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:;|tlitii|iiil!l v as ' ii. i i|Pil:f;ii ilf;« Vis; ( ' ' 6. iW ife ' A. ' W H y ' . " lBftgl! ! JftW Mi % i ■J ' iiVj i » ' l iiii ' r «ffj niMH K»n ]M jitf Viw . ' . •i i i ' •»■ ' • -it ■OfWB •, u L. v a3K w3 utiiAt ' » ' ;..rl ..f; " rVy ' , -; -4! ;ii , flWfWlWK " ;V m ' V ' ' r ' ' f: ' - ' . . y ' M JI ' .VV ' V f; " TVt ' ' :- f ' OT5f : •■k.» - • « .• • X ,l»i.iV-.. wUi ' J ' ' ■♦.••. ' ' ! . .-. ' «Vv-A ■.•■■ ■ ■% ■if r ' 7f f- ' i mr% -5 MBf P!l Q u u ROBERT U. SLUM • EDITOR-IN-CHIEF JOE H. KIRBY, JR. • BUSINESS MANAGER Pilfi u NEW ORLEANS was a provincial French-and-Spanish town for nearly a century before it became a part of the United States. When the Americans came in 1803 they found a civilized Latin city with its theatres and circuses, its masquerade balls and duels, Its opera and bullfights; and the first Americans found New Orleans as different from the cities of the Atlantic seaboard as though Louisiana had been another continent. Men of many nations added to the cosmopolitan life: from the West Indian Islands had come refugees and emigres bringing with them their culture and sophistication, their gaiety and vices; and always, like a black thread in the tapestry ' s pattern, the Negro slaves inter- mingled, giving vividness to the city ' s color and design. From its earliest days there was a strange combination of wealth and poverty, elegance and brutality. Nearby, in the sea-marsh of Barataria, smugglers and pirates held pos- session, and the overland trails leading north and east were infested by bandits and hostile Indians; and a trip by sailing ship from New Orleans to Philadelphia, New York or Baltimore was a dangerous adventure. So the old walled city of Nouvelle Orleans was as alone in the lush wilderness of Louisiana as though it stood on a tropical Island. Within its irregular walls grew up men and women unlike any other group in the United States. Then in 1803 the Americans came and a new era began. And yet, more than a century later. It is Impossible to think of New Orleans without thinking of Its gaudy past. Even the street names are full of romance, each one telling Its story to those who are willing to listen. And so it seems fitting that this issue of the " Jambalaya " , the official yearbook of historic Tulane University, should remind us of the fabulous but true stories of old New Orleans. J 0 Cn — u OF Q u PUBLISHED ANNUALLY BY THE STUDENTS OF 1 [ NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA h A nm n A fK. m ( ODD hnn mriTTi (■ S r " ilL nmzT IxQ aiNninMiniiiiiill ' lllTimiini l 1 -1 New Orleans the Unique ' ONE of the world ' s large cities has enjoyed a more picturesque existence than New Orleans. Each of the four flags which has fluttered over it has left an indelible tint, resulting in the vari- colored complexion which New Orleans singularly possesses. The first flag was the Fleur-de-Lis, planted by Bienville in 1718 for France, after which were hoisted the flags of Spain, the Confederacy and the United States. Under such circumstances, it seems unnecessary to classify the bevy of races and classes which have settled here and called themselves New Orleanians — suffice it to say that the conglomeration has always been a happy one, although most unusual, its elite, " bon vivants, " Creoles, pirates. Spaniards, French, Irish, Italians, mulattoes, and " niggers " have all been jostled together for some occasion or another — and tolerated it. These occasions were many; a war, a duel, a quadroon ball, Friday at the French Market, services at the St. Louis Cathedral, a night at the Old French Opera House and Mardi Gras. This cosmopolitan conviviality is typical of New Orleans and makes it unusual and interesting. A stroll through the Vieux Carre will convince the most skeptical that the archi- tecture of New Orleans likewise has been diversified by the four flags. Such diversity is singular, hence New Orleans the Unique. Since Tulane University is such an integral part of New Orleans, and both are unique because of a jambalaya of races, countries and habits, the editors thought that this theme would provide excellent decoration for Tulane ' s " Jambalaya. " We proceed with the Fleur-de-Lis as an emblem. May it meet with your approval. [ p m J To Dean Marten ten Hoor AND Doctor Milliard E. Miller In appreciation of their paramount popularity, sound advice, and pro- found interest in student affairs— we proudly dedicate this volume of The 1938 Jambalaya Hh AV DEAN MARTEN TEN HOOR DR. MILLIARD E. MILLER I U Nl VERSITY FEATURES ATHLETICS FRATERNITIES ORGANIZATIONS 1 I] npHE editors have made a sincere attempt to portray the collegiate year unprejudiciously. Our purpose-to please the entire student body and not to feature the ' ' big-shot " at the expense of the average Tulanian, for whom this annual is published. Our prayer-that our purpose will be achieved and that you will not place this 1938 volume in the category labeled- ' Stereo- typed Jambalayas. " If in the years to come you will frequently turn these pages to relive your 1937-1938 term at Tulane, our prayer will be answered, our efforts will not have been in vain. RICHARD KEARNY BRUFF Registrar of the University, Emeritus, Tulane University DIED JUNE 19, 1937 ISAAC IVAN LEMANN BA., M.D., F.A.C.P. Professor of Clinical Medicine, School of Medicine, Tulane University DIED SEPTEMBER 2, 1937 MARY WILLIAMS BUTLER Professor of Drawing and Design, Newcomb College, Tulane University DIED OCTOBER 20, 1937 LAURA LAKE IHRIE B.A. Edn. Secretary to the Employment Bureau, Newcomb College, Tulane University DIED OCTOBER 31. 1937 ADELINE ELAM SPENCER A.M.. M.S. Professor of Geology, Emeritus, Newcomb College, Tulane University DIED DECEMBER 19, 1937 CLARA GREGORY BAER Professor of Physical Education, Emeritus, Newcomb College, Tulane University DIED JANUARY 19. 1938 1 u V [ S nr T Doctors Augustus Cenas and Warren Stone are seen after a chat in front of the old Tulane Med- ical Building in 1845. These enninent physicians laid the foundation for Tulane ' s nationally famous Medical School — for New Orleans ' wonderful medical center. Note the freshman still chatting with Doctor Cenas — the 1800 boys tried to " soft-soap " professors too. T y m ■««»V.m». J[«A i»iL-a iirtw«»aii « fi;livX«?C ' U-«» IBMlW»m ,_»,.,,,»«inKnB«(i»aiBiiiw»»«.vTO«o(HK«trs«w«vvwri«rM8 ' ' 0M4S I BOARD OF - - ESMOND PHELPS. A.B., LL.B P. (•dent CHAUNCEY FRENCH f " " VicePrtiiJcnt ERNEST LEE JAHNCKE, B.E SrcmJ VUe-Ptnidcm WALKER BRAINERD SPENCER, A.B.. LL.B. CHARLES ROSEN. A.B., LL.B. MARCUS JOHNS MAGRUDER. M.D. SAMUEL ZEMURRAY n.ORENCE D ' ' MOND, A.B. JULES BLANC MONROE, A.B.. LL.B. JAMES PIERCE BUTLER. LL.B. GEORGE ELLIOT WILLIAMS, B E. S. WALTER STERN. A.B. CHARLES ALLEN F. ' WROT, ME. JOSEPH WHEADON CARROLL CHARLES LEVERICH ESHLEMAN. A.B.. M.D. CHARLES SEYBURN WILLIAMS JOSEPH WOODRUFF GEORGE. A.B. LAWRENCE ANDRE WOGAN Secrftiity jrni ' I ' tcjiutct EX-OFFICIO RICHARD W. LECHE GoyernoT of Louiiitinj ROBERT SIDNEY MAESTRI A iiyor « Ntw Orlcini THOMAS H. HARRIS St,ltc Sut erinunjcnl t ' f Piiblit lulut tni [17] A MESSAGE FROM I have started my new duties as President of Tulane University under most auspicious circumstances. For the cooperation and support of all connected with the administration, the faculty, the students and the alumni, I am grateful. The administration has sought to make more amenable the government of the University, and the administrative staff has been increased to some extent to relieve the President of many laborious details. The faculty, by which a University is chieflv judged, in addition to adopting improved teaching methods and inaugurating more stimulating classes, has undertaken research work which will do much to reflect to the credit of the University and to inspire students. The stu- dents have adopted a spirit of learning and companionship, by which attitude they them- selves will profit and the University attain its objects. The alumni have renewed their in- terest in the University, and as a large proof of this have undertaken to give to the Uni versity a new Student Center Building. I hope each alumnus may see in this building the spirit of his own student days and the realization of student dreams. I cannot look ahead without looking back over the past century, without examining the background we have acquired, without interpreting what we may expect from the fu- ture in terms of that background. Our predecessors have put into this institution their great spirits, their high ideals, their determination to face reality, and in turn have im- posed upon us the duty to help preserve the civilization of the world and of the South. With that duty, goes the obligation of guarding the privilege of free thinking, of free ex- pression of truth, of free investigation of the problems that confront us. Bricks and mor- tar and money and material things have not made Tulane University. Indeed, such things are notably lacking which are regarded by many as necessities. But the intangible qualities of character have given it the standing it ha: attained, the position it holds. We have a firm foundation upon which to continue our growth. In what direction then shall we grow? This book may show the trend we have fol- lowed for the past year. Onlv a bird ' s-eye view of this year will inform us whether or not it has been relatively important. I hope it has. I hope that higher Education may have a new grasp upon the South through Tulane University. [18] 1. Tulaiie ' s tenth Presidential lnan«urati()n bej;an Sunday, Jan- uary i6, 1938, with a CDnrrrt liy the Newcomh-Tiilane Festival Cliiiir, directed liy MaMiard Klein. 2. On Mnnday and Tuesday, each department held a syin- posiuiii — seen at the lenal symposium arc Tulanc Adminis- trator Walker Spencer, President-elect Harris, Dean Clark of ale, Chief Justice O ' Neill of the Louisiana Supreme Court. 3. Dr. Philip Jones of Swarthmore, and President William Wickenden, of Case School of Applied Science «ere snappid i itli Dr. Harris, alter the Inaugural l.uiiclienn, at llir KiK)sc ell Hotel. - 1 1 J 1 (20} 4. SHKlfiit (U ' corattd the txyin 1 ' " • ' ilainf in hoiKir nf Or. aiul Mrs. Harris, Muriilay nit;lit. 5. ' I ' hc fnrinal itistallalimi Icink placi- I ' ljisilay iiiKlit — a ivpical (Iri ' ssing rfjom scene. (). Rolierl S. Maestri, Mayor (if New Orleans duns a cap and Kown fnr the occasion, as Dr. McCntcheon of Tulanc looks on. 7. Kicli.ird 1. elite, (lovernor of I.iniisiaiia and Dr. Harris, chat- ting in the dressing; room hcforc the ceremonies hej aii. 8. Dr. D. S. Kllioti, Dr. Robert L. Meniict (both of I ' lilane) and Pifsideiit William Wickendcn of Case School ol . pplied Science a ait the proces ifin. 9. The priicesMon. 10. I hereli induct yon, Knins (arrolllnn Harris, as tenth president ot 1 niane I Diversity, reads Ksmond I ' lulps, pres- ident of the Tidane Board of .Administrators. 11. With tile authority vested in me as President of I ' tdane t ' lii- versit , I confer on yon, Sophoiiisba I ' reston Hreckinridne, the decree of Doctor of Laws. (Miss Hreckiiuidne was one of fourteen who received honorarv decrees after Dr. Harris ' induction.) I :i 1 Roger P. McCutcheon Ph.D. from Harvard, Professor of English, Dean of tlie Graduate School — and a regular fellow, say his students and associates. Co-author of two text- books, contributor to many periodicals, scholar, humanitarian — " Doctor Mac " withal is ever ready and able to lick the best on the golf links. James Adair Lyon Native Pennsylvanian — now Chairman, Crurses for ' I " eachers. Energetic, indulgent, genuine. He loves people, conviviality: — evidence — he initiated b:ith the Tulane and Ncwcomb Book Stores. His main love is photography. Dr. I.yon was in charge of photo- graphing the Solar Kclipse of May, 1900, at I.eander McCorniick Observatory, Winnshnroiigh, S. C. Other interests — .Auto mechatiics and driving. Anna E. Many No stern disciplinarian, hut rather a quiet, under- standing woman, who performs her duty as Coun- selor to Women by knowing each girl. A graduate of Ncwcomb, she is imbued with its rich tradition. Result — all the more able to inspire, assist, and reach the hearts of her girls. Miss Many is more than " the bestcst friend a girl could have. " Hobbies — badminton anfl golf. 1 ] " Tulane ' s New Deal " is what everyone is saying since the beginning of the 1937-1938 session and the advent of new President Rufus C. Harris and recently ap- pointed deans Marten ten Hoor of Arts and Sciences; Paul D. Brosman of Law; Roger P. McCutcheon of the Graduate School; and Elizabeth Wisner of the School of Social Work, which heretofore she has governed as director. Immediately upon assuming office, President Harris began his program of expansion. The aim — a bigger and better Tulane; the watchword — onward. Many new and needed courses were added, departments were enlarged, and new faces have appeard in every branch of the University. Altogether, ninety-two members of the faculty, administrative staff and office personnel have been annexed since last session. A new department, Public Speaking and Dramatic Arts, was added to the curriculum of the College cf Arts and Sciences. The Law School, for the first time in its history, conducted a summer session, offering four major courses which were well attended and a great suc- cess. The Department of Graduate Medicine was con- solidated with the School of Medicine, thus broadening the facilities of both. The Department of Mechanical [:2 1 ■J» and Electrical Engineering was split into separate de- partments, thus allowing each to deal more specifically with its subject and lessening the overlapping of courses. President Harris and the new administration have lit- erally worked wonders with the physical plant. Most outstanding of the manv improvements, to the average student, was the renovated and modernized refectory, which now houses the Book Store and Post Office. Re- turning students found the porch glassed in, modernistic furniture throughout, and a flagstone terrace under the trees in front — an ideal spot in the fall and spring months. Gibson Hall was renovated by the enlarging and mod- ernization of offices, the refinishing of woodwork, and the addition of new equipment where possible. Dr. ten Hoor was appointed custodian of the building and has introduced several regulations regarding smoking, bill- posting, etc., that arc intended to prolong the present appearance of the structure. The biggest building project realized this vcar was the rounding out of the stadium into a horseshoe, accom- plished by joining the north ends of the concrete stands with steel stands. Another long-fcit need that promises fulfillniciit in the near future is the erection of a Student Paul W. Brosman Pep, VDUth, vitality — he walks with it, thinks with it. in short, he lives with it. . j.S.P. from Yale, the nea[i of the Colletre of Law is a recognized legal aulhnrity, writer, scholar, and h:ii vivant. tireatest pleasure — a nightly novel, before going to sleep. He collects " Red-Seal " phonograph records, has his Infore-dinner highliall daily. Charles C. Bass Mississippi ccninlry bny, now DcTii of the School of Medicine. M.O., Tiilane; LL.n., Ouke: D.Sc . Lon- don, and F.. .C.P. Dr. Hass assisted Gorgas in the discovery of the yellow fever germ. His preference — Research Medicine. . n inveterate coffee drinker — he is often off lo the nearest cafe. Marten ten Hoor Musician, philosopher, teacher, Pean of the College of . rts and Sciences. .At the helm of the largest department — a man with his love, sympathy, and knowledge of youth is itecessary. Never gets up earlv, hut once up shares Pr. Brosman ' s vitality. Ili holihies — analysing handwriting, reading detec- tive stories. [231 James M. Robert Affectionately called Dean " Jimmy " nf llu- (OIliKc of Engineering. Got his B.E. at Tiilane while shy one and a half years of high school. Pet hates — smoking, narrow-mindedness, and pettiness of soul. Gets up early, goes to bed early, likes the out-doors, and good music. His controlling interest — youth and its development. Morton A. Aldrich He built the College nf Commerce in 1914 — is still its Dean. The type who remains until the last of the work is completed — but plays eipially hard. Up at four each morning, he reads until nine. Predilec- tion — his hunting and fishing lodge, where his spare time is spent among " cajuns, " who think him a god. Elizabeth Wisner Author, braintruster, counselor. Dean of the School of Social Work. A.B. from Newcomb, Ph.D. from Chicago University. Her unselfishness, love of man- kind, spurred her on — made her worthy to serve the suffering. Is a member of the Social Security Board. Hobbies — traveling and hunting up old houses. 1 ] 1 ] ■- . Center Building, where student gatherings may be held, and which should contribute to a closer-knit student body. On November 12 th the Alumni Association, led by Judge Janvier, announced the drive for funds for the project, and it was carried forward with such en- thusiasm that its success is assured. What was one of the most significant events of the school year took place on the morning of October 12, when the honor system was officially reinstated in the College of Arts and Sciences. On that morning the student body of the college gathered in the Assembly Room to hear Dean ten Hoor explain the system and the sixty outstanding members of the college who were chosen to serve on the board take the oath of acceptance. The gala event of the year was the inauguration of President Harris on January 18. The ceremonies were attended by delegates from universities throughout the nation, most noted of whom was Dr. Robert Maynard Hutchins, young and progressive president of the Uni- versity of Chicago. The formal exercises culminated a three-day program which included a series of symposia on " Current Trends in University Education. " The program began January 16 with a concert by the 300- voice Tulane-Newcomb festival choir. On January 17, [24 1 the symposia took place, and on January 18, the formal inaugural ceremonies were performed. The enthusiasm and accomplishments shown by the extra-curricular organizations marked the school year as one of unusual progress. The Cotillion Club sponsored a series of " name Band " dances that were enjoyed by thousands. A new activity, the Tulane Theatre, was organized, and its first presentation, " Three Cornered Moon, " was so well staged that the success of the group is assured. The Tulane Glee Club, having 90 members, and that of Ncwcomb, numbering over 200, distin- guished themselves on several occasions, most notable of which was a NBC broadcast, which won them national acclaim. There were certain administrative branches established during the session that have been particularly active. Outstanding is the Tulane News Bureau which, under J. H. Randolph Fcltus, Assistant to the President, super- vises news releases to the press, thus assuring that the public is adequately and correctly informed regarding Tulane ' s activities. From the brici (iiuline above, the editors hope tli.it they have indicated the remarkable progress made in the 1937-1938 session by the new adiiiiiiisrrntion toward a bigger and better Tulane. Frans Blom Director, Department of Micidie American Research. Kducated in Copenhagen, Denmarli, he received his M.A. from Harvard. Became interested in arch- eology «hile working with an oil company in Mex- ico, later in charge of Harvard ' s Citiatemala Ex- pedition. It is he who put Tulane ' s Department on the top. Prefers riding mules in Mexico to driv- ing cars in .America. Pierce Butler . iillii)r, sclnilar, teadur, Dean of Newcomli College. iCdncated entirely at home before entering college, he received his Ph.D. fron) Johns-Hopkins. Of his many hooks, the most famous — " Life of Judah P. Henjamin. " His works on Shakespeare are authori- lic. Prefers chess and solitaire for relaxalinn. J. H. Randolph Feltus Diplomat, executive, .Assistant to President, Director of Public Relations. A beaming personality behind a (|uiet, reserved front makes friends and intUiences peoeple immediately. His abilit — the ideal answer lo a president ' s prayer. Randy ' s hobbies — collecting pipes anil l ird hunting. [2n B ' TOPPER -- " „ .-LASS ' ' ' ' Ke eeheR lass Preside " ' President vke-pre ' t;i .-■■■■ ' yeas irer . . . ■ • Sccre ' ' " Preside " ' V.ce.Prc ' t;l S tTtJ THE Ifi ill IB in jO . rn SENIOR CLASS First Row: EDNA EARL ANGLE Now Orltans. La. Jambalaya Assistant Editor (M. Editor 14); Dramaric Club (3. 4). S ' C- retary (4); Art Club (1. 2»: Glee Club II, 2): Finance Committee (3. 4); Executive Committee (4); Tulane Cotillion Club (3, 4); Hockey IL ' t Mil-: MARIE ARTIGULS N;w Orleans, La. 11 I ■! Oassical Oub 1 I.IZADETH NKVINS BAKER New Orleans, La, K A H Art Club I I. :. 3, 4), ViccPre,ident (4); P..n Hellenic Council Second Row; 1 GUISE BAXTER Griffin, Ga. ■!■ .M Art Club .11 .S.SEl.VN ROSE BENSON New Orleans. La. ■!■ 1 1. DA Art Club (I. 2, !, 41; Pan Hellenic Council BABETTE LEVY BOLLAG New Orleans, La. Glee Club (1, 2, 3. 4); Class Hockey (2, 3); Class Baseball II. 2. 3), Varsity (2. 3); Oass Basketball (2, 3); Publicity Chairman (41; Operetta (4) Third Row: SARA ELIZABETH BOOTH New Cleans. La. HID Pan-Hellenic Council; Art Club (I. 2, 3, 4). Tieasurer (4t; International Relations Club; Y. W. C. A. II. . 3. 41 ELIZABETH VERNON BRONSON New Orleans, La. K K r Glee Club (2, 4); International Relations Club (2); Dramatic Club (2); DebattUK Club (4) HILDA BLOUNT BROWN Atlanta. Ga, K K r HulUhJoo 11); Dramatic Club II. 2 ) ; International Relations Club ( 1 . 2, 3, 41; Art Club (II; Final Dance Court (2); Mardi Gras Court (2); Jambalaya Fayonte Section (3); Campus Ni lit Chaiiman (4); House Council |4); Cotillion Club 14); Litgniappc (41; Junior May Day Com- mittee (3) Fourth Row: DOROTHY LULA BRUMBY Franklin, La. . n II Glee Club; C peretta MARY DAVIE BUII New Orleans, La. K K r MRS. PHYLIS GEWIN BUNKLEY Stamford. Tex. Florida State College Fifth Row: MARY LOUISE CHAPOTEI New Orleans, La, n M EUGENIE CHAVANNE N.w Orleans. La. K K r Lai;nia[ pc (3); Student Body Vice President CAROLINE PENNOCK COATES Baton Rouee, La. II B •I ' Glee Oub (]); Art Oub I], 2. 3. 4); Dramatic Club (1, 2. 4); Water Color Club (2. 3, 4) [28] SENIOR CLASS First Row: ELISE COHN New Orleans. La. A ¥. Class Vice-President (U; Swimming Team (1. 2); International Relations Club (1.4) MARY ELLEN COHN Houston, Tex. A K ! Glee Club (1. 2. 3. 4); International Relations Club (2); Debating Club (3, 4); Dramatic Qub (2. 3, 41; Junior May Day Committee. Ptogtam Committee (3); Pan-Hellenic Council (3) DOROTHY ROSE COLOMB New Orleans. La . () 11 Art Club; Glee C!ub Second Row: POLLY CORBIN New Orleans, La. 11 11 ' l ' Hockey Team 111; Class Vice-President (2 1; D amatic Club (1. 2) CATHERINE LOUISE CORNAY New Orleans. La Z T A Y. W. C. A.; Art C;ub JANE EVANS DARRAH Mobile, Ala. . I) 11 Third Row: DORIS VERTIELEE DILLON New Orle.ins. La It ' !■ A Y. VC. C. A. (I, 2. 3, 4); Lampyrids 13. 41; Glee Club (1. 2. 3); Hockey ( 1 ) ; Baseball ( I ) BERNICE MARION DIPPACHER New Orleans. La B i; () Art Club; Y. W C. A. FRANCIS Cl.lNE DR. ' KE New Orleans, La 11 S II Y. W. C. A. II, 2, 31; Dram.ntic Cuh (1); Art Club (2, 3) Fourth Row: GLADYS MARTIN LDDINS Slidell, La. Music School Student Body PreMdent; C.Iee Cub (2. 3. 4): Orchestra II. 41; Dramatic Club 111; Student Council 141; Executive Council 141 SARA CECELIA ELLIS Pens.icola, Fla. Oichestra II, 2, 41; Glee Club (1, 3, 4); Operetta (41; A Capella Choir 14 1 DOROTHY EDITH EVERIJTT . . New Orleans. Ui II 1 Clavucal Club (I. 2. 3. 41, Secretary (2). ViccPtcsidcnt (3). President (4) Fifth Row: KAIHIRINI-: DAVIS FRAZIER SiKnal Mountain, Tenn. . Si Glee Club (1, 2. 3. 4), Vice-President (3); Operetta (I, 2. 3); Home Council (3); Art Club (1); Dramatic Qub (1, 2); A Capella Choir (2, 3, 4) CLARA OIGA FREEMAN New Orleans, la •I- s i; Cilee Club; Orche.slra; Debatin|{ Qub BETTY RI ' IN FREW New Orleani. La. z r A (20) 1 J ▲i A MLiM THE u 1 J n [0 SENIOR CLASS First Row: MAR ' i ' VALhRIli GAir;NNIE . New Orl.-ans. La. U A O Debating Club; A.t Club HLOISli MARY GCNHRnS New Otlc.ins, La. VELMA ANNETTE GIRELIUS New Otleans. La. GIlc C ub Second Row: LOIS ISAlUn. C:OLDSMITH S.in Antonio. Tex. A [■: ' 1 ' Debaiini; Qub (2, 3). SccreLlry-Treasurei (4|; Glee Club (2. 3. 4); Oprietta ( 3 1 MARY ASHLEY GREENE New Orle.ms, La. L,ifniappe (3. 4): D. ' batini; Club 13. 4) JANE MARION GREENFIELD St, Louis, Mo. A F. l Alt Club (1, 21: International Relations Club (1. 2. 4): Athletic Council Ml: T. LI. R. K. (2. 3, 4); House Council (2. 3). Secretary (3); Pan Hellenic Council (41; llu ' UbjIoo (4); Dramatic Club (1. 2) Third Row: CHARLOTTE M.■ R ■ HARDll- New Gleans. La. 11 11 ' 1 ' MAR " ! ' ADA HARDY Ja-.:)tr. Tex. A A a A Cap- ' lla Choir; Glee Club; Op- ' retta MARGERY SEARLCS HASSELTINE C.irviU-. La. II li ' I ' Glee Club (2. 3) Fourth Row: CHARLOTTE STONE HAWKINS New Orlean.. La. X s. . A 1 i; Student Body Prejidcnt (4); Tulane Student Council (4); Student Body Corresponding Secretary (3); Class Treasurer (2); Class Prrridcnt (1 ; Dramatic Club (1. 2. 3); Treasurer (2); Debating Club (1, 2. 3); Varsity Debalor (2, 3); Student Council (1, 3. 4); Cotillion Club (3. 41; T. U. R. K. (2. 3. 4» ADELE HANNON HEA ' ION New Orleans. La. A II II H„ll.,b.ilm. (41; T. LI. R K. (. ' . 3. 41; Hockey (1); R.istetl-all (1) MARIE ELISE HEBERT New Orleans, La. K K r Fifth Row: MARY DOROTHY HEBRON El P.iso. Tex. HulLibJoo (3); Lagmafpe (4|; Glee Club (I, 4); Operetta (4) BEVERLY JEWEL HESS Kansas City, Mo. K K r. All llulUbtiloo (41: Cotillion Club Executive Committee (3); T. U. R. K. 12. 3, 4), Chairman (3); Class President (2): Class Treasurer (1, 3); Executive Council (2); Student Council (2); Newcomb Pan-Hellenic JANE CHAUViN HOCHENEDEL Houma. La. K K r Art Club (1, 2. 3, 4); Cotillion Club (3. 4); Intcrnatio:ial Relations Qub (3, 4) [30] SENIOR CLASS First Row: VERDA ALTHEA HUDSON New Orleans, La. Z T A JANE RUTH HUEY Homerville. Ga. ■I- M Art Qub; Dramatic Club; House President CALEDONIA JACKSON Greenville. Miss. n n ■!• An Club (I, 2. J, 41; Dramatic Club (1. 3. 4); Qass Tteasurer (2); Finance Committee ( 3 ) : Glee Qub ( 1 ) Second Row; NANCY LEE JOHNSOr-f New Orleans, La. A A II Athletic Coun cil (3. 4). Chairman (4); Hockey Team (1. 2, 31. Varsity (2. 31; Basketball (I, 2. 3); Archery Team (2. 31; Baseball (2, 3); Varsity (3|; Glee Club (1, 2. 4); Y. W. C. A. 12. 3. 4); Dramatic Club II. 2); Bowline Team ( 1 ) DOROTHY RUTH JOSEPH New Orleans, La. !■ .M Lampyrids FI.EURETTE EMELIE KAHN Rayne. La. . !■: •!• Athletic Council 12 1; Varity Barkctball (1. 2, 3); Varsity Ba,seball (1. 2, 3); Hockey Team 11. 31; International Relations Club Third Row: OLIVIA PFISTER KAMMI:R New Orleans, La. Basi ' ball Team I 3 ) JANE EI.IZAUETH KILLLHER New Orleans. La. X n Dramatic Club II. 2. 3 4) Vice-President (41; Art Club (1. 2, 3); D.l-itun: (.Tub 14 1; C1.1SS Tre.lsurcr 141; Hockey Team 111 MAY LEE KINBERGER New Orl.-ans. La. H 1 o Athletic Council (2. 4); " N " Club; Y. W. C. A. (1. 2 3, 4). Cabinet 121; Art Club (I. 2. 3. 41; Dramatic Oub (I. 2); Glee Club 12. 3. 41; Op-retta II. 2. 3. 41; Hockey (1, 2. 3). Varsitv (2. 3); Basketball II. 2, 3); Baseball (1, 2. 31. Varsity II. 2. 31; Tennis; Water Color Club; Swimming Fourth Row: MARJORIE READ Kl INI SMI I H New Orleans, La. K K r Class President 131; Student Council 14 1; Lampyi ids II, 41 l:l,INOR KONRAD New Orleans. La. II -I ' . Y. W. C. A. 12. 3, 41; Glee Club 131; Hockey 111 KATHIiRINE HEVERI.l; ' ! ' LANIER Birminnham. Ala. K K r Art Club (I. 2, 3, 4); Dramatic Qub (2. 3. 4); Lampyrids (2, 3, 4) Fifth Row: DONNA F-RANCES LEMARIE New Orleans. La. A O II Lampyrids; Art Oub MADI II INK MALVINA IJHVY New Orleans. La. •I- i: 1 Dramatic Club (I. 2); Athletic Council (3. 4); Varsity Hockey (1. 2, 3); Varsity Haskilball (1); Varsity Baseball (I. 2); Swimmmii (I, 2, 3); Newcomb Champion (2, 3) SYDNEY GLADYS LOR New Orleans. U. A K •! Hockey (1. 2. 31; Baseball (1. 2); Lampyrids (1. 2. 3, 4). Ptrsidcnl (4); Class Vice-President (41; International Relations Club (31] ilM Ti ' fl ' UlA THE u 1 J 1 J :Jf!W THE U 1 J Ud SENIOR CLASS First Row: liRTT ' i- GAUDET LOCKHTT N™ Oilenns. La. 11 li Art Cluh President (4); T. U. R. K. (3. 4); PinR PonR Champion (3); Bowlinn Champion (3); Varsity Basketball (2); Art Club (I. 2. 3. 4) FRANCES KOHN LOEB Montgomerv. Ala. A E Hasktrtball; Dramatic Club; Tennis; Fencing; Swimming; Hockey CORINNE HUGHANNA M.AUNSEU. New Orleans. La. II K ) Second Row: lONE ZUl M. MAVER New Orleans, La. Z T A Art Club; Pan-Hellenic Council; Dramatic Club BERNICE ESTFLI.E MEYER New Orleans, La. MARJORIE MOODY Shreveport, La. K K r House Council Third Row: JERRIE MARY O ' CONNOR New Orleans, La. A (1 II Varsity Basketball II, 2, 3); Vanity Bajcbcll II. 2, 3). Captain (3) MILDRED PALTER New Orleans, La. ! i 1 Glee Club M. RY EDMUNDS PEACOCK Clarksdale, Miss. U , A i: 1 House Council (3, 4), President (4); Student Body Recording Secretary (21, Treasurer (3|; T. U. R. K. 12. 3, 4), Newcomb Chairman; Executive Committee (2, 3, 4); Student Council (41; Cotillion Club (3, 4); Art Club (2. 31; Dramatic Club (2, 3) Fourth Row: BETTY JANE PEARCE New Orleans. La. B S ) CJlee Club (1. 2); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4), Trearurer (2), Vice- President (3), President (4); Art Club (4) NENA NATALIE PELIAS New Orleans, La. Z T A Art Club (2, 3, 41; Dramatic Club (3, 4); Y. W. C. A. (3); Cotillion Club (3, 4); Pan-Hellenic Council (3) HARRIET LOUISE PITTS Alexandria, La. K K r, A r i: Student Council (2, 3, 4). Secret.iry (3). President (41; Debating Club (1, 2, 3. 4). Secret.-iry Treasurer (2), President (3). Chairman (4); George Prize (2)- Glendy Burke Literarv and DeKiting Society (2); Oxford Debate 13); Dramatic Club (1); Glee Club (1, 2, 3); Dormitory Coun- cil (4). Fifth Row: MRS. PAULINE JORDAN POWELL Waco. Tex. n Art Club (1, 2, 3); Dramatic Club (1, 2, 3); House Council (3) PEGGY PRICE New Orleans, La. .i A .i ANGELIQUE LEDOUX PROVOSTY Alexandria. U. K K r Art Club [32] SENIOR CLASS First Row: DOROTH ' l ' JEAN PUGH New Orleans. La. M Hockey (1. 2. 3); Basketball (1. 2. Si; Baseball (1. 2. 3); Athletic Council (2. 3); " N " Club DOROTHY ELAINE RESTER New Orleans. La. X ' .; Jambalava il. 2. 3. 4). Assistant Busineis Manager (2. 3). Business Manager (4); Campus Night Chairman (31: Cotillion Qub (3, 4); Qass Cheerleader (2); Class Vice President (3): Art Club (1. 2); Dra- matic Club ( 1. 2. 3. 4) ANNA MAE RICKS New Orleans. La. Z T . Art Club Second Row: MRS. EMMIE HIRSCH ROSENFELD Fayette, Miss. A E •! International Relations Club ELIZABETH MARGARET SCHELIN New Orleans, La. Qassical Club (1, 2. 3); Y. W. C. A. (2, 3, 4), Cabinet (3). Secre- tary (4); Swimming Meet (3) MARIAN FRANCES SCHOOLHELD Chattanooga, Tenn n B ! House Council: Dramatic Club Third Row: MARJORY SALE SCHWARZ New Orleans, La. A E T. U. R. K. 13. 41: Dramatic Club (1, 2. 3. 41: Art Club (1. 2, 3): International Relations Club (I. 2, 3. 4), President (41: Head Cheerleader (3. 4); Class Cheerleader (2 1: Pan Hellenic Council (41; Class Hockey (1, 2. 3); Newcomb Ball II, 21. Varsity (2); Spalding (I, 2, 3, 41, Var- sity (3); Tenni-s (1. 2, 3, 41; May Day Committee (31; Student Council (41 MARIANA AUGUSTA GERTRUDE SCOTT . . . New Orleans, La. 11 i; •! ' Glee Qub (1, 2, 3, 4); A Capella Choir (3, 4): Operetta (1, 2, }, 4); CLissical Club (2, 3, 4) SIDONIE PROVOSTY SCOTT Alexandria, La. K K r House Council (4); Art Club (2. 3); International Relations Club (3. ); Debating Club (I) Fourth Row; MARY WILFONG SHAW New Orleans, La. It S O Art Club; Y. W. C. A. AMELIA MARGARET SMITH Clarksdilc, Miw. II li -I ' Class President (4); Student Council (4t; House Council (2); Executive Council (41; Art Chairman (2); Cotillion Club (8, 41: Dramatic Club (1, 2. 3, 41, Secretary (21, Stage Manager (31; Art Qub (I, 2, 3, 41: Pan Hellenic Council (3, 41, Secretary (3); Hulhbjloo (3); Basketball (1, 2, 3, 4); Hockey (1, 2, 3. 4), Captain (2) MRS. AII.EEN HALL SOSKIS Jellico. Tenn. Fifth Row: FRANCES BERTHA STERN New Orleans, Ij. A K ' h ADELE LESSEPS STORY New Orleans. La. X S! Dramatic Club (1, 21; Glee Club (1. 2. 31; Varsity Hockey (I, 2, Jl; Operetta ( 3 ) JEANNE UVERRIER STUART Harlingen, Te. Dramatic Club (3. 4); Art Qub (41 [331 THE u 1 J UD ilMA.t THE u u n LO SENIOR CLASS First Row: ALMA MARIE SULLIVAN New Orleans. La. Hockey (I, 2. 3, 4). Varsity (2. 3); Basketball (1. 2, 3), Varsity (2. 3); Varsity Baseball (1, 2, 3); Debating Club (1. 2, 3. 4): Debating Coun- cil (3); Dramatic Club (1, 2. 3. 4); Badminton Oiampionship (2): Lampyrids (3. 4) MARTHA HARRIL ' T SUTHERLAND Taxco. Mexico n B l Dramatic Club (2. 3. 4). President (4): Class Secretary (41; Dormitory Council (4); Executive Council (4); Art Club (2) SALOME MYRTLE THALHEIM Gretna, La. Art Club Second Row: BEATRICE ELMA TRUDEAU Niw Oi leans. Ij. A n Class Secretary (1); Student Council 13); Cotillion Club (4); Art Club M.MCl ' KHETT URTON New Orleans, La. n B ' l ' Art Club CHARLOTTE JANE WADDLE New Orleans. La. dice Club (1, 2. 3, 4) Third Row: MARY KIMBROLIGH WALKER New Orle.ins, La. K . 0. 11 A Art Club (1. 2. 3. 4); Glee Club (1. 2. 3); Finance Committee; Art School President ELIZABETH SHORl ILL WALTERS New Orleans. Ij. Y. W. C. A. (1. 2, 3. 4). Cabinet (3, 4); Glee Club (1. 2. 3. 4); Dramatic Club (11; Debating Club (2. 3, 4), Varsity (3, 4); Orchestra (1. 2) PEGGY PORTER WEAVER Fort Wayne, Ind. K K r Hull.ihjhn, (1. 2. 3). Ncwcomb Editor (4); Glee Club (1, 2); Executive Committee (4); Swimming (1, 2, 3) Fourth Row: PEARL JAN1C:E WEIN.STEIN New Orleans, La. Glee Club (1); Orchpstr.i 111; Deb.itmg Club (2, 3) MARY GRAVES WEl.lS New Oileans, La. K K r FL0RENC:E WOODS WILSON Rockwood. Tenn. K K r Doris Hall President; House Council (2, 3, 4); Debating Club (1. 2. 3, 4); International Relations Club (1, 2. 3, 4); Art Club (1, 2) Fifth Row: KLISE RUTH YARRUr New Orleans, La. Art Club; Pan-Hellenic Council MARJORIE ADEI.LE YATES Greenwood. Miss. ■I ' M House Council (2. 3, 4); West Wing President (4); Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4), Secretary (3); Orchestra 11, 2, 3, 4); . Capella Choir (I, 2); Pan-Hellenic Council LENA LOUISE YOCUM El Dorado, Ark. X n Art Qub; Dramatic Qub; Houst Council [34] JUNIOR CLASS First Row: HELEN ELIZABETH ADAMS Alexandria, La. A i n Glee Club; International Relations Club SELMA MARION BAUER New Orleans. La. A E •! ELIZABETH I.eMAIRE BOATNER New Orleans. La. K K r Debating Club President; Dramatic Club ROSA ELIZABETH BRASH Gulfport, Mis s. Lampyrids; Debating Club Second Row; PAULINE ISABEL BROOK New Orleans, La. A 11 Glee Club; A Capella Choir KATIE SHEPHERD BUTT Pensacola. Fla. K A e T. U. R. K. (3); Cot.llion Club 12, 3); House Council Secretary (3); Student Council il, 31; Glee Club II, 2); Dramatic Qub (1, 2); Qass Secretary (2 1; House Council (I. 2, 3) HELEN ELIZABETH BUXTON Memphis. Tenn. 11 I! ELEANOR MARIE CARRERE New Orleans, La II B ■!■ Art Club (1. 2, 3); T. U. R. K. (2, 3); International Relations Club (1); Pan Hellenic Council (2. J) Third Row: RURV COHEN New Orleans, La. ■I 1 S Dramatic Club; Glee Club ALICE MARGARET CRAWFORD New Orleans. La. Glee Club (1. 2. 31; Y. W. C. A. (1. 2, 3) JULIA FRANCES D.-WENPORT New Orleans. La. 7. T A ANNE ELIZABETH DENTON Mt. Carmel, III. K A e Glee Qub; Art Club; A Capella Choir Fourth Row; ELIZABETH BRANFORD EDWARDS New Orleans, La. X V. Student Body Corresponding Secretary; Athletic Council Seaelary-Treasurer; Executive Committee; Hockey; Basketball; Varsity Baseball MARCELLA IRENE EI.SHOI.Z New Orleans. La. B •!• A GIcc Club MILDRED ANNA FALLO New Orleans. La. Badminton; Tennis ELLEN HEWES FLOWERREE New Orleans. La. K K r Fifth Row; MARGARET ALLINCiHAM FOLI.ETTE New Orleans, La. n r Art Club; Hutiibiilon; Pan-Hellenic Council FRANCES VONTESE FRANKLIN Rulevillc, Miss. •I ' M Glee Club; Alt Club; Dramatic Club; Debating Club; Varsity Debating Team; George Prize Winner MARJORV CLARE FREUND S. Louis. Mo. A K •!• CI«M Hockey Team (I, 2). Varsity (I, 2); CI«M Basketball (2. )(; Varsity (2); Cl.»s Swimming (2); Clou Tennia (2, )); Qau Baseball (2. J) MARJORII-: MARGARET GEARY New Orleans. La . i; jAMKALArA (3); Athletic Council (I. 2. 3); Classical Club (5); T. U. R. K. (3); Hockey (I, 2, 3); Basketball (1, 2, J)j Baseball (I, 2, 3) [35 1 THE 1 J n n ll[ eao THE l[l i in jU . rn JUNIOR CLASS First Row: M H. ADEI.E GINSBERG Dcs Moines, Iowa A K Universily of California BARBARA JEAN GRIFFITH New Oileans. La. BIO Y. W. C. A. (I. 2. 31, Cabinet (2). Treasurer (3); Classical Club (1, 2, }); Glee Club (I) SELMA EUNICE HAAS New Orleans. U. Glee Qub (1, 2, 3; Operetta (2, 3); Orchestra (1, 2, 3), Vice- President (3) LUCILLE ALICE HARRIS New Orleans. La. ' !• M Jamhai-Ava Staff Second Row: PEARL CECILE HHRSHBERG New Orleans, La. MARIE LOUISE HOLBROOK New Orleans, La. K K r Dramatic Club; Debating Club ESTHER JUDI.IN New Orleans. La. !• .M Varsity Hockey (1, 2), Captain Class Team (2); Varsity Basketball (1. 2). Class Team (1. 21; Varsity Baseball (1. 2). Class Team (1. 2); Varsity Newcomb Ball 111; T. U. R. K. (2); Bowling Qiampion (2) ISABELl.E JOHNSTON Texarkana, Ark. II li ■! ' Dramatic Club; International Relations Club Third Row: HILDA CARROLL KEEN New Orleans, La. ■ , T A Art Club; Dramatic Club FANNY KERN New Orleans, La. A E Hockey (1, 2); Basketball (1, 2); Swimming 12); Tennis (2) HATTIE MALLETT KIMZEY New Orleans. La. A A n Dramatic Club I 1 . 2 I ; Y. W. C. A. I 1 . 2, 3) ; Tennis URSUL.A. M.ARY KLEIN Metamora, Ohio li A Glee Club Vice-PresiJent; Orchestra; Operetta; A Capella Choir Fourth Row: WINIFRED HELEN KNIGHTON Homer, La, ' ! M A Capella Choir (1. 2, 3); Glee Club (1, 2. 3), S.-crctary (3); Orchestra (1); Operetta (3) RUTH KOHLMAN New Orleans, La. A E •! DOROTHY OLCiA KORNDORFFER New Orleans, La, M ANNE STURGESS KOSTMAYER Metairie, La. K K r International Relations Club; Debating Club Fifth Row: BILLII-; JOYCE LACY Shreveport, La. K A e MARJORIE CAMPBELL LEVERICH New Orleans. La. II B T. U. R. K. (3): Art Club Secretary (3); Finance Committee: Glee Club (I, 2, 3) MARJORII-: MILDRED MARCHAI New Orleans, La. K K r T. U. R. K. (3); Lampyrids (1, 2. 3); Basketball (I, 2); Intern.ltional Relations Club (1); Glee Club (1); Class Vice-President (3): Jambalaya (2, 3) CATHERINE BROWN McCAI.I Bennetlsyille, S. C. X a Art Club; Glee Club; Dramatic Club [361 JUNIOR CLASS First Row: HELEN LOUISE McCASKEY New Orleans. La. A Capella Choir (2. 3); Glee Qub (1, 2, 3); Dramatic Qub (1. 2. 3); Y. W. C. A. (I, 2, 3); Orchestra (3) HELENE TUPPER McCLURE Sardis, Miss. s a Dramatic Qub (I); Art Club (1. 2); Class President (2); House Council (2. 3): Student Council (2), Secretary (2); Executive Committee (2, 3); International Relations Club (3); T. U. R. K. (2, 3); Student Body Treasurer (31; Finance Comnuttee (3); Pan-Hellenic Council (3); Cotillion Club (2, }j HELEN MARY MEYERS New Orleans. La. n B 4 ' Dramatic Club; Art Club MARY ARTHUR MORELOCK HaynesviUe. La. K A e Glee Qub (1, 2. 3); Orchestra (1, 2, 3); Operetta (2, 3); A Capella Choir (3) Second Row: MARGARET FRAZER MORGAN Keetchie. La. 1 " . I Glee Club MARY .MHOON NOBI.E Ravvillo. La. M Orchestra; Glee Qub; A Capella Choir; Operetta DOROTHY EDNA NUNGESSER New Orleans, La. ! M Glee Club; Dramatic Qub BETTY EASTLAND ORMOND Forest, Miss. M DebatinR Club (I, 2. 3); Dramatic Qub (1. 2. 3); Qass President (1); Student Council (1, 3) Third Row: ROSEMARY HELENA O ' SHEA New Orleans, La. Y. W. C. A. MARY FRANCES PARNEI.I Hallcy. Ark. II I) ■!■ HHRTHA MEADER P. TTON Greenville, S. C. . II Glee Club President; Orchestra; Y. W. C. A.; A Capella Oioir; Operetta; Executive Committee MARY ENDT PEARCE New Orleans. La. II 1 + Classical Club (1. 2. 3); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3), Treasurer (2), Vice President ( 3 ) Fourth Row: JOYCE AGNES PEREZ New Orleans. I a . II II Glee Club (II; Art Club (3); Pan Hellenic Council (3) PEGGY ANN PHIIPOT Galveston, Tex. II II ' I ' Hockey II, 2), Captain (2); Basketball II. 21, Captain (I); Athletic Council (1. 2. 3) MIMI CLARE PI ATTI:R New Orleans, La. II II -I ' Art Club HENRIETTA ANNE PLETTINGER St. Fiancijville. La. Classical Club; International Relations Club; Archery (2) Fifth Row: PAULA HOLLINGSWORTH POTTS Natchitoches. La. II n Glee Club; Mistrevs of Revels FRANCES MARION ROLLINS Guirport. Mi»». Cilee Qub; Dotmilory Council UHRNia-; MARION ROSS New Orle»m la A II II JEANETTE RUSOVICH New Orlran.. I . Z T A Pan Hellenic Council: An Club (31. Dramatic Qub (3) 137) THE n U THE 1 J U 0[ JUNIOR CLASS First Row; adi.[-:y LOUISI-; schwi-infurth Niw o,u-;ms. u. H 1 o Glee Club (1. 2. 3); A Capella Choir (2, 3 ; Orchestra (1. 2. 3). Sefrclary-Treasurer (3) MAUI- SHAN15S Cleveland. Miss. II li Art Cliih II, 2. 3); Dramatic Club (1); Class Vice President (2); House House Council (3) MARY CitRTKUDK SHAPARD Wichita Falls, Tex. K A Debating Club (1. 2. 3); Glee Club (1); Art Club (1, 2, 3); Dor- mitory Council (3); Varsity Debating Team (2); Dramatic Club (1); Class Treasurer ( 3 ) DOROTH ' - MA-lL SHf ROUSK Gilbert, La. A A n Glee Club Second Row: MAXINL JUNE SILL Midland. Tex. II li Glee Club; Liignijppc CHARLOTTE MAY SIMON S. Bend. Ind. Glee Club PEGGY SIMON New Orleans. La. A F, BETSY SMITH Canton. Miss. X ' .; Classical Club; Art Club Third Row; MERI H MARIE SMITH Houma. La. A A II Glee Club; Badminton; Archery MARY JANE STOUT New Orleans. La. Z T A . rt Club (1, 2. 3); Tennis II, 2, 3); Ping Pong (1, 2); Swimming II, 2); Bowling (1,2) CHARLENE MERIEl. TAYLOR New Orleans, La. ■I ' .M Glee Club (1, 2, 3); A Capella C;hmt (I. 2); Operetta (2); Little Symphony (2) EUPHEMIE BOUTINE TOBIN New Orleans, La. K K r Cotillion Club; Cilee Club; Hulhbjlim Fourth Row: MARY AREA UTLEY New Oilcans, La. K A e Alt Club (1. 2. 3); Debating Club; Glee Club (I); Water Color Club MILDRED VIOLET VALENTINE New Oi leans. La, Oichestra (1, 2, 31, President (3); Operetta (2. 3); Glee Club (1, 2, 3); Y, W. C. A. (1, 2, 3), Cabinet (2, 3) BETTY ANN VAN CLEAVE New Orleans. La. Glee Club ri, 3); Dramatic Club (3); Operetta (I, 3) DOROTHY MAllNDA VAN LUE New Orleans, La. Z T A Glee Club (1); Art Club (1); Y. W. C. A. (2. 3); Cabinet (3); Hockey (I, 2), V.lrsity 12); B.rsketball (1, 2), Varsity (1, 2); B.iseball (I, 2), Varsity (1, 2), Captain (2); Cl.ass Bowling Champion (1) Fifth Row: ALICE VAIRIN WESTFEI.DT New Oileans, La. 11 li Art Editor, Lif nijppi-; Art Club; Dramatic Club CAROLYN RUSHBROOK WHITE New Orleans, La, K A VELMA CLARK WIEDERECHT New Oileans, La. .M Dramatic Club II. 2); Varsity Hockey (1, 2). Cl.iss Team (1, 2); Varsity Baseball (1). CLiss Team (1. 2); Class Basketball (1, 2) JEANNETTE WISE Warren, Ark. X !! Dramatic Club; International Relations Club PATRICIA WOODWARD New Oilcans, La. II 1! •!. Class President (3); T. U. R. K.; Glee Club; Cotillion Club (2. 3); Hockey [38] UNDERGRADUATES First Row: BETTY ADELMAN. ' 41 Des Moines, Iowa A E n VIRGINIA ALBERT, MO Houston, Tex. A A II Glee Qub (1. 2): Art Club (1, 2); Operetta CI MARGUERITE LILLIAN ALEXANDER. ' 41 ... New Orleans, La. Hullabaloo; Glee Club; Y. W. C. A.; Debating Club; Classical Club; Hockey; Swimming ELIZABETH DAVIES ALLEE, ' 41 Metairie, La. Glee Club ZEDAH OSIRIS ANDERSON, ' 41 New Orleans, La. Glee Club; Y. VC. C. A. Second Row: FLORENCE MARGARET ARMSTRONG " 41 Denver. Colo. Glee Club; Orchestra FRANCES ASBURY. ' 40 Amanllo, Tex. PAULINE FREDERICK BAIN. ' 41 New Orleans, La. B :; o Y. W. C A. LUCILLE FAIRCHII D BAKER, ' 40 New Orleans, La II B Art Club; Hockey NITA BAKER, ' 40 Alexandria, La K A e Third Row: GERTRUDE FAY BALKIN, ' 41 Drew. Miss Glee Club; Art Club SELMA BECKER. ' 40 Houston, Tex SUE ELEANOR BENTLEY. ' 40 New Orleans. La. B ■! A Glee Club (1, 2); Orchestra (1, 2); Classical Club (2) REGINA FLORENCE BERMAN, ' 41 Birmingham. Ala. SIMONNE JEANNE BESSERAT, ' 41 New Orleans. La. Z T A Dramatic Qub; Art Club Fourth Row: BKITV BETHEA. ' 41 New Orleans. La K K r International Relations Club ARGENTINE EMELIA BLACK. ' 41 Met.,irie. La. SHIRLEY ELISE BLOCK, ' 41 Jonestown. Miss. NATHALIE MARY BOND. ' 41 New Orleans. La. A II II An Club; Jambai.aya; Intern.itional Relations Club MARGUERITE HAYS BONDY, ' 40 New Roads, La. •:■ .M T. U. R. K ; Debating Club; Dramatic Club Fifth Row: LORRAINE RITA BORDES, 41 New Orleans, La 11 ' l- A Glee Club, Dramatic Club MARCiARET EMMA BOSSHARDT. ' 41 San Antonio, Tex. A A II Art Club; Intern.itional Relations Club; Y. W, C. A. ROSE HOI 1 ' l ' BOURGEOIS. " 41 Marrero. La. Y. W. C. A. FRANCES ANITA BRANDT. ' 41 Biloxi. Miss. A O II (iti-f Club; Tennis: Swimming BETSY BRES, ' 40 New Orleans. La. K K I ' Glee Club (1); Student Body Recording Secretary (2); HulUhatoQ (I), Avsociatc Editor (2) Sixth Row: Hll EN MARCiARET BRES, ' 41 New Orleans, La. K A (I FRANCES EM ' ABETH BROOKS. ' 41 Dall.n. Tex. Z T A Art Club; Y. W. C. A. CATHERINE: ADELAIDE BROOKSHIRE. ' 41 Kaplan, La. Glee Club; Y. W. C. A. ELIZABETH THORNHII I, BROOME, ' 41 .... Pass Christian. Miu, II II ' I ' Art Club; International Relations Club; Classical Qub HELEN FRANCES BROWN. ' 41 New Orlran. la K A Glee Qub: Archery; Dramatic Qub JEANNE CATHERINE BROWN, ' 41 New OtUan,. la K A (1 GIcc Club; Dramatic Club; International Relations Club THE u u 1 llIi t 39 1 :-; .T l ' - ' THE [l 1 J i in jU UNDERGRADUATES First Row; MARTHA BESS BROWN. Ml Grenada. Miss. X V. Art CJiib; Dramatic Cluh VIRGINIA S BIL BROWNSON, ' 41 Now Orleans, La. A o n Glee Club; Art Qub Ol IVIA ESTELLE BRUNI, ' 41 I.arcdo. Tex. GIoc Club; Tennis; Badminton MILDRED LAURA BUERKLE, ' 40 New Orleans. La. n X. Y. W. C. A. GLADYS BARRON BUSH. ' 41 New Orleans. La. 11 I! ! ' Glee Cluh; Dramatic Club; Tennis Second Row: EVELYN DREUIL BYNUM, ' 41 Houston, Tex n li •! Dramatic Cluh; Art Club MARY YVONNE CAHAL, ' 41 New Orleans. La. •!■ .M Glee Club MARY JANE CALLAHAN. ' 41 New Orleans, La. MIGNONNE ERNESTINE CAMBON. ' 40 New Orleans, La. B •!. . Glee Ciub BARBARA DEAN CAMPBELL, ' 41 New Orleans, La A ) II Glee Club; Art Cluh Third Row: JANE KATHRYN CAMPBELL, ' 41 Kansas City. Mo K K r Glee Club MARY LOUISE CANNON. ' 40 Oklahoma City. Olcla. Hockey (2) ELSA ALYCE CAPO, ' 41 New Orleans, La. !■ M Debating Cluh JANIE HARRIS CARRE. ' 40 New Orleans, La. K n Glee Club (1, 2); Hockey (H; B.iskrthall (1); Tennis (1) ELIZABETH LEE CARROLL. ' 40 Alex.indria. La. K K r Art Club Fourth Row: ALICE OSWALD CARTER, ' 40 New Orleans, La. K A Glee Qub; Art Cluh; Classical Cluh CHARLOTTE EMILY CARTER. ' 40 New Orleans, La. K K r Oass President (2h T. U. R. K.; Cotillion Club; Dramatic Club HELEN SEALE CHARLTON, ' 40 San Antonio, Tex. K A DARRAH LOUISE CHAUVIN. ' 40 N.w Orlejiw, La. K A Jambalava; Glee Club; Dramatic Cluh; Hulhbjloo GRACE CHAVANNE. ' 41 New Orleans, La K K r Fifth Row: EDDIS MARNE CHERAULT, ' 41 Houston, Tex A 11 Glee Club; Art Cluh; Badminton ETHEL MAE CHRLSTIAN. ' 41 Houston, Tex. A A II Art Cluh MARGARET JOYCE CHRISTIAN, ' 41 Houston, Tex. A A n Alt Club RUTH JOYCELYN CHRISTIAN, ' 41 Houston, T«. A A n Art Club LUCIE MARIE CLAIBORNE, ' 41 New Orleans, La. II I! ■!• Dramatic Cluh; Art Club Sixth Row: ELIZABETH CATHERINE COATE, ' 41 Arkadrlphia, Ark. Orchestra SARA ELIZABETH COBB, ' 41 Dallas, Tex. Z T A Art Club; Dramatic Club; Y. W. C. A. ELEANOR COHEN, ' 40 New Orleans. La. Hulliibaloo; Dramatic Club FRANCES LORRAINE COLLENS, ' 41 N.w Orleans, La K K r Art Club; International Relations Cluh: Archery HENRIETTA COLLEY, ' 41 Grantville, Ga. X R Swimming; Dramatic Oub [40 3 UNDERGRADUATES First Row: DOROTHY MAE COOLEY, ' 41 Slidell. La. M Glee Club ELIZABETH COOPER, ' 40 New Orleans. La n B Art Qub; Dramatic Club; Hockey AMELIA HONOURE CRAIG. ' 41 New Orleans, La K K r SARAH JANE CRAIS, ' 40 New Orleans. La. A A II Lampyrids; Athletic Council fl. 2); Glee Qub (1); Varsity Basketball Captain; Varsity Baseball (1); Varsity Tennis (I) MARY VICTORY CRANE, ' 41 New Orleans, La. JaMBALAYa; Art Club Second Row; MARTXA MADELYN CRAWFORD, ' 40 Atlanta. Ga. II B Glee Club; Art Club CAROLYN BLANCHE CUDD, ' 41 Columbia, S. C X V. MARGARET LOUISE DALFERES. ' 41 New Orleans, La. Z T A Y. W. C. A.; Glee Club; Art Club CORINNE ADELLE DAVIS. ' 41 Cleveland Heights. Ohia Archery; Debating Club DOROTHY KATHERINE DAVIS, ' 41 Anniston. .Ma. Third Row: I.YLE ANNE DAWSON. ' 40 Morganza, La. Glee Club LOIS ELIZABETH DeBAKEY, ' 40 Lake Charles, La. Glee Club MARJORIE DECKER, " 41 Chicago. Ill A K ■!• International Relations Club; Debating Qub NENETTE DENEGRE, ' 40 New Orleans. La. II B " I ' . rt Club; Tennis ELEANOR ELIZABETH DIXON, ' 41 New Orleans. La. K K r Dramatic Club Fourth Row: ALMA CECILE DRESNER, ' 41 New Orleans. La A E • LEVERNE EMMA DRESSEL, ' 41 New Orleans, La. •!• M Glee Club; Jamba[.aya BERNICR MARTHA DUNCAN. ' 40 New Orleans, La. Art Qub (1, 2); Y. W. C. A.; Var-ity Basketball (1); Swimming; Baseball ( 1 ) ; Tennis CATHERINE STEELE DUNCAN. ' 41 New Orleans. La Art Club; Archery; Badminton M RTHA PAULINE DUNCAN. ' 41 Alexandria, La Glee Club; Debating Club; Jambalava Fifth Row: NORMA DURAND, ' 40 Donaldsonville. La. ROSE MARIE DUVIC, ' 41 New Orleans, La. BIO Art Club; Y. W. C. A MYRTLE EASTON, ' 40 New Orleans, La. B I- A Glee Qub; Y. W. C. A.; Dramatic Club HENRYETTA ALICE ELDRIDGE, ' 40 New Orleans, La. B j: O Y. W. C. A. (I, 2); Glee Oub (1, 2); Internallonal Relations Club (2); Operetta (2) BARBARA DOUGLAS ELLIS, ' 40 New Orleans, La. II B •!• Hockey; Dramatic Club Siith Row: AUDREY JEAN ETTLINGER, ' 41 Chicago. III. A E + Hockey ETHEI.YN BRINGIER EVERETT, ' 41 New Orleans, La. n •!• A Gloe Club: Dramatic Club LUCILLE HAVARD EWIN, ' 41 New Otiean.. La. K K r MARIE LOUISE EYRICH, ' 41 N.tchei, Misi. Glee Club; Y. W. C. A. BETTY EMMA FAUST, ' 40 New OrlMns. La. M Art Club t41] lU ' U V! N_ THE n 1 J ll THE u 1 J 1 J UNDERGRADUATES First Row: EDITH FENNO, ' 41 Now Orleans, U. K K r Art Club; Incernntional Relntiorw Qub HELEN COYLE FERRANDOU. ' 41 Now Orlonns. U. A () II Glee Club; Jambalaya NANCY ELIZABETH FIELDS. ' 41 P.no Apple Al.i. X ! Otchostr.1; Dramatic Club JEANNE OLIE FINKE. -41 Now Orleans. La. 1! 1 O Arr Club; Dramatic Club; Y. W C. A CAROL ' l ' N MAXINE FISCHER. ' 41 New Orleans, La M Glee Club Second Row: MARY LILLIAN FLOTTE. ' 40 New Orleans, La Glee Club (1. 2); Art Qub (1, 2); Basketball (1. 2); Baseball (1. 2); Soccer (1); Tennis (I; Volleyball (1); Hockey (I) SHELBY GIBBS FLOWERS, ' 40 Vicksburg. Miss, K K r HitlLih.iloii; Dramatic Club; International Relations Club LOIS DOUGLAS FORD, ' 41 Now Orleans, La. K . ft Glee Club; Art Club l.oNETTE TUCKER FORREST, ' 40 DalLis. Tok K K r Art Club FAIRFAX FOSTER, ' 41 Frankl.n. La 11 11 •! ' Glee Club Third Row: CHARLOTTE FRIEDMAN, ■■»! St, Louis. Mo. A K Debating Club MURIEL RUTH FRELICH. ' 41 Chicago. 111. Hulljbtiloii; Jambalaya MARJORIE LOIS FRY, ' 40 Natchez, Mi s, A V. ' [ Dramatic Club; Art Club ANNE ELLA FUGATE. ' 40 Hazlehurst. Miss. DOROTHY LEE GAIENNIE. ' 41 New Orleans, La. K A O Art Cub; Debating Club Fourth Row: JANE I.UM GAITHER. ' 41 Hopkinsville. Ky. X !. Dramatic Club MADELEINE MATHILDE GALl.AGHliR. ' 40 . . . Now Orleans. La. 1) 1 O Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); Glee Club (1, 2); Internatuinal Relations Club (2); Art Club (2); Operetta LAURA CARROLL GALLION, ' 41 Washington. D. C. X ! Jambalaya; HuHiihiiloo; International Relations Club; Debating Society BEVERLY REITA GALLO. 41 New Orleans. La. » -I ' A Glee Club DORIS CSARDNER. ' 41 New Orleans. La. 7. T A Art Club; Glee Club Fifth Row: MARGARET LOUISE GASH, ' 40 New Orleans. La K A n Art C:iub; Glee Club ELSIE JANIS GIBBENS. ' 40 White Castle. La. Debating Club (1, 2); Y. W. C. A.. Cabinet (2) FRANCES HOLSTEIN GILL, ' 40 Jackson. Miss. X i. ' Glee Club PAUI.YN GILL. ' 41 Homer. La. •!■ M Glee Club DOROTI-rf HELEN GILLESPIE. ' 41 Farmer City, 111. K K r Hulhh.il.u,; Art Club Siith Row: BARBARA GILMORE. ' 40 New Orleans. La. X a RUTH DORIS GINSBERG. ' 40 Far Rock.iway. N. Y. •i- 1 i; Art Club GEORGE ENID GIROT, ' 40 Ocean Springs, Miss. ■1 ' .M Glee Club (1. 2); Classical Club REVA LEAH GODLOVE, ' 41 Houston, Tex. A F. + International Relations Club; Art Club JEANNE THIBAUT GOODIN, ' 41 Jackson, Tenn. X f! Art Club 142] UNDERGRADUATES First Row: BETTY LEE GOUGH, ' 41 New Orleans, La. Glee Club ROSEMARY CLARKE GOUGH, ' 40 New Orleans, La. Glee Cluh (1,2) GLORIA MARIE GREHAN. ' 40 New Orleans La Jl U + Art Club; Dramatic Club; Hockey ROSALIE GRESHAM, ' 41 New Orleans, La. n K Dramatic Club; Hultabjloa; Soccer; Archery CAROLYN VIVIAN GRIFFITH. ' 41 Slidcll. La. Second Row; MARION LOUISE GRISER. ' 40 Mobile. Ala. Glee Club BLANCHE MOULTON HAMMOND. ' 40 New Orleans. La. K K r Hockey (2); Tennis (2) FRANCES MINNETTE HARDEMAN, ' 41 Stonewall. La. MARTHA LILLY HARPER, ' 41 Minden, La. K A e Glee Club CATHERINE MARIE HARRIS. ' 41 New Orleans. Ij K h 1 Art Club; International Relations Club; Classical Club Third Row: MARY ELIZABETH HARRIS, 40 New Orleans, La K K r Art Club; International Relations Club; Debating Oub EMMA BARBARA HARRISON. ' 41 Forest. Miss. ■I- M Glee Club; Y. W. C. A.; Hulhh lm, MIMI ELIZABETH HARRY. ' 41 New O.ieans. La K K I ' JaM5AI.AYa; Hutlabaloo JEAN ELLEN HEFTER. ' 41 Chicago. Ill A K !• International Relations Club; Dramatic Club HARRIET HEIDLER. ' 41 Mount Vernon. Ill . • Art Club; Dramatic Club Fourth Row; MIRIAM JEAN HEINDEL. ' 40 New Orleans. La Y. W. C. A. (1, 2). Cabinet (2); Glee Club (1. 2); Orchestra (1. 2) THELMA ALOYSIA HEMARD. ' 40 New Orleans La Z T A Glee Club (I. 2): A Capella Choir; Little Symphony (1. 2) FLORENCE ELEANOR HENDRICK. ' 40 Shreveport La K A B AUDREY SHIRLEY HEREFORD. ' 41 New Orleans. La X S! Jahbalaya; Glee Club MILDRED AMEI.IE HILLER. ' 41 New Orleans. La. Fifth Row; CAROLYN THORN HIMEL, ' 41 New Orleans. La. K K r Dramatic Club; International Relations Club; Y. W. C. A. JANE ELIZABETH HINDS. ' 41 New Orleans. La ■1 ' .M Glee Club nin ' TY CHALJVIN HOCHENEDEL. ' 41 Houma La K K r Glee Club; Art Club; International Relations Club; Y. W. C. A. KATE HODGE, ' 41 New Orleans. La. •I- M Glee Oub; Jambai AVA; Y. W. C. A. MARY REGINA HOEHN, ' 40 New Orleans I., X SJ Jamfiai.aya; Dramatic Club Treasurer Siilh Row; JANE HOFFHEIMER, ' 41 Cincinnati. Ohio A K •!• International Relations Club; Dtamatic Club; Art Club AI.THEA HUEY, ' 40 New Orleans. La. II II • Art Club I£)UISE ADEI.A HUTSON. ' 40 New Orle ans U H 2 O Jamhai.ata (2); Y. VC. C. A. (I. 2); Art Club (I, 2); Swimmini; (I. 2); Tennis (2); Archery (I) MARY JANE HUTSON. ' 41 New Orlean... U. II 2; n Jambalava; Y. W. C. a ; Debalinii Oub; Swimming; Tennis CHARLOTTE ROSALYN JACOBSON. ' 41 BitminRham. Ala. Dramatic Club I 4J 1 THE U 1 J n 0[ THE li in jU UNDERGRADUATES First Row; MARGARET ELAINE JONES, ' W Now Orleam, La. II u Internation.il Relations Club ( 1 ) ; Art Club; Glt-c Club; Hoclcey SARA VIRGINIA JONES, ' 41 Milcston. Miss. X i! Orchestra BARBARA ANN JOSEPH, ' 40 New Orleans. La. M Jambai.ava; Debalinn Club; Dramatic Club DOROTHY LOUISE JURISICH. ' 41 New Orleans, La. 1! 1 O Dramatic Club; Y. W. C. A.: HulLibJoo HENRIETTE JANICE KAHN, ' 41 New Orleans. La. . K •] ' Second Row: FERNANDE KATZ, ' 40 New Orleans. La, A 1-; ' 1 ' Class Vice-President ( 2 ) KATHLEEN MARY KEESE, ' 40 New Orleans. La. Glee Club; Debating Club; Dr.-imatic Club; Y. W. C. A.; Classical Club; Intein.irional Relations Club EVELYN LOLUSE KEI.LEHER, ' 41 New Orleans. La. X !! Dramatic Club RUTH ADELENA KELLETT. ' 40 Houston, Tex. Z T . Glee Club; An Club MARTHA EILEEN KELLY. ' 40 Houston. Tex. K A (I Third Row: PATRICIA ELAINE KELL ' . ' 40 New Orleans, La. A .1 11 Y. NX ' . C. A. JOSIE BEATRICE KIBBE, ' 40 New Orleans, La. Hid Y. W. C. A.; Art Club ANNE CARSON KILPATRICK. ' 40 New Orleans, La. K K r Class Trca-urer (2); Athletic Council; Var.sity Hockey (I) MARJORIE THERESE KISTER, ' 40 New Orleans, La. A A II Student Council (1); Glee Club (I 2): Varsity Hockey (1); Debating Cub (2); Y. W. C. A. (2) JESSIE KLINE. ' 40 Clarksdale, Miss. A K 1 ln:ern.itiona! Relations Club; Tennis; Archery Fourth Row; BIANCA ADI ER KLING, ' 40 Now Orleans, La. A K [• ELEANOR VIRGINIA KLUGH ' 40 Hot Springs, Ark. II H Dramatic Club; Art Club CONSTANCE KNOWLES. ' 40 Atlanta, Ga. K K r International Relations Club; Att Club; Hnuse Council ADEI.E EVELYN KOHLMAN, ' 40 New Orleans, La. A i: ■!• Dramatic Cub (1); DebatinR Club (I. 21 HARRIETT CARPENTER KOSTMAYER. ' 41 Metairie, La. K K r Fifth Row: BETT ' l- MARJORIE KRECKEL, ' 40 New Orleans, La. BID Y. W. C. A. (1. 2); Glee Club (1. 2t; Opeietta (21; Art Club (2) SARA LOUISE KUHN, ' 40 Atlanta. Ga. ELAINE MARJORIE I.ACIROIX, ' 41 New Otieans, La. X Q Jamhaiaya KATHERINI-: LAIDLAW, ' 40 Dallas, Texas K K r Art Club DOROTHY ELIZABETH LAMBERT. ' 41 New Orleans, La. M Sixth Row: CHRISTIANA LATIMER, ' 40 San Antonio, Tex A A n DORIS RUTH LAVNER, ' 41 Inverness. Miss. Glee Club STACIA ELIZABETH LAWRENCE. ' 41 Fayette. Ala. Art Club MARY I.ORENA LEAKE, ' 41 New Orleans, La. Z T A Glee Club; Dramatic Club SARAH COOPER LEAR, ' 40 Yazoo City, Miss. X !. ' Glee Club; Hockey [441 UNDERGRADUATES First Row: RUTH AUDREY LEBERMAN. ' 41 Chicago. III. A !■: ■!• Incernarional RcIaIion Club EILEEN UrBLANC, ' 41 New Orleans, La. ROSEMARY CAMILLE LEGENDRE. ' 41 New Orleans, La. A o n MARY LEE LEMANN, ' 40 Donaldsonvillc, La. Z T A Y. W. C. A.; Art Club PEGGY LEPMAN. ' 41 Chicago, 111. A E Dramatic Club; Hockey Second Row: HELENE REGINA LEVI, ' 41 Dallas, Tex. A L Dramatic Club LELLA MAR " ' LEVINE, ' 40 New Orleans, La. + M Art Club NOREEN MARY LEVINE, ' 40 New Orleans. La. B 2 Glee CTub; Orchestra; Art Club JANICE HELEN LEVY, ' 41 New Orleans. La. A K SARA POPE LEWIS, ' 41 Atlanta, Ga. Glee Club; Dramatic Club Third Row: JANE WEBB LILLY. ' 41 Oklahoma City. Okia Art Club; Y. W. C. A. ANNETTE SHIFRA LISITZKY. ' 41 New Orleans. La. Glee Qub ALINE LERLINE LOWENBERG. ' 40 New Orleans. La. CAROLYN ALICE LONG. ' 41 New Orleans. La H •!• A Glee Club MELBA EVELYN LOUBAT, ' 41 New Orleans. La A A n Glee Qub: Dramatic Club; Y. W. C. A. Fourth Row. MARILYN LUCILLE I.OVELL, ' 41 Panama, C, Z K A Glee Club; Y. VC. C, A.; Art Club; Hockey EMIl.V JANE I.OY. ' 41 Houston. Tex. Glee Club BERNICE FLORA LURIE. ' 40 Florala. Ala. Glee Club (1, 2); Orchestra (1, 2); Dramatic Club (1. 2); Operetta; HuUabuloo ( 1 ) ; International Relations Club BETTY MAE MAGRUDER. ' 40 Covington. La K A Glee Club; International Relations Club MARY NEWCOMB MALONE. ' 41 New Orleans. U. X n Cotillion Club Fifth Row; MARJORIE DOROTHY MAI.TRY. -41 New Orleans, la 1) A Glee Club ARDATH MARY MARKEL. ' 41 New Orleans. La. A O I[ HulUbiiloti; Glee Club; Dramatic Club: University Theatre MARGARET LOUISE MARSHALL. ' 41 Monterrey. Meiico II U ' ! Art Club; Dramatic Club ELIZABETH MARTIN, ' 41 New Orleans, La. 11 U •!• ISABEL MARTIN. ' 41 Houston. Tei. K K r Cilcc Club; Dramatic Club; International Relations Club Si th Row: MARJORIE JEAN McDRIDE, ' 40 New Orleans, La. Z T A Art Club; Badminton MARY LOUISE McCORD. ' 41 Gary, Misi. Y. W. C, A,; CloMical Club DOROTHY KATHR N McGUlRK, ' 41 New Orleans, U A O II Dramatic Club; Glee Club MARY JANE McINTOSH, ' 41 Memphis, Tenn ■ , r A Y. W, C. A,; Art Club EULALIE WOOLVERTON McKAY, " 40 Vidtaburg, Miu. K K P Dramatic Club; Hullabjloo [4J] THE J n IL THE lira n nn rn UNDERGRADUATES First Row: [■:i.RANOU " IVONNE McKENZIE, MO Monroe, L.i. A O II Art Club MARV KINNI-AR BINNIL; MtKBNZlE. ' 40 .... New Orleans, la Z T A Y. W. C. A.; Art Club ROSHM.AKY McSHANE, Ml New Orlo.nns. U. K K r Art Club; International lU-lations Club MOLLIS MONTCiOMERY MERRIMAN. MO ... Hot Springs, Ark. 11 II ' I ' Latnpyrids; Art Club; Dramatic Club; Hockey K.MHERINE ANN METZGER. MO Dallas. Tex. Art Club Second Row; JEANNE PUJOL MEYER, MO New Orleans, La. Z T A Glee Club; Art Club JOAN MEYER, Ml Montuomerv, Ala. A K •!• ELIZABETH HENRIETTA MEYERS, Ml New Orleans, La. I! •! A Glee Club; Y. W. C. A. RENEE DAVID MIESTER, Ml New Orleans, La I M Glee Club; JamDALAYa Mil DliHD LOUISE MINDERMAN, MI New Orleans, La. B A Glee Club; Y. W. C. A. Thirti Row: LUCIE BUCHANAN MONHTTE, Ml Birmiirghatn, Ala K K I ' MARGUERITE ANNE MOONEY, Ml Tampa. Fla. A A 11 Glee Club; HuHjbjloo; International Relations Club EDITH CHARLOTTE MOORE. MO Scotia, N. Y. 11 l A Y. V. C. A. II, 2); Glee Club (1.2) MARION MARGARET MOORE. Ml Houston, Ten. A O II Glee Club; Dramatic Club THAIS AMEI.I.- MORRIS. MO New Orleans. La. Glee Club; Debating Club; Y. W. C. A. Fourth Row: I-KANCLS WHITE MORRISS, Ml Bnmingh,im, Ala. M Y. V. C. A.; Art Club; Debating Club; International Relations Club STELLA TORRAS MORTON, MO Brunswick, Ga. II I! Dramatic Club; Glee Club; Basketball LOIS GLENNON MURPHY. Ml Gretna, La GRACE EUGENIE MURRHEE, 40 New Orleans, La. A A II Dramatic Club; Y. W. C. A. ANNEMARIE NAGEL, MO P,iducah, Ky. A o n Glee Club Fifth Row: LELAND BERYL NIC:HOLS, Ml Birmingham. Ala. li X O Glee Club; Dramatic Club ANN NIX MO New Oilcans. La. I! 1 O An Club (2); Y. W. C. A. (1); HullMiUm |2); Jamiiai.ava (2); Glee Club (I) ALINE JOEL NOBII.E, Ml New Orleans, La. MARY LOUISE NOBLE, MO Marrcro, La. Y. W. C. A.; Glee Club (I. 2); Debating Club RUTH ANNA NOLAN, Ml New Orleans, La. li 2; (I Y. W. C. A.; Art Club; Dramatic Club; Hulljbjuo Sixth Row: IRANCES MARY OCCHIPINTI, Ml New Oileans, La. Archery; Y. W. C. A. BETTY EI.ISE ODENWALD, Ml New Orleans, La. U 1 o Glee Club; Y. W. C. A.; Dramatic Club LEE MARY PACIERA, Ml New Orleans, La. Glee Club I I.LANOR VIRGINIA PEARCE, MO Alexandria, La. K K r Art Club EUNICE EVE PERKINS, Ml Sulphur, La. Z T A Y. W. C. A.; Art Club; Dramatic Club Seventh Row: RUTH ADELE PETERSON, MO New Orleans, La. ■I " M I|;1NH LOUISE PFAFF, Ml New Orleans, La. K A e Glee Club; Jambalava; Hockey ADELE LEAH PICK, MO New Orleans. La. ■! z j; Glee Club; International Relations Club; Classical Club MARY JANE PLESSNER, MO Clayton. Mo. A E •!■ ELIZABETH RIFKA PLOTKIN, Ml New Orleans. La. Glee Club; Ldgnijppe Advertising Manager [46] UNDERGRADUATES First Row: MAXINE EUGENIE POIRIER. ' 40 New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club; Glee Club; Orchestra; International Relations Club MARTHA JANE PORTER, Ml Fort Wayne. Ind. MARY NELL PORTER, ' 41 Memphis, Tcnn II B Art Club FLORENCE POTTHARST, ' 40 New Orleans. La. A o n Jambaj-aya; Dramatic Club MARTHA ESTELLE POWERS, ' 40 New Orleans, La. 1! Z O Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); Art Club (2 1; International Relations Qub (2) Second Row: PATRICIA PRIDDIE, ' 41 Houston, Tex K A e Glee Qub; Badminton; Archeiy; Art Club MARIE LOUISE RAMELLI, ' 41 New Orleans, La A I) II Art Club; Jambalaya; International Relations Club ADELE FRIEDA RAMOS, ' 40 New Orleans, La H 1 O Debating Club (1, 2); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2), Cabinet (2); Swimming (1, 2); Archery II. 21: Jambalaya (2); Tennis (2); Art Qub (2) CORA ELIZABETH RANLETT. ' 40 New Orleans. La. International Relations Club; Y. W. C. A.; Debating Club CATHERINE GLORIA RAPHIEL, ' 41 New Orleans. La Y, W. C. A. Third Row: ANAI.EE MARIE RAY, ' 41 New Orleans, La. A n JANE AUDREY READ, ' 41 New Orleans, La. MARY JANE RePASS, ' 40 New Orleans. La. Z T A Dramatic Club ( 1 , 2 ) ; HuUabaUnt MARIE SYBIL REUTHER, ' 41 New Orleans, La. II ■!■ A Y. W. C. A.; Glee Club MAE MEREDITH REYNOLDS, ' 40 Greenville, Miss. •|. M Alt Club Fourth Row: ROBERTINE JUANITA RHYMES. ' 40 Monroe, La. A A n Glee Club; Debating Club MARY ELIZABETH RING, ' 40 Houston Tex A A II Glee Club; L,n;ni,ippc ALMA ELIZABETH RITTENHOUSE, ' 40 . . . Oklahoma City, OtU K A e Glee Club; Dramatic Club JEAN ELIZABETH ROBS, ' 41 Tulsa, Okla. X ! dec Club NADINE ESTHER ROBBERT, ' 41 New Orleans. La A A n Y. W. C. A.; Glee Club; Dramatic Club Fifth Row: ELIZABETH ANNE ROBERTS. ' 41 New Orleans. La tilce Club NELL ELIZABETH ROBERTSHAW, ' 40 Greenville Miss " Glee Club; Jambalaya PATRICIA ROBERTSON, ' 41 New Orleans, La SARAH WESTON ROBISON. ' 40 Omaha Neb K A G MARGARET LUCILLE ROEMER, ' 40 Shieveport La Z T A Glee Club (1): Art Club (1. 2); Assistant Cheerleader (2); T, U. R. K (2); Cotillion Club 121; Y. W. C. A. (1, 2) Sixth Row: 1 BETTY JANE ROSEN, ' 40 Wilnutte III A V. •!■ Glee Club ( 1 ) MILDRED ERNESriNi; ROTUREAU. ' 41 New Orleans Li II ■!• A Glee Club; Y, W, C. A. Blini. MILDRED ROY, ' 41 Now Orleans, U U •!■ A Glee Club; Y. W. C. A, LUCIA JOAN RUBIN, ' 41 Tampa, Fla. Y. W. C, A.; Swimming; Tennis CONSTANCE ' HATTIB SAMUEL. ' 40 New Orleans I a A !■; •!■ Alt Club; International Relations Qub Stvanth Row: MIRIAM JOAN SCALES, ' 40 New Otiean. La A n ■ Dramatic Qub (1); Art Club (I. 2); T. U. R, K. (2) HILDA ROSE SCHNEIDER, ' 41 New Orleans la n j: () ' ■ Y. W. C. A.: Debating Club RACHEL ADAI.INE SCHOCK, ' 40 Tul.a Okla K K r Giro Club (21; Operetta; Art Club LOIS NACHMAN SCHULEIN, ' 40 St Uui. Mo A K ' h Lampyrids STELLA MARIE SCHULZE New Otiean. La X n Gl» Club [47 J THE u 1 J n 2oa THE l[l LI 11 jUL 1 UNDERGRADUATES First Row: EUZABETH KOEBEL SCHOENBERGER. Ml Bucas, La IS 1 Art Crluh; DebatinK Club CHARLOTTE MAURICE SCHWARZ. Ml Hempstead, Tex. A E Art Club; Dramatic Club DORIS RUTH SEIFER, Ml Whiting, Ind. Badminton; Archery LOUISE THERESE SEMPLE. MO New Orleans. U. Huthb too; Jamdai.ava; Debating Club; Dramatic Club FRANCES CORDELIA SENTER, MO New Orleans, La. K K r Hii jfr,i oo; Lainpyrids; Dramatic Club Second Row; DOHOTH ' l ' MORTIMIiR SHAPARD, Ml New Orleans, U, II B ■! Dramatic Club; Hullabaloo NANCY SH. ' kW, Ml New Orleans, La. n B DOROTHY EVELYN SHERMAN, MO Atlanta, Ga, A E CAROLYN SILVERMAN, Ml New Orleans, La A E l MARY COLCOCK SINCLAIR, Ml New Orleans, La. K K r Third Row: DOROTHY ALICE SINGREEN, Ml New Orleans, La K A G ' .ee Club ( 1) : A Capella Choir ( 1 ) MADELEINE MARY SLAUGHTER. Ml New Orleans, La. !■ M Glee Club MARY HALDWIN SMITH. Ml New Orleans, La. K K r Dramatic Club; International Relations C lub; Swimminfi; Tennis; . rt Club ETHEL MARION SMITH, MO New Orleans, La. Glee Club; Hockey ll. 2), V,irsiry (21 ELAINE BALL SOLOMON, MO Helena. Ark. A E Class President (l); Lampyrids; Student Council (1, 2); T. U. R. K, Fourth Row: ESTHER MARJORIE SPRINGER, MO New O.-leam. La. Z T A Glee Club; A Capella Choir MARJORIE RLITH STAUBITZ. Ml New Orleans, La. K K r Art Club MARGERY ANNA STAUSS. MO New Orleans, La. 11 U •!■ Glee Club (I, 2); Freshman Hop Committee; Cotillion Club CAROL HELENE STERN. MO Little Rock, Ark. A E ! NATALIE LOUISE STERN, Ml Chicago, III. A K Fifth Row; MARION ROSE STERNE, MO Atlanta, Ga. A E •!• Art Club; International Relations Club ROSE MARY STEWART, MO New Orleans. La, 1) A Lampyrids: Classical Club; SwimmiuR LOUISE HARRISON STOLI ENWERCK, Ml .... Uniomown. Ala. . A 11 Di.imatic Club HELEN LOUISE STOVALL. MO San Antonio, Tex. K A H Glee Club ETHEL STRACK. MO New Orleans. La. X s; Cotillion Club Sixth Row: LORRAINE ALYS ST. RAYMOND. MO New Orleans, La. A O II Hullabaloo; Dramatic Club; Jamhai.ava; Tennis MARY AGNES SULLIVAN. Ml New Orleans, La. DOROTHY SUTTON, Ml Sylvester, Ga. K A e Glee Club; Dramatic Qub; International Relations Club MYRTLE GLADYS SWAYNE, Ml New Orleans, La. Y. W. C. A.; Glee Club ELIZABETH ANN TANENBAUM. Ml Waco, Tei. Seventh Row: MARY LOUISE THAI.HEIM, Ml Gretna. La. Y. W. C. A. DORA SUTLIFFE THATCHER. Ml Houma. La. Glee Club; Y. W. C. A,; Dramatic Club DONA THISTl ETHWAITE, Ml Opelous,xs. La. K K r Art Club; Badminton HARRIETT LINDEN TOLAR, MO Houston. Tex. Z T A LOUISE LYMAN TRIMBLE. Ml Shreveport, La. Z T A Glee Club; Art Club; Y. W. C. A [48] UNDERGRADUATES First Row: EDITH ALICE TROTTER. ' 41 New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club; Swimming MURL ANNA UMBACH. ' 41 New Orleans. La. MARCELLA HENRIETTA UNGAR. ' 41 Miami, Fla. A K ! Dramatic Club; International Relations Club ELVIRA SYLVIA VALERY. ' 41 Havana, Cuba MARY ELIZABETH VBNTURELLA, -41 New Orleans. La. Y. W. C. A.; Glee Club Second Row: SHIRLEY MATHILDE VIOSCA. ' 40 New Orleans. La. B + . Glee Club (I. 2); Y. W. C. A. DOROTHY RAE VOSS. ' 41 New Orleans, La. International Relations Club ELIZABETH WACKERMAN, ' 40 Norfolk, Va. X ; ELEANOR HELD WADDY. ' 40 Fort Smith. Ark. X 9 Jambalaya (2); Dramatic Club (2); Hockey (I) MARY ESTHER X ' AIT. ' 40 New Orleans. La. Glee Club Thirti Row: DOROTHY ALICE WALKER, ' 41 New Orleans, La. I) 1 O Art Club; Y. W. C. A. ROSE MADELINE WALSH. ' 40 Nuevitas, Cuba I) ■!• A Glee Club FRANCES WATSON. ' 41 Whitehaven, Tenn. K K r Y. W. C. A.; Debating Club; International Relations Club JEAN ANNETTE WEIL, ' 41 New Orleans, U. A E ■! Soccer ROSE HAAS WEIL. ' 41 Port Gibson, Miss. A K -I ' Glee Club; Soccer: Archery Fourth Row: ELINOR TERRY WELSH. 41 New Orleans, La. K K r MARGARET LEE WENDT. ' 41 New Orleans. La. •1 ' M Glee Club; Art Club; Dramatic Club ETHEL CANTRILL WBTHERBEE. ' 40 Greenville, Miss. X ' .; Classical Club; Art Club MARTHA JOSEPHINE WHITi:. ' 41 New O.leans, La. Glee Club; Art Club PENELOPE ANN WHITE, ' 40 Bogalusa. La. A i II Glee Club; House Council; Pan Hell.-nic Council; Hullabjlaif; Operetta Fifth Row: MARY LOIS WILEY, ' 41 Troy, Ala. ADELE WILLIAMS. ' 40 New Orleans. La. K K r International Relations Club; Hockey; Badminton KATHLEEN WILLIAMS. ' 41 Mer RouKe. La. •!• M Art Club; Y. W. C. A. LAURA FISHER WILLIAMS. ' 41 Houston, Tex. K K r Art Club; International Relations Club ROSE ELIZABETH WILTZ, ' 41 New Orleans, La. B i; (I Glee Club; Y. W, C. A, Sinlh Row: MARTHA HICKMAN WINFREE. ' 41 Hopkinsville, Ky. X V. Glee Club I-MMA BERTHA WOLF. ' 40 New Orleans, La, A K •!■ JEANETTE BETTY WOUSON, ' 41 Paducah, Ky. YVONNE LAURA WOODS. ' 41 New Orleans, La, A A n Y. W. C. A.; Dramatic Club HELEN LEE WRIGHT. ' 40 Paris, Te», Art Club; Dramatic Club; Glee Club Sflvanth Row; ANNE ROSE WYI.Y, ' 41 I.ake Providence, Ij K A O Glee Club; Classical Qub CLARK CONDI-: YANCEY. ' 41 New Orleans, La. ■!■ M MAR ' ' ANN ZARRIlll. ' 41 . . New Orleans, La. (.lee ( lul. I i:ONA ZILBERMAN, ' 41 New Orleans, La, IRENE LOUISE ZOLLINGER, ' 41 New OiUam, La ■ . T A Glee Club; An Qub 149 1 » 2.1ia THE u 1 J ] N o t Bodv JOHW p. A- ,oaW Sc no Body ROBERT " vivSV.OV- • . P. R VVS . GSV ■ -THOMAS j KLl - ■ lUi-ES a- ' . l, KA ' CHAR ' ■ vvn ■ ■ . . vVu.u- ' soS ■ VraS V pu 0R ' ■ . Eo X ' BRA ' Cnv.z ■ -HOMAS ' - ,,RN, )ft Vra " R- . ' Yov. ' , JR. ' Senior C ass Jun or C as ■ . ■ ■ • s.-f-- ' - " " ? ' , H " ' " " CO ' " ' " ' . • •. , prfsid ' ' " ' • • ■ ■ ■ • Secrct ' l 1 " " ' .,f»U lii ' - • j. RA-rK - ' " " " " ' ' ' ■ Vi, ' " " ' " ' ' " Sop o-- • J ..)M f,e - " « ' " p,-.-5i ' ' ' " ' ' ■ I, lit ■ ' .■■• T ' • ' • ' ' - " " ■ ' ! I ■ .. C ) " " ' .i I ' " " " ' , Co. " " ' ' fR N ' - SENIOR CLASS First Row: JOHN POWELL ADAMS Pananu City. FU. X, O S K Student Bodv President (4); Student Council Vice-President (4); Owl Club MONTAGUH SEBFRT ADAMS Bitmmgham. Ala. A K A. B II Fellow of the Gorgas University of Alabama IRVING BAER Bayonn,-. N. ]. ! . K Med.; Pan-Hellenic Council Second Row; RHETT GOODE BARNES Winfield, Ala. K ♦ CHARLES ANDREW BAUMHAUER Whistler. Ala A K 1 JOHN HARDEE BETHEA New Orleans, La. A K K. X 1 X History of Medicine Society; Owl Club Third Row; JAMES ROBERT BLAIR. JR San Angelo, Tex. OK CLARENCE LOE BROOK Sm.thv.lle. Miss. B.A. Degree, University of Alabama WILLIAM JORDAN BROWN Don.ilds. S. C. () K M ' Invitation Committee Fourth Row; JOHN PATRICK BUCKLEY New Orleans, La. A K K. I) AI ROBERT NEWTON CAYLOR Las Cruces, N. M. H K + Student Body Vice-President (■ ) JOHN MASSEY COBB Tuskegee, Ala. [52 J SENIOR CLASS First Row: HOWARD LEA COCKERHAM. JR Gunnison, Miss. K ' . X B.A. and B.S. Degrees. University of Mississippi WENDELL HOLMES COOK Philadelphia. Miss. K +. n K . B.S. Degree, Millsaps College JAMES DOUGLAS DICKSON Amanllo, Tex. •! K ■i ' . X Second Row: HENRY CLAY DORRIS Jackson, Miss. K ! ' B.S. Degree. Millsaps College JOSEPH WILLIAM DOUGLAS Brewton, Ala. ■!• A e, -l " X, 11 .M Boxing; Owl Club JAMES HARVEY EDDY. JR New 0.le.ins, La. History of Medicine Society President Third Row; WILLIAM EMILE EHLERT Waterproof, La ! X, K 1 Owl Club; Class Treasurer (2) IRVING MARTIN liSSRIG Tampa, Fla r !■; 11, . K A. r i k FRANCES EUGENIA EVANS New O leans. La A !•: I B.S. Degree. Tulanc University Fourth Row: ANTHONY FAIT LA Uifayctle, La. II I- .M B.S. Degree. Southwestern University MI-RVIN EDWARD hA 1 TliR New Orleans, la •i r S Owl Club EMANUEL FELDMAN Bavonne. N. J •!■ , K 11} 1 1 J THE u THE n n SENIOR CLASS First Row: DARVCIN I.OCKARD FIELDER Lockhnrt, Tex. B K + Owl Club WIl FRED FINKELSTEIN Nrw Orleans. U. ■1 A K. 1) M J. MHS S.AMUEL FISACKERLY Bl.iinc. Miss. X, S A E B.S. Degree. Univer.- tiy of Mississippi Second Row; WILLIAM LEE FITTS. Ill New Orleans. La. White Elephants (1); Pan-Hellenic (2. 3) AMOS DILLON GARNER Par.igould, Atk. X B..A. Degree, University of Arkansas; Pan Hellenic WAN WARD GESSLER McM.nnvillc, Tenn. X B.A., Vanderhilt LJniversity Third Row; ROBERT LONG GI.EASON Wilkes Bartc, Pa. 1 n. P S Class Treasurer (4) FRANK SCOTT GLOVER, III Houston, Texas .■ K K Cotillion Club ALLAN MICHEL GOLDMAN New Orleans, La, •!■ A L. H ,M Fourth Row: BERNARD AI.VIN GOLDMAN Bogalusa. La, K j , ' I ' . K Pan Hellenic Council (2) SANDERS ACME GOODMAN Greenville, Miss. V A M. ■! ' A F, Band (I. 2); Glee Club (2) RALPH GILLESPIE GREENLEE Mercedes, Tex. iV S X, A V. A Owl Club [54] SENIOR CLASS First Row; JOSEPH PAUL GRIFFON Baton Rouge. La. ■1 X WILLIAM BURFORD HAHN Columbus, Ten. S 2 X, 2: . LOUIS FREDERICK HAMILTON New Orleans. La. A K K Class Prcsideni (4) Second Row: JOSEPH RICHARD HARRIS. ]R New Orleans. La. CARL MALLORY HARWELL. JR Osceola. Ark. .I A e, N r N HII lARY HERBERT HENDERSON, JR Grocnvillc. Ala. ■!■ X, 2 X Third Row: GEORCiE KENNETH HENSHAI.L. JR Chamnooga , Tenn. O K -k B.S. Denrce. University of Chattanooga JOHN ARISTIDE HOLMES New Orleans, La. II K . . ' I ' •!•. N 1 X. H M PHILLIP WEliSTLR HORN Ardmorc. Okla. A K K B.A. Degree, University of OkLilioma Fourth Row; JAMES MARCXJS HOWELL Ducktown. Tenn. O K , B 1) II. !■ 11 r B.S. Degree, University of Chattanooga JAMiiS ROitEKI HVSI,OP Chihu.ihua, Mexico OK Class Secretary (4) li:mui:i. photo james, jr J ' " ' " - ' " . K K Pan-Hcllrnic Council [55 1 THE I) u THE n J SENIOR CLASS First Row: SAMUEL WHSLEY JAMES Ackccman, Miss. OK R.A. Decree, University of Al.ih.ima JOHN DAVIS JERADECK Houston, Tex. S A K. N 1 N HENin- CRA XTORD JERNIGAN, JR Opelik.i. Ala. Second Row: FRANK JUNKIN JONES Baton Rouge, La. 1 N, X Class President ( 3 ) WARREN CANDLER JONES Meridian. Miss. H K -I ' B.S. Decree. Mlllsaps College CHENEY CLEVELAND JOSEPH White Castle. La. X Third Row: RICHARD TOSHIO KAINL ' MA Kawailoa, Hawaii JACK MURKY KLUFT Penh Amboy. N. J. ELMER ERNEST WILLIAM KRAMER New Oileans. La. •!• I ' S B.S, Degree, TiiLine University Fourth Row; JONES WELDON LAMB ParaRould, Ark. 1 X, .N ' S N Washington University WOODROW M.DONALD LAMB P.iiaBould. Ark. i X. X i iN B.S. Degree. Washington University GEORGE VOLNEY I.AUNEY. JR Dallas. Tex. ■!■ r i, . r N University of Texas [56] SENIOR CLASS First Row: BERTHA MARION LEVY Oklahoma City. Okla. History of Medicine Society JOSEPH LEVY. JR Tulsa. Okla. Z B T. B .M B.S, Degree, Tulane University LAWRENCE CAMPBELL LEWIS. JR Tusfcegec. Ala 1 A E, A K K, V X B.S. Degree. Alabama Polytechnic Injtilulc Second Row; COLLINS PEMBLE LIPSCOMB HammonJ, La. OK TROY FRANK LONG Okemah, Okla. 11 K A MANUEL CASIANO LORES Y VALLHONRAT . . . H.-ivana. Cuba Third Row: ROBERT CLYDE LYNCH New Orleans. La. li n II. x i: N History of Medicine Society Vice-President; Owl Club JACQUES ALBERT MAGNE New Orleans. La. ' !• 1 ' 1 RAYMOND FRANKLIN MAYER . . Pomaria. S. C. A K J Fourth Row; JAC:K HASriNCS MA I I|:LD Tyler. Tex K :;. A K K FRANK OWEN McGliHli: . Pnu- lllult. A.k. 1 A K. iN i N Med. Pan-Hellenic Council CEFERINO ANASTASIO MENDEZ Cienfuenos. Cuba [57] THE u J SENIOR CLASS First Row: UICHAHD EARL CALVIT MILLER Alexandria. La. N S N, .i K E History of Medicine Society ROBKRT MLISUO MIYAMOTO Hilo. Hawaii Wn,LL- M HOPKINS MOORHEAD Goldville. S. C. i e, N 2 N Second Row; JOHN ANDREW MURFHE Okolona. Miss. K r, ! X SAMDRI. SII.ENUS MURPHY. JR Mobile. Ala. •I ' A (1. ■!. . . .|- H K TORLI NISHICkYA Honolulu. Hawaii Third Row: RANSOM ANDREW NOCKTON. JR Crowley, La. ■: A fl. .|. X Rajah Rama Club (3) LUIS RAFAEL OMS Ponce. P. R. 11 M. ■! I A CLEVELAND HENDRICKS PARDUH. JR Vivian, La. (1 K Fourth Row: EZRA ROUCHELLE: PI:RRY Bessemer. Ala. ROLAND FLETCHER PHILLIPS Oklahoma City, Okla. N 1 . . 2 X WTLLIAM LANNAN POOLE HinninBham. Ala, B.S. Degree, Birmingham Southern Fifth Row: SAM MADISON POWELL, JR Pine Bluff, Ark. N 2 N, •!• A G B.S. Degree, University of the South WILLIAM WHITMEI.L PUCH, JR Napolconville. La. . X A, •! ' X B.S. Degree, Louisiana St.ite University CHARLES JULIAN RAGAN Birmingham, Ala. II K [58] SENIOR CLASS First Row: JOSEPH PATRICK RILEY Eudora, Ark. S A E B.S. Degree. TuUne University JAMES ARTHUR ROBERTS. JR Houston, Tex. e K ♦ LLEWLYN DAVID ROBERTS Seattle, XX ' ash. X 1 .V, AT!} B.A. Degree. University of Montana Second Row: JOSEPH ADOI.PHE SABATIER. JR Eunice, La. A K K B.S. Degree, Southwestern Louisiana Institute; History of Medicine Society JACK EMANUEL SHANGOLD Perth Amboy, N. J. B.S. Degree. Tulane University LLOYD HAGGARD SHERRILL Houston. Tex, Third Row: THOMAS LINCOLN SHINNICK Beloit, Wis. •!■ K ■I ' , ■ X B,S. Degree, Presbyterian College CLARENCE IRWIN SHULT Kl Campo, Tex. A K K Owl Club MORTIMER SII.VEY Brooklyn, N. Y. Fourth Row: JAMES TURNER SMITH Paris, Ark B.S. Degree. University of Arkansas CRYSUP SORY J.icksonville, Tex. K + Class Trea.surer ( 3 ) BERNARD DENNIS STACK lender, Wyo. K + P.in Hellenic Council Treasurer Fifth Row; MAURICE EDWARD ST. MARTIN New Oilran,s, La. A K K, II .M GLI:NN Q. STRI;ET, JR Graham, Tex. K S. A K K IVA. Degree, LIniversity of Texas Owl Club I.OLIIS lO.SII ' H SUI ' I ' I i: Bayou Goula, La. A K K, S A E [591 ki. M THE u n 1 J THE u 1 J SENIOR CLASS First Row: MAX SUTHR Bogalusa, U. JOE DUDLEY TALBOT Stamps. Ark. ' !■ X. K 1 Band C. 3) HIMBJ RT HOI.DEN THOMAS Humsvillc. Ala. •I ' , . II K A Second Row: GEORGE LAWRENCE THORPE Okmulecc, Okla. Northwestern University; University of Oklahoma SAMUEL PALMER TODARO Temple. Tex. . K K B.A. Degree. Baylor Universiry; Jambai ava Rtpresentative (4); Owl Club RENE ANTONIO TORRADO V PRUNA Havana, Cuba !■ I A Third Row: FRANK MARION TOWNSEND Lake Wales, Fla. H K +. A !•: .i Class President 12); Honor Council (1, Z); Owl Cub President (4) SEYMOUR HERMAN WASSERMAN Brooklyn, N. Y. B.S. Decree. I ulane t ' niversity RLISSEI.L BLIRTON WATSON Missoula. Mont. N S N, !■ A G Fourth Row: LAWRENCE McCOY WILLIAMSON Lindsay, Okla. A K K REBECCA STRUDWICK WRIGHT Mobile, Ala. A .; A LUTHER LYNN ARR Temple, Tex. A T a. N i N [60] JUNIOR CLASS First Row: SAMUEL RALPH ABKAMSON Lafayette. La. A E B.S. Degree. Southwestern Louisiana Institute HARTWIG MOSS ADLER New Orleans, La. BLAIZE AMOROSO New Orleans. La. HENRY LUTHER ANDERSON Sellers. Ala. H T O. X B t , A E A B.A. and M.A. Degrees, University of Alabama SAMUEL CARTER ATKINSON Wavetly, Ga. 1 A E, X S N Second Row: BEATY LEE BASS Scotland Neck. N. C. X ROBERT CREGOR B.ATEMAN Springfield. Ky. 1 . . B B II JACKSON LEONARD BOSTWICK Miami. Fla. X 1 X, " tie WINFRED EARL BROWN Elizabeth City. N. C. CHARLES RUSSELL BROWNELL Morgan City. La. Third Row: GEORGE WILLIAM BURKE Reno. Nevada B.S. Degree. University of Nevada ARTHUR JORDAN BUTT. JR Pensacola. Fla. X, •t ' A e. -l " FRANCIS CARTER COLEMAN Jackson, Miss. OK B.A. Degree. Mississippi College BEAMON SHERLEY COOLEY. JR Birmingham. Ala. H K +. H B B. e X A Class Secretary ( 1 ) ALFRED PENN CRAIN Shrevepott. La. A K K, K A Fourth Row: LEMUEL UNDERWOOD CREECH Sm.thfield, N, C. + X THOMAS HENRY CROUCH DougLis. Anz. A K K. K i JULIUS WINSTON DAVENPORT. JR New Orleans. La. it .M RALPH JONES DAVIS Rome. Ga. e K ♦ CHARLES FLEMING DORSEY Jackson, Miss. OK Fifth Row: HORACE BUFFINGTON DOZIER Fort Smith. Ark It () 11. B . 1 KENNETH DUNHAM St. Augustine. Fla B.S. Degree, University of Florida WOODARD EASON FARMER Wilmington. N C A K K JOHN PLEASANT FATHl-RRliE Jackson. Miss. •!• X B.A. Degree, Mississippi College; CI.1.SS Vice-President (I); Commonwealth Scholarship LEOPOLDO GARCIA Ponce. P. R Siith Row: JAMES FOSTER GAVIN Fort Gaines, Ga (I X. A K K JAMES Ol IVIR GOOCH Shamrock, Tex. •I ' X PETER CARL GRAFFACiNINO . New Orleans, L». X 1 N, ' I ' II K. II .M B,S. Degree, Tulane Univeraily BERNARD GURLAND Hayonne. N. J B.S. Degree. Tulane University VERNON leROY HAGAN Sylac.uga. AU. ■I- X B.A. Degree. LIniversilv of Alabama [61 I THE IMf [ M: nil ulll) U u 1 " _ ' " " ' illiBll THE 1 J 1 J JUNIOR CLASS First Row: EDWARD McLEOU HAKKKI.I Tifton, Ga. A K K H.S. Donree. University of Georgia liHI.I. MARVIN HARVARD, JR Hammond. La. N i: . , A T A, B M, ! •!■ Thirteen Club; Dramatic Guild; Glee Club; Jambalava ROBERT BER HASPEL New Orleans, La. Z B T B.S. Degree, Tulane University HUGH HENRV HAWLEY, JR Stillwater, Otla. r N, -I- X Second Row: ELLIOTT liRYON HA ' McComb, Miss. K l. G K JOHN WILLIAM HENKICKSON Borger, Tex. I) K + JOHN CRAWFORD HOPE. JR Mobile, Ala. X B.A. Degree, Springhill College JOSEPH VINCENT HOPKINS, JR Victoria, Tei. i 1 N, " l- i Third Row: LOUIS WILLIAM OSCAR JANSSEN, JR New Orleans, La, B.S. Degree, Tulane University WILLIAM TRAVIS KELLEY Flemington, Mo. . K K, K + B.A, Degree, University of Missouri Cotillion Club (2, 3); Pan Hellenic Council (2, 3); Class Vice-President (3) FRANK ROBERT KINBERGER New Orleans, La, e K +, 2 ■! E B.S. Degree, Tulane University LEONARD IRVING LESSER Rome, Ga, •!■ A K Pan-Hellenic Council; History of Medicine Society Fourth Row: ROY THOMAS LESTER Coushatta, La, A K K. K A CHARLES O ' DOWD LILLY New Orleans, La. A K K GEORGE HARRIS MARTIN Anguilla, Miss. A K K, X Pan-Hellenic Council JOSEPH DENEGRE MARTIN, JR New Orleans, La. ■1 ' A White Elephants Filth Row: CHARLES SINCLAIR McCALL, JR Bennettsville, S. C. N i; N B.S. Degree, Davidson College HENRY HARCOURT WATERS MILES New Orleans. La. n e II. H .M B,S, Degree, Tulane University; Spectators JOSEPH MARCEL MONTAGNET. JR New Orleans, La, •I- K r. N 2 N, B K, II M B,S, Degree, Tulane University ROY ELIUIRT MOON Chandler, Tex. OK Sixth Row: JLILES STELI.Y MOTTY. JR Kaplan. La. X, 1 N ROBERT LANSING NORMENT RowLind. N. C. •!■ X ARTHUR HAZl.ETON OWENS. JR Ashl.md. Ala. 1 X JLIl IAN CiRAY PARK|:R Salt Lake City, Utah •t A 6. X [62] JUNIOR CLASS First Row: VAN SAM PARMELY Electra, Tex. e K Class Treasurer (2) MORRIS PASTERNACK Ferriday, La. Z B T . McLEOD PATTERSON Miami. Fla. I! e n, N Z N JULIUS AUSTIN PENNINGTON Mobile. Ala. Second Row: EDWARD JAMES PETERSON Birmingham. Ala. B K + BENJAMIN JAMES PHILLIPS Winnetka. 111. + A K CHARLES KERMIT PITT Trinity. Ala. I) K -1 ' HAROLD ELTON RATCLIFFE New Orleans, La. ' !• 1 ' j: B.A. Degree. TuUne University Third Row: FREDERICK LOUIS REUTER New Cleans, La. •I " p 1. j; II B.S. Degree. Tulane University: Class Treasurer (1): Pan-Hellenic Coun- cil (2, 3) HARRY LeROY RICHARDS Spring Church. Pa. e K " I- History of Medicine Society WEBBER TRYON ROBINSON Houston. Tex. . K K HEWELL COLEMAN SAMUEL Houston. Tex. 1 .V K. ■! 11 II B.S. Degree. Birmingham-Southern; M.S. Degree, University of Alabama Fourth Row: RAYMOND SCHEFF SCHEAR Roscdale, Miss. + A K HARJ.EY CECIL SHANDS Jackson, Miss. N S N WILLIAM CARLETON SMITH Lockh,irt, Tex. ■1 ' X HENRY MAXIMILIAN STERN DeLand. Fla. Z n 1 ' University of Florida; B.S. Degree. Tulane University; Glee Club (3) Fifth Row: SIDNEY STILLMAN Jacksonville, Fla. •] ' . K KENNETH DeKAI.B TERRELI Prentiss, Miss. •!■ X SAMUEL BERRY THOMPSON Camden, Ark. •I ' X. K .X. •!• II K WILLIAM WALLER TRICE , JR Tampa. Fla. N :: N, •!• i O Si«(h Row: HENRY CLAY WHITIi. JR Pensacola, Fla. A K K B.S. Degree. Tuhine LInivcrsity; Student Body Trcisurer RALl:l(iH R WHUI III Temple Tex N 1 N CYRIL THOMPSON YANCEY .... . . Monroe La A K K B.S. Degree, University of the South REUBEN AI.I.NUTT ZARIl.l.I New Orleans. U. •I- I ' 1, A X i; B.S. Degree. Tulane University; Y. M. C. A. Clbinel (I, 2, }, 4); Cilee Club (2, ), 4); International Relations Club (2) 16)] dMmM THE U [) E£f " " n ir r THE u 1 J UNDERGRADUATES First Row: MICHAbX ANTOINH AC:KAL. ' 41 New Ib«.a, La. CHARLbS HfcNRV ASHBY, 40 McLean. Tex. II K + ROHiN T HKNU-l- AI ' KINSON. ' 40 Water Valley. Miss. •!■ .i I). .N i: X SAM C:LARK .a,1K1NSON, jr., ' 41 Memphis. Tenn. ' !■ A (I. .N 1 -N Second Row: RICHARD BAKLR AUSTIN. JR.. ' 41 Forest. Miss. OK Class Treasurer 11); B.S. Degree. Mississippi State College GILBHRT BALKIN. ' 41 Drew. Miss. Z li T. .i K Band II. :. 31: Glee Club (1); Glendy Burke Litetarv and Debating Society II. 2) JAMHS BARRON. ' 40 Indianola. Miss. I) I) II. .N j; . B.S. Degree. Tulane Universitv. 19J7 JAMLS COOLHY BELK. ' 41 Greenville. S. C. . i; N, II K •!■ Third Row: FRANK JOSFl H BERTUCCI. ' 4,1 New Orleans, Ij. ROBERl CHAMBERS BIBB. MO Huntsville. Ala. •I ' .S il. ' I ' . ROBERT JACOB BLACK. ' 41 Ruffin. S. C. LEON BLUESTONE. ' 40 Brooklyn, N. Y. !■ . K Fourth Row: REVIS AARON BR.ANNON. JR . ' 40 Utica. Miss. II K + JAMES ABNER BRANTLEY, ' 40 Troy, Ala. . K K. 1 . V. Class Secretary II). Treasurer (2) EDWARD SEDI.EY BRES, JR., ' 41 New Orleans. La. A K !•; CI.1SS Football U, 21 i Track (I. 2. 3); Glee Club (3) HAL DcVANN BROADHEAD. ' 41 Montgomery, Ala. ■!■ X Fifth Row: PHIl II ' KENT BURWl:l.I.. ' 40 Yucatan. Mexico EDWARD EVE:LLE CALE, JR . ' 41 Biimingham. Ala. U K -I ' Nl:lL CALLAHAN, ' 40 Vicksburg. Miss. i; A i:. A K K B.A. Degree, Mississippi College HARRY EDWARD CHALSTROM. JR.. ' 40 .... New Orleans. La. B.S. Degree, Tulane University Sixth Row: ARCHIBALD FLETCHER CLARK. JR., ' 40 .... San Antonio, Tex. e K -J ' B.A. Degree, University of Texas SAMUEL KLINE COHN. ' 41 Birmingham. Ala. •I ' A K BRIAN JUDSON C:OLI.HY. ' 41 Troy, Ala. •I ' X, r N B.S. Degree, Howard College JASON HAYDEL COLLINS. ' 41 New Orleans, La. X X X. A K i:. H .M Jambalava (2): Glee Club (2, 3); Class Football (I. 2); Boxing (3); Track I 1 ) [64] UNDERGRADUATES First Row: EMELIOUS AUBREY COX, ' 41 Brcnham, Tex. e K Hultjbjloo Staff JAMES CURTIS CRABTREE, JR.. ' 41 Birmingh.im. Ala. e X, ■! X ROBERT JOCELYN CRAWLEY, JR., ' 40 New Orleans, La. i S N, A T A B.S. Degree, Tulane University; Greenbackers WALTER SHELLEY CULPEPPER, JR., ' 40 Monroe, La. B o n, X 1 N Second Row: JULIUS THEODORE DAVIS. ' 41 New Orleans. La K 1, A K K ALLEN YOUNG DeLANEY, ' 40 New York, N. Y. hOWIN EARLE DILWORTH. ' 40 Jasper. Ala. ■I X, ' I ' A H B.A. Degree. University of Alabama; Class Vice-President { " ) CHARLES JOHN EDWARDS. JR.. ' 40 Vicksburg. Miss. •! X Third Row: ALLEN AUSTIN ENZOR, ' 41 Crestview, Fla. K + MARSHALL ESKRIDGE, ' 40 Demopolis, Ala. O K + B.A. Degree. University of Alabama; History of Medicine Society FRANK LEO FAUST. JR., ' 40 New Orleans. La, •I- I ' 1. li M Honor Council (1); Class President (2) MATTHEW FELDMAN, ' 40 B.ayonne, N. J. II .M, ' I ' . K Fourth Row: JULIUS MK.HAIil. Fi:i(NANDEZ, ' 40 Wallace, La. U K +, 1! .M, !• U K B.ind (1, 2, 3); Class Secretary (2) THOMAS VERNON FINCH, ' 40 McComb, Miss. . S .V, " I ' A 0, ' I- U K. A K. ' I ' l . II M B.S. Degree. Tulane University; White Elephants; jAMtiALAYA Staff (2); Commonwealth Club (2) JACOB LEVY FISCHMAN. ' 41 New Orleans, La. K . JOEL FLEET, ' 40 Live Oak, Fla. •I ' A v.. T y. •!■ B. S. Degree, University of Florida Fifth Row; ROBERT WALLACE FORSYTHE, ' 41 Lexington, Ky. . 1 .N BRENT FOX, ' 40 Bogue Oritto, Miss. ■I ' X. A T A B.S. Degree, Tulane University ISRAEL FOX, ' 41 Brooklyn, N. Y. ■l- A K HARRY QUITMAN GAHAGAN. ' 40 Coushaiti, La. A K K Sixth Row: lOLUS JULIUS GEHBAUER, JR., ' 40 New Orleanj, La. JAMES BURNETT Gil BliRT. ' 41 I xington, Ky. •!■ A U, •!• .V HAROLD SAMUi;i. GINSBERG, Ml Daytona Beach. Fla. Z B T Duke University MARGERY HELEN GOLDBERG, ' 41 Lecompte. La. 1 ' N. A A I) B.S. Degree, Loin ' siana State Llniveisity 165) Bh ' r. f ft O P ? ' U ' P THE n 1 J «. I r f 1 ' t MM£:at £ THE U u UNDERGRADUATES First Row: GRANT WILBUR GOLDENSTAR. ' 41 Ridgel.ind, S. C. 1 A E White Elephants: Greenbackers HAROLD ROBERT GOLDFARB. ' 40 New Orleans, La. •I ' A K Band PAUL MILTON COLDFARB, ' 40 Vicksburs, Miss. ■I ' A K. E n, ! H 1 B.A. Degree, University of Mirsissippi, 1936 HARRY GOLODNER, ' 40 New York. N. Y. t ' . K B.S, Degree. Tulane University WILLIAM WALTER GRACE. ' 41 Fort Myers, Fla. ATA, X Second Row: CARL JOSEPH GUI.OTTA. ' 41 New Orleans, La. r II ELMER JACOBS HARRIS. Ml Guntersville. Ala. . 1 . WILLIAM HERBERT HARRIS. JR., ' 40 New O leans. La. N 1 N. A K E, B M, A K. K A ' !■. ' I ' ' Iv •!■ I) K Boxing (4, 5) DANIEL LINCOLN HARTMAN. ' 40 Jamaica. L. I. . K IRVING HIRSHLEIFER, ' 41 Brooklyn, N. Y. ! . K Third Row: .MARLIN BOYD HOGE. ' 40 Fort Smith. Ark. is H 11. X X N ARTHUR CLAIR HOLLISTER, JR., ' 41 New Orleans, La. K i;. A K K ORVAL NATHAN HOOKER. ' 40 Roll.ng Fork, Miss. •I ' . . ARE HENRY COMFORD HUDSON. ' 41 Durant, Miss. ■I X BEN B-l ' RON HURST. JR.. ' 40 Rock Port. Missouri (I K + Fourth Row: JACK HYMAN. ' 41 Tampa. Fla. ■I ' . K CHARLES RA ' I ' MOND JARRELL. ' 41 Russell. Ky. K A JOSEPH BOUDINOT JOHNSTON, JR.. ' 40 . Barium Springs, N. C. X 1 X JAMES HARVEY JOHNSTON, JR.. ' 41 S: artanburg, S. C. BOH T, U. R. K.; Spectators; Track Manager (3); " T " Club BERNARD KAUFMAN, JR., ' 40 San Francisco, Calif. ' I- A E B.A. Degree. Sranfoid University Fifth Row: LAWRENCE JEFFERSON KERN, JR., ' 40 New O.lrans. La. 1 ' Z Honor Council 12) CHARLi:S ROBERT KESSI.ER. ' 41 Bnmingham, Ala. H a + ROBERT MARK KIMBALL, ' 40 Yuma. Ariz. •1 X PI;RRY BERNARD KLEIN, ' 40 Scranton, Pa. r A M. ' ! A E B.S. Degree, Tulane University, 1937 JOHN FRANCIS LALLY, JR., ' 40 New Orleans, La. A K K Sixth Row: PHILIP PAUL LaNASA. ' 41 New Orleans. La. Band (1, 2, 3, 4) VICTOR EMANUEL LANDRY, ' 41 Baton Rouge, La. O K , e K N JOHN JACOB ASTOR LEVY. ' 41 New Orleans. La. i ■!■ E White Elephants MORTON LEVY. ' 41 Orlando, Fla. FELIX BENJAMIN LONG, JR., ' 40 Starkvillc, Miss. OK B.S. Degree, Tulane University [66] UNDERGRADUATES First Row: JOHN WADE LONG, ' 41 Salis. Miss. K I. X WOODROW WILSON LOVELL, ' 41 Hoc Springs. Ark. MARVIN NICHOLAS LYMBERIS. ' 41 Alexandria. La. e K X, e K + LEON MARCUS, ' 41 Brooklyn. N. Y. + A K FRANK HENRY MAREK. ' 40 Seymour. Tex. OK Second Row: ADRIENNE DOROTHY McCARDELL. ' 40 Havana, Cuba B e A, ! IJ K HARVEY EDWARD McCONNELL, ' 40 Chester, S. C. X 2 X, K A WHITMAN HURST McCONNELL, ' 40 St. Petersburg, Fla. e K + B.S. Degree, University of Florida JOHN FERGUSON McKENNEY. JR.. ' 41 Cynthiana, Ky. X 2 X, A T. U. OAK B.S. Degree, University of Kentucky CHESTER ANDREW McLARTY, ' 40 Oxford, M.ss X 2 X, ' f ' A O, ' I ' 11 X Third Row: LEE DAVIDSON McLEAN, ' 40 Blain, Miss. A B, X a N RHETT RUSSELL McMAHON, ' 41 Baton Rouge, La. K 2, -I ' A K K ROBERT JAMES MEADE, ' 41 Jackson, Mich O K + GILaN FINLEY MEADORS, JR., ' 40 Jackson, Mi.ss. OK THOMAS JUNE MELTON, JR.. ' 40 Fort Smith, Ark. ! X, B 2 B.S. Degree, Tulane University: University of Texas: Greenhackers Fourth Row: JACK PATRICK MICHAELS, ' 40 Orlando, Fla. A K K. i; X JaMBALAYa: White Elephants ARTHUR VAN BUREN MILLER, ' 41 Monroe, La. A K K, X 1 N, H M SEYMOUR MILTON MILLER, ' 41 Miami, Ha. A K, T !■; ■! FRANK HAMPTON MOORE, ' 41 B.- wlinK Green, Ky. A (), ' ! X ROBERT PROSSER MORROW, JR., ' 40 West Point, Ga. X i; X, K i Fifth Row: CHARLES MARY JOSLPH MOSELEY, ' 40 .... New Orleans, La. .| X B.S. Degree, Tulanc University, 1937 PHILLIP JOSEPH MUSSO. ' 41 Bl.minghan., Ala. fl K ' k B.S. Degree. Howard College JOHN FERDINAND NABOS, ' 40 New Orleans, U CARL SEEPE NADLER, JR,. ' 41 Houma, La. ■I ' X, S N ELWIN GILMORE NEAL, ' 41 Balboa. C. Z, Sixth Row: ANSTEN RUBEN NESS, ' 40 Spokane, W.«h. (I K + WILLIAM HAMMOND NEWMAN, ' 40 New Orleans, La, A T l;, II M B.S. Degree, Tulanc University; Dramatic Guild (2, J); Y. M, C, A. (1. 2. }) WILLIAM GEORGE NICHOLS. JR.. ' 41 Orlando Ha N :;; x. a k v.. n m B.Phy.Ed.. Tulane University, 19J7; Clau President (4); Varsity Football (2, J. 4); Varsity Track (). 4); Varsity Boxing (4): Thirteen Club FRANCIS NICHOLSON, ' 41 McDonoughville. L« •I ' K i, II M JAMES PRATT NORTHROP. ' 40 Gulfpoti Mi.. •I ' X B.S. Degree. Tulane Llnivrriity. I9J7 THE u J t67] p. 9 ' 11- ' ' - -f.- 1 fT •P C!i f " ' ikm .JitMk.tl THE u u UNDERGRADUATES First Row: JOSH( ' H WHITAKHR PHKKI ' , ' ■(O Bessemer. Ala. 1 N, A K K B.S. Degree, Birmingham-Soutliern FRANK MfNARB POSE " l ' . JR.. ' 40 Crockett. Tex. •:• X. II K . ALTON RA " ! ' RRL ' ITT. Ml New Orleans, l.a. ■1 ' X RAL ' I. KING RAND. JR.. ' 40 Alexandria. La. K X. X 1 X LOUIS SLI-:I:p1:r ROBINSON. jr., mi McAIIen. Tex. (I K +. K . Second Row; THOMAS GRIFFIN ROSS. ' 40 Jackson, Miss. B K !- JAMKS I.HK ROYALS, MO Meridian. Miss. 1 . i;, N 1 X JOHN SIMPSON ROZILR. III. MO Mrlton, Fla. . K K VINCENT JOHN SAMPOGNARO. MO Monroe, La. MORRIS SCHAPIRO, Ml Bavnnne, N. J. •I ' K Third Row: BKRN. RD MAIJRICH SCHNllR. Ml Trenton. N. J •1 ' K lACK HAMILTON SCOTT. Ml Ko.sciusko, Miss. . T Si, ' !■ X RA-lMOND JOSEPH SCREEN, MO New Orleans, La. I ' HIl IP SCURRIA. Ml Tallulah. La. ROBERT MELVIN SHEPARD. JR., Ml Tulsa. Okla. Fourth Row: JAC:K MARSHALL SIMMONS. JR.. MO Denver. Colo. •1 ' A i: IVA. De) ree. Universrty of Colorado. I ' JUj W ' ll 1 lAM M.HUGH SIMMCINS. Ml SIrreveport, La. •h X JOHN MARVIN SMITH, JR., MO San Antonio, Tex. II K + M ' l ' RTLE LEA SMITH, Ml aieneyville, La, la.BERT JC1QUE SOSKIS, Ml Mulberry, Fla ■!• K Fifth Row: MURPHY DONAGHEY STEVENSON, MO Houston, Tex. H K M ' STEPHEN I.EATH STIGI 1:R. MO BirmmKliam. Ala. I X. II K M ' FRANCIS MARION STONE. JR.. Ml Ft. Scott. Kans.is 1 X. ' l ' X ORVII.I.K PATTON STONE. Ml Tretnont. Miss. ' 1 ' X. K X JAMES M. ' VCK SUTTON, JR., Ml Sylvester, Ga. 1 . K, N :; N Sixth Row: JAMES THOMAS SWINDLE, Ml Coleanor, Ala. + X, r X JETSON PERRY TATUM. MO Meridian, Miss. . T ' ' .;, K ARTHUR CECIL TEDFORD. Ml Orl.indo. Fla. , K K JOHN AI.DEN THOMAS, Ml RaKland, Ala. Z X, ■!■ X JOHN CODMAN THORN. MO New Orleans, La. X 1 X. A T A. + ' l ' Tennis fl); Thirteen Club (1): Y. M. C. A. f2); Band C); " T " Club (1) [68] UNDERGRADUATES First Row: WILLIAM I ' RESTON TICE. Ml Roanoke, Va. ri K -I " , + i; HARRY CORBETT TILLER. ' 41 Mayesville, S. C. ■!• X. n K A Honor Council THEODORE FRANCIS TREUTING. ' 41 New Orleans, La. ■!■ P 1 B.S. Degree. Tulane University; Beta Mu JOHN BOWLES TRIBLE, ' 41 Houston, Tex. e K + B.A. Degree, Rice Insttiute FRANK ELBERT TUGWELL. JR.. ' 41 Pensacola. Fla. . K K Class Vice-President (1) Second Row: JOHNSON LEE TURNAGE, ' 41 Lake. Miss. MILTON TURNER. ' 41 Queens. N. Y. •!■ . K DANIEL ROBERT USDIN. ' 41 St. Augustine. Fla. ■1 ' . K EDWARD REI VILLEMEZ. ' 40 Abbeville. La. A K K WILLIAM BEVERLY VIRGIN. ' 41 MontgomTry. Ala. 1 X E. ! X B.A. Degree, University of Alabama; Jambae.ava Staff Third Row: JAMES SIDNEY WADE. ' 41 Arcadia, La. . K K EPHRAIM LIONEL WAGNER, ' 41 Houston. Tex. !■ A K HOWARD SEABORN JONES WALKER. JR.. ' 41 ... Mobile, Ala. N S N ARTHUR JEMISON WALLACE, JR., ' 41 Tampa. Fla. K A. X 1 . Thirteen Club, Secretary-Treasurer; Cireenbackers HINTON WUlfiHT WATERS. JR.. ' 41 Opp. Ala. ■!■ X Fourth Row: CLYDE ATER WATKINS. ' 40 Aberdeen, Miss. •!■ X. K . B.A. Degree, University of Mississippi. 1 ?6 GEORGE IRVING WEaTHERI.Y. JR., ' 40 Fort Pavne. Ala. (1 K ' 1 ' HAROLD AUGUSTUS WHITE. ' 41 Tulsa, Okla. K 1. X i: X, •!• 1 B.S. Degree. Tulane University; Stubbitrtt jnj Ptjdr WILLIAM RIGGS WHITEHOUSE, ' 41 Qeburne, Tex. K •!- Class Secretary t 1 i ISAIX1RE DAVID WIENER. ' 41 Tutwilrr, Mi.ss. •I- A K, ' !■ !■: II Fifth Row: WII.IIAM BENJAMIN WIENER. JR.. ' 40 Canton, Miss. 7. n T. •!■ A i:, II M FRED ARTHUR WILD. JR., ' 41 New O.leans, La ARTHUR GRADY WILLIAMS. JR.. ' 41 Rorala, Ala. ■!■ ■[ ' . . T Si, N I N While Elephants CHARLES LAVAL Will lAMS. JR.. ' 40 Washington. D C N r X JOSI-I ' H MAXWELL WILLIAMS. JR.. ' 40 Lakeland. Fla II K . , . K K Siilh Row: WAITl-U SAMUEL WILLIAMS. ' 41 . Sonora, Mexico •!■ X, K 1 CHARLES AI FRED Wll I IS, ' 40 Hainbridge. Ga. A K K, K A B.S. Degree. University of Georgia VICTOR HERBERT WITTEN. ' 41 Jacloonville. Fla Z H r, -I ' A K HUGH MIIUI ' H - YEARWOOD. ' 41 .Shteveport. I.. ' I- X. II M JOHN ARTHUR ZIEMAN, ' 40 . , . Mobile Ala K " k THE [J J [69 1 Roberta o ,mer ff tRS S u ' den BociV presii dent Vice .Presi idetit sureT Senio ' ' C a Pre sident Secret ' " ' P H Suf ' meRS num KlMci junvof C a Presi ' dent Vice .Presi ' dent Secre tdr7 fres ' ,V,mao C a preSi ' dent Seer Vice presi dent .Treds urer . »■ " ' ' " ,rWA» T H E in jU . 1 1 1 1 - - i SENIOR CLASS First Row; ALFRED GEORGE BALL. JR N™ Oiloam, La. K X, ■!• .1 -l ' B.A. Decree. Tulanc University. 1957; Law Review (5); Moot Court Board (6); " T " Club; Varsity Boxing (4) ERNEST AUGUST CARRERE, III New Orleans. La. K A, A ■!■. A A A, (1 A K Class President (2. 3), Vice-President (I); B.isl:etball (1. 2. 3. •»), Captain (3); Moot Court Board (•!): White Elephants; T. U. R. K. (2. 3); " T " Club VilLLL M JOSEPH DAI.Y New Orleans, La. Moot Court Board (5); Law Review (6) Seconcd Row: CAMILLE DINGIANNI New Orleans, La. B.A. Degree, Tulane University, 1936; Cotillion Club {5. 6) JOSEPH HESTON DUVAL New Orleairs. La A (1. -I ' A Tennis THOMAS CRANMER FISCHER New Orleans, La. K S B.B.A. Degree, Tulane University, 1935 Third Row: DOBIN FRIEDMAN New Orleans, La. Moot Court Board (4. 5) FRED FUDICKAR. JR Monroe. La. II K !• B.A. Degree. University of the South; Moot Court Board FRED ;iOI ER H GERDES New Orleans, La. Student Body Secretary (4) Fourth Row: MARIANO WILLIAM GUAS Havana. Cuba ROBERT MORRIS HA ' NIE New Orleans, La. 11 O II " T " Club; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Glendy Burlce Literary and IDcbating Society; Thirteen Club; HulUbatoo (I. 2); Jambalava (1); Cjlee Club; Dramatic Guild; Moot Court Cotnpetirion: Basketball i Teiuii-i (1. 2) LLOYD RAYMOND HIMEL Convent. La. •I ' A ' I Law Review; Class President (6) Fifth Row: 1 eGRANDE UODNE ' - HOLIINCiSHEAD San Leandro. Calif. B.A. Degree. University of California; Moot Court Board; Moot Court Competition (6) MINNA BAYNE HOPKINS New Orleans, La. II It •!■ B.A. Degree, Tulanc University, 1936; Moot Court Board f3, 4) CHARLES MANLY HORTON Franklin. La. K A. A A A. •!■ •!■. ■!. A ' I ' . (1 A K B.A. Degree. Tulane University, 1936: Debating (I); Student Body Vice- President (5); Civil Law Editor (6) [72] SENIOR CLASS First Row: RICHARD CALVERT KEENAN New Orleans, La. B e n, i K, K i Moot Court Board Chairman CLIFFORD H. KERN, JR New 0,-leans. La. Z B T LOUIS ALANAS MAHONEY New Orleans, La. Football Manager; Glee Club (1. 2, 3, 4). Secretary (3), Business Man- ager (4); Class Secretary-Treasurer (4); " T " Club Curator (3), Treas- urer (4) Second Row: JAMES DAVID McNeill New Orleans. La. 11 K .. , OAK Law Review: Student Body President (4); Varsity Debating (2, 3, 4); Oratorical and Debating Council ALVIN GERARD MONTGOMERY New Orleans. La. ,[, A , Student Body President: Student Couniil: Law Review Statutory Interpre- tation Editor; Vatstiy Baseball (4, 5); Cotillion Qub (4. 5) ROSE LOUISE NOBILE New Orleans, La B.A. Degree, Tulanc University, 1936 Third Row: JEAN EDGERTON PIERSON Natchitoches. La, 4 Law Review HERMANN JOHN SCHULZE New Orleans, La A T O, ■!• i -I " B.A. Degree, Tulanc University. 1936; Glendy Burke Literary and De- bating Society; T. U. R. K.: White Elephants; Moot Court Board; Law Review Business Manager ROLAND RALPH SELENBERG San Antonio. Tex, Fourth Row: BARTHOLOMEW P, SULLIVAN, JR New Orleans. La, Ph,B, Degree. Loyola University. 1936; Law Review Index Editor FRANK WYNERTH SUMMERS Abbeville. La. •I- A ■!•. ■ ' K 1 Moot Court Board (3); Class Vice-President (4) GEORGE TUYES WOGAN New Orleans, La, B,A, Degree, Tulane University. 1936; Law Review (5); Moot Court Board (6); Class Vice-President (5); French Government Prize (3) Fifth Row; BI:RYL H, WOLFSON New Oileans. I.,i, •I ' I-: II B,A. Degree, Louisiana Slate University. 1936; Law Review; Moot Couit Board; Moot Court Competition JOHN WINTER WOOLFOLK, JR New Cleans, U, A T n B,A, Degree, Tulane University, 1937 I UI:D|;R1CK ZENGEI New Orleans, La •I- II K. ' I ' A •!• Qms President (5); Law Review (5, 6). Editor in Qiief (6) [73] THE If) jII - 1 - - « p. THE 1 J 0[ UNDERGRADUATES First Row; RODRIGO AROSEMENA, 39 Panama Ciiy, R. P. ' !■ I A Moot Court Board; Pan Hellenic Council KERMIT BAILEY. ' 40 dinger, Va. K A B.S. Degree, Georgetown University LESLIE M. BALL. ' 39 Port Arthur. Tex. B.A. Degree, Univerjity of Texas Second Row; RUTH MARSHALL BALLARD. ' i9 Bay St. Louis, Miss. 11 M Law Review ANTONIO MODESTO BIRD. JR.. ' 40 Caguas. P. R. ' !■ I . GEORGE RIEBEL BLUE. ' 39 New Orleans, La. K r, ' ! B.A. Degree, Tulane University, 1937; Greenbackers; Boxing (4) Third Row; ROBERT UNSWORTH BLUM. ' 40 New Orleans. La. A K K, A A A, B M Jambalaya (1, 2. 3. 4). Assistant Editor (3), Editor-in-Chief (4); Glee Club il. 2. 3. 4). Secretary (3). President (4); Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society (I. 2), Censor (2); Cotillion Qub (3. 4); Chairman of Annuals Division. Southern Federation of College Students and Press Rep- resentatives Association; Secretary Treasurer of Freshman Law Qass (4) JACK ALEXANDER BORNEMANN. ' 40 New Orleans. La. B e II International Relarions Club (I. 2. 3), President (3); Southwestern Con- vention Treasurer (2) EDWARD MICHAEL BOUTTE, ' 39 New Iberia, La. B.A. Degree, Southwestern Louisiana Institute; Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society; Moot Court Board Fourth Row; HARVEY LOCKE CAREY, ' 39 Minden, La. i; ■!■ V. B.A. Degree. LIniveisity of Arkansas. 1934; Student Body Vice-President (2); Moot Courr Boaid JOHN A. CARSTARPHEN. JR.. ' 40 Oklahoma City. Okla. •!■ I ' A B.A. Degree. Centenary College; University of Oklahoma MARVIN ALAN COHEN. ' 40 Jackson, Miss. 7. 1) T. O X, AAA Fifth Row; ALFRED COURVILLE, ' 40 Brcaux Bridge, La. Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society RICHARD LEE CROWELL, ' 40 Alexandria, La. •!■ A e WILLIAM ALBRIGHT CULPEPPER. ' 39 Alexandria, La. K A, (■ ! , !■ A l B.A. Degree, Tulane University, 1937; Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society (1); Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (1, 2, 3), Treasurer (3); Pan Hellenic Council (3, 4), Treasurer (4); Class President (5); T. U. R. K. 174] UNDERGRADUATES First Row: FERNANDO JAMES CUQUET, ' 40 New Orleans. La. Band (2. 3) PETE RAYMOND DALOVISIO. ' 39 Lake Charles. La. B.Phy.Edn. Degree. Tulane University. 1937; Football (1. 2. 3. 4); Track: Baseball JOSEPH DAUM. JR.. ' 39 New Orleans, La. Second Row: ROBERT STEVEN DEXHEIMER. ' 39 New Orleans. La. S E Moot Court Board; Varsity Football (2. 3. 4); Varsity Baseball (4) DONALD COTY DICKSON. JR.. ' 40 Shrevcport. La. •!■ K i: T. U. R. K.; Greenbackers; White Elephants; International Relations Clu ' .i DONALD WOODNX ' ARD DOYLE, ' 40 New Orleans. La. i X, A A A Tennis: White Elephants Third Row: ALLAIN deCLOUET FAVROT, ' 39 New Orleans. La. d K K, i ! , " I " B K. A A A B A. DcBrce, Tulane Univer ' ity. 1937; Glee Oub (1, 2, 3); Spectators (3. 4); Law Review (5) GERSON FINKELSTEIN, ' 39 New Orleans. La. Debating ( 1 ) ; Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society, Sergeant-at- Arms (2) ALBERT JOHN FLETTRICH, ' 39 New Orleans, La. K A, A A A, A •!• B.A. Degree. Tulane University, 1937; Varsity Football (2. 3); Hulljbjloo Business Manager (4); T. U. R. K.; Thirteen Club Fourth Row: WILLIAM DAVIS GOFF. JR.. ' 40 Arcidia. La. ' l- A HERBERT ALFRED GRAF, ' 39 New Orleans, La. A i; •! B.A. Degree, Tulane University, 1937; Pan Hellenic Council (2) NORMAL BERNARD HALL, ' 40 Sweetwater, Tex. Football (1. 2. 3), Co Captain (3); Baseball Fifth Row: THOMAS MOORE HAYES, JR., ' 39 Monroe. La. A K K. •!• A B.A. Degree. Tulane University, 1937; Hutlabjioo (2. 3); T. U. R. K. (}, 4, 5); Track (2, 3); Moot Court Board (5), Secretary (5) WILLIAM DALTON HAYS. JR., ' 39 New Orleans, La. ■I ' II I University of Alabama; Oglethorpe University; Moot Court Board BEVERLY JEWELL HESS, ' 40 Kansas City, Mo. K K r, A i r Hutldbjtoo (4); Cotillion Club Executive Committee (4); T. U. R. K. (2, 3, 4), Chairman (5): Class President (2). Tre.i.surer (I, 3); Executive Council (2; Student Council; Pan-Hellenic Council 175] THE J THE in 1 - jU 11 UNDERGRADUATES First Row: AKNOI n CHARLES JACOBS, ' 40 New Orleans. La. Boxing; Glendy Burke Literniy and Debating Society CHARLKS JANVIKR. ' 40 New Orleans, L,i. .A T ! , A A A White Klepliants 11); T. U. R. K, (2. 3); Qass Vice-President (11. President C. ii; n.i5kctball ; Golf (2. 3) AHL ' BLRNARD KUPPERMAN. ' 40 New Orleans. La. Iv X Cilendy Burke Literary and Debating Society (1. 2. 3, 4). Secretary- Treasurer 13). Vice-Speaker (4); International Relation.s Club (2. 3. 4). Treasurer (3), Vice-President (4); Class Vice President (5). President (4): Glendy Burke Oratory Medal; Cotillion Club (41: Freshman Forensic Coun- cil; Debater (1): Vatsity Debater (2. 3. 4); Pan-Hellenic Council (1. 2. 3. 4): Oratorical and Debating Council (1. 2. 3, 41. Secretary-Treasurer (3. 4) SABIN PAUL LANDRY. JR.. ' 40 New Orleans. La. V. M. C. A, (I, 2, 3, 41. Cibinct (2. 3). Vice-President (4); Boxing Manager ( 3 ) Second Row: kOBHKT HDGAR LeCORGNE. JR.. ' 40 New Orleans. La, 1! 11 T. U, R. K, (1, 2. 3. 4); " T " Club (3. 41. Secretary (3. 4); Tennis Manager (2. 3); Student Body Secretary-Treasurer (4) Cheerleader (2. 3). He.id Cheerleader (4); Cotillion Club (3. 4) HARR-l ' McCALL, JR., ' 39 N.-w Orleans. La. •I ' li K. ■!■ A ' I ' B.S. Degree, Princeton University, 1936; Law Review KNOS CARR McCLENDON. JR., ' 40 Homer, La. A 1 ' h C iieenbackeis HERBERT LEONARD MILLER. ' 40 Drew. Miss. . H r. A A A Hullub loo (1. 2); Glee Club (1, 2. 3); Band (1. 2. 3) Third Row: EUGENE JOHN MOREL, ' 39 New Orleans, La. B.A. Degree, Tulane University. 1936; Moot Court Board (6) JAMES RENFROE MORREI.L. ' 40 Morristown. Tenn. B.S. Degree. Emory and Henry. 1936; Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society ENRIQUE LUIS NEWELL. ' 39 Colon. Pan.lma •h 1 . Law Review; Pan Hellenic Council LEONARD OPPENHEIM. ' 59 New Orleans, La. ' I II K B.A. Degree. Tulane University. 1936; Glendy Burke Literary and De- bating Society (1. 2. 3. 4. . 6). Censor (3), Vice-Speaker (5), Speaker 161; Oratorical and Debating Council Secretary-Treasurer (3, 4), Chairman (5); International Relations Club (3. 41. Secretary-Treasurer (4); Debating (1): Class Secretary-Treasurer (4); Law Review Fourth Row: JOHN CLAUDE O ' QUINN. JR.. 40 New Orleans. La. 1 ■!■ K. ' h •!• Glee Club; International Relations Club HENR ' i- PAY.SON PATE. ' 39 New Orleans. U. K 1. ■! ' A •! B A. Degree. Tulane Univeisily. 1937; MiUsaps College (1); University of Mississippi (2); Hultaba ' .oo (J); Moot C ' ourt Board lOSEPH BARNWELL PHELPS. ' 40 New Orleans. La. A T A. A A A. -I ' ' h Thirteen Club; Tennis LOUIS CHARLES PHILIPS. ' )9 New Oilcans, La, 1 11, ' 1 ' ' ' Boxing (1. 21; " T " Club Fifth Row: JOSEPH JAMES PICCIONI. ' . ' 40 Lafayette, La. 11 K A Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society AMOS LEE PONDER, JR.. ' 40 New Orleans, La. 1 X STANLEY WHITMIRE RAY. JR.. ' 40 New Orleans. La. ATA B.A, Degree, Tulane University, 1937; Basketball (1, 2, 3. 4); Thirteen Club MERVIN HAROLD RISEMAN, ' 39 Opelousas, La. Z II T, ! ' H K. () A K. n M. A A A B A, Degtee. Tulane University. 1937; T. U. R, K,; Spectators; Class President (3); Track Manager f3); Oratorical and Debating Council (3): Glee Qub (1, 2), Publicity Manager (2); Glendy Burke Litetary and De- bating Society (1, 2. 3. 4). Sergeant-at-Arms (2). Secretary-Treasurer (3); Hullabaloo (1, 2); " T " Club; L.iw Review [76] UNDERGRADUATES First Row: JOHN AUAMS SCHUPP, ' 39 New Orleans, La. A T n, 4 A ' ! B.A. Degree, Tulane University, 1937; Glendy Burke Litrary and Debating Council (1. 2. 3, 4). Censor (2); Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 12. 3), Secretary (3); Class Vice-President (4. 5) CHARLES FREDERICK SEEMANN. ' 39 New Orleans, La. Ben Cass Vice-President (2); Student Body Secretary Trearurer (3); HulUbaho National Advertising Manager (2, 3), Business Manager (4) YVETTE SHERMAN, ' 39 New Orleans. La. B.A. Decree. Tulane University, 1937; Class Secretary-Treasurer (5); Moot Court Board JOHN WILLIAM SIMS, ' 39 New Orleans, La. ' 1 A H, I! K. ' I A ■! ' , . k A, e X B.A. Degree. Tulane University. 1937; JamBalaya (1, 2. 3), Assistant Editor (2). Editor-in Chief (J); Spectators (3, 4, 5); Freshman Forensic Council; Band 111, Pan Hellenic Council (4); Law Review (5) Second Row: HOWARD JOHN SMITH. ' -iO New Orleans, La. II K A, White Elephants; Glee Club (1, 21, Librarian (2); Class Secretary-Treasurer (2), Vice-President (4); Greenbackers MARJORIE JANE SMITH, ' 39 New Orleans, La B.A. Degree, Sweetbriar College, 1934; Law Review BREARD SNELLINGS, ' 39 Monroe, La A K p: Law Review; Jambalaya JULIAN LESLIE STEINBERG, ' 39 New Orleans, La. Z B T, A A A Glendv Burke Literary and Debating Society; Varsity B.lsketball Third Row: JOHN ROBERTS STEWART, ' 39 Monroe, La. A K K, ! A f , A A A B.A. Degree, Tulane University, 1937; Law Review (5); Track BASCOM DESTREHAN TALLEY, JR., ' 39 Bog,ilusa, la A A A B.A, Degree, Tulane University, 1937; Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society (1, 2. 3, 4, 5), Speaker (3); Glee Club (1. 2, 3, 4, 5), Presi- dent (4); Deb-uing (1), Varsity (2, 3, 4, 5); Oratorical and Debating Chairman ( ); Gimpus Night Chairman (4, 5); Dramatic Guild (2, 3, 4); International Relations Club (2, 31: Cotillion Qub (4, 51; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (4, 5); Dance Committee (J) ROY RAOUL THERIOT, ' 39 Erath, La. MATHEW CAREY THOMPSON, ' 40 Monroe, La. A 1 X B.A. Degree, Spring Hill College, 1937 Fourth Row: CiERSON TOLMAS, ' 39 New Orleans, La K N, K K M ' Band Librarian, Property Manager CASPER ARDIS TOOKE, JR., ' 39 Shrevepott, La. •I ' A ' I ' , ■!■ A () Pan-Hellenic Council HI-NR-I- IXUIIS TREPAGNIER, JR,, ' 40 New Orleans, L.i. A T i!, A A A l.i:ONARD .SAMUIl UNGAR, ' 39 New Orleans, La Fifth Row: ALCIDI-; JOHN WEYSHAM, ' 39 New Orleans, La. 1 •!■ E B.A. Degree, Tulane University; Moot Court Board CLAUDE ARTHLIK WHARTON, JR.. ' 40 Lufkin, Te«, 1 A K White Elephants ( I ) ; Greenbackers HlKiH Mil lER WILKINSON. JR.. ' 40 New Orleans. La Cotillion Qub WILLIAM WALLER YOUNCi. JR., ' 39 New Orleans, U. K , , ■!• A •!•, A A A B.A. Degree, Tulane LIniversity, 19)7; l-iw Review; Alcee Fortier French I ' rile; T. U, R, K.; While ElephaliLs; Head Clieerleader (4). AMJlUnC (2, M; Glee Club (I, 2); Glendy Burke Literary aiul DebatinR Society (I, 2. 3); Class President (3). Secretary r....M,trf il M ■f r jf J % .A i THE n 1[ 177] ■«?» I- I -KHtR t .: .a sc.- ( OR ' " ' , ,,s and o f C t S u- aeo BodV Presi ' ient Vice pre 5i Ie ' i ' Hugh Pavhe Seti o ' ' C a V ' lC Secre tdr7 .TredS liier i Bro ' iNFlt Jun lOV C a presi ' aent V.cc-P ' " " ' D. Secreti ' ' .-prdS laer Sop ' .Womor ' C a prcsiafif V ' lce .pre iicle " ' Secret ' ' ' .T-rC ' is " ' ' ' ' ' freiVirna ' C a prcsi ' l ' " ' V ' ice .Prcs idt ' " ' juv ASt6l RDAI Secrcl ' - T f redS iircT George Sch VORHOff COLLEGE OF 1 J J SENIOR CLASS First Row: GILBERT BALKIN Drew Miss. Z I! T. i- A E Band (1. 2. 3); Glee Ouh (I): Glendy Burke Liteiary and Debating Society (I, 2) SIDNin- Hl-:Nin- BI.ESSEY. JR New Orleans. La. Baseball; Intranrural Basketball ROBHRT UNSWORIH BLUM New Orleans, La. A K E, A A A. 1) .M Jambai-aya (3, 4), Editor-in-Chief (4). Assistant Editor (3); Glee Club (1. 2, 3. 4). Secretary (3), President (4); Glendy Burke Literary and De- bating Society (1. 2). Censor (2); Cotillion Club (3, 4): Chairman An- nuals Division Southern Federation of College Students and Press Representa- tives Association; Freshman Law Class Secretary-Treasurer (4) Second Row: LL ' THER LAMBUTH BOOTH Franklinton, La. Y. M. C. A. Cabinet EDWARD SEDLEY BRES, JR New Orleans, La. A K E Glee Club (3 ; Class Football (1, 2); Class Tr.i ck (I, 2», Varsity (3) EDWIN LAWRENCE BROCK New Orleans, La. Y. M. C. A President Third Row: FRED BRONFIN New Orleans, La. K N International Relations Club (3, 4); Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society (2, 3, 41, Secretary-Treasurer (4); Greenbackers (3); Honor Board; Class Secretary-Treasurer (4) NORMAN WILLIAM BUCKNEk Marshall, Tex. K A Student Body President (4); Student Council Secret.iry (4); Football (2, 3, 4), Co-Captain (4); Baseball (2, 3, 4); B.isketball 2, 4) LOUIS RAY CABIRAN New Orleans, La li JI Band (3) Fourth Row: FRANK PAUL CASSENS, JR New Orleans, La. German Club KARL HAROLD CLAUSET New Orleans, La. R 1, N HulUbalou (2, 3, 4), Campus Editor (3, 4) MARVIN ALAN COHEN Jackson, Miss. Z I! T, O N, A A A [80 1 SENIOR CLASS First Row: JASON HAYDEL COLLINS New Orleans. La. X 1 X, A K E, B M JaMBALava (2); Class Football (I. 2); Boxing (3); Glee Club (2. }); Track (I) RICHARD HENRY CORALES, JR New Orleans, La. Football (4); Track (3, 4) ALFRED COURVILLE Breaux Bridge. La. Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society Second Row: JULIUS THEODORE D. ' WIS. JR New Orleans, La. K 1. A K K HI UFORD ODOM D. Y Brookh.lvcn. Miss. Dramatic Guild (1, 2. 3); University Theatre (4) HUMBERTO A. DIAZ PONCE DE LEON San Juan, P. R I A B A .ind I L B Degree, University of Puerto Rico; International Relations Club Third Row: DONALD WOODWARD DOYLE New Orleans. La. 1 X, A A A White Elephants; Tennis FRANCIS ABADIE ESCUDIER New Orleans, La. JACOB LEVY FISCHMAN New Orleans, La. K N Fourth Row: GEORGE HERBERT FORD Homer, La. M.ind (2, 3. 4): Dramatic Guild (3); University Theatre (4); Glee Club (2) HANOI D ROBERT GOI.DFARB Brooklyn. N. Y. ■!■ A K Band CARL FREDERICK GOl.L. IV New Orleans. I.a. •I- K 1 class President il. 4). Qass Secretary-Treasurer (3); Honor Council (4); Football (I), Varsily (2, 3, 4) 181) J f f i nf i COLLEGE OF 1 UIL UL COLLEGE OF 1 J UL SENIOR CLASS First Row: RI.AINR MARGARKT GOTTSCHAI.K Nt-w Orleans, I.a. K A Hulhbjloo; Cotillion Club (!, 4| CARL JOSEPH GUI.OTTA Now Oilcniis. La. 1 II HARRY GURIHVSKY New Orleans. La. Spectators; Honor Hoard Second Row: ROBHRT I.OVS HKLVLSTON Gulfport. Miss. IRVINCi HIHSHI.LIFLR Hrooklyn. N. Y. ARTHUR CLAIR HOI.LISTLR. JR N w Orleans, La. K 1. A K K Third Row: ARNOLD CHARLES JACOBS Broolclvn, N. Y. Glendy Burke Literary and Oebating Society: Dramatic Guild; Boxing CHARLES JANVIER New Orleans, La. A T ' .;, A A A Class Vice-President (11. President (2, 31; White Elephants (1); T, U, R. K (2, 31; Basketball 11); Golf 2. 3) JAMES HARVEY JOHNSTON. JR SpartanburR, S. C. li U II T. U. R. K.; Spectators; ■ ' X " Club; Track Manager (3) Fourth Row: LABEL ABRAHAM KAIZ New Orleans, La. MORRIS W. KILGORE Goose Creek, Tex. H i; B.A. Degree, Southern Methodist University JOE HII.LIARD KIKBY. JR MuUins. S. C. :i e Hullabaloo (2. 4); Internarional Relations Club; jAMltAl.AYA Business Man- ager (4); Cotillion Club; Varsity Track Manager (4). Assistant Manager (3); Pan-Hellenic Council (4); Greenbackers; Student Body Vice-President (4) [82 ] SENIOR CLASS First Row: WILLIAM ROBINSON KONRAD New Orleans. La. B M. G X HulUbiiloo Campus Editor ABE BERNARD KUPPERMAN New Cleans, La. K N Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society (1. 2, 3. 4). Secretrry. Treasurer ti), Vice-Speaker 141; International Relations Club (2, 5. 4). Treasurer (3). Vice-President 141; Class Vice-President (3). President (4); Glendy Burke Oratorical Medal (3 1; Cotillion Club (4); Freshman Forensic Council; Debating (1), Varsity (2, 3. 4); Pan Hellenic Coun- cil (2, 3. 4) MARION ANTHONY LaNASA New Orleans, La. Band II. 2, 3. 4) Second Row: PHILIP PAUL LaNASA New Orleans. La. Band (1,2. 3. 4) SABIN PAUL LANDRY. JR New Orleans. La. Y. M. C. A. (I. 2, 3, 4), Cabinet (2, 3), Vice President (4); Boxing Manager (3) PAUL ARTHLJR LAUBENGAYER New Orleans. La. Glee Club (2. 3. 4); Y. M. C. A. (2 3. 4). Secretary (4); A Capella Choir; Tulane Quartette; Dramatic Guild (2. 3): Honor Board (4) Third Row: JOHN WADE LONG Sallis. Miss. K i;, X ROBERT HENRI MANNING New Orleans, La. Y. M. C. A. Cabinet GEORGE HARRISON MANTERIS Houston, Tex. Boxing (I. 2. 3); Baseball (1. 2. 3); Football (1. 2, 3); Track (1) Fourth Row; LEON MARCUS Brooklyn. N. Y. ■I- . K VClllIAM HENRY MATTIS Oak Grove. La. A K E Football; B.lsketball; Baseball; Track ROBERT WILLIAM McCARTNEY New Orleans. Li. Football (1) Fifth Row: ENOS CARR McCI.ENDON. JR Homer. La. A 1 Greenbackcrs RHETT RUSSELL McMAHON Baton Rouse. I,a, K 1. ■!■ •!•. A K K AUTHl IR VAN HUREN MILLER, JR Monro., La. A K i:. N 2: N, It .M [83 1 f ( f ti i nfi COLLEGE OF 1 u jl COLLEGE OF n u 1 jl SENIOR CLASS First Row: HF-RBERT I.FONARD MII.I.ER Drew, Miss. Z B T. A A A IlulLb.iloo 11. 2); Glee Club (1. 2. 3; Band (1. 2. 3) FR.A.NK HAMPTON MOORE Bowling Green. Ky. ! A e, •!• X JAMES ADAM MOREAU N.-w Orle.it.s. I.a. Class Vice-Rresideilt (41; Varsily Football Second Row: FRANCIS NICHOLSON McDonouthville, La. •I ' K 1, 1! M JOHN CLAUDE OQLHN. JR New Orleans. La. 1 K. ■!■ ■!■ Glee Club; International Relations Club EDWARD WALLACE OWEN. JR New Orleans. La. e . Cotillion Club Executive Committee (3, 4); Hullabaloo (2. 3), Campus Editor (2). Associate Editor (3); International Relations Club (3. 4); Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (3. 4) Third Row: HUGH GAMBLE PAYNE Winterville, Miss. K A. ' I ' + Thirteen Club; Grecnbaclcers; Student Body Secretary Treasurer (4): Foot- ball; Track WILLIAM MOSBY PA ' i ' NE Winterville. Mi.s5. K A Tlurreen Club; " T " Club (3, 4); Football (11. Varsily (2, 3. 4); Track (3, 4), Captain (4) JOSEPH BARNWELL PHELPS New Orleans, La. A T A, A A A. " I ' !■ Thirteen Club; Tennis Fourth Row: JAMES RICHARD PHILP Franklin, Tenn. Band (3. 41. Manager (4); Dramatic Guild President (3) SAMUEL RICHARD PRAGER New Orleans, La. Honor Board ALTON RAY PRUIT New Orleans, La. Fifth Row; MYRA GAUTIER RAY New Orleans. La. It M ANTHONY ALLEN REESE New Orleans, La. International Relations Club (3. 4), Treasurer (4); Band (1, 2, 3, 4); Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society (4); Glee Club (3, 4) LEWIS SLEEPER ROBINSON, JR McAllen, Tex. e K , K A [84 1 SENIOR CLASS First Row: WILLIAM AUGUSTUS SAMPLE Shreveport, La. £ A E BERNARD MAURICE SCHNUR Trenton, N. J. A K JACK HAMILTON SCOTT Kosciusko, Miss. A T !!, X Second Row: ANDREW SARGENT SEFEROVICH New Oilcans. La. JOSEPH MILLS SEIFERTH. JR New Orleans, La, Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society 12, 3, 4), Poet Laureate (3, 4); Bardies (3, 4), President (3, 4); Band (3, 4); Y. M. C. A. (I); Tulane University Radio Players 13, 4), President 3. 4); Glee Club (1, 2, 3). Vice-President (31: Dramatic Guild (1, 2, 3), Secretary- Treasurer (3): International Relations Club f5) HOWARD JOHN SMITH New Orleans, La. n K A, -I- White Elephants; Glee Club (1, 2). Librarian (2); Class Secrctary-Treasuier (2), Vice-President (4); Greenbackers Third Row: BENJAMIN LINTON SPEARMAN Anniston. Ala. B e n, A A A " T " Club (2, 3, 4), Treasurer (3), President (4); T. U. R. K. (3, 41; Greenbackers (1. 2, 3, 4); Glee Club (2, 3. 4), Publicity Manager (4); Cotillion Club (3, 4); Class Vice-President (2); Y. M. C. A. Treasurer (1), Cabinet (2); Tennis (11; Assistant Boxing Manager (1). Man- ager (2) VICTOR EMMANUEL TbDESCO New Orleans. La. I! -M Honor Board WILLIAM PRESTON TICE Roanoke, Va. II K •!•. ! r Fourth Row: DOROTHY MARY TOPPINO New Orleans La. B •! A A Capella Choir (3, 4); Cotillion Club (3, 4) THII.O VON KURNATOWSKI New Orleans. U. n N Hu jtj r.„ (I. 2. 41. Editor (4); Jamiialaya (I); Winner Theta Theta Nu Reporting Cup (3); Dramatic Guild (1, 2. 3); Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society (1); Freshman Forensic Council FREDERICK ARTHUR WILD, JR New Orleans. La. Fifth Row: ARTHUR GRADY WILLIAMS. JR Rorala. Ala. -I ' . A T fi, . S N White Elcphanu VICTOR HERBERT WITTEN Jacksonville, Fla. 7. 11 T. ■!• A V. HIK.H MUld ' HY YEARWOOD Shrevcpott. La. II M, •!• X IH ' l f COLLEGE OF s h LIU COLLEGE OF 1 J 1 JL JUNIOR CLASS Fint Row: WILLIAM AXELROD Houston. Tex. K N IiuiTn:)tinnal ReLitions Club FRANK JEVCELL BAIRD New Clcnm. La. 1 A K EUGENE WIIKIH RF.ALL. JR Savannah. Ga. A T 9. Pan Hellenic Council DAVID HANI.IN BECKER New Orleans. La. A T i, A A A Glendy Burke Uterary and Debating Society; Grccnbackers (2); White Elephants; Spectators; Pan-Hellenic Council; University Theatre Second Row: CHARLES FILSON BECKERT Gadsden, Ala. ■!■ A Jamr.m.ava (3) THEODORE JACKSON BENDER Mobile. Ala. I! 11 Glee Club (SI; Dramatic Guild (3) FMIl.E JOSEPH BERNARD. JR New Orleans. La. A 1 .|. Y. M. C. A. (2. 3); Band (1. 2. 31. PuHuitv Manager (3) JACK ALEXANDER BORNEMANN New Orleans. La. Ben International Relations Club U. 2. 3). President (31; Southwestern Con- vention Treasurer (2) Third Row: HOVCARD ALBERT BUECHNER New Orleans. La. B M NORMAN BURNSTFIN New Orleans. La. K N, B .M Glendy Burke Literary and DebatinR Society (1. 2. 3). Historian (3) Inter- national Relations Club 12. 3); Greenbackers (2); Honor Board (3) ARTHLIR ANTHON-i- CAIRF. Ill New Orleans. La. •!■ K r ANLREW JACKSON CARROLL. JR New Oilcans, La. ■!• K 1 Band (I, 21; V. M. C. A. (1. 2,1 Fourth Row: LIONEL LOUIS CAilENAVETTK. JR New Orleans, La, Tulane I Iniversity Radio Players EARL BOUE CLAIBORNE New Orleans. La. LA X ' RENCE ROYAL COLLINS New Oi leans. La. A S WALTER SHERWOOD COLLINS New Orleans. La. ATA White Elephants Fifth Row: JAMES ALBERT COSGROVE New Orleans, La. 1 n Y. M. C. A. CHARLES WHITMARSH CRUMPTON Minden. La. A K E Glee Quh; Y. M. C. A.; International Relations Club; Baseball (3) FERNANDO JAMES CUQUET New Orleans, La. Band (2, 3) WILLIAM DUNCAN DAVIS, JR New Orleans, La. •I ' K :;, A x r Jambai.aya; Honor Board; Class Secretary (3); Y. M. C. A. President (1), Cabinet (1, 2, 3). Secretary (2); Spectators; T. U. R. K.; Green- backers; Pan-Hellenic Council; Cotillion Club (2. 3); Class Football (1, 2); International Relations Club (2) [86] JUNIOR CLASS First Row: JOHN HENRY DOUGLAS Bccwton. AU. ] A e Boxing HERMAN JOSEPH ESTRADE, JR New Orleans. La. Band EDWARD BERNARD FERGUSON. JR New Orleans. La. B M Inrernational Relarions Club RICHARD DAVID FIELD Shaw. Miss. A e Class Vice President (2); Grcenbackers (3); Baseball (2. 3); Tennis (3); Basketball (1, 2); Class Football (1,2) Second Row: JULIAN PAYNE FRERET New Orleans. La. .V T a White Elephants; Jambalava (1. 2. 31: HulUbulnn (1. 2. 3); Pan- Hellenic Council 12, 3): Honor Board (3): Dramatic Guild II. 21. Property Manager (1). Business Manager (2): Assistant Football Manager (2, 3): Varsity Boxing (3); Class Basketball: Tulane University Radio Players (3) MAURICE WESLEY GELDERT. JR New Orleans. La. Boxing: German Club RULAND GERTH New Orleans. La 1 •! E The Bardies (3); Football (1): Track (1, 2): Honor Board EDWARD KELLERMAN GOODELL New Orleans. La K S Boxing Third Row: MILAM HARRISON GRAY. JR Denver, Colo. A K E Glee Club Secretary; Band Librarian; The Bardies; A Capella Choir; Operetta; Tulane Quartette SAM J. HALL. JU Gordon. Ala. B G II Glcndy Burke Literary and Debating Society (1, 2, 3). Censor (2); Inter- national Relations Club (1, 2, 3), Vice-President (2); Band (2); Jamdalava (1, 2): HulUhMm, (21; T. U. R. K. (2. 3); Greenbackers (3) ARTHUR BROWNE HAMMOND. JR New Orleans. La K . . A A A Thirteen Club; T. U. R. K.; Varsity Ba.seball FRANK HELION HARDENSTEIN. JR New Orleans. La. n K A Fourth Row; JAY BENJAMIN H1. :HT. JR Columbus, Ga. Z U T Baseball MILTON ERNEST HIl.I S New Orleans. La. WARRI:N MAURICE JACOBS New O.-leans, L.l. Hand II. 2. 3); Class Basketball (3) JOHN IHEO KARAl ' Hll-l-lS Tarpon Springs, Fla. Fifth Row: ANC;|:LA marie I.aFRANCA New Orleans, La. A A II Pan Hellenic Council; Hi,ll.,h.sl,w; Y. W. C. A. JAMES VIR(iII LAMBERT Brooklyn. N. Y. ATI! Cllee Club (I. 2, 3); Dcutacherkulturbund RUIXlLrn MATAS LANDRY New Orleans. La A K I-: Glee Club WIl.l.AKD LLE MARMEI AT New Orlr.u„. la 1 A M Honor Board; Pan-Hellenic Council 11 7 1 COLLEGE OF 1 u COLLEGE OF J UL JUNIOR CLASS First Row; HARVKY CRAIG MAY, JR N.w Orleans. La. ■!■ K H Gloc Club (!); Y. M. C. A. (1. 3) JOSKPH BAYARD MII.I.ER W.itcrproof, I.a. . T !!. A A A Glendy Rurkf Liter.iry .ind DebalinR Society (2 J); Iiuern.ition.il Rel.itions Club (3); Y. M. C. A. (!); Roxinn i:i; Grernbarkers (!); Jahhalava MA. MADRia; MORELOCK H.iynesville. I.a. H II Band; Glee Club: A CapclU Choir; Thirteen Club; International Relations Club; Y. M. C. A. ISliRNARD MOUNT, JR Mont«omery. Ala. Z B T Tennis Manager Second Row: RICHARD EDWIN NICHOLSON Dallas, Tex. B M The Bardirs (3) AUGUST ANTHONY NOBILE. JR New O.leans, La. BOBBIE ODILE ORTENBAfH New Orleans. La. I! ■!■ A HulUb,d,H : Y W. C. A. JAMES HERBERT OWENS, JR H.itticsburg, Miss. A Capella Choir; Glee Club; Y. M. C. A. Third Row: LEWIS CRUTCHFIELD PARRISH New Orleans, La. II K A Jamhaiava; Hullitbiiloo Circulation Manager (2, 3); Glendy Burke Literary and Debating; Society ( 1 ) ; Spectators ER. NK I ' ATTIE. JR New Orleans. La. K r Greenbackers; Glee Club (1); Basketball WILLIAM FRANCIS PEAK New Orleans. La. li n Boxing (1, 2, 3) GEORGE HENRY PENN. JR New Orleans. La. A T Si. n M Thirteen Club; The Tulane Biolo ;ist Editor; Deutscherkulturbund Fourth Row: MALIRICE JOSliPH PICHIH OUP. Ill New Orleans. La. A 1 • Pan Hellenic Council; Basketball II. 2): Greenbackers (2): B.ind (1. 2. 3); Glee Qub (2) HOMER MEADE RANKIN New Orleans, La. :i K K Class Vice-President (I); Cheerleader (I. 2), Cheerleading Award (1); Track (3, 4); Pan-Hellenic Council (3, -t). Secretary (■»); T. U. R. K. (I, 2. 3. 4) WALTER PASCHAL REEVES. JR Sheffield, Ala. II A O Washington and Lee University ERNEST ROGER, III New Orleans, La. A T !. ' Thirteen Club; Deutschetkultutbund Filth Row: GEORGE LeGRAND RUSH Mobile, Ala. A T B Glee Club MALTER ANTHONY SAI.ATICH New Orleans, La. CHARLES MAYER SAMUEL, JR New Orleans, La. z n T DONALD KEITH SARGENT Kalamazoo, Mich. Band [88] JUNIOR CLASS First Row: JOSEPH VINCENT SCHLOSSER New Orleans. La. d T d, B M Deutscherkulturbund RICHARD CLIFFORD PATRICK SEITHER .... New Orleans, La. Hultabjloo; Jambalaya; Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society STEPHEN HERMAN SHATTLES Los Angeles. Calif. S E Class President; Honor Council; Cotillion Qub; Dramatic Guild; Tulane University Radio Players KENWARD deVALCOURT SHAW New Iberia, La. Ben Glee Club Second Row: SAMUEL SIMKIN New Orleans. La. Class Basketball WILLIAM LAMAR SMITH Wetumpka. Ala. Ben Band (1, 2. 31; International Relations Club (2. 3); Greenbackers WILFORD MURRAY SMITH Whistler. Ala. II K A International Relations Club (1. 2. 3); Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society (1, 2, 3); Oratorical and Debating Council (1, 2, 3); Y. M. C. A. (1, 2. 3) ALFRED LOUIS SOLOMON New Orleans. La. Z B T Glendy Burke Liter.iry and Debating Society Third Row: EDMUND OGDEN SPILLER Hammond, La. A T A Cilee Club (3); Greenbackers (2) PIERCY JOSEPH STAKELUM New Orlr.ins. La. 1 II UulLb luo: Honor Board; Track (1. 2). Varsity (2) EDWIN FRANK STUMPF. JR New Orleans. La. Y. M, C. A. JAMES PAUL SWEARINGEN Shrevcport, La. •tie Fourth Row: JOHN RICHMOND THLSTLI- IHWAITE Opelousas, La, A K E Jambalaya (2, 3), Campus Editor (2), Associate Editor (3); Glee Club (2. 3); Hulldbatooi Cotillion Club JOSE RAMON VARELA Pan.ima. R. P. •I ' I A GILBERT HAROID ORHOFF New Orleans, La. i; ' 1 ' i: Honor Ito.ird; B.nsketbnll; Y. M. C. A. JOHN GILL WAFER, JR Shrcveport. La. Fifth Row: WILLIAM REVERE WELLBORN, JR Elkin, N. C. S A E International Relations Club JULIAN WIENER Canton, MiM. Z B T, n M SIDNEY WRIGHT Eunice, La, . B T, A A A. B M Glee Club; Glendy Burke Litrrarv .riul Debating Society ARTHUR de ZALDUONDO . . New Orleans, la Y. M. C. A. [89 1 COLLEGE OF 1 l) u UNDERGRADUATES COLLEGE OF J 1 jl First Row: EMII.E BERTRAND ADER, ' 41 Now Orleans. I..1. HERBERT FITZHUGH ADEV. II. Ml Nrw Orlr.in5. I.a. K 1 Glee Club; Y. M. C. A.; Engineers Trucking Assoii.ition JAMES GEORGE ALDIGE, II. ' tl New Orle.nns. La. •I- i Cbss Secretary-Treasurer { 1 ) ROBERT GLENN ALLEN. ' 40 PascagouLi, Miss. •!■ K 1 Second Row: L.Wt ' RENCE EDWARD ALSON. ' 41 Brocklvn, N. Y. I . .M HulLh.:loo: Glee Club; Hnnor Bo.ird BERNARD MORDECAI AI.TSCHUI.ER. 41 Bayonne. N. J. HARVEY JAY AMSTERDAM, ' 41 Brooklyn, N. Y. i - .M Class President 111; The B.irdics .lOHN BRANDER ANDERSON. ' 41 Biloxi. Miss. •I ' K Z Tennis Third Row: JOHN WOOD ANTHONY, ' 40 New Orleans, La. International Relations Club; Varsity Debating WALTER ANTIN. ' 40 New Orleans, La. ■ . H I JambaI-AVA; Glee Club (1, 2); University Theatre; Boxing; Ba.sketball Manager I I ) JOHN EVERETT ARNOULT. ' 40 New Orleans. La. I V. OSCAR BACKSTROM, JR.. ' 40 Gulfport, Miss. II H II University Theatre Fourth Row; SIDNEY BAER. ' 41 Bayonne. N. J. PAT EARRINGTON BASS. ' 40 New Oileans. La. ■I ' A (I Jamiiaiata (I. 21. Co-Assistant Editor 12); White Elephants (I) WILLIAM CXJURTS BAUMANN. ' 41 Shfeveport. La WILLIAM LOUIS BENDEL. JR., ' 41 Monroe, La. Glcndy Burke Literary and Debating Society (1); Y. M. C. A.; Honor Board Fifth Row: PETER LOUIS BERNARD. IR . ' 41 New Orleans. La. K 1 Freshman Forerwic Council; Y. M. C. A.. President (1) ELDON UPTON BERTAUT. ' 40 Crowley, La. A K K WILLIAM FRI:DERICK BE ' i ' ER. JR. Lake Charles, La. STEPHEN RUSH BIOSSAT, ' 41 New Orleans, La. 1 A K White Elephants; Y. M. C. A. Sixth Row: JOSEPH MICHAEL BISTOWISH. JR.. ' 40 New Orleans, La K i Glee Club; Boxing MORRIS GLEN BLACKWELL. JR.. ' 40 New Orleans. La CHARLES LORENZO BLAND, JR., ' 40 New Orlr ' ans, La K 1 White Elephants; Basketball ARCHIBALD RAYMOND BOGGS, ' 40 New Orleans, La B G II HuUdbjh o (2), Campus Editor (2); International Relations Club (2) Honor Board (2) [90] UNDERGRADUATES First Row: RAYMOND VICTORY BOUCHE. ' 40 New Orleans, La. Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society (1. 2); Internationa] Relations Club (1. 2); Class Basketball (U; Y. M. C. A. II. 2( JOHN CHARLES BOUTALL, ' 40 New Orleans. La. i 1 ■I ' JOSEPH BRECHTEL, ' 41 New Orleans, La. Basketball BILLY WALL BRIERRE, ' 40 New Orleans. La. i A K Dramatic Club; Y. M. C. A. Second Row: EDWARD CHACHERB BROOKS. JR . ' 40 Beaumont, Tex. Ben Glee Qub; HuUjbjIoo; Cheerleader (1) WILLIAM CHALMERS BROTHERS. ' 41 Mansfield. La. K Thirteen Club; Y M. C. A. (1) LOTHARD JOSEPH BROUSSARD. ' 41 New Orleans. La LOUIS DAMIAN BROWN. ' 41 New Orleans. La. Y. M. C. A. Third Row: JOHN WILLIAM BRYAN. ' 41 Bay St. Louis. Miss. 1) O 11 Jambalava; Hullabaloo; International Relations Club; Tennis CLAUDE LEON BUERGER, JR., ' 41 Mobile. Ala. ' ! K 1 White Elephants MONETTE LEA BUTLER, ' 40 Oak Grove, La. Football I I I JAMES DOYLE BYRNE. JR.. ' 41 New Orleans, La. II K Glee Qub Fourth Row; CICERO GILES CAII.LETEAU. ' 40 Shrcveport, La. ARTHUR ADOLI ' H CALIX. ' 41 New Orleans, La. 1 II Y. M. C. A. JAMES LAWSON CAMPBELL, JR., ' 40 New Orleans, La. K i; Glee Club; Y. M. C. A. WOODLEY CLARK CAMPBELL, ' 40 New Orleans. La •I- i O, A A A Jamhai.aya (I. 2); International Relations Club (2) Fifth Row; CHRLSrOIXIUI.OS NICKOLAS CARIDAS. ' 40 Selma. Ala. Intrinatiunal Relations Club Secretary; Glendy Burke Literary and Debatinn StKiety; Cilee Club; A Capclla Choir; Honor Board; Y. M. C. A. HONORICO CIORDIA. ' 41 Vega Baja. P. R. •!■ I A MARTIN DURAI.DE CLAIBORNE, JR., ' 41 . . , . New Orleans, La. II O II PAUL CLARK, ' 40 ClarksJale, Miss. A T !! White Elephants; Track ( I ) Si«th Row: DON PEARSON CLAYPOOL. ' 40 Morehead. Ky, II II Assistant Basketball Manager WAYLAND THOMAS COPPEDGE. JR.. ' 40 ... . Jacksonville, Fla. Z A E JOEL IRVING CORN, ' 41 Long Beach, N. Y K X Raskelball (I): Baseball I inVARD JACOBS CRAWFORD, JR., ' 41 .Shrevrport. La. •I- A O [91] Kfe .yiKik .mst COLLEGE OF U lik COLLEGE OF 1 J 1 JL UNDERGRADUATES First Row: DURANT HAKKV DA PONTt£. MO New Orloans. l..i. i u .jfr.i oo; University TTieatre F1:KNAND JOSi;PH DASTUGUE, jr., ' 41 New OrU-ans, I.a. Dramatic Guild CHAKI.HS RA " ! ' DAUNIS. MO Westwreo. La. HARRY RICHARD DAVIl-S. JR.. -tl New Orleans. La. 1 A K Glee Cluh; Operetta; Symphony Second Row: JOHN MINTO DAWSON. ' 40 New 0[ leans. La. FRANCIS ANTHON ' ' Dl-I. MARMOL. ' 41 .... New Oileans. La. K i; Freshman Forensic Council; Diaiiiatu Guild; Cheerleader NICHOLAS FRANK DeSALVO. ' 40 Harvey. La. KRVING ARTHUR DRFSKTN. ' 40 Dunellen. N. J. 1 . M Honor Board; Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society; Freshman Forensic Council Vice-President; Class Basketball (I. 2) Third Row: EDWARD PAUL ECUYER. ' 40 New Orleans. La. n K A Greenbackers MOSES ISAAC ELLIS. ' 41 Pensacola, Fla. THOMAS BRAY EVERTON. Ml Marietta. Ga. i; -l ' [■: White Elephants CHARLES CONSTANTINH FARREI.L, JR.. ' 41 . . New Orleans. La. •!■ A O Jamfiaf AYA; White Elephants Fourth Row; HARVEY ALBERT FEEHAN. ' 40 New Orleans, La. International Relations Club JUUL ' S FINKELSTEIN. ' 41 New Orleans, La. K N Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society EDWARD DAVIS ITNM-1-, ' 41 New Orleans, La. h " A White Elephants AUGUST FREDERICK FLSCHl-R. JR.. ' 40 .... New Oileans, La. Fifth Row: ISRAEL FISH1:R. ' 40 Columbia, Miss. K . Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society CHARLES HENRY FLOWER. ' 40 New Orleans, La. K A Class Secretary-Treasurer (1); Football 11. 2); Track JOSEPH EARL FLOWERS, ' 41 Lexington. Miss Z I) T Hutlabdltw JOHN HERBERT FOREGGER. ' 40 Long Island, N. Y. Slith Row: LOUIS THEODORE FRANTZ, JR., ' 41 New Orleairs, La. ■I- K i Band WILLIAM TYLER FRAY. JR.. ' 40 New Orleans. La. International Relations Club MAURICE GARB. ' 40 New Orleans. La. r A M International Relations Qub ALEXANDER JACOB GELFAND. ' 41 Los Angeles, Calif. i A .M [92] UNDERGRADUATES First Row: JOSEPH ALLEN GIBSON, ' 40 New Orleans, La. •t K 1 ARNOLD SYLVAN GOLDSCHLAG. ' 41 Brooklvn, N. Y. 1 A M Glee Club; Hti!l.ibiiloo Business Staff THOMAS MILLER GORDON, JR., ' 40 New Orleans, La. A O CHARLES GILMORE HAGEDORN, ' 40 New York, N. Y. Z li r Jambalaya; Honor Board; University Theatre Second Row: TOM COONEY HALL, ' 41 New Orleans, La. K i: HulUh ' .oo; Y. M, C. A., Secretary (1) THOMAS STEFFEN HARLLEE, ' 40 New Orleans, La. Y. M. C. A. (2); Band (2); Glee Club (2); A Capella Choir (2); Deutschekulturbund ( 2 ) ; Operetta ( I ) ) ; Glee Qub Quartette JAMES CLYDE HART. JR.. ' 41 Pine Bluff, Ark. 1 X Y. M. C. A. (11 WALTER GEORGE HARTLEY, JR., ' 40 Tulsa, Okla, •1 A Third Row: JOHN HUDDLESTON HEATH. ' 40 New Orleans, La K A, . A A JEROME BYRON HIRSCH, JR., ' 40 Greenville, Miss. ■ . n T Band (1, 2) JAMES ANDERSON HOLCOMB, ' 41 Memphis, Tenn. H B 11 Basketball Manager ( 1 ) GEORGE REES HORCHHR, ' 41 New Orleans, L a. •I ' A II International Relations Club Fourth Row: JACK GARZA HOWE, ' 40 Minden, La. l A Glee Club; HutUtbtitoo PHILIP BURG JAHNCKE, ' 40 New Orleans, La. A ' I ' A Class President (2); Cotillion Club: Thirteen Club; The Bardies; Fool- ball (I), Vanity (2) FOSTER MATTHEW JOHNS, ' 41 New Orleans. La. H II Thirteen Club; Glee Club MOREAU JAMES JUMONVILLE, ' 40 New Orleans, La. A K 10 Thirteen Club; Varsity Basketball Fifth Row: WALTER JOHN JUNG, JR , ' 41 New Orleans. La, 11 O 11 1 hirteen Club HI:RBERT WALTER KAISER, ' 41 New Orleans. La. ( ilec Club; International Relations Club; Y, M. C. A.; Frejihman Cheer- leader JEROME BERTRAM KATZ, ' 41 New Orleans, La, 7. I) T Glee Club; Operetta STEWART JOSEPH KEPPER. ' 40 New Orleans. I.a. A Siith Row: HARVliY JI:R0MI-; KI.AFTER. ' 40 Milwaukee, Wis Z II T IIONARI) KENNEDY KNAPP. ' •(I Lake Clurl.-, r i ATA White Elephants FRANK NEIL KLIMI ' URIS, ' 40 I ,ttle Rock Ark K 1 Glee Club; Internatuinal Relations Club; A Mstant Manager Baseball WILLIAM WAIJiH KYLE, ' 40 New O.lean. I a A K K Glee club; Basketball; Baseball; Football; Swimmintt 19J1 COLLEGE OF ] J UL COLLEGE OF J UL UNDERGRADUATES Firit Row: KICHARD BENNETT LANGFORD. ' ■ll Shicvcport, La. CHARLES VERNON LANIER. Ml Avon Park. FLi. I . V. NICHOLAS WILLIAM LARKIN. ' 40 New Orleans. L,1. ROBERT M.A,RTIN I.ATHRCH ' . MO New Orleans. La. II O 11 Greenh.rtkrrs; Iirti-rnalional Relations Club; Football Manager il) Second Row: WILLLAM WALTER LEAKE, JR.. Ml New Orleans, La. 1 X While Elephants HOMER FREDERICK LEIFESTE, ' 40 Houston, Tci. Glee Oub WILLIAM LEON. ' 40 New Orleans, La. K N MOE LERMAN, ' 40 Spring Valley. N. Y. Basketball Third Row: NEWELL MORGAN LESLIE, ' 41 New Orleairs, La. MARJO IGNATIUS LESTER, ' 41 Key West, Fla. International Relations Club; Freshman Forensic Council; littlltibiitoo DAVID SAMUEL LIGHT. ' 41 Brooklyn, N. Y. K Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society; Tennis; Baseball HARBOROUGH IRWIN LILL. JR.. ' 41 New Orleans, La. II K A X ' hite Elephants; Band Fourth Row: FRANK HENRY LINDEMAN. JR., ' 40 I.eesburg, Fla. ' I ' A tl RICHARD HENRY LIPSCOMB. ' 41 New Orleans, La. A Capella Choir; Quartette; The Bardies; Dramatic Guild CVELIO M. VNUEL LOPE?;. ' 40 Tampa, Fla. ■[ ' 1 . ARTHUR B. LUNIN, ' 40 Brooklyn, N. Y. Fifth Row: GEORGE EDWARD MacDONALD. ' 41 New Orleans. La. I . V. Glee Club GEORGE CHARLES MANNING, JR., ' 41 Winchester, Mass. A T U Thirteen Club JOSEPH JULES MARCHESS, ' 40 New Orleans, La. Band GEORGE BERNARD MATTHEWS, ' 40 New Orleans. La. K A, A A A Sinth Row: WILLI. M HENRY M. TTHEWS, III, ' 40 Livingston, Tex. II K A Band (1, 2); Dram.itic Guild (1, 2) CAREY LEE McMILI.AN. ' 40 New Orleans, La. 1! O II T. LI. R. K.; Class Secretary-Treasurer (2); Honor Board (2); Hull,ik.iloo (I, 2), Sports Editor (2) LEON VICTOR McVAY, JR., ' 40 Mobile, Ala. II (I II International Relations Club; Cotillion Club EDWARD BARNWELL MEANS, ' 41 New Orleans, La. A T n White Elephants; Y. M. C, A.; Football (1) f94] L UNDERGRADUATES Firsf Row: GEORGE THEODORE MEI.LINGER, MO New Orleans, La. K 1 International Relations Club; Glee Qub; Y. M. C. A. CONRAD MEYER. III. ' 41 New Orleans. La. EUGENE BERNARD MIDDLETON. JR.. ' 41 Homer. La. HARVEY HAROLD MINTZ. ' 41 Springhill, Ala. Z li r Y. M. C. A. SeconcJ Row: STANLEY ROBERT MINTZ. ' 41 Monroe, La. 5; . .M Glendv Burke Literary and Debating Society: Y. M. C. A ; Th- Bardies MALCOLM WILFRED MONROE. ' 40 New Orleans. La. ■!■ K 1 A Capella Choir II. 21; Band (1. 2): Glee Club (1. 2); Y. M. C. A. (II. Cabinet (2 1; Operetta (I. 2) GEORGE WILLIAM MORING, ' 40 Swainsboro, Ga. 1 X Glider Club; Dtamatic Guild EDWARD PRESTON MUNSON, JR.. ' 40 Napoleonville. La. li o n Thiitoen Club Third Row: FRANCIS MUFFOLETTO. ' 41 Eunice, U. LEO LAWRENCE NASTASI. ' 40 New Orleans. La. Y. M. C. A. THOMAS VERNON NICHOLS. JR., ' 41 Canton, Miss. l .i B Band; White Elephants WILLIAM RAYMOND D. NORTH. ' 40 New Orleans. La. K 1 T. U. R, K. (I); Greenbackers (11; Pan Hellenic Council (1); Glee Club ( 1 I Fourth Row: ROBERT WILLIAM O ' DONNEI.L. ' 41 Monroe, La. . r ' .; Glee Club ROBERT BLOUIN OLIVER. ' 41 Monroe. La. 1) () II Thirteen Club; Honor Board m-RNARD KAHN OPPENHEIM. ' 40 New Orleans, La. 1 A M Honor Board JOHN THOMAS OWIiNS. JR.. ' 40 New Orleans, La. Fifth Row: GEORGE KEYES PAGE, JR., ' 40 Nashvile, Tenn. 1 .V K MAX W. PEGRAM. ' 41 Tupelo. Miss. ■I ' A () International Relations Club; Tennis; The Bardies (HARI.ES HUBERT PliT ' I ' IiWAY, ' 40 Lakeland, Fla. •!■ K A Glendy Burke Literary a: i1 Debating Society; International Relations Qub AU.STIN GUY PHIII IPS. -ll New Orleans. La. ■I ' K i: Y. M. C. A. Slith Row: CHARIIS DANIl-l. PIQUE. ' 41 New Orleans. La. S T Fruhman Forensic Council P A. POAG. ' 41 Monroe. U. A K K Football ( 1 ) GEORGE McMICHAI I P0N1)I-;R, ' 40 New Oilean. la X X KAY CUNT PlUmr, ' 41 New Orleatu. La. 195] COLLEGE OF J UL HF - —- — ' ■ P h P 1 COLLEGE OF J u UNDERGRADUATES First Row: LAURBNCE LLOVU PUKIFOY, ' 41 El Dorado, A.k. 1 A E White Elephants PAUL BERNARD REASER, •lO New Orleans, La. Y. M. C. A, Cabinet; International Relations Qub; Glee Oub; Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society: Cotillion Club CHARLES ADRIAN RICH, Ml Gulfport, Miss. WINSTON EVERETTE RILEY, ' -lO Eudora, Ark, 1 . E WIRT ADAMS RODGERS, JR., ' 40 B.istrop La K i: Second Row: RAPHAEL ROSS. JR., ' 41 New Orleans. La. •I .i (1 H„«,, (.,, ,... THEOBALD ROBERT RUDOLF. JR.. ' 40 New Orleans La K . HENRY CLARENCE SABRIO. ' 41 New Orleans, La, ISAAC HARRY SALTZ, ' 41 Independence, La, K . B.ind; Track; Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society CARLOS JOSE SANZ. ' 41 Cicnfuegos, Cuba Third Row: JOSEPH FREDERICK SCHEUERMANN, JR., ' 41 . New Orleans. La. DANIEL LIGHTBOURNE SCHMLJCKER. ' 41 ... New Oileans, La. l K 1 GEORGE THEODORE SCHNEIDER. ' 41 New O.leans, La. ATA Y. M. C. A. II); Thirteen Club; Band; B.isketball; Class Vice-President (1) ALBERT BARNETT SCHONBRUN, ' 40 Tampa, Fla. 1 A M f lulltib l to: Glendy Burke Ijterary and Debating Society; Y. M. C. A.; Football ( 1 I WILLIAM ROBERT SCHULTZ, ' 40 New Orleans. La, A Capella Choir; Glee Club; Cotillion Club Secretary; Y. M. C. A, Cab- inet; Deutschekulturbund Fourth Row: CURTIS FREDERIC SCOTT. JR . ' 40 New Orleans, La, 1 •!■ [■: White Elephants JOHN STANLEY SCOTT, ' 40 Lake Charles. La, £ A E JAMES CORBETT SENTER, JR,, ' 40 New Orleans, La, A T 1. ' . AAA While Elephants; Freshman Forensic Council; Glee Club HORACE EI.VIN SHUFnELD, ' 41 Little Rock. Atk. 1 A E White Elephants; Greenbackers WILLIAM EMILE SIO ' E. ' 41 Alexandria. La. A T A Honor Board; Y. M. C. A. Fifth Row: JACK QLIINBY SLOAN. ' 41 Lakeland. Fla. 11 K A White Elephants WILLIAM LAWRENCE SPENCER. JR.. ' 41 Sterlington. La. ANTHON ' l ' JOHN SPOTO. ' 40 Tampa. Fla. FREDERICK LANDIS STANTON. ' 41 I.og,insport. Ind. A T A WALDORF AARON STEEG. ' 41 New Orleans. La. SAM Sixth Row: WILLIAM STEIN. JR.. ' 40 Natchez. Miss. Z I) T. AAA Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society SOI. BAER STERN. JR.. ' 41 New Orleans. La. S A -M Al.VIN WEIL STRAUSS. JR.. ' 40 Little Rock. Ark. Basketball Manager CLEVELAND JOSEPH STOCKTON. ' 41 New Orleans. La. ROBERT CARL SUTTON. ' 40 Sylve-ster. Ga. 2 A E [96] Li UNDERGRADUATES First Row: WILLIAM JASPER TALLEY, ' 41 Stevenson. Ala. n K A ALBERT ROBERTSON TEBO, JR., ' 40 New Orleans. La. K A Assistant Cheerleader; T. U. R. K.; Greenbackers: Glee Club DURWARD JOHN THIBODAUX. JR.. ' 41 .... New Orleans. La. PERRY KING THOMAS. JR.. ' 40 Tupelo. Miss. A e OSCAR JUDA TOLM.AS. ' 41 New Orleans. La. K X Band Second Row; DOUGLAS PAUL TORRE, ' 40 New Orleans, La. ATA White Elephants MOTTRAM PETER TORRE. ' 40 New Orleans. La. ATA White Elephants SANFERD PATTON TORREY, ' 41 Meadv.lU. Miss. 1 K White Elephants ISRAEL TRESTMAN. ' 41 New Orleans, La. Honor Board; Freshman Forensic Council Vice-President; Glendy Burlce Literary and Debating Society LEON MILLER TRICE, JR., ' 41 New Orleans, La. n H n Jambalaya Third Row: SAMUEL ADAMS TRUFANT. III. ' 40 New Orleans, La. i x Pan Hellenic Council; Varsity Boxing Manager LOUIS IRA TYLER. JR.. 40 Baton Rouge, La. •I K 1 JOHN ROBERT VALLEE. ' 41 New Orleans. La DAVID HUGH VARN, JR.. ' 41 Meade, Fla HARRY HART WAGENHEIM. ' 40 Pensacola, Fla. Z li T Class Vice-President (21; Glendy Burlce Literary and Debating Society; Freshman Forensic Council Fourth Row; WILLIAM BRADLEY WAIT, ' 40 New Orleans, La. ■I A 0, A A A Glee Club (I, 2); White Elephants; Hulljbjlou (1); Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society WINSTON WAKEFIELD WALKER ' 40 New Orleans. L.T A T ROBERT BRUCE WALLACE, JR., ' 40 Alexandria. La i K K Glee Qub MARTIN SAMUEL WATSKY. ' 41 New Orleans, La. K X DAVID WEINSTEIN, ' 40 St. Augustine. Fla. Z B T Y. M. C. A.; International Relations Club; Glee Qub; Track; Boxing Fifth Row: JACK M WEISS, ' 40 Beaumont, Tex Z B T The Bardies; Assistant Basketball Manager RALPH MILTON WENZEL, ' 40 Tucker, Ark •I ' i The Bardies (I. 2); Honor Board; A Capella Choir; Glee Qub; Football OSCAR SAMUEL WILLENZIK, ' 40 Pensacola. Fla. WILLIAM EZEKIEL WOOD. JR., ' 41 New OrUani, U. K i Y, M. C. A. (1); Basketball RICHARD McDonnell woodruff. ' 41 .... Hutchinson. Kails. Band Sixth Row: FRANK ALNX ' N word. ' 41 Unvillc, La, K A Football Manager ( I ) JAMES EDWARD WRIGHT, JR.. ' 41 New Orleans. La. A 2; •!• ROBERT DRLnHAN WYNNE. ' 41 New Orleaiu, U. :: A E Glee Club; Dramatic Guild; Y. M. C. A. VINCENT XAVIER ZANCA. ' 41 New Orleans. La. 1 II MAX PHILLIP ZANDER, ' 41 New Orleans, La. S A M (ilendy Burke Literary and Debating Society 197 1 r- f p f COLLEGE OF n u tinq O f C t sv uden BodV Presi ' aent SeC ' Vice .Pres " .Xred: aent sureT SeoiC C a4 pre siJenf V.ce-P ' " " ' surer Robert P.OMS cH Secre tary -j-jedst ' juniof C a presr ident 1r 1 . Vega Vice iiary presi .-pred ident J MB ' surer c crei " ' " Represen ' ' " ' Car ME ° LA Sop ° ' ° ' ' C as Pre ' ideiil Vi :« .pro ' " N)VM-1ER Joseph Beessev pOPE ECltEB Secret fT .TredS urer fres ' , ima " C a4 Joseph McCaR«° Sec-re Preside " ' Vke-Pr ' " ' Treasurer t.iry i lbE Af Cha ' RV-ES ' « EESS v trtE - bacH McCA ' rron JR. JOSEPH »--- l» « ' fwtt « COLLEGE OF m 1 ] SENIOR CLASS First Row: CLIFFORD ATKINSON. JR New OrUans, La. A K V. M. and £, Enstncenns T. U R K,; American Institute of Eleitrifal Hntinecrs GABRIHL GONZALKS AURIOl.KS Y FALCON .... H.ivan.i. Cuba T B It. . X r Chemicjt fnginreMnR Louisiana Engineering Society ROYAL RICHARD BASTIAN. JR New Orleans. La. A K E. A X i;, O A K. •!■ Chemical Enfiinccrittfi Thirteen Club; T. U. R. K. (3. 4), Vice-President (3. 4); Class President (1. 2) I Pan-Hellenic Council (4) Second Row: I ' HII II ' ALFRED BECNLL. JR New Orleans. La. A , jnj E. Eniiinecrinf: . ' American Society of Mechanical Engineets; American Institute of Electrical Engineers HERMAN Bl DM. JR New Oileans, La. M. jnJ E. Engineering American Society of Mechanical Engineers JOHN MATTHEW BOPP Bay St. Louis. Miss. M. and E. Engiueenng American Institute of Electrical Engineers Third Row: LEO EMMET BRODERS New Orleans. La. . X 1 Chemical Engineering ARTHUR HUBERT BROOK New Orleans, La. II K A M. and E. Engineering Hand U. 2. 3. 4). Assistant Librarian (31; Society of Automotive Engineers JACK SEYBORNE BURK New Orleans, La. II K A Civil Engineering Aichitectural Society (3); Glee Club (3, 4); American Society of Civil Engineers (I 2, 3, 4), President (4); Cotillion Club (4); Jambai.ava 141; International Relations Qub (4); Y. M. C. A. (4); Student Body Secretary-Treasurer (3) Fourth Row: CORNELIUS CHARLTON BURKH. JR Marianna, Arlt. M. and E. Engineering Ainerican Society of Mechanical Engineers MICHAEL JOSEPH CADE Dallas, Tex. T B n Af. and E. Engineering American Institute of Electrical Engineers ROY MORGAN CAMI New Orleans. La. Civil Engineering American Society of Civil Engineers [ 100] k SENIOR CLASS First Row: CHARLES IRWIN CRAIS New Orleans, La. M. and E. Engineering American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Greenbackers; Boxing JOHN JOSEPH ROSARIO DeMAjO New Orleans. La. 1 . and E. Engineering American Institute of Electrical Engineers JOHN KAIGLER DIXON New OMeans, La. 1 4 A Chemical Engineering Track; Pan-Hellenic Council Second Row: NORVAL FRANCIS ELLIOT New O.-leans, La. M. and E. Engineering American Society of Mechanical Engineers VC ' ILLIAM CONNER ELLIS New Orleans. La. A r V. M- and E. Engineering White Elephants; American Institute of Elearical Engineers EDGAR BENJAMIN FONTAINE. JR New Orleans, La. M. and E, Engineering Third Row: JACQUES LANAUZE FORTIER New Orleans. La. Ji G M. and E. Engineering American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Y. M. C. A.; Glider Club; Cotillion Qub; Student Body Vice-President (4); Bardies (2) EDWIN JEROME FRIEDRICHS New Orleans. La. ARE A rchiteclure " T " Club; Architectural Society; Football (2. 3. 4 ; Basketball (2) JEAN BAPTIST CASIMIR CiRAUGNARD Edgard. La. T H n M. and E. Engineering American Institute of Electrical Engineers. Secretary Fourth Row: LUQEN MUNZ HAASE New Orleans, La. Af. and E. Engineering Architectural Society JOHN EUCiENL: HALL. JR New Orleans, la M . and E Engineering American Insiitue of Electrical EnKinccnt (3, A); American Society of Me- chanical Engineer} (2, 3); Band (t, 2, 3, 4), Librarian (3) GEORGE PUTNAM HINDS. JR New Orleans. La. ' !• K 1. A X 1. T B II Chemical Engineering Spectators [ 101 1 " t COLLEGE OF 1 r ' Ti COLLEGE OF 111 |] SENIOR CLASS First Row: l.ONNIH LARI. KEES Brookhavcn, Mi s. T H II Af. and E. Engineering Aincriciii Sotiety of Mechanical Enftinoers; American Inititute of Electrical Engineers; Clasi Secretary (4) VAl. EARHAR r KISSGEN New Orleans, La. Cjvi7 Engineering American Society of Civil Engineers EDGAR JAMES LeBLANC New Orleans, La. Archilcclure GarKovle. Secretary-Treasuter; Architectural Society, Treasurer; Glee Club; Boxing Second Row: JOHN POSTON MANARD New Orleans. La. A K E, A X S Chemical Engineering NORBERT WILLIAM MARKEL New Orleans, La. ■ K 1. ! ' l . T B II Af. and E. En _:ineenns T. U. R. K.; Pan-Hellenic Council; American Institute of Electrical Engineers HENRY GILES MARTIN, JR New Orleans. La. ! ' K 1. T 11 II, A X 1 Chemical Engineering Specta- ' ors Third Row: PHILIP JOHN MITCHELI New Orleans, La. M. and E. Ensinecrtng American Society of Mechanical Engineers; American Institute of Electricil Engineers JOHN RICHARD MOONEY New Orleans, La. M. and :. Engineering American Society of Mechanical Etngineers; Glee Cluh; Varsity Track [2, 3. 4) JOHN EDWARD MOREHISER. JR New Orleans. La. Af. and E. Engineering American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Treasurer {J); Band (4) Fourth Row: WARREN GUSTAVE MOSES New Orleans. La. Z B T A ' , and E. Engineering American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Glider Club DIETRICH ALI-EN NEYLAND Shreveport, La. A T n Architecture Basketball; Architectural Society; " T " Club LOUIS RICHARD OTTO. JR New Orleans, La. 1 E, «l» M. and E. Engineering Class Secretary-Treasurer (I), President (2); Student Body Vice-President (4) ; Band ( 1 . 2, 3, 4) ; American Society of Mechanical Engineers (2, 3); American Institute of Electrical Engineers (4) [102] L SENIOR CLASS First Row: WILLIAM MINOR PAYNE New Orleans, La. A X 1 Chemical Engineering Alpha Chi Sigma Freshman Essay Cup; Louisiana Engineering Society WALTER PETER RAARUP. JR New Orleans. La. A X 1 Chemical Engineering Student Body Secretary-Treasure.- JOSEPH SANTOS RIORDA Managua. Nic. A T ii M. and E. Engineering Student Body President; Student Council; Pan-Hellenic Council (4) ; Co- tillion Club (J, 4); American Institute of Electrical Engineers (3. 4): American Society of Mechanical Engineers (2, 5); Varsity Track (2, 3, 4) Second Row: LAWRENCE ELLIOT ROBINS New Orleans, La. M. and E. Engineering American Society of Mechanical Engineers JOHN ROBERT ROMBACH. JR New Orleans. La. T B II M. and E. Engineering Class Vice-President (5). President (4); American Institute of Elrctrtcil Engineers; Glee Club (1. 4); Band li. 4) IRVIN JOSEPH ROME Destrehan. La. M. and E. Engineering American Institute of Electrical Engineers Third Row: FRANK JOSEPH ROSATO New Orleans. La. 1 A CivW Engineering American Society of Civil Engineers, Secretary; Band Assistant Dircc.cr THOMPSON JAMES SIMPSON New Orleans. La M . and E. Engineering American Institue of Elearical Engineers CAMMIE DARLING SMITH, JR New Orleans. La. A i; ' !• Architecture Architectural Society Fourth Row: LMMANUEL JUNG STANTON New Orleans. La A T v.. A X 1 Chemical hngineering lOUIS ODEL THAMES Hammond. I..1. A K i:. T 11 II Amcntran InMitutr oi t-lcctric.il EnKineers; Class President (3); Football (I. 2, 3. 4) HOKACE ARTHUK THOMPSON. JR N w Orleans, La II K A, A X 1 ChemiCiil Enginffring Glee Club; Pan-Hellenic Council: Track (I. 2. 3, 4) Fifth Row: JOHN PAUL TOIIIN Now Orleans, La, B O II M. and E. Engineering Clan SecretarV ' Tieasiirer (2); American Society of Mechanical Engineers 12, 3, 4); American Institute of Eleclriral Enuineets (i); T. U, R, K. (2, », 4 1. Secretary ()). President (4); Cotillion Club AI,I,|:N IHURMAN TDRPIN, JR Buirop, La. K S Atehitecture Architectural Society JOHN FRANCIS VOGT, JR New Orleans, la T n II Af. iiml E. Engineering Qa.s» Vice President (4); American Institute of Electrical Engineera r 103) f r T COLLEGE OF m M COLLEGE OF 1 ] JUNIOR CLASS First Row: JACKIEL BERNARD ARONSON New OrUam, La. K N Architecturf Architectural Society, Publicity Manager JULES FREDERICK BLASS New Orleans, La. . X S Chemical Engineenng LAURANCE HENRY BOHNE New Orleans. La. l K X M. iinil E. En tneenn .American Society of Mechanical Engineers I ' HlLIf WIl I.LA,M BOHNE New Orleans. La. A X 1 Chemical Enginefrtng Y. M. C. A.. Secrcrary (1) Second Row: SI ' LVAIN CLliMENT BOUCHF New Orleans. La. Af. and E. En jneenn American Iiistitutf of Hlearical Engineers (3); Y. M. C. A. (I); American Society of Mechanical Hn ;incers 2. 3); Inrernational Relatioru Club (2. 3) ; Glcndv Burke Literary and Debatins Society ( 3 ) ; Basketball ( 1 . 2 ) . Varsity (3); Varsity Boxing HLNR ' i- BERNARD BRADFORD. JR New Orleans, La. A X 1 Chemical En ineerinfi HRIC POWELL BREIDENBACH New Orleans. La. ' I ' K 1. A X 1 Chemical Enf ineettng, Class Vice-President ( U ; T. U. R. K. (2. 3); Greenbackers (2 ; Y. M, C. A., Vice-President (11 THOMAS GILMORE BROUSSARD New Orleans. La. M. and E. En irieeTinf " American Institute of Electrical Engineers; Varsity Basketball; Y. M. C. A.; Track Third Row: THOMAS WESTON BROWN New Orleans. La. M. and E. Engineering AintTican Institute of Electrical Engineers GERARD PAUL CAKUSO New Orleans, La. A X 1 Chemical Engineering NEIL LAWDER CHAVIGNY New Orleans. La. A K K. A X 1 Chemical Engineering ROBERT DONALD COSGROVE New Orleans. La, ' !• K 1 M. and E. Engineering American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Band Fourth Row: WALLACE VERLOIN deGRUY New Orleans. La. 1 . and E. Engineering American Institute of Electrical Engineers NICHOLAS FRANCIS FRISCHHERTZ Now Orleans, La. K i; M. and E. Engineering Ameiican Institute of Electrical Engineers; Class Secretary-Treasurer (3) nONATO ENRIQUE GUIZA Charcas. Mexico Civil Engineering .• nierican Society of Civil Engineers; Ix uisiana Engineering Society; Summer Survey Camp. Assistant Chief Engineer ROBERT NAGLE HABANS New Orleans La. Civil Engineering American Society of Civil Engineers; White Elephants Fifth Row: ALVIN HERTON HARRISON New Orleans. La. Architecture Glee Qub; Architectural Society VAN EATON HART New Orleans. La. M. and E. Engineering Boxing; Class Basketball; Class Football WILLIAM SPENCER HUEY New Orleans. La. A T v.. A X 1 Chemical Engineering American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Thirteen Club; International Relations Qub DONALD EDWARD JAHNCKE New Orleans, La. E A M. and E. Engineering American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Vice-Chairman (3). Chair- man (4); American Institute of Electrical Engineers (4); Class Treasurer (3); Glider Club (5, 4); Jambalaya (2); Society of Automotive Engineers [ 104] JUNIOR CLASS First Row: BEVERLY VERNON JOHNSON New Orleans. La. M. and E. Ensineering American Institute of Electrical Engineers; Class Vice-Presdieni EARLE HOPKINS JONES. JR FayetteviUe. Tenn. Ben A1 . and E. Engineering ERNEST WHALEY JONES New Orleans. La. K Z M. and E. Engineering Greenbat-kers DONALD GIFFORD JORDAN New Orleans. La. A 1 O Chemical Engineering Second Row: PIERRE JOVOVITCH New Orleans, La. Architecture Architectural Society; Cotillion Club; Track fl) EDWARD LACY KING. JR New Orleans. U. K 1 M and E. Enoineering American Societv of Mechariical Engineering; Glider Club NORMAN JOSEPH LANDRY New Orleans. La, •t A 9 M. and E. Engineering Glee Club; American Society of Mechanical Engineers WOODWARD BAINBRIDGE LOGAN New Orleans. U. n K A Architecture Glee Club (1. 2, 3). Business Manager (3); Architectural Society (1. 2. 3). Vice-President (3); Class Secretary-Trearurer (1) Third Row; JOHN FARNSWORTH MANSON New OrU-ans. La. «!» K S Civil Engineering American Society of Civil Engineers JOHN DANIEL McBRIDE P.lottown. La. Chemical Engineering AUGUST LOUIS MILLER New Orleans. La. M. and E. Engineering American Institute of Electrical Engineers CHARLES CHRISTIAN MILLER New Orleans. La. ATA Chemical Engineering Fourth Row; CHARLES WOODWARD NELSON New Orleans. La. M. and E Enz ' neering American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Vice-President (3) ; Y, M. C. A.. Cabinet (2. 3). Glider Club Vice-President (3); Cotillion Club (2. 3) ARTHUR CLINTON PORTER . . New Orleans. La. M. and E. Engineering Amt-rican Institute of Electrical Engineers PAUL HENRY RAMOS New Orleans. La. K i: Chemical Engineering Track CHARLES OSrOMN ROGERS . New Orleans. La. M. and E. Engineering Fifth Row: MILLARD PURNELL SNYDER Shicvcpoir. L.i A T A Civil Engineering American Society of Civil Engineers WILLIAM FREDERICK STANDKE. JR New Orleans. La. Ct il Engineering American Society of Civil Engineer.- FERDI B. STERN. JR New Orleans. La. Br M. and E. Engineering American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Secretary-Treasurer JOHN JOSEPH TIEDEMANN. JR. New Orlean.v La, Af. and E. Engineering Haicball; American Inxitute of Elect ric.tl Engineers Siith Row: IRWIN CHARLES WEIDIG New Orleans, La. M and E. Engineering American In.siitutc of Electrical Engineers ALBERT JOHN WETZEL. JR New Orleans, La. K Z M. and E. Engineering Claw President (3). Vice-Preaident (2); Varsity Basketball Manager (2, 3); T. U. R. K. (I. 2. 3); jAMnAi.AVA (I); Grrenbackcrs (3); American Society of Mechanical Engineers ( 2 , 3 ) ; American Institute of Electrical Engineers (2, 3) GEORGE FREl-MAN WILLIAMSON New Orlram, La tl K A Civi7 Engineering American ScKiety of Civil Engineers (2, 3. 4), Vice-President (3), Treas- urer (4): Cotillion Club (4): Y. M. C. A. (2. 3. 4); International Relations Club (3, • ); Greenbnckers DONALD EDWARD WILSON New Orleans. La. ATA. !• ■(• Ci i7 Engineering Basketball; American Society of Civil Engineers, Vice-President I 105] COLLEGE OF D UNDERGRADUATES First Row: UOIiEKT WAI.l.ACH ADAMSON. ' -tl Nfw Oilcans. I .1. Chemical i.nfitnccrini lACK ANDRRVC ALLISON. ' 40 Bilo«i. Mis . k T ' .; Civil EnpinccTinfi .•Xinericnn Society of Civil Ell :ineers (2. 3); Footb.lll (I, 2); B.i;lLrtb.Tll (1); Y. M. C. A. (1); White Elcphams DAVID LEVY ASHER. ' -lO New Oilcins, l.a, ■ . I! I Chemical I:n :incciinn WALTER EDGAR AYMOND. ' •10 Opeloii5.is. I..v .i K K A ichiucrurc Archirettiiral Society. Sei ;eant-at- Atm«; Jamhai.ava; Glee Club; Boxing 1. 2) Second Row: ROSS CONKLIN BAKER, JR., ' 41 Alexaiidtia. La. A K V. M intl h. liugincciillt: JOSEPH AN ' IHONV BECKER. JR.. ' 41 New Oilcans. La. I !■ A M and E. Engineering Engineers Truckins Association; American Institute of Electrical Engineers; Y. M. C, A.; Class Secretaiy-Trcarurcr (2); Basketball WALTER JAMES BINNINGS. ' 41 New Orleans. I.a. .4ri- )i. ' rcfHre .Architectural Society GEORGE NARCISSE BISCHOF. ' 41 New Oileans. La. M. and E. hn zinecrin Band Third Row: ( H.ARLES BITTENBRING. JR.. ' 40 New Orleans. I.a. i; ■!• A Civil EngmccTing Engineers Trucking Association; American Society of Civil Eng neers RODNEY ALFRED BLACK ' 41 New Orleans. La, Ciril Engineering WALTER EMMANUEL BLESSEY. ' 40 New Orleans. La. K 1 Civit En " ineering Class Vice-President (1). President (2): Ba-eball (1. 2); Y. M. C. A. (I); Cotillion Club (1. 2); American Society of Civil Engineers (1, 2); Engineers Trucking At;ociation DAVID CHARLES BLOSSM.AN. ' 41 Covimton. La. K I Chemical Engineering Y. M. C. A. ID Fourth Row: STANFORD KAHN BLUM. JR ' 41 New Orleans. La. Z H T M. and E. Em ' jneering Band RICHARD CAMP BORDEN. ' 41 Galveston, Tex. •h K i; C.iril Engineering V. M (J A , Engineers Trucking As:ociat:on; Boxing HENRY JOSI-I ' H BUI.TMAN. IR.. ' 40 New Orleans, I.a. .■ X :;: ■! K s Chemical E,ngincering Boxing EDMOND PAUL BUQUET. ' 41 Dulac. La. M and E. E-ng:neering Fifth Row: WILLIAM RK:HARD BURK. 1R . ' 41 New Orleans, La. II K . Irt irecrirre Glee Club; Architectural Society CHARLES WITHERSPOON BURTON. ' 41 New Orleans, La. Chemical E.ngineering Engineers Trucking Assocaition. Presidrnt; Y. M. C. A.: Cotillion Club; Class Secretary-Treasurer ( 1 ) ; Track I 1 ) WALTER CAMERON BYRNE, ' 41 New Orleans. La. M. and :. E n ineering STAN1.I-:Y STEVEN CARNEGIE. ' 40 Westville. N. J. Civit Engineering American Society of Civil Engineers Sixth Row: PAUL GILBERT CHARBONNET, JR., ' 40 New Orleans. La. A K E Architecture Glee Club; Architectural Society WILLIAM HENRY CHURCH. ' 41 New Orleans. I.a. •I ' K S Chemical Elngineering Glee Club DOROTHY WAl.MSI.EY COTTON. ' 40 Philadelphia. Penn. Architecture Architectural Society JOHN CONDIT CUI.BERTSON, ' 41 New Orleans. La. A K E Civit Engineering Thirteen Club; Basketball (1) [ 106] UNDERGRADUATES First Row: NATHANIEL CORTLANDT CURTIS. JR . ' 40 . . New Orleans, La. K A Architecture T. U. R K.; Greenbackers; Architectural Society; Track ARTHUR DAVIS, ' 41 New Orleans, La. Z B T Aicbitecture Architectural Society HOMER LEE DAVIS, ' 40 New O leans. La. K i: M. and E. En mecrtns Engineers Trucking Association; Y. M. C. A.; American Society of Me chanical Engineers; Boxing HARRY LEE DEAS, JR., ' 40 New Orleans, La. !• K i ChemUiit Engtneering Engineers Trucking Association; Y. M. C. A. (1) SecontJ Row: MANUEL JOSEPH DeLERNO, ' 41 New Orleans, La. Af. ind E. Ens ' .neerinz Band; Y. M. C. A. (1) THOMAS BAYNE DEN RE. JR., ' 41 New Orleans, La K . M- jnd E. Engineering ALBERT MILFORD DREYFUSS. JR.. ' 40 Shrcvcport, La. Z B T Architecture Architectural Society JAMES THOMAS DWYER. JR.. ' 41 New Orlcins, La. Chemical Engineering Y. M. C A. Third Row: RAY ARTHUR DYKE, JR., ' 41 New Orleans. La. K S Chemical Engineering Y. M. C. A.. Vice-President (H WILLIAM DAWKINS ESPY, JR.. ' 40 New Orleans. La •I ' A O M. and E. Engineering Jambalava; Hullabaloo; Univerfity Theatre; R.ndio Players; American Insti tutc of Elearical Engineers: Y. M. C. A. JAMES ROSS EUSTIS, ' 41 New Orleans. La. Civil Engineering Y. M. C. A. M.OYD PURVES FADklQUE. ' 41 New Orleans, La. A T 9. Chemical Engineering White Elephants Fourth Row: RILEY BROWN FELL. ' 41 New Orleans, La. Chemical Engineering CHARLES LEAHY FISHER. ' 40 New Orleans. La. Civil Engineering American Society of Civil Engineers HARRY WAIT!-: FRISTOE, JR.. ' 41 New Orleans. la 11 K . M. and E. Engineering Football II); Boxing I 1 I LOUIS WALTER Q.EMENTS GEIER, ' 40 New Orleans, La. Architecture Architectural Society Fifth Row: JORGE GORRIARAN. ' 40 Havana, Cuba M- and E. Engineering HARRY RERTRAND GREENBERG, ' 40 New Orleans. La Z II T Chemical Engineering WILLIAM EDWARD GREVE, ' 41 New Orleans, La. Chemical Engineering Engineers Trucking Association lUANCIS BENEDICT GROSZ, ' 41 New Orleans, La. A rchitecture Glee Club; Architectural Society Sinth Row: EARLE RIETH GURTI.ER, ' 40 New Orle,ins. La 1 •!■ A Chemical Engineering Engineers Trucking Association; American Society of Mechanical Engineer. WEEKS TORIAN HARRISON. ' 40 New Orleans, La. K . M. and E. Engineering Radio Plavrrt; American Institute of Electrical Engineers MAURICE HIHS( H Hl-I 1 MAN. ' 40 New Orleans. I... K .W. and :. Engineering RICHARD ALAN HERROD, JR.. ' 41 St. Rose, la. Af. and E. Engineering 1 107] M COLLEGE OF 1 ] COLLEGE OF 1 ] UNDERGRADUATES First Row; WILLIAM CHARl.LS HILDEBRAND. JR., MO . . New Orleans, La. 1 X Af. and E. Enginrrrinj; Engineers Trucking Association; American Society of Mechanical Engineers; EDWIN JACOB HILLER. ' 41 .° " . ' . New Orleans, La. Z B T Chemical En ineeiinfi MAR ' CLARE HOGG, ' 41 New Orleans, La. H i: O ArchttectuTt Architectural Society ROGER NORMAN JAUBERT, ' 40 New Orleans, La. M. and h. Engineering BoxinK: Football (21; Track (3) WARREN LOLIIS JAUBERT, ' 40 New Orleans, La. A1 . and E. Engineering Boxing ( 1 , 2 , 3 ) Second Row: LEON KLEIN, JR., ' 40 New Orleans, La M. and E. Engineering American Society of Mechanical Engineers; American Institute of Electrical Engineers; Baseball PAUL EDWARD I.ACOURREGE. JR., ' 41 New Orleans, La. Chemital Engineering WILBUR PAUL LAFAYE, ' 41 New Orleans, La. M. and E. Engineering HAROLD JOSEPH LAGROUE, JR., ' 40 New Orleans, U. A nhitccture Architectural Society IRWIN MICHEL LAIS, ' 411 New Orleans, La. S !• A .Vf. and E. Engineering .■ merican Society of Mechanical Engineers; American Institute of Electrical Engineers; Engineers Trucking Association; Y. M. C. A. ThirtJ Row: HHRRICK JOHNSON LANE. JR., ' 40 New Orleans, La. . T S! Civil Engineering American Society- of Civil Engineers WILLIAM CLARENCE LAWLESS. ' 41 New Orleans, La. r T . Chemical Engineering Engineers Trucking Association; Class Vice-President (I) GEORGE MURRAY LEAKE. ' 40 New Orleans, La. II K . Architecture Glee Club: Architectural Society; Basketball lAMES WESLEY LEAKE, ' 41 New Orleans, La. II K . ,4rc ?ircc itrc BYRON I.AZAR LEVY. ' 41 New Orleans, La. Z P. T Af, and E. Engineering Fourth Row; ROBERT HUBERT LISTER, ' 40 New Orleans, La. Chemical Engineering lOHN DONALD LOCKWOOD, JR . ' 41 New Orleans, La. t K S A , and E. Engineering Y. M. C. A. ARTHUR LEON LOWE. JR., ' 40 New Orleans. La. K S M. and E. Engineering Bnxmg (1. 2); Track II. 2); Basketball (U; Ametican Institute of Elec- trical Engineers; White Elephants (1) HENRY IRVEN MADDEN, ' 40 New Orleans, La. I ■!. i Af. and E. Engineering .American Society of Mechanical Engineers; American Institute of Elearical Engineers: Engineers Tiucking Ajsociation; Y. M. C. A. ALBERT RHOADES MARSCHAI.I. ' 41 New Orleans, La. •1 ' K X. Af and E. Engineering Fifth Row: Y. M. C. A. (1) WILLIAM ANTHONY MASSIMINI, ' 41 New Orleans, La. Af, and E Engineering Golf JOSliPH WILLIAM McCARRON. IR.. ' 41 New Orleans, La. • r ' ' ■ Chemical Enfineering Engineers Trucking Association: Y. M. C, A : Class Pre-Mdent (1): Football ( 1) ; Basketball 111; Track ( 1 1 NEIL HUGH McLAURIN. JR.. ' 40 Brookh.iyen, Miss. (chemical Engineering American Society of Mechanical Engineers DONALD STUART McLELLAN, ' 41 New Orleans, La. n 6 n Af. and E. Engineering ROBERT KENNETH MICHAELS, ' 41 Orlando, Fla, r Af. and E. Engineering Sixth Row: HAROLD IVAN MORRIS, ' 40 New Orleans, La. Af. and E. Engineering Engineers Trucking Association; Baseball f 1) ; American Soccity of Me- chanical Engineers; Y. M. C. A. STENNING COATE MURPHY. ' 41 New Orleans, La. K A Chemical Engineering Y, M. C. A.; Track; International Relations Club GLADYS ARDELL NOLAN, ' 41 Jack.sonville, Fla. A rchilecture Architectural Society RALPH PETER NOLAN. JR.. ' 41 New Orleans, La. Af . and E. Engineering JOSEPH ALBERT POLACK, ' 41 - - ■ ■ • New Orleans, La. Chemical Engineering [ 108] UNDERGRADUATES First Row: GEORGE HARMON POPE. ' 40 Montgomery, Ala. M. and E. Enginefrtng Class Vice-President (2) JOHN EMILE POTTHARST. JR., ' 40 New Orleans. La. ■! A O M. and E. Engineering ROBERT ROUGELOT PRECHTER, ' 40 New Orleans, La A , and E. Engineering American Society of Mechanical Engineers: Engineers Trucking Association HERBERT EDWARD PRITCHARD. JR.. ' 40 . . . New Orleans. La. M. and E. Engineering American Institute of Electrical Engineers CHARLES EDWARD REID. ' 40 Hammond. La ATA Chemical Engineering Seconci Row; Glee Club: Operetta THOMAS JOHN RENNIE. ' 40 New Orleans. La. K K K Civil Engineering GUSTAVE BENJAMIN ROSEN. ' 40 Houston. Tex. K Chemical Engineering ROGER MAURICE SANDERFORD. JR.. ' 41 Waco, Tex. M. md E. Engineering MARGARET MARY SCHMACHTENBERGER . ' 40 . New Cleans. La Chemical Engineering GEORGE ADOLPH SCHREIBER. JR.. ' 40 New Orleans. La. I E M. and E. Engineering Third Row: Y. M. C. A. WALTER DORMAN SHEPARD. ' 41 New Orleans. La. Architecture Architectural Society EDWARD WALTER SIMON. JR.. ' 41 New Orleans. La in M. and E. Engineering ALWYN SMITH. JR . ' 40 New Orleans. U. n K . A , and E. Engineering American Society of Mechanical Engineers: Radio Players (2): Track (I) JOHN LOUIS SMITH. ' 41 Covington, La. M. and E. Engineering EDWIN JOSEPH SONIAT, ' 40 New Orleans, La M. and E. Engineering American Society of Mechanical Engineers; American Institute of Electrical Engineers: Radio Players Fourth Row: ARTHUR WENDEL STOUT. JR., ' 41 New Orleans, La 1 X Chemical Engineering White Elephants HAROLD HENRY STREAM. JR.. ' 41 New Orle.ins. La. 1 X Chemical Engineering CHARLES EDWARD KNIGHT STRONG. ' 41 ... New Orleans, La. A K K Chemical Engineering Thirteen Club. Vice-President IGNACIO AMADOR SUAREZ. ' 41 Havana. Cuba Chemical Engineering LUIS ALEJANDRO SUAREZ. ' 40 Havana, Cuba M. and E.. Engineering Fifth Row: GEORGE HUTCHINSON THOMPSON. ' 40 .... New Orleans. La. A X 1 Chemical Engineering Glee Qub (1. 2: A Capella Choir (2): Y. M. C. A.. President (1) C-ibinet (2): Cotillion Club (1. 2): Freshman Hop Chairman (1 THOMAS ARTHUR TOMENY. ' 40 New Orleans. La Civil Engineering Engineers Trucking Association: American Society of Civil Engineers; Basketball; Y. M. C. A. WILLIAM ERASER TOMPKINS. JR.. ' 40 ... Chevy Chase. Scotland •!■ K I Civil hnntneering Boxitit{ (1, 2); Baseb-ill (1. 2); Americm Society of Civil Engineers JAMHS FKANKI.IN TURNBULL. JR.. ' 40 New Orleans. I.a. II K A Chcmuai Engineering Pan Hcllenic Council; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet Treasurer; Campus Night Co- Chairman; White Elephants (1); Cotillion Club MILTON McO.HLLAN WALTHER. ' 40 New Orleans. La. A X 1 Chemical Imgineenng Engineers Trucking Association; Y. M. C. A. (2); Glee Qub (2) Sixth Row: CHESTER OSWALD WEILBAECHER. ' 40 .... New Orleans, Ij. M. and E. Engineering American Institute of Electrical EnKinrcrs; Radio Players ROBERT MEMNON WOOD. JR.. ' 41 New Orleans, La. Chemical Engineerinn Engineers Trucking Association WILLIAM ANDREW WOOD. JR.. ' 41 Mobile. Ala. •I- K S Chemical Engineering JAMHS FRANCIS VIl.I.ERE. ' 40 •.■••: ' ' ■ " Orleans, La. Chemical Engineering EDWARD ZINKOW, ' 41 N«w OtUani, U. r A M M. and E. Engineering Band [ 109 1 Jp»»» - ' (•) - ( " " " V ' - ' « ' ' ' -m n fr K , x . w COLLEGE OF n 1 stud tP- ent 6°= Preside " ' dent 5en ' (or C as presti Secretary .freds urer ,v R P " ' ' " tdtive Junior C a lA ' ' El l R Du RSEf Vice Secretdry preside " ' .Preside " ' .7 red ■,urer VAl- 509 ° " ° ' C a Vice Secre tdr7 Preside " ' reside " ' .-preJS ' " ' ' ' ' fvei ' .V roan C a Sccre Preside " ' Vice-Pr " " ' TredswTe " 1 MB AV Rep ■ese " tdtive vioff ' ' ' in jU . rnr r IM AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION SENIOR CLASS First Row: JOHN STEPHEN ARTHUR New Orleans. I.a. White Elephants: HulLibjIuo (1. 2): Jambalava (1): Tulane Dance CUih President (1. 2(: Collece Nights (1. 2, 3. 4) CALVIN KRtP BENEDICT New Otloans. I,a. A K !•:. A A A Thirteen Club: Boxing: Football ALICE MORGAN B-I-RON New Orleans. La. K (I Pan Hellenu- Council Second Row: SIDNEY DAVID CARP New Orleans. La. K N Glendv Burke Literary and Debating Society DAVID DAVIS DLIPUY New Iberia, La. 1! (• II. ■!■ !■ Basketball Manager (M; Pan Hellenic Council (3); Creenbackers EDGAR FELIX GRAVES Ciinden. Ark. U () II Student Body Secretary-Treasurer Third Row: AUGUST HIiNRY GRIMALDI. ll( New Orleans, La. HUNTER THOMPSON HUDDLE Orange, Tex. ■I ' K r Greenbackcrs 1 OLIIS ROY KOERNER New Orleans, La. L A K. ■!■ ■1 ' Fourth Row: JOHN SICiMUND LEMANN New Orleans, La. Y. M. C. A. (2) International Relations Club (2) MARGUERITE HELENE McGEE Hammond. La. B r 2 Qaiis President (4) ANTOINETTE ADELE NAPOLITANO New Orleans, La. [ 112] SENIOR CLASS First Row: COLVIN GAMHLE NORWOOD Nsw Orleans, La. A K E Football Manager NORVIN PALMER OLIVER, JR New Orleans, La, K A HAROLD MERLE POWELSON St. Cloud, Minn. Student Body Vice-Preridcnt (4) Second Row: LAWRENCE DONALD RITTER New Orleans. La. . X A Greenbackers WILLIAM SARGENT Oak Park. III. 1 E University of Illinois; Class Vice-President (4) JAC STICH New Orleans, La, Z B T Third Row: LEON SAW AY A THOMAS Jackson. Miss, LYMAN EDGAR THORNTON New Orleans. La, C:LAR1BEL TRUNZI.ER New Orleans, La ■!■ .M Fourth Row: ROBINSON MILLER UPTON New Orleans. La, i K i:. o A K. K A ' i . 1) r r Student Body President; Student Council President; Football; Class Pres- ident (1, 2) IRWIN I inVARD VOLKER New Orleans, La. A i Class Secretary H ) ; Greenbackers HAURV MONTGOMERY WAUGH. JR Bluefield, W, V«, ■!• A I), [• White Elephants; Vaisily Track (2, }. 4), Captain (4) I IH I in jU - rnr - Clli [ AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION in JU . ( 1 ) ■ Uh AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION JUNIOR CLASS First Row: JOSEPH LEWIS ABKAMS New Voik, N. Y. Z H T Gtecnbackers; Pan-HelieriK- Council; Cotillion Club; Tennis (1) Varsity (2. 3); Basketball (1). Varsity (2. 3) WIM.IAM JOHN ADAMSON, Jl New Orleans. La. K i; Glee Club RAI ' MONO BACiUI.RY New O.leans. La. JOSE LUIS BANOS New Orleans, La. ■1 ' A G, A A A Greenbackers; Glee Club; Freshman C liccrleader SecontJ Row; ARNOLD JEROME BENNETT New O.Ieans, I a. K . ERNEST LANIKR BLISS New Orleans. La. 1 •!• V. White Elephants HARRY .lOSHPH BLLIMENTHAL New Orleans. La. Z 1) T WILLIAM BOXLEY CARPliNTER Roanoke. Va. Third Row: PAUL HENRI CHAMPION Flint. Mich. -1 ' A II STEWART MARTIN CRAIS New O.Ieans. La. Tennis VINCENT BLAISE D ' ANTONI New Orleans, La. A 1 ■!■ Goir DuVAL FREDERICK DICKEY N w O.Ieans. La. ' I ' K 1 Class Sjcrerarv Treasuier (J) Fourth Row: JOHN CLYDE DUCKWORTH. JR New Orleans, La. Glee Club; Boxin ;; Class Football; Cla:,s Basketball EWELL ELTON EAGAN New Orleans, La. A I ' l ' . •!• ' l ' NORMAN EUSTIS EAVES New Orleans. La. K A Thirteen Club GEORGE ROBERT FOERSTER New Orleans, La. 1 II Pan Hellenic Council Fifth Row: MORRIS SHEPHERD FORS-lTH New Orleans, La. K X Pan-Hellenic Council; International Relations Club CARL MAURICE FREMAUX New Orleans. La. II K A Y. M. C. A.; International Relations Club RITA MAE FRITZ New Orleans. La. GWENDOLYN GERTRUDE GEARY New Orleans. La. X V. I 114] JUNIOR CLASS First Row; MALCOLM GEORGE HAAS New Orle?:.s, La. II K Band I 3 } IRA BROWN HARKEY. JR New Orleans. La. A K E MAUNSEL WHITE HICKEY New Orleans. La. K . . A A A White Elephants; Class Vice-President (1). President (2, 3); T. U. R. K. (2. 3); Pan-Hellenic Council (2, 3); Track LOUIS Mcknight JONES New OrUans, La. •I ' i e HulUbaloo Business Staff; White Elephants; Football I I I Second Row: EDMOND L.AWRENCE KIMBLE. JR New Orleans, La. 1 A K Band; Glee Club ALPHONSE MARX LAZARUS New Orleans. La. MARGUERITE MARIE LOUBERE New Orleans. La. Glee Club; University Theatre GUSTAVE ADOLPHUS MANTHEY New Orleans. La. Third Row: EINAR NEDLAND PEDERSEN New Orleans, La. •I K 1 T. U. R. K.; Glee Club. Vice President; A Capella Choir; Class Vice- President (3); Basketball; Track JO ROBERT PERSONS. JR Now Orleans. La A O H ulUbiiioo National Advertising Manager ( 3 ) ARTHUR CLIFFORD RliUTER New Orleans. La. 1 n Band I 3 I BERNARD RICHMOND New Orleans, La. Varsity Track; Class Football; Class Baseball; Class Basketball Fourth Row: CLAUDE GREEN RIVES. Ill New O.l.ans. La. II O ri T. U. R. K.; Thirteen Club OLGA HORTENSIA RODRIGUEZ Panama, R. p. JAMES CRAIG ROTH New Orleans La A K E T. U. R. K.; Track DAVID RAIPH SCHWARZ Now Orl.-.ins la Z I) T Fifth Row: RICHARD ERNEST SWANN. JR Dallas Tex K j: C;iec Club; Basketball KARL WARRI:N IHOMASON ... . Summit N J K A Roselle Junior Collene; Basketball; Tennis; Grernhackcr; Y. M. C. A. I.IXINARI) WEII Nashville. Trnn. ■ . II T WEl.VII II HIRSCH WOLFSON New O.leani. La. K .N tini [J [ I I AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION u J n [ AND BUSINESS ADM INISTRATION UNDERGRADUATES pint Row: MILLARD CLAIR BAKER. JR.. ' 40 New Orleans. La. II K A Gloc Oub JOHN WILLIAM BLAND. 41 Sonom. Ky. K 1 White I-lephams JOSLPH VAUGHAN BRES, ' 40 Brmlcy, La. Glee Club; B.i.«lcetball GAILON T0 X ' I:RS BRYAN. ' 40 Blue-fields. Nicirauga Second Row: MORRLS I-DWIN BURKA. ' 40 Galveston, Tex. Z li T LOUIS VICTOR CARAMBAT. JR.. ' 41 New Orleans. La. JOHN FR. ' VNCIS CARRERH. ' 41 New Orleans, La. K . Basketball ( 1 ) ; Baseball Ml; Football ( 1 1 MICHAEL JOSEPH CUSIMANO. ' 40 .New Oileans. La. Third Row; JACK DARAY, JR.. ' 41 Flossraoor, III. •I A RH-lLLLS MAE DERBES. ' 41 New Orleans. La. Z T A WALTER JOHNSON DUEEASE, ' 40 New Orleans, La. A T i! WILLIAM HENR ' i- DLINSTAN, III, ' 40 . . . New Orle.ins. La, ■!• £ 1 White Elephant; Fourth Row; CHARLES JOSEPH EAGAN, JR.. ' 40 New Orleans, La. A 1 WILLIAM VOEKLEI. ENGELHARD T. ' 41 , . . . New Orleans. La, JOHN DOUGLAS EUSTIS, ' 41 New Orleans, La. 1 X White Elephants WILBUR OTIS FOGG. ' 40 New Orleans. La. Fiflh Row; JAMES HARRIS FORTSON, ' 41 New Oileans. La. •! A O Jambalaya EUGENE GIRARD FRUCHTGARTEN, ' 40 New Orleans, La. Glee Club (1, 2); Glendy Burke Literary and DebatiiiK Society (I, 2); Freshman Debating; Class Vice-President (1); FVeshnian Basketball JOHN BENNETT FUDICKAR, ' 40 Monroe, La. A K K Glee Club HERMES QUIN GAUTIEH. ' 41 Pascigoula, Miss. K A White Elephants; Hulbb loo I 11C ] UNDERGRADUATES First Row: BILL GIBSON, ' 41 New Orleans, La. K 1 Class President ( M; Academic Board; Y. M. C. A : Band Drum Major ADDLEY HOGAN GLADDEN, ' 41 New Orleans. La, Y. M. C. A. (1) WILLIAM NELSON GRIMMER, ' 40 Lafayette, La. K 2 STEPHEN LEE GUICE, JR.. ' 41 New Orleans, La. •!• K Z Y. M. C. A. (1); White Elephants Second Row: EARL KAU HAAS, ' 41 New Orleans. La. AS Band SEYMOUR HARRIS, ' 41 New Orleans, La. EDWARD MARLBOROUGH HE. ' TH. M,! New Orleans. La. K . ANTON WINTER HOLBROOK. ' 40 New Orleans. La. K 1 Third Row: JACOB MADISON JACOBS. JR.. ' 41 Roxobel. N. C IRA PALMER JONES. JR., ' 40 Dayton, Ohio li e n University of Ohio HENRY JOSI-:PH JUNONVILLE, JR., ' 41 New Orleans, La. A K K Thirteen Club GUST AVE KAPLAN, ' 41 Alexandria, La. K . Freshman Form ic Council President: Univer;itv Theatre Fourth Row; RUTH KATZ, ' 40 New Orleans, La. CHARLES LAWRENCE KNIGHT, ' 40 New Orleans, La. A 1 Y. M. C. A. I ' AUI. GEAUI.D KRUEGER, ' 40 Gary, Ind. H T II Class S;crctary-Trcasurcr 12); Varsity Football (2) WILLIAM HOWARD KUNTZ, ' 41 Milwaukee, Wis. ■I- K 1 Cotillion Club: Cilec Club: Jamdai.aya; T. U R. K.: Band Fifth Row: (:haui.i:s phiii.ips li:i-:, ' 40 Butte, Mom, II U II Glee Club (2); Basketball (1. 2) JAMES VICTOR LELAURIN, ' 40 New Orleans. L». 11 K A White Elephants (I); International Relations Club { , 2); Grcenbackers (2) ARNOLD IOSi:i ' H LEVY, ' 41 New Orleans, La. Z II T Track Manager ( I ) LEAH ISOI.ENE LEVY. ' 41 New Orleans, La. [1171 u :i; ■ - ;lli [ AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION in jU . [ [1 [ f ui III [ AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION UNDERGRADUATES First Row: BOVD HKNRI ' LEWIS, Ml New Orleans. U. •!■ B Aichitcctural Society U. 21. Glee Club (2) HFUMAN l.OEB. ' 41 Shrcveport, I.a. . 11 r JOSHPH FREDERIC AUGUSTE LOKBEK. JR., 41 . New Orleans, La. K I ' JamOALAYA; Thiitccn Clllh JACK WARREN LORCH. ' 41 New Orleans. La. ■:• J O HulLih.iliH ; Univor-ity Theatre; White Eh phants. Grand Trunk Second Row: LEE PHILIP LOTTINGER. JR.. ' 41 Houma. La. 1 -I ' I-: Glee Club; International Re ' ation. Club WILLIAM VINCENT LYONS. ' 40 New Orleans. La. A 1 ' !■ JOHN HOBSON MAGINNTS. ' 40 New Orleans. La. K A Thirteen Club ALBERT CONGDON MARTIN ' ' : MJ New Orleans, La. A 1 Greenbaclccrs Third Row: EDWARD BERNARD MARTIN JR.. ' 40 New Orleans. La. K . White Elephants; Boxinr; Class Piendent U). Vice P;esiJent (2) T. U. R. K.; Greenbackers ISAAC SACKMAN MARX. ' 41 Monroe. La. Z II I ' Jambai ava; Oratorical and Debating Council LUCILLE ELENA MAURIN. ' 40 Metairie. La. ALICE BERTHA MAYER. ' 40 New Orleans. La. 1 1 Fourth Row: JOHN LEROY McGEE, ' 41 Hammond. La. JAMES McLACHLAN, JR.. ' 41 Metairie. La. A I ' I ' WILLIAM NORMAN McROBERTS. ' 41 New Orleans. La. A K 10 EMMETT JOHN MERCIER, ' 40 New Orleans, La. Fifth Row: ARTHUR STUART MIDDLETON. ' 41 J.ickson, Miss, I A V. WILLIAM GRAHAM MOI- ' FAT, JR., ' 40 MontKomery, Ala. ■!• A Class President (2) ROBERT KNOWLTON MORRILL , ' 41 New Orleans, La. S X Glee Club; Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society WILLIAM JENNINGS MURRAY, ' 41 New Orleans, La. A T S.I Thirteen Oub [ 118J UNDERGRADUATES First Row: ALBERT JOSEPH NUGON, JR., ' 41 New Orleans, La. ATA MARSHALL FREDERICK ORDEMANN, ' 41 .... New Orleans, La. ATA Jambalaya; Cotillion Club; Glee Club CLYDE WELDON PAINE, JR.. ' 41 Monroe, La. A K E Thirteen Club; Class Vice-President; Glee Club BARNETT McGEHEE POINDEXTER, ' 41 Ravine. Miss. I X Second Row: EDWIN BERNER RASKIN, ' 40 Savannah, Ga. 1 A M JAMES ENGLEMANN REID, ' 41 New Orleans, La. B 9 11 Thirteen Club; Boxin.r;; Class Secretary-Treasurer f 1 ) CHRIS REUTER, ' 41 New Orleans, La. 1 II Band SAMUEL RUBENSTEIN. ' 40 Rosedale, Miss I A M Band; Glee Cub Third Row: CARLOS HUMBERTO RUBIO, 41 New Orleans. La RALPH RAPHAEL RUGAN. JR.. ' 41 New OrI.-.ins. La. A B Jambai.aya Representative (1) JAMES ROCQUET SANCHEZ. ' 41 New Orleans, La. A K K MARTIN FREDERICK SCHMIDT. ' 40 Louisville, Kv B II HulUh oo; T. U. R. K. Fourth Row: MELVILLE HARRIS SCHMIDT, ' 40 New Orleans, La. ATA BERNARD JOHN SCHOTT, ' 41 New Orle.ins. La i; A V. White Eiephi.nts JULIUS SPIZER. ' 40 New Orleans. La K X CARL FREDERICK STOCKMEYER. JR.. ' 40 ... . New Orleans, La n o H Fifth Row: MAX MORTON WAITZ, ' 41 Fullerton, Pa, Z A M JOHN DANIEL WHITT, ' 40 McAlrster, Okla II K A JOEL RICHARD WILLIAMS, 41 . Gteenvillc. Ohio 11 O II Football ( 1 I MYRON D WOLF. JR , ' 41 CnuitmAti, Ohio ■ , II T Glee Club [ 119] 4 V O P Ml JU - rn - - mill [ AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION L 4 r Adelina Pat+i, famous soprano, sings her debut in the ornate French Opera House. Although she was only 17 years old. Miss Patti ' s premiere performance received the ovation of a seasoned prima donna. Her beauty is said to have char- acterized the charming creole belle — at all times typical of New Orleans. E A T U S i f E A T U E S CSe iLH. I V (i SOME FAVORITES AT NEWCOMB, INTERESTING TULANIANS AND WHO ' S WHO AMONG THE MEDICS I ' hoto hv C Kennrtr. ' Mo Ji 1 M r ] ' " n 1 ii -| - - J J l1 1 Ui D Photo hv C. Bennrttt? Moore ' CT, ' :1Vlyif ■; ' rA««f ■ Krm w» ' i»W ' ' «itlJ;•aTm«M»i M«f-Vl w PIk.K. In ( 11,1, lull. . Mn.„ L i Ril Plu.tM h; C (■;..„n,.[t,, M,„,rr JJ fii - - - - J - - ■ Phr.ro h C, Bennette Moore ,u. I ' v I.. i;.i.i. ' ., M f Ji m IJJ n fi I I Phoio bv r B..nn»rr.- M.-, r MISS THELMA HEMARD MISS MAK ' f I ' l-.ACOCK MISS 111 I H HM.I.AKD MISS IKHMINI lOlUN i tiWtM itf f-jvotttfi hy C. Iffnnrllf Moorr Harvev Carey i i Clifford Atkinson Here ' s our toast to a " swell fellow. " He was not chosen because he is a big shot — although one he might well be. Qualifications: his keen sense of hu- mor, his ever-present smile, his helping hand always extended. You ' ve seen him about and often mentioned " he ' s one of the best. " BlI-I. Y Payni: 1 1 Charlies HAfiiiixiMN TtltlO VON K0RNATO« ' S ANt CmaPI.IIS SltRMAN Known to all as leaders in student activities and possessors of ready wit, these medics, in our opinion, are worthy wearers of the Aesculapius emblem. Their sincerity and conviviality have won for them popularity on the entire campus. C. M. " Dtx: " HAhWFi.i AND Hardfb BliTni: AMONG THE MEDICS They, more than any others, typify the fine spirit ever associated with Tulane ' s eminent School of Medicine. Gppmd Joseph Harvey Johnston and Jason Collins Glkn Street and Frank Townsend Sam Tooaro u Many paths lead to the shady flagstone terrace in front of the new bookstore MAURICE H. BORN GraJuate Manatjer of Sludciil .1 cllvllirs The form of student government now employed by the Associated Students of Tulane University is in its twenty-third year of existence. Democracy is the basis for governing the affairs of the student body, and while the system has been refined and altered from time to time, this princi- ple has been steadfastly adhered to. The Constitution, as it stands today, provides for the administration of all student affairs through a Student Council comprised of six members, all elected by popular vote from each of the colleges John Adams, Norman Buc:knfr. Charlotte Hawkins Alvin Montgomery, Josi-;ph Riorda. Mii.ir.R Upton u u making up the University. The Constitution fur- ther authorizes the Council to employ a Graduate Manager of Student Activities, whose duties are to act as the agent of the Council in all matters, to keep accurate records of all transactions, and to act as a general advisor to the Council in all its under- takings. The members of the 1937-38 Student Council are: R. Miller Upton, President, Commerce; John Pow- ell Adams, Vice-President, Medicine; Norman Buckner, Secretary, Arts and Sciences; Joseph Ri- orda, Engineering; Alvin G. Montgomery, Law; and Miss Charlotte Hawkins, Newcomb College. Maurice H. Born, B.B.A., was selected in the sum- mer of 1937 to succeed J. H. Randolph Feltus in the office of Graduate Manager. The entire student fee is handled through the Stu- dent Activities Office, along with all other revenue arising from advertising sold in the various publi- cations and donations from the other departments of the LJniversity. The receipt and disbursement of these funds are accurately recorded and audited annually by the LJniversity auditors. ANN PKNDERGAST Secretary lo the Crrjjutite A jnjgfr The Student Council Key is awarded annually to the Student Body P e iden of each of Tulanc ' s six colleges. Cooperating this year with the Alumni Associa- tion, the Student Council joined with that organi- zation in canvassing local graduates of the Univer- sity for contributions to the proposed Student Cen- ter. In this capacity, Mr. Born was charged with formulating student committees to call on and so- licit (.ontributiiMis Irom the graduates. No funds were solicited from students themscK cs, nor were contributions accepted from tlu-m, it being the de- sire of the Alumni A.ssociation that the Student Center be built toi the students and not bv them. [ H) I TULANE ' S HULLAB ALOO With a view towards the fulfillment of their prin- cipal objective, that of publicizing student and fac- ulty activities, thought and opinion, the editors of The Hullabaloo sought this year to give to the in- stitution it serves an impartial documentation of university life. Feeling that no institution of higher learning can healthily survive in an atmosphere in which intellectual freedom is suppressed, and be- lieving they had the support of students and fac- ulty in this opinion, the editors sought to promul- gate the fact that no threat to the democratic tra- ditions which are the heritage of American univer- sities would be tolerated. Conditions existent in many foreign nations and the infiltration of propa- ganda from these nations offer a threat to this heri- tage. The success or failure of this threat rests largely with the opinion voiced by American youth. CHARLES SEEMANN liutinfn Mitnager There is no better way of informmg our govern- mental leaders of our attitude than through univer- sity publications. The paper adhered to its policy of printing only university news, the editors feeling that if they gave the campus adequate coverage they were fulfilling their purpose. The only exception was a special feature column, " In the Front Row, " in which the writer sought to give the students ' views on na- tional affairs. Being the official publication of the Tulane student body. The Hullabaloo is written entirely by stu- dents, under the direction of an editor and business manager, appointed by a Publications Board. In- novations this year included minor changes in make-up and a column, " With the Grads, " which treated solely with news concerning the university ' s graduates. We appreciate assistance from journal- ism students in campus news coverage. LOUIS JONES l.octtl Advertiiirif Mtinjger PEGGY WEAVE R Newcowb Editor I 14)1 STAFF EDITORIAL ThILO VOK Kl ' RNATOWSKI lulilnr Earl C. Coulo.n Issociale Kdilor Doi.AN Tipping . • . • AssonnU- Ed ' tlur Peggy Wfaver Newcomh lulil Ji Martin Schmidt Fcalurn lulilor W. Robinson Konrad . . . . • Cum ius i ' .dil ' ir Karl II. Clauset Campus Edilor Archie Boggs Campus Editor J. D. Martin Medical Editor ivAf, Bres Sodily Editor SPORTS Lee McMillan Editor Richard C. P. Seither hsociatc Editor Wirt Rodgers Issodate Editor FEATURES J. Hami) McXeili T. IIai.e Boggs BUSINESS Charles F. Seemann .... liuiinrss Maiuuirr Louis McK. Jones Loral .ldi-i riisiii; Maiuujir Jo R. Persons, Jr. . tilional Idvrrtisinii Mauai rr Leuts C Parrisii Cir utalion Maiuii rr THILO VON KURNATOW ' SKI EtJitOT-in-Chtel lliill.ili.iloo i:i.lllor .11 ork I Iff I lo rl ;lil ) . Dodo Tippins. BoLsy Bn-s. Po KV W ' lMVi-r, Bob Konrad, E.irl Couloii, .iiul lee McMill.tn Hiillii Now. ' iliiiwks nre llir b.ickbono of the sl.ilT; K.irl Cl.uisi-t, Wirt Rodjii-rs, .Archio BoRRS, Diir.inl d.i Pome, .iiul M.iriin Sibinidl 141 I ■1 I I 1 " m:. .-: " .:- H|U;„ Sitting: Lucille Hacns. Marjorie Marchal, Marjoric Geary. Mary Hoehn, Edna . ngle. Elaine Rester, Florence Pottharst Second row: Dick Seither. Charles Bcckcrc. Leon Trice, John Thistlethwaiic. Stewart Kepper. Pat Bass. Woodley Campbell Top row: Martha Duncan, Barbara Joseph, Kate Hodfic. Audrey Hereford, Helen Ferrandou, and Darrah Chauvin y 1 - You are turning the pages of the 43rd volume of The Jambalaya. Your complete satisfaction is the goal which the editors hope they have attained. We had hoped that this Jambalaya would be the first to carry the theme, " New Orleans, The Unique. " However, as the NBC Varsity Show was in quest of a suitable theme for Tulane Night, we submitted ours, which was immediately accept- ed. Our characters were given speech and pre- sented over the nation. We have included pictures of the broadcast in our snapshot section, and it should prove interesting to compare our artist ' s conception of Jean LaFitte, Adelina Patti, and the others with their vocal depicters, the " Varsity Showsters. " Much of a year-book, the class, fraternity, and organization sections, always seem stereotyped. In these, there is very little reason for change. How- ever, we used the most modern medium that ex- penses would permit to portray the rest of college life at Tulane. As to our staff, the editor-in-chief and the business manager are selected from the staff by the Publica- tions Board. Seniority on the staff, quality of work, and the general scholastic average of the stu- dent are taken into consideration by the Board in making the appointments. Other positions are named by the respective heads of the staffs. JOE H. KIRBY, JR. Buiiness Manager I 146] EDITORIAL STAFF Robert U. Bllm Editor-in-Chief JOHV R. Thistlethwaite . . . Associate Editor Pat F. Bass Co-Assistant Editor WooDLEV Campbell .... Co-Assistant Editor Charles H.4cedor Staff Pliotograplier Edna Ancle Ncvicomh Editor Dolan Tipping Humor Editoi Lewis Parrish Copy Editor Julian P. Frerei Sports Editor Richard Seither Associate Sports Editor Lucille Harris . . . Assistant Kewcomh Editor Marjorie Geary . . . Nev;comh Sports Editor Leon Trice, Jr Feature Editor Darrah Chaumn . . . Assoiiatr Feature Editor Florence PoriiiARST . . Associate Feature Editor Jerry Fortson Campus Editor Martha Ouncan Campus Editor Kate Hodce Campus Editor Mary Hoehn Iclivilirs Editor Walter Aymonu Staff Cartoonist Margaret Wendt Staff Cartoonist Buster Cirtis Staff Cartoonist Jack Burk f laff Cartoonist Walter Antin Assistant Audrey Hereford . Assistant Charles Beckeri Assistant Barbara Joseph Assistant Helen pERRANriou Issisuint MiMi Harry Assistant Mimi Black Assistant Elaine Lacroi.v Issislant BUSINESS STAFF Joe H. KiRBY, Jr liusiness Manayer Stewart J. Kepper . Associate liusiness Manaijer Elaine Rester . . . Ne wcomh liusiness Manaijer Marjorie Marchai Issistant iS ' iivcomh liusiness Manai er Sall Keen Tebo Issistant Xe=wcomh liusiness Manayer Ned Richardson . . Assistant liusiness Manayer Harvey C. Ma .Issistant liusiness Manayer HARD AT WORK IN IHL lAMFt on-Itl-: IT ROBERT U. BLUM Editor- in-Cbicf Edna Angi-h Niwcomb Editor Elaine Rester Nevcomb Buitnnt Mjnager JOHN THISTLETHW ' AITE Aitoitjtt Edttot TULANE LAW REVIEW Al Montgomery, Manlv Horton, and Fred Zencel posk with " The Books ' OFFICERS Fred Zencei Edilor-in-Chuf Ciiari.es M. Horton, Jr. . . . Cifil La w Editor Alvin- Ci. Montcomerv Slalulory hil,rprclat ' ton Editor J. David McNeill Hook Rrviciv Editor I.i.OM) R. lIiMEi Secretary J. Edcerton ' PlERSON Index Editor B. P. Sli.livax Index Editor Hi-RMAW Sciiui.ZE Iliisiuess Miiniif er SENIORS William Daly Fridi-rick V. Mil I KK JUNIORS Rum Marshall Hai.lard Ai.i.AiN I). Favrot Harrv McCai.l, Jr. Enrique Luis Newell I.I-ONARI) OPPIMIFl.VI .MhRVIS RlSEMAV John W. Slms Marjorie J. S.Mirii Hreari) Sneli.ings John R. Stewart W. Waller Young, Jr. LAW REVIEW The Tiilane Law Review is a quarterly legal periodical published by the faculty and honor students of the Tulane College of Law. It is devoted primarily to the study of the civil law, comparative law, and statutory interpretation. The work of the Reriew is borne chiefly by a Student Board of Editors, composed of Junior and Senior law stu- dents who have attained the highest scholastic honors in the College. They are assisted by a Board of Alumni Editors, a Board of Advisory Editors, and a staff of Contributing Editors. The benefits of law review work lie mainly in the oppor- tunities for discussion of current legal problems, for legal research, and for expository legal writing. The Board prides itself upon its use of the comparative method of legal study, a method which exposes the praiseworthy qualities as well as the shortcomings of different juridical systems. This method is of particular importance in Louisiana, where the civil law and the common law have long vied in a struggle for supremacy. Although most of the student material published in the Review is written by members of the Board, its pages are open to all contributions that meet its standards of scholar- ship, research and literary style. In addition to the student material, the Reriew also published articles of interest writ- ten by members of the legal profession. Since its foundation in 1929 as the successor to the Southern Law Quarterly, the TuLiiic Law Review has gained prominence both in the United States and abroad as a leading journal of civil and comparative law. W. Dalv, L. R. Himel. C. Horton. J. Mi Niii i . F. Mili.br A. Montgomi;rv. J. Piebson, H.Scmulze, B. Sullivan, F. Zengel MOOT COURT COMPETITION The Moot Court system in the College of Law is espe- cially designed to train students in the preparation and argument of cases. Technical training in research, brief writing and forensics — ordinary tools in the trade of a lawyer — form the foundation of the moot court work, but the system gives an even higher type of training. The moot court rule abolishes the system of precedents and compels argument of cases on their merits. The stu- dent must weigh the social factors and must concentrate upon the functioning of the rule of law. This freedom makes the moot court an excellent laboratory for the testing and comparison of the older theories that the law is deduc- tive, formal and arbitrary, with the newer theory that the judge e.verciscs a directive force to make law conform to social needs. The Moot Court Competition at Tulane was patterned after that of the Ames Competition at Harvard. The orig- inal club system was eventually displaced in order to en- courage individual participation and a keener rivalry. The Board of Advisers has extended its services in framing trial cases for any Seniors desiring them. The entire management of the Tulane Moot Court sys- tem is committed to the above-mentioned board, selected on the basis of scholastic standing, thus additionally tend- ing to develop a sense of public responsibility. In the academic year of 1936-37, the Tulane Moot Court Competition was won by Charles Marshall and Ashton Phelps. TULANE MOOT COURT COMPETITION Docket I — Keenan, a. J., Hopkins, C. J. and Fudickar, A. J. BOARD OF ADVISERS OFFICERS RiciiAKi) C. Kkenan; Thomas M. IIavfs . Dr. Robert J. Fari.kv . . Cluinman ■ . . Scirilary Family .Idi ' tsrr SENIOR MEMBERS Al.FRKI) G. Uat.i, Doris Friedman Frei) Fldickar L. Rodney IIoi.i.incsiiead Minna R. Hopkins Henjamin C King Percy Sandei. Hermann J. Schui-Zf. C; FORCE T. WOCAN Heryi. E. Wor.isoN JUNIOR MEMBERS RODRIGO ArOSF.VIENA KinvARD M. HOUITE IIARVE L. Carev Joseph Ki.einkki.dt Wii.i.iAM A. Culpepper Rdiuri S. Dexiieimer W ' li.MAM n. Mays KlGENE J. MORKI, Henry P. Pate ■vFlT E Sherman Ai.cinE W ' l sii AM Al.rwHii G. Bali., Doiun Fmiih man. Fm n FtinirKAR. L. Ror Ni:V Hoi.lingsmkad, Minna B. Hopkins RkTIAHI) C. KlIiNAN. Bf.NJAMIN C. KiNti. HlHMANN J. ScMUI.ZK. Gl OKOK T. W ' OC.AN. Bl RVI. R. WOLI-SON OFFICERS Joseph L. Kiileen I ' nsiJnil Clifforo F. Favrot t ' ice-PrcsiJcnl Dr. a. Pens Crais ' • I ' ice-Presidml Dr. Charles C. Green Vicr-Prcsntent Waiter M. Barneit, Jr Secr,tary Richard B. Montgomery, Jr Treasurer T. Hale Bocgs Getural Manager EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE l.aiL-: Commerce: Si.viTER P. Cousin Douglas F. O ' Kellev Herbert S. Weil Richard (). Halmbach Joseph McCloskey, Jr. Leonard E. CtEssner Medicine: Graduate: Dr. Paul King Rand John L. Ebaugh, Jr. Dr. Ambrose H. Storck Bernard H. Grehan Dr. Curtis H. Tyrone William L. Duren, Jr. .Irts and Sciences: Nciccomh: Alva P. Frith Miss Be.virice Field Charles L. Dufour Miss Mildred G. Christian F. Edward Hebert Mrs. Ernest H. Riedel Encjineerincj : Representatives at Large: Nolan S. Von Phul Col. Edward S. Bres Richard R. Foster Harold Salmon Louis N. Hammett Simon B. Sciiwart Nelson S. Wooddv T. HALE BOGGS, LL.B., 1937 ASSOCIATION JOSEPH L. KlI.LEbN, LL.B.. 1916 PrcstdenI After spending several years at Tulane in close con- tact with fellow students and faculty members, the stu- dent acquires a keen appreciation of the problems of the University and a lively interest in the progress and advancement of his classmates. The Alumni Associa- tion is the established medium for promoting the wel- fare of the University among its former students and for keeping them posted on the careers of their class- mates. The Association was incorporated in 1898 by a small group of enthusiastic graduates. Today it keeps a complete file of all the graduates of the University and is preparing to publish an alumni directory. In addi- tion it has clubs established in towns and cities scat- tered throughout America. The association endeavors to keep the graduates in- formed on the needs and problems of the various de- partments of the University and to stimulate their sym- pathetic cooperation. It is now engaged in the task of raising funds for the erection of a Student Center build- ing on the campus. First Row: Bondy, Schwarz. Peacock. Tobin, Geary. Spearman, Reese Second Row. Waddle, Greenleaf . Roemer Third Knw: Dixon, Leverich. Pitrs, McClure, Rives. Hess, Schmidt I ' ourth Row: Wetzel, Hawkins, Butt, Heaton, Market. Lockett. Carter Top Row: Hammond, McMillan, Tebo, Davis, Pedcrsen TULANE MEMBERSHIP ROVAL BASTIAN Eric BREioENnAcii N. C. Curtis, Jr- Wii.i.iAM J. Davis, Jr. Dov DicKsov Sam Hai.i, Arthur Hammond Tom Haves Maunsell Hickey Howard Kuktz Robert LeCorgne, Jr. Norbert Markei, Eddie Martin Lee McMii.ian Wii.mam North Kisar Hfdersen ' HoMKR Raskin l- ' oRii Reese Claude Reeves Mervin Riseman Crak; Roth Martin Schmidt Ben Spearman Albert Tebo Paul Tobin Albert Wetzel NEWCOMB MEMBERSHIP Marguerite Bondv Katie Burr Eleanor Carrere Chari.o ' ite Carter MaRJORIE (rEARV Jane C7reenfield Charlotte Hawkins Adei.e Heaton Beverly Hess Marjorie Leverich Beitv Locketi- Marjorik Marchal I ' ui ' PER McClure Mary Peacock Louise Prrrs Peggy Roemer Miriam Scales Marjory Sciiwar Jane ' addle Patricia Woodu ard TULANE The Tulane University Rooters Klub was formed six years ago at the University for the purpose of promoting more school spirit during the football season and as- sisting in all school functions throughout the year. The membership is limited to fifty Tulane and Newcomb students and admission is had by invitation only. Each year new members are selected for their outstanding school spirit, and their willingness to cooperate and work for the University. During the past year the " TURKS, " with the as- sistance of the student body, planned and carried out fine card displays at the Ole Miss, Auburn and Georgia football games. At Homecoming thev sponsored a gi- gantic bonfire, pep meeting and parade before the game. The TURKS also selected and trained the cheerleaders. Other good work was done in cooperating with other or- ganizations in putting over Tulane functions. In their six vears of existence the Tulane University Rooters Klub have through their earnest effort and suc- cesr attained an important and secure position on the campus and the Klub ' s future outlook is extremely bright. - - 1 . Jribtvt h it 3 . r . ' « 1} - f t largest Glee Club in the University ' s history possesses a repertoire which enables it to sing negro spirituals one night, a capella selections the next Robert U. Bi.um Wii.i.iAM Church Mil. AM II. Gray Tho.vias Hari.i.ee Ilo ARi) Ki s TZ Herbert Adev W ' aiier Antin Walter Avmosr J. M. BisTowisii Joe Hres Jack Hurk ■ WlM.IAM BURK Edmund R. Buxton James Campbell Chris Caridas W. J. Adamson, Jr. J. I. LIS Basos F.i Brooks James D. B rse Earl Calkins ' lCT0R OOCHEZ John- B. Fudickar Arnold S. (iOldsciilac Herbert Kaiser Mhmhers First Tttiors EncAR LeBi.anc Woodward Eocan Harvey May Malcolm Monroe W. R. N ' oRiii Second Tenors Paul Charbonnlt C. W. Cru.mpion Harry Davies Clyde Duckworth Ashb J. Fristoe E. Fruciitcarten Ai.viN B. Harrison Jack Howe Foster Johns Ierome K.vrz Nick Kumpuris Baritones William Kyle R. M. Eandrv (Ieorce Eeake R. Lipscomb L. P. Loitincer George E. Macdonai.d (;. ' Feddv Mei.lincer m. m. morei.ock Herbert Owens Wesley Palmes Paul Patterson roberi j. rombach William Wood Norman Landry Joseph Moonev Robert O ' Donnell Einar Pederson Kenward Shaw Ben Spearman W. B. Waite Milton Walther Bruce Wallace K. IlKriLW W NNE Marshall Okdkmann Paul B. Reaser William Schultz Joseph Scorsone Richard Swan n John ' riHSTiEiiiu aii l David Weinstein Ralph Wenzel R I. Wood Ori ' lCER.S Robert V. Blum I ' rrsiJinl Einar Pederson V ' uc-Prishinil Milam H. (Iray Sicrelary Woodward Locan Iliisiinss Mnntiiifr Ben Spearman Pulit ' uily Mitna nr Sidney Wrioht I.ihiurian Ma NARD Klein Dirntor Bass M. C. Baker Louis Brellkilh F. Grosz Fdmond L. Kimble Joseph LaPointe Paul Laubencaver C. P. Lee Homer Leifeste Werner Lentjes J. C. O ' QuiN Clyde Paine Charles E. Reid Cii.ENN Roland (JEORCE Rl!SH Al.BERI R. Febo Georce H. Fiiompson M RON Woi.i, Jr. Sidney Wright Tl i.ANF, Cii.r.v. Ci.i r. ()( nkti-ttk Art Daly, Varsity Show director, lake i Klein directs Milam Gray Hekberi Owens R. Lip.scombe P l I LAUBENr:A ER THE TULANE n P D jlOI Officers Jamrs R. Pun. I " Manaiiir Malcolm Maas hsistant Manaijcr Maurice J. Pichf.loup issislani Manaijer Hr.RMAN EsiRADE Prnpcrly Munai rr Mir. AM Gray Librarian HovvARu KuMz Assistant Librarian Arthur Brooks Lssislant Librarian Emilr Bernard Puhlicily Manager Mavnard Klkim Director Frank J. Rosalo hsistant Director William CJinsoN Drum-Major Wallace Coodkv Drum-Major WILLIAM GIBSON Dri nJ WALLACE GOODK ' E. Blrnaru Ci. BiSCHOF S. K. Blum A. II. Brook J. Caiin A. C. Cent AN Ni G. Conrad R. Coscrove V. J. CUQUF.T J. W. Dams M. DlLkrno V. DOCIIEZ II. Estrade E. Fernandez II. Fernandez G. II. Ford I,. T. Frastz M. (Jei I ' l Memiskrs M. CjRAV E. Haas M. Haas J. Hall T. S. Harllee F. Herrmann J. IIlRSCII E. Israel E. Kimble D. M. KoRN II. I. KUNTZ II. I. LlLL J. Marciiese W. II. MAniiRws H. Mentz M. W. Monroe M. MORELOCK ' I ' . B. Nichols I.. Olio i. K. I ' lnip M. |. PiCIlEIOUP A. A. Reese C. Reuter P. G. Ricks F. J. ROSATO C. RosEBROunii S. RUBENSTEIN D. Sarcent C. II. Savace c;. Schneider J. M. Seifkrtii I. F. SlEKMAN D. SroRTi F. V. TlIOMASON (). I ' OLMAS . I. F. Williams W. M. Woodruff I ' " . ZlSKOW MAYNARD J. KLEIN Director THE TULANE CONCERT BAND IN FRONT OF THI! G •M MONROE LIPPMAN Monroe Lippman Director David Bradlev Exeiutk ' f Secretary University Committee ox Dramatics Richard R. KiKr Chairman E. Scott Barr Adei.e Drolet Monroe Lippman Dean B. Lvman Beitv Raymond Herndon Thompson ' Active Members Walter Antin Oscar Backstrom Hanlin Becker MiMi Black David Bradley Mary Cahal John Carnahan CoRiNNE Davis Blltord Day Marjorie Decker Dawkins Espy Rachel Finecold Shelby Flowers Alvin Harrison- Edward Heath Jane Hoffheimer Caledonia Jackson Richard R. Kirk KvriiERiNE Lanier Helen E Levi Monroe Lippman Jack Lorch George Manning Mollie Merriman Jean Mitchell William Moffatt Stella Morton Lelakd Nichols Betty Ormond James Philp Peggy Philpott Ben Pollock George Rogers Betty Rosen Alfred Solomon Harriett Sutherland Clare Yancey Bradley staj e a pa j.out " in a lelieaisal loi " liuee CoraeieJ Moon " as I.orth, Becker, Kspy, and Levi appear amused The Tulane University Theatre is the outgrowth of a movement which began fifteen years ago. It was in 1922 that the Tulane Dramatic Guild was organized. Since that time, its rise and decline has been the object of much dis- cussion on the campus. This fall the Dramatic Guild was succeeded by the Tulane University Theatre. Both for the purpose of establishing this organization and inaugurating a department of speech and theatre at Tulane, the Univer- sity chose Monroe Lippman. This year to facilitate production and to provide a more efficient play-producing organization, both the Tulane Dra- matic Guild and the Newcomb Dramatic Club were dis- banded. None of the members of these former groups au- tomatically became members of the University Theatre, as membership in the latter organization may be earned only by participation in the cast or on the production crew of one of the theatre ' s productions. Membership is strictly non- elective and is open to students and faculty of all colleges [ 154 1 Firfl Row: Jackson, Philpot, Fine oid. Sutherland. Nichols, MtTnmjn. " i anie Second Row: Carnahan, L evi, Mitchell, Dr. I.ippman. Morton. Cahal, Rosen Thtrd Row: Heath, Moffait. Espy, Day. Bradley, Philp. Lorch, Solomon, Pollock, Harrison. Manning of the University upon the fulfiHmcnt of the one necessary requirement: work. The first play of the season was the Broadway success, " Three Cornered Moon, " bv Gertrude Tonkonogy. It was the result of the efforts of some thirty-five students who did all of the work on the production. There was no outside help employed and the students designed, constructed and painted the sets themselves as well as man- aged business and publicity. " Double Door, " the second play, is now in rehearsal. The concluding production had not been selected at this writing. It is the hope of the members of the Theatre eventually to have their own playhouse and to de- velop on this campus a group whiili will rank with the leading university players throughout the country. hmM ML §: gf - SM. C. D ' Ingianni P. Jovovitch. J. Abrams, t. . J, Fortier, E J. Kirby, H. h AnAe W hlessev. K. Hlum. H. Bruwn. N. bu. nei. J. Huik. K. Butt. C. Carter. W. Davis Gott.thalk. B. Hammond. W. Harris. B. Hess. C. Hawkins. J. C. Hochenedel, C. M. Horton P. Jahncke Kuntz, A. Kupperman, R. LeCorgne. N. Malone. H. T. McClurc. A. Montgomery. S. Morton, C. Nelson 1 J 1 1 D J EXECLTIN !■ ClIMMITTEI- HiviRi.v J. Hkss Ki " ki ' W. Owiv, Jr. MiciiKi. A. Maroun Mar E. I ' hacock Elaine Rkstkr HucH M. Wilkinson, Jr. Verbon F. C; v, .Ulvisiir Mfmhership Mill. Law VERBON F. O.W Advitor Joseph I,. Abrams John P. Adams Edna E. Ancle . Walter E. Blessev Robert U. Blum . Hilda B. Brown . . . Norman W. Bucknkr Jack S. Burk . . . • Katie S. Butt .... Charkii II i:. Carter William 1). Davis, Jr. . C. D ' lNGlANNl . . Law S. C. KiTZP.viuicK . (7rail. Jacques L. Former Elaine CJoitsciialk Blanche M. Hammond W. H. Harris, Jr., Miil- C. S. Hawkins . . . • Beverly J. Mess . Law Jane ( " . Hochenedal C. M. Horton, Jr. . Law Piiii.iH B. Jahncke Pierre Jovovitch . . . Joe H. Kirbv, Jr. . . • Howard Kuntz Abe B. Kupperman, Law R. v.. LeC ' orcne, Jr., Law Newcomb Malone . . M. A. Maroun . Crail. TuppER McCi.ure A. G. Montgomery, Jr., Law Stella T. Morton . . C. W. Nelson . . . . t 156) 38 40 ' 40 ' 38 38 ■38 ' 39 4 " ' 38 ' 37 •38 •38 ■40 ' 40 ' 38 ' 40 ■38 •38 ' 40 ' 38 ■38 ' 40 4 ' ■4 " •40 ' 37 ' V) •38 ' 40 ' 39 DoRorilV F.. NUNCESSER M. F. Ordemann . . 15111 V E. Ormond . . F. W. Owen, Jr. . . Mar K. Peacock . . Nena N. Pelias . . . Paul B. Reaser . . . Elaine R ester . . . Joseph S. Riorda . . Peggy Roemer . . William R. Schui.tz Marjory S. Schwarz S. Herman Shatti.es . . mn M. Smith . . . Elaine B. Solomon Hen L. Spearman . . Margery A. SiAUSS . F niEL LL Strack . . Ernest M. Sutter . . li. n. Tallev, Jr. . Law J, R. ThiSTI.ETHW AIIE Ceorge H. Thompson boitine tobin . . . OoRoriiY M. Toppino Beatrice E. Trudeau J. F. TURNBULL, Jr. . K. Miller Upton . . Cladvs M. V ' iosca, r.rai Peggy P. Weaver n M. W ' n KiNsoN, iR., Law (;k(). F. Williamson I ' airrta Woodward 39 •40 ' 39 ' 38 ' 38 ' 38 ' 40 ' 38 ' 38 ' 40 ' 40 ' 38 ' 39 ' 38 ' 40 ' 33 •40 ■40 •38 ' 39 ' 39 ' 40 ' 39 ' 38 ' 38 ' 40 ■38 ' 37 ' 38 •40 ' 38 ' 39 r. Jh D. Nungesser. M. Ordemann. B. Ormond. E. Owen. C. W, Paine. M. Peacock. N, Pelias. P. Reaser. E. Rcster, J. Riorda M. Uoemer, W. Schultz. M. Schwarz. A. Smith. E. Solomon. B. Spearman. M. Slauss. E. Strack. B. Tally. J. Thisrlethwaitc G. Thompson. B. Tobin. D. Toppino. B. Trudeau, J. TurnbuU. P. VC ' oodward, H. Wilkinson. G. Williamson. P. Weaver. M. Upton Until last year, Tulane had no definite dance pro- gram. Student dances, a vital part of the social life of any large university, were given only at irregular intervals. Feeling the need for a more satisfactory arrangement, a group of students met in December, 1936, to form the Tulane Cotillion Club. This organization, com- posed of sixty students from both Tulane and New- comb, now plans and promotes all university-wide dances. Receiving the cooperation of the administration, fac- ulty and student body from its very beginning, the Cotillion Club held two successful dances before the close of the 1936-37 session. During the present school year it was ab ' c to secure one of the nation ' s top-ran ' cing dance orchestras for what turned out to be the largest Homecoming Dance ever held at the university. The complete program for this session consists of four dances and has thus far had an average of 2,000 persons attending each event. Autograph seeking Tulanians mobbed Shep Fields when he directed his " Rippling Rhythm " for the Homecoming Dance in rn jU 1. Wha ' cha staring at, Captain Smith? 2. Freshman beauty court of M7. 5. " It was hkc this, Pierce. ' 4. " Naw, Rufus, it was that a-way. " 5. Cotillion Chih puis thrni hehinj ihi- bars. 6. Life bcj ins for freshmen. 7. Or. ten Hoor leads the boys attain. 8. Ex-footballers Banker, Zimmermann, and Armstrong cavort at the Blue Room. 9. Budding barristers can always find time for a bull session. 10. Miss Many — the bestest friend any girl could have. 11. " Football a la Blue Room " — Les Lautenschlaeger ' s new version of trucking. 12. May Day queen Francesca Neguel- ua escorted by " Bumps " Kline- smith, leads the procession, 1 }. The freshman don ' t seem to mint! waiting for (he inevitable vaccina- tion. 14. And Coca-cola was there. 1 5. Maynard Klein and Doc Maxwell await the operetta curtain. 16. Tootballers, under " Prof " Flowers, hold a cramming session. 17. The I, and of Oz was the scene of the Newcomb May Day court. 18. Turn around, you dope. The real picture is behind you. 19. Free punch alw;iys brings the lawyers (and others) out. 20. Newcomb nymphs. 21. " Sweet potato " quintet. 22. Good ol ' Cieorge of the gym. 23. Candid shot of candid shooter. 24. A few smarlies. 1 J D 1. Dp with ;i Smili Nowcoiiib ' s d.iy bi ' i;i " s .11 i ' it:l t. 2. A showor anti . . . i. Then broakfast — to wbft the sonses. 4. Pearl Vli ' yer, I.ylc Dawson and Martha Duncan arc amoii); thuse caught in an early ' morning class. 5. Outside activities are varied — PeRKV Roeim-r helps ilccoratc for a dance. 6. " Man ahoy " and the wimhiws are cri wtK ' tl. 7. Some i f the K ' rls skate for exercise. 8. They even have fun outside on rainy days, wliiK- . . . ' ). Otliers enjt bull sessions insiih ' . 10. A house president studies the docket of misdemeanors. 11. " Life " is intereslinn at Newcomb. 12. Next to bull sessions the bulletin boards are the campus ' most active source of information. M. Hilda Urown takes time out for repairs. It. Silhouette at sunset — the 6:50 date. 15. RefuelinK for the ni){lit ' s work -tir play. 16. Ncwcoinb Kirls siftn out . . . 17. Some to formals . . . 18. Others to fr.iiernitv Rrt-tojjclhcrs. 1 . Home .i jain ' Midnight snack with ' stnacks. " KJ V 1. Part of the capacity crowd thai t-n- joyt ' d the NBC broadcast. 2. Dr. Hard, Arthur Courvillo, Virginia Frcret and Bruce Wallace portray characters out of the history books, ?. Doris Luff, " Singling voice " of Angela Patti, strains NBC with a high note. 4. Patti ' s diction and costume were por- trayed by Virginia Freret. 5. Some of the 300 voices of the com- bined glee clubs. 6. Gou-veer-nair Claiborne, thces ees Jean Lafitte the Pirate, says Doc Hard to Bruce Wallace. 7. Paul Tulane (Hale Boggs) donates his fortune to the establishment of a great university. 8. An Daly of Henry Souvaine, Inc., di- rector par excellence. 9. " Ciive ' em everything you ' ve got, " Mayn.ird Klein implores, 10. Mandi ' ville de Marigny (Alfred Cour- ville ) founds Mardi Gras, aided by Paul Diuiiont, emcee. H. The cast at dress rehearsal. 12. 300 voices answer Maynard ' s prayer. 1?. Cheerleaders all? ' The gang went from Varsity Show to a gigaiit ' c bon- fire. 14. Then they paraded to thi ' NOAC and took part in a Janihorei . 15. Some went to the liUie Room. 16. Part of the parade downtown. 17. More Bhic Room. 18. They took C.inal Street by .stt rin. 19. The next day ' Bama cheerleaders gave their all. Part of the beauty court " primpinR. " Phi Delta Theta house decorated for the occasion. That night st me dancetl to Shep Fields. 23. Shep shows how the rh ' thin ripples. 24. Some " pitched woo. " 25. A swell homecoming, but gosli my feet hurt! 20. 51 22. 1 J 1 J L) D 1. " And when you shoot yer right, " says Monk to varsity boxors. 2. " PiMcc, " says Halt- I5i) ;«s — aiul then iho finlit started. 3. Millard While studies wiih diHiiidly (look at the wall). 4. Randy Feltiis, prexy ' s assistant. 5. Maurice " Babes " Horn, sludenls activities manager, lay- ing low. 6. Dr. Bass, dt uiit )wn uu-d rese.irch expert, ci tulucting a series of human experiments. 7. " If I ' m going 20 miles per, and I slam the brakes . . . " sez Dean Roberts to .i gri up of engineers. 8. Horace Renegar — .ice piiblicil ilirector ft r the .ithletic department. 9. Future gov ' ner — Roy Theriot. 10. No wonder .Al Montgomery is " cokey. " 11. Tulane ' s last stand. 12. All for the sake of peace. H. Tulane ' s prize-winning Christinas tree. 14. The Jamb staff " works " with a radio. 15. Trick photography puts .i b.iloci w ielder in the lire. 16. Ciive him liell, Nir. Monk. 17. And some people sludy in the library. IH. What ' s my grade, prof: " I ' ). " Mr. Panshooter " in action. 20. lileclion day — always a few politicians around the polls. u 1 j[ 1. Newcomb " Operateeres " ht ' liiml thi ' lights. 2. Makt ' -up artist — behind the scenes. 3. Goodbye boys and beat Colgate. 4. Alice Carter, Archery champ, plays Cupid. 5. Backstage gossip. 6. Tiger Yellstcrs prance for the grecn- ies. 7. Dr. Hathaway — peeping Tom. 8. Cotilhon Chibbers — on the steps of success. 9. Spectating at the tennis matches. 10. Minna serves for the barristers. 11. Bill Hayes scoops the beauty court, 12. King " Humps, " Queen IVancesca, and Hilda. I i. Capt ' n Smith, Masct t and the Dean. 14. Seniors relax for a change. 15. " Oscar " of the Museum. 16. No — they ' re not looking .Tt Oscar, tis Cmipus Nijjht. 17. Dr. IJechtel was honored at a fare- well banquet. 18. Well? Yer wanna fi ;hl about it? 19. The lawyers posed for this. 20. W. A. Benson, publisher superb. 21. Botanists take to the woods. 22. Gathered for the University Sing. 23. Seniors file into Dixon Hall, 24. What ' s this — a holdup (ooh), 25. Remember when we were T-reshmen? 26. Blue-Roomers bi ;-applinj;l ! 1 J V - 1. Cavorting at Freshman Niglit. 2. Tlioy ' rc mil awailinR scnlcncc — ' tis tin 5. Cicl tliat man. 4. Tlic Ciym In a novil fr.imr. ■5. I ' ootballfrs playing pin -pon ??? 6. Cymbalic Soifcrlli rears back to shine. 7. Getting ready for the ijame. 8. Wha ' cha primping for Ray? 9. Newcomb lassies pyramiding. 10. In tile mills! of the fr.ii.is. 1 1. M.i Day niiniiette. Honor Board. 12. Tulanians jamb for the Jamb. 1 5. Loon Trice— dean of cameramen. 14. Dramatists rehearse. 15. Cold day between classes. Ui. Newcombites get their Jambs (easv ladies). I- Heat I ..S.U.! Twist the Tigers Tail! 18. Poosh eet up, dais. 19. Upjio— daisy. 20. Trucking on Canal Street. 1 J 1. " Scholarly shindiKgers. " 2. Here ' s health — saith the Fourth Estate. 3. Who said public coiirtin ' is taboo? 4. Just cavorting. 5. Louie, Lilhuiis, Eloise and Hardee seem amused. 6. Quill driver I ' ields at it again — .lutographtng. 7. Don ' t pull too tight. 8. Hullabaloo! Ray! Ray! Woo as pitchetl by Tulanians: 9. In the park. 10. Paul and Adele on the beach. 11. Minna and Fred on the campus. 12. Lucie and Clyde " down the Old Ox Road. " 13. Drs. Morrison and ten Hoor rt-vel at the Barristers Brawl. 14. Guffaw!!! 15. " Another sip Doc Brosman? " 16. Alabama or bust — busted. 17. Al MonlKonicry — the spirit(s) of the Law School. 18. I ' cstive faciilteers frolic. 19. Lawyers concentrate on I Utnie- coinin . 20. Medics — Pitching is their relaxa- tion. 21. A beer in hand is worth two in the keg. 22. The engineers ' jalopy. J 5. Bet till ' hook ' s upside down. 24. Now no one can criticize our beauty section, eh Charlotte? 25. A liv:hl moment in a tl.irk spot. - »»«ai A T 14 L E T 4 Mandeville de Marigny and Alexandre Graiihe, bon vivants, settle their differences under the Duelling Oaks. Among male New Orleanians of the 1800 ' s, duelling was resorted to more than any other form of athletics. The slightest affront brought forth a challenge, which was rarely re- fused. These " affaires d ' honneur " were numer- ous — it is said that the score of duels was kept like the score of marriage offers of a creole belle. ( S A T H L T ( S John D. Andrews McNeely Avants Burton Banker Calvin K. Benedict Ralph W. Bond, Jr. Warren J. Brunner Norman W. Buckner Monette Butler Ernest A. Carrere, Jr. Nathan Cotlar Carl Dailey Pete R. Dalovisio Robert Dexheimer John F. Dirmann. Jr. J. Wii I iam Douglas DoNAi 1) W. Doyle David D. Dupuy Wii I IAM V. Flowers E. Jerome Friedricks Carl F. Goll, IV. Elson Goodlll Albert J. Gorman NoRMAi B. Hai I . Jr. Eugene W. Harmon V. R William H. Harris. Jr. Robert M. Haynie Warren L. Jaubert MoreaU J. Jumonville Joe H. Kirby. Jr. Richard C. Keenan William Kirchem Paul Krueger Sabin p. Landry Robert E. LeCorgne, Jr. W. Noel Loftin Louis A. Mahoney George H. Manteris William 1 i. Mattis RaYFORD Mil I FR James A. Moreau William G. Nkiiois. ]ii. Floyd W. Newlin Dietrich A. Neyland Stanley Nyhan WiLTZ C. Ott Paul J. Pare William M. Payne William F. Peake Louis C. Philips Stanley W. Ray, Jr. Mervin H. Riseman Leonard Sauer Benjamin L. Spearman Ernest M. Sutter Louis O. Thames John C. Thorn R. Mil I FR LJpton Daniel J. Watermifr Harry M. Waugh, Jr. Edwin H. West Ralph Wenzel Melville E. White Millard White George L. Wimberly W. W ' m I IK ' ov ' M.. ]n. THE ATHLETIC COUNCIL Jl in;! ' Kl 1 I s K. FoSTKR jui.ck cjeorgh j.wvikr Gkorc;e E. Simmons CIforck ' [i iiams Rkhari) K. I ' Oster koiiiki w. i ' .isassfr Dk. Wilbur C. Smith AlhlftU DiTCCtOT l.dW II I II AW SUN ; .,„ h ,olhM CoMh tJl.KNN SeIDKI.I. Aiiiftjnl I ' oalbdll Couch I ' lrsiJirit . . . I ' ui-l ' risiAenl Sicritary JAMKS M. RoiiKRi Coi.. Edward S. I!res UlRNARIl II. ( " .KIIIAM WlI.I.IAM BkVAN Aiiiftjnt Football Cojch Pfifr I ' . Mam.hfs Aititunt l-oolbutt Cotjcb Charles M. Rucker Freihriitin Fot lbjtl C tticb Claud Simons Physical Director ,ind Boxing Cojib Emmett Pare rnnit Coach Frit Uakks Atjiilant PhyiiCiil Director anti Track Coach Rav G. Dauber Batkerball Coacb George Turime, Jr. Golf Coach Horace Renegar Assistant Athletic Director and Sports Publicity Director Dr. Wilbur C. Smith, director of ath- letics and one of the most popular men on the campus Varsity cheerleaders — Albert Tebo. Margie Schwan. " Squeaky " Lecorgne, Peggy Roemer and " Zeke " Reese ] AT Varsify footballers after a hard day ' s work sit down to dinner in their private dining room JUDGE RUFUS C. FOSTER TraiiJont of tho Tuldne Athletic Council Tulane ' s Green Wave rolled on in athletics in 1937-38! Significant in the expansion of the University ' s athletic program was the erection of a permanent addition to the stadium to increase the seat- ing capacity to more than 40,000. This addition was completed through the cooperation of the New Orleans Midwinter Sports Association, sponsors of the annual Sugar Bowl football classic. On all fronts, Tul ane ' s intercollegiate teams won the respect and admiration of its followers. The boxing team repeated its team championship victory in the Southeastern Conference and again furnished two individual titlehold- ers, Cameron Gamble and Joe Brocato. Basketball was definitely improved, with the team triumphing over several strong opponents. In tennis, the Green was supreme. Ernie Sutter, Tulane captain, was again the winner of the national intercollegiate singles title and led his teammates through an unbroken season of intercollegiate matches. ' incent D ' Antoni restored the Wave ' s golf prestige, winning the Southeastern Conference championship, beating Fred Haas and Law- rence Larcade of L. S. L ' . in his sweep to the title. The track team, while not impressive in scoring victories, was loser In tho thin margin of a second place in three of the four intercollegiate meets. Football was of a higher order. Coach " Red " Dawson ' s 1957 team reflecting its fine coaching. Clemson, Olc Mi.ss, and Colgate were among the teams detcated. while . ' ubiini. Orange Bowl champion, was tied. Defeats came from Alabama, Southeastern Conference champion; L. S. I ' ., Sugar Bowl selection: North Carolin.i, Southern Conference champion; and Georgia ' s surprisingU ' strong-hnishing Bulldogs, ' let in every game the Green Wave furnished gallant competition. Apropos, it seems to repeat, " the Green W.ne rolls on. " NORMAN BUCKNER CO-CAPTAIN TEAM AND COACHES Nineteen thirty-seven saw a mighty Green Wave humbled to a ripple; an auspicious beginning against a tough schedule en- livened the hopes of Tulanians for a conference championship. A two-week road journey was tiring: it was North Carolina that burst the bubble of illusion. Alabama, Georgia, L. S. U.— they swept over almost in suc- cession. Dawson, disconsolate, likes to remember the triumphs over Clemson, Mississippi College, Colgate, Ole Miss, even the tie with Auburn, likes to forget the rest. A fine defensive line, hard hitting backfield, exceptionally poor pass defense, and a lack of competent reserves characterized the 1937 Wave. Good coaching and two spring practices helped, but were not enough, for the Greenies lacked a spark plug, a Banker, a Felts, a Bryan to inspire them as in the years gone by. The tally book showed five wins, one tie and four defeats. So the wolves howled! Bill Bevan, Glenn Seidel, Ray Dauber and Pefe Mallhes — assistant coaches ' JERRY " FRIEDRICHS WARREN BRUNNER JOHKI ANDREWS ■•BERNIE " SMITH «AY MILLtR NORMAL HALL CO-CAPTAIN RALPH WENZEL LINE-UP JERRY FRIEDRICHS Left End BILL KIRCHEM Left Tackle NORMAN BUCKNER Left Guard BERNIE SMITH Center NORMAL HALL Rigtit Guard RAY MILLER Right Tackle RALPH WENZEL Riqtit End STAN NYHAN Quarterback •DUB " MATTIS Left Halfback WARREN BRUNNER Right Halfback JOHN ANDREWS Full Back PETE NORWOOD Manager RED DAWSON COACH m mf.J! _ ' STAN " NYHAN " PETE " NORWOOD (Below lettj big Jerry 190. Footballers weigh before and after a workout; sometimes lose as much as 15 pounds in a hard game. 1 season of ups and downs is possibly the best way to describe the ' 37 football year. Up for eight of their ten games, the Greenies played their best ball in three games they did not win — Auburn, Alabama, and L. S. U. They walked away with everything but the score in the Plains- men game, and were the victims of poor officiating in the other two. Losses to North Carolina and Georgia were aided along by a let-down resulting from a hard schedule and too much traveling. Tulane 7 — Clemson The Wave got off to a victorious but quite unimpressive start by ekeing out one touchdown for victory over the South Carolinians. Brunner, Wenzel, and Bernie Smith showed well in this opener, with such regulars as John An- drews and Dub Mattis playing consistent ball. Tulane lacked polish, however, committing some glaring errors, and showed particularly poor defense against passes. The defense, which was to prove the mainstay of the Wave for the remainder of the season, began to function and the Clemsonians took little yardage through the line. Dawson was disappointed. Tulane — Auburn Everybody remembers the Auburn game. Not because of football, but becau se it was the first football game in the history of Tulane to he rained out. The Monday afternoon aifair was a climax to the hardest week of trammg that the Greenie squad had done in years. The score did not justify either training or Tulane potentialities. The Wave lacked something. They did not play good football, just listless ball; they had no spark-plug to urge them to victory. Sev- eral times the Greenies were within scoring distance, but lacked the necessary punch to put it over. Result: 0-0. In sixty minutes of play Auburn gained from scrimmage a total of thirteen yards and made one first down! The Tulane defense worked perfectly, Ray Miller and Nor- man Buckncr furnishing the aggressiveness that forced the Plainsmen back time and time again. It was the Greenie offense that would not click; Hitchcock was bottled up; Fenton could do nothing; but neither could the Wave ' s backfield. Elson Goodcll, playing at end, and Carl Dailey, a guard, showed up particularly fine. An attempted field goal by Auburn hit the cross bar. The Plainsmen ' s last minute staving off of a Tulane touchdown saved the day ■ PAUL KRUEGER Back PETE DALOVISIO End Go en bAck dnd fight like f ll MILLARD WHITE I,,,-llo BILLY PAYNE B.ick •i XHU ' cry. 53iSdfT Tuldne s oldest living graduate presents crown to Laura Williams, Homecoming Queen, as part of the court looks on BUDDY BANKER Back BILL FLOWERS Back TULANE HOMECOMING Greatest in Tulane ' s history was this year ' s Homecoming — the Beauty Court was snapped at the game, (left to right), Charlotte Hawkins. Boutine Tobin, Peggy Jones, Laura Williams (Queen) Miriam Scales, Jessie Kline, and Marjorie Staubiti MONETTE BUTLER Back MILLER UPTON Tackle for them. In dressing rooms after the game, Auburn was jubilant; Dawson disgusted. Tulane 84 — Mississippi College This is one of the games that boosted fans ' hopes for a conference championship. Everybody looked good; every play clicked; we made better than a point a minute. The Wave demonstrated some thirty-odd men, with the backfield running wild. Buddy Banker made three touch- downs, and Billy Payne came across with four. The Soph- omores shone in the line, and Bruner, Sauer, and Butler stepped lively behind it. Ace thrill of the afternoon was John Andrews ' 80-yard return of a kickoff, for the third touchdown of the game. Wave power became apparent, hence the big score that the boys in green piled up. Daw- son was jubilant. He smiled. Tulane 7 — Colgate 6 The Green Wave was lucky on this one. Hopelessly out- classed and outplayed in the first half, the Greenies strug- gled in freezing weather against a stronger foe. In the sec- ond period, however, Mattis, Andrews, and the rest of the backfield began to click, and the Hamiltonians, fearing de- feat, were defeated. Dedication of a new stadium and the finis of a five-year schedule no doubt inspired the Wave to greater heights than experienced so far in the season. " Iron Man " Mattis, playing the best game of the season, carried the ball time and again, when substitutes were hurt. John Andrews won the acclaim of the crowd and a mighty cheer for his truly fine defensive play, making, upon one occasion, four tackles in succession. Pulling up its stakes in the last half, the line showed the usual impregnability, and helped more than any other single factor to demoralize the Red Raiders. Dawson was satisfied. Tulane — North Carolina 13 The beginning of the end. This one told the tale. The Green Wave met a football machine at Chapel Hill, a machine, consisting of eleven cogs, each moving metricu- lously in its orbit, knowing exactly what to do and when to do it. The beautiful precision with which plays were exe- cuted, the sureness of defense, surely awed the Greenies into defeat. 1 V« . , jw CARD DISPLAY — The TURK club features at least on? of these at the half of each major football game BRAINTRUSTERS - Coaches and quarterbacks bench to- gether and anolyis plays. Seidel, Bond, Krueger, Dawson and Gevan -t irf ' ■ tJjil ACTION! SCRAMBLE! AS There was less Greenle fumbling this season than in the past three years. Bama bo+S fumbled and recovered this one THE PLAYERS SEE IT GET THAT MAN! t From the beginning, Tulane played a losing game, strug- gling against an inhuman group of football gears, each exactly apparent of the situation at all times. Everything the Greenies had failed. Running plays were thrown back, passes knocked down, defense plays riddled. Tulane had nothing to cope with the Tarheels. An additional week away from New Orleans weakened Tulane; living on strange water, different cooking, a differ- ent practice field, all took something physically and men- tally from the Greenies. That was the week they spent in Raleigh, practicing at the field of North Carolina State University. In a scrimmage with State the Louisianians looked tine, beating them by thirty points more than had the University of North Carolina; the Saturday ' s game told the tale. In the book the Tarheels ' statistics seemed small beside the Wave ' s, but on the gridiron Tulane lacked that scoring punch missed previously in the season. Particularly did the Carolinians ' reverses completely fool the Greenies; time and again, Little, Bershak, and others romped around end to push the Tulanians farther and farther back. A biting cold day slowed Tulane up. They were tired and homesick. They had not had a lot of practice since Colgate. They lost. Brunner showed his heels once or twice, Big Jerry Friederichs smashed some end-around-end plays, but there was no sf)ectacular Wave play. Mattis was hurt. Flowers was hurt. Butler was inexperienced. Tu- lane bowed to a fine team. It was a melancholy, irritable team that a handful of supporters met at the station Mon- day night. Dawson was disconsolate. CARL GOLL Guard KURT OELSCHLAGER End Quarterbdck Nyhan fries a sneak pass against ' Bama — it almost worked Tulane 14 — Ole Miss 7 Coming back into the win column, the Wave took down the Rebels in an unimpressive game, coming from behind to score after the Mississippians had passed their way to the first touchdown. Mattis and Brunner, out because of injuries suffered at North Carolina and in practice, respec- tively, watched Billy Payne and Bill Flowers turn in cred- itable performances. Sensation of the afternoon, however, was Buddy Banker, who romped down the field time and time again, ripping off good gains through Ole Miss ' line, heralded " the stone wall of the South. " Tulane ' s whole line turned in sterling play, with Captain Buckner, Ray Miller, and Jerry Friederichs particularly out- standing. Poor pass defense by Tulane ' s backfield again accounted for them being scored against. The Wave ' s second touchdown was scored over right tackle, right through Ole Miss ' All-American left tackle, " Bruiser " Kinard, who was held down all afternoon by good blocking from R,i ' Miller or Ralph Wen el. This JOHN OIRMANN End LEONARD SAUER Back tt j gsmMtmmimiimtmt RALPH BOND Back AL GORMAN Center — 1 1 TP I a 1 WHATS UP MR. MONK? Since 1919 Monk Simons has been »he pepper behind Tulane ' s athletic teams CARL DAILtY Guard BOB DEXHEIMER Back was an uneventful game, compared to the otiiers. Red was satisfied. Tulane 6 Alabama 9 This was homecoming. This was the illegal kick game. You remember. Trained to the knife ' s edge, set for the Crimson Tide, Tulane lost to them in the finest football game played locally in many, many years. Alabama, you remember, went on to lose to California in the Rose Bowl. As the spectators filed home from the Ole Miss game, they were confronted with those little red " Beat " Bama " signs. There may be some about the campus yet. They foretold a football game in which the Tulane eleven fought its heart out. And lost. More than one tear was shed in the Greenie dressing room after that one. Alabama won; that was expected, but the game Tulane was to play was not predicted. A heretofore mediocre eleven, rose once to heights of brilliancy not surpassed throughout the rest of the season. At the opening whistle, both teams dug in their cleats and never did rela.x sufficiently for the opponent to cap- italize upon it. The hard driving of Andrews and Mattis, the fleet heels of Billy Payne, and the fine defense work of the Tulane line characterized the game. The Green Wave ' s goal line stand will be long remembered by fans. How ' Bama got the bnll on Tulane ' s one-yard line, first down, and netted a gam of minus three yards, is not easily forgotten. Nor that Captain Norman Buckner stopped the Crimson Tidesman three times of the four! Captain Hall, turning in a fine game also, opposed one of America ' s finest guards, Captain Leroy Monsky, who unleashed to the limit to block the Tulanian. Ray Miller was the outstanding tackle on the field. It was a field goal that defeated the Wave. With the score 6-6 in the last quarter, Alabama got the ball on Tulane ' s twenty-four yard line, and sending in Sanford, substitute end for the job, kicked a field goal that arched beautifully through the uprights. For all practical pur- poses, this ended the ball game. Development of pictures of the kick showed that ' Bama had had five men in the backfield, which was undeniably illegal, hence the kick was invalid, and the game a tie. Some would believe it so. The officials had missed the extra man, so the score was, and always will be 9-6. Tulane ' s coaches protest the field goal Ihat insured Alabama ' s victory. ' Taint no use — he didn ' t see it ■I JC ON THE BENCH ANXIOUSLY AWAITING THEIR TURN r ' 5 ' ANDREWS BLOCKING. MATTIS ' RUNNING WERE NOT ENOUGH TO STOP L.S.U. luT t WATCH OUT! Tlgor No. 51 joomj to fhink thdt Bill Flowors hai tho ball Kmard. Ail-American tackle. The Greenle ' s winning touchdown was scored over tSe Old Miss tackle Tulane 6 — Georgia 7 With the close of the Alabama game, the boys from Tulane had lost something that they could never regain in 1937. They played to the utmost against the Crimson Tide, and in so doing, lost the quality of " fight " so essen- tial. To lose to ' Bama on such a fluke caused a discour- agement that the 1937 Green Wave never got over. Par- ticularly apparent was this in the following game with Georgia. The boys in green left Thursday night with high hopes of avenging the defeat of 1936, but they made mistakes Saturday afternoon. The game represented a letdown after Alabama, and showed it. Particularly poor was the running attack, the line was good, but the backfield just couldn ' t seem to spot that elusive pass receiver. Mattis shone, and Andrews came through as usual. Hall and Buckner were good. So was Jerry Friederichs, so was Stan Nyhan at quarter. Georgia was not a very impressive game. It disappointed Dawson again. Tulane 33 — Sewanee 7 The game that threw the scare into the Wave. Con- fident, overconfident, Tulane entered the game with a sec- ond and third team to save the regulars. They didn ' t score. The first team went in. They didn ' t score either. But Sewanee did. As the half closed, it was a disillu- sioned Tulane team that trudged into the dressing room trailing Sewanee, 0-7. The pep talk that ensued during the half was the storm- iest that a Greenie has heard in so many a year. The red-headed gentleman was mad, very mad. So Tulane went out and scored 33 points on the Sewanee Tiger, pac- ifying the red-headed gentleman somewhat. Tulc 6— L. S. U. 20 The Tiger came down from Tigcrtown and shattered the Wave into little droplets. The Tiger ' s passes did it. He passed over Tulane ' s backfield, lateralled around the ends, flipped ' em across the goal. Rohm was too slippery. Young Bussy too nimble-fmgered. The Green Wave came out again on the small end. A feature of the game, and one play that every fan will remember was John Andrews ' interception of one of Rohm ' s passes and the eighty-yard gallop for a touchdown wuh Rohm and Morton at his heels. To Andrews goes the credit of making the first and last score of the season; it was he that tallied the marker against Clemson, and again he that closed the season with the line score against the Tiger. Mr. Dawson was noncommittal. A good old " Wc want the goal posts, " " Well you can ' t have ' em " fight between students of the two universities reminiscent of those of 25 years ago climaxed and closed the gridiron season for 1937. CECIL HENLEY Gudrd DAN WATERMEIER Guiird WE SAID, " BEAT L.S.U. " " fi i f r - ELSON GOODELL MACK AVANTS End Center BUT WE LOST - t mt CHARLES RUCKER Genial Yearling Coach There are many future conference stars in this group of freshmen footballers, outstanding of whom are " Red " Cassibry, Rip Collins, Ed Neal, Fred Gloden and Billy Brinkman. Although their record as a team was nothing to brag about, the spirit was very much in evidence, and Coach Dawson will certainly find several fine players from this year ' s freshmen. TOP ROW: Neal. McCollum, Asbell, Faulkner, Blandin. Johnson, Grdina. Groves. Fristoe SECOND ROW: Day. Morton. Brekke. Means. Cassibry. Collins. Poag. Beltihoover, Gloden BOTTOM ROW: Eason. Slaton. Brinkman. Abrams. McKinney. Williams. Hayes. Carberry 1 Coach Rucker ' s freshman group was composed of many all-stars hailing from all over the nat ion, boasting great high school reputations, showing encouraging individual possibilities, but lacking the ability to function as a team. And therein lies the story behind an unsuccessful season of three defeats in three tries. Hammond ' s Strawberry Bowl, turned into a mud puddle by a driving rain that fell continuously before and during the game, was the stage upon which Southeastern Junior College dramatized a 19-0 victory over cur charges, who, with the exception of Harley McCollum, Claude Groves, Harry Hays and Red Cassibry, were not charging effect- ively enough. Alabama scored next to the tune of 14-7 in the roughest game seen locally in recent years. Harry Hays grabbed off individual honors when, playing with one broken hand, he personally accounted for seventy yards and a score in three totings of the swinepelt. Rip Collins, Groves and McCollum stood out in a line that played great ball. The Baby Billow lived up to tradition, but overdid it in bowing to L. S. U. 39-0 in the Bengal stadium. Fred Gloden, fine punting prospect, was outstanding, and the tough going afforded an opportunity for Bill Brinkman, Sid BuUer, Ernie Blandin, Ed Neal and Collins to show promise under fire. fiQ .i . , ...H .- V ,f 4 Wave and Bulldog baslceteers In a bit of fast action under the goal Surprise ot the xear v;is pulk ' d by Ray Dauber in bring- ing forth a quintet that not only won games but h)st in the conterence runoff only to the championship team, Cjeorgia Tech. For tlie first time in years, the (Ireenie baslceteers came through on tlie black side of the ledger, surprising tans to the extent ot coming to see some of the games ami |)l;icing Tulane in the basketball money ot the Southeast ern Conterence. ] Iainsta of the team was Captain Deitrich . e land, center, uho was ably assisted by those two high-scoring teammates, dene Harmon and Paul Pare. Buddy Jumoiuille and Kurt Oelschlager rounded out the squad. Southern Calitornia, journeying southward for Sugar Howl meet, h.inded the Wave the first setbacks of the year. A dctensixe game for the Wave threatened all night, and with Captain Neyland ejected in the secouil game on tour personal fouls, local fans had little to cheer for. Pare .ind llarmon scoi ' ed ?7 points be ween them in two nights. Alabama, just returned from the West Coast and the Rose Howl game, dropped both ends of a two-game series to Tulane at Tuscaloosii. ( icne llarmon couldn ' t miss and scored 21 points. Oelschlager plaxed very well and got the ball off the backboard repeatedly. Neyland im- proved delensively and popped iS points. Hudd ' Junion- ville took advantage of the Crimson ' s close gu.irding of Pare to bre.ik loose himself tor IS points in tlie second game. Paie, helil to 10 markers, disappointed those who had come to expect him to score his every shot. I h • double win placed Tulane in the temporary leader.ship ol the conference. Perhaps it was this league leading, a new experience for ( ireenie cage units, that puffed the boys up a bit, but they cert.aiidy played overconliilently in dropping ;i one- point decision to the Millsaps Majors. The gaiue, at an rate, was a thriller. I he teams matched goal for goal in the last ten niiiuites that kept fans standing until the final whistle, three seconds before which, Charley Heg- wood had dumped in the clinching two-pointer. Tulane scoring was again limited to the usual four. Pare, Har- mon, jumoinille. and Xexl.uui, with Pare ' s IS leading the grovip. ictory over S. L. I. in their next one appeared to put the (Jreenies back in stride and they followed this effort with one of the best performances of the year, a smashing _ 7-22 triimiph over the team rated the best ever to come from (leorgia Tech and the same team that went on to win the Southeastern Conference title in the tourney a month later. In both of these games, diminutive Paul Pare stole the show. He garnered 2. points one night tor the highest individual scoring record of any Tulane man in the last nine years. Things generallv ' began to look brighter for Tulane, especially with Jumonv ille com- ing into form, leading all scorers in the S. I.. 1. game with 16 coiuiters and gaining runner-up honors in the (leorgi.i Tech skirmish with nine. Ole .Miss, led by Country " Honnie I.ee " (Iraham, two- time conference high scorer and record holder tor indi- vidual scoring, handed Tulane its first loss of a series to a conference foe. N ' ictor over the Wave in both games, the Mississippians were the only team to defeat the (Jreenies each time they met. and the only conterence team Tul.ine plavi ' d that thev did not whip at least once. Pare matched ( Jraham ' s scoring in the first gam;- when each tallied 17 points, but Kinard, ' aril aiul Clav teamed up to score 2h points among them which more than offset what scoring was done by Harmon ,ind Neyland. The second Ole Miss game was the best g;mie of the year. Two thous.ind fans stood and cheered and thrilled lor the last ten minutes of the game when no team was DEITRICH ' SKYLINE " NEYLAND Captain and Star Center THF SCOREBOARD I ' ulaiic, - ' ; So. c al.. 4 5 Tulane, 27; So. ( al.. V) Tulane, 24; Alabama, 19 Tulane, 45; Alabama, 21 Tulane, 34; Millsaps, 3 5 Tulane, 37; S. L. I-, 30 Tulane, 37; Ga. Tech, 22 Tulane, 34; Ole Miss, 43 Tulane, 34; Ole Miss, 35 I ' lilaiu-, 36; Miss. St., 4 ' rulanc. 36; Miss. St., 34 Tulane, 42; L. S. 41 Tulane, 27; L. S. 31 Tulane, 31; L. S. 42 Tulane, 4 ' ; L. S. V) TOURNAMENT AT BATON ROUGE Tulane, 47; Cieorgia, 3 ' Tulane, 38; Kentucky, 36 Tulane, 29; Ga. Tech, 4+ Semi-tinals, Sec. Tourney COACH RAY DAUBER c cr more than one point .ilicail of tlif otlii-r. .As tlic teams matched shot tor shot, tlie lead cliangeil nine times in tlie last ten minutes, with llane throwing away what- ever chances they had — and they were niniierous — hy tlieir inabilitv to shoot foul shots. Pare was held scoreless in the first half. Hut Skyline .Xcyland, playing his best game it the year locally, kept the (Ireenies in the ball game hy scoring 1 1 of Tulane ' s 13 points for the half.. Hrunner played so well at guard, getting e er thing ofif the back- hoard, that Harmon was aided sufficiently for the first time of the season and together the - teame l up to iiold (iraham to but four points for the half. In the seccHul h.ilf. Pare made six points to Cjraham ' s eight, but .Neyland came h.ick with four more, Harmon with fi e more besides the two lie scored in the (ir.st half, and Jumonville tacked on six to keep Tulane always in the game which the - drojiped by the slim margin of one point, 3.S-.U- ■ith the score 34 to i_], Ole Miss, Har- mon and Fa re got locked up in one another ' s arms and wound up on the floor, with only Harmon unwinding enough to get up. After being assisted in a semi-kayoed state from the floor. Favre was called back onto the court to shoot his shot of the double foul called. He made his, as did Harmon, and the final whistle a few seconds later found the score 35-34 in fa or of Ole Miss. Mississippi State was next and they split their series at Stark ille, State taking the opener, 41-3(1, and Tulane the final 36-34. Pare was ejected from one game on four personals for the first time of his life. With Har- mon and jumoiuillc starring, Tulane led all through the game until the last few minutes when State came from far behind to win. The second game was almost a replica of the first, exce|it that the final whistle throttled a des- perate State rall with the Wave enjoying a 36-34 lead. Hoth teams were erratic, with Tulane steadying more often to save their chances. Harmon was outstanding, with jumonxille and Neyl.ind playing next best for the series. The opener ot the Tiger .series was featured by the starring debut of Hank Cantwell, who popped six field goals and one foul shot to considerably aid Paul Pare in keeping the (Jreenies in the ball game. Pare scored 18 points to walk off with starring honors of the night. The crowd of 2,5(Xi saw Tulane lose because of inability to shoot free throws. L. S. I . pnjiped 14 of its 22 free tries while Tulane made but m of its 2(). I ' inal score: Tigers, 44 — Wave, 42. The .second game saw I-. S. U. ' s Huslmu-n pop three PAUL KRUEGER Guard EINAR PEDERSEN Guard JOE ABRAMS Forward HANK CANTWELL Forward foul shots in the last minute to ice a game that had been 28-27, L. S. U. favor, before he took his free throws. The score was 9-9 at the half, and only Pare and Xeyland had scored one field goal apiece for Tulane. It was seventeen minutes before L. S. U. scored a field goal. Pare scored 1 1 points for top honors again, but Neyland and Harmon were close behind with seven apiece. Final score: Tigers, 31 — Wave, 28. The Coliseum floor at L. S. L . was to Xe land ' s liking for he played his best game on it. Scoring 12 points to lead ail in the opener, and coming back to win the second game with a beautiful pivot shot in the last seven seconds of play, he gave Tulane a two-point victory. Pare scored u points in the first game, and teamed up with Neyland and Harmon to score most of the Crecnie points in the final game which Tulane won. Varren Hrunner ' s work in getting the ball off the backboard was outstanding. First game: L. S. U., 42 — Tulane, 31. .Second gam:-: L. S. U., 39 — Tulane, 41. The next week, the Wave journeyed up to Baton Rouge for the Southeastern Conference tournament. It was here that the quintet put forth its superhuman effort, only to fall before the team it had previously beaten, the one destined to win the championship, Tech. In the afternoon of the first da ' , the basketeers turned over a good team from Georgia, then scored that night to defeat Kentucky, defending champs and the team picked to repeat. L p.setting the applecart for the Wildcats dis- illusioned them about national play later in New ork, and seeded the (ireemes better than Kentucky, one of the ten ranking teams in the nation. Perhaps the conquerors of (Georgia and Kentucky were a bit cocky, a triHe overconfident, or perliaps they just weren ' t good enough, but at any rate, the Bulldog qvuntet swooped down like the wolf on the fold to take the Tulane lambs 44-29, breaking Tulanc ' s dreams of a champion- ship over the team it had whipped scarcely a month earlier. For his sterling pla - throughout the season, and particu- larly during the conference in Baton Rouge, Captain Deitrich Neyland was chosen on the all-Southeastern ' team, at the first-string center position. A dark horse in the Southeastern division had risen to heights, only to fall at the hands of the Kngineers from Tech. Prospects for th? coming year are bright. Ne lan(l « ill be gone, an inestimable loss, but the other letternien ill be back, striving to win that which they lost by a margin in 1938. Coach Ray Dauber coached his last Tulane basketball team in 1938 and showed ' em he co ilcl do it. Little Monk Simons will take up ubcn- Ra Ictt off. GENE HARMON Guard AL GORMAN Guard KURT OELSCHLAGER Guard TOM BROUSSARD Center CLAUDE " MONK SIMONS Coach THE SCHEDULE • Tulane 3; Miss. State Tulane 3 ' 2; Florida Tulane 5; Ole Miss Tulane 4; Alabama Tulane 4 ' ,; L. S. U. .. Tulane I ; Wisconsin 5 4 2 3 4 .3 2 7 Although the Wave ' s mitt team lost three dual matches, won two, and drew one, in addition to losing a twice-won conference crown, they may be said to have had a good season. The loss of light-heavyweight champion Gamble, heavyweight Warrent Jaubert, and lightweight Bill Peak, all of whom were counted upon to come across, wrecked the Waves hopes of victory in dual-meet and conference com- petition. In invading the big ten, 1938 ' s boxing team set a pre- cedent by engaging Wisconsin, but stood up weakly against the team that had just trounced conference champions Louisiana State. Opening the season against the Maroons of Miss. State, the Greenies bowed to the tune of 5-3, facing stiff com- petition in the form of an experienced team. Herbert Graf, making his debut in fistiana at the bantam mark, put his man away in the first stanza. George Manteris outpointed his opponent at senior welterweight, and Cal Benedict, middleweight, cut down a tall Stater, to win going away. Highlights for the Mississippians were knockouts of Louis Philips, featherweight; Charles Rogers, junior welter, and Bill Kirchem, heavyweight, who met Moon Mullins, national intercollegiate champ. Other losers for the Wave were George Lopez, lightweight, and Cy Hickey, light-heavy. Fritz Oakes took the team next to Florida in the ab- sence of Coach Monk Simons, and brought them back, one bout to the bad, for the " Gators had swept to a 4 ' 2-3! ' 2 victory. Graf got a draw, Ed Goodell, a newcomer at lightweight, was technically kayoed in the second, and George Manteris and Cal Benedict were the victims of decision, as was Bill Kirchem. Floyd Newlin at the feather- weight spot, put up an aggressive battle to come out ahead, five bouts before John Dirmann, light-heavy, did the same BILL KIRCHEM Heavyweight JOHN DIRMANN Middleweight GEORGE MANTERIS Junior Welter HERBIE GRAF Bantamweight ■j(W 3BW , ' -TfP ' V! ? ?? : 1 V- ' W - ' , ' r 1 BATTLERS ALL - BANTAMS TO HEAVIES FLOYD NEWLIN Feathorwoiqhf HORACE THOMPSON Senior Welter CAL BENEDICT Senior Welter LOUIS PHILLIPS Ftathorwtight SAM TRUFANT Manager thing. Horace Thompson, starting at senior welter, in his hrst fight knocked out his ' Gator in the second stanza. Benedict bowed to Steve O ' Connell, runner-up in last year ' s conference competition, while Manteris lost a de- cision to Jack Long, king of the junior welters. By the pleasant margin of two victories, the mittmen won the first dual meet of the season by taking into camp the Rebels of Oxford, defeating the Ole Mississippians, 5-3. Herbert Graf chalked up his third win for the season by downing Bantam McCracken and riding on to take an easy decision. Louis Phillips, to avenge the knockout at the hands of Miss. State, promptly kayocd the Rebel featherweight in the third round, when the Ole Miss coach tossed the towel for a finis. Lopez with Thompson were decisioned, the latter barely hanging on after the encounter with welter champ Steve Wilkerson. Rogers, Dirmann, and Hickey each got the nod in their respective bouts. Big Bill Kirchem went down before the furious one-round onslaught of Ralph Burns, destined to later in the season win the heavyweight crown. The Crimson Tide of Alabama again toured to New Orleans, and drew with the Tulane mitt te.im, 4-4. Graf started off the fireworks by being knocked uot by Gerald Burke, ' Bama ' s captain, in the first round. Phil- ips trounced an inexperienced featherwei ght and had him hanging on at the final bell. Bill Peak, recovered from a foot mjury suffered in practice, met Art Fowler, the Tide ' s slugging light lightweight, and last year ' s featherweight titlist. Peak floored the champion in the first, kept on top of him in the second, and was almost knocked out in the last round. Fans still talk of the splendid come-back of the hard-hitting conqueror of Phillips for the 1937 crown. As ' Bama forfeited the junior welter match, Charlie Rog- ers climbed into the ring, was announced victor, and climbed out. Horace Thompson, dropping his second in a row, kept his feet, but rather shakily, for three rounds against Paul Cusimano. John I irmann, meeting the ambidextrious Cy Canzoneri, scored at long range to take the bout by a slight margin. Cy Hinckey lost a close decision, but Bill Kirchem slapped and pushed a low-crouching Tidesman to win the heavyweight match and tied the meet score. Next came the L.S.U. matches in Baton Rouge, whereat Tulane was given the decisions, and whereat the referee was chased from the building by irate State supporters, unable to abide by an official ' s unbiased decision. Graf lost a decision to Bohrer, likewise Newlin to Mich- ael. Maurice Geldert, Coach Simons ' new lightweight find, drew with Rosenthal, while Thompson and Hickey eked decisions. Manteris lost to Hester Daniel, later S.E.C. champ, and Dirmann took J. L. Golsan, another S.E.C. champ to-be. The fans went wild with disgust at the de- cision and when Kirchem beat Trouchasset and was given the nod, they stormed the referee, who took refuge behind protecting athletic officials and football players. It was several weeks before the hurrah died down in Tigertown. Entering the conference competition some ten days after the L.S.LJ. meet, the Tulane boxing team lost the crown it had worn for the past two years. Cameron Gamble had resigned from school shortly after announcing his marriage; Warren Jaubert was ineligible scholastically; Bill SYLVAIN BOUCHe Junior Welter VAN HART Light Weight CHARLIE ROGERS Junior Welter BILL " CY " HICKEY Light Heavyweight 4 ♦ Cal Benedict uncorks a heavy right in his win against Mississippi State Peak was out again, this time with a broken nose. Even Bill Kirchem had an injured proboseis that prevented the Greenie heavy from competing. Thus hopes vanished for winning the Southeastern Conference championship three times in a row. The rest of the squad was on the whole inexperienced, but game, so it was much to the credit of the newcomers to win second place in the running, tagging behind L.S.U. but beating such powerful squads as Ole Miss and Alabama. Graf was the only winner for the Wave, coming thru in fine style to take the bantam title. Putting Burke of Alabama away in a clean-cut victory, the Wave ' s bantam met Bohrer of L.S.U. and losing the first two champion- ship rounds by a good margin, came out at the bell of the third and pitched right after right to score a knockout. His opponent was carried to the showers, and Graf given the belt. Former champion Rent of Florida did not return to defend his title. Michael of L.S.U. poured the power into Louis Philips in the semi-final round, and Philips slugging with the Tiger, met his Waterloo and landed on the canvas in the third. Michael lost to Graham of Florida for the title. Fowler of Alabama, returning titleholder, was eliminated by Graham in the other semi-final bout. Maurice Geldcrt of Tulane lost the .semi-final bout to Long of Mi:.s. State, who was whipjx-d in the finals by Frederickson, lightning fast tapper from Georgia. Joe Brocato, last year ' s titleholder from Tulane. was lost through graduation. Hester Daniel of L.S.U. whipped George Manteris in the finals of the junior welter division in a slow amateurish fight, winning the crown by a small margin. Former champ Jack Long of Florida was put out in the first round bv CuMinano of Alabama, who later lost to naniels. iVnirgeois of L.S.U. Iiu lu-.uiK in ilu- lust two rounds to win over Horace Thompson of Tulane, only to lose easily to Steve Wilkerson of Ole Miss, returning champion. John Dirmann, mainstay of the Greenies, lost to Joe Fields of L.S.U. in the finals of the middleweight division. The bout was close, the Tiger getting the nod amid deri- sion from spectators. Cameron Gamble was last year ' s champion. Lorenz of the Alligator State took Cy Hickey, Wave light-heavy, in another close bout, only to lose by a knock- out in the hnal match to J. L. Golsan, who toyed with the Floridian until the second round, then uncorked a power- house right to give him the sleeper. With Wilkerson, Golsen was the only rep eating titleholder. Ralph Burns of Ole Miss knocked out Nick Accardo, who fought his first fight for the Greenies, in the first round of their heavyweight contest. Accardo was out- cla.ssed by the slugging Mississippian and dazed from the first bell. Burns went on to win the title by ekeing out a dicision over Little of Tennessee. This was the oiiK really unwelcome decision in the fan ' s estimation. Coming somewhat as an anti-climax, the bout with Wis- consin was the most severe loss for Tulane. Boxing L.S.U. here Monday, whom they beat, the Northerners journeyed home, and met the Tulane aggregation the following Sat- urday. George Manteris was the only winner for the Wave. Graf and Philips were unable to make the trip for schol- astic reasons, and Newlin, Geldert, Thomp.son. Benedict, Dirmann, Hickey and Kirchem all lost by decision to the Wi.sconsinians. i ' ro.-.pects are none too bright for the coming vear, with Graf, Philips, Newlin. Manteris and Benedict going from the squad through graduation, but sophomores and remain- ing lettermen, including Peak and Jaubert will be return- inn, S ' ' ' " S • ' " iicleus upon which Coach Simons may build the dark-horse of the I ' J conference meet. l Mim X 5 ? %. ' i u Fritz Oakcs " track team competed in four meets aiij a conference run off in 1937, but unfortunately won none. However, the Wave cindermen put on a better season than anybody expected, because the gross lack of material prom- ised little, but resulted in a good showing in the sprints and hurdles, and some interesting marks in the quarter and pole vault. Principal lack was in distance men. Taking other events by good margins, each time the Greenies seemed about to win a meet, then they were hopelessly outclassed in the half, mile and two mile runs, so each time they lost. The field events, discus, javelin, and shot particularly were a weak spot for the 1937 Greenies also, Coach Oakes having no competent men to fill the breach left by the graduation of Nussbaum, Freese, Simons and others. A really fine relay team satisfied the record-yearning fans, however, when Billy Payne, Craig Roth, Harry Waugh, and Tom Payne set out and stepped the mile in 3:19.9 or so. They placed second in the conference meet at Birmingham. Opening the season against Ole Miss at O.xford, the trackstcrs took six firsts to the Rebels seven. Kohl and Waugh scoring double firsts, and the Payne brothers tak- ing one-two in the quarter for Tulane. The relay team took the mile in stride for the remaining honor, winding up the meet 60-52, with the Greenies on the small end. Miss. State was the next to set back the Greenies, to the tune of 61-56, where Tulane came through again in the hurdles, George Kohl taking both events, and Harry Waugh again leading in both sprints. An upset over Tom Payne in the quarter and still lack of distance and weight men accounted for the narrow loss. Eighteen Wavemen journeyed to Tuscaloosa to bow to the Crimson Tide to the tally of 65-51. Besides the sprints, hurdles, and relay, the Greenies came through in the half, pole vault, and quarter. Things were looking up. But the Tigers from Baton Rouge humbled the Wave, 72-45, making but one, a clean sweep of the weight events. A freshman meet held dually stole the show, with Millard, Tulane ' s White hope, taking first in shot, discus, and jave- lin. The conference featured Tulane in sixth position, earn- ing exactly as many points as Forrest Towns, Georgia hurdler, did individually, 16. The Wave was satisfied with three seconds, a fourth and two fifth places. With the coming of Millard White from the freshmen. comes the news of Tom Payne ' s withdrawal from school, and still no news of distance runners. On the whole, track outlook is dark for 1938. » ■ w j %,• ' 4 - i«imt5; SITTING: Barfhe, T. Payne, W. Payne, H. Payne, Roth KNEELING: Manager Johnston, Hickey, Corales, Dixon, Richmond, Waugh, Assistant Manager Kirby STANDING: Coach Oakes, Pedersen, Loftin, Lockett, Mooney, Kohl, Pace, Assistant Coach Oelkers Jfi t : The cinderteam produced several standout stars in 1937, particularly in tlie sprints and hurdles. The relay team was one of the best in the conference, placing in every meet. Distance runners and field-event men were sadly lacking, however, overbalancing the team to the losing side of the tally book, but Nineteen Thirty-eight bids fair to show track again as a major winning sport at Tulane. Coach Oakes gives Captain Billy Payne that last minute talk EINAR PEDERSEN— Pol« Vaultor 3N GEORGE KOHL— Aco Hurdler STANDING: Manager Wetiel, Dcxheimer, Betz, Ott. James. Blessey. Overdyke, Coach Monk Simons KNEELING: Thompson, Thornton. Avants. Hammond. Friday. Hall, Oliver SITTING: Mattis. Mascot Billy the Kid. Buckner, Ttedemann. Manteris. Field. Kopman Baseball came back to Tulane with a bang for the tirst time since its abandonment as a varsity sport in 1930. A poor season and lack of interest caused the diamond sport ' s demise seven years ago. This year ' s club had none too good a season, but the interest was certainly in evidence. And when a group of athletes, led by Norman Buckner, put in a strong bid for the return of the sport, the student body and many faculty members greeted the game with enthusiasm. Four games were played with L.S.U. And what a series. In toto, it required 1 1 hours and 35 minutes. In the first game alone, which required 2 hours and 55 minutes for its completion, there were 8 home runs, 4 triples, 5 doubles, 30 hits off 5 pitchers, 30 runs, 7 errors, and about 2 mental boners apiece, not to mention 19 strikeouts and 16 walks. Errors picked up in the second game when they rose to the new high for 6 for each aggregation. With time being sliced to 2 hours and 35 minutes, hits fell off to 18. The third game saw errors hold its own at 12, and hits gain 3 points to a comfortable 21. With every other phase soaring to new highs, innings took its turn in the finale and rose to 12. A 7-6 thriller justified the action, and left fans hungry for more in 1938. Buckner, Tiedemann, Blessey, Bryan, Dexheimcr and Mont- gomery were outstanding, and Bucky Bryan, Wiltz Ott, Man- teris and Blessey were the home-run hitters. Mattis ' pitching was very good at times, erratic at others. - - n " | n Although defeated in all of thei r matches, the - Greenie Golfers neverthe- I less won the Southeastern I Conference crown. Vincent D ' Antoni, star strokesman for the Wave, came through in fine style by winning all of his matches and finally annexing the conference title. George Turpie, of Audubon Club, coached the team, which included Charles Janvier, Norwood Hingle, Jr., Frank Moore, Robert Monstead, captain, and D ' Antoni. Most practice was done on the Audubon Course, the players going out to swing whenever time and weather allowed. In the first match of the season against L.S.U. the green linksmen journeyed to Baton Rouge to fall easy prey to the Tiger, Janvier, Moore and Hingle coming out on the small end, with D ' Antoni trouncing Fred Haas, Jr., in the feature match, to garner the Wave ' s only tally. At a return engagement with the Tigertowners, the Greenies fared better, Monstead coming through all-even with Paul Leslie, and D ' Antoni romping over Haas again with a par 67. Oklahoma told the same story: Bobby Monstead finished all-even with Bill Simpson, and Vincent D ' Antoni took Okla- homa ' s ace, Bill Craig, for the only points. In the championship matches, Janvier qualified with D ' An- toni, but lost out in the first round. The latter was left to fight it out with si. L.S.U. Tigers for the crown, and in so doing, he whipped Fred Haas, then Canadian Amateur Champ, as well as Lawrence Larcarde, who had freshly beaten Western Amateur Champ, Paul Leslie. The Tulanian came through with living clubs to cinch the title, giving the con- ference championship to the Greenies. Sweeping through a fine field in the Nation.il Intorcolle- giatcs at Oakniount, Pennsylvania, D Antoni seemed headed for a national crown, but the sure strokes of Fred Haas bowled him over in 32 holes. With Janvier elected captain tor the coming year, and many Ireshinen practicing more regularly, the Green Wave seems dostinril to Ii,t i- ,i b.uiiu-r r,ir lor l ' ' vS. KNEELING; Breidenbach, Picheloup, Hingle STANDING: flaird. Manson. Coach Turpie, D ' Antoni, Janvier VINCENT D ' ANTONI Southeastern Conference Channpion -S TOP RIGHT: Captain Ernie Sutter, Na- tional Intercollegiate Champion, whose toss to the tcrthcominq team will be sorely felt CENTER: Billy Westerfleld, well-known New Orleans player and one of the team ' s mainstays EXTREME LEFT: Guy Cheng, former Chi- nese Davis Cup star and Tulane ' s number four man LOWER RIGHT: " Truckln ' Joe " Abrams, number two man who teamed with Sutter for the doubles title LEFT TO RIGHT: Barney Phelps, Guy Cheng, Billy Westerfield, Ernest Sutter, Joe Abrams and Donald Doyle The men in white came through again for a successful season, winning all but one match, which resulted in a tie. In an extra-season contest, however, the racqueteers bowed to a superior North Carolina team, October 23, the same day that the Green Wave met defeat from Carolina ' s football machine. The loss of Captain Ernie Sutter, nu- cleus of the team through graduation, resulted in this de- feat of the Greenies. Warming up with City Park and New Orleans Lawn Tennis Club groups, the net team caught stride in confer- ence play by winning both singles and double matches in the Texas invitation tournament, trouncing Alabama, Fur- man, L. S. LJ., Texas, and Rice, then embarking on a mid- western tour taking over Southwestern, Western State Teachers, and Northwestern, and splitting a match with Kenyon. The grand slam came as the Southeastern Con- ference title was annexed early in March. Captain Ernie Sutter, last of the tennis dynasty that has ruled Tulane courts these years, was ably assisted by Joe Abrams, number two singles player, Billy Westerfield, Donald Doyle, Guy Cheng, and Barney Phelps. Sutter ' s clean strokes and effective lobs made him one of the most dangerous players in intercollegiate tennis, and stroked him to the national title oi the college courts. Abrams teamed with Sutter to take the doubles matches in the Southeastern and Southwestern Conference tournaments. For the coming year. Coach Pare will have to reconstruct his team from Abrams, Westerfield, Cheng, Phelps, and Doyle. Prosf-iocts arc darker than they have been in years, but the netmen have always come through, finishuig in the first flight every season. Matches carded next season include another mid-western tour, as well as conference contests. Recent intercollegiate rankings released by the Associated Press place Captain Sutter number one and Abrams num- ber thirty. Tennis lurnishes one of the brightest sport out- looks at Tulane. EMMEH PARE Coach ROBERT LECORGNE Manager 1. Start of one of the dashes at Audu- bon Park, scene of interfraternity swimming meet. 2. Easy winner in the high hurdles. 3. Get set . . . go! 4. Law School Interclass football is pop- ular and hotly contested. 5. Losers get wet in the annual frosh- soph tug-o-war. 6. A long shot in interfraternity basket- ball. 7. " Touch " foofball at the Phi house. 8. Action in the Wdve-Alabama fresh- man game. 9. This one was close. 10. Winners cSeer loudest after inter- frat baslcetball games. These are S.A.E.s. I I. Low hurdles was a cinch. 12. Tense moment in a law school fracas. D THE WHY OF IT Ncwcomh girls learn as freshmen that a healthy body harbors a clean healthy mind. Meh lady takes much pride in the fact that she made the varsity basketball or hockey team. Thus, it is not surprising that Newcomb ' s athletic fields are never vacant. UPSY-DAISY It sure taltes a lot of umph to get the ball over the net MISS FLORENCE A. SMITH Director of Athletics This year, the three new gym teachers — Ehza- beth Thompson, Joyce Palmer, and EHzabeth Westerfelt — under the direction of Florence Am- brose Smith are paving the way for bigger and better activities at Newcomb and have made many favorable additions to the curriculum. Soccer was played as a major sport, with inter-class competi- tion at the end of the quarter. Several of the dancing classes are attracting a larger number of both alumnae and students. Even the 8:30 A.M. modern class has shown a marked increase in at- tendance. Tennis offered for three quarters al- ways arouses such enthusiasm and the girls have shown marked improvement under Coach Emmet Pare. Elizabeth Buxton and Jane Crais are New- comb ' s two most accomplished players. New- comb ' s lovely tile pool offers many opportunities (208 1 -J ' fff; Wri mwm k r ' V - 1 J for both beginners and advanced swimmers. A form of recreation new in the physical education department, is the swimming club consisting of thirty members who meet one night each week to play games and swim with Miss Thompson as fac- ulty advisor. On winter afternoons hockey holds the interest of Newcomb athletes. This session the juniors have taken the inter-class championship for their third successive title. This, however, has not been without a struggle, for the present senior team has each year played a tic game, thereby necessitating a second to decide the victory. When hockey ends, [laskctball t.ikcs the lime- light. The alumnae and students ha f many workouts, each team aiming to conquer the other at their annual ilash. And for the past few years the alumnae have proved that they ' re not too old to whip the Newcombites. An eventful day in the baseball season is that of the faculty-varsity game which usually gathers many a student spectator. The game this year promises to be a much closer one with the faculty keeping in trim and playing together at their recreation hour every week. The year round schedule is filled with numerous other activities — among which iiia - lu- found: archerw fencing, bowling, badminton, deck tennis, ping-pong, and volley-ball. Tournaments are held in the various sports where girls mav step out as individuals showing their ability to compete for the college championship. By a most efficient system the girls earn points and on Trophy Day they arc pre- sented awards greatly cherished and well deserved for their e (Torts. I ;o9 1 1. The junior hockey team takes time out to solve the whole problem. 2. Extra-special care is taken ol the Ncv comi1i Mas- cot and his prized " N " sweater. 3. The girls arc always up to tricks. 4. Oooh they Hoat through the air — the double due was a special feature of the gala Water Circus. 5. What a huddle looks like from the inside — (lucky cameraman) . 6. Just another angle. 7. Ncwcomh mermaids liiu- up tor the Water Car- nival. 8. Volleyballers " poosh em up. " 9. Strike two, as catcher Pare takes it in. 10. And thou came " Papa " Ourel up to bat. 1 1. Tennis is popular with the Newconibites. 12. The Archery Class in full swing. 13. Who said the archers couldn ' t hit the bull ' s eye. H f 1 H n 1 H A 1 H T 1 B [ 1 ■ 1! 1 T B nir r 1 H Jean and his two Beluche M s 1 M Dominique You, plan a greater " Brotherhood of | 1 H The M + ■ B among themselves — but carried pistols M 1 ■ ' outsiders who pry H 1 B The Hotel de la Marine was the M ■ B — rum M 1 H m 1 ' • l ■»n . ' rt.rtfc - i ;i f A T T S OFFICERS F. Sastrv Reed ... Cliainnan Homer M. R.askin . . Secretary Wn.i.i.AM A. Cli.I ' EI ' Pfk Trea:ur,r COMMITTEES Vii.i.i.- M A. Culpepper Chitirman, Activtrtei Committee CIeorge E. Wh.i.iams, Jr. Chtiirmjn, Rushing and Regulations Committee RovAi. R. Bastian, Jr. Chiiiiman, Rushing Rules Committee MEMBERS .llphu rail Omega Joseph S. Riorda Julias- P. Freret Beta Theta Pi Ford Reese Edgar CJraves, Jr. Delta Kaftpa Epsilim Ho.MER M. Raskiv Rovai. Basiias, Jr. Delta Sigma I ' lii Herbert . . ( " .rak Mal RICE J. Pic ' iiEi.oi p, ni Delta Tail Delta I). Ham.in Becker J. Barnvvei.i. Phei.ps Kappa .llpha Wii.mam a. Clm, pepper MaLSSEL W. HlCKEV Kappa A ' u Morris S. Forsviii Abe B. Kuppermas ' Kappa Sigma George R. Blue William R. North Phi Delta Theta Casper A. Tooke, Jr. Joe H. Kirb , Jr. Phi Iota .llpha RODRIGO ArOSEMESA F NRioi E L. Newell Phi Kappa Sigma NORBERI W. MaRKEL Wii.LUM I). Davis, Jr. Pi Kappa .llpha Horace A. Thompson, Jr. James F. ' iLRsnuii. Sigma .llpha Epsilim Frank J. Baird H. Elvin Shlttteli) Sigma Alpha Mu Barney Blimberg WlLLARI) MaRMEI. .M Sigma Chi George F. Wii.i.iavis, Jr. Samuel A. Trieam, III Sigma Phi lipsitnn Claude O ' Qitn Ci. AdoLI ' H SCIIREIBER Sigma Phi Delta Jack Oi.xon Earle R. GlRH I r Sigma Pi George R. Foersier Arthur C. Reuier Zeta Hela Tau Jac Stich Joseph 1,. .Xmrams i I Fint Row: AhrAnu, Aioscinrnx. Rattd, Bastiaii. Bci ' k«r, Blu«. Stfond Rov: BlumhrtK. Oilpcpprr, Davi», Dtxuii, Fo r»icr, Fouyth. ' t ' htrj Rom-: Ftctct. Gt ( , Gfjivcs, Gurtirt, Hnkrv. Kirbv. Fourth Rom-: KiippcrmAii, NUikct, NlAriiKUAC. Ncwrll, Noith. O ' Quin. Filth Ro»-: Phclp . I ' uhcloiip. Kankin, Ririitrt, Kiotitji. Sihrcibcr. Sixih Row: ShutficiJ. Stich, Thompson, Tookc . TiuUnr. TurnhuU, TULANE PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL [217] m Colors: FloiL ' cr Black and Gold C " lir s;uitlu-inuii MU CHAPTER FRATRES IN FACULTATE Mr. Edwin G. Booth, Jr. Dr. Charlics L. Brow?: Dr. Arthur A. Cmri:. Jr. Dr. ANnRF.w V. Frikdricihs Dr. Sam Hobson Mr. Edward J, Jones. Jr. Mr. Richard R. Kirk Mr. Danihl B. Terry Dr. F. Harold Wirth Dr. WiLLARD R. Wirth FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE First Row Robert G. Allen ' 40 John Brander Anderson ' 41 Walter E. Blessey ' 40 Laurance H. Bohni: ' 39 Rk:hard C. Borden 41 Eric P. Brieuhnbach ' 39 Second Row Claude Buerger. Jr ' 41 Henry J. Bultman. Jr ' 4 J Arthur A. Cairf. Ill ' 39 Andrew J. Carroll, Jr ' 39 William H. Church 41 Robert D. Cosgrovb 39 Third Row William D. Davis, Jr ' 39 Harry L. Deas. Jr ' 40 DuVal F. Dickey ' 39 Donald C. Dickson, Jr Law ' 40 VC ' iLLiAM H. Dunstfn. Ill ' 40 Louis T. Frantz. Jr ' 41 Fourth Row Joe Allen Gibson ' 40 William Gibson ' 41 Carl Goll ' 38 Edward K. Goodell 39 Stephen L. Guicb, Jr ' 41 Elliott B. Hay Med. ' 39 Fifth Row G. Putnam Hinds, Jr. A. Wintkr Holbrook Huntfr T. Huddle . , Howard Kuntz . . . . , John D. Lockwood, Jr. Arthur L. I.owh. Jr. . , John F. Manson . . . , ' 38 ' 40 ' 3S ' 41 41 •40 ' 39 Sixth Row Founded at University of Pennsylvania in 1850 Establishred at Tulane in 1858 Thirly-ninc Active Chapters NORBI-RT W. Marki-.i ' 38 A. Rhoades Marschai.i ' 41 H. Giles Martin, Jr ' 38 Harvey C. May, Jr ' 39 Malcolm W. Monroi; ' 40 Joseph M. Montagnit, Jr Med. ' i9 Francis Nicholson Med. ' 41 Seventh Row EiNAR N. Pedersen 39 Austin G. Phillips ' 41 Daniel L. Schmucker ' 41 Frank W. Summers Law ' 39 William F. Tompkins. Jr ' 40 Louis I. Tyler, Jr ' 40 William A. Wood, Jr ' 41 NOT IN PANEL William A. Atkinson, Jr ' 39 John Louis Bell ' 41 Robert E. Bell, Jr ' 41 Edward E. Estes 40 Ernest H. Estes, Jr L iw ' 38 Jerry H. Frost ' 41 Alton P. Frymire Law ' 40 Thomas S. Glass ' 41 Franklin C. Gough, Jr ' 41 Jean L. King ' 41 George C. Kohl ' 39 James A. McNiven 39 Norman C. D. Melun ' 38 Edward L. Mbrrigan ' 41 J. Frank Richmond ' 39 PHI KAPPA SIGMA FRATERNITY [218] ETA CHAPTER FRATRES IN FACULTATE Dr. Octave C. Casskcrain Dr. John A. Las ' ford Dr. Stuart G. Nobi.r Mr. James M. Robert Dr. Robert A. Strong Mr. C. S. Williamson, Jr. FRATRES IN UNIVER5ITATE First Row Millard C. Baker Arthur H. Brook John S. Burk James D. Bvrne Edward P. Ecu er ... ' 40 •38 •3S ' 4 ' ' 40 Second Row Carl M. Fremaux Harrv W. Fristoe Frank H. Hardenstein .... John A. Holmes .... Med. George M. I.i:. kk Third Row James W. Leake James V. LeI.aurin IIarborough I. LiLi ' ooDV ard B. Logan Trov F. Long Mrd. Fourth Row ' 39 ' 4 ' ' 39 ' 38 ' 40 ' +1 ' 40 ' 4 " ' 38 •38 William H. Mai 1111 us J. David MuN ' eil Lewis C. Parrish . . Charles H. Pki tewav Frank M. Posi:v . . Fifth Row . . 40 I.an.i: ' 3S ■ ■ ' 39 • ■ ' 40 Med. ' 40 Jack Q. Sloan . . . .Alw N Smiim, Jr. , . ilmvAKD J. Smuh W ' liioRD M. Smiih William J. Iali IIerberi II. Thomas Sixth Row Horace A. Thompson Harry C. Tiller . . Ja.mks F. TiRNiiui.i. . John D. Whiit . . . J. Ma.xwei.l Williams George F. Whmamsdn NOT IN PANEL Charles F. Bailey TllO.MI ' SON B. BlRK William R. Hurk, Jr. AsHin J. Frisioe . . Lew R. Harris . . . FimARii I ' .. Harrison . Frid I ' .. I.iLai RiN, Jr. RoniRi L. Miller, Jr. Howell W. Si augiii er w. pori er tuli. , . William II. Wallace Peier G. White . . • • ' 41 ■ • ' 39 . Imixi ' 40 . . ' 38 •41 .1 ,. . ' sS . . ' 38 Med. ' i . . ' 40 • ■ ' 39 Med. ' 40 . . ' 38 ' 4 ' ' 38 ' 4 ' ' 39 ' 4 ' ' 4 ' ' 39 •38 ' 39 ■40 ' 40 ' 39 Colors: CiarwvX and Gold V Ftotver: l.ih 1)1 t he Willcv I ' ciiiiuliil ;il I ' nivcrsilv ol irninia in iS ' iS F.sl.ililishiil at rul.niu ' in 1S78 EiRhly Arrive Chapters PI KAPPA ALPHA FRATERNITY 1219] .4 dil FMMm Ms. iii ' il Witt)i Mt,A fifcil Colors : Crimson and Old Gold Floivers: Magnolia and Red Rose Founded at Washington and Lee University in 1865 Established at Tulane in 1886 Fifty-nine Active Chapters PSI CHAPTER FRATRES IN FACULTATE Dr. Hi;riu:kt li. Buchanan Dr. Henrv Laurens Dk Martin T. Van Studdiford Dr. James E. Winston FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE First Row Khrmii BAiirv LiiJ ' ' 41 WlLLfAM C. BhOTHKRS 41 John F. Carrere 41 Erni st a. Carreri:. Jr Law ' 33 Alfred P. Grain, Jr MeJ. ' 39 William A. Culpepper ..;» ' J9 Second Row Nathaniel C. Curtis. Jr ' 40 Thomas B. Denecri- ' 41 NtmMAN E. Eaves 40 Edward D. Fin ley 4! Albert J. Flettrich Lan ' ' 39 C. HiiNRY Flower ' 40 Third Row H. QuiN Gautihr ' 41 Arthur B. Hammond, Jr ' 39 Weeks T. Harrison ' 39 Edward M. Heath, Jr ' 39 John H. Heath ' 40 Maunsel W. Hickey ' 39 Fourth Row C. Manlev Horton, Jr iw ' 38 Donald E. Jahncke ' 38 Raymond Jarrell Med. 4I Roy T. Lester McJ. ' 39 John H. Maginnis [40 Edward B. Martin ' 40 Fifth Row George B. Matthews ' 40 Harvey E. McConnhll Med. ' 40 Stenning C. Murphy ' 41 Nobvin p. Oliver. Jr ' 38 Hugh G. Payne ' 38 William M. Pavnf ' 38 Sixth Row Paul K. Rand. Jk Med. ' }H T. Robert Rudole, Jr MO Albert R. Tebo. Jr ' 40 Karl W. Thomason ' 39 Samuel B. Thompson Med. ' 39 Seventh Row Arthur J. Wallace, Jr Med. ' 39 Ci.YDi- A. Watkins Med, ' 40 Charles A. Willis Med. ' 40 Frank A. Word ' 41 W. Waller Young. Jr I,aw ' i9 NOT IN PANEL John D. Andri ws Med. 37 Andrhw Gay ' 41 Louis H. B. Graham Law ' 39 George D. Hopkins ' 40 Hall McCord Law ' 39 Frederick W. Mii-LER Liw ' 38 Peter R. Monrosb, Jr ' 39 WiLTZ C. Ott ' 37 H. Minor Pipes Law ' 0 Percy Sandel Law ' 38 Harley C. Shands Med. ' 39 H. Newton Smith ' 40 J. H. Dolan Tipping ' 38 RuFUS Ybrger Law 39 KAPPA ALPHA FRATERNITY t220) ALPHA OMICRON CHAPTER FRATRES IN FACULTATE I)K. I ' .KASMLi D. ItNNLK, htluriluS Mr. S. Wood Browv Dr. George King I.ogan Dr. Curtis Harim.w Tyrone FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE First Row DONAI.I) DOVI.E .... DOLGI.AS K LSI IS . . . C ' l.vDE Hart, Jr. . . . IIhar Henderson ' . . Second Row WlI.I.IAM Hll.DERRANI) . Jones W. Lamb . WoODROVv McD. Lamb Wii.i.iA.vi Leake . . . , Third Rov, Jack Michaels . Robert Michaels Ceokge Moring . Robert Morrill . . .(iif ' 40 ■ ■ ' 4 ■ ■ ' 41 40 M,d. ' 38 .1 ,. . ' 38 ■ • ' 4 ' MiA. ' 40 ■ • ' 4 ' • • ' 40 • ■ ' 41 Fourth Row liARNEIT I ' OINIilXMK . Amos Ponder, III . . (Ieorge Ponder . . . Lrancis Stone .... ■ ■ 4 . Laiu ' 40 . . ' 40 Med. ' 41 Fifth Row Ariiii ' r Siori ' 41 Harold Siream ' 41 John Thomas A c. . ' 41 Samuel A, Trui-ant, HI . . . ' 40 NOT IN PANEL lR(;iL ASBEL . . . Fred Brekke . . . James Cassibrn . . Reynolds Collins Roger Dovle . . . William Flowers . Fred Cloden . . . Harrv Haves . . . n will Labouisse . . N ' lii I LoriiN . . . (iHORCE K. Wm 1 I WIS, .|R Cnul. ' 4 ' ' 4 ' 4 ' ' 4 ' ' 4 ' ' 38 ' 4 ' ' 4 ' ' 40 ' 37 ' 39 Colors: Blue niul OKI (iuld Flo ii-er: While Ro e Fdiiiulcil al Miami riiivcisily in 1S55 Fstalilislu ' d at Tiilaiic in i!iS6 Ninely-ciulit Active Chapters SIGMA C H FRATERNITY [221 ] Colors: Old Gold and Sky Blue Floiuer: White- Tea Rose Founded at Virt inia Military In titutc in 1865 Establislred at Tulane in 1887 Ninety-four Active Chapters LOUISIANA BETA EPSILON CHAPTER FRATRES IN FACULTATE Mr. Frederick C " . I ' oiiir Mr. Nathaniel C. Curtis Dr. Chari.es I.. Esiii.emam Dr. . ' i,i.en C. F.ustis Dr. Raymond Freas Dr. Frederick Hard Dr. Random I, ions Mr. Barremore B. Brown Mr. Ferd L. Larue FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE First Row J.ACK A. Allison ' 40 Gene W. Beall, Jr ' 38 Paul Clark ' 4° Walter J. Dueease ' 40 William C. Ellis ' 38 Li.ovD P. Fadrioue ' 41 Second Row Julian P. Freret ' 39 William S. Huev ' 38 Charles Janvier Law ' 40 Donald G. Gordon ' 39 J. Virgil Lambert ' 39 Herrick J. Lane, Jr ' 40 Third Row George C. Manning ' 41 John F. McKennev, Jr. . MiJ. ' 41 Edward Means ' 4 ' Joseph B. Miller ' 39 William J. Murray ' 41 W. Hammond Newman . . A ( . ' 40 Fourth Row Dietrich A. Neyland .... ' 38 Robert O ' Donneli ' 41 CJeorge H. Penn, Jr ' 39 Joseph S. Riorda ' 38 L. David Roberts .... .V crf. ' 38 Ernest Roger, HI ' 39 Fifth Row (Jeorge L. Rush ' 38 Herman J. Sciiui.ze . . . , it . ' ' 38 John A. Schupp .aw ' 39 Jack Scott Med. ' i James C. Senter, Jr ' 4° Emanuel J. Stanton ' 38 Sixth Row Jf.tson p. Taium .... A ci . ' 40 Henrv L. Trepagnier, Jr. . .aw ' 40 WiNsioN W. Walker .... ' 40 A. Grady Williams . . . Med. ' i John Winter Wooliolk, Jr. Lmu ' i% Luther L. Zark Mc . ' 38 NOT IN PANEL WiLiRED H. Ciiarbonnet ... ' 39 ' FiioMAS C. Eari ' 39 J. Douglas Faulkner .... ' 41 Samuel J. Fertita ' 40 Glenn R. Roland ' 4 ' ALPHA TAU OMEGA FRATERNITY 12221 SIGMA CHAPTER FRATRES IN FACULTATE Dr. Wiley R. Buffington Dr. Boni J. DeLaureal Dr. Edmond L. Faust Dr. Frederick L. Fenno Colonel Frederick H. Fox Dr. Albert P. Kimball Dr. Edward L. King Dr. Paul T. Talbot FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE First Row John P. Adams Med. ' 38 W. John Adamson, Jr ' 39 Herbert F. Adev ' 40 Alfred G. Ball Ltw ' i8 Peter L. Bernard ' 41 Joseph M. Bistowish ' 40 Second Row Charles L. Bland. Jr ' 40 John William Bland ' 41 Dave Blossman ' 41 George R. Blue Law ' 39 James Campbell ' 40 Karl H. Clauset ' 38 Third Row Thomas H. Crouch Med. ' 39 Homer Lee Davis ' 40 Julius T. Davis ' 3S Francis Delmarmol ' 41 Raymond Dyke ' 41 William S. Ehlekt Med. ' 38 Fourth Row Thomas C. Fischer I- iw 38 Nicholas pRiTZEHEurz ' 39 William N. Grimmer 40 Thomas Hall ' 41 Arthur C. Hollister. Jr ' 38 Ernest W. Jones ' 39 Fifth Row Robert Kimbai.i Med. 40 Edward L. King. Jr 39 Frank N. G. Kumpuris 40 John W. Long ' 38 Jack H. Mayfif.lo Med. ' 38 R. Russel McMahon ' 38 George T. Melmngrr ' 40 Sixth Row Thomas J. Melton Med. ' 40 Robert P. Morrow Med. ' 40 John A. Murerui! Med. ' 38 William R. North ' 39 Henry P. Pate Ltiw ' i9 Frank Pattid 39 Paul H. Ramos ' 39 Seventh Row Wirt A. Roik;i rs. Jr ' 40 Richard E. Swann ' 39 Joseph D. Talbot Med. ' 38 ALLfIN T. TURPIN 38 Albert J. Whtzel, Jr 39 Samuel Williams 38 William Wood ' 41 NOT IN PANEL Friinch H. C. ' pADixM K ....... Med. ' 39 Owun S. Eckhahdt ' 39 IpsuR GimsuK 40 Carneal G. Goldman ' 40 Clarbnch C. Golohb ' 40 Arthur L. Jung. Jr ' 38 Thomas F. McDonnbl Mr J, ' 39 Kurt H. Oelschlagub 40 Jamiis Povnhr Lur ' 40 Joseph A. Risser Med. ' 40 Wn I iam S juirr 40 William Tutb ' 41 Millard Whith ' 40 Daniiu. Wylds ' 40 Colors: Scarlet, White, (Iricii V FliKifr: l.il I.I the Valley Kiiiiiuled .11 I ' liivirsil) nt ' irKiiu;i in i8 ' 9 E t.1hli il( ' (l n( Tiilanc in 1889 One IliJiidird anil Nine Active Cliapteiv KAPPA SIGMA FRATERNITY 1 ;- ' J 1 BETA XI CHAPTER i-i M MA Colors: Purple, White, Cold Flotiier: Pansy Founded at Hethany College in 1859 Established at Tulane in 1889 Seventy-four Active Chapters FRATRES IN FACULTATE Or. Pu Ki. I, Hi II IK Dk. Stasfori) C. Jamisos ' Dr. T. Hill. man Oi.ipiiANT Dr. F.M1I.I-: F. W ' di.r FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE First Row Havii) Hasi.is- HiccKKR ' 39 R. JocKi.vx Cr. wi.kv, Jr. . . ,1 c, . ' 40 IJRKM Fox A J. ' 40 V. Wamkr Graci; .... Mr J. ' 41 K. Marvin H arvarii, Jr. . MiJ. ' 39 Second Row P1111.11 H. jAiiNCKi: ' 40 l.KOSARO R. KnAPP ' 41 Gkorgk a. Mavorai ' 39 CllARI.KS C. Mll.LKR ' 39 Albert J. Nucos, Jr ' 41 Third Row Marsu.mi. F. Ordi-.mass .... ' 41 J. Barnwell Phelps . . . Laiv ' o SiANLEV W. Rav, Jr. . . . Law ' 40 Charles E. Reid ' 39 Joseph V. Schi.osser ' 39 Fourth Row Melville Schmidt . . Ceorce Schneider . William Skve . . . Millard P. Snyder . . Edmund O. Sph.ler . . Fifth Row • 40 ■ ' 4 ' ■ ' 4 • ' 39 ■ ' 39 Frederick L. Stanton ... ' 41 John C. Thorn .1 .. . ' 40 Douglas Paul Torre ' 40 MoriRAM Peter Torre . . . ' 40 DoNAi.i) F. Wilson ' 39 NOT IN PANEL Thomas Ovlridn Heli ' 40 RoBERI UOSWELI ' 41 James E. Carberrv ' 41 Waller Evans Dorroii, Jr. . ' 41 John Dyer Laiv ' 40 Maurice Gelpi ' 41 Anhus Grace Mr J. ' 41 Martin J. B. Kahao ' 39 Glover C. McKinnev ' 41 Henry Mentz ' 41 William I,. Peters ' 41 Monroe R. teau ' 41 Hucii Smuh Grad. R. Mark Smith ' 41 Ai.ERED SPILI.KR, Jr Luiu ' l Cone L. Thompson ' 41 Walter L. Verlanuer .... ' 41 DELTA TAU DELTA FRATERNITY C224J LOUISIANA ALPHA CHAPTER FRATRES IN FACULTATE Dr. Eari. L. Browne Dr. Charles W. Duval Dr. Herman B. Gessner Dr. Rufus C. Harris Dr. Hilliard E. Miller Dr. Morrell W. Miller Dr. Ambrose H. Storch FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE First Row James Aldige ' 40 Robertson Atkinson AW. ' 40 Samuel Atkinson A cJ ' 41 J. Luis Bancs -39 Pat F. Bass . ' ' " " q Charles F. Beckert ' , -39 Robert C. Bibb A t 40 Jackson L. Bostwick fcd ' )9 Second Row Arthur J. Butt AW " 39 WOODLEV CaMPBEII ' 40 Paul Champion ' 39 Edward J. Crawford [ 4i Richard Crowell Z ' 40 Jack Darav ' 41 Edwin E. Dilwobth .Med ' 40 John H. Douglas ' 39 Third Row J. William Douglas MeJ ' 38 Joseph H. Duvai ;, ,». " 38 Dawkins Espv ' 39 Charles Farkell ' ' ' 41 RlOiARD D. Field . . . ' 39 r. Vernon Finch AW ' 40 Jacques I.. Fortier ' 3g Jerry Fortson ' 4[ Fourth Row James B. Gilbert Aif y ' 41 William Goff .j,, ' 40 T. Miller Gordon, Jr ' 40 Walter Hartley. Jr ' 40 Carl M. Harwell, Jr Afrrf ' 38 Joseph V. Hopkins. Jr. ... Med. ' 39 George Horcher ' 41 Jack G. Howf ' ' ' ' 40 Fifth Row Louis M. Jones ' 39 Stewart Kepper ' ' 40 Joe H. Kirbv. Jr . ' ' . ' ' 38 Norman J. Landry ' 39 Frank Lindeman, Jr ' 40 Jack Lorch ' 41 JoiiEPH D. Martin. Jr. . . . . .AW ' 39 Chester A. M Lartv AW ' 40 Sixth Row William G. Moffat ' 40 Frank Moore AfrJ 41 William U, Moorehead . . . Med ' 38 Samuel S. Murphy. Jr Med ' 38 T. Vernon Nichols. Jr ' 41 Ransom A. Nof:KTON Med ' 38 Julian G. Parker Med ' J9 Max Pegram ' 41 Seventh Row Jo R. Persons ' 38 Jean E. Pierson tj» ' 38 John Pottharst ' 40 Samuel W. Powell. Jr. . . . Med ' 38 Wilbur F. Reeves, Jr ' 39 Ralph Ross »4l Ralph Rugan ' 41 John W. Sims .,,» ' 39 Eights Row Paul Swear inchn ' 39 Casper A. Tooki i , ' 39 Perry K. Thomas ' 40 H. Wali.hr Trich Med ' 39 William B Wait ' 40 RussBLL B. Watson Med ' 38 Harry M, VX ' augh. Jh ' 38 Ralph W ' l n fi ' 40 NOT IN PANEL Wesley Lewis ' 38 Wallace H. Livingston . . . Med ' 40 PlIILLM ' M. MiLBURN AW ' 89 William Nobles ' 41 Albrrt B Patfrson, )»....... ' 38 E. R. DuMONT Smith " 39 Hugh F Smith ' 39 Philo Smith ' 40 iMSEfi m f l Colors: Azure and .Artifnt Flov,-fr: White Carnntiim l- ' mimli ' il .11 Miami riiivcr iiy in 1S4S Kstal lish( ' il at Tiilaiu- in 1889 Olio Ihimlrcil and Five Active C ' ha|itcr PHI DELTA THETA FRATERNITY 1225 I Colors: Old Gold, Royal Purple Flonurr: Violet Founded at I ' niversity of Alabama in 1856 Established at Tiilanc in 1897 One Iliuulrcd and Eleven Active Chapters LOUISIANA TAU UPSILON CHAPTER • FRATRES IN FACULTATE Mr. DiisAin PiKTCKSdS Mu. CiiAKi.Ks li. Picks, Jk. Mk. K. W. Luteuii.er 1)k. J. AoAiR Lyon Dr. John G. Pratt Or, J. C ' l AV WAI KKR • FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE First Row Sa.su i-i. C. AiKiNsoN . . . Mfii. ' y) Frank J. Haird ' 39 RllSlI BlOSSAT ' 4 ' WlI.I.IAM W. Hrierre ... ' 40 Neil Cai.i.aiian A . ' 40 Second Row WAM.ANO r. COPI ' EDCE .... ' 40 Harry Daviks ' 4 ' CJrANI) V. ( OI.l)ENSTAR . . Mcd. ' 41 John 1). Jkrareck .... Mid. ' %% EnMONi) L. KiMBi.E ' 39 Third Row Louis R. KOERNER ' 38 Vernon Lanikr ' 41 Lau RKNCE Lewis Mcd. ' 38 Georce MacOonai.!) ' 41 Frank O. McCJhhee . . . Ma . ' 38 Fourth Row Lawrence L. Purikoy, Jr. . . . ' 41 J. Patrick Rii.ev, Jr. . , Mid. ' 38 Winston E. Rii.ev ' 39 WlI.I.IAM A. Sample ' 39 Fifth Row Bernard Sciiott ' 41 J. Stanley Scott ' 40 H. El.VIN SlIMIlTEl.l) ' 41 J. Mack Sution .... Mid. ' 41 Sixth Row R. Carl Suiton ' 40 William R. Wellborn . . . . ' 39 Claude A. Wharion . . . Z.nw ' 40 Druhan Wynne ' 41 NOT IN PANEL E. J. Cain Mid. ' 40 Albert A. Rodney ' 40 Albert P. Gorman ' 39 John D. Hatcher ' 41 Edwin Mahoney ' ' 41 Harlev McCuli.um ' 41 George L. Reed ' 41 Arthur Wynne ' 41 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON FRATERNITY [226] TAU LAMBDA CHAPTER FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE First Row Clifford Atkinson, Jr. Waiter E. Ai mond . . Ross C. Baker, Jr. . . RovAL R. Bastian, Jr. . Cai.vin Benedict . . . E. Upton Bertaut . . J. Hardee Beihea . Second Row Robert V. Bi.tm . . . Edward S. Bres, Jr. . . Joseph V. Bres .... Paul G. Charbonnet, Neil L. Chavicnv . . Jason H. Collins . . . VVhitmarsu Cri mi ' ion Jr. . . ' 38 . . ' 40 • • ' 4 ' . . ' 38 . . ' 38 • ■ ' 39 Mrd. ' 38 . Lazv ' 40 Med. ' 41 • ■ ' 40 . . -40 • ■ ' 39 Med. ' 41 • ■ ' 39 Third Row John Cui.bertson ' 41 Ai.i.AiN deC. Favrot .... Laot- ' 39 E. Jerome Friedrichs ' 38 John B. Fldickar ' 41 Milam H. Grav, Jr ' 39 Ira B. IlARKEv, Jr ' 39 Wii.i.iA.vi II. Harris, Jr. . . .1 ,. . ' 40 Fourth Row Thomas M. IIaies, Jr. . . Ltiiv ' i) Henrv J. Jlmonvii.le, Jr. . . . ' 40 Moreau J. Jumonmli.e . . . . ' 40 Besja.min C. King .... iaif ' 38 William Kvle ' 40 RiDOLPii Landrv ' 39 J. I ' , . ' uguste Lorber, Jr. . . . ' 41 Fifth Row JoilS I ' . . I ANARI) ' 38 CiEORCE II. MaRIIN .... Mcrf. ' 39 William Mai i is ' 38 William McRoberis ' 41 .Ariirr Van B. Miller . . .l i. . ' 41 Richard E. C. Miller . . . Med. ' 38 Wh.i.ia.m G. Nichols, Jr. A , . -41 Sixth Row CoLviN C;. Norwood ' 38 Clyde W. Paine, Jr ' 41 PiNKNE . ' . PoAG, Jr ' 41 IIoMiK M. Rankin ' 39 J. Craig Rotii ' 39 James Sanchez ' 41 Brkaru Snei.lings Law ' 39 Seventh Row John R. Siewari .(i ' u ' 39 Maurice St. Mariin . . . Med. ' ji Ned Sirong ' 41 I.oi IS (). Thames ' 38 John R. riiiSTiEi iiwah r .... ' 39 R. Miller I ' pion ' 38 R. Brice Wallace, Jr ' 40 NOT IN PANEL Thomas W. Coi.i.ens, Jr. Sthri.ing CorcH, Jr. . . . Cecil IIeni.ev Charles I.amkin .... Kenneth I.. .McIntosii . . Frederick W. Mahler, Jr. Stephen C. Minson, Jr. . Don F. Overii ke, Jr. . . B. Ned Richardson . . . ' iLiiAM W. Wesmriieid, Jr M, ■ ' 4 . ' 40 . ' 39 • ' 4 . ' 39 •■ . ' 41 • ' 39 . ' 39 • ' 39 ■ ' 39 . ' o r ' ' o Colors: Crimson, A .iirc, Old CioKI ' Floivfr: P.111SV Fnimdcil ;ii Valt- in 1844 Fst»lili li( ' (l at I Hlaiio in 1899 F irl -M ' rii . (livc ClKipltrs DELTA KAPPA EPSILON FRATERNITY 1227] igLSiM Colors: . ) ' Flo-iuer: Light Pink and Blue Founded at Miami University in 1839 Established at Tulane in 1908 Eighty-nine Active Chapters Rose BETA XI CHAPTER FRATRES IN FACULTATE Dr. Charles J. Bloom Dr. William P. Bhauburn. Jr. Mr. Marlin B. Hoge Dr. Rov E. De La Houssayb Dr. Francis E. LbJeune Mr. Sumter D. Marks, Jr. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE First Row Oscar Backstrom 40 Jamls Barron Med. ' 40 ROBKRT BAlhMAN Med. ' 39 Ja( K T. Bhnuer ' 39 Archibald Boggs ' 40 Jack Bornhmann Law ' 41 Edward C. Brooks ' 40 Second Row John Bryan ' 41 Duralde Claiborne 4l Donald Claypool ' 40 Walter Culpepper Med. ' 40 HoRACii DoziEH Med. ' J9 David D. Dupuy ' 38 Edgar Graves ' 38 Third Row Sam Hai.i 38 Robert M. Haynie Law ' 38 Marlin B. Hoge Med, ' 39 Jamfs Holcombe, Jr ' 41 FosTFR M. Johns. Jr ' 41 J. Harvey Johnston Med. ' 41 Earle Jones ' 39 Fourth Row Ira p. Jones, Jr 40 Gerald Joseph Med. ' 40 Walter Jung ' 41 RtCHARD C. Keenan Law 38 Paul Krui:ger ' 40 Robert Lathrop ' 40 Robert I.eCohgne Law 41 Fifth Row Charles P. Lek 4I Robert Lynch Med. ' 33 Donald McLeli.an ' 40 C. Lee McMillan ' 40 Leon McVay ' 40 Henry Miles Med. ' 38 Max M. Moreloc k ' 39 Sixth Row Edward Munson ' 40 Robert Oliver ' 4t William Patterson Med. ' 39 William Peake ' 39 James E. Reid 41 Claudi: Rives 39 Martin F. Schmidt 40 Seventh Row Charles Sieman Law ' 39 Kenward DeV. Shaw ' 39 William Smith 39 Benjamin Spearman 38 Carl Stockmeyer ' 40 Paul Tobin ' 38 Leon Trice. Jr 4I NOT IN PANEL Donald Macrae ' 41 Boyd McKirahan ' 40 Longer Musson 39 Ford Reesb ' 39 Ernest Sutter ' 38 ETA THETA PI FRATERNITY [228] SIGMA CHAPTER FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE First Row Joseph L. Abrams ' 39 Walter Astin ' 40 David Asiier ' 40 GiLBERl Bai.kin Med. ' 41 Stanford Ki.um ' 41 Harry Blumenihai ' 39 Morris Blrka ' 40 Second Row Marvin- A. Cohen . . Arthur Davis Albert M. Dremts, Jr. Earl Flou ers Harry GREENBERt; . . . Charles G. Hacedokn . Robert Haspel . . . Third Row Jay B. Hechi, Jk. EinviN HiLLKK . . Jerome B. Hirsch, Jerome Kaiz . . Clifeori) Kern . . Harvey Klaiier . Arnold Levy . . jK. Lav; ' 40 ' 41 ' 40 ' 41 ' 40 ' 40 ■led. ' 39 • ■ 39 ■ ■ ' 4 ' . . ' 40 ■ ■ ' 4 ' Laiu ' 38 . . ' 40 • ■ ' 4 ' Fourth Row BvRON Levy ' 41 Herman I.oer ' 41 I. Sackman Marx ' 41 Herberi L. Miller .... .mi- ' 40 Harvey Mintz ' 41 Warren G. Moses ' 38 Bernard Moi nt ' 39 Fifth Row Morris Paiernack Uci . ' 39 Mervin Riseman .rtw ' 39 Charles M. Sam i el, Jr. . . . ' 39 Davis Sciiwariz ' 39 Alfred Solomon ' 39 William Siern, Jr ' 40 Ferdi B. Siern ' 39 Sixth Row Henry M. Stern .W( . ' 39 Julian Steinberg .aw ' 39 Jack Stich ' 38 Ai.viN W. Strauss ' 40 Harry IE Waccenheim . ... ' 40 [.loNARD Weii ' 39 David Weinsies ' 40 Seventh Ron Jack M. Weiss . . . Julian Wiener . . . William Wiener . . . Victor H. Wiitrn . . M R0N Wolff, Jr. Sidney Wrk ht ' 39 . . ' 40 • . ' 39 Med. ' 40 Med. ' 41 ' 4 ' NOT IN PANEL Jay C. All mam r Sam Eiciioi.d Fredric Eiciienbaum . Melvin Rosenthal . Alfred Tooke . . Lav ' 39 Med. ' 40 ' 41 ' 40 ' 41 " " " ' - — M — Hl BQQ ff! Colon: Blur .111(1 Wliitc Flntivr: White Rose Foiiiiilcd at Jc vl li riicoloKicnl Scmin.nrv in 1S98 Estnlilivlu ' it III Tiilaiu- in 1909 Tliirty-five Active Cliaptci-s ZETA BETA TAU FRATERNITY 1229] CHI CHAPTER FRATRES IN FACULTATE Mr. Rriiarii O. Hmmhacu Mk. Forrest E. Oaks Dr. E. Garland Walls FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE First Row Kmii K J. Ukrnard, Jr. . ... 39 JoMS- C. Holhali ' 40 L.uvRENCE R. Collins .... ' 39 Vincent B. D ' Antoni .... ' 39 Charles J. Eagan, Jr ' 40 Second Row EvvEi.L E. Eacan ' 39 Herbert A. c;rak .... Zn ' u; ' 39 Earl R. Haas ' 4 ' Charles L. Knight ' 4° William ' . I, oNS ' 4° Third Row AiBKRT C. Marun, Jr ' 4° Joseph McCarron ' 4 ' Enos C. McClkndon, Jr. . Laiu ' 40 Jamhs McI.ACin.AN, Jr ' 39 Fourth Row Maurice J. Picheloi p, MI . . ' 39 Cammie D. Smiih, Jr ' 38 Irwin E. Volker ' 3 James Wright ' 4 ' NOT IN PANEL Roland T. Periuit Robert J. Segura . Orville C. Thomas . . ' 41 . • ' 4 ' Med. ' 38 Colors: Nile Green and White Flotxier: White Carnation Founded at College of the City of New York in 1899 Established at Tulane in 1916 Forty-five Active Chapters DELTA SIGMA PHI FRATERNITY [ : io 1 OMICRON CHAPTER FRATER IN FACULTATE Or. Eoward a, Kechtel FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE First Row Arthur Cai.ix ' 41 James Cosgrove ' 39 (lEORCE R. Foerster ' 39 Second Row Robert L. Gi.eason .... MtJ. ' 38 Cari. Gui.otta MeJ. ' 41 Louis C ' . Philips Laiu ' 39 Third Row Arthur C. Reuter ' 39 Chris Reuter ' 41 Frederick L. Reuter . . . MrJ. ' 39 Fourth Row Richard Seither ' 39 E. W. Simon PlERO ' StAKEI.UM ' 39 Vincent X. Zanca ' 41 NOT IN PANEL Esmond Fa n er Af{ l. ' 39 Stanlev Fitzi ' atrick . . . CraJ. ' jy Joseph V. Grecoratti ' 40 Edward K. Hermann ' 39 E. Lee Jones ' 39 Stanley A. Montz ' 41 Francis J. Orv ' 41 Colors: I.avcndir mtuI While F!o u. ' fr: Ordrid, Lilar, While Rose Foiiiulfd at ' incennes I " Diversity in 1897 E talili hed at Tulaiie in 1920 I ' hirly .XitIm I liapters SIGMA PI FRATERNITY [231] SIGMA GAMMA CHAPTER O f! C V FRATRES IN FACULTATE Dr. Samlki. li. Saifwitz Dr. Don Julian Graubarth Dr. HiRiuRT WrivnnRCFR FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE First Row Laurence Ai.son . . . I1arve Amsierdam . . Krvinc a. Drhskin . . Maurice Garb . . . Ai.EXANnER CIei.kani) . +1 ' 4 ' ' 40 ' 40 ' 4 ' Second Row ArNOI.J) S. Gol.DSClM.AC . . . . ' 41 Sanders A. Goodman . . . Mrcl. ' 3S Perry B. Ki.ein Md . ' +0 Wii.i.ARD L. Marmei.zat .... ' 39 Stanley Mintz ' 41 Third Row Bernard K. Oi-immieim Edwin 15. Raskin . . Samuel Rubensiein . Albert Schonbrun . . Waldorf Sieeo . . . 40 ' 40 ■40 ' 40 ' 41 Colors: Purple and While Floiuer: Lily Fourth Row Sol Stern ' 41 M. x Waitz ' 41 Max Zander ' 4 ' Fdward Zinkow ' 41 NOT IN PANEL Bernard Bh mberc .... Mn . ' 41 Alan Smiiii ' 4 ' Founded at College of City of New York in 1909 Established at Tulane in 1920 Forty Active Chapters SIGMAALPHAMU FRATERNITY [232] SIGMA CHAPTER FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE First Row Bfrnaro J. Arusson ' 39 WlI.l.lAM AXEI.RAR ' 39 Arnoij) J. Hknnhit ' 38 FRF.n Bronfis ' ' 38 Norman Burnsikin ' 39 Second Row SiDNF.v D. Carp ' 38 Joel Corn ' 4 ' jui.ius fis ' kei.stein ' 41 Jacob L. Fischman .... M J. ' i Israel Fisher ' 40 Third Row Morris S. Forsviii . . BeRSAKI) a. (lol.DMAN Maurice II. 11ei.i..man GUSTAVE KaiM.AN . Ark B. Ki I ' I ' Ikmw . • ■ 39 M,d. ' 38 ■ • ' 40 . . ' 41 I.tiiv ' 40 Four+h Row Wii.MAM Leon DAVIII I.IGlli . CiVS B. Rosen . Haroi.o Sai.tz . Julius Spizer . •40 ' 4 ' ' 40 ' 4« •40 Fifth Row Gerson ' Tolmas . . . Oscar Tor. mas .... Martin Waiskv . . . WEt.vii.LE II. Will I son Laiu ' 39 • • ' 4 ' . . •4 . . ' 38 NOT IN PANEL Herbert I ' kankei ' 40 (Colors: Purple ami White Flo iver: I.ilv I ' duiiiliil al Rciclu tiT rniviisilv in 1911 Establislrcd al Tulaiir in 1922 Niiu ' tccn Active rii.iptiTs KAPPA NU FRATERNITY [23} J DELTA CHAPTER Colors: Blue, Rtd and Gold FRATRES IN FACULTATE Ur. KlDuirii Majas, limi-rilus Dr. Alberio Prieio FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE First Row RijDRico Aroskmksa . . . Laiu ' i ' ) Antomo Bird I.tiiv ' o HONORICO ClORDlA DAvil A ... ' 41 Second Row llLiMiii:Kiu OiAZ I ' oNCi; de Li;un . ' 37 EvEi.io M. Lopez ' 40 EsRioiE L. Newei.l .... Imiu ' V) Third Row Luis Oms MiJ. ' ii Rene Torraik) A crf. ' 38 Josi: R. Vakh.a ' 39 NOT IN PANEL Walter Baiisia ' 39 Jorge Cuei.ias i e Leon .... ' 41 Carlos de la Vega ' 41 AucusTiN H. Font ' 39 Clifford M. For, Jr ' 41 Calixto Garcia v ISiguez . . . ' 40 Luis Lacourt Med. ' 40 Mario L6pez Mid. ' 39 Ernesto Martinez . . . jI c. . ' 40 CeCILIO MlRANDE, Jr ' 4 Arturo Tapia Ml■J. ' l floivfr: Red C ' arnatinii Founded at Louisiana State University in 1904 — consolidated with I ' lii Lambda in 1931 to form the National Phi Iota Alpha Established at Tulane in 1932 Twenty-five National Chapters Six International Chapters PHI IOTA ALPHA FRATERNITY 1 234 1 LOUISIANA ALPHA CHAPTER FRATRES IN FACULTATE Mr. Ray G. Dauber Mr. J. Ch.almers Herman Mr. James J. Morrisos Mr. Averv Patton FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE First Row John Evereit Arsoui.t Ernest L. Bliss . . . Harvey L. Carey . . Robert S. Dexheimer Thom.as B. Evereton . • . ' 40 . . ' 38 Laiv ' 39 • ■ ' 39 ■ • ' 4 ' Second Row RuiANi) Gerih ' +0 Frank R. Kinberger . . . McJ ' 39 John J. A. Levy .... Mr J ' 41 Lee LOTTINGER ' 41 John C. O ' Quin ' 40 Third Row Louis R. Otto . . . Wii.i.iAM Sargent . . GUSTAVE A. SCIIREIBER CiiRiis F. ScoiT, Jr. . Wll, 1,1AM SlIAITLES ' 38 ' 38 ' 40 ' 39 ' 39 Fourth Row SANIORD I ' . ToRREV Ai.ciDE Wevsham Gilbert 1L Voriiofe Robert M. Wood . . 41 I.aiu ' 39 • • ' 39 . ■ ' 4 " NOT IN PANEL Hazen W. Cole ' 37 David E. Cooi.ky .... I,a w ' 39 William M, Sessums ' 40 CiiEsiER B. Thomson ' 41 ( ' nUirs: Royal I ' lirpl,- ami Red Fiiiiiulcil M KiiTiinniul rollcm ' ii) 1901 l l;ililivlu ' il 111 Tulanc in 19J9 Scviiilv-iiiu ' Aclivi ' C ' li:i|iliT Flonui-rs: .hmrican Beauty Rons, iinA I ' iolils SIGMA PHI EPSILON iii- 1 OFFICERS noRonn Hranjiao . . MlKlAM SCAI.KS . . . MEMBERS President Sic.-Treas. .ll „t Ditia I ' i Angela LaKrasca Nas ' cy Johnson .II ' ui I-psilon I ' ii Marjorik Schwarz Jane CSreeni iei.d .llplia Omiiron I ' i Beatrice Trudeau JoiCK Perez Hela I ' In .Ilp ui DoRoniv ToiM ' iNO HoKlS nil. ION Ilila Sii ma Oiiiiiioii Sarah Boom Peggy I-olleue C.V ()mer ii TUHPER McCl.URE Chari.otte Hawkins Kappa Alpha Tin la Alice M. Bi ko r.LizAnnii B kiK Kiippa Kiippn Ciiiniiut Marie Ki.isi lliniiu Beveri Hess Marjorie Vaies Betty Ormond «iP I ' hi Siijmii Siijina Jessei.vn Benson Rum Coldman Pi Beta Phi Amy Smith Eleanor Cakkiki: f,„, Row: B.kcr. E. N.. Benson, J. R., Booth SE Byron A. M., Carrere. E. M. Second Row: Dillon, D., FoUelte, P.. Gr.cnfidld, J. Hawkins, C. Hebert. M, Thud Row: Hess, B., Johnson. N., UFranca, A., Mayer, I McClurc, H. fomlh Row: Ormond, B,, Perez, J.. Rusovich, J., Scales, M., Schw.irz, M. Ftjlh Row: Smith, A., Toppino, D., Trudcau, B., Yates, M, ' .lUi Tan Alpha loNE Mai IK Jeanneite Ri ' sovicu NEWCOMB PAN-HELLENIC ASSOCIATION [236 J LOUISIANA ALPHA CHAPTER IN FACULTATE JovCE Palmer Alice Labouissb Mar V. Blii.er Id ceased) IN UNIVERSITATE First Row Lucille Haker . Betia Broome . . CJr.AD s Bush . Elizabeth Buxton ' KVEIA N D. BvsuM Eleanor Carrere Lucie Claiborne . Second Row Caroline P. Coaiis El.IZABEIH COOPKK . . , Vo . . CORBIN Mariha Crauiori) . . . Neseite Denecre . Barbara Ellis Fairfax Foster . . . . 40 ' 41 ' 41 ' 39 ' 4 ' ' 39 ' 41 ' 38 ' 40 •38 ' 40 ' 40 ' 40 ' 41 Third Row Cil.ORIA (JrEIIAN . . . Rosalie Gresham . Chari.ohe Hardie . . Marcerv Masseltine . Minna B. Hopkins . . Al.TllEA Huev .... Caledonia Jackson . . . . ' 40 • ■ ' 41 . . ' 38 • ■ ' 39 Laiu ' 38 ' 40 • ' 38 Fourth Row Is.MiLLI.E JOHNSKJN Peccv Jones . Eleanor Ki ugh . Marjorie Levericii BHrrv LocKETT . Marcarei Marshall . Ei.izABEiii Martin . . Fifth Row CoRiNNE .Mai ssei i Minnie M. .Ma . MoLi.iE .Merriman Helen Mki i rs . Stella Morton . Mary E. Parnki.i. Marv E. Peacock Pecc Piuli ' di Sixth Row Ml.VIl I ' l M F K . Marv .N. Porier . . . Paula Powell . Paula Potts .... Marion Schoolheld . Marv Siiands .... noROTHV SlIAI ' ARI) . Seventh Row NANC Shaw . Ma.vine Sii l . Amv Smith . . Marcerv Stauss . . Harriet Sutherland M K I I ' TON . Ai HI W ' lsteei.di- I ' m RUT WOOIIU ARD . NOT IN PANEL Ninette Dari . . Su ' SAN Dart . . . Ei.i ABKiH Dixon . Sai.i. Tebo . . . Ei.isE Teriiune . ' 39 ' 40 ' 40 ' 39 ' 38 ' 4 ' 41 38 ' 39 ' 40 ' 39 ■40 ' 4 ' ' 38 ' 39 39 ' 41 ' 38 ' 39 ' 38 ' 39 ' 4 " ' 41 ' 40 •38 ' 40 ' 38 •38 ' 40 ' 39 ' 39 ' 4 ' ' 41 ' 39 ' 40 Colon: Willi ' ami Silver Ulm Flower: Wine Carnntiiin Futiiuicd at Miinmoiiih CkIK ' Kc ■ 8t : EstalilisluHl at Tiilane in i8 i Eiglily-diii ' .Vrtivc Cliapliis PI BETA PHI SORORITY [2J7] PI CHAPTER ' 4 A r Colors: Cardinal and White Flotuer: Jacqucininnt Rose Foiindtd at Barnard College in 1897 Established at Tulane in 1898 Forty-four Active Chapters IN FACULTATE ClRllA DuScAAS Dacmar I.kHrkion Anna Masv (;i Ai s Rksshau IN UNIVERSITATE First Row Nathalie Bond ' 41 Anita Branot ' 41 Pauline I. Brook ' 39 Virginia Brownson ' 41 UOROTHV BrI ' MBV ' 38 Second Row Barbara Cami-bki.i ' 41 EdDIS ClIERAllT ' 41 OOROTHV R. CoLOMB ' 38 Jane Darrah ' 38 Helen Ferrandou ' 41 Third Row AdELE 1 1 EATON ' 38 ' 4 ' ' 38 ' 4 ' ' 41 rosemarv i.ecenure Donna Lemarie . Ardath Markel . DOROIHV McGuiRK Fourth Row Eleanor McKenzie ' 43 Marian M. Moore ' 41 Anne Marie Nagel ' 40 Jerrie M. O ' Connor ' 33 Bertha M. Pahon ' 39 Fifth Row JoicE A. Perez . . . Florence Po-jtharsi . Marie Louise Ramelli . An alee Ray .... Sixth Row Bernice M. Ross . . . Lorraine St. Raymond Miriam Scales . . . Beatrice E. ' Frudeau . ' 39 ' 40 ' 41 ' 4 ' 39 ' 40 ' 40 ■38 NOT IN PANEL SueGetsincer ' 39 Jane Irwin ' 41 F ' l.lZABETll SANDOZ ' 41 ALPHA OMICRON PI SORORITY 1238] RHO CHAPTER IN FaCULTATE Clara Lewis Lanorv Bertha Allen Latane IN UNIVERSITATE First Row Edna E. Asglk Martha B. Brown . . . . Henrietta Collev . . . . Blanche Cudd Elizabeth E. Edwards . . . Kathkkine D. Frazier . Second Row Nancv Fields ... Carroll Gallion . Jane CjAither . . . . Gwendolyn G. Geary Marjorie M. Geary . Francis Gill . . . . Third Row Barbara Gii.more . Jeanne Goodin . . . Chari orrE S. Hawkins Harriet Heidi er . . . Audrey Hereford . Mary R. Hoehn . . . Fourth Row Sara V. Jones Olivia P. Kammer Evelyn Kelleher Jane E. Kei.ihher Elaine LaCrolx . Sarah C. Lear . Fifth Row Sara P. Lewis . . . Newcomb Malone Catherine B. McCai.i Tlpper McClure . Elaine Rester . . . Jean Robb .... Sixth Row Nei.i. Robertsiiaw Stella Sciiti.zi-: . Betsy Smith . Adele L. Story . Ethel Strack . . Beiiv Wackerman Seventh Row Jane Waddle . . Eleanor Waddy . KlIIH. W ' KIMERnKK MaRIHA W ' lNlREE Jeaneiie Wise . iMVlif. I.. ' OCHM . ' 38 ' 4 ' ' +I 4 ' ' 38 ' 3» 4 ' ' 41 ' 41 ' 39 ' 39 ' 39 40 ' 41 ■38 ' 41 ' 4 ' ' 40 •41 ' 38 ' 41 ' 38 ' 41 ' 40 ■41 ' 40 ' 39 ' 39 ■38 ' 41 ' 40 ' 4 ' ' 39 ' 38 ' 40 •40 •38 ' 40 •40 ' 4 ' ' 39 ' 38 | 2P .■ifii. Colors: Cardinal and Straw Flo u tr: While Carnalinn NOT IN PANEL El.lZAnilll (RAWKIRI) . Marion A. tiARsiA . . . Helen R. Swin .... ' 39 ' 39 •38 Fdundcd ai rnivcr ity of Arkansas in 1895 lahli lll ' ll at rnlatic in 1900 Nincl)-oiu- Aclivi- Chapters CHI OMEGA SORORITY tJ3»] Colors: Light Blue, Dark Blue ' Flo ' u.rr: Fleiir- le-I.is Fniinfled at Monmouth College in 1870 Established at Tulane in 190+ Sixty-nine Active Chapters BETA OMICRON CHAPTER IN FACULTATE Elizabeth B. Raymond Dorothy W. Seago Florence A. Smith IN UNIVERSITATE First Row Bepiv Bethea 41 Elizabeth Boatner 3V Betsy Bres MO Betsy Bronson ' 38 Hilda B. Brown ' 3i Mary D. BuLt 33 Jane Campbell 41 beco nd R ow Elizabeth L. Carboi i ' 39 Charlotte Carter ' 40 Eugenie Chavannb ' 38 Grace Chavannb ' 41 Francis L. Collens 41 Amelia Craig ' 41 Eleanor Dixon ' 41 Third Row Havard Ewin 41 Edith Fhnno ' 41 Ellen H. Flowerrbe ' 39 Shelby Flowers 40 Lanettf Forrest ' 39 Lillian Galt ' 38 DopOTHV Gillespie 40 Fourth Row Blanche Hammond ' 40 Hiizabeth Harris 40 Kathi RiNL Harris ' 41 Ml MI Harry ' 41 Marie Elise Hebert ' 38 Beverly Hess Law ' 40 Carolyn Himel ' 41 Fifth Row Betty Hochenedei ' 41 Janh Hochenedii ' 38 Marie Louise Holbrook ' 39 Ann C. Kil PATRICK ' 40 Marjorie Klinesmith ' 38 Constance Knowles ' 40 Ann Kostmayer ' 39 Sixth Row Harriet Kostmayfr Katheri n e Laidlow Katherine Lanier Marjorie Marchal IsABFLi.E Martin . EuLALiE McKay . . Rosemary McShani ' 41 ' 40 ' 38 ' 39 ' 41 ' 40 ' 41 Seventh Row Lucie Monette .• . ' 41 Marjorie Moody ' 38 Eleanor Pbarce 40 Louise Pitts ' 38 Martha J. Porter ' 41 Angelique Provost V ' 38 Jane Read ... 41 Eights Row Rachel Schock ' 40 SiDONiE Scott ' 38 Franc:es Senthr ' 40 Mary Sinclair 41 Baldwin Smith ' 41 Marjorie Staubitz ' 40 Dona Thistlethwaite ' 41 Ninth Row Boutine Tobin ' 39 Frances Watson ' 41 Peggy Weaver ' 3il Mary G. Wells 38 Eleanor Wels :h ' 41 AuELE Willi " VMS ' 40 Laura Williams ' 41 Woods Wilson 38 NOT IN PANEL Sylvia Duncan ' 40 Algie Hill ' 41 Monita H. Hohenstein ' 39 Elizabeth Nelson ' 41 Kate Minor Olivier ' 38 Peggy Spain ' 40 Linda Spenser ' 41 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA SORORITY 1240) k- DELTA CHAPTER IN UNIVERSITATE First Row LoL ' iSK Baxikr . Marguerite Bondi . . Marv C ' ahai, .... Ei.sA Capo Marv Louise Chapotei. dorotim cooi.ev . . . Second Row Levers ' E Dressei. . . Gr.ADvs Ei)i)iNS . . . Bettv Faust . . . Caroline Fischer . Frances Franklin . Pauline Gim. . . . Third Row George Girot . . Lucille Harris . Barbara Harrison . Janie Hinds . . . K.viE HoncE . . . Jane Huev .... Fourth Row Barbara Joseph . DoROTHV Joseph . Esther Jldi.in . . . WiNiiREi) Knichion . DOROIH K ' )RSI)ORIKFK noROIHV Lambiri . Fifth Row Lit I a Limsf . Renee Meisier . Margaret Morgan . Frances Morris . Marv Miioon Noble dorotiiv nu.ncesser . Sixth Row Beiiv Ormoni) . Rum I ' eierson . . . HOROTIIV PliGlI . . . Mae Revnolds .... Madelaine Slaughter Ciiari.ene Tavlor . . l.ii i ' Seventh Row Cl.ARIBEI. TrI ' NZLER . . , MAR(;AREr Lee Wen in . Vei.ma Weiderecht . . Kathleen Williams . ClAIRK AStKV ... Marjorie Yates ... ' 38 ' 40 ' 4 ' ' 4 •38 ' 41 ' 4 1 ' 38 ' 40 ' 4 ' ' 40 ' 4 ' ' 40 ' 39 ' 4 ' ' 41 ' 41 •38 ' 40 ' 38 ' 39 ' iJ ' 38 ' 49 40 ' 4 ' ' 40 ' 41 ' 39 ' 39 ■39 ' 40 ■40 ' 40 ' 4 ' ' 39 •38 ' 4 ' 39 ' 4 ' ' 4 ' •38 Colon: Rose and While V Flov- ' fr: F.iu ' h.inirt ' ss Carnation NOT IN PANEL [AM I HkI IDENnACH . . •38 FdihkIoI at Wl■ U• an CnlliKc in 1852 EMal li lu ' il al Tiilanr in 1906 Fifty-six Anivc Cliaplrrs P H I M U SORORITY U41 ] EPSILON CHAPTER iMlL ¥» ' 1 ii IN FACULTATE CuARl.Ui ' lh llARRlKl lidAINtR CjI.oria Ladi KL- IN UNIVERSITATE First Row Hki FN- AnAMS . . . ' |R(:|MA Al.BHRl . . Margarrt Bi;ssiiari)T Ethel Christian . . [(nCK { ' IIRISIIAN . 3nd Ro Jot ' KivN Christian J ASK CrAIS . . . Marv Ada Hardy Nancy Johnson . Patricia Kem.y . 39 •40 ' 41 ' 40 ' 40 ' 40 ' 40 ' 38 ' 38 ' 40 Third Row IIaitii-; Kimsi: ' 39 Marjorie Kisikr ' 40 Ancei.a LaFranca ' 39 Chrisiine Laiimer ' 39 Mei.ba Loubai ' 41 Fourth Row Marcueriie Moo e ' 41 F,U(7ENIE MuRRIIEE ' 40 Rorertine RiMMEs ' 40 Marv Ring ' 39 Nadine Robberts ' 41 Colors: Pale Blue and White Founded at Wcslcyan College in 1851 Established at Tulane in 1906 Fifty-six Active Chapters Floiver: Purple Violet Fifth Row Dorothy Mae Shlrruusk Merle Smith .... Louise Stolienwerch . Penelope White . . . Yvonne Woods . . . NOT IN PANEL ' iri;ista Adams . Rachu Coi.gan . ' 39 •40 ' 4 ' 40 ' 4 ' ' 41 ' 39 ALPHA DELTA PI SORORITY U42J ALPHA PHI CHAPTER IN FACULTATE Mildred Curisuan Adele M. Drouet IN UNIVERSITATE First Rov» Elizabeth N. Kaker NiTA Baker . . . Helen M. Bres . . Helen F. Brown . . Jean C. Brown . . Katie S. Bun . Second Row Alice M. liiROS . . Janie H. Carre . . Alice O. Carter . . Helen S. Charlton Darrah L. Chalvin . Anne E. Denton . Third Row Lois D. Ford . . . Dorothy L. Gaiennie Mary ' . Gaiennie . Margaret L. (Jash . Elaine (iorrsCHAi.K . MaKIHA 1,. llARl ' FR . Fourth Row Florence E. IIlsdkich M. Eileen Kell . B. Joyce Lacy .... Marilyn L. Loveli. . . Betty M. Macruder . Mary A. Morelock . . ' 38 ' 4 ' ' 41 ' 4 ' ' 4 ' ' 39 •38 ' 40 ' 4 ' J ' 40 ' 4 ' 40 41 ' 4 ' 38 ' 40 ' 38 ' 41 40 ' 40 ' 39 ' 41 •40 ' 39 Fifth Row Irene Pfaff Patricia Priddie .... A. Elizabeth Rittenhouse Sarah W. Robison . . . Marv G. Siiapard . . . Dorothy A. Sincrfen . . Si th Row Helen L. Stovaii. . Dorothy Siitton . Mary A. Uti.ey . Mar K. Walker , Caroline R. White Annie Rose Wvi.v , 4 ' 4 ' ' 40 ' 40 ' 39 ' 4 ' 4 ' ' 4 ' ' 39 ■38 •39 ' 4« Colors: Black and Gold Foiinilid :it l)c I ' innv I ' nivorsiiy in 1870 Esliililislicd at Tiilanc in 1914 Sixty-five Active Clraplcrs Flower: Pansy KAPPA ALPHA THETA SORORITY [24J] gfgf a Colors: Green and White Flower : l.llv of tin- Valley Founded at Barnard College in 1909 Established at Tulane in 1916 Twenty-nine Active Chapte rs EPSILON CHAPTER IN UNIVERSITATE First Row Hfttv AiiKi mas . . . . MARins A. Halkr . . Kmsk C ' lius Mar I " . Cdiiv . . . , MaRJOKIF Ul-CKKR . (. ' RCIIK PrFSNI-R ... AuuRKv Ern.iNCKR . . Second Row Mlkiki, l-RHMCii . . Mar.iorik Krkini) . CmARIOTTK KR1K1)MA Margrrv Fry . . . Myra Giksbf.rc . . Rf.va Goni.ovK . . Lois (lOi.DSMmi . Third Row JaSE (iREENHEI.n . Jean Heiter . . Jane Hoiiheimer Fl.URElTE Kahn . Hekeritik Kaiin . Fernande Kai . Fann Kirn . . Fourth Row Jessie Ki.ine . Betsy Kiinc . AnEI.E KoilI.MAN . Rnii KoilI.MAN . Rum I.EBERMAN . Peggy Lepman . Hei.ene Levi . 4 ' 39 ' 38 •38 ' 41 ' 4 ' ' 4 ' ' 41 ' 39 ' 4 ' 40 ' 40 ' 4 ' •38 ' 38 ' 41 ' 41 ' 38 ' 4 ' ■40 ' 39 40 ' 40 ' 40 ' 39 ' 4 ' ' 4 ' ' 41 Fifth Ro Janice Levy . . SIDNEY Lob .... Frances Loeb . . . Joan Meyers . . . Mary J. Fi.essner . Biii Rosen . I ' .MMll II. ROSINIII Sixth Row ' 41 •38 •38 ' 4 ' ' 40 ' 40 ' 38 Constance Samuei 40 Lois Schui.ein ' 4° Charlotte Sciiwarz ' 41 Marjory Sciivvarz ' 38 Dorothy Sherman ' 40 Carolyn Silverman ' 4 ' Peggy Simon ' 39 F.LAINE SoKIMON ' 4° Seventh Row Carol Siekn ' 4° Frances Stern ' 38 N.ATAi.TE Stern ' 4 ' Marion Sterne ' 4° Marcei.ia Ungar ' 41 Jean Weii ' 4 ' Rose Weh ' 4 ' Fmma B. Won ' 40 NOT IN PANEL KmMII l.lll lllRSCil . . JANEI LeUENAUER . . Florence Rosenberg . ' 38 ' 40 ' 40 ALPHA EPSILON PHI SORORITY [244] BETA KAPPA CHAPTER IN FACULTATE Rose LEOifir Moonev IN UNIVERSITATE First Row SiMONSE J. BeSSERAT . . . Frances E. Brooks . . . . Sara E. Cobb Catherine I.. Cornay . . . Margaret I,. Dai feres . . Second Row Jliia V. Davenport . Piivi.i.is M. Oerbes . Beitv R. Frew . . . Doris Cards er . . . Thei.via a. He.viari) . Third Row Verda a. IIldsos Carroi.i, H. Keen Riiii A. Keii.eit Mary I,. I.kaki: . Mary I.ee I.emann Fourth Row loNI Z. M IK... Marjorie J. McBridk . Mary Jane McIniosh Mary McKen ii: . Jeanne Me er . . Nena N. Femas . . Fifth Row Eunice F.. Perkins . Mary Jane RePass . Anna Mae Ricks . Pkccv L. Roemer . . Jeanette Rrsovicii . Fsl INK M. Sl ' RlNCKR Sixth Row 41 ' 4 ' ' 41 •38 •4 39 ' 41 •38 ' 4 ' ' 40 ' 38 ' 39 ' 40 ' 41 ' 40 •38 ' 39 ' 41 ' 4 " ' 40 •38 ' 4 ' ' 40 •38 ' 40 ' 39 ■40 M K 1 NE SlOlT . . . . . . ' 39 hi IZAHEI II FannENBM M . . . . ' 4. IIarriei I.. Fol AR . . . . . . -40 Louise I.. Trimbie . , . . . . ' 41 OoRoiin M. ' an 1,1 e . , • . . ' 39 Ires i I.. Zoi 1 im.i k . ' 41 NOT IN PANEL Frances Zaitiar . , . driiil. Colors: Slccl CIrcv mill Blue Flo ivfr: White ' iolct Fmiiuliil al N ' irKinia Stale Normal CollcRc in iSoS Fslalilivlu ' d al Fiilanc in 1927 Srvinty-four Ariivc CliapUTs ZETA TAU ALPHA SORORITY [2-15 I TAU CHAPTER Colors: Kelly Green and Gold Flcwer: Tea Rose Founded at I ' niversity of California in 1909 Established at Tulane in 1928 Thirty-five Active Chapters IN FACULTATE Rose Hhasos IN UNIVERSITATE First Row S. El-EANOR I5tMIK . Lorraine R. Bordes . MlGNONNK E. CAMBON PORIS V. Dll.I.ON . Mvrtie Easion . . • Second Row Marceiia I. Elshoi-z Ethelvn B. Everett Heveri-v R. Gai.i.o . I ' rSULA M. KlEIK . Elinor N. Konrad . Third Row Carolyn Lonc .... Margie Mai.trv . Adrienne D. McCardei 1 Elizabeth Meyers . Miloreo Misdermak . 40 ' 4 ' •40 ' 38 •40 ' 39 ' 4 ' ' 4 ' ' 39 ' 38 . . ' 41 . . ' 41 McJ. ' 40 . . ' 4 " ■ ■ ' 4 ' Fourth Row Edith C. Moore . . . . CORINNE O. ORTENBACH . Marie Reuther . . . . M. Ernestine Rotureau Bkrm Roy 40 ' 39 ' 41 ' 4 ' ' 41 Fifth Row Rose Marv Stewart ' 4° Dorothy M. Toppino .... ' 38 Shirley M. Viosca ' 4° Maoeline Walsh ' 40 NOT IN PANEL Olga M. Lachin ' 39 Marie T. Moses ' 4° Betty Ridnour ' 4 ' Kathlyn M. Roome ' 40 Gloria Wimberley ' 41 BETA PHI ALPHA SORORITY [246] ALPHA SIGMA CHAPTER IN UNIVERSITATE First Row Pauline Bain . . Sara E. Booth ... MlLnRFD L. BUERKl.E . BeRSICE DlPPACHER . . Frances C. Drake . . Second Row Rose Marie Duvic . . Henryetta Ei.dridce . Jeanne O. Finke . Margaret A. Foi.lett . Madeleine Gallagher . Third Row Barbara J. Griffith . Marie Claire Hogg . . Louise A. Hutson . . Marv Jane Hutson . Dorothy Jurisich . Fourfh Row JOSIE B. KiBBE . . . Mary Lee Kinberger Betty M. Kreckle . NOREEN M. Lemnk . Lelam) B. Nichols . Fifth Row Ann Nix Ruth Nolan . . . . Betty E. Omknwald . EllZABEIll J. Pearce . Martha E. Powers . . Adele F. Ramos . . . Slith Row Hilda Schneider . Beth Schoenberoer . Adi.ey Schweinfurth Mary VV. Shaw . . Dorothy Walker . Rose Wiltz .... ' 4 ■38 ' 40 •38 ' 38 41 •40 ' 4 ' 39 ' 40 39 ' 4 ' 40 ' 4 ' 4 ' 4 ' 38 ' 40 ' 43 ' 4 ' 4 ' ' 4 ' 4 ' ' 38 •40 ' 40 4 ' ' 4 ' 39 ' 38 •4 •41 ££Mk Colors: Riibv and Pink RUhiiiinul Foiinilril .Tt t ' iiiv( ' r ity of Mi Mitiri in 1888 F.M»l li li(-(l 111 Tiilanc in 1929 Twenty-five Active Chapters Flov. ' fr: aiul Killarnrv Roses BETA SIGMA OMICRON SORORITY (2471 PSI CHAPTER IN UNIVERSITATE First Row Jfssei.vn R. Bkvsos- ' 38 Ri ' BV CoiiEs ' 39 ( " 1 ARA I ' RtKMAV ' 38 Second Row Rl 111 (ilNSBKRG ' 40 Madfi.aine Levy ' 38 Alice B. Maver ' 39 Third Row MiLORtu Palter ' 38 AoELE Pick ' 40 El.ISE R. ■ARRLIT ' 38 NOT IN PANEL Isoi.ENE Levy ' 41 Colors: King Blue and CJokl Floivcr: American Beauty Rose Founded at Hunter College in 1913 Estalilished at Tulane in 193+ IWcnty-two Active Chapters PHI SIGMA SIGMA SORORITY [248] PRESENTING THE n Organized in April, 1923. ' " ■ ' he pur- pose of securing cooperation among the several fraternities and preserving staiulards of ineinhrrship. l-RKi) L. Rki IFR .... I ' rrsi.l.nt l.FMLKl. I ' . JAMKS, J K. lia-l ' rrsulrnl A. Oil ins (lARNKR . . . Secretary lURWRii n. SiACK . . . Tnasurrr Alplia Kappa Kappa I.EMAMEI. p. JAMHS, J R. Will. 1AM T. Kei.i.f.v iV« Siijma A ' u Frank O. McGehee Jackson- I.. BosiwicK I ' hi Chi A. DlM.ON (iARNER Ceorge H. Martin ' I Ddta Kpsilun Allen M. CJoldman Ralph S. Abramson I ' hi l.amhtia Kappa Irving Baer Leonard I. Lesser ' ; li io Sii ma iREU L. KH lER Charles A. Lakavus ' I ' iiia Kappa I ' s ' t BhKSARii n. SlACK J(]|1N W. Hendrilkson HP firsl Roic: Abramson, Haer, Bost- vick. Siuiiid Row: Garner, (ioldman, Hen- drickson. Third Row: James, Kelly, Lesser. Fourl i Row: Martin, McCcliee, Reu- ter. Stack. MEDICAL PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL [250] li. John Powell Adams Bi ATTV Bass .... RoBFRT Bibb . , . Harold BnoADHfeAft OMICRON CHAPTER FRATRES IN FACULTATE Dr. Norman E. Applewhite Dr. George E. P. Barnes Dr. Charles C. Bass Dr. George S. Bel ( Emerttus) Dr. W. R. Brewster Dr. L. J. Bristow. Jr. Dr. Gene Countis Dr. Charles D. Ehlert Dr. Allan C. Eustis Dr. Edmond L. Faust Dr. Frbderich L. Fen no Dr. a. V. Friedrichs Dr. I. MiMs Gage Dr W. p. Gardner Dr. John T. Kalsey Dr. William H. Harris Dr. S. Chaille Jamison Dr. Hiram W. Kostmayer Dr. John A. La n ford Dr. Edwin H. Lawson Dr. Francis E. LeJeiine Dr. George K. Logan Dr. Randolph Lyons Dr. Howard R. Mahurnkr Dr. Leon J. Menville Dr. W. N. Offutt. Ill Dr. Arthur N. Owens Dr. E, Pfrry Thomas Dr. Roy H. Turner Dr. VC ' ili.ard R, Wirth FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE First Row ' 38 Arthur Butt . . . ' 39 L. H, CuCKERHAM ' 40 J u DSC N Col L BY . . 41 J C: Crabtree . . snd Ro Lemuel Creech . . . ' 39 J. Douglas Dickson. ' 38 Earl Dilworth . . . " 40 J. W. Douglas ... ' 38 Charles Edwards . . W. E. Ehlert . . . J. P. Fatheree . . . Jamls S. Fisackerly. Third Row Brent Fox ' 40 A D, Garner . . . ' 3H Ivan Gesler .... ' 38 Jambs Cjilbert . . . ' 41 O. J. Gooi.H . . . Walter Grace . . J. P. Griffin . . . VFHNt N L. Hagan Fourth Row H H Hawley ... ' 39 H H Henderson . ' 38 Orvaj. N. Hooker . 40 J. C. Hope ' 39 Henry Hud.son Frank J. Jones Cheney Joseph . Gerald Joseph Fifth Row Robert Kimball . . . ' 40 John Waue Long .. ' 41 George H. Martin . ' 39 T. J. Melton .... ' 40 Sam Murphy Frank Moors . . Charles Moselby Jules Motty . . John A. Murfbe .... ' 40 Sixth Row ' 41 Grey Parker ' 38 F. M. Posey Carl Nadlbr . . Ranson Nockton Robert L. Norment. ' 39 Alton Pruit James Northrop . . 40 W. W. Pug Jack S ;ott •39 ■38 •41 ' 41 •40 ' 38 •39 ' 38 ' 39 •41 •38 •39 ' 41 ' 38 ' 38 •40 ' 41 ' 40 •39 •38 •39 ' 40 ' 41 ' 38 onth Ra T. L. Shinnick . . McHuGH Simmons W. C. Smith . . . Francis Stone ' 38 •41 ' 39 ' 41 Herbert Thomas Ohvii.le Stone . . James Swindle . . Joseph D. Taj-Bot K. D. Terrbll . . ' J8 Eighth Row John Thomas . . . . 4I S. B. Thompson . . 39 Harry Tiller .... ' 41 William Ticb . . . 41 Murphy ' harwi William Virgin Hinton Walters Ci.YDi; Watkins . Sam Williams U) •41 NOT IN PANEL El isMA Cain . . . French Craddock Luther P. Cruli. Harold Dark . . Angus Grace . . Willis Johndaiil Jack R. Jonrs . . T. McDonnhl ' 41 ' 41 •38 ' 39 ' 41 ' 41 ' 40 ' 41 . ' 40 Dan McIlvoy .... ' 41 . ' 39 JoH N McLeod .... ' 4 1 . ' 40 Fred C. Rehpuldt . ' 40 . ' 41 GwiN RonniNS ... ' 41 . ' 41 Thomas Saeely . . . ' 40 . ' 41 Knox Tate ' 41 . ' 38 Joseph C. Wil.son . ' 39 . ' 39 John H. Woodbbidob ' 40 M) mi %}iMMM4 ir " Colors: Olivf (irciii ami W ' liili Flovjrr: I.ilv of ilic Valli-v Proji-ssional Mitliail Fntliriiil y. F.asli-rn Im.uihIiiI al riiivor il.v of Vermont in iSRo; Sonllurn, I nii villi- Mi-iliial Colli ' go in 1S94; ConMilidalcil, Mari ' li 3, ii)os Esialilivluil at Tiilanc in 1902; Pi Mn imrmil, Si-ptrinlifr 30, 11)22 Kifty-fivc- Active Cliaplfrs PHI CHI FRATERNITY [2M 1 mM Colors: Green and White Flo vir: Professional Medical Fraternity Founded at Dartmouth College in 1888 Kstabiishcd at Tulane in 1903 Sixty Active Chapters ALPHA BETA CHAPTER FRATRES IN FACULTATE Dr. l.)Si am . iil THl A Dk. Wu.l.lAM P. liHAi Bl ' RN, JR- Dr. MuiR Brapburn Dr. Josfph E. Bribrre Dr. Donovan C. Browne Dr. Jamfs C. Cole Dr. Conrad G. Com. ins Dr. John L. Davis Dr. HiiRMAN B. Gessntr Dr. John H. Herring Dr. Charles S. Hoi brook Dr. I-iiwaru L. King Dr. I-rNESI S. Lew.s (Emeritui) Dr. Abraham L. Metz (Emeritui) Dh. Morell W. Miller Dr. Hmile F. Naee Dr. Wilbur C. Smith Dr. Paul T. Talbot Dr. T. a. Watters Dr. Walter W. Waites FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE First Row Jack A. Brantley ' 40 John P. Buckley 38 Neil Callahan ' 40 A. Penn Crain ' 39 Thomas H. Crouch 39 Julius T. Davis ' 41 Second Row WouDARD E . Farm kr ' 39 Harrv Q. Gahagan ' 40 Jami s F. Cjavin 39 Sc:oTT F. Gi.ovER, 111 38 l.ouis F. Hamilton ' 38 Edward M. Harrell 39 Third Row A. C. HOI.MSTER ' 41 Vin .iAv W. Horn ' 38 I.EM u EI. P. James 38 W ' li.i iam T. Kellev ' 39 John A. Lally ' 40 Hoy T. Lester 39 Fourth Row Lawrence C. Li.wis. Jk 38 Charles A. Lilly ' 39 Jack H. Mayeiei.d ' 38 RussEL R. McMahon ' 41 Jack P. Michaels ' 40 Joe a. Perry ' 40 Fifth Row W. Tyron KoiiiNSoN ' 39 John S. Rozier [40 JoSECH A. Sabatier. Jr ' 38 Clarence I. Shult ' 38 Glen Q. Street. Jr ' 38 Louis P. Supple ' 38 Sixth Row Arthur C. Tedeord ' 41 Samuel P. Todaro ' 38 Frankh; Tuc.well ' 41 Edward H. Villemez ' 40 James S. Wade ' 41 Seventh Row Henry C. White, Jr 39 J. Maxwell Williams ' 40 Lawrence M. Williamson ' 38 Chari.es C. Willis ' 40 Cyru. T. Yan ey ' 39 NOT IN PANEL Harold Gibbons ' 41 Jesse D. Harris ' 39 John H. Keller ' 39 George S. Mason ' 39 H. Guy Ric:he ' 41 Joe R. Risser [41 James Rodgers ' 41 Walter W. Waites ' 41 Thomas E. Weiss ' 40 ALPHA KAPPA KAPPA FRATERNITY 1252] Ji. PI CHAPTER FRATRES IN FACULTATE Dr. J. N. Ane Dr. Dr. Robert Bebnhard Dr. Dr. Charles L. Brown Dr. Earl Z. Browne Dr. Dr. Vt ' lLEV R, BUFFINGTON Dr. Dr. W. W. Butterworth Dr. (Emeritus) Dr. Dr. J. A. CoLcouGH Dr. Dr. a. R. Crebbin Dr. Dr. William H.Gillentine Dr. Dr. Charles A. Jones Dr. Dr. Frank J. Kimberger Dr. Dr. Paul G. Lacroix Dr. Paul A, McIlhenny Henry E. Menage f Emeriiui ) William H. Perkins John M. Ramage Joseph W. Reddock Adrian F. Reed W. A. Reed Howard H. Russell John T. Sanders William H. Seemann Thomas B. Sellers Daniel B. Terry FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE First Row Charles H. Ashbv ' 40 Richard B. Austin, Jr ' 41 R. G. Barnes ' 38 James A. Blair, Jr ' 38 Re VIS A. Brannon, Jr 40 William J. Brown ' 38 Edward Cale ' 41 Second Row Robert N. Caylor ' 38 A. Fletcher Clark, Jr ' 40 Francis C. Coleman ' 39 W. Holmes Cook 38 Beamon S. Cooley. Jr ' 39 E. AuBRY Cox ' 41 Ralph Davis ' 39 Third Row Charles F. Dorsey ' 39 Henry C. Dorris ' 33 Allen A. Enzor ' 41 Marshall Eskridge 40 Julius M. Fernandez ' 40 Darwin L. Fielder ' 58 Elliott B. Hay ' 39 Fourth Row John W. Hendrickson ' 39 G. K. Henshali ' 38 James M . Howeli ' 38 Ben B. Hurst ' 40 James R. Hyslop ' 38 Samuel W. James 38 Warren C. Jonfs ' 33 Fifth Row Charles R, Kesslkr ' 41 Frank R. Kimberger ' 39 Victor E. Landry ' 41 Collins P. Lipscomb ' 41 Felix B, Long. Jr ' 40 Marvi n N, Lymbaris ' 41 Frank H. Marek ' 40 Robert J. Meade 4I Sixth Row Gilcin F. Meadors. Jk ' 43 Roy E. Moon 39 Phillip J. Mussox 41 W. H. McConnell ' 40 Ansten R. Ness ' 40 Clevei-and H. Paruue, Jr ' 38 Van S. Parmley ' 39 Edward J. Peterson ' 39 Seventh Row Charles K. Pitt ' 39 H. LuRoY Richards ' 39 James A. Roberts. Jr ' 38 L. S. Robinson, Jr ' 41 Thomas G. Ross ' 40 John M. Smith, Jr ' 40 Crysup Sory ' 38 Bernard D. Stack ' 38 Eights Row Murphy D. Stevlnsun ' 40 Stephen L. Stiglbr ' 40 Jrtson P. Tatum ' 40 Frank M. Townsbnd 38 John B. Thiblb 41 George L Whathbbly, Jr ' 40 William R. Whitehoush ' 41 John A. Zieman ' 40 NOT IN PANEL Thomas A. BuNkii: ' » ' 39 Ned W. Holland ' 38 Jambs C. Mills Ml J J Colors: V Flixivtr: (Jold niul Clrctn I ' rnfrssiniitil Midiiat Frulirnily RkI Rn c FKUiiiIrd :it Mcilirnl CollrKf ol VirKiiiiii in 1879 . l;1l li lu-(t .11 Tiilaiu ' in 1904 A DC TMrty-one Aoiivi- (■h;ipiiT 1 C D A T C D M 1 T V 125} 1 ' p r n ' Colors: Wine and White Flo wer: Red Carnation Ptnfrssionnl Miitiial I ' niUrnily Founded at the rniver ity nf Michigan in 1882 Established at Tulane in 1910 Forty-three Active Chapters BETA IOTA CHAPTER FRATRES IN FACULTATE Dr. John J. Abchinard Dr. Clement R. Jones Db. Chari.es J. Bloom Dr. Frank R. Locke Dr. Edgar Burns Dr. Julian H. Lombard Dr. Octave C. C. SSEGRA1N Dr. Rudolph Matas {Emeritus) Dr. John S. Couret Dr. H. W. Alton Ochsner Dr. Chari.es F. Craig Dr. T. Hillman Olh ' hant Dr. Charles W. Duval Dr. Albhrt B. Pitkin Dr. Charles L. Hshleman Dr. John G. Pratt Dr. Irvin Hardesty Dr. Ambrose H. Storck i EnierituO Dr. Maktin T. Van Studdii-ord Dr. George L. Hardin Dr. Garland Walls FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE First Row Robert Atkinson ' 40 Samuel C. Atkinson 39 S. C. Atkinson Ml James Barron 40 Robert C. Bateman ' J9 James Belk ' 41 Hardi-e Bethea ' 38 Second Row Jackson L. Bostwick ' 39 Jason Collins ' 41 Jocelyn Crawley ' 40 Walter Culpepper 40 Vernon Finch ' 40 Robert Forsythe 4l Peter C. Graefacnino ' 39 Third Row Ralph G. Greenleo ' 38 W. H. Hahn ' 38 Elmer Harris ' 41 William H. Harris ' 40 Marvin B. Harvard ' 39 C. M. Harwell 38 Marlin Hoge ' 41 Fourth Row John A. Holmes ' 38 Joseph V. Hopkins, Jr ' 39 J. D. Jerabeck ' 38 James B. Johnston ' 40 J. Weldon Lamb 38 WooDBow M. Lamb ' 38 George V, Ij uney ' 38 Fifth Row R. C. Lynch. Jb ' 38 Charles S. McCall ' 39 Harvey Mc:Connell ' 40 F. O. McGehbb 38 John McKinney ' 41 Chester A. McLarty ' 40 Lee D. McLean ' 40 Sixth Row Arthur Miller ' 41 R. E. C. Miller ' 38 J. M. Montagnet ' 39 William H. Moorhead ' 38 Pkosser Morrow ' 40 William Nichols ' 41 Mc:Lkod Patterson ' 39 Roland F. Phillips ' 38 Seventh Row Sam M. Powell ' 38 P. K. Rand, Jb 40 L. David Roberts ' 38 James L. Royals ' 40 Harley C. Shands ' 39 Mack Sutton 41 John Thorn ' 40 Willi am W. Trice. Jr ' 39 Eighth Row Howard Walker ' 41 Arthur Wallace ' 41 Russell B. Watson ' 38 Harold White ' 41 Raleigh R. White ' 39 Charles Williams ' 40 Grady Williams 41 Lynn Zabr ' 38 NOT IN PANEL John Andrews 40 Pearson Caldwell ' 40 Jack Christian ' 40 James M. Packer ' 41 NU SIGMA NU FRATERNITY [254 1 i . DELTA OMICRON ALPHA CHAPTER FRATRES IN FACULTATE Dr. Sir)M; W. liiiss Dr. Vinchm J. i)kP. Di:rbi:s Dr. Joh.v B. Goocii Dr. Joiiv R. Hume Dr. I.i.om) J. KuHN Dr. AstKS Mo(;. Bf;. n Dr. Robert A. SiKovc Dr. Wii.i.iAM . . W ' AnsiR FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE First Row W ' lMRRn ]■.. Hkows Mervin- E. F.vrTER . Frank L. Faust . Robert L. Gi.eason Second Row Lauresck J. Kers . . , Ki.MER F.. V. Kramer . jAon Es A. Magse . . Haroii) F. Raklmie . Third Row Freiierick I.. Rei-ier . . TirEorMjRE F. 1 ' reutinc . Reiben a. Zarrii.i.i . . . 39 •38 ' +0 •38 • ' +0 • ' 38 • ' 38 • ' 39 39 ' +• ' 39 NOT IN PANEL KSMOM) A. I- A I ] 1 R . Ciiari.es a. I.akav lis 39 ' 39 I ' rnfrssinnal MfJiail Fralirnily Foiii;(lirl ;it Niirllnvi ' slcrn Mcilir.il Srlidnl in i8 " )0 F i;ilili luil at riilanc in H)i8 Tlilrty-fmir .Aitivr Cliapicrv PHI RHO SIGMA FRATERNITY [255] o Colors: Purple and White FInivrr: II acinth I ' rofessiotial Medical Fraternity Foinulcd at Cornell University in 1904 Establi lrtd at Tulane in 1918 Thirty-eight Active Chapters ALPHA IOTA CHAPTER • FRATRES IN FACULTATE Dr. Emiir IJi.ocii Dr. Siam kv Cohkv Dr. M.WLiii. CARimiRc Dr. Irving Ci.AssniRi; Dr. Julian ClKAunARiii Dr. Abk Cioi.DKN Dr. Harry Mi: i:r Dr. Frwk W ' liiz • FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE First Row Ralph S. Abramson ' 39 Gilbert Balkin ' 4.1 Samuel K. Cohen ' 41 Joel Fleet ' 40 Second Row Paul Goldfarb ' 40 Allan M. Goldman ' 38 Sanders Goodman ' 38 Bernard Kaufman ' 40 Third Row I ' krr Kline ' 40 Benjamin Phillips ' 39 Raymond S. Schkar ' 39 Jack M. Simmons ' 40 Fourth Row KpilRAlM L. Wacner ' 41 Isidore D. Wiener ' 41 William B. Wiener ' 40 Victor H. Witien ' 4 ' NOT IN PANEL Samuel ICichold ' 40 Morris Frhon ' 4 ' PHI DELTA EPSILON FRATERNITY [256] iLi PSI CHAPTER FRATRES IN FACULTATE Dr. Sydney Jacobs Dr. Waiter E. Levy Dr. I. L. RoBBiKS FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE First Row Irving Baer ' 3 Leon Bluestone ' 4° Emanuef. Fei.dman ' 3S Matthew Fei.dman ' +0 Second Row W ' lIIREI) FiNKELSTEIN . . . . • ' 38 Israel Fox • • ' 4 ' IIaroi.d R. Goldfarb . . . ■ • ' 40 Hernari) a. Goidman . . . . . ' 38 Third Row Harry CJoi.oijnir . . ' 40 Daniel L. Hariman . . . • • ' 40 Irving Hirshi.eifer .... • . ' 4 " Jack IIyman ■ • ' 4 ' Fourth Row Leonard I. Lesser . . Leon Marcus .... Seymour Miller . . . Morris Sciiapiro . . . Bernard M. Scum r . ' f ) ' 4 ' ' 4 ' ' 4 ' ' 4 ' Fifth Row Ki.bert J. SOSKIS . • ' 4 Sidney Stii.iman . • ' 39 MiLION Turner . 4 ' Daniei I ' SDIN . . ' 4 ' Sl: .Moi K 1 1. W SSERMAN . . . ' 38 NOT IN PANEL MnRiDN M. Siern ■ ' 39 PnifrssiDiiiil Mi;li al I ' riiti-rnily Fmiiulcil ;it I ' liiviTslty ot Pcmi Ivania in 1907 F tal ii lu(l ill Ttilaiu ' in 1926 riilrlv .Xilivf Chapters PHI LAMBDA KAPPA FRATERNITY [257] ly I! (i A N I General Andrew Jackson and his alde-de-cannp Edward Livingston organize the New Orleanians for the Battle of New Orleans. Under these expert leaders, the top hats, Creoles, " cajuns, " pirates, and " niggers " decisively defeated the highly trained English forces. Last year the Tulane Law School commemorated another of Mr. Livingston ' s great organizations — a legal one. He drafted the Louisiana Civil Code of 1825. I A T S klX.Ak J. l.hBLANC 1 1 iiiKjniiy .1 rchiti rliiral Fr ih rrii y I ' Ouiided at Coriicll I iiivcrsity in 1902 F.slahlishiA al Tulanr in 1026 To ailv:iiiic archilictiiral ami cillur a li til■ iiilerots; tii prnmote pirit ot cxiil lill( uslii|). Fratres IX Faciltate Nathaxiki. C. Curtis Arthur H. Lew Marion D. Ross John H. Thompson I ' R riR IX I xi i:Rsrr TE I ' .IKIAR J. I.kBi.ANC AlA ' MNI Chari.ks Andrv Chari.ks R. Armstrong Davii) S. Harrow I ' , v.. Krii.i-v, Jr. Jdsn ' M M. Hrocaio CJKORc.K II. Christy II, c;. C ' ROwr.KV ( ' . IIkrmon Dkan Com. INS UiBoi.i., Jr. IIhrndon M. Fair W. A. Foil ANsni ' K Douni.As ' . I ' kirht I ' mii I II. I I MK.M.WN, Jr. Jons M. (lAiiRii-i. Dami) C. c;i:ii;r Rknk F. Gelpi moisk ii. goidstein I! AKK 1 1 ASS, Jr. IIaroi.I) IIai.i i:r T. Tardv Hart Andrew K. Hoover Newion R. Howard R. Carv Jones Waiter C. Keenan, Jacoii II. Kessei.s KUIIAKO Kocii o. c. kotte.maw Gerhardt T. Kra. ii:k F. M. Labouisse LORIS K. I.EVV Raoui. I.ivAi dais Simon Ma siierr R. C. Ml ' RREI I. Edward Niei.d, Jr. Ferdik a. Nobii.e I ' l.lSSE M. Noi.an Paul F.. Odendahi , Jr. Allison Owen, Jr. llERnERI C. I ' RMR, Jk. Oarrei I, J. PlSCIIOIK 1. W ' llllAM RkcUI-II M. llARRv Sanders Soils Seiieriii M.VGii.L Smiiii Wll I lAM I ' . Si ' RAIlINr; A. Ha s Town Horace C. Wei man Mackkv W. Wiiih Jack F. Wilson Samuel Wiison, Jr. I.AiRiE I.. Wriciii R 1263 1 J. p. Ad.im I 1 I I jilder. A. M. Goldman. R. G. Greenlee, J. A. Holmes j. A. Manne, L K. Oms, T. I.. Shinnick. M. E. St. M.irtni. R. S. ' W ' litht STARS AND BARS CHAPTER ( ' r(j In- ivorlhy to sirvt tin sujjiring) Honorary Medical Fraternity Dr. I. [.. RoBBiNS Dr. p. H. Jones Officers I ' risiJinl Vice-I ' nsidrnl Pk. . 1ims CjAGH . Dr. 1.1 in II II.WCKES Counselor Secretary Mk.muhrs Ki.ncTED Fro.m the Ci.. .ss or igj8 John Pouki.i. Ad.v.ms Darwik Lockari) Fi eider Allen- Michel Goldman Ralph Gillespie Grekni.ee John Aristidk Holmes Jacuues Amikri M.vgne Luis Rafael Oms Thomas Lincoln Shinnick Maurice Edward St. Martin REnECCA SlRUDVMCK WRICilT Vc believe in the tenets of abiding truth wliidi is the guiding star of our order. We believe in the helping hand which is the bar which binds us in our calling. We believe in the unity of service to one another which lends to the weary a word of cheer, to the poor a portion of our share, to the weak a meed of pity, to the stricken a voice of comfort, to the old a memory of youth and to the wayfarer a help along to the journey ' s end. Our iriililiin will al :i s be an In piratiiui In !tM , reineinlHring it slaiuls for excelkncc in all things, purity of purpose and honesty of method and effort, with the blessing of an Alma Mater upon each who wears her badge of honor. May our lives lie among the stars which light the way to the great mystery and may we so live that when we reach the end of the road we may find the veil, which parted leads to the heights of everlasting peace. Sic ad Astra! ALPHA OMEGA ALPHA [264 1 fllL€ifs John P. Adams. R. Bastian, N. Buckiier, ti. Carrt-rt ' , W. A. Culpeppt-i, J. W. LX-u I- T. V. Finch, E. Graves, W. H. Harris, C. M. Horton. R. C. Kccnan. J. D. McNeil A. G. Montgomery, J, S. Rioida, M. H. Riseman, J. R. Rombach, R. M. Upton, F. Zengel iUiniiril llo Kii iry Lrtu t rsliift Fmliriii y ALPHA ZETA CIRCLE I ' diiiulid III Il ' cisliiiiiiliin iiriJ I. II- I ' lii viisily In (ji Establishi-d ,u lularu- in 1930 4.0 Aitivc ClKipHTs Dr. Kdwaki) a. Heciitel Dr. Pali. W. Hrosman- Dr. 1)ami:i. S. Ki.mott I ' ROr. RoilKKI V. I ' J.SASSKK Dk.. Edmom) I,. Faust Juii.s 1 ' . . |). . IS RovAi. R. liAsiiAs, Jr. Ernkst a. C. ' arriri:, Jr. Fr. tres in F. ci i.t.vte Dr. Rukus C. Harris Ju[)c;k CJkorge Jawikr Dr. Lucian Lamikv Dr. John M. McHrm)i; Dr. I.i:o J. Mkwillu FrATRHS IM L ' ni KRSITATE T. ' krno ' Finch WiiiiAM H. Harris, Jr. C. Mam.k Horion, Jr. Richard C. Kkenan Mr. Forrest E. Oakks Dr. E. V. Alton- Ochsmr Prof. E. Santr Rked Mr. Ci.Ai ' DK Simons Prof. Gkorci: Wilson J. David McNkii.i. Mkrmn H. Risf.man R. Miller Upion ]|() ()R in .MiMNiRs lli.iKTin) i I ' ai.i, oi- igj7 Ji ' DOE Cii-ORnE Janvier Dr. I.i cias 11. I.wdrv Maiirici: II. Horn Norman Hi;ckni;r William Cui.i ' epi-er Mi: ihi:rs Ili.i-tTni) in Fai.i. oi- i )J7 William Doi ' gi.as Ed AHI) CiRAVES Dr. Marien ten IIoor Alvin Moni-gomhrv Joseph S. Riorda J. Robert KoMnAcii, Jr. Ernest S 11 her Frederick Zenci.e OMICRON DELTA KAPPA [265) N. W. BuikniT, W, H, H.irris, R. C. Kcenan, K, M. Upto Offickrs Wii.iiAM H. Harris, Jr I ' lisiilriil Norman W. lircKSKK ..... Sccritary-Trrasurer R Mll.LKR I ' proN I ' i(i ' -l ' r, iih it Dr. W ' ii I ia. i I, Dtrkn jk. Fantlly Counsrllnr Bernard P. Mi rz I nvr Jluiniius MkmmI ' R.s Ij.i-i ' iii) li), 4 Edward A. B kchtei. Noi.an Kammir JniiN C. W ' iid Vkrron I ' . (; AV Jons- M. Mcl). Mn, Jr. J.mk F. W ' ii, son- James M. RoBKRi, Jr. AThmuhrs F[,i:ctei) io. S n. jLr.lA , IJARII-RTT Si.MON IIi-Roi.]) Rr ' iiard M. ' m.v W ' li.niiR ( ' . Smuh r. IIai.e Boons I.EiNiiARi) T. Kljiner Homkk R. Robinson (Jeorge D. Tessier Kekdai.l C. Cram Allan Liitle, Jr. Howard K. SMmi, Jr. Mkmhfrs Ei.KCTi-i) n) (} Doiifll.AS S. ANr)KRSO Wn.r.iAM H. Harris, jr. I ' ' .dward deS. Maiijieus yoiiN R. Rii.ev, Jr. Charles C. Hass, Jr. Sa.mlel Lanc Bernard I). Miniz Arihur J. Waeciiier, Jr. Mi-MiiKRs Tj,i-:cTRn 19. 7 B. Tarit Kki.i. Riiis C. H. RRis HrcH McCioske - Moise S. Sheo, Jr. NORMAV HlCKNER RitiiARD C. Keenan Norman C. Mei.in R. Miller I ' i ' Ion MOISE V. Denserv Robert P. I.ockeii, Jr. Wiliz C. On Kappa Delta Phi is an hoiidrary fraternity for the promotion of school spirit. It selects each year from the Junior and Senior Clas es men who have been conspicnons for school spirit and for distinguished and un .eHi h loyalt and endea or (hiring their nni ' crsit ' careers. KAPPA DELTA P H I [266] 1 Hastian. E. Eagan, E. Graves. L. Koerner. N. Markel. R. McMahon. J. C. O ' Quin H. G. Payne, L. C. Phillips, H. Smich, H. Wauph. A. Williams. D. Wilson J iiniin-Si niur Xaliu iiil f rate rtiity jar In Pi i}intili(iii i j Schoitl Spiiil SPHINX OF TULANE E?.tablished in 1927 llow.ARi) Smiiii Officers . . . . I ' risidint Norbkri W. M. kkkl . Ilrcii P. m: ............ Treasurer Secretary Kci i R. I5. sriAN KUKI.I, P. EcAN F.DfiAR M. Graves I.DllS KOKRNKR Active Mi:mhi:rs NoRniRi W. Markici. RussEi.L McMahon Claude J. O ' Quinn Hugh Payne Louis Philips ll(l KI Smimi Harry Walcii CrADY Will lAMS HoNAi n K. Wilson Al.lMNI IN UXINERSITATE Oeorce Blue T. Hale Unnos DAMI) I " .. Cool KY Will, 1AM Cl ' LI ' tl ' I ' ER DAVII) DUI ' I ' Y T. ' ersos Finch William II. Harris, Jr. ]i. Marvin Harvard, Jr. C. Manly Horton, Jr. W. Noel I.oitin Enos McClendon Louis Ono J. Barnwell Phelps John C. Thorn " Thi- purpose of the Sphinx of riil.nnc shall be that of a senior sooiely ihixisinK its niemhcrs on a basis of ehararter, leadership, ineiilalilv and personality, to thus brinj; together in a feeling of fellowship the ablest and niosi active thouKhl and leadership in eolleHiale lile at Lnlane t ' nt ' rrsitv. " H H [267 1 rr Hano . Bcckci. Blum, Citnbell. Carrert. Cohen, Doyle. Favrot. Flcttrich, Hammond, Htath Hickcy. Hotton. Janvier, Keenan. Matthews. H. L. Miller. J. B. Miller, Phelps, Riseman, Sims Snellintis, Spearman. Stem, Steinberg. Stewart, Talley. Trepagnier. Wait, Wright. Young Ihni ' iKux Pn-Li( (il Ffdtdiiity F( unilfi! ;il I ' nix trsit i| lllimiis in 1920 BETA CHAPTER Eslablhlird at Tulanc in iij i OlFICI-RS Ariulr IlAMMnM . . . • • H ' kjIi Chirf Juslictr D. Ham. IS Hi:ckkr . • hsocialr Chief Justice Maunski, IIlCKl•: . • . • . Iiisliee Reporter SiDNRV Wriciit . ■ • ■ . • ■ . C iiuieellor of Exchequer Jose Luis Hands Justice liuiliff Pre-I. ]ic,. . Mi;, ibi:rs JosR Luis Bangs .Arjhlk I;. II MMONr), Jr. Ckorci; H. r iiiii:us Benjamin L. Si-khrmav David Hani.in Bfxkkr John H. Hkatii Joskimi B. Mm.i.er Wiiiiwi Si kin, Jr. Thomas Bei.l Maunsei. V. Hickev Peikr R. Monrosk, Jr. Wiiiiwi W. Westeri ieid Wooni.EV C. Campbell M J. Barkih i.i. Kaii. o Ja.mks C. Siniir, Jr. Sidni ' i Wkiciii V. W ' AII Legal .Mimukr.s Jav p. Ai.tmaver Donald W. Dovi.e Ciiari.es Janvier J. Hakwmii I ' hei.ps John R. Sikwart Robert V. Bll.m E. E. Edmusdson, Jr. Richard C. Keenan Mervin 11. Riseman Bascom I ' allev Ernest A. Carrere, Jr. Ai.i.ain deC. Favrot Benjamin C. King John W. Sims Henry Trepagnier BUCKNER CHIPLEV, JR. Ai.BERT J. Fi.EITRICII FREDERICK V. Mll.I.ER BrEARD SnEI. LINGS W. W l I I K ■ol!NG Marvik a. Cohen C. .VIanlev Horion Herbert L. Miller Julian L. M. Sieinberc ALPHA ALPHA ALPHA [268] S. R, Bio sai. J, W. Bland, D. Blossom. C. Buerger. T. B, Everton. T. P. Fadrique. C. C. Farrell. E. D. Finley H. Gautier. S. L. Guice. L. Knapp. W. Leake. H. LiU. J. Lorch. E. Mcins S. C. Murphy, T. V. Ni :hoU. L. Purifoy, B. J. Schoit. J. O. Sloan, A, W. Stout. S. P. Torrcy Frrsliiiiiiii Sorii y fur tin Piniiidlwii of Sdiool S ' irit I ' nuiulitl ;i! Tiilaiie, January, 1921 J.XCK W. I.OKLJI .... . Junylf Trunk KmvARi) B. Me. ' VNS ......... Juiu lr Tusk The White Klcphaiu Cup is an annual award to the student nf the preceding year ' s Freshman Class adjudged the Hest All-.Ardund l ' rcshaian by a faculty committee, hased on scholarship, athletics, fjeneral popuhirity on the campus, and with regard to campus activities, and offices in general Ralph Wenzel was the winner of the cup for the session 1936- 1937. . ' ;(( Tau Omrga Li.ovi) Fadrhjl ' K Edward H. Mi-ans Gi.KW Ror.AM) t)r la I ' liu Delta KonERT HoSWEf.T. Walter IDorrom Leonard Ksapi ' Kiif ' f ' ii .ll ia F.DWARI) FlM.EV Qlin ClAirriER SlENMNC Ml RI ' IIV Kappa Siijma WlI.I.IAM 15l,A D I)a ' id lilnssman WlI.I.IAM TetE ' ;■ n.lla Thcta Cmari.es Farrell ' er o Nichols Jack I.orcm ' ; Kappa S ' njma Claude Buerger Stki ' mev Guice EllWARD MeRRICAN Kappa llplia Charles Bailey HARnOROUCIl LlLL Jack Sl( an Sigma Alpha Epsilon Rush Hioss.vr Lawrence Piriiov Ben Schoit Sifima Chi Wii 1 lAM Leake .Arhur Sim 1 Sigma I ' hi lipsilon Thomas Kverion C ' .EORCE Soil IE Stanford Torrev WHITE ELEPHANTS (269 I VC ' ilHam C Brothers, John Cutbertson. Foster Johns. Gustave A. Lorber, George Manning; V. T. Murray, Robert B. Oliver, J. E. Reid, George T. Schneider. C. Edward Strong I I ' iior iry tnsluiiiin Itiltijnitrnilty CJiih for lliv I ' m kisi of I ' rcimnliiiij (JlllSS (llltl Si llO ' l Spiri Offici:rs James E. Rkio Pnsidcnl J. F. AuGUSTE LoRBicR, Jr Vice-Presideni Wn.i.i.wi Brothers Sccrdary-Tnasurcr William Brothers John Culbertson Andrew Gay Cl. ss of ' 41 Foster Johns Gus Lorber Georce Manning W ' iM.EAM MlRRA ' Robert Oliver James Reid ( " . F,in AKI) K. SiRONG (Il-ORGK SCHNEIDAIJ Thomas Bell W. CORTI.ANDT ClRTIS James P. Ewin, Jr. Cl.. SS OF ' 40 Philip B. Jaiincke II. J. JUMONVILI.E, Jr. MOREAU Jl.MONVILI.E W ' ai.ii It I. 1 1 (;. Jr. Herrick J. Lane John Macinnis Edward Munson, Jr. Clyde W. Paine, Jr. Reinhard a. Steinmaver, Jr Harold S. Andry Norman E. Eaves Milam II. Gray, Jr. John A. Grehan Arthur B. Hammond Ma.v M. Morelock Cl.as.s of ' 39 Stephen C. Munson, Jr. Thomas B. Payne Georc;k II. Pknn, Jr. W. Ford Riese Cl.AlDE G. RlVKS, III Arihuk J. Wallace, Jr. William W. W ' esiereield, Jr. T. B. II. Anderson, Jr. Royal R. Bastian, Jr. Calvin K. Benedict Cl. ss of ' .?8 Harry P. Dart F. Wesley Gleason, Jr. Edgar F. Graves W. IlALPIN Nai.ty, Jr. Hugh (!. Payne William M. Pa ne J. Barnwell I ' iiei ps Krnest Roger, III R. Miller Upton S. Havward Vincent T H I R E N CLUB C270 1 1 A. G. Ball, L A. C.irrete. Jr., W, A. Culpepper. J. H. Duval, A. D. F.ivroc. A. 1. Fli-tliich. Tom M. Hayes, L. R. Himel. C. M, Horton, B. C. King. H, McOll. A. G. MontBomtry. H. P. Pate, H. J. Schuize J. A. Schupp. J. W. Sims, J. R. Stewart, F. W. Summers, C. A. Tooke, W. W. Young, Jr., F. Zengel WHITE INN CHAPTER Inlii n tlioiud Litjal l- ' riit riiity FiJiimlcil at I ' liivtrsity of Miilii aii in 1869 hslabtislhd ill Tulan,- in l()ll Samuei- W. Brown RCJDKRI J. Tarlev Fratres in Facultate Ri ' ns K. FosiKR, luncrilus Gkorhr Janvier Ruius C. Harris Slmier U. Marks Eugene A. Nabors Walter J. Suthon, Jr. Alirku Cj. Uai.i. . . Ernest A. Carrere, Jr Wll.I.lAM A. CUI.I ' tl ' I ' ER JoSEl ' ll DUVAI. . • Al.I.AIN I)EC. Favrot Albert J. Fletiricii TllO.MAS M- I I I s, JR LlOVI) R. 11 1. Mil. . Charles M. Horton, Jr Benjamin C. King . Harry McCai.i. . Fr.vtre.s i. L ni i;r.sit. te ' 38 Frederick V. Miller ' 38 Ai.viN G. Montgomery ' 39 Henry P. Pate . . ' 38 Hermann J. Schui.ze ' 39 John A. Sciii ' i-i ' ' 39 John V. Sivis . . . ' 39 John R. Siewart ' 38 Frank V. Si ' m.mers ' 38 Casi ' er a. Tooke, Jr. ' 38 Wll.LLVM W. YoiiNG, Jr. ' 39 Frederick Zengel ' 3S ■3S ' 39 •38 ■39 ' 39 ■39 ■3S ' 39 ' 39 •38 [271 1 H I H I Gabriel Auiiolis. Ki.val H. Bast.ari, J. F. l!U s. H. W Bohiie. H. B Biadfocd. K. P. Bn-idi-nhach, L. E. Borders. H. J. Bultman G. Caruso. N. L. Chavigny. William D. Davis. H. L. Deas. Ci. P. Hinds. W. Huey. John P. Manard H. G. Martin, William M. Payne, W. P. Raarup. Jr.. E. P. Stanton. G. H. Thompson. Horace A. Thompson. M. M. Wallher ALPHA TAU CHAPTER I ' rdfcssioiinl Chcinirdl Frii i niity rmiiulfil ai (riivtr ity of Wisconsin in 1902 Estahlislud at Tulanc in 1928 Colors: C " hrnmf and i hit-. floivir: Retl Carnatioi 4 ' i .Xctivc Cliaptcrs Fr.ATRH.S IX l " l TI.T.ATI? Thomas B. Crlmpi.kr Charles B. Dicks, Jr. Walter G. Allee, Jr. EmvARo J. Jones, Jr. . Rai.miim) Trkas Arimlr (). Kasm.kr ll.M. W. MOSKI V- K. Fri:i) I ' om ARi) Charles S. Wu.i.ia.msu.s, Jr. { ABRiEL G. Auricles Rovai. R. Bastain, Jr. JlI.ES F. Bl.ASS Phm,ii W. Bouse Hesrv Bradford Eric P. Briedenbach Leo E. Borders Hekrv C. Bl ' lt.mas ' Gerard P. Caruso Neil Chavicnv William D. Davis, Jr H RRv L. Deas Owes S. Eckhardt Mh.tos F. WiT.i iams, Jr KATlUiS 1 I I ERSIT.ATE (ir ! llri ( S u li ri s KiNMiii I.. McIntosh . ' 36 JiJFis A. TiiDMAs, Jr. ... ■ • . . ' 36 ' 37 ' 37 ( ' n l( rt riit iiii rs ' 38 Owen H. Foss ' 38 G. PuTS ' AM Hinds ' 39 William S. IIuev ' 39 John 1 ' . Manard ' 39 II. Gii es Mariin, Jr ' 39 Wii r.iA.vi M. Payne ' 38 W.MiER P. Raarup, Jr ' 40 I-.. R. DiMONi Smiih ' 39 llucH Smiih . ■ ' 39 E. J. Stanton . • . ' 39 Georce M. Thompson ' 40 Horace A. Thompson ' 38 Milion Walther 40 ' 38 ' 39 ' 38 ' 38 ' 38 ' 38 ' 39 ' 39 ' 38 ' 40 ' 38 ' 40 ALPHA C H I SIGMA [272] fin Kow: J I- I ' .ikmv I ,lhl. s, ti H hut. I Wuiui. ti H I ' lnii, Ir . M. G. Ray. F. K-nnebater Second Row: E. B. Ferguson. W. R. Konrad. W. R. Summers, S. Wrisht. H. A. Beuchcr. D, R. Lincicome Third Row: Dr. E. S. Hathaway, W. Futch, Dr. W. T. Penfound. R. Nicholson. V. E. Tedesco. Dr. F. H. Wilson, N. Burnstein Honorary Biological Fraternity I ' " (nin lc(l at Tulaiie in 1926 E. S. Hathaway Faculty Advisors WlI.IIAM T. Pekfoun ' d I ' . II. Wii.sov Georgf. H. Pe.sv, Jr. . Julian Wiener . . . . Officers I ' risident Joseph ' . Sciii.osser Serrctary-Trcasurir . ■ . . I ' icc-Presidint CiEOROe II. Hick . . . ( ' uiirmaii, Proijram Commilttc Jack K. I ' ekkins . . . Cliairman, l.iciiirc Cnmmitli-e Mk.mhfrs dradiiti c Sttitlt Ills George IT. Ruk Jmiw . . Iluw akh Owid R. I.incicome I ' aitii I ' innkiiaker Wiiiia.m R. Sr.MMER,s Si niors W, RuiiiNsoN KoNKAi) Jack E. I ' ekkiss NUka G. Kav ' ici(ik E. Eedesco Juniors i) K t A. UiiciiMK EiA ARi) 15. Ferguson, Jr. Riciiaro E. Nicholson Joseph " . Scmiosser Sidney Wright Norman Hirn.sii-in Wii i.iam P. Fiicii George II. Penn, Jr. jrins Whnir Beta Mu was frumtlcd primarily for the promotion and (li« eminnlion of interest and knowledge ill biology. In this pursiiii Heta Mu, in addition 10 its weekly meetings, sponsors a .series of public monthly night lectures by authorilaliYe speakers, conducts an annual biological essay contest arnoii ; the frisliinao biiilogy studenis, .iiid publishes annually the Tutaiii- Hioloijisl. B M U [27J1 PHI BETA KAPPA ALPHA OF LOUISIANA CHAPTER totiiulnl at rill C ' llUijc (ij U iUkuii anil Mary in Ij d Organized lyoy ()llIt ' i:RS Susan 1). I ' lw . . Herbkki E. Buchanan- Mildred G. Christian . . . . I ' rcs ' nlinl ri(i-l ' r,siJrnl Sri n liiry- Trrasurrr From thk Class ok 1937 Alice Gray Bukoru Sevmol ' r Ai.tman Cohen John Vernon Conn ell Audrey Cecilia Derenbeckkr Allain deClouet Favrot Julius Michael Fernandez Thomas Vernon Finch Charles Teissier Frey Evelyn Katz Gloria Bertha Ladieu Marie Louise Macne John Hamilton Neii.l WiLTZ Cuirer On Eduh Pailet ' ir(,tnia Parker Mervin Harold Riskman Martha Meade Robertson Joseph Raymond Samuel i.iiLTSE Grehan Schramm Donald Frederick Schultz John William Sims Frances Eloise Wolk BETA GAMMA SIGMA ALPHA CHAPTER OF LOUISIANA F ' jiiniLd III I ' nivii sit ijj II liiuiisin iind [ ' nk ' ii sity of Illinois in KJIJ In talUil at lulanc in 1926 I ' RATRES IN I ' AC I I.TATE Morton A. Aldrich Robert W. Elsasser F. Santry Reed Jay C. Van Kirk Fratri-s in Unuersitate M. Helene McC;ee R. Miller Upion Irwin Edward Voi.ker F. P. Hacaman Honorary Mimhers E. Dams McCutcheon I, EON Charles Simon Harold A. Arho Richard O. Baumbach Carver VV. Bi.anchard Harold A. Buras Hooper P. Carter Conai.d M. Cauley Herbert D. Cohen Joseph A. Cohen L.vzar I. Cohen Bennie Cohn Henry R. Crais Gayle L. Dalferes George H. Daviau George S. Oinwiddie Gus A. Elcuiter Walter J. F ' ountain Joseph A. Grami, J. Walter Heymann Albert E. Hoi.leman Ordway Kasti.er Alumni C. Homer Kees (Jerald M. Kees Joseph W Kidd John M. Kinabreu, Jr. llvr.n B. Kohi.meyer Frank Lemann Frevor C. Lewis John J. Leinhard, Jr. Louis L. Lowentriit John B. McDaniel, Jr. Jack J. Margolin Lawrence W. Martin Ernest B. Mason Martin L. Matthews, Jk. . i iRED Mercier, Jr. nl rvin s. mlngi.edoril Thomas D. Mingledoki k Rene P. Mitchell RoiHRi L Reistei.d J. Richard Reiier, Jr. A. Leonard Robineit John E. Ryan iu)MOM A, Salassi I ' homas R. Sartor, Jr. I ' .DWARD R. Sherwood Robert L. Si.mpson Raymond L. Fhompson Jl ' LES J. ' lOSCA George ' F. Wai.ne, Jr. Bennie Weiner Frederic A. Youngs C274 1 ORDER OF THE COIF The Ortlt-r of tin- (nit i the okle t national honor legal society (lrJ;ani ed tor the reccgiiition and advancement of hi ;h standards of sch-olarship in law, TULANE CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 193! Honor r Mkmukrs J. iSi.AKC MoNROi-: Esmond Pmki.i ' s JOSHI ' II V. CARROl.r. Ortiikr C. Mouton ' Arskne p. Piijo Ciiari.es Rosen Pali. liROSMAN Wood Brows- Charles E. Dlnbar, Robert J. Farlev Faculty Members RiJFUs E. Foster .MnciiEi.i. Franklin Jr. Rufus C. Harris Gkorce Janmlr Monte M. I.imann Sumter D. Marks, Jr. James J. Morrison EUCENE A. Nabors Walter J. Sutiion, Jr. Rene A. ' ioscA William W. Westermeld George A. Wilson Al.l ' .MNI Me.mkers St. Clair . i)Ams, Jr. Ellis Harnes Edmoni) N. Caiin Edward H. Charbonnei, Jr. Murray F. Cleveland C. (JiRARD Davidson Ja.mes J. Davidson, Jr. MoisE W. Dennery Edward Dubuisson RonERi E. Frikd.vian David CJertler Leov S. Haas, Jr. John W. Harrell I. EON D. Hubert, Jr. N.vriiANiEL 15. Knight, Jr. Hubert A. Lafarcue Austin W. Lewis Hugh McCloskev Joseph J. McCloskev, Jr. Bessie Margolin Charles D. Marshall Fontaine Martin, Jr. Kalford K. Miaz .a Clarence J. Morrow A. Dallam O ' Brien, Jr. John E. Parker Ashton Phelps Keiih M. Pvburn L. Julian Samuel George M. Snei.i.ings, Moise S. Steeg, Jr. Charles Titciie .• rtiiur C. ' atson Robert Weisstein John M. Wisdom Morris Wright JK. ETA SIGMA PHI I Classical Fidttrn ily Founded at Vniviisily of Chicago EM.Tlili lic(l M Tiilane in 1936 Dr. May A. Allen Dr. Russei. Gekr Ix F.ACl ' I.T.VTE Dr. (;. W. Regenos Dr. Ernest Riedei. Miss Mary Sievens In ' Un ' i ersit te Lucille Ariigues DoROTiiv Everett NLvRv Pearce Mariana Scott Alumni Rosemary Barton Dorothy Beckemever wlli.moneite coolev Hanson Ferrei.i, Annie Meri. Goldenberg A.MEI.1A Plant Helen Powell Elvira Renirop Mai HILDA Richards RonY Spaar Jean Tim. Mercedes Vulliet [275 1 ' Clifford Atlcinson, Gabriel Aunolcs. Michael Cade. William Ellis, .1, B Graugnard, George Hinds. Lonnie Kces John Manard. Norhert Markel, Henry G. Martin. John Rombach. Feidi Stern. Louis Thames. John Vogt LOUISIANA BETA CHAPTER ■ ' ' III II lit J lit Lihii li I ' nivirsily in :SS ' To confer Imniir upon i iitstamliii;; iiiuliri;radu;itc and alumni in tlu- cnnintcrint; fii-ld. Established at Tidane in 1936 Colors: Seal Hniwn and W ' liite Fr TRFs in: F c;i.t. te DOKAI.D DeRICKSOS ' Ch.ari.es Barbkr Dicks, Jr. A. Lee Dln[.. p Frederick II. I ' 0. Vii,i,i. M H. Grecorv Ariihr M. IIim. John K. M.wkr RonRRT L. Mesuet C. RROI. H. NdRRIS Vll,I.I. M ( ' . RlCKIR J. MES M. KnlllKl ( ' ll. RI,ES S. Wll I I AM ' illV, Jr. Fr.XTRES IX Uxi ERSIT.ATF. Ci.iiioRn J. Atkinson, Jr. CjARRrEi. ( " i. Auricles Barremore B. Brown MiCHAEr. J. Cade Godfrey T. Coate WllI.lAM C. El. MS J. B. C. Graucnaro Georoe p. Hinds, Jr. Lonnie E. Kees John P. Manard NoRBERT W. Mark El. II. (Ill i:s M AKiiN, Jr. J. RoiiKRi R0MHAC11, Jr. Fkrdi B. Stern, Jr. Louis O. Thames John F. Vom, Jr. u B r276] J AJams, H, Bethea. R. Caylor, B. Cooley. J. Douglas. W. Ehlert M Fatter, D. Fielder P. Graffagnino, R, Greenlee. B, Harvard. E. Hay. R. Lynch. F. McGchee. H. Ratcliffc. J. Robert. J. Sabatier. T. Shinnick, C. Shult. W. Smith. G. Street, V. Thompson, S. Todaro. R. Todaro. F. Town A Junior-Senior Interfraternity Honor Society for the Maintenance of Higher Standards in the Medical School FijiuiiIkI lit Tuldiu- ill I(J2I Officers Frank Tovvnsend Pris ' ul iil Mervim Fatier I ' kc-Prcsidenl Ci-ARKSCE Suui.T Secretary William Douglas Treasurer Members John Adams Hardke Hetiiea RonKRT Cavi.or William F.iirrt ocuiors 1) R M ' Fielder Ralph Greenlee Robert Lynch Frank McGehee James Roberts Joseph SAn.vriER Thomas Shinnich Glenn Street Samuel Todaro Rene Torrado Thomas Bi ' nklkv H RAMON Cooley . ' l.lRKD Crain Juniors I ' EIER GRAFFAnNINO Bell M k i II kv ard Fi.i.ioir May |oH Keller IIarolii Raicliffe William Smith Samiki. Thompson THE OWL CLUB [277} tint Koa: L. Bootli, b. Brock. W. Davis, S. Landry, P. Lauben ;aver , K. Manning. C. Nelson, E. Owen Second Row. P. Rcaser. T. Rennie. W, Schultz, W, Smith. B. Talley, G. Thompson. J. TurnbuU Officers Edwin L. Brock Pn-stdcnl S. BIN P. Landrv, Jr rid-PrniJeut Ariiiur p. I.aubenoavkr Sidiiary James F. Turnbui.i Trcasunr Verbon F. Gay ........ Gincral Secretary Cabinet Members Luther Booth Edward W. Owen W ' li i iam R. Scijli.iz Wii.i.iAM D. Davis, Jr. Palh. Rkasf.r W ' ii.iord Smuh Robert MAssiNt; Thomas J. Rennie Bascom D. Tai.i.ev Charles Nelson CJeorce Tiiomi ' son ]5(). Ki) or Directors Donald M. Halley .......... C inirmun Nolan Kammer J ' ice-Chairman Dr. II. W. Gilmore . . C inirmun h ' iiuuue Committee Warner IIord ,-...■ Treasurer A. Brown Moore Secretary Dr. E. a. Bechtel A. Lee Dunlap Bishop J. C Morris Dr. Paul Brosman Fred Ellsworth A. Dallam O ' Bkikn Robert R. Bruce E. B. Glenn y Dr. . II. Pirkiss Robert C. Carter Dr. John M. Fletcher Rev. W. II. Wallace Charles E. Dunbar, Jr. Rev. D. R. Lindlev Dr. J. I ' ,. W ' insion J. I. McCain A. Brown Moore TULANE UNIVERSITY YOUNG MEN ' S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION [278] .- . 1 i¥i -j mS-jt R. Bernard, D. Blossman, R. C. Borden. W. C. Broihets. L. Brown. ..X, A, Oili«. M I |i.l.,n. ' I I ' .iw, R, Dyke. W. V. Engelhardt. L. Fadriquc. A. H. Gladden, L. L. GuKC. L. Hall. H. V. Kaiser. J. D. LotkwooJ R. Marshall, R. W. O ' Donnell, A. G. Phillips, G. Z. Schneider, V. Skye, D. Thibodaux, W. E. Wood Officers Peter L. Bernard, Jr President Cii. ri,es B.vii.hv Treasurer Rav a. Dyke . • • . . Vice-President James V. rLRNiiLi.i Advisor Tom C. IIai.l . • Secretary Verbon F. Gay General Secretary Members Reginai.i) Barrus John J. Bahrs John L. Bei.l R. E. Bem. Werner Bi.ahmann David Bi.ossman Richard Borden Louis Brei i eimi Wii.mam BRnniERS l,()iMS D. Brown KdWARD R, lU ' XTON Arthur A. Cai.ix Thomas P. Cooke James W. Davis M. J. Oeii-rno J. T. DwvER, Jr. Wii.L V. Kngei.iiarih Li.ovD Fadrique Addley Gladden Tom Glass Steve Gricr Herbi-ri " . Kaiser Don I.ockwodi) RUOADES MaRSCM.M.I, RoiiERi- O ' Donnell, Jr. Austin Philips Philip Poulet George F. Schneider William Skve D. J. TiiiBODEAux, Jr. Chester Thompson William E. Wood Till ' Tuhiiir ' ( iiiiK MinS (lirivlian .AsMiiintimi i tlu- only tuili-ni ornJiiii ntioii tliat is oiimpiis-wiili- in its scope. The program, carried on and developed In the slndents iiiider tile supervision of the General Secretary, is designed to give expression to the reliRious, social anil recreational needs of the students. riie Freshman ' .M.C.A, is an nrganizniion for tirst- year students who are interested in the work of tire V.M.C..A. It has proved very valualde irainiiiK for numluTship and officers of tlie Senior V.M.C.. . The Board of Directors gives continuity and supervision tn the work and program of the Tulane Young Men ' s Christian Association. FRESHMAN Y. M. C. A. [279] jKmt dlh i John W. Anthonv, J. A. Borncmann, S. Bouche. J. VC . Biyaii, J.jck S. Buik. N. Bumstein. W. C Caniphill, C N, (. .iiidas, C VX ' . Crumptou Harvfv A. Fechan. E. B. Ferguson. W. T. Fray. Jr., C. M. Fremaux, M. Garb. S. J. Hall, G. Horcher. W. S. Huev. H. W. Kaiser I. H. Kirbv. A. B. Kuppcrman. R. M. I.athrop. J. W. Leake. J. V. Lel.aurin, M. I. Lester, L. Lottinger. G. T. Mellinger, J. B. Miller M. Morelock. J. C. O ' Quin. E. X ' . Owen, M. M. Pegram. P. B. Reascr. A. A. Reese. W. M. Smith. S. P. Toirey. D. Wemstein. G. F. Williamson OfFICI ' .RS Jack A. Bornemann Abe B. Kupperman Membm Ambassador Ambassador Ambassador Ambassador Ambassador Ambassador Ambassador A.mbassador Ambassador Ambassador Ambassador Ambassador Ambassador Ambassador Counlici Repjcicnted John W. Anthony . . Turkey Jack A. Bornemann . .Germany SVLVAIN BoucHE .... Chin.i John Bryan Columbia Jack Bubk Ireland Norman Burnstein . . Palestine WoouLEY C. Campbell . Bulgaria C. N. Caridas . Union of S. S. R. John V. Connell . . . Spain Whitmarsh Crumpton . Morocco Harvey A. Feehan . . . Cuba Edward B. Ferguson . . Poland Hknery C. Foss . . . Norway William Fray Peru . . . President Christodoulos N. Caridas Secretary . Vice-President Antmow A. Rkese . • . • Treasurer Ambassai or Carj, M. Fremaux . . Uruguay Ambassador Lee Lottinger .... Rumania Ambassador Mauricie Garb .... Ethiopia Ambassador Teddy Mellinger Japan Ambassador Sam Hali Egypt Ambassador J. B. Miller Sweden Ambassador George Horcher . . . Bolivi.i Ambassador Max Morelock .... Albania Ambassador William S. Hui y . . Switzerland Ambassador John C. O ' Quin . Great Britain Ambassador Herbert W. Kaiser . Denmark Ambassador Edward W. Owen . . Belgium Ambassador Joi; H. Kirry .... Yugoslavia Ambassador Max M. Pegram . . Venezuela Ambassador Abi: B. Kupperman . . Greece Ambassador Paul B. Reasi:r , . Luxemburg Ambassador Robert M. Lathbop . . Bmzil Ambassador Anthony A. Reese . . . Italy Ambassador James Leake India Ambassador Wilford Smith .... France Ambassador Fred E. LeLaurin . Czechoslovakia Ambassador E. Y. Thomason . . . Argentina Ambassador J. V. LeLaurin .... Mexico Ambassador Sanford Torri-y .... Chile Ambassador Ignatius Lester . . . Hungary Ambassador David Weinstein . . Paraguay Ambassador G. W. Williamson . Honduras The International Rflations Club is an active disrus ' ioTi group of international problems. It has its own library, wh-ich was donated and is kept up-to-date by the Car- negie Endowment for International Peace. The Organi- zation also receives n numlur of iiUernational newspapers, pamphlets, etc. Kach member is given ihc liile il am- bassador from one of the various rountrii ' and represent ' - that ecu lit r in all discussions nf the elub. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB 1280] C. Atkinson. Jr.. J. M. Hopp. T. W. Brown. M. J. Cade. X ' . V. DeGruv. J. DeM.ijo, W. C. Kills. N. F. Fnschhcrlz. J. B. Graunnard. J E. Hall. D. E. Jahncke B. Johnson. I.. E. Ktes. I.. Klein. H. I. Madden. N. Markel, G. A. Mayoral. A. L. Miller. I.. R. Otto. A. C. Porter. H. E. Pritchard. J. S. Riorda L. E. Robins, J. R. Romhach, I. J. Rome, T. J. Simpson. E. Soniat, L. O. Thames. J. J. Tiedemann, J. F. Vogt, I. C. Weidig, C. Weilbaecher, A. J. Wetzel TULANE UNIVERSITY STUDENT BRANCH I ' l ijftssioiKil F rut emit y A(l ;iticfMu-ii[ (it krin N U-il;;f of tlu ' ( r and practict- oi flt-cirical fiigiiiet ' riiii;;. Prof. C. W. Rickrr M. J. Cade . . . Officers Counselor Clifford Atkinson, Jr. Chairman J. I{. C. Graucnard . . J ' icc-Chairman . . Secrilary Clifford Atkinson, Jr. David J. l{LAKr•:sLI: John M. Hoi ' p MiciiAKi. j. Cadi- John J. DkMajo Members Seniors William C. Ellis J. H. C. (Jraucnard John K. Hall PONAII) E. Jamnckf. LONNIE E. Kees NoRnERi W. Markil Loi IS R. OiTo Milton IC. Pick Joseph S. Riorda I.AWRFNCH V. Rimivs John R. Rombach 1r m J. ROMF TiioMi ' soN J. Simpson I.OIUS O. TllAMKS John r. Votrr Thomas II. Brown Wallace V. OkGrdy Nicholas V. Krisciiheriz Jiini Heveria V. Johnson Oavii) M. koRN Alclst I. Miller Jam IS A. McNivkn Arihi ' R C. I ' orier IIeriieri I ' .. I ' riichard John J. Tiedemann Irwin C. Wkidio Ai.iiEKi J. Weizel John It. Iikii Leon CiREENnKRc Sopliomons Leon Ki iin, Jr. IIENRV I. M.ADDEN Georck a. M.woral I ' lmiN SoNIM ClIESIER Wm II AKCllER AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS 1281 1 ' (((( ' m O C f kli i p. A. Bcciu-1. H. Blum. L. H. Bohne, C. C. Burke, R. D. Cosgrove, C. Crais, H I.. Davis. U. F. tlliott. J. Fortier. R. (iurllor. John H. H.ill W. Hildcbrand. W. Huey, D. Jahncke, T. E. Kees, E. L. King. L. Klein. Jr., I. M. Lais, N. J. Landry. H. Madden. N. H. Mcl.aurin. J. Mooney J. E. Morehiser, W. Moses, C. Nelson, R. Brechter, L. E. Robins, A. Schreiber, A. Smith, Jr., E. Soniat, F. B. Stern, L. Su.irez TULANE UNIVERSITY STUDENT CHAPTER Organized to upplt■m ■ t classromn k[io vledge and encourage interest in the engineering pro- fession through the nudiums of technical meetings and inspection trips to local indnslrlal plants. Officers John King Maver, B.E. DoNAi.D E. Jahncke . . . Honorary Chairman Chairman LaURANCF. II. BOHNR . Chare. Ks W. Nelson Ferdi B. Stern, Jr. . . Council Rrpnsrnlalivc ricc-C uiirman Sviretary-Triamrrr Memhers Piiu.ip A. Becnei,, Jr. Herman Blum, Jr. Cornelius C. Burke, Jr. Laurence II. Bohne Eric P. BRErnENBAcii Robert D. Cosgrove Werner E. Blattman Ho.MER L. Davis John B. Fitch Leon Greenberg Earle R. Gurtler Seniors Charles I. Crais Norvel Francis Elliot Jaccjues L. Fortier John Eugene Hall, Jr. LoNNiE E. Kees Joseph R. Mooney Juniors Will. JAM S. Ill : OoNALi) v.. Jahncke Edward L. King, Jr. George Nicholas Kokhlek Norman J. Landry Charles W. Nelson Sophomores James E. Harvey, Jr. William C. Hh.debrand, Jr. Leon Klein, Jr. Irwin M. Lais Joseph L. Leber Joseph H. LkBi.asc, Jk. Henry I. Madden Neil II. McLaurin, Jr. Joi ERE P. Mercier Edward L. Murphy John E. Morehiser, Jr. Warren G. Moses Lawrence E. Robins c;am.e Sciineidau Ferdi B. Stern, Jr. Robert R. Preciiier G. Adoi.pii Schreiber, Jr. Alwvn Smiih, Jr. Edwin J. Soniat Luis a. Suarez AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS [282] ) J. A. Allison. C. D. E. Guiza. R. J. Rosato, M. P. Snyder Bittenbring, V. filessey, J. S. Burk, R. Canii, S. S. Carneste, C. L. Fisher Habans. C. M. Hogg, V. Ki sgen, H. J. Lane, J. F, Manson, T. Rcnnie W. F, Standke, T. A. Tomeny, W. F. Tompkins, G. F. Williamson, D. E. Wilson TULANE UNIVERSITY STUDENT CHAPTER I ' l ijftssional Frattriuly Organized to Mipplriiuiit classroom knowledge and encourage interest in the civil engineering profession Jack S. Burk . . DoNAi.n E. Wii.sov Ol TICERS . . . . . I ' risidcnt Fhank J. RosAio • . . . . . yice-President George F. Williamson; I ' Ror. Donald Okrickson Faculty .IJflsor Sirrrliiry Trcasurtr Jack S. Burk Rov M. Cami Jack A. Allison Clem B. Binnikcs nosATO E. Guiza Charles Biitemirinc, Jr. Charles L. Fisher Edward D. Hogg Memrers Seniors al v.. Kisscen Juniors Robert N. Habans J()ii F. Masson ' Mir I AKi I " . Snm)I r Frank J. Rosaio Nicholas A. Sciiillici William F. Standke (lEORGK F. Williamson OosAi.D E. Wilson Sophomores IIeRKICK J. I.ASE S. Wallace Painter Thomas A. Tomenv Win I am F. FiiMi ' KiNs Thomas J. Rennik Walter F. Bi.essev Steve S. Carnegie AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS [2HJ] J. ti. Aronson, W. Aymond. W. Binnings, J. L. Burk. W. Burk. P. G. Chachonnct . D, W , Cotton. N. C. Liitii. Atilmi i ,s,. A. Dreyfu s. E. G. Friedrichs, L. Geier, E. B, Grosz, L. M. Haas. A. B. Harti-son. C. M. Hogg. P. Jouovitch. J. H. Lagtove G. Leake, J. W. Leake, E. LeBlanc, W. Logan, D. NeyUnd, A. Noland, W. Shepard, C. D. Smith, A. Turpiii Ofkicer.s Cammik D. Smuii, Jr. ........ . Pri-sidinl Kdi .vk J. I.hHi anc WoouwARD B. I.OGAN Vicc-Presideiil N. C. Curtis, Jr. . . . Wai ] KR E. AvMOM) Sertjcant-at-Aims Treasurer Secretary I.. IIaase K. J. LkBlanc N. C. U. Melun U. J. Aronson ' K. J. Fkieurichs Sniiors n. Nf.vi.and A. TURl ' IN Juniors L. Geif.r A. Harrison C. D. Smuii, Jr. T. IJURK J. S. HlJRK P. JOVOVITCII V. B. Logan VV. E. AVMOND D. W. Cotton Sofihanmrcs P. G. Charbonnet, Jr. N. C. Curtis, Jr. A. Drevfous J. II. Lagroup. G. Leake M. J. KVAME W. HiSMVCS W. R. Burk, Jr. A. Davis Frishi J. ]■.. Davenport F. B. Grosz M. C. Hogg I. V. Leake K. II. Mll.IKR S. A. MoNiz A. NOI.AN W. D. SlIEPARU .■ . n. WVNNE TULANE ARCHITECTURAL SOCIETY [284 1 John V. Anthony. A. B. Kupperman. T. Oppenheim Wilford Smith, B. Tolley, N. M. Wilkinson, Jr. Ori ' icERS Bascom n. r.M I 11, Jr. ... Cliairman Abk Ki 1 ' 1 ' KKM. s Sidiliiry-Triiisurir I ' AC I l. ' I ' Co-MMITTKE Dr. ]()}I M. McBrvdk, Chairman Dk. I ' m I W. Hrosm.vs Mr. !■ ' . Savtr-j- Ri:i:ii .Mr. Kh II Kii R. Kirk Mk. Mii riik I.ii ' I ' MW V. R.siT ' Diiii Ari:Rs JniiK Anthony .Am; H. Kli ' I ' hrm aw Fi.ovi) Ni-ui.iN I.KONARI) Ol ' I ' ISlll IM NoRnKRr Salpi-ier Wii.ioRi) Smuii Bascomb 0. Tai 1 i: V, Jr. Hugh M. Wii kisscis, 1r. The Ornloriciil :iml HcbatlnK Council is coinpuscd of all varsity ilcbatcrs in the rniversit.v aiul iiiemliers of the Kaeiilly Committee. The Council exercises complete control over all dt- liatiiiK. It conducts the annual tryouts for the ' arsity Teain and sponsors dehatiiiK contests for freshmen, otferinn a ifiooo prize for the outstandini; candidate. The council lor 1937-38 arraii), ' ed .111 extensive home Mluilule ami n o dehalinn tours. ' 1 ' k home schedule included ccmtists uilh 1 niversilv ot Callfiirnia, Stanford, Colundiia. Mari|uette, S. Carolina, and Kinory. The first team went to Calitornla. ellna ;in ; in ten contests en route. The two most out- staiuiiiiK debaters traveled to Boston, meeiiny .Mahaina, N ale. Harvard, Princeton, S. Carolina, unil Sewanee in forensic contests. ORATORICAL AND DEBATING COUNCIL 1285 1 ll Kl D.wiKS Piiino W ' ll.l.l AM II. M ATIM] WS, III Drums Malrkk (;i:i,i ' i Ba- s Joseph AIarchese i ' l ' si ' riuini tt Don K. Sargent Sccoml Trumpet Warren Jacobs Third Trumptt W ' iRTIl I)a is Tranih ' jne Wii.MAM Wood Guitar Ed.MOND Spiller First Saxophone Ben L. Spearman ' J ' hir Saxophone Maurice J. Pichei.oup Tinor Saxophone W ' ll.l.l M II. Wallace I ' ropirly Maunder Tlu- Tulaniaiis, orjiani cd in .Maiiriic I ' iiiu-joiip in iyJ7 and directed h FdmiMid S|)illcr, is the (iist eanipus or- chestra. Composed entirely of ' rulane students, The Tulaniaiis has enjoyed wide popuIarit ' , turnishinj the best in s ing and swing for many campus dances. THE TULANIA NS [ 286) H. J. Aimtcrdam, W. Bt-ndel . H, A. Buechner. J. Fort.iT. M. H. Gray. P. Jalma, , I ' . A. l.aubcnsayot S. K. Mintz, J. R. Morri-l, T. V. Nithols. R. Nicholson, 1.. Oppenheim, M. eg,. m J. Scifcnh, P. J. Stakclum. J. M. Weiss. R. M. Wenzel, H. Wilkinson. R. Woodruff Officers Joseph M. Si:ih:riii. Jk. I ' liiiJiiil Mii.am I ;RA . ....... Secretary I.EO S. Behrkns . ■ . • . ■ , -I ' lisiJi-ni Richard I .. N ICHOI.SON . Librarian Wll.I.lAM TeTE MuMnnRS ' ( ly Mt naiji-r Harvkv Amsikkdam Pall I.ALiiKM;. kr PiiiLo Smiiii Wll.I.lAM HkSDKI Stanley Mistz PlERCV SlAKKI.LM HOUARI) HUKCIISKR James Morrel Charles Thom.wos, Jr. jACOUfiS FORTIER Floyd Neulik Jack Weiss Thomas Hari.ee Vernon Nichols Ralph Wenzei. IIarvkv Haves l.KONARl) Ol ' PENIIEIM Hugh Wilkinson, Jr. I ' lllllI ' Jaii cke Ma. I ' ecram Richard Woodrii e ' I " hi ' Hardio, ntulcr riuliiatc poftry ()cifl ' , org.ini .ed in 193 ' ) anil ri ' iriKniziil a an orticial exira-ciirriciilar activity on neceinlHT 2, 1937, piirpnses to further the interests of its members in the interpretation, appre- ciation, anil cmnpositioii of poetry. " . ' Xii .Xiiihnlo jy of Hardic Poetry " will lie pulilisheil li (lie orKani ation in May. H B R D I 1 287 1 Ei-iZABErrn Adams Nancy Ali.f.v AuRELiA Arbo Hester Bernadas J. R. BENSON, M. WALKER Founders MarCRII.E LeVERICH LuCII.I E I.IVAI ' DAIS ChARTHR Mn.MHERS Clara Mav Bl ' chanan Kaiherisr Bvrne Amei.ie Chai.aros Lucille Chalaron Alice May Ei.LiNenoN M RA Fredericksov Marjorie Haspel Mari.akei ' IIenrioues Betty Keen an Louise Livaudais Hu ■oR. R Memhkrs Xavier C,osy.. i.KZ (!i-:rirui)E R. Smliii, Etnnilus Elizabeih R. Raymond Loia L. Troy Mary (J. Sheerer, Emeritus Ellsworth Woodward, Eiiurilus Kennet}! E. Smith Me.mhers FIlectei) From thi; Class or igj6 Joel Simon Florence Sinoreen Memhers Flectei) From thi; Class of 19J7 Kiity M. Chamness Sarah C. Douglass Lucerne McCut.louch Suzanne McCuli.ough Francisca M. Necuei.ous F ' miia K. Wilson Members Flhcted From the Class oe 1938 Jesselyn Benson Aline Soskis M ari Walker ' Fo promote interest in art and recognize artistic ability. Fach year those junior art students who have been outstanding in art work are elected to membership. B D 1288] 1 CHA1U.OTTE Hawkins BEvtRLy Hess Mary Peacock Louise Pitts In Facultate Mii.DRii) (;. Christian AoKLK M. Uroi i:t Bevi-kia I. 11 less . M R v.. Pi;. cocK Officers . . . . I ' rtsitlint Sccrt ' tary-Tiiasurcr fir xRi.oiTi; S. Hawkins In Universitate Hl:vl:RL Hi:ss Loi isK Pitts . ' R M Pkacock Iliiiior;ii MTiior tr.itci iiity toimdi-d ;it Xcwiomb in i )ih for tin- purpose- ol promotiii); interest in coiieKe and class activities. Kacli year those juniors who have done tlie most active and effective work for the college and class arc elected to membership in the fraternity. ALPHA SIGMA SIGMA I 289 I K. liutt. C. Girter, G. Eddins, J. M. Grfonfield. C, S. Haukms. M R Klimsmilh. H. T. McClutc. H. U O.m.iiKi M. E. Peacock, H. I,. Pitts. M. S. Schwarz, A. Smith. E. B. Solomon, M. Walker, P. Woodward Officers LouiSK Pins . ■ . . Piisuiint Jane Grkkmiei.d ri i-Pnsi.linl rLPi ' iR MlC ' i.L ' RK Secn-lary Ml-MHi ' RS Fx-Ol-IMIO Chari.oite Hawkins .... Sliulent Body FresidrnI C;I,Al) s Kddins Music Sclinnl President Marv Walker Irt St iool President Amy Smith Senior Class President . 1 Ki Peacock ........ Dormitory President P.viricia U ' oodu ard Iiininr Class President CiiARi.oiTE Carter .... Sophomore Class President Mi;mi!i;rs Ki.ixtkd Marjorie Klinesmith . . Senior Class Representative Tipper McCi.ure .... Junior Class Representative Jane Greenfield .... Senior Class Representative l!i ri Okmond Junior Class Representative Marjorie Schwarz . . . Senior Class Representative K iii HriT Junior Class Representative Ki.AiNK Solomon . . . Sapliomnre Class Representative The Student Council of Newcdiiib t ' dllcm- lias jiirisilicndri cncr the iiindurr (if thr students in their relations to tin- colicj;c and to one another; this council, composed of the students themselves, regulates all matters of honor after a hearing of the case in hand and a consideration of all the evidc-iue that can he ohtaiiud. NEWCOMB STUDENT COUNCIL [290] % CJ Hilda Brown, Katie Butt, Jane R. Huey, Constance Knowlcs, Helen T. McClure, Marjorie Moody, M. Peacock H. S. Pitts, F. M. Rollins. M. Schoolfield. S. Scott, M. Shards, M. G, Shapard H. Sutherland, E. Wetherbee. P. White, W, Wilson, M. Vates, L. L. Yocum Officer.s Mak I ' i cock Prisidiiit Jank IIuf.v , ■ It ' itntri llousr Prrsidrnt M. rjorif V.viks Il ' rst ll ' inii I ' nsidi-nt Woods Wii.son ' Doris House PnsiJinl M. rjorik Moodv . • Iiimx I ' nsiJini Marios Sciiocii i mid East H ' iii, I ' rrs ' ulrnl K iiR BiiT Si(r,tary House Coi ncil J(IS( l hllU I.dllhl 1 1 rillSC HaRRIKT SUTIIIiRTAVD , . . • . . ' 38 MaRV ShAPARD ..,.,..•.•,.., ' 39 Louise Yocum , ' 38 Mary Shands • • • ' 39 Tui ' PKR McCi.uRE ■ ■ • • • ' 39 Pem-i.oi ' i: White ..,...■., 40 EniEI. Wl-lllIRRKK • . ' 40 I ' aui A I ' orrs an III llrjiisc lIllliA liKOW A, ' 38 CoNSTAVCE KNOVVI.ES Dons 1 1, ill SiDiiME Scorr ■ ... ' 38 .MiMIK ( )l IK ' I RS Mislrrss of Ri- iu-lry (aroiisk Coates . . Pegcv Sivmn In Commillir Chairman I lie Stiiilciit ( iovci Miiunt . Mu■|,ltlllll iit tlic |(i c|ilimc l.diiisf lloiisc, Waiicn lloii.sc, anil Dori.s I lull is coinpuMil ot ;ill nuiiilnis nl tlic (lomiitorics aiiil piopDscs to ili ' M ' lop an ctlRicnt system of sclt- ;() ci niiu-nt amoiiji them in all inattcis relating to the con- duct ot the mcinlicrs indiv iilii.illy and as a social t;roup. Tlu- judicial, cxccutivf, and k ' gislati c pouci nl tlic A.ssociation is vested in the llnusc (. " ouncil. NEWCOMB RESIDENT STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION 1 :9i 1 Betsy Bres, E. Chavanne, E. B. Edwards, C. S. Hawkins. H. T. McQure, L. Pit FXKCI TIVK CoMMlTTI-E Charlotte S. Hawkixs Siudcnt Body President EUGEXIE Chavan-NK Stiidnil liody rhc-Prcsident Louise Pitts S udiiu ( ' .niiniil Pnsidiiit HetsV Bres R.rordiiu Scrrclary Elizabeth Fi RI s .... (iancsl diidinii Snrctury Tipper AkCi.i re ' I ' lcnsurcr AIari- Peacock Ilousi I ' nsidnii Amy Smith Senior (Jl iss ' resident Patricia Woodward . . . Junior (Unss President Charlotte Carter . . . Sopir more (Urns ' resident M R W.M.KER Irt Sehoo! President (iLAI) S EdDIXS }finie Si liool Pnsid n Hetty Pearce Y.U.C.I. Pi.suLnt NA •c ' |oHN ' SO illihlii ( ' . ' muni Chair nnni Harriet Si tiii:ri. ' d Drdnuitir C.hih ' resident Peggy V ' ea ER . . . " ullnlxihio " Seiceo n i - ' .ditor Edna Angle .... " Jeun xdaya " Sen ' eomh .ditor The Executive Committee, with the president of the Ncwcomh Stiulciit (iovcrnment Association as chairman, has the power of s igp;; ' stins; legisiatiim to th:- tu(li-nt hody. It considers and votes upon any proposed ameiidniciit to, or ehaiim- in, thf constitution before said change is submitted to the Student As.sociation as a whole. It cliarters all clubs and organizations and enforces the laws adopted by the Association. NEWCOMB STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION [292] Tui ' i ' ER McCllre Officers Marjory Schvvarz I ' rrsidinl ■ ■ ■ Secretary Jane Kelleiier . ■ . Treasurer Heim Adei man LlI.I.IAN Al.KXANDER Anne Armstrono Florence Herman Simon NE Besseret Emei.ia Black Shirley Block Naiiialie Bond Marcuerite Bondy Margaret Bossiiardt Bettv Broome Hilda Brown ' ir(:inia Brown son Frances Coli.ens VicroRY Crane Blanche Cudel LUCIENNE DanACIERA Mariorie Decker Cecil Dresner Sylvia Duncan Audrey F ni.iNCER Edith Fenno Shirley Flowers Jane Gaither Reva Godi.ovk Jane Greenfield Beitv IIochenedel Kitiv Harris Jean He iter Immii IIikmh I s J I llll miitmi r Members Chari.oiie Jacobs Charlotte Jacobson Isabel Johnston Fleureite Kahn Henrietie Kahn Kaihleen Keese Jessie Klein Betsy Ki.ing Constance Knowles Anne Kostmaver Harriet Kostmaver Muriel Freilich Charlohe Friedman Katherine Lamer Ruiil l.EBERMAN Stacia Lawrence Janice Levy Frances Loeb Bernice Lurie Beity Macruder Isabellk Martin Joan Meyer Kaiherine McCali. TuppER McCi.ure F.lkanor McKenzie Mary McKenzie Rose M. McShane Rene Miester LlCIE MONEIT Mar.iorie Moody Rosemary O ' Shea Mary Parnell Rl 111 I ' l 1 ERSON Adele Pick Louise Pins Anne Pleitincer m.vxine poirier Marie J. Rameiii Robertine Rhymes Kathlyn Roame Connie Samuels Hilda R. Schneider Lois Sciut.ein cliari.oite schwarz Marjory Schwarz SiDONIE SCOIT Dorothy Sherman Mary Sinclair Beisy Smith Elaine Solomon Carol Stern Natalie Stern Boutin E Tobin Marceli.a Cnctar DoROIIiY Voss Frances Watson Peggy Weaver Jean Weil Vei.ma Wiederick Pearl Weinstein Laura Williams Woods Wilson Jeannette Wise NEWCOMB INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB [293 1 E. Angle. M. Hochn. J. E. Kellchcr, H, Sulliciland Harriet Suthkriavd Jank Kki.lehrr . . Officers . . I ' rrsldriil I ' tii-Piisiiliitt EuNA Ancle Mar IIOKIIS. Sirrilary TtiiisHrcr Edna Angle Fi.oRKNCE I5i:rman Margaret Hessmart MlMI Hl.ACK HEniK I50ATNER BeITV 15R00ME Mariua Bf;ss Brown evki.vn b nlm F.TiiEr. Christian JovcE Christian JovcEi.vN Christian Carolyn Coates Sara Cobb Adei.e Coleman Frances Coi.lens Henrietta Coi.ley Blanche Cv m Havard EvviN Nancy Fields Shelby Flowers Fairfax Foster Muriel Freii.ich Rosalie Gresham Memhers Naomi Hicks Mary Hoeiin Mary Louise Hoi rrook Mary Jane Hutson Jane Irwin Caledonia Jackson Charloite Jacobson Kathleen Keese Jane Keli.eher Ann Kilpatrick Eleanor Kluch Adele Kohlman Katiierine Lanier Stacia Lawrence Ardath Mary Markei. Margaret Marshall Isabel Mar i in Catherine McCall Dorothy McCUtrk Marion Mooke Eugenie Mikkiue I.ELANl) B. NiCKOLS Ruth Nolan Mary F. Parnei.l Eunice Perkins MaXINE PoiRlFK Florence Poitharst Mary Jane RePass Elaine Resier Robertine Rhymes Nadine Robdert Berm, Ro ' Frances Senier DdRoiHY Sherman Maxine Sill Mary Sinclair Amy Smith Marjorie SiAuniTZ Naiai.ie Stern Louise Siollenu erck Adele Story Harriet Suiherland Ddroiiiy Sutton Marceli.a Ungar Eleanor Wadd ' Laura Williams Jeaneite Wise Yvonne Woods Helen Wright NEWCOMB DRAMATIC CLUB [294 1 B. Boatner. L. Goldjmirh. H. I,. Pitts Officers Uehv Boatner . . . • I ' rcsidint Louise Pins Chairmati of Debalis Lois Goi.dsmith ............ SicnIary-Triasuri-r Vii,i.i. M Alexander Betty Boatner Marguerite Bondy Beth Brash Beisv Bronson Mary Ellen Cohn Martha Dukcan D. L. Gaiennie M. V. Gaiennie Carroll Gallion Janie GinnENS Lois (;()M)SMrin • Members Jean Griffith Beity Hochenedel Jean Hudson Louise Hutson Marv Jane Hutson Bariiaka Joseph Kaiiu.een Keese Jane Kei.i.eher Marjorie Kister Adei.e Koiii.man Thais Morris Rosemary O ' Shea Louise Piits Paula Potts RoBERiiNE Rhymes Adei.e Ramos Julia Rogers SiDONiE Scon ' Hilda Rose Schnkidfr Beih Sciioenrerger L RY Siiapard nORA Tli.VICHKR Dorothy Walker Francis Watson Alice Westfei.dt Woods Wilson Thi- aim of the Jennie C. Nixon DcbatiiiK Club is to foster interest in orK.ini ation ami pnhlif speakinp. Debates and Moor discussions are Iield at tlie bi-niontllly meetings an i prize debates and inttnoileniate contests are lielii throu};li " ut the year. JENNIE C. NIXON DEBATING CLUB I 295 1 m S. F, Haas, A. I.. Schweiilfurth, M. V. Valentine Officers Mir.DRRI) . 1KMISF. Ski. MA Haas . • . • . AdI.KV StllW PIMIRTII I ' lisiJiitl . ■ . . I ' icc-Prrsidiul Si-i rilnry- Tniisunr Mkaiufrs Fl.ORENCH ArMSIRONC Eleanor Hentf.f.v Catherine Hrookshire Betiv Coaie dorothv coolev Gl.ABYS EdDINS Sara Elms Nancy Fiet.ds Rltii Goodvvvn ( ' ARn s CiRiiiiin Set. MA Haas MiRLAM HeINDEF, I ' llELMA HhMARD Sara ' irginl Jones Irslla Klein Lilliak Kyame Ji:lia Loo Hernice LURIE Helen McCaskey Lillian Mora M. R MORELOCK Li:i AND H. Nichols Mary M. Noble Maxine E. Poirier Bkriha 1 ' alion Paula Pons AdLEV ScllU ' EINLlIRril Mm IlKLIl N ' ALEN ' IINE Mariorie V ' ates NEWCOMB ' S LITTLE SYMPHONY [296 1 U. Klein, W. H. Knighton. B. M. Parton Hkrtma PA ' ITOV Officers . . . President Ursula Klein . , Secretary- Treasurer J ' ne-PresiJt rit First Sopranos Anne Arnutrong Florence Armstrong Eleanor Bentley Rose Holly Bourgeois Betty Bronson Virginia Brownson Gladys Biuh Dnrrah Chauvin Dorothy Coolcy Alice Crawford Marn-iret Dalferes Su an Dart Elizabeth Dixon Gladys Hddins Marcella Klsholx Elhelyn Everett Helen Fcrrandou lx)is Ford Francis Gill Pauiyn Gill Rosemary Gough Mary Ada Hardy Sara Harwood Barbara Harrison Mirinm Heindet Audrey Hereford Betty Hochenedel Ruth Ketlett Patricia Kelly Ursula Klein Winifred Knighton Sara I.rar Sara Lewis PriIKy Lipmann Carolyn I ong Bel Im Marjorie Mnltry Isabel Martin Helen McCaskey Elizabeth Meyers Mildred Mindcrman Marguerite Mooney Marion Moore i tella Moitoii Mary M. Noble Dorothy Nun esser Betty Odenwald Irene Pfaff EltzaK-th Plotkin Patricia Piiddic Marie Keuther Cecilc Rickert Julia Rogers Elizabeth Roberts Ernestine Kotureau Stella Schulze Marianna Scott Dorothy Singreen Madeleine Slaughter Merle Smith Esther Springer Louise Stovall Myrtle Swaync Mary Venturella Elizabeth Walters Margaret Wendt Mary Ann Zarrilli SncoND Sopranos Lillian Alexander Osirift Anderson Gertrude Balkin Babette Bollag I raine Bordes Members Pauline Brook Helen Brown Jane Brown Olivia Bruni Jane Campbell Barbara Campbell J.inie Carre Eddii Cherault Mary Hllen Cohn Ruby Cohen Levcrnc Dresscl Myrtle Haston Hcnryetta Eldridge Sara Ellis Carolyn Fischer Fairfax Foster Katherine Frazicr Clara Freeman Beverly Gallo Madeline Gallagher Miriam Garsia Annette Girelius Lois Goldsmith Ruth Goodwyn Hetty Gough Marion Griser Marjorie Hasscltinc Thelma Hemard Naomi Huks Jane Hinds Kale Hodge Nancy Johnson Marjorie Kister Harnett Ko%tmayrr Bettv Kteckel Maty Leake Noreen Lcvine Edith Moore Mary Moielock Thais Morris Mildred Palter Adele Pick Maxine Poirier Mary Ring Nadine Robert Patricia Robertson Dorothv Sutton Mary Upton Mildred Valentine Betty Van Qeavc Shirley Viosca Dorotliy Vass lane Waddle Mary Wait Rose Weil filinor Welsh Sophie WeUh M-i.tha White Rose W ' lltz CJloria Wimberly Martha Winfree Patricia Woodward Anne Wylv Clara ' ancey Irene Zollinger Altos Virginia Albert Beth Alloc Anita Brandt Helen Bre Hotothv Mi.nl Dorothy Bnmibv Mary C hal Alice Carter Lyle Dawson Ixiis De Bdky Ann Denton Martha Duncan Marie Eyrich Doris Gardner George Giroi Carolyn Griffith Sclma Haas Martha Harper Dorothv Hebran Martha Kay Mary I e Kimberger Lillian Kyame Doris Lavier Julia Loo Melba Loubat Marilyn Lovell Emily Loy Betty Magiudn- Ardath Markcl Dorothy McGuirk Ronec Miester Anne Marie Nagel Leiand Nichols Brttha Patton Leo Paciera IJIIian Ridnour Jean Robb Frances Rollins Eda Ro%enthal Rachel Schock Adley Schweinfurth Hilda Schneider Marion Smith Matgrv Status Doia Thatcher Boutine Tobin Louise Trimble Rose WaUh Penelope White NEWCOMB GLEE CLUB [297 1 7 E. J. Gil-b[i.v, B I. C ' lntfith. M. J. Hemdel. B. J. Pearce. M. E. Peita- A. Ramos. E. Ni. S heUii. M. U. Valentine. D. M. Van Lue. E. S. Walters Beiiv Pkarce Makv I ' harck Officers . . I ' lis ' idml Hkii SciiKi.is ' yici-Prisiiiinl ] . (iKiinni Sccri-lary Tiiiuunr RllODA UARTI.En Jams Gibbhss Cahixet Mk.mhers Miriam Hrindei. Adei.e Ramos kl izabeiii w ' ai j p ks OoRornv Van Luk Mildred Valentine Miss Helen M. Anderson Miss Mildred G. Christian Faculty Ai) isers Miss Lydia E. Froisctier Miss Anna F. Many Miss Anna E. Crobin Mrs. IIerberi P. Riley Miss I.aira I.. Iiirii Mis .vu Kh h ardson Miss Oorotiiy Seaco Miss Florence A. Smith Members Lillian Alexander Anne Armstronc Pauline Kain Sara Booth Rose Bouroeois Dorothy Brock Frances Brooks Caiherine Brookshire Alice C ' rawkord Margaret Dalferes Rose Dlvtc Henryette Eldridge Jeanne Finke Madeline Gallagher Barbara Harrison BFITY HoCIlFNEnEL Evelyn Hudson Louise Huison Mary J. Huisos Nancy Johnson Kathleen Keese Pairicl Kell JOSIK KlBBE Marjorie Kisier Elinor Konrad Beity Kreckei. Mary Lee Lemann Jane Lilly Mei.ba Loubai Marilyn Lovei.l Mary Lou McCoru Jane McIntogh Margueriie Anne Muoney Frances Morriss Eugenie Murrhee Biri Odlnwald Mariiia I ' du i:ks (AllURlNE RaI ' IIIEI. Marie Reuih Nadine Robbert Ernesiine Roiureau Ber i. Roy Lucia Rubin Hilda Schneider Myrile Swavne MAR • Louise ' Fmai.iiiim Louise Trlmiile Mary Venitirella l)oi Walker Rose Whiz Yvonne Woods Frances Wilkinson Anne W i.v Kathleen Williams Irene Ptai r Thais Morris Rosemary O ' Shea Dora Tiiaicher Sara Cobb Frances ' aison Fdmii Moore Janice Gibbons YOUNG WOMEN ' S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION [ 29S1 J. Crais. E. B. Edwards, M. Geary, N. L. Johnson, F. E. Kahn A, Kilpatrick. M. Kinberger, M. M. I vy. P. A. Philpot Officer.s Nancv Johnson- Chairman Elizabeth Eduards ................ Sicrtlary-Triasunr FiKLRrriK Kahn Senior Memhers Ma I.II; KlNBF.RCER Madeline Levy Ei.izAiiiiM Edwards [iNioR Members MARJORIK til-ARV Peggy I ' iiili-oi Soi ' iioMoki: M i:. iiti;R.s Jane C ' rais Ann Kili ' airick The aim of this ornani ation is to piomoti- ami tostcr inti ' icsts in atlilotics, thori-by forming aiul fiamini; a strongi-r mini! and a stionct-r body through paiticipatioii in llu- sports offcifil. NEWCOMB A T HL ETI C C O U N C IL I 299] N 1 n " J J ■ J For kind cooperation in the publication of the 1938 Jambai.aya, the editorial staff pauses to express its deep appreciation to: Messrs. W. A. Benson, R. G. Benson and Dan Eadie of the Benson Printing Company. Mr. Robert B. Faerber and Mr. Roy Hickman of the Alabama Engraving Company. Mr. Lyle Saxon, wlio although busy with his latest, " Children of Strangers, " aided immensely in the compilation of historical data. Mr. Charles Reinike of the Reinike Academy of Art for art work in the Opening Section and Division. Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Panfield and Miss Marie Panfield of the Krauss Company Studio for class panel photographs and views. Mr. C. Bennette Moore and associates for photographs of the " Beauties " and " Favorites. " Mr. Leon Trice for athletic and snapshot photography. Mr. Charles Hagedorn for candid snapshots. Mr. Maurice Born and Miss Ann Pendergast of the Student Activities Office for their entire co- operation. The office staffs of the various departments of the university. And to all others who have assisted in the successful publication of this volume. PRE PARODY SO D R P U }t ulanel uUabaloo NEW ORLEANS, LA., FRIDAY, JUNE lo, 1938 Prepare For War With a Navel Reserve Cotillion Club Plans Another Stinkerino; Need New Club House Dean Announces Unit Will Be Estab- T A X F IV F W S lislied INext School Session Dean Marten ten Hoor announced yes- terday the establishment of a U. S. Navel Reserve unit at Tulane beginning next au- tumn. Purpose of the unit will be to save up a supply of navels to remedy those shot off soldiers in future wars. The local one will be a well-rounded unit, centrally located, with general headquarters slightly elevated from surrounding terrain Colonel Solar Plexus will have complete charge of the unit. " This Navel business pains me in the middle, " ten Hoor said, " but it may work out in the end, as everything else does. Next thing they may be taking our stom- achs. O well, let ' s hope for the chest. " Officials of the Reserve sent piles of lit- (■rature to the university explaining what a touchy subject the unit is with most people. Motto of the Navel: " You may beat u- ill the (11(1 hut we ' ve got you in the middle. " l onh Simons: Say, Mister Monk, how about let- ting us in on the secret formula of that oil com|)OUnd you put in your hair? The gills arc attracted 10 il jiisl like llii-s. Wr Unow .vou can handle the girls, but how do you handle the flies ' . ' Mister Monk, we want some girls too. .lust put the oil combination down and slip it along to us. And we ' ll just slip along also. We sure go for that sheen, old boy. Oil riglit! A„W. FLASHES FIND BABE IN ARMS A pretty senior Newcomb student who had been missing for several days was lo- cated early this morning. After frantic seaiching on the part of Miss Manychins she was found, as is so often the custom, safely in the arms of the law. His name is Patrolman Murphy. FLASH: Calwine Benedict is NOT in jail this morning. BUCKNER FIGHTS OVER PRICES A near fist-fight arose in the cafeteria yesterday when Norman Buckner com- plained to Ellis Itobbert that the prices were too low. Bucknei- accused Robbert of " practically giving away the food. " Buckner had ordered a slice of meat, rice, peas, and coffee, and was astounded when the bill added up to only three dollars. I). T. ' s SEIZE STUDENTS Delta Tau initiated more new members than any other fraternity at Tulane, latest dispatches show. The D. T. ' s get more students than ever. Bourbon Gay States " Anything Goes " — Even Joe Seiferth PROFS SWOON Three engineering professors swooned in classes yesterday as Bob Morris walked in with hair combed and face shaven. SAM INJURED Sum, head of nolud student hangout, and twenty customers were injured last Satur- day night when the entire group fell in a faint as Steve Moonsoii, noted collegian pl.iyboy, walked in and paid cash for a drink. In its usual knock-down-drag-out man- ner the Cotillion Club will present its an- nual dine, dance, and drink party next Sat- urday night in the Tulane gymnasium. As usual, also, the party will be an awful, awful success. Awful. Bourbon Gay, advisor to the club, will follow his custom of having no rules or regulations whatsoever. " We want a real stink this time and it ' s gonna smell like hell, " Bourbon stated. An elaborate floor show has been planned for the intermission by Eddie Owen, imm- ber of the Enjoyment-Execution Committee. Baby Doll Peacock will give her impression of a lady bathing, which she promises to be very revealing; Amy Smith will imper- sonate a two-legged piano, while her latest suitor plays on her; and Elaine Rester will tell smutty jokes about her experiences with Wolf Owen. That internationally famous orchestra. The Tulaniuns, will provide what THEY call music, while Boutine Tobin entertains with her adenoids, and her other things we needn ' t mention. Drinking will be restricted to one pint per person minimum and there will be very slight entrance charge of ?fi per couple and $5.95 per stagger. Commenting upon these entrance charges, Owen stated, " We are forced to have these prices to pay for our new clubhouse — one of Chic Sale ' s new standard two-holers. " THE TULANE HULLABALOO, FRIDAY, JINE lo, 1938 The Tulane Hullabaloo (Published weekly by morons of the univer- sity in New Orleans) httutaddioi = == = = = == = = = (These are reprints of several itemt- Entered in the Post Office as Second Class jch appeared during the previous weeks.) (definitely) Mail Matter. Shaiing your roommate ' s clothes is a fine thing— sometimes. But on Monday Peggy Weaver was shivering so hard her teeth -ounded like they were playing ping-pong. Rea.-on; Pete Porter was wearing the one anil only petticoat. HiGHLO VON TURNABOUTSKI Editor-in-Chief Disabled Body Seeman fiiisincna Munuger All wedding plans cancelled, Amy Smith is now doing business at the same old stand. The brunette Amy and the whitehaired Baby Doll have C. C. Sucker Bass in a quandry. He doesn ' t know whether to take vanilla or chocolate. Routine Tobin, a Kappa pledge, bears the Pi Phis no grudge. Clad in a nightgown and raincoat, she was doing the big apple with a bunch of Pi Phis on the lot adjoin- ing Tony ' s. Don ' t Read This— It ' s An Editorial Bob Morris shaved last week. Stanley Ray tears himself away from a mirror long enough to court Frances Col- lens. But while he primps Buster Curtis is leading the " ladye faere " to the levee. Kitty Laidlaw isn ' t returning to New- ccmb. She either got wise to John Arthur or got fed up with him. He: " Do you know what the burglar who broke into the Deke house got? " Him: " Yeah . . . pledged. " Since Uncle Gus Schum:uin has forsaken the notorious Beanery the football team has nothing to complain about now but the coaching staff. Poor Newton Smith has lost his girl And doesn ' t know where to find her. Leave her alone and she ' ll come home Wagging her .... .... With The Grocis This is an editorial to end all editorials. They pain me in the end, anyway. Pm sick of this job. Every week I (the editor) either write a lot of pleasant hooey about some faculty member so maybe I can get a good grade from him ; or write about some choir or organization so I can get free tickets to their functions; or compli- ment seme dean or piofessor on something they did which really ain ' t worth a damn and nobody cares whether it happens or not. It ' s all a pain in the neck. If I told the truth about a few things happening around heie I ' d get kicked out. So all I tell are lies — and keep my job. The libraries are acute, the parking problem is acute, some of the classes are acute, President Harris ' secretary is a-cutcsy — but do I say the.se things? No! If I did the Pre.xy might fire her. What this school needs is moie oomph! How can we make time with the Newcomb gals without oomph! There should be a course in How to Neck. A lot of us kiss a girl and then don ' t know w-here to go from there. Plenty of them tell us, and in no cuddling tones, but . . . there are others. What this school needs is more co-eds. What this school needs is higher prices in the cafeteria, we ' re getting too much for our money. What this school needs is less cla. ses so I ' ll have more time to write such drivel as this. . . . what this paper needs is another editor. Charlotte Hardie One hundred forty. The only brass ring Bill Davis ever gDt from Newcomb Malone ' s merry-go-round is the one he wears through his nose. By X. Hale Boggs Letters from alumni have just been pour- ing in telling how much they like this col- umn. I would iiuote from them but I can ' t find it. Congratulations to Oscar Whittle, ' 23, and his wife and two kids. Oscar married last week in Virginia, where he is a noted producer. Well, that ' s about all the news this week. Don ' t forget the Homecoming game next year, old grads. Ain ' t this column funny! THE TULANE HULLABALOO, FRIDAY. JUNE lo, 1938 By Betsy -Mess Maybe all of you have wondered why I write this column every week — you must surely know I don ' t get paid for such tripe. Well, it ' s this way. By listing all the parties and describing them, everyone who reads it thinks I was there and say, " Ain ' t dat a popular tiuff? " To tell the truth. I ' ve hardly been to any, which is lucky tor me. Besides, I can harm the fluffs I don ' t like by leaving out their names from the list of " w ho was there. " I ' KKT-TK.i .WVFUL Last Tuesday the faculty members and their wives had their regular monthly par- tea and it was terrible as usual. The wives served tea to the faculty, the faculty served dirty jokes to themselves and a cop served summons to the deans. [ ' resident Harris was there wearing a near-while shirt. I- ' KIK.NDS .MEAT Thirty pretty Xewcomb guests were cut- ting up at the Butchers Brawl last Sat- urday night at thn Koosevclt Hotel. SUX-DAY Those weekly sun-bathing parties on the roof of Newcomb ' s gym which have proved so delightful to Betas in their attic with telescopes found a large group of girls sun- ning themselves Thursday. It was a back- wards party, so observers say. Miss Anna Many, dean of women, hopes that soon all her girls will get a little son. Patronize Our Advertisers Without our advertisers the H illal al K would l e lost; without the Hulla :ur a l- verti.ser.s wouhl Ik- Io.sI. . II students would hate to see our adverti.sei-s lo.st, so adver- tise our i atroiiizers. .Signe I, CHAIM.K.S .SKK IAX, liusiiii ' ss Manager. V. S. — And besides, I malie a percentage lit of all advertising. Lptown Freed After Brawl Miller Uptown, head of the Student Coun- cil Treasury (by $22), was today released from the Third Precinct jug on $25,000 bond. The bond was furnished by police- men .-stationed in the jug — they would have paid even more to get rid of him so great was the rumpus he caused. A notorious ne-er-do-well, Uptown was incarcerated last night after a two-hour barroom brawl which took place in one of the more infamous sections of the Vieux Carre, the prexy ' s usual hangout. The brawl arose when Uptown tried to beat up two sailors so as to get their negro dates. Although already accompanied by three shady ladies, eye-witnesses said Uptown was so intoxicated he liked the looks of the sailors ' dates. A fight ensued and when the harness bulls were summoned Uptown fled. The bulls later found him calmly resting in a nearby gutter, yelling nasty songs. When arrested the Tulane prexy told th3 bulls, " It wasn ' t any use biinging him ta the clink, for he could pop the cork off any jug. " Social .ViiVfiii- FOLLOW THE CROWD TO TONY ' S TKe Best Eats and Drinks in To-wn Among Friends 1619 LOUISIANA AVENUE FRED D. KETCHUM R. GORDON SMITH FOR BEHER OPTICAL SERVICE KETCHUM SMITH OPTOMETRISTS AND OPTICIANS EYES EXAMINED OCULISTS PRESCRIPTIONS FILLED 129 BARONNE ST. RAYMOND 8429 " WE DUPLICATE BROKEN LENSES " FLOWERS FOR EVERY OCCASION FREE DELIVERY OPEN DAY AND NIGHT VOGUE FLOWER SHOP 1755 Prytania Raymond 1131 HENRY KRAAK FLORISi METAIRIE RIDGE NURSERY CO. Limited FLORISTS 135 CARONDELET STREET THE H. SOPHIE NEWCOMB MEMORIAL COLLEGE FOR VVOMEN TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA A COLLEGE OF HIGH STANDARDS OFFERING A TRAINING THAT WILL HELP OUR YOUNG WOMEN TO BECOME USEFUL CITIZENS COMPLETE COURSES IN ARTS AND SCIENCES, FINE AND APPLIED ARTS, MUSIC FOR CATALOGUES AND INFORMATION, ADDRESS REGISTRAR. NEWCOMB COLLEGE NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA THE TILANE HULLABALOO, FRUIAV, JUNE lo, 1938 De champ in action-- just one more pin for the collection. In dis cornah, introducin ' de four-year cham- peen of Neckcomb. De champeen fratoinity pin- getter. Without a peer for fo long year! Has defeated all comers from frosli to seenya, from Casamento ' s to Tony ' s, from sap to sucker, from ANYBODY! De champ ' s motto: " The goal for Ray Dauber; the gold for me. " Vital statistics on the champ: Height- Weight — Weigh up. Reach— P.D.Q. for pins. Chest — Complete bust. Neck — No (i. e., not Kappa Sigs) . Thigh — Mythighy nice. Bicep — Potent when swinging. Hips— " Present address — Clardsdale, Miss. Future address — " Amy ' s Pawn Shop. " . ' 1 my Smith in Action The Ignoblest Omen of Them All Bascom Tallcy — the campus Beef Trust. BIG shot on the campus, he ' s in dire danger. The Tulane Theatre, following Teddy Roosevelt ' s ex- ample, is trying to Bust the Trust. They want to slice tiiis piece of pork into three pieces for their next production: " Three Little Pigs. " COMPLIMENTS OF THE CITY OF NEW ORLEANS ROBERT S. MAESTRI MAYOR JESSE S. CAVE DR. FRANK GOMILA JOSEPH P. SKELLY FRED A. EARHART THE TULAXE HLLLABALOO, FRIDAY, JIXE lo, 1938 This is a cartoon of President Harris. We Here s a picture of Mickey Maguyre McKirahan In all this world the sttffest man. He ' s so stiff he can ' t even bend his will. His specialty is betting, his ambition petting, and his thirst whetting. Will bet on anything. Will even bet he won ' t bet. Best bet ! ' ' " " ' ' ' " ' ' ' ■ ■ « " ' " ' cartoon. Some people , I , ' don ' t think it is. President Harris doesn ' t IS that hes wrong. ,-,■, , l- t . think It IS. If someone put such big feet on you, would you think it nas a good cartoon. Where ' s that artist ' :: " She ' s flown the coop. Ho hum! Pour me three fingers, Thito. Q. Why is Dean Butler always inter- viewing the Newcomb students? A. Censored. Q. W ' ar little Nell? A. Out in the woods. Q. Be she afeared of b ' ars? A. Noo, she ' s on her bicycle, and she kin handle bars. Q. Why do y,irh near brassieres? A. For two reasons: 1. Censored. 2. Censored. Q. am a young tni ' n with three chil- dren. What do you think I need moU? A. A Mrs. Q. I ' ve had dates with five boys and they ' ve never tried to kiss me. I can ' t understand it. What should I do? A. Look in the mirror. Q. What ' s the difference between a football game and a lecture on frogs? A. About 25,000 people. Even his best friends wouldn ' t tel him. . . So he flunked the exam. You can lead a K.A. to water, but why disappoint him? Q. you thought Zeke Reese was lioing to kiss you, what should a girl do? He ' s a goose. A. I ' d duck. THE STUDENT ' S CAMPUS HEADQUARTERS ' SEE US FOR YOUR EVERY NEED ' QUALITY FOOD IN AN ATMOS- PHERE OF CLEANLINESS HOURS: 7 A.M.— 9 A.M. I I A.M.— 2 P.M. 5 P.M.— 7 P.M. THE TULANE CAFETERIA Text Books, New and Used, for all col- leges. Supplies at lowest prices including surgi- cal supplies and naicroscopes of all makes. Tobacco, candy, sandwiches and cold drinks. Also P. O. Station 20 for your conven- ience. THE TULANE BOOK STORE F OR FIFTY-ONE YEARS GRAD- UATES AND THOSE SOON-TO-BE- GRADUATED, THE NATION OVER, HAVE DEPENDED ON SEARS TO SOLVE THEIR MERCHANDISE PROB- LEMS IN AN ECONOMICAL AND FASHION-RIGHT MANNER. FOR JAMBALAYA READERS IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN— SEARS- FEIBLEMAN ' S THE SEARS, ROEBUCK AND CO. STORE SERVING NEW ORLEANS THE TULANE HULL. BALOO, FRIDAY, JUNE lo, 1938 A Kl K 5 A R E. 5 ? E E D I E R T B YEAR Buv - Jail House Janes A ADK 5 I j j,Q Given Phones MAKE A U)MG , RUM r ' lt ' s a Phony Idea, but We IM TVAl TlGrtl Aim to Please. " Says -WAVL ClA i l Dean Mutler. " We aim to please " has become the motto of the Neckumbe authorities, and pursuing this idea, individual telephones have been installed in every cell of the flufFatory. Henceforth, when a telephone call is re- ceived, the lucky fluflF will only have to mount the escalator to her room, then jaw with her man while reclining on her downy bunk. It has been so arranged that more than one call may be made at one time and the inmates of the fluffatory can listen in to whatever calls they wish. This is designed to be a great help to Sophie Neckumbe who has designated certain frails to listen n, £0 that no usable gossip can escape. r- LIFE CLA53 } AH mviiiis ,itnj htirriitvr , hiirritifi none, cron lamilx tni Soturda tiialit. T O A k O F t V E R Y ENGmtt ' UtlMtWI FOR STUDYING . READING . GAMES 1. Wide opening at the top rf the shade throws light to ceil- ing and eliminates shadows. 2. Glass reflector softens light, prevents glare. 3. Wide shade gives ample light over your work. 4. Shade lining is white to re- flect more light, 5. Lamp is high enough to light a large working area. You Need MORE Than Just a Lam PROTECT YOUR EYES WITH AN I. E. S. LAMP It ' s an astonishing fact that forty college students in every hundred wear glasses or should be wearing them — and in nearly every case this defective vision can be traced to eye- strain caused by poor lighting. Your eyes can be damaged by poor lighting — sometimes pt ' rittatiently — before you real. ' ze the cause. For studying, reading or games, eye safety demands more than " just a lamp ' You need one that provides an ample amount of light at just the right height and spread, shadow- less, glareless and restful — exactly the light these I. E. S. Better Sight Lamps scientifically are designed to supply. ' ou ' ll be amazed at how much less of a " grind " these lamps make long hours of studying. Get an I. E. S. Lamp today to give your eyes — and your- self — a rest. Both table and lounge models at only 2.95 up, with convenient terms if desired. Ne i? Orleans Public Service Inc M. D. KO STMAYER GENERAL AGENT GREAT AMERICAN INDEMNITY CO. NEW YORK GENERAL INSURANCE AND BONDS 709 UNITED FRUIT BLDG. NEW ORLEANS, LA. WHEN THINKING OF LIFE INSURANCE SEE CHARLIE SMITHER UNION CENTRAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY 1648 Canal Bank BIdg. Phone Magnolia 3801 THE COLLEGE MAN ' S STORE IN NEW ORLEANS LABICHE ' S 31 1 ■ " " ' ET HOME OF SOCIETY BRAND CLOTHES ■■WE CATER ESPECIALLY TO COLLEGE STUDENTS ' RODRIGUEZ RESTAURANT 6316 Hurst Street Uptown 2736-9283 THE TULAXE HTLLABALOO, FRIDAY, jlNE lo, 1938 School Offers Roughs Life of Rileys Do you want four years of ease and lux- ury? Four years of life comparable to that of the student prince? All you have to do is have the ability to tote a hunka swine- pelt from one end to the other of an elon- gated checkerboard or kick the teeth out of another piano mover before he does the same to you. You will be immediately of- fered an excellent position with the uni- voisity ' s happy little group of bone-crush- ers. From then on it ' s a life of ease. You live in a beautiful modernistic penthouse, eat three, four or five excellent meals a day (depending on how many teeth you can kick out) , sleep, rest and enjoy the life of Riley. A congenial and affectionate boss, short hours, easy work and high wages complete the attractiveness of the offer. We can think of nothing contributing more toward the development of character, high ideals and a moral and upright life than this truly inviting offer which the school makes an- nually to the youth of America. COACH DAWSON ' S ' DAVNiN PATROlJ I CaJfi . }u t ktun i- tM iMr uttiilj (» r ttn twu Jress, Opportunity " Success or failure comes rrom w itnm. ... In tKis, tlie richest country m tKe Worla, tkere is good business aneaa for tnose ' s mo have coniiaence m tne future and tnemselves. The experience and facilities of this bank nave started many small businesses on the road to success. Youthful industry will nnd the Whitney a valuable ally in planning for tomorrow. WHITNEY NATIONAL BANK OF NEW ORLEANS There Is a Whitney NATIONAL Bank in Your NEIGHBORHOOD THE TULANE HULLABALOO, FRIDAY, JUNE lo, 1938 Peofesso e. I) IS D ' Vi ' ' 00 l-U ' 3 MoJj C, t-T (juftT ' Tdtr C " - ' ' Mo ' " ' ' " ' " To looK AT THf- C, " « LS «7 Gwf. FRATERNITY, COLLEGE AND CLASS JEWELRY COMMENCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENTS, INVITATIONS, DIPLOMAS JEWELER TO THE SENIOR CLASS AND MAKER OF INVITATIONS FOR TULANE UNIVERSITY L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY MANUFACTURING JEWELERS AND STATIONERS ATTLEBORO, MASS. MUMFORD LEAKE, Louisiana Representative 1840 ® fine a i i a r e 1 for men, women, and children • 1938 WHERE STYLE AND QUALITY HAVE REIGNED SUPREME FOR OVER 98 YEARS " IDEAL VACATION TRIP " A CARIBBEAN CRUISE ON A STEAMER OF THE " GREAT WHITE FLEET " 9 TO 16 DAYS $100.00 AND UP rnONE OR WRITE TO UNITED FRUIT COMPANY J. CHARLES ST ' : PRIESTLEY ' S NCR-EAST TIES NON CRUSH TIES STYLED BY WEMBLEY THE TULANE HULLABALOO, FRIDAY, JUNE lo, 1938 — GREYHOUND SUPER COACH — CLEAN COOL COMFORTABLE CONVENIENT TECHE GREYHOUND LINES OFFERS CONVENIENT SERVICE DAILY TO PRACTICALLY EVERY SECTION OF THE UNITED STATES AT ASTONISHINGLY LOV RATES LONG TIME LIMIT ON ROUND-TRIP TICKETS INQUIRE BUS STATION CANAL CORNER OF VILLERE RAYMOND 9371 USE GREYHOUND FOR YOUR SUMMER VACATION TRIPS THE REASON WHY That Molloy-Made covers have been used on so many of the nation ' s leading annuals over a long period of time is testimony to the fact that they really do represent more value. The Jambalaya, like many other leading annuals, started using Molloy-Made covers " away back when " — and the Molloy trademark on the cover of this 1938 issue is the best evidence of an eminently satisfactory standard of quality and service throughout the years. THE DAVID J. MOLLOY PLANT 2857 NORTH Vv ' ESTERN AVENUE THE S. K. SMITH COMPANY CHICAGO, ILLINOIS CATERING ESPECIALLY TO COLLEGE STUDENTS A. CASAMENTO DELICATESSEN AND RESTAURANT-BAR Phones Walnut 1952 Wa ' nut 9237 BROADWAY AND FRERET STREETS COMMUNITY MOTORS INCORPORATED NEW ORLEANS EXCLUSIVE BUICK DEALER THE LARGEST AUTOMOBILE ESTABLISH- MENT IN THE SOUTH BUICK SHOWROOM: 724-30 CARONDELET STREET THE TULANE HULL. BALOO, FRIDAV, JUNE lo, 1938 WE SPECIALIZE IN DINING ROOM AND KITCHEN EQUIP- MENT FOR COLLEGES, SCHOOLS AND INSTITUTIONS THE LOUBAT GLASSWARE CORK COMPANY Store Rooms 510-516 Bienvi.le Street 233 DECATUR STREET NEW ORLEANS, LA. The Stork Takes a Gamble Mddisoitlun berCsnipdi DENDINGER. INCORPORATED OWNER Till l)i- I ' ll! Imi III Slon- of lluitjinii Malerial 721 South Claiborne Avenue New Orleans COMPLIMENTS OF RIECKE CABINET WORKS 4201 TULANE AVE. GALVEZ4I0I THE TULANE HIM AH.M OO, FRIDAY, JUNE lo, 1938 ' RAZZLlKlG FROG " JOVOV ITC H ON auB -ztRO DAY I I I Joe Seiforth — The Cymbal of (Censored) Why, oh why, of all this world, Did we inherit this noisome churl? He beats the cymbals to beat the band To a razzberry loud and grand. This little man of many million poems We dedicate to the flowers and de woims. If you think he could go to another place- Satan said, " No, not in any case. " Airily We Roll Along Frenchy Jovovitch — who can speak any language but English . . . nobody listens anyway . . . never wears a coat . . . even on coldest days . . . never stole a kiss . . . even in boldest daze . . . he ' s one of those engineers . . . ' nuf said. COMPLIMENTS OF C. T. PATTERSON CO. Incorporated HEAVY HARDWARE AND INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT ELECTRON ENGINEERING COMPANY Incorporated ENGINEERS AND SALES REPRESENTATIVE PENDLETON E. LEHDE. President ELECTRICAL MACHINERY AND EQUIPMENT 1810-11 Masonic Temple BIdg. New Orleans, La. WHAT DO YOU PAY FOR COFFEE and CHICORY? A. P. sells Crescent City Coffee at 15 cents a pound, regularly. We know the quality of Cres- cent City to be equal to or beter than many other brands selling at much higher prices. Ask any person who drmks it! With good green coffee at 10 cents a pound, good chicory at 7 cents a pound, plus a fair profit to cover roasting and selling costs, it seems to us that 15 cents per pound, for the best coffee and chicory, is at present a fair price. IF YOU PAY MORE WE SUGGEST YOU TRY CRESCENT CITY AT OUR RISK you are not entirely satisfied, our manager will make a full refund. THE ' RE« ATLANTIC PACIFIC TEA CO. MAYA CLOTHES ARE FAMOUS THROUGHOUT THE SOUTH FOR THEIR STYLE, QUALITY AND GOOD TASTE C LJ MAYER NEW ORLEANS rri, iTH- MEVIPHIS BIRMINGHAM HAUSMANN, INC. 730 CANAL STREET MANUFACTURING JEWELERS SPECIALIZES IN FRATERNITY AND COLLEGE JEWELRY Tai atromze Uur GjovertL vertLsers STAUFFER. ESHLEMAN AND COMPANY Llmiltd IMPORTERS AND EXPORTERS WHOLESALE HARDWARE 511 CANAL STREET NEW ORLEANS, LA. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. NEW ORLEANS, LA. CABLE ADDRESS " ROBLUMCO " We ship lumber to any place in the world. When you graduate and have a big job abroad cable us for your lumber. Other Tulane Graduates have satisfactorily done so. GODCHAUX PRODUCTS SUGAR MILK SERVALL GODCHAUX SUGARS Incorporated NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Art Work for EnJ SKeets, Opening Sections, ana Divisions BY CHARLES REINIKE OF THE REINIKE ACADEMY OF ART 628 TOULOUSE ST. MAIN 2694 Hartford. Conn. January 19. 1937 Dad: Its high time to hit the hay. but, having borrowed a portable from one of the boys. I ' m taking advantage of the opportunity to bang out a few words to let you and Mother Itnow I ' m still alive and kicking. Perhaps I shouldn ' t say kicking, for the fact is, I haven ' t any kick coming, although I ' m getting a great kick out of this Travelers Home Office School for Agents. Dad. we made no mistake when we decided on my coming to this school. I can hardly waif to get home and get started, for I feel that Insurance Is the right work for me, and The Travelers the right company. The instructors here certainly know their stuff, and they know how to put It across. The boys In the class are a fine crowd, most of them college men. They have a different attitude than you find in college, though: They all are here for a purpose and tSey intend to get out of this school everything they can. There were six classes graduated last year, and their records In the field have been excellent. Something tells me that if they can do It, I can. We don ' t waste much time here, what with classes all day and assignments to work on practically every night. But that ' s as It should be: We came here to become insurance men. and we ' re going to be insurance men! I think It ' s the best Investment we ever made. Observe that I say " we " , for I ' ll bet my golf bag that I can pay you back the money you spent to send me here within two months after I ' m home. And it will come out of commissions earned from Life and Accident policies! Love to Mother. I ' ll write again as soon as I can. Affectionately, JOE P.S. Show this to Bob — he might be Interested in this course. This Is an exact copy of a letter written by a young man attend- ing The Travelers Training School In Hartford to his dad. This Training School at Hartford Is maintained entirely by our Company at a very heavy expense to equip young men coming out of colleges and universities in the fundamentals and economics of the Insurance business. The School Is entirely free to the students. Young men from Universities throughout the United States attend this School, recognizing that there Is no business or profession without the Investment of capital that will yield as high an Income and as satisfactory an income as a trained man In the Insurance business. Those who graduate from Tulane, more especially from the Col- lege of Commerce and from the College of Law, If interested, should get in touch with Mr. F. W. Sinclair, Manager of The Travelers Insurance Company for Louisiana and Mississippi, for particulars. Please do not arrange an Interview unless you are serious In reference to your life ' s work. It matters but little where a young man is at the start, but it matters a great deal ten years Ihereafter. THE TRAVELERS INSURANCE CO. of HARTFORD, CONN. Managing Office for Louisiana and Southern Mississippi I4»h FLOOR MASONIC TEMPLE BLDG. Phone Raymond 2323 New Orleans, Louisiana CHALMETTE FUEL OILS Since 1910 FOR ALL TYPES OIL BURNERS INDUSTRIAL AND RESIDENTIAL DAY AND NIGHT SERVICE Daily Tested for Quality — Accurate Meter Measuring Delivery Trucks GAlvez 3111 CHALMETTE OIL DISTRIBUTING COMPANY 401 CITY PARK AVENUE MEDICAL BOOKS OF ALL PUBLISHERS SUBSCRIPTIONS SOLICITED TO MEDICAL JOURMALS- BOTH FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC J. A. MAJORS COMPANY 1301 TULANE AVENUE NEW ORLEANS, LA. WETZEL PRINTING INCORPORATED NEW ORLEANS RAYMOND 5223 823 GIROD QUALITY SELLS CLOVERLAND PASTEURIZED GRADE A ' MILK OF SUPERIOR FLAVOR AND CLOVERLAND SUPREME ICE CREAM nFLICIOUSLY PIFFFRFNT CLOVERLAND DAIRY PRODUCTS COMPANY GALVEZ 4133 PLAQUEMINES 1 PARISH " PLAQUEMINES PARISH was first settled over 250 years ago. Since that time ■ ' ■ productive farms have grown in number and development has continued until today this section is sharing in the greatest era of progress in all its history. Oil, sulphur, agriculture, horticulture, highways, schools and an unflagging civic spirit are making Plaguemines Parish an outstanding community in this State and Nation. Under plans now being developed by the L. S. U. Experimental Station and the Department of Agriculture, Plaquemines Parish Easter Lily production can sup- ply the entire Nation ' s demand of about 2,000,000 bulbs. Free factory sites on navigable inland waterways are offered by Plaque- mines Parish to encourage location of additional seafood plants. The large Parish coastal area abounds in oysters and shrimp, which furnish a growing in- dustry worth millions yearly to the people of the Parish and investors canning and marketing these products. Facilities for transportation by railroad and hardsurfaced highways on both the east and west river banks in this Parish, besides hundreds of millions of navi- gable bayous and arms of the sea afford unexcelled transportation between New Orleans and foreign ports and offer ideal opportunities for the location of large industries, which may draw from a combination of oil, gas, sulphur, salt and lime i deposits within easy reach of water and land transportation. There are eight or more salt domes in this Parish, six of which are produc- ing oil and one sulphur, and the others are in the process of further exploration and development work. Plaguemines has a model highway system on both sides of the river and every section of the Parish is easily accessible to New Orleans. There is a con- stant flow of traffic over these highways by thousands of tourists in addition to those who drive for pleasure or whose business makes the use of these highways necessary. The school system of the Parish has developed along most modern lines with consolidated schools, large modern buildings, free school books and bus trans- portation and all conveniences. Plaquemines has the smallest outstanding bonded debt of any parish in the state in comparison with its total assessed valuation; and the Parish property tax rate is as low as any in the State of Louisiana. Tax exemption offered to new in- dustries in Plaquemines Parish to encourage capital to locate here and employ lo- cal labor wherever possible. The vast acreage under cultivation in the orange and citrus industry, while it produces a valuable annual crop, has not reached its full potentiality. Thou- sands of acres are yet available for this lucrative enterprise. PLAQUEMINES PARISH R. S. LEOVY, President, F. K. CUMMINS, Vice-President and Pres. Pro Tern., L. H. PEREZ, District Attorney. PHOTOS OF BEAUTIES AND FAVORITES BY C. BENNETTE MOORE t 314 ROYAL STREET RAYMOND 8303 ROSTER OF STUDENTS WHOSE PICTURES DO NOT APPEAR IN PANEL Janet P. Breidenbach New OrUans, La. Lillian C. Gait Nev Orleans, La. Ernest N. Carmouchc Crowley, La. Emanuel Feldman Bayonne, N. J. Ernest H. Estes. Jr New Orlearif, La. Benjamin C. King New Orleanf, La. SENIOR CLASS NEWCOMB COLLEGE Julia G. Loo New Orleans, La. Kate M. Olivier New Orleans, La. SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Frank S. Glover. HI Houston, Tex. Bernard A. Goldman Bof aluta, La. COLLEGE OF LAW Jack Samuel Marx Frederick W. Miller . Nev Orleanf, La. Orleanf. I . Julia S. Rogers New Orleans. La. Helen Ruth Swift St. Louis, Mo. Jack R. Jones . . . . Edward T. White. Jr, . . Baton Rouge, La. . . . Pensacoia, Fla. James T. Richards New OrUans, La. Percy Sandel Monroe, La. COLLEGE OF COMMERCE AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Henry A. Miller New Orleans. U. McNeely Avants Baton Rouge, La. Bernard M. Blumberg Savannah, Ga. David H. Bradley New Orleans, La. Lazar D. Brener New Orleans, La. Leo E. Broders New Orleans, La. James A. Chamberlin Houston, Tex. Herman C. Doescher, Jr New Orleans, La. David J. BUkesley. Jr Franklin. La. Thompson B. Burk New Orleans, La. John A. Diodene Gretna, La. COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES William V. Flowers Big Spring, Tex. John B. Hite New Orleans, La. Edward J. Jones. Jr Picayune, Mtss. William N. Loftin Baton Rouge, La. Michel A. Maroun Radessa, La. Robert J. Meade Jackson. Mich. Jack E. Perkins New Orleans, La. Henry M. Pipes Houma, La. COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Thomas C. Earl . . .Vcw OrUjnt, La. Arthur L. Jung. Jr New OjUam, La. Norman C. Melun hJew Orleant, La. Henry T. Posey New Orleani, La. William F. Ryder Beaumom, Tex. Benjamin Sarota Lynn, Man. Joseph M. Scorsone New Orleans, La. Ernest M. Sutter New Orleans, La. Gerson Z. Tolmas New Orleani, La. William P. TuU New Orltam. La. Albert B. Paterson. Jr New Oileani, La. Milton E. Pick New Orleani, La. Nicholas A. Schilleci New Orleani, La. r « _7Ke-» ' -a Elise M. Cambon New Orleans, La. Georgette C. Coleman New Orleans, La. Mary E. Crawford New Orleans, La. Lucionne M. Danaciera New Orleans, La. Helen V. Dempsey New Orleans, La. Lucille M. Emmer New Orleans, La. Marian A. Garsia New Orleans, La. Celestine R. Atkinson New OrUans, La. Thomas A. Bunklcy Stamford, Tex. Mary V. Copeland Marion, N. C. French H. Craddock, Jr Sylacauga, Ala. Ernest G. DcBakey Lakf Charles, La. John L. Dyer New Orleans, La. Eamond A. Fatter New Orleans, La. Jesse D. Harris CordeU, Ga. Ned W. Holland BtakeUy, Ga. Alberto Francis Inclan Havana, Cuba Jay P. Ahmayer Vf„ . r. Ah. Charles W. Bradley Norco, La. David E. Cooley SUdell, La. JUNIOR CLASS NEWCOMB COLLEGE Ruth M. Goodwyn New Orleans. La. Lorraine J. Gordon New Orleans, La. Monita H. Hoehenstein .... New Orleans, La. Jean C. Hudson New Orleans La. Martha W. Kay , . New OrUans, La. Florence B. Kreeger New OrUans, La. Alma A. Lagardc New Orleans, La. Myrl R. Marrero Gretna, La. SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Richard T. K.iinum.i K.iwuiloa, T. H. John H. Keller. Jr China Grove, N. C. Charles A. Lakaytis Kewanee, lit. Lee H. Lorenzen New Orleans, Im. Thomas F. McDonnell ....... Jackton, Mtis. George S. Mason Lurnherton, Miss. George J. Mitchell Mertdian. Miss. Nelson Arnold Murray fackionyilU, Fla. Hardgrovc S. Norris St. AuguHine, Fla. Nathan Resnick Newark. N. . Carlos Rovira y Pales Guayama. P. R. COLLEGE OF LAW I uis H. Graham . . New Orleans, La William Gray New Orleans, La. Joseph Kleinfeldt New Orleans, La. James H. Smitheiman Shteyeport, L,s Dorothy L. Mascaro New Orleans, La. Yvonne Meyer New Orleans, La. Edith C. Raulins New OrUans, La. Jane O. Smith New OrUans, La. Margaret C. Spain Birmingham, Ala. Sallic K. Tebo New Orleant, La. Eleanor E. Terhune New OrUans, La. Andrew E. Salazar Ponce, P. R. Lloyd Haggard Sherrill Houston. Tex. Kiyoski Shimabukuro .... Laupahoehoe. Hawaii Bliss C. Shrapnel Balhoa Heights. C. Z. Morton M. Stern Newark, N. f. Bertha E. Stokes New Orleans, La. Margaret E. Strange New Orleani, La. Orville C. Thomas Homer, La. Joseph C. Wilson HollandaU, Afiii. Horace L. Wolf Puiford, N. Y. Alfred W. Spiller. Jr Hammond. 1 . George L. Wimberly New Orleani. L m. Rufus T. ' erger Mound, La. COLLEGE OF COMMERCE AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Louis L. Bernard New OrUant, La. Guy Chang Shanghai, China John E. Goodcll Independence, Kan. Sugene W. Harmon Gary, Ind. Cecil E. Henley RoiedaU. Mm. William A. Atkinson. Jr. ... New Orleani, La. Waller O. Batista Orirntr, CubJ Clem B. Binnings New OrUani, La. Stanley M. Diefemhal New Orleani, La Felicie D. Jung . Nf OrUani. I . Martin J. Kahao Kahm. La. George C. Kohl. Jr Duchesne, i tah Charles B. Maginnis. Jr New Orleans. La. I.urirn S. Miranne Nrr Orleans, La. William C. Mo eley New Orleans, L«. COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING George N. Koehlcr New OrUani, La. David M. Korn New OrUani, I . James A. McNiven Nem OrUani. La. Wtlmer R, Manning fack ' on. Mm. Stanford J. Otto New OrUani. La. Benjamin N. Richardson Ponchatoula. La. Luther M. Roberts, Jr New Orleans, l . John G. Schloegel New Orleani, La. Mary A. Suscendal New QrUani, La. Uoyd J. Rittinrr . . , Gaylr Schneidau . . Hugh F. Smith . . . Maria C. d la V ' rga . New OtUant, la. New OrUam, La. . , Covington. La. . . Ramona, Cuba Nick J. Accardo Patterson, La. Samuel C. Barthe l ew OrUani, La. Leo S. Behrens MaJisonvtlle, Li. John L. Bertucci New Orlearn, La. George F. Conrad New Orleam, La. c. ..- .., B. Crepea Brookh " . N. V. Oailey Balboa. C. Z- ! cCone New Orleans, La. John F. Dirmann, Jr New Orleans, La. Daniel F. Dutton Houston, Tex. Anthony A. Fernandez Shell Beach, La. Albert P. Gorman Gary, Ind. William M. Green Baltimore, Md. Samuel H. Harriston Meridian. Mm. Winston C. Heibner St. Petersburg. Fla. COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Edward K. Herrmann. Jr New Orleans, La. Abe L. Hershberg New Orleam. La. Hanckes A. Klein New Orleam, La. Henry M . Kopman New Orleans , La. Michael J. Kyame New Orleans, La. Werner F. Lentjes Tampa, Fta. Rudolph J. Marshall, Jr New Orleans, l . Ray H. Miller. Jr New Orleans. La. Robert L. Miller, Jr Graceville, Fla, Peter R. Monrosc, Jr New Orleam, Im. Don F. Overdyke, Jr Shreveport, l . Early B. Pardue Shreveport. La. Ben S. Pollock Forf Sm,ih. Ark. Karl E. Pottharst New Orleans. La. Alexander E. Ralston, Jr. ... New Orleam. -j. W. Ford Reese New Orleans, La. I.auTcnce L. Robert. Jr New Orleans, La. Howel W. Slaughter New Orleans, La. Bernie I,. Smith Clarkfdale, Miss. Edgar R. Smith Covington, La. J. Dolan Tipping New Orleans, La. James M. Vail New Orleans, La. Leslie L. X atso . Jr New Orleans, La. WMliam W. Weslerfield. Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Paul G. White, Jr Plant City, Fla. Jack C. Whitesell New Orleans. La. George E. Williams, Jr New Orleam, La. Gail S. Young, Jr New Orleam. La. Harry L. Zengel, Jr New Orleans, La. s ?:i SOPHOMORE CLASS John D. Andrews New Orleans, l . Pearson C. Caldwell Ml. Pleasant, Tenn. Aristobulo Carriro Villarreal .... Herrera, P. R. John J. Christian Temple. Tex. Luther P. Crull Jackwn, Mtfs. Howard R. Oews Ptneville, W. Va. William P. Downey Tallapoosa, Ga. John C. Dubret New Orleans. La. Samuel Eichold. II Mobile. Ala. Mayo L. Emory St. Louis. Mo. SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Richard O. Gale I ampa. Fla. Norman Frankhn Holcomb Houston, lex. James B. Holder, Jr Monticello, Ark- Louise M. Ireland Sacaton, Ariz. Ceal A. Jarrell Comfort, W. Va. Gerald F. Joseph White Castle, La. Nanc ' Key Marshall. Tex. Luis L. Lacourt Mayaf uez, P. R Ernesto C. Martinez y Lanausse . . . Ponce. P. R. James A. Moran New Orleam. l . Henry T. Posey New Orleans, La. Frederick C. Rehfeldt jackion. Miss. Joaquin Rovira y Pales Guayama, P. R. Thomas J. Safley, Jr Drew, Aliss. Benjamin Sarota Lynn, Mtss. Raymond B. Squires New Orleans, La. George F. Sustendal New Orleans, La. TTiomas Edward Weiss Baton Rouge, La. John H, Woodbndge Tchula, Miss. COLLEGE OF COMMERCE AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Burton J. Banker New Or(edn(. La Ralph W. Bond, Jr New Orleam. La Warren J. Brunncr New Orleam, La Henry W. Bull, Jr New Orleam. La John W. Carnahan New Orleam. La Alwynn J. Cronvich New Orleans. La William T. Hogg. Jr New Orleans, U Elmo L. Jone . . S,w OiL-jn .j Fred E. LeLaurin. Jr New Orleans. La. George R. Lopez New Orleans. La. Boyd R. McKirahan New Orleans, l . Malroy E. Mayley New Orleam. La. George J. O ' Keefe, Jr New Orleam. La. Ralph D. Parmley Electra. Tex. James S, Ryan New Orleam, La. Constantine P. Saclarides . . Tarpon Springs, Fla. Henry N. Smith New Orleans, La. John H. Smith. Ill New Orleans. La. William S. Stacy, Jr New Orleans, La. Charles N. Vosburgh New Orleans, La. Wilfred H. Oiarbonnet .... New Orleans, La, John B. Fitch New Orle ins. U. Owen H. Foss New Orleam. La. Andre D. Gomez New Orleant, Li. Leon Greenberg New Orleans. La. George E. Griener New Orleam. l..a James E. Harvey, Jr New Orleans, La. COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Edward D. Hogg New Orleans, La. Herman J. Janssen New Orleans. La. Nester B. Knoepfler New Orleans, La. Joseph I.. Leber New Orleans, La. Joseph H. LcBlanc, Jr New Orleans, La. Alvin D. Massey Parkeriburg, W. Va. Joffrc P. Mercier ;V -» Orleans. La. Bernard L. Michaelson Baton Rouge. La. Harry B. Moore New Orleans. La. Robert L. Morris. Ill New Orleans, La. Edward L. Murphy ....... New Orleans, La. Stanley L. Nyhan Waterloo, Iowa Stephen W. Painter New Orleans, La. Jack B. St. Clair New Orleans, La. Buford J. Autin Houma, La. Caroline C. Ballard Bay St. Louis, Mtsi. Thonias Barr, III New Orleans, La. Thomas O. Bell Lake Charles, La. William H. Bowman New Orleans, La. Hugh L. Boyd Bristow, Okla. ]oe H. Cahn New Orleans, La. Francisco Carvajal New Orleam, La Albert R. Qowney Hutttg, Ark. Clinton J. Cucullu, Jr New Orleans, l . Ever C. Curtis New Orleans. La. Emanuel G. DeFraites New Orleans. La. Victor M. Dochez Indianapolis, Ind. John P. Dowling New Orleans, La. Owcl S. Eckhardt New Orleam, La. Peggy P- Feltus New Orleant, La. Ralph J. Fernandez Wallace, La. Sam J. Fertitta, Jr Beaumont, Tex. Arthur V. Rottc New Orleans, La. Augustin H. Font Sebastian. P. R. COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Henry C. Foss Chicago. III. Herbert G. Frankel Newark, N. J. Walter C. Friday. Jr Balboa, C. Z. I ee W. Funk. Jr Columbus, Ohio William D. Futch St. Petersburg, Fla. Philip T. Gardner New Orleans, La. George C. Goldman. Jr Waterproof. La. Clarence J. Golomb Oshkosh, Wis. Joseph V. Gregoratti Ciretna, La. Stanford F. Hartman New Orleam, La. William P. Hickey. Jr New Orleans, La. Harry B. Hollingsworth Elizabeth, La. George D. Hopkins New Orleans, La. Edward Israel New Orleans, La. Morris W. Kilgore Goose Creek, Tex. William H. Kirchem New Orleans, La. David W. Labouisse New Orleans, La. Leon Lcvinthal, Jr Tyler, Tex. Jesse L. Lumpkin Carriere, Miss. Godfrey E. Mann New Orleant, -a. Norman J. Marmillion Ponchatoula, La. Melvin H. Manila Nashwauk, Mmn. Manuel R. Miangolarra, Jr. . . . New Orleans, La. Edwin E. Moise New Orleans, La. Stephen C. Munson, Jr jeanerette, La. Amedee L. Mu,sson New Orleans, La. James T. Nick Union City, Pa. Thomas J. O ' Boyle Gary, Ind. Kurt H. Oelschlagcr Oshkosh, Wis. Paul J. Pare Chicago, III. Horace V. Richards New Orleans, La. Melvin M. Rosenthal New Orleans, La. Norbert N. Salpeter New Orleans, La. Leonard S. Sauer Kildare, Okl i. Charles H. Savage, Jr New Orleans, La. Homer Stockmann New Orleans, La. Cone J. Thompson Tyler, Tex. Millard D. White Arkansas City, Kan. Andrews M. Wilkinson New Orleans, La. Dan T. Wylds Marianna, Ark- Andrew Zengel New Orleam, La. Elda M. Angles New Orleans, La. Rhoda E. Bartctt New Orleans, La. Amelia M. Barlow New Orleant, La. Dorothy L, Brock New Orleant, La. Bertha M. Carmouche Reserye, La. Rachel D. Colgan New Orleans, La. NEWCOMB COLLEGE Tillye E. Cornman New Orleans, La. Ruth A. Dale Bratnard, N. Y. Eugenie L. Dart New Orleans, La. Sylvia N. Duncan New Orleans, La. Eleanor Engel Ch:Cago, III. Helen Ferderbcr Chicago, 111. Clair F. Fortmayer Gretna, I . Edna M. Foy San fuan, P. R. Elsie J. Gibbens White Castle, La. Sara V. Harwood Trenton, Tenn. Naomi B. Hicks New Orleans, La. Adele E. Kohlman New Orleans, La. Lillian Kyame New OTleam, Lax. Olga M. Lachin New Orleam, La. Janette L. L«wenauer Milwaukee, Wn. Minnie M. May Sumner, Misi. Marie T. Moses New Orleam, La. NEWCOMB COLLEGE Trinidad M. Ramos New Orleans, La. Mary Alma Reiss New Orleans ,La. Florence Rosenberg Troy, Ala. Dorothy M. Scheib New Orleans, La. Dorothy C. Shapiro Guanabacoa, Cuba Verre E. Simpson Shreveport, La. Elisc W. Terhune New Orleans, La. Frances B. Wilkinson New Ortei nt, La. Margarec Wynn Findlay, Ohio (5 3SC_. ?) Florence V. Adams New Orleans, La. Harriette A. Armstrong Atlanta, Ga. Dorothy J. Bye New Orleans, La. Elba M. Carroll New Orleans, La. Winnie M. Chiasson Morse, La. Suzanne M. Dart New Orleans, La. Valera E. DiAlbano New Orleans, La. Elizabeth Dixon St. Louis, Mo. Rachel L. Finegold New Orleans, La. Charlotte Gardner New Orleans, La. Susan Getsinger New Orleans, La. Algie Walton Hill Montgomery, Ala. Evelyn S. Hudson Clarksdale, Miss. FRESHMAN CLASS NEWCOMB COLLEGE Mary P. Ilgenfntz WoodvtlU, Miss. Jane L. Irwin Mt. Pleasant, Tenn. Laura M. Kirkpatrick New Orleans, l . Mary A. Knapp Moorestown, N . . Evelyn G. von Kurnatowski . . . New Orleans, La. Jeanne L. LeBeuf New Orleans, La. Alma F. Leckert New Orleans, La. Fanny M. Levy New Orleans, La. Jean L. Mitchell New Orleans, La. Lillian C, Mora New Orleans, La. Elizabeth Joy Nelson New Orleans, La. Eleanor Nicholson New Orleans, La. Georgia W. Parker New Orleans, La. Ida E. Raulins New Orleans, La. Adelaide C. Rickert New Orleans. La. Lillian E. Ridnour New Orleans, La. Eva M. Rimmer New Orleans. La. Eslelle M. Rogers Galveston, Tex. Kathlyn M. Roomc New Orleans, La. Eda Rosenthal New Orleans, La. Elizabeth G. Sandoz New Orleans, La. Leslie R. Shlae Chicago, HI. Lynn Shiaes Chicago, 111. Alice W. Spencer fonesville. La. Floria Stevens New Orleans, La. Mary E. TaliavuU Biloxi, Miss. Gloria M. Wimberly New Orleans. La. John C. Asher Atlanta, Ga. Bernard M. Blumberg Savannah, Ga. Walter Brodie Burwell Henderson, N. C. Louis R. Cabiran New Orleans, La. Hermelinda Cambra Panama, R. P. Harold U. Dark Opeltka. Ala. Leland P. Durant Milwaukee, Wis. Harold M. Gibbons Phoenix, Ariz. James F. Gladney. Jr Homer, La. Angus D. Grace Fort Myers, Fla. William D. Gude Baltimore, Md. Violet G. Halfpenny Fairfield, Ala. Marianna Hood Emory, Tex. Hazen W. Cole Shreveport, La. John S. Dyer Boone, Iowa Mton P. Frymire New Orleans, La. Jerome H. Leviton Chicago, 111. SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Clifford E. Howes Rocky Point. N. Y. Willis H. Jondahl Tulsa, Okla. Lionel A. Landry New Orleans, La. Joseph L. Lester, Jr Key West, Fla. Wesley A. Lewis New Orleans, l . Worth M. Luckett San Antonio, Tex. Early B. Lokey. Jr Hattiesburg, Mist. Daniel B. Mcllvoy, Jr Springfield. Ky. John C. McLcod, Jr Bay Minette, Ala. James T, McQuitty Blairstown. Mo. Frederick W. Mahler. Jr Raleigh. N. C. Clyde E. Miller. Jr Pensacola. Fla. James C. Mills Henderson. N. C. COLLEGE OF LAW Newton H. McCord Shreveport, La. Gaspard E. Moskau New Orleans, La. Floyd W. Ncwiin New Orleam, La Henry M. Pipes Houma. La. James M. Packer Alexandria, La. Robert M. Rawdon .... Wilbur-by-theSea, Fla. Arthur J. Richardson, Jr Jafper, Tex. Hypolite G. Riche, Jr Baton Rouge, La. Joe A. Risser Boham, Tex. Samuel G. Robbins Vtcksburg, Miss. James A. Rogers Hatttesburg, Mils. Elbert H. Sanders Birmingham, Ala. Alejandro A. Tapia Panama, R. P. James K. Tate Bolivar, Tenn. Morris H. Trifon Goose Creek. Tex. Daniel J. Watormcicr New Orleans, La. John L. Wright, Jr San Angelo, Tex. James A. Poynor Joplin, Mo. Dorothy J, Pugh New Orleans, La. Joseph M. Scorsone New Orleans. La. Melchior R. Beltzhoover Natchez, Miss Graham C. BonncU Terre Haute, Ind Sidney H. Buller Jennings, La. Walter E. Dorroh New Orleans, La Henry S. Eason New Orleans, La COLLEGE OF COMMERCE AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Joseph R. Fabre Norco. La. Clifford S. Foy. Jr San Juan, P. R. Andrew P. Gay New Orleans, La. Franklin C. Gough, Jr New Orleans, La. Norman A. Junker New Orleans. La. Edward E. Estes New Orleans, La. Walter A. Kelso. Jr. Galveston, Texas Jean L. King Kinder, La. Roland T. Pertuit New Orleans, La. George Soulie, IV New Orleans, l . Ernest J. Triche. Jr Havana, Cuba Willard P. Worrell. Jr New Otlean . U. Theus N. Armisccad . . . .... Shreveport, La CharlM F. Bailey . . .New Orleant, La Rfginald J. Barriu . . . . . . .New Orleam, U Rol ert T. Basnetl . . . . . . .New Orleam, La John I Bell . . . . . . . New Orteani, Orleant, I , Robert E. Bell. Jr . . .New u Norman Bellinger . . . , . . .New Orleant, La Werner E. Blattmann . . . . . New Orleant. La Philip A. Bodel. III. . . . . . New Orleant, La Morris F. Bor es . . . New Orleant, La Robert L. Bojwell . . . . . . .New Orleant, U Arthur S. Bouvson . . . . . . .New Orleant, U Louis I. Breffeclh. Jr. . . . . . New Orleam, La Mayo A. Canulett - James E. Carherrv . StiJell, I , . .New Orleant. La Henry F. Cassasnc , , . , . .New Orleant, U James D. Coleman. Jr. . . . . .New Orleam, U John P. Dameron . . . New Orleant, U John E. Davenport . . . . . . .New Orleant, U James W. Davis. Jr. . . . . . .New Orleant, u Richard W. Diodone . , Gretna, Li Giarles J. Donner. Jr. . . . . New Orleant, La James A. Evans . New Orle.int. Lt COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Frederick S. Frcdertckson .... New Orleant. La. Christopher P. Gadsden .... New Orleans. Lti. Maurice J. Golpi New Orleans, Li. C.irl E. Gcyer New Orleant, La. William J. Gillespie Jonesville. La. Arthur A. Grant, Jr New Orleam, -u. Douglas C. Haley New Orleam. l . John D. Hatcher Roanoke, Ta. Hor.i c S. Henderson New Orleans, La. Robert Henderson . . New Orleant, La. Esmond J. Keaiiiit: . . New Orleant, La. Bernard L. Kiernan, Ji Nem- Orleam, La. Oiarle R. I mkin Alexandria, l . Paul R. I BIanc New Orleam. La. Eugene H. Lillii New Orleans, La. Ernest H. l ckcnbetft, Jr. ... New Orleant, l . Grover C McKinney. Jr Lake Charles, La. Albert W. Magnit kv . . New Orleans, -.i. WalLue B. Mallu . . New Orleant, U. Luis a. Mavornt . . Nem- Orleam, I t. Ralph H. Miller . . . Shelbyvtite. Ky. A. P. Milliet . . . Ne Orleam. U. Joseph B. Mnngngiij Kenner, Ias. Stanlry A. Montz New Orleam, La. Albert E. Moulin, Jr New Orleam. . Francis C. O ' Connor New Orleant. La. Paul W. Orchard . . New Orleam. La. Carlai R. Orfila . Panama City, R. P. Francis J. Cry New Orleant, La. William L. Peters. Jt Nem Orleam, La. Philip L. Poulet Opetoutat, -a. Ligourt O. Ramni .... Harvey, Li. George L. Rrid ... Ri inoke. Va. Philip G. Ruk New Otieam, La. William W. Robert New Orleam, U. George T. Rogers New Orleant, l . Walter M Sewum New Orleant, La. Ivan F, Sirtcmann . . New Orleant, l . Allrn N. Smith . . New Orleant, La. George W. Stone Gretna, La. Chester B. Thomson. Jr. .... New Orleatn. t . lohn j. Treating New Orleam. La. Carlo dp U Vega v Garcia ..... Ramona, Cuba Mario de la Vega v Garcia Ramona, Cuba Walter J. Verlander Nem- Orleant, La. William H. Wallace. IIT. . . . New Orleam, .r. Frank C. Wimherlv. Jr New Orleam. la John M. Abrams New OrUani, Li. Virgii G. Asbelt San Marcos, Tex. Willie L. Ashmore Liberty, Tex. John J. Bachr, Jr New OrUartf, La. John A. Banrvich Shenandoah, Pa. Wilfred Bergquist MoTg,an City, La. Leonard R. Bertolino New Orleani. La. Emile A. Bertucci. Jr New Orleans, La. Ernest E. BUndin KeighUy, Kan. Albert A. Bodney Gary, Ind. George J. Bravo New Orleans, La. Fred H. Brekke New Richmond, W,f. WiMiam H. Brinkman New Orleans, La. John E. Brown Ludlow. Ky. Edmund M. Buras. Jr New Orleans. La. Colin Campbell New Orleans, l . Fred J. Caisibry Culfport. Mus. Edwin J. Cellos New Orleans, La. Anthony C. Centanni New Orleant, La. Thomas W. Collens. Jr New Orleant. La. Reynolds M. Collins Baton Rouge. La. Thomas P. Cooke New Orleant. La. Sterling C. Couch. Jr Linle Rock, Ark. Joseph C. Craven New Orleant, I . George M. Cravey Arcadia. Fla. Joseph J. Oeely New Orleans, -j. George Cuellar Miami, Fta. Roger H. Doyle New Orleant. I . Fredric Eichenbaum. Jr Beaumont. Tex. Charles T. Ermon. Jr New Orleans, La. James D. Faulkner. Jr Columbus, Ga. Jacob Faust, Jr New Orleans, La. COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Earl F, Ftrnandez . . , . li j ' Luf. I .i Jesus M. Figueroa San Lo:en n, P. K. Jerry H. Forst New Orleant, l . Walter L. Frazer. Jr New Orleans. La. Charles R. Gage. Jr New Orleans. La. Phillip H. Gentling Rochester, Mtnn. Ipsor J. Gcrsuk New Orleam, La. Thomas S. Glass New Orleans. La. Frederick J. Gloden Dubuque, Iowa Joe J. Grdina Whtting, Ind. Claude Groves, Jr Forf Smith. Ark. Lew R. Harris New Orleans, La. Edward F, Harrison Gorman, lex. Louis A. Hattier New Orleans, La. Harry E. Hays San Angelo, Tex. Aubrey W. Howell Coral Gables, Fla. Charles H, Hunt. Jr Bisbee, Artz. Owel B. Johnson Peru, Ind. Woodrow W. Jarrcll Comfort, W. Va. Rodney C. Jung New Orleans, La. Charles B. Lansdell Houston, Tex. Joseph A. LaPointc Miami. Fla. Amado C. Leon Manzanillo, Cuba Henry J. Lindner, Jr New Orleant. l i. Sam P. Loving Round Rock, Tex. Harley R. McCollum Sttlwell, Okla. Charles C. McKirahan. Jr. ... New Orleans, La. Donald Macrae. IV Council Bluffs, Jowa Edmund O. Mahoney El Dorado, Ark. Henry A. Mentz, Jr Hammond , I-a. Edward L. Merrigan New Orleam, La. Cecilio Miranda, Jr Juncos, P. R. Joseph M. Mitchell New Orleant, La. Edward W. Neal Wuhita Falls. Tex. William D. Nobles. Jr Pensacola. Fla. Arthur G. Nuhrah Arabi, La. William J. O ' Hara. Jr New Orleans, La. Wesley C. Palmes, Jr Anniston, Ala. George W. Plact New Orleans, La. Maximiliano A. dcPuy Panama, R. P. Munro A. Rateau Alexandria, La. Lawson S. Rcntz Coconut Grove, Fla. John C. Rolfs New Orleans, La. Edwin M. Schaefer New Orleam, La. Robert Julian Segura Erath, La. John J. Signorelli New Orleant, La. Nelson R. Slayton Memphis, Tenn. Pliilo M. Smith Springfield, Mo. Richard M. Smith Bay St. Louts, Mist. Willi-im B. Squicr Richmond , Ind. Byron W. Stinson New Orleam, La. Homer H. Stockmann New Orleans, La. Roger C. Strickland Tabor City, N. C. William R. Tete New Orleans. La. Emmett Y. Thomason, Jr. ... New Orleam, La. Theodore W. Thompson Kenner, La. Walter C. Thompson Kenner, La. Alfred H. Tonkel Greenytlle, Miss. Andrew Vargas New Orleans, La. William Waterman Guanica, P. R. James N. Wilson. Jr New Orleam. La. Henry Worner, III New Orleans, La. Charles J. Uthoff New Orleans, La. SPECIAL STUDENTS Mary L. Banks Gainesville, Ga. Gladys F. Cahn New Orleans. La. Margaret L. Grumpier New Orleans, I . Francis M. Cantwcll Youngsiown, Ohio Calixto L. Garcia-Yniguez . . . New Orleans. La David H. Haire New Orleans. La. Jack C. Herman New Orleans. La. NEWCOMB COLLEGE Diana DeBaktv ■ Sew Orleant, La. Christine M. Derbcs New Orleant. La. Ruth Gelpi New Orleans, I a. COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Esther R, Hunt A n Orleam. La. Anne L. Ingram New Orleam, La. Joseph H. Jacobs New Orleam. La. Roland T. von Kurnacowski . .New Orleant. La Floy B. Maddox New Orleant, La. Margaret S. Mcintosh New Orleans, La. Sarah H. Wallace New Orleans, La. Emmanuel P. Rivas, Jr New Orleans, La. Gladys M. Viosca New Orleans, La. Morton M. Ziskind New York, N. Y. (5 N ; Kc., PARTIAL STUDENTS Edmund R. Buxton. Jr Cincinnati, Ohio Stewart W. Hopkins New Orleant, La. COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Michael J. Kvame New Or curn. -.j Jack E. Perkins New Orleam, Ld Aiihui D, Wynne . New Orleant, COLLEGE OF COMMERCE AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Herman C. Doescher New Orleam. l . Donald L. J.ihiRl;c . ' ta OiUam, La. Andrew S. Sefcrovich George H. Ford Homer, Im. James A. Moreau New Orleant. La. . New Orleant, La. Antonio M, Bird, Jr Caguat, P. R Eli C. BogRS Hazard, Ky Olive H. Breazeale New Orleans, l Betsy Bres New Orleam, 1 . Mabel D. Burgess New Orleans, -u Louise H. Charbonnet New Orleans, La. Campbell H. Chrisman, Jr Roanoke, Va Godfrey T. Coatc Arkadelphia, Ark John V, Conncll Luverne, Minn Mary E. Crawford New Orleans, I Lester L. Cronvich New Orleans, 1 COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES George C. D.iul , , Mobile, ALi Emily C. Faucett New Orleant, La Frances D. Giih New Orleans, La Ellen E. Hayes lota. La Evelyn Katz New Orleans, La Nora P. KiUian New Orleam, La Cesil S. Kohlman New Orleans. La David R. Lincicome New Orleam. La Frank E. Lindahl Choudrani, La Hannah H. Locb New Orleant, La Gussie C. Morgan New Orleam, La Mary L, Morris New Orleant, La Hannah S. Nickel New Orleans, La Wihz C. Ott New Orleam, La Arthur R. Pearcc New Orleans, La Kitty S. Reid New Orleans, La Hugh J. Smith, Jr Hammond. La William A. Summers Hammond. La Mary E. Thomas New Orleant, La Elon B. Tucker New Orleam. La Marion V. Smith New Orleam, La GRADUATE STUDENTS Tho H. Boggs New Orleam, COLLEGE OF LAVv ' Alfred K. Hagedorn New Orleans, La. Herbert A. Holstein New Orleans, La. Michel Maroun Rodessa, La. • • COMB WHAT MAY. CONFIDENCE is the heritage of youth .... it is also a fundamental requirement of business .... attained by long study, training and experience We have enjoyed the confidence of yearbook Staffs throughout tlic country for over thirty years .... an accomplislinient for which we arc truly grateful and justly proud .... • • • COLLI:GG ANNUM. DIVISION ALABAMA HNURyWlNG COAVPANY T RMi N q haav •I. s M p II I n T I n c c m p A n y n a s h v i lie r r qA lit graphs cA utograph -¥- ■a ru l .r ' lii V w;.,v v.,i-,;,;- i,-. i . ;. 1 1 -•R- ? " ' :y .-: 7t ■ .t, fj ' ' 0i ' m i .. ' mii ■jumrmmgaaaixtoniii ifii— wiftfiixii iii iiimwiwiMuyiil, ii»!ntim ' frK ' " ■•,■; ■■•( mi •■ ■ ' v I •■ !i " .i: isi;-Sil53s .. ,t .l».i.ir.. ,ii:A.» «» ' s ' rf " ' -.£ ' l . ,..;.:r ! w ;:??; - ' « . M ■«n ' :-jJ : nr. .-- » r- -if « ' iwC ' - - i! --■ 1

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