Maplewood, New Jersey; Beta Sigma Omicron; Assets. • KENNETH L. WRIGHT, ' 47, Medicine; Tulsa, Oklahoma; Phi Rho Sigma. • LILLIAN WRIGHT, ' 49, Newcomb; Eunice, Louisiana. FOURTH ROW • EMMETT C. WROTEN, ' 47, Commerce; Haynesville, Louisiana; Pi Kappa Alpha; Lagniappes; Taffrail Club. • ALLIE A. WYLER, ' 48. Newcomb- New Orleans, Louisiana- Beta Sigma Omicron- Y.W.C.A.; Canterbury Club. • JERRY M. WYLER ' 48. Newcomb- New Orleans Louisiana- Beta Sigma Omicron- Y.W.C.A.; Canterbury Club. • LAVERNE YAFFIE. Newcomb; Sikeston, Missouri. • JAMES A. YONGUE, ' 49. Commerce; Jacksonville, Florida; Tulane Veterans ' As- sociation. • LLOYD G. YOPP, ' 48, A. S.; Paducah. Kentucky. • JOHN W. YOUNG. ' 47, Commerce: Sapulpa, Oklahoma: Kappa Sigma; Alpha Phi Omega; Oak Leaves; Beta Gamma Sigma. • RICHARD L. YOUNG. ' 48, Engineering; Shamokin, Pennsylvania; Kappa Sigma; Greenbackers; Taffrail Club. • JACK ZOLLER, ' 47, A. S.; New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Mu; Green- backers; Pan-Hellenic Council; Football Manager; Junior Class Vice-President. THE OTHER CLASSES 107 HORN-RIMS AND PHI BETA KEYS WERE FORGOTTEN AS STUDENTS TURNED THEIR TIME TO THE NUMEROUS EXTRA-CDRRICULAR IctH itie w 1 JOHN DERRICK President, Tulane Srudent Council; Student Body President School of Medicine 7A First Row: Benson, Con lay, Faiih. Second Row: Faust. Frye, Hamman. Third Row: Hassakls, Reynolds. Simms. Fourth Row; Thomas, Wright. OFFICERS JOHN DERRICK President CONNIE FAUST Vice-President JACK SIMMS Secretary BENNETT ELISBERG Secretary 110 MEMBERS JOHN BENSEN College of Engineering DONALD CONLAY Colleqe of Law JOHN DERRICK College of Medicine BENNETT ELISBERG Graduate School CONNIE FAUST Newcomb College JO ANN FAITH School of Social Work RAY FRYE College of Comnnerce and Business Administration BOBBY HAMMAN College of Arts and Sciences DEMETRIOS HASSAKIS College of Commerce and Business Administration JOSEPHINE HUDDLESTON School of Social Work A ' NEES MOGABGAB College of Arts and Sciences JACK NYMAN Graduate School WILLIAM REYNOLDS College of Engineering JACK SIMMS College of Law TROYE SVENDSON College of Arts and Sciences WESLEY THOMAS College of Arts and Sciences WILLIAM E. WRIGHT College of Law While minor problems entailing itudent body activities within the Individual colleges are left to the iurlsdiction of the college board concerned, campus-wide Issues ere the chief concern of the University Student Council, the over-all governing body of the Associated Students of Tulane University. Composed of the stu- dent body presidents of the several colleges, and meeting bi- monthly, the Council, among Its many duties, determines policies of student government, recognizes and supervises all student activi- ties, interprets the constitutions of the respective student bodies, and allocates and supervises the expenditure of all student funds. It also supervises the sponsorship of all university drives and collections. A prewar custom was revived this year when the Council again issued the Wave Handbook, designed expressly for incoming stu- dents. It includes facts about University history, describes all recognized student activities, presents the constitution of the Univer- siy student body, its songs and yells, and various services offered each student of Tulane. The three Council officers are chosen by vote of an electoral college, selected through a campus-wide polling. Acting in the capacity of Graduate Adviser to the Council Is Miss Beatrice M. Field. TULANE STUDENT COUNCIL Left to Right: Reynolds, Field, Hamman, Faust, Derrick, Elisberg, Faith, Frye, and Wright. Ill STUDENT COICI OFFICERS CONNIE FAUST President EMILY BADT Vice-President BEHY MERIWETHER Treasurer BETTY BERRY Corresponding Secretary BETTY GRAY Recording Secretary MEMBERS BETTY POURCIAU President of Honor Board ELIZABETH WHELESS President of Resident Student GovernmenI CLARICE SLAGLE President of Senior Class FELICE MAURER President of Junior Class BETTY RUTH DAVIS President of Sophomore Class JOAN GILDS President of Freshman Class GERRY SMITHERMAN President of Art School MADELINE BOSE President of Music School KATHERINE DOUGLAS President of Y.W.C.A. NANCY McLARTY Chairman of Athletic Council GAYLE BALDINGER President of Pan-Hellenic Council LUCIE LEE ABRAMSON Chairman of Campus Night ADELAIDE PHILLIPS Newcomb News Editor of Hullabaloo First Row, left to right: Bose, Baldinger, Slagle. Faust, Badt, Wheless. Smitherman, Pourciau. Second Row; Davis, Berry. Gillis, McLarty, Maurer, Meriwether, Gray, Phillips. CONNIE FAUST President Studetrl- government and s+udenf cooperation with the faculty are the keynotes of the self-governing body of students at Newcomb College, the Newcomb Student Council. Attempting to preserve the strength of the college and a centralized guide for student enterprise, the council carries out the legislation of the Student Government Association. Any needed changes in Newcomb ' s constitution are proposed by the Council; all charters for organizations on campus are granted; and, at all times, the actions of the Student Council strive to embody the active work of an association of able and adult individuals. The aim of the Council is an efficient and representative self- government. It is made up of officers of all the important groups on campus, and so, is comprised of outstanding, active Newcomb girls. The college has shown great confidence in giving the Council the legislative and administrative powers to control its own affairs. Holding jurisdiction over the conduct of students of Newcomb College is the Honor Board, whose purpose it is to naaintain within the school high standards of integrity and personal character. Each student, upon entrance into the College, signs the pledge in an im. pressive ceremony before the Board, pronnising to abide by the regulations of the Newcomb Honor System. Any infringements or violations of the pledge are referred to the Board and dealt with accordingly, each student being on her honor to answer for herself as well as for any other students involved. The Honor Board also supervises all general student body elections, from the keeping of polls to the counting of votes. BETTY POURCIAU President First Row, left to right: Wheless, Slaglo, Pourciau, Smitherman, Ricl er. Ambler. Second Row: Williams, Carey, Caffery, Maurer, Boulet OFFICERS Betty Pourciau President Rosalie Ambler Vice-President Ruth Boulet Secretary Madeline Bose Lydia Caffery Betty Ruth Davis Connie Faust Page Cary Ann Hodge MEMBERS Felice Maurer Florence Riclter Clarice Slagle Serry Smitherman Eliiabeth Wheless Lorraine Williams NEWCOMB HONOR BOARD 113 ELIZABETH WHELESS President Providing the resident-government for students of Newconnb Col- lege living in the dormitories, is the Dormitory Council, which is composed of representatives from all of the campus houses. It carries out the rules and regulations, tries offenders, and serves with execu- tive, judicial, and legislative powers. The Council also provides for entertainments by and for Its mem- bers, working with all dormitory students for an efficient system of self-government in matters relating to the conduct of its members, both as individuals and as a social group. It attempts in these ways to obtain a well-rounded dormitory life. First Row: Maxwell, Baucum, G:ay, Kartus, McLarty, V. Jones, Caffery. Second Row: Ambler, Reich. Wheless, Harper. Buchanan. Third Row: Smith, Kenan, Mcintosh, Badt, Hollingsworth, Bonham. Wilbert, Wilson, Foster. OFFICERS ELIZABETH WHELESS President GLORIA SMITHERMAN Secretary BETTY MclNTOSH Caroline Richardson President ROSALIE AMBLER Doris Hall President VYVIAN HARPER Josephine Louise House, East Wing President ELEANOR REICH Josephine Louise House, West Wing President ANNE BONHAM Warren House President MARY MOSS MADISON Mistress of Revels HOUSE COUNCIL MEMBERS JOSEPHINE LOUISE HOUSE: Emily Badt, Irene Buchanan. Marion Wilbert, Jeanne Allison. Nancy McLarty. Margaret Jones. Carolyn Kartus, Miriam Smith. Betty Gray. Sally Foster. Mary Virginia Jones. Virginia Jones WARREN HOUSE: Anne Higgison. Dorcas Hollingsworth; DORIS HALL Eliiabeth Keenan. Glendine Wilson. Patricia Maxwell; MRS. VINCENT ' S Charlene Edwards. 114 The Publications Board, whose function is to choose and advise the editors and business managers of the hlullabaloo and Jambalaya, is composed of the editors-in-chief of the two publications, the business managers of these, the president of the University Student Council, an elected member of the Student Council, and two senior class presi- dents chosen from the classes of any of the colleges, by vote of the University Student Council. Besides being responsible for the selection of the editors and busi- ness managers, the board settles any disputes with or between staffs concerning questions of policy. Selection of staffs, however, is left to the discretion of the Individual editorial and business heads. Chairman of the board Is the president of the University Student Council, while its other officers, a vice-chairman and a secretary, are chosen by vote of members. The advisers are Miss Beatrice M. Field and Dean George E. Simmons. L JOHN DERRICK Chairman First Row: Dusty Anderson, Evelyn Anderson. Sid Pate. Connie Faust. Second Row: Harold Wedig, Lyali Howell, Chester Lob, Suyton Watklns. OFFICERS John Derrick Chairman Lyall Howell Vice-Chairman Fred Schwan Vice-Chairman Evelyn Anderson Secretary MEMBERS Dusty Anderson Consuelo Faust Chester Lob Sid Pate Wesley Thomas Suyton Watkins Harold Wedig POBLICATIONS BOARD 115 SID PATE Cc-Uitci- DUSTY ANDERSON THE-JAMBALAYA Carol Hart, Evelyn Anderson, Sid Pate, Charlie Matthews STAFF EDITORIAL BOARD Dusty Anderson Co-Editor Sid Pate Co-Editor Jack Craig Associate Editor Evelyn Anderson Special Associate Editor Dabney Ewin Assistant Editor Carol Hart Sports Editor EDITORAL STAFF Charlie Matthews Fraternity Editor Al Fraenkel Sports Assistant Monty Montgomery Editorial Assistant STAFF ASSISTANTS MIgnonne Huck Joyce Lutz Jane Rodrigue OFFICE ASSISTANTS Elsie Charbonnet Sally Foster Tom Power Nancy Stallworth Audrey Cobb Shirley Phillipson Rosalyn Rosenfield Connie Wiener BUSINESS STAFF Guyton H. Watkins Business Manager ADVERTISING SALESMEN Perry Brown Charles Matthews Fred Schwari Harry Howard Fred Muller 116 9 F R • 1 9 4 6 The JAMBALAYA, official yearbook of the Tulano University of Louisiana, has undergone tremendous changes In Its 51-yeai history. The book has been In complete accord with changing times, altering from year to year In a marked process of journalistic evolution. The small 100-page folio which made its appearance at the turn of the 19th century bears to the 1946 JAMBALAYA a resemblance in but name and purpose. Strikingly appropriate when examined in conjunction with the purpose the book seeks to fulfill, Is the name JAMBALAYA — meaning a mixture. To accurately portray one col- lege year, Inclusive of all happenings, Is an ideal each editor In his turn seeks to reach, each being confronted with a silent challenge on the office door — JAM- BALYA. It signifies a kaleidoscopic mixture of the diverse phases of a rapldly- expandfng university life, all of which must be recorded. The ingredients are known well: registration, solemn graduations, dances, football games and pep rallies, final exams, campus nights, homecoming — and all the other things we take in our four-year stride. College events live long in memory, but there Is an added pleasure in seeking a pictorial record — this is our job. The substantive task remains the same always, but there Is a progressive step from the hazy, stereotyped pictures of yesteryear to the clear half-tones of ' 46 which lessen the job of portraying student activities and which are due solely to modern advances in the engraving and printing industries. The editor of 1895 had his problems; 51 years and two World Wars later we have had ours, the difference being only one of degree. Whether or not this JAMBALAYA truthfully reflects the Tulane campus as it was in the turbulent year of 1946 is not for us to judge. It represents our efforts — may you, the reader, be well pleased. .UYTOfi WATKINS Business Manager JACK CRAtG Associate Editor Mignonne Huck. Monty Montgomery, Jane Rodrigue, Evelyn Anderson, Joyce Lutz 117 HULLABALOO EVELYN ANDERSON Editor-in-Chief Editorial Heads Phillips, Anderson, Plauche, and Swardson confab over a big Issue. The Hullabaloo staff is a bunch of happy-go-lucky sfu- denfs who feel themselves journalistically inclined and wish to rid themselves of this uncomfortable feeling. So, they drop Into the office one day, then another, and another, until, finally, those there already think they are one of the staff which they are then because they have come around so much. What goes on behind those closed doors on Mondays, Tuesdays, and always, however, is a different story. While Eve, during her eight-month reign, sat nonchalantly cutting paper dolls out of yellow copy-paper, the rest of the staff, which at that time was largely masculine, sat. Pouring over stories? There was Plauche with his cigars, Wiley with his pipe, and Benjamin with his draft board on his neck. Swat was just there, drawing up front-page make-up, stuffing it in his locker, then losing the key. Somehow, the key and Swat always turned up and saved the front page. Phillips (with Moulin close behind) came dashing In with a pile of stories her Newcomb sob-sisters turned out. Crawford, better known as Round-Boy, sauntered in occasionally with hilarious cartoons, most of which made the editorial page. Wing ' s columns, however, didn ' t always do so well, par- ticularly the ones about the editor. As the result of an ad, the editor was able to give up her hobby of bike-riding between the student center office and the press, when copy-boy Bert Kehl, who deserves more than this plug, obligingly stepped into the picture. This let her shift her interests to priming Jim and Swat for their great ordeal to come in February. The medics wanted a column, and prescribed " RX " , but it finally ran them down, and they quit. That left but one medic loose In the office, and since he was the representa- tive of the sophomore class, he was legally " on business. " Ask the editor. Billie walked off every day with an armful of exchange papers. Itchy ornamented the office, and Morty ran into the navy brass with his features, so he just stopped. Not much was seen of Bertrand. Occupying other chairs, Gabe drew pictures, Carolyn interviewed for features, and Con- nie assisted the staff. Perry was real eager at first. Shockey began her career telephoning fraternity and soror- ity houses for news, while tattled tales became anybody ' s plaything. Photographs, when film and bulbs were available, were taken by two Millers, Brown, and, occasionally, Sonfield, who specialized in getting the football thrown at him during the season. Wedig held the cabinet keys and brought In over-sized ads, but his circulation staff with Charlie doing the bossing managed to address the papers every Thursday and bring them down to the Post Office. Despite the TVA In one corner, and the Urchin In an- other, it was all one, great, big happy family, too many of them to fit in the 2x4 bulging-at-the-seams office in Room 8, and to tell tales about. But all were around to taunt the editor ' s deadline dithers, and to enjoy wiener roasts, Christmas parties, and impromptu coke-and-cake rounds. 118 y EDITORIAL STAFF March 1945— June 1945 MURPHY MOSS Editor-in-Chief SIDNEY PATE, CAROL HART Associate Editors IRIS McSLOTHIN Newcomb Editor EVELYN ANDERSON Feature Editor NANCY STALLWORTH News Editor BOB WATTERS Sports Co-Editor, Fraternity Editor PAT PHILLIPS Sports Co-Editor MAY HYMAN, PEGGY MICHEL Cartoonists ALBERT PONS Column Editor CHARLOTTE MUGNIER Activities Editor July 1945— February 1946 EVELYN ANDERSON Edilor-in-Cliief JIMMIE PLAUCne Associate Editor ROLAND SWARDSON Make-Up Editor, Associate Editor (Nov.) JACK BENJAMIN Sports Editor PAT PHILLIPS Newcomb Editor CORALIE GUARINO, BETTY HEALY, DOT LEVY, VIRGINIA COLEBECK, ELSIE BRUP- BACHER, RUTH BOULET Newcomb Reporters ANN SPRINGER Feature Editor EVELYN BERTRAND Exchange Editor, Feature Editor (Nov.) MORTY LASKY, PERRY BROWN, CAROLYN HU8ELE. WILEY WILKINSON. . Feature Writers NORMAN BURANDT, ROGER WING, JOHNNY WALKER, JIMMIE PURZER, CAROL SHOCKEY, BILLIE KNIGHT Assistant Editors CONNIE WIENER, BERT KEHL, JOAN LANDRY. AUDREY COBB Staff Assistants ERNEST BROWN, FRANK MILLER, BOB SONFIELD, DON MILLER, FRANK ARMSTRONG CY CRITES Photographers GABE HAUSMAN, DAVE CRAWFORD Cartoonists AUBREY WHITE, ROY MEACHUM, JACK SHERMAN, J. B. WIER, LARRY FRITZ. DON HURLBERT. AL LOHINGER, TOM POWER. EMMETT WROTEN, GENE FARINET, DICK PERRY. WELDON BUWE Reporters BUSINESS STAFF March 1945 — November 1945 FRED SCHWARZ Business Manager WILLIAM LUCAS Assistant Business Manager PAT WORNEP. Circulation Manager November 1945 — February 1946 HAROLD WEDIG Business Manager JACK NIELSON Assistant Business Manager CHARLIE PHILLIPS Circulation Manager FAYBETH FREY, DOLORES KELLEY, AL MOORE Circulation Assistants Circulation is a weekly task fcr Dolores Kelly and Charlie Phillips, who are but two of the regular staff. Typewriters clang and pencils slide swiftly on a busy afternoon as editorial staff members hurry to meet a deadline. HAROLD WEDIG Business Manager Climbing from co-associates to co-editors, Swat and Jim still confess they don ' t know which end of a typewriter to hit. Foreground: Carpenter. Seated: Foster, Standing: Green, Gibbons, Caffery, Bonham, Mayo, Reynolds, Anderson Pate, Wat kins Ricker, Baxfer, Winters. OFFICER Anne Bonham President O. M. Anderson Lucy Hill Baxter C. R. Bricker Bliss Buchan Lydia Caffery MEMBERS Stan Carpenter Phyllis Church Saliy Foster Jean Gibbons Marlon Green Jeanne Mayo Hank Millon Sid Pate Florence Ricker Harold Wedig Listing among its programs during the year such activities as " student stomps, " at which Its members, generally known as Bonham ' s Bouncers, act as an introduction committee; bridge tourneys, and other gatherings, the Student Center Council has provided entertainment for the entire student body. Com- posed of electees from all colleges and classes tor their Interest In such activities, the group has made possible Informal diversion from studies during hours before, between and after classes. Recently they have taken over the care of the " master table " In the Center where students may obtain cards, chess sets, ping-pong equipment, and other games, and have sponsored bridge lessons sev- eral times a week. In conjunction with University functions, members of the Council act as hosts, serve at receptions, and help In the decoration of the Center for any occasion. Since its opening, the Student Center has been the center of activity on the campus and serves as a meeting place for students of all colleges and groups. THE STUDENT CENTER COUNCIL Not Much Room, but Student Stomps Are Popular Despite Crowds. OFFICERS William Patton President Fred Schwarz Vice-President Carl Alper Secretary Lyall Howell Treasurer With its standards embodying the five fields of scholarship, ath- letics, social and religious affairs, publication and speech, and musical and dramatic arts, Omicron Delta Kappa each year selects students, outstanding in achievement, for membership. Its pur- pose is to recognize men who have maintained a high standard of efficiency in college activities, and to encourage their fellow students to strive for achievements along these s ame lines. Founded at Washington and Lee in 1914, the group came to the University in 1930 when the Alpha Zeta Circle was established. MEMBERS D. T. Brock Walter Corcoran John Derrick Richard King Chester Lob Sam Logan George McCaskey Robert Merrill Murphy Moss Ebb Munden Sid Pate Troye Svendson Guyfon Watklns Andrew Whitman FACULTY Dr. Russel M. Geer Dr. Charles SHin ALUMNI ichard Baumbach George Walne OMICRON DELTA KAPPA . First Row: Brock. Derrick, Howell, King Lob Logan. Second Row. McCaskey Moss Pate Patton Schwarz Watklns. K ,JA HENRY MILLON President GAYLE BALDINGER Vice-President EVELYN CRAIS Secretary EREENBACKERS More Stomps, Mo Dusty Anderson Robert Armbruster Herbert Baker Emily Badt Bob Barnett Jack Benjamin Betty Berry Newell Berry J. D. Bicks Ruth Boulet Kopei Burk Weldon Buwe Stan Carpenter Dick Cockrell Bill Connelly Jack Counce John Cox Dub Culver Mason Day Marion Delacroix Donald Dexter Ruth Dravo Donald Duncan Jim Dunnavant Bill Faust Merle Fischer Robert Fortier Sally Foster Albert Fraenkel Lorraine Freeman Andrew Friedrichs David Fried James Sammeel Bill Garet Harry Garret Howard Ginsberg Betty Gray MEMBERS Duncan Gray Marion Green Harold Grehan Harold Gordon Louise Gottesman Maurice Hattrel Friedrichs Harris Demetrios Hassakis Billy Hayden Dorcas Hollingsworth Richard Hoot Mignonne Huck Marion Jennings Anne Johnson Alan Jones Serqi Kampakis A. C. Lassiter Arnold Lefkowitr Linden Le Jeuns Henry Le Mieux Jodie Lewis Hugh Liles Robert Logan Leslie Longshore Paul Lorraine Bitza McCay Donald McCurley Larry McGee Tom Mcintosh Frank McMillen John Marten Al Moore Preston Mottram George Nusloch Milton O ' Neal Shirley Pallet Coultas Pears Howard Peebles Norvin Pellerln Felicien Perrin Dean Pfeiffer Charles Phillips Joseph Rault Ray Rawls Eleanor Reich Bill Reynolds Florence Ricker Carter Robinson Hal Rockaway Jane Rodrigue Jay Rubin Coleman Schneider Barbara Schreier Fred Schwarz Samuel Schwing Clarice Slagle Jackie Souderes Matt Sutherland Ben Sweet Eileen Talbot Larry Taylor David Treen Harcourt Waters Tom Watts Ed Wheat Glendine Wilson Jack Winders Harry Winters Emmett Wroten Herbert Williams Richard Young Jack Zolter " Meet Your Team " was the Greenbackers ' favorite theme this year, as the Univer- sity ' s school spirit promoters Introduced to the student body a new type of party: get acquainted with the members of your competitive sports groups. Early in the fall, Green Wave rooters were given a chance to meet the football squad, and, later, the basketball varsity was introduced at a similar function. In addition to these activities, Greenbackers went all out to further spirited dis- plays at all football games. Card drills, slogan stickers, Tulane tags combined with pre-game bonfires and pep rallies stirred the student body into a cheering mass. The Greenbackers are students elected from independents showing school spirit, those representing fraternities and sororities, and the varsity cheerleading squad. Burn That Tiger! 122 , ' f., ri. i t ' Ai ' i»Mflr e, More Students. Cheefleaifei ' The University student body was led in cheers and songs this year, not only during the football season but also at basketball gannes and other competitive sports by a seven- member cheering squad, elected in the early fall. Of the seven, the three feminine sparlc-plugs — referred to as " Tulane ' s swivel-hipped backfield " — included tiny Jane Rod- rigue, squad head, and blonde Marion Green, Newcomb varsity teamster, with diminutive Newcomb Frosh Jodie Lewis. Mascu- line yell-persuaders were Don McCurley, Emmett Wroten, Dean Pfeiffer, and Freshman hHarry Finklestein. Several ne v cheers were successfully Introduced to the stu- dent body by the enthusiastic seven, but still the " Hullabaloo- ray-ray " held sway when It came to showing the team where the school ' s loyalty lay, and for providing verbal acknowledg- ments of scores by the Green Wave. It ' s a Bi-I-i-g Hulldbaloc! The ' 45 Cheering Squad — Front: Jody Lewis, Jane Rodrlgue, Marlon Green. Back: Don McCurley, hiarry Flnkelsteln, Emmett Wroten, Dean Pfeiffer. then " Claudia, " with George Liskow and Janet Wright, as the Naughtons, made its appearance before the footlights. In the usual fashion, TUT cooperated with the Choral groups to produce the annual Gilbert and Sullivan operetta, this year ' s choice being " The Grand Duke. " Bringing down the curtain for the 1945-46 season was " The Little Foxes, " with Shirley Pic and Riley Fell in top roles. One of the big events for TUT members was a reception given in June for motion picture stars " on location " for " Enchanted Voyage. " Among those introduced were June Haver and leading man, John Ireland. Working under Dr. Monroe Lippman, director, are Shirley Pic, technical director; Deirdre Crager, executive secretary; and Joan Opotowsky, librarian. TULANE UNIVERSITY The Palnl Crew Swabs a Flat as Production Time Draws Near. Claudia and David Amuse Mother in a Scene from " Claudia. " This year, productions of Rose Franken ' s " Claudia " and Lillian Hellman ' s " Little Foxes " pro- vided material for the dramatic during the Tulane University Theatre ' s ninth season. Though the cry of all its members Is still " We Need A Theatre, " TUT was able to move back into its old workshop when the naval unit vacated the former East Dormitory. " Personal Appearance, " the final play of the previous season was an entertaining farce about a famous actress stranded at the home of a country family. Doris Berthelot, Thom Collens and Janet Wright tagged the leading roles In the production, which tided audiences over until the fall began. Hollywood Comes to TUT! THEATRE More Hollywood Glamor PROBATIONARY Margot Bennett Beverly Bruff Joy Cohn Anna D ' Antonio Catherine Diclcs Vivian Eigenbrod Sara Eustis Maud Farrar Fyrne Francioni Frances Suidry Jean Epps Mary Halmhuber Joe Hein Sue Henderson Marilyn Holland Shirley Iskiwitch Tom James Leona Kahn Ann Klumak Shirley Koltun Again the Naughtons MEMBERS Marion Leopold George Liskow Lee Marcuse Leona Mattes Janice Matthews Hazel Muller Clare Palmisano Braxton Patterson Jeanne Pavy Robert Pierson James Plauche Jane Rhymes Dora Rosenfield Joel Roy Jay Rubin Doris Seelig Cornelia Talbot Carolyn Winling Janet Wright ACTIVE Evelyn Anderson Lucie Lee Abramson Doralie Barras Bob Bartusch Evelyn Bertrand Leone Bloch Mary Brash Dot Burk Deirdre Crager Gretchen Crager Shirley Cunningham Ellin Davis Fredda Davis Gloria De Valcourt Frank Feather Mickey Greenberg George Harrod R. D. Hurlbert May Hyman Dorothy Katzer Richard King MEMBERS A Scene from " The Queen ' s Husband. ' Jean Lambou George Leachman Jack Lyon Joyce Lutz Ferd Manning Paul Mayerson Patsy Maxwell Joan Opotowsky James Parker Alma Riess Lloyd Roux Bob Rowe Donald Saferstein Felicia Schornstein Fred Schwarz Virginia Sidney Louise Stanfield Randolph Ulvang John Walker Connie Wiener Barbara Weiss " Personal Appearance " Proved Entertaining. splashes of college life, this year ' s Campus Nights, composed, directed and portrayed entirely by students, provided at leasf seven evenings of mirth for collegiate audiences. Changes of semesters have seen changes in chairmanships, New- comb ' s positions being held first by Catherine Burns, later by Lucie Lee Abramson. The Tulane half passed from the hands of Larry Taylor, to Gene Farlnet, to Perry Brown. Favorite performers included Arthur " Spike Jones " Bohmfallc, Betty Ruth Davis, and the Tulanlans. Other talent was shown on Individual productions by Charlie Swain, the Coed Coquettes, Jacic Terry and Stan Slcilllcorn. Ed Schwabe, and Paul Jacobs with his crooning quartet. Highlights this year were the annual Sorority and Fraternity Skit Nights, a mid-summer production. Orientation- Welcome In the fall, a share-the-stage night with L. S. U., a gala hlomecoming program, featuring alumni participation, and a Frosh Night, de- signed and produced by the Newcomb crew. Three Newcomb Freshmen Swoon Tulanlans with Their Vocals. CAMPDS NIGHT WAS Top: Delta Zeta rehashes the Trojan War on the 1945 Sorority Skit Night. Bottom: V-12 VIg Olson serenades at another campus night. " That Old Black Magic " as only Arthur Bohmfalk, now doctor, can do it with a Spike Jones recording as back- ground. Sue Stokes provides Chairman Larry Taylor with a big laugh when audience participation became the theme of a mid-summer show. Songstress Betty Davis interprets the blues with the Tulanians furnishing the backdrop. More audience participation — this time Footballer Hank Angelo provides the laugh impetus. A RIOT OF FUN ! ! ! Again a Spike Jones — again " Bom-bom " as interpreter — this time on " Chloe. " Kappa ' s Ice House Mystery placed on Skit Night. Here ' s the winner! Chi Omega ' s skit won the 1945 Pan-Hel Skit cup. Touro Nurses, enrolled in Tulane, make a campus night debut. TOM HARLLEE Director THE BAND With fhe return of Director John J. Morrissey to the scene, the Tulane Band, which has managed to keep alive due to the interest of pinch-hitting Tom Harllee during the war despite the odds of an accelerated school schedule, is now making strides toward assuming Its former position as one of the most popular and active musical organiatlons on the campus. As in the past, it will serve a dual purpose In the fall turning to marching music for football games; and, In the spring, becoming a concert band, featuring favorites of Gershwin, Kern, and Porter. OFFICERS Richard King President George Howe Vice-President Karl Fasold Secretary Bob Rowe . Librarian George Peck Drum Major MEMBERS Albert H. Bell William C. Long Fred Bennett, Jr. Hubert L. Madison Kopel Burk Fortune Mannino Richard Cockrell Lewis Martin Bruce Dunn Roy J. Michel Sammy A. Dyson George E. Mock Hugh J. Farnet Rex R. Moore Jim Fruthaler Lawrence Nobles Jimmy Gentry R. L. Parsons W. C. Head Marvin A. Piske Sol S. Heiman James Renfrew Boiling Jones Billy Simmons D. P. Jones John A. Schucks Norman Katz Morey Sear Chris M. Kontos Henry E. Stern R. J. Latina Lynn B. Wooten FIRST ROV : Bennett, Burk, Cockrell, Dunn, Dyson, Farnet. Fasold, Fruthaler, Gentry. SECOND ROW: Heiman. Howe. B. Jones, D. P. Jones, Katz, King. Long. Mc-nnino, Martin. THIRD ROW: Michel, Mock. Peck, Piske. Renfrew. Rowe Schucks. Sear, Stern. 128 liHifiet iti, CHORAL GROUPS The 1946 Festival Choir Presents Its Spring Concert. Exhibiting a growing interest in all phases of musical expression, the choral groups play a prominent role among student activities, there being seven organized that participate frequently in University programs and in regularly scheduled concerts. Under the guidance of Maynard Klein, of the New- comb School of Music, their aim is to sing and to appreciate the finest choral music, and to enhance this phase of culture In the University and In the South. Repertoire of the groups vary from masterpieces of all ages, to contemporary American composers. In which group Interest Is keen. Active in college affairs, the groups perform annu- ally at the Newcomb Memorial Services, at the Univer- sity Baccalaureate Services, and at such affairs as the dedication of new campus buildings, and at other events. Each has appeared on programs of city-wide interest and on programs of national scope. With the charm of personality and untiring work of the director, the choirs have been led toward accom- plishment of the highest ideals of the choral art and have MAYNARD KLEIN Choral Director attained a degree of confidence and decisiveness com- nfiended by various audiences. Almost traditional campus organizations, the Tulane and Newcomb Glee Clubs form the crux of the choral groups, memberships being open to any students inter- ested. The Newcomb group is an integral part of the annual Christmas Memorial services, while the Tulane Glee Club, again coming into line after a few difficult war years, offers the usual glee program. Both present spring concerts with special groups drawn from their membership performing for various civic organizations throughout the year. The A Cappella Choir, consisting of the most ad- vanced singers, has attained, since its founding in 1935, a reputation worthy of appearance on the Music and American Youth Program over a nation-wide radio net- work (1941), on the stage of the Metropolitan Opera House as part of the Music Educators National Con- ference program (1936), and as guests of the same group in St. Louis (1938). Local participation includes appearances with the New Orleans Symphony Orchestra, in the Spring Fiesta program, and others. It is rapidly achieving the return to its prewar excellence of pro- duction, with the group of selected voices studying the motets and part-songs that make up its usual musical offering. The comment of the Music Educators Conference is typical of many notices concerning the A Cappella Choir, " All those hearing your group will agree that their work was outstanding, with beauty of tone and ensemble that is seldom heard. " A special group is the Elizabethans, which, in cos- tumes of the sixteenth century, limits its repertoire to madrigals of that period. The history of opera on the campus dates back to 1922 when the first Gilbert and Sullivan operetta, " Patience, " was presented under the sponsorship of the Newcomb Alumnae Association. This year ' s production, " The Grand Duke, " marked the 19th presentation, there having been a five-year lapse in productions between 1923-28 due to the lack of a suitable place for the per- " The Grand Duke " — Dorothy Ewing, Arthur Bohmalk, and Marcia Hathaway. A CAPPELLA CHOIR THE OPERETTA THE GLEE CLUBS THE FESTIVAL CHOIR Complete Cast of This Year ' s Operetta Production. Principals and Solols-fs of " The Grand Duke. ' Boys ' Chorus Clell Conrad, Dorothy Ewing, Don Dexter of the Gilbert and Sul- livan " Grand Duke " cast. formances. After this recent presentation, the group can claim to have done all of the Gilbert and Sullivan comic operas, in a series that has become one of the outstanding traditions on the campus. In addition to this, the past fifteen years has seen the presentation of a series of unusual and seldom-heard operatic masterpieces, the first being produced in 1930. Among the works presented have been Purcell ' s " Dido and Aeneas, " Milton ' s " Comus, " Pergolesi ' s " La Serva Padrona, " Rousseau ' s " Le Devin Du Village, " " Old For- tunatus " by Delcker, " Le Jeu De Robin Et Marion " by de la Halle, " Der Dorfbarbier of Schenk, " and in recent years. Gay ' s " Beggar ' s Opera " and Gluck ' s " Orpheus. " Composed of choral voices drav n from the university students, and faculty and from singers from all parts of the city, the Festival Choir, the largest of the groups, presents a Christmas-time interpretation of Handel ' s " Messiah, " appears at seasonal concerts, and on special occasions. The emphasis of the organization is on mass singing for special effects. Musical productions on the campus this year have been many the " Grand Duke " marking the first event of an ambitious program for the present school year. The classic opera, " Iphigenia In Aulis, " by Gluck, was the spring presentation, with the A Cappella Choir singing the chorus parts and the Newcomb Dance Club and University Theatre assisting. In line with the policy of giving performances of im- portant choral works seldom heard, the Festival Choir offered in March, Faure ' s " Requiem, " " The Hymn of Jesus " by Gustav Hoist, and " Ein ' Feste Burg 1st Unser Gott, " Contata No. 80 by J. S. Bach, all presented for the first time in the city and given with full orchestra, soloists, and chorus. The A Cappella group presented in May an interest- ing project in the singing of excerpts from the " Mass In B Minor " by Bach. Student officers for the groups this year were, A Cap- pella Choir, Marcia Hathaway, president; Newcomb Glee Club, Betty Meriwether; and Tulane Glee Club, Donald Dexter. 7ke TULANIANS Drummerboy Cambon beafs it out to thrill admirers. The Tulanians, with Ed Schwabe Handling the Vocals, Sets in the Swing of Thi ngs for a Super Stomp. Paul Mecouch Hits ihe Bass. The familiar theme of " Pastel Blues " introduces the Tulanians, popular student dance band, which has played for many of the stomps, Campus Night programs, and other student functions, besides presenting shows at the various veterans ' hospitals In the city. Starting out as an all-navy group, later expanding to admit civilians, the swing band achieved wide popularity, playing for the student body despite currlcular handi- caps. Succeeding Pete Mahler as student director was Tommy Harrah, with Eddie Capper and Jack Honsinger serving as business managers, and Paul Mecouch as adviser. A new function was assumed this fall when the group played for several football games. Vocalists with the Tulanians were Ed Schwabe and Betty Ruth Davis. Lagniappes have done their share toward keeping the student body dancing, and, during the past year, pre- sented for general approval a nunnber of enjoyable dances. Topping off the social activities before New- connb vacated for the 1945 summer was the formal held in the Municipal Auditorium at which national favorite Frankie Masters soothed sighing terpsichoreans. In way of welcome for the returning Newcomb stu- dents, an open air street dance was given the week of Orientation, followed the next week by a large formal in the Jung ' s Tulane Room. In November, honoring the first peacetime Homecoming activities, Lagniappes again played host, this time to a large number of returning and visiting alumni, with their November 25 formal, at which the Homecoming Court was introduced. Next on the calendar was the Paul Tulane Day open-air dance, now hardly a part of the past, too recent for all who enjoyed it to forget. Members of Lagniappes including outstanding students from all colleges and classes of the University, are elected on the basis of their Interest and participation In school affairs. . MEMBERS Evelyn Anderson Ed Hoys Betty Baetjer Mignonne Huck Betty Baucum Dalton Ivins Betty Berry Frank Joffrlon Newell Berry Doris Karter Ruth Boulet Robert Logan Tom Brown George Lynch Betty Browne Don McCurley John Bryan Paul Mecouch Patsy Cochrane Betty Meriwether Nancy Deane Emily Molse Jack Donnaud Buddy Moulin Billy Faust Ooultds Pears Connie Faust Dean Pfelffer Laurelle Fillmore Pat Phillips Merle Fischer JInnmy Plauche Bob Fortier Roger Pleasants Ralph Gaines Jane Rodrlgue hiarry Garrett Marie Sfouse Carol Gates Tommy Watts Mary Joan Gonia Harold Wedig Duncan Gray Harry Winters Jane Gros Emmett Wroten LAGNIAPPES First Row; Browne, Huck, Rodrigue, Phillips, Berry, GonIa, Moise. Anderson. Second Row; Baucum. Gates, Baet- jer, Meriwether, Stouse, Fischer, Boulet, Karter, Gros. Third Row: Hays, Pears, Lynch. Berry. Plauche, Bryan, Moulin, Garrett, Gaines, Mecouch. THE FORUM The funcfion of the Tulane Forum has been to present a liberal Insight into all controversial issues through short informative lectures, given by experts on the topics, followed by a general debate. The audience is comprised of university personnel and visiting friends. Speakers and topics, ranging from contemporary issues to the function of campus music, are selected by the student-faculty board, a student member of which supervises the discussion as moderator. Dr. Harold N. Lee, head of the Newcomb philosophy department. Is faculty adviser. The whole atmosphere of the Forum Is one of general informality, sincere interest, and friendly discussion. MEMBERS Henr Lehmann Chairman Leona Bersadsky Shirley Bersadsky Virginia Colebeck Cora Lee Feibleman Norman Karchmer Rene Lehmann Marion Leopold Edith Levy Robert Moskowiti Charlotte Mugnier Edith Perlman Elizabeth Raymond Dora Rosenfield Pearl Singerman John Tallant Wilma Thomas Barbara Wedemeyer FIRST ROW: L. Bersadsky, S. Bersadsky, Colebeck, Feibleman, Karchmer. SECOND ROW: Lehmann. Leopold, Moskowiti, Rosenfield, Tallant, Wedemeyer. 134 GLENDY BDRRE FIRST ROW: Badeaux, Baumar, E. Brown. SECOND ROW: J, Brown, Dingraudo, Dolce. THIRD ROW: Frih, Gilthorpe. Hassakis. FOURTH ROW: Johnson. Landry, Matthews. FIFTH ROW: Pate, Raclvifch, Snelling. Glendy Burke Literary and Debate Society, the oldest organization at the University, Is a living exannple of Tulane tradition. Primarily a debating society composed of 48 members, each of whom represents one of the United States In general discussion, the group was orig- inally instituted before present Tulane University was incorporated. In honor of the founding, there Is an annual banquet held each January 21. During regular meetings of the society, debates, extemporaneous speeches, and dis- cussions are held. Members show their interest in foren- sics by organizing squads, and challenging other organi- zations to formal debates. OFFICERS Ernest Brown President Carl Dolce Vice-President Owen Johnson Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS J. T. Badeaux Saul F. Landry Lloyd Baumer Charles V. Matthews Jack S, Brown Sid Pate Albert Dingrai, do Herve Raclvitch, Jr. L. J. Fritz Andrew Reck Bill Gilthorpe Clarence Snelling Demetrios Hassakis Vincent Tarleton 135 OREOES First Row: Eddy, Cronin, Kellay, Rodrigue, Post. Second Row: Karchmer, McGoey. Von Mysenbug, Otto. Frey, Brodie, Pino Sustaining interest in classical knowledge, the Oreades, an honorary group, stimulates appreciation of the Greek and Latin languages and literature. Yearly activities include a play and a Saturnalian party, in Imitation of the ancient Roman holiday celebrated during the middle of December. MEMBERS Norma Bar+els Virginia Brodie Irene Buchanan Elizabeth Calvert Pat Cronin Rose! Cowan Dorothy Davis Katherlne Douglas Jean Eddy Maud Farrar Faye Frey Marlon Jennings hiarriet Karchmer Dolores Kelley Betty Jean Koenig Noelle McGoey Heda Von Mysenbug Ann Otto Gilda Pino Dot Post Marianne Sewell Gerry Smitherman Yvonne Stohlman Martha Taylor Frances Truitt Rosalie Wolfley THETA NU Counting among its members since establishment here In 1926 graduates distinguished in the field, Theta Nu, honorary group, strives for the furtherment of achieve- ment In journalism and development of undergraduate participation In the Hullabaloo. Now resuming Its prewar activities, Theta Nu will again present the annual Reporter ' s Cup to the student most outstanding in reportorlal achievement on the cam- pus, and will continue to promote interest In the Dorothy Dix Prize competition, a yearly contest open to students in the Department of Journalism. OFFICERS Evelyn Anderson President Quentin Ault Vice-President Evelyn Bertrand • Secretarv George E. Sinnmons Faculty Advise ' MEMBERS Lorraine Bernard Rene Lehmann Ernest Brin Arthur Mehrle Lorraine Freeman Loys Nunez Fred Guidry James Plauche Richard King Ann Springer Wilma Knight Roland Swardson FIRST ROW: Anderson. Ault, Bernard. SECOND ROW: Freeman, King, Knight. THIRD ROW: Plauche, Springer, Swardson. 136 7he SPECTATORS OFFICERS Maxine Kaplan Provoit Barbara Wedemeyer Anthologer Bill McMahon Chancellor Organized to provide an extra-curricular activity on the cannpus that will encourage creative writing, the Spectators admit to their membership only those stu- dents who have shown creative or critical ability. Original manuscripts are submitted to the group for constructive criticism and discussion on any subject which may arise as a result of the work. In addition to regular meetings, which are open to any student of the uni- versity, the Spectators, by sponsoring literary contests each year, have attempted to develop interest on the campus in the field of creative writing. MEMBERS Ellen Freeman Louise Goftesman Ela Hocltaday Sherwood Jacobson Henry Lehmann Pa+sy Maxwell Mary McLaughlin Charlotte Mugnier Emily Schmidt Pearl Singerman Jack Tallant Sally Thomson Harold Wedig FIRST ROW: Freeman. Goftesman, Hockaday, Kaplan. Jacobson, Lehmann. SECOND ROW; Mugnier. Schmidt, . Tallant, Thomson, Wedemeyer, Wedig. 137 DANCE CLUB Promoting interest in creative dancing of all types, the Newcomb Dance Club has progressed considerably under the enthusiastic direction of Miss Francis Bush. During the year all ballet rou- tines necessary are supplied campus productions, besides the annual spring recital in which every member participates. Membership is through try-out. Lucille Bernard Judith Brett Beverly Bruff Dorothy Burras Janice Carter Anna D ' Antonio Mimi deWells Elodie Diodine Shirley Fassbender Jeanne Fernandei Laurelle Fillmore Joy Gomes Pat Goodwin Both Gieenwald Kathleen Lanier Dolores Roberts Sue Henderson Carolyn Levy Alyce Rosenberg Ann Hodge Jody Lewis Rosalyn Rosenfield Ann Hoffman Louise McDaniel Harriette Simon Peggy Hooper Shirfey Isklwitch Pat O ' Connor Audrey Schwark Alice Orenstein Martha Taylor Joel Knowles Carolyn PIgniolo Petronilla Voorhies ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION NANCY McLARTY Chairman " !r FIRST ROW: Ambler, Boulet, Caffery, Jones. Landry, McCay. SECOND ROW: Mcintosh. O ' Shee. Rickert. Slekman, M. Ziifle, R. Zlifle. OFFICERS Governing the Newcomb College athletic activities is the Ath- letic Council, supervisor of the Athletic Association. Composed of Nancy McLarty Chairman i ir l i Lf.Lr i .i ' ' equal number ot members from each of the four classes, the Ruth Ziifle Secretary-Treasurer board has charge of the intramural program and Individual sports. Miss Hope Pate Faculty Adviser " ' Y ar for the first time the freshman class participated in the intramural program, designed on the basis of class versus MEMBERS class rather than dormitory versus town as previously. An intra- mural cup will be awarded to the winning class, to be kept for Rosalie Ambler Betty Mcintosh H individual trophies to be awarded to Individual Ruth Boulet Minnie O ' Shee winners of tournaments. Every student at Newcomb is a member of the association, and Lydia Caffery Joan Rickert . . ., . i , . i , IS mvited to participate in various athletic clubs, intramural tourna- Virginla Jones Joyce Seikmann ments, and other activities. The aim of the association is the . I J .. _..., promotion of an active interest in athletics, for the purpose of Anne Landry Myra Ziifle building a healthy body and a strong mind through fun and Bitza McCay exercise. 139 BETA BETA BETA FIRST ROW: Ahmann, Brousaid, de Valcourf, Espalda Huck Jennings Jensen. SECOND ROW: Kastler, Landry, Menendei, Michel, B. Miller, C. Miller, Nyman. THIRD ROW: Pallet. Phares. Ruiz, Sherrard, Siekmann, Talbot, Verlander. Beta Beta Beta, Newcomb ' s national honorary biological fra- ternity, is one of the more recent additions to the campus. Form- erly, the biological society under the affiliation of Lampyrlds, its members are selected by the faculty and the active student of- ficers for their scholastic achievements in the field of biological science for their spirit of cooperation within the classroom and their native interest in the subject. Tri Beta recently celebrated its third anniversary on this campus. Interest is further stimulated by monthly lectures on some topic of biology or related science given by outstanding scientists in that field. There are field trips for collection purposes scheduled twice a year which have proved fun as well as interesting. OFFICERS CHALITA MENENDEZ President JOYCE SIEKMAN Vice-President EILEEN TALBOT Secretary-Treasurer ACTIVE MEMBERS Helen Ahmann Marilyn Holland Elaine Verlander Gene Hassinger Mignonne Huck PROVISIONAL MEMBERS Virginia Apter Edith Jensen Dot Nyman Nan Broussard Anna Kastler Shirley Pa ilet Gloria de Valcourt Anne Landry Rosamond Pelti Carmen Espalda Peggy Michel Neysa Phares Lorrene Henderson Betty Miller Alice Ruii Marion Jennings Cecil Miller Helen Sherrard FACULTY Dr. Thomas T. Earle Dr. Harley N. Gould An honorary organization at Newcomb College, the Assets this year played a vital part in the newly-revamped Orientation pro- gram. Cooperating with Alpha Sigma Sigma, they planned such addlHonal activities as a week-end in the dormitory for town freshmen, a picnic-supper for faculty and freshmen, and, during Orientation V eeIc, the publication of a newssheet, The Forty Miner. Other events included were campus tours, a luncheon, and the tradltlona! " adoption " of frosh " Little Sisters " by upperclassmen, known as " Big Sisters. " Because of the added interest In Orientation activities this year, the event assumed more significance, and aided in familiarizing the n3w students not only with the University but with traditions, cu " ,toms, and social life. Toward the dose of each academic year new members are elected from those of the freshman class showing outstanding loyalty and scholastic achievement. As sophomores the following year, these electees participate in planning Orientation. Nancy Nunez Allen Rosalie Ambler Emily Badt Betty Berry Mddelyn Bose Ruth Boulet Betty Browne Catherine Burns Alice Clark Barbara Conroy Betty Davis MEMBERS Dorothy Ewing Connie Faust Merle Fischer Belty Woolf Fowler Lorraine Freeman Jeanne Garrettson Patricia Gibbens Betty Gray Carol Hamrick Phyllis Johnson May Hyman Felice Maurer Nancy McLarty BRtty Meriwether Octavia Reynolds Jane Rodrigue Margery Rose Clarice Slagle Gloria Smitherman Cecile Weil Lorraine Williams Janet Wright ASSETS FRONT: Gray. Brjwne, Hamrick, Rose. BACK: Davis, BDulet. Fischer. BETA GAMMA SIGMA Befa Gamma Sigma, a national honorary commerce fra- ternity, was founded at the University of Illinois and the University of Wisconsin in 1913. The Alpha chapter here at Tulane was founded later In 1926. Those senior stu- dents who have attained high scholastic standards during their years In the College of Commerce and Business Administration are selected as members. ELECTEES, MAY 1946 Albert Cohen Clement Ford Janet Wall Rlddlck Robert Ward Jaclc Wicker John Young Professor H. T. Mi+cheN FIRST ROW: Glen Derbes. Richard King. SECOND ROW: Mortimer Lasky, Wayne E. O ' puinn, THIRD ROW: Rollin B. Sowards. NOT IN PANEL: John Gourley. Evelyn Blust Donald Bradburn Irene Buchanan Jerrold Carpenter Stanley Carpenter Edward Cary June Conravey Hyman Cooper Deldre Crager Jean Lambou Doerrles Edward Fortney James Fruthaler Barbara Gardner MEMBERS Sarah Gibson Pauline Greenspan Julanne Rose Haspel Erwin Heclter Fred James Thomas James Charles Johnson James Larkin Rene Lehmann George Lewis Jeanne Marcoux Mary Martin Mary Marullo A. Miles Pratt. II Edward Randolph, III Andrew Roddy Marianne Sewell Gloria Shearin Dean George Simmons Kirltsey Simmons Stonewall Sticlcney Wesley Thomas John Thompson Elizabeth Valias Dean Logan Wilson Marjorie Zengel Myra Zlltle PHI BETA KAPPA 141 PHI DELTA PHI MEMBERS Raymond Ball Ford Hall Donald Conlay Raymond Montgomery Edgar Corey Lane Plauche Nestor Currault Robert Polchow John Dykes Lester Sarpy Harvey Fields John Simms Dan Gulce Guyton Watlcins Cal Hadden William Wright Having as its paramount purpose the maintenance of a high standard of legal ethics, Phi Delta Phi, honorary legal fraternity, choses its members from those students In the School of Law who have proven themselves ac- cording to standards of scholarship, morals, and legal ethics. It is a national organization, the White Inn chapter being established at Tulane University in 1911. Officers of the group are Nestor Currault, Jr., president; Robert Polchow, vice-president; and Guyton Watkins, secretary- treasurer. Faculty members include Leonard Oppen- helm, C. J. Morrow, and Eugene Nabors. Electees are honored at formal banquets, following which are Initiation ceremonies. FIRST ROW: Ball. Conlay, SECOND ROW: Corey, Dykes, THIRD ROW: Fields, Suice, FOURTH ROW: Hall, Plauche, FIFTH ROW: Polchow, Simms. SIXTH ROW: Watkins. Wright. 142 il ALPHA SIGMA SIGMA EMILY BADT President Rosdlle Ambler Betty Berry Irene Buchanan Connie Faust Felice Maurer Toby McCarty MEMBERS Elaine McFaul Betty Meriwether Betty Pourcidu June Rose Roepe Clarice Slagle Shirley WIederecht Long recognized as one of the most conspicuous school spirit groups in Newcomb College, Alpha Sigma Sigma, representing the ideals of honor, service, scholar- ship, leadership and spirit, is an honorary society com- posed of junior and senior members. Founded in 1916, it has since contributed to the development of freshman orientation and self-government. Members are selected each spring from the two upper classes, those being outstanding in spirit and loyalty being honored. Follow- ing an announcement of names at a Dixon Hall assembly. the electees don red and green donkey ears and wear them for the remainder of the day as a part of the mock initiation. Last fall, the group served as the executive committee for the orientation program, and with the faculty com- mittee, arranged the Faculty Adviser lists, which is an- other aid for new students. The president of Alpha Sigma Sigma conducts Fresh- man Class meetings for the initial period of the first quarter until the freshmen elect their own class officers. CONNIE FAUST BETTY POURCIAU CLARICE SLASLE 143 JOHN W. BRYAN. JR. WELDON J. BUWE President Public Relations Officer HARRY HOWARD Treasurer ALBERT E. MOULIN. JR. Vice-President SUE STOKES Secretary TULANE VETERANS ' ASSOCIATION Up and coming among the organizations is the Tu!ane Veterans ' Association, formed last March when 13 ser- vicemen, returning to college classrooms grouped to- gether under their common bond. Recognized as an official student activity shortly after, it is now an inde- pendent veterans ' association with membership open to those honorably discharged from the service of any allied nation. Numerous social entertainments have been offered in the program which is designed to create a closer rela- tionship among the veterans and the remainder of the university. This fall, in conjunction with the orientation activities, the TVA sponsored dances for the incoming Major Van Pelfz, Navigator of fhe Atom Bomb Carrier Registers af Tulane, veterans at the beginning of the semester. Also on their calendar of events was a boatride on the Steamer Presi- dent to which the entire student body was invited, sev- eral informal parties for its members, and an exhibition of war souvenirs which was a part of the Homecoming program. Numerous charitable drives, Christmas gifts for wounded veterans, the March of Dimes drive, and others have been part of its successful achievements. Because of the greater numbers of veterans returning to the university each new semester, the Association is growing in size and importance among the other student groups on the campus. A Boatride Scene MEMBERS Vincenf Alpfionso Robert D. Allen Quentin Ault Jack G. Austin Leonard Autin R. Bayard Baldridge, II Bill Barcelo Thomas Benner Charles Blanchard Felix Bourgeois Maury Bronstein Wm. H. B riede, III Wnn, Perry Brown, III Thomas D. Campbell Joseph C. Cangelosi W. M. Carey, Jr. Fred F. Coolc Dwight Dahmes R. T. D ' Gouche, Jr. Bernard S. Delbear Carmel DeLuca Jack Donnaud Leon A. Dryfus Lawrence C Dugan A. J. Duplechin John Edwards Robert E. Fortier Albert C. Fritz Charles J. Gadmer, Jr. Clifton Giroir B. J. Grady Fred C. Haeuser, Jr. Jefferson G. Hillis Roy James Palmer Jones Nicholas E. Joyner Raymond Laakse E. B. Lippe Frank Long Norman McKinnen, Jr. John Morehiser Thomas Michel Norman Moise Thomas R. Nolan Kenneth Norwood Boyce Nunnally, Jr. Gus D. Perrin Robert A. Phllibert W. E. Prescott Jay Reeks Charles S. Reilly Gerry Rinaldi John Rock David Rodrique Jack Simms Roland Sternfels Matthew Sutherland Ben Sweet Cora Taylor Aubry Tuggle, Jr. Robert Vanderwall Raymond Villemarette Thellie Waggoner Wm. H. White TULANE VETERANS ' ASSOCIATION Scenes from the TVA Boatride. Another Boatrlde Shot The Vets Celebrate At a Beer Party. THE LAW REVIEW If is a matter of considerable pride to those associated with the Tulane Law Review that It has continued publication throughout the war years. The predecessor of the Review, the Southern Law Quarterly, was Interrupted in publication by World War I and it was not until 1929 that publication was resumed under ihe new name, Tulane Law Review. It has therefore, been considered of the first importance that the continuity of the Review should be maintained during this war so that no lengthy lapse In publication should again occur. It was likewise Important to maintain the high tradi- tions and technical skills of the Review, established by the years of devo- tion and effort of previous members, by passing them on, without Interrup- tion, from one group of student editors to another. Credit for this exceptional performance under the most adverse circum- stances rests mainly with the honor students of the Law School, few in number, who have carried on the very difficult and demanding labors of editing thu Review during the lean war years and with the Secretary of the Review, Miss Gertrude Stein, who has served with her accustomed loy- alty and diligence. Entering into a period of peace the Review Is now, as It has been for so many years, ready and able to continue Its Important function of training future lawyers In the fine art of legal research and writing and its equally Important function of providing a great source of materials for Louisiana lawyers and for scholars of civil and comparative law throughout the world. STAFF June 1945 Issue Katherine Brash EdJior-m-Chief ' f-H a t H ft " ' ' m , H October 1945 Issue Jack Simms Editor-in-Chief December 1945 and March 1946 Issues Edgar Corey Editor-in-Chief . ; l- B June 1946 Issue J W ■■■■■■■Ak MHI H H Editor-in-Chief FIRST ROW: Corey. Dykes, Gold. SECOND ROW: Hall, Klegar. - Meyer. THIRD ROW: Pats, Plauche, Racivitch. FOURTH ROW: Ford Hall Index Editor Simms, Wright. Seme Klegar Civil Law Review William Wright Book Review Editor Andrew Plauche Index Editor Conrad Meyer, III Secretary • John Dykes Sidney Pate George Reese, Jr. John Gold Herve Racivitch, Jr. Lester Sarpy Huey Simon The Editorial Staff assembles for a weekly discussion. The success a lawyer attains in his chosen profession depends to a large extent upon the amount of persuasiveness he can exert upon courts and Juries. Most lawyers acquire this persuasive ability through experience, for few people have the inherent skill to think clearly and speak Intelligently under conditions to be found in most courtrooms. The purpose of the Moot Court System in the College of Law Is to provide experience along these lines by affording potential lawyers the opportunity to argue points of law under conditions closely similar to those found in a real court of justice. Administered by a group of students selected for their scholarship In research, brief-writing, and forensics, the Moot Court System Is an Indispensable cog in the machinery which pro- duces able and well-trained lawyers. As with every other activity of the Law School, the Moot Court Court System suffered the trials and tribulations brought about everywhere by the war. With few students left to carry on Its tra- dition, the Moot Court Board had to adjust itself to operate on a day-to-day basis rather than on a year-to-year basis. The accel- erated program produced problems which had never before mani- fested themselves. In spite of discouraging conditions, the Com- petition remained in operation even when Law Schools with a larger enrollment of students abandoned it for the duration. Aided by extremely able faculty guidance, the Board of Advisers man- aged, by a spirit of compromise and typical American ingenuity, to fulfill its functions. Now, with the return of many veterans and the enrollment of new students, the Board of Advisers has plans for expansion and a resumption of the peace-time system of trial cases In the Junior-Senior Competition, which procedure was a casualty of the wa--. By September, 1946, the Competition will have resumed it:: normal methods of operation, thus assuring future law students of the opportunity to gain valuable and greatly needed experience. MEMBERS Raymond Ball John Bryan Donald Conlay John Donnaud Harvey Fields Dan Gulce Florence McKInney Robert Polchow William Tete William Wright NOT IN PANEL Nestor Currault William McLane Cal Hadden Raymond Montgomery MOOT COURT U7 HERMAN TRIEB Presldenf ALPHA PHI OMEGA With over 100 active chapters, one in every major university in the country, Alpha Phi Omega, service fraternity, has sponsored on the Tulane campus this year, as in the past four years, blood drives, sales of Easter Seals, and T. B. Christmas Seal campaigns, and has assisted in the annual Easter Sunrise Service and ushered at football games. The national fraternity, founded in 1925, at Lafayette College, in Pennsylvania, has as its purpose the assemblage of college men in the fellov ship of the Scout Oath and Law, the development of friendship, and the promotion of service to humanity. Frank Basile Harry Garrett Sidney Pate Gaston Bourgeois Theo Heller Fred Reckling Edward Capper Elliott Igleheart Paul Reeves Verl Capps Kenneth Johnson Donald Riggs Gilbert Carpenter " JD " Kabler Theron Rogers Nornnan Davis Richard King Donald Ryder Walter Draughon, Jr. A. C. Lassiter Fred Schwarz Jesse Durham Murphy Moss Joseph Smith Albert Fraenkel Bernard Paxton Herman Trieb Ralph Gaines, Jr. Richard Page Gene Usdin FIRST ROW: Basile, Capper, Capps, Carpenter, Draughon, Durham, Fraenkel. SECOND ROW; Gaines, Garrett, Johnson, Kabler, King, Lassiter, Moss. THIRD ROW: Schwarz, Smith, Trieb, Usdin, Wilkinson. Young, Paxton. FOURTH ROW: Page, Rata, Reckling, Reeves, Rogers, Ryder. 148 on THE OWL CLUB MEMBERS First Row: Wallace Adelhold Robert Arrantj Carl Brannan D. T. Brock Elgin Cowart John Derrick Second Row; Douglas Gordon Leonard Hattaway Joseph Hirsch J. W. Holmes Lyall Howell Irving Jordan Third Row: Sam Logan J. W. Lynn. Jr. Charles McMillan Edward Meadows Lex Patrick William Patton Fourth Row: Jack Pou John Rice. Jr. Paul Shick. Jr. Bernard Soto Milton Talbot. Jr. JOHN LAFFERTY President The principal purpose of the +wenty-five-year-old Owl Club since its incep- tion has been to promote in the faculty and student body a thorough under- standing of the problems in teaching and in being taught courses of a medical curriculum. Its less tangible efforts have been directed toward the promotion of a high standard of professional ethics in the student body, and in maintaining Tulane in its place as one of the country ' s foremost medical institutions. Toward this, the Owl Club this year ... in addition to full pursuit of its more traditional enterprises . . . has devoted most of its energy toward estab- lishing the Tulane Medical Research Fund to be used for the maintenance and promotion of research within the school. It is composed of twenty-four senior members chosen, half by the outgoing club, the remainder by the selectees. 149 MEMBERS Barnett Adams Dan BeattY Ted Block Henry Blackburn James Boren Donald Bradburn Ian Bradburn Carl Brannan Emanuel Bressler John Claire Robert Cales Edward Cary Lewis Claypool Frank Cole Elgin Cowart Joseph Crookshank John David James Denton John Derrick George Ellis Hugh English Frank Ervine Albert Exiine Oscar Garcia-Ramirez Louis GanepY Douglas Gordon Jack Grindio Paul Guttman Robert Hanan Earl Harris Hurst Hatch Joseph Hirsch Lyall Howell Jack Jackson Francis Jaubert Eugene Kraemer Leon Kahn Philip Krupp Elmo Laborde Gene Usdin Addresses a Friday Night Meeting of the Group. THE HISTORY OF MEDICINE LL PAHON BILL VILDIBILL Sam Logan, Former President, Turns His Gavel Over to Usdin. MEMBERS Roy Ledbetter Richard Levy Henry Magee Nelson Manowiti Charles Markwood Frank Mayer William McBride John McCall Frances McCalla Cunningham McCordy Edward Meadows Robert Meiers Manuel Miranda Marvin Nelson Kenneth Nix Edward Ochsner Albert Pratt, II Noah Range Laurence Reid John Rice Harry Ricketts James Rogers Melvm Sabshin James Saft Richard Saloom John Schellack Robert Schramel Paul Shick Ralph Shirer Henry Simon Stan Skilllcorn J. Leslie Smith James Stewart Milton Talbot Gene Usdin Mary Elizabeth Walker Samuel Wise, III Marvin Wolff Ralph Wright Basing its selection of nnembership upon interest in the group, scholastic standing, faculty recommendation and group approval, the History of Medicine Society each year elects from the freshman class those fulfilling these standards. Founded in 1933, through the stimulus of Gordon Holcomb, Gres Dawson and Bernard Weinstein, the organization is primarily interested in tracing the developments and seeking factual information in its field. Student members alternate with faculty members in presenting papers on medical history, although previously this was done by guest speakers and members of the medical school staff. An annual event is the spring banquet, at which time the newly elected are presented with membership cer- tificates, the officers for the next semester are intro- duced and awards to members are made. Among these are the Rudolph Matas Award for the best student paper presented during the year, the I. I. Lemann for the best discussion of a paper, and the B. B. Weinstein for the most outstanding Individual research done by a stu- dent member. Officers this year have been Sam Logan, president; Lewis Claypooi, vice-president; James Stewart, senior secretary; William Vildlblll, junior secretary; and William Patton, treasurer. FIRST ROW: Adams, Beatty, Block, Blackburn, Boren, D. Bradburn, I. Bradburn, Brannan, Caire, Cales. SECOND ROW: Cowart, Crookshank, David, Den- ton. Derrick, Ellis, English, Ervine, Exiine, Gordon. THIRD ROW: Grindle, Gu+tman, Harris. Hirsch, Howell, Jackson, Jaubert, Kraenner, Krupp, Laborde. FOURTH ROW; Ledbetter, Levy, Magee, Manowitz, Mayer, McBride. McCall, McCalla, McCordy, Meadows. FIFTH ROW: Meiers, Miranda, Nelson, Nix, Ochsner. Pratt, Range, Reid, Rice, Ricketts. SIXTH ROW: Rogers, Sabshin, Saft, Shirer, Smith, Talbot. Usdin, Walker, Wise, Wright. ■3 fcsfcl KSL jJi:: tL 151 THE MATH CLUB The Tulane " Ma+h Club " was organized In 1940 by Dr. William Duren, Professor of Mathematics In the College of Arts and Sciences, and a group of students who wanted a little more of Euclid and Einstein than they got In their classes. Dr. John Thom- son Is the faculty adviser for the club. Both the faculty and those students studying elementary Calculus are eligible for membership. Monthly meetings Include Informal talks by professors of the University on subjects of common Interest, such topics being " The Romance of Mathematics, " " Atomic Energy, " " Non-Euclidian Geometry, " and " Observational Astronomy. " The more ambitious members at times present lectures. Contrary to popular belief, the members do not sit In a corner and attempt to solve deep mathematical problems. Instead, part of each meeting Is devoted to a social gathering during which members talk among themselves, eat refreshments, or, on clear nights, go to the observatory roof and see the stars through the telescope. Among the annual activities are a spring picnic and a party to which freshman math students are invited. Mathematical wizards guiding the algebraic formulae are Jean Thibodeaux, president; Norwood Hymel, vice-president; Ed Hays, recording secretary; Myra Zllfle, corresponding secretary and treasurer; Jack Tallant. publicity chairman. OFFICERS JEAN F. THIBODEAUX President NORWOOD F. HYMEL Vice-President MYRA ZKFLE Corresponding Secretary and Treasurer ED. G. HAYS Recording Secretary JOHN D. TALLANT Publicity Chairman DR. J. F. THOMSON Faculty Adviser William Aicklen Thomas S. Allen Jane Armstrong H. E. Baumqarten Louis A. Beecherl Frank A. Bell Newell H. Berry Evelyn R. Blust John Braud William E. Carter Lois Chalona Edward S. Coleman William L. Connelly, Jr. Ronald B. Cowart Patricia Cronin Warren Deshotels Elodie Diodene Dr. W. L. Duren Joan Durland John Elder Charles F. Ethridqe Jean Louise Faust John FInegan MEMBERS William E. Fox James L. Gammell Audrey Gros Bobby M. Hamman Joseph J. Hein A. M. Henrrckson R. D. Hurlbert Richard F. James F. D. Joffrion Doris Karter Carroll M. Kerby Frank J. Kilqore Joel Knowles Norman Karchmer Georqe S. Leachman Henry Lehman Bernard Lehman Bernard Lewis Hugh Liles Paul H. Lorrain Harvey Mackey Betty Mailhes Betty Lou Miller Cecil Miller Jean Nash H. D. Oster Andrew Papaminas Mary Lane Phillips William E. Pollard Patricia Rhodes Samuel J Ross Thomas C. Rumph Morris L. Simons Henry E. Stern Helen Stich Eileen Talbot Wesley Thomas Dr. J. F. Thomson Carl von Meysenbuq Charles Voris Vera Walker Lorraine Williams Phyllis Williams Robert D. Wolfson Ruth Ziifle 152 TAU BETA PI " To mark in a fiHIng manner fhose who have con- ferred honor upon fheir Alma Mafer by exemplary character and distinguished scholarship as undergradu- ates, or by their attainments as alumni, " Tau Beta Pi is the highest honor a student or graduate in engineering may attain. The Louisiana Chapter was installed on the campus in 1936, and carries out the organization ' s aims to develop and expand the principles and qualities of character, scholarship, and good will. The officers for the past year were Chester Lob, presi- dent; Lloyd Salathe, vice-president; John Bensen, record- ing secretary; Jack Hinrichs, corresponding secretary; and R. C. Reid, cataloguer. MEMBERS John Bensen Henry Lucltetf Jesse Durham Robert Pierpont Jack Hinrichs R. C. Reid Morris Kant Lloyd Salathe John Laurent Bowie Simmons Chester Lob Ed Stauss FIRST ROW: Bensen. Durham. Hinrichs, Kant, Laurent, Lob. SECOND ROW: Luckett. Pierpont. Reid, Salathe, Simmons, Stauss. 153 AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS fIRST ROW: Albert Alexander, Relth Barnett, John Burke, Norman Burandt. Verl Capps. SECOND ROW: Emile Deshautreaux, Maurice Hatrel, Ed Hays. Morris Kant, Henry LeMieux. THIRD ROW: Lee Lenz, Chester Lob. Gerald Motal. William Nielsen. Thomas Portwood. FOURTH ROW: Robert Read, David Reeves. James Rentroe. William Rumans. Norman Sandelin. FIFTH ROW: Henry Stern. Warren Strohm. Allen Van Sinden, Leopoldo Valdes, Robert Wolfson. NOT IN PANEL: John Alvis. Albert Buxton, Realizing the vast amount of information obtainable from technical papers, the Tulane University branch of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers supple- ments the formal courses of instruction with the presen- tation of such papers at its meetings, and visits to points of engineering interest. Founded here in 1936, the group strives to advance knowledge of theory and practice in the field by these means and by contact with the faculty and with practicing engineers. Although primarily technical in nature, the activities of the organization are not confined to professional ones. During the past semester its members have en- joyed social gatherings as well, in the form of truck rides, dances, and ball games — all of which went toward cre- ating a feeling of fellowship and goodwill among the students of electrical engineering. 154 FIRST ROW: Robert Anderson, Alan Barton. John Bayles, John Benien, C. P, Boyle. SECOND ROW; George Cady. Mason Day, Jos- eph Fowler. William Fraering, Henry Hanna, THIRD ROW: John Hinrichs. Dalfon Ivins. W. F. King. Robert Kreutzer, Henry Luckett. FOURTH ROW: Henry Mackey. Preston t ott ram, Norvin Pellerin. Felicien Perrin, Joseph Rault. Bernard Reams. FIFTH ROW: Robert Reld. William Reynolds. Carter Robinson. Lloyd Salathe. L. K. Schlumbrecht. Edward Sharp. SIXTH ROW: Bowie Simmons. W. H. Simp- son. Henry Smith, Wi liam Spar- go. Hans Steen, Henry St. Paul. III. NOT IN PANEL: Frank Basile. J. M. Fraering. J. D. Hyde, John F. R. Frizelle, Jenssen, R. F. Samuel. Stephen. H. N. Stall. Pears. J. B. Wier. F. F. Coulf By studying and discussing contemporary develop- ments in the field of mechanical engineering, the Uni- versity branch of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers is training undergraduates in the profession. At Tulane, the group ' s activities follow the trend of similar engineering societies, with technical papers, lec- tures, discussions and field trips providing the educa- tional background, and social gatherings by no means being neglected. Awards given to the students whose papers are judged best in content and presentation play a large part in the group ' s competitive program. Officers serving the group during the past semesters were Gus Perrin, president; Norvin Pellerin, vice-presi- dent; Lloyd Salathe, secretary; Harry Smith, treasurer. THE AMERICAN SOCIETY OF ENGINEERS 155 FIRST ROW: Merlin Auiine, Clora Mae Bennett, Sherwood Crews, Joseph Girodo. E. K. Johnson, Edward Hess. SECOND ROW: George Leachman, George Nusloch, Laura Peperone, Ernest Peres, Jr., Robert A. Pierpont, Jr., Edward Volkert. Jeff Willis. NOT IN PANEL: H. J. Han, R. D. Hurd, H. G. May. AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERS Another of the several engineering societies whose aim it is to foster one of the branches within that field is the Tulane student chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, established on the campus in 1938. Membership Is open to all Interested In the advancement of the profession. Lectures by prominent chemical engineers, papers prepared by the students, discussions led by faculty members, and motion pictures form the foundation for the group ' s monthly meetings. Supplementing the encouragement of student Interest In the field. It further creates a means of contact between the undergraduate and the practicing engineer. Officers: Fall semester — J. L. Kotch, president; Bob Pierpont, vice-president; J. R. Willis, secretary; and C. M. Bennett, treasurer. Winter semester — Bob Pierpont, president; C. M. Bennett, vice-president; J. B. Willis, secretary; J. L. Girado, treasurer. TULANE SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS One of 123 student chapters throughout the United States which are affiliated with the American Society of Civil Engineers, the oldest national engineering organization of Its kind In this country, the Tulane group was Inaugurated here In 1944 as the replacement of the student branch established In 1933, whose charter became inactive during the war. Composed of sophomores, juniors, and seniors In the School of Civil Engineering and carrying on Its work through lectures and field trips, the Society is designed to develop a professional attitude In the students, and to help them in their work by bringing them into closer contact with experienced men In the field of Civil Engineering. Professor F. W. MacDonald, associate professor of Civil Engineering has been appointed faculty adviser. FIRST ROW: Clarence J. Champion, Lionel F, Currier. Russell A. Dahl- strom, Prescott H. Follett. Robert H. Grchan. SECOND ROW: Alton M. Henrickson, Jr., Frank M. Heroy, Jr., Coleman Kuhn, Griff Lee. Salvatore C. Moschella, Anderson B. Ritter. NOT IN PANELS: Nick A. Saigh. Rlmm UPHA CHI SIGMA FIRST ROW: Merlin Auiine, Shorwood Crews, George Leachman, Philip Naquin, George Nusloch. SECOND ROW: Ernest Peres, Robert Pierpont, Henry Strack, Edward Volkert, Walter Warren, Jeff Willis, NOT IN PANEL: Grady Home. Alpha Chi Sigma, honorary society, ainr s toward the advance- ment oi goodwill among the students of chemistry in all of fhe colleges, encouraging the student ' s interest in that field. It does all possible fo foster the ambitions of students while In school and after graduation. Twice a year the Alpha Tau chapter, established af Tulane in 1928, sponsors essay contests in the public high schools and in the University freshman chemistry classes. It further sponsors a safety program within the department and has its own display case in Richardson Memorial Chemistry Building. This year ' s officers included Bob Pierpont, master alchemist; Grady Home, vice-master alchemist: George Leachman, treasurer; George Nusloch, recorder; Ed Volkert, master of ceremonies; and Jeff Willis, reporter. Dr. C. J. Likes is faculty adviser. One of the newest organizations on the campus is the Tulane-Newcomb chapter of the Stu- dent Affiliates of the American Chemical Society, which was established here during the sum- mer session of 1945. With Dr. Thomas B. Grumpier as its faculty adviser, the group functions to stimulate interest in the more modern advances in chemistry. Members have the opportunity to teach, learn, and to express themselves in the various branches of their chemical interests by the presentation of originally prepared papers, and by Informal discussions. Officers are Seymour Rosenwasser, president; J. G. Willis, vice-president; and Nora Ann Carroll, secretary-treasurer. FIRST ROW: Merlin Auzine, Sherwood Crews, Gloria de Valcourt, Audrey Gros, J. L. Girodo, Betty Miller, Philip Naquin, Jr. SECOND ROW: Mclly Jo Peperone, Alice Pinegar, Louis Rabouin, Wilbur Riehl, Sey- mour Rossenwasser, Eprhraim Weiniger, Jeff Willis, Jr. NOT IN PANEL: Nora Ann Carroll, Marion Guidry, Charles Mastio, Loys Nunez, Josephine Rose. ilfflfifiateJ cfl AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY f .D f. SB " ■» " ffiE; ' :-: B i . i r V k tBi " FIRST ROW: Batt. Beebe, Cash, Gallagher, Gelpi, Impastato, Macagnoni, Michel. SECOND ROW: Moore. Morvant, Murtishaw, Peck, Robinson, Tagqart, Thibodeaux, Tumbleson. MEMBERS H. J. Batt W. M. Beebe Ed Bilman Arleen Bjornson Ronnie Black R. J. Boudreaux C. A. Brehan Sam Buckley Paul Burns Thomas Cahill Tony Cash Charles Ellis Earl Fors+all Norma Gallagher Joyce Gelpi June Gurrich Leon Impastato Beverly Ledet Al Livaudais Virginia Macagnomi Roy Michel Helen Moore Pat Morvant Marion Murtishaw Tommie Nehrbass George Peck Tommy Robinson Charles Rowe Laura Shelton Ralph Stern Barbara Taggart June Thibodeaux Charles Tumblesom Jack Weiss TULANE ARCHITECTURAL SOCIETY Composed chiefly of girls during the war, the ranks of the Tulane Architectural Society are gradually being increased by the return of a large number of veterans to the school. Founded in 1913, it is one of the older organizations in the College of Engineering. Sponsoring lectures by practicing architects and con- tractors, giving wiener roasts on the lakefront, holding weekly meetings, and carrying out other extensive plans, the group seeks to get all architectural students together in a social and professional bond. By thus supplement- ing school work, it creates an air of friendly informality between faculty and student. Future plans call for changes in the physical set-up of the school, orientation of freshmen, tours of building sites in the city, and, in May, a costume ball. President of the organization Is Leo Dufrechou. Serving In other offices are Paul Burns, vice-president; John Rock, secretary; Pat Morvant, treasurer; and Earl Forestall, sergeant-at-arms. J. H. Thomson is faculty ad- viser. 158 Promoting school spirit within the College of Engineering, and coordinating and supplementing the activities of the various student branches of the school, the Engineers ' Technological Atelier, founded in 1936, is an honorary society which gives the student an opportunity for research on technical papers, pre- sented at the annual Forum. Election to ETA is based on interest shown in engi- neering problems and projects. Among its events are the St. Patrick ' s dance, which is open to the entire student body, the Engineer ' s Smoker and the Forum. Officers for the past year were Preston Mottram, president; John Smallpage, vice-president; Duncan Gray, secretary; and R. C. Reld, vreasurer. ENGINEERS ' TECHNOLOGICAL ATELIER FIRST ROW: Tom Alley. Robert Anderson, John R. Bensen, Preston S. Craig, Lionel Currier, Mason Day. David Faust, SECOND ROW: Duncan Gray, Robert Gr ' :han, Maurice Hatrel, Jack Hinrichs, Sam L. Hinton, Dalton Ivins, Francis Joflrion. THIRD ROW: Henry Le Mieux, Chester Lob, Henry P. Luckctt. Walton Minchcw, Preston Mottram, George Nusloch, Howell Peebles. FOURTH ROW: Norvin Pellerin, Felicien Perrin, Robert Pio ' pont, Ray Rawls, Bob Read. Bernard Reams R. C. Reid. FIFTH ROW: William C. Reynolds, H. C. Robinson, He.nry St. Paul, Lloyd Salathc, Walter Simpson, 8. K. Simmons, John Smallpage. SIXTH ROW: Harry Smith, Ed Stauss. Bill Thomas. John E. Walker. Bill Watkins. James Wattley, Bill Williams. NOT IN PANELS: William J, Fraering. bd G. Hays, Hubert Walker. KAPPA DELTA PHI OFFICERS _ _ Fred Schwarz President P- VB " ' W F " ' 1 Joe Raulf Vice-President K ' - | Tom Mcintosh Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS O. M. Anderson Felicien Perrin Walter Corcoran Robert Polchow Ray Frye Wllllann Reynolds f »x Rodney Jung Troye Svendson B j ladB Richard King Larry Taylor B i HP Chester Lob Wesley Thomas u7!:i . " u ' ' ' " FRED SCHWARZ too Munden Henry Yonge n -j . ' President FACULTY Robert E. Farley Salo K. Lowe Kappa Delta Phi was founded at Tulane in 1904 as careers. One faculty mennber is recognized for outstand- 1 f • • 1 . r T , ' " 9 service, an honorary fraternity for the pronnotion of Tulane Kappa Delta Phi has a two-fold purpose. It confers spirit. Each year it selects from the junior and senior lembership upon those signally effective and successful classes and graduate school, men who have been con- ' " promoting university spirit and advancing university enterprise and it binds together these men into an spicuous for school spirit and for distinguished and un- organization dedicated to further endeavor in behalf selfish loyalty and endeavors during their university of Tulane. FIRST ROW: Anderson, Frye, Jung, King, Mcintosh, Moss, Perrin. SECOND ROW: Polchow, Rault, Reynolds, Schwarz, Thomas, Watters, Yonge. I I HI w -wr m ril F -» 5S. f? J W. T P l " • Tallin i " ' iM - ssy i r iY 1 WIMTY T ' i f Mi 160 Any student of Newcomb College is eligible for mem- bership in the Young Women ' s Christian Association, which meets twice monthly for open discussions, talks by outstanding civic personalities, and debates. Taking an active part in freshman orientation, the " Y " , estab- lished in 1901, presents a program of well-rounded events to aid the freshman In becoming acquainted with activities of the college. With the Young Men ' s Christian Association of Tulane, It annually sponsors the Easter Sunrise Service, held on the quadrangle of Newcomb Campus. In addition, it gives an Easter Party for a group of children from a local orphanage. During the fall, It sponsors a drive for the Word Student Service Fund, while other traditions are the Christmas Party given for both the students and faculty and the " Y " decorated tree placed In the main hall of the administration building. Plans for next year Include field trips to study conditions In connection with discussions on Industrial work and social service work. Y. W. C. A. OFFICERS Katherine Douglas President Shirley Bell Vice-President Joy Cohn Secretary Marianne Sewell Treasurer • CABINET Be+ty Brock Margery Rose Katherine Cafiero Dean Stinson Ellen Freeman Allle Wyler Fanny Kylter Jerry Wyler Betfy Martin • MEMBERS Anne Abbott Virginia Brown Katherine Baiter Ethel Eaton Betty Brock Jeanne Fernandez FIRST ROW; Bell. Cafiero, Cohn. Douglas, Freeman. SECOND ROW: Kyker. Rose. Sewell, S+inson. A. Wyler, J. Wyler. THE CANTERBURY CLDB Evangelism and Unity. A Wednesday morning Holy Communion and breakfast, and a Tuesday evening study group are held at the Episcopal Student Center. Among the projects undertaken since its reorganiza- tion was the opening of a Service Center at Christ Church Cathedral to provide recreation for servicemen at Tulane, the establishing of a lay readers group, and the sending of delegates to the Episcopal College Con- ference at Louisiana State University. The Tulane-Newcomb Canterbury Club was organized in May, 1944, and Is a member of the National Associ- ation of Canterbury Clubs, which had its beginning at the New York State Teachers ' College In 1918. Or- ganized nationally to serve In aiding In the extension of Christian endeavor and fellowships In college life, the clubs have set forth clearly defined aims in six fields of activity which include Prayer, Study, Service, Giving, MEMBERS Andrea Beauchamp Ruth Boulet Betty Browne Charlotte Coats Bertita Compton Carol Crane Margaret Cuneo Donald Dexter Alfred Dudley William Faust Ellen Freeman Jean Gibbens Joan Gillis William Gordy Duncan Gray Ann Howell Francis Joffrion Florence Jones Mary V. Lagarde Linden LeJeune Henry LeMieux Henry Luckett Ann Lutz Mary Madison Millicent May Anne Mayfield Charlene McCorkle Betty Meriwether Hank Mlllon Paula Parker Leila Obler John Roberts Ruth Schumann Catherine Seals Julian Sims Clarice Slagle Marjorie Sloan Joyce Stdba Caroline Thacher John Thompson Sidney Vail James Wattley Aubrey White Allie Wyler Jerry Wyler 162 A bit of hymn singing opens a regular Tuesday afternoon nneeting. An organization which represenfs, includes, and unifies THE BAPTIST STUDENT UNION all times, the group welcomes those who share its ideals. all of the Baptist student activities on the campus, the In its various activities it desires to enlist Baptist stu- Baptist Student Union seeks to preserve the relationship dents In a fellowship of church and social life; to unite of the student with his church and to continue the re- the strength of the students in any program of special ligious education which his home church has begun. Thus, religious emphasis which may be undertaken; to interpret it acts as a connecting link between the college and the the faith In a way pertinent to the needs of the day; and church. to unite the intellectual with the religious In such a way Pledging itself to promote the Christian movement, as to produce the Maximum Life, and to spread the Christian spirit by all means and at First Row: John Young, Mary Brash, Carol Hamrick, Ann Hodge, Margaret Andres, Othar Smith. Second Row: Walter Draughn, Frank Kilgore. J. C. Durham. Ray Frye, Buell Stewait Richard Page. OTHAR SMITH BSU Secretary Se ., fc - « ' » ' r ' 1 P ' If I ■ . K ' ' -V ' f W ' J 1 ! •-W- ' So numerous we can ' f gel them all in the picture. A moment of prayer. The NEWMAN CLUB The Newman Club is a club of Catholic culture and fellowship organized In order to deepen the spiritual consciousness and en- rich the temporal lives of Its members through a balanced pro- gram of religious, educational and social activities. It strives to weld the Catholic students into a common union and to assist the university whenever possible. The Tulane-Newcomb Newman Club is one of the 500-odd Cath- olic clubs existing today on the campuses of non-sectarian colleges and universities in America. It is a member of the Gulf States Province and National Federation of Newman Clubs and of the National Catholic Youth Council. Activities of the Newman Club range from corporate commun- ions, discussion study clubs, retreats, lectures, dances, picnics and parties. It brings the Catholic students together through the vari- ous social activities and enables the individual student to become acquainted with other students of his own faith on the campus and to form friendships more beneficial than chance acquain- tanceships made through other agencies. Beginning as a small study group at Newcomb in 1941, the Newman Club now has more than 250 members at the University. Words fly as officers and committees meet to plan new activities. RICHARD KING Y. A. OFFICERS Richard King President Elliot Iglehart Vice-President Dave Rowland Secretary Gene Blakely Treasurer CABINET Ernest Brown Walter Draughon Jack Roddy Bowie Simmons Clarence Snelling MEMBERS Gaston Bougeois Bill Ghana Harris Copenhaver A. T. Dudley Laurence Dugan George Gady William Jacobs William McMahon R. F. Parks Don Rayner William Robertson Othar Smith George Thorpe John Young Joseph Young G. E. Zellmer At present a comparatively small group compared with its former pre-war sizes, the Tulane Y.M.C.A. offers a common working ground for all young men on the campus Interested in organiza- tional practice of Christian Ideals. It offers a channel. In the forms of various projects, through which practice of personal ideals may be directed as contribution to a common group effort and acceptance of the responsibility involved. Some of the projects maintained under normal functioning of the group Include sponsorship of monthly vesper services, the annual Easter Sunrise Service which It conducts In cooperation with the Newcomb Y.W.C.A., Christmas decorations In front of Gibson Hall, and assistance In such student activities as blood drives, the sales of Christmas Seals and War Bonds, and support of the annual Doll and Toy Fund. This year has been primarily devoted to reorganization, and rather than sponsoring projects, the " Y " has been preoccupied In acquainting the members of Its cabinet and executive council with their duties as defined in the constitution and in presenting to the entire membership a preview of the responsibiltles Involved In organizational project work. The spirit of Its response to post-war reorganization Is a promise of whole-hearted devotion to the tasks of the future and a chal- lenge to the Incoming young men on the Tulane campus. The 1945 Easter Sunrise Service, heid on the Newcomb Quadrangle. 4mim1ttX - DELTA The Alpha Upsilon chapter of Gamma Delta was established at Tulane in 1942, and has since be- come one of the prominent religious groups on the campus. The national organization was founded in 1934 in Chicago by representatives from 20 mid- western universities. The purpose of the group is to encourage and maintain Lutheran fellowship and to establish fra- ternal relations with other Lutheran organizations. Adviser to the campus chapter is the Reverend A. H. Besalski. MEMBERS Winnifred Beler Eveiyn Blusf Erin Born Virginia Brown Loralel Carroll Elodie DIodene Doris Duvlgneaud Ruth Goebel Joy Gomes Audrey Sros Hilda Hansen Joyce Huff Ann Hoffman Evelyn Hofman Lofhar Hornuff Marilyn Landwehr James McSee Betty Lou Miller Vernon Parle Marvin Piske Helen Rault Frederick Reclcling Patricia Rhodes Lloyd Salafhe Norman Sandelin Charles Schencic Paul Schmid Edwin Stauss Gerald Thompson Herman Trieb Beverly Vendrene Myra Zllfle Ruth Zilfle 166 The Wesley FoundaHon, representing the Metho- dist student movement on the Tulane University campus, seeks to provide for the spiritual, moral, and social needs of the student, by serving as his church-home while he attends college. Organized in 1944, it has since engaged in a varied program of lectures and discussions designed to lead stu- dents to a victorious Christian life and to develop a spirit of fellowship through wholesome recreation. More than three hundred students of the Univer- sity ' s colleges are given an opportunity to aid in the World Service projects of the Foundation, and the group Invites all Christian students to join in its active program. The Foundation has sought varied techniques toward achieving the goals of leading students to a vital, personal relationship with God, to a de- velopment of a supporting group in which indi- viduals will mutually strengthen one another in Christian living; and, lastly, to a development of a new world order embodying Christian principles and conservation of the highest human values. OFFICERS Shirley Jean Morris President Bowie Simmons Vice-President George Cady Publicity Chairman Perry Abbott Secretary Joseph Reeves Treasurer WESLEY FOUNDATION GEORGE CADY, PERRY ABBOTT, JOSEPH REEVES BOWIE SIMMONS Vice-President SHIRLEY JEAN MORRIS President Functioning in the manner to place emphasis on the social and personal problems with which students must cope in a Christian way, the Westminster Fellowship, meeting weekly provides the means whereby Presby- terian students of Tulane and Newcomb may seek to experience and to express vital, victorious Christian living through Jesus Christ. Organization, program emphasis, and varied service and social activities are among the aims of the group, which is known for its informality. This year it sponsored a campus lecture, open to all interested, by the inspir- ing Dr. Peter Marshall, visiting minister from Washing- ton, D. C, who each year presents a series of talks in New Orleans. EVELYN CRAIS President MEMBERS WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP Beatrice Baldinger Gayle Baldmger Roltn Camp Jimmy Caldwell Evelyn Crais Fred Crookshank Dorothy Diboll Mary Joan Sonia George LIddle Joanne Lewis Jean Louise Faust Betsy Garrison Betty Maihies Jean Junlcin Charlotte Reynolds T. D. Rogers Joan Query FIRST ROW: B. Baldinger, G. Baldinger, Camp, Crals. SECOND ROW: Crookshank, Diboll. Gonia, Faust, Garrison. THIRD ROW: Maihies, Junkin, Reynolds, Rogers, Query, At the 1945 Homecoming Same the Naval Unit Makes Its Last Appearance Before It Begin to Wane to a Pre-War Strength. THE Vaeif AT TULANE Captain F. U. Lake Turns His Command Over to Captain H. D. Power. THE NEW SKIPPER Following the retirement to inactive duty of Captain Forrest Unna Lake, USN, in the fall, a new commanding officer for the naval unit came to Tulane from partici- pation in Pacific Theater naval battles. He is Captain Harry Douglas Power, USN, an Annapolis graduate, and STATION OFFICERS First Row: E. Gard, Lt. Cmdr.; W. Wells, Lt. Cmdr.; C. Petrie, Cmdr.; H. Power, Captain; W. Hodges, Lt. Cmdr.; C. Fog- well, Lt. Cmdr.; J. Pettit, Lt. Second Row: J. Costello, Lt.; W. Coupe, Lt.; M. Kovar, Lt.; H. Rosen, Lt.; J. Tench, Lt.; K. Berg, Lt.; W. Watklns, Lt.; D. Sams, Lt.; W. Lightner, Lt. SHIPS COMPANY First Row: C. G. Mathis, CY; H. W. Leftwich, CSK; H. Griffith, CSK; C. M. Ratcliff, Y3c; J. Constantino; C. M. Led- din, CY; B. R. Ruwart, Y2c; G. L. Lee, CTC; M. P. Ducker, CPhM; G. H. La Bash, Jr., C2M Second Row: E. O. Saucier, PhM3c; G. E. Little, PhM2c; J. W. Tarver, Sp(A)lc; A. L. Burch, CSp(A);N.H. Rose, Sp(A)2c; M. E. Tessner, RM3c; J. F. Robson, PhM3c; L. Doyle, CFC; C. E. Gillenwater, GM2c; R. Woodson, Y3c. formerly in command of fhe USS Birmingham, a cruiser which saw acj-ion in the Iwo Jima and Okinawa cam- paigns. His is an Impressive record of shore and sea duty, including Ihe posi-Hon of director of training for the Eighth Naval District headquartered In New Orleans. Since the establishment of the Naval ROTC unit at Tulane in 1938, military life on the campus has played an outstanding role, one which, In the years following the addition of the wartime V-12 and V-5 programs, has gained In importance. The Main Dormitory, before Its conversion from the Tulane gymnasium and in its present state. FIRST BATTALION First Row: J. B. Mann, Battalion Conrimander. Second Row: P. S. Craig, J. C. Benjamin. Third Row: J. W. Cox, W. L. Warren. THE BATTALION STAFFS SECOND BATTALION First Row: A. C. Buxton, Battalion Comnriander. Second Row: O. D. Carter, J. S. Wattley. Third Row: W. J. Fraering, H. F. LeMie ux. 172 jeKos ' ' i ' -T-i " . -rir Ccfh ahif One Company Commander P- J- KILGORE Company Sub-Commander R- K. VAUGHN C. P. O C. F. ETHRIDGE Guidon Bearer K. S. OLSON FIRST PLATOON Commander . Plafoon P. O. . R. J. DENNISON O. M. ANDERSON SECOND PLATOON Commander . . ' . D. M. COULTER Platoon P. O B. L. LEWIS W. H. Able W. T. Alderson J. A. Anderson W, T, Bailey D. F. Barker F. H. Beatty L, H. Benqtson N H. Berry J. D. Blum H. H. Bowers E. E. Bradford J. Bailey P. E. Baker, Jr. W. H. Barton R. G. Beadle C. W. Beamon F. A. Bell W. J, Benedict F. L. Bertling F. B. Bogran C. D, Brock H. F. Brogdon T, C. Brown C. R. Bricker J. H. Briel E. R. Brown L. F. Brown J. D. Byrd C. W. Campbell P. Carmichael F. H. Carnes S. H. Carpenter W. S. Carr J. R. Chavei E. L. Bruner R. S. Brush G. M. Bryant L R. Burnham W. L. Carter N. W. Collins P. N. Comeaux E. L. Davis E, L. Demmon L. J. Develle H. G. Doran L. G. Douthit J. Chiaro J. W. Elder w L. Connelly. Jr. T. K. Harrah R. B. Cowart W J. Howard. Jr. R. C. Crockett W D. Pfieffer F. K. Crookshank F. J. Scorsone M. C. Damuth H. Scudder E. J. Dietrich E. A. Short W A. Dirks J. K. Stewart w D. Draughon J. T. Velkas D. R. Duncan B E. Duke D. D, Gray B, Dunn F. E. Guerard. Jr. C Eck R. H. Havener C K. P. Edmonds V. D. V. Hickman F L. Farinet E. R. Himel W L. Ferguson D. H Hoffman. Jr. 1 C. Finklea P. S. Siier A O. Floyd M Skalka R J. Garsaud S M. Smith C J. Giordano L. E. Steen. Jr. J. L. Goble J. W. Young 173 Company Commander W. J. LEAHY Company Sib-Commander E. F. STAUSS C. P. O M. S. LEMPA Guidon L ' earer H. A. MACKEY CcntpaHif Tu c FIRST PLATOON Commander B. M. HAMMAN Platoon P. O D. HAS5AKIS J. C. Dunavant W. D. Faust E. M. Ford J. J. Frick D. B. Fried. Jr. R. B. Friedrich H. J. Gabriel R. D. Gaines, Jr. A. F. Garland F. A. Garrett H. W. Garrett R. C. Gi.brech R, K. Goode C. D. Greene G. Grunblatt, Jr. N. J. Haupt E. G. Hays D. C. Helton J. E. Honsinqer R. S. Hoot G. R. Howe R. E. Hughes W. H. Ingram, Jr. F. D. Joffrion H. C. Johnson W. 5. Johnson S. W. Jones P, L. Kelly W. M. Kelly, Jr. D. R. King, Jr. I. Kleiman T. J. Kliebert P. L. Klose I. D. Kuhn A. J. Labeau M. Lasky L. R. Ledbettcr R. F. Logan R. A. Ponke E. A. Sonnier E. M. Young J. R, Young SECOND PLATOON Commander K. R. GILLELAND Platoon P. O W. J. GREEN T. J. Brown J. W. Goad, Jr. D. M. Gray M. R. Greer N. F. Hymel M. L. Johnson J. J. Kane D. C. King S. F. Kubinski G. S. Leachmen G. C. Lee W. F. Lenfestey H. A. Liles D. T. Lindimore F. F. Lipscomb G. D. Lynch C. V. Matthews J. C. McConnico M. McCord F. E. McDonald R. S. McGregor H. A. Millon W. W. Minchew W. L. Moffitt J. A. Moody L, E. Moore A. G. Mouton L. J. Moyers J. W. Mundinger W. E, G ' Quinn R. L. Page B. I. Patterson R. L, Patterson W. T. Pietrzak H. E. Ponsonby R. J. Pritchard R. C. Read D. H. Reaves F. W. Reckling M. P. Reeves D. E. Ryder N. L. Sandelin W. J. Thomas J, M. Zesch Ccth aHif yhne Company Commander R. L. RAWLS Company Sub-Commander A. JONES C. P. O F. R. JAMES Guidon Bearer T. E. PERKINS FIRST PLATOON Commander C. E. 5CHATZ Platoon P. O J. J. HEIN, JR. R. C. Hein F. R. James R. E. Leigh R. Meeker, Jr. J. C. Moran W. F. Neilsen J. R. Oelkers Jr. S. W. Peck H. K. Perdue E. R. Pleasants R. J. Pommrehn W. E. Reed C. B. Reid J. C. Renfrew L. Rice P. S. Richard, Jr D. W. Riggs T, D. Rogers D. L. Saferstein N. A. Saigh E, A. Schwabe F. H. Shaw M. ' L. Simons K. S. Smith T. A. Smithey M. E. Steiner M. L. Stephens S. Stern, II B. Stewart W. B. Strohm G. M. Summerville G. P. Swenson C. G. Thomas J. L. Thompson H. E. Trieb S. A. Walliser Jr. R. L. Ward P. Weller, Jr. M. E. Wheat. Jr. J. R. Wicker W. M. Wilkinson. Jr. R. V. Wing R. F. V olfson SECOND PLATOON Commander W. L. DAVIS Platoon P. O D. R. BARR J. S. Cdldeira D. W. Calebaugh C R. Carter J. S. Case N H. Chaney G. L. Cherrington W. C. Clegg Jr. J. T. Coffey G. E. Colwick J. M. Cook D. R. Crawford L. E. Crites T. G. Debreceni W. P. Deckert A. Destefano W. H. Devine J. H. Dix A. T. Dudley P. H. Duet J. B. Dunaway G. B. Elliott D. R. EIrod O. W. Erringer, Jr. H. R. Fox, Jr. O. R. Rivers J. B. Smallpage F. D. Smith L. L. Smith, Jr. J. F. Stuart W. A. Stumpt. Jr. H. R. Swardson J. R. Treadwell J. L. Utiey R. Vandermeulen A. E. Van Sinden, W. N. Veale. Jr. R. P. Walker T. E. Watts, Jr. M. H Weaver Jr. A. M. Weston D. E. White B Whiteley Jr. C. R. Wieselthier H E. Wrignt. Jr. E. C. Wroten O. A. Zachary. Jr. 175 Company Commander J. A. WINDERS Company Sub-Commander F. B. STEWART C. P. O J. W. GOAD Guidon Bearer J. T. ALLEY C tn taHif 9ut FIRST PLATOON Commander F. L. ARMSTRONG Platoon P. O W. E. POLLARD H £. Fair. Jr. G, M. Gardner M. F. Havener D. D. Kaun T. R. Finley H. J. Gelss. Jr. H. B. Hayes C. J. Kehoe M W. Fisher. Jr. G. C. Gibson J. J. Hein, Jr. J. S. Kirkwood R. C. Fisher R. H. Gilliam, Jr. C. G. Henger R. H. Kline D. R, Fleshman L. H. Godwin A. D. Hogan L Y. Klippcl C. J. Frazier, Jr. J. E. Gremillion W. D. Holford M. G. Korb F. L. Freeman W. H. Grueninger C. L. Howell J. B. Wetsel R. D. Frentress W. M. Guthrie F. C. Howie S. D. Willson W P. Fuller W. E. Hancock G. R. Hugman, Jr. W. M. Withrow R. W. Furniss J?. W. Haupt P. H. Jacob J. C. Benjamin C. H. Mayfield E. Morgan J. J. Pinney, Jr. e L. Gore C. H. McClane. Jr. R. J. Morris L. W. Polf N L. Lamberth D. L. McFatter R. D. Nielsen M. T. Popovec N J. Landry B. G. McKay D. A. Palozzi F. C. Ranger R. P. Lane P. R. McLaughlin J. W. Parham, Jr. E. J. Riche J. H. Lang. Jr. W. E. McMahon R. F. Parks H. L. Russ D. C. Leathers H. Medina P. F. Paskert N. Sachs D. E. Lehman L. W. Meels C. L. Pasquier, Jr. H. M. Schenc J. F. Lendiian W. E. Metzger J. H. Patterson H. M. Schultz R. Lennihan. Jr. J. R. Miller D. D. Paul L. V. Schwertfeqer C. A. Lowther R. B. Mitchell E. B. Picton, Jr. E. C. Woods L. L. Mackenzie E. B. Moore P. E. Pierson G. E. Zellmer C K. Matthew J. R. Moran. Jr. SECOND PLATOON Commander Platoon P. O. R. D. HURLBERT. JR D. J. KRAFT CmpaHif i0e Company Commander G. E. MOTAL Company Sub-Commander J. G. HORNE, JR. C. P. O E. S. COLEMAN Guidon Bearer M. F. HATREL JR. FIRST PLATOON Commander G. H. CADY Plaloon P. O J. C. DURHAM J, J. Bush J. D. Caldwell J. S. Caldwell R. M Carlisle L. A. Carlton P, B. Carter C. H. Chandler G. W. Cheek J. C. Chenevert C. B. Clark W. L. Coble B. J. Cochran J. R. Collier J. H. Collins A. A. Cook L. W, Coulon C. J. Crespi W. R. Culver W. E Dalton T. E. Davis W. J. Derrick H. E. Dodd R. C. Donaldson D. A. Drassen J. R. Dudley F. M. Dulaney L. V. Dunham R. T. Dunn V. L. Dutton R. L. Earnest R. C. Edwards T. C. W. Ellis H. Epperson R. L. Evans K. E. Farnam J. R. Ferrell C. D. Fitxwater C. T. Floyd W. O. Frost B. J- Garet E. J. Garitty J. B. Murphy W. B. Tarver SECOND Commander .... Platoon P. 0. ... PLATOON C D. PEARS M. F. DAY J. G A. T. M L. P. S. N J. M. Floyd J. Flynn K. Foudray L. Gai L. Garing J. Garitty, Jr. M. Sauntt B. Geddings. Jr. B. Gewin E. Gilbert W. R. Gilkeson N. B. Gillis. Jr. W. B. Goodwin C. L. Grant H. S. Grehan, Jr. J. T. Griscom. Jr. J. M. Haas D. Hall H. P. Hall O. V. Hall R. H. Halley W. H. Hamiton H. L. Hanna W. M. Hardee D. C. Harris. Jr. G. C. Harrod W. J. Hayes W. L. Hembree A. F. Hemphill R. F. Hendrick G. V. Herman W. J. Hickman. Jr. H. F. Hite R. M. Hodgson E. S. Holcomb J. W. Holcomb L L Holley, Jr. T. W. Howard H. E. Reep 177 ! Company Commander R. L. FANCHER, JR. Company Sub-Commander . H. F. STEEN C. P. O C. P. BOYLE Guidon Bearer R. F. SAMUEL Cotit ahif ix FIRST PLATOON Commander L. W. SALATHE Platoon PC J. W. FOWLER A. L. Johnson W. H. Mikel C. R. Mochow R. R. Moore W. S. Moore G, H. Morgan R. L. Mumert J. P. Murphy P. E. Nabors, Jr. W. F. Newman. Ill L. D. Nicholls L. H. Nobles L. H. Noll H. D. Ogden, III R. Opperwall N. S. Ostrich J. G. Palmer. Jr. R. L. Parsons T. P. Patterson A. L. Pedrick R. J. Peets N. L. Pellcrin W. L. Poe. Jr. B. C. Poland R C. Polk F. W. Rhodes O. Pollard E. H. Rhorer T. B. Portwood F. P. R. Ritte nhous O F. Howell, Jr. L. T. Roebuck M. C. Pride L. J. Rolfes W A. Quenelle B. C. Rountree w J. Rabalais D, L. Royse c. J. Raney, Jr. W W. Rumans w E, Rector L. J. Sandgren R C. Reid W B. Tanner w C. Reynolds. Jr. SECOND PLATOON Commander L. L. LEN2 Platoon P. O E. C. SHARP, JR. H. L. Druckman R M. Edmiston R. D. Gordon J. P. House E. Kirk, Jr. G. E. Marquess B. B. Murray J. J. Savay A. J. Scafide K. C. Schnleder W. H. Seals A. B. Seay E. A. Sellers W. R. Selph W. D. Shannon C. L. Shipton W. S. Shirley, Jr. J. C. Shows B, K. Simmons W. W. Simpson R. M. Sloan Jr. H. B. Smith V. L. Smith. Jr. L. E. Sport J. N. Statton B. A. Stevenson R. N. Stine, Jr. H H St. Paul L. M. Stratton R. K. Talley H C Tapley C B. Thuss E. R. Ulvang R. L. Vail D P. Valentine A. A. Van, Jr. J. D. Vaughn R D. Walker J. P. Ward J. D. Weidlein H O Whelpley. Jr R. K. Williams J. W Wilson P. H. Wilson T. A. Wilson B. M Yates. Jr. CmpaHif eifcH Company Commander C. G. LOB Company Sub-Commander H. C. ROBINSON, JR. C. P. 5. L. HINTON Guidon Bearer AH. JENSSEN FIRST PLATOON Commander . Platoon P. O. W, A. THOMAS . . J. E. BAYLES E. F. L. G. G. L. W. C A. G. J. H. E. G. R. S. W. S. N. A. F. B. J. F. L. L Ackerman Acgree Adams Adams Aluvalasit Allen Amsler Anderson Anderson Armstrong Ashcraft Austin Axon F. D. Baker I. H. Barnwell G. M. Barratt R. A. Bartlett A. R. Barton S. R. Barton W. L. Bartosh F. J. Basile A. G. Beach J. E. Bellande J. R. Bensen C. F. Bernhardt G. H. Bethea J. E. Beyers R. M. Brown c. R. Bigbie E. W. Brown A. W . Blackman C. L. Brunei! K. 1. Blackwood B. M. Burney G, L. Bogar L. Gardner I-. C. Bonansinga J L. t cCuiley H. B. Bondurant R. E. Millspaugh A J. Bourgeois K. W. Peck R. H. Bowman R. G. Perry D. E. Boyd W . E. Smith J. W Brannon W . B. Tilton L. H. Brice D. B. Lemolne H. L. Madison F. E. Leonard J. K. Maguire R. c Lewis C. E. Martin G. R. Liddle L. A. Martinec W. . C . Lill H. R. Mashaw H w . Lindahl. Jr G. Maynard J w. Little E. E. McCoy. Jr. K. R. Locke A. B. McDonald R. A. Longmire r F. McDuff E. B. Lucas C. J. McLaughlin. Jr. c. E Lugenbuhl L W. Messer Jr. D. J. Lyon K. L. Meyer. SECOND PLATOON Commander B. W. REAMS Platoon P. O H. P. LUCKETT M. L. Howell S. G. Hudson, Jr. A. W. Indest, Jr. D. M. Ivins V. G. Jacobson W. J. Jarrard G. L. Johnson D. P. Jones J. H. Jordan M. Kant W. A. Key W. F. King J. J. Kinsella E. C. KIngsey W. Kohn E. M. Kuzma D. E. Lagarde R. B. Lane H. Laramie J. R. Latson G. E. Lawrence R. E. Lee J. Legeai J. K. Legleu 179 Left to right: B. J. Whiteley. R. H. Havener, J. C. Dunavant, H. E. Wright. COLOR GUARD DRDM AND DDGLE CORPS First Row: F. J. Kilgoic. Second Row; R. K. Vaughn, R. J. Denisson. Third Row: D. M. Coulter, C. F. Ethridge, K. S. Olson. W. E. WATKINS Commander W. L CONNELLY Mustering Petty Officer H. H. BOWERS 2nd Petty Officer DRUMS— W, A Abel, J. D. Blum, J. D. Byrd, J. H. Dix, O. R. Rivers, S. J. Ross, N. A Saigh. BUGLES— B. Dunn, G. R. Howe, F. Joffrion, C. H. Mayfield, R. A. McLaughlin, J. A. Moody. W. F. Nielson. B. I. Patterson, T. A. Smithey, J. K. Stewart, M. E. Wheat, R. V. Wing. First Row: W. J. Leahy. Second Row: E. F. Stauss B. M. Hamman. Third Row: K. R. Silleland, H. A. Macliey, M. ' S. Lempa. First Row: R. L. Rawls. Second Row: A. Jones, C. E. Schat? Third Row: W. L. Davis, F. James, T. E. Perkins. First Rnw: J. A. Winders. Second Row: F. Stewart, F. Armstrong. Third Row: R. D. Hurlbert, J. W. Goad, J. T. Alley. First Row: R. L. Francher. Second Row: H. F. Steen, R. F. Samuel. Third Row: L. L. Leni, C. D. Pears. Fourth Row: E. C. Sharp, J. W. Fowler, C. P. Boyle. First Row: G. E. Motal. Second Row: M. F. Day, E. S Coleman. Third Row: J. G. Home M. F. Hatrel. First Row: C. G. Lob. Second Row: S. Hinton. H. C. Robinson. Third Row: J. E. Bayles, W. A. Thomas, A. Jenssen, G. H. Cady. TOLANE AND NEWCOMB HAD ITS SHARE OF OUT- STANDING STUDENTS, SOME OF WHOM WERE NAMED TO THE COLLEGIATE WHO ' S WHO, ALL OF ARE CAMPOS petMHalitie r% " O " " f ' he 194B Jamhalaya presents its selection of seven beauties, chosen by a special committee; campus favorites, and outstanding personalities. ;f. jj Vlllarlon Lji I jiS- ff ldd nna J i over ? n: PUG RICKER, PHYLLIS JOHNSON, LYDIA CAFFERY MONK WITHERSPOON G U S P E R R I N GUYTON WATKINS IflM IKoilun J i r Son s? -: DEDE JOHNSON BILL REYNOLDS JANE RODRIGUE, NEWELL BERRY JOHN DERRICK _ ' ' ■ ' ■• ikl ' cli v;, -Vi ' . ■ ■ ' ' , 5 ' ■ ' .u ,. ™»T r ' " f Ajj d arbara d it aifCL i rown ? n; ANNE BONHAM BILLY PATTON RUTH BOULET, PAT PHILLIPS m. i ettu 8c jaucum n: CHESTER LOB, JIM WATTLEY BETTY MclNTOSH RAY FRYE, BETTY MERIWETHER EVELYN ANDERSON, SAM LOGAN • . sy; Jd 7 initandi iranaona ? . SERRY SMITHERMAN, CLARICE SLAGLE E LINKA LANIER, GASTON BOURGEOIS IKE INGLEHART, TINY LEWIS CONNIE FAUST, LYALL HOWELL, CARL BRANNAN ' c Ji; ' : .r,..: : fy l d f- ennu aJjariln 9 A - ,- ■ ' i w y OH HIM? UNDER THE TABLE GREEK-LETTER GROUPS ARE WELL REPRE- SENTED ON THE UNIVERSITY CAMPUS, AND DEFINITE CENTERS OF ACTIV- ITY ARE THE tatethitieA m : - m V ' ■ ' ' ■ ' ■r : Af k : :.y ■, ' ; ' ' v k .■• k fm-: i V- ' -V . -■. " -, ' €c . ' - ■j -;.f ' i ■i-i ' ' p . , i . ' : ■ ' ' , ' ' ' ■ ■ ' ' I , - ' ' . ■ ' J- ' ' ' 7 ■■ ' ■.. GAYLE BALDINGER President tl u cctnl I HIS year saw a change in the rushing system, as the Newcomb Pan-Hellenic Council, under the guidance of President Sayle Baldinger, put off the customary rush week from that time which conflicted with Orientation activities until the prospective rushees had settled down to the serious business of finding their way around Newcomb. As part of Orientation, however, the Council sponsored a meeting at which it explained to all incoming students its functions and rushing rules. More recently, the annual scholarship banquet, honoring outstanding sorority members, was held and an award made to the active and pledge having the highest scholastic average of the whole group. Sorority Skit Night, always a popular event, was presented according to annual custom, and the cup given to that organization producing the best skit. 206 First Row MADELYN BOSE Alpha Delta Pi MARION BYRNE Alpha Orrjcron Pi LOLA COCHRANE Alpha Delta Pi CHARLOTTE COATS Alpha Omicron Pi CECILE WEIL Alpha Epsilon Phi BARBARA CONROY Beta Sigma Omicron BEULAH WRIGHT Alpha Epsilon Phi MARILYN WAGNER Beta Sigma Omicron Second Row ANNE BONHAM Chi Omega BETTY BAUCUM Kappa Alpha Theta JEAN LEGENDRE Chi Omega BETTY BROWNE Kappa Kappa Gamma MONICA FUSELIER Delta Zeta LOUISE MUNSON Kappa Kappa Gamma MARION JENNINGS Delta Zeta NINA SUE HARRIS Phi Mu Third Row MARY LOUISE SCHMIDT Phi Mu BETTY MclNTOSH Phi Beta Phi LOUISE GOTTESMAN Phi Sigma Sigma JACQUELINE SOUDERES Zeta Tau Alpha SHIRLEY PAILET Phi Sigma Sigma EILEEN TALBOT ' Zeta Tau Alpha LAURA LANDRY Phi Beta Phi Not In Panel MARGARET ELLER Kappa Alpha Theta PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL 207 LORRAINE FREEMAN President Big thrill of the year for the Alpha Delta Pi ' s was the visit paid their rooms by the 1946 Maid of Cotton, a sister from Duke University, whom they feted with a party in February. Second In interest was the Christmas-time wrapping and delivering of gifts to servicemen of LaGarde hospital. Their claim to the campus spotlight is the fact that they supplied, according to their records, half of the yodlers In this year ' s Gilbert and Sullivan, not to mention the ex-secretary-ship and now presi- dency of the Newcomb Pan Hellenic Council. They also indulged in a bit of a whirl with football parties every week, and a whooping big formal in February. CfiMicH Chaptet Top: Pepsodent Row. Middle: Fish for It. Bottom: Must Be Fairy Tales. 208 ALPHA DELTA PI FIRST ROW: Jean Avengo, Madeline Bose, Rose- mary Carnes, Lola Cochrane, Ann Coleman, Jose- phine Dabney. SECOND ROW: Ruth Dravo, Patriciai Evans, Lorraine Freeman, Marguerite Gal- loway, Ruth Goebel, Carol Hamrick, Elizabeth Hansen. THIRD ROW: Bette John, Gloria John- son, Betsy Keefer, Grace King, Lottie Lee, Jocelyn Nyland, Leiia Mae Obier. FOURTH ROW: Doris O ' Neil, Isabel Partridge, Lise Pedersen, Joan Query, Patricia Raleigh, Florence Ray, Andrea Soyland. FIFTH ROW: Joyce Staba, Dale Sturdy, Salome Thoman, Helen Thompson, Heda Von My- senburg, Martha Fay White, Carolyn Winling. NOT IN PANEL: Alyma Barnes, Dorothy Davis, Claire Legeai, Roberta Morris, Sheila O ' Leary, Ernestine Sourcier, Mary Margaret Swords. 209 ALPHA EPSILON PHI Cfii l H Chafttet This year for fhe members of Alpha Epsilon Phi sorority seems fo have been a big one. Monthly informal get-togethers, in the form of active- pledge suppers, an annual spring formal, and other smaller affairs kept the girls running. Another activity in which the gals did their bit toward entertaining Gl ' s their Sunday morning breakfast-serving at the USO. Members in the limelight include vice-president of the student body, a cheerleader, and members filling the rolls of IRC, Forum, Art Club, and other active campus groups. These wearers of green and white came to New- comb as the Epsilon chapter in 1916. EMILY BADT President Top: Strong Breeie. Middle: Nylons. Bottom: Family Album. FIRST ROW: Constance Ackman, Suzanne Alcus, Sylvia Amsterdam, Emily Badt, Dorothy Benjamin, Leona Bersadsky, Shirley Bersadsky, Dorothy Burk, Shirley Dryer. SECOND ROW: Doris Jean Frankel, Mary Freiler, Jeanne Garretson, Leah Rose Glasser, Betty Mae Goldstein, Jeanne Goltman, Peggy Goltman, Gloria Horwitz, May Hyman. THIRD ROW: Margie Isaacson, Carolyn Kartus, Judith Kaufer, Anne Lawrence, Jeanne Stern Levey, Ann Levy, Annette Levy, Carolyn Levy, Dorothy Levy. FOURTH ROW: Rosemary Levy, Tess Levy, Jean Lightman, Joyce Lutz, Joan Mandelbaum, Lee Mar- cuse, Sally Moss, Shirley Philipson, Elaine Pickus. FIFTH ROW: Alyce Rosenberg, Evelyn Rosen- berg, Rosalyn Rosenfield, Margie Sandfield, Felicia Schornstein, Barbara Schreier, Lois Seidenbach, Joan Solomon, Frances Sterne. SIXTH ROW: Bet- ty Wagenheim, Lois Wagner, Ceclle Weil, Juanita Weil, Doris Weinstein, Barbara Weiss, Betty Wol- brette, Beulah Wright, Lillian Wright. 211 ALPHA OMICRON PI FIRST ROW: Mary Emily Acree, Nancy Nunez Allen, Alber+a Amo+t, Robin Berkes, Dorothy Bern- hard, Jane Biederman, Virginia Brodie, Ru+h Boulet. SECOND ROW: Marion Byrne, Elsie Charbonnet, Yvonne Claiborne, Charlotte Coates, Shirley Cun- ningham, Claire de la Vergne, Noel Dillard, Janet Dupuy, Carmen Duvic. THIRD ROW: Candy Estes, Ann Higgison, Anna Hover, Anna Kastler, Elizabeth Kenan, Grace Kitrell, Janet Landaiche, Joyce Landaiche, Edna Lee. FOURTH ROW: Peggy Lemarie, Mary Madison, Marilyn Matthew, Ann Mayfield, Betty Meriwether, Marion Mc- Cutcheon, Lucy McMurry, Jerrye Mirandona, Tommye Mirandona. FIFTH ROW: Janet North- rup, Patty O ' Brien, Jeanne Pavy, Candy Pierce, Betty Pourciau, Bea Rault, Florence Ricker, Jean Robin, Jerry Smitherman. SIXTH ROW: Sue Stokes, Marie Stouse, Joel Beth Suhren, Jean Travis, Marie Louise Tremoulet, Anna Vantrease, Ann Weston, Maia Weston, Rosalie Woolfly. NOT IN PANEL: Jane Ann Atkinson, Dinky Bouanchaud, Lou Ann Cueno t, Betty Lamar, Patsy Maxwell, Marge Milan, Dorothy Roberts, Roberta Walters. 212 Top: Ipana for Them. Middle: It ' s That Book Again. Bottom: Where ' s the tvlusic? JERRY SMITHERMAN President Barnard-born In 1897 Alpha Omicron Pi first colonized fhe Newcomb campus shor+ly following when some Newcomb sklr+s heard about the won- derful new idea. They succeeded In getting the second chapter of the group here, and now they claim to be the oldest surviving one of the sorority. Though the Pi chapter members know they ' ve been active this year (scan the Homecoming Court member-list, the hHonor Board Prexy, and a few other events of the year), they don ' t seem able to recall but one big social event — their formal in March. Soon after this, they adopted a war orphan and shared the thrill of " doing something useful " with their sisters at L. S. U. pi Chafitei- 213 EVELYN CRAIS President The Beta Sigma Omicrons this year stepped into the social whirl entertaining their visiting L. S. U. sisters, throwing several informal parties and ban- quets, dashing across the Lake for houseparties, and honoring the return of Carnival with a Mardi Gras Masquerade. They showed their leaning toward the educa- tional side of life, however, by coming out, as usual, high In the scholastic ranking of the sorori- ties (also witness BSO ' s on the Dean ' s List), and by presenting their annual English award. Their founding was In 1888, Columbia, Missouri, being the locale, and the Alpha Sigma chapter took over In 1929. Their present family includes the former editor of the Hullabaloo, a few staff members thereon, several theatrically-inclined sis- ters, and the corresponding secretary of the stu- dent body. ifiia ifitta Ckafftef rr Top: Framed! Middle: It Was THIS Way. Bottom: Sing It, Gals. 214 - EU SIGMA OMICRON. FIRST ROW: Evelyn Anderson, Norma Bartels, Winifred Beier, Betty Berry, Beverly Biane, Mar- garet Bourg, Beverly Bruff. SECOND ROW: Bar- bara Conroy, Betty Couch, Evelyn Crals, Anna Joyce Dendinger, Ethel Eaton, Faye Beth Frey, Betty Haase. THIRD ROW: Renee Hebert, Do- lores Kelley, Elaine Mathews, Carnnel Netzhammer, Dorothy Nynnan, Doris Pierson, Gloria Shearin. FOURTH ROW: Carol Shockey, Mary Lou Soule. Pat Spaid, Norma Stratz, Wildora Swain, Frances Truitt, Mary Ann Thompson. FIFTH ROW: Elaine Verlander, Dorothy Verlander, Marilyn Wagner, Helen Weir, Lorraine Williams, Janet Wright, Allie Wyler, Jerry Wyler. NOT IN PANEL: Gloria Duchein, Gene Hassinger, Betty Powell, Joy Schmid, Dorothy Tugel. 215 C H I kp Ckafitet Boasting a naflonal roster of 98 chapters, the belles of Newcomb ' s Rho branch of Chi Omega have dashed about the campus since 1900. The Chi O ' s are known there for " copping the cup " on last year ' s Sorority Campus Night, and for those gals who preside over the dormitory council, the senior class, and campus night. Their favorite activities are house parties in Waveland and Slidell, and their favorite topic is the 50-year celebration of Chi O last year, and the nation- wide gathering of the group. CATHERINE BENSABAT President i f £ G A Top: This One Was Accidental, Middle: Enough of This Leg-Art. Bottom; Here ' s to You. FIRST ROW: Lucie Hill Baxter, Martha Beasley, Emita- Benedict, Catherine Bensabat, Anne Bon- ham, Bliss Buchan, Catherine Burns, Rosemary Campbell. SECOND ROW: Bertita Compton, Virginia Colebeck, Noel Donovan, Yvette Dupont, Jean Louise Faust, Betty Firnberg, Sally Foster, Nell Friedrichs. THIRD ROW: Mary Jean Sanaway, Elizabeth Garrison, Beth Greenwald, Roslyn Ison, Mary Elaine Jones, Janet Kerlin, Kathleen Lanier, Jean Legendre. FOURTH ROW: Isabel Lewis, Louise McDaniel, Kitty Oehmig, Minnie O ' Shee, Mary Ann Patterson, Dorothy Post, Mary Frances Prioleau, Dorothy Raymond. FIFTH ROW: Re- bekah Scott, Mary Ellen Sheehan, June Sherrouse, Clarice Slagle, Miriam Smith, Gloria Smitherman, Nancy Stallworth. SIXTH ROW: Gayle Stocker, Teresa Tidmore, Mathilde Turner, Florence Varnell, Adine Wallace, Ann Watklns, Elizabeth Wheless. NOT IN PANEL: Ann Anderson, Natalie Hicks, Cleta Godfrey, Gene Nadler, Mary Nettleton, Harriett Landry. 217 DELTA Z E T A FIRST ROW: Janet Abadie, Joan Blair, Claire Bordes, Virginia Brown, Mary June Call, Coral Calogne, Pat Casso. SECOND ROW: Hazel Cheney, Monica Fuselier, Betsy Gillespie, Carolyn Holmes, Helena Hopfensitz, Mignonne Huck, Joyce Huff. THIRD ROW: Dorothy Jennings, Marion Jennings, Claire Lally, Shirley Lawrence, Sibyl McGee, Carmen Martinez, Chalita Menendez. FOURTH ROW: Gloria Nixon, Chrlstobel Nun- gesser, Gilda Grace Pizzo, Helen Rault, Denise Reinecke, Jane Rodrigue, Margery Rose. FIFTH ROW: Claire Roy, Gayle Schwarzenbach, Beverly Sherwood, Sylvia Stevens, Nanette Taylor, Marie Louise Tureaud, Mary Walsh. 218 o Top: The Lamp That Nevei Goes Out. Middle: Hilarious Huck. Bottom: Just Holding Then for the Camera. lii)y.-:(U. I ' -■•■ ' •£j-.- ' .JD.-.t ' i JANE RODRIGUE President Keeping the cheerleaders in the family is the custom of the Delta Zetas whose claim to these campus pests is more than temporary, as far as they are concerned. They also like to say they ' re proud of placing almost annually on the Sorority Skit Nights. Born at Miami University In 1902, their Beta Upsilon chapter has been residing here since 1938, when they merged with an already established sorority. Among this year ' s activities, they boast of re- decorating their rooms, declaring that " even if the wall-paperer did think us crazy for papering only ONE wall, we like to think the rooms are sophisti- cated. " In the social vein are parties, for and by the pledges, the annual Founders ' Day banquet, the usual post-exam truck ride to bolster everyone ' s morale, and their formal in May-time. Seta VpMlcH Chaptet 219 JUNE CHANDLER President This year Kappa Alpha Thefa can really have its brag. The Pikes selected delicious dish Be+fy Bau- cum as their Dream Girl, while strikingly brunette Rita Copenhaver won similar top honors with the Sigma Chis. Though it ' ll probably take years for the scores to recover from that much gitry it can ' t be denied that that ' s quite a feat for any sorority. But beauty honors aren ' t all, since the Thetas have their share of campus leaders as well. Presi- dent of the Sophomore class, secretary and treas- urer of Junior class are all Thetas. Ufiha phi Chafttet Top: Show Us a Trick. Middle: They Have One, Too. Bottom: I Want To Be a Sunbeam! 220 Um ALPHA THETA FIRST ROW: Betty Baucum, Mailand Bevil, Joan Cantrell, June Chandler, Rita Copenhaver, Betty Ruth Davis, Marion Delcroix. SECOND ROW: Ardythe Donnaud, Dorothy Ewing, Dolly Gray, Jean Hardin, Augusta Harper, Joy Harper, Vivian Harper. THIRD ROW: Marcia Hathaway, Kath- erine Holland, Beverly Jackson, Mary Alice Jack- son, Joan Jelks, Phyllis Johnson, Wilma Knight, Betta Lanier. FOURTH ROW: Gloria Landaiche, Sara Lisenby, Betty Magee, Alyce Marechal, Den- eraux Marshall, Peggy Michel, Betty Miller, Peggy Maloney. FIFTH ROW: Mary Lou Mossy, Hazel Muller, Joel O ' Brien, Madge Parmley, Carolyn Pounders, Elaine Querens, Eleanor Reich, Charlotte Reynolds. SIXTH ROW: Earline Rutter, Marianne Sewell, Ann Springer, Martha Ann Taylor, Louise Tisdale, Nettie Nell Trusty, Nancy Wilklns, Elaine Wingate. NOT IN PANEL: Margaret Eller, Joel Ray. 221 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Seta Omictpn Chaptef Seventy-five years is a long time, but the Kappa Kappa Gammas managed to round off just that many this year, complete with all the trimmings of a celebration. Politicking is their mainstay — this year was a successful one and next year ' s student body boss claims the Kappa heritage as her own. But this was only one of their sidelines, as they also list Nurses ' Aide work, collecting boxes of food for Christmas (and for whom, girls?), and " all of that stuff, " which could include anything the imagina- tion would desire. Thirty-one years after the birth of the organiza- tion at Monmouth, the Beta Omicron chapter was established here — and if you ' re not mathematically minded, that makes it 1904. IRENE BUCHANAN President Top: Anybody Got a fvlatch? Middle: Glad To See Yah. Bottonn: Ceiling Zero. FIRST ROW: Rosalie Ambler, Joan Arbour, Nell Bergeron, Martha Bralnard, Ann Brown, Betty Browne, Irene Buchanan, Dorothy Carruth. SEC- OND ROW: Phyllis Church, Alice Clark, Rowena Cowan, Mary Virginia Crain, Minni De Wells, Cath- erine Dicks, Syble Drake, Joan Durland. THIRD ROW: Sara Eustis, Beverly Favrot, Georgia Fischer, Fiorina France, Isabel Gardner, Betty Gray, Jane Harris, Joel Harris. FOURTH ROW: Dorcas Ho l- llngsworth, Mary Holmes, Ann Howell, Pat Land, Mary Louise Le Gardeur, Jayne Loche, Berthe Marks, Felice Maurer. FIFTH ROW: Louise Mun- son, Dorothy Myers, Mary Ann Owens, Paula Par- ker, Frances Penfound, Gail Read, Katherine Ross, Mary Margaret Todd. SIXTH ROW: Cora Turner, Emily Waguespack, Natalie Walker, Margie West, Marian Wilbert, Nell Winston, Dorothy Woods. NOT IN PANEL: Mary Gay Labrot, Patty Pater- son, Sylvia Saunders. 223 P H I U FIRST ROW: Lumpkin Allen, Betty Baetjer, Bea- trice Baldinger, Gayle BaJdinger, Maybeth Bertel, Bonnie Bourg, Mary Lou Cabral, Billie Childress, Marie Clerc. SECOND ROW: Cynthia Cook, Dolly Crane, Fredda Davis, Glen Derbes, Dorothy Diboll, Barbara Drackett, Lenore Drueding, Helen Edwards, Merle Fischer. THIRD ROW: Coral Free- nnan, Lynn Freennan, Mary Jo Gautreaux, Ann Giles, Mary Joan Gonia, Jane Gros, Patricia Haas, Nina Sue Harris, Ann Hodge. FOURTH ROW: Betty Holland, Peggy Hurley, Dorothy Dale John- son, Doris Karter, Sue Keefe, Winifred Kelly, Jean Lafaye, Mary Virginia Legarde, Joan Landry. FIFTH ROW: Merle Lemieux, Jacqueline Magee, Betty Mailhes, Mary Marsh, Beverly McClure, Emily Moise, Betty Nairne, Florence Roberts, Susan Roe- mer, Mary Louise Schmidt. SIXTH ROW: Patsy Seely, Marie Louise Socola, Paula Smith, Lorraine Steidtmann, Nellie Dean Stinson, Dolores Sturckin, Marilyn Taylor, Doris Tisdale, Beverly Villars, Yvette Wolfe. NOT IN PANEL: Mary Hannemann, Lil- lian Neguelona, Janet Wall Riddick. 224 Top: Let ' s Drown our Sorrows. Middle: It Circulates. Bottom: Pledging Ain ' t Fit for a Dog. DORIS KARTER President The Phi Mus didn ' t do badly this year. Their queenpin around the rooms has headed Pan-Hel- lenic for the past year and her younger sister has done quite well with the operetta. One of their clan is the new chairman of the Newcomb Athletic Council, and another claims the doubtful honor of having been one of the Urchin ' s cover girls. Back In January they threw a big dance which was probably pretty good. In March they went picnicking, and, not satisfied with one brawl, they dragged out the glad rags again this spring. And the Mothers ' Club gave a tea for the new pledges — and that ' s about all. hetta Chaptef 225 DOROTHY HECHT President All sororities like fo boas-j- of their outstanding sisters, so Pi Beta Phi starts right off by listing the achievements of theirs: president of the stu- dent body, of the YW, of the Athletic Council, and several members of various beauty courts. The girls must all be excellent painters by now, for, this summer, they took over the redecoration of their house, and can today show off their hand- painted residence. Their other activities may be classified under War Work, Nurses ' Aide, and, now, Reconstruction. After all this they still find time to do quite a bite of housepartying. The Pi Phis began in 1867 at Monmouth Col- lege and were the first sorority to open up on the campus, being established here in 1891. Ilpka Ckafitet Top: Platter Chatter. Middle: Same Deck of Cards, too. Bottom: Bachelors Take Note. 226 PI BETA PHI FIRST ROW: Ruth Aleman, Ka+herine Baker, Mar- got Bennett, Lorraine Bernard, Lucille Bernard, Francois Billion, Joan Burguieres, Lydia Caffery. SECOND ROW: Rosemary Carrere, Page Gary, Janice Carter, Catherine Charles, Alice Conroy, Nancy Deane, Katherine Douglas, Connie Faust. THIRD ROW: Laurelle Fillmore, Carol Gates, Patricia Gibbens, Joan Gillis, Patricia Goodman, Marie Grehan, Dorothy Hecht, Claire Hero. FOURTH ROW: Ruth Hoppe, Adelaide Huey, Florence Jones, Ann Landry, Laura Landry, Jane Logan, Jeanne Mayo, Bitza McCay, Charlene Mc- Corkle. FIFTH ROW: Martha McDonough, Betty Mcintosh, Nancy McLarty, Susan Moore, Elizabeth Nicholson, Dot Nicol, Margaret O ' Neill, Mary Lane Philips, Becky Lee Ratcliff. SIXTH ROW: Gloria Ratchford, Jane Rhymes, Joan Rickert, Elaine Sarre, Elaine Saussy, Catherine Seals, Etheldra Smith, Martha Smither, Martha Witherspoon. NOT IN PANEL: Armand Billion, Gladys Bloom, Na- nette Caffery, Marjorie Caldwell, Jean Gibbons, Catherine Smith. 227 ZETA TAD ALPHA Seta Ha ftp a Cha ftef Bandage-rolling for the Red Cross, voluntary Nurses ' Aide work, truck rides, Easter houseparties, and a traditional banquet where newly-engaged girls indulge in a specially-prescribed ritual, have done their share toward keeping the members of Zeta Tau Alpha in a whirl this year. Outstanding in campus activities, their sisters holding prominent student positions, the Zetas were first brought to Newcomb in 1927, just 29 years after their founding, and have obviously been here ever since. Among their coveted achieve- ments are officers of Tri-Beta, swimming honors, a member of the Sigma Chi sweetheart court, and some sisters on the Dean ' s list. A special occasion Is always the truck ride to the Colonial Country Club which is looked forward to by all Zeta members. JACQUELINE SOUDERES President Top: Look af This Hat! Middle; Mirror. Mirror on the Wall. Bottom: OOOOOh! ._ FIRST ROW: Helen Ahmann, Jane Armstrong, Alice Blundell, Jane Bratton, Sunni Cannpbell, Lydia Carr, Beverly Clerc, Jerry Dye. SECOND ROW: Rosennary Garrett, Gloria Hagler, Mary Halm- huber, Betsy Hezlett, Ann Hofman, Peggy Hooper, Anna Jones, Susan Keenan. THIRD ROW: Fannie Kyker, Gloria Lusher, Carol Miller, Dorothy Morel, Beverly Morse, Thelma Munch, Patricia Reinhardt, Jen Rives. FOURTH ROW: May Ross, Dorothy Scott, Dorothy Segarl, Helen Sherrard, Jacquelyn Souderes, Eileen Talbot, Vera Walker, Edith Win- ters. NOT IN PANEL: Mary Ellen Andresson, Maude Caldwell, Jackie Moore, Rosalyn Royston, Betty Stafford, Patricia Weldon, La Rue Whitten. CHARLES McMillan President iHe ica A ll-governing body for the medical frater- nities is the Medical Pan-Hellenic Council, estab- lished in April of 1923. It secures cooperation annong the several fraternities and preserves standards of membership. Officers this year have been Charles McMillan, president; Lex Patrick, vice-president; and Joe Hirsch, secretary-treasurer. 230 FIRST ROW LLOYD EYRICH Alpha Kappa Kappa JIM MOORE Phi Ch! CARL BRANNAN Nu Sigma Nu LEX PATRICK Phi Chi JOE HIR5CH Phi Delta Epiilon Phi Rho Sigma Phi Rho Sigma SECOND ROW RICHARD LEVY Phi Delta Epsilon STEWART BOREN JACK KUSHNER Phi Lambda Kappa THOMAS LYONS CHARLES McMillan Thela Kappa Psi NOT IN PANEL ERNEST TOMA Alpha Kappa Kappa HYMAN RUCHELMAN Phi Lambda Kappa BEN DENNY Nu Sigma Nu PAUL WEHRLE Theta Kappa Pli PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL 231 Sl m -it. CARL BRANNAN Among the med frats the Nu Sigs think they ' re pretty good. Though they were founded in 1882 this cannpus was spared until 1910. They gave the " Rah-Rah " for several of their recent social functions. Top on the list in order of popularity were the Hallowe ' en and Say-Nine- ties parties. Anybody who got dragged in on one was bettered intellectually by " enlightening " floor- shows. It is also said that the barn on St. Charles Ave- nue which strains at the seams with med students has had a face-lifting recently, with an entire re- painting and redecorating job. Frankly, it probably didn ' t help much but if they like it — what ' s the dif? Seta Jfcta Cha ftef Top: Waiting for Santa. Middle: Giggle Water. Bottom: New Angle. 232 NU SIGMA N n FIRST ROW: Maurice Alexander, Bruce Alspach, Roberf Arrants, Dan Bea+fy, J. F. Biggart, Henry Blackburn, Carl Brannan, D. T. Brock, William Brownlee, Grundy Cooper. SECOND ROW: Frank Covert, Jr., Richard Creasman, James Davis, A. L. Exiine, Jr., Charles Farwell, Albert Fech- +el, Richard Field, Benjamin Galloway, Jr., Marion Garrell, Douglas Gordon. THIRD ROW: Hale Griffen, Jack Grin- die, Jerome Heard, Carroll Herron, J. T. Hicks, Jr., James Holmes, Leo Horan, Louis Hughes, Clarence Imboden, Leo Johns. FOURTH ROW: Curtis Jones, Irving Jordan, Jr., Stewart Long, Robert Low, J. W. Lynn, Jr., Ramsey Mac- Cordy, Charles MacGlashan, William McBride, William McCall, George McCaskey, Jr. FIFTH ROW: Armand McHenry, Jr., T. K. Morrow, Samuel Moseley, Jr., Paul Nelson, Tom Norman, Frederick Nyberg, Alton Ochsner, Jr., William Palfrey, Robert Peace, Reuben Plant. SIXTH ROW: Miles Pratt, II, Noah Range, Richard Rutland, Rob- ert Senter, Robert- Service, Jack Shaner, Stanley Skillicorn, Leslie Smith, Bruce Sullivan, William Swackhammer. SEV- ENTH ROW: William Syll, John Terry, Russel Toye, Irena- eus Tucker, Jack Turner, Roy White, Jr., Lewis Williams, Stewart Williams, Jack Wisman, Richard Woodson. NOT IN PANEL: A. Z. Carter, O. P. Daly, Jr., Ben Denny, Ray Edwards, Jr., Louis Gariepy, John Gibson, Robert Gillespy, John Hall, Hurst Hatch, Jr., Karl Kesmodel, Jr., Jacob Lippincott, Joseph Rauterkaus, David Stephens, William Thames, Warren Tharp, Ward Turner, Andrew Wachtel, James Williams. 233 P H I C H I Om cfCH Chaptet Medics of Phi Chi breezed gaily into the lime- light this fall when they dug deep into their money-bags and purchased a new, more spacious residence on the Avenue. They say It was all made possible through enthusiastic alumni support and the hard work of the chapter members. Well, anyway, a Life photographer used up batches of film and bulbs capturing moving-day scenes, so they ' re still happy, (the boys, we mean). The new house — that ' s all any member can talk of these days — provides living quarters for ap- proximately 35 fellows, with many improvements on the third floor, especially the library, being the work of the members themselves. Untiring in their efforts, aren ' t they? LEX PATRICK fy Top: Let ' s us get chummy, huh? Middle: This speaks for itself. Bottom: One way to christen a pool. FIRST ROW: Wallace Aderhold, Emmett Anderson, Rob- ert Barnes, Don Bradburn, Ian Bradburn, Robert Brown, Robert Bullmgton, Jack Caire, Robert Gales. SECOND ROW: Wallace Clark, Clayton Cook, Elgin Cowert, Har- old Danielson, Thomas Davis, John Derrick, Jack Easom, Hugh English, John Fort. THIRD ROW: James Sentry, Tharp Gillespie, Joseph Gilbeau, Robert Hardie, Earl Har- ris, Leonard Hattaway, Robert Hendon, Warren Higgin- botham, Lyall Howell. FOURTH ROW: Jack Jackson, Thomas James, Elmo Laborde, John Lafferty, Roy Ledbet- ter, George Lewis, Royce Lewis, Forrest Little, Sam Logan, John Long. FIFTH ROW: Ken McCowan, Henry Magee, Frank MarascaIco, Edward Meadows, Robert Meiers, Hin- ton Merritt, James Moore, Marvin Nelson, Kenneth Nix, Lex Patrick. SIXTH ROW: William Patton, Clifton Payne, Jack Pou, Lawrence Reid, Harry Ricketts, Russell Rigby, Don Rudeen, James Rutledge, Paul Shick, James Shropshire. SEVENTH ROW: Al Sullivan, Milton Talbot, Sam Taylor, Sel- lers Thomas, William Vildlblll, Steve Ware, Jack White, Al Williams, Philip Windrow, Sam Wise. NOT IN PANEL: Warren Allen, Aaron Allert, Kirk Barnes, Frank Cary, Reid Clanton, Howell Coe, Weeks Dauterive, Crad Duson, John Frere, Robert Higgs, Hester Hill, William Hoffman, Carl Humes, James Kraft, A. K. Mclnnls, William McKneely, For- rest McMains, Robert Maxon, John Minyard, Tom Mitchell, Jack Moore, Frank Morgen, Carl Murray, William Nobles, Ralph Nuzum, Robert Palmer, Ben Parham, David Partlow, Charles Peterson, John Roark, Richard Salome, Robert Schramel, Tom Strain, T. W. Tarklng+on, Al Towie, Louis Turbeville, Chester Williams, George Wyatt. Cm. h| Ni _ ' . f % ' • 235 PHI DELTA EPSILON FIRST ROW: Gerald Berenson, Ted Block, Law- Rappeport, Ralph Robbins, James Saft. FOURTH rence Cohen, Sidney Cohn, Richard Modes. SEC- ROW: Arthur Silverman, Bernard Soloman, Gene OND ROW: Joseph Hirsch, Erwin Hecker, Bernard Usdin, Morris Weisler, Gerald Weiss. NOT IN Jacobs, Robert Kaplan, Joseph King. THIRD PANEL: Emanuel Bressler, Morris Claman, Leon ROW: Richard Levy, Walter Levy, Jr., Harvey Kahn, Sam Kartus, Leon Meyer, Marvin Wolf. 736 Top: Study in Expressions. Middle: Somebody Lost a Hanliy, Bottom: Roll Me O-ver— , 85 -mhk JOSEPH KING Med s+udenfs think they ' re the hardest-working students because most of their time is spent in the downtown school where we on the uptown site can ' t prove their boasting about studying so much. Sot to admit they ' re pretty hard to contact. Take the Phi Delta Epsilons for example. What- ever it is keeping them so busy, we won ' t guess — they tell us it has been things like a big feed for their new members, football parties every Saturday, a tea dance with the L. S. U. Phi D E ' s (good- neighbor policy), a Mardi Gras truck ride, and a dinner dance honoring one Dr. Leo Criep, a past Grand Consul of the chapter, and alumni returning from the service. filpha jf ta Chaptef 237 GEORGE ELLIS Although Its sole purpose is not the promotion of social activities, as evidenced by accomplish- ments of recent graduates Tom Gus Baffes and Rodney Jung, who were both at the top of the senior class, this year ' s events for the Phi Rho Sigma fraternity were begun with rush week, and included a smoker, banquet, dance, and lakefront picnic. Each month, the boys have held an informal dance, with September ' s taking the form of yacht- ing excursion. Also on the social side were a Hallowe ' en celebration, a dance following initia- tion ceremonies, and a Mardi Gras truck ride which culminated in an informal dance. hetta OfHiCfCH Alpha Chaptet Top: Where ' s Mammy Yokum? Middle: Talented Member. Bottom: Phi Rho Sigma? 238 PHI RHO SIGMA FIRST ROW: Thomas Gus Baffes, Michael Blals, Arthur Bohmfalk, James Boren, Ralph Buie. SEC- OND ROW: George Caruso, George Ellis, Harry Hall, Charles Jaubert, Francis Jaubert. THIRD ROW: Rodney Jung, Eugene Kraemer, Thomas Lyons, Frank Mayer, Mario Palafax, Kenneth Wright. NOT IN PANEL: Ralph Gulotta, Lucas diLeo, Louis Polizzi, Armando Silva. 239 THETA KAPPA PSI pi Ckafter Chief contribution made by the Theta Kappa Psi fraternity to the medical school Pan-Hellenic Council this year is its president, who also serves as big boss for that frat. According to the boys, they have been quite active — socially — this year, witness " Lotsa informal house parties on Saturday nights, " frequent beer and shrimp suppers, and " other things. " Their main function this year was their Winter formal, which followed a picnic on Bayou Lafitte earlier in the fall. If you saw " The Lost Weekend " looking found in the carnival day parade of truck — It was the Theta Kaps. Among the special parties this year were those for Hallowe ' en and Christmas, and their traditional senior dance. CHARLES McMillan Top: Hold Him, Middle: They Couldn ' t Fit. Bottom: Gee. - ■- FIRST ROW: Gilbert Adami, Joe Adams, John Baehr, Claude Baker, Jack Barry, C. W. Bertinot, Richard Black, Roy Brabbham, Robert Buck, Wil- liam Crookshank. SECOND ROW: Egbert Cros- sett, Joe Dabney, Paul Daron, Carter Denton, Frank Erwin, James Goode, Carl Haggard, Allan Hall, Leiand Harrison, Ed Helms. THIRD ROW: James Holmes, Owen Johnson, Rupert Kerr, Allen Knolle, Philip Krupp, Robert Lancaster, James Lees, Royal Liles, Robert Lister, Corbet Locke. FOURTH ROW: James Malone, George March, John Mar- tineau, John McCall, Harris McDonnieal, Charles McMillan, Edward Meares, Stanton Middleton, Ed- ward Myers, William Newsom. FIFTH ROW: Rob- ert Pace, John Parmally, Billy Parnell, Jack Perry, Hubert Prevost, Bob Raborn, Ralph Reed, James Rice, John Rice, Billie Rountree. SIXTH ROW: Douglas Sherrill, Denton Smith, Thomas Summar, Elton Thomas, Andre Touzet, Harry Tucker, Luther Tyler, Burt Walden, Roger Witt, Paul Woodward. NOT IN PANEL: Charles Barrier, Fred Berry, Her- man Boese, Fairfax Breneman, Henry Brown, Hor- ace Buckhaults, Dave Carson, Keith Cole, Glen Davis, Kenneth Duzan, Charles Hamilton, Gregory Hoskins, Roland Horard, Lynn Hunt, Ralph KIdd, Frank London, Robert Long, Treve Lumsden, Harry Martin, Dale Newman, Joe Ogle, Paul Richardson, John Schellack, Marion Shelton, James Stewart, Reed Stone, Paul Wehrle. 241 ALPHA KAPPA KAPPA HRST ROW: Robert Cale, Charles Campbell, Edward Comer, Henry Cook, Lear Dane. L anford H. DeGeneres. SECOND ROW: Frank Dienst, Jr.. Mitchell Ede, Lloyd Eyrich, Jr., James Fruthaier, Jr., Donald Grimes, Howard Hardee. THIRD ROW: Cortell Holsapple, Samuel Johnson. Fariss KImbell, William Kraschel, David Loveman, Richard Meriwether. FOURTH ROW: Paul Muhlelsen, Merrill Prows. James Sawyers, Ralph Shirer. Jr.. Bernard Coto, George Welch. NOT IN PANEL: Tom Forman. Jr., Arthur Hoge, Charles Mark- ward. Edward Parker, Ronald Rlgall. Ernest Toma. fitfiha Seta Ckaptei- All work and no play make the medics eager-beavers, so not to let their under- graduate brothers of the fraternity circle outdo them, the Alpha Beta chapter of Alpha Kappa K appa fraternity showed up with hayrldes, Hallowe ' en and Christmas parties, and a dinner In honor of Dr. Wilbur C. Smith, departing alumnus who en- riched the group with the donation of his personal medical library. During the past year they have directed their activities chiefly toward creating a more active alumni Interest In the chapter — social as well as financial! The boys are not a bit handicapped by the return of their borrowed house to the Phi Delts. and there has been no slow down of the scheduled social plans. Foremost on reconversion plans, however. Is a new lodging place for the brothers. BERNARD SOTO PHI LAMBDA KAPPA PM Chafitef Another of the professional fraternifies in fhe nnedical school, Phi Lambda Kappa this year " came of age " in the marking of its twenty-first year on the campus. Honoring the freshman members in the fall was an Initiation-banquet, at which several outstanding alumni spoke, and, during April, the chapter feted graduating seniors with a banquet and dinner-dance. Other events included several picnics, and after-football-game gatherings at the home of an alumnus. ' JACK KUSHNER FIRST ROV : Ivan Altman, Samuel Baum, Herbert Cohen. Herman Cohen, John David. SECOND ROV : Robert Davis. Jerome Forman, Seymour Goodstcin. Marvin Green, Arthur Hertiberg, Levels Kook. THIRD ROW: Jack Kushner. Alvin Lassen. Melvin Levin. Nelson Manov itz, Irvin Rosen. George Schv artz. FOURTH ROW: Irving Shulman, Saul Siegendorf. Avron Sweet, Herbert Vogel. Charles Wasserman. Leonard linker. NOT IN PANEL: Harold Ruchelman. 243 ■ .sIbp I: .rf ' ■ " ■ NEWELL BERRY Chairman TulaH I n addition to conducting the regular connpeti- tive sports activities, the Tulane Pan-Hellenic Council this year has established a fellowship in the Graduate School of Medicine. To be awarded on the basis of scholarship regard- less of fraternity or non-fraternity status of the candidate, the fellowship will be supported by the contribution of $1 per semester by each undergraduate fraternity member. The first grant will be made in September of this year by the Dean of the Graduate School, the Dean of the School of Medicine, and the faculty adviser to the Council. Currently under legislation of the Council is the rewriting of Rushing Rules in a more concise and brief form. The annual formal sponsored by the group was held this year during the winter semester. 244 FIRST ROW ANDREW FRIEDRICHS Alpha Tau Omega JOHN BRYAN Beta Theta Pi FRIEDRICHS HARRIS Alpha Tau Omega HENRY ST. PAUL, III Delta Kappa Epjilon O. M. ANDERSON Beta Theta Pi JIM WATTLEY Delta Kappa Epsilon JOHN COX Delta Sigma Phi SECOND ROW HENRY MILLON Delta Sigma Phi DAN GUICE Kappa Alpha DALTON IVINS Delta Tau Delta KOPEL BURK Kappa Nu SAM STERN Delta Tau Delta PAUL NEWELL Kappa Sigma STANLEY CARPENTER Kappa Sigma THIRD ROW NEWELL BERRY Phi Delta Theta DONALD COULTER Phi Delta Theta ROBERT BARNETT Phi Kappa Sigma VIGGO OLSEN Phi Kappa Sigma RALPH GAINES Pi Kappa Alpha BERNARD REAMS Pi Kappa Alpha SID PATE Sigma Alpha Epsilon TOM WATTS Sigma Alpha Epsilon FOURTH ROW HAL ROCKAWAY . . . . Sigma Alpha Mu JACK ZOLLER Sigma Alpha Mu CLIFF BENJAMIN Sigma Chi BOB PIERPONT Sigma Chi BEHRMANN THI60DEAUX Sigma Pi HAROLD WEDIG Sigma Pi ALBERT FRAENKEL Zeta Beta Tau HAROLD GORDON Zeta Beta Tau BOB MORRIS NOT IN PANEL Kappa Alpha MARIO DE OBALDIA ARMANDO SILVA Phi lota Alpha Phi lota Alpha PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL 245 U) f FRIEDRICHS HARRIS President " We are rip, rip-roaring reprobates " — Thafs Alpha Tau Omega ' s musical signal. Pass their shack on Henry Clay most any Saturday night and you ' ll hear these words and others floating out through the windows as the brothers float out the doors. Each ATO cherishes among other signs of high intellectual interests, " Sneaky Pete Parties. " The quick turn-over in personnel at Tulane has naturally depleted their ranks from one semester to another, but somehow they manage to keep going and come up with a couple of Pan-Hellenic Tro- phies every now and then. ATOs boast a large number of war veterans in their present member- ship. Over 50 percent in fact have worked for Uncle Sam and are now re-taking their places in college life. i ulMama Seta Cp ilcH Chaptef Top: Chuq-A-Lug. Middle: He Couldn ' t Take It. Bottom: Dem Iss Beer Steins, Yah. 246 ALPHA TAD OMEGA. __ . FIRST ROW: James Alley, James Aycock, Thomas Lore, Jr. FOURTH ROW: Paul Loria, Philip Loria, Barton, Norman Burandt, Frank Burge, Jr., Clarence q jj r qI s Charles Roth, Robert Terrell, Edward Clifton, Jr., Lewis Crane. SECOND ROW: Eu- gene Dauterive, John Elder, Thomas Farrell, An- drew Friedrichs, Jr., Bela Garet, James Gentry, Friedrichs Harris. THIRD ROW: John Hinton, Thomas Hudson, Joseph Joachim, Jr., Sargent Vollcert, Charles White-Spunner, Jr. NOT IN PANEL: Joseph Austin, Jr., Arthur Blackman, Wal- ter Hobson, III, James Lassetter, Hugh Many, Wil- liam Mattox, Evell McCoy, Jr., William Newman, Jones, II, Paul LeBourgeois, Hugh Liles, Joseph Julian Palmer, James Rives, Jr., John Whitney. 247 BETA THETA PI Seta Ti Ckafitei- By winning baseball and placing in football, swimming, ping-pong, and bridge, the boys of Befa The+a Pi are now second among their brothers In the Pan-Hellenic sports competition, an activity in which they have won first place for five out of the last six years. This, and their Saturday night par- ties, luncheons, midnight picnics, and truck rides, all topped off by their spring formal, give them a fair share of campus fame. Commanding the hungry Greeks and aiding to double the fold during a mere eight months were Joe Rault, Dusty Anderson, and George LeGard- eur. Thirty-eight years at the University were cele- brated by the Beta Xi chapter this past session. O. M. ANDERSON President I i Top; Let ' s Not Get Bass Now. Middle: Borrowed from Their Neighbors. Bottom: Could You Find a Beta Bond? FIRST ROW: Oscar Anderson, Robert Bernhard, Donald Bradburn, Ian Bradburn, Edward Brown, John Bryan, Jr., Richard Cockrell. SECOND ROW: John Counce, II, Malcolm Damuth, Dabney Ewin, Miles Greer, Joseph Guilbeau, Jr., Jack Jackson, John Jackson, Jr., Louis Jumonville, Jr. THIRD ROW: Walter Killeen, George LeGardeur, Jr., George Lewis, Francis McDonald, Lawrence Mc- Gee, Jr., Edward Meadows, Donald Miller, Levere Montgomery. FOURTH ROW: Murphy Moss, Jr., Albert Moulin, Jr., Tom Norman, Milton O ' Neal, Jr., Edward W. A. Ochsner, Jr., Mims Ochsner, Thomas Alexander Patrick, Jr., William Patton. FIFTH ROW: Joseph Rault, Jr., Charles Reily. Robert Reily, Walter Simpson, McDonald Ste- phens, John Terry, Roy White, Jr., Stewart Wil- liams. NOT IN PANEL: Frank Bogram, Stanley Brememan, Tom Brown, Ted Carey, Doug Douglas, Harry Fair, Richard Gilliam, Don King, Don La- Garde, Billy Lewis, Winston Lill, Larry Ogden, Billy Scoggins, Gid Steiner, Stone Stickney, Vince Tarleton, Swan Ward, Charles Ziegler. 249 DELTA KAPPA EPSIION FIRST ROW: Robert Brown, E+ienne Cambon, John Smallpage, Henry St. Paul, George Tucker, Leon Cambon, Ainsworth Cox, Mason Day, Jr. James Wattley. NOT IN PANEL: Edward Alker, SECOND ROW: John Donnaud, William Faust, Robert Bannon, Eugene Brierre, Norton Dickman, Allen Favrot, William Ferguson, Richard Field. Thomas Ellis, Ed Gilly, Richard Jones, Stewart Mor- THIRD ROW: Flood Garrett, Duncan Gray, Jerry ris, Jr., Alfred Lewis, Thomas Power, 11, Edward Heard, Louis Hughes, Francis Joffrion. FOURTH Simmons, J. H. Walker, Alonzo West, J. R. Wlns- ROW: Walton Minchew, Jr., Carter Robinson, ton, William Wynn. 250 Top: Carter Rushes the Season. Middle: Carter Rushes Sally. Bottom: Beat It Boy, JAMES WAHLEY President Not the leasf of the gay cabelleros of Tulane are the Tau Lambda ' s of Delta Kappa Epsilon. Probably their most famous and most outstanding characteristic is their great love for the " Deke Marching Song " which they shout from the alcoves of their Henry Clay hovel, much to the intrigue of the neighbors, whom they equally annoy whilst indulging in a second favored pastime — marching hither and yon, ' round and about the Avenue at most peculiar nocturnal hours. But, even then, the boys are pretty prominent in campus affairs, holding an annual winter formal, copping first spot in the Pan-Hellenic football tournament, and placing second in the swimming meet. Tau iamt4a Chaptet ' -k 251 HENRY MILLON President Bayou Brawls, moss trimmings, alligators, corn liquor, candlelight parties, and traditional Sailor Balls are on the itinerary of the Delta Sigma Phi boys who put another year and another page in the history of their fraternity. Pulling a few strings — or beer caps — they came up with a unique musical comedy tagged " Frankie and Johnny " to grab second place on Fraternity Campus Night, then rated second with their Homecoming decora- tion. " Plow the Irish. " In sports, they claimed first In Pan-Hellenic hand- ball, and claimed outstanding BMOCS Larry Tay- lor, top-kick for Campus Night, Hank Mlllon, who hid the Greenbacker constitution so he could be president an extra semester, and Moose Doerries, who was " just a reg ' lar fellah. " Chi Ckafitet Top; Hay, Hay. Middle: He Sends Them. Bottom: May We Come In? 252 DELTA SIGMA PHI FIRST ROW: Ronald Bannister, James Bonner, John Bill Prescott. FOURTH ROW: Bill Reeling, Charles Cox, Robert diBenedetto, Warren Gadpaille. SEC- Swain, Arthur Taylor, Lawrence Taylor, Andrew OND ROW: Raymond Godwin, Darrell Higgins, Thalheim, Al Tuggle. NOT IN PANEL: Vince Al- Harry Howard, Donald James, Thomas James. fonso, George Gastrock, Milton Kuhn, Franic Mo- THIRD ROW: Coleman Kuhn, James Legeai, ran. Jack Moran, James O ' Niel, Donald Oster, George Lyons, Jr., Tom Mcintosh, Henry Millon, Courtney Owens, James Young. 253 DELTA TAD DELTA Seta Ti Chafitet One of their many excuses for eating themselves out of house and home is the Delta Tau Delta annual Dinner Dance on New Year ' s Day. But, they really do no worrying about it for now their chief bragging point is that they have a house and what ' s more, a good cook! With the close of another year of Delt good times, came the annual winter formal. Preceded by a cocktail party, it proved to be one of the most colorful campus social events. As do the other fraternal orders, they look forward to more and better good times with the advent of their first post-war year. DALTON IVINS President mm » lop: Shirt Display. Middle; Kutie Kaiser Kuttiiiq Up. Bottom: Those Dizzy Heights. FIRST ROW: John Blum, Freme Boustany, Jr., Lloyd Baumer, Jr., Louis Beecherl, Jr., Frank Bell, Jr., Jer- ry Call. SECOND ROW: Glen Decha, Bill Fraering, Alton Henrickson, Jr., Edward Hess, Norwood Hy- mel, Joseph Hein, Jr. THIRD ROW: Dalton Ivins, Milton Jannsen, Ned Lambremont, Bill Lopez, Pres- ton Mottram, Al Moore. FOURTH ROW: Ray Pat- terson, Richard Pommrehn, Jr., John Roberts, Don- ald Sharp, Samuel Stern, II, Richard Williams. NOT IN PANEL: Thomas Allen, Bill Beamon, Lane Blon- dell, John Broud, Jack Finegan, John Fraering, Dick Gough, John Gourley, Cliff Guibert, Richard Keiser, Bill Landry, Russell Longshore, William Pol- lard, Art Sikking, Robert Stuber, James Wright. 255 RAP PA ALPHA FIRST ROW: Julius Alford, John Baus, Carl Bran- nan, D. T. Brock, Jr., Julian Crowell. SECOND ROW: Webb T. Detar, Richard Faust, James Gamnnell, Daniel Guice, Robert Grehan, John Hammond. THIRD ROW: Henry Luckett, Ken- neth Olson, Jr., Roger Pleasants, Jack Pou, Samuel Schwing, Robert Senter. FOURTH ROW: Joseph Ward, Thomas N. Watson, Blake West, Edwin Woodward, Harold Wright, Henry Yonge. NOT IN PANEL: Lawrence Brice, D. Z. Cauble, Chris Coleman, D. Bonn, Walter Dew, Bernard Grehan, William Hayden, William Hilzin, William Ingram, William Jarrand, Sergai Kampakis, Stewart Maun- sell, William Metzger, Robert Morris, Billy Nance, John Parmley, Adair Pedrick, Jack Perez, Leroy Schneider, Wilson Shirley, S. Shaws, Robbins Tay- lor, Joseph Utiey, Harcourt Waters. 256 Top: Wot, No Chairs? Middle: Catch Him, He ' s Swocinq. Bottom: Down in the Cellar. - UJI JIW DANIEL GUICE President By way of welcoming fhe return of Newcomb fo the college classrooms In fhe fall, the Kappa Alphas opened the season with a startling but en- joyable " Bloomer Buster " party. Following close on the heels of this was a Homecoming party, a Yule- tide affair, and, true to Southern tradition, a Rob- ert E. Lee banquet. Famed In pre-war days for their Cotton Balls, the KAs are now planning for the first post-war affair of this nature, with new members and return- ing veterans looking forward to it. Lots of hard work went into the re-openIng of the chapter house and its redecoration by the members them- selves. p4i Ckaptei- 257 KOPEL BURK President After ten months of relative hibernation, the Kappa Nu members merged from their cocoons with a bang, and finally threw open the doors to their inner sanctum, taking in new members so that the old ones wouldn ' t have to drink the aging home-brew alone. Rallying their spirits, in the form of actives and alumni, the chapter sallied forth to find a home, and their caps now hang In the Broadway manse. Just before their fall formal, the boys met for a cocktail party, and, needless to say, both were considered great successes. i ' fffia Cha tef Top; Row Upon Row. Middle: Is She Heavy? Bottom; See, It ' s Easy. 258 FIRST ROW: Ted Ain, Kopel Burk, Clive Cummins, ley Orloff, Max Pallet. FOURTH ROW: Jack Norman Dinhofer, Emanuel Glinky. SECOND Sherman, Irving Sokolsky, Hyman Tolmas, Herbert ROW: Irvin Goldman, Sol Heiman, Lewis Kook, Vogel, Morris Weisler. NOT IN PANEL: Norman Jack Kushner, Arthur Meisel. THIRD ROW: Dave Berger, Irwin Reicher, Sid Rosenblum, Nathan Myhoff, Herbert Moskowitz, Joseph Nelkin, Stan- Troum, Lewis Weiner. 259 KAPPA SIGMA iftna Ckaptef Old Father Time has marked up another notch for the Sigma chapter of Kappa Sigma. Purple Passion parties, a banquet in honor of a visiting national officer, and the debut of " Sigma Speaks, " a bi-monthly news letter of the chapter ' s activi- ties, left their marks on the wearers of the Scarlet, White, and Green. Chalking up first in the Pan-Hellenic ping-pong tourney, they were " in there fighting " hard during each sport event of the year. Postponed during the war, their famous Pirate Party, long a tradi- tional event on the campus, will soon be resumed, when the time presents itself. STANLEY CARPENTER Presi- ' ent Top: Food. Middle: And Then He Said Bottom: Going U-U-U-P. FIRST ROW: Stanley Carpenter, Preston Co- meaux, William Connelly, Jr., Ronald Cowart, R. C. Crockett, Harold Davidson, Jr., Robert Davis, El- wood Demmon, Jr. SECOND ROW: Glenn Doran, Albert Exiine, Prescott Follett, Gene Ford, Harry Gabriel, Alex Gillespie, William Green, Thomas Hall. THIRD ROW: Charles Hardey, Demetrios Hassakis, Ed Hays, Walter Kingston, Robert Lam- bright, Joe Landwehr, Allen Lottinger, John Mann. FOURTH ROW: Robert McGregor, Robert Meeker, Alcee Mo u ton, Paul Newell, Henry Obaugh, Richard Page, Robert Peace, Leon Sport. FIFTH ROW: Leslie Steen, Buell Stewart, Dave Treen, Aubrey White, Harry Wiegel, Jefferson Willis, John Young, Richard Young. NOT IN PANEL: Lee Ballage, Alan Bartlett, Lem Boone, Warren Brennan, Ross Cahal, Ira Carr, Claiborne Carter, H. M. Cowart, William Dalton, Bill Gor- day, Aynaud Hebert, Jack Honsinger, Norman Lambert, Howard Loveless, Vincent Massamini, Johnny Mitchell, Richard Rivers, Eddie Schultz, Phil Sizer, Albert Wagner, Billy Wall, Thomas Wil- kins, Kenneth Yoder. 261 PHI DELTA THETA FIRST ROW: Francis Armstrong, Harold Avant, Sterling Begner, Newell Berry, Tom Brown, Craig Cantrell, Mason Clarson. SECOND ROW: Francis Carnes, Lionel Currier, Donald Coulter, Walter Gagnet, Jr., Mac Geyer, Ray Goode, Frank How- ard, " J D " Kabler. THIRD ROW: Arthur LeBeau, Griffith Lee, Robert Logan, George Lynch, Stan- ley McEwen, Warren McKay, James Purzer, Tom Sandridge. FOURTH ROW: Julian Sims, Temple Stephens, Grant Stevens, Julian Tallichet, Alan Van Sinden, Jr., Charles Vorls, A. A. Watters, Gordon Wieselthier. NOT IN PANEL: John Barr, Jr., George Bryant, David Colebaugh, Philip Cooper, Jr., Mortimer Currier, James Griscom, William Hardee, Robert Huey, Alan Jones, Jr., Donald Kyle, John Lendzian, Charles McLaughlin, Donald Myers, Dale Niederloh, Al Stolen, Chancy Thuce, Sam Vreeland. 262 Top: Those Cups Again. Middle: Sliaky Purzer? Bottom: What Pretty Wallpaper. i NEWELL BERRY " Back home for keeps " rang through the halls of the " State Street Shelter " when, on January I, the Phi Delta Thetas moved lock, stock, and beer barrel! back into their home. Absent for over a year, the boys, mostly wearing the navy blue of V-12, made use of naval sacks while their house was sheltering another fraternity. This year was begun by stepping into number one position in the Pan-hHellenic swim meet, fol- lowed by a mere third place in softball, a second in football, then first in the bridge tourney. The Phi Delts like to brag on Brothers Sims and Can- trell, who did their best toward keeping up the Phi ' s scholastic standing, and Berry, who was the guiding hand behind Pan-Hel Council. icuUiana Alpha Chapter 263 ROBERT BARNETT President Way back when gran ' papa dashed around in his turtleneck sweater, the skull and crossbones of Phi Kappa Sigma made their appearance on the Tulane campus to be the first fraternity here. From that time on, the group has been one of the leading at school. Rescuing their Broadway home, they reopened its doors on occasion of cocktail parties, Saturday night informal gatherings, and other social events. Plauche gave up his position as house manager before taking over the Hullabaloo co-editorship en route to BMOC-ship. Viggo Olsen handled love affairs, while " Ducky " Riess of the faculty kept the boys on the straight and narrow. In Pan-Hellenic competition, the Phi Kaps took third with their Homecoming display. ift u C h a p t e t Top: Relax. Middle: Study in Charter, Jottom: Whafll It Be? 264 PHI KAPPA SIGMA FIRST ROW: Judson Allred, Jr., Bruce Alspach, Herbert Baker, Robert Barnett, David Barr, Emile Baumhauer, Jr., Jourdan Clapp, Jr. SECOND ROW: Albertus Dodson, Ernest Drackett, Jr., James Dunavant, John Harold, Jr., William Hiller, Donald Jackson, Robert Kline, Jr. THIRD ROW: Forrest Lipscomb, Frank Livingston, Paul Lorrain, Henry Magee, Jr., Robert Magee, Frank McMillan, II, James Murphy, Jr. FOURTH ROW: George Nusloch, II, Viggo Olsen, George Peck, Edmund Pixberg, Jr., Reuben Plant, James Plauche, Jr., Peter Smith, John Stafford. NOT IN PANEL: John Alois, Alvin Christovich, Jr., Edv ard Conroy, John Dudley, Lockwood Fell, Edward Jennings, Edward Kuzma, Clarence Lorio, Howard Mashaw, Lewis Odom, Jr., Grady Thigpen. 265 PI RAPPA ALPHA Cta Ckajjitef The PI Kappa Alphas, who tagged second place In the Pan-Hellenic Softball tourney, are just about bursting at the seams with BMOC ' s — witness two Phi Beta Kappas, two successive A. S. presi- dents, two successive Lagniappes presidents, two cheerleaders, a Tau Beta Pi electee, and business manager of the Jamb who also served as presi- dent of Kappa Delta Phi. During the height of the social season on the campus, the Pikes topped off their gay series of entertainments with the presen- tation of Dream Girl Betty Baucum, a luscious armf ul of dream for anyone! The Eta chapter of Tulane, taking second in the Pan-Hel bridge tourney, too, looks forward with renewed vigor to her first post-war year, as many members return from the service to complete inter- rupted educations. RALPH GAINES President Top: Don ' t Be Bashful, Ralph. Middle: The Line Up. BoHom: Vibrating the Tea Room. FIRST ROW: Walter Abel, Richard Alan, William Bailey, Jim Barnett, Alan Barton, Hiram Batson, John E. Bayles, Leroy Bengtson. SECOND ROW: John Bensen, Jack Brown, Gilbert Carpenter, Gerald C. Cambias, William Chandler, Jr., Paul Enns, Joseph Fowler, Ralph Gaines, Jr. THIRD ROW: Harry Garrett, Bob Hamman, Lemuel Haughton, Jack Henrichs, Thomas Harrah, Robert Kreutzer, William Long, Dave Loveman. FOURTH ROW: A. C. Lasseter, Charles Lay, Robert Lister, Charles Mathews, George McCaskey, Marcus McCord, Leiand Moore, Dean Pfieffer. FIFTH ROW: James Ray, Bernard Reams, Mar- ion Reeves, C. B. Reid, Donald Ryder, Pasquel Sanchez, Edgar Sharp, Wesley Thomas. SIXTH ROW: Henry Tip- pins, Richard Vander Meulen, Marcus Waring, Guyton Watkins, Harry Winters, Emmett Wroten, Jordan Zesch. NOT IN PANEL: Roy Anderson, Garland Barratt, Francis Beets, Herman Boese, Richard Bond, Joe Bennett, John Enos, Dee Hunter, Don Kohler, John Mackenzie, Marion McDonald, Kenneth Miller, Jack Molesworth, Charles Mc- Duff, Coultas Pears, Charles Powell, Dan Rawls, Kenneth Robinson, Nick Saigh, Harry Smith, William Tucker, E. P. Randolph, George Wood. 267 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON FIRST ROW: Robert Anderson, Neil Armstrong, IN PANEL: Ronny Black, Ted Debrecine, Chet III, Charles Camp, Jr., Gene Farlnet, Robert Had- Frazier, Cal Hadden, Dick Hadden, Leroy Jones, den, Dick Kline. SECOND ROW: Henry Le Mieux, Dick Lane, Dave Leathers, Buster Lowther, James Tom Lenfesty, John Martin, Sid Pate, Norvin Pel- Maguire, Ferd Milhas, James Miller, Roland Mitch- lerln, Otha Powell. THIRD ROW: Bob Read, Till- ell, Fred Muller, Hester Pasquier, Ed Picton, Rut- man Smithey, Roland Swardson, Thomas Watts, Al land Rowe, James Statton, Al Warren, Dick Weston, Edward Wheat, Jr., Roger Wing. NOT Willson. 268 Top: Propaganda. Middle: More Mustard, Karter? Bottom: Wtiere ' s Muller ' s Date? TOM WATTS President A year of post war fraternal success spangled with numerous parties and people was the Sig Alph ' s pleasure in the last eight months. The No- vember Barn Dance, Plantation Night at Black ' s famous home, and the Audubon Interfraternity Massacre are unforgettable as are Tex Smithey ' s cowboy boots, Harry Cabral ' s mad 30-day leave, and the doom of " The Comb. " Sid Pate ran the Jamb, " Swat " Swardson played Hulla Co-Ed, Yak-Yak Farinet was Campus Night chairman, and " Itchy " Wheat was just around. Pellerin made Ensign, Le MIeux made BMOC, Jake Muller made a date on the first phone call ' , and everybody made merry on the Mardi Sras truck ride. No tears, no house, but lots of good times. 7au Vfi AilpH Cha itet 1 JACK ZOLLER President With the coming of 1945, the Tulanian band of Sigma Alpha Mu celebrated 25 years on the cam- pus, and the event was marked by a dinner dance worthy of a silver anniversary. Further entertaining, the Sammies entered the social swing with numerous parties, several picnics, and other affairs during the summer and fall seasons. In Pan-Hellenic sports competition, they managed to take a fourth place in tennis and a third in the football tournament. Sifma atHtna Chafttet Top: As You Were, Rockaway. Middle: Tired Zoller? Bottom: Here ' s to It. 270 SIGMA ALPHA MU f fS, FIRST ROW: Howard Ginsberg, Jack Gold, Jacob Pulitzer, Ralph Robbins. THIRD ROW: Harold Goldblum, Irwin Heclcer, Richard Hodes, Edward Rockaway, Coleman Schneider, Morris Steinberg, Hytken, Murray Kaplan. SECOND ROW: Nor- Benjamin Sweet, Jack Wallick, Gerald Weiss, Jack man Karchmer, Robert Edwin Levy, Stanley Mai- Zoller. NOT IN PANEL: Roy Bernstein, Herbert ever, Herbert Mintz, Sidney Optowsky, Stanley Neufeld, Seymoure Somerstein. 271 S I G A C H I Alfika OmicfPH Chafttef The Cross of Sigma Chi has nof been idle on the campus this year. The ' 45 session has seen its wearers holding top student offices in the Naval ROTC battalion, in class and student body politics. Early in the spring, the presentation of their sweetheart took the campus spotlight as her identity was sought before it was revealed at the formal dance. Social events also enjoyed were hayrides, a Christmas eggnog party, an L. S. U. weekend affair, and open house for Homecoming activities. CLIFF BENJAMIN President ff» ■ KHI K M ■ i 1 ,._ ifl i W h Ji W ' . Ji J ?jf io 1 fH Si h m m 1 H f 1 Ll I it 1 A BI Top: Cliff at the Wishing Well. Middle: Which Hafs It Under? Bottom: Trophy Room, No Doubt. FIRST ROW: Ernest Amsler, Cliff Benjamin, Charles Bricker, Preston Craig, Warren Davis, Harold Dodd, Nollie Felts. SECOND ROW: Thomas Green, William Hardy, Samuel Hinton, Robert Jones, Frank Kilgore, Dan Kraft, George Leach- man. THIRD ROW: Robert Lee, Pope Moseley, William Nixon, Bernard Patrick, Thomas Perkins, Robert Pierpont, Raymond Rawls, Charles Reid. FOURTH ROW: William Reynolds, Clifford Schatz, Frank Stewart, James Stockton, George Summer- ville, William Watkins, Benjamin Whiteley, John Williams. NOT IN PANEL: George Bethea, Don Bone, Eugene Bradford, Paul Brosman, Eldon Brown, Louis Brunck, Robert Brush, Walter Corcoran, Charles Eck, Jack Ferrel, Bill Fuller, Meriwether Garing, Don Gray, Joe Haas, Douglas Harris, Al- len Hazen, Gordon Henger, Frank Hogan, Thomas Howard, William Jacobs, James Jordon, Patrick Kelly, Mills Kernagan, Don King, Dewey Kuhn, Randy Larson, Charles Martin, Bob McDonald James Murphy, Bill Neilson, Pat Patterson, Bill Pyron, William Robertson, Dwight Rodds, Jack Short, George Soule, Luke Stravesnik, Bill Van Kirk. 273 S I G A P I FIRST ROW: Robert Armbrus+er, Jr., Merlin Relnhardt, Ward Sadler, Fred Schwarz, Behrmann Auzine, George Caruso, Philip Ciaccio, John Clark. Thibodaux, Harold Wedig. NOT IN PANEL: Lee SECOND ROW: Sherwood Crews, Carl Dolce, Bateman, Howard Bell, David Bierhorst, George James Girado, Jr., Joseph Landrieu, Donald Mc- Davila, Jack Nielsen, Bruce Nunez, Bruce Steven- Curley. THIRD ROW: Charles Phillips, Robert son. 274 Top: Informal Hay Ride. Middle: What Was That, Penny? Bottom: They Uio a Vat. fr J J DON McCURLEY President The boys who were known as the Secret Six at the beginning of the year have gone far, and now overflow fheir hovel across the way from New- comb. The fradi+ional Alumni Banquet was fol- lowed by a series of picnics at Fountainebleau Park, watermelon parties, and hayrides — all of which, they think, shows they have definitely gone hayseed. . . . Rounding out the year for the carriers of the famed Lil ' Brown Jug was the customary Christmas party at which members swapped presents de- picting the character of the recipients. OmicMh Chaptei " m 275 HAROLD GORDON President Fun, -frolicking, and feasting was fhe order of the day when the Tulane chapter of Zeta Beta Tau met on the middle ground of Covington with the LSUians for an all-day picnic, which highlighted their social program for this year. During the football season, open house after each game was held, and culminated in a large gathering of the old grads at Homecoming. Inter- mingled with these events were dances, truck rides, treasures hunts, stags, and a banquet honoring new members. In Pan Hellenic events, the Zebes copped the ping-pong trophy, and placed in football and base- ball. iftha Cha itei ' gRMHinr ' Tod: See Bruised Middle: Look at the Camera Next Time. Bottom: I Saw You When You Did It. 276 ZETA BETA TAU FIRST ROW: Gerald Berenson, Ted Block, Law- Aaron Selber. FOURTH ROW: Henry Simon, rence Cohen, Sidney Cohn, Albert Fraenkel, David Rorr,=r,J ] r u=..r„ C U d u 4. c x- u ' ' ' Dernard oolomon. Marry bolomon, Kobert oontield, Fried, Jr., Richard Garfunkel. SECOND ROW: _, , Charles Stern, Henry Stern, Howard Strauss, Sam Harold Gordon, Carol Hart, Gabe Hausmann, Joseph Hirsch, Bernard Jacobs, Robert Kahn, Jos- eph King, David Levy. THIRD ROW: Richard Levy, Walter Levy, Paul Mayerson, William Rosen- thal, James Saft, Morris Scharff, Morey Sear, Mintz, Jay Rubin, Marvin Wolff. Threefoot. NOT IN PANEL: Maury Bronstein, Theo Heller, Eugene Hesdorffer, Charles Kahn, Leon Kahn, Norman Kaufmann, Arnold Lefkovits, Albert 277 PHI IOTA ALPHA Left to Right: Armando Silva, Manuel Miranda, Rafael Canton, Matio deObaldia, Juan Acevedo. Not Pictured: Adolfo Arroclia Ubal- dino Correa, Luis Davila, Alvaro Fonseca, Danilo Herrera, Waldo Rodriguez, Tomas Sosa. Founded in 1931 as fhe result of a fusion of Sigma loha and Phi Lambda Alpha, established in Tulane in 1924 and 1912, respectively, the Delta chapter of Phi lota Alpha fraternity consists of Latin and Central American students in the university. Each year it offers a medal to the winner of a contest for the selection of the best essay in Spanish on any one of a series of Latin American subjects written by a non-Spanish-speak- ing student of Tulane. It endeavors to sponsor talks by outstanding Latin American personalities, one such being delivered last fall by Dr. Salvador Mendieta, the " number one " leader of the Central-American unionist movement, author of sev- eral books on the subject, professor of constitutional law In several Latin-American universities, and honorary member of the fraternity. 278 he It a Ckajgtef i ALL WORK AND NO PLAY, GOES THE PROVERBIAL SAYING, SO TULANE, TOO, LOOKS OUT FOR A WELL-ROUNDED CORRICOLOM, TURNING TO A PROPOR- TIONATE AMOUNT OF Jtk etiCJ i €||||| ■ • " W ' ® ■X m fith le tic T H E lulane ATHLETIC In the final year of World War I!, Tulane kept up Its all-around Inter- collegiate athletic program as It had since the very beginning when others less hardy chose the easier path of discontinuing sports competition. But the Green Wave had none-too-klnd a year In Its six major fields of endeavor. Though It had held Its own In the early days of the war, Tulane began to feel the real manpower pinch and in 1945 It recorded little that will stand out in the history of the school ' s athletic program. HORACE RENEGAR Director of Public Relations ASSOCIATION The best sport of the year was Coach Monk Simons ' baseball team th t enjoyed a season comparable to the best In the annals of the University. Only those teams of by-gone days when Eddie Morgan and Carl Lind starred had records anywhere near as good as the ' 45 Greenle nine. Golf and tennis were about on a par for the Wave. These two teams acquitted themselves well and had better than average records. Coach Ernie Sutter ' s net team played hard and often with successful results. The Wave ' s track and field athletes showed some improvement over the year before and with a little more luck and punch would have turned In a most successful season. They won the S. L. I. relays and placed third in the S. E. C. meet. Football and basketball found the Green Wave at low tide. The basketballers and the footballers alike found the opposition too tough, and though they did their best, it was not enough to crown with success the efforts of the Green Wave. CLAUDE " MONK " SIMONS Head Ccach MUREL NEMECEK Backfield Coach PINEY PAGE Line Coach LEFTY HAYNES End Coach TOMMY O ' BOYLE Assistant Line Coach DUTCH LUCHSINGER Trainer 283 DASHING DICK " HOOT Hard-running Halfback K k % up and Atom, Greenies. gN4 Camt aifH GETS UNDERWAY The 1945 football season at Tulane called for fhe toughest sched- ule any Green Wave eleven had been asked to face in 52 years, but provided only a wartime " freshnrian " team with which to meet it. It was a case of one of those " postwar dream " schedules and only a wartime squad to cope with it. But not the least awed by the big names which confronted it, the Green Wave set itself to meet week after week, the toughies which it was called upon to face. It was a team, freely sprinkled with rookie players straight up from the prep ranks, with a few early-returned war veterans and just the barest of help from the Naval ROTC unit which had the year before been so productive. In its nine games, the Greenies seemed to do their best when the odds were against them. They highlighted their season with performances against the grid giants, but marred it by falling prey to the not-so-well regarded lesserlights. High water mark of the season came when the Wave assumed tidal proportions to roll convincingly over a Mississippi State team which previously had been unbeaten. A much-abused Green Wave burst the State bowl bubble when it least expected it. Secondary feature of the year came after 30 minutes had been played against the Mighty Irish and the Green Wave had not only held the titans scoreless, but had assumed a one-touchdown lead through sheer intestinal fortitude. HUGH BOWERS CenTer 285 •»-j yj " i Mty ;f r m He Hardly Gained a Yard. teen eJ, ' aUfJ IN MUDDY DRAW TULANE, 6; FLORIDA, 6 In its curtain-raiser with the ' Gators of the University of Florida, Tulane ran into more trouble than it expected. Slippery footing spoiled the well-planned inaugural ap- pearance of the " T " formation to which Greenie fans had looked forward. Up and do n the field the Wave raged, showing off its new pass attack. But fumbling and a lack of scoring punch denied each Tulane attempt to cross paydirt. On paper the Wave should have won by a mile, but in reality it took a last-minute " Merriwell " pass from Ray ' Mighty Mouse " Slowed by " General Mud " ! Arthur to Tony Cash to tie up the ball game at 6-6. The ' Gators had made their only score in the third quarter after taking advantage of one of the Wave ' s many fumbles. It was the first college appearance for many of the frosh who badly demonstrated the need of more experience. TULANE, 7; RICE, 13 The Rice game, next up for the Wave, and the only one on the road all season, was a case of trying too hard. Determined to prove its ability and to get into the win column, the Greenies all week long spent gruei- LEROY SCHNEIDER Tackle MutH BESTS WAVE TULANE, 14; TIGERS, 21 JACK COUNCE Halfback P ROY BAILEY End Down for the Count Goes An Auburn Tiger. ling hours on fhe practice field. And that ' s where they left their play, for at Houston, the Wave met an inspired Rice eleven which never gave it a chance and which completely upset the well-laid Tulane plans, 13-7. After Rice had taken a 13-0 lead at halftime, the Wavemen got back into the game in the third period with a TD on an aerial, Ernie Crouch to Marvin McCain. And though the Greenies held the Owls scoreless, they themselves never could get across the goal- line to change the complexion of the contest. There was real reason for hope as the situation brightened after the playing of the Auburn game. The Wave was beaten, 20-14, but it had given a good account of itself and until the final whistle, had tried valiantly to take command of the situation. In fact, a last-minute interception halted what might have been the game-tying touchdown for the Wave. Again it was the Wave ' s newly-mastered aerial prowess that paid off. After the Tigers had gotten off to a 13-0 advantage, the Green Wave spiritedly kept up its efforts to score. And it did, on a 66-yard completion of a pass from Bill Leahey to Ray Arthur. WAVE MAULS ntuMan TULANE, 19; S. M. U,. 7 Still in -j-here pitching, Tulane, playing with the ser- vices of Dick Hoot for the first time this season, scored again in the third stanza on a toss good for 20 yards from Leahey to Hoot. The Wave ' s Hugh Bowers, smallish center, put his name on the lips of grid enthusiasts with another great Greenle Razzle-Dazzle, Crouch to Counce. Counce ' s Booting Helps to Halt Mustangs. game. Since the season ' s start, Hugh had played for all he was worth and until hurt later In the season, his center play was a feature of the Wave ' s season. Reaching loftier heigts, the Green Wave broke into the win column with a convincing 19-7 verdict over a well-regarded Southern Methodist team. Coming into his own for the first time, after overcoming an early season injury, was the Navy ' s " Dashing Dick " Hoot. It was the hard charging of Hoot that finally got the Wave ground game Into gear for the first time. But no little credit for victory was due to the alert pass defense of Quarterback Ernie Crouch, who twice plucked Mustang missiles from the blue to turn them into Green Wave touches. It looked as though the Greenies had made another Wave ' s Bowers Closes the Gap. Heroic Goal-Line Stands Aid Wave Upset of Mississippi State. SWEET SUCCESS: Julane TOPPLES STATE WAVE, 14; MAROONS. 13 fatal mistake when the Mustangs turned a first-period fumble into a score that sent them off into the lead. In the second quarter, the diminutive Crouch, 147 pounds of energy, took matters into his own hands by convert- ing a Pony pass into a 30-yard Tulane touchdown trek. From here out, the Wave was on the march and with Hoot on the offensive and Jack Counce successfully countering the punting of the Mustangs ' Maley, the Wave took over. Hoot plunged across shortly after Bowers had re- covered an S. M. U. fumble and for another " first " of the season, the Wave was ahead. Though the Texans pulled every trick that their passing wizardry allowed, still the " not-to-be-denied " Tulanians stood them off. And in the third period, the deal was clinched when the ever-alert Crouch scampered 50 yards with another " borrowed " Mustang aerial. Coach Monk Simons ' boys drew national attention to their giant-killing and caused not a little uneasiness for their opponent and the next opponent of the Maroons when the Green Wave arose from the early-season depths to the season ' s highest pitch with a 14-13 upset of a State team that had previously bowled over four foes. Crouch Ready to Toss a Bull ' s Eye. Reynolds Rolls Against Tough Techmen. JOE CHAVEZ Fullback TOUTED TECH " 11 " luMe TULANE TULANE, 6; GEORGIA TECH, 41 There were many commendable features of this game. Chief among these was the fact that a dozen freshmen contributed in a large measure to the success achieved. There were many who could have been written up as 111 II heroes. Harry Levonian whose faithful foot twice sent the pig- skin soaring through the uprights for the all-important conversions was one of these . . . Dave Rideout and Dave Banowetz, whose bull-like charges when the going was the toughest, set up the winning score . . . Hugh Carney who got into his first game to aid on the de- fense . . . Gaston Bourgeois ' herculean efforts in the shadow of his own goal posts which twice kept the Maroons from reaching paydirt . . . Hugh Bowers again . . . Roy Bailey and his coverage on punts that sent receivers reeling . . . Walter Fergerson and Dick Hoot with their contributions to victory. But it was a " team " victory, sweet for every Greenie who had toiled long and hard the week before in antici- pation of just such a moment of glory. The whole line from end to end had withstood the rabbit-like jumping of State ' s touted Harper Davis and their Don Robinson. The victory-hungry Mississippians counted on little resistance from an underdog Tulane team. And when they pushed over their first touchdown hardly five CLAYTON TIMKEN Tackle Crouch Sets Ouf on Own Hoolc. " «f " • • ■ ll BAFFLE WAVE TULANE. 20 CLEMSON, 48 ■-y. JIK» GEORGE ROBINSON Tackle Fast-charging Tigers Smother McCain ' s Kick. minutes after the start of the game on Robinson ' s hard running, there were the State rooters calling for more touchdowns. It wasn ' t long until they got more than they asked for because In one sharp, well-executed play the Green Wave covered 68 yards on a perfect pass from Crouch to Hoot. And when the sure-footed Levonian booted the point, the Green Wave moved to the fore. State, a little flabbergasted at this show of strength, called into play its big " gun, " Harper Davis, who many said couldn ' t be stopped. He did come through this once and, before the halftime whistle, had jockeyed the visitors Into a 13-7 lead. What was said between the halves in the Tulane dressing room Is not a matter of record. But It led to a second-half performance which long will stand as the height of determination and team play. In the middle of the third period as the seconds ticked off and the Wave was kept in Its own territory, things looked none too bright. But there was a spark that ignited every Tulanian when Dave Banowetz tore through the middle for a 29-yard gain. And when Dave Rideout followed this up with a 47-yard dash to set up the winning touchdown which he later got by old-fashioned plunging, the decision was up to the educated toe of Harry Levonian, who produced a kick straight and true to give the Wave a 14-13 lead which it never relinquished. DAVID RIDEOUT Halfback Clemson Line Manhandles Leahey. ' r IT ' S A HALF-PERFECT TULANE, 6; NOTRE DAME, 32 The game was ■far from over at this time, for another whole quarter and part of the third still had to be played which meant more of that Davis zig-zag and that Robinson power. But suiting themselves to the task, the Greenies on three occasions hurled themselves into the breach to shut off would-be State scores. It was sweet success, the kind that can only be won by " blood, sweat and tears. " Next in line came Georgia Tech ' s Yellow Jackets, always tough customers for the Green Wave to handle. This year proved no exception to a Tulane team that had put out so much in winning against State. It was handi- capped by injuries carried over and by a lack of ade- quate substitutes which plainly showed in the score of the Tech encounter, 41-7. Prelude to Fireworks. Dancewicz Pass Intercepted by Crouch. For three quarters, the Wave battled the boys from Atlanta giving little ground. But it was a disastrous final frame that resulted in such an uneven score. After holding the Jackets to a 20-7 count in 45 minutes of play, a tiring Wave " 11 " became an easy mark In the fourth and through its own errors enabled the Engineers to rack up 21 markers in 15 minutes. The running of Jack Counce and Dick Hoot again were Greenle highlights. It was Hoot ' s 22-yard dash In the third and Levonlan ' s boot that combined to chalk up the Wave ' s seven points. The Clemson Tigers next Invaded massive Tulane Sta- dium to take on the Wave, but nearly as well heralded as the grid contest was the drill corps of the Clemson military unit. Both the gridders and the drillers showed the results of razzle-dazzle teaching which well could have come from the same text-book. In the free-scoring game, all too free for Tulane fol- lowers, the underdog Clemsons executed everything but the officials to score on a bewildered " Green " Wave. They called into play the old Statue of Liberty, several variations of a fake kick and generally threw every- thing they had at the Wave except the bench and medi- cal kit. Halfbacks Jim Reynolds and Billy Poe were as neat a pair as faced the Greenies all season. And the hard charging Clemson line was no soft touch either. The Wave ' s scores came twice on passes and once on a quarterback sneak by Bill Leahey. Dick Hoot took in a Crouch 12-yard bullet for the second score while Dave Rideout Ignored a couple of Clemson defenders In shagging the final touchdown toss from Leahey. The story of Tulane ' s homecoming game with Notre Dame would make more adventuresome reading had the game ended at halftime Instead of at the end of the fourth period. For the Initial appearance of the famed Irish in the Crescent City and in the Deep South, close to 65,000 fans turned out to set a new Southern football attend- ance record. Truthfully, many came just to see the Irish. But before the game was over, they ' d seen not only a visiting Notre Dame team, but a Tulane Green Wave that again played its hearts out knowing how over- whelming the odds were against it. As Tulanians like to say it, Tulane led Notre Dame, 6-0, at the end of the half. But the records still will show that the Irish came back in time to register a 32-6 victory over a fierce-resisting Green Wave. With a first quarter spurt that can best be likened to a juggernaut, the Green Wave took the opening Irish kickoff and roared 68 yards to a touchdown that had the mighty Ramblers aghast. In three minutes Tulane had scored as a result of some Irish Rush Coffin-corner Kiclcer. — r " " " »»™ ' -g- I II I iwiiiiiiiimi " I ■ " ■ " ■ ' Complete Homecoming with Convertibles The Navy on Parade . . . . and a Royal Court. Alumni President Talks. Hoot Hauls One in on the Run. Tiger Nearly Nailed in End Zone. good quarferbacking, hard running and well-thrown passes. From its own 32-yard line, Tulane ripped off three consecutive first downs on charges by Jack Counce, Dick Hoot and Marvin McCain carrying to the N. D. 29. Counce took a pass from Crouch down to the 7-yard line and a pass to Hoot was allowed on the one for Irish interference. When Counce crashed through for the score, the Wave registered its first TD on a Notre Dame team. For Jack, it was his greatest thrill. Only the year before he was a Class " B " prepper and on Saturdays saw Tulane play by selling programs. Now he had scored Gaston Bouigeois and " Ike " Igleheart Greenie Guard Greats on Notre Dame and the Wave kept it that way, not allowing the Irish to retaliate until the third period. It was a brilliant Tulane defense and a courageous stand that successfully held off the power of the Irish so long. At the end of the third, it was only 13-6 in favor of the Irish. But in the final period, they poured it on many Tulane reserves who were sent in just to have the " thrill " of playing against the nationally famed Irish. The Louisiana titular battle with arch-rival Louisiana State University closed the Green Wave ' s gridiron season. The Bayou Bengals, highly favored, lived up to advance notices and racked up a 33-0 victory over the Wavemen who in vain tried to pull another one of their upsets out of the hat. The Tigers simply were too powerful, experienced and versatile for the Sreenies who to the last struggled to hold down the score. In the game ' s waning minutes, Tulane staged a goal-line stand, one of their specialities developed through the season by constant practice. It held in check the Tigers who were intent on upping the count. In the battle of statistics the Greenies fared not so bad, making 12 first downs to 16 for the Tigers. But a stout Tiger line and a lack of scoring power combined to keep the Greenies from reaching the coveted end zone. As is customary, Tulane Captains Jack Counce and Al Stolen surrendered their football pants to the winning Tiger captains after the game. So ended the 1945 Tulane football season which will be known for a fighting but undermanned squad of grid warriors who gave all they had as long as they had it to give. They provided thrills, interesting games and won their share of headlines, but also more than their share of heartaches. 294 Just a Pre-game " Flip. " Looks Like Tough Going for the Greenies, L. S. U. Aeriol Play Covered by Wave ' s Rideout. TIGERS PROVE TOO HOT TO HanMe TULANE. 0; L.S.U., 33 JIMMY LASSETTER End RAY OLSEN TULANE ON THE HARDWOOD DON DUNCAN CHUCK WELLBORN Baskefball had an off-year a+ Tulane in 1944-45 and It ' s a good bef that fhe Green Wave record keepers will not go much into fhe defails of fhis season. Especi- ally since if so closely followed the record 1943-44 season when Coach " Lefty " Haynes ' cagers made history by taking fhe L. S. U. Tigers into camp four consecutive times. It was another war-time Green Wave that faced many obstacles in finding a practice field, making a repre- sentative schedule and in securing topnotch players. The Greenles found themselves for the second straight season without their gymnasium because of the navy ' s occupancy. Most of the hardwood encounters were with New Orleans area service teams which meant that competi- tion was either very tough or mediocre. In case of Kessler Field, the Gulfport service Installations and the Pensacola Naval Station, the inexperienced Green Wave cagers were asked to face many ex-college stars and not just a few players who boasted All-American basket- ball honors. In Southeastern Conference competition, the Green Wave lost its quarterfinals contest to the University of Alabama at the annual tournament In Louisville, 51-31. It had received a first-round bye. The perennial Univer- sity of Kentucky Wildcat cagers of Adolph Rupp again took down the loop championship by beating Tennessee. The Wave broke exactly even in regular season en- gagements with conference foes. It opened with a neat 42-35 victory over Mississippi State in the lair of the neighboring Maroons. But It dropped a " home " game, played at the Y.M.H.A. gym, to a potent Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket aggregation, 49-38. In the annual series with the arch-rival Bayou Bengals of Louisiana State, the Tulane hoopsters exchanged vic- 296 ALVIN DEWS LEON HOLSTED " Going Up " Duncan Taps One in Against fhe Tig ers. I I- " - — -- pa w i i mmmm Svendson Rings the Bell. Tulane ' s Hardwood Hotshots. torles by copping a pair of contests played in New Orleans and then bowing out in two tilts contested in Baton Rouge. L.S.U. ' s conference scoring leader, Clyde Lindsey, proved too nnuch on his own floor for the Greenies who had held him in check in the opening games of the series. The season was cut short unexpectedly when the Green Wave was forced to cancel a couple of out-of- town games with Auburn and Georgia Tech because of the examination schedule. The Wave did about as well as could be expected with the wherewithal at hand and performed creditably in even the games that it dropped to the all-powerful service teams. But the 1944-45 season is In the books now and Tulane can look forward to many better seasons ahead. Tulane . Tulane Tulane . Tulane . Tulane Tulane Tulane Tulane Tulane Tulane Tulane , Tulane , Tulane , Tulane . Tulane . Tulane Tulane Sou+heas}ern Confer SEASON ' S RECORD . 33; Camp Plauche 28 . 36; Keesler Field 44 . 36; Jackson Barracks 27 . 33; Keesler Field 47 . 42; Gulfport AAF 51 . 42; Mississippi State 35 . 38; Algiers Repair Base 43 . 43; Gulfport Naval Station . . 55 . 33; Pensacola Naval Station ... 59 . 32; Pensacola Naval Station ... 49 . 38; Georgia Tech 49 . 45; Louisiana State 43 . 44; Louisiana State 32 . 55; Louisiana State 61 . 44; Louisiana State . 50 . 57; N. O. Naval Station .... 31 .31; Alabama 51 ence Tournament. TROYE SVENDSON Walking on Air. fW| " BELTIN ' BOBBY " BROWN BISEBUL Talane yearn Ha6 teat eaJcH There was baseball a plenty for the Tulane Green Wave that copped 21 victories In 27 starts, for one of the Greenies ' finest diamond seasons ever. Nearly every afternoon of the week, during the season, Tulane was engaged In generating baseball hits by the carloads. The Wave boasted one of the most powerful hitting clubs seen In New Orleans outside of the professional Pelicans. It was a " TNT " team that banged out so many base hits that It didn ' t much matter how the Wave pitchers worked, though the Greenies claimed several hurling aces and sported a fancy fielding team afield. Large scores were the usual. There were few games in which the Wave failed to score over half a dozen runs. In line with this general offensive policy, the opponents usually pushed across quite a few runs them- selves. Simons Shows Greenle Gardeners. COURTNEY OWENS EUGENE PETERSON JOHNNY ANDERSON The New Orleans newspapers followed from day to day the winning record of the Green Wave. Tulane won 12 straight triumphs before bowing in a single con- test. That ' s quite a string of victories and in each edition the headlines raved " Tulane Takes Another, " " Wave Wins 1 0th. " The season began with a large turnout to Coach Simons ' diamond call. Some 70 athletes decided to try their hand at the horsehide game. After the field had been narrowed down, the Wave got down to its serious work and the business of winning ball games. There were only three holdover letter winners from the previous season, an infielder, an outfielder and one lone moundsman. This was a nucleus around which to build, but there was plenty of building to do. As in basketball, the 1945 baseball season called for " Chief " Livengood and Wave Moundsmen. a " war-time " schedule which meant games with all avail- able teams and as little travel as possible. The Wave took Into camp most of the local service outfits, even winning twice or more in home-and-home series with some teams. Included on the Greenle list of victims were teams such as the Eighth Naval Headquarters, Lagarde Hos- pital, Algiers Naval Repair Base, New Orleans Naval Hospital, and Naval Air Station. A swing onto the usually potent Installations of the Gulf Coast proved all victorious for the Greenles who dusted off Keesler Field, the Gulfport Naval Training Center and the Gulfport Army Air Field. Such strong coast outfits had been the nemesis of Tulane athletic teams for several years. Only mark on an otherwise unscarred and successful season was the annual four-game rivalry with the Louisi- ana State Tigers who edged the Wave In two close games to cop the series, three games to one. It was the Ole War Skule that halted the Wave winning streak at 12 victories when they won the series opener and first game of a doubleheader played on the Greenle diamond. No. 13 proved unlucky for the Green Wave. After dividing a twin bill here, the Tigers played hosts to the Greenles In Baton Rouge and annexed the honors In both games of a doubleheader, winning the deciding contest by a bare 1-0 margin. It was a grand baseball season, one that will long be remembered. There were individual stars by the mul- titude, thrilling games and easily won contests — and the Green Wave produced a team, that some have favor- ably compared to the club on which Eddie Morgan and Carl LInd played before attaining success In the pro leagues. •— Tulane Tulane Tulane Tulane Tulane Tulane Tulane Tulane Tulane Tulane Tulane ALVIN DEWS 9 9 14 2 10 6 8 5 16 5 10 SEASON ' S RECORD Elglrl-h Naval Headquarters ... LaGarde Hospital 7 Algiers Naval Repair Base ... I LaSarde Hospital I Algiers Naval Repair Base ... 7 New Orleans Naval Hospital . . 3 New Orleans Naval Air Station . I LaGarde Hospital Eighth Naval Headquarters ... I Louisiana State 7 Louisiana State 6 Tulane Tulane Tulane Tulane Tulane Tulane Tulane Tulane Tulane Tulane 7 II 4 8 10 6 2 Walloping Wavemen New Orleans Pelicans . . Louisiana State Louisiana State Keesler Field Eighth Naval Headquarters Keesler Field Gulfport Naval Station Gulfport Army Air Field . Algiers Naval Repair Base Gulfport Naval Station JACK WATERS JOHNNY OWEN CARROLL ELLO 301 GOLF Greenie Golfers An abbreviated golf season found the Tulane links team extending its mastery over the L. S. U. Tiger greensmen to four straight victories. The Wave, coached by Innes Millar, turned in two virtual whitewashes of the Bayou Bengal ball chasers to add to the two triumphs of the previous season. In the first of the series, the Greenies handed the Tigers a I7V2-V ' 2 shellacking on their own Country Club course in Baton Rouge. Only one Bengal golfer managed to score. In the return battle In New Orleans, the Wave was again victorious in every singles and doubles match for a 16-2 massacre. The soldier shooters of Keesler Field took the Greenies in their first outing of the season, scoring a I7y2 to 9 ' a victory over the Wave on the Audobon golf course. In a conference match played here, Georgia Tech eked out a one-point 9V2 to 8V2 win over the Green Wave. Karl Humes was the lone letterwinner to report back for the 1945 season, though he gained able assistance from Charles Croxton, Robert Jellison, Richard Mar- torell, Robert McGregor and James Moore, all of whom earned their letters. Jimmy Moore of Amarillo, Tex., was the team ace. He consistently shot close to par 72 rounds and during the entire season never lost a singles match. KARL HUMES JIMMY MOORE BOB JELLISON HARRY ROBINSON BILLY CORBELL RAY ARTHUR Displaying a decided improvement over the previous season, Tulane ' s track and field squad enjoyed one of its most successful campaigns in several years. The Sreenies climaxed their season by snatching third place in the Southeastern Conference meet although they entered only eight thinclads. In their first outing, the annual Southwestern Relay Carnival at Lafayette, the tracksters surprised even their most ardent rooters with a smashing victory over all opposition. Scoring 46 points, the Green Wave smoth- ered second-place Texas A. M., third-place Louisiana State University, and fourth-place Louisiana Tech. Because of a light schedule, the clndermen laid off a whole month before entering Into any further competi- tion. In a duel meet at Atlanta, Tulane pro ed no match for the well-balanced Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. The Engineers rolled up eighty-seven and two- thirds points to the Greenies thirty-eight and one-third markers. Highlight of the season was the encounter bjetween Tulane and L. S. U., a meet which no Tulane team has been able to win for 13 years, since 1931. Jumping off to a substantial lead, the Wavemen seemed headed toward that elusive victory over the Bayou Bengals. 303 Wane lkii-4 ih . C C tfteet HENRY ANGULO It was a most dramatic track meet that spring after- noon. Far out in front after the early events, Tulane ' s margin was slowly trimmed by a late Tiger surge. The Bengals gathered points in events which they had not entered before. The once commanding Tulane lead was whittled away, and the Greenles were forced into the final relay with a 57 to 55 edge. To add to the dismay, Joe Rault turned up with a bum leg, and Johnny Ander- son, a former 440 high school ace, shed his baseball togs and stepped from the sidelines to volunteer his services in the deciding race. He delivered well in the clutch but the Tigers were fresher and had the necessary stamina to outlast a valiant Green Wave effort for the victory that enabled them to eke out a 60 to 57 decision. Mainstays for Tulane were veteran letter-winners Hugh Liles, Stewart Williams, Billy Corbell, and Joe Renfroe, who again earned their monograms, and Ray Arthur, Marvin McCain, Harry Robinson, Troye Svendson, Henry Augulo, and Herbert Williams. FRED ROSEMAN JOE RENFROE TROYE SVENDSON 304 FRANK SCHUTZ MARVIN McCain In the Southeastern Conference meet, Liles was the Greenie luminary as he took down top honors In both the high and low hurdles to tie for high-point laurels of the meet with Tom Dickey of L. S. U. In the high and low hurdles, Tulane secured six out of eight berths with Frank Schutz and Frank Burge placing behind the speedy Liles. Corbell ' s all-out effort in the mile and McCain ' s better-than-22-feet leap In the broad jump were good enough to garner firsts in both events. De- spite their limited representation, the Green Wave fin- Ished ahead of Auburn, Tennessee, Mississippi State and Florida. The lack of a complete schedule and other incentives to regular practice somewhat marred the season. It was, however, an improvement over its immediate predeces- sor and with a few holdovers, returning veterans, and incoming freshmen, the Green Wave should continue its climb in the track and field world and provide Tulane with a team to which It can point with pride. Sprint Speedsters " Rip " Reynolds, Harry Robinson, Marvin McCain and " Penny " Bobo Get Set. TENNIS It was a banner year on the clay courts for the Tulane tennis team which chalked up seven victories and one tie in 10 matches played during the season. For the second straight year, the Green Wave racqueteers per- formed under the tutelage of Ernie Sutter, former Tulane Southern intercollegiate champion, who gave his own time while studying in the College of Law. Again the Green Wave enjoyed a marked superiority over the Louisiana State Tigers, winning both matches without dropping a singles or doubles contest. Whitewash 6-0 scores were the order for the Wave In its decisive triumphs over the Bengal boys. Tulane lost only to Keesler Field and to Georla Tech. Playing a lengthy match, the Wave dropped a 6-3 decision to the Kees- ler ites. The Green les tasted their only defeat in college compe- tition at the hands of a fine Georgia Tech team, 4-2. The Jackets repeated the victories of their football, basketball and golf teams and boasted nationally prominent players. The Sutter swingers opened the season with a clean sweep in the annual match with the New Orleans Lawn Tennis Club. The lone tie of the season came when a strong City Park Tennis Club quartet broke even, 3-3, with the Greenles in a hotly con- tested match. Tulane continued its season by playing host to the Rice Insti- tute Owls. But contrary to local hospitality, the Greenies showed no mercy In bringing about a 6-0 defeat of the visitors from Houston, Texas. The Greenies scored a pair of victories over a team from LaGarde General Army Hospital, taking 9-0 and 6-0 verdicts. Another triumph was accounted for at the expense of the Camp Plauche army Installation. Coach Ernest Sutter Tulane ' s Clay Court Colorbearers. Pears, Lefkovltz. Watters, Benson, Bartlett. Baker. Waters C R H K G R E E N I E Vet TEA HARCOURT WATERS ALAN BARTLETT HERBERT BAKER ARNOLD LEFKOVITS Harcourt Waters captained the netters and nnaintained his No. I rating throughout the entire season . . . Harcourt is the son of Arthur C. Waters, former Tulane tennis letterwlnner . . Waters and Adair Watters were the only lettermen to report for the 1945 tennis team . . . Alan Bartlett, a freshman, was one of the Wave ' s finest performers . . . During the entire regular season he lost only one match, to Howard McCall of Georgia Tech . . Alan Is the brother of former Tulane tennis captain, Roy Bartlett, and a cousin to Earl . . . He would have taken part in national net competition, representing Tulane, except for a call from the Navy just after the regular season had ended . . . Herbert Baker was the team ' s No. 3 player ... He had been out for the 1944 team and the coaching by Sutter paid off in some fine tennis by the former Shreveport La., city champion . . . Arnold Lefko- vits, a basketball letterwlnner, did all right on the courts as the Wave ' s No. 4 singles player . . . Arnie was a former Alabama state star from Bessemer . . . Adair Watters and Coultas Pears were other Wave players who took part In many matches . . It was Tulane against Tulane In the N. O. Lawn Tennis match, for two players — Bill Ogden and Billy Connery — once were In school. . . . Another with Tulane loyalties was Walker Harris, Newman High star and son of President Rufus C. Harris . . . Walker has another year of high school before entering Tulane . . . The Wave faced a tough assignment againt Georgia Tech with Frank Willett and Howard McCall, both veteran players and Southern tennis stars . . . The Tech match provided, perhaps, the finest tennis exhibition of the season with the Wave finally bowing, but not without making a strong stand and copping one singles and one doubles match . . . One of the L. S. U. matches was postponed a week due to the death of President Franklin D. Roosevelt . . Tulane entered Captain Waters and Herbert Baker In national tournament play , . . Representing the Green Wave, Waters and Baker took part in the Southern Men ' s Tournament played at Birmingham, Ala. . . . They bowed out early, however ... It was on to the National Collegiate Athletic Association Tournament in Evanston III., for the touring Tulanians . . . Waters played a two- hour long opening match which he won over Warren Drake of West Point, 6-2, 5-7, 6-4 . . Harcourt fell before the crashes of mighty Nick Buiolich of George Pepperdine College, 7-5, 6-4, though his cool and calculated play won the notice of the critics . . . The youthful Baker ran into Tom Burke of Miami, a teammate of Pancho Segura, and fell 6-0, 6-3 .. . In doubles play. Baker and Waters were eliminated from competition by a team from California Tech Pancho Segura was crowned NCAA single champion and doubles titllst along with Burke . . . Due to wartime conditions, the Southeastern Conference Tourna- ment again was not held . . But despite wartime handicaps, Tulane continued Its fine record in intercollegiate tennis and for several years turned out good teams . . . Georgia Tech was the No. I net power, but Tulane kept up the sport on a high plane and should be ready for the peacetime reconversion which will enable it again to demonstrate Its tennis talent to other South- eastern Conference schools ... To Coach Ernie Sutter, who recently received his degree from Law School, goes a " Well Done " for his wartime coaching under difficult conditions. 307 Mad Scramble Airplane Twir, jfHttamtifal ' A Demons vs Avengers (Profs) vs (Studes) " Mo!der Da Bum " ■ ' Walkin ' the PUnk " Safe at First , 1 Si Anybody ' s Ball Lively " Touch " Session Intramural sports has, as in the past, been the center of keen competition this year, with the freshman and sopho more classes of the various colleges striving for the honor of attaining the Holmes Trophy — a cup awarded the successful contender in the phases of sports activities. On the schedule in this competition, and in inter- college and class contests, has been touch foot- ball, basketball, softball, track, field, tennis, soc- cer, boxing, wrestling, and handball. Over the Top Square on the BuHon Just Stalking LOOKING TO THE FUTURE confidenlly is this Tulane University athletic staff. From kft to right are Innes Millar, golf coach; Cliff Wells, basketball coach; Emmett Pare, tennis coach; J. T. King, assistant football coach; Friti Oakes, track coach; Henry Frnka, head football coach; Claude " Monk " Simons, athletic director; Tomnny O ' Boyle, assistant football coach; Johnny Oelkers, assistant track coach; and Dennis Vinzant. assistant football coach. Not shown in picture are Horace Renegar, director of Division of Public Relations; Andy Pilney. assistant football coach; and Gene Logan, trainer. THE yeat AHEAD Changes In the athletic setup at Tulane augur well for the future of the Green Wave in every field of intercollegiate competition. The year past has seen the return of staff-nn embers from the war, strengthening the coaching staff and fhe addition of new coaches designed to improve the lot of the Green Wave on the field of athletic battle. In a new organizational arrangement, intercollegiate athletics have been brought under the supervision of Horace Renegar, director of the Division of Public Relations. Claude " Monk " Simons, who has been called the most popular of all Tulane athletes, has been made Green Wave athletic director In the new order of things. Coach Henry Frnica, who for five years produced bowl football teams at Tulsa, has been made head coach of the Green Wave and has grouped around him a staff of assistants comparable to any in the nation. On his staff are Dennis Vinzant, chief assistant; Andy Pilney, bacltfield coach; J. T. King, tine coach; and Tommy O ' Boyle, assistant line coach. In an efforf to raise Tulane to national prominence In the cage world, Coach Cliff Wells, known as " Dean of Indiana High School Coaches, " has been made head basketball coach. Back at his old stand Is Coach Emmett Pare after three years of service with the U. S. Navy. Prior to entering the Navy, Pare for nine years turned out Southeastern Conference tennis contenders and national net stars In wholesale lots. In the realm of the track and field. Coaches Fritz Oakes and Johnny Oelkers are the men who will guide the destinies of the cinder- path and field experts. Coach Innes Millar again is In charge of the Green Wave golf team. The last addition to the staff was Gene Logan who will be ath- letic trainer In all sports. With this lineup of coaches, expert In their field, Tulane University athletics looks forward to the years ahead confidently anticipating success In all of its endeavors. 310 k A dveriisewnents , MERICAN industry will grow in direct proportion to the quality of our citizenry. We look to our institutions of higher learning in Louisiana to turn out graduates so trained that they can and will build the future prosperity and greatness of our state, and we expect an important share of this training to be done in The Tulane Univer- sity of Louisiana. Louisiana State Rice Milling Company, Inc. America ' s Largest Rice Millers ' MAIN OFFICE: ABBEVILLE, LOUISIANA WE SPECIALIZE IN QUALITY PRODUCTS UNDER WATER MAID MAHATMA F.A.G. BRANDS AMERICAN MANUFACTURING CORP., INC. MANUFACTURERS OF SKINFIT SANS SOUCI LADIES UNDIES Magnolia I 763 Factory Home Office 1052 CONSTANCE, NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA New York Office 152 MADISON AVENUE, ROOM 1205 USE QUALITY UNION COFFEE IT ' S BETTER EXTRA-FLAVDH IN EVERY CUP ASK YOUR GROCER MERCHANT COFFEE COMPANY of NEW ORLEANS, Ltd. B. C. CASANAS, President GEO. E. FLETTRICH, Secretary-Treasurer RifF iiliS OPERATING THE TULANE BOOK STORE THE NEWCOMB BOOK STORE THE CAMPUS CAFETERIA THE MEDICAL SCHOOL CAFETERIA THE MODIFIED SHIPS SERVICE AGENCY POST OFFICE SUB STATION 20 iiii iNiimsin WHATEVER THE MODE IN CAMPUS CLOTHES . . . . . . we ' re keyed to the collegiate trends to bring all of our Tu- lane student-patrons the nnost dependable, the snnartest, the best in ready-to-wearables! MEN ' S CLOTHING SHOP MB FIRST FLOOR mm 0ffBtmiche SOUTH ' S FINEST MOST MODERN AIR CONDITIONED HOTEL Coleman J. Hudson, General Manager Ideal forConycntions — H of The Venetian Room — ' Mirror Room — Canteen Convenient to Everything — 300 Rooms — Modern Coffee Shop — Rates from $2.50 HOTEL BENTLEY ALEXANDRfA, LOUISIANA Magnolia 0281 J. B. STEIh HARRIS Manager BROTHERS A merica ' s Greatest Clothes 800 Cana 1 Street New Orleans, La. 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May we extend you this invitation to visit our Unifornn Departnnent for your uniform requirements. " Tailors of Military Uniforms for over 26 years. " M.Oi?r ( Teffif ahif JuifeH Cc, Xtif: 141 Carondelet PERRILLIAT-RICKEY CONSTRUCTION CO., Inc. We take pride in the part assumed by us in the construction of the Student Center. THE SMART CENTER FOR CAMPUS CLOTHES FOR ALL YOUR NEEDS YOU ' LL ENJOY SHOPPING AT Quality for More Than a Cenfury C naraued ( - U SHREUEPORT EnGRflUinG compflnv SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA ZJkls 9 0 ok Is (13 una • KinGSKRflFT COUER PHONE WALNUT 8504 BATTERY SERVICE ROAD SERVICE ELM SERVICE STATION PHILIP R. SUTHERLAND, Proprietor AUTO REPAIRS, WASHING AND COMPLETE LUBRICATION 7329 FRERET STREET NEW ORLEANS. LA. Gluck ' s Restaurants GOOD FOOD 124 Royal St. 437 Si. Charles Ave. NEW ORLEANS r M I- •f M BOOK E S I C n E D A n D P R I P T E D BY ooMjw? p n I nT I n G c o m p a n y n a s h v i lle o o 9 g Si FAUOAffse the APViRTISEl m

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Tulane University - Jambalaya Yearbook (New Orleans, LA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


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