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O ' , m 1 Ifi ; ' ' • ' ,i::v:! ) A I. ' J- - . ,■ ? C-.i ' i :i i —» .. .. ?•■■ ,■. . • - ■ ■ T J- ■ - C, -3 ' 1 Kf= " ' ' ' ' . ■|| J ' ' - •?::?• ' :.. Bliaa %..••;• ' 1 . , ,-■ i ■ :0 H " ' ; ■ ' . • , ■ ' • ■- ' . ' ' ]- ■■-■ ' ■■ •■ ■ ' i wr It-, ' ' ..-•VV • v - • ' " • ■ " - ' ; • •.■-■ ' c • ' •■ I ' - ' r •. ' ,:•-■ ,:!: ,v -.. ' : .. . :•.. r-. ;v • ■••• ' ;•• ' ' ' , ;. ' ■ - ,.- ' li " ■■■- " ■ -■■-. ■ ,■ -i; ' - ■-, ' . ' " •■ ' • ' " • ' - .. " . ' ;■ " .7 -.V-v.-. ■ - ' .. ' " r : ,■... ' .. ' V ' ) " ;•.. uS-: .:f- , ■. t ' " ( (: - r ' •m f ' ; i . , -J. afiV ' MliQ Copyright, 1934 J. H. RANDOLPH FELTUS • EDITOR RICHARD W. FREEMAN • BUS. MGR. The centennid.. • edition of trie student uedr book of • • T U L A N E U N W E li VERS O R L E I W § T Y E T o portray vividly a modern college year — to provide a storehouse for memories of carefree youth — those have been our ambitious aims. To meet the critic ' s charge of " stereotype " with originality despite increased financial woes — that has been our fore- most problem. Do not judge too harshly the result — the • task was difficult. • " ■ " HE conventional in art work — the touch of the artist ' s " pen and brush— has given way to the sculptor ' s hand and photographer ' s lens in developing the theme of this volume. The modeling by Miss Katherine Kammcr — the photography by Mr. J. D. Panficld. T wenty-five years, a quarter of Tulanes great century of progress, he has served us; fifteen years a dean, our coun- selor and friend. May we, the sons of Tulane, by this modest gesture show in some meas- ure our appreciation. We affectionately dedicate this • centennial edition to • Dr. Edward A. Bechtel educator, orator and scholar. Dedication " ■This is an historic volume recording Tulane ' s ' latest year commemoratins her hundredth anniversary. An attempt was made to treat every phase of the University ' s great life, to treat it in a modern hght, with modern decorative motif. Order of books One • University Two • Classes Three • Athletics Four • Features Five • Fraternities Six • Activities Seven • Humor Il ilEHORI lii tURED CUWYOIV HIMG M.D., F.A.C.S. Professor of Surgery, Tulane University DIED APRIL 1, 1933 J tlMES PH 1R[» O ' HEUfY M.D, F.A.C.S. Professor of Oto-laryngology, Tulane University DIED JULY 17, 1933 EDMUniD DIIVEORE M tRTIW M.D., L.L.D , F.A.C.S. Professor of Surgery, Emeritus, Tulane University DIED JULY 21, 1933 ROEAUD ER mCIS §AIU$Oll B.S. Graduate Student and Assistant in Physics, Tulane University DIED OCTOBER 22, 1933 RHUEE JACK HOEEAIVD Student, College of Arts and Sciences, Tulane University DIED MAY 9, 1933 I B O O K O 1 N, ALBERT BLEDSOE DINWIDDIE, PH.D., L L D. INTH president of Tulane, Dr. Dinwiddie has guided the affairs of the Uni- versity through fifteen years of post-war inflation and depression, the most progressive and perhaps the most trying period in the century of steady advancement which forms the remarkable background of the Tulane Universitv of today. Dr. Dinwiddie as- sumed the office of president of the University October 1, 1918. having served pre- viously as dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. His wealth of executive ability and qualities of character and personality soon won for him a position among leading educators of the nation. The secret of his great success is probably the fact that he is possessed of a charitable and kind nature and in the flurry of a busv executive life never loses sight of the human side. Dr. Dinwiddie alwavs has time for the little things and his range of activity is of astounding breadth. With such a ni.in in the president ' s chair, Tulane is destined to make even more remarkable strides as she enters her second ccnturv of progress. k -- i H THE SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Charles Cassedv Bass, M.D., D.Sc, F.A.C.P. Dea?i The School of Medicine occupies an enviable place among the leading medical schools of the country. Students and doctors from every state in the Union and from many foreign countries come to Tulane for medical training. The Hutchinson Memorial Clinic in the New Hutchinson Me- morial Building provides for the most practical training and ex- perience in actual care of patients. Each senior student has what corresponds to a well equipped private office where, under the su- pervision of an instructor, he examines and treats his patients as he should do later in private practice. FACULTY GROUPS— SCHOOL OF MEDICINE I THE SCHOOL OF PHARMACY J. F. Soiox, M.Ph., Ph.D. Dean Established in 1838, the School of Pharmacy, now under the jurisdiction of a Pharmacist Dean, offers a four-year course leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy; this course is now being administered strictly according to the Pharmaceutical Syllabus, a publication pre- pared and published by the National Pharmaceutical Syllabus Committee, representing the American Association of Col- leges of Pharmac} ' , the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy, and the American Pharmaceutical Association. I THE COLLEGE OF LAW Ri lis Carkoij-iox IIakhis. .A.U. Dean i,i..i:., ii Kis.n., r.r,.n. Tin- ri ilaiu ' Ccillc-Kc- if Law was establislifil in 18+7 a the Law Deparlmiiu of the rnivtrsitv of Louisiana. The curriculum of the College has been arranged to provide for the special training of those who intend to practice in Louisiana, and at the same time to afford training to those who may wish to practice in any of the other states. The College owns one of the most complete law libraries in the Southern states. It is a member of the Association of American Laxv Schools. It publishes the Tulanc I, iiv Rrvifiv, which aflfords a medium for the expression of the best thought available on Comparative Jurisprudence. FACULTY— COLLEGE OF LAW FACULTY— COLLEGE OF COMMERCE THE COLLEGE OF COMMERCE Morton Arnold Aldrich. A.H.. Ph.D. Dean The purpose of this college has been, since its establishment in 1914, to offer substantial professional training preparatory to a busi- ness career. The instruction offered is planned for students suffi- ciently able and mature to do work of university grade, and no stu- dent is received unless prepared to do work of this character. It is essential, also, to the permanent success of the college that its stu- dents approach their work in an earnest professional spirit. In order to make the business courses available for business men and wiimen, classes are also held at night from 8 to 945 o ' clock. Kach course meets oi e night a week. COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Edward A. Bechtel Ph.D. Dean The College of Arts and Sciences is one of the oldest colleges of Tulane University. It offers courses leading to the degrees of Bach- elor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, and Bachelor of Education in Physical Education. The curriculum is planned to give a general education and, at the same time, affords opportunity for specialization in some one group of studies. Special courses offered prepare for the study of Medicine and of Law. Among the elective courses is included the Department of Journalism. The course in Physical Education af- fords preparation for athletic coaches and directors, together with training in academic subjects. FACULTY— COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES FACULTY— NEWCO MB COLLEGE NEWCOMB COLLEGE Pierce Butler, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Dean Mrs. Josephine Louise Newcomb founded Newcomb College as a memorial to her daughter, Harriott Sophie Newcomb. In fulfillment of Mrs. Newcomb ' s wish and her profound interest in the people of New Orleans, the College endeavors to equip young women for ef- fective and intelligent service to society. A college of liberal arts offering sound instruction in cultural and scientific fields is the cen- ter of Newcomb. For students suited by temperament or by special aptitude to develop a sound culture through Art or Music, the Col- lege offers special four-year courses in those subjects, leading to ap- propriate degrees. K i ' ■ S -- - ' %w THE COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING I)()L GLAs Smith Amu.ksdx , . 11., M. A., I, I.. I). FACULTY— COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING FACULTY— SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WORK THE SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WORK Ei.izAHi ' TH Visni;r. I ' li.n. Director J ' Ik- Siliiiol (it Social Work is a graduate school offering a pro- fosional curriculum in social work. The U-ailiKg social agencies in New Orleans cooperate in furnishing field work facilities for its students. As the only member of the American Association of Schools of Social Work in this section of the South, the Tulane liiiversity School of Social Work attracts graduates from many of the leading universities in this area. Students from the Schiwl now occupy important positions in public and private agencies throughout manv states. GRADUATE SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Hiram AVatkixs Kostmayer, A.B., AI.D., F.A.C.S. Dean The Graduate School of Medicine, a department of the College of Medicine of the Tulane University, provides post-graduate in- struction to the medical profession. The courses offered are ar- ranged to afford work from October to June of each year, and dur- ing that time there may be found medical graduates from all parts of the country who come to avail themselves of the opportunities presented in order to keep abreast with the recent advances in med- icine and surger ' , or to specialize in the major branches. Instruction during the forenoon is carried on in the wards and clinics of the Charity Hospital, Touro Infirmary, and the Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat Hospital, and the afternoon and evenings comprise didactic lectures and work in the clinical laboratory at the Hutch- inson Memorial Building. FACULTY— GRADUATE SCHOOL OF MEDICINE FACULTY— GRADUATE SCHOOL THE GRADUATE SCHOOL John- MacL.aren McBryde, Ph.D., Litt.D. Dean The Graduate School offers courses leading to advanced degrees in liberal arts, the sciences, engineering, and in special branches of the medical sciences. For those holding the degrees of Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Medicine, opportunity is afforded for clin- ical work in the hospitals of the city under the guidance of well- known specialists. Thus the Graduate School presents carefully planned courses for teachers desiring to gain a broader and deeper knowledge of their chosen fields and for graduates in engineering and medicine wishing to specialize in particular lines of work. %w DEPARTMENT OF MIDDLE AMERICAN RESEARCH Frans Hi.om, I ' h.H., A.M. Director Ihc Dcparlrnciit (if Middle AinfricjiM Ri ' stMich was fimiuk-d in 192+ to cniiduct advanced research into the history, archaeology, liotany, products and natural resources of Mexico, the Central American republics aiui the West Iiulies, as well as to jrather and disseminate information about these countries. Five expeditious have been sent iiUo the field. The Fifth I ' ulane Expedition was financed by the Chicago World ' s Fair of i93 3- The library of the deparlrnent ranks amon ; the nation ' s leadinp; research libraries, containing thousands of rare items, including; manuscripts, maps, and oliunes on anthropology, archaeology, Ir.ivel, geography, liotany, biology, and cartography of the Middle Americas. 1 FRONT CAMPUS SHOWING LAWN AND GIBSON HALL COURSES FOR TEACHERS J.AMI-.S An.AiR Lyon, .A.M., H.Sc. Clidirrnan for uianv . ears, Fulane I ' niversity has operated a number of courses to meet the need of those whose hours of employment will not permit attendance upon regular classes. The classes arc sched- uled in the afternoon hours and on Saturdays, thus making it pos- sible for teachers, especially if they so desire, to add to their equip- ment in many subjects. Fhese courses are of full college grade, conducted by regular numbers of the faculty, and in the case of students who have satis- tactorilv fulfilled ihc entrance re(|uirements, credits obtained may be apjilii ' d to artl a -legree. Board of Administrators 1 . Esmond Phelps, A.B., LL.B President Chauncey French First Vice-President Ernest Lee Jahncke, B.E Second Vice-President Walker Brainerd Spencer, A.B., LL.B. Charles Rosen, A.B., LL.B. Marcus Johns ' Magruder, M.D. Paul Hill Saunders, A.M., Ph.D. Samuel Zemurray Florence Dymond, A.B. Jules Blanc Monroe, A.B., LL.B. James Pierce Butler, LL.B. John Barnwell Elliott, A.M., M.D. George Elliot Williams, B.E. S. Walter Stern, A.B. Charles Allen Favrot, M.E. Joseph Wheadon Carroll EX-OFFICIO Oscar K. Allen Thomas Semmes Walmsley Governor of Louisiana Mayor of New Orleans Thomas H. Harris State Superintendent of Public Education Lawrence Andre Wogan Secretary and Treasurer PAUL TULANE Gfcat benefactor whose gcneroui donations made possible our univcrsily fl Oentu ry o f p rogress CENTURY O F PROGRESS GIBSON HALL Housins the oFfice of the President and two Colleges of the University, Gibson Hall is the main building on the campus u A N U N R Y Ih ENIU P. FISHER ULANE UNIVERSITY today has a productive endow- ment of 10,055,419.76, an enrollment of over 4,000, arge faculties, a spacious campus with well equipped build- ings, and an international reputation. One hundred years ago, in September, 1834, it made its humble but honorable beginnings as the Medical College of Louisiana, with no definite income, eleven students, a faculty of eight, and no home except lecture rooms in the statehouse. The infant college ' s early growth was steady but not phe- nomenal. In 1836, it bestowed upon twelve students the first degrees in medicine ever conferred in the Southwest. Two years later, it began to issue degrees in pharmacy. In 1843, it moved into its first real home, a medical build- ing erected on Common Street between Baronne and Univer- sity Place. The students had access to Charity Hospital and the State Law Library. In 1875, the Law Department, with a faculty of four, and the Academic Department and a preparatory school, were or- ganized after the university had been chartered bv the state constitution in 1845. Dr. Thomas Hunt was dean of the first medical faculty and Dr. Francis Lister Hawks first president of the university. In 1850, Dr. Hawks was succeeded by Theodore Howard McCaleb and a building on the corner of Baronne and Com- mon, erected with a small appropriation from the State, was completed. A part of this building was leased and in turn sublet as " ice-cream saloons and club rooms, with music, dancing, beer, and wine, and for other inappropriate purposes. " This prac- tice was discontinued, however, as it became an " intolerable nuisance " and began to injure the reputation of the university. The university, closed during the Civil War, reop ened in 1865. The Academic Department was not reestablished until thirteen years later, after the state constitution promised sup- port up to 10,000.00 annually. Dr. Thomas Hunt, who. as dean of the first medical faculty, may be regarded as the founder of the university, was unanimously elected president Colonel William Ptes ' .on Johniton First President Tulane University N U R Y R in 1866. His various services to the university continued over a period of thirty-three years. At his death in 1867, Randall Hunt, his brother, one of the founders of the Law Department, succeeded him. Then, in 1882, Paul Tulane donated for " the education of the white youth of Louisiana " his large holdings in real es- tate in New Orleans. Paul Tulane, born of French parents in Princeton, N. J., in 1801, saw the sons of Louisiana planters arriving in Louis- ville, Ky., to attend school there. " It seemed a strange thing, " he said afterward, " and I re- membered it; and I had not lived long in Louisiana before I thought that I would like to see a good college built there where the boys could be educated at home. " Mr. Tulane came to New Orleans in 1822. Possessing a remarkable business acumen, sound judgment and integrity, he soon laid the foundations of a handsome fortune. He moved back to New Jersey in 1873, having previously transferred part of his rapidly accumulating wealth there. Mr. Tulane made his donations to education in Louisiana through Gen. Randall Lee Gibson. He requested that Dr. T. G. Richardson, Judge Charles E. Fenner, Judge E. D. White and Mr. James McConnell, among others, be members of the board of administrators; that General Gibson be president of the board; that the university be non-sectarian but Christian; that the administrators secure the exemption of the property from taxation and keep it free of encumbrances. He thus left the proposed university unfettered by petty restrictions. His donations aggregated 1,050,000. As he died intestate in 1887, his intentions of adding to this sum were unfulfilled. Col. William Preston Johnston, president of Louisiana state University at Baton Rouge, was selected president of the proposed university. Instead of founding a new institution here, the administrators of the Tulane Educational Fund took THE TILTON MEMORIAL LIBRARY The central unit of Tulane ' s library facilities, Tilton is one of the better equipped and more efficiently run college libraries of the South. ■ u N U N R I T Y control of the existing univirsity and named it, in spite of its benefactor ' s modest protests, the Tulanc University of Louisi- ana. Thu s, in 1884, at its fiftieth birthday, the university en- tered upon a new era. As organized, it included Tulanc Col- lege ( ' the Academic Department), the Medical, Law and Phil- osophy (or Graduate) departments, and, until 1894, the Tu- lane High School. The H. Sophie Newcomb Memorial Col- lege for Young Women was added in 1887. Leaving the Law and Medical departments unchanged, the Board reorganized the Academic Department, which was still in a formative stage. This included five four-year courses, with the students having from eighteen to twenty-eight class periods a week. At the end of the 1893-94 session, it was subdivided into the College of Arts and Sciences, giving a lib- eral education in classical, literary and scientific courses, and into the College of Technology, devoted to scientific and me- chanical training. This latter offered courses in mechanical, electrical, chem- ical and civil engineering, and in architecture. Brown Ayres. who came as professor of physics and chemisrr in 1880. and John Ordway, director of the Manual Training School, really began engineering instruction in the L niversity on a practical basis. The Department of Philosophy, open to graduate students, conferred its first master ' s degrees in 1885 and its first doctor ' s degrees two years later. In 1889, for the first time in the professional schools of the university, women were admitted to the School of Pharmacy. The Richardson Memorial Medical Building was erected on Canal Street with a donation made bv Mrs. Ida Slocomb Richardson in 1891. This, after a new Richardson Memorial was built on the L ' ptown Campus, was renamed the Josephine Hutchinson Memorial Building, in appreciation of a bequest by Mr. Alexander Hutchinson. In 1886, Mrs. Josephine Louise Newcomb, nee LcMonnicr. the wife of a New Orleans sugar merchant, entrusted Col. Johnston with 100,000 for the establishment of the " H. Sophie Newcomb Memorial College in the Tulanc University of Louisiana, for the higher education of white girls and voung N U R Y O R O R women. " This was intended as a memorial for her only child, Harriott Sophie, who had died in her sixteenth year. Mrs. Newcomb increased the endowment to more than 3,500,000. She requested that the college be non-sectarian but Christian, that daily chapel services be held, and that the education be practical as well as literary. Dr. Brandt V. B. Dixon was chosen president. Among the vivid personalities of the early days of the College was Mrs. Jennie C. NLxon, professor of English. Newcomb, first situated at Camp and Howard Avenue, was moved in 1891 to 1220 Washington Avenue. The resi- dence on the grounds was enlarged and changed; the Josephine Louise dormitory, a science building, and an art building with a kiln for burning pottery were added. Each resident student was required to furnish " her own napkins, towels, mosquito bar, and bedding. " Newcomb pottery was developed at the instigation of Mr. Ellsworth Woodward, professor of drawing from 1887 on, who had previously taught drawing at Tulane. He was ap- pointed director of the Art School in 1909, serving until 1931. Science and art, particularly the latter, were stressed as much as languages. The courses led to the degree of Bachelor of Arts, which entitled the graduates to enter Tulane Univer- sity on the same footing as the men. Physical education was included in the curriculum, and a high school was organized. The library consisted of " carefullv selected standard works " of the Elsie Dinsmore type. At the close of the 1893-94 session, the Tulane colleges of Arts and Sciences and of Technology were moved uptown, opposite Audubon Park. Upon the new campus were erected Gibson Hall, the Richardson Chemistry Building, and build- ings for physics and engineering. Soon afterward the aca- demic dormitory and the refectory were built, and the Tulane Museum was installed in Gibson Hall. During the 1902-03 session, Tulane Hall, which occupied the site of the Roosevelt Hotel, was sold to the Grunewald in- terests. In 1912, Stanley Thomas Hall, an engineering build- ing, named m honor of its donor, was erected, and in 1924, the Science Building was opened. In September, 1900, after William Oscar Rogers had been acting president of the University for a year, Edwin Anderson Alderman, of Wilmington, N. C. became president. In 1904, Dr. Alderman resigned and was succeeded by Dr. Edwin Boone Craighead, president of the Missouri State Nor- General Randall Lee Gibson First President of the Tulane Board of Administrators L u N U N I Y THE NEW GyMNASIUM Above: Photograph showing relative sizes of the old and new gymna- liumi. Below: Interior oF the new structure. This building, dedicated In November, ii Tulane ' s newest and most modern. N U R PROGRESS mal. James H. Dillard, professor of Latin and dean of the Graduate Department, acted as president in the interim. At Dr. Craighead ' s suggestion, the students aboHshed haz- ing and substituted a tug-of-war across a pond in Audubon Park. In the first hotly contested struggle, victory was awarded the sophomores on points. In the 1906-07 session, the New Orleans Polyclinic was amalgamated with Tulane as the Post-Graduate School of Medicine, with Dr. Charles Chassaignac as dean. The Poly- clinic, established in 1887 by a group of doctors, gave clinical and didactic instruction to practicing physicians. In the ensuing session, the New Orleans College of Dent- istry, established in 1898, was absorbed as the Tulane School of Dentistry. Dr. Andrew G. Friedrichs was first dean. In 1928, this School was temporarily suspended because of in- adequate finances, but a Dental Clinic was maintained in the New Hutchinson Memorial Medical Building. The freshman and sophomore medical students moved to the Uptown Campus, to the Richardson Memorial Medical Building, completed for the 1908-09 session. Thi building also contains the Souchon Museum of Anatomy and a branch of the Medical Library. In this year. Dr. Stanford E. Chaille, who had been dean since 1885, retired, and was succeeded by Dr. Isadore Dyer, who held this position until his death in 1920. In 1910-11, the colleges of Arts and Sciences and of Tech- nology were organized under separate deans. Dr. Albert Bled- soe Dinwiddie and Dr. William Henry Creighton, respectively. In 1912, upon Dr. Craighead ' s resignation, Robert Sharp, professor of English, who had been affiliated with the Univer- sity since about 1880, was appointed acting president and later elected president. In 1914 the new office of registrar of the University was first filled by Richard K. Bruff, whose retirement in 1927 marked the end of forty-one years of service to Tulane. THE FISH POND The Newcomb campus is resplendent with beautiful spots made so by luxuriant foliage and attractive landscaping A T T U L A N U N I V Y In 1 ' ' 14, AIccc Forticr, professor of romance languages and dean of the Graduate Department, died. Dr. Fortier, who had come to Tulane about 1880 as principal of the Preparatory Department, was a linguist, author and educator of interna- tional repute. In this year, the College of Commerce and Business Ad- ministration was organized and Dr. Morton A. Aldrich, pro- fessor of economics, was appointed dean. It offered courses in commercial law, higher accounting and finance, economics and business administration, and commercial Spanish. Students entered this College after two years in Arts and Sciences. In 1918, Dr. Dinwiddie became president of the Univer- sity, and was succeeded as dean of the College of Arts and Sci- ences by Dr. Edward A. Bechtel. In 1918, Professor Douglas S. Anderson succeeded Professor Creighton as dean of the Col- lege of Technology. At his suggestion, the name was changed to College of Engineering. Dr. Charles C. Bass became dean of the School of Medicine in 1922; and, two years later. Dr. John M. McBryde, acting dean of the Graduate School since the resignation of Dr. John M. Fletcher, was appointed dean of the Graduate School. Dr. Rufus C. Harris became dean of the College of Law in 1927, and Dr. Hiram W. Kostmaver dean of the Graduate School of Medicine in 1932. The School of Pharmacy was reorganized in 1931 under a separate dean, Dr. John F. Simon, and offered four years " work instead of three. In 1918, Dr. Di.xon retired, and Dr. Pierce Butler, former dean of the Graduate School, became dean of Newcomb. That year, Newcomb mo ' ed to its present home on Broadwav, into Newcomb Hall, the Josephine Louise House and the Art School. The gymnasium and swimming pool, and Doris Hall and Warren Ncuconib House, dormitories, were added later. In 1 29. DLxon Hall, named for Dr. Di.xon in apprecia- tion of the great services which he had contributed toward the development of the College, was completed. It contains the Music School, and auditorium and, temporarily, the library. Dr. Giuseppe Ferrata was director of the Music School for the first year of its existence, 1909-10. Leon Ryder Maxwell succeeded him. Miss Iota Lee Troy has been acting director CENTURY O F PROGRESS SCENES OF yESTERYEAR Old Newcomb on Washington Avenue ■ interior view ' The basketball team of ' 04 ■ The old chapel ■ Interior of the library •A group of seniors ' A basketball game ' The Arcade T U A N U N V T Y of the Art School since Mr. Woodward ' s retirement in 1931. Miss Anna Many was appointed counselor to women in 1921, succeeding Miss Caroline Richardson. Tulane students and graduates rendered gallant service as individuals during the Civil War. During the World War, the University was organized as a unit of the Students ' Army Training Corps and trained 10,000 men. Courses in radio telegraphy and auto mechanics were given in the vocational section. Free instruction in French was of- fered to nurses and drafted men. Camp Martin, successor to the Fair Grounds Training Camp, was located on the Tulane Campus, which, with its wooden barracks and administration buildings, took on the appearance of an army camp. There was also a small naval unit. Tulane Base Hospital No. 24, the first from the far South to go across, was composed almost entirely of Tulane Medical faculty and alumni. It was organized by Dr. Rudolph Matas, professor of surgery. Newcomb had a relief unit abroad. Miss Caroline Richardson, who had gone across with the New- comb unit, was dean of women ' s activities at Beaune, France. All courses except one required by the Bureau of Nursing of the Red Cross were given in the university. The Newcomb girls made bandages and organized a rifle company, under the direction of Dr. J. Adair Lyon, professor of physics, to prac- tice shooting in the basement. Among other things, they learned the " dangers of the unloaded gun. " Freshmen recruits substituted military caps for green ones and smoked on the campus — a privilege which the seniors had denied them for some time. Green caps were restored the next year. A 1920 campaign for an additional endowment, under the d ' rection of President Dinwiddie, brought 2,100,000. The Department of Middle American Research was founded in 1924, with the purchase oi the Gates Collection. The work of this department, which was established for ad- vanced research into the historv, archeologv. botanv. natural resources and products of Mexico, the Central American re- publics and the West Indies, has continued with Frans Blom as director. It has developed along four lines — the library, research, expeditions and collections. It maintains a museum in the Science Building and built a Mava temple which was exhibited at the World ' s Fair in Chicago last vcar. ROBERT SHARP Eighth Piesidcnt of Tulane University N U R Y PROGRESS In 1926, William R. Irby, president of the Board of Ad- ministrators, died and was succeeded by Esmond Phelps. Mr. Irby had served on the Board sixteen years. The extent of his donations to the University cannot be realized because most of them were made anonymously. In 1927, the Board, through a grant of the Rockefeller Foundation, established the Tulane School of Social Work. This school grew from activities started in the University dur- ing the war. These resulted in organized training in social work under the leadership of Dr. Garrett P. Wyckoff. The Southern School of Social Science and Public Service, or- ganized by residents of Kingsley House, and the Newcomb department of psychology contributed toward its development. Dr. Elizabeth Wisner was appointed director in 1933. Since the opening in 1933 of the New Josephine Hutch- inson Memorial Building on Tulane Avenue, each senior med- ical student is provided with a private office in which he ex- amines and treats patients. Courses have been so reorganized that junior and senior students spend less time in attending lectures and more in independent work. In this building is the Medical Library and the Kells Dental Library and Mu- seum. In the 1902-03 session, the Tulane Library was moved from Gibson Hall to the Tilton Memorial Library, gift of Mrs. Caroline Stannard Tilton. The annex was opened five years later. Until the University moved uptown it had had the cus- tody of the Fisk Library, belonging to the city and supported by bequests of Abijah Fisk. On March 23, 1912, students were permitted for the first time to take books out of the Tilton Library. During the first month, 218 books were withdrawn, as compared with 2,500 in October, 1933. Miss Minnie E. Bell, librarian for 43 years, died in 1930. Nowhere can Tulane ' s century of progress be seen more clearly than in the broadened field of student reading. Until A SHADY CAMPUS LAME A beautiful feature of tfie Tulane campus is tfie abundance of shade trees. The walk abo e funs from Gibon Hall to the Physics Building. u N U N S I Y about ten years ago, the)- read only by assignment. Now that the stacks ar e open and the faculty is giving more reference work and less textbook assignment, the students are showing interest in biography, social sciences and the fine arts. No provisions were made for physical culture in the early days of Tulane; but, according to President Johnston, since there were only about eighty rainy days in the year, the stu- dents could " indulge freely in football, baseball, and other sports. " All too frequently, these " other sports " were physical en- counters in the alleys between Baronne and University Place, with one McDermott, the porter, better known as " Mr. Mac, " a belligerant Irishman who was constantly at odds with the boys. Later, the students had access to Audubon Park, where they played football and baseball and used a track left from the Centennial Cotton Exposition. They played matches with local athletic organizations, but there was no inter-college com- petition at this period. Apropos of a football game with L. S. U. in November. 1900, The Times-Democrat urged that its " readers — attend this exhibition of Louisiana brains and brawn, and help make such occasions as notable as those in the North — where fre- quently fifteen or twenty thousand spectators — grace the scene with their presence and give nerve and vigor to the players with their enthusiastic plaudits. " An account of the game mentions that the players were " arrayed in motley garb. " There is also a description of a " beautiful incident " at a performance of " Tell Me, Pretty Maiden " at the Tulane Theatre, hospitable applause greeted the appearance of a sextette who wore the colors of the defeated L. S. U. team. Athletics, begun by the students, became so important that the Tulane Athletic Council was formed, whence is the TA of the " Hullabaloo. " This organization provides for control of athletics by the Board of Administrators, the faculty and the alumni, with the student body president having the privilege of attending meetings. Thus athletics became a regular part of the University ' s work, under an athletic director. Dr. W ' il- buc C. Smith has held this position since 1923. The old gymnasium was opened in 1912. In 191; ' , a con- crete stadium, seating 2000. was dedicated. Part of the build- N U R Y O R O G R E S S ing funds were proceeds of Realization Day of 1916. At the suggestion of The Tunes-Picayune, the University set aside a day upon which students found employment and turned the money which they earned into a general fund. Working as anything from organ-grinders and dishwashers to reporters and bank clerks, the students raised 6,000, which was mcreased to 24,000 by other donations. In October, 1926, the new stadium, with a seating capacity of 24,000 and full radio, telephone and telegraph equipment, was dedicated. It was built as the result of a drive made the year before. The climax of all Tulane ' s athletics came with the Rose Bowl game m 1932, which is perpetuated in the new gym- nasium, opened last year; for the proceeds of the game served as a nucleus for the building fund. In the early days of Tulane, the discipline was under the control of a board of twelve students, the class officers, with the senior president as ex-officio president. It acted as a court of honor, but students had the right of appeal to the faculty. With the inception of the modern system of student govern- ment in 1915, the Student Council was organized. Tulane reaches men and women whose time or means is limited by the Summer School, directed by Dr. Bechtel; the Night School in the School of Commerce; and the Courses for Teachers and for the General Public, under the direction of Dr. J. Adair Lyon. A large proportion of those obtaining advanced degrees at Tulane have secured their bachelors de- grees through the Courses for Teachers. Tulane, with its cosmopolitan background and its location, serves to link the United States with the South and Central American countries, Cuba, Mexico and Hawaii. Of the fifty- five foreign students enrolled this session, forty-three are from these countries. The alumni associations of Tulane and Newcomb, and the Board of Administrators have at all times furnished loyal sup- port to the University. Many alumni are deans and members of the faculties. Tulane has seen troublous times — struggles and poverty, Civil War and Reconstruction, World War and Depression. It has grown because of its founders, faculties and adminis- trators, its benefactors, alumni and students. In this year 1934, it stands a composite of its honorable past and colorful tradition, its present broad and modern ideals, and its poten- tialities for growth in centuries to come. The Old Josephine Hutchison Memorial Medical Buildins on Canal Street u A N U N I R S I Y RICHARDSON CHEMISTRy BUILDING Devoted entirely to the study of Chemistry, this building is equipped with numerous laboratories I i B O O H n o Brown, Craft. Calhoun. Haller. Hyde. Kuhner Legler. I,ovelady. Martin, McCloskey, E.. McCloskey. J., McDaniel. McNeill. Moore. Page. Reeves. Russel. Singreen. West, Wilcox Wilson. Student Body Officers SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Sim B. Lovel.ady Presidcnl Hunter M. Brown Vice-Pnsident John C. Russel, Jr Secnlary C. Bricm.a.v Cr.- ft Treasurer COLLEGE OF LAW Joseph McCoskey, Jr President Marie Louise Wilcox Vice-PresidenI L. T. Kuhner Secretary-Treasurer NEWCOMB COLLEGE Jean Martin President Lalise Moore rice-President Marie Louise Lecier Corresponding Secretary Florence E. Singreen Recording Secretary Nancy R. Reeves Treasurer COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES J. David McNeill President Charles H. Calhoun rice-President T. Cromwell Page Secretary-Treasurer COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Jack F. N ' ilson . President Herbert M. West, Jr Fice-Presidenl E. Patrick McCloskey Secretary-Treasurer COLLEGE OF COMMERCE Henry Hallek President John B. McDaniel, Jr Vice-President James L. Hvbe. Jk Secretary-Treasurer ' ♦; : rWSI ' . ' iJlJWiaML.iUk.jk ' . -iiW ■ CLASS OFFICERS SCHOOL OF MEDICINE SENIOR CLASS Waldo L. Treuting President James P. Anderson Vice-President Raymond K. Uyeno Secretary Marion D. Redding Treasurer JUNIOR CLASS Joseph J. Ciolino . President Howard B. Williams Vice-President James G. Blaine, Jr Seeretary-Treasurer SOPHOMORE CLASS Luther M. Vaughan President Melvin Steiner Vice-President Thomas J. Healy Secretary-Treasurer FRESHMAN CLASS William S. Randall, Jr President Jack H. Mayfield Vice-President Bradley C. Brownson Secretary-Treasurer Presidents: Ciolino R. . u. ll, Treuting, Vaugh.- n School of MEDICINE II t ' -. ' -J r- Z.-lJ- SENIOR • CLASS SCHOOL OF MEDICINE LeeJ. Alexander, f P Lutcher, La. Ben " F. Allen " , K - Fleraingsburg, Ky. B.S. Degree, MilUaps; B.C.S. Degree, Bowling Green; Square and Compass. HiR.A.M McC. Anderson, X Venus, Tex. A.B. Degree, University of Texas; Square and Compass; Owl Club. James P. Anderson, B G II, X Brad5 ' , Tex. Texas University; Vice-President Senior Medical Class (4); Owl Club. WiLLLAM W. , ' R.MISTE. ' n, Jr., II K $, $ X . . Centenary College. Shreveport, La. Jack A. Atkinson, A 0, X Water Valley, Miss. University of Mississippi. Donald M. Baldwin Jacksonville, Fla. B.S. Degree, University of Florida; Owl Club; Medical Pan-Hellenic. WiLLLA.M F. BAREfOOT, 4 P Rav G. Banister, N 2 N Hallsboro, N. C. . Monroe, La. Owl Club. Samuel Barkoff, K X, ! A K New Orleans Medical Pan-Hellenic; Chess and Checkers Club (i, 2). Fred D. Bartleson, 6 X, 6 K Fort Myers, Fla. Square and Compass; Pathogens. Aubrey V. Beacha.m, X Hattiesburg, Miss. A.B. Degree, Millsaps College; University of Mississippi (i); Common- wealth Scholarship. i Page 42 y Oscar Bi.itz, K X, I ' A K, A i A New Orleans U.S. DcKree, Tulanc; P:iii-IIfllenic (2); Jdmhalaya Ri-presentative (i); Secretary Arts ami Sciences Class (3). Wii I lAM Mel). Hoi IS, ■!■ K M ' , l X ' ;ill(l(rhill r lii -iTsit " : 0 CIvib. (ilasgow, Ky. Frkofru ' W. Hrkukk. A 1 ' 1 , H K M ' New Orleans Hunter M. Browx, i; X, I ' X Eufaula, Ala. I ' niversitv of Alaliama; ' ice-President Medical Student Bndv (4); Owl Club. JAMRS . . Hrows. . K K Cleveland, N. C. B.S. Degree, ' 30, Davidsrn College; Cnivcrsity of North Carolina. Ma.ximo Carri o (v Villarreal), I A Ocii, R. P. Gustavo N. Click, i: !■ E, ! X, A ' I- K, :i 1 [ ' . . . . Pensacola, Fla. B.S. Degree, ' 30, rniversit of Florida; Blue Key. James O. Coliev, Jr., i: X, I X A.B. Degree, Howard College. Trov, Ala Raphael Conte Houston, Tex. Rice Institute; Track (2); Treasurer Medical Class (2). RosAi.i) E. Corkers ' , O K M ' Natchitoches, l.a. Assistant in Gross Anatomy (2) ; S(|uare and Compass. OswAi.n W. Cosin, A K K, B i Monroe, La. B.S. Degree, Louisiana State I ' niversitv. ll(iwAR[) I ' . CiRKii:, I ' i; 1:, A K K, 11 r l. (I . rni frsit (it I ' loricla. Freeport, Fla. SCHOOL OF MEDICINE SENIOR • CLASS i Page 43 ► SENIOR • CLASS SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Leslie L. Daviet, A S $, A K K Louisiana State Lniversity. Larose, La. Hamlet I. Davis, Jr., B n, N 2 N Galveston, Tex. A.B. Degree, Rice Institute. Jefferson Davis, A K K Waxhavv, N. C. B.S. Degree, University of North Carolina. William R. Davis, 2 N, X University of Colorado. Denver, Col. Richard B. DeLee, H M 2, A K K Shreveport, La. Centenary College; Owl Club. John H. Dent, K A, X Collins, Miss. A.B. and B.S. Degrees, University of Mississippi. John E. Di Giglia Lake Charles, La. Louisiana State University. vH Lucas L. Di Giglia, 6 K N Lake Charles, La. Centenary College. A. Keller Doss, K 2, X Ruston, La. Robert E. Dupre, A K K Ville Platte, La. Shakeeb Ede Hattiesburg, Miss. ••• Page 44 ► Franklin I). KnwARirs, (I K M ' KisNimmcc, I ' la. i:vA C. KuMoii), A !■; ' l ' , A i: I Mobile, Ala. K JAMKS R. I-ASCIIKR, N i; X Chattanooga, Term. B.S, Degree, Uilivcrsitv of Chattanooga; Honor Council (4); Owl C ' lijli. f Sam J. Fkdlcia, Jr Shreveport, La. Km 1 Louisiana State I ' niversitv. ■ ' m C. Jack Fisukr, II K A, A K K Cullman, Ala. Thomas J. Ki.nvi), Jr., ! r A, li n Abbeville, .Ala. A.B. Degree, ' 30, University of .■ labama; B.S. Degree, ' 32, Medical Uni- A ' ersity of Alabama. ROGRR M. Fl.vxT, 9 K I ' Meridian, Miss. A.B. Degree, Mississippi College. Li ' TiiER S. FoRTENnERRV, 2; ■! ' E, X Amite, La. B.S. Degree, Tulane. Da II. FuNKEXSTEiN ' , . fi A Macon, Ga. R.S. Degree, Tniversitv of Georgia. Hesrv C. Gaiiaga , K N, . K K Coushatta, La. _ Louisinna Slate Tniversitv; Centenarv College. F.nwARn F. Goi.ds.mitm. Jr .Xtmorc, .Ma. James C. CJrees, !■ A n, ' !• X Tupelo, Miss. U.S. negrec. Cnlvcrsity of .Mississippi. SCHOOL OF MEDICINE SENIOR • CLASS i Page 45 y SENIOR • CLASS SCHOOL OF MEDICINE M. Ragan Green, A 2 , 9 K ■ ! ' Ruston, La. B S. Degree, ' 30, Louisiana State l niversity; Square and Compass; Owl Club. Irvix H. Griffin, II K A, X Moundville, Ala. A.B. Degree, University of Alabr.ma. William F. Guerriero Monroe, La. Secretary Medical Class (i ), President (3). George M. Haik, AS , Bogalusa, La. Foctball (i, 2, 3, 4) ; " T " Club. I Albert S. Hargis, Jr., B K, n 2 X, X Birmingham, Ala. B.S. Degree, Birmingham-Southern College. John G. Hart, A K K Tyler, Tex. University of Tennessee. i Milton M. Hattawav, P 2, .V fi A Waskom, Tex. B.S. Degree, Centenary College. 1 L. Floyd Holland, 2 A E Blakely, Ga. Sterling P. Holland, 2AE Blakely, Ga. John C. Holman, Jr., P 2 Franklin, Tex. A.B. Degree, University of Texas; Floa.ing University, 1926-27. William A. Howard, n K , ■! ' X, , A n A New Orleans Pan-Hellenic (3); Honor Council (4); 0 Club. James D. Hutchins, 9 K I ' Newhebron, Miss. A.B. Degree, Mississippi College. 4 Page 46 i • •• IIoi.i.is ( ' . l f:RAM Orl.iiidn, Fla. M.S. ni ' Krw, Ri)laii(ls ( ' ollc«e. Harris Isiikm., -I ' 1 ' i;, A ; A Ii;astlan(l, Tex. C ' llARi.KS A. Jom:s, H K A ' , A !. ' A Kosciu k(), Miss. Oul C ' luh. Edwin S. Ka(; , ' I ' 1 ' i:, A 12 A Nc v Orleans - _. " ■ Mf.nrv J. Kaufman, Jr., . K K Patterson, La. H.S. Degree, SprinR Hill College. Robert A. Kookkx, 9 K ' I ' Hamilton, Te. . fct. ' , ' ' V Vl w H Medical Pan-Hellenic. )- Frkdkrick J. Rrl-eckr, A K K Dallas, Tex. Joseph Kui.jis Biloxi, Miss. J. Hii.sRV Lakosk, Jr., 1 U, A K K New Orleans Louis S. Levkn ' Sii-in Neu- York, X. ' S ' . , _ . « ' ()i.. EV R. Lm)I)E1 1,, A K K Vickslnirg, Mis.. Mississippi Slate; Iniversiiy iil Mississippi; Medical Pan-Hellenic (4). Tom I ' ' . Lnri.i;, II K 1 ' , !■ X Ocilla. Ca, H.S. Degree, Emorv Iniversit.v. SCHOOL OF MEDICINE SENIOR • CLASS « Page Al » SENIOR • CLASS SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Leilas R. Lonnercan, X Gadsden, Ala Vice-President Medical Class (3). Sim B. Lovelday, i: , X Hartselle, Ala. President Medical Student Body (4) ; President Medical Pan-Hellenic (4) ; Vice-President Student Council (4) ; Medical Honor Council (3, 4) ; Owl Club (3,4). Jessie A. MacDonald, AEI Collinsville, Miss. Philip W. Mallorv, G K ' I ' San Antonio, Tex. Bernard L. Maller, i A K, A fi A Jamaica, N. Y. B.S. Degree, Tulane; Chess and Checkers Club. Roger W. Ma.var, 9 K 4 ' Purvis, Miss. Mississippi State ; Mississippi State Teachers College. George C. McCullough, X Birmingham, Ala. A.B. Degree, University of Alabama. James W. McMurrav, iI X Universitv of Florida. Bartow, Fla. Edwi.S ' McL. Meek, A K E, N - X West Point, Miss. B.S. Degree, University of Mississippi. Ruble E. Moor, A X, Ij X Birmingham, Ala. A.B. Degree, University of Alabama. Masters H. Moore, K A, N 2 N, A " A Honor Council (3) ; Owl Club. New Orleans Benjamin O. Morrison, A K K Louisiana State Universitv. Baton Rouge, La. ••• i Page 48 Wat,ti:k K. Mi ' RPiiREE, e X, A K K Gadstltn, AI:i. H.S. DcRrcc, riiivcTsity of Florida. Pedro V. Nunez New Orleans Louis Ochs, Jr., Z li T, 1 ' d E New Orleans Mfilicnl I ' an-lIelU ' iiic (3, 4), ' icc-Presi(leiit (4); Honor Council (2). Harry L. Ori.ov, i; A . 1, A E New York, N. Y. Ei.LiOT Phii.lips, a K New Orleans Davm) McK. Pipes, II K A, A K K Jackson, La. A.B. Degree, Southwestern; Medical Pan-Hellenic; Owl Club. Prudence E. Prouet New Orleans Marion D. Redding 1 ' X Dallas, Tex. Treasurer Senior Medical Class (4). William P. Rice, e X, A K K Peiisacola, Fla. B.S. Degree, University of Florida. John B. Robertson, 6 T Q, ! X ' ernon, Ala. A.B. Degree, University of . labaina. Ely D. Rowland, ' V X Hot Springs, Ark. . ' .B. Degree, Ihiulrix College. F.ARi. A. SCHE.VNAVDER Lagan, La. SCHOOL OF MEDICINE SENIOR • CLASS i Page -19 SENIOR • CLASS SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Dan- B. Searcs;, n K A, A K K Lewisville, Ark. James B. Shelton, II K A, X Birmingham, Ala. B.S. Degree, Birmingham-Southern College. William S. Siler, Jr., A K K Beaumont, Tex. Texas Agricultural and Mechanical College. Joseph E. Slate, P2 High Point, N. C. B.S. Degree, Wake Forest College. Gregory Smith, B K, 9 K Birmingham, Ala. B.S. Degree, Birmingham-Southern College. Morris L. Steckel, A K Scranton, Pa. James J. Stephen " Stephenville, Tex. A.B. and M.A. Degrees, University of Te.xas. ' ance M. Strange, I K -, 4 ' X Stamps, Ark. Franklin " A. St. Sure, Jr Haiku, Maui, T. H. University of Hawaii. Sheldon Teer, c()P2 Hall Summit, La. A.B. and B.S. Degrees, Centenary College; Honor Council (i); Square and Compass; Medical Pan-Hellenic. Francis M. Thigpex, Jr., K 2, i X, A fi A . . . . Montgomery, Ala. B.S. Degree, Universitv of the South; Honor Council (2); Jambalaya Staff; Owl Club. Leon L. Titche . Monroe, La. ••• i Page 50 y • w Wai 1)11 1.. rKi:i ]| i;, •!■ I ' 1, i; M, A V. A New Orleans U.S. Drurif, I ' lilaiu ' ; I ' risiiliiit Senior Medii ' al Class (4), ' ici ' -Prf.icliMii (2). NlM.sns (). r KoNr, NIX Prentiss, Miss. Adoi.io I ' kki iiA. ' I ' I . San Aritoiiii), Tex. Medical Paii-IIellinlc (3); Jambiilaya Representative {3); Interfratcrnitv Kaslietball (3, 4). R fo n K. rvEso Honnlulu, T. II. SecrctarN Senior Medical Class (4). Fkkd K. algha , K a, N i; X . Monroe, La. LOEPOLDO ' ii.l,ARF.Ai., ' I ' I A Mexico City, Mex. Treasurer Medical Class (2) ; H.inor Council (4). RoRERT G. Wagner, I P i: Cuero, Tex. I ' nivcrsity of Texas; Hjnor C:uncil (3). Roger 1. Vai,i„ •! ' M A, P Z Wendell, N. C. l ' niversit of North Carolina. Luther P. Waiter. O K I ' , A ' . A A. 15. Degrcr Simmons I ' niversit.v. Herman Weciisi.kk, i: T ' ! , ' I ' A K B.S. Degree, Tulane. New Orleans James II. Wells New York-, N. Y. Slircvcport, La. Centenary College. James A. White, Jr , K A, O K M ' Alexandria, I.a. A.B. Degree, Louisiana College; S(|uarc and Compass. John M. WinrsE ' i. i K M ' ' ickslnirg. Miss. B.S. Degree, I ' niversity of Mississippi. Russell C. Willoughrv, i: X, 9 K ■ ' I ' Port .Arthur, Tex. I ' niversitv of Arkansas. SCHOOL OF MEDICINE SENIOR • CLASS 4 Page 51 » JUNIOR CLASS SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Dean H. Allen, A K K . Tallulah, La. Baseball (1, 2. 3). Captain (3); " T " Club; Football (1). Elmer S. Allen, Jr., 2 N, N 2 N Areola, III. Northwestern University. Ralph F. Allen, A K K Milton, Fla. Arturo N. Alvarapo, !• T a Panama, R. P. John W. Ashby, K " V Benton, Ark. A.B. Degree, Hendrix College. Warren J. Barker, K S, X Kaw City, Okla. Honor Council (3). Bernard H. Bayer, A K Houston, Tex. Rice Institute. Louie E. Bayles, ATfi Anderson, Ala. A.B. Degree, Vanderbilt University. Woodard D. Beacham, Jr., B 6 n, X Hattiesburg, Miss. A.B. and B.S. Degrees. University of Mississippi. Seth M. Beale . Burlington, N. C. University of North Carolina. Joseph E. Beasley, ATQ Steele, Mo. Tennis (1 2, 3), Manager (3); Glee Club (1, 2, 3); Glendy Burke (1, 2); " T " Club; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. James L. Beaver, X Fayetteville, Ark. Gerald Bertinot, A K K Opelousas, La. Southwestern Louisiana Institute. James G. Blaine, Jr., N2N Jackson, Miss. Joseph E. Blum, IU, N D N New Orleans C. H. Hardin Branch, Jr., D X, N 2 N Tampa, Fla. A.B. Degree, University of Florida; Bollins College. William H. Bridges, n K A, A K K Long Leaf, La. B.S. Degree, Tulane. Joseph L. Brizard Shamrock, Fla. John J. Burdin, Jr., K 2, A K K Lafayette, La. J. Wirt Burnett, 2 A E, X, ' I B K, M A, M E . . De Witt, Ark. B.S. Degree, University of Arkansas. James M. Butera Houston, Tex. John H. Carolock, Jr., Ae, N2N Ardmore, Okla. A.B. Degree, Oklahoma University; Kemper Military School. Russell B. Carson, A X, A K K Orlando, Fla. University of Florida. Joseph J. Ciolino . Greenville, Miss. Secretary-Treasurer Medical Class (1), President (3). Stanley Cohen, ■I ' AE New Orleans C. Brigman Craft, N 2 N Mobile, Ala. Treasurer Medical School Student Body (7). GuRLEY A. Creel, e K Crossville, Ala. A.B. Degree, University of Alabama. i Page 52 JUNIOR CLASS SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Onis i. Crolkkk S:ircpt:i, Misv. A.B. mill 13. S. DcgivCB, Unh ' i ' lHlty or Mls.sl.sslripl- Kiiwis A. ( K(i«i;i.i., K A Franklin, l.a. n.S, DoBi ' i ' i ' . I oulsliinii Slato Unlvoralty. J. Stani.kv Dkspokii:, i; X, N i: N, U M Ni-u Orleans B.S. Detrrt ' O. Tulune; W ' lliti- ElclJllants, Ser-rctHry-Troasurcr (2). Sot, noMni-CK, !■ A K Brnnklyn, N. Y. (). K. niHoisi;, ' I ' X Lockhart, Tex. EuGKNF. O. DiRRi New Orleans NOLLIE C. Felts, 2 X, N 2 N, O A K, K A -I ' . . . Hattiesburg, Miss. Football (1), Var.sity (2, 3): President Class (2), Secretary (1); Basketball (1. 2); Track (1, 2). Ross E. Fowler, II K A, H K 1 ' Harrison, Ark. B.S. Degree, University of Arkansas. WiLi.iA.M S. Francis, ■!■ X Marion, Va. A.B. Dcyri ' e, University ol ' Alabama. Bex Freed.via.v . Philadelphia, Pa. Benjamin R. Gemii ' i.. 1 A K Bronx, N. Y. Clarke H. Gillespv, K 1, ' ! X Birmingham, Ala. A.B. Degree. Univei ' sity of Alabama. Joseph H. Goldbercer . . Washington, D. C. A.B. Degree, George Washington University. Pai 1. R. GoocE, e K ! ' Booneville, Miss. A.B. Degree, University of Mississippi. John D. Gordimer, 2 . i: Lake Charles, La. Edward S. Gradv ... Wilmington, N. C. EvEREiT c;. Grantham, Jr., A K E, ' l- X West Point, Miss. B.S. Degree. University of Mississippi. 1rvi M. Grasscreen, I ' .V K Raleigh, N. C. Pan-Hellenic (3). llrMi ' iiKi: n. llAKDv, Jr., K A, N S N Lecompte, La. B.S. Degree, Tulano. Edward A. Heffner, ' I I " 2 Shreveport, La. Texas Agricultural and Mechanical Coiiege; Texas Christian University: Honor Council (1). John A. Hevdrick, Jr., K . , ' !■ .X Shreveport, La. John S. Herrinc, ;; 11, . K K Oak Grove, La. Ji iiAs 1 ' . lldwiii, ' I ' A (I, N i: N Marion, .Ala. JosEi ' ii Hides, •! ' A K Brooklyn, X. ' . Carrol A. Johnson, Jr., ' 1 A H, X 2 X Wilson, Okla. . .B. Di-grec. riiivt ' isity of Oklahoma. Ruber r L. Johnson, I ' X Tupelo, Miss. B.S. Degree, University of Misals.sippi. Morris Kaim an, ' I A K Bryan, Tex. B.S. Degree. Tulane; Honor Council (1). i Page 53 Ip JUNIOR CLASS SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Roland G. Keeton " , j A G. X 2 X Missoula, Mont. University of Oregon. Thom-As E. Kellv, $ P S Dallas, Tex. Robert C. Kemp, Jr., K A, X 3 X Ba:D.n Rouge, La. B.S. Degree. Tulane: Honor Council (3). J. DuREi. L.andrv, n K a, a K K New Orleans Georgiana J. vox lAVGFR.viAxx, A E I New Orleans B.S. Degree. Newconib. John- H. Larv, n K A i B n Huntsviile, Ala. . .B. Degre i. University of Alabama. JoH-V A. Lewis, Jr., K 2, X New Orleans B.S. Degree. Tulane. William C. Lhtell, 2 A E, X Opelousas, La. B.S. Degree. Tulane; Scrub Football. Frank R. LocKj X " Z X Hot Springs, Ark. A.B. Degree, Cornel! University. Randolph N. Long, ! A 0, X Selma, Ala. Universitj- of the Souta; Preside,it Freshman Medical Class (1). Bruno F. Manxuso Newark, N. J. Hugh J. Mayfield El Dorado, Ark. A.B. Degree. Hendrix College. Eugene F. McCall, :S X, X Monticello, Fla. University of Florida; Vanderbilt University. Walter O. McCam.mon, P Lebanon, Ky. A.B. Degree, University of Kentucky. Hiram A. McConnell, • X Fayetteville, Ark. Conn L. Mii.burn, X San Antonio, Tex. W. DoEES MiNOT, K . , X . ... Tuscaloosa, Ala. A.B. Degree, University of .Alabama. Joe N. Mitchell, 2 1 E_ Dallas, Te.x. Southern ilethodisi University. Charles R. Moore, II K A, X Clanton, Ala. B.S. Degree. Alabama Polytechnic Institute: University of Alabama. Onnie p. Myers, X 2 X Collinsville, Miss. University of Alabama. Tho-MAs C. Naugle a K E, X . . . West Point, Miss. B.S. Degree. University of Mississippi. Stuart N. Nicholas • . Shreveport, La. Centenary College. Philip G. PAOGerr ■ . Forest City, N. C. Tho.mas J. P-AYNE, Jr., n K ! , 9 K Dora, Ala. Howard College. John W. Pender, 6K4 ' Kosciusko, Miss. B.S. Degree. University of Mississippi. Edw. rd B. Pitts, II K A, A K K Birmingham, Ala. A.B. Degree. University of Alabama. E-vi-METT R.AY ' . Kosciusko, Miss. University of Mississippi. Zacharv J. Romeo, Z A M, 4 ' A E New Orleans i Page 54 y JUNIOR CLASS SCHOOL OF MEDICINE OuLN Ri) LL, JK., A T Si, .1- X iMjla, Mis . A.B. Degroo, University of MIsslBSlppI; Uiilvi-rslly of Mlssl.-mlppl Medical Class (1. 2). Eari, S. Skai.k, i; ' !■ ]•:, () K ! ' , H .M Mcrldinii, Mi v. l-ali-llell.-lllo. Ethan A. Siikkku i,. |k., () K M ' Houston, Tex. Kko InsiJtute. Eugene D. Simmons, i: N, A K K Jacksonville, Fla Vanderbllt University; University of Southern Calllornia; University of Florida. I. Cl.irTON Skenm-k, Jr., 1 X Sclma, Ala. A.B. Degree. Univei-sUy of , laliarna. Skai.s S. Spkkr, i: I E Bay St. Louis, Miss. B.S. Degree. Tulane. Frank l- " . Si ' OTO . Tampa, Fla. A.B. Degree. University of Misslssii)pi. Enwiv P. Sci.OMON, Jr., Z B T Hirmingham, Ala. A.B. Degree. University of Alabama. TiiEonoRE L. L. SoNiAT, n K 4 , A K K, H M New Orleans Honor Council (2). Warrrn C. Stephens, Jr., e K F Keener, Ala. B.S. Degree, Springhill College: Square and Compass. John R. Stewart, A T fi, X Minden, La. Richard McI. Street, P 2 Sanford, N. C. Duke Univorsit;-; Honor Council (3). LvTHER L. Terr- . II K . , . K K Red Level, Ala. John T. DeL. Tha.mes, A K E, 9 K ! ' Jackson, La. Football (1). Scrub (2); Varsity •Baseball (J), Francis D. THREAnciLi., X 2 X El Dorado, Ark. University of .-Mabama; Medical Pan-Hellenic. Frank O. Tovienv, ! P 2 New Orleans Wilton E. Fiowei.i., .V K K Pensacola, Fla. University of Florida. John K. ' Furrervh.i.e, A K K Century, Fla. JoSEPii A. ei,i.a New Orleans Football (1); Honor Council, NoLEV H. X ' lNSON, A 1 ' •!), H K M ' Guntersville, Ala. Benjamin C. Wallace, Jr., 6 K 1 ' Coolidge, Te.x. University of Texas. Frank Wiij , •!■ A IC, I B K Atlanta, C.a. - -!i. Degree. University of Georgia. JA.MES " . Wkixh. 11 K . , A K K Long Leaf, La. B..S. Degree, Tulane. CuARLis R. Williams, i) X, I ' X Montgonurv, .Ala. Emory University: University of Georgia. Norman E. Wiii iams, A K K Seville, Fla. B.S. Degree. University of Floriila. Charles JL Wilson, 1 A 6 Binninghain, .Ala A.B. Degree, University of Alitbanui. Creicihon Wrenn Garner, N. C. A.B. Degree, University of N ' orih Carolina. Alphonse II. ZiiMAN, 9 K Mobile, Ala A.B. Degree. Spring lllll Coliegi?. i Page 5S UNDERGRADUATES SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Charles E. A.vderso.v, Jr., ' 37, X S X Charleston, Miss. Rafael T. Armstrong, ' 37, $ I A Ponce P R L. James Arnold, Jr., ' 37, 2 A E, X 2 X Lake City, Fla. B.S.E. Degree, University of Florida. WiLHELMixA C. Backer, ' 36, B A, A E I New Orleans Thomas A. Baines, ' 36, e K ir Jackson, Miss. T. M. C. A. Cabinet. Leo W. Benso.v, ' 36, 2 E, e K I- Port Arthur, Tex. John- W. Bick, ' 37, A K K, B .M New Orleans Spectators Club. Harold H. Bower.max, ' 36 Whittier Cal. A.B. Degree. Whittier College; M.S. Degree. Washington University. Green A. Bowling, Jr., ' 37, N 2 N Danville, Ky. Centre College. Leman ' .n H. Bounds, ' 37, 2 E, 9 K Meridian, Miss. James W. Brantley, ' 36, 9 K ' Grandin, Fla. Sumner W. Brown, ' 37, 9 K J ' Donalds, S. C. WiLLLAM J. Brown, ' 37, 9 K Donalds, S. C. Jack D. Brownfield, ' 37, 2 A E Fort Smith, Ark. Martin E. Buerk, II, ' 37, A K K Orlando, Fla. B.S. Degree. Rollins College. Robert M. Bukce, ' 37, e K ! ' Atlanta, Ga. Lawrence W. Burt, ' 36, A T A, X 2 X New Orleans Thirteen Club. Thomas C. Butt, ' 37, A K K Orlando, Fla. B.S. Degree, University o£ Florida. Dannie H. Byram, ' 36, e K S Alexandria, La. Louisiana College. William H. Byrne, ' 36, X Z X Nashville, Tenn. Irvin Cahen, ' 37, 2 A M, J. A E, B M New Orleans Band. Robert J. Cardwell, ' 37, 9 K l ' Lenoir City, Tenn. B.S. Degree, University of Chattanooga. GuiLLERMO M. Carrera, ' 37 Rio Piedras P. R. B.S. Degree, University of Puerto Rico. Paul S. Causey, ' 36, 2 X, J X, A E A Douglas, Ariz. A.B. Degree, LTniversity of Alabama. James A. Chustz, ' 37, B K -1 ' Independence, La. L. Pollard Coleman, ' 36, A K K Waterproof, La. S . Clark Collins, ' 36, II K A, J X Houma, La. John Corso, ' 36 New Orleans Irwin T. Craig, ' 37, 2 X, X 2 X Joplin, Mo. University of Kansas. Jack A. Crhtenden, ' 36, 2 X, ■!- X Hartselle, Ala. ■Vanderbilt University. Page S6 q: UNDERGRADUATES SCHOOL OF MEDICINE ' I-AVI.OR y. Crowlrv, ' 37 Van Buren, Ark. A.B. Degree. New York Unlvorjilty. Walter E. Crumpi.er, Jr., ' 36, |. X Port Arthur, Tex. University of Texas. Lewis M. Da vso , ' 36, A K K .Mobile, Ala. Murray A. Dia.mond, ' 36, A K . . . . FlushiiiK, Long Island, N. Y. B.S. Degree. Tulane; City College of New York; Columbia University. ViNCENTE D ' iNOiANsi, ' 36 New Orleans Charles J. Donald, Jr., ' 36, 2 I K. K , A K A . . . Fairfield, Ala. Howard College. Everett T. Duncax, ' 37, I X Trees La. Thom. s L. Ellis, ' 36, A T n, ! X Union Springs, Ala. University of Alabama; Glee Club (1. 2). Hugo T. Ekcelhardt, ' 37 Houston, Tex. University of Texas. George W. Evvisg, ' 37, -l ' X Waycross, Ga. B.S. Degree, Presbyterian College. J. Brown Farrior, ' 36, K A, X I ' . New Orleans Theron E. Faulkner, ' 37, K I ' , e K X Clearwater, Fla. A.B. Degree, University of Alabama: University of Florida. Carlos A. Fernandez, ' 37, I I . Havana, Cuba Pan-Hellenic; Honor Council (1); Y. M. C. A.; International Relations Club. Martin L. Flvnt, Jr , ' 36, H K M ' Meridian, Miss. A.B. Degree, Mississippi College. Chester A. Fort, Jr., ' 3 , X Ocala, Fla. University of Florida. William E. Frantz, ' 37, ' h P i " New Orleans Rodert C. Frexce, ' 37, K A, X i: X Maysvillc, Ky. University of Virginia. Ralph Friedman, ' 36, Z B T, !• A E Oxford, Miss. B.S. Degree, Tulane; University of Mississippi; Band (3). SiiELLEV R. Gaines. ' 3(), TI K l . " t X Enid, Miss. University of MIsslsslppL Vincent J. Gambino, ' 37 New Orleans V. KoiiL.MANN Gauthier, ' 37, O K ' New Orleans I ' iio.ma V. C LADNEV, ' 37 Baton Rouge, La. Thomas A. Glass, Jr., ' 37, K i:, •!• . , ' I ' ! ' Minden, La. Allan M. c;oldman. ' 37, ' !• A i:, li M New Orleans N.uhan Goldstein, ' 37, ' l- A K New Orleans S.vruRNiNO M. GoNZ. i.EZ, ' 36, ' !■ 1 A Clifton, Anr. University of Arizona. Duncan G. Graha.m, " 37, A T A, O IC ' Sioux City, la. University of South Dakota; Band. I ' mi IP CiRAv. " 37, -I ' A K. H M Brooklyn, N. V. Jack B. Grihtn, ' 37, ' I ' K 1, KM-. . Chickasha. Okla. J. Vardamas Gwin, ' 36, O K 1 ' Annislon, Ala. i Page 57 y r -i UNDERGRADUATES SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Walter W. Haar, ' 36, 2 I E New Orleans President Sophomore Medical Class. Sam H. Haigler, Jr., ' 37, P 2 Austin, Tex. Manah R. Halbouti-j ' 37 Beaumont, Tex. Dormitory Club (1, 2), President (2): T. M. C. A. (1, 2, 3). EwiNG P. Harris, ' 37, A e, N 2 N Chicago, 111. Washington and T ee University. Wright Hawkins, ' 37, i ' A E Fort Smith, Ark. University of Arkansas. Thom.w J. Healy, ' 36 New Orleans Secretary-Treasurer Sophomore Medical Class. H. Himel Hexry, ' 36 Hymel, La. Edwin J. Herpich, ' 36, A 2 J , 9 K New Orleans ■ Robert N. Hesser, ' 37, A K K Ennis, Tex. Robert S. Hicdon, ' 37, 1! 11, X, K K J ' . . . . Brookhaven, Miss. B.S. Degree, Millsaps; Band (1, 2); Glee Club (1); Tennis (1); Thirteen Club. John P. Higgins, ' 37, A K K Miami, Fla. David P. Hightower, ' 37, 9 K I ' York, Ala. Merrell O. HijVES, ' 36, 9 K I ' -, ■ • Jackson, Miss. B.S. Degree, Millsaps College. Richard G. Holcombe, Jr., ' 37, K A, N S N, B M . . Lake Charles, La. James H. Holumon, ' 36, B K 1 ' Houston, Tex. University ol: Texas. WooDROW M. Howdon, ' 36, 9 K 4 ' Clearwater, Fla. A.B. Degree. University of Alabama. Charles R. Hume, ' 36, B 9 n, i 2 New Orleans Varsity Tennis. Thomas M. Irwin, ' 36, A 0, N 2 Jacksonville, Fla. University of Florida. Charles R. Jenkins, ' 36, ' i ' Bn Bassfield, Miss. A.B. Degree, University of Alabarna. W. Logan Jennings, ' 36, 2 X Jennings, Fla. B.S. Degree, University of Florida. John M. Johnson, ' 36, ! X San Saba, Tex. Pearce S. Johnson, ' 36 Birmingham, Ala. Birmingham-Southern College; University of Arizona; University of Alabama. Trois E. Johnson, ' 37, 9 K Pollock, La. Robert C. Kelleher, ' 37, 4 ' A 9, $ X New Orleans White Elephants; Glee Club (2. 3, 4), Secretary-Treasurer (4). Albert P. Kimball, ' 36, K 2, l X Yuma, Ariz. University of Wyoming: Utah State College; University of Arizona. Roger S. Knapp, ' 37, K A, A K K Lubbock, Tex. Paul H. Kurzweg, Jr., ' 37 Morgan City, La. B.S. Degree, Spring Hill College. Thomas H. Lambert, ' 37, K 2, X Charleston, Miss. A.B. Degree, University of Mississippi. James J. LaNasa, ' 37, 2 $ E, A K K, K K I ' New Orleans Triangle Club (1, 2); Band (1, 2, 3, 4), Assistant Manager (3). William S. Leake, Jr., ' 37 New Orleans i Page S3 i ' i-. . ,.M X UNDERGRADUATES SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Arthuk N. Li;ui.s, Jr., ' f,, I; ( n, i x vjew Orleans Edward L. Lkvkrt, ' 37, li II, A K K Thibodaux, La. B.S. Degree, Georgetown University. Louis K. Lew, ' 37, I A E Canton, Miss. University of Tennessee. JnsR M. MAr.DovADo, ' 37, ' I I . Pt. Limoii, C. R. E.viii.E Mai.tr -, Jr., ' 37, K i), A K K, IJ il New Orleans Glee Club. Jamks D. Manckt, ' 37, A T A, •! ' X Atlanta, Ga. Emory University. Pali. L. Marks, ' 36, i; . M, l A K, H M New Orleans J. Llovd Massev, 36, i: X, I- X Quincey, Fla. University of Florida. Edward de S. M. tfhews, ' 36, K A, X 2 X, B M, 4 , 15 K . New Orleans B.S. Degree. Tulane; Spectators Club; President Freshman Medical Class (5); Pan-Hellenic (3). Jack H. Ma hei d, ' 37, K -, A K K Tyler, Tex. R. Wilson McComas, ' 37, ! X Burkesville, Ky. William C. McCurdv, Jr., ' 36, !■ A e. X :C X Purcell, Okla. Oklahoma University. Gordon- G. McHard , ' 36, X - X Baton Rouge, La. A.U. Degree. Spring Hill College. W. Eugene Menera -, ' 37, A K K Tampa, Fla. ■University of Florida. Alfred J. Messiva, ' 36 Vicksburg, Miss. Walii R B. Meyer, ' 36, X 1 ' N Hondo, Tex. Marshall L. Michel, Jr.. ' 37, I! n II. X r N Biloxi, Miss. L. D. Miller, ' 37, H K M ' Palatka, Fla. Ral ' l M. Mome.siavor, ' 37, I I A Eagle Pass, Tex. Carl F. Moore, Jr., ' 3 ,, A K K Gainesville, Tex. Baylor University. Leslie K. Mundt, ' 37, Z H T. !■ A IC Helena, Ark. William B. Neisox, ' 37, O K !■ Athens, Ah. Luis R. 0ms, ' 37. • ' ' 1 A Ponce, P. R. . ' Li!ERr OwERS, ' 3ft, I ' X . uslin, Tex. Vlvc.n E. Parsons, ■3 ' ' . 1 A, N 1 ' X Tampa, Fla. WiiLiA.M L. Parcell, ' 37, A K K Greenville, S. C. I ' Ai I II. Parker. ' 37, (» K M ' Bonita, Mis AUCUSTO Perea. ' 37, •!• I A Mayaguez, P. R. William F. Perkins, ' 57, .V K K Tucson, Ariz. Leon- Phillips, -36, !• A K New Orleans i Page 59 UNDERGRADUATES SCHOOL OF MEDICINE James L. Pickexs, -37, K -, X Benton%-ille, Ark. Ern-est H. Plas-ck, ' 3- Mobile, Ala. A.B. Degree. University of Alabama. MadisO-V R. Pope, ' 37, X S X Talladega, Ala. Oran- V. Prejeas-, ' 37, K - A K K Scott, La. Herman- C. Quantz, ' 37, K A, X Rock Hill, S. C. William S. Randall, Jr., ' 37, n K A, J X . . . Marion Junction, Ala. A.B. Degree, University of Alabama. James T. Reeves, ' 37, A K K, o x A Ferriday, La. William C. Rextz, Jr., ' 37, A K K Miami, Fla. Frederick L. Risher, ' 36, 9 K I- Laurel, Miss. A.B. Degree, Mississippi College. Edward B. Robixsox, Jr., ' 36, 4 6. X 2 X Talladega, Ala. B.S. Degree. Davidson College. Clovis H. Robin-so.v, ' 37 Paducah, Tex. Southern Methodist University. Adriax M. RoDRiGiTZ, ' 37, t I A Pachuca Hidalgo, Mex. John- C. Roberts, Jr., ' 37, K -I ' Cleveland, Miss. Paul A. Richter, ' 37, X 2 X Dallas, Tex. Rice Institute. William O. Rigby, ' 37, A K K Miami, Fla. University of Florida; University ot Miami. IldeFdxso Rivera, ' 37 San German, P. R. University of Texas. George E. Rohrer, Jr., ' 37, e K Houston, Tex. .A.B. Degree. Rice Institute. JOH.v C. Russell, Jr., ' 36, A 0, X 2 X Cleveland, Miss. Secretary Medical Student Body (2). Joseph H. Saunders, ' 37 Lexington, Kv. University of Kentucky. JACK T. Scull, ' 37, - e, O K t San Antonio, Tex. Richard E. Selser, ' 36, A 2 , O K M-, {. K , n K . Baton Rouge, La. B.S. Degree. Louisiana State University. Alfredo G. Silva, ' 37 Managua, Nic. Mortimer Silvey, ' 37, A K Brooklyn, N. Y. Walter H. Simmons, ' 37, X 2 X p;ne Bluff, Ark. Gerald S. Smith, ' 36, X Lockhart. Tex. University of Texas. JAMES A. Sproles, Jr., ' 36, 2 E, G K New Orleans .Joseph Stamm, ' 3- Gadsden, Ala. Melvin D. Steiner, ' 36, Z B T, A E New Orleans Band; Vice-President Medical Class (2). J. Jones Stewart, ' 36, 2 X ' . . Mobile, Ala. A.B. Degree; Howard College; Spring Hill College; University of Mexico; Uni- versity ot Chicago; College of Music of Cincinnati. i Page 60 UNDERGRADUATES SCHOOL OF MEDICINE John C. Suares, ' 37, - II. M ' v , . . q , Pan-Hrllinl !, I ' ll IMP SUNSKRI, ' 37, : n Xew Orleans Varsity Boxinp (1); Varsity Track t2). Douglas R. Suetlakd, ' 37, K M ' HmiMrjn i ex. A.B. Degree. Ulce Institute. Leon J. TAunEMiAus, ' 37, ! A K College Station, Ttx. A.B. Degree. Rice Institute. Nauci.e K. Thomas. ' 36, i) K, A K K, !■ ■! Tucson, Ariz. Thirteen Club. Thom.w S. Paisk, ' 37 Waycross, Ga. B.S. Degree, University of Georgia. William F. Thomas, Jr., ' 37, X DeQuecn, Ark. Wilbur F. Thomson, ' 37, I X Beaumont, Tex. Thomas B. Tooke, Jr., ' 36, K A, 1 X Belcher, La. B.S. Degree. Tulane. Walter C. Tuman, ' 37, I ' A K Xe« York, X. Y. Columbia University. William L. Tvier, Jr.. ' 36, A K K Owensboro, K . University of Kentucky. George A. Varino, ' 36 Monroe. La. ■Maml alaya " Representative. Luther M. aighan, ' 36, . T 1 , . K K Clinton, Kv. A.B. Degree, University of Kentucky: Vice-President Sophomore Medical Class. Richard W. Vincent, ' 36, A K K Sulphur, La. B.S. Degree, Souttiwestern. Rorkrt p. Vincent, Jr., ' 36, G K » Jackson, Miss Millsaps College: Honor Council (2). Greichen M. VriTER, ' 37 c v Orleans " Hullabaloo. " (1. 2, 31, Norton W. X ' oorhies, ' 36, ' D X, li M N ' ew Orleans B.S. Degree, Tulane. Albert L. Ward, ' 36, S A v.. A K K Dc Funiak Springs. Fla. William S. Warren, ' 36, . K K Center, Tex. A.B. Degree, University of Texas. Joseph W. Weavik, ' 37. . K K St. Petersburg. Fla. Duke University. Gustave F. A ' eiiek, ■;( ' , II K -I ' . •(■ X Marshall, Tex. J. C. Weed, ' 36, A T O, X 1 X, ' I- H K, O A K, A ■! , H M, ! ' . N. Orleans B.S. Degree. Tulane; Basketball (1): Thirteen Club; Varsity Boxing (3. 4. 5 . Captain tS). Hknki ' KT ' einsitin, ' h, ' I ' A K Hrookl.vn, . Y. H. Bernard Weinstein, " 37, ' !• . K Westwego, La. B.S. Degree, Tulnno: Dramatic Guild; Glcndy Burke. Joseph W. Wells, ' 37 New Orleans FinviN II. Wesi, ' 37, i: ' I ' K, O K -1 ' Meridian, Miss. William H. Williams, Jr., " 37, O K ! ' Abilene, Tex. John J. Young, ' 36, 6 K M Natchitoches, La. i Pago il CLASS OFFICERS COLLEGE OF LAW SENIOR CLASS James M. Robert, Jr. . . . . President Jo T. Orendorf Vice-President Robert B. Guerriero Secretary-Treamrer JUNIOR CLASS Saw a. Le Blanc President Wilbur L. Allain Vice-President Robert E. Friedman Secretary-Treasurer FRESHMAN CLASS Murray F. Cleveland President John A. O ' Connor, Jr . .Vice-President Edward J. Gay, Jr Secretary-Treasurer K4: Presidents: Clevelaxd, Le Blaxc, Robert College of LAW 4 SENIOR • CLASS COLLEGE OF LAW Harry N. Anders, Z H Winnsboro, La. Theodore L. Bauer, K 2, A ( Natchez, Miss. Moot Court Board (4). Walter H. Coulson, B K Monroe, La. William J. Condon, 2 E New Orleans Glee Club (i). Harry D. de Buys, B e n, A , , A A A, 6 N . . . New Orleans A.B. Degree, Tulane; President Freshman Law Class (4) ; Moot Court Board (6); Hullabaloo (2, 3, 4, 5, 6), Editor-in-Chief (6), Sports Editor (4, 5) ; Jamhalaya Sports Editor (4, 5) ; Varsity Tennis (3, 4, 5) ; Var- sity Basketball (3, 4) ; Glee Club (3, J.) ; Pan-Hellenic (5) ; T. U. R. K.; " T " Club. Alfredo de Castro (y Perez-Vento) Havana, Cuba A.B. Degree, University of Havana; Law Review Editorial Board; In- ternational Relations Club. Joseph V. Ferguson, II, 2 A E New Orleans White Elephants; Business Manager Law Review. Francisco L. Figueroa Havana, Cuba A.B. Degree, University of Havana; Moot Court Board; International Re- lations Club. Manuel I, Fisher, K N New Orleans Pan-Hellenic. Robert B. Guerriero, i A i Monroe, La. Secretary-Treasurer Law Class (5) ; Moot Court (4, 5), Chairman (6). Leon D. Hubert, Jr., tl ' B K, K A I , I A A New Orleans A.B. Degree, Tulane; Varsity Debater (2, 3, 4); Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; La ' W Review Editorial Board; President Oratorical and Debating Council (4)- M. J. HuLSEY, Jr., I K 2 Tampa, Fla. Lucius P. Levee New Orleans Ney J. Marks New Orleans A.B. Degree, Tulane. i Page 64 • •• RiDni.i ' ii M. McHkiiii:. i; ' [ ' IC, ' I ' A A Ilainiiinnd, La. A.B. Degree, Tiilaiu ' . J. McCl-OSKKV, JK., A K i:, K A .h, OAK, .|. I! K, .|. .|., A A A, H M . N. Orleans A.B. Degree, Tiilaiie; I ' risidiiit Law Stixleiit Hiuly (6); Student Council (6) ; Lait: Ri ' ii ' n ' Kditorial Huard (5, 6) ; Varsity Boxing (4, 5) ; Co- manager Haseliall (4); Pan-Helk-Tnc (5). Allison ' T. Millkr, K A, . A A New Orleans Serretar -l " reasurer Law Class (3); N ' arsity Boxing (2); ' arsity Track (2, i, 4); Cross Country (2, 3); Moot Court Board (4). A. B. Moore, n K A, !■ A !■, K A •!•, () A K, A A . , ' ! , A !■ . N. Orleans A.B. Degree, Tulane; Secretary-Treasurer Arts and Science Junior Class (3) ; Speaker Glendy Burke (4) ; Secretary Law School Student Body (4) ; nirector Campus Nite (4); A ' arsity Debate (3); Vice-President Y. M. C. A. (3); Dramatic Guild; La-zu Review Editorial Board (fi). jAMts P. Moore, Jr., I A A New Orleans Clarence J. Morrow, ' I K 2, A ■! , O A K, I ' B K . . . New Orleans A.B. Degree, Tulane; Vice-President Law Student Body (5); Laiv Rc- I ' ifiv Editorial Board (5), Editor-in-Chief (6); Pan-Hellenic (4, 5), Treasurer (5), Chairman Activities Committee (5). John O ' Connor, 1 A e, I) A ' I ' New Orleans Moot Court Board. Jo T. Oki:m)ori X, 1 ' A ' 1 ' Bowling Green, Ky. A.B. Degree, Centre College. RiNH M.NRriNEZ Pedro, I ' 1 A Havana, Cuba A.B. and B.S. Degrees, Institute de la Habana; International Relations Club; Glee Club (i, 2, 3) : Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. James M. RonERr, Jr., II K A, l A I , () A K, 1 I . . . . New Orleans B.K. Degree, Tulane; Jainbalaya Editor-in-Chief (5), Associate Editor (4) ; Pan-Hellenic (4, 5, 6, 7), Secretary (5), Treasurer (7) ; T. U. R. K. (6, 7) ; Glee Club (i, 2, 3), Librarian (2) ; Lww Rcviiiw Editorial Board (7) ; President Senior Law Class (7), Secretary (6). Jake Siiai-irq . Alexandria, La. Sn) EV Sista-R, K N New Orleans Glendy Burke. Cmari.es TircilE, . I! T Monroe, La. .(Me lii ' viiw KdiKirial Hoard (4, 5). Mario . . ' a |]A t Havana, Cuba Si}L W ' liiss, Jr., . I! T New Orleans l.iiii. ' Rivii-iL- l- " iliiorial Ho.ird (4, 5 1. COLLEGE OF LAW SENIOR • CLASS 4 Page 45 » UNDERGRADUATES COLLEGE OF LAW WiLnuR L. Allaiv, ' 35. n K A, { A Patterson, La. Vice-President Junior Law Class. Harold J. Aroksox, ' 36 Ne«- Orleans OcTAvio AvERHOFF, ' 36 Havana, Cuba Gilbert Berxsteix, 35 jg„. Orleans Moot Court Board. Elwood R. Clav, ' 36, Ben Xew Orleans MuRRAv F. Cleveland, ' 36. A K K, A A A, . A K, K A . New Orleans President Fresliman Law Class; Pan-Hellenie: Thirteen Club; Basketball (l{ arslty (2. o. 4). Co-Captain (3): Track (1) Varsity (2, 3, 4). Co-Captain (4) ' T. V. E. K. James M. Colomb, Jr.. ' 36 New Orleans Wll.LiA.vi J. CuRRV, Jr., -36, Z K Ne,v Orleans Pan- Hellenic. Jack V. Dola.v, ' 35 Xe v Orleans Varsity Baseball (4). Be.v.vett J. Doiv, ' 35, - E, A t. Laredo, Tex. Fencing Club. JA.MES H. Drurv, ' 36 Pittsburgh, Pa. Carnegie Institute of Technology. Claiborne B. Duval, -36, IT K A Houma, La. BvARD Edwards, -35. ATA Ponchatoula, La. John- P. Everett, ' 35, - N, a Farmerville, La. Pan-Hellenic (3). J. H. R. Fei.tls, ' 35, T A fi, a a A, A t , A K, G X . New Orleans Editor-in-Chief -Jambalaya- 1 5. 6). Associate Editor (4); President Junior Arts and Sciences Class (3); President Junior Law Class |5); ••Jambalava " Representative Sophomore Arts and Sciences Class (2): " Hullabaloo " Edi- torial Staff (3. 4); T. U. R. K. GiRARD J. Fernaxoez, ' 35, 2 [ E, ■? A New Orleans Robert E. Friud.man, ' 35, 7, B T Xe„ Orleans Secretary-Treasurer Junior Law Class; " Law Review " Editorial Board. Edward J. Gav, Jr., ' 36 Plaquemine, La. A.B. Degree; Secretary- Treasurer Freshman Law Class. Torrcv Go.viila, ' 35, -i A e New Orleans International Relations Club; Varsity Boxing. Benjamin M. Goodmax, ' 35 New Orleans -A.B. Degree. Tulane; Moot Court Board; " Law Review " Editorial Board. Julian B. Habaxs, ' 35, K 2, A A A New Orleans Pan-Hellenic. Harrv Herman, ' 36 New Orleans Glendy Burke. Simon Herold, -35, Z P T Shreveport, La. .A.B. Degree. Tulane; Pan-Hellenic (4, 5); Secretarj ' Law Student Bodv (4)- Track (3, 4); Moot Court Board (5). Gladvs E. Huev. ' 35, A IT New Orleans Newcomb Tennis (1, 2); T. W. C. A. (1, 2). Jack E. Hurlev, ' 6, A K E New Orleans B.S. Degree, Texas Agricultural and Mechanical College. Alwyx j. Justrabo, ' 35, :S E New Orleans Varsity Boxing (3, 4); Southeastern Boxing Champion (3). Nolan Kammer, ' 35, A T o_ ,f, a 4-, , e A New Orleans A.B. Degree Tulane: Dramatic Guild (2. 3, I. 5), Business Manager (4) Presi- dent (o) ; Glendy Burke (1. 2. 3); T. M. C. A. Cabinet (4). Vice-Presidenf (5) ■ Scrub Football (2. 3, 4); Campus Nite Manager (4); " Law Review " Editorial Board. Hexry C. Keith, ' 35, $K2 New Orleans i Page 66 i jt ni 1 1 UNDERGRADUATES COLLEGE OF LAW jAMi , II. Ki;,-i ' EK, Jr., ' 35, IJ K New Orleans A.B. DiKioe. Tuline; " L aw Review " EdUorlnl Bourd. Kavmom) II. KiKRR, ' 36, i: A M New Orleans PrL-Hidfiit, Intcrnatiitnal RelatioiiH Club; S - Tt?tiiry-Tr4-;i.-4ur»-r, Ann and Sci- ences Student Body. Siamkipf: II. Kisn, Jr.. ' 35, IT K A, -I- A l ' New Orleans -V.B. Decree. Tulane. L. T. KunstR, ' 36, K 1, l -I , AAA New Orleans li.B.A. Degree. Tulane: Secretary-Treasurer Law Student Body (5): T. U. It. K. (4. .5). President (5); Pan-Hellenic Council (2. 3. 4. 5). Secretary (4, S)- VIce-PresUlcnt Junior Commerce Cla.ss (S); Accountants Club; Glcndy Burke (I. 2); White Klephants; Track (1). Varsity (2, 3). CiiARi.Ks A. Kyle, ' 36, A K E, A A A New Orleans Secretary-Treasurer Arts and Sciences Cla. ' is (1); Football (1). Scrub (2) Varsity (3. 4); Baseball (2, 3). Edward L. Landers, ' 35, K A, li K, n r M, 2 T . . . Alexandria, La. B.S. Degree, University of the South; University of Virginia. SA.VI A. Le Blanc, Jr., 35, 1 A ! Napoleonville, La. President Junior Law Class; Moot Court Board. Charles C Lee, 35, K 1 ' , !■ A ' P Shreveport, La. IsADOKE A. Marchiz, ' 36, K New Orleans Fontaine Martin, Jr., ' 36, ATI! Bay St. Louis, Miss. Thirteen Club; Associate Editor i;i33 " Jambalaya " ; Glendy Burke (J. 3)- Alcee Fortler Memorial Prize (2); Co-Winner Teriberry Classical Prize (3). ' Jack S. Marx, ' 35, Z 15 T New Orleans Kalford K. Miazza, ' 35, :; X, l A -I " , New Orleans A.B. Degree, Tulane; T. U. R. K. ; Pan-Hellenic; ' Law Iteview " Editorial Board. .Alwine L. Muluearn, ' 35 Monroe, La. •Jambalaya " Representative (2); Prmcipia .Associate In Arts; " Law Review " Editorial Board. John A. O ' Connor, Jr., ' 36, A T A, A A A, 1 New Orleans White Elephants; Spectators Club; Vice-President Freshman Law Class; Var- sity Golf (2, 3. -1), Caiitam (4); Track (1); Pan-Hellenic. H. Michael Pelias, ' 35 New Orleans S. Gordon Reese, ' 35, i; X Lawrenccville, Va. Uni ersity of Virginia. Mildred B. Riseman, ' 35 Opclousas, L.i. . .B. Degree, Washington University. U ' alter S. Rodriguez, ' 35 New Orlcaii A.B. Degree, Tulane. .Armand W. Rons, Jr., ' 35. , I! l ' Shreveport, La. Archirald B. D. Saint, ' 36 .New Orleans Edward H. Sutper, ' 35, i 9 11. l A ' I-, + l New Orleans President Freshman Law Class (31; Tennis Team (2, 3). Co-CaptaIn (3. 4); T. U. R. K.; International Relations Club; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. Rudolph J. Schulze, Jr., ' 35, . T S New Orleans li.ilf f2. 3), Captain (4); Glee Club (1): " T " Club; Pan-Hellenic 13, 4); T. U. R. K. Jl AMI I ' . Tansev, ' 35 New Orleans . .B. Degree, Newcomb; Moot Court Board. JA.MES A. Van Hook, ' 35, K . , I A I ' Shrevepon, La. . .n. Degree, Princeton University: " Law Review " Editorial Board. Oswald W. Viosca, ' 36, i: n, K K »! ' New Orleans Band tl, 2. 3.1. .Akjhir J. V. AECinUR, ' 36, 1 K 2 New Orleans Inter.iatlonnI Relations Club. Marie Louise Wii.cox, ' 35, X U, A 2 2 New Orleans . .B. Degree. Neweomb; Vice-President Law Student Bo ly S ; " Law Re- view " Editorial Board in); Neweomb Campus .NIte Ohnlrnian (3); Corpu.i Juris Award (4): " Hullabaloo " Editorial Staff |2. 3 41: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet |2); " Arcade " (2); Neweomb Tennis Cluimplonshlp (3); Ne ' vcomb Pnn-Hel- lenie (5), Mandolln-Gultiir Club t3): " Jambalaya " Kepresentallvo t4). .Morris Wright, ' 35, I H K Eunice, La. A.B. Degree. Tulane; " Law Review " EdUorlnl Board. . i.viN N. Zander, " 36, 2 A A! N " v Orleans i Page 67 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS NEWCOMB COLLEGE Louise Hirsch President Louise M. Lester J ' ice-President Ruth C. Viallon Secretary Eaima R. Lemann Treasurer COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Daniel A. Allaix, Jr President Alfred H. Paddock Vice-President Hartwig Moss Secretary-Treasurer COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING G. B. S. RiCKETTS President Charles F. Gund J ' ice-President Henry L. E. Vix Secretary-Treasurer COLLEGE OF COMMERCE Gayle L. Dalferes President William Neville, Jr Vice-President Herbert G. Solomon Secretary-Treasurer w . Presidents: Allaix, Dalferes, Hirsch, Ricketts Senior Class OTHER COLLEGES SENIOR • CLASS NEWCOMB COLLEGE Edith L. Ballard Bay St. Louis, Miss. Senior Class Poet; Glee Club (3, 4) ; Nixon Prize (2) ; Varsity Debating (2) ; German Translation Prize (3). BiLLlE Barksdale, IIB Alexandria, La. Art Club; Dramatic Club. Emma R. Barrus . New Orleans Betti- Bovvmax, a n , Staunton, Va. Julie F. Brown " , X 9. New Orleans Glee Club; Newcomb Student Council; Dramatic Club. Marion " M. Butler, A A n Houma, La. Orchestra (t, 2, +) ; Debating (i, 2, 3, 4) ; Dramatic Club (3, 4) ; Y. W. C. A. (i, 2, 4) ; International Relations Club (2, 4). Bekita Carre, X n, A 2 2 New Orleans President Newcomb Student Council (4) ; Class President (i, 3), Vice- President (2) ; Athletic Council (3, 4) ; Class Spalding and Newcomb Basketball (i, 2, 3); Baseball (i, 2, 3), Captain (2); Hockey (i, 2, 3), Captain (3); Tennis (r, 2, 3); Student Government Association; T. U. R. K. Helen Cef.alu Amite, La. Carol H. Co.ats, B20 New Orleans Glee Club (i, 2, 3, 4) ; Y. W. C. A. (i, 2, 3, 4), Cabinet (3), Vice-Presi- dent (4) ; Operetta (i, 2, 3, 4). Babette Cohn, a I; $ New Orleans International Relations Club (2, 3, 4) ; Debating Club (i, 2, 3, 4) ; Dra- matic Club (i, 2, 3, 4) ; Art Club (4). Martha E. Cosper, A A TI Monroe, La. A ' . W. C. A. (i, 2) ; Circle Francais (3, 4). Mattie C. Corley, B 1 a New Orleans Art Club (4); Pan-Hellenic (4); Y. W. C. A. (4). i Page 70 ••• l.iii.w M. Damikon, K K r New Orleans l)r;irnalii- (hih ; (Jki- Chili. Marv IIki.f.n DoiiAN, X v. New Orleans Jnmbaluya, Ncwcomb Kditor ( ) ' ice-Pre»i leiit Class {3); Uullahali n, Newcomb Assistant Editor (3); Athletic Council ( + ) ; Varsity Baseball (i, 2, 3, 4); Newcomb Hasketball (i, 2, 3); Hockcv (i, 2, 3); Spalding Hasketball (i, 2, 3); Art Club (i, 2, 3). Makci KRiTK L. Fnsi . Houma, La. ()km:vii:vi-: W. Filson ' Houston, Tex. Art Club. Ei.izABi-rn li. FiTziiNRRiTF.R Lake Charles, La. V. V. C. A. (i, 2); Art Club (2); Glee Club (3, 4); Track (2, 3); Ilockev (3); Class Spalding Basketball (3); V ' arsitv Newcomb Basket- ball (3). Marv Ella Gardner, A A IT Fort Worth, Tex. Orchestra (2, 3, 4) ; Pan-Hellenic (3, 4) ; Glee Club (i, 2, 3). Iri; e E. Gavden, K A 8 Gurley, La. Art Club; Dramatic Club. Kez M. Green, X n Lake Charles, La. Council Resident Students (3, 4) ; President Warren House (4) ; Art Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; V. W. C. A. (I, 2, 3, 4) ; T. V. R. K. ; Arcade Staff (2) ; Jambalaya Staff (3). f , Rebecca Green, X New Orleans Glee Club (i, 2, 3); Art Club (i, 2, 3). Elise G. Greenwald New Orleans Prnmatic Club; International Relations Club; Art Club. Marieha V. CSrifi ' IN, A n New Orleans Swimming Team {2, 3, 4 ) ; " N " Club; Dramatic Club; Art Club; Pan- Hellenic (3I ; Newcomb Ball, Class and N ' arsity (i, 2) ; Newcomb Basket- ball, Class and X ' arsity (i, 2, 3, 4) ; Baseball, Class and Varsity (i, 2, 3, 4) ; Hockey {2, 3, 4). Marv E. Hanlev, 1 M .Atlanta, Ga. Glee Club (i, 2, 3, 4) ; Orchestra (2, 3, 4) ; Art Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Pan- ii,ii.„ic(,.,iiD„™,icaub ,.4). NEWCOMB COLLEGE SENIOR • CLASS i Page i SENIOR • CLASS NEWCOMB COLLEGE Hester C. HarroPj IT B " t, B A . . . Lake Charles, La. Art Club (i, 2, 3, 4), President (4) ; Class Basketball (3) ; Class Hockey (3); Glee Club (3, 4); Puppet Club (i, 2, 3); Adele Bclden Memorial Prize in Perspective (2). Helen Harrv K K r, B A New Orleans Treasurer Junior Class (3); Dramatic Club (i, 2, 3, 4), President (4), Stage Manager (3) ; Art Club (4) ; Y. W. C. A. (i) ; Debating (i, 2, 3). Claudia Harvix, n j3 , B A Fort Worth, Tex. Art Club; House Council; T. U. R. K.; Pan-Hellenic. Louise Hirsch, A E , A :S New Orleans Debating Club (i, 2, 3, 4), President (3) ; Dramatic Club (i, 2, 3) ; Re- cording Secretary Student Body (2) ; Basketball, Hockey, Baseball (i, 2, 3) ; Senior Class President (4). HAniiE C. Hht, { ' JI New Orleans Art Club (i, 2, 3, 4). Eu.V!CE £. HowSMON, " r Mobile, Ala. Dramatic Club (i, 2); Glee Club (i, 2); Editor-in-Chief Arcade (2); Operetta (i); Class Chairman (i); Dormitory House Council (i, 2). Evelyn HvmaNj A E € New Orleans International Relations Club; Dramatic Club. Macda H, JansseNj a a n New Orleans Pan-Hellenic. Virginia M. Jarman, K A Oklahoma City, Okla. Beulah B. JohnsoNj n B ■!■ St. Francisville, La. President Sophomore Class (2) ; Student Council (3) ; Art Club (i, 2, 3, 4) ; International Relations Club (3, 4) ; Debating Club (i, 2). V0NNE W. JuMEL, B20 New Orleans Glee Club (2, 4) ; Y. W. C. A. (i, 2, 3, 4), Secretary (4), Cabinet (3) ; Dramatic Club (i, 2, 3, 4). Edna F. La Nasa, B20 New Orleans Glee Club (i, 2, 4) ; Dramatic Club (i, 2, 3, 4) ; Debating Club (2, 3, 4) ; Y. W. C. A. (i, 2, 3I, Secretary (3), President (4); Executive Council (4). ••• i Page 72 i • •• l.lJ.v l.AMi , K K 1 " (■|ih]iiilHi , Cm. SccitUirv An Chill. Ki.oRK.vti-: R. I.AZARUS New Orleans CJlt ' i- Cluli (i, 2); Orrhertr;i Sccretarv (3), I.ilirarinri. i Aim; l.iiMAw, K K I ' I)cinalil cinvillu, I. a. — IiUcriiatiDiial Ri-latioiis C ' luh (4); VV. C. A. (i, 2); Glee Club (i, 2, 3); Stiulciit Council (4); Jtimhidaya, Newcomb Business Manager (4). Emma R. Lemann, A E ' 1 ' Donaldsonville, La. Hockey (i, 2) ; Treasurer Senior Class (4) ; Resident Council (2) ; V. V. C. A. (i); Art Club; Drainatic Club {4); International Relations Club (+)■ Louise M. Lkster, A O R New Orleans Vice-PresiileLU Senior Class (4 I ; Class Editor .Ircttdc (3); V. W. C. A. (i, 2, 3, 4), Cabinet (4); . ' Vrt Club (i, 2). Sue W. Lisso. . A 11 New Orleans International Relations Club; Dramatic Club; Art CUib. H 1 _ Makv G. LoEn, A E 1 Shreveport, La. H.S. Degree, Elinira College; International Relations Club. Bakhara M. Logan ' , nB1 New Orleans ' 1RCI IA K. Logan, K K I " New Orleans Ei.l AnETM C. LovvnoN, A A IT Imt Worth, Tex. Franci;s I. Lvi.E New Orleans Ma I. Maddu.v, 1 M New Orleans Orchestra ; Glee Club. NEWCOMB COLLEGE SENIOR • CLASS Pjqe 73 ► SENIOR • CLASS NEWCOMB COLLEGE Leoxe Maas New Orleans Baseball (i, 2, 3, 4), Varsit.v (i, 2, 3) ; Newcomb Basketball (i, 2, 3, 4), Varsity (2); Track (i, 2, 4); Tennis Team (2); Basketball (i, 2, 4), Varsity (2) ; Debating (i, 2, 3, 4) ; Dramatic Club (i, 2, 3, 4) ; Athletic Council (4). Esther R. Malter New Orleans Mary E. Marshall, A O n Bay St. Louis, Miss. Basketball (i, 2) ; Y. W. C. A. (i, 2, 3, 4), Cabinet (i) ; Dramatic Club (3, 4); Glee Club (i, 2); Croquet Champion (2); Secretary Resident Students (3). Jeax Martix, K K r, a i: 2 New Orleans Student Bodv President (4), Treasurer {3) ; Tulane Student Council (4) ; Dramatic Club (i, 2, 3, 4) ; Y. W. C. A. (i, 2, 3, 4). Lena Mar.v, A E J New Orleans International Relations Club; Dramatic Club; Pan-Hellenic. Dorothy McCaxne, ATA Clarendon, Tex. Goucher College (i, 2, 3). Dorothy S. McFacpen ' , Z T A Covington, Tenn. Art Club; Y. W. C. A. Elizabeth K. Mexuet, . A n New Orleans Charlotte L. Merot New Orleans Varsity Baseball (2) ; Varsity Basketball (2). Vassar F. Morelock, K a O Haynesville, La. Corresponding Secretary Student Body (3) ; Student Government Associa- tion (3) ; Council Resident Students (3, 4) ; Glee Club (i, 2, 3, 4) ; T. U. R. K.; Basketball (r, 2, 3, 4); Newcomb Basketball (i, 3, 4); Hockey (i, 2, 3, 4), Captain (i, 2); Baseball (i, 2, 3, 4); Track (i, 2, 3, 4); Bowling (r, 2, 3) ; Athletic Council (i, 2, 3) ; " N " Club (2, 3, 4). Lalise Moore, K A 9, . 2 2 New Orleans Student Government Association (4) ; Business Manager Arcade (2), Edi- tor (3), Literary Editor (4); Secretary Junior Class (3); Finance Com- mittee (3) ; Vice-President Student Body (4) ; Dramatic Club (r, 2, 3, 4) ; Debating Club (3); Pan-Hellenic. JosEPHixE N. Moses, A E New Orleans ••• i Page 7 t ► • « III lis I ' . Nac:i:i, . . M. K 1.. Niu.so.v Debating Cluh (3, 4). Habictii; M. NtrriK, ' . T KilKaiil, l.a. Ni ' « ' (Jrlcans nnnaidsnrn ' ilU- l.a. Ki.i Aiii:in NoKiH, A O II Corpus Chiisil, Tex. lliiuM- Prcsiilent (4) ; House Council (3, 4) ; Kxecutive Council (4) ; New- ro ' Tib Student Council {4). Cathkrink M. Pa-snr, K A H New Orleans Pan-Hellenic. Ei.i AiiKTii B. Pearce, K K r New Orleans Art Club {2, 3) ; Glee Club (3) ; Swimming Team (i, 3) ; Pan-Hellenic. Murray Pkarce K K I " New Orleans Mary Ai.ick Person, Z T A New Orleans V. W. C. A. (I, 2) ; Art Club (i, 2). Hei.e.v C. Phillips. Z T A New Orleans Dramatic Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Pan-Hellenic. Maoalin S. Rehage, li i: u New Orleans Y. W. C. A. ' iR(;iMA K. Rr.. i(iERr, . O II New Orlean. President Newcomb Athletic Council (4) ; Nevvcomb Student Ciovernment Association (4) ; Sr.phomore Class Treasurer (2) ; T. X R. K. ; Pan-Hel- lenic; N;wccmb Student Ccuncil (4); Gle? Club (i, 2, 4); Dramatic Club {4). MAT1IIL1!A J. RlLHARDS . . . New Orleans NEWCOMB COLLEGE SENIOR . CLASS i Pago 75 » ENIOR • CLASS NEWCOMB COLLEGE Louise Ricks, K A 6 New Orleans Art Club (i, 3, 4) ; President Art School (4) ; Newcomb Student Council. Sara P. Ricks, K A 9 Canton, Miss. Glee Club; Dramatic Club; Y. W. C. A.; Art Club; Tennis Team (4). Marion- Roxsheim, ]i A Cincinnati, O. Dramatic Club (3, 4) ; Art Club (i, 2, 3, 4) ; German Glee Club (3, 4) ; International Relations Club (4). Elizabeth A. Royals, X f! Meridian, Miss. Mary Fraxces Royals, X f) Meridian, Miss. Dorothy E. Ryckmax, ZTA New Orleans Eleanor J. Schupp, A O n New Orleans Dramatic Club (i, 2); Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (i, 2, 3, 4), Vice-President (3); Athletics (i); Pan-Hellenic. Jane P. Slaughter, B ! A Bogalusa, La. Y. W. C. A., (i, 2, 4). Mary A. Sparkman, ZTA Pascagoula, Miss. Art Club (i, 2) ; Y. W. C. A. (r, 2, 3). Dorothy Sprott, A A IT New Orleans Louise L. Tarltok, 6 X New Orleans Campus Nite Chairman (4); Y. W. C. A. Cabinet; Finance Committee; Chairman Ring Committee; T. L . R. K. ; Hullabaloo Newcomb Circulation Manager (4). Kathleen E. Thornton, ZTA Lake Charles, La. Glee Club (x, 2, 3) ; Class Basketball (i, 2, 3) ; Y. W. C. A. (i, 2). ••• 4 Page 76 • •• Nc " ()rltan Makii l.ni isi r(]|iis, K K 1 ' , II N, A i; i; Sophoinorf Class President (2); Campus Nitc Chairman (3); Chairman Studi ' nl Daiicts (4); Dramatic Club (i, 2, 3, 4); Ihillahaloo, Ntwcomb Assistant Editor (3), PIditor (4); Jamhalaya, Ncwinmli Assistant Editor (3)- llinv R. riRSKR, II li ■! I ' hf I ' lains, V; International Relations Chil). Ri III C. iAi.i.nN-, X 1! . • Ne v Orleans Secretarv Senior Class (4); T. I ' . R. K. ; Dramatic Cluh (i, 2, 3, 4); Glee Club (3, 4). Gretchen M. ViriER Ne v Orleans Basketball (i, 2); Haseball (i, 2); Swimming (3); Hullahaho Staff (i, 2, 3). Ei.OTSE M. " 00RHiEs Ne v Orleans Mercedes M. Vuixiei . New Orleans Annie L. Walker, S n Helena, Ark. Glee Club (i, 2), International Relations Club (i). Helen A. Walsh, .iA Jacksonville, Fla. Florida State College; Glee Club; Art Club; V. W. C. A. Helene Watrolis, n 15 1 New Orleans Pan-Hellenic. Isabel M. W ' kiman. li 1 o New Orleans V. W. C. A. (I, 2, 3, 4) ; Art Club (i, 2). Ann E. Wolbreite. A K 1 New Orleans President Orchestra (4); Dramatic Club; tilec Club. NEWCOMB COLLEGE SENIOR • CLASS i Pago 77 » SENIOR • CLASS OTHER DEPARTM ENTS Edgar A. Aime New Orleans Arts and Sciences Daniel A. Allaix, Jr., II K A Patterson, La. Arts and Sciences President Arts and Sciences Senior Class; FootlDall (1), Scrub (2), Varsity (4); Students League for Political Action (3, 4); T. M. C. A. Harold J. Arossox, K New Orleans Arts and Sciences LixDEN B. Arthur, 2AE New Orleans Cominerce " Hullabaloo " Business Manager (4). Ralph D. Babix, A X i; Destrehan, La. Chemical Engineering Charles F. Baehr • . . New- Orleans Ciml Engineering President Sophomore Engineering Class (2). JoH.v J. Barcelo, Jr., 2$E New Orleans Civil Engineering William K. Becxel, 2 A E New Orleans Civil Engineering Johx W. Bick, Jr., A K K, B 11 New Orleans Arts and Sciences Spectators Club (3). George S. Bisso, AS New Orleans Civil Engineering Carver W. Blaxchard, ATA, Br2 New Orleans Commerce Vice-President Commerce Sonhomore Class (2); T. M. C. A. Cabinet; Tennis (1); Glee Club. William T. Eoardman, Jr New Orleans M. and E. Engineering Lemaxx H. Bounds, 2 E, 6 K Meridian, Miss. Arts and Sciences Band (1, 2). J. R. Browx, Jr., II K A Columbi3, La. Pharmacy President Pharmacy Student Body f4); President Pharmacy Class (2, 3); Pan-Hellenic. i Page 78 • w TiKjMAs R. Hkoua, i; a I; Ntw Orleans .Iris and Scieiicis Dramatic Guild (2, 3, 4). Joiis Hri (i, Jr.. i; II, !■ ' 1 New Orleans Comtiiircc Kuotbjill (1. ;t. 1): " Janibalaya " " Itcprosentntlve. Jkssk W. HiRi New Orleans Civil Enijiiiiirinij Phrcv C. BuTi.nR, K A Shrevcp;)rt, La. R.M pii F. Cairns, - W New Orleans ( hnir.cal Er.y.nccrir.ij Charles H. CAi,iinu , li e U Bastrop, La. .Iris and Siiriics Vice-President . rts and Sciences Student Body (4); Foothali (1). Varsity (3. •1); Baslcetball (1). EvEi.vx L. Casteel New Orleans Cnmmerce Secretary-Treasurer Commerce Class (1). F. Beai.e Chamders, :: A K, ' I ' New Orleans .1 rt nlrclurr Arehitectui-al Society. .Albert P. Ci.averie, •! K , ' 1 !■ . . . . Commerce Pan-Hellenic. Ciiari.es L. Chavignv, A K i:, A X 2 . . . . Cliemical Engineerintj Varsity Bo-xing. New Orleans New Orleans Mlrra - F. Ci.EVEi.ANU, A K !•:, . A . , K A , (i A K, -t ■] . Now Orleans .Iris and Sciences President Freshman Law Class (4); Thirteen Club; Spectators Club; President Arts and Sciences Junior Class (3); Basketball (1) Varsity (2, 3. 4). Co- Captain (3); Track (1). Varsity (2. 3. 4). Co-Captain (4); T. " U. R. K. ; Pan- Hellenic (4). JA.MES n. Collins, i; 1 E New Orleans James M. Coi.omh, Jr. Coni::;ercc .Iris and Sciences New Orleans .Ai.iREn J. Cooper, Jr., r ' I ' E New Orleans Civil Engincerinij VIcc-Pr. ' Sidont KniiinecrinK .Junior ' ia. s (3i: Track il): Pan-Hellenic (2): Clirrord B. Scott Scbolarslilp Itedal; Tulane Chapter A. S. C. E. OTHER DEPARTMENTS SENIOR • CLASS Paqi 79 » SENIOR • CLASS OTHER DEPARTM ENTS Robert F. Cugle, S E Metairie Ridge, La. Commerce William J. Clrri ' , Jr., 2 4 ' E New Orleans Arts and Sciences Pan-Hellenic. Gayle L. Dalferes, BTX Ne v Orleans Commerce " Hullabaloo " Representative Commerce Class (2); Commerce Student Body " Jambalaya " Representative (3); Commerce Junior Class Vice-President (3); Commerce Senior Class President (4); Accountants Club. Albert L. Dart, Z A JI, B M New Orleans Jrts and Sciences Glendy Burke (4); French Government Prize (3). George H. Daviau Waterville, Me. Commerce Colby College. Joseph J. Davies, Jr., 2 J E Gretna, La. Jrts and Sciences Basketball Varsity (2, 3, 4). John- F. DeBuys, Ben New Orleans . rls and Sciences Football (1), Varsity (3); Boxing Varsity (2, 3. 4), Assistant Coach (5, 6). Gaydex Derickson ' , a K E New Orleans Civil Engineering Bertram A. Ehrlich ■ Bainbridge, Ga. Pharmacy Ralph Elizardi, IT K A New Orleans M. and E. Engineering A. S. M. E. Edward Eustis, K A, A A A New Orleans Arts and Sciences T. U. R. K. ; Basketball (1); Varsity Boxing (2): Thirteen Club; " Jambalaya " Representative (4). Joseph Bres Eustis, A T fi New Orleans Chemical Engineering ' .A ' hite Elephants. Richard W. Freeman, " I " A 9, $ I New Orleans Commerce White Elephants: Business Manager 1934 " Jambalaya " ; Accountants Club. Hazel R. Frey New Orleans Commerce " Jambalaya " Representative (3). i Page SO » RoiiKRi K. I ' kikdman, y. I! T Nfw Orleans .Iris and Sciincrs Soci ' utary-TreaHurer Junior Liiw CIiish (-1); " Law Iwuviuw " Buard (IJ. Hi - I H T ' k " ' Marx FuEiriMAs . Frriiikliii, La. Cnininrrce H - -.... IH F.Miii: F. I ' riiKMAw, Jr., i; ' I A GoikMh-u, La. .In liiliiliiri- ClarKoylt,-; Arcliiti ' ctural Society. m .T --rf August (.i. C;ai), ii:r, Jk New Orleans .1 . riHi i " . Entjinrerinij . a. M. E. W. KiiiiiMASN Gautimer . New Orlean-. .Iris and Sciences OAvin C. E. Geier, i: ■!■ A New Orleans fc «- Architectural Society; Gargoyle. Irvi ; L Gersok, K X New Orleans 1 Commerce tUfM " " " " ' ' -fL- ' Glee Club (41. t— - I ' nM A. Glass, Jr., K i:, X, l Minden, La. .Iris and Sciences Nathan Goldstein, !• A K New Orleans .Iris and Sciences Fmill ' Grav, ■! a K, H M Brnnklvn, N. Y. .Iris and Sciences K tp ' - r- r Walier E. Groteeend New Orleans HBBl ! .Iris and Sciences :t ANTiinxv G. GuELi New Orleans At. and E. En jineerintj A. S. M. E. ; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. JAL ' OII S. GliEi ' ET, A X i; New Orleans Clieniical Ent ineerin Charles F. GiNn, A :; ' I ' New Orleans Civil EnijineeriiKj Vice-l r.si.hnt EnnliioprinK S.-nior Cln.ss (1). OTHER DEPARTMENTS SENIOR • CLASS 4 Paqe 81 SENIOR • CLASS OTHER DE PARTM ENTS Walter W. Haar, 2 E New Orleans Arts and Sciences S. G. Frank HaaSj Jr., II r New Orleans M. and E. Engimering A. S. M. E. RoDERT R. Haase 1 ........ . New Orleans Civil Engineering Edgar J. Hagstette, Jr., A X 2 New Orleans Chemical Engineering William H. Haeuser, Jr. . . New Orleans Commerce Band 1, 2, 3, 4); " Hullabaloo " (3). Hen ' ry Haller, K 2, $ New Orleans Commerce President Commerce Student Body (4). President Class (1, 2. 3) ; Student Council (4); " White Elephants; T. U. R. K. Jack C. Harding, ATA New Orleans Arts and Sciences White Elephants. Audio G. Harvey . New Orleans M. and E. Engineering A. S. M. E. JoH.v E. Hillier West Lake, La. Cliemical Engineering Richard G. Holcombe, Jr., K A, X 2 X, B M . . . . Lake Charles, La. Arts and Sciences JOHX A. Holmes, IT K A, B M, i New Orleans Arts and Sciences Boxing (4). James B. Holt Valley Head, Ala. M. and E. Engineering Rudolph J. Holzer, Jr., $ K 2 New Orleans Civil Engineering white Elephants. Bruce S. Hopkins . . . ■ ' New Orleans Cliemical Engineering i Page 82 i jAMi:s 1.. IhDK, Jr., K 2 NV-w Orlt-aiis ( ' ommirfr Si ' cTftarv-Trea.suriT I ' omnurii ' Studuiil lioily (1): Tuiiiila (2, 3); Glee Club (1. 2. 3, 1). Ai I ' lii-: (. ' •. jAKKKAi, A 1 !■: New Orli-aii M. mill E. Engineering A. s. Ji. n. HKnv Johnson New Orlcaii Fharmacy Si ' dH ' tiiry-Tn- ' Usurfr Pllnrniju-v Sludi nt Botly (2. 3) ; ■ " Juiiibiilaya " Class Rup- rcsentatlvo (1. 2, 3). RiiHiKi C Kki.i i:in:K. ' 1 ' A (), ' I X New Orleans Jits and Sciences Wliitf Elcpliants; Gli ' e Club ii, 3. 1). Se -i-etai-y-Treasurer (I); Baseball. Ravmom) II. KiKKR, i) A M New Orleans Arts and Sciences Secretary-Treasurer Arts and Sciences Student Body (4), Class (2, 3); " Jani- balava " Class Representative (1); Debate (1). Varsity (3); International Re- lations .Jlub (2, S. 1), Treasurer (2), President (3. 4). JcSEFii S. Koi ' iLER, Jr., I K i; Kenner, La. Commerce OsiN ' G C. KoiTKMANK New Orleans Arcliilecliire . ' rchitectural Society. CiiARi.i;s A. K •I.I;, A K K, - .V A New Orleans Arts and Sciences Secretary-Treasurer Ai-ts and Sciences Freshman Class (1); Football (1). Scrub (2). Varsity (3); Baseball (2, 3). James J. LaNasa, ;2 ! E, A K K, K K I ' New Orleans Arts and Sciences Band (1. 2. 3, 4). First . ssistant Manager (3): Triangle Club (1, 2). Edwin ' A. Lki.and, Jk. . New Orleans .Iris and Sciences Debating (1), Varsity (2. 3. 4); Oratorical and Debating Council (2, 3, 4); Glendy Burke tl. 2, 3); International Relations Club (3, 4). John Lepp New Orleans f. ' k ' Engineering Priesiija ' l.EVERlcii, AT!) New Orleans M. I ' .iul E. Engineering A. s. M. E. JosEi ' ii Lew, Jr., Z H T Tulsa, Okla. . ;■ .( and Sciences International Relations Club (2). W ' li I lAM M. Lew, Jr.. K .V Slirevcport, La. Commerce Centenary College (1, 2. 3). OTHER DEPARTMENTS SENIOR • CLASS Page 63 SENIOR • CLASS OTHER DEPARTMENTS Ferdinand M. LoBj Z B T, B M New Orleans Arts and Sciences Spectators Club. Robert D. Lottinger 2 E, Houma, La. Arts and Sciences Varsity Track; " Jambalaya " Representative Arts and Sciences Student Body (4); Pan-Hellenic. Martin A. Macdiarmid, Ben New Orleans Commerce Isadore a. Marchiz, K N New Orleans .his and Sciences Fontaine Martin, Jr., A T 1 Bay St. Louis, Miss. Arts and Sciences Associate Editor 1933 " Jambalaya " ; Thirteen Club; Glendy Burke (2, 3); Alcee Fortier IVIeniorial Prize (2); Co-Winner Terriberry Classical Prize (3). Charnelcie Maschino Marksville, La. Pharmacy Secretary-Treasurer Pharmacy Class (2, 3); Vice-President Student Body (3). Walter A. McCabe New Orleans Civil Enijineering Quartermaster C. E. Summer Survey Camp (2, 3); A. S. C. E. E. Patrick McCloskey, A K E New Orleans C iemical En jineering Secretary-Treasurer Engineering Student Body (4). Edward A. McLellan, Ben New Orleans M. and E. Engineering A. s. M. E. J. David McNeill, n K A, A A A McComb, Miss. Arts and Sciences President Arts and Sciences Student Body (4); Oratorical and Debating Coun- cil Varsity (2, 3. 4), Secretary (4); Vice-Speaker Glendy Burke (4); President Student League for Political Action; Student Council Secretary (4). Leslie K. Mundt, Z B T, A E Helena, Ark. .Irts and Sciences Leonard Nelken New Orleans Arts and Sciences Edwin R. Nelson, 2 N Shreveport, La. Commerce Ruth F. Neves, 9 N New Orleans Arts and Sciences i Paae 81 1 W ' li.i.iAM NiiVii.i.i:, JK., ' I ' () McComb, Miss. ( nnimirif Vk ' i-l ' ri ' .ililriit Senior Coinin.Tiu (. ' Iiish (I); KcidHhiII (1); Whllu lOluphiiiiU; I ' an-lli ' llciilc i::. 1). Junius ( ' . Nkm.ani) . . ' . Slin-vi-pun, I. a. ( ' Iirinuat F.nijinii ' r ' inii JdiiN A. OCoNNOK. Jr.. a T A, A A A, ' 1 ' !■ Ni-w Orleans .Iris and S (inters Vi ;f-Pro.sl lBnt Pieahman Law flnss (I); Varsity Golf (2, 3. 4). Captain (•!); Track (1); White Elvphiirits; ran-llfllenlc (1); Spectators Club (4). Ai.rRi:i) II. I ' ADiiDCK, A ' I ' Kort Smith, Ark. .Iris tind Siirriffs ' ift ' - President Arts and Sciences Senior Class (4); Arts and Sciences Monor Council; Spectators Club; Varsity Football (2, 3, 4). CliARi.FS E. Pkres, Jr. ... I New Orleans .Irts and Sciences Track (1). Varsity (2. 3). John L. Poi.izzio New Orleans Civil Enijimcring A. S. C. E. Sophie C. Ravi. . . . . i New Orleans Commerce Edgar M. Rha, Jr., A T Q New Orleans .iris and Sciences Football (1, 2), Varsity (.1); Baseball Manager (3). Wii.DUR R. RnuTi-R ' . . . ■ N;w Orleans Commerce NoRviN W. Richards New Orleans M. and E. Enijinrcrinci Track (1); A. S. M. E. (|RA 1. : K. S. Ricketts . . . ' New Orleair- M. and E. Enginrerinij President EnKin.erinB Senior Class (4); . . S. M. E. Kearn Q. Robert New Orlcan; t T .. eI M. and ' . ' . Eni ineerinii k r F V Fl.ovi) H. RoiiEKis, A :;: l Sligler, Okla. :lrls and Sciences Varsity Football (2, 3, 4), Captain (1); Varsity nasketball (2. 3. 1). Jack M. Rokiim New Orleans M. and ' .. Kni uieennti A. S. M. E. Chairman. " OTHER DEPARTMENTS SENIOR • CLASS i Page 85 y SENIOR • CLASS OTHER DEPARTMENTS Andrew L. Romeo . . . i New Orleans Arts and Sciences Glendy Burke (1, 2. 3. 4); Chess and Checkers (1, 2. 3); Alcee Fortier Me- morial Prize in French (3); Co-Winner Terriberry Classical Prize (3). Jesse S. Rcsenfeld, Jr., ZBT New Orleans Commerce Secretary-Treasurer Commerce Junior Class (3); Varsity Baseball. J. WiLLWM Salisbury, K 2 New Orleans Commerce Arthur M. Schneider, Jr New Orleans Arts and Sciences Treasurer Y. M. C. A. (3, 4). Phvllis-Akxe Shaw, K A 6 New Orleans Arts and Sciences William D. Singer New Orleans Commerce Glee Club (1. 2); Aero Club (1, 2, 3); Freshman-Sophomore Football. Herbert G. Solomon, Z A JI New Orleans Commerce Secretary-Treasurer Senior Commerce Class (4); Accountants Club. Jefferson L. Smith, 24 A Burrwood, La. Cifil Engineering Pan-Hellenic (3. 4); A. S. C. E. Joe L. Swanscn, Jr., . T f! New Orleans Cifil Engineering Naugle K. Thomas, 2 $ E, A K K, I ! Tucson, Ariz. Arts and Sciences Glee Club (1. 2). Eugene Thorpe, Jr. . . . New Orleans Arts and Sciences Henry L. E. Vi.x New Orleans Chemical Engineering " Jambalaya " Class Representative (1) : Secretary-Treasurer Senior Engineer- ing Class (4). George B. Vogtman New Orleans Physical Education Arthur J. Waechter, Jr., i K 2 New Orleans Arts and Sciences International Relations Club. ••• • v« NM r. WAi.i.Aci; New Orleans Ci ' vil Enijincerinij Aero Club; A. S. C. E. SiiVNKiiK II. W ' Assi KM.w H rooklvii, N. y. .Iris and SiifiiciS Leonaki) n. Wkavik Hrewldii, Ala. .Iris and Sciences Fi:i.i. II. W ' li.scii New Orleans Pharmacy Vice-Pr ' ' sl lent Pharmacy Senior Class (4). Hkrbekt M. W ' Esr, Jn New Orleans Civil Engineering Assistant Chief Engineer Summer Survey Camp (2), Chief Engineer (3); Vice- Pres ' dent Eneineerinf Student Body (4): Aero Club (4); A. S. C. E. George Westfeldt, Jr., K A, 1) New Orleans .4rts and Sciences Football (1). Scrub (2), Varsity (3, 4); President Arts and Sciences Sophomore Class (2); " T " Club; Basketball; White Elephants. John A. White, Jr New Orleans . ' Irts and Sciences RiCMARL) H. W ' linTEN, A T A, A A A New Orleans .iris and Sciences Vice-President Freshman Arts and Sciences Class (1); Pan-Hellenic (3): Tu- lane Socialist Club; Student League for Political Action (3, 4); Glendy Burke (1. 2. 3, 4). Chari.es S. Williamson, III, n K A, I A A New Orleans Arls and Sciences President Engineering Freshman Class (1): White Elephants; Glendy Burke; Band. Manfred R. Wii.i.mer New Orleans . ' Irts and Sciences Glendy Burke (1. 2, 3. 4). Speaker (4); Oratorical and Debating Council (2. 3. 4), Chairman (4). Jack F. Wilson, :; N, O A K, 1 ■! San Diego, Cal. .-Irc iileclure President Student Council (4); President Kngineering Student Body (4); Pan- Hellenic (3): Gargoyle (4); Architectural Society; " .lambalaya " and " Hulla- baloo " Staffs (3, 4); T. U. R. K. Benjamin F. ' lMHERI.v, i: ' ! K New Orleans Commerce John S. Wucher, i: X Guffcy, Colo. Commerce " Jambnlaya " Representative Senior Commerce Class (4). OTHER DEPARTMENTS SENIOR • CLASS 4 Page 87 i JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS NEWCOMB COLLEGE Vada L. Odom - • President Katherixe S. Colvix Jlce-President CoRIXXE M. ClaiBORXE Secretary Cora S. Jahxcke Treasurer COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Allax Little, Jr President Joe E. Loftix J ' ice-President COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING JoHX T. Barrow President C. JuLlAX Bartlett J ' ice-President William P. Clllex Secretary-Treasurer COLLEGE OF COMMERCE Robert AV. Daray President Allex L. Davis J ' ice-President Jesse S. Rosexfeld, Jr Secretary-Treasurer Presidents: Barrow, Daray, Little, Odom Junior Class OTHER COLLEGES A ' - JUNIOR CLASS NEWCOMB COLLEGE Lydia H. Allex, nB New Orleans Glee Club; Art Club. MixOLA L. BackeRj B A New Orleans Glee Cub: Dramatic Club; Pan-Helleni c; T. U. R. K. Ida a. Barxett, BSO New Orleans Glee Club (1. 2. 3). Vice-President (2), President (3); Operetta 1 1. 2. 3); Orchestra (1. 2, 3). Vice-President (3); T. W. C. A. (1. 2. 3); T. U. R. K. ; ilandolin-Guitar Club (1); Dramatic Club (1. 2, 3); Pan-Hellenic (3). Marv G. Barxes, B O New Orleans Glee Club ll, 2 3); Y. W. C. -A. (1. 2. 3); International Relations Club (1); Pan-Hellenic (3). Claudia N. Barret, X f Charlotte, N. C. Treasurer Freshman Class (1 ; Secretary Sophomore Class (2); Gles Club; Art Club; French Circle. Rosem. ry ' L. Bartox New Orleans Glee Club (3, 2. 3); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2. 3); Internationa! Relations Club (3). EvELYx Be.ard AOn McComb, Miss. Council Resident Students i3); T. W. C. A. (3). DoLORE E. Berxard, B20 New Orleans Glee Club 11, 2. 3t; Y. ' 5V. C. -A. (1. 2. 3). . Iariox C. Blessey, BZO New Orleans International Relations Club (1); Glee Club (1. 2. 3); Y. W. C. A. il. 2. 3). Kathryx C. Briede B20 New Orleans Glee Club (1. 2. S); Y. W. C. --i. (1- 2, 3); Hockey (1. 2 3). Martha M. Brumby, AOn Franklin, La. Glee Club (1, 2); French Circle (2, 3); Dormitory Council (3). Ruth M. Butt, K A Blytheville, Ark. Dramatic Club; Art Club. Nell L. C.arsox , New Orleans Mary Louise Castlex, M Greenville, Miss. Art Club; Dr matic Club. Sarah E. Cherry ' , B20 New Orleans Y " . W. C. A. Cabinet (1, 2), Treasurer (3); Dramatic Club (1; 2. 3); Debating Club (2, 3); Glee Club (2. 3). H.alcyox R. Colomb, AOII New Orleans ••Hullabaloo " Staff (3). Katherixe S. Colvix, KAG New Orleans Vice-President Junior Class (3); -X " Club; Y ' arsity Basketball (3); Athletic Council (2, 3); Swimming Team (1, 2). Charlexe McN. Cooper, KAG Galveston, Tex. Art Club; Dramatic Club. P.ATSY Jeax Cope Benton, Ky. D-bating Club; Y. T ' . C. -A. Cabinet (3). Doris M. Dahlberg New Orleans " N " Club. Doris D. D.avis, KAG Kansas City, Mo. Xewcomb Basketball; Hockev; Debating Club; House Council (2). Secretary (3); ••Arcade " Staff (2, 3). L. JAXE D.AVIS, KAG St. Louis, Mo. Page 90 y JUNIOR CLASS NEWCOMB COLLEGE MoRNA E. OusKNiiURV, K A O New Orleans Jank a. Ebdins, I M Slidell, La. All I ' luli; I ' iin-Ki ' lli-nlu (3). NIiiimi;ii M. KoSSICR New Orleans n;iskctlmll; nHwlKill; DcbullllK Club. GKRAiniNR Gaudkt, K K r New Orleans Atlik-tlc Council (1. 2). Frances C. Gomii.a, H i: New Orleans Gleu Club (1. 3); nnimatlc Club (1 2. 3); Y. W. C. A. (1. i. 3). Lynne p. Hecht, n B I New Orleans Debating Club (1. 2, 3). Secretary (2). President (3); D bating Council (1, 2. 3); Nixon Debating Prize (2): Dramatic Club (1, 2 3); Art Club (1. 2, 3); T. U. R. K.; Finance Committee (3); " N " Club; Newcomb Basketball, Class and Varsity (1); Class Hockey (1. 2); Swimming. Isabel L. Heckert, Z T A New Orleans Pan-Hellenic (3). Betty Hudson, K A G New Orleans Lucille Hull, n I? I Tulsa, Okla. Henrieita M. Huye New Orleans Cora S. Jahncke, IIB New Orleans Glee Club (1. 2. 3); Operetta (2); Art Club (1 2, 3); Dramatic Club (2. 3); Clas.s . ewcomb Basketball (1 2) Captain (1, 2); Varsity (1. 2); Class Spalding Basketball (1. 2) Varsity (1. 2): Hockey (1. 2): Swimming (2); ■■. rcade " Business Manager (3); Junior Class Secretary (3). MiGNON JUMEL, B20 New Orleans Glee Club (2. 3); Dramatic Club (1. 2, 3); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2, 3). Cabinet (1). Mary Frances King, M New Orleans Frances Koeiiler, X fi Cuero, Tex. Art Club (1. 2, 3); Glee Club (2). Anna A. Lachin, B I A New Orleans Jeanne Laidi.aw, K K r Tulsa, Okla. Marie Louise Lecier, K K r New Orleans student Body Corresponding Secretary (3); Treasurer Sopliomore Class (2). F.MMARiE Maii.ender Cincinnati, O. Art Club: International Uelatlons Club. Carolyn Malir , I ' . ■! ' . . New Orleans Y. W. C. A.; Dramatic Club. N.vrAi.iE Norton, II B ' I ' Houston, Tex. . rl Club; Dramatic Club. V ' ada L. Ouom HafYcy, La. President Fresbman Clns.s (1); Reprc.wntallvo Sophomore Class to Student Council (2); Draniatle Club (1. 2 3 ; Pre.xidcnt Junior Class (3); Sopliomorc Cln! .s Cheerleader (21; Assistant Varsity Cheerleader (3). JoYci- W. O ' Oei 1 , X fi New Orleans Glee Club; Dramatic Club. i Pago 91 •»1 JUNIOR CLASS NEWCOMB COLLEGE Doris C. Paine, B A Donner, La. Y. W. C. A.; Debating Club; Glee Club. Evelyn L. Potter Fort Worth, Tex. Art Club; Dramatic Club. Helen Powell, B20 Metairie, La. Dramatic Club (1, 2, 3); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3). Janet C. Quillian, n B Los Angeles, Calif. Dramatic Club. Nancy R. Reeves, K K r Memphis, Tenn. Freshman Class Secretary (1); Sophomore Class President (2); Treasurer Student Body (3). Pamela Robinson, HB New Orleans Ruth M. Rogan, B20 New Orleans Y. W. C. A. (2 3); Hockey (1 2. 3). Dorothy B. Sale, A E Jonesboro, Ark. Debating Club Cliairman (3); Dramatic Club Stage Manager (3); President International Relations Club. Joel Samuel, A E I New Orleans Naomi J. Segall New Orleans Florence Strug Bogalusa, La. Rachel Sweeney, A A n Bonham, Tex. University of Colorado; Y. W. C. A. Louise H. Taylor, HB New Orleans Leslie H. Thacker, $ M New Orleans Art Club. Helen J. Wander, BSO Weeks Island, La. Glee Club 1, 2); Orchestra (2, 3); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2. 3); Dramatic Club (1. 2, 3). LiSE Wehrmann, nB New Orleans Glee Club Vice-President (3). Anneite Weinberg Quincy, Fla. Rose M. Weitz New Orleans Glee CIUD Treasurer (3). Dorothy White, K A Kingsport, Tenn. D.amatic Club; Art Club, Muriel R. Whitehead, ZTA.... ■• New Orleans Dramatic Club; Y. W. C. A. Alma P. Wirth New Orleans Athletic Council (1. 2. 3), Vice-President (2); " Arcade " Staff (2), Editor (3); " Jambalaya " Staff (3); T. U. R. K. ; Varsity Newcomb Ball (1); Varsity Baseball (2); " N " Club; Executive Council (3), 4 Page 92 JUNIOR CLASS Ai.iKiii I " .. A HAL ' S ' . A ........_. New Orleans Civil Entjinrerinij KoFiKKi ' M. Adams, i; A 10 New Orleans Ills mill Siiniiis c.l. ' . I ' luh 11, H, :i); While- Kli-|.liiints, To.M K. Ai,i:, am)i;r New Orleans M. iiihl •. ' . hiiijiiiiirinij Lko J. Barin New Orleans Arts and Sciences Ci-nSH-Country (1, 2, i) ; Y. M, C. A. (3). Hi K Bakmit, Z H T New Orleans Cniiiiiwrcc John 1 " . Barrow, A - ' 1 New Orleans M. and E. Engineering Vlie-ProskkMit Enslneerlns CInss (1), Pri ' sidcnt (2. 3); SL ' cietiiry Y. M. C. A. (2). Pl-uaidfiit i:i): A. S, M, E. RonNEY R. Bartciiy New Orleans Chemical Engineering C. Julian- BARn,EiT, A K E, A X 2 . . New Orleans Chemical Engineering r.u-v Club il. -1 31, l ' ir-si.li.iit (3); Viic-Presirtent (2); Thirfeon Club; Trail; 111: ■Hullabaloo " Staff (1, 2); Pan-Hellenic (3). Charles C. Bass, Jr., K A, 6 N New Orleans Arts and Sciences •■Hullabaloo " Staff (3). Ernest V. Beck, Jr., AX- New Orleans Chemical Engineering Secretary-TreasurcT .lunior EngineerinR class ct); arsi(y Bnsketball (2, 3). Frank A. Benitez Tampa, Fla. Arts and Sciences Hardee Bethea, A K E New Orleans Arts and Sciences Glendy Burke (1); ■•Janibalaya " Staff (1, 2). AnoiPH C. Billet, Jr., A K E New Orleans Commerce Barnett Blitz, K N New Orleans Arts and Sciences Baseball (1). Morgan Blum New Orleans Arts and Sciences International Relations Club (1): Glendy Burke (1, 2); Spectators (3). T. Hale Boccs, B 9 n, A A A, 6 N Gulfport, Miss. Arts and Sciences Editor Student Handbook t2); Constitution Re isement Committee t2); t ' hair- man Campus Dances; Journalism Cup (2); Winner Carnot Debate (1); T. U. R. K.; Pan-Helle.iic (1. 2. 3); Y. M. C. A. 12, 3); Oratorical and Debating Ciiiincii (2. 3); Glee Club (1); Dramatic Guild (1); " Hullabaloo " Associate Editor (3). II. Ellioit Bredow New Orleans Architecture . rcliitcctural Society. Percy E. Brilev, Jr New Orleans .1 rchitecture . rchitecturnl Society. Joseph M. Brocato New Orleans .his and Sciences J. Charles Bonds, il ' K i; Memphis, Tcnn. Crimmerce l ' iu i W, Hninii, Jk., iji I i; Ancon, CaiKil Znnc Co m in erce John . . lU ii s s, 1 . New Orleans M. and E. Engineering BoXillK (2. 3). John G. Carter, U K . New Orleans .U. and E. Engineering Augustus H. Clark, H B n Macon, Ga. Arts and Sciences Football (1), Varsity (2. 3); Basketball (1), Varsity (2. 3): Baselmll (1. 21. i Page 93 JUNIOR CLASS Louis E. CoheNj SAM New Orleans Arts and Sciences Tennis Squad (1. 2). Edward O. Cooper New Orleans M. and E. Enijineering Charles Corso New Orleans Arts and Sciences Kendall H. Cram, B 9 II, A A A Nashville, Tenn. Arts and Sciences ■■Hullabaloo " Editorial Staff (3); Pan-Hellenic (3); Basketball (1), Varsity (2); Tennis (1). Varsity (2). James A. Cronvich New Orleans M. and E. Engineering William P. Cullen, 2 A New Orleans Ciml Engineering Secretary Junior Engineering Class (3): Baseball. Angelo M. D ' Ancelo, AAA Alexandria, La. Arts and Sciences International Relations Club (2. 3); Glendy Burke (2). Robert W. Daray, Ae Chicago, 111. Commerce President Junior Commerce Class (3); Varsity Golf Team; Accountants Club. Allen L. Davis New Orleans Commerce Vice-President Junior Commerce C ' ass (3). Victor E. Deimel, Jr New Orleans Arts and Sciences Ralph H. Delaune, AX2 New Orleans Chemical Engineering Band 1. 2). Philip S. del Corral, K 2 New Orleans Cotnmcrce MoiSE W. Dennery, ZBT New Orleans Arts and Sciences Dramatic Guild ■ ' Hullabaloo " Editor-al Staff (3); Basketball Manager (3). Helion Dickson, Jr., K A . New Orleans Commerce Football Manager (3): Track (1). William A. Dorsey, K A Carlisle, Ky. Arts and Sciences Fencing Club. Joseph W. Douglas, ' i A9 Brewton, Ala. Arts and Sciences Marion Military Institute: Glendy Burke (3); Varsity Boxing (3). Walter H. Dustmann, Jr New Orleans Arts and Sciences Y. M. C. a. Cabinet 3); President Triangle Club (2): Football (1); Boxing (1). Claiborne B. Duval, II K A Houma, La. Arts arid Sciences James B. Eaton, Jr New Orleans M and E . Engineering Gilmer W. Engelhardt Nevr Orleans M. and E. Engineering Ernest E. Edmundson, Jr., A K E Crowley, La. Arts and Sciences University of the South; Southwestern Louisiana Institute; Blue Key: Glendy Burke (3). Robert A. J. Einstein New Orleans Arts and Sciences Laurance Eustis, Jr., K .i Memphis, Tenn. Cliem ' .cal Engineering Joseph C. Evans, S E Petrolia, Pa. Arts and Sciences Manager Band (3); Varsity Track; Varsity Boxing. Esmond A. Fatter, 2 n New Orleans Arts and Sciences Band (1. 2. 3). 4 Paqe 94 JUNIOR CLASS Mkrv.n E. Fatikr, i: n New Orleans .Iris mill Sdcncts Tmomas C. F.scmkr. K i; New Orleans (, (I III III crce Georgk R. IMSHKR New Orleans .Ircliileclitre An-hlri-ftunil Sncifty. Stani.kv C. Fn i-AiKicK, i: II. K l M ' New Orleans Iris and Sciences Band (1, 2. 3). Hrknt Fo.x, ATA Hoguc Chitto, Miss. . .( luut St ' wncis AiTON- P. Frvmirk, ' V K Z New Orleans Arts and Sciences Wliilc. Kk-pliiUUs. CilARii-s F. Gay, K A Plaqucmine, I.a. Arts and Sciences Track Maiiasor (3) ■ Wliite Elephant.s. ' oi,FF. Gerber, K N New Orleans . ;■ .( and Sciences Frei) Z. H. Gerres . New Orleans Arls and Sciences Paul E. Giuord, ! K i) Port Arthur, Tex. Commerce Elaine Goldsmith New Orleans Commerce Akorew M. Gregg New Orleans Arls and Sciences Charles H. Guell, AX2 New Orleans Chemical Entjineering Secretary-Treasurer Sophomore EuKineerinK Class (2); Y. M. C. A. Cabinet I 3); Alpha Chi .Sigma Cup (1). Edgar J. Haas, Jr., S I ' A New Orleans M. and E. Engineering A. S. M. E. Henrv Haas, Jr., ZBT Monroe, La. Arls and Sciences Charles B. Hamlet, HI, K 2, A A A Picayune, Miss. Arls and Sciences Oratorical and Debating Council Representative from Glendy Burke; Vice- President International Relations Club (3). Bek J. Haney, Jr New Orleans M. and E. Engineering Irving Hardesti-, Jr., ATfi New Orleans Arls and Sciences Campu. " ! Nite Chairman (3); White Elephants; Tennis Team (1); Varsity (2. 3); Constitution Revisement Committee (2); Glee Club (1, 2 3); Pan-Hellenic (2, 3); Glendy Burko Ci); V. M. C. A. Cabinet (2, 3); T. V. R. K. B. Marvin Harvard, Jr., A T A, B M Hammoiul, I.:i. Arts and Sciences Glee Club (3); Thirteen Club. L. RiciiAKi) Uasi ' el . . . ■ ' New Orleans Arts and Sciences Glendy Butke (1. 3); Tennis (1). Varsity (2). ELi.iiirr B. IIay, ■! K i; McComh, Miss. .Iris and Sciences Leslie R. Hebert, 2 I IC Paia, Maui, T. H. M. and E. Engineering President Junior Engineering Class (3). Secretary-Treasurer Sophomore Class ■ (2); Varsity Track (2 3). Captain (3); - . S. M. E. Hkrmiardt C. Heebe. A i: ' I Gretna, La. .Iris and Sciences EiioLARD F. Hesriques, A K E, . X i: New Orleans Arls and Sciences President l. ' ' reshmaii and Soidioniore EnpineiM ' lng Classes (1, 2): Football (11. Varsity (2, 3). J. Chalmers Herman, i; I ' K New Orleans .Irts and Sciences Drnmatic Guild (2. 3); International Relations Club (3); Band (3 : Glendy Burke (1 2); Debate (1). Mari in H. Hoge, Ben Fort Smitli, . rk. Arts and Sciences i Page 95 V JUNIOR CLASS Minna B. Hopkins, FT B ' New Orleans Arts and Sciences Architectural Society (1, 2). James J. Howe New Orleans .1 . and E. Engineering Charles M. Ives, $ii9 New Orleans Commerce ■■Jambalaya " Editorial Staff 3). Jack Janssen New Orleans Civd Engineering George Janvier, Jr., A T fi New Orleans Cii-U Engineering Beauford Jones, Jr., $ 6 New Orleans Commerce " Jambalaya " Representative (1, 3): Cross Country (3). Harry P. Jordan " , Jr., K 2 Waco, Tex. Commerce T. u. R. K. Gerald M. Kees Brookhaven, Miss. Commerce Accountants Club. Ch.arles M. cdonald Kerr, Jr New Orleans Commerce Vice-President Sophomore Commerce Class (2): Vice-President T. L ' . R. K. (3): Aero Club (1); Boxing (2); Fencing Club (1); Assistant Cheerleader (3). John M. Kinabrew, Jr New Orleans Commerce Debating (1). Benjamin C. King, AKE New Iberia, La. Arts and Sciences Southwestern Louisiana Institute (1); Glee Club (3). Tho.m.as-F. Kirby Moline, 111. Commerce Augustana College (1, 2). Joseph Kleinfeldt New- Orleans Arts and Sciences Chess and Checkers Club (1, 2. 3). El.mer E. W. Kramer New Orleans Arts and Sciences Lewis A. L.achin, i2 ' i New Orleans Architecture Architectural Society. Spencer J. Lallande, K S New Orleans Arts and Sciences ■■Jambalaya " Representative d " ). Lamar L. Lambert French Settlement, La. Arts and Sciences Arthur F. Landry , S X, A X 2 New Orleans Chemical Engineering Rene J. Lapey-rouse . Houma, La. 3 . and E. Engineering E. Spencer Lazarus, Jr., 2AM New Orleans Commerce Boxing (1. 2); Swimming (2). Henry ' J. Le Blanc Napoleonville, La. Arts and Sciences Basketball (2). W. Lloyd LeBoeuf, 2 E New Orleans M. and E. Engineering Albert A. Levin, K X New Orleans Cominerce Elma L. Levy ' New Orleans Commerce " Hullabaloo " Business Staff. Melville L. Le t, K X New Orleans M. and E. Engineering Pan-Hellenic. Frank H. Lichtenstein New Orleans Commerce Accounting Club (2. 3). i Page 94 JUNIOR CLASS I.KSIKR P. LiKliKR. K N Natchitoches, La. .Irts and Scirnces (il.lidy Hnrkf (1). C ' oi.i.tss v. I.ll ' ScoMfi Hammond, La. .Iris mill Sdfticis SoulIU ' U. trni l.uniHlutlu CoIU-gt " ; Y. M. C. A. Ai.i.AN Lim.H, Jr., 1. A 6, A X S, N Gadsden, Ala. jlrls and Sciences rri ' .slik ' nl Arts ami Sciences .lunlnr Class (S): Associate Editor " .Tambalayn ' (3); I- ' ontball (1); Cross Country 11); Track (II; German Prize (1). Raoui. LiVAUDAls, A K E New Orleans Archilecturc Vice-President Archltci ' tural S iclety (. " .); T. H K. Joseph E. Lofiin ' , 2 X New Orleans Arts and Sciences vice-President Arts and Sciences Junior Class (3); Football (1). Varsity i L , :i i : Basketball (1). John ' P. Love New Iberia, La. Iris and Sciences Rohkrt C. Lvxch, Hen New Orleans .lets and Sciences Daxiei. p. Mabki., i; ' I ' a New- Orleans ;V . and E. F.nijineerin j Fraxk C. Macxe New Orleans .Iris and Sciences Louis . . Mahoxev New Orleans .-Iris and Sciences Glee Club (1. 2. .3). MiCiiEi. . . Maroux Shreveport, La. .Iris and Sciences E. G. Baker Marsh, !i: X Kenner, La. .•Iris and Sciences Glee Club (1. 2. 3): " Hullnbaloo " StalT (3). Charles D. Marshall, A T fi, A . A Bay St. Louis, Miss. .Iris and Sciences International Relations Club I 1, 2. 3); G ' endy Burke (1. 2. 31; Y. II. C. . . Cabinet (3). Warden- M. Martin Biloxi, Miss. Iris and Sciences Glendy Burke (2. 3): Glee Club (1. 2. 3). Seale Mason, K A Lumberton, Miss. .Iris and Sciences Pearl River College. John B. McDaniel, B 9 II Camden, Ark. Commerce Vice-President Commerce Student Bod.v (3); Secretary- Treasurer Freshman Commerce Class (1); President Soi)homore (l ommerce Class (2): " T " Club: Accounting Club. Lionel H. McDonald, 2 E New Orleans M. and E. Engineering Addison F. McGhee, Jr., 2 .V E, O A K Macon, Ga. .Iris and Sciences B.S. Degree. Alabama I ' olyteclmic Institute: " Jambalaya " StalT. William R. McHuch. Jk New Orleans . ■ ,( and Sciences Glcnily Burke; ■■Hullabaloo " Buaine. ' -s StalT (3). I ' ali W. McIi.henny, K A New Orleans Arls and Sciences Football (1), Scrub i2), Varsity (3). Ernest L. McLei.lan, A X P New Orleans Commerce B.S. degree. Washington and Lee University. Peter Menge, A K E New Orleans .Iris and Sciences VU-e-PresUlent Freshman aiul Sophomore . i-ts and Sciences Classes (1. 2); Football (1). Vnrslly (2. 3). Dennis C. Meyer, 2 •! A New Orleans M. and E. Engineering a. s. .m. e. John W. Mci lev, ' !• K 2 New Orleans Civil Engineering Bersaki. n. Mini , i A .M, AAA New Orleans Arls and Sciences |-,iolbnll (3); Track i3l; Basketball (3 . . iiRHi) .1. Mdkas, Jr., -!• a e New Orleans Commerce i Page 97 JUNIOR CLASS Herman- Neugass New Orleans Arts and Sciences ■■Jambalava " Representative (3): Track ID. Varsity (2); " T " Club; Dramatic Guild. Charles O. Noble, Ben Lake Charles, La. Commerce Ransom A. Nockton, I Ae Crowley, La. Jris and Sciences Charles McV. Oliver, B 6 II, A A A Monroe, La. Jris and Sciences Tennis Manager (3). Richard M. P.ace, A T fi New Orleans irts and Sciences Football ID. Varsity (2. S): Basketball ID. Varsity (2): Thirteen Club. r. Cromwell P.ace, 2 J E New Orleans Arts and Sciences Scrub Football (11. Varsity (2, 3). A. Balfour P.atterson, Jr., B9II Houston, Tex. Arts and Sciences Band (3); Glee Club (1. 2. 3). Librarian (2). Vice-President (3): Dramatic Guild (2, 3); T. XJ. R. K. Herbert P. Pellegrini New Orleans Commerce Band (1. 2). G. Harold Peters, A 5 3 New Orleans Che nical Engineering AsHTON Phelps, A T A, A A A New Orleans Arts and Sciences Thirteen Club; Glendv Burke (1. 2): Basketball (1). Varsity (2. 3): Tennis (1). Varsity (2. 3). MiLTO B. Phillips, 2 A E New Orleans Arts and Sciences Football (1). Varsity (2); Track (1); Pan-Hellenic (2. 3). Philip Pizzolato New Orleans Arts and Sciences Edw. rd B. Poitevent, K A, A A A Mandeville, La. Arts and Sciences Thirteen Club; Football (1), Varsity (3). Donald R. Porter, 2 S, $, B it Winter Haven, Fla. Arts and Sciences Boxing (2, 3). Cr.awford J. Powell. IIK$ New Orleans Chemical Engineering Pan-Hellenic (2, 3). Waldo S. Powell, 2 A . . . . . . _ . . . . .. . Lakeland, Fla. Cii ' il Engineering Dramatic Guild (2. 3). Leon A. Pradel New Orleans Arts and Sciences Glendy Burke (1. 2. 3); International Relations Club (1. 2 3). Ernest L. Pr.agst Schenectady, N. Y. M. and E. Engineering Edwin J. Putzell, Jr., A2 i New Orleans Arts and Sciences Oratorical and Debating Council (2. 3 ; Glendv Burke (1. 2. 3); " Hullabaloo " Staff (1, 2); T. II. C. -A. Cabinet (3): Pan-Hellenic (2. 3). Harold E. Ratcliffe New Orleans Arts and Sciences Glendy Burke (1. 2 3); International Relations Club (3). George A. Ray New Orleans M. and E. Engineering Joe p. Riley, Jr., 2 A E Eudora, Ark. Arts and Sciences Ouachita College. Fred L. Reuter, 2 n, K K - New Orleans Arts and Sciences Band (1, 2. 3). Samuel I. Rosenberg, 2AM New Orleans Arts and Sciences Homer R. Robinson, S E Lake Charles, La. Arts and Sciences Football (1). Varsity (2, 3). Albert A. Robbert, Jr New Orleans Commerce i Page 98 y JUNIOR CLASS JoSKi ' ii v. Rom, Jr., A T U New Orlcanv Irc iilcclure Arililt.ctuial S(hI,-i.v; Whit.- ICIi-ijIi.liUs. James S. Ryan New Orleans Comiiurcc liioMAS G. Sanctok, a T a, a a a New Orleans Iris and Sciences Whltj KUiiluiiils. Charles C. Savoii;, I ' K i; Hclle Rose, I.a. M. and E. Engiiu-crinij R. C. Pope Schoenbercer, 2 A E New Orleans M. and E. Enghucrlnij Dramatic Gu.kl; " Junibalaya " I usinuss Stuff. George S. Sciirenk . New Orleans Civil Enijinii ' rinij . . s. c. E. W ' li.i.lAM F. SciiROEUER, A K E Donalclsonvillc, I.a. Commerce Varsit.v I ' -ootbail (1. 2. 3). IIenrv J. Seither, Jr New Orleans M. and E. Engineering A. S. M E. William B. Seitoox, i) I ' A New Orleans Cii-it Engineering Cecil M. Shilstone, i: X, A X 2 New Orleans Chemical Engineering Treasurer Engineering Fi-e lmtan C.as.s (1); V ' ice-l resident Engineering Soplio- more Class V-) ran-IU-Uenic (3); Wliite Elepliants. Robert L. Simox, ' P K 2 New Orleans .Iris and Sciences Varsity Footl)all (3, 1); Wliite Elepliants. Claude Simons, Jr., I K 2 New Orleans Arts and Sciences Football 11) Varsity 12 31; Basketball (1 3); Baseball (1, 2); Track (1, 2); Wlute Eiepliants: t;eeretai-, - . rts and Science Sophomore Class (21. Saul Singer, K N New Orleans Commerce George D. Tessier, I A 6, A A A New Orleans Arts and Sciences Football (1). Varsity (2, i); Varsity B„xing (2); Pan-Hel;enic (3). Arnaud p. Texad. , Jr., 2 i E New Orleans M. and E. Engineering A. . . JI E. Parrel Tiiom.vs, I A 6 Fort Smith, Ark. Arts and Sciences Football (2, 3). John A. Thomas New Orleans .lets and Sciences Charles B. Thorn, Jr., ATA New Orleans Chemical Engineering Varsity BasUelball; Thirteen Club. Otis B. Trepackier, A T A, A A A New Orleans . 7.V and Sciences IIark ' i S. ' oriiaiien New Orleans .1 . and E. Engineering rresident lOngineerinK i ' ' rLshnian t ' ia s (1); Hasketball (1). ' arslty t2). James L. White Shreveport, La. Commerce F.MiiAN P. Wieuerecht New Orleans Chemical Engineering Glee Club (3). Ralph M. Williams. 2 A K Arkadelpliia, . rk. Commerce Harold J. Wor.mser, 2 .V M Jeanerette, I.a. Commerce Clee Chlb (3). .Ai.viN N. Zanher, 2 . M New Orleans Iris and Sciences Lawrence L. Zarrilli N ' ew Orleans .7;7i and Sciences Olee Club (3); V. M. C. A. Cabinet (3); Internatlonnl Relations Club (3). Ri unEN A. Zarrilli New Orleans Arts and Sciences Gleo Club (2. 3); International Relations Club 3). ( Page 99 » SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS NEWCOMB COLLEGE Helen J. Michel President Janice R. Torre Jlce-President Glendy Culligan Secretary Anita H. Abes Treasurer COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Howard K. Smith, Jr President Charles G. Smith er J ' ice-President COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING William D. Robert President Gus P. Covert Vice-President Hermann C. Michaelis Secretary-Treasurer COLLEGE OF COMMERCE Albert M. Norwood President John R. Reuter, Jr Vice-President Robert J. Ahsens Jr Secretary-Treasurer W m Presidents: Michel, Norwood, Robert, Smith Sophomore Class OTHER COLLEGES SOPHOMORE CLASS NEWCOMB COLLEGE Anita H. Abes, AE$ New Orleans Dramatic Club (1, 2); Debating Cub Secretary-Treasurer (2); Orchestra (2J; Treasurer Sophomore Class (2); Freshman Committee (1). Elizabeth D. Allison, B A New Orleans Dramatic Club; Glee Club. Fanny L. Aron New Orleans Dramatic Club; Glee Club. Lillian Aronson New Orleans Bettye a. Bacharach, X Q New Orleans Dramatic Club: Glee Club. Ruth M. Ballard Bay St. Louis, Miss. Lelia Banks, JI Gainesville, Ga. Glee Club. Dolive M. Benoit Houma, La. Adele S. Bodker, B A Ponchatoula, La. Martha S. Brogan, X fi New Orleans Glee Club; Art Club. Ellen P. Brydon Ne%v Orleans Glee Club (1. 2); Operetta (1); Art Club; Y. W. C. A. Katherine D. Buchanan, X f Prescott, Ark. Ivy p. Case Brookhaven, Miss. Y. W. C. A.; International Relations Club; Dramatic Club. Alio J. Clark, X fi Clarksdale, Miss. Cecile G. CostleYj K A 9 New Orleans Dalton D. Crichlow, ZTA New Orleans Glee Club (1, 2); Orchestra (1, 2); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2). NiTA S. Daly, A A Lafayette, La. Margaret McL. Davis, A O n New Orleans Y. w. c. A. Frankie Mac Davis, B20... ' New Orleans Glee Club (1. 2); Y. TV. C. A. (1, 2); Debating Club (2); Track Meet (1. 2). Roma H. de Lucas, B20 New Orleans Y. W. C. A.; Orchestra; Dramatic Club. Rose Devensky New Orleans Glee Club. Camille D ' Ingianni New Orleans Dorothy F. Dodson, KAG New Orleans i Page 102 SOPHOMORE CLASS NEWCOMB COLLEGE Eui.A M. Dlkatk, X li Biloxi, Miss. Alt Club. Phoebe de N. Flowers, n B I New Orleans Di ' ballnK CIul); Dramatic fluh; Art Club; Newcomb Baakotbull (1 , Ri 111 E. Fkhnch, K K r New Orleans Dramatic Cluh (Ij; I ' rL-sliient FreHhman Claiw () . Eleanor E. Frick, Z T A New Orleans Carolyn Gay, n B I Plaquemine, La. Adrienne Gottscilvlk, K a e New Orleans Glee CInli; Art Club, Mary Louise Gregory, KAd New Orleans Mabel McC. Hall, I M Atlanta, Ga. Liebaline Club; Dramatic Club. Mollie B. Hayes, n h San Antonio, Tex. Art Club: Basketball (2); Track Tema (1); Swimming. Sara A. Hawkins, A E II Birmingham, A a. Alice M. Hebert, K A 9 New Orleans .Art I ' .ub (1. 21: Dramatic Club II, 2). May V. Hendrick, K A 9 Shreveport, La. Art Club. Ellen L. Heindei New Orleans Orchestra; Glee Club. C.VTiiERixE B. Hoge, K A 9 Fort Smith, Ark. . rt Ciub. Wii.MA M. Hudson, B I .4 Clarksdale, Miss. Y. Y. c. . . II 2): Glee Club |2): International Relations Club (2); DcbntlnR Club (2). Eleanor L. Jacobs, A E ! New Orleans Esther V. Johnson Alexandria, La. Glee Club, Laura H. V. Jones, " t J[ Canton, Miss. C.Iee Club (1. 2); Art Club |1, 2 ; Dramatic Club (2). noRoiin W. JuDEN. U li ■!• New Orleans An i-iiib, Lillian L. Kemp, .V A n Amite, La. . i.iCE ' . KlERN, B !■ A New Orleans Y. V. C. A.: Swimmins. Patricia A. Kilpatrick, IT B Oklahoma City, Okla. . rt Clul , Heryl J. Kirk. K A 6 Mobile, .Ala. i Page 103 ! SOPHOMORE CLASS NEWCOMB COLLEGE Mariax F. KohlmaNj AE$ New Orleans Glee Club; Dramatic Club; Debating Club. Faxxie Mae Lemann, AE New Orleans Dramatic Club; International Relations Cub. Marjorie Lemaxx, KKP Donaldsonville, La. Art Club; Dramatic Club. Elaine Levy St. Joseph, La. International Relations Club (2). Ethelyn R. Leverich, K K r Hammond, La. Athletic Council (1); Varsity Bowling; Varsity Newcomb Basketball U); Glee Club (1, 2). M.ARiox F. Leverich, IIB New Orleans Glee Club (1. 2). Virginia Liggett, X 9. New Orleans K- THRYN- A. Malloy-j B4-A New " Orleans Y ' AY. C- A. ; Swimming. Adriexne D. McCardell, B$A New Orleans r. w. c. A. Mo.VTiXE K. McDaxieLj rtB Forrest City, Ark. .Art Club; Orchestra. Emily D. McKee, X f! Greenville, Miss. Dramatic Club; Art Club. Helex J. Michel, X fi Biloxi, Miss. Art Club; Dramatic Club; Basketball; President Sophomore Class (2); " Arcade ' Staff; Dormitory Council; T. U. R. K. Sidney F. Mize, AOn Gulfport, Miss. i " - W. C. A.; Debating Club; Dramatic Club. Marjorie Mitchexer, IIB Sumner, Miss. Dramatic Club; Art Club. Ernestine E. Moise, AOn New Orleans Athletic Council; Varsity and Class Newcomb Basketball; Spalding Basketball ' Baseball; Hockey; Art Club (2). Rose L. Nobile New Orleans Katherine E. Nolan, K K r . . . ' n-»w Orleans T. V. R. K.; Debating Club (2); Glee Club (1, 2); Newcomb B.tll (!)■ Operetta (1. 2). Catherine C, O ' Neill, AOn New Orleans Harriette Peteet, JI .....; ; Greenwood, Miss. Y. V. C. A.; Dramatic Club; Debating Club. Faith Pexxebaker, K K F . . . .- New Orleans Art Club. Elizabeth Pr.agsi, K A O . ... . . ... . . . Schenectady, N. Y. M.arjorie E. Putzell, B Z O New Orleans Glee Club (1. 2); Dramatic Club ll. 2); Y ' . W. C. -A. (1 2). Adelaide W. Radebaugh, AOn New Orleans Dramatic Club; Glee Club. Aeby p. R.AY, a n Ne„ Orleans Newcomb Head Cheerleader; Dramatic Club. i Page 104 SOPHOMORE CLASS NEWCOMB COLLEGE Ijmka I,. RiATROP New Orleans Svi.viA H. RosKNSON ' New Orleans PAur.A i;. Rli!I New Orlean Edna S. Scih.eoel, X li New Orleans Ki-islimiiii Chiiirman d); SwiiiinilnK; Dramatic ' lub: Athletic Council. Ei.KAN ' oR SiiANDS, 11 H T Cleveland, Miss. Florence E. Singreen, K A 9 New Orleans Art dull. Muriel L. Smitii, B A New Orleans Keiiii SOMEKVILLE, IT li ' 1 ' Cleveland, Miss. iJlce Club: T. i;. H. K. Marv ' irginia Tavlor, K . 6 New Orleans Glee Club. Janice R. Torre, AOn New Orleans Vice-President Sophomore Class (2); ■■Arcade " Stair (1); Glee Club (1 ■■ i ■ Dramatic Club (1); Art Club (1. 2). Marv Y. Thomas, X f! Jew Or leans Dramatic Club; . rl Club. Lilian H. ' ai ther, X P. New Orleans .Art Club; Glee Club. Lucv Y. Warner, K A 9 Fort Smith, Ark. Poi.lv West, K A 9 Norfolk, Va. .Art Club. llARKiEi S. White, A n Shreveport, La. V. W. C. A.; .-Vrt Club. Selma Wiener, . K ' I Dallas, Tex. Newcomb Ba.sKitba.l (1); Ba.seball (1); Track (1): Dramatic Club (2»- Debating Club (2); Orchestra (2). Charlotte E. Wilbolrn, X fl Meridian, Miss. JosEi ' iiiME p. Withers, XL ' Tampa, Fla. Dramatic 1 1, 2); .-Vrt Club. Marguerite A. Wirtii, H 1 .V New Orleans Dramallc- Club (1. 2i: t;;ee Ciub (1, Jl; An Club (1, 21: V. V. O. A. (1, 21. Mildred Wood, K K P Hotiston, Tex. .Vrt Club: Dramatic Club. ' iRGixiA L. WoRTHlNGTON, K K P San .■ ntonio Tex Art Club. Soi ' iiiE Wright Eunice, La. Constance E. WvAir Fori Worth. Tex. C.I " lull )2»: . rl i ' lub t2». Marv R. Wai ikr. -I ' [ El Paso, Tex. i Page 105 SOPHOMORE CLASS Robert J. Ahsens, Jr., K 2 New Orleans Commerce Secretary-Treasurer Class (2). Walton R. Akenhead New Orleans Arts and Sciences Walter G. Allee_, Jr New Orleans Arts and Sciences International Relations Club (2). LuDwiG Anker Guatemala City, C. A. Arts and Sciences WiLBERT L. Argus, 2 A ..... New Orleans Civil Engineerijig Pan-Hellenic (2). Rov D. Ary, as Stigler, Okla. Arts and Sciences Football (1). Varsity (2); Basketball (1). Robert N. Aylin, I Ae New Orleans Arts and Sciences Glee Club and Band Publicity and Advertising Manager: " Jamtaalava " Staff- International Relations Club; Dramatic Guild. Irving Baer Bayonne, N. J. Arts and Sciences Cross Country: Track (1). Gus B. Baldwin, Jr., A K E New Orleans Arts and Sciences I ' ale University. Alfred G. Ball, Jr., K 2 New Orleans Arts and Sciences John C. Bartley New Orleans Ciiiil Engineering Houston Bass, Jr Lumberton, Miss. Commerce Stanford M. Beer, Jr New Orleans Commerce John C. Bendler, 2 A New Orleans M. and E. Engineering Aero Club (1 2). President (2). Allen W. Betz . Metairie Ridge, La. C iemical Engineering George H. Bick , : ■ ■. New Orleans Ci-vil Engineering Frederick W. Bierhorst, 2 II New Orleans Arts and Sciences Chess and Checkers Club (1. 2); " Hullabaloo " Staff (1,2). James E. Bilbo Del Rio, Tex. Arts and Sciences Glee Club. Louis C. Bisso, A 2 ..... New Orleans Civil Engineering John M. Blair, A T A, A A A New Orleans Arts and Sciences Liberalist Party; Debating; Glendy Burke (1, 2); Golf (2); Student League for Political Action. Edward W. Blossman, K 2 . . . . Covington, La. Civil Engineering Joseph A. Blythe, Jr., A T n New Orleans M. and E. Engineering Glee Club (1. il. Harold C. Boehm, 2 E New Orleans Arts and Sciences Clarence E. Bonnett, K 2 New Orleans Commerce Football (1); Basketball. Tom W. Born, A K E New Orleans Commerce Thirteen Club; Secretary-Treasurer Sophomore Arts and Sciences Class (2). Julius Bowsky, 2AM New Orleans Arts and Sciences International Relations Club. Lambert T. Bovd, Jr., n K . . . Waveland, Miss. Arts and Sciences Basketball (I); Track (1). Varsity (2). i Page lOi SOPHOMORE CLASS Uii.i.iAM M. liKHvvKR, D -I ' i; . , , . _. Ne„. Orleans ■ Iris and Sciences Lko K. Hroders Ne„. Orleans C iimiml Engineerinff Aunusr J. Bkodtm.wn . Beaumont, Tex. Clirmical Engineering V. M. f. . . R i F ' M I. Hrot , ex Kohler, Wis. M. and E. Engineering Ijiilverslly of WlKconKin; Aero C ' lul . RoREKT R. Bruce Kansas City, Mo. Arts and Sciences Intenuitiniiril Relations Club !■;); Drnniallc OulM (2), John 1 ' . lUcKr.iv Nj„. Orleans Arts and Sciences Thompson B. Burk jvje„. Orleans Irchilecture Airhitectural .Society. Mac W. Burke, 2 X Ne„ Orleans Arts and Sciences Football ,1): " Hullabaloo ' ' .Staff CI); White Elephants: Pan-Hellenic (2). Arthur J. Buit, .LAG Pensacola, Fla. Arts and Sciences Golf (1); White Elephants. Taylor Cafferv. A K E, A A A . . New Orleans ■ Ir s and Sciences F.ARi. C. Calkins n . Orleans M. and E. Engineering Y. M. C. A. (2). Alvin S. Caplax, SAM Ne„. Orleans M. and E. Engineering Band: Glee Club. Ernest N. Carmouche, B i[ Crnwlev, I.a. Arts and Sciences Glondy Burlic 12): Iiiteriiatipnal Relations Club i2). John W. Carnahan ew Orleans M. and E. Engineering RoiiERT C. Carter Xew Orleans Clieviical Engineering International Relations Club (1. 2): Y. M. C. X. (2): Glee Club in. R. Freeland Caulev ,,„,. o, „ .Iris and Sciences International Relations Club. Walter H. Claiborne, Ben , ' ew Orleans Arts and Sciences Boxing (1): Thirteen Club. Ben- D. Colclouch, AS i , s. C. Arts and Sciences Wofford ColIeKe. Ei wARD C. CoLCORD, Jr St. Albans, W. Va. Commerce Walter S. Collins, ATA...... Xe„. Orleans C.liiinical Engineering Howard Crais n;,„. Orleans Commerce Gus P. Covert, - A M . New Orleans Chemical Engineering Vice-President .Sophomore Comnieree CIn.-is i2i. Lester L. Cronvich j,t „. Orleans M. and E. Enaineering A. S. M. E. Claude E. Cullinane, Jr Gulfport, Miss. .Iris and Sciences Band I I. 2»: Dranialie Guild il 21. WlLLL . I 1. Dm V XI I ■ ' ■ ■ ■ ■ 1 - ' ■ ' " ' Orleans .Iris and Sciences Amonio VALPES-nAPEVA. .|. I A Havana. Cuba .Iris and Sciences George C. Daui ,„bi„, Ala. .Iris and Sciences i Pdgo 107 SOPHOMORE CLASS Walter Davis, Jr., Z B T New Orleans .-his and Sciences Bruton T. Dawkins, $ a e Alexandria, La. Arts and Sciences Jacob DeCorte New Orleans Arts and Sciences John- S. Devlin, A K E, A A A New Orleans Arts and Sciejices Debating- Council (1); Glendy Burke (1); Dramatic Guild (1 2)- Y AI C A (2): Boxins (1): Glee Club (I, 2). John A. Dicdene Gretna La M. and E. Engineering Ernest H. Doerries, A 2 I New Orleans Commerce Albert F. Dugan New Orleans Cii ' il Engineering John S. Duhe, 2 I. A _. . Hahnville, La. M. and E. Engineering Frank G. Eeerle, Jr New Orleans Arts and Sciences James H. Eddy, Jr ew Orleans Arts and Sciences Ernest H. Estes, Jr , K 2 New Orleans Commerce Philip R. Farnsworth, K A . . . _ New Orleans Architecture White Blephant.s; Architectural Society. Emanuel Feldman . ............. Bayonne, N. J. Arts and Sciences Harlev B. Ferguson, Jr., A K E WaynesviUe, N. C. Arts and Sciences Anthony Fernandez Shell Beach, La. Arts and Sciences Hector G. Fernandez New Orleans M. and E. Engineering Bernardo A. Figueredo _ Havana, Cuba Arts and Sciences Vilfred Finkelstein . . New Orleans Arts and Sciences Alcee J. FORTIER, I A e . . . . . New Orleans Arts and Sciences Leslie C. Gaudet ... x o„ i j t : Kaceland, La. Arts and Sciences Band (2); Varsity Basketball (2). Morris Gerber, K N . . m.. r. i New Orleans Arts and Sciences Claude L. Giraud . xt r i ,■■■•. New Orleans Arts and Sciences Band (1, 2). Bernard A. Goldman, K N Bogalusa, La Arts and Sciences Daniel W. Goldman, K N . m„ r. i , ■ • •. JNew Orleans Arts and Sciences Kenneth A. Gonzales, $ K 2 p t Arthur, Tex. Commerce Sanders A. Goodman, S A M r ,.«„„ -it A,r- ' ' • • : • . ■ • ■ ■ • . Greenville, Miss. Arts and Sciences Band 1. 2); Glee Club (2). f Page 108 111 SOPHOMORE CLASS (AKi, GRAMAfiMSO Nov Orleans Arts and Sciences aoir; uiuo uiuii. Ci AKiAci; P. Grkkn, Jk., 2 a E . . . Nashville, Tcnn. Civil Engineering Iacoi ' . n. C;li(.i:, •!■ K i; Biloxi. Miss. Iris and Sciences Kldim.pii M. II AisiiKr.i) New Orleans .17. and I.. Engineering KiLiiAKii K. liAi.k, jK New Orleans .Iris and Sciences I,(H IS r. IIamii.jon Jcn-i. ' -a- .his and Sciencis W ii.i.]A. i J. Uartso.v, i: a K New Orleans M. and E. Engineering Football (1); rre.sidciu Frcshniiiii EnKlneerlne C ' lnKS (1). R()Iii:rt H. Maspri., . 15 T New Orleans .Iris and Sciences W ' li.i.iA.vi H. Harris, Jr.. A K I; . . . New Orleans .Iris and Sciences Glcu Club c;); Glcndy Burke Ci). Fred F. HF.nERr, i; 1 H . . . . . . ■ . • • Paia, Maui, T. H. Clicmical Engineering Tonni.f (1 1. Martin Hi;r,ERT. Jr New Orleans .1 . and E. Engineering Band (1. S). Rai I ' ll P. Heekrt New Orleans Commerce Billy Henderson, A K E Clarksdale, Miss. Arls and Sciences Football (1). Preston va.n F. Henley, B M . . . New Orleans . ' Iris and Sciences Bo.xiUfC 12. :!); White Elephants; Glee t_ ' luli (2). William R. Hicginbotham, 1 X . . Coffeyville, Kin. .Iris and Sciences White Elephants; -Hullabaloo " Staff (2). Albert E. Hoi). pp ■ ■ New Orleans C inniial Enr ineering Bill W. Holmes, K A New Orleans Comn:erce Andrew E. Hoover New Orleans .Irc iileclure .Vi-chitectural Society. Charles M. Horton, Jr., K A . . . Franklin. La. .Iris and Sciences Glendy Burke t;:); Debatini; (IK Curtis R. House, K S ! Naples, Fla. .Iris and Sciences R. LoREN Hubbard, : A E Columbus, Inf ' , Arts and Sciences White Elephants; Assistant Cheerleader (2). Pierre A. HiGHRS, A K E New Orleans . ;■ .( anil Sciences lirainatic Club. Gordon B. Hyde • New Orleans Arls and Sciences Head Cheerleader (2). Assistant (1); T. l ' . R. K. Herbert A. Hyman Lexington, Miss. Commerce Secretary-Treasurer Conimeree Sojihoniiire Class (21; •llullalialoo " Staff (21. FXANCIS J. Inge, •! ' A e Moliilo, .Ma. .Iris and Sciences White Elephant.s. John J.vuobs • New Orleans Arls and Sciences TriKk (II- Olendy Burke (1. 2 . Davis L. Jahscke, A K E New Orleans Commerce Mambalnya " Hepresentntlve (1 2l. Roberi B. lAMES, B e n New Orleans M. and E. Engineering A. s. M E. Page 109 Y SOPHOMORE CLASS Herman G. Janssen, IIK , KK t New Orleans Arts and Sciences Band Drum Major (2). Assistant Property Manager. L. William O. Janssen, Jr., H K , K K I ' New Orleans Arts and Sciences Band il. 2 ' ) ' ; Glee Club. L.WRE.VCE J. JAUBERT, H K A . . . New Orleans Arts and Sciences Assistant Boxing Manager. John- D. Jerabeck, :2AE Houston, Tex. Arts and Sciences Arne O. Johansen New Orleans Commerce Alvin E. Johnson-, Jr New Orleans Arts and Sciences ■■Hullabaloo " StafE (1. 2); Glendy Burke (1. 2); Dramatic Guild (1, ■ )• Inter- national Relations Club (1. 2); student League for Political Action (12) • Socialist Club (1. 2): Forensic Council (1). Arthur L. Jung, Jr., K 2 ..... New Orleans C iemical Engineering White Elephants. Douglas Kelly, Jr., n K A New Orleans Commerce Clifford H. Kern, Z B T n ,,- Orleans Arts and Sciences Frank R. Kinberger j ew Orleans Arts and Sciences Varsity Track (1); Glee Club. John H. Kostmayer, Ben..... New Orleans Arts and Sciences Thirteen Club; Gledy Burke (2); Dramatic Guild (2). Markham D. K0STM.AYER, Jr., Ben Metairie, La. Arts and Sciences Joseph G. Lallande, Jr., A T fl . . gan Juan, P. R. Arts and Sciences Thomas W. Lawson New Orleans Commerce Football (1). Scrub (2). JOSEPH D. Lea, H K A . . ... ew Orleans Arts and Sciences Accounting Club (2) ; Track (1, 2, 3); Secretary Commerce Sophomore Class (2) Wilton P. Ledet t,,„ t ••,■„•. Larose, La. Arts and Sciences Celian H. Lewis .... t » - n - -Lexington, Miss. Commerce ■■Hullabaloo " Business Staff (1. 2); Band a • ) Francis C. Lillich, A T o, e n ' r j y. Arts and Sciences Football (1); " Jambalaya " Staff (1); Glendy Burke (2) Edw.ard S. LIV..UD.MS, A e New Orleans ,, . .. Arts and Sciences Unn-ersity o( Michigan; Scabbard and Blade; ■■Jambalaya ' Business Staff (-) Preston H. Long.no Provencal, La! Arts and Sciences Glendy Burke (1. 2); T. M. C A Lee Hall Lorenzen, n K A N,„. oceans Arts and Sciences Manuel C. Lores m.„ n i ■ New Orleans Arts and Sciences Jacques A. Magne x,„, ri i ■ New Orleans Arts and Sciences Chess and Checkers Club. Marguerite S. Magnov . n . • • ■ ■ Gretna, La. Arts and Sciences James G. Mallorv, Jr., K 2 . xt=. n i J , .IX w . New Orleans Arts and Sciences John L. Many, III, A T o . m„, . n i ' I , ' -■ New Orleans Arts and Sciences Dramatic Guild (2); Pan-Hellenic (2); Socialist Club Henry S. Marchal, A K E . . . ._ ew Orleans Arts and Sciences Joseph D. Martin, Jr., $ A e New Orleans Arts and Sciences White Elephants. i Page I 10 y SOPHOMORE CLASS (;ioK ;i. J. Mavi:r, H O U . . . v r . • New Orleans Commerce Hugh McCi.oskkv, A K H N- ■ n I Irts and Sciences H..«k,.,l,„|| (I,, VMr llv ,2,; ■llullal.,,!,,,,- Sf.lT M) ,,, ,„ ■. Nc " ' Orleans ■ Ills 11 nd Sciences l)o Ml) W. McKav, ■[• X. , ■ ■ , ■„ ' . Aew Orleans . ' Irts and Sciences Vice-President Art,, and .Sclen«» Fr.xhman Clas« .1). EnwARD J. McNamara . ,., , ,.■ •;,.■•. Xnibodaux, La. l.ivu hnijineerimj Ko ' Mliall (1); Cross ( ' ountry (1). Ariiilr G. Mechi.kr ... xi ■ n, ■; ' : ■ i ew Orleans l.liimual hnijtneerinij Cei-krixo a. Mesdkz . n- c • , , • ■ • CitntueKos, Cuba .Iris and Snrnces ■ , „ : • • • • i ancti-Spirmis, Cuba .Iris and Sciences Prudekcio Mendez Mercado Pq p ■ Iris and Sciences HerMA.VX C. MlCHAELlS, A i: !- V r . „, .■•■.■•. " ' Orleans C iemical Ennineermti Secreta.-.v-Treasurer EngineerinK . ' ophomore CJass (2|; V. .M. c. A. - j Rena p. Mitchell ... m r ' i „ New Orleans l nmmcrcc Henrv H. W. Mii.es, Ben V r, 1 , New Orleans .iris and Sciences Elizabeth Miller ... v r , , ■ ■ .„ ; New Orleans ■ Iris and Sciences John E. Monroe, Jr. . . xt , ni ■ ' , ' , ' ■ ' ■ N ' ew Orleans i.linnual tnyuieerinij JOSEHH M. MONT.ACNET, Tr., I K 2; v f i ' •■ ' ' New Orleans Irts and Sciences French Goveinmont Pi-izl- M). Charles H. Moore, ATA , „ „ Oalveston, Tex. Lommerce Golf (1): Thlrtti-n Club. Eugene J. Morel ... xt ,.x , ■ ,■ ■ , ■ : ' ew Orleans ,,, -irts and Sciences NA ' ALnEMAR S. Nelson . . xt , ,, 1 u T- ■ ' ■ - ' " Orleans ;W. and t. tnymcering V. II r. A.: A. s. M. E. William G. Nichols, A K E . n.i,„ i n „ ' Orlando, Fla. Physical Education Fnolhall il). s.rul, (iM: Thirlfi-n Club. Albert M. Norwood. A K E x- ,-. t • .New Orleans T . , , . „ Lommerce Piesident Commerce Sophomore Class (2): Tennis (i): T. V. R. K. Clifton R. Newlin, K 2 xt r ■ „ • : New Orleans .M. and E. Engineering -Vero Club (2); A. S. JI. E. John S. Odom, K A . . x- -. ■ ,■•••. New Orleans ■Iris and Sciences Leonard Oppeshki.m . x ' - i ■ • ■ : New Orleans _, , „ ■ ' Cts and Sciences Olendy Rurkc ,1. ■■): ,Tu.« and fhoe ' ers ( lub ,1 2): Philatelic Society (1. 2): Leonard H. Oppenheim, i; . Ar v r. i ■ • ■ •. New Orleans .Irts and Sciences Track tl). Wallace G. Orr .... v r i ■ -New Orleans Commerce Jli.lAv . . Orii.Lio X ' r I , " , ' „ • ■ ■ New Orleans ■ Irts and Sciences Dramatic Guild (21. Morris Pasternack. Z H T r -j f ;•••■. lernd.nv. La. ■ Irts and Sciences OAvmn. Penn,Jr.,ATO. New Orleans Commerce White Elephants: .Vero Club (2i. i Page 11! - SOPHOMORE CLASS George C. Perrv, ATA _ Grenada, Miss. Cliemical Engineering Boxing (1); White Elephants. William C. Petersen New Orleans Arts and Sciences " HuUahaloo " Editorial Staff. Bern. rb E. Pincus, SAM Philadelphia, Pa. Commerce Paul A. Pitre Algiers, La. Arts and Sciences Richard F. Price, ATfl New Orleans Cojnmerce Frank M. RePass, Jr., K S New Orleans M. and E. Enginecrint Glee Clu ' o (1): " Jambalaya " Representative (2); A. S. M. E, Joseph S. Reynaud New Orleans M. and E. Engineering A. s. M. E. Freuekick a. Rhodes, Jr San Francisco, Calif. Arts and Sciences John R. Reuter, S II New Orleans Cominerce Band (2); Vice-President Commerce Sophomore Class (2). Frank Riess, A T fi New Orleans Ciml Engineering John R. Riley, Jr., B 9 II Crowley, La. Chemical Engineering Robert Y. Rivera New Orleans M. and E. Engineering William P. Robert, Ben New Orleans M. and E. Engineering President Engineering Sophomore Class (2); A. S. M. E.: Aero Club; Glee Club (1. 2); T. U. R. K. Frank J. Rosato New Orleans M. and E. Engineering Band (1, 2). Albert Rubenstein, SAM New York, N. Y. Commerce Track (1 2). Marcus Rubenstein SAM New York, N. Y. Co7nmerce Track (1. 2). Hermann J. Schulze, A T fl New Orleans Arts and Sciences White Elephants; Glendy Burke (1. 2). Joseph F. Seinsheimer, Jr Galveston, Tex. Commerce Roland R. Seward, Jr., n K I New Orleans Com77ierce Y ' . M. C. A, Cabinet; Glee Club. Harley C. Shands, K a Jackson, Miss. Arts and Sciences Fencing Club. Walter S. Singleton New Orleans Arts and Sciences Claude R. Smith, 2AE New Orleans Arts and Sciences Band (1. 2). Assistant Manager (2). Howard K. Smith, Jr., A T fi New Orleans Arts and Sciences Track (1); Secretary-Treasurer Arts and Sciences Freshman Class (1); Thir- teen Club; T. U. R. K. ; President Arts and Sciences Sophomore Class (2); " .Tambalaya " Editorial Staff (1, 2). Charles G. Smither, BBII New Orleans Arts and Sciences Vice-President Arts and Sciences Sopbomore Class (2); Football (1), Varsity (2) ; Basketball (1). Edward F. Stauss, Jr , K A New Orleans Arts and Sciences White Elephants. MoisE S. Steeg, Jr., SAM Ne v Orleans Arts and Sciences Tennis (1); Glendy Burke (1. 2), Historian (2): Debate (1); International Relations Club (1. 2), Secretary (2). Allen M. Steiner, A K E New Orleans Arts and Sciences Boxing (1, 2); Glee Club (1. 2); Cress Country (2); ■ ' Hullabaloo " Editorial Staff (2). Bertha E. Stokes ... New Orleans Arts and Sciences Fred O. Sunddery, IT K A Houma, La. Arcliitecture Architectural Society. Page 112 K SOPHOMORE CLASS Max SuiHK, A i: •!• . u i . ,,•,••. BogaluM, La. .Iris (I lid Sciences I-ouis O. TnAM.s. K i: . j , „„ La. 11 h and Sciences Fu ' itliall (li. Okv„.,,.:C. Thomas. A :;..... Ilo.ncr, La. ■ Iris iind Sciences TllnMAS J. rMK.H.,,, j , . Q , ■ Iris (iiiil Sciences JAMKS H. I). T„.,.,v.;, K A j,,,„. Orleans Iris and Sciences Thlrti-tii dull. Rknk a. Torkado, .1. I a ,,, .3,, Cuba ■ Iris and Sciences Pan-llellfnlc (2); T. U. U. K. ; International Relations Club (2). Harrv S. Tschopik, Jr., K A Ne«- Orleans ■ Iris and Sciences ■Jamhalaya " Representative (21. At.,,i;v T. TuRPiN, Jr., K 2 . . „3,„„p_ l, Arcliiteclure .Ai.hilectural Soeiety: Fencing Cluli. Corbin J. TuRP.N, K 2 B,„,„p I 3 ■ Iris and Sciences ' ilie Club (1). Vernon- J. Tmbacm. - ■!. , , „. o , , .1 . and E. Engineering Ki.MORK R. Vi;r,,am,kr vj,, o,, Commerce tJn.BKRi- J. ' icTOR N,„. Orleans Irts and Sciences Banrt 11. 2). Hi:nr W. ' oelkel Ne„. Orleans M . and E. Engineering AucrsTus C. ' REEr,Axn j,t,„. Orleans Commerce Hewit-i- W. Wallace, ATA.... Biloxi. Miss. - ' • .( and Sciences JOHX A. Wales. K A ...... ;,„. Orleans .Iris and Sciences Clifiori. (;. Werh, n K . . . . xrw Orleans Civil Enriinecrinij Paii-H.-llenic (2): Football (1). Lou Welsch, Jr j,T,„- Orleans Commerce Dianiali, ' Guild : International Relations Club |2). IlENRv F. Werner x,„. OrU-nns M. and E. Engineering . ' i..K.AN M. WiLLEiT . . .■. " .■.■.■ Alexandria. La. .Iris and Sciences Milton F. Williams, Jr. ...... .e„. Orleans Chemical Engineering Bantl. George T. Wocan v , „. OrU-nns -Iris and Sciences Basketball U : •■Hullabaloo " Staff (21. llENRv K. WoLiP x,» Orleans Iris and Sciences RifiiARi. H. W(i,!i., JK.. I! (Ml ... LewislnirK ' . W. Va. .Iris and Sciences " .Ianibala -a ' " Staff (2). John W. WooLKOi.K. Jr.. A Tn Nc» Orleans Ifts and Sciences bite Klephants. Ciiari.es G. Wrioh r x,.„. Orleans M. and E. Engineering James A. Wri,;,i,. Jr., .!■ K 2 . . . . Ne„. Orleans Ciiil Engineering Frederick Zengel " n,.„. Orleans ■ Iris and Sciences i Page 113 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS NEWCOMB COLLEGE Frankie H. Talbot . • President COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES E. Douglas Johnson President B. Murray Frost Vice-President W. Waller Young Secretary-Treasurer COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Thomas J. Conroy, Jr President Stanley E. Mathes Vice-President Louis R. Otto, Jr Secretary-Treasurer COLLEGE OF COMMERCE Philip Werlein, IV President Ernest A. Carrere, Jr Vice-President Clifford C. Walker Secretary-Treasurer 1 , Presidents: CoxROV, Johnson, Werelein Freshman Class OTHER COLLEGES STUDENTS IN PICTURES ABOVE: Back row: Field, Moody. Venable. Heintzen. Samsot, Brockraan. Tinker, Neff. White, Welsch, Kane, Priest- ley. Bowers, King. Brooks. Mayer. Hasselle. Long, Evans, Dubuisson. Wolcott, Kinberger, Corbera. Magne. Second row: Lear, Mayer, Treigle, Williamson, Doug- lass, Wilson, De Eakey, Biossat. Mesman, Marchand. Dixon, Jeppesen, Debout. Robertson, Marlette. Stanton. Warriner, Ellis, Daly, Buck, AUee. Hirsch, Kohlman. Provosty, Watson. rirst row: North. Graham, Craft. Currie, Rollins. Haas, Till, Parker. Pharr. Lemann, Powers. Voak, Cline, Gilthorpe, Luff, Spencer. Chamness. Stair. Kostmayer, Clarke. Caine, Wheeler. Edwards. XEXT PAGE: Back row: Gunst, Rainey. Barker. Pottharst, J. Taylor. Pipes, Barr, Tack. Rees, M. Taylor, Curtis. Hardy, Favrot, Young, Johner, Cherbonnier. Dillon, Moran. Tliird row: Jung. Burrell. Conover. Brister, Corna3 Carleton, Farrell. Haas, Rice, Diesem, Riecke. Kelly, Dodge. Pittman, O ' Connor, Haas. Odom, Wright, Vobei. Koelle, Wolf, Blumenthal, Ivey, Myers, Whit- taker. Second row: Montgomery. Harper, Walker. Bowlby, Thomas. Kacliel, Klein, Dreyfous. Pelias, Scales. Highfill, Werlein, Walmsiey, Schramm, Scherman. Weil, Derenbecker, Swasey. Charbonnet, Anderson. Blattman. Vinson, Arny, Lummus, Woodarcl. First nrwi Janvier, Talbot, Buford. Martin. Talbot. Colcock. Cutting. Xegueloua. Joseph. Breidenbach, Davis, Colomb. McCullough, Middleton. Hayward. Ladieu. Ortenbach. Walther, Eldredge. Ricks. King. Redditt. Fuller, Lowdon. Freret, Goodwin. rresk resnman a ass Ruth B. Alexander Temple, Tex. Viola I. Allee Metairie, La. Lydl H. Allen New Orleans Mary S. Anderson New Orleans Catherine V. Anthoni San Antonio, Tex. Louise A. Arny New Orleans Lillian A. Aronson New Orleans Miriam P. Ash Lexington, Miss. Nina B. As.tin Bryan, Tex. Betty A. Bacharach , New Orleans Dorothy M. Barker Ripon, Wis. Mary ' V. Barr Owensboro, Ky. Naomi J. Basel New York, N. Y. Elizabeth A. Bebout Yicksburg, Miss. Doris J. Biossat New Orleans Bertha L. Blattmann New Orleans Marian R. Block Cincinnati, O. Jane S. Blumenthal New Orleans Mary ' D. Bowers Columbus, Ga. Betty Bowlby ' Shawnee, Okla. Janet P. Breidenbach New Orleans Coral V. Brister New Orleans Georgette G. Brockman New Orleans Elizabeth H. Brooks New Orleans Mary L Brown New Brunswick, N. J. Ann S. Buck New Orleans Susan O. Buck New Orleans Alice G. Buford New Orleans Marian J. Burrell New Orleans Elizabeth M. Butler New Orleans Carolyn Caine New Orleans Helen C. Calleja New Orleans Mary L. Cape San Marcos, Tex. Marion Carleton New Orleans Kate M. Chamness Bennettsville, S. C. Louise H. Charbonnet New Orleans Marie E. Charbonnier Gretna, La. Marjorie McC. Clarke New Orleans Dorothy E. Cline Wichita Falls, Tex. Julia B. Cohn Baton Rouge, La. Eloise E. Colcock New Orleans Beverly R. Colomb New Orleans i Page lU ¥lp-±-: m l fcr-A- ■■ Hifl M : ■ --; iP » n- a f: I :0 I Y 1 L vv N ewcomb K oliecje Mary L. Comes New Orleans Virginia B. Conover New Orleans Carmen J. Corbera New Orleans Catherine L. Cornay New Orleans EiA ' iRA CoRRALES Tampa, Fla. Iris T. Coiton New Orleans Marthalee Craft New Orleans Elizabeth N. Currie New Orleans Nellie C. Curtis New Orleans Elizabeth C. Cutting New Orleans Katharine C. Daly New Orleans Beryl I. Davis New Orleans Julia Davis Lubbock, Tex. Marguerite Davis Fort Lyon, Colo. Sel.via M. DeBakey Lake Charles, La. Audrey C. Derenbecker New Orleans Ruth J. Dicker Chicago, 111. Dorothy M. Diesem New Orleans Marise Dillon New Orleans Ruth E. Dlxon Rockford, 111. Dorothy B. Douce New Orleans Claire H. Dolph New Orleans Sarah C. Douglass Birmingham, Ala. S LVL ( ' . Dreyfous Memphis, Tenn. RosKiMARV DuBuissoN Opelousas, La. Lviogene Durrett Greenwood, Miss. Harriet V. Dyke New Orleans Helen I.. Ebaugh New Orleans Ethel Edwards New Orleans EsTELi.E C. Eldredge New Orleans Winnie M. Eldridge New Orleans N ' lRGiNiA D. Ellis Metairie, La. . ' line C. EI.SAS Metairie, La. .Xi.lCE W. EM.MErr Fort Payne, Ala. . ' lice C. Evans Houston, Tex. Georgia .V. Fagan New Orleans .XiDREV M. Karreli New Orleans Yvonne Favrot Baton Rouge, La. ' era B. Field Shaw, Miss. Phoebe deN. Flowers New Orleans Emily J. Foi.tz Fort Smith, Ark. Rose Forsyth New Orleans a ftr-s (s ' Sfeg) (2- : Louis M. Fort Blakely, Ga. Virginia A. Freret New Orleans Eleanor A. Fuller Laurel, Miss. Harriet C. Gardner Fort Worth, Tex. AlECE J. C EISENBERGER Dallas, Tex. Dorothy B. Gill San Antonio, Tex. Emelda a. Gilthorpe New Orleans Louise M. Goldman New Orleans Marie L. Goodwin New Orleans Dora D. Graham Corpus Christi, Tex. Rita M. Gravel Signal Mountain, Tenn. Mary L. Gregory New Orleans Mary T. Gulotta New Orleans Marian B. CjUNST Corpus Christi, Tex. Dorothy M. Ha.« New Orleans Jane Haas New Orleans Miriam O. Ha.vs Biloxi, Miss. Lillian Handelman New Orleans Eunice R. Hardy New Orleans Mary A. Hardy Jasper, Tex. Eleanor L. Harkey New Orleans Lucy K. Harper Fort Smith, .- rk. Margaret H. Harris Oklahoma City, Okla. Gladys McK. H.vsselle Chattanooga, Tenn. MoLLiE B. Hayes San Antonio, Tex. Marjorie Havward New Orleans Bernice Heinemann Newport, Ark. Elizabeth D. Heintzen New Orleans Helen Henderson San .-Vngelo, Tex. May V. Hendrick Shreveport, La. Lady Helen Henriques New Orleans Helen L. Heyl Kalamazoo, Mich. Mary H. R. Hichfili Cocoa, Fla. AiLEEN Hill Smithville, Tex. M. RIA M. HlLLiARD Lamont, Miss. Irma J. HiRSCH . . New Orleans Betty W. Hunter . Charlotte, N, C. Elaine S. Ivey New Orleans Jessie W. Janvier New Orleans Helen N. Jeppesen Houston, Tex. Esther V. Johnson . Iexandria, La. Roselea Jonas Mobile, Ala. Page 117 EvELYX E. JoxES New Orleans Paulin-a Jordan- Waco, Tex. Miriam J. Joseph Ne y Orleans Margaret E. Joyxer Tupelo, Miss. Felicie D. Juxg New Orleans Constance Kachel New Orleans An " NA M. Kaxe New Orleans Gertrude Kaplan Houston, Tex. Evelyn Katz New Orleans Mildred C. Katz Sapulpa, Okla. Dorothy M. Kelly Kingsport, Tenn. Alice V. Kiern New Orleans Mary L. Kinberger New Orleans K. TE O. King Lookout Mountain, Tenn. Mary A. King Atlanta, Ga. Karleen Klein Meridian, Miss. Shirley Koelle New Orleans Julia H. Kohlman New Orleans M.arg-AREt E. KosTM-A iTR Metairie, La. Gloria B. L.wieu New Orleans Celeste E. Lamensdorf Shaw, Miss. Helen E. Lear New Orleans H-ARRIet M. Lemann Donaldsonville, La. Bert Le t New Orleans Rose L. Long New Orleans Marion K. Lowdon Fort Worth, Tex. Doris N. Luff New Orleans Frances H. Lu. I- ius Columbus, Ga. Marie Louise M. gne New Orleans Kathryn a. Malloy New Orleans Beverly M. Marchand Donaldsonville, La. Geraldine M. Marlette New Orleans Mary L. Martin New Orleans lONE Z. M.AYER New Orleans Pe.arl a. M.ayer New Orleans Lucerne McCullough New Orleans Suzanne McCullough New Orleans Paula McKinney EI Dorado, Ark. Doris C. Mesman New Orleans C.4R0LYN P. Middleton Plaquemine, La. Marjorie Montgomery New Orleans Mary N. Moody Charlotte, N. C. Minter M. Moran New Orleans Evelyn L. Mulkern New Orleans Josephine E. Murphy New Orleans Doris K. Myers Mattson, Miss. Jeanne M. Neff New Orleans Francesca M. Negueloua New Orleans Betty Neild Shreveport, La. Leona C. North Corpus Christi, Tex. Stella O ' Connor Metairie, La. Shirley Y. Odom Gretna, La. Cenetta C. Ortenbach New Orleans Edith Pailet New Orleans Virginia Parker Canton, Miss. Helen G. P.atterson El Dorado, Ark. Nena N. Pehas New Orleans Louise T. Ph.arr Weeks, La. Florence C. Pilcher Dothan, Ala. Elizabeth K. Pipes New Orleans Mary J. Pittman Griflfin, Ga. Mildred M. Potth. rst New Orleans Sara M. Powers Bogalusa, La. Elizabeth Pragst Schenectady, N. Y. David W. Priestley Clayton, N. M. Angelique Provosty Alexandria, La. Marjorie E. Putzell New Orleans Effie W. Queyrouze New Orleans J. iNE C. R.AINEY New Orleans Abby p. Ray Metairie, La. Nina H. Redditt Columbia, La. Ruth H. Rees New Orleans M.-iRiON V. Rice New Orleans Tallulah E. Richards New Orleans Anna M. Ricks New Orleans Marion H. Riecke New Orleans Martha M. Robertson Henderson, Ky. Ethel V. Rollins Gulfport, Miss. Sylvia B. Rosenson New Orleans Paula E. Rubin New Orleans Marie R. Saal New Orleans Rosemary Sa.msot New Orleans Elizabeth A. Scales New Orleans Louise B. Scales Columbia, Tenn. Louise G. Schramm New Orleans M.arjory S. Schvvarz New Orleans Josephine B. Se.m.mes Hattiesburg, Miss. Jane F. Sher.man New Orleans Yvette Sherman New Orleans Felicia J. Siegel Fort Worth, Tex. Elsie D. Silber New Orleans Maxine Sobel Chicago, 111. Elizabeth C. Spencer Utility, La. Elizabeth K. Spencer Columbus, Ga. Josephine V. Spencer San Antonio, Tex. P.iULiNE C. Spivey Bonham, Tex. Nancy Stair New Orleans Carolyn M. Stanton New Orleans Nancy D. Stanton New Orleans Marie Louise F. Stauffer Metairie, La. Regina H. Stein Natchez, Miss. Frances B. Stern New Orleans Julia R. Sw. sey New Orleans Katie D. Tack New Orleans Francise H. T.albot New Orleans Margaret J. Talbot New Orleans Jane P. Taylor New Orleans Marie L. T.aylor New Orleans Mary V. Taylor New Orleans Julia M. Tho.mas New Orleans Margaret J. Till Hammond, La. Marguerite E. Tinker New Orleans Olga Treigle New Orleans Bertha M. Ungar Miami, Fla. GowDi-LOCK Ven.able Clarksdale, Miss. M.ARG.ARET E. ViNSON Macon, Ga. Gladys M. Viosca New Orleans Elizabeth A. Voak Tallulah, La. Flora H. Vobel New Orleans M.«Y E. W.-iLKER Oklahoma City, Okla. Celeste A. Walmsley . . ■ New Orleans Mary R. Walter El Paso, Tex. Shirley Walther New Orleans Ruth E. Wander Weeks Island, La. Nell M. W.ardl. w Cristobal, Canal Zone Lucy Y. W. rner Fort Smith, Ark. Lola M. W.wriner Minerva, La. Patricia M. W. tson New Orleans Isabel J. Weil New Orleans Sophie M. Welsch New Orleans Leila S. Werlein Vicksburg, Miss. Mary N. Wheeler New Orleans Helen White New Orleans Helen G. White Shreveport, La. Mary M. Whitehurst Oklahoma City, Okla. Gvvexdolynn Whittaker Aberdeen, Miss. Almyra Williamson New Orleans Emily K. Wilson Henderson, Kv. Blanche L. Wolcott Ridgeland, Miss. Frances E. Wolf New Orleans Ann C. Woodard Tulsa, Okla. Emma D. Wright New Orleans Josephine F. Young Fort Smith, Ark. i Page I 18 y rresk man K iass Arts Q -Q) k oLL o Dan ' IEi, L. Auauie, Jk New Orleans Edward A. Adky, III New Orleans Bi.AiZK Amoroso New Orleans C ' l.AinouRNi; W. Andrews, Jr New Orleans John D. Andrews New Orleans George P. Archer Paintsville, Ky. WooDROW W. Armstrong Big Springs, Tex. John S. Arthur New Orleans James M. Asbell Houston, Tex. GusTAVE B. Baldwin, Jr New Orleans Alfred G. Ball, Jr New Orleans Marion J. Barbato Houston, Tex. I£rle McK. Barham Oak Ridge, La. James T. Bayles Anderson, Ala. Thompson F. Bechtel Metairie Ridge, La. B. Tarit Bell Anniston, Ala. Coleman Bernstein New Orleans Frank J. Bertucci New Orleans James K. Bethea Hattiesburg, Miss. Jules Bloch, Jr Oklahoma City. Okla. George R. Blue New Orleans William P. Bradburn, HI New Orleans Emanuel Braun Kenner, La. Lazar D. Brener New Orleans Thomas P. Brennan, Jr New Orleans Jonas R. Brooks New Orleans Kenneth H. Brown Cleveland, Tenn. Charles R. Brownell, Jr Morgan City, La. Jui.ious R. Burgovnr Jacksonville, Tex. Mac W. Burke New Orleans Chester D. Burns Coconut Grove, Fla. Philip K. Burwell Merida, Mex. John T. Cafferv New Orleans Philip L. Capdevieli.e Gretna, La. RuFUS M. Carimi New Orleans Edward L Carnes Biloxi, Miss. Donald M. Caulev New Orleans Harry E. Chalstrom, Jr New Orleans Simon B. Chipley, Jr Gainesville, Fla. Walter H. Ci.aiborne New Orleans Sterling M. Clark Pine Bluff, Ark. Juan A. Cono, Jr F.agle Pass, Tex. Harry Cohen New Orleans Sev.mour a. Cohen New Orleans Benjamin D. Coi.ci.ough Lamar, S. C. I1 EN W. Cole Alta, Tex. David E. Cooley Slidell, La. LeVere Coolev, III Slidell, La. Peter J. Corona, Jr New Orleans Samuel S. Corte New Orleans Joseph R. CostanZA IndcpcTuknce, In. Earl C. Coulon Wcstwigo, La. Howard S. Cox, Jr New Orleans Roy L. Cox Reserve, La. R. JocEi.VN Crawley, Jr New Orleans John Cristadoto, Jr New Orleans William A. Culpepper .-Mcxandria, La. Pete R. Dalovisio Lake Charles, La. William J. Daly New Orleans and sciences Julius W. Davenport, Jr New Orleans Herman C. Doescher, Jr New Orleans Menard Dosweli New Orleans Marion H. Dover Floricn, La. John C. Dubret New Orleans Charles P. Eddy, Jr New Orleans Samuel Eichold Mobile, .Ma. Caswell P. Ellis, III New Orleans Jason M. Elsas New Orleans Louis A. EnseSat New Orleans Alvin J. Epplinc New Orleans Francis A. Escudier New Orleans Bernard P. Evans Memphis, Ttnn. Lawrence J. Fabacher New Orleans Frank L. Faust New Orleans Allain de C. Favrot New Orleans Harley- B. Ferguson, Jr Vicksburg, Miss. Julius M. Fernandez, Jr Wallace, La. Hanson D. Ferrei.l, Jr New Orleans Thomas V. Finch McComb. Miss. Jacob L. Fischman New Orleans Albert J. Flettrich New Orleans Francis T. Folse New Orleans Samuel M. Freese, Jr Wheeling, W. Va. Charles T. Frey New Orleans DOBIN Frie dman New Orleans Burgess M. Frost New Orleans Louis R. Frumer Shreveport, La. Alton P. Frymire New Orleans Walter W. Gallinghouse Gretna, La. Charles D. G. tes Ocala, Fla. DoMiNiCK J. Giarratano New Orleans Louis O. Gill New Orleans Milton . ' . Giovanni Lake Charles, La. Rex Godwin Anniston, Ala. GoNZAi.o Gonzalez (Mariinez) Monterrey, Mex. Ernest H. Gould New Orleans Herbert A. Graf New Orleans Harvey A. Greber Shreveport, La. Mariano W. Gu. s Havana. Cuba Harry Gurievsky New Orleans Robert N. Habans New Orleans Duncan V. B. Harding Pass Christian, Miss. Harris Harracin. Ill New Orleans Month E. Hart New Orleans Daniel L. Hartman Jamaica, N. Y. Robert M. Haynie New Orleans Jonas Hii.ler New Orleans Lloyd R. Himel Convent. La. Horace E. Hodge, Jr New Orleans Paul II. Hoerske, Jr . New Orleans Joseph . Hopkins. Jr ' ioioria. Tex. Gordon B. Hyde - New Orleans Albert F. Inci.an Havana, Cuba James J. Jaubert New Orleans Edward D. Johnson . ... New Orleans Edward J. Jones . . Picayune. Miss. Lester H. Kxrotkin . . . . San Antonio, Tex. Richard C. Keenan . . .... New Orleans Pdqe I 19 - t f .1. t • . -% -S0 » STUDENTS IN PICTURES ABOVE: Back row: Monk, Folse, Plotkin, Montgomery. Samuel, Eichold. Newmyer, Wiener, Corona. Turner, Nelson, Frey, Brener, Read. Harding, Burgoyne. Capdevielle. Second row: Eppling, Fernandez. Mayoral, Fischman. Cohen, Himel, Finch, Sims, Cooley, Karotkin, Escudier, Doswell, Newman, Michelet. Bayles, Archer, Landry. Seated: Armstrong, Schneidau, Eddy. Watson, Johnson, Frost, Odom, Clack. Manard, Jaubert, Trum, Neil I, Young. Richards, Culpepper, Brennan. Talley, Sustendal . NEXT PAGE: Back row: Raymond, W itt, Spiller, Chipley. Ray, Ellis, von Kurnatowski. Jones, Hodge, Rose, Spaar. Kern, Dubret, Arthur, Weil. Third rO ' v: Lewis. Roux, Medina, Tedesco, Treuting, Meyers, Chalstrom. Carimi, Murphy, Sorci, Schultz, Oswald. Lindahl, Amoroso. Pollman. Second row: Scorsone, Mitchell. Smith. Perkins, Le- mann, Seymour, Riseman, Schupp, Selenberg. Galling- house, Favrot. Snel lings. Burns, Stewart. Harragin, Hymer, Segrest. Seated: Murnick, Cohen. Dover, Cooley. Moss. Slnnott, Bertucci, Friedman, Weysham, Nabos, Bernstein, Brooks, Hart man. Miller, Crawley. Thorn. Trepagnier, Cauley. rresk resnman a ass Lawrence J. Kern New Orleans LuciLLius H. KiRKPATRiCK Owensboro, Ky. Henry A. Knebel New Orleans John H. Kostmayer New Orleans Thilo L. J. VON Kurnatowski Covington, La. Lionel A. Landry New Orleans Gabriel M. Leadman Shreveport, La. John S. Lemann New Orleans Werner Lentjes Tampa, Fla. Charles R. Lewis Humboldt, Tenn. Wesley A. Lewis New Orleans Francis C. Lilliqh Rochester, N. Y. Albert J. Linam Houston, Tex. Frank E. Lindahl Choudrant, La. Edward S. Livaudais New Orleans William N. Loftin New Orleans Stanley D. Lodrigues Patterson, La. Robert C. Long Louisville, Ky. Hugh McCloskey New Orleans Malcolm C. McEachern Biloxi, Miss. William R. McHugh, Jr New Orleans Gustaf W. McIlhenny New Orleans Boyd R. McKirahan New Orleans Louis A. Mahoney New Orleans James G. Mallory, Jr New Orleans Robert L. Manard, Jr Kenner, La. Joseph D. Martin, Jr New Orleans George A. Mavorai New Orleans Ignacio Medina, Jr New Orleans Joseph C. Meyers, Jr New Orleans Howard E. Michelet New Orleans Frederick W. Miller New Orleans George J. Mitchell Meridian, Miss. Richard D. Moers Houston, Tex. Marion S. Monk, Jr New Orleans Robert M. Monsted New Orleans Alvin G. Montgomery New Orleans Andrew G. T. Moore, Jr Jefferson Pari«h, La. Robert L. Morris New Orleans William U. Moss, Jr New Orleans Joseph H. Murnick Durham, N. C. Julian B. Murphy New Orleans i Paqe 120 » r . lb r{ ity : •V %-ti% i i (i V . d K oLieae of J rts John F. Nabos New Orleans John H. Neill, Jr Van Alstyne, Tex. Henry Nelson Brooklyn, N. Y. William H. Newman New Orleans Arthur G. Newmver, Jr New Orleans August A. Nobile New Orleans Troy J. Odom Oakdale, La. Milton Offner New Orleans Lowell Oswald Metairie Ridge, La. WiLTZ C. Orr Osyka, Miss. Allen B. Owen West Monroe, La. David E. Pace West Monroe, La. Robert V. Payne New Orleans Robert A. Peirce New Orleans Martin A. Pella Havana, Cuba Jack E. Perkins New Orleans Paul A. Pitre New Orleans George A. Plotkin New Orleans Bernard J. Pollman Meridian, Miss. Norman Pozinsky New Orleans Frederick C. Preisser New Orleans Stanley W. Ray, Jr New Orleans Harold G. Raymond New Orleans Edward E. Read, Jr Picayune, Miss. Frederick A. Rhodes, Jr San Francisco, Calif. Edward E. Richards, Jr New Orleans Mi-rvin H. Riseman Opclousas, La. Robert M. Rose New Orleans Henry L. Roux New ()rlean Ca.viilo R. Ruiz Panama, R. P. Raymond F. Salmen New Orleans Vincent J. Sampocnaro Monr;H ' , La. Jac H. Samuel New Orleans Hughes Sciineidau New Orleans Donald F. Sciili.tz Ni ' w Orleans John A. Schupp New Orleans Joseph M. Scorsone New Orleans Raymond J. Screen New Orleans Charles S. Segrest Port Gibson, Miss. Roland R. Sei.enberg Dallas, Tex. Philip Magiwis Sevmoi r New Orleans Clarence F. Sher.man Auxi.r, Kv. an ? s CLences John W. Sims New Orleans Gottfried L. Singel.mann New Orleans Walter S. Singleton New Orleans Charles J. Sinnott Springfield, III. Claude R. Smith, Jr New Orleans Federico a. Smith, Jr Tegucigalpa, Hond. Brearu Snellings Monroe, La. Joseph E. Sorci New Orleans Elbert Soskis Mulberry, Fla. Jerry F. Snowden Houston, Tex. Robv H. Spaar New Orleans Alfred W. Spiller, Jr Hammond, La. Ragan H. Spooner New Orleans John R. Stewart Monroe, La. Joseph G. Stulb, Jr ■ . . New Orleans George F. Sustendal New Orleans Ernest M. Sutter New Orleans Bascom D. Talley, Jr Bogalusa, La. Victor E. Tedesco New Orleans John C. Thorn New Orleans Thom.xs J. Thriffiley, Jr. . New Orleans Gerson Tolmas New Orleans Casper A. Tooke, Jr Shrevcport, La. Henry L. Trepagnier, Jr Gretna, La. Theodore F. Treuting New Orleans Joseph S. Trum, Jr New Orleans William P. Tull New Orleans John W. Turner Paintsville. Ky. CoRBiN J. Turpin Bastrop, La. Hewiit W. Wallace Biloxi, Miss. Henr 1.. Waszkowski New Orleans Richard E. Wai-son Lake Charles, La. Charles H. Webb Jackson, Tenn. Lewis E. Weii Corpus Christi, Tex. .Ai.ciDE J. Wevsham New Orleans Claude .A. Wharton, Jr .Alexandria, La. Melville E. White New Orleans William B. Wiener. Jr ■ Canton, Miss. Thomas G. Wm Lake City. Fla. Paul N. Wogan New Orleans Joseph L. Wy.mer New Orleans W. Waller Young, Jr New Orleans i P igo 121 y 4 M bresfi resnman a ass STUDENTS IN PICTURE Back Row: Odendahl. Limbaugh, Eustis. J.. Melun, Webb. Sanders. Favret. Eustis. H., Huey, Casey, Conroy, Mathes, Gurtler. Simpson. Patterson, Fos- sier, Brocato, Fernandez, Crais, Nobile. TliiPd Row: Riorda. Robins. Pick. Bopp, Zarza, Brown, Earl, Leach, Roehni. Lasl ey, Cazenave, Dixon, Schroeder, Morris, Olschner, Butler, Poche. Stacy. Second Row: Purves, Brown, McDonough, Grini- aldi, De Mayo. Boudreaux, ■V ' illiams. La Rue. Dinwiddle. Morehiser. Lockett. Otto, Bohne; Bour- geois, Cox, Coate, Gabriel. Sitting:: Burke. Fontaine, Trauth, Tooraen, Moore, Ireland, Faust. Welscli. Johnson, Randon. Salzer, Mod, Shepard, Grundniann. Koffskey, Vallas, Brad- ford. Cantelli. William H. Bohne New Orleans Lester I. Boone Monticello, Miss. John M. Bopp New Orleans Hamilton J. Boudreaux, Jr Morgan City, La. Howard W. Bourdier Adeline, La. Lionel J. Bourgeois, Jr New Orleans Henrv B. Bradford, Jr Metairie, La. Joseph M. Brocato Wisner, La. Barremore B. Brown New Orleans Harwood L Brown Algiers, La. Jack S. Burk New Orleans Thompson B. Burk New Orleans William E. Butler, Jr New Hope, Ala. RussEL J. Cantelli New Orleans John V. Carlsen New Orleans Russell A. Casey New Orleans Eugene J. Cazenave, Jr New Orleans Godfrey T. Coate Sweetwater, Tex. Thomas J. Conroy, Jr New Orleans Adair L. Cox Columbus, Miss. Charles I. Crais New Orleans « faqe 122 » John j. IIkMajo New 0 1l■all ' iiir M ( ' . Djwviddm; New Orleans John ' K. Dixon New Orleans TiinM AS ' . llnioimr; New Orleans J ' lioMAs C. I ' .AKJ New Orleans Hknry C. Eustis New Orleans Jamis N. EuSTis New Orleans ll Kiiii) G. Faiist, Jr New Orleans MARnin F. Favrkt New Orleans Roiii-Rio S. Fkrnandicz Monterrey, Mcx. Edgar H. Fontain ' H, Jr New Orleans Ai.iiKRi S. FossiKR New Orleans J()FI M. (; l!Rli:i New Orleans John E. Morehiser, Jr New X)r eam l)i;WriT r.. Morris New Orleans Ferdie a. Nobile Lulchcr, F.a. Paul E. Odendaiii., Jr New Orleans Clarence E. Oijchner Shrevcport, La. Louis R. Otto, Jr New Orleans Ai.iiPKi H. Paiterson, Jr New Orleans Mij.TON i;. Pick New Orleans Joseph E. Poche, Jr Amite, La. William H. Purves, Jr New Orleans James E. Raralais Bunkie, La. Fulcran F. Randon, Jr New Orleans Charles E. Reed New Orleans Coiieae of L rK tneerina (2 5: 3 a S ' -S Clarence P. Green, Jr Louisville, Ky. Eugene A. Grimaldi New Orleans Vernon P. Grundmann New Orleans Martin M. Gurtler, II New Orleans William S. Huev New Orleans Harrv K. Ireland New Orleans Beverly ' . Johnson New Orleans Edward J, IvOiiskkv, Jr New Orleans Ferdinand L. Larue, Jr New Orleans Malrice J. I.ASKHV, Jr New Orleans Pemhroke (). Leach Chattanooga, Tenn. OiHo S. I.iMnAUGH Hammond, La. Robert P. Lockett, Jr New Orleans Martin W. McDonough, Jr New Orleans Fred Ariiur McKenzie, Jr Lakclaiul, Fla. Edward J. McNamara Thibodaux, La. Stanley E. NLvihes New Orleans Norman C. Melun New Orleans George H. Menefee New Orleans Georce W. Mod New Orleans Joseph L. Moore New Orleans James H. Ricau, Jr New Orleans Henry R. Richmond, Jr New Orleans Joseph S. Riorda Hluefields, Nicaragua Lawrence E. RoniNS New Orleans Perry R. Roehm New Orleans Alfred R. Salzer, Jr New Orleans M. Harry L. Sanders, Jr Memphis, Tenn. Herman H. Schroeder McComb, Miss. Henry B. Siiepard New Orleans Thompson J. Simpson New Orleans Cammie D. Smith. Jr New Orleans William S. Stacy New Orleans Fred O. Sundbery Houma, La. Emeric W. Tooraen New Orleans George J. Trauth. Jr Gretna, La. Bryson Vai.las, Jr New Orleans Bernard A. Weisi-.. Jr NLicon, Ga. Edward J. Wki.sch. Jr Natchiloches, La. John W. Williams New Orleans Wiiiiam II. Wii MAMS. Jr New Orleans Joseph J. Zarza. Jr . New Orleans i Pago 123 bresk resnman c ass STUDENTS IN PICTURE Back row: Bodenheimer. Drown, Smith, Ver- lander, Dombourian, Silverman, Bradley, Seeskind. Penn, Querbes. Second row: Werelin. Carrere, Epstein. Stef- fens. Flowers, LeGardeur. Budreau, Buras, Bom, Sbisa. Seated: Becker, Hazard, Molony, Samson. Newstadt, Samuel, Ellis, Collins. " Veil. George J. Becker, Jr New Orleans Cecilia C. Bisso New Orleans CARROLL L. Bodenheimer . . New Orleans M.AURICE H. BoRX New Orleans Ch.arles W. Br. dley Norco, La. Joseph L. Budreau, Jr Savannah, Ga. Harold A. Buras Venice, La. Ernest A. Carrere, Jr New Orleans EwELL E. Collins New Orleans AzAD M. DoMBOURiAN New Orleans David M. Drown New Orleans _yOileae of K ommerce M.1RTHA Edwards New Orleans Louis N. Ellis Port Gibson, Miss. A. RON Epstein New Orleans Alvin E. Fink Clarksdale, Miss. Herman F. Flowers Lexington, Miss. Kenneth A. Gonzales Port Arthur, Tex. Mary R. Hazard New Orleans Jacqueline T. Katz New Orleans Thomas W. Lawson New Orleans George J. LeGardeur New Orleans Margaret S. McLouchlin New Orleans Victor E. Maurer Syracuse, N. Y. Rita A. Molony New Orleans Charles H. Moore Galveston, Tex. Hannah Newstadt Alexandria, La. James B. Norris New Orleans Jo seph C. Penn . New Orleans Richard F. Price New Orleans Thomas B. Putnam St. Charles, III. Justin R. Querbes, Jr Shreveport, La. Henry L. Rosenfeld New Orleans John F. Rowland New Orleans H.ARRIET A. Samson New Orleans Bern.ard F. Samuel New Orleans Milton P. Sbisa New Orleans William B. Seeskind, Jr New Orleans Roland R. Seward, Jr New Orleans Saul E. Silverman New Orleans Don.ald St. J. Smith Minneapolis, Minn. August E. Steffens Houston, Tex. Norman E. Tharp New Orleans Richard G. Verlander New Orleans Roswell J. Weil New Orleans Philip Werlein, IV New Orleans Elm D. Wood New Orleans Harold J. Wormser Jeanerette, La. 4 Page 124 » FRESHMAN-SOPHOMORE COMPETITION ' I ' lic I I. II. liiiliiu L ' oni|i:in |iijiisors each year a sfrics of nine contests between the Freshmen and Sophomore classes ot ' Jiilane. ' ] " lu- winning class receives a loving cup. Var- sity and Freshmen Icrtcrmen are not eh ' frible. TUG-O-WAR Ten Freshnu-n tnothall plaxers pulled the lij:ht So|)]is through a stream of water in less than one minute. DEBATING Re.sdKcii: I hat all colleges and uni ersitics should aboh h the distinction between amateurism and professionalism in sports to which admiision fees are charged. Affirmative Negative (Freshmen) (Sofi iomorrsj ' ll.LlA.M A. Clli ' EI ' I ' er Leoxard Oppenhei.m Joseph S. Trum, Jr. Moise S. Steeg Jr. (If ' iiinrr Frisliman Dilial ' nig Prizi ' ) (If ' i irur of C.arnol Dehal ' uiri Medal) Decision: Freshmen, 2-1. FOOTBALL A forward pass following the recovery of a fumbled punt deep in Sophomore territory en- abled the Freshmen to score the only touchdown late in the first quarter. Both teams were evenly matched throughout the remainder of the game, which ended 7-0. Incidentallv, Joe Lof- tin. Captain of the igj4 Varsity, coached the winning team for the third consecutive year. BOXING 115 lbs. — No contest. 155 lbs. — Ball (Soph) decision over Jaubert 125 lbs. — Haisfeld (Soph) decision over (Frosh) Graf (Frosh). 165 lbs. — Johnson (Frosh) default. 135 lbs. — Guice (Soph) vs. Keenan (Frosh) 175 lbs. — No contest. Draiv Unlimited — Andrews (Frosh) default 145 lbs. — Claiborne (Soph) decision over Sophomores . . . . ■ 3! Doswell (Frosh) Freshmen 2 WRESTLING 115 lbs.— Kelly (Soph) default 165 lbs. — Boehm (Soph) threw Samuel 125 lbs. — Harris (Soph) threw Brown (Frosh) (Frosh) 17s lbs — Johnron (Frosh) decision over SIoo i3=i lbs. — Jacobs (Soph) threw Cox (Frosh) (Soph) 145 lbs. — Renter (Soph) threw AVerlein Iriliniited — .Andrews (Frosh) threw Smith-r (Frosh) (Frosh) 1=;=; lbs. — Baldwin ( Soph ) threw Otto Sophomores 6 (Frosh) Fre.shnien 2 BASKETBALL The Freshm en defeated the Sophomores, 26-22 in a hard-fought game. The Freshmen staged a rallv in the last ten nu ' nutes to break a 22-22 deadlock. There are three contests yet to be held as the Jambala a goes to press. These, tennis, baseb;ill, and track, are schcduli ' d in .M.nch. i Pdqo i;5 y I I o o H R 1WE 1RER§ or THE Deak H. Allen. Jr- R(.v D. Arv jok e. beasle • Ernest W. Beck, Jr. George S. Bisso jo.sEPH E. Bllai, III Louis M. Boasherg Bradley C. Brovvnson John Bruno, Jr. Howard L. Bryan Charles H. Calhoun JosEi ' H O. Carson. Jr. All RR ' F. Cleveland Kendall H. Cram WiLLLAM P. CULLEN Robert W. Daray Joseph J. I)wii:s. Jr. 1 1 MMo n. HE Bu ' ss John F. DeHu " is Helion Dickson, Jr. Jack AV. Dolan Harr Dl Kl- Henr H. Dunn I ' JiW ARI) KUSTIS ' n.M AM J. l ' " i: ATHERXGII.L NoLLiE C. Felts AlRERT T. I. Fr ANSEN Ernest H. Gould George M. Haik Thomas F. Hall, Jr. Richard N. Hardy L. Richard Haspel Leslie R. Herert Charles R. Hume Frank Huntress John R. Jackson Alwyn J. Justrabo Richard W. Kehoe Calvin Kissgen Charles A. K ■LE Stanley D. Lodrigues Joseph E. Loftin Joseph A. Li cia Joseph AIcCi.osri ' i . Jr. John B. McDanii;!.. Jr. Harold G. Memtsas Francis E. Menge Allison T. AIiller Bernard D. Mintz R.ayford C. Iui.i.ins BuKORD M. . h IKS. Jr. Hi ' RMAN NelGASS loiiN A. O ' Connor. Jr. John S. Oelkers T. Cromwell P.ace Milto B. Phillips Donald R. Porter Edgar M. Rea, Jr. Rohert L Reisfeld Floyd B. Roberts Homer R. Robinson WlLLlA.M F. ScHROEDER Rudolph J. Schulze. Jr. Jack AV. Schwab Robert L. Simon- Claude Simons, Jr. Gilbert L. St.axcliff, Jr. Charles B. Stroble Edward H. Sutter Garland F. Taylor George D. Tessier Robert A. Tessier John T. D. Thames Louis O. Thames P.AGE H. Tharp F.arrel B. Thomas Harry S. Vorhaben John C. Weed Russell L. Welch George Westfeldt. Jr. Pago 129 V Tne Year in Tulane Snorts George A. Westfeldt President Athleiic Council WITH a new 190,000 gymnasium, the most beauti- ful and the most modern in the South, serving as an incentive and an assistance to their efforts, athletic teams representing the Olive and Blue accounted for an enviable record of achievements in the year 1933-34 and produced many individual stars whose performances have merited them an eternal place in Tulane ' s Hall of Fame. Each of the seven major sports, recognized as official by the Athletic Council, contributed its share of thrills, victories and outstanding athletes to make the year one which will be long remembered by those who ac- tually caused and those who merely witnessed its de- velopment. FOOTBALL. Off to a poor start, the Green Wave developed from a mere ripple into one of the nation ' s leading teams and one of the greatest scoring machines in the history of Tulane — breaking a record of long standing by scoring twenty-eight points in a single quar- ter. BASKETBALL. Although the cage team was not a consistent winner, Ray G. Dauber, newly acquired from Mississippi State, coached that squad to a good share of victories and a far better season than most expected. TRACK. The 1933 track team, by far no champ- ionship one, still boasted of several individual stars such as Don Zimmerman, Herman Neugass, and Frances Payne who achieved national recognition by outstanding performances in their respective events, the pole vault, the sprints, and the discus. GOLF. Minus the services of its stellar Jesse Rain- water, the golf team, relying greatly on the stroking ability of Captain Rudy Schulze, Jack Schwab, Bob Daray, and Jack O ' Connor, was still able to maintain a high ranking. TENNIS. A not-too-successful season, climaxed by the resignation of the inimitable Mercer Beasley, saw the Olive and Blue netmen, despite the fine play of Ed- die Sutter, Kendall Cram, Charlie Hume, Dick Hasp el, and Harry de Buys, go down in defeat for the first time in three years. BASEBALL. Leaving individual honors to Don Zimmerman of the Arts and Sciences team, credited with pitching a one-hit game, and Henry Fowler, hard- hitting Medic, the Physical Eds easily won the annual intramural baseball crown. BOXING. Aimed for by every one of its op- ponents because defending a Conference championship, the boxing team, captained by Johnny Weed, battled its way through every match in high style to keep the Olive and Blue flying high in the Southeastern loop. i Page 130 V Varsity Cheerleaders pause for the cameraman. Left to rit lil: Loren Hubdard, Abbey Ray, Gordon Hyde, Donald Kerr, Vada Odom, Ken- neth Gonzales. Led by Gordon Hyde, Tulane ' s cheerleaders contributed much to a successful athletic year. TULANE ATHLETIC COUNCIL OlKICIiRS George G. Westkei.dt Presidinl Judge Rufus E. Foster . ' I ' icc-Prcsident Robert I.. Mexuet Secretary Members Dr. novGLAs S. . m)Erson Cl ' Tubert S. Haldwtx Dr. Cmari.es F.siilema Dr. Wilbur C. Smuii .1 1 hi, lie Dirednr Tkd C ' (i. Heail Foolhalt Coach Claude Simons Physical Director Fritz Oakes Jssistanl Physical Director atul Track Coach James M. Robert Louis L. Rosen George Williams I ' kd Hank Freshman Football Coach and lioxinff Coach Ray G. Dauber Basketball Coach K.siMEiT Pare Tennis Coach Horace Renegar .Assistant .Ithletic Director and Sports Publicity Director Wilbur C. Smith, left, AlhUlic pirector, and Claude " Monk " Si.mons, Physical Di- rector — important cogs in Tulane " s athletic machinery. 4 Page 131 P P w IN(w ' Nk « Westfeldt and Kyle were prob- ably two of the South ' ; best pass receivers. " Sonny " is shown above in one of his sen- sational catches. The Texas Aggie wasn ' t quite close enough to spoil it all. " Little Preacher " Roberts Flashy Greenie Captain ' 33 Wdve las Unique Grid Season a o ! lOL SI. ' ! the possi ' ssor of great potential strength et unable to concentrate or convert that power siifticientl to achieve a season as successful as the past iL-w, Tulane ' s 1933 football team, which per- forni-il at its best during only a few short intervals throughout the entire year, will occupy a unique place in the annals of her gridiron history. Tlie Wave won six of ten games; lost three; and tied one. All hopes for a perfect season were nipped in the bud by Texas A. M., who broke a four-year string of victories by downing the Vave 1 3-6. " Frenchy " Domingue, scoring two touchdowns for the in- vaders, was the spark which enab led the Aggies to blaze their way to victory. A week later, a fumbling epidemic enabled (jcorgia ' s Bulldogs to break another winning streak, when her fleet backs ran wild to down Tulane for the second time in as many starts. More fumbling on the part of the Cireenies weakened her offensive in the following two games. How- ever, they were able to come back strong in the second half of each tilt; once to best Maryland 20-0, and once, on a loi-yard touchdown sprint by Bucky Bryan, to down Georgia Tech, 7-0, making it five straight for the Wave over the Tornado. Auburn ' s early lead of thirteen points was more than a slowly awakening Green eleven could overcome. However, her loss to the Plainsmen was forgotten a week later when she traveled to the Yankee Stadium to hand Colgate ' s Red Raiders their first defeat in two seasons by virtue of a 77-yard run for touc hdown by Roberts in the first quarter. For the next three games, Tulane ' s offensive, inspired by the complete recovery of Captain Roberts from a i rolonged illness, clicked excellently, and Mississippi State, Kentucky, and Sewanee were swept aside in quick succession. Against Kentucky, the Greenie backs had a field day, and established a new record for single-quarter scoring by amassing twenty-eight points in a first period spree. Playing the last game on her schedule, Tulane battled an unbeaten L. S. U. eleven to a thrilling 7-7 deadlock before a record crowd of over thirty thousand people. In proof of their great defensive strength, the offensive surges of both teams, with the exception of the two scores, were confined to the territory between the 20-yard lines. A passing attack engineered by Roberts, Kyle, and Hardy during the first quarter, was climaxed by a breath-taking dash for touchdown by the captain himself, who, later, converted the extra point. L. S. U. ' s lone tall) ' came also in the first half, and was made just before the whistle as a result of a long pass from Michael to Burge, who made a sensational catch of the oval just over the goal line. Ted Cox, occupying the position of head coach, m ilded from his many inexperienced prospects and nu- cleus of veterans, a steady, hard-charging, reliable forward wall, while assistant Lester Lautenschlager, in charge of the backfield, though often greatly handicapped by the inability of his older men to play, devel- oped numerous combinations from his wealth of material which he used to great advantage in each game. What little the football team failetl to do in respect to a successful season, was well done in respect to attendance — the total number reaching near the 200,01x1 mark, with seNcral individual games establish- ing new records, or mi.ssing one by narrow margins. " Monk " Simons, trainer; bead coach: " Ted " Bank. THE COACHING STAFF ' Peggy " Floiirnoy, assistant backfield coach: " Ted " Cox, Lautenschlaeger, backfield coach. fresh reshman coac :h: " Les ' Ta. nn Fi.ovD B. Roberts Captain — Halfback William F. Schroeder Alteinatf-Captain — Guard Joseph E. Loftin Captain-elect — Fullback Charles A. Kyle Alternate-Captain-elect — End TULANE. 6 TEXAS A. M., 13 A record opening day crowd of approximately 20,000 people was on hand to see any Tulane chance at national football honors nipped in the bud by an inspired Texas A. M. eleven which uncorked a dazzling offensive, carried principally on the shoulders of " Frenchy " Dominique, to defeat the Wave 13-6 and break her string of four consecutive victories. With one gam e already tucked under their belt, the Texans appeared better organized and exhibited a better brand of teamwork than the Greenies, who were playing their initial con- test of the season. In fact, it was not until near the end of the game that the Cox-men be- gan to function at all. Dominique, the Texas firebrand which for the past two years had been so effectively quenched by championship Tulane elevens, came into his own during this, his last encounter with the Wave, and carried the day for the Farmers almost single-handed. It was he who scampered across the Greenie goal early in the second period to start his team ' s victory march. Not content with accounting for two touch- downs, Dominique played the type of a defen- sive game which well indicated that he was de- termined to make those two touchdowns become a victory. At the slightest weakening of the Texan forward wall, the diminutive back plunged in and stopped the desperately fighting Wave backs from going anywhere at all. He played the whole sixty minutes and looked ready for sixty more. But the losers were by no means without their stars, and many green-clad warriors cov- ered themselves with glory during the fray. Charlie Kyle, Homer Robinson, George Tessier, Bucky Bryan, Johnny Bruno, and Pete Menge were all outstanding. Kyle paved the way for the only Wave touch- down by jumping into the air to nab a pass and sprint 45 yards down the field before being tackled by Dominique. Robinson and Tessier also played the entire game and turned in almost faultless performances. Bruno and Bryan, both playing varsity ball for the first time, showed up excellently. Menge was the leading ground- gainer, carrying the ball 16 times at an average of 4.2 yards per try. Even with the great Texan display, the most obvious cause of the defeat was the Greenies ' memorial bugaboo — a weak pass defense. In cru- cial points, the invaders completed five tosses with little difficulty to gain a total of 58 yards, which greatly assisted in their touchdown drives. One of those jumbles just before the pile-up CilAUI.KS II. CAI.IIOUN ' Guard lliJMlK K. KOBINSON ( i-iilir jdJIN I!, McDAMKr,, Ouarlirhack Jr. ROIIKKI A. Tkssier Tackle TULANE, 13 GEORGIA, 26 For the first time in five straight years, the red-garbed Bulldogs from Athens, Georgia, dammed the Green Wave, winning 26-13. Yet the final score but partially tells the spectacular, thrilling drama that was unfolded before 15,000 persons in the University of Georgia stadium. The tides of destiny were against Tulane; although the Bulldogs were outclassed in almost every department but the score. Tulane out- rushed Georgia, 327 yards to 230; and in first downs, Tulane almost doubled what the Bulldog had to offer, 17-9. Yet Georgia was brilliant, at times devastating, and always game. It was an irresistible sophomore, Louis Thames, who fired the spark that made it a ball game instead of a track meet as it looked at the end of the half for Georgia ' s mighty offense battered out a 20-0 lead in the first 26 minutes of play. And it was sophomores " Bucky " Bryan and Barney Mint , and Stanley Lodrigues who sliced and slammed, scampered and scurried for mis- cellaneous yards to give Tulane a quick touch- down right after the third period opened. The gallant u|ihill fight of the Greenies thrilled the thousands in the stands; thrilled the thousands who watched the futile attempt of the Greenies trying to snatch the game out of the fire. Georgia had five touchdown opportunities, cashing in on four of them, while Tulane, on the other hand, drove goalward time and time again, only to lose the ball by fumbles or a bad break. Just twice could they push across that last white line. Georgia ' s rout in the first half ga e the im- pression that Tulane would be defeated as badly as the last Bulldog win over the Greenies back in ' 27 when Harry Mehre ' s " Thousand Backs " swamped Tulane, 31-0. But when Cox put in the spark plug, Thames, there was a different outlook as to how the game would end. Trailing 20-O just before the half ended, Tulane received a Georgia kickoff and advanced it to the Greenie 30-yard line. Inside of seven plays, the ball was carried into the " promised land " by Thames. The second Greenie score came when Stanley Lodrigues registered with a play through the line. Georgia ' s four touch- downs were made by Grant, Key, Chapman, and Griffith, fleet-footed Bulldog backs who were scoring at ease in the first half but stopped to a walk in the final o minutes. Looks like the Bulldog was chained on this play Claude Simons, Jr. Halfback Richard N. Hardy End Roy D. Ary Tackle George D. Tessier Guard TULANE, 20— MARYLAND. Stemmed completely in the first half by a sterling but slowly weakening defensive, the Green Wave, on the backwash from two sting- ing defeats, almost inundated a scrappy Mary- land eleven in the last two periods to win her first victory of the year, 20-0. Fumble after fumble on the part of the Wave enabled the invaders to prevent any scoring dur- ing the first half, but as soon as the miscues were out of her system, Tulane, relying greatly on the strength of her sophomore backs, Bucky Bryan and Barney Mintz, crashed through for three touchdowns and an easy triumph. Most of the scoring was the result of long spectacular runs, the longest of which was made by Bryan, who sprinted through the entire Mary- land team on a 66-yard punt return for a touch- down. Mintz intercepted a pass by Nelson and scampered 55 yards for the other tally. A short pass from Mintz to Hardy accounted for the third. The fumbling epidemic seemed to have hold on nearly every man in the backfield. Roberts and Bryan lost the ball twice, and Mintz and Loftin once — a total of six errors. Two bad passes from center were somewhat responsible for the loose play. Once started, however, the Greenies literally swept the Old Liners oft their feet. On the ofi ' ensive, the fleet Wave backs, Thames, Lodrigues, McDaniel, Bryan, and Mintz, gained 261 yards from scrimmage and a total of 18 first downs. On the defensive, a stalwart line inspired by the play of George Tessier and Hardy, played air tight ball and held the in- vaders to only two first downs. Earl Widmyer, the Maryland flash who has been timed at 9.7 for the century, was kept well bottled during the entire game. Very well bot- tled. He took the ball nine times for an average of minus one foot. Improvement was evident in every department. The AVave line looked as powerful as any for- ward wall which Ted Cox has produced. The end play was speedy, effective, and consistent. Pass defensive had been so improved that only two short flips were completed by Maryland. Punting was above par. Out of eight boots, the Greenies averaged 42 yards each. Lauten- schlaeger tried all possible backfield combinations, with the group composed of Bryan, Mintz, Mc- Daniel, and Loftin apparently the best. Simons was on the bench with a leg injury, and Roberts still suffered from a prolonged illness. Louis Thames shows the Old Liners some fancy stepping George G. WESTFF.i.nT, Jr. End Robert L. Simon Tackle Bernard D. Mi.vtz I lull hack Howard L. Bryan Halfback TULANE. 7-GEORGIA TECH, The combined scintillating play of two soph- omore bacics, Bucky Bryan and Barney Mintz, on one beautiful lOl-yard jaunt for touchdown with Bryan carrying the ball and jMintz block- ing, enabled the Green Vave to emerge from the sea of mud which was Grant Field in Atlanta with a 7-0 victory over Georgia Tech and add another game to her previous list of four straight wins over the Tornado. Bryan ' s spectacular jaunt was made on the opening kick-off of the second half. He caught the ball right on the goal line, stepped back a yard or so, and then with Barney jMintz out in front contributing several sparkling bits of blocking, weaved and threaded his way through the entire Tech eleven for the only touchdciwn of the game. Rlintz converted the extra point. The Golden Tornado was, however, playing heads-up football and came near scoring several times — the closest being made by Phillips, who carried the ball forty-two yards before he was tackled by Bryan on Tulane ' s lO-yard line. Her defense was also near air-tight. The Wave was able to make only two first downs both on ten- yard sprints by I Iintz. There were only two substitutions, Charlie Callioun and Bob Simon, made by the Greenies during the entire fray, and so the backfield com- bination of Bryan, Mintz, McDaniel. and Loftin saw action for sixty full, tough, water-soaked minutes. While their soph teammates carried the brunt of the offensive, Loftin and McDanicl backed up the slipping and sliding forward wall to prevent many potential gains. Not that the line was functioning below par. Bob Tessier, who had been off form until this contest, was the spark-plug of the team and was greatly responsible for the Wave ' s ability to hold Tech three times when a touchdown seemed imminent. Dick Hardy turned in some of the best end play ever accredited to him and so did Charley Kyle in the opposite terminal position. Bill Ary caused the Tech backs constant worry. At center, Homer Robinson handled the muddy pigskin in an almost perfect manner and played a sterling defensive game. The guard positions were well handled by Bill Schroeder and George " King-Kong " Tessier. Bob Simon, at tackle, rushed in to punt the Greenies out of a bad hole, got off a sixtj ' -yard boot and continued his fine punting spree. His tackling, and that of Charlie Calhoun, the other sub, was also a thorn in the sides of the Tech ball-runners. Somebody has the ball — you guess— too much Atlanta mud Stanley D. Lodrigues Fullback Farrel B. Thomas Halfback Bradley C. Browxsox Quarterback Ernest H. Gould Center TULANE, 6— AUBURN, 13 Withstanding a last minute scoring drive which was ended b3f the final whistle on her 3-yard line, Auburn was able to maintain an early lead and administer to Tulane her third and last defeat of the season, 13-6. The victory was Auburn ' s second consecutive one scored on a Homecoming Day. For the first fifty minutes of the game. Auburn was vastly superior. Her line proved to be almost impregnable and her offensive, carried on the shoulders of three lO-second backfield men, was like lightning and nearly as effective. But the brand of football exhibited by the Green eleven in the closing minutes of the con- test was remarkable. Outplayed throughout th; afternoon, the entire team seemed suddenly to come to life with the immediate result that Au- burn was placed entirely on the defensive and the ball soon placed deep into her territory. Time was pressing, with only five minutes to play, so a pass was called by the Greenies. The ball was snapped to Barney ] Iintz and he heaved a long spiral to Dick Hardy who clutched the pigskin even tighter than the delirious fans clutched anything within distance and went on a dead run for a touchdown. As soon as thev got their hands on the ball again, the Greenies made another power drive which, with only a few seconds left to play, placed the ball on Auburn ' s 17-yard line. Then while a speeding figure clad in green skirted left end to carry the ball under the very shadow of the Plainsmen goal posts, stopped from a touch- down by two tacklers, the crowd, anticipating a tie at least, went wild. But during the lusty cheering that followed, the timekeeper had blown his whistle and the game was over. The noise had been so great that none heard the final blast and so the spec- tators stood awaiting another play. When the players began to file oft " the field, the spectators were stunned momentarily and were slow to realize that the game was over and that the great scoring drive had gone for naught. So hard-fought was the game that three Greenies were carried off the field with injuries. " King-Kong " Tessier received a broken nose, Bucky Bryan severely sprained a leg, and Homer Robinson was taken out unconscious. Although " Little Preacher " Roberts made the longest run of the game, Joe Loftin took the field honors for the day and practically scored single-handed in the third quarter — fumbling onh- ele ' en vards from a touchdown. This Plainsman ran into the proverbial stone wall I k »- £ I.OUIS O. TllAMKS llatlhiuk IlAKOl.n (). Mf.mtsas l-iul Augustus H. Ci.ark End John Uruno, Jr. Fullback TULANE. 7 COLGATE. The boys from the deep South showed the Red Raiders of Colgate a thing or two in the line of football, when the Cjreen Vave of Tulane inundated Andy Kerr ' s smart, tricky, football machine by a decisive score of 7-0, in the Wave ' s only intersectional game, played at the Yankee stadium. Accompanied by " two pretty girls, a one-legged cheer leader, and a cofifee pot " the Tulane team hit Broadway and when they left, there was the scalp of the Colgate team hanging at the col- lective belts of the happy warriors from the bayou country. The Greenies accomplished what no other team has been able to do in the past 1 7 games, and that feat was the crossing of the Red goal line. This feat was personally and fittingly carried out by Captain Floyd Roberts, aided and abetted by the entire team ' s blocking after Joe Loftin had recovered a Colgate fumble on Tulane ' s 24- yard line, in the first period. The " Flying Parson " then calmly place-kicked the goal, not in the least tired after his rather strenuous jaunt of 76 yards down the field a few minutes before. Then, as if to make his performance more scintillating, the gallant captain downed Joe Bogdanski, after the Red end had received a long pass from Kern, on Tulane ' s four-yard line just as the final whistle blew. The bo s of Ted Cox pla ed a brilliant game and the Colgate game marked the first real dis- play of the year of the potential threat that Tulane has to carry all the time, if she can only " get going. " Thirteen Greenies saw service in the game and every one of them are due all the praise that can be heaped upon them. The boys were in there all the time, and comprised a team that would not be licked and could not be licked. The ride to New York, while enjoyable, was not the real mission of the Greenies. The 60-minute line of Homer Robinson, Dick Hardy, Charley Kyle, Roy Ar ' , Charlie Cal- houn, Bill Schroeder, and Bob Simon played wonderful defensive ball, as did the backs, too. Ofiensively, Simons shared the glory with Cap- tain Roberts, and his punting was a feature of the game, with McDaniel calling a brilliant game at quarter and Joe Loftin playing a flawless game. Tulane outgained Colgate in yardage from rushing, 210 to 81. Colgate made 9 first downs while the Greenies were getting 7 ; the punting was even, but in the air, Colgate far outplayed the Wave, making a total of 135 yards, com- pared to none for Tulane. However, the final score is what counts, and that was Tulane, 7; Colgate, o. " Little Preacher " tears through the Red Raiders ' Hue Francis E. Mexge Halfback Charles B. Stroble Tackle Alfred H. Paddock Guard T. Cromwell Page Tackle TULANE, 33 MISSISSIPPI STATE, Fourteen thousand people, on hand to witness the Green Wave ' s annual gridiron battle with Mississippi State, had their thirst for touch- downs well satiated when a group of fleet-footed, powerful Tulane backs ran roughshod over the invaders to cross their goal half a dozen times and down them by a score of 33-0. Coaches Cox and Lautenschaeger used almost every possible backfield combination from their wealth of ma- terial. Captain " Preacher " Roberts, playing his sec- ond week of football since recovering from a clinging illness, applied the torch to Tulane ' s powder magazine by blasting through the entire Delta State outfit to score the initial touchdown on a 75-yard punt return. After that, it was almost a matter of course to have the Greenies slice through for tallies. The third quarter was the biggest as far as scoring goes, for, characteristic of Tulane ' s play throughout the year, the team came out after the half and piled up three touchdowns in quick suc- cession. Tapering oft " the day ' s play, they made two more in the final period. It was Louis Thames, Monk Simons, and Farrel Thomas who rode the crest of the Wave in her last half scoring spree — each made long runs which added to the total score. Louis Thames, especially, had a hey-daj ' by making two thrilling jaunts over the enemy goal. But the backfield ' vas hard-pressed to outshine the smart working forward wall. When the Mississippians attempted running plays, they were instantly thrown for losses ; and when they attempted passes, as one spectator said, " nobody was open except the headlinesman, the referee, and the field judge. " Bill Ary, Charlie Kyle, Homer Robinson, Bob Tessier, and Charley Calhoun were especially outstanding. Ary gave definite proof that he will be a very valuable player in his two remaining years of play at tackle. Kyle ' s blocking assisted the ball carriers in completing many of their long runs. Robinson handled the ball at center in an almost faultless manner, while Tessier ' s bull-like charges and pass-rushing fairly bewildered the Delta Staters. Aside from bringing a large group of sup- porters with them, the State eleven ' s snappy band accompanied the squad and kept things lively in the East Side throughout the afternoon. A touchdown play — " Little Monk " crosses Mississippi State ' s goal F,I) AKI) H. PoriEVENT Ciiili-r EdOUARI) F. IIliNKirjUFS, JK. GiiiVit WlI.l.lAM I. FKATllKRKnil.l fackU Albert J. Linam Fullback TULANE, 34 KENTUCKY, Scoring nioix- points in the lirst quarter of the Kentucky game than in any other single period of her football history, Tulane ran roughshod o cr the favored Vildcats to register an im- pressi e 34-0 victory. Four touchdowns were scored and three extra points were kicked in th? initial period to run up a total of 28 points and break the jinx which had prevented the Greenies from scoring but once all year in the first half. Finally freed of an illness which had hampered his playing until this stage of the season, Captain " Preacher ' Roberts, in the game for only a short while, performed one of the year ' s leading scor- ing feats by chalking up 15 points in five min- utes of play. Both of his touchdowns were made on long jaunts, the first off left tackle for 25 yards and the second on a punt return for 76 yards. Although Ralph Kercheval ' s famous punting strength failed to materialize, " Little Monk ' Simons pro ided entertaituiicnt aplenty in that field by making a high spiral boot which sailed almost 80 yards. This was his only kick of the game, but was one of the longest seen during the sea.son on the American gridiron. Substitutions were so frequent that thirty-one men, practically the entire squad, saw action against the Kentuckians. In fact, the second and third teams played most of the game, and al- though they were unable to duplicate the swift and deadly attack which so stunned the fifteen thousand spectators in the first period, the subs well-bottled the vaunted Wildcat oft ' ensive and the All-American Kercheval to prevent any scoring. However, Kercheval was the only Kentuckian whose performance stood out. He showed him- self to be an excellent passer, although each of his bullet-like flips, one which sailed over the end zone, went for naught, as the potential re- ceivers allowed the ball to slip through their fingers. Had his line held more effectively, Kercheval ' s kicks would have been less hurried and better. His running was the only scoring threat of the invaders, but was rendered more or less ineffective by the inspired hard-charging Green line. Fleet-footed Farrel Thomas, who scored three touchdowns, Harold Memtsas, " Bunny " Stroble, who blocked the first Kercheval punt in three years, Johnny McDaniel, Barney Mintz and Buck ' Br nn were also outstanding for the Green AVave. Farrel around left end — it got to be a habit nith him. Louis M. Boasberg Tackle Thomas F. Hall, Jr. End Richard M. Page Ouartcrhack William G. Nichols, Jr. Halfback TULANE, 26 SEWANEE, 9 A fighting bunch of Mountaineers from the University of the South, Sewanee, led by a tireless titian with a fighting heart, Alex Well- ford, gave Tulane one of its hardest battles dur- ing the 1933 football campaign. Tulane beat Sewanee, 26-9, but it was Well- ford who chiefly thrilled the small crowd of 8,000 from the opening kickoff until the final play and who was responsible for turning what was to be considered a " breezer " on Tulane ' s schedule into a real nip-and-tuck afl ' air. Along with Wellford in the spotlight were Captain Roberts, whose repeated long runs kept the West Side stands on their feet during the 17 minutes he played, and " Little Monk " Simons who was responsible for the first two Tulane scores via runs of 19 and 18 yards respectively. However, it was Wellford who was responsible for Sewanee outscoring Tulane in first downs, 12-9, and almost every yard gained by the Moun- taineers. Tulane was off to a fine start early in the game, and after three minutes of play, Simons registered after a 40-yard drive, featuring his 19- yard run, for the first score. The goal-kick was islocked, but a moment later Tulane, after getting the ball from Sewanee on the Wave ' s 20-yard line by a downed punt, on runs of 17 and 45 yards by Captain Roberts, placed the ball on Sewanee ' s 18-yard line. Here, in one clever dash, Simons carried the ball over and Roberts kicked the extra point, making the score 13-0. That ended the work for the Tulane regulars and they were yanked, never to return to the game. Shortly after the second period opened, Tulane stopped a Sewanee drive on the Greenie 1 7-yard line; but a 15-yard penalty set the Greenies on their 2-yard line. Bryan, trying to punt, fumbled and was thrown by Poage of Sewanee for a safety, making the score 13-2. But, late in the second period, " Bucky " redeemed himself with a most beautiful piece of running. Taking a five-yard pass from " Lefty " Brownson on Tulane ' s 40-yard line, Bryan zigzagged his way down the field for 60 yards and the third score. Mintz kicked the goal and the score stood 20-2. Li the third period, Mintz accounted for the last Tulane score of the day when he carried the ball through Sewanee ' s line for four yards and the six points. Sewanee ' s other seven points came early in the fourth period when Wellford scored and kicked the goal from placement. Barney ' s " knee action " made it tough on Sewanee tacklers I. W ' li.i.iAM I1i: i)i;kson llatjinuk ClIAKI.KS Cj. SmITHKR Guard Paul V. McIi.iien.vv Guard Hki.ion DicKariN, Jk. Manager TULANE, 7 L S. U., 7 Two of the finest football teams ever pro- duced in the state of Louisiana met on the Tiilane gridiron before the largest crowd that ever attended a sports event in this state, and, in the greatest contest in their history, battled to a 7-7 tie. The game was played in the finest weather that could be desired and the attendance came up to all expectations of both athletic depart- ments of the unixersities, Tulane and Louisiana State. Each team scored its touchdown in the first half, " Little Preacher " carrying the ball over for Tulane and Pete Burge, left end of Ole Lou, completing IVL ' kal ' s 1 2-yard pass into the end zone for Lomsiana. The valuable extra points which tied the score were made from placements by Roberts and Mikal. It was a great game, one that will be talked about as long as these two schools play ball. Those who saw it will never forget Roberts running back the opening kickoff for 76 yards. When Tulane ' s " mail carrier " had crossed the center line on his opening play dash, it seemed for sure he would score; but it was Jess Father- ree of Ole Lou who flashed in behind Charlie Kyle and nailed Tulane ' s captain on the Louisiana 22-vard line. On the very next play, Roberts fumbled and Abe IVL ' kal recovered for the Tigers. Not long afterwards, the Greenies were back again, deep in Tiger territory. Mikal ' s bad punt started the fireworks and placed the ball on the Tiger 38- yard line. Inside of five plays it was advanced to the 1 0-yard marker. On an end sweep. Cap- tain Roberts outran his interference and through sheer speed, he flanked the Tigers and crossed goal without stepping out of bounds. Roberts calmly kicked the goal, making the score 7-0. Louisiana ' s main threat came in th e last two minutes of the first half and it was made good when Mikal threw one of his bullet-like pas. ' ies that was taken in by Pete Burge for a toucJi- down. Mikal ' s toe was then responsible for the point that tied the count and ceased further scoring acti ities during the afternoon. Tulane outclassed Louisiana in all depart- ments, which was a big surprise to the fans, the Tigers being the favorites before the game started. But when Captain Roberts started on his 76-yard jaunt, the crowd knew that Tulane would have a say in the matter before the game was o er and she did. Tulane scored ten first downs to Louisiana ' s seven and in rushing, the Greenies led 102-61. Pete Burge. Tiger end. stabs that " impossible " ' pass tr t ' ! Ik Freshmen Football ' ' OT great in quantity, but great in quality. " V- L -L A. J. V J. J. V- Thusly is expressed the calibre of the 1933 edition of the Tulane freshman football squad. From the smallest group that has reported for the " Little Billow " in some few years, Coaches Bank, Upton, and Richardson worked unceas- ingly to uncover any potential successors to the immortal Banker, Zimmerman, Dalrymple and the host of other great men that have contributed to the football history of Tulane. It is this group of willing, talented, and ambi- tious youngsters which gathers every afternoon on the lower field to prepare the plays of the next week ' s opponent for use in showing the varsity what to expect when the actual game begins. It is this group of boys which makes it possible for the varsity coach to run his ex- perimental stuff against flesh and blood dummies throughout the afternoon until he is satisfied with the way his linemen charge and the way his backs run, pass, and block. It is this group that forms the mold from which finally evolves the team which gets all the glory of winning a game, and that group which feels most keenly the dis- appointment when the " big " team fails to click and is beaten by an opponent. This year ' s aggregation was small but the quality of the material developed should serve excellently as a most valuable addition to the 1934 varsity. Although few men will be lost from the first team this year, those who do return will be hard pressed to retain their positions if the freshmen work as hard as they did during their first season in school attempting college football. Playing a schedule that consisted of only two games, the Billow lost to the University of Ala- bama yearlings, 18-6; and to L. S. U., 14-0. Alabama brought a team that greatly outweighed the little Greenies, and although Tulane scored, she was not able to do much with her heavier rival. The L. S. U. jinx remained potent and the Olive and Blue went down in defeat after a bitter struggle in their annual game with the junior Bengals for the tenth straight time. Coach Ted Bank was again at the helm of the team and was assisted by " Tick " Upton and Pat Richardson who played tackle and quar- terback, respectively, in ' 31 and ' 32. In recognition of their play, the coaches awarded the following men their freshmen nu- merals: Hughes Schneidau, William Loftin, Troy Odom, Burgess Frost, William Moss, Bernard Evans, Charles Sinnott, Charles Eddy, Jr., David Pace, Marion Monk, Jr., David Cooley, Woodrow Armstrong, Pete Dalavisio, Sam Freese, Porter Tull, IVIilton Giovanni, ]VIelville White, John Andrews, Albert Flett- rich, Richard Watson, Douglas Johnson, Brooks Owen, and Milton Offner. Coach Ted Bank , Standiyuj: Coach Bank, Clack, Akmsikung, Moss, hDuv, Schneidau, Assistant Coaches Upton and Richardson. SiNNorr, LoniN, Evans, aCHNtlDAU, ISSISIANT COACHES UPTON AND KICHARDSON. Kneeling: Asbell, Owen, Frost, Ott, Odom, Watson, Freese, Monk, Pace. Sitting: Flettrich, White, Andrews, Coolet, D., Tull, Giovanni, Offner, Cooley, FJ AI A 7T5Tr L., Page 144 » On tne Court UX.ARI.E to maintain the fast pace set by four kaiiing conference teams — Alabama, Louisiana State ami Kentucky — to whom goes credit for eight of ten losses suffered in twenty games, Tulane ' s 1934 bas- ketball si|uad, although superior to those of a few years previous, failed to merit a high place in the final stand- ings of the Southeastern group and declined an ini ta- tion to participate in the annual tournament held in Atlanta. Ray G. Dauber, acquired from Mississippi State, took o er the coaching reigns in place of George Rody. Against Southwestern, a non-conference team, the Cjreenies opened up their campaign by scoring two victories on consecutive nights. Vhile the first was a er - hotly contested affair and ended with the ' ave leading b the close .score of J8-34, the second found Tulane functioning better and the invaders were turned back to the tune of 32-23. Blitz, Davies, ' or- haben, Cleveland, .and Simons were the outstanding W ' avemen of the series and McMurray and Peirin starred for Southwestern. Mnwever, the follnuing week, in iier first confer- ence competition, Tulane was handed two decisive de- feats by a fast, smooth-working Kentucky outfit. Led bv their lankv center, De Moisex ' , the inxaders took the initial game of the .series, 32-22. only to come back the following night and, despite the fine play of Simons and Roberts, win more convincingly, 42-29. Journeying to Alabama for their next scries, the Wave met an even wor.se fate and dropped two more games to run their total up to four consecutive los.ses. Paced by Valker who scored more points than the entire (7reenie iWv, the ' Hanians coasted to an over- whelming 53-1 S ictory in the first tilt, and again led b the versatile Walker, the Crimson Tide roiled hig ' i to take the second contest by a score of 48-23. On the rebound from these four stinging defeats, the Cireenies clicked in excellent fa.shion to down Sewanee twice straight. Vith Cram, jabncke, and Clevelanil performing above par, the first game was easily taken by a 35-18 count and the second still easier, 45-22. Pierson, Craighill, and Castlebcrry were the mainstays of the visiting quintet. i Pdge US V Captain Joe Davies Murray Cleveland Grant Jahncke, Floyd Roberts Kendall Cram ANOTHER victory and another loss were added Lto the Wavemen ' s record the following week when they engaged in a two-game series with Vander- bilt. Tulane won the first game, 19-15, and threatened to annex the second also when she came out after ths half, trailing by a score of 13-5, to stage a thrilling comeback which the final whistle ended at a 23-21 vic- tory for the Commodores. After her initial series with L. S. U., plaj ' ed a week later, in which the Bengals barely managed to eke out a victory in the first fray and then swamp the Greenies in the second, Tulane engaged the Auburn Tigers in her new gym. Led by Beck, Cleveland, and Simons, the locals crushed the Plainsmen 34-18 in the first affair and let up pressure a little to take the second by a score of 30-20. By winning this series, Tulane raised her totals to seven wins and seven losses. Reaching what was probably their peak perform- ance of the year, the Greenies opened fire with a sur- prisingly strong attack to trounce Mississippi State by a score of 33-24 in the first of their two-game series. Simons, Jahncke, and Beck led the inspired Green offensive which fairly bewildered Waits, Stone, and Perkins, Mississippi guards. The invaders, how- ever, evened up the count by holding the Greenie sharpshooters down to only six field goals and win 24-17 in a game featuring the defensive of both quin- tets. At the half, the score was nearly deadlocked at 11-10 and the nip-and-tuck battle staged thereafter for points thrilled the large crowd in the new gym. With only four more contests remaining on their schedule, the Greenies began a last minute drive for higher conference honors bj ' winning twice in a row from the Ole Miss team. In the first fray, Roberts, with ten points, and Cleveland with seven, shared scoring honors in a game which ended 30-16 in favor Resume of the of Tulane. Then, trailing by a score of 12- 11 at the half of their second tilt, the Greenies turned on the steam to score twenty points before the final whistle and to stem the Ole Miss forwards in winning by a count of 31-23. Cle eland, Roberts, Davies, and Simons were the leading factors in the two victories. Entering her final series of the season with a record of ten wins and eight losses behind her, Tulane again bowed before Louisiana State ' s superb basketball team — the first game ending 43-22 and the last, 36-21. In the opening fray, Davies carried practically all of the Green Wave ' s offensive on his shoulders and was credited with nine of her 22 points. At the same time, Harris and Wade of L. S. U. staged a close battle for scoring honors, with Harris leaving the game with a string of seven field goals and one foul shot for a total of fifteen points, and Wade accounting for four field goals and three foul shots for a total of eleven points. Climaxing the season, the Wave lost to the Bengals 36-21 before a crowd of 1,200 in the new gym. This win made it four straight for the Tigers over Tulane during the season and helped considerably to mar a good year. L. S. U., with Ben Journeay ' s field goal, went into an early lead to increase its margin to ten points before the half of this final contest. The score then was 18-8. This lead was never relinquished. Captain " Sparkey " Wade of the Tigers led in in- dividual scoring for the evening with a total of 1 1 i Page 146 y Harry Vorhabkn, Bkrnard Bmtz, Ernest Beck, Claude Simons, Leslie Hebert, Manager Moise Dennery Past Season points. Wade accounted for three field goals and five foul throws. Nathan Blair, Tiger forward, was a close second with a total of ten points gathered by virtue of four field goals and two foul shots. " Little Monk " Simons was Tulane ' s best scorer. He dropped a goal from field and three free throws for a total of five points. Ernie Beck, Gus Clark, and Grant Jahnckc each accounted for four more units. Tulane was troubled with the same deficiency that faced her in the series opener — inability to sink goals when the opportunity presented itself. At times, Coach Dauber ' s charges clicked in an almost perfect manner and ran through the entire opposing quintet to put the ball in scoring position. Here, the duet of Vade and Torrance would take what almost in a- riably was an unsuccessful toss and reverse the entire field, thus enabling the Tigers to tally. Fouls were frequent throughout the series. In the last game L. S. U. offended i6 times, from which Tulane earned nine points, and the Greenies in turn fouled 12 times, allowint: the in aders to make to points on free throws. Along with Grant jahncke, a forward that greatK im|iro ed with the advancement of the season, other mainstays such as Simons, Davies, Cle eland ami B;ck ;lo.sed the season with excellent performances. Joe Davies was captain of the squad, one which had the honor nf playing first in the new i i 00,0110 gym- nasium. Coach Ray G. Daiber Coming to Tulane from Mi isr ippi State, Coach Dauber dcveolped a strong nucleus for the ' 35 cage season. i Page N7 y VARSITY TRACK SQUAD Standing: Myers, Manager; Mintz, Neucass, Carson, Zimmerman, Miller, Coach Oakes. Kneeling: Hebert, Richards, Cleveland, Simons, Peres. Sitting: MoiSE, Harvev, Fransen, Sunseri, Kehoe, Herold The Rubenstein brothers hit the tape. Leslie Hebert jumps. Fren- sen, Kehoe, Simons, and Miller. Z.immerman vaults at L. S. U. Coach Fritz Oakes Fritz has developed many stars to wear tlie olive and blue Track and Field I lanipiMfd li :i hick of candidates and ik-|u-iidint; for the most p.nrt on the peifornianccs of only two or three outstanding individuals, Tulane ' s 1933 track team failed to reach the lu ' jih standard set for it by previous squads but came through, ne ertheless, for a fairly successful season with higii promises for future great teams from a host of young and promising ma- terial. Two weeks before the first scheduled meet, co- captains Don Zimmerman and Francis Payne gave the (jreenies a Hying start on their season ' s campaign by making a predacious raid on individual honors in the pre-season Relay Carnival of the S. L. I. in Lafayette, Louisiana. Zimmerman took first place in the pole vault and the broad jump and Payne, not to be outdone, bested all competition in the discus and shot put. These four victories gave Tulane a lion ' s share in the field events, however, only one second place, captured by the freshman relay team of Leonard Oppenheim, ALarcus Rubenstein, Albert Rubenstein, and Eddie Marks, was all that the Wave earned on the track. In their first inter-school meet of the year, the T n- Co-Capiaiiis: Do.v Zimmkrman, left, and Fkancis P. vne (ireenies, suffering from a weakness in the middle and long distance runs, took the short end of a 67-50 score from Alabama ' s tracksters at Tuscaloosa. With .)id two winners, Jo Carson in the high hurdles and Herman Neugass in the 220-yard dash, the Wave showed u|i poorly on the track and had her point total in that division almost loubled by the Ramians. In the field events, however, the Olive and Hlue fared somewhat better. Murray Cleveland captured the javelin throw, Zimmerman took first in the broad jump, and tied for first with Merle Rcigel at 13 feet for first in the pole ault, and Francis Payne outheaved the entire field to win the discus toss. Although everyone was surprised by Reigel ' s tying of Zimmerman in the vault, it remained for Bill Joyce, Alabama ' s champion 440-yard sprinter, to fur- nish the sensation of the meet. Shifted i nto the I(m yard dash upon short notice, the speedy quarter-miler showed his heels to a group of fast competitors to win the century in 9.7 seconds. The second meet, scheduled against Mississippi State, was called off by the Lssissippians and thusly was Coach Fritz Oakes enabled to polish off many of his inexperienced men and to " discover " Herman Neugass, a youngster who de eloped into one of the speediest sprinters ever to represent Tulane. But a mediocre performer throughout the previous season and the first part of this one, Neugass suddenly burst into the star category and conference-wide recog- nition by stepping a 9.6 second century in the annual Freshman-Sophomore inter-class meet. This, however, was not his " greatest triumph, " as that thrilling mo- ment was withheld until the Louisiana State meet lield a week later. L. S. L ' . ' s national championship track team had practicalh no trouble in beating the Cireenies, as the final score of 79-36 would indicate, but suffered a sorely woiuided pride while doing so. Diminutive Neugass did the honors. First he stunned the s.cxxi spectators in the Tiger stands by easing away from their ace, Eddie Stockwell, in a 9.8 second hundred. However, he waited until his race with Glen " Slats " Hardin, ()] nipic star, to administer the coup dc Liracc by llashing away from th;- Bengal super-ace in a 21.4 second 220-yard dash, and just about spoil tlu- lay for the victorious national champions. Then, too. the Tigers dropped more points in this m;et tlian they did in any oth?r during the entire season. Tliough at the imexpectedly poor height of 12:9 feet, Zimmerman was able to take top honors in the |icile aidt from Lltt Gordy, who later won the A. A. I . championship by a vault of over a foot higher. . notlier Tulane victor - came in the relay race when a quartette compo.sed of " Nebby " Miller, Al Franscn, .Monk " Simons, and Dick Kehne covered the mile in :28.3 to down the Bengal four. Second places were taken by the following Tulanians: Joe Carson in the Neugass noses out " Slats " Hardin high hurdles, Francis Payne in the discus and shot, Jim Harvey in the two-mile run, Leslie Hebert in the broad jump, and Murray Cleveland in the javelin. Big Jack Torrance, L. S. U. ' s man-mountain shot putter, somewhat atoned for the defeat of Stockwell and Hardin by heaving the ball 52 feet, 8 4 inches to better the official world ' s record at that time by almost half an inch. The Bengal freshmen, too, had a good day and continued their " jinx " march over the Wave 5 ' earlings by winning 18-14 in a snappy meet of only four events. Marcus Rubenstein in the 440 won the only first place for the invading Wavemen. The following week in the only contests held on her own field and the only meet from which she emerged victorious, Tulane was able to conquer the tracksters from the New Orleans Athletic Club by a not-too-decisive score of 83-68. Leslie Hebert, who won the broad jump, Charles Peres, who filled Zim- merman ' s place to take the pole vault, Monk Simons in the javelin throw, and Neugass with his running mate, Simon Herold, in the sprints, were the out- standing performers of the victors. Because it was the only home meet of the year, and because it brought into action many of the graduated stars such as " Foots " de Coligny and " Fatty " Oelkers, an exceptionally big crowd filled the old stadium to witness the contests — each of which turned out to be a keenly contested nip-and-tuck affair. Weakened by the loss of Murray Cleveland, who was out with injuries and by the inability of Neugass to perform his best due to an over-trained condition, the Greenies could manage no better than a sixth place in the Southeastern Conference meet at Birming- ham — the first held by that newly organized group. Besides Neugass ' fourth place in the 100-yard dash and his fifth in the 220, Zimmerman, Payne, Carson, and Simons each added points to Tulane ' s final score. FRESHMAN TRACK SQUAD Standing: Myers, Manaaer, Smith, Verlander, Williams, Oppenheim, Coach Oakes. Kneeling: Rubenstein, M., Marks, Jacobs, Rubenstein, A. Zimmerman, after some of the keenest competition of the meet, tied with Reigel of Alabama and Gordy of L. S. U. at 13 feet 3 inches for a first place and a new record in the pole vault. Payne won a fourth place in the discus throw, Carson a fifth in tlie high hurdles, and Simons a fifth in the javelin. The inter-fraternity trophy for track went to the Sigma Phi Epsilon squad, whose participant, Leslie Hebert, was high point scorer of the hotly-contested meet. Hebert and Murray Cleveland were later elected by the lettermen to the position of co-captain of the 1934 squad. The freshman team won the Holmes Cup Inter- Class Meet from the sophomores by a score of 61 to 44 J points. It was during the sprints of this meet that Neugass, representing the sophomores, stepped his memorial century. i Page ISO y Tne Goif Season at Till ' . ' I ' uhiiK- (i(jlt ti-ain ot lyjj was a )irou|i ot polished players, and altliough they met with defeat in one of their two collegiate engagements, nevertheless they acquitted themselves well in all competition, and onh ' superb golfing on the part of their o|-)ponents kept them from emerging ictors in all contests. The team was composed of Rudolph Schulze, Jack Schwab, Jack O ' Connor, and Robert Daray. Schulze was the captain of the team and at all times was a steady player and a good leader. The two main contests of the year were the matches with L. S. U. and Spring Hill. Both of these contests were played away from home, the one with L. S. U. having been played in Hammond on April 22, and the one with Spring Hill at the Country Club course in Mobile on April 30. In the match with L. S. U., the Tulane team was defeated. Schulze lost to Vance Liddell, al- though it was conceded that Rudy was the out- standing star of the day in a most beautiful match play, resplendent with consistency and steadiness. In the next match Vance Liddell and Jack Chambers beat Schulze and Schwab. In the third event, how- ever, there was a bright spot for the Tulanians when Daray turned in a victory over Jim Lacombe. This eventually turned out to be the only Greenie victory over L. S. U., as in the remaining contests Charlie Clawson defeated Jack O ' Connor and then Charlie Clawson and Jim Lacombe defeated O ' Connor and Daray. Tulane Although defeated in the match, the Tulane team deserves praise for their play, as the difference be- tween the winners and losers was so narrow that with the least break in either match, the results might have been the opposite. In the contest with Spring Hill, the Tulane team were the victors, but it must be said that they barely eked out the winning margin, having come from far behind to accomplish it. However, this is all the more to the credit of the Tulane players . According to all reports, Schulze was again the outstanding player, and was this time rewarded with victory over Gaughan. Schwab, playing a brilliant game, defeated his opponent, Traynor. Then Schulze and Schwab, playing together, easily dis- posed of Gaughan and Traynor of Spring Hill. Daray defeated Roney, which completed the list of successful matches for Tulane, as in the other con- tests O ' Connor was defeated by Abell, and the last one was lost to Spring Hill, when Daray and O ' Connor met defeat at the hands of Roney and Abell. The engagements between these teams held the interest of the entire student bodies of the respective colleges and the general public. Each individual player was a credit to the institution he represented and unquestionably put forth their very best efforts at all times. Rl 1)01. I ' M SCUUi.ZK Cafilain VARSITY GOLF SQUAD Huclr lph Sc-Iiulz, ' . .T;nk (.t ' i ' onnur. RuWert Diiray. Jack Schwab. Ok. Frederick Hard h ' liiully Dlrfctor i Pdqe ISI V The tennis bowl provides facilities for practice and match play « flni Standing: de Buys, Haspel, Sutter, Hume, Reisfield (Manager), Cram. Sitting: Cohen, Duval, Hardesty. Coach Mercer Beasley He completed his last season at Tulane in IQ3S i Page 152 V Netmen Have Gooc m. Al.riKHK H pl;i iiig without the brilliant Cliff • Sutter, twice National Intercolk ' Kiate champion, tlu- raci|iict wielding sons of Paul Tulane contin iefl to uphold their reputation as the best tennis outfit in the South. Responsible for the tremendous success of the Wave on the courts and making themseh ' es conspicuous for the stellar performances were Co-captains P.ddie Sutter and Charlie Hume, Kendall Cram, Dick Haspcl, and Harry de Buys. All were outstanding in all matches throughout the season. A large part of the Wave ' s success on the courts in 1933 can be attributed to the new kind of tennis prac- tice inaugurated at the university by Coach IMercer Beasle ' . Believing that to be a tennis player of any repute one had to be an all-around athlete and have a phjsique strong enough to give him the maximum effi- ciency in every stroke, Beasley had Tulane ' s tennis aspirants exercising every afternoon in regular gym- nasium classes. The work of these embryo net stars included running, jmnping, practicing starts on the cinder path, winding up their work with several laps around the track. Meeting fi e of the strongest intercollegiate teams in the South and Southwest and three engagements with " non-collegiate " outfits of New Orleans, all boasting some of the most outstanding volleymeii in this neck of the woods, the Greenies advanced with decisive wins over three of their opponents, finishing T ii- Co-Cti liiiiL : Charley Hvme, left, niul Eddih Sutter f l-t J ' r- w ) t t T in three contests with tie scores and dropping only one, that in a return match with a team comprised almost entirely of former Tulane lettcrmcn representing the New Orleans Tennis Club. Victories were registered over Kentucky and Ala- bama of the Southe. ' istern conference and the city Park Tennis Club. E en scores were the order in matches with Texas University and in the first match with the New Orleans Tennis Club. In the initial match of the season, the Wave emerged with a 6 to 3 victory over the City Park Club, while in their next non-collegiate contest with the New Orleans Tennis Club, the first tie, 3 to 3, was the final count. The return engagement be- tween the two outfits was a 4 to 2 afifair in favor of the visitors and the first defeat of the ' ave in three years. Opening their collegiate campaign, the Greenies were to be satisfied with a 3 to 3 draw with the Texas University volleymen. Co-captain Ed Sutter defeated the ace of the Lone Star State, Karl Kamrath, in these matches. Ed disposed of the veteran Kamrath, 8-6, 7-5. Victories in both the doubles matches gave the Greenies an even score. Playing the next week in a strong wind which marred the play, Tulane continued undefeated in in- tercollegiate circles by beating the racqueteers of Ken- tucky 7 to o. All matches of the meeting were de- cisive with the Wave getting nothing more than a good workout. The following week found the Greenies in an un- finished match with Rice Institute. In this contest, Ed Sutter suffered his first defeat of the season, losing a close match to Wilbur Hess 8-6, 6-2. Charlie Hume was the only winner for the AVave in the 3 to i affair, trouncing Henry Holden 6-2, 5-7, 6-4. The Texans won three of the four singles matches, but the decisive doubles matches were not completed, leaving the final issue in doubt. Sutter and Hume had the best of the argument in a 4-all set with Connelly and Holden, while Harry de Buys and Kendall Cram were giving an exhibition of faultless net play to give the other Owl pair. Carter and Hess, more than just a lesson in tennis. The next contest found the Wave winning as they pleased to close their season with a 6 to O win over the racquet wielders of Alabama. Co-captains Ed Sutter and Charlie Hume, Dick Haspel and Ken Cram turned in victories in the singles, while in the doubles, Sutter paired with Hume to register another win and Cram doubled with de Buys to make it a perfect day. In the only engagement of the year, the freshman team advanced with an impressive 5 to 1 win over the Ciulfport netmen. Abbie Norwood, Cef Mendez. Howard Crais. and Fred Hebert turned in impressive wins in this match. i Page 153 College of Law Team College of Arts and Science Team Championship College of Engineering Team School of Medicine Team College of Commerce Team 9 f 9. ■ istfcii ■_■?■:-» .- Tsav-iiAiii-j- . i Page 154 Engineers Win Intra-Mural BasebdU BASKHALIy, p];nc(i as a purely intra-imiral sport in ' 9J,?i " ii ' t with a hearty approval. The nine repre- senting the ICngineering School, emerging from the stiff competition with an almost perfect record, clinched the championship by beating the A. (S: S. team in the finals after having downed the squads from Commeice, Phys- ical Kducation, and Medicine. After the eliminations in this league were completed, two teams, composed of fourteen picked men each, were cho.seii to play a two-game playoff " series. Don Zimmer- man captained one nine, and Jim Hodgins captained the other. In the first game, Hodgins ' squad was able to down their opponents by a score of 3-1, however, the Zimmermans came back strong and swamped the Hodgins 1 1 -3 to force the series into a deadlock. At bat, " Little Monk " Simons was the outstanding player in the play-off — collecting six hits in six official times at bat for a perfect percentage. Zimmerman was the leading pitcher of the series and allowed only four hits in the opening tilt, but errors by his teammates allowed the opponents to score a 3-1 victory. Charlie Kyle permitted seven hits in the second game, but kept them well scattered to win. Jim Hodgins, Horatio Ogden, and " Tack " Hardcastle were pounded hard by the Zimmermans, who collected a total of 22 hits in the two games. One of the feature games of the intra-mural elim- inations was the A. (S: S.-Commerce tilt when Zimmer- Physical Education Team Dr. N ' Ai.i.rs ' , Cafil. of Varsity Baseball man, pitching for the A. S. squad, turned back the Commerces by pitching a one-hit game. Nick Bouzon made a scratch single in the fourth inning for the lone hit of the tilt. Nine men were struck out by Zimmerman and no runs would have been scored had his teammates not committed numerous errors. Up until this contest, the Commerce nine had gone undefeated. It remained for the championship Engineers and the Physical Eds to play, which was probably the hardest fought game in the tournament. A slashing single by Joe jVIemtsas in the seventh inning with two men out, drove Charley Calhoun in from second and .saved the Physical Eds from entering the last half of the seventh on the short end of a 2-1 score and sure defeat. Jim Hodgins protected the tie by striking out all three men that faced him in the last half of the inning. Medicine ' s powerful batting attack, led by Henry Fowler, was too much for the Shyster outfit, which in this tilt played a ragged game and allowed the Medics to win almost in a walk — 12-2. Fowler ' s hitting was a feature of the game, as he had an almost perfect day at bat, driving in several of the Medics ' runs. " Papa " Felts showed himself to be a real baseball player by outhitting every man in the league. At bat fourteen times, he hit safely for nine of them to merit a percentage of .644. Lemmon was runner-up in batting honors with a record of eight hits out of 17 trips to the plate. Bryan, of the Plnsical Ed nine, was third, with a percentage of .450, Bisso of the Engineers fourth w ith .444, Zimmerman fifth with .429, and Thames of the Medics sixth with .375 percentage. The final standings in the pitching department were much closer. Here Zimmerman, witii 2 wins and no losses, was in a virtual tie with Miller, who had the same record. Zimmerman, however, had allowed only five hits to Miller ' s eight — both having struck out eighteen men. In the strikeouts administered. Ogden, credited with one loss and three wins, led the field with a total of 34. Keith of the Lawyer nine had a total of 23 strikeouts to his credit. Although they finished first in the league, the Engi- neers rated third as a team at batting, with the Medics and Physical Eds both in front. There were four home runs batted during the tournament; Lemmon credited with two, Bisso one, and Bryan one. Page ISS •rm Greenie Boxers Show Ability THE 1934 edition of Tulane ' s fistic aggregation, early in the season, loomed as the mythical champion of the Southeastern Conference ; but in the two final encounters, a tie and a one- sided loss spoiled the Greenie ' s chance for a clean slate and the crown. I ' The answer being that Louisiana State became the mythical champion for 1934. Due to the lack of funds, the Southeastern Conference, in its meeting at Baton Rouge in January, voted th: elimination of the boxing meet for this year. Louisiana, by its three wins and one loss, annexed the title. The first boxing match of the season and the first to be held in the new gym found the alumni and the Greenies breaking even. Jack Pizzano, Doyless Hill, and Sam Jacobs were among the former stars who boxed. In the first inter-college match, Tulane met and defeated Ala- bama, 5-3. Bucky Bryan ' s first ring encounter was an easy win for the sophomore over Pat Gilbert via the knockout route. Torrey Gomila also scored a knockout, Hilman Walker taking the full count. Captain Johnny Weed beat Bob Teas and Al Justrabo outpointed Willie Strickland. Charlie Chavigny shaded Jack Schaeffer for the fifth Tulane win. Alabama ' s victories were Max Carideo over Jimmy Peres, Stanley Gorski over ' Tutt Putt " Porter, and ' Trankenstein " Chlundski, by a knockout, over Roy Ary. Florida followed, but the boys from " gatorland " were set back 6-2 in the bouts. Bryan, in the battle of " Buckies, " shaded Buck Bellamy. Torrey Gomila found it easy to K. O. Charlie Fleming and Bunny Stroble outpointed " Camera " Shouse. Mike Maroun shaded Dave Harris and Charlie Chavigny beat Eddie Hein- berger. Al Justrabo, carded against Bob McMullen, scored the first Tulane knockout of the night. Dan Allen ' s win over " Putt Putt " Porter and Ed Sherman ' s knockout of Hal Memtsas were the only ' Gator victories. Mississippi State was next on the schedule and drew with the Greenies, 4-4. Illness kept two star Greenie mittmen from box- ing, Bryan and Stroble. Three of the bouts ended via the knock- out route, all scored by Mississippi. Joe Guyton, Chandler Page, and Eddie Nash knocked out Charlie Chavigny, Bill Douglass, and Roy Ary, respectively. Curren Spottswood outpointed Porter for the fouth ] laroon win. Mike Maroun started the night with a win over Eddie Cratin and Al Justrabo followed in suit over Frank Brownlee. Torrey Gomila easily beat the champion Paul Bullard, the Mississippi boy ' s first loss in 16 bouts. Captain Weed scored the final win by outpointing Russell O ' Barr. The final match of the season found Tulane running up against a well-coached Tiger outfit, the result, Tulane was set- back, 7-1. An automobile accident on the way to Baton Rouge kept Bryan from boxing. Torrey Gomila, before 4,000 cheering fans, kept Tulane from being whitewashed by easily outpointing Tommy Tyndall. The Tiger scrappers scored four knockouts in eight bouts, Guy Luno, W. T. Robinson, Lindsey Hall, and " Big Boy " Blaylock over Bill Douglas, Captain Weed, Memtsas, and Stroble, respectively. Earl Turner, Poincare Rabun, and Henry Glaze outpointed Mike Maroun, Al Justrabo, and Porter in extremely close bouts. Ringsiders considered the Rabun-Justrabo decision erroneous. The 1934 season uncovered three sparkling newcomers for the Greenies, namely, Torrey Gomila, Bucky Bryan, and Midge Maroun. Gomila proved himself one of the classiest boxers to ever don the college gloves. JOHX Weed Captain Varsity Boxing Coach Ted Bank With the assistance of John De Buys and Page Tharp, Coach Bank developed a strong ring team for 1934. i Page ISi Above: Govill.A, light lieavy- iveiglil; Brvax, junior middli-- ivriijhl; jL TRAno, featlier- u- ' AijUt; Porter, liijht ' v eighl ; Mauro.v, banlam ' u:iiijlit ; and Stroble, heavy ' i!:ei jhl. Left: Gcmila displays a fast right cross while trouncing FlemiiTX of Florida. Ililov;: CuAvlcxv. ' usetUr ' uiiiglit; DoLCLAS, v:ellirv:,ighl ; Ary, itavyivi-ig il ; Memtsas, miJJU- lueiglil; Peres, lianlamiiiig il; and Moss, managir. i Pa9 157 y 1933 Southedstern Con erence Tourney DoYLESs Hill Heavyweit hl Cliampioii PLAYING host to representatives of the Southeastern Conference in its first annual boxing tournament, Tulane ' s ring team boxed and battled its way to the league championship by running up a total of 21 points to down all opposition and lead the two teams tied for runner-up position, L. S. U. and Mississippi State, by a margin of 5 points. Fourth place went to Georgia, who accounted for eight points, and fifth to Alabama accredited with three. Of the eight fighters who were crowned champions at the bouts which were held in the Municipal Auditorium, the Wave boasted of three ; Louis- iana and Mississippi State two each; and Georgia one. The Greenies that successfully weathered the hotly contested eliminations to emerge titleholders were: Doyless Hill, of the heavyweight class; Sam Jacobs, known as " Ding Dong, " fighting in the 145-pound division; and Al Justrabo, lanky 125- pounder. The final bouts of the tournament were opened with a bang and smash — a condition which predominated throughout the evening, as four knockouts were registered. Woody Zachariah, of L. S. U., and Brownlee, of Mississippi, fighting in the 115-pound class, opened the finals with a fast and furious exchange of blows with the bout ending in a thrilling kayo of Zachariah. Al Justrabo, of Tulane, and Stricklan, of Alabama, met in the next fight, the 125-pound division, and by clean fighting and tiger-like aggressiveness, the Wave entry earned a neat and undisputed decision. Henry Glaze, of Louisiana, scored the second straight knockout for his team by crushing down Spottswood, of Mississippi, by a constant barrage of piston-like right hooks. " Ding Dong " Jacobs, in the 145-pound class, kept Tulane ' s colors flying high by easily winning the decision over Goodman, of Georgia, in the next go. At this stage of the tournament, Tulane and L. S. U. were tied for first place with two victories accredited to each. The Tigers, however, soon met their first defeat of the evening when Sullivan of Georgia knocked out Rob- inson in the 155 class. Chandler Page, of Mississippi State, and Page Tharp, of Tulane, in the 165-pound division, staged the most hotly-contested fight of the tournament, with the judges awarding the title to Page by a margin of one point. Bullard, of Mississippi, landed one stinging right to Johnny Weed ' s chin, which sent the Tulane entry to the ropes and earned for him a technical knockout. This was the third kaj ' o of the evening and sent Tulane and Mississippi State into a tie for first place with 16 points each. Doyless Hill, Greenie heavy, plastered " Big Boy " Blaylock, of the Tigers, so hard in the first two rounds that his seconds tossed in the towel at the very opening of the third stanza. This raised the Wave ' s total to 21 points and pushed L. S. U. into second place — where the fights ended. Although this was the first tourney held by the Southeastern group, the competition was unusually keen and the turnouts unusually large. Close to 8,000 spectators witnessed the eliminations — 2,000 the first night, and 3,000 the two nights following. S. G. Jacobs lf ' i ' ller--wei{ihl Champion I Al Justrabo Feallierweiglit Cliampion i Page 158 a Newcom Athletics ' I ' HE Newcomb Athletic Association is one of the most interesting and important activities on the college campus. The entire student body comprises the organization. It aims to promote an interest in all types of athletics which may appeal to all girls. For this particular purpose, it has provided a gymnasium fully equipped with a swimming pool, tennis courts, a baseball diamond, and a hockey field. Naturally, there are other such things as a bowling alley, ring- tennis and badminton courts, and ping-pong tables. On the roof of the building, provisions are made for sun-baths. The executive body of the Association, the Athletic Council, is composed of four Seniors, two Juniors, two Sophomores, and one Fresh- man. " The aim of the organization and the Council is to promote and foster interest in ath- letics, thereby framing a stronger mind in a stronger body through participation in the sports offered. " Tn the program, a few changes have been made this year, which allow both greater free- dom to the students and still hold the prestige of the Department. There is now a three-year requirement in physical edu cation, the course being elective for Seniors. Freshmen are re- quired to take two hours per week in Danish gymnastics. Sophomores mav elect two hours per week in any activity in a selected group. Juniors may elect two hours per week in an - activity, but they have a much larger scope from which to choose. The interest in this department starts shortly after the college itself opens for studv in the fall. The hrst sport in which the classes engage is Newcomb basketball. In November, just as the weather is begin- ning to turn cold, hockev is begun. The sport i Pagt 159 Newcom b • Athletics (CONTINUED) is real exercise for anybody, but the sheer love of the game draws the students from their desks to put on their shin-guards and grab their sticks ail ready to play. This activity is followed, until at the begin- ning of the second semester, Spaulding basket- ball becomes the rage. An event much looked forward to is the varsity-alumnae basketball game, which is held on Gym Night, in March. The night affords interest not only for the col- lege, but for the interested world around us. The side-lines are thronged with people, and gymnastics of every sort are displayed. Tennis is fostered throughout the school year except during the very cold months. It is brought to an end by a match between the varsity and the alumnae. This match is always followed by a tea, which serves as a grand so- cial climax to the " tennis year. " Baseball is the major sport which occupies most of the spring. In this sport, the varsity challenges the Faculty to what proves to be a most exciting game. Swimming and diving classes are held throughout the college year, and this activity culminates in May with a swimming meet. On Field Day, in the latter part of May, the Track Meet, the last scheduled event of the year, brings about culmination of all athletic events. Winners are chosen from such fields as high jump, broad jump, the dash, shot-put, and discus throwing, and the minor sports of bowl- ing, horse-shoe, archery, and the like. On Trophy Night, the prizes and awards are presented to the winners for the year, and the Department of Physical Education is for- mally closed until the next fall. -flbove--fll-umnAe BeLouj Vfl-Rsi-TY Tennis " " K+iYT+imic Desien i Page liO Page 161 o o o u To the Lac [les cy iiss LOise KOoicock I ' r v cyy iss Jjlellle QyLir IL LS IW " aw - " ' ■• " ' ' ' " W ' ? ' ? " ? ' cy iiss cyyloLLLe a y es 3yfm laria fillunr) czMlss :::yiiieeyL " lll ' f ciMlss cyVlurraii It y eciYce cysiiss Jjoroiku Wkile Stuc .ent Life dt Tulane Gala ' 33 May Day at Newcomb . . . Award Night in Dixon Hall . . . Ruth Dickey and Benila Carre, Queen and King of the May . . . Spring election in Commerce School . . . Men at work in Commerce workroom . . . Charley Calhoun gets his ' 33 " Jambalaya " . . . More students line up for theirs . . . The Arts and Sciences polls. J Whin- EUl ' hiiiit hiiluiliiui . . . Pep iquaili i Ttiluuc aiul I.. S. V. . . . Cafi ' ti " Prt ' ticltvr " conies home from Col}ititc . . . " Doe " Hard directs the " .■lima Mater " . . . Turk Club display — (iV.-i-ii Wave eiigulfirt} Auhurtt tnan . . . " Ted " Cox r» ' « ' fs ; iisiting coach . . . Bashelhiill referees catch a smoke nith " Monk " and ' Lcs " . . , Those hard working football managers and " Papa " Felts. Newcomb seniors and mascot . . . Just before Newcomb stu- dent body meeting . , . " Campus Nile " leaders, new and old . . . Field Day at Newcomb . . . Einstein, Albert ' s cousin, says " Prosit " . . . Verbon Gay of the " Y " in upright pose . . . Dorm gals make dogs and such . . . Just frolicking. lav K. )it«.r. .; uork . . . I „ llu- SluJcril . c■liyitics Office Aisistaul boxing couches anj Ciif ' n UccJ . . . The " Hutla- hiiloo " office caught uiLiuurcf . . . The Teiicitig Club . Leo liabiu taking tickets as usual . . . The " Hullabaloo- office caught auares . . . Ncwcoinb librarians. Abby and Vada, noise-makers . . . A bunch of cute frosh . . . " Rotund " Renegar, en route to Colgate . . . Another group Col- gate bound . . . Leon Trice, the guy who took most of these pic- tures . . . Calhoun tries to duck the camera . . . Jean Martin with that portrait of Dr. Dixon . . . Newcomb girls practice Turk club card display. L Kcgislralioii lines in (iihsitn Hull . . . Dun iiWvn Midics Jnsf for the camera . . . The jumiliar gniiip in front of the lau school . . . A purchase is made in the coffee shof — .llice l.ojian smiles . ■ . Outside the bookstore . . . Loafing helueen classes . . . Mer- cury, nlio has been here longer than you and I . . . More loafers. IT HOLMES CUP COMPETITION Defeated Soph football team . . . Vanquished Freshman wrest- ling team . . . Soph and Frosh debaters . . . On the sidelines . . . Action photo of Frosh-Soph football game . . . Winning Sopho- more wrestlers , , . George Tessier referees a match . . . Victorious Freshman gridders. Mk I Ih ' tu t ' cn 4. ' lasses . . . The .-Ifru ( ' luh fyoscs . . . M htt arc the rutfiar fistieufjers? . . . Jimmy Rohert, Pan-Helletiic activities head . . . Kaf pa Alpha touch football team . . . Misi James of the Library . . . Deke rersus K. A, . . . John Odom im- dulaes in outdoor sport , . . On the rock pile. Jk %w The circle with its many cars . . . Newcomb girls stroll to class . . . Ethlyn Lererich, Newcomb circus performer . . . A smiling bevy of big shots . . . Studying under the Newcomb willows . . . Voting in the " Jambalaya " beauty contest . . . More of the same . . . Y. M. C. A. deputation speakers. Bill Hottdiiii, . tar Louise (ircgory urnj mass . . . I ' . iij; ! j;i ujtJ ' iiici- ' il, iiiiiiidiiilatc McJs. inraJe the Newcomh cum ' its . . . Tontiny Imiti and Jennings burn the niijnisht oil . . . " Doe " Allen Jisfiluys his soles . . . C r u-t and Allen just standing around . . . " Dr. Halsey ' s sfieclal " . . . Zoology students, I ' eret. H ' right. Reuter. and Myers, gather pond scum and sueh . . . I ' ll,- .Vll Sig house . . . .Vh Sigs in dishahille. nw O O 14 1 Argus. Bartlett, Boggs, Brown. Burko. Claverie, Cleveland. Cram. Everett Fisher. Habans. Hardesty, Herold. Kuhner, Levy, Lottlnger. Many, Miazza Neville. O ' Connor, Phillips, Powell, Putzell. Shilstone, Smith, Tessier, -Torrado, Webb TULANE PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL Officers Santrv Rei!0 . ' Chiurman L. T. KuHN ' ER Secretary James M. Roberts, Jr Treasurer Grievance Commiltee Ebo Eustis, Chairman Carlos A. Fernandez Cecil M. Shii.ston ' e Committees Activity Committee James M. Robert, Jr., Clim. Murray F. Cleveland Albert P. Claverie William Neville, Jr. Rules and Rer ulations Commiltee Rushing Committee Kalkord K. Miazza, Chm. John A. O ' Con.nor, Jr., Cht, Irving Hardestv, Jr. E. Spencer Lazarus, Jr. T. Hale Boggs Simon Herold Mh ' MP.ERS ' ; Kii ' fia Sigma Albert P. Claverie Robert J. . ' iisrns, Jr. Ja.mes M. RonEK ' r, Jr. J. R. Uroun, Jr. Kappa .llp ia Ebo Eustis Edward H. Poueveni- Sigma Chi Cecil M. Siiii.smNE Mac ' . Burke .Itpha Tau Omega Irving Hardestv, Jr. John L. Many, MI Sigma Su Kalfori) K. Miazza John P. Evereit Kappa Sigma L. T. Kuhner Ben Habans Delta Tail Delia John A. O ' Connor, Jr. AsHTON Phelps • ;■ Delta T iela William Neville, Jr. George D. Tessier Sigma .llpha Epsilon Richard N. Hardy MiI.TO B. PlIILI.II ' S De ' .la Kf.hha Epsilon Murray F. Cleveland C. Julian Bartletl liela Th.la I ' i T. Hale Boggs Kendall H. Cram (• ( lieta Tau Simon Herold Sol Weiss, Jr. Delia Sigma Phi Edwin J. Puizei.l, Jr. Raveord C. Mui.lins Sigma I ' i John S. Herring lOHN C SUARES Sigma .Itpha Mu E Spencer Lazarus, Jr. Rav.mond H. Kierr Kappa Su L NUEi. L Fisher Melville L. Levy ' ' Kappa I ' hi Clifford C Webb Crawford J. Powell Phi Iota .llpha Carlos A. Fernandez Rene A. Torrado Sigma Phi Epsilon ' iLLiAM J. Curry, Jr. ROBERr n. I.OITINCER Sigma Phi Delia Jefferson L. S.mith W ' ii.rert L. Argus i Paqe 187 y Colors: Gold and Black PHI KAPPA SIGMA Founded University of Pennsylvania, iS o MU CHAPTER Establis ied at Tulane in 1858 Thirty-eight Active Chapters Floiuer: Chrysanthemum Dr. Charles L. Brown Dr. Arthur Caire, Jr. Fratres in Facultate Dr. Andrew V. Friedrichs Dr . Sam Hobson Richard R. Kirk Dr. William R. Wirth Malcolm H. Barnes Karlem Riess Fratres in Universitate Robert J. Ahsens, Jr ' 36 Thompson F. Bechtel ' 36 HOBART W. BLAKESLEE ' 36 William H. Bohne ' 37 John C. Bonds, Jr ' 35 Clarence E. Bonnett, Jr ' 36 Edwin W. Booth, Jr ' 35 Woodson A .Caine ' 34 Albert P. Claverie ' 34 Philip S. del Corral ' 35 Adair L. Co.y ' 37 Ernest H. Estes, Jr ' 35 Hanson D. Ferrell, Jr ' 37 Alton P. Frymire ' 36 Paul E. Gifford ' 35 Kenneth A. Gonzales ' 37 Jack B. Griffin Med., ' 37 Jacob D. Guice ' 36 Henrv Haller ' 34 Elliott B. Hay ' 35 Rudolph J. Holzer ' 34 Arthur J. Waechter, Jr. Marion J. Hulsey, Jr Law, ' 34 John M. Johnson, Jr. . Med., ' 36 Edward J. Jones ' 37 Henry C. Keith, Jr. . Law, ' 35 Joseph S. Kopfler, Jr ' 34 Stanley ' D. Lodrigues ... ' 36 James G. Mallory, Jr ' 36 Norman C. Melun ' 37 Joseph H. Montagnet, Jr ' 36 Clarence J. Morrow Law, ' 34 John W. Mullen • • ' 35 Clifton R. Newlin ' 36 A. Brooks Owen ' 37 David E. Pace ' 37 R. Vernon Payne ' 37 JOHN C. Roberts, Jr. . Med., ' 37 C. Clarence Savoie ' 35 Robert L. Simon ' 34 Claude Simons, Jr ' 35 Vance M. Strange Med., ' 34 Joseph G. Stulb, Jr ' 37 Law, ' 36 Ahsens, Bohne. Bonds, Bonnett, Booth, Claverie, Cox, del CorraL Estes, Ferrell Frymire, Griffin. Gonzales, Griffen. Guice. Haller- Hay. Holzer Hulsey Jones, Keith. KopUer, IMallory, Melun. Montagnet. Morrow, Mullen, Newlin Owen, Pace, Payne, Savoie, Simon. Simons. Strange, Stulb, Waechter, Wright i Page IBS y PI KAPPA ALPHA liiiiinliil L ' lii-viisily iij I iryinia, tS6S ETA CHAPTER Eslahlisliiil at I ' lilaiif in SyS Einlitv Active ( " haptirs Colon: (lariR ' i ami (Iiild Flower: I.ilv of fhc Valley Dr. Octave C. Cassi-orain Dr. John A. Lani ' ord Fratres in Facultate Dr. Stuart (5. Noblk James M. Robert Dr. Rohert a. Strovc Charles S. Willia.msox, Jr. Damel a. Allaix, Jr Wii.nuR I,. Ai.i.Aix La v, Wii.i.iAM H. Bridges Med., J. R. Browx, Jr Tho.vipson B. Burk John G. Carter Harry E. Chalstrom, Jr Samuel C. Collins . Med., Samuel H. Colvin, Jr. . Med., Edward T. Cornell Claude B. Duval Law Ralph Elizardi Charles J. Fisher Med., John A. Holmes James J. Jaubert Lawrence J. Jaubert Douglas Kelly, Jr Fratres in Universitate Stanhope H. King, Jr. Law, Joseph D. Landry Med., Joseph D. Lea Lee Hall Lorenzen J. David McNeill Fred A. McKe.nzie A. Brown Moore Law, Lee T. Nfsbitt Med., Edward B. Pms Med., Thomas B. Putnam James M. Robert, Jr Law, Dan B. Searcy Fred O. Sundbery Luther L. Terry . Clifford C. Walker James W. Welch Russell L. Welch 3+ 35 35 34 37 3+ 37 36 35 36 36 34 34 34 37 36 36 . Ied., Med., ' 36 ' 35 ' 35 •3« ' 34 ' 36 ' 34 ' 36 ' 35 •36 ' 34 ' 34 ' 36 . .Med., . Med., 36 Charles S. Williamson, III 34 AUain. D.. Allnin. W.. Bridges. Brown, Carter. Chalstrom. Collins. Duval ElizardL Fisher. Griffin. Holmes, Jaubert. J.. Jaubert. L.. Kelly. Kins Landry. Lea. Lorenzen. McNeill. Moore. Pipes. Pitts Robert. Searcy, Shelton, Sundbery. Terry. Walker, AVeU-h. Williamson i Page IS? M KAPPA ALPHA Founded IFashinytori and Lee UnwcrsUy, 1S65 PSI CHAPTER Established at Tulane in 1886 Colors: Crimson and Old Gold Sixty-six Active Chapters Flowers: Magnolia and Red Rose Fratres in Facultate Dr. Herbert E. Buchanan Dr. Henry Laurens Dr. Martin T. Van Studdiford Dr. James E. Winston Fratres in Universitate John D. Andrews Charles C. Bass, Jr Green A. Bowling, Jr. . Med., John A. Buchanan P. Clifton Butler, Jr. . . . .■ Ernest A. Carrere, Jr Edward A. Crowell, Jr., Med., William A. Culpepper Helion Dickson, Jr William A. Dorsey Edward Eustis Laurance Eustis, Jr Philip R. Farnsworth J. Brown Farrior Med., Albert J. Flettrich R. Clement French . Med., Charles F. Gay Humphrey H. Hardy ' , Jr Med., John A. Hendrick, Jr Med., R. Gordon Holcombe, Jr Med., Billy W. Holmes C. Manly Horton, Jr Robert C. Kemp, Jr • ■ • Med., Robert P. Lockett, Jr W. Waller Young, ' 37 Edward de S. Matthews . ■ Med., ' 36 ' 35 Gustaf W. McIlhenny ' 37 ' 37 Paul W. McIlhenny ' 35 ' 34 Allison T. Miller Law, ' 34 ' 34 Frederick W. Miller ' 37 ' 37 Robert M. Monsted ' 37 ' 35 John S. Odom ' 36 ' 36 Hugh E. Parsons Med., ' 36 ' 36 Edward B. Poitevent ' 35 ' 35 Herman C. Quantz . . . Med., ' 37 ' 34 Justin R. Querbes, Jr ' 35 ' 35 E. Earl Richards, Jr ' 37 ' 36 Raymond F. Salmen ' 37 ' 36 M. Harry L. Sanders, Jr ' 37 ' 37 Harley C. Shands ' 35 ' 37 Edward F. Stauss, Jr. . . . . . . . . . . . ' 35 ' 35 J. H. DoLAN Tipping ' 35 ' 35 Thomas B. Tooke, Jr. . . Med., ' 36 ' 35 Harry S. Tschopik, Jr ' 36 ' 37 James A. Van Hook Law, ' 35 ' 35 Robert P. Vincent, Jr ■ . . . . Med., ' 36 ' 36 John A. Walls ' 36 ' 35 George Westfeldt, Jr ' 34 ' 35 Joseph B. Wharton, Jr. . Med., ' 36 jR ' 37 Bass. Buchanan, Butler. Carrere, Culpepper. Dent. Dickson, Dorsey, Eustis, E., Eustis, L., Farnsworth Farrior, Flettrich. French. Gay, Holcombe. Holmes, Horton. Landers, Levy, Lockett Matthews, Mason, McIlhenny, G.. McIlhenny, P., Miller. A., Miller. F., Odom. Parsons, Poitevant, Richards Sanders, Shands, Stauss, Tipping. Tschopik, Van Hook, Vaughan, Walls. Westfeldt, White. Y ' ou ig 4 Page 190 i SIGMA CHI I ' liuiulid Miami Uiiii ' irsily, 1855 ALPHA OMICRON CHAPTER I- ' .sliihlishrd ill Tuiinr in 1S86 Nincty- ix Active Cli:i|jtcrs Colors: HIiH- niul Old Gold Floiuer: White Rose Fratres in Facultate S. Wood Brown, Jr. Dk. Erasmus D. Kenner, Emeritus Dr. Paul A. McIlhenny Fratres in Universitate Mac W. Burke ' 36 Sterling M. Clark ' 36 Thomas J. Conrov, Jk ' 37 William J. Craig, Jr Law, ' 36 James N. Eustis ' 37 William R. Higcinbotham ' 35 J. Weldon Lamb ' 35 WooDROw McD. Lamb ' 35 Joseph E. Loi-tin ' 35 W. Noel Loftin Robert L. Manard, Jr E. G. Baker Marsh J. Tii.oEN Oren ' dork Law, Donald R. Porter S. Gordon Reese Law, Stephen M. Ross Cecil M. Shilstone Edward T. Weeks, Jr. . i Law, ' 37 ' 37 ' 35 ' 34 ' 34 ' 35 ' 35 ' 35 •36 Allon, Branch Burke, Desporte, Felts. Higginbotham. Lol ' tin Manard, Marsh. Orendorf. Porter. Rneso, Shilstone i Page 191 ALPHA TAU OMEGA Founded J ' irginia Military Institute, iS6s BETA EPSILON CHAPTER Colors: Old Gold and Skv Blue Established at Tulane in 1887 Ninety-six Active Chapters Flower: ' hite Tea Rose Calvert G. de Coligny Nathaniel C. Curtis Fratres in Facultate Dr. Charles L. Eshleman Dr. Allen C. Eustis Dr. Frederick Hard Dr. Randolph Lyons BuFORD M. Myers, Jr. Fratres in Universitate James T. Bayles ' 37 Joseph E. Beasley Med., ' 35 Joseph A. Blythe, Jr ' 36 J3ARREM0RE B. BrOWN ' 37 Kenneth H. Brown ' 37 Menard Doswell ' 37 Thomas C. Earl ' 37 Henry C. Eustis ' 37 J. Bres Eustis ' 34 Irving Hardesty, Jr ' 35 William S. Huey ' 37 George Janvier, Jr ' 35 Nolan Kammer Law, ' 35 J. Gustave Lallande, Jr ' 36 Ferdinand L. Larue, Jr ' 37 Pembroke O. Leach ' 37 Werner Lentjes ' 36 W. Priestley Leverich ' 3+ Francis C. Lillich ' 36 John L. Many, III ' 36 John W. Woolfolk, Jr. Charles D. Marshall ' 35 Fontaine Martin Jr Law, ' 36 W. Hammond New.man ' 37 Frank B. Ogdex Med., ' 34 Richard M. Page ' 35 David B. Penn, Jr ' 36 J. Chalaron Penn ' 37 Richard F. Price ' 36 Edgar M. Rea, Jr ' 34 Frank Riess ' 36 Joseph F. Roth, Jr ' 36 Hermann J. Schulze ' 36 Rudolph J. Schulze, Jr. . . ■ • Law, ' 36 John A. Schupp ' 37 Howard K. Smith, Jr ' 36 Joseph L. Swanson, Jr ' 34 Page H. Tharp ' 33 Henry L. Trepagnier, Jr ' 37 J. Hardoncourt Trepagnier ' 35 John C. Weed Med., ' 36 ' 36 Bayles, Blythe, Brown, B., Brown, K., Doswell. Earl. Ellis, Eustis. H.. Eustis, J. Hardesty. Huey, Janvier, Kammer, Lallande. Larue, Leach, Leverich, Lillich. Many Marshall, Martin. Newman, Page. Penn, C., Penn, D., Price. Rea. Biess, Roth Schulze. H., Schulze, R., Schupp, Smith, Swanson. Trepagnier, Woolfolk i Page 192 ti S_ SIGMA NU h ' liunJiJ I iiiiiiiid Mililiiiy lii liliili, iS xj BETA PHI CHAPTER lislahlislitd in iSSS Niiitty-ciglu Active Chapters Cohrs: Old Gold, Black and W ' liite Flower: White Rose Fratres in Facultate CiiAKi.iis E. Dunbar, |r. Dr. Georck L. Hardin Dr. JoiiN M. McHrvde Fratres ix Uxiver.sitate IIuNTKR M, Brown Med, ' 34 Howard L. Bryan ' 36 Paul S. Causi;v Med, ' 36 JAMF.S O. COLLEV, Jr Med, ' 3+ Irwin T. Craig Med, ' 37 Jack A. Crittenden Med, ' 36 Robert C. Day Med, ' 37 Wii.i.iAM R. Davis Med, ' 3+ James H. Drury Law, ' 36 John P. Evereji Law, ' 35 Eric E. Gun. beau, Jr Med, ' 36 Bruce S. Hopkins ' 34 Arthur F. Landrv Sim B. Lovelady Med, J. Lloyd Massey Med, Eugene F. McCai l Med, Kalford K. Miazza Law, Edwin R. Nelson Keith M. Pyburn Law, Charles B. Stroble John K. Turbeville Med, Charles R. Williams Med, Jack F. Wilson John S. Witch er Brown, Causey. Colley. Crittenden, Davis. Everett, Landry Lovelady, Massey, Miazra, Nelson. Wilson. " Witcher 4 Paqe l?3 iMi KAPPA SIGMA Founded Vniviisity of lirginia, iS6q SIGMA CHAPTER Establ ' ulud at Tulaiu- in iSSg One Hundred and Six Active Chapters Colors: Scarlet, White and Green Flo ' iL-er: Lilv of the Valley Fratres in Facultate Theodore J. Cox Dr. Frederick L. Fexxo Dr. Edmoxd L. Faust Frederick H. Fox Dr. Edward L. Kixg Fratres in Universitate Alfred G. Ball, Jr Edward W. Blossmax George R. Blue Howard S. Cox, Jr Thomas C. Fischer Tom a. Glass, Jr Med., Ben Habaxs Law, Robert N. Habaxs . . Charles B. Hamlet, III Ja.mes L. Hyde, Jr. . . E. Douglas Johxson . . Harry P. Jordax, Jr. . 37 36 37 37 35 37 36 37 35 34 37 35 -Arthur L. Juxg, Jr ' 36 L. T. Kuhxer Law, ' 36 Spexcer J. Lallaxde ' 35 Charles G. Lee . . . . ' Law, ' 36 Emile Maltrv, Jr Med., ' 37 Orax V. Prejeax ' Med., ' 37 Fraxk M. Repass, Jr ' 36 J. William Salisbury- ' 34 Allex ' T. Turpin " , Jr ' 36 corbix j. turpix ' 36 Richard W. Vixcext Med., ' 36 Charles H. Webb ' 37 Ball, Bauei ' , Blossman, Blue, Doss, Fi.sclier, Glass, Habans, J.. Habans, R. Hamlet. Hvde. Jennings. Jordan. Jung. Kuliner, Lallande. Lambert. Lee Maltrv, JIavflekl. Pickens. Prejean, EePass. Sali-sbury, Thigpcn, Turpin, A., Turpin, C. i Page 194 DELTA TAU DELTA J ' oiiiiiliJ Itilluiny CiiUiiji-, iSsQ 1 BETA XI CHAPTER Eslablishrd ul Tultiiir in SSii ScvcMity-jix Active C ' liaptirs Colors: Ptirpli ' , Wliltc, niul (Icilil Flower: Pansy Fratres in Facultate 1)k. Pikrcic Huti.kk Dr. Stanford C. Jamison Dk. Kmh.k F. Nai-f Dr. Tiin.MAS U. Olipiiant Fratres in Universitate Erle McK. Barha.m ' 37 Jon M. Blair ' 36 Carver W. Blaxchard ' 3+ Lawren ' Ce W. Burt . Med., ' 36 Edward I. Carnes ' 37 Walter S. Collins ' 36 R. JOVCELYN CRAVVLEV, Jr ' 37 BvARD Edwards Law, ' 36 Caswell P. Ellis, III ' 37 Brent Fox ' 35 Jack C. Harding ' 34 B. Marvin Harvard, Jr ' 35 George LeGardeur ' 37 Hewitt W. Wallace . Otiio S. Li.mbalch Donald W. McKav Charles H. Moore John A. O ' Connor, Jr Law, George C. Perry AsHTON Phelps Stanley W. Ray, Jr Thomas G. Sancton Herman H. Schroeder Alfred W. Spiller, Jr Charles B. Thorn, Jr John C. Thorn Otis B. Trepagnier ' 36 37 ' 36 ' 36 ■36 ' 36 ' 35 ' 37 ' 35 ' 37 ' 37 ' 3-t Barham. Bui-t, Blair. Blanchard. Games. Collins. Crawley. Edwards. Ellis. Fox Ilardinj;. Frar ' arrt. LeGardeur. Limbaugh, McKay. Moore. O ' Connor. Perry, Phelps Ray. Sancton. Schroeder. Spiller, Thorn. C Thorn. J.. Trepagnier, Wallace. Whitten i Page 195 y PHI DELTA THETA Founded Miami Vniversity, 1848 LOUISIANA ALPHA CHAPTER Establislied at Tulane in jSSq One Hundred and Three Active Chapters Colors: Argent and Azure Flower: White Carnation Fratres in Facultate Dr. Charles W. Duval Dr. Hermaxx B. Gessn ' er Dr. Rufus C. Harris Dr. Hilllard E. Miller Dr. Edward W. A. Ochsner Fratres in Universitate Robert N. Aylin Chester D. Burns Arthur J. Butt, Jr EvvHLL E. Collins Robert W. Daray Bruton " T. Dawkin.s Joseph W. Douglas Joseph H. Duval Law, Charles Eddy J. H. Randolph Feltus Law, T. Vernon Finch Alcee J. Fortier Richard W. Frfemak C. Dale Gates TORREY GOMILA Law, E. Perrin Harris Med., Joseph V. Hopkins, Jr Julian P. Howell Med., Francis J. Inge Charles M. Ives 35 37 36 37 35 35 36 36 37 35 37 3C 34 37 35 37 37 35 36 35 William H. Williams, Jr. V. Beauford Jones, Jr Wesley A. Lewis Allan Little, Jr Edward S. Livaudais Robert C. Long Joseph D. Martin, Jr George H. Menefee Alfred J. Moran William J. Moss, Jr William Neville, Jr Ransom A. Nockton Albert B. Paterson, Jr C. Espy Reed John C. Russell, Jr Med., John W. Sims Charles J. Sinnott George D. Tessier Robert A. Tessier Farrel B. Thomas . . . . ' Casper A. Tooke, Jr ' 37 ' 35 ' 37 ' 35 ' 36 ' 37 ■36 ' 37 ' 35 ' 37 ' 34 ' 35 ' 37 ' 37 ' 36 ' 37 ' 37 ' 35 ' 35 ' 35 ' 36 Aylin, Butt, Burns, Collins. Dawl ins. Daray, Douglas, Feltus, Finch, Fortier Freeman, Gates, Goniila. Hp.rris, Hopkins, Howell. Tnge, Ives, .Tones. Kelleher Lewis. Livaudais, Little. Long-, N.. Long, R., Martin, Menefee. Moran, M ss NevilU Nocton, O ' Connor. Patterson. Reed, Rnssel. Sims, Sinnott, Tessier, Thomas, Toolve, Williams i Page 196 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Fiiuiiiiid I ' liivrrsily iij .1 liihiiiiui. lS 6 LOUISIANA TAU UPSILON CHAPTER sliilili ii ,1 III I ' liliinr in iSi y One IIiiiulit l :iiul Six Arlive ( ' li:iptc-r Colors: UKl CJnUl ;iiul Royal Purple Flonvcr: N ' iolct Donald Dkkickson CuARi.Ks U. Dicks, Jr. Fratres in Facultate Dk. j. Adaik I.vo Dk. Ioms (!. Prait Dk. I. Ci.av Walker Dk. Dlkuood (). Wrioht Fratres in Universitate RonKKi M. . ii . is . . . L. James Ar.sold, Jr. . . John S. Arthur . . . . I.i.vpEN- H. Artiilr . . . jA.MEs D. Atkinson ' , Jr. . Archie J. Haker . . . William K. Hecnel . . . Tho.mas R. Brown . . . Jack D. Hrownitelu . . James W. Burnett, Jr. . F. )H;ai,e Chambers . . . C. Brigman Crafl . . . Albert L. Dart . . . . Joseph V. Ferguson . . . Chester A. Fort, Jr. . . John D. CJordinier . . . L. Jack Gottsciialk, Jr. . Clarence P. Green, Jr. . Richarr N. Hardy . . William J. IIartson . SuMPTER W. Hawkins . Lang F. Holland . . . S. Price Holland . . . Med., Med., Med., Med , Med., . Law, Med., Med., Med., Med., Med., H. Dudley Wysong 35 37 37 34 33 35 34 34 37 35 34 35 37 34 36 35 32 36 35 36 37 34 34 R. LoREN Hubbard . . John D. Jeraiieck . L. Haden Kirkpairick . William C. Littei.l . . Frank R. Lock . . . . Alexander M. Manson . Addison F. McGiiee, Jr. John H. Neill, Jr. . . MiLTo B. Phillips . . Joe p. Riley, Jr. . . . Roy J. St. Maritn . . . William A. Sample . . R. C. Pope Schoenberger Charles S. Segrest . . Walter II. Simmons, Jr. Claude R. Smith, Jr. . Theodore L. Tannehill . William N. Tuller . . Albert L. Ward . • . Bernard A. Webb, Jr. . Joseph B. Wharton, Jr. . Ralph M. Willia.ms . T. ClERALD WriT . . . Med., ' 37 Med., Med., Med., Med., Med., Med., Med., Med. ' 3« ' 35 ' 3 ' 35 ' 35 37 ■35 ' 35 ' 36 •36 ' 35 ' 37 ' 37 •36 ' 37 ' 32 ' 56 ■37 •36 ' 35 ' 37 Ailams, .VnioUI. . ltluir. Bccncl. Brown, BrownH ' .Ul, Burnett. Chamber. " . Caft L»art, Ferguson, Fort. Green, Hartson. Hawkins Holland. L,., Holland. S. Hubbard. Jerabeck, Littell, Lock. MeGhee, Neill. Phillips, Riley. Schoenberger Segrest, Simmons. Smith, Ward, " Wharton. Williams. Witt i Paqo 197 DELTA KAPPA EPSILON Founded Yale College, lSf4 TAU LAMBDA CHAPTER Eslahlislicd at Tulane in iSqq Forty-eight Active Chapters Colors: Crimson, Azure and Old Gold Floiver: Pansv Fratres in Universitate GusTAVE B. Baldwin-, Jr. C. Julian- Bartlett . . J. Hardee Bethea . . Adolphe C. Billet, Jr. . Thomas W. Borx . . . J. LlNDLY BUDREAU, Jr. J. Taylor Caffery . . Charles L. Chavigny . S. BUCKNER ChIPLEY, Jr. Murray F. Cleveland . Gayden- Uerickson . . John " S. Devlin . . . Ernest E. Edmundson, Jr. Bernard P. Evans . . Allaix deC. Favrot . . Harley B. Ferguson, Jr. B. Murray Frost . . . Harris Harragin, HI . William H. Harris, Jr. J. William Henderson . Edouard F. Henriques, Jr. Haywood H. Hillyer . . ' 37 Pierre A. Hughes . ' 35 Jack E. Hurley . . . ' 35 Davis Lee Jahncke . ' 35 . lphe G. Jarreau . ' 35 Benjamlv C. King . ' 36 Charles A. Ky ' le . . ' 36 Raoul Livaudais . . ' 34 Henry S. Marchal . ' 37 E. Patrick McCloskey ' 34 Joseph McCloskey, Jr. ' 34 Francis E. Menge . ' 36 William G. Nichols, J ' 35 James B. Norris . . ' 37 . " Albert M. Norwood . ' 37 Maurice E. St. Martin ' 36 William F. Schroeder ' 37 Breard Snellings . . ' 37 Allen M. Steiner . ' 36 John R. Stewart . . ' 36 J. T. DeLoach Thames ' 35 Louis 0. Thames . . ' 36 John W. Williams . Law 35 ' 36 ' 36 ' 3+ ' 36 . Law ' 36 ' 35 ' 36 ' 34 Law ' 34 ' 35 ' 36 ■36 ' 36 ' 34 ' 35 ' 37 ' 35 ■37 Med. ' 35 ' 36 ' 37 Bartlett. Baldwin, Betliei. Billet, Born, Cafl. ' ery. Chavigny, Cliipley, Cleveland, Devlin. Derickson Edmundson, Evans, Favrot, Ferguson, Grantham, Harragin, Harris, Henderson, Henriques. Hughes. Hurley Jahncke, Jarreau. King. Kvle, Livaudais. Marchal. Meek, Menge, McCloskey, E.. McCloskey, H., McCloskey, J. Xichols, Norwood, Schrooder, Snellings, Steiner. Stewart, Thames, L., " ' erlein, T ' illianis i Page 198 BETA THETA PI JiiiiiiJ,,! Miiuiii I ' nivrrsily, Sjij BETA XI CHAPTER Ciitiirs: l.inl " ' ' iiil :i " il ISIijc I)K. ClIAKI.KS J. Bl.OOM IIk. Ml IK Ukadhi ' rn lislahlisliid al Tulain- in jqoS l-.inl ' l - ivtii Aclivi Cliaptirs Fratres in Facultate Dr. William P. UKAunLRN, Jr. Dk. Rov E. i)e la Houssave Or. Francis E. LeJeune Flower: Rose Sumter D. Marks, Jr. Delvam.lk H. Tiikard Fratres in Universitate JAMIS 1 ' . . m)HRSON . . . li. Tari 1 Hell T. Hale Hocns ' ILLL M p. BrADBI ' RX, III Charles H. Calhoun . . Wii.iiAM E. Clack . . . Walter H. Claiborne . . . uGusrus H. Clark, Jr . Elwood R. Clav .... Kendall II. Cra.vi . . . Hamlet I. OaviSj Jr. . . . John F. OeBlvs .... Harrv D. de Buys . . . LOLTS O. CJlLI M[LioN A. Giovanni . . J. Re.x Godwin RoiiERi M. Havnie . . . ROHERT S. HiCDON . . . . Maki.in B. Hoce .... Charles R. Hume . . . . R. Brewster James . . . RiciLXKU C. Keenan . . . lOHN H. KnSTMAVER . . . Med., Med., Med., Law, Med., Law, Med., Med., Med.i Richard B. Wood, Jr. ' 34 . Iarkham I). Kosi.viA- EK, Jk ' 37 Arihur N. Lewis, Jr ' 35 Edward L. Levert ........ ' 37 Robert C. Lynch ' 34 Martin A. Macdiar.viid ' 37 (iHORGE J. Ma ER ' 36 John B. McHaniel, Jr ' 35 Bo d R. McKikahan ' 36 Edward A. McLellan ' 35 Marshall L. Michel, Jr ' 34 Henry H. W. Miles ' 34 Marion S. Monk, Jr ' 34 Robert L. .VIorris, III . . . . ' 37 Charles O. Noble, Jr ' 37 C. McV ' ea Oliver ' 37 A. Balfour Patierson, Jr ' 37 John R. Riley, Jr ' 37 WiLLiAN D. Robert ' 35 Hughes Schneidau ' 36 Charles G. Smither ' 36 Edward H. Suiter La ' 37 Ernest M. Sutter ' 36 Richard E. Watson ' 36 ' 36 •36 ' 37 ■35 ' 34 ' 36 ' 35 ' 37 ' 3+ ' 37 ' 36 ' 37 ' 37 ' 35 ' 35 ' 35 ' 36 ' 36 ' 37 ' 36 ' 35 ' 37 ' 37 ae Kn.stiiiayer Bell, Boggs, Calhoun. Clack. Claiborne, Clark. Clay. Cram. Davi; Buys, H.. DeBuys. J.. Gill. Godwin. Haynie. liifidon. Hog,-. Hume. Jan r, D., Kostniayer, J.. Lewis. I.yneh, Mayer. McL aniel. MaeDiarmid. McL Oliver. Patterson. Riley. Robert. Smither. Sutter. E.. A ' ood James. Keenan Lellan. Miles. Monk i Page 19V » • siEHBae ZETA BETA TAU Founded Jeii-isJi Tlieological Seminary, iSgS SIGMA CHAPTER Established at Tulane in IQog Thirty-five Active Chapters Colors: Blue and White Flower: White Rose Fratres in Universitate ' 37 ' 37 37 ' 36 ' 35 Henry Barxett Carroll L. Bodexheimer Jules Block, Jr Maurice H. Borx Walter Davis, Jr MoisE W. Dexnery Theodore Dexxery Graduate Samuel Eichold ' 37 Alvix E. Fixk ' 37 Hermax F. Flowers ' 37 Ralph Friedmax . ■. Med., ' 36 Robert E. Friedmax . . . . ■ Lavr, ' 35 Hexry Haas, Jr ' 35 Robert B. Haspel ' 36 SiMOX Herold Law, ' 35 Joxas Hiller ' 37 Clifford H. Kerx, Jr ' 36 Med., Law, Joseph Levy, Jr Ferdixaxd M. Lob H. p. Marks, Jr Jack S. Marx . . . ' Hartvvig Moss Leslie KL Muxdt . Med., Arthur G. Newmyer, Jr Louis OcHS, Jr Med., Morris Pasterxack Mervix H. Risemax . ' rmaxd W. Roos, Jr. . ' Law, Jesse S. Rosexfeld, Jr Jac. Hexry Samuel Melvix D. Steixer Med., Charles Titche Law, Sol Weiss, Jr. . . ■ Law, Willum B. Wiexer, Jr ' 34 ' 34 ' 36 ' 35 ' 34 ' 37 ' 37 ' 34 ' 36 ' 37 ' 35 ' 35 ' 37 •36 ' 34 ' 34 ' 37 Earnett, Bloch, Born. Bodenheimer. Davis. Dennery. Eichold, Flowers Friedman, :M.. Friedman, R. Haas. Haspel, Herold. Hiller, Kern, Levy. Lob, Marx, ilundt Xewmyer, Ochs, Pasternack, Riseman, Roos, Rosenfeld. Titche. Weiss. Wiener i Page 200 y DELTA SIGMA PHI I- nun Jill Colliiji ' of llie C ' tly of A ' Oi ' York, iSw CHI CHAPTER Esltiblislud at Tiilarn- in Q 6 Kllly Active Chapters Colors: Nile Green :in(i W ' liite flower: White Carnation Fratres in Facultate Pktf. Maiiilhs Forrest E. Oakes (Ikorck S. Thomas Or. K. CJari.am) Walls Fratres in Universitate Rov D. Arv John ' T. Barrow George S. Bisso LoLis C. Bisso Frederic W. Brewer Med., julious r. burcovne Benjamin D. Colclouch Leslie L. Daviet . . . . ■ Med., Ernest H. Doerries, Jr Ben p. Fleming Med., Herbert A. CJraf M. Racan Green Med., Charles F. Gund tiEORGE M. Haik Med., ' 3« Bernhardt C. Heebe . ' 35 Horace E. Hodge. Jr. . ' 34 Curtis R. House . . . ' 36 Lewis A. Lachin . . . ' 34 Hek.viann C. Miciiaelis ' 37 Ravford C. Mullins . ' 36 Alfred H. Paddock . . ' 34 EnwiN J. Putzell, Jr. . •36 Floyd B. Roberts . . . ' 34 Cammie D. Smith, Jr. . ' 37 Ma. Suter ' 34 Orville C. Thomas . . ' 34 Vernon J. Cmbach . . ' 34 Joseph L. Wvmer . . . 35 ' 37 ' 3« ' 35 •36 ■35 ' 34 35 ' 34 ' 37 •36 ' 36 ' 36 ' 37 Ary, Barrow. Bisso. G.. Bisso. L... Burgoyne, Brewer, Colclough, Daviet. Doerries. Graf, Green, Gund. Haik, Heebe, Herpioh, House. Laellin. Michaelis. Paddock. Putzell, Roberts. .Smith. Sutor. Thomas. L ' mbaeh. Wymer. i Page 201 5 ir SIGMA PI Founded I ' incennes Uniitcrsity, iSq7 OMICRON CHAPTER Establislicd at Tidane in ig20 Thirty-three Active Chapters Colors: Lavender and White Floivers: Lavender Orchid, Lilac and White Rose Frater in Facultate Dr. Edward A. Bechtel Fratres in Universitate Dean H. Allen Med., ' 35 Frederick W. Bierhorst ' 36 William G. Blackwell ' 33 John Bruno, Jr ' 34 Ralph F. Cairns ' 34 Esmond A. Fatter ' 35 Mervin E. Fatter ' 35 Stanley C. Fitzpatrick ' 35 Eugene A. Grimaldi ' 37 John S. Herring Med., ' 35 Lionel A. Landry ' 37 J. Henry Larose, Jr Med., ' 34 Frederick L. Reuter ' 35 Richard Reuter ' 36 John C. Suares Med., ' 37 Philip D. Sunseri Med., ' 37 Edwin W. Tucker . ' Med., ' 36 Oswald W. Viosca Law, ' 36 Henry L. Waszkowski ' 37 Elm D. Wood ' 37 Anders, Bierhorst, Bruno. Cairns. Fatter. E. Fatter, M., Fitzpatrick, Grimaldi. Herring:, Landry. Larose. Reuter, F., Reuter, R., Suares. Sunseri, Viosca. i Page 202 SIGMA ALPHA MU IouiIlIi.I (inlliiji- oj III,- City of A ' coi ' York, l(jD(j SIGMA GAMMA CHAPTER I ' .ilnliltihid lit Tuliuir in I()20 Forty Active Chapters Colors: Purple atul W ' liite Flower: Lily Frater in Facultate Dr. Herbert L. Weinberger Fratres in Universitate Julius Bowsky .... Irvin C.mie.v Ai-viN S. Caplan . . . Louis E. Cohen . . . Seymour A. Cohen . . Gus P. Covert .... Marion H. Dover . . Louis R. Frumer . . . San ' ders . Goodman . Lester H. Karotkin . . Raymond II. KitRR . ' . E. Spencer Lazarus, Jr. Paul L. Marks . . . . Med., Law, Med., Ai.viN N. Zander . ' 36 Bernard D. Mintz ' 37 Joseph H. Murnick ' 36 Leonard H. Oppenhf.i.vi ' 35 Harry L. Orlov Med., ' 37 Zachary J. Romeo . ' Med., ' 36 Samuel I. Rosenberg ' 37 Albert Rubenstein ' 37 Marcus Rubenstein ' 36 Herbert G. Solomon ' 37 MoisE S. Steeg, Jr ' 36 Lewis E. Weil ' 35 Roswell J. Weil ' 36 Harold J. Wormser Law, ' 36 35 ■37 ' 36 ' 34 ' 35 ' 35 ' 36 ' 3« ' 34 ■36 ' 37 ' 37 ' 35 Bowsky, Cohen, L., Cohen, S., Covert. Dover, Frumer. Goodman, Kaplan Karotkin. Kiorr. Lazarus, Mintz, Murnick. Opponheim. Orlov. Pincus Rubenstein. A.. RulJenstuin, M.. Solomon, Steeg, Weil. L., Weil, R., Wormser, Zander. i Page 203 i- " " - KAPPA NU Foundid Rochester University, igil Colors: Purple and White SIGMA CHAPTER Estahlislied at Tulaiie in i )22 Nineteen Active Chapters Floii.-er: Lily Fratres in Universitate Harold J. Aronson Law, ' 36 Samuel Barkoff Med., ' 34 Barnett Blitz ' 35 Oscar Blitz Med., ' 34 Aarox Epstei.v ' 37 Jacob L. Fischman ' 37 Manuel L Fisher Law, ' 34 Morris Gerber ' 36 Wolfe Gerber ' 36 Irvin ' g L Gerso ' ' 34 Gerso.v Tolmas . . Bernard A. Goldman ' 36 Daniel W. Goldman ' 36 Harry Gurievsky ' 37 Albert A. Levin ' 35 Melville L. Levy ' 35 Isadore a. Marchiz ' 34 Milton Offner ' 37 George A. Plotkin ' 37 Saul Singer ' 35 Sidney S. Singer Law, ' 34 ' 37 Aronson, Barkoft, Blitz. B.. Blitz, O.. Fisher Gerber, M., Gerber, W,, Gerfeon, Goldman, B., Goldman, F ., Levin Levy, Marchiz, Singer, S.. Singer, S. S. , Page 204 i PI KAPPA PHI Colors: CIdIcI ;uu1 W ' liitc ALPHA BETA CHAPTER Establislird ill Tiilanr in p_ ' j Forty-two Active Chapters Flower: Red Rose Frathr IX Facultate Gi.F.w H. IlASr ' FrATRKS IX UXIVERSITATE LiisTtR I. Boone ' 37 Lambert T. Bovn, Jr ' 35 L. MtRCER Dawson Med., ' 36 Alvin J. Epplinc ' 37 Harold G. Faust, Jr ' 37 Shelley R. Gaines Med., ' 36 S. G. Frank Haas, Jr ' 34 William A. Howard Med., ' 3+ Herman G. Janssen ' 36 L. ' iLi.L M O. Janssen, Jk ' 36 ToaM F. LmxE Med., ' 34 Crawford J. Powell ' 35 Roland R. Seward, Jr ' 36 Theodore L. L. Soniat Med., ' 35 Robert J. Starkev ' 36 Denzil W. Waits Med., ' 36 Clifford G. Webb ' 36 Gustave F. Weber Med., ' 36 Armistead. Boyd. Dawson, Faust, Gaines. Haas, Howard Janssen. H., Janssen, W.. Little. Powell. .Seward. Webb, Weber 4 Pa« 205 » fr PHI IOTA ALPHA Sigma Iota (Established at Louisiana State University in 1904) consolidated «ith Phi Lambda Alpha in 1931 to form the national Phi Iota Alpha. Colors: Blue and Brown DELTA CHAPTER EstahlisJied at Tulane in 1932 Sixteen Active Chapters Flower: Red Carnation Prater in Facultate Dr. Rudolph Matas, Emeritus Fratres in Universitate Arturo N. Alvarauo Med., ' 35 Rafael T. Armstrong Med., ' 37 Maxlmo Carrizo Med., ' 34 Juan A. Cobo, Jr ' 37 Carlos A. Fernandez ' 37 Roberto S. Fernandez ' 37 Juan C. Gonzalez ' 36 Saturnino M. Gonzalez Med., ' 36 Mariano W. Guas ' 35 Albert F. Inclan ' 37 Jose M. Maldonado Med., ' 37 Rene A. Martinez Law, ' 34 C. Anastasio Mendez Ruben O. Miro Law, Rall M. Montemayor . Med., Luis F. 0ms Med., A. Augusto Perea . . . ' Med., Alejandro Perez, Jr Med., Adrian M. Rodriguez Med., Rene A. Torrado Adolfo Urrutia Med., Antonio M. Valdes-Dapena Guillermo Vasquez Med., Leopoldo Villareal Med., ' 36 ' 35 ' 37 ' 37 ' 37 ' 36 ' 37 ' 35 ' 34 ' 36 ' 35 ' 34 Alvarado. Armstrong:, Carrizo, Dapena, Fernandez. Gonzalez, Maldonado Martinez, Orns, Perea, Rodriguez, Torrado, Urrutia, Villareal 4 Page 206 SIGMA PHI EPSILON iiiuihliit Hiihinond Collr jc, It oi LOUISIANA ALPHA CHAPTER Eslalilhhfil III Tiiliiitr in (jjQ Si ' veiitv Ai ' livf ( ' luipH ' is Coliiis: Rny:il I ' liipk- ;ituI Kiel Floiuns: Aiiuiiiar) Beauty Roses and Violets Fratres in Facultate Kai (,. nALDKR l)l(. I ' AUl, C. FOSTF.R JosKi ' H O. Carson, Jr. Avkrv Patio.v, Jr. J. Ar.FRrn Sn ' Vdfr, Jr. John J. Harcklo, Jr ' 34 Li;0 W. Benson ...... Med. ' 36 Harold C. Boehm ' 3(1 Lemann H. Bounds . . . Med., ' 37 W. Marschall Brewer . . . . ' 36 William E. Butler, Jr ' 37 Gustavo N. Click .... Med., ' 34 Hazen W. Cole ' 37 James D. Collins ' 34 William J. Condon . .■ . Law, ' 34 David E. Coolk ' 37 LeVere Cooley, III ' 37 Alfred J. Cooper, Jr ' 34 Robert F. Cugle ' 34 William J. Curry, Jr. .. . Law, ' 36 Fratres in Universitate Joseph J. Davies, Jr ' 34 Charles J. Donald, Jr. . . Med., ' 36 Joseph C. Evans ' 35 GiRARD J. Fernandez . .. . Law, ' 35 Fred F. Hebert ' 36 Leslie R. Hebert ' 35 J. Chalmers Herman ' 35 Alvvyn J. JusTRABQ Law, ' 35 James J. LaNasa .... Med., ' 37 William L. LeBoeuf ' 35 Robert D. Lottinger . .. . Law, ' 36 Rudolph M. McBride . .. . Law, ' 34 Lionel H. McDonald ' 35 Joseph N. Mitchell . . . Med., ' 35 Louis R. Otto, Jr ' 37 T. C ' ro.viwell P. ce . . ' ? jA.viES H. RicAu, Jr. . . ' •?7 IIo.MER R. Robinson . . ' ■? ' Walter S. Rodriguez . .. . Law ' 35 Jackson T. Scull . . . . Med. ' 17 Earl S. Seale .... . Med. ' 15 Donald St. J. S.mith . ' 17 J. Arthur Sproles, Jr. . . Med. ' 16 William S. Stacy . ' •?7 Arnauc p. Te.xaoa, Jr. ' is Naucle K. Tiio.mas . . . Med. , ' 16 Edwin H. West .... . Med. ' 17 Alcide J. Weysham . . ■ ' 17 Edward T. White, Jr. . • ' 1« H. Foster Wi.mberly . • ' 34 Barcelo Benson, Bochm. Bounds. Brewer. Butler, Cliek, Colo, Collins, Condon Cooper, Cugle, Curry. Davit-s. Doty. Evans. Fernandez l- ' orten berry. Haar. Hebort. F. Hobort, Ij.. Herman, Justrabo LaNusa. lieBoeuf, Lottinger, IMeBride MeDonald. Mitcholl Pn;;( Tlnbinson. Rodri uf .. Si-alr. ' proies. Ptaey. TL-xad.i. ' l.■st. ' c sh:iin. Vinibi rIy 4 Page 207 » k SIGMA PHI DELTA (Social Engineering Fraternity) Founded University of Southern California, IQ24 Colors: Red and Black ZETA CHAPTER Established at Tulanc in ig2Q Nine Active Chapters Flower: American Beautv Rose Fratres in Facultate Dr. Douglas S. Anderson James M. Robert Fratres ix Universitate WiLBERT L. Argus ' 36 David C. E. Geier . . John C. Bendler ' 36 Vernon P. Grundmann Eugene J. Cazenave, Jr ' 37 Edgar J. Haas, Jr. . . William P. Cullen ' 35 Daniel P. Mabel . . John S. Duhe ' 36 Dennis C. Meyer . . E. Ben Fontaine, Jr ' 37 Fulcran F. Randon, Jr. Emile F. Fuhrmann, Jr ' 34 William B. Settoon . Jefferson L. Smith ' 34 3+ ' 37 ' 35 ' 35 ' 35 ' 37 ' 35 Argus. Bendler. Cazenave, Cullen. Duhe. Fontaine Fuhrmann, Geier. Grundmann, Haas Mabel, Meyer, Powell, Randon, Sctfoon, Smith i Page 208 y Eacker. EariKS. Bariiott. Corlcy. F.tldins. Gardner. Ilpnlcy Harvln, Hirsch, Heckert. Janssen. Jlarx. Moore Payne. Pearce. Phillips. Rembert. Schupp. ' Watrons NEWCOMB PAN-HELLENIC ASSOCIATION Officers D()ROTH ■ Russ President MlXOLA L. Racker Secretary-Treasurer Members Elected i Paqc 209 » Pi Beta Phi Hele-ve Watrous Phi Mu Jaxe a. Eddin ' s All ha Ef silon Phi Lena Marx l pha O iiieron Pi Eleanor J. Schupp J ' ha Delta Pi Marv Ella Gardner Zeta Tail Alpha Helen C. Phillips Chi Omega Joyce W. O ' Dell Kajipa Alpha Theta Catherine M. Payne Beta Phi Alpha MiNOLA L. Backer kappa Kappa (lamiaa Elizabeth B. Pearce Beta SiaiiKi Omieroii Mary G. Barnes Mi:.MBERS K. -()l ' ITCU ■• Br a I ' ht Claidia IIakvin I ' lu Mu ENni.ii: Hani.ey Alpha Epsilon Phi Louise Hirsch Alpha Oniieruii I ' i " IRRIMA E. REMnfiRr Alpha Delta Pi Maciia II. Janssen Zeta Tau Alpha Isabel L. Heckert ( ' hi Omega Marie Louise Wilcox Kappa Kappa Gamma Alice Kilpatrick Kappa Alpha Theta Lalise Moore Beta Phi Alpha Mattie C. Corley Beta Sigma Omieroii Ida a. Barnett 4 PI BETA PH! Founded Monmouth College, 1867 Colors: Wine and Blue Mary W. Butler LOUISIANA ALPHA CHAPTER Established at Neivcomh in l8gi Seventy-eight Active Chapters In Facultate Helen ' R. Clifford Flower: Wine Carnation Alice M. Laeouisse In Universitate Irving Allee . Lydia H. Allen . Mary Lee Baker . Dee G. Barksdale Susan 0. Buck . Ruth E. Dixon . Claire H. Dolph . Phoebe deN. Flowers Emily Jane Foltz . Carolyn Gay . . . Lucy C. Harper . . Hester C. Harrop . Claudia Harvin . . MoLLiE B. Haves . . Lynne p. Hecht . . Mary H. R. Highfill Minna B. Hopkins Lucille Hull . . BETTi- W. Hunter Cora 3. Jahncke . Jessie W. Janvier . Beulah B. Johnson Polly ' Jordan . . Dorothy W. Juden Patsy Kilpatrick . Kate 0. King . . 37 ' 36 ' 35 ' 34 ' 37 ' 37 ' 37 ' 36 ' 37 ' 36 ' 37 ' 34 ' 34 •36 ' 35 ' 37 ' 35 ' 36 ' 37 ' 35 ' 37 ' 34 ' 37 ■36 ' 36 ' 37 Suzanne B. M. LaCour Marion F. Leverich . . Barbara M. Logan . . Celeste Lyons .... Montine K. McDaniel . Leonora McLellan . . Rose R. Milling . . . Marjorie Mitchener . Nancy B. Morris . . . Natalie Norton . . . Charlotte Perret . Wendol Priesiley . Janet C. Quillian . . Pa.viela Robinson . . . Isabel A. Rowell . Louise G. Schramm . . Keith Somerville . Marie Louise Stauffer Katie D. Tack . . . Louise Taylor .... Bett - Thompson . . . Hetty R. Turner . Augusta Walmsley . . Helene Watrous . . - LisE Wehrmann . . . Leila S. Werlein . . . ' 36 ' 36 ' 34 ' 35 ■36 ' 35 ' 36 ' 36 ' 35 ' 36 ' 35 ' 37 ' 35 ' 35 ' 34 ' 37 ' 36 ' 37 ' 37 ' 35 ■36 ' 34 ' 37 ' 34 ' 35 ' 37 Allen. Barksdale. Buck Dixon, Dolph. Flowers. Foltz, Gay. Harper, Harrop Harvin, Hayes, Hecht, I-Iopkins. Hull, Jahncke, .Janvier. Johnson, Jordan, Juden Kilpatrick, King. I everich, Logan, McDaniel Mitchener, Norton. Priestley, Quillian, Robinson Schramm, Shands, Somerville. Tack, Taylor, Turner, Watrous, ' Wehrmann, " Werelein, ' Walmsley 4 Page 210 i ALPHA OMICRON PI Colors: While , n Carilirial Dacmak R. I,i: I rkton founded Barnard Cotlegr, iSr)7 Korly-fivc Active C ' hnpters PI CHAPTER F.slalilisliiil at Xrix-comh in iHitS In Facultate Anna E. Many flowi-r: Jaci|Ucniiriot Rose Gl.ADVS A. Rknsiiaw In Univ Miriam P. Asii ' 37 Dorothy M. Barker ' 37 Evelyn Beard ' 36 Betty ' Bowman ' 34 Martha M. Brumby ' 35 Beverley R. Coi.omb ' 37 Halcyon R. Colomb ' 35 Marthalee Craft ' 37 Glendy Culligan ' 36 Noelee Currie ' 37 Margaret McL. Davis ' 36 Betty Dosch ' 35 Sarah C. Douglass ' 37 Rosemary Dubuisson ' 37 Virginia A. Freret ' 37 Dora Deaxe Graham ' 37 Marietta F. Griffin ' 3+ Gladys E. Huey Law, ' 35 Louise M. Lester ' 34 E. AsHTOx Lewis ' 34 Mary Elba Marshall ' 34 Sara O. Womack . . . ERSITATE Sidney F. Mize ' 36 Ernestine E. Moise ' 3 MiNTER Mae Moran ' 37 Josephine E. Murphy ' 37 Elizabeth North ' 34 Leona C. North ' 37 Stella O ' Connor ' 37 Catherixe C. O ' Neill ' 36 LixDA Porter ' 36 Adelaide W. Radebaugh ' 36 Abby p. Ray • ■ ' 37 Vircixia E. Rembert ' 34 Ethel V. Rollins ' 37 Elizabeth A. Scales ' 37 Louise B. Scales ' 37 Eleanor J. Schupp ' 34 Mildred Rae Shaw ' 36 LiLLiE Thompson ' 37 Janice R. Torre ' 36 Harriet S. White ' 36 Almyra Williamson ' 37 " 36 Ash, Barker, Beard. Bowman, Brumby. Colomb. B.. Colomb, H.. Craft, Currie Davis. Douglass, Dubuisson. Graham, Griffin. Huey, Lester. Marshall Mize. Moise. Moran. Murphy. North. E., North, L.. O ' Neill. Radebaugh Ray, RembL-rt. Rollins, Scales. E., Scales. L... Schupp, Torre, White. Williamson i Paqo 21 I ;»- CHI OMEGA Founded Vni-vcrsiiy of Arkansas, iSqs RHO CHAPTER Colors: Cardinal and Straw Established at Nev;comb in igoo Eighty-seven Active Chapters Flower: White Carnatio In Facultate Clara Lewis Landrv Bertha Alles ' Lataxe Mary Sue Axdersox Betti ' a. Bacharach Coral V. Brister . Martha S. Brogax Elizabeth H. Brooks Julie F. Browx . Axx S. Buck . . JAXE BuRRELL . . Bexita Carre . . Kate M. Chamxess Alida J. Clark . Barr Coxover . . Katherixe C. Daly Mary Helex Dohax EuLA M. Dukate . Louise Ebaugh . . ViRiGxiA D. Ellis . Vera B. Field . . Axx Fuller . . . IxEz M. Greex . iiEBEccA J. Greex In Universitate 37 Gladys McK. Hasselle 36 EuGExiA C. Hay . . 37 Marjorie Harvard . 36 Maria L Milliard . 37 Louise C. Hoehx . . 34 Margaret E. Joyxer 37 Virgixia Liggett . . 37 Lydlaxe L. Marrero 34 Pearl A. Mayer . . 37 Lucerxe McCullough 36 SuzAxxE McCullough 37 Emily D. McKee . . 37 Helex J. Michel . . 34 Carolyx p. Middletox 36 L rjorie Moxtgomery ' 36 Mary Neal Moody ' . 37 Doris K. Myers , . 37 Rosary V. Xix . . . 37 Joyce W. O ' Dell . . 34 Mildred NL Pottharst 34 Jaxe C. Raixey- . . Elizabeth A. Royals 37 Mary Fraxces Royals 34 Rosemary ' Samsot . . 37 Edxa S. Schlegel . . 37 Jaxe F. Shermax . . 35 Carolyx M. Staxtox 37 Naxcy ' D. Staxtox . 36 Fraxkie H. Talbot . 36 Margaret J. Talbot 37 Mary ' Y. Thomas . . 37 GOWDYLOCK VeXABLE 37 Ruth C. Viallox . . 36 LiLiAx H. Walther . 36 Nell M. Wardlaw . 37 Peggy Warrixer . . 37 Axtoixette p. Weed 37 Lucy E. Weed .... 37 Gwexdolyxx Whittaker 35 Charlotte E. Wilbourx 35 Marie Louise Wilco.x . 37 Josephixe p. Withers . 37 Josephixe F. Youxg . . 3+ Law, 34 ' 37 ' 36 ' 37 ' 37 ' 37 ' 37 ' 37 ' 3« ' 37 ' 34 ■36 •36 ' 37 ' 35 ' 35 ' 37 ' 36 ' 36 •37 Anderson. Bacharach. Barret. Brogan. Brooks, Brown, Buck. Carre, Chamness. Clark, Daly, Dohan. Dukaie Ellis. Field. Fuller, Green, I.. Green, R.. Hasselle. Havward. Hilliard, Joyner. Koehler. Liggett. Mayer. McCnlloush. L. McCullongh. S., McKee. Michel, Middleton, Montgomery, Moody, Myers, 0 " Dell, Pottharsi. Royals. E- Royals. M.. Panisot. Schlegel Sherman, Stanton. C. Stanton. N., Thomas, Venable, ViaUon, " Walther, " Warriner, Whittaker. Wilbourn, Wilcox, Withers, Young 100 000 Page 212 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA I (luiiilrd Monmoiil i Collri r, S o BETA OMICRON CHAPTER ICslahlishi d III . I -111 III h in lijo. Colors: Li) ' " ' lii • " " 1 I ' irk Uliie Sixty-eight Active ( ' lKiptir Floivi-r: Fleur-de-lis In Facultate Klizareih H. RA MnM) Im.ohknce A. Smith DoROTMV V. Skago Adei.ix K. Spencer In Universitate Virginia V. B kr .... Barbara Boude.v .... Marv n. Bowers .... Alice (j. Bleord .... Marjorie McC. Clarke . Eloise E. Colcock . . . Nellie C. Curtis .... Eli abeth C. CuniNG . . Lilian- M. Da.mero.v . . . Margierite Davis . . . Nina DeB. Deni CIS , Alice C. Evans . . . Ruth E. French . . . Geraldine Gai ' det . . Margaret D. Gillican , Eleanor L. Harkey . . Helen E. Harry . . . Frances M. Kerr . . . Alice Kilpatrick .... Elizabeth Kosimayer . . Margaret M. Krumbhaar Jeanne Laidlaw .... Lily Laney Marie Louise Legier . Alice Lemann 37 ' 36 ' 37 ' 37 ' 37 ' 37 ' 37 ' 37 ' 3+ ' 37 ' 35 ' 37 ' 36 ' 35 ' 34 ' 37 ' 3+ ' 36 ' 34 ' 37 ' 35 ' 36 ' 34 ' 35 ' 34 ' ircinl L. Worthingto.v Marjorie L. Le.mann Etiielyn R. Leverich Frances IL Lu.vimus . (Jenevieve p. Lykes . Jean Mariin . . . Peggy Martin . . . Blanche Mills . Frances Musser . Katherine E. Nolan Elizaeeih B. Pearce Murray ' Pearce . . Faith Pennebaker . Elizabeth K. Pipes . Angelique Provosty Nancy R. Reeves . . Nellie Sinclair . . Elizabeth C. Spencer Elizabeth K. Spencer Marie Louise Taylor Marie Louise Tobin . Jane F. Walker . . Pairicia M. Watson Elizabeth Wheeler . Mildred Wood . . . Ann C. Woodard . . ' 36 •36 ' 36 ' 37 ' 35 ' 34 ' 37 ' 34 ' 35 ' 36 ■34 ' 34 ' 36 ' 37 ' 37 ' 35 ' 35 ' 37 ' 37 ' 37 ' 34 ' 35 ' 37 ' 37 ' 36 ' 37 Bowers, Clarke, Colcock, Curtis, Cutting. Dameron. French. Gaudet. Harkey Harry. Henriques, Laidlaw. Laney, Legior, Lemann. A.. Lemann. M.. Leverich, Logan. Lummus. Martin. J.. Martin. P.. Nolan, Pearce. E., Pearce. M.. Ponnebaker, Provosty. Reeves, Spencer, E. Spencer, E. K. Tnylor. Tobin. AVntson. Wheeler, Wood. Woodard. Wnrtli ingrton 4 Page 213 L | Colors: Rose and White PHI MU Founded JFesleyan College, 1S52 DELTA CHAPTER Established at Neiucomb in iQod Fifty-nine Active Chapters Flower: Enchantress Carnation Eunice Baccich In Facultate Kathryn Hanley Katherine Kammer In Universitate Ruth B. Alexander ' 37 Lelia Banks ' 36 Doris J. Biossat ' 37 Janet P. Breidenbach ' 37 Mary Louise Castlen ' 35 Imogene Durrett ' 36 Jane A. Eddins ' 35 Audrey M. Farrell ' 37 Louis M. Fort ' 37 Mabel McC. Hall ' 36 M. Emilie Hanley ' 34 H. Craig Hitt ' 34 Eunice E. Howsmon ' 34 Laura B. W. Jones ' 36 M. Ruth Walter . M. Joyce Joseph ' 37 M. Adger King ' 37 Mary F. King ' 35 Florine Long . Graduate May L Maddux ' 34 LuciLE Owens ' 34 Virginia Parker ' 37 Harriette Peteet . . . . . ' ' 36 F. Claire Pilcher ' 36 M. Josephine Pittman ' 37 Nina H. Redditt ' 37 Ruth H. Rees ' 37 Leslie H. Thacker ' 35 Margaret E. Vinson ' 37 ' 37 Alexander, Banks. Biossat. Breidenbach, C.istlen. Eddins, Farrell, Fort. Hall Hanley. Hitt, Howsnaon, Jones, Joseph, King, M. A., King. M. F., Long, Maddux Parker, Peteet, Pittman, Redditt. Rees, Thacker, " Vinson, Walter i Page 214 ALPHA DELTA PI loiiiiilnl ll ' iwlfyiiii 1 1 mult ( iitliiji ' , jSs Colors: I ' ale Hluu ami ' liite EPSILON CHAPTER Eflitblisliid III iXiv-iomh ill (jo6 Kifty-six Active CliaptiTS Floijcer: Purple Violet In Facultate Cn. ui.ni-ri-: Hoat i:r Ckktridk Roni;RTS Smith Ai ' DKKV Whitfc In Universitate Bertha L. Blattmann . M. RiCHARDiNA Brothers Marion ' M. Butler . Mary L. Cape . . . M. Elizabeth Cosper Nita S. Daly . . . Dorothy B. Douce . A. Willadeax Emmeit Yvonne Favrot . Harriet C. Gardner . Mary Ella Gariiner . Sara A. Hawkins . . Helen Henderson . ' 37 Macda H. Janssen ' 36 Helen N. Jkppesen ' 34 Lillian L. Kemp . ' 37 Sue W. Lisso . . ' 3+ Elizabeth C. Lowdon ' 36 Marion K. Lowdon ' 37 Elizabeth Menuet ' 37 Louise T. Pharr . ' 37 Sara M. Powers . ' 37 Pauline C. Spivey ' 34 Dorothy Sprott . ' 36 Rachel Sweeney . ' 37 A. Lorena Walker ' 34 ' 37 ' 36 ' 34 ' 35 ' 37 ' 34 ' 37 ' 37 ' 37 ' 34 ■35 ' 34 Butler, Cape, Cosper, Daly. Doclge, Emmett, Favrot, Gardner, H. G.ardner M. E., Hawkins, Henderson. .Tanssen. Jeppeseu, Kemp. Lisso. Lowdon, E. Lowdon. M., Menuet. Pharr. Powers, Spi ey, Sprott. Sweeney, Walker A Paga 215 ..jm: KAPPA ALPHA THETA Founded DePauiv Vjiiversiiy, iSyo ALPHA PHI CHAPTER Established at Newcomb in IQ Sixty-four Active Chapters Colors: Blacl and Gold Flower: Pansy Mildred G. Christian In Facultate Adele M. Drouet Dixie Tharp Celestine R. Atkinson ' 36 Betti ' Bowlby ' 37 Mary Ida Brown ' 37 Marjorie Butler ' 37 Ruth M. Butt ' 35 Dorothy E. Cline ' 37 Katherine S. Colvin ' 35 Charlene McN. Cooper . . . . ' 35 Cecile G. Costley ' 36 Doris D. Davis ' 35 Jane Davis ' 35 Dorothy F. Dodson ' 36 MORNA E. Dusenbury " ' 35 Irene E. Gayden ' 34 Adrienne Gottschalk ' 36 In Universitate Mary- Louise Gregory ' 36 Margaret H. Harris ' 37 Alice M. Hebert ' 36 May- V. Hendrick ' 36 Catherine B. Hoge ' 36 Betty Hudson ' 35 Virginia M. Jarman ' 34 Dorothy M. Kelly ' ' 37 Beryl J. Kirk ' 36 Doris Lockhart ' 34 Constance Meyer ' 35 Lalise Moore ' 34 Vassar F. Morelock ' 34 Betty Neild ' 37 Catherine M. Payne ' 34 Elizabeth Pragst ' 37 Louise Ricks ' 34 Sara P. Ricks ' 34 Martha M. Robertson . . ... ' 37 Phyllis-Ann Shaw ' 34 Florence E. Singreen ' 36 Lucille Smith ' 35 Jane P. Tay ' lor ' 37 Mary Virginia Taylor ' 37 Mary Elizabeth Walker . . . ' 37 Lucy Y. Warner ' 37 Polly West ' 36 Dorothy N. White ' 35 Mary Margaret Whitehurst . . ' 37 June Wood ' 36 Bowlby, Brown, Butt, Colvin, Cooper, Costley. Davi.s, D.. Davis, J., Dodson Dusenbury, Gayden. Gottschalk. Gregory, Hebert, Hendrick, Hoge, Hudson, Jarman, Kelly Kirk, Moore. Moreloclv, Neild. Payne. Pragst. Ricks, L.. Ricks, S., Robei ' tson. Shaw Singreen, Taylor, J., Taylor, M.. Walker. Warner, West, -White i Page 216 ALPHA EPSILON PHI Colors: Clrecn and ' liiie I iiuiuitj Ilfir itud (l)iUi(fi. H)iU} EPSILON CHAPTER EslnliHsliiii III S ' lvjriiinh in I(jl6 Tucrity Active Cliapters In Universitate Flower: Lily of the Valley Am ' ia II. AllKS ' 36 Ja k S. 15lcme iiial ' 37 Babeiti; Coiin ' 34 Ruth J. Dicker ' 37 Sylvia C. Drevfous ' 37 Alice J. Geisenberger ' 37 Louise M. Goldman ' 37 Lillian Hanoelman ' 37 Bernice Heinemann ' 37 IrMA J. HiRSCH ' 37 Louise Hirsch ' 34 Evelyn Hyman ' 34 Eleanor L. Jacobs ' 36 Cecile M. Kahn ' 36 Karleen Klein ' 37 Cesil S. Kohi.man ' 36 Julia H. Kohlman ' 37 IVIarian F. Kohlman ' 36 Emma R. Lemann ' 34 Fannie M. Lemann ' 36 UiiKT Lew .... Mary Ci. Loeb . . . LoiisE R. Lowenstein Irma R. Marx . . . Josephine N. Moses . S. Joan Pressburc . Eda Rosenthal . Marie R. Saal . . . Dorothy B. Sale . . Joel Samuel . . . Marcorv S. Sciiwarz Joel Simon .... Maxine Sobel . . . Regina H. Stein . . Frances B. Stern . . Bertha M. I ngar . Doris L. Weiss . Selma Wiener . . . .Anna E. Wolbrette . Frances E. Wolf . . ' 37 ' 34 ' 35 ' 34 ' 34 ' 36 ' 3« ' 37 ' 35 ' 35 ' 37 ' 36 ' 37 ' 37 ' 37 ' 37 ' 35 ' 36 ' 34 ' 37 Abe.s. Cohn. Dreyfous. Elchold, Goldman, Heinemann. Hirsch, L.., Hyman .Jacobs, Kohlman. M., Lemann. E., Lemann. F.. Loeb. Marx. Moses. Sale Samuel, Selnvarz, Wiener, Wolbrette, Wolf 4 Page 217 ZETA TAU ALPHA Founded J ' irginia State Sormal, iSgS BETA KAPPA CHAPTER Established at Nevicomb in ig2j Sixty-four Active Chapters Colors: Steel Gray and Turquoise Blue Flower: White Violet In Facultate Rose LeDieu Mooxey Louise E. Scatterty In Universitate Fay Allen .... Lucille I. Cafiero . Catherine L. Corn.ay Daltox D. Crichlow 3eryl I. D.AVis . . . Dorothy M. Diesem Harriet W. Dyke . Marjorie L. Frantz Eleaxora E. Frick . Catherine M. H. ll . Isabel L. Heckert . Helen L. Heyl . . Elaine S. Ivey . . . 36 35 37 36 37 37 37 36 36 36 35 37 37 Muriel R. Whitehead . Harriet M. Lemann loNE Z. Mayer . Dorothy S. McFaddex Doris C Mesman . Kathleen J. Motte Babette M. Netter Nena N. Peli.as . L RY Alice Person Helen C. Phillips .Anna May Ricks . Dorothy E. Ryckman NLary -Alice Spark.man Kathleen E. Thornton ' 35 ' 37 ' 37 ' 34 ' 37 ' 36 ' 34 ' 37 ' 34 ' 34 ' 37 ' 34 ' 34 ' 34 Cornay, Crichlow, Diesem, Dyke. Frick, Heckert. Lemann Maver. ilcFadden, Mesman, Netter, Pelias, Person Phillips. Ryckman, Sparkman. Thornton, Whitehead ?ige 218 BETA PHI ALPHA I ' liiiiiilrJ Inivi-rsily nj Ciilil ' irina, lijoi) TAU CHAPTER Eslahl ' islud at Nc cumb in i(j2S Twenty Active Chapters Cnhrs: tirecn and Gold Floiuer: : (i v Tea Rose In Facultate Rosi; Bkeson In Universitate Elizabeth D. Allisox ' 36 Kathry.v A. Mai.lov MiNOLA L. Backer ' 35 Carolyn Maltrv . Adele S. Booker ... ... ' 36 Dorothy McCardell Georgette G. Brock.viav ' 37 Jeanne M. Neff . . Madge O. Burley ' 35 Cexetta C. Ortenbac Marios Carleton ' 37 Doris C. Paine . . . Maitie C. Corley ' 34 Marion V. Rice . . Dorothy Council ' 35 Marion H. Riecke . Mary E. Dichmann ' 35 Jane P. Slaughter . Mary I. Guloita ' 37 Muriel L. Smith . . Jane Haas ' 37 Rosemary Swasey . WiLMA M. Hudson ' 36 Marguerite E. Tinker Alice V. Kiern ' 36 Gladys M. Viosca . Shirley Koelle ' 37 Marguerite A. Wirth Anna A. L. chin ' 35 Denise Wright . . ■3« ' 35 ■36 ■37 ' 37 ' 35 ' 37 ' 37 ' 34 ' 36 •37 ' 37 ' 37 •36 ' 37 Allison, Bacher. Backer. Bodkei-, Brockman. Carleton. Corley. Gulotta. Haas Hudson. Klern. Koelle. Uachin, Malloy. JIaltry. McCardell. Neff. Ortenbach Paine. Rice Slaushter. Smith. Swasey. Tinker, Viosca. Wirth, %Vright ' ■• ) i rage 219 BETA SIGMA OMICRON founded University of Missouri, iSSS ALPHA SIGMA CHAPTER Establis ied at Ne-zi-comb in lQ2g Twenty-one Active Chapters I ' lo ' wers: Richmond and Killarney Roses Colors: Ruby and Pink In Universitate Mary G. Barnes ' 35 Ida a. Barnett ' 35 Dolores E. Bernard ' 35 Marion C. Blessev ' 35 Kathryn C. Briede .... ' 35 Sarah E. Cherry ' 35 Carol H. Coats ' 34 Lucille Comes ' 37 Carmen J. Corbera ' 37 Frankie Mac Davis ' 36 Winnie M. Eldridge ' 37 Georgia Anne Fagan • • ' 37 Frances C. Gomila ' 35 EvELY ' N E. Jones ' 37 Mignon Jumel ' 35 Elanche Lee Wolcott . Yvonne W. Jumel ' 34. Constance Kachel ' 37 May- Lee Kinberger ' 37 Edna F. La Nasa ' 34 Helen E. Lear ' 37 Roma H. de Lucas ■ ' 36 Francesca M. Negueloua ' 37 Helen Powell ' 35 Marjorie E. Putzell ' 36 Madalin S. Rehage ' 34 Ruth M. Rogan ' 35 Julia M. Thomas ' 37 Olga Treigle ' 37 Josephine Wander ' 35 Isabel M. Welman ' 34 ' 37 Barnes, Barnett, Blessey. Bernard. Briede, Cherry, Coats, Comes Corbera, Davis, de Lucas. Eldridgre, Fagan, Gomila. Jones, Jumel M. Jumel, T., Kachel, Kinberger. LaNasa, Lear. Negueloua, Powell. Putzell Rehage, Rogan. Thomas. Treigle. Wander. Wolcott, Welman i Page 220 i Professiona.. Fraternities % Alien. Baldwin. Baikoff, Grassgreen. Kooken. Lovelady Ochs, Pipes, Romeo, Seale. Teer, " Williams MEDICAL PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL Organized April, 1923, for the purpose of securing cooperation among the several fraternities and preserving standards of membership. Officers Sim B. Lovel. dy President Louis Ochs, Jr ■ . Vice-President Robert A. Kooken Secretary Thomas P. Foltz Treasurer Georgiana J. VON Langermann Reporter Phi Chi Sim B. Lovelady C. Roy Williams Represent-Atives Alpha Kappa Kappa David M. Pipes Ralph F. Allen Theta Kappa Psi Robert A. Kooken Earl S. Seale Nu Sic ma Nu Donald M. Baldwin Thomas P. Foltz Phi Rho Sigma Phi Delta Epsilon Sheldon Teer Louis Ochs, Jr. GusTAVos W. Thomasson, Jr. Z. Joseph Romeo Alpha Epsilon Iota Audrey U. Heintz Georgiana J. von Langermann Phi Lambda Kappa Samuel Barkoff Irvin M. Grassgreen i Page 222 » PHI CHI (Professional MiAicut Fnihriiilyj I■.:l tl■nl, I ' cuiiicliil riiivirsitv of Vermont, 1889; Soulhirn, Louisville Medical College, 189+; Consolidated, March 3, 1905. Dr. CiiARi.i-s C. Hass Dr. Fran ' k L. Cato, Jr. Dr. Allan C. Eustis Dr. Edmond L. Faust Dr. Frederick L. Fenno HiRA.vi McM. Anderson James P. Anderson . . WlLI.LVM V. ArmISTEAD, Jack A. Atkinson . , W. Jackson Harker . . Aun: EV ' . Heacmam . . WOODARI) D. Beaciiam, James L. Beaver . . . Frank L. Bigsbv, Jr. . V. McDonald Boles . Hunter M. Brown . . Jack D. Brownfield . James W. Hurneit, Jr. i ' Ai I. S. Causev . . . (iLSTAvo N. Click . . James O. Collev, Jr. . S muel C. Collins . . S, Harvey Coi.vin, Jr. . Jack A. Criitenden . . Walter E. Crumpler, Jk William K, Davis . -TR- Jr. OMICRON CHAPTER EsUihtisliid JijKJ; I ' i M u mrrr itl Si ' l liiiihii Jo, Ii)22 Fratres in Facultate Dr. Andrew ' . Friedriciis Dr. Idvs M. Cage Dr. John T. Halsev Dr. William H. Harris Dr. John R. Hume Dr. John A. Lanford Dr. Edwin H. Lawson Dr. George K. Logan Dr. Howard R. Maiiorner Dr. Stanford C. Jamison Fratres in Universitate ' 34 John H. Dent .... ' 34 A. Keller Doss . . . ' 3+ Orro K. DuBoise . . . ' 34 Everett T. Duncan . . ' 35 Thomas L. Ellis . . . ' 34 George W. Ewinc . ' 35 Chester A. Fort, Jr. . ' 35 Luther S. Fortenberkv ' 35 Madison A. Furrh . . ' 34 Shelley R. Gaines . . ' 34 Charles H. Gillespy . ' 37 Thomas A. Glass, Jr. . ' 35 James C. Green . . . ' 36 Irvin H. Griffin . . . ' 34 Eric E. Guilbeau, Jr. . ' 34 Albert S. Hargis, Jr. . ' 36 S. Wright Hawkins . . ' 35 John A. Hendrick, Jr. . ' 36 Robert S. Higdon . . . ' 36 Jesse R. Hightower . . ' 34 William A. Howard . John M. Johnson . . . 34 Robert L. Johns.in . 34 Robert C. Kelleher . 35 Albert P. Klmball . Robert L. Knolle . Tho.mas H. La.mberi . Carl E. Lewis . . . John A. Lewis, Jr. . 34 William C. Liiteli. . 35 Tom F. Little . . . R. Nel;o ; Long . . Leilas R. Lonnergan, J Sim B. Lovelady . . 34 Ja.mes DeP. Manget . 34 J. Lloyd Massey . . Eugene F. McCall . R. Wilson McComas Hiram A. McConnell James W. McMurra - Conn L. Milburn, Jr. W. DOBBS MlNOT . . 34 Ruble E. Moor . 36 37 ' 36 ' 37 ' 36 ' 36 ' 35 ' 37 ' 36 ' 34 ' 37 ' 35 ' 37 ' 36 Dr. Leon J. Menville Dr. Charles J. Miller Dr. Hilliard E. Miller Dk. Roy H. Turner Dr. W ' ili.ard R. Wirth Dr. Durwood O. Wright ' 35 Charles R. Moore . ' 37 Albert Owers . . . ' 36 James L. Pickens . . ' 37 Ernest H. Planck, Jr. ' 37 John L. Pridcen, Jr. ' 35 Her.man C. Quantz ' 35 W. SptARs Randall, ' 35 Marion D. Redding . . ' 34 Owen Rovce, Jr. . . . ' 35 Roy J. St. Martin . . ' 34 James B. Shei.ton . . . ' 34 I. Clifton Skinner, Jr. ' 37 Gerald S. S.mith . . . ' 36 John R. Stewart . . . ' 35 Vance M. Strange . . ' 37 Francis L Thicpen, Jr. ' 35 Wii.i.iA.M F. Thomas, Jr. ' 34 W. FisK Thomson . ' 35 Tho.mas B. Todke Jr. . ' 35 GusT.iVE F. Weber . . ' 34 Charles R. Williams . Jr. 35 ' 36 ' 37 ' 37 ' 37 ' 37 ' 37 ' 34 ' 35 ' 36 ' 34 ' 35 ' 36 ' 35 ' 34 ' 34 ' 37 ' 37 •36 ' 36 ' 35 -ViKlei-.-im, II.. Amlei-.si n, J., .Armlsload. Atkinson, Barker. Beacham, A., Beachani. W.. Biaver. Boles. Brown. Buinett. Causey, Cllek Colley. Collln.s. Crittenden. Crumplcr, Davis, Dent. Doss. DuBoise, Duncan. Ewing. Fort. Fortenberry. Francis_ Gainus. Gillespy. Glass, Grantham. Green. Griffin, Hargis Hendrick, Higdon. Howard. Johnson, J.. Johnson. U.. K«-lh ' her Kimball. Lambert. Lewis. Littell, Little, Long, Lonnergan. Lovelady, Manget. Massey. McCall. Mc Comas. McConnell McCullough, McMurray. Milburn. Minot, Moor. Moore. Naugle, Owers. Pickens. Quantz. Randall. Kcdding. Robertson Koyce, Shelton, Skinner, Smith, Stewart. Strange, Thigpen. Thomas, Thomson. TooUc, Weber, Williams 4 Paqo 223 smimm ALPHA KAPPA KAPPA (Professional Medical Fraternity) Founded Dartmouth College, 1888 ALPHA BETA CHAPTER EstablisJied jgo; Dr. Henry J. Bayon, Emeritus Dr. Osc. r W. Bethea Dr. Muir Bradburn Dr. Joseph E. Brierre Dr. Donovan C. Browne Fratres in Facultate Dr. James C. Cole Dr. Hermann B. Gessner Dr. Charles S. Holbrook Dr. Edward L. King Dr. Ernest S. Lewis, Emeritus Dr. Edward P. McCormac Dr. Abraham L. Metz, Emeritus Dr. Morell W. Miller Dr. Emile F. Naef Dr. Wilbur C. Smith Dean H. Allen ' 35 George S. Allen ' 36 Ralph F. Allen ' 35 Archie J. Baker ' 35 John W. Bick, Jr ' 37 William H. Bridges ' 35 William B. Buckner ' 35 Martin E. Buerk, II ' 37 John J. Burdin ' 35 Thomas C. Butt ' 37 Russell B. Carson ' 35 Louie P. Coleman ' 36 Oswald W. Cosby ' 34 Howard F. Currie ' 34 Leslie L. Daviet ' 34 Lewis M. D.awson ' 36 Robert C. Day ' 37 Richard B. DeLee ' 34 Robert E. Dupre ' 34 Charles J. Fisher ' 34 Henry ' C. Gahagan ' 34 Fratres in Universitate John G. Hart ' 34 John S. Herring ' 35 Robert N. Hesser ' 37 Henry J. Kaufman, Jr ' 34 Roger S. Knapp ' 37 James J. LaNasa ' 37 Joseph D. Landry ' ' 35 Joseph H. Larose, Jr ' 34 Edward L. Levert ' 37 VOLNEY R. LiDDELL ' 34 Emile Maltry, Jr ' 37 Jack H. Mayfield ' 37 Wilbur E. Meneray ' ' 37 Carl F. Moore, Jr ' 36 Benjamin O. Morrison . ... ' 34 Walter E. Murphree ' 34 Samuel DuB. Murray " ' 36 Lee T. Nesbitt ' 36 William L. Parcell ' 37 William F. Perkins ' 37 David M. Pipes ' 34 Edward B. Pitts ' 35 Oran V. Prejean ' 37 James T. Reeves ' 37 William P. Rice ' 34 William O. Rigby ' 37 Dan B. Searcy ' 34 William S. Siler, Jr ' 34 Eugene D. Simmons ' 35 Theodore L. L. Soniat ' 35 Luther L. Terry " ' 35 Naugle K. Thomas ' 36 Wilton E. Tugwell ' 35 John K. Turberville ' 35 William L. Ty ' LEr, Jr ' 36 Luther M. Vaughan ' 36 Richard W. Vincent ' 36 Albert L. Ward ' 36 William S. Warren ' 36 Joseph W. Weaver ' 37 James W. Welch ' 35 Norman E. Williams ' 35 Allen. D.. Allen, R., Bertinot, Bick, Bridges, Brown, Buerk, Burdin, Butt, Carson, Coleman, Cosby Currie, Daviet. Davis. Dawson, DeLee, Duprg. Fisher, Gaha an, Hart, Herring. Hesser, Kaufman Knapp, Ivrueger, LaNasa, Landry, Larose. Levert. Liddell. Maltry, Mayfield, Meneray, Moore, Morrison Slurphree, Parcell. Perkins, Pipes, Pitts. Prejean. Reeves, Rice, Rigby, Searcy. Siler, .Simmons Soniat, Terry. Thomas, Tugwell, Turberville, Tyler, Vaughan, Vincent, Ward, Warren, Weaver, Weich, Williams i Page 224 V THETA KAPPA PS ( l ' riile:siitnal Mrdical Fralernily) Fdwmlcd Mfdirnl Cnllc-Kc of Vir;;iiii;i, 1879 PI CHAPTER lisliihtishrd fjoS Dr. RoBfiRT Bernhari) Dr. Charles L. Brown Dr. Earl Z. Browne Dr. Wilrv R. Hui ' i isniON Dr. Vm. V. Butterwortii, Dr. George B. Collier Benjamin V. Allen . John W. Ashby . . Thomas A. Baines . Fred D. Bartleson . Lov G. Ballard . . Leo W. Benson . Le.mann H. Bounds . James W. Brantley . Frederic W. Brewer Sumner W. Brown . William J. Brown . Robert M. Bunce . Dannie H. Bvram . Robert J. Cardwell . James A. Chustz . . Ronald E. Corkern . Gurlev a. Creel . . OiTis B. Crocker . Charles J. Donald, J Franklin D. Edwards Theron E. Faulkner Bkn p. Fleming . . Martin L. Flynt, Jr, Roger M. Flynt . . Ross E. Fowler . Fratres in Facultate Dr. William H. Gillentine Dr. Foster M. Johns Dr. Frank J. Kinberger Dr. Paul G. Lacroix limnilus Dr. Paul A. McIlhenny Dk. Henry F. Menage, limerilus Dr. William H. Perkins Dr. Joseph W. Reddoch Joseph T. Roberts Dr. Howard H. Russell Dr. John T. Sanders Dr. Willia.vi H. See.mav Dr. Thovlxs B. Sellers ' 3+ ' 35 ' 36 ' 34 ' 37 ' 36 ' 37 ' 3fi ' 34 ' 37 ' 37 ' 37 •36 ' 37 ' 37 ' 34 ' 35 ' 35 ' 36 ' 34 ' 37 ' 34 ' 36 ' 34 ' 35 Fratres in Universitate William K. Gauthier . . . James R. Godfrey .... Paul R. Gooce Duncan G. Graha.m . . . M. Ragan Green Jack B. Griffin John ' . Gwin Edwin J. Herpich .... David P. Hightower . . . Merrell O. Hines .... James H. Holi.imon . . . woodrow m. howdon . . . Ja mes D. Hutchins .... Charles A. Jones Trois E. Johnson Robert A. Kodken .... CJwYNNE H. Little .... Philip W. Mallory .... Roger W. Manar L. D. Miller Willia.vi B. Nelson .... Paul H. Parker Thomas J. Payne, Jr. . . . John W. Pender E.mmett Ray 37 Frederick L. Risiier . 36 John C. Roberts, Jr. . . 35 George E. Rohrer, Jr. . . 37 Jackson T. Scull . . . 34 E RL S. Seale .... 37 Richard E. Selser . . . 36 E. Allen Sherrill, Jr. . 36 John R. Shipp 37 Dayrel D. Smith .... 36 Gregory S.Mini .... 36 James A. Sproles, Jr. . . 36 Warren C. Stephens, Jr. . 34 Douglas R. Svveti.and . . 34 John T. DeL. Thames . . 37 Robert P. ' incent, Jr. . 34 Noi.EY H. Vinson .... 37 Benja.min C. Wallace, Jr. 34 Luther P. Walter, Jr. . . 34 Edwin H. West .... 37 James A. White, Jr. . . 37 John M. Whitney . , . 37 russei.l c. wli.i.ougiiby . 35 William H. Williams, Jr. 35 John J. Young .... 35 Alphonse H. Zieman . . •36 ' 37 ' 37 ' 37 ' 35 ' 36 ' 35 ' 3« ' 35 ' 3+ ' 36 ' 35 ' 37 ' 35 ' 36 ' 35 ' 35 ' 34 ' 37 ' 34 ■34 ' 34 ' 37 ' 36 All " 1, Ashby Bruno-. Bartleson, Benson, Bounds, Brantley, Brewer, Brown. S.. Blown V.. Bunce, Byram. Chustz, Cardwell CorkL ' rn. Creel, Crocker. Donald, Edwards, Faulkner. Flynt, M., Flynt. R., Fowler. Gautliier. Onogre. Graham. Green G ' -iffin. Gwln. Herploh. Hightower, Hines, Hollimon, Howdon, Hutt-hins. .Tohiison, .Tonics Kooken Mallory, Manar. Miller Nelson. Parker, Payne, Pender. Ray, Rishei-. Rob ' rts. Rohrt ' i, Srull, Seale Selser Sherrill. . ' iniih. SproK s Stcphi-ns. Swetland. Th;in-:fs Vincent, Vinson. Walter. Wallar-e, West. White. Whitney. William.s. WilloMi;hby. Vrmnir. Zionian i Pago 225 V NU SIGMA NU (Professional Medical Fraternity) Founded University of Michigan, 1882 BETA IOTA CHAPTER Estahlished iQio Dr. Charles J. Bloom Dr. Edgar Burns Dr. Octave C. Cassegrain " Col. Charles F. Craig Dr. Charles W. Duval Dr. Charles L. Eshlemak Elmer S. Allen " , Jr. . . Charles E. Anderson, Jr. L. James Arnold, Jr. . Donald M. Baldwin . . Rav G. Banister . . . James G. Blaine, Jr. . Joseph E. Blum, III . . Green A. Bowling, Jr. . C. H. Hardin Branch, J Bradley C. Brownson . Lawrence W. Burt . . John H. Carlock, Jr. . C. Brigman Craft . . Irwin T. Craig . . . Sebron C. Dale . . . Hamlet I. D.wis, Jr. . John S. Desporte . . . V ' erner J. Donnelly . ' 35 ' 37 ' 37 ' 34 ' 34 ) - ' 35 ' 37 3D ' 37 ' 36 ' 35 ' 35 ' 37 ' 34 35 ' 35 Fratres in Facultate Dr. Irving Hardesty " Dr. George L. Hardin Dr. George D. Lilly Dr. Julian H. Lombard Dr. J. Denegre Martin Dr. E. V. Alton Ochsner Dr. Albert B. Pitkin Dr. John G. Pratt Dr. Ambrose H. Storck Dr. Maurice P. Sullivan Dr. Martin T. Van Studdiford Fratres in Universitate James R. Fancher . Nollie C. Felts . . Thomas P. Foltz . . R. Cle.ment French . E. Perrin Harris . . R. Gordon Holcombe, J; Julian P. Howell . Charles R. Hume . Thomas M. Irwin . W. Logan Jennings . Carrol A. Johnson, J Roland G. Keeton . Robert C. Kemp, Jr. . .■Vrthur N. Lewis, Jr. Frank R. Lock . . . -Arthur D. Long, Jr. Willia.m C. McCurdy " , Jr. 34 ' 35 ' 35 ' 37 ' 37 ' 37 ' 35 ' 36 ' 36 ' 36 ' 35 ' 35 ' 35 ;36 35 35 ' 36 George G. McHardy, HI Ale.xander M. Manson . Edward de S. Matthews Edwin L. Meek . . . Walter B. Meyer . . Marshall L. Michel, Jr. Masters H. Moore . . Onnie p. Myers . . . Howard A. Nelson . . M. Reeves Pope . . . Edward B. Robinson, Jr. John C. Russel, Jr. . . Walter H. Slmmoxs, Jr. Francis D. Threadgill Nelson O. Tyrone . . Fred K. Vaughan . . Norton W. Voorhies . John C. Weed .... ' 36 ' 37 ' 36 ' 34 •36 ' 37 ' 34 35 ' 37 ' 37 ' 36 ' 36 ' 37 ' 35 ' 34 ' 34 •36 ' 36 Allen. Anderson. Arnold. Banister, Blaine, Blum, Bowling. Branch, Burt, Byrne. Carlock, Craft Hume. Irwin, Johnson, Keeton, Kemp, Lewis, Lock, Matthews, McCurdy, Meek, Meyer, Michel Craig, Davis, Desporte, Fancher, Farrior, Felts. French, Hardy, Harris, Holcombe, Howell Moore, Myers, Parsons, Pope, Richter, Robinson, Russel, Simmons, Threadgill, Tyrone, Vaughan, Voorhiese, " ' eed €l)©0 ooooo i Page 226 PHI RHO SIGMA ( Projcsslonnt Mid ' iciil rnitcniilyj I iiiiiultd ' i)rtli vcstcni Mciliral Schnol, 1890 DELTA OMICRON ALPHA CHAPTER Eslabiiihiii KjiS Dr. Dean H. Affleck Dr. Sidney W. Bi.iss Dr. [oii H. Gooch Fratres in Facultate ])r. Joii R. Mlmk Dr. Li.ovd J. Kuiiy Dr. Roger J. M.mlhes Dr. Axees Mocabgab Dr. RonERT A. Strokc Dk. William . . W.ac.s ' ER Fratres in Universitate Lee J. Ale.xaxder . . . William F. Barefoot . ViNCEXT J. DeP. Derbes William E. Fraxtz . . Otis F. Gay Samuel H. Haicler, Jr. Miltox M. Hattaway . Edward A. Heffxer, Jr. Norman D. Hixes . John C. Holmax, Jr. . Harris Isbell .... Edwin S. Kagv . . . Thomas E. Kelly . Walter O. McCam.viox 34 Ely D. Rovvlaxd . . . 34 Joseph E. Slate . . . 34 Richard McI. Street . 37 John C. Suares . . . 35 Sheldon Teer .... 37 Gustavus W. Tho.vlassox, 34 Fraxk O. Tomexy . . 35 Waldo L. Treutixc . . 36 Edvvix W. Tucker . . 34 Robert c;. Wacxer . . 34 Roger I. Wall .... 34 Joseph E. Watsox . . 35 Ja.vies H. Wells . . . 35 Howard B. ' illiams . JR 34 ' 34 ' 35 ' 37 ' 34 ' 36 ' 35 ' 34 •36 ' 34 ' 34 37 ■34 35 Alexander. Barefoot. Frantz. Haigler. Hattaway. Heft ' ner. Holnum. Isbell, Kagy. Kelly. McCamnion. Rowland. Slate. Street, Suares, Teer, Tonieny, Treuting, AVagner, Wall. i Page 227 9t PHI DELTA EPSILON (Professional Medical Fraternity) Founded Cornell University, 1904 ALPHA IOTA CHAPTER Establisiird IQ S Dr. Emile Block Dr. Isidore Cohn Fratres in Facultate Dr. Julian- Gr.aubarth Dr. Daniel N. Silverman Dr. Sidney K. Simon Dr. Herbert L. Weinberger Fratres in Universitate Oscar Blitz ' 34 H. P. Marks, Jr. . Irvin Cahen ' 37 Paul L. Marks . Stanley Cohen ' 35 Leslie K. Muxdt Ralph Friedman ' 36 Louis Ochs, Jr. . Benjamin R. Gendel ' 35 Harry L. Orlov . Allan M. Goldman ' 37 Zachary J. Romeo Mose B. Hesdorffer ' 37 Melvin D. Steiner Morris Kaplan ' 35 Nathan Weil, Jr. Louis K. Levy, Jr ' 37 Frank Weitz . . ' 36 ■36 ' 37 ' 34 ' 34 ' 35 ' 36 ' 37 ' 35 Blitz, Cahen, Cohen, Friedman, Gendel. Goldman. Kaplan Levy, Marks Mundt. Ochs, Orlov, Komeo. Steiner, Weitz i Page 228 y ALPHA EPSILON IOTA ( I ' l iijissiiiiial Ml till III I- 1 nil I iiily jur It luiiiii) a I ' niindcd Ann Arbur, Michifr ' T ' i 1889 MU CHAPTER Established 19 19 SORORES IN FaCULTATE Ina M. Harper, iVI.D. Maud Loeber, M.D. Marie B. Dees-Mattixgly, M.D. SoRORES IN UnIVERSITATE Wilhelmina C. Backer ' 36 Eva C. Eichold EiVIMERSON C. ChIASSON ' 36 AuDREV U. HeIXTZ Mary P. Chiasson ' 36 Georgiana J. vox Laxgermaxx Jessie A. McDonald ' 34 ■ 34 • " 34 • ' 35 Bacher, Eu-liold. von La n germ aim. McDonald A Pdqa 229 y PHI LAMBDA KAPPA (Professional Medical Fraternity) PSI CHAPTER Estabtislicd ig26 Founded University of Pcnnsyl ' Vdjiia, igo ' j Fratres in Facultate Dr. Sydney Jacobs Dr. Walter Edmoxd Levy Dr. Isidore Leon Robbins Fratres in Universitate Samuel Barkoff ' 34 Bernard H. Bayer ' 35 Murray A. Diamond ' 36 Sol Dombeck ' 35 Nathan Goldstein ' 37 Irvin M. Grassgreen ' 35 Joseph Hudes ' 35 Bernard L. Maller ' 34 B. Bernard Weinstein . Elliot Phillips . . Leon Phillips . . . Mortimer Silvey . . Morris L. Steckel . Leon J. Taubenhaus Walter C. Tuman . Herman Wechsler . Benedict Weinstein . ' 34 ■36 ' 37 ' 34 ' 37 ' 37 ' 34 ' 36 37 Earkofc. Bayer. Diamond. Dumbeck. Goldstein. Grassgreen. Gray. Hudes, Maller. Marks, Phillips. E.. Phillips. L., Silvey. Steck, Taubenhaus, Tuman, AVechsler. Weinstein. B. B.. Weinstein. B. 4 Page 230 • Honorari:! Fraternities BETA GAMMA SIGMA " Xational Horwrary Co?iimerce Fraternity " Founded University of Wisconsin and Universiy of Illinois, 191 3 ALPHA CHAPTER OF LOUISIANA Installed at Tulane, l()26 Officers Carver W. Blanxhard President Robert W. Elsasser Vice-President Gayle L. Dalferes Secretary-Treasurer Morton ' A. Aldrich Fratres in Facultate Robert W. Elsasser Jay C. Vav Kirk F. Saxtry Reed Fratres ix Uxiversitate Carver W. Blaxchard Gayle L. Dalferes Harold A. Arbo Richard O. Baumbach Hooper P. Carter Herbert D. Cohex Joseph A. Cohex Lazar I. Cohex Bexxie Cohx Hexry R. Crais Gus A. Elgutter Walter J. Fouxtaix Joseph A. Graml J. Walter Heymax Albert E. Hollemax Alumni Ordway Kastler C. Homer Kees Joseph W. Kidd Hugh B. Kohlmayer Fraxk Lemaxx Trevor C. Lewis Johx J. Liexhard, Jr. Louis L. Lowextxitt Jack J. Margolix Lawrence W. Martix Erxest B. Masox Martix L. Matthews Alfred Mercier, Jr. JR Marvin S. Mixgledorff Thomas D. Mixgledorff Robert L. Reisfeld A. Leonard Robixett Johx E. Ry.viax Edmoxd a. Salassi Thomas R. Sartor, Jr. Edward R. Sherwood Robert L. Si.mpsox Jules J. Viosca, Jr. George T. Walxe Jr. Bexxie Weixer Frederick A. Youxcs HoxoR.ARv Members E. Davis McCutchox Leox Charles Simox Pdge 232 y Fuhnnann. Geicr, Wilson GARGOYLE lloitorary Ardiittcluicit Fraliin.ly Fouiulecl Cornell rniversity, 1902 Installed at Tulane, 1927 Fratres in Facultate Nathaniel C. Curtis Arthur H. Levy Soi.is Seiferth John H. THOiVisoN I- ' rATRES IX L ' XIVKRSITATE Emile F. Fuhrmanx, Jr. David C. E. Geier Jack F. Wilsox Charles Axdry Charles Armstrong v.. II. Christy 11. C. Crowley C. Hermon Dean Collins Diboi.l, Jr. Herndon M. Fair A ' . . . Follansbee n. V. Freret R. F. Gelpi IIarrv Haas, Jk. Alumni Harold Haller H. Tardy Hart Newton R. Howard R. Cary Jones Walter C. Keenan, II Jacob Kessels Gerhard T. Kramer F. M. Labouisse LoRis K. Levy Simon Mansberc r. c. murrei.i. Edward Neii.d, Jr. Ulisse M. Nolan Allison Owen, Jr. Herbert Parker DaRRELL J. PlSCHOFF 1. WiLLIA.VI RiCCIUTI .Macill Smith W. P. Spr. tlinc .• . Hays Town Horace C. Welman Mackey W. Whfte Samuel Wilson, Jr. L. Lavelle Wright i Page 233 i Blitz. Funkenstein, Hattaway, Howard. Isbell Jones Kagy. Mailer, Moore. Thigpeu, Treuting, Walter ALPHA OMEGA ALPHA (To be li ' ort iy to serve the suffertiit ) Honorary Medical Fraternity STARS AND BARS CHAPTER Officers Dr. Oscar W. Bethea President Dr. Adolph Jacobs j? Vice-President Dr. Lily L. Dismuke Secretary-Treasurer Dr. Isidore Cohn J t=v Counselor Honorary ] Iember in F.aculty Colonel Charles F. Craig HoNOR.ARY Alumni Member Dr. Robert A. Strong Members Elected from the Class of 1933 Harris Isbell Charles Alexander Jones Edwin Stewart Kagy Dan Hertz Funkenstein WiLLiA.vi Allen Howard Masters Hankins Moore Oscar Blitz Waldo Louis Treuting Bernard Lazarus Maller Luther P. tterson Walter, Jr. Milton Maxwell Hattaway Francis Marion Thigpen, Jr. We believe in the tenets of abiding truth, vhich is the guiding star of our order. We believe in the helping hand which is the bar which binds us in our calling. We believe in the unit_v of service to one another which lends to the weary a word of cheer, to the poor a portion of our share, to the weak a meed of pity, to the stricken a voice of comfort, to the old a memory of youth, and to the wayfarer a help along to the journey ' s end. Our emblem will always be an inspiration to duty, remembering it stands for excellence in all things, purity of purpose and honesty of method and effort, with the blessing of an Alma Mater upon each who wears her badge of honor. May our lives lie among the stars which light the way to the great mysterv and may we so live that when we reach the end of the road we may .find the veil, which parted, leads to the height of everlasting peace. Sic ad Astra! i Page 234 i Jl, 00€)©0 Allen, Anderson, H.. Anderson, J., Ashby, Baldwin, Banister, Blaine, Boles Branch. Brown, Carlock, Corkern, Davis, DeLee. Faneher, Googe Green. Howard. Jones, Kagj ' . Long, Lovelady, MeCall, Moore pipes. Rice. Terry, Thlgpen, Walters, WlUians. Willoughby OWL CLUB .7 Jiiiiior-Sriiinr hilrrfriili? lily Iloiinr Sot ' uly for ihc M ainlenance of lliijlur Standards in ihr Mi ' dical School. Founded at Tulane, 1921. Officers M. Ragan Green President Ray G. Banister Vice-President Masters H. Moork, Jr Secretary Hiram M. Anderson Treasurer Members Seniors lIiKAM M. Anderson ' James P. Anderson Donald M. Baldwin Ray G. Banister W ' m. McDonald Boles Hunter M. Brown Ronald E. Corkern, Jr. W. Russell Davis Richard B. DeLee James R. Fancher William A. Howard Charles .A. Jones Sim B. Lovelady Masters H. Moore. Jr. David M. Pipes Francis M. Tiiicpen, Jr. M. Racan Green Ralph F. Allen John W. Ashby James G. Blaine, Jr. C. H. Hardin Branch, Jr. Juniors John H. Carlock, Jr. Sebron C. Dale Otho K. DuBoise Thomas P. Foltz Paul R. Gooce Randolph N. Long Eugene F. McCall Luther L. Terrv Charles R. Williams i Paqe 235 V Cleveland. Felts, Hubert McCloskey. Moore KAPPA DELTA PHI Established at Tulane, 1904 Officers Joseph McCloskey, Jr PresideTit A. Brown Moore Vice-President BuFORD M. Myers, Jr Secretary-Treasurer Members Elected 1929 Bernie Bierman Sheldon S. Blue Earl F. Evans Herbert D. Ford Andrew T. Hooper Albin p. Lassiter Martin L. Matthews Bernard McCloskey Jo?[N S. Whatley Sl Members Elected 1930 G. Armstrong Allen Francis " Ike " Armstrong Louis Bristow Edward H. Gessner Charles B. Henriques Dan S. Moore Bruno Stolley Charles E. Webb Hugh W. Whatley, Jr. Calvert G. de Coligny Frederick H. Fox Members Elected 1931 Harnett T. Kane Elmer M. McCance LoYD T. Roberts Garland F. Taylor Vernon C. Haynes Leon D. Hubert, Jr. Faculty Counsellor Members Elected 1932 Robert L. Menuet A. Brown Moore BuFORD M. Myers, Jr. Members Elected 1933 Murray F. Cleveland Frederick Hard NoLLiE C. Felts Edmond Le Breton Joseph McCloskey, Jr. Dr. William L. Duren, Jr. Active Alumnus. . . . Francis C. Payne William F. Penney Calvert G. de Coligny Kappa Delta Phi is an honorary fraternity for the promotion of Tulane spirit. It selects each year from the Junior and Senior classes men who have been conspicuous for school spirit and for distinguished and unselfish loyalty and endeavor during their university careers. i Page 236 ;( Cleveland, Felts. Feltus. McCloskey, Moore McGhee. Morrow, Robert, Wilson OMICRON DELTA KAPPA Natiiiiuil lliinnniiy Leadership Fraternity FoMiidcd at li ' asliiiu lon anJ Lee, IQ14 ALPHA ZETA CIRCLE Establis ji l at Tuliuu- in icjso Dr. Paul W. Brosman Dr. Daniel S. Ellioit ROBEKT V. ElSASSER Fratrus in Facultate Dr. Edmond L. Faust Dr. Frederick Hard Dr. John M. McBrvde Dr. Leon J. Menville Forrest E. Oakes F. Saxtrv Reed Fr.atres in Univhrsitate Murray F. Cleveland NoLi.iE C. Felts J. IL Randolph Feltus Joseph McCloskev, Jr. Addison F. McGuee A. Hrown Moore Clarence J. Morrow BuFORD M. Myers, Jr. James M. Roberts, Jr. John C. Weed Tack F. Wn.soN CuTHiiERT S. Baldwin Robert E. Craig CAR|-X RIGHT EuSTIS A. Hrouv MdORK . . HiioKii M. Mm;ks. Jk. iMeiii urs elected in 1934 Carver W. Blanchard T. Hale Bogcs Henry Haller Leslie Hebert Nolan C. Kam.mer l. t. kuhxer Chaki.es Kyle Allan Liitle, Jr. Edward NLvrniEws John B. McDaniel Claude Simons, Jr. Francis M. Thigpen GrADL.ATE MEiMHERS Darwin S. Fenner Frank W. Hart BiRi V. Henry 1. Hi, Ave Monroe Urban J. Moonev, Jr. Dr. Walter O. Moss Rudolph Weixmann ■ ■ ■ Ol rici:RS Presulnil ]. U. Randolph Fei.ti-s -I ' ns ' ulinl Murray F. Cleveland . Treasurer Secretary i Page 237 y 1 Bruno. Chambers. Cleveland. Freeman. Glass Haik, Haller, Holmes, Kamnier. Lottlnger Porter. O ' Connor, Sutter, Westfeldt, Wilson PHI PHI Junior-Senior National Fraiirnily jor the Promotion of School Spirit Founded University ' of California, 1919 Sphixx of Tulaxe Established l()2 Members John Bruno, Jr. F. Beale Chambers Murray F. Cleveland Richard W. Freeman Tom a. Glass, Jr. George M. Haik Hexrv Haller John A. Holmes Nolan Kammer Robert D. Lottincer John A. O ' Connor, Jr. Donald R. Porter Edward H. Sutter George Westfeldt, Jr. Jack F. Wilson " The purpose of Sphinx of Tulane shall be that of a senior society choosing its members on a basis of character, leadership, mentalitj- and personalitv " , to thus bring together in a feeling of felloTfship the ablest and most active thought and leadership in collegiate life at Tulane U ni versitv. " i Page 238 Babln. Bartlctt, Beck. Brodtmann. Carter Chavlgny Dclaune. Guell. Henriques. Hagstette I.andry. Little. Peters. Riley. Shilstone. Thorn ALPHA CHI SIGMA (I ' rojtssional Cluinical I ' laliiiiily) Founded University of Wisconsin, 1902 ALPHA TAU CHAPTER Estabtisliid iqjS Fratri;s in Facult.ate Ch.. rles B. Dicks, Jr. Dr. Raymond Freas Dr. Arthur O. Kastler William E. Merrill Hal W. Moselev Elisha F. Pollard Charles S. Williamson " , Jr. Fr. tri:.s in L ' niversitati- Graduate Students Patrick J. Araguel J. Dudley Atkixsox Marshall Ballard, Jr. V. Randolph Delk Avery Pattox, Jr. J. Alfred Sxyder, Jr. Ralph D. Babix .... C. Juliax Bartlett . . Erxest W. Beck, Jr. . . August J. J. Brodtmaxx, J Robert C. Carter .... Charles L. Chavigxy . . Ralph H. Delauxe . . . Lauraxce Eustis, Jr. . . Charles H. Guell . . . ( ' ndcrgraduatc Studi ills Jacob S. Guepet . . . Edgar J. C. Hagsteite, Edouard F. Hexriques, Arthur F. Laxdry . . Allan Little, Jr. . . . G. Harold Peters . . Crawford J. Powell . JOHX R. Riley, Jr. . . Cecil M. Shilstoxe . . Charles B. Thorx, Jr " 35 3+ 35 34 36 36 34 34 36 34 54 35 35 ' 35 ' 35 35 ' 3« 35 i Prtqo 239 y li! Carre. Hirsch, Martin Moore. Tobin ALPHA SIGMA SIGMA Senior Honorary Fraternity Members Benita Carre Jean Martin Louise Hirsch Lalise Moore Marie Louise Tobin In Facultate Mildred G. Christian Adele M. Drouet Alpha Sigma Sigma is the honorary senior fraternity, organized at Nevvcomb in igi6 to promote interest in college and class activities. Each year those juniors who throughout their college career have done the most loyal, effective, and unselfish work for their college and their class are elected to membership. i Page 240 » Harinp, Hiiriy. Ihuvin Ronshclm. BETA DELTA Honorary Art Sorority Founded at Newcnmh, 1931 Founders Marcelle Leverich Lucille Livaudais Elizabeth Adams Nancv Allen AURELLV ArbO Charter Members Hester Bernadas Clara May Buchanan Katherine Bvrne Amelie Chalaron LuciLE Chalaron Alice Mae Ellington MvRA Frederickson Marjorie Haspel Margaret Henriques BETTi- Keenan Louise Livaudais HoxoRARv Members Ellsworth WoonwARo Mary G. Sheerer Anna Jane Dohan Winifred Folse Members Elected from the (Uass of 11)32 Katherine Kammer Ethel Ketcham Shirley Teunisson Beverly Walton Betty Briscoe Rose Crossgrove Hester Harrop Claudia Uarvin Menihcrs Elected from the (Uass of IQ33 Alice Evans Members Elected from the Class of IQ34 Helen Harry Eugenia Hay Joy Hearx i.isEnE Moore M r(; ret Preston nlxrios ronsheim Margaret Prest Officers Claudia Harvin .... Helen Harry . . PresiJinl rici-PrisiJiiil . . . Sccrctary-Triiisurcr ll,l„ Delia liciMoraiv art vnroritv, was founded at Newcomli in t.)?!. Its purpose is to promote interest in an and to recognize a ' rtislic ability. Each viar those Junior Art studei-ls uho liave been sincere and outstanding in an work are elected to membership. i Page 2J I THETA ALPHA PHI National Honorary Dramatic Fraternity Founded University of Chicago, 1919 LOUISIANA BETA CHAPTER Establislied at Tulanc in ig2 Frater INT Facultate Dr. John M. McBryde Margaret N. Graham J. Walter Heymav Charter Members Val E. Irion " Harry S. Kaufman, Jr. Anita L. Mars Benjamin W. Yancey Gradu-ate Members Gustave p. Devron Elise McGehee H. Waller Fowler, Jr. Marcella Melun Elizabeth Heaslip Daniel S. Moore Elizabeth Pearson Frances Shaw James Stafford Undergraduate Members Nolan Kammer Buford M. Myers, Jr. A. Brown Moore John C. Weed Theta Alpha Phi was founded to promote a greater interest in the drama in collegiate circles. X " - ' Page 242 KAPPA KAPPA PSI National Ilonnrary Mus ' ual Fralnnlly jor Collcyc Baiidsmtii Founded Oklahoma State College, 1919 RHO CHAPTER Eslahlisliid at Tulaiu- May, ig2y FrATRES in F.ACULTATli Drt. Frkderick Hard Dr. Marten te IIoor Jons- K. Mavrr 1- " r tki:s IX 1 ' i i;rsit TE Claude L. Giraud L. William O. Jaxssex, Jr. Herman- G. Janssen Frederick I.. Reuter Claude R. S.mith, Jr. Oswald W. Viosca Pago 243 4.. iMi Blair, Boggs. Caffery, Cleveland Cram. D ' Angelo. deBuys. Devlin. Eustis. Feltus Habans, Hamlet, Harris. King. Kuhner. Kyle. Lallande. Marshall, McCloskey McNeill, Miller, Mintz. Moore. O ' Connor. Oliver. Phelps. Poitevent. Cancton, Tessier, Trepagnier. Whitten. ALPHA ALPHA ALPHA Honorary Pre-Legal Fraternity Founded University of Illinois, 1920 BETA CHAPTER EstabliskrJ iqjj Faculty Member Dr. Paul W. Brosman John M. Blair T. Hale Boggs J. Taylor Caffery Kendall H. Cram Angelo M. D ' Angelo John S. Devlin Edward Eustis Pre-Legal Members Charles B. Hamlet, III William H. Harris, Jr. Haywood H. Hillyer Benjamin C. King Spencer J. Lallande Charles D. Marshall J. David McNeill Bernard D. Mintz Charles M. Oliver AsHTON Phelps Edward B. Poitevent Thomas G. Sancton George D. Tessier Otis B. Trepagnier College of Law Members Murray F. Cleveland J. Ben Habans Harry D. de Buys L. T. Kuhner J. H. Randolph Feltus Charles A. Kyle Joseph McCloskey, Jr. Allison T. Miller A. Brown Moore John A. O ' Connor, Jr. i Page 244 Bai-ker. Bariutt Blancliard Boggs, Carre, Cleveland, Davis, de Buys, Eustls French, Green, Haller, Harde.sty, Harvin Heeht. Hirsch, Hyde, Jordan, Kerr Kuhner, Livaudais, Many. Martin. Miazza. Michel, Morelock. Nolan. Norwood O ' Connor, Odom, Patterson, Phelps, Ray. Rembort Robert. Pehulze. Shilstone. Smith Sonierville. .Sutter. Tarlton. Tobin. Torrado. Viallon. Werlein. Wilson, AVirth TULANE UNIVERSITY ROOTERS KLUB Officers L. T. Kuhner ' I ' nsuinti M. cDox. LD Kkrr, Jr Vke-Pnsidnil Irving H.ardesty. Jr Secretary LvNXE P. Hecht Ncix-comh Clui ' irmaii Memrrrs Tiilanc John L. Many, III E. Patrick McCloskev Kalford M. Miazza Albert M. NoRWonn John A. O ' Connor, Jr. Jr. a. Balfour Patikrson, AsHTON Phelps William O, Rorert Carver W. Blanchard T. Hale Boggs Joseph O. Carson, Jr. Murray F. Cleveland Thomas J. Conrov, Jr. Harry D. he Buys Eno EusTis Henry Haller Irving Hardesty, Jr. Gordon B. Hyde Douglas Johnson Harry P, Jordan, Jr. C. MacOonald Kerr, L. T. Kuhner R, oLL Livaudais RlDOLPH J. Sciiui.zE, Jr. Cecil M. Shilstone Howard K. Smith, Jr. Edward H. Suiter Rene A. Torrado PiHLip Werlein, I ' Iack F. Wilson Mixola L. Backer Ida A. Barnete Benita Carre Doris D. Davis Ruth E. French Inez M. Green Claudia Harvin Lynne p. Hecht Netvcoiiib Louise Hirsch Frances M. Kerr Jean Martin Helen J. Michel Vassar F. Morelock Katherine E. Nolan Vada L. Odom Abby p. Ray Virginia E. Re.vibert Keith Somerville Louise L. Tarltom Marv Louise Tobin Ruth C. Viallon Li. E Wehrmann Alma P. Wirth The Tul.nnc rnivcrsity Rooters Klub (T.U.R.K.) was foinided at Tiilaiie in 1932 for the purpose of proinotins school spirit through the use of card displays, at football games, helping with pep meetings and the selection of cheerleaders, and finally for the purpose of furtluring lutter intercollegiate understanding and relationship by meet- ing and entertaining visiting athletic teams. i H (3e 245 Blue, Bohne. Brown. Carrere, Chalstroni. Collins Cox. Crawley, Doswell, Eustls, Finch, LeGardeiir Linibaugh, Manard. Owen. Patterson, Walker. Witt WHITE ELEPHANTS Frcshmaji Society for the Promotion of School Spirit. Founded at Tulaiie, January, 1921. TULANE JUNGLE T. Vernon Finch W. Waller Young, Jr. . Jungle Trunk Jungle Tusk Phi Delta Thcta EwELL E. Collins T. Vernon Finch Albert B. Paterson, Jr. Kappa Alpha Ernest A. Carrere, Jr. Justin R. Querbes, Jr. W. Waller Young, Jr. Little Tusks - " ; ' Kappa Alpha Harry E. Chalstro.m, Jr. Edward T. Cornell Clifford C. Walker Sigma Chi Thomas J. Conroy, Jr. James N. Eustis Robert L. Manard, Jr. Phi Kappa Sigma William H. Bohne Adair L. Co.x A. Brooks Owen Kappa Sigma George R. Blue Robert N. Habans E. Douglas Johnson Delta Tau Delta R. Jocelyn Crawley, Jr. George LeGardeur Otho S. Llmbaugh Alpha Tau Omega Kenneth H. Brown Menard Doswell Henry C. Eustis Sigma Alpha Epsilon John S. Arthur Claude A. V ' harton, Jr. T. Gerald Witt The White Elephant Cup is an annual award to the student of that year ' s Freshman Class adjudged the Best Ail-Round Freshman by a faculty committee based on scholarship, athletics, general popularity on the campus, and with regard to campus activities and offices in general. Howard K. Smith, Jr., was the winner of the cup for the session r932-33. i Page 246 Barham. Earl. Flettricli. fioclwin. Haynie Huey, Snellings. Spiller. Thorn THIRTEEN CLUB .In llniifjiaiy I ' ns imitri Inlnjralniiily Club jor tin- I ' urpnsc of Promntiiuj Class and School Spirit. Founded at Titian,-, ig20. johx d. axdrews Ekle McK. Barham Thomas C. Earl Albert J. Flettrich Members Class of ' 37 B. Murray Frost Rex Godwin- Robert M. Haynie WiLLUM S. Huey Robert M. Monsted Hughes Schneidau Breard Snellings Alfred W. Spiller, jr. John C. Thorn Thomas W. Born Philip Burwell Walter H. Claiborne, Jr. HKNin 11. II i MP, Jr. Class of ' j6 John Kostmayer Charles H. Moore William Nichols Thomas Sloo, Jr. Howard Smith Charles Smither Dolas Tipping Marion Verlander Rich ARii B. Wood George W. Boitnger Laurence Eustis, Jr. Clave E. Gill, H Class of ' 3S B. M. Harvard, Jr. CiEORGE Janvier, Jr. Pete Mexce Albert M. Norwood Richard M. P. ce Ashton Phelps Edward B. Poitevent C. Julian Bartleit Murray F. Cleveland Edward Eustis Edgar H. Farrar Class of ' 34 Tom Harry S. Hugh Lu.mpkin Fontaine Martin, Jr. W. PoRCHER Miles, Jr. Charles W. Sherwood J. Walker Sullivan J. D1.M.MICK Thetford Charle s B. Thorn, Jr. Phil Wocan i Page 2-(7 y STUDENT ACTIVITIES OFFICE Cai.vkrt (;. ni; Coi.ign ' CiKuluati ' Manager oj Sttiilinl .] divilii ' i Arlkn ' e v. Zink Secretary o (!ra liiatc Manage CAI.VtRI- G. Ut COI.IGNV The office of Director of Student Activities was created nine years ago with the following duties and responsibilities: 1. To act as General Student Body Secretary, to keep the records of the Student Council, including the records of all receipts and disbursements of the Student Activities Fee. 2. To supervise the student publications; also, to assist the editors and business managers in making contracts and to cooperate with them in the execution of their respective duties. 3. To act in an advisory capacity in connection with the work of the Student Council, to be present at all its meetings for the purpose of informing the Council regarding methods and actions of the previous Councils in directing student government, and the administration of the Student Activities Fee. 4. To supervise the management of all student activities for the purpos of coordinating them and bringing about closer cooperation between the various crgaiiizatlons and activities. The name of the office has been changed twice since its installation in 1925. " director " has been changed to " Manager " and the 1932-33 Student Council decided that the incumbent should always be a graduate of Tulane. So, the title of the office is now Graduate Manager of Student Activities. Although the title has been changed, the duties have, in general, remained the same. The Graduate Manager of Student .Activities acts as a liason official between the student body, the administration department of the uiii ersil , the faculty, and the nlmniii, He has contacts with all four bodies and sees that the proper authorities of each body arc informed of important actions and thev are in accord so that their full cooperation can be obtained. The various colleges arc scattered and somewhat loosely connected in regard to their student bodies and it is also the duty of the CSraduale Manager to obtain their active cooperation on projects under- taken by the Studeru Bmly as a whole. Although the CJraduate Manager ' s work is mostly with the heads of organizations and activities, the facilities of his office are opeEi to any student in need of information and advice in regard to any phase of his school life. Freshmen often call upon him for help and a bulletin board outside of the office is used to keep students posted on helpful inlonnalion and matters of general interest. { Paqe ?5I r Haller, Loveladj ' , Martin, McCloskey. McNeill, Wilson THE TULANE STUDENT COUNCIL Officers Jack F. Wilson, President Engineering Sim B. Lovelady, Vice-President Medicine J. David McNeill, Secretary Arts and Sciences Henry Haller Commerce Joseph McCloskey, Jr Law Jean Martin Neiucomb The Tulane Student Council is composed of the student body presidents of the various colleges of the University. These oiTicials, elected every spring, come into office at Commencement and serve until the next Commencement. The Council was organized in March, 191 5, at the installation of student government at Tulane, and has functioned for nineteen years as the supreme law-making and judicial body in all phases of student affairs. It is the duty of the Council to handle all official business of the student body. It controls and budgets the student fees, makes all contracts, oversees all elections, and is represented on various committees of the faculty and alumni, thereby giving the students a voice in shaping athletic, student, alumni, and University policies. i Page 252 ► Brown. Cfirrfi, Hirsch, Lemann. Martin. Michel North, Odom. Reeves, Rembert. Ricks NEWCOMB STUDENT COUNCIL Officers Benita Carre President Alice Lemann Vice-President Louise C. Hoehn Secretary Members Ex-Officio Louise Hirsch Helen J. Michel Jean Martin Elizabeth North Vada L. Odom LuciLE Owens Louise Ricks Elected Julie F. Brown Alice Lemann Louise C. Hoehx Marion F. Leverich Constance Meyer Nancv R. Reeves Virginia Remrert Page 253 Randolph Feltus Editor Dick Freeman " Business Manager THE JAMBALAYA Official Annual of Tulane University Editorial Staff J. H. Ran-dolph Feltus Editor-in-Chief Enid P. Fisher Centennial Editor Allan Little, Jr Associate Editor Vernon Payne Sports Editor Richard B. Wood, Jr Assistant Editor Jack F. Wilson Cartoon Editor Mary Helen Dohan Ne=u;comb Editor Francis M. Thigpen, Jr Medical Editor Assistants Robert X. Aylin -Iclifities Addison F. McGhee, Jr Sports Earl Richards, Jr Sports John S. Arthur Sports BuCKNER Chipley Fraternities Breard Snellings Fraternities Thilo von Kurnatowski Fraternities Hardee Bethea Features Harry de Buys Features Sam Eichold Classes John W. Sims Classes Charles M. Ives, Jr Classes Chester D. Burns Classes Robert Haynie Classes Business Staff Richard W. Freeman Business Manager Alice Lemann Ne cornb Business Manager Gus B. Baldwin, Jr. . . Assistant Business Manager Thomas W. Born . . . Assistant Bus iness Manager Edward S. Livaudais . . Assistant Business Manager Aylin, Baldwin. Bethea. Born, Burns. Chipley. Dohan Eichold, Haynie, Ives. Little. Livaudais. ilcGee, Payne Richards, Sims, Snellings. Thign?en. von Kurnatowski, " Wilson. " Wood ■: £ i Page 254 y llAKRY l)E Bl " SS Editor LiNDRN ArIIILK lUisiness Maiiaijer THE TULANE HULLABALOO Official TFcekly of Tulane Utiiversily Harry D. de Buvs Editor-in-Cliicf T. Hale Bogcs Associate Editor Marie Louise Tobin Ni-u-comb Editor MoiSE V. Den ' XERY Sports Editor Charles C. Bass, Jr Campus Editor E. G. Baker Marsh Features Editori.al St.aff Tiio.MAs G. Sancton- Features ' iLLL M R. HicciNBOTHAM Nev s Editor Thilo L. J. VON KuRNATOwsKi . . . Exchange Editor Jack F. Wilson -Irt Editor R. Vernon Payne Sports E. G. Baker Marsh ....... News, Features Walter H. Dust.viann, Jr Nevjs, Features Linden B. Arthur Business Manager William R. McHuch, Jr Sales Manager John S. Arthur ..... Assistant Sales Manager Frederick W. Bierhorst Copy Manager Celian H. Lewis Ad-vertising Manager BusixEsss St.aff Herbert A. Hy.mav . . Assistant Advertising Manager Elma L. Levy Issistant Advertising Manager Louise L. Tarlton .... Xei .comh Sales Manager IRGINIA E. Re.vibert . Novcoml) Circulation Manager Alice L. Kili-atrick . Nev:comh Advertising Manager Bass, Bierhorst, Boggs. Dennery. Dustmann, Higginbothani, Hyman Kilpatrick, von Kurnatowski, Levy. Li-wis Marsh, MfHugh. Payne, Rembert. Tarlton. Tobin. " U ' ilson i Page 255 y de Castro, Ferguson, Friedman, Goodman. Hubert, Kammer Kepper, McCloskey, Miazza, Moore, Morrow. Mulhearn Robert, Titche, " Van Hook, Weiss. Wrii Iit. " Wilcox TULANE LAW REVIEW The Tulane Laiv Revieiv is a legal periodical, published bj ' the faculty and students of the Tulane College of Law. It is a quarterly devoted primarilj ' to civil law, comparative law, and statutory interpretation. Editorial Board Clarenxe J. Morrow Editor-in-Chief George A. Wilson Faculty Admser James A. Van Hook Secretary Joseph McCloskey, Jr Ci-vil Law Editor Alfredo de Castro, Jr Comparative Laiu Editor Leon D. Hubert, Jr Statutory Interpretation Editor Charles Titche Book Reniiew Editor James M. Robert, Jr Index Editor Sol Weiss, Jr Index Editor Joseph V. Ferguson, II Business Manager A. Brown Moore James H. Kepper, Jr. Robert E. Friedman Kalford K. Miazza Benjamin M. Goodman Alwine L. Mulhearn Nolan Kammer Marie Louise Wilcox Morris Wright Begun four j ' ears ago, as the successor to the Southern Law Quarterly, the Tulane Laic Review has, in the brief span of its existence, gained prominence both in the United States and abroad as a leading journal of civil and comparative law. The Board of Editors is composed of junior and senior students attaining the highest scholastic honors in the College of Law. Page 256 9Hh Bernstein, deBuys, Figueroa, Bauer, Guerriero. Herold. LeBlanc, O ' Connor. Tansoy. TULANE MOOT COURT COMPETITION Board of Advisors Robert B. Guerriero • Chairman Simon Herold Secretary Faculty Advisors Eugene A. Nabors George M. Snellings, Jr. Senior Members Theodore L. Bauer Francisco L. Figueroa Harry D. de Buys John O ' Connor Junior Members Gilbert Bernstein Sam A. LeBlanc, Jr. JUANITA p. TaNSEY The Moot Court system in the College of Law is esp argument of cases. Technical training in legal research, b the lawyer — form the foundation of moot court work, but t The moot court rule abolishes the system of precedent student must weigh the social factors and must concentrate makes the moot court an excellent laboratory for the test! ductive, formal and arbitrary with the newer theory that t with social needs. An important feature of the Tulane Moot Court Syste year students selected on the basis of scholastic standing, the advice of a faculty committee. The purpose of student and to attend to all of the details of the competition. In the academic year of 1932-1933, the Tulane Moot sented by Hugh H. Brister and Jack V. Schwab. This y for a system of competition by teams. ecially designed to train students in the preparation and rief writing and forensics — ordinary tools in the trade of he system gives in addition an even higher type of training. s and compels argument of the cases on their merits. The upon the functioning of the rule of law. This freedom ng and comparison of the older theories that law is de- he judge exercises a directive force to make law conform m is that it is managed by a board of second and third The student boar l works under the supervision and with management is to develop a sense of public responsibility Court Competition was won by the Martin Club, repre- ear it was deemed advisable to abandon the club system i Pago 257 » Barnett. Kirk. Wehrmann, ' eitz NEWCOMB GLEE CLUB Officers Ida Barxett President LiSE WEHRMAxy V ' lce-President Rose Maxheim Weitz Secretary-Treasurer Katherixe Price Director Beryl Kirk Accompanist A. Arny B. Bacharach M. L. Baker L. Baxks I. Barxett J. Browx H. Calleja K. Chamxess C. Coats H. COLOMB L. Comes D. Crichlow I. DURRETT W. Eldridge O. EwixG G. Fagax F. GOMILA A. GOTTSCHALK Members First Sopranos R. Greex D. Haxsex M. Hardy E. Harkey B. HuDsox E. JOHXSOX D. Paixe M. PUTZELL V. Rembert M. Rice S. Ricks M. ROSSER K. SCHLEGEL R. Joxas E. Jokes M. JUMEL Y. Ju.MEL C. K-ACHEL E. LaNasa V. Liggett D. Luff K. MOTTE L. Myers B. Neild K. NOLAX N. Staxton M. L. Taylor V. Taylor R. A ' lALLOX G. ViOSCA A. Walmsley H. Walsh L. Walther M. Whitehurst C. Wyatt L. Allex M. Backer M. Barxes R. Bartox E. Beard K. Briede G. Brockmax M. Brogax A. Buck A. Buford Z. Byrd C. Coreera D. Davis R. Devexsky- D. Diesem D. DoDsox Second Sopranos H. Dyke S. Koelle I. Goldmax D. Haas C. Hall E. Heixdel W. HuDSOX J. Joseph G. Kisler C. KOHLMAX M. KOHLMAX E. Leverich M. Leverich M. Maddux M. Magne I. Mayer D. Mesmax NL Moxtgomery V. Morelock F. Negueloua N. Redditt E. ROLLIXS E. Scales J. Shermax J. Slaughter F. Talbot L Talbot O. Treigle R. Waxder B. Wheeler M. WiRTH A. Wolbrette D. Wright E. Allisox D. Beckemeyer D. B loss at B. Bowxby C. Brister E. Brydox J. BURRELL S. Cherry ' L. Damerox A. Farrell M. Fraxtz M. Harris Altos R. N. Hoffmax A. Hymax C. Jahxcke J. Janvier M. L. Kixberger H. Lear D. LURIE E. Malter H. Pattersox J. Pittmax E. QUEYROUZE E. ROSEXTHAL R. Samsot Y. Shermax K. SOMERVILLE R. Steix J. Tavlor J. Thomas J. Torre i Page 258 ► Brown. Harry. Sale, Vlalloii THE NEWCOMB DRAMATIC CLUB Officers Helen Harry . . . President Cecile M. Kahn Secretary Julie F. Brown- . Vice-President Ruth C. V ' lALLON Treasurer Dorothy B. Sale • Members . Stage Manager R. Alexander G. CULLICAN E. Ivey D. Paine F. Stern I. Allee R. Currie L. Jones V. Parker R. SWASEY M. S. Anderson K. Daly P. Jordan E. Potter K. Tack F. Aron L. Dameron M. JUMEL M. Pottharst J. Till B. Bacharach B. Davis Y. JUMEL H. Powell M. Thomas M. Baciier F. Davis C. Kahn B. Pragst 0. Treigle V. Barr M. Davis G. Kaplan J. Pressburg H. Turner A. BODKER R. Dicker M. Kinberger N. Priestley R. Viallon B. Brooks D. Diessem K. King W. Priestley G. ViOSCA J. Brown R. Dixon M. Kohlman B. Prouet J. Walker A. Buck C. Donovan E. La NASA E. QUEYROUZE H. Walsh A. BUFORD E. Dukate E. Lemann J. QuiLLIAN P. Warriner R. Butt L. Ebaugh S. Lisso A. Raderaugi! P. Watson M. Carleton V. Ellis R. DE Lucas R. Raui.ins A. Weed M. Cherboxkier E. FOLTZ L. Ma as A. Ray L. Weed S. Cherry M. FOSSIER C. Maltry S. Ricks L. Werlein C. Claiborne V. Freret P. Martin L RiECKE D. White A. Clark A. Geisenberger M. Masson M. Robertson S. Wiener D. Cline L. Goldman L Mayer M. RONSHEIM NL Wirth J. COHN E. Greenwald P. Mayer D. Sale J. Withers E. COLCOCK M. Hall C. Meyer E. Scales A. Wolbrette B. COLOMB L. Harper M. Montgomery I. Sherman B. ' olcott M. CORLEY H. Harry F. Necueloua 1. Slaughter F. Wolf C. Cor NAY I.. Hecht P. Nelson M. SOBEL V. WORTHIXGTOM M. Craft L. HOEIIN R. Hoffman N. Norton- J. O ' Dell E. Spencer C. Wyatt P, gc 259 y Barnett, Lazarus. " U ' olbrette THE NEWCOMB ORCHESTRA Officers AxxA E. WoLBRETTE President Ida a. Barxett Vice-President Floren ' CE R. Lazarus Secretary and Librarian jMembERS Violins Dorothy M. Hass Florence R. Lazarus Ethel V. Rollins Ellen ' L. Heixdel Doris A. Lurie Selma Wiener Reba-Nell R. Hoffmax Charlotte L. Merot Anna E. Wolbrette Dorothy M. Kelly Amelia L. Plant Eileen E. Wolff J ' iola Violoncello Double-Bass Daltox D. Crichlow M. Emily Hanley Ida A. Barnett Kathleen J. Motte Lucile Owens Rose Manheim Weitz Flute Saxophone Elizabeth Johnson Elekora J. Palmisano Margaret L. Rosser Marion H. Riecke Clarinet Mary Ella Gardner Miriam O. Haas Roma H. de Lucas Drums Trombone Lise Wehrmann May- I. Maddux Trumpet Piano Marion M. Butler Gladys D. Long A Page 260 Cherry. Coats, Jumel, La Nasa YOUNG WOMEN ' S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION Officers Edna F. LaNasa President Yvomne W. Jumei. Secretary Carol H. Coats Vicc-Prrsidcnl Sarah E. Cherry Treasurer Cahinet Members Patsv J. Cope Cliainnan of Enlirtaiiimctil Minoi.a L. Backer Chairman of Programs Makv Alice Sparkman . Clim. of Dormitory Finance Madelin S. Rehace Chairman of Publicity Louise M. Lester . . Chairman of Toit-n Finance Eleanor J. Schupp . . . Chairman of Social Service Members Elizabeth T . Allison MiNOLA L. Backer DoROTHV M. Barker Marv G. Barnes Ida a. Barnett Rosemary L. Barton Dolores E. Bernard Bertha L. Blattmanx Marion C. Blessev Adele S. Bodker Kathrvs- C. Briede Georgette G. Brockman Ellen Page Brydon Madge O. Burley Marion M. Butler Marion Carleton Catherine L. Cornay Louise H. Charbonnet Sarah E. Cherry Carol H. Coats M. Lucille Comes Patsy J. Cope Mattie C. Corley Carmen J. Correra Dalton D. Crichlow Frankie M. Davis Margaret McL. Davis Roma H. de Lucas Audrey C. Derenbecker Mary E. Dickmann Sarah C. Douglass Winnie M. Eldridge Georgia Anne Fagan Lillian H. Fairlie Louise M. Fort ' irginia a. Freret Carolyn Gav Frances C. CJomila Marie Lou Goodwin Mary T. Gulotta Jane Haas Mary A. HARD ■ WiLMA M. Hudson Elaine S. Ivey Helen N. Jeppesen Evelyn E. Jones MiGNON Jumel Yvonne W. Jumel Constance Kaciiel Dorothy M. Kelly Alice V. Kiern Shirley Koelle Anna A. Lachin Gloria B. Ladieu Edna F. La Nasa Helen E. Lear Harriet M. Lemann Louise M. Lester Kathryn a. L lloy Carolyn Maltry Beverly M. NLvrchand Doris C. Mesman Dorothy McCardell Carolyn P. Middleton Sidney F. Mize Jeanne M. Neff Mary L. Nelson Shirley V. Odom Ceneita C. Ortenbach Doris C. Paine Hariette Peteet Louise T. Pharr Helen Powell Sarah W. Powers Effie V. Queyrouze Jane C. Rainey Madelin S. Rehage Marion V. Rice Carolyn S. Riddle Marion H. Roecke Ruth L Rocax Ethel V. Rollins Elizabeth A. Royals Eleanor J. Schupp Jane P. Slaughter Mary Alice Sparkman Rosemary Swasey Julia M. Thomas Jean Till Marguerite E. Tinker Olga Treigle Gladys M. Viosca Flora H. ' obel Gloria Vobel Josephine Wander Ruth E. Wander Emily K. Wilson Marguerite A. Wirth Blanche Lee Wolcott Emma D. Wright •4 Page 261 Davis. Green. Harvin. North NEWCOMB COUNCIL OF RESIDENT STUDENTS Officers Elizabeth North President Inez M. Green Vice-President Claudia Harvin Doris Hall President Doris D. Davis , . . . Secretary Vassar F. Morelock East JFing President LuciLE Owens ■ Jf ' est Wing President House Council 1934 Mary Elba Gardner Louise Hirsch (Ex-Officio) Jean Martin 1935 Evelyn Beard Mary Louise Castlen Martha C. Ellis Martha M. Brumby Jeanne Laidlaw 1936 Marjorie L. Lemann Helen J. Michel Polly West ZuLA Mae L. Byrd E)oris Hall Reprcsentati-ve Virginia L. Worthington Mistress of Revels i Page 262 y Wk CarrC " , Legler, Martin. Moore Reeves. SJngrcen THE NEWCOMB STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION Executive Committee Jean Martin Prfsuicnt Lalise Moore Vice-President Benita Carre President of Student Council Marie Louise Lf.gier Corresponding Secretary Florence E. Singreen Recording Secretary Nancy R. Reeves Treasurer Elizabeth North House President Louise Hirsch President Senior Class Vada L. Odom President Junior Class Helen J. Michel President Sophomore Class Louise Ricks President .hi Student Body LuciLE Owens President Music Student Body Edna F. La Nasa President Y. It ' . C. A. ViRciNiA E. Remisert Chairman Athletic Council Helen E. Harry President Dramatic Club Alma P. W ' irth Editor of Arcade i Page 2i3 Uj Carre, Colvin, Dohan. Maas. Moise, Rembert, Schlegel. Wirtli. NEWCOMB ATHLETIC COUNCIL Officers Virginia E. Rembert Chairman Katherine S. Colvin Secretary-Treasurer Members Seniors Benita Carre Leone Maas Mary Helen Dohan Virginia E. Rembert Juniors Katherine S. Colvin Alma P. Wirth Sophomores Ernestine E. Moise Edna S. Schlegel The aim of this organization and the council is to promote and foster interest in athletics, thereby forming and framing a stronger mind in a stronger body through participation in sports offered. i Page 264 Abes, Hechl, Sale THE JENNIE C. NIXON DEBATING CLUB Officers Lynne p. Hecht President Dorothy BEm- Sale Chairman of Debate Anita H. Abes Secretary-Treasurer Anita H. Abes Elizabeth D. Allison M. Sue Anderson Fanny L. Aron Alice G. Buford Madge O. Burley Marion M. Butler Marie E. Cherbonnier Sarah E. Cherry Babette Cohn ' . Barr Conover Mary Louise Cope Patsy Jean Cope Gl.ENDY CULLICAN Katherine C. Daly Doris D. Davis Frankie M. Davis Mary E. Dickmann zoila r. en6enat Members Phoebe deN. Flowers Mildred M. Fossier Virginia A. Freret Harriet C. Gardner Alice J. Geisenbercer Marie Lou Goodwin Miriam O. Haas Mable McC. Hall Audrey C. Hebert Lynne P. Hecht WiLMA M. Hudson Elaine S. Ivey Evelyn E. Jones M. Joyce Joseph Mignon Jumel Yvonne Jumel Cecile M. Kahn Mary F. King Cesil S. Kohlman Marian F. Kohlman Helen E. Lear Marian K. Lowdon Leone Maas L. Claire Miller Kathleen J. Motte Polly Nelson Elizabeth K. Pipes Carolyn S. Riddle Pamela Robinson Dorothy Beht Sale rj0ry s. schwarz Vveite Sherman Frances R. Stern Rachel Sweeney Katie D. Tack Leila S. Werlein Selma Wiener Page 26S y S.- ._ Boggs. Hamlet, Hubert. Kierr. Leland McNeill. Moore. Putzell, " Willmer TULANE ORATORICAL AND DEBATING COUNCIL y Officers Manfred R. Willmer Chairman J. David McNeill Secretary-Treasurer Faculty Members Dr. John M. McBryde, Chairman Dr. Clarence E. Bonnett Mr. Richard R. Kirk Dr. Paul W. Brosman Mr. F. Santry Reed Undergraduate Members T. Hale Boggs Edwin A. Leland, Jr. Leon D. Hubert, Jr. J. David McNeill Raymond H. Kierr A. Brown Moore Manfred R. Willmer Delegates From the Glendy Burke Society Charles B. Hamlet, HI Edwin J. Putzell, Jr. From the Freshman Forensic Council Charles T. Frey Joseph S. Trum, Jr. The Oratorical and Debating Council is composed of members of the Faculty Committee on De- bating and members of the varsity ' debate teams. This Council exercises complete control over inter- collegiate debating and has for its purpose the arrangement and sponsorship of such contests. it, i Page 2ii a 1 Baines, Barrow, Beasley. Boggs. Carter, Dustmann. Fernandez Gay. Guell, A. Guell, C, Hardesty. Kammer, Marshall, Martinez McNeill. Moore, Putzell. Schneider, Seward. Sutter, ZarrilU TULANE YOUNG MEN ' S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION John T. Barrow NoLAx Kammer Officers Pifsidiiti Leon D. Hubert, Jr. . . . . . . I ' icf-Pnsidnil Arthur M. Schneider, Jr. ' erbon F. Gay General Secretary . Secretary Treasurer Cabinet Members .at L.arge Thomas A. Baines Joseph E. Beaslev Carver W. Blanciiard T. Hai.e Boggs RcBERT C. Carter Walter H. Dustmann, Jk. Carlos A. Fernandez Thomas F. Fujiwara Anthony G. Guell Charles Henry Guell Irvi-nc Hardesh ' , Jr. Robert M. Havnie Charles D. Marshall Rene A. Martinez J. David McNeill A. Brown Moore Edwin J. Putzell. Jr. Roland R. Seward Edward H. Sutter Lawrence L. Zarrilli Ho.ARi) OF [Directors Prof. A. Lee Duni.ap Chairman Mr. l- ' .i)Mii i) H. Gi.ENNV Mr. Graden V. Recenos Treasurer Secretary Mr. John T. Barrow Dean Edward A. Bechtel Dr. Paul V. Brosman Rev. Tho.vias D. Brown Mr. Morev Carre Rev. Sherwood S. Clayton Mr. Calvert G. de Coligny Coach Theodore J. Cox Mr. Charles E. Dunbar, Jr. Mr. Fred Ellsworth Dr. John M. Fi.eichkr Dr. Harlan W. CJilmore Dr. Frederick Hard Dean Rufus C. Harris Mr. Arthur M. Hill Mr. Warren Kearney Rev. John S. Land Dr. J. Adair Lyon Mr. Joseph McCloskey, Jr. Mr. Harry A. Mitchell Mr. a. Dallam O ' Brien, Jr. Dr. William H. Perkins Mr. Arthur M. Schneider, Jr. Mr. Charles C. Shedd Mr. Edmond E. Talbot i Page 267 » CX)0© Adams. Aylin. Bartlett. Bilbo. Blanchard Blue, BIythe, Carter. Chalstroni. Devlin Doswell. Evans, Favrot. Graffagnino. Hardesty. Harris. Harvard, Hyde. Janssen. H.. Janssen, W. Kaplan, Kelleher, Kinberger, King-. Lewis. Long. : Iahoney, Marsh. Martin, ilartinez Patterson, Riseman, Robert, Segrest, Seward. " Williams, Wormser, Young, Zarrilli. L., Zarrilli, R. THE TULANE GLEE CLUB Officers Hexri Wehrmann Director Carver W. BLAycHARD . C. Julian Bartlett President Robert C. Kelleher . A. Balfour Patterson, Jr Vice-President Joseph A. Blythe, Jr. , Robert N. Aylin Publicity Manager Members First Tenors James E. Bilbo Allain deC. Favrot Rene A. Martinez Joseph A. Blythe, Jr. Herman G. Janssen John B. McDaniel William J. Craig, Jr. F. Robert Kinberger William D. Robert Menard Doswell Wesley A. Lewis Roland R. Seward, Jr. Business Manager . . . . Secretary . . . . Librarian C. Julian Bartlett Carver W. Blanchard George R. Blue Second Tenors Thomas J. Conroy, Jr. William H. Harris, Jr John S. Devlin Robert C. Kelleher Thomas L. Ellis Bernard J. Pollman Re.x Godwi.v Jerri F. Sowden Alcide J. Weysham Reuben A. Zarrilli C. Espy Reed James T. Richards Mervin H. Rise.vian Robert M. Adams Robert N. Aylin Alvin S. Caplan Irving I. Gerson B. Van Pelt Biggar Clarence E. Bonnett, Jr. ' v First Basses P. Carl Gr.aff. gnino Robert C. Long Irving Hardest -, Jr. Warden M. Martin B. Marvin Harvard, Jr. A. Balfour P.-vtterson, Jr. Benjamin C. King Avery P. tton, Jr. Second Basses Harry E. Chalstrom, Jr. George LeGardeur Harris Harragin, III E. G. Baker Marsh L. William O. Janssen, Jr. Charles S. Segrest Ralph McP. Williams L.AWRENCE L. Zarrilli Lawrence C. Michel W. Waller Young, Jr. Page 268 ► Aylln, Brown. Dennery, Devlin, Harris, Herman Kammer, Many, McNeill, Moore, Patterson, Powell THE TULANE UNIVERSITY DRAMATIC GUILD Officers Nolan Kammer 7 Prtsidcnl MoisE Dennery Vice-President John L. Man, III Business Manatier Dr. John M. McBryde FACULT • COMISIITTEE Dr. Roger P. McCutcheon Dr. Marten ten Hoor Robert N. Aylin Tiio.MAs R. Brown MoiSE Dennery John S. Devlin WiLLLAM H. Harris, Jr. Robert R. Hruce Al.LAIN DEC. FaVROT Frank Eugene Ford Robert M. Maynie Pierre A. Hughes F. James Inge Alvim E. Johnson, Jr. Active Members J. Chalmers Herman Nolan Kammer John L. Many, III J. David McNeill l ' ROH. TI(J . R " i- Mem HERS Earl H. Jung. John II. Kostmaver Collins P. Lipsco.vib .Allan Liitle, Jr. Joseph C. Meyers, Jr. Herman Neucass A. Brown Moore BuFORD M. Myers, Jr. A. Balfour Paiterson, Waldo S. Powell, Jr. Eugene B. Simmons 11 A N N A 1 1 N ewstad r Julian . . Otillio Breard Snellings -■Illen M. Steiner Fred Tripp, Jr. Lou Welsch, Jr. W. Waller Young, Jr. Jr. i Page 7b1 .. li ' ■AUee, Aylin. Bloch, Born. Bowsky. Bruce Carmouche. Carter, Cnlien D ' Angelo. deCastro- Fernandez, Figueroa. Frumer, Gomila, Hamlet, Herman Johnson, Kierr, Leland, Marshall, Meyers, Murnick. Newmeyer, Pradel, Ratcliffe Steeg, Sutter, Torrado, Trum, Waechter, Welsch, Zarrilli, L., Zarrilli, R. TULANE INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB Officers Raymond H. Kierr President Charles B. Hamlet, III Vice-President MoiSE S. Steeg, Jr Secretary Arthur J. Waechter, Jr Treasurer Members Angelo M. D ' Angelo Jules Bloch, Jr. Julius Bowsky Robert R. Bruce Robert C. Carter R. Freeland Cauley Sey ' mour a. Cohen Francisco L. Figueroa Louis R. Frumer Torrey- Gomila Charles B. Hamlett, III J. Chalmers Herman Alvin E. Johnson, Jr. Raymond H. Kierr Charles D. Marshall Joseph C. Meyers, Jr. JosEP?i H. Murnick Leon A. Pradel Harold E. Ratcliffe MoiSE S. Steeg, Jr. Edward H. Sutier Joseph S. Trum, Jr. Arthur J. Waechter, Jr Lou Welsch, Jr. Lawrence L. Zarrilli Reuben A. Zarrilli l i Page 270 V Bretlow. Briloy. Bulk. Chambers, Eustis. Farnsworth, Fislif-r Fulirmann. Geier. Hoover. Kottemnnii. I-achin, Livaudais, Molun Sanders. Schroeder, Smith. Sundhery, Turpin. Roth, Wilson THE TULANE ARCHITECTURAL SOCIETY Officers David C. E. Geier President Raoul Livaudais Vice-President Marion E. Prater Secretary Lewis A. Lachin Treasurer Members Percy E. Briley, Jr. F. Beale Chambers H. Elliott Bredow George R. Fisher Emile F. Fuhrmann, Jr. David C. E. Geier Juniors CLARE ' CE J. Hughes Lewis A. Lachin- R. ouL Livaudais O. Cuthbert Kotte.maxn Jack F. Wilson- Robert L. Lobdell Joseph F. Roth, Jr. Thompson B. Hurk Phii.H ' R. Farnsworih SophoTiiorcs Marion E. Frater Andrew E. Hoover Fred O. Sundbery Allen T. Turpin, Jr. Daniel B. Warner Joseph M. Brocato Henry C. Eustis John M. (Gabriel Norman C. Mki.un Friwh iiiii Ferdie a. Nobile Paul E. Odendahl, Jr. James E. Rabalvis M. Harry L. Sanders, Jr. Herman H. Schroeder Ca.mmie D. S.mith, Jr. Bernard A. Webr, Jr. Fjqo 271 k THE TULANE UNIVERSITY BAND Officers Dr. Frederick Hard Director Frank J. Rosato Librarian Joseph C. Evans Manager Alvin Caplan Assistant Librarian Claude R. Smith, Jr. . . . First Assistant Manager Herman G. Janssen Drum Major Claude L. Giraud . . . Second Assistant Manager L. William O. Janssen, Jr. . . . Properly Manager Robert N. Aylin Business Manager A. J. Abrahams Patrick J. Araguel Robert N. Aylin William G. Blackwell Locke Brown Alvin Caplan Joseph O. Carson, Jr. Harry Cohen Claude E. Cullinane V. Randolph Delk Jack W. Dolan James B. Eaton, Jr. Samuel Eichold, II Joseph C. Evan. " ; Esmond A. Fatter Julius M. Fernandez, Jr. Stanley C. Fitzpatrick Herman F. Flowers Leslie C. Gaudet Claude L. Giraud Sanders A. Goodman William H. Haeuser, Jr. Martin Hebert, Jr. J. Chalmers Herman Members Herman G. Janssen L. William O. Janssen, Jr. James J. LaNasa Lionel A. Landry Celian H. Lewis Ignacio Medina, Jr. Arthur F. Moinet, Jr. Louis R. Otto, Jr. A. Balfour Patterson, Jr. Fulcran F. Randon, Jr. Frederick L. Reuter J. Richard Reuter, Jr. Frank J. Rosato J. Henry Samuel Charles Segrest John W. Sims Claude R. Smith, Jr. Joseph G. Stulb, Jr. James P. Tharp Gerson Tolmas Gilbert J. Victor Oswald W. Viosca Milton F. Williams, Jr. Charles S. Williamson, III This year the Tulane University Band is the largest in its history. The fuller instrumentation gave a better quality of music than was every had before. The Band has taken part in many activities both in the University and outside of it. It accompanied the foot- ball team to the Georgia Tech game in Atlanta, and made a fine impression. Among other activities in which the Band participated were the dedication of the new gymnasium. Homecoming, the Armistice Day Parade, the Mardi Gras Parades, and the annual concert in Dixon Hall. The Band expects to continue to take a prominent part in the life of the University and the Community. i Page 272 i Dr. Edmond L. Faust Pii-sidnit Fei.ix X. Armstrong Gviuriil Ma uif i ' r THE TULANE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Officers Dr. EniwUN ' D L. Faust President Clifford Favrot Seerelary Lou:s L. Rosen- ...... Vice-Presideiil Francis X. Armstrong . . General Manaijer RoitFRT L. Si.MPSON Treasurer John Singreen . Editor of ' ' The Tulanian " Laiv : Walter M. Barnett, Jr. C. Ellis Henican Engineering : Albert Wachenheim, Jr. William B. Monroe Cnniiiicrce : Gerald Andrus Eben ' Hardie Executive Committee Medicine: Dr. J. T. O ' Ferrall Dr. John J. Irwiv Graduate : James M. Todd James P. Ewin Arts and Sciences: Arthur C. Waters William P. Hagertv Neil comb: Mrs. Louis Arra.vison Mrs. F. Julius Drf.yfous Pharmacy : Marion Lecexdre Willy Lee Woodward Dental: Dr. Fred J. Wolfe Dr. J. Melville S.viith The Aliinini arc the lite blood nt tin- I iii cisit -. It is the endeavor of this A.s.sociatioii to further all l ' ni ersit interests and to maintain a contact between the alumni and their Alma Mater. Aside from the New Orleans organi .ntioii, our alumni clubs are formed to give us concentrated .strength in arious sections of the country, and thrnusrh the prestige of this msmbership, inlluence prospecti ' e students favorably toward Tulane. Membership in the Association is open to all graduates and ex-students of the University. All loyal Tulanians are urged to become members of the Association either through the Annual or better still the Life Membership plan. The Request Insurance Plan will be presented to the graduating classes for their approval. The benefits to be derived by you through your participation therein will be explained in due course h the representatives of this Association. i Page 273 y I BOOH 1 1 RUFUS RUSHEE ' S MONOLOGUE NOTE: KuTus UusluM-. Jus! jinMlln-r luinitry hoy. lifts como III Now Orleans to study lit Tulaiu-. ili- Is tcli-iihnlllng his fiitluT at ' tiM si ' ViM-al iuys lii Hi.- bl city at tliu nuTcy (If ilHsiKllInK Trftt ' Tillty iiiiin. " Ilclln, Pups, " Riiliis cliditlcil into tlu- mouthpiece, his simple coimtenaiKT beaming. " This is Riife. Yeah, Rnte. on know Rnte, Pops, ohl man — yonr son, Rnte. ' eah, I s ' |iose 1 have changed ;i hit since 1 left the good ole farm. The big city gives yon an air, Pops. " Rnte paused to remove the wad of gimi that was causing the change in ' oice which had bewildered the fond parent. " Say, Pops, guess what. I been gettin ' a campus rnsh down here. Yeah. All the fraternities want me except one ;nul that ain ' t no gooil. eah. ' ou guessed right — it ' s Heta all light. ' eah. Just as rotten here as they are at home and e erywhere else. The boys say they ain ' t rushing nobody Beta but ham athletes this year. Yeah. Zimmerman is gone and they want some more. And I ain ' t no athlete. Pops. Ain ' t that grand? Now I don ' t hafta go over there and be around Patter.son and Calhoun and all that crew. Yeah. There is two de Buyses left in the lodge too. S ' awful. Ain ' t it, Pops. " Naw, I dunno what I ' ll jine up with. The - all look kirula punk to nie. Might stay non-frat and jine the " Y. " 1 can ' t help it. Pops, if you are an A .T. O. Think I ' d hitch up with that outfit? Naw sir, I never saw such tripe. They inighta been all right at ' irginia in 1902, but hell, Pops, this ain ' t 1902 and this ain ' t ' irginia. Vliatsa matter with ' em? Why Nolan Kanimer, Rudy Schulze, and Irving Hardesty. Yeah. I thought you ' d agree with me when I told you who was in it. i i i " Well, Pops, since you seem interested I ' ll tell you all about these here lodges at Tulane. Take the Deltas f ' rinstance. Buncha muggs. They ' ve got one thing you gotta hand ' em though. Tlie - got the dumbest guy around here. Yeah. Name is " Birdbrains " Thorn. They got this guy Whitten too. Well, Pops, let ' s not talk about that bunch any more. I ' m liable to mention that awful pill, Blair, if we go any further. The Deltas got a boy that drinks, too, Pops. i i i " Aiul the Kapjia Sigs, Pops. That lodge is a kick in the pants. If ou think I ' m country or any of them Rednecks that live down in the hollow, well, you ought to see the Kappa Sigs, Pops. Even their city boys are country. All except " Beverage Ben " Habans — he ' s a sport. ' " know what he does? He keejis all us rushees entertained by playing cards with us. ' ' eah, fer money. Yeah. He and some other fellers. Sjience Lallande and Harry Jordan usually play too. By the wa , Pops, while 1 think about it, you better send me some more money to register with. All that you gave me is gone. Aw, it wasn ' t much. Aw, Pops, those boys played straight. Honest. i i i " Sa , Pops. S ' funnv thing. The Sigma Nil ' s ain ' t rush- ing much this ear. Claim they ' ve got all they want in tlie chaiHer. eah. They say they got live good men and they don ' t want no more. Yeah. They like to play cut-in briilge and they ilon ' t want too many to cut in. They offered me a bill though. Pops. " Spike " Wilson, the big shot, bid me. He said not to tell no one ' cause they reall} ' wasn ' t pledging this year. Yeah. Vell, I ain ' t gonna ac- cept. Xaw, I don ' t like liazza. He don ' t speak English, speaks Roman or something like that. Picked it up in the law school. " Guess where I ate lunch today, Pops. At the Phi Delt house. You know, that house they brag about so much. Yeah. They say the}- gotta better lodge now since " Tough John " O ' Connor stopped coming around to the house. Boy, we threw a party around there the other night, Pops. Everybody was on the wheel. Yeah. " Vooz " Nockton was the only sober one in the house. Yeah. Him and " Red " Inge don ' t touch the stuff much. Say, Pops, " Sev- enteen Suits " Neville runs that lodge. He told me that if I went Phi, I could be initiated with a guy named Fortier who holds the record for being pledged the longest of anybody since Larr} de Buys wore a Beta button so long. 2 ' iY " The funniest thing happened today. Pops. A feller rang up and made some dates for a lodge named Kappa Nu. I ain ' t never heard of the thing, have you ? AVell, I in- quired around a bit and all I could find out was that they got some boys in the law school and that they spend their time at meetings telling dirty jokes and making up dirty songs. You oughta hear the one about " Annie doesn ' t live here any more. " Yeah. Those law school boys are the dirtiest mouthed of the bunch. You ' ve heard Sid Singer haven ' t you, Pops? He ' s the ring leader. " Sully " Fisher and Gerson can tell ' em too. Pops. i i i " Speaking of funny things. Pops, you oughta been over to the Sigma Chi house t ' other day. The whole chapter was in " Twin Bed " Higginbotham ' s room trying to shoo out the Brooklyn Bo5 ' S. I guess that ' s some of their ritual or something. They was all standing around saying " Boo. " ■I kinda think somebody was cleaning the furniture. Pops, cause I smelled alcohol. I sure like a neat bunch like that, J Pops. I think I woulda gone Sig, Pops, if it hadn ' t been for Top Orendorf and Putt Porter. I dunno. Pops, they didn ' t act just right about that Brooklyn Boys ritual. Kinda insincere, v ' know. " Pops, since Callahan left, the S. A. E. chapter is even worse than ever. Now that ' s downright bad when they can get worse. Ain ' t it ? They sure are rowdy. They do n ' t treat us rushees right either. " Hooray " Hubbard and " Jerry " Jerabeck spend their time making us give great big Hullaballoos and all that kinda rot. Who wants to be alwaj ' s giving great big Hullaballoos anyway. Pops? And Pops, if you don ' t do that, Milto Phillips is liable to get 5 ' ou in a corner and tell them stale jokes till you ' re near ' bout crazy. Naw, I wouldn ' t jine that lodge. i i i " I really was treated like a king yesterday, Pops. Kinda layed it on too thick to suit me. I was over to the Deke house. You know. Pops, that little hovel on Henry Clay. They kinda pull your leg around that house. Pops. Y ' know what they did? Murray Cleveland and " Julie Boy " Bart- lett, the best leg pullers in the bunch, sat all the rushees down in big easy chairs and put slippers on ' em so that they ' d be comfortable. Then they trotted some of them football players like " Looey " Thames around for us to i: A E A K K look :it. Tlu ' v sun- got a ili ,z ' hunch thc-ri ' , I ' ops. They about go nuts at their baiiiiuct. (let up antl sing ami holler. It ' s awful. I got up and sneaked off with the Pi Kappa Phi ' s. i -f i " Say, Pops, gimme the dope. Is Pi Kappa Phi a fra- ternity or a sorority? Well, I only met one guy and I couldn ' t tell from him. Yeah. A medical student named Armistead. Aw, Pops, you must be wrong, they got more than one member. The rest of them just weren ' t around. ' ou say that more of ' em break their pledges than they get each year. Well, I don ' t blame ' em, Pops. They are kiiula lous . Penjile sa ' this guy named Janssen that leads the band is one of them. Yeah, Pops. I hey ain ' t too good. i i -f " There ' s a crazy lodge down here. Pops. Call themselves the " Chapter House Roys. " They gotta football coach named " McGill " Gay. They say he knows some swell plays for going through high school teams. Yeah. And, Pops, " Shuffle " Eustis and " Duffle " Westfeldt belong to that out- fit. 1 hat ' s a crazy pair. Pops. The real name of the frat is Kappa , ' lpha, Pops. They woi ' ship idols anil images. Kinda ignorant and iiaganish binich. I wouldn ' t hook up with them. Know what they do? They go down and make all kinda fuss o er a statue of Robert E. Lee and he wasn ' t even a member of the lodge. Funny, ain ' t it, Pops? " The biggest lodge around this here campus is S. P. E., Pops. They pledge everybody left over every year. Yeah, Pops. They ' re the closest thing to a local you can find. They just went national a few years ago and couldn ' t stand it, .so last year they merged with Lambda Phi to get back into that local swing again. Kinda think they shoulda kept the name Lambda Phi, Pops, sounds better to me. Rudy McHride is a big shot in that lodge. Pops. That ' s just the kinda lodge it is. They just sit around the house in collegiate looking clothes and try to see who can stick out his neck the most. They give a prize each year to the freshman that can be nearest to as rowdy as " Jafsie " Condon. i i i " The other night. Pops, 1 thought I was in Southport and come to find out I was in the Z. B. T. house. Gambling ain ' t notln ' ng at Southport compared to that place. Y ' know what they do, Pops? They have elections of officers every two weeks so that they can make election 2 ' X bets. Claim that that ' s the best kind of bet. Roos and HeroKi .ilways rim for president. Pops. I dunno why. Pops, they say there all gonna grow up and be in the clothing business. They sa - the S. A. M. bunch is goiuia run some kinda little shops that sell old jewelry and gims and stuff. I don ' t get the point. i i i KA " I can ' t understand it. Pops, but them S. A. M. guys look just like the Z. H. T. guys to me. 1 can ' t tell one from the otiier. .A couple of those Kappa Nu boys look like that too. Pops. The only thing I know about that Sam bunch is that tlu run the International Relations Club. I guess they gotta run .something though. Raymond Kierr and Moise Steeg are the loud mouthed boys that do the running. Pops. 1 can ' t tigger out why them three lodges got boys lookiui; all alike. It worries me. WHAT DO YOU MEAN x. 44 J hai Jjienalu Ujank y Every bank has a personality. A character different from all other banks. It may be size. It may be tradition. It may be age. It may be one of a number of things or a combination of all of them. At the American Bank it is the spirit of friendly service. Here is how one man described it: " When you walk into the Americctn Bank you can sense the atmosphere of friend- liness. The officers are not secluded behind railings. The tellers are not behind wire cages. Every employee and every officer you meet knows you by name and seems glad to be of service. " Years ago we adopted the slogan " That Friendly Bank. " Now, day in and day out we enjoy the privilege of living up to it. New accounts can be opened at any desk. Our officers are always directly available to the public. For this reason our customers feel free to ask advice and counsel whenever they need it. The American Bank IS a Friendly Bank. We should like you to come in and see for yourself. Remember, new accounts can be opened at any desk and you will receive 3 ' , interest on your savings. We have no branches. American bank 8 TRUST COMPANY LICENSED BY UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM MEMBER NEW ORLEANS CLEARINS HOUSE ASSN. " I ot ;i t(]u;:ll Incik r tiil(l , I ' ups. Mililic- 15crlilcl, lu- ' s a lc;m or somi ' thiiif; .iKiiiiul licic, iiirroduced mc to his tratrriiit ' brotlicrs. Yi ' ali, I ' ups I know you tnld nic better. Tlii-y );ot a little blonde runt named initio, nut the Beer ]5aion, and tlu ' v sa ' he ' s a tootball player. And tliey got a bimeli ot Reuters. eah, that ' s probabl - wiiy they ' re such a seed) ' looking jian;;. Then, they started playinR saxophone.s and thin;;s and claimed the were the Tulane liand. ' 1 he only man that ain ' t in the hand is " Whispering Joe " Holmes and he ' s perennial tootball manager, so he ain ' t got time. i i i " This Sigma Phi Delta crowd is one I ain ' t goin ' near, Pojis. They treated me nice one day and the next day they ' re hangin ' all around the campus looking ' at mc through spy glasses sittin ' on top of three sticks. ' Scmbarrass- ing, Po[is. Anywa ' , 1 ain ' t gonna be seen on this campus with a smoothie like Powell or a simple looking sophomore like little Willie Argus. H l A " Pops, send me yore olc breech loader. I might jine the Phi Iota Alpha lodge. You might send me yore fiddle, too. ' cause when these guys ain ' t havin ' re oIutions, they ' re playin ' a lot of music. " Songbird " Martinez is one of that mob. Pops. They say he can e en sing when he ' s sober. It ' s awful hard to drink that Cuban rum with Fernande , and I orrado alter I ' xe been biought up on " ore corn, Pops. i i i " Naw, Pops, I ain ' t got no idee of goin ' Phi Kappa Sig. Not after that gu .Morrow tried to make me read his Laiv R(viiii " Cheese " Keith ' s in there, too. Pops, lie was in school when you were here. Henry llaller ' s been there four years and knows almost all the boys in the fraternit -. 1 he won a l ' an-1 lelleruc cup and got a four-letter man named " Shine-On " Simons, so the - think the ' re athletes. I may look em over again, though, if " Beeper " Claverie graduates. Pops. ' I A I ain ' t goin ' over to the Pi K. A. house any more, Pops. " Devil Dog " Williamson says if I jine up I ' ve got to jine the Marines, too. And I shore ain ' t gonna go around tearing my hair and making speeches like " Davcy the Dope " McNeill, either. I thought I heard the fire engines comin ' last night, but it was only " 96-Ounce " Moore walking in jangling his keys. ' eah. Pops, I know they had a good chapter a few years back, but he graduated. 1 i i " I thought some guys were gonna take me for a ride, Pops, some big tough thugs. But a minister feller, he said his name was Roberts, tole me they was just tryin ' to rush me Delta Sig. One of the members, John Harrow, turned traitor and tried to pledge me " ' . M. C. .A. Pops, them Delta Sigs tole me if I jined up I ' d be a Phi Beta Kappa in no time, but I ' d rather be a student than get in either one of those roughneck lodges. i i i " Hell, Pops, for the last time I ain ' t going A. T. O. Naw, three mistakes in the same family would be too much. Y ' know Maw went Pi Phi before she busted out of New- comb way back there. " W1I, Pops, what I really phoned you for was to ask you to send me some dough to go up to Baton Rouge. Y ' eah. I ' m thinking maybe I ' d like the frats at L. S. U. better. eah. 1 hey got some locals up there that won ' t be hamp- ereil with no afHIiations with these guys down here. Aw, hell. Pops. -Awright then, hang up on me then . . . Who gives a d.imn. . . . J 2 ' COMPLIMENTS of COLEMAN E. ADLER SONS Incorporated Manufacturing Jeiuelers 722 and 724 Canal St. NEW ORLEANS MAISON BLANCHE Phone MAjnZtK GREATEST STORE. SOUTH Yesterday — Today — ToTuorroiv GREATEST STORE SOUTH Surgical Supply Company Incorporated OPPOSITE CHARITY HOSPITAL 1531 Tulane Avenue RA. 7104 Surgical Instruments and Furniture Hospital Anaesthetizing Pressure and Suction Outfits COMPLIMENTS of TULANE COOPERATIVE BOOK STORE ELLIS F. ROBBERT Manager i KEEPING IT TRULY A SYMBOL OF SERVICE We believe that the efforts of the hundreds of employes of this com- pany to render a street railway, gas and electric service second to none elsewhere in this country, has resulted in the above emblem becoming a symbol of service. But every day new problems of operation arise as conditions change in a great metropolitan community. It is not enough that the above emblem be now a symbol of service. Millions of dollars must and will be expended to keep it so; and hundreds of employes will continue on, imbued with a true spirit of civic trust, adopting new methods to meet changing conditions so that the above emblem may continue to be truly a symbol of service. Ne Orleans Public Sen ice Inc _[ SULTAN REVIEWS NEWCOMB GALS 7 till size iij yijiir Inn cm you iidiit to he bigger I itilvisi ' you lo lid-f as your i hoirc Clii Omega. ' I ' lioutjh f ufili y ' s lackinff — ihey rate close to last — ( y I ' liilyr l over linlj of this year ' s freshman class. " Of ii.iirsf. rc jal ita nis liavi the tiio sisters Royals Bill frankly I ' ll rather have ilanilruf] and hoils ; ' lu ask my oinn ' ion. ' They, I ' ll tell you true ; II illi till St Olii Omet ds you ' re in the wrong pew. Ct( ) I sniil lo llii Siilliin. " ) oii ' re at tin ri hl filace, I ' or llu iris luri liiive luinily of fujiire and face: riuy ' i ' c rharni, sense of humor, plenty of knotvledye. You can pick a fine harem from our Ncwcomh (Jollet e. " fo heyin uilh llit I ' l Phis, liny have such nice yirls Like iMollie, the yiil uilh the pretty gold curls; lint beicare of that rowdy gal, ' Raucous Rose ' Milling 11 hod chisel you out of your last Turkish shilling. " You ' d go for the Kappas, hut I guess you know That soon all those gals iiould he running the show And ' Politics ' Martin, in statesmanish drone. Would soon he dictating atop of your throne. " A nd Kalherinr Nolan and ' Soh Sister ' Weezie U ould sing to the stars hole perfectly easy The ruling of your former empire tvould be For the capable members of old K. K. G . " Though ' Slim ' is a roughneck, the normal Phi Phi II ill raise an cyebroiv inches over her eye; They ' re snobbish, you see, and akcays have been Since one of their sisters ii ' as Carnival queen. " ) oil ivon ' t care for this bunch, the A. O. Pi crowd, ' Cause they ' ve got a habit of being too loud; if hen Abby leads cheers you can ' t keep the pace, And Halcyon will talk you blue in the face. " Rose and uhite colors iiould look uell, I knoiv. Adorning your palace when homeivard you go; But if, for these colors,, you ' d have to be nice To the Phi Mil ' s, ichy Sultan, it ' s not ivorth the price. " Plowsmon, the dressmaker, might be worth your -while, But you ivant your harem to dress iviih a smile; So, all in all. Sultan, there ' s not much to lose If you look somew ' here else and forget the Phi Mil ' s. " ' I orm Pre.vy ' North has a high-stepping flare. And Rembert ivill certainly get in your hair; Your Majesty, listen : A ivord to the wise. Just pass right on by these crude A. O. Pi ' s. " Now here ' s a nice bunch to take from these shores, A nd Tulane would cheer you u ' ith echoes galore. There isn ' t a thing ice ' d rather you try Than rid one fair campus of .-f . D. Pi. THE TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA NEW ORLEANS THE UNIVERSITY EMBRACES THE FOLLOWING DEPARTMENTS: The College of Arts and Sciences The H. Sophie Newcomb College for Women The College of Engineering The Graduate School The College of Law The School of Medicine The Graduate School of Medicine The College of Commerce and Business Administration The Courses for Teachers The Department of Middle American Research The School of Social Work The Summer Schools For Catalogue Address Registrar of tke Tulane University or Louisiana Gibson Hall, New Orleans SINCERE CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF " 34 0 FEIBLEMAN ' S _[ h( II rush season conies they don ' t make a fuss; ,1s iiui ij llicin pills it, ' The freshmen rush us! ' " I ' licy ' ve one ilniin In f iine, a sophomore, too, .hill this III is one of the forensir cmv; 1 1 ir niiiiie is inila, hut ii ' ho gives a nhoopf For ilehtilliig ' s ii sin in ti hnremish group. " This hiiltji is ihiinkful for the letter ' S J he reason for Ii. S. O. ' s happiness; If ' ithout that letter the girls %coulil mope .Is cxcellint suhjerts for Lifebuoy Soap. " But R.OIIIII ill (Jarnival halls has been Many limes maid hut never a queen: And Edna La Nasa ' s a hig shot today. President of Neireomh ' s Y. L (. ' . .1 . " They haven ' t too many for any one man Though they rush just as hai d as any one can; ' Liz (jospcr is one ice could icell do ivithout But II mediral slinlenl is taking her out. " The Thetas come next to Your JMajesly ' s sight; And many could pass on a very dark night As heaiitics; hut daylight reveals them as all (Commonplace girls liith intellects small. " Noir I assar iras queen of the Neiecomiis court. And Ifoge ivoiild he trucly a stately consort. And Dodson can dance, and Gregory ' s neat; But ' Juntas just naturally can ' t be elite. " For sheer independence this group gets the edge. For A. E. Phi never has missed on a pledge. " I grieve for the Zetas, ivho once had a girl, A star on the campus, the Zela Tau pearl ; But Pal ' s just a luem ' ry, a last yloiiing ember And out of the picture — a faculty member. " O Sultan, take care and natch where you tread For these are the nords -uhich of Zetas are said, .ind they are the saddest, in heaven or hell: ' The Zetas? Not much, hut I guess thiy mean icelL ' " I think the worst part of the Beta Phi folks Is the Tulane co-ed with the last name of Stokes. Like a convict life-termer, of freedom bereft. All they do is sit back and take what is left. " But even with Beta Phi Alpha in vieiv. You can see opportunities open to you. Selah! And, awaiting your choice, I pray That you take every Xcncomb sorority aiiay! " ck TO Mf.wcrMP 1 " Av - g- LJ MAYER CO. LTD. COLLEGE SHOP Freret and Broadway MAIN STORE 823 Canal Street GET A STRAIGHT 8 For Your Money COMMUNITY MOTORS Incorporated EXCLUSIVE BUICK-PONTIAC DEALERS The Lout) at Glassware Cork Co. Cooking ana Serving Equipment ana Supplies For Hotels, Restaurants, Cafeterias, Clubs, Hospitals and Institutions NEW ORLEANS THE COFFEE SHOP BASEMENT HUTCHINSON MEMORIAL BUILDING A FAVORITE SPOT FOR THE MEDICAL STUDENT FRATERNITY, COLLEGE AND CLASS JEWELRY Commenceinent Announcements Invitations, Diplomas JEWELER TO THE SENIOR AND JUNIOR CLASSES AND STATIONER TO THE SENIOR CLASS OF TULANE UNIVERSITY L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY MANUFACTURING JEWELERS AND STATIONERS Attleboro, Massachusetts OH ' " MP INTERESTING TULANIANS GEORGE TESSIER An athlete with brains THE McCOLLOUGH TWINS They used the same photo in this book SIDNEY SINGER He studies law . . . tsk . . . tsk! RAGAN GREEN A medical stude. Owl clubber, etc. CHARLEY LEE He is enrolled in law HAUSMANN, INC. Manuracturing JcA elers JEWELRY FOR ALL OCCASIONS Two Jobs Open for 2 Men Each June we hold two or three places open for young men willing to learn the life insurance business. The amount of money you can earn is limited only by your ambition and your willingness to work. Of course the amount of money you can fail to earn depends on the same factors. If interested, call to see James W. Smither, Manager UNION CENTRAL LIFE INS. CO. Canal Bank Building THE H. Sophie Newcomb MEMORIAL COLLEGE FOR WOMEN Tulane University of Louisiana A College oi Hign Stanaaras Offering a Training That Will Help Our Young Women to Become Useful Citizens Complete Courses in ARTS AND SCIENCES FINE AND APPLIED ARTS, MUSIC For Catalogues and Information Address REGISTRAR, NEWCOMB COLLEGE NEW ORLEANS, LA. THE ONLY BEER IN THE SOUTH FERMENTED WITH PURE CULTURE YEAST [ NATIONAL BREWING CO., Inc. 1 NEW ORLEANS I BEER =:SM!iSl- IlliL_Zr3aini :::::3ttiJiiwL--:r — J= Aroo(S G 56A)(OR neo(cs ■ = : r LEVEN years of service represents quite a record, when it is satisfactory service. And the record which Molloy Made Covers have estabhshed for service on the Jambalaya is a record of satisfactory service. The last eleven issues of the Jambalaya, beginning with the 1923 issue, have been cased in a Molloy Made Cover. The 1934 book repeats this same record. This service to the Jambalaya staff during these past eleven years is an indication of the flexibility of this organization. No matter what your problem may be from a standpoint of design, from a standpoint of budgetary limitations, from a standpoint of material and workmanship, the Molloy organization is prepared to meet your re- quirements. Complete information and data will be furnished you on request. Your correspond- ence will be personally handled by a man who has had more personal contact with annual covers during the past fifteen years than anv other man living. The informa- tion and knowledge which he has can be of very definite value to you. Why not ben- efit from it by addressing A. A. LUBERSKY Vice-President and Sales Manager THE DAVID J. MOLLOY PLANT 2857 North Western Avenue CHICAGO, ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY STYLES Hart Schaffner Si-Marx Clothes Young men everywhere enjoy the easy drape and soft tailoring of the uni- versity models, as exem- plified by Hart-Schaffner 8C Marx. STEVENS 710 CANAL STREET WETZEL PRINTING Incorporated c=3nt= NEW ORLEANS Main 3201 720-728 Pcrdido St. MEDICAL BOOKS OF ALL PUBLISHERS Subscriptions Solicited to Medical Journals — Both Foreign and Domestic J. A. MAJORS COMPANY 1301 Tulane Avenue NEW ORLEANS, LA. 6UCW NATURAL ADR01TNE55 AS ouR 0ACKS HAVE 3MO VN IN JUOOLINC Should D£ p jt to 30l practical UiE. FOR INSTANCE ( TME OLD G ?Ai)S CAVC: The VARS rv Pu s a eox- INC- LESSON ' TULANe ' 3 CA6f ' ?5 we-Nr iNVOLL ntarily Alf? AlNC ED " AND TOOK U0T5 OF ' ' FOt?C£D LAN D ( ;6-5 ' ON THA-T vSLlPPERN NcWG- ' A FLOoR .0.. A DOB (nl ?li VMAT, WIN A FRESHMM FOOTBALL GMt? —Niy NEVER LtT IT Ce INTmATL-D TWAT me 75 4 A. OF c---, 3 7 WOULD QREHK l - AN OLD TULME.f 1 IfTADiTioK AND la TARNISH THE CUTC(-IH6N WirH A VIC M IN TULANe s m ! ' . THIS eAR Lof=r Ns TESSieRS f?U0eN5Te Nf GUTTERS MILLERS Sl MOMSl s THORNS aia 5a : ROSTER OF STUDENTS WHOSE PICTURES DO NOT APPEAR IN PANELS SENIOR CLASS Medicine Arts and Sciences Vincent J. D. Derbes .... New Orleans Louis M. Boasberg . . . . . New Orleans Ben p. Fleming ..... Houston, Tex. Bradley C. Brownson . . . New Orleans Audrey U. Heintz .... Covington, La. Samuel C. Collins . . . • . Houma, La. Frank B. Ogden Shreveport, La. Joel A. Dawson, Jr. . ' . . . Mobile, Ala. Milton L Steckler .... New Orleans Enid P. Fisher Greenville, Miss. Ferdinand A. Troxler . . . Reserve, La. Eric E. Guileeau, Jr. . . Carencro, La. Walter A. Haynes . . . . New Orleans Law Leon Hershberg .... . . New Orleans Ray G. Dauber ...... New Orleans Jared Y. Fontenot .... Opelousas, La. Max Levin . ...... New Orleans Lawrence Michel New Orleans Arnold W. Kuss . . . Merkl L. Lagarde . . ' . Ralph W. McComas . . Carmena M. Mizzi . . ■ Hartwig Moss .... . . New Orleans . . New Orleans . Burkesville, Ky. . Opelousas, La. . . New Orleans Newcomb John S. Oelkers . . . . . New Orleans Madeleine M. Bayon .... New Orleans ZoiLA R. Ensenat ..... New Orleans Margaret D. Gillican . . Homerville, Ga. Annie M. Goldenbero . . . New Orleans Eugenia C. Hay Frankfort, Ky. Elizabeth Johnson . . Chattanooga, Tenn. Elizabeth L Jones .... New Orleans Alice L. Kilpatrick .... New Orleans Winifred H. Palmer . . Ashby W. Pettigrew, Jr. Dominic C. Pittari . . Mortimer Silvey . . ■ Melvin D. Steiner . . Page H. Tharp .... Walter C. Tuman . . . Rebecc a S. Wright . . . ■ . New Orleans . Houma, La. . . New Orleans Brooklyn, N. Y. . . New Orleans . . New- Orleans New York, N. Y. . . Mobile, Ala. Doris Lockhart .... Haines City, Fla. Nola B. Mills McComb, Miss. LuciLE Owens ..... Little Rock, Ark. Margaret L. Preston . . . Galveston, Tex. Engineering John S. Boatner ..... New Orleans Henry B. Dunn ..... New Orleans Isabel A. Rowell .... El Dorado, Ark. Janet H. Stevens New Orleans Com AMERCE Bertha N. Wexler .... New Orleans Woodson A. Caine . . . . . New Orleans Eileen E. Wolff .... Plainfield, N. J. Charlie F. Kinzbach . . . Houston, Tex. JUNIOR CLASS Medicine Newcom B Paul E. Baird ...... Gallipolis, O. Helen M. Anderson . . . . New Orleans Archie J. Baker .... Jacksonville, Fla. Frank L. Bigsby, Jr. . . . Kirksville, Mo. Mary L Baker . New Orleans Madlyn H. Bank . . . . . New Orleans William B. Buckner . . Shelbyville, Tenn. Dora J. Bonquois . . . . . New Orleans Samuel H. Colvin, Jr. . . . New Orleans ThELMA J. BOUDRA . . . . . New Orleans Sebron C. Dale . ■ . • . Prentiss, Miss. Margaret S. Bres . . . . . Brusly, Ala. Verner J. Donnelly ' . . . Houston, Tex. Madge 0. Burlev . . . . . New Orleans Thomas P. Foltz .... Fort Smith, Ark. Zula Mae L. Byrd . . . Gulfport, Miss. Madison A. Furrh . . Elysian Fields, Tex. Mary B. Byrne .... . . New Orleans Otis F. Gay ..... Washington, D. C. Pauline T. Cabibi . . . . . New Orleans Robert D. Gengelbach . . . Chicago, 111. Lucille I. Cafiero . . . Donaldsville, La. Lawrence B. Hudson, Jr. . Hattiesburg, Miss. CoRiNNE M. Claiborne . . . Torras, La. Carl E. Lewis Rowlands, Miss. Willomette a. Colley . . . New Orleans Arthur D. Long, Jr El Paso, Tex. Nina DeB. Denis . . . . . New Orleans Day ' rel D. Smith Ogden, Utah Mary E. Dichmann . . . . New Orleans Guillermo Vasquez . . Tegucigalpa, Hon. Betty Dosch ..... . . New Orleans Howard B. Williams . West Greene, Ala. Helen P. Dufour . . . . . New Orleans HiROSHi Yasuda Kona, T. H. Martha C. Ellis .... Hazlehurst, Miss. Lillian H. Fairlie . . . . . Atlanta, Ga. Law Rose N. Hartstein . . . Houston, Tex. Ruben 0. MiRO . • . Panama City, R. P. Audrey C. Hebert . . . . Metairie, La. R. Rafols y Estrada . Quebradillas, P. R. Louise C. Hoehn . . . . . New Orleans Arturo Reichard Zamora . Aguadilla, P. R. Emilie a. Lewis . • ■ . . New Orleans Hector Reichard Zamora . Aguadilla, P. R. Gladys D. Long .... . Evergreen, Ala. Joseph H. Rizzo, Jr New Orleans Louise R. Lowenstein . . Memphis, Tenn. Charles E. Tooke, Jr Ruston, La. Genevieve P. Lykes . . . Houston, Tex. Joseph J. Torre ...... New Orleans Marie C. Lyons .... . . New Orleans Dudley U. Yoedicke . ■ . ..New Orleans Lydiane L. Marrero . . . . Metairie, La. Virginia M. Maksii .... New Orleans I ' RASK C. Magne . . . . . New Orleans CJRACiiiLA Mavorai Nfw Orleans WlI.I.IA.M H. MOORIIEAD . . Goldvillc, S. C. llAZKL A. MiniiK New Orleans Rayford C. Mullins . . . . New Orleani Constance Meykr New Orleans Frances H. Musser . . . . New Orleans Nancy H. Morris ..... New Orleans Orvili.e H. Roberts . . . New Orleans Lkii.a L. Mvi-rs New Orleans Stephen M. Ross .... . Del Rio, Tex. Rosary V. Nix New Orleans Maurice E. St. Martin . . . New Orleans Elknora J. Pai.misano . . . New Orleans Eugene B. Sim.vions . . . . . Foley, Ala. Amelia L. Plant New Orleans Ellen B. Sinclair . . . . New Orleans Mary H. Reiu ...... Ne v Orleans Joseph D. Starr . . . . New Orleans Carolyn S. Riddle New Orleans Robert A. Tessier . . . . . New Orleans Edith L. Smith New Orleans Mike Wright . . New Orleans Margaret K. Strange . . . New Orleans Drusilla I. TuDURY .... New Orleans Engineering | Jane F. Walker .... N ' ickslnirg, Miss. Paul L. Anderson . . . . . New Orleans Alva S. Weatherford . . . New Orleans Alexander T. Covert . . Philadelphia, Pa. Antoinetie p. Weed .... New Orleans Wm. J. Featherngill . 1 ndependence. Pa. Lucy E. Weed New Orleans iNNOCENTl M. GrISAFFI . . . New Orleans Wade H. Hoffman, Jr. . . . New Orleans Arts .and Sciences Clarence J. Hughes . . . . New Orleans Samuel H. Ballard .... New Orleans Joseph J. Krebs .... . . New Orleans Edward McK. Bostick: . . . New Orleans Robert L. Lobdell . . . . . New Orleans Dorothy M. Council .... New Orleans John J. Mora .... . New Orleans Cornelius J. Evereti-, Jr. . . New Orleans Daniel W. B. Murphy . . . New Orleans Frank E. Ford New Orleans LeRoy L. New.vian, Jr. . . . New Orleans Tiio. i. s F. Hall, Jr New Orleans Hardoncourt j. Trepagmer . New Orleans | William T. Hidden .... N ew Orleans Earl H. Jung Bogalusa, La. COAIMERCE 1 Jones W. Lamb Paragould, Ark. Luis Florencia . Campeche , Campeche, Mex. Woodrovv McD. Lamb . . Paragould, Ark. Elbert F. Greiner . . . - . New Orleans ZoLOMON Levin . . . Golden Meadows, La. Waldo B. Utley . - . . . New Orleans SOPHOMORE CLASS Medicine Sybil J. Barker .... . . New Orleans George S. Allen .... Springfield, Mo. Dorothy Beckemeyer . . . . New Orleans Hubert L. Allen, Jr. . . Kansas City, Mo. Sylvia Beres .... Pal sades Park, N. J. Emmerson C. Chiasson . Port Neches, Tex. Ruth L. Bernadas . . . . . New Orleans Mary P. Chiasson . . . Port Neches, Tex. Barbara Bouden . . . . New Orleans James M. Ciaravella .... Tampa, Fla. Mary R. Brothers . . . . Anniston, Ala. AiTiLio V. Filizola . . San Antonio, Tex. Ora L. Carroll .... . . Algiers, La. Thomas F. Fujiwara . . Honolulu, T. H. Glendy Culligan . . . . . New Orleans James R. Godfrey .... Dunkirk, N. Y. Elvi- M. Deb.ate . . . . . New Orleans J. C. Gonzalez, Jr. . Rio Grande City, Tex. Melba M. Elfer . . . . . St. Rose, La. Eric E. Guilbeau, Jr. . . . Carencro, La. Olivia M. Ewing . . • . . New Orleans Jesse R. Hichtower . . . Itta Bena, Miss. Dorothy L. Fraiser . . . . New Orleans Norman D. Hines . . Seven Springs, N. C. Marjorie L. Frantz . . . . New Orleans Harold T. Kimata . . Eleele, Kaua, T. H. RosETTA M. Ginsberg . . . . New Orleans MiNORU KiMURA . • ■ . Honolulu, T. H. AiLEEN M. Hall . . . . Jellico, Tenn. Thomas A. LeValley . . Miles City, Mont. Catherine M. Hall . . . . New Orleans Elizabeth Lewis . • . ■ . New Orleans Dorothy H. Hansen . . . . New Orleans Vera Lynne ' . . New. Orleans Leonard Hardin . ■ . . New Orleans Hippolyte P. Marks, Jr. . . . Monroe, La. Frances Heidler . . . Mt. Vernon, III. John B. Milton. Jr New Orleans Dorothy C. Heinzelman . . New Orleans Samuel D. Murray- .... Newman, Ga. Katherine j. Hild . • . . . New Orleans Lee T. Nesbite .... Birmingham, Ala. Elise S. Hi.mel .... . . New Orleans Alejandro Perez, Jr. . . . David, Panama Reba-Nell R. Hoffman . . . New Orleans Roy J. St. Martin Houma, La. -Adelyn R. Hy.man . . . . New Orleans Malcolm P. Schvvarzenbach . New Orleans Cecile M. Kahn . • . . . . Jackson, Miss. John R. Ship? . ..... Lorcna, Tex. Frances M. Kerr . . . • . New Orleans GusTAvus W. Thomasson, Jr. . Dallas, Tex. Grace G. Kisi.er .... Lake Charles, La. (7E0RCE V. TOMOGUCHI .... Hilo, T. H. Cesil S. Kohl.man . . . . . New Orleans Edwin W. Tucker New Orleans Margaret M. Krumbhaar . . Houma, La. G. Vandama (y Fernandez) . Havana, Cuba Suzanne B. M. LaCour . . . New Orleans Denzil W. Waits .Atlanta, Ga. Katherine Legier . . . . . New Orleans C. Richard Walters .... New Orleans Jui.iEiTE E. Levy . . . New Iberia, La. Russell L. Welch .... Jackson, Miss. Doris .A. I.urie .... . . Florala, Ala. Joseph B. Wharton, Jr. . . El Dorado, .Ark. Leonora McLei.lan . ■ . . New Orleans Leah C. Miller .... . . New Orleans Newcomb Rose R. Milling . . . . . New Orleans Fay Allen New Orleans Kathleen J. Motte . . . . New Orleans Cei.estine R. Atkinson . . . New Orleans Myrtle J. Pai.misano . . . New Orleans Charlotte Ferret ..... New Orleans Anna F. Pipes Houma, La. Ethel L. Porter New Orleans Sylvl J. Prekburg . . . Alexandria, La. Nancy K. Rallins New Orleans Eda Rosenthal ...... New Orleans K. therine L. Schlegel . . . New Orleans Mildred R. Shaw ..... New Orleans Joel Simon New Orleans Elizabeth O. Turnipseed . . New Orleans Doris L. Weiss .. ' .... New Orleans Sara O. Wo.mack Kentwood, La. June Wood . New Orleans Arts and Sciences Howard L. BRY.-iN .... Shreveport, La. Mary Ann Burke ..... New Orleans Samuel J. Crapitto . . . . Houston, Tex. Richard N. Hardy . . . Hattiesburg, Miss. Haywood H. Hillyer .... New Orleans Jack M. Kluft . . . Perth Amboy, N. J. Harold G. Memts.w .... New Orleans Rupert C. Mitchell .... Monett, Mo. Morris W. New.man .... New Orleans Bernard H. Nolan .... New Orleans Norman Pailet . ' New Orleans Henry T. Posey " New Orleans Royal J. Printz . . . Metairie Ridge, La. John J. Richards New Orleans jA.viES T. Richards . _ . . . . New Orleans WiLLiA.M A. Sample . • . Shreveport, La. Joseph R. Sa.muel .... New Orleans Jack E. Shangold . . Perth Araboy, N. J. Theodore H. Shepard, Jr. . . New Orleans THO.VIAS SloO; Jr. .... . New Orleans Robert J. Starkey . . E. Templeton, Mass. Charles B. Stroble . Kendrick Ta -lor . . Oscar D. Thomas . . Roy O. Trahan . . . Leycester L. Trauth Fred Tripp, Jr. . . . Oscar H. Welborn . . Meridian, Miss. . Alexandria, La. . . New Orleans . New Orleans . . Gretna, La. • . New Orleans Statesville, N. C. Edward T. White, Jr. . . Pensacola, Fla. Engineering Hobart W. Blakeslee David J. Blakesley ' , Jr. Levie W. Branch . . Charles A. Burton . Jesse C. Connelly ' , Jr. Oliver P. Darby . . Charles H. Dieth . . Farrar R. Dodge . . Waldo A. Erickson . Marion E. Fr. ter . . Walter G. Jahncke . Sterling J. Knight . Anthony- J. Monta . James E. Peres . ■ • Daniel B. Warner . James A. Wright, Jr. . New Orleans . Franklin, La. . New Orleans . New Orleans . New Orleans . New Orleans . New Orleans . New Orleans . New Orleans Gulfport, Miss. . New Orleans . New Orleans . Elmer, N. J. . New Orleans . New Orleans . New Orleans Commerce Alfred J. Abrahams . John E. Church . . Allan J. Landry . . HuMBERTo M. Lopez . Edw ' Ard j. Marks, Jr. Thomas A. Piacun . BETTi- B. Thompson . . New Orleans . New Orleans • . Norco, La. . New Orleans . New Orleans . New Orleans . New Orleans FRESHMAN CLASS Medicine Philip A. Niebergall . St. Francisville, La. - „ „ u 1 . XT z- ' Frederick W. Ogden .... New Orleans LOY G. Ballard .... Char one N. C. l. Pridgen, Jr. . . San Antonio, Tex. Bradley C. Brownson . . . New Orleans . ' ..... Oberlin, Kan. Joel A. D.WSo.n, Jr. . . • . Mobile, Ala. Maurice E. Swann . . . Asheville, N. C Robert C. Day New Orleans Theodore L. Taxnehill . . . Urania, La. James G. Ecoxomon .... Lowell, Mass. j ggp j- -w sox . . . Baton Rouge, La. Frances E. Evans New Orleans n. thax Weil, Jr. . . . Jacksonville, Fla. Burton E. Field .... FayetteviUe, Ark. Bertha N. Wexler .... Ne%v Orleans MosE B. Hesdorffer .... Canton, Miss. Henry D. Wysong . . . McKinney, Tex. Alfred Y. K. Hew . . . Paia, Maui, T. H. James C. S. Hong . Wahiawa, Oahu, T. H. Law Charles E Hooper . . Jackson, Miss. manuel E. Benitez . . . Santurce, P. R. Wallace S. Kaw.wka . Eleele, Kam, T H. William J. Craig, Jr. . Bowling Green, Kv. Robert L. Knolle Segum,, Tex. j _ . . ...... New Orleans GwTNNE H. Little .... Cornelia, Ga. Samuel Lang ....... New Orleans Walter S. Loo Hilo, T. H. Robert D. Lottinger .... Houma, La. Webster J. Mandersox . . Tuscaloosa, Ala. Ashby W. Pettigrew, Jr. . . . Houma, La. Ale.xander M. Manson . Jacksonville, Fla. 5, Poitevext, Jr. . . Ocean Springs, Miss. Francisco Ol Mariani . Rio Piedras, P. R. Keith M. Pyburn Ruston, La. Catherine E. Michael. . . Lexington, Ky. James P. Thar? ...... New Orleans Robert S. Munger Dallas, Tex. Edward T. Weeks, Jr. . ■ New Iberia, La. Howard A. Nelson .... Tunica, Miss. Donald W. Wendt . . . Evansville, Ind. SPECIAL STUDENTS NeWCOMB Stella Hebert New- Orleans Carolin Blum New Orleans Mary E. Malone New Orleans Laura Fenner . ..... New Orleans Mildred T. Massox .... New Orleans LouELLA R. GiLMORE .... New Orleans Atzie L. Smill .... Los Angeles, Cal. Virginia M. Hamilton . . New Orleans Florence C. Smith .... New Orleans LuciLE H.ATRY ..-••. Coraopolis, Pa. Rose M. Stanek New Orleans SECOND SEMESTER REGISTRATION JINIOR CLASS Law Jniiv n. HRnissARi) New Iberia, La. .7 7.1 (iiiil Siiinrrs Cn. RLEs F. L. Uucam)i:k, |r Ueiiisoii, la. Enffinccrinff Charles J. Houi.crave New Orleans SOPHOMORE CLASS Ir s (ind Sciences Er.AZAR CjOi.onERG New Orleans L L. Hewlett Lockhart, Tex. Martin J. Lamden Hattiesburg, Miss. Joseph T . Lea New Orleans Engineering InsE M. Garcia A. Obregon, Tab., Mex. Luis C. Villamizar Bogota, Colombia FRESHMAN CLASS Law JoHx V. Bosvvorth Mill Creek, W. Va. Oswald W. iosca New Orleans Arts and Sciences Santiago F. Rodriguez New Orleans SPECIAL Law George W. Sanchez New Orleans ••• IN CONCLUSION The i-iliton ' al staff nf tlie y)X xfiluiiie ot the j. MBA[,. •A wishes to tliaiik the following for their kind eoo|n ' ratiiin in the piihlication of this work: The Bexson Printixg Co. Printing and Binding Mr. J. D. Paxfii-ld I ndividnni uiid 1 iew Pliotografihy Miss Arlexe V. ZixK Secretarial H ' nrk The -Alabama Exgravixg Co. Engraving Mr. Leox Trice A thletic and Snapsliot Pliotografihy Miss Katherixe Kammer ( ' .Illy Modi ling Mr. Ceorge E. Sim.moxs Journalistic Assistance And ;ill others whose kiiiii susrgestions and contrihutions were offered. THIS BOOK PRINTED BY. Th E WORLD ' S LARGEST PUBLISHERS OF CO LLEG E ANNUALS COLLEGE ANNUAL HEADOtl ARTERS o " jvV JL jL o jtthat reflect those happy, carefree days has been our £. A ± J. Qoa ' COlllce: annual division C v_ o rb ♦ -r -r -r ■» CON1 PAISJV BIRMIN ' CHAM I N T t-i E H E ,A. R T O F X IH E S O U T H " I ' • cJ ! ■■. ' sV ' ' .-W : r . " iV ' r ' ' ' ' i wm ILL; w I,, ■ • . ' ' , Pv ' rrr-.-,:;-:;.-;.-.;-;:,. •vC ;i: V..:.. ' - ■■ST ' -,-! ' v tV ' ' . ' - . ■ . V- ,.• ■ , ... - 4 - . 4 . ' -V l " ■ ■:-:uv..-: ' • ' -;,

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