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I ij ' rr ' ,f iir ;V . • ' I ■ ■ ' A ivi ' fl ■m i ■J ■! ' ft ■ ;- ' : ■ ' ; K ' : ' - ' ' • • , r; Ha - ■ ' . tm ; -!?. v (0d ' M y.) fit- ■ : ■ W t -.1 . ■■■ ' ■ ' ' v ' ■ ' ■I ' i i. L 1 J ' ,; ' -, ■ ) ■ j; i ; » V5 . ' ! . i . ' jJ J , ifl j . ( I G. WARREN SANCHEZ, BUSINESS MANAGER optjrLqkl OKineieeii C kiriii-SLX OHN WILLIAM SIMS, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF " sm- f T Tl V L OR( prAtcrnitics V. U R es c s STAPIF 03J O Uf AR ous j=Ace IS RSITY LI E. Ti C StUDffNT eODY CON SIDERS THIS RRESCNTA- (DRTS OR TWC RiBCE;N TO ' PoliTRAY ' S IR TIO A TORS O | UR IR BOTH JUS E CD RAi R ACR PURPOS THE HEARf OF THE 1894. THIS PORTAL GINNING AND ENC UNIVERMTY SING IS BOTH THE BE- OF GOLLEGE LIF IT IS HERE THAT TH ASPIRING STUDEsIT BUILDS THE FOUNDATION FOR A CAREER IN THE FIELD OF MEDICAl SCIENCE THE RINGING ANVIL THE COLLECEE OF ENGINEERING, WHERE AND TH HUMM DYNAMO MARK THE PROGRESS NG OF SCIENCE THIS STATE:Ly HALL IS A MCDST APPRO PRIATE SETTING FOR THE CONSTAlfJT ACTIVITY OF NEWCOMB STUDENT L " O DR Mc:eRYbe, PROffESSOR (D c RN .MAcL_ARt: WGLISW ANDi DR THE GRADUAT un A A SCAOO : DRDICA |[ RRCOaNmON MIS BROAD SCWOLARSJ-IIP D APPRCCliATld) OP Rl5 DCCP; IN IN STUDCNT ' A (3P ;rp n Alis i i V Lei4totiam ALBERT BLEDSOE DINWIDDIE Ph.D., LL.D. Prciidcnt of I ulanc Uniycnity DIED NOVEMBER 21, 1935 WALLACE JOSEPH EUGENE DUREL M.D. Professor of Clinical Medicine, Graduate School of Medicine, Tulane University DIED APRIL 8, 1935 JUANITA LOUISA GONZALEZ B.Des. Instructor m Pottery, Neifcomb College, Tulane University DIED JULY 8, 1935 ERNEST SIDNEY LEWIS B.S., M.D., LL.D. Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Emeritus, School of Medicine, Tulane University DIED AUGUST 12, 1935 FREDERICK WILLIAM BIERHORST Student, College of Arts and Sciences. Tulane University DIED DECEMBER 1. 1935 OSCAR KELLY ALLEN Governor ov Louisiana Ex-Officio Member of the Board of Administrators, Tulane University DIED JANUARY 28, 1936 THOMAS WILLIAM LAWSON Student College of Commerce iind Busittca Admtntitiaiion, Tulane University DIHD FEBRUARY 20, 1936 B o I R u or Esmond Phelps, A.B., LL.B President Chauncey French First Vice-President Ernest Lee Jahncke, B.E. Second Vice-President Walker Brainerd Spencer, A.B., LL.B. Charles Rosen, A.B., LL.B. Marcus Johns Magruder, M.D. Paul Hill Saunders, A.M., Ph.D. Samuel Zemurray Florence Dymond, A.B. Jules Blanc Monroe, A.B., LL.B. James Pierce Butler, LL.B. JoHN Barnwell Elliott, A.M., M.D. George Elliot Williams B.E. S. Walter Stern, A.B. Charles Allen Favrot, M.E. Joseph Wheadon Carroll Ex-Offic tOscAR K. Allen Governor of Louisiana Thomas Semmes Walmsley Mayor of New Orleans Thomas H. Harris State Superintendent of Public Education Lawrence Andre Wogan Secretary and Treasurer Resigned on November 13, 19S5. Deceased. ALBERT BLEDSOE BIllWIBBIE PKE§inEllY. ¥Ul lWf IJWI1 ER I¥V 1918-1955 ♦♦ Albert Bledsoe Din widdie, President of Tulane University since 1918, died at his home in New Orleans on November 21st, 1935, at the age of sixty-four years. He was born in Lexington, Kentucky, on April 3rd, 1871, of a distinguished Virginia family. His education was obtained at the University of Virginia, from which institution he received his doctorate in 1892; later studying abroad at the University of Goettingen. His early teaching was spent in several university pre- paratory schools in Virginia; becoming professor of mathematics at Southwestern Presbyterian University in 1896, he remained there for ten years prior to his com- ing to Tulane. Dr. Dinwiddie became Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics and As- tronomy at Tulane University in 1906, and, after several promotions in rank, be- came Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences in 1911, and in 1918 was elected President of the University at a very critical time in its history. As a result of his constructive leadership, the University took on new life and becam.e the fine in- stitution which it is to-day chiefly through his efforts and careful planning. As director of war training at Tulane in 1917 and in 1918, he made a nota- ble record, and in conducting the 1920 endowment campaign, he accomplished an almost impossible task. During his administration important donations were received from various sources, many new buildings were erected, and several new and important depart- ments were inaugurated. Dr. Dinwiddie loved every form of outdoor sports, and was especially interested in all phases of athletics at the University. His constant interest in, and fatherly solicitude for, the welfare of the faculty, staff, and students of the University endeared him to them to a marked degree. His eminent leadership in all educational movements and his sound judgment in civic matters, despite his modesty and simplicity, made him a valued citizen to this city and community. In his death the cause of higher education in general, and in Tulane University in particular, has lost a devoted friend. In full recognition of his achievements, the 1936 Jambalaya hereby records its sincere appreciation of his life. HIRAM WATKINS KOSTMAYER A.B., M.D., F.A.C.S. Detin — Graduiite School of Medicine JAMES ADAIR LYON A.M., D.SC. Chairman — Courses for Teachers The 102nd Academic Year at Tulane University has been marked by de- cided advancement in all departments of the University despite the serious blow dealt to the school by the untimely death of Dr. Albert Bledsoe Din- widdie, an able and beloved figure in modern education. Dr. Douglas S. Anderson, dean of the College of Engineering, as acting president has con- tinued the excellent work of Dr. Dinwiddle. A notable sign of improvement was the addition of forty-nine new faculty members to the various departments of the University. The Schools of Medi- cine, both graduate and undergraduate, were the chief beneficiaries of this addition. The staff of the undergraduate School of Medicine led the list with twenty-two new members, while the Graduate School of Medicine added eleven. Designed to give aid to the bewildered freshman, a system of faculty ad- visers was inaugurated during the past year in the College of Arts and Sciences. This plan was adopted after much thought and consideration on the part of the faculty, as there had long been a feeling that there should be more opportunity for individual advice. Hitherto the student and the faculty met only at the time of registration and in the classroom. A group of twenty professors volunteered their services and students were assigned to men who taught subjects in which they were most interested. The advice given was primarily of a scholastic nature, but, if so desired, the in- structors gave advice on personal matters. Dr. Frederick Hard of the department of English was appointed Chair- man of the Committee. He was assisted by Dr. Marten ten Hoor, Dr. Daniel S. Elliott, Professor Robert L. Menuet, Dr. Herbert E. Buchanan, and Dr. Williams M. Mitchell. Another innovation was the compulsory intelligence test taken by fresh- men in the College of Arts and Sciences. The purpose of such tests is to determine why so large a percentage of students drop out of school in their first or second year due to their inability to meet scholastic requirements. By such examination it is hoped that it will be discovered whether lack of native ability or poor preparation cause the majority of these failures, the idea being to weed out those unable to obtain the full benefit of a college education be- fore they have wasted both their own and the University ' s time. However, there is no ruling which provides that the student failing this test shall be compelled to leave school. The tests have been installed to last for a period of four years, during which time their findings will be correlated with the percentile average of the student and their validity as a source of prediction will be checked. Dr. John M. Fletcher, head of the Psychology Department, was put in charge of these intelligence tests, aided by his assistant. Dr. George T. Kalif. The intelligence tests were supplemented by placement tests to determine the student ' s ability in certain fields, and the extent of knowledge acquired by him in his chosen field. At the beginning of the school term, a series of radio broadcasts were be- gun following the suggestion of a committee of the Alumni Association and the Athletic Council. The original plan was for weekly broadcasts, but the first programs were so successful that as many as two or three were broadcast Page 22 FRANS BLOM PH.B., A.M. Director — Department of Middle American Research ELIZABETH WISNER PH.D. Director — The School of Social Work JOHN MacLAREN McBRYDE PH.D., LITT.D. Dean — The Graduate School every week. Various members of the University ' s faculty, representing all departments, presented fifteen minute talks on educational, but noncontro- versial, topics in their respective fields. In this manner, a wide variety of sub- jects were covered and a good deal of interest was aroused not only in uni- versity circles but in the general radio public. The facilities of station WSMB were utilised. Professor George E. Simmons, head of the Journalism Depart- ment, was selected as Chairman of the Committee in charge and was assisted by Mr. Joseph Killeen of the Alumni Association and Mr. Albert Wachen- heim of the Athletic Council. A highly prized addition to Tulane ' s research facilities was made in the acquisition of a card file catalogue of approximately one million two hundred and eighty thousand volumes contained in the Library of Congress. Tulane is the only depository in this section of the country and was selected over several neighboring universities contending for the honor. By means of the alphabetical filing system, a book may be selected and sent for, the only charge being that of return postage. This system gives the scholar the oppor- tunity of tapping the most extensive source of research material in the country with a minimum of time, effort, and expense. Dr. Harold N. Lee of the Newcomb faculty arranged and filed the cards with the aid of some forty-odd workers from both Newcomb and Tulane. Tulane University was selected as host for the thirty-third annual meeting of the Association of American Law Schools, which convened at New Orleans on December 27-30, 1935. Dr. Rufus C. Harris, dean of the College of Law, was the presiding officer at this convention. Every member of the college fac- ulty took an active part in the proceedings. These were the highlights of the past academic year, but an advancement that has a perhaps deeper and more significant meaning was the increased interest in the academic side of university life demonstrated on the part of the student body. The student body as a whole directed its effort toward the im- provement and the extension of the curricula in several fields, notably in that of the social sciences. Headed by the responsible element among the students, this action could not in any sense be regarded as radical. In summary, the year may be considered to have been both satisfactory and progressive. There is little doubt that if the second century in the life of Tulane continues as auspiciously as the first two years, the University will retain the high regard held of it in southern and national scholastic circles. ANNA ESTELLE MANY M.A. Counselor to Women, Newcomb College C i complete roster of faculty members for the de- partments whose deans are pic- tured above will be found immedi ately followiiig the advertisements. Page 23 PIERCE BUTLER B.A., M.A., PH.D. Dean- — Newcomb College FACULTY Pierce Butler, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Draii Marv Bernard Allen, Ph.B., M.A., Ph.D. Mav Alice Allen, B.A., Ph.D. NoLA Lee Anderson, B.S. in Ed, M.A., Ph.D. Henrietta D.utuson Bailev, Diploma Ncwcomb School of Alt Ruth Louise Bell, B.F.A. Caroline Maude Burson, B.A., M.A. Marv Williams Butler, Diploma Newcomb School of Art John Edwin Canadv, B.A., M.A. Mildred Gayler Christian, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Helen Rees Clii ford, B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Simone de la Souchere Delery (Mrs.), Lie. et. Let., Lie. agregee, Sorbonne Clara del Valle del Marmol (Mrs.), Diploma Conservatory of Lausanne, M.A. Clara Marie deMilt, B.A., MA., Ph.D. Adele Marie Drouet, B.A., MA. Lionel Charles Durel, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. RuDD Fleming, Ph.B., M.A., Ph.D. Ly ' Dia Elizabeth Frotscher, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Harlan Welch Gilmore, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Walter Louis Goldstein, B.A. X-wiER Gonzalez Harley Nathan Gould, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Angela Gregory, B.Des. Margaret L,ouise Groben, B.A., Ph.D. Elsie Dorothea Grueber, B.A., M.A. EsJHER FiNLAY " Harvey (Mrs.), B.A., B.S. in Library Science Stuart King Jaffary, B.S., M.A. Maynard Jacob Klein, B.S. in Music, M.M. Alice Monroe Labouisse (Mrs.), B.A., M.A. Clara Lewis Landry (Mrs.), B.A., M.A. Bertha Allen Latane, B.A., M.A. Dagmar Renshaw LeBreton (Mrs.), B.Des., M.A. Harold Newton Lee, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. James Adair Lyon, M.A., D.Sc. Mary Elizabeth Malone, B.A. Anna Estelle Many, B.A., M.A. Melvtn Albert Martin, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Leon Ryder Ma.vwell, B.A., M.A., Diploma Royal Academy St. Cecelia, Rome Rose LeDieu Mooney (Mrs.), B.A. in Ed., B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Myrtle Todd Moore (Mrs.), B.A., M.A. Stuart Grayson Noble, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. William John Phillips, Jr., B.A., M.A. Elizabeth Balfour Raymond, B.Des. Gladys Anne Renshaw, B.A., M.A. Eda Flotte RicALr (Mrs.) Lucy Churchill Richardson, Certificate Newcomb Normal Course in Ph ' . Ed. Agnes Graham Sanders Riley (Mrs.), B.A., M.S. Herbert Parkes Riley, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Amelie Roman, Diploma Newcomb School of Art Rene Salomon, Diploma Conservatory of Marseilles Dorothy Wilson Seago, B.A.. Ph.D. Florence Ambrose Smith, B.S., M.A. Kenneth Eugene Smith, B.S. in Cer. Eng. Adelin Elam Spenxer, B.A., M.A., M.S. Will Henry Stevens Imogen Stone, B.A., M.A. Susan Dinsmore Tew, B.A., Ph.D. Henrietta Moline Thompson, B.S. Lota Lee Troy, B.S. Marie Johanna Weiss, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Virginia M ' estbrook (Mrs.) Alice Weddell Wilkinson (Mrs.) James Edward Winston, B.A.. M.A., Ph.D. Elizabeth Wisner, B.A., M.S., Ph.D. Rosa Lee Knox Wy.wt, B.S., M.A. Garrett Polhemus Wyckoff, B.A., LL.D. STUDENT BODY OFFICERS Cecile M. Kahn President Harrietts Peteet Vice-President Marthalee Craft : . . Corresponding Secretary Mary E. Peacock Recording Secretary Frances E. Wolf Treasurer SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Janice R. Torre President Mabel M. Hall Vice-President Fannie Mae Lemann Secretary Martha SoR. Brogan Treasurer JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Leila S. W rlein President Eloise E. Colcock Vice-President Irving Allee Secretary Barr Conover Treasurer SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Beverly Hess President Polly Corbin Vice-President Charlotte S. Hawkins Secretary Caledonia Jackson Treasurer cecile metz kahn Presitlent Nevcomb Student Body Torre, Werlein, Hess NEWCOMB COLLEGE — SENIOR CLASS Anita H. Abes, A E , A ;; New Orleans, La. Debating Club President (4) ; Debating Council Chairman (4) ; New- comb Student Council Secretary (3) ; Pan-Hellenic Association (4). Fav Allen, Z T A New Orleans, La. Lariniappe; Y. W. C. A. Elizabeth D. Allison New Orleans, La. Lillian Aronson, T 2 2 New Orleans, La. Newcomb Student Council; Dramatic Club; Pan-Hellenic Association (4). Doris E. Beaman, A A n Monroe, La. Rice Institute (2); House Council (4); Art Club (i); Class Cheerleader (3). Dorothy Beckemeyer New Orleans, La. Glee Club (2, 3, 4) ; Operetta (2, 3, 4) ; Dramatic Club (4) ; Y. W. C. A. (4); Classical Club (3, 4), President (4); Hockey. Dolive M. Benoit Houma, La. Glee Club; Hockey Varsity; Basketball Varsity; Newcomb ' s Little Symphony. Adele S. Booker, B 4 ' A Ponchatoula, La. Dramatic Club (i, 2); Y. W. C. A. (i, 2, 3, 4), Cabinet Member (4). Martha SoR. Brocan, X O New Orleans, La. Glee Club (i, 2, 3, 4); Class Treasurer (4); Art Club (i, 2, 3, 4), President (4). Richie Brothers, A A IT Anniston, Ala. Glee Club (i, 2) ; Art Club (i, 2). Ellen P. Brydon New Orleans, La. Glee Club (i, 2, 3, 4); Operetta (i, 3, 4); Newcomb ' s Little Symphony (3, 4) ; Y. W. C. A. (i, 2, 3, 4) ; " N " Club; Hockey Team. Katherine D. Buchanan, X n Prescott, Ark. Hullabaloo Staff (3) ; Lagniappe (4) ; House Council (3, 4) ; West Wing Dormitory President (4). Ora Lee Carroll Algiers, La. Glee Club (4) ; Y. W. C. A. (4) ; Dramatic Club (4) ; Hockey. Ivy P. Case Brookhaven, Miss. Ihilliihaloo Staff; Lagniappe Staff; Dramatic Club; Y. W. C. A. (3, 3, 4), Cabinet (3). AuDA J. Clark, X fi Clarksdale, Miss. Cecile G. Costley, K A 9 New Orleans, La. Lampyrids President; Art Club. Page 26 NEWCOMB COLLEGE - SENIOR CLASS Dalton D. Ckiciii.ow, ZTA New Orleans, La. Glee Club (i, 2, 3, 4), Vice-President (4); Newcomh ' s Little Synnphony (i, 2, 3, 4), Secretary-Treasurer (4) ; Operetta (i, 2, 3, 4) ; V. W. C. A, (i, 2, 3, 4), Cabinet (4). Glendy Culijgan, AOn, ass New Orleans, La, Debating Chairman; Dramatic Club Stage Manager; Hullabaloo Newcomb Editor (4). NiTA S. Dai.v, AAII Lafayette, La. Art Club (i, 2) ; Pan-Hellenic Association (4). Frankie M. Davis, BSO New Orleans, La. Y. W. C. A. (i, 2, 3, 4), Vice-President (4); Glee Club (i, 2, 3, 4); Track (i, 2); Bowling Team (3). Margaret McL. Davis, A IT New Orleans. La. Rose Devensky. 1 2 S New Orleans, La. Glee Club ; Newcomb ' s Little Symphony. Camille D ' Incianni New Orleans, La. Dorothy ' F. Dodson, K A 9 New Orleans, La. Imogene Durrett, $11 Greenwood, Miss Glee Club (i, 2, 3, 4), President (4); New-comb ' s Little Symphony (3, 4); Operetta (i, 2, 3, 4), Lead (2, 4); Executive Committee (4); House Council (4). Louise Ebauch, X Q New Orleans, La. Classical Club (3); Art Club (4); Debating Club (i, 2); Dramatic Club (i, 2, 3, 4), Vice-President (4). Olivia M. Ewing New Orleans, La. Glee Club (2, 4); Dramatic Club (i); Art Club (i, 2, 3, 4), Vice-President (4). Dorothy L. Fraiser New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club. Marjorie L. Frantz New Orleans, La. Eleanor E. Frick, ZTA New Orleans, La. Lampyrids. Catherine M. Hall, ZTA New Orleans, La. Mabel McC. Hall, I JI Atlanta, Ga. Class Vice-President (4); Debating Club; Athletic Council; Pan-Hellenic Association (4); Chapel Chairman (4); Hockey (i, 2, 3, 4); Baseball (2, 3), Varsity (2) ; Basketball (2, 3). Page 27 NEWCOMB COLLEGE - SENIOR CLASS Frances Heidler, X fi Mt. Vernon, 111. Ellen L. Heindei New Orleans, La. Newcomb ' s Little Symphony (i, 2, 3, 4) ; Glee Club (2, 3, 4). Dorothy C. Heinzelman New Orleans, La. Katherine J. HiLD New Orleans, La. Y. W. C. A. Reba-Nell Hoffman New Orleans, La. Newcomb ' s Little Symphony (j, 2. 3, 4), President (4); Glee Club (i, 2, 3, 4); Operetta (i, 2, 3, 4); Triple Trio (i, 2), Special Group (3, 4) ; Dramatic Club (2, 3, 4) ; Jennie C. Nixon Debating Club (2). Laura B. W. Jones, i M Canton, Miss. Art Club (i, 2, 3, 4) ; Glee Club (i, 2, 3, 4) ; Y. W. C. A. (4) ; Doris Hall President (4); Class Hockey (3, 4); House Council (4). Cecile Metz Kahn, A E $, A S 2 New Orleans, La. Class President (3) ; Student Body President (4) ; Tulane Student Coun- cil (4) ; Debating Club (2, 3, 4) ; Debating Council (2, 3, 4) ; Varsity Debating Team (2); George Prize; Dramatic Club (i, 2, 3, 4), Sec- retary (2), Stage Manager (3); Pan-Hellenic Association (4); New- comb Student Council (4). Lillian L. Kemp, AAII Amite, La. Cesil S. Kohlman, a E $ Lagniappc ; Glee Club. New Orleans, La. Marian F. Kohlman, A E I ' New Orleans, La. Debating Club; Dramatic Club; Newcomb and Spalding Basketball. Katherine Legier, K K P New Orleans, La. Art Club. Fannie Mae Lemann, AE$ New Orleans, La. Class Secretary (3, 4); Dramatic Club; International Club; Athletic Council Representative (4); Hockey; Basketball; Baseball. Marjorie L. Lemann, K K P Donaldsonville, La. Art Club; Dramatic Club. Ethelvn R. Leverich, K K F . Hammond, La. ' Jumhalaya; Newcomb Editor (4) ; Class Treasurer (3) ; Executive Com- mittee (4); Athletic Council (i); Glee Club (i, 2); International Club (4). Page 28 1 • 1 1 1 ( ( 1 1 1 NEWCOMB COLLEGE SENIOR CLASS Marion F. Leverich, II B ' I New Orleans, La. Neivcomb Student Council (2, 3); Glee Club 1,1, 2),- Art Club (i, 2); Basketball l ' cam_ (i, 2) ; Track Team (i, 2.) Jui.iElTE E. Levy New Iberia, La, Nell V. Liccett, X n New Orleans, La. Glee Club (i, 2, 3, 4); Operetta (i, 2, 3, 4); Newcomb ' s Little Sym- phony (4). Doris A, Lurie ' . . . . Florala, Ala. Glee Club (i, 2, 3, 4) Special Group (3, 4); Mandolin-Guitar Club (i); Newcomb ' s Little Symphony (i, 2, 3, 4). Adrienne D. McCardell, B I) A Y, W. C. A. New Orleans, La. MONTINE K. McDaniel, n B t Forrest City, Ark. Art Club (i, 2, 3, 4); Newcomb ' s Little Symphony (i).. Helen J. Michel, X fi, A 2 :: Biloxi, Miss. Class President (2) ; Student Body Corresponding Secretary (3) ; New- comb Student Council President (4.); Dormitory Council (i, 2, 3, 4); Executive Committee; Arcade (2); T. U. R. K. (2, 3, 4); Varsity Debating (3, 4); Art Club (i); Basketball (i, 2, 3, 4); Tennis; Pan- Hellenic Association (4). Leah Claire Miller New Orleans, La. Debating Club (i, 2, 3); Dramatic Club (i, 4); Glee Club (4); Newcomb ' s Little Symphony (4); Hockey (i, 4); Spalding Basketball (r). Marjorie Mitchener, IIB Sumner, Miss. Art Club (i, 2, 3, 4) ; Dramatic Club (i, 2, 3). Florence S. Mize, A n Dramatic Club; Debating Club. Gulfport, Miss. Patty Kathleen Motte New Orleans, La. Operetta (t) ; Glee Club (r, 2) ; Jennie C. Nixon Debating Club (2) ; Basketball (3) ; Hockey (3). Rose L. Nobile New Orleans, La. Katherine E. Nolan, K K r New Orleans, La. Music School President (4) ; Student Body Treasurer (3) ; Newcomb Student Council (4) ; Executive Committee (3, 4) ; Glee Club (i, 2, 3, 4), Vice-President (3), Publicity Manager (4) ; A Capella Choir (3, 4) ; Newcomb ' s Little Symphony (3, 4); French Circle (i); T. U. R. K (2, 3, 4), Newcomb Chairman (4); Operetta (i, 2, 3); Newcomb Basketball (t). Catherine C. O ' Neill, AOn New Orleans, La. Newcomb Student Council Vice-President (4) ; Finance Committee (3, 4) ; Pan-Hellenic Association (3, 4) ; Tennis (3). Page 29 1 • 1 1 • 1 1 1 1 1 ( 1 • NEWCOMB COLLEGE - SENIOR CLASS Myrtle J. Pai.misano Ne v Orleans, La. Glee Club; Puppet Club; Ncwccmb ' s Little Symphony (i, 2, 3); Ath- letic Council (3, +), Chairman (4); Newcomb Basketball (i, 2, 3), Var- sity (2, 3), Captain (3); Hockey (i, 2, 3, 4), Varsity (i, 2, 3, 4), Captain (2, 4) ; Spalding Basketball (i, 2, 3), ' arsity (2, 3) ; Baseball N ' arsity (4); Archery Champion (2); Track (2). Harrieite Peteet, I M Greenwood, Miss. Dramatic Club (i, 2, 3, 4); Y. W. C. A. (i, 2, 3, 4); Classical Club (3, 4) ; Dqrmitory Council (3) ; Student Body N ' ice-President (4). Ethel L. Porter New Orleans, La. Glee Club (i); Lampyrids; Swimming (i, 2, 3). Sylvia Joan Pressburc, A E , 6 N Alexandria, La. Hullabaloo Editorial Staff (i, 2. 3, 4), Assistant Editor (3); Lagyiiappe Editor (4); Dramatic Club (i, 2); Debating Club (i); International Club (2, 3). Marjorie E. Putzell New Orleans, La. Rebecca Raulins New Orleans, La. V. W. C. A. (4) ; Glee Club (4) ; Dramatic Club (i, 2, 4) ; Hockey (4). Ruth H. Rees, ! M New Orleans, La. Lagniappe ; Dramatic Club. Sylvia B. Rosenson New Orleans, La. Era Rosenthal, A E ! New Orleans, La. Glee Club; Art Club. Paula E. Rubin, I S S New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club; Pan-Hellenic Association (4). Edna S. Schlecel, X O New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club (i, 2, 3, 4), President {4) ; Freshman Chairman; Athletic Council (i, 2, 3, 4); " N " Club; Athletic Council Representative (4); Executive Committee; Swimming Team (i, 2, 3); Hockey (1); Class Basketball Team (i, 2, 3, 4); Newcomb Basketball Varsity (i, 2, 3, 4), Captain (2, 3) ; Tennis (3, 4) ; May Day (3). Eleanor Shands, n B I Cleveland, Miss. Lampyrids; Art Club; International Club; House Council (2, 3, 4), Vice-President (4); Pan-Hellenic Association (4). Mildred Rea Shaw, A O II New Orleans, La. Art Club; T. U. R. K.; Newccmb Head Cheerleader (4), Assistant (3); Basketball (i, 3) ; Hockey (i). Joel Simon, A E I New Orleans, La. Page 30 1 • 1 1 1 1 ( 1 1 NEWCOMB COLLEGE SENIOR CLASS Helen M. Simpson, H B I New Orleans, La. Lagniappc (4); Glee Club (3, 4); Art Club (3). Florence E. Singreen, K A New Orleans, La. Art Club; Student Body Recording Secretary (2); Pnii-Ilellenic Associa- tion (4). Carolyn M. Stubbs, K K r Monroe, La. Glee Club (3. 4), Accompanist (4) ; Newcomb ' s Little Symphony (3, 4) ; A Capella Choir (3, 4) ; Operetta (3) ; Swimming Team (3). Leslie H. Thacker, ' I 11 New Orleans, La. Mary Y. Thomas, X fl New Orleans, La. Art Club (i, 2, 3, 4) ; Classical Club (3) ; Dramatic Club (i, 2, 3, 4). Janice R. Torre, A H, A S 2 New Orleans, La. Arcade Staff (i); Glee Club (i, 2); Dramatic Club (i, 4); Art Club (i, 2, 3, 4) ; Class President (4), Vice-President (2) ; Pan-Hellenic Association (4); Newcomb Student Council (4). Mary R. Walter, M El Paso, Tex. Lilian H. Walther, X J2 New Orleans, La. Art Club (i, 2, 3, 4) ; Glee Club (r, 2, 3, 4) ; Operetta (2). Polly Woodhouse West, K A Norfolk, Va. Art Club (i, 2, 3, 4); Newcomb Student Council (4); House Council (i, 2, 3, 4), President (4) ; President of Dormitories (4), Secretary (3) ; Executive Committee (4). Marguerite A. Wirth, B $ A New Orleans, La. Newcomb Student Council (4) ; Y. W. C. A. (i, 2, 3, 4), Cabinet (3, 4) ; Glee Club (i, 2, 3, 4); Dramatic Club (i, 2); Art Club (i, 2); Pan- Hellenic Association (4). Virginia L. Worthington, K K r, B A San Antonio, Tex. Newcomb Student Council (4) ; Executive Committee (4) ; House Coun- cil {4); East Wing Dormitory President (4); Art School President; Art Club. Sophie Wright Eunice, La. Constance E. Wyatt, B A Fort Worth, Tex. Art Club. Page 31 ,» ' ?■. • 1 1 1 1 1 1 • • • I 1 • ( 1 1 NEWCOMB COLLEGE JUNIOR CLASS Ruth B. Alexander, ! JI Taylor, Tex. Bettye a. Bacharach, X fi New Orleans, La. Art Club; Dramatic Club (i, 2, 3). Lucy V. Bi.ackma , K K r Tulsa, Okla. Dramatic Club; Art Club. Bertha Blattmann, A A n New Orleans, La. V. W. C. A.; Art Club; Dramatic Club (3); Deutsche Schulverein (2, 3); " N " Club; Athletic Council Representative (i, 2, 3); Hockey Class Team (i, 2, 3), Varsity (2) ; Newcomb Basketball Class Team (i, 2), Varsity (2); Spalding Basketball Class Team (i, 2), Varsity (i, 2); Baseball Class Team (i, 2), Varsity (2); Track (i). Betty Bowlby, K A 6 Shawnee, Okla. Glee Club; Fan-Hellenic Association (3). Janet P. Breidenbach, I JI New Orleans, La. Art Club; Dramatic Club. Susan O. Buck, II B $ New Orleans, La. Alice G. Buford, K K r New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club; International Club. Flora Burton, B 2 New Orleans, La. Y. W. C. A. (i, 2, 3) ; Glee Club (2, 3). Marion Carleton, B i A New Orleans, La. Hullabaloo Staff (3); Dramatic Club (i, 2, 3); Glee Club (2, 3); Debating Club (i, 2) ; Operetta (2, 3) ; Y. W. C. A. (i, 2, 3), Cabinet {2, 3) ; Archery Team (i) ; Newcomb ' s Little Symphony (3). K. TE M. Chamness, X fi Bennettsville, S. C. Glee Club; Art Club; Debating Club. Marie E. Cherbonnier Gretna, La. Dramatic Club (i, 2, 3); Art Club (i). Marjorie McC. Clarke, K K r New Orleans, La. Eloise E. Colcock, K K r New Orleans, La. Hullabaloo Staff; Class Vice-President {3); Dramatic Club (i, 2); International Club President (3) ; Pan-Hellenic Association (3). Beverley R. Colomb, A O n New Orleans, La. Hullabaloo Staff; Dramatic Club; International Club; Art Club. Lucille Comes, B 2; New Orleans, La. Newcomb ' s Little Symphony; Glee Club Secretary-Treasurer; Pan-Hellenic Association (3). Barr Conover, X Q New Orleans, La. Class Treasurer (3); Beauty Court (i); Dramatic Club (2, 3); Art Club (2, 3) ; Debating Club (2) ; Hockey Team (2). Carmen J. Corbera, B20 New Orleans, La. Y. W. C. A. (i, 2, 3) ; Glee Club (i, 2) ; Art Club (3). Marthalee Craft, A II New Orleans, La. Student Body Corresponding Secretary (3). Nellie C. Curtis, K K f New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club (i, 2, 3); Art Club (i, 2); International Club (3). Betty Cutting, K K r New Orleans, La. Art Club; International Club. K. tharine C. Daly, X f! New Orleans, La. Hullabaloo Staff. Selma M. DeBakey Lake Charles, La. Claire H. Dolph, IT B New Orleans, La. Jambalaya; Newcomb Business Manager (3); Art Club (i, 2); Glee Club (i); Class Finance Representative (3). Elizabeth J. Egolf, K A Peoria, 111. Glee Club; Dramatic Club. Caroline Eldreuge, Z T A New Orleans, La. Vera B. Field, XV. Shaw, Miss. Art Club (i) ; Spalding Basketball Captain (i); Varsity (2); Newcomb Basketball Varsity (i, 2), Captain (2). Eleanore a. Fuller, X Q Laurel, Miss. Louise May Goldman, A E •! New Orleans, La. Hullabaloo Business Staff (2, 3), Newcomb Business Manager (2); In- ternational Club (i, 2, 3); Glee Club (i, 2); Operetta (2); Dramatic Club (i, 2) ; Hockey (i). Marie Louise Goodwin, A A IT New Orleans ,La. Debating Club; Dramatic Club; Classical Club. Page 32 • ( 1 1 I 1 1 p 1 1 1 • 1 • ( 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 NEWCOMB COLLEGE JUNIOR CLASS Adrienne Gottschalk, K a Nc v Orleans, La. Glee Club; Art Cluli Secretary (2). Jui.iA I, GvviN Ajiniston, Ala. Glee Club; Newcomb ' s Little Symphony. DoROTHV M. Haas New Orleans, La. Newcomb ' s Little Symphony (i, 2, 3), Vice-President (3); Glee Club (i, 2, 3)- Jane Haas, B I A New Orleans, La. Y. W. C. A. (i, 2, 3); Dramatic Club (i, 2, 3); Newcomb ' s Little Symphony (3). Miriam O. Haas Biloxi, Miss. Ilidlabaloo Staff (2); Jennie C. Nixon Debating Club (i, 2, 3); Debate Council (i, 2, 3); Y. W. C. A. (3); Newcomb ' s Little Symphony (i, 2, 3) ; Class Chairman (i) ; Archery Team (i, 2) ; Baseball (2). Mary A. Hardy, AAII Jasper, Tex. Glee Club. Bernice Heinemann, a E I Newport, Ark. Hullabaloo Staff; Classical Club; International Club; Hockey; Tennis. May V. Henmjrick, K A 9 Shreveport, La. Art Club (i, 2, 3). Sunshine Hooper, X S7 Jackson, Miss. Dramatic Club. Mildred S. Hulsebus, A n Peoria, III. Hullabaloo Editorial Staff; Dramatic Club; Y. W. C. A. Elaine S. Ivey, Z T A New Orleans, La. Hullabaloo Editorial Staff (2, 3), Assistant Newcomb Editor (3);- Jam- bataya Editorial Staff (3); Dramatic Club; Debating Council; Glee Club; Pan-Hellenic Association {3) ; Y. W. C. A. Secretary (3). Jesse W. Janvier, IIB New Orleans, La. Lagr-iappe Staff ' ; Tulane Dance Committee (3); T. Q. R. K. Janet N. Jones, B A New Orleans, La. Y. ' W. C. A.; Art Club. Joyce Joseph, M New Orleans, Lr. Art Club; Dramatic Club. Evelyn Katz, 2 2 New Orleans, La. May Lee Kinberger, B20 New Orleans, La. Y. W. C. A. (r, 2, 3), Cabinet (2) ; Glee Club (i, 2, 3) ; Operetta (2, 3); " N " Club; Athletic Council (2;); Hockey Class Team (i, 2, 3); Newcomb Basketball Class Team (i, 2), Varsltji (2); Spalding Basket- ball Class Team (i, 2), Varsity (i, 2); Baseball Class Team (i, 2), " Varsity (i, 2) ; Track (i) ; Bowling Class Team (2). Gloria B. Ladieu, AAII New Orleans, La. Harriet M. Lemann, Z T A Donaldsonvllle, La. Art Club; Y. W. C. A.; Pan-Hellenic Association (3). Beverly M. Marchand, A A II Donaldsonvllle, La. Art Club; Y. W. C. A. Geraldine M. Marlette, a a n New Orleans, La. Art Club (2, 3); Y. -W. C. A. (3); Track (i). Peggy M. L. Martin, K K r New Orleans, La. International Club (2, 3) ; Dramatic Club (i, 2, 3) ; Newcomb T. U. R. K. President (3); Newcomb Student Council (3); Varsity Basketball (2); Track Team (i); Swimming Team (i); Pan-Hellenic Associa- tion (3). Pearl A. Mayer, X fi New Orleans, La. Art Club; Dramatic Club. Nancy M. McCleskey, X fi Gadsden, Ala. Art Club; Dramatic Club; House Council. Lucerne McCullough, X fi New Orleans, La. Art Club; Dramatic Club. Suzanne McCullough, X n New- Orleans, La. Art Club; Dramatic Club. Veronica M. McGrath, K A 9 Peoria, III. Glee Club. Carolyn P. Middleton, X fi Plaquemlne, La. Art Club (2, 3) ; Dramatic Club (3) ; House Council (2, 3). Jeanne M. Neff New Orleans, La. Francisca M. Negueloua, B 2 New Orleans, La. Art Club (i, 2, T.) ; Dramatic C lub (i, 2, 3); Puppet Club (i, 3); ' Glee Club (i) ; Y, W. A. (i). Leona C. North, A II Corpus Christ!, Tex. Page 33 • 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 NEWCOMB COLLEGE JUNIOR CLASS SiiiRi.EV Y. Odom, B I a Gretna, La. Y. W. C. A. (i); Glee Club ( i ) ; Dramatic Club (2). Edith Pah.et, 2 2 New Orleans, La. Lampyrids (z, 3) ; Pan-Hellenic Association (2), Secretary-Treasurer (3) ; Swimming (i, 2, 3) ; Track (i) ; Newcomb Basketball (i) ; Spald- ing Basketball (i). Virginia Parker, ji Canton, Miss. Debating Club (i, 2, 3), Varsity (2), Council (3); Dramatic Club (i, 3 ) ; Lampyrids (i, 2). Nena N. Pelias, Z T a New Orleans, La. Art Club; Y. W. C. A. Margaret VV-. Poag, A IT Monroe, La. Whitworth College (i, 2); Glee Club; Dramatic Club. Sara M. Powers, A ii n Bogalusa, La. Pan-Hellenic Association (2, 3). Nina H. Redditt, t M Columbia, La. Glee Club (i, 2, 3); Dramatic Club (2, 3); Y. W. C. A. (3). Tane Reynolds, K A G Louisville, Ky. Glee Club. Marion V. Rice, B ? A New Orleans, La. Glee Club (i, 2, 3) ; Y. W. C. A. (i, 2, 3). Martha M. Robertson, K A 9 Henderson, Ky. Art Club; Dramatic Club. Ethel V. Rollins, AOn Gulfport, Miss. Elizabeth A. Scales, A II New Orleans, La. Hullabaloo Staff; Glee Club (i, 2); Dramatic Club (i, 3); Neivcomb Student Council (2, 3), Secretary (3); Executive Committee (2); Class President (2); " T. U. R. K. (2, 3). Marjory S. Schwarz, AE E New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club (i, 2); International Club (i, 2); Art Club (2); New- comb Ball (i); Spalding Basketball (i); Tennis (i); Hockey (i). Elizabeth C. Spencer, K K r Utility, La. Lampyrids. Pauline C. Spivey ' , K A 6 Bonliam, Tex. Art Club. Katie D. Tack, n B Tulsa, Okla. Hullabaloo Staff; Debating Club (i, 2); Dramatic Club (i, 2, 3). Frankie H. Talbot, X fi New Orleans, La. Glee Club; T. U. R. K. ; Newcomb Campus Night Chairman; Pan-Hellenic Association (3). Mardie J. Talbot, X Q New Orleans, La. Glee Club; Deutsche Schulverein. Jane Taylor, K A 6 New Orleans, La. Art Club. Margaret J. Till, ' I M .... Hammond, La. Art Club (i, 2) ; Dramatic Club (i) ; Classical Club (2, 3) ; Y. W. C. A. (i, 2, 3). Gow ' DY Venable, X ... Clarksdale, Miss. T. U. R. K.; Basketball. Shirley ' Walther, Z T A New Orleans, La. Isabel J. Weil, AE New Orleans, La. Lampyrids; Newcomb Student Council (3) ; " N " Club; Athletic Council Secretary-Treasurer (3); Newcomb Basketball (i, 2), Varsity (i, 2); Hockey (i, 2), Varsity (2); Spalding Basketball (i, 2), Varsity (i, 2); Baseball Team (i, 2), Captain (2), Varsity (i, 2). Leila S. Werlein, II B i Vicksburg, Miss. T. U. R. K. (2, 3); Dramatic Club (i, 2, 3); Debating Club Council (i, 2, 3); Class President (3), Vice-President (2); Dormitory Council (1, 2, 3), Secretary (3); Executive Committee (3); Newcomb Student Council (3); Track (1); Classical Club; Freshman Adviser (3); Jennie C. Nixon Debating Club; Varsity Debating Team (2, 3). Frances E. Wolf, AE New Orleans, La. Hullabaloo Staff; Jambalaya Staff; Dramatic Club (i, 2, 3); Interna- tional Club (i, 2, 3); Art Club (i, 3); Student Body Treasurer (3); Executive Committee (3); Finance Committee (3); Class Hockey (i, 2), Varsity (2); Newcomb Ball (i, 2), Varsity (2); Spalding (i, 2), Varsity (2). Frances S. Wood, A A n Troy, Ala. Ann C. Woodard, K K F Tulsa, Okla. Art Club; T. U. R. K. Page 34 NEWCOMB COLLEGE— UNDERGRADUATES Helen E. Adams, ' 39, A A II Alexandria, La. Glee Club; DehatiiiK Club; Y, W. C. A. Leone Adams, ' 38, K A 9 New Orleans, La. Glee Club (1, 2) ; Art Cliili (i, 2). Eva W. Allen, ' 38, II I? ! ' New Orleans, La. Art Club. Betty Jane Anderson, ' 38, X f2 New Orleans, La. Athletic Council; Basketball; Baseball. Edna E. Angle, ' 38, X U New Orleans, La. Jainbalaya Assistant Newcomb Editor (2) ; Art Club (i, 2) ; Glee Club (i, 2); Homecoming Dance Queen (2). Jane Ellen Arrington, ' 39, AOII Alexandria, La. Art Club; Dramatic Club. Elsie M. Baird, ' 39, A A 11 . , Jacksonville, Fla. Elizabeth N. Baker, ' 38, K A 6 New Orleans, La. Glee Club; Art Club. Marv LvDiA Banks, ' 38, 11 Gainesville, Ga. Glee Club. Amele Barlow, ' 39 . . ■ New Orleans, La. Glee Club. PoLLV L. Barnwell, ' 38 Atlanta, Ga. Glee Club (i, 2) ; Archery (i). Louise Baxter, ' 38, M Griffin, Ga. Glee Club; Art Club. Blanche Ervin Benson, ' 39, B I A New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club; Y. W. C. A. Jesselvn R. Benson, ' 38 New Orleans, La. Marjorie L. Bernstein, ' 38 Gulfport, Miss. Dramatic Club. Ruby Mae Bethea, ' 39, K K F New Orleans, La. Glee Club (i) ; International Club (i). Vivian Black, ' 38 New Orleans, La. Glee Club (:, 2) ; Newcomb ' s Little Symphony (i, 2). Betty Blakeslee, ' 38, If A 9 New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club (i); Debating Club (2); Glee Club (i); Y. W. C. A. (2). Sara Elizabeth Booth, ' 38, B 2 New Orleans, La. Y. W. C. A.; Art Club. Betty W. Bowman, ' 39 Millersburg, Pa. Glee Club; Art Club; Y. W. C. A.; Hockey; Archery; Tennis. Marcebelle Bramlette, ' 38, K K r Woodville, Miss. Betsy V. Bronson, ' 38, K K r New Orleans, La. Glee Club (2) ; Dramatic Club (2) ; International Club (2). Hilda Blount Brown, ' 38, K K r Atlanta, Ga. Dramatic Club; International Club; Art Club. Mary Phelan Brown, ' 38, X O Grenada, Miss. Dorothy L. Brumby, ' 38, AOII Franklin, La. Glee Club (i) ; Dramatic Club (i, 2). Jane Buffington, ' 38, K K r New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club. Mary Davie Bull, ' 38, K K r New Orleans, La. Marjorie von P. Burk, ' 39, A II New Orleans, La. Glee Club. Katie Shepherd Butt, ' 39, K A Pensacola, Fla. Glee Club; Dramatic Club. Hermelinda Camera, ' 39 Panama City, R. P. Page 35 » ( 1 1 1 1 1 ( 1 1 1 1 • NEWCOMB COLLEGE— UNDERGRADUATES Eleanor M. Carrere, ' 39, n B I ' New Orleans, La. Art Club; International Cluh. Ki.iZABETii Lee Carroll, ' 39, K K 1 ' Alexandria, La. Art Club; Dramatic Club. Bonnie Carrltii, ' 38, K K T ' New Orleans, La. Art Club. May Richmond Carruth, ' 39, K K 1 ' New Orleans, La. Glee Club; Dramatic Club. Emily Jane Carter, ' 38, AOn Jackson, Miss. Mary Louise Chapotel, ' 38, I JI New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club; Y. W. C. A. Eugenie Chavanne, ' 38, K K r New Orleans, La. EsTELLE L Cohen, ' 39 West Point, Ga. Ruby Cohen, ' 39, I ' 2 2 New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club. Elise Cohn, ' 38 a E I ' New Orleans, La, Class Vice-President (i). Mary Ellen Cohn, ' 38, A E I Houston, Tex. Glee Club. Martha S. Colcock, ' 39 Charlottesville, Va. Glee Club. Polly Corbin, ' 38, II B $ New Orleans, La. Catherine L. Cornay, ' 38, Z T .V New Orelans, La. Y. W. C. A. Alice Margaret Crawford, ' 38 New Orleans, La. Y. W. C. A; Glee Club. Mary K. Dart, ' 38, II B I New Orleans, La. Hullabaloo Staff; Debating Club. Ninette Dart, ' 39, n B I New Orleans, La. Art Club; International Club. Judy F. Davenport, ' 39, Z T A New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club; Art Club; Hockey. Harriet Davis, ' 39, K K r Mobile, Ala. Dramatic Club; Art Club; International Club. Nancy V. Denning, ' 38, X fi Gallatin, Tenn. Glee Club (i); Dramatic Club (i, 2); Art Club (i); Hockey. Doris V. Dillon, ' 38, B ' I A New Orleans, La. Glee Club; Y. W. C. A. Irma M. Dodd, ' 38, Z T A New Orleans, La. Art Club (i, 2) ; Y. W. C. A. Esther Ruth Dorhauer, ' 39 New Orleans, La. Glee Club. Francis Cline Drake, ' 38, B 2 O New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club (i) ; Y. W. C. A. (i, 2) ; Art Club (2). Rutha B. Dryden, ' 39 Robstown, Tex. Miriam Durrett, ' 39, M Greenwood, Miss. Dramatic Club; Art Club. Lorraine M. Dutel, ' 38 New Orleans, La. Nan B. Duvic, ' 38, AOII New Orleans, La. Hullabaloo Staff; Dramatic Club; Glee Club (i). Gladys M. Eddins, ' 38, M Slidell, La. Glee Club. Julia Faye Edmondson, ' 39, B 2 New Orleans, La. Art Club; Y. W. C. A. Page 36 NEWCOMB COLLEGE UNDERGRADUATES Elizabeth B. Edwards, ' 39, X U New Orleans, La. DoRATHEO EiCK, ' 39 Foley, Ala. Glee Club; Dramatic Club. Sara Cecici.ia Er.i.is, ' 38 Pensacola, Fla. Glee Club; Nevvcontib ' s Little Sympbouy. Marcella L Elshoi-Z, ' 39, li A New Orleans, La. Y. W. C. A.; Glee Club. LiBBV R. Et.soN, ' 39, ! ' i; i; . New Orleans, La. Draniatic Club. Mildred Anna Fallo, ' 39 New Orleans, La. Jewel R. Feike, ' 38, A A H Mexico City, Mex. Mathilde a. FiTZPATRlCK, ' 38 New Orleans, La. Art Club; Y. W. C. A. Margaret M. Flournov, ' 39, K K r Columbus, Ga. Art Club. Ellen H. Flowerree, ' 39, K K r New Orleans, La. Art Club; International Club. Ann Foley, ' 39, K K r Columbus, Ga. Art Club. Margaret A. Follette, ' 39, B S O New Orleans, La. Y. W. C. A.; Dramatic Club; Debating Club; Art Club. Clara Olca Freeman, ' 38, - - New Orleaiis, La. Newcomb ' s Little Symphony; Debating Club; Classical Club, Mary Ellen Freeman, ' 38, IT B ! ' Chattanooga, Tenn. Dramatic Club (i); Athletic Council (i); Spalding Basketball (i); Hockey (i); New-comb Ball Yarsity (i); Tennis Championship (i); Ping-Pong Championship (i). Betty R. Frew, ' 38, ZTA New Orleans, La. Edith Fussell, ' 38, K A 9 New- Orleans, La. Mary Valerie Gaiennie, ' 38, K A 9 New Orleans, La. Lillian Clarke Galt, ' 38, K K r New Orleans, La. Marian A. Garsia, ' 39, X fi New Orleans, La. Glee Club; Dramatic Club. Anne R. Gause, ' 38 New- Orleans, La. Hullabaloo Staff; Art Club (i, 2); Dramatic Club (i, 2); Glee Club (i); Debating Club (2); Y. W. C. A. (2). Gwendolyn G. Geary, ' 39, X Q New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club. Marjorie M. Geary, ' 39, X n New Orleans, La. Hockey ; Deck Tennis. Rita C. Geicer, ' 38 Gretna, La. Glee Club ; Y. W. C. A. Grace George, ' 38, n B I New Orleans, La. Homecoming Dance Court (2) Lucrecia Gerardino, ' 39 Ponce, P. R. Sue Getsinger, ' 39, A n New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club; Hockey. Ruth L. Goldman, ' 39, I ' 2 2 Little Rock, Ark. Debating Club. Lois Goldsmith, ' 39, A E I San Antonio, Tex. Glee Club. Jane E. Goldstein, ' 39 Mobile, Ala. Elaine M. Gottschalk, ' 38, K A 9 New- Orleans, La. Glee Club. Rosemary Gouch, ' 39 New Orleans, La. Glee Club. Margaret Anne Green, ' 38 Louisville, Ky. Glee Club; Dramatic Club; Archery. Jane M. Greenfield, ' 38, A E $ St. Louis, Mo. T. U. R. K. ; House Council; Art Club; International Club. Page 37 1 • t 1 1 • • 1 ( 1 1 1 1 1 ilPP NEWCOMB COLLEGE— UNDERGRADUATES Alvce C. Gremilliok, ' 39 Pineville, La. Glee Club; Hockey; Tennis. Jean Griffith, ' 39, )! 22 O New Orleans, La. Glee Club ; Y. W. C. A. MoNTEZ H. Haas, ' 39, A O n Bunkie, La. Glee Club; Dramatic Club. Betsey B. Hackeit, ' 39, IT B I New Orleans, La. Elizabeth Hartz Hann.a, ' 39 New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club. Charlotte M. Hardie, ' 38, n B I New Orleans, La. Jane M. Harris, ' 39, K K r New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club; International Club; Glee Club. Lucille A. Harris, ' 39, I M New Orleans, La. Glee Club; Dramatic Club. Charlotte S. Hawkins, ' 38, X il New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club (i); Art Club (i); Debating Club (2); T. U. R. K. (2); Class President (i); Secretary (2). Dorothy Hayward, ' 39, X Q New Orleans, La. Glee Club. Adele Hannon Heaton, ' 38, A n New Orleans, La. Art Club (i, 2); T. U. R. K. {2); Hockey (r); Newcomb Basketball Class Team; Freshman Cheerleader. Marie Elise Hebert, ' 38, K K r New Orleans, La. Winnie G. Hemphill, ' 38, X Q Greenwood, Miss. Art Club; International Club. Rosa S. Heroid, ' 39, A E ! Shreveport, La. Jean Herzfeld, ' 39, A E ' I " West Point, Ga. Art Club. Beverly Hess, ' 38, K K r Kansas City, Mo. T. U. R. K.; Class President (2), Treasurer (i); Executive Council; Newcomb Student Council (2). Florence Evelyn Himel, ' 39 Convent, La. Dorris-Jean Hinson, ' 39, X fi Marianna, Fla. Art Club. Edith Hirsch, ' 39, A E I New Orleans, La. Emmie Lou Hirsch, ' 38, A E I Fayette, Miss. Basketball; Swimming. Jane C. Hochenedel, ' 38, K K r Houma, La. Jambataya Staff; Art Club. MoNiTA H. Hohenstein, ' 39, K K r New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club; International Club; Hockey. Marie Louise Hoi.brook, ' 39, K K r New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club; Art Club; International Club. Verda a. Hudson, ' 38 New Orleans, La. Glee Club. Francenia Ir win, ' 39, A n Mt. Pleasant, Tenn. Dramatic Club; Y. W. C. A.; Art Club. Caledonia Jackson, ' 38, II B I Greenville, Miss. Glee Club (i); Art Club (i, 2); Dramatic Club (r); International Club (2) ; Class Treasurer (2). Jane C. Jarman, ' 38, K A 6 Oklahoma City, Okla. Lewise J. Johns, ' 39, AOn New Orleans, La. Art Club; Glee Club. Nancy L. Johnson, ' 38, AAII New Orleans, La. Glee Club (i, 2); Y. W. C. A. (2); Dramatic Club (i, 2); Hockey (i, 2); Newcomb Basketball (i); Bowling (i). Isabelle Johnston, ' 39, IT B I Texarkana, Ark. Dramatic Club; International Club; Art Club. Janet M. Johnstone, ' 38, K A 6 New Orleans, La. Y. W. C. A. Paula H. Potts, ' 39, n B 1 Natchitoches, La. Dramatic Club; Debating Club; Newcomb ' s Little Symphony; Glee Club. Dorothy R. Joseph, ' 38, ' ! M New Orleans, La. Art Club; Y. W. C. A. Page 38 ■ ■ . I NEWCOMB COLLEGE— UNDERGRADUATES Esther Judlin, ' 38, I M New Orleans, La. Y. W. C. A. (i, 2); Dramatic ( ' lub (2); T. U. R. K. {2); Assistanl Cheerleader (2); Newcomb Basketball Varsity (i), Class Captain (i); Hockey Varsity (i, 2), Class Captain (2); Varsity Basketball (i, 2); Baseball Varsity (i, 2). Fi.EURETTE E. Kahn, ' 38, A K 1 Rayne, La. Athletic Council; Basketball; Swimming; Tennis. Elizabeth M. Kaufman, ' 39 Charlottesville, Va. Carroll Keen, ' 39, Z T A . New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club; Art Club; Tennis. Jane E. Kelleher, ' 38, X n New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club; Art Club. Margaret Ann Kelly, ' 38, A n New Orleans, La. Emily B. Kennedy, ' 39 Toledo, Ohio Fanny Kern, ' 39, A E I New Orleans, La. Hockey. Frances L. Kimzey, ' 39, K A New Orleans, La. Glee Club; Y. W. C. A. Hattie M. Kimzey, ' 39, A A 11 New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club; Y. W. C. A. Ursula M. Klein, ' 39, B I A Metamora, Ohio Newcomb ' s Little Symphony; Glee Club. Marjorie R. Klinesmith, ' 38, K K r New Orleans, La. Lampyrids. Winifred H. Knighton, ' 39, i JI Homer, La. Glee Club; Newcomb ' s Little Symphony; A Capella Choir. Dorothy Kohl, ' 38, K A 9 New Orleans, La. Art Club. Ruth Kohlman, ' 39, AE i New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club; Debating Club; Jamhalnya Staff; Hullabaloo Staff; Hockey Team Captain. Ann S. Kostmayer, ' 39, K K r New Orleans, La. Glee Club; Art Club. Jane A. Kramer, ' 39, A A n McComb, Miss. Angela M. La Franca, ' 39, A A IT New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club; Y. W. C. A. Katherine B. Lanier, ' 38, K K r Birmingham, Ala. Art Club; Dramatic Club. Christiana Latimer, ' 39, AAII San Antonio, Tex. Muriel M. Lemann, ' 39, A E t Donaldsonville, La. Dramatic Club ; Hockey. Donna F. Lemarie, ' 38, AOn New Orleans, La. Marjorie M. Lemarie, ' 38, A P New Orleans, La. Marjorie Campbell Leverich, ' 39, n B I) New Orleans, La. Art Club; Dramatic Club. Elise B. Levy, ' 38 New Orleans, La. Glee Club (i). Jeanne D. Levy, ' 38 New Orleans, La. Glee Club (i). Madeline M. Levy, ' 38 New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club; Class Hockey Team (i), Varsity (i); Class Baseball Team (i), Varsity (i); Class Swimming Team (i); Class Basketball Squad (i). Marion L. Levy, ' 38, AE New Orleans, La. International Club. Isabel McG. Lipscomb, ' 38, n B 1 ' New Orleans, La. Art Club; Dramatic Club. Mary Elaine Lipscomb, ' 38, X Q Memphis, Tenn. Sydney G. Lob, ' 38, A E I New Orleans, La. Lampyrids; Hockey; Baseball. Betty G. Lockett, ' 38, IIB New Orleans, La. Bernice Lockvvood, ' 39, A E I ' Hot Springs, Ark. Dramatic Club; International Club; Art Club. Page 39 W • 1 1 1 1 ( 1 ( 1 1 1 • NEWCOMB COLLEGE— UNDERGRADUATES Frances K. Loeb, ' 38, A E I ' Montgomery, Ala. Tennis; Badminton; Basketball. RosEMARiE E. Mandot, ' 39, ZTA Metairie, La. Art Club; Dramatic Club; Hockey. Marjorie M. Marchal, ' 39, K K r New Orleans, La. Glee Club; International Club. Mauge C. Marchand, ' 39, A A n Donaldsonville, La. Art Club; V. W. C. A. Norin ' e H. Marks, ' 39, A E ' I Sherman, Tex. Art Club. Katherine S. Marrero, ' 39, I M New Orleans, La. Marion E. Mason, ' 39 New Orleans, La. Elizabeth C. Matthews, ' 39, n B New Orleans, La. Art Club; Dramatic Club; International Club. CoRiNNE H. Maunsell, ' 38, IT B $ New Orleans, La. Ione Zulma Maver, ' 38, Z T . New Orleans, La. Art Club. Catherine B. McCaix, ' 39, X Q Bennettsville, S. C. Tov McCanne, ' 38, X fi Clarendon, Tex. Glee Club; Art Club; Dramatic Club. Helen Louise McCaskev, ' 39 New Orleans, La. Glee Club; Dramatic Club; Y. W. C. A. Helene Tupper McClure, ' 39, X 12 Sardis, Miss. Dramatic Club; Art Club. Barbara W. McIlhenny, ' 39, H B $ New Orleans, La. Glee Club; Art Club. Margaret T. McKenzie, ' 38, ZTA New Orleans, La. Glee Club. Bernice E. Mevess, ' 38 . . . . New Orleans, La. Yvonne Meyer, ' 38, K A © New Orleans, La. Art Club. Helen Mary Meyers, ' 39, JIB New Orleans, La. May C. Miles, ' 39, n B New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club; Art Club. Alisia H. Moody, ' 38, K K r New Orleans, La. Art Club. Rita E. Moore, ' 39, ZTA New Orleans, La. Art Club; Dramatic Club. ' ircinia Louise Moore, ' 39, X fJ Senatcbia, Miss, Glee Club; Dramatic Club. Mary Arthur Morelock, ' 39, K A 6 Haynesville, La. Glee Club; Newcomb ' s Little Symphony. Margaret F. Morgan, ' 39, 4 ' M Keatchie, La. Glee Club; Hockey. LuLiE Taylor Nabors, ' 39, ZTA Mansfield, La. Ethelbert Nelson, ' 39 Westwego, La. Archery. Dorothy Edna Nuncesser, ' 39, I .M New Orleans, La. Glee Club; Dramatic Club. Jerrie M. O ' Connor, ' 38, AOII New Orleans, La. Basketball Varsity (i); Baseball Varsity (i). Betty E. Ormond, ' 39, I Forest, Miss. Dramatic Club; Debating Club. Mildred Palter, ' 38, t i;i;.. New Orleans, La. Kate Scott Patterson, ' 39, X fi Rosedale, Miss. Glee Club; Art Club. Bertha Meader Patton, ' 39, A n Greenville, S. C. Dramatic Club; Y. W. C. A.; Glee Club. Page 40 11 II • I • • I I NEWCOMB COLLEGE— UNDERGRADUATES Bett-s J. Peakcf:, ' 38, I ' , i) o New Orleans, La. Glee Club (i, 2); Y. W. C. A. (i, 2), Cabiiiel (1, 2), Treasurer (2). Mary Endt Pearce, ' 39 New Orleans, La. Classical Club; V. W. C. A. Jane E. PENECU ■, ' 39, i M Pass Christian, Miss, Joyce A. Perez, ' 39, A O TI New Orleans, La. Glee Club. Peggy Akn Philpot, ' 39, ri li Kansas City, Mo. Bertha May Piowaty, ' 39 Chicago, 111. Louise Pitts, ' 38, K K r Alexandria, La. Glee Club; Debating Chib; T. U. R. K. ; Newcomb Student Council (2). MiMi C. Platter, ' 39, n B New Orleans, La. Anne Plettinger, ' 39 St. Francisville, La. Y. W. C. A.; International Club. Terry Kennon Jones, ' 39, 11 B San Antonio, Tex. Dramatic Club; Art Club. Angelique L. Provosty, ' 38, K K r Alexandria, La. Jambalaya Staff; Art Club; Glee Club. Dorothy J. Pugh, ' 38, I ' JI New Orleans, La, y. W. C. A.; Dramatic Club; Hockey (i, 2). Emily P. Quigley, ' 38, X -Q New Orleans, La. Art Club; Dramatic Club. Grace S. Rabinovvitz, ' 39, AE Greenville, Miss. Art Club; Hockey. Elizabeth R. Reid, ' 39, II B € New Orleans, La. Glee Club. Elaine Rester, ' 38, X Q New Orleans, La. Art Club; Dramatic Club; Jamhalayn ; Assistant Newcomb Business Manager. Cynthia M. Roby, ' 39, B I ' A New Orleans, La. Glee Club; Art Club. Elizabeth B. Rogan, ' 39 New Orleans, La. Glee Club. Frances M. Rollins, ' 39 Gulfport, Miss. Bernice M. Ross, ' 39, A n New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club. Laurette J. Rothschild, ' 38, A E $ Columbus, Ga. International Club (i, 2); Dramatic Club (i); Tennis (i, 2); Badminton (2). Jeanette Rusovich, ' 39, Z T A New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club.; Art Club. Miriam J. Scales, ' 39, AOn New- Orleans, La, Art Club; Dramatic Club. Ber l May- Schmht, ' 39 New- Orleans, La. Art Club. Frances Schneid, ' 39, I -2 New Orleans, La Dramatic Club. Marian F. Schoolfield, ' 38, n )? ' t Chattanooga, Tenn. SiDONiE Provosty Scott, ' 38, K K r Alexandria, La, Jambalaya Staff. Katharine T. Sellers, ' 38, K K r New Orleans, La, Louise T. Semple, ' 39 . . New- Orleans, La, Dramatic Club; Y. M ' . C. A.; Art Club. Mary Shands, ' 39, HE Cleveland, Miss. Dramatic Club; Art Club. Mary G. Shapard, ' 39, K .i 9 Wichita Falls, Tex. Glee Club; Art Club; Dramatic Club. Elizabeth Sharp, ' 39, n B I . Muskogee, Okla, Art Club; Dramatic Club; Glee Club. Doris L. Sherman, ' 38, K A 9 Glee Club; Art Club. Page 41 Havnesville, La. Wl wm DOB 5fc «i»i NEWCOMB COLLEGE — UNDERGRADUATES Dorothy M Sherrouse, ' 39, A A H Gilbert, La. Mary E. Sihler, ' 39, n 15 Litchfield, 111. Dramatic Club; Art Club. Grace Henrietta Simon, ' 38, B A Ne v Orleans, La. Peggy Simon, ' 39, A E i ' New Orleans, La. Amy Smith, ' 38, n B I Clarksdale, Miss. Art Club; House Council Art Chairman; Dramatic Club Secretary; Hockev; Newcomb Ball; Basketball; Homecoming Dance Court (2). Jane O. Smith, ' 39 New Orleans, La. V. W. C. A.; Art Club; Hockey. Marion Smith, ' 39 New Orleans, La. Sarah R. Smith, ' 39, K K r Atlanta, Ga. International Club; Dramatic Club. Zola G. y Smith, ' 39, AOII . New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club; Archery. OoiLE St. Martin, ' 38 New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club. Juliette Stanxliff, ' 39, Z T A New Orleans, La. Glee Club; Art Club. Adele L. Story, ' 38, 9. New Orleans, La. Glee Club; Art Club; Dramatic Club; Hockey. Mary Jane Stout, ' 39, ZTA New Orleans, La. Alma M. Sullivan, ' 38 New Orleans, La. Debating Club (i, 2); Dramatic Club (i, 2); Hockey (i, 2); Spalding Basketball (i); Baseball Varsity (i); Ping-Pong (i). Harriet Sutherland, ' 38, JIB Taxco, Mex. Dramatic Club; Art Club. Mary Ellis T. ck, ' 39, HB Tulsa, Okla. Art Club; Dramatic Club. Charlene M. Taylor, ' 39, M Freeport, Tex. Mary R. Taylor, ' 38, IIB New Orleans, La. Sallie Keen Tebo, ' 39, II B I . New Orleans, La. Glee Club; Art Club. Eleanor E. Terhune, ' 38 New Orleans, La. Salome M. Thalheim, ' 38 Gretna, La. Gladys A. Thiberge, ' 39, BSO New Orleans, La. Glee Club; Art Club; Y. W. C. A. Dorothea R. Thornton, ' 38, ZTA New Orleans, La. Art Club ; Y. W. C. A. Yvonne D. Thouron, ' 39, B20 New Orleans, La. Art Club; Glee Club. Dorothy M. Topping, ' 38, B ■! A New Orleans, La. Glee Club (i, 2); Newcomb ' s Little Symphony (2); Dramatic Club (i). Evie Rush Trigg, ' 39, K A 9 Dallas, Tex. Dramatic Club. Beatrice E. Trudeau, ' 38, A n New Orleans, La. Janice F. Trum, ' 38 New Orleans, La. International Club (i); Glee Club (i); Dramatic Club (i); Newcomb Ball (i), Varsitv (i); Hockev (i). Varsity (i); Basketball (i); Baseball (i). Claribel Trunzler, ' 38, I M New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club; Y. W. C. A. Mary R. Upton, ' 38, IIB New Orleans, La. Mary A. Utley, ' 39, K A 9 New Orleans, La. Glee Club. Mildred V. Valentine, ' 39 New Orleans, La. Y. W. C. A.; Glee Club; Newcomb ' s Little Symphony. BhTTY Ann Van Cleave, ' 38 A A II New Orleans, La. Glee Club. Page 42 NEWCOMB COLLEGE— UNDERGRADUATES Dorothy M. Van Lun, ' 39, Z T A New Orleans, La. Glee Club; nramatic Club. Shirley M. Viosca, ' 39, B I A New Orleans, La. Glee Club; Dramatic Club; Y. W. C. A. Jane Waddle, ' 38, S.il New Orleans, La. Glee Club (i, 2); T. U. R. K. ; Frcsliman Council. Eileen Walshe, ' 38, K A 9 New Orleans, La, Mary K. Walker, ' 38, K A 9 New Orleans, La. Glee Club; Art Club. Peggy Porter Weaver, ' 38, K K r Ft. Wayne, Ind. Hullabaloo Staff; Dramatic Club; Glee Club. Dorothy Webb, ' 38, AOTI New Orleans, La. Cecelia E. Weil, ' 39, A E ! Corpus Christi, Tex. Pearl J. Weinstein, ' 38 Marrero, La. Dramatic Club; Debating Club; Glee Club. Helen L. Weisenfelder, ' 39 Beaumont, Tex. Jeanne Wellborn, ' 39, II B ' I New Orleans, La. Hockey; Swimming. Mary Graves Wells, ' 38, K K r New Orleans, La. Debating Club. Marilyn Wheless, ' 39, K A 9 Shreveport, La. Art Club. Carolyn R. White, ' 39, K A 9 New Orleans, La. Glee Club. Helen May White, ' 38, AAII Bastrop, La. Helen V. Whitney, ' 39, I ' M Longview, Tex. Glee Club. Velma Clark Wiederecht, ' 39, $ M New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club; Hockey; Basketball; Baseball. Marjorie J. Wiegand, ' 38 New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club; Debating Club; Hockey. Pauline C. Wiegand, ' 39 New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club ; Hockey. Clara D. Williams, ' 38, K K r Houston, Tex. Dramatic Club; Art Club. Ellen Hume Williams, ' 39, K A 9 New Orleans, La. Glee Club; Dramatic Club; Hockey; Swimming. Lee M. Williams, ' 38, K A 9 New Orleans, La. Marion C. Wilson, ' 39, K A 9 New Orleans, La. Woods Wilson, ' 38, K K r Rockwood, Tenn. Art Club; House Council. Jeannette Wise, ' 39, X Q Warren, Ark. Art Club; Dramatic Club. Patricia Woodward, ' 39, IIB ' I ' New Orleans, La. Art Club; Glee Club; Hockey. Virginia May Wright, ' 39, X O. Sardis, Miss. Glee Club; Dramatic Club. Samuella P. Wynne, n B I Huntsville, Tex. Elise Ruth Yarrut, ' 38, I 2 2 New Orleans, La. Marjorie Adelle Yates, ' 38, I 11 Greenwood, Miss. Glee Club; A Capella Choir. Lena Louise Yocum, ' 38, X fi El Dorado, Ark. Dramatic Club; Art Club. Page 43 Qy 1 1 1 1 1 ( 1 1 1 • FACULTY Charles Cassedv Bass, M.D., D.Sc. (Hon.) Diaii F.A.C.P. CHARLES CASSEDY BASS H.D., r.SC. (HON.), F.A.C.P. Dejn — The School of Medicine Alfred Louis Adam, M.D. Llicl n White Ale.xandek, M.D., F.A.C.S, Richard Karl Anderson, B.A., M.S., Ph.D Joseph Novell Ane, B.S., M.D. John- Joseph Archinard, B.S., M D. James Monroe Bamber, M.D., F.A.C.P. Rav Gregory Banister, M.D. Georce Elliott Patric Barnes, B.S., M.D. Mary Elizabeth Bass, M.D., F.A C.P. George Clarence B.mtalora, M.D., F.A.C.S. Frank Theophile Beatrol ' s, M.D. Oscar Walter Bethea, Ph.G., M.D., F.C.S., F.A C.P., M.Pharm. (Hon.) Sidney William Bliss, B.S., Ph.D. Emile Bloch, M D., F.A.C.S. Milton Berry Bowman, Jr., M.D. Louis JUDSON Bristow, Jr., B.S., M D. Charles Lafayette Brown, B.S., M D. Donovan Clarence Browne, B A., M.D. Earl Zollicoffer Browne, B.A., M D. Wiley Ross Buffington, M.D. George Edward Burch, Jr., M.D. Edgar Burns, M.D. Edward Grant Cailleteau M.D. Ansel Marion Caine, B.A., MD. Arthur Anthony Caire, Jr.. B.. ., M.D , F.A C 3. Alston Callahan, B A., M D. Octave Charles Cassegrain, M.D.. F.A.C.S. Lionel Louis C.azenavette, M D. Sims Atkins Chapman, B.S., M D., F.A A P. Hymen Leon Cohen, B.S., M.D., F.A C.S. Isidore Cohn, B.S., M D., F.A.C.S. James Clifton Cole, B A., M D.. F.A.CP. Conrad Green Collins, B S., M D., M.S. Samuel Harvey Colvin, Jr., B.S., M D. Edmund McCollam Connely, B.A., M.D. John Stephen Couret, M.D. Charles Franklin Craig, M.D, M.A., FAC Col. U. S. Army, M. C . Retired, D.S.M. Frederick Jennings Crumley, M D. Harold Cummins, B.A., Ph.D. Joseph Steven D ' Antoni, M D. John Llewellyn D.wis, B.S., M.D. Carl Calvin Dauer, B.A.. M.D., MP.H. Marie Byrd Dees-M. ttincly, B.A., B.S . M.D. BoNi Tames DeLaureal, M.D. Vincent Ioseph DePaul Derbes, M.D. Walter Clarence DeRouen, B.S., D.D.S. John Ale ' xander Devron, M.A., M.D. Wiley Auva Dial, M.D. John Leonard Dlyon, B.A.. B.S., M.D. Louis Joseph Dubos, Jr., B.A., M.D. Charles Warren Duval. M.A., M.D., F.A.C P. Charles Dirker Ehlert, B S., M.D. Charles Leverich Eshleman, B.A.. M.D. Peter Everett, Jr.. B.A., M D. Ernesi Carroll Faust, B.A , M.A.. Ph.D. Frederick Leonard Fenno, M.D., F.A C ?. Luther Se.vton Fortenberry, B.S., M D. Paul Cameron Foster, B.A., PhD. Andrew Vallois Friedrichs, B.S., M.D. Thomas Fukuo Fujiwara Idys Mims Gage, M.D , F.A.C.S. Manuel Gardberg, B.S., M.D. Hermann Bertram Gessner, M.A., M.D., F.A.C.S. William Howard Gillentine, B.S., M.D. John Barr Gooch, B.S., M.D. Contained After AdvCTlisenients F AC.P., STUDENT BODY OFFICERS John C. Weed President GusTAVus W. Thomasson, Jr. Vice-President F. Scott Glover, III Secretary Jack D. Brownfield Treasurer SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Merrell O. Hines President James M. Ciaravella. . ' Vice-President Harold T. Kimata Secretary Harold H. Bowerman Treasurer JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Samuel H. Haigler, Jr President Thomas A. Glass, Jr Vice-President Sumner W. Brown Secretary Roger S. Knapp Treasurer SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Frank M. Townsend President Glenn Q. Street, Jr Vice-President Amos D. Garner Secretary William E. Ehlert Treasurer FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS John H. Keller President John P. Fatherree Vice-President Beamon S. Cooley, Jr Secretary Frederick L. Reuter Treasurer JOHN CONANT weed B.S, PTCsidcnl — School of Medicine Student Body Hines, Haiglec, Ti ownsend SCHOOL OF MEDICINE — SENIOR CLASS George Scott Allev, A K K, :: N Emory, Tex. Hubert Lee Allen, Jr., -i T A, ! B II Kansas City, Mo. A.B. Degree, University of Kansas; Owl Club. Joseph Dr.ak.e Anderson, I X, K A . . Owl Club. Henry Ernest Askin, X, n K ■! . . Franklin, Tenn. Alexander City, Ala. Paul James Azar New Orleans, La. A.B. Degree, Loyola University. Wilhelmina Constance Backer, A E I, B . . . . New Orleans, La. A.B. Degree, Newcomb College; Medical Pan-Hellenic Council (4). Thomas Ale.xander Baines, K ' -. . . Jackson, Miss. Leo Walter Benson, 9 K ■ ! ' , Z ! E Port Arthur, Tex. B.S. Degree, Tulane University. Harold H. Bowerman Whittier, Calif. A.B. Degree, Whittier College; M.S. Degree, Washington University. Lawrence William Burt, X 2 N, A T A . . Thirteen Club. New Orleans, La. Dannie Heard Byram, 9 K ■ ' I ' Alexandria, La. William Horace Byrne, X :2 X, K 2 . . Owl Club. Nashville, Tenn. Paul Spencer Causey, I X, 2 X El Paso, Tex. A.B. Degree, University of Alabama. James Monteleone Ciaravella B.S. Degree, LIniversity of Florida; Honor Council (i Vice-President (4) ; Hullabaloo (2). Page 46 . Tampa, Fla. Medical Class SCHOOL OF MEDICINE — SENIOR CLASS Emmerson Chaii.lb Ciuassok, a E I, I ' ciri Nf ' ches, Tex. Mary Paui.ini; Chiasson, A E I Port Ncches, Tex. B.S. Degree, Newcomb College. Samuel Clark Collins, I X, n K A Houma, La. B.S. Degree, Tulane University. John Corso New Orleans, La. Jack Aubrey CRirrENDEN, ' I X, 2 N Hartselle, Ala. Walter Emmett Crumpler, Jr., I X, A T . . . . Port Arthur, Tex. Owl Chili; Medical Pan-Hellenic Council (4). Lewis Mercer Dawson, A K K, n K I B.S. Degree, Tulane Universit) ' . Mobile, Ala. Murray Allen Diamond, A K Flushing, L. I., N. Y. B.S. Degree, Tulane University; Medical Student Body Treasurer (3). Vincente D ' Incianni New Orleans, La. Charles Johnson Donald, Jr., 9 K ■ ! ' , 2 E Fairfield, Ala. Verner Judson Donnelly, N 2 N Houston, Tex. Joseph Brown Farrior, K A Tampa, Fla. B.S. Degree, University of Florida, Attilio Vincent Filizola San Antonio, Tex. Martin Luther Flynt, Jr., 9 K I ' . . . . Owl Club (3, 4) Page 47 Meridian, Miss. SCHOOL OF MEDICINE SENIOR CLASS Chester Arthur Fort, Jr., I X, 2 A E Ocala, Fla. Ralph Friedman, ! A E, Z 15 T Oxford, Miss. B.S. Degree, Tulniie; t ' niversity of Mississippi; Rand (3). Shei.i.ev Rice Gaines, I X Enid, Miss. James Robert Gobfrev, G K I ' Dunkirk, N. Y. Juan Candelario Gonzalez, Jr., Ij I A Rio Grande, Tex. S.wuRNiNO MuNOZ Gonzalez, I I A Clifton, Ariz. Carencro, La. Eric Edor Guilbeau, Jr . B.S. Degree, Tulane University. John Vardaman Gwin, G K I ' New Orleans, La. Gordon Middleton Hankins, I X, A E A Birmingham, Ala. B.S. Degree, Howard College. Thomas James Healy New Orleans, La. B.S. Degree, Tulane University. Hector Himel Henry Hymel, La. Iliilltilmloo Representative (5). Edwin Joseph Herpich, 9 K 1 ' , A 2 I ' New Orleans, La. Itta Bena, Miss. Jesse Robert Hightower, I X, K 2 . . . . Honor Council (2). Merrell Odom HiNES, e K I ' Jackson, Miss. B.S. Degree, Millsaps College; Medical Class President (4) ; Chairman Scholarship Club (4) ; Owl Club. Page 48 SCHOOL OF MEDICINE SENIOR CLASS Norman Dei; Hinhs, I P S Seven Springs, N. C. James Hamh.ion Hou.imok, () K I ' Houston, Tex. Verner Smith Holmes, ' I X, II K A Lexie, Miss. Russell Daniel Holt, G K ■ ! ' Alliuquerque, N. M. William Martin Howdon, G K Clearwater, Fla. A.B. Degree, University of Alabama. Paul Milton Huddleston, A K K Huntington, W. Va. A.B. Degree, Marshall College. Charles Raymond Hume, N S N, B G II New Orleans, La. Jacksonville, Fla. Thomas Melbourne Irwin, N 2 N, A G Owl Club. Charles Roderick Jenkins, $ B n Bassfield, Miss. A.B. Degree, University of Alabama. William Logan Jennings, N 2 N, A T A Jennings, Fla. Carrol Allen Johnson, Jr., N 2 N Wilson, Okla. A.B. Degree, University of Oklahoma. John Mitchel Johnson, Jr., S X, " I ' K San Saba, Tex. Harold Tamaki Kimata Honolulu, T. H. Medical Class Secretary (4). Albert Paul Kimball, " I ' X, K 2 Yuma, Ariz. University of Wyoming; Utah State College; University of Arizona. Page 49 ? SCHOOL OF MEDICINE — SENIOR CLASS MiNORu KiMURA Honolulu, T. H. Thomas Alexander LeVali.ev Miles Citv, Mont. Arthur Noble Lewis, Jr., N 2 N, B e n New Orleans, La. Elizabeth Lewis, n B I New Orleans, La. A.B. Degree, Nevvcomb College. Hippoi.TTE Peter Marks, Jr., Z B T B.S. Degree, Tulane University. Monroe, La. Paul Lombroso Marks, i A E, 2 A M New Orleans, La. Medical Pan-Hellenic Council (4). James Lloyd Massey, $ X, 2 N Quincy, Fla University of Florida ; Owl Club. Edward de Saunhac Matthews, N 2 N, K A, " I ' B K, A fi A, B M, $ ! ' , A K New Orleans, La. B.S. Degree, Tulane University; Owl Club; Spectators; White Elephants; Medical Class President (4). William Claude McCurdy, Jr., N 2 N, A B Purcell, Okla. George Gordon McHardy, IU, N 2 N Baton Rouge, La. A.B. Degree, Spring Hill College. Alfred Joseph Messina Vicksburg, Miss. Medical Class Vice-President (3). Walter Benjamin Meyer, N 2 N Hondo, Tex. Carl Foster Moore, Jr Gainesville, Tex. Samuel Bernard Nadler, T E ! , 2 S New Orleans, La. A.B. Degree, McGill; M.A. and Ph.D. Degrees, Harvard. Page 50 SCHOOL OF MEDICINE — SENIOR CLASS Lee Terrei.i, Nesbitt, IT K A Birmingham, Ala. Ai.BERi OvvERS, I X Austin, Tex. Owl Clul3. Hugh Eari.e Parsons, N S N, K A Tampa, Fla, Leon Phillips New Orleans, La. BvRON Edward Pollock, 9 K ■ ■ Abilene, Tex. A.B. Degree, Simmons University; M.S. Degree, Tulane University. Frederick Lindsev Risher, 6 K ■ ! ' Laurel, Miss. A.B. Degree, Mississippi College. Edward Brvce Robinson, Jr., N 2 N, $ A G Talladega, Ala. B.S. Degree, Davidson College; Owl Club. John Charles Russel, Jr., N 2 N, A 9 Cleveland, Miss. Richard Elijah Selser, 9 K ■ , A 2 i , ■! K ! . . . Baton Rouge, La. John Ross Shipp, 9 K - I ' Lorena, Tex. Medical Pan-Hellenic Council (3); President (4). Gerald Stanley Smith, X Lockhart, Tex. William Ballance Smith, X Fremont, N. C. James Arthur Sproles, Jr., 9 K , 2 $ E , . . . New Orleans, La. Melvin David Steiner, •S ' AE, ZBT New Orleans, La B.S. Degree, Tulane L niversity; Band (2, 3) ; Medical Class Vice-President (2). Page 51 SCHOOL OF MEDICINE — SENIOR CLASS Roy Joseph St. Martin, I X Houma, La. B.S. Degree, Tulane University; Owl Club. William Seth Terry, Jr., G K %, A S I Jefferson, Tex. Naugle Knipe Thomas, A K K, i; E Tucson, Ariz. Gustavus Winzow Thomasson, Jr., P Z Dallas, Tex. Medical Pan-Hellenic Council (4) ; Vice-President Medical Student Bodv; Owl Club. George Yoshikatsu Tomoguchi Hilo, T. H. B.S. Degree, University of Hawaii; Honor Council (3); Baseball (i, 2, 3)- Thomas Bell Tooke, Jr., X, K A Belcher, La. B.S. Degree, Tulane University; Owl Club. Edwin Walter Tucker, I ' P 2 New Orleans, La. William Lee Ty ' ler, Jr Owensboro, Ky. A.B. Degree, University of Kentucky. Gabriel Vandama Havana, Cuba George Andrew Varino Jamlirdaya Representative (3). Monroe, La. Luther M.atthews Vaugiian, A K K, A T n, fi B n . . . . Clinton, Ky. A.B. Degree, University of Kentucky; Owl Club; Medical Class President (2, 3). Alejandro Perez Venero, $IA Panama, R. P. Medical Pan-Hellenic Council ; Honor Council. Page 52 SCHOOL OF MEDICINE — SENIOR CLASS Richard Wii.jz Vincent, A K K Sulphur, La. Medical Pan-Hellenic Council (4). Robert Peyton Vincent, G K I ' , K A Jackson, Miss. Norton William Voorhies, N S N New Orleans, La. WiLLARD Lee Waldron, 9 K I ' Water Valley, Miss. Charles Richard Walters, 2 X, B K, ' I I , B M . New Orleans, La. Academic Pan-Hellenic Council (3); Glee Club (i, 2). Albert Lee Ward, A K K, 2 A E DeFuniak Springs, Fla William Spencer Warren, A K K Center, Tex. A.B. Degree, University of Texas. GusTAVE Fred Weber, X, n K , B M Marshall, Tex. John Conant Weed, N 2 N, A T fi, B K, A n A, A K, K A , , e A , B M New Orleans, La. Medical Student Body President (7); Thirteen Club; Owl Club; Varsity Boxing (3, 4, 5), Captain (5); Student Council Vice-President (7). BENEDicr Weinstein, a K Brooklyn, N. Y. Medical Pan-Hellenic Council Vice-President (4). Joseph Burleson Wharton, Jr., K A El Dorado, Ark. Washington and Lee University; Owl Club. Howard Sarven Williams, Jr., N 2 N, S A E . . . . Hattiesburg, Miss. A.B. and B.S. Degrees, University of Mississippi. John James Younc, 6 K ' Natchitoches, La. Page 53 SCHOOL OF MEDICINE — JUNIOR CLASS Charles Edward An ' dersok, Jr., X i; N, K 22 . . . . Chark-ston, Miss. A. 13. Degree, University of Mississippi. James Harris Armstrong, 1 X, I A 9, II IS Vaiden, Miss. Rafael Tomas Armstrong, I I A Ponce, P. R. Laurie James Arnold, Jr., N 2 N, 2 A E Lake City, Fla. B.S. Degree, University of Florida; Medical Pan-Hellenic Council (3). Lemann Hannah Bounds, K [ ' , 2 I E Meridian, Miss. B.S. Degree, Tulane University; Band (i, 2). James Worth Brantley, 9 K ' I ' , A E A ' . . Grandin, Fla. B.S. Degree, University of Florida. Sumner Wildmon Brown, 9 K I ' Donalds, S. C. Medical Class Secretary (3). Jack Dearing Brownfield, ' I X, 2 A E Fort Smith, Ark. Irvin Cahen, a E, 2 A 11, B JI New Orleans, La. Band (2, 4); History of Medicine Society; Medical Baseball; Medical Pan-Hellenic Council (3). Robert Joseph Cardwell, 9 K -J ' Lenoir City, Tenn. B.S. Degree. University of Chattanooga. GuiLLERMO Manuel Carrera, I ' I A Viegues, P. R. James Abram Chustz, 9 K I ' Independence, La. Louie Pollard Coleman, A K K Waterproof, La. Irwin Tedford Craig, N 2 ff, 2 N Joplin, Mo. University of Kansas. Taylor William Crowley, X Van Buren, Ark. Robert Clark Day, A K K, 2 X ' New Orleans, La. Hugo Tristram Encelhardt, I P 2 Houston, Tex. Burton Eugene Field, I P 2 Fayetteville, Ark. William Edward Frantz, I P 2 New Orleans, La. William Kohlmann Gauthier New Orleans, La. B.S. Degree, Tulane University. Thomas Yarborough Gi.adnev Baton Rouge, La. Tom Asburv Glass, Jr., I X, K 2 Minden, La. Medical Class Vice-President (3); Owl Club. Nathan Goldstein, J A K New Orleans, La, B.S. Degree, Tulane University. Sam Hartley Haigler, Jr., I ' P 2 Austin, Tex. Medical Class President {3) ; Owl Club. Page 54 1 SCHOOL OF MEDICINE JUNIOR CLASS Manaii Robkrt IIai.bouiy Kcauinoni, Tex, Dormitory Club, (i, 2), President (2); Y. M. C. A. (i, 2, 3, 4, 5); Triangle Club ( i ). SuMPTF.K Wright Hawkins, I ' X, i; A H Ft. Smith, Ark. Robert Neeli.v Hesser, A K K Ennis, Tex. Medical Pan-Hellenic Council (3); Owl Club. Robert Sexton Hichon, I X, li O n, K KM ' .. . . Hrockhaven, Miss. B.S. Degree, Millsaps College; Thirteen Club; Band (i, 2) ; Glee Club ( I ) ; Tennis ( i ). Davh) Peterson Hichtower, 9 K , K A York, Ala. Richard Gordon Holcombe, Jr., N i; N, K A . Owl Club. Lake Charles, La. James Chong Suk Hong Honolulu, T. H. Trois Eschell Johnson, K M ' Pollock, La. Robert Cody Kelleher, t X, A 6 New Orleans, La. B.S. Degree, Tulane University: Hullabaloo Staff; Medical Pan-Hellenic Council (3); Glee Club (2, 3), Secretary-Treasurer (4); White Ele- phants ; Baseball (3). Robert Lee Knolle, 1 X Seguin, Tex. Medical Class Treasurer (2). Paul Henry Kurzwec, Jr Morgan City, La. Thomas Harrison Lambert, t X, K 2 Charleston, Miss. Owl Club. Edward Louis Levert, A K K, B 9 IT Thibodaux, La. Louis Keiffer Levy, Jr., $ A E Canton, Miss. Gwynne Harold Little, 9 K I ' Cornelia, Ga. Walter Sun Look Loo Hilo, T. H. Adrian Rodriguez Macedo, I A Mexico City, Mex. Academic Pan-Hellenic Council. Emile Maltry, Jr., A K K, K 2, B : [ New Orleans, La. Glee Club {3); Operetta. James DePass Mancet, Jr., X, A T A Atlanta, Ga. Alexander Mackenzie Manson, N 2 N, 2 A E . . . . Jacksonville, Fla. Ralph Wilson McComas, X Burkesville, Ky. Marshall Louis Michel, Jr., N 2 N, B 9 II Biloxi, Miss. Owl Club. Raul Martin Monte.mavor, I ' I A Eagle Pass, Tex. Leslie Krovv Mundt, ZBT Helena, Ark. B.S. Degree, Tulane University. Page 55 SCHOOL OF MEDICINE — JUNIOR CLASS William Bruce Nelson, 9 K ! ' Athens, Ala. Honor Council ; Owl Club. Luis Rafael 0ms, I A, B J[ Ponce, P. R. Paul Harmon Parker, OK Bonita, Miss. Owl Club. James Lindsev Pickens, 4 X, K 2 Bentonville, Ark. B.S. Degree, University of Arkansas. Ernest Hopkins Planck, Jr., P X Mobile, Ala. A.B. Degree, University of Alabama. Gran Vincent Prejean, A K K, K 2 Scott, La. Herman Celestian Quantz, X, K A Rock Hill, S. C. B.S. Degree; Owl Club. William Spears Randall, Jr., I X, II K A . . . Marion Junction, Ala. A.B. Degree, University of Alabama; Medical Class President (i). James Truman Reeves, A K K, A X A Ferriday, La. Ildefonso Rivera, J ' IA San German, P. R. James Edward Sams, I X, K 2 Meridian, Miss. Joseph Hamilton Saunders, A 2 $ Lexington, Ky. B.S. Degree, University of Kentucky. Alfredo Guillermo Silva, J I A Managua, Nic. Walter Heinmon Simmons, Jr., N 2 N, 2 A E . . . . Pine Bluff, Ark. Joseph Stamm, A K Gadsden, Ala. John Covington Suares, P 2, 2 II New Orleans, La. Honor Council; History of Medicine Society; Band (i, 2). Douglas Russell Swetland, 9 K ' Houston, Tex. A.B. Degree, Rice Institute. Leon Jair Taubenhaus, i A K College Station, Tex. Rice Institute; Medical Pan-Hellenic Council {3). William Francis Thomas, Jr., X, 2 N Fayetteville, Ark. B.S. Degree, Arkansas University. William Whitfield Watkins, X, K A, i H 2 . . . Aberdeen, Miss. Joseph Walter Weaver, A K K St. Petersburg, Fla. Medical Class President (2) ; Owl Club. Nathan Weil, Jr., I A E Jacksonville, Fla. Edwin Hudson West, 9 K 1 ' , 2 I E Meridian, Miss. Bertha Natalie Wexler, AEI, i 22 New Orleans, La. William Hudson Williams, Jr., 9 K Abilene, Tex. Medical Pan-Hellenic Council (3). Page 56 t 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 • SCHOOL OF MEDICINE — UNDERGRADUATES SAMUF.r, RAr,pii Abramson, ' 39, ' I ' A 10 Lafayette, La, Harixvig Moss Adi.cr, ' 39, ' ! A U New Orleans, La. A.B. Degree, University nf Michigan. Irving Baer, ' 38, I A K Bayonnc, N. J. RiiETT GooDE Barnes, ' 38, 9 K Winfield, Ala. A.B. Degree, University of Alabama. Charles Andrew Baumhauer, ' 38, 6 K I ' Whistler, Ala. University of Alahania. John Hardee Bethea, ' 38, N i; N, A K IC . . . . New Orleans, La Jamhalaya Staff (2, 3) ; Glencly Burke Literary and Debating Society (i). James Robert Blair, Jr., ' 38, K I ' San Angelo, Tex. Clarence Loe Brook, ' 38, 9 IC I ' Smithville, Miss. A.B. Degree, University of Alabama. Thomas Allen Bunklev, ' 39, 9 K I ' Stamford, Tex. A.B. Degree, University of Texas. Arthur Jordan Butt, Jr., ' 39, I X, I A 9, I ' t . . . . Pensacola, Fla. Golf (i). Neil Callahan, ' 39, 2 A E Vicksburg, Miss. A.B. Degree, Mississippi College. Robert Newton Caylor, ' 38, 9 K ! ' Las Cruces, N. M. Francis Carter Coleman, ' 39, 9 K I ' Jackson, Miss. Clyde Calhoun Colvin, Jr., ' 39, . ' V K K, A 2 I Bernice, La. Wendell Holmes Cook, ' 38, 9 K I ' , 11 K A . . . . Philadelphia, Miss. B.S. Degree, Millsaps College. Beamon Sherley ' Cooley ' , Jr., ' 39, 9 K I ' Birmingham, Ala. B.S. Degree, Birmingham-Southern College. French Hood Craddock, Jr., ' 39, ! X, K 2 Sylacauga, Ala. Alfred Penn Crain, Jr., ' 39, A K K, K A Shreveport, La. Thomas Henry Crouch, ' 39, .i K K, K 2 Douglas, Ariz. Frank Hull Crowell, ' 39, X, 2 X Lincolnton, N. C. Julius Winston Davenport, Jr., ' 39, ! ' P 2 . . . . New Orleans, La. Wright Wiley Diamond, Jr., ' 39, 9 K I ' Magee, Miss. Henry Clay Dorris, ' 38, 9 K ' , 2 P X, 11 K A . . . . Jackson, Miss. B.S. Degree, Millsaps College; Glee Club; Commonwealth Society; Commonwealth Fellow. Charles Fleming Dorsey, ' 39, 9 K 4 ' Jackson, Miss. Richard Lee Etter, ' 39, 9 K P Houston, Tex. B.S. Degree, The Citadel. Anthony Failla, ' 38 Lafayette, La. Woodard Eason Farmer, ' 39, A K K Wilmington, N. C. Page 57 i SCHOOL OF MEDICINE — UNDERGRADUATES John ' Pleasant Fatmerree, ' 39, X Jackson, Miss. Commonwealth Scholarship. Esmond Anthony Fatter, ' 39, P li, 2 n . . New Orleans, La. Mervin Edward Fatter, ' 38, I P - New Orleans, La. Medical Pan-Hellenic Council (2). Frank Leo Faust, Jr., ' 39, P S New Orleans, La. Emanuel Feldman, ' 38, I A K Bayonne, N. J. Darwin Lockard Fielder, ' 38, 6 K ' Lockhart, Tex. Wilfred Finkelstein, ' 38, A K, B M New Orleans, La. Stanley C. Fitzpatrick, ' 39, I P 2, 2 IT, K K I ' . . New Orleans, La Medical Pan-Hellenic Council ; Band. Amos Dillon Garner, ' 38, X Paragould, Ark. Medical Class Secretary (2). James Foster Gavin, ' 39, A K K Fort Gaines, Ga. B.S. Degree, Alabama Polytechnic Institute. Allan Michel Goldman, ' 38, $ A E, B M New Orleans, La. Bernard Alvin Goldman, ' 38, ■! A K, K N Bogalusa, La. Medical Pan-Hellenic Council. Sanders Acme Goodman, ' 38, $ A E, 2 A JI . . . . Greenville, Miss. Glee Club (2, 3, 4) ; Band (i, 2). Peter Carl Graffagnino, ' 39, N 2 N, B M New Orleans, La. Glee Club; Spectators. Joseph Paul Griffon, ' 38, ii X Baton Rouge, La. Benjamin Gurland, ' 39 Bavonne, N. J. B.S. Degree, Tulane University. Henry Haas, Jr., ' 39 Monroe, La. Louis Frederick Hamilton, ' 38, A K K Galveston, Tex. Edward McLeod Harrell, ' 39, A K K Tifton, Ga. Bell Marvin Harvard, Jr., ' 39, N 2 N, A T A, i 3 , B M . Hammond, La. Thirteen Club; Dramatic Guild; Glee Club; Jamhalaya Staff (4). Robert Ber Haspel, ' 39, Z B T New Orleans, La. Academic Pan-Hellenic Council. Hugh Henry Hawley, Jr., ' 39, I X, 2 N Stillwater, Okla. Elliott Byron Hay, ' 39, K -i ' , I K 2 McComb, Miss. John William Henrickson, ' 39, K I ' Whittenburg, Tex. George Kenneth Henshall, Jr., ' 38 Chattanooga, Tenn. Marlin Boyd Hoge, ' 39, N 2 N, B 6 n Fort Smith, Ark. Orval Nathen Hooker, ' 39, X, A K E Rolling Fork, Miss. University of Mississippi. Page 58 » 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ( 1 • SCHOOL OF MEDICINE — UNDERGRADUATES Josi-pii ViNCiiNT Hopkins, Jr., ' 39, N i; N, ! A O . . . , Victoria, Tex. Phim.ip Webster Horn, ' 38, A K K, A X i: Ardmore, Okla. A.B. Degree, TTniversity of Oklahoma. James Marcus Howell, ' 38, e K M ' Ducktown, ' IV-iul Richard Loren Hubbarii, ' 39, I X, S A E Columbus, Ind. Academic Pan-Hellenic Council (3); Glee Club; White Elephants; Bas- ketball (i); Assistant Cheerleader (2, 3). James Robert Hvsi.op, ' 38, e K M ' Parral, Chihuahua, Mex. Alberto Francis Inclan, ' 39 Miramar, Havana, Cuba Boxing (2). Samuel Wesley James, ' 38, 6 K I ' Ackerman, Miss. Louis William Oscar Janssen, Jr., ' 39, n K I . . . New Orleans, La. Glee Club (2, 3); Band (i, 2, 3, 4). John Davis Jerabeck, ' 38, N 2 N, 2 . E . Houston, Tex. Frank Junkin Jones, ' 38, $ X, S N Baton Rouge, La. B.S. Degree, Louisiana State University. Warren Candler Jones, ' 38, 9 K 1 ' Magnolia, Miss. B.S. Degree, Millsaps College; Commonwealth Club. Richard Toshio Kainuma, ' 38 . . . . Kawailoa, Waialua, Oahu, T. H A.B. Degree, I ' niversity of Hawaii. William Travis Kellev, ' 39, A K K Flemington, Mo. Frank Robert Kinberger, ' 39, O K I ' , i; I E . . . . New Orleans, La. Glee Club (2, 3). Elmer Ernest William Kramer, ' 38, I ' P 2 New Orleans, La. B.S. Degree, Tulane University. George Volnev Launev, Jr., ' 38, N S X, r A Dallas, Tex. Leonard Irving Lesser, ' 39, t A K Rome, Ga. Roy Thomas Lester, ' 39, A K K Coushatta, La. Collins Pemble Lipscomb, ' 38, K I ' Hammond, La. Lamar Eugene Little, ' 39, K ! ' Winnsboro, La. Howard Alford Lovejoy, Jr., ' 39, I X, 9 K X B B B . Birmingham, Ala. Robert Clyde Lynch, ' 38, N 2 X , B 9 II New Orleans, La. Jacques Albert Magne, ' 38, I ' P 2 New Orleans, La. Hullabaloo Representative. George Harris Martin, ' 39, I X, A K E Anguilla, Miss. Joseph Denegre Martin, Jr., ' 39, ! ' X, I A 9 . . . . New Orleans, La. White Elephants. George Seale Mason, ' 39, . K K Lumberton, Miss. Raymond Franklin Mayer, ' 38, A E A Pomaria, S. C. Page 57 .L,.., . I I I ' • I I « I I »■ . ' SCHOOL OF MEDICINE -- UNDERGRADUATES Thomas Freditrick McDonnell, ' 39, I X, K 2 . . . . Jackson, Miss, Commonwealth Scholarship. Frank Owen McGehee, ' 38, N 2 N, 2 A E Pine Bluff, Ark. Medical Pan-Hellenic Council (2). Ceferino Anastasio Mendez, ' 38 Cienfuegos, Cuba Philip Marstei.lar Mii.burn, ' 39, A K K, 1 A 8 . . San Antonio, Tex. Henrv Harcourt Waters Miles, ' 39, B 9 11, B JI . . New Orleans, La. Spectators. Joseph Marcel Moni agnet, Jr., ' 39, N 2 X, I K 2, B J[ . New Orleans, La. Rov Elbert Moon, ' 39, e K Chandler, Tex. William Hopkins Moorhead, ' 38, N 2 N, I A 9 . . . . Gnldville, S. C. Jules Stellv Mottv, Jr., ' 39, P X Kaplan, La. John Andrew Mlirfee, ' 38, ! X, K 2 . . Okolona, Miss. Vanderbilt University; Commonwealth Scholarship. Ransom Andrew Nockton, Jr., ' 38, ! X, I ' A 9 Crowley, La. Cleveland Hendricks Pardue, Jr., ' 38, 9 K p Vivian, La. Julian Gray Parker, ' 39, X, I ' A 9 Salt Lake City, Utah Van Sam Parmlev, ' 39, 9 K vl ' Electra, Tex. Morris Pasternack, ' 39, Z B T Ferriday, La. Julius Austin Pennington, ' 39, 9 K ■i ' Mobile, Ala. Edward James Peterson, ' 39, 9 K I ' Birmingham, Ala. Ben James Phillips, ' 39, 1 A E, E n Winnetka, 111. Charles Julian Racan, ' 38, e K F, n K I . . . . Birmingham, Ala. FLxRRv LeRov Richards, ' 39, 9 K -J ' Spring Church, Pa. HvpOLiTE Guv RiCHE, Jr., ' 39, A K K, 2 X . . . . Baton Rouge, La. B.S. Degree, Louisiana State University. James Arthur Roberts, Jr., ' 38, 9 K F Houston, Tex. Webber Trvon Robinson, ' 39, .V K K Houston, Tex. A.B. Degree, Rice Institute. Joseph Adolphe Sabamer, Jr., ' 38, . K K Lafayette, La. Raymond Scheff Schear, ' 39, t A E Rosedale, Miss. A.B. Degree, Dartmouth College Clarence Irwin Shult, ' 38, A K K El Campo, Tex. Henry Ralph Slaton, Jr., ' 39, A K K Jackson, Ga. Page iO I • ' • ■ I I SCHOOL OF MEDICINE UNDERGRADUATES jAMns Turner Smith, ' 38 Paris, Ark. • B. S. Degree, University of Arkansas. Wii.i.iAM Cart, [-TON Smith, ' 39, I ' X . . I.ockhart, Tex. Crvsup Sorv, ' 38, e K 4 ' Jacksonville, Tex. liiiiRNARD Dennis Stack, ' 38, 9 K M ' Lander, Wyo. Henry Maximilian Stern, ' 39, Z B T DeLand, Fla. Glee Club. Sidney Siti.lman, ' 39 B.S. Degree, University of Florida. Bertha-Elvis Stokes, ' 39 New Orleans, La. Glenn Q. Street, Jr., ' 38, A K K, K i; Graham, Tex. A.B. Degree, Texas University; Medical Class Vice-President (2). Louis Joseph Supple, ' 38, A K K, 2 A E Bayou Goula, La. Max Suter, ' 38 Bogalusa, La. Joe Dudley Talbot, ' 38, ! X, K 2 Stamps, Ark. B.,nd. Daniel Brunson Terry, ' 39, 6 K M ' , I K 1 Victoria Brazil, S. A. Orville Cody Thomas, ' 39, A K K, A - Ii Homer, La. Sam Berry Thompson, ' 39, ! ' X Camden, Ark. Philip Murry Tiller, Jr., ' 39, ! X Mayesville, S. C Rene Antonio Torrado, ' 3S, ! I A Havana, Cuba Academic Pan-Hellenic Council (2, 3, 4) ; Tulane University Rooters ' Klub (2, 3, 4); ' arsity Track (2, 3, 4). Frank Marion Tovvnsend, ' 38, 9 K 1 ' Lake V ' ales, Fla. Medical Class President (2). Edward Rei Villemez, ' 39, A K IC Abbeville, La. Henry Clay White, Jr., ' 39, A K K, i; I E, A E A . Pensacola, Fla. Glee Club (3). Raleigh R. White, UI, ' 39, N 2 N Temple, Tex. A.B. Degree, Rice Institute. Page 1 RUFUS CARROLLTON HARRIS A.B., LL.B., JURIS.D., LL.D. Dean — The College of Law FACULTY RuFUS EowARD Foster LL.B., LL.D., Dean Emerilus RuFUS C.ARROLLTON HARRIS A.B., LL.B., JuRis.D., LL.D., Dran St. Clair Adams LL.B. Paul Willlam Brosman A.B., LL.B., J.S.D., Assistant Dean Wood Brown A.B., LL.B., J.S.D. Charles Edward Dunbab, Jr. A.B., M.A., LL.B., LL.D. Robert Joseph Farley A.B., LL.B., J.S.D. Mitchell Franklin A.B., LL.B., S.J.D. George Janvier LL.B. ] Ionte M. Lemann A.B., LL.B., LL.D. Sumter Davis Marks, Jr. A.B., LL.B. James Johnston Morrison B.S., LL.B., S.J.D. Eugene Augustus Nabors A.B., LL.B., J.S.D. Walter Joseph Suthon, Jr. LL.B. Rene Adams Viosca A.B., LL.B. William Weeks Westerfield LL.B. George Angus Wilson A.B., LL.B. STUDENT BODY OFFICERS Keith M. Pyburn President Bernard D. Mintz Vice-President Fred Z. H. Gerdes Secretary-Treasurer SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS John A. O ' Connor, Jr President Harold J. Aronson Vice-President James M. Colomb, Jr. Secretary-Treasurer JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Elwood R. Clay President Michel A. Maroun Vice-President Gordon B. Hyde Secretary-Treasurer FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Ernest A. Carrere, Jr. President Charles G. Smither Vice-President Alton P. Frymire Secretary-Treasurer KEITH McBRIDE PYBURN A.B, President — College of Ljw Student body O ' Connor, Clay, Carrere COLLEGE OF LA W— S ENIOR CLASS Haroi.I) Julius Aronsok, K X New Orleans, La. A.B. Degree, Tulaiie I ' liiversity; Class Vice-President (3). OcTAvio Eugene Averhoff Havana, Cuba Laiv Review Editorial Board. Murray French Cleveland, A K E, ! B K, A K, K A t, I Iv A A A New Orleans, La. .■ .B. Degree, . Tulane University; Laii ' Rc ' viciv (5, 6); Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society (i, 2); T. U. R. K. ; " T " Club; Spec- tators; Pan-Hellenic Council (3, 4); Arts and Sciences Class President (3); Law Class President (i); Thirteen Club; Track (i, 2, 3, 4), Co-Captain (4); Basketball (i, 2, 3, 4), Co-Captain (3). James Marion Colomb, Jr New Orleans, La. A.B. Degree, Tulane University; Law Review (5, 6); Law Class Sec- retary-Treasurer (6). WiLLL M James Craig, Jr., 2 X, A ! Bowling Green, Ky. A.B. Degree, Western Kentucky Teachers College; Moot Court Board (2) ; Glee Club (i). James Henry Drury, A 9, A " I- New Orleans, La. Moot Court Board (2). Edward James Gay, Jr., A $ New Orleans, La. A.B. Degree, Princeton University; Lanu Review (2) ; Moot Court Board (3); Law Class Secretary (i). Harry Herman New Orleans, La. Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society (i, 2) ; Moot Court Cora- petition (1,2, 3). Jack Edward Hurley, A K E, A I) New Orleans, La. B.S. Degree, Texas Agricultural and Mechanical College. Raymond Howard Kierr, 2 A JI New Orleans, La. A.B. Degree, Tulane University; Oratorical and Debating Council (3, 4, 5, 6) ; Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society {3, 4), Historian (3); Debating (i). Varsity (3); International Relations Club (2, 3, 4, 5, 6), Treasurer (2), President (3, 4); Arts and Sciences Student Body Secretary-Treasurer (4), Class (2, 3), Jamhalaya Representative (i); Law Class President (5); Moot Court Board (5, 6), Finals Competition (6). Lienhard Theodore Kuhner, K 2, A K, K A $, I ' I , A A A New Orleans, La. B.B.A. Degree, Tulane University; White Elephants; Accountants ' Club; Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society (i, 2); T. LT. R. K. (4, 5, 6), President (5) ; Commerce Class ' ice-President (3) ; Law Class Se cretary-Treasurer (5) ; Pan-Hellenic Council (2, 3, 4, 5, 6), Secretary (4, 5, 6); Track (i). Varsity (2, 3). Charles Andrew Kyle, A K E, A K, A A A . . . . New Orleans, La. A.B. Degree, Tulane University; Arts and Sciences Class Secretary- Treasurer (i); Football (i). Varsity (2, 3, 4), Alternate Captain (4); Baseball (2, 3). Page 64 COLLEGE OF LA W— S ENIOR CLASS ROBl-KT UliNIS LOTTINGER, 2 ' J 10, ' I ' ' I ' Iliiimia, La. A.B. Degree, Tulane University; Moot Court Hoard {(i) ; Pan-IIcllenic Council (6, 7) ; Law Student Body Vice-President (5) ; Arts and Sciences Class Jambalaya Representative (4); Track (i), Varsity (2), Manager (5). IsAooRE Aaron Marchiz, K N New Orleans, La. A.B. Degree, Tulane University; Mnct Court Uonrd of Advisers (6); Pan-Hellenic Council {2, 3, 4). Fontaine Martin, Jr., A T 12, B K, I A I New Orleans, La. A.B. Degree, Tulane University; La w R " vic ' w Editor-in-Chief (6) ; Jnm- balaya Associate Editor (3) ; Glendy Burke Literary and Debating So- ciety (z, 3) ; Law Class Secretary-Treasurer (5) ; Alcee Fortier Memorial Prize (2) ; Tcrriberry Classical Prize (3) ; Tliirteen Club. John Albert O ' Connor, Jr., A T A, B K, ■! ' A I , O A K, A A A, i I New Orleans, La. A.B. Degree, Tulane University; Laiv Revivj,: Moot Court Board of Advisers (5, 6), Chairman (6); Pan-Hellenic Council (2, 3, 4, 5); Law- Class Vice-President (4), President (6); Spectators; White Elephants; T. U. R. K.; " T " Club; Golf Team (2, 3, 4), Captain (4). Keith McBride Pyburn, I ' A 9, I ' A " I ' Ruston, La. A.B. Degree, Louisiana Polytechnic Institute; Lavj Rcvieiu (2, 3); Law Student Body President (3) ; Student Council President (3) ; Chairman Homecoming Dance Committee (3). Walter Saturnino Rodriguez, 2 4 E New Orleans, La. A.B. Degree, Tulane University; Varsity Baseball (4). George Warren Sanchez, 6 X Live Oak, Fla. Jambalaya Business Manager (3); Homecoming Dance Committee (3). Rudolph Joseph Schulze, Jr., A T fl, I A [ ' New Orleans, La. A.B. Degree, Tulane Universitv; " T " Club; Pan-Hellenic Council (4, 5) ; T. U. R. K. (4, 5) ; Golf Team (2, 3, 4), Captain (4). Oswald William Viosca, S II, K K I ' New Orleans, La. Lmju Review Business Manager; Moot Court Board; Band (i, 2, 3, 4, 5). Arthur Joseph Waechter, Jr., I K S, I ' A I . . . . New Orleans, La. A.B. Degree, Tulane University; Laii) Review Index Editor; Pan-Hellenic Council Treasurer and Chairman of Activities Committee; International Relations Club (3, 4), Treasurer (4). Alvin Norman Zander, 2AM Moot Court Competition. Page 65 New Orleans, La. COLLEGE OF LA W — UNDERGRADUATE S GusTAVE BouLiGNV BALDWIN ' , ' 37, A K U New Orleans, La. Alfred George Ball, Jr., ' 38, K 2 New Orleans, La. " T " Club; International Relations Club; Boxing Varsity (3). Charles Cassedv Bass, Jr., ' 37, K A, A K New Orleans, La. Hullabaloo Editorial Staff (3, 4, 5), Editor-in-Chief (5). Morton D. Battinus, ' 38, T E $ Chicago, 111. Barnett Blitz, ' 37, K N New Orleans, La. " T " Club; Pan-Hellenic Council; Varsity Basketball. Thomas Hale Bcgcs, ' 37, B 9 n, I B K, K A $, I I , A K, e N, A A A New Orleans, La. A.B. Degree, Tulane University; Hullabaloo Editorial Staff (i, 2, 3, 4), Editor-in-Chief (4) ; Law Rrmciv; Hand Book Editor (2) ; Oratorical and Debating Council (2, 3) ; Carnot Debate (i) ; Y. M. C. A. (1, 2, 3,, 4, 5) ; Southern College Press Association Chairman (4) ; Pan-Hellenic Council (t, 2, 3, 4, 5); Homecoming Dance Committee (5). William Marschall Brewer, ' 38, 2 I E New Orleans, La. " T " Club; Baseball Manager. John Taylor Cafferv, ' 37, A K E New Orleans, La. Cross Country (i, 2). Ernest Auguste Carrere, Jr., ' 38, K A, A A A . . New Orleans, La. " T " Club; T. U. R. K. ; White Elephants; Class Vice-President (i), President (2, 3); Basketball (2, 3), Captain (3). Elwood Roger Clay, ' 37, B 9 11, t[ A ' I New Orleans, La. Laiv Rfvlew; Law Class President (2). Angelo Michael D ' Ancelo, ' 37, AAA Alexandria, La. A.B. Degree, Tulane University; Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society (2, 3, 4, 5), Historian {4); International Relations Club (2, 3, 4, 5), Secretary (4); Moot Court Board Secretary (5). Albert Laplace Dart, ' 37, 2 A E New Orleans, La. A.B. Degree, Tulane University; International Relations Club President; Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society; Spectators; Laiv Review. MoiSE Waldhorn Dennery, ' 37, Z B T, a a a, N . . New Orleans, La. A.B. Degree, Tulane University; Hullabaloo Editorial Staff (i, 2, 3, 4); Spectators; Dramatic Guild (i, 2, 3, 4), Vice-President (3, 4); " T " Club (3, 4, 5), Secretary (4); Pan-Hellenic Council (4, 5); Basketball Manager (3); Law Review Editorial Board (5). Camille D ' Incianni, ' 38 New Orleans, La. Jack Willis Dolan, ' 37 New Orleans, La. " T " Club. Charles F. L. Ducander, Jr., ' 37, ATA, I A I ' . . New Orleans, La. Claude Berwick Duval, ' 37, n K A Houma, La. Joseph Heston Duval, ' 37, ' I ' A 9, I A I New Orleans, La. Page 66 COLLEGE OF LA W — UNDERGRADUATE S Frederick Irvin Dvmond, ' 37, 2 X New Orleans, La. Pan-Hellenic Council. Ernest Edwin Edmundson, Jr., ' 37, A IC E, A A A . . . Rayne, La. " T " Club; Law Rrviriu; Hoxing; Dchatinn; Blue Key. Ernest Harvvel Estes, Jr., ' 37, I K i; New Orleans, La. Glee Club (2). DoBiN Friedman, ' 38 New Orleans, La. Alton Prentiss Frvmire, ' 38, I K 2, ' I I New Orleans, Ln. White Elephants; Greenbackers; Law Class Secretary-Treasurer (i). Fred Zoller Herman Gerdes, ' 38 New Orleans, La. Law Student Body Secretary-Treasurer (i). Mariano William Guas, ' 38, K 2 Havana, Cuba Irving Hardesty, Jr., ' 37, A T iJ, I A I , I ! . . . . New Orleans, La. A.B. Degree, Tulane University; T. U. R. K. (2, 3, 4, 5); Glee Club (i, 2, 3) ; White Elephants; Glendy Burke Literarj ' and Debating Society (3) ; Pan-Hellenic Council (2, 3) ; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (2, 3, 4, 5) ; Campus Night Chairman (3); Moot Court Board (5); Student Consli- tution Committee (2); Tennis (i, 2, 3). Robert Morris Haynie, ' 38, B 9 II New Orleans, La. Hullabaloo Staff (2); " T " Club; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Thirteen Club; Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society (r, 2) ; Glee Club (2) ; Tennis. Bernhardt C. Heebe, ' 37, A 2 $, $ ■! " . Gretna, La. A.B. Degree, Tulane University; Intramural Baseball (i, 2). Haywood Hansell Hillver, Jr., ' 37, A K E . . Laiu Review; Football. New Orleans, La. Lloyd Raymond Himel, ' 38 Convent, La. Minna Bayne Hopkins, ' 38, n B , 9 N New Orleans, La. A.B. Degree, Tulane University; Architectural Society (i, 2). Charles Manly Horton, Jr., ' 38, K A, A A A, I . , Franklin, La. Desmond Douglas Howard, ' 37, A I New Orleans, La. La J Revie w, Gordon Benedict Hyde, ' 37, K 2 New Orleans, La. T. U. R. K. (i, 2, 3, 4) ; ' T " Club; Law Class Secretary-Treasurer (6) ; Head Cheerleader (2, 3), First Assistant (i). Herman George Janssen, ' 38, n K I), K K . . . . New Orleans, La. Band. Richard Calvert Keenan, ' 38, B 9 n, A A A . . . . New Orleans, La. Boxing. Page 67 COLLEGE OF LAW UNDERGRADUATES Clifford H. Kf.rk, Jr., ' 3S, Z B T New Orleans, La. Benjamin Cii mderlin King, ' 38, A K E Ne w Iberia, La. A.B. Degree, Tulane L ' niversity; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. J. MES Julian Koiilman, ' 37 New Orleans, La. A.B. Degree, Tulane University; Moot Court Board. Allan Little, Jr., ' 38, A 6, A K, K A 1 , l i , A A A, A X 2, B M, N Gadsden, Ala. A.B. Degree, Tulane LTniversity; Jamhalaya Editor-in-Chief (4), As- sociate Editor (3) ; T. U. R. K. ; Spectators (3, 4, 5) ; Arts and Sciences Class President (3, 4); Cross Country (i); Football (i); Track (i) ; German Prize (i) ; Carl Schurz ' ' Goethe " Prize (4) ; Honor Roll (i, 2, 4). Edward Shannon Livaudais, ' 37, ' 5 A 0, 4 A I ' . . . New Orleans, La. University of Michigan; Scabbard and Blade. Michel Antoine Maroun, ' 37 Shreveport, La. Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (4, 5); Chess and Checkers Club (i, 2, 3); " T " Club (3, 4, 5), Custodian (4), Secretary (5); Law Class Vice-President (5); Varsity Boxing (3, 4, 5), Alternate Captain (4), Captain (5). Louis Herman Marrero, Jr., ' 37, B 9 II, [ A $ . . . . New Orleans, La. A.B. Degree, Dartmouth College; Moot Court Board of Advisers. Charles Donald Marshall, ' 37, A T fi, A I , i B K, AAA New Orleans, La. A.B. Degree, Tulane LIniversit} ' ; Law Rcvii ' in; Moot Court Competition; Winner of Corpus Juris Prize for Legal Bibliography; Glendy Burke Lit- erary and Debating Society; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Dramatic Guild; International Relations Club; Varsity Debating. Hugh McCloskev, ' 37, A K E New Orleans, La. Law Rcvirw; Hullabaloo Staff (i); " T " Club; Basketball (i). Varsity (3, 4); Varsity Track (3, 4). James David McNeill, ' 38, n K A McComb, Miss. A.B. Degree, Tulane University; Arts and Sciences Student Body Presi- dent (4), Class Vice-President (3) ; Student Council (4) ; ' arsity Debate (2, 3, 4) ; Spectators; Oratorical and Debating Council. Fernando Cesar Mendigutia, ' 37, K S Santi-Spiritus, Cuba Alberto Eugene Meneses, ' 37, K S Havana, Cuba Bernard David Mintz, ' 37, 2 A M, A A A New Orleans, La. A.B. Degree, Tulane University; " T " Club Vice-President; Pan-Hellenic Council; Law Student Body Vice-President (5); Football Varsity (3, 4, 5), Captain (5) ; Track (2, 3, 4) ; Moot Court Board. Alvin Gerard Montgomery, ' 38 New Orleans, La. Rose Louise Nobile, ' 38 New Orleans, La. Helen Hughes Ogden, ' 38, n B " I ' , $ B K New Orleans, La. A.B. Degree, Newcomb College. Charles McVea Oliver, ' 37, B 9 n, A A A, $ I . . . . Monroe, La. A.B. Degree, Tulane University; " T " Club {3, 4, 5) ; Pan-Hellenic Council (5); Tennis Manager (3), Assistant Manager (i, 2); Golf Team (4). AsHTON Phelps, ' 37, A T A, I B K, A , AAA. . New Orleans, La. A.B. Degree, Tulane University; Thirteen Club; " T " Club (4, 5); Spec- tators (3, 4, 5) ; Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society (i, 2) ; Pan-Hellenic Council (i, 2, 3, 4) ; Basketball (i). Varsity (3, 4) ; Tennis (i). Varsity (3, 4, 5), Alternate Captain (5); Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (3, 4, 5) ; Alcee Fortier Prize in French (3) ; Law Review (5) ; Hullabaloo Staff (3). Page i8 COLLEGE OF LA W — UNDERGRADUATE S Guthrie Henry Pierson, Jr., ' 37, ! A 9, ' I ' A ' I . . . Natchitoches, I, a. A.B. Degree, Louisiana State Normal College; Moot Court Board. Jean Edcerton Pierson, ' 38, I A 9 Natchitoches, La. A.B. Degree, Loviisiana State Normal College; Jumhiilaya Staff. EuvvARO BuTis PoiTEVi ' NJ, ' 37, K A Mandeville, La. A.B. Degree, Tulane University; Thirteen Cluh; " T " CIuli; Foothall (i). Squad (2). Leon Arthur Pradel, ' 37 New Orleans, La. A.B. Degree, Tulane University; Oratorical and Debating Council; Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society; International Relations Club; Var- sity Debating (3, 4). Joseph Watson Prencer, ' 38, A K E New Orleans, La. Samuel Irving Rosenberg, ' 37, 2AM , New Orleans, La. A.B. Degree, Tulane University; Lain Review; Pan-Hellenic Council. Anthony Joseph Rossi, ' 38 New Orleans, La. Archibald Butt David Saint, ' 37 Elizabeth, La. Longshoremen ' s Union. Hermann L. Schulze, ' 38, A T fi, A A A . White Elephants. New Orleans, La. Charles Gabriel Smither, ' 38, B 9 H New Orleans, La. Varsity Football (3, 4). Edward Frank Stauss, Jr., ' 37, K A, $ A $ New Orleans, La. White Elephants; Varsity Football Manager; Law Review Board of Editors. MoiSE Simon Steeg, Jr., ' 37, SAM New Orleans, La. Laiv Rcvieitt; Freshman Forensic Council Secretary ; Oratorical and De- bating Council (2, 3, 4), President (3, 4); International Relations Club (i, 2, 3, 4), Secretary (2) ; Y. M. C. A. (4) ; Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society (i, 2, 3, 4), Historian (2), Speaker (3) ; Winner George Prize (3); Winner Carnot Medal (2); Hullabaloo Staff; Tennis Squad ( ' .2)- Frank Wynerth Summers, ' 38, $ K Abbeville, La. George Dean Tessier, ' 37, A9, OAK, IvA , A , AAA . New Orleans, La. White Elephants; Hullabaloo Business Staff; " T " Club President; Fresh- man Law Class President; Boxing (2); Football (i, 2, 3, 4); Pan- Hellenic Council (i, 2, 3). Thomas James Thriffiley, Jr., ' 38 New Orleans, La. George Tuyes Wocan, ' 38 New Orleans, La. John Winter Woolfolk, Jr., ' 38, A T fi New Orleans, La. Page 69 J EDWARD AMBROSE BECHTEL PH.D. Dcdti — The College of Arts and Sciences FACULTY EnuARU Ambrosk BechtilL, Ph.D. Dean Joseph Anthony Samboi.a Barrv, M.A. Clarence Elmore Bonnett, Ph.D. Walter Christl n Bosch, M.S. Herbert Earle Buchanan, Ph.D., LL.D. Alvtn Boyu Cardvvell, Ph.D. Theodore Jamison Co ' x, B.S. George Franklin Cramer, Ph.D. Ray George Dauber, A.B. Charles Barber Dicks, Jr., B.E., M.S. Albert Bledsoe Dinvviddie. Ph.D., LL.D. Jay Karl Ditchy, Ph.D. William Larkin Duren, Jr., Ph.D. Daniel Stanley Elliott, Ph.D. Cornelius Joseph Everett, Jr., B.S. John Madison Fletcher, Ph.D. Paul Cameron Foster, Ph.D. Raymond Freas, Ph.D. Marc Friedlaender, M.A. Harlan Welch Gilmore, Ph.D. Frederick Hard, Ph.D. Edward Sturtevant Hathaway, Ph.D. Harold Richard Joi.lii fe, M.A. George Todd Kai.if, Ph.D. John Smith Kendall, M.A. Richard Ray Kirk, A.M. Lloyd John Kuhn, B.S., M.D. Lester Joseph Lautenschlaeger, LL.B. Frank Leo Loria, B.S., M.D. John MacLaren McBryde, Ph.D., Litt.D. Roger Philip McCutcheon, Ph.D., Litt.D Lawrence Forstall Martin, Ph.D. Robert Leonval Menuet, B.E. Williams McLean Mitchell, Ph.D. Margaret Carrincton Moore, M S. Hal Walters Moseley, M.S., M.A. Arthur Henry Moehlenbrock, M.A. Herman Clarence Nixon, Ph.D. Stuart Grayson Noble, Ph.D. Forrest Edward Oakes William Theodore Penfound, Ph.D. William John Phillips, Jr., M.A. Elisha Fred Pollard, Ph.D. Graden Wendell Regenos, M.A. Italo William Ricciuti, B.Arch. Ernest Henry Riedel, Ph.D. Charles Intervale Silin, Ph.D. Claude Simons George Evans Simmons, B.Journ., A.M. Wilbur Cleveland Smith, A.B., M.D. William Francis Smith, M.A. Reinhard August Steinmayer, B.S. Mack Buckley Swearingen, Ph.D. Marten ten Hoor, Ph.D. Joseph Fraser Thomson, Ph.D. Joseph Clay Walker, Ph.D. Francis Henry Wilson, Ph.D. Garrett Polhemus Wyckoff, A.B., LL.D. Deceased. 0r leave of absence for Session 1935-36- STUDENT BODY OFFICERS Howard K. Smith, Jr President Jacob D. Guice Vice-President William C. Petersen Secretary-Treasurer SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Laurance Eustis, Jr President William G. Nichols, Jr Vice-President James E. Bilbo Secretary-Treasurer JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Mervin H. Riseman President W. Waller Young, Jr Vice-President Breard Snellings Secretary-Treasurer SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Charles Janvier President Benjamin L. Spearman Vice-President Howard J. Smith Secretary-Treasurer FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Philip H. Witherspoon President Courtney W. Shropshire, Jr Vice-President Harold S. Andry Secretary-Treasurer Tii tis, Riseman, Janvier, Witherspoon HOWARD KINGSBURY SMITH, JR. President — College of Art! and Sciences Student COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES SENIOR CLASS Alfred George Bali,, Jr., K IS New Orleans, La. " T " Club; International Relations Club; Varsity Boxing (3). Ruth Marshall Ballard . . . . Bay St. Louis, Miss. Frank Arnelio Benitez Tampa, Fla. FREnERiCK Wn.LiAM BiERHOST, 2 11, B JI New Orleans, La. Hullabaloo Business Staff (i, 2); Chess and Checkers Club (i, 2, 3). James Edward Bilbo, 2 II New Orleans, La. Class Secretary-Treasurer (4); Glee Club (i, 2, 3, 4), Business Manager (4). John Malcolm Blair . Winona, Miss. Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society; Tulane Chapter of Student League for Industrial Democracy. Harold Charles Boehm New Orleans, La. Julius Bowsky, SAM New Orleans, La. International Relations Club (1, 2) ; Glendy Burke Literary and De- bating Society (i). William Marschall Brewer, 2 I E New Orleans, La. " T " Club; Baseball Manager (3). Arihur Jordan Butt, Jr., i A B, ■! X, I " i " Golf (i). Pensacola, Fla. Roy Freeland Cauley New Orleans, La. Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society (3, 4), Historian (4) ; International Relations Club (2, 3, 4), Vice-President (4) ; Y. M. C. A. (4). Dorothy Mary Council, N Dramatic Club. New Orleans, La. Claude Eugene Cullinane, Jr., K K Gulfport, Miss. Band (i, 2, 3, 4), Publicity Manager (4) ; Dramatic Guild (i, 2, 3, 4), Stage Manager (4) ; Greenbackers (4) ; Student Body Jambalaya Rep- resentative; Boxing (3, 4). George Cecil Daul Gretna, La. John Stott Devlin, A K E, A A A, B M . . Glee Club (i, 2, 3). New Orleans, La. Frank Gordon Eberle, Jr., ATA New Orleans, La. Deceased. Page 72 I I COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES SENIOR CLASS Laurance EusTis, Jr., K A Memphis, Tcnn. Class President (4) ; Hullabaloo Business IVIanager (3, 4). Joseph Casker Evans, S I E, A X 2 Petrolia, Pa. Band (i, 2, 3, 4) ; Glee Club (2, 4, 5) ; Varsity Boxing (2, 4). Mervin Edward Fatter, ! P S New Orleans, La. B.S., Degree, Tulane University; Medical Pan-Hellenic Council. Stanley Cornelius Fitzpairick, 2 IT, P S, K K I ' . New Orleans, La. Pan-Hellenic Council ; Band. Brent Fox, ATA Bogue Chitto, Miss. Claude Louis Giraud, K K - ! ' New Orleans, La. Band (i, 2, 3, 4), Assistant Manager (2), Manager (3) ; Dramatic Guild (3, +). Peter Carl Graffagnino, N 2 N, B M . . . . Glee Club; Spectators. New Orleans, La. Jacob Davis Guice, I ' K 2, A A A Biloxi, Miss. Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society (3, 4) ; International Rela- tions Club (3, 4) ; Spectators; Class Vice-President (3) ; Boxing (3). Henry Ha.«, Jr. Monroe, La. William Herbert Harris, Jr., A K E, A A A, B M . New Orleans, La. Glee Club President (4); Spectators; T. U. R. K.; " T " Club; Pan- ' Hellenic Council; Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society; Basket- ball Manager (3). Robert Ber Haspel, Z B T Pan-Hellenic Council. James William Henderson, A K E . Football. New Orleans, La. Clarksdale, Miss. William Theodore Hidden New Orleans, La. Marlin Boyd Hoge, B e n, N 2 N Fort Smith, Ark. Charles Manly Horton, Jr., K A, A A A, . . . . Franklin, La. Debating (i). Herman George Janssen, n K I , K K I ' New Orleans, La. Band. Page 73 •• " n T smji COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES SENIOR CLASS Louis William Oscar Janssen, Jr., n K 4 Ne v Orleans, La. Glee Club (2, 3); Band (i, 2, 3, 4). Frakk Robert Kinberger, S 4 E, K . . Glee Club (2, 3) New Orleans, La. Maurice Mortimer Kreecer, :: !■ E New Orleans, La. Hullabaloo Editorial Staff (1); Spectators; Intramural Football (i). Wilton Paul Ledet Larose, La. Joseph Anthony Lucia, 9 N Varsitv Baseball. Lutcher, La. Marguerite Stella Magnon Gretna, La. John Leguir Many, III, A T fi, ! ' 4 New Orleans, La. Dramatic Guild (i, 2, 3, 4), President (3) ; T. U. R. K. (3, 4). Everard Green Baker Marsh, 2 X, N Kenner, La. Glee Club (i, 2, 3, 4, 5), Vice-President (4) ; Iliillahalno Staff (3, 5). George Seale Mason, A K K Lumberton, Miss. Henry Harcourt Waters Mii.es, B 9 II, B M . . . . New Orleans, La. Spectators. Joseph Marcel Montagnet, Jr., K 2, N 2 N, B JI . New Orleans, La. French Government Prize (i). Eugene John Morel New Orleans, La. William George Nichols, Jr., A K E, B M Orlando, Fla. " T " Club; Thirteen Club; Football (i), Varsity (3, 4); Varsity Box- ing (3); Varsity Track (3). Leonard Oppenheim New Orleans, La. Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society; Or atorical and Debating Council Secretary (3, 4); International Relations Club; Jamhalaya Rep- resentative. Julian Adolphe Otillio New Orleans, La. Dramatic CJuild (2, 3, 4). Morris Pasternack, Z B T Ferriday, La. Page 74 COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES SENIOR CLASS William Crane Petersen, AAA New Orleans, La. Class Secretary-Treasurer (3); Sludeiit Body Secretary-Treasurer {4); Spectators; T. U. R. K. ; ] ' )ramatic Guild President (4). James Euvvard Sams, K 2, ' l X Meridian, Miss. Hermann John Schulze, A T n . . New Orleans, La. White Elephants; T. U. R. K. ; Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society. Theodore Howell Shepard, Jr New Orleans, La. Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (3, 4); Track (2), Cross Country (i, 2). Howard Kingsbury Smith, Jr., A T n, A A A, 9 N, O A K, K A I New Orleans, La. Class Secretary-Treasurer (i). President (2, 3); Student Body President (4); Student Council Secretary (4); Varsity Track (2, 3, 4),- Captain (4) ; White Elephants; Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society; Liternational Relations Club; Jamhnlaya Staff (i. 2); IluUabatoo Staff (I, 2, 3)- Charles Gabriel Smither, B G IT Ne v Orleans, La. Class Vice-President (2); Thirteen Club; Football (i, 3, 4). Allen Matthew Steiner, A K E New Orleans, La. T. U. R. K. President (4) ; Glee Club (i, 2) ; Hullabaloo Stafi (i, 2) ; Boxing (i, 2, 3, 4). Henry Maximilian Stern, ZBT DeLand, Fla. Glee Club. Bertha-Elvis Stokes New Orleans, La. John Alexander Thomas, Jr New Orleans, La. Joyce Palmer Tii.lery, Z T A, 9 N Beaumont, Tex. Dramatic Club. Leycester Louis Trauth Gretna, La. Herny Clay White, Jr., 2 E, A K K, A E A . . . . Pensacola, Fla. University of Florida; Glee Club (3). George Tu-ses Wogan New Orleans, La. Basketball (i); French Government Prize (3). John Winter Woolfolk, Jr., A T Q . . . White Elephants. . . New Orleans, La. Frederick Zengel New Orleans, La. Page 75 f w COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES JUNIOR CLASS Jay Pollock Altmavi-k, ZBT Mobile, Ala. International Relations Club. Jamks Barron, Ben Indiannla, Miss. Bestor Tartt Beli Anniston, Ala. Y. M. C. A. President (3) : .lainlmlaya Representative (3) ; International Relations Club; T. U. R. K. ; Glendy Burke Literary and Debating So- ciety; Glee Club; Basketball Manager. Frank Joskph Bertucci New Orleans, La. Allen Woodrow Betz, A X Z) New Orleans, La. C EORGE RiEBEL Blue, K S New Orleans, La. Pan-Hellenic Council (3) ; Greenbackers (3) ; Glee Club (i, 2, 3) ; Band (i, 2). Georgette Gertrude Brockman, B I A New Orleans, La. Dramatic Guild (3) ; Glee Club (i, 2) ; Y. W. C. A. (i, 2, 3) ; Huttahaho Staff. Augusto Alberto Boyd Panama City, R. P. Elisha Judkins Cain, Jr., SAE Wetumpka, Ala. Pan-Hellenic Council (3).; Greenbackers (3). Harry Edward Chalstrom, Jr New Orleans, La. S. Simon Buckner Chipley, Jr., A K E, A . A, B M . New Orleans, La. Jiiinhataya Staff (i, 2), Co- Associate Editor (3) ; Spectators; T. U. R. K. ; Dramatic Guild (i, 2, 3). Seymolir Altman Cohen New Orleans, La. International Relations Club (i, 2, 3); Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society (2, 3). Hazen Wood Cole, S I E Shreveport, La. Hullabaloo Staff; Jamhalnya Business Staff; Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society; Dramatic Guild; Y. M. C. A. Earl Chester Coulon Westwego, La. Hullabaloo Staff. Walter Shelley Culpepper, B6JI Monroe, La. Glee Club. William Albright Culpepper, K A Alexandria, La. Pan-Hellenic Council; Y. M. C. A. Robert Jocelyn Crawley, Jr., ATA New Orleans, La. Greenbackers (3) ; White Elephants. Pete Raymond Dalovisio Lake Charles, La. Varsity Football; Track. Herbert Taylor Davis, Jr St. Petersburg, Fla. Menard Doswell, ATfi New Orleans, La. Hullabaloo Staff (3) ; Glee Club (i, 2, 3), Librarian (2) ; Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society (3); Greenbackers (3); White Elephants; Track (i, 2. 3) ; Assistant Boxing Manager (i, 2, 3). Sam Eichold, II, Z B T Mobile, Ala. C. ' Vswell Prewitt Ellis, III, ATA New Orleans, La. Allain deClouet Favrot, a K E, A A A New Orleans, La. Glee Club (i, 2, 3), Secretary (3) ; Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society (2) ; Track (2). Julius Michael Fernandez, B M Wallace, La. Band. Page 76 II II • .1 • • I i 1 1 1 1 1 ( 1 1 1 1 COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES JUNIOR CLASS Hanson Delmayni! Frrreij,, I K 2 New Orleans, La. Glee Chih. Thomas Vhrnon Finch, [• A 6, B M, I ' 1 McComb, Miss. Pan-Hellenic Council; White Elephants; Jainhalaya Staff. Albert John Fletirich, K A, A A A New Orleans, La. Thirteen Clnh; Football; Iliillalialnn Business Staff (3). Samuel Milton Freese, Jr., A K E Wheeling, W. Va. " T " Club; Track (i). Varsity (2); Football (i), Varsity (2, 3). Charles Teissier Frey, A X 2 New Orleans, La. Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society; Oratorical and Debating Council; Glee Club. Walter William Gallinghouse Algiers, La. John Duke Garner, K S Hagerman, N. M. White Elephants. Herbert Alfred Graf, A 2 ! New Orleans, La. Greenbackers (3). Thomas Moore Ha- es, TR-, A K E Monroe, La. Hullabaloo Staff; T. U. R. K. ; Track. Paul Hermann Hqerske New Orleans, La. James Joseph Jaubert, n K A New Orleans, La. Glee Club (3) ; Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society (3) ; Inter- national Relations Club; Pan-Hellenic Council (2, 3) ; Y. M. C. A. (3) ; Football (i). Evelyn Edna Jones New Orleans, La. Hullabaloo Staff; Dramatic Guild (i, 2, 3); Y. W. C. A. (i, 3); Glee Club (i, 2). Edward Jesse Jones, Jr., K 2 Picayune, Miss. Llewellyn Emil Kling, A 2 $ New Orleans, La. Glee Club. Shirley Koelle, B I ' A New Orleans, La. Dramatic Guild; Hullabaloo Staff. Wesley Asfiton Lewis, i Ae New Orleans, La. Glee Club (i). William Noel Loftin, 2 X Baton Rouge, La. " T " Club; Football (i). Varsity (2, 3); Basketball (i). Varsity (2, 3). George Albert Mayoral, A T A, B M New Orleans, La. International Relations Club. Rhett Russell McMahon, K 2 Baton Rouge, La. Charles Murphy McKay, ATA New Orleans, La. Thomas June Melton, Jr., K 2 Oklahoma City, Okla. Greenbackers (3). Joseph Cleveland Meiers, Jr New Orleans, La. - !i flia oo Business Staff (2, 3), Circulation Manager (3) ; Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society (i, 2, 3); International Relations Club (i, 2), Treasurer (2); Dramatic Guild (i, 2), Business Manager (2); Jainhalaya Campus Editor (3); Vice-President Freshman Forensic Coun- cil (i); Campus Night Chairman (3); Y. M. C. A. {2, 3); Executive Cabinet (3). Elizabeth Miller New Orleans, La. Nolan Cordill Moore, ATA Winnsboro, La. Page 77 kV. 11 II r i.i ' i COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES JUNIOR CLASS James Arthur Moran, «I K ■J ' Summit, Miss. Charles Mary Joseph Moseley New Orleans, La. Wu.LiAM Underwood Moss, Jr., I A 9 New Orleans, La. " T " Club; ' arsity Football (2, 3); Football; Boxing. Elwin Gn.MORE Neal Balboa, C. Z. John Hamilton Neh,!., Jr., 2 A E Van Alstyne, Tex. Greenbackers (3) ; Pan-Hellenic Council. Vn.LL M Hammond Newman, A T fi, B M New Orleans, La. Dramatic Guild ; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. August Anthony- Nobile New Orleans, La. Y. M. C. A. Bernard Henry Nolan New Orleans, La. Lowell Oswald New Orleans, La. International Relations Club; Glee Club; Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society; Assistant Curator of Museum. John Alvin Owens, S X Heflin, Ala. Johns Hopkins University College for Teachers. Henry Payson Pate, K - New Orleans, La. University of Mississippi ; Millsaps College ; Hullabaloo Staff. Robert Vernon Pay ' ne, n K . New Orleans, La. llullahaloo Staff (i, 2), Assistant Sports Editor (i); Jamhalaya Sports Editor (i, 2), Assistant Editor (3); Glee Club; Greenbackers (3); Y. M. C. A.; Track (i). George Covington Perry, A T A, A X 2 Grenada, Miss. White Elephants; Boxing Team (i). Stanley Whitmire Ra-i-, Jr., ATA New Orleans, La. Basketball (i, 2). Mervin Harold Riseman, Z B T, B M, A A A Opelousas, La. Class President (3); Hullabaloo Sports Staff (i, 2); Glee Club (i, 2), Publicity Manager (2) ; Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society (i, 2, 3 ), Sergeant-at-Arms (2), Secretary-Treasurer (3); Track Man- ager (3); T. U. R. K.; ' Debating (3). Henry Louis Roux New Orleans, La. Vincent John Sampognaro Monroe, La. Donald Frederick Schultz New Orleans, La. Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society. John Adams Schupp, A T f New Orleans, La. Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society ; Y. M. C. A. Joseph Milton Scorsone New Orleans, La. John William Sims, " t A O, . A A, fi N . . . . New Orleans, La. Jambalaya Staff (i), Assistant Editor (2), Editor-in-Chief (3); Band (i) ; Spectators (3). Walter Sidney Singleton New Orleans, L:i. Y. M. C. A. Claude Randolph Smith, Jr., - A E, K K I ' . . . . N?w Or ' eans, La. Greenbackers (3); Band (2, 3, 4), First Assistant Manager (2, 3), Manager (4). Breard Snellincs, A K E, . A . . . . . , . . . . Monrce, La. Jambalaya Staff (i, 2, 3), Co-Associate Editor (3); Dramatic Guild (i, 2, 3), Business Manager (3); Thirteen Club; Class Secretary- Treasurer {3). Page 78 I I COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES JUNIOR CLASS RoBV Houston Spaar, S A E New Orleans, La. Burt Weldon Sperrv, H O n Monroe, La. Glee Chih. Alfred Wood Spii.i.er, Jr., ATA Hammond, La. Thirteen Club. John Roberts Stewart, A K E, A A A Monroe, La. Glee Club. Bascom Destrahan Talley, Jr Bogalusa, La. Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society (i, 2, 3), Speaker (3); Dramatic Guild (2, 3), Vice-President (3); Glee Club (2, 3), Vice- President (3) ; International Relations Club (2, 3) ; Oratorical and De- bating Council (i, 2, 3); Freshman Forensic Council; Varsity Debating (2). Victor Emmanuel Tedesco New Orleans, La. John Codman Thorn, A T A, I I New Orleans, La. " T " Club; Pan-Hellenic Council (2, 3); Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (2); Band (2); Thirteen Club; Varsity Tennis; T. U. R. K. (3); Green- backers (3). Marguerite Eugenie Tinker, B I ' A New Orleans, La. Dramatic Guild; Iluthihnlno Staff. Gerson Ziegler Tolmas, K N, K K ' New Orleans, La. Band Property Manager (3). Henry Louis Trepagnier, Jr., A T O, A A A New Orleans, La. Track (i). Theodore Francis Treuting New Orleans, La. Gladys Marie Viosca, B $ A New Orleans, La. Hullabaloo Staff; Jamhalaya Staff; Newcomb Pan-Hellenic Association Dramatic Club; Y. W. C. A.; Glee Club (i, 2). Thilo Lothar Joachim von Kurn. towski, ON. . New Orleans, La. Jamhalaya Staff (i); Hidlahalno Staff (2, 3); Freshman Forensic Coun- cil; Dramatic Guild; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society (i). Henry Louis W.aszkowski, Jr New Orleans, La. George Irving Weatherly, Jr Fort Payne, Ala. Lewis Engle Weil, SAM Corpus Christi, Tex. Glee Club (2, 3); International Relations Club (2, 3). Alcide John Weysham, 2 E New Orleans, La. Claude Arthur Wharton, Jr., 2 A E Alexandria, La. White Elephants; Greenbackers (3). William Benjamin Wiener, Jr., Z B T Canton, Miss. Track. Almyr. Sowell Williamson, A IT New Orleans, La. Hullabaloo Staff. William Waller Young, Jr., K A, A A A . . . . New Orleans, La. Class Secretary-Treasurer (i, 2), Vice-President (3) ; Cheerleading Squad (i, 2, 3), First Assistant (3); Glendy Burke Literary and Debating So- ciety (I, 2, 3); Glee Club (i, 2); t. U. R. K. (2, ' 3), Secretary (3); White Elephants. Page 79 Jl m. 1 1 • 1 • 4 t • il COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES SOPHOMORE CLASS James Speros Andres New Orleans, La. Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society. RonRiGO Arosemena, I A Panama, R. P. McNeelv Avants, 2 X Baton Rouge, La. Gilbert Balkin, ZBT Drew, Miss. Band; Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society. Robert Unsworth Blum, A K E New Orleans, La. Jamhalaya Staff (i, 2); Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society (i, 2), Censor (2) ; Glee Club (i, 2) ; Freshman Forensic Council. Barnev Blumberg, SAM Savannah, Ga. Glee Club; Dramatic Guild; Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society. Luther Lambuth Booth Houma, La. William Plummer Bradburn, III, B 9 IT New Orleans, La. y. M. C. A. Edward Sedley Bres, Jr., A K E New Orleans, La. Freshman-Sophomore Football and Track. James Daniel Brock, AG Montgomery, Ala. White Elephants; Class Secretary-Treasurer (i); Jamhalaya Staff. Fred Bronfin, K N New Orleans, La. Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society. Norman William Buckner Marshall, Tex. Football; Basketball; Baseball. Louis Ray Cabiran New Orleans, La. Andrew Jackson Carroll, Jr., K 2 New Orleans, La. Band; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (2). Frank Paul Cassens, Jr New Orleans, La. Stephen Aristide Chavez New Orleans, La. Karl Harold Clauset, K 2 New Orleans, La. Hullabaloo Staff. Marvin Alan Cohen, ZBT Jackson, Miss. Glee Club. Jason Havdel Collins, A K E New Orleans, La. Glee Club; Jamhalaya Representative (2); Track. George Francis Conrad New Orleans, La. Band (i, 2). Richard Henry Corales, Jr New Orleans, La. Aristobulo Carrizo " Ocu, Herrera, R. P. Nathan Cotlar New Orleans, La. Basketball. Henry Plauche Dart, III, B 6 IT New Orleans, La. Thirteen Club; Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society; Track (i, 2) ; Boxing. Julius Theodore Davis, Jr., K 2 New Orleans, La. Bluford Odom Day Brookhaven, Miss. Dramatic Guild. Donald Coty Dickson, Jr., ' I ' K 2 Shreveport, La. White Elephants. Page 80 Owen Sullivan Eckiiardt, K w White Kleplmnts. COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES SOPHOMORE CLASS DONALO WOODWARU Dovi.i-, 2 X New Orleans, La. Tennis. Everett Lucas Drewes New Orleans, La. . . New Orleans, La. Reuben Word Estopinat., S X Shreveport, La. Herman Joseph Estrade, Jr New Orleans, La. Matthew Feldman, B M Bayonne, N. J. Jacob Lew Fischman, K N New Orleans, La. Richard Charles Fitzgerald, A 2 I ' New Orleans, La. Glee Club (2) ; Freshman Cheerleader. George Herbert Ford Minden, La. Band. Louis Julius Gehbauer, Jr New Orleans, La. Glee Club. Maurice Wesley Geldert, Jr., i; I E New Orleans, La. Grant Wilbur Goldenstar, 2 A E Yemassee, S. C. White Elephants. Angus Douglas Grace, n K A Ft. Myers, Fla. Sam J. Hall, Jr., Ben Gordon, Ala. International Relations Club (2) ; Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society (2) ; Y. M. C. A. William Thomas Halvosa, Jr Balboa, C. Z. John Ferdinand Hartmann, Jr., ■! ' K 2 New Orleans, La. Y. M. C. A. (i, 2), Cabinet (2). Cerf Hirsch New Orleans, La. Band (i, 2); Glee Club; Basketball (i); Track (i). Arthur Clair Hollister, Jr., K 2 New Orleans, La. International Relations Club; Greenbackers (2). Arnold Charles Jacobs Brooklyn, N. Y. Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society; Freshman " Y; " Dramatic Guild. Charles Janvier, ATfJ, AAA New Orleans, La. White Elephants; T. U. R. K. ; Class Vice-President (i). President (2); Basketball (i). James Harvey Johnston, Jr., B G II Spartanburg, S .C. Gerald Feitel Joseph, Ben White Castle, La. Joe Hilliard Kirby, Jr., I A 6 Mullins, S. C. Perry Bernard Klein, 2AM Scranton, Pa. Abe Bernard Kupperman, K N New Orleans, La. International Relations Club; Glendy Burke Literary and Debating So- ciety; Freshman Forensic Council; Delegate to Oratorical and Debating Council (i); Pan-Hellenic Council ; Freshman Debater. Marion Anthony LaNasa New Orleans, La. Band (i, 2). Philip Paul LaNasa New Orleans, La. Band. Page 61 h:. ' COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES SOPHOMORE CLASS LiON ' EL Adam Landry New Orleans, La. Sabin Paul Landkv, Jr., II K A New Orleans, La. Y. M. C. A. VoLNEY Francis Landry, Jr., Z B T Baton Rouge, La. Band. Robert Edgar LeGorcne, Jr., B 6 n New Orleans, La. T. U. R. K. ; Tennis Manager; Varsity Ch;erleading. John- Jacob Astor Levy, 2 I E New Orleans, La. White Elephants. Solon Moise Levy, K N New Orleans, La Frank Edward Lewis, - X Baton Rouge, La. Football; Track. Robert Henri Manning New Orleans, La. Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. George Manteris Monroe, La. Football; Boxing; Baseball. Frederick Alvvn Marx, Z B T Monroe, La. Band. William Henry Mattis Oak Grove, La. Football ; Basketball. Enos Carr McClendon, Jr., A 2 ' I) Homer, La. Pan-Hellenic Council; Greenbackers (a). Robert William McCartney New Orleans, La . Roberto Felipe Mendez Havana, Cuba John Patrick Michaels, 2 X Orlando, Fla. White Elephants; Golf. Arthur Van Buren Miller, A K E Monroe, La. Track; Basketball. Herbert Leonard Miller, Z B T, ,i A A Drew, Miss. Hullabaloo Sports Staff; Glee Club (i, z), Publicity Manager (2); Band (i, 2), Assistant Manager (2); International Relations Club (i, 2). Robert Lee Miller, Jr., II K A Graceville, Fla. John Mistretta Tampa, Fla. Julian Beverly Murphy ' New Orleans, La. Marcus Lafayette Nance, ATfi Birney, Mont. Floyd Woodard Nevvlin New Orleans, La. Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society; Glee Club; Freshman- Sophomore Boxing; Intramural Basketball; Boxing (i). Francis Nicholson, tl K 2 McDonoghville, La. International Relations Club. Sam Crevvdson Oliver, 2 i E Paris, Tcnn. Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society; Band; International Relations Club. Edward Wallace Owen, Jr., K 2 New Orleans, La. Hullabaloo Campus Editor (2). Hugh Gamble Payne, K A Winterville, Miss. Thirteen Club; Football (i). Varsity (2); Varsity Track; Basketball. William Mosby Payne, K A Winterville, Miss. Thirteen Club; Football; Track. RuFFiN Trousdale Perkins, Jr., 2 A E Washington, D. C. Glee Club. Joseph Barnwell Phelps, A T A, A A A New Orleans, La. Thirteen Club; Pan-Hellenic Council; Basketball; Tennis. Louis Charles Philips, 2 II New Orleans, La. Page 82 COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES SOPHOMORE CLASS Alfred Max Porth New Orleans, I,a. Jambaiaya Editorial Staff (2) ; (ilencly Hurl e Literary and Deliatint; Society (i, 2); Freshman Forensic Council; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (2); Freshman " Y " President (i); International Relations Club (2); Orator- ical and Debating Council (2) ; Varsity Debater (2) ; Student League for Industrial Democracy (: ) ; Campus Night Dance Committ ee Chairman (2) ; Dramatic Guild (i, 2) ; Greenbackers (2). Wii.i.iAM KoHi.MANN Rr-ED, A T fi New Orleans, La. White Elephants. Anthony Ali.en Reese New Orleans, La. Band. Charles Edward Reid, ATA Hammond, La. Glee Club. Ernest Roger, III, A T fl New Orleans, La. Charles Mayer Samuel, Jr., Z li T New Orleans, La, Raymond Joseph Screen New Orleans, La. Joseph Mills Seiferih, Jr New Orleans, La. Glee Club (i, 2); Freshman Y. M. C. A.; Dramatic Guild (i, 2); Y. M. C. A. (2) ; Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society (2). Harold Singer New Orleans, La. James Botterfield Sinnott, III, A K E Springfield, III. Dramatic Guild; Glee Club. Howard John Smith, TI K A New Orleans, La. White Elephants; Glee Club; Class Secretary-Treasurer (2). John Holmes Smith, III, 2 E New Orleans, La. WiLFORD Murray Smith, n K A New Orleans, La. Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society (i, 2) ; International Re- lations Club (i, 2), Treasurer (2), Delegate to Oratorical and Debating Council (i, 2); Debating (2); Freshman Forensic Council President (i). Benjamin Linton Spearman, B O II Anniston, Ala. Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Glee Club; Class Vice-President {2); Varsity Boxing Manager (2); Tennis (i). Julian Leslie Marks Steinberg, Z B T New Orleans, La. Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society; Basketball. George Frank Sustendal New Orleans, La. Jack Asbury Sutherlin, H K A New Orleans, La. Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society; Y. M. C. A.; International Relations Club. James Mack Sutton, 2 X Sylvester, Ga. Milton Turner Brooklyn, N. Y. Ben Lewis Upton, A K E New Orleans, La. Hullabaloo Staff; Glee Club; Football (i). Sawyer Hayward Vincent, B 9 n New Orleans, La. Thirteen Club ; Varsity Football. Paul Gary White, Jr., n K A Plant City, Fla. Fred Arthur Wild, Jr New Orleans, La. Glee Club. Arthur Grady Williams, Jr., ATfl Florala, Ala. White Elephants; Pan-Hellenic Council (2); Football (i). Charles Laval Williams New Orleans, La. University of Virginia. Victor Herbert Witten, ZBT Jacksonville, Fla. Washington and Lee LIniversity. Welville Hirsch Wolfson, K N New Orleans, La. Edwin Newton Wray, K A Shreveport, La. Hugh Murphy Yearwood Shreveport, La. Page 83 COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES FRESHMAN CLASS Joseph Lewis Abrams, Z B T New York, N. Y. Tennis; Basketball. Frank Jewei.i. Baird, i; A E New Orleans, La. Clarence Edwarb Barbier New Orleans, La. Football. LiovD Emanuel Barrios New Orleans, La. Daviu Hanlin Becker, ATA New Orleans, La. Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society ; White Elephants. Ei.DON Upton Bertaut, A K E Lake Charles, La. Oliver Karl Bierhorst, A 2 ) New Orleans, La. Band. Jack Alexander Bornemann, B II New Orlear.s, La. . International Relations Club. Gordon Boswell, Jr., ATA New Orleans, La. White Elephants. Pete Paul Brechiel, Jr Algiers, La. Football; Basketball; Track; Free-hman Y. M. C. A. Lothard Joseph Broussard New Orleans, La. Warren John Brunner New Orleans, La. Football; Basketball. Howard Albert Buechner New Orleans, La. Norman Burnstein, K N New Orleans, La. Joe Harold Cahn New Orleans, La. Arthur Anthony Caire, III, I K 2 New Orleans, La. John Thomas Capo, Jr New Orleans, La. Harold Cohen, K N Memphis, Tenn. James Albert Coscrove New Orleans, La. Seymour Bernard Crepea, K N Brooklyn, N. Y. Clinton Joseph Cucullu, Jr New Orleans, La. ViLLiAM Duncan Davis, Jr., I K 2 New Orleans, La. Y. M. C. A.; Bo.xing. Caspar Gabriel de la Cruz Sancti-Spiritus, Cuba Joseph Nicholas De Salvo Harvey, La. Football. Nicholas Jung Dixon, 2 I ' E Baton Rouge, La. White Elephants. John Henry Douglas, A e Brewton, Ala. White Elephants. Ralph Joseph Fernandez Wallace, La. Page 84 1 • • : 1 • • COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES FRESHMAN CLASS Richard David Field, I A Shaw, Miss. AucusTiN HiPOi.ri ' O Font, ' T T A San Sebastian, P. R. Julian Pavne Freret, A T O New Orleans, La. White Elephants. AsHB-i ' Jackson Fristoe, II K A New Orleans, La. RULAND Gerth New Orleans, La. Football. Leonard Nathan Goldman, K N Bogalusa, La. Edward Kellerman Goodell, I K 2 New Orleans, La. Richard Henry Goodell, Jr., K 2 New Orleans, La. Milam Harrison Gray, Jr., A K E Denver, Colo. Thirteen Club; Glee Club. William Miller Green Dongan Hills, Staten Island, N. Y. Football. James Joseph Grevemberg, Jr., K A Bay St. Louis, Miss. Glee Club. Arthur Browne Hammond, K A New Orleans, La. Thirteen Club. Frank Helion Hardenstein, Jr., H K A New Orleans, La. Charles Shepard Healey, I A G New Orleans, La. Jay Benjamin Hecht, Jr., Z ]i T Columbus, Ga. Glee Club. William Patrick Hickey, Jr New Orleans, La. Football; Boxing; Track. Milton Ernest Hills New Orleans, La. Clifford Eggleston Howes Rockv Point, Long Island, N. Y. Y. M. C. a. Henry Frith Hynson, $ K 2 Bunkie, La. William Godwin Irby, K 2 Eufaula, Ala. White Elephants; Football; Boxing; Track. James Calvin Jackson Delhi, La. Football; Basketball. Warren Maurice Jacobs New Orleans, La. Martin James Barkdull Kahao, ATA Port Allen, La. John Theo Karaphillis Tarpon Springs, Fla. William Henry Kirchem, 2 I E New Orleans, La. White Elephants. Henry Marshall Kopman, ATA New Orleans, La. John Moss Kurtz, AG Shreveport, La. Page 85 • 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 • 1 t 1 1 ( 1 1 1 1 1 L COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES FRESHMAN CLASS RLinoi.Pii Matas Lanbr-s-, A K E New Orleans, La. RoBKRT Martin Lathrop, BOtl New Orleans, La. Freshman Football Manager. Richard Eomuno LeBianx Napoleonville, La. Jorge J. Llician ' o, I I A Santa Isabel, P. R. FL RVEV Craig May, Jr., ! K 2 New Orleans, La. Philip Joseph Maher Pensacola, Fla. WiLLARD Marmelzat, S A JI New Orleans, La. Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society; Freshman Debating; International Relations Club. Edward Joseph Marquez, Jr New Orleans, La. James McLachlan, Jr., A S t Metairie, La. EdW ' ARd Burke Melton New Orleans, La. George Anthony Miestchovich, Jr New Orleans, La. Football. Peter Rene Monrose, Jr., K A New Orleans, La. White Elephants. Shelby Henry ' Moore New Orleans, La. Ma. : Maurice Morelock, 1! 6 IT Haynesville, La. Thirteen Club; Glee Club. Bernard Mount, Jr., Z B T Montgomery, Ala. Stephen Clarendon Munson, Jr., A K E Jeanerette, La. Thirteen Club. Amedee Longer Musson, B 8 n New Orleans, La. Robert Emmet O ' Connor, Jr New Orleans, La. Glee Club. Ellis Pailet New Orleans, La. Lewis Crutchfield Parrish, II K A New Orleans, La. Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society. Frank P.wtie, Jr., K I; New Orleans, La. Glee Club. Thomas Beckwith Payne, K A Winterville, Miss. Thirteen Club; Football; Basketball; Track. William Francis Peak, B IT New Orleans, La. Boxing. George Henry Penn, Jr., A T fi New Orleans, La. Thirteen Club. Maurice Joseph Picheloup, III New Orleans, La. Y. M. C. A.; Band. Joseph Rudolph Pistorius New Orleans, La. Robert Allen Ragland Homer, La. Wilbur Ford Reese, B 6 IT New Orleans, La. Thirteen Club. Benjamin Ned Richardson Ponchatoula, La. Football. Edwin Filmore Rocge, 4 ' A 6 Marshall, Tex. Tennis. Page Bi • 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 • COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES FRESHMAN CLASS Daniel Hekrv Rowe New Orleans, La. Y. M. C. A. Malter Anthony ' Salaticii New Orleans, La. Morris Schapiro Bayonne, N. J. Joseph Vin ' Cekt Schlosser, ATA New Orleans, La. Hullabaloo Staff. Walter Hewitt Sharp New Orleans, La. Stephen Herman Shattles, i; I E New Orleans, La. Football; Track; Boxing. Courtney William Shropshire, Jr., I A Birmingham, Ala. Class Vice-President; Wliite Elephants; Boxing. Horace Elvin Shuffield, I K 2 Little Rock, Ark. Samuel Simkin New Orleans, La. David Baker Singleton, Z X Hattiesburg, Miss. White Elephants; Football. HowEL William Slaughter, II K A New Orleans, La. William Lamar Smith Wetumpka, Ala. Band. Ai.wvN Smith, Jr., H K A New Orleans, La. Eernie Lvs ' ne Smith, BBIT Clarksdale, Miss. Football ; Boxing. Alfred Louis Solomon, Z B T New Orleans, La. Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society. Arturo Tapia, $ I a Panama City, R. P. Robert Richard Thornton, A K E New Orleans, La. Glee Club. Raul Jose Trelles Cienfuegos, Cuba John Gill Wafer, Jr Shreveport, La. Arthur Jemison Wallace, Jr., K A Tampa, Fla. Thirteen Club. William Weeks Westerfield, Jr., A K E New Orleans, La. Thirteen Club; Tennis. Julian Wiener, Z B T Canton, Miss. Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society. George Elliot Williams, Jr., 2 X New Orleans, La. White Elephants. Robert Clive Windes, Jr., ! A 6 New Orleans, La. Philip Henderson Witherspoon, II K A New Orleans, La. White Elephants; Glee Club; T. U. R. K. ; Y. M. C. A.; Class Pres- ident; Basketball. Sidney Wright, ZBT Eunice, La. Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society; Glee Club. James Wallace Y.ates Balboa, C. Z. Arthur deZalduondo New Orleans, La. Page 87 11 II a I • • I DOUGLAS SMITH ANDERSON A.e.. M.A., D.SC. Dean — The College of Engineering FACULTY Douglas Smith Andersok, A.B., MA., D.Sc, Dean, .Icliiu) PrcsiAnU of tlic Vtih ' crsily James Marshall Robert, B.E. Acting Dean Walter GoLnsBERRY Allee, Jr. Patrick Joseph Ar. ' Vcuel, B.S. Joseph Anthony Sambola Barry, M.A. Ernest Wh.liam Beck Clarence Elmore Bonnett, Ph.D. Walter Christian Bosch, M.S. Herbert Earle Buchanan, Ph D.. LL.D. Alvtn Boyd Cardwell, Ph.D. Godfrey Thomas Co.ate Theodore Jamison Cox, B.S. George Franklin Cramer, Ph D. James Anthony Cronvich, B.E. Lester Louis Cronvich Nathaniel Corti.andt Curtis, Ph.B., B.S. Donald Derickson, C.E. Charles Barber Dicks, Jr., B.E., M.S. Albert Bledsoe Dinwiddie, Ph.D , LL.D. Jay Karl Ditchy, Ph.D. Archibald Lee Dunlap, B.S., M.E. William Larkin Duren, Jr., Ph.D. Daniel Stanley Elliott, Ph.D. Thom. s Vernon Finch Bert Artemus Flanders, Jr., LL.B. Frederick Hewitt Fo ' .y, B.E. Raymond Freas, Ph.D. Marc Friedlaf.nder, M.A. William Benjamin Gregory, M.M.E. Frederick Hard, Ph.D. Arthur Middleton Hill, B.E., M.S. Powell Horner Humphries, S.B. (E.E.) S.M. (E.E.) Herman Fair Hustedt Edward Jesse Jones, Jr. George Todd Kalif, Ph.D. Richard Ray Kirk, A.M. George John Kyame, B.S. Arthur Herbert Levy, B.Arch. Andrew Moore Lockett, Jr., B.Arch. Frank Charles Magne, B S. John King Mayer, B.E. John MacLaren McBryde, Ph.D., Litt.D. Roger Philip McCutcheon, Ph.D , Litt.D. Robert Leonval Menuet, B.E. Arthur Henry Moehlenbrock, MA. Hal Walters Moseley, M.S., M.A. LeRoy Lafayette Newman, Jr., B.E. C. iRROL Boyd Norris, B.S. (E.E.), M.S. (E.E.) Myrtis Marion Norton, B.E. Forrest Edward Oakes Elisha Fred Pollard, Ph.D. Claire William Ricker, S.B., S.M., M.E.E. Grantley Berkeley Struan Rickeits, B.E. John Karlem Riess, B.S. Henry Louis Rou ' x SoLis Seiferth, B.Arch. Charles Intervale Silin, Ph D. Claude Simons John Wesley Steedly, Jr., B.S. Reinhard August Steinma-ser, B.S, John Herndon Thomson, B.S., B.Arch. Joseph Eraser Thomson Ph.D. Joseph Clay Walker, Ph.D. Fabian Philip Wiederecht, B.E. (Ch.E.), B.S. Milton Friel Williams, Jr. Charles Samuel Williamson, Jr., M.S. Deceased. STUDENT BODY OFFICERS John R. Riley, Jr President WiLBERT L. Argus Vice-President James A. Robert, Jr Secretary-Treasurer SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Henry W. Voelkel President Waldemar S. Nelson Vice-President Lester L. Cronvich Secretary-Treasurer JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Robert P. Lockett, Jr President Henry R. Richmond, Jr Vice-President Edward J. Welsch, Jr. Secretary-Treasurer SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Royal R. Bastian, Jr President G. Putnam Hinds, Jr Vice-President J. Paul Tobin Secretary-Treasurer FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS J. Frank Richmond President Eric P. Breidenbach Vice-President William A. Atkinson, Jr Secretary-Treasurer JOHN RAYMOND RILEY, JR. Prcsidcnl — College of Engineering Student lioily Voelkel, Lockett, Bastian, Richmond COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING — SENIOR CLASS W ' liBF ' .Ri Lang Argus, S I A New Orleans, La. Civil E?u ineirinff Student Body Vice-President (4) ; American Society of Civil Engineers (2, 3, 4), Vice-President (3); Greenliackers (4); Chief Engineer, Tulane Summer Survey Camp (3); Pan-Hellenic Council (2, 3). John Coleman Bartlev New Orleans, La. Civil Engineering American Society of Civil Engineers. Louis Clarence Bisso, A2 1 New Orleans, La. Civil Engineering American Society of Civil Engineers. Edward Woodrovv Blossman, K 2, tt Covington, La. Civil Engineering Pan-Hellenic Council; American Society of Civil Engineers Secretary (4). Levie Waymon Branch New Orleans, La. M. " E. Engineering August J. J. Brodtmann, Jr., A X 2 New Orleans, La. Cliemical Engineering Charles Augustus Burton, A X 2 New Orleans, La. Cliemical Engineering Alvin Solomon Caplan, 2AM New Orleans, Ln. M. " E. Engineering Class Secretary (3); Jambalaya Representative (2); Glee Cluh (i, 2, 3, 4) ; Band (i, 2, 3, 4), Assistant Manager (3). Lester Louis Cronvich New Orleans, La. M. a E. Engineering Class Secretary-Treasurer (4) Ben Tucker Dean Brookhaven, Miss. Chemical Engineering Baptist Student Union President. Albert Francis Dugan New Orleans, La Civil Engineering American Society of Civil Engineers, Student Chapter President. Philip Richard Farnsworth, K A New Orleans, La. Architecture Architectural Society; White Elephants. Marion Ellis Frater, K A Gulfport, Miss. Arcliitccturc Architectural Society. Ben Jacob Hanev, Jr New Orleans, La. M. Of E. Engineering American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Frederick Francis Hebcrt, 2 E Paia, T. H. Cliemical Engineering Tennis (i). Martin Hebert, Jr West Monroe, La. M. " E. Engineering Band (i, 2, 3, 4), Assistant Librarian (4) ; American Society of Mechan- ical Engineers. Page 90 COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING - SENIOR CLASS Albert Emmet Houapp New Orleans, La. C, III- mi I III Uniiiiicir ' iiK Anmirew EmvARi) Hoover New Orleans, La. Arcliilnlurr Architectural Society Secretary (4); Garg:)yle Secretary (4). Robert Brewster James, 15 9 IT New Orleans, La. M. Gf E. tiif i irrrinff Class Vice-President (3) ; American Society of Mechanical Engineers Treasurer (3); Baseball (i, 2, 3, 4); Intrainural Basketball (i, 2). Sterling Julius Knight New Orleans, La. Civil E u inccrinff American Society of Civil Engineers. Rene Joseph Lapfyrouse Houma, La. M. (f E. Etif iiinrinf Melville Leo Levy, K N New Orleans, La. M. E. Engincrring Pan-Hellenic Council (2, 3). Lionel Hawthorne McDonald, i; I K New Orleans, La. M. " E. Entjinetriiifi William George McGuire, 6 2 New Orleans, La. M. " E. Engitieering John William Mullen, I K 2 New Orleans, La. Civil Engineering American Society of Civil Engineers (2, 3, 4). Waldemar Stanley Nelson New Orleans, La. M. E. Engineering Class Vice-President (4); Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; American Society of Mechanical Engineers Chairman (4). Ernest Latimer Pragst ... Schenectady, N. Y. M. E, Engineering Frank Marvin RePass, Jr., K 22 New Orleans, La. M. E. Engineering Glee Club (i) ; Jamhalaya Representa tive (2) ; American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Joseph Sinclair Reynaud New Orleans, La. M. a E. Engineering Frank Riess, A T f2 New Orleans, La. Civil Engineering American Society of Civil Engineers. John Raymond Riley, Jr., BGII, AXS.. .. . . . Crowley, La. Cliemical Engineering Class President (3) ; Student Pcdv President (4) ; Student Council (4) ; T. U. R. K. Henry Wyler Voelkel New Orleans, La. M. E. Engineering Class President (4) ; American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Henry Frederick Werner, Jr New Orleans, La. M. if E. Engineerimi American Institute of Electrical Engineers. James Anderson Wright, Jr., $ K 2 New Orleans, La. Civil Engineering Class Secretary (3); Student Body Secretary (4); T. U. R. K. ; Amer- ican Society of Civil Engineers. Page 91 1 1 1 1 1 1 COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING - JUNIOR CLASS HoBART Warren Bi.akeslee, 1 K i; New Orleans, La. M. is E. Eni inci ' iing Y. M. C. A.; American Society of Mechanical Engineers. William Haubtman Bohne, I K 22 New Orleans, La. Civil Entjinrcring White Elephants; American Society of Civil Engineers (2, 3), Treasurer (3). John Matthews Bopp . Bay St. Louis, Miss. M. Qf E. Engineering American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Lionel John Bourgeois, Jr New Orleans, La. Civil Engineering American Society of Civil Engineers. Joseph Mvron Brocato Wisner, La. Arcliilecture Architectural Society. Leo Emmet Broders, A X 2 New Orleans, La. Chemical Engineering Jamhalaya Representative (2, 3). Barremore Beverly Brown, A T f! New Orleans, La. Chemical Enc inceririg Y. M. C. A. Harwood Ignatius Brown, 2 ! A New Orleans, La. Ml Sf E. Engineering American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Pan-Hellenic Council. Jack Seyborne Burk, II K A New- Orleans, La. Civil Engineering American Society of Civil Engineers (2, 3). Thompson Byrd Burk, II K A New Orleans, La. Arcliitccture Architectural Society. John Wesley Carnahan New Orleans, La. M. Gf E. Engineering American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Eugene Jean Cazen.ave, Jr Shreveport, La. M. E. Engineering American Society of Mechanical Engineers. William Courtenay Dinwiddie New Orleans, La. M. u E. Engineering Henry Chotard Eustis, A T New Orleans, La. .-Irchitccturc Architectural Society; White Elephants. Harold Godwin Faust, Jr New Orleans, La. Civil Engineering Greenbackers. Harold Francis Favret New Orleans, La. Civil Engineering American Society of Civil Engineers. Hector George Fernandez, ATA New Orleans, La. M. Gf E. Engineering American Society of Mechanical Engineers. John Milton Gabriel New Orleans, La. Architecture Architectural Society. Martin Mathias Gurtler, II New Orleans, La. Civil Engineering American Society of Civil Engineers. Arthur Louis Jung, Jr., K - New Orleans, La. M. E. Engineering White Elephants. Ferdinand Louis Larue, Jr., A T Q New Orleans, La. Chemical Engineering Maurice James Laskev, Jr New Orleans, La. M. Gf E. Engineering Pembroke Oscar Leach, A T n . . ... Chattanooga, Tenn. Chemical Engineering Pan-Hellenic Council (2, 3); Greenbackers; Jamhalaya Representative (3). Robert Paine Lockett, Jr., K A New Orleans, La. M. f E. Engineering Class President (3); " T " Club; T. U. R. K. ; American Society of Me- chanical Engineers; White Elephants Cup (i); Varsity Track; Varsity Basketball. Page 92 11 II » • • I • I • COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING - JUNIOR CLASS John Todd McCaw, S N Columbia, S. C. M. E. En iincrring American Society of Mechanical Engineers (3). Marion Stinson Monk, Jr., Ben New Orleans, La. Arcliiteclure Architectural Society; Y. M. C. A. Cahinet; Varsity Football. John Edward Monroe, Jr New Orleans, La. Clicinual Eniiiiuir ' ut j John Edward Morehiser, Jr New Orleans, La. M. Q E. Eiuiijircrinij American Society of Mechanical Engineers Treasurer (3). DeWitt Lionel Morris New Orleans, La. M. (J E. Engineering American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Daniel Warren Brickell Murphy New Orleans, La. M. E. Engineering American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Clifton Rods Newlin New Orleans, La. M. Cj E. Engineering Aero Club (2) ; Baseball (2) ; American Society of Mechanical Engi- neers (2, 3). Ferdie Anthony Nobile, 2; i A Lutcher, La. Arcliiteclure Architectural Society; Greenbackers; Pan-Hellenic Council. Paul Edward Odendahl, Jr New Orleans, La. Arcliiiecture Architectural Society; Track (i). Louis Richard Otto, Jr., 2$E New Orleans, La. M. E. Engineering Class Treasurer (i). President (2); Band (i, 2, 3); American Society Mechanical Engineers (2, 3). Albert Brown Paterson, Jr., I A 9 New Orleans, La. M. E. Eyiginecring Milton Eli Pick New Orleans, La. M. E. Engineering American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Henry Russell Richmond, Jr., ' I K 2 New Orleans, La. M. Gf E. Engineering Class Vice-President (3) ; American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Joseph Santos Riorda Bluefields, Nic. M. o E. Engineering Varsity Track; American Society of Mechanical Engineers. L.awrence Elliot Robins New Orleans, La. M. cj E. Engineering American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Perry Reinhardt Roehm New Orleans, La. M. ZS E. Engineering Class Secretary-Treasurer {2); Greenbackers (3); American Society of Mechanical Engineers (2, 3). Frank Joseph Ros.wo New Orleans, La. M. E. Engineering Band Librarian (i, 2, 3). Matthew Harry Lovat Sanders, Jr., K .V Memphis, Tenn. Archileciure Architectural Society; T. U. R. K. Henry Burgard Shepard New Orleans, La. Civil Engineering Class President (i); Y. M. C. A.; American Society of Civil Engineers. Edward Joseph Welsch, Jr Natchitoches, La. Ciml Engineering Class Secretary-Treasurer (3); American Society of Civil Engineers. Milton Friel Williams, Jr., A X 2 New Orleans, La. Chemical Engineering Band (i, 2, 3, 4.), Assistant Manager (+). William Horace Williams, Jr., i A 9 New Orleans, La. Civil Engi?ieering Jamhalaya Business Manager (i, 2); American Society of Civil Engineers. Page 93 1 1 1 I 1 1 COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING— SOPHOMORE CLASS Clifford Atkikson ' , Jr., A K E Ne- v Orleans, La. M. " E, Eriz imrrin Gabriel G. Auricles Vedado, Havana, Cnba Cliemical Engineering RovAL Richard Bastian, Jr., A K E New Orleans, La. Cliemical Engineering Class President (i, 2) ; T. U R. K. Philip Alfred Becnel, Jr New Orleans, La. M. if E. Enffi ieering Lauranxe Henry Bohne, K 2 New Orleans, La. M. E. Eni inerring Arthur Hubert Brook, II K A Bastrop, La. M. if E. Enr ineering Band. Cornelius Charlton Burke, Jr Marianna, Ark. M. Gf E. Engineering Roy Morgan Cami .... Ponchatoula, La. Civil Engineering American Society of Civil Engineers. Stanley Steven Carnegie Westville, N. J. Civil Engineering American Society of Civil Engineers. Charloite Sargent Chandler Winnetka, 111. Arcliitcclure Architectural Society. Charles Irwin Crais New Orleans, La. M. S E. Engineering John Kaigler Di.xon, 2 ! A New Orleans, La. Cliemical Engineering NoRVAL Francis Elliot New Orleans, La. M. if E. Engineering William Conner Ellis, . T n New Orleans, La. M. If E. Engineering White Elephants. Jacques Lanauze Fortier, f A G New Orleans, La. M. E. Engineering John Rudolph Goller, Jr New Orleans, La. M. (f E. Engineering American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Cress Country Track. LuciEN MuNz Haase New Orleans, La. Are iitecture Architectural Society. Robert Nagle Habans, K 2 . . New Orleans, La. Civil Engineering American Society of Civil Engineers. John Eugene Hall, Jr New Orleans, La. M. f E. Engineering American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Band (r, 2). Cecil Eddins Henley Rosedale, Miss. Cliemical Engineering Football. George Putnam Hinds, Jr., ■I ' K IS New Orleans, La. Chemical Engineering Class Vice-President (i, 2). William Spencer Huey, A T New Orleans, La. Chemical Engineering Thirteen Club. Donald Edward Jahncke, K A New Orleans, La. M. E. Engineering . ' Vmerican Society of Mechanical Engineers. Pierre Jovovitch Paris, France Architecture Architectural Society; Y. M. C. A.; Track Team (i). Val Earhart Kissgen New Orleans, La. Civil Engineering American Society of Civil Engineers. Edgar James LeBlanc New Orleans, La. Architecture Architectural Society. William Francis Levert Shreveport, La. M. (f E. Engineering American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Page 94 11 II • I • . • I I COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING— SOPHOMORE CLASS WoODWARU HAiNnRiucr-: Logan, II K A New Orleans, La. Irchileclurc Architectural Society; Glee Club. John Poston Manard, A K E New Orleans, La. Che mi (ill En jiiifi ' miij NoRBERT Wir.MAM Markei., ' I K 2 New Orleans, La, M. E. Enyinrfiinfj Henry Giles Martin, Jr., ' I K 2 New Orleans, La. Chemical EiKjiiieirinij John Daniel McHride, 2 I E New Orleans, La. CJicmical Enijineerinij August Louis Miller New Orleans, La. M. (I E. Ent incerinij Joseph Richard Mooney New Orleans, La. M. E. Engineerint American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Basketball. Warren Gustave Moses, ZBT New Orleans, La. M. E. Enffineerin Dietrich Allen Neylano, A T n Shreveport, La. .Irehilectiire Architectural Society; Football; Basketball. Gustav Frank Osterman, Jr., Ben . . Laurel, Miss. Chemical Entjineering Track Team (i). William Minor Payne, AX2 New Orleans, La. Chemical Engineering Alpha Chi Sigma Freshman Essay Cup. Walter Peter Raarup, Jr New Orleans, La. Chemical Engineering Primitivo Abel Rodriguez, K 2 New Orleans, La. Ciiril Eyigineering John Robert Rombach, Jr New Orleans, La. M. " E. Engineering American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Y. M. C. A.; Band; Jnmbalaya Representative. Nicholas Anthony Schilleci New Orleans, La. M. !S E. Engineering Hugh Frazier Smith, A© Covington, La. Chemical Engineering Emmanuel Jung Stanton, A T fi New Orleans, La. Chemical Engineering Carl Frederick Stockmeyer, Jr., Ben New Orleans, La. Ci ' vil Engineering American Society of Civil Engineers. William Madison Swayne New Orleans, La. Chemical Engineering Band; Glee Club; Y. M. C. A. Horace Arthur Thompson, Jr., n K A New Orleans, La. Chemical Engineering Pan-Hellenic Council; Glee Club; Track (i, 2). John Joseph Tiedemann, Jr New Orleans, La. M. E. Engineering Band. John Paul Tobin, Ben New Orleans, La. M. E. Engineering American Society of Mechanical Engineers; T. U. R. K. ; Class Secretary-Treasurer (2) John Francis Vogt, Jr New Orleans, La. M. " E. Engineering American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Basketball. Irwin Charles Weidig New Orleans, La. M. G " E. Engineering George Freeman Williamson, n K A New Orleans, La. Ci ' vil Engineering American Society of Civil Engineers. Page 95 e 1 1 1 ' ' 1 1 1 1 1 • COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING— FRESHMAN CLASS Jack Andrew Allison, A T B New Orleans, La. Civil Enijineering White Elephants; Freshman Y. M. C. A. Bernard Jackiel Aronson, K N New Orleans, La. Architecture Architectural Society WiLLLAM Arthur Atkinson, Jr., I ' K 2 New Orleans, La. Chemical Engineering Class Secretary-Treasurer; Y. M. C. A. Caroline Catherine Ballard ... Bay St. Louis, Miss. Cliem ic al Engineering Clem Burke Binnings, ATS7 New Orleans, La. M. E. Engineering Freshman Y. M. C. A. Philip William Bohne New Orleans, La. Chemical Engineering Freshman Y. M. C. A. Secretary-Treasurer. Eric Powell Breidenbach, " f K 2 Ne v Orleans, La. Chemical Engineering Class Vice-President; Y. M. C. A. Julius Sherard Brisbane, 2 $ E St. Francisville, La. M. ' E. Engineering Glee Club. Thomas Gilmore Broussard New Orleans, La. M. " E. Engineering David Maurice Carey Denver, Colo. .-Irchitecture Architectural Society. Fred Oliver Carlile DeLand, Fla. Chemical Engineering Gerard Paul Caruso New Orleans, La. Chemical Engineering Wilfred Hellmers Charbonnet, A T fi New Orleans, La. Chemical Engineering Neil Lawder Chavigny, A K E New Orleans, La. Chemical Engineering James David Coleman, Jr Burrwood, La. Civil Engineering Juan Cordero Heredia, Costa Rica, C. A. M. £j E. Engineering Robert Donald Cosgrove, $ K 2 New Orleans, La. M. E. Engineering Band. Carmen de la Vega . . Central Ramona Ramona, Cuba Chemical Engineering Stanley Martin Diefenthal, S A JI New Orleans, La. M. Is E. Engineering Dramatic Guild. Edward Bruff Folse, Jr., n K A . . Oak Ridge, La. M. E. Engineering Track. Nicholas Francis Frischhertz . New Orleans, La. M. " E. Engineering Jambalaya Representative. Louis Walter Geier New Orleans, La. Architecture Architectural Societj " . John Austin Grehan, ATfi New Orleans, La, Civil Engineering Thirteen Club. DoNATO Enrique Guiza Charcas, Mex. Civil Engineering Alvin Berton Harrison New Orleans, La. Arcliitecture Architectural Society. Weeks Torian Harrison, K A , . . . . . . . . . New Orleans, La. Chemical Engineering Margaret Bemis Hart, IIB$... New Orleans, La. Arcliitecture Architectural Society. Page 96 COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING— FRESHMAN CLASS Hermann John Janssp.n New Orleans, La. CJirmuat Hiu iiirriiui Track. Earle Hopkins Jones, Jr., li H II . . . ... Fayetteville, Tenn, M. E. linijiniriiiiii Donald Gifford Jordan, ATS!. . . . . . . . New Orleans, La. Clwm iail Enijuueriiuj Edward Lacv King, Jr., K i) . . . . . .... New Orleans, La. M. iS E. Eiit ineirituj White Elephants. Nestor Bever Knoepki.er New Orleans, La. Chem ' ual Eiitjincfrrnij John Marion Lachin, Jr New Orleans, La. Architi-cluic Architectural Society. Paul Michinard Lacarde . . New Orleans, La. Civil Ent incninti Norman Joseph Landrv, 1 ' A e New Orleans, La. M. a E. En jiiierrinfj Jambidaya Staff. Joseph Louis Leber, A 2 . . New Orleans, La. M. " E. Eiiffiiirerinff EovD Henry Lewis, -l ' A 6 . . New Orleans, La. .-Irc iitecture Architectural Society. WiLMER Ray Manning Jackson, Miss. Chemical Enyineering John Farnsworth Manson, I K 2 . . New Orleans, La. Civil Engineering James Angus McNiven, $ K S . . . .... New Orleans, La. M. E. Engineering Baseball. George Hardiman Menefee, 1 ' 4 9 . . .... New Orleans, La. M. E. Engineering White Elephants. Charles Christian Miller. ATA.. ... New Orleans, La. C iemical Engineering Basketball. Robert Nicholas Miller New Orleans, La. M. " E. Engineering Fred Baker Moseley, n K A . . ...... Gloster, Miss. C em ical Engineering Charles Woodward Nelson New Orleans, La. M. E. Engineering Herbert Edward Pritchard, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. M. E. Engineering Football ; Basketball. Paul Henry Ramos, K 2 . - ■ New Orleans, La. Chemical Engi neering Fcotball; Track. Charles Favrot Read, K A . . . . • New Orleans, La. M. £j E. Engineering White Elephants; Basketball Assistant Manager. James Frank Richmond, I K 2 , . ... New Orleans, La. M. " E. Engineering Class President; White Elephants; T. U. R. K. Paul Harding Ricker Wakefield, Mass. M. Sf E. Engineering Band. Edgar Rollins Dumont Smith, A . . Covington, La. Chemical Engineering Millard Purnell, Snyder, ATA..... .... Shreveport, La. M. E. Engineering Edwin Joseph Soniat New Orleans, La. M. " E. Engineering Ferdi B. Stern, Jr., Z B T . . .... New Orleans, La. M. E. Engineering Earl Crawford Stevens, Jr. . . ..... New Orleans, La. Chemical Engineering Albert John Weizel, Jr., K 2 . . New Orleans, La. M. S " E. Engineering Donald Edward Wilson, ATA.. ... New Orleans, La. Civil Engineering Page 97 L ' ;.. » • ( 1 i 1 1 1 1 1 1 • MORTON ARNOLD ALDRICH A.B., PH.D. Dean — The College of Commerce FACULTY Morton A. Aldrich, A.B., Ph.D. Dean Leslie J. Buchan B.S. IN Banking and Finance, MS. in Accountancy, C.P.A., Louisiana and Illinois Nicholas Callan B.A., LL.B. Hugh B. Carnes A.B. Willlam Larkix Duren, Jr. B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Robert W. Elsasser A.B., M.C.S. Donald M. H alley A.B., A.M. James W. Hopkins B.A., M.A., LL.B. Warner H. Hord B.S., M.S., M.B.A. Harvey Lee Marcoux A.B„ A.M. Fred L Meyers Harry A. Mitchell A.B., M.B.A. F. Santry Reed A.B., M.B.A. Jay C. Van Kirk B. S. IN Commerce, M.B.A., C.P.A., Louisiana and Illinois STUDENT BODY OFFICERS Thomas W. Born President Robert J. Ahsens, Jr. Vice-President Ernest H. Doerries, Jr Secretary-Treasurer SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS J. Richard Reuter, Jr President Douglas Kelly Jr. Vice-President Henry S. Marchal Secretary-Treasurer JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Herman F. Flowers President Maurice H. Born Vice-President Philip Werlein,. IV Secretary-Treasurer SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS R. Miller Upton President Charles F. Seemann Vice-President Helene McGee Secretary-Treasurer FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Einar N. Pedersen President Maunsell W. Hickey Vice-President C. Lee McMillan Secretary-Treasurer THOMAS WITHERSPOON BORN Praiilcnl College of Commcrec Student Body Reuter, Flowers, Upton, Pedersen • r!E57 " — - iW K. COLLEGE OF COMMERCE— SENIOR CLASS Robert John Ahsens, JR-, I ' K - . . New Orleans, La. Class Secretary-Treasurer (2), Vice-President (3); Student Body Vice-President (4). Thomas ' ithekspoo Born, A K E, I New Orleans, La. Student Body Vice-President (3), President (4); Student Council (4); Pan-Hellenic Council (3, 4); Thirteen Club; T. U. R. K. (4). John Edward Church New Orleans, La. Edward Clark Colcord, Jr., A T A St. Albans, W. Va. Philip Siren del Corral, 1 K :2 New Orleans, La. Class Secretary-Treasurer (3) Roma Helen de Lucas, B 2 New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club (i, 2, 3) ; Y. W. C. A. (i, 2, 3) ; Art Club (4) ; Newcomb Pan-Hellenic Association. Ernest Henry Doerries, Jr., A 2 New Orleans, La. Student Body Secretary-Treasurer (4) ; Greenbackers (4) ; Pan-Hellenic Council (3, 4). Ralph Paul Hebert New Orleans, La. William Walter Holmes, Jr., K .4 New Orleans, La. Pan-Hellenic Council Chester Cleveland Johnson, Jr New Orleans, La. Class Secretary-Treasurer (3) ; Tennis Captain (i) ; Intra-mural Baseball. Douglas Kelly, Jr., II K A, " t I New Orleans, La. Class Vice-President (4); Jambalaya Representative (3); Pan-Hellenic Council (3); Greenbackers (4). Thomas William Lawson, II K A Greenbackers President (4). New Orleans, La. Humberto Manuel Lopez New Orleans, La. Henry Samuel Marchal, A K E New Orleans, La. Class Secretary-Treasurer (4). Page 100 COLLEGE OF COMMERCE— SENIOR CLASS Edward Joskpii Marks, Jr New Orleans, La. " T " Club; Track (i), Varsity (2, 3, 4), Alternate Captain (4). Rena Poe Mitch ELI New Orleans, La. Accountants ' Club; Jamh ilaya Representative (4). Joseph Vinceni- Montedonico, Jr., K A Memphis, Tenn. Albert Majors Norwood, A K E New Orleans, La. Class President (2); Thirteen Club; T. U. R. K. ; Tennis (i, 2, 3, 4); Basketball (3, 4) Wallace Gilbert Orr New Orleans, La. Class Vice-President (i); Accountants ' Club. David B.-iCLEY Penn, Jr., A T n New Orleans, La. White Elephants; Aero Club (2). John Richard Reuter, Jr., 2 II, I) $, B r 2 . . . . New Orleans, La. Class Vice-President (2), President (3, 4) ; Pan-Hellenic Council. Joseph Fellman Seinsheimer, Jr Galveston, Tex. Saul Singer, K N New Orleans, La. Betty Brown Thompson, HB New Orleans, La. Elmore Robert Verlander . New Orleans, La. Augustus Calhoun Vreeland, Jr New Orleans, La. John Allen Walls, K A New Orleans, La. George Downing Wray, Jr., K A . . . . White Elephants. Paqe 101 Shreveport, La. COLLEGE OF C OMM ' ERCE— JUNIOR CLASS L ' lDiA Hamilton Allen, II B ! New Orleans, La. Samuel Robert Arnholz, I A G Wichita, Kan. Maurice Hekrv Born, Z H T Oklahoma City, Okia. Class Secretary-Treasurer (2), Vice-President (3); Pan-Hellenic Council (3). Harold Andrew Bur.w Venice, La. Jiimbiilaya Representative (3) ; Accountants ' Cluh. Louis Evaro Cohen, 2AM New Orleans, La. " T " Club; Tennis (i, 2); Track (4, 5) Oscar Eugene Conev, Jr., A 6 Magnolia, Miss. David Meyer Drown New Orleans, La. Aaron Epstein New Orleans, La. Herman Freddie Flowers, ZBT Lexington, Miss. Class President (3); Jambalaya Representative (i); Band (i, 2, 3). Kenneth Arnold Gonzales, I K 2 Port Arthur, Tex. Head Cheerleader; T. U. R. K. ; Greenhackers ; Golf. Rita Alice Molony New Orleans, La. Dramatic Guild. Joseph Chalaron Penn, A T O New Orleans, La. Thomas Bryant Putnam, TI K A St. Charles, 111. Justin Ricou Querbes, Jr., K A Shreveport, La. Lawrence Donald Ritter, A X A New Orleans, La. Greenhackers (3). William Douglas Roberi, B G II New Orleans, La. Glee Club; Boxing Henry Kahn Rods, ZBT Shreveport, La. Glee Club (2, 3). MuRL Mae Rundhammer Birnamwood, Wis. Philip Maginnis Seymour, 2 A E New Orleans, La. Saul Edw ' ARd Silverman New Orleans, La. Accountants ' Club. Richard Gorman Verlander New Orleans, La. Clifford Carl Walker New Orleans, La. Roswell Joseph Weil, 2AM New Orleans, La. Philip Werlein, IV, A K E New Orleans, La. Class Secretary-Treasurer (3) ; T. U. R. K. Paul David Williams Herrin, 111. Page 102 • 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 1 1 • 1 • 1 1 ' 1 a 1 • 1 COLLEGE OF COMMERCE — UNDERGRADUATES Jose Luis Bakos, ' 39, I A 6 New Oilcans, La. • Glee Club; Freshman Cheerleader. Arnoi.r JI ' ROMF. Benne ' it, ' 38, K N New Orleans, La. Ernest Lanier ]5i.iss, ' 38, 2 ! ' K New Orleans, La. White Elephants. Harrv Joseph Blumenthai., ' 39, Z B ' I ' New Orleans, La. George William Burmaster, ' 39 Gretna, La. Sidney David Carp, ' 38, K N New Orleans, La. Lorraine Henriette Chalona, ' 39, B 2 O New Orleans, La. Dramatic Cluh. Marshall Jay Charlton, ' 39, ATA New Orleans, La. Charles Herman Conner, ' 39 Harahan, La. Glee Club. Stewart Martin Crais, ' 39 New Orleans, La. John Babtiste Cressend, ' 38 New Orleans, La. John Clyde Duckworth, ' 39 New Orleans, La. William Henry Dunstan, HI, ' 39, K 2 New Orleans, La. White Elephants ; Jambalaya Representative ; Track ; Interfraternity Baseball and Basketball. David Davis Dupuy, ' 38, B H New Iberia, La. Jambalaya Staff (i) ; Y. M. C. A (i) ; Assistant Basketball Manager. Norman Eustis E.wes, ' 39, K A New Orleans, La. Thirteen Club. Gerson Finkelstein, ' 38 New Orleans, La. Glendy Burke (i, 2) ; Debating (i). George Robert Foerster, ' 39, i; II New Orleans, La. Morris Sheperd Forsyth, ' 39, K N New Orleans, La. Carl Maurice Fremaux, ' 39, II K A New Orleans, La. Y. M. C. a. Rita Mae Fritz, ' 39 New Orleans, La. John Louis Gallecly, ' 39, n K A New Orleans, La. White Elephants ; Y. M. C. A. John Elson Goodell, ' 38, 2 X Independence, Kans. Thomas Miller Gordon, Jr., ' 39, I A e New Orleans, La. Jambalaya Staff. Edgar Fellx Gr.aves, Jr., ' 38, BOn Camden, Ark. Jambalaya Representative. Page 103 11 II •I • • I • i ! ' --. ■ iV • COLLEGE OF COMMERCE— UNDERGRADUATES Claude Bkll GrI ' FN ' , Jr., ' 39, 2 X Boydton, Va. White Elephants. Vii.Li. M Allen Green, Jr., ' 38, IT K A New Orleans, La. Glee Club. August Henry Grim.aldi, Jr., ' 38 New Orleans, La. Edx ard Marlborough He.ath, Jr., ' 39, K A New Orleans, La. John Eari, Heckert, ' 38, t K :2 New Orleans, La. V. M. C. A.; Greenbackers; Freshman Basketball. Maunsel White Hickey, ' 39, K A New Orleans, La. Class Vice-President; White Elephants. Neil Himel, Jr., ' 39, ATA New Orleans, La. White Elephants. Anton Winter Holbrook, ' 39, t K 2 New Orleans, La. Glee Club; Interfraternity Basketball and Baseball. Hunter Thompson Huddle, ' 38, I K 2 Orange, Tex. Greenbackers. Louis McKnight Jones, ' 39, ■$ A 9 New Orleans, La. White Elephants; Freshman Football. Elise Marie Joubert, ' 38 New Orleans, La. Edmond Lawrence Kimble, Jr., ' 39, 2 A E New Orleans, La. Band. Louis Roy Koerner, ' 38, SAE New Orleans, La. Charles Macinnis La Cour, ' 39, A K E New Orleans, La. Lavinia Helen Lamont, ' 38 New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club. Shepard Meyer Latter, ' 38, Z B T New Orleans, La. Freshman Basketball. Fred Eugene LeLaurin, Jr., ' 39, n K A New Orleans, La. White Elephants; Y. M. C. A. Jack Gabe Levy, ' 39, ZBT Shreveport, La. Band. Marguerite Marie Loubere, ' 39 New Orleans, La. Albin Roland Mailhes, ' 38, K A Shreveport, La. Alice Bertha Mayer, ' 38 New Orleans, La. Dramatic Guild. Louise McDaniels, ' 38 New Orleans, La. Marguerite Helene McGee, ' 38 Hammond, La. Class Secretary-Treasurer (2). Carey Lee McMillan, ' 39, Ben New Orleans, La. Class Secretarv-Treasurer. Page 104 COLLEGE OF COMMERCE UNDERGRADUATES Bradioki) Jamks Monrof., ' 38, 2 ' I ' H New Orleans, La. Ti:u-k. Jamrs Houston Morgan, Jr., ' 38, II K ' I ' Montpelier, La. William Crawi-orij Mosele -, ' 38, i; ' ! E New Orleans, La. Band. Antoinette Adele Napolitano, ' 38 New Orleans, La. Dramatic Guild; Jiiiiior ' irgilian Society. Colvtn Gamble Norwood, ' 38, A K E New Orleans, La. Stanford Joseph Otto, ' 38, 2 I E New Orleans, La. EiNAR Nedland Pe dersen, ' 39, I) K i; New Orleans, La, Class President; CJIee Club. Jo Robert Persons, Jr., ' 38, A New Orleans, La. Karl PIdward Pottharst, ' 39 New Orleans, La. Homer Meade Rankin, ' 38, A K E New Orleans, La. Class Vice-President (i); Cheerleading Squad (i, 2); ' Freshman Cheerleading Award; T. U. R. K. (i, 2). Jack Rippy Renfro, ' 39, I K S New Orleans, La. Ceres Corbell Reno, ' 38 New Orleans, La. Arthdr Clifford Reuter, ' 39, :2 11 New Orleans, La. Bernard Richmond, ' 39 New Orleans, La. Claude Green Rives, III, ' 39, B n New Orleans, La. Thirteen Club. Olga Hortensia Rodriguez, ' 39 Panama, R. P. James Craig Roth , ' 39, A K E New Orleans, La. Constantine Peter Saclarides, ' 39 Tarpon Springs, Fla. David Ralph Schwarz, ' 39, Z B T New Orleans, La. Charles Frederick Seemann, ' 38, Ben New Orleans, La. Class Vice-President (2); Hullabaloo Business Staff (2). James Harold Simmons, ' 39, 2 X Independence, Kans. Football. JAC Stich, ' 38, Z B T New Orleans, La. Leon Savvava Thomas, ' 38 Jackson, Miss. Robinson Miller Upton, ' 38, A K E New Orleans, La. Football (i). Varsity (2) ; Thirteen Club; Class President (2). Irwin Edward Volker, ' 38, AS New Orleans, La. Edwin D. Walter, ' 38, ATA Winnsboro, La. Harry Montgomery Waugh, Jr., ' 38, A 6 . . . . Bluefield, W. Va. Page 105 To TODAY ' S COLLEGIAN-- STUDENT, LEADER, AND MAN OF AFFAIRS; MAY THIS BOOK WITHIN A BOOK, A RECORD OF HIS ACHIEVE- MENTS ON THE CAMPUS, SPUR HIM TO A HIGHER AMBITION IN BROADER FIELDS. Ul« (• J. H. RANDOLPH FELTUS Grdduate Manager of Student Activities ARLENE ZINK MARTIN Secretary to the Graduate Manager " We, the students of the Tulane University of Louisiana, con- fident of our ability to conduct satisfactorily our lives and under- takings at the University, but recognizing the value of organiza- tion in assisting the fulfillment of our several purposes and in as- suring the responsible performance of those functions which con- cern us as a body, do hereby declare ourselves a body politic and do adopt this constitution. " So reads the preamble of the constitution of the Associated Students of The Tulane University of Louisiana. Under this document has been set up a system of student self-government which, if not ideal, has at least proven adequate in conducting the myriad student affairs. Selected by student vote, the Tulane Student Council is the supreme student governing body on the campus. This Council is comprised of one representative from each of the five colleges of the University in which members of the student body pay the compulsory student fee, and Newcomb College. It is this student fee, paid by all except certain exempt students of the University, which makes possible the various student activ- ities, including publications, dramatics, glee club, band, forensic activities, and others. In order that Tulane ' s student activities may be conducted in an efficient business-like manner, the office of the graduate man- ager of student activities was established in 1925, ten years after the organization of the first student council in March, 1915. J. H. Randolph Feltus, LL.B., incumbent, is the fifth to hold the posi- tion of graduate manager. His predecessors include Albert E. Holleman, Major Frede rick Fox, Captain John Barkley, and Calvert G. de Coligny. The graduate manager is assisted by a secretary. The present secretary, Arlene Zink Martin, A.B., Newcomb, has served under each of the five managers and is the third to hold the position. The constitution provides that the graduate manager shall act as agent for the council in all matters, act in an advisory capacity to all students and organizations on the campus, follow directions of the council, keep all records and accounts of financial transac- tions of all organizations drawing funds from the student fee, and provide for the establishment annually of a calendar to con- tain all important activity dates. The structure of Tulane student government administration is not unlike that of a modern corporation. The council sits bi- Page 110 weekly as a board of directors, to discuss policies, make appropria- tions, etc., with the assistance of reports and advice of the grad- uate manager. The latter, in turn, devotes his full time to study- ing the problems of the various campus organizations and activ- ities and of the student body as a whole, conducting their routine business and attempting to improve their functions for the better- ment of student life. STUDENT COUNCIL MEMBERS Keith M. Pyburn, President ■. . Law John C. Weed, Vice-President Medicine Howard K. Smith, Jr., Secretary Arts and Sciences Thomas W. Born Commerce Cecile M. Kahn Newcomb John R. Riley, Jr. Engineering KEITH McBRIDE PYBURN Prcfident of the Student Council THE TULANE UNIVERSITY STUDENT COUNCIL Left to right: Kahn, Weed, Pyburn, Smith, Riley, Born. CHARLES M. RUCKER, General Manager =11 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE LAW: Norton Wisdom Pat W. Browne ENGINEERING: Albert Wachenheim, Jr. Clifford Favrot COMMERCE: Leonard Gessner Marvin S. Mingledorff. Jr. MEDICINE: Dr. John J. Archinard Dr. Waldemar Metz GRADUATE; Walter M. Barnett, Jr. Edward Bres ARTS AND SCIENCES: Richard B. Montgomery, Jr. Edmund B. Glennv " NEWCOMB: Miss Mildred G. Christian Mrs. Sumter D. Marks, Jr. PHARMACY: S. J. Besthoff, Jr. Alfred Brown DENTISTRY: Dr. Harold Wirth Dr. Oliver B. Deichmann LOUIS L. ROSEN. President liivtm acLaiiai . tii OFFICERS Louis L. Rosen President Joseph L. Killeen Vice-President Robert L. Simpson Treasurer Bernard H. Grehan Secretary Charles M. Rucker General Manager John Singreen Editor of The Tulanian As a prominent educator once said: " A university can grow no faster than the loving ambition of its sons and daughters. Its successful work may attract admira- tion. It will enlist friends. But the driving wheel of steady prog- ress is the enthusiastic, untiring ambition of its Alumni. " It is the endeavor of this Association to provide for the Uni- versity an organized body of alumni which will further all univer- sity interests and serve as a means of expression for Alumni who are interested in the forward progress of their Alma Mater. Alumni Clubs have been formed in various sections of the United States which provide a source of contacts for the young alumnus, a continuing connection with the affairs of the Univer- sity and prospective students through the prestige of their mem- bership. Membership in the Association is open to all graduates and ex-students of the University. All loyal Tulanians are urged to become members either through the Annual, Life Membership or Bequest Insurance Plan. The Bequest Insurance Plan has been in operation for a short period of time. It is designed to provide a means whereby an alumnus can aid his University without placing a financial bur- den upon himself or his estate. A representative of the Associa- tion will fully explain details of the Bequest Insurance Plan to the Graduating Class. Your " Class Agent " has or will explain more fully the benefits to be derived from your membership and participation in the activities of the Alumni Association. am m vet it f OFFICERS Allen M. Steiner President Irving Hardesty, Jr. Vice-President W. Waller Young, Jr Secretary Peggy Martin Newcomb Chairman The Tulane University Rooters ' Klub was formed at the University in 1932 for the purpose of furthering school spirit. Membership in the Klub is limited to fifty students, and is granted only to those students elected to the presi- dency in the Freshman and Sophomore classes of the Uni- versity, campus leaders, and outstanding students of merit. During the current football season the Klub carried out, . very successfully, card displays at the Auburn, Florida, Colgate, and Louisiana State games. Besides sponsoring these displays, the Klub also aids in pep meetings and the selection of cheerleaders for each season. Another im- portant function of this organization is the meeting and extending of welcomes to all visiting teams, thus forming closer relationships between the rival student bodies and universities. In this way, the Tulane University Rooters ' Klub has attained an important and secure position on the campus. THE tulane UNIVERSITY " ROOTERS ' KLUB Left to right, front row: Riley, Heaton, Judlin, Shaw, Martin, Steiner, Talbot. Waddle. Greenfield, Hyde. Second row: Wright, Scales, Michel, Janvier. Venable, Peacock, Wells. Harris. Third row: Chipley, Woodard, Hess, Nolan, Weilein. Kahn, Hawkins. Sander. . Boggs. Fourth row: Rankin, Tobin, Young, Gonzales, Born, Torrado, Petersen, Wicherspoon, Ftfth row: Thorn, Basrian, Lockett, Melun, Riseman, Hardesty. MEMBERS TULANE ROYAI, U. liASTIAN, Jl . B. Taiitt Beli, Thomas W. Bokn EuNRST A. CAMRi-itr;, Jk. S. BUCKNRK OilPU-.Y, Jp, Kenni-tm a. Gonzai i-:s WiM-iAM H. Hakjms, Jr ' , Tom M. Hayrs, Jk. GoiirjoN B. Hydp. Cmaiu.bs Janvihr RofJJiHT E. Li:CoRGNi Jh, Rout. P, LocKRTi, Jk, Norman C. Mni,UN ElNAR N. PRDI;RSJ!N William C. Petersen Homer M. Rankin John R. Riley, Jr. Mervin H. Risrhan M. H. L. Sanders, Jr. Hermann J. Sciiulze John C. Thorn J. Paul Tobin Rene A. Torrado Philip Werlein, IV. P. H. WiTHERSPOON James A. Wright. Jr. NEWCOMB Jane M. Greenfield Charlotte S. Hawkins Adlle H. Heaton Beverly Hess Jessie W. Janvier Esther Judlin CeniLE M. Kahn Helen J. Michel Katherine E. Nolan Mary E. Peacock Louise Pitts Elizabeth A. Scales Mildred Rae Shaw Frances H. Talbot Gowdy Venable Jane Waddle Mary G. Wells Leila S. Werlein Ann C. Woodard THE TULANE HULLABALOO STAFF Left 10 right: Seateti — Meyers, Eustis. Bass. CuUigan, Lucia, S tan ling- -Young, Tipping, Owen, Schultz, Daly Ivey Written and financed by students alone, The Tulane Hullabaloo is the official weekly publication of the Tulane Student Body. Its editor-in-chief and business manager are appointed by a publications board created by the Student Body Con- stitution, and they in turn appoint their own staffs of assistants. Two main objectives guided the editors of the thirty-first volume in their daily work; first, complete campus coverage, and, second, fostering of those student activities which contribute to a well- rounded university life. How well and how effectively those objectives were car- ried out remains for the students them- selves to judge. Through the medium of college news agencies, subscribers were kept informed of what was taking place in other univer- sities of the world, particularly those of the United States. It was felt that no publication catering to college readers could be considered complete otherwise. In addition to recounting the daily hap- penings of strictly university life, the edi- CHARLES C. BASS, JR. Editor-in-Chief tors sought to reflect in their news and editorial columns a cross section of under- graduate thought bearing on questions of social and political significance to the na- tion as a whole. The increasing weight given to student opinion by high govern- ment officials and the public at large was considered reason enough for continuing " The Front Row, " a front page column inaugurated last year and devoted prima- rily to this restricted field. For the first time, the paper was pub- lished on regular newsprint in preference to glazed stock. The money saved by this change was used to brighten the make-up with pictures. New sizes and types of headlines and the use of a slightly more sensational make-up contributed further to the distinctly newspaper app3arance the editors sought to attain. Valuable assistance was rendered the regular staff by students of the Depart- ment of Journalism, especially in the field of campus news gathering. Advanced classes in editorial, critical and feature writing were also frequent contributors of material. LAURANCE EUSTIS, ]R Business Manager The retiring editorial staff relinquishes its place with its first ambition of the year as yet unaccomplished. An early effort to change to a semi-weekly frequency went for naught, and the duty of effecting this improvement must be passed on to the incoming staff. Tulane needs a semi- weekly publication and cannot long be denied that need. Be it remembered that the task of the editors was by no means an easy one. Attempting to please students, faculty, and alumni, it would certainly be surpris- ing if this goal were achieved to per- fection. Much credit for all that The Tulane Hullabaloo was or might have bsen de- volves of right upon the business staff, whose unfailing efforts provided appro.xi- mately four-fifths of the paper ' s income. The cost of publication was far in excess of the sum received from the general stu- dent fund, and an efficient business staff is the solid foundation on which the very existence of the publication must depend. EDITORIAL STAFF Charles C. Bass, Jr. Editor-in-Chief Joseph A. Lucia Associate Editor Glendy Culligan Newcomb Editor J. H. DoLAN Tipping Sports Editor IWenard Doswell Assistant Sports Editor Edward W. Owen, Jr. Campus Editor Earl C. Coulon Assistant Campus Editor Donald F. Schultz Features Editor John A. Owens Exchange Editor James L. Tigner News Editor R. Vernon Payne Assistant News Editor Archie B. D. Saint Features BUSINESS STAFF Laurance Eustis, Jr Business Manager Joseph C. Meyers, Jr Circulation Manager Albert J. Flettrich National Advertising Manager Page 115 JOHN W. SIMS Editor-in-Chief The Jambalaya, official yearbook of the Tulane University of Louis- iana, has been pubUshed annually by the students since 1896, during which period it has been the aim of the ed- itors to present campus life and activ- ities in a natural and interesting man- ner. In the forty-one years of the book ' s existence, the Jambalaya has changed in its physical make-up to a great extent. One would hardly rec- ognize this volume with its many pages of modern photography and modernistic art as the descendant of the hundred-page folio which made its first appearance on the campus back in the days of bustles and horsecars. Through these artistic innovations and the improved methods of printing EDITORIAL STAFF John W. Sims Editor-in-Chief S. BucKNER Chipley, Jr Co-Associdte Editor Breard Snellings Co-Associate Editor R. Vernon Payne Assistant Editor Ethlyn Leverich Newcomb Editor Edna Angle Assistant Newcomb Editor Joseph C. Meyers, Jr. Campus Editor Robert U. Blum Fraternities Frederick W. Mahler, Jr. Fraternities J. Edgerton Pierson Classes Norman J. Landry Classes Alfred M. Porth Files Norbert W. Markel Sports Editor Frank M. RePass, Jr. Assistant Sports Editor BUSINESS STAFF G. Warren Sanchez Business Manager Claire Dolph Newcomb Business Manager Elaine Rester Assistant Newcomb Business Manager and engraving, the editors have been able by a variety of themes to portray more accurately the rapid advance- ment of the University and the in- creased activities in the daily lives of the students. In the last decade the Jamhdlaya has been the recipient of several signal honors, including recog- nition by national authorities as one of the outstanding yearbooks in its group for the year 1933. Under the guidance of able busi- ness managers, the Jambalaya has remained financially solvent during the past years. A portion of the ex- penses incurred is paid by allotment from the student fund, but most of the revenue is realized from the sell- THE TULANE JAMBALAYA STAFF Left to right: Seated — Leverich, Sims, Sanchez, Dolph Standing — Snellings, Pester, Chipley, Blum, Angle, Meyers, Markel , Porth, Landry ing of fraternity and organization pages and advertisements. The staff of the Jambalaya is se- lected from the student body at large, the executive staff being composed of the editor-in-chief, the associate editor, the business manager, various minor editors, and many assistants. The ma- jor positions, those of editor-in-chief and business manager, are attained through appointment by the Publica- tions Board. They in turn name the other members of their respective staffs. These selections naturally are placed on a high competitive basis — experience, years of service, and indi- vidual merit of the students are all considered before advancements are made. G. WARREN SANCHEZ Buiineii Manager Stdiidtng — Keith M. Pyburn. Statutory Interpretation Editor Seated — FoNTAINE MarTIN, Jr., Editor-in-Cbief EDITORIAL BOARD FONTAINE MARTIN, JR Editor-in-Chief MURRAY F. CLEVELAND Civil Law Editor KEITH M. PYBURN Statutory Interpretation Editor JAMES M. COLOMB. JR Book Review Editor ARTHUR J. WAECHTER, JR Index Editor JOHN A. O ' CONNOR. JR Index Editor OCTAVIO E. AVERHOFF T. HALE BOGGS ELWOOD R. CL AD- ALBERT L. DART MOISE W. DENNERY ERNEST E. EDMUNDSON, JR. HAYWOOD H. HILLYER. JR. D. DOUGLAS HOWARD HUGH McCLOSKEY ASHTON PHELPS SAMUEL I. ROSENBERG EDWARD F. STAUSS. JR. MOISE S. STEEG, JR. CHARLES D. MARSHALL Secretary OSWALD W. VIOSCA Business Manager GEORGE A. WILSON Faculty Adviser L tlW REi IElW The Tulane Law Review is a legal periodical, pub- lished by the faculty and students of the Tulane College of Law. It is a quarterly devoted primarily to civil law, comparative law, and statutory interpretation. The Board of Editors is composed of junior and senior students attaining the highest scholastic honors in the College of Law. They ate assisted by a Board of Alumni Editors, a Board of Advisory Editors, and a staif of con- tributing editors, who represent the highest type of law- yers and legal scholars in Louisiana and throughout the world. The opportunities for free discussion of current legal problems, for scholarly research, and for expository writ- ing based upon statutory interpretation, analysis of de- cision, and synthesis of doctrine, are invaluable to the serious law student who wishes to ground himself in the principles of juristic thought and expression. The Board of Editors pride themselves upon their use of the com- parative method, believing that to reveal the praiseworthy qualities as well as the shortcomings of different systems of law and of judicial technique is an effective check upon the tendency to accept any one system as just and immutable. This method is of particular importance in Louisiana, where the civil and the common law have long vied in a struggle for preeminence. Since its foundation in 1929, as the successor to the Southern Law Quarterly, the Tulane Law Review has gained prominence both in the LJnited States and abroad as a leading journal of civil and comparative law. Although most of the student material published in the Tulane Law Review is written by members of the Board of Editors, articles are selected solely upon the basis of merit. The pages of the Review are open to all contributions that meet its standards of scholarship, re- search, and expression. Averhoff, Cleveland. Colomb. Marshall, O ' Connor, Viosca, Waechter Page MB MOOT COURT lOilPfTITIOm The Moot Court system in the College of Law is es- pecially designed to train students in the preparation and argument of cases. Technical training in legal research, brief writing and forensics — ordinary tools in the trade of the lawyer — form the foundation of moot court work, but the system gives in addition an even higher type of training. The moot court rule abolishes the system of precedents and compels argument of cases on their merits. The student must weigh the social factors and must concen- trate upon the functioning of the rule of law. This free- dom makes the moot court an excellent laboratory for the testing and comparison of the older theories that the law is deductive, formal and arbitrary with the newer theory that the judge exercises a directive force to make law conform with social needs. The Moot Court Competition at Tulane was patterned after that of the Ames Competition at Harvard. Origi- nally the club system of competition was used, but in order to encourage individual participation and to incite a keener competitive spirit among the students, a system of team competition was inaugurated two years ago. This innovation has proven highly satisfactory. An important feature of the Tulane Moot Court sys- tem is that it is managed by a board of second and third year students selected on the basis of scholastic standing. The student board works under the supervision and with the advice of a faculty committee. The purpose of stu- dent management is to develop a sense of public respon- sibility and to attend to all of the details of the compe- tition. In the academic year of 1934-1935, the Tulane Moot Court Competition was won by Miss Juanita P. Tansey and Girard J. Fernandez. MOOT COURT IN ACTION, CHJbF JUSTJCE JOHN A. O ' CONNOR, JR., PRESIDING BOARD OF ADVISERS OFFICERS JOHN A. O ' CONNOR, JR Chairman ANGELO M. D ' ANGELO Secretary FACULTY ADVISERS DR. PAUL W. BROSMAN DR. ROBERT J. FARLEY SENIOR MEMBERS EDWARD J. GAY, JR. RAYMOND H. KIERR SAMUEL LANG ISADORE A. MARCHIZ OSWALD W. VIOSCA JUNIOR MEMBERS IRVING HARDESTY, JR. JAMES J. KOHLMAN LOUIS H. MARRERO, JR. GEORGE W. MILLER, JR. BERNARD D. MINTZ GUTHRIE H. PIERSON, JR. D ' Angelo, Gav, Kierr, Marchiz, O ' Connor, Viosca Page 119 DR lil lf IC OUliD ' ii.LiAM C. Petersen President Walter P. Richardson Direcior OFFICERS William C. Petersen . . Pics. Bascom D. Tallev, Jr. . I ' kc-Prcs. Breard Sxellincs . . . Bus. Mgr. ROBT. R. Bruce, Jr. . Scc.-Trcas. Claude E. Culunane . Slatje Mgr. FACULTY ADVISORY COMMITTEE Dr. Martex ten Hoor Chairman John E. Canady Adele M. Drouet Dr. Roger P. McCutcheon Prof. Jav C. Van Kirk ACTIVE MEMBERS Robert R. Bruce, Jr. S. BUCKNER ChIPLEY, Jr. Dorothy M. Council Claude E. Cullinane MoiSE W. Dennery Claude L. Giraud B. Marvin Harvard, Jr. Alvin E. Johnson, Jr. John L. Many, III. Joseph C. Meyers, Jr. W. Hammond Newman William C. Petersen Breard Snellings Bertha E. Stokes Bascom D. Tallev, Jr. Joyce P. Tillery PROBATIONARY MEMBERS J. Daniel Brock Georgette G. Brockman Earl C. Calkins Bluford O. Day Stanley M. Diefenthal Menard Dosvvell Julian P. Freret Elaine S. Ivey Evelyn E. Jones Shirley Koelle Arthur P. Laubencaver Roma H. de Lucas Alice B. Mayer Rita A. Molony Charles M. J. Moseley Antoineite a. Napolitano James R. Philp Alfred M. Porth Donald F. Schultz Joseph M. Seife.rth, Jr. James B. Sinnott, HI. James L. Tigner Marguerite E. Tinker GuAinS M. VlOSCA Thilo L. J. VON Kurnatowski Philip H. Witherspoon Realizing the need of a means of expression to compensate for the lack . of a department of dramatics and public speaking in the Uni- versity, a few ambitious students combined to form a dramatic club on the campus. That was in 1922. After hard work by students in the successive years of its existence, a permanent organization was established at Tulane. Today the thriving Dramatic Guild, num- bering some fifty-odd members, would hardly be recognized as having its origin in a small beginning. The policy of this pioneering group has continued, all presentations being staged entirely by the student members; they design, build and paint scenery, and handle the busi- ness affairs of the group, as well as act in the plays. The only out- side aid comes from the director, who casts the productions and su- pervises the rehearsals. For the 1935-1936 season, the Guild was fortunate enough to se- cure the services of Walter P. Richardson as director, and the mem- bers were able to profit greatly from his instruction. Mr. Richardson has both directed and played on the legitimate stage, in the United States and abroad, and was recently director of Le Petit Theatre du Vieux Carre in New Orleans. This year saw the inauguration of two new movements in the Guild, the combination with Newcomb and the admission of students to the productions free of charge. Heretofore the Newcomb and Tulane dramatic organizations had produced plays independently, with Tulane having to " borrow " Newcomb girls for feminine roles. Now the two clubs have cooperated so that the best talent from each group can be cast in one production. In the past students were required, along with the general public, to pay a small admission fee to the plays; now a student needs but to present his athletic book to be admitted with- out any charge. Both these actions met with general approval. On March 23 of last year, the Guild closed the season with two plays. " Moonshine, " by Arthur Hopkins, directed by Thomas J. THE TULANE UNIVERSITY DRAMATIC GUILD Left to right: Standing — Trahan, Snellings, Chipley, Sinnott, Council. Mayer Maloney, Jones, Viosca, Tallcy, Giraud, Day Kneeling — Freret, Newman, von Kurnatows..i , t ' ctcrj n, Porth, Seiferth, Laubengayer, Tigner. SCENE FROM THE SECOND ACT OF " THE TORCH-BEARERS " THE DRAMATIC GUILD AT WORK: REHEARSING. DESIGNING AND BUILDING THE SET Thriffiley, Jr., was a one-act drama of mountaineer folk in which an ilUterate old backwoodsman, Luke, feeds and cares for his sworn enemy, who was fleeing from the pohce. The mountaineer is unaware of the identity of his guest until after his departure, when Luke laboriously spells out the name left by his visitor. A three-act comedy thriller, " Spooks, " by Robert J. Sherman, directed by Dan, S. Mocre, was pre- sented on the same night. It concerned the queer will of an eccentric individual who demands that his heirs remain under his roof three nights in order to share in his fortune. The eerie developments with panels opening, vases falling and breaking, and mysterious voices in- structing the dumb maid, provided a spine-tingling effect. The stuttering hero and his embarrassed lovemaking furnished the comic effect. These two offerings were well received by a small but appre- ciative audience. On January 4 of this year, the season was opened with the pre- sentation of George Kelly ' s satire, " The Torch-Bearers, " directed by Walter P. Richardson. It was a take-off on the pseudo little theatre movement in which Mrs. J. Duro Pampinelli, the social leader of the community, raises the " torch of essential culture on high " to the tantalizing notes of a cuckoo clock. The characters enact a play within the play, missmg cues and entrances, and forgetting lines with amusing nonchalance. It was well performed to an enthusiastic audi- ence. On February 21, both the Tulane and Newcomb organizations spon- sored a lecture by John Mason Brown, a prominent dramatic critic. His subject was " Broadway in Review, " in which Mr. Brown cleverly and judiciously criticized current plays on the New York stage, to the delight and edification of a responsive audience. Some successful presentations of the Guild in recent years have been " The Spider, " " The Butter and Egg Man, " " The Front Page, " " Copy, " " The Rising of the Moon, " and " Poor Old Jim. " Front Row: Cain, Kelly, Smith, McCIendon, Wharton, CuUinane, Hecl ert, Huddle, Frymite. Second Row: West, Dtown, Payne, Neill, Doerrieb, Bonnett, Chalstrom, HoUister. Third Row: Gonzales, Rose, Argus, Reuter, Lawson. Officers = ' =Thomas W. Lawson President Alton P. Frymire Secretary Lawrence D. Ritter ' Vice-President Ernest H. Doerries, Jr Treasurer George R. Blue Secretary R. Vernon Payne Business Manager Members WiLBERT L. Argus Ernest H. Doerries, Jr. Pembroke O. Leach J. Richard Reuter, Jr. John S. Arthur Menard Doswell Robert E. LeCorgne, Jr. Lawrenxe D. Ritter George R. Blue David M. Drown Robert D. Lottincer Walter S. Rodriguez Clarence E. Bonnett, Jr. Harold G. Faust, Jr. Enos C. McClendon, Jr. Perry R. Roehm J. Daniel Brock Alton P. Frvmire E. G. Baker Marsh Robert M. Rose Charles A. Burton Kenneth A. Gonzales T. June Melton, Jr. Hermann J. Schulze Elisha J. Cain, Jr. Herbert A. Graf Jack P. Michaels Claude R. Smith, Jr. Harrv E. Chalstrom, Jr. John E. Heckert John E. Monroe, Jr. Benjamin L. Spearman Oscar E. Coney, Jr. Arthur C. Hoi.i.ister, Jr. John H. Neill, Jr. John C. Thorn LeVere Cooley, hi Hunter T. Huddle Ferdie A. Nobile Rene A. Torrado R. Jocelyn Crawley ' , Jr. Douglas Kelly, Jr. R. Vernon Pavne Elmore R. Verlander Claude E. Cullinane, Jr. Joe H. Kirby " , Jr. J. Barnwell Phelps Edwin H. West Henry P. Dart, HI J. Gustave Lallande, Jr. Alfred M. Porth Claude A. Wharton, Jr. John K. Dl o Thomas W. Lawson Charles W. Wight ' Deceased. The Tulane Greenbackers, an organization formed by football game with Colgate. At all athletic contests the an energetic group on the Tulane campus in the spring Greenbackers wear a green sweater with a blue " T " on of 1935 for the purpose of actually creating a greater the left shoulder. These methods were instrumental in school spirit in the student body at large, were recog- bringing about a higher degree of school spirit than ever nized as an official activity by the Student Council on before attained October 29, 1935, and entered upon their task of re- „,,,,. , r i • r r r , . , J . J- , J r . The club this year has a membership or over ht-ty, a awakenmg the dormant interest or the students. Uurmg ' , tit- i ■ j .1 . r »L 11 ,u J J u • representative group of the student body being obtained the current rootbali season they rendered much service ' i r i j r to the Tulane University Rooters ' Klub by aiding them Y he selection of three men from each academic fra- m their card displays and in supporting the cheer lead- ternity and not more than ten non-fraternity men. This ers as an organized group instead of as scattered indi- system of selecting the members also succeeded m knit- viduals. By sponsoring a huge bon-fire, they greatly ting rival fraternities together in a closer union of har- increased the student enthusiasm at the Homecoming mony and friendship. Page 122 DR. FREDERICK HARD Director o With its largest enrollment in history, the Band took part in many activities, both within and outside of the University. However, no trips were made, as in previous years, due to an adverse football schedule. Members of the Band deeply regret that this is the last year Dr. Frederick Hard, one of the greatest of Tulane University band leaders, will direct the band. Officers Ci.AuuE R. Smith, Jr Manager Frank J. RosAio I.ibrarian Milton- F. Williams, Jr. . . First Assislant Manager Martin Hebert, Jr -Issistani librarian Herbert L. Miller . . . Second Assislant Manager Claude E. Cullinank, Jr. . . . Publicity Manager Joe Dudley Talbot Drutn Major Patrick J. Araguel Gilbert Balkin Kenneth Q . Bercer Emile J. Bernard, Jr. O. Karl Bierhorst rosolin j. boneno Herman F. Bopp Arthur H. Brook Joe H. Cahn Alvin S. Caplan Andrew J. Carroll, Jr. Robert D. Cosgrove William LaF. Crunk, Jr. C. E. Cullinane, Jr. V. Randolph Delk Julius M. Fernandez Ralph J. Fernandez George H. Ford Members Claude L. Giraud Malcolm G. Haas John E. Hall, Jr. Martin Hebert Jr. J. Chalmers Herman Cerf Hirsch Warren M. Jacobs Herman G. Janssen Edmond L. Kimble, Jr. VoLNEV F. Landry, Jr. Philip P. LaNasa Marion A. LaNasa Jack J. Levy Frederick A. Marx Herbert L. Miller Arthur F. Moinet, Jr. William C. Moseley Sam C. Oliver Louis R. Otto, Jr. f. Barnwell Phelps M. J. Picheloup, ni Anthony A. Reese Arthur C. Reuter Bernard Richmond Paul H. Ricker J. Robert Rombach, Jr. Frank J. Rosato Chas. a. Rosembrouch Claude R. Smith, Jr. William L. Smith William M. Swayne Toe Dudley- Talbot J. J. TiEDEMANN, jR. Gerson Tolmas Oswald W. Viosca M. F. Williams, Jr. Below — The Tulane University Band parades Right — Joe D. Talbot, Drum Major Page 123 Run, Freshman! . . . Juniors in the daisy chain. . . . Naughty, naughty, Mr. Flettrich! . . . Bostick ' s Night- mare. . . . M.A.R.D. Rehcs. . . . The Little Commence- ment. . . . Culpepper and Buchanan, handball devotees. . . . And the Fresh got wet. . . . T. Hale, T. Lo, and th; College Widow (Lovely Lindy) .... Old grads come home. . . . Back to nature with the Dekes. . . . Joe Meyers was there! . . . The Wave rolls on to Minnesota. The Glee Club boys yodel on " College Night. " . . . Reg- istration day group on the Library steps. . . . Nancy Reeves wins the Class of 1909 Prize. . . . Push it, King Kong. . . . Mr. and Mrs. Lodrigues, s ' il vous plait. . . . Students get their 1935 Jamb early. . . . Really, it ' s only in fun. Dormitory girls and the maid. . . . During the Tulane- Minnesota tih. . . . Tom Born and Eloise Colcock, the couple perfect. . . . Minna ' s in the Law School now. . . . Remember the Dance Club? ... A hot game of hand- ball. ... La Culligan performs. . . . Another couple per- fect, L. T. Kuhner and Katherine Nolan. . . . Fun at the Kappa Sig Pirate party. One of those Southern Student Conclaves. . . . Freshies gather for pep. . . . Oh, Leverich, what long legs you have! . . . Warming the bench at the spring game. . . . Those much-discussed " T " Club " Beauties. " . . . Ran- dolph " Butch " Feltus gets that private office. . . . Wait- ing for the senior play. . . . Cram, boys, cram. . . . Six lemonades, please. . . . Drinks on Waechter, we ' ll bet. . . . Recreation in the Law Library. . . . Greenbackers prepare the bon-fire. . . . Give ' em a yell, gang. . . . We hardly recognize the Glee Club. D D Brisbi and Heaton, tappers petite. . . . Shorts galore. . . . More Jamb critics. . . . Adolphe Billet, B.B.A. . . . Char- lotte Chandler, debutante de luxe. . . . Ducky Riess ' car, the Phi Kap chariot. . . . Newcomb goes for a ride. . . . Southern gentlemen at the K.A. Cotton Ball. . . . " May I see the Dean, please? " . . . Fun in the Chemistry lab. . . . Horse " Baby " with Jockey Bell up. ... A special group of the Newcomb Glee Club. . . . Railbirds. . . . Captain Mintz goes D.D. and seems to like it. " Quiz today, Dr. ten Hoor? " . . . Phis cop the decora- tion cup. . . . The beauteous Homecoming Court. . . . Students crack a book! . . . Miss Many coaches the fac- ulty. . . . K.A. brethren whoop it up. . . . The Greeks called it Pan-Hellenic, but we have our own name. . . . The Betas take chalklit. Smile, please, for " Doc " Kastler. . . . Student Night in the Gym. . . . " Your move next, Davis. " . . . Time out at a hockey match. . . . Fun and frolic with some New- combites. . . . The Betas and their big blow-out. . . . There goes Amy Smith. . . . And there go the Seniors to Opening Exercises. Beta Homecoming. . . . The bon-fire — before and after. . . . " Working hard, Charlie? " . . . Messrs. Brewer and Roos, baseball managers. . . . Singing Sally Sage and the Dance Committee. . . . Mixing paint for the Phi house (and did it need it!) ... Blair, blow your horn. Willie smiles for the camera. . . . Bookstore Play-o-graph in action. . . . Remains of May Day. . . . " Vaccination card, please. " . . . That million dollar smile. D 1 Practicing for that much-talked-about Newcomb foot- ball game which never came off. . . . Doesn ' t Ducky ever smile? . . . Johnson enjoys that broken leg. . . . The Newcomb faculty relaxes. . . . All aboard. . . . Dorm girls have fun. . . . The car looks kinda crowded. . . . Tear it up, boys. . . . Wonder if Culpepper bought the suit. . . . Working hard on May Day. . . . Some ball players, those faculty men. . . . What the little birdies see. Hold that Tiger! . . . Gonzales leads his boys in a little yell practice. . . . Messrs. Kierr and Zander on behalf of client Aronson. . . . Newcomb Sophs put a little pressure on the Freshmen. . . . The Rhythm dancers behind the bars. . . . How they looked at spring practice. . . . John- son only hurt his arm that time. . . . The Florida spon- sors (Sanchez ' s girl, second from left) .... Doyle, Spear- man and Reynolds, Freshmen tennis stars, snapped be- tween sets. John D. Andrews Roy D. Ary McNeely Avants Alfred G. Ball, Jr. Ernest W. Beck, Jr. Barnett Blitz Bradley C. Brownson Norman W. Buckner J. Lindly Bureau, Jr. Ernest A. Carrere, Jr. Joseph O. Carson, Jr. Murray F. Cleveland Louis E. Cohen Pete R. Dalovisio John J. Davis MoisE W. Dennery ' John F. Dirimann, Jr. Joseph W. Douglas Bernard P. E ' ans Wm. J. Featheringill Samuel M. Freese, Jr. E. Jerome Friedrichs Carl F. Goll, IV Kenneth A. Gonzales Ernest H. Gould Jacob D. Guice Norman B. Hall, Jr. Thomas F. Hall, Jr. Richard N. Hari ' William H. Harris, Jr. Robert M. Haynie J. William Henderson Charles J. Houlgrave Charles R. Hume Gordon B. Hyde Lawrence J. Jaubert E. Douglas Johnson Charles A. Kyle Victor K. LaRocca Stanley D. Lodrigues W. Noel Loftin Robert D. Lottinger Joseph A. Lucia Hugh McCloskey James B. McGrath Daniel P. Mabel Louis A. Mahoney Edward J. Marks, Jr. Michel A. Maroun Harold G. Memtsas Bernard D. Mintz Marion S. Monk, Jr. Robert M. Monsted James A. Moreau William U. Moss, Jr. Wm. G. Nichols, Jr. John A. O ' Connor, Jr. Troy J. Odom C. McVea Olixer WiLTZ C. Ott David E. Pace Richard M. Page Charles E. Peres, Jr. James E. Peres AsHTON Phelps Edward B. Poitevent Frederick C. Preisser Howard J. Rau Hughes Schneidau Howard K. Smith, Jr. Charles G. Smither Edward F. Stauss, Jr. Ernest l. Sutter George D. Tessier Louis O. Thames John C. Thorn Harry S. Vorhaben Daniel J. AVatermeier Richard E. Watson John C. Weed Edwin H. West Page 137 Left — Wilbur C. Smith, Tulane ' s likeable Athletic Director. Below — Varsity Cheerleaders in ac- tion. Left to right — Waller Young, Esther Judlin, Homer Rankin, Kenneth Gonzales, Mildred Rae Shaw, Robert Le- CORGNE. Page 138 As the Jambalaya went to press word was received of the appointment of a new football coaching staff. The appointees are: Lowell P. Dawson . . Head Coach Glenn E. Seidel Backfield Coach William A. Bevan . . . Line Coach Ray G. Dauber . , . End Coach Charles M. Rucker . Freshman Coach GEORGE G. WESTFELDT President Athletic Council I » ¥ H E IIHLETI € T U i I 1 E COUIC I E As widely varied as the types of the eight sports officially recognized by the Tulane Athletic Council was the degree of success which the individual teams and stars attained during 1934-1935. FOOTBALL — In a hectic season which culminated with a crushing, record-breaking defeat at the hands of L. S. LJ. ' s Tigers and the appointment of an entirely new coaching staff, Tulane ' s football team underwent its leanest season in many years, losing four of ten scheduled contests. BASKETBALL — Brilliant at times, the Greenie basketball squad seemed jinxed from the outset of the season, and, despite the services of several top-notch performers, closed the season near the foot of the conference rating. BOXING — Atonement came for the lean year experienced in other departments as Tulane ' s boxers, bolstered greatly by sev- eral first-class newcomers, emerged from a very creditable season with a high rating in the conference. TENNIS — The year ' s " high " in athletic competition came with the tennis team, which lost only one match during the entire schedule. GOLF — Captained by Bob Daray, and aided by the stellar performances of Monsted, Budreau, and others, Tulane ' s golf squad ended the season in a very creditable fashion. TRACK — Although the track team was unable to attain high ranking honors in the conference, Herman Neugass, through outstanding performances in the 100 and 220-yard dashes, achieved nation-wide recognition both for himself and the University. BASEBALL — The Physical Ed nine carried top honors in the intramural baseball competition by besting teams from each of the five other schools in the university. Officers George G. Westfeldt President Judge Rufus E. Foster Vice-President Robert L. Menuet Secretary Members Dr. Douglas S. Anderson Cuthbert S. Baldwin Dr. Charles Eshleman James M. Robert Albert Wachenheim, Jr. George E. Williams Dr. Wilbur C. Smith Athletic Director Ted Co.x Head Football Coach Ray G. Dauber Freshman Football Coach and Basketball Coach Claude Simons Physical Director and Boxing Coach Emmett Pare Tennis Coach Fritz Oakes Assistant Physical Directot and Track Coach Horace Renegar Assistant .Athletic Direa or and Sports Publicity- Director Page 139 Head Coach " Ted " Cox and Back field Coach " Les " Lautenschlaeger give Captain " Barney " Mintz a few pointers C ul ulane ' s 1935 Green Wave, strong in spirit but weak in experience, con- cluded one of the most difficult schedules in University history, carding six victories and four defeats. In spite of injuries and unforeseen events, the Greenies gave their best; and, with excellent coaching, were able to finish in the first group of the Southeastern Conference. THE STARTING TEAM Backfield — Mintz (Captain), Page, Andrews, and Johnson. On the Line — Preisser, Ary, Buckner, Smither, Loftin, Moss, and Memtsas. Page 140 D twn ¥HE «t lRIIWO lE tM The Greenie linemen spent long afternoons on fundamentals. And how they lored it! - V •■ •-:■• M||j E M fSH Wf Ary Tackle Johnson Back Gould Center LoDRiGUES Back Moss Tackle Andrews Back LoFTiN Back Preisser End Smither Guard Monk Guard Thames Back Ott Back Schneidau End Odom Back Moreau Back Pace Tackle Dalovisio End fti 1 %w .. .- V , pDi ■■■ i M HMH ■■■■■■■■■■1 ' i H[H| H| im i n i BUCKNER Guard Nichols Back 1 Friedrichs Tackle Watermeier Guard W«i «» ' - ' Watson Back Henderson Back McGrath LaRocca GoLL DiRMANN Tackle End , , Guard End Avants Evans Flowers ... Center ... Guard Back B, K I ■■ ■i Hall Guard Dexheimer Back Flettrich Back Nussbaum Tackle Jl TULANE, 44; VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE, In their first appearance of the 1935 season, Tulane ' s vaunted Green Wave surged over the plucky but much Hghter team haihng from Virginia Military Institute. The Greenies brought back memories of Notre Dame, as on several occasions full teams were substituted. There seemed to be no end to green-clad boys, and from their showing, the fans were as- sured of a team with great reserve strength. A crowd of 12,000 saw Dougie Johnson set off the spark with brilliant runs of 26 and 38 yards, each directly leading to a touchdown. They saw Tulane score virtually through sheer power, six touchdowns, and a seventh through a lucky break — Ray Nuss- baum, sophomore tackle, recovering a bad V. M. I. pass from center over the goal. However, the Flying Squad- ron played bang-up football, making six first downs and maintaining splen- did morale. Too much Greenie power and reserve strength spelled their de- feat. The Squadron had a potential ball carrier in Wayt Clark, reputed to ' Four more laps, " shouts " Big Monk " on opening day be the best in years at V. M. I. It was this boy, together with his run- ning mate, Beard, who accounted for most of the V. M. I. first downs. Big John Andrews played impress- ively at fullback, showing power and speed, and bade fair to give Stanley Lodrigues, first-string fullback, a run for his position. Time and again An- drews crashed through the line for sub- stantial gains. One weak spot dis- played by the Greenie eleven was a lack of punting ability. This was well in evidence throughout the game, and, coupled with fumbles, might have proved disastrous in the face of a stronger opponent. The Greenies showed great prom- ise, considering that the game was the first of the season; and before the 1935 football curtain dropped, they had ironed out many difficulties which became apparent during this initial contest. TULANE, 0; AUBURN, 10 Upholding something of a tradition, the Auburn Plainsmen for the second time in three years wrecked Tulane ' s hopes for a Southeastern Conference championship in a game that was a thriller from the first to the last whistle. It was an alert, aggressive team as usual, with a fast backfield and a charging line that subdued the Wave, bracing itself to stop the Green surges and rising to take advantage of all opportunities to score. Inexperience, emphasized by fum- bling and loose tackling, was Tulane ' s greatest difficulty. The Wave ' s inabil- ity to hold the ball proved most costly. Led by Captain Barney Mintz, John Andrews, and Dougie Johnson, and fighting every inch of the way, the Greenies consistently reeled off first downs on running plays only to have sustained drives broken up by the ever present bugaboo, fumbling. Andrews, sophomore fullback, stole the show in the second half with a one-man power- house drive which, in five consecutive plays, carried the ball to the ten-yard line. Auburn stiffened and took the ball on downs on the three-yard line. Page 144 That was the closest the Wave came to scoring. Auburn ' s scoring came as a result of a place-kick by Paterson in the second quarter, and a neat touchdown pass following the costliest fumble of all late in the game. Tulane tried frantically to pass its way to a score but failed to click on any. With the final whistle ending the game, the Auburn Tigers became the first team since 1932 to hold the Wave scoreless. TULANE, 19; FLORIDA, 7 The third game of the season found the Greenies back in the win column at the expense of the ' Gators from Florida. Showing a greatly improved team all around, the Wave, after a slow start, completely outplayed Flor- ida, beating them even at their own game, passing. The big Green line, made up of a number of sophomores, appeared in- vulnerable on defense and on offense swung beautifully into the interfer- ence, making possible many long runs Above - Richard M. Quarterback Page, Below — Johnson shows snake hips against V. M. I. by the Tuiane backs. However, the work of the line was great not only in stopping Florida ' s running attack but also in pass defense. Time after time Friedrichs, Pace, Memtsas, and ether forwards broke through to spill Billy Chase, ' Gator Captain and ex- pert passer, before he could even get rid of the ball. When Chase did get the ball off, his passes were so rushed that many were inaccurate. On the other hand, Tulane completed several throws for much yardage. On running plays, the Greenie of- fense looked particularly great. Block- ing was excellent, and Mintz, Johnson, and Odom got loose for many gains off tackle and on sweeping end runs. The Tulane passing attack was suc- cessful with Odom throwing the ball and Pete Dalovisio receiving. The ' Gators were first to score, clicking on one of Chase ' s passes; but their lead was shortlived. Soon after, Tulane scored on a pass from Thames to Fienderson, and then on a run by Mintz. Barney broke loose again after the half to clinch the game for the Wave. TULANE, 0; MINNESOTA, 20 Before one of the largest crowds of their 1935 season, the Greenies bowed in defeat to the Minnesota power- house, led by George Roscoe and Shel- don Beise, in their first intersectional meeting. The Gophers, under the tutelage of Bernie Bierman, former Tulane mentor, forced the attack, blocking hard and swarming the Greenie passers. Eleven " giants " were on the field for Minnesota and many more were ready for the call. On straight power plays, the Wave made little headway; but, on end sweeps and broken field running, speedy little Louis Thames, Dougie Johnson, and Barney Mintz gave the larger and stronger Gophers consider- able trouble. It was chiefly on plays of this type that the greenies made their first downs, ten in all, which was considerably more than other oppo- nents of the Gophers succeeded in making. However, the Gophers, led by big Bill Wilkinson, smothered the Greenies for severe losses on several occasions, so that very little total yardage was gained. Ernie Gould was outstanding on defense for the Wave. Time and Top — Mintz meets stubborn re- sistance from the Auburn Plainsmen Bottom — Dalovisio eludes the Florida ' Gators, with Benedict blocking again he broke up Minnesota ' s running attack and intercepted several passes. Other Greenies to turn in good per- formances were Bill Moss, John An- drews, Barney Mintz, and Louis Thames. The Greenies gave the Gophers one scare in the second half, when Barney Mintz, after a nice run, was forced out of bounds on the Minnesota one-yard stripe. They failed to score, however, and did not threaten again. Minnesota was later to complete her second " perfect " season, and, instead of this defeat hurting the Wave ' s final average, the latter was boosted through comparison with other Gopher victo- ries. TULANE, 33; SEWANEE, Tulane ' s Green Wave took " re- venge " for their defeat at the hands of Minnesota ' s Gophers by rolling over Sewanee in a game during which, despite the one-sided score, there was no lack of thrills. Tulane ' s offense, throttled by the Gophers, broke loose against the Tigers and despite the en- tire Greenie roster ' s taking part in the game, the Tigers made no serious scoring threats. However, time and again the stubborn Tiger defense halted Greenie tou chdown marches and throughout the game their well- known fighting spirit was much in evi- dence. Tulane ' s John Andrews, ably as- sisted by such speedsters as Dick Wat- son, Henderson, and Thames, plunged through time after time for long gains. The Greenie offense opened up with all the tricks they had in the bag, reverses, laterals, and numerous forward passes keeping the game wide open. The Greenies, scoring at least once in every period, gained 384 yards from scrimmage to the Tiger ' s 45 and held a decided edge in first downs, making 19 to Sewanee ' s two. No one man was outstanding in scoring honors, as Henderson, Andrews, Watson, Flett- rich, and Ary each scored one touch- This Red Raider didn ' t gel through down, with Bill Flowers, Watson, and Ary converting for three extra points. Barney Mintz and Dougie Johnson, though neither was able to score, were important factors in placing the ball in scoring position. The game was hard-played and clean and undoubtedly was a great prep for the approaching invasion of the highly-touted Red Raiders of Colgate. TULANE, 14; COLGATE, 6 Before a large Homecoming crowd, the Green Wave functioned with a grim determination to engulf in its path the Red Raiders of Colgate. With all the trickery in Andy Kerr ' s reper- toire, Colgate could make little head- way against Tulane ' s " stonewall " de- fense. The Greenie forwards had been taught to tackle hard and high to pre- vent lateral passes, and they did so expertly. Although the Raiders tried a few laterals in spite of the vigilance of the Wave, none succeeded for a substantial gain. Tulane scored first after a pro- longed drive early in the second quar- ter. Mintz and Johnson gave an ex- hibition of a brilliant offense, but the " profit " was taken off the score by the loss for the remainder of the season of Johnson, who broke his leg after carrying the ball to the five-yard line. Colgate came back with the famous " razzle-dazzle " play, and scored one touchdown on a pass but failed to kick the extra point. Trailing by one point late in the last period, the Raiders thrilled and chilled the spectators with a march that seemed to indicate an in- evitable touchdown. A pass play, how- ever, went haywire for the Raiders when Mintz intercepted the ball and raced eighty yards for the touchdown that clinched the game for Tulane. HAROLD G. MEMTSAS Varsity End John Dirmann, soph end, starred in his first game as a Greenie, and Col- gate ' s star tackle, Wasicek, upheld his reputation in fine style. TULANE, 13; GEORGIA, 26 Against Georgia, Tulane was clearly flat. Georgia, on the other hand, seek- ing revenge for many stinging defeats at the hands of the Wave, was " high. " Consequently, Tulane lost and Geor- gia won in the roughest, yet slowest, battle seen here in some time. Fumbles early Ln the game gave Georgia a lead of two touchdowns, and the Wave ' s cause seemed lost un- til in the third quarter the Greenies overcame their lethargy for five daz- zling minutes and tied the score in a spectacular, exciting drive for t vo touchdowns. The first came when Mintz took a long pass and raced for fifty yards, and the second resulted shortly after Pace blocked a punt and recovered for the Wave. Loftin dived over the line for the score. The Wave was headed for a third touchdown but injuries forced Ott, Friedrichs, Page, and Mintz from the game, and an intercepted pass gave Georgia the ball. The Bulldogs pro- ceeded to romp for nvo more touch- downs before the end of the game. Page 147 TULANE, 20; KENTUCKY, 13 -Staging another " comeback, " the Greenies took to the air to trounce Kentucky in a clean, hard-fought bat- tle. Three bullet-hke passes from southpaw Troy Odom in the second period brought two of the Tulane scores. The first was taken in by Dick Watson for a touchdown; the second, a forty-yard toss, was caught by " Doc " Schneidau, who had a broken hand at the time. After one incomplete pass, the third " strike " found Memtsas for the second score. The third Greenie touchdown came as a result of running plays, Andrews taking the ball over. Kentucky ' s touchdown twins, Davis and Johnson, scored twice for the Wildcats, and would have done more damage had the Greenie line played anything but heads-up football. Once again the sophomores stood out in the line. This time it was LaRocca, Hall, Goll, and McGrath. The game ended the present series with Kentucky, but it has been indi- cated that relations will be resumed in the near future. TULANE, 13; LOUISIANA NOR- MAL, A scant week before the great L. S. U. conflict, after displaying a versa- tile offense and a stubborn defense in soundly drubbing the Kentucky Wild- cats, Tulane ' s Green Wave surprised with a bare 13-0 victory over Normal. The Demons, although outweighed considerably, outdid themselves and turned in their best performance of the year. In the early stages of the fourth quarter, trailing 6-0, the De- mons almost tied the score; and m that event, the game, heralded as a mere workout for the Greenies, would have been the year ' s most stunning up- set. Every man on the Greenie squad got into the game, but coordination was Johnny Andrews eludes Sewanee Tiger Inset — Edward F. Stauss, Jr., Football Manager lacking and no successful combination could be found. Fumbles galore and various other miscues were in evidence. The number of opportunities which Tulane lightly threw away is evidenced by Tulane ' s amassing 318 yards from scrimmage as compared to Normal ' s 29, and fourteen first downs to three for the visitors. Tulane was guilty of eleven fumbles, ten of which were re- covered by Normal. The Demons played bang-up ball throughout the game, and it was only through sheer power that Tulane scored their first touchdown and through sheer luck their second. TULANE, 0; L S. U., 41 Louisiana State ' s vaunted Tigers ran riot in the season ' s finale at the Tulane Stadium before a record-break- ing crowd of 31,000 as the Green Wave bowed to the tune of 41-0. The first period saw eleven gallant Greenies take possession of the ball to fight and claw their way deep into L. S. U. territory, led by the spectacular runs of Watson, Mintz, and Lofton. No fumbles marred the Greenie of- fense. They were fighting and play- ing heads-up football and held the Tigers at bay throughout the period. Thus the game rocked on, hard-fought on both sides until, finally, on a well executed short side pass. Bill Crass to Jeff Barrett, the Tigers began their march. Then came that disastrous third pe- riod which marked the downfall of the outweighed and perhaps outclassed Greenies. Touchdowns in quick suc- cession by Abe Mickal, Jeff Barrett, " Pinky " Rohm, and " Junior " Bow- man left the crowd electrified. Tulane was not without her heroes. Ernie Gould completed his career by turning in a brilliant sixty minute per- formance. Troy Odom likewise cov- ered himself with glory, making tw.i of the three Greenie first downs and playing excellently on the defense. Watson completely outshone Abe Mickal in the distance of his punts, getting off several spirals which aver- aged nearly twice as far as those of L. S. U. ' s star. The Greenies lead also in another department, that of fumbles, being guilty of only two against five for the Tigers. Lack of good reserve strength, the result of many mid-season injuries which de- prived the Wave of the stellar services of Dougie Johnson, Stanley Lodrigues, Wiltz Ott, and others, was probably the reason for this disastrous defeat. The Tigers made 23 first downs to three for the Greenies, eight of them on passes. Jeff Barrett was a sensa- tion on the receiving end of the heaves of Mickal and Crass, while Mickal, Fatherree and Rohm did most of the ball-toting for L. S. U. Despite the fact that the affair was the most one- sided in the history of the rivalry of the two schools, it provided constant thrills in almost every department of the game. JF 1 L oc " Schne dau snags a long one in the Georgia game . . . Kentucky couldn ' t stop An- drews that time! . . . Noe ' Loftin takes a header ore Louisiana Normal ' s line . . . Troy Odom and good b ' ocking gain through L. S. U. Edna Angle, Grace George, Eloise Colcock, and Amy Smith act as Colgate sponsors. . . . Anxious watchers on the sidelines. . . . Husky Colgate enters at the half. . . . Law seniors don the traditional derby and cane. . . . And Tulane presents the goal posts to L. S. U. . . . Wonder if Miss Miller had her rabbit ' s foot. . . . Tulane ' s sup- porters and the students. . . . Harry Kaufman leads band and glee club in " Auld Lang Syne. " Tulane-L. S. U. cheerleaders fraternize at the half. . . . Ted and Lester leave the field. . . . Freshman cheer- leaders Thornton, Marmelzat, Reese, Banos, and Hall. . . . Major Lejeune of ' . M. L says " Hello. " . . . Turks put over another swell display. . . . White Elephants, freshman honor society, initiates its pledges. fRE HM ll rOOTB ILL 1t M Confronted with the problem of molding a team from an unusually small squad, Coach Ray Dauber and his assistants succeeded in devolping a hard-fighting Wave- let made up of players many of whom seem sure to be valuable assets to future Green Waves. The Billow was unique this year in that it comprised three " little Brothers " of former Wave stars, each of whom played the same position his brother had played several years ago. These men were: Buddy Banker, brother of the immortal " Bill " ; Ned Richardson, Pat Richardson ' s little brother; and " Fanny " Payne ' s youngest brother, Tom. Only two games were played by the Frosh, and both were lost by the scant margin of seven points. In the first, with Alabama, the little Greenies played hard, aggres-ive football against a much heavier ' Bama eleven, but lost 13-6. A pass which followed a march down the field brought the Tulane score. Smith at center and the ends, Kirchem and Brechtel, played well in the line, while Overdyke and Payne stood out in the backfield. On Thanksgiving Day, in Baton Rouge, the Wavelet lost for the eleventh con- secutive year to the baby L. S. U. Tigers. Playing on the defensive throughout the game, the Wave staved off all Tiger thrusts until late in the game when an inter- cepted pass followed by a 32-yard run by Milner gave L. S. U. the game, 7-0. The whole line played e.xcellently in repelling the strong Tiger attack, and, in the back- field, Tom Payne was a stand-out. Next year ' s varsity should be greatly strengthened by the addition of the 1935 Freshman stars. Those receiving Freshman Numerals for their work are: Burton, J. Banker, Ralph W. Bond, Jr., Pete P. Brechtel, Jr., Warren J. Brunner, Anthony J. Calagno, Carl F. Dailey, Ruland Gerth, William M. Green, William P. Hickey, Jr., William G. Irby, James C. Jackson, Warren L. Jaubert, James E. Johnson, Jr., Louis McK. Jones, William H. Kirchem, Essie Lewis, Don F. Overdyke, Jr., Thomas B. Payne, Herbert E. Pritchard, Jr., B. Ned Richardson, S. Herman Shattles, Bernie L. Smith, and Vence Smith. Coach Ray Dauber Seated (left to right) — Jones. Overdyke Hickey, Smith, Payne, Green, Gerth, Rich ardson. Kneeling — Pritchard, Lewis, Ra mos, Calagno, Johnson, Jaubert, Smith, V, Irby. Standing — McDaniel (Back Ccach) Brunner, Dailey, Bond, Brechtel, Kirchem Rittiner, Shattles, Jackson, Apgar, Miest chovich. Dauber {Coaeb}. Page 152 Coach Ray Dauber in his third year with Tulane succeeded in pro- ducing a basketball team which the consensus of opinion shows to be a great deal improved over the Greenie " quintet " of last year. The eagle eye and sterling defensive play of Kendall Cram was sorely missed this year as well as the smashing and alert play of Captain Claude Simons, Jr. However, the improved play of the returning veterans and the addition of Sophomore Dietrich Neyland at the center position more than made up for the several losses. Neyland, a long, lanky boy, showed a fine eye for the basket and a fine all-round brand of play. Many times during the past season the team flashed great form, but a lack of good reserve strength seemed always to take its toll. The Greenie aggregation lacked nothing in the way of spirit, but the absence of nu- merous reserves was the chief reason for the unsuccessful season. Bobby Lockett was one of the league leaders in points and the individual per- formances of Abbie Norwood, Norman Buckner, Bill Flowers and others could in no way be criticized. Also characteristic of the season was the Wave ' s poor luck on the out- come of close games. Several times excellent team work and snappy playing at the start would give the Greenies a substantial lead. It seemed, however, that the opposition would every time gradually wear down this margin to eke out a heart-breaking victory at the last minute. Another vital factor in the final standing of the Wave in wins and losses was the competition against which they proved generally ineffective. In three cases, especially, was this true — L. S. U., Pittsburgh, and Van- derbilt. The Tigers of Pitt and of L. S. U., during the previous year, rated at the top nationally and had retained much of their expertness. Despite their relatively poor showing during this season, the Greenies bid fair to be a leading contender in the conference in the forthcoming year. Most of the outstanding members of this year ' s squad are returning, and, bolstered by the season ' s experience and a promising group of fresh- men, Tulane ' s cagers should emerge from all competition at or near the top. The Perfect Tip-Off THE SCOREBOARD Tulane Opps. Dec. i6 . 44; Southwe stern L. Inst. • . 28 Dec. 17 . . 28; Southwestern L. Inst. . • 41 Dec. 20 . . 26; University of Georgia 34 Dec. 21 . 34; University of Georgia 26 Dec. 28 . 25; Univ. of Pittsburgh . 4S Dec. 31 ■ 13; Univ. of Pittsburgh . 48 Jan. 3 ■ 20; University of Alabama . 26 Jan. 4 ■ 25; University of Alabama • 34 Jan. 16 . 31; Vanderbilt University 44 Jan. 17 • 24; University of Kentucky - 49 Jan. 18 . 21 ; University of Kentucky • 39 Feb. 3 ■ 30; Univ. of Mississippi . • 41 Feb. 4 ■ 16; Univ. of Mississippi . • 41 Feb. 7 • 27; Louisiana State Univ. 52 Feb. S . 26; Louisiana State L ' niv. 49 Feb. 14 ■ • 31; Mississippi State Col. 45 Feb. 15 • ■ 32 Mississippi State Col. 45 Feb. 21 . ■ 30; Louisiana State Univ. 50 Feb. 22 22 Louisiana State Univ. 46 Page 153 The opening game of the Basketball season was with Southwestern, a non-confer- ence opponent. Neyland dropped 8 held goals and 1 by the free throw route for a total of 17 points, lead- ing all scorers, as Tulane won, 44-28. The Wave dropped the second contest, 41-28, the following night, " Huck " Lock- ett starring for the losers with 8 points. Georgia ' s fighting Bulldogs were the ne.xt foes. Led by Frank Johnson, the Bulldogs overcame a Tulane lead at half time and nosed out the Greenies, 34-26, in a terrific battle. The Wave, led by Ernie Carrere, showed flashes of old form; but in the second half, although under the basket time after time, almost always failed to score. The Greenies retaliated in the second game, however, and with Bobby Lockett sinking them left and right came out on top, 34-26. The game was fiercely fought, numerous Georgians leaving via the four-foul route. The Wave next played two games dur- ing the Christmas holidays with the Pitt Panthers, one of the toughest teams in Eastern loops. The Panthers defeated Tulane decisively in both games, taking the first 48-25 and the second 48-13. Bobby Monsted was at top form, leading the Greenie point-getters in both contests. Following the disastrous encounters with Pittsburgh the Wavemen journeyed to Tuscaloosa to vie with Alabama ' s un- defeated Crimson Tide. The Wave made a fine showing in both games, losing a heart-breaker in the first half, 26-20, and playing the Tide to a close 34-25 battle in the second half. Bobby Lockett again led Greenie scorers with Ernie Carrere B1§I4E¥B 1LL §E I§01 and Bobby Monsted taking second and third honors, respectively. From Tuscaloosa the Greenie " quintet " went north to engage the Commodores at Vanderbilt. Vandy took Tulane ' s measure, 44-31, in a close battle. It was " Boisey " McCloskey who stole the show, amassing 10 points from the guard po- sition. Neyland ran McCloskey a close second with 9 markers but was ejected after four fouls. Kentucky ' s highly touted Wildcats in turn played hosts to the Wave at Lex- ington. The Kentuckians were just nat- urally " on " in the opener, and despite all efforts of Coach Dauber ' s boys, the Wave bowed, 49-24, the outcome never being in doubt. In the second encounter the final whistle again found the Greenies on the short end of the score when they blew a small lead which they enjoyed at half time, the final score being 39-21. It was about two weeks before the Wave cagers returned to action, this time before the home fans. The Red and Blue sharpshooters of Ole Miss were their first opponents, and although the Wave made things hot for the Mississippians throughout, the locals trailed 41-30 at the final whistle. " Bonnie " Graham, Ole Miss forward, led the scorers with 19 points, and " Huck " Lockett and " Buck " Buckner took Wave honors, the latter making the game interesting with numer- ous long shots. Ole Miss led at the half 23-18, and when Buckner, shortly after the start of the second period, rang in a long one, the fans went wild. That was as close as the Green- ies ever got, although they fought to the very end. In the second game of the series the Red and Blue repeated to the tune of 41-16. The game was not nearly as interesting as the opener, and, except for Captain Carrere ' s first quarter scoring spree, was entirely devoid of thrill for Wave sup- porters. The L. S. U. Tiger played unmerciful host to the Wave at the Tiger gym, and 52-27 was the final tabulation of the first game. Bryan led the Bengal ' s attack, scoring 17 points, while Neyland of Tu- lane netted 12 for the second honors. Eight of these were free throws. The Bengals led all the way, the half time score being 24-13. After a brilliant first half exhibition in holding the Tigers 23-23, the Wave weakened in the second and dropped the game, 49-26. Carrere and Neyland this time led the Wave at- tack with 11 and 10 points, respectively. The next series was with the Missis- sippi State Maroons, who defeated the Wave 45-31 in the opener of the two- game series and came right back in the second with a 45-32 decision. Captain Carrere was easily the star of the opener, breaking through time and again with flurries of field goals. The second tilt was a thriller throughout and was any- body ' s game until late in the last quarter. The Greenies were beginning to look good and high hopes were cherished for the home series with the L. S. U. Tigers, but the Tigers played their best ball of the year and took the games, 50-30, and 46-22, to bring the season to a close. Captain Ernest A. Carrere, Jr. THE VARSITY SQUAD On opposite page, left to Tight: Lockett, BucKNER, NevlanDj McCloskey On this page: Schneidau, Flowers, Nor- wood. MoNSTEDj Ray, Erickson Coach Ray Dauber Pdge 155 Herman Neugass, crack Greenie sprin- ter, talks track with Coach Fritz Oakes and Lacking a sufficient number of ex- perienced men and hampered by make- shift teams occasioned by frequent ill- ness of regular track men, the 1935 edition of the Tulane track team found the opposition in six cinder path en- counters too stiff to overcome. Cap- tain Herman Neugass, however, was the outstanding man in the South- eastern Conference, one of the leading 100-yard dash men in the country, and perhaps the greatest track man in all Tulane history. Beating by two weeks the gun sig- nalling the start of conference compe- tition, Coach Fritz Oakes and fourteen Greenies traveled to Lafayette for the Southwestern relays in which they fin- ished an unofficial third. The Wave set two new records, tied one, and won altogether four first places. Neugass started his season of record-breaking dashes by setting a meet record of 9.9 seconds in the century. The 440-yard relay team, composed of Barney Mintz, Louis Cohen, John Davis, and Her- man Neugass, clipped two-tenths of a second from the old record and cov- ered the distance in 42.9 seconds. Howard K. Smith ' s mark of 15 sec- onds in the high hurdles tied the meet record and made the third Tulane first place. The fourth was taken by Charles Peres and Stan Lodrigues, who tied for the pole vault honors at 1 1 feet, 6 inches. Other point scorers for the Wave were Sam Freese, who took third in the shot-put and fourth in the discus; Barney Mintz, who broad-jumped into fourth place; the half-mile and the mile relay teams, both of which took third place. One week later, at the Texas relays in Austin, Texas, Neugass saved Tu- lane from an otherwise poor showing and brought the attention of the sports world on himself by equalling the world ' s record of 9.4 seconds in the 100-yard sprint. With a brisk wind aiding, Herman got off to a perfect start, led the entire distance, and beat the Texas ace, " Chink " Wallender, by a comfortable margin. The quarter and half-mile relay teams failed to place; a sixth place in the javelin toss by Simons completed Tulane ' s point scoring for the afternoon. Page 156 Tulane ' s first encounter with a Southeastern Conference opponent was lost to Alabama at Birmingham. In spite of the one-sidedness of the score, 86 ' 4 to 24 ' 4, the patched-up Greenie team made a creditable score, consider- ing the inexperience of the men. Neu- gass was again the star of the meet, breaking existing Southeastern Con- ference records in the 100 and the 220- yard dashes. " Ncugie " ran the former in 9.5 seconds, and the latter in 20.9. Incidentally, three official A. A. U. timers clocked the Greenie flash in his races. Barney Mintz leaped 21 feet, 11 ' 4 inches to take the broad jump, the only other Tulane first place. Mc- Closkey, running for the first time in varsity track competition, placed third in the high hurdles and, only a few minutes later, almost placed in the half-mile. The usual quarter-miler, Eddie Marks, ran second in the mile, and John Davis, who never before ran over 220 yards, finished second in the two-mile run. Bill Nichols tied for second place in the high jump, and Sam Freese, up-and-coming sopho- more, was second in the shot-put. Shortly after the meet with Ala- bama, Captain Neugass left for Phila- delphia and the Penn relays, where he competed in the 100 meters dash with the fastest of American track men. The Varsity Track Squad Standing LOTTTNGER (Mgr.). FrEESE, McCloskey, Riorda, Thorn, Billet, Marks, Oakes {Coach) Kneeling — Wiener, Davis, Peres, Neu- gass {Captain), Cohen, Smith Perhaps it was fate that intervened and kept Herman from taking first place. Although he was suffering with a bad cold, he had won two preliminary heats in 10.8 seconds and had reached the finals. On the first start, Wid- myer broke the gun; on the second start, Neugass started beautifully ahead of the field but the gun failed to go off; and on the third and final start, he got away poorly, failing by five inches to catch the Temple negro, Eulace Peacock, who ran the distance in 10.6 seconds. The Wave ' s next dual meet was held in the Old Tulane stadium, where 5,000 spectators gathered to see L. S. U. swamp the Greenies 88 to 29. Tu- lane won in the 100, 220, high hurdles and mile relay, and the Tigers won the others, coming in one-two on eight occasions. As usual. Captain Neugass took the 100 and 200 dashes; his time was 10.2 and 22.2 seconds, respectively. In the high hurdles, Howard Smith led the way in 15.2 seconds, with Charlie Thorn just missing second place, be- ing nosed out by Clabo Roberts of L. S. U. The mile relay team, composed of Davis, Marks, Riorda, and Billet, was unopposed, and waltzed around the track oval in 3:37 flat. In a 480-yard shuttle hurdle-relay. Kohl and Carson of Tulane, Flower of Fortier, and Rob- erts of L. S. U., won from Thorn and Smith of Tulane, Kirchem of Warren Easton, and Witherspoon of Fortier. Smith tops the timber and Peres clears the bar 1 x1 i f - Pags 157 The Southeastern Conference Meet, held in Birmingham, was won for the fourth consecutive year by L. S. U. Three Greenies out of eight who were entered in the meet scored 15 points to place Tulane fifth. Neugass won the 100 and the 220, making excellent time of 9.8 and 21.7 seconds, respectively against a strong head wind. Smith, third in the high hurdles, and Simons, fourth in the javelin, were the other point scorers. In the A. A. U. Meet, the Wave made its best showing of the year, placing second in the Junior meet and fourth in the Senior meet. In the former, Neugass won the 100 and 200 meters in 10.4 and 21.2, breaking meet records in both, and coming within one-tenth second of the world ' s record in the 100-meter dash. However, there was a strong wind aiding, and none of the marks were accepted as official. In the Senior meet, he again rain the 100 in 10.4 and the 200 meters in 20.7 sec- onds. Smith won the Junior high hurdles, and Davis tied with three oth- ers in the pole vault. With the A. A. U. meet, the varsity track season of 1935 was brought to an end. The Freshman Track Team, on? of the largest in years Left to right: Kneeling — JovovlTCH, Lat- ter, Pluskat, Monroe, Vincent, Dart, OsTERMAN, Payne. H. Standing — Johnson (Afgr.), Pennebaker, Collins, Hirsch, Kohl. Williams, Payne, W., Miller, Lewis, Flowers, Balkin (Mgr.) Neugass and Cohen take first and third in a brilliant hundred rRE$Hil IW IR ICK Tulane ' s yearling track men met two opponents in the Old Stadium, win- ning both meets and displaying many potential stars for the varsity. In a dual meet with Warren Easton High School, the Freshmen won 74 to 45. The two " Ray ' s, " Nussbaum and Miller, came one-two in the shot-put and discus. Vincent and Pluskat tied in the pole vault, and Pluskat won the broad jump and the hop, step, and jump. The individual star of the meet, however, was Bill Kirchem, of Easton, who scored 16 points, winning the 440 and 220-yard dashes, and coming in second in the hurdles, the hop, step, and jump, and the javelin. The Freshmen won their second meet by beating their arch-rivals, the Soph- omores, in the annual Frosh-Soph track meet. Dart took first i n the 100 and the 220-yard dashes and Payne won the 440. Hayward Vincent and Oster- man and Monroe did likewise in the mile. Monroe and Jovovitch were un- opposed in the two-mile run. Kohl and Nelson swept the 120-yard high hurdles, and Kohl and Vincent re- peated in the 220-yard low hurdles. Ray Nussbaum took second place in both the discus and the shot, ending the scoring and leaving the Freshmen conquerors of the Sophomores. fiijt! 153 Tulane ' s 1935 golf team, MT though not of the highest caU- ber, gave a very creditable ac- count of itself. The team was under the able direction of George E. Sim- mons, who succeeded Dr. Frederick Hard as coach. The 1935 season marked the inaugu- ration of golf as an official sport at Tulane. Mr. Simmons and the golf team were greatly handicapped by the loss of Jack O ' Connor due to gradu- ation and John Blair and Charlie Moore due to ineligibility. Blair was a consistent performer on last year ' s team, and Moore, a junior, was No. 1 player on the ' 34 team. Tryouts at the Audubon Golf Club, a second round at the N. O. Country Club, and the finals at the Metairie Club formally ushered in the season. Bob Daray, cap- tain last year, and Charlie Moore were selected co-captains, while Bob Mon- sted, Lindly Budreau, Ray Salmen, Kenneth Gonzales, and McVea Oliver succeeded in eliminating all other con- tenders. The first opponents to face the Greenie linksmen were Ole Miss ' stel- lar group who defeated the Greenie team composed of Monsted and Daray, 7 ' 2 to lYz. Monsted played spectacu- lUL llE UllVER I larly to win the outgoing round by one stroke but yielded to Layden of Ole Miss by the same count in the second nine. Captain Daray bowed to Walter Welty 30 to 37 and 33 to 34. Tulane showed improved form in its next encounter, taking the meas- ure of Louisiana Tech by a 13 to 5 count. Monsted, only a sophomore, was again the star, earning an easy 3 to victory over Jim Cole. Captain 1935 Golf Team: MoNSTED, Captain-Elect; Gon- zales, Oliver, Budreau; Simmons, Faculty Direc- tor. Aboyc; Captain Bob Daray. W ' W Daray defeated John Thur- man 3 to and " Scotty " Budreau won his match over B. F. Bolin by the same score. Arm- strong took Oliver, and the team of Cole and Thurman won over Mon- sted and Daray, 2 to I, and Budreau and Oliver defeated Bolin and Arm- strong. In the Southern Intercollegiate Golf Tournament held at Athens, Georgia, Tulane, decidedly handicapped by the loss of their No. 1 man. Bob Monsted, was not at its best. Gonzales was de- feated in the first flight and Daray, after bowing to Dempsey Weaver in the second flight, shot the fine score of 75 to 76 to capture the second flight Consolation Tourney. Louisiana State scored a 12 ' 4 to 5 ' 4 victory over Tulane despite the excel- lent golf played by " Pinky " Oliver. Kenneth Gonzales met too much oppo- sition in Fred Haas, Southern Amateur and We:tern Junior Title holder, and lost 3 to 0. " Pinky " Oliver, shooting a 75, and the doubles team of Monsted and Oliver were the only Greenies to win victories. In a return match, one week later, Tulane brought its season to a close, losing to the Tigers, 13 to 5. Page 159 TW -! 1 - " ERNIE SUTTER Ciiplain-EUcI 1936 Tulane enjoyed a most successful tennis season, winning all but one of its intercollegiate matches. It was the team ' s second year under the tute- lege of Emmett Pare, who, having cap- tured the World ' s Professional Doubles Title at Chicago teamed with Bruce Barnes, set about to teach his young Greenie proteges a thing or two. In singles also the Greenie mentor showed up well, reaching the semi-finals where he was defeated only after a gruelling struggle by Karel Kozeluh, who later went on easily to win the singles title. Even before the season started the Greenies showed great promise, Ernie Sutter and Kendall Cram reaching the quarter-finals in the doubles play, while Cram reached the quarter-finals in singles at the National Intercollegiate Tennis Tourney during the summer. Also, later in the year. Cram was run- ner-up in the singles play and the team of Cram and Sutter was runner-up in the doubles at the eleventh Annual Dixie Tennis Tournament held at Tampa, Florida. The Wavemen inaugurated their in- tercollegiate season by soundly trounc- ing Louisiana Normal on the Greenie courts. The Olive and Blue, composed of Cram, Sutter, Ashton Phelps, Dick Haspel, and Abbie Norwood, were never in danger, sweeping the series 6 matches to 0. The University of Texas, seeking revenge for two previous ties at the hands of the Greenies, finally broke in- to the win column and spoiled an other- wise perfect season for the Greenies by taking their measure by a 4-1 count. Ernie Sutter, playing No. 1, gave the fans a thrill by defeating Bert Wel- tons, the Texas star, 6-2, 13-11, the last set being a thriller from start to finish. Captain Cram, after taking the first set from Bruce Baxter, weakened and dropped the match, 2-6, 6-2, 6-3. Carl Smalley of Texas defeated Ashton Phelps, 6-4, 6-3, and Gordon Pease trounced Dick Haspel, 6-0, 6-1. In the doubles play, the Texas team of Pease and Smalley had little trouble in set- ting down Haspel and Norwood by a score of 6-0, 6-1. The match between Baxter and Weltons for Texas and Cram and Sutter for Tulane was called on account of rain with the Texas team having slightly the best of it. This defeat by the exceptionally strong Texas team did not daunt the Greenies. They came back and in two successive weeks set down Ole Miss and Alabama, two strong teams, with- Abby Norwood, doubles star, and Alternate Captain Dick Haspel caught unawares XlHrtT: Page 160 out losing a match. Ernie Sutter con- tinued his fine play by defeating John Nobhn 6-0, 6-0, while Phelps and Cap- tain Cram won their matches almost as easily. In this series John Thorn broke into the line-up in the place of Nor- wood and won his match over Walsh Prospere in fine style. In the Alabama tussle, Thorn again won handily, de- feating Don Giant, 6-1, 6-2. The Greenie veterans, Sutter; Cram, and Phelps, likewise experienced little diffi- culty in drubbing Vic Ramis, Bill Brauch, and Morris Marcus, respect- ively in the other matches. Rice Institute was the next to make inroads into the Greenie stadium and although they put up a great fight led by their star player, Wilbur Hess, they met defeat at the hands of the power- ful Greenie aggregation by 5 matches to 1. Hess, their big star, took the measure of Ken Cram, 6-4, 6-3, in a beautiful match; but the other Wave- men, meeting less opposition, went right ahead to assure a Greenie victory. In the feature doubles encounter, Sut- ter and Cram defeated Hess and Lori- mer, 6-2, 11-9. Southwestern met a similar fate one week later, dropping the series 4-2. Captain Cram won the most decisive victory, winning easily over Dick Dun- lap, 6-0, 6-0. Sutter and Thorn con- tinued their winning streak, defeating Ledsinger and Barefield respectively. Dunlap Cannon won the only victory for Southwestern, defeating Ashton Phelps, 6-1, 6-2. Tulane ' s old rivals, the Tigers from L. S. U., were the next to taste the power of the Greenies. The Tigers failed to win a match, dropping the series 6-0 at Baton Rouge. In the re- turn match at the Greenie stadium, they managed to earn one victory, Wil- lard Powell defeating Ashton Phelps, but fared not so well in the remainder of the matches. This series with L. S. U. marked the end of the season which, though not quite a perfect one, was excellent, and added ' another fitting chapter to the proud record of Tu- lane ' s tennis achievements. Kendall Cram, Wave mainstay and 19J5 Captain. Below — John Thorn, Ernest Sutter, Ashton Phelps, Kendail Cram, and Coach Emmett Pare. Mike Maroun, bantamweight; Jake Guice, lightweight; Cameron Gamble, light-heavyweight; Ray Miller, heavyweight. Page 162 Suffering only one defeat COWfiRilCl CH lilPIO during the entire campaign, the Greenie Boxing Team brought Tulane its first championship of the year when they won the South- eastern Conference Tournament held in New Orleans on March 6 and 7. Opening the 1936 season, Tulane en- countered the University of Florida in New Orleans and won, 4-3. Bantam- weight Jimmy Peres defeated the Flor- ida entry, J. Williams, in a close, well- fought match. Louis Philips, Wave Sophomore, took the second fight from Bob McMillan after a fast bout. A draw was the outcome of the light- weight bout, when Jacob Guice and George Anderson fought three close rounds. The score became 3-0 in the next match, however, when Dick Keenan pounded Bob Dean for the last two rounds after a cautious first round. George Manteris started fast in his sen- ior welterweight bout with Jess Ferrell, but tired badly, to give Florida its first win. The Gators repeated in the next match when Sam Whitwell clearly out- pointed Calvin Benedict, Greenie mid- dleweight, but Cameron Gamble was su- perior in the light-heavyweight division, winning over Paul Brock. In the last match of the evening Jones took the heavyweight bout from Ray Miller. Traveling up to Shreveport for their next bout, with the Centenary Gents, Tulane met stiffer competition. Floyd Newlin dropped a decision to Arthur Blue of Centenary, while Phillips and Jackson, in the featherweight class, fought to a draw. The Gents went into the lead by taking the lightweight bout as Linton Bonner defeated Jake Guice. The welterweight match between Kee- nan and Mike Blandino was also a draw, but Manteris broke through for Tulane by downing Paul Hudson. Manteris started off fast and walloped 1 his foe throughout. The next two bouts also went to Tulane when Benedict won over Os- car Bailey and Gamble defeated Phil Lutsich, giving Tulane a lead of 3-2, which was short-lived, as in the last bout Ray Miller succumbed to Willard Dean of the Gents on a knockout. The wearers of the Green, after can- celing a match with Ole Miss, swept to victory over the highly touted and undefeated Mississippi State College team, winning by a score of 5-2. New- lin beat Knox Oakley, and in the feath- erweight class Louis Philips defeated Brent Murray. Jake Guice agam fought to a draw with Fred Bounds while Joe Brocato, a newcomer, won the decision over his welterweight opponent, Jimmy Prestidge. Manteris then made it 4-0 in Tulane ' s favor as he pummelled his opponent, A. B. Stubbs. State ' s first win was obtained by their twice- crowned champ, Bert Reddoch, who shaded Benedict in a slow, colorless Calvin Benedict, middleweight; George Manteris, senior welterweight; James Peres, bantamweight; Dick Keenan, welterweight Page 163 match, featured solely by Reddoch ' s cool, cautious style. In the light-heavy- weight class, Gamble had much trouble defeating the wildly swinging Carl In- man. The decision in favor of " Moon " Mullins over Ray Miller brought the final score to 5-2 for Tulane. L. S. U., Ln the feature match of the season, gave Tulane its only defeat. Captain Mike Maroun suffered his onl - loss in a close decision with Joe Ger- sack, and Louis Philips lost on a tech- nical knockout to Rabun in the second round. Ed Ketcham of L. S. U. fought to a draw with Joe Brocato, but Fred O ' Banion of L. S. U. kayoed Dick Keenan in the welterweight class to give his team a commanding lead of 3-0. In the senior welterweight match, after Manteris and Chester Carville had fought their three rounds, Carville ap- peared to be a little stronger at the finish and was given the decision. Bene- dict lost to Earle " Choo-Choo " Dugas, but Tulane ' s Gamble ran his winning streak to five by smearing former cham- pion Jimmy Blakeman. Ray Miller fought to a draw with Kamiel Khoury. In the Southeastern Conference Tour- Claude " Monk " Simons Coach nament, Tulane, having lost to L. S. U., was rated an under-dog. L. S. U. had placed five men in the finals. Tulane, en the other hand, with four men en- tered and trailing L. S. U. by a few points, was given only a mathematical chance to win the tournament. Never- theless, the four Green boxers did " the impossible " to bring home the cham- pionship, each man winning a confer- ence title. Captain Maroun started the fireworks when he reversed the decision in his sec- end meeting with Joe Gersack of L. S. U. Joe Brocato in the light- weight division outpointed Lonnie Alex- ander of Tennessee. Joe sent Alexander to his knees twice with well placed left hooks. George Manteris also settled an old score with L. S. U, when he met Chester Carville, cutting loose in the last round to achieve a clear-cut victory. Upon Cameron Gamble, the last Wave man in the tournament, rested the re- sponsibility of bringing in the cham- pionship; and he did by defeating " Choo-Choo " Dugas of L. S. U. to win the light-heavyweight championship. The first round went to Dugas, but in the second Gamble floored his man. and in the last round Gamble connected with a hard right which sent Dugas down. Dugas then wildly rushed Gamble but the Wave star returned blow for blow and was handed the decision. Much credit for the Wave ' s success is due to the excellent tutelage of Coach " Monk " Simons and his assistant, Jack Pizzano. Billy Harris, lightweight; Louis Philips, featherweight; Floyd Newlin, bantamweight; John Andrews, heavyweight II ¥ R I il U R I I. §POR¥$ The Arts and Sciences nine, runners-uj in the cfjtn petition • " Little Monk ' ' Simons stars in interjraternity Softball • The Delta Kappa Epsilon squad, softball champs ® Sigma Phi Epsilon, winners of the swimtning meet u. nder intramural sports are listed inter-fraternity, inter-school, and inter-class leagues, as well as competitions between various inde- pendent teams. The intramural athletes participate in almost all types of sports, ranging from foot- ball to bridge. Probably the fiercest competition is found in the inter-fraternity loop. The annual track meet was a three- cornered duel with a host of indi- vidual stars. Football and softball also aroused considerable interest. The Pan-Hellenic Council sponsors these games and awards a cup for each event, which may be kept per- manently if the event is won three times in succession. Of major interest to undergrad- uates is the Freshman-Sophomore Holmes Cup Competition. A va- riety of sports are listed, with foot- ball and tug-of-war perhaps attract- ing the most attention. The Sophs won last year and have so far taken the football and tug-of-war events this year. The inter-school baseball league is of particular interest to baseball fans, as there is no varsity baseball. Last year ' s pennant was won by the strong Physical Education team, who nosed out the College of Arts and Sciences. The independent basketball league produced several excellent teams, the Witherspoon quintet winning over the Wogans for the title. The Hullabaloo handball tour- nament also attracted a good field of ball-slappers. iSisis ? ? LEFT— JUST BEFORE THE FRESHMAN-SOPHOMORE TUG-O-WAR • THE CLASSY DEKE TEAM, SECOND IN THE SWIM • BETA THETA PI ' S SOFT- BALL TEAM, WHICH WON SECOND POSITION THE COLLEGE OF LAW BASEBALL AGGREGA- TION • IN THE SPLASH WITH THE GREEKS • BELOW— BOTH THE COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND THE SCHOOL OF MEDICINE SPORTED SNAPPY NINES OLiiiP§E§ or llTlt liiUR lL§ THE DEKE TOUCH FOOTBALL TEAM, WINNERS OF THE PAN-HELLENIC CHAMPIONSHIP • SIDE- LINERS AT THE TOUCH FOOTBALL GAME • THE WITHERSPOONS WITH CAPTAIN " TEX " WON THE INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL CHAMPIONSHIP • ACTION PHOTO OF THE BETAS AT SOFTBALL • HANDBALL TEAM IN ACTION • S. A. M., RUN- NERS-UP TO THE DEKES IN TOUCH FOOTBALL • LEFT-WOSANS WENT DOWN BEFORE THE WITH- ERSPOONS IN BASKETBALL • RIGHT-THE ZEBES GAVE THE CHAMPION DELTAS A CLOSE RACE IN PAN-HELLENIC BASKETBALL. A w, A ITHLE r I C§ Newcomb Gym Night showj some real rope climbing. Hemp buggers hang high! The Athletic Department at New- comb plays an essential and important part in the college life. Its aim is to see that every girl participates in those sports which best suit her physical abil- ity and which interest her the most. To further this end there is an exten- sive and varied program offered, rang- ing from the more strenuous sports of hockey and basketball to the less vigor- ous games of ping-pong and archery. This year several new sports have been added to the curriculum which have proved highly successful, namely, shuf- fleboard, badminton and speedball. A great inducement to the students to enter sports is the point system. Six hundred points are required for the Newcomb " N, " one thousand for the sweater, thirteen hundred for the pin, and fifteen hundred for the bronze and blue blanket. These awards are pre- sented at Trophy Night. The major sports, including hockey, basketball and baseball, are offered consecutively during the year in the late afternoon. The minor sports, which vary with the seasons, are offered throughout the day. The official schedule of major sports opens in the fall with hockey, which was carried for two quarters this year. Formerly, hockey was offered for only one term, but growing interest in this sport resulted in the lengthening of the season. Inter-class matches are held to determine the winner of the cham- pionship cup and an honorary varsity is selected. This year the Freshmen de- feated all the upperclassmen. During the first term of the second semester, basketball holds the interest of the Newcombites. There is keen interclass rivalry, which is especially evident during the week of the class games. Each team has its cheering sec- tion headed by the class cheerleaders. A varsity is chosen to play the alum- na, the game taking place immediately after the Gym Night performances. With the coming of spring, sports again turn to the outdoors. Base- Coach Emmett Pare emphasizes the correct grip for his Tennis class ball is the final major sport of the year and this season is climaxed by the hila- rious varsity-faculty game in which the professors forget their traditional dig- nity and give the students a treat. Minor sports, in the meanwhile, are by no means neglected. In the fall and spring, outdoor sports such as tennis, archery, badminton, and deck-tennis are especially popular. A tennis tour- nament is held in the spring and the two finalists have the honor of meeting the alumnae. The famous Tennis Tea is held immediately after the match and is one of the highlights of the season. During the winter months, however, these outdoor activities are replaced by fencing, bowling, ping-pong, shuffle- board, tumbling, and various other in- door sports. Ping-pong and bowling tournaments are held annually, the winners receiving recognition at Tro- phy Night. Dancing classes, for those who are aesthetically inclined, are in swing the entire year. Tapping, folk, and rhythm dancing are most popular. The juniors are taught special dance routines in the spring for the annual May Day given in honor of the seniors. Swimming classes are also held the entire year, leading up to the swim- ming meet which takes place in the spring. Diving, stunts, races, and com- ic events make this an enjoyable event for both participants and spectators. The close of all indoor sports comes with the famous Gym Night, when the freshmen exhibit Danish exercises, the dancing classes perform in costume, and the tumblers work out in miracu- lous fashion. Experts at fencing and in apparatus work also add their bit to the attraction. The last important event and the one which closes the year ' s activities is High School Day, held in March. Seniors from the High Schools throughout the city, as well as New- comb stu dents, circulate from one per- formance to the other to watch those girls who excel in different activities exhibit their skill. All of the Gym Night performances are repeated and a swimming exhibition is held in the Newcomb swimming pool. Those girls who won places in the meet give the spectators an eye-full with their fancy diving and excellent style. The two finalists of the tennis tournament also play their match for the championship cup. Just before the close of school, all awards and trophies are presented to the individual and team winners at the Tulane-Newcomb Trophy Night. Below — Beverly Hess and Marjorie Geary lake time out after Deck Tennis Left to right — The Varsity Tennis Team, Bernice Heinetnann, Hel- en Michel, Mary Ellen Freeman, Jackie Texada. Page 169 s Newcomb Varsity and Fresh- man baseball teams . . . En garde . . . Enthusiastic gym- nasts make a pyramid . . . Mary Ellen Freeman, tennis champion, and Isabel Heckert, runner-up . . . A snap from the Freshman-Senior basket- ball game . . . Action on the deck tennis courts . . . Archery practice. The championship Freshman Hockey team — quite a squad, isn ' t it? . . . Badminton has become quite a popular sport at Newcomb , , . A candid shot at the hockey finals . . . These Sophs went down in de- feat before the Freshies . . . Action shot from the hockey game . . . Miss Many poses at the Faculty-Varsity baseball game . . . Amy Smith and the girls struggle for a goal. J. I J. at YOUR APPROVAL THE 1936 JAMBALAYA PROUDLY PRESENTS ITS OWN VANITY FAIR tii M U l CHARLO " ARD J iil i CDC ii AUNSe l c e RESTER i CLARA M ii PATRICIA WOODWARD ii RIG Our tribute to the man on the campus who can give and take, who is willing to help his friends, and will do it unostentatiously. He is neither a " big shot " nor a nonentity. He may be student or profes- sor, but political offices and honor societies are not his highest aim. Above all, he must be possessed of a high sense of humor and a ready smile. You know, just a " good guy. " GOOD TELLOIW Reading left to right on opposite page, our nominees are: Allain Favrot and Bascom Talley, Billy Henderson, Charles C. Bass, Bill Culpepper and Eddie Livaudais. Reading from top to bottom on this page: Norman Melun and Jack Riley; Professor Mack Swearingen; Vernon Finch; " Pinky " Oliver and " Wu-Wu " Poitevent; Pro- fessor Santry Reed. TULANE PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL Ofi-ici;rs Santrv Reed Chairman Thomas W. Born Secretary Arthur J. Waf ' CiiiF ' K, Jr. Committees Activity Cotn nitiee Artiilr J, WAFiCiJ] EK, Jr., Clia ' innan Wii.i.iAM W. Holmes Rules and Regulati ' ms Committee Bernard D. Mintz, Chairman C. Thorn Jacob D. Guice Grievance Committee George R. Blue, Chairman C. McVea Oliver Ernest H. Doerries Rushing (committee George D. Tessier, Chairman Douglas Kelly, Jr. Treasurer MoiSE W. DE ' NER ■ John Edward W. Bi.ossman Phi Kappa Sigma Jacob D. Guice Arthur J. Waechter, Jr. Pi Kappa Alpha James J. Jaubert Horace A. Thompson, Jr. Kappa Alpha William W. Holmes William A. Culpepper Sigma Chi S. Gordon Reese F. Irvin Dymond Alpha Tau Omega Pembroke O. Leach A. Grady Williams Kappa Sigtna Edward W. Blossman George R. Blue Delta Tau Delta John C. Thorn J. Barnwell Phelps Phi Delta Theta T. Vernon Finch George D. Tessier Sigma Alpha Epsilon John H. Neill, Jr. Elisha J. Cain, Jr. Delta Kappa Epsilon Thomas W. Born William H. Harris, Members Beta Theta Pi C. McVea Oliver T. Hale Boggs Zeta Beta Tau MoisE W. Dennery Maurice H. Born Delta Sigma Phi Ernest H. Doerries Enos C. McClendon, Jr. Sigma Pi J. Richard Reuter, Jr. Stanley O. Fitzpatrick Sigma Alpha AIu Bernard D. Mintz Jr. Samuel I. Rosenberg Kappa Nu Barnett Blitz Abe B. Kuppermav Phi Iota Alpha Adrian Rodriguez Macedo Rene A. Torr.ado Sigma Phi Epsilon LeVere Coolev, III Robert D. Lottixger Sigma Phi Delta Ferdie a. Nobile Harwood I. Brown Blossman, Blue, Boggs, Born. M., Born, T., Blitz, Brown, Culpepper, Cain Doerries, Dennery, Dymond, Finch, Fitzpatrick, Guice, Holmes, Harris, Jaubert Kupperman, Leach, Lottinger, Mintz, McClendon, Nobile, Neill, Oliver, Phelps Reuter. Rodriguez, Rosenberg, Thompson, Tessier, Thorn, Torrado, Waechter, Williams Page 189 Colors: Gold and Black Flower: C hrvsati thetnum Founded at University of Pennsylvania in 1850 PHI KAPPA SIGMA MU CHAPTER Established at Tulane in 1858 Tliiity-six Active Chapters Dr. Charles L. Brown Dr. Arthur A. Caire, Jr. Dr. Andrew V. Friedrichs Fratres in Facultate Dr. Sam Hobson Mr. Richard R. Kirk Mr. J. Karlem Riess Dr. F. Harold Wirth Dr. Willard R. Wirth Robert J. Ahsens, Jr. ' 6 William A. Atkinson, Jr. . . ' 39 HOBART W. BLAKESLEE ' 37 Laurance H. Bohne . . ' ,8 William H. Bohne . . ' 37 Clarence E. Bonneit, Jr. . . ' 36 Eric P. Breidenbach . . ' 39 Arthur A. Caire, III ' 39 Andrew J. Carroll, Jr. . . . ' 38 Philip S. del Corral . . ' 36 Robert D. Cosgrove . . ' 39 William D. Davis, Jr. ' 39 Donald C. Dickson, Jr. ' 38 William H. Dunstan, lil . . ' 39 Ernest H. Estes, Jr. . . Law, ' 37 Hanson D. Ferrell . . ' 37 Alton P. Frvmire . . . Law, ' 38 Fratres in Universitate Carl F. Goll, IV ' 38 Kenneth A. Gonzales . . . . ' 37 Edward K. Goodell ' 39 Richard H. Goodell, Jr. . . . ' 39 Jack B. Griffin .... Med., ' 37 Jacob D. Guice ' 36 John F. Hartmann, Jr. . . . ' 38 Elliott B. Hay .... Med., ' 39 JOFIN E. Heckert, Jr ' 38 G. Putnam Hinds, Jr ' 38 Winter Holbrook ' 39 Hunter T. Huddle, Jr ' 38 Henry F. Hynson ' 39 John M. Johnson, Jr. . . Med., ' 36 Edward J. Jones, Jr ' 37 George C. Kohl ' 38 John F. Manson ' 39 NORBERT W. MaRKEL ' 38 H Giles Martin, Jr ' 38 Harvey C. May, Jr ' 39 James A. McNiven ' 39 Norman C. Melun ' 37 Joseph M. Montagnet, Jr. . . ' 36 John W. Mullen ' 36 Francis Nicholson ' 38 EiNAR N. Pedersen ' 39 Jack R. Renfro ' 39 H. Russell Richmond, Jr. . . ' 37 J. Frank Richmond ' 39 John C. Roberts, Jr. . . Med., ' 37 Horace E. Shuffield . . . . ' 39 Frank W. Summers . . . Law, ' 38 Dan B. Terry Med., ' 39 Arthur J. Waechter, Jr., Law, ' 36 James A. Wright ' 36 Ahsens. Atkinson, Blakeslee, Boline. L.. Bohne, W., Breidenbach, Caire, Carroll. Cosgrove, Davis, del Corral Dickson, Dunstan, Estes, Ferrell, Frymire, Goodell, E., Goodell. R., Gonzales, Guice, Hartman, Hay Heckert, Hinds, Holbrook, Huddle, Hynson, Jones, Johnson, Manson, Markel, Martin, May, McNiven Montagnet, Mullen, Nicholson, Pedersen, Renfro. Richmond, J., Richmond, R., Shuffield, Summers, Terry, Waechter, Wright 1 Page 190 1 1 • • i 1 1 1 • 1 ( 1 1 Colors: Garnet iinii (told Flower: Lily of the Valley Founded at University of Virginia in 1H6H PI KAPPA ALPHA ETA CHAPTER Established at Tulane in 1878 Eighty Active Chapters Fratres in Facultate Dr. Octave C. Cassegrain Dr. Stuart G. Noble Dr. John A. Lanford Prof. James M. Robert Dr. RoBiiRi A. Strong Prof. Ciias. S. Wii.t.iamson, Jr. Fratres in Universitate Arthur H. Brook ' 38 Jack S. Burk ' 37 Thompson B. Burk ' 37 Claude B. Duval Law, ' 37 Edward B. Folse, Jr ' 39 Carl M. Fremau. ' 39 AsHBY J. Fristoe , ■ ' 39 John L. Gallegly . . . . , ' 39 Angus D. Grace ' 38 WtLLLAM A. Green, Jr ' 38 Frank H. Hardenstein, Jr ' 39 James J. Jaubert ' 37 Douglas Kelly, Jr ' 36 Sabin p. Landry, Jr ' 38 Thomas W. Lawson . ' 36 Fred E. LeLaurin, Jr ' 39 Woodward B. Logan ' 38 J. D.4VID McNeill Law, ' 38 Robert L. Miller, Jr ' 38 Fred B. Moseley ' 39 Lewis C. Parrish ' 39 R. Vernon Payne ' 37 Thomas B. Putnam ' 37 HowEL W. Slaughter ' 39 William H. Slaughter, Jr ' 38 Alwyn Smith, Jr ' 39 Howard J. Smith ' 38 WiLFORD M. Smith ' 38 Frederick O. Sundbery ' 37 Jack A. Sutherlin ' 38 Horace A. Thompson, Jr ' 38 W. Porter Tull ' 38 Paul G. White, Jr ' 39 John W. Whitty, Jr ' 39 George F. Williamson ' 38 Philip H. Witherspoon ' 39 Brook, Burk, J.. Burk, T,, Duval, Folse, Fremaux, Fristoe, Gallegly, Green Grace. Hardenstein, jauhert, Kelly, Landry, Lawson. LeLaurin, Logan McNeill, Mrller, Moseley, Parrish. Payne, Putnam, Slaughter, H., Smith, A. Smith, H., Smith, W., Sutherlin, Thompson, White, Williamson, Witherspoon ' Deceased. Page l?l Colors: Crimson and Old Gold Flowers: Magnolia and Red Rose Founded at W ashington and Lee University in 1865 KAPPA ALPHA PSI CHAPTER Estnblished at Tulane in iS86 Sixty-six Active Chapters Fratres in Facultate Dr. Herbert E. Buchanan Dr. Martin T. Van Studuiford Dr. Henrv Laurens Dr. James E. Winston John D. Andrews ' 37 Charles C. Bass, Jr. . . Law, ' 37 J. LiKDLY BUDREAU, Jr ' 37 Ernest A. Carrere, Jr. . Law, ' 38 William A. Culpepper . . . ' 37 Norman E. Eaves ' 39 Laurance Eustis, Jr ' 36 Philip R. Farnsworth . . . ' 36 J. Brown Farrior . . . Med., ' 36 Albert J. Flettrich ' 37 Louis H. B. Graham ' 38 James J. Grevemberg, Jr. . . ' 39 Arthur B. Hammond . . . . ' 39 Weeks T. Harrison . ... ' 39 Edward M. He.ath, Jr ' 39 Maunsel W. Hickev ' 39 R. G. Holcombe, Jr. . . Med., ' 37 William W. Holmes, Jr. . . ' 37 Fr.atres in Uni ' ersitate C. Manly Horton, Jr. . Law, ' 38 Donald E. Jahncke ' 38 Robert P. Lockett, Jr ' 37 Alvin R. Mailhes ' 38 Edward de S. Matthews Med., ' 36 Frederick W. Miller . Law, ' 38 Peter R. Monrose, Jr. . . . ' 39 Robert M. Monsted ' 37 Joseph V. Montedonico, Jr. . . ' 36 Norvtn p. Oliver, Jr ' 38 Hugh E. Parsons . . . Med., ' 36 Hugh G. Payne ' 38 Thomas B. Payne ' 39 William M. Payne ' 38 H. Minor Pipes ' 38 Edward B. Poitevent . . Law, ' 37 Herman C. Quantz . . Med., ' 37 Justin R. Querbes, Jr. . . . ' 37 Paul K. Rand, Jr ' 38 Charles F. Read ' 39 Raymond F. Salmen ' 38 Percy Sandel Law, ' 38 M. Harry L. Sanders, Jr. . . ' 37 Harley C. Shands . . Med., ' 39 Edward F. Stauss, Jr. . Law, ' 37 J. H. DoLAN Tipping . . . . ' 38 Thomas B. Tooke, Jr. . Med., ' 36 Robert P. Vincent, Jr. . Med., ' 36 Walter J. Waits ' 37 Arthur J. Wallace, Jr. . . . ' 39 John A. Walls ' 36 Joseph B. Whartcn, Jr. Med., ' 36 E. Newton Wray ' 38 George D. Wray, Jr ' 36 W. Waller Young, Jr. . . . ' 37 Bass, Cairere, Culpepper, Eaves, Hustis, Farnsworth. Farrior, Flettrich, Grevemberg, Hammond Harrison, Heath, Hickey, Holcombe, Holmes, Horton, Jahncke. Lockett, Mailhes, Matthews Monrose, Montedonico, Parsons, Payne, H., Payne, T., Payne, W., Poitevent, Quantz, Querbes, Read Sanders, Srauss, Tooke, Vincent, Wallace, Walls, Wharton, Wray, E., Wray, G-, Young Page 192 III I I • I • I • 1 • 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Colors: Blue and Old Gold Flower: White Rose Founded at Miami University in 1855 SIGMA CHI ALPHA OMICRON CHAPTER Established at Tulane in i886 Ninety-six Active Cliapters S. Wood Brown, Jr. Fratres in Facultate Dr. Erasmus D. Fenner, Emeritus Dr. Paul A. McIi.hen.vy Fratres in Universitate McNeely Avants ' 38 William J. Craig, Jr Law, ' 36 Donald W. Doyle ' 38 Frederick I. Dymond Law, ' 37 Reuben W. Esiopinal ' 38 James N. Eustis ' 37 Bill V. Flowers ' 39 J. Elson Goodell ' 38 Claude B. Green, Jr ' 39 Frank E. Lewis ' 38 W. Noel Loftin ' 37 James B. McGrath ' 38 E. G. Baker Marsh ' 36 John P. Michaels ' 38 John A. Owens ' 37 S. Gordon Reese Law, ' 36 J. Harold Simmons ' 39 David B. Singleton ' 39 Francis M. Stone ' 38 J. Mack Sutton ' 38 Edward T. Weeks, Jr Law, ' 37 George E. Williams, Jr ' 39 Avants, Craig. Doyle, Dymond, Estopinal, Green Goodell, Lewis, Loftin, Owens, Marsh, McGrath, Michaels Reese, Simmons, Singleton, Sutton, Weeks, Williams Page 193 • ■ i • 1 1 Colors: Old Gold and Sky Blue Flower: White Tea Rose Founded at Virginia Military Institute in 1865 ALPHA TAU OMEGA LOUISIANA BETA EPSILON CHAPTER Established at Tulanc in 1SS7 Ninety-six Active Chapters Fratres in Facultate Mr. Nathanuei. C. Curtis Dr. Charles L. Eshleman Dr. Allan C. Eustis Dr. Frederick Hard Dr. Randolph Lyons Jack A. Allison ' 39 Clem B. Binnings ' 39 B.arremore B. Brown . . . . ' 37 Wilfred H. Charbonnet . . ' 39 Menard Doswell ' 37 Thomas C. Earl ' 37 William C. Ellis ' 38 Henry C. Eustis ' 37 Julian P. Freret ' 39 John A. Grehan ' 39 Irving Hardesty, Jr. . . Law, ' 37 William S. Huev ' 37 Charles J.jwvier ' 38 Donald G. Jordan ' 39 Joseph G. Lallande, Jr. . . . ' 36 Fratres in Uni ersitate J. Virgil Lambert ' 38 Ferdinand L. Larue, Jr. . . . ' 37 Pembroke O. Leach ' 37 C. Ben Maginnis, Jr ' 38 John L. Many, HI ' 36 Charles D. Marshall . . Law, ' 37 Fontaine Martin, Jr. . . Law, ' 36 Warden M. Martin ' 36 Samuel D. Murray . . Med., ' 36 Marcus L. Nance ' 38 W. Hammond Newman . . . ' 37 Dietrich A. Neyland . . . . ' 38 Richard M. Page ' 35 George H. Penn, Jr ' 39 J. Chalaron Penn ' 37 David B. Penn, Jr ' 36 Richard F. Price ' 36 V. Kohlman Reed ' 39 Frank Riess ' 36 Ernest Roger, III ' 38 Hermann J. Schulze . . Law, ' 38 Rudolph J. Schulze, Jr. . Law, ' 36 John A. Schupp ' 37 Howard K. Smith, Jr ' 36 Emanuel J. Stanton ' 38 Henry L. Trepagnier, Jr. . . ' 37 Luther M. Vaughan . . Med., ' 36 John C. Weed .... Med., ' 36 A. Gradv Williams ' 38 J. W. WooLFOLK, Jr. . . Law, ' 36 Allison, Binnings, Brown. Charbonnet, Doswell, Ellis, Eustis, Freret, Grehan Hardesty, Huey, Janvier, Jordan, Larue, Leach. Many, Marshall, Martin Nance. Newman, Neyland, Penn, C, Penn, D,, Penn, G,, Reid. Riess, Roger Schulze, H., Schulze, R., Schupp, Smith, Stanton. Trepagnier, Vaughan, Weed. Williams, Woolfolk • ' 1 1 1 Page 1 194 1 1 1 1 ( • Colors: Scarlet, White, and Green Flower: Lily of the Valley Founded at University of Virginia in J869 KAPPA SIGMA Established at Tulane in 1889 Coach Theodore J. Cox Dr. Boni J. DeLaureal SIGMA CHAPTER One llunilicd and Seven Active Chapters Fratres in Facultate Dr. Edmund L. Faust Dr. Frederick L. Fenno John P. Adams .... Med., ' 38 C. E. Anderson, Jr. . . Med., ' 37 Alfred G. Ball, Jr. . . Law, ' 38 Edward W. Blossman . . . . ' 36 George R. Blue ' 37 Karl H. Clauset ' 38 French H. Craddock . Med., ' 39 Thomas H. Crouch . . Med., ' 39 Julius T. Davis, Jr ' 38 Owen S. Eckhardt ' 38 William E. Ehlert . . Med., ' 38 Thomas C. Fischer . . . Law, ' 38 John D. Garner ' 37 Thomas A. Glass, Jr. . Med., ' 37 Mariano W. Guas . . . Law, ' 38 Robert N. Habans ' 38 Fratres in Universitate Thomas S. Harllee ' 39 Arthur C. Hollister, Jr. . . ' 38 William G. Irbv ; ' 39 E. Douglas Johnson ' 37 Arthur L. Jung, Jr ' 37 A. P. Kimball, Jr. . . Med., ' 36 Edward L. King, Jr ' 39 Lienhard T. Kuhner . . Law, ' 36 Thomas H. Lambert . . Med., ' 37 Thomas F. McDonnell . Med., ' 39 R. Russell McMahon . . . . ' 37 Emile Maltry, Jr. . . . Med., ' 37 Jack H. Mayfield . . . Med., ' 38 Thomas J. Melton, Jr. . . . ' 37 Fernando C. Mendigutia Law, ' 37 Albert E. Meneses . . . Law, ' 37 Major Frederick H. Fox Dr. Edward L. King John A. Murfee . . . Med., ' 38 Edward W. Owen, Jr. . . . ' 38 David E. Pace ' 37 Henry P. Pate ' 37 Frank Pattie, Jr ' 39 James L. Pickens . . . Med., ' 37 Oran V. Prejean . . . Med., ' 37 Paul H. Ramos ' 39 Frank M. RePass, Jr ' 36 Primitivo a. Rodriguez . . . ' 38 J. Edward Sams .... Med., ' 37 Glenn Q. Street, Jr. . . Med., ' 37 Joseph D. Talbot . . . Med., ' 38 Albert J. Wetzel, Jr ' 39 G. Ripley White, Jr ' 39 Anderson, Ball, Blossman, Blue,. Clauset, Craddock, Crouch, Davis, Eckhardt, Garner Glass, Gtas, Hahans, Hollister. Irby, Jung, Kimball, King, Kuhner. Lambert Maltry, McDonne.l, McMahon, Melton. .Mendigutia, Mcncses, ivluifee, Owen. Pate, Pattie Pickens, Piejcan, Ramos, RePass, Rodriguez, Sams, S.rcet, T ' albjt, Wetzel Page 195 Colors: Purple, Floner: Pansy While, and Gold Founded at Bethany College in 1859 D ELTA TAU DELTA BETA XI CHAPTER Established at Tulaiie in 1S89 Seventy-six Active Chapters Fratres IX Facultate Dr. Pierce Butler Dr. St. nford C. J. ' iMisoN Dr. Emile F. Naef Dr. T. Hillmav Oi.iphant Fratres in Universitate Harold S. Andry ' 39 D. Hanlin Becker ' 39 Gordon Bosvvell, Jr ' 39 Lawrence W. Burt IVIed., ' 36 Marshall J. Charlton ' 39 Edward C. Colcord, Jr ' 36 R. Jocelvn Crawi. FY, Jr ' 37 Charles F. L. Ducander, Jr Law, ' 37 F. Gordon Eberle, Jr ' 36 Caswell P. Elus, III ' 37 Hector G. Fernandez ' 37 Brent Fox ' 36 W. Walter Grace • ■ ' 37 Duncan G. Graham Med., ' 37 Jack C. Harding Law, ' 37 B. Marvin Harvard, Jr Med., ' 39 Neil Himel, Jr ' 39 Martin J. B. Kahao ' 39 H. Marshall Kopman ' 39 Charles M. McKay ' 37 George A. Mayoral ' 37 Charles C. Miller ' 39 Nolan C. Moore ' 37 John A. O ' Connor, Jr Law, ' 36 George C. Perry ' 37 Ashton Phelps Law, ' 37 J. Barnwell Phelps ' 38 Stanley W. Ray, Jr ' 37 Charles E. Reid ' 38 Thomas G. Sancton ' 35 Joseph V. Schlosser ' 39 Millard P. Snyder ' 39 Alfred W. Spiller, Jr ' 37 John C. Thorn ' 37 Otis B. Trepagnier Law, ' 37 Edwin D. Walter . ' 38 Charles W. Wight ' 37 Donald E. Wilson ' 39 Allen, Fox, Burt, Becker, Boswell, Colcord, Crawley, Charlton, Ducander Eberle. Ellis, Fernandez, Himel, Harvard, Jennings, Kahao, Kopman Mayoral, Moore, McKay, Miller, O ' Connor, Phelps, A.. Phelps, B., Perry, Reid Ray, Snyder, Spiller, Schlosser, Thomas, Wilson, Walter. Page 196 Colors: Argent and Azure Flower: White Carnation Founded at Miami University in 1848 PHI DELTA THETA LOUISIANA ALPHA CHAPTER Established at Tiilane in i8 One Hundred and Six Active Chapters Fratres jn Facultate Dr. Earle Z. Browne Dr. Hermann B. Gessnf.r Dr. Hii.mard E. Mii.i.er Dr. E. W. Alton Ochsnf.r Dr. Charles W. Duval Dr. Rufus C. Harris Dr. Morrell W. Miller Dr. Ambrose H. Storck Fratres in Universitate James H. Armstrong . . Med., Samuel R. Arnholz J. Luis Bands Jackson L. Bosiwick . . Med., J. Daniel Brock Arthur J. Butt, Jr. . . Med., Oscar E. Conev, Jr John H. Douglas J. William Douglas . . Med., James H. Drury .... Law, Joseph H. Duval .... Law, Richard D. Field T. Vernon Finch Jacques L. Fortier T. Miller Gordon, Jr E. Perrin Harris . . . Med., C. M. Harwell, Jr. . . Med., Charles S. Healy Joseph V. Hopkins, Jr. . Med., Thomas M. Irwin . . . Med., Carrol A. Johnson, Jr. . Med., Louis M. Jones Robert C. Kelleher . . Med Joe H. Kirby, Jr. . . . John M. Kurtz . . . Norman J. Landry ' ' . . Boyd H. Lewis .... Wesley A. Lewis . . . Allan Little, Jr. . . . Law, Edward S. Livaudais . . Law W. C. McCurdy, Jr. . . Med. J. D. Martin, Jr. . . , Med George H. Menefee .... Philip M. Milburn . . . M;d., William H. Moorhead , Med. William U. Moss, Jr. . . . R. A. NoCKTON, Jr. . . Med., J. Gray Parker . . . Med., ' 36 Albert B. Paterson, Jr. . . . ' 37 ' 36 Jo R. Persons, Jr ' 38 ' 39 G. Henry Pierson, Jr. . . Law, ' 37 ' 37 J. Edcerton Pierson . . Law, ' 38 ' 38 Sam M. Powell, Jr. . . Med., ' 38 ' 39 Keith M. Pyburn . . . Law, ' 36 ' 39 E. Bryce Robinson, Jr. . Md., ' 36 ' 39 Edwin F. Rogge ! ' 39 ' 37 John C. Russel, Jr. . . Med., ' 36 ' 38 C. W. Shropshire, Jr ' 39 ' 37 John W. Sims ' 37 ' 36 E. R. DuMONT Smith .... ' 39 ' 39 Hugh F. Smith ' 38 ' 39 George D. Tessier . . . Law, ' 37 ' 39 W. Waller Trice, Jr. . . Med., ' 39 ' 38 Russell B. Watson . . Med., ' 38 ' 37 Harry M. Waugh, Jr ' 38 ' 38 W. Horace Williams, Jr. . . ' 37 ' 39 Robert C. Windes, Jr ' 39 Armstrong, Arnholz, Banos, Brock, Butt, Coney, Douglas, Drury, Duval, Field, Finch. Fortier Gordon, Healey, Hopkins, Irwin, Jones, Kelleher, Kirby, Kurtz, Landry, Lewis, B., Lewis, W., Little Livaudais. Martin, McCurdy, Menefee, Milburn, Moorhead, Moss, Nockton, Parker, Paterson, Persons, Pierson, G. Pierson, J., Pyburn, Robinson, Rogge, Russel, Shropshire, Sims, Smith, E., Smith, H., Tessier, Waugh, Williams, Windes Colors: Old Gold and Royal Purple Flower: Violet Founded at University of Alabatna in 1856 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON LOUISIANA TAU UPSILON CHAPTER Established at Tulane in 1897 One Hundred and Six Active Chapters Prof. Donald Derickson Mr. Charles B. Dicks, Jr. Fratres in Facultate Dr. J. Adair Lyon Dr. John G. Pratt Dr. J. Clay Walker Fratres in Universitate Laurie J. Arnold, Jr Med., ' 37 Samuel C. Atkinson . . . ' Med., ' 39 Frank J. Baird ' 39 Jack D. Brownfield Med., ' 37 Elisha J. Cain, Jr ' 37 Neil Callahan Med., ' 39 Albert L. Dart ; Law, ' 37 Chester A. Fort, Jr Med., ' 36 Grant W. Goldenstar ' 38 Richard N. Hardy Law, ' 37 S. Wright Hawkins Med., ' 37 R. LoREN Hubbard Med., ' 39 John D. Jerabeck Med., ' 38 Edmond L. Kimble, Jr ' 39 L. Haden Kirkpatrick Med., ' 39 Louis R. Koerner ' 38 Lawrence C. Lewis, Jr Med., ' 38 Frank O. McGehee Med., ' 38 Alexander M. Manson Med., ' 37 John H. Neill, Jr . ' 37 RuFFiN T. Perkins, Jr ' 38 Joseph P. Riley, Jr Med., ' 38 Philip M. Seymour ' 37 Walter H. Simmons, Jr Med., ' 37 Claude R. Smith, Jr ' 36 Roby H. Spaar ' 37 Theodore L. Tannlhill Med., ' 37 Albert L. Ward Med., ' 36 Claude A. Wharton, Jr ' 37 Howard S. Williams, Jr Med., ' 36 Arnold, Baird, Brownfield, Cain, Callahan, Dart, Fort, Goldenstar Hawkins, Hubbard, Jerabeck, Kimble, Koerner. McGehee, Man:on, Nei ' .l Perkins, Seymour, Simmons, Smith, Spaar, Ward, Whartcn, Williams Page 17 Colors: Crimson, Azure mid Old Gold Flower: Pansy Founded at Ya ' .c College in J 844 DELTA KAPPA EPSILON TAU LAMBDA CHAPTER Established at Tulane in 1899 Forty-eight Active Chapters Fratres in Universitate Clifford Atkinson, Jr. . . . ' 38 GusTAVE B. Baldwin, Jr. Law, ' 37 Royal R. Bastian, Jr ' 38 E. Upton Bertaut ' 39 J. Hardee Bethea . . . Med., ' 38 Robert U. Blum ' 38 Thomas W. Born ' 36 Edward S. Bres, Jr ' 38 J. Taylor Caffery . . . Law, ' 37 Neil L. Chavigny ' 39 S. Buckner Chipley, Jr. . . . ' 37 Murray- F. Cleveland . Law, ' 36 Jason H. Collins ' 38 John S. Devlin ' 36 E. E. Edmundson, Jr. . Law, ' 37 Bernard P. Evans ' 37 Allain deC. Favrot . ... ' 37 Sam M. Freese, Jr ' 37 E. Jerome Friedrichs . Cameron B. Gamble . . Milam H. Gray ' , Jr. . William H. Harris, Jr, Thomas M. Hayes, Jr. J. William Henderson Haywood H. Hilly-er, Jr. Jack E. Hurley . . . Benjamin C. King . . Charles A. Kyle . . Charles M. LaCour . . Rudolph M. Landry . . Edward A. Laroussini Hugh McCloskey . . . Kenneth L. McIntosh Frederick W. Mahler, J John P. Manard . . . Henry S. Marchal . . Arthur Van B. Miller Law, Law, Law, Law, Law, ' 38 ' 38 ' 39 ' 36 ' 37 ' 36 ' 37 ' 36 ' 38 ' 36 ' 39 ' 39 ' 39 ' 37 ' 39 ' 39 ' 38 ' 36 ' 38 Stephen C. Munson, Jr. William G. Nichols, Jr. Albert M. Norwood . . CoLviN G. Norwood . Don F. Overdyke, Jr. . Joseph W. Prenger . Homer M. Rankin J_. Craig Ro th . . James B. Sinnott, HI Breard Snellings . . Allen M. Steiner . John R. Stewart . . Louis O. Thames . . R. Richard Thornton Ben L. Upton . . . R. Miller Upton . . Philip Werlein, IV. W. W. Westerfield, Jr. Law ' 39 ' 36 ' 36 ' 38 ' 39 ' 38 ' 38 ■ ' 39_ ' 38 ' 37 ' 36 ' 37 ' 38 ' 39 ' 38 ' 38 ' 37 ' 39 Atkinson, Baldwin, Bastian Bertaut, Bethea, Blum, Born, Bres, CafFery, Chavigny, Chipley. Cleveland Collins, Devlin, Edmundson, Favrot, Freese, Gray, Harris, Hayes, Henderson, Hillyer, Hooker, Hurley King, Kyle, LaCour, Landry, Manard. Marchal, Martin, McCloskey, Miller, Munson, Nichols. Norwood, A. Norwood. C.. Prenger, Rankin. Roth, Sinnott, Snelltngs, Steiner. Stewart, Thornton, Upton, B.. Upton, M.. Werlein. Westerfield ©Q© Page ( 199 1 1 1 1 1 • Colors: Light Pink and Blue Flower: Rose Founded at Miami University in 1839 BETA THETA PI Established at Tulaiie in 1908 BETA XI CHAPTER Eighty-seven Active Chapters Fratres in Facultate Dr. Charles J. Bloom Dr. Roy E. de la Houssaye Prof. Sumter D. Marks, Jr. Dr. William P. Bradburn, Jr. Dr. Francis E. LeJeune Prof. Delvaille H. Theard Fratres in Univer.sitate James Barron Robert C. Bateman . . Med., T. Hale Boggs Law, Jack A. Bornemakn . . . . William P. Bradburn, III . . Elwood R. Clay ' .... Law, Walter S. Culpepper Harry P. Dart, HI . . DA au D. Duply . . . Edgar F. Graves . . . Sam J. Hall, Jr. . . . Robert M. Haynie . . Robert S. Higdon . . Marlin B. Hoge . . . Charles R. Hume . . R. Brewster James . . J. Harvey Johnston, Jr. . Law, Med., Med., Med., Law ' 37 Earle H. Jones, Jr. ' 39 Gerald F. Joseph . . ' 37 Richard C. Keenan . ' 39 Robert M. Lathrop .... ' 38 Robert E. LeCorgne, Jr. . . ' 36 Edward L. Levert . . . Med. ' 37 Arthur N. Lewis, Jr. . . Med. ' 38 Robert C. Lynch, H . . Med. ' 3S Boyd R. McKirahan .... ' 38 C. Lee McMillan .... ' 38 Louis H. Marrero . . . Law ' 38 Marshall L. Michel, Jr. Med, ' 37 Henry H. W. Miles . . Med. ' 39 Marion S. Monk, Jr. . . . ' 36 Max M. Morelock .... ' 36 A. Longer Musson .... ' 38 Charles M. Oliver . . . Law Gustav F. Osterman, Jr. . , 39 ' 38, ' 38 ' 39 ' 39 ' 37 ' 36 ' 38 ' 38 ' 39 ' 37 ' 37 ' 39 ' 37 ' 39 ' 39 ' 37 ■38 McLeod Patterson . . . Med., ' 39 William F. Peak ' 39 W. Ford Reese ' 39 John R. Riley, Jr ' 36 Claude G. Rives, HI . . . . ' 39 William D. Robert ' 37 Hughes Schneidau ' 37 Charles F. Seemann ' 38 Bernie L. Smith ' 39 Charles G. Smither . . Law, ' 38 Benjamin L. Spearman . . . ' 38 Burt W. Sperry ' 39 Carl F. Stockmeyer, Jr. . . . ' 38 E. Malcolm Sutter ' 37 J. Paul Tobin ' 38 " S. Hay- vard Vincent . . . . ' 38 Richard E. Watson ' 38 Barron, Boggs. Bornemann, Bradburn, Clay, Culpepper, Dart, Dupuy, Graves, Hall, Haynie Higdon, Hoge, Hume, James, Jones, Joseph, Johnston, Keenan, Lathrop, LeCorgne, Levert Lewis, Lynch. Marrero, McMillan, Michel, Miles, Monk, Morelock, Musson, Oliver, Ojterman, Peak Reese, Riley, Rives, Robert, Seermann, Smith, Smither, Spearman, Sperry, Stockmeyer, Tobin, Vincent • 1 1 1 i Page 1 200 1 c 1 i 1 • I Colors: Blue and White Flower: White Rose Founded at Jewish Theological Seminary in 1898 ZETA BETA TAU SIGMA CHAPTER Established at Tulaiie in 1909 Thirty-five Active Chapters Fratres in Universitate Joseph L. Aurams ' 39 Jay p. Altmaver ' 37 Gilbert Balkin ' 38 Harry J. Blumenthal ' 39 Maurice H. Born ■ ' 37 Marvin A. Cohen ' 38 Walter Davis, Jr Law, ' 37 MoiSE W. Dennery Law, ' 37 Samuel Eichold, III ' 37 Herman F. Flowers ' 37 Ralph Friedman Med., ' 36 Robert B. Haspel Med., ' 39 Jay B. Hecht, Jr ' 39 Clifford H. Kern, Jr Law, ' 38 VoLNEY F. Landry, Jr ' 38 Shepard H. Latter ' 38 Jack G. Levy ' 39 Joseph Levy, Jr Med., ' 38 Hippolyte p. Marks, Jr Med., ' 36 Frederick A. Marx . ' 38 Jack S. Marj Law, ' 37 Herbert L. Miller ' 38 Warren G. Moses, ' 38 Bernard Mount, Jr ' 39 Leslie K. Mundt Med., ' 37 Morris Pasternack Med., ' 39 Mervin H. Riseman ' 37 Henry K. Roos ' 37 Charles M. Samuel, Jr ' 38 Cecil Schwartz ' 38 David R. Schwarz ' 39 Julian L. M. Steinberg ' 38 Melvin D. Steiner Med., ' 36 Ferdi B. Stern, Jr ' 39 Henry M. Stern Med., ' 39 Jac Stich ' 38 Julian Wiener ' 39 William B. Wiener, Jr ' 37 Victor H. Witten ' 38 Sidney Wright ' 39 Abrams. Altmayer, Balkin, Blumenthal, Born, Cohen, Dennery, Eichold, Flowers Friedman, Haspel, Hecht, Kern, Landry, Latter, Levy, Marks, Marx. F. Miller, Moses, Mount, Mundt, Pasternack, Riseinan, Roos, Samuel, Schwarz Steinberg, Steiner, Stern. H.. Stern, F., Stich, Witten, Wiener, J., Wiener. W., Wright Page 20! I I I I 1 • • • 1 ■ 1 • 1 • 1 • k Colors: Nile Green and M ' liitc Founded at College of the City of Flower: While Carnatiot ff New York in 1899 D ELTA SIGMA PHI CHI CHAPTER Established at Tulane in 1916 Forty-five Active Chapters Fratres in Facultate Mr. Forrest E. Oakes Dr. E. Garland Walls Fratres in Unuersitate Oliver K. Bierhorst ' 39 Louis C. Bisso ' 36 Sidney H. Blessey ' 38 George S. Cambias, Jr ' 39 Clyde C. Colvin, Jr ; Med., ' 39 Ernest H. Doerries, Jr ' 36 Richard C. Fitzgerald ' 38 Herbert A. Graf ' 37 Bernhardt C. Heebe Law, ' 37 Edwin J. Herpich Med., ' 36 Harry B. Hollingsworth, Jr. Llewellyn E. Kling . . . . Joseph L. Leber Enos C. McClendon, Jr. . . James McLachlan, Jr. . . Richard E. Selser Richard E. Swann, Jr. . . . William S. Terry, Jr. . . . Orville C. Thomas .... Irwin E. Volker . . .. . . . . . ' 38 • • ■ ' 39 ■ ■ • ' 39 . . . ' 38 • • ■ ' 39 Med., ' 35 ■ • • ' 39 Med., ' 36 Med., ' 38 . . . ' 38 Bierhorst, Bisso, Colvin, Doerries, Fitzgerald, Graf Heebe, Herpich, Volker, Kling, Leber McClendon, McLachlan, Terry, Thomas Page 202 t 1 1 1 1 1 1 ( 1 1 1 • Colors: Lavender and White Flowers: Lavender Orchid, Lilac and White Rose Pounded at Vincennes University in 18 ' J7 SIGMA PI OMICRON CHAPTER Established at Tulane in lyao Thirty-three Active Chapters Frater in Facultate Dr. Edward A. Bechtel Fratres in Universitate FREDER1CK W. BlliRHOST ' ,g James E. Bilbo ' 36 Esmond A. Fatter Med., ' 39 Stanley C. Fitzpatrick Med., ' 39 George R. Foerster • •• ' 39 John B. Foret ' 30 Robert L. Gleason Med. ' 38 Carl J. Gulotta ' jg Louis C. Philips ' jg Arthur C. Reuter ' 35 Frederick L. Reuter Med., ' 39 John R. Reuter, Jr ' 36 John C. Suares Med., ' 37 Oswald W. Viosca Law, ' 36 Deceased. Bierhorst, Fatter, Bilbo, Fitzpatrick, Foerster Philips, Reuter, A., Reuter, j., Suares. Viosca Colors: Purple and White Floner: Lily Founded at College of the City of New York in 1909 SIGMA ALPHA MU SIGMA GAMMA CHAPTER Established at Tulane in 1920 Forty Active Chapters Frater in Facultate Dr. Herbert L. Weinberger Fratres in Universitate Bernard Blumberg ' 39 Julius Bowsky ' 36 Irvin Cahen Med., ' 37 Alvin S. Caplan ' 36 Louis E. Cohen ' 36 Stanley M. Diefenthal ' 39 Sanders A. Goodman Med., ' 38 Raymond H. Kierr Law, ' 36 Perry B. Klein ' 36 Paul L. Marks Med., ' 36 Willard Marmelzat ' 39 Bernard D. Mintz Law, ' 37 Samuel I. Rosenberg Law, ' 37 Moise S. Steeg, Jr Law, ' 37 Lewis E. Weil ' 38 RoswELL J. Weil ' 38 Alvin N. Zander Law, ' 36 Blumberg, Bowsky, Cahen, Caplan, Cohen. Diefenthal Goodman, Kierr, Klein, Marmelzat, Marks Mintz, Rosenberg, Steeg, Weil, L., Weil. R., Zander Page 204 Colors: Pur le an J White Flower: Lily Vounded at Rochester University in 1911 KAPPA N U SIGMA CHAPTER Established at Tiilane in 1922 Nineteen Active Chapters Fratres in Universitate Bernard J. Aronson ' 39 Harold J. Aronson Law, ' 31) Arnold J. Bennett ' 38 Barnett Blitz Law, ' 3; Fred Bronfin ' 38 Norman Burnstein ' 39 Sidney D. Carp ' 38 Harold Cohen ' 39 Seymour B. Crepea ■. ' 39 Jacob L. Fischman ' 38 Morris S. Forsyth ' 39 Bernard A. Goldman Med., ' 36 Leonard N. Goldman ' 39 Abe B. Kupperman ' 38 Melville L. Levy ' 36 Solon M. Levy ' 38 Isadore a. Marchiz Law, ' 36 Saul Singer ' 36 Gerson Z. Tolmas ' 37 Welville H. Wolfson ' 38 Aronson, B., Aronson, J., Bennett, Blitz, Bronfin, Burnstein, Carp Cohen, Crepea, Fischman, Forsyth, Goldman, B., Goldman, L,, Kupperman Levy, M., Levy, S., Marchiz, Singer, Tolmas, Wolfson Colors: Blue and Brown Floner: Red Carnation Sigma Iota (Established at Louisiana State Uni- versity in 1904) consolidated with Phi Lambda in 1931 to form the National Phi Iota Alpha PHI IOTA ALPHA DELTA CHAPTER Established at Tulaiie in 1932 Twenty-five Active National Chapters Six Active International Chapters Frater in Facultate Dr. Rudolph Matas, Emrritus Fratres in Universitate Rafael T. Armstrong Med, ' 37 RODRIGO ArOSEMENA ' 38 GuiLLERMO M. Carrera Med., ' 37 Agustin H. Font ' 39 Juan C. Gonzalez, Jr Med., ' 36 Saturnino M. Gonzalez Med., ' 36 Mario Lopez Med., ' 39 Jorge J. Luciano ' 39 Ernesto C. Martinez, Jr Med., ' 39 Raul M. Montemayor Med., ' 37 Luis R. Oms Med., ' 37 Alejandro Perez Venero Med., ' 36 Ildefonso Rivera Med., ' 37 Adrian M. Rodriguez Med., ' 37 Alfredo G. Silva Med., ' 37 Arturo Tapia ' 39 Rene A. Torrado Med., ' 38 Jose R. Varela ' 39 Armstrong, Carrera, Font, Gonzales, J., Gonzales, S. Luciano, Montemayor, Oms, Torrado Rivera, Silva, Rodriguez, Tapia, Venero Page 206 - i » ( 1 Colors: Royal Pnr tle anil Hid Flowers: American licauty Roses and Violets Founded at Richmond College in 1901 SIGMA PHI EPSILON LOUISIANA ALPHA CHAPTER Established at Tiilane in 1929 Seventy Active Chapters Mr. Rav G. Dauber Fratres jn Facultate Dr. Paul C. Foster Mr. James J. Morrtson Fratres in Univer.sitate Leo W. Benson Med., Ernest L. Bliss Harold C. Boehm Lemann H. Bounds Med., W. Marschall Brewer Law, Julius S. Brisbane Hazen W. Cole David E. Coolev LeVere Coolev, III Edward O. Cooper Robert S. Dexheimer John F. Dirmann, Jr Nicholas J. Dixon Charles J. Donald, Jr Med., Joseph C. Evans Maurice W. Geldert Frederick F. Hebert J. Chalmers Herman F. Robert Kinberger Med., William H. Kirchem M. Mortimer Kreecer John J. A. Lew Henrv C. White, Ji ' 36 Robert D. Lottinger Law, ' 36 ' 38 John D. McBride ' 38 ' 36 Lionel H. McDonald ' 36 ' 37 Alvin F. Micheli ' 38 ' 38 Bradford J. Monroe ' 38 ' 39 William C. Moselev ' 38 ' 37 Samuel C. Oliver ' 38 ' 37 Louis R. Otto, Jr ' 37 ' 38 Stanford J. Otto ' 38 ' 36 James R. Philp ' 38 ' 38 William G. Rankin, Jr ' 38 ' 38 Walter S. Rodriguez Law, ' 36 ' 39 Curtis F. Scott, Jr ' 39 ' 36 Jackson T. Scull Med., ' 38 ' 36 S. Herman Shattles ' 39 ' 38 J. Arthur Sproles, Jr Med., ' 36 ' 36 John H. Smith, III ' 38 ' 35 Arnaud p. Texada, Jr ' 36 ' 39 Naugle K. Thomas Med., ' 36 ' 39 Edwin H. West Med., ' 37 ' 36 Alcide J. Wevsham ' 37 ' 38 Edward T. White, Jr Med., ' 38 ? Med., ' 39 Benson, Bliss. Bounds, Brewer, Brisbane, Cole, Dixon, Donald Evans, Geldert, Heberc, Kinberger, Kirchem, Kreeger, Levy, Lottinger McBride, McDonald, Monroe. Moseley, Oliver, Otto, J., Otto, L., Rodriguez Shattles, Smith, Sproles, Thomas, West, Weysham, White, H. Page 207 I I e • e te entina y 1 V) NEWCOMB PAN-HELLENIC ASSOCIATION Officers Ftiifi HaiiF ' R Ramoni) President Ediiii Paii.kt .... Secretary Members Ex-Officio Pi Beta Phi Phi Mu ' eta Tau Alpha Eleanor Shands Harriette Peteet Elaine S. Ivey Alpha Omicron Pi Alpha Delta Pi Beta Phi Alpha Catherine C. O ' Neill Sara M. Powers Marguerite A. Wmm Chi Omega Kappa Alpha Theta Beta Sigma Omicron Helen J. Michel Florence E. Singreen Lucille Comes Kappa Kappa Gamma Alpha Epsilon Phi Phi Si jma Sigma Peggy M. L. Martin Anita A. Abes Members Elected Lillian Aronso.n Pi Beta Phi Phi Mu Zeta Tau Alpha Louise G. Schramm Mabel McC. Hall Harriet M. Lemann Alpha Omicron Pi Alpha Delta Pi Beta Phi Alpha Janice R. Torre Nita S. Daly Gladys M. Viosca Chi Omega Kappa Alpha Theta Beta Sigma Omicron Frankie H. Talbot Betty Bowlby Roma H. de Lucas Kappa Kappa Gamma Alpha Epsilon Phi Phi Sigma Sigma Eloise E. Colcock Cecile M. Kahn Paula E. Rubin Abes, Aronson, Bowlby, Colcock, Comes, Daly, de Lucas, Hall Ivey, Kahn, Lemann, Martin. Michel, O ' Neill, Pailet, Peteet Powers, Rubin, Shands, Singreen. Talbot, Torre, Viosca, Wirth • 1 1 1 1 Pag 1 s 209 1 1 1 1 1 1 • Colors: Wine and Blue Floner: Wine Carnation Founded at Monjnouth College in 1867 PI BETA PH I LOUISIANA ALPHA CHAPTER Established at Newcomb in 1S91 Eighty Active Chapters Mary W. Butler In Facultate Helen R. Clifford Alice M. Labouisse Irving Allee ' 37 Eva W. Allen ' 38 LvDiA H. Allen ' 37 Susan 0. Buck ' 37 Eleanor M. Carrere ' 39 Caroline P. Coaxes ' 38 Polly Corbin ' 38 Mary K. Dart ' 38 Ninette Dart ' 39 Claire H. Dolph ' 37 Mary Ellen Freeman . . . . ' 38 Caroly ' n Gay ' 37 Grace George ' 38 Betsey B. Hackeit ' 39 Charlotte M. Hardie . . . . ' 38 Margaret B. Hart ' 38 Margery S. Hasseltine . . . ' 39 Minna B. Hopkins . . . Law, ' 38 Caledonia Jackson ' 38 Jessie W. Janvier ' 37 Isabelle Johnston ' 39 In Universitate Terry K. Jones ' 39 Paulina O. Jordan ' 38 Dorothy W. Juden ' 36 Marion F. Leverich ' 36 Marjorie C. Leverich . . . . ' 39 Elizabeth Lewis .... Med., ' 36 Isabel McG. Lipscomb . . . . ' 38 Betty G. Lockett ' 38 Elizabeth C. Matthews . . . ' 39 Corinne H. Maunsell . . . . ' 38 Montine K. McDaniel . . . ' 36 Barbara W. McIlhenny . . . ' 39 Helen M. Meyers ' 39 May C. Miles ' 39 Marjorie Mitchener . . . . ' 36 Helen Hughes Ogden . . Law, ' 38 Mary E. Peacock ' 38 Peggy A. Philpot ' 39 MiMi C. Pl.. tter ' 39 Paula H. Pons ' 39 Elizabeth R. Reid ' 39 Marian F. Schoolfield . . . . ' 38 Alice G. Schramm ' 38 Louise G. Schramm ' 37 Eleanor Shands ' 36 Mary Shands ' 39 Elizabeth Sharp ' 39 Mary E. Sihler ' 39 Helen M. Simpson ' 36 Amy Smith ' 38 Marie Louise Stauffer . . . . ' 38 Harriet Sutherland . . . . ' 38 Katie D. Tack ' 37 Mary E. Tack ' 39 Mary R. Taylor ' 38 Sallie K. Tebo ' 39 Betty B. Thompson ' 36 Mary R. Upton ' 38 Jeanne Wellborn ' 39 Leila S. Werlein ' 37 Patricia Woodward ' 39 Allen, E., Allen, L,, Buck, Carrere, Coibin, Dart, M., Dart, N., Dolph, Freeman, George Hackett, Hardie, Hart, Hopkins, Jackson, Janvier, Johnston, Jones, Leverich, M. C, Leverich, M.F., Lewis Lipscomb, Lockett, Matthews, Maunsell, McDaniel, McIlhenny, Meyers, Miles, Mitchener, Ogden Philpot, Platter. Potts, Reid, Schoolfield, Shands, E., Shands, M., Sharp, Sihler, Simpson, Smith Sutherland. Tack, K., Tack, M., Taylor, Tebo, Thompson. Upton, Wellborn, Werlein, Woodward • I 1 1 1 Page 1 210 1 1 1 i • • Colors: While ami Cardinal Flower: Jacqueminot Rose Founded at Barnard College in 1897 ALPHA OMICRON PI Established at Newcomb in iS Dagmar R. Le Breton PI CHAPTER In Facultate Anna E. Many In Universitate Forty-five Active Chapters Glaovs a. Rensiiaw Jane E. Arrington ' 39 Mary K. Badgett ' 37 Pauline I. Brook ' 39 Dorothy L. Brumby ' 38 Marjorie von p. Burk ' ' 39 Emily J. Carter ' 38 Beverley R. Colomb ' 37 Dorothy R. Colomb ' 38 Marthalee Craft ' 37 Margaret McL. Davis ' 36 LuciNDA C. Demarest ' 39 Sarah C. Douglass ' 37 Nan B. Duvic ' 38 Virginia A. Freret ' 37 Sue Getsinger ' 39 Montez H. Haas ' 39 Adele H. Heaton ' 38 Mildred S. Hulsebus ' 37 Francenia Irwin ' 39 Lewise J. Johns ' 39 Eleanor T. Kannon ' 39 Ann Kelly ' 38 Donna F. Lemarie ' 38 Marjorie M. Lemarie ' 38 Florence S. Mize ' 36 Leona C. North ' 37 Jerrie M. O ' Connor ' 38 Catherine C. O ' Neill ' 36 Bertha M. Patton ' 39 JoY ' CE A. Perez ' 39 Margaret W. Poag ' 37 Ethel V. Rollins ' 37 Bernice M. Ross ' 39 Elizabeth A. Scales ' 37 Miriam J. Scales ' 39 Mildred Rae Shaw ' 36 Zola G. Smith ' 39 Janice R. Torre ' 36 Beatrice E. Trudeau ' 38 Dorothy Webb ' 38 Eugenia V. Wilkins ' 39 Almyra S. Williamson ' 37 Airington, Brumby, Bmk, Carter, Colomb. Craft, Davis, Duvic, Getsinger Haas, Heaton, Hulsebus, Irwin, Johns, Kelly, Lemarie, D., Lemarie, M. Mize, North. O ' Connor. O ' Neill. Patton. Perez. Poag. Rollins, Ross Scales, E., Scales, M., Shaw, Smith, Torre, Trudeau, Webb, Williamton ■ i Page 211 • 1 1 1 1 1 ( 1 1 1 1 • Colors: Cardinal and Straw Flower: White Carnation Founded at University of Arkansas in 1895 CHI OMEGA RHO CHAPTER Established at Newcomb in 1900 Eighty-eight Active Chapters In Facultate Clara Lewis Landry Bertha Allen Latane Beity Jane Anderson . . . . ' 38 Edna E. Angle ' 38 Bettye a. Bacharach . . . . ' 37 Faith Bancroft ' 39 Coral V. Brister ' 37 Martha SoR. Brogan . . . . ' 36 Mary P. Brown ' 38 Katherine D. Buchanan . . ' 36 Kate M. Chamness ' 37 Alida J. Clark ' 36 Barr Conover ' 37 MiREILLE CouRET ' 39 Katharine C. Daly ' 37 Nancy ' V. Denning ' 38 Louise Ebaugh ' 36 Elizabeth B. Edwards . . . . ' 39 Vera B. Field ' 37 Katharine D. Frazier . . . . ' 38 Eleanore a. Fuller ' 37 Marian A. Garsia ' 39 In Universitate Gwendolyn G. Geary . Marjorie M. Geary . . Charlotte S. Hawkins . Dorothy Hayward . . Frances Heidler . . . Winnie G. Hemphill . Dorris-Jean Hinson . . Sunshine Hooper . . . Olivia P. Kammer . . Jane E. Kelleher . . . Alfreda K. King . . . Nell V. Liggett . . . Mary Elaine Lipscomb . Pearl A. Mayer . . . Catherine B. McCall . Joy McCanne .... Nancy M. McCleskev . Helene T. McClure . . Lucerne McCullough . Suzanne McCullough . ' 39 Helen J. Michel ' 36 ' 39 Carolyn P. Middleton . . . . ' 37 ' 38 Virginia L. Moore ' 39 ' 39 Josephine Neumeier ' 37 ' 3.6 Kate S. Patterson ' 39 ' 38 Emily P. Quigley ' 38 ' 39 Elaine Rester ' 38 ' 37 Edna S. Schlegei ' 36 ' 38 Adele L. Story ' 38 ' 38 Frankie H. Talbot ' 37 ' 38 Mardie J. Talbot ' 37 ' 36 Jacqueline Texada ' 38 ' 38 Mary Y. Thomas ' 36 ' 37 GovvDY Venable ' 37 ' 39 J NF Waddle ' 38 ' 38 Lillian H. Wai.ther ' 36 ' 37 Margarette E. Weed . . . . ' 38 ' 39 Jeannette Wise ' 39 ' 37 Virginia M. Wright . . . . ' 39 ' 37 Lena L. Yocum ' 38 Anderson, Angle, Bacharach, Brogan, Brown, Buchanan, Chamness, Clark, Conover. Daly, Denning Ebaugh, Edwards, Field, Fuller, Garsia. Geary, G.. Geary, M , Hawkins, Hayward. Heidler Hemphill. H inson, Hooper, Kelleher. Liggett, Lipscomb, Mayer, McCall, McCanne. McCleskey, McClure McCullough, L,, McCullough, S., Michel, Middleton, Moore, Patterson, Quigley, Rester, Schlegei, Story Talbot, F., Talbot, M., Thomas, Venable, Waddle, Walther, Wise, Wright, Yocum Q l Page 1 212 1 1 1 • Colors: Light blue and Dark Blue Flower: Fleur-de-lis Founded at Monmouth College in 1879 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA BETA OMICRON CHAPTER Established at Newcomli in 1904 Sixty-nine Active Chapters In Facultate Elizabeth B. Raymond Dorothy W. Seaco Florence A. Smtmi Adei.in E. Spencer RuBV M. Bethea ' 39 Lucy W. Blackman ' 37 Elizabeth Le M. Boatner . . ' 39 Margebelle Bramlette . . . . ' 38 Elizabeth V. Bronson . . . . ' 38 Hilda B. Brown ' 38 Jane Buffington ' 38 Alice G. Buford ' 37 Mary D. Bull ' 38 Elizabeth L. Carroll . . . . ' 39 Bonnie Carruth ' 38 May R. Carruth ' 39 Eugenie Chavanne ' 38 MAkjORiE McC. Clarke . . . ' 37 Eloise E. Colcock ' 37 Nellie C. Curtis ' 37 Elizabeth C. Cutting . . . . ' 37 Harriet Davis ' 39 In Unh ' ersitate Margaret M. Flournoy Ellen H. Flowerree . Ann Foley .... Lillian C. Galt . . Jane M. Harris . . Marie Elise Hebert Bfveri Y Hess .... Jane C. Hochenedel Monita H. Hohenstein . Marie Louise Holbrook . Marjorie R. Klinesmith . Ann S. Kostmayer . . Katherine B. Lanier . Katherine Lecier . . . Marjorie L. Lemann . Ethelyn R. Leverich . Marjorie M. Marchal . Peggy M. L. Martin . . ' 39 Alisia H. Moody . . . ' 39 Katherine E. Nolan ' 39 Kate M. Olivier . . . ' 38 Louise Pitts ' 39 Angelique L. Provosty ' 38 Sidonie P. Scott . . . ' 38 Katharine T. Sellers ' 38 Sarah R. Smith .... ' 39 Elizabeth C. Spencer ' 39 Carolyn M. S tubus . . ' 38 Patricia Watson . . ' 39 Peggy P. Weaver . . ' 38 Mary G. Wells . . ' 36 Clara D. Williams ' 36 Woods Wilson . . . ' 36 Ann C. Woodard . . ' 39 Virginia L. Worthington ' 37 Bethea, Blackman, Bramlette. Bronson. Biown, Buffington. Buford. Bull. Carroll, Carruth, B., Carruth, M. Chavanne, Clarke, Colcock, Curtis, Cutting, Davis, Flournoy, Flowerree, Foley, Gait Harris, Hebert, Hess, Hochenedel, Hohenstein, Holbrook, Klinesmith. Kostmayer, Lanier, Legicr, Lemann Leverich, Marchal, Martin, Moody, Nolan, Pitts, Provosty. Scott, Sellers, Smith Spencer, Stubbs, Weaver, Wells. Williams, Wilson, Woodward. Worthington ' 38 ' 36 ' 38 ' 38 ' 38 ' 38 ' 38 ' 39 ' 37 ' 36 ' 37 ' 38 •38 ' 38 ' 38 ■37 ' 36 Paqe 213 • • 1 1 • 1 1 ( 1 ( Colors: Rose and White Flower: Enchantress Carnation Founded at W esleyan College in 1S52 PH I MU DELTA CHAPTER Established at Ncwcomb in 1906 Fifty-nine Active Chapters In Facultate Eunice Baccicii Kathrvn Hanley In Universitate Ruth B. Alexander ' 37 LvDiA Banks ' 3 Louise B.vxter ' 3 Janet P. Breidenbach ' 37 Florence G. Brooks ' 39 Mary Louise Chapotel ' 3 Imogene Durrett 36 Miriam Durrett 39 Gladys M. Eddins 38 Mabel McC. Hall ' 3 5 Lucille A. Harris 39 Ianie R. Huey ' 38 Laura B. W. Jones .■ . . 36 Dorothy R. Joseph |38 Joyce Joseph 37 Esther Judlin ' 38 Martha W. Kay 39 Winifred H. Knighton 39 Dorothy O. Korndorffer ' 38 Katherine S. Marrero ' 39 Margaret F. Morgan ' 39 Dorothy E. Nungesser ' 39 Betty E. Ormond ' 39 Virginia Parker ' 37 Jane E. Peneguy ' 39 Harriette Peteet ' 36 Dorothy J. Pugh ' 38 Nina H. Redditt ' 37 Ruth H. Rees ' 36 Chari.ene M. Taylor ' 39 Leslie H. Thacker ' 36 Margaret J. Till ' 37 Claribell Trunzler ' 38 Mary R. Walter ' 36 Helen V. Whitney ' 39 Velma C. Wiederecht ' 39 Jane S. Williams ' 38 Marjorie A. Yates ' 38 Alexander. Banks. Baxter, Breidenbach, Chapotel, Durrett, I., Durrett, M.. Eddins, Harris, Huey, Jones, Joseph, D., Joseph, J., Judlin, Knighton, Marrero Morgan, Nungesser, Ormond, Parker, Peneguy, Peteet, Pugh, Redditt, Rees Taylor, Thacker, Till, Trunzler, Walter, Whitney, Wiederecht, Yates wm. m i m Page 214 I I I I 1 ( 1 t Colors: Pale Blue and White Flower: Purple Violet Founded at W esleyan Female College in 1 H ' i I ALPHA DELTA PI EPSILON CHAPTER Established at Newcomb in 1906 Fifty-six Active Chapters In Universitate Helen E. Adams ' 39 Elsie M. Baird ' 39 Doris E. Beaman ' 36 Bertha Blattmann ' 37 Richie Brothers ' 36 NiTA S. Daly ' 36 Jewel R. Feike ' 38 Marie Louise Goodwin ' 37 Mary A. Hardy ' 37 Nancy L. Johnson ' 38 Lillian L. Kemp ' 36 Hattie M. Kimzey ' 39 Jane A. Kramer ' 39 Gloria B. Ladieu ' 37 Angela M. La Franca ' 39 Christiana Latimer ' 39 Beverly M. Marchand ' 37 Madge C. Marchand ' 39 Geraldine M. Marlette ' 37 Sara M. Powers ' 37 Dorothy M. Sherrouse ' 39 Betty A. Van Cleave ' 38 Helen M. White ' 38 Frances S. Wood ' 37 Adams, Baird, Beaman, Blattmann, Btothers, Daly, Feike, Goodwin Hardy, Johnson, Kemp, Kimzey, Kramer, Ladieu, La Franca, Latimer Marchand, B., Marchand, M., Marlette, Powers, Sherrouse, Van Cleave, White, Wood. Page 215 Colors: Gold and Black Flower: Patisy Founded at DePauw University in 1870 KAPPA ALPHA THETA ALPHA PHI CHAPTER Established at Newcomb in 1914 Sixty-four Active Chapters Leone Adams .... Alston Arnv .... Eliz. beth N. Baker . . Betty Blakeslee . . . Beitv Boxvlbv .... K.ATiE S. Butt .... Sue Butt Cecile G. Costlev . . . Dorothy F. Dodson . . Dorothy A. Dooley . . Elizabeth J. Egolf . . Edith Fussell .... Mary V. Gaiennie . . Lorraine Gordon . . . Adrienne Gottschalk . Elaine M. Gottschalk Margaret L. Grinnell May V. Hendrick . . Jane C. Jarman . . Janet M. Johnstone . Dorothy M. Kelly . . Frances L. Kimzey ' . . Dorothy Kohl .... In I ' acult.ate Mildred G. Christian Adele M. Drouet In Unin ' ersit.ate ' 38 Joyce Lacy ' 37 Catherine L. Lallande . ' 38 Veronica M. McGrath ' 38 Yvonne Meyer .... ' 37 Mary A. Morelock . . ' 39 Jane Reynolds .... ' 37 Martha M. Robertson . . . . . . . . . ' 36 Mary G. Shapard . . . ' 36 Doris L. Sherman . . . ' 39 Florence E. Singreen . ' 37 Pauline C. Spivey . . ' 38 Jane Taylor ' 38 EviE R. Trigg .... ' 39 Brooke C. Tunstall . . ' 37 Mary A. Utley . . : . . ' 38 Mary K. Walker . . ' 38 Eileen Walshe . . ' 36 Polly W. West . . . ' 38 Marilyn Wheless . . . ' 38 Nancy E. Wheless . . ' 36 Carolyn R. White . . ' 39 Hume Williams . . ' 38 Lee McL. Williams . . Marion C. Wilson ' 39 ' 39 ' 38 ' 37 •38 ' 39 ' 37 ' 37 ' 39 ' 38 ' 36 ' 37 ' 37 ' 39 ' 38 ' 39 ' 38 ■38 ' 36 ' 39 ' 38 ' 39 ' 39 ' 38 Adams, Baker, Blakeslee, Bowlby, Butt, Costley, Dodson, Egolf, Fussell Gaiennie, Gottschalk, A., Gottschalk. E., Hendrick, Jarman, Johnstone, Kimzey, Kohl. McGrath Meyer, Morelock, Reynolds, Robertson, Shapard, Sherman, Singreen, Spivey, Taylor Trigg, Utley, Walker, Walshe, West, Wheless, White, Williams, H.. Williams, L., Wilson ' J J T»1!1 1 1 1 1 Pags 1 216 1 1 1 1 • Colors: Green and While Flower: Lily of the Valley I ' ounJecl at Barnard College in 1909 ALPHA EPSILON PHI Established at Ne vcnmb in iyi6 EPSILON CHAPTER In Universitate Twenty Active Chapters Anita H. Abes ' 36 BiLLiE A. Bath ' 39 Selma M. Bauer ' 39 Marjorie E. Binsvvanger ' 39 Jane S. Blumenthal ' 37 Jane Lois Cohen ' 38 Elise Cohn ' 38 Mary Ellen Cohn ' 38 Louise T. Eisenstaedt ' 38 Marjorie C. Freund ' 39 Alece J. Geisenberger ' 37 Louise May Goldman ' 37 Lois I. Goldsmith ' 39 Betty L, Goldstein ' 39 Jane M. Greenfield ' 38 Ruth B. Gumbin ' 39 Bernice Heinemann ' 37 Rosa S. Herold ' 39 Jean Herzfeld ' 39 Edith Hirsch ' 39 Emmie Lou Hirsch ' 38 Irma J. Hirsch ' 37 Cecii.e M. Kahn ' 36 Frances E. Wolf . . . Fleurette E. Kahn ' 38 Fanny Kern ' 39 Cesil S. Kohi.man ' 36 Marian F. Kohi.man ' 36 Ruth Kohi.man ' 39 Fanny Mae Lemann ' 36 Muriel M. Lemann ... ' 39 Marion L. Levy ' 38 Sydney G. Lob ' 38 Bernice Lockwood ' 39 Frances K. Loeb ' 38 NoRiNE H. Marks ' 39 Margery Marx ' 39 Jane Munzesheimer ' 39 Joan Pressburg ' 36 Grace S. Raeinowitz ' 39 Eda Rosenthal ... ' 36 Laurette J. Rothschild ' 38 Marjory S. Schwarz ' 37 Joel Simon ' 36 Peggy Simon ' 39 Cecelia E- Weil ' 39 Isabel J. Weil . . ' 38 ' 37 Abes. Cohn. E.. Cohn, M., Goldman, Goldsmith. Greenfield, Heinemann. Herold, Herzfeld Hirsch, E., Hirsch, E. L., Kahn, C, Kahn, F., Kern, Kohlman. C. Kohlman, M., Kohlman. R. Lemann, F., Lemann, M., Levy, Lob, Lockwood, Loeb, Marks, Pressburg, Rabinowitz Rosenthal, Rothschild, Schwarz, Simon, J., Simon, P., Weil, C, Weil, I. Wolf 1 1 1 1 Page 1 217 1 1 1 1 t • Colors: Steel Gray and Turquoise Blue Flower: White Violet Founded at Virginia State Teachers College in 1898 ZETA TAU ALPHA BETA KAPPA CHAPTER Established at Newcomb in 1927 Sixty-four Active Chapters In Fav Allen Catherine L. Cornay Dalton D. Crichlow Julia F. Davenport Irma M. Dodd Caroline Eldredge Betty R. Frew Eleanora E. Frick Catherine McC. Hall Elizabeth Halliday Isabel L. Heckert • • • Elaine S. Ivey Reba L. Judkins Carroll Keen Harriet M. Lemann Rosemarie E. Mandot Universitate ' 36 lONE Z. Mayer ' 38 ' 38 Marjorie J. McBride ' 39 ' 36 Margaret T. McKenzie ' 38 ' 39 Rita E. Moore ' 39 ' 38 Lulie T. Nabors ,. ' 39 ' 37 Nena N. Pelias ' 37 ' 38 Anna M. Ricks ' 37 ' 36 Jeanette Rusovich ' 39 ' 36 Berkeley G. Ryan ' 38 ' 38 Juliette LaR. Stancliff ' 39 ' 35 Mary Jane Stout ' 39 ' 37 ROSALYND S. TaBB ' 36 ' 39 Dorothea R. Thornton ' 38 ' 39 Joyce P. Tillery ' 36 ' 37 Dorothy M. Van Lue ' 39 ' 39 Shirley Walther ' 37 Allen, Cornay, Crichlow, Davenport. DoJd, Eldredge, I-rew, Frick Hall, Ivey, Keen, Lemann, Mandor, Mayer, McKenzie, Moore Nabors, Pelias, Rusovich, Stancliff, Stout, Thornton, Tillery, Van Lue, Walther Pag e 218 • • • • • 1 1 1 ■ 1 1 ( 1 1 • • 1 Colors: Green and Gold Flower: Yellow Tea Rose Founded at University of California in 1909 BETA PHI ALPHA TAU CHAPTER Established at Newcomb in 1928 Twenty Active Chapters In Universitate WiLHELMiNA Baciier Med., ' 36 Blanche E. Benson ' 39 Adele S. Bodker ' 36 Georgette G. Brockman ' 37 Marion Carleton ' 37 Doris V. Dillon ' 38 Marcella I. Elsholz ' 39 Jane Haas ' 37 WiLMA M. Hudson ' 36 Alice V. Kiern ' 39 Ursula M. Klein ' 39 Shirley Koelle ' 37 Amelie M. Malochee ' 39 Dorothy D. McCardell ' 36 Shirley Y. Odom ' 37 Corrine O. Ortenbach ' 39 Cenetta Ortenbach ' 37 Marion V. Rice ' 37 Cynthia M. Rosy ' 39 Grace H. Simon ' 38 Marguerite E. Tinker ' 37 Dorothy M. Toppino ' 38 Gladys M. Viosca ' 37 Shirley M. Viosca ' 39 Marguerite A. Wirth ' 36 Bacher, Benson. Bodker. Brockman. Carleton. Dillon, Elsholz Haas, Klein, Koelle, McCardell, Odom, Rice Roby, Simon, Tinker. Toppino, Viosca, G., Viosca, S., Wirth Page 219 • 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Colors: Ruby and Pink Flovers: Richmond and Killarncy Roses Founded at Unirersity of Missouri in 1888 BETA SIGMA OMICRON ALPHA SIGMA CHAPTER Established at Newcornb in 1929 Twenty-two Active Chapters In Universitate Sara E. Booth ' 38 Flora Burton ' 37 Lorraine H. Chalona ' 39 Lucille Comes ' 37 Carmen J. Corbera ' 37 Sophie M. Cox ' i Frankie M. Davis ' 36 Bernice M. Dippacher ■. . . ' 38 Francis C. Drake ' i Tulia Fay Edmondson ' 39 Margaret A. Follette ' 39 Eloise M. Generes ' 38 Frances C. Gomila . . . Jean Griffith May Lee Kinberger . . . Roma H. de Lucas . . . . Francisca M. Negueloua Betty J. Pearce . . . . Julia M. Peytral . . . . Adley L. Schweinfurth , Mary W. Shaw . . . . Gladys A. Thiberge . . . Yvonne D. Thouron . . Elizabeth J. S. Walters ' 36 ' 39 ' 37 ■36 ' 37 ' 38 ' 39 ' 39 ' 38 ' 39 ' 39 ' 38 Booth, Burton, Chalona, Comes, Corbera Davis, de Lucas, Drake, Edmondson. Follette, Griffith Kinberger, Negueloua, Pearce, Thiberge, Thouron Page 220 I I Colors: King Blue and Gold Flower: American Beauty Rose Founded at Hunter College in J9I3 PHI SIGMA SIGMA PSI CHAPTER Established at Newconib in 1934 Nineteen Active Chapters In Universitate Lillian Aronson ' 36 Ruby Cohen ' 39 Rose Devensky ' 36 LiBBY R. Elson ' 39 Clara O. Freeman ' 3 Ruth Leah Goldman • ■ ■ ' 39 Evelyn Katz ' 37 Bernice L. Marks ' 39 Edith Pailet ' 37 Mildred Palter ' 3 Paula E. Rubin ' 36 Frances Schneid ' 39 Bertha N. Wexler Med., ' 37 Elise R. Yarrut ' 38 Aronson, Cohen, Devensky, Elson, Freeman, Goldman Katz, Pailet, Palter, Rubin, Schneid, Wexler, Yarrut Page 221 tcte i I e e ( ' t t f MEDICAL PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL Orgaiii A-il ill Ai)ril, 192,;, for the purpose of sc-ciiriiig coojicratioii amoiifi the several fraternities and iireserviiif;; standards of menibersliip. Officers J. Ross Shipp Presidenl B. Bi-RNARD WruNSTEiN Vice-I ' rcsidetit Richard W. Vincent Sccrelary Samuel H. Haigler, Jr Treasurer Robert N. Hesser ' Reporter Representatives Alpha Epsilon Iota Wii.iiEt.MiNA C. Backer Alpha Kappa Kappa Richard W. Vincent Robert N. Hesser Nu Sigma Nu Laurie J. Arnold, Jr. Frank O. McGehee Phi Chi W. Emmett Crumpler, Jr. Robert C. Kelleher Phi Delta Epsilon Paul L. Marks Irvin Cahen Phi Lambda Kappa B. Bernard Weinstein Leon J. Taubenhaus Phi Rho Sigma Gustavus W. Thomasson, Jr. Mervin E. Faiter Thc ' ta Kappa Psi J. Ross Shipp William H. Williams, Jr. Arnold, Bacher, Cjheti, Grumpier, Fatter Haigler, Hesser, Kelleher, Marks, McGehee, Shipp Thomasson, Taubenhaus, Vincent, Weinstein, Williams Page 223 Eastern, Founded at University of Vermont in 1889; Southern, Louisville Medical College, 1894; Consolidated. March 3. 1905. (Professional Medical Fraternity) Dr. Norm.w E. Applexvuite Dr. George E. P. Barnes Dr. Ch. ri.es C. B.ass Dr. George S. Bel, Emeritus Dr. Cn.iRLES D. Ehlert Dr. Edmond L. F. ust Dr, Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. PHI CHI OMICRON CHAPTER Established 1902; Pi Mu merged September 30, 1922 Fratres in F.ACULTATE E. D. Fen.ver, Emrrittis Dr. S. Chaii.le Jamison Frederick L. Fenno Andrew V. Friedrichs Idvs M. Gage John T. Halsey William H. Harris Joseph Hume, Emeritus Dr. John A. Lanford D,R. Edwin H. Lawson Dr. George K. Logan Dr. Howard R. Mahorner Dr. Leon J. Menville Dr. Charles J. Miller Dr. William N. Offutt, HI Dr. Arthur N. Owens Dr. Rawlev M. Penick, Jr. Dr. E. Perry Thomas Dr. Roy H. Turner Dr. Willard R. Wirth John P. Adams Joseph D. Anderson . . . James H. Armstrong . . Henry E. Askin .... Jack D. Brownfield . . . Arthur J. Butt, Jr. . . . Paul S. Causey .... Samuel C. Collins . . . French H. Cr.ujdock, Jr. . Jack A. Crittenden . . . Frank H. Crowell . . . Taylor W. Crowley . . . Luther P. Crull .... W. Emmett Crumpler, Jr. J. Douglas Dickson . . . Joseph W. Douglas . . . Horace B. Dozier . . Everett T. Duncan . . . William E. Ehlert . . . John P. Fatherree . . . Chester A. Fort, Jr. . . Shelley R. Gaines . . A. Dillon Garner . . . Ivan W. Gessler .... Thomas A. Glass, Jr. . . Fr.atres in Universitate ' 38 J. Oliver Gooch ' 39 ' 36 Joseph P. Griffon ' 38 ' 37 Gordon M. Hankins ' 36 ' 36 S. Wright Hawkins . . . . ' 37 ' 37 Hugh H. Hawley, Jr ' 39 ' 39 Hiliary H. Henderson, Jr. . . ' 38 ' 36 Robert S. Higdon ' 37 ' 36 Jesse R. Hichtower ' 36 ' 39 Verner S. Holmes ' 36 ' 36 Orval N. Hooker ' 39 ' 39 John C. Hope, Jr ' 39 ' 37 Richard L. Hubbard ' 39 ' 39 John M. Johnson, Jr ' 36 ' 36 Frank J. Jones ' 38 ' 38 Jack R. Jones " . ' 38 ' 38 Robert C. Kelleher ' 37 ' 39 Albert P. Kimball ' 36 ' 37 Robert L. Knolle ' 37 ' 38 Thomas H. Lambert ' 37 ' 39 Howard A. Lovejoy, Jr. . . . ' 39 ' 36 R. Wilson McComas ' 37 ' 36 Thomas F. McDonnell . . . ' 39 ' 38 James D. Manget, Jr ' 37 ' 38 George H. Martin ' 39 ' 37 Joseph D. Martin, Jr. . . . ' 39 J. Lloyd Massey . . Jules S. Motty, Jr. John A. Murfee . Ransom A. Nockton, Jr. Albert Owers ... Julian G. Parker . . James L. Pickens . . Ernest H. Planck, Jr William W. Pugh, Jr Herman C. Quantz . W. Spears Randall, Jr J. Edward Sams . . Roy J. St. Martin Thomas L. Shinnick, Jr, Gerald S. Smith . William B. Smith William C. Smith Joe D. Talbot . . Thomas B. Tooke, Jr. . William F. Thomas, Jr, Samuel B. Thompson . Philip M. Tiller, Jr. . William W. Watkins . Gustave F. Weber . . JosEPFi C. Wilson . . . Anderson, Armstrong, Askin, Brownfield, Butt, Causey, Collins, Craddock, Crittenden, Crowell, Crowley, Crumpler Fatherree. Fort. Gaines. Garner, Glass. Griffon, Hankins, Hawkins, Hawley. Higdon. Hightower Hooker, Hubbard, Johnson, Jones, F., Kelleher, Kimball, Knolle, Lambert, Lovejoy, Manget, Martin, G.. Martin, J. Massey. McComas, McDonnell. Motty, Murfee, Nockton, Owers, Parker, Pickens, Planck, Quantz, Randall Satns, Smith, G,, Smith, W.B., Smith, W.C., St. Martin, Talbot, Thomas, Thompson, Tiller, Tooke, Watkins, Weber ' 36 ' 39 ' 38 ' 38 ' 36 ' 39 ' 37 ' 37 ' 38 ' 37 ' 37 ' 37 ' 36 ' 38 ' 36 ' 36 ' 39 ' 38 ' 36 ' 37 ' 39 ' 39 ' 37 ' 36 ' 39 wmmm Page 224 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I t Founded at Dartmoutli College In 1888 (Professional Medical Fraternity) ALPHA KAPPA KAPPA ALPHA BETA CHAPTER Established 1903 Dr. Oscar W. Bethea Dr. William P. 13radburn, Jr. Dr. Joseph E. Brierre Dr. Donovan C. Browne Dr. Tames C. Cole FrATRES in r, CULT, TE Dr. Conrad G. Collins Dr. John L. Davis Dr. Hermann B. Gessner Dr. Charles S. Holbrook Dr. Edward L. King Dr. Ernest S. Lewis, Emeritus Dr. Abraham L. Mi-rz, Emirilus Dr. Mokeli, W. Miller Dr. Emile F. Naef ]5r. Wilbur C. Smith Dr. Paul T. Talbot George S. Allen ' 36 John P. Buckley ' 38 Ernest N. Carmouche . . . . ' 38 J. Massey Cobb ' 38 Louie P. Coleman ' 37 Clyde C. Colvin, Jr ' 39 Alfred P. Crain, Jr ' 39 Thomas H. Crouch ' 39 Lewis M. Dawson ' 36 Robert C. Day ' 37 James H. Eddy, Jr ' 38 Woodward E. Farmer . . . . ' 39 James F. Gavin ' 39 F. Scott Glover, III ' 38 Louis F. Hamilton ' 38 Edward M. Harrell . . . . ' 39 Jesse D. Harris ' 39 Robert N. Hesser ' 37 Phillip W. Horn ' 38 Fratres in Universitate Paul M. Huddleston . . . . ' 36 Lemuel P. James, Jr ' 38 John H. Keller . ' ' 39 William T. Kelley ' 39 Roger S. Knapp ' 37 Roy T. Lester ' 39 Edward L. Levert ' 37 Lawrence C. Lewis, Jr. . . . ' 38 Emile Maltry, Jr ' 37 George S. Mason ' 39 Jack H. Mayfield ' 38 Wilbur E. Meneray ' 37 Philip M. Milburn ' 39 Cart, F. Moore, Jr ' 36 Ezra B. Perry ' 38 Oran V. Prejean ' 37 J. Truman Reeves ' 37 H. Guy Riche, Jr ' 39 W. Tryon Robinson ' 39 Joseph A. Sabatier, Jr. ' 38 Clarence L Shult .... ■38 Henry R. Slaton, Jr. . ' S9 Robert J. St.-vrkey . . ' 39 Glenn Q. Street, Jr. . ' 8 Louis J. Supple . . ' 18 Naugle K. Thomas . . ' 16 Orville C. Thomas . . ' 39 Samuel P. Todaro . . ' 38 Luther M. Vaughan . ' 16 Edward R. Villemez . . ' S9 Richard W. Vincent . ' 6 Albert L. Ward . . . ' 36 William S. Warren . . ' 6 Joseph W. Weaver . . ' 17 Edward T. White, Jr. . ' 38 Henry C. White, Jr. . ' S9 Lawrence M. Williamson . ' 18 Cyril T. Yancey . . . ' 39 Allen, Coleman, Colvin, Crain, Crouch. Dawson, Day, Farmer, Gavin, Hamilton Harrell, Hesser, Horn, Huddleston, Kelley, Lester, Levert, Maltry, Mason Milburn. Piejean. Reeves, Riche. Robinson, Sabatier. Shult, Slaton, Street, Supple Thomas, N., Thomas. O.. Vaughan, Vincent, Ward, Warren, Weaver, White, H., Villemez • t 1 1 1 Page 1 225 1 1 1 1 1 • Founded at Medical College of Virginia in 1S79 (Professional Medical Fraternity) Dr. Robert Hkrmiard Dr. Ch.ari.es L. Browk Dr. Eari. Z. Browne Dr. Wiley R. Buffikgton " Dr. V. W. BurrERWORTH, Emeritus Dr. Wiley A. Dial Dr. Willum H. Gillentine THETA KAPPA PSI PI CHAPTER Established 1908 Fr.atres jn F.aclltatf, Dr. Foster M. Johns Dr. Charles A. Jones Dr. Frank J. Kinberger Dr. Paul G. Lacrolx Dr. Paul A. McIlhennv Dr. Henry " E. Menace, Emeritus Dr. William H. Perkins Fr.atres in Uni ' ersit. te Dr. Joseph W. Reddoch Dr. Adrian F. Reed Mr. Joseph T. Roberts Dr. Howard H. Russell Dr. John T. Sanders Dr. William H. Seeman Dr. Thomas B. Sellers Thomas A. Baines ' 36 Rhett G. Barnes ' 38 Charles A. Baumhauer . . . ' 38 Leo W. Benson ' 36 James R. Blair, Jr ' 38 Lemann H. Bounds ' 37 James W. Brantley .... ' 37 Clarence L. Brook ' 38 Sumner W. Brown ' 37 Thom.as a. Bunkley . . . . ' 39 Dannie H. Byram ' 36 Robert J. Cardwell ' 37 Robert N. Caylor ' 38 James A. Chustz ' 37 Francis C. Coleman ' 39 W. Holmes Cook ' 38 Beamon S. Cooley, Jr ' 39 Wright W. Diamond, Jr. . . . ' 39 Charles J. Donald, Jr ' 36 Henry C. Dorris ' 38 Charles F. Dorsey ' 39 William P. Downey ' 39 Richard L. Etter ' 39 Darwin L. Fielder ' 38 Martin L. Flynt, Jr ' 36 James R. Godfrey ' 36 Duncan B. Graham ' 37 Jack B. Griffin ' 37 . J. Vardaman Gwin ' 36 Elliott B. Hay " ' 39 John W. Henrickson . . . . ' 39 George K. Henshall, Jr. . . . ' 38 Edwin J. Herpich ' 36 David P. Hightower . . . . ' 37 Merrell O. Hines ' 36 James H. Hollimon . . . . ' 36 Russell D. Holt ' 36 William M. Howdon . . . . ' 36 James M. Howell ' 38 James R. Hyslop ' 38 Frank R. Kinberger ' 39 Samuel W. James ' 38 Trois E. Johnson ' 37 Warren C. Jones ' 38 Collins P. Lipscomb ' 38 GwYNNE H. Little ' 37 Lamar E. Little ' 39 Roy E. Moon ' 39 W. Bruce Nelson ' 37 Cleveland H. Pardue, Jr. . . ' 38 Paul H. Parker ' 37 Van S. Parmley . . . Julius A. Pennington . Edward J. Peterson . . Byron E. Pollock . . C. Julian Ragan . . H. LeRoy Richards . . Frederick L. Risher . . James A. Roberts, Jr. . John C. Roberts, Jr. . . George E. Rohrer, Jr. . Jackson T. Scull . . Richard E. Selser . . . J. Ross Shipp .... Crysup Sory .... James A. Sproles, Jr. . Bernard D. Stack . . Douglas R. Swetland . Daniel B. Terry . . . William S. Terry, Jr. . Frank M. Townsend . Robert P. Vincent . . WiLLARD L. WalDRON . Edwin H. West . . . William H. Williams, Jr. John J. Young 39 •39 ' 39 ' 36 ' 38 ' 39 •36 ' 38 ' 37 ' 37 ' 38 ' 36 ' 36 . ' 38 ' 36 ' 38 ' 37 ' 39 ' 36 ■38 ' 36 ' 36 ' 37 ' 37 ' 36 Baines, Barnes, Baumhauer, Benson, Blair, Bounds, Brantley, Brooks, Brown, Bunkley, Byram, Cardwell, Caylor, Chustz Coleman, Cook. Cooley, Diamond, Donald, Dorris, Dorsey, Etter. Fielder, Flynt, Godfrey, Gwin, Hay, Henshall Henrickson, Herpich, Hightower, Hines, Hollimon, Holt, Howdon, Howell, Hyslop, James, Johnson. Jones, Kinberger, Lipscomb Little, G., Little, L., Moon, Nelson, Pardue, Parker, Parmley, Pennington. Peterson, Pollock, Ragan, Richards, Risher. Roberts, J. A. Selser, Shipp, Sory, Sproles, Stack, Swetland, Terry, D., Terry, W., Townsend, Vincent, Waldron, West, Williams, Young €i 6Q©C)©©0 )@8©@© Page 226 Founded at University of Michigan in 1882 ( Professiftntil Medical i- ' raternity ) NU SIGMA NU BETA IOTA CHAPTER Established 19 0 Dr. John J. Archinard Dr. Charles J. Bloom Dr. Edgar Burns Dr. Octave C. Cassegrain Dr. John S. Couret Col. Chas. F. Craig Dr, Charles W. Duval Fr.atres in Facultate Dr. Charles L. Eshi.eman Dr. E. W. Alton Ochs.n.er Dr. Irving Harijestv, Emcrilus Dr. T. Hillman Ompiiant Dr. George L. Hardin Dr. Albert B. Pitkin Dr. Clement R. Jones, Jr. Dk. John G. Pratt Dr. Philip H. Jones, Jr. Dr. Ambrose H. Storck Dr. George D. Lilly Dr. Martin T. Van Studuii-ord Dr. Rudolph Matas, Emnilus Dr. E. Garland Walls Fratres in Universitate Charles E. Anderson, Jr. . . ' 7 Laurie J. Arnold, Jr. . . . ' 37 Samuel C. Atkinson .... ' S9 Robert C. Bateman .... ' 39 J. Hardee Bethea ' 38 Jackson L. Bosi wick .... ' 39 Bradley C. Brownson . . . ' 37 Lawrence W. Burt .... ' 36 William H. Byrne .... ' 36 Irwin T. Craig ' 37 Verner J. Donnelly .... ' 36 P. Carl Graffacnino . . . ' 39 Ralph G. Greenlee .... ' 38 W. BURFORD Hahn .... ' 38 E. Perrin Harris ' 37 B. Marvin Harvard, Jr. . . ' 39 C. Mallory Harwell . . . ' 38 Marlin B. Hooe ' 39 R. Gordon Holcombe, Jr. . ' 37 John A. Holmes ' 38 Joseph V. Hopkins, Jr. . . ' 39 Charles R. Hume . . Thomas M. Irwin . . William L. Jennings . . John D. Jerabeck . . Carrol A. Johnson, Jr. . L. Haden Kirkp.atrick . . J. Weldon Lamb .... WooDROW M. Lamb . . . George V. Launey, Jr. . . Arthur N. Lew ' is, Jr. . . Robert C. Lynch, II . . . Charles S. McCall, Jr. . William C. McCurdy, Jr. . Frank O. McGehee . . . G. Gordon McHardy, III . Alexander M. Manson . . Edward de S. Matthews . Walter B. Meyer . . Marshall L. Michel, Jr. . Richard E. C. Miller . . Joseph M. Montagnet, Jr. ' 36 William H. Moorhead ' 36 Howard A. Nelson . . ' 36 Hugh E. Parsons ' 38 McLeod Patterson . ' 36 Roland F. Phillips . ' 39 M. Reeves Pope . . ' 38 Sam M. Powell, Jr. . ' 38 Paul A. Richter . . ' 38 Joseph P. Riley, Jr. . ' 36 Llewelyn D. Roberts . ' 38 E. Bryce Robinson, Jr. ' 39 John C. Russel, Jr. . . ' 36 Harley- C. Shands . . ' 38 Walter H. Si.mmons, Jr. ' 36 William W. Trice, Jr. . ' 37 Norton W. Voorhies . ' 36 Russell B. W.atson . . ' 36 John C. Weed .... ' 37 Raleigh R. White, III . ' 38 Howard S. Williams, Jr ' 39 Lynn Zarr Anderson, Arnold, Bethea, Burt, Byrne, Craig, Donnelly, Graffagnino, Harvard, Hoge Holcombe, Hopkins, Hume, Irwin, Jennings, Jerabeck, Johnson, Launey, Lewis Lynch, Manson, Matthews, Meyer, McCurdy, McGehee, McHardy, Michel, Montagnet, Moorhead Parsons, Robinson. Russel, Simmons, Voorhies, Weed, White, Williams ' 38 ' 37 ' 36 ' 39 ' 38 ' 37 ' 38 ' 37 ' 33 ' 38 ' 36 ' 3 ' ; ' 39 ' 37 ' 39 ' 36 ' 38 ' 36 ' 39 ' 36 ' 38 €i SiiQy j e 1 1 1 1 Pag 1 e227 ( 1 1 1 • Founded at Northncslern Medical School in 1890 (Professional Medical Fraternity) -IfHi PHI RHO SIGMA DELTA OMICRON ALPHA CHAPTER Established 1918 Fratres in Facultate Dr. Sidney W. Bliss Dr. Vincent J. DeP. Derbes Dr. John B. Gooch Dr. John R. Hume Dr. Lloyd J. Kuhn Dr. Anees Moc.abcab Dr. Robert A. Strong Dr. WiLLi.iM A. Wagner Julius W. Davenport, Jr. Hugo T. Engelhardt . . Esmond A. Fatter . . . Mervin E. Fatter . . Frank L. Faust, Jr. . . . Burton E. Field .... Stanley C. Fitzpatrick . William E. Frantz . . . Robert L. Gleason . . . Samuel H. Haigler, Jr. . Joseph R. Harris, Jr. . . Reuben A. Zarrilli Fratres in Universitate . . . . ' 39 Norman D. Hines .... . . . . ' 37 Elmer E. W. Kramer . . . . . . . ' 39 Jacques A. Magne .... . . . . ' 38 Harold E. Ratcliffe . . . . . . ' 39 Frederick L. Reuter .... . . . . ' 37 Clovis H. Robinson .... . . . . ' 39 John C. Suares . . . . ' 37 W. Ray Swango . . . . ' 38 GusTAVus W. Thomasson, Jr. . . . . ' 37 Charles E. Tucker .... . . . . ' 38 Edwin W. Tucker .... ' 39 ' 36 ' 38 ' 38 ' 39 ' 39 ' 37 ■37 ' 37 ' 36 •39 ' 36 Davenport, Engelhardt, Fatter, E., Fatter, M., Faust, Field Fitzpatrick, Frantz, Haigler, Hines, Kramer Magne, Suares, Thomasson, Tucker » 1 1 1 i Page 1 228 1 ( 1 1 1 • Founded at Cornell University in 1904 (Professional Medical I ' raternily) PHI DELTA EPSILON ALPHA IOTA CHAPTER Eslablished iyi8 Dr. Emile Block Dr. Isidore Cohn Dr. Manuel Gardberc Fratres in Facult.xte Dr. Julian Graubarth Dr. Harry Meyer Dr. Louis Ochs, Jr. Dr. Daniel N. Silverman Dr. Sidney K. Simon Dr. Herbert L. Weinberger Fratres in Universitate S. Ralph Abramson ' 39 Hartwig M. Adler ' 39 Irvin Cahen ' 37 Ralph Friedman ' 36 Allan M. Goldman ' 38 Sanders A. Goodman ' 38 Louis K. Levy, Jr ' 37 Paul L. Marks ' 36 Benjamin J. Phillips ' 39 Raymond S. Schear ' 39 Melvin D. Steiner ' 36 Nathan Weil, Jr ' 37 Abramson, Adler, Cahen, Friedman, Goldman, Goodman Levy, Marks, Phillips, Schear, Steiner, Weil Page 229 I Founded in Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1SS9 ( Professional Medical Fraternity for Women) ALPHA EPSILON IOTA MU CHAPTER Established 1919 Sororcs in Facultate Marie B. Dees-Mattingly, M.D. Audrey U. Heixtz, ?.I.D. Ina M. Harper, M.D. Maud Loeber, M.D. Marie L. M. Pareti, M.D. Sororcs in Univcrsitatc Wilhelmina C. Backer . ' 36 Emmerson C. Chiasson ' 36 Mary P. Chiasson ' 36 Prances E. Evans ' 38 Bertha M. Le ' 38 Bertha N. Wexler ' 37 Bacher, Chiasson, E., Chiasson, M., Wexler Page 230 Founded at University of Pennsylvania in 1907 (Professional Medical Fraternity) PHI LAMBDA KAPPA PSI CHAPTER Establisheil 1926 Dr. Sydney Jacobs Fratres in Facultate Dr. Walter E. Levy Dr. Isidore L. Robbins Fratres in Universitate Irving Baer ' 38 Murray A. Diamond ' 36 Emanuel Feldman ' 38 Wilfred Finkei.stein ' ' 38 Bernard A. Goldman ' 38 Nathan Goldstein ' 37 Samuel S. Klein ' ' 39 Leonard I. Lesser ' 39 Nathan Resnick ' 39 Joseph Stamm ' 37 Morton M. Stern ' 39 Leon J. Taubenhaus ' 37 Walter C. Tuman ' 37 Seymour H. Wasserman ' 33 B. Bernard Weinstein ' 37 Benedict Weinstein ' 36 Diamond, Feldman, Finkelstein, Goldman, Goldstein Baer, Lesser, Scamm, Taubenhaus, Weins tein. B. Page 231 Founded at Utiiversily of Michigan in 1869 (International Legal Fraternity) PHI DELTA PHI WHITE INN Established at Tulaiie in 1911 Samuel Wood Brown-, Jr. Robert J. Farley RuFUS Edward Foster, Emcritu: Fratres in Facultate RuFus Carrollton Harris George Janvier Sumter Davis Marks, Jr. Eugene Augustus Nabors Walter Joseph Suthon, Jr. Delvaille Henry Theard Fratres in Universitate Elwood Roger Clay ' 37 William James Craig, Jr ' 36 James Henry Drury ' 36 Charles F. L. Ducander, Jr ' 37 Joseph Heston Duval ' 37 Edward James Gay " , Jr ' 36 Irving Hardesty, Jr ' 37 Desmond Douglas Howard • • ' 37 Jack Edward Hurley ' 36 Edward Shannon Livaudais ' 37 Louis Herman Marrero, Jr ' 37 Edward Thurston Weeks, Charles Donald Marshall . . Fontaine Martin, Jr John Albert O ' Connor, Jr. . . Ashton Phelps Guthrie Henry Pierson, Jr. . , Keith McBride Pyburn . . . Sylvanus Gordon Reese . . . Rudolph Joseph Schulze, Jr. Edward Frank Stauss, Jr. . . . Otis Baker Trepacnier . . . . Arthur Joseph Waechter, Jr. Jr ' 37 ' 37 ' 36 ' 36 ' 37 ' 37 ' 36 - ' 36 ' 36 ' 37 ' 37 ' 36 Founded to promote a higher standard of professional ethics and culture in law schools and in the profession at large. Clay, Craig, Drury, Ducander, Duval, Gay, Hardesty Howard, Hurley, Livaudais, Marrero, Marshall, Martin, O ' Connor Phelps, Pierson, Pyburn, Schulze, Stauss. Waechter Page 232 • • • 1 • 1 Founded at University of Wisconsin in 1902 ( I ' rtffessionai (chemical i ' raternity ) ALPHA CHI SIGMA ALPHA TAU CHAPTER Established 1928 Mr. Charles B. Dicks, Jr. Dr. Raymond Freas Fratrrs jn Facultate Dr. Arthur O. Kastler Prof. Hai, W. Moselev Dr. E. Fred Poi.lard Prof. Charles S. Whj.iamso.v, Jr. Vardie R. Delk Neil G. McMahon Fratres in Universitate Graduate Studejits Frank C. Magne John W. Steedlv Fabian P. Wiederecht U ndergraduate Students Walter G. Allee, Jr ' 36 Ernest W. Beck, Jr ' 36 Allan W. Betz ' 37 Leo E. Broders ' 37 August J. J. Brodtmann, Jr ' 36 Charles A. Burton ' 36 Lawrence J. Fabacher ' 37 Charles T. Frey ' 37 George P. Hinds, Jr ' 38 Edward J. Jones, Jr ' 37 Allan Little, Jr Law, ' 38 William M. Payne ' 38 George C. Perry ' 37 John A. Thomas, Jr ' 36 Milton F. Williams, Jr ' 37 Reuben Zarrilli Med., ' 39 Araguel, Allee, Wiederecht, Broders, Brodtmann, Betz, Frey Williams, Jones, Steedly, Beck, Pollard, Delk, Williamson Fabacher, Freas, Moseley, Payne, Hinds, McMahon, Magne • ' 1 1 1 Page ( 233 1 1 1 ( 1 1 TH ETA N U Honorary Journalism Fraternity Founded at Tulane in 1926 Officers E. G. Baker Marsh President Thilo L. J. VON KuRNATOW ' SKi Vice-President Joyce P. Tillery Secretary Joseph A. Lucia Treasurer George E. Simmons Faculty Adviser Georgette G. Brockman Earl C. Coulon Katharine C. Daly Walter W. Gallinghouse Elaine S. Ivey Thilo L. J. von Kurnatowski Joseph A. Lucia Members E. G. Baker Marsh John A. Owens William C. Petersen Joan Pressburg J. Raymond Samuel Elizabeth A. Scales Donald F. Schultz John W. Sims Howard K. Smith, James L. Ticner Joyce P. Tillery Gladys M. Viosca Frances E. Wolf ■W. Waller Young, Jr. Jr. Honorary Members James E. Crown Glenoy Cullican Dorothy Dix (Mrs. Elizabeth M. Gilmer) L. K. Nicholson Theta Nu recognizes scholarship in journalism classes and proficiency in campus reporting. It promotes fraternal relations between the student journalist and newspaperman. Brockman, Coulon, Gallinghouse, Ivey, Lucia, Mar h Owens, Petersen, Pressburg, Scales, Schultz, Sims Smith, Tillerv, Viosca, von Kurnatowski, Wolf, Young ©©0C)fe PagE 234 a • • i • I 1 GARGOYLE Ildiiorary Arcliilecliiral Fratcriiily Founded at Cornell University in 1902 Installed at Tulane in 1927 Fratres in Facultate Nathaniel C. Curtis Arthur H. Levy SoLis Shifkrth John H. Thomson Frater in Universitate Andrew Hoover Charles Andry Charles Armstrong E. H. Christy H. G. Crowley C. Hermon Dean Collins Diboll, Jr. Herndon M. Fair W. A. Follansbee D. V. Freret E. F. FUHRMANN, Jr. David C. E. Geier R. F. Gelpi Harry Haas, Jr. Alumni Harold Haller H. Tardy Hart Newton R. Howard R. Cary Jones Walter C. Keenan H Jacob Kessels O. C. Kottemann Gerhard T. Kramer F. M. Labouisse LoRis K. Levy Raoul Livaudais Simon Mansberg r. c. murrell Edward Neild, Jr. Ulisse M. Nolan Allison Owen, Jr. Herbert Parker DaRRELL J. PiSCHOFF 1. William Ricciuti Magill Smith W. P. Spratung A. Hays Town Horace C. Welman Mackey W. White Jack F. Wilson Samuel Wilson, Jr. L. Lavelle Wright ANDREW hoover Page 235 Frederick Hard, Pn-sidcnl PHI BETA KAPPA Fcuiiiilcd at WillKini aiul Mary CtiUegi ' in 1776 ALPHA CHAPTER OF LOUISIANA Organized in 1909 Officers Harold N. Lee, J ' icc-Presidcnl Elections 1934 From the Faculty Herman Clarence Nixon Susan D. Tew, Sccrelaiy-Trrasiirer From the Class of 1934 Edgar Allan Aime Marion Mattes Butler Murray French Cleveland Robert Eugene Friedman Inez Mever Green Louise Hirsch Elizabeth Isabel Jones Edwin Albert Leland, Jr. Emma Roos Lemann Marie Alice Lemann Ferdinand Michel Lob Mary Elba Marshall Fontaine Martin, Jr. Elections 1935 Martha Jean Martin Lena Rosalie Marx Elizabeth Kemp Menuet Charlotte Laurence Merot Leonard Nelken Mary Lockett Nelson John Albert O ' Connor, Jr. Alfred Harlan Paddock Mathilda Josephine Richards Andrew Lawrence Romeo Mary Alice Sparkman Mercedes Mary Vulliet Eileen Esther Wolff From the Faculty Lionel Charles Durel From the Class of 1935 Helen Martha Anderson Victor Ernest Deimel, Jr. Zolomon Levin Thomas Hale Bocgs Mary Ethel Dichmann Zula Mae Louise Byrd Cornelius Joseph Everett, Jr. Sarah Esther Cherry Louise Cecile Hoehn Doris Delight Davis Earl Henry Jung James Adair Lyon AsHTON Phelps Marie Celeste Lyons Helen Powell Charles Donald Marshall Edwin Joseph Putzell, Jr. Herman Leo Neugass Orville Hamilton Roberts Richard Michael Page Edith Lucile Smith Margaret Elinor Strange Jane Flowerree Walker Lawrence Lee Zarrilli BETA GAMMA SIGMA " National Hunorary Commerce Fraternity " Founded at University of M ' isconsin and University of Illinois, 1913 ALPHA CHAPTER OF LOUISIANA Installed at Tulane in 1926 Fratres in F.ACULTATE Morton A. Aldrich Robert W. Elsasser F. Santry Reed Jay C. Van Kirk Fratres in Universitate John B. McDaniel, Jr. Miss Rena P. Mitchell J. Richard Reuter, Jr. Raymond L. Thompson F. P. Hacaman Honorary Members E. Davis McCutchon Leon Charles Simon Harold A. Arbo Richard O. Baumbach Carver W. Blanchard Hooper P. Carter Herbert D. Cohen Joseph A. Cohen Lazar I. Cohen Bennie Cohn Henry R. Crais Gayle L. Dalferes George H. Daviau Alumni Gus A. Elgutter Walter J. Fountain Joseph A. Graml J. Walter Heymann Albert E. Holleman Ordvvay Kastler C. Homer Kees Gerald M. Kees Joseph W. Kidd John M. Kinabrew, Jr. Hugh B. Kohlmever Frank Lemann Trevor C. Lewis John J. Lienhard, Jr. Louis L. Lowentritt Jack J. Margolin Lawrence W. Martin Ernest B. M.ason Martin L. Matthews, Jr. Alfred Mercier, Jr. Marvin S. Mingledorff Thomas D. Mingledorff Robert I. Reisfeld A. Leonard Robinett John E. Ryan Edmond a. Salassi Thomas R. Sartor, Jr. Edward R. Sherwood Robert L. Simpson Jules J. Viosca George T. Walne, Jr. Bennie Weiner Frederic A. Youngs I in: Page 236 ORDER OF THE COIF The order of the Coif is the oldest nntional honor k ' Kal society organized for the recognition and advancement of high standards of scholarship in law Eslahlislu ' d at Tuianc in J(jjl J. Blanc Monroe Paul W. Brosman Wood Brown Charles E. Dunbar, Jr. Robert J. Farley Ellis Barnes James G. Bledsoe Edward B. Charbonnet, Jr. C. GiRARD Davidson Edward Dubuisson Robert E. Friedman Honorary Members Esmond Phelp? Joseph VV. Carroll Faculty Members RuFus E. Foster Mitchell Franklin RuFus C. Harris George Janvier Monte M. Lemann Sumter D. Marks, Jr. James J. Morrison Eugene A. Nabors Alumni Members David Geptler Leon S. Haas, Jr. John W. Harretj. Leon D. Hubert, Jr. Nathan ' el B. Knight, Jr. Hubert A. Lafargue Austin W. Lewis Joseph McCloskey, Jr. Bessie Margolin Kalford K. Miazza Clarence J. Morrow A. Dallam O ' Brifn, Jr. John E. Parker L. Julian Samuel Orther C. Mouton Walter J. Suthon, Jr. Dei.vaille H. Theard Rene A. VioscA William W. Westerfield George A. Wilso.v George M. Snellings, Jr. Charles Titche Arthur C. Watson Robert Weinstein John M. Wisdom Morris Wright ALPHA SIGMA EPSILON Honor Fraternity of the College of Engineering Founded at Tulane. April 26, 1933 Douglas Smith Anderson Donald Derickson Charles Barber Dicks, Jr. Malcolm Harold Barnes Albert William Brodtman Charles Laing Ch.wignv Alfred Joseph Cooper, Jr. James Anthony Cronvich Edgar Merlin Dunn Anthony Gilbert Guell Faculty Members Archibald Lee Dunlap William Benjamin Gregory Frederick Hewitt Fox Student Members Horace Hinds, Jr. Bruce Shaw Hopkins James Johnston Howe Alphe George Jarreau Arthur Francis Landry Horatio Nash Ogden Claire William Ricker James Marshall Robert Charles S. Williamson, Jr. John Louis Polizzio Grantley B. S. Ricketts Jack Moody Roehm Leonard Robert Swinxey " Hardoncourt J. Trepagnier Henry Luther Eugene Vix Herbert Madison West, Jr. Page 237 ALPHA OMEGA ALPHA STARS AND BARS CHAPTER (To he nuorl iy to sirve ilic suffering) Iloiiorarv Medical Frnternitv Dr. Chari.es L. Eshleman . Dr. E. W. Altok Ochsner Officers . . President Dr. L. J. Hanckes Secretary-Treasurer Vice-President Dr. Idys M. Gage Counsellor Members Elected From the Class of 1935 Murray Allen Diamond Martin Luther Fly ' nt, Jr. Ralph Friedman Charles R.«mond Hume Paul Lombroso Marks Edward de S. Matthews Byron Edward Pollock Edwin Walter Tucker Charles Richard Walters John Conant Weed We believe in the tenets of abiding truth, vhich is the guiding star of our order. We believe in the helping hand which is the bar which binds us in our calling. We believe in the unity of service to one another which lends to the weary a word of cheer, to the poor a portion of our share, to the weak a meed of pity, to the stricken a voice of comfort, to the old a memory of youth, and to the wayfarer a help along to the journey ' s end. Our emblem will always be an inspiration to duty, remembering it stands for excellence in all things, purity of purpose and honesty of method and effort, with the blessing of an Alma Mater upon each who wears her badge of honor. May our lives lie among the stars which light the way to the great mystery and may we so live that when we reach the end of the road we may find the veil, which parted, leads to the heights of everlasting peace. Sic ad Astra! Diamond, Flynt, Friedman, Hume, Marks Matthews, Pollock, Tucker, Walters, Weed Page 238 OWL CLUB A Jiiiiior-Si ' ni ' .r I lUerjratL ' niUy Honor Society for the Mtdntcntwrc of llitjlier Standards In the Medical School Founded at Tulniic, 1921 Officers Edward di; S. Matthews President W. Emmett Crumpi.cr, Jr Vice-President Thomas B. Tooki;, Jr Secretary Joseph B. Wharton, Jr Treasurer Members Seniors HuBiiRT L. Allen, Jr. Joseph D. Anderson William H. Byrne W. Emmett Crumpler, Jr. Martin L. Flvnt, Jr. Merrell O. Hines Bradley C. Brownson Thomas A. Glass, Jr. Samuel H. Haigler, Jr. Robert N. Hesser Thomas M. Irwin J. Lloyd Massey Edward de S. Matthews Samuel D. Murray Albert Owers E. Bryce Robinson, Jr. Juniors R. Gordon Holcombe, Jr. Thomas H. Lambert Marshall L. Michel, Jr. W. Bruce Nelson Roy J. St. Martin Gustavus W. Thomasson, Jr. Thomas B. Tooke, Jr. Luther M. Vaughan John C. Weed Joseph B. Wharton, Jr. Paul H. Parker M. Reeves Pope Herman C. Quantz Joseph W. Weaver Allen, Anderson, Byine, Clumpier, Flvnt, Glass, Haigler Hesser, Hines, Holcombe, Lambert, Massey, Matthews Michel, Nelson, Owers, Parker, Quantz, Robinson, St. Martin Thomasson, Tooke, Vaughan, Weaver, Weed, Wharton mm Page 239 OMICRON DELTA KAPPA National Honorary Leadership Fraternity Founded at Washington and Lee University in 1914 ALPHA ZETA CIRCLE Established at Tiilane in 1930 Fratres in Facultate Dr. Douglas S. Anderson Dr. Paul VV. Brosman Dr. Daniel S. Elliott Prof. Robert W. Elsasser Dr. Edmond L. Faust Dr. Frederick Hard Dr. John M. McBrvde Dr. Leon J. Menville Mr. Forrest E. Oakes Dr. E. W. Alton Ochsner Prof. F. Santrv Reed T. Hale Boggs Murray F. Cleveland Fratres in Universitate L. T. Kuhner Charles A. Kyle Allan Little, Jr. Edward de S. Matthews John C. Weed Charles C. Bass, Jr. Bradley C. Brownson Members Elected in Sprint of igjs Herman Neugass John A. O ' Connor, Jr. Howard K. Smith, Jr. Honorary Members Elected in Spring of ig3£ Alva P. Frith Esmond Phelps John R. Riley, Jr. George D. Tessier Members Elected in igjd Thomas W. Born Bernard D. Mintz William H. Harris, Jr. Keith M. Pyburn Officers L. T. Kuhner President Charles A. Kyle Secretary T. Hale Boggs Vice-President John A. O ' Connor, Jr Treasurer Bass, Boggs, Cleveland, Kuhner, Kyle Little, Matthews, O ' Connor, Smith, Weed KAPPA DELTA PHI Rstablishcfl ;it ' I ' uhiiii- in I ' jn.y (JlI-JCERS MuKKAv F. Ci.]-:vi;i.ANi) I ' nsident John C. Weed yice-l ' resident LiENiiARi) T. KuiiNiEU Srcre aiy-Trc ' Cisurcr Members Elected l J32 Vernon C. Haynes iQ Buford M. Myers, Jr. Leon D. Hubert, Jr. I i Francis C. Payne Robert L. Menuet yS j Wji.i.iam 1 ' . Penney A. Brown Moore Alciiibers Elected Jgjj Murray F. Cleveland Frederick Hard NoLLiE C. Felts Edmond Le Breton Members Elected 1934 Nolan Kammer John B. McDaniel, Jr. James M. Robert, Jr. Members Elected 1935 Lienhard T. Kuhner Allan Little, Jr. Richard M. Page Edward A. Bechtel Verbon F. Gay John C. Weed Jack F. Wilson C. Julian Bartlett T. Hale Boggs Kendall C. Cram Simon Herold Dr. William L. Duren, Jr. . . . Faculty Counsellor Homer R. Robinson Howard K. Smith, Jr. Dr. Wilbur C. Smith George D. Tessier NoLLiE C. Felts Active Alumnus Kappa Delta Phi is an honorary fratcr7iily for the promotion of Tulanr sfiril. It selects each year from the Junior and Senior classes men who Iiave been conspicuous for school spirit and for distinguished and unselfish loyalty and endeavor during their university careers. Boggs, Clrveland, Kuhner, Little Smith, Tessier, Weed Page 241 PHI PHI Junior-Senior National Fraternity for the Promotion of School Spirit Founded at University of California in 1919 SPHINX OF TULANE Established in 1927 Officers John C. Thorn President Douglas Kelly, Jr Recording Secretary John L. Many, III Vice-President Thomas W. Born Corresponding Secretary J. Richard Reuter, Jr Treasurer E. WooDROvv Blossman Thomas W. Born David E. Cooley T. Vernon Finch Active Members Alton P. Frvmire Bernhardt C. Heebe C. Manly Horion, Jr. Douglas Kelly, Jr. John L. Many, III C. McVea Oliver S. Gordon Reese J. Richard Reuter, John C. Thorn Jr. Charles C. Bass, Jr. T. Hale Boggs Murray F. Cleveland Alumni in Universitate Tom a. Glass, Jr. Irving Hardesty, Jr. B. Marvin Harvard, Jr. Allan Little, Jr. Robert D. Lottinger John A. O ' Connor, Jr. Gustave F. Weber " The purpose of Sphinx of Tulane shall be that of a senior society choosing its members on a basis of character, leadership, mentality and personality, to thus bring together in a feeling of fellowship the ablest and most active thought and leadership in collegiate life at Tulane Uni- versity. " Bass. Blossmm, Boggs, Born, Cleveland. Finch Frymire, Harvard, Heebe, Horton, Kellv Little, Many, O ' Connor, Oliver. Reuter, Thorn Page 242 1 • 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ALPHA ALPHA ALPHA I I ' jiiditiry I ' n-Leg d Fraternity FdiiiuUcI at University of Illinois in 1920 BETA CHAPTER Established at I ' ulane in 1931 W. Waller Young, Jr. Allain deC. Favrot . . Officers . . Higli Chief Justice S. Buckner Chiplev, Jr. . Chancellor of Exchequer . Associate Chief Justice Mervin H. Riseman Justice Reporter John R. Stewart lusiice Bailiff Honorary Member Dr. Rufus C. Harris Faculty Member Dr. Paul W. Brosman Pre-Legal Members Jay C. Altmayer Calvin K. Benedict S. Buckner Chiplev, John S. Devlin Allain deC. Favrot Albert J. Flettrich Cameron B. Gamble Jacob D. GuiCe Jr, William H. Harris, Jr. Charles Janvier Herbert L. Miller William C. Peterson T. Hale Boggs J. Taylor Caffery Ernest A. Carrere, Jr. Murray F. Cleveland Angelo M. D ' Angelo Moise W. Dennery J. Barnwell Phelps Mervin H. Riseman Thomas G. Sancton John W. Sims Howard K. Smith, Jr. Breard Snellings College of Law Members E. E. Edmundson, Jr. Haywood H. Hillyer, Jr. C. Manly Horton, Jr. Richard C. Keenan Benjamin C. King Lienhard T. Kuhner Charles A. Kyle Allan Little, Jr. Charles D. Marshall Frederick W. Miller Bernard D. Mintz John A. O ' Connor, Jr. Benjamin L. Spearma.v Julian L. M. Steinberg John R. Stewart Bascom D. Talley, Jr. Henry L. Trepacnier, Jr. W. Waller Young, Jr. C. McVea Oliver Ashton Phelps Edward B. Poitevent George D. Tessier Otis B. Trepacnier Altmayer, Boggs, Caffery, Carrere. Chipley, Cleveland, D ' Angelo, Dennery, Devlin, Edmundson Favrot, Flettrich, Guice, Harris, Horton, Janvier, Keenan, King, Kuhner. Kyle Little, Marshall, Miller, Mintz. O ' Connor, Oliver, Petersen, Phelps, A., Phclp , B., Poitevent Riseman, Sims, Smith, Snellings, Spearman, Steinberg, Stewart, Talley, Tessier, Trepagnicr, Young Page 243 9 • • • • • 1 1 WHITE ELEPHANTS Frcshinan Society for the Froinotion of School Spirit Founded at Tulaiie, January, 1921 George E. Williams, Jr. TULANE JUNGLE Jutiglc Trunk Louis McK. Jones Jungle Tusk Alpha Tail Omega Jack A. Allison Julian P. Freret W. KoHLMANN Reed Delta Tati Delta D. Hanlin Becker Gordon Boswell, Jr. Neil Him el, Jr. Kappa Alpha MauNSELL J. HiCKEY Peter R. Monrose, Jr. Charles F. Read LITTLE TUSKS Kappa Sigma John D. Garner William G. Irby Edward L. King, Jr. Phi Delta Theta John W. Douglas Louis McK. Jones C. W. Shropshire, Jr. Phi Kappa Sigma W. A. Atkinson, Jr. W. H. DUNSTAN, III J. Frank Richmond Pi Kappa Alpha John L. Gallegly Fred E. LeLaurin, Jr. Philip H. Witherspoon Sigma Chi Claude B. Green, Jr. David B. Singleton George E. Williams, Jr. Sigma Phi Epsilon Nicholas J. Dixon William H. Kirchem Curtis F. Scott, Jr. The White Elephant Cup is an annual award to the student of the preceding year ' s Fresh- man Class adjudged the Best AU-Arcund Freshman by a faculty committee, based on scholarship, athletics, general popularity on the campus, and with regard to campus activities and offices in general. Robinson Miller Upton was the winner of the cup for the session 1934-1935. Allison, Atkinson. Becker, Boswell, Dixon, Douglas, Dunstan Frerec, Gallegly, Green. Hickey, Himel, Irby Jones, King, Kirchem, LeLaurin. Monrose, Read, Reed Richmond, Shropshire, Singleton, Williams, Witherspoon Page 244 THIRTEEN CLUB An Honorary Fi rshiiiiiii I iilrrjriilcrnily i ' jlah jor the I ' urpijse of Pronioliny Cliiss anil Scliool Sfiirit rOuiuk-d at Julniif in 1920 Officers Norman E. Eaves President Thomas B. Payne Vice-I ' resident Artiiuk J. Wallace, Jr Secretary-Treasurer Members Class of ' jQ Harold S. Andry John A. Grehan Stephen C. Munson, Jr. W. Ford Reese Norman E. Eaves Arthur B. Hammond Thomas B. Payne Claude G. Rives, IU Milam H. Gray, Jr. Max M. Morelock George H. Penn, Jr. Arthur J. Wallace, Jr. William W. Westerfield, Jr. Class of ' jS T. B. H. Anderson, Jr. Harry P. Dart W. Halpin Nalty, Jr. J. Barnwell Phelps Royal R. Bastian, Jr. F. Wesley Gleason, Jr. Hugh G. Payne Ernest Roger, III Calvin K. Benedict Edgar F. Gra ves William M. Payne R. Miller Upton S. Hayward Vincent Class of ' 37 John D. Andrews Albert J. Flettrich Robert M. Haynie Hughes Schneidau Erle McK. Barham B. Murray Frost William S. Huey Breard Snellincs Thomas C. Earl Rex Godwin Robert M. Monsted Alfred W. Spiller, Jr. John C. Thorn Class of ' j6 Thomas W. Born Henry H. Haizlip, Jr. William G. Nichols, Jr. Charles G. Smither Philip Burwell John H, Kostmayer Thomas Sloo, Jr. Dolan Tipping Walter H. Claiborne, Jr. Charles H. Moore Howard K. Smith, Jr. Marion Verlander Richard B. Wood, Jr. Eaves, Gray, Grehan, Hammond, Morelock, Munson Payne, Penn, Reese, Rives, Wallace, Westerfield Page 245 BETA DELTA Honorary Art Sorority Founded at Newcomb in 1931 Foiinilcrs Marceli.e Leverich Lucille Livaudais Elizabeth Adams Nanxv Allen AuRELiA Arbo Charter ] Iciiibc Hester Bernadas Clara May Buchanan Katherine Bvrne Amelie Chalaron Lucile Chalaron Alice Mae Ellington MvRA Frederickson Marjorie Haspel Margaret Henriques Betty Keenan Louise Livaudais Xavier Gonzalez Elizabeth B. Raymond Honorary Members Mary G. Sheerer, Emrritus Lota L. Troy Gertrude R. Smith, Emcritm Ellsworth Woodward, Emirilus Anna Jane Dohan Winifred Folse Members Elected From the Class of IQJ2 Katherine Kammer Shirley Teunisson Ethel Ketcham Beverly Walton Betty Briscoe Rose Cosgrove Hester Harrop Helen Harry Genevieve Lykes Members Eleeted From the Class of IQJJ Alice Evans Joy Hearn Lisette Moore Members Elected From the Class of IQJ4 Claudia Harvin Margaret Preston Eugenia Hay Marion Ronsheim Members Elected From the Class of igjs Virginia Marsh Evelyn Poiter Members Elected From the Class of 1936 AiLEEN M. Hall Virginia L. Worthington Polly W. West Constance E. Wyatt The purpose of Beta Delta is to promote interest in art and to recognize artistic ability. Each year those Junior Art students who have been sincere and out- standing in art work are elected to membership. West, Worthington, Wyatt Page 246 1 1 ( 1 1 1 ALPHA SIGMA SIGMA Senior flonortiry brntcrnity In Facultate Mildred G. Christian Adele M. Drouet Student Members Anita H. Abes Cecile M. Kahn Glendy Culligan Helen J. Michel Janice R. Torre Alpha Sigma Sigma is the honorary Senior fraternity, organized at Newcomb in 1916 to promote interest in college and class activities. Each year those Juniors who throughout their college career have done the most loyal, effective and unselfish work for their college and their class are elected to membership. Abes, Culligan, Torre Kahn, Michel Page 247 ni ' iatlond ' ' 1 ( 1 1 1 1 ) 1 1 Andres, Baikin, Becker. Bell, Blair. Blum, Brohfin, Chumlcy, Cohen, Cole. Dart. A. Dart, H., Doswell, Finkelstein, Fry, Guice. Hall, Jacobs. Kupperman, Marmelzat. Marshall, Meyers Moore, Newlin, Forth, Oliver, S., Oppenheim, Oswald, Parrish, Pradel, Riseman, Schultz, D., Schupp Seiferth, Smith, W., Solomon, Steeg, Steinberg, Siitherlin, Talley, Wiener, Wright, Young THE GLENDY BURKE LITERARY AND DEBATING SOCIETY Officers Bascom D. Talley, Jr Speaker Charles D. Marshall Vice-Speaker Mervin H. Riseman Secretary Robert U. Blum Censor Gerson Finkelstein Scrgeant-at-Arms Dr. Charles I. Silin . R. Freeland Cauley Historian WiLFORD M. Smith . Delegate to Oratorical and Debating Council Abe B. Kupperman . Delegate to Oratorical and Debating Council . . . . Faculty Critic Members State Represented R. Freeland Cauley . . Alabama John M. Blair Arizona Lewis C. Parrish . . . Arkansas Gerson Finkelstein . . California Guy Cheng Colorado Julian Wiener . . . Connecticut Shelby H. Moore . . . Delaware Floyd W. Newlin .... Florida Menard Doswell .... Georgia Bascom D. Talley, Jr. . . Idaho Alfred L. Solomon . . . Illinois James P. Andres .... Indiana Julian L. M. Steinberg . . Iowa Hugh M. Wilkinson . . . Kansas D. Hanlin Becker . . . Kentucky Me. State Represented Joseph C. Mey-ers, Jr. . Louisiana W. Waller Young, Jr. . . Maine Harry P. Dart, III . . Maryland Alfred M. Porth . . Massachusetts Mervin H. Riseman . . Michigan Jack A. Sutherlin . . Minnesota Jacob D. Guice . . . Mississippi Leon A. Pradel .... Missouri Richard C. P. Slither . Montana Sidney Wright .... Nebraska G. S. Young, Jr. . New Hampshire Gilbert Balkin . . . New Jersey Leonard Oppenheim . New Mexico Fred Bronfin .... New York John A. Schupp . . North Carolina Sam J. Hall, Jr. . North Dakota Members State Represented Joseph M. Seiferth, Jr. . . Ohio Arnold C. Jacobs . . Oklahoma Abe B. Kupperman . . . Oregon Willard Marmelzat Pennsylvania Marvin A. Cohen . Rhode Island Lowell Osw.ald . South Carolina Robert U. Blum . South Dakota Sam C. Oliver .... Tennessee Hazen W. Cole Texas Albert L. Dart Utah Charles D. M-Arsh.4ll . Vermont Vance M. Fry Virginia Moise S. Steeg, Jr. . Washington B. Tartt Bell . . West Virginia Wilford M. Smith . . Wyoming The oldest and most distinguished organization on the campus, the Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society is limited to fortj-eight members, each representing a state in the L nion. Its purpose is to foster literary and forensic activities on the campus. Page 251 1 • • • • . • • y Banos, Bell. Bilbo, Blue, Blum, Brisbane, Cohen, Collins, Culpepper, Dos well Evans, Favrot, Ferrell, Fitzgerald, Frey, Gebauer, Gray, Green, Grevemberg Harris, Hirsch, Jaubert, Kling, Logan, Marsh, Miller, Morelock, Newlin O ' Connor, Oswald, Pattie, Perkins, Reid, Robert, Roos, Seiferth, Sinnott Smith, Spearman, Sperry, Stewart, Swayne, Talley, Thompson, Thornton, Weil, Wright THE TULANE GLEE CLUB William H. Harris, Jr. Bascom D. Talley, Jr. Allain de C. Favrot . , James E. Bilbo Robert U. Blum Robert R. Bruce, Jr. Hen ' rv C. Dorris James S. Andres B. Tartt Bell George R. Blue Julius S. Brisbane Rufus M. Carimi Jason H. Collins J. Luis Bands Walter C. Bentrup William L. Crunk, Jr. George H. Ford William A. Green, Jr. Earl C. Calkins James C. Cammack Marvin A. Cohen Ai.LAiN DE C. Favrot Officers . . President James E. Bilbo Business Manager Fice-Presidcnt Herbert L. Miller Publicity Manager . . Secretary George R. Blue Librarian Maynard J. Klein, Director Members First Tenors Menard Doswell Hanson D. Ferrell, Jr. William H. Harris, Jr. Second Tenors Charles H. Conner Walter S. Culpepper Richard C. Fitzgerald Louis J. Gebauer Thomas S. Harllee Alvin B. Harrison K. Edward Herrmann, J First Basses Frederick W. Miller Max M. Morelock Charles E. Reid William D. Robert Henry K. Roos Second Basses Charles T. Frey Edward A. Laroussini Arthur P. Laubengayer Werner Lentjes E. G. Baker Marsh Llewellyn E. Kling Woodward B. Logan James B. Sinnott, HI Howard J. Smith J. Virgil Lambert Robert E. O ' Connor, Jr. Ruffin T. Perkins, Jr. Benjamin L. Spearman William M. Swayne Bascom D. Talley, Jr. Joseph M. Seiferth, Jr. Burt W. Sperry John R. Stewart Horace A. Thompson, Jr. R. Richard Thornton Herbert L. Miller Frank Pattie, Jr. Clarence L Shult Sidney Wright Page 252 Aronson, Brocato, Burk. Carey, Chandler, Eustis, Farnsworth, Frater Gabriel, Geier, Haase, Harrison, Hart, Hoover. Jovovitch. Lachin Le Blanc, Lewis, Logan, Monk, Neyland. Nobile, Odendahl, Sanders THE TULANE ARCHITECTURAL SOCIETY Officers Philip R. Farnsworth President M. Harry L. Sanders, Jr Vice-President Andrew E. Hoover Secretary Norman C. Melun Treasurer Members Philip R. Farnsworth Joseph M. Brocato Thompson B. Burk Henry C. Eustis Kenneth L. Gabel Charlotte S. Chandler Edwin J. Friedrichs John B. Gaston Bernard J. Aronson Kenneth Q. Berger David M. Carey Seniors Marion E. Frater Juniors John M. Gabriel Norman C. Melun Ferdie a. Nobile Sophomores LuciEN M. Haase Pierre Jovovitch Freshnieji Louis W. Geier Alvin B. Harrison Margaret B. Hart Michael J. Kyame Page 2S3 Andrew E. Hoover Paul E. Odendahl, Jr. M. Harry L. Sanders, Jr. Cammie D. Smith, Jr. Frederic O. Sundbery Edgar J. Le Blanc WooDw ARD B. Logan Dietrich A. Neyland John M. Lachin, Jr. Boyd H. Li wis Marion S. Monk, Jr. Coleman, Dorris. Fatherree. Flynt. Games Hightower, Hines, Jenkins. Jones, Lambert, McDonnell Michel, Murfee, Risher, Vincent TULANE COMMONWEALTH CLUB Organized in 1929 Francis Carter Coleman Henry Clay Dorris John Pleasant Fatherree Martin Luther Flvnt, Jr. Shelley Rice Gaines Jesse Robert Hightower Merrell Odom Hines Charles Roderick Jenkins Members Warren Candler Jones Thomas Harrison Lambert Tho. ias Frederick McDonnell Marshall Louis IMichel, Jr. John Andrew Murfee Howard Alexander Nelson Freder ' ck Lindsey Risher Robert Peyton Vincent, Jr. Joseph Crawford Wilson The Tulane Commonwealth Chib consists of a group of students from Mississippi who have Commonwealth Scholarships in the Tulane Medical School. Each student is awarded this scholarship, which pays his way through medical school, on the basis of scholarship, personality, and the general fitness of his becoming a phj ' sician. Li return for the funds given these students by the Commonwealth Foundation, a philan- thropic organization of New York, each student has agreed to practice for a period of three years in a Mississippi town of five thousand population or less after he has finished his interneship. The purpose of the club is to promote interest in the prac- tice of medicine in the rural sections of Mississippi. Page 254 • ( 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Boggs, Edmundson. Frey; Kierr, Marshall McNeill, Oppenheim, Pradel, Steeg, Talley TULANE ORATORICAL AND DEBATING COUNCIL Officers Mo.se S. Sterg, JR c ■ • V • ' " ' ' " " " ' ' " Leonard Oppenheim . . .............. Secretary-Treasurer Faculty Committee Dr. John M. McBryde, Chairman Dr. Clarence E. Bonnett Mr. Richard R. Kirk Dr. Paul W. Brosman Mr. F. Santry Reed T. Hale Hoggs Ernest E. Edmundson, Jr. Charles T. Frey Varsity Debaters Raymond H. Kierr Charles D. Marshall J. David McNeill Leonard Oppenheim Leon A. Pradel MoisE S. Steeg, Jr. Bascom D. Talley, Jr. Representatives from the Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society Wilford M. Smith Abe B. Kupperman The Oratorical and Debating Council is composed of members of the Faculty Committee on Debating and members of the Varsity Debate Teams. The Council exercises complete control over intercollegiate debating and has for its purpose the arrangement and sponsorship of such contests, and, in addition, sponsors and arranges Freshman and Intramural debating. The Council for the season 1935-1936 conducted two debate tours. The first ranking team was sent to New York, debating on this trip New York University, Columbia University, Emory University, Cincinnati University, Ohio State University, University of Pittsburgh, and Johns Hopkins University. The second ranking team was sent to Chicago, debating Loyola University of Chicago, University of Alabama, Southwestern in Memphis, Millsaps College, St. Louis Uni- versity, and Washington University in St. Louis. A new program of intersquad and intramural debates was planned following examples set forth in the East by using off-the-campus audiences before civic organizations and other institu- tions interested in debating. • ( Page 255 1 ( » • I Atkinson , Bohne , Brechtel , Breidenbach . Broussard Brunner, Davis, Nelson, Gallegly, Goodell, E., Coodell, Hickey, Miller, Fremaux, Witherspoon FRESHMAN Y. M. C. A. Officers William D. Davis, Jr President Eric P. Breidenbach Vice-President Philip W. Bohne Secretary-Treasurer William A. Atkinson, Jr. Jules F. Blass SlLVAIN C. BOL ' CHE Pete P. Brechtel, Jr. Thomas G. Broussard Members Warren J. Brunner James C. Cammack Carl M. Fremaux John L. Gallegly Edward K. Goodell Richard H. Goodell, William P. Hickev, Jr. Rodert N. Miller Charles W. Nelson Richard C. P. Seither Philip H. Witherspoon Jr. The Tulane Young Men ' s Christian Association is the only student organization that is campus wide in its scope. The program, carried on and developed by the students under the supervision of the General Secretary, is designed to give expression to the religious, social and recreational needs of the students. The Freshman ' . M. C. A. is an organization for first year students who are interested in the work of the Y. M. C. A. It has proved very valuable training for membership and officers of the senior Y. M. C. A. The Board of Directors gives continuity and supervision to the work and program of the Tulane Young Men ' s Christian Association. Page 25( Bell, BUkesIee, Boggs. Culpepper, Hardesty, Jaubert, King Manning, Maroiin, Marshall. Meyers. Nelson, Newman Phelps, Potth. Schupp, Shephard, Spearman, Steeg TULANE YOUNG MEN ' S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION Officers B. Tartt Bell President John A. Schupp Secretary Robert R, Bruce, Jr Vice-President Robert C. Carter Treasurer Verbon F. Gay . General Secretary HOB.ART W. BlAKESLEE T. Hale Boggs Edwin L. Brock Earl C. Calkins William A. Culpepper Irving Hardestv, Jr. James J. Jaubert Cabinet Members Ben C. King John S. Lemann Robert H. Manning Michel A. Maroun Charles D. Marshall Joseph C. Meyers, Jr. Waldemar S. Nelson Board of Directors W. Hammond Newman AsHTON Phelps Alfred M. Forth Henry B. Shepard T. Howell Shepard, Jr. Ben L. Spearman Moise S. Steeg, Ju. Prof. A. Lee Dunlap Chairman Dr. Harlan W. Gilmore Vicc-Cliairman Dean Edward A. Bechtel Mr. B. Tartt Bell Dr. Paul W. Brosman Mr. Morey Carre Mr. Robert C. Carter Coach Ted Cox Mr. Charles E. Dunbar, Jr. Mr. Fred Ellsworth Dr. John M. Fletcher Mr. Edmond B. Glenny Dr. Frederick Hard Dean Rufus C. Harris Mr. Nolan Kammer Rev. John S. Land Dr. J. Adair Lyon Mr. Leon D. Hubert, Jr Secretary Rev. D. R. Lindlev Treasurer Mr. J. L McCain Mr. Harry A. Mitchell Mr. a. Brown Moore Bishop James C. Morris Mr. a. Dallam O ' Brien, Jr. Dr. William H. Perkins Mr. Edward H. Sutter Rev. W. H. Wallace. Jr. Page 257 I I a • I Bell, Bornemann, Cauley, D ' Angelo, Dart, Guice, Kierr Kupperman, Marmelzat. Nicholson, Marshall, Oliver. Oppenheim Oswald, Porth, Pradel, Sreeg, Smith. Talley TULANE INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB Officers Albert L. Dart President R. Freeland Cauley Vice-President Membcjs Country Represented Ambassador Willard Marmelzat .... Australia Ambassador Lowell Oswald Austria Ambassador Ancelo M. D ' Angelo .... Bolivia Ambassador Moise S. Steec, Jr Canada Ambassador Hazen W. Cole China Ambassador Raymond H. Kierr Colombia Ambassador Benjamin C. King . . Czecho-Slovakia Ambassador Sam J. Hall, Jr Ethiopia Ambassador Charles D. Marshall .... Finland Ambassador Leonard Oppenheim France Ambassador Jack A. Bornemann Germany Ambassador Jacob D. Guice .... Great Britain Ambassador Abe B. Kupperman Greece Leonard Oppenheim Secretary WiLFORD M. Smith Treasurer Membcri Country Represented Ambassador B. Tartt Bell Hungary Ambassador Alfred M. Forth India Ambassador Bascom D. Talley, Jr Ireland Ambassador Wilford M. Smith Italy Ambassador R. Freeland Cauley Japan Ambassador Francis Nicholson . League of Nations Ambassador Harold E. Ratcliffe .... Panama Ambassador Sam C. Oliver Portugal Ambassador Joseph C. Meyers, Jr Spain Ambassador Leon A. Pradel Union of Socialist Soviet Republics Ambassador Albert L. Dart .... United States Ambassador Paul G. White, Jr Yugoslavia The International Relations Club is an active discussion group of international problems. It has its own library of about one hundred volumes, which was donated and is kept up to date by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. The organization also receives a number of international newspapers, pamphlets, etc. Each member of the club is given the title of ambassador from one of the various countries and represents that country in all discussions of tlie club. Paqe 258 Aronson, Hess. Kahn, Martin. Michel, Nola O ' Neill, Pitts, Scales, Torre. Wei! Werlein, West, Wirth, Worthington NEWCOMB STUDENT COUNCIL Officers Helen Michel President Catherine O ' Neill Vice-President Elizabeth Scales Secretary Members Ex-Officio Cecile M. Kahn Student Body President Virginia L. Worthington -irt Student Body President Katherine E. Nolan Music Student Body President Polly W. West House President Janice R. Torre Senior Class President Leila S. Werlein Junior Class President Beverly Hess Sophomore Class President Members Elected Lillian Aronson Senior Class Representative Marguerite A. Wirth Senior Class Representative Peggy Martin Junior Class Representative Isabel J. Weil . Junior Class Representative Louise Pitts Sophomore Class Representative The Student Council of Newcomb College has jurisdiction over the conduct of the students in their relations to the college and to one another; this council, composed of the students themselves, regulates all matters of honor after a hearing of the case in hand and a consideration of all the evidence that can be obtained. Page 259 Buchanan, Jones, Shands, Werlein West, Worthington THE NEWCOMB RESIDENT STUDEN ' ASSOCIATION GOVERNMENT Officers Polly W. West President Virginia L. Worthington . . . East IFing President Eleanor Shands IFarren House President K atherine D. Buchanan . . . JFest IFing President Laura 13. W. Jones Doris Hall President Leila S. Werlein Secretary House Council Josephine Louise House Imogene Durrett, ' 36 Helen J. Michel, ' 36 Sara M. Powers, ' 37 Paulina O. Jordan, ' 37 Carolyn P. Miduleton, ' 37 Amy Smith, ' 38 Nancy M. McCleskey, ' 37 Marjorie A. Yates, ' 38 Warren House Doris E. Beaman, ' 36 Jane M. Greekiteld, ' 38 Ann C. Woodard, ' 37 Doris Hall Woods Wilson, ' 38 Minor Officers Paulina 0. Jordan Mistress of Revels Amy Smith ;■ Committee Cliairman The Student Government Association of the Josephine Louise House, Warren New- comb House and Doris Hall is composed of all members of the dormitories and pro- poses to develop an efficient system of self-government among them in all matters relating to the conduct of the members individuallj ' and as a social group. The executive, judicial and legislative power of the Association is vested in the House Council. Page 260 Craft, Kahn. Michel Peteet, Wolf THE NEWCOMB STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION Executive Co imittee Cecile M. Kahn Student Body President Harriette Peteet . Student Body I ' ice-President Helen J. Michel Student Council President Martha Lee Craft Corresponding Secretary Mary E. Peacock Rccordinej Secretary Frances E. Wolf Treasurer Polly W. West Home President Janice R. Torre Senior Class President Leila S. Werlein Junior Class President Beverly Hess Sophomore Class President Virginia L. Worthington .... Art School President Katherine E. Nolan Mu:.ic School President WiLMA M. Hudson Y. IF. C. A. President Myrtle J. Palmisano .... Athletic Council Chairman Edna S. Schlegel Dramatic Club President Ethelyn R. Leverich . . . Jambalaya Newcomh Editor The Executive Committee, with the President of the Newcomb Student Government Association as its chairman, has the power of sugge.sting legislation to the Student Body. It considers and votes upon any proposed amendment to, or change in. the Constitution before said change is submitted to the Student Association as a whole. It charters all clubs and organizations and enforces the laws adopted by the Asso- ciation. ( ( p Page 261 1 » • 1 • Anderson, Blattman, Hall. Kahn Lemann , Palmisano, Schlegel , Weil NEWCOMB ATHLETIC COUNCIL Myrtle J. Palmisano Chairman Mabel McC. Hall Senior Members Fannie Mae Lemann Edna S. Schlegel Junior Meimbers Bertha Blattman Isabel J. Weil Sophomore Members Betty Jane Anderson Fleurette E. Kahn The aim of this organization and the council is to promote and foster interest in athletics, thereby forming and framing a stronger mind in a stronger body through participation in the sports offered. Page 2i2 Culligan, Ebaugh, Schlcgel, Smith THE NEWCOMB DRAMATIC CLUB Officers Edna S. SCHLEGEL Preside " ' Amv Smith Sectary Louise Ebaugh . . . . Vice-President Virginia A. Freret Treasurer Gi.ENDY Culligan Stage Manager Members Anita H. Abes Ruth B. Alexander Elizabeth D. Allison Lillian Aronson Bettye A. Bacharach Faith Bancroft Dorothy Beckemeyer Blanche E. Benson Marjorie L. Bernstein Elizabeth Le M. Boatner Betty Bowlby Coral V. Brister Florence G. Brooks Hilda B. Brown Katherine D. Buchanan Marjorie von P. Burk Katie S. Butt Elise M. Cambon Marion Carleton Ora L. Carroll May R. Carruth Mary L. Chapotel Marie E, Cherbonnier Alida J. Clark Ruby Cohen Beverley R. Colomb Barr Conover Catherine L. Cornay Mireille Couret Glendy Culligan Katharine C. Daly Julia F. Davenport Harriet Davis Lucinda C. Demarest Nancy V. Denning Eileen M. Dennison Dorothy B. Dodge Dorothy F. Dodson Dorothy A. Dooley Sarah C. Douglass Imogene Durrett Nan B. Duvic Louise Ebaugh Elizabeth J. Egolf Doratheo Eick Marjorie Eltine Lucille M. Emmer Dorothy L. Fraiser Katharine D. Frazier Virginia A. Freret Lillian C. Gait Marian A. Garsia Anne R. Gause Gwendolyn G. Geary Marjorie M. Geary Simmie Goldberg Marie Louise Goodwin Elizabeth H. Hanna Charlotte S. Hawkins Adele H. Heaton May V. Hendrick Edith Hirsch Sunshine Hooper Jean C. Hudson Janie R. Huey Mildred S. Hulsebus Francenia Irwin Elaine S. Ivey Nancy L. Johnson Terry K. Jones Pauline O. Jordan Reba L. Judkins Esther Judlin Cecile M. Kahn Jane E. Kelleher Hattie M. Kimzey Marian E. Kohlman Ruth Kohlman Angela M. La Franca Fannie Mae Lemann Katherine B. Lanier Christiana Latimer Marjorie C. Leverich Madeline M. Levy Marie Louise Magne Rosemarie E. Mandot Bernice L. Marks Peggy M. L. Martin Margery Marx Pearl A. Mayer Joy McCanne Dorothy McCardell Helen L. McCaskey Helene T. McClure May C. Miles Lolita B. Mills Margaret McL Moore Virginia L. Moore Francisca M . Negueloua Janet NickoU Leona C. North Dorothy E . Nungesser Betty E. Ormond Corinne O. Ortenbach Virginia Parker Mary E. Peacock Harriette Peteet Julia H. Peytral Margaret W. Poag Dorothy J. Pugh Emily P. Quigley Rebecca Raulins Nina H. Redditt Elaine Rester Martha M. Robertson Sylvia B. Rosenson Bernice M. Ross Paula E. Rubin Jeannette Rusovich Edna S. Schle gel Marjory S . Schwarz Louise T. Semple Odile St. Martin Mary Shands Mary G. Shapard Yvette Sherman Mar E. Sihler Amy Smith Sarah R. Smith Adele L. Story Alma M. Sullivan Harriet Sutherland Katie D. Tack Mary Ellis Tack Mary Y. Thomas Janice R. Torre Evie R. Trigg Claribel Trunzler Brooke C. Tunstall Dorothy M. Van Lue Shirley M. Viosca Pearl J. Weinstein Velma C. Wiederecht Marjorie J. Wiegand Pauline C. Wiegand Frances B. Wilkinson Clara D. Williams Hume Williams Emily K. Wilson Jeannette Wise Frances E. Wolf May Wright The aim of the Newcomb Dramatic Club is to present plays through student effort, membership being achieved through tryouts in the fall. Page 263 Comes, Crichlow, DurretC Nolan, Stubbs NEWCOMB GLEE CLUB Officers Imogene Durrett . . Dalton D. Crichlow Lucille Comes . . . . . . . President . . Vice-President Secretary- Treasurer Maynard J. Klein . Carolyn M. Stubbs . Katherine E. Nolan Director . . . Accompanist Publicity Chairman Leone Adams Alston Amy Elizabeth V. Bronson Katie S. Butt EUse M. Cambon Kate M. Chamness Mary Ellen Cohn Alice M. Crawford Dalton D- Crichlow Frankie M. Davis Elizabeth N. Baker Amelie Barlow Babecte L. Bollag Betty Bowlby Martha SoR. Brogan Pauline I. Brook Flora Burton Ora L. Carroll Martha S. Colcock Lucille Comes Marjorie Dieth Esther R. Dorhauer Gladys M. Eddins Helen E, Adams Edna S. Angle Lydia Banks Louise Baxter Ruby Mae Bethea Elizabeth W. Bowman Pauline L. Barnwell Dorothy Beckemeyer Vivian Black Marjorie von P. Burk Mireille Courct Lucinda C. Demarest Helen V, Dempsey Rose Devensky Ann V. Durand Imogene Durrett Marcella L Elsholz Olivia M. Ewing Katharine D. Frazier Rosemary C. Gough Alyce C. Gremillion Doratheo Eick Marian A. Garsia Rita C. Geiger Annette Girelius Lois L Goldsmith Adrienne Gottschalk Elaine M. Gottschalk Margaret A. Green Montez H. Haas Selma E. Haas Lucille A. Harris Margery S. Hasseltine Janie R, Huey Ellen P. Brydon Marion Carleton May R. Carruth Doris V. Dillon Eloise M. Genercs Lorraine Gordon Dorothy M. Haas Reba-Nell Hoffman May Lee Kinberger Members First Sopranos Mary Ada Hardy Jane M, Harris Dorothy Hayward Ellen L. Heindel Jean C. Hudson Verda A . Hudson Esther V. Johnson Ursula M. Klein Winifred H. Knighton Virginia Liggett Sccoiid Sopranos Juliet M. Hutton Lewise J. Johns Nancy L. Johnson Laura B. W, Jones Frances L. Kimzey Carlotta M. King Cesil S . Kohlman Ann S . Kostmayer Catherine B. McCall Helen L. McCaskey Virginia L. Moore Mary A. Morelock Myrtle J. PalmiEano First Altos Jean Griffith Julia 1. Gwin Betsey B. Hackett Elaine S. Ivey Alice V, Kiern Second Altos Doris A. Lurie Marie Louise Magne Amelie M. Malochee Julia H. Peytral Doris N. Luff Joy McCanne Margaret T. McKenzie Margaret McL Moore Katherine E. Nolan Dorothy E. Nungesser Katherine L. Ochse Kate Scott Patterson Nina H. Redditt Julia S. Rogers Louise Pitts Angelique L. Provosty Elizabeth R. Reid Jane Reynolds Elizabeth B. Rogan Katharine T. Sellers Mary G. Shapard Doris L. Sherman Ford Simon Adele L. Story Frankie H. Talbot Mardie J. Talbot Sallie Keen Tebo Marjorie M. Marchal Veronica M. McGrath Margaret F, Morgan Bertha M. Patton Betty J. Pearce Margaret W. Poag Rebecca Raulins Cynthia M. Roby Adley L. Schweinfurth Mariana A. Scott Elizabeth Sharp Helen M. Simpson Juliette LaR. Stancliff Gladys A, Thiberge Dorothy M , Toppino Mary A. Utiey Dorothy M. Van Lue Elizabeth J. S. Walters Lilian H. Walther Mildred V. Valentine Betty A. Van Cleave Shirley M. Viosca Jane Waddle Mary K. Walker Sophie M. Welsch Carolyn R. White Helen V. Whitney Leila C. Wilkinson Hume Williams Marguerite A. Wirth Patricia Woodward Joyce A. Perez Paula H. Potts Marion V. Rice Eda Rosenthal Harriet Sutherland Charlene M. Taylor Yvette Sherman Yvonne D, Thouron Frances B. Wilkinson May Wright Marjorie A. Yates The aim of the Newcomb Glee Club is to build up a repertoire of part songs from the best musical literature. The members sing for school functions, outside entertainments, give an annual concert and vith the Tulane Glee Club participate in an operetta. Page 264 Crichlo Haas, Hoffman NEWCOMB ' S LITTLE SYMPHONY Officers Maynard J. Klein Director Reba-Nell Hoffman President Dorothy M. Haas Vice-President Dalton D. Crichlow Secretary-Treasurer Alice V. Kiern Librarian Members Violins Marguerite F, Bultman Ellen L. Heindel Mary A. Morelock Rose Devensky Reba-Nell Hoffman Paula H. Potts Clara O. Freeman Alice V. Kiern Mildred V. Valentine Julia I. Gwin Winifred H. Knighton Elizabeth J. S. Walters Dorothy M. Haas Sophie M. Welsch Viola Dalton D. Crichlow Alice V. Kiern I ' ioimcello Selma E. Haas Double Bass Marion Carleton Jane Haas Dorothy M. Toppino Flute Trombone French Horn Katherine E. Nolan Dolive M. Benoit Doris A. Lurie ni,, „ Ellen P. Brydon t, , , yJDoe . I ruinpct Kathl yn Matheny ' Margaret McI. Moore Vivian Black Clarinet Bassoon Pianoforte LuciENNE M. Danaciera Ursula M. Klein t,, ., ,„ (- .„.c , , TT A T n LUCILLE -,0MES Miriam O. Haas Adley L. Schweinfurth Claire M. Miller Harp Drums Tynipam Elizabeth Hallway Marian A. Garsia Imocene Durrett Virginia Liggett Page 265 Abes, Culligan, Pitts THE JENNIE C. NIXON DEBATING CLUB Officers Anita H. Abes President Glendv Culligan Chairman of Debate Louise Pitts Secretary-Treasurer Anita H. Abes Helen E. Adams Irving Allee Betty Blakeslee Kate M. Chamness Glendy Culligan Margaret A. Follette Members Ruth L. Goldman Miriam O. Haas Mabel McC. Hall Charlotte S. Hawkins Reba-Nell Hoffman Elaine S. Ivey Marian F. Kohlman Helen J. Michel Margaret McI. Moore Virginia Parker Louise Pitts Alma M. Sullivan Mary G. Wells Leila S. Werlein The aim of the Jennie C. Nixon Debating Club is to foster interest in organization and public speaiving. Debates and floor discussions are held at the bi-monthh ' meet- ings and prize debates and intercollegiate contests are held throughout the year. Page 2(i Davis, Ivey, Pearcc, B. YOUNG WOMEN ' S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION Officers WiLMA M. Hudson President Frankie M. Davis Vice-President Elaine S. Ivey Secretary Betty J. Pearce Treasurer Cabinet Members Marguerite A. Wirth Virginia A. Freret . . Catherine L. Cornay . . . . Finance Chairman Entertainment Chairman Social Service Chairman Marion Carleton Publicity Chairman Adfxe S. Bodker .... Group Discussion Chairman Katherine J. HiLD Room Chairman NoLA Lee Anderson Faculty Advisers Mildred G. Christian Lydia E. Frotscher Anna E. Many Florence A. Smith Members Fay Allen Elizabeth D. Allison Dorothy Beckemeyer Adele S. Bodker Eliz.«eth W. Bowman Beth Brash Georgette G. Brockman Ellen P. Brydon Marion Carleton Ora L. Carroll Ivy p. Case Dalton D. Crichlow Carmen J. Corbera Catherine L. Cornay Teddine Daigle Frankie M. Davis Doris V. Dillon Bernice M. Dippacher Francis C. Drake Rutha B. Dryden Julia Faye Edmondson Marcella I. Elsholz Peggy A. Foi.i.ette Virginia A. Freret Rita C. Geiger Jean Griffith Dorothy M. Haydel Helen Heisenfelder Katherine J. Hild Wilma M. Hudson Elaine S. Ivey Nancy L. Johnson Janet M. Johnstone Laura B. W. Jones Reba L. Judkins Esther Judlin Alice V. Kiern Frances L. Kimzey H.4TTIE M. Kimzey May Lee Kinberger Ursula M. Klein Elinor Konrad Madge C. Marchand Geraldine M. Marlette Kathlyn Matheny Dorothy McCardell Helen L. McCaskey- Margaret T. McKenzie Cenetta C. Ortenbach CoRiNNE O. Ortenbach Betty J. Pearce Mary E. Pearce Harriette Peteet Julia H. Peytral Anne Plettinger Rebecca Raulins Nina H. Redditt Marion V. Rice Elizabeth M. Schelin Ethel R. Sentilles Mary W. Shaw Jane O. Smith Jean Till Dorothy M. Topping Mildred V. Valentine Gladys M. Viosca Shirley M. Viosca Elizabeth J. S. Walters Frances B. Wilkinson Marguerite A. Wirth The purposes of the Y. W. C. A. are: To unite in the desire to realize full and creative life through a growing knowledge of God ; and to determine to have a part in making this life possible for all people. The fields of work in which the Y. W. C. A. is active are Discussion Groups, Vespers in the Dormitory, Social Service, and Sponsor Movement. Page 267 -+ i For kind co-operation in the publication of the 1936 Jambalaya, the editorial staff wishes to express its deep appreciation to MESSRS. W. A. BENSON, R. G. BENSON. AND HOW- ARD HENRY OF THE BENSON PRINTING COMPANY. MESSRS. ROBERT B. FAERBER AND ROY D. HICKMAN OF THE ALABAMA ENGRAVING COMPANY, MR. AND MRS. J. D. PANFIELD AND MISS MARIE PAN- FIELD OF THE KRAUSS COMPANY STUDIO. MR. LEON M. TRICE. FOR ATHLETIC AND SNAPSHOT PHOTOGRAPHY, MR. J. H. RANDOLPH FELTUS AND MRS. ARLENE ZINK MARTIN OF THE STUDENT ACTIVITIES OFFICE, THE OFFICE STAFFS OF THE VARIOUS DEPARTMENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY. AND TO ALL OTHERS WHO ASSISTED IN THE SUC- CESSFUL PUBLICATION OF THIS VOLUME. I Page 268 - , THANKS TO THE ADVERTISERS, OUR FRIENDS AND PATRONS, WE ARE ENABLED TO PRESENT THE RAZZ OR CAN YOU TAKE IT WITH A SMILE? is Paae 2 9 WITH GUN AND CAMERA THROUGH GREEK HAUNTS One of the nif re foolhardy of the bo s recentl ' risked all in a daring trip through Greece, encountering many bar- barians and overcoming many hardships. From time to time he was fortunate enough to be admitted to some of the Greek-letter lodges, where he was fed, so they declare, and sheltered for one night. For those who may wish to dupli- cate his exploit we have prepared a short digest of the most noteworthy orders, in which we hope to portray some of the leading citizens and point out many of the pitfalls which trap the unwary. Requirements for admission to the arious lodges will be found at the beginning of each discussion. K.APPA ALPHA. Reqin ' rement: Are you a Southern gen- tleman ? Do you make any claims to be one ? Oh, for gracious sakes, do nou wear pants ? The K. A. ' s just go to show that Lee was a good general, but putting wreaths on a monument doesn ' t make a frater- nity. Yes, even C. C. Bass, Czar of the Fourth Estate, doesn ' t help. In fact, if we weren ' t gentlemen, we would be tempted to call him " Chizzling Charlie. " There is also Carrere, " Big Oinie, " giving a good impression of a blown-up paper bag waiting for a pin to come along. The K. A. ' s look forward to a big season next year with improvements on their sound-proof cellar with " Wu Wu " Poitevent, " Janey Waney " Flettrich, and IVLinager Stauss being members of the subterranean chapter during rush week. However, there is still a chance for the boys if Waller Young turns into the big sho t for which they have been grooming him for three years. Three Paynes and " Huck " Lockett aren ' t enough to measure up to the K. A. ' s opinion of themselves. Incidentally, the K. A. ' s managed to pledge a varsity quarter- back. To rushees troubled by avoirdupois, we recommend the reducing system in force by the Knights of Alcohol. PHI DELTA THETA. Requirement: Would you like to be a city slicker? (So would we.) There are two elements that go into making up a frater- nity, men and a house. The Phis have a house. Captain- elect (big shot) Moss is trying to take up where the Tessier collection left off, but finds that the boots are too big or sumpin ' . There ' s still Allan Little, ex-editor and ex-Romeo, the leading light among the Fiddeley Thetes. Editing runs in the Phi family. John (of all people) Sims, runs the Jainbalaya, with the able assistance of ex-Brother Feltus, who is editing his fourth yearbook. The State Street sheiks are still trying to cast an aura of respectability around the wake of " Red " Butt and " Wooz " Nockton. The Phis have one record : Menefee beat the mark for the freshman who was pledged for the longest time. After saying all of this, we would like to mention the two extremes of the chapter, " King Kong " Tessier and " Willie the Worm " Williams. Coffee makes the world go round for Arnholz, too. All the 52 Phi tea dances are now chaperoned by Mrs. Shropshire and hubbv. ZETA BETA TAU. the S. A. M. ' s. After discounting Dennery big shots, what have the Zeb mayer, and Roos " the Stooge, on such material? Sam " Half to go, but he has hopes that The boys over there are pi, Champ " Abrams. After all, lete, why shouldn ' t the Zebes Requirement: Not to be rushed by and Riseman, who are pseudo es? There is, of course, Alt- but who would base a lodge Pint " Eichold has a long way he can make up for the rest, anning big things for " City the S. A. M. ' s have an ath- pledge one? PAUL TULANE Saw the realization of his ideals in the founding of Tulane Uni- versity in 1834. LEON GODCHAUX Began his career as a clothing merchant in New Orleans in 1840. and thru the years . . . Tulane University and Godchaux ' s have upheld the tra- ditions and ideals of their founders. Since 1840, God- chaux ' s has clothed Tulanians and their families . . . and will continue to serve them wix true appreciation of style and quality thru the years. NEW ORLEANS APPAREL FOR MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN Page 270 THE TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA NEW ORLEANS THE UNIVERSITY EMBRACES THE FOLLOWING DEPARTMENTS: The College of Arts and Sciences The H. Sophie Newcomb Memorial College for Women The College of Engineering The Graduate School The College of Law The School of Medicine The Graduate School of Medicine The College of Commerce and Business Administration The Courses for Teachers and for the General Public The Department of Middle American Research The School of Social Work The Summer Schools FOR CATALOGUE ADDRESS: REGISTRAR OF THE TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA GIBSON HALL, NEW ORLEANS PHI KAPPA SIGMA. Requirement: Can you stand " Ducky " Riess? Phi Kappa Sigma, not satisfied with its heing between bad and worse, decided to step out. So far they are just out. A. J. " Eagle Beak " Waechter and Jake (We wuz robbed) Guice stooge for their All- American alumnus " Ducky " (Kar- lem to you) Riess, but they have to work like hell to make up for Lodrigues. Motto: Quantity but not quality. Since the boys got this respectability bee in their bonnets, they are ostracizing such rowdies as Ahsens. And when the Phi Kaps ostracize you, that is the last step on the downgrade. SIGMA PI. Requirement: Has anybody ever heard of you? No. Take a pin. These boys roll merrily along, eight strong, headed for nowhere and going from nowhere. It takes more than a dean as an alumnus to make a fraternity. Bilbo and the Reuters don ' t help much. ALPHA TAU OMEGA. Requirement: Must be a Sissy Wissy and a Namby Pamby. Haven ' t we Doswell, who aspires to the intelligentsia? Granted that he is a Spectator, which is really a swell lodge, he should for once realize that he shouldn ' t use words unless he knows what they mean. Climb down, Doswell. Mar- shall, Martin (the Little General), and Weed are really the best guys in that menagerie. Only three out of thirty isn ' t much. " Trip-Trap-Trippety-Trap " Trepagnier is the aesthetic dancer and Herman (I date you ' cause you may be a debutante) Schulze are well known (and liked by some). John " One Too " Many and Charlie (I may be something some day) Janvier are really, along with three Penns, blotted out by poor ink. Prexy Smith, timber-topper, student, peti- tion writer extraordinary, graduates this year, so the outlook is black. SIGMA ALPHA MU. Requirement: Not to be rushed Zeebeetee. The best thing to be said about the S. A. M. ' s is that they have James, ex-cook at the Phi Delt house as their chapter adviser. Bowsky did a swell job of closing the door in Pro- fessor ten Hoor ' s Philosophy 2. A person does improve with practice. Captain Barney, the lad of the Pepsodent smile, seems to be doing a swell job with Krauss Company. Let ' s hope that " Moey the Gyp " (Steeg to you) doesn ' t talk the Laic Review and the rest of the honorable college out of its soul. KAPPA SIGMA. Requirement: AVe can ' t find any. Surrounded by an aroma of decay and led forward by the indomitable Kuhner, the Kappa Sigs still remain the kings of Casamento (Adv.) The boys have been robbing the Phi Iotas when they found out they couldn ' t fool the local crop any more. When corn and bath-tub gin went out, the Kappa Sigs started slipping. They couldn ' t take this high falutin stuff. Retarded by the wraith of Ben Habans and the presence of Pat " City Slicker " Ball, they have taken a comfortable place on the bottom of the Chute-the-Chutes. The swellest music this side of heaven is concocted by those two darlings of the keyboards. Melton and Hollister. We ought to say something about " Chorchie Porchee " Blue, but all we can think of is that his name typifies the Kappa Sigma outlook. SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON. Requirement: Is your name Joe College or are you his brother Jack W harton? " Dapper " Jack Brownfield and " Suave " Alby Dart are our nominees to the lovelorn. However, the beautiful man- sion, modeled in the latest style, is really the S. A. E. ' s onh ' attraction. So, now you know how the S. A. E. ' s stand. (Continued on Page 282) Page 271 MAYA CLOTHES ARE FAMOUS THROUGHOUT THE SOUTH FOR THEIR STYLE, QUALITY AND GOOD TASTE G U S MAYER CO LTD. NEW ORLEANS MEMPHIS BIRMINGHAM 1 1 • ESTABLISHED 1865 CORRECT APPAREL FOR WOMEN AND MISSES • KREEGER ' S or GOOD-LOOKING CLOTHES ON AND OFF THE CAMPUS IT ' C MAYER ISRAEL ' S Tour ' eed. ... in Wearables, Accessories and Sporting Goods are important consid- erations at Maison Blanche . . . where the college man is outfitted smartly at reasonable prices. Y MeM GREATEST 5TODE SOUTH MAIN 2000 CANAL AT DAUPHINE FOR STUDYING. READING • GAMES Wide opening at the top of the shade throws light to ceil- ing and eliminates shadows. Glass reflector softens light, prevents glare. 3. Wide shade gives ample light over your work. 4. Shade lining Is white to re- flect more light. 5. Lamp is high enough to light a large working area. You Need MORE Than Just a Lam PROTECT YOUR EYES WITH AN I. E. S. LAMP It ' s an astonishing fact that forty college students in every hundred wear glasses or should be wearing them — and in nearly every case this defective vision can be traced to eye- strain caused by poor lighting. Your eyes can be damaged by poor lighting — sometimes permanently — before you realize the cause. For studying, reading or games, eye safety demands more than " just a lamp. " You need one that provides an ample amount of light at just the right height and spread, shadow- less, glareless and restful — exactly the light these I. E. S. Better Sight Lamps scientifically are designed to supply. You ' ll be amazed at how much less of a " grind " these lamps make long hours of studying. Get an I. E. S. Lamp today to give your eyes — and your- self — a rest. Both table and lounge models at only 5.95 up, with convenient terms if desired. NeT)P Orleans Public SerPice inc. Page 272 Page 273 COMMUNITY MOTORS, Inc PONTIAC SHOWROOM 729-39 ST. CHARLES STREET THE LARGEST AUTOMOBILE ESTABLISHMENT IN THE SOUTH DRIVE THRU SERVICE BUiCK SHOWROOM 724-30 CARONDELET STREET OUR BEAUTIFUL (Erptal lall Snnm (THE SOUTH ' S FINEST DANCE FLOOR) AVAILABLE FOR CLASS AND FRATER- NITY FUNCTIONS Lltiici ii:«.iii Ji. ;(.| mil L liil) ROYAL AT CONTI HAUSMANN, INC. 730 CANAL STREET MANUFACTURING JEWELERS SPECIALIZES IN FRATERNITY AND COLLEGE JEWELRY 1432 ST. CHARLES AVENUE om f NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA FRATERNITY. COLLEGE AND CLASS JEWELRY COMMENCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENTS, INVITATIONS. DIPLOMAS JEWELER TO THE SENIOR CLASS AND MAKER OF MEDICAL INVITATIONS FOR TULANE UNIVERSITY L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY MANUFACTURING JEWELERS AND STATIONERS ATTLEBORO, MASS. Page 274 THOUGHTS OF A BUDDING BARRISTER [Editor ' s Note : This article was received vvitliout solici- tation from one of the aspiring lawyers. We really can ' t un- derstand why he doesn ' t want a by-line, and can only ascribe it to his shrinking nature and desire not to hurt any one. (We personally believe it to be the other way around.) Lieber, although in on all scandal and undoubtedly one of the most brilliant lights in the university, di.sclaims all re- sponsibility.] It is interesting to look back on some of the leading events of the year, for your pleasure, and maybe tell you just why they happened. The greatest event, and the one that met with more genuine surprise on the campus the next morning, was the election of " Papa " Hillyer as Editor-in-Chief of the Tulane Law Review. According to those supporting Marshall, the Review in the past has been the only non-political organiza- tion at Tulane. One elected to the board of editors was sup- posed to get such by the right of merit. (Blah!) As to Ye Editor-in-Chief, he was the boy with the brains. How- ever, they say " Boisey " McCloskey (Alva Weatherford ' s flame) at the helm got " Cutie " Cleveland and his two lackeys, Colomb and Waechter, to working; and along with the six Dekes on the Revieiv, he succeeded in giving Mar- shall the run-around. They contend there ain ' t a chance for an honest man like Saint any more. Then, we had a couple of student dances which attracted national attention, the leading one being the " Tulane Home- coming Flop. " It seems as if " Butch " Feltus, while up in the mountains last summer, met a fellow, who knew a fel- low, who knew a sub-agent for Cab Calloway out in Texas, and who told Feltus that if he would buy a new tennis racquet from him, he would write Cab ' s agent and get Cab lined up to play for a Hom;cGming dance at Tulane. Feltus very enthusiastically got publicity galore for said dance, had " Red " Pyburn at the head of the committee, and it looked like a big time for Ole Tulane. Everybody was a-saying that Cab was a-coming, and the committee, composed of Sanchez-Boggs-Saint-Michel-and " Windy " Janvier, was out even spending the profits which they expected to gyp out of the dance, only to find out six (6) days before the big event that Cab was out on the coast making a picture. " Butch " at once, after reading the telegram from Calloway asking Tu- lane to refrain from using his name in what he considered a fraud on the public, immediately left for the Law library to find out what he could sue all parties for. Upon his return a letter was dictated to Secretary Arlene addressed to the Tulane Board of Directors asking permission to sue Cab Calloway for deceit in the first degree. Pending this action, Dan Russo and His Orioles from Chicago were engaged for the dance, and Feltus wore tails to the first Tulane Flop of 1935- The second Flop occurred some three months later at the Southern Yacht Club with Joe Sanders and His Blackhawks of Chicago drawing the crowd. Jack Riley was substituted for Feltus to direct the activities of the Mardi Gras Hop, having the same committee to manipulate things. Riley .started and ended in a bang — the second Tulane Flop lost $450.00 more than the irst one did, and Riley and the com- mittee wcra last seen at 6:30 a.m. in front of the Nut Club singing " O Sole Mio " and " Daddy, Can You Sparc a Dime. " Riley returned to school four days later in time to give a report to the Stewdent Council. The most prominent man at Tulane this year is none other than Tony Angelo D ' Angelo Mus.solini. Tony was sent over to Tulane this year by his grandpappy after hearing " Mitch " Franklin say that he was to teach all his law courses in Italian and Chinese this year; Tony, thinking that with his knowledge of Italian, he could do some real shining. All year he was incognito until the day Franklin stressed his " Viva, La Civco, Bee Chee Bee, " and feeling that his country should be heard from, Tony, in a loud voice, yelled " Viva Italia and Mussolini. " Franklin was perplexed, and Tony thus became recognized. Tony, in spite of the fact that he speaks Italian, has no idea of what " La Civco " has been saying all year. He contends that the course is taught in Greek and is going to sue Tulane for fraud. Tulane this year dispensed with the usual general election to find out " Who is Who On the Campus, " or otherwise the B. M. O. C. ' s (Biggest Mugs on the Campus). The win- ners this year were conceded without such an election as there is no doubt that with a fair election (like the ones Archie Saint conducts) the following would have been elected. " Sadie " Marchiz would be elected the best dressed lad in school. He even has his fingers manicured and has come out in a couple of outfits which have made Franklin green with envy. Joe Meyers (the boy would look like a needle if he would stand on one foot and open his mouth) would be conceded the Winchell of Tulane. Joe Seiferth would be Tulane ' s man of a million poems. This boy writes good stuff and is commanding the respect of all his fellow stu- dents for making them poem conscious. " Big Shot " Boggs would get elected the biggest leg-puller us boj s ever did see. He gets somewhere with a " Good morning, professor. How ' s your wife this morning? " AVe are merely objecting to his attitude — the boy thinks he is good and we know he is per- fect {at it) Doctor Jack Jones is the boys ' idea of " Why gals go wrong " — the gals won ' t leave him alone in spite of his ideals. Tulane ' s leading debutante would be Marion Monk, who was seen at all the parties this year. He is organizing an ex-deb club with charter members including Professor Jimmy Morrison, " Butch " Feltus, " Sissy " Moss, " One " Smither, " Jane " Flettrich, " Tuffy " Menefee, " Irrelevant " Baldwin, and a couple more of the boys who do not wish their names in print. They hope to have weekly luncheons in Gus Schu- mann ' s Slop House next year. The " most popular " would go to " Smiley Colossal Master of Ceremonies " Arthur, who has thrilled so many audiences with master poisonality. It is undecided whether he or Frankie Talbot put out the best program. Running a close second to Arthur would be John " Blare, " who, as a member of the League for the Advancement of Capitalism, has done much to make us appreciate Hitler. Page 275 DESIRABLE HOMES FOR BOARDING STUDENTS MRS. N. J. BOURG 2221 CALHOUN STREET WALNUT 6102 MRS. H. H. CROWDER 621 BROADWAY WALNUT 7055 MRS. E. D. FINLEY 805 BROADWAY WALNUT 4395 MISS C. MELCHIOR 6220 FRERET STREET WALNUT 452 1 -J MRS. J. J. PRATS 1707 PALMER AVENUE WALNUT 0864-W MRS. L RHODE 1000 BROADWAY WALNUT 1749-J MRS. H. E. ROBERTS 1543 CALHOUN STREET UPTOWN 5240 MRS. W.E.TURNER 711 BROADWAY WALNUT 1181 Here ' s Where You ' ll Always Meet the Old Gra Js. and Would-Be Grads. THEY ENJOY NEW ORLEANS MORE WHEN THEY STOP AT THE ST. CHARLES THE ST. CHARLES JNO. J. ( " MIKE " ) OXEARY, Manag DIRECTION DINKLER HOTELS CO., CARLING DINKLER. President and General Man HOTEL ER INC. ager Paae 276 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENTS (Anyone desiring free space in this section may apply at the Student Activities Office. Due consideration will be shown to those applying and their ads will appear in our isme of June let.) ROOMS WANTED You said it!! Law School, Social Service School, Jambalaya, Economics Dept.. History Dept,, Hullabaloo, oh hell, Tulane. PROPOSALS All interested gentlemen can find me in En- gineering Building.— CHARLOTTE CHANDLER. GIRLS WANTED See anybody at Tulane. AUCTION SALES Entire contents of Gibson Hall. Rare old desks, chairs, pictures, accessories. Some desks beautifully engraved by " Mike, " 13, " two colos- sal wood-cuts by " Joe, ' 17. " Any fraternity has a wide choice of excellent hand-carved desks with their crest upon them. Modern (but when?) lighting fixtures. Extra -ordinary Rest Room equipment. Quaint pictures of Roman Parthe- non; Training Camp at Tulane during World War; and other interesting scenes. Historical museums get preference in the bidding.— DEAN BECKY. HELP WANTED And quick— COACH RAY DAUBER. I don ' t need any.— AMY SMITH. WANT ADS I sure do.— HULLABALOO BUSINESS MAN- AGER. PUPILS WANTED One or two vacancies left.— PHILIP FARNS- WORTH, President and other member of Senior Engineering Class. Men! Why not learn to be an Imitator? Join my voice culture school. Learn to sound like a trumpet, a fog-horn, or anything else that makes too d much noise. — DUTCH McCLOS- KEY. The more students come to me, the less left- overs we ' ll have on hand to sell ' em. — UNCLE GUS ' BEANERY. Gents, why suffer from unemployment? Take our Busines Psychology Course. Our graduates throughout the nation are not suffering from unemployment. In fact, they like it. — COM- MERCE SCHOOL. PERSONALS Thanks to St, Alunnni for favors granted, — JACK HALFBACK, The walls in Gibson Hall ain ' t v hat they ' re cracked up to be.— DEAN BECKY. BUSINESS PERSONALS See us for your every need. Our bread sand- wiches the finest.— COOPERATIVE (Ha! Ha!) BOOKSTORE. Ellis Robbert means his bread is cut finest.— UNCLE GUS ' BEANERY. Replastering — Walls and ceilings our specialty. Much experience gained In Gibson Hall. — ACYOU PLASTERERS, INC. SWAP Will swap five basketball players for dozen bottles of red ink, outboard motor, handball glove, or what have you? — T. A. C. What basketball players?— JOHN PUBLIC. You couldn ' t swap me anything for my Archie Saint.— G. A. L. You needn ' t wory, G. A. L., you needn ' t worry. WE SPECIALIZE IN DINING ROOM AND KITCHEN EQUIPMENT FOR COLLEGES, SCHOOLS AND INSTITUTIONS THE LOUBAT GLASSWARE CORK COMPANY STORE ROOMS 510-516 BIENVILLE ST. 233 DECATUR STREET NEW ORLEANS, LA. O ' QUIN STUDIO PORTRAITS THAT LIVE ONLY EXPERTS CAN PRODUCE THIS 724 CANAL STREET RAYMOND 5027 ' IT CAME FROM ADLER ' S ' Pride of ownership of merchandise purchased from Adler ' s is the customer ' s tribute to an un- varying adherence to standards upon which this business is founded. Coleiiian E. Adler Sons INCORPORATED Manufacturing Jewelers 722-724 Canal Street DO YOU WANT TO WORK? The amount of money you can earn is limited only by your ambi- tion and your willingness to work. Of course the amount of money you can fail to earn depends on the same factors. If interested, call to see JAMES W. SMITHER. Manager THE UNION CENTRAL LI FE INSU RANGE COMPANY 16 8 CANAL BANK BUILDING Page 277 BAUMANN SURGICAL SUPPLIES 1402 TULANE AVENUE MEDICAL STUDENTS ' SUPPLIES RA. 4830 REASONABLE PRICES next to tulane university medical school M. D. KOSTMAYER GENERAL AGENT V GREAT AMERICAN INDEMNITY CO. NEW YORK GENERAL INSURANCE AND BONDS 709 UNITED FRUIT BLDG. NEW ORLEANS, LA. " IDEAL VACATION TRIP " A CARIBBEAN CRUISE ON A STEAMER OF THE " GREAT WHITE FLEET " ALL EXPENSES 9 TO 16 DAYS $100.00 AND UP PHONE OR WRITE TO UNITED FRUIT COMPANY 321 ST. CHARLES STREET THE COFFEE SHOP BASEMENT HUTCHINSON MEMORIAL BUILDING A FAVORITE SPOT FOR THE MEDICAL STUDENT TULANE CO-OPERATIVE BOOK STORE SEE US FOR EVERY NEED ELLIS F. ROBBERT, MANAGER SURGICAL SUPPLY CO. INCORPORATED DIRECTLY OPPOSITE CHARITY HOSPITAL 1531 TULANE AVENUE RAYMOND 7104 SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS AND FURNITURE, HOSPITAL ANAESTHETIZING PRESSURE AND SUCTION OUTFITS WETZEL PRINTING INCORPORATED NEW ORLEANS RAYMOND 5223 823 GIROD BOHN MOTOR COMPANY, incorporated SERVICE NEW CAR DEPARTMENT 3ROAD AND WASHINGTON JACKSON 4310 SOLD IT ■ ■ USED CAR DEPARTMENTS S, CLAIBORNE AND MELPOMENE JACKSON 2200 Page 278 DIG-UPS FROM THE YEAR ' S DIRT The best of the " Babble, " " Twaddle, " and " Medical Murmurs. " We hated to overlook any one, knowing how much you like publicity, but lack of space has confined lis to a favored few. We do hope that these will express their thanks. (Cash will be appreciated.) • " What blonde A. T. O. brother itch ( he }jets in people ' s hair) was blackballed from the Pi Phi dance for definitely rushing Kappa? " " Old King Charlie was a merry old soul, A merry old soul was he; He sat on his throne And left May alone, As he flirted with fiendish glee. " " Here is a ballad of infinite tenderness ami pathos written in tribute to a mighty Tulanian, entitled Trom Lulu to Wu- Wu. ' Remember ' Lulu ' s Back in Town ' ? " All their mothers wear a frown, Keep their daughters out of town, ' Cause that Big Bad Wolf ' s around, Wu-Wu ' s back in town. " Oh, that Chinese Laundry man. With the dumb look on his pan Is daytime slow, but, oh, at night. He ' s the debutante ' s Delight. " He runs a Chinese Laundry He even washes lingerie. But when it comes to diapers. Gee, Wu-Wu ' s backing down. " " Mary Sunshine Hooper seems to have a fraternity follow- ing, so we wonder if the most famous word in her vocabu- lary is ' no ' as she says. I ' ve always found the word infa- mous. " ' Frosty ' Horton Does no escortin ' The ladies say He ain ' t O. K. " , " Along with recording other great historical events, De- cember 4 was the birthday of Bobby ' Hot Shot ' Sanchez. So in commemoration of this annual occurrence Charlotte Chandler made up a very nice package and presented it to the ' Tepid Combustible ' in the book store. With all due modesty in regard to his Casanovic achievements, the Florida Flash obligingly opened the package before a crowd of en- vious males and the result the most dainty pink girdle imag- inable. " " I hear that Bill Williams and Frank Townsend were showing a few Freshmen how to celebrate after their exams and later on in the evening when they started home the cab driver said, ' I know where you boys want to go — 700 Broad- way — I ' ve taken them there before ' . " " Caledonia won ' t stay put. Always playing jokes on Toot, Giving him that old baloney About a dance in old Sewanee ; Somebody tell this Greenville chik There ' s a nigger in the wood-pile. ' " ' Squeaky-Fycaky-Scrawny ' LeCorgne is in the throes of it over Say-Say Smith, the gal who chews a wicked pack of gum. (But why choose the dance floor, Say-Say?) " " Smither believes In Catherine Eaves And up her sleeves Laughs Catherine Eaves. " " Maybe Mary Dart did have to go home the night she had a date with Harry Sanders, for after all Tony ' s may be home to Mary. . . . And wasn ' t that a fine dance she did that night for ' Late Date ' Friedrichs. Yes, the Chez Paree is looking for new talent. " WHAT DO YOU PAY FOR COFFEE and CHICORY? A. P. sells Crescent City Coffee at 15 cents a pound, regularly. We know the quality of Cres- cent City to be equal to or better than many other brands selling at much higher prices. Ask any person who drinks it! With good green coffee at 10 cents a pound, good chicory at 7 cents a pound, plus a fair profit to cover roasting and selling costs, it seems to us that 15 cents per pound, for the best coffee and chicory, is at present a fair price. IF YOU PAY MORE WE SUGGEST YOU TRY CRESCENT CITY AT OUR RISK If you are not entirely satisfied, our manager will make a full refund. The Great ATLANTIC , PACIFIC TEA CO. THE COLLEGE MAN ' S STORE IN NEW ORLEANS Labiche Graff 311 BARONNE STREET HOME OF SOCIETY BRAND CLOTHES Page 279 OdOM MAK..ES UN5AFL Jake Guice ACTUALLY KNOCKED ■SOMEONE OUT " Doug John5oh GOT A-fcHEAK " IN THE Colgate GAME 1 Why win a GAME ? foaM 15 T11 THING. 5U[IE. WE HAVE A TRACK TEAM TOK bu Page 280 THE REASON WHY That Molloy-Made covers have been used on so many of the nation ' s leading annuals over a long period of time is testimony to the fact that they really do represent more value. The Jambalaya, like many other leading annuals, started using Molloy-Made covers " away back when " — and the Molloy trademark on the cover of this 1936 issue is the best evidence of an eminently satisfactory standard of quality and service throughout the years. THE DAVID J. MOLLOY PLANT 2857 NORTH WESTERN AVENUE THE S. K. SMITH COMPANY CHICAGO, ILLINOIS THE H. SOPHIE NEWCOMB MEMORIAL COLLEGE FOR WOMEN TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA A COLLEGE OF HIGH STANDARDS OFFERING A TRAINING THAT V ILL HELP OUR YOUNG WOMEN TO BECOME USEFUL CITIZENS COMPLETE COURSES IN ARTS AND SCIENCES, FINE AND APPLIED ARTS, MUSIC FOR CATALOGUES AND INFORMATION, ADDRESS REGISTRAR, NEWCOMB COLLEGE NEW ORLEANS, LA. MEDICAL BOOKS OF ALL PUBLISHERS SUBSCRIPTIONS SOLICITED TO MEDICAL JOURNALS— BOTH FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC J . A. MAJORS COMPANY 1301 TULANE AVENUE NEW ORLEANS, LA. QUALITY SELLS CLOVERLAND PASTEURIZED GRADE " A " MILK OF SUPERIOR FLAVOR AND CLOVERLAND SUPREME ICE CREAM " DELICIOUSLY DIFFERENT " CLOVERLAND DAIRY PRODUCTS COMPANY INCORPORATED GALVEZ 4133 MARINE PAINT VARNISH COMPANY INCORPORATED MANUFACTURERS SUREKOTE PAINT NEW ORLEANS, U. S. A. Page 281 WITH GUN AND CAMERA THROUGH GREEK HAUNTS (Continued from Page 271) Somebody said soniethiiig about the small membership, but we were too nice to put it in. Rumor has it that a dance (you know, like the Sig Alphs had back in 1920) is going to be pulled oft ' sometime in the far future by Claudie Smith and " Sweetie Pie " Neill. DELTA TAU DELTA. Requirement: Can you speak English? No? Come along in the bright, shining light of the Moon. Phelps and Thorn, Thorn and Phelps! Isn ' t there ever anything else at the Delt House? Certainly! Never for- get " Lover-Boy " Ducander, the only sober lad in the whole barn. Not that he spends much time anywhere except at Newcomb. Strictly " Nekkum ' ' for that lad. The Deltas do aspire, though, and when they elect Stanley Ray, Jr., president (incidentally a typical Tau Delt) we prophesy a glorious rejuvenation. And even though " Sloppy " Harvard makes no time with the gals, we ' ll bet that he ' d do better after a little coaching from the quintessence of swank, " Smooth " John O ' Connor. Oh, if " Blare " were only back! DELTA KAPPA EPSILON. Requirement: What are the cardinal points of a pansy? Can you pass the test? " Noisey Dutch " McCloskey, the leading light of all argu- ments, is completely cowed by " Wee Willie " Harris, the staid and sober but much admired and virtuous prexy. South- port Ben, King of the dice tables, has succeeded in thoroughly luring Sam Freese from the straight and narrow. Tom Born, Y. M. C. A., has finally succeeded in pledging for Deke such types as Murray " Paths of Vice " Cleveland, the cold and shrewd financier who is really our idea of the ideal per- son, and Abbie Norwood, who, although never an athlete, does do well in parlor games. With Evans, Freese, Hender- son, Gamble, Friedrichs and others, the Dekes are unable to claim much other than a very refined personnel. Re- fined ? You mistake us. We mean that they did the best they could after pledging such a bunch of ham athletes. The pansy-wansys are really sliping. They haven ' t rated a debut party since ! Best guy in the lodge is Simon Chipley, Jr., next editor of the Jambalaya, and that ' s not saying much! PI KAPPA ALPHA. Requirements: One pair of corduroy pants and just lots and lots of school spirit. There was some hope for the boj ' s until McNeill re- entered school, but there is nothing worse than a has-been. Their main distinction is being near the Phi Kap house and since when did that cut ice? It ' s just a great big family group with the Burkes and the Jauberts keeping things go- ing, but in what direction? No, Junior, they aren ' t affiliated with the Hoy Scouts. There is also a guy named Payne, only three Smiths, and a fellow who is a football plaver named Tull. SIGMA CHI. Requirement: Do you play football and have you hayseed in your hair? Shilstone ' s in Europe, Porter ' s in Medicine, and the Sig- gies are in the doghouse (as usual). Doyle and Loftin mess aroiuid but can ' t make up for " Hayseed " McGrath. The boys are running a glorified boarding house with all three pledges running neck and neck for the champion zeros of the year. P.S. Broadway Pharmacy Annex. SIGMA PHI EPSILON. Requirement: Has anybody else rushed you? No? Help yourself to a button, brother! If Lottinger ever graduates, the lodge will be supported by nothing but Cooleys. From nonentities to non-existents. Pity the poor brethren from Podunk trying to find the Sig Ep house. But they still have genius Kreeger to point at with pride. Otto, Kinberger, and Cole still won ' t pull us out of the hole, croons " Bing " Boehm. BETA THETA PI. Requirement: Can you be another Senator, or a Ward-Boss Riley, or a " Pinky " Oliver? Oh, nuts! Even a " Squeaky " LeCorgne will do! The Betas have lost prestige since they moved to Julie ' s Tea Room. They must desire a little social register with " D. D. " Monk as president and " Tremendous Tootsie " Smither hanging on. Even the efforts of " Hard Shell " Spearman and " Hilda " Haynie can ' t keep the rowdy lads down. They still have the last of the Sutters batting a ball around, but they can ' t keep up forever. " Marlene " Hoge and " Pretty Boy " Lynch uphold the medicine end and try to make up for such red-necks as Schneidau and that cute little devil McKirahan. Will kind Providence please steer us away from Wooglin and the Evil Eye? Gentlemen, don ' t go Beta. Pardon us, please! We nearly forgot the Delta Sigma Phis, Kappa Nus and the Phi Iota Alphas. Rather than bore you to death, we ' ll stop after just telling you that they are frats somewhere on the campus. Bow your heads, boys and girls, while Pop says a prayer for dear departed Pi Kappa Phi and Sigma Phi Delta. May they rest in peace ! COMPLIMENTS OF JAX BEER JACKSON BREWING CO. NEW ORLEANS, LA. BREEN ' S DRUG STORE OPPOSITE MAIN ENTRANCE TO CHARITY HOSPITAL FRIENDLY TO DOCTORS FOR THE PAST TEN YEARS Page 282 ROSTER OF STUDENTS WHOSE PICTURES DO NOT APPEAR IN PANEL SENIOR CLASS Newcomb College Ei,VY M Debate . . . . New Orleans, La. Louise S. Jesskn . . . . New Orleans, La. Melba ] Elfer .... . . .St. Rose, La. Lydiane Marrero . . . . . Metairie, La. ROSETTA M. Ginsberg . . New Orleans, La. Rebecca Raulins. . . New Orleans, La. Frances C. GOMILA . . . New Orleans, La. Elvira E. Rentrop . . . New Orleans, La. WiLMA M. Hudson . . . Clarksdale, Miss. Rosalynd S. Tabb . . . . . Houston, Miss. | Pauline E. Terroy . . New Orleans, La. School of Medicine Pearce S. Johnson . . . Birmingham, Ala. Guillermo Vasquez Molina .... Samuel D. Murray . . . Newman, Ga. Tegucigalpa, Hon. 1 College of Law Williav 1 B. DreWx . . . New Orleans, La. S. Gordon Reese .... Lawrenceville, Va. Samuel Lang . New Orleans, La. Donald W. Wendt . . . . Evansville, Ind. Rafael Rafols y Estrada . Quebrodillo, P. R. College of Arts and Sciences Walter G. Allee, Jr. New Orleans, La. Samuel S. Klein . . . New Rochelle, N . Y. Roy D. Ary .... . . . Stigler, Okla. Warden M. Martin . . . . Lakeland, Fla. Celestine R. Atkinson . New Orleans, La. Harold G. Memtsas . . . New Orleans, La. George H. BiCK . . . . New Orleans, La. Morris W. Newman . . . . Metairie, La. Vincent T. Cascio. . . . . Leiand, Miss. Royal J. Prinz . . . . . Metairie, La. Horace E. Evans . . . . . . Perry, Ga. Percy Sandel .... . . . Monroe, La. Ernest H. Gould . . . . New Orleans, La. Harley C. Spiands. . . . . Jackson, Miss. | Louis F. Hamilton . . . . Galveston, Tex. Mortimer Silvey . . . . Brooklyn, . Y. B. Marvin Harvard. . . . Hammond, La. George D. Tessier . . . New Orleans, La. Alvin E . Johnson, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Richard B. Wood, Jr. . College of E Frederick Tripp, Jr. . . . Lewisburg, W. Va. ngineering . New Orleans, La. Edward 0. Cooper . . . New Orleans, La. William J. Featheringill . Destrehan, La. Arnaud p. Te ' .-sada, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. College of Commerce Edward J. MUTH . . . . New Orleans, La. Albert A. Robbert, Jr. . New Orleans, La. JUNIOR CLASS Newcomb College Irving Allee .... . . . Metairie, La. Louise H. Charbonnet . . New Orleans La. Louisa . Arny . . . . New Orleans, La. Audrey C. Derenbecker . New Orleans, La. Mary K . Badgett . . . Richwood, W. Va. Dorothy B. Dodge . . . New Orleans, La. Jane S. Blumenthal . . New Orleans, La. Sarah C. Douglass . . . Birmingham, Ala. Coral V. Brister . . . . New Orleans, La. Virginia A. Freret . . . New Orleans La. Billie S . Butt . . . . . Blytheville, Ark. Alece J. Geisenberger . . . . Dallas, Tex. Page 283 IrMA T. HlRSCH . . . . . New Orleans, La. Emma K. Matheny . . New Orleans, La. Esther V. Johnson . . . . Alexandria, La. Josephine Neumeier . . . Stillwater, Minn. Dorothy M. Kelly . . Kingsport, Tenn. Elizabeth A. Scales. . New Orleans, La. Alice V. Kierk . . . . New Orleans, La. Louise G. Schramm . . . New Orleans, La. Ei.AiNH Levy . . St. Joseph, La. YvEiTE Sherman. . . . New Orleans, La. Doris N. Luff . . . . . New Orleans, La. Nancy Stair .... . . . Atlanta, Ga. Marie Louise Magne . . New Orleans, La. P.WRICIA Watson . . . . New Orleans, La. Emily K. Wilson . . . Henderson, Ky. School of Medicine John W. Bick, Jr. . . . New Orleans, La. Wilbur E. Meneray . . . . Tampa, Fla. Bradley C. Brownson . . New Orleans, La. Robert S. Muncer . . . . . Dallas, Tex. Thomas C. Butt . . . . . . Orlando, Fla. W. Bruce Nelson . . . . . Athens, Ala. Joel A. Dawson, Jr. . . . . Mobile, Ala. Philip A. Niebercall St. Francisville, La. James S. DuBois . . . . Ashville, Ala. Frederick W. Ogden . . New Orleans, La. Everett T. Duncan . .... Trees, La. M. Reeves Pope . . . . . Talledega, Ala. James G. Economou . . . . Lowell, Mass. William C. Rentz, Jr. . . . . Miami, Fla. Thomas C. Elliott . . . . . Butler, Ala. Paul A. Richter . . . . . . Dallas. Tex. Thomas F. Fujiwara . . . Honolulu, T. H. William 0. Rigby . . Coconut Grove, Fla. Duncan G. Graham . . . Sioux City, la. John C. Roberts, Jr. . . . Cleveland, Miss. Philip Gray .... . . Brooklyn, N. Y. Clovis H. Robinson . . . . . Paducah, Ky. Jack B. Griffin . . . Chickasha, Okla. George E. Rohrer, Jr. . . . Houston, Tex. EwiNc P. Harris . . . . . . Chicago, 111. Malcolm P. Schwarzenbach | Alfred Y. K. Hew . . . Paia, Maui, T. H. . . New Orleans, La. John P. Higgins . . . . . . Miami, Fla. W. Ray Swango . . . . Hazel Green, Ky. William T. Jones . . . . . Shreveport, La. Theodore L. Tannehill . . . Urania, La. | Wallace S. Kaw.wka . Eleele, Kauai, T. H. Walter C. Tuman . . New York, N. Y. Wendell H. Kisner. . . . Natchez, Miss. B. Bernard Weinstein . Marrero, La. Roger S. Knapp . . . . . Lubbock, Tex. Joseph W. Wells . . . New Orleans, La. William S. Leake, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Laurence S. Woodley . . Tuscaloosa, Ala. College of Law Edward M. Bostick . . . New Orleans, La. Jack S. Mar ' x . . . . New Orleans, La. John J. Davis . . . . New Orleans, La. Marian Mayer. . . . Baton Rouge, La. Walter Davis, Jr. . . . New Orleans, La. George W. Miller, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Jack C. Harding . . . New Orleans, La. Ashby W. Pettigrew, Jr. . . . Houma, La. | Richard N. Hardy . . . New Orleans, La. Otis B. Trepagnier . . New Orleans, La. Lester P. Lieber . . . . Natchitoches, La. Edward T. Weeks, Jr. . . . New Iberia, La. College of Arts and Sciences John D. Andrews . . . . New Orleans, La. James P. Northrop . . . . Gulfport, Miss. Coleman Bernstein . . . New Orleans, La. Troy J. Odom .... . . . Oakdale, La. Ignatius J. Colotta . . . Indianola, Miss. WiLTZ C. Ott . . , , . . . Osyka, Miss. David E. Cooley . . . . . . Slidell, La. David E. Pace. . . . . West Monroe, La. Charles P. Eddy, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Norman Pozinsky . . . New Orleans, La. Louis A. Ensenat . . . . New Orleans, La. Frederick C. Preisser . . New Orleans, La. Francis A. Escudier . . . New Orleans, La. Dwight L. Randall . . . Medford, Ore. Elazar Goldberg. . . . New Orleans, La. Robert M. Rose . . . . Ne%v Orleans, La. Harry Golodner . . . . New York, N. Y. Joseph R. Samuel . . . New Orleans, La. Jacob Gross .... . . Irvington, N. J. Hughes Schneidau . . . New Orleans, La. Edward D. Johnson . . . New Orleans, La. James L. Tigner . . . . Faywood, N. Mex. Frank E. Lindahl, Jr.. . . Choudrant, La. Marion A. Waggoner . . Tonkawa, Okla. Stanley D. Lodricues. . . . Patterson, La. Walter J. Waits . . . . Springfield, Mo. Robert M. Monsted . . . New Orleans, La. Thomas E. Weiss . . . . Baton Rouge, La. Milton E. Nadel . . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. Charles W. Wight . . . . Kilgore, Tex. Paul N. Wogan . . . New Orleans, La. Page 264 College of Engineering John C. Bendler . . . David J. Blakeslev, Jr. Lester I. Boone. . . . Earl C. Calkins . . . Godfrey T. Coate . . John J. DeMajo . . . Charles H. Dieth . . John A. Diodene . . . Farrar R. Dodge . . . John S. Duhe .... Thomas C. Earl . . . Gilmer W. Encelhardt . New Orleans, La. . . Franklin, La. . Monticello, Miss. . New Orleans, La. Arkadelphia, Ark. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. . . . Gretna, La. . New Orleans, La. . . Hahnville, La. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. Charles G. Wright . Waldo A. Erickson . . . New Orleans, La. James N. Eustis .... New Orleans, La. Innocenti M. Grisaffi . . New Orleans, La. George A. Heft .... New Orleans, La. M. W. McDonouch, Jr. . New Orleans, La. Arthur G. Mechler . . New Orleans, La. George W. Mod .... New Orleans, La. James E. Peres New Orleans, La. William H. Purves, Jr. . New Orleans, La. Marsh P. Stockton . . . New Orleans, La. Frederic O. Sundbery .... Houma, La. Luis C. ViLLAMizAR .... Colombia, S. A. . New Orleans, La. George J. Becker, Jr. C. E. Bonnett, Jr. . Robert R. Bruce, Jr. . Robert C. Carter . College of Commerce . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. Independence, Mo. New Orleans, La. Marion H. Dover Florien, La. Melville E. White. Victor E. Maurer Richard M. Page . Thomas A. Piacun Richard F. Price . Frank D. Tuller . New Orleans, La. Lake Charles, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. SOPHOMORE CLASS Lucille M. Articues Vivian Black . . . Babette L. Bollag . Mary A. Boyes . . Camille M. Cambon Caroline P. Coates. Dorothy R. Colomb . Ruth M. Connor . Sophie M. Cdx . . . Helen V. Dempsey. Viola M. Dieth . . Bernice M. Dippacher . Dorothy A. Dooley . . Sylvia C. Dreyfous . Louise T. Eisenstaedt . Dorothy E. Everett. . Katharine D. Fr. zier Eloise M. Generes . . Velma a. Girelius. . Mary A. Greene. . . Margaret L. Grinnell Oklahoma City, Okla. Sophie E. Halliday . . . . Beaumont, Tex. Hope Hardy Alexandria, La. Dorothy M. Haydel . . New Orleans, La. Mary D. Hebron El Paso, Tex. Newcomb . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. Parkersburg, W. Va. . New Orleans, La. . Baton Rouge, La. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. . , . Jackson, Miss. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. . . New Orleans, La. . . Amarillo, Tex. . Memphis, Tenn. . Glencoe, 111. New Orleans, La. Signal Mt., Tenn. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. College Elizabeth D. Heintzen . New Orleans, La. Janie R. Huey Homerville, Ga. Paulina O. Jordan Waco, Tex. Olivia P. Kammer . . . New Orleans, La. Elinor Konrad .... New Orleans, La. Margaret Krauss .... New Orleans, La. Catherine L. Lallande San Juan, P. R. Elvera Lamensdorf Shaw, Miss. Dorothy L. Mascaro . . New Orleans, La. Kate M. Olivier .... New Orleans, La. Cenetta C. Ortenbach . New Orleans, La. Mary E. Peacock .... Clarksdale, Miss. Elaine Rester New Orleans, La. Anna M. Ricks .... New Orleans, La. Julia S. Rogers .... New Orleans, La. Elizabeth M. Schelin . . New Orleans, La. Mariana A. Scott . . . New Orleans, La. Mary W. Shaw .... New Orleans, La. Helen P. Smith .... New Orleans, La. Marie Louise Stauffer New Orleans, La. Jacqueline T ada . . . Gainesville, Fla. Brooke C. Tunstall .... Norfolk, Va. (Elizabeth J. S. Walters . New Orleans, La. Sophie M. Welsch . . . New Orleans, La. Jane S. Williams . . . Bridgeport, Tenn. Paae 285 School of John P. Adams .... Panama City, Fla. John M. Anderson Laurel, Miss. John P. Buckley. . . . New Orleans, La. Ernest N. Carmouche. . . . Crowley, La. J. Massev Cobb Tuskegee, Ala. Samuel J. Crapitto .... Houston, Tex. J. Douglas Dickson .... Amarillo, Tex. Joseph W. Douglas .... Brewton, Ala. James H. Eddy, Jr. . . . New Orleans, La. WiLLL M E. Ehlert . . . Waterproof, La. Irving M. Essrig Tampa, Fla. Frances E. Evans . . . New Orleans, La. William L. Fitts, III . . . . Atlanta, Ga. Ivan W. Gessler . . . McMinnvllle, Tenn. Robert L. Gleason . . . Wilkes-Barre, Pa. Frank S. Glover, III . . . . Houston, Tex. Ralph G. Greenlee .... Mercedes, Tex. W. Burford Hahn .... Columbus, Tex. Joseph R. Harris, Jr. . . . Shreveport, La. C. Mallory Harwell, Jr. . . Osceola, Ark. HiLiARY H. Henderson, Jr. . Greenville, Ala. John A. Holmes .... New Orleans, La. Lemuel P. James, Jr James, Ga. H. C. Jernigan, Jr. . . Albuquerque, N. M. J.4CK R. Jones Baton Rouge, La. Cheney C. Joseph . . . White Castle, La. Jack M. Kluft .... Perth Amboy, N. J. J. Weldon Lamb .... Paragould, Ark. WooDROw M. Lamb .... Paragould, Ark. Bertha M. Levy . . Oklahoma Citv, Okla. Medicine Joseph Levy, Jr Tulsa, Okla. Lawrence C. Lewis, Jr. . . Tuskegee, Ala. Troy F. Long Okemah, Okla. Manuel C. Lores (y Vallhonrat) . . Havana, Cuba Jack H. Mayfield Tyler, Tex. Richard E. C. Miller . . . Alexandria, La. MiTsuo Miyamoto Hilo, T. H. ToRU NisHiGAYA Honolulu, T. H. Ezra B. Perry Bessemer, Ala. Roland F. Phillips . . Oklahoma City, Okla. Sam M. Powell, Jr. . . . Pine Bluff, Ark. William W. Pugh, Jr. . Napoleonville, La. Joseph P. Riley, Jr Eudora, Ark. Llewelyn D. Roberts . . Hamilton, Mont. Maurice E. St. Martin . New Orleans, La. Jackson T. Scull . . . San Antonio, Tex. Jack E. Shangold . . . Perth Amboy, N. J. Lloyd H. Sherrill Houston, Tex. Thomas L. Shinnick, Jr. . . . Beloit, Wis. Mortimer Silvey Brooklyn, N. Y. George L. Thorpe .... Okmulgee, Okla. Samuel P. Todaro Temple, Tex. Seymour H. Wasserman . . Brooklyn, N. Y. Russell B. Watson . . . Missoula, Mont. Edward T. White, Jr. . . . Pensacola, Fla. Lawrence M. Williamson . Lindsay, Okla. Rebecca S. Wright Mobile, Ala. Lynn Zarr Temple, Tex. Nick J. Accardo . . . . C. W. Andrews, Jr. . . Calvin K. Benedict . . Sidney H. Blessey, Jr. . David H. Br.ADLEY ' . . Edwin L. Brock . . . Mary A. Burke . . . Philip K. Burwell . . Nicholas M. Campbell RuFus M. Carimi . . . Robert P. Currie . . . Robert S. Dexheimer . John F. Dirmann, Jr. . H. C. Doescher, Jr. . . John C. Dubret . . . Leland p. Durant . . Bernard P. Evans . . . Lawrence J. Fabacher . Anthony Fernandez . . Cameron B. Gamble . Michael N. Goldberg . Samuel J. Goldberg . Carl F. Goll, IV . . William W. Grace . . College of Arts and Sciences . . Patterson, La. Louis H. B. Graham . . New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. Carl J. Gulotta .... New Orleans, La. , New Orleans, La. Harry Gurievsky .... New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. Daniel M. Hare .... Evansville, Ind. New Orleans, La. Daniel L. Hartman . . Long Island, N. Y. New Orleans, La. Irving Hirshleifer . . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. New Orleans, La. Clement W. Inclan . . . . Havana, Cuba . . Merida, Mex. label A. Katz .... New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. y,„Q j _ LaRocca . . . New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. Arthur P. Laubengayer . New Orleans, La. . Big Spring, Tex. Werner Lentjes Tampa, Fla. New Orleans, La. „, » t »t i t , ' Worth M. Luckett . . . New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. „ ,, „ , T James B. McGrath . . . Montgomery, Ala. New Orleans, La. ■s., r T Leon Marcus Brooklyn, N. Y. New Orleans, La. ■ ' ' . Milwaukee, Wis. " ' = ' ' - " ' ' ' ' " " ' ew Orleans, La. . M emphis, Tenn. - " ■ Filler, Jr. . . . New Orleans, La. New Orleans La James A. Moreau . . . New Orleans, La. Shell Beach La. John F. N.wos New Orleans, La. New Orleans La. Raymond O. Nussbaum . New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. Ralph D. Parmley Electra, Tex. New Orleans, La. Jack E. Perkins Mandeville, La. New Orleans, La. James R. Philp Franklin, Pa. . Ft. Myers, Fla. Henry M. Pipes Houma, La. Page 286 Alton R. Pruit Causey, N. M. Paul K. Ranb, Jr Alexandria, La. Myra G. Ray New Orleans, La. Raymond F. Salmen . . New Orleans, La. A. S. Seferovic?! .... New Orleans, La. Wm. H. Slaughter, Jr. . New Orleans, La. Elbert J. Soskis Mulberry, Fla. Francis M. Stone .... Ft. Scott, Kan. Ernest M. Sutter . . J. H. DOLAN Tipping . W. Porter Tull . . . Leonard S. Ungar . . Daniel J. Watermeier Claude H. Weaver . George L. Wimeerly . John H. Woodbridge . College of Engineering Herman Blum, Jr. . . H. J. Boudreau ' x, Jr. . Michael J. Cade . . . Thomas W. Dubourg . Edgar B. Fontaine, Jr Kenneth L. Gabel . Okl John B. Gaston . . . John B. C. Graugnard . Eugene A. Grimaldi . Vernon P. Grundmann Lonnie E. Kees . . . New Orleans, La. Morgan City, La. . . Dallas, Tex. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. ahoma City, Okla. . . . York, Ala. . . Edgard, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. Brookhaven, Miss. College of John S. Arthur .... New Orleans, La. Louis L. Bernard .... New Orleans, La. Charles W. Bradley Norco, La. J. Lindly Budreau, Jr. . . . Savannah, Ga. Le Verb Cooley, III Slidell, La. John H. Fellman . . . New Orleans, La. Elmo L. Jones New Orleans, La. Jos. G. Lallande, Jr. . . . San Juan, P. R. Geo. j. Le Gardeur. . . New Orleans, La. Elm D. Wood . . . E. j. Koifskey, Jr. . . Edward J. McNamara . Norman C. Melun . . Philip J. Mitchell . . Walter B. Moses, Jr. . C. E. Olschner, Jr. . . Irvin j. Rome . . . Cristobal Rosas, Jr. . Cecil Schwartz . . . Thompson J. Simpson. Cammie D. Smith, Jr. Louis O. Thames. . • Commerce John S. Lemann . . Alvin F. Michell . Nahum Mickal . . Sidney F. Montz . . Norvtn p. Oliver, Jr. Norman E. Tharp . Lyman E. Thornton Harry S. Vorhaben . Richard E. Watson . . . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. . . Brewton, Ala. . New Orleans, La. . . Tchula, Miss. New Orleans, La. . Thibodaux, La. New Orleans, La. . Meridian, Miss. New Orleans, La. . Shreveport, La. . Destrehan, La. . . . Lima, Peru . . Canton, Miss. . Mandeville, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La . . New Orleans, La . . New Orleans, La . . New Orleans, La . . New Orleans, La . . New Orleans, La . . New Orleans, La . . New Orleans, La . . Lake Charles, La FRESHMAN CLASS Newcomb College Faith Bancroft .... BiLLiE A. Bath. . . • Selma M. Bauer. . . Marjorie E. Binswanger Elizabeth Le M. Boatner Rosa E. Brash Pauline L Brook . . . Florence G. Brooks . . Dorothy L. Bryson . . Marguerite P. Bultman Elise M. Cambon . . . Jane L. Cohen .... Georgette C. Coleman Rachel de W. Colgan . Mireille Couret . . . Mary T. Daigle . . . . Lucienne M. Danaciera Stillwater, Minn. Lucinda C. Demarest . . New Orleans, La. Houston, Tex. Eileen M. Dennison . . Wellsburg, W. Va. New Orleans, La. Lucille M. Emmer . . . New Orleans, La. Kansas City, Mo. Lily Ferrara New Orleans, La. Marjorie C. Freund .... St. Louis, Mo. .New Orleans, La. Yvonne Gallinghouse . . New Orleans, La. . Gulfport, Miss. Ruth de G. Gelpi . . . New Orleans, La. . . Bastrop, La. Simmie Goldberg Falmouth, Ky. New Orleans, La. Betty L. Goldstein .... Shreveport, La. , . Louisville, Ga. Lorraine Gordon .... New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. Ruth E. Groffman . . . New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. Ruth B. Gumbin Chicago, 111. . . Chicago, III. Selma E. Haas New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. Margery S. H.4sseltine . . . Carville, La. New Orleans, La. Pearl C. Hershberg . . . New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. Jean C. Hudson .... New Orleans, La. . . Crowley, La. Reba L. Judkins .... New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. Eleanor T. Kannon . . . Columbia, Tenn. Page 287 Jams C. Kaufman . . . Montgomery, Ala. Martha V. Kay .... New Orleans, La. Alfreda K. King .... Tylertown, Miss. Carloita M. King . . . New Orleans, La. Dorothy O. Korxdorffer, New Orleans, La. Olga M. Lachin .... New Orleans, La. BiLLiE J. Lacy Shreveport, La. Alma A. L. garde . . . New Orleans, La. Shirley Latfer .... New Orleans, La. Stephenay M. Lindahl . . Choudrant, La. Hazel L. Long New Orleans, La. Amelie M. Malochee . . New Orleans, La. Lucy Makcuso Kenner, La. Bers ' ice L. Marks Bristol, Va. Myrl R. Marrero Gretna, La. Margery MaR.y Chicago, 111. Marjorie J. McBride . . New Orleans, La. Louta B. Mills Chicago, 111. Margaret McI. Moore . . New Orleans, La. Jane Munzesheimer . . . . Houston, Tex. Janet Nickoll Milwaukee, Wis. Katherine L. Ochse . . San Antonio, Tex. Corinne O. Ortenbach . New Orleans, La. Julia H. Peytral . . . New Orleans, La. June L. Popham .... Fort Worth, Tex. Peggy Price New Orleans, La. Trinidad M. Ramos . . . New Orleans, La. Berkeley G. Rvan .... Clarendon, Tex. Alice G. Schramm . . . New Orleans, La. Adley L. Schvveinfurth . New Orleans, La. Ethel R. Sentilles . . . New Orleans, La. Katherine E. Smith . . Wichita Falls, Tex. Margarette E. Weed . . New Orleans, La. Nancy E. Wheless .... Shreveport, La. Eugenia V. Wilkins . . . Columbia, Tenn. Frances B. Wilkinson . . New Orleans, La. Leila C. Wilkin ' SON . . . New Orleans, La. School of Medicine Blaize Amoroso . . . Celestine R. Atkinson Samuel C. Atkinson . Robert C. Bateman . Edwin H. Bodenheim . Jackson L. Bostwtck . . Chas. R. Brownell, Jr. Luther P. Crull . . . Ernest G. DeBakey. . William P. Downey . Horace B. Dozier . . Kenneth Dunham . . John L. Dyer . . . . Adolfo J. Garcia . . Leopoldo Garcia . . . I. Oliver Gooch . . . Jesse D. Harris . . . John W. Henrickson . Ned W. Holland . . . John C. Hope, Jr. . . Alvin E. Johnson, Jr. . John H. Keller . . . L. HaDEN KlRKPATRICK . Samuel S. Klein . . . John F. Lally, Jr. . . Sunnie M. Lewis . . Charles O. Lilly . . . Mario Lopez .... Lee Hall Lorenzen. . . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. . . . Waverly, Ga. . . Springfield, Ky. . Ix)ng ' iew, Tex. . . . Miami, Fla. . Morgan City, La. . Greenwood, Miss. . Lake Charles, La. . Tallapoosa, Ga. . . Ft. Smith, Ark. . St. Augustine, Fla. . New Orleans, La. . . Falfurreas, Tex. . . . Ponce, P. R. . . Shamrock, Tex. . . . Cordele, Ga. . Whittenburg, Tex. . . . Blakely, Ga. . . . Mobile, Ala. . New Orleans, La. China Grove, N. C. . Owensboro, Ky. New Rochelle, N. Y. . New Orleans, La. . . Guthrie, Okla. . New Orleans, La. . . . Laredo, Tex. . New Orleans, La. Charles S. McCall, Jr. . Bennettsville, S. C. William C. McGregor . . Anderson, S. C. Ernesto C. Martinez (y Lanausse) . . Ponce, P. R. George J. Mitchell . . . Meridian, Miss. Karl M. Moulder Lebanon, Mo. Nelson A. Murr. y . . . Jacksonville, Fla. Hardgrove S. Norris . . St. Augustine, Fla. McLeod Patterson . . . Coral Gables, Fla. Charles K. Pitt Trinity, Ala. Harold E. Ratcliffe . . New Orleans, La. Nathan Resnick Newark, N. J. Frederick L. Reuter . . . New Orleans, La. Carlos Rovira (y Pales) . Guayama, P. R. Andres E. Salazar (y Rivera) . Ponce, P. R. William D. Sellers, Jr. . Birmingham, Ala. Harley C. Shands Jackson, Miss. KiYOSHi Shimabukuro . Laupahoehoe, T. H. Bliss C. Shrapnel . . Balboa Heights, C. Z. William B. Smith Dubach, La. Robert J. Starkey . . E. Templeton, Mass. Morton M. Stern Newark, N. J. Margaret E. Strange . . New Orleans, La. William W. Trice, Jr. . . . Tampa, Fla. Charles E. Tucker .... Lexington, Ky. Marion A. Waggoner . . Tonkawa, Okla. Joseph C. Wilson .... Hollandale, Miss. Cyril T. Yancey Monroe, La. Reuben A. Zarrilli . . . New Orleans, La. John V. Connell . . William J. Daly . . Charles R. Daniel . Thomas C. Fischer . l. r. hollincshead . Louis A. Mahoney . Frederick W. Miller College of Law . Luverne, Minn. Joseph E. Pare .... New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. James T. Richards . . . New Orleans, La. . . Van Wert, O. Percy Sandel Monroe, La. New Orleans, La. Roland R. Selenberg . . New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. Alva S. Weatherford. . New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. Beryl E. Wolfson . . . New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. Frederick Zengel. . . . New Orleans, La. Page 288 College of Arts and Sciences RonEKT J. Adams . . . Harold S. Andry . . . Leon T. Apgar .... George B. Atkins . . Sam C. Barthe . . . Juan W. Batista . . . Leo S. Behrens .... Emile J. Bernard, Jr. . John L. Bertucci . . . Ralph W. Bond, Jr. . . ROSOLIN J. Boneno . . Anthony J. Calagno . Joshua N. Caplan . . John W. Cavanah, Jr. . L. L. Cazenavette, Jr. . Guy Cheng Earl B. Claiborne . . Lawrence R. Collins . Alfred Courville . . . Fernando J. Cuquet, Jr. Carl F. Dailey . . . . Gesuardo a. Danna EwELL E. Eagan . . John M. Ellis, Jr. . . E. B. Ferguson, Jr. . Bill V. Flowers . . Adolph Folse , . . John B. Foret . . . Vance M. Fry . . . Wm. D. Glasscock . Joseph V. Gregoratti Vincent S. Giuffre . Normal B. Hall, Jr. . E. K. Herrmann, Jr. Abe L. Hershberg . N. N. Hingle, Jr. . . H. B. Hollingsworth, Walter M. Johnston Samuel O. Kancher William R. Konrad . David A. Kraus . . Michael J. Kyame . James V. Lambert. . JR . Shreveport, La. . New Orleans, La. . . . Monroe, La. . New Orleans, La, . New Orleans, La. . Philadelphia, Pa. . Madisonville, La. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. . Shanghai, China . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. Breaux Bridge, ta. . New Orleans, La. . . Balboa, C. Z. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. Mt. Pleasant, Tex. . New Orleans, La. . Big Spring, Tex. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. . Wilmington, Va. . New Orleans, La. . . . Gretna, La. . New Orleans, La. . Sweetwater, Tex. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. . New- Orleans, La. , . . Elizabeth, La. . Patagonia, Ariz. . New Orleans, La. . Ne w Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. . New York, N. Y. Charles B. Lansdell . Abel Lescano . . . . Essin Lewis James A. Lewis, III . . Edward R. Linn, Jr. . Mercer P. Longing . . Bo D R. McKiraiian . F. W. Mahler, Jr. . . R. J. Marshall, Jr. . . George C. Mick . . . Leon Miller .... John Mistretta . . . Leon S. Musacchia . . Don F. Overdyke, Jr. . Early B. Pardue . . . Paul J. Pare .... Theodore Perkins . . Billy Porretto . . . Alexander E. Ralston . .Wm. G. Rankin, Jr. . Horace V. Richards . . Jake H. Ristroph . . . Lawrence L. Robert, Jr. William B. Rose . . . Chas. a. Rosebrough . . William A. Sample . . Tom Sawada Curtis F. Scott, Jr. . . Richard C. P. Seither. Vence Smith PlERCY- J. StAKELUM . . Edwin F. Stumpf, Jr. . Alton C. Sullivan . . Merrick W. Swords, Jr. James M. Vail . . . Gilbert H. Vorhoff Leslie L. Watson, Jr. H. M. Wilkinson, Jr. James N. Wilson, Jr. John Wissinger . . Joseph L. Wymer . Gail S. Young, Jr. . Harry L. Zengel, Jr. . . . Conroe, Tex. . . Havana, Cuba . , . Bogalusa, La. . . Columbus, Ga. . New Orleans, La. . . Provencal, La. . New Orleans, La. . . Raleigh, N. C. . New Orleans, La. . . . . lago, Tex. . . Shreveport, La. . . . Tampa, Fla. . New Orleans, La. . . Shreveport, La. . . Shreveport, La. . . . Chicago, 111. . Panama City, Fla. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. Jefferson Parish, La. , . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. . Sweetwater, Tex. . . Shreveport, La. . . . Crichton, Ala. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. . Bogue Chitto, Miss. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. . Elmore City, Okla. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. . L pper Darb ' , Pa. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. College of Engineering Allen D. Acomb . . . . Wm. H. Aldridge . . . Walter O. Batista . . Kenneth Q. Bercer . . . Jules F. Blass Herman F. Bopp . . . . Sylvain C. Bouche . . . James S. Boudreau x . . H. B. Bradford, Jr. . . . James C. Cammack, Jr. . Joseph G. DeL.wte . . . Owen H. Foss Edwin J. Friedrichs . . . New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. Philadelphia, Pa. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. . Ville Platte, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. Charles L. Fultz . . Joseph A. Gaudin . . Andre D. Gomez . . . Wallace V. deGruy . Rene A. Guas . . . Thom.as S. Harllee . . Van E.aton Hart . . . Lewis E. Hinsh.aw, Jr. Joseph T. Hogan . . . Warren L. Jaubert . . Ralf Johannessen . . Beverly V. Johnson. . Ernest W. Jones. . . . New Orleans, La. . East St. Louis, 111. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. . Havana, Cuba . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. Page 289 Robert H. Kees . . . Hanckes a. Klein . George N. Koehler . David M. Korn . . Jos. H. LeBlanx, Jr. K. L. McIn ' tosh . . Ed W. Mason . . . Luis A. Mayoral . . Richard K. Meginn . Harry B. Moore . . Robert L. Morris, III Homer J. Osborn . . . . . Magee, Miss. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. Bay St. Louis, Miss. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La, . . Alexandria, La. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. . . Baltimore, Md. Arthur C. Porter . James A. Rabalais . Lloyd J. Rittiner . . Charles O. Rogers . Gayle Schnkidau . . Theodore J. SMini . Vm. F. Standke, Jr. James F. Villere . . Seth J. Wei.don . . George R. White, Jr. John W. Whitty, Jr. Harold R. Ziifle . . New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. . Baton Rouge, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. . . Norwood, La. New Orleans, La. . . . Gretna, La. College of Commerce Raymond Baguley . Burton J. Banker . Michael A. Bengi.is. Geo. S. Cambias, Jr. Vincent B. D ' Antoni Du Val F. Dickey . M.- x Dover .... Malcolm G. Haas . Herbert B. Hendricks . New Orleans, La. . Lake Charles, La. . . . Sulphur, La. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. . Florien, La. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. John C. Wallace, Jr. William T. Hogg, Jr. . James E. Johnson, Jr.. George C. Kohl . , . E. A. Laroussini . . . Chas. B. Maginnis, Jr. . GusTAVE A. Manthey . LuciEN S. Miranne. . Richard E. Swann, Jr.. Wm. G. Troescher, Jr. . New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. . . Duchesne, U. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. . Winder, Ga. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. SPECIALS Newcomb College LvDiA R. Decker . . Ann V. DuRAND. . . Laura Fenner . . . Ethel D. Ganier. . Carolyn Gay . . . Ethel E. Gonzalez . Elsie D. Grueber . . Eunice R. Hardy . . Juliet M. Hutton . . New Orleans, La. . . Hobart, Okla. . New Orleans, La. . . . Percy, Miss. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. . Milwaukee, Wis. . New Orleans, La. . . . Minden, La. Margaret L. Wise Dorothy W. Juden . . . New Orleans, La. Louch.e J. Kelly .... San Angelo, Tex. Elizabeth M. Malone . . New Orleans, La. Jeanne M. Oehmichen Garden City, L. L, N. Y. CiRACE Peckham . . . Corpus Christi, Tex. GoLDiE p. Stool Del Rio, Tex. Mae p. Webb New Orleans, La. Margaret E. Willette . Los Angeles, Calif. . . . Sumter, Ga. Vaughan H. Ellzev College of Law Shreveport, La. John J. Williams New Orleans, La. Colin Campbell, Jr. . Albert J. P. Gorman David H. Haire . . College of Arts and Sciences . New Orleans, La. . . . Gary, Ind. New Orleans, La. Leo T. Happel . . Mary L. J. Smith . Jack C. Whitesell . . Evansville, Ind. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. IsADOR I. Lazarus . College of Commerce New Orleans, La. Harold M. Powelson . St. Cloud, Minn. UNCLASSIFIED College of Commerce Donald M. Cauley New Orleans, La. George S. Dinwtddie New Orleans, La. Page 2?0 SECOND SEMESTER REGISTRATIONS WooDROW M. Lamb Jack C. McCurdy . Henry Barnett . . Robert F. Cugle . . John V. Connell . SENIOR CLASS College of Law John P. Everett Farrncrville, La. College of Arts and Sciences . . Paragould, Ark. Kenneth L. McIntosh . Bay St. I-ouis, Miss. . . Marshall, Tex. Donau) R. Porter Patterson, Ga. College of Commerce . New Orleans, La. Thomas F. Kirby Molinc, 111. . New Orleans, La. Raymond L. Thompson . Cleveland Hts., O. JUNIOR CLASS College of Arts and Sciences . . Luverne, Minn. John W. Kent Percy, Miss. Joseph M. Wilmams, Jr. . . Lakeland, Fla. College of Commerce Ferdinand M. Lob ... . New Orleans, La. SOPHOMORE CLASS College of Arts and Sciences William P. Cody Louis R. Cupp . . . . Chicago, 111. . . Tyler, Tex. Frank H. Moore . Eugene W. Harmon Charles A. Levy, Jr. Bowling Green, Ky. College of Commerce Cecil E. Henley .... Rosedale, Miss. FRESHMAN CLASS Newcomb College . . . Gary, Ind. New Orleans, La. Emily J. Macduff . Rosemary O ' Shea . . Jeanette a. Petrie . Jacksonville, Fla. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. Annette Shiff . . . Martha Trosper . . Francis J. Westfeldt Fred O. Carlile John F. Foley . . He.-jry C, Foss . . Jesse Gurland . Floyd L. Getsincer (Mrs.) Tomye H. H. College of Arts and Sciences . . . Deland, Fla. Ainsworth V. Jordy . . Fort Wayne, Ind. Edgar R. D. Smith . . . . Chicago, 111. Leonard Toiusso . . . . Bayonne, N. J. Meyer C. Wagner . . College of Engineering Thomas R. Pearson, Jr. . . Picayune, Miss. College of Commerce . New Orleans, La. Charles A. Severson . New Orleans, La. Oklahoma City, Okla. . . New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. . Covington, La. . . Istrouma, La. . . Houston, Tex. SPECIALS Newcomb College Fischer .... . New Orleans, La. Peggy Frank . . Barbara H. Kalif Oak Park, II Jacksonville, Fla. New Orleans, La. College of Arts and Sciences Sergio J. deEspinosa (y Saaverio) . . . Marianao, Havana, Cuba UNCLASSIFIED College of Arts and Sciences Robert C. Carter New Orleans, La. Robert L. Swarts Chicago, 111. Page 291 FACULTY OF THE GRADUATE SCHOOL John- MacLaren McBrvde, Ph.D., Litt.D. Dean Mary Bernard Ali.ek, Ph.D. M.w Alice Ai.len, Ph.D. DouGL.AS Smith Anderson, A.B., M.A., D.Sc. NoLA Lee Anderson, Ph.D. Chari.es Cassedv Bass, M.D., D.Sc, F.A.C.P. Edward Ambrose Bechtei,, Ph.D . SiDN-EV William Bliss, Ph.D. Clarenxe Elmore Bonnett, Ph.D. Walter Christian Bosch, M.S. Herbert Eari.e Buchanan, Ph.D.. LL.D. Wiley Ross Buffincton, M.D. Caroline Maude Burson, A.M. Pierce Butler, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Alvin Boyd Cardvvell, Ph.D. Helen Rees Clifford, Ph.D. Charles Franklin Craig, M.D., M.A., F.A C.S., F.A.C.P. Harold Cummins, Ph.D. Donald Derickson, C.E. Charles Barber Dicks, Jr., B.E., M.S. J. Y Karl Ditchy, Ph.D. Lionel Charles Durel, Ph.D. William Larkin Duren. Jr., Ph.D. Charles Warren Duval, A.M., M.D.. F.A.C.P. Daniel Stanley Elliott, Ph.D. Ernest Carroll Faust, Ph.D. John Madison Fletcher, Ph.D. Paul Cameron Foster, Ph.D. Raymond Freas, Ph.D. Lydia Elizabeth Frotscher, Ph.D. IDYS MiMS Gage, M.D., F.A.C.S. Hermann Bertram Gessner, M.A., M.D., F.A.C.S. Harlak Welch Gilmore, Ph.D. Harley Nathan Gould, Ph.D. William Benjamin Gregory, M.M.E. John Taylor Halsey. M.D. Frederick Hard, Ph.D. Edward Sturtevant Hathaway, Ph.D. John Raymond Hume, M.D. Powell Horner Humphries, S.B. (E.E.). S.M. (E.E.; Arthur Ordway Kastler, B.E., M.S., Ph.D. John Smith Kendall. M.A. Edward Lacy King, B.A., M.D., F.A.C.S. Richard Ray Kirk, A.M. Henry Laurens, Ph.D. Stella Marie Aglae Leche, Ph.D. Harold Newton Lee, Ph.D. Isaac Ivan Lemann, B.A., M.D., F.A.C.P. James Adair Lyon, A.M., D.Sc Roger Philip McCutcheon, Ph.D., Litt.D. Melvin Albert Martin, Ph.D. Marie Byrd Dees-Maitingly, B.A., B.S., M.D. Hymen Samuel Mayerson, Ph.D. Charles Jefferson Miller, M.D., D.Sc, F.A.C.S. Williams McLean Mitchell, Ph.D. Clara Marie deMilt, Ph.D. Rose LeDieu Mooney, Ph.D. Hal Walters Moseley, M.S., M.A. John Herr Musser, B.S., M.D., F.A.C.P. Herman Clarence Ni ' xon, Ph.D. Stuart Grayson Noble, Ph.D. Edward William Alton Ochsner, B.A., M.D., F.A.C.S. William Theodore Penfound, Ph.D. William Harvey Perkins, M.D. Elisha Fred Pollard, Ph.D. Claire William Ricker, S.B., S.M., M.E.E. Ernest Henry Riedel, Ph.D. Herbert Parkes Riley, Ph.D. Tames Marshall Robert. B.E. Dorothy Wilson Seago, Ph.D. Charles Intervale Silin, Ph.D. Wilbur Cleveland Smith, A.B., M.D. Reinhard August Steinmayer, B.S. Imogen Stone, A.M. Robert Ale ' .xander Strong, M.D., F.A.A.P. Mack Buckley Swearingen, Ph.D. Marten ten Hoor, Ph.D. Susan Dinsmore Tew, Ph.D. Joseph Fraser Thomson, Ph.D. Roy Hope Turner, B.S., M.D. Joseph Clay Walker, Ph.D. Robert Petrie Walton, Ph.D. Marie Johanna Weiss, Ph.D. Charles Samuel Williamson, Jr., M.S. Francis Henry Wilson, Ph.D. James Edward Winston, Ph.D. Elizabeth Wisner, Ph.D. Garrett Polhemus Wyckoff, A.B., LL.D. DEPARTMENT OF MIDDLE AMERICAN RESEARCH Frans Blom, Ph.B., A.m. Director Hermann Beyer, Ph.D. Andre Duval Arthur Eric Gropp, M.A. Library Staff Gerhard Theodore Kramer, M.Arch. Felix Webster McBryde, B.A. E rnest Noyes Doris Zemurray Stone, B.A. Muriel Fannye Haas, B.A., B.S. in L.S. Maurice Ruddell Ries, B.A. FACULTY OF THE GRADUATE SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Hiram Watkins Kostmayer, A.B., M.D., F.A.C.S. Deari Alfred Louis Adam, M.D. LuciAN White Ale ' xander, M.D., F.A.C.S. KoTZ Allen, M.D., F.A.C.S. Henry Bernis Alsobrook, B.S., M.D. Norman Elliot Applewhite, B.S., M.D. James Edwin Bailey, M.D. George Elliott P.atric Barnes, B.S., M.D. Mary Elizabeth Bass, M.D., F.A.C.P. Philip Joseph Bayon, B.S., M.D. Robert Bernhard, M.D., F.A.C.P. Oscar Walter Bethea, Ph.G., F.C.S., M.Ph., M.D., F.A.C.P. Emile Bloch, M.D., F.A.C.S. Charles James Bloom, B.S., M.D., F.A.C.P., F.A.A.P. Eleazar Robinson Bowie, B.S.- M.D. William Plummer Bradburn, Jr., B.S., M.D., F.A.C.S. Walter Rogers Brewster, B.A., M.D., F.A.C.S. Joseph Eugene Brierre, M.D. Marion Earle Brown, M.D. Donovan Clarence Browne, A.B., M.D. Earl Zollicoffer Browne, B.A.. M.D. Wiley Ross Buffington, M.D. Ansel Marion Caine, B.A., M.D. Arthur Anthony Caire, Jr., A.B., M.D., F.A.C.S. Lionel Louis Cazenavette, M.D. •On leave of absence beginning in January, 1936, for the remainder of the Session. Page 292 FACULTY OF THE GRADUATE SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Ralph Jamfs Chkisjman, U.S., M.I). Wii.MAM Burton Ci.ark, M.I). Hymen Leon Cohen, B.S., M.I)., F.A.C.S. Isidore Cohn, B.S., M.D., F.A.C.S. John Ashbi ' Coi.cr.ouon, B.S., M.l). EoMUNi) McCoi.lam Connei.v, B.A., M.l). Charles Franklin Craic, M.D., M.A. F.A.C.S F.A.C.P., Col. (I. S. Army, M. ' c, Retired, D.S.M, IlAROM) Cummins, B.A., Ph.D. Carl Calvin Dauer, A.B., M.D., M.P.H. John Lewellvn Davis, B.S., M.D. John Ale ' xander Devron, A.B., A.M., M.D. Charles Dirker Ehlert, B.S., M.D Allan Ciiotari) Eustis, B.S., Ph.B., M.D., F.A.CP. Ernest Carroll Faust, B.A., M.A„ Ph.D. Frederick Leonard Fenno, M.D., F.A.CP. Albert Emile Fossier, A.M., M.D. Andrew Vallois Friedrichs, B.S., M.D. Manuel Gardberg, B.S., M.D. Walter Peters Gardiner, B.S., M.D. Carl Ellis Granberry, B.S., M.D. William Robvn Hardy, B.S., M.D. William Herbert Harris, A.B., M.D. Edward Sparhawk Hatch, M.D., F.A.C.S. Aynaud Foster Hebert, B.S., M.D., F.A.C.S. Floyd Michael Hindelang, M.D. Earl Aden Hocan, M.D. Charles Shute Holbrook, B.S., M.D.. F.A.CP. Ralph Hopkins, A.B., M.D. Roy Edward de la Houssaye, B.S., M.D. John Raymond Hume, M D. Samuel Karlin, A.B., M.D. Frank James Kinberger, M.D. Willoughby Eaton Kittredge, M.D. Paul George Lacroix, B.S., M.D., F.A.C.S. Edmund Lawrence Leckert, M.D. Francis Ernest LeJeune, B.S.. M.A., M.D. Walter Edmond Levy, B.S., M.D., F.A.C.S. James Leon Lewis, M.D. John Aden Lewis, M.l). John Eugene Lindner, B.S., M.D. Randolph Lyons, A.B., M.l)., F.A.CP. Joseph Denegke Makmn, M.D. (iEORGE Al.IRED MAVKK, M.l)., F.A.C.S. An ' ionio Mayoral, M.D. Harkv Me er, M.l). Thomas Hillman Olipjiant, B.S., M.l). Waller Joseph Otis, M.D. Arthur Neai. Owens, B.S., M.D. Rawley Maritn Penick, Jr., Ph.K., M.D., F.A.C.S. William Harvey Perkins, M.D. Nathan Hirsch Polmer, B.S., M.D. John Galbraiih Pratt, M.D. Percy Lennard Querens, M.D. Isidore Leon Robbins, M.D. John Clement Rodick. M.D. Warren Leucht Rosen, B.S., M.D. Charles William Rossner, Jr., D.D.S. Howard Hugo Russell, B.S., M.D. Ernest Charles Samuel, M.D. John T. Sanders, B.S., M D„ F.A.C.S. Leonard Case Scott, B.S., Ph.D., M.D. William Henry Seemann, A.B., A.M., B.Ph.. M.D. Thomas Benton Sellers, Ph.G , M D , F.A.C.S. Daniel Nathan Silverman, M.D., F.A.CP. Sidney Kohn Simon, A.B., M.D., F A.C.P. John Holmes Smith, Jr., M.D. Wilbur Cleveland Smith, A.B., M.D. Dudley Marcus Stewart, B.S., M.D. Jack Ezell Strange, M.D. Paul Tilman Talbot, M.D., F.A.C.S. Meyer David Teitelbaum, M.D. George Hampden Upton, M.D. Martin Thomas Van Studdiford, B.S., A.B.. M.D. William Alfred Wagner, M.D., F.A.C.S. Herbert Leon Weinberger, A.B., M.D. Moses Carl Wilensk- -, M.D. WiLLARD Ralph Wirth, B.S., M.D. FACULTY OF THE SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WORK Elizabeth Wisner, Ph.D. Director Grace Alta Browning, A.M. Frederick Leonard Fenno, M.D. Harlan Welch Gilmore, Ph.D. Mary Lee Gunter, A.B. Dorothy Philomena Haywiser, A.B. Stuart King Jaffary, A.M. Carmelite Janvier, M.A. Mathilda Mathisen, A.M., M.S. William Harvey Perkins, M.D. Elizabeth Lane Porter. A.M. WiLMER Shields, M.A. Harold Alfred Stone, M.S. Florence Sytz, M.S.S. Garrett Polhemus Wyckoff, A.B., LL.D. FACULTY OF THE COURSES FOR TEACHERS James Adair Lyon, A.M., D.Sc. Cliairman Mary Bernard Allen, Ph.D. May Alice Allen, Ph.D. Joseph Anthony Sambola Barry, M.A. Clarence Elmore Bonnett, Ph.D. Herbert Earle Buchanan, Ph.D. Caroline Maude Burson, M.A. Mary Williams Butler Pierce Butler, Ph.D. John Edwin Canady, M.A. Mildred G.ayler Christian, Ph D. George Franklin Cramer, Ph.D. Cerda Louise Donovan, M.S. Lionel Charles Durel, Ph.D. John Madison Fletcher, Ph.D. Lydia Elizabeth Froischer, Ph.D. Harlan Welch Gilmore, Ph.D. Frederick Hard, Ph.D. Esther Finlay Harvey, B.S. Edward Sturtevant Hathaway, Ph.D. SruART King Jaffary ' , Sc.B., A.M. Carmelite Janvier, M.A. John Smith Kendall, M.A. Richard Ray Kirk, A.M. Clara Lewis Landry, M.A. Bertha Allen Latane, M.A. D.agmar Renshaw LeBreton, M.A. Melvin Albert Martin, Ph.D. Arthur Henry Moehlenbrock, M.A. Stuart Grayson Noble, Ph.D. William John Phillips, Jr., M.A. Gladys Anne Rensh.aw, M.A. Ernest Henry Riedel, Ph.D. Dorothy Wilson Seago, Ph.D. George Evans Simmons, B.Journ., A.M. William Francis Smith. M.A. Imogen Stone, M.A. Mack Buckley Swe. ringen, Ph.D. Joseph Clay Walker, Ph.D. James Edward Winston, Ph.D. Rosa Lee Wvatt, M.A. On leave of absence. Page 293 FACULTY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE (Cniil ' niHi ' d from pacjr 4 ) Julian Graubarth, M.D., F.A.A.P. John Taylor Halsev, M.D. George Leon Hardin, B.S., M.D. Ina Morriss Harper, M.D. William Herbert Harris, B.A., M.D. Benjamin Franklin Hart, B.S., M.D. Francis Chavignv Hava, M.D. K. therine H.ward, B.A., M.D. AvNAUD Foster Hebert, B.S., M.D., F.A.C.S. Joseph Second Hebert, M.D. Audrey Ursula Heintz, M.D. Sam Hobson, M.D. Charles Shute Holbrook, B.S., M.D., F.A.C.P. Ralph Hopkins, B.A., M.D. KiYOSHi Hosoi, B.S., M.D., M.S., Ph.D. John Raymond Hume, M.D. HoLLis Carlyle Ingram, B.S., M.D. Anthony Joseph Italiano, B.S., M.D. Sydney Jacobs, B.S., M.D. Stanford Chaili.e Jamison, M.D. Foster M.atthew Johns, M.D. Chapman Gordon Johnson, M.D. Charles Alexander Jones, M.D. Clement Russell Jones, Jr., B.S., M.D. Philip Harold Jones, Jr., B.A., M.D., Ph.D., F.A.C.P. Murrell Herman Kaplan, B.A., M.D. Arthur Ordway Kastler, B.E., M.S., Ph.D. Gerhard Katz, M.D. Edward Lacy King, B.A., M.D., F.A.C.S. Joseph Rudolph Kriz, B.S., M.D. Lloyd John Kuhn, B.S., M.D. Paul George Lacroix, B.S., M.D., F.A.C.S. LuciAN Hypolite Landry, M.D., F.A.C.S. John Alexander Lanford, Ph.G., M.D., F.A.C.P. Joseph Henry Larose, Jr., M.D. Henry Laurens, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Edwin Hugh Lawson, B.S., M.D. Stella Marie Aglae Leche, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Isaac Ivan Lemann, B.A., M.D., F.A.C.P. Walter Edmond Levy, B.S., M.D., F.A.C.S. George Dunlap Lilly ' , B.S., M.D., M.S. Maud Loeber, M.A., M.D., F.A.C.P., F.A.A.P. George King Logan, B.S., M.D. Frank Leo Loria, B.S., M.D. Paul Avery McIlhenny, M.D., F.A.C.S. Howard Raymond Mahorner, B.A., M.D., M.S. George Alfred Mayer, M.D., F.A.C.S. Hymen Samuel Mayerson, B.A., Ph.D. Leon John Menville, M.D. Harry Meyer, M.D. Charles Jefferson Miller, M.D., D.Sc. (Hon.) F.A.C.S. Hilliard Eve Miller, M.D., F.A.C.S. MoRELL Waldo Miller, B.S., M.D. Anees Mocabcab, M.D. John Herr Musser, B.S., M.D., F.A.C.P. Emile Fidel Naef, M.D., F.A.A.P. Louis Ochs, Jr., M.D. Edward William Alton Ochsner, B.A., M.D., F.A.C.S. William Nelson Offutt, III, B.A., M.D. Thomas Hillman Oliphant, B.S., M.D. Arthur Neal Owens, B.S., M.D. Marie Louise Madeline Pareti, B.S., M.D. Rawley Martin Penick, Jr., Ph.B., M.D. William Harvey Perkins, M.D. Albert Baldwin Pitkin, M.D. Byron Edward Pollock, B.A., M.S. John Galbraitii Pratt, M.D. Alberto Prieto (Eleta)j M.D. Joseph William Reddoch, B.S., M.D. Adrian Fargher Reed, B.A., M.S., Ph.D. Isidore Leon Robbins, M.D. Joseph Thomas Roberts, B.A., M.S. Warren Leucht Rosen, B.S., M.D. Howard Hugo Russell, B.S., M.D. John Moses Sartin, M.D. Herbert John Schattenberg, M.D. Leonard Case Scott, B.S., Ph.D., M.D. William Henry Seemann, B.A., M.A., Ph.B., M.D. Joseph Flavianus Sicomo, M.D. Daniel Nathan Silverman, M.D., F.A.C.P. Sidney Kohn Simon, B.A., M.D., F.A.C.P. William Anthony Sodeman, B.S., M.D. Raymond Bostwick Squires, B.A., M.A. John Holmes Smith, Jr., M.D. Wilbur Cleveland Smith, B.A., M.D. Marie Stanbery, B.A., M.D. Ambrose Howell Storck, B.S., M.D., M.S., F.A.C.S. Robert Alexander Strong, M.D., F.A.A.P. John Clyde Swartzwelder, B.S., M.S. Henry Morrow Sweeney, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Edward Perry Thomas, B.A., M.D. Mary Lou Thomason, B.A., M.S. Roy Hope Turner, B.S., M.D. Curtis Hartman Tyrone, M.D., F.A.C.S. Martin Thomas Van Studdiford, B.S., M.D. Georgiana Joan von Lanoermann, B.S., M.D. Edward Garland Walls, B.S., M.D. Robert Petrie Walton, B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Herman Weinberg, M.D. Gladys Richarda Williamson, M.B., Ch.B. (Edin.), D.Ph., F.A.C.P., F.A.A.P. Frederick Harold Wirth, D.D.S., B.S. (Dent.). WiLLARD Ralph Wirth, B.S., M.D. Page 29 ' t Paga 2fB THIS BOOK PRINTED BY. The WORLD ' S LARGEST PUBLISHERS OF CO LLEG E ANNUALS ENSOfJ ' iPRINTING CO.] NASHVILLE TENN COLLEGE ANNUAL HEAOai ARTEItS Page 2?i . sto®f|( ; ' ' h m .f V ' i ' , fc " WI.J: ' t f ' i ' i ' ' i,r ' !V, ' i " ; - ;if( ' : ' V: r ' I A ' " ,,- ■■ m , 1 1 ' , ■ t; rr rl. 1- I M r-N . ' . " !■, ' ' , ' , ■ : H ' ■V:i ■ ' ■), i m ' r ii c , I I (

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