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•■ ' •l!i I ; • IIIETEEI rORT¥ • WOODLEY C. CAMPBELL, EDITOR JAMES F. TURNBULL, JR., BUSINESS MANAGER HtO bv THE VJH ers TY O V ■ a O P Y R H f » 4 PROfESSOD ROBERT LEONVAL MEHUET PROUDLY DEDICATE THIS 45TH VOLUME OF THE JAMBALAYA TO PROFESSOR ROBERT LEONVAL MENUET, AN ALUMNUS WHO HAS FOUND HIS LIFE WORK IN THE SERVICE OF HIS ALMA MATER; AN INSPIRING TEACHER OF MATHEMATICS; A WISE COUNSELOR AND PROVED FRIEND TO ATHLETICS AND TO STUDENT ACTIV- ITIES. AS ACTING PRESIDENT OF TULANE UNIVERSITY, HE SET A HIGH EXAMPLE OF DEVOTED, ABLE, UPRIGHT, AND SELF-EFFACING LEADERSHIP. I ■ o yO?.- ' ' uft H0 ? v o ' ..v.. ° ' ' , v oos j -SVAt voR ■(RK ' " - cos o • ' ,« IW ilEilORI % GEORGE SAM BEL, M.D. Professor of the Theory and Practice of Medicine, and of Clinical Medicine, Emeritus, School of Medicine, Tulane University. DIED, AUGUST 10, 1939 MRS. JOHN W. DAVIS Head of Warren House, H. Sophie Newcomb Memorial College, Tulane University. DIED, AUGUST 30, 1939 CHARLES HOPKINS, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Instructor in Mathematics, College of Arts and Sciences, Tulane University. DIED. SEPTEMBER 16, 1939 JACOB AMBROSE STORCK, M.Ph., M.D., F.A.C.S. Professor of Gastro-Enterology, Emeritus, School of Medicine, Tulane University. DIED, NOVEMBER 16, 1939. WILLIAM WOODWARD Professor of Drawing, Emeritus, H. Sophie Newcomb Memorial College, Tulane University. DIED, NOVEMBER 17, 1939 B A H I) OF u n I n n n T n ESMOND PHELPS, A. B., LL. B President CHARLES ROSEN. A. B., LL. B First Vice-President ERNEST LEE JAHNCKE, B. E Second Vice-President WALKER BRAINERD SPENCER, A. B., LL. B. MARCUS JOHNS MAGRUDER, M. D. SAMUEL ZEMURRAY FLORENCE DYMOND, A. B. JULES BLANC MONROE. A. B., LL, B. JAMES PIERCE BUTLER, LL. 8. GEORGE ELLIOT WILLIAMS. B. E. S. WALTER STERN. A. B. JOSEPH WHEADON CARROLL CHARLES LEVERICH ESHLEMAN. A. B., M. D. CHARLES SEYBURN WILLIAMS JOSEPH WOODRUFF GEORGE, A. B. ALBERT BARNETT PATERSON EX OFFICIO Earl long Governor of Louisiana ROBERT SIDNEY MAESTRI Mayor of New Orleans THOMAS H. HARRIS Superintendent of Public Education LAWRENCE ANDRE WOGAN Secretary and Treasurer UIJ RUFUS CARROLLTON HARRIS, PRESIDENT i Dr. Harris meets with two active alumni um ]u nmm] The past year has seen a closer knitting together of the intel- lectual and social life on the Tulane campus in the building of four great meeting places. The hloward Library joined with the Tulane and Newcomb Libraries will make one great and dis- tinguished library open to everyone for study and research. The greater university library brings together the discoveries of more intellects, the products of thinking minds through the ages, and will soon be a common ground for the meeting of all campus minds. The McAlister Auditorium, the gift of one donor whose social understanding makes available this encouragement of the speech arts, has been a long-felt need. Here all Tulanians may gather for convocations, lectures, music and the drama. The Student Center, made possible by the alumni. Is a gift in the name of the seventeen thousand graduates who have left these halls, and is the realization of the plans and hopes for a gather- ing place where friends might meet and enjoy freely the pleas- ures of companionship and recreation. Alumni, students, faculty and friends may meet here for informal discussions and social intercourse, and here campus organizations may conduct their business. The New Orleans Mid-Winter Sports Association, which represents civic interests, provided the funds to enlarge the stadium. Dramatized by the participation of Tulane in the Sugar Bowl contest this year, the enlarged stadium illustrates the citizens ' love of athletic contests since ancient Greece and serves as a place where all can meet in the joy of competition. Just as these four concrete examples remind us of the pur- poses to which are dedicated the buildings around us, so the events pictured in this book will remind us of the real purposes for which we are gathered. The Jambalaya will call to mind the spirit of an inspiring teacher, a dear friend, a great game and great sportsmen, or an old sweetheart, and may indeed re- new that spirit in actuality in our hearts. With a review of the past year, this issue of the Jambalaya marks the beginning of a new decade with a happy outlook for " " ' ■ - RUFUS CARROLLTON HARRIS. The President and two assocldtes looking over the campus. DR. PAUL W. BROSMAN DEAN, COLLEGE OF LAW LENGTHENING SHADOWS IN LATE AFTERNOON ' 5 " hi m M 1 IM iiMom ' - NEWCOMB ' S ARTISTIC GATEWAY MISS ELIZABETH WISNER DEAN, SCHOOL OF SOCIAL VvORK JAMES M. ROBERT DEAN, COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING DR. JAMES A. LYON CHAIRMAN, COURSES FOR TEACHERS FRANS BLOM DIRECTOR, MIDDLE AMERICAN RESEARCH INSTITUTE Y ROMANTIC ARCHWAYS DR. MARTEN TEN HOOR DEAN, COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES ' ■ 5k ' f .s««?-sy» ' m TULANE ' S MOST POPULAR CLASS DR. FREDERICK HARD DEAN, NEWCOMB COLLEGE J. H. RANDOLPH FELTUS ASSISTANT TO THE PRESIDENT DIRECTOR, PUBLIC RELATIONS BROADWAY IN MINIATURE LESLIE J. BUCHAN DEAN, COLLEGE OF COMMERCE I fl i TIME OUT BETWEEN CLASSES tp i r .J ' k m- rl v- iHBH i MMgn tH ■R B B ,vJ-J TiiiLJ " . 1 ti. . • .. » ' • W A f? P . . ' ? 4-. . ' : ' ?; " ■ ' I Jt H M . " .Sil B tew H 1 Mil Bl •, w r 1 CENTER OF SPORTS ■-. I MISS ANNA E. MANY COUNSELOR TO WOMEN NEWCOMB COLLEGE DR. ROGER P. McCUTCHEON DEAN, GRADUATE SCHOOL REAR CAMPUS IN SPRINGTIME no D [ I I COU HI L I This year marks a quarter of a century of student gov- ernment at Tulane. The students may well look with pride over these twenty-five years, for during this period the extra-curricular program has expanded to such an extent that it is now an Integral part in the college life of the Tulane student. The Tulane Student Council which is composed of the presidents of the various colleges of the University, has general supervision over all student activities. The Coun- cil Is assisted and advised by the Graduate Manager of Student Activities, an office now held by Kendall H. Cram, B.A., M.A. To the left, ANN PENDERGAST. Secretary to the Graduate Manager. [26] Members of the 1939-1940 Student Council are: Paul G. Krueger, President, Commerce; Ed- ward R. Villomez, Vice-President, Medicine; Jo- seph A. Becker, Secretary, Engineering; James R. Morrell, Law; James C. Senter, Arts and Sciences; and Charlotte Carter, Newcomb. It is the duty of the Graduate Manager to su- pervise and keep an accurate record of all receipts and disbursements of each organization benefit- ing from the student fund, to act in an advisory capacity to all student activities, and to act as the agent of the Council in all matters. There are now eighteen organizations receiving allotments from the student activity fund. During the past year the Tulane-Newcomb A Capella Choir and the Tulane Symphony Orchestra were supported from this fund for the first time. This year, Tulane and Newcomb are hosts of the Nineteenth Annual Convention of the South- ern Federation of College Students and Publica- tion Representatives. Tulane has been a member of this organization and of the National Federa- tion for a number of years. Each year, Tulane is represented at both conventions. In this way methods of student government and of student publications throughout our section as well as throughout the country are studied, thereby en- riching our own extra-curricular program. KENDALL H. CRAM Graduate Manager of Student Activities. HI w JOSEPH A. BECKER, President of College of En- gineering; CHARLOTTE CARTER. President of New- comb College; PAUL G. KRUEGER. President of the College of Commerce; JAMES R. MORRELL, President of the College of Law; JAMES C. SEN- TER. President of the College of Arts and Science; EDWARD R. VILLEMEZ. President of the School of Medicine. 127) MARTIN SCHMIDT, Managing Editor HULLABALOO STAFF Martin F. Schmidt Managing Editor Archie Boggs Associate Editor Dick Seither Sports Editor Betsy Bres Newcomb Editor Wallace Dunlap Campus Editor Harvey Johnston Medical Editor Stanford Opotowsky Assistant Sports Editor Edward Martin Intramural Sports Editor Wirt Rodgers Sports Reporter Edward D. Finley Business Manager W. Ford Reese National Advertising Manager Stewart J. Kepper Local Advertising Manager Shirley Schoendorf Salesman Warren Stern Salesman John J. Baehr Circulation Manager ARCHIE BOSGS, Associate Editor BETSY BRES, Newcomb Editor The polifician cafers fo his consHtuen+s whatever his personal views; the hired hand does as the master bids, whatever his own desires; the newspaper should publish what the readers wish, whatever the qualities of journalisnn. The policy for the year has been to try to satisfy the readers, letting the paper take unusual forms if it will. For we are a college newspaper, we need bear a similarity neither to the Times-Picayune, the New York Times, nor the Chicago Tribune, nor, indeed, to any college newspaper. Predecessors have said our aims were to cover the news, express campus opinions, record campus history. These have become traditional; they will stand another year ' s use. Our major changes and achievements are easy to list. We adopted a newer, dressier headline schedule. We used more pictures than were used in previous years. Less play went to the faculty, more to the students. We tried to find new feature material. Edi- torials were made lighter and, we think, more readable. Our Christmas fund ex- ceeded the quota. As in previous years we realized the de- sirability of a semi-weekly newspaper; inertia held us back. The idea of attempting to issue a literary supplement was considered and discarded. In dividing our time between school and newspaper, we passed up many stories; new items and features. The business staff worked diligently and enabled us to put out a larger paper, on the average, than was done in other years. The greater amount of usable space and the larger revenue brought us new opportunities to include more things we wanted. EDWARD FINLEY, Busineis Manager Students in the department of journalism served well as reporters; without them we could not have functioned. The staff had many worries during the year, enough fun to make up for them. All this came under the heading of the " Hullabaloo. " BoHom Row: E. Martin, B. Paqlin. J. Ginsberg, M. Harry, E. Seaver, A. Market, B. Bres, S. Flowers. Top Row: J. Baehr, B. Monroe, E. Finley, M. Schmidt, S. Opotowsky, A. Boggs. ILL WALLACE AND FRED PITTS, Assistant Editors. FLORENCE POTTHARST, Newcomb Business Manager. DARRAH CHAUVIN, Newcomb Editor. THE YEARBOOK OF EDITORIAL STAFF Woodley C. Campbell Editor-in-Chief Pat Farrington Bass Associate Editor Fred W. Pitts Assistant Editor William H. Wallace Assistant Editor Jacl( Weiss Staff Photographer N. C. Curtis, Jr Staff Cartoonist Richard Seither Sports Editor Louis McFaul Assistant Michael Carso Assistant J. B. White Assistant Jack Robinson Assistant NEWCOMB Darrah Chauvin Editor Kate Hodge Assistant Editor Alice Baird Campus Editor Connie Claverie . . Campus Editor Marjorie Killeen Campus Editor Lucy Ridgeway Campus Editor Carol Lewis Campus Editor Carolyn Loeb Campus Editor Jane Sherman Campus Editor Dorothy Turnbull Campus Editor Hermie Weil Campus Editor Marie Louise Wakeman Campus Editor Phyllis Watson Campus Editor BUSINESS STAFF James F. Turnbull, Jr Business Manager Earl Batten Assistant Peter Bernard, Jr Assistant Frank Lang Assistant Samuel Moody, Jr Assistant Norman Robbins Assistant Carl von Rosenberg Assistant Jay Weil, Jr Assistant Milton Williams Assistant NEWCOMB Florence Pottharst Business Manager Mimi Harry Assistant Manager Yvonne Anderson Assistant Barbara Campbell Assistant Alice Dayries Assistant Margie Jones Assistant Elaine Leverich Assistant Marion Peytral Assistant U L A n u n V [ H S I T Y WOODLEY C. CAMPBELL, Editor-in-Chief. PAT f. BASS, Aiiociole Editor. JAMES F. TU. NSj w. -.=1.. 3-it.-,cii Mdnaqtr. CJil FIRST COMPANY FIRST PLATOON: J. W. Davis, Platoon Commander; W. B. Monroe Jr. Platoon Petty Officer: L. J. Reuter, Right Guide; G. H. Doswcll, Left Guide. FIRST SQUAD: C. A. Miranne, III, J. G. Pratt, Jr., H. J. McCampbell, H.C. McAfee, C. F. Maginnis, J. A. Partridge, Jr., E. J. Demarest, G. H. Geissert, Jr. SECOND SQUAD: T. C. Hall, W. S. Howson, W. S. McCampbell, T. P. Frith, 111, M. J. Bienvenu, Jr., L. V. Dunckelman, J. S. McGee, J. R. Perez, Jr. THIRD SQUAD: J. C. Vanzant, L. P. Rhodes, Jr., H. Earl, C. A. Anderson, Jr., E. M. Foley, Jr., H. B. Chalstrom, C. A. Burleson, Jr. FOURTH SQUAD: R. L. Parker, Jr., W. R. Wakeland, J. J. Desmond, A. Lill, R. H. Mousel, L. T. Bass, T. B. Parkerson, Jr., J. P. Brignac. SECOND PLATOON: R. L. Grush, Platoon Commander; A. L. Plauche, Platoon Petty Officer; V. M. Wheeler, Jr., Right Guide; B. Baird, Left Guide. FIRST SQUAD: H. C. Sabrio, H. G. O ' Connor, H. C. Daubert, P. C. Schmidt, O. B. Green, K. H. Kahao, C. O. Donnaud, III. SECOND SQUAD: R. L. Boswell, R. W. Schupp, W. F. Minor, J. T. Roberts W. C. Purdum, W. D. Lutes, E. M. Haley. THIRD SQUAD: S F. Perrin, J. Peterson, P. A. McLeod, Jr., E. A. Adey, III, D. MrK eck, C. E. Felder. FOURTH SQUAD: B. A. Grehan, F. A. Skellie, Jr., G. B. Riviere, W. E. Hansen, J. M. Parker, S. W. Ryniker, F. M. Pennebaker, W. L. Mossy, Jr. A. C. Apffel, SECOND COMPANY FIRST PLATOON: R. M. Cole, Platoon Commander; C. Meyer, III, Platoon Petty Officer; F. Bastian, Right Guide; F. S. Frederickson, Left Guide. FIRST SQUAD: C. Dufour, G. E. Burgess, Jr., R. C. Fitzgerald, C. W. Frank, Jr., H. E. Williams, Jr., C. A. Cox, C. E. Hindermann, G. A. Carpenter, Jr. SECOND SQUAD: St. M. J. Flotte, A. B. McCoard, Jr., W. D. Shepard, R. W. Cummins, C. J. Ellis, Jr., T. J. Garbark, L. M. King, Jr. THIRD SQUAD: C. A. Rosenburg, F. E. Ferchaud, N. C. Cromv ell, M. J. Penton, L. L. Dillon, H. R. Cocreham, Jr., A. D. Caire. FOURTH SQUAD: L. L. Robein, Jr., C. P. Willis, J. F. Latham, B. W. Dart, Jr., W. A. Wiss, F. J. Corales, W. B. Dunlap, P. O. H. Pigman. SECOND PLATOON: T. B. Denegre, Jr., Platoon Commander; J. A. Evans, Platoon Petty Officer; D. E. Crais, Right Guide; J. M. Jennings, Jr., Left Guide. FIRST SQUAD: W. S. Goldman, P. E. Arbo, R. G. Andry, E. M. Woodward, R. E. Orpys, G. W. Reese, Jr., M. H. Bagot. SECOND SQUAD: E. D. Moseley, W. P. Boulet, A. G. Gottschall, C. L. Good- son, Jr., M. 5. Peters, F. H. Schmidt, C. V. Lanier. THIRD SQUAD: S. K. Manson, Jr., E. P. Johnson, Jr., J. R. Lamantia, J. S. Walker, A. E. Labarre, R. B. Logan, C. Hale, Jr. FOURTH SQUAD: M. M. Alexander, F. R. Barnard, C. J. Bloom, Jr., S. B. Knapp, E. G. Parker, R. R. Perine, R P. Cromv ell, W. E. Douglas, Jr. COLOR GUARD: National Color Bearer, W. D. Shepard: Battalion Color Bearer, R. C. Fitzgerald; Color Guard, H. J. McCampbell; Color Guard, W. S. McCampbell. Navy Day Draii Parade Front Row: Commander J. M. Lewis, Captain W. L. AInsworth, Lieut. -Commander R. B. Vaniant, Lieutenant J. E. Cooper. Back Row: Chief Yeoman S. B. Webb, Chief Yeoman W. A. Woods, Chief Gunner ' s Mate T. B. Bernhardt, Chief Quar- termaster T. A. Farrell. r S. k V Y r 1 0. T. C. T U LAN E U N 1 T • •« TULA Dr. Monroe Lippman has continued his good work with the Tulane Theatre. Since becoming director several years ago he has constantly endeavored to give the university a theatre worthy of the name. His efforts have not gone unrewarded. The theatre group including approxi- mately 100 students and faculty members has given us this year two plays of nota- ble dramatic worth. Under the capable direction of Dr. Lippman the productions were " Arms and the Man " and the dra- matic " Liliom. " At the time of this writ- ing plans are under way for the produc- tion of the comedy success " Boy Meets Girl. " Above: Scene from " Aren ' t We All. " Below: Fenno and Dunlap in " Arms and the Man. " -(. MEMBERS Ae iv« OFFICERS Monroe Llppman Dirocfor Oscar Bdcks+rom. Jr Executive Secretary Mary Cahal Newcomb Representative P«ul Arbo Otcar Backitfom. J G rU Button Louit D. Bro«n G«org» t Burgaii, M«rv C4h«l John W. C«fn«h«n P«ul Ch«mpIon H«t«n W. Colt J mat W. 0«Wt PhfWh D«rb«i Willidm Eck4rt Kdthryn Edwardt John F. Ehrh4rt Ethtlyn Ev«r«tt Peggy Ftnno RdchasI FIn gold Ch4rl«« Fiich«r. Jr. Mary Booth Fr«n;tt Logii T, Fr«nti, Jr. William Froit Janic Glnibtrg Arnold Goldtchl«g VIoItt Gramar William D. Gud . Jr Adrian Gwin Edward Haath. Jr. Sara H«im Don Higgini Jr Mildrad HilUr Barbara Jottph Mary Lou Langdon Roi Lapayra Mdry LMha W. A. Atklnion. Jr. Robert Coigrova Rudd Flaming Iradall Jenkini Richard R. Kirk Ruth Lippman Frank liidom«ft Monro Uppman J ' . yi fc R n«a Miatiar EUan Moora Hanray O Co«no Patar Parkarton Patar Pallagrini Duranta 0« Ponfa Randolph Soana Gaorgt Rogart Clarica Rotanba " ; Baryl Soy Samual Rubanita ' - M ri ' in Schmidf Elaina S hwarti Varra Simpion Frad Skallla Waldorf A. Staag Frartca Starna Dora Thatchar EmmaH Thomaton. Jr, Oicar J. Tolmai Laon Trica. Jr. Harry Waqanhaim Latlia Wation Joan WaHart Parry Willi! Clara Yancay E. B. Litlla John J. Morrittar William L. Smith Garland Taylor Sarah Wallace S. Raini Watlaca ProbafionarY Harriet Line Richard Liptcomb Miriam Lipion Carolyn Loeb Muriel Lyons Arthur Maiial Marjoria Nettlts Jini Peterson Mary Rhodes Elsa Schwarti Natalie Sebuls Evalyn Stolaroff Lucy White Oiddie Woolfolk w « di ' m-- Clyde Lucas i Homecoming Dance. Top: Verbon Gay, Adviser. Bottom: Presentation of keys by Dean Buchan. T U I A N [ The Cotillion Club, founded December, 1936, under the guidance of Verbon F. Say, is an organization com- posed of Tulane and Newcomb students whose purpose is " to arrange social activities and entertainments by and among the students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends of the University. " To this end the Tulane Cotil- lion Club shall originate, plan and conduct all student dances embracing all the departments of the Tulane University of Louisiana. Receiving the cooperation of the administration, fac- ulty, and student body from its very beginning, the Co- tillion Club held tv o successful dances before the close of the 1936-1937 season. Four dances were held during 1937-1938 with two nationally known orchestra leaders, Shep Fields and Clyde Lucas. 1938-1939 saw Ran Wilde and Paul Whiteman. This year the club ran true to form. For the annual Homecoming dance the ever popular Clyde Lucas gave out with his novelty tunes. His popularity on the cam- pus Is evidenced by the fact that this Is the second time he has played for us. On February 17, 1940, Hal Kemp played for one of the best dances the University has ever seen, the annual George Washington Ball. Membership to the club Is by invitation. [36] EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Kafo Hodge Goorgo Thompson Lorraine St. Raymond James F. Turnbull Shirley Viosca MEMBERS Harvey Amsterdam Joseph Beclcor Peter Bornard Betty Bethea Antonio Bird Walter Blessy Jean Brown Art Calix Charlotte Carter Phyllis Derbes Ewcll Eagan Edith Fenno Faure Ferchaud Helen Ferrandou Mary Booth Francis Quin Sautier Adrian Gwin Barbara Harrison Sarah Helm Don Higgins Kate Hodge Moreau Jumonville Herbert Kaiser Howard Kunti Virginia Kyle Goorgo Loalto V illiam Loalto Herman Loob Jack Lorch Louise Nelson Albert Nugon Robert Oliver Nathalie Owrngs Jamie Prochaska Carolyn Robbert Lorraine St. Raymond Adolph Schreiber Elizabeth Selber E. Selthlin Edith Smith Elaine Solomon Margery Stauss Ethel Strack George Thompson Marty Turkish James F. Turnbull, Jr. Lee Vanderpool Shirley Viosca Margaret Lee Wendf Jean Worker Top: Executive ComnnlHee. Bottom: Homecoming Court. COTILLION n II Cotillion Club members at Homecoming Dance. Concert Band. II HUCH n COICEBT OFFICERS John J. Morrlsey Director H. Feehan Publicity Manager R. D. Cosgrove Manager M. F. Hilbert .... Property Manager P. G. Ricks Assistant Manager D. Moseley Librarian B. Gibson Drum Major MEMBERS C. Almand W. Duckworth R. Jotinson M. S. Power H. Anderson B. Eddins E. Levin D. Raymond J. G. Ballou R. J. Fernandez J. Lilienthal P. G. Ricks G. N. Biscliof C. L. Fisclier A. Lill J. W. Rosenthal A. W. Bohmfalk, Jr. I. Frankel S. A. Longo S. Rubenstein H. Bordelon L. Franti W. S. Malhiot G. C. Schroeder C. T. Bowes M. Gelpi J. Marchese S. V. Shields G. Carp B. Gibson J. W. Marshall M. Singer A. C. Centanni L. P. Guidry H. F. Marx L. Tabor G. F. Conrad F. Haas R. Merriman E. Y. Thompson R. D. Cosgrove R. Hale J. Meyer S. Threefoot F. J. Cuquet F. J. R. Heebe M. W. Monroe O. Tolmas J. W. Davis S. Herron D. Moseley R. L. Vaccaro M. Davidson E. Hesdortfer J. J. Miester A. K. Waldek M. J. DeLerno M. J. Hilbert V. A. Paciera E. Whighan B. Douglas E. Huppenbaur P. Parkerson H. Zeringer I. Dravin H. G. Janssen P. M. Pellegrini COLOR GUARD FLAG BEARERS H. Feehan S. Laborde A. Gladden A. H. Levy The Band in the snappy new uniforms. IJ ' . h j : ' %: ' Hi m ' ' W » " P, V ■ w r Drum Major Gibson. The Band is one of the best known of fhe stu- dent organiiations and appears throughout the year on many and various occasions, including fool- ball games, local and out of town concerts, campus gatherings, and commun- ity and civic enterprises. Hats off for Alma Mater. THE GLEE CLUB OFFICERS George M. Leake President Richard Lipscomb Vice-President William Eddins Secretary Edward Munson Business Manager James Campbell Publicity Manager Carey Ellis Librarian DIRECTOR MAYNARD KLEIN John Adema Bernard Aronson Norman Aronson Malcolm Arnoult Guy Ballou Coleman Berringer Gerold Berenson Emile Berfucci Charles Birdsong Charles Burleson Curtis Caine Robert Cahal Joseph Calhoun John Carnahan James Campbell George Carpenter Gene Carp N. C. Cromwell H. Chalstrom Judson Demarest Charles Donnaud John Donnaud Lonnie Dunckelman Carey Ellis William Eddins Stephen Gasperez Emile Gex Carroll Giroud William Goldman MEM Edward Groff Claude Groves Adrian Gwin Thomas Harlee R. H. HImel John hHomes J. M. Jennings Owen Johnson Niels Johnson Gordon Joseph L. J. Joseph Leonard Kahn Herbert Kaiser John King Milton Krant BERS Michael Krobert Edwin Lafaye Haydon Lanois George Leake Richard Lee Walter Levy Richard Lipscomb Lee Lottinger Thomas Lupo Wayne Magnltzky Sackman Marx Hunter May George McCaskey Jack Meyer Louis McFaul William Mc Leod Edward Munson Pratt Munson Joseph O ' Sullivan Marvin Park Frank Pennebaker Daniel Pick Lester Price Luis Prieio Harvey Riesman J. W. Rosenthal Bernard Soloman Ralph Sherwood Emanuel Sietlin Herbert Smith Dale Stancliff Richard Swann Nathan Troun Robert Vaccaro Edmund Vales David Warriner Bill Wallace Marion Walshe John Ward Ralph Weniel William White Robert Willard James Williams George Williamson Andre Wogan TULHE nUPHOH ORCHESTRA TOM HARLEE, Concertnr aster First Violins Mose Ellis lild Klein Hermine Weil Amelia Medermann Dr. Frederick Hard Aubrey Moore Second Violins Lawson Jenkins Peter Schmidt Frances Griffin Dr. Marten Ten Hoor Louise Semel Catharine Woodruff George Raymond Violas Victor Bruno Cellos Dr. William Penfound Dorothy Phillips Lorene Myers Beulah Sterbcow Selma Haas Ursula Klein Basses Myrtle Sawyne Herman Jansen Oboes Isddore Dravin Lane Miller Clarinets Robert Cosgrove f i Stanford Herron Bassoon Arthur Bohnfalk The Ima Hemard 1 1 1 Horns Mflurice Singer Stephen Longo Trumpets Ric hard Woodruff Peter Parkerion Josepti Guy B Marchese allou Jack Meyer 1 Trombones CharUs Fischer, J Maynard Klein Milton Hilbort Percussion Robert Vaccaro Sta nford Blum, Jr. Business Manager Harvey Amsterdam The Tulane Symphony Orchestra, numbering 41 players drawn from the student body and faculty of the University, had Its first rehearsal on November 7, 1938. Since that time rehearsals have been held once a week. It Is the primary purpose of this organization to provide musical enjoyment, through participation, to those members of the faculty and student body who play orchestral instruments. In addition to Its regular concert in May. the orchestra participated In the New Orleans Spring Fiesta with the Tulane-Newcomb A Capella Choir. JOHN J. MORRISSEY. Director TURKS Turks frolicking downtown. OFFICERS Herman Loeb President Albert Tebo Vice-President Louise Trimble Secretary-Treasurer Peggy Roemer Newcomb Chairman TULANE Calhoun Allen Bruce Baird Louis T. Bass, Jr. Oliver L. Clarke Nathaniel C. Curtis, Jr, Arthur Davis Walter Dueease James Ewin Charles Farrell, Jr. Alvin S. Flettrich Douglas Gulley Howard Kunti George M. Leake MEMBERS William Leake Herman Loeb Lee Lottinger Pancho del Marmo Edward Martin Bill North Claude Oakland Robert O ' Donnell, John Roberts George Schneider John Schneidon Albert Tebo, Jr. Lee Vanderpool Jr. NEWCOMB MEMBERS Lillian Alexander Mary Lloyd Andrews Betty Bethea Charlotte Carter Darrah Chauvin Nell Courtney Cecile Dresner Janice Ginsberg Kate Hodge Mary Jane Hutson Nellie Ivey Emilie Locascio Louise Nelson Carolyn Robbert Nadine Robbert Peggy Roemer Lorraine St, Raymond Martha Adele Scott Elaine Soloman Patricia Stites Jean Terzia Louise Trimble Marie Louise Wakeman The T. U. R. K. is the organization that arranges card displays at the football games and with various other stunts promotes school spirit. Membership in this organization is limited and is gained by invita- tion only. Froshmen goHIng school spirit. Established at Tulane in 1935. Organized to Promote School Spirit by Means of Pep Meetings, Cheering Sections, and Freshman Regulations. The Greenbackers is an organization composed of both fraternity and non-fraternity men dedicated to creating a greater school spirit among the students. They aided the Tulane University Rooters Klub in staging card displays, sponsored huge bonfires and pep meetings during the football season, spread school spirit stickers around the campus be- fore important games, cooperated with the alumni on Homecom- ing, and staged various unique displays calculated to rouse student interest and support in athletic contests. OFFICERS A. C. Marfin, Jr , . Pf,,id,n» Quln Gaufier VIcs-Pr.ild M Edith Fonno S«er«f«rY Jack Loreh Tr»»iufor TULANE MEMBERS Luij Banos Jack Lorch Clauds Buerger George Laborde Henry Bultman A. C. Martin Hunter Collins Edward Martin Buster Curtis Saekman Marx Gelon Doswell Robert Oliver Charles J. Eagan Lane Plauche Edward Ecuyer Randy Roane Charles Emiing Wirt Rogers Carey Ellis Ralph Rugan Edward Finley James Senter Earl Flowers Jack Sloan Quin Gautier Leonard Stern Walter Gulley Albert Tebo Tom Hall Albert Terkuhle Rene Himel William Tete M. J. Jumonville Leon Trice James LeLaurin James Tumbull NEWCOMB MEMBERS Betty Beard Barbara Harrison Betty Bethea Mary Hoehn Charlotte Carter Barbara Joseph Darrah Chauvin Betty Monrose Edith Fenno Jodie RIgglns Helen Ferrandou Elizabeth Schmidt Thelma Hemard Margie Stauss Lorraine St, Raymond the G R [ E I B H K [ R $ m The Supreme Court of Tulane. HOOT COURT BOARD OF ADVISORS John A. Cars+arphen, Jr Chairman J. B. Miller Secretary Robert Farley Faculty Advisor SENIORS John A. Carstarphen, Jr. Arnold Jacobs Howard J. Smith Floyd Newlin J. Barnwell Phelps Pat F. Bass Lloyd P. Boutte Carl Dailey JUNIORS Pierre de la Vergne Arthur Hammond J. B. Miller August A. Nobile, Jr. P. Bass, L. Boutte, J. Carstarptien, P. de la Vergne, J. B. Miller, F. Newlin, A. Nobile, B. Phelps, H. Smith. The Moot Court system in the College of Law is especially designed to train students in the preparation and argument of cases. It is this practical aspect of the legal profession toward which the efforts of the Competition are directed. Technical training in research, brief writing, and forensics, the ordinary tools in the trade of a lawyer, form the foundation of the moot court work. The Board is composed of 12 ran king members of the Senior and Junior classes. The work of the Board is to prepare the facts to be argued, sit as justices on the Supreme Court of the State of Tulane, and generally to supervise and administer the Competition. All factual situations argued are de nova, and no one system of law is prevailing in the jurisdiction as a binding precedent. Therefore, the student must weigh the social factors and must concentrate upon the functioning of the rule of law. This latitude and wide ranged scope of the law of the State of Tulane makes the moot court an excellent field within which the future lawyer may exercise his initiative for the formulation of a new jurisprudence, one that will purport to be a flexible rule to meet the changing social demands and needs. It further affords an opportunity for the develop- ment of that peculiar insight needed by lawyers to aid in the determination of the niceties of the law raised today by our intricate social and economic system. In the acedemic year 1938-39, the Moot Court Competition was won by Marjorie Smith and Harry McCall, Jr. Their names were engraved on a marble plaque in the College of Law Library. [44] THE L A If in n E EDITORIAL BOARD Goorgo A. Wilson Faculty Advijor Charles Janvier EdIfor-in-Chlef Abo B. Kupperman Ctvit Law Editor Claude A. Wharton. Jr Statutory Interpretation Editor Joseph J. Piccione Book Review Editor Robert U. Blum Secretary Fernando J. Cuquet, Jr Index Editor Beverly J. Hoss Index Editor D. HanlinBoclter James R. Mo rroll Jdcit A. Bornemann A. E. Ralston, Jr. Fred Bronfln Leonard H. Rosonson Donald Doyle W. W. Westerfield, Jr. Ferdinand M. Lob H. M, Wlllcinson, Jr. Kiax M. tvlorelocl; Sidney Wright N. Hall McCord, Business Manager The TULANE LAW REVIEW is a legal periodical, published quarterly by the faculty and students of the College of Law. It is devoted to Civil Law, Com- parative Law and Statutory Interpretation. The Board o ' Editors is composed of honor students In the Junior and Senior classes of the College. Their func- tion Is to comment upon various phases of the law as well as recent decisions by the judiciary. They are assisted by a Board of Alumni Editors, a Board of Advisory Editors and a staff of Contributing Editors who represent the highest type of lawyers and legal scholars In Louisiana and throughout the world. The Board of Editors pride themselves upon their use of the comparative method of legal research, believing that to reveal the praiseworthy qualities as well as the shortcomings of different systems of law Is an effective check upon tendencies to ac cept any one system as immutable. Although most of the material published in the REVIEW Is written by mem- bers of the Board, its pages are open to all contributions which meet its stand- ards of scholarship, research and literary style. In addition to the student material, the REVIEW also contains articles of Interest written by members of the legal profession. Since Its foundation in 1929 as the successor to the SOUTHERN LAW QUAR- TERLY, the TULANE LAW REVIEW has become recognized In the United States and abroad as a leading journal of Civil and Comparative Law. Blum, Bornomann. Cuquet, Doyle, Hesj, Janvier Kupperman, McCord. Morrell, Piccione, Wharton, Wilkinson. standing: Richard O. Baumbach, Leonard Gessner. Seated: Bernard H. Grehan, Walter M. Barnett, Jr., Alva P. Frith. uun i nsociHio OFFICERS Walter M. Barnett, Jr President Alva P. Frith Vice-President Bernard H, Grehan Vice-President Dr. Owen C. Rigby Vice-President Leonard E. Gessner Secretary Richard O. Baumbach Treasurer T. Hale Hoggs General Manager EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Law Engineering Joseph McCloskey, Jr. Louis N. Hammett C. Giraud Davidson Williann Monroe White Lester J. Lautenschlaeger W. James Amoss Commerce Medicine . j c - Leonard E. Gessner Dr. Curtis H. Tyrone Douglas E. O ' Kelley Dr. James M. Mason E. Claggett Upton, Jr. Dr. John G. Menville Newcomb Gj , Mrs. Ernest H. Riedel raduate ..,.ii. , I Mrs. Donald C. Barton William L. Duren, Jr. _ . , I II 1 1 . I Mrs. Lucie Wallace Butler T. Marshall Hurt, Jr. Representatives at Large Arts and Science Harold Salmon F. Edward Hebert Nelson S. Wooddy E. Earl Sparling Ernest C. Viilere Ladd A. DInkins A. Watson Chapman T. Hale Boggs, General Manager of the Association. President Harris at the Annual Homecoming Dinner T Jr. , ' «J ■5 ' r Esfablished at Tulane in 1938. OFFICERS Hall MeCord Director Edward B. M H!n Ajiiitanf Director J. Emmott Pare Superviior COUNCIL MEMBERS L. Calhoun Allon. Jr 42 F. Forbes Bastian 42 Jason H. Collins Med 41 James P. Ewin, Jr 42 H. Quin Gautier ... 41 Rudolph M. Landry 42 Edward B. Martin 40 Hall McCord Law 40 Homer M, Ranlin Law 41 George T. Schneider 41 J. Luckett Yawn, Jr 42 94 a4n44Aal C U M Top: Hall McCord, Director. Center: Intra- mural sports. Bottom: Emmet Pare, Super visor. The purpose of the Intramural Council is to encourage the entire male student body to participate in organized athletic sports, and also to encourage participa- tion in wholesome, active and healthful recreation. The Council shall, therefore, organize and promote competition between individ- uals and groups of students and shall fos- ter the spirit of fair play and sportsman- ship between participants and spectators. Council in session. Girls at International Tea. OFFICERS Sabln P. Landry President George Thompson Vice-President Peter L. Bernard, Jr Secretary Don Moseley Treasurer Verbon F. Gay General Secretary CABINET MEMBERS Art Callx Hayden Lanois Faurie Ferchaud Dick Lipscomb Vance Geler Ben Petty L. J. Joseph George Schneider FRESHMAN Y. M. C. A. OFFICERS John Robert President Charles Donnaud Vice-President David Neuhauser, Jr Secretary Ross Cahal Treasurer Mike Bagot Entertainment Committee Pete Dupont .... Entertainment Committee Peter L. Bernard, Jr Adviser Sophomor e Y. M. C. A. HUH M[rs First Row: P. Bernard, A. Calix, F. Ferchaud, V. Geier, L. Joseph. Second Row: H. Lanois, R. Lipscomb, D. Moseley. Third Row: B. Petty, G. Schneider, G. Thompson. For many years students at Tulane University have found tl Y. M. C. A. one of the most active and beneficial of the organizatio on the campus. The Tulane " Y " is made up of a group of students wl have joined together in an attempt to discover what life as governt by Christian principles and precepts can hold for them as individuc and as members of a great human society. It is non-sectarian and i vites into its membership all students who are genuinely prepared seek the truth of the Christian faith in terms of thought, practical da living, and in relation to their social responsibilities. It believes th religion should be an active, vital force exerting itself in the everyd. lives of those who profess it. The " Y " is campus-wide in its scope. It is not a group of studer out of touch with the life of the University, but is a group of Christia who are seeking to serve the student body as a whole. Every stude who attends the University is at some time or another included eith- directly or indirectly in its activities. In these activities the " Y " tr to reflect credit to the University, give unity and purpose to the s dent body, and personal development to the individual student. In of its undertakings, it emphasizes the highest ideals in life, both oh ical and spiritual. CHRiuiy mmm -■v " " l " ' ft iMTir liiiri-mriTTi- innr h-i ti Crowd at Eostor Sunrise Service. tici eva- (ISf [il» U FRESHMAN Y. M. C. A. First Row: M. Arnoult. M. Baqot. E. Baldinger, B. Bell. A. Bohm falk, R. Cahal, H. Cocrehan, W. Cox, H. Davidson, C. Donnaud J. Donnaud, P. Dupont, W. Eason. Second Row: E. Gex, F. Guedry F. Heebe, M. Jamleson, J. Jordan, G. Joseph, D. Kleck, V. Kroll, R, Landry, H. Lanois, W. Lutej, L. McFaul. L. McLeod. Third Row: K. McWilliams, J. Miester. D. Neuhauser, B. Pease, J. Roberh. L Robin. H. Smith. A. Soule, L. Stone. C. Trawick. R. Vaccaro, D. Verges. O TODAY ' S COLLEGIAN- STUDENT, LEADER, AND MAN OF AFFAIRS, MAY THIS BOOK WITHIN A BOOK, A RECORD OF HIS ACHIEVE- MENTS ON THE CAMPUS, SPUR HIM TO A HIGHER AMBITION IN BROADER FIELDS. [U I OFFICEH OF THE CLHUS STUDENT BODY Charlotte Carter President Barbara Gllmore Vice-President Betty Hochendel Corresponding Secretary Caroline North Recording Secretary Betty Bethea Treasurer Peggy Roemer President of Student Council SENIOR CLASS Eulalie McKay President Margery Stauss Vice-President Sylvia Duncan Secretary Betty Kreclcel Treasurer JUNIOR CLASS Peter Porter President Jane Hinds Vice-President Helen Ferrandou Secretary Ardath Mary Marlcel Treasurer SOPHOMORE CLASS Pat Stites President Edith Smith Vice-President Louise Nelson Secretary Elsa Hoehn Treasurer FRESHMAN CLASS Dorothy Ecuyer President Kathryn Balmer Vice-President Routh Trowbridge Secretary Eva Douglas Treasurer lEWCOim COllEGE TOP ROW FRANCES ASBURY Amarillo, Tex. PAULINE FREDERICK BAIN .... New Orleans, La. B S Classical Club. BOTTOM ROW BETSY BRES New Orleans, La. K K r, e N, A 2 S Hullabaloo, Newcomb Editor (3, 4); Newcomb Stu- dent Council, Vice-President (4); Executive Council. DOROTHY LOUISE BROCK .... New Orleans, La. Glee Club; Operetta; Y. W. C. A. SENIOR am MUM COLLEGE 1 HELEN FRANCES BROWN .... New Orleans, La K A e LUCILLE FAIRCHILD BAKER . . . New Orleans, La. n B SUE ELEANOR BENTLEY New Orleans, La. B A, H S CHARLOTTE EMILY CARTER .... Waveland, Miss, Classical Club; Y. W. C. A. K K F, A S S Cotillion Club; Greenbackers; Student Government Student Council; T. U. R. K.; Student Body, Pres ident; Executive Connmittee; Tulane Student Council RUBY MAE BETHEA New Orleans, La. K K r DARRAH LOUISE CHAUVIN . . . New Orleans, La, K A e Dance Club; Greenbackers: Jambalaya; T. U. R. K. MARGUERITE BONDY New Roads, La. j; M Jennie Nixon Debating; T. U. R. K. ELEANOR COHEN New Orleans, C ALICE ELIZABETH BOWEN Gulfport, Miss. X g ELIZABETH COOPER New Orlea ' Resident Student Government. 11 B ' ! m u ciAss COMB CflllEC[ TOP ROW LYLE ANNE DAWSON Morgania, La. Dance Club; Glee Club; Athletic Council; Operetta. LOIS ELIZABETH DeBAKEY .... Lake Charles. La. Glee Club; Operetta. ALMA BALDWIN DENEGRE Biloxi, (viiss. n B •!■ Art Club, President; Student Government. ORtv AN DUNCAN . . . New Orleans, La. K K r Class Secretory (4). NORMA DURAND Scott, La. Art Club Resident Student Government; Y. W. C. A.; Lampyrids. . 1 HENRYEHA ALICE ELDRIDGE . . Ne w Orleans, La. li r O Glee Club; International Relations Club. BETTY ElvtMA FAUST New Orleans, La. •!■ .M Art Club; Pan-Hellenic Council. BOTTOM ROW SHELBY GIBBS FLOWERS Vickjburg. Mitl. K K r Hullabaloo Society Editor; International Relations Club. LeNEHE TUCKER FORREST Dallas, T«. K K r Art Club; Resident Student Government; Warren House President. CLAIR FRIEDA FORTMAYER Gretna, La. EDNA MAY FOY San Juan. P. R. ANNE ELLA FUGATE Hail«t urst. Mht. International Relations Club. MADELEINE M. GALLAGHER . New Orleans, La. BIO Glee Club; Inlernalional Relations Club. CHARLOnE GARDNER P.nsacola, Fla. International Relations Club; Y. W. C. A. TOP ROW BOTTOM ROW BARBARA GILMORE Now Orleans, La. MARY RESINA HOEHN New Orleans, U. Art Club; International Relations Club. Greenbackers; Student Council. ALTHEA HUEY New Orleans, L a, GEORGE ENID GIROT Ocean Springs, Mi;s. „ „ Art Club; Student Government; Student Council; Ai Athletic Council. Chairman; Resident Student Govern- School President. ment; Executive Committee; Doris Hall President. , ., V LOUISE ADELA HUTSON New Orleans, La. GLORIA MARIE GREHAN .... New Orleans, La. B S n B International Relations Club; Y. W. C. A., Secrelary. Art Club; Catholic Club. %, BARBARA ANN JOSEPH New Orleans, La. MARY ELIZABETH HARRIS .... New Orleans, La. M K K r Greenbackers; Jennie Nixon Debating; University Theatre. MIRIAM JEAN HE.NDEL New Orleans, La. p,, ,, , Orleans, La. Glee Club; Y. W. C. A., Vice-President. A E 4 THELMA ALOYSIA HEMARD . . . New Orleans, La. KATHLEEN MARY KEE5E New Orleans, La. Z T A International Relations Club; Oratorical and Debat- A Capella Choir; Cotillion Club; Glee Club; Green- " " " backers; Newcomb Orchestra; Symphony Orchestra. ANNE CARSON KILPATRICK ... New Orleans, La. NAOMI BEATRICE HICKS .... New Orleans, La. K K T International Relations Club; Oratorical and Debating. Student Council. [56] mm CLASS NEWCOMB COLL[C[ ] i; I i;iiLL[i;[ TOP ROW BOTTOM ROW MARJORIE THERESA KI5TER . . . Now Orleant, La. ALINE LERLINE LOEWENBERG . N.w OrlMni. La. tl Internalional Relalront Club; Jennie N! on Oeballnq. GIco Club; Lampyrids. BERNICE FLORA LURIE Florala, Ala. ADELE EVELYN KOHLMAN Now Orl«an», La. Glee Club; Inlernalional Relationt Club; Newcomb A K " I " Oreheitra; OpereHa; Univertlty Theatre. International Relations Club; Jennie Nixon Debating, President. t ARJORIE JEAN McBRIDE .... New Orleans. La. BETTY IvIARJORIE KRECKEL .... New Orloans, La. Z T A u i: Glee Club; Class Treasurer (4); Lampyrids. HELEN LOUISE McCASKEY . . . New Orleani, La. A Capella Choir; Glee Club; Newcomb Orchestra. ILLIAN KYAt. E New Orleans, La. : Club; International Relations Club; Lampyrids; Tennis; Hockey; Bowling; Archery; Swimming. EULALIE WOOLVERTON McKAY . . Vickiburg, Miss. K K r OLGA MARGUERITE LACHIN New Orleans. La. Hullabaloo, Associate Newcomb Editor; Student Gov- n . . ernment; Student Council; Class President Ml. WARY LEE LEMANN Donaldsonville La JUSTINE GIBBS STAIB MANN . . New Orleans. La. Z T A International Relations Club; Lampyrids. Resident Student Government. NOREEN MARY LEVINE New Orleans, La. AMELIA PULLIAM MANOGUE . . . Memphis, Tenn. :j B S A n Glee Club; Operetta. University Theatre. [V] TOP ROW LUISA GARZON MARIA Madrid, Spain Y. W. C. A. MOLLiE M. MERRIMAN Hot Springs, Ark. n B I ' , A X i Pan-Hellenic Council; Student Council; Resident Stu- dent Government, President (4), Secretary (3); Dormi- tory Council (4): Executive Council. JEANNE PUJOL MEYER New Orleans, La. Z T A Art Club; Camera Club. THAIS AMELIA MORRIS New Orleans, La. GRACE EUGENIE MURRHEE . . . New Orleans, La. A A n Athletic Council. ELEANOR VIRGINIA PEARCE .... Alexandria, La. K K r Art Club; Resident Student Government; Pan-Hellenic Council. ELORENCE POTTHARST New Orleans, La. A n Jambalaya, Business Manager; Pan-Hellenic Council. BOTTOM ROW MARTHA E5TELLE POWERS .... New Orleans, La. B S Art Club; International Relations Club; Lampyrids (3, 4). President (4). ADELE FRIEDA RAMOS New Orleans, La, B S Y. W. C. A. ROBERTINE JUANITA RHYMES Monroe, La, A A n Pan-Hellenic Council. MARY ALMA RIESS New Orleans, La International Relations Club. MARGARET LUCILLE ROEMER . . . Shrevepoi Z T A, A S S Art Club; Cotillion Club; Greenbackers; Resident Stu- dent Government; Student Government; Pan-Hellenic Council; Student Council, President; T. [}. R. K. KATHLYN MAE ROAME New Orleans, La. B A LORRAINE ALYS ST. RAYMOND . New Orleans, La. A o n Campus Nite, Chairman; Catholic Club; Cotillion Club, Executive Committee; Greenbackers; T. U. R. K. mm cuss umm coLUGE ..fi sr B ' CLASS i;ou[i;[ TOP ROW LOUISE THERES6 SEMPLE .... New Orleans. La. International Relations Club. BOTTOM ROW MARGERY ANNA STAUSS .... New Orleans, La. n B !■ Cotillion Club; Greenbaclers; Class Vice-President H). FRANCES CORDELIA SENTER ... New Orleans, La. STEWART New Orleans. La. Hullabaloo. International Relations Club; Lampyrids. VERRE ELIZABETH SlI PSON . A A n Shreveport, La. MARY JANE STOUT New Orleans, La. Art Club; Water Color Club. ETHEL HYDE STRACK New Orleans. La. X Q EVELYN RUTH SMITH Waukegan, III. Art Club; Cotillion Club. Z T A MERLE MARIE SMITH Houma. La. A A It Glee Club: Operetta. ELAINE BALL SOLOMON Helena, Ark. A E ' I ' . A r S Cotillion Club; Pan-Hcllcnlc Council; T. U. R. K. ESTHER MARJORIE SPRINGER New Orleans. La. Z T . A Capella Clioir; Student Council: Music School, President (4). [59] ELISE WESTERVELT TERHUNE New Orleans. La. II B !■ LOIS ANN WALTON Palatka. Fla. K A e Art Club; Lampyrids. PENELOPE ANN WHITE New Orleans. La. A A n Glee Club: Oceretta: Finance CommiMee. EMMA BERTHA WOLF New Orleans. La. A E ♦ International Relations Club. THERESA RAY ANDERSON Jackson, Tenn X a BETTY RUTH ANDRES Oklahoma City, Okia Lampyrids. Glee Club; Newcomb Orchestra; Operetta; Y. W C. A., Cabinet. BETTY BETHEA New Orleans, La. K K r Cotillion Club; Greenbackers; Student Government- T. U. R. K. SARA ANN BLOCH Selma, Ala. A E Pan-Hellenic Council. MARGARET BOSSHARDT San Antonio, Tex. A A n Art Club; Y. W. C. A. HELEN MARGARET BRES New Orleans, La. K A e MIDDLE ROW FRANCES ELIZABETH BROOKS .... Summit, N. J. Z T A CATHERINE ADELAIDE BRCOKSHIRE .Kaplan, La. A Capella Choir; Glee Club; Newcomb Orchestra; Operetta. ELIZABETH T. BROOME .... Pass Christian, Miss, n B Art Club. ELIZABETH CATHERINE COATE . Arkadelpljja. fji.. G lee Club; Operetta; Y. W. C. A.; LarS TSi? ' SARA ELIZABETH COBB ojllas, Tex. Z T A Resident Student Government. FRANCES LORRAINE COLLENS . . New Orleans, La. K K r Catholic Club. HENRIETTA COLLEY . . : Grantville, Ga. X 9. Art Club; Water Color Club. DOROTHY MAE COOLEY Slidell, La. M MARILYNN ROSS CORBETT Toledo. Ohio K A e Dance Club; Glee Club; Jambalaya. JUNIOR CLASS Umm COLLEGE [60] JUKIOIt CLASS umm i:iiLL[ii[ :Jh-r I |L 0 ' 4 TOP ROW ELENOR RAMSAY CREBBIN .... Naw OHaani. La. i i CAROLYN BLANCHE CUDD .... Bambarq, S. C. X (. ' RosidonI Student Government, ALIvIA CECILE DRESNER N»w Orloani, La. A E ■!• International Relations Club; T. U. R. K. CATHERINE STEEL E DUNCAN . Naw Orlaani, La. . i II ■ Art Club; Hullabaloo; Jambalaya. EILEEN FRIEDA ELSON Now Orloani. La. Lampyrids. 6THELYN 8RINGIER EVEREH ... Now Orleans, La. II •!■ A Hullobol o; Pan-Hellenic Council; University Ttieotre. ! I«IARIE LOUISE EYRICH Natchez, Miss. Lampyrids. EDITH FENNO New Orleans, La. K K r MIDDLE ROW HELEN COYLE FERRANDOU . . . New Orleans, La. A o n Cotillion , Club; Greenbackers; Jambalaya; Class Sec- retary (3). RACHEL, LEAH FINEGOLD .... New Orleans, La. Jeq|i!e Nixon Debating; University Theatre. ■1 JEANNE OLIE FINKE New Orleans, La. B S Injernational Relations Club; Badminton. SARAH ELLEN GILLESPIE .... Hattiesburg, Miss. A A n Glee Club. MARGARET ELMINA GLENN . . . LIncolnton, N. C. A O II Art Club; Inlemationgl Relal!ar t Club, ELIZABETH LEE GOUGH Ntw Orltani, L«. Olcr Club; Operetta. CAROLYN VIVIAN GRIFFITH . ilidoll. La. A i II ANNE GORDON HARPER Augusta. Ga. K A O Resident Student Governmertt. BOTTOM ROW MARTHA LILLY HARPER MIndtn, L». K A e Resident Student Government: Pan-Helfenic Council, CATHERINE MARIE HARRIS . . . N«w Orloans, L». K K r EMMA BARBARA HARRISON Forest. Miss. + M Cotillion Club; Greenbackers. ELIZABETH BEALE HARRISON .... Hopew.ll, Va. n B ■! Art Club. MIMI ELIZABETH HARRY New Orleans, La. K K r Hullabaloo; Jambalaya. HARRIET HEIDLER Mount Vernon, Ml. X e Art Club; International Relations Club; Pan-Hellenic Council. MILDRED AMELie HILLER . . . New Orleans, La. Art Club; University Theatre. JANE ELIZABETH HINDS .... New Orleans, La. M Glee Club; Operetta; Class Vice-President (3). [61] TOP ROW BE TTY CHAUVIN HOCHENEDEL .... Houma, La K K r Art Club; Athletic Council; Resident Student Govern ment; Student Government. KATE HODGE New Orleans, La, M Cotillion Club: Jambalaya; T. U. R. K.; Y. W. C. A MARY JANE HUTSON New Orleans, La. B Z Pan-Hellenic Council; Student Council; T. U. R. K.; Y. W, C. A.; Lampyrids. DOROTHY LOUISE JURISICH . . . New Orleans, La. Art Club; Jambalaya. HENRIETTE JANICE KAHN .... New Orleans, La. A E Art Club; International Relations Club; Jennie Nixon Debating. ELAINE MARJORIE LACROIX . . New Orleans, La. X a Catholic Club. LELLA MARY LEVINE New Orleans, La. M Art Club; Glee Club. JANICE HELEN LEVY New Orleans, La. A E MIDDLE ROW ANNETTE SHIFRA LISITZKY .... New Orleans, La. Glee Club. CAROLYN ALICE LONG New Orleans, La, B A Glee Club; Lampyrids. MARILYN LLOYD LOVELL Belleville, III. K A e Art Club. CHARLEY NELLE McGOWEN .... Shreveport, La. K A e DOROTHY KATHRYN McGUIRK . New Orleans, La. A n University Theatre. MARY JANE MclNTOSH Memphis, Tenn. Z T A Art Club. ARDATH MARY MARKEL .... New Orleans, La. A n Hullabaloo; Class Treasurer (3). WILHELMINA MERIWETHER . . Nacogdoches, Tex. K A e BOTTOM ROW RENeE DAVID MIESTER New Orleans. La. M Glee Club; Jennie Nixon Debating; Operetta; Pan- Hellenic Council; University Theatre. FRANCES WHITE MORRISS . . . Birmingham, Ala. M Art Club. ALINE JOEL NOBILE New Orleans, La. FRANCES MARY OCCHIPINTI . . . New Orleans, La. MURIEL JANE PASQUIER New Orleans, La. M Glee Club, EUNICE EVE PERKINS Suljihur, La. Z T A • Art Club; Y. W. C. A. IRENE LOUISE PFAFF New Orll K A e Classical Club; Glee Club; Operetta| MARTHA JANE PORTER Fort Wa| K K r Student Government; Student Council; Class President (3). JUNIOR CLASS mum COLLEGE r-fi mnm cuss I! COLLEGE TOP ROW VIOLA JPSIE POTTHARST . . . New Orleans. La. X Q International Relations Club. RUTH HILL REID Atlanta, Ga. NADINE ESTHER ROBBERT .... New Orleans, La. j A A n Cheerjeaqers: Dance Club; T. U. R. K.; Soccer; Lam- 1 pyrids. PATRICIA ROBERTSON New Orleans. La. A o n Jambalaya. ELIZABETH GALLIANO SANDOZ . New Orleans, La. A n Jannbalaya. HILDA ROSE SCHNEIDER . . . New Orleans, La. Jennie Nixon Debating; Y. W. C. A.; Lampyrids. New Orleans, La. MARY COLCOCK SINCLAIR J K K r . Student Council; Y. W. C. A. MARY BALDWIN SMITH New Orleans, La. I K K r WINIFRED ELIZABETH SMITH . Trei Barras, Braiil l ' M I 1 MIDDLE ROW MARTHA ANNE SPEIGHT . . . Rocky Mount, N. C. X n JULIETTE LARUE STANCLIFF . . r A Glee Club. Now Orleans, La. Uniontown. Ala. i LOUISE H. STOLLENWERCK . A A II Pon-Hellonic Council; Lampyrids. MARY AGNES SULLIVAN N«w OrlMns. La. Catliolic Club; Lannpyrlds; Hockey; Basketball (I. 2), Varsity (2). MYRTLE GLADYS SWAYNE .... New Orleans. La. A Capella Choir; Glee Club; Newcomb Orchestra. President; Operetta; Symphony Orchestra; Y. W. C. A. ELIZABETH ANN TANENBAUM Waco, Tex. Z T A Art Club; Athletic Council; University Theatre. MARY LOUISE THALHEIM Gretna, La. DORA SUTLIFFE THATCHER Houma, La. A A n Jennie Nixon Debating; Y. W. C. A. DONA THISTLETHWAITE Opelousas, La. K K r Art Club; Resident Student Government. BOTTOM ROW IRMA DOROTHY TUCKER .... High Point, N. C. MARY ELIZABETH VENTURELLA . New Orleans, La. Classical Club. Vice-President; Hullabaloo. JEAN WALKER , Shreveport, La. K K r Art Club; Jambalaya. FRANCES WATSON Memphis, Tenn. K K r Athletic Council; Resident Student Government; Y. W. C. A. ELINOR TERRY WELSH New Orleans, La. K K r International Relations Club; Y. V . C. A. MARGARET LEE WENDT New Orleans, La. 4 M Art Club; Cotillion Club; Glee Club; Hullabaloo; Jambalaya. GLORIA MAE WIMBERLY New Orleans, La. ANNE ROSE WYLY Lake Providence, La. K A e Resident Student Government; Pan-Hellenic Council. CLARE CONDfi YANCEY New Orleans. La. ♦ M Glee Club; Operetta; University Theatre. I 6? J TOP ROW MARY MYLDRED ABROMS. ' 43 ... . Dermott, Ark. CAROLYN B. ALBRECHT, ' 42 . . . New Orleans, La. A A n Newcomb Orchestra; Lampyrids; Assets. RUTH ELIZABETH ALBRECHT, M2 New Orleans, La. A A n International Relations Club. Treasurer; Assets; Lampy- rids. MARY LOUISE ALPAUGH, ' 42 . . New Orleans, La. n B MARJORIE JANE ALSHULER, ' 42 . New Orleans, La. Z 2 Art Club. EUNICE JANE ALWES, ' 42 . . . Donaldsonville, La. B A Classical Club; Y. W. C. A. YVONNE EDWINA ANDERSON, ' 43 New Orleans, La. BIO Art Club; Jambalaya; Y. W. C. A. MARY LLOYD ANDREWS, ' 42 ... . Brunswick, Ga. X Q Athletic Council; T. U. R. K.; Lampyrids; House Council; Assets. RUTH ANTIN, ' 43 New Orleans, La. Art Club. MIDDLE ROV ELIZABETH MILWARD AMIDON, ' 42 Harlingen, Tex. Basketball; Swimming; Hockey. GENE BRY APPLE, ' 43 St. Louis, Mo. ELLEN D ' WOLF ARCHER, ' 43 . . New Orleans, La. A o n Y. W. C. A. MARY McCLANDISH ARCHER, ' 43 New Orleans, La. A n ADELINE SHIRLEY ARONSON, ' 42 New Orleans, La. i 2 Glee Club; Pan-Hellenic Council. RUTH AUFDEMORTE, ' 43 New Orlean s .La. Hullabaloo; Jambalaya. M M LEAL GERALDINE BACKER, ' 42 . . New Orleans, La. B ! A II 11 ' ' Art Club- Camera Club; Glee Club; In ' ernational IB MP; Relations Club. « " «■» ' NONA BAIR, ' 43 Dallas, Tex. K K r MH Art Club; International Relations Cub. ALICE JANE BAIRD, ' 43 .... New Orleans, La. M Glee Club; Hullabaloo. BOTTOM ROW WILMA MAY BAKER, ' 43 New Orleans, La. Glee | |m|mmm_ IHl Ri- HELEN HARDIE BALDWIN, . . New Orleans, ' B plH KATHRYN MAE BALMER, ' 43 . . New Orleans, La. X Q Glee Club. ANN FRANCES BARKER, ' 43 Ripon, Wis. A n Art Club. LESLIE JUNE BARTELS, ' 43 ... New Orleans, La. B S O Glee Club. EUGENIE E. BATTAILE. ' 43 Sorrento, La. Jennie Nixon Debating; Newcomb Orchestra. ELLIOT MEADOR BECKNER, ' 43 New Orleans, La. K K r Art Club; Y. W. C. A. [64] m J 1 H u iinicitADUAni; niLLECt TOP ROW NANCY PARKER BENHAM, M3 , Now Orloani, La. BETTY BERNHARD, ' « Birmingham. Ala. Dance Club. LUBA BERSADSKY. ' 42 Naw Orlaani. La. Glee Club. MARY GERTRUDE BERTHIER, ' 42 Monterrey, Meiico K A Arl Club; Inlcrnslional Relations Club. MARGARET D. BETHEA, ' 43 ... . Fort Riley, Kan. BETTY BERNICE BEYER. ' 42 ... . Now Orlojns, La. B ■! A Glee Club: Intornationol Relations Club; Y. W. C. A. SHIRLEY ELIZABETH BIALAS, ' 42 . . . Gretna, La. MARY JANET BIERHORST, ' 43 . . Now Orleans, La. B A Art Club; International Relations Club . JANE LOUISE BLUMENTHAL, ' 43 . Philadelphia, Pa. University Theatre. MIDDLE ROW BERTHA OMEGA BODENHEIMER, ' 43 Shreveport, La. A E Jennie Nixon Debating. ALTHEA RITA BOEBINGER, ' 43 . . New Orleans, La. MARTHA JEAN BOLDING, ' 42 . Wichita Falls, Tel. K A e Art Club. NATHALIE MARY BOND, ' 42 . . . New Orleans, La. A n Art Club; Catholic Club; Jambalaya. MARY JANE BONHAM, ' 42 ... . Lake Charles, La. X C Art Ciud; International Relations Club; Resident Stu- dent Go vernnnent. JEAN LAURINE BONNER. ' 43 . . New Orleans, La. Ail ' A Capetia Choir; Glc ■ ' ■ ' . C. A. MARTHA FOLDS BRADFORD, ' 43 . New Orleans. U. ♦ M Glee Club. RUTH MEADE BRAND, ' 43 Hobbs, N. Met K A e Art Club; International Relations Club. BEHIE JACKLYN BRANDNER, ' 43 New Orleans, La D A Y. W. C. A. BOTTOM ROW BETTY IRENE BRANDSTEHER, ' 43 . . . Chicago, III. Hul ' abalco; Intcrr.a ' ional Relations Club. KATHERINE F. BRASELMAN, ' 43 . New Orleans. U. K K r Art Club. KATHERINE LESLIE BRASH, ' 43 . . . Gulfport. Miss. Jennie Nixon Debating: Y. W, C. A. JOAN JOY BRAUFMAN, ' 43 ... . St. Charles, Mo. International Relations Club: Jennie Nixon Debating; University Theatre. MARY JEAN BRINSHURST. ' 43 . . New Orleans, La. JOAN MARIE BROOKS, ' 43 . . . New Orleans, La. ! M Glee Club; Jambalaya. MARGARET ELIZABETH BROWN, ' 43 Fort Sill, Okla. VIRGINIA SYBIL BROWNSON, ' 42 New Orleans, La. A n A Capella Choir; Catholic Club; Glee Club, Pres- ident; Operetta. LORRAINE BRUEN, ' 43 New Orleans, La. Z T A Art Club. a v4 r £ [65] TOP ROW VIOLET ESTELLE BRUNILA, ' 42 . . New Orleans, La. DORIS TOWERS BRYAN, ' 43 Limon, C. R. Z T A Art Club; Camera Club. MARILYN ROSE BRYNER, ' 43 . . New Orleans, La. Art Club; Camera Club. GWENDOLYN RUTH BUHLER, ' 42 New Orleans, La. K A G Art Club; Lampyrids; Archery. MARY FRANCES BURKE. ' 43 . . . Hot Springs, Ark. NELL BOND BUSBY, ' 43 Pace, M!ss. X n Dance Club; International Relations Club. LUCY ANITA BYRNE, ' 42 .... New Orleans, La. Glee Club; Jennie Nixon Debating; Tennis; Swimming. JULIA ESTELLE CABLE, ' 43 Harvey, La. n B ELISE CAMBON, ' 43 New Orleans, La. Art Club; Glee Club; Jambalaya. MIDDLE ROW MAIZIE MARIE CARAVELLA, ' 42 . . La Place, La. Glee Club; Y. W. C. A. SHIRLEY HELEN CAIRE, ' 43 . . . New Orleans, La. M JUNE ELIZABETH CARPENTER, ' 42 New Orleans, La. A o n Art Club. MARJORY CLAUDE CHAMBERS, ' 42 Seminole, Okla. LUCIE MARIE CLAIBORNE, ' 43 . . New Orleans, La. n B DELPHI NE CLARK, ' 43 New Orleans, La. H B CONSTANCE H. CLAVERIE, ' 43 . New Orleans, La. Glee Club; Jambalaya. JOY CLAY, ' 43 New Orleans, La. A A n Glee Club; Y. W. C. A. SARA ROSE CLESI, ' 43 New Orleans, La International Relations Club. BOTTOM ROW SUE CLARK CLEVELAND, ' 42 ... . Memphis, Tenn. n B DOROTHY ANNE COFFEY, ' 43 . . Birmingham, Ala. Art Club. EMMA HAMER COLE, ' 42 . . . New Albany, Miss. A n Hullabaloo; International Relations Club. HELEN-LOUISE COLLINS, ' 42 . . . New Orleans, LOIS AGNES COLOMEX, ' 42 . . New Orleans La, B •! A ■ Symphony Orchestra. ELIZABETH ANN CONE, ' 43 Miami, Fla. A E International Relations Club; Jambalaya. FRANCES B. CONNELY, ' 43 . . . New Orleans, La, A A n Glee Club. NELL COURTNEY, ' 42 ...... Lake Charles, La X S2 Art Ciub; Student Government; Student Counci T. U. R. K.; Assets. CORA SMITH E. COUSIN, ' 43 . . . ShreveporV, La Z T A Art Club; Catholic Club; Jennie Nixon Debating. UPERGR IDUATE!; KFWCOMB COLLEGE [66] ■Ml , m- ' " UID[KGIiADUATES mmm coiiece H TOP ROW ETHELYN C. COUSIN, ' 42 Shreveport, La. Z T A University Theatre. LETA REMBERT COVINGTON, ' 43 . . Summit, Miss. M Glee Club. FLORENCE MAY COYNE, ' 43 Gretna, La. CORNELIA CRITTENDEN, ' 43 ... . Shreveport, La. X Q Glee Club. ff NORMA EDWINA CUNEY, ' 42 . . Brookhavcn, Miss. Newcomb Orchestra; Y. W. C. A. MARIE LOUISE CUQUET, ' 43 . . . New Orleans, La. B •!■ A Glee Club; Y. W. C. A. ANNA MAY DALIER, ' 43 New Orleans, La. EMI LOU STUART DANESE, ' 43 . . New Orleans, La. Glee Club. CONCEHA MARIE DANNA, ' 43 . New Orleans, La. Glee Club; Y. W. C. A. MIDDLE ROW I ROSEJAY ELISABETH DANNA, ' 43 Now Orleans, La. Glee Club; Y. W. C. A. LYNDALL M. DA PONTE, ' 43 . . . Now Orleans, La. K K r Art Club; Hullabaloo: Jambalaya. CLARA JANE DART, ' 43 Now Orloans, La. II B ' I ' International Relations Club. ALICE FILLEUL DAYRIES, ' 42 . . Now Orloans, La. K A MARIE AMELIE DeLERNO, ' 42 . . Now Orleans. La. Catholic Club. JANE ELIZABETH DENIKE. ' 43 . . San Antonio. Toi. A a n University Theatre. MARIE LOUISE DENNY. ' 43 . . . New Orleans, La. A A n Art Club; Y. W. C. A. CELESTE J. DOUGLAS, ' 42 ... . Now Orleans, La. n B Athletic Council. EVA CARLIN DOUGLAS, ' 43 . . . New Orloans, La. n B 4 BOTTOM ROW FRANCES ELIZABETH DOWD, ' 43 . . Galveston, Toi. K K r Art Club; Cheerleader; International Relations Club. DOROTHY RITA DOWLING. ' 42 . Now Orleans, La. WINNIEFRED L. DRACKEH. ' 42 . Now Orloans, La. D £ Camera Club; Glee Club; Y. W. C. A. BELLE DUPRE DUBUISSON, ' 42 . . . Opolousas, La. K A Art Club. AUDREY LORRAINE DUFFY, ' 42 ... . Gretna. La. YVONNE HELEN DUREAU, ' 43 . . Now Orloans, La. K K r CLAIRE HELEN DUVIC, ' 43 ... . Now Orleans. La. B £ Art Club; Jambalaya; University Theatre; Y. W. C .A. DOROTHY DYKE. ' 43 Now Orloans, La. B L Glee Club; Y. W. C. A.; Art Club. LOUISE MILDRED ECKART, ' 43 . . Now Orloans, La. 1671 TOP ROW PHYLLIS SHIRLEY ECKERT, ' 43 . . New Orleans, La. B A Glee Club; Y. W. C. A. DOROTHY WORDEN ECUYER. ' 43 New Orleans, La. A n A Capella Choir; Glee Club; Jambalaya; New- comb Orchestra; Student Council; Class President (I). KATHRYN ELIZABETH EDWARDS, ' 42 . Atlanta, Ga. M Art Club; University Theatre; Archery. JUNE LUCIA ELLIOTT, ' 43 ... . New Orleans, La. B A Y. W. C. A. RUTH DENIS ELLIS, ' 43 New Orleans, La. n B Art Club; International Relations Club. MARIELLE EDNA EMLING, ' 43 . . New Orleans, La. A o n Glee Club; Jambalaya. ELEANOR ENGLISH, 43 Beaumont, Tex. n B Art Club; International Relations Club. CORINNE A. ESHLEMAN, ' 42 . . New Orleans, La. n B $ VIVIAN LOUISE ESTOPINAL, ' 42 . New Orleans, La. Art Club. MIDDLE ROW LILAH JEANNE ETHRIDSE, ' 43 ... Houston, Tex. A A n Art Club. DORIS URSULA PAGAN, ' 42 . . . New Orleans, La. Catholic Club. JEANNE (yl ARIE FARRELL, ' 42 . . New Orleans, La. A n SUZANNE FAUST, ' 43 New Orleans, La. M Glee Club. SADIE RUTH FELDMAN, ' 42 . . New Orleans, La. Z 2 FLORA MAE ALICE FERAUD, ' 42 . New Orleans, La. B 2 O ALICE WALKER FIELD, ' 42 Monroe, Ga. $ M ELSIE TERESA FIELD, ' 42 Mobile, Ala. International Relations Club; Jennie Nixon Debating; Y. W. C. A.; Badminton. BEVERLY NELL FISH, ' 43 New Orleans, La. BOTTOM ROW AUDREY VALERIE FLAUTT, ' 43 . . New Orleans, La. B 2 Art Club; Camera Club; Y. W. C. A. BETTE JANE FLEISCHER, ' 43 . . . Cincinnati, Ohio A E •! International Relations Club; Jennie Nixon Debating. CAROLINE D. FLETCHER, ' 43 . New Orleans, La. Glee Club. MARY ANN FOLLETT, ' 43 .... New Orleans, La. BIO Jennie Nixon Debating; University Theatre. MARY BOOTHE FRANCIS, ' 42 .... Atlanta, Ga. Art Club; Cotillion Club. DENISE ISABEL FREEMAN, ' 42 . . New Orleans, La. A A n MARION BEULAH FRE5CHEL, ' 42 . New York, N. Y. Classical Club. ANNE CRAWLEY FRIEDRICHS, ' 43 New Orleans, La. X n Glee Club. SARA JEAN PRISCH, ' 43 Stillwater, Okla. f ' Mh.-. i| UIDERCRADUATES NEWCOMB COLLEGE [68] I TOP ROW YVONNE A. GOLDENSERG, ' 43 N«w Orltant, L . « i; ! CIILLECE ANABEL CLAIRE FRI5TOE, ' 43 . New Orloani, La. Glee Club. JANE ELIZABETH GALLAHER, ' « Now Orleani, La. A O II Art Club; Intcrnolionol Relations Club. FAY BETTYE GOLDMAN. ' 42 . . . New Oritsni. Li. lr,i .iTiii;rjn.ii Rclolloni Club; Jennie Niion Uebaling; Tennis; SwimminQ. RUTH GOLDM AN. ' 43 Bogaluu. La. 1 Z Inlernatlonal RelsKont Club. ANNABELLE CLAIRE GALLE, ' 43 Now Orloani. La. Glee Club: Y. W. C. A. FRANCES E. GALLOWAY, ' 43 . . Monlgomory, Ala. A A n Art Club: Dance Club. ELINOR LIZZETTE GOODMAN. ' 43 . Starkvill . Mlit. RUTH JOHNSON GORDON. ' 42 ... . Bryan. T„. K K r Dance Club; Studcnf Government; Student Body. Re- cording Secretary; Mistress of Revels. MARIE ELAINE GAMARD, ' 42 . . Now Orleans. La. A n Glee Club. GLORIA LILLIAN GARIC. ' 43 . . Now Orleans. La. BOTTOM ROW NOLA FLORENCE GRANGER. ' 42 . New Orleans. La. Classical Club; Y. W. C. A. MARY MARJORIE GARMANY. ' 43 . Pensacola. Fla. Dance Club. SHIRLEY ADELE GARROT. ' 42 . . New Orleans, La. B 2 Art Club: Camera Club; Hullabaloo; Y. W. C. A. GLORIA HERLIHY GAUNT. ' 43 . . New Orleans, La. i Glee Club. MIDDLE ROW GLADYS LODOISKA GAY. ' 42 . . New Orleans. La. n B Glee Club; Operetta. VIOLET MAY GREMAR. ' 42 ... . New Orleans. La. M Dance Club; Glee Club; Jambalaya; University Ttieatre. SHIRLEY CLAIRE GRENIER. ' 43 . . New Orleans. La. CHRISTINE ALICE GRESHAM. ' 43 . . Crowley. La. Z T A Art Club. MARY FRANCES GROSS, ' 43 Denver. Colo. Glee Club; Hullabaloo; Jambalaya; University Theatre. MARION S. GROSSMAN, ' 43 . Corpus Christi, Tex. A E Glee Club; International Relations Club. ATHALIE MARIE GENERES, ' 43 . New Orleans, La. JANICE SHIRLEY GINSBERG, ' 42 . . Alexandria, La. A E Assets; Hullabaloo; International Relations Club; Jen- nie Nixon Debating, Secretary; T. U. R. K.; University Theatre. LaREINE HILL GLADDEN, ' 42 . . . New Orleans, La. K A e Y. W. C. A.; Hockey. RUTH EVELYN GROSSMAN, ' 43 . . McAlester, Okla. Glee Club. NELLIE MAE GUNN. ' 42 New Orleans. La. A A n A Capella Choir; Glee Club; International Rela- tions Club; Newcomb Orchestra: Operetta; Symphony Orchestra; Y. V . C. A. MARY ANN HACKETT. ' 42 . . . New Orleans. La. n B [69] TOP ROW FLORENCE Y. HAMAKER, ' 42 - . New Orleans, U. A O U Gl©5 Clkb; JambaOaya. EVa.YN RUTH HAMILTON, ' 43 . . . eolfporf. Miss. B.MIRE JANIN HANCXtCK, ' 93 . New Orleans. La. K K r Airif Oiub; InnfennatiosaaS RellatiotTiis Oosb. JANE MARY HARRIS, ' 43 BarHesnIle, OUa. DOROTHY HARTLEY, " 42 New Orieaits, La. B S O GAIL HAUSMANN. ' 42 New CVe;-!, U. A £ $ GUee Oujib; OmrterimaiioEiaH Rel atiiQES CDmb. NORMA ELIZABETH HEBBtT, ' 42 New Orieans, U. Swimisi!iffi g. SARA CECILE HEIM, ' « Ne O.-Isans. La. o 2 S COss ca Ooiib; CotiillUiloEii Otmb; GBee Club; Um- veisny TlfeesuTe. SARAH JANE HBU B , ' 42 . . . St. Peferabarg. F!a. K A e G ge Ooab: Jajintbalaya. MIDDLE ROW MARY BEVERLY HE.iiNDON, -S . . . Shrevepcrf, La. K A e JUUA HAGEOORN HERZISB. ' -O . West Point. Sa. A E HsslIIIs Dsio; Univeffsity Tlbsaire. DOROTHY HELEN HILLER. ' a . . New Orleans. La. A E Alt Qub: Glse Qub. ROSE MARYE HODGE, ' 43 . . . New Orear s. La. A o n GBes OEjb; Newoomb Ordliesna. EISA HO-EHN, ' 42 New Orleans. U. X Q CDTa:l.l.mTi Ol ' ub; Greesabacleis. POLLY HOFFMAN, ' ' O Wichita Falls. Tei. E A e Aft Club. MARGARITA D. HOFSTRA. ' 43 . . . New Orleans. U. Y. W. C. A. TATIANA HOFSTRA. ' 42 New Orieans. U. Y. W. C. A.„ CabJmeS; Lampyrii ' ds. MARY HOM, ' 43 New Orleans. U. Giles Olub; Y. W. C. A. BOTTOM ROW PAUUNE R. HUDDLE5TON, ' 43 Oklahoma Cily, OUa. LINDA ANNETTE HUDSON. ' 43 . New OHeaBS. La. X B Art Clrab; Glee Club. NELUE ELIZABETH IVEY. ' 42 . . New O ' eans. U. B S O T. U. R. K.; Y. W. C. A.; Tennis. MARGARET IRWIN JOACHIM, ' 43 New Orleans, la. K A e A Capellla Otaoir; Glee Club. AUDREY MAUDE JOHNSON, ' 42 . . Roreoce, Ala. A O n . Art Club. SUZANNE JONES. " 43 New Orleans, La.) HB o BiANCES CHESTBi JONES, " 43 Hnllabaloc. . St. BETTY CUNNINGHAM JUDD. ' 43 New Orieans. A O n If. GBee Clttjb. A, JANE JORDAN. ' 42 ' Vicr ria, Tex. xa Dance Clojb; Uffniverei3y llbes a. y ' DERCR DUU[S , EliCOMB COLLECf t703 m [IR ' OMIi COllfCE 3m ' ' ' OP ROW WESTLEY ' RITA KAISER, ' 42 . . . New Orleans, La. Aviatron. ROSEMARY KEEN, ■« New Orleans, U. BLANCHE JULIA KEILER, ■« f av.aH. Ky. i Resident Student Government. BETTY ANN KELLNER, ' 42 Springfield III lu ' l W : International Relations Club; Jennie » -H Nixon Debating. MARY CATHERINE KELLY, ' 42 . . New Orleans, La. Inlernationai Relations Club; Y. W. C. A. MARJORIE BARBARA KIBBE. ' 42 New Orleans, La. C + A ;• Art Club; Camera Club. NITA ETHEL KIDD, ' 43 New Orleans, La. X Q Art Club; Y. W. C. A. MARJORIE LOUISE KILLEEN, ' 43 New Orleans La A A n Jambalaya. ALICE ANNE KINABREW, ' 42 . . New Orleans La X Q Art Club; Jambalaya. MIDDLE ROW AUDREY SARA KING, ' 43 New Orleans, La. JEANNE L. KLEPINGER, ' 43 . . . New Orleans La 1! -I- A Glee Club; Y. W. C. A. MARCIA IRENE KOHL. ' 43 , . . Miami B.ach, Fla. Jennie Nixon Debating. VIRGINIA BAUMAN KYLE, 42 . . . New Iberia, La. Cotillion Club. ELMA LANDRAM. 43 Houston. T«. K K r Art Club. CYNTHIA HYDE LANDRY. ' 43 . n B ♦ Hockey. MARY LOU LANGDON, ' 42 Glee Club. New Orleans. La. Hornersyille. Mo. ROSE HARDING LAPEYRE. ' 42 . . Jacksonville Fla X Q Art Club; International Relations Club. BILLIE MARIE LATHAM, ' 43 A A n Art Club. Port Arthur, Tei. BOTTOM ROW JO-GAYL LAUDERDALE. ' 42 Somervill. Tex + .M BERNADETTE RITA LAWHON, 43 New Orleans La B A Art Club; Glee Club. MARY LORENA LEAKE. ' 42 . . . New Orleans. La. University Theatre. ELAINE MARIE L.BLANC. ' 43 . . Port Arthur. T... DOROTHY MAY L.BRETON. " 43 . . N.w Orl.an, La B S Glee Club; University Theatre. DORA JANE LEDGERWOOD. -42 . Hot Sprinq, Ark A Capella Choir; Glee Club; Operetta. MARY ELIZABETH LEMARIE. ' 43 . New Orl.ans La A o n Glea Club. OPHELIA THERESA LESTER, •43 . , . K.y W.rt, Fla. MARY ELAINE LEVERICH. ' 42 . , N.w Orl.ans La II B « Glee Club; Jambalaya: Operetta. t71] 1 I TOP ROW ESTHER SAMUEL LEVIN, ' 43 ... . New Orleans, La. BEHY MARIE LEVY, ' 43 New Orleans, La. Y, W. C. A. ELAINE LEVY, ' 43 New Orleans, La. l» S S JEAN LEVY, ' 43 Glencoe, III. University Theatre. CAROL ELIZABETH LEWIS, ' 43 ... . Detroit, Mich. Jambalaya. MARJORIE GORDON LEWIS, ' 43 New Orleans. La. K A e Art Club; Glee Club; Jambalaya. HARRIET LINE, ' 43 Missoula, Mont. Dance Club. BETTY ANNE LIPPER, ' 42 Houston, Tex. A E Hullabaloo; International Relations Club; Jennie Nixon Debating. MIRIAM INEZ LIPSON, ' 42 Marks, Miss. Newcomb Orchestra; University Theatre. MIDDLE ROW BLANCHE WOLF LISCHKOFF, ' 42 . Pensacola, Fla. A E •!• International Relations Club; Jambalaya. EMILIE ELLIOT LOCASCIO, ' 42 . . New Orleans, La. A n Jambalaya; T. U. R. K. CAROLYN ROSA LOEB, ' 43 .... Shreveport, La. A E Jambalaya. ELEANOR ROGERS LOGAN, ' 43 . New Orleans, La. n B LUCILLE MARIE LOUBAT, ' 43 . . New Orleans, La. Glee Club; Jambalaya. MELBA EVELYN LOUBAT, ' 42 . . . New Orleans, La. Glee Club; Jambalaya. EMILY JANE LOY, ' 42 Houston, Tex. EVELYN LOUISE LUEHRMANN, ' 43 New Orleans, La. Art Club. FLEUREHE ADOREE LURIE, ' 42 . . New Orleans, La. A E Glee Club; International Relations Club. BOTTOM ROW MURIEL MARY ANN LYONS, ' 42 . New Orlearf M Dance Club; Glee Club; Jambalaya; Operetta; Uni- versity Theatre. ,v- BETTIE MAE McCORD, ' 42 ... . New Orleans, Lay, K K r COLINDA WHYTE McKENZIE, ' 43 New Orleans, La. Z T A Art Club; International Relations Club. MARGARET COKE McLAURIN, ' 42 . . . Dallas, Tex. K K r Art Club; Glee Club. JANE LINTON McNIVEN, ' 43 . . New Orleans, La. Glee Club; Newcomb Orchestra; Y. W. C. A. JEAN MAGEE, ' 42 New Orleans, La. A A n ANNA M. MANGIARACINA, ' 43 New Orleans, La. MOONYEEN MARION, ' 43 ... . New Orleans, La. A n Glee Club. MARIE BAUDEAN MARpUER, ' 43 . New Orleans, La. A A n A Capella Choir; Glee Club; Y. W. C. A.; Swimming Club. UNDERGRi DUi TE$ Umm COLLEGE [72] i;itADmT[!; ! i;iiu[i;[ !l I I TOP ROW GAYLE RHOADES MAR5CHALL, ' •12 Now Orloani. Lo. A I) II HELEN MAE MARSCHALL, ' 43 . . Now Orloanj, La. A n Glee Club; JambaldvA. ANNA MAY MARTIN, ' « . . . St. Marllnivlllo, La. Catholic Club. BARBARA C. MARTIN. ' 43 ... . Now Orloanl. La. K A G Art Club. ELIZABETH COOK MARTIN, ' 42 . . Now Iborla, La. II II •!■ GLADYS HELEN MAYER, ' 43 . . . Now Orleanj, la. X V. Art Club; International Relations Club. JENNIE LINCOLN MAYER, ' 42 . . Now Orleans, La. n Z ROSE MARY MAYES, ' 43 New Orleans, La. Jennie Niyon Debating, MARY LANGLEY MEHAFFY, ' 42 . . Little Rock, Ark. n B Art Club: International Relations Club. MIDDLE ROW ADELE IRMA MENDEL, ' 43 Monroe, Ga. IDA JEAN MERING, 42 Kansas City, Mo, Cotillion Club. VERNA MAE CLAIRE MEYER, ' 42 New Orleans, La. Newcomb Orchestrj. NATHALIE RITA MIESTER, ' 43 . . New Orleans, La. NANCY BEIRNE MILES, ' 42 ... . New Orleans, La. n B Art Club. BERTHA ROSE MILLER, ' 42 . . . N w Orltani, La. Ping Pcnn: Badminton. LETTY BONCK MIRANNE. ' 43 . . Now Orloani, La. K A O Gloo Oub; Jombalaya, DONNA LOUISE MITHEN, ' 43 . . Now Orleans, La. A o n GIqb Club; Jombaloya. GLORIA ADELE MONNINGER, ' 43 Now Orloans, La Glee Club; Y. W. C. A. BOTTOM ROW ELIZABETH H. MONROSE, ' 43 . . Now Orloani, La. 11 B + MARIE ALICE MONROSE, ' 43 . . . Now Orloani, La. K K r Hullabaloo; Jambaiaya. ELIZABETH JOY MOORE. ' 43 . . . New OrUani, U. Art Club; Glee Club. GRACE EDITH MOORE, ' 43 . . . New Orloans, La. ROSALIE ELLEN MOORE, ' 42 . . . New Orloani, La. A A n A Capella Choir; Glee Club; Ncwconnb Orchestra, ELVIA MARIE MORALES, ' 42 . . . New Orleans, La. EMILY ANN MORGENSTERN, ' 43 . Jacbonvllle, Fla. A E International Relations Club; Jarnbalaya; Jennie Nixon Debating; University Theatre. RUTH ANN MURPHY, ' 43 ... . New Orleans, La. Glee Club; Y. W. C. A. VERLYN ROLFS MURPHY. ' 43 . . . New Orleans, La. Glee Club; Y. V . C. A. [73] TOP ROW MILDRED DUTARTRE MURRAY, ' 42 . . Vidalia, La. A i n Catholic Club; Glee Club. EDNA LORENE MYERS, ' 42 Joplin, Mo. K K r Art Club; Newcomb Orchestra; Symphony Orchestra. MAMYE CLAIRE MYERS, ' 43 Palestine, Tex. Hullabaloo; University Theatre. SALLY BOUTCHER MYSING, ' 43 . New Orleans, La. X 9. Art Club; Y. W. C. A. LILLIAN NAIHAUS, ' 43 New Orleans, La. GLORIA M. NAPOLITANO, ' 43 . New Orleans, La. Art Club; Camera Club. MARIAN LLOYD NASH, ' 42 Gretna, La. Hullabaloo. FANNIE LEE NELKEN, ' 42 ... . New Orleans, La. Dance Club; International Relations Club. LOUISE COURTIN NELSON, ' 42 . . New Orleans, La. Cotillion Club; Glee Club; T. U. R. K.; Y. W. C. A.; Swimming; Class Secretary (2). MIDDLE ROW MARJORIE NEHLES, ' 43 New Orleans, La. Glee Club. MARY LOUISE NICHOLS, ' 43 . . . Birmingham, Ala. A n CATHERINE JESSIE NIXON, ' 42 . New Orleans, La. Swimming. BETTY JANE NOLAN, ' 43 New Orleans, La. Y. W. C. A. DOROTHY MARIE NOLAN, ' 43 . New Orleans, La. Glee Club; Jambalaya. HELEN KATHERINE NOLAN, ' 43 . . Nicholson, Miss. Y. W. C. A. JUNE CLAIRE NORMAN, ' 43 Jennings, La. JACOUELINE PARKS NUTTER, ' 43 ... . Bryan, Tex. K K r Dance Club. EMILY RITA OHLSEN, ' 42 ... . New Orleans, La. BOTTOM ROW ALICE MARY O ' KEEFE, ' 43 Biloxi, Miss. $ M MARGIE ANNE O ' NIELL, ' 42 Franklin, La. JEAN MARILYN ORTON, ' 42 . . . Cincinnati, Ohio A E I Art Club; International Relations Club. ■vVILLIAM MILLER OWEN, ' 42 . . . New Orleans, La, X 9 Jambalaya. NATHALIE DORIS OWINGS, ' 42 . New Orleans, La A O n Cotillion Club. BERTHA PAGLIN, ' 42 New Orleans, La A E ■! Dance Club; Hullabaloo; International Relations Club; Jennie Nixon Debating. LILLIAN NEELY PALMER, ' 42 . . . Waynesboro, Ga. A A n Art Club. LUCILLE CARRIE PATTERSON, ' 42 . New Orleans, La, M Jennie Nixon Debating; Y. W. C. A. IDA CATHERINE PAVY, ' 43 .... Opelousas, La A A n Art Club. UNDERCRADUmS Umm COLLEGE i [74] T mum COLLEGE TOP ROW MARJORIE CLAUDIA PEARCE, ' 42 . Alexandria, La. K K r BARBARA JANE PECK, ' 43 Sicily Island, La. K A Art Club. REGINA CONSTANCE PELIAS, ' 43 Now Orleans, La. Z T A Glee Club. JANE PER-LEE, ' 42 Liberfy, Mo. Art Club; Classical Club. KATHERINE STACY PETERS, ' 43 . . Winnfleld, La. Art Club; Hullabaloo. IDELLA KAREN PETERSON, ' 43 Dallas, Tex. K K r ' l Club; Dance Club; International Relations Club. MARION RITA PEYTRAL, ' 42 . . . New Orleans, La. BSD Jambalaya; Y. W. C. A. CONSTANCE L. PLATT, ' 43 ... . New Orleans, La. Glee Club; Y. W. C. A. CATHERINE SOPHIA POWERS, ' 42 Now Orleans, La. Dance Club. MIDDLE ROW MARY ROSA PRIETO, ' 43 Panama, R. P. Dance Club; Glee Club. JAMIE H. PROCHASKA. ' 42 . . . New Orleans, L«. D 2; ELLEN RAMSEY, ' 43 Farmorville, La. JEAN BORDEN RAMSEY, ' 43 . . . JackjonviiU, Fla. X Q Art Club; Inlornalional Relations Club. [75] LOUISE MARIE RAMONEDA. ' 43 New Orleans, La. BIO Art Club; Camera Club; Y. W. C. A. JANICE ESTHER ROSNER, ' 43 . . . Shreveport, La. ETHEL-MAE RAVAIN, ' 43 New Orleans, La. JULIA LEE REED, ' 42 New Orlearu, La. Y. W. C. A. ESTHER LOUISE RENAUD, ' 42 . . . Fort Worth, Tex. K A e Assets; Art Club; International Relations Club. BOTTOM ROW CLAIRE MARIE REYNAUD, ' 43 Grttna, La. Z T A Art Club; Glee Club. MARY WILMARTH RHODES, " 43 . New Orleans, La. University Ttieatre. VIRGINIA McLANE RICHARDSON. ' 43 Atlanta, Ga. Art Club. ELLA AGATHA RICHEY. ' 42 ... . New Orleans, La. Art Club: Catholic Club. LUCIE CLELIE RIDGEWAY. ' 42 . . . Galveston, Tei. Jambalaya. JODIE EMILY RIGGINS, " 42 . . . New Orleans, La. Z T A Art Club; Greenbackerj. VIRGINIA ANN RILEY, ' 43 ... . New Orleans. La. A A n Art Club: Y. W. C. A. GLORIA FRANCES RISO, " 43 . . New Orleans, La. Art Club; Glee Club. CAROLYN ELSA ROBBERT. ' 42 . . New Orleans. La. A A n Cheerleader; Cotillion Club; Dance Club; T. U. R. K.; Assets. TOP ROW MARTINE ROSAMOND ROBERTS, ' 42 Port Arthur, Tex. K A e Art Club. YOLANDA RAQUEL RODRIGUEZ, ' 43 Panama, R. P. Glee Club; Newcomb Orchestra. JOY GRETCHEN ROGERS, ' 43 . . New Orleans, La. Glee Club; Y. W. C. A. CLARICE RUTH ROSENBERG, ' 42 . . . St. Louis, Mo. Campus Nite; Operetta; University Theatre. MURIEL ELIZABETH ROSHKO, ' 43 New Orleans, La. A n Glee Club. DOROTHY BERNICE ROSS, ' 43 Chicago, III. A E International Relations Club; Jambalaya. JENNIE ROSS, ' 42 New Orleans, La. ANNA MARIE ROY, ' 42 New Orleans, La. B 2 Glee Club; Operetta. ANN FRANCES RUBEL, ' 43 ... . Aberdeen, Miss. International Relations Club; University Theatre. MIDDLE ROW ELEANOR HARRISON RUCKER, ' 42 Birmingham, Ala. Z T A MARGARET ALICE SAAL, ' 43 . . . New Orleans, La. A E ■! JOYCE MARIE SAKS, ' 43 Birmingham, Ala. Jambalaya. CLARA JULIA SAUNDERS, ' 43 , . . New Orleans, La. X Q Art Club. JANE GORDON SANDOZ, ' 42 . . . New Orleans, La. A n Jambalaya; Tennis. ■ . SHIRLEY V. SCHOENDORF, ' 42 . New Orleans, U. Hullabaloo. ELIZABETH SCHMIDT, ' 42 ... . New Orleans, La. Greenbackers. i EUNICE AUDREY SCHMITT, ' 42 . . New Orleans, La. ADELE HELEN SCHNEIDAU, ' 43 . New Orleans, La. A n Glee Club. BOTTOM ROW JANET CLARA SCHNEIDER, ' 42 . New Orleans, La B S Camera Club. .. ALICE W. SCHOENHARDT, ' 42 . New Orleans, La. A o n ' ELAINE STEVENS SCHWARTZ, ' 42 New Orleans, La. University Theatre. ELSA SCHWARTZ, ' 43 New Orleans, La E K r Glee Club; International Relations Club Theatre. MARTHE ADELE SCOTT. ' 42 Alexandria, La. K K r Dance Club; Jambalaya; T. U. R. K. ELIZABETH SEAVER, ' 42 New Orleans, La. Art Club; Cotillion Club; Hullabaloo; International Relations Club. NATALIE SEBULSKY, ' 43 Clarksdale, Miss. Hullabaloo; Jambalaya; Unlvef-sity Theatre; Archery. AMELIE KATHLEEN 5EEMANN, ' 42 New Orleans, La. JANE SEIDENBACH, ' 43 New Orleans, La. A E [76] UNDERGRADUATES NEWCOMB COLLEGE mmw i;oLL[G[ « t ' §m ■ii TOP ROW EVELYN ELSA 5ENTER, M3 . . . . Now Orlooni, La. K K 1 ' Art Club; Jcnnio Nixon Debating. EDITH 5HACKEROFF, ' 43 Battivllla, Mill. Hullabaloo; Janr balaya; Univcriily Theatre. CLAIRE GRAF SHANNON, M3 . . N«w Orleani, La. 7, T A Glee Club; Y. W. C. A. BETTY SHELTON, ' 43 Collego Station. Tox. II I) ' I ' Art Club; Dance Club. JANE MARION SHERMAN, ' 43 A E ■!■ Jambalayo. BEATRICE E. SHOBER, ' 42 . . . II U -I- JEANNETTE A. SILBERBERG, ' 42 . . Glee Club. MILDRED ANNE SIMMONS, ' 43 . . VIRGINIA BEVERLEY SIMS, ' 42 . . n I! Assets; Lampyrlds. . . . Atlanta, Ga. New Orleans, La. . . Clarksville, To«. . . El Dorad , Ark. . . Ttiibodaux, La. MIDDLE ROW DOROTHY ALICE SINGREEN, ' 42 New Orleans, La. K A 9 A Copella Ctioir; Glee Club. PATRICIA SMALL, ' 42 Birmingham, Ala. Z T A Art Club; Hullabaloo. EDITH CATHERINE SMITH, ' 42 . . New Orleans, La. A H Cotillion Club; Jambalaya; Pan-Hellenic Council; Class Vice-President (2). MILDRED CHERRIE SMITH, ' 42 . . New Orleans, La. A Capella Choir; Glee Club, Vice-President; Oper- etta; Y. W. C. A.; Assets, President. MARGARET DIXON SMITH. ' 42 . . . Hammond. La. K K r Swimming. MARGARET ELAINE SOLOMON, 42. Houilon, T«. A i; ■!■ Glee Club. CAROLYN LOUISE SPILLER. ' 43 . . Hammond, La. X U Glee Club. RUTH BARBARA STALL, ' 43 ... . Ntw Orleani, U. Glee Club: Y. W. C. A. BETTY MOORE STAPLES. ' 43 Alwandria. La. K K r Dance Club. BOTTOM ROW MARION CAROLYN STARTS, ' 42 . Naw Orltani, La. A i II Tennis; Archery. BEVERLY JEWEL STECKLER. ' 43 . . New Crlaani. La. BIO International Relations Club; Y. V , C. A. JOY MARIE STECKLER, ' 43 ... . New Orleans. La. Z T A Art Club; Y. V . C. A. JEANET IRMA STECKLER. ' 42 . . . New Orleans, La. A E Art Club; Hullabaloo. CLARISSE EMILY STEEG. ' 43 . . . New Orleans, La. Y. W. C. A. PEGGY RAE STEINFIRST, ' 42 . . New Orleans. La. A E University Theatre. BEULAH STERBCOW, ' 42 New Orleans, La. Newcomb Orchestra; Symphony Orchestra. FRANCES C. STERNE, ' 42 Atlanta, Ga. A E Jennie Nixon Debating: University Theatre. CATHERINE E. STEVENS, ' 43 . . . Baton Rouge, La. [77] TOP ROW SYBIL W. STEVENS, ' 42 New Orleans. La. X C Giee Club. KATHERiNE F. STEWART, ' 13 . . New Orleans, La. Glee Club. MARGARET V. STEWART, ' 42 . . - New Orleans, La. Y. W. C. A.: Lampyrids. LOUISE PAHERSON STITES, ' 42 ... . Louisville, Ky. n B Assets- Student Government; Student Council; T. U. R. K.; Class President (2). EVALYN ROSE STOLAROFF, ' 43 . . New Orleans, La. A E Art Club; Glee Club; Hullabaloo; University Theatre. MARGARET lONE STONE, ' 43 ... . Stiawnee, Okla. K K r Art Club; International Relations Club. MARY SUE STRAHAN, ' 42 New Orleans, La. M Glee Club; Y. W. C. A., Cabinet; Lampyrids. SHIRLEY MARY STRAUVEN, ' 43 . New Orleans, La. Z T A A ' t C ' jb] Y. W. C. A. ELIZABETH CHARLES STUART, ' 42 New York, N. Y. HE Art Club; Glee Club. MIDDLE ROW BEHYE MAUDE STULB, ' 43 ... . New Orleans, La. K K r Art Club; Dance Club. PATRICIA VINER SUTHERLAND, ' 42 Peiping. China X Q Art Club; University Theatre. AMYE JEAN TERZIA, ' 42 Monroe, La. K A e Resident Student Government; T. U. R. K. MARCELLA T. THOMPSON, ' 43 . . New Orleans, La. Z T A Art Club; Y. W. C. A. ETHOL ELIZABETH TRELEAVEN, ' 42 New Orleans, La. International Relations Club; Y. W. C. A.; Tennis; Swimming. LOUISE LYMAN TRIMBLE, ' 42 . . . Shreveport, La. Z T A Art Ciub, Vice-President; Glee Club; Jambalaya; T. U. R. K. ROUTH TROWBRIDGE, ' 43 Franklin, La. HE Art Club; International Relations Club. DOROTHY ROBERTA TURNBULL, ' 43 New Orleans, La. A o n Glee C;ub; Jambalaya. AUGUSTA MORRILL TURNER, ' 42 . McDonough, Ga A A n Art Club; Y. W. C. A. BOTTOM ROW ROSALIE EVELYN VACCARO, ' 42 New Orleans, La. Camera Club. SHIRLEY MAE VAN LUE, ' 42 . . . New Orleans, La. Z T A Glee Club; Operetta; Y. W. C. A. MARY M. VERLANDER, ' 42 ... . New Orleans, La. BIO Art Club. SARAH RICHARDSON VILLERE, ' 42 New Orleans, La. HE ALICE NORINNE VINCENT, ' 43 . . Lake Charles, La. X a Glee Club; University Theatre. DOROTHY HELEN VIOSCA, ' 42 . . New Orleans, La. B A Art Club; Camera Club; Basketball; Volley Ball. Captain. MARIE-LOUISE WAKEMAN, ' 42 . . New Orleans, La. il Dance Ciub; Jambalaya; Jennie Nixon Debtaing; T. U. R. K.; Assets; Lampyrids; Tennis; Swimming. JANE WALDHORN, ' 42 New Orleans, La. A E ' • t —a- Art CIu ' d; International Relations Clu . ■ -J MARIE LEONCE WALL, ' 42 . . . K K r Catholic Club. Thomasviile, Ga. BETTY ANN WALTER, ' 42 La Junta, Colo. P M Art Club. UKDERCRADU T[$ [WCOMB COLLEGE l: [78] iO[|ICI!i DyAT[S TOP ROW MARY LUCY WANDS, ' 43 ... . New Orleans, La. B :: o Glee Club; Y. W. C. A. MARY LUCILLE WARD. ' 43 Shreveport, La. K A e Dance Club; Jambalaya. PHYLLIS LUCILE WATSON, ' 43 . New Orleans. La. Jambalaya. JOAN WAITERS, ' 42 New Orleans, La. K K r C-ilholic Ciub; University Theatre. HERMIONE WEIL, ' 42 New Orleans, La. A E jjribalayo; Symphony Orchestra. MATHILDE MIRIAM WEIL, ' 42 . . New Orleans, La. A E Glee Club. SHIRLEY WEIL, ' 43 New Orleans, La. Glee Club; International Relations Club. SYLVIA WEIL, ' 43 New Orleans, La. A E !• International Relations Ciub. JEAN HELEN WEISMAN, ' 42 . . . New Orleans, La. A E !■ Jennie Nixon Debating. MARGARET SHELBY WERLEIN, ' 43 . Viclssburg, Miss. II B ■!• Newcomb Orchestra. MIDDLE ROW JANICE ESTELLE WHITE, ' 43 . . . New Orleans. La. B A Gloc Club: Y. W. C. A. LUCY WHITE. ' 43 New Orleans, La. A i n Art Club; Glee Club; University Theatre. THAIS MARGARET WILD, ' 42 . . . New Orleans. La. BARBARA LEE WILHITE, ' 43 Perkins, Okla. JACQUELINE L WILLIAMS. ' 42 . New Orleans, U. + M Art Club. MARGARET A. WILLIAMS. " 43 College Station, Tei. Z T A Art Club; Hullabaloo. MARY RUTH WILLIAMS, ' 43 . . . New Orleans. La. A A n International Relations Club. MARY HENRIEHE WINEMAN. ' 43 . Detroit. Micti. Hullabaloo. GRACE MARIE T. WITSELL. ' 43 . New Orleans. La. Glee Club: Y. W. C. A. BARBARA ALICE WOLFNER. ' 43 . . . Chicago. IIL BOTTOM ROW EREN YVONNE WOODWARD. ' 42 . . Picayune. Miss. A A II Glee Club; Newcomb Orchestra; Symphony Orchestra: Hockey Swimming (I. 2). Tennis (2): Basketball (I. 2); Archery (I); Bowling (I); Badmmton (I). AMELIE JANE WOOLFOLK. ' 43 . New Orleans. La. K A Campus Nile; Glee Club; Hullabaloo; University Theatre. RITA CHARLES WORMS. ' 43 . . . New Orleans. La. A E Glee Club. ELAINE ANNE WORNER. ' 43 . . . New Orleans, La. n S O International Relations Club; Jambalaya. JANET CANFIELO WRIGHT. ' 42 SI. Patarsburg. Fla. K A Art Club: Glee Club; Jambalaya. MELISS STRANTON WRIGHT. ' 43 New Orleans. La. Glee Club. GRACE PATRICIA R. YEAGER. ' 43 Aleiandria. La. + M ALMA 8ERRYMAN YOUNG. ' 43 n X O Glee Club. Carlisle. Pa. MARY MADISON ZIEGLER. ' 42 . . New Orleans. Iji. n D ♦ HILDA MAY 2UFLE. ' 43 Gretna. La. [791 OFFICEH OF IHF CLHUS STUDENT BODY Edward Rel Villemei President Lawrence J. Kem, Jr Vice-President Richard B. Austin, Jr Treasurer Charles W. Crumpton Secretary SENIOR CLASS Robert M. Kimball President James A. Brantley Vice-President Thomas S. Ross Secretary Thomas J. Satley, Jr Treasurer Marshall Eskridge Honor Council Archibald F. Clark, Jr Honor Council JUNIOR CLASS Theodore F. Treuting President Elisha J. Cain, Jr Vice-President Robert J. Black Treasurer Arthur J. Richardson, Jr Secretary Frederick A. Wild, Jr Honor Council Emelious A. Cox Honor Council SOPHOMORE CLASS James Mills President Hanckes A. Klein Vice-President Leiand Durant Secretary Joseph T. Ainsworth Treasurer Maurice W. Geldert, Jr Honor Council Jesse W. Austin Honor Council FRESHMAN CLASS Frank H. Lindeman President Charles H. Petteway Vice-President Louis I. Tyler, Jr Secretary Virginia Shipman Treasurer Robert G. Allen Honor Council Wayland T. Coppedge, Jr Honor Council 1 unm OF MEDicin T TOP ROW BOTTO M ROW HARRY EDWARD CHALSTROM, JR. New Orleans, La. ALLEN YOUNG DeLANEY .... New York. N. Y. B.S. Degree, Tulane University. - i JOHN JAMES CHRISTIAN Temple. Tex. EDWIN EARLE DILWORTH J«p.r. Ala. B.A. Degree, University of Alamama. X, A ARCHIBALD FLETCHER CLARK, JR. San Antonio, Tex. e K . JOHN CHARLES DUBRET New Orleans. La. Owls Club. CHARLES JOHN EDWARDS, JR. . . Vicksburg, Mill. ROBERT JOCELYN CRAWLEY . . . New Orleans, La. V X N 1 X, A T A , , ■-, I, Owls Club. HOWARD ROSS CREWS Now Orleans, La. SAMUEL EICHOLD. II Mobile, Ala. A E, Z B T LUTHER PUTNAM CRULL Jackson, Miss. ' I ' X MAYO LOWNDES EMORY Birmingham. Ala. WALTER SHELLEY CULPEPPER, JR. . . . Monroe, La. MARSHALL ESKRID6E Demopolif. Ala. li 11. .N 1 N 9 K ♦. A E A. X B ♦, r 1 E (83] TOP ROW FRANK LEO FAUST New Orleans, La. P Z, B M Class President (2); Jambalaya Representative (I), Honor Council (I, 2); Owls Club (3, 4). MATTHEW FELDMAN Bayonne, N. J. A K, B M JULIUS MICHAEL FERNANDEZ .... Wallace, La. e K , i B K, A A, B M Band. THC ' MAS VERNON FINCH McComb, Miss. A e, N 2 N, B K, A K, , B M JOEL FLEET Live Oak, Fla. B.S. Degree, University of Florida. ■tAE, TE , $HS, AEA, rSE RAMON BURNELL FLOWERS .... Kilmichael, Miss. B.S. Degree, Mississippi State. WILLIAM GORGAS FONDi Mobile, Ala. A K E BOTTOM ROW BRENT FOX Bogue Chitto, La B.S. Degree, Tulane University. X, A T A HARRY QUITMAN GAHAGAN . . . Cousliatta, La A K K RICHARD OVID GALE Tampa, Fla. LOUIS JULIUS GEHBAUER, JR. . . New Orleans, La P 2 PAUL MILTON GOLDFARB Vicksburg, Miss B.A. Degree, University of Mississippi. ■J AE, En, ' (■HS HARRY GOLODNER New York, N. Y. A K WILLIAM HERBERT HARRIS, JR. . New Orleans, La. B.S. Degree; Tulane University. N 2 N, A K E, A Q A, { B K, A K, K A ! , ! ! , B M " T " Club, Varsity Boxing. mm CLASS COLLEGE OF MEDICIIfl £84] Iw l [ llllt CLASS :||IL[|;[ OF MEDICINE TOP ROW BOTTOM ROW DANIEL LINCOLN HARTMAN . . Now York. N. Y. ORVAL NATHEN HOOKER .... Rolling Fork. Mlu. •!■ X, A K K HENRY GRADY HERROD. JR. . . Planl.rivill.. Ala. jg aygoN HURST. JR Rock Port. Mo. ' ' ' • ' ' B.A. Degree. Central College. K ♦. A K A MARL.N BOYD HOSE Fort Sml.h. Ark. j , ,,, " B.A, Degree, Univcrjity of Colorado M . Degree. Mount Holyolce College. + I) K. j; K S. S i NORMAN FRANKLIN HOLCOMB . . Houston. Tex. CECIL ASHBY JARRELL Comfort, W. Va. JAMES BARTLEY HOLDER, JR. . . . Monticello, Ark. JOSEPH B. JOHNSTON, JR. . Barium Springs. N. C. A K K, 2 X B.S. Degree. Davidson College Owls Club. N 2 N. K A Owls Club. ROBERT LEON HOLLEY, JR Oxford, Miss. GERALD FEITEL JOSEPH White Castle. La. A K E X. B e II Owls Club. ROBERT HICKS HOLMES Lumberton, N. C. BERNARD KAUFMAN. JR. . . . San Francisco. Calif. B S. Degree, Wake Forest College. l A K ( X Medical Pan-Hellenic Council. [ ■ 1 TOP ROW LAWRENCE JEFFERSON KERN, JR. New Orleans, La. P 2 NANCY KEY Marshall, Tex. A E I ROBERT MARK KIMBALL Yuma, Ariz. X, K S Class President (4); Owls Club. PERRY BERNARD KLEIN Scranton, Pa. B.S. Degree, Tulare University, 1937 S A M, A E BOTTOM ROW ADRIENNE DOROTHY McCARDELL New Orleans, La. B.A. Degree, Newcomb College. A E I, B A, B K OSCAR CLARENCE McCARN, JR. . . Warrior, Ala. B.S. Degree. Alabama Polytechnic Institute. X, e X 8[NI0R CUSS COLUGE OF MEDICINE I . New Orleans, La. JOHN FRANCIS LALLY, JR. . A K K Owls Club. FELIX BENJAMIN LONG, JR Starkville, Miss. e K EMIT LUTHER McCAFFERTY, JR. . Mt. Vernon, Ala. X, A K E HARVEY EDWARD McCONNELL . . . Chester, 5. C. B.S. Degree, Davidson College N 1 X, K A Owls Club. WHITMAN HURST McCONNELL . St. Petersburg, Fla e K WALTER CLAYTON McCOY .... Birmingham, Ala A T 0, X, A E A CHESTER ANDREW McLARTY .... Oxford, Misi B.A. Degree, University of Mississippi, , N S N, A e LEE DAVIDSON McLEAN Blaine, Miss, B. A. Degree, University of Mississippi. N S N, A e I [86] TOP ROW FRANK HENRY MAREK Seymour, Tex. e K -1 ' BOTTOM ROW CHARLES MARY JOSEPH MOSELEY New OrlMM. U. B.5. Degree, Tulane Universify. ♦ X mm ciAss coiL[i;[ or iEDii;i [ ERNESTO MARTINEZ y LANAU5SE . . Ponce, P. R. I A GILCIN FINLEY MEADORS. JR. . . . Jackson, Miss. e K , S n, A E A I • Owls Club. I % THOMAS JUNE MELTON, JR Fort Smith, Ark. JOHN PATRICK MICHAELS Orlando, Fla. A K K, 2: X White Elephants. JAMES ARTHUR MORAN Summit, Miss. e K + ROBERT PROSSER MORROW, JR. . . West Point. Ga. .N 1 X. K 1 Owls Club; Medical Pan-Hollonic Council. JOHN FERDINAND NABOS .... New Orleans, La. ANSTEN RUBEN NESS Tacoma, Wash. WILLIAM HAMMOND NEWMAN . New Orleans, La. B.S. Degree, Tulane University. A T C, B M JAMES PRATT NORTHROP Sulfport, Miss. B.S. Degree, Tulane University ♦ X GLEN THOMAS PEARSON Macon. Miss. JOSEPH WHITAKER PERRY B«««m«r. Ala. B.S. Degree, Birmingham-Southern College. A K K. r X [87] TOP ROW HENRY THARP POSEY New Orleans, La. FRANK McNABB POSEY, JR Crockett, Tex. X, n K A PAUL KING RAND, JR Alexandria, La. N 2 N, K A THOMAS GRIFFIN ROSS Jackson, Miss. B.S. Degree, Miilsaps College. OK Owls Club. JOAQUIN ROVIRA y PALES .... Guayama, P. R. JAMES LEE ROYALS Meridian, Miss. 2 A E, N 2 N THOMAS LUHN ROYCE Isola, Miss. B.A. Degree, University of Mississippi. A T fi, X JOHN SIMPSON ROZIER, III Milton, Fla. A K K BOTTOM ROW THOMAS JENRY SAFLEY, JR Drew, Miss, " tX Class Secretary (4). VINCENT JOHN SAMPOGNARO P 2 RAYMOND JOSEPH SCREEN . . . New Orleans, La JACK MARSHALL SIMMONS, JR. . . . Denver, Colo. B.A. Degree. University of Colorado, 1936 A E JOHN MARVIN SMITH, JR San Antono, Tex B.A. Degree. North Texas State Teachers College e K RAYMOND B05TWICK SQUIRES . New Orleans, La A T S!, 2 S MURPHY DONAGHEY STEVENSON . . Houston, Tex. e K STEPHEN LEATH STIGLER Birmingham, Ala. 2 X, e K Owls Club. mm CLASS COLLEGE OF [88) 1 I ;[ l(lll CLASS :iiiiei;e or MEDICINE TOP ROW GEORGE FRANK SUSTENDAL , Now Orl«ani, la. JETSON PERRY TATUM Meridian, MiiJ. It K +, A T n DANIEL BRUNSON TERRY . . . Victoria, Brazil, S. A. f) K ' I ' , ' I- K 2: JOHN CODMAN THORN Now Orioani. La. N S N, i T i, -I ' + Band; Jambalaya; Pan-Hellenic Council; " T " Club; T, U. R. K.; Y. M. C. A.; Thirteen Club. JHILIP MURRY TILLER, JR. ... MoyesvMIe, S. C. B.S. Degree. Presbyterian College. 4 ' X EDGAR ' H. UNDERWOOD, JR. . . Montgomery, Ala. B A. Degree, University of Alabanna. S N, X BOTTOM ROW GEORSE IRVING V EATHERLY, JR. Fort Paynt, Ala. OK Medical Pan-Hsllenic Council. THOMAS EDWARD WEISS .... Baton Roug . La. A K K, X Owli Club; Mediul Pan-Hellenic Council. WILLIAM BENJAMIN WIENER .... Canton, Miti. B.S. Degree, Tutane University. K, Z B T. B M CHARLES LAVAL WILLIAMS, JR. New Orleani, U. X I N, A JOSEPH MAXWELL WILLIAMS, JR. . . Lakeland, Fla. B.S. Degree, Tulane University. A K K, n K A CHARLES ALFRED WILLIS Bainbridge, Ga. B.S. Degree, University of Georgia A K K, K A REI VILLEMEZ Abbeville, La. A K K Student C uncil, Vice-President (4); Student Body. President -:); Honor Council, Chairman (4); Owls Club. JOHN HOWARD WOODBRIDGE X, A JOHN ARTHUR ZIEMAN . . e K Tchula, Miss. Mobile, Ala. [69] TOP ROW SAM CLARK ATKINSON, JR Memphis, Tern. X I X A e RICHARD BAKER AUSTIN, JR Forest, Miss. e K GILBERT BALKIN Drew, Miss. B.S. Degree, Tulane University. A E. Z B T GRIFF WOFFORD BILBRO .... Alabama City, Ala. e K ROBERT JACOB BLACK Ruffin, S. C. A K K ROBERT TANKERSLEY BONNEY . . Enterprise, Miss. X EDWARD SEDLEY BRE5, JR New Orleans, La. N S N, A K E WALTER BRODIE BURWELL . . . Henderson, N. C. LOUIS RAY CABIRAN New Orleans, La. P S, B M, B K ELI5HA JUDKINS CAIN, JR Wetumpka, Ala. S A E, X Class Vice-President (3). MIDDLE ROW HERMELINDA CAMBRA Panama City, R. P. A E I SAMUEL KLINE CONN Birmincjham, Ala. B.S. Degree, Birmingham-Southern College. A E JASON HAYDEL COLLINS New Orleai ' S, La. A K E, B M Intramural Council. EMELIOUS AUBREY COX Brenham, Tex. e K Honor Council. JULIUS THEODORE DAVIS, JR. . . New Orleans, La. 8.5. Degree, Tulane University, 1938. A K K. K S Honor Council. ALLEN AUSTIN ENZOR Crestview, Fla. e K JACOB LEVY FISCHMAN New Orleans, La. K N ROBERT WALLACE FORSYTHE .... Lexington, Ky. N S N ISRAEL FOX New York, N. Y. A K ROBERT RIDDICK GATLING Gates, N. C. ! P S BOTTOM ROW HAROLD SAMUEL GINSBERG . Daytona Beach, Fla. Z B T, A E JAMES FRANK GLADNEY, JR Homer, La A T 9 MARGERY HELEN GOLDBERG .... Lecompte, A A A, r N, A E I GRANT WILBUR GOLDENSTAR . . Ridgeland, S. C. S A E, •!■ X Greenbackers. i, HAROLD ROBERT GOLDFARB . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. A K ANGUS DOUGLAS GRACE Fort Myers, Fla. X, A T A CARL JOSEPH GULOTTA New Orleans, La. B.S. Degree, Tulane University. A K K, s n ALBERT FREDERICK WM. HABEEB . Vicksburg, Miss. VIOLET GRAY P. HALFPENNY . . New Orleans, La. A E I JUNIOR CLASS COLLEGE OF HLDICIIL [90] T JO IOR CLASS i:OlUC[ OF ][DICIi m TOP ROW ELMA JACOBS HARRIS Guntcrsville, Ala. ; N I N ARTHUR CLAIR HOLLISTER, JR. . New Orleans, La. . K K, K S CdTipus NIte. Pan-Hcilenic Council. JACK NYHAN Tampa, Fla. T E P JAMES HARVEY JOHNSTON, JR. Spartanburg, S- C. B S. Degree, Tulane University, 1938. N r N, B e n Spectatcrs: " T " Club; T. U. R. K.; Varsity Track Manager. WILLIS HOLDER JONDAHL Tulsa, Okla. X, I X CHARLES ROBERT KESSLER .... Birmingham, Ala. K - ' PHILIP PAUL LaNASA New Orleans, La. B.S. Degree. Tulane University. Band. JAMES ABNER LAUDERDALE, JR. . . Jackson, Miss. ' I ' X, K . MORTON LEVY Orlando, Fla. EARLY BARTON LOKEY, JR. . . . Hattiesburg, Miss. MIDDLE ROW JOHN WADE LONG Sallis. Miss. •I ' X, K JAMES O ' GORMAN LOPEZ Biloxi, Miss. •I ' X, i: X MARVIN NICHOLAS LYMBERIS . . . Alexandria, La. O K +. r X . LEON MARCUS New York, N. Y. ■1 A K Medical Pon-Hellanic. t91] JACK CLARK McCUROY Marshall. Tex. N I N, n K A JOHN FERGUSON McKENNEY. JR. . CyMhiana. Ky. N 1 . , . T 0, a K Daniel Bernard McIlvoy, jr. . . Spring i id, Ky. 4 X ROBERT JAMES MEADE Jackson, Mich. e K + ARTHUR VAN BUREN MILLER, JR. . . . Monroe, La. X 1 N, A K E CLYDE EWING MILLER, JR Pensacola. Fla. BOTTOM ROW SEYMOUR MILTON MILLER Miami. Fla. B.S. Degree, University of Florida. A K, T E FRANK HAMPTON MOORE . . Bowling Green, Ky. + X. + A JOSEPH WAHS MOORE Clanton. Ala. B.A. Degree, University of Alabama. X. n K A CARL SEEPE NADLER, JR Plaquemine. La. •I- X. i: N ELWIN GILMORE NEAL Balboa. C. 2. FRANCIS NICHOLSON N«w Orleanj. L . A K K. •!■ K , B M THOMAS HERBERT PATTON. JR. Tuscaloosa, Ala. K 1 •»• X ALTON RAY PRUIT Mescalero. N. M.i. + X ROBERT MORRISON RAWDON Daytona Beach. Fla. A K K. A X A Square and Compass. TOP ROW ARTHUR J. RICHARDSON, JR Jasper, Tex. e K + HYPOLiTE GUY RICHE, JR. . . . Baton Rouge, La. A K K, 2 X Jambalaya. LEWIS SLEEPER ROBINSON, JR. . . . McAllen, Tex. OK Medical Pan-Hellenic Council. MORRIS SCHAPIRO Bayonne, N. J. A E JACK HAMILTON SCOTT Kosciusko, Miss. X, A T n ROBERT MELVIN SHEPARD, JR Tulsa, Okla. WILLIAM McHUGH SIMMONS . . . Shreveport, La. X FRANCIS MARION STONE, JR. . . . Fort Scott, Kan. X ORVILLE PATTON STONE Tremont, Miss. X, K Z JAMES MACK SUnON, JR Sylvester, Ga. N S N, I A E MIDDLE ROW JAMES THOMAS SV INDLE Coleanor, Ala. ! X, I X ALEJANDRO ARTURO TAPIA . . Panama City, R. P. I A ARTHUR CECIL TEDFORD Orlando, Fla. A K K JOHN ALDEN THOMAS Ragland, Ala. X V ILLIAM PRESTON TICE ....... Roanoke, Va. X. n K HARRY CORBETT TILLER Mayesville, S. C. X, n K A THEODORE FRANCIS TREUTING . New Orleans, U. B.S. Degree, Tulane University. P 2, B M Class Treasurer (2), President (3). JOHN BOWLES TRIBLE Houston, Tex. e K FRANK ELBERT TUGWELL Pcnsacola, Fla. A K K Class Vice-President (I), President (2). MILTON TURNER Ridgewood. N. Y. A K BOTTOM ROW EPHRAIM LIONEL WAGNER Houston, Tex. A E ' ARTHUR JEMISON WALLACE, JR. . . . Tampa, Fla. X S X, K A HAROLD AUGUSTUS WHITE Tulsa, Okla. ISADORE DAVID WIENER TutwiffffT in! A E FREDERICK ARTHUR WILD, JR. , . New Orleans, La. Honor Council (3). ARTHUR GRADY WILLIAMS, JR Florala, Ala. , - 2 N, A T a WALTER S. WILLIAMS . . Nacozani, Sonora, Mexico 1 X, K S VICTOR HERBERT WIHEN .... Jacksonville, Fla. B.S. Degree, Tulane University. A E, Z B T JOHN LAFAYETTE WRIGHT, JR. . San Angelo, Tex. K ■■]■ HUGH MURPHY YEARWOOD .... Shreveport, La. ■! X [92] JUNIOR CL lliS COLLEGE OF MEDICINE li D[l!i;i! UUAT[!i ;iiLi[ii[ iiF wmm I ' f TOP R O V NICK JOSEPH ACCARDO, ' Al . . . . Patlorlon, La JOSEPH THOMAS AINSWORTH, 42 , Raymond, Mill. ■I ' X, K A ROBERT GLENN ALLEN, ' t3 . . Paicaqoula, Mill. II K +. + K 1 F, P. A. C. ALONSO, " IB . . Ctnlral Harihoy, Cuba •I- I A Pan-Hellenic Council. WALTER JOHNSTON ALVES, 43 . . Gunl.riville, Ala. S! " Degree. University of Alabama AmnUR APPLCYAUD, JR., ' 43 . . St. Petersburg, Fla. II K ' I- JESSE WILLIAM AUSTIN, ' 42 Forest, Miss. OK WILLIAM AXELROD, ' 42 Houston, Tex. K N FRANK JEWELL BAIRD, ' 42 ... . New Orleans, La. i A v., X MIDDLE ROW THOMAS HART BAKER, ' 42 . . . West Helena, Ark. N S N, i T A ROBERT CALVIN BALL, ' 42 Riclitor, Miss. K , n K A JOHN THOMAS F. BARWICK, ' 43 . . Louisville, Ga. A K K WALTER POLK BATSON, ' 42 ... . Sylacauga, Ala. e K , B K History of Medicine Society. CHARLES FILSON BECKERT, ' 43 . . . Gadsden, Ala. . :: N, A e JOHN JACKSON BENNETT, JR., ii Ruiton. U. JACK ARTHUR 8ERGFELD, ' 43 No» Braunlili, Tei. • K +. A T U JOSEPH M. SISTOWISH. JR., ' 43 Ntw Otitani, la. A K K. K 1 Glee Club; Boxing, BERNARD MORRIS BLUMBERG, ' 42 . . Savannah, Ga. 1 A .M Intramural Unit Manager; Pan-Hellenic Council. BOTTOM ROW WILLIAM P. BRADBURN, III. ' 42 New Or.lani, La. . 1 . . U O ri WILLIAM SMITH BRADLEY, JR., ' 42 Graanvill , S. C. G K + GEORGE HENRY BRANDAU, ' 42 . . Shreveport. La. A K K. A K K HAL DE VANN BROADHEAD, ' 42 . Montgomery. Ala. t X History of Medicine. MALCOLM BATES BURRIS, ' 43 ... . Clinton, Mill. B.A. Degree, Mississippi College. e K ♦ RICHARD HARVEY BUTLER, ' 42 . . . Lexington, Ky. . 1 N, i: . ARTHUR A. CAIRE, III, ' 43 . . . New Orleans, U. A K K JOSEPH BRENT CALLAHAN, ' 42 . Baton Rouge, La. •t X CLAUDE GROVER CALLENDER, ' 42 . Edwards, Miss. N 1 N. 1 A E p r| ri 1 p o py [93] TOP ROW ANDREW J. CARROLL, JR., ' 42 . New Orleans, La. B.S. Degree, Tulane University, 1939 e K , K 2 PAUL CARRUBA, ' 43 Birmingham, Ala. ! P S ROBERT ARMSTEAD CARSLEY, ' 42 . . Canton, Miss, e K JAMES ALLEN CHAMBERLIN, ' 42 . . . Houston, Tex. X JAMES J. COCHRANE, JR., ' 42 . . LaMesa, N. Mex. A K K WAYLAND T. COPPEDGE, JR., ' 43 Jacksonville, Fla. N I N, S A E VINCENT PAUL CORSO, ' 43 Miami, Fla. CHARLES W. CRUMPTON, ' 42 Minden, La. X, A K E MIDDLE ROW CHARLES RAY DAUNIS, ' 43 Westwego, La. VANDA ARTHUR DAVIDSON, JR., ' 42 . Ruston, La. e K PAUL McMILLIAN DAVIS, JR., ' 43 . . . Ruston, La. X WILLIAM DUNCAN DAVIS, JR., ' 43 New Orleans, La. B.S. Degree, Tulane, 1939. eK , " tES, ■i ' BK Cotillion Club; Spectators. LORRY CONSTANT DELAMBRE, ' 42 . . Houston, Tex. B.A. Degree, Rice Institute, 1937. X STUART DeLEE, ' 42 Shreveport, La. A K K JOHN WALTER DODSON, JR., ' 42 Hot Springs, Ala N 2 N, I A E ERVING ARTHUR DRESKIN, ' 43 . . . Dunellen, N. X A 51 BOTTOM ROW . COLLEGE OF MEOICIi JAMES LOVE DUNAGIN, ' 43 . e K Decatur, Miss. GUY JENNINGS DUNNING, JR., ' 42 . . Linden, Ala. 6 K 1 ' JOSHUA LEROY EDWARDS, ' 43 . . . Lake City, N 2 N, K A BEN PICKERING EVANS, ' 42 . . Water Valley, Mi; X, K A EDGAR LEON FEINBERG, ' 42 Ocala, Fla B.S. Degree, University of Florida, 19! AK, AEA, rSE History of Medicine Society. GEORGE ECKEL FELKNOR, JR., ' 43 . Meridian, Miss, N 2 N EDWARD B. FERGUSON, JR., ' 43 . New Orleans, A K K ROBERT WHITE FERGUSON, ' 43 ... . Tannpa, Fla, B.S. Degree, University of Florida. A G [94] 1 i U m ,[ OF MEDICINE TOP ROW RICHARD DAVID FIELD, M2 Shaw, Miss. B.S. Degree, Tulane University. ■I- X, A e ISRAEL FISHER, ' 43 Columbia, Miss. ! A K, K N lie Council. J Pan-Hellenic WILLIAM DAKIN FITZGERALD, ' 43 . Okolona, Miss. I e K , A X A I WALTER CLARENCE FRIDAY, JR., ' 43 Balboa, C. Z. ij X WILLIAM, DUMAS FUTCH, ' 12 . . St. Petersburg, Fla. i e K ■i History of Medicine Society. O. P. GABELMAN, ' 43 Washington Court House. O. •h P 1 JOSEPH FRANCIS GALE, ' 43 . . . Chillicothe, Mc. K ■! ' , ' I- r A JOHN ALBERT GARCIA, ' 42 Austin, Tex. B.A. Degree, University of Texas, 1738. P S Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society. MIDDLE ROW RUTH ELIZABETH GARCIA, ' 42 . Djyiona Bcjch. Fla. A E J, B ■ A GEORGE VICTOR GARDINER, ' 42 . . Lafayotlo, La. •I ' r 2; JOSEPH ALLEN GIBSON, ' 43 . . . New Orleans. La. e K ' . + K :; JOHN RICHARD GLOVER, ' 42 . . SpringHeld, Tenn. N 2 N RICHARD GARRE, ' 42 Amarillo, Tex. OK HARRY BERTRAND GREENBERG, ' 43 New Orleans, La. A E. Z B T SARA BRINSON GRIFFIN, ' 42 Macon. Ga. A E I EDWIN BEN GRONER, ' 43 Shreveport, La. i A E, A E n BOTTOM ROW JERRY BOMAR GWIN, ' 43 Ada, Okla. 1 .v. + A e RICHARD GLENN HAMILL. ' 43 Las Cruces. N. Met. STANFORD FRANKLIN HARTMAN, ' 42 Boulder. Colo. N i: N DARYL PRESTON HARVEY, ' 43 Glasgow, Ky. + X JACK ROSS HAYS. ' 43 Brady, T«i. O K ♦ WINSTON C. HEIBNER, ' 42 . . St. Pelertburg, Ra. O K -f HENRY WALTER HENNIGAN, ' 43 Baton Rouga. La. JEROME BYRON HIRSCH, JR., ' 43 GrMnvill . Miu. 4 A E. Z B T Camera Club. [95] TOP ROW CHARLES HARRIS HUNT, JR., ' 43 . . . Bisbee, Ariz. X MARION WEST HURT, ' IB Mayfield, Ky. e K ALVAH CLIFTON HUTTS, ' 43 Roanoke, Va. ALFRED pUINN HYDE, ' 43 Long Leaf, La. K 2 N WARREN MAURICE JACOBS, ' 42 New Orleans, La. B.S. Degree, Tulane University, 1939. A E JAMES LAFAYETTE JORDAN, JR., ' 42 Huntsville, Ala. I X JOHN THEO KARAPHILLIS, ' 42 . Tarpon Springs, Fla. P Z THEODORE CANEPA KELLER, ' 42 . Jacksonville. Fla. A K K MIDDLE ROW MORRIS WARD KILGORE, ' 42 . Goose Creek, Tex. e K JOE BILLIARD KIRBY, JR., ' 42 ... . Mullins, S. C. B.A. Degree, Tulane, 1938. N S N, A e, A K, K A I Jambalaya Business Manager; Student Body, Vice- President. HANCKES AUGUST KLEIN, ' 42 . . New Orleans, La. A K K Intramural Council; Class Vice-President (2). WILLIAM WALSH KYLE. ' 42 ... . New Orleans. La. N S N, A K E History of Medicine Society. RUDOLPH MATAS LANDRY, ' 42 . . New Orleans, La. B.S. Degree, Tulane University, 1939. M 2 N, A K E j intramural Council; History of Medicine Society. HENRY MILLARD LEE, ' 43 e( Paso, Tex. ATTIE GAINES LEEVES, ' 42 Tillulah, La. A E I WILLIAM LEON, ' 43 New Orleans. La, A K, K N, B M BOTTOM ROW MOE LERMAN, ' 43 Spring Valley, N. V, A K JOHN JACOB ASTOR LEVY, ' 42 . New Orleans, La. P 2, S E Class President (1). FRANK HENRY LINDEMAN, JR., ' 43 Lecsburg, Fla. N i; N, A e Class President (I). WOODROW WILSON LOVELL, ' 42 Hot Springs, Ark. ! X ARTHUR BAINS LUNIN, ' 42 ... . New York, N. Y. B.S. Degree, Tulane University. ELTON LEE McAMIS, ' 42 ... . Port Gibson, Miss, e K RALPH LEEVES McCARTY, ' 42 . . . Texarkana. Tex. e K JAMES THOMAS McQUITTY, ' 42 . . Blairstown, Mo. UKDERGRADUilTE!; COLLEGE OE MEDICIN [96] 1 mu mUA IIF TOP ROW JOHN WM. OVERSTREET, JR., 43 . St rk ill«, Mlii. N E JJ WILLARO LEE MARMELZAT. 43 Now Orloani. La. •P i K. 1 A M T. U. R. K. JAMES HERBERT OWENS. JR.. ' 43 Hottiaiburq, Mlii. p A K K. K 1 L HARVEY CRAIG MAY, JR., ' 42 . . Now Orlooni. la. " ' ' ■ • ' • K - CLAUDE M. PASPUIER. JR., ' 43 . . Shro»oporl. U. A K K LOUIS MAYER, JR., ' 43 Baton Rouq,. La. CHARLES ARCHLY PAHERSON. ' 42 Brookhavtn, Mlu. GEORGE T. MELLINGER, ■.)3 . . . Now Orloani, La. .|. X I A K K I, . K K CHARLES V. MENENDEZ, 43 Now Clean. La ' ° ' ° ' " " ' ' ' " PENINGER. ' 42 . . . Al.«ndna. La. . K K ' ' " JAMES COBB MILLS. ' 42 Hondorson. N. C. e K + Class President (2). BOTTOM ROW i ccou uciov i. nn.c .., .. .,, , RAMBERTO A. PEREZ-RIBIE, ' 43 ... Ponco. P. R. JOSEPH HENRY MORRIS, 42 ... . Maysville, Ga. A K K CHARLES H. PETTEWAY. ' 43 .... Lakeland. Fla. X " -,., " ' I EE ROY MURPHREE, ' 42 Okolona. Miss. X. II K A JfT II K -1-, e K , A E A FRANK M. PHILLIPPI. JR.. ' 43 ... Camdon. Ala. MIDDLE ROW JOE CARLO PIRANIO. ' 42 Dallas. Toi. LEO LAWRENCE NASTASI, ' 43 . . New Orleans, La. JAMES WILLIS POPE, ' 43 Doucette. T«i. » ( WILLIAM GEORGE NICHOLS, JR.. ' 42 Orlando, Fla. TRINIDAD M. RAMOS, ' 42 ... Now Orleans, U. . 1 X, A K E, B M Class President (4); " T " Club; Football (2, 3, 4); " ' Track {2, 3); Boxing (3). WILLIAM RAWLINGS. ' 43 .... Sand ersville. Ga. A K K RICHARD EDWIN NICHOLSON, ' 42 . . . Dallas, Tex. , :; X, B M Spectators; History of Medicine Society. PAUL BERNARD REASER, ' 43 . . . New Orleans La. w 9 ' - ' — - - pi m p jji-p t--- ■ [97] TOP ROW WINSTON EVERETTE RILEY, ' 42 ... . Eudora, Ark. X, S A E LILLIAN HARRIS ROBINSON, ' 42 . . Helena, Okla. A E I, K K r WILLIAM CLICK ROBINSON, ' 42 N 2 N Lexington, Ky. MELVIN MARCUS ROSENTHAL, ' 43 New Orleans, La [ A E, Z B T ARNOLD ROYAL, ' 42 Birmingham, Ala A K History of Medicine Society. NORBERT NATHAN SALPETER, ' 43 New Orleans, La 1 d E Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society; Inter national Relations Club; Oratorical and Debating. CHARLES HENRY SAVAGE, JR., ' 43 New Orleans, La e K JOSEPH V. SCHLOSSER, ' 42 . . . New Orleans, La A K K, A T A, B M History of Medicine Society. MIDDLE ROW WARREN FELIX SERGENT, ' 42 . . Whitesburg, Ky, PAUL ROBINSON SHEFFIELD, ' 43 . . Jackson, Miss e K , n K A VIRGINIA SHIPMAN, ' 43 A E I EDGARDO R. S. TORRES, ' 42 . Puerto Rico, P. R. ' ! I A UCA FRANCES SIMMS, ' 43 . . Oklahoma City, Okla. A E I JACK HAMBLEN SIMONS, ' 42 ... , Newgulf, Tex. e K , n K A F. A. SMITH, JR., ' 42 . Tegucigalpa, Hond., C. A. I I A ROBERT NELSON SMITH, JR., ' 42 . . Mission, Tex. e K , 2 N Intramural Unit Manager. BOTTOM ROW WILLIAM LAMAR SMITH, ' 43 . . . Wetumpka, Ala. !■ X. B e n ANTHONY JOHN SPOTO, ' 43 Tampa, Fla HORACE HENRY STOVALL, ' 43 . . New Orleans, j A K K, s n ALVIN WEIL STRAUSS, JR., ' 43 . . . Little Rock. rk. A E, Z B T " T " Club; Baseball Manager (4); Basketb ff UKD[ltCliADU T[$ COLLEGE OF MEDiCli i TOP ROW VICTOR EMANUEL TEDESCO, ' 42 . Naw Orleans, U. B.S. Degree, Tulane Universiiy, 1938. P S, B M ROBERT BRUCE WALLACE. JR., ' 43 . Aleiandria. La. X S X, A K E JOE WOODWARD WARD, ' 42 . . . Poplar Bluff, Mo. K • ■ PERRY KING THOMAS, JR.. ' 43 ... . Tupelo, Miss. N 2 N, A e THOMAS JEFFERSON TOMA, ' 43 . . Granite, Okla. DOUGLAS PAUL TORRE, ' 43 . . . New Orleans, La. ATA Pan-Hellenic Council; Honor Board; White Elephants. MOTTRAM PETER TORRE, ' 43 . . . New Orleans. La. ATA Cotillion Club; Pan-Hellenic Council; White Ele- phants. SAMUEL ADAMS TRUFANT, III, ' 43 New Orleans, La. 2 X Pan-Hellenic Council; " T " Club; Boxing Manager (2). HINTON WRIGHT WATERS. JR., ' 42 . . . Opp, Ala. X JOHN HENRY WATERS, ' 43 BJjbee. Aril. A K K DAVID WEINSTEIN. ' 43 .... St. Augustine. Fla. Z B T Glee Club; Glendy Burke Literary and Debating So- ciety; International Relations Club; " T " Club; Varsity Boxing (3). BOTTOM ROW MORTIMER SAMUEL WEINSTEIN, ' 43 Brooklyn, N. Y. A E JOHNSON LEE TURNAGE, ' 42 P £ Lake, Miss. IIU[i;[ OF I1[DICI [ LOUIS IRA TYLER, JR., ' 43 ... . Baton Rouge, La. (J K +. •!■ K 1 MIDDLE ROW HARRY HART WAGENHEIM. ' 43 . . Ponsacola, Fla. ■I ' A K, Z 1! T GRANVILLE INMAN WALKER, JR., ' 42 Hominy. Okla. K , •!• 1 " A History of Medicine Society. JOHN CHILDRESS WALKER. JR.. ' 42 . Jackson, Miss. N 1 N. •!• A e WILLIAM REVERE WELLBORN, JR., ' 42 . Elkin. N. C. A K K, S A E JULIAN WIENER. ' 42 Canton. Mist. •!• A E. Z B T History of Medicine Society. JAMES WISE WIGGINS, ' 42 . . . Estancia. N. M«. A K K. T K E CHARLES MONROE WILSON. JR.. ' 42 Teiarkana. T«i. K •f CLAUDE H. WORKMAN. JR.. ' 42 . McCormicli, S. C. K ♦ RICHARD B. WRIGHT. JR.. ' 42 . . Salisbury. N. C. HARRY LOOMIS ZENGEL. JR.. ' 42 New Orleans. La. »• P S [991 OFFICERS OF THE CEHUS STUDENT BOD James Renfroe Morrell F . . President ■ W. Ford Reese Vice-President George Matthews Secretary SENIOR CLASS j Jack Bornemann President | Dorothy Pugh Vice-President j i Beverly Hess Secretary JUNIOR CLASS Walter Eigenbrod President J. B. Miller Vice-President Alfred M. Porth Secretary FRESHMAN CLASS | Robert Lathrop President i Malcolm Monroe Vice-President George Carneal Goldman, Jr Secretary { 1 coiLEG [ or lO TOP ROW KERMIT BAILEY Big Stone Gap, Va K A BOTTOM ROW EUGENE D. BROUSSARD New Iberia, La. B.A. Degree, Southwestern Louisiana Institute, 1939. SENIOR am COLIECE OE ANTONIO MODESTO BIRD, JR. . . . Caguas, P. R. I A JOHN A. CAR5TARPHEN, JR. Oklahoma City, Okla. B.A. Degree, Centenary College, 1937. r A, A Moot Court Board. ROBERT UNSWORTH BLUM . . . New Orleans, La. B.A. Degree, Tulane University, 1938. A E E, A , B M, A A A, K A , A K Law Review Secretary; Jambaiaya Editor; Glee Club President. HAZEN WOOD COLE Shreveport, La. University Theatre. JACK ALEXANDER BORNEMANN . New Orleans, La B.A. Degree, Tulane University, 1938. Ben, A4 , BK Law Review; Class President (7). CHARLES CYRIL BROUSSARD . . New Orleans, La Ph.B., Loyola University, 1937. Blue Key; A 6 1 TOP ROW DONALD COTY DICKSON. JR. . . . Shreveport, La. K 2 Greenbacirr; (3. 4. 5); T. U. R. K. (3, 4, 5); White Elephants. DONALD WOODWARD DOYLE . . New Orleans, La. B.A. Degree. Tulane University. 1938. S X Law Review BOTTOM ROW ABE BERNARD KUPPERMAN . . . New Orleans, La. B.A. Degree, Tulane University. 1938. K . , B K, A K, K A ♦ Cotillion Club; Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society; Law Review; Oratorical and Debating Council. ROBERT EDGAR LeCORGNE, JR. . New Orleans, La. Ben " T " Club; Head Cheerleader. iiiui;[ or m WILLIAM DAVIS GOFF, JR Arcadia, La. + A 1 BEVERLY JEWEL HESS Kansas City, Mo. ■■ 1 . Degree, Newcomb College. 1938. K K r, A i: 1 Law Review; Class Secretary-Treasurer (7). CHARLES JANVIER New Orleans, La. B.A. Degree, Tulane University. 1938. A T !). B K, A K. A A A, -I- A •!• Law Review, Editor-in-Chief; " T " Club; Basketball (I); Golf (2, 3, 4); Class Vice-President (I); Pres- ident (2, 3); T. U. R. K. (I. 2, 3). ( 103 ] EN05 CARR McCLENDON Honner, La. B.A. Degree. Tulane University. 1939. A 1 Greenbackers. NEWTON HALL McCORD Slireveport. La. B.A. Degree, Centenary College, 1937. K A Intramural Council. HERBERT LEONARD MILLER Drew, Mist. B.A. Degree, Tulano UniversilY, 1938. Z B T. .i A A TOP ROW JAMES RENFROE MORRELL . . . Chattanooga, Tenn. B.S. Degree, Emory and Henry College, 1936. O A K, A Law Review; Student Body President; Student Council; Convention Chairman, FLOYD WOODARD NEWLIN New Orleans, La. Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society; Moot Court Board; Oratorical and Debating Council; bpec- tators; " T " Club; Varsity Boxing (2, 3. 4). JOSEPH BARNWELL PHELPS ... New Orleans, La. B.A. Degree, Tulane University, 1938. A . A T A JOSEPH JAMES PICCIONE Lafayette, La. B.A. Degree, Southwestern Louisiana Institute, 1938. n K A Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society; Law Review Oratorical and Debating Council; La Societe de Droit Civil Charter Member. HENRY MINOR PIPES Houma, La. K A AMOS LEE PONDER, JR New Orleans, La. X 5, A ! BOTTOM ROW JAMES ANDY POYNOR J°P ' ' " ' °- K ::. A DOROTHY JEAN PUGH New Orleans, La. B.A. Degree. Newcomb College, 1938. ! M Class Vice-President (7). JOSEPH MILTON SCORSONE ... New Orleans, La, B.A. Degree, Tulane University, 1938. HOWARD JOHN SMITH New Orleans, La. B.A. Degree, Tulane University, 1933. n K A, Intramural Unit Manager Moot Court Board; Class Secretary-Treasurer (2), V.ce-President (4), President CLAUDE ARTHUR WHARTON, JR. Alexandria, La. B.A. Degree, Tulane University, 1937. S A E Law Review. HUGH MILLER WILKINSON, JR. New Orleans, La. Law Review; Oratorical and Debating Council. mm CLASS COLllCl OF I [104] UyEliCltADUATEi; COILHIE OF m TOP ROW HUBERT CHARLES ALLEMAN, ' 41 New OrlMni, La. B.A. Drqrcc, Wc5t Virginia University JOHN WOOD ANTHONY, «... N«w Orlaini, L«. U M Frcjhmon Forenirc Council; Glcndy Burko Literary and Oobafing Council; International Relations Club; Oratorical and Debating Council. JOSE LUIS BANOS, ' 42 N w Orl.an., La. SB, A. Degree, Tulane University, 1939. ■!■ A 0, A A A Greenbackcrs; Boxing (3, A). THOIviAS BARR. Ill, ' 41 New Orleans, La. PAT FARRINGTON BASS, ' 41 . . . Now Orleans. La. ■!• A f), •!■ A ' !• White Elephants; Jambalaya Associate Editor; Moot Court Board; Pan-Hellenic Council. DAVID HANLIN BECKER, ' 41 . . . New Orleans, La. B.A. Degree, Tulane University, 1939. A T A, ' l " I , A A A, A ■! , B K White Elephants; Law Review; Spectators; Class Pres- ident (5). hL El THOtvlAS OVERTON BELL, ' 42 . . Lake Charles, La. A T A, A A A Spectators; Symphony Orchestra. ifc MIDDLE ROW ARCHIE R. BOGGS, ' 42 New Orleans, La. Ben Hullabaloo Associate Editor. LLOYD PAUL BOUTTE, ' 4! New Iberia, La. tvloot Court Board. WILLIAM HULLIN BOWMAN. ' 42 New Orleans, La. FRED BRONFIN, ' 41 New Orleans, La. B.A, Degree, Tulane University, I73B. K N, » B K Glendy Burlce Literary and Debating Council; La w Review; Spcctalorf. ALICE MORGAN BYRON, ' 41 . . New Orleans. La. B.B.A. Degree. lulane University. 1938. K A e ELSA ALYCE CAPO, ' 42 New Orleans, La. •!• .M CHRISTOOOULOS N. CARIOAS, ' 42 . . Selma. Ata. Glee Club: Glcndy Burke Literary and Debating So- ciety; International Relations Club; Y. M. C. A. BOTTOM ROW GEORGE J. CHAMPAGNE. JR., ' 42 Breaui Bridge, La. PETE RAYMOND DALOVISIO. ' 41 . Lake Charles. La. B.Phy.Ed. Degree. Tulane University, 1937. PIERRE R. de la VERGNE. ' 41 . . . New Orleans. U. B.A. Degree. Notre Dame. I93B. + A ♦ GERARD MITCHELL DILLON. ' 41 . New Orleans. La. WALTER FRED EIGENBROD. ' 41 . New Orleans. La. B.A. Degree, Lojislana State University, 1935. Class President (2). RICHARD ANDREW ERASER. JR.. ' 41 . . Many. La. B.S. Degree, Centenary College. 1935. K A GEORGE C. GOLDMAN. JR.. ' 42 . Waterproof. La. K I, + + I 105] TOP ROW EDWARD K. GOODELL, ' 42 ... . New Orleans, La. 6. A. Degree. Tulane University. 1939. K S WARREN GRAVES. ' 42 Shreveport. La. B.A. Degree, Centenary College, 1939. WILLIAM E. GREENLEES. ' 42 S T Greensboro, Ala. MAUN5EL WHITE HICKEY. ' 42 . . New Orleans. La. B.B.A. Degree, Tulane University, 1939. K A, A A A, B r S. A K Student Body President (4); Student Council (4). KENNETH DYKE HIGGINS. ' 42 .... Benton. Tern. B.A. Degree, Transylvania College. 1938. WILLIAM COHN HILL. ' 42 Willis. Tex. B.S. Degree. Sam Houston State Teachers College. 1938. PHILIP BURG JAHNCKE. ' 42 . . . New Orleans. La. ATA Cotillion Club; Class President (I, 2); Football (I, 2, 3): Intramural Unit Manager, LOUIS Mcknight JO ' NES, ' 4I . . New Orleans. La. A e, A ■! White Elephants: Hullabaloo Business Manager (4); Boxing (4, 5); Football (I). MIDDLE ROW LABEL ABRAHAM KATZ. ' 41 ... New Orleans. La. B.A. Degree, Tulane University. 1938. Oratorical and Debating Council. STEWART JOSEPH KEPPER, ' 42 . . New Orleans. La. A e, I Hullabaloo: Jambalaya Business Manager (3): Rowing Club, President (4). JAMES VIRGIL LAMBERT, ' 42 . . New Orleans, La. ATS Deutscherkulturbund. ROBERT MARTIN LATHROP. ' 42 . . New Orleans. La. Ben Intramural Unit Manager: Class President {4}: Class Vice-President (3): Cotillion Club (3); Greenbackers (I, 2): International Relations Club (I, 2. 3}: Foot- ball (I). FERDINAND MICHEL LOB. ' 42 . . New Orleans. La. B.A. Degree, Tulane University, 1934. Z B T. •! B K Law Review; Spectators. BUCK WINFRED McNEIL, ' 42 Lubbock. Tex. B.A. Degree, Texas Techological College, 1939. A X, n S A GEORGE B. MATTHEWS. ' 42 . . . New Orleans, La. K A, A A A Spectators. JOSEPH BAYARD MILLER, ' 41 . . . Waterproof, La. B.A. Degree, Tulane University, 1939 A T Q, A A A, , A Greenbackers; Moot Court Board, Secretary; Pan- Hellenic Council; Class Vice-President (5). BOTTOM ROW MALCOLM WILFRED MONROE, ' 42 New Orleans, La. !• K 1 A Capeila Choir; Band; Glee Club; Spectators; Symphony Orchestra. MAX MAURICE MORELCCK, ' 41 . . Haynesville, B.A. Degree, Tulane University, 1939. Ben Law Review. EDWARD P. MUNSON, JR., ' 42 . Napoleonville, La. n, A Capeila Choir; Glee Club, Business Manager; Thirteen Club; Baseball (3, 4). AUGUST A. NOBILE. JR., ' 41 . . New Orleans, La. B.A. Degree, Tulane University, 1939. Moot Court Board. ROBERT EUGENE O ' BRIEN. ' 42 . . Glee Club. BERNARD K. OPPENHEIM, ' 42 . New Orleans, La. S A M Student Body, Secretary-Treasurer (4); Boxing. ROBERT JOSEPH OSTER, ' 42 . . . New Orleans, La. A :; JERE CECIL OVERDYKE, ' 42 ... UIDERGRADUATEIi COLLEGE OE f I : 106] KDEItCli DU TES IIIHCE OF m TOP ROW WILLIS THOMAS CWENS, JR., ' 42 . Haynesville, La. GEORGE McMICHAEL PONDER. ' 41 New Orleans, La. X EDMUND RIESNER POWERS, ' 42 . . . Houston, Tex. S A V. ALEXANDER E. RALSTON, JR., ' 41 . New Orleans, La. B.A, Degree. Tulane University. 1939. S ■!■ E Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society: Law Review. HOMER MEADE RANKIN, ' 41 . . New Orleans, La. A K K, K A 1 , ! ' A ■I ' Intramural Council; " T " Club ; Pan-Hellenic Council. STANLEY W. RAY, JR., ' 41 ... New Orleans, La. B.A. Degree, Tulane University, 1937. ATA " T ■ Club; Thirteen Club; Basketball (I, 2, 3. A). " " wiLBUR FORD REESE, ' 41 .... New Orleans, La. B.A. Degree, Tulane University, 1939. n e 11, i A !•, K A Hullabaloo: Intramural Unit Manager; T. U. R. K.; Student Body. Vice-President (5). ARTHUR CLIFFORD REUTER, ' 42 . New Orleans, La. B.B.A. Degree, Tulane University. 1939. MIDDLE ROW ROBERTINE JUANITA RHYMES. ' 42 . . . Monroe, La. A A II Pan-Hellenic Council. LILLIAN ELIZABETH RIDNOUR, ' 42 New Orleans, La. KATHLYN MAE ROOME, ' 42 . . . New Orleans, La. U •!• A LEONARD HENRY ROSENSON. ' 41 N«w Orieanj, L«. B.A. Degree, Loyola Universtiy, 1937; M.A. Degree. Louisiana Stole University, 1938. K , A 2 N Law Review; Spectators. KALISTE JOSEPH SALOOM. JR., ' 42 . Lafayette. La. B.A. Degree. Southwestern Louisiana Institute. 1939. A •!• O. n K A. II A M NAUMAN STEELE SCOH, ' 41 ... . Alexandria, La. B.A. Degree. Amherst College. I9J8. A K E RICHARD CLIFFORD 5EITHER. ' 41 . New Orleans, La. Hullabaloo Sports Editor (4), ABE LOUIS SHUGERMAN, ' 42 . . Birmingham, Ala. B.S. Degree, University of Alabama, 1938. M.B.A., Louisiana State University, 1939. B A +, n r M BOTTOM ROW WILFORD MURRAY SMITH, ' 42 . . . Bogalusa, La. n K A Freshman Forensic Council; Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society; International Relations Club; Ora- torical and Debating Council; Y. M. C. A. WILLIAM STEIN, JR., ' 42 Natchel, Miss. Z I! r PHIL TRICE. ' 42 Holly Grove, Ark. JAMES F. TURNBULL, JR., ' 42 . Now Orleans, La. n K A, Cotillion Club Executive Committee; Freshman Hop Chairman; Sophomore Drag Chairman; Junior Prom Chairman; International Relations Club; Freshman Y. M. C. A., Vice-President; Y. M. C. A., Treasurer; Pan-Hellenic Council (2, 3); Jambalaya Business Man- ager (4); Greenbackers; Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society. WILLIAM BRADLEY WAIT, ' •;2 . . New Orleans, La. ■ A o Oratorical and Debating Council. WM. W. WESTERFIELD. JR., ' 41 . New Orleans, La. B.A. Degree, Tulane Universl v i ' ? ' + A . A K E Law Review. SIDNEY WRIGHT, ' 41 Eunice, La. B.A. Degree. Tulane University. 1939. Z B T, A A A. B M Law Review. WILLIAM PERRY WRIGHT, JR., ' 42 . Charleston, Mo. B.S. Degree, University of Missouri. 1935. A [107] OFFICERS OF THE CEHHS b STUDENT BODY James C. Sen+er, Jr President John M. Dawson Vice-President Harvey A. Feehan Secretary-Treasurer SENIOR CLASS T. Miller Gordon, Jr President Paul Clark Vice-President James L Campbell, Jr Secretary-Treasurer JUNIOR CLASS Conrad Meyer, III President Peter L. Bernard, Jr Vice-President Harvey J. Amsterdam Secretary-Treasurer SOPHOMORE CLASS Carey J. Ellis, Jr President Isidore Cohn, Jr Vice-President Robert E. Flowerree, Jr Secretary-Treasurer FRESHMAN CLASS George E. McCaskey, Jr President Louis Tulane Bass, Jr Vice-President Louis W. McFaul, Jr Secretary-Treasurer . ■ ' : Senter, Gordon, Meyer, Ellrs, McCaskey mm or arts m mmn TOP R O vy BOTTOM ROW ROBERT GLENN ALLEN Pascagoula, Miss. ARCHIE RAYMOND BOGGS . . . New Orleans. La. k:;, GK Ben Hullabaloo Associate Editor. JOSEPH OAKES ANDERSON . . . New Orleans. La. Basketball; Track; " T " Club. JOHN CHARLES BOUTALL . . . Jefferson Parish, La. A r SENIOR CUSS COLLEGE OF km SCIENCES JOHN WOOD ANTHONY .... New Orleans, La. B M Freshman Forensic Council; Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society. Vice-Speaker; International Relations Club; Oratorical and Debating Council Chairman. OSCAR BACKSTROM, JR Sulfport, Miss. Ben Hullabaloo; Spectators. Provost; University Theatre, Executive Secretary (3, 4), CHARLES FILSON BECKERT Gadsden, Ala i e, N Z N THOMAS OVERTON BELL .... Lake Charles, La A T A, A A A Spectators; Symphony Orchestra. JOSEPH MICHAEL BISTOWISH, JR. New Orleans, La E S, A K K Glee Club; Boxing. MORRIS GLEN BLACKWELL, JR. . New Orleans, La MONEHE LEA BUTLER Oak Grove, La. Football (I. 2, 3, 4); Honor Board (4). ARTHUR ANTHONY CAIRE, 111 . . New Orleans, La. A K K JAMES L. CAMPBELL, JR Sacramento, Calif. K 1, A X 2 Glee Club, Publicity Manager; Y. M. C. A.; Class " ' ' Secretary-Treasurer (4). WOODLEY CLARK CAMPBELL . . New Orleans. La. A e, A A A, O A K Jambalaya (1, 2, 3, 4), Editor (4). PAUL CLARK Clarksdale, Miss. A T a, B M Track (1); White Elephants (I); Class Vice-President (4). [110] 1 if ' :»;- ' mm am [mm iir iits HMniikri) TOP ROW BOTTOM ROW DURANT HARRY da PONTE . . . New Orleans, La. WILLIAM TYLER FRAY, JR. . . . Naw Orl»nt. La. A A Internotional Relations Club; Y. M. C. A. Hullabaloo: University Theatre. WALTER CLARENCE FRIDAY. JR. . . . Balboa. C. Z. CHARLES RAY DAUNIS Westwego, La. j JOHN MINTO DAWSON New Orleans, La. MAURICE GARB New Orleans, La. Student Body, Vice-President (4). International Relations Club; Pan-Hellenic Council. ERVING ARTHUR DRESKIN Dunellen, N. J. j .p .. 5,35 ,, o,,, „, , Z . M K + + K l HARVEY ALBERT FEEHAN .... New Orleans, La. GEORGE CARNEAL GOLDMAN, JR. Waterproof. La. - ! ' K K r, Bond; International Relations Club. Secretary (4); Class Secretary (4). Tjlane Education Society. ISRAEL FISHER Colur„bia Misi. THOMAS MILLER GORDON. JR. N.« Orl.ans, La. K N. A K - Pan-Hellenic Council. » HARRY BERTRAND GREENBERG . Naw Orleans. La JOHN HERBERT FOREGGER Roslyn, L. I. Z B T. + i K HENRY CARTER FOSS Chicago. III. JOSEPH VINCENT GREGORAni . . . Gralna, La. 1 A E, A . :: s n [ 111 ] TOP ROW WILLIAM DIFFENDERFFER GUDE, JR. Baltimore, Md BLANCHE MOULTON HAMMOND New Orleans. La. K K r, e N Cotillion Club. THOMAS STEFFEN HARLLEE ... New Orleans. La. A Cappella Choir; Deutscherkulturbund; Glee Club: Goeretta- Symphony Orchestra: University Theatre; Y. M. C. A. JOHN HUDDLESTON HEATH . . . New Orleans, La. K A, A A A, e N Hullabaloo Sports Editor (3). WILLIAM PATRICK HICKEY, JR. . New Orleans, La. Football (I. 2. 3. 4); Boxing (2, 3, 4), Captain (4); " T " Club. JEROME BYRON HIRSCH, JR. . . . Greenville, Miss. Z B T, A E Camera Club, Vice-President (4). ALFRED QUINN HYDE Long Leaf, La. X S N WARREN LOUIS JAUBERT .... New Orleans, La. Football; Boxing (I, 2, 3, 4); " T " Club. BOTTOM ROW (OREAU JAMES JUMONVILLE . New Orlearl A K E, Cotillion Club; Greenbackers; Pan-Hellenic Council; Varsity Basketball; Intramural Tennis Champion [1] . Honor Board; Intramural Basketball Team Champion (3); " T " Club. STEWART JOSEPH KEPPER .... New Orleans, La. A e, Jambalaya Business Manager (3); Huliaba 14); Rowing Club, Chairman (4). NICHOLAS WILLIAM LARKIN . New Orleans, La. ROBERT MARTIN LATHROP .... New Orleans, La. Ben Intramural Unit Manager; Class President (4), Vice- President (3); Cotillion Club (3)- Greenbackers ( 2); International Relations Club (I, 2, 3); Football Manager (1). HENRY MILLARD LEE El Paso, Tex. WILLIAM LEON New Orleans, La. K X, ■! A K, B M MOE LERMAN Spring Valley, N. Y. A K FRANK HENRY LINDEMAN, JR. . . . Leesburg, Fla. ! A e. X S N mm cuss COLIECI OF ARTS SCIENCES [112] TOP ROW BOTTOM ROW $[ 101! am coii[i;[ OF km D GODFREY EMILE MANN Nlw Orl««ni. L«. A X S JOSEPH JULES MARCHESE . . . . N.w OrlMni. U. Band; Classical Club: University Theatre: Y K . c. A.; Honor Board. WILLARD LEE MARMELZAT .... Now Orloani, La. 1 . .M. ■!■ A E T. U. R. K. MALCOLM WILFRED MONROE . . Ntw OrUani. La. K I A Capella Choir; Sand: Glee Club; Spectatori; Symphony Orchestra ' Cl ss Vice-President (XI. HARRY BROWNING MOORE . . New Orleani, L«. EDWARD PRESTON MUNSON. JR. NapoUonvIlle, j. U e II, )• 4- A Cspells Choir; Glee Club, Buiinets Manager (4); Baikelball (3, A); Thirteen Club. NORMAN JOHN MARMILLION . . Ponchatoula, La. ' ' ° " ' ■° ' ' ' " ' " " " ' " " " ° ' ' " " ' ' • Ben Football. GEORGE BERNARD MAHHEWS . . New Orleans, La. K A. A A A tators; Student Body, Secretary-Treasurer (4). GEORGE THEODORE MELLINGER New Orleans, La. A K K, K 2 CHARLES VACCARO MENENDEZ . New Orleans. La. A K K MANUEL R. MIANGOLARRA, JR. . New Orleans, La. A X S Intramural Council; " T " Club. LEO LAWRENCE NASTASI .... New Orleans, La. WILLIAM RAYMOND NORTH . . - New Ofleani. La. K £, A X 2 Glee Club (2. 3, A); Greenbackers (2, 3. A); Pan- Hellenic Council (2. 3); 1. U. R. K. (2. 3. A). BERNARD KAHN OPPENHEIM - - New Orleans, La. 1AM Boxing. ROBERT JOSEPH OSIER New Orleans, La. A 1 [ 113] TOP ROW BOTTOM ROW JAMES HERBERT OWENS, JR. . . Hattlesburg, Miss. K S, A K K JOHN THOMAS OWENS, JR. . . . New Orleans, La. A X S CHARLES HUBERT PETTEWAY .... Lakeland, Fla. n K A, X HOMER MEADE RANKIN New Orleans, La. AKE, KA . OA Intramural Council; " T " Club. PAUL BERNARD REASER New Orleans, La. MELVIN MARCUS ROSENTHAL . . New Orleans, La. Z B T, A E NORBERT NATHAN SALPETER . . New Orleans, La. ! A E Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Council; Inter- national Relations Club; Oratorical and Debating Council. JAMES CORBETT SENTER, JR. . . . New Orleans, La. A T n, A A A, A K Greenbackers; Hullabaloo; Spectators; Class Secre- tary-Treasurer (3): Student Body, President (4); Stu- dent Council. WILFORD MURRAY SMITH Bogalusa, La. n K A Freshman Forensic Council; Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society; International Relations Club, President (4); Oratorical and Debating Council; Y. M. C. A. ANTHONY JOHN SPOTO Tampa, Fla. WILLIAM STEIN, JR Natchez, Miss. Z B T ALVIN WEIL STRAUSS, JR Little Rock Ark, A E, Z B T " T " Club; Baseball Manager (3); Basketba| agar (2). JAMES PAUL SWEARINGEN Shreveport, La. A e, X ALBERT ROBERTSON TEBO, JR. . New Orleans, La K A Greenbackers; T. U. R. K. SENIOR Cl H COLLEGE OE ARTS SCIENCES ft |!i[ ioi! am tmm Of ARTS D TOP ROW PERRY KING THOMAS. JR Tupelo, Miss. •t i e. N I N DOUGLAS PAUL TORRE New Orleans. La. A T A Pan-Hallenic Council; Honor Board; White Elephants. MO TTRAM PETER TORRE New Orleans. U. I ' an-Kftllenic Council; Cotillion Club; White Ele- phants. SAMUEL ADAMS TRUFANT. Ill . . New Orleans. La. 1 X Pan-Hellenic Council; " T " Club; Boxing Manager (2). JAMES FRANKLIN TURNBULL. JR. New Orleans, La. II K A. ■!• •!• Cotillion Club. Executive Comnnittee: Glendy Burlte Literary and Debating Society: Greenbackcrs; Inter- national Relations Club; Jambalaya. Business Man- ager (4); Y. M. C. A.. Vice-President (I). Treasurer (4); Chairman Freshman Hop. Sophomore Drag, Junior Prom. LOUIS IRA TYLER. JR Baton Rouge, La. •!■ K r. K ♦ JAMES FRANCIS VILLERE .... New Orleans, La. A - I BOTTOM ROW SHIRLEY MATHILDE VIOSCA . . . New Orleans, La. B A, e x Cotillion Club; Hullabaloo; Newcomb Pan-Hellenic Council. HARRY HART WAGENHEIM .... Pensacola, Fla. Z B T. A E WILLIAM BRADLEY WAIT .... New Orleans. La. + A e Oratorical and Debating Council. DAVID WEINSTEIN St. Augurtin , Fla. Z B T Glee Club; Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Council; International Relations Council; " T " Oub; Varsity Boxing (3). MORTIMER SAMUEL WEINSTEIN . Brooklyn. N. Y. •!• A K OSCAR SAMUEL WILLENZIK Pensacola, Fla. Glendy Burke Literary and Debating SocietY; Inter- nslionat Relations Club. ANDREW ZENGEL New Orleans, La. Ill ' ) TOP ROW • EMILE BERTRAND ADER New Orleans, La. BERNARD MORDECAI ALTSCHULER . Bayonne, N. J. Baseball (3); Track (I, 2). HARVEY J. AMSTERDAM Brooklyn, N. Y. DAM Campus Nite; Cotillion Club; Class President (1). Vice-President (2), Secretary (3); Honor Coun cil (1); Honor Board (I, 2, 3). JOHN JACOB BAEHR, JR. . . . New Orleans, La. Hullabaloo. Circulation Manager (3). WILLIAM LOUIS BENDEL, JR Monroe, La. K 2 Glee Club. PETER LOUIS BERNARD, JR New Orleans, La. K S Bardies (I, 2); Honor Board: Freshman Y. M. C. A. Advisor (2, 3), President (I); Y. M. C. A., Secretary (3). Treasurer (2), Cabinet (I, 2, 3); Freshman Hop Chairman; Sophomore Drag Chairman; Class Vice- President {3); Cotillion Club; Freshman Forensic Council; Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Council; Intramural Unit Manager. FRANKLIN PIERCE BERRY Shreveport, La. A e A Capella Choir. EMILE AUGUSTUS BERTUCCI, JR. . New Orleans, La. Honor Board; Camera Club; Campus Nite; Glee Club; Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Council; Interna- tional Relations Club; University Theatre; Intramural Basketball. MIDDLE ROW WILLIAM FREDERICK BEYER, JR. . Lake Charles, La. ATA Glee Club. CHARLES HADEN BIRDSONG, JR. . Meridian, Miss. n K A Glee Club. NORMAN ROBERT BLACK Cheyenne, Wyo. ATA MICHAEL EPHREM BOUSTANY .... LafayeHe, La. WILLIAM CHALMERS BROTHERS . . Shreveport, La. -± Pan-Hellenic Council ■ JOHN WILLIAM BRYAN, JR. . Bay St. Lours, Miss, ' pi B e n, A X s LOUIS DAMIAN BROWN New Orleans, La. University Theatre; Y. M. C. A.; Honor Board. CLAUDE LEON BUERGER, JR Mobile, Ala. K 2 Greenbackers. BOTTOM ROW JAMES DOYLE BYRNE, JR New Orleans, La. n K A ARTHUR ADOLPH CALIX .... New Orleans, La. I n Campus Nite; Cotillion Club; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Varsity Track. WILLIAM HENRY CHURCH . . . New Orleans, La. K S f Glee Club; Operetta; Symphony Orchestra. MARTIN DURALDE CLAIBC ' RNE, JR. Ne w Orleans, La. Ben GEORGE SUMPTER CLAY Meridian, Miss. K 2 Football; Baseball; " T " Club. DON PEARSON CLAYPOOL .... Morehead, Ky. Ben University Theatre. REYNOLDS MALONE COLLINS . . Baton Rouge, La. S X " T " Club; Football; Track. JACK CORBITT Hartford, Ala. JOEL IRVING CORN Long Beach, N. Y. Glee Club; Basketball (I, 3); Intramurals (3); Baseball (2). JUNIOR am CfllLECE OF ARTS f SCIENCES [116] ' I, ,(;oii[(;[ OF i i!is ' D TOP ROW EDWARD JACOBS CRAWFORD, JR. . Shr.vtporl, la. ■I- i HOWARD CRAWFORD Hamburg. Girmany GEORGE CUELLAR (d. LEON) Miami. Fla. FERNAND JOSEPH DASTUGUE, JR. Naw Orlaam, La. Honor Boord; Intramural Basketball (3). EDWARD FRANK DOMBROWSKY .... Miami. Fla. GEORGE DORFMAN New Britain, Conn. S A JI ROGER HART DOYLE New Orleans, La. S X ARTHUR WILLIAM ECKHOUS . . . New Yorit, N. Y. K N Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society. MIDDLE ROW EDWARD PAUL ECUYER New Orleans, La. n K A Glee Club; Greenbackers. GORDON CLARK ENGLISH Midland, Tex. Football. THEODORE EVEREH Chipley, Fla. S A E KENNETH VICTOR EVERTS . . West Palm Beach, Fla. :: A E CHARLES C. FARRELL. JR N.- Orl.an,. U. ♦ A O Cheerleader; Jsmbalays: Honor 6 phanti. JACOB FAUST, JR N.« Orl.an,. La. B M JULIUS FINKELSTEIN n.. ori..n,. U. K . EDWARD DAVIS FINLEY New OrlMni. U. K A, A A A GrcenbacVor.; Specfaton; Hullabaloo (2, 3). Butineti Manager (3); While Elephantf; BoxInVU. 3). BOTTOM ROW AUGUST FREDERICK FISCHER, JR. New Orl.an. u. University Ttieatrc; Varsity Boxing (2), MERVIN EDWARD FISCHMAN . . Irvington. N. J. Glee Club; OpereHa; Y. M. C. A. JOSEPH EARL FLOWERS Lexington. Mi.,. Z B T Greenbackers; Hullabaloo; Varsity Basketball Man. ager. WILBUR OTIS FOGG New Orleans. La. BROOX CLEVELAND GARRETT, JR. . Shreveport, La. A e LEONARD GLADE New York, N. Y. Camera Club; International Relations Club. PLACIDO O. GONZALEZ Sto. Dgo. Dominican R.pub. CHARLES LEON GOOOSON. JR. . . Shreveport. La. K S Taffrall; Naval R. O. T. C. 1 : MMHk I 117] Top row WILLIAM USSERY GUNN Harlan, Ky. S A E TOM COONEY HALL New Orleans, La. K 1 Greenbackers; Taffrail; Y. M. C. A.; Naval R. O. T, C. JAMES CLYDE HART, JR Pine Bluff, Ark. 2 X HARRY ELBERT HAYS San Angelo, Tex. S X " T " Club; Foo tball (I, 2, 3); Track (I, 2). ALGIE WALTON HILL Montgomery, Ala. K K r Hullabaloo. GORMAN JAFFE New York, N. Y. OWEN BRATTAIN JOHNSON Peru, Ind. Glee Club; Football (I, 2). HERBERT WALTER KAISER, JR. . . New Orleans, La. n K A Cotillion Club; Glee Club; International Relations Club; Jambalaya; Operetta; Y. M. C. A., Cabinet (2): Junior Prom Committee; Freshman Hop Com- mittee; Cheerleader (I). MIDDLE ROW JEROME BERTRAM KATZ .... New Orleans, La. Z B T, B M CALVIN MORRIS KING Sylvester, Ga. S A E LEONARD KENNEDY KNAPP . . . Lake Charles, La. ATA DAVID SAMUEL LIGHT Brooklyn, N. Y. Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society; Base- RICHARD HENRY LIPSCOMB . . . Birmingham, Ala. A Capella Choir; Campus Nite Chairman; Glee Club, Vice-President; Hullabaloo; Operetta; Univer- sity Theatre; Y, M. C. A. Cabinet. LEE PHILIP LOTTINGER, J R Houma, La. i •! E Glee Club; T. U. R. K. BOTTOM ROW ALBERT WAYNE MAGNITZKY . . . New Orleans, Ta. Glee Club; International Relations Club; Symphon ' Orchestra; University Theatre; Y. M. C. A.; Intra mural Football, Baseball. MARJORIE DOROTHY MALTRY . . New Orleans, La. B A Hullabaloo; Y. W. C. A. PETER MANDICH Gary, Ind. 2 A E ; Varsity Football; Varsity Basketball; GEORGE C. MANNING, JR. . . Maplewood, N. J. A T fi, B M University Theatre. MELVIN HOWARD MAnlLA . . . Nashwauk, Minn. HENRY ALVAN MENTZ, JR Hammond, La. A T A, A A A Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society; Inter- national Relations Club. EDWARD LAWRENCE MERRIGAN . New Orleans, La. K 2 Glee Club; Greenbackers; Y. M. C. A. (I); Intra- nural Football (I, 2), Basketball (I, 2); Honor JUNIOR CLASS COLLEGE OE ARTS SCIEKCLS Council (1, 2. 3); White Elephants RICHARD BENNETT LANGFORD . . Shreveport, La. A e CONRAD MEYER, III New Orl A T A, A A A eans, La. WILLIAM WALTER LEAKE, JR. . New Orleans, La. Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Soci ety; Pan- 2 X, A A A Hellenic Council; Taffrail; Naval R. O. T. C; Box- ing (2, 3); Class President (2, 3); Honor Cotillion Club; T. U. R. K. (2, 3). T , . CLASS i;[ ilF ARTS CIS D TOP ROW ELIZABETH HENRIEHA MEYERS . New Orleans. La. B A Hullabaloo: Y. W. C. A. HARV HAROLD MINTZ Mobile, Ala. Z B T GlendnBurlce Literary and Debating Society; Inter- nationij Relations Club; Y. M. C. A.; Boxing; 100 Mile Club. STANL6V ROBERT MINTZ Monroe, La. 1 A M, B M Gieo dn ourKe Literary and Debating Society; Inter- V jjjl national Relations Ctub MARIE TH6ARD MOSES New Orleans, La. B -f- A Catholic C ' ub; Hullabaloo; International Relations C -::: Jennie Nixon Debating; Lampyrids. ROBERT WILLIAM O ' DONNELL, JR. . . Monroe, U. A T G G ' ee Club; T. U. R. K.; Y. M. C. A.; Track (I). WILLIAM JOSEPH OHARA, JR. . New Orleans, La. Ben Varsity Baseball. ROBERT BLOUIN OLIVER Monroe. La. tB e 11 Club; Greenbackers; Ttiirteen Club; Honor Board. ROBERT LYON PARKER. JR. . . . New Orleans. La. 4 n K A Jom ftva; Pan-Hellenic Council; Taffrail; Naval R. ■■■ O. T. C. MIDDLE ROW LEONARD JOHN PETERS .... Hot Springs, Ark. CHARLES DANIEL PIQUS N«w Orluni, K. Glee Club; Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society. RAY CLINT PRUin Lake Charl s, La. University Theatre. WILLIAM PAUL RAMEY Tampa, Fla. A T Q DANIEL FRANK RENTZ Miami. Ha. A E L. S. RENTZ Coeoanul Grov , Ra. 1 A E. ♦ Pan-Hellenic Council; Baseball. CHARLES ADRIAN RICH Gullport, Mist. WIRT ADAMS RODGERS. JR. B«s«rop, La. K Z Camera Club; Hullabaloo. BOTTOM ROW HAROLD LEON ROSEN New York, N. Y. K X Basketball; Baseball. RAPHAEL ROSS, JR New Orlaans, La. BERYL MILDRED ROY . Ne. Orltant, U. B + A Hullabaloo; University Theatre. HENRY CLARENCE SABRIO . . . N w OrlMBs. U. Taffrail; Naval R. O. T. C: Intramural Basketball, Softball, Football. ISAAC HARRY SALTZ IndapandarK . U. K X GEORGE THEODORE SCHNclDER Na» Orltans, La. ATA Band; Greenbackers; Intramural Council (2. 3); T. U. R. K.; Y. M. C. A ■ • ' -nnii (2, 3): Oaa Vice-President (I), Sc -er (2); Honor Boa ' ALBERT BARNEn SCHONBRUN .... Umpa. Fla. I A M Aifn-iv a jfio 1 ;i r. ri and Dflbdtino S -ctif Football. SAMUEL MELVILLE SCOTT Oakdala, L . II K A ( 1191 TOP ROW HARRY SHEPARD New Orleans, La. FELIX ALFRED SIEGMAN New York, N. Y. Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society. NELSON RANDOLPH SLAYTON . . Memphis, Tenn. Z A E Varsity Football, Boxing, Baseball. JACK OUINBY SLOAN Lakeland, Fla. n K A Greenbackers; White Elephants RICHARD MARK SMITH .... Bay St. Louis, Miss. ATA WILLIAM LAWRENCE SPENCER, JR. Sterlington, La. A T 2 WALDORF AARON STEEG .... New Orleans, La. SAM University Theatre; Track. SOL BAER STERN, JR New Orleans, La. SAM Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society; Univer- sity Theatre. GEORGE BRUNUS STEWART Carriere, Miss. MIDDLE ROW WILLIAM JASPER TALLY Stevenson, Ala. n K A WILLIAM ROBERT TETE New Orleans, La. K Z Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society; Green- backers; Oratorical and Debating Council; Pan- Hellenic Council Chairman; Y. M. C. A. DURWARD JOHN THIBODAUX, JR. New Orleans, La. EMMETT YOUNG THOMASON, JR. New Orleans, La. Band; Glee Club. OSCAR JUDAH TOLMAS New Orleans, La. K N Glee Club; Glendy Burke Literary and Debating So- ciety, Secretary-Treasurer; International Relations Club; Pan-Hellenic Council; University Theatre. ISRAEL TRESTMAN New Orleans, La. Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society; Hulla- baloo. LEON MILLER TRICE, JR New Orleans, Ben Greenbackers; Jambalaya; University Theatre, EDMUND SEYMOUR UTKOV .... New York, h DAVID HUGH VARN, JR Ft. Meade, n K A BOTTOM ROW WINSTON WAKEFIELD WALKER . New Orleans, L1 A T Q HAROLD BERNARD WALLIS .... Richardson, Tex. K S JACKSON PETERSON WARD, JR. . New Orleans, La. S X MARTIN SAMUEL WATSKY . . . New Orleans, La. K N RALPH MILTON WENZEL Tucker, Ark. A e A Capella Choir; Glee Club; Football (I, 2. 3. 4). AH YET WCNG Hilo, Hawaii RICHARD McDonnell woodruff Hutchison, Kan. Band; Symphony Orchestra. HENRY WORNER, III New Orleans, La. K Z Football Manager (I). JAMES EDWARD WRIGHT, JR. . . New Orleans, La. International Relations Club; Intramural Unit Man- ager; Y. M. C. A.; Honor Board. COLLIGE OF m SCIENCES [120] i 1 ||D[lli;itADU T[li oil[i;e of m m o TOP ROW JOHN AMORETTI ADEMA, ' -13 Point a la Hach . La. S E Whrte Elephanli; Gles Culb. AURELIO ALFONSO ALBA. ' 42 Harrara, R. P. L. CALHOUN ALLEN. JR., ' 42 . . . Shra»aport. La. ■t ' i Intramural Council; T. U. R, K. CEDRIC THURSTON ALMAND, ' 42 . Haynaivllla, La. i r A. A A Band (I. 2); White Elepliants. HERMAN W. ANDERSON, JR., ' 43 Brookhavan, Miii. ' I ' K 1 Band: Y. M. C. A. (I). RICHARD GEORGE ANDRY, ' 43 . New Orlaani, La. i T A Tjffrail: Naval R. O. T. C. MALCOLM D. ARNOULT, ' 43 . . New Orleani, La. E ! E Glee Club: Y. M. C. A. (I): White Elephants. STANLEY LEE AULTMAN, ' 42 . . . New Orleani, La. Y. M. C. A. THOMAS GUS BAFFES, ' 43 ... . New Orleans, La. MICHAEL HARDIE BAGOT, ' 43 . . New Orleans, La. K S Freshman Forensic Council; Taffrail; Y. M. C. A. (I)- Naval R. O. T. C; White Elephants. MIDDLE ROW BRUCE BAIRD, JR., ' 42 Now Orleans. La. S X Glendy BlJ ' ■ e Literary and Debating Society; Taffrail; T. U. R, K.; Y. M. C. A.; Naval R. O. T. C. EDWARD B. BALDINGER, JR., ' 43 New Orleans, La. K S Y. M. C. A. (I). JUSTIN GUY BALLOU, ' 43 . . . Oak Harbor, Ohio ATA A Copella Choir; Band; Glee Club; Operetta. EARL PUTNAM BARTLEH, JR., ' 43 New Orleans, U. Ben Thirteen Club. ROY R. RARTLEn. II. ' 42 ... . Nt» Orlaani. La. ATA Thirteen Club (1. 2|: Tr ' - - LOUIS TULANE BASS. JR.. 4] . . . Ogdan, Utah ATA v hito Elephanli; TaHrail; T. U. R. K.: Y. M. C. A. (I): Claii Vice-Preiident (I): Naval R. O. T. C. HIRAM W. K. BATSON, ' 42 . . New Orlaani, La. II K A Oiniera Club; Y. M. C. A. PASCAL GAYLE BATSON, ' 42 . . . Indlanola. MIn. i X University Theatre. MAURICE TENNEY BENEDICT. ' 43 . Lawranca. Kan. ■!■ A O JOHN FRANK BENHAM. II, ' 42 N.« Orlaani, La. A K K Track. BOTTOM ROW COLEMAN J. BERANGER, ' 43 . . New Orlaani, La. Glee Club; Operetta. GERALD SANDERS BERENSON. ' 43 . . Bogalusa. La. Z B T Glee Club. ALVIN CARMELO BERTUCCI. ' 43 . Naw Orlaani, La. STANFORD DAWSON BEVIS, ' 43 . Naw Orleani, U. Camera Club. JAMES FLIMEN BIGGART, JR., ' 43 . Mullens. W. Va. WILEY HUGH BILLINGSLEY, ' 42 . Naw Orleani, La. JOSEPH AUGUST BISSO, ' 43 . . . Naw Orleani. La. CHARLES JAMES BLOCK, ' 42 Gary. Ind. + A e Glee Club; Football (I, 2): Basketball (I. 2); Track (I. 2). T. S. BLOODWORTH. JR.. ' 42 . . New Crieans. U. Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society; Inter- national Relations Club; Y. M. C. A. CHARLES JAMES BLOOM. II, ' 42 . New Orleans, La. K A Taffrail; Naval R. O. T. C. C i:i ) TOP ROW ARTHUR W. BOHMFALK, JR., ' 43 . New Orleans, La. A Capella Choir; Band; Glee Club; Y. M. C. A. (I). CHARLES WILLIAM BOSCH, ' 42 . New Orleans, La. ST. PAUL BOURGEOIS, 111, ' 43 . . . Jeanerette, La. A K E Camera Club. JOSEPH BRECHTEL, ' 42 New Orleans, La. Basketball. WALTER HUGH BRENT, JR., ' 42 . . . Hammond, La. _ Ben CLA UDE LAMAR BROWN, JR., ' 43 . . Mobile, Ala. Glee Club; Honor Board. ROBERT LEROY BROWNING, JR., ' 42 . Pawnee, Okla. ATA SIDNEY DUDLEY BULLARD, ' 43 . New Orleans, La. HUBERT WILLIAM BURLEIGH, JR., ' 43 . Mound, La. CHARLES ALLEN BURLESON, JR., ' 43 . . . Erie, Pa. Glee Club; Operetta; Naval R. O. T. C; Taffrail. MIDDLE ROW GORDON BENTLY BUTLER, ' 42 lota. La. n K A International Relations Club. ROBERT ROSS CAHAL, JR., ' 43 . . New Orleans, La. K 1 Freshman Forensic Council; Glee Club; Operetta; University Theatre; Y. M. C. A. (I). CURTIS WEBB CAINE, ' 42 ... . New Orleans, La. K S Glee Club; Operetta; Y. M. C. A. ALBERT DAVID CAIRE, ' 43 ... . K S Naval R. O. T. C, New Orleans, La. JOSEPH DAVIDSON CALHOUN, JR., ' 43 . Ruston, La. Glee Ctub; Y. M. C. A. (I). CYRIL WALTER CARBON, JR., ' 43 New Orleans, La. Baseball; Basketball (I). GENE GEORGE CARP, ' 42 .... Elizabeth, N. J. K X Glee Club; Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society. GEORGE ALBERT CARPENTER, ' 43 New Orleans, La. Glee Club; Taffrail; Y. M. C. A. (I); Naval R. O. T. C. LOUIS CHARLES CHAMPION, ' 43 . . . Flint, Mich. A e SIGMUND CHESSID. ' 43 New York, N. Y. BOTTOM ROW MERCER CLYDE CHILDRESS, ' 43 . . . Houston, Tex. Z A E White Elephants. EMANUEL CHOPER, ' 42 Woodbridge, N. J. K X ALVIN COHEN, ' 43 Winthrop, M ISIDORE COHN, JR., ' 42 New Orleans, Z B T Camera Club, Treasurer; Glendy Burke Literar; Debating Society; Class Vice-President (2). JOHN MARSHALL COLLIER, ' 42 . New Orleans, La. K A, A A A FREDERICK H. COLLINS, JR., ' 42 . N ew Orleans, La. A e Greenbackers. HENRY THOMAS COOK, ' 43 . . . New Orleans, La. PAUL DESBON CORDE5, ' 42 ... . New Orleans, La. A e Class President (1). DAVID EMILE CRAIS, ' 42 ... . New Orleans, La. Taffrail; Naval R. O. T. C. NICHOLAS C. CROMWELL, ' 42 . New Orleans, La. ATA UPERCIi DU TE!; COLLIGE or ARTS SCIENCES l k cflii[(;[ iiF , i{TS m TOP ROW RICHARD p. CROMWELL, M3 . . New Orleans, La. 1 T Taffrail: Y. M. C. A. (I); Naval R. O. T. C. BENJAMIN CRUMP, III. ' 42 . , . New Orleans, La. . T ?. H. V. B. CUMMINS, JR., ' 42 . . New Orleani, La. JAMES JOSEPH CURRO, ' 43 .... Gulfport, Misi. SHERWOOD ARTHUR CUYLER, ' 43 New Orleans. La. Football (I). LEAR WILLIAM DANE, ' 43 ... New Orleans, La JUSTIN BRUCE DARSEY, ' 43 .... Shreveport, La. + A e Hullabaloo. BENJAMIN WALL DART, JR., ' 43 . New Orleani. La. A K E Taffrail; Naval R. O. T. C; Thirteen Club. HENRY CONRAD DAUBERT, JR.. ' « New Orleans. La. Njvjl R. O. T. C. EDWARD JUDSON DEMAREST. ' 43 , New Orleans. La. A K E Glee Club. MIDDLE ROW SAMUEL DIAZ, ' 43 Panama Cihr. R. P. LAWRENCE LOSCH DILLON, ' 43 Now Orleans. La. TjM ' ciil. NORMAN DINHOFER. ' 43 New York. N. Y. HENRY MOSELEY DISMUKES. ' 43 Mobil.. Ale. •!■ .i II CHARLES O. DONNAUD. Ill, ' 43 . New Orleans, La. K £ Choorleador (I); Fnsshman Foraiuic Council; Glee Club- Hullabaloo; TaHrail; T. U. R. K.; Y. M. C. A VicePfOjIdenl (I); Naval R. O. T. C. JOHN SHELBURNE OONNAUO. 43 New Orleani, La. A K E Glee Club; Operetta. ISAOORE DRAVIN. ' 42 MaridUn. Mils. r A M Band: Symphony Orchestra. WALLACE BROWN DUNLAP. ' 43 . New Orleans, La. K 1 Campus Nite; Hullabaloo; Taffrail; Univeriity Theatre; Y M. C. A.; Naval R. O. T. C. PIERRE RADFORD DUPONT, ' 43 . . New Orlean. La. . T Y. M. C A. (I): White Elephants. WILLIAM REYNOLDS EASON, " 43 . New Orleans. La. K 1 Y. M. C. A. (I). BOTTOM ROW JOSEPH H. ECHEZABAL. 43 . New Orleam. La. MITCHELL EDE, 43 HaHiatburg. MIn. DONALD BOND EARHART. ' 42 New Orleans. La. i K K Jambalaya CAREY JAMES ELLIS. JR.. ' « lUrrille. La. i K y Glee Club: C ciety; Greent ■ JAMES ANDREW ELY. JR.. ' 42 . Shaa. Mill. CHARLES ALEXIS EMLING. JR., ' « New Ofleaiu. U. ATA Greenbacken: White Bephantt. LAWRENCE BRES EUSTIS. ' 43 . . New Orieaw. U. .V T O ROBERT WAITER EVESEU. « . New Orleam. La. LLOYD CHARLES EtRICH, M " Q New Orleam. La. Y. M. C. A. (1). RICHARD ALAN FAUST, a . New Otieam. U. K . 1 1:3] TOP ROW ROBERT E. FLOWERREE, JR., M2 New Orleans, La. Ben Class Secretary-Treasurer (2). JACK FRANKEL, ' 42 Jamaica, L. I. WILLIAM DONALD FRANKLIN, ' 43 . Jamaica, N. Y. Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society; Hulla- baloo. THOMAS P. FRITH, III, ' 43 . . A K E Lake Ciiarles, La. KERMIT FRYMIRE, ' 42 New Orleans, La. K 2 Y. M. C. A. STEPHEN P. GASPERECZ, JR., ' 42 . New Orleans, La. A 2 Glee Club; Y. M. C. A. VANCE EDGAR ALLEN GEIER, ' 42 New Orleans, La. Y. M. C. A. EMILE JOSEPH GEX, JR., !43 . . Bay St. Louis, Miss. K S Glee Club; Hullabaloo; Y. M. C. A. (1). JAMES JOSEPH GILLY, III, ' 42 . . New Orleans, La. A K K CARROLL ALLEN GIRAUD, ' 43 . . New Orleans, La. K 1 Glee Club; Y. M. C. A. (I). MIDDLE ROW DAVID GLOVER, ' 42 Bay St. Louis, Miss. Ben JACK ASHLEY GOLD, ' 43 Shreveport, La. Freshman Forensic Council; Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society. MARTIN M. GOLDBERG, ' 43 . West Hartford, Conn. Z B T IRVIN ALVAN GOLDMAN, ' 43 ... . Bogalusa, La. ARNOLD SYLVAN GOLDSCHLAG, ' 42 Brooklyn, N. Y. SAM Glee Club; Hullabaloo; Operetta; University Theatre; Y. M. C. A. (1). BENJAMIN L. GOLDSTEIN, ' 43 . New Haven, Conn. WILLIAM W. GOODELL, ' 43 . . . New Orleans. La. K S CHARLES R. GOODWIN, ' 42 . . . Birmingham, Ala. EDWARD DONALD GRAFF, ' 43 . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. Glee Club. GEORGE MONROE GREGORY, JR., ' 43 Wynne, Ark. A T Q BOTTOM ROW JOHN RICHARD GRIFFITH, ' 43 . . . Monessen, Pa. ATA LOUIS M. GRUNEWALD, ' 43 . . New Orleans, La. FREDERICK E. GUEDRY, JR., ' 43 . New Orleans, La. n K A Y. M. C. A. (I). LLOYD PHILIP GUIDRY, ' 43 Cut Off, La. Band; Y. M. C. A. (11. MAX GUINN, ' 43 Ducktown, Tenn. ■! A e ADRIAN SUnON GWIN, ' 42 New Orleans, La. Cotillion Club; Glee Club; Hullabaloo; Operetta; University Theatre; Y. M. C. A. EDGAR CYRUS HAAS, JR., ' 43 . . . Memphis, Tenn. Z B T RICHARD WITHROW HAFF, ' 42 . . New Orleans, La. K S Y. M. C. A. ALFRED REECE HALE, JR., ' 43 . . New Orleans, La. ATA Band. CARLETON HALE, JR., ' 43 ... . New Orleans, La. OIDERGRADUATES COLLEGE OF ARTS SCIENCE!; [124] 1 Il Uil[l!i;ii DUi TE,S i;Oll[i;[ OF illtTS Ai D !ici[ i;[s TOP ROW EDMONE MILTON HALEY. ' 43 , Now Orloani, La. Naval R. O. T. C. WARREN JOSEPH HARANG, JR., ' 43 Lockport, Lo. BINION WILLET HARMON, ' 43 ... . Apopka, Fla. ■!• .i ri WILLIAM H. HARRIS. II. ' 42 . . . Vickiburg. Mill. University Theatre. FREDERICK JACOB R. HEEBE, 43 . . Grotna, La. A 1 ■!■ Bond; Y. M. C. A. (I). ARTHUR ANSELM HEROLD, JR., ' 43 . Shreveport, La. 7. 11 T ESTHER ROBERTS HUNT, n 8„c„,. Ar.i. A n HAROLD WALLACE HUNTER. •« . N w Ortunt. U. Cor-cfo Club; Y. M. C. A. MAH CHARLES HUNTER. JR.. •« . Aliundrl . U. Ban 5AMERILL 8. HUHON. JR.. " 43 . . Fort Smith. Ark. i Jambataya. ALBERT LEWIS HYMAN. ' 43 . . . N w OrlMU, U. 1 A M International Relaliont Qub. ; I- Hullabaloo. BOTTOM ROW STANFO RD PHILIP HERRON, ' 43 . New Orleans Bjnd; Symphony Orchestra. La. WILLIAM JAMES INBAU. ' 42 . . . New Orltani. WILSON PATTERSON INGRUM. ' 43 . . Conroe. La. Tei. EUGENE HESDORFFER, ' 43 Canton, Z B T ' ■liss. K Z Band. SIDNEY ITZKOFF, ' 42 New York. N Basketball (1); Track (1, 2). . Y. DONAL 3 H. HIGGINS, JR., ' 42 . New Orleans, La. A T n, A A A Cotillion Club; Pan-Hellenic Council BERNARD LANDAU JACOBS. ' 43 . New Orleans. Z B T Cannera Club. La. RENE H ECTOR HIMEL, JR., ' 42 ... . Franklin, La. A T n, A A A Glee Club; Greenbackers. FOSTER MATTHEW JOHNS. ' 43 . . New Orleans. Ben Thirteen Club. La. MIDDLE ROW LEO ERNEST JOHNS. JR.. ' 43 ... . Floresvill . « K 1 Tei. NORBER T R. HINCKLEY, ' 43 . . . New Orleans, K 2 La. LEON JULES JOSEPH, ' 42 ... . New Orleans. K S La. LOUIS J . HINDELANG, JR., ' 42 . New Orleans, La. Glee Club; Y. M. C. A.; Boxing. CRAWF( 5RD E. HINDERMAN, ' 42 . New Orleans. K A Taffrail; Naval R. O. T. C. La. KENNETH HANSON KAHAO, ' 43 . New Orleans. ATA MYRON KASS, ' 42 New Orleans. La. La. ELDRIDE E MOSELY HINE. JR.. ' 42 . New Iberia. A KE La. K N A Capella Choir; Glee Club. WILLIAK S. HOWSON, JR.. ' 42 . New Orleans, La. JOHN JOSEPH KEESE. ' 42 ... . New Orleans. La. itnti«g Taffrail, Naval R. O. T. C. tntramurals. n C125J TOP ROW THOMAS MAXWELL KILGORE, ' 42 . . . Lisbon, La. A e JOHN ALFRED KING, ' 42 ... . New Orleans, La. LEONARD M. KING, JR., ' 43 . . . New Orleans, La. n K A Taffrail; Y. M. C. A. (I); Naval R. O. T. C. WILKES ALLEN KNOLLE, ' 43 . . . New Orleans, La. ATA Glee Club; Operetta. BERNARD ALOYSIUS KRCBERT, ' 42 Beaver Dam, Wis. A Capella Choir; Glee Club; Football; Basketball; Boxing; Baseball. MELVIN HOWARD LEVIN, ' 43 . . . Winttirop, Mass. Freshman Forensic Council. WALTER EDMOND LEVY, JR., ' 43 . New Orleans, La. Z B T Gl»e Club. MILES LESLIE LEWIS, ' 43 Ada, Olila. A e ALLEN DUNCAN B. LILL, ' 43 . . . New Orleans, La. n K A Band; White Elephants; Naval R. O. T. C. GORDON EDWARD LIPSCOMB, ' 42 Birmingham, Ala. Y. M. C. A. HENRY FREDERICK LOCHTE, ' 43 St. Petersburg, F!a. A e UPERGRADUATES COEEECE OF i l!T!; SCEEICES VERNON RAYMOND KROLL, ' 43 . New Orleans, La. A 2 Y. M. C. A. (I); White Elephants. WILLIAM J. LANSLOIS, JR., ' 42 . New Orleans, La. Y. M. C. A. JOHN FRANCIS LATHAM, ' 42 . . New Orleans, La. 2 X Taffrail; Naval R. O. T. C. RICHARD HONG WAH LEE, ' 43 . Honolulu, Hawaii Glee Club. RENE JOSEPH LeGARDEUR, III, ' 43 New Orleans, La. Ben MIDDLE ROW JACK LEHMAN, ' 42 New York, N. Y ALAN JERRY LENOVSKY, ' 42 . . . New Orleans, La K N Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society. LEONARD LEON, ' 43 New Orleans, La K N BOTTOM ROW RANDOLPH A. LONDON, ' 42 West New York, N. J. STEWART McLENDON LONG, ' 43 . . . Atlanta, Ga. 2 X STEPHEN ANTHONY LONGO, ' 43 New Orleans, La., Band. DANIEL LUBRANO, JR., ' 42 Tampa, Fla. MORRIS ANTHONY LUCIA, ' 43 ... . Lukher, La L S ' UIDEKCHADUATFS COLLECE HE AI!T$ SCIENCES D TOP ROW GEORSE E. MACDONALD, ' 42 . . New Orleans, La. LOUIS WILLIAM McFAUL, JR., ' IS New Orleans, La. K 2 Freshman Forensic Council; Glee Club; Jambalaya; University Theatre; Y. M. C. A. (I); White Elephants; Class Secretary-Treasurer PAUL McGILL, JR., ' 42 New Orleans, La. A 2 Interholional Relations Club; Y. M. C. A. ARMAND G. McHENRY, JR., ' 43 . A K E Y. M. C. A. (I). Monroe, La. WILLIAM LESLIE McLEOD, ' 43 . . New Orleans, La. ■fr K 2 Glee Club; Y. M. C. A. (I). WILLIAM K McWILLIAMS, JR., ' 43 New Orleans, La. K 2 Y. M. C. A. (I); Football Manager (I); Basketball (I). JOHN DOUGLAS MAGINNIS, ' 43 New Orleans, La. K . MELVIN MANDEL, ' 43 Brooklyn, N. Y. JAMES MILTON MANEELY, ' 42 . . Jacksonville, Fla. 2 A !■: GEORGE P. MARKS, III, ' 43 . . . New Orleans, La. International Relations Club. M I D D L :• R O W ALLEN WALKER MARTIN, III, ' 43 . . Bogalusa, La. H (I II HAROLD MARX, JR., ' 42 New Orlaans, La. 7. I) T. A A A Camera Club; Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society; International Relations Club; Baseball Man- ager. IVAN JORDA MATTES, ■•S2 Now O.-loans, La. 1 A M EDWARD S. MAUNSELL, II, ' 42 . . Now Orleans, La. K A Track. HUNTER WILLYARD MAY, ' « . . . Now Orluiu, La. ■!■ K 2 Glee Club; Y. M. C. A.; Boxing (I. 2). ARTHUR MURRAY MEISEL, ' 43 Brooklyn, N. Y. WILLIAM CLARK MENGE, ' 43 . . New Orloani, La. A K E RALPH M. MERRIMAN, ' 42 Erie, Pa. Ben Band. JACK FRANCIS MEYER, ' 42 ... . New Orleans, La. 2 n Band: Glee Club; Y. M. C. A. CALVIN JOACHIM MICHEL, ' 42 . . Jackjon, Mill. ATA BOTTOM ROW JULIAN JAMES MIESTER, ' 43 . . . New Orleans. La. K 2 Band; Freshman Forensic Council; Y. M. C. A. (1). HENRY KINGKADE MILLER, ' 43 . . Shreveporl. La. A White Elephants. WILLIAM B. MONROE, JR., ' 42 . New Orleans, La. 1 . Glendy Burke Lilerary and Debating Society Speaker; Hullabaloo; Siectators; Taffrail; Naval R. O. T. C. RAYMOND F. MONTGOMERY. ' 42 New Creanj, La. GONZALO FITCH MONTIEL, •«.... Mobile. Ala. 2 .X SAMUEL SENECA MOODY, JR.. ' 42 New Orleans, La. A T U, A A A Jambalaya; Tennis, Assistant Manager. THOMAS PAUL MORGAN, ' 43 . . New Orleani. La. EDWARD DONALD MOSELEY, ' 42 New Orleans, I . Band; Gicnd Burke Literary and Debating Society; Taffrail, President; Y. M. C. A., President (I). Treas- urer (2); Naval R. O. T. C; While Elephants. WILLIAM COAKLEY MOSS. ' 42 . . . Bogalusa. La. ATA Hullabaloo; International Relations Club. HAROLD ALLEN MULLIN, ' 42 Bogalusa, La. 2 A E Football; Baseball; Basketball. 1127] TOP ROW RAFAEL NAVARRO, JR., ' 42 Arroyo, P. R. I A DAVID A. NEUHAUSER, JR., ' 43 . New Orleans, La. K 2 Freshman Forensic Council; Y. M. C. A. (I); White Elephants. NEIL GRAHAM NICHOLSON, JR. Rockingham, N. C. ATS HARVEY GEORGE O ' CONOR, ' 42 Hot Springs, Ark. Taffrail; Naval R. O. T. C. STANFORD L. OPOTOWSKY, ' 43 . New Orleans, La. SAM Hullabaloo. JOSEPH E, O ' SULLIVAN, JR., ' 43 . New Orleans, La. K S Glee Club. BRYDEN PEASE, JR., ' 43 Lacombe, La. ATA Y. M. C. A. (I). IGNATIUS A. PELLETERE, ' 43 . . New Orleans, La. Football (I). MALCOLM SIDNEY PETERS, ' 43 . . New Orleans, La. BENJAMIN ABY PEHY, ' 42 ... . New Orleans, La. Y. M. C. A. MIDDLE ROW TILDEN PICK, ' 42 New Orleans, La. Boxing: 100 Mile Club. PAUL OCTAVE H. PIGMAN, ' 43 . New Orleans, La. E X CARLOS ANTONIO PINZON, ' 43 . . Veraguas, R. P. FREDERICK WALKER PITTS, ' 42 . . New Orleans, La. A e Jambalaya. ANDREW LANE PLAUCHE, ' 42 . . Lake Charles, La. A T A, A A A Slendy Burke Literary and Debating Society; Green- backers; International Relations Club; Oratorical and Debating Council; Taffrail; Naval R. O. T. C; Honor Board. JACK PADEN POLLOCK, ' 42 . . . New Orleans, La. K S Y. M. C. A,; White Elephants. ROBERT H. POTTS, JR., ' 43 . . . New Orleans, La. ATA Camera Club; White Elephants. MICHAEL S. POWER, JR., ' 43 . . . New Orleans ,La. Band. I LESTER GEORGE PRICE, ' 43 Beaumont. Tex. ATA ; A Capella Choir; Glee Club; Track. LUIS CARLOS PRIETO, JR., ' 42 ... . Panama, R. P, A Capella Choir; Glee Club; Operetta. BOTTOM ROW JOSEPH HARVEY RAPPEPORT, ' 43 . . Shreveporl, La, SAM Camera Club. CHARLES JACKSON RAY, ' 43 ... . Greenville, Ala. A e International Relations Club; Honor Board (2); White Elephants. DAVIS FOLKES REID, ' 42 Amite, La, A T A International Relations Club; Honor Board (2). HARVEY REISMAN, ' 42 Bayonne, N. J. K N Glee Club. C. J. RESLER, ' 43 Opp, Ala. LLOYD JAMES REUTER, ' 42 ... . New Orleans, La. Taffrail; Naval R. O. T. C. PETER JOSEPH RICCA, ' 43 ... . New Orleans, La. DONALD ARTHUR RINGE, ' 43 . . . New Orleans, La. International Relations Club. GEORGE BOUTCHER RIVERE, ' 42 . New Orleans, La. K A Taffrail; Naval R. O. T. C; Track. JOHN RANDOLPH ROANE, JR., ' 42 New Iberia, La. Ben Greenbackers; University Theatre. [128] UKDERGIiADUATES COLLEGE OF ARTS SCIENCE!; i; (;iiii[i;[ IIP iiT,s A ii TOP ROW RANDOLPH B. ROBERT, ' 42 ... . New Orl.ani, La. ■!• .i II, A ,. , LABASSE JOSEPH ROBIN, JR., ' 43 . N«w Orlooni, La. II K . Y. M. C. A. (I). JOHN PAUL ROOKER, ' 43 ... . N.w Orloani, La. 1) G n Cheerleaders; T. U. R. K. J. WILLIAMS ROSENTHAL, ' 43 . . New Orieani, La. H T JOSEPH LEON ROSENZWEIG, ' 42 Lake Village, Ark. Z B T Bovinq; Baseball; intramurais. CHARLES ALBERT ROSS, ' 43 . . . New Orleans, La. BASIL JOHANN RUSOVICH, ' 42 . New Orleans, La. LEONARD RONALD RUSSAKOW, ' 43 New York, N. Y. Z A 51 University Theatre; Y. M. C. A.; Intramurals. NTHONY RUSSO, JR., ' 43 ... . New Orleans, La. lARK WILLIAM SACKETT, ' 43 . . New Orleans, La. K N iman Forensic Council; Slendy Burke Literary and Debating Society. CURTISS J. SCHROEDER. ' 42 . . . N«, OrtMni U 1 + E C«mera Club. CHARLK SCHWARTZ, JR.. •« . . N.w OflMM. U. Z II T Camero Club; F ' Burko Literary oi MELVIN IRA SCHWARTZMAN. ' 42 Ntw Vofk, N. Y Z B T Hullabaloo; Tennii (I). Var-. ROBERT JOHN SCOTT, 43 . New OrlMnt, L . MIDDLE ROW CLARK SALMON, JR., ' 43 . . . A K E Glee Club. New Orleans. La. BERNARD SALOMON, ' 43 New Orleans, La. K N Glee Club. JOHN MENVILLE SARTIN. ' 43 Houma, La. A T 9 DANIEL L. SCHMUCKER, ' 42 . . Y. M. C. A. % RVIN CULMCN SCHNEIDER, ' 42 Z A M New Orleans, La. Chipley, Fla. EMANUEL SAM SEITLIN. ' 42 Ml.ml. fit. Cotillion Club; Glee Club. BOTTOM ROW EMILE SAUTER SHERRARD, " 43 . . N«w Orl.ani, U. RALPH EUGENE SHERWOOD, ' 43 . New Orleans, L«. ATA Glee Club; Y. M. C. A. (I). LYALL G. SHIELL, JR.. ' 42 ... . New Orleans, La. i A E Y. M. C. A.; Class Football; 100 Mile Club; Intra- mural Football, Basketball. RALPH FRANCIS SHIRER, JR., 43 . New Orleans, La. K Z Y. M. C. A. (I). JOHN SILVERIO, ' 42 Tampa, Fla. HARRY VERNON SIMS, ' 43 ... . New Orleans, La. K A Slendy Burke Literary and Debating Society; Inter- national Relations Club. JOHN HOMER SIMS. JR.. ' 42 . Poughkeepsie. N. Y. A e Honor Board; Football; Baseball; Basketball. WILLIAM TERREL SISTRUNK, ' 43 . New Orleans, La. FRED ALBERT SKELLIE, JR.. ' 42 . Long Beach, Miu. Ti ' rail; Novjl R. Q. T. C; University Theatre- Y. M. C. A. JAMES MILNOR SMITH, ' 43 ... . Covington, La. 1 n [ i:9) TOP ROW MARION ELMO SMITH, JR., ' 43 . New Orleans, La. ST. JOHN FRANCIS SMITH, ' 42 . . New Orleans, La. Ben Football; Basketball. GEORGE FITZGERALD SMOOT, ' 43 Wetumpka, Ala. Z A E White Elephants. IRVING 50KOLSKY, ' 43 Houma, La. K N HARRY N. SOLOMON, ' 43 . . . Las Vegas, N. Mex. Z B T JAMES W. SPENCER, JR., ' 42 . . New Orleans, La. ATS Glee Cfub; International Relations Club; Operetta; Y. M. C. A. DAN WEBSTER SPURLOCK, ' 43 . . . Shreveport, La. Ben SOL STEMPEL, ' 43 Elmont, N. Y. K N Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society. WARREN LEE STERN, ' 42 New Orleans, La. Hullabaloo. DUNCAN JAMES STEWART, ' 43 . . Laurel Hill, La. A T 9 Hullabaloo. MIDDLE ROW EDWIN W. STOCKMEYER, ' 43 . . New Orleans, La, Ben LAWRENCE A. STONE, II, ' 43 . . New Orleans, La A T White Elephants; Y. M. C. A. (1). HOWARD BURTON STRAUSS, ' 43 . Greenwood, Miss Z B T Camera Club. RAYMOND SUAREZ, ' 43 Tampa, Fla LAWRENCE IRA TABOR, ' 43 ... . Brooklyn, N. Y. Band. GLENN ERWIN TAYLOR, JR., ' 42 . New Orleans, La. JAMES EDWARD TAYLOR, ' 42 . . . Shreveport, La. K A IGNATIUS TEDESCO, ' 42 New Orleans, La. LOUIS EMILE THOMAS, ' 43 . . . New Orleans, La. Football (1). CHARLES F. THOMASON, ' 43 . . . New Orleans, La. Hullabaloo. BOTTOM ROW JACK WADDELL THOMSON, ' 43 . New Orleans, La. 2 X Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society. DANIEL R. THORNTON, JR., ' 42 . . Meridian, Miss. K A SAM ABRAHAM THREEFOOT, ' 42 . . . Selma, Ala. Z B T Band; Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society; Track. JACK ALLEN TIHLE, ' 42 Marshall, Tei. K £ Football; Baseball; Basketball; Track. CLAUDE MERRILL TRAWICK, ' 43 . . . Macon, A T £! Y. M. C. A. (I); Thirteen Club. h%. JOHN MONROE TRAYLOR, JR., ' 42 McComb, M;ss| Camera Club. NATHAN TROUM, JR., ' 42 Bayonne, N. J. K N Glee Club. MARTIN TURKISH, ' 42 Bayonne, N. J. K N Cotillion Club; Track (I, 2). ROBERT LOUIS VACCARO, ' 43 . . New Orleans, La. K 1 Glee Club; Band; Symphony Orchestra; Y. M. C. A. (1). MIGUEL ANGEL VALES, ' 42 ... . Merida, Mexico Ben Y. M. C. A. COLLEGE OE ARTS SGIEICES ■M HAROLD DAVID VICTOR. ' 42 . . . New Orleans, La. 1 A M Y. M. C. A. WILLIAM JULES VIRGETS, JR., ' 43 New Orleans, La. CARL A. VON ROSENBERG, ' 42 . . New Orleans, La. Jjmbalaya; Taffrail; Naval R. O. T. C. ROY WHITE, JR., ' 42 N«w Orleans. La. Ben International Relations Club. ROBERT LADD WILLARD, ' 43 . . . New Orltaris. La. A T i Glee Club; Operetta. HENRY ELLIOT WILLIAMS, JR.. ' 42 . . . Tampa, Fla. . T ' .: H WILLIAt i;yu[t[ Of ARTS m A. KENNETH WALDECK, ' 43 Mrami, Fla. JOHN SUMPTER WALKER, ' 42 ... . Alexandria, La. x T a Hullabaloo. WILLIAM H. WALLACE, III, ' 42 . New Orleans, La. n K A A Ctirella Choir; Glee Club; Jambalaya; Y. M. C. A. (I). PHILIP MATHER WALMSLEY, ' 42 . New Orleans, La. K A MARION MITCHELL WALSHE, ' 43 New Orleans, La. Ben Glee Club; Basketball. JOHN McCarthy ward, ' 43 . . . Little Rock, Ark. Glee Club; Operetta. DAVID A. WARRINER, JR., ' 42 . . New Orleans, La. Glee Club; Operetta; Y. M. C. A. MIDDLE ROW GERALD NAT WEISS, ' 43 .... New Orleans. La. :; A M Oratorical and Debating Council. JOHN JOSEPH WEST. JR.. ' 43 . . Now Orleans. La. VIRGIL t AXEY WHEELER, JR.. ' 42 N w Orleans, La. Intramural Unit Manager; Taffrail; Naval R. O. T. C: Intramural Football. Basketball. Softball. EARL WHIGHAM. ' 43 New Orleans. La. Band. J. B. WHITE, JR.. ' 43 Shreveport. La. A LEWIS M. WILLIAMS. ' 43 ... . Washinqlon, D. C. ■tie ROBERT MILTON WILLIAMS. ' 43 . New Orleans. L». Ben BOTTOM ROW CHARLES PERRY WILLIS, ' 42 ... . Opclouui, La. Taffrjil; University Theatre: Naval R. O. T. C. CHARLES PHILLIP WIMBERLY, ' 42 . . . ATA Intramural Unit Manager. York. Ala. ANDRE VICTOR WOGAN, ' 43 . . New Orleans, La. X A E Glee Club. ELLIS MALLAM WOODWARD, ' 43 New Orleans, La. K A Taffrail; Naval R. O. T. C: Basketball; Golf. JAMES LUCKETT YAWN, JR., ' 42 . . Opaloutai. La. n K A Intramural Council; Tennis. JACK RUFUS YOUNG. ' 43 Florala, Ala. HAROLD JOSEPH ZERINGER, ' 42 . Naw Orleans. La. n K A Band; Honor Board. EDWARD GEORGE ZIEGLER, ' 43 . New Orlaans. La. K A Hullabaloo. FRITZ ZILINSKI, ' 42 New Orleans. L«. ABE ZUKERMAN. ' 43 New York. N. Y. r 1)11 OFFICERS OF THE CLHHS STUDENT BODY Joseph A. Becker, Jr President Charles Bittenbrlng, Jr Vice-President Jack B. St. Clair Secretary-Treasurer SENIOR CLASS Earle Gurtler President Robert R. Prechter Vice-President E. Landry Murphy Secretary Henry Madden Jambalaya Representative JUNIOR CLASS fJoseph W. McCarron, Jr President Joseph Polack Vice-President Wallace Mallu Secretary ,,Francis Ory Jambalaya Representative SOPHOMORE CLASS James Ewin President Robert M. Cole Vice-President Shepard F. Perrin, Jr Secretary Santos Shields Jambalaya Representative FRESHMAN CLASS Albert Lee Soule, III President John Taylor Roberts Vice-President Robert Newlin Secretary COLIECE OF ENGII[[IIINi; TOP ROW BOTTOM ROW BERNARD JACKIEL ARONSON . . New Orleans, La. Architecture K X A Capella Choir; Architectural Society; Glee Club. JOSEPH ANTHONY BECKER. JR. . New Orleans. La. Electrical Engineering T B n, A K American Institute of Electrical Engineers; Cotillion Club; Engineers Technological Atelier, Vice-President (2), President (3); Class Secretary-Treasurer (2). Pres- ident (3); Student Body President (4); Student Council Secretary-Treasurer lA); Intrannural Basketball. CHARLES BITTENBRING, JR. . . . New Orleans, La. Civil Engineering T B n American Society of Civil Engineers; Engineers Tech- nological Atelier; Louisiana Engineering Society; Sum- mer Survey Camp Chief Engineer (3); Student Body. Vice-President (4). WALTER EMANUEL BLESSEY . . . New Orleans, La. Civil Engineering 4» K S American Society of Civil Engineers, President; Cotil- lion Club; " T " Club; Baseball (2. 3. 4); Class Vice- President (1), President (2). HENRY BERNARD BRADFORD, JR. . New Orleans. La. Chemical Engineering A X S American Institute of Chemical Engineers. STANLEY STEVEN CARNEGIE . . . Westville, N. J. Civil Engineering American Society of Civil Engineers. WILFRED H. CHARBONNET . . . New Orleans, La. Chemical Engineering A T Q American Institute of Chemical Engineers. DOROTHY WALMSLEY COTTON . Philadelphia, Pa. Architecture Architectural Society. NATHANIEL C. CURTIS, JR. . . . New Orleans. La. Architecture K A. ! . O A K Gargoyle; Architectural Society; Green backers; Pres- ident. T. U. R. K. HOMER LEE DAVIS New Orleans. La. Mechanical Engineering K S American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Engineers Technological Atelier. CHARLES L. FISHER, JR New Orlei Civil Engineering American Society of Civil Engineers. JOHN BURNS FITCH New Orleans. La. Electrical Engineering T B n American Institute of Electrical Engineers; American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Engineers Techno- logical Atelier. OWEN HERBERT FOSS New Orleans. La. Chemical Engineering A X 2 American Institute of Chemical Engineers, LOUIS WALTER C. GEiER .... New Orleans. La. Architecture Architectural Society. ANDRE DANIEL GOMEZ New Orleans, La. Electrical Engineering American Institute of Electrical Engineers; Engineers Technological Atelier; Intramural Unit Manager; Louisiana Engineering Society. EARLE RIETH GURTLER New Orleans. La. Chemical Engineering 2 A American Institute of Chemical Engineers; Engineers Technological Atelier; Class President (4). SENIOR CL H COLLEGE OF EKGIKEERIKi; £134] 4 ii TOP ROW vi-srar JAMES EDWARD HARVEY, JR. . . New Orleans. La. Mechanical Engineering Americari Society of Mechanical Engineers; Louisiana Engineering Society. MAURICE HIRSCH HELLMAN . . New Orleans, La. Electrical Engineering K N American Institute of Electrical Engineers; Engineers Technological Atelier; Intramural Baseball, Basketball. EDWARD DOMINIC HOGG .... New Orleans, La. Civil Engineering T B n American Society of Civil Engineers: Engineers Tech- nological Atelier, HERMANN JOHN JANS5EN . . . New Orleans, La. Chemical Engineering A X £ Amer2ffl Institute of Chemical Engineers; Track (I, 2). LEON KLEIN. JR New Orleans. La. ' Electrical Engineering T B n American Institute of Electrical Engineers; Louisiana Engineorir g Society, Vice-President (3) , Secretary- Treasurer A); Intramural Football. Basketball, Base- ball. BOTTOM ROW JOHN DANIEL McBRIDE PiloMown. U. Chemical Engineering American Institute of Chemical Engineers: Louisiana Engineering Society; American Society of Civil igi- neers, NEIL HUGH McLAURlN Brookhavan. Miu. Chemical Engineering T B n American Institute of Chemical Engineers. HENRY IRVEN MADDEN N«w Orlaans, La. Electrical Engineering T B n American Institute of Electrical Engineers; Er - ' Technological Atelier. Vice-President; Class So (I); Jambaiaya Representative (2, 3. A); Lo. ■ • Engineering Society. PHILIP JOHN MITCHELL Meridian. Miw. Mechanical Engineering American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Louisiana Engineering Society. EDWARD LANDRY MURPHY . . . New Orleans. La. Mechanical Engineering T B n American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Se:- ■•■ (2. 3). Chairman (4); Class Secretary (4): F: (I); Louisiana Engineering Society (3. 4); Y. M - mm CLASS NESTOR BEYER KNOEPFLER .... New Orleans, La. Chemical Engineering S E American Institute of Chemical Engineers; Engineers Technological Atelier; Louisiana Engineering Society. IRWIN MICHEL LAIS New Orleans, La. Mechanical Engineering American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Engineers Technological Atelier. I ROBERT HUBERT LISTER New Orleans, La. Chemical Engineering American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Vice- President; Engineers Technological Atelier; Louisiana Engineering Society. ARTHUR CLINTON PORTER . . . New Orleans. La. Mechanical Engineering American Society of Mechanical Engineers. JOHN EMILE POHHARST. JR. . . New Orleans. La. Mechanical Engineering 4 A e American Society of Mechanical Engineers. ROBERT ROUGELOT PRECHTER . . New Orleans. La. Electrical Engineering T B n American Instit. • Technological A- [ 135] TOP ROW THOMAS JOHN RENNIE New Orleans. La. Civil Engineering American Society of Civil Engineers. JACK BERNARD ST. CLAIR .... New Orleans. La. Chemical Engineering A X S American Institute of Chemical Engineers, President; Engineers Technological Atelier; Class Secretary- Treasurer (3) ; Student Body, Secretary-Treasurer (4). MARY SCHMACHTENBERGER . . New Orleans. La. Chemical Engineering American Institute of Chemical Engineers. MILLARD PURNELL SNYDER .... Shreveport, La. Civil Engineering ATA American Society of Civil Engineers, Secretary. EDWIN JOSEPH SONIAT New Orleans. La. Electrical Engineering American Institute of Electrical Engineers; American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Engineers Techno- logical Atelier. WILLIAM F. STANDKE, JR. ... New Orleans. La. Civil Engineering American Society of Civil Engineers; Louisiana Engi- neering Society. BOTTOM ROW LUIS ALEJANDRO SUAREZ Havana. Cuba Mechanical Engineering American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Engineers Technological Atelier. WILLIAM ERASER TCMKINS, JR. . . . Richmond. Va. Civil Engineering K S American Society of Civil Engineers; Boxing; Baseball. MILTON McCLELLAN WALTHER New Orleans. La Chemical Engineering 2 A E, A X S American Institute of Chemical Engineers. WILLIAM WATERMAN New Orleans. La Chemical Engineering S ! E, A X S American Institute of Chemical Engineers. IRWIN CHARLES WEIDIG .... New Orleans, La. Electrical Engineering American Institute of Electrical Engineers; Louisiana Engineering Society. CHESTER OSWALD WEILBAECHER New Orleans. L, Electrical Engineering American Institute of Electrical Engineers; Louisiana Engineering Society. [ 136] SENIOR CLASS • GOILEGE OE ENGIKEERINC ! JU IIIIt CLASS mnu OF [ ci EEiii i; .jSM TOP ROW DAVID LEVY ASHER Now Orl.ani, La. Chemical Engineering Z B T American Inslltulo o( Chemical Er ; JOHN EVERETT ARNOULT .... Now Orl«an«, La. Chemical Engineering ' I ' K. A X j; American Institute of Chemical Engineers; Camera Club; Louisiana Engineering Society. ROBERT THOIvlAS BASNETT . . . Now Orleans. La. Ekxlricol Engineering T B n American Institute of Electrical Engineers; American Society of Mechanical Engineers. JOHN LOUIS BELL Now Orleans, La. tv cchanlcal Engineering Engineers Technological Atelier. ROBERT EDWIN BELL, JR New Orleans, La. Chemical Engineering American Institute of Chemical Engineers. GEORGE NARCISSE BISCHOF . . . New Orleans, La. Band. RODNEY ALFRED BLACK New Orleans, La. Electrical Engineering Amerlijn Institute of Electrical Engineering; Y. M. C. A. MIDDLE ROW LOUIS ISADORE BREFFEILH . . New Orleans, La. Chemical Engineering American Institute of Chemical Engineers; Engineers Technoloqical Atelier. HENRY JOSEPH BULTMAN .... New Orleans, La. Chemical Engineering I- K £, A X 2 Anierlcon Institute of Chemical Engineers; Boxing. EDMOND PAUL BUpUET Dulac, La. tvtechanlcal Engineering EDMUND ROSS BUXTON, JR. . . . Cincinnati, Ohio Civil Engineering American Society of Civil Engineers. PAUL G. CHARBO ' J ' .: N » OrlMiti. U. JOHN GONDII CULBERTSO ' J •■-.. Oflooes. I: Chemical E i K American Inltilute of Chf Club; 8a-- ARTHUR DAVIS No. Orl..M U Architecture Z B T Architoclural Society: HuHaba ' Boiing, BOTTOM ROW HARRY LEE DEAS. JR Now Orlton.. L.. Chemical Engineering. ♦ K E, A X E American Institute of Chemical Engineerj; Loviiisna Engineering Society; Vanity Golf (2. 3). CARLOS JOSE DE LA VEGA Havana. Cub Chemical Engineering I A. A X E American Institute of Chemical Engrneen; Pan- Hellenic Council. MANUEL JOSEPH DeLERNO . . . Now Orloans. L . Electrical Engineering American Institute of Electrical Engineering: Band. FRANCIS ANTHONY DEL MARMOL New Orl.ans, La. Chemical Engineering K i:. A X s . American Institute of Chemical Engineers: Campus NIte Chairman; Head Cheerleader; Pan-Hellenic Council; T. U. R. K. JAMES THOMAS DWYER. JR. . . . New Orleans. La. Chemical Engineering American Institute of Chcmiial Engineers; Y. M. C A.: Football. RAY ARTHUR DYKE. JR Now Orloani, La. Chemical Engineering K :: American Institute of Chemical Engineers; Engineers Technological Atelier; Y. M. C. A. t l 7] TOP ROW JAMES ROSS EUSTIS New Orleans, La. Civil Engineering American Society of Civil Engineers; Football Man- ager. LLOYD PURVES FADRIQUE .... New Orleans, La. Chemical Engineering A T Q American Instit ute of Chemical Engineers; Engineers Technological Atelier; Y. M. C. A. RILEY BROWN FELL New Orleans, La. Chemical Engineering s n American Institute of Chemical Engineers. CHARLES HENRY FLOWER .... New Orleans. La. Architecture K A Architectural Society; Varsity Football; Track. MAURICE JOSEPH GELPI .... New Orleans, La. Mechanical Engineering ATA American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Band. CHRISTOPHER PAUL GADSDEN . New Orleans, La. Electrical Engineering WILLIAM EDWARD GREVE .... New Orleans, La. Chemical Engineering American Institute of Chemical Engineers. MIDDLE ROW WILLIAM RALEIGH GULLEY. JR. - Pascagoula, Miss. Chemical Engineering n K 2, A X z American Institute of Chemical Engineers; Green- backers. DOUGLAS CLIFFORD HALEY . . . New Orleans, La. Electrical Engineering HORACE SLEET HENDERSON . . New Orleans. La. Chemical Engineering American Institute of Chemical Engineers. RICHARD ALAN HERROD, JR St. Rose, La. Electrical Engineering American Institute of Electrical Engineers; American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Engineers Techno- logical Atelier; International Relations Club. WILLIAM C. HILDEBRAND. JR. . . New Orleans. La. Mechanical Engineering S 5. American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Engineers Technological Atelier. EDWIN JACOB HILLER. JR. . . . New Orleans. La. Chemical Engineering Z B T American Institute of Chemical Engineers. MARY CLARE HOGG New Orleans, La. Architecture B Z Arch itectu ra I Society. BOTTO M ROW ERNEST PRESTON JOHNSON, JR. . New Orleans, La. Civil Engineering 4» A e American Society of Civil Engineers; Taffrail; Naval R. O. T. C. ESMOND JOHN KEATING .... New Orleans, La. Chemical Engineering American Institute of Chemical Engineers; Engineers Technological Atelier. BERNARD LACOSTE KtERNAN. JR. New Orleans, L Mechanical Engineering American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Engini Technological Atelier. CHARLES ROBERTS LAMKIN .... Alexandri, Architecture A K E Architectural Society. GEORGE MURRAY LEAKE .... New Orleans, Architecture n K A I A Capella Choir; Architectural Society; |CotIllion Club; Glee Club, Vice-President (3), President (4); T. U. R. K. j BYRON LAZAR LEVY New Orleans. La. Mechanical Engineering Z B T W ' American Society of Mechanical Engineer JOHN DONALD LOCKWOOD. JR. New Orleans, La. Electrical Engineering $ K S American Institute of Electrical Engineers. JUNIOR am COLLEGE OF EKGIKEERINi; [138] 4 TOP ROW JOSEPH WM. McCARRON. JR. . New Orleans, La. Chemical Engineering AmerlcAi Institute of Chemical Engineers; Engineers Techno|gpical Atelier; Class President (I, 2. 3); Foot- (1, 2, 3); Intramural Council (2). WALLACE BERTRAND MALLU . . New Orleans. La. Electrical Engineering AmericgjUlnstitute of Electrical Engineers; Class Sec- retary-Treasurer (3). ricdHlr ALBERT RHOADES MARSCHALL . New Orleans, La. Electrical Engineering ■{ K S ROBERT KENNETH MICHAELS .... Orlando, Fla. Mechanical Engineering 1 X i COLLICI (IF [ GIKlllil i; STENNING COATE MURPHY . . . Now Orleans, La. Chemical Engineering K A. A X S rican Institute of Chemical Engineers; Louisiana Engineering Society. ' GLADYS ARDELL NOLAN Jacksonville, Fla. Architecture Architectural Society. FRANCIS CORKERY O ' CONNOR . New Orleans, La. Electrical Engineering American Institute of Electrical Engineers; Engineers Technological Atelier. MIDDLE ROW FRANCIS JOSEPH ORY Now Orleans, La. Civil Engineering i: n, American Society of Civil Engineers; Pan-Hollcnlc Council. JOSEPH ALBERT POLACK .... New Orleans, La. Chemical Engineering American institute of Chemical Engineers; Engineers Technological Atelier, Secretary (3); Class Vice- President (3). LIGOURI OSWALD RAMM Melairie. La. Cliemical Engineering American Institute of Chemical Engineers. PAUL HARDING RICKER Wakafield, Mass. Civil Engineering American Society of Civil Engineers. GEORGE LENTON ROGERS .... New OriMM, U. Electrical Engineering z n American Institute of Electrical Engineen. WALTER DORMAN SHEPARO . . . N«w OrlMin. U. Architecture Architectural Society; Naval R. O. T. C; Class Yk»- President (2). ALLEN NATHAN SMITH .... Naw OrlMfis. La. Chemical Engineering 1AM American Institute of Chemical Engineers; Baseball; Boiing. BOTTOM ROW ARTHUR WENDEL STOUT, JR. . . New Orlaaitt. La. Chemical Engineering £ X American Institute of Chefflical Engineers; Football. HAROLD HENRY STREAM. JR. . . New Orleea. U. Chemical Engineering 1 X. A X 1 American Institute of Chemical Engineer . Seeretam CHARLES EDWARD K. STRONG . New Orieam. U. Chemical Er gineer.ng A K E American Institute of Chemical Engineers; Thirteen Club. GEORGE H. THOMPSON .... N«- Orleans. U. Chemical Engineering A X £ A Capella Choir; American Engineers; Cotillion Club; G ■ WALTER JAY VERLANDER .... New Ofleeas. U. -erirvg FRANK CAR " " ' ' Mi ' J ' Fi ' iv Ntw Orleans, La. . - :cr - ' : ' " cerv WILLIAM ANDREW WOOD. J= . Mle, Ale. A Capella Cioir, Ar [1391 TOP ROW EVA ELIZABETH ACKERMAN. ' 43 . . Guifport, Miss. Chemical Engineering American Institute of Chemical Engineers. EDWARD ALONZ ADEY, III, ' 43 . New Orleans, La. Civil Engineering K S American Society of Civil Engineers; Taffrail; Naval R. O. T. C. PAUL EDWARD ARBO, ' 42 ... . New Orleans, La. Civil Engineering A Q American Society of Civil Engineers; Intramural Unit Manager; Taffrail; University Theatre; Y. M. C. A.; Naval R. O. T. C. NORMAN AARON ARONSON, ' 43 New Orleans, La. Architecture Architectural Society; Glee Club. HARRIE WILSON BACKES, JR., ' 42 New Orleans, La. Che ' ical Engineering AS FRANCIS R. BARNARD, JR., ' 42 . New Orleans, La. Chemical Enqineering 1 •( E American Institute of Chemical Engineers; Taffrail- Y. M. C. A.; Naval R. O. ' t. C. ERWIN S. BARROW, JR., ' 42 Houston, Tex. Mechanical Engineering American Society of Mechanical Engineers. MIDDLE ROW VERNON WYAn BARROW. ' 42 ... . Money, Miss. Electrical Engineering E 2 American Institute of Electrical Engineers; Camera Club. EARL EDWARD BATTEN, ' 42 . . Washington, D. C. Mechanical Engineering AS American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Jamba- laya; Basketball Manager. FREDERICK KLAUS BAUER, ' 42 . . New Orleans, La. Mechanical Engineering BENNIE HAYSE BELL, JR., ' 43 . . New Orleans, La. Electrical Engineering AS ! Freshman Y. M. C. A. (I); White Elephants. JOSEPH GRIMA BERNARD, ' 42 . . New Orleans, La. Electrical Engineering K A Architectural Society; Y. M. C. Aj RALPH EDGAR BLAKE, ' 42 ... . New Orleans, La. Mechanical Engineering American Society of Mechanical Engineers. f- JAMES BRYANT BOOTH. ' 42 . . . New Orleans. La. Chemical Engineering American Institute of Chemical Engineer ; White Elephants (1). BOTTOM ROW ROBERT LEE BOSWELL, ' 42 ... . New Orleans, La. Electrical Engineering ATA American Institute of Electrical Englnee ' -s; Engineers Technological Atelier; Taffrail; Y. M. C. A.; Naval R. O. T. C; White Elephants I . PERRY LAWRENCE BROWN, ' 42 . New Iberia. La. Architecture ARE Architectural Society. CLARENCE PITMAN BROWNE. ' 43 New Orl Architecture Architectural Society, JOHN HENRY BRUNS. JR.. ' 43 . New Orleans. La. Electrical Engineering American Institute of Electrical Engineers. EARL AUGUST BURMASTER. ' 43 . New Orleans. La. Electrical Engineering JOHN SPOT5WOOD BURWELL. ' 42 New Orleans, La, Mechanical Engineering A T Q American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Engineers technological Atelier. HUBERT CLOTWORTHY. JR.. ' 43 . New Orleans, La. Mechanical Engineering [140] yy[RGRADUAT[S COLLEGE OL E GI EERIIi; I i;iillei;e of e cikeekikg TOP ROW HENRY R. COCREHAM, JR., ' 43 . N«w Orleani, La. Mechanical Engineering .|« K S Y. M. C. A. (I): Naval R. O. T. C. ROBERT MERRILL COLE, •« . . . South B«nd. Ind. Chemical Engineering American Institute of Chemical Engineers; Taffrail President; Naval R. O. T. C; Class Vice-President (2). WILLIAM BIGGS COX, ' 43 ... New Orleans. La. Electrical Engineering American Institute of Electrical Engineers; Y. M. C. A. (I). JAMES WORTH DAVIS. JR.. ' 42 . New Orleans, La. Chemical Engineering n K A American Inilitule of Chemical Engineers; Naval R. O. T. C; Band; Y. M. C. A. THOMAS BAYNE DENEGRE, JR.. ' 42 . . Biloil. Miss. Mechanical Engineering K A Taffrail; Naval R. O. T. C. JOHN JACOB DESMOND. ' 43 ... . Hammond, La. Architecture Architectural Society; Taffrail; Naval R. O. T. C; Intramural Basketball. IF WILLIAM BEN CRAFT, ' 43 Now Orleans, La. Electrical Engineering K S Intramural Basketball. GEORSE LAWHON CRAIN, ' 43 . . . Shreveport. La. Chemical Engineering K A Amer:-3n Institute of Chemical Engineers. THOMAS C. CREAGAN, ' 43 . . . New Orleans, La. Chemical Engineering SYLVESTER H. CROCHET, ' 42 Houma, La. Architecture Architectural Society. MIDDLE ROW ROBERT W. CUMMINS, ' 43 ... . New Orleans, La. Civil Engineering Ben American S::Iefy of Civil Engineers; Engineers Tech- nological ' ' ; ier; Thirteen Club; Naval R. O. T. C. CLYDE JOSEPH CUCULLU, ' 43 . New Orleans, La. Electrical Engineering HENRY M. DAVIDSON. JR., ' 43 . . New Orleans, La. Electrical Engineering S E Barii: Y. M. C. A. (I); White Elephants. HARRY R, DAVIES, JR., ' 42 ... . New Orleans, La. Mechanical Engineering S A E BOTTOM ROW STANLEY GEORGE DINKEL. ' 42 . . New Orleans. La. Electrical Engineering American institute of Electrical Engineers. WALTER E. DOUGLAS. JR., ' 42 . . New Orlaans, La. Civil Engineering American Society of Civil Engineers; Band (2); Y. M. C. A. (I); Naval R. O. T. C; Taffrail; Bas- ketball (I, 2); Track; Freshman Hop Committee. HERMAN JOHN DUNCAN, JR., ' 43 . Alexandria, La. Architecture A E E Architectural Society. ROBSON BRANAN DUNWODY, ' 43 New Orleans, La. Chemical Engineering American Institute of Chemical Engineers. ROLAND M. DURAPAU, ' 43 Hahnville. La. Electrical Engineering HOLMES EARL, ' 42 New Orleans. La. Civil Engineering American Society of Civil Engineers; Taffrail; Y. M. C. A.; Naval R. O. T. C. WILLIAM J. ECKART. JR., ' 42 . . New Iberia, La. Architecture Ben Architectural Society; Unlversitv Theatre. [HI] TOP ROW HARRY DANFORD EVANS, ' 42 . . Lake Charles, La. Mechanical Engineering American Society of Mechanical Engineers. JAMES ANTHONY EVANS, ' 42 . . New Orleans. La. Eiectrical Engineering Taffrall Vice-President; Naval R. O. T. C. JAMES PERKINS EWIN, JR., ' 42 . New Orleans, La. Civil Engineering Ben American Society of Civil Engineers: Engineers Tech- nological Atelier: Intramural Council; T. U. R. K.; Class President (2); Thirteen Club. MAURICE CASPER FELIX, ' 42 . . New Orleans, La. Chemical Engineering K N _ American Institute of Chemical Engineers. FAURIE EUGENE FERCHAUD, ' 42 . Waveland, Miss. Electrical Engineering American Institute of Electrical Engineers; Cotillion Club; Engineers Technological Atelier; Taffrail; Uni- versity Theatre: Y. M. C. A.. Cabinet; Naval R. O. T. C; Taffrall Log Business Manager. CLARENCE J. FERNANDEZ, II, ' 43 New Orleans, La. Mechanical Engineering 2 A E RICHARD C. FITZGERALD, ' 42 . . New Orleans, La. Chemical Engineering n K A American Institute of Chemical Engineers; Taffrail; Y. M. C. A.; Naval R. O. T. C. BENJAMIN HENRY FLAKE, ' 42 . . New Orleans, La. Mechanical Engineering American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Orleans, La, ALVIN SCHAAF FLEHRICH, ' 42 . . Ne Architecture AS Architectural Society; T. U. R. K.; Y. M. C. A.; Track. MIDDLE ROW ST. MARC JOSEPH FLOTTE, ' 42 . . New Orleans, La. Chemical Engineering Engineers Technological Atelier; Taffrail; Y. M. C. A.; Naval R. O. T. C. HERBERT LOUIS FORET, ' 43 . . . New Orleans, La. Mechanical Engineering JOHN FRANCIS FORTIER, JR., ' 42 New Orleans, La. Mechanical Engineering American Society of Mechanical Engineers. MICHEL JOSEPH FORTIER, JR., ' 43 New Orleans, La. Mechanical Engineering ATA International Relations Club. ROBERT LEE FOSTER, ' 43 ... . New Orleans, La. Chemical Engineering 2 S American Institute of Chemical Engineers. CHARLES W. FRANK, JR., ' 43 . . New Orleans, La. Chemical Engineering Taffrail: Naval R. O. T. C. FRANK CHARLES FROMHERZ, ' 42 New Orleans, La. Chemical Engineering American Institute of Chemical Engineers. GEORGE H. GEISSERT, JR., ' 43 . New Orleans, La. Mechanical Engineering MORRIS HERMAN GOLD, ' 42 . Niagara Falls, N. Y. Mechanical Engineering K N BOTTOM ROW WILLIAM SCOTT GOLDMAN, ' 42 . Waterproof, La. Civil Engineering . K S American Society of Civil Engineers; Engineers Tech- nological Atelier; Glee Club; Taffrail; Y. M,. C, ' A.; Naval R. O. T. C. :■ ' i , . ARTHUR W. GOODWIN, JR., ' 42 . New Orleans ' Chemical Engineering JACK GORDON, ' 42 New Orleans, La. Chemical Engineering Z B T American Institute of Chemical Engine! ALVIN G. GOTTSCHALL, ' 43 . . . New Orleans, La. Electrical Engineering ATA International Relations Club; Taffrail; Navi T. C; Thirteen Club. OSMOND BURK GREEN, ' 43 . . . New Orl anj Civil Engineering American Society of Civil Engineers; Nav. T. C; Taffrail. BERNARD ALBERT GREHAN, ' 42 . New Orleans, La Civil Engineering K A American Society of Civil Engineers; Tatfra R. O. T. C. FREDERICK K. HARRISON, JR., ' 43 New Orl Chemical Engineering MILTON F. HILBERT, JR., ' 42 . . New OrlfaSs! Chemical Englneerina American Institute of Chemical Engineers; Band. WILLIAM OTIS HUDSON, II, ' 42 . New Orleans, La. Civil Engineering Ben American Society of Civil Engineers. COLLEGE OF EKtIKEERIKG r 142 3 _,- __ . _ 1rh| TOP ROW IRWIN t . ISAACS. JR., ' 43 . . . New Orleans, La. Chemical Engineering Z B T Camera Club. WILLIAM JAMES JACOBI, ' 43 . . New Orleans, La. Electrical Engineering NEILL P. JEFFREY, JR., ' 43 Jeanerette, La. Civil Engineering I JAMES MORTON JENNINGS, ' 42 . New Orleans, La. I Mechanical Engineering K X Glee Club; Taffrail; Y. M, C. A., Secretary Naval R. O. T. C. ROY ERNEST JOHNSON, ' 42 . . . New Orleans. La. Civil Engineering American Society of Civil Engineers; Band. DAVID MILBURN KLECK, ' 43 . . . New Orleans. La. Mechanical Engineering K 2 Y. M. C. A. (I); Naval R. O. T. C; Taffrail. JOHN MARION LACHIN, JR.. ' 42 New Orleans. La. Architecture A 2 Architectural Society. EDWIN ALBERT LAFAYE. JR., ' 43 . New Orleans, La. Mechanical Engineering C crj Club: Glee Club; Operetta. JAMES R. LAMANTIA, JR., ' 43 . . New Orleans, La. Architecture Archit( - ' ural Society; Oratorical and Debating Council. MIDDLE ROW ROBERT SATLIN LANDRY, ' 43 . . Now Orleans. La. Architecture Architectural Society; Y. M. C. A. (I). ROBERT LOUIS LANDWEHR. ' 42 . New Orleans. La. Electrical Engineering American Institute of Electrical Engineers. CLARENCE WILLIAM LANE. ' 43 . New Orleans, La. Mechanical Engineering HAYDON ESDRAS LaNOIS. ' 43 . . Coronado. Calif. Electrical Engineering n K A 3lec Club; Hullabaloo: Operetta; Y. M. C. A. (I); White Elephants; Taffrail; Naval R. O. T. C. EDWARD BRASWELL LEVERICH, ' 42 New Orleans, La. Chemical Engineering i K K American Institute of Chemical Engineers. ELLIS LEVIN, ' 42 New Orleans. La. Electrical Engineering American Institute of Electrical Engineers; Band (I. 2). ARTHUR HERBERT LEVY, JR.. ' 43 New Orleans, La. Architecture A £ 4 Architectural Society; Band. BENBURY THOMAS LOCKEH. ' 42 . New Orleans, La. Mechanical Engineering K A RICHARD BLAND LOGAN. JR.. ' 43 New Orleans, U. Mechanical Engineering A K E Taffrail; Naval R. O. T. C; Tennis (I). BOTTOM ROW THOMAS JOSEPH LUPO. ' 43 ... . New Orleans, La Architecture 2 n A Capella Choir; Architectural Society; Glee Club. WILLIAM DONALD LUTES. ' 43 . Moundsville, W. Va. Mechanical Engineering Taffrail; Naval R. O. T. C; Y. M. C. A. (I). HERBERT J. McCAMPBELL, JR., ' 42 New Orleans. La. Mechanical Engineering Taffrail; Naval R. O. T. C. WILLIAM S. McCAMPBELL. ' 42 . . New Orleans. La. Mechanical Engineering Taffrail: Naval R. O. T. C. ALBERT B. McCOARD, JR., ' 42 . . New Orleans. La. Cheniical Engineering £ X American Institute of Chemical Engineers; Taffrail; Naval R. O. T. C; White Elephants; Track; Boung. TRIST BRINGIER McCONNELL, ' 43 . . . Monroe. La. Eioctncal Engineering A K E Tennis (I); Boxing (1). JESSE STEED McGEE. ' 42 . ■ ■ ■ -New Orleans, La. Mechanical Engineering ATA Naval R. O. T. C. PETE ALBERT McLEOD. JR.. ■« . . ■ ■ Laurel. Miss. Electrical Engineering SPALDING KENAN MANSON, ' 42 New Orleans, La. Civil Engineering ♦ K S American Society of Civil Engineers: Taffrail; Naval R. O. T. C; White Elephants. ( M}J y(!iKi iK m nk ' d TOP ROW JAMES HENRY MARTIN, JR., ' 42 . New Orleans, La. Electrical Engineering 2 n _ American Institute of Electrical Engineers. JOHN LUIS MARTINEZ, ' 43 . . .New Orleans, La. Mechanical Engineering HOWARD FLEMIN MARX, ' 43 ..... Monroe, La. Mechanical Engineering Z B T Band; Glee Club. JOHN MARTIN MIA2ZA, ' 42 . . .New Orleans, La. Mechanical Engineering 2 A E CHERI A. MIRANNE, III, ' 42 . . New Orleans, La. Mechanical Engineering Taffrail; Naval R. O. T. C. WILEY LYONS MOSSY, JR., ' 43 . New Orleans, La. Chemical Engineering K S American Institute of Chemical Engineers; Taffrail; Naval R. O. T. C. GEORGE KING P. MUNSON, ' 43. . Jeaneretfe, La. Chemical Engineering A K E Glee Club; Basketball. ROBERT EWING NEWLIN, ' 43 . . New Orleans, La. Electrical Engineering K £ Intramural Unit Manager; Class Secretary-Treasurer (I). RALPH PETER NOLAN, JR., ' 42 . New Orleans, La. Mechanical Engineering AS Engineers Technological Atelier. CLAUDE HENRY OAKLAND, ' 42 ... . Monroe, La. Architecture Ben Architectural Society; T. U. R. K. MIDDLE ROW HERBERT O ' DONNELL, JR., ' 43 . . New Orleans, La. Civil Engineering AS MARVIN STEWART PARK, ' 43 . . . New Orleans, La. Chemical Engineering S A E A Capella Choir; Glee Club. EDMUND GLENNY PARKER, ' 42 . New Orleans, La. Mechanical Engineering A K E JC ' HN M. PARKER, IV, ' 43 ... . New Orleans, La. Mechanical Engineering A K E THOMAS B. PARKERSON, JR., ' 43 ... . Rayne, La. Mechanical Engineering S X Taffrail; Naval R. O. T. C. JOSEPH A. PARTRIDGE, JR., ' 43 . Lake Charles, La. Architecture ATA Architectural Society; Taffrail; Y. M. C. A. (I)- Naval R. O. T. C. 1 FRANK MARTIN PENNEBAKER, ' 43 New Orleans, La. Civil Engineering A T fi Glee Club; Thirteen Club. RAYMOND R. FERINE, JR., ' 43 . .New Orleans, La. Mechanical Engineering K A SHEPARD F. PERRIN, JR., ' 42 . . New Orleans, La. Chemical Engineering K A . I American Institute of Chemical Engineer?; Cheer- leader; Engineers Technological Atelier; Taffrail; Naval R. O. T. C; Class Vice-President (I), Secretary- Treasurer (2}; Baseball; Football. ' HAROLD EUGENE PIQUE, ' 42 . Architecture K S Architectural Society; T. U. R. . New Orleans, La, K.; Y. M. C. A: BOTTOM ROW LEO CARL P05SENO, ' 42 ... . New Orleans, La. Mechanical Engineering Y. M. C. A. LOUIS LAWRASON POURCIAU, ' 42 New Roads, La. Electrical Engineering A K E University Theatre. JOHN G. PRAH, JR., ' 42 .... . New Orleans, La. Chemical Engineering K A American Institute of Chemical Engineers; Taffrail; Naval R. O. T. C. CHARLES PUMILIA, ' 43 New Orleans, La. Architecture Architectural Society. WARD C. PURDUM, ' 43 .... . .New Orleans, La. Mechanical Engineering IRWIN ABE RABENOVITZ, ' 42 . . . New Orleans. La. Chemical Engineering K N American Institute of Chemical Engineers. PHILIP GEORGE RICKS, ' 42 . . . New Orleans, La. Chemical Engineering AS American Institute of Chemical Engineers; Band; Engineers Technological Atelier. RICHARD GROVES RILEY, ' 42 . . New Orleans, La. Chemical Engineering Ben American Institute of Chemical Engineers LOUIS LEO ROBEIN, JR., ' 43 .... Destrehan, La. Chemical Engineering American Institute of Chemical Engineers; Taffrail; Naval R. O. T. C. JOHN TAYLOR ROBERTS, ' 43 . . . New Orleans, La. Chemical Engineering IT K A American Institute of Chemical Engineers; Freshman Forensic Council Secretary; Taffrail; Y. M. C. A., President (I); Naval R. O. T. C; White Elephants; Class Vice-President (1). UNDERGRADUATES CDEEEGE HE ENGINEERING [ 144] uy[i!i;i!AiiuAT[!; i;yiL[i;[ iif [ cikfehi g TOP ROW DANIEL BARTLEY ROGAN, ' 42 . . New Orlooni, La. Civil Engineering Arri.r;. If, Society of Civil EnQinccri. SAMUEL W. RYNIKER, JR., ' 43 . N«w Orl«an., La. Mechanical Engineering K A DOUGLAS SCHERER, ' 42 N«w Orltanl. La. Chemical Engineering K S A Capelta Choir; American Institute of Chemical Engineers: Glee Club; Intramural Basketball; Football. JOHN PAUL SCHERF, ' 43 N«w Orleans, La. Architecture Architectural Society. OSCAR SCHNEIDAU, JR., ' « . . . New Orleans, La. Chemical Engineering A K E American Institute of Chemical Engineers; T. U. R. K. ROBERT E. SCHNEIDER, JR., ' 43 . New Orleant, La. Electrlcol Engineering GEORGE C. SCHROEDER, JR., ' 43 New Orleans, La. Electrical Engineering S ■! E Band. ROBERT WILlIAM SCHUPP, ' 42 . . New Orleans, La. Mechanical Engineering A T p. American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Engineers Technological Atelier; Taffrail; Y. M. C. A.; Naval R. O. T. C. •JOHN J. SHEPPARD, JR., ' 42 . . New Orleans, La. Electrical Engineering RAYMOND SHERRARD, JR., ' 42 . New Orleans, La. Electrical Engineering American Institute of Electrical Engineers. MIDDLE ROW EDWARD H. SIMON. ' 43 New Orleans, La. Chemical Engineering Z B T MAURICE SINGER, ' 42 New Orleans, La. Architecture K N Archftecfural Society; Band; Symphony Orchestra. HERBERT L. SMITH, JR., ' 43 .... Shreveport, La. Architecture n K A Architectural Society; Glee Club; Operetta; Y. M. C. A. (I). SPENCER GRAY SMITH, ' 42 .... New Orleans, La. Mechanical Engineering American Society of Mechanical Engineers. ALBERT LEE SOULE, 111, ' 43 . . . New Orleans, La. Electrical Engineering K S Y. M. C. A. (1); White Elephants; Class President (I). ARTHUR DALE STANCLIFF, JR., ' 43 New Orleant, La. Civil Engineering K 1 Glee Club. PAUL HARRIS TESSIER, JR., ' 43 . New Orleani, U. Electrical Engineering A 6 FRANK PERCY THERIOT. JR., ' 42 . . . Houma, La. Electrical Engineering 2; A E American Institute of Electrical Engineers. JOHN JOSEPH TREUTING, ' 42 . . New Orleani, Le. Mechanical Engineering American Society of Mechanical Engineers. JOHN ROBERT TUS50N, ' 42 ...... . Gretna, La. Chemical Engineering American Institute of Chemical Engineers BOTTOM ROW DANIEL LEON VERGES, ' 43 . . . . New Orleens, La. Chemical Engineering n K A American Institute of Chemical Engineers; Y. M. C. A. (1). WILLIAM R. WAKELAND, ' 42 . . New Orleani, La. Civil Engineering 1 E American Society of Civil Engineers; Taffrail; Naval R. O. T. C; Y. M. C. A. KENNETH VIGNES WARD. ' 43 . . New Orleans, La. Electrical Engineering ARTHUR C. WATERS, JR., ' 43 . . New Orleans, La. Civil Engineering K A White Elephants; Basketball (I). ROBERT EMMETT WHEELAHAN, ' 43 New Orleans, U. Civil Engineering WILLIAM GERRISH WHITE, ' 43 . New Orleani, La. tv echanical Engineering I A E American Society of Mechanical Engineering; Band; Glee Club; Y. M. C. A. (I); White Elephants. JAMES ARMAND WILLIAMS, ' 43 . New Orleans. La. Architecture ATA Architectural Society; Glee Club. JESSE S. WILSON. JR., ' 42 . . . Newport News. Va. Civil Engineering K A American Society of Civil Engineers; Class Secretary- Treasurer (I). HENRI WOLBRETTE, II, ' 42 Shreveport, La. Chemical Engineering Z B T American Institute of Chemical Engineers; Football (I, 2). BERNARD PETER WOLFE, ' 43 . . . New Orleans, La. Civil Engineering ia - 1 tl4J] J_ OFFICERS OF THE CLHSES STUDENT BODY Paul Gerhardt Krueger President Joseph V. Bres Vice-President Charles J. Eagan, Jr Secretary-Treasurer SENIOR CLASS Edward Martin President Charles Lee Vice-President John Maginnis ' . Secretary-Treasurer JUNIOR CLASS ! Quin Sautier President | Herman Loeb Vice-President Graham Bonnell Secretary-Treasurer SOPHOMORE CLASS Leonard Stern President Eads Poitevent Vice-President C. Douglas Gulley Secretary-Treasurer FRESHMAN CLASS Oliver Clarke President Jack Palmer Vice-President j Eddie Vales Secretary-Treasurer ' Krueger, Martin, Gautier, Stern, Clarice COll[G[ OF COMERCE TOP ROW BOTTOM ROW NORTON MOORE BEDFORD .... St. Joseph, Mo. MORRIS EDWIN BURKA New Orleans, La K S Z B T Pan-Hellenic Council. mm CLASS COLKGE OF COMMERCE RALPH WALTER BOND New Orleans, La. " I " Club; Football (I), Varsity (2, 3, 4). JOHN WESLEY CARNAHAN . . . New O Glee Club: University Theatre; Y. M. FRANK TEBAULT BRAME, JR. ... Alexandria, La. A e JOSEPH VAUGHAN BRE5 Brusly, La. A K E Student Body Vice-President (4); Intramural Basket- ball (I, 2, 3, 4). MILDRED LAURA BUERKLE .... New Orleans, La. B S HENRY WALTER BULL, JR New Orleans, La. Intramural Basketball, Softball, Boxing. PAUL HENRI CHAMPION A e University Theatre. ALWYNN JOSEPH CRONVICH . . New Or WILLIAM HENRY DUNSTAN, III . New Orl K S, White Elephants. CHARLES JOSEPH EAGAN, JR. . New Orleans, La AS , Cotillion Club; Greenbackers. ri48] EWELL ELTON EAGAN New Orleans, La A r -I ' , ■I ' Cc ' i :Ion Club; Pan-Hellenic Council. 1 EORGE ROBERT FOERSTER . . , New Orleans, La. L n, ■! f EUGENE G. FRUCHTGARTEN . . . New Orleans, La. GIgc Club (I, 2); Glendy Burke Literary and Debat- ing Society (I, 2): Class Vice-President (I); Track (I); Basketball (I), Varsity (3). X ARTHUR RAY GAMMILL Shreveport, La. mm wm ' i i;(iu[i;[ (IF mmm EDWARD M. HEATH, JR Now Orleans, La. K A ANTON WINTER HOLBROOK . . Now Orloani, La. •!• K 1 BOTTOM ROW IRA PALMER JONES, JR Dayton. Ohio Ben Intramural Unit Manager; Pan-Hellenic Council. RUTH KATZ New Orleans. La. LEE KINNEBREW, JR Shreveport. La. K A CHARLES LAWRENCE KNIGHT . . New Orleans, La. A r: Y. M. C. A.; Boxing; Track; 100 Mile Club. PAUL GERHARDT KRUEGER Gary, Ind. 11 O il. u A K, K .i ♦ Student Body President (4); Student Council, President (41; Class Secretary-Treasurer (2, 3); Basketball (2); Football (2. 3, 4). Captain (4). FRANK LANG Now Orleans. La. Camera Club; Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society; Oratorical and Debating Council; Symphony Orchestra. t 149] TOP ROW BOTTOM ROW CHARLES PHILLIPS LEE Butte, Mont. SAMUEL RUBENSTEIN Roseda Ben 2AM Glee Club; Intramural Softball (I, 2, 3, 4); Class Vice-President (4). MARGUERITE MARIE LOUBERE . New Orleans, La. WILLIAM VINCENT LYONS . . A Z New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. JOHN HOBSON MASINNIS K A Class Secretary-Treasurer (4) EDWARD BERNARD MARTIN, JR. . New Orleans, La. K A, Greenbackers; Hullabaloo; Intramural Council; T. U. R. K.; White Elephants; Class President (I, 4), Vice- President (2, 3); Intramural Boxing. LUCILLE ELENA MAURIN New Orleans, La. EDWIN BERNER RASKIN Savannah, Ga. SAM Band; Pan-Hellenic Council; University Theatre. MARTIN FREDERICK SCHMIDT .... Loui: B e n, B r s Hullabaloo (I, 2, 3, 4), Editor (4); T. U. R. K, University Theatre. MELVILLE HARRIS SCHMIDT . . New Orleans, La ATA JULIUS SPIZER New Orleans, La. WILLIAM STAMEY STACY .... New Orleans, L CARL F. STOCKMEYER, JR. . . . New Orleans, La Ben Intramural Basketball. Football, Baseball. JACK M. WEISS Beaumont, Tex Hullabaloo; Jambalaya; Varsity Basketball Manager (3. 4}. SENIOR mn COLLEGE OE COIiMERCL [150] JU IIIIi DL SS i;iiLL[i;[ OF u)M[m TOP ROW GRAHAM CHARLES BONNELL . . Terr H«ut . Ind. K r Class Secretary-Treasurer {2. 3}. CLIFTON THO-MAS BOWES, JR. . N«w Orleans. La. Band. LEWIS CALVIN BRYAN N«w Orleans. La. •r K 1 JOHN FRANCIS CARRERE .... Now Orleans, La. K . JACK LOUIS DARAY. JR Chicago, III. i G •T " Club; Golf. PHYLLIS MAE DERBES New Orleans, La. Z T A Cotillion Club; Pan-Hellenic Council; University Theatre. ELEANOR ELIZABETH DIXON , . . New Orleans, La. K K I ' WALTER JOHNSON DUEEASE . . New Orleans, La. A T ;;, + T. U. R. K. MIDDLE ROW HENRY STEAGALL EASON .... New Orleans, La. K 2 Football. MOSE ISAAC ELLIS Pensacola, Fla. Symphony Orchestra. HERMES QUIN GAUTIER Pascagoula, Miss. K A Cotillion Club; Greenbackers; Intramural Council; Pan-Hellenic Council; Class President (2, 3). BILL GIBSON New Orleans, La. + K i: Band, Drum Major (I, 2, 3. 4), Assistant Manager (3); Symphony Orchestra (I, 2, 3, 4); Class Pres- ident (1), Academic Board. AOOLEY HOGAN GLADDEN. JR. . New Orluni, La. Band (2, 3); Y. M. C. A. (I. 2, 3); Atsiitant Bstket- boll Manager (3). STEPHEN LEE GUICE, JR N w OrlMni, La, 4 K £ Gle« Club; White Elephants (I). EARL RAU HAAS New Orleans. La. A 1 Band. SEYMOUR HARRIS New Orleans, La. BOTTOM ROW WILLIAM HOWARD KUNTZ .... Milwaukee, Wis. ■!• K S Cheerleader; Cotillion Club; Pan-Hellenic Council; " T " Club; T. U. R. K. JAMES VICTOR LeLAURIN .... New Orleans. La. n K A, •!■ + White Elephants (I); Greenbackerj {2. 3. 4); Inter- national Relations Club (I, 2, 3, 4). Secretary (3), Vice-President (4); Jambajaya; Pan-Hellenic Coun- cil; Y. M. C. A. ARNOLD JOSEPH LEVY New Orleans, La. Z B T Camera Club; Track Manager. LEAH ISOLENE LEVY New Orleans, La. Pan-Hellenic Council; University Theatre. BOYD HENRY LEWIS New Orleans, La. A 9 Glee Club (I, 2). HERMAN LOEB Shreveport. La. Z B T Cotillion Club; Hullabaloo; Pan-Hellenic Council; T. U. R. K., President (3); Class Vice-President (3); Varsity Tennis Manager. GEORGE ROSENDO LOPEZ . Puerto Castilla, Hond. A 1 Bcxing. JOSEPH F. A. LORBER, JR. . . . New Orleans, La. A K E Pan-Hellenic Council. L [ 151 1 TOP ROW JACK WARREN LORCH New Orleans, La. ! d e Cotillion Club; Glee Club; Greenbackers; Treasurer; University Theatre; White Elephants (I). DONALD STUART McLELLAN . . . New Orleans, La. Ben T. U. R. K. JULIAN LENWOOD McPHILLIPS . New Orleans, La. d K E ALBERT CONGDON MARTIN, JR. . New Orleans, La. d S { Greenbackers, President. ISAAC SACKMAN MARX Monroe, La. 2 B T Glee Club; Greenbackers. LEONARD SIMMONS MARX . . . New Orleans, La. ALBERT JOSEPH NUSON, JR. . . New Orleans, La. ATA Cotillion Club. MIDDLE ROW ROLAND THOMAS PERTUIT . . . New Orleans, La. A 1 « Pan-Hellenic Council; " T " Club; Y. M. C. A.; Var- sity Basketball (2, 3). BARNETT McGEHEE POINDEXTER 2 X Ravine, Miss. JAMES ENGLEMANN REID .... New Orleans, La. Ben Pan-Hellenic Council. CHRIS REUTER New Orleans, La. CARLOS H. RUBIO . . Guatemala City, Guatemala RALPH RUGAN, JR New Orleans, La. A e Greenbackers. JAMES ROCpUET SANCHEZ . . . New Orleans, La. A K E Intramural Basketball (2. 3); Football { 1 , 2, 3). BOTTOM ROW SHEPARD HERMAN SHUSHAN . . New Orleans. La. Z B T BRYON WEBRE STINSON New Orleans, La. ERNEST JOSEPH TRICHE Havana, Cuba DOROTHY LUCILLE TURPIN Bastrop, La. K A e R. LEE VANDERPOOL, JR Galveston, Tex. Z A E Cotillion Club; Pan-Hellenic Council; T. U. R. K. ROGER CRAWFORD WHITE, JR Monroe, La. A K E Intramural Unit Manager. MAX PHILIP ZANDER New Orleans, La SAM Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society. JUIIOR CUSS COLLEGE OF COMIIERCE v ir - TOP ROW H IRYWILLARD ALCOTT, ' 43 . . . Memphis, Tenn. nhj H Thirteen Club. ROBERT HAROLD ANDERSON, ' 42 . Eau Claire, Wis. Y. M. C. A. DOUGLAS C. AUGUSTIN, ' 42 . . New Orleans, La. GERTRUDE FAY BALKIN, ' 42 Drew, Miss. GILBERT MEYER CARP, ' 43 ... . New Orleans, La. K N Band. JOHN FRANCIS CARUSO. ' 42 . . New Orleans, U. 2 n HORACE B. CHALSTROM, ' 42 . . New Orleans, La. z n Glee Club; Taffrail; Y. M. C. A.: Track- Naval R. O. T. C. MIRIAM RUTH CHEVIS, ' 43 . . . New Orleans, La. (;iiLi[i;[ iir (;omm[rc[ JOHN PETERS BARNES, ' 42 . , . New Orleans, La. T K A HERBERT BARTON, ' 43 New Orleans La, K N Freshman Forensic Council JOHN WALLACE BEASLEY, JR., ' 42 . Alexandria, La. A e CHARLES SUMNER BELL, ' 43 . . . New Orleans, La. MIDDLE ROW RUDOLPH LEON BITTMAN, 43 . Now Orleans, La. 1 A E Football (I). HENRY BENJAMIN BRADFORD, ' 43 New Orleans. La. n K A Glee Club. BOTTOM ROW OLIVER LYONS CLARKE, JR., ' 43 . New Orleans. La. A E E Glee Club; Glcndy Burke Literary and Debating Society; Operetta; T. U. R. K.; Class President (I). WILLIAM JAMES CLEARY. ' 42 . . Terre Haute, Ind. K 1 WILLIAM T. COATS, JR.. ' 43 . . New Orleans, La. A e Band. JOSIE TERESA COLE, 43 Ancon. C. Z. FREDERICK J. CORALES, ' 42 . . . New Orleans. La. 1 n Y. M. C. A.; Naval R. O. T. C. DAVID COVERT. 43 New OrlMni, La. Basketball (I). MYRON BURNSTEIN. ' 42 New Orleans, La. CHARLES ARTHUR COX, 43 . . . Carthage, N. C. SIMON DRESNER CAPLAN. ' 42 . . New Orleans, La. :; A .M SIDNEY J. CROCHET. JR., 43 . New Orleans, La. Freshman Baseball. 1153] TOP ROW FRANK CHARLES CZERNY, JR., ' 43 New Orleans, La. K S EDWARD J. de VERGES, JR., ' 43 . New Orleans, La. GELON HANN DOSWELL, ' 43 . . Npw Orleans, La. A T Greenbackers; Taffrail; Naval R. O. T. C; White Elephants. JULES HENRY DREYFUSS, ' 43 ... . Shreveport, La. Z B T WILTON KEITH DUCKWORTH, ' 43 New Orleans, La. A 2 Band; Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society. JOSEPH BENTON DUPONT, ' 43 . . . Thibodaux, La. CLARENCE L. DUPRE, JR., ' 43 . . New Orleans, La. ATA LLOYD EDWIN EAGAN, ' 43 ... . New Orleans, La. AS White Elephants. MIDDLE ROW WILLIAM THEODORE EDDINS, ' 42 . . Slidell, La. K 1 A Capella Choir; Band; Glee Club; Operetta; Y. M. C. A. JOHN FINDLAY EHRHART, ' 43 . . New Orlaans, La. I X White Elephants; University Theatre. JOSEPH ROGER FABRE, ' 43 Norco, La. CONSTANCE E. FINDLAY, ' 42 ... . Metairie, La. Z T A Hullabaloo; University Theatre. ISABEL JUDITH FISHER, ' 43 ... . New Orleans, La. LLOYD JAMES FREMAUX, ' 42 . . . New Orleans, La. n K A Glee Club; Intramural Council; Y. M. C. A.; Whi Elephants (I), Big Tusk. WILLIAM MAYHEW FROST, ' 42 . . . Shreveport, La. A e HELEN K. GALLAGHER, ' 43 . . . New Orleans, La. University Theatre. BOTTOM ROW WALLACE JOHN GARCIA, ' 43 . . New Orleans, La ' Glee Club. JAMES C. GARRISON, ' 43 ... . New Orleans, La. Freshman Forensic Council; Hullabaloo. RICHARD LEE GATES, JR., ' 42 . . . Alexandria, La A e NICHOLAS S. GENTILICH, ' 43 . New Orleans, La FRANCIS LAMPTON GILL, ' 42 . . New Orleans, La. S A E NORTON SHUSHAN GLUECK, ' 43 . New Orleans, La. SAM JOE GOLDBERG, JR., ' 42 Belzoni, Miss. Z B T EMILE VICTOR GROS, ' 42 ... . New Orleans, La. s n UID[RGRADUAn$ coLiECE or mmm [154] UID[ltCIUDU T[!; twmu Of c ;[ TOP ROW CHARLES D. GULLEY, ' 42 Pa.caqoula. Mill. •!• K 1 T. U. R. K.; Closs Socretory-Trcosuror. ELVIA CATHERINE HAMILTON, ' 42 Now Orleani, L«. A A II DAN HANDELMAN, ' 43 Now Orlojni, La. X A .M Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Council. MAURICE K. HANDELMAN, ' 42 . , Now Orleanj, La. i A .M EDWIN WHITE HARDIN, ' 43 . . . Now Orleans, La. ATA GORDON CONLEE HAYS. ' 43 . . . Red Oak, Iowa 1 A E WOLF KARL HELLMERS, ' 42 . . . New Orleans, La. B n HOWELL, JR., ' 42 . z n Track. New Orleans, La. MIDDLE ROW EUGENE E. HUPPENBAUER, JR., ' 43 New Orleans, La. Band. PAUL MAURICE JACOBS, JR., ' 43 . New Orleans. La. MERWIN MERCIER JAMIE50N, ' 43 New Orleans, La. K 2 Freshnnan Y. M. C. A. NIELS WINCHESTER JOHNSEN, ' 43 New Orleans, La. Glee Club. JOHN McSHANE JORDAN, 42 . . Now Orltani. L . A T U r. M. C. A.; Thirteen Club. THOMAS FRANCIS JORDAN. ' 43 . Now Orloant. La. A T U V M C. A. GORDON LOUIS JOSEPH. ' 43 . . Now Orloant, La. Glee Club: Y. M. C. A. ALVIN PETER JURISICH. ' 42 . Track. . . Now Orloani. La. BOTTOM ROW ROSWELL SIGLETS KIMBALL. ' 43 ... . Biloii. Miu. II K A HAROLD HENRY KOEHLER. ' 43 . . Thionsvillo. Wis. Football. ALLEN BUSCH KOLTUN. ' 43 . . . Now Orleans. La. SAM Oratorical and Debating Council. GEORGE FREDERICK KRAFT. ' 42 . . Brooklyn. N. Y. B n Tennis. ANNE BROOKS LAMMOND. ' 43 . New Orleans. La. BIO CHARLES VERNON LANIER. ' 42 . . Avon Park. Fla. S A E JULIEN HOHENBERG LILIENTHAL, ' 43 . Solma. Ala. Z B T Band. ALEXANDER A. LO CASCIO, ' 43 New Orleans, La. ( 155) TOP ROW RICHARD HENRY MOUSEL, ' IB . . . Gulfport, Miss. JAMES ANDREW LCCKETT, ' 43 . . New Orleans, La. K A RETTA CATHERINE LOPER, ' 43 . . New Orleans, La. Hullabaloo; Symphony Orchestra. CLIFFORD C. LOSBERG, JR., ' 43 . New Orleans, La. JOHN ROBERT NORMAN, III, ' 43 . New Orlean;, La. K A MARTHA W. ORCHAPvD, ' 43 . . New Orleans, La. PAUL W. ORCHARD, ' 43 New Orleans, La. UKDERGRADUATE!; COLLEGE OF COMMERCE RUSSELL ANDRES LUGO-VISA, ' 42 . San Juan, P. R. BERNARD J. McCULLUM, JR., ' 43 . New Orleans, La. EDMUND MclLHENNY, ' 42 ... . New Orleans, La. K A ANICETO MACARI, ' 43 Merida, Mexico JOHN MICHEL MAHLER, ' 42 . . . New Orleans, La. MIDDLE ROW WARREN SELDEN MALHIOT, ' 43 . New Orleans, La. S X Band. JULES GUSTAVE MOLLERE, ' 42 . . Ponchatoula, La. Football; Track; Basketball. DAVID MONROE, ' 43 New Orleans, La. s n LELAND S. MONTGOMERY, JR., ' 43 New Orleans, La. A K E Glee Club. BOTTOM ROW JOHN JOSEPH PALMER, ' 43 ... . Dubuque, Iowa « K S Basketball; Track; Class Vice-President (1). PETER EMMET PARKERSON, ' 42 . . New Orleans, La. ' V A 6 Band; Symphony Orchestra; University Theatre. PETER MICHEL PELLEGRINI, ' 42 . New Orleans, La ' : s n ' Band; Y. M. C. A. BEN GEORGE PERKOWSKI, JR., ' 43 New Orleajjj, La HAL HORACE PERRY, JR., ' 43 . . . ATS WILLIAM L. PETERS, JR., ' 42 . . . New Orleans, La. AUSTIN GUY PHILLIPS, ' 43 ... . New Orleans, La. K S Boxing: Intramural Counc EADS BUTTS POITEVENT, ' 42 . . . New Orleans, La. K A Thirteen Club; Track (i, 2), Class Vice Prpsident (I, 2). [ 156] UP[RCI!ADU T[8 COLLEGE IIF CO IIILHCE TOP ROW BERNARD FRANCIS PRACKO. ' 43 . . Tarsntum, Pa. Football; Basketball; Baseball. NORMAN ARTHUR ROBBINS, ' 43 Miami Beach, Fla. S A M Jambalaya. JOHN TILGHMAN ROBINSON, ' 43 New Orleans, La. A e Jambalaya: White Elephants. MILTON J. ROSEN KRANTZ, ' 43 . SpringHeld, Mass. J K N J Glee Club. MARVIN ROSMAN, ' 43 New Orleans, La. Freshman Forensic Council. BERNARD WALTER SCHMID, ' 43 . New Orleans, La. ELIZABETH K. SCHOENBERGER, ' 42 . . . Buras. La. Art Club. DOROTHY C. SCHREIBER, ' 43 . . New Orleans, La. BIO Camera Club. MIDDLE ROW FRED JOSEPH SCHUBER, JR., ' 43 . New Orleans, La. A i: ■!• Hullabaloo. MURIEL SILVERMAN, ' 43 Now O.-leans. La. CHARLES SINGERMAN, ' 43 ... . Now Orleans, La. K .N Freshman Forensic Council. ALVENA FLORENCE SMITH, ' 43 . New Orleans, La. ii :i JORGE ENRIQUE SOTO, ' 43 . . Panama City, R. P. MARTHA McALPIN SPICER, ' « . . New Orleans. La. Hullabaloo; University Theatre. LEONARD MAYER STERN. JR., ' 42 . . Camden. Ark. Z B T Greenbackers; Football; Class President (2). ALBERT TERKUHLE, ' 42 New Orleans, La. A E E Thirteen Club; Greenbackers; Basketball (I, 2). BOTTOM ROW GEORGE CHARLES TIMISH, ' 43 . New Orleans, La. II K A International Relations Club; Y. M. C. A. ROBERT LOUIS TURCHIN, ' 43 . . M!am! Beach. Fla. Football; Basketball; Track. JACOB VAETH TURK, ' 43 New Orleans. La. Catholic Club; Spectators; Y. M. C. A. EDMUND RANDOLPH VALES, ' 43 . New Orleans. La. Ben Glee Club; Class SecelarvTrcasurer (I). JAY JOHN G. WEIL, JR., ' 42 New Orleans, La. II K . Glcndy Burke Literary and Debating Societv. MACRERY B. WHEELER, JR., ' 43 . New Orleans, La. A K K Basketball; Track. LESLIE R. WINEGARDEN, ' 43 Flint, Mich. 1 A M JAMES BERTHELOT YENT, ' 42 . . . New Orleans, La. 1157) ■ , ■iEWKm T.- WtV " ksde t Us BEAUTIES, FAVORITES and CAMPUS PERSONALITIES MISS ALICE BYRON MISS MURIEL ROSHKO MISS ALTHEA HUEY V D MISS MOLLIE MERRIMAN MISS ELSA HOEHN MISS HELEN BRES % n 1 J n i MISS EULALIE McKAY MISS LOUISE STITES MISS M ' ADELE SCOTT V ss MISS ETHEL S TRACK MISS EDITH SMITH MISS CAROLYN LOEB Idttit » »■■ r- «?■ X t ■» m . " MISS CATHERINE DUNCAN MISS MARY SINCLAIR MISS DOROTHY ECUYER ■Jj W V u ll i MISS CLARICE ROSENBERG MISS HELEN FERRANDOU MISS LETTY MIRANNE 1 n ]0 % ROBERT F. KELLOGG — An all-around good fellow on the campus and a demon on the gridiron, " Kelly " is the Jamb ' s choice for All-Amencan on or off the football field. JAMES C. SENTER— Honor student and Omicron Delta Kappa, Jimmie is president of the College of Arts and Sciences and past president of Alpha Tau Omega. ii v D [ PAUL G. KRUEGER— Captain of the football team and president of the Student Council, " Polly " comes from Gary, is a Beta Theta Pi and an Omicron Delta Kappa. JOSEPH A. BECKER— Amiable president of the Engineering ScJiool. Joe Is an Omicron Delta Kappa and holds membership in A.I.E.E., Y.M.C.A. and E.T.A. JACK M. WEISS— Likable Jamb photographer. Jack lives in Beaumont, is a Zeta Beta Tau, and former basketball manager. JAMES F. TURNeULL, JR.— Law tchoolar. Jimmi is Jamb buiinsss manager, a P! Kappa Alpha. and pr«xy of tht Cotillion Club. MARTIN F. SCHMIDT— Editor of the Hullabaloo, " Smitty " ' hails from Louisville, Ky., is a member of Beta Theta Pi. T.U.R.K., Omi- cron Delta Kappa, and Beta Gamma Sigma. [ Above: JAMES R. MORRELL— Genial prexy of the Law School, Jimmie is an Omicron Delta Kappa, and is a member of the Lavi Review. Below. NATHANIEL C. CURTIS— Past prtsidvnt of Kappa Alpha, " Buster " is an Omicron Delta Kapo . and takes part in numerous campus activities. EDWARD R. VILLEMEZ— Hardworking president of the School of Medicine, Ed is vico-prosident of the Student Council and hails from Abbeville. „ STUDENT LIFE NIGHT LIFE I. Some people spend their nlgh+s studying. 2. Getting in the nnood. 3. " Buck " Tooke floored again. 4. Crooner Hays. 5. Ken takes a night off. 6. Cave man stuff. 7. Ain ' t love grand? 8. The thinker. 9. " Opery. " 10. Bramc wolfing as usual. I I. Hairless Joe. 12. Time out at " Lil Abner. " 13. Deacon Turnbull. 14. Deans have fun too. 15. Daisy Mae. 16. Tulane ' s gift to music. 17. Goff " begins the beguine. " 18. Barrister ' s Brawl com- edians. 19. Sclf-captioned: " Handle at your own risk. " 20. M. C. at Law- yers ' Brawl. 21. Some campus night talent??? 22. Singing debutante. 23. What ' s the matter Johnny? 24. Playing in the hay. 25. What a night!! 26. Herman and his girl friend. 27. Too much night life. 28. It isn ' t night yet, but . . . TULANE AND NEWCOMB GO TO A FOOTBALL GAME v.; ' .,::; ' rK.i e Si F: ?5 I. Tulane ' s reserves looking on. 2. Giving out for Tulane. 3. Bird ' s eye view. 4. You can ' t hide that mouth. 5. Tide band. 6. Drowning the Tiger. 7. Bar- bara ' s boy Bill. 8. Ncwcombites at game. 9. Beauty and the Chief Screwball. 10. Kelly warming up. II. White Elephants on parade. 12. Touchdown. 13. Down in front. 14. Tulane makes a long run. 15. Paging " Ipana. " 16. Added attraction at freshman football game. 17. Big " Hullabaloo. " 18. Pi Phis at ball game. I 9. Some like it, some don ' t. 20. Turks showing off. 21. Sponsors In L. S. U. game. 22. Just another Champion. 23. Beating it out. 24. BoHle babies. 25. Come on Tulane. 26. L. S. U. ' s sponsor. 27. Fly-Trap. 28. You vant lee bootlful peecture for two beets? 29. Tense moment. HOMECOMING .1 I. Homecoming starts with a cheer. 2. Queen Bethea lights bonfire. 3. Up she goes. 4. Win- ner of Homecoming plaque. 5. Runners up. 6. Derby Day for the Barristers. 7. Getting in con- dition for the game. 8. Prepar- ing for Homecoming Dance. 9. Cotillion Club executive in con- ference. 10. War Eagle!! I I. Mocl football. 12. Spectator. 13. Yea Tulane! 14. Homecom- ing Court. 15. What ' s so funny? 16. The dance topped it off. 17. On exhibition. 18. Tulane King and Newcomb Queen. 19. Let ' s sit this one out. 20. Newcomb Prexy. 21. Dean Buchan takes part in the program. 22. Dailey in one of his off moments. V " - t ® • « s N A P S A R O U N D T H E C A M P U S I. Ho. hum. 2. Familiar Law School cou- ple. 3. Commerca Profi having a cola. A. Wanted for holdup. 5. Loola Me. 6. Dignified Barriiterj. 7. Study at New- comb. 8. Tulane heart breaker. 9. New- combite looking for a man. 10. Nickel apiece. Watch outi II. Confuciut lay: " Man who go in here come out broke. " 12. Talking politics, no doubt77?7 13. Watch your step. 14. Thii year ' j seniors — we hope. 15. Sick Seiper scoops °em again. 16. What, no suckers around? 17. Hard at work. 18. After- noon siesta. 19. Mr. Turnbull also goes to Jamb meetings. 20. Shine ' em up. 21. Dean Ten Hoor and the Navy get together. 22. The unpleasant side of school. 23. Ruler of the Courts. 24. Training table. 25. Seniors of yes- teryear. 26. The hammer and the sickle. 27. Well boys, that ' s one on us. 28. Profs keeping in form. 29. Freshman ' s nemesis. 30. Waiting for a street car777 31. Another Campus couple. 32. Think he ' ll die. doc77 33. Watch out, someone just parked in the circle. 34. Art class. 35. Say " please. " 36. What ' s dis. anyhow7 37. Study In the park. 38. A reality at last. 39. That last minute cram. 40. Waiting for the girls to come by. 41. Go get em Greenies. 42. Future Architects. 43. Jimmie and Joan. 44. Navigators. 45. Aw, shucks, no more fights. I. Tea room loafers. 2. Jones In a giving mood. 3. The Intramural Council In deep thought. 4. Dear Little Buttercup. 5. And the engineers enjoy spring. 6. The Jamb staff works . . . Oh, yeah? 7. Buck and Florence swing out with Bar- risters. 8. President Harris and Dean Bass. 9. The perfect evening — two girls and two pints. 10. It ' s hard to get directions straight In New Orleans. I I. The " Count " tries to be a rea sailor. 12. Just gliding along. 13. Nope, it ' s not a fight, just a line buck. 14. Tea-room two- some. 15. In public? 16. Anchors aweigh 17. Carolyn swings out — or, why we like our pho- tographer. 18. A touchdown cheer with plenty of Oomph. 19. Before. 20. After. 21. Carolyn gives out. 22. The Ram and the Wolves. 23. In rare form. 24. The Jitterbug shines. 25. Big shots of the engineering school. 26. Parade rest. 27. President and colleagues. 28. The rowing team what was. 29. Backstrom worries over (a) girl, or (b) correspondence (Ed. Note . . . Dis- card (b) for lack of evidence). 30. One more beer, please. 31. The Singing Cowboy. 32. Tsh, Tsh. 33. Banker romps and stomps. 34. Acro- batic ' Bama Boosters. 35. " Yoo-hoo, babe. " 36. The Bengal Guards strut. 37. A boy from the tropics gets northern weather In the South. 38. " Now be careful. Bill. " 39. So he shows off for Barbara. 40. But — ! 41. It ' s the uniform that gets ' em ... to run away. 42. Commercial con- fab. 43. A Sreenle sees red. 44. " Ain ' t we the ones! " 45. Sling the war-point, girls. 46. The dope left her. 47. The Band from Aggleland. 43. Glass hits Tiger pay-dirt. 49. You likes dat, huh. Perry? 50. A DKE study?— No, he ' s looking at the Jamb. HODGE-PODGE Hu J ' M : £ ■■•iv .-P ® ® 3 T-3 l»V, - I i»-fc .Ci.„ -- - t I .•• - e i POTPOURRI I. Red tape. 2. Planners for better intramurals. 3. Let um have If Bob- by. 4. Don ' f worry, he missed It. 5. Theatre Regulars. 6. The Rar that burned. 7. Jamb critics. 8. The Navy hits port. 9. Tulane takes to the air. 10. Result: good grades. II. Jaubert swinging for old Tulane. 12. Quick Watson, the needle. 13. He-man??? 14. Nice game. 15. Mac gets a rest. 16. Seniors having fun. 17. Noses In the air. 18. Co- tillion Promoters. 19. What ' s the matter girls, Lang scare you? 20. Climbing the ladder of fame. 21. Beauty and the beast. 22. Get me one, Mama. 23. Plenty of elbow grease. 24. Commerce cuties. 25. On the run. 26. Present-arms! 27. Picking posies. 28. Where ' s the ball. 29. Legal Eagles. 30. All around men of the theatre. 31. This must have been a good one. 32. Wom- en. 33. Engineers at work. 34. Scramble for Jambs. 35. Backstrom plays at play. 36. Intramural bas- keteers. 37. The mystery of Ken ' s bad eye. 38. Splash. 39. Aw, lem- me get himl 40. Yoo Hoo! 41. All ' s well. 42. Ain ' t he cute. 43. Big Shots. 44. Behind the scenes of a dance. I 1 " mm « ' 3Ste.rf- ' S i ' 5 . ' .-!„-_---. __ji- ' -!.t_, -U-.u-i . «-.!»■ I. [ [ f HE JOSEPH ABRAMS JOE ANDERSON JOHN ANDREWS BURTON BANKER SAM BARTHE LEONARD BERTOLINO JOSEPH M. BISTOWISH CLEM BINNINGS ERNEST BLANDIN SIDNEY BLESSEY WALTER BLESSEY ALBERT BODNEY RALPH BOND FRED BREKKE WILLIAM BRINKMAN WARREN BRUNNER MONEHE BUTLER FRED CASSIBRY GUY CHENG GEORGE CLAY CARL DAILEY PETE DALAVISIO VINCENT D ' ANTONI JACK DARAY, JR. HARRY DEAS EMANUEL DEFRAITES JOHN DEXHEIMER JOHN DIRMAN DONALD DOYLE CHARLES DUFOUR ROSS EUSTIS CHARLES FARRELL EDWARD P. FINLEY AUGUST F. FISCHER HENRY FLOWER JULIAN FRERET WALTER FRIDAY MAURICE GELDERT ROBERT GLASS FRED GLODEN CLARENCE GOLOMB CLAUDE GROVES ARTHUR HAMMOND EUGENE W. HARMON WILLIAM HARRIS VAN E. HART HARRY HAYS WILLIAM HICKEY CHARLES JANVIER WARREN JAUBERT MOREAU J. JUMONVILLE M. J. B. KAHOA ROBERT KELLOGG JOSEPH KIRBY WILLIAM KIRCHEM PAUL KRUEGER WILLIAM H. KUNTZ SABIN LANDRY ROBERT LECORGNE GEORGE LOPEZ NORMAN MARMILLION JOSEPH MONGOGNA, JR. HARLEY McCOLLUM JOHN McGEE HAROLD MULLIN A. L. MUSSON FLOYD NEWLIN WILLIAM NICHOLS STANLEY NYHAN THOMAS O ' BOYLE WILLIAM J. O ' HARA, JR. DON OVERDYKE PAUL J. PARE EINAR PEDERSEN ROLAND PERTUIT BARNWELL PHELPS MAURICE PICHELOUP HOMER RANKIN L. S. RENTZ LEONARD SAUER NELSON SLAYTON ST. JOHN SMITH ALVIN STRAUSS JAMES THIBAUT P. K. THOMAS JOHN TIEDMANN JACK TITTLE SAM TRUFANT CHARLES VOSBURGH DAVID WEINSTEIN JACK WEISS RALPH WENZEL WILLIAM WESTERFIELD, JR. MILLARD WHITE GEORGE WIMBERLY [ 193) Cheerleaders giving out with a big loco- motive. HORACE C, RENEGAR Publicity Director of Athletics JUDGE RUFUS C. FOSTER President, Tulane Athletic Council TULAH ' S spoil TS All in all the Green Wave en|oyed a rather successful season in 1939-40. In football the Greenies were co-channplons of the South- eastern Conference. Invited to play in the annual Sugar Bowl Classic against powerful Texas A. M., the team suffered its only defeat of the year and that by the slightest of nnargins — one point to be exact. All-American John Kimbrough and the Aggies were just a little bit too much for us. The boxing team managed to win four matches, losing one to the L. S. U. Tigers who went on to win the Confer- ence Championship. Outstanding fighter was Cy hllckey who won the light-heavyweight crown in the Southeastern Conference Tournament. The basketeers didn ' t have much success this year. On the road trip In the East the Greenies didn ' t win a single game, being hampered by the absence of some of the foot- ball players. In the Conference Tourney the Green Wave lost its initial game to L. S. U. In track Millard White was an outstanding star, breaking the conference record for discus throwing. The tennis team was very successful, winning most of the matches and finally annexing the Conference Championship. The basebaliers were only mediocre, losing most of their games. Most enjoyable of all were the games played with the sailors. Vincent D ' Antoni starred on the links for the golf team. Later on, he won the National Intercollegiate Golf Cham- pionship. Intramural sports reached a new high. Under the capable direction of the Intramu ral Council a broad and Interesting athletic program was launched. DR. WILBUR C. SMITH Athlttic Director A very peppy Tulane Band sent the team to New Yoric for a decisive victory. COACH RED DAWSON " Red Dawson, " about the youngest " name " coach in the game today, turned out one of the greatest football teams In the country. In four short years " Red, " a former Tulane star, built up a group of players into a grid machine powerful enough to rate second in the nation at the end of the season. Assisting Coach Dawson in this great coaching job were Glenn Seidel, backfield coach; Bill Bevan, line coach; Charlie Rucker, freshman coach; Pete Mailhes and trainer " Monk " Simons, Sr. BILL BEVAN Assistant Coach GLENN SEIDEL Assistant Coach TRAINER MONK SilvfC-NS D COACHING STAFF PETE MAILHES Assistant Coach CHARLIE RUCKER Frtitiman Coach The varsity squad dressed ouf for practice. Front Row: Kellogg, Weniel, Flower, McCollum, Gloden, Krueger, Dailey, White, O " Boyle. Golomb, Banker. Second Row: Dufour, Clay, DeFraites, Kirchem, Nyhan, Casslbry, Groves, Brekke, Butler, Mandich, Hays, Blandtn. Third Row: English, Gentling, Abrams. Sims, Tittle, Thibaut, Glass, Grush, Brinkman, Slayton, Smith, Marmilllon. Fourth Row: Benti, Comer, Hickey, Ely, Sautr, McCar- ron, Collins. Mullin. Banker crashes 17 yards through Fordham, BUDDY BANKER Back ERNEST BLANDIN Tackle THE CLEMSON GAME With Bobby " Jitterbug " Kellogg opening in an aura of stardom a senior record more impressive than Pinoc- chio ' s nose after fib four, the Greenies won the first heat of its toughest grid race by split seconds from Clemson and Ail-American Banks McFadden, 7-6. McFadden clicked for a 23-yard touchdown pass to Joe Blalock on the second play of the second quarter. Big Bill Kirchem, who played three years as the most underrated Tulane tackle in history, broke through and blocked Mac ' s boot which was labeled for the extra point. Clemson led 6-0 at the half. Tulane came back with the first of a series of long grand marches that characterized a season of thrilling play, by marching 66 yards to a third quarter score. Kellogg plunged over from the one-yard line and promptly kicked the extra point, margin of victory. Runs of thirty and five yards by Fred Gloden, of eight and six yards by Buddy Banker, and a beautiful fifteen-yard dash by Kellogg, the blocking of Carl Dailey, running guard, and Harley McCollum, giant All-American tackle, were features. A crowd of 25,000 wildly cheered the thriller. THE AUBURN GAME Piling up 204 yards to 24 and 12 first downs to three, Tulane rolled over Auburn, 12-0, to break ice for the Dr. Harris talcing in the game. Smith tries field goal against Auburn i -dm m v , ■■ !f- ,.mM , fe ,. M n - ' It i S ?r aP M SLift. ' • ■ kf r. i : ' ' -i J f ' « ,..x - -W ' v .. , J ir- i % Ki: • - „ •■ » wr r 1 II IB 1 ' K j w 11 ' " •- |; H m 1 1 first time in five years. The last time one of these teams had scored in their series was in 1935 when Auburn won 10-0. Then followed four consecutive scoreless ties. Fred Gloden climaxed an 82-yard drive in the first period with a plunge over for the first score, and Cap- tain Paul Krueger scored on a fourth down pass from Harry Hays late in the fourth quarter. Tulane ' s indi- vidual star was Stan Nyhan, who intercepted two passes deep in Tulane territory, both of which would have resulted in touchdowns for the Plainsmen. Dick McGowan averaged 49 yards a kick to outpunt Nyhan for the only time In the lowan ' s three-year Tulane ca- reer. The gate showed 28.000 fans. THE FORDHAM GAME Taxing to its limits the capacity of the Tulane Horse- shoe, 43,000 fans watched Tulane push over seven points in the first quarter on a plunge by Gloden and Kellogg ' s extra point, and then hold on tenaciously to its slight margin for the rest of the thrill-packed game. The touchdown march was for 52 yards. Three other long drives were halted by stubborn Fordham defen- sive and poor Tulane quarterbacking In the shadows of the Ram goal. Following a beautiful 33-yard run by One of the few times Kelly had to be helped off the field. ■u AL BODNEY End FRED BREKKE Tackle MONEHE BUTLER Back FRED CAS5IBRY Back GEORGE CLAY Guard Dawson and team leave the field at the half. « I ? II •A m !A jl at " fe KtP f M A l ' 9 ' M y i »1 ' B PI ii i m iff . fp 7( ) v M h V ' ..,) j 1 . x-itfja Bf. Mi - 1 1 1 i s m£ rr . % M wM a I i i i 1 •J J 1 VJi s 1 k mm I HHE .. i w ' «!.- u :« HflHB r? •« :. J Jitterbug takes off for a 106 yard jaunt against Ole Miss. RIP COLLINS Center CARL DAILEY Guard Kellogg, the Rams held on the one-yard stripe in the second quarter. In the fourth stanza, Tulane marched from its own 45-yard line to Fordham ' s three. The Rams held for three downs, and on the fourth shot at the goal, Krueger called Emanuel " Frenchy " DeFraites, nursing a badly bruised knee, on an end around which netted Tulane a loss of five yards, the ball, and a won- derful scoring opportunity. Tulane won by a larger margin than the score would indicate, the tabulation in first downs being sixteen for the Greenies to three for Fordham. THE NORTH CAROLINA GAME If revenge Is sweet, then the name of James " Sweet " Lalanne of Lafayette, La., Is an understatement, to say the least. The Louisiana boy, a Tulane cast off " be- cause he was too little, " came home to roost in the closing minutes of a ball game Tulane seemed a cinch to win by virtue of Its 14-point margin. Lalanne returned a kickoff to his own 18, fired a 35- yard pass to the Tulane 47, and passed for a touch- down to Paul Severin on the very next play, hiarry Dunkle made the extra try to total seven points in four plays. Shortly after, the Tarheels I ' ecovered a Tulane fum- ble in midfield, and It took Lalanne but three chunks Cassibry runs through North Carolina. Kellogg kicks the point that saved defeat in North Carolina game. to score another touchdown, bevenn was in receipt of the pass, and Dunkle kicked the tying point. Tulane ' s scoring was done by Kellogg and Hays, the carrot-top lad accounting for two touchdowns and an extra point and Hays for the other extra point. Except in the last ten minutes of the game, Tulane was su- perior. The Wave made 17 first downs running to North Carolina ' s one but the Tarheels clicked for 8 first downs through the air to Tulane ' s none. THE OLE MISS GAME The longest run in the history of Tulane football and another 24-yard touchdown dash that probably raised to its climax the career of Bobby Kellogg featured the hardest fought game of Tulane ' s early season. The Greenies won from Ole Miss, 18-6, but the score didn ' t come close to Indicating the closeness of the battle. Enjoying an advantage of 203 to 155 net yards gained running and passing, Ole Miss could have got- ten no worse than a tie If only they could have stopped the " Jitterbug. ' " Kelly " ran 24 yards through the whole team In the first quarter, and everybody on the Rebel club got their hands on him at one stage of the run or another. Then " Kelly " returned the kickoff that Li Monk Simons helping our All-Annerican off the field. ' FRENCHY " DE FRAITES End CHARLES DUFOUR Tackle HENRY FLOWER Center BOB GLASS Back Fr.ED GLODCN Back Kellogg picks up some yardage in the Ole Miss game. XJT i mm 1 ? . . » ' Will we ever forget Harry ' s 67-yard dash through the whole ' Bama team? PETE GOLOMB End CLAUDE GROVES Guard opened the second half 106 yards for the record Tu- lane run. Buddy Banker, playing his best game, ran an inter- cepted pass 47 yards for a score in the fourth quarter. The line play of Carl Dailey was sensational. His blocking was largely instrumental in Banker ' s 4.7 yards a try average, and his down field tackle from behind on Rebel Schneller saved a sure Ole Miss touchdown. THE ALABAMA GAME The largest crowd that ever saw a southern football game filled the Tulane stadium bowl almost to capacity to see Tulane defeat Alabama, 13-0. It was the first game in which fans were allowed to sit in the not- quite-completed stands that closed the Horseshoe into Dixie ' s first Bowl Stadium. Harry " Cactus " Hays dashed 67 yards through the whole Alabama team late in the second quarter, and the run supplied the greatest thrill of the season. A great downfield block by Fred Brekke on Mosley made the run possible when it seemed the Alabama back was sure to stop the Texas Ranger. The second Tulane score came in the third quarter. After Alabama was penalized to the on e-yard line for clipping, Charlie Boswell got off a poor punt to the Tulane 19. Two bucks failed to gain, and Kellogg passed to Nyhan for 16 yaids and a first down on the Some Newcomb girls watching the gridiron heroes. Setting ready to pull out on our only road game, Columbia. Cdssibry stomps through Sewanee. three. Kellogg carried it over from there behind the perfect blocking of McCollum and Dailey. " Kelly " booted the extra point. The game was played after the Wave had enjoyed a week layoff following the Ola Miss game. It marked the first time Coach Red Dawson had defeated a Frank Thomas coached team. THE COLUMBIA GAME IN NEW YORK Most of the big time sports reporters and com- mentators, including Grantland Rice. Henry McLemore, and Bill Stern, viewed Tulane ' s terrific triumph over Columbia at Baker Field, 25-0. " The D. H. Holmes Columbia Special " carried I 10 Louisiana fans to the game. Scoring 19 points in the first half, the Wave seemed to rest on its laurels and took it easy in the second period, scoring another six points in the fourth quarter. With Gloden doing some fancy stepping. Tulane marched to the pay dirt early in the game, and Kel- logg scored from the 5-yard line and kicked an extra point before 10 minutes of the game had expired. On the first play after the kickoff, Naylor was tackled so hard he fumbled. Wenzel recovered on the I 5, and Tulane scored in two plays. Kellogg picked up HARRY HAYS Back BOB KELLOGG Back BILL KIRCHEM Tackle PAUL KRUEGER Back, Captain PETE MANDICH Center Kellogg steps over ' Bama goal line untouched. Bob Glass saves the day in the L. S. U. game. ■POPS " MARMILLION Back HARLEY McCOLLUM Tackle eight, and Banker plowed through guard for seven yards and a touchdown. Kellogg failed to convert. Shortly after Clay had intercepted a pass in the second quarter, Stan Nyhan punted into the coffin cor- ner, the ball going out on the one-foot line. Naylor punted out to the 43, hHays returned to the 30, and then he threw a pass to Nyhan who fell down with it on the 6. Hays took it to the two-yard line. From here Fred Cassibry plunged over through right tackle. Kellogg missed the extra point. The last touchdown was scored on an eight-yard dash by Monette Butler who had sparked a last minute drive down to the 17. Substitutes St. John Smith and Nor- man " Pops " Marmillion picked up valuable yardage in the drive. A Gotham crowd of 25,000, smaller than Tulane draws in New Orleans, witnessed the game. THE SEWANEE GAME A crowd of only 15,000 saw a gallant, but hope- lessly outclassed Sewanee eleven — and eleven was very close to the total squad number — bowed to Tulane, 52-0. An idea of the courage of the Tennessee boys can be gathered from the fact that, in the very closing minutes of the game, eight touchdowns behind, Se- wanee held Tulane for four downs on the one-yard line. " Pops ' Marmillion, veteran Tulane red shirt player, was the individual star, scoring one touchdown, averag- L. S. U. blocks a kick that started the fireworks. Monette crashes over into L. S. U. paydlrt. Af+ractlve cheerleaders take a little time otit. ing 4.7 yards per try, returning five punts for 1 1 1 yards, and completing five out of nine passes for 67 yards. Other Tulane scorers were Fred Gloden, Mon- ette Butler, Bob Glass, Jack Tittle, Harold " Moon " Mullin, Jimmy Thibaut, and St. John Smith. THE L S. U. GAME Superiority in reserve strength proved the margin of a 33-20 victory over a vicious, game, fighting Tiger from L. S. U. in the forty-sixth playing of Louisiana; annual grid classic. Eight touchdowns were scored in the wild, spasmodic battle that had 44,000 fans sitting on seat-edge throughout. Bob Glass, sensational Sophomore Greenie back. rushed into the game late In the fourth quarter with the score deadlocked 20-20, to relieve a tired little Tulane " Jitterbug. " He scampered 83 yards to the Tiger 3-yard line and everlasting glory. Monette But- ler plunged over for the winning margin, although he later tacked on another touchdown for good measure, following a blocked kick in the last few minutes. L. S. U. scored first on a plunge by Roy Joe Ander- son after the recovery of a blocked Greenie kick, but Fred Gloden capped off a 74-yard revenge drive by HAROLD MULLIN End STAN NYHAN Back TOMMY O BOYLE Guard ST. JOHN SMITH Back JAMES THIBAUT Back Nyhan intercepts a touchdown pass In L. S. U. game. " ' ' WMlMlCi Vi WMattHia M The toss of a coin starts the Sugar Bowl fracas. JACK TITTLE Back RALPH WENZEL End scoring from the one-yard line. When Kellogg con- verted, Tulane led 7-6 at the end of the first quarter. But soon after Ashford SImes ran beautifully for 62 yards and a score, which added to Anderson ' s conver- sion, sent the Tigers to the front by 13-7. Not for long, however, as Tulane clicked for a touchdown pass from Kellogg to Krueger for 20 yards and a 13-13 tie as the half ended. The fifth touchdown was scored from the two-yard line by Kellogg, after he had tossed a tremendous 40- yard pass to Ralph Wenzel who caught it on the dead run, and further distinguished himself, in an unpopular sort of way, by telling the referee where he stepped out of bounds. " Kelly " kicked the extra point to bring the Tulane total to 20 points. The Tigers came right back with a 48-yard pass from Simes to Anastasio that was good for a touchdown. Anderson converted to tie the score at 20-20. It was shortly after this that Glass came in and salted away the battle with his sensational dash. THE SUGAR BOWL SAME With the odds favoring the Aggies throughout the early part of the ball game, Tulane came into her own in the closing minutes of the first half. Kimbrough plunged over from the three-yard line early in the game, and Price booted the extra point. Late in the second quarter Red Cassibry brought down an intercepted pass " Jarrin Jawn " behind perfect Interference. About the only time Tulane was able to stop the Aggies cold. Tulane ' s powerhouse going at full steam. on the Tulane 43. Red collaborated with Hays and Butler in a drive that carried the ball to within seven yards of pay dirt. An excessive time out cost Tulane five yards, as Kellogg came into the game for Hays. On last down his pass to Krueger failed, and Texas took over. About this time the half ended. Late in the third quarter, Carl Dailey tore through and dumped Kimbrough for a five-yard loss. Moser quick- kicked to the Tulane 24, where Jitterbug Kellogg picked it up on the run and ran 76 yards for a touchdown. Jimmy Thibaut kicked the extra point, and Tulane was back in the ball game. On the last play of the third period, Mandich recov- ered Kimbroughs fumble on the Aggie 39. Butler struck for nine yards, Hays for six, Butler for four, and then Cassibry, on three consecutive reverses, carried the ball to the Aggie one, where Butler scored. Herb Smith broke through and blocked Thibaut ' s point-labelled kick. That later proved the margin of victory, because Price began tossing passes which always plopped into Aggie arms. One ot them, completed to Herb Smith. was lateralled to Kimbrough, who stepped all over Greenies and 24 yards of turf for a score. Price kicked us out of the national championship with his true extra try. I.IILI ARD WHITE TacUa ROSS EUSTIS Manager Tulane In the lead with their second touchdown. Cassibry intercepts A. i M. ' s pass. TTr- r 1 Here we present a few of the high spots in the Sugar Bowl Classic. The photo above will recall to you the quick kick of A. M., putting Tulane in a hole from which they could not get out. Below you will see Kimbrough making the first touchdown of the day. HIGHLIGHTS OF ■ iga - jtlifSuiJi- rw r " . J t ie: » - Si ' .It. ▼■ rmT K V , W. ' 9H ' 1 ' .» fiA » ' i» 1 « ■S711 »jKaH M THE SUCAR BOWL Below we have Jitterbug Kellogg, Tulane ' s great halfback. running back a punt through the whole A. M. team for a touchdown. Above Herb Smith knocks down Thibaut ' s placement. The failure to convert finally cost us the game. FRESH A F T e il L L Charlie Rucker ' s 1939 Freshman team was studded with luminaries from Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Ar- kansas, Mississippi, Kansas, and Louisiana. During the season the squad lost two games and won one. For their first game of the season the boys lost to Northeast Center by a score of 14-0. The Greenies outscored Northeast Center 8-5 In first downs, and were scored on both times only as a result of fumbles. A Tulane bobble behind its own goal was recovered by the Indians for an early first quarter score. Then the teams settled down to steady, hard, rugged football until the last stanza when a Sreenie fumble, recovered on the 15-yard stripe, was soon carried over for an- other score. The next game saw the Baby Greenies rise to heights to beat a seemingly superior Alabama eleven. Com- ing from behind the Greenies nosed out the Alabama boys 14-13. Time after time the Crimson Tide threat- ened and time and again the little Wave held. Going up to Baton Rouge for the next contest the Freshles suffered defeat after leading 7-6 at the half. The L. S. U. Baby Bengals came back to make the score I 3-7 in their favor. Many of the boys showed up good with such stand- outs as Pracko, Cable, Brignac, Thomas, and Walker. " Buster " Rooker and Frances Dowd, freshman cheerleaders, pep up things during the half In the frosh ganne with ' Bama. Standing: Faust, Hornick, Cable, Vinson, Cuyler, Allemandi, Maglnnis, Garbaric, McDonald, Gordon, C. Rhea, Ibert. Kneeling: Worner, Dunckel- man, K. Rhea, Thomas, Pracko, Bittman, Turchin, Brignac, Walker, Smith, Pelletere, McWilliams. Tul ane Tula ne A loft to the jaw by Jaubert. SCHEDULE Tulane . . . Tulane 5 1-2; Florida 2 1-2 Mississippi State . 3 Ole Miss .... 3 L. S. U 7 Tulane 4 1-2 Alab ama 3 1-2 1 ] " Screwy " puts the mittens on Fischer. " Top " Finlsy mixing it up. THROUGH THE HOPES « « « AUGUST FISCHER " TOP " FINLEY CHARLIE KNIGHT AL McCOARD WARREN JAUBERT NELSON 5LAYTON CV HICKEY LOUIS JONES The Wave opened its knuckle-whirling industry in impressive fashion by beating the Florida Gators 5 1-2 to 2 1-2. Hickey, Jones, Slayton, and Jau- bert were the winners with Finley getting a draw. The other match was by forfeit. The second meeting was with Mississippi State and again the Greenies came through with a win, 5 to 3. Jaubert won over Saunders and hiickey beat Nix. Davis of State showed up well in beat- ing Tulane ' s Finley while Blount beat Knight. Jones decisioned Gannaway and Tulane won two by for- feit while forfeiting one. Greenie mittmen aided by four defaults on the part of a " flu-attacked " Ole Miss managed to eke out a narrow 5 to 3 verdict over the Rebels. Mc- Arthur received the decision over Finley; Goldman over Fischer. Jones lost to Canella on the t. k. o. route with Jaubert actually winning our only bout. In the battle with the Bayou Tigers, Cy Hickey saved the Greenies from a complete shutout. L. S. U. in winning scored three t. k. o. ' s Several of the fights were closer than the score would In- dicate. Tulane staged a fast finish to close the local boxing season with a win over Alabama. Finley held Deberadlno to a draw; Ellis was stopped in three heats. In the heavier divisions the Greenies fared better with Slayton, Hickey, and Jaubert winning. Tulane entered Slayton, Finley, Hickey, and Jau- bert in the Southeastern Boxing Fourriament. Slay- ton and Finley were eliminated in the early rounds, but Jaubert went as far as the finals and Cy Hickey copped the light-heavyweight crown. Monk Simons, Coach PInano. and managers. Jones In action against Miss State. AL BODNEY MIKE ZENGEU JOHNNY McGEE " TURK " TERKUHLE ST. JOHN SMITH tiu COURT COACH " LinLE MONK " SIMONS The Wave cagers had a rather poor season, playing good ball at times and not so well at others. The 14-game sched- ule opened with an Eastern tour consisting of four games. In succession the Greenies met Seton Hall College at Eliza- beth, N. J., Michigan at White Plains, N. Y., Villanova at Villanova, Pa., and Baltimore at Baltimore, Md. Tuiane was not impressive in losing all four of these games. The squad severely felt the loss of the cagers who were at that time in New Orleans practicing for the Sugar Bowl game with Texas A. M. Coming back to the Southland, Tulane ' s basketeers next met the strong Crimson Tide quintet in a two-game series. Alabama swept through the Wave 42-28 and 46-29. The first home tilt was with the Yellow Jackets from Georgia Tech. The Greenies showed considerable im- provement in winning this game 34-31. The Mississippi Staters at Starkville handed the Green Wave its next defeat, a couple of weeks later. The next week the basketeers met Ole Miss for two games in the Wave gym. Tuiane won the opening game 36-34 and dropped the second 37-30. The Greenie five next had a four-game series with L. S. U. The Tigers came to New Orleans for the first two games and the Greenies went to Baton Rouge for the second two. L. S. U. copped the whole series. In the Southeastern Conference tournament at Knoxville, Tennessee, Tuiane was paired with L. S. U. and again was defeated. Outstanding players during the season were Captain Bodney, McGee, and Mandich. T H [ C II IJ E I! P H H The Tulane cinder team opened the season at the Southwestern Relays in LaFayette. The team next entered the Texas Relays where White placed fourth In the discus throwing and second in the shot. Collins took fifth in the shot. White led Tulane in a 78-48 victory over the Ole Miss team at Oxford. White placed first in the shot, javelin, and discus while Kirchem and Hays placed first and second respectively in the century. Hays also won the 220. In the quarter mile the Greenies took all three places, completely shutting out Ole Miss. Vosburg and Roth teamed up to take first and second in the 880. The Crimson Tide of Alabama on its own home field handed the cinder team a defeat by the score of 65 1-2-46 1-2. Again the Tulane tracksters suffered defeat, this time at the hands of the strong L. S. U. aggregation to the tune of 69-43. In the S. A. A. U. meet held on the Loyola track. White, Collins, and Kir- chem were outstanding. Up in Birmingham at the Southeastern Conference meet, White broke the conference record in the discus throwing and also took first place in the shotput. ' ■RIP " COLLINS PETE GOLOMB CHARLIE VOSBURG Coach Frifz Oakes clocking fhe boys. The Freshman Squad TEyiS AT TULy[ The racqueteers of the Olive and Blue made the 1939 season most enjoyable for the tennis enthusiasts. In eleven starts, the Wave won nine matches, tied one, and lost only to Texas University. Then the season was climaxed by the annexation of the Southeastern Conference championship. Under the guidance of Coach Pare, the squad defeated the Audubon Tennis Club and the New Orleans Lawn Ten- nis Club in the opening matches, and also won their first Intercollegiate match by defeating Chicago, 4-3. At this point, a strong Texas University aggregation, lead by the noted Bobby Kamrath, handed the Wave their lone defeat by a 5-1 score. With fresh memories of their defeat at the hands of Texas, the Greenles, lead by Joe Abrams and Billy Wester- field, swamped the Alabama Crimson Tide, 6-0. Rice was next to meet defeat, and Fare ' s boys came out on the long end of a 4- 1 score. After winning from Ole Miss, the netmen went to L. S. U. and walked away with every match. Then on the home courts, the Wave again drowned the Tigers by a substantial 5-1 margin. Th e double defeat over L. S. U. sandwiched the triumph over the Baylor Bears. Road matches were scheduled with Emory, Georgia Tech, and Vanderbllt, but due to the rainy weather and approach- ing Southeastern Conference meet, the Emory and Georgia Tech battles were cancelled. At Nashville the Vanderbllt Commodores gave the Wave netmen their toughest con- ference battle, and the final scoring showed a 3-3 tie. In the Southeastern Conference meet at Sewanee, Ab- rams and Cheng teamed up to beat Bobbitt and Lindsay of Georgia Tech In straight sets, 6-4, 6-0, 8-6, for the doubles championship. Westerfield took the B division singles by defeating his teammate, Barney Phelps, in the finals by scores of 6-4, 7-5, 0-6, 6-4. GUY CHENG No. 4 Position BILLY WESTERFIELD No. 2 Polition BARNEY PHELPS No. 3 Polition H THE DlHHOy AID The first tilt for the Tulane nine was with the Minnesota Gophers. After taking the first game, I 1-6, the Wave dropped the second, 4-2. Blessey and Cassibry did mound duty for the Greenies. The next team to meet defeat at the hands of Tulane was the nine from Northern Illinois State Teachers. Showing ability to come from behind, Rentz and Blessey led the Olive and Blue to a 7-6 win. Tulane next met the sailors from the U. S. S. New Orleans. Before large and enthusiastic crowds, the Wave won every game in the series. The scores were: 3-0, 7-4, and 16-3. Behind Blessey ' s five-hit pitching, Tulane won a close one from the semi-pro team of Port Sulphur by a score of 1-0. In a two-game series with L. S. U. on the home field, the Tulane team lost by scores of 11-3 and I 0-1. In the first game, Cassibry came to the mound when Blessey, who started, weakened. Bodney ' s fielding was sensational in both games and Kellogg took the pitching assignment In the second game, but the Tigers had too many big guns for the Wave. The last game of the year was played at Baton Rouge with the Tigers, and the Greenies again went down at the hands of the Ole War Skule. standing; Cassibry, Gloden, Bodney, Kellogg, Clay, W. Blessey, Dexheimer, Friday, Coach Simons. Kneeling: S. Blessey, Hammond, O ' Hara. Mongogna, Tiedmann, Siayton, Ren+z, Ber+olino. Blessey safe at first. HARRY DEAS Daray. D ' Antoni. Coach Turpie. D«as, Ptch«loup. 01 THE LIHS The Tulane golf team, composed of Vincent D ' Antoni, Harry Deas, Maurice Picheloup, and Jack Daray, finished the season by breaking even in intercollegiate play. In the first nnatch of the year, Tulane lost to the Tigers by a 12-6 score. D ' Antoni and Picheloup lost by 2-1 scores while Daray got a draw and Deas was the only Tulane winner. The Wave golfers came back strong from their L. S. U. defeat to down the University of Mississippi golfers in a one-sided affair, 17-1. The Greenies were led by their No. 2 man, Harry Deas, who scored a beautiful win over his opponent and was low man for the day. D ' Antoni and Picheloup each won by 3-0 scores, as did Deas, while Daray won by a 2-1 score. In the Southeastern Conference tournament, D ' Antoni met L. S. U. ' s Henry Castillo in the semi-final round. The match ended in a 4-3 win for Castillo and he went down in the final round at the hands of the Georgia sophomore, " Sonny " Swift. In the tournament Daray was runner-up in the first flight, being nosed out by the captain of the Ole Miss team. MAURICE PICHELOUP VINCENT OANTONI National lnttrcoll«giatt Champ. JACK DARAY Dekes exchanging bafon in relay. The newly organized Intramural Council is certainly to be congratu- lated upon Its work this year. They started things off with a bang, spon- soring Intra-university competition in nearly all sports. Several contests for Individual abil- ity have been held. A prize was award- ed to the person scoring the most free Steeg coming in the honne stretch. throws in basketball. An award also went to the boy who could throw the football the farthest. The cup, which is awarded each year to the team winning the most points, went to the sophomore class of the College of Medicine last year. This year the competition Is very keen, and at this writing the outcome is hard to predict. IITRHMURU SPORTS AT JUkU Beta ' s swimming team. On your mark; get set; go! II II Stepping low hurdles. Two points! Stewart Maunsell clearing the bar. us We have tried to give a wide and varied coverage of intramurals at Tu- lane. For this purpose we kept our photographers busy around the gym. Scattered over these pages you will find represented handball, baseball, football, tennis, track, rowing, swim- ming, and basketball. Some represent interfraternity events; others, the con- tests sponsored by the Intramural Council. SPORTS AT EUCOHB Newcomb ' s well equipped department of physical education offers a variety of sports in a year round program. All freshmen must take the prescribed athletic courses, continuing with one elective through the junior year. Many seniors keep up these courses of their own accord. Each year there is interclass competition in basketball, hockey, and swimming. For trophies in archery, tennis, bowling, badminton, ping pong, shuffleboard, fencing, and deck tennis a spring tournament is held. There are also classes In folk, tap, and modern dancing culminating in the dancing classes ' annual May Day Pageant. Gym Night annually displays the stars of fencing, tumbling, ap- paratus work, and Danish gymnastics. This Spring, horse-back riding was added to the curriculum. MISS FLORENCE A. SMITH Director of Athletics k:: _ H i y 1[ TULANE PAN-HELLENIC Firsf Row: P. Bass. W. Brothers. M. BurVa, R. CroweM, Oe La Vega, F. Dei Marmoi, E. Eagj ' -, i. F.jncr. Second Row: G. Foerster. M. Garb. H. Gautler. D. Hlqgins. I. Jones, M. Jumonville. W. Kunti. J. Le Lsurin. Third Row: H. Loeb. J. Lorber, C. Meyer, J. Miller. F. Ory, R. Pertuit, J. Reid. L. Renfz. Fourth Row; S. Rubcnstein, A. Stout, W. Tcte, O. Tolmas, M. Torre. S. Trufsnt, R. Vanderpool. J. Weil. OFFICERS DR. S. R. WALLACE . . JAMES REID . . . . Chairman W. R. MEMBERS TETE . .... Secretary . Treasure Alpha Tau Omega Delta Tau Delta Kappa Sigma Phi Kappa Sigma Sigma Alpha Mu Donald HIgglns J. B. Miller Conrad Meyer, III F. del Marmoi Bob Cosgrove M. Garb Sam Rubonstein D. P. Torre W. R. Tota W W k-,,n ' - Beta Theta PI Sigma Ch! lia Jones J. E. Reld Kappa Alpha Phi Delta Theta P! Kappa Alpha A. W. Stout. Jr Sam TrufanI, III W. C. Brothers Pal F. Bass J. V. LoLaurIn Delta Kappa Epsilon Sigma Pi M. J. Jumonville H. Q. Gautier Richard L. Crowoll Jay Weil G. R. Foerjior Gus Lorber F. Cry Delta Sigma Phi Kappa Nu Phi lota Alpha Sigma Alpha Eptilon Zata Bala Tau E. E. Eagan Israel Fischer F. Chirino L. S. Ranti Morris Burla Roland Pertuit Oscar Tolmas C. de la Vega R. Lee Vanderpool Herman Loeb [2J1] MU CHAPTER 1 Si Founded at University of Pennsylvania in 1850. Estab- lished at Tulane in 1858. Thirty-nine Active Chapters. Colors: Black and Gold. Flov er: Chrysanthemum. PHI KAPPA SIGMA First Row Robert G. Allen . . . Med. ' 43 Herman W. Anderson, Jr. . ' 43 Vernon W. Barrow ' 42 Walter E. Blessey ' 40 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Lewis C. Bryan, III . . Claude L. Buerger, Jr. Henry J. Bultman, Jr. Arthur A. Caire, III . Albert D. Caire . . . Andrew J. Carroll, Jr. William H. Church . George S. Clay . . . Med. Med. ' 41 ' 41 ' 40 ' 43 ' 43 ' 42 ' 41 ' 42 Second Row H. Roland Cocreham, Jr. William B. Craft . . . William D. Davis, Jr. . . Harry L. Deas, Jr. . . . Donald C. Dickson, Jr. . William H. Dunstan, III . Med 43 43 43 . . ' 40 Law ' 40 . . ' 40 William T. Eddins ' 42 Kermit Frymire ' 42 Bill Gibson ' 4! Joe Allen Gibson . . . Med. ' 43 Carroll A. Giraud ' 43 Edward K. Goodelt . . . Law ' 42 W. A. Atkinson, Jr. Edwin W. Booth, Jr. Dr. Charles L. Brown Dr. Arthur Caire, Jr. DuVal F. Dickey Dr. A. V. Friedrichs Dr. Sam Hobson Richard R. Kirk Clarence J. Morrow Claude Simons, Jr. Dr. F. Harold Wirth Dr. Willard R. Wirth FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Third Row William W. Goodell ' 43 Stephen L. Guice, Jr ' 4! C. Douglas Gulley ' 42 Walter R. Gulley, Jr ' 41 N. Raynaud Hinckley .... ' 43 A. Winter Holbrook ' 40 Wilson P. Ingrum, Jr ' 43 Merwin Jamieson ' 43 James M. Jennings, Jr ' 42 Leo E. Johns, Jr ' 43 W. Howard Kuntz ' 41 J. Donald Lockwood, Jr. . . . ' 4! Fourth Row S. Kenan Manson, Jr ' 42 A. Rhoades Marschall .... ' 41 Harvey C. May, Jr. . . Med. ' 42 Hunter W. May ' 42 William W. McCall ' 43 W. Leslie McLeod ' 43 Edward L. Merrigan ' 41 Malcolm W. Monroe . . . Law ' 42 Wiley L. J. Mossy, Jr ' 43 Robert E. Newlin ' 43 Francis Nicholson . . . Med. ' 41 Joseph E. O ' Sullivan ' 43 Fifth Row John J. Palmer Austin G. Phillips Douglas Scherer Albert L. Soule, III A. Dale Stanclltf, Jr Jack A. Tittle William F. Tompkins, Jr. . . . Louis I. Tyler, Jr. . . . Med. Harold B. Wallls Harold A. White . . . Med. William A. Wood, Jr Not in Panel Paul Allemandl Richard C. Borden A. Richard Christovich, Jr. . . Robert D. Cosgrove . . Grad. Edward E. Estes Philip H. Gentling Thomas S. Glass J. Marcus Harlan Robert F. Kellogg Arthur L. Lowe, Jr ' 43 ' 41 ' 42 ' 43 ' 43 ' 42 ' 40 ' 43 ' 41 ' 41 ' 41 ' 43 ' 41 ' 42 ' 39 ' 41 ' 41 ' 41 ' 43 ' 40 ' 40 [232] Founded af the Univoriity of Vlrginld In 1868. Eitab- liihod at Tulano in 1878. Sovonty-nino Active Ctiop- ten. Colors: Garnet and Gold. Flower: Lily of th« VdlUy. M m Ia ' B g ETA CHAPTER PI KAPPA ALPHA liiliili Dr. Octave C. Cassegrain Dr. William V. Holloway FRATRES IN FACULTATE Dr. John A. Lanford Dr. Stuart G. Noble Dean James M. Robert Charles S. Williamson. Jr. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE First Row R. C. Ball John P. Barnes . . . Hiram Batson . . . . . . Med. ' 42 ' 42 .... ' 42 Charles Blrdsong ' 43 Henry Bradford ' 43 Gordon Butler ' 42 James D. Byrne, Jr ' 41 James Worth Davis ' 41 Edward P. Ecuyer ' 41 Curtis Fitzgerald ' 42 Lloyd Fremaux ' 42 Second Row Fred Guedry ' 43 James L. Jordan, Jr. . Med. ' 42 Herbert W. Kaiser ' 41 Leonard King . . . ' 43 Haydon Lanols . . ' 42 George M. Lealie ' 4! James V. LeLaurIn ' 41 Allen Llll ' 43 George McCaskey ' 43 J. C. McCurdy .... Med. " 41 J. W. Mooro Med. ' 4! Third Row Joseph Morris ... Robert L. Parker. Jr. . Charles H. Petteway . Frank M. Posey . . . John Roberts .... L. J. Robin Sam Scott Paul R. Sheffield . . Jack H, Simons . . Jack Quinby Sloan Herbert Smith Howard J. Smit ' - Fourth Ro» Med. ' 42 Wilford M. Smith ... ' 49 William Jasper Tail-. Med. ' 43 Harry C. Tiller Med. ' 40 George Timiih . . ' 43 Jamas F. Tumbu 43 David Varn, J ' . 42 Daniel Verges Med. ' 43 William H. Wallace Mod. ' 42 Jav John George W,- ■:, " Mawell Wiiliami . 4i Luciott Yawn Law ' 40 Harold Zaringc Med. ■43 •42 •42 •40 •42 •42 William R. Burk, Jr ' 41 James Caire ' 42 Not In Panel Michael Carso Frank Hardenstein ... •41 Mod. ' 43 James Loale Alwyn Smith, Jr 40 Med. ' 43 t:3Ji PSI CHAPTER Founded at Washington and Lee in 1865. Established at Tulane in 1886. Fifty-nine Active Chapters. Col- ors: Crimson and Old Gold. Flower: Magnolia and Red Rose. KAPPA ALPHA Dr. Herbert E. Buchanan FRATRES IN FACULTATE Dr. Henry Laurens Dr. Jannes E. Winston Dr. Martin T. Van Studdiford First Row Harry W. Alcott ' 43 Joseph G. Bernard ' 42 Charles J. Bloom, III .... ' 42 Wil liam C. Brothers ' 41 John F. Carrere ' 41 John M. Collier ' 42 Nathaniel C. Curtis, Jr. ... ' 40 Joseph B. Dupont ' 43 Richard A. Faust ' 43 Edward D. Finley ' 41 Frank H. Beatrous ' 43 Leon C. Davis, Jr ' 42 Howard B. Gist, Jr ' 41 Second Row C. Henry Flower ' 40 H. Quin Gautier ' 41 Bernard H. Greham, Jr. ... ' 42 Edward M. Heath, Jr ' 40 John H. Heath ' 40 Maunsel W. Hickey . . . Law ' 42 Robert C. Leonard ' 43 T. Benbury Lockett ' 42 James A. Lockett ' 43 Edmund Mcllhenny ' 42 FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Third Row J. Douglas Maginnis .... John H. Maginnis Edward B. Martin, Jr. ... George B. Matthews, III . Lav ' 43 ' 40 ' 40 ' 42 E. Stewart Maunsell, II .... ' 42 Stenning C. Murphy ' 41 Raymond R. Perrlne ' 43 Shepard F. Perrin, Jr ' 42 Eads B. Poitevant ' 42 Not in Panel Arthur B. Hammond, Jr. . Law ' 41 Robert S. Hart ' 42 George D. Hopkins . . Med. ' 43 Kenneth C. Kennedy ' 43 Peter R. Monrose, Jr. . . Law ' 41 John R. Perez ' 43 Fourth Row John G. Pratt, Jr. ' 42 George B. Riviere ' 42 Samuel W. Ryniker ' 43 Harry V. SImms ' 43 Albert R. Tebo, Jr ' 40 Daniel R. Thornton, Jr ' 42 Arthur C. Waters ' 43 Ellis Woodward ' 43 Edward G. Zlegler ' 43 William B. Rudolf ' 42 T. Robert Rudolf, Jr ' 40 [234] Foundad «f MItinnI Unlveriltv In 1855. Eitabliihod at Tulana In IB86. Nlnoty-nlno Activa Chaptari. Colon: Blue and Old Gold. Flower: White Ro»«. ALPHA OMICRON CHAPTER SIGMA CHI Jfi - ( 1kfl S. Wood Brown Dr. Edward Cailletau Dr. Gay Caldwell First Row Bruce Baird ' 42 Sayle Batson, Jr ' 42 R. H. Butler Med. ' 42 Reynolds Collins ' 41 A. Y. DeLaney .... Med. ' 40 Donald Doyle Law ' 40 Roger Doyle ' 43 John F. Ehrhart ' 42 Jannes Ely, Jr ' 42 Robert Foster ' 43 Fred Cassibry ' 4! FRATRES IN FACULTATE Lt. J. E. Cooper Robert Farley Dr. Erasmus D. Fenner Dr. Rudd Fleming Dr. G. K. Logan Dr. Paul Mcilhenny Dr. Curtis H, T rnne FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE ond Row Third Row Warren L. Malhlot ' 43 Jack Michaels Med. ' 40 Robert Michaels ' 41 George H. Geissert, Jr ' 43 Clyde Hart, Jr. . " . ' 41 Harry Hayes ' 41 William C. Hildebrand, Jr. . . ' 40 J. B. Holder Med. ' 40 W. H. Jondahl .... Med. ' 41 John Latham ' 42 William W. Lealce, Jr ' 4! Stewart Long ' 43 Albert B. McCoard. Jr ' 42 William B. Monroe, Jr. Gonzalo F. Montiel Tom B. Parkerson, Jr. Paul O. H. Pigman . Barnett M. Poindoxter Amos L. Ponder. Ill . Lav ' 42 •42 43 43 41 ■40 R. W. Forsythe Not in Panel Med. ' 41 William N. Loftin [235] Fourth Ro George M. Ponder . H. G. Riche. Jr. S. L. Stiqier Arthur W. Stout. J ' . Harold H. Stream J. T. Swindle . Jack Thomion . . . . Samuel A. Trufant. Ill T. E. Weiis . Grad. " 37 J. P. Melvin . Law ' 41 Med. 41 Med. ' 40 " 41 •41 Med. ' 42 ... ' 43 . Med. ' 43 Med. ' 40 Med. ' 42 LOUISIANA BETA EPSILON CHAPTER j Founded at Virginia Military Institute in I86S. Estab- lished af Tulane in 1887. Ninety-six Active Chapters. Colors: Sky Blue and Old Gold. Flower: White Tea Rose. ALPHA TAU OMEGA " IO Dr. Nathaniel C. Curtis Dr, Charles L. Eshelman Dr. Allen C. Eustis FRATRES IN FACULTATE Dr. Raymond Freas Dr. Frederick Hard Judge George Janvier Ferdinand L. Larue Dr. Randolph Lyons George H. Penn, Jr. Warren E. Wilson FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE First Row J. A. Bergfeld Med. ' 42 J. S. Burwell ' 42 W. H. Charbonnet ' 40 Paul Clark ' 40 Benjamin Crump, III ' 42 Gelon H. Doswell ' 42 Walter J. Dueease ' 40 Pierre R. Dupont ' 43 Lawrence B. Eustis ' 43 Lloyd P. Fadrique ' 41 J. F. Gladney Med. ' 43 Second Row George M. Gregory, Jr. ... ' 43 Donald H. Higgins, Jr ' 42 Rene H. Himel, Jr ' 42 Charles Janvier .... Law ' 40 John M. Jordan ' 42 Thomas Jordan ' 43 J. Virgil Lambert .... Law ' 42 W. C. McCoy Med. ' 42 John F. McKenney . . . Med. ' 41 George C. Manning ' 41 Joseph Bayard Miller . . Law ' 41 Third Row Samuel Moody ' 42 W. Hammond Newman . Med. ' 40 N. Graham Nicholson, Jr. . . . ' 42 Robert W. O ' Donnell, Jr. . . . ' 41 Frank R. Pennebaker ' 43 Hal M. Perry, Jr ' 43 Paul Ramey ' 41 Thomas L. Royce .... Med. ' 40 John M. Sartin ' 43 Jack Scott Med. ' 41 James Corbett Senter, Jr. . . . ' 40 Fourth Row Robert W. Schupp James W. Spencer William L. Spencer . . R. B. Squire Med. Duncan Stewart Lawrence W. Stone, Jr. . Jetson P. Tatum Med. Claude M. Trawick, Jr John Walker Winston W. Walker . . A. Srady Williams . . Med. Henry E. Williams, Jr ' 42 ' 42 ' 41 ' 42 ' 43 ' 43 ' 40 ' 43 ' 42 ' 41 ' 41 ' 42 Euq ene Foley ' 43 William I. Hunt Julian P. Freret Law ' 42 Hepburn Many Not in Pane Med. ' 42 Law ' 42 George H. Penn, Jr. Ernest Roger, III . . Grad. ' 39 ... ' 40 Henry L. Trepagnier. Jr. . La ' 40 [236] Founded Jt the Unlvoriity of Vlrqlnij in I0i9. Ettab- lishod dt Tuldno in 1889. Ono Hundrod Elovon Active Chdplorj. Colors: Scorlot, White and Groon. Flow- er: Lily of the Valley. SIGMA CHAPTER KAPPA SIGMA Dr. Wiley R. Buffington Dr. BonI J. DeLaureal FRATRES IN FACULTATE Dr. Edmond L. Faust Col. Frederick H. Fox Dr. Albert P. Kimball Dr. Edward L. King Dr. Paul T. Talbot First Row Edward A. Adey, III ' 43 Michael H. Bagot ' 43 Edward B. Baldinger, Jr. . . . ' 43 Norton Bedford ' 40 William Bendel, Jr ' 41 Peter Bernard ' 41 Joseph Bistowich . . . Med. ' 43 Graham C. Bonnell ' 4! Robert Ross Cahal. Jr ' 43 Curtis W. Caine ' 42 James L. Campbell ' 40 William Cleary ' 42 Owens S. Eckhardt ' 40 Raymond Gauche. Jr ' 42 FRATRES IN Second Row Frank C. Czerny, Jr ' 43 Homer Lee Davis ' 40 J. T. Davis Med. ' 41 Francis A . del Marmol .... ' 4! Charles O. Donnaud. Ill ... ' 43 Wallace B. Dunlap ' 43 Raymond A. Dyke, Jr ' 4! Henry S. Eason ' 41 William R. Eason ' 43 Emile Gex. Jr ' 43 Corneal G. Goldman. Jr. . . . ' 40 William Goldman ' 42 Not i P. P. Gilchrist .... Med. ' 42 Nicholas G. Kumpurls Mod. ' 43 Lyman P. Rhodes ' 4! UNIVERSITATE Fourth Row Third Row Charles L. Goodson ' 40 Julian J. Miester . ■43 Richard W. Haff . . ■43 Robert P. Morrow Med. ■40 Thomas Hall, Jr. . . ' 42 E. Donald Mossley •42 Arthur C. Hollister, Jr. ' 41 David A. Nouhauser. Jr. ■43 Leon J. Joseph . . . •42 William R. North •40 Robert Kimball . ■40 J. Horborl Owon$ Jr. . M»d. •43 David M. Kleck ■43 John Pollock •42 J. W. Long Med. ' 41 Wirt A. Rodgc •41 Louis W. McFaul, Jr. . ' 43 O. P. Stona . Med. " 41 Kent McWIIIIams . . ■43 William R. Tet.- •41 G. T. Meliinger . , . Med. •43 W. S. Williams Med. •41 Thomas Melton ... Mod. •40 Henry Worner •41 Panel T. G. RIddier Med. ■42 J. K. Tata . . . . . •4! ' 41 Med. " 47 William Squire . 40 l;37) BETA XI CHAPTER First Row Cedric Almond ' 42 Richard Andry ' 43 Guy Ballou ' 43 Hart Balcer Med. ' 42 Roy Bartlett ' 42 Tom O. Bell Law ' 42 William Beyer ' 41 Robert Black ' 40 D. Hanlin Becker .... Law ' 4! Robert Boswell ' 42 Robert L. Browning ' 42 Second Row Jocelyn Crawley .... Med. 40 N. C. Cromwell ' 43 Richard Cromwell ' 43 Clarence Dupre ' 43 Charles A. Emiing ' 42 Michael Fortier ' 43 Maurice Gelpi ' 41 Alvin Gottshalk ' 43 Angus Grace Med. ' 41 Richard Griffith ' 43 Reese Haie ' 43 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Dr. Stanford C. Jamison Dr. T. Hillman Oliphant Dr. Emile Naef Dr. William R. Pabst, Jr. Dr. William H. Stevens FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Third Row Ned Hardin ' 43 Philip Jahncke Law ' 42 Barkdull Kahao ' 40 Kenneth Kahao ' 43 Leonard K. Knapp ' 41 Allen Knolle ' 43 Steed McGee ' 43 Henry A. Mentz ' 41 Ccnrad Meyer, III ' 41 Calvin J. Michel ' 42 William Moss ' 41 Fourth Row A. J. Nugon ' 41 Joseph Partridge ' 43 Bryden Pease ' 43 J. Barnwell Phelps .... Law ' 40 Lane Plauche ' 42 Robert Potts ' 43 Lester Price ' 43 Stanley Ray Law ' 40 Davis F. Reid ' 42 Melville Schmidt ' 40 Joseph V. Schlosser . . Med. ' 41 Fifth Row George Schneider ' 41 Ralph Sherwood ' 43 Mark Smith ' 41 Millard P. Snyder ' 40 John C. Thorn Med. ' 40 Douglas Torre .... Med. ' 43 Mottram Torre .... Med. ' 43 Walter J. Verlander ' 41 Robert Willard ' 43 James Williams ' 43 Phil Wimberly ' 42 Not in Panel Augustus W. Anderson . Med. ' 43 John Dyer Law ' 41 Gordon Johnson ' 42 Day Lindberg Law ' 41 George Mayoral ' 40 William McGehee . . - . ' 43 harry Moran ' 42 Don Smith ' 43 Edmund O. Spiller ' 40 C. J. Thompson .... Med. ' 43 [238] Founded ot Miumi Univorjity In 1858. Eitdbliihod at Tuldne in 188?. One Hundred Seven Active Chdp- ten Colon: Axure and Argent. Flower; White Cdrndfion. LOUISIANA ALPHA CHAPTER PHI DELTA THETA First Row L. Colhoun Allen ' 42 Dr. Earl Z. Browne R. H. Atkinson Med. ' •10 Lowell Dawson S. C. Atkinson Med. ■■)! q, Charles W. Duval Lms Banos . . , ' ■ ' ' " , ? J. H. Randolph Feltus Pat Farnnqton Bass Low 41 f u d - Jack W. Beaslev. Jr ' 42 r. Hermann B. Gessner Charles F. Beckert Med. ' 43 " ' ' ■ R " ' " ' C. Harris James Benedict ' 43 Dr. Warren Hebert Franklin P. Berry ' 42 Robert C. Bibb Med. ' 40 Charles J. Block ' 42 Frank T. Brame ' 40 Third Row Second Row Charles C. Forrcll. Jr. Woodlcy Clark Campbell ' 40 ij-,i,„ ' j n c;»m I ■ . • ,.-1 Kicnard D. ricld Louis C. Champion 43 t c- l Paul H. Champion ' 40 ' • Vernon Finch William T. Coats. Jr ' 43 William M. Frost F. Hunter Collins ' 42 Broox C. Garrett Paul Cordes ' 43 R. L. Gates Edward Crawford ' 41 William 8. Goff, Jr. . . . Richard Lee Crowell Law ; 0 j inj, Gordon Jack L. Daray, Jr 41 .. _ . J. Bruce Darse ' 43 " " I " " ' ' E. E. Dilworth Med. ' 40 • ' ■ °- " ' " .... Henry M. Dismukes ' 43 Binion Harmon Brown Boswell ' 42 Jerc Hudson . J. Gilbert Med. " 42 Norman Landry Oscar M. Gwinn ' 43 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Fifth Row Dr. Howard P. Johnson Dr. Hillard E. Miller Dr. Morrell W. Miller Dr. E. W. Alton Ochsner Charles Rucker Glen E. Seidel Dr. Ambrose H. Storck FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Fourth Row . ' 41 Med. ' 43 Med. ' 42 Med. ' 43 ■42 ' 41 ... ' 43 . Law ' 40 ... ' 40 ... ' 43 Med. ' 43 ' 43 Samerill Hutton . . . Ernest P. Johnson. Jr. Louts M. Jones . . Stewart J. Kepper - Maxwell Kilgore . Joe H. Kirby. Jr. . Richard B. Langford Boyd H. Lewis . . Miles L. Lewis . . . Frank Lindeman . . Henry Lochte . . , . Jack W. Lorch Law Law Med. Med. Not in PantI ' 43 ' 40 Matt Redmond Casper A. Tooke, La. ' 41 •40 F. Collins McCaleb C. A. McLarty . - L. D. McLean . Henry K. Miller Frank H. Moore Peter Parkerson Frederick Wa ' lc- • ' John E. Po " Charles Ja;- • Randoic " ■ Jack • Siifh Row Ralph Ross. Jr. Ralph Rugan, Jr. John Sims. Jr. . J. Pdul Swearingr C. D. Tsyler P. K. - w:ii, • J. c. ,-, „ . Ralph Wen: J. 8. While. , . Lewis M. Williams Joe Vanzant . Carey Womble 43 Meo. 40 Med. ' 40 .■43 ' . ' ■ ■ ■4- ' ■42 ■49 •40 ■43 ■42 •43 ■41 •41 . . •« Med. ' 43 Med. ••« Med. 43 . Law 42 Mr.-i r Vcd. 4j [239 1 LOUISIANA TAU UPSILON CHAPTER Founded at the University of Alabama in 1856. Established at Tulane In 1897. One Hundred Thirheen Active Chapters. Colors: Old Gold and Royal Purple. Flower: Violet. i SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Dean Leslie J. Buchan Donald Derickson FRATRES IN FACULTATE Prof. J. E. Englekirk Dr. C. Gordon Johnson Dr. J. Adair Lyons Dr. John e. Pratt Dr. J. Clay Walker First Row F. J. Baird Med. ' 42 R. Bittman, Jr ' 43 J. A. Brantley Med. ' 40 E. J. Cain, Jr Med. ' 41 N. Callahan Med. ' 41 C. G. Callender .... Med. ' 42 M. Childress ' 43 W. T. Coppedge, Jr. . . Med. ' 43 H. W. Davies ' 41 J. Dodson Med. ' 42 Second Row T. Everett ' 4! K. Everts ' 41 C. Fernandez ' 43 H. C. Foss ' 40 F. Gill ' 42 G. W. Goldenstar . . . Med. ' 41 W. Gunn ' 43 G. Hayes ' 43 C. M. King ' 41 C. V. Lanier ' 42 FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Third Row B. Lufburrow ' 43 P. Mandlch ' 41 J. M. Maneely ' 43 J. M. Miazza ' 42 H. Mullin ■. . . . ' 42 M. Park ' 43 E. R. Powers, Jr Law ' 42 D. F. Rentz ' 41 L. S. Rentz ' 41 W. E. Riley Med. ' 42 Fourth Row J. L. Royals Med. ' 40 N. R. Slayton ' 41 G. Smoot ' 43 F. P. Therlot ' 42 R. L. Vanderpool, Jr ' 41 M. Walther ' 40 W. R. Wellborn .... Med. ' 42 C. A. Wharton, Jr. . . . Law ' 40 W. White ' 43 A. Wogan ' 43 A. W. Howell ' 41 H. R. McCollum ' 41 J. H. Neil Not in Panel Grad. ' 40 R. T. Perkins, Jr. ' 41 R. H. Spaar Law ' 41 £240] Founded at Ydio Univortify in IB44. Ettablithod at TuIjho in 1899. Forty-iovon Active Chaptort. Colon: Rod, Azuro and Gold. Flower: Paniy. TAU LAMBDA CHAPTER DELTA KAPPA EPSILON i l A FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE First Row John Benham ' 42 Robert U. Blum Law ' 40 Paul Bourgeois ' 43 Edward Bres Med. ' 41 Joseph Bres ' 40 Perry Brown ' 42 Paul Charbonnet ' 41 Oliver Clark ' 43 Jason Collins Med. ' 41 Whitmarsh Crunnpton . . Med. ' 42 John Culbertson ' 41 Benjamin Dart ' 43 Ross Baiter ' 41 Burton Banker ' 39 Forbes Bastian ' 42 Thomas Collens ' 4! Second Row Judson Demarest ' 43 Jack Donnaud ' 43 Herman Duncan ' 41 Donald Ehrhart ' 42 Carey Ellis ' 42 Tom Frith ' 43 James Gilly ' 42 William Harris, Jr. . . Med. ' 40 Eldridge Hine ' 43 Moreau J. Jumonvllle ' 40 William Kyle Mod. ' 42 Rudolph Landry .... Med. ' 42 Gordon Doromos ' 39 Henry J. Jumonvllle ' 42 Shaumberg McGheo ' 43 Third Row Edward Levorich ' 42 Richard Logan ' 43 J. F. Auguste Lorber, Jr. . . . ' 41 Trist McConnell ' 43 Armand McHenry ' 43 Julian McPhillips ' 41 A. Miller Med. ' 41 Loland Montgomery ' 43 Pratt Munson ' 43 William Nichols .... Med. ' 41 Glenny Parker ' 43 Jeffory Parker ' 43 Not in Panel William Mason Smith . . Robert Swopo Gerald Honry A. Thomas Fourth Row Louis Pourclau .... ' 42 Homer Rankin Law ' 41 Clarke Salmon . 43 James Sanchei . 41 Oscar Schnoldau ■♦2 Nauman Scott Law ' 41 Charles Edward K. Strong ' 41 Albert Torkualo . . ■ ' 2 William Westarfiald . . Uw ' 41 Crary Whealor " 43 Roger Crawford While 41 ■43 Goorgo Tompkins ' 42 Raymond Walker ' 42 James Wllkorson 42 . . 43 Law ' 42 [2.»1 J BETA XI CHAPTER Founded at Miami University in 1839. Established at Tulane in 1908. Ninety Active Chapters. Colors: Pink and Blue. Flower: Rose. BETA THETA PI First Row Oscar Backstrom ' 40 Earl Bartlett ' 43 Archie Boggs Law ' 42 Jack Borneman Law ' 40 Walter Brent ' 43 John Bryan ' 41 Duralde Claiborne ' 41 Donald Claypool ' 4! William Culpepper . . . Med. ' 41 Charles Cummins ' 42 Second Row Robert Cummins ' 43 William Eckert ' 42 James Ewin ' 42 Robert Floweree ' 42 David Glover ' 42 Wolf Hellmers ' 42 William Hudson ' 43 Matthew Hunter ' 43 Foster Johns ' 42 Ira Jones ' 40 FRATRES IN FACULTATE T. Hale Boggs Kendall H. Cram FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Third Row George Kraft ' 42 Paul Krueger ' 40 Robert Lathrop Law ' 42 Robert Lecorgne .... Law ' 40 Charles Lee ' 40 Rene LeGardeur ' 43 Donald McLellan ' 41 Allen Martin ' 43 Ralph Merriman ' 42 Max Morelock .... Law ' 41 Fourth Row Edward Munson .... Law ' 42 Longer Musson ' 40 Claude Oakland ' 42 William O ' Hara ' 42 Robert Oliver ' 41 Ford Reese Law ' 41 James Reid ' 41 Richard Riley ' 42 Randolph Roane ' 42 John Rooker ' 43 Martin Schmidt ' 40 Fifth Row St. John Smith ' 43 William Smith ' 40 Dan Spurlock ' 43 Carl Stockmeyer ' 40 Edward Stockmeyer ' 43 Leon Trice ' 41 Edward Vales ' 43 Michael Vales ' 42 M. Walsh ' 43 Roy White ' 42 Milton Williams ' 43 Not in Panel David Dickson ' 43 Walter Jung ' 41 John McGee Law ' 42 Lester Smith ' 43 David Waitzman ' 43 [242] Foundod if C!ty Collogo, Now York. Eitdbllthad at Tulano in 1909. Thirty-fivo Activo Chdptort. Colon: Blue and Whilo. Flower: While Role. SIGMA CHAPTER ZETA BETA TAU First Row David Asher Gilbert Balkin . . . Gerald Berenson . . . Morris E. Burka . . . Isadore Cohn . . . . Arthur Davis Jules H. Dreyfuss . . Samuel Elchold . . . Earl Flowers Charles Frank . . . . Med. Med. ' 40 ' 41 ' 43 ' 40 ' 42 ' 41 ' 43 ' 40 ' 41 ' 43 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Dr. H. P. Marx Dr. Melvin Steiner FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Second Row Joe Goldberg, Jr ' 43 Martin Goldberg ' 43 Jack Gordon ' 42 Harry Greenberg . . . Med. ' 43 Edgar Haas ' 42 Arthur Herold, Jr ' 43 Eugene Hesdorffer ' 43 Edwin Hlllor ' 41 Jerome HIrsch .... Med. ' 3 Irwin Isaacs ' 43 Third Row Bernard Jacobs ' 43 Jerome Katz ' 41 Arnold Levy ' 41 Byron Levy ' 41 Walter E. Levy, Jr ' 43 ' 43 ' 41 ' 42 ' 43 ' 41 Jullon Lilienthal Herman Loeb Harold Marv Howard Marx Sackman Marx Fourth Row Herbert L. Miller . . . Law ' 40 Harvoy Mintz ' 41 J. William Rosenthal ' 43 Melvin Rosenthal . . . Med. 43 Joe Rosenzweig ' 42 Charles Schwartz, Jr ' 43 Melvin Schwartzman ' 42 Sheppard Shushan . ' 42 Edward Simon . ' 43 William Stoln. Jr. Law ' 42 Leonard Stern . . ' 42 FiHh Row Aivln Strauss Howard 8. Strauss Sam Threefoot .... Harry Wagenhoim . . David Woinstoin . . . Jack M. Weiss Julian Wiener William Wiener Victor WiHen .... Henri Wolbrotfe . . . Sidney Wright Med. ' 43 •43 . . -42 . Med. ' 43 Mod. ' 43 . . ' 40 Med. ' 42 Med. ' 40 Med. ' 41 .... ' 42 Law ' 41 Not in Panel Laweronce Cohn . . •42 Harry N. Solomon •43 C24}] CHI CHAPTER Founded at the College of the City of New York in 1899. Established at Tulane in 1916. Forty-five Active Chapters. Colors: Nile Green and White. Flov er: White Carnation. Richard O. Baumbach Peter Maihles FRATRES IN FACULTATE Forrest E. Oalces John Pizzano Dr. Hov ard Russell Dr. E. Garland Walls First Row Harrie Backes ' 42 Earl Batten ' 42 Bennie Bell, Jr ' 43 John Boutall ' 40 Wilton Duckv or+h ' 43 C. J. Eagan ' 40 Ev ell Eagan ' 40 Alvin Flettrlch ' 42 Marx Brodle ' 41 FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Second Row Steve Gasparecz ' 42 Earl Haas ' 41 Frederick Heebe ' 43 Lawrence Knight ' 40 Vernon Kroll ' 43 John Lachin ' 42 Herbert Levy ' 42 George Lopez ' 41 Not In Panel Lawrence Collins Grad. ' 39 George LaBorde ' 42 [244 J Third Row William Lyons ' 41 Paul McGIII ' 42 A. C. Martin, Jr ' 41 Ralph Nolan, Jr ' 41 Robert Oster , ' 40 Roland Pertuit ' 41 Phil Ricks ' 41 Fred Schuber ' 43 Elvln Noxon ' 42 Founded at VInconnoi Univorilty In IB97. EitdblUhod at Tulano In 1920. Thirty Active CHapton. Colon: Lavender and Wtiito. Plowort: Orchids and Lilacs. OMI CRON CHAPTER Firsf Row Arthur Adolph Calix ' 41 John Caruso ' 42 Horace Chalstrom ' 42 f. J. Corales ' 43 Riley B. Fell ' 41 George R. Foerster ' 40 Anthony J. Brocato ' 42 A. C. CentannI ' 42 FRATER IN FACULTATE Dr. Edward A. Bechtel. Emeritus FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Second Row Third Row George V. Gregorattl ' 40 David Monroe Carl Gulotta . . Med. ' 41 Francis J. Ory Emile Gros ... . ' 43 Peter M. Pellegrini Floyd Howell . . . ' 42 George L. Rogers Thomas Lupo ... ' 44 James Smith James H. Martin . . ' 42 Horace Stovall Not in Panel Earl Forstall ' 43 Earl S. Robinson .... Herbert Hirth ' 43 Constantino P. Saclarides Jacic Meyer 43 [245] ' 43 •41 ' ■«? A . ' 43 Mpd. ' 43 •43 . ' 40 SIGMA GAMMA CHAPTER Founded at the College of the City of New York in 1909. Established at Tulane in 1920. Forty-five Active Chapters. Colors: Purple and White. Flower: Lily. SIGMA ALPHA M U Dr. Don Julian Graubarth FRATRES IN FACULTATE Dr. Samuel B. Saiewilz Dr. Herbert Weinberger First Row Harvey Jay Amsterdam ' 41 Barney Blumberg Med. ' 42 Simon Caplan ' 42 George Dorfman ' 41 Isadore Dravin ' 42 Arthur E. Dreskin Med. ' 43 Maurice Garb ' 40 Norton Gleuck ' 43 Jack Gold ' 43 Second Row Arnold Goldschlag ' 42 Dan Handleman ' 43 FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Maurice Handleman ' 42 Albert Hyman ' 43 Perry Klein Med. ' 40 Allen Koltun ' 43 Willard Marmelzat Med. ' 43 Ivan Mattes ' 42 Stanley Mintz ' 41 Third Row Stanford Opotowsky ' 43 Bernard K. Oppenheim Law ' 43 Harvey J. Rappeport ' 43 Edwin Berna Raskin ' 40 Norman Robbins ' 43 Marvin Rosman ' 43 Samuel Rubinstein ' 40 Leonard Russakow ' 43 Irvin C. Schneider ' 42 Fourth Row Al Schonbrun ' 40 Alan Smith ' 41 Waldorf A. Steeg ' 4! Sol Stern ' 41 Harold Victor ' 42 Gerald Weiss ' 43 Leslie Winegarden ' 43 Max Phillip Zander ' 41 [246] Founded dt Rocheitor University in 1911. Eitdbliihed At Tuidoo in 1922. Thirteen Active Chdptort. Colon: Blue dnd Wtiito. SIGMA CHAPTER APPA NtJ Z DTSill o f r First Row Bernard J. Aronson Norman Aronson William Axelrod Med. Herbert Barton Fred Bronfin Law Gene Carp Gilbert Carp Emanuel Choper Arthur Eckhous Maurice Felix Second Row Julius Finkolstein J. L. Fischman Med. Israel Fischer Med. ' 40 ' 43 ■42 ■43 ■41 ' 42 ■43 ' 42 ■41 ■42 41 ' 41 ' 43 FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Morris Gold ' 42 I. Harry Saltz Irwin Goldman 43 Maurice Singer Edward Graff ' 43 Maurice Hellman ' 40 Myron Kass ' 42 Abe Kupperman Law ' 40 Allan Lenovsky 42 Third Row Leonard Leon ' 43 William Leon . . . Med. ' 43 Irwin Rabinowitz 42 Harvoy Reisman 42 Harold Rosen 41 Milton Rosen-Kran; 43 Leonard Kah ' Mark Sackett 43 Mayor Wallick Fourth Row Charles Singerman Irwing Sokolsky . Bernard Solomon Julius Spizar Sol Stemple Oscar Tolmoi Nathan Trou- Martin Turlish Martin Watsi Not !n Panel 41 43 43 40 43 ■«I 42 41 42 43 [;47] DELTA CHAPTER Founded at Louisiana State University in 1904. Established at Tulane in 1932. Twenty-five Ac- tive Chapters. Colors: Blue, Red and Gold. Flower: Red Carnation. PHI IOTA ALPHA FRATRES IN FACULTATE Dr. Rudolph Matas Dr. Alberto Prieto FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE First Row Aurello A. Alba ' 42 Hernando Chirino Alonso Med. ' 43 Antonio Bird Law ' 40 Carlos de la Vega ' 41 Ernesto Martinez Med. ' 40 Rafael Navarro ' 42 Second Row Carlos A. PInzon ' 43 Luis Prieto ' 42 Edgardo Silva Med. ' 42 Juan Silverio 42 Federico Snnith Med. ;42 Jorge Enrique Soto 43 Arturo Tapia Med. ' 41 Oswaldo Gonzalez Not in Panel ' 43 Luis Lacourt Carlos Penedo 4-3 Med. ' 40 [248] Foundod dt tho Univortlty of Richmond In 1901. Ettdblishod at Tultino in 1929. Sovonty Active Chap- tors. Colors: Purple and Rod. Flowort: Amorlcan Boauty Roso and Violots. LOUISIANA ALPHA CHAPTER SIGMA PHI EPSILON FRATRES IN FACULTATE James J. Morrison J. Chalmers Hermann FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE First Row Second Row Third Row John Adema ■43 H. M. Davidson . . ■43 Erwin Ralston Law ' 41 Everett Arnoult ' 41 Robert Everett •42 Curtlss Schroedor ... " 42 Malcolm D. Arnoult ■43 Harvey Feohan •40 George Schroedor •43 Francis R. Barnard ' 42 Nestor Knoepflor .... ■40 William Waloland . •42 Charles Bosch ■42 Lee Lottinger Not in Panol •41 Wliiia ' " W- ' «rr ,n •41 " 41 ■39 Curtis F. Scott . Adolph Schroiber •40 ' 41 Sanford Torre, . . Gilbert H. Vorhoff •42 Ruland Serth . Grad. 39 Paul K. Malone ■42 J. N. Wilson . •41 [:-t9] NEWCOMB PAN-HELLENIC First Row; A. Aronson, C. Carter, E. Cooper, P. Derbes, E. Everett, B. Faust, B. Gilmore, M. hiarper. Second Row: M. htutson, F. Katz, 6. Kreckle, 1. Levy, M. Merriman, R. Miester, E. Pearce, F. Pottharst. Third Row: R. Rhymes, M. Roemer, E. Smith, E. Solomon, L- Stolienwerk, E. Strack, S. Viosca, A. Wyiy. OFFICERS ELEANOR PEARCE Chairman MEMBERS Alpha Delta PI Robertlne Rhymes L. Stollenwerck Alpha Epsilon Phi F. Katz Elaine Solomon Alpha Omicron Pi Florence Pottharst Edith Smith Beta Phi Alpha Ethelyn Everett Shirley Viosca Beta Sigma Omicron Mary Jane Hutson Betty Kreckle Chi Omega Barbara Gilmore Ethel Stracic Kappa Alpha Theta Martha hiarper Anne Wyly Kappa Kappa Gamma Charlotte Carter Eleanor Pearce Phi Mu Betty Faust Rene Miester Phi Sigma Sigma Adeline Aronson Isolene Levy Pi Beta Phi Elizabeth Cooper Mollie Merriman Zeta Tau Alpha Phyllis Derbes Margaret Roemer [250] Founded dt Monmouth Col logo In !8i7. EitdblUhod (it Tuldno in 1891. Eighty-ono ActWo Chapters. Colors: Wine and Silver Blue. Flower: Wine Cdrnd- tion. a N sl LOUISIANA ALPHA CHAPTER First Row Mary Alpough ' 42 Lucille Baker ' 40 Helen Baldwin ' 43 Betty Broome ' 41 Estelle Cable ' 43 Lucie Claiborne ' 42 Delphine Clark ' 43 Sue Cleveland ' 42 Elizabeth Cooper ' 40 Jane Dart ' 43 Phyllis Delaney ' 42 Betty Dixon ' 41 SORORES IN FACULTATE Alice Labouisso Joyce Palmer SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE Second Row Third Row Ninette Denegro ' 40 Althoa Huoy Celeste Douglas ' 42 Brucie Jones Eva Douglas ' 43 Cynthia Landry Ruth Ellis ' 43 Elaine Leverich Eleanor English ' 43 Eleanor Logan Corlnne Eshelman ' 42 Betty Martin . . Gladys Say ' 42 Mary Mohaffoy . Gloria Grehan ' 40 Mollle Merriman . Mary Hackett ' 42 Nancy Miles Elizabeth Harrison ' 42 Betty Monroso Not in Panel Catherine Moore ' 43 Adelaide RIckert . . [251 I ' 40 •43 •43 •42 ' 43 ' 42 •42 ' 40 ' 42 ' 43 •41 Fourth Rox Betfy Shelton . BeHy Shober . Virginia Sims Margery Stsuu Louise Stites BottY Stuart Elise Terhuno Ruth Trowbridge Sara Villeris Shelby Worloin Mary Ztagic Peaqv RIckert ■»3 2 42 ••0 42 42 40 43 42 43 42 ■42 CHAPTER Founded at Barnard College in 1897. Established at Tulane in 1898. Forty-two Active Chapters. Color: Cardinal. Flower: Jacqueminot Rose. ALPHA OMICRON PI First Row Ellen Archer ' 42 Mary Archer ' 43 Ann Barker ' 4j Nathalie Bond ' 42 Virginia Brownson ' 42 Barbara Campbell ' 41 June Carpenter ' 42 hiamer Cole ' 43 Katharine Duncan ' 41 Dorothy Ecuyer ' 43 SORORES IN FACULTATE Mrs. Dagmar LeBreton Miss Anna E. Many Miss Gladys Anne Renshaw SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE Second Row Third Row Marielle Emiing ' 43 Betty Lemarie ' 43 Marie Farrell ' 42 Emilie Locascio ' 42 Helen Ferrandou ' 41 Dorothy McSuirk ' 41 Jane Gallaher ' 42 Amelia Manogue ' 40 Marie Gamard ' 42 Margaret Glenn ' 41 Flo Hamaker ' 42 Rose Marye Hodge ' 43 Audrey Johnson ' 42 Betty Judd . . ■ ' 43 Moonine Marion Ardath Markel ' 41 Gayle Marschall ' 42 Helen Mae Marschall ' 43 Dona Mithen ' 43 Marie Louise Nichols ' 43 Fourth Row Nathalie Owings ' 42 Florence Pottharst ' 40 Patricia Robertson ' 41 Muriel Roshko ' 43 j-i Lorraine St. Raymond ' 40 Elizabeth Sandoz ' 40 Jane Sandoz ' 42 Adele Schneidau ' 43 Alice Schoenhardt ' 42 Edith Smith ' 42 Dorothy Turnbuli ' 43 [252] • ' - Founded at the Unlvenity of Afltanias in 1895. Eitab- liihod dt TuUno in 1900. Ninoty-three Activo Chapttrt, Colors: Cordinal and Straw. Flower; White Carnation. RHO CHAPTER Elizabeth Edwards First Row Theresa Anderson ' 41 Mary Lloyd Andrews ' 42 Kathryn Mae Balmer ' 43 Jane Bonham ' 42 Elizabeth Bowon ' 40 Nell Busby ' 43 Henrietta Colley ' 41 Nell Courtney ' 42 Second Row Cornelia Crittenden ' 43 Blanche Cudd ' 41 Anne Friedrichs ' 43 Barbara Gilmore ' 40 SORORES IN FACULTATE Clara Lewis Landry Bertha Alien Latane SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE Harriet Heidler ' 41 Fourth Row Elsa Hoehn ' 42 Viola PoHharst ... -•2 Mary Hoehn ' 40 J " ' " " - " " " y ' Julie Saunders 43 Linda Hudson ' 43 Martha Ann Speight ' 41 Third Row Collen Spillor . i Jane Jordan ' 43 Sybil Stevens . 42 Nita Kidd ' 43 Ethel Strack . . 40 Patricia Sutherland 42 Alice Kinabrew 42 Norrino Vincant ' 43 Elaine Lacroix ' 41 „ , ,, Not in Panel Rose Lapeyre ■ ' .: Norvilla Cox ' 42 Gladys Mayer ' ' r- l u .i Carol Horron i Sally Mysing ' 43 5 Virginia Joncr •«l Miller Owen . . • ■ " ' . ' jrgaret Paterson 42 BETA OMICRON CHAPTER Founded at Monmouth College in 1870. Established at Tulane In 1904. Seventy-two Active Chapters. Colors: Light and Dark Blue. Flov er: Fleur-de-lis. KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA First Row Nona Bair 43 Elliot+e Beckner ' 43 Betty Bethea ' 41 Ruby Mae Bethea ' 40 Katherine Braselman ' 43 Betsy Bres ' 40 Charlotte Carter ' 40 Grace Chavanne 41 Frances Collins ' 41 Lyndal da Ponte ' 43 Second Row Eleanor Dixon ' 41 Frances Dowd ' 43 Sylvia Duncan ' 40 Yvonne Dureau ' 43 Edith Fenno ' 41 Shelby Flowers ' 40 LeNette Forrest ' 40 Ruth Gordon ' 42 Elmira Hancock ' 43 Betty Harris ' 40 SORORES IN FACULTATE Elizabeth B. Raynnond Sally Reed Dorothy Seago Florence A. Smith SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE Third Row Kitty Harris ' 41 Mlml Harry ' 41 Beverly Hess Lav ' 40 Algie Hill ' 41 Betty Hochenedel ' 41 Anne Kilpatrlck ' 40 Elma Landram ' 43 Bettie McCord ' 42 Eulalie McKay ' 40 Margaret MacLaurln ' 42 Fourth Row Lorene Myers ' 42 Marie Elise Monrose ' 43 Jacqueline Nutter ' 43 Eleanor Pearce ' 40 Marjorie Pearce ' 42 Idella Peterson ' 43 Martha Jane Porter ' 41 Martha Adele Scott ' 42 Evelyn Senter ' 43 Frances Senter ' 40 Fifth Row Mary Sinclair ' 41 Baldwin Smith ' 41 Peggy Smith ' 43 Elizabeth M. Staples ' 43 Margaret Stone ' 43 Bettye Stulb ' 43 Jean Walker ' 42 Frances Wall ' 42 Frances Watson ' 41 Joan Watters 42 Elinor Welsh 41 Not in Panel Mary Boylan 42 Catherine Clark 42 Peggy Fenno ' 42 Mercedes Harris ' 42 Gloria Hill ' 42 Harriet Kostmayer ' 41 Saidee Montgomery ' 43 Jean Restrick ' 42 Marjorie Staubltz ' 41 Corinne Wat erman ' 42 Adele Williams ' 40 [254] Founded at Woitoydn Col logo in I6S2. Eildbliihod dt Tuldno in 1906. Sixty-two Aclivo Choptori. Colors: Roie and White. Flowor: Enchjntroi Carnation. r DELTA CHAPTER PHI MU I First Row Ruth Aufdemorle ' 43 Alice Baird ' 43 Marguerite Bondy ' 40 Martha Bradford ' 43 Joan Brooks ' 43 Mary Cahal ' 41 Shirley Caire ' 43 Elsa Capo Law ' 42 Dorothy Cooley ' 41 Lota Covington ' 43 SORORES IN FACULTATE Eunice Baccich Kathryn Hanley Ruth Dickey Jean Till SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE Second Row Kathryn Edwards ' 42 Betty Faust ' 40 Suzanne Faust ' 43 Alice Field ' 41 George GIrot ' 40 Violet Gremar ' 42 Barbara Harrison ' 41 Jane Hinds ... 41 Kate Hodge ... 41 Barbara Joseph ' 40 Third Row Mary Catherine Kelly ' 42 Gayle Lauderdale ' 43 Leila Levlne . ' 41 Muriel Lyons . ' 42 Renee MIesler ' 41 Frances Morriss ' 41 Alice O ' Koefe . ' 43 Muriel Pasquior . " 41 Lucille Patterson . ' 42 Winifred Smith - ' Audrey AicHen ' 42 Not in Panel Martha White Fourth Row Kay Stewart 43 Mary Sue Strahan ' 42 Marie Louise Walsman . . . ' 42 BeHy Ann Walter 42 Phyllis Wahon ■• Margarof Lee Wono ■ Pf::-!, V;fI;ar, -, . . ■«? C • " Grace Yoaqi- i 41 Esther Wilson •43 [2J5] EPSILON CHAPTER Founded at Wesleyan College in 1851. Established at Tulane in 1906. Fifty-eight Active Chapters. Colors: Blue and White. Flower; Violet. ALPHA DELTA PI SORORES IN FACULTATE Miss Gloria Ladleu Miss Charlotte Boatner First Row Carolyn Albrecht ' 42 Ruth Albrecht ' 42 Jean Bonner ' 43 Margaret Bosshardt ' 42 Joy Clay ' 43 Frances Connely ' 43 Jane Denike ' 43 Marie Louise Denny ' 43 Jeanne Ethrldge ' 43 Denise Freeman ' 42 Second Row Frances Galloway 43 Sarah Gillespie ' 4! SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE Carolyn Griffith ' 41 Nellie Mae Gunn ' 42 Elvia Hamilton ' 43 Marjorle Kllleen ' 43 Marjorie KIster 40 Billie Marie Lathan ' 43 Jean Magee ' 41 Marie Marquer 43 Third Row Ellen Moore ' 42 Mildred Murray 42 Eugenie Murrhee ' 40 Lillian Palmer ' 42 Ida Pavy ' 43 Robertina Rhymes Law ' 42 [256] Virginia Riley ' 43 Carolyn Robbert ' 42 Nadine Robbert ' 41 Verre Simpson ' 40 Fourth Row Merle Smith ' 40 Marion Starts ' 42 Louise Stollenwerck ' 41 Dora Thatcher ' 41 Morrill Turner ' 42 Lucy White ' 43 Penelope White ' 40 Mary Ruth Williams ' 43 Yvonne Woodward 42 Founded at DePauw Univorilty In 1670. Establlihod at Tulano In 1914. Slxty-fivo Active Chaptort. Colon: Black and Gold. Flowor: Paniy. ALPHA PHI CHAPTER KAPPA ALPHA THETA i pw Mildred Christian First Row Wllma Baker ' 43 Betty Beard ' 43 Grace Beatrous ' 42 Mary G. Borthier ' 42 Martha J. Bolding ' 42 Ruth Brandt ' 43 Helen M. Bres ' 41 Helen Brown ' 40 Jeanne Brown ' 41 Gwendolyn Buhlor ' 42 Second Row Alice M. Byron Law ' 41 Alice Carter ' 41 Darrah L. Chauvcn ' 40 M. R. Corbett ' 41 SORORES IN FACULTATE Adele M. Drouet SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE Alice Dayries ' 42 LaReine Gladden ' 42 Anne Harper ' 41 Martha Harper ' 41 Sara J. Herden ' 42 Beverly Herndon ' 43 Dixie Tharp Mayer Barbara Jane Pocli Irene Pfaff . Fourth Row Third Row Polly Hoffman . . Margaret Joachim . Marjorio Lewis . Marilyn L. Lovoll Charley N. McGowon Barbara Martin . . . Wilhelmina Meriwether Letty Miranne . . •42 ' 43 ' 43 ' 41 . ' 41 ■43 41 , ' 43 Esther Renaud . Martine Roberts Jennie Ross Joan Tenia . . Dorothy Turpin . . Lois Walton . . Mary Lucille Ward Amelia Woolfolk . Janet Wright . Anno Wyly Not in Panel Florence Benson •43 •41 •42 ' 42 •42 •42 41 40 •43 . ' 43 •42 42 [257] . EPSILON CHAPTER Founded at Barnard College m 1909. Established at Tulane in 1916. Twenty-six Active Chapters. Colors: Green and White. Flower: Lily of the Valley. I ALPHA EPSILON PHI First Row Sara Ann Blacl: ' 41 Bertha Bodenheimer ' 43 Elizabeth Cone ' 43. Cecile Dresner ' 41 Betty Jane Fleischer ' 43 Janice Ginsberg ' 42 Marion Grossman ' 43 Gail Hausman ' 42 Julia Herzfeld ' 43 Dorothy Miller ' 42 Second Row Henriette Kohn ' 41 Fernande Katz ' 40 Betty Ann Kellner ' 42 Adele Kohlman ' 40 SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE Janice Levy 41 Betty Ann Upper ' 42 Blanche Lischltoff ' 42 Carolyn Loeb ' 43 Fleurette Lurie 42 Emily Morgenstein ' 43 Third Row Jean Orton ' 42 Bertha Paglin ' 42 Dorothy Ross ' 43 Margaret Saal ' 43 Jane Seidenbach ' 43 Jane Sherman ' 43 Elaine Solomon ' 40 Margaret Solomon ' 42 [258] Janet Steckler ' 42 Peggy Rae Steinfirst ' 42 Fourth Row Frances Sterne ' 42 Evelyn Stolaroff ' 43 Jane Waldhorn ' 42 Hermione Weil ' 42 Mathilde Weil ' 42 Sylvia Weill ' 43 Jean Weisman ' 42 Emma Bertha Wolf ' 40 Rita Worms ' 43 Not in Panel Birdie Mae Kaplan ' 42 Hanna Betty Prins ' 42 Founded at Vfrglnta State College In I69B. Estdb- lithod at Tulane In 1927. Seventy-vight Active Chap- lort. Colon: Steel Grey and Turquolie Blue. Flower: White Violet. BETA KAPPA CHAPTER SOROR IN FACULTATE Rose Moonay First Row Frances Brooks ' 41 Lorraine Bruen ' 43 Doris Bryan ' 43 Sara Cobb ' 41 Cora Cousin ' 43 Ethelyn Cousin ' 42 Phyllis Derbes ' 41 Consta nce Findlay ' 43 Marjorie Germany ' 43 Second Row Christine Gresham ' 43 Thelma Hemard ' 40 SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE Mary Lee Lemann ' 40 Marjorie McBride ' 40 Jane Mcintosh ' 41 Colinda McKenzie ' 43 Jeanne Meyer ' 40 Claire Reynaud . . " 43 Jodie Riggins . . ' 42 Third Row Peggy Roemor 40 Eleanor Ruder . 42 Regina Pelias 42 Eunice Perkins ■ ' I Elizabeth Schmidt . 42 [259 1 Claire Shannon i Patricia Small . ■42 Evelyn Smith . .40 Esther Springer . . ■40 Fourih Row JulisHa Stancliff ■40 Joy Steckler A Shirlay Strauven 43 Betly Tanonbaum . ' 41 Marcalla Thompson ■43 Louisa Trimble . i Shirlay Van Lue i Margaret Ann Williamt ■ 3 TAU CHAPTER Founded at the University of California in 1909. Established at Tulane in 1928. Seventeen Active Chapters. Colors: Kelly Green and Gold. Flower: Yellow Tea Rose. BETA PHI ALPHA SOROR IN FACULTATE Mrs. Rose B. St. Martin First Row Eunice Jane Alwes ' 43 Leal Geraldine Backer ' 42 Sue Eleanor Bentley ' 40 Betty Bernice Beyer ' 42 Janet M. Bierhorst ' 43 Lois Agnes Colomes ' 42 Marie Louise Cuquet 43 Phyllis Eckert ' 43 Dorothy Charbonnet ' 43 SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE Second Row June Elliot ' 43 Ethelyn Everett ' 41 Marie Louise Eyrich ' 41 Marjorie Kibbe . . ' 42 Jeanne Klepinger ' 43 Olga Lachin ' 40 Bernadette Rita Lawhon ' 43 Carolyn Alice Long ' 41 Not in Panel Marie Louise Lanaux ' 43 [260] Third Row Marjorie Maltry ' 41 Elizabeth Meyers ' 41 Marie Theard Moses ' 41 Kathlyn M. Roome Law ' 42 Beryl Roy ' 41 Rose Mary Stewart ' 40 Dorothy H. VIosca ' 43 Shirley M. Viosca ' 40 Janice White . ' 43 Ernestine Rotureau ' 42 Founded at tho Univorsity of Minouri In 1888. Ettab llthod dt Tula no In 1929. Eighteen Active Chdptars. Colors: Ruby and Pink. Floworj; Richmond and KM- drnoy Rosoi. ALPHA SIGMA CHAPTER m f 1 f ' i SORORES IN FACULTATE Barbara Jean Griffith Edna LaNasa Hebart First Row Yvonne Anderson ' 43 Pauline Baine ' 40 Leslie Bartels ' 43 Mildred Buerkle ' 40 Winifred Drackett ' 42 Helen Duvic ' 43 Dorothy Dyke ' 43 Henryetta Eldridge ' 40 Flora Mae Feraud ' 42 Joanne Finke ' 41 Second Row Audre Flautt ' 43 Mary Anno Follott ' 43 SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE Madeline Gallagher ' 40 Shirley Garrot 42 Dorothy Hartley ' • 2 Mary Claire Hogg ' Louise Hutson 0 Mary Jane Hutson ' 41 Nellie Ivoy ' 42 Betty Kreckle ' 0 Third Row Anne Lammond 3 Dorothy LoBreton ' 43 Noroon Levino Jennie Mayor 42 Marion Poytral 2 C:61] Martha Powers •40 Jamio Prochaslta 42 Louise Ramoneda 3 Adele Ramos ■•0 Fourth Row Anna Mario Roy . . " 42 Janet Schneider . . " 42 Dorothy Schreiber . . ' 42 Alvena Smith •43 Beverly StecUor 43 Mary Margaret Verlafvder . i2 Mary Lucy Wands 43 Elaine Worrer 43 Alma Young 43 PSI CHAPTER Founded at Hunter College in 1913. Estab- lished at Tuiane In 1934. Eighteen Active Chapters. Colors: King Blue and Gold. Flower: American Beauty Rose. PHI SIGMA SIGMA SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE First Row Marjorle Alshuler . ' 42 Adeline Aronson ' 42 Ruth Feldman ' 42 Ruth Soldman ' 43 Second Row Sara hleim ' 42 Marcia Kohl ' 43 Elaine Levy ' 43 Leah Isolene Le vy ' 41 Jeannette Silberberg ' 42 C262J ASdS ' A Us MEDICAL FRATS mm lEDICAL PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL First Row: L. Blucstone. L. R. Cabiron, E. J. Cain, A. C. Hollister, G. F. Joseph, B. tCjuln-.jn. Second Row: L. Marcus, R. P. Morrow, L. 5. Robinson, E. L. Vfaggntr, G. W«ath«rly, T. E. W«iu. Organized in April, 1923, for the purpose of securing cooperation among the several fraternities, and preserving standards of membership. OFFICERS ROBERT PROSSER MORROW, JR President ELISHA CAIN Secretary and Treasurer THOMAS E. WEISS Vice-President MEMBERS Phi Chi Alpha Kappa Kappa ' 0 Cain phi Rho Sigma Arthur C. Hollister, Jr. " " ' " " " P ' ' Louis R. Cebiran Thomas E. Weiss pi,. Delta Epsilon " -eland Durant Bernard Kaufman, Jr. Nu Sigma Nu E. L Waggner Jheta Kappa Pii Robert Prosser Morrow. Jr. p , L bda Kappa ' " - ' ° ' ' ' " »° " James Packer Leon Bluestone George Woatherly Leon Marcus [265 3 . OMICRON CHAPTER Professional Medical Fraternity. Eastern founded at University of Vermont in 1889; Southern at Louisville Medical College in 1894; Consoli dated, March 3, 1905. Established at Tulane in 1902; Phi Mu merged, September 30, 1922. Sixty-five Active Chapters. Col- ors: Olive Green and White. Flower: Lily of the Valley. PHI CHI ■ I First Row Joseph T. Ainsworth ' 42 Frank J. Baird ' 42 John Bennett ' 43 Robert C. Bibb ' 40 Harold Broadhead " 42 Elisha J. Cain, Jr Ml Joseph B. Callahan ' 42 J. Allen Chamberlin ' 42 Luther P. Crull ' 40 Charles W. Crumpton ' 42 McMillon Davis ' 43 Lorry C. DeLambre ' 42 Earl Dilworth ' 40 Second Rov Charles Edwards ' 40 Ben P. Evans " 42 Richard D. Field ' 42 Brent Fox VC Walter Friday " 43 Grant Goldenstar " 41 Angus Grace ' 4i Darly Harvey ' 43 Orville N. Hooker vq Charles Hunt, Jr ' 43 Willis Jondahl " 41 James L. Jordan ' 42 Gerald Joseph ' 40 FRATRES IN FACULTATE George E. P. Barnes, M.D. Francis E. LeJeune, M.D. Charles C. Bass, M.D. George King Logan, M.D W. R. Brewster, M.D. Randolph Lyons, M.D. Eugene Coun+iss, M.D. H. R. Mahorner. M.D. William Douglas, M.D. John Menville. M.D. William Ehlert, M.D. Leon Menville, M.D. Allen C. Eustis, M.D. (Emeritus) Milliard E. Miller, M.D. E. D. Fanner, M.D. Ruble Moor, M.D. A. V. Friedrichs, M.D. Neal Owens, M.D. Mims Gage. M.D. Frank Ramsay, M.D. Thomas A. Glass, M.D. Spears Randall, M.D. John T. Halsey, M.D. (Emer •tus) Robert league, M.D. William H. Harris, M.D. Perry Thomas, M.D. Challle Jamison, M.D. P. J, Thomas, M.D. Robert C. Kelleher, M.D. William F. Thomas, M.D. H. W. Kostmayer, M.D. Roy H. Turner. M.D. John A. Lanford, M.D. Willard R. Wirth, M.D. Edwin H. Lawson, M.D. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Third Row Fourth Row Robert Kimball " 40 Jim Lauderdale ' 4! John W. Long ' 41 James Lopez ' 41 Woodrow W. Loveli ' 42 Dan Mcllvoy ' 41 T. June Melton ' 40 Frank Moore ' 41 Joe Moore ' 41 Charles Mosely ' 40 Carl S. Nadler ' 41 James Northrup ' 40 Charles A. Patterson ' 42 T. Herbert Patton ' 41 Charles Petteway ' 43 Frank PhiMIppi ■41 Frank M, Posey " 40 Alton R. Pruit ' 41 W. E. Riley v- Thomas Royce ' 40 Thomas Safley ' 40 Jack Scott ' 41 McHugh Simmons ' 41 William Smith ' 43 Francis Stone ' 41 Fifth Row Orville Stone ' 41 Paul Swearingen ' 43 James Swindle " 41 John A. Thomas ' 41 William P. Tice ' 41 Harry Tiller ' 41 Philip Tiller ' 40 Hinton Waters ' 42 Clyde Watkins ' 40 Sam Williams ' 41 John H. Woodbridge ' 40 H. Murphy Yearwood ' 41 Not in Panel Augustus Anderson ' 43 James Crabtree ' 43 Harold Dark " 41 George Gatoura ' 41 James B. Gilbert |42 Frank Gooch, Jr ' 43 Lee E. Hale ' 43 Frank Hudgins ' 43 Henry Hudson ' 41 William I. Hunt ' 42 John McLeod ' 41 Don Overdyke ' 42 Bickman Pardue ' 43 Marcel Patterson ' 43 Fred C. Rehfeldt ' 41 John G. Riddler ' 43 Gwin Robbins ' 41 Dennis Sullivan ' 43 Ben Sykes ' 43 Cone Thompson, Jr ' 43 William Virgin |42 Roy Young ' 43 [266] Profoijiondl Modicjl Frafornity. Founded at Darl- mouth Collogo in 1 688. Eit iblUhod at Tulane (n 1903. SUty-ono Active Chaplon. Colors: Emorald and White. Flower: White Rote. ALPHA BETA CHAPTER HA Dr. Oscar W. Bethea Dr. William P. Bradburn, Jr. Dr. Joseph E. Brierre Dr. Donovan C. Browne Dr. Ralph J. Chris+man Dr. Jannes C. Cole Dr. Conrad G. Collins First Row J. T. F. Barwicit ' 43 J. M. Bistowish, Jr ' 43 R. J. Blact ' 41 G. H. Brandau ' 42 J. A. Brantley ' 40 A. A. Caire, III ' 43 Neil Callahan ' 40 J. J. Cochrane, Jr ' 42 J. T. Davis, Jr ' 41 Stuart DeLee ' 42 R. H. Corales ' 42 H. S. Gibbons ' 41 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Dr. Hermann B. Gessner (Emerit us) Dr. Joseph H. LaRose, Jr. Dr. Lloyd J. Hanckes Dr. Edward L. Lovert Dr. John S. Herring Dr. Ernest S. Lewis (Emorit us) Dr. Charles S. Holbrook Dr. Franic L. Lo ria Dr. Edward L. King Dr. Abraham L. Motz (Eme ritus) Dr. Charles L. Landfried (Emorit us) Dr. Morel! W. Miller Dr. Joseph D. Landry Dr. Carl F. Moore FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Second Row Third Row E. B. Ferguson ' 43 J. P. Michaels . ' 40 H 0. Gahagan . ■40 J. H. Morris . " 42 C. J. Gulotta, Jr . ' 41 Francis Nicholson . ' 41 J. B. Holder, Jr . ' 40 J. H. Owons, Jr. . ' 43 A. C. Hollister, Jr . ' 41 C. M. Pasquier . ' 43 T. C. Keller . ' 42 Job A. Perry . . ' 40 H A. Klein ... ' 42 Robert M. Rawdon . ' 41 J. F. Lally, Jr. ' 40 William Rawlings •43 G T. Mellinger •43 H. Guy Richo . ■t C. V. Menendo: •43 Not in J. S. Roiier, III Panel R. V. Hoslcins, Jr. . ' 43 J. A. Rissor ■41 J. L. G. Lester. Jr . ' 41 R. J. Stroble. . ' 42 J. P. Melvin . ' 42 Gilberi Turner . . . . ' 43 Dr. Harry D. Morris Dr. Emilo F. Naef Dr. Oran V. Projoan Dr. Wilbur C. Smith Dr. Paul T. Talbot Or. Richard W. V Dr. Theodore A. ' ■• Dr. Robor A. W.io Fourlh J. V. Schloiior H. H. Stovall . A. C. Tedford . F. E. Tugwall, Jr. E. R. v;iUn-.»? J. H. •■ T. E. V. W. R. Wallbom J. W. Wiaam? J. S. Wafor •♦3 41 41 ••0 ■«3 ••0 42 7 0 40 " 43 U1 [267 I HI p I CHAPTER Professional Medical Fraternity. Founded at The Medical College of Virginia in 1879. Established at Tulane in 1904. Thirty-one Active Chapters. Colors: Gold and Green. Flower: Red Rose. THETA KAPPA PSI First Row R. G. Alien ' 43 A. Appleyard ' 43 C. H. Ashby ' 40 J. W. Austin ' 42 R. B. Austin ' 41 R. Ball ' 42 W. Batson ' 42 J. Bergfeld " 43 G. W. Bilbro ' 41 W. S. Bradley, Jr ' 42 R. A. Brannon, Jr ' 40 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Dr. J. N. Ane Dr. R. H. Alldredge Dr. Robert Bernhard Dr. Charles L. Brown Dr. Earl Z. Browne Dr. W. R. Buffington Dr. W. W. Butterworth (Emeritus) Dr. J. A. Colclough Dr. A. R. Crebbin Dr. W. H. Gillentine Dr. F. J. Kinberger Dr. L. A. Toth Dr. P. G. Lacrolx Dr. P. A. Mclllhenny Dr. H. E. Menage Dr. J. W. Myers Dr. W. H. Perkins Dr. J. M. Ramage Dr. J. W. Reddocll Dr. A. F. Reed Dr. P. W. Renken Dr. H. H. Russell Dr. J. T. Sanders Fifth Row James C. Mills ' 42 Lee Roy Murphree ' 42 Floyd L. Peninger ' 42 A, J. Richardson ' 41 L. S. Robinson ' 41 T. G. Ross ' 40 Charles Savage ' 43 Paul Sheffield ' 43 J. H. Simons ' 42 John M. Smith, Jr ' 40 Robert N. Smith, Jr ' 42 M. D. Stevenson ' 40 Second Row H. G. Brookshire ' 43 Malcolm Burris ' 43 Andrew J. Carroll, Jr ' 42 Robert Carsley ' 42 A. F. Clark, Jr ' 40 E. A. Cox ' 41 V. A. Davidson, Jr ' 42 W. D. Davis, Jr ' 43 J. Dunnigan ' 43 G. H. Dunning ' 42 A. A. Enzor, Jr ' 41 FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Third Row Marshall Eskeridge ' 40 Julius M. Fernandez ' 40 Dakin Fitzgerald ' 43 W. D. Futch ' 42 J. Gale ' 43 Richard Garre ' 42 J. Gibson ' 43 J. Hays ' 43 W. C. Heibney ' 42 Marion Hurt ' 43 B. B. Hurst, Jr ' 40 Fourth Row Charles R. Kessler ' 41 M. W, Kilgore ' 42 Felix B. Long, Jr ' 40 Marvin N. Lymberis ' 41 Elton McAmis ' 42 R. L. McCarty ' 42 W. H. McConnell ' 40 Frank R. Marek ' 40 Harvey C. May ' 42 Robert J. Meade ' 41 Gilcin F. Meadors ' 40 Sixth Row Stephen L. Stigler . . . . J. P. latum D. Terry John B. Trible Louis I. Tyler G. I. Walker, Jr J. W. Ward G. I. Weatherly, Jr. . . . Charles M. Wilson . . . . Claude H. Workman, Jr. John L. Wright John A. Zieman ' 40 ' 40 ' 40 ' 41 ' 43 ' 42 ' 42 ' 40 ' 42 ' 42 ' 41 ' 40 James Cherry D. Greenlees Not in Panel ' 43 Gordon Healey ' 42 Howell Slaughter . ' 43 William H. Plageman ' 42 W. R. Whitehouse ' 43 ' 41 [268 J Profeiiionol Modicdl Frdtornlty. Founded dt The Unt- voriity of MIchiqon in 1682. Eitdbllihed M Tulano in 1910. Forty Active Chdptort. Colors: Wine dnd White. Flower; Red Carnation. BETA IOTA CHAPTER n a FIrsf Row Robert H. Atkinson ' " 10 Sam C. Atkinson, Jr ' 41 Thomas H. Baker ' 42 James Barron ' 40 Charles Beckert ' 43 William P. Bradburn, III ' 42 Edward S. Bres, Jr ' 43 Richard H. Butler ' 42 Pearson C. Caldwell ' 40 Claude G. Callender ' 42 Jason Collins ' 41 Second Row W. T. Coppedge, Jr ' 43 Robert J. Crowley, Jr ' 40 Waller S. Culpepper ' 40 John W. Dodson, Jr ' 42 J. L. Edwards ' 43 George Fclknor ' 43 Thomas V. Finch ' 40 Robert W. Forsylhe ' 41 John R. Glover ' 42 J. B. Gwin ' 43 Elmer J. Harris ' 41 FRATRES IN FACULTATE FiHh Row Dr. John J. Archinard Dr. Phihp H. Jones Jamei L Royals . •40 Dr. Phillip J. Bayon Dr. Lucicn Landry 41 Dr. Edgar Burns Dr. Frank Lock Dr. Octave C. Casscgrain Dr. Mcricr G. Lynch C. D. Taylor . . . 3 Dr. John S. Couret Dr. Rudolph Matas (Emeritus) ' 3 Dr. Charles Craig (Emeritus) Dr. Alton Ochsner Dr. Charles Duval Dr. Albert B. Pitkin John C Thorn . . Dr. H. Echols Dr. John G. Pratt John C Waller. J- Dr. Dr. Irving Hordesly (Emeritus) George Hardin Or. Ambrose H. Slorck Dr. Martin T. Van Studdlford Arthur J. Wallace Dr. Warren H. Hebert Or. Richard P. Vieth Bruce Wallace . •■] Dr. Clement R. Jones FRATRES Third Row IN Or. E. Garland Wall! UNIVERSITATE Fourth Row Arthur G. Williarm Charies L Willianu Not In Panel -11 William H. Harris, Jr ■40 Jack C. McCurdy . . . ' 41 Jc ' o D. Andrm O Stanford H. Hartman ■42 John F. McKonney. Jr. . ' 41 Jamei C Belk . ■41 Morlin B Quinn H Josoph B Hooo •40 Chester A. McLarly . . ' « E. W. Edirardt . William G. Maiofl ydo . Johnston, Jr. ' 43 ' 40 Lee 0. McLean . . Arthur Miller, Jr. . . ' 41 ' 41 ■41 Robert P. Morrow, Jr . -40 JomeJ M. Parker 41 Joseph H. Kirby, Jr •42 William G. NIcholf. Jr . •« John Pa«rc« 43 W. Kyle Rudolph Frank Lir Harvoy E •47 Richard E. Nicholson . •« James Pudgen . . Henry H. T!J». Ill »3 42 M. Landry ' 42 •43 John W. Overjirect Paul K. Rand, Jr . •« . -40 -. McConnell •40 William C. Robituon . " 42 William N. Valontine . . •42 [269) DELTA OMICRON ALPHA CHAPTER v Professional Medical Fra ternity. Founded at Nc rth •r-XIRJ A western lane in Medica 1918. School Thirty-six in 1890. Active Establish pd at Co 111 Chapters ors ftl ' Scarlet and Go Id. Dr. Sidney W. Bliss Dr. Boni J. DeLaureal Dr. John B. Gooch FRATRES IN FACULTATE Dr. John R. Hume Dr. Lloyd J. Kuhn Dr. Anees Mogabgab Dr. Robert A. Strong Dr. William A. Wagner First Row Louis R. Cabiran ■4-I Paul Carruba Omer P. Gabelman 43 John A. Garcia ■42 George V. Gardiner 42 Leiand P. Durant ' 42 Maurice W. Geldert ' 43 FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Second Row Louis J. Gehbauer, Jr ' 40 John T. Karaphillis ' 42 Lawrence J. Kern ' 40 John J. A. Levy ' 42 Vincent A. Sampognaro ' 40 Not in Panel Edv ard K. Herrmann ' 43 Third Row Victor E. Tedesco ' 42 Theodore F. Treuting ' 41 Johnson L. Turnage ' 42 Fred A. Wild, Jr ' 41 Richard Wright ' 42 Harry L. Zengel, Jr ' 42 Harold H. Morris, Jr ' 43 Pedro A. Suau-Perez ' 42 [270] Profosiionat Modtol Frdtornlly, Founded ai Cornoll Univorsily in 1904. Ettdbliihod At Tuldne in 1918. pjfty-throo Act!vo Chaptors. Colors; White and Purplo. Flower: Hyacinth. ALPHA IOTA CHAPTER PHI DELTA EPSILON I! First Row Gilbert Balkin ' 41 Samuel K. Cohn ' 41 Samuel Eichold ' 40 Joel Fleet ' 40 Harold S. Ginsberg ' 4! Paul M. Goldfarb ' 40 Harry B. Greenberg ' 43 Jerome B. Hirsch, Jr ' 43 Or. Paul L. Marts Dr. Harry Meyers Or. Melvin David Steiner FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Second Row Third Row Warren Jacobs ' 42 Harry H. Wagonhoim Bernard Kaufman, Jr ' 40 Ephraim L. Wagner . Perry B. Klein -tO c u • . • Willard Lee Marmelzat i Isidore W. Wiener Melvin Rosenthal ... -tS Norbert N. Salpetor 43 Jack M. Simmons. Jr. . . . ' 40 Wlllio ■„ 8. Wionor Alvin W. Strauss, Jr. . " 43 Victor H. WiHon [271 J 43 41 •t3 41 42 40 ■41 S! CHAPTER Professional Medical Fraternity. Founded at the University of Pennsylvania in 1907. Estab- lished at Tulane in 1910. Twenty-four Active Chapters. Colors: Blue and White. Flower: Century Plant. PHI LAMBDA KAPPA Dr. Sidney Jacobs FRATRES IN FACULTATE Dr. Isadore Robbins Dr. J. D. Russ Dr. B. B. Weinstein FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE First Row Leon Bluestone ' ' " O Edward Feinberg 42 M. Feldman ' 40 I. Fisher ' 43 Irving Fox 41 Second Row Harold Goldfarb ' 41 H. Golodner ' 40 B. Groner 43 William Leon 43 M. Lerman 43 Third Row Leon Marcus ' 41 Arnold Royals 42 S. Miller ' 41 S. Shapiro M. Turner 41 [272] Professional Medical Fraternity. Founded at the University of Ivtichigan In 1889. Established at Tulane in 1919. Twenty-three Active Chap- ters. Colors: Black, Sroon and White. Flower: White Carnation. MU CHAPTER EPSILON IOTA tl X Dr. Wilhelmlna Bacher Dr. Grace Goldsnnith SORORES IN FACULTATE Dr. Georgiana Von Langernnan Dr. Mario Deos-Mattingly Dr. Maud Loeber Dr. Bertha Wel«er SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE First Row Third Row Hermellnda Cambra ' ■ l Virginia Shipman Ruth Elizabeth Garcia 2 jj SImms Margery Goldberg ' Margaret Stuntt Sara Brinson Griffin ' Violet Halfpenny ' 41 Carolynn Talley Second Row Not in Panel Louise Ireland - ' 0 • " ' V Virginia Graham Nancy Key ■ ' 0 Marlanna Hood . Attie Gaines Leovos ' ' » . , i « Trinidad Ramos A. Dorothy McCardell ' ♦0 Lillian Harris Robinson ... ' ♦ " " " " o " [27J1 •43 •43 43 •43 43 ALPHA ALPHA ALPHA Honorary Pro-Log«l Fratornity Founded at Univorsify of Illinois in 1920 BETA CHAPTER Established jt Tulanc in 1931 Officers HENRY ALVAN MENTZ High CK ' CONRAD MEYER, III Associate Chief Justice RENt H. HIMEL. JR Justice Reporter EDWARD D. FINLEY Chancellor of Exchequer SAMUEL S. MOODY Justice Bailiff Pre-Legal Members Cedric Almand Edward D. FInley William Leale William B. Monroe Woodley C. Campbell John H. Heath Harold Marx A. Lane Plauch Duralde Claiborne Donald H. Higglns Henry Alvan Mentz, Jr. Randolph B. Robert John Collier Rene H. HImel, Jr. Conrad Meyer. Ill James C. Senter Durante da Ponte M. J. Barltdull Kahao Samuel S. Moody Jose Luis Banos D. Hanlln Becker Thomas O. Bell Robert U. Blum Marvin H. Cohen Donald W. Doyle Arthur B. Hammond. Jr. Maunsel Hickey Legal Members Charles Janvier George B. Matthews Joseph B. Miller Peter R. Monrose William Stein, Jr. Henry Trepagniar William Westerfield Sidney Wright C. Almand, J. L. Barios, D. H. Becker, T. O. Bell, R. U. Blum. W. C. Campbell, D. Claiborne. J. W. Collier. D. H. da Ponte. D E. Finley, J. Heath, M. W. Hickey, D. H. Higglns, R. H. Himel, C. Janvier. M. J. Kahao, W. W. Leake, Jr., H. Monr. Jr.. G. • H, A. Ment7, ' C, Meyer, J. B. Miller, W. Monroe. S. Moody, A. L. Plauche, R. B. Robert, J. C. Senter. Jr., W. Stcln. W. M. WtjterCcId, 5 ( . ' 77 ) J. Barron, F- L. Faust, M. Feldman, J. Fernandez, W. Harris, L Ireland. N. Key, A. McCardell, J. Michaels. We believe in the tenets of abiding truth which is the guiding star of our Order. We believe in the helping hand which is the bar which binds us in our calling. We believe in the unity of service to one another which lends to the weary a word of cheer, to the poor a portion of our share, to the weak a need of pity, to the stricken a voice of comfort, to the old a memory of youth, and to the wayfarer a help along to the jour- ney ' s end. Our emblem will always be an Inspiration to duty, remembering it stands for excellence in all things, purity of purpose and honesty of method and effort, with the blessing of an Alma Mater upon each who bears our badge of honor. May our lives lie among the stars which light the way to the great mystery, and may we so live that when we reach the end of the road we may find the veil, which parted leads to the heights of everlasting peace. Sic ad astra! STARS AND BARS CHAPTER (To be worthy to serve the suffering.) DR. J. N. ANe . . . . DR. LLOYD HANCKES Officers . . President Vice-President DR. MICHAEL DeBAKEY DR. ALTON OCHSNER . Secretary-Treasurer . . . . Counselor Members Elected from the Class of 1940 James Barron Frank Leo Faust Matthew Feldman Julius Michael Fernandez Jack Patrick Michaels William Herbert Harris, Jr. Louise Myrth Ireland Nancy Key Adrienne Dorothy McCardell ALPHA OMEGA ALPHA [278] OMICRON DELTA KAPPA •, ' ' ■ p. National Honorary Leadership Fratornity ALPHA ZETA CIRCLE Founded at Washington and Loe Univoriiry In 1914 Established at Tulane in 1930 Forty-four active chapters Fratres in Facul+a+e Dean Emeritus M. A. Aldrich Judge George Janvier Prof. F. Santry Reed Dean Paul S. Brosnian Dr. Lucien Landry Dean James M. Robert Dean Leslie J. Buchan Dr. Leon J. Menville Mr. Claude Simons Dr. Daniel S. Elliott Mr. Clarence J. Morrow Mr. Claude Simons, Jr. Dr. Robert W. Elsasser Mr. Forrest E. Oaltes Dr. Wilbur C. Smith Dr. Edmond L. Faust Dr. E. W. Alton Ochsner Dean Marten ten Hoor Dr. Rufus C. Harris Members on Sfaff Prof. George A. Wilson Mr. T. Hale Boggs Mr. Kendall H. Cram Fratres in Universitate Mr. J. H. Randolph Feltus Joseph Becker, Jr. William H. Harris, Jr. Paul G. Krueger Robert U. Blum Maunsel Hickey Abe B. Kupperman Woodley C. Campbell Charles Janvier James R. Morrell Nathaniel C. Curtis, Jr. J. Harvey Johnston, Jr. Martin F. Schmidt T. Vernon Finch Joe H. KIrby, Jr. James C. Senter J. Becker, R. U. Blum, W. C. Campbell, N. C. Curtis, Jr.. T. V. Finch, W. H. Harris, Jr., M. W. Hickey. C. Janvier, J. H. Johnston, J. H. Kirby, Jr., P. G. Krueger. A. B. Kupperman, J. R. Morrell. M. Schmidt, J. C. Senler Jr. I t:79i R. Blum, W. H. Harris, J. KIrby, A. Kupperman, P. Krueger, H. Rankin, W. Reese. Kappa Delta Phi is an honorary fraternity for the pro- motion of school spirit. It selects each year from the Junior and Senior classes men who have been con- spicuous for school spirit and for distinguished and unselfish loyalty and endeavor during their university careers. Off!. PAUL G. KRUEGER President JOE H. KIRBY, JR Secretary-Treasurer ERNEST M SUTTER Vice-President FR EDERICK HEWITT FOX . . in 1936 Faculty Counselor Members Elected Douglas S. Anderson William H. Harris, Jr. Edward Matthews John R. Riley, Jr. Charles C. Bass, Jr. Samuel Lang Bernard D. Mintz Arthur J. Waechter, Jr. Members Elected in 1937 B. Tartt Bell Rufus C. Harris Hugh McCloskey Molse S. Steeg, Jr. Nornnan Buckner Richard C. Keenan Norman C. Melun R. Miller Upton Moise W. Dennery Robert P. Lockett, Jr. Wlltz C. Ott Members Elected in 1938 John P. Adams Abe B. Kupperman Alvin G. Montgomery Homer M. Rankin Robert U. Blunn Ray H. Miller, Jr. William M. Payne Joseph Riorda Ernest M. Sutter Members Elected in 1939 Joe L. Abranns Joe H. Kirby, Jr. EInar N. Pederson Bascom D. Talley Dr. Morton A. Aldrich Paul G. Krueger Wilbur Ford Reese William W. Young Allain DeClouet Favrot Charles W. Nelson Mervin H. RIseman KAPPA DELTA [280] P H I H I H I Junior-Senior National Fraternity for the Promotion of School Spirit Founded at the University of California in 1919 SPHINX OF TULANE Established in 1927 Active Membership WALTER DUEEASE WILLIAM DUNSTAN C. J. EAGAN NEIL GOLDMAN WILLIAM HILDEBRAND MOREAU JUMONVILLE BARKDULL KAHAO STEWART KEPPER EDWARD MARTIN EDWARD MUNSON FRANCIS ORY L. S. RENTZ CURTIS scon JAMES TURNBULL W. Oueease. B. Dunstan, C. J. Eagan. N. Goldman. B. Hildebrand, M. Jumonvlllc. B. Kahao, S. J. Kepper, E. B. Martin. E. Munson. F. Ory, L. S. Rent?. J. F. Turnbull. [281] 1 p. F. Bass, D. H. Becker, R. U. Blum, J. Bornemann, J. Carstarphen. R. Crowell, P. de la Vergne, C. Janvier, L. M. Jores, J. B. Miller, J. R. Morrell, J. B. Phelps. A. Ppnder, J. Poyner, H. M. Rankin, W. F. Reese, W. W. Westerfield, H. M. Wilkinson. WHITE INN CHAPTER International Legal Fraternity Founded at University of Michigan In 1869 Established at Tulane In 1911 Samuel Wood Brown Robert J. Farley Rufus E. Foster (Emeritus) Fra+res in Facul+a+e Rufus Carrollton Harris Sumter Davis Marks Eugene A. Nabors Ferdinand F. Stone Walter J. Suthon. Jr Pat Farrlngton Bass David Hanlln Becker Robert U. Blum Jack Borneman John Carstarphen Richard Crowell Fratres in Universitate Pierre de la Vergne Charles Janvier Louis McKnlght Jones J. B. Miller James R. Morrell J. Barnwell Phelps Amos Ponder James Poyner Homer M. Rankin W. Ford Reese William W. Westerfield, Jr. Hugh Miller Wilkinson P H I DELTA [282] P H I WHITE ELEPHANT Freshman Society for the promotion ot school ipirtt Founded at Tulane in 1921 The White Elephant Cup is an annual award to the mittee. The selection is based on scholarship, athletics. student of the preceding year ' s freshmen class ad- general popularity on the campus, and participation judged the Best All-Round Freshman by a faculty com- in campus activities. Officers MICHAEL BAGOT Big Tusk MALCOLM ARNOULT LiHlo Tusk PIERRE DUPONT GEA Members Alpha Tau Omega Kappa Alpha Phi Kappa Sigma Sigma Chi Pierre Dupont Richard Faust Joseph O ' Suliivan Jact Ehrhordt George M. Gregory Ray Perine Jack Palmer R. L. Foster Lawrence Stone Arthur Waters A! Soule P. O. Pigman Delta Sigma Phi Kappa Sigma Pi Kappa Alpha Sigma Phi Epsilon Bennie Bell Michael Bagot Allen Lill John Adema Lloyd Eagan Louis McFaul George McCaskey Malcolm Arnoult Vernon Kroll David Neuhauser John Roberts H. M. Davidson Delta Tau Delta Phi Delta Theta Sigma Alpha Epsilon Louis T. Bass Henry Miller Mercer Childress N. C. Cromwell C. J. Ray George Smoot Robert Potts Jack Robinson W. S. White J. Adema, M. D. Anoult, M. Bagot, L. T. Bass, 8. H. Bell, Jr., Ivl. C. Childress. N. C. Cromwell, H. M. Davidson, P. Dupont. L. E. Eagan. S. F. rh«n. K. Faust, R. L. Foster, G. M. Gregory, V. Kroll, A. Lill, G. E. McCasley, L W. McFaul, H. K. Miller, P. A. Neuhauser. J. O ' Suliivan. J. Palmef, R. Perine, P. O. Pigman, R. H. Potts, Jr., C. J. Roy, J. T. Roberts, J. T. Robinson, G. Smoot, A. L. Soul6, L. A Stone. W. S. White, A. C Wawfv (281] J. W. Anthony, L. A. Ka+z. A. B. Kupperman, J. J. Piccione, P. Reaser, N. N. Salpeter, W. R. Tete, W. B. Wait, The Oratorical and Debating Council sponsors all debating at Tulane. It is connposed of all varsity debaters in the University, and members of the Faculty Committee. It conducts the Varsity Tryouts, and arranges home debates as well as those on the road. Freshmen debating is encouraged by the presentation of keys and cash prizes to the outstanding freshmen debaters. Officers JOHN W. ANTHONY Chairman WILLIAM B. WAIT Secretary-Treasurer Varsity Debaters JOHN W. ANTHONY Law ' 42 LABEL A. KATZ Law ' 41 ABE B. KUPPERMAN Law ' 41 JOSEPH J. PICCIONE Law ' 40 PAUL B. REASER Med ' 43 NORBERT N. SALPETER Med ' 43 WILLIAM R. TETE . . . . : 41 WILLIAM B. WAIT Law ' 42 ORATORICAL AND DEBATING COUNCIL [284] H O W U B I A Junior-Senior Interfraternity Honor Society for the maintenance of higher standards in the Medical School. Founded at Tulane in 1921 Officers T. E. WEISS Pro ;dan» W. H. HARRiS Vice-President T. G. ROSS Secretary R. H. ATKINSON Treasurer Members C. H. Ashby W. H. Harris R. P. Morrow. Jr. R. H. Atkinson J. B. Holder T. G. Ross J. A. Brantley J. B. Johnston, Jr. J. L. Royals A. F. Clarlt, Jr. G. F. Joseph T. F. Safley. Jr. E. E. Dillworth R. M. Kimball S. L. Stigler C. J. Edwards, Jr. J. F. Lally, Jr. P. M. Tiller. Jr. F. L. Faust H. E. McConnell E. R. Villemei T. V. Finch G. F. Meadors T. E. Weiss C. Ashby, R. Atkinson, J. Brantley, A. Clark, E. Dillworth, C. Edwards, F. Faust. T. V. Finch. W. Harris, J. Holder, J. Johnston, G. Joseph, R. Kimball, J. Lally, G. Meadors. H. McConne " , R. Morrow, T. Ross, J. Royals, T. Safley, S. Stigler, P. Tiller, E. Villemei, T. Weill. (:8J) d. J. Arnoult, H. Bradford, J. Bryan, H. Bultman, H. Deas, C. de la Vega, H. Foss, O. Foss, W. Gulley, G. Mann, M. Miangolarra, S. Murphy. J. Owens. J. St. Clair, H. Stream, J. Villere, M. Walther, W. Wood. ALPHA TAU CHAPTER Founded at University of Wisconsin in 1902 Established at Tulane in 1928 Forty-six active chapters Colors: Chrome and blue. Flower: Red Carnation To promote the advancement of Chemistry as a science and as a profession. HENRY BRADFORD Master Alchemist MANNING DAVIS Vice-Master Alchemist GORDON DORFMUS Treasurer Officers J. B. ST. CLAIR Master of Ceremonies P. J. FYNN Recorder EARL B. CLAIBORNE Reporter Thomas B. Grumpier Raymond Freas Fra+res in Facultate Arthur O. Kastler Hal V . Moseley Fratres In Universi+a+e E. Fred Pollard Charles S. Williamson. Jr. Graduate Students Earl B. Claiborne ' 39 Gordon L. Doremus 39 C. Manning Davis ' 38 P. James Fynn ' 32 E. R. Dumont Smith ' 39 Undergraduafe Students J. Everett Arnoult ' 41 Henry B. Bradford ' 40 John Bryan ' 41 Henry J. Bultman ' 41 Harry L. Deas ' 41 Carlos de la Vega ' 41 Owen S. Eckhardt ' 40 Henry Foss ' 40 Owen H. Foss ' 40 Walter R. Gulley ' 41 Eldridge M. Hine ' 41 Godfrey E. Mann ' 40 Manuel A. Miangolarra ' 40 Stenning C. Murphy ' 41 John T. Owens ' 40 Jack B. St. Clair ' 40 Harold H. Stream ' 41 James F. Villere ' 40 Milton M. Walther ' 40 William A. Wood ' 41 ALPHA C H I [286] SIGMA u B P I LOUISIANA BETA CHAPTER Undorgradudto Sludonts Founded at Lehigh University in 1885 Established at Tulane in 1936 Sixty-nins active chaptert Colors: Seal brown and white To mark in a fitting manner those who have conferred honor upon their Alma Mater by distinguished scholar- ship and exemplary character as undergraduates in Engineering, or by their attalnnnents as alumni in fhe field of Engineering, and to foster a spirit of liberal culture in the engineering colleges of America. Fratres in Facultate James A. Cronvich Donald Derickson A. Lee Dunlap S. A. Ferguson Robert Thomas Basnett ' 41 Joseph Anthony Becker ' 40 Charles Bittenbring, Jr ' 40 John Burns Fitch ' 40 Edward Dominic Hogg ' 40 Frederick H. Fox L. B. Neubert Arthur M. Hill C. B. Norris J. K. Mayer C. W. Ricker Robert L. Menuet James M. Robert Fratres in Universitate M. D. Ross Glenn E. Seidel C. S. Williamson. Jr. M. G. Zervigon Leon Klein, Jr Neil Hugh McLaurin, Jr. Henry Irven Madden . . Edward Landry Murphy . Joseph Albert Polack . . Robert Rougelot Prechter ' 40 R. Basnett, J. Becker, C. Bittenbring, J. Fitch, E. Hogg, L. Klein, N. tvlcLaurin, H. Madden, E. Murphy, J. Polack, R. Prechter. •40 •40 •40 •40 •41 [287 J H. Curtis. F. Evans, S. Hottinger. C. Hunt, M. Hutson, C. Jones, A. La Prairie, E. Wagner, W. Ziegier. Founded at Louisiana State University in 1935 Founded at Tulane 1937 Phi Lambda Pi, national honorary and social fraternity established on the Tulane Dus in 1937, is the only organization of its kind in the United States. It was campus in ivj , is . , founded at L. S. U. March 12, 1935, and only the two chapters at Tulane and L. S. U exist. The purpose of the organization is the stimulation and encouragement of higher education among married women students, and the development of friendly relations and social contacts among this group. Officers MRS C H HUNT, JR President MRS. E. C. WAGNER Secretary MRS W M ZIEGLER Vice-President MRS. C. E. LA PRAIRIE Corresponding Secretary MRS. MILES B. HUTSON Treasurer Members B.A. Med. Mrs. L. M. Crav ford Mrs. H. W. Curtis Mrs. F. E. Evans ■ • Mrs. S. E. Hottinger B-A. Mrs. C. H. Hunt, Jr Mrs. Miles B. Hutson B.A, Mrs. C. V. Jones • ' B.A, Mrs. C. E. La Prairie B.A Mrs. R. E. Svendson Mrs. C. E. Wagner t -A- Mrs. W. M. Ziegier B.M. Honorary Members Mrs. Rufus C. Harris Marie Byrd Dees Mattingly, M.D. ■|8 ■43 ■34 ' 32 ' 41 ' 12 ■29 ' 34 ' 41 ' 31 ' 36 H I M B A [288] I HISTORY OF MEDICINE SOCIETY P., B I j_ii Founded at Tulano In 1933 The History of Medicine Society has for its purpose the dissemination of knowledge of history of medicine. Officers FRED C. REHFELDT President C. M. WILSON . . HENRY H. TIFT Vice-President J. G. RIDDLER R. M. LANDRY Treasurer Secretary Corresponding Secretary Dr. Elizabeth Bass Dr. C. C. Bass Dr. Harold Cummins Frafres in Facultate Dr. E. C. Faust Dr. Maxwell Lapham Dr. Rudolph Matas Dr. H. S. Moyerson Dr. I. L. Robbins Dr. Willi Sawitz Dr. E. P. Thomot Dr. Roy H. Turner Dr. B. B. Weinstein Fratres in Universitate J. T. Ainsworth T. H. Baker R. C. Ball W. P. Batson H. Broadhead R. A. Carsley J. H. Collins C. W. Crumpton J. W. Dodson B. P. Evans E. L. Feinberg R. D. Field W. D. Futch P. P. Gilchrist J. R. Glover W. C. Heibner W. I. Hunt C. R. Kessler W. W. Kyle R. M. Landry G. F. Meadors R. L. McCarty L. R. Murphree W. G. Nichols R. E. Nicholson C. A. Patterson F. C. Rehfeldt J. G. Riddler E. W. Robinson A. Royal J. V. Schlosser J. H. Simons E. C. Sweeney H. H. Tift J. B. Trlblo W. N. Valentine G. I. Walker J. C. Waller J. Wiener W. B. Wiener C. M. Wilson M. M. ZlsWnd J. Ainsworth, T. Baker, R. Ball, W. Batson, H. Broadhead, R. Carsley. J. Collins, W. Crumpton, J. Dodson, B. Evans. E. • R. Field, V . Futch, J. Glover, W. Heibner, C. Kessler, W. Kyle, R. Landry, R. McCarly, G. Meadorj, L. Murphree. W, R. E. Nicholson, C. Patterson, A. Royal, J. Schlosser, J. Simons, J. Trible, G. I. Waller. J. Walker, J. Wiener, W. Wiener, C (2891 PHI BETA KAPPA Helen Elizabeth Adams Caroline C. Ballard David Hanlin Becker Howard Albert Buechner ALPHA OF LOUISIANA CHAPTER Founded at The College of William and Mary in 1776 Tulane Chapter organized 1909 Officers 1939-1940 RUSSELL M. GEER President EUGENE A. NABORS Vice-President SUSAN D. TEW Secretary-Treasurer Elections 1939 Norman Burnstein Julian Payne Freret William D. Davis, Jr. Barbara Jean Griffith Lucille Marie Emmer Pearl Cecils Hershberg Edward B. Ferguson, Jr. Helene Tupper McClure Patricia Woodward Rosemary Helena O ' Shea Karl Edward Pottharst James Moore Vail Gilbert Harold Vorhoff HyilUKl ILKXyi AIIILO Fr T BETA GAMMA SIGMA " National Honorary Commerce Fraternity " Founded at University ot Wisconsin and University of Illinois, 1913 ALPHA CHAPTER OF LOUISIANA Installed at Tulane In 1926 L J. BUCHAN Faculty Members ROBERT W. ELSASSER F. SANTRY REED JAY C. VAN KIRK JOSEPH V. BRES Student Members HENRY W. BULL, JR. E. G. FRUCHTGARTEN MARTIN F. SCHMIDT CHARLES P. LEE F. P. HAGAMAN Honorary Members E. D. McCUTCHEON LEON C. SIMON [290 , ORDER OF THE COIF The Order of the Coif is the oldest notional honor legal socioty organizod for th© odvancemenf of high ♦ondard? of ' , ' :hc ' ar ' ,hTp fn law. THE TULANE CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1931 Honorary Members J. Bianc Monroe Joseph W. Carroll Arsone P. Pujo Woitor B. Sr Esmond Phelps Orther C. Mouton Charles Rosen Horaco H. ■ ' ■ Faculty M embers Paul Brosman Rufus E. Foster Sumtor D. Maries. Jr. Rono A. Vi ' Wood Brown Mitchell Franklin James J. Morrison William W. . ! Charles E. Dunbar, Jr. Rufus C. Harris Eugene A. Nobors George A. Vyn-.on Robert J. Farley George Janvier Monte M, Lemann Ferdinand F. Stono Walter J. Suthon, Jr. John M. Wisdom Alumni M embers St. Clair Adams, Jr. David Sertler James D. McNeill L Julian Samuel Ellis Barnes Leon S. Haas, Jr. Bessie Margolin Marjorlo J. Smith Edmond N. Cahn John W. Harrell Charles D. Marshall George M. Snellingf, Jr E. B. Charbonnet, Jr. Charles M. Horton, Jr. Fontaine Martin. Jr. Moise S. Steog, Jr. Murray F. Cleveland Leon D. Hubert. Jr. Kalford K. Miazza John R. Stewart C. Girard Davidson Nathaniel B. Knight, Jr. Clarence J. Morrow Charles Titche James J. Davidson, Jr. Hubert A. Lafargue A. Dallam O ' Brien, Jr. Arthur C. Watson Moise W. Dennery Austin W. Lewis John E. Parker Robert Welnstein Edward Dubuisson Harry McCall, Jr. Ashton Phelps Morris Wright Allain de C. Favrot Hugh McCloskey Keith M. Pyburn Fred Zengel Robert E. Friedman Joseph J. McClosltey, Jr. Mervin H. Riseman H fl y n R V iiK i; H I A I n j n ETA SIGMA PHI ALPHA CHI CHAPTER Founded at University of Chicago Established at Tulane in 1936 In Facultate Mary A. Allen Russell A. Geer Ernst Kapp John B. E. Hite Graydon W. Rogonos Jean Till Emast Rittdsl In Universitate Eleanor Bentley Leia Mayer Crawford David J. Doylo John Dowling Louis Scheuor Alumni Hanson Forroll Josoph Marchess Edwin E Moiio Iris G. Murphy Lucille Artigues Dorothy Beckemeyer Amelia Plant Clark Willamette Colley Dorothy Everett Martha Kay Elvira Rontrop Luck Mary Poarco Holon Powell Mathilda Richards Roc-io ipjar Mary Staveni Metccdoi Vuilic! Annlo M. WolvcK (291] V. Barrow, R. Basnett, J. Becker. R. Black. R. Bosweli, M. Delerno, S. Dinkel. F. Ferchaud, J. Fitch. A. Gomez. M. Hellman. R. Herrod. L. Klein. R. Landwehr, E. Levin. H. Madden. W. Mallu, J. Martin. F. O ' Connor. R. Prechter. G. Rogers. R. Sherrard, E. Soniat. W. Verlander, I. Weidig, C. Weilbaecher. TULANE UNIVERSITY STUDENT BRANCH Professional Fraternity Advancement of knowledge of theory and practice of electrical engineering and allied sciences. Officers CHESTER O. WEILBAECHER . . . _ Chairman MANUEL J. DE LERNO Vice-Chairnnan LEON KLEIN Secretary-Treasurer MARIO G. ZERVIGON Counselor Members Vernon Barrow 42 Robert Basnett ' 41 Joseph Becker 40 Rodney Black ' 41 Robert Bosweli 42 Manuel De Lerno ' 41 Theodore Dietze ' 42 Stanley Dinkel ' 42 Faurle Ferchaud ' 42 John Fitch ' 40 Andre Somez 40 Maurice Hellman ' 40 Richard Herrod ' 41 Leon Klein ' 40 Robert Landwehr 42 Ellis Levin ' 42 Henry Madden ' 40 Wallace Mallu ' 41 James Martin. Jr 42 George Mayoral 40 Francis O ' Connor ' 41 Robert Prechter |4I George Rogers 41 Raymond Sherrard, Jr ' 42 Edwin Soniat - 40 Walter Verlander ' 41 Irwin Weidig ' 40 Chester Weilbaecher ' 40 American Society of Mechanical Engineers TULANE UNIVERSITY STUDENT CHAPTER To supplement class work and to encourage interest In the Engineering Profession by technical meetings and industrial field Inspection trips. Officers E. LANDRY MURPHY Chairman ROBERT T. BASNEH . . JAMES E. HARVEY, JR Vice-Chairman ROBERT D. COSGROVE ERIC R. STEPHAN Honorary Chairman Robert Thomas Basnett Earl E. Batten Ralph Edgar Blake John Spotswood Burwell Robert Donald Cosgrove Homer Lee Davis Harry Danford Evans Benjamin Henry Flake John Francis Fortier, Jr. Maurice Joseph Gelpi Members Arthur Augustin Grant, Jr. James Edward Harvey, Jr. Richard Alan Herrod, Jr. William C. Hildebrand. Jr. Bernard Lacoste Kiernan, Jr. Wilbur Paul Lafaye Irwin Michel Lais Joseph Hugh LeBlanc, Jr. Byron Lazar Levy Philip John Mitchell Edward Landry Murphy S»«:» »«»v Arthur Clinton Porter John Emilo Potfharst, Jr. Robert William Schupp Walter Maurice Sessums Alwyn Smith. Jr. Spencer Gray Smith Luis Alejandro Suarez John Joseph Treuling Walter Jay Verlander Frank Carroll Wimborly. Jr. R. Basnett, E. Batten. R. Blake, J. Burwell, H. Davis, H. Evans. B. Flake, J. Forlier, M. Gelpi, J. Harvey, R Herrod, W. Hildebrand, 8. Kieran, I. Lais, B. Levy, J. Milchell, E. Murphy, A. Porter. J. Pottharst, R. Schupp, S. Smith. L. Suarei. J. Treuting, W. Verlander. F. Wimberl». ■ ' ' %mtuad I19i] p. E. Arbo, C. Bittenbring. W. E. Blessey, E. R. Buxton, S. S. Carnegie, W. Douglas, H. Earl, J. R. Eustis, J. P. Ewin, C. L. Fisher, W. S. Goldman, B. A. Grehan, E. D. Hogg. W. O. Hudson. E. P. Johnson, R. E. Johnson, S. Manson, F. J. Ory, T J. Rennie, P. H. Ricker, D. B. Rogan, M. P. Snyder, W. T. Standke, W. T. Tompkins, W. R. Wakeland. J. Wilson. Established at Tulane in 1933 TULANE UNIVERSITY STUDENT CHAPTER Organized to supplement classroom knowledge and encourage interest in the Civil Engineering Profession Officers WALTER E. BLESSEY President MILLARD P. SNYDER Secretary EDMUND R. BUXTON . . ' Vice-President PAUL H. RICKER Treasurer Members J. A. Allison ' 41 P. E. Arbo ' 42 C. C. Bittenbring ' 40 W. E. Blessey ' 40 H. G. Boen ' 42 W. R. Burk, Jr ' 41 E. R. Buxton, Jr ' 41 S. S. Carnegie ' 40 W. E. Douglas, Jr ' 42 Holmes Earl ' 42 J. R. Eustis ' 42 J. P. Ewin, Jr ' 42 C. L. Fisher ' 40 W. S. Goldman ' 42 B. A. Grehan ' 42 E. D. Hogg ' 40 J. S. Wilson, Jr W. O. Hudson, II ' 42 E. P. Johnson, Jr ' 42 R. E. Johnson ' 42 S. K, Manson ' 42 F. J. Ory ' 41 S. ' vV. Painter, Jr ' 41 T. J. Rennie ' 40 P. H. Ricker ' 41 W. W. Robert ' 42 D. B. Rogan ' 42 A. H. Rordam ' 41 S. V. Shields ' 42 M. P. Snyder ' 40 W. F. Standke, Jr ' 40 W. F. Tompkins, Jr ' 40 W. R. Wakeland ' 42 ' 42 Tulane Architectural Society Established ai Tulano in 1913 Organized to supplement classroom work, to promote fellowship, develop interest and provide social activities among architectural students. Officers NATHANIEL C. CURTIS, JR President WALTER D. SHEPARD HAROLD J. LAGROVE, JR Vice-President PAUL G. CHARBONNET. JR. JOHN M. LACHIN, JR Sergeant-at-Arms Tteaturer Bernard J. Aronson Norman A. Aronson Joseph G. Bernard Milton J. Bienvenu Walter J. Binnings Mark P. Brodie Perry L. Brown C. Pitman Browne Victor H. Bruno Paul G. Charbonnet, Jr. Dorothy W. Cotton Sylvester H. Crochet Nathaniel C. Curtis, Jr. Arthur Davis Members John J. Desmond Walter A. Doucet Herman J. Duncan William J. Eckart Alvin S. Flettrich C. Henry Flower Louis W. Geier Mary C. Hogg George O. Laborde John M. Lachin Harold J. Lagrove James R. Lamantia Charles R. Lamkin Robert G. Landry George M. Leake James W. Leake A. Herbert Levy, Jr. Thomas J. Lupo G. Ardell Nolan Claude H. Oakland Leo M, Oppenheimor Joseph A. Partridge Harold E. Pique Charles Pumilia John P. Schorf Walter D. Shepard Maurice Singer Herbert L. Smith J. A. Williams B. J. Aronson, N. A. Aronson, J. Bernard. P. L. Brown, C. P. Browne, P. G. Charbonnet. Jr., D. W. Cotton. S. H. Crochet. N. Curtis, A. Davis, J. J. Oevno ' d. H. J. Duncan, W. J. Eckart, A. S. Flettrich, C. H. Flower, L. W. C. Geier, M. C. Hogg, J. M. Lachin, J. R. Lamantia, C. R. Lamkin. R. S. Landrv. G. M. L«ke. A. H. Levy, T. Lupo, G. A. Nolan, C. H, Oakland, J. A. Partridge, H. E. Piqu . C. Pumilia. J. P. Schcrf, W. Shepard, M. Singer. H. 1. " " . W.lliami. « [295] -J. E. Ackerman, J. Asher, F. R. Barnard. R. E. Beli, H. B. Bradford, H. Bultman, W. H. Charbonnet. R. M. Cole, G. L, Grain, J. C. Gulberhon, H. L. Deas, G. J. de la Vega, R. B. Dunwody. J. Dwyer, R. A. Dyke, L. P. Fadrique, O. H. Foss, R. L. Foster, J. Gordon, W. R. Gulley, E. R. Gurtler, H. S. Henderson, M. F. Hilbert, H. Janssen, E. J. Keating, N. B. Knoepfler, R. H. Lister, N. McLaurin, S. G. Muiphy, S. Perrin, J. Polack, I. Rabenovitz, L. O. Ramm, R. Riley, L. L. Robein, J. B. St. Glair, M. Schmachtenberger, H. Streann, C. Strong. M. Walther, W. Waterman, H. Wolbrette, W. A. Wood Founded at Philadelphia In 1908 Established at Tulane in 1938 TULANE UNIVERSITY STUDENT CHAPTER To develop the principle and practice of chennical engineering; to encourage the application of chem- istry, civics and mathematics to the problems of indus- try; to promote the industrial efficiency by substitution of scientific and engineering procedure for rule of thumb. For its further object it has the promotion of sound methods of chemical engineering education, the recognition and advancement of the profession of chemical engineering, and the establishment of high standards of professional ethics. Officers J. B. ST. CLAIR . ROBERT H. LISTER . . President Vice-President HAROLD H. STREAM, JR Secretary CARLOS DE LA VEGA Treasurer Eva Ackerman ' 43 David L. Asher ' 40 Martin S. Baer ' 42 F. R. Barnard ' 42 R. E. Bell ' 41 H. B. Bradford ' 40 H. B. Bultman ' 41 W. H. Charbonnet ' 40 Robert M. Cole ' 42 George Crain ' 43 John C. Culbertson ' 41 Harry L. Deas, Jr ' 40 Carlos J. de la Vega ' 41 Robson B. Dunwody ' 43 James T. Dwyer ' 41 Ray A. Dyke ' 41 Members L. P. Fadrique ' 41 Owen H. Foss ' 40 Robert Foster ' 43 J. Gordon ' 42 Walter Gulley, Jr ' 41 Earle R. Gurtler ' 40 H. S. Henderson ' 41 M. F. Hilbert ' 42 H. J. Janssen ' 40 E. J. Keating ' 41 Nestor B. Knoepfler ' 40 Hermann Kopper ' 43 Jeff D. Levlne ' 42 Robert H. Lister ' 40 Sylvia Anais Maceo ' 41 N. H. McLaurin, Jr ' 40 Stenning C. Murphy ' 41 John J. Pastorek ' 43 VS. F. Perrin ' 42 J, A. Polack ' 41 Irwin Rabenovitz ' 42 L. O. Ramm ' 41 Richard G. Riley ' 42 L. L. Robein, Jr ' 42 M. Schmachtenberger ' 40 J. B. St. Clair ' 40 Harold H. Stream, Jr ' 41 C. E. Strong ' 41 M. Mc. Vi alther ' 40 William Waterman ' 42 H. Wolbrette ' 42 W. A. Wood ' 41 American Institute of Chemical Engineers [296] Engineers Technological Atel 1 e r I 4 ' I Established at Tulana in 1936 To Insure better school spirit in the College of Engineering and to promote better feeling between faculty and students. Officers RAY ARTHUR DYKE President JOSEPH POLACK. JR HENRY I, MADDEN Vice-President JOSEPH W. McCARRON, JR. PROF. C. W. RICKER Faculty Adviser Joseph A. Becker, Jr. Robert E. Bell, Jr. Charles C. Bittenbring. Jr. Robert Boswell Louis I. Breffeilh Homer Lee Davis Ray A. Dyke, Jr. James Ewin Lloyd P. Fadrigue Faurie Eugene Ferchaud St. Mark Flotte Frank C. Frombery Members William Goldman Andre Gomez Earl Gurtler Maurice Hellman Richard Herrod William Hildebrand Edward Hogg Esmond Keating Bernard Kiernan Nestor Knoepfler Irwin Lais Joseph LeBlanc Robert L. Lister Henry I. Madden Joseph W. McCarron. Jr. J of fro Morcior Francis O ' Connor hephord Porrin Robert Prechter Phil G. Ricks L. L. Robein, Jr. Jack St. Clair R. W. Schupp Edwin Soniat Luis Suarez Honorary Member Prof. A. Herbert Levy J. A. Becker, R. E. Bell, C. Bittenbring, Jr., R. L. Boswell, L. I. Breffeilh. H. Davis, R. A. Dyke. J. P. Ewm, L. P. Fadrique, F. E. F«retmid. S. Flolle, Jr., W. S. Goldman, A. D. Gomez, E. R. Gurtler, M. H. Hellman, R. Herrod, W. Hildebrand, E. 0. Hogg, E. J. Keating. B. r ' —i- N. B. Knoepfler, I. M. Lais, R. L. Lister, H. Madden. J. W. McCarron, Jr., F. C. O ' Connor, S. F. Pcrrin, Jr.. R. R. Prechter, P. Rick«. E. S !.■ 1297 3 J. Anthony, E. Ber+ucci. T. Bloodworth. G, Butler, H. Feehan, W. Fray, M. Garb, A. Hyman, H. Kaiser, A. Koltunn, J. Le Laurin, A. Magnltzky, G. Marks, H. Marx, H. Mentz, D. Rlnge. C. Schwartz, S. Scott, W. Smith, J. Turnbull, R. White, O. Willenzik. To encourage the study of international affairs. Officers WILFORD M. SMITH President JAMES V. LE LAURIN Vice-President HARVEY A. FEEHAN Secretary ROY WHITE Treasurer Members John W. Anthony China Ennile A . Bertucci Afghanistan Thomas S. Bloodworth Great Britain Gordan Butler Iceland Michael A. Carso, II Siberia Harvey A. Feehan Spain William T, Fray Siam Maurice Garb Ethiopia Albert L. Hyman Sweden Herbert W. Kaiser Germany Allen B. Koltun Norway James V. Le Laurin Mexico A. Wayne Magnltzky Sarawak George P. Marks, III Leichtenstein Harold Marx Rumania Henry Mentz Argentina Donald A. Ringe Bulgaria Ludwig L. Scheuer Switzerland Charles Schwartz Chile Samuel Scott Portugal Wilford Smith France James F. Turnbull Canada Roy White Belgium Oscar Willenzik Palestine INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB [ 298 ] H I R N U B 1 Honorary Freshman In+erfraternity Club for the purpose of furthering the interest and ideals of Tulane both in scholastic and athletic activifiA ' -.. Officers EARL BARTLEH. JR Pretldent HARRY ALCOTT Viee-Pr«iident BENJAMIN DART, JR Secfetary-Troojuror Class of ' 43 Harry Alcott Benjamin Dart, Jr. Glenny Parler Jack Psrez Earl Bartlett, Jr. Alvin Sottschale Jack Parker Sam Ryniker Robert Cummins Kenneth Kahao Frank Pennebaker Lester Smith Claude Trawick Class of ' 42 Roy Bartlett Robert E. Flowerree, Jr. Stewart Maunsell Eads Poitovont Forbes Bastian Donald Higgins Steed McGee Randy Roane Harold Cummins John Jordan Charles Miller Albert Terkuhle Gerhard H. A. Thomas. Jr. Class of " 41 William Brothers Foster Johns William Murray Edward K. Strong John Culbertson Gus Lorber Robert Oliver George Schneider Andrew Gay George Manning James Reid Class of " 40 Thomas Bell Phil B. Jahncke Walter J. Jung, Jr. Edward Munion, Jr. N. Cortlandt Curtis H. J. Jumonville, Jr. Herrick J. Lane Clyde W. Paine, Jr. James P. Ewin, Jr. Moreau Jumonville John Maginnis Reinhard A. S» Inm " v«r Ir H. AlcoH, E. Bartlett, R. Cummirw. B. W. Dart, A. Gottschale, K. Kahao, G. Parker, J. Parker, F. Pennebaker, S. Ryniker. C. Travick. t299J B. Bres, C. Carter, M. Merriman. M. Roemer, E. Solomon. Honor senior fra+ernify founded at Newcomb in 1916 for the purpose of promoting Interest in college and class activities. Each year those juniors who have done the most active and effective work for the college and class are elected to membership in the fraternity. Officers BETSY BRES President ELAINE SOLOMON Secretary-Treasurer In Facul+a+e Mildred G. Christian Sally E. Reed Betsy Bres In Universi+a+e Charlotte Carter Mollie Merriman Maraaret L. Roemer Elaine Solomon ALPHA SIGMA SIGMA [300] Pir. n N E W C O M B G L E E C L U B U 1 ' ,1 . Officers VIRGINIA BROWNSON President CHERRIE SMITH . 1 Pr«tid«nt MAYNARD KLEIN Director Members First Sopranos Claire Reynaud Winifred Drackett Marjorie Notllos Caroline Fletchor Ann Armstrong Joy Rogers Dorothy Dyke Dorothy Noland Gloria Gaunt Leal Backer Adele Schneldau Phyllis Eckert Regins Pellas Sarah GHIotpIo Alice Baird Claire Shannon Henryette Eldrldge Ernestine Rotoreau Martha Golony Virginia Brownson M. C. Shelton Marie Fitzsimmons Muriel Roshko Violet Gromar Connie Claverie Jeannette Silberberg Selidelle Fortier Kay Stewart Mary Gross Joy Clay Dorothy Singreen Anne Friedrichs Mary Lucy Wands Gall Hauimann Marilyn Corbett Cherrie Smith Claire Fristoe Shirley Weil Marye Hodge Dixie Danese Margaret Soloman Madeleine Gallager Claire Yancy Jeanne Klapingar Dorothy Ecuyer Ruth Stall Annabelle Galle Altos Mary Langdon Ruth Grossman Evalyn Stolaroff Marie Gamard Kathryn Balmer Bernadatte Lawhcrn Nellie Mae Gunn Mary Sue Strahan Gladys Gay Leslie Bartels Lucille Louba) Sara Heim Myrtle Swayne Betty Lee Gough Betty Beard Melba Loubat Miriam Hetndel Shirley Van Lue Marion Grossman Nancy Benham Fleurette Lurio Sara Herden Norinne Vincent Jane Hinds Luba Bersadsky Jane McNiven Helen Hill Hilda Mary Voss Mary Hom June Breltenbach Rene MIester Dorothy Hiller Margaret Wendt Linda Hudson Dorothy Brock Letty Miranne Margaret Joachim Janice White Marjorie Karstendiek Joan Brooks Donna MIthan Betty Judd Grace Whitsell Marjorie Kister Catherine Brookshire Batty Monroe Dorothy Le Breton Yvonne Woodward Betty Kreckel Lucy Byrne Varlyn Murphy Dora Jane Ledgerwood Diddie Woolfolk Betty Lemarie Mary Cahall Constance PlaH Moreen Levine Rita Worms Elaine Leverich Ellse Cambon Muriel Pasquler Margot Liepmann Meliss Wright Leila Levine Maizle Caravella Gloria Riso Annette Lisitzsky Alma Young Marjorie Lewis Catherine Clarke Yolando Rodriguai Carolyn Long Mary Ann Zarrilli Muriel Lyons Betty Coate Anna Roy Bernice Lurle Second Sopranos Moonyeen Marion Leta Covington Else Swarti Marie Marquer Betty Beyer Helen Mae Marschall Cornelia Crittenden Colleen Spillar Margaret Mayne Jean Bonner Margaret McLaurIn Marie L. Cuquei Dorothy Tumbull Betty Moore Martha Bradford Gloria Monninger Lyie Ann Dawson Mathilda Well La Verne Morris Danna Concetta Ellen Moore Marlelle Emiing Lucy White Ruth A. Murphy Frances Connely Mildred Murray Elizabeth Fagan Penelope While Irene Pfaff Hazel Doell Louise Nelson Suzanne Faust Esther Wilson V. Brownson. C. Smith. liOU L. Alexander, M. Heindel, L. Hutson, N. Ivey. Officers LILLIAN ALEXANDER President LOUISE HUTSON Secretary MIRIAM HEINDEL Vice-President NELLIE IVEY Treasurer Anne Armstrong Rhoda Bartlett Dorothy Brock Shirley Garrot Cabinet Members La Reine Gladden Miriam Heindel Tatiana Hofstra Louise Nelson Adele Ramos Cherrie Smith Mary Sue Strahan Shirley Van Lue Frances Watson Ruth Creighton Lydia E. Frotscher Faculty Advisers Mrs. Frederick Hard Maybelle Handle Anna E. Many Mary Frances Tenny Jane Alwes Yvonne Anderson Ellen Archer Eleanor Bentley Betty Beyer Kay Brash June Breitenbach Joy Clay Betty Coate Marie Louise Cuquet Edwina Cuny Concetta Danna Marie Louise Denny Winniefred Drackett Helen Duvic Dorothy Dyke Juliet Ebel Phyllis Eckert June Elliot Elizabeth Fagen Elsie Field Marie Louise Fitzslmmons Audrey Flautt Annabelle Galle Marie Louise Garzon Members Nellie Mae Gunn Betty Hochendel Kate Hodge Margarita Hofstra Mary Hom Mary Jane Hutson Marjorie Karstendiek Nita Kidd Jeanne Kleplnger Lillian Kyame Harriet Line Jane McNIven Ruth Ann Murphy Verlyn Murphy Aline Noble Betty Jane Nolan Helen Nolen Marion Peytral Constance Piatt Julia Reed Virginia Riley Joy Rogers Ernestine Rotoreau Hilda Schneider Claire Shannon Ruth B. Stall Beverly Steckler Joy Steckler Clarlsse Steeg Margaret Stewart Shirley Strauven Myrtle Swayne Dora Thatcher Elizabeth Treleaven Mary Lucy Wands Janice White Grace Witsell Grace Yeager JENNIE C. NIXON DEBATING CLUB Organized to Foster Interest in Public Speating Officers ADELE KOHLMAN p,„;j,„, ELSIE FIELD Chairman of Debats JANICE GINSBERG Socrefary-Treasuror Ruth Lawson Faculty Advisers Anna E. Many Edward Stono Eugenie Battaille Bertha O. Bodenheimer Kay Brash Joan Braufman Lucy Byrne Cora Cousin Hazel Doell Rachel Feingold Elsie Field Janice Ginsberg Members Fay Bettye Goldndan Julia Herrfeld Jane Hotard Henriette Kahn Betty A. Kellner Marcia Kohl Betty A. Lipper Aline Lowenberg Anna Mangiaracina Renee Meister Emily Morgenstern Marie Moses Bertha Pagiin Lucila Patterson Marion Peytral Evelyn Sonter Frances Stern Dora Thatcher Mario L Wakoman Jean Weismon Margaret A. Williams E. T. Field, T. Ginsberg, A. E. Kohlmon. n lion R. Albrecht, N. Hicks, B. Lipper, F. Nelken. Organized to Promote an Interest in International Affairs Officers NAOMI B. HICKS PresI FANNY NELKEN Vice-President BETTY LIPPER - Secretary RUTH ALBRECHT Treasurer Faculty Advisers Ruth Lawson Mary B. Allen Lydia Frotscher Members Ruth Albrecht Louise Hutson Bertha Paglin Leal Backer Kathleen Keese Lucile Patterson Janet Bierhorst Betty Ann Kellner Martha Powers Betty Brandstetter Mary Catharine Kelly Hannah Betty Prins Cora Cousin Henriette Kahn Jean Ramsey Jane Dart Adele Kohlman Mary Reis H. Eldrldge Lillian Kyame Dorothy Ross Jeanne Finke Flo Lurie Margaret Stone Elsie Field Aline Lowenberg Beverly Steckler Shelby Flowers Rose Lapeyre Rosemary Stewart Charlotte Gardner Blanche Lischkoff Elsa Schwartz Nola Granger Betty Lipper Jane Waldhoun M. Gallagher Gladys Mayer Elaine Worner M. L. Garzon Collinda McKenzie Emma Bertha Wolf Fay Bettye Goldman Marie Moses Shirley Well Janice Ginsberg Emily Morgenstern Sylvia Weil Gail Hausmann Justine Mann Sylvia Yonkelowltz Harriet Heidler Fannie Lee Nelken Mary Ann Zarilli dent ISLJ Newcomb Internatio nal Relations Club [3043 NEWCOMB ' S ORCHESTRA r --J Organized to Afford an Opportunity for Those Musically Inclined to Enjoy Orchestral Work Officers MYRTLE SWAYNE PrB.IdonJ NELLIE MAE GUNN Vke-Prosidsnl THELMA HEMARD Secretary-Treasurer MAYNARD KLEIN Director Members Carolyn Albrecht Marye Hodge Lorraine Meyer Anne Armstrong M. L. Langdon Verna Mae Meyer Catherine Brookshire Miriam Lipson Ellen Moore Virginia Brownson Retta Loper Beulah Sterbcow Leah Castillon Helen McCaskey Jean Weisman Edwina Cuney Jane McNiven Shelby Worlein Dorothy Ecuyer Adele Mendel Yvonne Woodard Gunn, T. Hemard, M. Swoyne. (305 1 B. Bres, C. Carter. N. Courtney, D. Ecuyer. M. Hoehn, A. Huey, M. Hutson, N. Kidd, A. Kilpafrick, E. McKay, M. Merriman, M. Porter, M, Roemer, M. Sinclair, E. Springer, P. Stites, P. Watson. To maintain within the school a high standard of integrity and personal character. Officers MARGARET ROEMER President BETSY BRES Vice-President MARY SINCLAIR Secretary Members Ex-Officio CHARLOTTE CARTER Student Body President MARGARET ROEMER Student Council President ESTHER SPRINGER Music School President ALTHEA HUEY Art School President MOLLIE MERRIMAN Dornnitory President EULALIE McKAY Senior Class President PETER PORTER Junior Class President PAT STITES Sophomore Class President DOROTHY ECUYER Freshman Class President Members Elected BETSY BRES Senior Class Representative MARY HOEHN Senior Class Representative ANN KILPATRICK Senior Class Representative MARY JANE HUTSON Junior Class Representative NITA KIDD Junior Class Representative MARY SINCLAIR Junior Class Representative NELL COURTNEY Sophomore Class Representative PHYLLIS WATSON Freshman Class Representative N E W C O M B STUDENT COUNCIL [306] NEWCOMB RESIDENT STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION To develop among the dormitories an efficient system of self-government relating to the conduct of the members individually and as a social group. Offic MOLLIE MERRIMAN LINETTE FORREST GEORGE GIROT BETTY HOCHENEDEL NORMA DURAND . . MARY LEE LEMANN ProtldonI Worren Houia Prsiidant Doris Hall Preildant Secretary East Wing President West Wing President House Council Josephine Louise hlouse Mary Lloyd Andrews ' 42 Eleanor Pearco . Elizabeth Bowen ' 40 Jean Tenia . . Sara Cobb ' 41 Dona Thistlewaite Martha Harper ' 41 Anne Wyly . . Warren House Jane Bonham ' 42 Blanche Cudd . , Ann Harper Caroline Richardson House Blanche Keiler Doris Hall Frances Watson •42 •40 •42 ■41 •41 M. Andrews, J. Bonham, E. Bowen, L. Cobb, C. Cudd, N. Durand, L. Forrest, G. Girot, A. Harper, M. Harper, B. Hochenedel. B. Keiler, M. Lemann, M. Merriman, E. Pearce, A. Terzia, 0. Thistlettiwsite, F. Wation, A. W»ty. [ JO- J B. Bethea. C. Carter. B. Gilmore, R. Gordon, B, Hochenedel, M. Roemer. Organized to perform all functions of the student body. To form a basis for cooperation between faculty and students. Executive CHARLOTTE CARTER .... Student Body President BARBARA GILMORE . . Student Body Vice-President PEGGY ROEMER Student Council President BEHY HOCHENEDEL .... Corresponding Secretary RUTH GORDON Recording Secretary BETTY BETHEA Treasurer MOLLIE MERRIMAN House President EULALIE McKAY Senior Class President PETER PORTER Junior Class President PAT STITES Sophomore Class President DOROTHY ECUYER .... Freshman Class President ALTHEA HUEY Art School President Committee ESTHER SPRINGER Music School President ADELE KOHLMAN Debating Club President BETSY BRES " Hullabaloo " Newcomb Editor DARRAH CHAUVIN . . " Jambalaya " Newcomb Editor LILLIAN ALEXANDER Y. W. C. A. President NINEHE DENEGRE Art Club President LORRAINE ST. RAYMOND . Campus Night Chairman MYRTLE SWAYNE . . . Newcomb Orchestra President JEAN RESTRICH Dance Club President VIRGINIA BROWNSON .... Glee Club President MARY CAHAL .... Tulane Theatre Representative NAOMI HICKS . International Relations Club President Newcomb Student Government Association [308] N E W C O M B ATHLETIC COUNCIL Offi. GEORGE GIROT EUGENIE MURRHEE SocrotArV ' TroA ' .urof Pr«iidon LYLE DAWSON Senior Members GEORGE GIROT ADELE PICK EUGENIE MURRHEE BEHY HOCHENEDEL Junior Members MAIDA MOTER FRANCES WATSON BETTY TANENBAUM Sophomore Members MARY LLOYD ANDREWS CELESTE DOUGLAS M. Andrews, Hutson (staff error). C. Onugias, G Girot 8. Hochenedel, E Murrhec. 8 Tanenbaum, F. Wafson. (3091 C. Albrecht, R. Albrecht, M. Andrews. N. Courtney. J. Ginsberg, E. Renaud. C. Robbert. V. Sims. C. Smith, L. Stites. M, Wakeman. Founded at Newcomb in 1939 Freshmen Honorary Society. Members are elected by Alpha Sigma Sigma on the basis of scholarship, leadership, and school spirit. Members CAROLYN BARBARA ALBRECHT JANICE SHIRLEY GINSBERG RUTH ELIZABETH ALBRECHT ESTER LOUISE RENAUD MARY LLOYD ANDREWS CAROLYN ELSA ROBBERT CATHERINE STEELE CLARKE VIRGINIA BEVERLY SIMS NELL COURTNEY CHERRIE SMITH PEGGY FENNO LOUISE PAUERSON STITES MARIE LOUISE V AKEMAN £310] r NEWCOMB DANCE CLUB Founded at Nowcomb in 1938 Officers JEAN RESTRICK ADELE PICK ifiC ' sO ' RUTH GORDON . Momberjhip Chairman MURL UMBACH Publicity Manager Members Betty Bernhard ' 42 Jackie Nutter Nell Bond Busby ' 43 Bertha Paglin Marilyn Corbett ' 41 Adele Pick ... Lyie Dawson ' 40 Catherine Powers Frances Galloway ' 43 Mary Rosa Prieto . Marjorie Garmony ' 43 Jean Restrick . . Ruth Gordon ' 42 Carolyn Robbert Violet Gremar ' 42 Nadine Robbert Jane Jordan ' 43 M ' Adele Scott Harriet Line ' 43 Betty Skelton . Muriel Lyons ' 42 Peggy Smith Sadie Montgomery ' 43 Betty Staples Grace Moore ' 43 Murl Umbach Fannie L. Nelken ' 42 Marie Louise Wakoman Mary Louise Nichols ' 43 Mary Lucille Ward B. Bernhard, N. Busby. J. Corbett, F. Galloway, M. Garmony, R. Gordon. V. Gremar. J. Jordan. H. Line, M. Lyons, G. Moore, F. Nelken, M. Nichols, J. Nutter, B. Paglin, C. Power . M. Prieto, C. Robbert, N. Robbert, M. Scott, 8. Shellon, P. Smith, B. Staples, M. L. Wakeman. M. Ward. pSFTTiprTg oil I We Present (Parody, Some [Pans, an d Our iPatrons §ames J. JurnbulL §r.. ' Bus. JMgr. ■■ . . .. xiaff8 a» Move the Mayflower Way MAGNOLIA 5353! Douglas Warehouses offer you Mayflower nation-wide nnoving service — the easy, trouble-free way to transport your household goods from any place to anywhere In the United States, or, to or from Canada. Careful drivers — trained in the company ' s own school — know how to load, unload, and arrange your finest furniture. Vans are owned by Mayflower and built by them especially to protect household goods during long distance moving. Mayflower and Douglas take the undivided responsibility for safe delivery of your possessions. Affiliated warehouses In all principal cities. DOUGLAS WAREHOUSES Owned and Operated by Douglas Public Service Corporafion LOCAL AND LONG DISTANCE MOVING PACKING • SHIPPING • FIREPROOF STORAGE FURNITURE DIVISIONS 331 Deca+ur Street and 118 North Front Street Douglas Public Service Corporation and affiliated companies have complete facilities for Storage, Cartage, Packing, and Shipping of all kinds of merchandise as we!! as furniture and household goods. ■ ®lt ofitlaup BuUabaUtn NEW ORLEANS, I,A., FRIDAY. JIM t!!. I i|(i YMCA IMakes Plans for New Novel Party Dance C 1 ii b Will Throw Coc ' klail Party The YMCA, campus dance club, has at last decided to give something; other than the usual run of parties, announced Jlr. Roui-bon Gay, secretary of the local. " The idea is, " Bourbon went on to say, " that the students think that our boys are a bunch of goody-goodies. This idea must be removed from the minds of every one on the campus. Of course, they may not smoke, cuss, etc., but they can play checkers, etc., with the best of the bunch (of sour grapes no doubt). " Sabina Namby-Pamby, prexy of the club, stated that this party promises to be better even than the fraternity cos- tume affairs, and this is going some. The way that this party will excel will be that all of the drinks are on the house. " In order to dispel this mistaken idea that all the stcwdents have of us, we are going to give them 100% proof grape juice, and our boys will shine that night, " Mr. Namby-Pamby stated. This party has been planned with the idea of giving up the annual interna- tional tea, formerly held by the organiza- tion, to discuss and ridicule the foreign clement in the university. " This one and only function, other than dances, marks the turning point in the life of the YMCA on the campus. Why, after this lovely (?) affair, the Stewdent Council will be certain to cut out our appropria- tions for next year, doing away with us, " stated Mr. Pater Burnhard, another offi- cer of the group, who rolled in at this point on a pair of dice. The frolic planned by the club will be held immediately after the opening of their new club-room in the Center, and will be brought to a joyful conclusion with a wiener roast on the levee with the N ' ewcomb group, who will give poetic readings by the fireside. The president of the Newcomb local was unable to be contacteil at the tim e of this interview, as she was busy getting in touch with the other member of her organization. Plans for future good times will be dis- cussed at the next meeting of the club, which will be held in one of the local joints, some nearby drug-store. The fea- ture of the next gathering will be a short prayer by Brother .A,lex von Mimeograph, who will U as long as the other two members and the secretary will allow. Impressario liulicled on Triple Dipping!; and Arrested on Chariies Fish Fryers Plan To Fry Some Fi.sli Will Entt ' ilain Newly - Elecl.Ml President The Tulane Temperance Union, cam- pus cutups, announce that they will en- tertain .1. M. Plogle at their next meet- ing. Mr. Plogle is the national president of the Union. Henry Alcott, president of local No. 3.3976, and well known for his moderation too, announces that the or- ganization will have as its guests at the time all the young ladies from the School of Social Work. This meeting will be in the form of a fish fry, and general clambake, and will be held on the levee, where these men usually hold forth, if not fifth or sixth. Henry Flowery, the secretary, said in a press conference today, " We may be temperate and all that, but it does us no good to expose ourselves unnecessarily to the wiles and ways of beautiful women. That is why we have invited the Social Workers. " The meeting of last week might well have been called " .Alumni " night, because a few of the older members, all pillars of propriety and sobriety, were present. These men passed a resolution requesting the local confectionary to be stocked with 12% sarsaparilla. Virgil Lambert, who fostered the resolution later said, " I ' m getting tired of having to go down to CENSOREn to get mine. " Students: I Avas lookiii ' i o er tlic camiHis tlif other liay, and 1 didn ' t see any junk whatso- ever llirown over tlie cam- pus. hat ' s tlie matter witli the coke bottles and sand- wieli paper? Let ' s make the eampiis look more homey. Co-operate, luih? Paul Arclii ' 1 Ojiji.- Oil I (Ml S20.(MMI r.ail llv J. I ' u l(lli- li n Irrlh New Orleans, May l- (P.P. " i Iv.McU ment charges against Arch mond Toggs, Hullabaloo impr. .1 playboy boy friend of Hell.soi IK-chncll. for triple dipping in violation of Federal Statute 2 " 9, fragment (c), were returned Wednesday by a local federal grand jury. sitting in New Orleans. Toggs was taken into custody follow- ing issuance of warrant? for hi« arrest that grew out of the chargi-s. He wa i released on $20,000 bond. sipn 1 Iv P.im Moans, governor-elect of the I presented by T. Bail Togjrs. i ney, prominently mentioned fur the fttsl of United States representative from Louisiana, since the election of Moans in February. From the fact.s allege !. ' ' ' ' ' .I returned Wednesday, it t that Toggs will face ii,--; ;■ . ..-m charges growing out of hi.s allejred ac- ceptance of monthly .- " ubsidy relief checks from the federal government at a time when he was coining more money than any student boss in the history of the 106-ycar-old institution. Benny V. Oscar. Uniti- ' t attorney here, said W •■ ' • Toggs would be brought !.■ u:iu wiuun the date of Dam Mojin.t ' Inaumiralion on May 1-1. " This is cssenlinlly -ilnl. important, and crux-y. " . aid M ' V n..:ir. " ' .u ' .h - light of culprit T ' ' quote they ' d better 1.1, because after thai duu m i ii JK-i T. Bail Toggs i.n gonna t c in a postUon to tell you and the Rovcmmcnl to go to (censored! end quote. " With th. • • ' coniparati ence, loi-nl dav over tl. ' ! .. l,,..u,-i- islrulii ' n h oiui-. ;,.,4: p,. ..,.,. ,-iv,.f .--f thf fU««a drt«c- h.:. tl H pagm iH 1 jni THE TULANE HULLABALOO, FRIDAY, JUNE 38, 1940 ®tjp ®ula«p HuUabalnn (Published weekly by the stooges of Tulane University.) Entered in the Post Office as Second Class (definitely) Mail Matter. OUGHTIN F. Sphit Editor-in-Chief Jack Dempsy Finly Business Manager And Many Other Stooges Let ' s Abolish The Honor System: For many decades now, Tulane Stewdents have been taking quizzes and examinations under the honor system, and getting away with moider. We feel that it is a blight on our honor to have any system whatsoever, except with the girls. To admit of an honor system, is to admit that without some system, we Avould be tempted and willing to cheat. Such presumptions are preposterous. Why should we cheat? The only sure way to cut out cheating, is to cut out examina- tions and quizzes, which brings us to our next point. Confucius say " Man who sit on tack better off. " This is our own predicament today, fellow stew- dents. We are worrying and fret- ing about all of these " memory testers " and we don ' t have a fair chance to show our stuff. We can ' t show just how little we learn in the classes of drooling professors. This sheet has received request after request from stewdents who were almost caught violating the system to try to get the proper au- thorities to do away with it. So we request that the proper authorities, who can ' t read anyhow, please no- tice what has been expounded in this mighty (meaning swell like the editor) article. Can we do without the honor system? Sure Mike. Can we do without honor? Sure. Can we do without this ai ' ti- cle? SURE Is it all right what we say as long as we spell your name right? Well, it looks like wedding bells for Hi-School Harry Lathrop and Bauldy Smith in the offing, unless Bauldy and Baby Walt Jung have some agreement between them, and this seems to be the case. It is remarkable how Harry ' s pop- ularity has fallen off since he is in the " married " class. If anyone wants to see Bill Wallace burn, just ask him why everybody calls him " Coachman. " He: " Do you know what the burglar who broke in the Kappa Sig house (?) got? " She: " Yeah. . . . pledged. " The only brass ring Mickey Carso ever got from Letty Miranne ' s merry-go- round is the one he wears through his nose. What does Ralph Rugan have on the ball? For the past year now all of his embryonic dates have gotten married or expect to be to somebody, and WE DON ' T MEAN RALPH EITHER. Karl Clauset is still foot-loose and fancy-free, but it ain ' t cause he wants to be, but he can ' t get to first base with any of the ferns. Could it be his fraternity or his past campus life? An orchid to Clauset from Clauset. adv. HIGHWAY By Bill Debloe. Jr. There ' s a young man named Debloe With childishness he ' ll soon outgrow. He ' s knock-kneed, cross-eyed, and ugly. Good gracious, I ' m writing ' bout me. Well, for some months now, I have written stuff that I know nobody reads about somebody. So to be different, I ' m going to write about me. The first ques- tion to ask is who am I? I think that nobody gives a damn except me, so for my own satisfaction, I am the columnist whose services are indispensable to this paper. I also try to lead a debating or- ganization on the campus, and I have some pretty peculiar ideas about things and stuff. The only thing I ' m sure of is that I am good, and I ' ll knock anyone who doesn ' t think so in my column, if we may call it such. Well, enough now until next week when my girl, Sophie Lou will again write my column for me. Bill Debloe, Jr. TEETH ON TOGGS {Contmued from, page 315) (S) chief bookie for the Y.M.C.A. hand- book business formerly controlled by Nina " Virgin " Hey!, (4) the corre- spondence racket for a lyin ' local news- paper that is now with my administra- tion, and (5) the unqualified, unadulter- ated, and dictatorial control of the cam- pus gum distribution game. " Why, " exasperated Chief Peace, " he ' s lined up with every chew in town. " Toggs re- fused to reveal plans if he beat the rap. THE DIRTIEST TRICK OF THE YEAR: Lloyd Fre- maux and George Timish pushed a fel- low student ' s auto in front of a fire plug, at one of the pep parades down- town, just to get even for the other guy who had the ad- vantage over them with respect to a certain young lady ' s feeling. Fortunately, it didn ' t work. By this time, the Delta contest as to who could make the most long distance calls to the L.S.U. Girls Dorm, has been called off, since Phil Jahncke doesn ' t have to call there any more. Why????? Note; Bill Monroe likes Bill Monroe. Eddie Martin, Buster Curtis, and S t o o g i e Dueease were seen recently drinking milk. This gossiper must have been seeing things. LOANS We will lend you the money lo Purchase, Construct, Repair, or Refinance Your Home SAVINGS Invest Your Savings in Our Insured Shares and Earn 3I 2 Per Cent Per Annum. $1.00 star+s an Account. SECURITY BUILDING LOAN ASSOCIATION Baronne corner Gravier GEO. STAHLER President JOS. J. MIRANNE Secrefary-Treasurer [316] THE TULANE HULLABALOO. FIUDAY, JUNE .1«, I ' .Ui It si ' fiiis that the social lil here at Tiihme is pickint; up. There were num- erous parties this past week-end, and from all reports all attendin c had a won- derful time. Don ' t think that I was at all of them, because I wasn ' t. I fret the invites, but I can ' t seem to be able to net an escort to take me, not that I blame them, however, for who ever saw ■A u ' ood dance, other than the frat dances, vx. Phi Delt, PiKA, Beta, KA, DKE, ATI) and Phi Kap ' ? DIKE ALUMNI PARTY The Dekes gave a big drinking party Friday night for all old grads. Newcomb was well represented, as usual. Seen under the table in the corner were Al Terkhule and some babe. She couldn ' t have been a Newcombite, cause none of those would be seen with him, except the Thetas. IM KAI ' PA ALPHA FAIS DODO Again excelling in the way of parties, both dance and drink, was the PiKA Cajun Party. All the guests were mak- ing merry, but the Pike.s were makinR some Cajun babe who was in the vicinity of the bar. Quinby Sloan and Corny Varny led the chapter in their drinking song which took up most of the time of the dance. Among those invited and at- tending were Edith Smith, Eulalie Mc- Kay, Charlotte Carter, Baidy Smith, Petie Porter, .Jean Restrick, etc. Among those attending but not invited were all Thetas and Beta Sigs. Among those not invited and not attending were those members of the YWCA who just don ' t touch the stuff anyhow. Seen at the Club Saturday night were the usual people. Seen in the bar were Sally Mysing, Elliot Beckner, La St. | Raymond, a few Thetas, and all the Kap- : pas. By the time we got to the dance floor, we couldn ' t see much, so we will run that part next week. Reports are though that someone actually danced | with Carolvn Fletcher. rlioii I o IJe I akcii I odaN nti J arkinLf I ' rnhit m A petition ' ik ' M ! IjV numv «!u !iiit. in the differer ■ .seeking to .. tics, " for Ihiw • distribution of i . sil ' . a ! isll..i-..- . .1,1. .1 I., I L-M.i;, i ;, lri- i i iit Carrollton Avenue. The parking niitK,,r;(;.-, .h.. ni..r.. than live up t ' generally in thi- : be depo.scd in ca.se Iik- boKrd sees Urnix the way the petition does. A gist of student opinion on the ■ ter was exprcs.sed by Ouirhtin . ' . ■ editor of this paper, wh ' he could walk from the i a shorter time than he coui.i «air, ii.im where he parks his car. Clarence J. Tomorrow, youthful fnml. ty member in the college of 1b ' . trouble convincing people that ■ enough to teach on THAT fn " Who in tha hell is that cop? punk refused me space for my ju. ; ; . , and by the time I finally parked. I ■. ' ■ .1 fifteen minutes late for cla.s. , ami I don ' t limp along either. I was .10 laU-. even . ' ick ( " iphi-r hi at me to cla , , " THE H. SOPHIE NEWCOMB MEMORIAL COLLEGE FOR WOMEN TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA A COLLEGE OF HIGH STANDARDS OFFERING A TRAINING THAT WILL HELP OUR YOUNG WOMEN TO BECOME USEFUL CITIZENS COMPLETE COURSES IN ARTS AND SCIENCES, FINE AND APPLIED ARTS, MUSIC FOR CATALOGUES AND INFORMATION, ADDRESS REGISTRAR, NEWCOMB COLLEGE NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA IJ17J I METAIRIE RIDGE NURSERY CO. Limited FLORISTS 135 CARONDELET STREET THE STUDENT ' S CAMPUS HEADQUARTERS " SEE US FOR YOUR EVERY NEED " QUALITY FOOD IN AN ATMOS- PHERE OF CLEANLINESS HOURS: 7 A.M.— 9 A.M. 11 A.M.— 2 P.M. 5 P.M.— 7 P.M. THE TULANE CAFETERIA Texl Books, New and Used, for all col- leges. Supplies at lowest prices Including surgi- cal supplies and microscopes of all makes. Tobacco, candy, sandwiches and cold drinks. Also P. O. Station 20 for your conven- ience. THE TULANE BOOR STORE " IT CAME FROM ADLER ' S " Pride of ownership of merchandise purchased from Adier ' s is the customer ' s tribute to an unvarying | adherence to standard s upon which this business is founded. Coleman E. Adier Sons INCORPORATED Man u f a c + u ring Jewelers 722-724 Canal Street CLEAN —KEEP YOUR CROWD TOGETHER- COOL COMFORTABLE CONVENIENT TECHE GREYHOUND LINES OFFERS CONVENIENT SERVICE DAILY TO PRACTICALLY EVERY SECTION OF THE UNITED STATES AT ASTONISHINGLY LOW RATES LONG TIME LIMIT ON ROUND-TRIP TICKETS INQUIRE BUS STATION CANAL CORNER OF VILLERE RAYMOND 9371 CHARTER COACH SERVICES OFFERED FOR SPECIAL PARTIES GREENIE GLIMPSES By Sick Cipher At the outset, let me say that Horace Rcnegar is the best friend I ever had. Tuhxne University has a president, which wouldn ' t be a surprising revela- tion except that Dr. Rufus C. Harris, the president, s ' oes to bat for the foot- ball players every time they get two strikes called on them. Horace Rcnegar is the best friend I ever had. Coach Claude " Little Sunk " Simons, who is probably admired and respected by more students on the campus than anywhere, is an extremely pood coach. He, also, is a friend of mine. Why not make him one of yours? President Harris goes to bat for the boys. Yes, and Horace Renegar is the liost friend I ever had. Friend .lohnny Dirmann, the best box- er Tulane ever pi-oduced, writes letters. In fact, my fi-iend. .Johnny Dirmann, writes letters to me because he ' s the best friend anybody ever had. A friend is a friend as a good friend is a rose. Think not of the sweet boy who will not use sweet soap, but only of the friend who will not use soft soap. Such a friend, being a friend is a friend, and shall be a friend, whether he uses yellow soap, ivory soap, red soap, tar soap, or lux, and it is my contention that he who drooleth hypocritically hath taken unto himself the use of soft soap; therefore he is no true friend. But if he is staid and faithful, he is a friend such as no other man can possess. Horace wouldn ' t use .soft soap; he is the best friend anyone ever had. Incidentally, Doc Smith is the best friend someone ever had. Incidentally, also, President Harris whiffs for the gridders and Joey Archi- bald is sensational, and Boggs is a spook, and Horace Renegar is . . . (Betcha can ' t guess.) Orchids to Newcomb Student Body President, Charlotte Carter, for she knows how to run things. (She gets orchids too, and they ain ' t printed ones.) Incidentally, Boggs is the best friend no one ever had, and that goes double for me too, making it mutual. Horace Renegar is the peach of a fel- low. He ' s friendly too. When a man is down and out He doesn ' t go to a racetrack tout. He clamps his jaw, saying grrrrr. And goes to see Horace Ronegur. (phew! Things never .sound good in print as they ought to.) NE CU II!ITS JVMCE O ' LE.ARY The YWCA has planned to make the last month of school their banner year. Lillian Alexander and her stooge, who comprise this high and exalted order of girl goody-goodie.s, will have mcotini; to plan how to suck the ' inio the organization before : ■ to Newcomb, just like wvcral oi the soror itics, which I know of. The Dance Club held a jolly May-Day celebration with nil of the inrls partici- pating in the various dances. The theme was Rumplr ' ' girls gave i It ' s a shnme ihui at dances, but it follow only them.iclvca. The Archery Club ftot some bows Uii past week, lucky girls. I winh I had a bow. With all of ihe bowjt. thr . ' ' a few shoU, n in no limo at . one wa-s ha .■ lemon ; tnusirat interpretation with t! One o ' ri.„ ' ,. «;-..!i-! aiui I ■■ ?oi..u,f for time t (}I91 COMPLIMENTS OF THE CITY OF NEW ORLEANS ROBERT S. MAESTRI MAYOR JESSE S. CAVE JOSEPH P. SKELLY DR. FRANK GOMILA FRED A. EARHART HAUSMANN, NC. 730 CANAL STREET MANUFACTURING JEWELERS SPECIALIZES IN FRATERNITY AND COLLEGE JEWELRY you ' ll Enjoy Shopping at MAISON BLANCHE Qreatest Store South QUALITY SELLS CLOVERLAND Pasteurized Grade " A " Milk of Superior Flavor CLOVERLAND SUPREME ICE CREAM " DELICIOUSLY DIFFERENT " CLOVERLAND DAIRY PRODUCTS COMPANY GALVEZ 4133 THIS BOOK IS BOUND IN A KINCSKRAFT COVER M«nuf«c1ur d by The Kingsport Press IncorporAted KINGSPORT TENN Producers of Fine Covers for All Purpoies NOTED SPEAKER TO ADDRESS MlWCOMIi ' " Dr. Ray J. Pankham. noted bioingiia. vt ill give a series of lectures Itcfore the Ncwronih Mudenl l ody, " Charlotte Carter, president of the Ncwcoinli student body, said. He will speak on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week. His subject for the first hvture will l)e " The love cry of a mating dam and how it developed. " while on the second day his talk will In- on ' " A criliral survey of the sex life of a Pi lyp. " Dr. Pankham will be remend ered for his very interesting lectures delivered here last year by ihe Western I ' nion boy. The addresses notably con- tained several numbers which on further involiga- lion proved to be the nuniln ' rs of several " hokay " women about the campus, said numlters being very iieneficial to the several of us who heard his Icrlurc. Roth of these It -lures, however, are lieing »|Hin- sored by the YWCA, unfortunately. The public i» invited but warned to slay away. As Miss Carter saiil. " lie ' s such a Imrc. " Photo Finishing . . . PROMPTLY . . . CAREFULLY DONE The snapshot that you toke during HMm. vour cotloge career »■ ' mong your most pri: That ' s why it ' s important k- in3,o hg finishing to us. You ' ll lilo our work. I Kodaks from $3.95 When you ho. and look over c o 3 " ' ow ai $1. No EASTMAN KODAK STOR I hMii if ES, INC. 213 Baronn SIrMt R«l62l 1 IT- STEEL BARGES We Build, Sell, and Rent Steel Barges, Tugs, and Derricks LESTER F. ALEXANDER COMPANY, INC. Office: MAgnolIa 3911 Shipyard: FRanklin 3178 830 Audubon BIdg. New Orleans, La. THE COLLEGE MAN ' S STORE IN NEW ORLEANS LABICHE ' S 311 BARONNE STREET HOME OF SOCIETY BRAND CLOTHES M. D. KOSTMAYER INSURANCE AND BONDS LIFE INSURANCE 709 UNITED FRUIT CO. BUILDING RAymond 6151 Flowers For All Occasions WOODS THE FLORIST 5629 FRERET STREET Phone WAInut 7548 CORSAGES OUR SPECIALTY O atronlze Our !J atronlzers Jack Dempsey Finiy Business Manager Listen, fellows, for many a year now Ihls rag has been run with the money thrown into if by the suckers who think that this sheet offers much advertising value, due to the line I hand them all. So youse guys further the good work of the paper and my commissions by buying your goods at the stores and crook {oints advertised by us in the weekly issues, mentioning the magic word, " Hullabaloo. " Why, just think how popular the above word will be when It is used so profusely by our numer- ous students, when they purchase their drinks and smokes, not buying anything else. Why, we can even make the people in this great and glorious city Hullabaloo conscious with little or no trouble. But then, if we make them this conscious of the Hulla, then they may realize how terrible it really is and then not patronize us any more. If we are not patronized, we can have no one to patronize in turn, so a word to the wise is sufficient. J. A. MAJORS MEDICAL COMPANY BOOKS OF ALL PUBLISHERS 1301 Tulane Avenue Medical Arfs Builc ing NEW ORLEANS, LA. DALLAS, TEXAS CLAssii ii:i) Ai) i:iM isi:mi: IS (All?. Mir- l.-irill ' Ir.r ,|(imc ill lliN Mllioil lllll ll| |ll III III,- Slll.lrlll Arlitilir. Oflirr DiH- .oiiM.l.riilioii »ill Ik- -.lii.ttii lo III,,,,. i.pplyiiiK iin.l llnir ix {- will „| |„ ,.r in .,i,r i..,i. ( Jiiiii- l-l.) KOOMS W Mi;i) Vou said it ! ! Law Sclioiil, Social Sei ' vicc School, .laiubalaya, KcoiKimics Dcpt., History L)(. ' iJt., Hullabaloo, oh hell, Tulane. PROPOSALS All intfiosted gentlemen can find me ill EnRincorinj;- RuildinK.— nonnrilY COTTON. GIKLS WA TED See anybody at Tulane. AUCTION SALE Entire contents of Gibson Hall. Rare old desks, chairs, pictures, accessories. Some desks beautifully engraved by " Mike ' 13, " two colossal wood-cuts by " .Joe ' 17. " Any fraternity has a wide choice of excellent hand-carved desks with their crest upon them. Modern (but when?) lighting- fixtures. Extra- ordinary Rest Room equipment. Quaint l)ictures of Roman Parthenon; Training- Camp at Tulane during- World War; and other interesting- scenes. Historical museums get preference in the bidding-.— DEAN TENTH HOUR. IILLI ' WAMKI) And quick.— COACH FRITZ OAKES. I don ' t need any.— CAROLINE FLETCHER LETTY MIRANNE. WANT ADS I sure do.— HULLABALOO NESS MANAGER. 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Rampart St. 1034 Jackson Ave. 1900 1940 FORTY YEARS OF PROGRESS MAYER IMILTI) MAIN STORE 823 Canal Street COLLEGE SHOP 3roadwav and Freret IN MEMORIAM In revered memory of our erstwhile chum(p) and colleague, John Anthony, who has deserted our ranks for the lower types of spiritual intellect and stimulation, hie has smoked a cigarette and danced. Oh, Johnny, how could you? We miss your lilting voice, which has put so many people to sleep. We miss your quaint mannerisms and odd eccentricities, which we had grown to love. Oh, Johnny, why did you depart from the straight and narrow? Why did you debase yourself? Please come back to us, please, huh? BOYS OF Y.M.C.A. Every Slu(leIlt " Tliuught During Cla»s HE COT THE LAST LAUGH Some 40 years ago a scientist named Herman Frasch pro- posed to pump hot water into the earth. At certain spots deep underground were deposits of sulphur. The hot water, he said, would melt the sulphur which, In liquid form, could then be pumped in pipes to the surface. For years past, the sulphur had defied all efforts io mine If. And. hot wafer or no hot water, fhe skepfics and joke- sters Insisted it would continue to defy all efforts. One " ex- pert " even offered to eat every ounce that might be ex- tracted. In fact, even after Dr. Frasch did pump the first sulphur from a Calcasieu Parish deposit, the skeptics ' chorus con- tinued. The mail boy who drove him to fhe railroad the next day remarked, " Well, you pumped sulphur sure, but nobody believed It but the old carpenter and they say he ' s half crazy. " But Dr. Frasch — fortunately for the world — got the last laugh. His process worked. And eventually, with the im- provements that followed. Gulf Coast sulphur producflon came to be measured — not in the ounces fhe skeptic promised to eat — but In hundreds of thousands of tons. Today, Frasch process sulphur Is hastening Louisiana ' s In- dustrial growth, it provides a plentiful raw material neces- sary In the creation and improvement of products and proc- esses In the factory and on the farm. And with Louisiana ' s Industrial progress, with fhe establish- ment of new productive enterprises, come steady employ- ment, larger payrolls, a higher standard of living — and great- er opportunities for the young men and women of fhe state. Freeporf Sulphur Company NEW ORLEANS PORT SULPHUR I nt- n mm Are you one? Would you like to be? What are your views on the subject? LET US KNOW NOW! Bennett ' s PhotoServiceJnc. FOR FINE CAMERAS Zeiss — Leica — Eas+man Rollieflex " The largest variety In the city " — Expert — DEVELOPING PRINTING Authorized BELL HOWELL, DEALERS BENNETT ' S PHOTO SERVICE, INC. 320 Baronne St. Opp. Public Service EVERY STUDENT SHOULD HAVE HOSPITALIZATION INSURANCE Our policies and rates are most favorable J. H. BODENHEIMER SON 316 CARONDELET ST. Ma. 5444 CHUMflH FU[l IS Since 1910 FOR ALL TYPES OIL BURNERS INDUSTRIAL AND RESIDENTIAL DAY AND NIGHT SERVICE Daily Tested for Quality — Accurate Meter Measuring Del ivery Trucks CA vez 3111 CHALMETTE O L D STR BUT NC COMPANY 401 CITY PARK AVENUE MISS FEW AINT GOT MANY REGISTRATION FALLS OFF The registration of the students at Ncckomb has fallen off, according- to Miss Annie Few, dean of things and stuff. It seems as though the majority of the stcwdents either find it too hard or find a sucker and get married, or both. According to this illustrious soul, as she took a snort, the college will ap- parently be extinct in the near future, unless the government puts a ban on woman-hunting, and makes them all re- main single until they can finish their courses. " It is unfortunate that we lose so many girls during the year, " said Miss Pew. " because they all seem to be so nice, and then before you know it they are married. " The assistant registrar, Mr. Fred Hardensoft, verified the statement, while playing his fiddle in the new symph. or simph. band, newly foi ' nied band for the teachers and those stew- dents who need to pull aforementioned persons legs. i THE LOUBAT GLASSWARE AND CORK COMPANY COOK AND SERVING EOUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES For Hotels, Restaurants, Cafeterias, Clubs, Hospitals, and Institutions NEW ORLEANS TERRY JUDEN CATERING TO ( :OLLEGIANS SMARTEST STYLES ACCESSORIES 143 Carondelot St. RA 6765 f MARINE PAINT VARNISH CO.. INC. MANUFACTURERS SUREKOTE PAINTS, VARNISHES, and STAINS JEFFERSON STANDARD LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY SOUTH ' S LARGEST (STRICTLY ORDINARY) COMPANY Over 415 Millions in Force Assets — Over 87 Millions S. C. POTTHARST, Manager American Bank Bldg. Glenn Miller breaks in during Shakespeare ARNAUD ' S CUISINE DELICIEUSE " Dans le Coeur du Vieux Carre " 811-819 Rue Bienville MANY SPECIALTIES WITH THE SUPREME FLAVOR, DISTINCTIVE OF NEW ORLEANS ic :»o m 1 L ' EXTRAVAGANCE du PARFAIT- IN WINES AS IN GOOD FOODS IS THE GOAL ALL OF US STRIVE FOR AND SELDOM ATTAIN— V E V ILL KEEP ON TRYING fi CONSULT AN EYE PHYSICIAN FOR EYE EXAMINATION BARNETT OPTICAL CORPORATION WM. J. HAGSTETTE Prescription Opticians QUALITY — ACCURACY — SERVICE 833 Common St. RA. 7414 New Orleans, La. Phono WAInut 0082 Batemant, Gibion Hall Tulanc University Press PRINTING DEPARTMENT Tulane University of Louisiana Printers - Binders - Engravers - Stationers Established 1895 New Orleans An Evening in Night Court with Pleading before K. pp. Alpha: " Suh, how could we remain re- spectable when you think who our neighbors are? Besides, the rowdiness you heard was just the tea-girls feeling a little bit more at home since we took down " Welcome " and pul " " Sicp-ln " " above the door. And because we have several black and white affairs even tliough we are southerners, is no reason to keep us here all night, suh. " the Social (?) Pleasure (?) Clubs I he Judge: Beta Theta Pi: " Now Judge, we didn ' t mean any harm. You can see we ' re sweet boys because we still wear baby pink and baby blue and the big noise wc were making was just tlie finish of our back-to-nature swimming party. Besides, since all our football play- ers are leaving us, we ' ve got to do something to keep our mothers rushino; for us. " Serving the Americas GREAT WHITE FLEET HAVANA PANAMA CANAL ZONE COSTA RICA HONDURAS GUATEMALA Cay Tropical Cruises to the BLUE CARIBBEAN To the student in search of complete relaxation and enjoy- ment, or, to the scientist or educator In search of the back- ground of our civilization, there is perhaps no geographic location In the world so well worth a visit as the Carib- bean countries served by The United Fruit Company Ameri- can Flag Liners. Cruises and tours from eight to sixteen days in length are offered weekly from New Orleans. Swing southward to the Blue Caribbean. Join us on a care- free cruise to serene and romantic tropical shores. Recre- ation, fun and gaiety await you. Play and dance under the Southern Cross; enjoy thrilling deck sports, gale enterfain- ment, fascinating trips ashore. 321 Sf. Charles St. For attractive folders on the Blue Caribbean apply United Fruit Company New Orleans, La. Ma. 2351 THE MODEi mW SHOP HIGH FASHION DEPT. OF EMPORIUM, INC. 62? CANAL ST. ALSO VISIT THE MODERN MM COEEEGE SHOP Over the Tea-Roon 1037 Audubon St. EXCLUSIVE READY-TO-WEAR FOR JUNIORS, MISSES, AND WOMEN THE LIBERTY SHOP Limited IMPORTED MILLINERY, GOWNS. AND WRAPS 2220 St. Charles Avenue NEW ORLEANS Wivt Tll ' - ' b ' ODACioo ' p r iOCAE BOW i_ CiWt- CRESCENT CITY LUMBER COMPANY, Inc. BUILDING MATERIALS 4015 South Carrollton Avenue NEW ORLEANS, LA. COLLEGE PUBLICATIONS . . . COLLEGE ANNUALS THE AMERICAN PRINTING CO. LIMITED 424 Camp St. New Orleans PRINTERS OF THE TULANE HULLABALOO Laboratory Apparatus and Reagent Chemicals OIC DJO I. L LYOiS CO., Ltd. ESTABLISHED 1868 NEW ORLEANS, LA. A Treatise on Several Pins of the Sororities Kaim ' a Kaim ' a Gamma: This key will unlock the doors of i e v Orleans society lo vou. But to keep them open you will find it expedient to get down on your knees nightly and pray for another Kappa debu- tante year like the last one. To the members of this society beauty no longer counts — they have had their quota in the beauty section (besides this they have enough frills and ruffles represented) and now they are out for brains. If you accept this key. you will immediately go into training for Phi Beta Kappa. Kappa Alpha Theta: This kitish looking pin in- spires its members to nonchalame. After an embarrass- ing rushing season, they don ' t reach for a Luckv. but just say, " We have met our quota. " " This is the only true fraternal organization on the campus, the true haven for little sisters, but there is a limit for every family even though kites know " no bounds. One of Newcomb ' s ouls ' .anding (?) modistes who wears this pin. imports her wolfing and gold-digging style from New Orleans and has more than one bov on a string. ( Guess who?? I I New Orleans ' Most Complete Department Store SEARS- FEIBLEMAN ' S The Sears, Roebuck and Co. Store in New Orleans The Jefferson Parish Yearly Review W. R. TOLEDANO J. BORDENAVE Phone WA 1952 And Let Your Refreshment Difficulty Be " Our Problem " Oysters Prepared Any Way You Desire Sandwiches of All Kinds Excellent Food — Almost Any Kind Expertly Prepared — and Delivered RESTAURANT AND BAR A. CASAMENTO ' t-r.:- ' -_- ' jt BrOtidv.a Specializing in ITALIAN SPAGHETTI AND DAUBE PUQUEHIIFS PARISH, LOUISim " The Land Flowing with Milk and Honey " Extending from the City of New Orleans on the north to the extreme lower end of the Mississippi Delta, projected into the Gulf of Mexico on the south, lies one of the most fertile and attractive areas in the United States. Free from damaging frosts, Plaquemines Parish is the home of the " Louisiana Sweet " and navel oranges — the most delicious citrus fruit produced in the United States. Its farms produce an enormous quantity of vegetables and the world famous " Creole Easter Lily Bulbs. " Fur- bearing animals abound in its marshes, and the myriads of ducks and geese that flock to its ponds and lakes each winter together with its famous fishing grounds make it a veritable sportsman ' s Paradise. Free sites on inland waterways are available for canning of shrimp and oys- ters, which is a profitable industry in this Parish. The mining of a huge supply of crude sulphur by the Freeport Sulphur Company, together with oil, natural gas, and salt which abound in this Parish increases its op- portunities for industrial development. The Parish has a long line of Flar- bor frontage and industrial sites are served by ample highway, water- ways and rail facilities. Lowest property taxes in the State. Tax exemption for new industries employing Parish labor. For Additional Information Address the POLICE JURY OF PLAQUEMINES PARISH R. S. LEOVY, President Venice, Louisiana L H. PEREZ, District Attorney Canal Bank BIdg., New Orleans F. M. CUMMINS, Vice-President Belle Chasse, Louisiana RAymond 3254-3255-3256 FRANKLIN PRINTING COMPANY Incorporated JOS. B. DAVID, President 627 POYDRAS STREET NEW ORLEANS DRINK Louisiana Made Beers DIXIE FALSTAFF 4-X JAX REGAL WIRTHBRU m omiANS I A Ru slice ' s View of Several of the Frats: The Kappa Sigs. boys. J ' hat lodge is a kick in the pants. If you think Tm country or any of them rednecks that hve douii in the hollow, well, you ought to see the Kappa .Sigs. Even their city boys are country. All except Pancho Del Marmol — he ' s a sport(?). Y ' know what he does? He keeps all the rushees entertained by playing cards with us. Yeah, for money. Yeah. He and some (ither fellows. Pete Bernard and Bill Tete usually play too. I couldn ' t pledge, however, for I couldn ' t register after they took my money, but I think they play straight, except Del Mormol. Then you have the Phi Kappa Sigs. which I wouldn ' t join, not after that guv Reese tried to make me. Howie Kuntz is in there too. Henry Bultman has been in there fo ur years and knows most of the boys in the fraternity. They pledged a couple of football players and keep a stray Greek there, but 1 am after bisger and better thincs. " IT PAYS TO PLAY " DUNLAP SPORTING GOODS CO., Inc. Specialists in SCHOOL AND COLLEGE ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT 138 CARONDELET ST. NEW ORLEANS only a f e w yards to go • • • Washington Broad arrollton Clamprne D I c . i__ o_i 1 . Broadmoor Servtce uptown 8789 Joe Rebaudo ■ Alnut 0950 Freret Robert Howard Delacroix uptown 9088 Prytania Amelia Bob Gatiin JAclcson 9375 Magazine Marengo Hayes Clark uptown 9007 Laurel Henry Clay Chas. Weinhart uptown 9101 Prytania Upperline Ward Guillot uptown 7500 PAN-AM STATION St. Charles Fern St. Charles Service WAInut 3353 JPAN-AM Fern Hickory Henry Feraud WAInut 7865 fesMcemuiEB tuBiic nqii-w«SHHwg; sspAN - AM (Other Pan-Am Stations conveniently located in all parts of the City.) PETER A. CHOP N CHOPIN F orist fW GIFTS FLOWERS 2800 ST CHARLES AVENUE ' Ph one JAck son 0380 MAgnolia 4664 AMERICA ' S MOST FAMOUS FRENCH RESTAURANT LA LOUISIANE Established 1881 725 Ibervilla St. LA LOUISIANE is the most enjoyable place to dine in New Orleans. For food, French and Creole Specialties, of course, and first, but also for the delightful air conditioned environment and pleasing service. Available for Banquets, Dinner Dances, Dinners and Lunch- eons, Sorority and Fraternity Dances, Meeting Rooms. Private rooms to accommodate any number from 20 to 400 persons. Editor of Hiilla Arrested for Plagiarism Oufilitin Spliil. editor o( the Tulane Hulialialoo, was arrested after the issue of last Friday, for plagiarism i)f press articles of the Assassinated Press appearing in said issue. Sphit claimed that he wrote the articles in the national news service. It was highly doubtful, liouever. that the editor of the weekly sheet could be (■a|)ab!e of writing anything good enough to be used in the daily papers. Sphit uas incarcerated in tlie third jjrecinct in an eastside room. His bail was set at .S.5.000, which, it was learned from authoritative sources, would be suffi- cient to guarantee iiim a long stay in his summer home. Sphit will be misled by his friends in classes, but least of all by the Hulla staff, which promplv gave a party in celebration of tlieir liiieration. A Message to ALL TULANE STUDENTS: We Want You to Make Holmes Your Store e| EACH YEAR HOLMES AWARDS A TROPHY TO THE WINNING CLASS IN THE FRESHMAN. SOPHOMORE COMPETITION } A Message to ALL NEWCOMB STUDENTS: Have You Scat the Lorcly Nejv Clothes That Have Been Arrh ' tn Daily at Holmes? ©t YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME TO MAKE YOURSELF AT HOME AT HOLMES D. H. HOLMES CO. LIMITED } NEW ORLEANS ' QUALITY DEPARTMENT STORE BUY YOUR CAMERAS AND SUPPLIES FROM NEW ORLEANS ' LARGEST AND MOST MODERN CAMERA SUPPLY HOUSE Leica, Agfa, Eastman and Others PERFECT DEVELOPING AND PRINTING AT LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICES Simmons, Leica, Argus, and Other Enlargers — Defender Paper Chemicals — Everything for the Dari Room Kodachrome, Harchrome, Dupont and Agfa 8 and I6MM Films MOVIES DEVELOPED SAME DAY RECEIVED HarCam Ph 7tv Supply Shvp 212 Bar nne St...New 7rleans ' Phone Ma. 4672 Bloodworth Makes Ail-American Bloody Bloodworth, it was learned late today, has been awarded a place on the AU-American Team of Bores. He joins the ranks of several of the immortal professors on the campus in attaining this achieve- ment. All of the students will remember Bloody for his lively and exciting and vivacious speech or diction around a chessboard or in class, pulling the legs of all. Bloody feted the arrival of this honor with a huge party for his friends at a near-by campus gathering spot, and served them a spot of tea. Those of the older student body ran in several drinks on him, mak- ing the bill too high, and causing Bloody to wash glasses for one day in gay retribution. Three cheers for Bloodworth! ! ! (photos by PANFIELD 1519 JACKSON AVENUE NEW ORLEANS, LA. ' Phone JAckson 1457 CRUSH It- Twist It; Knot It; Not a Wrinkle! WEMBLEY NOR-EAST TIES (Made in New Orleans) Reg. U. S. Pat. Off. • • COMB WHAT MAY. CONFIDENCE is the heritage of youth .... it is also a fundamental requirement of business .... attained by long study, training and experience We have enjoyed the confidence of yearbook Staffs throughout the country for over thirty years .... an accomplisliment for which we are truly grateful and justly proud .... COLLEGE ANNUAL DIVISION ALABAAVA ENQRAVING COA VPANY B I Ri .I N Q HAM H • (A V ■f M s- tori ••• s- 9 H n T K I S B D K D E S I G n E D A R D P R I n T E D B L O(MSim p II I n T I n c m p A n y 7 n A s H V I LLE IT 9 ROSTER OF STUDENTS WHOSE PICTURES DID NOT APPEAR IN PANEL SENIOR CLASS COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES RaVfTiond Victory Bouche Fernando P. Chirino . . Gen Jacob DeCorte Emanuel Gerard DeFraltes Elizabeth Clark Dimicic . , John Porker L. Dowllng Daniel Fleming Dutton . . Philip Tristom Gardner . . Maurice Wesley Geldert, Jr, William Donley Glasscock New Orleans, La. trol Hcrshey, Cuba New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, New Orleans, . Pensacola, New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. La. La. Fia. Clarence Joseph Golomb Philip Burg Jahncke .... Robert Francis Kellogg . . . James Virgil Lambert , , . George Albert Mayoral . . Edwin Evariste Moise ... Thomas Joseph O ' Boyle, Jr. Early Bickman C. Pardue . . Ruffin Trousdale Perkins. Jr. . . Oshkosh, Wis. . New Orleans, La. . . . Wynne, Ark. New York, N. Y. . New Orleans. La. New Orleans, La. .... Gory, Ind. . . Shreveport, La. . . . Dayton, Ohio Ernest Roger, III William Ford Ryder . ,. . Charles H. Savage, Jr. . Leonard Scott Sauer . , . Curtis Frederic Scott, Jr, , Edmund Ogden Spiller . , Homer Hatton Stockmann John Gill Wafer. Jr. . . Millard Dallas White . . Andrews Moore Wilkinson Covington, La. New Orleans, La. . Washington, D. C. ... Kildarc. Okla. . . New Orleans, La. . . . Hammond, La. , . New Orleans, La . . . Shreveport. La. Arkansas City, Kan. , . New Orleans. La, Burton John Banker . . John Babtiste Cressend COLLEGE OF COMMERCE AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION New Orleans. La. James Droyton hHolsfun . . . New Orleans, La. Constantine P. Saclarfdes . . New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. Frank Lang New Orleans, La. Charles Nelson Vosburgh, Jr.. New Orleans. La. Malroy Edward Mayley .... New Orleans, La. COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Norman Joseoh Landrv . . . Ne - Orleans, La. John Sidney Dyer . . . Arnold Charles Jacobs Sabin Paul Landry. Jr. COLLEGE OF LAW . . . Boone, Iowa Jerome Harold Leviton Chicago, III, . Brooklyn, N. Y. James E. Smilherman, Jr. ... Shreveport, La. New Orleans, La. Matthew Carey Thompson, Jr. ... Monroe, La. Casper Ardis Tooke, Jr Shreveport, La. Henry Louis Trepagnicr, Jr. . New Orleans, La. Rufus Taft Yerger Mound. La. Bertha Marie Carmouche H. SOPHIE NEWCOMB MEMORIAL COLLEGE FOR WOMEN Reserve. La. Helen Virginia Dempsey Jeanne Louise LeBeuf . . Ne I Orleans, Lo. Orleans, La. Dorothy Charlotte Shapiro . Guanabacoa. Cuba Bloize Julian Amoroso John Dibert Andrews William Perrin Downey SCHOOL OF MEDICINE New Orleans, La. Virgil Samuel Gully Dekalb, Miss. New Orleans, La. Henry Grady Herrod, Jr. . . Plattersvllje, Ala. . Tallapoosa, Ga. Luis Lopetegui Lacourt .... Mayoguez. P. R. Frank McNabb Posey, Jr. Howell Coleman Samuel Beniamin Sarota . . Crockett, Tex. New Orleans, La. . . . Lynn, Mass. JUNIOR CLASS John Maurice Abrams, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Harold Marcus Albert . . , . Russellville, Ala. Leonard Romeo Bertolino . . New Orleans, La. Albert Andrew Bodney Gary, Ind. Fred Harold Brekke .... New Richmond, Wis. William Howard Brinkman . . New Orleans, La. Louis Damian Brown New Orleans, La. Edmund Maurice Suras, Jr. . New Orleans, La. Edwin Joseph Cellos New Orleans, La. Thomas Wharton Collens, Jr. . New Orleans, La. Thomas John Conroy New Orleans, La. Joseph Francis Craven .... New Orleans, La. Joseph James Creely New Orleans, La. Ever Conner Curtis New Orleans, La. COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Peggy Poor Feltus New Orleans, La. Ralph Joseph Fernandez Wallace, La. Louis Theodore Frantz, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Walter Lee Frazer, Jr New Orleans, La. Walter F. Friedland New Orleans, La. Howard Battle Gist, Jr Alexandria, La. Thomos Samuel Glass .... New Orleans, La. Frederick Jean Gloden Dubuque, Iowa Claude Groves, Jr Fort Smith, Ark. Iro Brown Harkey. Jr New Orleans, La. Roy Eugene Hughes, H .... Gainesville, Tex. Rodney Clifton Jung New Orleans, La. Walter John Jung, Jr, .... New Orleans, La. Jorge Jaime Lopez Mexico City. Meir. Harley Raymond McCollum . . . Stilwell, Okla. Charles C. McKirohan, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Meredith Mallory, Jr Orlando, Fla. John McCluer Mimms Ocola, Fla. Mildred Louise Minderman . New Orleans. La. Helen Ross Moak New Orleans. La. Arthur George Nuhrah Arabi, La. Ray Tim Parmley Electra, Tex. James Theodore Richards . . New Orleans, La. Irving Sheen Brooklyn, N. Y. Theodore Wall Thompson Kenner. La. Walter Chilltngworth Thompson . , Kenner, La. James Norman Wilson, Jr. , . New Orleans, La. Gallon Towers Bryan New Orleans, La. COLLEGE OF COMMERCE Michael Joseph Cusimano Emmett John Mercler . . New Orleans. La. New Orleans, La. Charles Maginnis LaCour New Orleans, La. Robert Wallace Adamson Jack Andrew Allison . . Walter Jomes Binnings . . Wiltiom Richard Burk, Jr. Manuel Joseph DeLerno COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING New Orleans. La. George Rees Horcher .... New Orleans, La. . . . Biloxi, Miss. Harold Joseph Lagroue. Jr. . New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. Joseph Hugh LeBlanc. Jr. . . New Orleans. La. New Orleans, La. Sylvia Anais Maceo Havana. Cuba New Orleans, La. Joffre Pershing Mercier . New Orleans. La. Stanley Lewis Nyhan Waterloo, Iowa Stephen Wallace Painter, Jr. . New Orleans, La. Gustave A. Schreiber, Jr. . . New Orleans. La. Walter Maurice Sessums . New Orleans, La. Alwyn Smith, Jr. , Ne w Orleans, La. Carl Francis Dailey Natchitoches. La. Arthur Browne Hammond, Jr. New Orleans, La. Lonnie Gersin Hardy Oil City, La. COLLEGE OF LAW Edward Achilles Kallnsi-i , New Orleans, La. Charles Albert Levy, Jr. Day Alfred Lindburg . . Peter Rene Monrose . New Orleans, La. . . . Moline, III. New Orleans. La. Robert Allan Pierce Alfred Max Porth . . Leslie Lee Watson, Jr. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. COLLEGE OF LAW Charles Babington New Orleans, La. Arisfide Lewis Bernard .... New Iberia, La. Raymond Victory Bouche . . . New Orleans. La. Julian Payne Freret New Orleans. La. Audrey Mae Alclcien New Orleans, La. Florence Delphine Benson Austin, Tex. Miriam Lois Bogel New Orleans, La. Lillian Demaresf Bott New Orleans, La. Elise June Brietenbach .... New Orleans, La. Dorothy Marie Charbonnet . . New Orleans, La. Mary Norvell Cox Baldwyn, Miss. Phyllis Ward Delaney Ada. Okla. Louise Pauline Diaz Gretna, La. Hazel Florence Doell New Orleans. La. Juliet Alice Ebel New Orleans. La. Lilah Jeanne Ethrldge Houston, Tex. Gertrude Elizabeth Fagen . . New Orleans. La. Marie Louise FItzsimmons . . New Orleans, La. Mary Ann Follett New Orleans, La. Bess McKnight Irving Robert McLean Jeter, Jr. Leonard Frank Lemont McMeen Hepburn Many New Orleans. La. Shreveport, La. . Buffalo, N. Y. New Orleans, La. NEWCOMB COLLEGE Solldelle Fellclte Fortler . . . New Orleans, La. Martha Mai Golay Dallas, Tex. Mary Ruth Googlns Ft. Worth, Tex. Jane Margaret Hotard .... New Orleans, La. Marjorie Clair Karstendlek . . New Orleans, La. Marie Louise Lanaux New Orleans. La. Grace Vernon Lauer New Orleans, La. Lorraine Frances Lennox . . - New Orleans. La. Margot Liepmann New Orleans, La. Margaret Eleanor Mayne . . . New Orleans. La. Helen Louise MacGlashan . . New Orleans, La. Saidee Parker Montgomery New Orleans, La. Katherlne Elizabeth Moore . . . Texarkana, Tex. LaVerne Morris New Orleans, La. John LeRoy McGee Hammond, La. Frank Russle Morton Nashville, Tenn. Henry Schwenk Silesia, Germany James Wilkinson New Orleans, La. Mary Emily Nelson New Orleans, La. Beatryce Grace Nickoll .... Milwaukee, Wis. Amelia Ruth Ntedermann . . New Orleans, La. Marion Adele Perrler New Orleans, La. Hannah Betty Prins Kansas City, Mo. Edna Mae Rouprich Gretna. La. Elma Lois Schroeder New Orleans, La. Mary Catherine Shelton . . . New Orleans, La. Betty Jane Sklar Shreveport, La. Mary Anne Sonnentheil Dallas, Tex. Gloria Marie Stockton .... New Orleans. La. Marlorie Ruth Voelkel .... New Orleans, La. Corinne Adele Waterman . . New Orlea ns, La. Virginia Esther Weinberg Chicago, III. Esther Ellenore Wilson .... New Orleans, La. Augustus William Anderson . . . Hammond, La. Buford Joseph Autin Houma, La. Harold Leroy Beddoe ....... Tulsa, Okla. Grant Forrester Begley Hyden, Ky. Edward Burke New Orleans, La. James Albert Cherry, Jr. . , New Orleans, La- James Curtis Crabtree, Jr. . Birmingham, Ala. Edwin Wiltz Edwards Gulfport, Miss. Sam Joseph Fertitta, Jr Beaumont, Tex. George James Gatoura Austin, Tex. Maurice Wesley Geldert, Jr, . New Orleans, La. Frank Branch Gooch, Jr Houston, Tex. David Lindesay Green lees . . Greensboro. Ala. SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Lee Edwin Hale Lubbock, Tex. Frank Hellon Hardenstein, Jr. New Orleans, La. Edward Karl Herrman, Jr. . . New Orleans. La. George Denegre Hopkins . . New Orleans, La. Frank West Hudglns Lubbock, Tex. George Norcross Irvine, Jr. . . McCamey, Tex. Joe Max Kahn Hallellervllle, Tex. Frank Gus Kumpurls Little Rock, Ark. Geoffrey Mathews Martin . . . New York, N. Y. Harold H. Morris, Jr Villanova, Pa. Early B. Christian Pardue . . . Shreveport, La. Marcel Patterson Roton, Tex. John Young Pearce Ballinger, Tex. James Edward Pridgen Cuero, Tex. Anne May Reagan Tulsa, Okla. Howell William Slaughter , . New Orleans, La. Dennis William Sullivan, Jr. . Los Angeles, Cal. Ben Lee Sykes Jackson, Miss. Cone Johnson Thompson. Jr Tyler, Tex. Walter Jacques Trautman, Jr, . New Orleans, La. Gilbert Eugene Turner .... Cedar Keys, Fla. Herbert Mitchell Webb, Jr. . . . Lakeland, Fla. Paul Gary White, Jr Plant City, Fla. Thomas St. Germain Whitecloud . Covington. La, Carey Clayton Womble, Jr Miami, Fla. Roy Young Port Arthur, Tex. PARTIAL STUDENTS Barnett Joseph Bittner Juanda Claire Bonck . . Marjorie von Phul Burk . Ear! Boue Claiborne . . Lawrence Royal Collins Robert Donald Cosgrove Leia Meyer Crawford . . Lacy Hoge Darter . . . Samuel Andral Ferguson Florence Smith Follansbee New Orleans. La New Orleans. La New Orleans. La New Orleans. La New Orleans. La New Orleans, La New Orleans. La New Orleans, La . Eastover. S C New Orleans, La COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Samuel Jacob Goldberg . . . New Orleans, La. Gardner Gray Gremllllon . . New Orleans, La. MimI Elizabeth Harry .... New Orleans, La. Mary Dorothy Hebron .... New Orleans, La. Paul Hermann Hoerske, Jr. . New Orleans, La. Evelyn Katz New Orleans, La. William Henry KIrchem . . . New Orleans, La. David Marcus Korn New Orleans, La. Ardath Mary Markel New Orleans. La. Caroline Bird Menuez .... New Orleans, La. Laurie Joseph Molalson Gretna, La. Iris Gertrude Murphy .... New Orleans. La. Len Boies Neubert New Orleans. La. Daniel Henry Rowe New Orleans. La. Henry Schwenk New Orleans, La. Larkin Burneal Scott New Orleans, La. Waiter Sidney Singleton . . . New Orleans, La. Doris Zemurray Stone .... New Orleans, La. Edwin Frank Stumpf, Jr. ... New Orleans, La. Mary Elizabeth Venturella . . New Orleans, La. Dixie G. Walker New Orleans, La. William Tyler Fray, Jr. Willie Dorothy Gowland COLLEGE OF COMMERCE New Orleans, La. Henry J. Jumonvllle, Jr. ... New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. Martin James Barkdull Kahao .... Kahns, La. J. Martin Karpen Chicago, III. Charles Daniel Pique New Orleans, La. SPECIAL STUDENTS James Kay Bethea . . Newell Morgan Leslie Donald Edward O ' Nell . New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. . Ann Arbor, Mich. COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Ludwig Scheuer New Orleans, La. Robert Craft Smith New Orleans, La. Arthur Lawrence Swanson Arthur Thurman Talley . . Morris Belknap Tichenor . New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. Mrs. Lydia Becker Angell . Mrs. Frank Mayer Besthoff Mrs. Dorothy Lyle Carter Mary Louise Chapotel . . . Audrey Cecilia Derenbecker Elizabeth Branford Edwards Lois Goetter Goldstein . . . New Orleans, La . New Orleans, La . New Orleans, La . New Orleans, La . New Orleans, La . New Orleans, La . New Orleans, La NEWCOMB COLLEGE Mrs. Maridel Saunders Hack . New Orleans, La. Ruth Haller New Orleans, La. Helen Thompson Hill New Orleans, La. Hilda Carroll Keen New Orleans, La. May Lee Kinberger New Orleans, La. Florence Brooks Kreeger . . . New Orleans, La. Rita Victoria Levy New Orleans, La Marjorie Mildred Marchal . . New Orleans, La. Dorothy Lucille Mascaro . . . New Orleans, La. Anna Helen May New Orleans, La. Julia Alberta Moore New Orleans. La. Joyce Agnes Perez Dalcour. La. Henrietta Anne Plettinger . . New Orleans. La. Mary Kimbrough Walker . . . New Orleans, La. Elisabolh Davics Allec Rhoda Elizabeth BarlcU Elizabeth Vernon Bronson Margaret Susan Chaney . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. , Now Orleans, La. . Vicksburg, Miss. Eugenie Louise Dart New Orleans, La. Elizabeth deBoMo Dixon St Louis, Mo. NEWCOM8 COLLEGE Naomi Gardbcrq Nc Oncans, La. Sara Virginia Jones Mileston, Miss. Alma Frances Lecltert .... New Orleans. La. Evelyn Thompson Lowe .... New Orleans, La. Maida Kathleen Motor .... New Orleans. La. Georgia William Parker . . . New Orleans, La. Adeic Leah Pick New Orlcdnt, La, Adelaide Colina Rickert . , . New Orleans. La. Elizabeth Shoaf New Orleans. La. Murl Anna Umbach New Orleans, La. Dorothy-Roe Voss ...... New Orleans, La. Martha Josephine White . . . New Orleans, La. John Curtis Asher Atlanta. Ga. James Mathew Barron Indianola, Miss. James Cooley Belk Greenville, S. C. Edward Evelle Gale, Jr. ... Blrminghom, Ala. Harold Ullmon Dark Opelika, Ala. Louis Albert Ensenat New Orleans, La. Harvey Lenoir Flowers .... Kilmlchael, Miss. Harold Marshall Gibbons .... Phoenix, Ariz. Irving Hirshleifer Brooklyn, N. Y. Hosah Sellers Holloway, Jr. . . Tallassee, Alo. SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Marianne Hood Emory, Tck. Clifford Eggleston Howes . . Rocky Pt., N. Y. Henry Comford Hudson Durant, Miss. Claude Aden Jackson Kosciusko, Miss. Joseph L. G. Lester, Jr Key West, Flo. Littleton Lone McCharen . . . Taccopela, Miss. John Calvin McLeod, Jr. . . Bay Minnette, Ala. William Gray Mason Tampa, Fla. Rollln Roy Nevitt Moran, Kan. George Wesley Ncwburn, Jr. . . Pritchard. Ala. James Malcolm Packer Aleitandrla, La. Frederick Cooper Rehfeldt . . . Jackson, Mim. Joe Albert RIsser Bonham. Tex. Samuel Gwin Robblns Vicksburg, Miss. Elbert Hubbard Sanders . . . Birmingham, Ala. Bernard Maurice Schnur .... Trenton, N, J. Elbert Joque Soskis Mulberry, Fla. Daniel Robert Usdin .... St. Augustine. Fla. Miriam Lenore Wallace . . . New Orleans, La. SOPHOMORE CLASS Millard Clair Baker, Jr. ... New Orleans, La. Roman Walter Bentz Horicon, Wis. Ernest Elmer Blandin Keighley, Kan, Richard Camp Borden . . . Washington, D. C. Brown Hill Boswell Montgomery, Ala. George Evans Burgess. Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Norman Nelson Burwick . . . Port Arthur, Tex. Salvador Lucas Canale .... New Orleans, La. Michael A. Carso, II New Orleans, La. Fred James Casslbry New Orleans, La. Anthony Charles CentannI . . New Orleans. La. Lawrence Abraham Chenardy. New Orleans, La. Alvin R. Chrlstovich, Jr. ... New Orleans, La. Willis Monroe Cochrane . West Palm Beach, Fla. Martin Franklin Comer Gary, Ind. Isaac Harry Conterman . . . New Orleans. La. Joseph Marcel CrifasI Chalmette, La. John Cyprien Daller New Orleans. La. Leon Curtis Davis Greenville, Miss. William Earl Dees New Orleans, La. William Charles Dlffenderfer . . Pensacola, Fla. James Francis Domlnguez . . New Orleans. La. Charles Dufour Shreveport, La. COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Owen Sullivan Eckhardt . . . New Orleans. La. Henry Paul Englert, Jr. ... New Orleans. La. Charles Thomas Ermon. Jr. . . New Orleans. La. Raymond Gauche, Jr New Orleans. La. Phillip Henry Gentling , . , . Rochester. Minn. Robert Lloyd Glass Masslllon, Ohio Robert Sharp Hart New Orleans, La. Aubrey Whitfield Howell Miami, Fla. Benjamin Francis Hutchins . .Lake Charles, La. Henry Joseph Jumonville, Jr.. New Orleans, La. Eugene Antolne Kraemer, Jr. , New Orleans, La. John Joseph Lewis, Jr. ... New Orleans, La. James Willard Lewis LaGrange, Ga. John Thomas Lochrldge . . . New Orleans, La. William Noel Loftin New Orleans, La. Frederick William Maher, Jr.. New Orleans, La. Albert Ersklne Martin, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Herbert Eugene Mauterer, Jr. New Orleans, La. John Joseph Micelle Lake Charles, La. William Joseph Mogabgab . New Orleans, La. George Maurice Morller . . . New Orleans, La. Edward Leon Myers Joplln, Mo. Rafael Gomez NIeto Celaya, Mexico Ray Edward Nugent Jena. La. John Joseph Owens New Orleans, La. Charles William Peterson, Jr. . , Mobile. Ala. Jinx Peterson Shreveport. La. Robert William Polchow . . . New Orleans. La. Crimen Lewis Ragas New Orleans, La. Matt Coak Redmond Monroe. La. Freeman Riley Rexer Houston. Te«. William C. Richards . . . Ocean Springs. Miss. John Cecil Rolfs New Orleans. La. Ashley Jacob Shocket .... New Orleans, La. Arthur Bryan Snowhite .... New York, N. Y. George Harrell Temple Bude. Miss. Pierre James Thibaut. Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Gerhard H. A. Thomas. Jr. . New Orleans, La. Manuel Carneado Thomas . . Wheeling, W. Va. George Hamilton Tompkins . New Orleans, La. Sanferd Patton Torrey Meadvitle, Miss. Walter Howard Trenchard . Chattahoochee. Fla. Joseph Courtenay Vanzant .... Houston. Tex. Holman Rutherford Wherritt . New Orleans. La. Richard Woodrow Williams . New Orleans, La. Theron John Williams Melbourne, Fla. Philip Adrian Bodet, III ... New Orleans, La. Edward Elliott Estes New Orleans, La. Andrew Price Gay New Orleans. La. COLLEGE OF COMMERCE Leonard Benjamin Kahn Passaic, N. J. Francis Hope Lee New Orleans, La. John Wallace Quinn Fernandina. Fla. Karl Nicholas Smith Arab!, La. Robert Sealy Swope Beaumont, Tex. Martin Simon Baer New Orleans, La. Ross CInklln Baker, Jr Alexandria. La. George Forbes Bastian Hal Clarence Becker . . John Dickson Bruns . . . Walter Cameron Byrne Theodore William Dietzc Irwin Levy Frankel . . . Fred S. Frederlckson, Jr. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans. La. New Orleans. La. New Orleans, La. COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Arthur Augustln Grant, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Edward Joseph Harrigan . . New Orleans, La. Wilbur Paul Lafaye New Orleans. La. James Wesley Leake New Orleans, La. Eugene Hubert Llllis New Orleans. La. Arthur Leon Lowe. Jr. .... New Orleans, La. William August Mod New Orleans, La. Joseph Bartholomew Mongogna . . Kenner. La. Albert Edward Moulin, Jr. Leo Oppenheimer Lyman Paras Rhodes. Jr. . William Warren Robert . William Blackburn Rudolf Santos Vincent Shields . . John Louis Smith, Jr. . . . George Wallace Stone . . Joseph Lawrence Wymer . New Orleans, La. Dresden, Germany . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans. La. . New Orleans, La. . . Covington, La. .... Gretna, La. New Orleans, La. Theodore Helen Buggein . . . New Orleans, La. Mary Eleanor Boylan New Orleans, La. Leah Elizabeth Castltlon . . . New Orleans, La. Catherine Steele Clarke . . . New Orleans, La. Claudia Peggy Fenno .... New Orleans, La. Dorothy Nelle Fontaine . . . Birmingham, Ala. Mercedes Lucille Harris . . . New Orleans. La. Carol Marie Herron Canton, Miss. Gloria Betty Hill Now Orleans, La. Birdie Mae Kaplan Louisville. Ky. NEWCOMB COLLEGE Jcannette Mory Kyjme . . New Orleans, La. Judith Ruth Levltan Chicago, Ml. Marianne Barbara Lotrugllo . New Orleans. La. Edith Charlotte Moore Scotia, N. Y. Lois Glennon Murphy Gretna, La. Lee Mary Paciera New Orleans, La. Margaret Paterson New Orleans, La. Ruth Adete Peterson New Orleans, La. Katharine Gloria Raphiel . . New Orleans, La. Dorothy Reiner New Orleans. La. Jean Cowle Restrick Detroit, Mich. Adriennc Villa Rickert .... New Orleans, La. Mildred Ernestine Rotureau. . New Orleans, La. Carolyn Rose Schwartz .... New Orleans. La. Marjorle Ruth Staubitz .... New Orleans, La. Edith Alice Trotter New Orlearts, La. Hilda Mary Voss New Orleans, La. Sylvia Yonkelowlti New Orleans, La. Mary Ann Zarriltl New Orleans, La. Denzil Gerald Barker Darkfork, Ky, Richard Henry Corales. Jr. . New Orleans. La. Seymour Bernard Crepea . . Brooklyn. N. Y. Leland Pride Durant New Orleans. La. Judge William Fuller Norion. Va. James Burnett Gilbert Lexington, Ky. Philip Phillips Gilchrist Auburn, Ala. SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Gordon Healey Webb City, Wo. William Ireys Hunt Greenville. Miss. Charles Raymond Jarrell Russell, Ky. Joseph Perrin Melvin, Jr Jackson, Miss. James Nicholas Mullins Tyler, Tex. Donald F enton Overdyke, Jr. . . Shreveport, La. William Henry Plageman Shiner, Tex. Earl Welch Robinson Nash. Okla. Rosser Joseph Stroble, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Pedro Agustin Suau Perez . . . Santurce, P. R. Edwin Cornelius Sweeney Paris. Ky. Henry Harding Tift TIfton, Ga. William Newton Valentine . . Kansas City, Mo. Zephaniah Branch Weingart, Jr. . Lecompte, La. Morton Moses Ziskind .... New Orleans, La. FRESHMAN CLASS Paul Eugene Allemandi . . . New Orleans. La. Charles Guy Anzalone .... Independence, La. Talmon Barker Darkfork, Ky. Frank Hayne Beatrous .... New Orleans, La. Jose Armando Bolanos . . . Grecia, Costa Rica Howard Moore Bordeion . . . Lake Charles, La. William Burlie Brown New Orleans, La. Andrew George Bucaro . . . New Orleans, La. Kieth M. Burton Oil City. La. Daryl Merton Cable Brookville, Pa. Benjamin Davie Caudle Tulsa, Okla. Raymond Phillip Caudle Tulsa, Okla. Killian Loew Charbonnet . . . New Orleans. La, Lawrence Joseph Cohen .... Cheyenne. Wyo. Marx Cohen. Jr New Orleans. La. James Mitchell Coleman . . New Orleans. La. Frederick George Deiler . . . New Orleans. La. Lonnie Vienne Dunckelman . . Natchitoches. La. William Allen Dwyer New Orleans. La. Albert John Faneca New Orleans, La. Joseph Raymond Favaza . . . New Orleans. La. Carlos Arturo Fernandez ... La Ceiba. Hond. Florau Joachim Fernandez . Washington, D. C. Paul Albert Ferrara New Orleans. La. Felix Adam Foret, Jr New Orleans. La. Lawrence Evariste Francioni Arabi, La. Thomas Joseph Garbark .... Pittsburgh, Pa. Preston O. Gordon Magee, Miss. Lester John Gravois Vacherie, La. Charles Everett Hall McLeansboro, 111. John Marcus Harlan Paris, Ky. COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES John Andrew Homes New Orleans, La. William M. T. Hornick Maxwell. Pa. Jer e Howard Hudson Shreveport, La. Klaus John Hurt San Jose, Costa Rica John Joseph Ibert New Orleans, La. Daniel Gordon Johnson Palatka, Fla. Edward Fondren Johnson . . . New Orleans, La. Hans Boegh Jonassen .... New Orleans, La. Eidridge Philip Jones. Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Ralph Edward Kinnebrew .... Longview, Tex. Roland Benedict Ladreyt . . . New Orleans, La. Bernard Lahasky New Orleans, La. Bertram Landers Lakewood. N. J. Irwin Bahr Levinson Lakewood, N. J. Philip Oscar LIchtblau . . . Union City. N. J. Charles Kavanaugh Lyons Gretna, La. Walter Vincent McDonald . . . Struthers, Ohio William Robert McGehee . . . Osslning, N. Y. Malcolm Bailey McLain Wheeler, Wis. Alexander Vernon MacCall . . London, England Charles Freeman Maginnis . . New Orleans. La. William Daniel Maginnis, III . New Orleans, La. Louis Masur. Jr Monroe, La. Claude Bryne Mauberret, Jr. . New Orleans, La. Allen Lane Miller. Jr Destrehan. La. Wilson Floyd Minor Bogalusa. La. Fernand Joseph Mire. Jr. . . New Orleans, La. John Albert Morgan Allendale, III. Andreas Vernon N. Mortensen . . Mobile, Ala. James Willis Nelson New Orleans, La. William Daniel Nobles, Jr. ... Pensacola, Fla. Elvln Bayard Noxon Houston, Tex. Malcolm Victor O ' Hara . . . New Orleans. La. Bernard Francis O ' Rourke . Middletown, Conn, Ralph Edward Orpys Clifton, N. J. Vincent Anthony Paciera . . . New Orleans, La. Santiago Jose Panlello, Jr Tampa, Fla. George Edward Pereira, Jr. ... Houston, Tex. John Rene Perez, Jr New Orleans. La. Earl Brickie Philips New Orleans. La. Douglas Farmond Raymond . . New Orleans. La. George Wilson Reese, Jr. . . Napoleonville. La. Creighton Rhea Jonesboro, Ark. Kermit Rhea Jonesboro, Ark. Joseph Felix Rizzo, Jr. . , . New Orleans, La. Peter Charles Schmidt, Jr. . . New Orleans. La. Frank Asbury Sewell Boyce. La. Lawrence Shapiro Springfield, Mass. Roy Danny Sidener Arkansas City, Kan. William Donald Smith . . . Panther Burn, Miss. William Mason Smith .... New Orleans. La. Manuel Jose Soto Panama, R. P. Joseph Spear. Jr New Orleans. La. LaVIer LeRoy Staven Waukesha. Wis. Gustavo Alfredo Tovar Caracas. Ven. Oscar Fernando Tristan . . San Jose, Costa Rica John Tardy Vinson Zimmerman. La. Louis Harding Schopfer . . . New Orleans. La. Harrison Morton Weber Violet, La. George Elliot Welch New Orleans. La. William Lane Whitman .... New Orleans, La. Neal Dickson Williams . . . Youngstown, Ohio Thomas Linton Wyatt Monroe. La. Julian Poche Brignac Hester. La. David Frank Dixon, Jr New Orleans. La. Rodney Clarke Haase .... New Orleans. La. Edward Clinton Hingle, Jr. . New Orleans, La. Robert Walker Holleyman . . Lake Charles. La. Robert Leon Indest. Jr. ... New Orleans. La. Maurice Marc Alexander, Jr. ... Kenner, La. Charles Alexander Anderson . . . Leesville, La. Arthur Charles Apffel New Orleans. La. Milton Joseph Bienvenu. Jr Reserve. La. Ralph Herman Blattmann . . . New Orleans, La. Nute Arnold Blue, Jr New Orleans. La. Hudson Gustave Boue . . - . New Orleans. La. William Paul Boulet New Orleans, La. John Francis Bowen, Jr. ... New Orleans. La. Mark Protho Brodie .... Chattanooga. Tenn. Victor Hugo Bruno New Orleans, La. John Thomas Canavan. Jr. . . New Orleans. La. Lester Ferdinand Coleman . . New Orleans. La. George Ashton Cox, Jr Gretna, La. Rosario Joseph DeCorte . . - New Orleans. La. Richard Warren Diodene Gretna. La. Walter Andrew Doucet. Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Alberto Shurry Facusse . . Tegucigalpa, Hond. Charles Edwin Felder New Orleans. La. Charles Louis Fischer. Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Eugene Maxwell Foley. Jr Rye, N. Y. Hebert Louis Foret New Orleans. La. Earl Louis Forstall ....... New Orleans. La. Martin Lawrence Frank .... New Orleans. La. Eari Byrd Gaines New Orleans, La. Frederick Albert Giesemann . New Orleans. La. Sidney Louis Grillot. Jr. ... New Orleans, La. COLLEGE OF COMMERCE Ashton Sfrcua Juriker .... New Orleans. La. Kenneth Chew Kennedy . . . New Orleans. La. Harry Preston Moran, Jr. . . New Orleans. La. Joseph John Muthern, Jr.. Jamaica Plain. Mass. Guy Thaddeus Pope New Orleans. La. Julian Saenger Richards . . . New Orleans, La. COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Robert Joseph Grush New Orleans, La. John Francis Halllgan .... New Orleans. La. Norman Gerald Hamm .... New Orleans. La. Wermund E. S. Hansen. Jr.. . New Orleans. La. Hilton Harry Hardy, Jr Gretna. La. Francis Jack Higglns New Orleans, La. Herbert Hammond Hirth . . . New Orleans, La. James Michael Hoffman . Pass Christian, Miss. Samuel Clifford Kahn Memphis. Tenn. Sam Boyd Knapp New Orleans, La. Hermann Antonio Kopper . . . Grecia, C. R. Paul Martin Koren New Orleans, La. Anthony Edward Labarre, Jr.. New Orleans. La. George Otto Laborde . . . . New Orleans, La. Louis Joseph LeCarpentier . . New Orleans. La. Joseph Thomas Lee New Orleans. La. Jefferson Davis Levine. Jr. . . New Orleans. La. Luis Leon Lowe New Orleans, La. Howard Cary McAfee .... New Orleans, La. Schaumburg McGeehee . . . New Orleans. La. Douglas Westfelt Mcllhenny . New Orleans, La. Paul Kenney Malone, Jr. ... New Orleans, La. John Warren Marshall .... New Orleans. La. Jerome Francis Meunier . . . New Orleans, La. James Hugh Miller, Jr. ... New Orleans. La. Maurice Bernard O ' Nell. Jr. . New Orleans, La. George D. Montgomery, Jr. . New Orleans. La. Gordon William Rohrbacker . New Orleans, La. Marco Fidel Tristan . . . San Jose. Costa Rica Samuel David Waitzman, Jr. . Birmingham, Ala. Raymond Bond Walker . . . New Orleans. La. Mervin Walllck New Orleans. La. Harold M. Wheelahan. Jr. . New Orleans. La. Stafford H. Nothacker, Jr. . . New Orleans. La. John Lopez Odlno. Jr. . . Bluefields, Nicaragua Ralph Lee O ' Neal New Orleans, La. John Joseph Pastorek .... New Orleans. La. Manuel Jacob Pelleterl . . . New Orleans. La. Justin Jerome Rougelot . . . New Orleans, La. Theobald Robert Rudolf. Jr. . New Orleans. La. Marshall Joseph Penton Marianne. Fla. John Walter Perkowski .... New Orleans. La. Louis Anthony Fortune .... New Orleans. La. Wanner Liebert Potin .... New Orleans. La. Vallente Padilla Ramos .... New Orleans. La. Leonard Charles Ripley Roselle. N. J. Frederick Henry Schmidt . . New Orleans. La. Warren Albert Scott New Orleans, La. Lester Chauncey Smith .... New Orleans, La. Charles Alfred Snee New Orleans, La. Earl Sherwood Robinson Nash. Okla. Albert Harold Rordam .... New Orleans, La. Homer Delph Solanas .... New Orleans. La. Harold Andrew Tlmken. Jr. . . New Orleans. La. RIcardo Martial Vallente . . . New Orleans. La. George Victor Werner .... New Orleans. La. Thomas Joseph White, Jr. . . New Orleans. La. Edgar Joseph Wolfe New Orleans, La. Jules Frank Zatarain New Orleans, La. Joseph L. Zemmer, Jr New Orleans. La. ¥ n i

Suggestions in the Tulane University - Jambalaya Yearbook (New Orleans, LA) collection:

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