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yli- ' i; . ' ' ' " I ' ihi Wm m US %MiA 1 i X. t,.L.».; ism0 ' - COPYRIGHTED 1933 J. H. RANDOLPH ALSTON CALLAHA FELTUS, The Editor N, Business Manager C rs II II THE (W ' ' ' ■ ' " " - " i massaW ' i ' • - •« . ' ■ ' ■ ' ■■■■ : M MM!M!:-: r PUBLISHED A LLY BY TME STUDENTS OP r- r NE ORLEANS LOU 1 S i A N A v_y PR » » » » r r r S li--- K V ' TIT MR. WALTER ROBINSON STAUFFER Member of the Tulane Board of Administrators DIED JULY 30, 1932 MR. ABRAHAM ERITTIN Memljer of tlie Tulane Board of Administrators DIED JULY 31, 1933 MR. JOHN DYMOND, JR. A. B., LL. B. Meml er of the Tulane Board of Administrators DIED NOVEMBER 12. 1932 MR. WILLIAM HENRY CREIGHTON U. S. N. Professor of JMechanical Engineering, Tulane University DIED J. XUARY 24. 1933 DR. HENRY DASPIT VI. D.. F.A C.P. Dean of the Graduate School of Medicine. Tulane University DIED DECEMBER 19. 1932 MR. FELIPE FERNANDEZ A. B. Instructor in Spanish, Xewcomb College. Retired . ugust 31. 1931. DIED JULY 4. 1932 MISS MYRA CLARE ROGERS B. S., VI. A.. Ph. D. .Assistant Professor of Latin, Xewcomb College DIED M.AY 30. 1932 MR. CHARLES EMILE SIMON Stiulom, Collfg o of Arts and Sciences, Tulanr University DIED SEPTEMBER 27. 1932 IW] ' S9 fii ' i:V fMV ' !S!! ' W;V:f o I I " B v utuicmnson JnemorLaL JjuLLobig Onhrance CJ ew Science JjulloL ncj ' ront view of Cjiuson utalL ( ilioyi Jl lemonal J lo rar j Semi-tropLcaL Cjrowlli - CJ e vco)nb - 1 , I Oxewcomh OfamlnlsiraUon Jjullaln C ke oseplibie lionise utouse SlariLeii C komas utatt President ESMOND Phelps. A.R., LL.B. First J ' icc-Prcsidcnt Chaunce - Frexch Second Jlce-Presidcnt . . . Erxest Lee Jahxcke, B.E. 1 Walker Brainerd Spencer, A.B., LL.B. Charles Rosen, A.B., LL.B. Marcus Johns Magruder, M.D. Paul Hill Saunders, A.AL, Ph.D. Samuel Zemurrav Florence Dymond. A.B. Jules Bl.wc Monroe, A.B., LL.B. James Pierce Butler, LL.B. John Barnwell Elliott, A.] L, LD. George Elliot Williams, B.E. S. Walter Stern, A.B. Charles Allen Favrot, M.E. Joseph VHEADON Carrom. EX-OFFICIO Osc. R K. Allen Go ' Viriior nf Lniiisiana ThOM.AS SeMMES WAL LSI.EV Mayor of Neix ' Orleans Thomas H. Harris SliUe SuNrinleiiilenI iij Public Education Lawrence Andre Wogan Secretary and Treasurer I ' Albert bledsoe dinwiddie, ph.d, ll.d., has been president of tulane university since october 1,1918. the great progress of the university in the past few years is due principally to his en- ergy and efforts. dr. dinwiddie has not only demonstrated remarkable ability as an edu- cator, but has proven one of the greatest business executives in the field of education, although his achievements and profes- sional oualities are matters of public knowledge, comparatively few know dr. dinwiddie as a man. he is intensely human and possesses a great breadth of interest, primarily a mathematician, he is also an authority on literature. he is a sports en- thusiast, having participated in athletics at college, and a lover of the great out- doors, fishing and all forms of puzzles are his hobbies. president dinwiddie is truly a man of great and varied activity. » » i i Cd The School of Medicine Charles Cassedy Bass, M.D., D.Sc, F.A.C.P. Dean The School of Medicine occupies an enviable place among the leading medical schools of the country. Students and doctors from every state in the Union and from many foreign countries come to Tulane for medical training. The Hutchinson Memorial Clinic in the New Hutchinson Memo- rial Building provides for the most practical training and experience in actual care of patients. Each senior student has what corre- sponds to a well equipped private office where, under the super- vision of an instructor, he examines and treats his patients as he should do later in private practice. The College of Law RuFus Carrollton Harris, A.B., LL.B., Juris.D., LL.D. Dean The Tulane College of Law was established in 1S47 as the Law Department of the University of Louisiana. The curriculum of the College has been arranged to provide for the special training of those who intend to practice in Louisiana, and at the same time to afford training to those who may wish to prac- tice in any of the other states. The College owns one of the most complete law libraries in the Southern States. It is a member of the Association of American Law Schools. It publishes the Tulane Law Review, which affords a medium for the expression of the best thought available on Comparative Jurisprudence. Newcomb College Pierce Butler,, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Dean Mrs. Josephine Louise Newcomb founded Newcomb College as a memorial to her daughter, Harriott Sophie Newcomb. In fu ' .fillment of Mrs. Newcomb ' s wish and her profound interest in the people of New Orleans, the College endeavors to equip young women for effective and intelligent service to society. A college of liberal arts offering sound instruction in cultural and scientific fields is the cen- ter of Newcomb. For students suited by temperament or by special aptitude to develop a sound culture through Art or Music, the College offers special four-year courses in those subjects, leading to appropriate degrees. PAGE 24 y College of Arts and Sciences Edward A. Bechtel, Ph.D. Dean Tlif C ' olleKi ' lit .Arts and Sciences is one of the oldest colleges of Tu ' ane University. It offers courses leadiiiK to the degrees of Haclielor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, and Bachelor of F.dncation in Physical Edncation. The curricidmn is planned to give a general education and, at the same time, affords opportunity for specialization in some one group of studies. Special courses offered prepare for the study of Medicine and of La v. .Among the elective courses is included the department of Journali m. The course in Physical Education af- fords preparation for athletic coaches and directors, together with training in academic subjects. The College of Engineering Douglas Smith Anderson, B.A., M.A. Dean The College of Engineering offers broad courses of professional training in the fundamental principles of the different branches of Engineering and Architecture, leading to the degrees of Bachelor of Engineering and liachclor of .Architecture, respectively. The courses offered are Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering and Chemical Engineering. VA ' ithin the past several years extensive additions have been made to the equipment of the engineering laboratories, to the extent that they offer excellent facilities for the regular undergraduate instruc- tion, as wll as opportunities for the study and investigation of spe- cial problems. For the study of .Architecture, New Orleans offers exceptional advantages. The College of Commerce Morton Arnold Aldrich. A.B., Ph.D. Dean The purpose oi this college has been, since its establishment in 1914, to offer substantial professional training preparatory to a business career. The instruction offered is planned for stuilents suffi- ciently able and mature to do work of university grade, and no student is received unless prepared to do work of this character. It is essential, also, to the permanent success of the college that its students approach their work in an earnest professional spirit. In order to make the business courses available for business men and women, classes are also held at night from S to 9:45 o ' clock. Each course meets one night a week. PAGE 25 i The School of Pharmacy J. F. Simon, M.Ph., Ph.D. Dean Established in 1S38, the School of Pharmacy, now under the jurisdiction of a Pharmacist Dean, offers a four-year course leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy; this course is now being administered strictly according to the Pharmaceutical Syllabus, a publication prepared and published by the National Pharmaceut- ical Syllabus Committee, representing the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy, the National Association of Boards of Phar- macy, and the American Pharmaceutical Association. The Graduate School John MacLaren McBryde, Ph.D., Litt.D. Dean The Graduate School offers courses leading to advanced degrees in liberal arts, the sciences, engineering, and in special branches of the medical sciences. For those holding the degrees of Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Medicine, opportunity is afforded for clinical work in the hospitals of the city under the guidance of well-known specialists. Thus the Graduate School presents carefully planned courses for teachers desiring to gain a broader and deeper knowl- edge of their chosen fields and for graduates in engineering and medicine wishing to specialize in particular lines of work. Graduate School of Medicine Hiram Watkins Kostmayer, B.A., M.D., F.A.C.S. Acting Dean The Graduate School of Medicine, a department of the College of Medicine of the Tulane University, provides post-graduate in- struction to the medical profession. The courses offered are arranged to afford work from October to June of each year, and during that time there may be found medical graduates from all parts of the country who come to avail themselves of the opportunities presented in order to keep abreast with the recent advances in medicine and surgery, or to specialize in the major branches. Instruction during the forenoon is carried on in the wards and clinics of the Charity Hospital, Touro Infirmary, and the Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital, and the afternoon and evenings com- prise didactic lectures and work in the clinical laboratory at thj Hutchinson Memorial Building. PAGE 26 C: The School of Social Work Garrrtt Polhfmus Wyckoff, A.B., LL.D. Director The School of Social Work is a nr duate school offering pro- fessional training for social work. The leading social agencies in New Orleans co-operate in furnishing field work facilities for students. As it is the only m-mlier of the American Association of Schools of Professional Social Work in this section of the South, the ' I ' ulane University School of Social Work attracts graduates from many of the leading universities of the South. Courses for Teachers James Adair Lyon, A.M., D.Sc. Chdirmdn For many years Tulane University has operated a number of courses to meet the need of those whose hours of employment will not permit attendance upon regular classes. The classes are sched- uled in the afternoon hours and on Saturdays, thus making it pos- sible for teachers, especially if they so desire, to add to their equip- ment in many subjects. These courses are of full college grade, conducted by regular members of the faculty, and in the case of students who have satis- factorily fullilled the entrance requirements, credits obtained may be applied towards a degree. Department of Middle American Research Frans Blom, Ph.D., A.M. Director The Department of Middle . ' nierlcan Research was founded in 192+ to conduct advanced research into the history, archaeology, botany, products and natural resources of Mexico, the Central .Amer- ican republics and tlie ' est Indies, as well as to gather and dis- seminate inforni:ition about tljese countries. Five expeililions have been sent into the Held. The Kifth Tulane Kxpedition was linanced by the ( hlcago World ' s Fair of 1933. The library of the department ranks among the nation ' s leading research libraries, containing thousands of rare items, including manuscripts, maps, and v(dimies on anthropology, archaeology, travel, geography, botanv, hiolog , and cartography of the Middle Ainericas. o PAGE 27 FACULTY GROUPS The College of Law. The Graduate School The School of Med- icine. The School of Social Work The Graduate School of Medicine. PACU LTY GROUPS The School of Phar- macy. The College of En- gineering. The H. Sophie New- comb Memorial College. The College of Com- merce. The College of Arts and Sciences. J H ' A«(m«»m ' «fiKJasB!«ssaffli f m i y u o ? ,V,« M! V, . JJ ' M ;: : . . First row: Arsus. Davidson, Fi.sli. Fraiison, Gondel, HoroUl. Isacks, Isbell. Johnson, Knig ht. Second row: Lodriyucs. Loyan, Martin. Matthews, MorclocU, Morrow, Ogdeu, Payne, Spicer, Wilson. m s i STUDENT BODY OFFICERS School of Medicine Euclid Arnold Isbell Prrsitli il H.ARRv Charles Kxight I ' icc-Prisiclint John Edward DiGiglla Sicriiiiry Bhnjamix Robert Gendel Trftisiirir College of Law Crow Girard Davidson ' •,■.( . ( ( Clarence James Morrow I ' ici-Prrsiilittl Simon Herold Secretary- Treasurer Newcomb College Marjorie Vh.son PresiJeitl Marjorie Logan lice-Presiilenl Vassar Fambroigh Morei.ock CorrespiiiuliiKj Seerelnry Marie Celeste Lyons Recording Secretary . L RTHA Jean ] L rtin Treasurer I ' t College of Arts and Sciences Francis Cameron Pa ne Presid: nt John Wean ' er Fisk T ice-President Vinnie Paul Lodrigues Secretary- Treasurer College of Engineering lIuRATio Xash Ogden President Robert Lang Argus rice-President Albert J. J. Fransen Secretary- Treasurer .ollege of C ommerce Leonard Smith Isacks. Jr. Presid, nt Fredi:rick VARNER Matthews. Jr. rice-President Norwood Spicer Secretary- Treasurer School of Pharmacy Cage Sheim-iard M.vrriss President Clarke ' alton Cross Tice-Presldent Ruth Elizabeth Johnson Secretary- Treasurer J PRESIDENTS DENNERY HILL MASON TAYLOR TREPAGNIER WILSON SCHOOL OF MEDICINE President Larkin Kkith Masox Vice-Presi lent Christopher Francis Uhllonte Secretary-Trcasiinr MiLTON ' Edward Block COLLEGE OF LAW President George Angls VilsoN ' Vice-President John Francis McCor.mick Secretary-Treasurer Eleanor Newco.mb Fallk NEWCOMB COLLEGE President Fannv Lob DenNERY Vice-President Beatrice Morgan O ' Reilly Secretary Zo ' i Adelia Shallcross Treasurer DoRis Stern COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES President Doyless Llther Hill Vice-President Richard Wedig Kehoe Secretary-Treasurer Miriam Veith COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING President Dalton Harris Trepagnier. Jr. Vice-President Elmo John Edwards Secretary-Treasurer Claramon Bascom McEachern COLLEGE OF COMMERCE President John Arthur Taylor Vice-President Cl.ave Ernest Gill II Secretary-Treasurer E.m.mett Henry Fremalx SCHOOL OF PHARMACY President C.AGE ShEPHARD H.-UIRISS J ' ice-President Clarke Walton Cross Secretary-Treasurer VILL Raxuall Blshong SENIORS Ethel Alltmont A E ■!■ Newcomb NEW ORLEANS Dramatic Club. Ruth Katherine Beaver Ne ' wcomh NEW ORLEANS Voiles ' Ball (1); Hockey (1. 2); Gle (3, 4). Helen Bell K K r New CO m h NEW ORLEANS Caroline Amelia Blessey ■ z Newcomb NEW ORLEANS Operetta (1, 2. 3): T. W. C. A. (1, 2. 3) Cabinet (3), President (41; Glee Club (1, 2 3), Secretai-y-Treasurer (3, 4); Student Gov- ernment Association (4). Sally Breard A A n Ncwcomb MONROE, LA. Council of Resident Students. Muriel Burkhardt Ncwcomb NEW ORLEANS Mary Lucile Clark X Q Nenucomb NEW ORLEANS Dramatic Club; Art Club. SENIORS Mary Elizabeth Barnett B s o Nevicomb NEW ORLEANS Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4), President (4): Dra- matic Club (1. 2, 3, 4), Treasurer (2); T. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Pan-Hellenic Coun- cil (3. 4); Operetta (1, 2, 3, 4); French Circle (1). Meredith Bechtel B A Nenuco m b NEW ORLEANS Art Club (1, 2, 4); T. W. C. A. (2. 4); In- ternational Club (4). Sarah Bernhard Neivcomb NEW ORLEANS Helen Hoyt Bradley 11 B I Neivcomb NEW ORLEANS 4) Varsity Cheerleader (2, 3 Club (1); T. W. C. A. (1, (3, 4). 3); Dramatic Art Club Meredith Brock M Neivcomb CHATTANOOGA, TENN. Hermione Cahn A E Newcotnb NEW ORLEANS Newcomb Ball (1): International Club (4). Jane Conover X Q Newcomb NEW ORLEANS , . = PAGE 36 SENIORS Kathleen LaNoue Crawi ord X n Neivcomb NEW ORI.I-ANS Buskftliall (1, 2, 3); Newconib Ball (1,2. 3) Hockey (2, 3). Martha Zoe Davis Neivcomh FORT WORTH, TEXAS Ruth Dickey ' I ' M Ncivcomb NEW ORLEANS Ninvenmb Ball (1. 2); Bnskethnll (1. 2, 3): llofltey (1, 2, 3); Baseball (1. 2. 3); Track (1, 2, 3); Pan-HcIli-nic; Atbletic Council. Catherine Drawe Nnvcomb NEW ORLEANS Alice Evans A A n, B A Neivcomb NEW ORLEANS Art Club (3, 4). Shuree Guberman Neiucomb GOOSE CREEK, TEXAS Elizabeth Hailey K A e Nfivcomb M W ORLEANS Y. W. C. A. a. 2); Arl Club (2) SENIORS Louise Ford Crawford X Neivcomb NEW ORLEANS French Clul) (1. 2): Y. V. C. A. (1. 2): Art Club (2. 3. 4). PrcBldcnt (4). Fanny Dennery A E •!• Neiacomb NEW ORLEANS Class President (4); Glee Club (1, 2. 3. 4); Finance Committee (3. 4): Student Govern- ment Association: Student Council (3, 4)- Pan-Hellenic (4). Dorothy Elizabeth Donald Neivcomb GOODMAN, MISS. Mildred Ellington B " I " A Neivcomb NEW ORLEANS y. W. C. a. (1. 2, 3. 4): Art Club (1, 2, 3. 4): Dramatic Club (4). Juanita Gaille Neiicomb NEW ORLEANS Elizabeth Lancaster Hadley A n Nincotnb RL ' STON, LA. Phala Hale A i n Ntivcornb LAKE CHARLES, LA. Newconib Bnsketbiill (1. 2. 31; Spaulding Ba.skotbiill (1. 2. 3. 41; Baseball (2. S): Glea Club: liramatU- Club; Track Meet (1, 2. S. 4). = PAGE 37 SENIORS Jeanelle Hardy Neivcomb BARNESVILLE, GA. Theone Hausmann A E Neiuco m b NEW ORLEANS Glee Club (1, 2, 3. 4); Dramatic Club (3. 4); Art Club (4). JUANITA HeISS K A e NeiL-co m h MERIDIAN, MISS. T W C A.: Glee Club; Dramatic Club; Council of Kesideut Students; Pan-Hellemc Council; Business Manager ••Jambala a. (4). Suzanne Hirsch A E Neixcomb MONROE, LA. rt Club (1. 2. i, 4); Dramatic Club (4); Debating Club (1, 2. 3. 4). Florence Kaplan Neii- ' comb LAUREL, MISS. Eleanor Legier K K r, All Neiucomb NEW ORLEANS student Council President (4), Secretary- Treasurer (3); Glee Club (1, 2, 3. 4); Ath- letic Council (2, 4) ; Basketball. Hockey, Baseball (1, 2, 31; Student Government As- sociation. Kitty Minor Logan n B Newco7nb NEW ORLEANS Art Club (1, 2. 3, 4); T. W. C. A. (1); New comb Ball (1. 2); Basketball. Spaldmg Bas ketball, Hockey (1, 2. 3); Track (1, 2). SENIORS Rovvena Eloise Harrison New comb NEW ORLEANS Joy Hearn B A Newcomb BIRMINGHAM, ALA. Newcomb Editor " Jambalaya, " (4); Liter- ary Editor " Arcade " (4); " Hullabaloo " Staff (3, 4); Student Government Association (4). Edna Lucille Herbert Z T A Nenucomb NEW ORLEANS Flores Hotard B A Nevjcomb NEW ORLEANS Varsity Debating (2). Louise Lake A n Nenvcomb GREENVILLE, MISS. Agnes Scott College; T. " W. C. A.; Mary LoCascio Ncivcomb NEW ORLEANS Glee Club. Adele Marjorie Logan n B Neiiicomb NEW ORLEANS T. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3); French Circle (1); Spalding Basketball (2. 3); Varsity Bas- ketball (2, 3); Varsity Newcomb Basketball (3); " Arcade " (2); Assistant Newcomb Edi- tor " Jambalava " (3); Student Body Treas- urer (3), Vice-President (4); Art Club (2); Student Government Association; Pan-Hel- lenic Council. p PASE 38 — ih- ' k SENIORS Kathryn Longmire A n Nevicomb ALEXANDRIA, LA. Y. W. C. A.: Art ciuli. Peggy McMahon K A e Newcomh MOBILE, ALA. Vlro-I " n ' Sid,.m Class (2); Student Council (2. 3); President Doris Hall; Finance Com- niillee (2, 3, 4); Council or Resident Stu- dents. Marcella Ogden Ncivcomb HATTIESBURG, MISS. SiGRID OlSEN K A e Ncwcomb NEW ORLEANS Art Club (1. 2. 3, -1); Y. W. C. A. Ruth Owen A n Ncwcomb GULFPORT, MISS. Y. W. C. A. Treasurer: Council of Itcsidcnl Students. Marion Woodson Rainey new orleans Urainatic club; " N " Club; Trm-U (1. 2): .Swiinniliii,- Team 11. 21; Hockev (1, 2); . r- chery (1). Martha Remick K K r Neixicomh NEW ORLEANS . . (1. 2, :!, 11; Prosiil. ' Ut Interna- tional Club. SENIORS Jeanne McCartney A II Neiucomb TIFTOV, GA. Wcsleyan College; Y. W. C. A. (1. 2. „. ir. Art Club (1. 2, 3, 4); S|mnl«h Club (1); Dramatic Club (4). LiSETTE Sylvia Moore M, B A Neiucomb NEW ORLEANS President Art . ' i.hool (4): Art Club (I. 2. 3. 4); Dramatic Club 11. 2); Student Council; Glee Club (1. 2); Student Government As- sociation. Jenny Olsen K A Aeivcomb NEW ORLE. NS Y ' . W. C. A. (1, 4): Captain VoMey Ball (1. •i); Bn.sketball Varsity (2. 3); Curriculum Committee. Beatrice M. O ' Reilly K K r Nev;comb NEW ORLEANS French Circle (1): International Cluh t2i; Student Council Vice-President (4): Clas.s Vice-President (4). Leonora Quarterman Ne u;comb S.AVANNAH, GA. Art Club. Elizabeth Randol A A n N(v:comb BUNKIE, LA. .Art Club; Council of Resident Students. Ida RlTTENBERG A E Ne it:comb NEW ORLEANS ncbnthiB Club; Baseball. Tennis. Bn. ' ketball (1. 2. 31; Ncwcomb Basketball (2. 31; Glee t lub; Dramatic Club; . ssistant I ' hecrlender (2. :!. 4); Pan-Hellenic Council: . thleilc Council. PAGE 39 SENIORS Brent S. Robertson K K r Netjecomb NEW ORLEANS French Circle (1); T. " W. C. A. (1); Inter- national Club (3, 4); Art Club (3, 4); Stu- dent Council. Sophie Hutson Rollins A n, A 1 1 Neicco tn b GULFPORT, MISS. Orchestra (1, 2. 3, 4). Secretary (3): T. ' W. C A. (1 2 3. 4). Cabinet (4), Secretary (31- borinitorv Council (2, 3. 4). Secretary (3)- Mandolin-Guitar Club (1. 2. 3); Glee Club (1, 2): Student Council; Council o£ Resident Students; Student Government As- sociation. Adeline Myrthe Rush K A Nev;comb MOBILE, ALA. Dramatic Club; Debating Club; Glee Club; T. W. C. A.; Council of Resident Students. Carolyn H. Samuel Neiucomb NEW ORLEANS Debating Club (1. 21; Dramatic Club (1) ; Glee Club (2, 3). Edwyna Scott A o n Neii:comb RIPLEY, TENN. Club; International Relations Club; T. W. C. A. Evelyn Wermuth Shibley HE Neiucomb NEW ORLEANS Art Club. SENIORS Mel Robertson A n Ne vcomb OPELOUSAS, LA. Bowling (1. 2, 3); Swimming Meet (2. 3); Basketball. Hockey. Baseball (1. 2, 3); " N " Club; Track Meet (2. 3). Margaret L. Rosser n B Ne ' KComb NEW ORLEANS Glee C:ub (1. 2, 3, 4); Orchestra; President Music School; Student Council; Student Government Association; Pan-Hellenic Coun- cil. Helen Emily Russell B A Nezvcomb NEW ORLEANS Alice Schwartz A E , A 2 2, e A Nev;comb NEW ORLEANS Dramatic Club (1, 2, 3, 4), President (4), Secretary-Treasurer (2, 3); Xixon Debating Club (1, 2, 3. 4). President (3), Secretary- Treasurer (2); Debating Council (1, 2. 3. 4); Varsity Debating Team (3): Vice-President Class (3); Pan-Hellenic Council (3); Fresh- man Council (4) ; Student Government As- sociation (3. 4); Newcomb Ball (1. 3); New- comb Basketball il, 3), Spalding (1, 2); Baseball (1, 3); Track Meet (1). Zoe Shallcross S Q Ne=u;comb NEW ORLEANS French Circle (1); -Art Club (1); Secretary Class (4); Vice-President Dramatic Club. Nancy Burgoyne Stack A o n Nev;comb ALEXANDRIA, LA. Council of Resident Students. PAGE 40 : = V! ' ' SENIORS Doris Stern A E •!■ Neiticomb NEW ORLEANS CInas Trcnsui-iT (-1); Drumatlc Club (I. 2. 3, 4). Trwisurir (3, 4); Class Editor • ' Ai- i-iiili! " (3); " Hullabaloo " StalT (3), Nowcomb Editor (4); Swlmmlne Meet (1); Class Bas- ketball (1, 2. 3, 4); Debating Club (3, 4). ImOGENE SlOKES B 1 A Neivcomh NEW ORLEANS Mraiiiatic Club; Art Club; " Hullabaloo " Staff; International Club. JUANITA TaNSEY Neiicomb NEW ORLEAXS Newcomb Varsity Debater (3); Carnot Team (1, 2, 3); George Prize; 1914 Prize; Glee Club; Debating Club. Helen E. Walker K a Neivcomh NEW ORLEANS Glee Club (2, 3, 4); Dramatic Club (4). Marie Louise Wilcox X n, A s s Neivcomb NEW ORLEANS Cnniinis NIte Chairman (3); Y. W. C. . . (1). Cabinet (2); Assistant Neweomb Editor " Hullabaloo " (3). Society Editor (2. 3. 41; " Arcade " StafT (21; Tennis Chamiiionslilp (3); Mandolin-Guitar Club (3) ; " Janibalava " Kiprosentatlve Freshman Law. Marjorie Wilson K A e, A 2 s Neivcomb NEW ORLEANS student Body President (4); Class President (- ' ); Y. W. C. . . Cabinet (1. 2. 3. 4); Stu- dent Council (1. 2, 4); " N " Club; Swimming Meet (1. 2, 3); Freshman-So|ih. niore Drag Committee; Student Govermnent Associa- tion; Tulane Student Council. . SENIORS Roberta Sterrett K K r Neivcomb BIR.VIIXGHAM, ALA. Art Club (1. 2, 4): -Y. W. C. A. (1, 2)- Athletics (1. 2. 3): International Club (4). Jane Swayze X !i Neivcomb YAZOO CITi ' , -MISS. Dixie Tharp K A e Neiucomb NEW ORLEANS Track (1. 2); Swimming (1, 2); Basketball (1, 2); Volley Ball (1, 2); Hockey (1. 2)- Student Council; Dramatic Club; T. W C A Carol Wiener A E Neivcomb DALLAS, TEXAS Debating Club (1. 2. 3), Council (3); " N " Club (2, 3, 41; Hockey (1. 2); Vollov Ball (1. 2): Spalding Basketball. Neweomb Bas- ketball, Baseball. Track (2). Ellen Marie Willoz Neivcomb NEW ORLEANS Newcomb Business Manager " Hullabaloo " (O. K. ' therine Woods Neivcomb NEW ORLEANS Y. W. C. A. .f PAGE 41 SENIORS D. M. Adams, Jr. K I, X Medicine PANAMA Cin ' , FLA. Pathogens; On-l Club. Harry Frank Allen 2 N Arcliitecture JACKSON, MISS. Architectural Society. Patrick Joseph Araguel Arts and Sciences NEW ORLEANS Band (3. 4). J. Dudley Atkinson, Jr. 2 A E, A X S Chemical Engineering NEW ORLEANS Marshall Ballard. Jr. A X 1 Arts and Sciences BAY ST. LOUIS, MISS. James Falvy Barr Commerce el DORADO, ARK. Accountants " Club. Christopher F. Bellone Medicine NEW ORLEANS B.S. Degree; Vice-President Medical Class (1, 4); Secretary Student Body (2). SENIORS Chauncey a. Alexius A Commerce NEW ORLEANS Marietta Alper Medicine BIRMINGHAM, ALA. Robert L. Argus 1 A M. and E. Engineering NEW ORLEANS Vice-President Student Body (4); President Class (3). John W. Babst Arcliitecture NEW ORLEANS Architectural Society. Malcolm H. Barnes K 2 M. and E. Engineering MCCOMB, MISS. Anthony J. Barranco A A Medicine BIRMINGHAM, ALA. Leo Walter Benson A •J ' , e K + Arts and Sciences PORT ARTHUR, TEXAS , SENIORS Straus Berthaut II 1 (), i . K T A Arts and Sc ' unccs NEW ORLEANS Nuwfomh Pnii-llollonic; " llullahiUoii " Sli IT (1); Nowi-omb Oloo C ul) (1. 2); V. V. C. A. (1); nriiniatlr I ' lub (1). William G. Blackwell l U, K K Arts and Sciences NEW ORLEANS Iiili ' i ' iiMlinnal UelaliDUs Club; Band (1. 2. 4), Assistant Manager (: ); Aei ' o Club. Herman S. Bloomstein Medicine BROOKLYN, N. Y. Walter C. Bougere Irts and Sciences NEW ORLEANS Pri ' SitU-m SotUhwestern Conference of Tnter- nalional Itelatinns Clubs: President Y. M. C. A.: Urntorlcal and Debating Council. Hugh H. Brister A T i, l i NEW ORLEANS n.S. DcKiec, ' 31; Moot Court Board (2. :!). Locke Brown. J. " !. K K ' I ' Commerce NEW ORLEANS Bund (1. 2. 3. 1). John Whittington Buske 1 X, N Arts and Sciences NEW ORLEANS ran-Uellelllc; Caminis Kdllor " l lallahalo (1). SENIORS Clifton O. Bingham Medicine PINEVILLE, LA. A.B. LIcKree, LoulHinna Colleite; Sciuiiri- nild CompafUl. Milton Block ■ A E Medicine GREENSBORO, N. C. . .B. Degree. University of North Carolina; Secretary-Trvasurer Medical Class (4). John N. Bostick A K K, O K . Medicine MONROE, LA. Pathogens; Square and Compass. M lton Berry Bowman, Jr. 1 X, X 1 N Medicine HOT SPRINGS. ARK. A. W. Brodtman Cii ' il Enijineerinij NEW ORLEANS George Edward Burch. Jr. B M. A u A Medicine EOCARD, LA. Will Randall Bushong Pliarmacy TOMPKINSVn.LE, KV. , = ■ = - " PAGE 43 SENIORS Edward G. Cailleteau S X, N S N Medicine ALEXANDRIA, LA. S. J. Campbell A S $, X Medicine HEADLAND, ALA. Pathogens; Owl Club Eldredge Linus Carroll e K Medicine ALCO, LA. A.B. Degree, Louisiana College; President Class (3); Honor Council (2); Square and Compass. Julio J. Castelj anos I A La w HAVANA, CUBA A.B., B.S. Degrees, Instituto de Habana International Relations Club; T. M, C. A. Lee-Russell Benedict Centanni Medicine NEW ORLEANS B.S. Degree, ' 32. Edward Alexander Cleve S A E. X Medicine BIRMINGHAM, ALA. B.S. Degree, Birmingham-Southern College, James L. Collier e K , A n A Medicine HOUSTON, TEXAS A.B. Degree, Rice Institute; Honor Council (2). SENIORS Alston Callahan S A E Medicine CLINTON, MISS. A.B. Degree, Mississippi College; Medical Editor " Hullabaloo " (4); Business Manager " Jambalaya " (4). John B. Caron Arts and Sciences NEW ORLEANS Aero Club (2, 3, 4), Joseph O. Carson Jr. 2 E Arts and Sciences NEW ORLEANS Band (3, 4); Freshman Track, Varsity (2. 3. 4); Glendy Burke; T-U-R-K (4); Pan- Hellenic. Cecilio Augusto Castillero Medicine OCU, R. p. Charles Laing Chavigny A K E, A X S Arts and Sciences NEW ORLEANS Elias Cohen K N Commerce NEW ORLEANS Ervin Seifert Cooper ATA Commerce NEW ORLEANS Pan-Hellenic; Boxing Squad; White Ele- phants. , SENIORS Daniel Van S. Cresap Civil Eiiijiniiriiiij NKW ORI.KANS Lowell B. Damonte A ■!■, A X i . ■ ,( and Scii ' iices XF.W ORLEANS Pjui-HolliMiic; Vico-PiH ' sident Engineering Ciass (2). Charles D. David Civil Enfiinceriiifj MAN ' nRVii.y.i;, LA. L. M. Dawson n K l , A K K Arts and Sciences MOBILE, ALA. Pan-Hellenle. Daniel J. Devlin .i K E, ' i ' X Medicine NEW ORLEANS IsADORE Dyer N j: N Medicine NEW ORLEANS B.S. Degree. ' 31. Edward Hardin Ellis A T V. Commerce NEW ORLEANS Hiiunalie Guild; Wliite Kle|.linn( J. SENIORS Clarke Walton Cross B M pharmacy .SEW ORLEANS President Clang (2). Thomas W. Davenport •L N, !■ A ■!■, SAP Law MER ROUGE, LA. Degree, Washington and Lee Univer- sity. C. GiRARD Davidson B e n, A A, o A K, n r M Lata LAFAYETTE, LA. A.B. Degree. Soutliwe-stern Louisiana Insti- tute. ' 30; President Law Student Body: President Student Council : " Law Review " (2. 3). Civil Law Editor (3); T. M. C. A. Cabinet; T-U-R-K; Glendy Burke. Erasmo de la Guardia Latx- PANAMA CIT -, R. P. A.B. Degree, University of California. Edgar M. Dunn M. and E. Enyincering NEW ORLEANS Aero Club. Elmo J. Edwards n K A Civil Engineering NEW ORLEANS Vice-President Class (4). Secretary-Treas urcr (1); White Elephants, Edith Eskrigge H B , A E I Medicine NEW ORLEANS . .B. Degree, Newcomb; Medical Pan-Hel- lenic - = « PAGE 45 SENIORS Peter Everett. Jr. N S N, A A r Medicine XEW ORLE.AXS A.B. Dejjree, Loyola University Eleanor Newcomb Faulk A n, K B n WEST MON ' ROE, L. . A.B. Degree, Cornell, " 31; Moot Court Board (3t: Secretary-Treasurer Law Class (3). John W. Fisk •SKI Jrls and Sciences NEW ORLEAKS Vice-President Class (2), " Jambalaya " Rep- resentative (1) : Vice-President Student Body (4); T-U-R-K. Ben Powell Fleming A 2 , e K Medicine HOUSTON " , TEX.AS Pathogens: Vice-President Medical Class (2): Honor Council (2); Square and Com- pass. Jared Y. Fontenot 2 N OPELOUSAS, LA. Hernan RicARDo Franco SAX JUAX, PORTO RICO -A.B. Degree. Harvard University Emmett H. Fremaux Commerce NEW ORLEAXS Secretary-Treasurer Class (4) . ■ 3k; SENIORS C. Gladin Parish A K K Medicine GROVE hill, ALA. Charlotte Felder B n, e X Arts and Sciences XEW ORLEAXS August C. Flach Jr. Civil Engineering XEW ORLEAXS Varsity Baseball (3); Band fl, 2). Dudley C. Foley, Jr. S IT La ' w XEW ORLEAXS .A.B. Degree. ' 31: Moot Court Board (5): Circulation Manager " Hullabaloo " (6); Band (1, 2. 3, 4, 5, 6). Robert B. Foster, Jr. K S Civil Engineering XEW ORLEANS White Elephants: Gle? Club (1): Vice- President Class (1). Albert J. Fransen .V M. and E. Engineering NEW ORLEANS Varsity Track (3 41: Aero Club: Secretary Class (3); Secretary-Treasurer Student Body (4). Louis S. Fremaux Commerce NEW ORLEAXS Janibalava " ' Representative (4): T. M. C. A. " " PAGE 46 X SENIORS Ralph Friedman z n T, ■!• A K Iris and SciiTUi ' s OXFORD, MISS. Unlvuislty of Mississippi; naiicl. James Wright Frierson A K E Law NEW ORLEANS Sylvian W. Gamm Z I! T SIIKEVF.PORT, LA. " Law Review. " DoMiNiCK John Geraci Medicine NEW ORLEANS E. Jack Giles A T S!, l X Medicine CORPUS ClIRISTI, TE, . Honor Council (J); L ' Apachi ' : PiUliogen.s. Howard V. Gleason A ' [ ' A Civil Engimerini NEW ORLEANS Prusldcnt Cla.ss (1). Joseph A. Grami, 1) r r Commerce NEW ORLEANS Accounting Cluti; T-U-H-K. SENIORS G. Shelby Friedrichs A T A, + Commerce NEW ORLEANS Vlcc-Prcsldcnt Class (2»; Varsity Golf Team (2, 3); White Elephants. Shelley R. Gaines II K •! , + . ' Arls and Sciences ENID, MISS. Charles A. Geier, Jr. Arts and Sciences NEW ORLEANS David Gertler NEW ORLEANS " Law Review " (4. 5 . Statutory Interpreta- tion Editor (5): Glcndy Burke (2. 3): Ora- torical and Debating Council t3». Clave E. Gill B o n Cotnmerce BOCAI.USA, LA. Thirteen Club; Scrub Football (3): Varsity Football (4): Vice-President Class (4). Sidney Goldman K N Lavi NEW ORLEANS Livingston Club. James V. Gresham. Jr. B e II. A LoK NEW ORLEANS Manager Foil hall Team (Bl. PAGE 47 SENIORS Eric Guilbeau Jr. Arts and Sciences CARENCRO, LA. Harry Haas, Jr. S A M, K K Architecture NEW ORLEANS Architectural Society: Glee Club; Band Gargoyle. Julian B. Habans K £, A A A Arts and Sciences NEW ORLEANS Pan-Hellenic. Hatley N. Harrison, Jr K A Arts and Sciences NEW ORLEANS Cage S. Harriss Pharmacy PONCHATOULA, LA. President Class (3); President Student Body (3). Carl A. Hartung £ X, N 2 N, A S2 A Medicine BRIDGEPORT, ALA. Pathogens; Owl Club; Medical Pan-Hellenic Frederick W. Heath e K Medicine OAKDALE, LA.. SENIORS Meyer Gurdin A E Medicine HOT SPRINGS, ARK. Medical Pan-Hellenic; Secretary Medicnl Class (3). John A. Haase III Civil Engineering NEW ORLEANS Aero Club (2. 3. 4). Maree G. Hamil Commerce ETHEL, LA. James Henry Harrison e N Arts and Sciences NEW ORLEANS Journalism Research Pamphlet. J. Clifford Hartman AS Commerce MONTROSE, COLO. University of Colorado; Band (2. 3. ■!). Thomas J. Healy Arts and Sciences NEW ORLEANS Irma Carlene Henderson A E I Medicine ASHEVILLE, N. C. Mars Hill College. , ,6 = PAGE: 48 Jl SENIORS Richard Walker Hendrix ■I X, A X A Mi-iUciiif TUSCALOOSA, ALA. A.B. l-li- ' Sn ' o; WashlliKton nnd Ijoo; L ' Apaclu ' ; SQuurQ and Compu.ss. Jimmy Heymann Z B T Commerce NEW ORLEANS DoYLESs L. Hill A j-lrls and Sciences SAND SPRINGS, OKLA. Football (1). Varsity (2. 3, 4): Boxine (2. 3, i). Captain (4); U. S. Olympic Boxing Team (3); President Class (4). Horace Hinds, Jr. 1 A, A X :; Chemical Engineering GULFPORT, MISS. Paul Hogan, Jr. A Cotnmcrce NEW ORLEANS Gle - Cluli; ■ Vlutc Eleiiliants. Leo Leonhard Holzenthal Chemical Engineering KW ORLEANS Elmer Oscar Huber .Irchilecliire NEW ORLEANS Clee Club; Architectural Society. V. SENIORS Simon Herold Z I) T .Iris and Sciences SHREVEPORT, LA. Varsity Track Team (3l; Pan-Hclltnlc: Sec- retary Law Student Body (4). James Morris Higginbotham S X. X v X, A a A Medicine MONROE, lA. Basketball (1. 2, 3); L ' Apache; PathoBons. Floyd Michael Hindelang e K Medicine mcdonoghville, la. Henry W. Hodde X, a a t Medicine RUSTON, la. B.S. Degree. Louisiana Tech. Raynor E. Hclmes. Jr. 1 X, X Medicine CANON Cl ' n, COLO. Charles E. Hooper K f .Iris and Sciences J. CKSON, MISS. Frank G. Huntress, Jr. Ben Commerce SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS r f PAGE 49 SENIORS Benjamin Bailey Hutchinson B n Medicine LUBBOCK, TEXAS A.B., B.S. Degrees, University of Missouri Acacia; Square and Compass. Euclid Arnold Isbell e K Medicine ALBERTVILLE, ALA. President Medical Class (1) : President Med ical Student Body (4) ; Medical Pan-Hellenic Student Council (4); Square and Compass Owl Club. Robert Jackson Arts and Sciences NEW ORLEANS Dramatic Guild; Glendy Burke. Secretary- Treasurer (4t: Oratorical and Debating Council; Varsity Debater (2, 3); " Varsity Boxing Team; Secretary-Treasurer Interna- tional Relations Club (3). Calvin Morris Johnson A K K Medicine PLYMOUTH, FLA. Owl Club. Ransom Gary Jones e K N, O A K, K K Architecture INDIANOLA, MISS. Gargoyle; Architectural Society: Gl " e Club (2. 3, 4); Band (1. 2. 3. 4), Manager (3); T-U-R-K. Warren B. Jung K S Commerce NEW ORLEANS Kenneth Myer Kahn Z B T, B M Medicine morgantown, ky. Fencing (3). SENIORS Leonard S. Isacks , Jr. A K E, O A K, Commerce NEW ORLEANS President Class (1, 3), Secretary-Treasurer (2); President Commerce Student Body (4); Vice-President Student Council (4); Varsity Bo.xing; Thirteen Club; Scrub Football. A. J. Italiano Medicine NEW ORLEANS B.S. Degree; " Hullabaloo " (2). Representative John Roetzel Jochems Arts and Sciences WICHITA, KAN. Leland M. Johnston X, K Medicine HICKMAN, KY. Vanderbilt University; President Medical Pan-Hellenic (4), Treasurer (3); Owl Club (41. Robert S. Jordan A K 13 Co7nmerce CHICAGO, ILL. .Aero Club; Manager Basketball Team (3). Henry Reichard Kahle K A, X, A n A, B M Medicine NEW ORLEANS Degree; White Elephants; Pathogens Owl Club. Nolan Kammer A T 0, e a Arts and Sciences NEW ORLEANS Camp ' is Nite Chairman (4); Scrub Football (2 3): Business Manager Dramatic Guild (4 1; Glendy Burke (1. 2, 3); Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. -.6 : PAGE SO 1. SENIORS C. Homer Kees 11 I ' 1 Co m m crce BROOKHAVEN, MISS. Duncan S. Kemp S A E, l ' A ■!• Lain MONROR, LA. James H. Kepper, Jr. Arts and Siiencn NEW ORLEANS W. E. KiTTREDGE A T A, ■!■ X, •] ' ! Me dicine NAPOLEONVILLE, LA. B.S. Degree; L ' Apache. William Ballin Kohlman. Jr. Z B T Iris and Scienres NEW ORLEANS Glee Club; Aero Club. Lienhard T. Kuhner K £, A A A, ' l •! ' Co m m erce NEW ORLEANS Frosbnmn Traek; Varsity Traek f2); WllitP KU ' Pbiiut.s; Vice-Pre.sUlcnt Class (3); Cleiidy nurlie (1, -l): Pan-Helleulc (3. A). Secretary (4); T-U-R-K. Philip P. LaBruyere, Jr. p s Medicine MARRERO, LA. Fernand S. Lapeyre M. and K. F.niiineering NEW ORLEANS V SENIORS Richard Wedig Kehoe K A Iris and Sciences NEW ORLEANS Fre.shman Track; Varsity Track (2. 3): CroHH-Country; Vlce-Prealdent Clasji (4); Pan-H.-llenlc M). James E. Kendrick. Jr. 1 N, •!■ X Medicine GREENVILLE, ALA. L ' .Vpache; Pathogens; Owl Club. Roy William Kirchberg Medicine NEW ORLEANS Band (1. 2, 3. 4). Harry C. Knight A K K, 1 K Medicine NEW ORLEANS n..S. Degree, Wcsleyan University; Vice- President Medical Student Body: Honor Council (3). Louis Korn M. and E. Engineering NEW ORLEANS Aero Club. George John Kyame Arts and Sciences NEW ORLEANS Rene E. LaBruyere Commerce MARRERO, L. . Ladislas Lazaro A K E. X 1 N Medicine WASHINGTON, LA. : y.- ' PAGE SI SENIORS Hunter C. Leake II 2 X, •!■ A , B K, B M NEW ORLEANS A.B. Degree, ' 31; Vice-President Law Class (4); " Law Review. " Edmond J. Le Breton A T £!, e N, A K Arts and Sciences NEW ORLEANS " Hullabaloo " Campus Editor (3), Associate Editor (4) ; President National College Press Association (4); Glendy Burlce (1, 2, 3); Dramatic Guild (1, 2, 3); Carnot Debate (2); Varsity Debating (2, 3). LoRis K. Levy Z B T Arcliiteciure ST. JOSEPH, LA. Architectural Society. Winnie Paul Lodrigues K 2 Arts and Sciences PATTERSON, LA. Secretary-Treasurer Student Body (4) ; Freshman Tennis f3. 4); Freshman Foot- ball; Varsity Football (2, 3, 4); " T " Club. Norman O. Loeske Clieinical Engineering NEW ORLEANS Thomas E. Lowe OK ' ? Medicine HOUSTON, TEXAS George F. Macdl rmid Ben Commerce NEW ORLEANS H. p. Marks, Jr. Z B T Arts and Sciences MONROE, LA. Pan-Hellenic. SENIORS Sam LeBlanc, Jr. Arts and Sciences NAPOLEONVILLE, LA. Richard Lee A Q A Medicine HONOLULU, T. H. University of Hawaii. Amsie Horto n Lisenby A K K Medicine DOTHAN, ALA. B.S. Degree, Alabama Polytechnic Institute. Sam a. Loeb Medicine STAMFORD, CONN. A.B. Degree, Texas University, ' 29. William Matthews Long 2 X, A K K Medicine STATESVILLE, N. C. B.S. Degree, Davidson College. Lenore C. Lynch Commerce NEW ORLEANS Jambalaya " Representative (3). Irving Machlin A K Medicine BROOKLYN, N. Y. Jambalaya " Representative (2) ; " Hulla- baloo " Representative (3). Luke Marcello K K , B M Medicine DERIDDER, LA. Band {1, 2, 3, 4), Secretary-Treasurer (2). PAGE 52 , SENIORS George A. Marrero ' I ' I A Pharmacy CAMAGUEY, CUBA Treasun ' r Class (■)). J. B. Martin, Jr. ' !■ r 1 Mcdiciuc HAHXVILLE, LA. J. J. Massony Medicine WATEKrROOK, LA. Edward deSaunhac Matthews K A, X 1 X, ' I ' , U M Arts and Sciences NEW ORLEAS ' S ■ Vhitf Elephants; Pan-Hellenic (3). Adrien Andrew Maught I A Commerce NEW ORLEANS University of Pennsylvania; Varsity Basl et- ball (3, 4); Varsity Track (s ' . 4). Charles H. McCollum, Jr. X, A X A Medicine FORT WORTH, TEXAS Vniversity of Texas; Patliofens. C. B. McEachern i; ' !■ A .1 . and li. Engineering HAVNESVII.I.E, LA. Class Otllcer (2); Aero Club (2, .1); Student Member Louisiana EuKineerinp Society; " Jambalaya " Representative (4). Mary Ann McKinney A V. Medicine NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS A.B. Degree, Agnes Scott College; M.A. de- gree, Columbia University. P . SENIORS Benson Blake Martin, Jr. K A, X Medicine VICKSBURG, MISS. B.S. Degree, University of Missliuiippl. Larkin Keith Mason 2 n, A K K Medicine FAIRHOPE, ALA. President Medical Cla.ss (4); Pathogens; Owl Club. Earl Lawrence Mathes Arcliileclure NEW ORLEA.VS Architectural Society: Aero Club. Fred W. Matthews. Jr. Ben Commerce NEW ORLEANS Vice-President Student Body (4); Secretary- Treasurer Class (3). A. B. McBride A Lav; BASTROP, LA. Washington and Leo University. John F. McCormick II K A, A A Lavi MONROE, LA. Inde.x Editor " Law Review " : Vice-President l.aw Class (6); .Assistant Freshman Foolbnil Coach. Jim McKenzie A K K, A X i, e K X Medicine b. tesville, ark. . .B. Degree, University of .Aricansas. Charles McN ' ea 1 X, X S X, A D A Medicine BATON ROUCE, LA. B.S. Degree. Loui siana State University; Pathogens; Owl Club. PAGE 53 SENIORS Perry D. Melvin A K K Medicine MILTON, FLA. President Medical Class (2) Kalford K. Ml zza 2 N, Arts and Sciences NEW ORLEANS Secretary-Tieasurer A. and S. Class (3i; Vice-President Law Class (4); Pan-Hellenic T-U-R-K. Paul H. Miller A T Q Commerce NEW ORLEAXS Glee Club. James Edward Moise S X, A X 2 Chemical Engineering NEW ORLEANS James Hobson Morrison A I A, A , Lav; HAMMOND, LA. BuFORD M. Myers, Jr. A T Q. A K, K A . e A Arts and Sciences NEW ORLEANS Varsity Track Manager (4): Glee Club (1. 2. 3 4), Business Manager (3), President (4i; Dramatic Guild (1. 2, 3. 4). Secretary- Treasurer (3), President (4); Alc e Fortier Memorial Award (1): Glendy Burke (2. 3i: T-U-E-K. John Graham Norris e K Medicine CHOUDRANT, LA. B.S. Degree, Louisiana Tech. Garrold H. Nungester Medicine DECATUR, ALA. SENIORS C. C. Mendoza Medicine JEANERETTE, LA. Freshman Football; Secretary-Treasurer Medical Student Body (5); Medical Editor " Jambalaya " (6). Lawrence Michel Lain NEW ORLEANS Leon Mintz :: A M Arts and Sciences NEW ORLEANS Band (4 1; Pan-Hellenic (3. 4). David B. Monsky A E Medicine MONTGOMERY, ALA. B.S. Degree, TTniversity of Virginia: Pan- Hellenic. Sam Gwin Mounger A Medicine GREENWOOD, MISS. B.S. Degree. University of Mississippi. Leonce D. Newman A K K Medicine INDEPENDENCE, LA. Ruben O. Nunez Ci ' il Engineering PANAMA, R. P. G uy L. Odom A s , e K , Medicine HARVEY, LA. Pathogens. PAGE 54 SENIORS Frank Beverly Ogden A r ;;. ' !• x Mfiticinr SHREVEPORT, LA. n.S. Digrco; Gleo Club (1. 2. 3); ninnmtic Guild (2); Glendy Buike (1. 2). Lup QuoN Pang A !J A Medicine HONOLULU, T. H. University of Il;i v;iii. HiLLYER S. Parker A K E, !■ A Law MONROE, LA. Gladstone Phillips e N, K K .-Ins and Sciences NEW ORLEANS Crns.s-Country (2, 3); Varsity Debater f2. 31; nanrl (1. 2. 3, 4). Drum Major (-1); Edi- tor i tudt nts " ITandboolc; Oratoi-iral and De- liatint- Counc-il: V. M. C. A. Cabinet (4); T-U-R-K. MoRRTS Evan Popkins A T n La=iv ANN ARBOR, MiC H. Moot Court Board. Arturo Reichard-Zamora Laiv AGUADILLA, P. R. Madelin L. Richardson n 1 o Arts and Sciences NEW ORLEANS Ni w -onil Dramnlic Cluli (1. 2, 31; nil al- Ing Club (1. 2 3); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2. 31; " Hullabaloo " Slnff. John Karlem Riess ' I ' K 1 Iris and Sciences NEW ORLEANS Alpha Chi SiKnia Award (1); GiTmnil Prize 3); " Jainbalnyn " Representative (4). , - SENIORS Horatio Nash Ogden K s. + Ci-vil Engineering NEW ORLEA.VS I " ri»ldent KuKlnerrlnK StudiMit Body 14); .Secretary Student Council (4); White Ele- phants; Pan-Hellcnlc (3l; Baseball (2, 3). Marie-Louise Madeline Pareti Medicine NEW ORLEANS B.S. Degree. Francis C. Payne K A, A K, K i Arts and Sciences WINTERVILLE, MISS. Varsity Football (2, 3. 4); Varsity Track (I, 3. 4); Presi dent A. and S. Student Body (4i: President Class (3); Thirteen Club; Pan- Hellenic; Student Council. Jewell James Pittman Medicine tylertown, .miss. A.B. Degree, Mississippi College. ' 25; Square and Compass. Mallory J. Read I n, K K + Commerce NEW ORLEA.VS Business Manager " Hullabaloo. ' Robert Irving Reisfeld z B t, B r :: Commerce NEW ORLEANS Tennis Manager (4); Glendy Burke il. 2. 3); " Hullabaloo " Staff (2. 3); Accountants ' Club. Will Pat Richardson ATA M. and E. Engineering PONCHATOULA, L. . Varsity Football (2. 3. 41. Roy Foster Roberts K +, 1 K Medicine ASHBVILLE, N. C. I ' nlvcrslty of North Carolina; Vnlverslty Virginia; Honor Council (3). r.- PAGE 55 SENIORS Edward A. Rodrigue 1 E M. and E. Engineering PAINCOURTV ' ILLE, LA. Robert Emile Rougelot, Jr. z Medicine NEW ORLEAN ' S Honor Council (3). Arthur Schzinuk SAM Commerce NEW ORLEANS Glendy Burke (1, 2); Business :Managei ' 1931 and 1932 " Jambalaya " (2, 3). W. F. SCHROEDER A K E Arts and Sciences DONALDSONVILLE, LA. Freshman Football; Varsity Football (3, 4) James Louis Schupp Commerce NEW ORLEANS Joseph D. Scolaro I A, B M Medicine TAMPA, FLA. Luis Simon y H. Law SANTIAGO, CUBA A.B., B.S. Degrees. Institute Oriente; Ha vana University; International Relation: Club; Moot Court. Sidney H. Sims 1 ! E, B M Commerce MONTGOMERY, ALA. SENIORS Harold H. Rothendler A E Medicine NEW YORK, N. Y. Secretary-Treasurer Medical Class (1) ; Honor Council (2), William F. Ryder K A Arts and Sciences BEAUMONT, TEXAS C. Donovan Schneidau Ben Commerce NEW ORLEANS Freshman Football. Basketball: Varsity Basketball (2, 3); Varsity Baseball (2). Rudolph Schulze, Jr. A T 9 Arts and Sciences NEW ORLEANS Glee Club; Varsity Golf (2, 3. 4); Pan- Hellenic. Jack W. Schwab A e, A , Lav; NEW ORLEANS Business Manager " Law Review " ; Varsitv Golf Team; T-U-R-K; Pan-Hellenic. Eugene Simon K 2 Arts and Sciences NEW ORLEANS ■ ' hite Elephants; Freshman Football; Scrub Football (2, 3); Varsity (4). Robert Morgan Simonton s - , X Medicine WEST MONROE, LA. Mississippi State College; Louisiana Tech; Owl Club. Don W. Smith A K K Medicine MIAMI, FLA. Vice-President Medical Class (3); Medical Pan-Hellenic (3, 4). , . PAGE 56 SENIORS Carroll Smithers II 11 ' I ' . A K I NEW ORLEANS B.S. Degree. Norwood Spicer K A Commerce NEW ORLEANS MamiB ' T Track Team (3); Secretary-Treas urer Commerce Student Body (1). Melvin David Steiner Z B T .Iris and Sciences NEW ORLEANS Marjorie Stone Master of Arts NEW ORLEANS A.B. Degree. Ursuline CoMcge Clyde J. Surgi A Arts and Sciences NEW ORLEANS Glee Club (3, -1); " Jambalaya " Represent attve. J. Arthur Taylor Commerce BROOKHAVEN, MISS. President Class (1); Workroom rominiK (3); Varsity Basketball (.1. 1). Page Hale Tharpe A T ' .! Arts and Sciences NEW ORLEANS Freahmnn Football; Scrub Foot ball Varsity Boxing (2. 3, 4). David Henry Thdrnhill K +, •!■ X Medicine PICAYUNE, MISS. B.S. Llegrce, rnlv.r.sity of Mississippi , SENIORS Max Solomon s A .M Commerce NEW ORLEANS J. Stuart Staley Medicine MARION, VA. A.B. Degree. Emory and Henry College. Roy Joseph St. Martin 1 A E, ■( X Arts and Sciences HOLMA, LA. Rudolph P. Stritzinger Medicine NEW ORLEANS James Edward Tate OK Midicine MT. HERMON, LA. B.S. Degree. Louisiana State L ' niverslty. Morris Teles Arts and Sciences NEW ORLEANS Chess and Checkers Club. Hume A. Thomason r 1 Medicine NEW ORLEANS Louis Milton Tognoni s A M. and E. Engineering NEW ORLEANS Secretary-Treasurer Clasjs r4 . PAGE 57 SENIORS Andrew Spencer Tomb, Jr. A K K Medicine JACKSOX, LA. Louisiana State University; Pathogens, Dalton H. Trepagnier, Jr. :: A Civil Engineering NEW ORLEANS President Class (4). Edward Vales N I N Medicine MERIDA, YUC, MEX. Owl Club. Kathryn L. Veith B M Arts ani Sciences NEW ORLEANS Ernesto Venegas I A M. and E. Engineering SAN JOSE, c. R. Francis J. Vincent Medicine MAURICE, LA. B.S. Degree, Southwestern Louisiana Inst tute. Richard E. Wagner S A, K K Ciml Engineering NEW ORLEANS Band (1. 2, 3. 4). Librarian (3); Orchestra (1, 2, 3, 4); Louisiana Engineering Society. Richard Walters S X, N 2 N, Arts and Sciences NEW ORLEANS Glee Club (1. 2); Pan-Hellenic (3). I SENIORS Thomas Bell Tooke, Jr. K A, X Ar s and Sciences BELCHER, LA. H. M. Trifon Medicine GOOSE CREEK, TEXAS Freshman Football. R. H. Van Norman La-tM LAKE CHARLES, LA. Miriam Veith B M Arts and Sciences NEW ORLEANS Secretary-Treasurer Class (4). Lastie M. Villien X S N Medicine MAURICE, LA. Owl Club. Jules John Viosca, Jr. K K , B r s Co m rn rrce NEW ORLEANS Band (1, 2. 3, 4), Librarian (4), Publicity Manager ' (3); " Hullabaloo " Staff; Account- ants ' Club. Carl N. Wahl S A E, X Medicine NEW ORLEANS B.S. Degree. Arthur C. Watson K s, A Lain NATCHITOCHES, LA. Winner Phi Alpha Delta Cup; Winner Terri- bery Scholarship: Winner Callaghan Prize; ' •Law Review. " . , PAGE 58 SENIORS William Clark Watson, Jr. n , A ■!■ Laiu COLUMBUS, MISS. A.B. Dt ' K ' i ' - ' . Wnshlntcloii and I.cc; ■Law Review. " James S. Webb n K ■!■, ' I- X Med ' ichir XHW ORLKANS John C. Weed A T n, N 1 N, O A !■. •: •! ' Arts and Sciences KEVV ORLEANS Boxing (31; Tliirteen Clul). WiLLEROY Wells Arts and Sciincrs NEW ORLEANS I.ciulsiana State University (1. 2): Interna- tional Ri-UUions Cluli (3). Viee-President (4); Y. M. C. A. (3). President (4). George A. Wilson A A, n r M Laixi MANSFIELD, LA. A.B. DeBree, Centenary Collepe of Louisi- nnn: " Law Review, " Editor-in-Chief (4). Board (2); President Law Cla.s.s (4), Seere- tary-Trensurer (3). Solomon Winokur •!• A K Medicine JAMAICA, N. Y. Morris Wright Arts and Sciences EUNICE, LA. Donald Gordon Zimmerman 11 (1 II, A A A, n A K .Iris and Sciences LAKE CHARLES, LA. Vnrslly Footliall (2, 3, 41; Freshman Traek. Varsity (2. 3. 4): Varsity nasketlmll (21; Pan-llellenle (2. 3). , . = SENIORS Edward Clements Watt + X Medicine AUBURN, ALA. B.S. Degree, Alabama Polyteehnic InRlitutc. Robert W. Webb A K K Medicine DALLAS, TEXAS . .B. Degree, Southern MethodLst L ' niver«Ity. Edmund T. Wegener A A Law NEW ORLEANS Livingston Club. Richard B. Willl ms K 1, + A •!• Law N.ATCHITOCHES, LA. " Law Review. " IvA Gordon Wilson K +, A A Medicine MOUNT ENTERPRISE. TE.VAS Honor Council (4). Thomas B. Woods. Jr. II K , X. + !• Medicine HEADLAND, ALA. Owl Club. Robert William Ziifle A X 1 .Iris and Sciences; Cliemical Ent ineerina CRETNA, LA. John E. Rogan, Jr. 1 + A Graduile School NEW ORLEANS , PAGE 59 " v I PRESIDENTS FELTUS GUERRIERO KELLY MATTHEWS SUTTER D SCHOOL OF MEDICINE JUNIOR CLASS President William Frederick. Glerriero rice-President Leilas Ragan Lonnergan, Jr. Secretary Oscar Blitz Treasurer R- ' Gregory Baxister SOPHOMORE CLASS President Thom. ' Vs Eugene Kelly Vice-President EuGENE Franklin McCall Secretary-Treasurer John Stanlei ' Desi ' ORTE FRESHMAN CLASS President Edward de Saunhac Matthews Vice-President Thomas McConnell Ellisor Secretary-Trc(Luircr William Hadley Scott COLLEGE OF LAW JUNIOR CLASS President J- H. Randolph Feltvs Vice-President JoHN O ' Connor Secretary-Treasurer James Marshall Robert. Jr. FRESHMAN CLASS President EdWARD Harold Si TTER Vice-President Kalford Kreth Miazza Secretarx-Treasurer Henrv Chappel McCarthy UNDERGRADUATES EDICINE AND LAW UNDER-CRADUATES Lee J. Alexander, ! P 2 Lutchcr, La. Medicine, ' 34. Wilbur L. Allain Patterson, La. Laixi, ' S5 Ralph F. Allex, A K K Milton, Fla. Medicine, ' S5 Arturo Narciso Alvarado, •I ' I a Panama, R. P. Medicine, ' s5 Hiram McCullough Anderson, X Venus, Texas - Medicine, ' 34 A.B. Degree, University of Texas. J. P. Anderson, $ X, B 9 n Brady, Texas Medicine, ' 34 WiLLLAM W. Armistead, Jr , $ X, II K $ . . . Shreveport, La. Medicine, ' 34 WiLHELMiNA CONSTANCE Bacher, B J A . , . . New Orleans Medicine, ' 36 A.B. Degree, Newconib College. Thomas Ale.xander Baines Jackson, Miss. Medicine, ' 36 M ' Usaps College. Donald M. Baldwin, N S N Jacksonville, Fla. Medicine, ' 34 Medical Pan-Hellenic. Rav Gregory Banister, 2 X, N 2 Jf Monroe, La. Medicine, ' 34 Treasurer Medical Class (3 . Samuel Barkoff, K N, $ A K New Orleans Medicine, ' 34 Medical Pan-Hellenic; Chess and Checkers Club (1, 2 1. William Frederick Barefoot, P S . . . . Hallsboro, N. C. Medicine, ' 34 Bernard Hvman Bayer, $ A K Houston, Tex. Medicine, ' 5 Joseph Edward Beasley, A T n Steele, Mo. Medicine, ' 35 T. M. C. A. (2. 3. 4); Tennis (2). Manager (3); Glendy Burke (2, S. 4); " T " Club. Leo Walter Benson, A , 6 K . . . . Port Arthur, Texas Medicine, ' 36 Gerald Bertinot, A K K Opelousas, La. Medicine, ' 3j James G. Blaine, Jr., X 2 N Jackson, Miss. Medicine, ' 35 -A..B. Degree, Mississippi College. Oscar Blitz, K N, I A E New Orleans Medicine, ' 34 B.S. Degree; Medical Pan-Hellenic (3); " Jamhalaya " Represent- ative (1); Secretary Arts and Sciences Class (3). A L A Y A G " PAGE 62 V f i) u -5- — JE w u w w I ' s: M - 9 ( UNDER-CRADUATES Joseph E. Bjum HI, N 2 N New Orleans Mi-diriitr, ' _J5 JAMKS V. HRA Tr.i:v, e K I ' Graiulin, Fla. Mi ' dicbii ' , ' 6 Fr!:i)i;kic V. I ' rkukr, A :i; I , 8 1v I ' New Orleans Mrdiiiiii ' , ' , ' . W ' n.i.iAM Iln.i.oKv 15Rn)Gi:s. 11 K A, A K K . . . Long Leaf, La. Medicine, ' js HuNTiiR M. Brown, ' I ' X Enfaula, Ala. Medicine, ' -f Wm.i.iam Bates Buckxcr Davidson, N. C. Medicine, ' j§ " Jambalaya " Representative (2). J. J. BuRniv, Jr., K :S, A K K St. Martinville, La. Medicine, ' j; .Southwestern Louisiana Institute. J. W ' lKT BuRNEiT, i: A E, i ' X, I ' ir A, B K . . DeWitt, Ark. Medicine, ' js L. W. Burt, A T A, X 2 N New Orleans Medicine, ' 36 Tlliltren Club. ' iLi.rAM McDo.vALD B01..ES, !• X Glasgow, Ky. Medicine, ' S-f IlARnjD Beekmax Bokart, i: . JI New Orleans Law, ' 35 Head Cheerleader (3 1. .Assistant (1. 2): " Janilialava " Ropre.seut- ative (1. 2). Walter C. Boucere New Orleans Law, ' 35 President of .Soutliwestern Confereuee of International Relations Clubs; President Y. M. C. . . (31; Oratorical and Debating Conmil. W ' li.iiAM IL BvRN-E. K 2 Nashville, Teini. Medicine, ' 36 ITnivei-sity of Tennessee. Ern ' est N. Carmohche Crowlev, La. .his and Sciences, ' 36 Maximo Cakuizo (v ' ii.i,arre. i.), ' I ' I . . . . . Ocu, R. V. Medicine, ' 3. . Pah. 8. Calsev, :i . , ' |. X Douglas, .Ariz. Medicine, ' 36 Joseph J. Cioi.ixo, I T S) Greenville, Miss. Medicine, ' 3£ Seeretar.v-Treasurer iMeillcal Class (1). Gi ' S N. Ci.R-K, 1 .! E Pensacola, Fla. Medicine, ' . U.S. Degree. University of Klorlda. SlAXI.EV CoilKX. ' !• A K New Orleans Medicine, ' 3s Honor Council i2). C) J A M B A 1 u PAGE 63 Y I 27 Jl -Sh UNDER-CRADUATES L. Pollard Coleman A K K Waterproof, La. Medicine, ' 36 James O. Collev, Jr., 2 X, X Troy, Ala. Medicine, ' S4 A.B. Degree, Howard College. Samuel Clark Collins, II K A, X Houma, La. Medicine, ' 36 Varsity Golf (S). Samuel Harvey Colvin, n K A, X New Orleans Medicine, ' s5 B.S. Degree. ' 32. Raphael Conte Houston, Texas Medicine, ' 34 RoN ' ALD EsTON ' CoRKERN " , 6 K t Natchitoches, La. Medicine, ' S4 A.B. Degree. Louisiana College. President Square and Compass (3); Assistant in Gross Anatomy (2, 3). Walter H. Coulson, A A. I B K Monroe, La. Law, ' 34 A.B. Degree. ' 31. Charles Henry Cowen, A K K Midland, La. Medicine,. ' 36 Hamlet Irvine Davis, Jr , B 6 II. N S N . . Galveston, Texas Medicine, ' 34 A.B. Degree, Rice Institute. W. R. Davis, 2 X, X Denver, Colo. Medicine, ' 34 J. Stanley Desporte, 2 X, X 2 X, B M . . . . New Orleans Medicine, ' 3s B..S. Degree. ' 32; Secretary-Treasurer Medical Class (2); White Elephants. ViNCENTE D ' Ingianni New Orleans Medicine, ' 36 Sol Dombeck, A K Brooklyn, N. Y. Medicine, ' 3s Verner Judson Donnelly, X 2 N Houston, Texas Medicine, ' 3$ A. K. Dcss, K 2, ! X New Orleans Medicine, ' 34 Harry de Buys, B 9 n, I A , A A A, 9 X, . . New Orleans Law, ' 34 A.B. Degree. ' 32: Varsity Tennis (3, 4): Varsity Basketball Squad (3. 4); President Law Class (41: Pan-Hellenic: " Hullabaloo " Staff 2, 3. 4, 5), Sports Editor (4. 5): T-U-R-K: " Jambalaya " Sports Editor (4. 5); Glee Club (3, 4. 51. Alfredo de C.wtro (Perez-Vento), $ A A . . Havana, Cuba Law, ' 34 X.H. Degree, Havana University: " Tulane Law Review " ; Interna- tional Relations Club. Otho K. DuBoise, i X Lockhart, Texa-. Medicine, ' 35 Robert Emery Dupre, A K K Ville Platte, La. Medicine, ' 34 A L A Y A O " PAGE 64 ' I " va M ? it -5 UNDER-CRADUATES HvAKi) l-nwARi)S, ATA Ponchatoula, La. -«•«• ' . ' S5 Thomas L. Ei.lis, A T 0, !■ X Union Springs, Ala. Medicine, ' 6 Unlvorslty ol ' .Miiliaina ; Gli ' i- Cliil). Thomas Mcro ' M:i.i. Ei.i.isoR, K A, X . . . . New Orleans Medicine, ' 36 B.S. DPb ' ri ' L ' . BirminBhaTn-Soutlii rn CoIIckl ' . John P. Evereit, 2 X, -I ' A !■ Farmerville, La. Law, ' 3 James Richard Fancher, N 2 N . . . . Cliattannoga, Tenn. Medicine, ' 34. Samuel Joseph Febucia, Jr Shreveport, La. Medicine, ' 34 . . Randolph Feltus, ! A 9, I A I , A A A, 9 X . New Orleans La w, ' 34. Editor-in-Chief 1933 " Jamhalaya " (5), Assoriate Editor (4): Pre-si- dcnt Law Class (5): President A. and S. Cass (3); " Jamhalaya ' Representative (2): ••Hullalia ' oo " Staff (3 4); T-U-R-K. GiRARD Joseph Fernandez, A ! New Orleans Lav;, ' 35 Francisco L. Figueroa Havana, Cuba Law, ' 34 A.B. Degree, Havana University; International Relations Club: Moot Court Board. Manuel L Fisher, K X New Orleans Law, ' 34 Pan-TIelli-nic. Ross E. Fowler, TT K A, 9 K F Harrison, .Ark. Medicine, ' 35 MvRL Tho.mpson Francis, i: A E Tupelo, Miss. Law, ' 3S .. .B. PiMiree. Birniinchain-S iuthern College. Ralph Friedman, Z 1! T, ! A E Oxford, Miss. Medicine, ' 36 TTniversity of Mississipjti : Band. RoiiEKi E. Friedman, Z I! T New Orleans Law, ' 35 Otis F. Gav, ■! 1 ' i; Washington, H. C. Medicine, ' 3s University of Georgia. Shelly R, Gaines, II K .!■, !■ X Eniil, Miss. Medicine, ' 36 Heniamin R, Gindei, •!• A E Bronx, N. V. Medicine, ' 3$ Clarke H. Gili.espv, K 1, ' I ' X Hirmingliani, . la. Medicine, ' 3; 01. e CUiL. Charles F. CIisler, -I- . .Xustwell, Texas Me, Heine, ' 36 PAGE 65 .«i M -3- UNDER-CRADUATES ToRREv GoMiLA, i Ae New Orleans Lav:, ' 3S University of Alabama. J. C. Gonzalez, Jr., I A Rio Grande City, Texas Medicine, ' 36 Paul Rogers Googe, K -, B K SI ' Booneville, Miss. Medicine, ' 3s A.B. Degree, L niversity of Mississippi; George Peabody College. Matthew Ragak Greex, A Z , 9 K . . . . Ruston, La. Medicine, ' 34. Square and Compass. Irvin " Hilary Griffin " , II K A, $ X . . . . Moundville, Ala. Medicine, ' 34. A.B. Degree, University of Alabama. Robert Guerriero Monroe, La. La w, ' 34. Moot Court Board (4). W. F. Guerriero Monroe, La. Medicine, ' 34. Secretary Medical C ' .ass (1), President (3 . Eric E. Guilbeau, Jr., :: X, i X Carencro, La. Medicine, ' 36 J. Vardaman Gwix, e K I ' Anniston, Ala. Medicine, ' 36 Julian- B. Haban ' S, K 2, A A A New Orleans Lata, ' 35 Pan-Hellenic. Albert S. Hargis, Jr., n 2 X, B K, J X . . Birmingham, Ala. Medicine, ' 34 B.S. Degree, Birmingham-Southern College. M. M. Hattawav, i P2 Waskom, Texas Medicine, ' 34 B.S. Degree, Centenary College; Honor Council (2). Thomas J. Healy New Orleans Medicine, ' 36 Edward A. Heffner, $ P 2 Shreveport, La. Medicine, ' 35 Honor Council (It. John- Alexander Hendrick, Jr., K A, X . . Shreveport, La. Medicine, ' 35 President Medical Class (2). H. Hi.viEL Henry Hvmel, La. Medicine, ' 36 SiMON " Herold, ZBT Shreveport, La. Law, ' 3S Pan-Hellenic; Secretary Law Student Body (4); Varsity Track Squad (3). EsTEBAN M. Hernandez, i I . Cienfuegos, Cuba Law, ' 35 Merrell O. Hines, 8 K Jackson, Miss. Medicine, ' 36 B.S. Degree. Millsaps College. James Hamilton Hollimon, 6 K Houston, Texas Medicine, ' 36 A LA Y A ? " « PAGE 66 w I ' s: M «I t w -Sh M 4k UNDER-CRADUATES joMV Ckaikikii IIoi.m.w. |r., I ' I ' i: Fi;iiikliii, Texas Medicine, ' 34. A.B. Degree. UnlverHily of Texas. ( " iiARi.i.s I ' ,. lIoriiMK. (I K M ' Jackson, Miss. Midicinc, ' 36 AinRF. - J. llniGH, . K K Minden, I.a. Medicine, ' 36 WiM.iAM Ai.i.i-N Mdvvarii, II K " I , I X New Orleans Medicine, ' 34 llniior OouilL-il (2). Julian- P. IIowki.i., I ' A e, X i: N Marion, Ala. Medicine, ' js Leon " D. Hubert, Jr., ' I ' I! K, K A l ' , O A K . . . Ne%v Orleans Laiv, ' j4 A.B. Degree. ' 32: Var.sU.v Debater (2, 3. 4); President, Oratorical and Deljating Counril; Y. M. C , . Cabinet: Announcer, Tulanc Radio Program il): " Law Review " (5); T-U-R-K. Paul M. Huddlestox, .V K K Huntington, W. Va. Medicine, ' 5 Gladys Elise Huey, A II Ne v Orleans Lawj ' 35 T. W. C. A. (1); Ncwcomb Tennis (1). Charles Hume, B e IT, X 2 X New Orleans Medicine, ' 36 James D. Hutchins, 9 K Newhebron, Miss. Medicine, ' 34. A.B. rifgree. Mississippi College. Hoi.Lis C. Ingram Orlando, Fla. Medicine, ' 34 Thomas M. Irwin, ' I ' A B, X 2 X Jacksonville, Fla. Medicine, ' 36 University of Florida. Harris Ishell, I ' P i; Eastland, Texas Medicine, ' 34 Wii.LiA.M L. Jennings, X 2 X Jennings, Fla. Medicine, ' 36 Pearce Sherwood Johnson, H K M ' . . . . Hiriningham, .Ma. Medicine, ' 36 Charles A. Jones, OK Kosciusko, Miss. Medicine, ' 34 Edwin Stewart Kagv, I P :; New Orleans Medicine, ' 34 Nolan Kam.mkr, A T O, A New Orleans Law, ' 3S Glend.v Hin Uc il. 2. 3); Dramatic Clulld (2. 3. 4). Business Man- ager (1); Y. M. C. a. caliinet; Campus NIte Chairman (1); Scrub Football (2. 3). Morris K.Mm.an. ' I ' A !■: Hrvan, Texas Medicine, ' 3$ Honor Council (1). Roland Keeton, ' I " A G, X i: X ' Missoula, Mont. Medicine, ' 3s XQ J A M B A 1 y- PAGE 67 x M 7 w w -5- UNDER-CRADUATES Hen-ry C. KeitHj Jr., K 2 New Orleans La ' v:, ' 34- Thomas E. Kelly, i P2 Dallas, Texas Medicine, ' s; B.S. Desree, Southern Methodist University; President Medical Class (2 1; Honor Council (2). James H. Kepper, Jr New Orleans Lair, ' 35 Staxhope H. King, Jr., n K A New Orleans Laii. ' 35 A.B. Degree, ' 31. Robert A. Kookev, 6 K Hamilton, Texas Medicine, ' 34 Medical Pan-Hellenic. Georgiana Joan- vox Laxgermanx, A E I . . . New Orleans Medicine, ' 35 B.S. Degree. Joseph Henry Larose, Jr., 2 II, A K K . . . . New Orleans Medicine, ' 34. Sam Le Blanc, Jr Napoleonville, La. Lai!:, ' 35 Arthur N. Lewis, Jr., B 9 II, X 2 X, B . I . . . New Orleans Medicine, ' 36 Carl E. Lewis, K 2, X Poplarville, Miss. Medicine, ' 35 Emory L niversity. Elizabeth Lewis, HB New Orleans Medicine, ' 36 John Aden Lewis, Jr., K 2, I X New Orleans Medicine, ' 35 William C. Littell, 2 A E, $ X Opelousas, La. Medicine, ' 35 B.S. Degree: Scrub Football (2. 3). To.M F. Little, n K i , X Ocilla, Ga. Medicine, ' 34 L. R. Lonnergan, ! X Gadsden, Ala. Medicine, ' 34. S. B. Lovelady, X Hartselle, Ala. Medicine, ' 34 Honor Council (3). Bernard L. Maller, A K Jamaica, N. Y. Medicine, ' 34 B.S. Degree. P. W. Mallory, 9 K ! ' San Antonio, Texas Medicine, ' 34 L niversity of Texas. Roger W. Manar, 9 K Purvis, Miss. Medicine, ' 34 Bruno F. Mancuso Newark, N. J. - Medicine, ' 35 A L A Y A G " • PAGE 68 u w I «» M B - t u y w Uz 4h UNDER-CRADUATES II. 1 ' . Makks, .Ik,, ' V V. MoiiriR ' , I.a, Ji Vn ni ' 6 ' . v . v.. Makk.s, i: .V . 1, !■ A v., li ,M New Orleans Midicine, ' j6 N. J. M. RKS New Orleans Laiu, ' S4 A.B. Desii ' iS ' 32. Renk M. rtixez Pedro, I ' I A Havana, Cuba Laiu, ' jV Gloc (;iul). Jack Samuej. Marx, Z I! T New Orleans Law, ' S5 El). DE Sauniiac Matihews, KA, N2N, ' l ' I , BM . New Orleans Medicine, ' j6 White Elephants; Pnn-Hi-llGni. ' C!); Prfsident Medical Class (1). li. J. Mavfiei.d El Dorado, Ark. Medicine, ' j Ruuoi.Pii Moore McBride, A I , ' 1 A A . . . . Hammond, La. Law, ' 34 A.E. Degree: Pan-Hellenic. Eugene Frank McCall, N, ' I X Monticello, Fla. Medicine, ' js Vice-President Medical Class (2). ' AI.TER O. McCammox, ! ?:; Lebanon, Ky. Medicine, ' 5 A.B. Degree. University of Kentucky; De Pauw Uni ersity. Henrv CiiAPPEL McCarthy, K :2 New Orleans Law, ' ss Secretary-Treasurer Law Class (■!); Virginia Military Institute. Joseph McCloskev, Jr New Orleans A K E, O A K, 1 B K, 4 ■! , B .AI, A A A, A I Law, ' J4 A.B. Degree, ' 32; Varsity Boxing (-1. 5): Cn-M-tnager Baseball (I); Pan-Hellenic; " Law Review. " W. C. McCurdv, Jr., 4 A 9, N 2 N Purcell, Okla. Medicine, ' 36 Uulversitj- of Oklahoma. WiLi.iA.M Eari, McEi.vEEX, K k Brooklet, Ga. Medicine, ' j6 EnwiN M. Meek. A K E, N 2 N West Point, Miss. Medicine, ' S4 University of Mississippi. Ceierixo a. Mendez, ' I I A Cienftiegos, Cuba .Iris and Sciences, ' j6 Walter H. Mi: i:r, X i; HoikIo, Te. as Medicine, ' j6 Kai.iord K. Mia za, 2 N, I ' I New Orleans Law, ' S5 Secretary-Treasurer Arts and Sciences Cla.s.s (3): Vice-Presidenl Law Class (li; Pan-Hellcnic; T-U-R-K. Cow Lewis Mii.nuRV, Jr.. •! ' X San Antonio, Texas Medicine, ' j£ Ai.i.isox Mii.i.ER, K A, A A A New Orleans Law, ' S4 Pan-Hellenic; Moot Court Board; Varsity Track (2. 3); Vnrsltv Cross-Country (2. a : White I01ci hants; Secretary-Treasurer Law- Class (3); Glee Club (2); Varsity Boxing (21. Q J AM B A " l PAGE 69 iX w w y w I «- r M t w -5- = i - K UNDER-CRADUATES Joe N. Mitchell, 2 I E Dallas, Texas Medicine, ' j5 Ruble E. Moor, A X, I X Birmingham, Ala. Medicine, ' 34. A. Brown Moore New Orleans n K A, A K, IJ A I , cl , K A , A A A haiu, ' 24. Secretary-Treasurer Arts and Sciences Class (3); Business Manager Dramatic Guild (3); Spealcer Glendy Burlce (4); Secretary Law Student Body (4); Campus Nite Director (4); " Law Review " (5); Vice-President Y. M. C. A. (4); Varsity Debate (31, Carl F. Moore, Jr., A K K Gainesville, Texas Medicine, ' 36 Clarence J. Morrow, $ K 2, $ A , I B K . . . New Orleans Laii], ' s4 A.B. Degree. ' 32; Vice-President Law Student Body (.5); " Law Review " ; Pan-Hellenic. Ai.wiNE L. MuLHEARN Monroe, La. W. E. MuRPHREE, e X, A K K Gadsden, Ala. Medicine, ' S4 B.S. Degree, LTni -ersity of Florida. O. P. Myers, N 2 N Collinsville, Miss. Medicine, ' j5 Benjamin Olivier Morrison, A K K . . . Baton Rouge, La. Medicine, ' 34 A. H. Nachlas, I a E Houston, Texas Medicine, ' 36 Lee Terrell Nesbitt, n K A, A K K . . . Birmingham, Ala. Medicine, ' 36 Peoro Vasco Nunez Panama, R. P. Medicine, ' 34 " Jambalaya " Repi-csentative (3). Louis Ochs, Jr., ZBT, $AE New Orleans Medicine, ' 34 Honor Council (2); Medical Pan-Hellenic (3). John O ' Connor, I A 0, A $ New Orleans LaiM, ' 34. Vice-President Law Class (5); Moot Court Board. Hugh E. Parsons, K A, N 2 N Tampa, Fla. Medicine, ' 36 Alejandro Perez, I A Panama, R. P. Medicine, ' 36 Football (1); Pan-Hellenic (2); Honor Council (1). Edward B. Pms, n K A, A K K Fairfield, Ala. Medicine, ' 3$ A.B. Degree, University of Alabanta. Prudence E. Prouet New Orleans Medicine, ' 34 Marion D. Redding, B 6 n, X Dallas, Texas Medicine, ' 34 William Parke Rice, 9 X, A K K Pensacola, Fla. Medicine, ' 34 A LA Y A GV " ♦ PAGE 70 ) I «» ■Xtl J M B 1 J== UNDER-CRADUATES Mii.MKKi) RisKMAx Opelousas, La. ifl ' " ' . ' 35 A.B. DoKfoo. WiiHliitigton Univorsity. JAMKS M. RoiiKKT. Jr.. II K a, OAK, ' I A ' I ' , ' !■ ' I ' . New Orleans Lain, ' 4. EdItor-ln-Chlef 1932 " Jamlmhiya " (5); Associate Editor 1931 " Jjim- balaya " (•!); Secrctnry-Tiva.sur.T Law Class ((i); Pan-Holli-nli- (5, C); " Law RpvU-W (0). John Haxks Robertson, T i! Vernon, .Ma. Mcd ' uine, ' S4 A.B. Degree. University of Alabama. E. B. RoniNSON, Jr., N 2 N Talladega , Ala. Medicine, ' 6 Walter S. Rodriguez New Orleans A.B. Degree. ' Si; Varsity Baseball. Zacharv Joseph Romeo, i: A II, !• A E . . . . New Orleans Medicine, ' S Armano ' . Roos, Jr., Z B T Shreveport, La. iflw, ' 35 Ely Drive Rowland, I P — Hot Springs, Ark. Lmu, ' 34. A.B. Degree. Hendiix College. John Charles Russel, Jr., ' I A 9, N - N . . Cleveland, Miss. Medicine, ' 36 Earl Alfred Sche.vnavder Lagan, La. Medicine, ' 34 Rudolph Schulze, Jr., A T fi New Orleans Lain, ' 3S Glee Club (I); Varsity Golf (2. 3); Pan-Hellenic. Richard E. Sei.ser, A 2 I ' , 9 K •i ' Baton Rouge, La. Medicine, ' 36 Jake Shapiro, 1 ' .V A Alexandria, La. Lam, ' 34 Sidney Singer, K N New Orleans Lais. ' , ' 34 Gerald S. Smuh, -I ' X Lockhart, Texas Medicine, ' 36 Gregory S.vinii, li K, 6 K I ' Birmingham, .Ma. Medicine, ' 34. B.S. Degree. Birmlneham-Southcrn College. T. L. L. SONIAT, n K I , A K K, B M New Orleans Medicine, ' 35 Honor Council (2). J. A. Sproles, Jr., i) I. K, B K M ' New Orleans Medicine, ' 36 M. L. Steckel, ' I ' a K Scramon, Ha. Medicine, ' 34 Mklvin David Steiner. •!• A E Xcvv Orleans Medicine, ' 36 - y PAGE 71 t T -5- = UNDER-CRADUATES Warrex Clayto.v Stephens, Jr., e K . . . . Keener, Ala. Medicine, ' 5 Vaxce M. Stran ' ge, K S, X Stamps, Ark. Medicine, ' 34 Edward Harold Suiter, Ben New Orleans Law, ' 35 President Law Class (31; Varsity Tennis (2, 3); T-U-R-K. Rov Joseph St. Martin, 2 A E, X Homua, La. Medicine, ' 36 Juanita Taxsev New Orleans La=w, ' 35 Newcomb Varsity Debater (3); Carnot Team (1, 2, 3); George Prize; 1914 Prize; Newcomb Glee Club; Newcomb Debating Club. Sheldon Teer, ■I-PS Hall Summit, La. Medicine, ' 35 A.B., B.S. Degrees, Centenary College; Square and Compass; Medical Pan-Hellenic. William S. Terry, Jr., A 2 , 9 K . . . Jefferson, Texas Medicine, ' 3s Texas ' -A. and M. College. John Tho.mas DeLoach Thames, A K E, 9 K • . New Orleans Medicine, ' 35 Football (1); Scrub Football (2). Francis M. Thigpen, Jr., K 2, X . . . . Montgomerj-, Ala. Medicine, ' 34 Honor Council (2. 3). Naugle K. Tho.mas, 2 E, A K K, •$ $ . . . . Tucson, Ariz. Medicine, ' 36 Frank O. Tomeny, A , P 2 New Orleans Medicine, ' 3£ Tho.mas Bell Tooke, Jr., K A, X Belcher, La. Medicine, ' 36 Waldo L. Treuting, A $, $ P 2, B M . . . . New Orleans Medicine, ' 34 B.S. Degree; Vice-President Medical Class (2). Joseph Anthony Tridico New Orleans Medicine, ' 36 John K. Turberville, 2 X, A K K Century, Fla. Medicine, ' 3s R. K. Uy-e.no Honolulu, T. H. Medicine, ' 34 James A. Van Hook, K A Shreveport, La. Law, ' 3$ .A.B. Degree, Princeton Uniyersity. Fred King Vaughan, K A, N 2 N Monroe, La. Medicine, ' 34 Luther M. Vaughan, A K K Clinton, Ky. Medicine, ' 36 Leopoldo Villareal, 4 I a El Paso, Texas Medicine, ' 34 Secretary Medical Class (1). A L A Y A P " o PAGE 72 W I xa M B M U ■ UNDER-CRADUATES RontRT P. ' i ci:.sr, Jr., K I ' Jackson, Miss. Mediditc, ' j6 RuiiAKii W. ViNCKVj-, K i;, A K K Sulphur, La. Mrduine, ' 6 SiilUhj cHt ' ni LdlilHl-.iiKi Instltuto. Norton W. Vooriiiks, N 2 N, B JI New Orleans Medicine, ' ;j6 RniiKRr George W.xgner, I P - Cuero, Texas Medicine, ' 34 Honor Council. RoGKR Irving . . .. 1 ' :; Wendell, N. C. Medicine, ' 34. L. P. Walter, Jr., 6 K New Orleans Medicine, ' 34 A.B. Degree. Simmons University. RiCHARo Walters, 2 X, N 2 N, J , B .M . . . New Orleans Medicine, ' 36 Pan-Heiiunie 3); Giee Ciulj (1. 2). WiLLL .vi Spencer Warren, A K K Center, Texas Medicine, ' 36 Gus Weber, n K I , 4 ' X, B JI Marshall, Texas Medicine, ' 36 Herman Wechsler, 2 T , !■ A K . . . . New York, N. Y. Medicine, ' 34 B.S. Degree. John C. Weed, A T fi, N 2 N, e A , I . . , New Orleans Medicine, ' 36 Varsity Boxing (3); Tliirteen Club. Sol Weiss, Jr., Z B T New Orleans Lana, ' 34. " Law Review. " Frank Weitz, I A E, B K Savannah, Ga. Medicine, ' 3s Russell Lee Welch, II K , A K K Jackson, Miss. Medicine, ' 3s Varsity Golf (3. 4). Allen H. ' ihteiieau, N 2 N Wilmington, N. C. Medicine, ' 36 Marie Louise Wii.co.x, X J, -V 2 2 New Orleans La w, ' 35 Neweomb Campus Nite Chairman (3); Newoomb Assistant Editor " Hullabaloo " (3). Society Editor (2, 3, 1); V. V. C. .A. Cabinet (2); " Arcade " (2): Tennis championship (3); Mandolln-Gultnr Club (3); " Janibalaya " ISc-presentative (1). Charles S. Williamson 111, 11 l A, ' 1 A A . . . New Orleans Law, ' 34 White Elephants; Glendy Burke. Russell C. ' ii.lougiiiiv, 2 . , K I ' . . Port . rihur, Texas Medicine, ' 34 Morris Wrigh i Eunice, La. Laiv, ' 3S A. Hays Zieman, l) K M ' Mobile, .• la. Medicine, ' 35 -X: A M B A r PAGE 73 «• PRESIDENTS CARRE CLEVELAND HALLER HeBERT V , 4 NEWCOMB COLLEGE President Benita Carrk Vice-President Mary Helen Dohan Secretary MarIE LoUISE Tobin Treasurer Helen Harry COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES President MuRjiAY French Cleveland Vice-President James David McNeill Secretary-Treasurer Raymond Howard Kierr COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING President Leslie Roy Hebert Vice-President Alfred Joseph Cooper. Jr. Secretary-Treasurer Ernest William Beck, Jr. COLLEGE OF COMMERCE President Henry Haller Vice-President Gayle Lindor Dalferes Secretary-Treasurer Nicholas Christopher Bouzon ■ = • t •« JUNIOR CLASS BiLLiE Barksdale, HB Alexandria, La. Ne comh T. TV. C. A. (1, 2, 3); Art Club (1, 2, 3). E.vi.MA R. Barrus New Orleans Nev:comb BETTi ' Bowers KA9 New Orleans Nev:comb Art Club (1. 2, 3); T. W " . C. A. (1, 2, 31. Bett - Bowmax, a O n Staunton, Va. Nevscomb Margaret Sara Bres Brusly, La. Nev:comb Julie Brown, 5 Q New Orleans Npuscomb Dramatic Club; T. " W. C. . L- Riox Butler, AAII Houma, La. Nevicomb Orchestra; Debating Club; Dramatic Club; T. " W. C. A. Carol H. Coats, BSO New Orleans Newcomb Glee Club (1, 2. 3); T. W ' . C. A. (1, 2, 3, Cabinet (3); Operetta (1. 2, 3). Babette Cohn " , AE New Orleans Newcomb Hockey Team (1): Debating Club (1. 2. 3); Dramatic Club (1, 2. 3): International Club (2, 3). NLiRTHA Elizabeth Cosper, A A II Monroe, La. Nev:comb Mattie C. Corlev, B $ a New Orleans Nev:comb T. " W. C. A.; Art Club; Pan-Hellenic Council. Grace Rochester Coyle, Z T A Beaumont, Texas Nev;comb T. " W. C. A.; Art Club. LiLLAN " Dameron " , K K P New Orleans Nev:co7nb Glee Club; Dramatic Club. Mary Helen " Dohan, X O New Orleans Nevjcomb Vice-President Class (3); Assistant Xewconib Editor " Hullabaloo " (3): Varsitv Xewcomb Basketball (1, 2); Varsity Spalding Basketball (1. 2): Varsity Baseball (1. 2); Class Hockey (1, 2); Track (1, 2); Art Club (1, 2, 3). Marguerite Louise Fesi Houma, La. Newcomb T. W. C. A. Eliz.aeeth B. Fitzenreiter Lake Charles, La. Newcomb T. " « " . C. - . (1, 2. 3); Art Club (2, 3); Glee Club (31; Track (2). Dorothy Fleury, JI Gretna, La. Newcomb T. TV. C. A. (1, 2). Mary Ella Gardxer, A A II Fort Worth, Texas Ne ' WC07nb Glee Club (1 2 3): Pan-Hellenic Council; Orchestra (2), Vice-Presi- dent (3). Irene Gayden, KAG. Gurley, La. Newcomb A LAY A Q " « PASE 76 W I M M 4t -5- JUNIOR CLASS Ei.i ABETH Gill, Z T A Gilbert, La. Ncvicomh Y. W. C. A.; Alt rlub. Annie Merl Goi.denberg New Orleans Nf ' wcomh Newcomli " 1 niUahaloo " Staff. Inez Green, X $2 Lake Charles, La. Neii;comh Y. V. C. A. (1. 2. 3); Art Olub (1, 2, 3); A.sslstant Ncvvromh Bu.sini .ss Manager " Jambalaya " ; Council ot Resident Students. Marieita Flower Griffin, A II New Orleans Nciucomh Nuwcomlj Ball. Cla.ss and Varsity (1. 2); Newcomb Ba.sketball. Clas.s and Var.sity (1. 2. 3); Basketball, Class and Varsity (1. 2. 3): Base- ball, Class and Varsity (1, 2, 3); Hockey (2. 3), Varsity (3); Swimming Team (2, 3); " N " Club; Dramatic Club: Art Club; Pan-Hellenic Council. Dorothy Hailey, K A New Orleans Ncuscnmh Emii.ie Hanley, JI Atlanta, Ga. Glee Club: Art Club; Orchestra. Hester Chamberlin Harrop, IT B ' t Lake Charles, La. Nciucomh .Art Club (1. 2. 3); Puppet Club (1, 2, 3); Adele Belden Memorial Prize in Perspective (2). CLAuniA IIarvix, n B i Ft. Worth, Texas Art Club. Louise Hirsch, A E New Orleans Ncwcomh student Body Recordinp Secretary (2); .Assistant Newcomb Editor " Jambalaya " " (2) ; Debating Club Secretary (2), President (3); Secre- tary Newcomb Student Council (3); Newcomb Basketball. Class (1. 2); Class Baseball (1, 2). Evelyn Hyman, A E I New Orleans Newcomb Dramatic Club. Macda Helen Janssen, AAII New Orleans Ncv:comh Virginia Jar.vian, K A 9 Oklahoma City, Okla. Newcomb Pan-Hellenic Council. Beui.ah Butler Johnson, II B ! St. Francisville, La. Nciucomb Debating Club (1, 2); Art Club (1, 2. 3); Class President (2); De- bating Council (2); Student Council (3). Yvonne Jlmei., B-0 New Orleans Newcomb Glee Club (2, 31; Dramatic Club (1. 2. 3); Y. V. C. .A. (1. 2. 3), Cab- inet (3 I. Virginia Allison Kinlhei.oe, [I is ' !■ . . . Oklahoma City, Okla. Newcomb Sue Cmamberiin King, II B I New Iberia, La. Newcomb Edna La Nasa, U i) New Orleans Newcomb Clec Club (1, 2); Pcliatlng Club (2, 3); Dramatic Club (2, 3); Y. W. C. A. (I, 2. 3), Secretary (3). Florence Rose Lazarus New Orleans Nev:comb Glee Club (1. 21; Orchestra (1. 2), Secretary (2). Alice Lemann, K K 1 ' Donaldsonvillc. La. Newcomb Glee Club; Art Club; Y. V. C. A.; Student Council. 1 PAGE 77 _ y • Jl mi F« " » ' Q J AM JUNIOR CLASS Emma LemasSj A E $ Donaldsonville, La. Newcomb Hockey Team (1, 2); T. TV. C. A. (11; Council of Resident Students (2): Debating Club (3); Dramatic Club (3). Louise Lester AOn New Orleans Neivcomb Y. w. c. A. AsHTON " Lewis, A II New Orleans Ne ' wcomb Sue Willie Lisso, A A n New Orleans Neisicomb Barbara Martin " Logan-, II B New Orleans Neiucomb Puppet Club (2, 3); T. W. C. A. (1, 2). Virginia King Logan, KKT New Orleans Ncv:comb Art Club. Elizabeth Lowdon, A A II Ft. Worth, Texas Ncvecomb Glee Club. M.AY I. Maddu.y " ... New Orleans Neiucomb Orchestra; Glee Club. Mary Elba Marshall, A II Bay St. Louis, Miss. Nciucoinb Y. W. C. A. (1. 2, 3). Cabinet (1); Glee Club (1, 2); Dramatic Club (3); Basketball (1); Council of Resident Students (3). Jean Martin, KKT New Orleans Neiucomb Dramatic Club; Student Body Treasurer. Dorothy McFadden, Z T A Covington, Tenn. Ncis:comb Y. W. C. .A. (I. 2. 3): Art Club (1, 2, 3). Elizabeth Menuet, AAII New Orleans Newcomb Art Club (1. 2, 3): T. V. C. A. (1, 2, 3); Glee Club (1, 2 . LuciLE Meyers, IIB New Orleans Newcomb International Club; Baseball. Blanche Mills, K K r McComb, Miss. Ke iccomb Lalise Moore, K A 6 New Orleans Newcomb Dramatic Club; Art Club; Debating Club; " Arcade " Editor; T. W. C. A. Vassar Fambrough Morelock, K a G Haynesville, La. New comb Glee Club (1. 2 3): Basketball (1, 2. 3): Xewcomb Basketball (1): Hockev -Captain (1, 2); Baseball (1, 2, 3); Track (1, 2j ; Bowling (1, 2): Athletic Council (1, 2. 3); Council of Resident Students (3); Cor- responding Secretary Student Body (3) ; Student Government Associa- tion (3). Helen P. Nagel Edgard, La. New comb Mary L. Nelson New Orleans Newcomb Elizabeth North, A II Corpus Christi, Texas Ncwcomb Y. TV. C. .A. (1, 3): Dramatic Club (3). Lucile Owens, il Little Rock, Ark. Newcomb Glee Club (1, 2, 3); Orchestra (1, 2), President (3); Pan-Hellenic Council. i A ' L a " " Y A G - " ' ' PAGE 78 r i ± u JUNIOR CLASS Catiierink Pavxi:, K A 9 New Orleans A ' fKcomh Mary Rlth Patout, A n Jeanerettc, La. i r ivcomh V. w. c. A. Elizabeth Pearce, K K r New Orleans Nf-wcomb Pan-I-ri-llenic Counril. Murray Pearce, K K F New Orleans Nrwcomh Mary Alice Person " , Z T A New Orleans Nrivcomb Y. W. C. A. U); Art Club (1, 2. 31. Helen Corinve Phillips Z T A New Orleans Newcomb Art Club (1. 2. S); Dramatic Club (1. 2); Pan-Hellenic Coun.il. Madalix S. Rehage, B20 New Orleans Neii;comb Art Club; Y " . AV. C. A. Virginia Rembert, A O n New Orleans Neiucomb Athletics; Glee Club; Y " . W. C. A.; Pan-Hollenic Council. Louise Ricks, K A 6 New Orleans Neiccomb Dorothy Ryckmak, Z T A New Orleans Neivcomb Art Cluli (1. 2. 3); Y " . V. C, A. (1); Pan-Hellenic Council. Eleanor Schupp, A II New Orleans Ne ' WC07nb Y. W. C. .V. Cabinet (1. 2), Vice-President (oi. Jane P. Slaughter, B A Bogalusa, La. Nfwcomb Mary Alice Sparkman, Z T . Pascagoula, Miss. i ' fivcomb Hocke.v Team; Episcopal Club; Y. W. C. A.; .Art Club. Janet Stevens, B . New Orleans N fir comb Ncwcomb niskelball (1. 21; Basketball (1, 2); Hockey (1. 2); Baseball I 2); Volley Ball (1); " N " Club. May Smai i.wood Thornton, K A 6 Alexandria, La. Ncwcomb NLVRIE Louise Tobin, K K 1 ' New Orleans Ni- wcoiiib Catullus Nile Cliairman (31; (lass President (2); Dramalii- Club (I. 2. 3); Assistant NcHcnmb Kdltor " Hullabaloo " (2. 31; Assistant Newcomb Editoi- " Jantbalaya " (3) , International Club (31. Gretchen ' iiter New Orleans Ni- ' ii-comb V ' arslty Basketball; Varsity Baseball; Newconib " Hullabaloo " Staff. IIei.ene Watrous, TT B ' I New Orleans IsARKi. Mae W ' elman, 1! i; O New Orleans Nfwcomb Y. V. C. A. (1. 2, 3): Art Club (1. 2. 31. Ann E. Wolbreite, . K I New Orleans Uramatlc Club; Glee Club; Orchestra. 14- «b K PAGE 79 Jl t w -5- ' XO JAMS JUNIOR CLASS Alfred E. Abaunza New Orleans Civil Engineering Daniel A. Allaix, Jr. A Patterson, La. Arts and Sciences Freshman Football; Scrub Football (2). Harold Julius Aronson, K N New Orleans Arts and Sciences Chess and Checkers Club. LiXDEN B. Arthur, 2 A E Ne y Orleans Commerce Sales Manager " Hullabaloo " (3). R. D. Babin, a X 2 Destrehan, La. C iemical Engineering John J. Barcei.o, Jr., A $ New Orleans Civil Engineering Ernest W. Beck, Jr., A X 2 New Orleans C iemical Engineering Varsity Basketball (2, 3); Secretary-Treasurer Class (3). William K. Becnel, 2 A E New Orleans Civil Engineering Carver Blaxchard, ATA New Orleans Commerce Vice-President Class (2): Freshman Tennis: Accountants ' Club; White Elephants; Glee Club. P. E. Briley, Jr New Orleans Architecture Architectural Society. W. E. Brogan, Jr New Orleans M. and E. Engineering Thomas R. Brown, SAE New Orleans Arts and Sciences Dramatic Guild. John Bruno, Jr , 2 II New Orleans Commerce Freshman Football; Varsity Football. P. C. Butler, Jr., K A Shreveport, La. Commerce John Glenn Carter, n K A New Orleans M. and E. Engineering Evelyn Casteel New Orleans Commerce A L A Y A G ' ' PAGE 80 w I I ? ■ JUNIOR CLASS Frank J. Ciiai.aron, Jr., A T SJ New Orleans Iris and Sciences White Elor ' ' iUils; Froslini in OhforlciiiliT: First Assistant Cheer- loadur (2, 3); Dramiui.- Guild (1, 2. 3, li. F. UicAMc Chambers, - A IC New Orleans Archiieclurc Architectural Society. Charles Lainc Chavignv, A K V,, , X 2: . . . New Orleans Chemical Enijineering Albert Paul Claverie, T K 2, I ! New Orleans Commerce White ElpphaiUs; Vire-Pre-sitlent Class (1); " Jambalaya " Represent- ative (2); Pan-HeHenic. Murray Cleveland, A K E, AAA New Orleans Arts and Sciences Glendv Burke; Pan-I-Tellenic; President Class (3); Freshman Bas- ketball, Traek; Varsity Basketball. Track (2. 3); Thirteen Club. James D. Collixs, A New Orleans Commerce James M. Colomb, Jr New Orleans Arts and Sciences Alfred J. Cooper, Jr., 2 I E New Orleans Civil Engineering Vice-President Class (3); Clifford 15. Peott Scholarship Medal. Edward O. Cooper New Orleans M. and E. Engineering Walter James Crawford, J A New Orleans Arts and Sciences Varsity Swimming. David Crockett, 2 X Alexandria, La. Commerce A.B. Degree: Louisiana College; Band. T. J. Cukn ' ixcham, Jr., I A Pine Bluff, Ark. Arts and Sciences Freshman Football; Varsity Football (2. 3. 1). William James A. Curry, Jr., 2 ' I E . . . . New Orleans Arts and Sciences " Jambalaya " Hepri ' sentatU ' e (3 . Gavle I.. Oali ERES New Orleans Commerce Accountants ' Club; " .Jambalaya " Representative Student Body (;t); Vice-President Class (3). Herbert F. De Huvs. B U 11 New Orleans M. and E. Engineering Freshman Footb: ' ll: Scrub Football (3. 11. John nERuvs, B O n New Orleans Arts and Sciences Boxini (2, : ' .. 1). Captain (4); Freshman Football; Scrub Football (2. 3), Varsity (4). XQ J A A r PAGE 8! ± , I -s - JUNIOR CLASS Harry G. Duke, ITKA New Orleans Commerce Manager Boxing and Wrestling; T-U-R-K; " Jambalaya " Business Staff. Joe H. Duval, I A0 New Orleans Arts and Sciences ' ' . Alfred Dyer New Orleans M. and E. Engineering WiLLLAiM E. Ehlert, K 2, B JI Waterproof, La. Arts and Sciences Ralph Elizardi, IIKA New Orleans M. and E. Engineering Edward Eustis, K A, A A A New Orleans Arts and Sciences Freshman Basketball; Thirteen Club; Boxing (2). Joseph Bres Eustis, A T n Chemical Engineering White Elephants. New Orleans William G. Fisher, 3 n New Orleans Jlrts and Sciences Triangle Club; T. M. C. A. (1. 2, 3). Luis Florencia New Orleans Commerce LuiGi Francillo New Orleans M. and E. Engineering Richard West Freeman, A 6 New Orleans Commerce Glee Club; AVhite Elephants; " Jambalaya " Business Stal . Hazel R. Frey New Orleans Commerce " Jambalaya " Representative (3). Marx Friedman Franklin, La. Commerce Samuel Friedman, KK New Orleans Arts and Sciences Band (1. 2, 3), Manager (31; Triangle Club; Y. M. C. A. (1. 2. 3); Chess and Checkers Club (2, 3). Emile F. Fuhrmann, Jr., - A Goodbee, La. Architecture Architectural Society, A. G. Gadmer, Jr New Orleans M. and E. Engineering • C) J AM BALAYA G I PAGE 82 r :=c JUNIOR CLASS W ' ll.l.lAM Koill.MANN (JAUTIIIKR . . . . .Ills and Siii ' iirfs n.wiii c. E. Gkier, i; i a Architecture Architectural Society. Irvino I. Gersov, K X Commerce New Orleans New Orleans New Orleans Tom Glass, Jr., K i; Minden, La. Arts and Sciences ■f- ' Meri.i: K. Goi.dmans ' , 2 I E . . . . Guadalajara, Jal., Mex. Arts and Sciences Dramatic Guild. Nathan Goldstein New Orleans Arts and Sciences M Anthony Gilbert Guell M. and E. Engineering Philatelic Society. New Orleans J. S. Guepet New Orleans Chemical Engineering S. G. Frank Haas, Jr., n K $ M. and E. Engineering Aero Club. New Orleans Robert R. Haase New Orleans Civil Engineering i ? w - William Henry Haeuser, Jr., i; IT New Orleans Commerce Band (1. 2. 3); Orchestra (1. 2); Copy Manaeer, " Hullabaloo. " Henr Hali er, il K i: New Orleans Commerce Pre.slclenl Class (1, 2. 3); White Elephants. Virginia M. Hamilton Ann Arbor, Mich. Commerce Jack Cuyi.er Harding. ATA A , and E. Engineering White Elephants. New Orleans Leslie R. Hebert, A !• Paia, Maui, Hawaii M. and E. Engineering I ' reslilcut Class (31. Seeretary-Treasur.-r 12). R. G. lloicnMiiK. K A, li M Arts and Sciences Lake Charles, La ' XO jambalay " 7 — ■ ■ — PAGE 83 -3- i JUNIOR CLASS John Aristide Holmes, n K A, B M New Orleans Jrls arid Sciences Rudolph John Holzer, K 2 New Orleans Civil Engineering AA ' hite Elephants. Bruce Shaw Hopkins, 2 N New Orleans Cliemical Engineering James L. Hyde, Jr., K 2 , . New Orleans Commerce Tennis Squad (2); Glee Club. Paul L. Janssen, A New Orleans M. and E. Engineering President Aero Club (2. 3); Fencing. Robert C. Kelleher, I ii9 New Orleans Arts and Sciences White Elephants; Glee Club. Raymond H. Kierr, 2AM New Orleans Arts and Sciences " Jambalaya " Representative (1): Debate Team (1); International Relations Club Treasurer (2). President (3); Secretary-Treasurer Class (2, 3). William H. Kittrell, $ A 9 Mt. Pleasant, Tenn. Arts and Sciences " Jambalaya " Editorial Staff. Joseph S. Kopfler. Jr., $ K 2 Kenner, La. Commerce Charles A. Kyle, A K E, A A A New Orleans Arts and Sciences Freshman Football; Scrub Football (2), Varsity (3); Varsity Base- ball (2); Secretary-Treasurer Class (1). James Jack LaNasa, A $, K K ■ • New Orleans Arts and Sciences Band (1, 2, 3), Assistant Manager (3); Triangle Club. E. Spencer Lazarus, Jr., 2AM New Orleans Commerce Freshman Boxing. DuRAND E. LeBlanc Paincourtville, La. Commerce Harold E. Lee, 2 E New Orleans Commerce " Hullabaloo " Business .Staff; Dramatic Guild. John Lepp Metairie Ridge, La. Civil Engineering Priestley Leverich, A T n New Orleans M. and E. Engineering A LA Y A G " PAGE 84 w w w w w I M B ? u w I — - i ti= JUNIOR CLASS JoSKPii Li;vv, Jk., , K T Tulsa, Okla. .Irts and Scirnces Iiit.TiKitlmuil Uulntluns Club. Fkrd. M. Lon, Z li T New Orleans .iris (Uiil Sciences RoiiEKr Denis Lottinger, i: P E Houma, La. Arts and Sciences Track Squad. Martin A. Macdiarmid, Ben New Orleans Co m m erce I. A. MarchiZj K N New Orleans Arts and Sciences Pan-Hellenic. Fontaine Martin, Jr., A T n Bay St. Louis, Miss. Arts and Sciences Thirteen Club; Alc e Fortier Memorial Prize (2); Associate Editor •■Jambalaya " (. " i); Dramatic Guild. E. Patrick McCloskey, A K E New Orleans Chemical Enijimering Wilson McComas Burkesviilc, Ky. Arts and Sciences Edward A. McLellan, 15 9 n New Orleans M. and E. Engineering James David McNeill, n K A, A A . . . . . McComb, Miss. Arts and Sciences Vice-President Class (.f); Oratorical and Debating Council; Glendy Burke; Dramatic Guild; Pan-Hcllcnie; Terriberry Oratory Award (2). Michael Michel New Orleans M. and E. Engineering Laurie Joseph Moi.aison Gretna, La. Arts and Sciences Leslie K. Mundt, ZBT Helena, Ark. Arts and Sciences Garland Murphy, 2 N Eldoratlo, Ark. .Irts and Sciences E. R. Nelson, 2 X ■ • . Shreveport, La. Commerce William Neville, Jr.. ■! A 9 McComli, Miss. Commerce Frosliman Fo.it1.;ill: While KlciilmiUs; Pan-llcllcnic. Junius Charles Neyland Shreveport, La. Chemical Engineering ' Q J A M B A PAGE 85 w rf I L A A G ' M • ' XQ J A " m " JUNIOR CLASS JoHX A. O ' CoNN ' OR; Jr., a T a, a a a . . . . New Orleans Arts and Sciences Freshman Track; Varsity Golf (2, 3); White Elephants; Glendy Burke. Alfred H. P. ddock, AS Ft. Smith, Ark. .-Irts and Sciences Freshman Football; " Varsity Football (2); Freshman Basketball. Ch. rles E. Peres, Jr New Orleans Arts and Sciences Freshman Track; Varsity Track (2). AsHBY W. Pettigrew, Jr Houma, La. Arts and Sciences D. C. PiTT.iRi New Orleans Arts and Sciences Donald R. Porter, 2 X Winter Haven, Fla. Arts and Sciences Varsity Boxing (2, 3). Sophie R. yl New Orleans Commerce Edg.ar M. Re.a, Jr., A T fi New Orleans Arts and Sciences Freshman Football; Scrub Football. Wilbur Rich.ard Reuter New Orleans Commerce Gr.axtley B. S. Ricketts New Orleans M. and E. Engineering Ke.arxy Robert New Orleans M. and E. Engineering J.ACK M. Roehm New Orleans M. and E. Engineering Aero Club. J. William Salisbury, K 2 New Orleans Commerce Glee Club. Westcx Segur.a, i Ae Jackson, Miss. Commerce Robert L. Simon, J K 2 New Orleans Arts and Sciences Varsity Football (3) ; White Elephants. Joe Arthur Sims Hammond, La. Arts and Sciences William Donald Singer New Orleans Commerce Glee Club; Aero Club. A LA Y A G " : ■ « PAGE 86 w w w w I B v W - JUNIOR CLASS JkI ' I-krson ' L. Smith, :i ' I ' A Burrwdud, I. a. ( ' ivil li II ill If liar 1Ii:khi:ki Soi.omox, i) A M New Orleans Commerce ArM ' oinitalllH ' Club. Maurice Kdwakd St. Maritn, A K K New Orleans . ■ ,( ami Siifiui ' s I ' ini.ip D. SuNSKRi New Orleans Arts and Sciences Varsity Boxing. Joi; L. SwAN ' sox, Jr., A T SJ New Orleans Ci-vil Eniiinei-rinij Li:o ARi) SwiN ' N ' F.Y Baton Rouge, La. Ciniil En jinccrinij Gloe Club (21. CiiARi.KS H. Thorn, Jr., A T A, . X 2 . . . . New Orleans Chemical Engineering Fre.slinian BaslioLl ;ill ; Var.sity Ba.skotball; Freslinian Tracl ; Var- sity Tracit: Thirteen Club. Eugene Thorpe, Jr New Orleans Arts and Sciences Henry L. E. Xl New Orleans Chemical Engineering " Jambalaya " Representative (1). Arthur J. Waechter, Jr., ' I K S New Orleans Arts and Sciences International Relations Club. Wayne Paul Wallace Wichita, Kan. Ci-vil Engineering II. M. Wesi ' , Jr New Orleans Cifil Engineering AssLstant (I ' liief Eni ineer Summer Survey Camj) (2i. George Westfeitit, Jr., K . New Orleans . ) .( and Sciences Freslinian Football; Scrub Football (2), Varsity (3); Freslunan Basketball; White Elephants; President Class (2). Mankrei) Ra ' im:!; Wu.lmer New Orleans Arts and Sciences Speaker C.lendy Burke; Oratorical and Debatim,- Council. Jack F. Wilson, i; X San Diego, Cal. Arcliitecture President Architectural Society (3): " Janibalavn " Art Stall ' (31: I ' an-riellenlc; T-U-R-K, Secretary (3). Benjamin Foster Wimreri.y, A ' I ' New Orleans Commerce Jniix S. WlTCllER, i; X Howliert, Colo. Commerce University of Colorado (1, 2). PAGE 87 : J w I PRESIDENTS BARROW BROWN McDANIEL MULLINS REEVES NEWCOMB COLLEGE President Naxcy Robert Reeves Vice-President Alma WlRTH Secretary Claudia Norton Barret Treasurer Marie Louise Legier COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES President Rayford Charles Mullins f ' ice-President Francis Ehrlich Menge Secretary-Treasurer Claude Simons, Jr. COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING President John Talmage Barrow Vice-President Harold Louis Salaun Secretary-Treasurer Charles Henrv GuELL COLLEGE OF COMMERCE President John Bvrd McDaviel. Jr. Vice-President Charles MacDonald Kerr, Jr. Secretary-Treasurer ThomAS CranmER Fischer SCHOOL OF PHARMACY President J. R Brown, Jr. Vice-President Marcel Joseph Gu eniot Secretary-Treasurer Charnelcie Mercedes Maschino M SOPHOMORE CLASS Lydia Allen, n B I New Orleans Newcomh Glee Club; Art Club. LocKETTE Atkins, AOn Monroe, La. Neiucomh MiNOLA Backer, B A New Orleans Neiucomh T. w. c. A, Mary Lee Baker, nBii New Orleans tieiucomh Art Club; Glee Club. Sybil Barker New Orleans Neiucomh Dramatic Club; Glee Club; Y. W. C. A.; Art Club. Mary Glaowyn Barnes, B 2 New Orleans Neiucomh Glee Club (1, 2); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2). Ida Anne Barnett, BSO New Orleans Neiucomh Glee Club (1. 2), Vice-President (2); Operetta (1, 2); X .W. C. A. (1, 2); Dramatic Club (1, 2); Orchestra (1, 2); Mandolin-Guitar Club (1, 2). Claudia Barret, X o Charlotte, N. C. Neiucomh Class Treasurer (1), Secretary (2); Glee Club; Art Club. Rosemary Lois Barton New Orleans Neiucomh Glee Club (1, 2); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2). Evelyn Beard, A II McComb, Miss. Neiucomh Council 01 " Resident Students; T. W. C. A. Dolores Bernard, B20 New Orleans Neiucomh Y. V. C .A.; Glee Club, Margaret Bertraxd, K A 9 Jackson, Miss. Neiucomh Art Club; Y " . W. C. A.; Vice-President Silver Triangle; Varsity Ath- letics; Debating Club; Dramatic Club; Glee Club. Marion Blessey, B20 New Orleans Neiucomh Glee Club (1, 2); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2). Betty Brown, M Little Rock, Ark. Neiucomh Glee Club. Kathryn Briede, BSO New Orleans Neiucomh Glee Club: Y. W. C. A.; Hockey Team (1). Anna Belle Briccs, X f Lake Charles, La. Neiucomh Art Club (1); Y " . W. C. A. Martha Brumby, AOn Franklin, La.. Neiucomh Glee Club (1, 2). Ruth Butt, K A 6 BIytheville, Ark. Neiucomh A L A Y A Qy ' . PAGE 90 - t il u u w N » xa «- M t w it u -= SOPHOMORE CLASS Zlil.A M.Vi: HiKi) Giilfport, li . Ne ' Uicomb Couiuil ol ' IJi ' .sldciit SUliUnt.s. Maki Hariiara H RM:, A ci II New Orleans A ' l ' ivcomb Lucil.r.F. Caiikro. ' , ' [ ' A DnnnUlsnmillc, La. A ' rivromh Iiitcniiitionul Club. Nkli, Lvoxs Carson- New Orleans Nrwcoml l. «. LouiSP. Casti.en, ' I ' .M Greenville, Miss. Ntivcomh Dramatic fluli; Y. « ' . C. . . Sarah Cherry, n O New Orleans lliamatir- l- ' lul II. 2); Glee rlub |2); Y. V. C. A. Cabinet (1. 2.) CoRiNKE Claiborne Torras, La. Neivcomb Dramatic CUib (1. 2); SpiikiiiiK Basketball (1); Newcomb Basketball (1). Halcyon Colomb, A n New Orleans Ncwcotnh Y. W. C. A. Katherine Colvin, K a New Orleans Neivcomb Captain Swimming Team (1): Newcomb Baslcetball (1): HocUev (1 ; Track Team (1); " N " Club; .athletic Council. Charlene McNeh.l Cooper, K A G Galveston, Texas Nfivcomb Dramatic Club. Doris Dahlberc, Z T . New Orleans Nfwcomb Dramatic Club. lloRis D. Davis, K . Kansas City, Mo. Ni ' wcomb Representative to " . reaclo " (2). AiMEE Deixroi.x New Orleans NfU ' comb Nina Denis, K K I " New Orleans Ncii ' comb ]Ji;nK DosCHj .Vol! New Orleans Niwcomb Jane Adei.e Eddins, ' I ' M Slidell, La. Aiucoiiib Lillian Fairlie, ' ! M Atlanta, C,. . Niwcorib Y. V. C. A.: Art Club. EniEi. May Foerster New Orleans A ' civioinb Dramatic Club; Glee Club; Y. V. C. . . XQ J A T A r PAGE 91 - u •5- M B SOPHOMORE CLASS Mildred Fossier Ne%v Orleans Ncwcotnb Dramatic Club (1. 2); Debating Club (1, 2); Basketball (1); Base- ball (1). Slsie Gates,, X Q Eagle Pass, Texas Neivco?nb Art Club; Glee Club. Geraldixe Gaudet, K K r New Orleans NcKComb Newcomb Athletic Council (1, 2). Frances Gomila B20 New Orleans Nr=u:co7nb Glee Club; T. W. C. A.; Dramatic Club. Katherine C. Harrop, IT B I Lake Charles, La. A ' fzvco m b Art Club. Lyn ' XE HechTj IIB New Orleans Nev:comb Secretary-Treasurer Debating Club (2); Debating Council (1. 2); Dra- matic Club (1. 2): Art Club (1. 2); Newcomb Basketball, Class and Varsity (1); Class Hockey (1); Swimming. Isabel Heckert, ZTA New Orleans Newcomb Dorothy Heidelberg, X n Hattiesburg, Miss. Neia-coinb Louise Hoehk, X 9. New Orleans Nezvcoinb Vice-President Class (1). Betti ' Hudson " , K A New Orleans Neivcomb Dramatic Club. Lucille Hull, IIB Tulsa, Okla. Ne=iccomb Henrietta Huye New Orleans Neivcomb Cora Stanton Jahncke, IT B New Orleans Newcomb Glee Club (1. 2); -Art Club (1. 2): Business Manager " .Arcade " (2); Kewcomb Basketball, Class and Varsity (1); Hockey Class (1). MiGNON Ju.MEL, B20 New O rleans Neivcomb Y. W. C. - . (1, 2). Cabinet (1): Dramatic Club (1, 2); Glee Club (2). Aline Kennedy, IIB New Orleans Neivcomb Frances Koehler, X n Cuero, Texas Neuvcornb Glee Club; Art Club. Anna Lachin, B 4 ' - New Orleans Neivcornb Frances Langworthy, X 9. . Atlanta, Ga. Neivcomb A LA Y A G - « PAGE 92 it u I • t w w u SOPHOMORE CLASS Marie Louise Lecikk, K K r New Orleans Genevieve Lvkes, K K r Houston, Texas New comb Art Club. Emmarik Maii ender Cincinnati, Oliin N I ' ll; CO ml) Rose Maniieim New Orleans N an comb Orchestra (I. 2); Gk ' e Club (1, 2); Operetta (1. 2). Fraxces McCi.ure, I Jt Roswell, N. M. New comb Leonora McLeii.av, HB New Orleans Ncwcomb Hazei. Ann ' Methe, Z T A New Orleans New comb Dramatic Club; DebatinLj Club. Constance Meyer, K A G New Orleans Ncwcomb Frances Musser, K K r New Orleans Ncwcomb Margaret B. Neff, K A B Oklahoma City, Okla. New comb Rosary Ni. , X f! New Orleans Newcomh Dramatic Club. Joyce W. O ' Dei.i., X .Q New Orleans New comb Y. W. C. a.; An Club; Dramatic Club; Glee Club. Vada Odom, . a n Harvey, La. Ncwcoynb Clas.s President in; jiraiiiatlc Club (1. 21; liepre.sentative to Student Council (2). CoRiNNK Peierson, ' 1 ' r New Orleans Ncwcomb Evelyn Potibr Ft. Worth, Tc. as New comb Suzanne Price, II I! I ' Crystal City, Texas Newcomb v Club: Inti-rna ' iiin.il I ' liil.. Janet Quii.i IAN, II li ! ' Hollywood, Calif. Newcomb Pran-.atic Club. Nancy R. Rkevis. K K P Memphis, Tcnn. Newcomb Class I ' resldcnt (2). Secrelar.v (1). XQ J A " PAGE 93 Jz t w u -i - SOPHOMORE CLASS Elizabeth Rivers, K A 8 Elgin, Texas Netjjcomh Glee Cluf); Orchestra; Council of Resident Students. Ruth Alexander Robertson Opelousas, La. Nciucomh Pamela Robinson, IIB New Orleans Newcomh Ruth Rogan, B20 Ne%Y Orleans Newcomh Elizabeth Royals, X n Meridian, Miss. Newcomh Mary Frances Royals, X fi Meridian, Miss. Nciucomb Dorothy Betty Sale, A E Jonesboro, Ark. Newcoinb Joel Samuel New Orleans Ncwcornb Mandolin-Guitar Club; Dramatic Club: Art Club. Gwynne Smith, K A 6 Louisville, Ky. Ncwcornb LuciLE Smith, K A 9 New Orleans Ncwcornb Florence Strug , Bogalusa, La. Newcornb Louise Humphreys Taylor, n B New Orleans Ncwcornb Art Club; Y. W. C. A. Joyce Tillerv, ZTA Beaumont, Texas Newcomh Glee Club; Art Club. Drusilla Ilma Tudury New Orleans Newcomh Y. " VN ' ' . C. A.; International Club. Betty- Turnipseed New Orleans Ncwco7nb Baseball (1). Jane Walker, K K r Vicksburg, Miss. Ncwcomb Dorothy White, K A 9 Kingsport, Tenn. Newcomh Muriel Ruth Whitehead, ZTA New Orleans Newcomh Dramatic Club; Y. W. C. A. Alma P. Wirth, ZTA New Orleans Ncwcomb •■Arcade " Staff (1, 2); Atliletic Council (1); Class Vice-President (2); International Club (1); Dramatic Club (1). A L A Y A (?y ' ' — » PAGE 94 it I XQ JAMB -5- SOPHOMORE CLASS RoiiKKT M. Adams, i; A E New Orleans Iris and Scicnci-s White Elephants; Glee Club (1, 2i. Raiaiu. T. Armsirom:, i; II Ponce, P. R. .Iris aiul Srii-iicrs Roi!i:rt Eri.k Hakr, - A 1 ' . Houston, Texas .his and Scirinrs John- Tai.magk Barrow, A - I ' New Orleans M. and E. Eny ' inrcrinij Vk-e-Presldent Class (1), President (2); Seeretarj- Y. M. C. A. (2). RoRNEV R. Bartciiv New Orleans Clumical Enijinei-r ' inij CosAM Julian: Bartlf.tt, A K E, A X 2 . . . . New Orleans Chemical Enginerring Thirteen Clul): Glee Club (1, 2, :!): Assistant Sports Editor " Hulla- baloo " (2): Freshman Track Team. Hardee Bethea, A K E New Orleans Arls and Sciences " Jambalaya " Art Staff (2); Glendy BurUe (1). Adolphe C. Billet, A K IC New Orleans Commerce Barnett Blitz New Orleans .Iris and Sciences Freshman Basketljall. A. F. Blumer New Orleans M. and E. Engineering Thomas Hale Bogcs, B 6 IT, A A A . . . . Long Beach, Miss. Arls and Sciences Oratorical and Debatincr Council; " Winner of Carnct Debate (1); Glendv Burke; Glee Club; Pan- Hellenic : Dramatic Guild; T. M. C. A. Cabinet; ■■Hullabaloo " Staff: President Class (1). J. Chas. Bovds, K :i: Memphis, Tenn. Commerce Lemann H. Bouxns, :s l E Meridian, Miss. Arls and Sciences Band. Warren- Bourgeois, ' I) K 2 Honma, I.n. .Iris and Sciences Lambert T. Bom), Jr., It K I Waveland, Miss. .Iris and Sciences Freshman Tl-ack; Freshman Basketball. H. Elliott Bredow New Orleans .Irc iileclurc .- rehlteetural Society. Joseph Miros Brocato Wisncr, La. .Iris and Sciences J. R. Brown-, Jr., II K A Cnhmihia, La. P iarmacy President Class (2). J(iii HrciiANAN. K . New Orleans .U. ami E. Engineering IRVIN Cahen, i: a M, 1! M New Orleans .Iris and Sciences Band. Uarrv B. Caplan New Orleans .his and Sciences XO J A ' ■ PAGE 95 i) -JN ■ XCl J AM SOPHOMORE CLASS James A. Chustz Independence, La. Jrls and Sciences Augustus H. Clarke, Jr., B n Macon, Ga. Arts and Sciences Freshman Football and Basketball: Varsity FootViall. Kendall Hutchinson Cram, B G n . . . . Nashville, Tenn. Arts and Sciences Freshman Tennis; Freshman Basketball; Y. M. C. A. Council. William P. Cullen New Orleans Civil Engineering Secretary Class (1), A. M. D ' Angelo Alexandria, La. Arts and Sciences Philatelic Society: International Relations Club; T. M. C. A. Robert W. Daray, Ae Chicago, 111. Commerce O. Patrick Darby New Orleans M. and E. Engineering Albert Laplace Dart, 2 A E New Or ' eans Arts and Sciences George H. Daviau Waterville, Me. Co m m erce Colby College. Allen L. Davis New Orleans Commerce Philip del Corral, $ K 2 New Orleans Commerce MoiSE Dennery, ZBT New Orleans Arts and Sciences Assistant Editor Sports " Hullabaloo " ; Dramatic Club. Charles Oliver Dietrich, A Z New Orleans Commerce Claude Berwick Duval, IT K A Houma, La. Arts and Sciences Stanwood R. Duval, n K A Houma, La. Arts and Sciences James B. Eaton, Jr New Orleans M. and E. Engineering Otis Edgerton, K A Tallulah, La. Arts and Sciences White Elephants: Freshman Football; Freshman Track. Marquez p. Ehlinger, A 6 Bryan, Texas Arts and Sciences " White Elephants. Bertram A. Ehrlich Bainbridge, Ga. Pharmacy Laurance Eustis, Jr., K A Memphis, Tenn. Cliemical Engineering Thirteen Club. Joseph C. Evans, S ' i ' E Petrolia, Pa. Arts and Sciences Notre Dame University; Band; Dormitory Club. A LA Y A G " PAGE 96 I f -3- i ti= SOPHOMORE CLASS Esmond A. 1-. i-ii;r, i: 11 New Orleans Alls and Stleticis Bnnd. Mekvin- E. Fatfrr New Orleans .Ills uihl Siiriicis Carlos A. Fkrxa.sdkz, ' 1 ' I A N ' edado, Cuba Iris and Sciences Y. M. C. A.; Tntpnmtiniial Relations Club. Thomas C. Fischer, K i; New Orleans Commerce Soci-otai-y-Troasurer Class (2). George Robert Fisher New Orleans Architeclure Architectural Society. Stanley C. Fitzpatrick, i; IT, K K ! ' New Orleans Arls and Sciences Band (1. 2). Alcee Fortier, I a e New Orleans Arls and Sciences Brent Fox, ATA Bogue Chitto, Miss. Arls and Sciences William Edward Franz New Orleans Arls and Sciences Lucius Freibercer, Jr., A I New Orleans Civil Encjineering Alton Prentiss Frv.viire, I K 2 New Orleans Arls and Sciences ■white Elephants. Jose M. Garcia, ! I . Frontera, Tab., Mex. M. and E. Enc ineering Charles F. Gay, K A Plaquemine, La. Arls and Sciences Wolfe Gerber, K N New Orleans Arls and Sciences Paul E. Gifford, ■! K 2 Port Arthur, Texas Cnmincrce Walter Godciiau.x, Jr., Z B T New Orleans Chemical Engineering " Jainbalaya " Roprusentative (2). Allan Michel Goldman, B [ New Orleans Arls and Sciences Elaine Goldsmith New Orleans Commerce C. II. GuELL New Orleans Chemical Engineering Alpha Chi . ' slKuia ' up (II; Secretaiy-Tiva.surci- Cla.-i.s (2). Marcel J. CIukniot New Orleans Pharmacy Vice-President Class (2). Edgar J. Haas. Jk New Orleans M. and E. Engineering " ' " PAGE 97 tu I «• M = » SOPHOMORE CLASS Charles B. Hami.et III, K 2 Picayune, Miss. Arts and Sciences Glendy Burlce; Freshman Debate: Secretary International Relations Club. M. R. Halbout ' Beaumont, Texas Arts and Sciences Dormitory Club (1, 2); T. M. C. A. (1, 2). Richard K. Hale, Jr New Orleans Arts and Sciences Ben J. Haney, Jr New Orleans M. and E. Engineering Irving Hardesty, Jr., A T O New Orleans Arts and Sciences Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (2); Pan-Hellenic (2); Freshman Tennis: Glee Club (1, 2); T-U-R-K. Richard N. Hardy, 2 A E Hattiesburg, Miss. Arts and Sciences B. Marvin Harvard, Jr., T A Hammond, La. Arts and Sciences Thirteen Club. Bernhardt C. Heebe, AS Gretna, La. Arts and Sciences Edouard F. HenriqueSj Jr., A K E New Orleans Cliemical Engineering President Class (1, 2); Freshman Football; Varsity Football (2). Jack Chalmers Herman, S $ E New Orleans Arts and Sciences Glendy Burke: Freshman Debate. Marlin Boyd Hoce, B 9 II Ft. Smith, Ark. Arts and Sciences Minna B. Hopkins, XIB J " New Orleans Architecture Architectural Society (1, 2). Charles Mitchell Ives, Jr., A 9 New Orleans Co7nmerce Jack Janssen New Orleans Civil Engineering George Janvier, Jr., A T n New Orleans Civil Engineering Thirteen Club; " Jambalaya " Editorial Staff (2). John Davis Jerabeck, 2 A E Houston, Texas Arts and Sciences Bett " Johnson New Orleans Pharmacy " Jambalaya " Representative (1, 2); Secretary-Treasurer Pharmacy Student Body (3). Beauford Jones, I ' A 9 New Orleans Commerce Harry Philip Jordan, Jr., K 2 Waco, Texas Commerce U. S. Naval Academy; " White Elephants. Camille Katten New Orleans Commerce Gerald M. Kees Brookhaven, Miss. Commerce M LA Y A G ' PAGE 98 t - ' ■mi " = M u W u w u I A ? -5- SOPHOMORE CLASS CirAKr.KS Mai ' donam) Kkkk, |k. New Orleans Commerce Vlci-rri ' .sUli-m ( ' l:i.s.s (2); Ffiicliij,- Cluli; . cro Cluli; T-U-H-K. JdiJN MoNKOi; KisAiiKKW. Jk New Orleans Commerce Froshmnn Debate. Kksjamin C. Kisc, a K 10 New Iberi.i, I.:i. .his iiiilI Sfinirrs Sawm:k H. I.abouisse, A K E New Orleans M. and E. Engineering ■•Jamlinhiy:i " Kdilorinl St.nrf (2. 31. Lkwis a. Laciiin ' , a i; ' 1 ' New Orleans Arcliiteclure .Vi ' i-hiteutural Society. Spekcer J. Lali.anue, K 2 New Orleans Commerce " Janibalaya " Ri ' presentative (2). Martin- Jav Lamden Hattiesburg, Miss. .-Irts and Sciences Arthur F. I.anhrv, 2 X New Orleans Chemical Enijineering Allan J. Landrv Norco, La. Commerce Rexe J. Lapeyrouse Houma, La. M. and E. Engineering WiLLLAM Lloyd LeBoruf New Orleans M. and E. Engineering Ralph N. Leonaro, K i New Orleans .Iris and Sciences Albert A. Levin, K N New Orleans Commerce Ei.MA Levy Ne v Orleans Commerce Florence Tanker Levy New Orleans Commerce Melville L. Levy, K X New Orleans Xf. and E. Engineering Robert F. Liepsner, i; X New Orleans Chemical Engineering While Klephnnts. Allan Liitle, Jr.. ' I ' A O Gadsden, Ala. .Irts and Sciences I ' i-eshriian Football; Freslinian Traek: Cros.s-Country ; " Janibalaya " Killtorlal SlalT (2). R. oui. LivALDAis, A Iv K New Orleans Irchiteclurc Architectural Society. J. E. Loi UN, i; X Baton Rouge, La. Arts and Sciences I ' " re. !h nuui Football; L ' ri ' .-Jhniaii Ba.-ikelball ; Varsity Football (21. John 1 ' . Love New Iberia, La. .Irts and Sciences B A PAGE 99 W te- J M -it - SOPHOMORE CLASS Joseph A. Lucia Lutcher, La. Arts and Sciences Robert C. Lynch B6n New Orleans Irts and Sciences Louis A. Mahoney New Orleans Arts and Sciences Glee Club. Emile Maltry-, K 2, B M New Orleans Arts and Sciences Glee Club (2). E. G. Baker Marsh, 2 X Kenner, La. Arts and Sciences Glee Club (1. 2). Charles D. Marshall, A T fi Bay St. Louis, Miss. Arts and Sciences International Relations Club; Glendy Burke; Dramatic Guild. Warden M. Martin Biloxi, Miss. Arts and Sciences Charnelcie Maschino Hammond, La. Pharmacy Secretary-Treasurer Class (2). John Byrd McDaniel, Ben Camden, Ark. Commerce Varsitj Football; Freshman Track; President Class (2), Lionel H. McDonald, 2 E New Orleans M, and E. Engineering Paul W. McIlhenny ' , K A New Orleans Arts and Sciences Scrub Football. M. L. Michel, Jr., BOn Biloxi, Miss. Arts and Sciences William Porcher Miles III, B II New Orleans Architecture Architectural Society; Thirteen Club. Bernard D. Mintz, SAM New Orleans Arts and Sciences Basketball. Alfred J. Moran, AO New Orleans Commerce Raul M. Montemayor, I A Eagle Pass, Texas Arts and Sciences John W. Mullen, K S New Orleans Civil Engineering Ray Mullins, A2 New Orleans Arts and Sciences President Class (1. 2); Freshman Football; Freshman Basketball; Varsity Basketball (2). E. J. Muth, 2 X, K K I ' New York, N. Y. Commerce T. M. C. A.; Band. Ferdie Anthony Nobile Lutcher, La. Arts and Sciences Charles Oakley Noble, Ben Lake Charles, La. Commerce A LA Y A G " PAGE 100 w u - I ' ' M t u -5- SOPHOMORE CLASS Ransom A. Nockton-, !• A O Crowley, La. .Ills iiihl Sfii-iirrs John Sconiv Odom, K A New Orleans .lrl. and Sciiiitrs CiiARi.ts Mc ' ea Oi.iVKK, Hon Monroe, La. Arls and Siiriirrs Luis R. 0ms, 2 n Ponce, P. R. .Iris ami Scir ifrs RicHARo M. Page, ATIJ New Orleans .Iris and Scirnces Freshman Football: Freshman Basketball; Varsity Football (2): Thirteen Club. Lawken ' CE J. Parker, A i New Orleans Commerce Swimming Team (2); Varsity Baseball (2); Freshman Basketball. A. Balfour Patterson, Jr., U 9 n Houma, La. Arls and Sciences Glee Club. George M. Pelias, A ' I ' New Orleans Commerce AuGUSTO Perea Mayaguez, P. R. Arls and Sciences A. T. Perrin New Orleans Arls and Sciences Dramatic Guild. J. .Libert Peterson, S 1 A New Orleans Civd Engineering Ashton Phelps, A T A, A A A New Orleans Arls and Sciences Glendy Burke; Pan-Hellenic; l- reshman Basketball; Freshman Tennis; Thirteen Club. EowARn B. Poitevent, K A Mandeville, La. Arts and Sciences Freshman Football. Crawford Powell, II K " t New Orleans Chemical Engineering Pan-Hellenic. Waldo S. Powell, X «I A Lakeland, Fla. Ciiiil Engineering Dramatic Guild. Leon A. Pradei New Orleans Arls and Sciences Glendj- J urke; International Relations Club; Freshman Debate: Chess and Checkers Club. Ernest Pragst, 2 N Schenectady, N. Y. M. and E. Engineering E. Jalquet Preis, i; -V K New Orleans Arls and Sciences Freshman Football. RdV M. Pui.i.EN ' , A ' I ' New Orleans Commerce Kdui J. I ' Liv.Hi.L. Jr., a i: •! New Orleans Arls and Sciences I ' aii-llellenle; " 1 1 iillalia lo.i " .-it ii ll i : ' I ; tllemly Burke (1. 21. IKgh Coleman Quari.es New Orleans Commerce XQ J A M B A " 9 PAGE 101 HI A e — - " y w M SOPHOMORE CLASS Harold E. Ratcliffe New Orleans Arts and Sciences Glendy Burke: International Relations Club. Shirley O. Reed, 2 I ' E New Orleans Commerce Freshman Football. Fred L. Reuter, 2 II, K K ■ New Orleans Arts and Sciences Band. Robert Y. Rivera New Orleans M. and E. Engineering Albert A. Robeert. Jr New Orleans Commerce Orville Roberts New Orleans Arts and Sciences Samuel Irvixg Rosenberg, 2: A )I New Orleans Arts and Sciences Joseph F. Roth, Jr., A T fl New Orleans Architecture Architectural Society; White Elephants. Warrek Cokey Rush, A $ Gretna, La. M. and E. Engineering James S. Ryan, A New Orleans Commerce Harold L. Salaun, ATQ New- Orleans M. and E. Engineering Vice-President Class (2); hite Elephants. J. E. Sams, K 2 Meridian, Miss. Arts and Sciences William A. Sandras Westwego, La. Arts and Sciences Charles C. Savoie, K 2 Donaldsonville, La. M. and E. Engineering William B. Settoon, 2 A New Orleans Ci-vil Engineering Cecil M. Shilstone, 2 X, A X 2 New Orleans Cliemical Engineering Vice-President Class (1), President (21; White Elephants. Alfredo G. Silva Managua, Nic. Arts and Sciences Claude Simons, Jr., K 2 New Orleans Arts and Sciences Freshman Football; Freshman Basketball: Freshman Track: Var- sity Football (2); Secretary Class (2); ■nniite Elephants. Alvin Stander Opelousas, La. Arts and Sciences Gilbert L. Stancliff, Jr., 2 i A New Orleans M. and E. Engineering Edward F. Stauss, Jr., K A New Orleans M, and E. Engineering White Elephants. William Hinton Steen, A 6 Shreveport, La. Arts and Sciences A L A Y A G ■ " PAGE 102 w I -5- m.] - J- ? w - SOPHOMORE CLASS Ar.i.KN M. SiKis ' KR, A K !■: New Orleans Arts and Scii ' iirrs GIoo Clul) (1. 2); Assistant Sporl.s Eilllor ' ■llullalmUm " . JoilN ' C. Sl ' ARI-s, - U New Orleans .his and Sricmrs Biiml; •■lluUaljuloo " Staff. Gkorgi; n. Tbssikr, ' I ' A e, A A A New Orleans :lrls and Sciences Willie Elciihants; Boxing; Frcsliman Football; Varsity Kootliall. Robert A. Tessif.r, I A e New Orleans Arts and Sciences l- ' r-i ' shnian Fool hall; Frcslinian Tranlc: Varsity Football; Varsity Boxing; Varsity Track; White Elephants. Arnaud p. Te.vada, Jr., 2 ' I E New Orleans M. and E. lini ineerinr Armistead Thomas, i; . IC New Orleans Alls and Sciences Glee Club; Dramatic Club. JoHV A. Thomas New Orleans . (■ .( and Sciences ' ai .ier W. Toi.i.e ' . 22 ' I ' a New Orleans AI. and E. Enijineeriiig Re ' e Torrado, I a Havana, Cuba Arts and Sciences J. II. Trepacxier, a T J New Orleans CAiemical Enyineerin j Otis B. Trepacxier, ATA New Orleans Arts and Sciences President Class (1). Bex Uptox, A K E New Orleans Arts and Sciences Glee Club; " Jlullabaloo " Staff; Freshman Football. Joiix Thom.-vs ' arixo Monroe, La. Commerce Y. M. I " . A.; Dormitory Club. Oswam) ' ll, 1,1AM ' ioscA, 2 n, K K ■ ' . . . . New Orleans Arts and Sciences Bantl. Augustus C. Vreei.axd, Jr New Orleans Commerce Fei.i.x H. Weisch New Orleans Pharmacy ' aimore M. Wu.son ' New Orleans Arts and Sciences Ph.G. Degree, ' 31; Tennis; Band. IIaroi.I) J. WoR.MSER, :; .V M leanerette. La. Arts and Sciences MiKi; WRiGiir. H M Moliile, .Ma. . ■ .( anil Sciences Peier Zaiiner Ann . rhor, Midi. Arts and Sciences Tiilvirsily of Mli-hlgan. .■ iAiN N. Z.wiiER, i; . M New Orleans . ■ .( and Sciences Joseph Znn Xeu Orleans Arts and Sciences Frcslim.an Football. r-T — — — PAGE 103 w 6 PRESIDENTS ALLRED BRYAN HARTSON NORRIS NEWCOMB COLLEGE (jluiiniu II I Ruth Elizabeth French IsABELLE Marion Rosenberg Edna Sinclair Schlegel COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES President Howard Lee Br an Vice-President Zeb Ward, Jr. Secretary-Treasurer Howard Kingsblrv Smith, Jr. COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING President William Joseph Hartson Vice-President Harold Paul Shallcross, Jr. Secretary-Treasurer Robert Crosslev Carter COLLEGE OF COMMERCE President James Biscoe Xorris J ' ice-President Thompson Fishel Bechtel Secretary-Treasurer Henry Harden Haizlip, Jr. SCHOOL OF PHARMACY President Cecil Louie Allred Vice-President Rose DiLeo Secretary-Treasurer Valmond Joseph Gautreau M t u i.- ' Kr . " H. FRESHMAN CLASS Anita Abes AE New Orleans Nenucomb Dramatic Club; Debating Club, Fav Allen, ZTA New Orleans Neiucomb Y. w. c. A. Elizabeth Allison, B A New Orleans Neiucomb Frances Ambrose, B20 Conway, S. C. NetJicoinb Dramatic Club; Debating Club; T. W. C. A. Fannv Lucille Aron New Orleans Ncwcomb Dramatic Club; Debating Club. Bettve Bacharach, X n New Orleans Netjocomb Glee Club; Dramatic Club. Elizabeth Bailev, K A 6 Mobile, Ala. Newcoinb Lelia Banks, M Gainesville, Ga. NeiDcomb Doris Beaman, ZTA Monroe, La. Neiucomb Dramatic Club; y. W. C. A. Dorothy M. Bell, ZTA Weeks Island, La. Neiucomb Y. w. c. A. Ruth Bernadas New Orleans Ncwcomb Y. w. c. A. Clarice Berry, K A 9 Birmingham, Ala. Neiucomb Cecile Bisso New Orleans Neiucomb Dramatic Club. Barbara Bouden, K K r New Orleans Neiucomb Kathleen Bowers, K A 9 Dallas, Texas Neiucomb Martha Brocan, X Q New Orleans Neiucomb Art Club; Y. W. C. A. Mary Richardena Brothers, A A n Anniston, Ala. Neiucomb Glee Club; Art Club. Roberta C. Browne, I M Biloxi, Miss. Neiucomb Glee Club. Marian Frances Bruce, A II Bessemer, Ala. Neiucomb Katherine Buchanan, M Prescott, Ark. Neiucomb T. w. c. A. Hazel Vaughan Burdin, X JJ Lafayette, La. Neiucomb Marguerite Cambon, A n New Orleans Neiucomb Dramatic Club; Glee Club. Alice Grace Canulette, M Slidell, La. Neiucomb Glee Club; Y. W. C. A.; Art Club. Alida Clark, X fl Clarksdale, Miss. Neiucomb Dramatic Club. Cecile Costley, K A 9 New Orleans Neiucomb Art Club; Dramatic Club. Dalton D. Ckichl ow New Orleans Neiucomb Y. W. C. A.; Glee Club; Operetta. Glendy Culligan, a n New Orleans Neiucomb Ruth Cunningham, X fl Brooksville, Miss. Neiucomb Dramatic Club; Art Club; T. W. C. A. Nita S. Daly, AAH Lafayette, La. Neiucomb Art Club. Frankie Mac Davis, B20 New Orleans Neiucomb Glee Club; Y. W. C. A. • XO JAM ' I 27 PAGE 105 - w , - = FRESHMAN CLASS Makcarki ' McLaurin Davis, A O II New Orleans Nrivromh V V. I ' . A.; Inl.inallonal fMuli, Sadii; I.. Davis, K K 1 ' Mcihile, Ala. Nrivco iih An Cluh; lirani.itic Cluh, Kij.via 1)i; Llc ' AS, 1! i; O Nexv Orleans Nrivco in h V. W. " . A.; Orcluslni. Emma DrnMAXN-, ' ! .M New Orleans Newcnmh Druniatir Cluli. Camimk D ' lXGiAXNi New Orleans Ncwcomh niiM Clulp; iMftMlilUu Club. I OROIHV DonsoN, K A e New Orleans New comb Eui.A DuKate, X n Biloxi, Miss. Nfujcomh Louise Ebauch, X 57 New Orleans Ncuicomh Dramatic Club; Debatinp Club. Oi.iviA EwiNC, IT B I New Orleans Neiucomb D ' -aniatic Club: Art Club. Phoebe Flowers, n B I New Orleans Ne ' wcomh Debating club; Dramatic Club. Rose Forsvtm New Orleans Ncwcnmb DohiOTiiv Fraiser New Orleans Ncwcomh Dramatic Club. Ruin Fkench, K K F New Orlean.s New comb El.EAN ' OKA Frick, Z T A New Orleans Ncwco nb RoSEiTA Ginsberg, A E I ' New Orleans New comb Dramatic Club; Debating Club; Glee Club. Ei.RiTA Gomez, B 22 O New Orleans Ncwcomh Y. AV. C. A. Adriexne Gottschalk, K a New Orleans Ncwcomh Mar Louise Gregory, K A 6 New Orleans Ncwcomh Anna Mae GuinRV ' acherie, La. Ncwcomh C ' AiiiERiNE Hai.i., , T - New Orleans Ncwcomh Marei, Mam,, I M Atlanta, Ga. Ncwcomh nranintic Clult. Leonard IIaroin, K K ! ' New Orleans Ncwcomh Dramatic club; Art Cluti. Sara II.wvkins, - A II Hirniiiifjliam, Ala. Ncwcomh Dramatic Club; Gbc cluli. Moi.i.iE Bond Haves, IT B ' F San Antonio, Texas Ncwcomh An Club; International club. Alice M. Hehert, K .V O New Orleans Ncwcomh .An Cub; L).anuttle Club. Frances IIeii):.er Mt. Wriion, 111. Ncwcomh . W . C, .. .; Dramalii- Club. Ellen L. IIeindei New Orleans Ncwcomh Orche.slra. Louise IIiiss, X S! New Orleans Ncwcomh Cee Club; liraniatie Cltlll l ' .Li Aiii:rii lli ii , .von .Mexaiulri;!, I.;i. Sc it:comh . w. c. . .; . n cu:b. Him llENOEKSON, X S! Ft. Smith, Ark. Ncwcomh ' - PAGE 107 -«l 51.» Y w I - e ii. FRESHMAN CLASS May Hexdrick, K A Shrevcport, La. Neivcomb Art Club. Elise Himel, K Iv r New Orleans Neii;co7nb Catherine Hoge, K A 9 Ft. Smith, Ark. Neii-comb Art Club. WiLXiA HuDSON% B ' J ' A Clarksdale, Miss. Neiucomb T. w. c. A. Eleanor Jacobs, AE4 New Orleans Neivcomb Glee Club: Dramatic Club; Debating Club. Arabella Jester, K K F Corsicana, Texas NeiL-comb Dorothy Juden " , IIB ' I ' New Orleans Neivcomb Art Club. Gertrude Kaplan Houston, Texas Neivi:o7nb Helen Ke. tor, A A II San Antonio, Texas Nezucomb Glee Club; Art Club. Lillian Kemp, A A n Amite, La. Neii ' cojnb Y. TT. c. A. Frances Kerr, K K r New Orleans Kewcomb Patsy Kilpatrick, IT B 3 ' Oklahoma City, Okla. Nenvcomb Beryl Kirk, K A 6 Mobile, Ala. Neivcomb Dramatic Club. Elizabeth Klinesmith, K K r New Orleans Neivcomb Marjorie Lemann, K K r Donaldsonville, La. Ne ' wcomb Art Club. Lois Lentz San Antonio, Texas Neivcomb Dramatic Club; T. ' Vr. C. A. Ethelyn Leverich, K K r Hammond, La. Neiucornb Marion F. Leverich, IIB$ New Orleans Netucomb Glee Club; Art Club. Elaine Levy-, A E $ St. Joseph, La. Neivcomb Dramatic Club; Debating Club. Virginia Liggett, X f New Orleans Neivcomb Katheryn Lundy, B 2 O Ocean Springs, Miss. Neivcotnb Y. W. C. A.; Glee Club. Doris Lurie Florala, Ala. Neivcomb Mandolin-Guitar Club; Orchestra. Polly " Lytle, X O Murfreesboro, Tenn. Neivcomb Dramatic Club; Art Club. K.VTHRYN Malloy, B4 A New Orleans Neii;comb Dorothy McCardell New Orleans Neivcomb Y. ' . c. A. Dorothy McCloskey, K K r New Orleans Neivcomb Louisa Jean McCurdie, X 9. Hattiesburg, Miss. Neivcomb Art Club. MoNTiNE McDaniel, H B $ . Forrest City, Ark. Neivcomb hETTY Phillips McDuffie, n B Atlanta, Ga. Neivcomb . rt Club; Y. W ' . C. A. Muriel Mead, AOn New Orleans Neivcomb A L A Y A G o PAGE 108 I ■©- N ' JAM - _ ' ■ FRESHMAN CLASS Patricia Menck, )■ M New Orleans Nrivcoinb IIui.EN J. MicilliL, X 12 Hilnxi, Miss. Niwcotnl Draniiilk- Club: Tuimls; niisk. ' ili-ill. 15i:iTV Mii.i.KR, X n Owensboro, Ky. Nriucomh (ik ' O Clul). Ki.iZAnKiii Mii.i.i-R Ni ' W Oilcans Ncwcomh MiviKloliM-Gnllar club; Gleo Clul). Rose Milling, n 15 -I ' New Orleans A ' coirom ; Marjorie MnciiEXER, n H •!• Sumner, Miss. Newcomb Diamatl..- Club. Sidney Mize, A IT Gulfport, Miss. Newcomb Prani.Ttic club; l1 liatliiK Club; Y. W. C. A. Ernestine Moise, . II New Orleans Newcomb ' ircinia Morris, K . 9 New Orleans Newcomb Dramatic Ciub; Art Club. Bahette Marie Netter, Z T A Donaldsonville, La. Newcomb Rose Louise Nobile Lutchcr, I.a. New CO m b Katherin ' E Elizabeth Nolan, K K r New Orleans Newcomb Glee Club; Dramatic Club; International Club. Natalie Norton, IIB Houston, Texas Nc ' wco7nb Dramatic Club. Catherine O ' Neill, AOII New Orleans Newcojnb Laura Lee Pattillo, n B I Atlanta, Ga. Newcomb Art Club; Dramatic Club. Yolanoe Pauline Pereira Raceland, La. Newcomb Charlotte Perret, nB i New Orleans Newcomb Harrieite Peteet, I M Greenwood, Miss. Newcomb Dramatic Club; Y. W. C. . . Claire Pucker, I M Dothan, .Ma. Nenucomb Dramatic Club; Art Club. Claudia Pipes, K K F New Orleans Newcomb Art Club. Linda Porter, ,V O n New Orleans Newcomb Dramatic Club; Clce Club. Dorothy Pritch. ri), I? A New Orleans Newcomb Dramatic Club; Y. W. C. . . Marjorie E. Putzem., BSO New Orleans Newcomb Clce Club; Y. W. C. a. Adelaide Radebauch New Orleans Newcomb Glee Club; Dramatic Club. Aiin K , . ii ll New Orleans Newcomb Draniatb- Club; Y. W. C. A. Elvira F.srEr.i.E Rentrop New Orleans Nevjcoinb Sara P. Ricks Canton, Miss. NeiL ' Cnmb CAniERiNE Rogers, U i: O New Orle;ins Newco m b Clce Club; Drnmntic Club; Y. W. C. A.; Operetta. IsABELi.E RoSKVBERC, A E Milwaukee, Wis. Newcomb Delmtlng Club; Dranmtlc Club; Glee Club. Paula Rubin New Orle;ins Newcomb Dramatic Club. PAGE 109 9 A w. ■ XQ JAM B FRESHMAN CLASS Edna Schlegel X £2 New Orleans Newcomb Dramatic Club. Alice Schwarz, A E ■I ' New Orleans Neiucomb Glee Club; Dramatic Club; Debating Club. Edena Clere Scott, A O H . Falfurrias, Texas Nezvcomb Dramatic Club; Glee Club; Art Club. Heloise Segura, X fi Jackson, Miss. Ncivcomb Dramatic Club; Art Club. Eleanor Shands, IIB ! Cleveland, Miss. Newcomb Mildred Rea Shaw, A II New Orleans Neiucomb Dramatic Club; Art Club. Ellen Sinclair, K K T New Orleans Neiucomb Florence Singreen, K A 9 New Orleans Ncwcomb Muriel Smith, B A New Orleans Neivcomb Dramatic Club; Glee Club. Keith Somerville, IIB Cleveland, Miss. Neiucomb Glee Club; Art Club. Brownie Steen, ■! M Shreveport, La. Neiucomb Y. W C. A.; Art Club. Nannie Brooks Stafford, Z T A Wharton, Texas Neiucomb Art Club: y. W. C. A. Bettigene Steward New Orleans Neivcomb Glee Club. Helen Sutton New Orleans Neiucomb Y. w. c. A. Adeline LaCasse Theriot, A A II Gueydan, La. Neiucomb Dramatic Club; Glee Club; Art Club. Mary Yerger Thomas, X fl New Orleans Neivcomb Betty Thompson, IIB New Orleans Neiucomb T. Vf. c. A. Janice Torre, A n New Orleans Neiucomb Dramatic Club; Glee Club: Art Club. Marjorie Elise Vallee, B 2 New Orleans Neiucomb Art Club; T. V.r. C. A. Josephine Wagner New Orleans Neivcotnb Glee Club; T. W. C. A. Lilian Helen Walther, X fi New Orleans Neiuco?nb Glee Club; .Vrt Club; Mandolin-Guitar Club. Harriet White, A II Alexandria, La. Neivcomb Y. W. C. A.; Art Ciub. Helen G. White, Z T A Shrevepoit, La. Ncivcomb Y. W. C. A.; Art Cub. Selma Wiener, A E I Dallas, Texas Neiucomb Orchestra; L ranuitic Club; Debating Club. Almyra Williamson, A O n New Orleans Ncivcomb Marguerite A. Wirth, B . ....... . New Orleans Neivcomb Dramatic Club; Glee Club; Art Club. Josephine Withers, X n Tampa, Fla. Ncivcomb Mildred Wood, K K r Houston, Texas Neiucomb .Art Club; T. W. C. A. Sara Womack, AOn Kentwood, La. Neivcomb Y. w. c. A. Virginia Worthington San Antonio, Texas Neiucomb Dramatic Club; Art Club. Jane Wright Dallas, Texas Neivcomb A L A Y tj! PASE no 4- ; -s- il» FRESHMAN CLASS A. I. AiiKAMAMs, Jr. . New Orleans ( ' .(immirci ' Hniul. V ' liRNON T. Ai)r,i:R Bcieiiit, Texas Arts and Sciences Doi-mltory Cluli; Y, M. C. A. Roni-RT J. AnsKNS, Jr., ! K 2 New Orleans Commerce C. L. Ai.i.RKi), Jr., ' I ' K 2 Hazlehurst, Miss. P iarrnacy President Class (1). J. Or.ivKR Angle New Orleans Commerce Luinvic AxKER Guatemala City, C. A. .Iris and Sciences AucuSTiN- D. Arguei.i,es Havana, Cuba Commerce W. L. Argus, - ! A New Orleans Civil Enrjineering Thom; s O. Asburv, Jr., 2 A E New Orleans Co m m crce Alnev W. Austin, 2 A E Biloxl, Miss. Arts and Sciences Debate. Ai.FREn G. Ball, Jr., K 2 New Orleans . ■ .( and Sciences John C. B.artlev New Orleans Civil Engineering Thompson Bechtel, I K 2 Metairie Ridge, La. Commerce vice-President Class; Fre. hman Football: White Elephant.s. Allen W. Betz Metairie Ridge, La. M. and E. Engineering Frei) V. Hierhorst, 2 TT New Orleans Arts and Sciences ' ■Hunal aloo " Staff. John " M. Blair. 2 X New Orleans . )• .( and Sciences Frishnian Golf; Fi-e.shnian Forensic Council: Dramatic GuiUl. E. W. Bi.ossMAN, K 2 Covington, La. M. and E. Engineering Herman Blum, Jr New Orleans M. and E. Engineering Joseph Alfred Bi.vthe, Jr., A T fi New Orleans M. and E. Engineering Glee Cliib. Harold C. Boehm, A 1 New Orleans Arts and Sciences Freshman Football. Thomas V. Born, A K !•: New Orleans . 7.V and Sciences Thirteen Club. Julius Bowskv, i: A M New Orleans Arts and Sciences Glc ' Ud.v Burl; ' ; Inlernalional nelations Club. Preston M. Breckinridge, B O U New Orleans Commerce W ' lLLiA.M Marslmall Brewer, 2 !• E New Orleans . ; .( and Sciences Frank ANrnoNv Brocato Wisiu-r, La. Arts and Sciences August J. Brodt.mann, Jr New Orleans Chemical Eni incerini Y. M. c. A. PAGE I I I lr% - rMi U ■ ' }, •I M 4k - t FRESHMAN CLASS J. V. Burkes, Jr., n K A . . ■ . New Orleans C ' l ' vU Engineering White Elephants; Manager Freshman Football. Charles R. Burns, A 9 ... Miami, Fla. Arts and Sciences Freshman Football; White Elephants. Charles A. Burton, 2 A E . . . . . . . . . New Orleans Cliemical Engineering Philip Burwell, ATA. . . . . . . Merida, Yuc, Mex. Arts and Sciences Thirteen Club. William Edward Butler, Jr., S E . . . . New Hope, Ala . M. and E. Engineering Arthur J. Butt, I Ae. . . Pensacola, Fla. Arts and Sciences white Elephants, Taylor Caffery, A K E . . . New Orleans Arts and Sciences Alvin S. CaflAn, 2AM New Orleans M. and E. Engineering Glee Club; Band. Arthur C. Carmouche Hayes, La. Arts and Sciences John Wesley Carnahan New Orleans M. and E. Engineering Robert C. Carter New Orleans Cliemical Engineering Secretary-Treasurer Class (1); Glee Club. Russell Abbott Casey, K 2 . . . . . _ . . . . New Orleans M. and E. Engineering Freshman Football. R. Freeland Cauley, 2 N New Orleans Arts and Sciences Walter H. Claiborne, B 9 n New Orleans Arts and Sciences Thirteen Club. Sherwood Collins, ATA New Orleans Cliemical Engineering White Elephants. Robert M. Coulter, 2 N . . . Lafayette, La. Arts and Sciences Gus P. Covert, 2AM New Orleans Chemical Engineering Glee Club. James Crawford, AZ New Orleans Commerce Claude E. Cullinane Gulfport, Miss. Arts and Sciences Dramatiij Guild; Band. George Cecil Daul New Orleans Arts and Sciences Ramon de Leon, I IA.... Havana, Cuba Arts and Sciences John S. Devlin, A K E . . . New Orelans Arts and Sciences Dramatic Guild; Glendy Burke; Glee Club; Freshman Forensic Council. John A. Diodene Gretna, La. M. and E. Engineering Othilda Dobbins New Orleans Arts and Sciences Ernest H. Doerries, A2$ New Orleans Commerce Freshman Track. F. Gordon Eberle, Jr _ New Orleans Arts and Sciences w I Q J A " m " ie- PAGE 1 12 V) Jz t V w -3- FRESHMAN CLASS Ai.i-ON H. Kdwakds, I K i; . . . Hamlet, N. C. Art!, and Sciences Frr ' Sliiil;ui Football. Jason M. Ei.sas, Z I! T Metairie, La. . .( and Sciences Glee Club. GiiORCi- Wn.r.iAM Encelhardt New Orleans Iris and Sciences ' Ar,nn A. Erickson New Orleans M. and E. Eniiiiircring run, IP Far swortii New Orleans Architecture . ichit.itur. ' il .Soflc ' ty; White Elepli.nnt.s. Don Ferguson, K i: Pnplar Bluff, Mo. Arts and Sciences AVhlte Elephants; Glee Club. Antiionv Fernandez Shell Beach, La. Arts and Sciences Hector Fernandez New Orleans M. and E. Enyinecring Bernardo Ficuerdo Havana, Cnlia Arts and Sciences Alvin Ellioit Fink, Z 1 T Clarksdale, Miss. Commerce Wilfred Finkei.stein New Orleans Arts and Sciences Jack G. Fitzcerai.d, I K i: Kenner, La. Arts and Sciences R. L. Eraser, 2 X McCrory, Ark. Chemical Engineering " Janibalaya " Art Staff; Band. Joe Pali. Frenz, H K . Lake Providence, La. Arts and Sciences •■Jambalaya " Editorial Staff: White Elephants. Meyer Friedman Franklin, La. Arts and Sciences Frank J. Gardev Luling, La. Arts and Sciences Charles Dale Gates, K A Ocala, Fla. Arts and Sciences while Elephants; FT-esliinan Ti-aek; Freshman Tennis. ' almond J. Gautreau, Jr., A K E Hammond, La. Pharmacy Secretary-Treasurer Class (1). Gus A. Gazave New Orleans jl . and E. Engineering Morris Gerrer, K X New Orleans . ;■ .( and Sciences Bernard . ' ivin Goldman. K N BoRalusa, La. .Iris and Sciences Daniel C oldman, K X New Orleans . ' ■ .( and Sciences Sanders A. CIoodman, i; . M Greenville, Miss. . ;■ .( and Sciences Band. Benjamin John Ciosi.iN, K i- Chica.iio, III. ( " nnnnerce ,1 CK V. Go AN, i: . !•; New Orleans . 7.V and Sciences L ' re.shnian HasU. ' tball. Carl Graeeagnino New Orleans . .( a?!d Sciences PAGE I 13 r- i .V M W III 9 ' l_ii ' fi !« ' : 4h A FRESHMAN CLASS J. E. Gramlixg, Jr Orangeburg, S. C. Jrchilcclure Architectural Society. John R. Gray New Orleans M. and E. Engineering Ravmoxd Gregg New Orleans Pharmacy " Jambalaya " ' Representative. Jacob D. Guice Biloxi, Miss. Arts and Sciences Henry H. Haizlip, Jr., K A Memphis, Tenn. Commerce Secretary-Treasurer Class; Thirteen Club. Joseph A. Hanson Abita Springs, La. Commerce William Harris, Jr., A K E New Orleans Arts and Sciences Glee Club: Dramatic Guild; Freshman Forensic Council. William Joseph Hartson, 2 A E New Orleans M. and E. Engineering President Class; Freshman Football. Robert B. Haspel, ZBT New Orleans Arts and Sciences Wilfred Haydel Harahan, La. M. and E. Engineering Fred F. Hf.bert, A $ Paia, Maui, T. H. Architecture Architectural Society. Ralph P. Hebert New- Orleans Commerce Roberto Herrera Panama, R. P. Arts and Sciences Haywood Hillyer, A K E New Orleans Arts and Sciences Dramatic Guild. Billy Holmes, K A New Orleans Commerce A.KDREW E. Hoover New Orleans Architecture Architectural Society. Charles M. Horton, Jr Franklin, La. Arts and Sciences Freshman Debating; Freshman Tennis. Aubrey W. Howell Miami, Fla. Arts and Sciences R. LoREN HuDBARD, 2 A E Columbus, Ind. Arts and Sciences White Elephants; Glee Club. Sam Huddleston Huntington, W. Va. Architecture Architectural Society. Gordon B. Hyde New Orleans Commerce Freshman Cheerleader. Herbert A. Hyman Lexington, Mis3. Commerce Band. jA.viES B. Hyndman, 2 n Mobile, Ala. Arts and Sciences Band. James Inge, I Ae Mobile, Ala. Arts and Sciences White Elephants. John Jacobs New Orleans Arts and Sciences Davis Jahncke, A K E New Orleans Commerce ■■Jambalaya " Representative. I - ' XO JAM :e7- PAGE 114 M 4k t W w w w FRESHMAN CLASS Ar.iKii) jAMis, Jk., ::; ' I ' I-: Pcnsacola, Fla. M. and E. Engineering R. Hrkwsikk J. . iks, H IT New Orleans M. and E. Engineering 11f:km. n c;i:orce Jansskn, IT K I ' New Orleans Iris and Sciences Fi-eshman Forr-ii.sir C ' luncil; Band. Will, 1AM Ja ssk , Jk., If K ' I ' New Orleans .Iris and Heienees Band. Lawren ' CE J. JAUBERT. II K A New Orleans .Iris and Sciences Wii.i.iAM Edwarr Jobron ' Silver Creek, Miss. Arts and Sciences Kermit S. Joubert, IT K A New Orleans M. and E. Engineering Fri ' shinrin ( hfork nder. Ai.vix E. Johnson, Jr New Orleans Arts and Sciences Frestlman Forensin Council; " Hullab- ' IoD " Staff; GU ndy Burke: Dramatic Guild. C. C. JOH.vsox, Jr New Orleans Commerce A. L. JuNC, K 2 New Orleans Cliemical Engineering Wliitc Elephants. RoSEN ' DO B. Jlirado Panama, R. P. Architecture Architectural Society. Cari. M. Kaufman-, Z B T New Orleans Commerce Dramatic Guild. Bi.AXCHARn Keknedv Columbus, Miss. .Iris and Sciences C. IT. Kern-, Jr., Z B T . . . New Orleans .Iris and Sciences Ross Kevlin- Ponchatoula, La. Arts and Sciences Frank Robert Kinberger New Orleans .Irts and Sciences MiiToy Ki.lNE, Z B T Vicksburg, Miss. .Iris and Sciences Fred II. Kuntz New Orleans .1 . and E. Engineerinti J. Gus Lali.an ' de, .V T f! . . . San Juan, P. R. .Iris and Sciences Ci.AVTON F. Land. A :; ' !• New Orleans Chemical Engineering Band. Thomas Vii.ii m I.awson New Orleans Commerce Cei.ian II. Lewis Lexington, Miss. Commerce Band. Francis Chari.es Lii.i.ich Rochester, N. Y. .Irts and Sciences ll,)ly I ' ro.-- i ' olli.K-r: l " rc.shman Football; " Jambalaya " Hdltorial .• tan; ■Iluliabnloo " Staff. Wai.i ACE II. T.iviNosi-ON Santa Fe., N. M. Arts and Sciences normitory Club; T. M. C. .A.. Preston IT. Lonc;i o Prcivencal, La. .Irts and Sciences Margl eriie Macnon Gretna, La. Pharmacy u I - xa: M _A__J - PAGE 115 9 c t w u • yt ' XQ J A " m " FRESHMAN CLASS James Mallory, S K S . . . New Orleans Arts and Sciences Fl-eshman Football; White Elephants. JOHX L. Many, A T fi New Orleans Arts and Sciences Henry Marchal, IKE.... New Orleans Arts and Sciences Edward J. Marks, Jr New Orleans Commerce Joseph D. Martix, Jr. 2 A E New Orleans Arts and Sciences " White Elephants. George Mathews, 2 X Globe, Ariz. Arts and Sciences George Julius M.ayer, Ben New Orleans Commerce Freshman Football. Hugh McCloskey, A K E New Orleans Arts and Sciences " Hullabaloo " StaB; Glee Club. Malcolm Charles McEachern A 6 Biloxi, Miss. Arts and Sciences T. M. C. A. Willlam McElhixey, A T fi New Orleans M. and E. Engineering Gustaf W. McIlhexxy New Orleans Arts and Sciences F. A. McKexzie, Jr., 2 X Lakeland, Fla. M. and E. Engineering Ferx. kdo Mendigutla Sancti-Spiritus, Cuba Arts and Sciences Hermaxx C. Mich. elis New Orleans Chemical Engineering T. II. C. A. Hexry H. W. Miles, B 6 H New Orleans Arts and Sciences JoHX Edward Moxroe, Jr New Orleans Chemical Engineering Joseph M. Mont.agxet, Jr., $ K 2 New Orleans Arts and Sciences Ch. rles H. Moore, ATA Galveston, Texas Commerce Thirteen Club. Marco A. Morales Tegucigalpa, Hon. .irts and Sciences Waldemar S. Nelsox New Orleans M. and E. Engineering T. M. c. A. Cliftox R. Newlix, Ii2 New Orleans M. and E. Engineering Morris W. Newmax, Z B T New Orleans Arts and Sciences Glee Club. WiLLi.iM G. Nichols, Jr., A K E . . . Winter Garden, Fla. Arts and Sciences Freshman Football; Thirteen Club. James B. Norris, A K E New Orleans Commerce President Class; T-U-R-K. Albert M. Norwood, AKE New Orleans Commerce Thirteen Club. Leoxard G. Oppexheim New Orleans Arts and Sciences Freshman Forensic Council. A L A Y A G - " _ — — PAGE 116 w B Jt 4k t -Sh FRESHMAN CLASS Hkcior S. ORDoxr: Tegucigalpa, Hon. Civil lintjinccriiuj NoRM.w I ' AU.ii, - A .M New Orleans Arts and Sciences Freshnmn Foutliall. Morris Pasthrn ' Ack, . Z 1! T Ferriday, La. Iris and Sciences Robert A. Pkirce, 2 I ' K New Orleans Arts and Sciences Freshman Tennis. David B. Pknn, Jr., . T fi New Orleans Commerce George C. Perry, ATA Grenada, Miss. Chemical Engineerintj white Elepliants. AsHTO.v G. Peyrefiite, 2 I E New Orleans Commerce Rose Di Leo New Orleans Pharmacy Vice-President Class. John- Poinuexter, :; X . . . . Ravine, Miss. Arts and Sciences White Elephants. Morris Portnoy, K N New Orleans Arts and Sciences Mike Eugene Powell, 4 K 2 Fort Worth, Texas Arts and Sciences Richard F. Price, .V T S7 New Orleans Commerce Thomas B. Putnam St. Charles, 111. Commerce Fui.CRA.v F. Randon ' , Jr Arabi, La. Chemical Engineering Band. Frank M. RePass, Jr., K i: New Orleans M. and E. Engineering Glee Club. J. S. Reyxaud New Orleans M. and E. Engineering F. A. Rhodes, Jr., II K P New Orleans Arts and Sciences Dave Richarme, i; !■; Norco, La. Arts and Sciences Freshman Football. Frank Riess, A T n New Orleans Civil Engineering J. P. RiiEV, Jr., ::; a i: . . . Eudora, Ark. Arts and Sciences John K. Rii.ev. Jr.. 1! 9 II New Orleans Chemical Engineering W ' ii.i.ia.m D. Robert New Orleans M. and E. Engineering Glee Club. George Munro Robinson New Orleans M. and E. Engineering Henry Rosenield. Z li T New Orleans Commerce Albert Rubenstein, r A .M New York, N. V. Commerce Freshman Track. Marcus Rubenstein, 2AM New York, N. Y. Commerce Freshman Track. ' JAM = a I if PAGE 117 £ ■ =it - V. FRESHMAN CLASS JOHN ' xv RuyvAN ' , A2 Haynesville, La. Arts and Sciences Freshman Football. WiLLl. M A. S.AMPLEj 2 A E Shrevepnrt, La. Arts and Sciences Howard E. Schlegel New Orleans Commerce HERMAyy ScHULZE, A T n New Orleans Arts and Sciences Vhite Elephants. Charles F. Seemaxx, B G II New Orleans Arts and Sciences Joseph F. Seis " sheimer. Jr Galveston, Texas Cojnmerce H. P. Shallcross, 2 X New Orleans Chemical Engineering Vice-President Class: White Elephant.s. Gilbert C. Sheen, K 2 New Orleans Arts and Sciences Theodore H. Shepard, Jr New Orleans Arts and Sciences F. W. SiEEELiTZ, Jr., I K 2 Port Arthur, Texas M. and E. Engineering Thomas Sloo, Jr., K A New Orleans Arts and Sciences Freshman Basketl)all; Freshman Track; Thirteen Club. Archie Smith, K 2 Covington, La. Commerce Albert L. Smith. Jr., A 2 Winnfield, La. Arts and Sciences Cammie D. Smith, Jr., 2 X New Orleans Architecture Architectural Society; " ■Jambalaya " Representative. Claude R. Smith, II K j New Orleans Arts and Sciences Band. Howard K. S.mith. Jr., A T fi New Orleans Arts and Sciences Secret.arv-Treasurer Class; " Hullabaloo " Staff; " Jambalaya " Art Staff; Thirteen Club. James K. Smith, $ A 9 Laurel, Miss. Chemical Engineering Charles Smither, Ben New Orleans Arts and Sciences Charles W. Spencer, 2 I E New Orleans Arts and Sciences Johx Warren St.ahler, .V T f New Orleans Commerce Robert J. Starkey, UK East Templeton, Mass. Arts and Sciences Massachusetts Institute of Technology. M. S. Steeg, Jr., 2AM New Orleans Arts and Sciences Freshman Forensic Council; Philatelic Society; Glendy Burke. Maurice Stern New Orleans Arts and Sciences Dunklin Miller Sullivan Laurens, S. C. Arts and Sciences Freshman Football. Fred Sundberv, n K A Houma, La. Architecture Architectural Society. Max Suter Bogalusa, La. Arts and Sciences t iH w I ■s» ' Q JAM :£7 PAGE 118 A f u w u -5- FRESHMAN CLASS Louis O. TiiAMKS, A Iv i: . . . Natalbany, La. .Ills and Sciences Freshman Football. NoRM.W v.. TiiARP New Orleaii! Cnmmrrcr John- Stani.k - TinriAt r, A K K DiMKiUlsnnville, La. :lrls and Sciences Thomas ,|. TiiRirKii.KV New Orleans Arts and Sciences Jamks Hi:nrv Doi.a Tipping K A New Orleans Iris and Sciences Thirto.-n Clul . HARR • TsL ' iiopiK, Jr., K A New Orleans Arts and Sciences " Jambalay.n " Editorial Staff. Ai.i.Kv Tlrpiv, Jr., K 2 Bastrop, La. .Ircliileclurc Architectural Society. CoRBiN TuRPiN ' , K :; Bastrop, La. . (■ ,( and Sciences Glee Club. ' ervok J. I ' mbach, a 2 I New Orleans .1 . and E. Engineering Brvson- A ' ai.i.as, Jr New Orleans Citnl Engineering Edward McD. Vauohn " , IT K Hamlet, N. C. Arls and Sciences Freshman Football. Mario.v J. Verlander, a T n New Orleans Arts and Sciences Freshman Football: Thirteen Club. G. E. ViVNEDGE, A T n New Orleans Cliemical Engineering T. M. (• " . A. Warren G. W.acuespack Vadierie, La. Arls and Sciences ]. A. ' ai.l.S. K a New Orleans Arls and Sciences Daniel B. Warner, 2 X New Orleans Arcljileclure Mums Weivstein-, Z R T Cleveland, Miss. Commerce Louis Ba ' s er Weisenburgh, J ' A 9 Rioliiiioml, Ky. Arls and Sciences Henrv F. Werner, Jr New Orleans .1 . and E. Engineering ' ii.i.iA, i . . W ' n MAMS, Jr., K - McComh, Miss. Arts and Sciences George Wocan New Orleans Arls and Sciences II i: KN King ' oi.i k, . I! ' I ' New Orleans Arls and Sciences Richard H. Wood, Jr., ATA Lewisliurg, W. a. Arls and Sciences John Winter W ' ooi.foi.k, Jr.. . T J New Orleans Arls and Sciences White EUphants. Fred Zengei New Orleans . .( and Sciences " " XQ J AM B A 9 PAGE Ii9 ._ . A py — — u I B . • ' • ' i " ' r W ' ' m ...iv,h!!A: s Dean Hall Allen, Jr. Allen Andry Morris M. Baker Richard Bankston Joe E. Beasley Ernest W. Beck, Jr. Jeb Blum Louis Boasberg Nicholas C. Bouzon u. j. burvant Charles Calhoun Murray F. Cleveland Irving H. Cohn T. J. Cuningham, Jr. Joseph J. Davies, Jr. John F. DeBuys Calvert G. de Coligny Elson Delaune Warren W. Doyle, Jr. Henry B. Dunn G. Perry Eastman, Jr. Edward Eustis Nollie C. Felts Leo Ferber August C. Flach, Jr. Shelby Friedrichs James Van B. Gresham, Jr. Edward R. Grey George Haik Richard N. Hardy Vernon C. Haynes Doyless L. Hill James Hodgins Charles R. Hume Leonard S. Isacks, Jr. John R. Jackson Samuel G. Jacobs Robert S. Jordan Charles A. Kyle Harold F. Lemmon J. J. Lienhard, Jr. Winnie P. Lodrigues Joseph E. Loftin Joseph McCloskey. Jr. John McCormick John B. McDaniel, Jr. Adrien a. Maught Francis E. Menge Allison T. Miller John S. Oelkers Francis C. Payne MiLTO B. Phillips Darrell J. Pischoff Donald R. Porter Jesse G. Rainwater. Jr. John J. Read Pat Richardson Floyd Roberts Homer R. Robinson John Scafide Charles E. Simon Eugene Simon Robert L. Simon Claude Simons, Jr. Norwood Spicer Clifford Sutter Edward Sutter Garland F. Ta- lor Farrel B. Thomas William D. Walthall John C. Weed Russell L. Welch Cornelius D. Schneidau William Schroeder Rudolph J. Schulze. Jr. Shepard Shushan J. Arthur Taylor George D. Tessier Robert A. Tessier Page H. Tharp George Westfeldt, Jr. William F. Woods. Jr. Charles L. Young Don Zimmerman PAGE 123 George G. Westfeldt TULANE ATHLETIC COUNCIL Officers George G. Westfeldt ..... President Judge Rufus E. Foster . . . Vice-President Robert L. Menuet Secretary Members Douglas S. Anderson James M. Robert Dr. Charles Eshleman Louis L. Rosen A. N. Goldberg George Williams Dr Wilbur C. Smith Athletic Director Ted Cox Head Football Coach Claude Simons physical Director Fritz Oakes Assistant Physical Direct or and Track Coach Ted Bank Freshman Football Coach and Boxing Coach George E. Rody Basketball Coach Mercer Beasley Tennis Coach Horace Renegar Sports Publicity Director J The greatest year in the history of athletics at Tulane ascended to its place in the Valhalla of records when 1932 gave way to 1933 in the chronological system of old Father Time. Where other universities are curtailing intercollegiate sport to the extinction of several minor branches, Tulane has turned against the stream. Athletic plants for the furtherance of var- sity, intramural, interclass, and interfraternity competition have been installed, and student interest has reached a higher pitch than ever before. Basketball first assumed the spotlight of sportdom, with the Green Wave presenting its strongest five of recent years under the direction of George Rody, newly acquired member of the coaching staff. Doyless Hill again won the Southern Conference heavy- weight title, with his teammates scoring enough to merit Tulane second place in team scoring. Hill later went on to win the national intercollegiate championship and earned a place on the United States Olympic squad. The Greenies failed to successfully defend their track and field title, but increased student interest and the excellence of several performers made this activity a popular one. Don Zim- merman attained national prominence in the pole vault and just fell short of making the Olympic squad. 1932 saw the return of baseball, but as an intramural ac- Gordon Hyde Helen Bradley A ' tivity. The all-stars made a splendid showing in their only inter- collegiate series, and baseball, with increased student interest, seems destined to remain as a varsity sport. Cliff Sutter led Tulane ' s tennis team to its greatest season under Coach Mercer Beasley, and the new tennis stadium aided materially in the development of the players. Chff won the Southern and national intercollegiates, and was rated third in the United States and fifth in the world. Jesse Rainwater closed the 1931-32 school year with a vic- tory in the Southern Conference golf championships, with Tu- lane in third place for team honors. The Green Wave slumped a bit on the gridiron because of a poorly-balanced schedule and a series of tough breaks, but the eleven carried on remarkably well, and Don Zimmerman was unanimously selected as all-American. Intramural, interclass, and interfraternity schedules were completed, with increased enthusiasm evidenced by a 15 per cent gain in student participation. With the new gymnasium completed and ready for every sort of activity this fall, improved facilities and better equip- ment available for every branch of endeavor, and student inter- est on the upgrade, future years promise to be greater than ever in Tulane athletics. Dr. Wilrlr C. Smith (left), .llhtetic Director, and Claude " Monk " Simoxs, Physical Director. IlAKOl.O BOXART Ida Ritienberg JOHX T. MURPHV Ted and Lester talk things orer with the en- tire squad. The Coaching Staff " Mokk " SimON ' S, Trainer; " Peggy " Flourn ' Ov, Back- field Coach; Ted Cox, Head Coacli; Ted Bank, Freshman Coach; Lester Lautenschlaeger. Back- field Coacli. a m mmm mm 3 7 The greatest Green Wave in the history of Tu- lane, in spirit if not in record, closed the 1932 season with two defeats — the first Southern Con- ference losses in four years for the Ohve and Blue. Ineligibility, injuries, and influenza riddled the Wave roster, respecting neither regular nor re- serve, but the morale never wavered. Coach Ted Cox deserves a world of credit for his excellent work in producing one of the strong- est elevens in the South from the wreck of the great 1931 squad, and for rebuilding his team so expertly whenever adversities intervened. With such spirit as the men of Tulane ex- hibited this year, and with such a coach as Ted Cox at the helm, the Green Wave is destined to swell to its greatest proportions in the future. Captain- Johnny Scafide (left) and Manager Billy Walthall " Fantiy " P a y 7i e skirts the Aggies ' right end. Captain John A. Scafide All-Souihcrn Guard " Baby Grand " proved that he could be one of Tulane ' s best football leaders as well as a terror to all opponents. He will he much missed next vear. Ex-Captain Nollie C. Felts Fullback Declared ineligible on the brink of the opening game, ' Papa " stuck to the post as a non-p ' aying leader. His spirit and inspiration were always present. Captain-Elect Floyd B. Roberts Halfback ' " Little Preacher " fills the place next year " Big Preacher " left in ' 30. Possessed with the same spunk his brother displayed, he should be even more sensational than ever. Donald G. Zimmerman, Jr. Jll-American Halfback ' ' Biff " Jones said this " Flying Dutchman " was the best running back he had ever seen. Don was also one of the best passers, punters, and tacklers in America. Tulane, 26; Texas A. M., 14 Power and versatility, unprecedented in early season football here, featured Tulane ' s opening game of the 1932 season against the Farmers of Texas A. M, as the Green Wave picked up where it left off in 1931 and ran its great record of the past three years to 33 games without a defeat in Southern football. The Greenies played brilliantly that afternoon — played like champions, despite the eleventh hour loss of their great leader, Nollie Felts, who was declared ineligible shortly before game time. And one of the most brilliant was untried Joe Loftin, tossed into the breach at the last minute in Felts ' position, who played a game that Nollie would have been proud of. Tulane scored on marches of 68, 42, 26, and 66 yards, respec- tively, with Don Zimmerman featuring the offense, and held the Texans to a scant 24 yards, besides passes and a long run in the last quarter. Coach Ted Cox used his regulars for a short time only, saving them for more important games to come, but the whole squad — sophomores as well as veterans — played fine ball. Loftin, George Tessier, Milto Phillips, and Dick Hardy all played their first games for Tulane as regulars, while the rest of the first-year men showed promise in their initial starts under the Olive and Blue. PAGE 128 " Flying Don " steps anay from nould- be Bulldog tacklers. Tulane, 34; Georgia, 25 The age-old axiom that a strong offense is the best defense stood the Wave in good stead against Georgia ' s tenacious Bulldogs. The offensive power of the great Green machine failed, of course, to stop the Georgians ' scoring, but it served its purpose in keeping Tulane ahead from whistle to gun. The gods of football decreed that the Green Wave was to be deposed from the throne of Southern Conference supremacy that day, by removing Francis Payne, Tulane ' s great blocking and plung- ing back, with a broken collar-bone. And the greatest backfield trio in the country — Felts, Payne, Zimmerman — was reduced to one scintillating star, Don Zimmerman, the Flying Dutchman. Don scored two touchdowns, averaged nine yards per try, and did everything on the field against the Georgians except bring out the water during the time-outs. Following his splendid example, the Green Wave piled up a 34-6 lead by the end of the third quarter. The Bulldogs, true to their name, fought back fiercely and brought the score up to 34 to 25 near the end of the last quarter, but Tulane ' s regulars went in to stave off the rally and brought the oval to Georgia ' s 10-yard line, where the game ended and the Wave victory constituted the fourth time in as many years that Tulane had wrecked Georgia ' s Conference title hopes. Will Patten Richardson Ouarlerbaci Cool-headed and quick to ee weaknesses ill the opposing team, Pat ended this year " ith well-deserved laurels. Not only was he a good diagnostician, but a staunch de- fender of the Tulane goal. • Winnie P. Lodrigues Att-Southirn Ciiilrr, S,(onJ Tirm Winnie ' s performance at the pivot position won him a place among Tulane ' s greatest gridders. Playing out of the line on de- fense he was invaluable in stopping oppo- nents ' aerial attacks. Francis C. Payne " Fanny " received a broken collar-bone in the Georgia fracas that kept him out till the L. S. V. game. It might have been an- other Greenie championship but for this misfortune. Alt. Capt.-Elect Wm. F. Schroeder Guard . ' s a running guard " Bill " was one of the best linemen in this section. Playing his second yerit after a meteoric rise from the scrub ranks he led many successful plays through the opposition. PAGE 129 " Little Monk " gets off a high spiral to the Vandy safety. Joseph E. Loftin Fullback When Nollie was declared ineligible this dependable soph stepped in to fill the gap. He proved an ace in both plunging and blocking. Robert A. Tessier Tackle " Bob " displayed unusual ability for a Sophomore and soon Yon a regular tackle berth. He %vas one of the big men on the team, scaling well over 200 pounds, and possessed a world of speed. A bright fu- ture looms for him. George D. Tessier Guard George, a veritable strong man, was an extremely dependable performer. Making his varsity debut this fall his speed and . power contributed greatly to the success of the team. George ' s earnestness should carry him to the heights of football fame. Elson M. Delaune End Elson came into his own this year, and yardage around his end can be measured in minus quantities. The Kentucky game was his hey-day. Tulane, 6; Vanderbilt, 6 Tulane ' s hopes for a fourth consecutive Southern Conference title glimmered in the Greenies ' clash with Vanderbilt before 25,000 fans who braved driving rain to see two great teams battle to a standstill at the Tulane stadium. The final whistle found the two elevens in a 6-6 deadlock. Although the loss of Felts and Payne and the bitter hard-fought games of the two preceding weeks had exacted their toll on the morale of Coach Cox ' s men, the Wave, still playing on the wrong side of the breaks, looked like the better eleven. Don Zimmerman made Tulane ' s score on a beautiful 55-yard return of a vandy punt. He crossed the Commodore goal again, after Vandy had knotted the score, on a 66-yard jaunt from scrim- mage, but the play was called back. The same thing happened on " Little Preacher " Roberts ' 28-yard dash a few minutes later. " Pete " Gracey, Vandy ' s all-American center, was the Commo- dore ' s best man, while Bob and George Tessier, Captain John Sea- fide, and Winnie Lodrigues were splendid in the Tulane line. A try for a field goal by Zimmerman in the fourth period failed to break the tie, and the game ended with Tulane ' s ball in Vandy territory and the Greenies trying vainly to score. PAGE 130 L Hitchcock of Au- burn displaying his famous elusireness. Tulane, 6; Auburn, 19 The Green Wave ' s four-year reign over the gridirons of the Southland was brought to a close in the fourth game of the season, when the Ail-Amer ican Jimmy Hitchcock led his Auburn Plainsmen to a 19-6 victory over the Greenies, climaxing Tulane ' s streak of 35 games without a defeat in Southern football. The Plainsmen played as brilliant football as has been seen at the Tulane stadium. Outgained by the Green Wave, which fought back, tooth and nail, even to the final whistle, they took advantage of every opportunity and even created a few opportunities them- selves to send the great Hitchcock on his way for gain after gain. " Little Preacher " Roberts was the star ground-gainer of the day, scoring Tulane ' s only touchdown on a 30-yard dash; Zimmerman was brilliant in his all-round play; the entire team played well after Hitchcock ' s two 65-yard runs and Auburn ' s sustained 71 -yard march had given the Plainsmen a commanding lead. Tulane held the Tigers to a lone first down in the last half; the Green Wave surged down the field on two long drives that stopped just short of the Auburn goal; then, a flurry of passes in the closing minutes proving futile, the final whistle sent to the Valhalla of records one of the most brilliant records in football. Richard E. Bankston Tackl,- Occiipyinj; a regular berth most of the season, Dick wound up a colorful football career. His bulk proved an obstacle dif- ficult for opponent backs to pass. Claude Simons. Jr. Ihilfhack When " Little Monk " got his hands on the ball he was hard to stop. His puntinj; ranked along with the best in the South. It looks as if " Big Monk ' s " dream will come true. George Westfeldt, Jr. End .- fter a year of obscurity among the scrubs " Sonny " came through to win a regular varsity position. His grid career thus far has been marked by steady improvement and another season should see him in top form — a real star. MiLTo B. Phillips EnJ Originally a back, Milto was converted into an end to fill the gap left by Jerry and Lefty. He performed creditably in that capacity. PAGE l3l Zimmerman finds two Gamecocks in his path. John J. Read Center Always backing up the line with plenty of fight, Johnny was a menace to all op- ponents. He ended his grid career with another season of reliable play. Thomas J. Cunningham, Jr. Tackle Ending his third year of varsity play this year, " Pete " showed his usual dependabil- ity. Though not a flashy performer he could always be counted on to bolster the line when the going got tough. Charles H. Calhoun Guard The heaviest man on the team, Charlie ' s speed and power made him a standout player. He fought his way to the first team in mid-season, and should be even better next year. John B. McDaniel, Jr. Back This rugged soph found a place in the Greenie backfield by virtue of his ter- rific blocking. Fine p ' unging also fea- tured his play as he alternated between quarter and full. Tulane 6; South Carolina A terrific let-down was in order for the Green Wave after the trying ordeals of the previous four Saturdays, and 14,000 Home- coming Day fans witnessed the Greenies play slipshod football in downing South Carolina, 6 to 0. Don Zimmerman scored Tulane ' s tally in the first two minutes of play, on a beautiful 34-yard run through the entire Gamecock eleven, but the ensuing 58 minutes presented a dreary exhibition of football, with the Greenies marching down to South Carolina ' s goal time and again, only to lose the ball on downs. On defense Tulane showed considerable improvement, holding the visitors to a net 25 yards in 40 plays. Even when Coach Cox started sending in substitutes, the Gamecocks were unable to gain. " Sonny " Westfeldt ' s fine play at end merited him the flank position for the remainder of the season, while the Tessiers and Charlie Cal- houn were towers of strength. The Green Wave at times assumed tidal proportions, but dimin- ished to a mere ripple when scoring opportunities presented them- selves. However, 370 yards from scrimmage and 21 first downs really indicated Tulane ' s strength. Zimmerman and Roberts were as usual the leading ground gainers of the day. PA E 132 " Little Monk " is held by the Yellow Jackets. Tulane, 20; Georgia Tech, 14 Tulane ' s annual march through Georgia became something of tradition with the Greenies ' 20-14 victory over Georgia Tech on the first road game of the 1932 season. This triumph gave the Green Wave a record of eight straight over Tech and Georgia during a period of four years. Resolving itself into a bitter duel between Don Zimmerman and Pat Barron, the scion of a truly great football family, the issue was ever in doubt. Don scored all of Tulane ' s points, while Pat made both touchdowns for the Technicians. The powerful Wave quartette of Zimmerman, Richardson, Rob- erts, and Loftin tore the Tech defense into shreds in the first quarter for two touchdowns on drives of 55 and 90 yards. Then Barron started his pyrotechnics with some brilliant ball-carrying and two extra points which gave the Georgians a 14-13 margin. Then Tulane, led bv the mighty Zimmerman, came out of their second- and third-quarter lethargy and four times battled to within Tech ' s 20-yard line. The fifth time the Greenies were not to be denied, and Zimmerman smashed through the center of the line for the final score of the game. Roberts added the extra point. Richard N. Hardy End With a year of varsity experience behind him, " Reii " should be an outstanding wingnian next fall. He is big and rangy, an excellent end type, and plays a splen- did defensive game. James H. Hodgins Halfback Jim is an elusive back who saw plenty of service on the pony backfield for two years, and this year he proved that he could be depended upon for considerable yard.ige in varsity play. Harold F. Lemmon Fulllnuk The powerful drive and the defensive ability of this big fullback made him one of the sparkp ' ugs of the team whenever he was in the game, and he was in there often. Farrel B. Thomas Halfback Sacrificing a year of play to fill in the riu- riddled team, Farrel emerged the big Greenie gainer of the day. He is also a tackier of no mean abilitv. PAGE 133 w The Greenie inter- ferers open a gap in the Wildcat litte for Don. Charles A. Kyle End Charley was thought to be too light for varsity play, hut, in the L. S. U. game he not only did most of the punting, but turned in a game at end that was reminis- cent of " Jerry. " Francis E. Menge Halfback " Pete " is another of the reserve backfield who burst through from the ranks of ob- scurity to gather laurels for Tulane and for himself in the L. S. U. game. He has two more years to p ' ay. Robert L. Simon End Although Bob is an end. he was switched over to play a tackle position in the L. S. U. game, and his filling of that position is still a cause of admiration and wonder. Homer R. Robinson Guard Though a sophomore guard, Homer played a veteran ' s game at center against L. S. U., when he pinch-hitted for the ill pivot- men. Light but fast, he has a brilliant gridiron future. Tulane, 6; Kentucky, 3 Frozen for 56 minutes by zero weather and an impregnable Wildcat defense, the Green Wave broke loose from its shackles and surged the entire length of the field in the closing minutes of play to down Kentucky, 6 to 3. The two teams had battled on even terms, without even a semblance of a scoring threat occurring be- fore the last quarter. The Greenies outplayed the Colonels throughout the game, gain- ing 235 yards to 106 for their adversaries, and chalking up 12 first downs to Kentucky ' s two. But the scoring was lacking until a Ken- tucky score awakened the dormant Wave and sent it 97 yards down the field to a brilliant victory. Ralph Kercheval had just kicked a field goal to give Kentucky a lead of three points. On the kick-off following the score, his accu- rate toe, which had kept the ball away from Zimmerman all after- noon, sent the oval straight into the arms of the Flying Dutchman, who drove and twisted down the field for 65 yards. The rest of the drive was a matter of form. Don, Roberts, and Harold Lemmon battered through the rest of the way, Zimmerman taking the ball over. Elson Delaune and " Sonny " Westfeldt were splendid at the flanks, while the rest of the line, particularly Charlie Calhoun and John Read, played equally well. PAGE 134 " Little Preacher " starts a long run through the Sewa- nee Tigers. Tulane, 26; Sewanee, The reserves vied with the regulars for glory in the final home game of the season, practically the entire squad figuring in the Wave ' s submersion of Sewanee ' s fighting Tiger eleven by the over- whelming score of 26 to 0, before 7500 spectators. While the score was in no way indicative of Tulane ' s superiority over the team from the University of the South, the Green Wave showed a world of power at all times. The first-stringers entered the game only in the third quarter, and were brilliant in their final bow before New Orleans fans. Tulane chalked up two touchdowns in the second quarter, on a 57-yard dash by Bill Schroeder, one of the fastest linemen in the South, after intercepting a Sewanee pass, and on a beautiful 68-vard sprint by " Little Monk " Simons, versatile sophomore halfback. Zimmerman and Loftin contributed the other two scores in the third quarter. Jim Hodgins, Pete Menge and John McDaniel also showed up well in the backfield, while regular and reserve linemen were equally proficient. John Scafidc, Don Zimmerman, Elson Delaunc, Pat Richardson. Winnie Lodrigues, Harold Lemmon, John Read, Pete Cunningham, Jimmy Hodgins, Doyless Hill, and Dick Bankston played their last game at the Tulane stadium. DovLEss L. Hill Cenlir Ddvless vas a valuab ' e reserve. Though primarily a boxer he frequently displayed real football ability. He will be among those graduates missed next vear. Eugene Simon Guard Ciene vas not a starting player, but the brand of footba I he showed when he did get in the game promise him a splendid future as a Wave gridder. Augustus H. Clark EtiA " Cuis " played in several games, and his defensive play and exceptional ability as a pass receiver mark him as a fine pros- pect for the Wave in the next two seasons. Louis M. Boasberg Tackle .Although Louis was crowded from the regular ranks by the newcomers, he playe l brilliantly when in the game. Next year should hold big things for him. PAGE 135 Tulane s valiant re- serves pile up the Tiger offense. Clave E. Gill Back Clave was a capable reserve back. Block- ing was a feature of his game and his stocky figure gave the regulars plenty of trouble in scrimmage. T. Cromwell Page Tackle A rugged reserve was ' ' Piney Page. " With experience he should prove a real bolster to the Greenie line in the next two years. John Bruno, Jr. Fullback This diminutive fullback showed a real fighting spirit and only his lack of bulk kept him off the regulars. He was prob- ably the most conscientious worker on the squad. George F. Macdiarmid Tackle To have a great team there must be faith- ful, hard-fighting reserves to scrimmage with the regulars. George was a member of this courageous band. Tulane, 0; L S. U., 14 Sheer guts was the dominating feature of the annual L. S. U. classic — unmitigated courage expressed in action by a handful of Greenie reserves who played the Tigers off their feet, upholding the Green Wave ' s reputation, if not its record, in a bitter battle at Baton Rouge. Pat Richardson, the Tessiers, and Bill Schroeder were the only experienced Greenies who were neither sick nor injured. They played splendidly. Francis Payne, whose shoulder had not healed; Dick Bankston, with a useless arm; and Joe Loftin, with a broken rib, fought nobly until they had to be removed. " Sonny " Westfeldt, Winnie Lodrigues, and Elson Delaune, sick with flu, played as long as they could. The subs stole the show. Charlie Kyle, third string end, did the punting and was the star of the game. Bob Simon, another sub end, played tackle and played it well. Homer Robinson, a reserve guard, held down the pivot post. Farrell Thomas, in his first varsity game, Pete Menge, and John McDaniel were splendid in the backfield. L. S. U. scored twice in the first half. Those inexperienced Greenies fought back fiercely, even forcing the battle in the last half. The Tigers won, 14 to 0, but if nerve and spirit were the measuring stick, the Olive and Blue carried the day. PAGE 135 n Prospectus Despite the loss of many stars of 1932, including Don Zim- merman, John Scafide, Winnie Lodrigues, and others who have achieved the heights of intercollegiate gridiron fame, prospects are excellent for another fine season at Tulane. Captain-elect " Preacher " Roberts, with Joe Loftin, " Monk " Simons, and John McDaniel, will form the nucleus for a splendid backfield, with Farrel Thomas, Pete Menge, Buck Bryan, and others ready to see service. " Wu " Poitevent, out because of injuries this season. Homer Robinson, and Gould, a freshman, seem to be the outstanding can- didates for center, while Alternate Captain-elect Bill Schroedcr and George Tessier look like probable starters at the guard positions. Charlie Calhoun and Bob Tessier, regular tackles of the past season, should retain their posts during the coming year, with Louis Boasberg, varsity man, and Joe Costanza, freshman, among the more promising competitors for tackle berths. " Sonny " Westfeldt, Charlie Kyle, Gus Clark, Dick Hardy, and Milto Phillips are several of the many end candidates returning, while Louis Thames and Frederick Preisser are two fine frosh as- pirants. Not a dancing les- son — but punting practice. Richard M. Page Ilaljhack " Dick ' s " speed and agility a a ball car- rier made the coaches save him for fu- ture seasons. He should be a flash in the years to come. Carl O. Hill Citiard .Arkansas sent another prodigal son to Tulane when Carl came down. .■VUvays ready to do his best, he kept up the spirit of his state. Rayford C. Mullins Emi ■Moon " came up from the freshman team this year with the same good spirit he showed on the Baby Billow. .An early injury is all that kept him off the first string. Thomas F. Hall End Another holdout for future play is " Whitey. " His pass snagging is reminis- cent of " Lefty " Haynes and will stand the ' 33 Wave in good stead. PAGE 137 Bill Schroeder on his memorable touchdown jaunt after intercepting a Sewanee pass. Greenies and Gamecocks stretch for a high lobbed pass. It was incomplete. PAGE 138 jemESHilSiu r . Pete Menge, midget halfback, rips off several yards against L. S. U. behind good interference. ms:iMim ifc— « ,% The Greenie backficld sweeps away all obstacles in the Flying Dutchman ' s path. PAGE 139 standing: Henderson, Smither, Costanza, Ary, MeXamara, Bechtel. Ver ' .ander, Pallet, Preisser, A ' ebb. Memtsas, Richarnie. Coach Bank. Sitting: Thames, Ran. Lodrigues, Burke. Hobbs. Nichols. Rose, Hartson, Gould, Linam. TULANE ' S YEARLING GRIDDERS Coach Ted Bank One of the most promising groups of freshman football players ever de- veloped at Tulane will be graduated to the varsity squad from this season ' s Baby Billow. Coach Ted Bank, in imcovering these potential greats, also accomplished the unusual feat of winning a game, the first time this has been done in several years. Injuries handicapped the freshmen through the sea- son, and in neither of the two games which were lost was Coach Ted Bank able to present his strongest line-up. The Green Ripple opened its season inauspiciously against a powerful Alabama team, losing by a 33-6 score. In the backfield, " Tex " Linam featured for the Fresh with a forty-yard run, after which " Buck " Bryan went over for the only score. Joe Costanza, giant tackle, turned in a fine defensive performance. The Wavelet found itself in the Auburn game, as " Buck " Bryan led the way to an 18-6 victory. Bryan developed as an outstanding triple-threat performer, and was ably assisted in the backfield by Lodrigues, Linam, and Rau. In the line, Thames, Preisser, Hobbs, and Ernie Gould were shining lights, along with Costanza, who played with an injured leg. On Thanksgiving Day the Baby Bengals of L. S. U. • • administered a 14-0 defeat to the injury-riddled Billow. It was the ninth straight victory for the Cadets over the Tulane freshmen. The game was played in a driving rain, and the revamped frosh line-up acquitted itself nobly. A blocked punt accounted for the first L. S. U. score, and the second came as the result of a fumble re- covered on the one-yard line. Lodrigues, Henderson and Burke were the backfield stars for the Billow, and Preisser, Ary, Thames, and Gould were the best of the linemen. The principal functions of the freshman team are the development of players and working with the varsity squad. The long scrimmages between freshmen and var- sity were invaluable in the conditioning of the Tulane regulars, and ofFered opportunities for ironing out the rough spots of both ofi-ensive and defensive play. Coaches Bank and " Red " McCormick developed a large number of players of ability, including Bryan, Linam, Rau, Nichols, Lodrigues, Lillich, Henderson, Runyan, Burke, Costanza, Thames, Ary, Hobbs, Gould, Nance, Preisser, Richarme, Smither, Verlander, Pallet, and Lawson. PAGE 140 ompleting a season which was rather unsuccessful from the record of games won and lost, Coach George Rody ' s Tulane cagers were entered in the Southeast- ern Conference basketball tournament when the Jam- BALAYA went to press, scheduled to meet Georgia, last year ' s Southern champion, in the first round, February 24th. Off to an auspicious start by virtue of a victory over the New Orleans Athletic Club, the Wave journeyed to Lexington to meet Kentucky ' s great team. The Colonels, in top form, swamped the Wave in both games. Georgia downed the Greenies, 28 to 20, in the first intercollegiate game in New Orleans, but Ernie Beck and Murray Cleveland led the way to a 41-39 triumph over the Bulldogs in the second contest. Tennessee conquered the Rodymen in two bitterly fought games, 31 to 23, and 34 to 33, and Alabama, second ranking team in the Conference, also defeated the Wave twice. The first engagement was close, 28 to 26, but Alabama romped in the second, 55 to 23. Vanderbilt next took the Greenies ' measure, 35 to 21 and 39 to 22, to increase the streak to six straight losses, but brilliant play eked out a victory VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD Slaittftnij: Vorhabkk, Mlu.i.in ' S, Clark, Davies, Maxacer Huntress. Kiicilinij: Clevhlani), Hai.i., LeHlanc, Simons, Sciineidau. Sillintj: Pace, Cram, Beck, Harvey, Roberts. over Mississippi State to break the chain. State won the second fray, 40 to 29. On the road again, Co-captains Beck and Cleve- land, aided materially by Joe Davies, " Slim " Tay- lor, and " Monk " Simons, led the Wave to split series with Auburn and Ole Miss, and Tulane returned for the annual L. S. U. series. The Greenies were in top form the first night, running rampant over the Tigers, 44 to 31, but slumped in the second game as " Sparky " Wade, high scorer in the Conference, figured in a 42-28 Tiger victory. With the series knotted, the scene shifted to the large L. S. U. court in Baton Rouge. " Slim " Tay- lor played the games of his life in Tigertown, but the Bengals swept both games, 50 to 38 and 51 to 37. Coach George Rody St? t 1 p T 1 PAGE 141 TMC Co-Captain Ernest Beck ForiL-ard Plaving his second season, " Junior " became one of the leading scorers of the Southeastern Conference. Though small, he possessed a world of speed and fight which contributed greatly to his all-around brilliance as an offensive and defensive performer. Co-Captain Murray Cleveland Guar.i Murray was the back-bone of the Wave defense. He displayed a finesse in floor play and in working the ball through the opposing defense, as well as accounting for a goodly portion of the Tulane scores. Murray has another season to play. Harry Vorhaben Forward and Center A rangy player with an accurate eye for the bas- ket, Harry was a valuable member of the Greenie quintet. His stellar performance of the past season bespeaks a colorful future as a eager. Claude Simons, Jr. Guard " Little Monk " was a strong and agile basketeer, a close guarder and exceedingly accurate on long shots. With two more years of varsity play, Monk should achieve the heights of basketball fame. Floyd Roberts Guard and Foreword Demonstrating just as much ability on the court as he did on the gridiron, " Little Preacher " was in- valuable to the Rodymen. A versatile man, plaj-- ing both guard and forward, he should be a star in his final vear at Tulane. Thomas Hall Forward Big and fast, " Whitey " was an important cog in the Wave off ense. Plenty of drive and accuracy were his principal attributes in his first season of college basketball, and his " follow up " shots counted for many a score. PAGE 142 II {I Arthur Taylor Cinlrr " Slim " was tin- inost improved man on the Tulane fivf (liiriiiK the past season. As a reciilar pivot man, lie showed plenty of class, and his great height and keen eye contributed many a basket to the Wave cause. Frank Huntress Maiiai ir AclinK in the capacity of manager of the CJrcenie cagers, Frank was invaluable as an aide to Coach Rody. His untiring industry throughout the season made him indispensable to the st|uad. James Harvey foricarj A remarkable eye for the basket made Jimmy a val- uable man to send in when the going got tough. With two years of college basketball ahead of him, this lad should be a prominent figure in Southeastern cage play. Joseph Davies Foriiard Eligible after mid-ter.-n, Joe ' s presence provided th spark hitherto lackijig in the Grecnie lineup. A great competitive player, Joe could be counted on to score repeatedl.N against even the best guards in the Conference. Kendall Cram l- ' orivarj The smallest man on the team, but the fastest as well, Ken was among the hardest to guard. He proved an accurate shot as well as an excellent floor man. His dribbling was a feature of the games. Cornelius Schneidau For vartl Playing his final season with the Greenies, Connie was a dependable and experienced performer. A fighter under the basket, he was a good man in getting the ball away from the opposition, and had an excellent eye for the hoop. Augustus Clark C,iil,r Though he played little this season, the future holds bright things for Cius. With a polish acquired by experience, he should develop into a real star. Rayford Mullins GiutrJ " NIoon " had to divide his time between basketball and boxing, and consequently did not see much service during the season. A great defensive player and a tine floor man, " .Moon " has a good future. PAGE 143 5 ar of that famous dead heat, L. S. U. meet. Left to right: de Coligny, Fisher, Carson, Mo- reau. Standing: Coach Oakes, Payne, Zimmerman, Capt. de Coligny, Haynes and Taylor. Kneeling: AssT. Mgr. Myers, Maught, Cleveland, Carson, Miller, and Mgr. Spicer. Sitting: Ke- HOE, BouzoN, Lea and Franzen. ' Flash " Miller steps away from L. S. U. in the quarter. Plschoff noses out Holderman, Tiger two-mile star. While Tulane ' s track and field representatives failed to defend successfully their 1931 title last year, the Greenies nevertheless had another good season on the cinders, which was fittingly climaxed by Don Zimmerman ' s fine showing in the national A. A. U. championships. The Green Wave made its first appearance at the Southern Conference indoor meet at Chapel Hill, March 12, capturing fourth place in the team scoring, although only four men represented Tulane. Zimmerman shattered his first record of the season by vaulting 1 3 feet 2 Vj inches, while Captain " Foots " de Coligny captured second place in the high hurdles and fourth place in the lows, and Nick Bouzon was fourth in the quarter mile. " Nebby " Miller, who had not rounded into his best form, failed to place. Alabama met the Greenies in the first dual meet at the Tulane oval, held in conjunction with the Tulane Interscholastic Relays, and performed splendidly before the large gathering which turned out to witness this double attraction. Zimmerman broad-jumped over 24 feet, besides winning the pole vault, and de Colignv and Dar- rell PischofT also won two events each. The final score was 60 to 52, with the Greenies on the long end. Auburn ' s fleet-footed Plainsmen gave Coach Oakes ' pro- teges their worst defeat of the season the following week, running away with the meet, 70 ' 2 to 41 ' 4- Captain de Co- ligny had the misfortune to trip over a high hurdle while leading in his special event, but the race had no particular bearing on the final outcome. Mississippi A. and M. next opposed the Greenies at Tu- lane ' s stadium, but Zimmerman, de Coligny, and Pischoff, each with a pair of victories, featured a 61-51 victorv over the Aggies. A meet between the varsity and the freshmen featured the preparations for the annual Tulane-L. S. U. track The " Flying Don ' soars high. f . Z.m7nerman flies again, sans pole. Taylor strains to clear a high one. DE COLIGXV Captain Bouzox Haynes Miller rivalry. Francis Payne was the big star of the afternoon, winning the shot put and the discus as the varsity swept al- most every event on the card. Adrien Maught, Nick Bouzon, and " Nebby " Miller showed their best form of the year, while Zimmerman turned into a dash man to win the hundred in fast time. The clash with the Tigers found the upstate team, with their strongest squad in years, set to avenge the Greenies ' vic- tory of last year. Sensational finishes were the order of the day, in the field events as well as on the cinders. 64 to 48 was the Tigers ' final margin of victory, but that is only half the story. Don Zimmerman was high point scorer of the afternoon, winning the pole vault and placing second in the javelin and the broad jump. Don surpassed the Con- ference vault record by three inches. " Foots " de Coligny ran superbly against the Conference hurdle champion, Al Moreau, finishing in a dead heat in the high sticks, and defeating his rival in the lows. Darrell Pis- choff ran beautifully to nose out L. S. U. ' s Holderman in the two-mile race, but was himself nosed out in the one-mile. " Nebby " Miller ran around the field to win the 440 in splendid time; " Lefty " Haynes triumphed in the javelin, and Garland Taylor tied for first in the high jump. Francis Payne broke the Conference discus record, but Jack Torrance, L. S. U. man-mountain, heaved the platter even further to win. Sixth place was the best the Greenies could garner in defense of their Confer- ence title. L. S. U., with 38 points, led the field, while Tulane scored 16 points. Zimmerman won the pole vault, as ex- pected, and came fifth in the broad jump, but the rest of the team fared much worse. PAGE 146 PAvN-n, Tavlor, Cleveland, PiSCHOFF, MAUCHT. ■■ . - »»i; a. ' ?«sor- Miller and Haynes were fourth in the 440 and javeHn, respectively; de Coligny fourth in both hurdle races; Taylor tied for fourth in the high jump; and Payne was fifth in the discus. The freshman meet with the Tigers turned- out to be a landslide for L. S. U., although Tu- lane eked out one lone first place in the day ' s activities. The Interscholastic Relays, an annual event staged each year by Tulane, assembled a record gathering of the South ' s outstanding high school athletes. Seven records were broken in 1931, the third time the meet has been staged. Beta Theta Pi was again winner of the Pan-Hellenic trophy in the interfraternity track and field championships. Charlie Thorne, Delta Tau Delta, was high point scorer of the meet. Participating in the Olympic try-outs against the greatest field of pole vaulters ever assembled, Zimmerman soared over the bar at 13 feet 10 2 inches to tie for third place. In the jump-off, Don failed to make the Olympic team. Freshman Squad: Slaiiilini : Coach Oakes. Nevcass, Billet, MiNTZ, MuLLixs. Harvey, Mcr. Spicer. Knefling: Simons, Boyd, Edcertox. Kees, Lim.E, .AssT. Mgr. Gay. PAGE 147 Abonie: Tenxis Squad: Standing: Mgr. Cohn " , E. Sutter, Doyle, C. Suiter, Hume, Eastman, Coach Beasley. Kneeling: Shushax, Hyde, de Buy " S. Right: Sutter a d Burwell, Conference Finalists. A brilliant team, a marvelous coach, and a splen- did new stadium conspired in 1931 to definitely establish Tulane, and New Orleans, as one of the tennis centers of the world. Cliff Sutter, better than ever in his final season of intercollegiate play, returned to Coach Mercer Beasley ' s fold to lead the Greenies to their most successful season, and climaxed his career as Tu- lane ' s premier net ace with victories in the South- ern and national intercollegiate championships. While not on a par with its spectacular captain and ranking star, the remainder of the Wave net squad comprised as formidable a team as the coun- try has ever seen, with Charlie Hume, Ed Sutter, Perry Eastman, Warren Doyle, and Harry de Buys exacting heavy toll in the eight matches played. The frowns of Jupiter Pluvius cast something of a gloom on the scheduled dedication of the new net stadium — a gloom summarily obliterated by the brilliant play of Captain Cliff Sutter in his de- feat of Karl Kamrath, Texas star, and of Ed Sut- ter, Hume, and Eastman, who swept their matches with a team from City Park. As a result of the inclement weather, the sta- dium was formally opened the following week with the final match of a " Round Robin " tournament, THE TEN N in which some of the country ' s leading players par- ticipated, and a series of matches with L. S. U. featuring the day ' s play. Wilmer Allison defeated Cliff Sutter for the " Round Robin " championship, after weathering a hard-fought match with Charlie Hume in the pre- liminary round. Sutter had defeated Frankie Par- ker and J. Gilbert Hall to reach the finals. The re- mainder of the Greenie squad succeeded in de- feating the Tigers, 6 to 3. A strong team from the University of Illinois met the Tulane stars in their next intercollegiate event, but proved an easy victim for Coach Beas- ley ' s aces, who swept all six matches. Cliff Sutter trailed Ed Lejeck, ranking Western player, at 5-6 in the first set, but took the next nine games to win. The following week the Greenies dropped one match of six to the Piedmont Driving Club of At- lanta, an unbeaten aggregation of Southern stars. An assembly of nationally ranking players fea- tured the invitational tournament staged by the newly organized Tulane Tennis Club, when the PAGE 148 Above: Cliff Sutter Skrving in the Finals of the Coxferexce Championships. Lcfl: Coach Mercer Beasley. S RACKET varsity was engaging the University of Texas and Rice Institute on a Southwestern tour. Wihner Alhson upset the national champion, Ellsworth Vines, in the finals of the tourney, while the two paired to capture the doubles title. Ken Cram, frosh captain, Harry de Buys, Winnie Lod- rigues, and Ashton Phelps were Tulanians who participated. The varsity, with Cliff Sutter and Charlie Hume particularly brilliant, met and conquered their toughest opposition of the season in the Texas and Rice matches, winning four out of six from each team. Cliff won from two of the finest intercollegiate players, Karl Kamrath and Jake Hess, while Charlie won both of his matches. Journeying to Baton Rouge the following week, the Greenies trounced L. S. U., six matches to none, and then repeated their performance by whitewashing Alabama at Tuscaloosa with similar ease. The Southern Conference championships were contested at Tulane ' s tennis stadium May 11, 12, 13, and 14, with the singles finals at the New Or- leans Country Club courts. Cliff Sutter swept through a fine field to win the singles and paired with his brother, Ed, to capture the doubles title. Cliff defeated Teddy Burwell, defending cham- pion, 6-4, 7-5, 6-3 in the final round. Burwell had previously defeated Ed in five hard sets in the semi- finals. Charlie Hume was the victim of an upset, while Perry Eastman played brilliantK- before los- ing to Burwell in an early round. The doubles final was all Tulane. the Sutter brothers winning in straight sets from Hume and Eastman. And Tulane ' s most successful season closed with the Greenies Southern Conference champions for the sixth time in ten years. The frosh netmen, who practiced with the var- sity at the new stadium, gave considerable promise of upholding Tulane tennis tradition, if their play last season can be considered an accurate criterion. Led by Ken Cram, Nashville star and brother of a former Conference titleholder, the Wavelets won all three matches scheduled, defeating L. S. U. twice and the Gulfport Tennis Club. The freshmen won three out of four matches from the Tigers at Baton Rouge, and five out of seven matches on the Tulane courts. The Gulf- PAGE 149 fit Above: Freshman Squad; Standing: Haspel, Phelps Hardesty Hoge. Sitting: Cohen, Cram, Peterson. port team met with even worse luck, losing seven out of nine matches to the Greenies. Captain Ken Cram, Dick Haspel, Ashton Phelps, Louis Cohen, and " Pete " Peterson were the foremost freshman stars, with Cram standing out as a probable Conference champion before he leaves Tulane. The season was not completed for many of the varsity and freshman players at the close of the school year. Southern tournaments saw quite a few of Coach Beasley ' s proteges as formidable contenders, while Cliff and Ed Sutter went on to gather national honors. Cliff, especially, leaving a brilliant series of tri- umphs in his wake, merited a ranking as the fifth greatest player in the world at the close of the country ' s tennis wars, and his splendid play in the National Lawn Tennis Championships won him a rating as number three among the United States ' net aces. Losing to his great little Southern rival, Bryan Grant, in the national Clay Court Championships, Cliff went on to win the national intercollegiate and Southern titles, defeating Grant both times. Ed paired with Cliff to win the Southern dou- bles title, and the two went far in the national Clay Captain Clifford Sutter Southern Conference Champion Court and intercollegiate championships. The pair won the Delaware State doubles, with Cliff win- ning the singles. Cliff went on without Ed to the more important net events. Battling the cream of the country in these major events, the Tulane star won the At- lantic City Invitation, the Huntington Invitation, and the Eastern Grass Court Championships, los- ing close matches at Southampton and Newport. Sutter played the best tennis of his career in the National Lawn Tennis Tournament, upon which the national rankings are principally based. Reach- ing the semi-finals without the loss of a set, and after defeating George Lott and Bunny Austin, among other international stars. Cliff met Ells- worth Vines, now champion of the world. Cliff was within two points of victory, but Vines rallied to win in one of the longest and hardest matches ever played in this country ' s champion- ships, 4-6, 8- lb, 12-10, 10-8, 6-1. Sutter ' s mag- nificent play stamps him as one of Uncle Sam ' s best bets to bring the Davis Cup back across the ocean. PAGE 150 AT The return of baseball into Tulane ' s athletic repertoire was celebrated last spring, and met with great success despite the fact that the Greenies lost the three scheduled intercollegiate games. Baseball was abandoned in 1930, after a poor season, because of lack of student interest, and was reinstated last year in the guise of an intra- mural league, from which fifteen players were chosen to meet L. S. U. in a three-game series at Baton Rouge. The league, which was more successful, as far as interest is concerned, than varsity baseball had been in several years, was comprised of six teams, each representing a school in the University. The Physical Education School was the winner, dropping one game out of five played. Medicine, Arts and Sciences, and Engineering finished in a deadlock for the runner-up position, with Law and Commerce trailing. The all-stars, chosen from the entire league, but selected with regard to intercollegiate regulations, had but two weeks of practice together when they met L. S. U., one of the strongest teams in the Southern Conference. Defeated, 6 to 2, 5 to 2, and II to 10. Coach Ted Bank ' s boys performed splendidly. Charlie Kyle and Jimmy Hodgins outpitched the Tiger twirlers, suffering heart-breaking losses which would never have occurred had the Greenies been afforded adequate opportunity to practice as a team. Other members of the team were Captain " Pinkey " Burvant, Gus Flach, Harold Lemmon, " Peggy " O ' Neill, Larry Parker, Winnie Lodri- gues, Jose Rodrigues, " Babe " Baker, Dean Allen. Charlie Simon, " Dynamite " Dunn, Louis Boas- berg, Leo Ferber, and Charlie Grey. Allain Andry and Joe McCloskey managed the intramural league and the all-star team in fine fashion. Baseball Squad: Top Row: Coach Bank, Mcr. Andrv, Lodricues, O ' Neill, Kyle, Lemmox, Mgr. McCloskey. Middle Row: Baker, Dunn, Flach, BoAsiiERc, Burvant, Grey. Bottom Row: Hodcin ' s, Parker, Rodrigues, Simon, Allen, Ferber. 1? ' , . ' t 9 ri.Srvr. ' Hi KVAN Captain . Ir PAGE 151 Capt. Jesse Rainwater Southern Conference Cliampion The 1932 Golf Team, captained for the second successive year by Jesse Rainwater, brought new honors to Tulane. The highUghts of the season were the defeat of L. S. U. by the most decisive margin in the history of the com- petition between the Wave and the Tiger, and Captain Rainwater ' s victory in the Southern Conference championship tournament. In March the Tulane golfing candidates com- peted in a 72-hole medal play tournament which was held for the purpose of measuring the ability of the various candidates for the team. The tournament was won by Jack Schwab. Captain Rainwater and Russell Welch did not finish the play in this tournament, while another veteran, Rudolph " Red " Schulze, was unable to participate because of an injured arm. In the first of the two dual matches on the schedule, Tulane ' s club-swingers defeated the L. S. U. team at the Hammond Country Club by the overwhelming score of 17 ,4 to Yi- In this match the cards of the four Tulane contestants, Rain- Dr. Frederick Hard Faculty Manager of Golf water, Welch, Schulze and Schwab, were each better than the best score turned in by the L. S. U. team. Two weeks later the team journeyed to Atlanta to meet Georgia Tech, and was defeated by a score of 1 2 t to 5 V2 • Captain Rain- water continued his fine golf in this match, defeat- ing Frank Ridley of Tech to remain unbeaten in com- petition. The Tulane team for this match was composed of Captain Rain- water, Jack Schwab, S. C. Collins, Russell Welch, and " Red " Schulze. In the Southern Conference championships held at Atlanta, Tulane ' s defending champions were nosed out by North Carolina and Duke in the team play to finish in third place. Captain Rainwater won the individual title. Rainwater was runner-up for medalist honors in the tournament. He was forced to display won- derful golf and fine perseverance to overcome the extremely stiff competition which he met in the course of his championship march. Two of his S , ==»5i|?;, ' Rudolph Schulze Russell Welch Jack Schwab PAGE 152 ' ARsnv Golf Sqlad — Lifl: ScHui.zE, Schwab, Rainwater, and O ' CoxKOR. .-Ihovr: Fried- rich. Missing from pictures: S. C. Collins. matches went to twenty holes, and he staged a magnificent come-back to defeat McWilHams of Georgia in the finals, one up. In capturing the championship, Rainwater dis- posed of, in the order named, Ridley of Georgia Tech, Allen Smith of North Carolina, Merrill of Florida, and Ripley McWilliams of Georgia. The other Tulanians who played in the tourna- ment were Russell Welch, Rudy Schulze, Jack Schwab, Shelby Friedrichs, and S. C. Collins. Dr. Frederick Hard, faculty director of golf. was in charge of the team throughout the year, and the success of the season was largely due to his ef- forts. He afforded the team excellent and efficient management, and his assistance was of material value to the players. Although several members of the team were scheduled to participate in the national intercol- legiate championships at Hot Springs, Virginia, early in the summer, they did not make the trip. Letters were awarded to Captain Rainwater, Schulze, and Welch. „H„ THIS AND THAT Intramural Athletics met with great suc- cess during the past year. Silver basketballs were awarded, as well as cross-country medals, on a competitive basis. Interclass Competition for the D. H. Holmes trophy was won by the freshmen in 1932, who downed their sophomore rivals in the first five of the nine events carded. Interscholastic Relays, held annually at the Tulane track, brought together high school ath- letes from all o -er the South in one of the finest Southern prep school exhibitions. Interfraternitv .Activities were more popu- lar than ever. Beta Thcta Pi took top honors in track, tennis and basketball. PAGE 153 Tulane vs. Florida — Large crowd sees Captain Hill in action THROUGH VARSITY BOXING SQUAD Stattding: Coach Bank, Kerr, Romeo, Tharp, Weed, Miller, Justrabo, Assistant Coach De- Buys. Kneeling: Manager Duke, McNeill, Jacobs, Stancliff, McCloskey, Kissgen, Houl- grave. Assistant Manager Jaubert. CAPTAIN DOYLESS HILL National Collegiate Heavyweight Champion and Member U. S. Olympic Boxing Team. COACH TED BANK The success of this great team was largely the result of his energy and efforts. PAGE 154 ESM 4J 1 JB 1 ' P i l H H Hl ? - mi Three veterans: Page Tliarp, Middleweight; S. G. Jacobs, Welterweight; and John Weed, Junior Middleweight. T H E R PCS The best-balanced squad of boxers that ever repre- sented Tulane in the ring loomed as strong contenders for the Southeastern Conference championships, after slashing victories in the first four bouts of the season. The Greenie mittmen had defeated Florida, Missis- sippi State, the New Orleans Athletic Club, and Ala- bama when the Jambalaya went to press, and, with two matches remaining before the Southeastern champion- ships held at the Auditorium March 11 and 12, seemed potential favorites to capture the first Southeastern box- ing title. Captain Doyless Hill, national intercollegiate champ- ion and member of the United States Olympic team, clinched the Florida bouts with a slashing knockout vic- tory over Leo Balinski, ' Gator heavyweight. " Ding-Dong " Jacobs and Page Tharp, both South- eastern title aspirants, scored easy victories over tough opponents, while Calvin Kissgcn, bantamweight, and Gilbert Stancliffe, lightweight, newcomers to the squad, also chalked up victories for the Wave. Stan PcLkluun of Florida out-pointed Joe McClos- key in a tine light, Don Williams defeated John Weed, and " Flash " Miller was kayoed by " Red " Cobbc for the three Florida victories. The Mississippi State bouts were the closest of the season, Tulane eking out a four-three triumph at Stark- ville. Joe McCloskey drew with his opponent to reduce the scoring to seven bouts. Kissgen and Weed won for the Wave, while Hill won by forfeit in the heavyweight class. George Tes- sier clinched the match for Tulane by out-punching " K. O. " Bullard, light-heavy slugging ace of the Aggies. Charlie Houlgrave lost a close decision in his initial start of the season in the lightweight di ' ision, while Chandler Page, Southern middleweight champ, and " Battling " Jones were gi en referee ' s decisions over Tharp and Jacobs, respectivelv. Kissgen and Tharp were the only Greenie losers in the N. O. A. C. bouts, Houlgrave, Jacobs, Weed, and Hill coming through in fine style, as well as Alwyn Jus- trabo, fighting his first bout in the featherweight class. The Greenies, fighting three more new men, were in top form for the Alabama bouts, swamping the boys from the Capstone sc cn to one. The lone Tulane loser was McCloskey. who dropped a close decision to ' Bama ' s Stricklcn. Doyless Hill again won by default, while Tharp and Jacobs scored knockouts to establish strong claims PAGE 155 Top row: Cal Kissgen, Bantamweight; George Tessier, Light-heavyweight; Nebby Miller, Light- heavyweight. Buttuni Kuw: Al Justrabo, Fsatherweight ; Gilbert Stancliff, Lightweight; Joe McCloskey, Feather- weight; Charles Houlgrave, Lightw-eight. to Southeastern titles. Kissgen was the other veteran to win, easily out-pointing his opponent in the first bout of the evening. " Putt " Porter, lightweight, Adrien Maught, Junior middleweight, and " Moon " Mullins, light-heavy, were the three newcomers who won. Coach Ted Bank and his able red-headed assistants, John DeBuys and Henry Menge, each a former Tulane captain, deserve a world of credit for producing such an excellent team as that which represented Tulane in 1933. With bouts against Ole Miss and L. S. U. remaining on the schedule, the Wave seemed, when the Jambalaya went to press, to be the team to beat for the South- eastern championship. PAGE 156 1 hr .Vtlik ' tic Dcpartmi-nt ot Xi ' wcnmh iiicluilc ' S in its (■iiidlliiK ' nr till ' (. ' iitiic stLiilfiit boilv of tin ' college, six liun- ilred ;iiul forty-two girls. Its aim is to interest every girl ill some form of athletics, and to further this end it pre- sents a wide variety of sports ranging from very strenuous games to the newly installed " rest gymnasium " and sun baths. This year the department has also added two new sports which have caused considerable interest, badminton and deck tennis. They are both variations of the old game of tennis, and have proved very successful. The official schedule of the Athletic Department opens in the fall with Newcomb basketball, which occupies the attention of the girls all the first term. This game holds special interest for Newcomb because it has won interest not only for the college but also for I Iiss Baer, who in- ented it, among other colleges over the country. At the beginning of the second semester, the hockey season com- Dr. Picric Duller decorating Cerda Domnan, Iti h point scorer of the track meet. nKiices, affording |denty of excitement for girls who enjoy swift movement and real exercise. Hockey is followed by the equally zcstful Spalding basketball, in which Newconib ' s aspiring young Amazor.s participate until March, when the champions are re- warded with the coveted banner. For the Newcombite who can resist the lure of the field, the Athletic Department offers dancing classes in which she may appear either in delightfully colored and abbreviated costumes for training and practice in aesthetic dancing, or in the more plebean regulation shirt and bloom- ers to clog and tap, as the spirit moves. In the Junior dancing class the Juniors are trained for the most color- ful event in their year, the May Day pageant they pre- sent annually to the Seniors. Swimming and diving classes are a regular event in the Newcomb Pool, and their final event, the swimming meet in May, with its characteristic grace and skill, is one of the highlights of the athletic year. March ends on a triumphant note with the well- known Gym Night, wherein the stars and champions of every phase of gymnastics, fencing, dancing, and apparatus work perform for the combined entertainment and amaze- ment of the New Orleans public. A unique feature of the evening is found in the antics of the clowns chosen from each class who, spurred on by the amusement and appreciation of their audience, add much to the evening. There is a further reason for the personal interest New- comb feels in G m Night: each class presents a stunt in competition for a prize, which is awarded at the end of the evening, and the competitive spirit is felt keenly both by the participants and by the audience. The Varsity-Alumna? tennis match is always of in- terest to the whole school, and is followed by the famous 1 eiuus Tea, as a social climax. After the excitement of the Varsity-Alumn;! tennis games, the Varsity baseball team challenges the Faculty nine to one of the season ' s most stirring games. This event presents a really remarkable opportunity of seeing re|iresentati es of our estimable anil usually dignified fac- ult hitting on all eight. The track meet is the last event on the athletic sched- ule. It is the culmination of every athletic event, and pro- claims the championship in jumping, shotput, the dash, discus-throwing, and the minor sports of bowling, of the now socially correct ping-pong, of horse.shoes, archery, and tennis. The track meet is held on Field Day, and marks the nd of the year ' s activities of the Athletic Department. I ' hc awards and prizes for the winners of the games and events are presented on Tulane Trophy Night in the lat- ter part of May, which marks the formal closing of the Department of Physical Education. PAGE 157 • Varsity Baseball team, 1932 ° Beverly Walton walks the balance beam • Metha Westfeldt, a star of the track meet • Cerda Donovan clears a high one • Finish of the fifty-yard dash • The discus thrower — Phala Hale • The faculty baseball leant • Marjoric Mitchcncr and Kathcrinc Hoge, Badmin- ton players • Ida Rittcn- berg and Lynne Hccht on the tennis courts • Ethel Ketcham swings at a fac- ulty pitch • N en com b fencers in action Phala Hale and Mel Robertson draw the long-bow in Arch- ery practice ' ■ «IWWffiS! ' «.SWW ' «f|« ' w,? " ' mc: (r ra s ouLse K recjorij ynbs OjLLce uteoeri yniss Suzanne utirsck yniss Jjorotluj J uoen yniss J anel QulLuan yniss Cjwifnne Smim w Jiiss Jiil re OYoo mh. • Dignified law seniors hold " derby day " • The band parades • " Fanny " Payne, disabled gridder, poses • Pete Maihles, scrub football coach • De- butante sponsors smile for the cameraman • White Elephant initiates frolic ll l ' i» ' U n.t„mt. ,•- kt V L »: :iM«-f ZS..— i - • III i—i I MMJ : • ? focvy 0 cheerleaders — Tulane and Auburn • " Foots " de Coligny, Manager of Student Ac- tivities, handles the pigskin once more • Football fans atop a neighboring roof • Cross section of A ' cn- cotnb stands • Kermit Jou- berl, assistant cheerleader • Umbrellas protect Greenie followers • Home coming Day — maneuver of " T " men • All-Stars, who defeated Loyola ' s Grads in charity game » " Doc " Smith smiles • Doyless Hill and Olympic Boxing Tean • Don Z.immerman and Joe Loftin behind the scenes • " Papa " Felts in a pensive mood • The new gymnasium under con- struction • Freshman wrestling team • Major Burdcllc, fencing instructor • Summer Sur- vey Camp boys take a snim • Sophomore wrestling team • 7 jc Soph ' s win- ning tuggers • And Frosh who lost • Dick Whitten spouts so- cialism • " Nebby " Miller, " Red " Williamson and dogs (dogs are first and third) • Dormitory boys in Audubon Park • Rus- sell and Meyer, hard work- ing medics • The students hurry lunchward • De- signing fraternity men wait while rushees register • Vaccination line during registration • Mayati May Day — Ethel Kvlcliaiti, qm-iti, " " « Mel ha Wc lfilcll. kin}i The entire court • The " Lucky Freshman " and the coveted banner • The Newcowb class cheerlead- ers in action • Frcshtnan hockey team • The much publicized pipe smokers • National Student Fed- eration of America con- vention (December, 1932) • Delegates from ninety- odd colleges • Elizabeth Read of Vassar, new vice- president Official Tulane Delegates: Leonard hacks, Marjorie Wilson, Girard Davidson, and Euclid Is- bell (Davidson was chosen Nat ' l Secretary) • " Foots " de Coligny and all- Ameri- can delegates — Orville Moehler and Bill Corbus • Members of the program committee: Herbert Shil- stone; Charles Odom and Sally Reed, Convention Chairmen; and Francis Payne • The Aero Cluh • Wal- ter Grotefcnd, who de- livers newspapers in order to attend school • Ben Doty, famous forcif n le- gion deserter, and now law student Scene from " The Butter and Egg Man " • Interior, Middle Ameri- can Research Department Museum Another scene from Theta Alpha Phi ' s excellent production • Janet Quillian and Dot White among the New- comb palmettos • Skaters pause for the camera — Eleanor Shands, Sadie Davis, and Arabella Jester • Several pairs of J. L. roommates • Frances Koehler and Claudia Bar- ret at Katz ' s • " Odessa, " a motor vehicle, with " Pat " Springer at the wheel • Mollie Hays and Sue Price frolic in the South- ern sun • A typical campui " hull session " • The Math ' ts twins, Hett ' tc and Etta (left to right or vice versa) • Lounging on the middle steps of Gibson Hall steps of Gibson Hall • " P ' KSy " T ' iarp is laic for a class • Catching that be- tween-the-class coke out- side the Bookstore • .4 few medics stroll the cam- pus • Arlene, Dean, and Gene; secretaries par ex- cellence It ora I. First row: Boggs, Burke. Clavei ' ie. Cleveland, Cooper, Damonte. Dawson, de Buvg. Duke. Fisher. Second row: Haban. . Hardesty, Herald, Kehoe. Kuhner, Marchiz. McBrlde. McCloskey, Miazza, Mintz. Tliird row: Morrow. Neville, Payne, Phelps, Powell, Robert, Schulze, Schwab. Wilson. Tulane Pan-Hellenic Council F. Santr - Reed LiENH-ARD T. Kuhner . . Clarence J. Morrow Activity Committee C. J. Morrow, Chairman J. M. Robert, Jr. H. D. DE Buys M. F. Cleveland Grievance Committee K. K. Mi.-vzzA, Chairman SiMO.v IIerold L. B. Damonte . . . . Chainiinn ■ . . Secretary Treasurer I ' hi l tipf ii Sly ma Clarence J. Morrow- Albert P. Claverie ■ " Kal lui .-I Ilka James M. Robert, Jr. J. David McNeill l a pa .llpha Francis C. I ' wne Richard W. Kehoe Sii iiiii ( ' .III John W. Hurke nwii) W. Jacobus Alpha Tiiii Oiiici a Rudolph J. Schulze, Irving Hardesty, Jr. MliMlUTRS S ' ujiiiti Nil Kalford K. Miazza Jack F. Wilson klip pa Sit ma I.IENHARD r. Kl ' IINER Julian B. Mabans Delia Tan Delta 1 ' rwin S. Cooper AsHTON Phelps I ' hi Delta Tliela Jalk W. Schwab William Neville, Jr. Si ma Alpha Epsiloii 1 Lionel J. Goitschalk, Jr. MlLTO B. PlHLLH ' S Delta Kappa Epsiloii Joseph McCloskev, Jr. Murray F. Cleveland Rl LES AND ReGCL.ATIONS COMMITTEE J. W. ScHVVAC, Chairman R. J. Schulze, Jr. D. W. Jacobus Rushing Committee Leon Mintz, Chairman E. S. Cooper R. ' . Kehoe Beta Tint, I Pi Harry D. de Buys 1 " . Hale Boggs Zetn Beta Tan Members Pi Kappa Phi L. Mercer Dawson Crawford J. Powell Simon Herold HippoLVTE P. Marks, Jr. Delta Si ma Phi Edwin J. Putzell Ravford C. Mullins Siyma Pi John S. Herring niDi.EY C. Foley, Jr. Siynia Alpha Mil Leon Mintz Raymond Kierr Kappa Nil IsAnoRE A. Marchiz Mamel I. Fisher ' ; luta Alpha Alejandro Perez Sif fiia Phi Kpsiloii Merle B. Goldmanx J. Arthur Sprole.s, Jr. Lambda Phi Rudolph M. McBride Lowell B. Damonte Siyma Phi Delta Claramon B. McEachern Jefferson L. Smith PHI KAPPA SIGMA: Founded at University of Pennsylvania in 1850. Thirty-eight active chapters. Colors: Gold and Black. Flower: Chrysanthemum. Mu Chapter established at Tulane in 1858. First row: Ahsens. AUred. Barnes, Bechtel, Bonds. Second row: Bourgeois, Claverie, Del Corral, Edwards, Fisli. Third row: Fitzgerald, Frymire, Giftord, Haller. Holzer. Fourth row: Jung, Keith, Kopfler, Lodrigues. Fifth row: Mallory, Montagnet, Morrow. Mullen, Newlin. Sixth row: Osden, Powell, Riess, Savoie, Simon. E. Seventh row: Simon, R., Simons, Strange, Waechter, Williams. PHI • KAPPA • SIGMA PAGE 186 Fratres in Facultate Dr. Charles L. Brown Dr. Arthur Caire, Jr. William E. Cox, Jr. Dr. Andrew Friedrichs Dr. S.AM HOBSON Richard R. Kirk Dr. Willard R. Wirth Fratres in Universitate Robert J. Ahsens, Jr ' 36 Cecil L. Allred ' 36 Malcolm H. Barnes ' 33 Thompson Bechtel ' 36 Hobart W. Blakeslee ' 36 John C. Bonds, Jr ' 35 Warren H. Bourgeois ' 35 Woodson A. Caine ' 33 Albert P. Claverie ' 34 Philip del Corral ' 35 Alton B. Edwards ' 36 Harold F. Favret ' 36 John W. Fisk ' 33 Jack Fitzgerald ' 36 A. P. Frymire ' 36 Paul E. Gifford ' 35 Jack B. Griffin ' 35 Henry Haller ' 34 Elliot B. Hay ' 35 Rudolph J. Holzer ' 34 M. J. Hulsey Law, ' 33 John M. Johnson, Jr ' 34 Warren B. Jung ' 33 Henry ' C. Keith, Jr. . . . Law, ' 34 Joseph S. Kopfler, Jr ' 34 Stanley D. Lodrigues ' 36 WiN ' NiE P. Lodrigues ' 33 James G. Mallory, Jr ' 36 Joseph Montagnet, Jr ' 36 Clarence J. Morrow . . . Law, ' 34 John W. Mullen ' 35 Clifton Newlin ' 36 Horatio N. Ocden ' 33 M. E. Powell ' 36 J. Karlem Riess ' 33 Charles C. Savoie ' 35 Fred Siebellitz ' 36 Eugene Simon ' 33 Robert L. Simon ' 34 Claude Simons, Jr ' 35 Vance M. Strange .... Med., ' 34 W. Fisk Thompson ' 35 W. Atkivs Williams, Jr ' 36 U U U W y u w yy Fratres in Facultate Ok. Octavi; C. C ' asskckain Dr. JOHN ' A. I.ANIORI) Pr, Sti ' ART (;. Noiii.i- JAMKS M. RnnKR]- Dr. Robkrt a. Sikon(7 C. S. Williamson, Jr. Fratres in Universitate VlLLL . l H. HRIUCtS . . • Mlii., J. R. Hrown ' , Jr. John; Y. Hurkks, Jr Jack Carter . Samuel C. Collins .... Med., Samuel H. Colvin, Jr. . . Med., Ei.soN M. Delaunu IlARRV G. Duke Claude B. Duval Stanwoou R. Duval Elmo J. Edwards Ralph Elizardi Charles J. Fisher .... MrJ., Ross E. Fowler Mrd., Joe p. Frenz Luther L. Greer Irvin H. Griffin .... Mrd., Augustine L. Hooan, Jr John A. Holmes Lawrence J. Jaubert Kermit S. Joubert Douglas Kellv, Jr SiANiioPK IL King, Jr. . . . Laiu, Joseph D. Landry .... Mrd., Joseph D. Lea Robert L. Lobdell Louis Long Lee H. Lorenzen John F. McCormick . . . Lai :, J. David McNeill A. Brown Moore Law, J. I ' .l.I.ERV Murrhee IVKRSEN MVSING Lee ' V. Nesrut Mfd., J. Robert O ' Learv C. AvERiLi. Paine .... Mfd., David M. Pipes Mrd., J ' jiwARD B. Piri-s ..... A[rd., James M. Robert, ]k. . . . I.azi:, Dan B. Searcy ..... Mrd.. Julius J. Stagg, Jr. . . . Mrd., Fred O. Sundberv . ..... Luther L. Terry .... Mrd., Zeb Ward, Jr John . . Warner ....... jA. n;s W. Welch, Jr. . • ■ Mrd., Russell L. Welch .... Mrd., Ciiari.es S. Williamson, III, Laiv, PI KAPPA ALPHA: Founded iit University of Virginia in 1868. Eighty active chapters. Colon: Garnet and Gold. Flower: Lily of the Valley. Eta Chapter established at Tulanc in 1878. (I iOio ;■.,..; PI First row: Drklgis, Brown. Blirkosi. Carter. Collins. Sociiml row: Colvlii. Dukf. l uval. C. Duvnl, S. Tlilrcl row: Edwards. Ellznrill, Fowlor, Fronz. Fourth row: Grillln, Holmes. Jaubort. Joubert, Kin . Fifth row: McCormlck. McNeill. Moore. Nesbltt. Sixth row: Pitts. Robert, Sunrtbory, Welch, Williamson. KAPPA • ALPHA PAGE 187 KAPPA ALPHA: Founded at Washington and Lee University in 1865. Sixty-six active chapters. Colors: Crimson and Old Gold. Flowers: Magnolia and Red Rose. Psi Chapter established at Tulane in 1886. First row: Buchanan, Butler, Edgerton. Eustis. E., Eustis. L. Second row: Farnsworth, Gates, Gay, Haizlip, Harrison. Third row: Hendrick, Holcombe. Hclmes. Horton, Kahle. Fourtli row: Kehoe, Martin, Matthews, Mcllhenny, Miller. Fifth row: Odom, Parsons, Payne, Poitevant. Ryder. Sixth row: Sloo, Spicer, Stauss, Tipping. Tooke. Seventh row: Tschopik, Van Hook, Vaughan, Walls, Westteldt. KAPPA ALPHA Fratres In Facultate Dr. Herbert E. Buch.wan Dr. Henry L. uress Dr. M.ARTiy T. V.ax Studdiford Dr. James E. Winston Fratres in Univers ' ttate John A. Buchanan ' 34 P. Clifton Butler, Jr ' 34. Edward Eustis ' 3+ Laurance Eustis, Jr ' 35 Philip R. Farnsworth ' 36 Marion E. Fr. ter ' 36 C. Dale Gates ' 36 Charles F. Gay ' 35 Henry ' H. Haizlip, Jr ' 36 Hatley- N. Harrison, Jr ' 33 R. Gordon Holcombe ' 34 William Holmes ' 36 C. Manly- Horton, Jr ' 36 W. Grant Jahncke ' 36 Richard W. Kehoe ' 33 Paul W. McIlhenny ' 35 John S. Odom ' 35 Hugh E. Parsons Med., ' 36 Francis C. P.ay ' ne ' 33 Edward B. Poitevent ' 35 Thomas Sloo, Jr ' 36 Norwood Spicer ' 33 Edward F. Stauss, Jr ' 35 J. H. Dolan Tipping ' 36 Harry S. Tschopik, Jr ' 36 James A. Van Hook .... iaro, ' 35 John A. Walls ' 36 George Westfeldt, Jr ' 34 PAGE 188 w u , Fratres in Facultate S. Wnni) Hkovvn ' , Jr. Dr. Krasml ' s D. Fknner I)k. I ' .mi. a. MlIi.iiiaw Fratres hi Vmvcrs ' ttatc Ei.Mi-R E. Allen, Jr. Rav G. Banister . . John W. Burke . . Mac W. Burke . . David F. Crockett . J. Stanley Desporte NoLLiE C. Felts . . RoRKRr I.. Fraser . . Klkl W. Hardcastle, Carl A. Hartuxg . James M. Higcinbotha Daviu W. Jacobus . Hunter C. Leake, II Robert F. Liepsner . Joseph E. Lofitn . . Edward J. McNamara E. c;. Baker Marsh . James E. Moise . Jo T. Orendori ' . John Q, Poindexter . Donald R. Porter . Robert C. Ouixlan . Stephen M. Ross . . Harold P. Shallcross, Cecil M. Shilstone . Vn.LL M O. Snee . . ( ' . Rkiiard Waliers ' llll M I). W ' AIlllAl.l Danhl H. Warner . . . Med. . Med Med Med . Med. . Med Laii; Laiv Laiv Med. ' 35 ' 3 + ' 33 ' 36 ' 34 ' 35 ' 35 ' 36 •36 ' 33 ' 33 ' 3+ ' 33 ' 35 ' 35 ' 36 ' 35 ' 33 ' 34 ' 36 ' 34 ' 35 ' 34 ' 36 ' 35 ' 3fi ' 36 ' 35 ' 36 SIGMA CHI: Founded at Miami University in 1855. Ninety-two active chapters. Colon: Blue and Old Gold. I ' loncr: White Rose. Alpha Omicron Chapter established at Tulane in 1886. 0 06 €©€l First row: Banister. Bowmim. Burkr. Catllotoau. Socontl row: Croekell, Desporto. Frusor, Hnrtuni?. Third row: Htgt lnl othiim. Hcpsnor. Loftln. Mnrsh. Fourth row: McVoa, Moise. Poindexter. Porter. l lfth row: Shallcross. Shilstone, Walters. Warner. SIGMA C H I PAGE 189 ALPHA TAU OMEGA: Founded at Virginia Military Institute in 1865. Ninety-six active chapters. Colors: Old Gold and Sky Blue. Flower: White Tea Rose. Beta Epsilon Chapter established at Tulane in 1887. First row: Beasley, BIythe. Chalaron. Ellis. H. Second row: Ellis. T., Eustis. Giles. Hardesty, Janvier. Third row: Kammer, Lallande. LeBreton, Leverich, Many. Fourth row: Marshall. Martin, MoEIhiney, Miller, Myers. Fifth row; Ogden. Page, Penn. Popkins. Price. Sixth row : Pea. Riess, Poth, Salaun. Schulze, H. Seve ' nth row: Schulze, P., Smith, Stahler, Swanson, Tharp. Eighth row: Trepagnler. Verlander, Vinnedge, Weed, Woolfolk. ALPHA • TAU • OMECA PAGE 190 Fratres in Facilitate Nathaniel C. Curtis Dr. Charles L. Eshleman Dr. Allan C. Eustis Dr. Frederick Hard Dr. Randolph Lyons Fratres in Universttate Joseph A. Blythe, Jr ' 36 Frank J. ChalaroNj Jr ' 34 E. Hardin Ellis ' 33 J. Bres Eustis ' 34 Irving Hardestv, Jr ' 35 George Janvier, Jr ' 35 Nolan C. Kammer .... Law, ' 35 J. Gus Lallande . . . . . . . ' 36 Edmond J. Le Breton ' 33 W. Priestley Leverich . ... ' 34 William McElhiney- ' 36 John L. Many, III ' 36 Charles D. Marshall ' 35 Fontaine Martin, Jr ' 34 Paul H Miller ' 33 BuFORD M. Myers, Jr ' 33 Richard M. Pace ' 35 David B. Penn, Jr ' 36 Morris E. Popkins .... Law, ' 33 Richard F. Price ' 36 Edgar M. Rea, Jr ' 34 Frank Riess . ....... ' 36 Joseph F. Roth, Jr ' 35 Harold L. Salaun ' 35 Rudolph J. Schulze, Jr. . . Law, ' 35 Hermann J. Schulze . .... ' 36 Howard K. Smith, Jr ' 36 John W. Stahler ' 35 Joseph L. Swanson, Jr ' 34 Page H. Tharp ' 33 Hardoncourt J. Trepagnier . . . ' 35 Marion J. Verlander ' 36 George E. Vinnedge, Jr ' 36 John C. Weed Med., ' i6 John W. Woolfolk, Jr ' 36 w • Fratrcs in Facilitate Dr. Eknkst E. Ai.i.oKViiK Charles E. Duxbar, Jr. Dr. C5K0RGE L. Hardin Dr. John M. McBryde Fratres in Unlrerskate Harry F. Allen ' 33 John M. Blair ' 36 Robert M. Coulter, Jr ' 36 Robert C. Day ' 33 Gerald S. Doolix .... MeJ., ' 36 John P. Everkit Laiv Joseph J. Y. Fontenot . . . -niti, ' 33 Eric E. Guilbeau, Jr. . . . Med.. ' 36 John R. Jochems ' 33 Arthur F. Landry ' 35 William M. Long .... A ct ., ' 35 Fred A McKenzie ' 36 CJeorge Mathews ' 36 KXLFORD K. MlAZZA . . . . Z-rt C, ' 35 Garland D. Murphy ' 35 John T. Murphy ' 36 Edward J. Muih ' 35 Martin L. Nance, Jr ' 36 Edwin R. Nelson ' 3+ Ernest F. Pragst ' 36 Robert M. Simonton . . . il cJ., ' 35 Ca.vimie D. Smith ' 36 Charles B. Stroble ' 36 Jack F. Wilson ' 34 M ♦ u y I ji u i W i, w SIGMA NU: Founded at VirRinia Military Institute in 1869. Ninety- six active chapters. Colors: Old Gold, Black and White. Flower: White Rose. Beta Phi Chapter established at Tulanc in 1888. i i First row: Allen, Couscv, Collcy. Coulter. Second row: Dnvls. Everett. Fontenot. Gullbenu. Holmis. Third row: Hopkins. Joelienis. Kenilrlek. Lnndry. Fourth row: Lon;;. Mnlhows. MiCnll. McKeniie. Fifth row: Mliizitn. Murph.v, Mulh. Nelsson. Prngst. Sixth row: Simonton. Smith. Wilson. Wltcher. SIGMA N U PAGE 191 KAPPA SIGMA: Founded at University of Virginia in 1869. One hundred and eight active chapters. Colors: Scarlet, White and Green. Flower: Lily of the Valley. Sigma Chapter established at Tulane in 1889. w First row: Adams, Elossnian. Burdin, Casey, Doss. Second row: Ehlort, Ferguson, Fischer, Foster, Gillespy. Third row: Glass, Goslin. Gray, Habans, Hamlet. Fourth row: Hyde. Jordan, Jung. Kuhner, Lallande. Fifth row: Leonard. Lewis, C. E., Lewis, J. A.. Maltry. McCarthy. Sixth row: Repass, Salisbury, Sams, Sheen, Smith. Seventh row: Thigpen, Turpin. A., Turpin. C, Vincent, " Watson, " Williams. KAPPA SIGMA PAGE 192 Fratres in Facultate Theodore J. Cox Dr. Edmoxd L. Faust Dr. Frederick L. Fenno Frederick H. Fox Dr. Edward L. King Fratres in Universitaie Alfred G. Ball, Jr ' 36 Richard E. Bankstox ' 33 Edward W. Blossman ' 36 John J. Burdin, Jr Mcd. i Russell A. Casey ' 36 William E. Ehlert ' 34 Thomas D. Ferguson ' 36 Thomas C. Fischer ...... ' 35 Robert B. Foster, Jr ' 33 Thomas A. Glass, Jr ' 34 Benjamin J. Goslin ' 36 John R. Gr.ay ' 36 Julian B. Habans .... La ' uj $ Charles B. Hamlet, HI ... . ' 35 H. rry p. Jordan, Jr ' 35 Arthur L. Jung, Jr ' 36 Lienh. rd T. Kuhner ' 33 Spencer J. Lallande ' 35 Henry T. Lambert ' 35 Charles G. Lee Lai;:. 35 Ralph N. Leonard ' 35 Henry C. McCarthy . . . Laii, ' 35 Emile Maltry, Jr ' 35 Frank M. Repass, Jr ' 36 John W. Salisbury ' 34 James E. Sams ........ ' 35 Gilbert C. Sheen ' 36 Allen T. Turpin, Jr ' 36 CoRBiN J. Turpin . ..... ' 36 Richard W. Vincent, Jr. . Jl ci ., ' 36 Arthur C. W.atson ' 33 James L. White, Jr ' 36 Richard B. Williams ' 33 w y y y y y y y Fratres in Facultate Dr. Pihrce Buti.kk Dr. S. C. Jamison ' Dr. J. P. O ' Kellev Fratres in Universitate Carvhr V. Blaxchard Hugh H. Krister La w, Lawrence W. Burt . . . Med.. Philip Burwell Sherwood Collins Erwin S. Cooper BvARD Edwards Laiu, Brent Fox G. Shelby Friedrichs Howard W. Gleason Jack C. Harding B. Marvin Harvard WiLLOUGHBV E. KiTTREDCE . MeJ., G. Gordon McHardv . . . MeJ., Charles H. Moore James H. Morrison .... Law, John . ' . O ' Connor, Jr W. Ha.mer O ' Kellev . . . Laiv. George C. Perry AsHTON Phelps W. P. Richardson Thomas G. Sancton Charles B. Thorn, Jr Otis B. Trepagnier W. C. Watson Laiv, Richard C. Whitten Richard B. Wood, Jr J_ W 34 33 3fi 36 36 33 35 35 33 33 34 35 33 36 36 33 34 34 36 35 33 35 34 35 33 34 36 DELTA TAU DELTA: Founded at Bethany College in 1859. Seven- ty-si ' x active chapters. Colors: Purple, White, and Gold. Flower: Pansy. Beta Xi Chapter established at Tulane in 1889. 00©O First row: Btanchard, Brister. Burt. Burwell. Second row: Collins, Cooper. Edwards. Third row: Fox. FrUdrichs, Glejvson. Harding. Fourth row: Harvard, KittrodKo. Moore. Morrison. Fifth row: O ' Connor. Perry. Pholpss. Richardson. Thorn, Tropagnlcr. ' Wnlson. Wool. DELTA • TAU • DELTA PAGE 193 PHI DELTA THETA: Founded at Miami University in 1848. One hundred and three active chapters. Colors: Argent and Azure. F loner: White Carnation. Louisiana Alpha Chapter estabhshed at Tulane in 1889. First row: Burns, Butt, Crawford, Cunningham, Daray. Second row: Duval, Elilinger, Feltus, Fortier, Freeman. Tliird row; Gomila, Hogan, Howell. Inge. Fourth row: Ives, Jones, Kelleher, Kittrell, Little. Fifth row; Maught, McEachern, Moran, Neville. Sixth row: Nockton. O ' Connor, Russell, Schwab, Segura. Seventh row: Smith, Steen, Tessier, G,, Tessier, K., " VVeisenburgh. PHI- DELTA • TH ETA PAGE 194 Fratres in Facultate Dr. E. Z. Browne Dr. C. W. Duv.al Dr. H. B. Gessner Dr. R. C. Harris Dr, H, E. Miller Dr. M. W. Miller Dr. a. Ochsner Dr. a. H. Storck Fratres in Universitate Robert Aylin ' 35 Charles R. Burns ' 36 Arthur J. Butt ' 36 Walter J. Crawford ' 34 T. J. Cunningham, Jr ' 33 Robert W. Daray ' 35 William Douglas ' 35 Joseph H. Duval ' 34 Marquez p. Ehlinger ' 35 Hugh McC. Evans .... Law, ' 33 J. Randolph Feltus . . ■ Law, ' 34 Alcee J. Fortier ' 35 Richard W. Freeman ' 34 ToRREY Gomila . . . . . Law, ' 35 Perrin Harris ' 34 Buchanan Heiss ' 36 James H. Hodgins ' 33 Julian P. Howell .... Med., ' 35 F. James Inge ' 36 Charles M. Ives ' 35 W. Beauford Jones, Jr ' 35 Robert C. Kelleher ' 34 William H. Kittrell ' 34 Allan Little, Jr ' 35 Adrien a. Maught ' 33 Malcolm McEachern ..... ' 36 Alfred J. Moran, Jr ' 35 William Neville, Jr ' 34 Ransom A. Nockton ' 35 John O ' Connor Law, ' 34 Jack C. Russel, Jr. . . ■ Med., ' 36 Jack W. Schwab Law, ' 33 Weston H. Segura . . . . . . ' 34 James K, Smith ' 36 W. HiNTON Steen ' 35 George D. Tessier ' 35 Robert A, Tessier ' 35 Farrel B, Thomas ' 35 Louis R. Weisenburgh ' 36 Fratres in Facilitate DoN ' ALn Derickson; C. B. Dicks, Jr. Dr. J. Adair Lvon Dr. John G. Prait Dk. J. Ci.AY ' ai.ki:r Dk. D. O. Wright Fratres in Universitate RoiiF.Rr M. Adams ' 35 I.ixDi-N B. Arthur ' 34 T. Orville Asbury ' 36 J. Dudley Atkinson, Jr ' 33 Alnev W. Austin ' 36 William K. Becnel ' 34 Thomas R. Brown ' 33 Howard L. Bryan ' 36 James W. Burneit .... Mcii., ' 35 Charles A. Burton ' 36 Alston Callahan .... Med., ' 33 F. Beale Chambers ' 34 Edward A. Cleve .... Mi ' J., ' ., ' ., ' C. Brigman Craft .... Mi i., ' 35 Albert L. Dart ' 34 J. V. Ferguson Laic, ' 34 John D. Gordinier .... Ah-d., ' 35 Lionel J. Goitschalk, Jr. . . . ' 32 Jack F. Govan ' 36 Richard N. Hardy ' 35 ' ILI.IAM J. HaRTSON ' 36 Lang F. Holland .... Mi l., ' 34 S. Price Holland .... MrJ., ' 34 R. LoREN Hubbard ' 36 John D. Jerabeck ' 35 Duncan S. Kemp .... Laiv, ' 34 HayDEN KlRKPATRICK ' 36 J. D. Martin, Jr ' 36 Wade IL Morgan, Jr ' 33 MiLTo B. Phillips ' 35 F. Jacquet Preis ' 36 R. C. P. Schoenberger ' 34 Drew L. Smith I.ii-v:, ' 34 William N. Tuller ' 34 Carl N. Wahl M.J., ' 33 SIGMA ALPH. EPSILON: Founded at University of Alab.ima in 1856. One hundred and six active chapters. Colors: Old Gold and Royal Purple. Floncr: Violet. Louisiana Tau Upsilon Chapter estab- lished at Tulanc in 1897. m I: Flrat row: Adams, Arthur, Asbury. Atkinson, Austin. Second row: Baor, Bocncl. Brown. Burton. Third row: Ciillalinn. Cllllml)cr.s, Clevi-, Dart. Fourth row: Govnii. Unrily, llnrlson. Huhbard. Kemp. Fifth row: Jcrnbock, LIttell, Miu-tln. Prels. Sixth row: Rllcy, Sample, St. Martin. Thomas, Wolil. w SIGMA • ALPHA • EPSILON PAGE 195 ill f DELTA KAPPA EPSILON: Founded at Yale College in 1844. Forty- six active chapters. Colors: Crimson, Azure and Old Gold. Flower: Pansy. Tau Lambda Chapter established at Tulane in 1899. First row: Bartlett. Bethea, Billet, Born. Caffery. Chavigny. Second row: Cleveland, Devlin, D., Devlin, J., Frierson, Gautreau. Third row: Harris. Henriques, Hilly er, Isacks, Jahncke. Fourth row: Jordan. King , Kyle. Labouisse, Lazaro. Fifth row: Livaudais. Marchal. McCloskey. E.. McCloskey, H.. McCloskey. J. Sixth row: Nichols, Norris, Norwood, Parker, Schroeder. Seventh row: Steiner, St. Martin. Thames. D., Thames, L., Thibaut, Upton. DELTA • KAPPA • EPSILON PAGE 196 Fratres in Universttate C. Julian Bartlett ' 35 J. Hardee Bethea ' 35 Adolphe C. Billet, Jr. . . . . ' 35 John S. Boatner ' 34 Thomas W. Born ' 36 J. Taylor Caffery ' 36 Charles L. Chavigny- ' 34 Murray F. Cleveland ' 34 Gayden Derickson ' 34 John S. Devlin . ...... ' 36 Harley B. Ferguson, Jr ' 36 Valmond J. Gautreau ' 36 William H. Harris, Jr. ... . ' 36 J. William Henderson . ... ' 36 EnouARD F. Henriques, Jr. . . . ' 35 Haywood H. Hillyer ' 36 Pierre A. Hughes ' 35 Charles H. Ilgenfritz ' 36 Leonard S. Isacks, Jr ' 33 Davis L. Jahncke ' 36 Alphe G. Jarreau ' 34 Robert S. Jordan ' 33 Benjamin C. King ' 36 Charles A. Kyle ' 34 Savv ' yer H. Labouisse ' 35 Raoul Livaudak ' 34 E. Patrick McCloskey ' . . . . . ' 34 Hugh McCloskey ' 36 Joseph McCloskey, Jr. . . . Latc, ' 34 Henry S. Marchal ' 36 Francis E. Mence ' 35 William G. Nichols ' 36 James B. Norris ' 36 Albert M. Norwood ' 36 Hillyer S. Parker .... Law, ' 33 William F. Schroeder ' 33 Allen M. Steiner ' 35 Maurice E. St. Martin . ... ' 34 J. T. DeLoach Thames . . Med., ' 35 Louis O. Thames ' 36 John S. Thibaut . ' 36 Ben L. Upton ' 35 Howard A. Weadock . . . Laii.; ' 35 i) w u 11 — r BETA THETA PI: Foimdi ' d nt Miami University in 1839. Eighty- seven active chapters. Colon: Lifiht Pink and Blue. I ' lower: Rose. Beta Xi Chapter estabhshcd at Tulanc in 1908. La w Med. Lnw Fratres hi Facultate I)K. CllAKI.I.S I. Bl.dDM Or. Mum Hradbukn ' Or. Wii.i.iAM P. Hraueiurn-, Jr. Dr. Roy E. uf. la Houssayk Or. Francis F.. I.eJhun ' k SuMTKR n. Marks, Jr. Willis H. Pipkin Oklvaili.e H. TnKARn Fratres in Unirersitate Gkorce W. Hofincer . . T. Male Boccs Preston M. Breckinrihgi; Charles H. Calhoun . . Walter H. Claiborne . . Augustus H. Clark, Jr. . Ei.wooD R. Ci.a .... Kendall H. Cram . . • C. Girari) Davidson . . Hamlet I. Davis, Jr. . • Harry D. de Buys . . . Herhert F. DeBuys . • ■ John F. DeBuys . . • • Clave E. Gill, H . . . Carl O. Hill ..... Mari.in B. Hoge .... Charles R. Hume . . . Frank G. Huniress R. Brewster James John H. Kostmayer . . . Robert C. Lynch . . . . John B. McDaniel, Jr. . Edward A. McLellan . . (Jeorge F. Maciiiarmiu . . Martin A. Macdiarmid . Frederick W. Maithews, J CJeorge J. Mayer .... Marshall L. Michel, |r. Henry H. W. Miles . " . William P. Miles, Jr. . . CiLVRi.ES O. Noble, Jr. . . Charles M. Oliver . . . .Al.E.VANDER B. PAITERSON, JR John R. Riley, Jr. . . . Cornelius D. Schneidau . Charles F. Seemann . . Charles G. Smither . . Clifford S. Suiter . . . Edward H. Suiter . . . Donald G. Zimmerman, Jr Jr. Mnl Laiis w l ' ' lrst row: Anderson, Boggs, Brocklnrltlge. Claiborne. Clark, Cram. Second row: Davidson, Davis, Do Buys, H. D., Do Buys, H. F., Do Buys, Third row: Gill, Groshani, Itoge. Ilunie, Huntress. Fourth row: Janu.s. Lewis, L nich, Mncdiarmld. G.. Macdiarniid. M. Klfth row; .MiiUhewii. Mayor. McDaniel, McLoIlan. Michel. Si. tii row: Miles, H., Miles. W. P., Noble. Oilvir, Patterson. Seventli row: Kll ' -y. Schneidau, Seeinan. Snilther, Sutter, Zimmonnan. BETA- THETA P I PAGE 197 i V ■i ZETA BETA TAU: Founded at Jewish Theological Seminary in 1898. Thirt --five active chapters. Colors: Blue and White. Flower: White Rose. Sigma Chapter estabhshed at Tulane in 1909. First row: Dennery, Elsas, Fink, Friedman. Gamm. Second row: Gerber, Godchaux, Haspel. Herold. Heyniann. Third row: Kahn. Kaufnian, Kern. Kline. Kohlman. Fourth row: Levy. J., Levy. L.. Lob. ilarks, :Marx, Fifth row: Newman, Ochs, Pasternaclc. Reisfeld, Roos. Sixth row: Rosenfeld. Weiss. TVeinstein, " Wolff. ZETA • BETA TA U PAGE 198 Fratres in Universitate Henry Bars-ett . . James H. Berxsteix . Walter Davis Jr. . MoisE W. Dennery . Jason M. Elsas . . Alvin E. Fink . . . Ralph Friedman- . . . Robert E. Friedman . Sylvian V. Gamm . Walter Godchaux Jt Robert B. Haspel . Simon Herold . . . JiMMV Heymann " . . Stanford L. Hyman . Carl M. Kaufman . Clifford H. Kern, Jr. Milton Kline . . . Joseph Levy Jr. . . Lorb K. Levy . . . Ferdinand M. Lob . Hippolyte p. Marks, Ji Jack S. Marx . . . Hartwig Moss . . . Leslie K. Mundt . . Morris W. Newman Louis Ochs, Jr. . . Morris Pasternack . Robert I. Reisfeld . Armand W. Roos, Jr. Henry ' L. Rosenfeld . Jesse S. Rosenfeld, Jr Melvin D. Steiner . Milton C. Weinstein Sol Weiss, Jr. . . . Henry K. Wolff . . u y Law, Med. La La- Law Laz Med. . Law, Med. . La-i Med. . La ' 35 ' 34 ' 36 ' 35 ' 36 ' 36 ' 36 ' 35 ' 36 35 ' 36 •36 ' 36 ' 3+ ' 33 ' 34 ' 36 ' 35 ' 34 ' 34 ' 36 ' 34 ' 36 33 36 34 ' 36 i6 ' 34 ' 36 DELTA SIGMA PHI: Founded at College of the City of New York in 1899. Forty-seven active chapters. Colors: Nile Green and White. Floncr: White Carnation. Chi Chapter e ' .tablishcd at Tulanc in 1916. Fratres In Facultate Dr. Ravmom) R. Roeikkts Dr. E. Garland Walls Fratres In Un ' tvers ' ttate Roy D. Ary ' 36 John- V. Ashby Med., ' a John T. Barrow ' 35 GuoRGK S. Bisso ' 35 Louis C. Bisso ' 36 Frederic W. Brewer . . . Mid., ' 3+ James F. Crawford, Jr ' 36 Leslie L. Daviet Med., ' 34 C. Oliver Dietrich ' 35 Ern-est H. Doerries, Jr ' 36 Ben p. Fleming Med., ' ii Richard M. Fletcher . . . Med., ' i% Claude L. Giraud ' 36 M. R.agan Green .... Med., ' 34 George M. Haik Med., ' 34 J. C. Hartman ' 33 Bernhardt C. Heebe ' 35 Ale.x Holliday ' 36 Curtis R. House ' 36 Lewis A. Lachin ' 35 Clayton F. Land ' 36 Hermann R. Meyer .... intt, ' 34 Rayford C. MuLLiNs ' 35 Guy L. Odom A ci ., ' 33 Alfred H. Paddock ' 34 Edwin J. Putzell ' 35 Floyd Roberts ' 34 Robert E. Rougelot, Jr. . ■ .l cJ., ' 33 Johnny C. Runyon ' 36 Albert L. Smith, Jr ' 36 Anthony F. Taormina . ... ' 36 William S. Terry, Jr. . . A (i ., ' 35 Joseph F. Tyler ' 36 Vernon J. I ' mbach ' 36 w ' u w ' w , 1; w u ' u i w 1 First row: Barrow. Brewer, Crawford. Docrrloa. Second row; Dietrich, FloiiiliiB. Greon. Hiirtman. Third row: Heebo. Lnchlli. Land. Mulllns. Fourth row; Odom. Fiiddock. Putr.cll. Rougelot. Firth row: Uunyoii. Smith. Terry. Umboch. DELTA • SiCMA -PHI PAGE 199 V SIGMA PI: Founded at Vincennes University in 1897. Thirty-three active chapters. Colors: Lavender and White, with Gold as an auxil- iary. Flowers: Lavender Orchid, with Lilac and White Rose together as alternates. Omicron Chapter established at Tulane in 1920. First row: Armstrong. Bierhorst, Blackwell, Bruno. Second row: Fatter, Fisher, Fitzpatriek. Third row: Foley. Haeuser, Hyndnian. Larose. Fourth row: Oms. Read, Reuter. Fifth row: Kobbert, Suares. Vlosca, J., Viosca, O. SIGMA P I PAGE 200 Frater in Facilitate Dr. Edward A. Bechtel Fratres in Universitate Dean H. Allen Med., Rafael T. Armstroxg WiLLLAM G. Blackwell .... Frederick W. Bierhorst .... John Bruxo, Jr Ralph F. Cairks Esmond A. Fatter JoH.v P. Fernandez William G. Fisher Stanley C. Fitzp.atrick .... Dudley C. Foley, Jr. . . . Laii;, William H. Haeuser, Jr Frank J. Hartley, Jr John S. Herring Med., Joseph B. Holmes Lazv, James B. Hy ' ndm. n Calvin E. Kissgen J. Henry Larose, Jr. . . . .Med., Larkin K. Mason .... Med., Arthur F. Moinet, Jr Luis R. Cms Mallory J. Read Frederick L. Reuter -Albert A. Robert, Jr John C. Suares, Jr Jules J. Viosca, Jr Oswald W. Viosca II t w y w All 35 35 33 36 3+ 3+ 35 33 34 35 33 3+ 36 35 35 35 35 34 Fratres In Facultate Dr. Sam B. Saiewitz Dr. Herbert Weinberger Fratres in Universitate Harold Bonart . . Julius Bowsky . Irvin Cahen . Alvin Caplan . . Louis Cohen . Gus Covert . . . Sanders (Joodman . Leonard Greenberg Harry Haas . Raymond Kierr . Spencer Lazarus . Arthur Levy . . Paul Marks . . . Bernard Mintz . Leon Mintz . . . Harry Orlov . . . Norman Pailet . Zachary Romeo . . Samuel Rosenberg . Albert Rubenstein Marcus Rubenstein Arthur Scheinuk . Herbert Solomon . Max Solomon . . . Lav:, . Laic . Med.. . Med. . Med. J. D. Starr . . . MoisE Steeg ?l r0ld w ' ormser . Alvin Zander . . 35 36 35 36 35 36 36 33 33 34 35 36 36 35 33 34 36 35 35 36 36 33 34 33 35 36 35 ■35 SIGMA ALPHA MU: Founded at College of the City of New York in 1909. Forty active chapters. Colon: Purple and White. Flower: Lily. Sigma Gamma Chapter established at Tulanc in 1920. ©©00 First row: Bonart, Bowsky. Cahen, Caplan. Second row; Covert, Goodninn. Hnas. Tllliil row: Kierr. Lazarus. Marks. MIntx. B. Fourth row: MIntx. L... Pallet. Romeo, IJosenbers, I ' iiili row: Rubenstein, A., Rubenstein. M., Soliehiuk. Solomon, Sixth row; Salomon, M,, SteoB, Wormser, Zander. SIGMA • ALPHA • MU PAGE 201 KAPPA NU: Founded at Rochester Universit - in 1911. Nineteen ac- tive chapters. Colors: Purple and White. Floner: Lily. Sigma Chapter established at Tulane in 1922. First row: Aronson, Barkoff, Blitz. Second row: Cohen, Fisher. Gerber, M. Third row: Gerher. " W., Gijrson. Goldman, E. Fourth row: Goldman, D., Goldman, S., Levin. Fifth row: Marchiz, Portnoy, Singer. Fratres in Univer skate Harold J. Aronso.v . . . ' 34 Samuel Barkoff . . . • . Med 34 . Med . ' 3+ ' 36 IrvIXG J. BURGLASS . . . Ellas Cohex .... ' 33 Manuel I. Fisher . . . La-Li 3+ Morris Gerber .... ' I ' i Wolfe Gerber .... ' 35 ' 3+ ' 36 Bernard A. Goldman " . Dan-iel W. Goldman- . ' 36 Sidney I. Goldmax . . . Laz ■ 33 Albert A. Levin . . . ' , - Melville L. Levi " . . . ■ ' 35 IsADORE - . Marchiz . . • ' 34 Morris Port.noy . . . ■ ' 36 Robert Segal . Med ■ 33 Saul Singer • ' 34 Sidney Si.nger .... . . La i, ' •- ' 34 KAPPA N U PAGE 202 y u i Frater in Facultate Gi.EN ' N B. II. sr Fratrcs in Universitate .(()ii M. Anderson " ' 35 William V. Armistead, |k. . .U,-, .. ' 34. Lambert T. Bovd, Jr ' 35 L. Mercer Dawson .... Mcd., ' i(, Shelley R. Gaines .... Med.. ' 36 S. G. Fraxk Haas, Jr ' 3 + ' iLLL M . . Howard . . . M, l.. ' 34 Herman G. Janssen ' 36 William Janssen, Jr ' 36 Tom F. Liitle Med.. ' 34 Crawford J. Powell ' 35 F. A. Rhodes, Jr ' 36 Charles E. Richards . . . ,rtw, ' 35 Roland R. Seward, Jr ' 36 T. L. L. SoxiAT A a ., ' 35 Claude R. Smith ' 36 Robert J. Starkev ' 36 John W. Trego ' 35 Edward M. Vaughn ' 36 James S. Wedb, Jr . . . . ,1 ( ., ' 33 Gustave F. Weber .... M,d.. ' 36 Tho.vias B. Woods, Jr. . . . Mi-d., ' 33 James A. Wright, Jr ' 36 y w PI KAPPA PHI: Founded at Charleston College in 1904. Forty-two active chapters. Colors: Gold and White. Flower: Red Rose. Alpha Beta Chapter established at Tulane in 1923. First row: .Arml.sleatl. Bo.vd. Dawson. Haais. Second row: Howartl. Janssen, 11. G.. Jansj en. V. Third row: Little. Powell, Khoiles. Fourth row: Galnos. Smith. Sonlat. Fifth row: Slnrkey, Vaughan, Webb, Wober. P I KAPPA P H I PAGE 203 PHI IOTA ALPHA: Sigma Iota (established at Louisiana State Uni- versity in 1904) consolidated with Phi Lambda Alpha in 1931 to form the national Phi Iota Alpha. Thirteen active chapters. Colors: Blue and Brown. Flower: Red Carnation. Delta Chapter established at Tulane in 1932. First row: Alvarado, Carrizo, Castellanos, de Le6n. Second row: Fernandez, Garcia, Gonzalez. Third row: Marrero, Martinez, Mendez, Fourth row: Montemayor, Perez, Scolaro. Fifth row: Torrado. Venegas. Villareal. PHI- IOTA • ALPHA PAGE 204 Frater in Facultate Dr. Rudolph Matas Fratres in Universitate Arturo N. Alvarado .... Maximo Carrizo (y Villarreal) Julio J. Castellanos . . . Law, Carlos A. Fernaxdez .... Jose M. Garcia JuAN " C. Gonzalez, Jr. . - Med. Rosendo B. Jurado Manuel Lores George Marrero Rene A. Martinez Pedro . Law, Ceferino A. Mendez Fernando C. Mendigutia .... Carlos R. Mitchell Jose M. Mitchell Raul M. Montemayor .... Pedro V. Nunez Med., Juan Ramirez de Pena .... Alejandro Perez Pedro F. Salcedo Rene Torrado Adolfo Urrutia (y Fernandez) . Antonio M. Valdes Guillermo Vasquez (y Molina) . Ernesto Venegas Leopoldo Villareal 35 ' 3 + ' 33 ' 35 ' 35 ' 36 ■36 ■36 ' 33 ' 3+ ' 36 ' 36 ' 35 ' 35 ' 35 ' 34- •36 ' 31- ' 36 ' 35 ' 3 + ■36 ' 35 ' 33 ' 3t it Fratres in Facultatc Dr. Pail C. Foster Cl.ARK O. MlI.l.KR Jamks J. MoKRisny Fratres in Universitate Lemann H. Bounds II. F.i.i.ioiT Hredow ' . MaRSCIIAII. HKkWFR .... William E. Hutler, Jr Joseph O. Carson, Jr William J. CoNnoK .... Ln-u-, Alfred J. Cooper, Jr William J. Clkri-, Jr Joseph C. Evans Luther S. Fortenberry . . Mi-d , Merle B. Goldmann Jack C. Herman Elmer O. IRnER Alfred James, Jr Harold E. Lee Robert D. Lotiincer Lionel II. McDonald Joseph N. Mitchell ASHTON Cj. Pe RE1 11 IE Robert A. Pierce Shiri.ev O. Reed Davis P. Richarme Edward A. Rodricue .... Earl S. Seale Md , Eugene B. Simmons Sidney H. Sims Joseph A. Snyder, Jr Seals S. Speer M,-J. Charles W. Spencer . . J. Arthur Sproi.es, Jr. . . MrJ. Arnaud p. Te.xada, Jr. . . . Naugle K. ' I ' iio.mas . . . Mnl. i 1 i. i 35 35 36 36 33 34 34 34 35 34 34 35 33 36 34 3V 35 36 36 36 35 36 33 35 31- SIGMA PHI EPSILO.N: Foiind.d .it Richmond CoIleRC in 1901. Scvcney-two active chapters. Colon: Royal Purple and Red. I ' loners: Violets and Roses. Louisiana Alpha Chapter established at Tulane in 1929. 0©©© First row: Bounds. Brewer. Butler. Carson. Click. Second row: Cooper. Curry. Evans. Goldmnnn. Third row; Herman, James, Lee. Lotllnger. Fourth row: SIcDonnUI. Mitchell, Pelrec. Peyrclittc. Pirth row: Reed. Richarme, RodrlEue. Sims. Sixth row: Spencer, Sproles, Texada. Thomas. SIGMA • PHI • EPSILON PAGE 205 LAMBDA PHI: Local fraternity founded at Tulane in 1926. Colors: Blue and Black. Flower: Rose. (Merged with Louisiana Alpha Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon, February 19, 1933.) 1 First row: Alexius. Allain, Barcelo. Benson, Boehm. Second row: Collins, Damonte, Fransen, Fernandez. Third row: Freiberger, Hubert, F., Hubert, L., Hill. Fourth row: Janssen, LaNasa, McBride, Parker. Fifth row: Pelias, Pullen, Rush, Kyan. Sixth row: Surgi, Tomeny, Treuting, " Wimberly. LAMBDA P H I PAGE 205 Fratres in Facultate Maurice F. Dufour JOHX S. Kexdall Elisha F. Pollard Fratres in Universitate Chauncey a. Alexius ' 33 Daniel A. Allain, Jr ' 34 John J. Barcelo, Jr ' 34 Leo W. Be-vsox Mcii., ' 36 Harold C. Boehm ' 36 James D. Collins ' 34 Robert F. Cugle ' 34 Lowell B. Damoxte ' 33 Joseph J. Davies, Jr ' 34 Warren E. Davis, Jr ' 35 Girard J. Fernandez . . . Lnw, ' 35 Albert J. Fransen ' 33 Lucius J. Freiberger . ' 36 Thomas F. Hall, Jr ' 35 Audio G. Harvey ' 33 James H. Harvey ' 35 Fred F. Hebert ' 36 Leslie R. Hebert ' 34 Doy ' less L. Hill ' 33 Paul L. Janssen ' 34 James J. La Nasa ' 34 Rudolph M. McBride . . . Law, ' 34 Lawrence J. Parker ' 34 George M. Pelias ' 35 Paul A. Pitre ' 36 Rov M. Pullen ' 35 William G. Rankin, Jr ' 36 Warren C. Rush ' 34 J. Sheldon Ryan ' 35 Clyde J. Surgi ' 33 Frank O. Tomeny .... Afcif., ' 35 Waldo L. Treuti.ng . . . Med., ' 34 Harry S. Vorhaben ' 35 B. Foster Wimberly ' ' 34 Michael Wright ' 35 y = s SIGMA PHI DELTA: Social EiiKincfrinn Frnternity. Founded at University of Southern California in 1924. Nine active chapters. Colors: Red and Black. I ' loucr: American Beauty Rose. Zeta Chap- ter established at Tulanc in 1929. Fratres in Facultate Doi ' Gi.AS S. AM)i;RsnK James M. Rodrrt Fratres in Unirersitate RoBKRT L. Argus . . . WiLBERT L. Argus . . August C. Flach, Jr. . Emile F. Fuhrmaw-, Jr. David C. E. Geier . . Horace Hinds, Jr. . • Charles J. Houlgrave . Claramon B. McEaciier Arthur G. Mechler . John A. Peterson ' . . Waldo S. Powell, Jr. . FULCRAN F. Ranuon " , Jr. John E. Rogax, Jr. . . William B. Settoon ' . . Jefferson L. Smith . . Gilbert L. Stancliff, Jr. L. Milton Tocnoni . . Walter Tollev . . . Dalton H. Trepacnier, J WiLDAV TUDURV . . . Richard E. Wagner . . J_ 33 36 33 34 34 33 34 33 36 35 35 36 33 35 34 35 33 35 33 33 33 First row: Argus, R.. Argus. W., rincli, Fulirinaini. Second row: Golor. Hinds. MeEnchern. Third row: Peterson, Powell. Settoon. Fourth row: Smith. StancUrro, Tognonl. Fifth row: ToUey. Trepagnler. Wagner. SIGMA -PHI- DELTA PAGE 207 IIIPH First row: Barnett, Berthaut. Corley, Dennory. Gai-dnnr, Grimn, Hc-iss, Jarman. Second row: Logan, Owens, Pearce. Phillips. Renibert, Rlttenberg, Rosser. Ryckman. Newcomb Pan-Hellenic Association Elizabeth Wilson . Virginia Jarman President Seen tar y-Trmsiircr Mhimhrrs Elected -■ • Beta Phi Mar.torir Logan .l pliii Oiiiirnni Pi ' iRni iA Rkmbert Chi Oiiieijd Ja e Swavze k ipp i k t ti (jfi iniia F.LI AIIKIU PtARCE Llcile Owens .llpha Dellii Pi MARV Ei.7,A CiARDNER Knpf ii Alpha ' I ' hetii Virginia Jarman ' .llpha Epsilon Phi Ida RriTEN ' RERG ' .(In run .llphn DORmilV R CKMAN Beta Phi Alpha Maitie Corlev Beta S it ma Oiiiiernii MaRV IiARNElT il T Y .Mir.MHiiRs Ex-Officio ■■ ■ Be a Phi Marc rkt Rosser Alpha Oaiierr.ii Pi Marietta Griffin (Aii Omega Jane Conover Kappa Kappa Cam ma Jeak Martin Phi Mu Ruth Dickev Alpha Delta Pi PiiALA Male Kappa Alpha Thetii JUANITA HEISS Alpha Epsilon Phi Fan ' xv Dennerv Zeta Tan Alpha Helen Phillips Beta Phi Alpha Helen Rlssei.l Beta Siff iia Oiiiieron Straus Berthaut PI BETA PHI: Founded at Monmouth College in 1867. Seventy-eight active chapters. Colors: Wine and Blue. Flower: Wine Carnation. Louisiana Alpha Chapter established at Newconib in 1891. ' I y. First row: Allen, Baker, Barksdale, Bradley. Ewing, Felder. Second row: Flowers, Heeht, Harrop. H., Harrop, K., Haruin. Third row: Hayes, Hull, Hopkins. Jahncke, Johnson. Fourth row: Juden, Kennedy, Kilpatriclc, Kincheloe, King. Fifth row: Leverich, Logan, B., Logan, K., Logan, JI., McDaniel. Sixth row: McDuffle, McLellan, Meyers. Milling, Mitchener. Seventh row; Norton, Pattillo, Perret, Price, Robinson, Kosser. Eighth row: Shands, Shibley. Summerville. Taylor, Thompson, " n atrous. P I BETA P H PAGE 210 In Facultate Mary W. Butler Helex R. Clifford Alice M. Labouisse In Universitate LVDIA Allex ' 35 Mary Baker ' 35 Billie Barksdale ' 34 LUMMIE BaRTLFTT ' 33 Helen ' Bradley ' 33 Olivia Ewlvg ' 36 Charlotte Felder ' 33 Phoebe Flowers ' 36 Hester Harrop ' 3+ Katherixe Harrop ' 35 Claudia Harvix ' 34 Mollie Haves ' 36 Lyxxe Hecht ' 35 MixxA Hopkins ' 35 Lucille Hull ' 35 Cora Jahxcke ' 35 Beulah Johxsox ' 34 DoROiHY Judex ' 36 Alixe Klxxedy ' 35 Patsy Kilpatrick ' 36 ViRGIXIA KiXCHELOE ' 34 Sue Kixg ' 34 Helex LeJeuxe ' 35 Mariox Leverich ' 36 Barbara Logax ' 34 KlTTi ' LOGAX ' 33 Marjorie Logax ' 33 Celeste Lyoxs ' 35 Moxtixe McDaniel ' 36 BETTi ' McDuFFIE ' 36 Leoxora McLellan ' 35 LuciLE Meyers ' 34 Rose Milling ' 36 Marjorie Mitchexer ' 36 Naxcy Morris ' 35 Natalie Nortox ' 36 Laura Pattillo ' 36 Charlotte Perret ' 36 Sue Price ' 36 Margaret Roberts ' 33 Pamela Roeixsox ' 35 Margaret Rosser ' 33 Margaret Scfiramm ' 35 Eleaxor Shaxds ' 36 EvELYx Shibley ' 33 Keith So.vierville ' 36 Louise Taylor ' 35 BETTi ' Thompsox ' 36 HETTi ' TURXER ' 35 Helexe Watrous ' 34 LiSE Wehr.mann ' 35 w ill ALPHA OMICRON PI: Founded at Barnard College in 1897. Six- teen active chapters. Colors: While and Cardinal. Flower: Jacquemi- not Rose. Pi Chapter establiihcd at Ncwcomb in 1898. In Facilitate Dagmak R. I.i; Hkictom Anna E. Many Ct.ADVS A. Rkssmaw In Universitate LocKCiTE Atkins . . EVKLVN Bkari) . . . Beht Kovvman . Marian Hruce . . . Martha Hrumbv . . Mary Byrne . . . Marguerite Cambon . Mary Chamberlain . Halcyon- Colomb . . Glexdy Cilligan . Margaret Davis . . Betty ' Dosch . . . Martha Edwards . . Erances Evans . . . Marie iTA Griffin . Gertruue Gwin . . Elizabeth Haoley . Elizabeth Hemenwav Gladys Huey . . . Loltse Lake .... Loltse Lester . . . AsHTON Lewis . . . Katiiryn Longmire . Jeanne McCartney . Agnes Magruder . . Mary Elba Marshall Muriel Mead . . . Sidney Mize . . . Ernestine Moise . . Elizabeth North . Catherine O ' Neill . Ruth Owen .... M.VRY Ruth Patout . Linda Porter . . . Abby Ray .... ■lRCINIA Rembert . Mel Robertson . Sophie Rollins . . . Eleanor Schupp . . Edena Scoit . . . Mildred Shaw . . . Nancy Stack . . . Janice Torre . . . Jean Wetherai.l . . Harriet White . Almyra Williamson Sara Wo.viack . . . 11 w ii I. ' 35 ' 35 ' 34 ' 36 ' 35 ' 35 ' 36 ' 35 ' 35 ' 36 ' 36 ' 35 ' 36 ' 35 ' 34 ' 35 ' 33 ' 36 ;34 33 ' 34 ' 34 ' 33 ' 33 ' 36 ' 34 ■36 ' 3« ' 36 ' 34 ' 36 ' 33 ' 35 ' 36 ' 36 ' 34 ' 33 ' 33 ' 34 ' 36 ' 36 ' 33 ■36 ' 36 •36 ■36 ' 36 I I ' First row: Alkliis, Bianl. Bowmnii, Bruce. Brumby. Sceoud row: Ryrno, Oinibon. Colomb. CulMgaii. Davis, Tblrrt row: Doscb, Grillln, lladU ' y. Hemcnway. Huey. Fourth row: Lake. Lester. Lewis. Longmire. Marshall. Firth row: Meail. MeCartuey, MIze. .Molse, North. Sixth row; O ' Neill. C weii. Patout. Porter. Kay. Seventh row: Uembert. Robertson, Sehupp, Scott. Edena; Scott, Edwlna. ElBhth row: Shaw, Stack, Torre, While, Williamson. Womack. ALPHA ■ OMICRON • PI PAGE 211 CHI OMEGA: Founded at University of Arkansas in 1895. Eighty- seven active chapters. Colors: Cardinal and Straw. Flower: White Carnation. Rho Chapter estabhshed at Newcomb in 1900. First row: Bacharach, Barret, Bri.?g.s, Brogan, Brown. Second row: Burdin, Clark, A., Clark, M., Conover, Crawford, K. Third row: Crawford, L., Cunningham, Dohan, DuKate. Ebaugh. Fourth row: Gates, Green, Heidelberg. Heiss, Henderson. Fil ' th row: Hoehn. Koehler, Langvvorthy, Liggett, Lytle. Sixth row: McCurdie, Michel, Miller, Nix, O ' DgU. Seventh row; Royals, E., Royals, M., Schlegel, Segura, Shallcross. Eighth row: Swayze, Thomas, ■ Walther, Wilcox, Withers. C H I OMEGA In Facultate Clara Lewis Landry Bertha Allen Latane In Universitate Bettve Bacharach ' 36 Claudli Barret ' 35 Anna Brigcs ' 35 Martha Brogan ' 36 Julie Brown ' 34 Hazel Burdin ' 36 Benita Carre ' 34 Alida Clark ' 36 LuciLE Clark ' 33 Jane Conover ' 33 Kathleen Crawford ' 33 Louise Crawford ' 33 Ruth Crosby ' 35 Ruth Cunningham ' 36 Mary Dohan ' 34 EuLA DuKate ' 36 Louise Ebaugh ' 36 Katheryn Fucate ' 36 Susie Gates ' 35 Inez Green ' 34 Rebecca Green ' 34 Eugenia Hay ' 34 Dorothy Heidelberg . • ■ • ■ ' 35 Louise Heiss ' 36 Bob Henderson ' 36 Louise Hoehn ' 35 Frances Johnson ....... ' 35 Frances Koehler ' 35 Frances Langworthy ' 35 Virginia Liggett ' 36 Polly Lytle ' 36 Jean McCurdie ' 36 Emily McKee ' 36 Lydiane Marrero ' 35 Helen Michel ' 36 Betty Miller ' 36 Rosary Nix ' 35 Joyce O ' Deli ' 35 Elizabeth Royals ' 35 Mary Frances Royals ' 35 Edna Schlegel ' 36 Heloise Segura ' 36 ZoE Shallcross ' 33 Bessie Siingily ' 36 Jane Swayze ' 33 Elizabeth Tatum ' 34 Frances Thieaui ' 35 Mary Thomas ' 3 Ruth Viallon ' 34 Rosemary Virden ' 33 Lilian Walther . ' 36 Nell Wardlaw ' 36 Antoinette Weed ' 35 Lucy Weed ' 35 Charlotte Wilbourn ' 36 Marie Louise Wilcox ' 33 Betty Williams . ' 33 Josephine Withers 1 ' 3 PAGE 212 Li u U u KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA: Founded at Monmouth College in 1879. Sixty-eight active chapters. Colors: Light Blue and Dark Blue. Flower: Fleur-de-lis. Beta Omicron Chapter established at Ncwcomb in 1904. In FacuUate Ei.izABi; III Raymond Dorothy Skaco Fl.OKENCK S.Mini Ademn Spknckr In Universitate 1Ii;i,i:n- Hki.i 33 Barraka Houden- . . . ' 3fi Lilian- Damerox . . . ' 3+ Sadie Davis ' 36 Nina Denis ' 35 Ru ' H French . . . . ' 36 Geralejine Gaudet . . •35 Margaret Gii.lican . . ' 3+ Leonard Hardin . . . ' 36 Helen- ?L kry . . . . ' 35 Elise Himel . . . . ' 36 Arabella Jester . . . •36 Frances Kerr . . . ■36 . ' VlICE KlLPA-IRlCK . . ' 34 Elizabeth Klinesmith ' 36 Margaret Krumbhaar ' 35 Lily Laney .... ' 34 Eleanor Legier . . ' 33 Marie Louise Legier . ' 35 Alice Lemann . ' 3+ Marjorie Lemann . •36 Ethelyn Levericii . ' 36 Virginia Logan . ' 34 Genevieve Lvkes . . ' 35 DoROiHv McCi.oskey . ' 36 Jean Martin . . . ' 34 Blanche Mills . ' 34 Frances Musser . . ' 35 Katherine Nolan . ' 36 Beatrice O ' Rkillv . • ' 33 ELizABErii Pearce . • ' 34 Murray Pearce . . • ' 34 Claudia Pipes . . . • ' 36 Nan Pipes .... ■ ' 35 Nancy Reeves . . . • ' 35 Martha Remick . . ■ ' 33 Brent Robertson . . • ' 33 Ellen Sinclair . • ' 36 RnnERi ' A Sterreit . ■ ' 33 Marie-Louise ' Foniv . ■ ' 34 Jane Walker . . . • ' 35 Mildred Wood . . . • ' sfi w w w ' + w w First row: Bell, Boudcn. Damcron, Davis, Denis. Second row: Froiuli. Gaudot. Hardin. Illmel. Jtstor. Third row: Korr. Kllncsmltli. Legier. E.. Leglor, M.. Lemann. A. Fourtli row: Lemann. M.. I.everleli. Losan. Lyke. ' s. Martin. Fifth row: McCloskoy. Wood, Mill--!. Mus. ' ier. Nolan. Sixth rinv: O ' Ueilly. Pearee. E.. Poaree. M.. Pipe. " . Reeves. Seventh row; Kemlek. n,.l.. rt. ..n .- In. 1 air. si.ir.li. Tol.in. Walker. KAPPA • KAPPA • GAMMA PAGE 213 u PHI MU: Founded at Wesleyan College in 1852. Fifty-nine active chapters. Colors: Rose and White, flower: Enchantress Carnation. Delta Chapter established at Newcomb in 1906. First row: Banks, Blown, Brock, Browne. Second row: Buchanan. Canulette, Castlen. Third row; Dickey, Dittman, Eddins, Fairlie. Fourth row: Fleury, Hall. Hanley, McClure. Fifth row: Menge, Moore, Owens. Sixth row: Peteet, Peterson, Pilcher. Steen. P H I M U PAGE 214 In Facultate Eunice Baccich Katherine Hanley In Unirersitate Lelia Banks ' 36 Betty Briscoe ' 33 Meredith Brock ' 33 Betty Brown ' 35 Roberta Browne ' 36 Katherine Buchanan ' 36 Grace Canulette ' 36 Mary Louise Castlen .... ' 35 Rose Crossgrove ' 33 Ruth Dickey ' 33 Emma Dittman ' 36 Imogene Durrett ' 36 Jane Eddins ' 35 Lillian Fairlie 35 Dorothy Fleury ' ' 34 Mabel Hall ' 35 Emilie Hanley ' 34. Craig Hitt ' 34 Eunice Howsmon ' 34 Laura Jones ' 56 Frances McClure ' 35 Patricia Menge ' 36 Lisette Moore ' 33 Lucille Owens ' 34 Harriette Peteet ' 36 Corinne Peterson ' 35 Claire Pilcher ' 36 Ruth Ryder ' 35 Brownie Steen ' 36 =7 ALPHA DELTA PI: Founded at Wesleyan Female College in 1851. Fifty-six active chapters. Colon: Pnic ISIm- .md White. I ' lower: Purple Violet. Epsilon Chapter established at Newcomb in 1906. In Facullate Makv II. Ki)i:srv Ourf.n (Jr.nTKUDi; RoBKKTS Smith AUDRI-V Hl.AN ' CIIH WiiiTi; In Universitate Sally Breard ' 33 Richie Brothers ' 36 Mariox Butler ' 34 Elizabeth Cosper ' 34 NiTA Daly ' 36 Alice Evans ' 33 Mary Gardner ' 34 Phala Hale ' 33 Sara Hawkins -. ' 36 Magda Janssen ' 34 Elizabeth Jones ' 34 Helen Keator ' 36 Lillian Kemp ' 36 Sue Lisso ' 34 Elizabeth Lowdon ' 34 Elizabeth Menuet ' 34 Elizabeth Randol ' 33 Dorothy Sprott ' 34 Rachel Sweeney ' 35 Adeline Tiieriot ' 36 Lorena Walker ' 34 First row: Brearil. Broth. ts. Butler. Cosper. Socoiul row: Dally, Evans. Gardner. Thli-a row: Hall. Hawkins. Jansson, Fourth row: Koator. Kemp. Llsso. Fifth row: Lowdon, Menuet, Randol. Thcrlot. ALPHA DELTA PI PAGE 215 KAPPA ALPHA THETA: Founded at DePauw University in 1870. Sixty-four active chapters. Colors: Black and Gold. Flower: Pansy. Alpha Phi Chapter established at Newcomb in 1914. First row: Bailey. Berry. Bertrand, Bowers, B., Bowers, K. Second row; Butt, Colvin, Cooper, Costley, Davis. Third row: Dodson. Gayden, Gottschalk. Gregory, Hailey, D. Fourth row: Hailey, E., Hebert. Heiss, Hendrick, Hoge. Fifth row: Hudson, Jarnian, Kirk, McMahon. Meyer. Sixth row: Moore, Morelock, Morris, Neff, Olsen, J. Seventli row: Olsen, S., Payne, Ricks, Rivers, Singreen. Eighth row: Smith, G., Smith, L., Thornton, TValker. White, Wilson. KAPPA • ALPHA • THETA PAGE 216 In Facultate Mildred G. Christian ' Adele M. Drouet In Universitate Elizabeth Bailey ' 36 Clarice Berry ' 36 Margaret Bertrand ' 36 Elizabeth Bowers ' 34 Kathleen Bowers ' 34 Margaret Carre ' 35 Katherine Colvin ' 35 Charlene Cooper ' 35 Cecile Costley ' 36 Dorothy Dodson ' 36 MORNA DuSENEURY ' 35 Adrienne Gottschalk ' 36 Mary Louise Gregory ' 36 Dorothy Hailey ' 34 Elizabeth Hailey ' 33 JuANiTA Heiss ' 33 May Hendrick ' 36 Catherine Hoge ' 36 Betti- Hudson ' 35 Virginia Jarman ' 34 Beryl Kirk ' 36 Doris Lockhart ' 34 Margaret McMahon ' 33 Constance Meyer ' 35 Lalise Moore ' 34 Vassar Morelock ' 34 Virginia Morris ' 36 Jenny Olsen ' 33 SiGRiD Olsen ' 33 Catherine Payne ' 34 Louise Ricks ' 34 Sara Ricks ' 36 Elizabeth Rivers ' 35 Florence Singreen ' 36 LuciLE Smith ' 35 Dixie Tharp ' 33 May Thornton ' 34 Helen Walker ' 33 Adelaide West ' 36 Dorothy White ' 35 Marjorie Wilson ' 33 ' u y Al ALPHA EPSILON PHI: Founded at Barnard College in 1909. Twenty active chapters. Colors: Green and White. Flatter: Lily of the Val- ley. Epsilon Chapter established at Ncwcomb in 1916. Itt Un ' iversitate Anita Abks .... • ' 36 Etiikl Ai.ltmont . . ■ ' 33 Jane Amberg . . . • ' 36 llKRMOINE CAIIN . . • ' 33 Haiiktie Cohn . . . ■ ' 3+ Fanw Dewerv . • ' 33 RosEiTA Ginsberg . • ' 36 Theone PLvusmann . • ' 33 Carolyn Heinbfrc . • ' 36 Louise Hirsch . . . ■ ' 34 Suzanne Hirscii . . • ' 33 Adelvn Hvman . • ' 36 EvEi.vN Hyman . ' 3+ Eleanor Jacobs . ' 36 Cecile Kahn . . . ' 36 Cesil Kohlman . ■36 Marion Kohlman . ' 36 Marjorie Kohlman . ' 33 Jean Kohn .... ' 36 Emma Lemann . . . ' 34 Fannie Lemann . . ' 36 Louise Lowenstein . ' 35 Elaine Levy . . . ' 36 Lena Mar.v .... ' 34 Josephine Moses . . . ' 34 Joan Pressburg . . . ' 36 Ida Rittenberg . . . ' 33 IsABELLE Rosenberg . . ' 36 Dorothy Sale . . . . ' 35 Alice Schwartz . . . ' 33 Alice Schw-arz . . . ' 36 Joel Simon ' 36 Doris Stern ' 33 Janis Stern ' 36 Ma.xine Unger . . . . ' 36 Mary Joel Weil . . . •36 Carol Wiener . . . . ' 33 Selma Wiener . . . . •36 .Anna Wolbreite . ' 34 u I ' " irst row: .Mus. Allimoiu r. lin, (.■oliii. Steoiul row: DoiiiuM-y. Glnsberi;. Iliiu.imanii. Third row: Illrsoh. L.. IIlr.- ili. S. ll.vmnn. Jacoli.s. Fo lrtli row; Leninnn. Lovy. RIttriibere, Rosenbore. I ' Mltli row: Sail ' . Schwartz. Schwarz. Sixth row: stern. Wlonur. C. VIcncr. S.. Wolbrotto. ALPHA • EPSILON • PHI PAGE 217 V ZETA TAU ALPHA: Founded at Virginia State Normal in 1898. Sixty-four active chapters. Colors: Steel Grey and Turquoise Blue. Flower: White Violet. Beta Kappa Chapter established at Newcomb in 1927. Pii-st row: Allen, Beanian, Bell, Catiero. Second row; Coyle, Dahlberg, Friek. Third row: Gill. Hall, Heckert, Herbert. Fourth row: McFadden, Methe, Netter, Person. Fifth row: Phillips, Ryckman, Sparkman, Stafford. Sixth row: Tillery, White, Whitehead, Wirth. ZETA • TAU • ALPHA PAGE 218 In Facultate P.i TRICIA CUSSONS LaMB Rose LeDiku Mooney Louise Scaitertv In Universitate CoRiNNE Adams ' 36 Fay Allen ' 36 Doris Beaman ' 36 Dorothy Bell ' 36 Lucille Cafiero ' 35 Grace Coyle ' 3+ Doris Dahlberg ' 35 Marjorie Frantz ' 36 Eleanora Frick ' 36 Elizabeth Gill ' 34 Catherine Hall ' 36 Isabel Heckert ' 35 Edna Herbert ' 33 Dorothy McFadden ' 3+ Hazel Methe _ ■ ■ ' 35 Kathleen Motte ' 36 Babette Netter ' 34 Mary Person ' 34 Helen Phillips ' 34 Dorothy Ryckman ' 3V Mary Sparkman ' 34 Nannie Stafford ' 36 Kathleen Thornton ' 34 Helen White ' 36 Muriel Whitehead ' 35 Alma Wirth ' 35 w 1 BETA PHI ALPHA: Founded at University of California in 1909. Twenty-nine active chapters. Colon: Green and Gold. I ' loaer: Yel- low Tea Rose. Tan Chapter established at Ncwcomb in 1928. In Universitate Elizabeth . i.i.iso.v Mixoi.A Hackkk . Mkrkditii Bf.ciitim. , ' i)i:i.i-: HoDKKR . . Majtik Corley . Mildred Ellinciox Flores Hotard . . WiLMA Hudson- . An ' n ' a Lachik . . Kathrvx Malloy Carolyn- Maltry . Doris Paine . . . Dorothy Pritchard Helen ' Russell . . Jan ' e Slalchter . Muriel Smith . . Janet Stevens . . Imocene Stokes . Marguerite ' irth y u ' 36 ' 35 ' 33 ' 36 ' 34 ' 33 ' 33 ■36 ' 35 ' 36 ' 35 ' 35 ' 36 ' 33 ' 34 ' 36 ' 35 ' 33 ' 36 Ph-st row: Allison, Backer. Baclior. Bochtcl. Sooond row: Corley. Etlln tnn. Holard. Third row: Hudson, I.achln. Malloy. Kourth row: Pritchard. UussoH, Slaughter. Firth row: Smith. Stovons. Stokos. Wirth. BETA PH ALPHA PAGE 219 i y BETA SIGMA OMICRON: Founded at University of Missouri in 1888. Twenty-one active chapters. Colors: Ruby and Pink. Flowers: Richmond and Killarney Roses. Alpha Sigma Chapter established at Newcomb in 1929. W First row: Ambrose, Barnes, Barnett, I., Barnett, M. Second row: Bernard, Berthaut. Blessey, C, Blessey. M.. Briede. Third row: Cherr5 Coats. Davis, De Lucas. Fourth row: Gomez, GoniUa. Hooper, Jumel, M. Fifth row: Juniel. Y., La Nasa, Lundy, Putzell, Rehage, Sixth row: Rogan. Rogers, Vallee. Welman. BETA • SIGMA • OMICRON PAGE 220 In Universitate Frances Ambrose ' 36 Mary Barnes ' 35 InA Barnett ' 35 Mary Barnett ' 33 Dolores Bernard ' 35 Straus Berthaut ' 33 Caroline Blessey ' 33 Marion Blessey ' 35 Katherine Briede ' 35 Mary ' Burns ' 36 Sarah Cherry ' 35 Carol Coats ' 34. Frankie Mac Davis ' 36 Roma de Lucas ' 36 Lily- Earhart ' 35 Elrita Gomez ' 36 Frances Gomila ' 35 Dorothy ' Hansen ' 35 MiGNON Jumel ' 35 Yvonne Jumel ' 34 Edna LaNasa ' 3+ Kathryn Lundy ' 36 Helen. Powell ........ ' 35 Marjorie Putzell . ...... ' 36 Madalin Rehage ' 34. Ruth Rogan ' 35 Catherine Rogers ' 36 Marjorie Vallee ' 36 Josephine Wander ' 35 Ruth Wander ' 36 Isabel Welman ' 34 t t MEDICAL PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL: Organized April, 1923, for the purpose of securing cooperation among the several fraternities and preserving standards of membership. Officers First row: Baldwin, Barlcoft. Eskrigge. Second row: Hartung. Isbell, Johnston. Tliird row: Kooken, McCammon. Monsky. Fourth row: Ochs. Smith, Teer. MEDICAL PAN-HELLENIC PAGE 222 Lelakd M. Johnston President Euclid A. Isbell I ' ice-President Carl A. Hartong Secretary- Treasurer Representatives Phi Chi Leland M. Johnston Slm B. Lovelady Alplia Kappa Kappa Donald W. Smith Volney R. Liddell Theta Kappa Psi Euclid A. Isbell Robert A. Kooken Nil Sigma Nu Carl A. Hartunc Donald M. Baldwin Phi Rlio Sigma Sheldon Teer Walter O. McCammon Plii Delta Epsilon David B. Monsky Louis Ochs, Jr. Plii Lambda Kappa Robert Segal Samuel Barkoff Alplia Epsilon Iota Edith Eskrigge Audrey U. Heintz y u w u w u i; v c Fratres in Facidtate Krnt ' Hl E. Allgi-yt-r chark ' S C. Bass Frank L. Cato, Jr. OharI« ' s D. KliliTt AIImh r. Kiistts I f. Sl;iiii " nr l c. Jamison It. Jnhn A. I unronl I M-. Kdwiii H. l,a vson Dr . (U ' orm- K. liOgan )r. Iluwiu ' d U. Mahornor Rilmunil L. Kaust I)i I. ' .on .1. Mi ' iiville Kri ' tltTlck L. r ' «-njio L)i Charlr.s .1. Mlllei- AiiiliVH V, riiidrlLli.s I)i- Milliard K. .Milli.r Iilys M. (Juki- I)i- Koy M. Tiu-nor Jnhn T. llalsoy Mr- Wlllard K. Wlrth William 11. lliinls Di- Durwti.Kl ). WriBht lir. .Inlin H. Iliinic Fratres In Vnivers ' ttate Dalili ' l .M. Adams. .Ir lllrain M. , nderson James P. Andor.son William W. Aimistend. Jr. Jack A, Atkln.son .■:m . ' :!4 ' .11 Wamm J. Bark .|- ' 35 Aubi-ey V. Beacliam " S-l James L. BeaxiT ' 35 Frank I.. BiKsljy. Jr ' 35 William M. Boloa ' SI Munter M. Brown " 34 .rames W. Burnrtt Ji- ' 3. S. Joseph Campljell ' 33 Paul S. Causoy ' 30 Edward A. C ' Icvo ' 33 Gustavo N. Click ' 34 James O. Colley. Jr 34 Samuel C. Collins ' 36 . ' . Marvey Colvin, Jr ' 33 Eueene H. Counliss ' 33 Kdwin A. Craven ' 36 Jack A. Crittenden ' 36 Walter E. Crumpler. Jr ' 36 William R. Davis ' 34 John H. Dent ' 34 Daniel J. Devlin, Jr ' 33 A. Keller Doss ' 34 Otto K. DuBolse ' SS Thomas L. Ellis ' 36 Thomas II. Ellisor ' 36 Chester A. Fort, Jr ' 36 laither S. Fortcnberry ' 34 Madison A. Furrh ' 3o Shellev R. Gaines ' 30 E. Jackson Giles ' 33 Clarke H. Gillcspy ' 33 Charles E. Gisler ' 36 James C. Green ' 34 Irvin H. Griffin ' 34 Eric E. Gullbeau. Jr ' 36 Albert S. Hargis, Jr ' 34 .lohn A. Hendrick. Jr ' 35 Richard W. llendrix ' 33 Jesse R. Hightower ' 36 Henry W. Hodde ' 33 Raynor E. Holmes. Jr ' 33 William A. Howard ' 34 John M. Johnson, Jr ' 36 I.eland M. Johnston ' 33 Henry R. Kahle ' 33 James E. Kcndrlck. Jr ' 33 Alb.rt V. Kimball ' 30 WIllouKhby E. KitlrcdKe, Jr ' 33 ' aii E. Lewis ' 35 .lohn A. Lewis. .1 r ' 35 William C. LIttell ' 35 Tom F. Little ' 34 l.ell.-is R. LonnerKan, Jr ' 34 Sim B, Lovelady ' 34 E. Franklin McCall ' 35 Cln rlos H. McCollum, Jr ' 33 Hiram A. McConnill ' 35 George C MeCullough ' 34 .lames W. McMurray ' 34 Benson B. Martin, Jr ' 33 J. Lloyd Mnssey ' 36 Ctnin L. Milbllrn. Jr ' 35 Ruble E. Moor ' 34 Frank B. Ogdcn ' 33 .• lbert Owers ' 36 Ciiirence A. Paine ' 36 Marlon D. Redding ' 34 John B. Robertson ' 34 Rov J. SI. Martin ' 36 •lames B. Shelton ' 34 Robert M. SImonton ' 33 L Clifton SUlnner, Jr ' 35 Gerald S, Smith ' 36 Vance M. strange A ' 34 Francis M. Thlgpeny ,lr ' 34 PHI CHI: Professional Mcdic.il Fraturnity. Eastern, Founded at Uni- versity of Vermont in 1889; Soiithtrn, Louisville Medical College in 1894; Consolidated, March 3, 1905. Omicron Chapter established at Tiilane in 1902; Pi Mil merged September 30, 1922. David 11. Thornhlll Thomas B. Tooke 1 nomas li. Tooke. Jr ' 3 Carl N. Wahl ...I i ' 3 Edward C. Watt If ;., ' 3 James S, Webb. Jr ' 3 Gustavo F. Weber Charles R. Willlami,. . Thomas B, Woodi •0 33 •30 33 3 3 ' 36 •35 ' 33 ii m mm First row: .-Vdams, Anderson. H.. Andei on. J.. Arnitstead, Boles. Brown. Burnett. Cnnipbell. Second row: Causey. Cleve. Colley, Collins, Colvin. Dnvls, Devlin. Third row: Doss, DuBoise, Ellis, Ellisor, Gaines. Giles, Glllespy. Fourth row: Gisler, C.rllln, C.uill.eau, llargls, llendrick, llendriv, Hodde, Holmes. Firth row: Howard, Johnston, Kahle, Kendrick, Klttredge, Lewis. C. Lewis. J.. LIttell. Sixth row: Little, Lonnergnn. Lovelady. Martin. MeCnII, McCoIluni. Mllburn. beventh row: Moor, Ogdoli, Redding. SImonton, Smith. St. Martin, StranRe. Eighth row: Thigpon. Tliornhlll, Tooke. Wnhl, Watt. Webb. Weber. Woods. ' i H C H I PAGE 223 ALPHA KAPPA KAPPA: Professional Medical Fraternity. Founded at Dartmouth College, 1888. Alpha Beta Chapter established at Tulane in 1903. w First row: Allen, Bertinol, Bostkk, Bridges. Burdin. Second row: Coleman, Cowen, Dawson, Dupre, Farish. Third row: Hough, Huddleston, Johnson, Knight. Larose. Fourth row: Lisenby, Long, Mason, McKenzie, Melvin. Fifth row: Moore, Morrison, Murphree, Nesbitt, Newman. Sixth row: Pitts. Rice. Smith, Soniat, Tomb. Seventh row: Turberville, Vaughan, Vhicent, Warren, Webb, Welch. ALPHA • KAPPA • KAPPA PAGE 224 Fratres in Facultate Dr. Oscar W. Betjiea Dr. Muir Bradl urn Dr. Dono ' an C. Browne Dr. James C. Cole Dr. Conrad G. Collins Dr. Hermann B. Gessner Dr. Charles S. Holbrook Dr. Edward L. King Dr. Charles F. Lacey Dr. Ernest S. Lewis Dr. Edward P. McCormac Dr. Abrabanr L. Metz Dr. Morell W. Miller Dr. Emile P. Naef Dr. Wilbur C. Smith Fratres in Universitate Dean H. Allen ' 35 George S. Allen ' 36 HaliJh F. Allen ' 35 Archie J. Baker ' 35 Gerald Bertinot ' 35 John N. Bostick ' 33 William H. Bridges ' 35 James A. Brown ' 34 John J. Burdin. Jr ' 35 Russell B. Carson ' 35 Louie P. Coleman ' 36 Oswald W. Cosby ' 34 Charles H. Cowen ' 36 Howard F. Currie ' 34 Leslie L. Daviet ' 34 Jefferson Davis ' 34 Lewis M. Dawson ' 36 Richard B. DeLee ' ' 34 Gerald S. Doolin ' 36 Robert E. DuprS |34 Clarence G. Farish ' 33 Charles J. Fisher ' 34 Henry C. Gahagan ' 34 Edward F. Goldsmith. Jr ' 34 Patrick H. Hanley ' 33 John G. Hart ' 34 John S. Herring ' 35 Aubrey J. Hough ' 36 Paul M. Huddleston ' 35 Calvin M. Johnson ' 33 Henry J. Kaufman, Jr ' 34 Harry C. Knight ' 33 Frederick J. Krueger ' 34 Joseph D. Landry ' 35 Joseph H. Larose. Jr ' 34 Volney R. Liddell [34 Amsie H. Lisenby ' 33 William M. Long |33 .Tim McKenzie ' 33 William C. Maloy ' 36 Larkin K. Mason ' 33 Perry D. Melvin ' 33 Carl F. Moore. Jr ' 36 Walter E. Murphree ' 35 Samuel D. Murray ' 36 Lee T. Nesbitt ,36 Leonce D. Newman ' 33 David M. Pipes ' 34 Edward B. Pitts 3a William P. Rice ' 34 Dan B. Searcy 34 William T. Sellers 33 Willia n S. Siler, Jr ' 34 Eugene D. Simmons 35 Donald W. Smith ' 33 Theodore L. L. Soniat ' 35 Luther L. Terry ]35 Naugle K. Thomas ' 36 Andrew S. Tomb. Jr ' 33 Wilton E. Tugwell ' 35 John K. Tuberville ' 35 Julian T. Turner ' 36 William L. Tyler, Jr ' 36 Lutlier M. Vauj?han ' 36 Richard W. Vincent ' 36 Albert L. Ward ' 36 William S. Warren ' 36 ' 33 ' 35 ' 35 ' 35 Robert W. Webb . . a Jame s W. Welch, Jr Russell L. Welch Norman B. Willia; W u w w u 1 THETA KAPPA PSI: Professional Medical Fraternity. Founded at Medical College of Virginia in 1879. Pi Chapter established at Tulane in 1908. Fratres in Facultate In. Ki.b. ' it l ri ' liliaj ' il 1 ir. chiiflfs I,. Itrnwii Dr. Kai ' l X. Hi-ownr Dr. Wllfv It. niitlliiKl " " Dr. Wlllliim W. Hut Iciworlll Dr. OeorKi ' H. (■. 11I.t Dr. Fostei- Jl. .loliiis Dr. Fnink .]. Klnln ' iT» r Dr. Pliul G. I.ai-nil. Dr. J ' aul A. WilUu-nn.v Dr. Henry E. Mi-naKc Dr. William II. I ' .Tklns Byrnil E. Polln U Dr. Kobc rt 11. I ' oU.s Dr. .rosejih W. HoiUloih Dr. Rayniotul H. Uohurts Dr. William H. .Sin ' niann Dr. Tlioma.s B. S.llcrs Fratres in Universitate Bon.januu !■ ' . AlK-n ' ;H Edwin T. Arnold. .Jr ' 30 John W. Ashby ' 35 Frod O. Bartli-son ' 34 J.co W. Benson ' 3(i James W. Brantley ' 3G Froduric W. Brewi ' r ' 34 Dannii- H. Byram ' 3e Eldredge 1.. Carroll ' 33 Ernest .S. Cole ' 3(i James Ij. Collier ' 33 Ronald E. Corkern ' 34 Charles J. Donald. Jr ' 3( Franklin D. Edwards ' 34 Bon v. Fleming , ' 33 Martin I.. Flynt, .Ir ' 36 Roeer M. Flynt ' 34 Ross E. Fowler ' 35 James R. Godfrey ' 3G Paul R. Googe ' 35 Frank T. Gouau.-v, Jr ' 36 Matthew R. Green ' 34 John V. Gwln ' 36 Frodoriek W. Heath ' 33 Edwin J. Herpieh ' 36 Floyd It. Hindclang ' 33 Merrell O. Hines ' 36 James H. Hollimon ' 36 Charles E. Hooper ' 36 Woodrow M. Hcwdon ' 36 Lawrenee B. Hudson. Jr ' 35 James D. Hutchlna ' 34 Euclid A. Isbell ' 33 Pearce S. Johnson ' 36 Charles A. .Tones ' 34 Robert A. Kooken ' 34 Thomas E. I.owe ' 33 Eugene W. MeCollnm ' 36 William E. MeElveen ' 36 Phili]) W. Mallory ' 34 Roger W. Manar ' 34 Guy Ij. Odom ' 33 Thomas J. Payne. Jr ' 35 Jesse S. Pugh ' 36 Frederiek T.. Risller ' 36 Roy F. Itoberts ' 33 Earl S. Seale ' 35 Richard E. Selser ' 36 Harry B. Shaw. Jr ' 36 Dayrel D. .Smith ' 35 Gregory Smith ' 34 James A. SproU ' S. .Ir ' 36 Warren C. Stephens. Ji- ' 35 James E. Tale ' 33 William S. Terry, Jr ' 35 John T. D. Thames ' 35 Robert P. Vincent. Jr ' 3G Noley H. A ' lnson ' 35 Ben.iamln C. Wallace. Jr ' .15 Luther P. Walter. Jr ' 34 James A. White. .Jr ' 34 John JI. Whitney !...!. ' 34 Rus.sell C. Willoughby ' 34 Tva G. Wilson ' 33 John J. Young ' 36 Alphiuise II. X.ii ' man " 35 w First row: Bunson, Brewer, Brantley. Carroll. Second row; C ' nitier. Corkein. Kowler. Fleming. Green. Tliird row: Gwin. Googe. Hooi ei. iUatli. lUntU ' liinp. Fourth row: Mines. Hollininn, Hulchlns. Isliell. Jones. Kiltli row: Jolmyon. Kouken. I. owe, Mallory. Mnnar. Sixth row; MeKIveen. Otlont. Kolu-rts. Seller. SproKs. Seventh row: Stephens. Smith. Tate. Terry, Thtuwes. Fight h row: Vincent. Walter. Willoughhy. Wilson, Zlonmn. THETA • KAPPA • PSI PAGE 225 «i NU SIGMA NU: Professional Medical Fraternity. Founded at Uni- versity of Michigan in 1882. Beta Iota Chapter established at Tulane in 1910. y y y y y y First row: Baldwin. Banister, Blaines, Blum. Second row: Bowman, Burt, Cailleteau, Davis, Desporte. Third row: Donnell. Dyer. Everett. Fancher, Hartung. Fourth row: Higginbotham. Howell, Hume, Irwin, Jenning Fifth row: Keeton, Lazaro, Lewis. Matthews. McCurdy. Sixth row: McVea. Meek. Meyer, Myers, Parsons. Seventh row: Robinson, Russell, Vales, Vaughan. Villien. Eighth row: Voorhies. " Walters. Weed. Whitehead. N U SIGMA N U PAGE 226 Fratres In Facultate Dr. Charles J. Bloom Dr. Edgar Burns Dr. Octave C. Cassegrain Col. Charles F. Craig Dr. Charles W. Duval Dr. Charles L. Eshleman Dr. Amos M. Graves Dr. Irving Hardesty Dr. George L. Hardin Dr. George D. Lilly Dr. Julian H. Lombard Dr. J. Denegre Martin Dr. Rudolph Matas Dr. E. W. Alton Ochsncr Dr. Albert B. Pitkin Dr. John G. Pratt Dr. Ambrose H. Storck Dr. Martin T. Van Studdiford Dr. Blaurice P. Sullivan Fratres In Universitate Elmer S. Allen. Jr -35 Donald M. Baldwin ' a4 Ray G. Banister ' 34 James G. Elaine, Jr ' 35 Joseph B. Blum, III -35 Milton B. Bowman, Jr ' 33 Lawrence W. Burt ' 36 Edward G. Cailleteau ' 33 John H. Oarlock, Jr ' 35 C. Brigman Craft ' 35 Edward A. Crowell, Jr ' 35 Hamlet I. Davis, Jr ' 34 John S. Desporte ' 35 Verner J. Donnelly ' 35 Isadore Dyer ' 33 Peter Everett, Jr ' 33 J. Richard Fancher ' 34 Joseph B. Farrior ' 36 Nollie C. Felts ' 35 Thomas P. Foltz ' 35 Humphrey H. Hardy, Jr ' 35 Carl A. Harlung ' 33 James M. Higginbotham ' 33 Julian P. Howell ' 35 Charles R. Hume ' 36 Charles G. Hutcheson ' 36 Thom..is M. Irwin ' 36 William L. Jennings " 36 Carrol A. Johnson, Jr ' 35 Roland G. Keeton " 35 Robert C. Kemp, Jr ' 35 Ladislas Lazaro 3 3 Arthur N. Lewis, Jr ' 36 Frank R. Lock ' 3a William C. McCurdy, Jr 36 George G. McHardy. Ill " 36 Charles McVea ' 33 Edward de S. Matthews ' 36 Edwin M. Meek ' 34 Walter B. Meyer ' 36 Masters H. Moore, Jr ' 34 Onnie P. Myers ' 35 Hugh E. Parsons ' 36 William W. Phillips. Jr ' 36 Edward B. Robinson, Jr ' 36 John C. Russell. Jr ' 36 Malcolm P. Schwarzenbach ' 36 Julius J. Stagg. Jr ' 33 Francis D. Threadgill [33 Nelson O. Tyrone ' 35 Edward " Vales ' 33 Fred K. Vaughan, Jr ' 35 Lastie M. VilUen ' 33 Norton W. Voorhies ' 36 Chai-les R. Walters ' 36 John C. Weed , ' 36 Allen H. Whitehead 3b y u u 11 Fratrcs in Facultatc 1)K. SlDNIiV W. Ul.lSS Ok. John ]i. Ooocii Dr. Julian Gi ' Ai ' nAicEii Dr. John R. IIumi; Dr. l.i.ovn J. Kuiin Dr. Louis V. J. Loi ' i:z Dr. Anees Mooabcab Dr. RniiKRT A. Stroxg Fratrcs In Untvcrsitate Llk J. Ali;. anurr . William F. Barefoot . Vincent J. D. Derbes . Otis F. Gav MlI.lON M. Hatiawav . KnwARo A. IIeffxer, Jr. Norman D. Mines . John C. Hoi.man, Jr. . Harris Isbell .... Carl R. Jensen . . . EuvviN S. Kacy .... Thomas E. Kelly . Walter O. McCammon Ely D. Rowland . . . Joseph E. Sl. te . . . Richard M. Street . . Sheldon Teer .... Gi ' STAVus W. Tho.viasson IK ' MK A. TllO.VlASON . . Frank O. Tom en y . . Waldo L. Treutino . . Robert G. Wagner . . Roger I. Wall .... IIoH AKii li. Williams . Jr. 3 + ' 3+ ' 34 ' 35 ' 34 ' 35 ' 36 ' 34 ' 34 •36 ' 34 ' 35 ' 35 ' 34 ' 34 ' 35 ' 34 ' 36 ' 33 ' 35 ' 34 ' 34 ' 34 ' 35 I ' ll I RHO SIGMA: Proffssion.nl Mi ' dic.il Fraternity. Founded at Norlhivfslcrn Mrdical School in 1890. Dilta Omicron Alpha Chapter established at Tulane in 1918. OQO First row: .-Vlexander. Barefoot. Gay. Hattawny. Second row: HerTiior. Holinaii. Isliell. Third row: Kilgy. K.IIy. IJowlAlul. Koiirth row; Teor. Tliomn. ' ' on. Tomciiy. Firth row; TrolUliiB. VaKiuT. Wall. P H RHO SIGMA PAGE 227 T 1 PHI DELTA EPSILON: Professional Medical Fraternity. Founded at Cornell University in 1904. Alpha Iota Chapter established at Tu- lane in 1918. First row: Blitz, Block. Cohen, Frieclman. Second row: Gendel, Gurdin, Kaplan. Third row: Marks, H., Marks, P.. Monsky, Fourth row : Nachlas, Ochs, Romeo. Fifth row: Rothendler, Steiner, Weitz. PHI • DELTA • EPSILON PAGE 228 Fratres in Facultate Dr. Emile Block Dr. Isidore Cohn Dr. Sidney M. Copland Dr. Sam B. Saiewitz Dr. Daniel N. Silverman Dr. Sidney K. Simon Dr. Herbert L. Weinberger Fratres in Universitate Oscar Blitz ' 34 Milton E. Block ' 33 Stanley Cohen ' 35 Ralph Friedman ' 36 Benjamin R. Gendel . • . • • ' 35 Meyer Gurdin ' 33 Morris Kaplan ' 35 HippoLYTE P. Marks, Jr ' 36 Paul L. Marks ' 36 David B. Monsky ' 33 Abe Nachlas ' 36 Louis Ochs, Jr ' 34 Harry L. Orlov ' 34 Zachary J. Romeo ' 35 Harold H. Rothendler . . . . ' 33 Melvin D. Steiner ' 36 Frank Weitz ' 35 ALPHA EPSILON IOTA: Prcfi-ssional Mcdi.nl Fraternity for Wo- men. Founded at Ann Arbor» Mirliij an, in 1889. Mil Chapter estab- lished at Tulane in 1919. Sorores in Facilitate Maud I.oi:iu:k, M.I). Marie Okks-Maitimm.v, M.n. Sorores in Universitate F.VA C. ElCHOI.D ' u EOITH ESKKIGCE ' 33 Audrey U. Heintz ' 3+ Irma C. Henderson- ' 33 Jessie A. MAcDnNALi) .... ' 3+ M. Carroi.i, Smithers .... ' 33 Georciana von Lancermann . ' 35 First row: K. krlggo, Henderson. Second row: von Lnngorniann. Smtthors. ALPHA • EPSILON • IOTA PAGE 229 I ' [I PHI LAMBDA KAPPA: Professional Medical Fraternity. Founded at University of Pennsylvania in 1907. Psi Chapter established at Tulane in 1926. First row; Barkoff. Bayer, Dombeck. Second row: Machlin, Mailer. Third row: Steckel, Wechsler. Winokur. Fratres in Facilitate Dr. Sydney ' Jacobs Dr. Walter E. Levy Dr. Isidore L. Robbins Fratres In Universitate Samuel Barkoff ' 34 Berkard H. Bayer ' 35 Murray A. Diamond ' 36 Sol Domeeck ' 35 Irvin M. Grassgreen ' 35 Joseph Hudes ' 35 Irving Machlix ' 33 Bernard L. Maller ' 34 Elliot Phillips ' 34 Robert Segal ' 33 Morris L. Steckel ' 34 Herman ' Wechsler ' 34 Benedict Weinstein ' 36 Solomon Winokur ' 33 PHI • LAMBDA • KAPPA PAGE 230 4 PHI DELTA PHI: Professional I.e«al Fraternity, rounded at Mich- igan University in 1869. White ' s Inn established at Tulane in 1911. Fralrcs in FacuUate S. W ' ddii Uk(U s, Jk. II. .Mm.ton ' Coi.vin ' CiiAni.ES E. Dunbar, Jr. Judge Rufus E. Foster Sumter D. Marks, Jr. Eugene A. Nabors Walter J. Sutiion, Jr. Delvaille H. Theard Fratres in UniversUate TiiEonoRE L. Balek . . HiiGii II. Krister . . . Thomas V. Davenport Harry D. de Buys . . JnriN P. F.verejt . . . J. II. Ramioi.ph Feltus J. Wricht Frierson . . Franklin W. Gardiner . J. Van B. Gresham . . Alec A. Johnson . . . Duncan S. Kemp . . . Hunter C. Leake, II . Archey B. McBride . . Joseph McCloskey, Jr. . .Allison T. Miller . . A. Brown Moore . . . James H. Morrison . . Clarence J. Morrow . John O ' Connor . . . W. Hamer O ' Kellev . Jo T. Orendorf . . . HiLLYER S. Parker . . James M. Roberi-, Jr. . Jack W. Schwab . . . Arthur C. Watson . . William C. Watson, Jr RiCHAKi) B. Williams . {I L 3 + 33 33 3+ 3+ 3+ 33 33 33 33 33 33 33 3 + 3+ 34 33 34 34 33 33 33 34 33 33 33 33 First row: Bristir. !.■ nu.vs. Everett. Feltus. SiH-ond row: Gresham. Kemp. Leake. Tlilril row: Moore. Mf.rrlsoll. Morrow. Fourih row: Parker. Robert. Schwab. Firth row: Watson, A.. Watson. W.. Williams. ' I 1 1 P H I DELTA • PHI PAGE 231 PHI ALPHA DELTA: Professional Legal Fraternity. Founded at Chicago-Kent College of Law in 1897. Francois Xavier Martin Chap- ter established at Tulane in 1924. First row: Coulson, Davidson, Hubert. Second row: McBride, McCormiclc, Sliapiro. Third ro-vi ' : " Wegener, Williamson, Wilson. Fratres in Facultate P. UL W. Brosman Mitchell Fraxklin " James J. Morrison " Rexe a. Viosca Judge W. W. Westerfield Fratres in Universitate Walter H. Coulsox ' 34 C. Girard Davidsox ' 33 Herxax R. Fraxco ' 33 Leox D. Hubert, Jr ' 34 Rudolph M. McBride ' 34 JOHX F. McCORMICK ' 33 James P. Moore, Jr ' 34 Jake Shapiro ' 34 Edmuxd T. Wegexer ' 33 Charles S. Williamson, III . . . ' 34 George A. Wilsox ' 33 PHI • ALPHA • DELTA PAGE 232 II w 1 Fratrcs in Facilitate ClIAKI.IS 15. DRKS, JK. M.MRIL ' E F. llui-OUR Dr. Raymond Frkas Dr. Arthur O. Kasti.kr Lours J. Landry Raoul J. Landry Forrest L. McKennox Hal W. Moseley Elisha F. Pollard Charles S. Williamson, Jk. Fratres in Vniversi ' ate Graduate Stl drxts BORROUGHS R. IIlII. Clark O. Mill er Arthur F. Moixet, Jr. Arthur G. Rohwer Joseph A. S.vyder, Jr. Undergraduate Students J. Dudley Atkinson, Jr Ralph D. Bab in Marshall Ballard, Jr. C. Julian Bartlett Krnest W. Beck, Jr Charles L. Chavicny Lowell B. Damonte J. Bres Eustis Edgar J. C. Hacstette, Jr. . . . Edouard F. Henriques, Jr. . . . John E. Hillier Horace Hinds. Jr Merkl L. Lacarde James E. Moise Cecil M. Shilstone Rivers Singleton Charles B. Thorn, Jr Robert W. Ziiile ' 33 ' 3+ ' 33 ' 35 ' 34 ' 33 ' 33 ' 34 ' 34 ' 35 ' 34 ' 33 ' 34 ' 33 ' 35 ' 33 ' 34 ' 33 ALPHA CHI SIGMA: Professional Chemical Frattrnity. Founded at University of Wisconsin in 1902. Alpha Tan Cliapter established at Tiilanc in 1928. First row: Atklii.«on. Babiii. Bnrtli ' tt, Scrond row: Beck. Chavicny, Daniuiuc. Third row: Hinds. Molso. Slill.ftoiie. Fourth row: Thorn. Zlltlo. ( T ALPHA • CHI • SIGMA PAGE 233 " s w [I J=. 4k Phi Beta Kappa Founded at William and Mary College, 1776. ALPHA CHAPTER OF LOUISIANA Organized iQog I • - t w u Morton A. Aldrich May a. Allen Douglas S. Anderson Joseph A. S. Barry Edward A. Bechtel Walter C. Bosch Herbert E. Buchanan Carolln ' e Burson Pierce Butler Mildred G. Christian George Cramer Harold Cummins Albert B. Dinwiddie Brandt V. B. Dixon Adele M. Drouet Charles E. Dunbar, Jr. William L. Duren, Jr. Faculty Meusers John M. Fletc. .v Lydia E. Frotscher Herman B. Gessner Frederick Hard P. J. Kahle John S. Kendall Richard R. Kirk Stella M. Leche Harold N. Lee Isaac I. Lemann Monte M. Lemann Ernest S. Lewis John M. McBryde Roger P. McCutcheon Anna E. Many Sumter D. Marks, Jr. Recent Elections Leon Ryder Maxwell Clara M. de Milt Rose L. Mooney Eugene A. Nabors Graden W. Regenos Ernest Riedel Ralph J. Schwarz Dorothy W. Seago William Benjamin Smith Imogene Stone Marten ten Hoor Susan D. Tew Rene A. VioscA Marie J. Weiss Ellsworth Woodward Garret P. Wytkoff Class of 1932 Hilda Christine Margaret Arndt Evelyn Winston Magruder Esther Cleveland Joseph McCloskey, Jr. Cerda Louise Donovan Elise Helene McGehee Clarence Holmes Ford Arthur Frederick Moixet, Jr. Muriel F ' nye Haas Clarence James Morrow- Leon Dayries Hubert, Jr. Carroll Joseph Peirce, Jr. Elizabeth Kells Pierson Sally Reed Beverly Estelle Swanton Garland Forbes Taylor LuciLE Andrews Torrey Charles Weiss ■ " s: M ' :qp PAGE 236 .-4- il; J Beta Gamma Sigma " Natio7icl htijuorary Commerce Fraternity " Founded at University of W ' iscon in and I ' nivcrsity of Illinois, 1913. ALPHA CHAPTER OF LOUISIANA InsialliJ qj6 Officers C. HoiMER Kees President Robert W. Elsasser rice-President Joseph A. Gr.AML Secretary-Treasurer Frntrcs in Facilitate Fratres in Vnivcrsitatc Morton A. Aldrich Joseph A. Graml Robert W. Elsasser c. Homer Kees Willis B. Pipkin Frank Lemann F. Santrv Reed Robert L. Reisfeld Jay C. Van Kirk Jiles J. A ' iosca, Jr. V U w w V t t Harold A. Arbo Richard O. Baumbach Hooper P. Carter Herbert D. Cohen Joseph A. Cohen Lazar Ira Cohen Bennie Cohn Henry R. Crais C;us A. Elgutier Walter J. Fountain J. Walter Heyman Albert E. Holleman Alumni p. Barney Hopkins Ordway Kastler Joseph W. Kidd Hugh B. Kohlmayer Trevor C. Lewis John J. Lienhard, Jr. Louis L. I.owentrut Jack J. Margolin Lawrence W. Martin- Ernest B. Mason Martin L. Matthews, Jr. Alfred Mercier, Jr. Marvin S. Mingledorff Thomas D. Mingledorff A. Leonard Robinett John E. Ry.man Edmond . . Salassi Thomas R. Sartor, Jr. Edward Read Sherwood Robert L. Si.mpson CJeorce T. Walne, Jr. Bennie Weiner Frederick A. You.ngs Honorary Members E. Davis McCutciieon Leon Charles Simon • U xs: PAGE 237 M 4k Dr. Paul Brosmax Dr. Daxiel S. Elliott -5- Davidson, Jopf s, McCloskey, Moore, Myers. Payne, ks. RoTi- rt. Zimmerman. Cmicron Delta Kappa National Honorary Leadership Fraternity Founded at Washington and Lee, 1914. ALPHA ZETA CIRCLE Established IQSO Fratres in Facultate Prof. Robert W. Elsasser Dr. Edmoxd Faust Dr. Leon " Menville Fritz Oakes Prof. F. Saxtrv Reed Members Elected in 1932 Urbaix Burvaxt C. GiRARD Davidson- Ben C. Dawkins, Jr. Ernest Eustis Xollie C. Felts Vernon Haynes Leonard S. Isacks R. Cary Jones N. thaniel B. Knight, Edmond Le Breton Joseph McCloskey, Jr. Jr. Cuthbert S. Baldwin Robert E. Craig Cartwright Eustis Graduate Members D.iRWIN S. Fenner Bltit W. Henry J. Blanc Monroe Hugh B. McPhail Brown Moore BuFORD M. My ' ers, Jr. Charles B. Odom Francis C. P. yne William F. Penney- Jesse Rainwater James M. Robert, Jr. Edward Stoutz Samuel Zemurray Don G. Zimmerman Urban J. Mooney, Jr. Dr. Walter O. Moss Rudolph Weinmann Officers Joseph AIcCloskev, Jr President James M. Robert, Jr Jlce-Prcsident Edmoxd J. Le Bretox Secretary XoLLlE C. Felts Treasurer xa. M :s PAGE 238 w -5- T Hayncs. Hubert, RIoore, Myers. Payne, Pei.ncy, Ta, Kappa Delta Ph Garlaxi) F. Taylor RiCHARO BaUMBACII JOHX GiDIERE Established at Tiilaiie, 1904 Officers . President Fraxcis C. Pavxi- . Bl FORD W. M HRS, Sccrctfuy-Trrnsiirri Members Elected 1928 Adam " Buster " Harper JOH Menvii.i.e Harry A. Monroe ' ii.MER " Dick " Rooers . I irt-Prisittt lit Jo:i B. Saxford Members Elected 1929 Berxie Biermax Sfieloon S. Blue Ai.nix P. Lassiter Earl F. Evans Herbert D. Kord AxRREw T. Hooper Bernarii McCloskev Martin I.. M. niiEvvs John S. Wmatlev Members Elected 1 ' 30 (;. Armstrong Allen ' Francis " Ike " Armstrong Lous Bristow Edward H. (Jessxer Charles B. Hexriques Dax S. Moore Bruno Stoi.ley Charles E. Webr lUnii V. Wiiati.ev, Jr. Calvert G. de Colignv Frederick H. Fox ' ernon C. Havnks Leon D. Huberi ' , Ir. Members Elected 1931 Harneit T. Kane Elmer M. McCance Members Elected 1932 Lom) r. Roberts Gakland F. Taylor Robert L. Menuet Brown Moore BuioRD M. Myers. Jr. William F. Pexxev Fraxcis C. Payxe . ( k ' .- .Ilumniis . Ik. R. (. ' . Baumbach luKiilly Coiiiimtlor . . D: . W. I HiREX Kri ' f ii Dr tii Phi is ;in lionor;ii - fT;ircTnir tor the pioiiion ' oii of Tiilaiic spirit. It selects cacli year t ' roni till " Junior ami Senior Classes men wlio have heen conspiciious tor .scliool spirit aiui tor ilistini;uishi.-d ami unseKish loyaIt aiul eiuieavor thiriiiii their uiii ersity careers. M PAGE 239 ' M 4h i| y u y u y y Claverie. de Buys, Friedrichs, Howard, Isacks. Kuhner. latthews, Miazza, Moore. Odom. Schwab, Thomas, " Walters, Weed. Phi Ph ]unior-Senlor National Fraternity for the Promotion of School Spirit SPHINX OF TULANE Members Harry de Buys Albert Claverie Shelby Friedrichs Jack Gottschalk William Howard Leonard S. Isacks, L. T. Kuhner JR- Edward Iatth ews Kalford Miazza Brown ] Ioore Guy Odom Jack Schwab N. K. Thomas Richard Walters John C. Weed " The purpose of Sphinx of Tiilane shall be that of a senior societ - choos- ing its members on a basis of character, leadership, mentality, and per- sonality, to thus bring together in a feeling of fellowship the ablest and most active thought and leadership in collegiate life at Tulane Uni- versity. " " M is:: PAGE 240 - 4 I t w Burch, Collier. Hartung, HigKinbotham. Kahle, Mc Kinney, McVea, Wilson. Alpha Omega Alpha (To be worthy to serve the suffering) Honorary Medical Fraternity STARS AND BARS CHAPTER Dr. Charles S. Holbrook President Dr. Oscar Rethea Vice-President Dr. George B. Collier Secretary-Treasurer Honorary Member in Faculty Honorary Alumni Member Dr. Hhxrv Laurens Dr. Charles L. Eshlemax Members Elected from the Class of 1932 Henrv Reicharo Kahle W George Edward Birch. Jr. IVIarv Axx McKixNEY J_L: James Morrls Higginhotham Richard Kli Chi Lee IL .Qa1 ' Qiox Pang Charles Mc ' ea 19p2J Carl Adam Harting James Leath Collier - Gorihjn Vilsox ■ believe in the tenets of abiding truth, which is the guiding star of our order. Ve believe in tlie helping hand which is the bar which binds us in our calling. Ve believe in the unity of service to one another which lends to the weary a word of cheer, to the poor a portion of our share, to the weak a meed of pity, to th? stricken a voice of comfort, to the old a memory of youth, and to the wayfarer a help along to the journey ' s end. Our emblem will al va s he an inspiration to duty, remembering it stands for excellence in all things, purit. ' of piupose and honesty of method and effort, witli the hh-ssing of an .-Xlma L-iter upon each who wears her badge of honor. May our lives lie among tiic stars which light the way to the great mystery and may we so live that when we reach the end of the road we ma find the veil, which parted, leads to the height of everlasting peace. Sic ad Astra! ' Xq J PAGE 241 i( BccliceS, Burkes. Eu: ;..-. Z-ii. .:i::..-r. :„. ii v.-ortb, Ferguson. Frenz. Gates. Hubbard, Ing e Jordan. JuDg. Martin, Penrj-, Poindescer, Shalicros?. Schulze, Woo3fo!k. White Elephants f w u u Freshman Society for the Proniotion of School Spirit Founded at Tulane Universitj-, January, 1921 TULANE JCNGLE Zeb W. rd Jungle Trunk Francis J. Ixge Jungle Tusk Sigma Chi johs poixdexter Mac W. Burke Paul Sh-Allcross Phi Kappa Sigma James C. Mallory T. B. Bechtel Cecil L. Allred. Jr. Kappa Alpha Dale Gates Philip Farnsworth Graxt Jahxcke Little Tusks Alpha Tail Oinega Winter Woolfolk. Jr. Herman John " Schllze David Bagley Pexx Kappa Sigma Thomas Don Ferguson Arthur L. Jung, Jr. Harry P. Jordan Delta Tau Delta ' . LTER S. Collins George C. Perry Gordon McHardy Phi Delta Theta Arthur J. Butt Francis J. Inge Charles B. Burns Sigma Alpha Ep ilcn J. D. Martin Tkomas O. Asbury, Jr. Loren Hubeard Pi Kappa Alpha Joe Frenz Zeb Ward J. V. Burkes The If ' hite Elephant Cup is an annual award to the student of that ear ' s Freshman Class adjudged the Best Ail-Round Freshnian by a faculty committee based on scholarship, athletics, general popular- it ' on the campus, and with regard to campus actixnties and offices in general. JoHX B. !McDaxiel was the winner of the cup for the session 1931-32. - M :s7 PAGE 242 4k f w BoriJ, Bur well. Claiborne. Haizlip. Nichols, Sloo. Smith. Tipping. Thirteen Club - t w u w In Honorary Freshmati Interjraternity Club for the Purpose of Promoting Class and School Spirit. Founded 1920 Members Thomas W. Borx Philip Blrweu, Waltek II. Ci.aieornt:, Jr. Hrnry H. Haizlip, Jr. George V. BoFixnER Laurance EisTis Jr. Cr..u-E E. Ciu. II C. JLI.IAN KaRTLEIT Murray F. Clevelaxd EnwARo EusTis Edgar H. Farrar Lawrence V. Burt Robert Higdon " Leonard S. Isacks, |r. Class of ' 36 John- Kost.maver Charles H. Moore Wh.llvm Nichols Tho.mas Sloo, Jr. Howard Smith Class of ' 35 B. M. Harvard. Jr. George Janvier, Jr. Pete Mexce Albert M. Noxxvoon Class of ' 34 To. i Harry S. Hugh Lumpkin FoxTAixE Martin, Jr. W. Porcher Miles. Jr. Charles W. Sherwood Class of ' 33 Allison T. Miller William New loHN I. Read Charles Smither DoLAX Tipping Mar:ox ' erla der Richard B. Wood Richard M. P.vge Ashtox Phelps Edward B. Poitevext J. Walker Sullivax J. Dimmick Thetford Charles B. Thorx, Jr. Phil Woe ax Desha Sims John C. Weed Iames Witherspoox = s:a M PAGE 243 «I 1( JlL 4k w u I t w w Legier, Rollins. Schwartz Wilcox, Wilson Alpha Sigma Sigma Senior Honorary Fraternity Members Eleanor Legier Sophie Rollins Alice Schwartz Mettha Westfeldt Mary Louise Wilcox Marjorie Wilson In Facultate Mildred Christian Adele Drouet Alpha Sigma Sigma is the honorary senior fraternity, organized at Newcomb in 1916 to promote interest in college and class activities. Each year those juniors who, throughout their college career, have done the most loyal, effective, and unselfish work for their college and their class are elected to membership. - xs: M :£P ' FASE 244 - 4 ' I t w Adams. Campbell. Hartung, Isbell, Johnson. Johnston. Kendrick. McVea, Mason, Simonton, Vales, Villien, Wood. Owl Club Founded at Tulane, 1921 A Junior-Senior interfraternity honor society for the maintenance of higher standards in the Medical School. Officers Carl A. Hartung President Leland M. Johnston J ' icc-Prcsiihnt James E. Kendrick, Jr Secretary Julius J. Stagg, Jr Treasurer Members Daniel M. Adams, Jr. Samuel J. Campbell Eldredge L. Carroll Carl A. Hartung Euclid A. Isbell Calvin- M. Johnson Hiram M. Anderson James P. Anderson Donald M. Baldwin Ray (.;. Banister V. McDonald Boles Seniors Leland M. Johnston Henry R. Kahle James E. Kendrick, Jr. Charles H. McCollum, Jr. Charles McVea Larkin K. Mason Juniors Hunter M. Brown Richard B. DeLee James R. Fanciier M. Ragan Green Robert M. Simonton Julius J. Stagc, Jr. Edward Vales Lastie M. Villien Iva G. Wilson Tho.mas B. Woods. Jr. Willia.m a. Howard Charles A. Jones Sim B. Lovelady Masters H. Moork. Jr. David M. Pipes " :s: A M PAGE 245 t y - yt 4h Bogs s. Cleveland, de Buys, Eustis. Feltus. Habaiis. Kuhner, Kyle, McNeill. Moore. O ' Connor, Poitevant, Tessier, Zinmifrnian. Alpha Alpha Alpha Honorary Pre-Legal Fraternity Founded at University of Illinois, 1920. BETA CHAPTER Eslablhlied IQ31 Faculty Member Dr. Paul W. Brosman Pre-Legal Members T. Hale Boggs Murray F. Cleveland Edward Eustis Leinhard T. Kuhner Charles A. Kyle J. David McNeill Jack A. O ' Connor AsHTON Phelps Edward B. Poitevent George D. Tessier Richard C. Whitten Don G. Zimmerman, Jr. College of Law Members Harry D. de Buys Joseph McCloskev, Jr. J. H. Randolph Feltus Allison T. Miller J. Bernard Habans A. Brown Moore Howard A. Weadock u y y u y y I 1 ' nS M B iST PAGE 246 Jz h Tup row: Oms Dart. Mivltry, Dr. Pi ' iifountl. Cahf-n. Dr. Wilson Middle l;o v: llr. Hathaway. BicU. Goldman. Steiner. Holcombe Bottom Uow: Landry. Brownson. Wright. Watkins. Lob. Holmes. Beta Mu Honorary Biological Fraternity w w u Active Members Bk.. di.kv C. Hrovvnson COKDON ' W. C.MJ.nNnKK Ferd M. Lob Allan M. Golu.m.w Ricn.. Ri) Gordon Holcombe John A. Holmes Emile M.altry, Jr. Luis R. O.vis Al.I.AN G. V. TKI S MiKi- Wright KnWARl) S. IIAIIIAWAV Faculty Advisors W ' ll.I.lAM T. rKMOl ' M) Pledges Rose Marion Beeson John W. Bick Irvin Cahen Mary Elizabeth Davenport Joel A. Dawson . ' lbert L. Dart William E. Frantz Martin Lamoen Allen M. Steiner Kathryn Veith Miriam Veith Francis H. Wilson Officers All.an Ck V tki s Prisithnt MiKi Wkicht Fice-Pirsitliiii I ' lRi) M. I.dn Sccntnry-Trfiisiinr l R. l.l: ■ C Hrownsox . . Chtiirninn Program Committee Idhx a. Hol.mes Cliiiirmaii Lecture Committee - " :a M le:: PAGE 247 ) _A: 4h Bingham, Eostick, Carroll, Corkern. Fleming, Green. Hendrix, Hutchinson, Isbell, Pittmann, Tear. Square and Compass An Intercollegiate Society of Master Masons Founded at Washington and Lee Universit}-, 1917 TULANE SQUARE Establislied igjo Ronald E. Corkern President Clifton O. Bingham . . Euclid A. Isbell Vice-President Jewell J. Pittman . . . M. Ragan Green Secretary Bex P. Fleming .... Eldredge L. Carroll Treasurer Benjamin F. Allen . . . Advisory Council Ronald E. Corkern Chairman Eldredge L. Carroll R. E. Ramsey Wilbur C. Smith, M.D. Active Members Benjamin F. Allen William M. Boles M. Racan Green Hiram M. Anderson John N. Bostick Benjamin B. Hutchinson Paul E. Baird Eldredge L. Carroll Euclid A. Isbell Fred D. Bartleson Ronald E. Cockern Jewell J. Pittman Clifton O. Bingham Ben P. Fleming H. Bernard Shaw, Jr. Honorary Members J. A. Davilla W. J. Kaiser H. R. Perez R. E. Ramsey W. J. Hugo P. L. Luck George Poith R. H. Schaffnit E. L. Jahncke T. F. Mathes E. T. Price Henry Strack Passive Members Joe Barham, M.D. G. H. Felders, M.D. N. H. Palmer, M.D. Sidney W. Bliss, M.D. J. R. Flowers E. F. Pollard, M.D. H. A. Bloom, M.D. S. F. Eraser, M.D. C. Porter Powell, M.D. C. W. Boyd, M.D. H. L. Gaidry C. S. Powell, M.D. John T. Brown, M.D. L. F. Gray, M.D. Prof. F. W. Prescott R. K. Bruff J. L. Green, M.D. A. L. Roeinett H. E. Cannon, M.D. H. C. Hatcher, M.D. Grover DeW. Rockley Paul V. Colvin, M.D. C. H. Heidelberg, M.D. M. L. Rosenbaum, M.D. L. T. Cox, M.D. Hugo Jamierson T. T. Ross, M.D. E. Scott Coyle, M.D. A. Y. Jennings, M.D. J. J. Ruffo J. W. Cummins, M.D. C. A. L.atham T. B. Sellers, M.D. S. V. D ' Amico F. L. Loria, M.D. W. A. Simpson D. R. Davis, M.D. R. C. McDowell, M.D. P. J. Slaughter, M.D. Charles T. Decker S. B. McNair, M.D. D. V. Smith, M.D. G. a. Elgutter Charles Midlo, M.D. James I. Smith E. M. N.abershing W. C. S.mith, M.D. . . . . Inner Tyler ■ ■ ■ . CJiaplain ■ . . . . Historian Master of Ceremonies Sheldon Teer Warren C. Stephens, Jr. Jodie W. Stout Sheldon Teer James A. White, Jr. A. F. Suhling W. A. Tharp H. W. Wallace, Jr. John E. Sorrells, M.D L. E. Standifer R. A. Steinmeyer D. A. Strickland, M.D. A. M. Suthon D. C. Swearingen, M.D. S. Austin Tatum, M.D. Lorenz Teer, M.D. W. C. Vetsch C. H. Voss, M.D. L. F. Wakeman Charles E. Webb, M.D. M. J. White, M.D. C. S. Williams D. R. WOMACK, M.D. w w I - M SI PAGE 248 M 4k u w Blackwell, Brown. Fitzpatrick, Friedman, Haas. Jones. Le Nasa. Marcello. Muih. Phillips. Renter, Viosca, J.; Viosca, O. ; M ' agnor. Kappa Kappa Psi National Honorary Musical Fraternity for College Bandsmen Founded at Okl.Tlioma State Collesre, i 919 RHO CHAPTER Eslablislird May, l()2y Dr. pKi-nKRiCK Hard Fratres in Facultate Dr. M rti: 11 n IIoor Fratres in Universitate John- K. Mavkr William G. Blackwell Locke Brows ' , Jr. R. II. Delauxe S. C. Fitzpatrick Sam Frikdnlw Harry Haas, Jr. R. Cary Joxes Ja.mks J. LaNasa C. J. MUTH Gi.ADsroxE Phillips F. L. Reuter J. J. Viosca O. W. Viosca Richard E. Wac.ver " M B - 7 PAGE 249 f u y u -=► iX Elizabeth Adams Nancy Allen AuRELiA Areo Hester Bernadas Clara May Buchanan Evans, Hearn, Moore Beta Delta Honorary Art Sorority Founded at Newcomb College, 1931 Founders Marcelle Leverich Lucille Livaudais Charter Members Katherine Byrne Amelie Chalaron LuciLE Chalaron Alice Mae Ellington Myra Frederickson Marjorie Haspel Margaret Henriques Betty Keenan Louise Livaudais Anna Jane Dohan Winifred Folse Honorary Members Ellsworth Woodward Mary G. Sheerer Members Elected from the Class of 1932 Katherine Kammer Ethel Ketcham Members Elected from the Class of 1933 Shirley Teunisson Beverly- Walton Betty Briscoe Rose Crossgrove JOY ' Hearn Lisette Moore Alice Evans Beta Delta, honorary art sorority, was founded at Newcomb in 193 1. Its purpose is to promote interest in art and to recognize artistic ability. Each year those Junior Art students who have been sincere and outstanding in art work are elected to membership. M 2: I PAGE 250 Haas. Jones Gargoyle Honorary Architectural Fraternity Founded at Cornell University, 1902 Installed at Tulane, 1927 i]i ' if w T Fratres in Facultate N. C. Clrms A. II. Lkvv S. Seificrth J. H. Thomson Fratres in Universitate Hakrv Haas, Jr. R. Cary Jones Class of 1931 i I C. IIermon Dean- Nkv tos- R. Howard Monroe Labouisse EouARn F. Neii.i) UnssE M. Nolan DARRELL J. PlSCIlOFF Horace C. Welman Ciiari.es Andrv Charles Ar.vistronc Dave Harrow IC. II. C ' iiRisr " Collins ninoLi., Jr. IlERNnoN M. Fair V. .X. FOLLANSBEE D. ' . Freret Alumni R. F. Gelpi IIarolo Haller V. C. Keenan II Jacob Kessels Gerharii T. Kramer Slmon Mansberg r. c. murrell Allison Owen, Jr. Herbert Parker I. William Ricciiti Magill S.siitii W. P. Spr.vtling A. Havs Toux Mackey V. White Samuel Wilson. Jr. L. Lavelle Wright ' M PAGE 251 n w w M W y C rs -,V:. ' =i i ' M ' 1 11 i l ■ Lii ., I Dr. Edmond L. Faust President Francis X. Armstrong General Manager ? Ki The Tulane Alumni Association Officers Dr. Ed.MONMJ L. F.AUST President Louis L. Rosen ricc-Prcs ' tdcnt Robert L. Siimpsox Treasurer Clifford Favrot Secretary Francis X. Armstrong General ] Ianager Executive Committee Lrt7£ ' j]lrd ' uine Wiieoinh Waits K. Lcvkrich Ok. Fki;i) Fenno Mrs. W. IIardv Henorex Waiter M. Barneit, Jr. Dr. J. T. O ' Ferrall Mrs. Lous Arramson Engineering drtu iitite Pharmacy Stanley Morris James M. Toud Henry Richarus AiiiEKi Waciiemieim, Jr. I5er ard H. Grehan Marion Lecendre Cnnuncree Arts and Sciences Dental E. Davis McCuicheon R. Franklin ' nnE Dr. Virgil .X. Robinson (Gerald . ndrus Arthur C. Waters Dr. Freh J. Wolfe riu ' .Alimini arc the lito blood ot the L iii crsity. It is the eiule;uor ot this As- sociation to tuithcr all University interests and to maintain ;i contact between the alumni and their Alma Mater. Aside Irom the New C rleans organization, our alumni clubs are formed to gi e us concentrated strength in arious sections of thi ' country, ;ind through the prestige of this membership, iiiHuence prospective stiulents fa orably toward Tulane. Membership in the Association is open to all graduates and ex-students of the Universitv. .Ml lo aI ' r danians are urged to become members of the Association either through the Annual or better still the Life Membership plan. The Bequest Insurance Plan will be presented to the graduating classes for their appro al. The benelits to be derixed b you through your participation therein will be explained in due course, b the representati es of this Association. 1 PAGE 255 Jz 4k Davidson. Isacks, Isbell. Osden, Payne, Wilson. u The Tulane Student Council t w y w y y Officers C. GiRARD Davidson, President ' ' Leonard S. Isacks, Jr., Vice-President Commerce Horatio N. Ogdex, Secretary Engineering Euclid A. Isbell Medicine Francis C. Payne Arts and Sciences Marjorie Wilson Newcomb The Tulane Student Council is composed of the student body presidents of the various colleges of the University. These ofScials, elected every spring, come into office at Commencement and remain until the ne.xt Commencement. Th; council was or- ganized in larch, 191 5, at the inception of student government at Tulane, and has functioned for eighteen years as the supreme law-making and judicial body relative to all phases of student affairs. The purpose of the Student Council is " To promote among the students a loyalty to the ideals and traditions of the University; to promote a spirit of cooperation among the several colleges and departments of the University; and to give the University a definite and concrete basis upon which a representative form of Student Government mav be built and maintained. " - M A G O- PAGE 256 = w — — w Dennery, Hirsch. Legier, Lcmann, Moore. O ' Keilly, Robertson. Rollins. Tliarp. Wilson. u Newcomb Student Council Officers Ele.anor Legier President Beatrice O ' Reii.i.v Vice-President Louise Hirsch Secretary Members Ex-Offcio ]5exit. Carre N.axcv Reeves F.Axxv Dexxery Sophie Roi.lixs LiSETTE MooRi: Marcarei- Rosser MARjdRiE ' ll.sl)x Elected lliAiKici; O ' Reii.i.v Lol isi: Hirsch Hkixt Roiuktsox Beul.ah Johnson Dixie Th.arp Alice Lemaxx V.AOA OlK)M PAGE 257 t u 11 Randolph Feltus Alston Callahan Edilor-in-Chicf Business Manager The Jambalaya Official Annual of Tulanc University Editorial Staff J. H. Raxdolph Feltus Editor-in-Chief Fontaine Martix Associate Editor Joy Hearx Neivcomb Editor Harry de Buys Sports Editor C. C. Mexdoza Medical Editor Jack Wilsox Cartoon Editor Garlaxd Taylor Cartoon Editor Assistants Sawyer Labouisse, Allax Little, Jr., Harry Tschopik, Jr., Willlam Kit- trell, Jr., Joe Frexz, ] Iarie Louise Tobix, Lee Fr.aser, Howard Smith, Hardee Bethea, George Janvier, Fraxk Lillich Business Staff Alstox Callahan Business Manager Juaxit.a Heiss Neivcoinh Business jMnnagcr Assistants Richard Free:max, Harry Duke, Pope Schoexberger, Inez Green Bethea, de Buys, Duke. Fraser, Freeman, Frenz. Hearn, Heiss, Janvier, KittrelL Labouisse, Little. Martin, Smith, Tobin. Tschopik, Wilson. I • " s: M 57 page 258 - 4k Ralph Pearson Edilor-in-Chlcf Mallorv Read Businrss Mana jcr The Tulane Hullabaloo Official JFcckly of Ttilanc University Ralph E. Pearson . Edmond Le Breton . John Burke . . . Harrv de Buys . . Charles Richards . Straus Berthaut . Doris Stern . . . . Marie Louise Tobin Mallorv J. Read . Linden Arthur . . Oliver Dietrich . . W. R. McHuGH, Jr. . Fred W. Bierhorst . Dudley C. Foley, Jr. William Haeuser . Editorial Edilor-in-Chief . . . . - Associate Editor Campus Edilor Sports Edilor . . . ■ ■ ■ . News Editor . ■ ■ ■ Book Ri-viriu Edilor Nc ' wcomb Edilor Ncivcomb Features Allan Steiner Business . . . . . Business Manaijer Sales Manaijer ■ .Issislant Sales Manager . ■ ■ ■ Advertising Manager .Issislant .Id-vcrtising Manager . ■ ■ . Circulation Manager Copy Manager Annie Merl Goldenberc . Staff Marie Louise Wilcox Society Edilor Howard Smith S ' e ' v.-s, Features Alston Callahan Downlo ' wn Medicine Joy Hearn Neiucomb Features Mary Helen Dohan Nciucomb t ev:s MoiSE Dennerv Issislant Sports Editor Ben T. Upton .Issislant Sports Editor Hugh McCloskev ..... .Issislant Sports Editor . .Issislant Sports Editor Staff Jules ' iosca .... National .Idverlising Manager John Suarez . . .IssistanI National .1 dvertising Mgr. Ellen Marie Willoz . . Ncacomb Business Manager Mercedes Vulliet . .Issislant Ncwcoinb Bus. Manager 1RGINIA LlGGEiT Ncv comb Sales Manager Gretciien ' nTER . . Ncwconib .1 dvertising Manager Mary Lo Cascio . .Issislant Neii-coinh Idv. Manager Nev:comh Copy Manager it W ■■ j - Arthur. Borthiiut. U.i, rlu.i .-i. L.iHalmn, U- Hu.vs. Deniii-rv. Dohan. Haeuser. Johnson, Lc Broton. JlcCloskey. Smith, Steiner. Stern. Suarcs, Tobln. Upton. Vlosea. Vlttcr, Wilcox. " s: M PAGE 259 f y w Daviason, de Castro, Gamni. Gertler. Hubert. Leake. McCloskey, McCormick. Moore, Morrow, Robert, Schwab. " VTatson, A., Watson, W., " Weiss, ' ' ' illiams, Wilson. Tulane Law Review The Tulane Laic Revieu- is a legal periodical, published by the faculty and students of the Tulane College of Law. It is a quarterly devoted primarily to civil law, compara- tive law, and statutory interpretation. Editorial Board George A. Wilson Editor-in-Chief James J. IVIorrison Faculty Adviser WiLLiAM C. Watson, Jr Assistant Editor Clarexce J. Morrow Secretary C. GiRARD Davidson Civil Law Editor Arthur C. Watson Comparative Law Editor David Gertler Statutory Interpretation Editor Hunter C. Leake, II Booi Review Editor John F. AIcCoraiick Index Editor Richard B. Williams Index Editor Jack W. Schwab Business Blanager Sylvian Gamm James IVI. Robert Joseph McCloskey, Jr. A. Brown Moore Charles Titche S3l Weiss, Jr. Alfredo de Castro Leon D Hubert, Jr. Begun three years ago, as the successor to the Southern Law Quarterly, the Tulane Law Review has, in the brief span of its existence, gained prominence both in the L nited States and abroad as a leading journal of civil and comparative law. The Board of Editors is composed of junior and senior students attaining the highest scholastic honors in the College of Law. w I • M ST- PAGE 260 1 ' Brister. Figucroa. Guerriero. Miller. O ' Connor. Popkins, Sim6n. Tulane Moot Court Competition Board of Advisors Hugh H. Rrister „ Theodore E. Rauer Secretary Faculty Members F. K. Beutel P- l W. Brosm.ax Chalrinan T. W. D.wenport Rohert Guerriero Allisox Mu.ler Seniors Ele.anor N. Faulk Juniors ]. O ' CONXOR M. E. PopKixs Ll IS Sl.Mc ' lN J. Sll AI ' IRO Frank Figieroa TIk- Moot Court Compt-tition is the nu-dium through vllich law students receive practice in briet- writin . and argument. It also teaches the u.se of a legal lihrar - and makes the study ot law more rea ad more dramatic. The competition is, to a certain extent, mode ed atter the Ames Competition at Jhe Harvard Law School, in that the entire student bod)- is dnided mto clubs. At the present there are four clubs composed of seniors and juniors. New members are elected from the 1; reshnun Unss durin. ' the second semester, but the points earned by them do not count in the competition. Only the !o nl . n.Hl bv th. teams composed of senior and junior members when they argue aga.nst teams from other clubs determine the standing of the clubs which they represent. It takes two years t " -f " ' " }; ;; ;-J competition, the points made during the preceding year bemg added to the senior points of he curruU vear The two clubs having the greatest number of points argue in the hnal round, and the name ot 1 e winnh,g club with all its members is placed on the marble plaque u, the law library. 1 he Martin Club! represented by jack Williamson and Morris Shapiro, was th. winner ot the .93.-3 hnal com- ' ' ' " ' fTe Moot Court Board of Advisers lus exclusive jurisdiction of Aloot Court work It is com- posed of seniors and juniors of the College ot Law, chosen by the faculty because ot their rank as honor students in their respective classes. Inder their direction, work which has received the approval and praise of some of the leading memhevs ,.t the Louisiana Bar has been .iccomplished. A W Y PAGE 261 — — Heain, Jahncke, Moore f • The Newcomb Arcade Staff Lalise Moore Editor-in-Chief Joy Hearn Literary Editor JUANITA Heiss - ' ' t Editor Class Editors Senior Junior Helen Bell Doris Davis Sophomore Louise Lester Freshmen Fay Allen Catherine Buchanan Janice Torre v Business Manager Assistant Business Manager Cora Jahncke Alima Wirth S7 ■ XC) J M PAGE 262 V) w Colvin, Dickey. Leglei- Mor iock, Rlttenbcrg Newcomb Athletic Council Ida Ritti- Ruth Dickd Officers . Chair nail Sccntary-Trinsiirii Ruth Dickkv MaRJORIK KoHI.iMAN Members Seniors Elkaxor Legier Ida RlTTENRERG f W w -s- Ri ' XiTA Carre KaTH URINE COLVIX Juniors Sophomores Vassar Morelock CiERAI.DIXE CiAl DET The aim it this oi-gaiiization aiul tlu ' coimol is to pronioto aiul tosUT iiiu-rest in athletics, thereby foiminj; ami Iramiii; a stroiijiiT luirul in a stronger body tlirousih participation in sports offered. x q J M B A (?y ' PAGE 263 iX — — u t w u Marshall. McMahon. Owen. Randol, Kollins, Stack. Council of Resident Students Officers Sophie Rollixs President Nancy Stack Vice-President Peggy McJVIahox Doris liall President Mary Elba ] Iarshall Secretary Ruth Owen East Wing President Elizabeth Randol West PFing President House Council 1933 Sally Breard Adf.live Rush Jaxe Swayze Eleaxor Legier (ex-officio) Marjorie Wilsox 1934 Ixez Green- Vassar Morelock Elizabeth North Louise Lake May Thorntox 1935 EvELYX Beard Mary Chamberlaix Elizabeth Rivers Zula Mae Byrd Doris Plall Representative Evelyn Beard Mistress of Revels Betty Briscoe Art Committee Chairman Betty Bowman Fire Chief xq: M 57= PAGE 264 M rf Legier, Logan. Martin. Morelock, Rollins, Wilson. u The Newcomb Student Government Association Executive Committee Marjorie Wilson President Marjorie Logax Vice-President Eleanor Legier President of Student Coiineil Vassar IMorelock Corresponding Secretary Celeste Lyons Recording Secretary Jean Martin Treasurer Sophie Rollins House President Fanny Deknery President Senior Class Benita Carre President Junior Class Nancy Reeves President Sophomore Class LiSETTE Moore President Art Student Body ] L RGARET Rosser President Music Student Body Louise HirscH President Debating Club Caroline Blessey President Y. If. C. A. Ida Rittenrerg Chairman Athletic Council III ' ! IIearn Neil comb Editor of " Jambalaya " • xs: PAGE 265 . 4k w I. Barnett, M. Barnett, C. Blessey u w Newcomb Glee Club Officers Mary Elizabeth Barnett President Ida Anne Barnett Vice-President Caroline Amelia Blessey Secretary-Treasurer Katherine Price Director Josephine Wander Accompanist Members J. Amberg M. L. Baker E. Ballard S. Barker B. Barksdale I. Barnett R. Beaver D. Bernard R. Brothers M. Cambon G. Canulette B. Carre C. Coats D. Crichlow I. Durrett E. Foerster F. GOMILA R. Green First Sopranos D. Hansen L. Heiss B. Hudson E. Jacobs E. Johnson L. Jones M. JUMEL H. Keator B. Kincheloe Second Sopranos M. Krumbhaar V. LiGGETr K. LUNDY K. Malloy B. Miller K. Motte L. Myers K. Nolan M. Ogden L. Allen F. Aron B. Bacharach L. Banks M. Barnes C. Barrett R. Barton C. Blessey M. Blessey K. Briede A. Briggs R. Browne M. Brumby Z. M. Byrd F. Davis S. Davis R. Devenskv D. DODSON E. FiTZENREITER M. Gardner R. Ginsberg E. Hanley K. Harrop J. Heiss S. Hirsch S. King F. KOEHLER C. Kohlman M. Kohlman S. Krakaur A. Lemann E. Leverich M. Leverich E. Levy D. Lockhart B. LOWDEN M. Maddux R. Manheim V. Morelock L. Owens E. Pearce M. Putzell E. Rivers R. Ryder M. Smith M. Barnett E. Brydon S. Cherry L. Dameron F. Dennery C. D ' Ingianni M. Frantz P. Hale H. Harrop R. Hoffman A. Hyman C. Jahncke Altos J. KOHN E. Legier D. Lurie E. Malter E. McLellan E. Miller J. O ' Dell A. Radebaugh C. Rogers E. Rosenthal K. SOMERVILLE B. Steward L. Porter I. Rosenberg M. Rosser A. Rush K. Schlegel A. Schwartz E. Scott R. VlALLON L. Walther L. Weed K. Tillery M. Unger J. Wagner H. Walker R. Wander A. Weed L. Wehrmann M. Wirth A. Wolbrette A. Theriot K. Thornton J. Torre M. Weil S. Womack M B :e7 PAGE 266 v_ ,t. 4 Blessey, La Nasa, Schupp Young Women ' s Christian Association Officers Iaroline Blessey .• ■ • • P ' ' " ' " ' " ' Eleanor Schupp I ' icc-Prcsidcnt Edna LaNasa • • Secretary Ri TM Owen Trmsurer Cabinet Members Carol Coates ... Chiurimui of Toilh linancc S.AR.AH Cherry ... Cliairman of Soiial Service Yvonne Jumel Cluiiniiaii of Entertainment Frances Langworthy (Chairman of PuhUcity Sophie Rollins (Chairman of Dormitory Finance Marjorie Wilson Chairman of Programs Members t u R. l). M. M. F. Al.LEN M. B.VCHER M. Barnes I. B.xRXErr M. H. RNE-1T M. Beciitel Bernad.xs Bernard Bertrano Bi.ESSEV B. 150VVERS K. Brieoe M. Brogan ' J. Brown ivi. Bruce K. BRvnov M. Bi ' Ri Ev K. Buchanan- (i. CANL ' I.ETTE I. P. Case N. Ci.EMEN ' S C. COLVIN ' P. Cope C. COSII.EV D. CRicin.nw G. CUI.I.IGAN N. Dai.v F. Davis R. DE Llcas D. DODSON ' EnAUGii El-MNCTON Fairi.ie foersier Frick Fl ' GATE OOMEZ CAREEN- L. M. L. E. E. K. E. I. M. (iREGORV E. II AD LEV K. IlAl.1. Have IIeidler IIein ei.man IIemkwvav [ArjLES lollVSON JOllNSOX JUMEL I.. Ke.mp L. Lake Lentz Lester longmire LUNDV MaGRI HER Marshai.i. NkC ' AKDEI.I. NKOlfeie McFADnEN McKee E. F. D. i:. M. K. F. M. L. L. K. K. . . M. n. H. 0. E. P. Men ' ge S. MizE E. MoisE c;. Navoia I. Olsen ' C. O ' Neill M. PA ' roLT II. Peteet 1). Priciiaro M. Pltzell . . Rav Reiiage Rembert Rentrop Ricks Riddle ROGAN- Rogers M. Roth E. Scott M. V. E. S. {• R. K. M. Shaw F. Sincreex M. Sparkmak N. Stack N. Stakeori) B. Steen- B. Stokes j. SWAVZE M. TllONLXS D. Tl ' durv M. Vallee H. Walsh J. Wander R. ' ander II. Watrous II. White M. G. White . ' . Williamson M. WiRTII S. WOM.VCK M. Wood » k 9 ) • N.£)_ J A M B A L A Y A a ' " PAGE 267 J=. 4k u Barrow, Eoggs. Eougere, Castellanos, Davidson. Gay, Hardesty, Hubert, Kamnier, Phillips. w Tulane Young Men ' s Christian Association Walter C. Bougere, Jr President Leox D. Hubert, Jr Vice-President JoHX BarroW " Secretary Arthur Schxeider Treasurer Verbon F. Gay General Secretary Cabinet Members at Large Lyxx Brown- C. Girard Davidson Hale Boggs Irving Hardesty, Jr. J. J. Castellanos Nolan C. Kammer William H. Cook, Jr. David McNeill Gladstone Phillips Board of Directors Ir. a. Lee DuX ' LAP Chairman Ir. E. B. Glexxy Treasurer Dean E. A. Bechtel Dr. H. W. Gilmore Mr. H. A. Mitchell Rev. T. D. Brown Dr. Frederick Hard Mr. A. D. O ' Brien, Jr. Mr. Morey Carre Dean R. C. Harris Mr. Francis C. P.ayne Rev. S. S. Clayton Rev. J. S. Land Dr. H. W. Perkins Coach Ted Co.x Dr. J. Adair Lyon Mr. G. V. Regenos Mr. Fred Ellsworth Rev. D. Will Miller Rev. B. F. Rogers Dr. J. M. Fletcher Mr. Garland F. Taylor M :e7= page 268 Jz 4k t Bougere, Hamlet. Hubert, Jackson, McNeill. Moore, Phillips, Putzell, Willmer. - Tulane Oratorical and Debating Council Officers Leon D. Hubert, Jr Chairman Manfred RA ■XER Willmer St ' cretary-Ticasurer Faculty Members Dr. John M. McBride, Chairman Dr. Clarence E. Boxneit Mr. Richard R. Kirk Dr. Paul Brosman Mr. F. Santrv Reer Walter C. Houcere, Jr. Leon D. Hubert, Jr. Stanford L. Hv.vlvn J. Robert Jackson Student Members Edmond J. Le Breton Edwin A. Leland, Jr. Eduardo F. Lens J. David McNeill A. Brown Moore Gladstone Fiiii.i.ips Manfred R. Wm.l.mer Delegates From Glendy Burke Charles B. Ha.mlet 111 Edwin J. Put ell, Jr. From the Freshman Forensic Council Wn I r M H. Sekskind, Jr. Moise S. Steec 1 111 ' Oiaton ' cal and Di ' hatiiis; Council is an or ;ani atioii composed of faculty nieni- bcrs and students wliicli conducts and supervises intercollegiate debating. " nS M A PAGE 269 4k u w u Blackwell. Bougere. Bowsky, Castellanos. D ' Angelo, de Castro. Figueroa. Hamlet. Kierr. Pradel, Sim6n, aechter, Wells. Tulane International Relations Club Officers Raymond H. Kier: President WiLLEROY Wells Vice-President Jui.io Castellanos Treasurer Charles B. Hamlet III Secretary Aleinbers Country Represented Ambassador William G. Blackwell Argentina Ambassador Walter Bougere France Ambassador Julius Bowskv Mexico Ambassador Robert Carter Japan Ambassador Julio Castellanos Brazil Ambassador James A. Chutz Germany Ambassador A. M. D ' Angelo Panama Ambassador Alfredo de Castro Italy Ambassador Francisco Figueroa Spain Ambassador Charles B. Hamlet III Switzerland Ambassador Earl H. Jung Philippine Islands Ambassador Raymond H. Kierr United States Ambassador Charles Marshall Luxemburg Ambassador Leon Pradel Russia Ambassador Samuel Rosenberg Nicaragua Ambassador Luis Simon Cuba Ambassador Moise S. Steeg, Jr Belgium Ambassador Mario Vandama Chile Ambassador Arthur J. Waechter, Jr England Ambassador Willeroy Wells China " M B 5: PAGE 270 4h w Hecht, Hirsch, Hotard The Jennie C. Nixon Debating Club Officers Louise Hirsch President Fi.OREs Hotard Chainnan of Debate L- N ' NE Hecht Seeretary-Treeisurer Members t w A. Abes F. Ambrose S. Beres M. BURLEY M. Butler M. Cambon ' S. Cherry B. COHN P. Cope G. CULLICAN N. Daily K. Debate F. Den ' kery L. Ebaugii Z. Ensenat P. Flowers M. FOSSIER R. Ginsberg a. goldexburg 11. Harry A. Hebert L. Hecht J. Heiss L. Hirsch S. Hirsch F. Hotard C. Kahn I,. Kemp C. KOHI.MAX M. Kom.MAN S. Krakaur E. LaNasa E. Lemaxx E. Levy L. Lowe.vstein I.. Maas L. Marx J. McClrdie 11. Methe C. Miller S. MizE L. Moore F. MlSSER M. Nelsox M. N ' i - C. PiLCHER N. Reeves I. Rittexberc P. ROBIXSOX I. RosExnuRG A. RisH D. Sale A. Schwartz J. Sl.MOX J. Sterx M. UXCER M. Weil C. WlEXER S. WiEXER -5- ' ' M :s: PAGE 271 Jt 4k — — y w u u w Gardner. Lazarus, Owens The Newcomb Orchestra Officers LuciLE Owens President Mary Ella Gardxer Vice-President Florence Lazarus Secretary and Librarian t w Members Violinists Ellen- L. Heindel Doris Lurie Elizabeth Rivers Reba-Nell Hoffman MoxTiNE McDaniel Selma Wiener Florexce Lazarus Charlotte Merot Amelw L. Plant Anna Wolbrette Cellists Flute Double-Bass Emilie Han ' ley lucile owexs Margaret Rosser Saxophone Myrtle Palmisano Ida Barnett Rose Manheim Clarinets Trombone May Maddux Thelma Boudra Roma de Lucas Mellophone Pianist Mary Ella Gardner Josephine Wander Gladys Long • " xs: M 5; PAGE 272 iS) dk vV " •i i y Schwartz. Sh:illcross. Si cm w The Newcomb Dramatic Club Officers Ai.ici: Schwartz Pnsidcnt ZoE Shallcross Vkc-Pnsldcni ZoiLA ExSENAT Secretary Doris Sterm Treasurer Helen- Harry Stage Manager Elizabeth Boone Director M EMBERS A. Aiii-s L. Damekon ' J. Heiss L. Maas T. Pressburg D. Stekx F. Ambkosk Sarina Davis B. Henderson M. Marshall M Putzell I. Stern L. Aronson- Sa r)iE Davis E. HiRSCH L. Mar. I. QlILLIAX R. Sterretp H. Haciiaracii R. i)E Lucas L. HiRSCII E. McKee A. Ray D. TllARP M. Backer F. Denxerv A. Hy.man II. Metiie N. Reeves A. Tmeriot S. Barkkr L. En AUG! I E. Hyman C. Meyer B. Robertsox M. Thomas M. Barnes J. Eddiks C. Ixgion ' nt C. Miller R. ROGAX B. Tho.mpsox I. Barm: IT Z. En ' SENAT E. Jacobs R. Milling C. Rogers M. L. ToBix M. Barnett 0. EWING C. Jahncke M. MnCHENER S. ROI.LIXS H. TURXER M. Bertram) L. Fairlie M JUMEL S. MizE M Roxsheim M. t ' XCER ]. Browx P. Flowers V. TUMEL I.. Moore I. Rosenberg I. Walker R. Browne E. FOERSTER C. Kahn . Morris M Roth I. Waxoer 11. BlRDIN M FOSSIER (;. Kaplan I. Moses P. Rlrix R. Waxher M. BlRNS R. French y. KiNCHEI.OE M. Nelson ' A. RlSH A. Weed M. Bl-TLER K. FUG.XTE c. KOHI.MAN R. Nix D. Sale L. We En M. BVRNE F. GOMILA M KOHL.VIAN E. North I. Sa.mlel M. Whiteheai) M. Cambron- M CfRIFFIN s. Krakaur N. Norton E. SCHLEGEL S. WlEXER M. Cash. EN R. ClNSIlKKG A. Lachin J. Odei.l A. Schwartz C. WiLBOURX S. Cherry K. Hanlev E. LaNasa G. OSHA A. Schwarz .■ . Wn i.iAMSox A. Clark 1.. IIardix E. Legier L. Patit.lo E. SCHIPP . . Wtrth L. Clark II. Harry F. Le.viann H. Peteet E. ScoiT M. Wirth B. COHN A. Merert E. Levy C. PiT.CHER H. Segura I. Withers J. Conover I.. Hecht K. LUNDY N. PlI ' ES Z. Shallcross . . W oi.brette C. Costlev F. Meidler C. Lykes L. Porter M Shaw M. Wood C.. Cllligan C. Meintierg P. I.YTLE H. Powell J. Slmox == M PAGE 273 y) I — w u w Bog gs, Brown. Chalaron, Dennery, Ellis. Jackson, Kammer, McNeill, Moore, Myers. t T y w The Tulane University Dramatic Guild Officers BuFORD M. MvERS. Jr President EuGEXE B. SiMMOXS Vice-Prcsident Edmoxd J. Le Breton Secretary-Treasurer NoLAX C. Kammer Business Manager Dr. John ' M. McBryde J. M. Blair Thomas R. Brown Anthony J. Bruno, Jr. Frank J. Chalaron, Jr. David B. Comer Claude E. Cullinane, Jr. John S. Devlin GUSTAVE DeVRON Edward H. Ellis Merle B. Gold.man William H. Harris, Jr. Faculty Committee Dr. R. p. McCutcheon Members Chalmers J. Herman Borroughs Hill H. H. Hillyer Nolan C. Kammer Carl M. Kauf.man James Kohlman Ed.mond J. Le Breton ZoLOMAN Levin Pansy H. Long David McNeill John L. Many III Prof. R. T. Stephenson Charles D. Marshall Fontaine Martin, Jr. Brown Moore BuFORD M. Myers, Jr. ' ALDO S. Powell Pope Schoenberger Eugene Simmons Garland F. T.aylor Armistead W. Thomas Howard A. Weadock B. Bernard Weinstein • 27 " M PAGE 274 • ? M w y AUun. Brabst, Brodow, Brik ' y. Cliambers, Fishor. Kuhrmann, Gcier. Graniling:, Haas, Hooper. Hopkins. Huber, Jones, Jurado, Lachin. Levy, Livaudais, Mathes, Miles, Roth, Smith, Turpin, Wilson. The Tulane Architecfual Society CK F. Wilson- President Harri Haas, Jr J ' kc-Prcsidcut D. C. E. Geier Secretary JoHX W. BarsT Treasurer Raoul Livaudais lamhalaya Representative J. F. Roth, Jr Scrgcaut-at-Arms Members Seniors I. W. KaBST r r-i II R. C. lOVES II. Haas, Jr. L. K. Lew Janet Hooper E. L. M.xthes Juniors ' ' • - ' ' " " ' J- - n. c. E. c;k,kk - J- " ™« F. B. Chambers O. c. Kottemaxx K. F. FiiiRMANS, Jk. J. r. Wilson 5op 70)?zorc5 G. R. Fisher „ , R L. Lobdell R. I.IVAL ' DAIS 1-uimci.L M. H. IIopKixs V. p. Mii.ES I.. A. I.ACHiN ' J. F. Roth, Jr. Freshmen P. R. Farxsworth F. v. Hkrkri F. O. Sixoberv M. E. Frater R. K. JiRADO . . T. Tirpiv. Jr. J. E. Gra.mi.ing, Jr. S. Hi ddi.eston, Jr. p. H. Warxer C. n. Smith, Jr. w w ' xs: M e PAGE 275 M 4k u w u w w Adams. Bartlett. Blanc-hard. Blythe. Caplan, Carter, Covert, Devlin, Elsas. Ferguson, Freeman. Gillespy, Haas, Hardesty, Harris, Hogan, Huber. Hyde, Jones, KeUeher, Mahoney, Mai try. Marsh, Martinez, Miller. Myers, Patterson, Repass, Robert, Salisbury, Singer, Steiner, Surgi, Thomas. Tulane Glee Club Officers Hexri AVehrmaxx Director Harry Haas, Jr Business Manager BuFORD M. Myers, Jr President S. G. Jacobs Secretary Elmer O. Huber J ' ice-President A. B. Pattersox Librarian Ralph Pearsox Publicity Manager Members First Tenors AxDREW Romeo Clyde J. Surci Carver W. Blaxchakd Joseph Blythe Harold Eoehm C. JuLLAX Bartlett Bob Carter Gus Covert Jason " Elsas John- Devlin- Clark H. Gillespie Second Tenors Harry Haas, Jr. William Harris Preston- Henley James L. Hyde Jr. Robert C. Kelleher H. Tharp Posey Frank Repass William Robert Robert M. Adams Alvix Caplak DiCK Freemax Charles W. Grueer, Jr. Van Biggar Paul Hogax Elmer O. Huber Baritones Irving Hardest -, Jr. R. Cary Jones E.MILE Maltry Basses S. G. Jacobs Baker Marsh Lawrence C. Michel Paul H. Miller Armistead Thomas JoHX Walls Reuben Zarrilli Allen M. Steiner Ben Welboxn Fabian p. Wiederecht Phil Wogan Lawrence Zarrilli Buford M. Myers. Jr. A. Balfour Patterson, Jr. William Salisbury- Ben Upton- Morris Newman A. L. Postlethwaite, Garl.and Taylor Jr. " n: : M 57 PAGE 276 =: 4h The Tulane University Band t u u y w w Dr, Officers Fri-derick Hard Director Samuel Friedman Manager JA rES Jack LaNasa first Assistant Manager HARR • Haas, Jr Second Assistant Manager Jules J. Viosca, Jr Librarian Oswald W. Viosca Assistant Librarian Richard E. Wacxer Drill Sergeant Gladstoxe Phillu ' s f ' i " ' - I ' ljor Locke Brown, Jr Fr„p,rty Manager Ralph H. Delauxe Isstslant Property Manager Members A. J. AllRAII AMS, Jk. Patrick J. Araclki. William G. Blackwell Lemanx H. Bounds Locke Browx, Jr. Anthoxv J. Bruno, Jr. Irvix Cahex Alvix Caplax Joseph O. Carsox, Jr. David Crockeit Claude E. Cullixane Raipii H. Delauxe Jack W. Doi.ax Joseph C. Evaxs ESMOXD A. Fatier Staxt.ev C. Fitzpairick Samuel Friedmax P. J. Fvxx Claude L. Girard Saxders Goodmax IIarrv Haas, Jr. William Henry Hafuser, Martix Hebert, Jr. Joseph I.. Helwick, Jr. Herbert A. Hvman JAMKS B. NI) L N HlKMAX G. JAXSSEN William Jaxssex, Jr. R. Carv Jones James Jack LaNa sa Cla- tox Laxd C. H. Lewis Leox Mixtz .Arthur F. Moixet, Jr. F.invARii John Muth IlERnKRT Pellegrini c;ladsix)xe Phillips FULCRAX F. Raxdox Frederick Reuter John R. Reuter Frank J. Rosato Claude R. Smith, Jr. johx c. suares James P. Tharp Gilbert J. Victor Jules J. Viosca, Jr. Oswald W. Viosca Richard E. Wagxer MiLTOx F. Williams. Jr. Valmoxe M. Wii.sox • 21 M :£7 " PAGE 277 fl ' A B ' fl•( l■■ • ' ' ' l • f r csrx) iijrstei " ' .m ' ■ ' R i A SLIGHT MESSAGE TO you TULANEITES • From that Old Sli ht-Messase Senderer COLONEL Jambuel Q. Stoopalaya It seems to me that in times like these there is nothing worse than a message of cheer and good will. So mine follows, and may you make the most of it, the devil snatching the hindmost. Several years later, many of you lads will be cast out upon the world to do or die. The benign influence of your college course will suddenly dis- appear from your curriculum. Bi:t there is an an- tidote, boys, there is indeed an antidote. Buy a bottle of Stoopnagle ' s Benign Influence Saver and your curriculum will be as good as new. After reading the first two paragraphs of this Message-to-the-Students, I suppose you ' re about ready to think that I ' m just kidding. Well, I am. But you just hold your horses, lads, and out of the maelstrom of uncertainty and the labyrinth of un- easiness will come Dawn, — that pleasing dawn from which there is no solace. Solace, get together and pull for dear old Tulane before its Tulate. (Care for that nifty?) Sooner or later, there ' s going to come some- thing out of this message which will actually astound you. But not until I ' m warmed up, though, mind you. All this riff-raff and folderol is sort of like the cart before the horse. Now I ' m getting to a point where my real message comes in. Listen: You seniors, you have nearly completed your college course. You ' re either better for it or worse in spite of it. You have been brought face to face with everything but realism. You have seen theories day in and day out. When you go out looking for a job, remember that all the Latin and Greek and Roumanian and calculus and stuff that you were exposed to won ' t help you one single bit. Action Photo of the Colonel Take me, for instance. I took an arts course in college and turned out to be a comedian. That shows you can never tell whether vour college course is going to have a good or a bad influence on you. You can see what it did to me. But please remember just one thing before you present yourself to a waiting world. I repeat — I took an arts course and turned out to be a radio comedian. Just be sure that you don ' t take a comedian ' s course and turn out to be an art. And before I close entirely, I simply want to say to Mr. F. R. Q. J. H. Feltoph Randus that I appreciate his kindness in inviting me to advise you lads the way I have, but just let me suggest that you take it all with a grain of salt, two aspirin tab- lets and a dose of Bromo Seltzer named Herman. If they print the picture thev asked me to send along and you like it, it ' s mo. If ou don ' t Hke it. it ' s Bud. Well, goodbye, I ' m sure. Col. Lemuel Q. Stoopnagle. PAGE 281 WHAT DO YOU MEAN Whai Jriendly Ujank Every bank has a personality. A character di£fernt from all other banks. It may be size. It may be tradition. It may be age. It may be one of a number of things or a combination of all of them. At the American Bank it is the spirit of friendly service. Here is how one man described it: " When you walk into the American Bank you can sense the atmosphere of friendliness. The officers are not secluded behind railings. The tellers are not behind ivire cages. Every employee and every officer you meei knotvs you by name and seems glad to be of service, " Years ago we adopted the slogan " That Friendly Bank. " Now, day in and day out we enjoy the privilege of living up to it. New accounts can be opened at any desk. Our officers are always directly available to the public. For this reason our customers feel free to ask advice and counsel whenever they need it. The American Bank IS a Friendly Bank. We should like you to come in and see for yourself. Remember, new accounts can be opened at any desk and you will receive 4% interest on your savings. We have no branches. American bank 6 TRUST COMPANY Cpjaf riend ij ( Sank THE BANK THAT PAYS At ON SAVINGS MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM MEMBER NEW ORLEANS CLEARING HOUSE ASSN. PERMANENT STUDENTS (The Help) Aaron Shii: ' Sliiiii ' and Cm-. Ccla (l, 2, J). George Pliysii a ' EJiualtoii (iMii SiTiib Team ( I, 2, 3, etc ) I ' liish anil ' arsity Hasketball 1 t ' luler-ot-tlu ' -Fu I ' ll ace. Lawrence Book Slorr Sandwichrs and Caiuly (i, 2, 3). Big Tom I ' liysitdl luliiKiliiin I ' li-slinian l- ' ootliall ; ' aisity Fnot- ball. TV- I Albert Commrrrf and .1 . jf .V. Scrub Team ( i, 2, 3, etc.). Jim .Iris arid Sciences Office Clean-up, Editor, Jain- htiltiya. Richard Book Store Luncb-Hrineer-In, Alumni Asso- ciation Office. Little Tom physical Education Freshman Track; Varsity Track. PAGE 283 P].. -B SINCERE CONGRATULATIONS To the Class of ' 33 FEIBLEMAN ' S (Affiliated with Sears, Roebuck Co.) 0 " ROBERT P. HYAMS COAL COMPANY COAL, COKE, ANTHRACITE Phone Jackson 1700 NEW ORLEANS FUEL OILS P. O. BOX 1269 COLONIAL DAIRY Incorporated (Operating under the endorsement of New Orleans Pure Milk Society) PHONES Cedar 1575 Walnut 2283 CERTIFIED MILK (Recommended by Physicians) Prompt Service THE FRATERNITIES GO COMMUNISTIC War banners gleamed in the bright Southern sunshine as the va- rious squadrons composed of Tu- lane ' s best and most virile manhood marked time to the strains of the oHve and blue clad band, now a gorgeous contingent of the great university ' s con- tribution to a noble cause — " Communism. " Every head in the fairly bristling ranks was tilted to a proud angle. Had not Tulane a right to be proud when her noble son " Windy " Whitten w as the instigator of it all? Had not that great comrade, whose mon- strous communistic present was born of an humble socialist origin, shown student and faculty alike that bloodshed is a noble thing and that Tulane must revolt if the world be saved? Cries of, " O Kay, Comrade, " sung out with Winchellian vigor, rocked the campus as the va- rious fraternities and organizations assembled their fighting arrays. The resounding battle cry of " Woogla " called attention to the Beta regiment over which flowed the fierce Pink and Blue. There the great Col- onels Don Zimmerman and Snick Schneidau stood resplendently impatient while the indignant Cor- poral Jebby Davidson tried to instil order in the DeBuys platoon. An inhuman sound from the Sigma Chi ranks turned all attention in that direction. Everyone wondered whether the Sig War Eagle was loose or whether it was just the orchestra-leading group on another jag. " Newsie " Burke, however, soon spread the story that the noise was merely induced by news that Colonel Noliie Felts was declared in- eligible to fight because he once won some candy in a shooting gallery. A great cloud of dust heralded the approach of the Phi Delt contingent. Fagged bv their long journey from the Ursuline Wilds the entire group was supported by the Tessier brothers. Each car- ried eighteen weary comrades while " Tough John " O ' Connor led the way. The veteran Evans of Rugby tagged along several miles back. With this last arri al in camp, the procession began to move past the reviewing stand on Gibson Hall steps. There sat General Whitten among his aides. There were: Buck Private " Dickv " Stephenson; Eddie Bechtel, better known as " The Massive Corporal " ; Bonart; a gu - named Will- mer; and several admirals named Jahncke. A blare of boy scout bugles an nounced each di ' ision as it filed past and took its place to await 1 Cotitittttcd on Piige 287] PAGE 285 WETZEL PRINTING MAIN 3201 Incorporated NEW ORLEANS 720-728 PERDIDO ST. Maison Blanche Yesterday — Today Tomorrow GREATEST STORE SOUTH GREAT AMERICAN INDEMNITY COMPANY New York M. D. KOSTMAYER, General Agent GENERAL INSURANCE AND BONDS 709 United Fruit BIdg. New Orleans, La. THE LOUBAT GLASSWARE CORK CO. Cooking and Serving Equipment and Supplies For Hotels, Restaurants, Cafeterias, Clubs, Hospitals, and Institutions || NEW ORLEANS . n,. o " UP and OVER " IN A BIG WAY Smart young men who are economically minded but who place style above every- thing else, take to Godchaux ' s Hot Spell Suits with a speed that ' s staggeringly complimentary to Godchaux ' s. GODCHAUX S HOT SPELL ' SUITS Good looking . . . comfortable . . . tailored in our own factory in New Orleans to retain their shape and distinctive appearance, these Hot Spell Suits have practically become a by-word among well groomed young men. wdctuuix ' Canal near Baronne I ContittUfJ from Pugv 2H3 I the final commands. The general greeted each with a hearty " Whatta y ' say? " The band struck the tune " Violets " (Editor ' s Note: Not " Sweet Violets " ) as the first group came up. Crooning lustily, the disciples of Vallee marched by, only occasionally interrupted by that decided private, Milto Phillips, who couldn ' t fol- low the intricate 1-2-3-4 of marching time. " Loolcit all our football players, " delightedly screamed the handsome Sergeant Chambers as they went by. Next came the Dekes, each wearing a corsage of their national flower — the pansy. " Rock " Isacks led the way with the same dash characteristic of him in all conquests — whether of heart or Com- munism. The great rushers, Cleveland and Bart- lett, herded along a group of short-pants rushees and a solid McCloskey phalanx brought up the rear. Noise attended the passage of the drawling and brawling Kappa Sigs. Gigolos, country boys, and an Athlete composed the ranks, and they filed by supporting each other. Lieutenant Habans, alone, walked without a lurch. Posters carried high, told the world " 108 Chapters " ; " Biggest Lodge Going " ; " Safety in Numbers, " etc. The rhythmic click of castinets accompanied by the swish of gourds introduced the Phi Iota Al- pha caballeros. They were worked into a Latin frenzy at the very thought of a revolution, for some of Cuba ' s best insurgents were numbered among them. Rene Martinez, Julio Castellanos, and AK ' arado each led a faction and vied for lead- ership. Internal strife prevailed and for the mo- ment Communism was forgotten. At this point, Lieutenant Bonart stepped from the stand — inspiration was needed, that was cer- tain, the spirit must be kept up. He led a cheer of " Yea Communism, Nice Work " and resumed his seat with the placid smile of one who knows he has come through. Swelling with pride for their illustrious brother, the S. A. M. ' s glided by. They were proud of other things too — a house, after years of home- lessness; membership in Old Regulars; the Mintz boys, and Kierr. Happily, they smiled on. " Hail, the Dramatic Guild, " shouted General Whitten, greeting the next group. Then blush- ing he corrected, " I mean the Glee Club. " His face now a fiery red, he mumbled, " Aw hell, it ' s A. T. O. " " Tha ' s O. K., comrade, " boomed the resounding voice of Major Charles Marshall as the splendid soldiers flashed by; " Joe Gum " Kam- mer was resplendent in a purple and red uniform — no somber khaiki for him. A stalwart group, toughened by a nomadic life (for they change abode yearly), came into view. It was the Pi K. A. contingent and was headed bv the stern Colonel Red Williamson. " How va like this snappy crew? " asked Red. " They ' re trained [Conlitiiied on Page 2S9 PAGE 287 E---I d) S: jA-S There ' d be NO NEED FOR A P If you could deal direct with the farmer In the " good old days " what the farmer received for the food he raised, and what the housewife paid for it, were exactly equal. But as towns and cities grew. It became Impossible for the farmer to sell direct to you end methods of handling food became complex. There grew up o clumsy, round-about system with many unnecessary ex- penses and profits. The result — The farmer received less but you paid more. This gave A P its opportunity — to bring food direct from food pro- ducers to you for one small profit. By cutting out numerous wastes A P Is able to charge the housewife less, and pay the farmer a larger share of the retail price. A P bridges the gap between the farmer and you. The Greaf ATLANTIC PACIFIC 7ea Co. BEST WISHES ¥KOM J. ARON COMPANY Incorporated Marine Paint Varnisk Co. Incorporated I. L. Lyons Co., Ltd. Barnett Optical Corp. Prescription Opticians QUALITY STYLE BOHN MOTOR CO., Inc. i cWj Service Sold It New Car Department BROAD AND WASHINGTON Jackson 4310 Used Car Department S. CLAIBORNE AND MELPOMENE Jackson 2200 J. A. HAASE, JR. INCORPORATED CONTRACTORS I Ctttititllird frt}tn Pti r 2H7 1 the Marine way — like I got mine in the Resoives! " Despite the rigid discipHne, Dave McNeill and Lee Nesbitt were somewhat unruly. A monstrous banner hid the oncoming Phi Kappa Sig crew. " We pledged thirty men once " read the bold print, while scratched in small let- ters by some candid and conscience-stricken mem- ber were the words ' Nobody else wanted them. " " Cheese " Keith, perennial Phi Kap, and Little Monk Simons kept the boys in order until the stand was passed. Then they were allowed their us ual rowdyness. Clad in tattered Confederate uniforms, the K. A. ' s, gentlemen of the South, paraded. Stick- lers for tradition, they were led by Fanny Payne disguised as General Robert E. Lee. Their gentle birth was reflected in the songs they sang: " Little Red Wing " ; " Drink, Chug-A-Lug, " etc. Private Sonny Westfeldt and Dicky Kehoe led the singing. Kappa Nu was the next to pass, but the scin- tillating Major " Sam " Shinbaum was the only one noticed. He eclipsed all others in his splendour. A dull murmur of discontent came from the approaching Sigma Nu ranks. They formed a snake dance and were led by Captain Eric Guil- beau, but his " cajin " orders could not be under- stood. So K. K. Miazza, rear rank private, was politicing for command and at the same time Cor- poral Johnny Everett was trying to make some of the brothers march near " Gigolo " Muth. The general and his aides sighed with profund relief when the bedlam had passed. Lending local color to the magnificent scene, the Lambda Phi ' s swaggered by the stand. They brandished all manner of athletic equipment and carried their leader. Major Doyless Hill, on their shoulders. Hill wore Olympic garb and Rudy Mc- Bride and Whitey Hall fanned him as they passed. Straggling alone came Mallory Read — the only Sigma Pi not in the band. He wore the happy grin of all Sigma Pi ' s for they no longer wicked Arthurians but real frat boys. A squadron of all privates next approached the stand. They all flipped nickels with one hand and carried racing forms in the other. Finally, Stan- ford Hyman won all the money so they just read the racing forms. The ranks abounded with Friedmans. Unnoticed until they had almost passed, the meek little Delta Sigma Phi ' s were stopped abrupt- ly by the general. Colonel Preacher Roberts plead for the group to be allowed to return to their books. " We don ' t countenance such vulgar pur- suits, " he said. " What would our illustrious alumni think? Take Pizzano, for instance. " General Whitten turned the next squadron back for " total lack of military appearance or bear- ing. " So, dejected, the S. P. E. ' s went home — just a bunch of Joe Colleges. Captain Lottinger and Goldman led the way. An engineering battalion, Sigma Phi Delta, was the last arrival and thev were severelv repri- manded bv the general. " Don ' t ou know en- gineers lead armies? " he asked. Insulted bv the harsh words, the whole bunch harmonized on a loud razzberrv and departed. After waiting twent - minutes for the Deltas to show up. General Whitten decided that his good brothers were drinking beer and proceeded with the final commands. " Stand up for vour rights, " he bellowed, amid loud " tsk-tsk ' s " from the Y. M. C. A., " Down with evervthing! Now go out and fight. " With this dismissal, the Gen- eral left to loin his Delta brethren. PAGE 289 PAINTS - GLASS Alabastine, Bondex, Plastex, Acme Quality Paints, Var- nishes, Lacquers, Sealerine, Koverflor, Brushes, Removers " Everything in the Paint and Glass Line " David Bernhardt Paint Co.. Ltd. 3n-319-321-S23 Camp Street NEW OKLEASS. LOriSL4 .A Bijmond 5379 RAjmond 5270 " We Have No Branches " CABIRAC PLUMBING HEATING H. A. CABIRAC Phone UPtown 8313 4717 Baronne St. NEW ORLEANS, LA. ii THE BEST AND SAFEST MILK CLOVERLAND DAIRY PRODUCTS CO., Inc. Phone AUdubon 1101 Fresh Creamery Butter Churned Daily Guaranteed White Eggs Tulane Co-operative Book Store The Students ' Meeting Place BOOKS: MEDICAL AND ACADEMIC ALL SUPPLIES Tobaccos Tulane Pennants and Banners Confections Senior Class Rings College Crest Jewelry Senior Caps and Gowns Everything for Your Needs Co-operation — Service ELLIS F. ROBBERT, Manager The Tulane University of Louisiana NEW ORLEANS THE UNIVERSITY EMBRACES THE FOLLOWING DEPARTMENTS: The College of Arts and Sciences The H. Sophie Newcomb College for Women The College of Engineering The Graduate School The College of Law The School of Medicine The Graduate School of Medicine The School of Pharmacy The Dental Clinic The College of Commerce and Business Administration The Courses for Teachers The Department of Middle American Research The School of Social Work The Summer Schools FOR CATALOGUE ADDRESS Registrar of the Tulane University of Louisiana GIBSON HALL, NEW ORLEANS STUDY AT THE SCHOOL OF MEDICINE GRADUATE SCHOOL OF MEDICINE SCHOOL OF PHARMACY UNEXCELLED OPPORTUNITIES ALL SCHOOLS OPEN TO WOMEN ON SAME TERMS AS MEN write for Catalogues ana Particulars THE COLLEGE OF MEDICINE TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 1430 TULANE AVENUE NEW ORLEANS, LA. Float No. 1. Aesculapius. The Greek God of Healing, but as this same float is used every year, nobody pays any attention to it. Float No. 2. Progress. Showing the magnitude of growth of medical sci- ence in the last few years, but nobody pays any at- tention to it either. Float No. 3. Phi Chi. This float depicts the New Orleans Auditorium, thus representing the size of the Phi Chi house, if they had any. (Even then only a few of the mem- bers could get in.) Also, (men are known to have made their way through school by introducing brothers of this order to each other) . Leland John- ston stands at the front, dictating messages on post- cards to O. K. DuBoise. David Thornhill and Jimmy Webb are placed in a prominent anterior po- sition so that the crowd may cheer them. Through the windows can be seen a carnival ball in progress, and the debutantes are thronged about Frank Ogden. Carl Wahl and Piggy Thigpen have large Newcomb badges on, and Jocko Giles stands at the door so that nobody can carry anything intoxicating in. Float No. 4. Alpha Kappa Kappa. A miniature Southport Club is the theme of this float, and many games of chance can be seen in prog- ress. Pee-Wee Sellers, ' olney Liddell, and L. D. Newman arc seen arguing violently over a parchesi game, and Shrimp Mason, Perry Melvin, and Grand- ma Siler blushingly play dominoes. (What kind?) Huey (W. M.) Long works crossword puzzles, (while the multitude cheers) . Ben Morrison, Henrv Gahagan, and Johnny Bostick wear Newcomb ban- ners. AESCULAPIUS The Medical School Presents Its Mardi Gras Parade Float No. 5. Theta Kappa Psi. A huge barn, without lights, water or heat, and with several hundred partitions in it, is the represen- tation of their lodge hall. They have one, and own it. (Nobody else would.) Eldredge Carroll was supposed to be on the float, but got on the A. D. Pi ' s by mistake. The float is managed by Jamej Hutchins, and Euclid Isbell and J. D. Thames give it an air of distinction. Roy Roberts, Gregory Smith, and Doc White tied for first in the chapter ' s own Newcomb contest. Float No. 6. Nu Sigma Nu This is the only float that has horsepower fur- nished actually by horses .and in order to carry out the motif, the figure is a huge horse, as they used in the Trojan war. No word of explanation is offered, though on the platform may be seen Ed Cailleteau, Ed Meek, Brig Craft, Ham Davis, Carl Hartung, and Berry Bowman, who stroll about nonchalantly. The Oklahoma trio: Carlock, Johnson, and Mc- Curdy ride the steeds in true buccaroo fashion. [Conlinucd on Page 295 Micro scopes and Accessories, Diagnostic Instruments, Dissecting Instruments, Headquarters for Medical Students ' Supplies BROWN-BAUMANN COMPANY. Inc. 1330 Tulane Avenue NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Phone MA. 4755 BREEN S DRUG STORE NEFF BREEN, Proprietor STUDENTS ' HEADQUARTERS Always on Hand a Complete Line of Loose Leaf Covers and Fillers, Shaeffer Fountain Pens and Pencils, Physicians ' Boston Bags Delicious Toasted Sandwiches Served At All Times Tulane Avenue and Villere Street, Opposite Charity Hospital THE COFFEE SHOP Basement Hutchinson Memorial Building A Favorite S- ot for the Medical Student SURGICAL SUPPLY COMPANY, Inc. Opposite Charity Hospital 1531 Tulane Avenue RA. 7104 Surgical Instruments and Furniture, Hospi:al Anaesthetizing Pressure and Suction Outfits MEDICAL BOOKS Students of Tulane Will Find a Full Line of All Books Recom- mended m the Medical, Dental, and Pnarmacy Departments — At Our Store J. A. MAJORS CO. 1301 Tulane Avenue New Orleans Louisiana THE H. Sophie Newcomb MEMORIAL COLLEGE FOR WOMEN Tulane University of Louisiana A College of Higk Standards Offering a Training That Will Help Our Young Women to Become Useful Citizens Complete Courses in ARTS AND SCIENCES FINE AND APPLIED ARTS, MUSIC For Catalogues and Information Address REGISTRAR, NEWCOMB COLLEGE NEW ORLEANS, LA. Coillini,i;l jr ;n I ' unc 293 Float No. 7. Phi Rho Sigma. For economy ' s sake, this organization did not have a float made, but instead had their big chapter- owned Cadillac, with the entire chapter (of about tuenty-hve) in it. It is just as big as the floats, though. ' arious anatom- ical parts may be seen pro- jecting from every crack, and while Hume Thom- ason pilots the craft, Red Stritzinger holds his hand over the license plate. Float No. 8. Phi Delta Epsilon. By some mistake this float is marked Sigma Al- pha Mu, but it ' s probably all right. The thought of this seems to be a huge harp (type played in the mouth) , Harpo Marx David Monsky plays, and Meyer Gurdin and Harold Rothlendler and Oscar Blitz sinij. Float No. 9. Phi Lambda Kappa. Three large, golden balls, suspended from a cen- Ju fUc . tral stand, stands out on this, and on them sit, re- spectively (the word is used here meaning in or- der) , Irving Machlin, Sol- omon Winokur, and Rob- ert Segal. They throw out little tickets to the popu- lace. Float No. 10. Alpha Epsilon lota. This order has no float, either. Irma Henderson pushes a small wheelbar- row upon which sit all the other four members of the lodge. One is strongly reminded of Float No. 3, Phi Chi, and cries of " Copy Cat, Copy Cat " ring out in the chilly February air. Float No. 11. A little old two-bit wagon with some brushes painted on the side of it, and a huge placard which boldly proclaims, " These were NOT designed by Soule. " Two bands, Celestin playing " Nearer to Thee, " and Piron playing Chopin ' s funeral dirge, end the parade. SOPHIE ROLLINS " The word ' Council ' . . . ain ' t it pretty ... I sure belong to lots of ' em, too . . . and A. O. Pi . . . an activity gal . . . that ' s me. " JEBBY DAVIDSON " Who ' s a politician? . . . wh -, I ' m the Pride of Lafayette . . . well, maybe I pull strings . . . but all Betas do that . . . I ' m student body prexy . . . Law Review . . . N. S. F. A. secretary . . . O. D. K. . . . etc. " J.ACK SCHWAB " Can I master ceremonies? . . . thev used to call me ' Presiding Jack " . . . I run the Phi lodge ... if the bar exam gets me . . . there ' s always Club Forest. " FRATERNITY, COLLEGE AND CLASS JEWELRY COMMENCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENTS AND INVITATIONS Jexueler to the Senior Class of Tulane University S L. G. BALFOUR CO. MANUFACTURING JEWELERS AND STATIONERS ATTLEBORO, MASS. AUDUBON PARK NATATORIUM The Soutn s Finest S ' wimming Pool The STANDARD COFFEE CO. OF NEW ORLEANS, LA. A growing, successful organization selling coffee direct to consumers all over the South, can use earnest men at all times. Given a good product plus good men — good business is the result. Mr. Reily, an old Tulane man, will be glad to discuss a connection with you. Telephone RAymond 5291. Address 640 Magazine Street. Com hments OF COLEMAN E. ABLER SONS, Inc. MANUFACTURING JEWELER 722 and 724 Canal St. NEW ORLEANS WEST INSURANCE AGENCY 524 GRAVIER STREET Fire Casualty Inaemnity Bonding Marine Auto Operator: " Number, please? " Drunk: " Number, Hell! I WANT MY PEANUTS! " JoqHiRRM Salesman: " Could I interest you in an Austin? " Newcomb Gal: " Well! If that ' s the best you can do. ' " Why did M.ih.itma Ghandi leave college? " " Because all the gals wanted his pin. " " I want some Ginger .Ale! ' ' " Pale? " No, a glass will be plcnt ' . " EN years of service represents quite a record, when it is satisfactory service. And the record which MoUoy Made Covers have estabhshed for service on the Jambalaya is a record of satisfactory service. The last ten issues of the Jambalaya, beginning with the 1923 issue, have been cased in a Molloy Made Cover. The 1933 book repeats this same record. This service to the Jambalaya staff during these past ten years is an indication of the flexibility of this organization. No matter what your problem may be from a standpoint of design, from a standpoint of budgetary limitations, from a standpoint of material and workmanship, the Molloy organization is prepared to meet your re- quirements. Complete information and data will be furnished you on request. Your correspond- ence will be personally handled by a man who has had more personal contact with annual covers during the past fifteen years than any other man living. The informa- tion and knowledge which he has can be of very definite value to you. Why not ben- efit from it by addressing A. A. LUBERSKY Vice-President and Sales Manager THE DAVID J. MOLLOY PLANT 2857 North Western Avenue CHICAGO, ILLINOIS JIMMY HIGGINBOTHAM " Sure, I ' m worthy to serve the suf- fering .... but didja ever see me play basketball? . . . ask the old timers . . . besides, I ' m both a Sig and a Nu Sig. " K. K. MIAZZA " Well, I swimg it . . . got elected to something . . . and were the Sig- ma Nu ' s proud . . . Well, suppose it was only a vice-presidency . . . I ' m a Phi Phi, ain ' t I? " RT SONNY WESTFELDT " Well, I showed ' em . . . varsity end . . . ever hear me sing . . . the gals love it . . . such pretty French songs ... oh! I don ' t shine at parties ... a K. A. shine! tsk . . . tsk. " Roster of Students Whose Pictures Do Not Appear in Panel; SENIOR CLASS MEDICINE EuOKNii H. CouN ' Tiss Grenada, Miss. R. Mawing Ft.etcmkr . ...... Ft. Myers, Fla. Patrick II. IIani.ky Lockport, La. RonFR ' i McGrath New Orleans Roni-RT SicAi New Orleans U ' li.i.iAM T. Sellers McCullough, Ala. Jl ' LRis J. Stagc, Jr Eunice, La. LAW Hugh M. F.vaxs New Orleans Ernest A. Farley Ann Arbor, Mich. Franklin V. Gardiner New Orleans William A. Gillaspie, Jr New Orleans Leonard Greenburg Giilfport, Fla. ' Ai.TER A. Havnes New Orleans Stanford L. IhMAN . New Orleans Alec A. Johnson New Orleans Stanley E. Loeb New Orleans Casi.mir D. Moss Winnfield, La. Francis J. Neller Battle Creek, Mich. N.ATHANIEL L. Perkins Philadelphia, Pa. William F. Pettit, Jr New Orleans NEWCOMB Martha B. Barnes New Orleans Sarah E. Briscoe Memphis, Tenn. Florence E. Bush Mexico City, Mex. Rose N. Crosscrove New Orleans Dolores E. Hayford New Orleans Marjorie T. Kohlman New Orleans Margaret N. Roberis Alexandria, La. Jane A. Smith Fon du Lac, Wis. Elizabeth I. Wn.LL MS New Orleans ARTS AND SCIENCES James G. Bledsoe New Orleans William H. Bridges Long Leaf, La. Joel A. Daw-son, Jr Mobile, Ala. Elson M. Delaune Lockport, La. Murray- A. Dia.mond Brooklyn, N. Y. Tullie deM. Gelpi New Orleans Bennie M. Goodman New Orleans Mabel E. Herrick Lansing, Mich. James H. Hodgins Shrcveport, La. William S. Leake, Jr New Orleans Harold F. Lemmon Patterson, La. John A. Lewis, Jr New Orleans Mary- F. Loeb New Orleans Louis Long New Orlean. ' i James J. Morrison New Orleans John S. Oelkers New Orle ans John J. Read Picayune, Miss. Ai.viN R. Roles . New Orleans Harold II. Rotiiendi.er New York, N. Y. John A. Scakide Bay St. Louis, Miss. Rivers Singleton Slidell, La. Ci.nioRD S. Sutter New Orlean.-; Naugle K. Tiiom.xs ......... Tucson, Ariz. Ben.ia.viin B. Weinsiein . ...... New Orleans James ' . Welch Long Leaf, La. ENGINEERING Janet E. Hooper New Orleans Samuel G. Jacobs New Orleans .Andrew H. Payne. Jr New Orleans WiLDAV TuDURY New Orleans RoBERi- ' . ZllFLE Gretna. La. COMMERCE Woodson A. Caine New Orleans JUNIOR CLASS MEDICINE Benjamin F. Allen Flemingsburg, Ky. Jack A. Atkinson Water Valley, Miss. Fred D. Bartleson Ft. Myers, Fla. Aubrey ' . Beaciiam llattiesburg, Miss. James A. Brown Cleveland, N. C. Oswald W. Cosby Monroe, La. Howard F. Currie De Funiak Springs, Fla. Leslie L. Daviet . Larose, La. Jefferson Davis Waxhaw, N. C. Richard B. DeLee Shrcveport, La. John H. Dent Collins, Miss. Vincent J. DeP. Derbes New Orleans John E. DiGiglia Lake Charles, La. Lucas L. DiGiglia Lake Charles, La. Shakeeb Ede Haltiesburg, Miss. Franklin D. Edwards Kissimmee, Fla. Eva C. Eichold Mobile, Ala. Charles J. Fisher Cullman, Ark. Thomas J. Floyd, Jr Abbeville, Ala. Roger M. Flynt Newton, Miss. Luther S. Fortenberry Amite, La. Dan H. Funkenstein Macon, Ga. Henry C. Gahagan Caushatta, La. Edward Fuller Goldsmith, Jr Atmore, Ala. James C. Green Tupelo, Mi.s. George M. Haik Bogalusa, La. John G. Hart Tyler, Tex. Audrey U. Heintz Covington, La. Lang F. Holland Blakely, Ga. Sterling P. Holland . Blakely, Ga. Henry J. Kaufman, Jr. . Patterson, La. Frederick J. Krueger . Dallas, Tex. Joseph Kuljis Biloxi, Miss. Louis S. Levenstein New York, N. Y. VoLNEY- R. LiDDELL Vicksburg, Miss. George C. McCullough Birmingham, Ala. James W. McMurray Bartow, Fla. Jessie A. MacDonald . Collinsville, Miss. Masters H. Moore, Jr New Orleans Harry L. Ori.ov ■ . . . . Bronx, N. Y. Elliot Phillips New Orleans David M. Pipes . Jackson, La. Franklin A. St. Sure, Jr. . . . . Haiku, .Mani, T. H. Dan V. Searcy Lewisville. Ark. James B. Shei.ton Birmingham, .Ala. William S. Siler, Jr Beaumont. Tex. Joseph E. Slate High Point, N. C. Milton I. Siecki.er . New Orleans James J. Stephen Stephenville, Tex. Leon L. Titche Monroe, La. Ferdinand A. Tro.xler Reserve, La. Nelson O. Tyrone Prentiss, Miss. Anoi.io Trrutia (y Fernandez) . . San .Antonio, Tex. JA.MES -A. White, Jr Alexandria, La. John M. Whitney Vicksburg, Miss. LAW Theodore I.. Bauer . jA.MEs 11. Bernstein William J. Condon . Joseph ' . Ferguson . Marion J. Hulsev, J Lucius P. Levee, Jr. , Max Levin . . . . Hermann R. Meyer . . Natchez, Miss. Shreveporl, La. . New Orleans . New Orleans ■ Tampa, Fla. . Addis, La. . New Orleans . New Orleans James P. Moore, Jr New Orleans William H. O ' Kelley New Orleans Jo T. Orendorf Bowling Green, Ky. Joseph H. Rizzo, Jr New Orleans Sam Shinbaum New Orleans Douglass W. Svendson New Orleans Charles Titche New Orleans Joseph J. Torre • New Orleans Mario A. Vandama Havana, Cuba NEWCOMB Edith L. Ballard ....... Bay St. Louis, Miss. Madge O. Burley New Orleans Benita Carre New Orleans Helen Cefalu Amite, La. ZoiLA R. Ensenat New Orleans Miriam A. Gilliam Chattanooga, Tenn. Margaret D. Gillican Brunswick, Ga. Rebecca J. Green New Orleans Elise G. Greenwald New Orleans Eugenia C. Hay Frankfort, Ky. Hattie C. Hitt New Orleans Eunice E. Howsmon Cowden, Ala. Elizabeth Johnson Chattanooga, Tenn. Elizabeth I. Jones • . New Orleans Alice L. Kilpatrick New Orleans Lily Laney Columbus, Ga. Dork Lockhart Haines City, Fla. Frances L Lyle New Orleans Leone Maas New Orleans Esther R. Malter New Orleans Lena R. Marx New Orleans Charlotte L. Merot .... Long Island City, N. Y. Josephine N. Moses New Orleans Gwendolyn L. Osha . Randolph, Vt. Margaret L, Preston Galveston, Tex. Mathilda J. Richards New Orleans Marion Ronsheim . Cincinnati, Ohio Dorothy E. Sprott New Orleans Louise L. Tarlton New Orleans Elizabeth B. Tatum ....... Hattiesburg, Miss. Kathleen E. Thornton Lake Charles, La. Ruth C. Viallon New Orleans Rosemary Virden Greenville, Miss. Eloise M. Voorhies New Orleans Mercedes M, Vuilliet . New Orleans Annie L. Walker Helena, Ark. Bertha N. Wexler New Orleans Eileen E. Wolff Plainfield, N. J. ARTS AND SCIENCES Edgar A. Aime New Orleans Christian A. Allenburger, Jr Columbus, Neb. Richard E. Bankston Hammond, La. John W. Bick, Jr., New Orleans Louis M. Boasberg New Orleans Bradley C. Brownson New Orleans Charles H. Calhoun Bastrop, La. Charles Carriere Laurel, Miss. Rafael E. Castillo Guatemala, Guate. Joseph J. Davies, Jr Gretna, La. Frances E. Evans New Orleans Philip Gray Brooklyn, N. Y. Ewing P. Harris Chicago, III. James J. Kohlman New Orleans Merkl L. Lagarde New Orleans Edwin A. Leland, Jr New Orleans Hartwig Moss New Orleans Leonard Nelken New Orleans Tate C. Page Dover, Ark. Floyd Roberts Stigler, Okla. Andrew L. Romeo New Orleans Stephen M. Ross Del Rio Tex. Arthur M. Schneider New Orleans Mortimer Silvey Brooklyn, N. Y. Eugene B. Simmons . New Orleans Leonard D. Weaver Brewton, Ala. John A. White, Jr New Orleans Richard C. B. Whitten New Orleans Philip B. Wogan New Orleans ENGINEERING Thomas E. Ale.kander, Jr New Orleans Charles F. 1?aehr . New Orleans George S. Bisso New Orleans William T. Boardman, Jr New Orleans John S. Boatner New Orleans Thomas W. Browne New Orleans Jesse W. Burt Summit, Miss. Ralph F. Cairns New Orleans Gayden Derickson . New Orleans Henry B. Dunn New Orleans Charles F. Gund New Orleans Edgar J. C. Hagstette, Jr New Orleans Audio G. Harvey New Orleans John E. Hillier Westlake, La. Charles J. Houlgrave New Orleans Clarence J. Hughes New Orleans Alphe G. Jarreau New Orleans OsiNG C. Kottemann New Orleans Walter A. McCabe . New Orleans John L. Polizzio New Orleans Norvin W. Richards . New Orleans COMMERCE Nicholas C. Bouzon New Orleans Elwood R. Clay New Orleans Robert F. Cugle Melairie Ridge, La. William M. Levy, Jr . Shreveport, La. Herbert P. Pellegrini New Orleans Jesse S. Rosenfeld, Jr New Orleans James L. White, Jr Shreveport, La. SOPHOMORE CLASS MEDICINE Dean H. Allen Tallulah, La. Elmer S. Allen, Jr Areola, 111. John W. Ashby . Benton, Ark. Paul J. Azar New Orleans Paul E. Baird Gallipolis, Ohio Archie J. Baker Jacksonville, Fla. Warren J. Barker Kaw City, Okla. James L. Beaver Fayetteville, Ark. Frank L. Bigsey, Jr Kirksville, Mo. James M. Butera Houston, Tex. John H. Carlock, Jr Ardmore, Okla. Russell B. Carson Orlando, Fla. C. Bricman Craft Mobile, Ala. Edward A. Crowell, Jr Franklin, La. Eugene G. Durel New Orleans NoLLiE C. Felts Hattiesburg, Miss. Thomas P. Foltz Fort Smith, Ark. Benjamin Freedman Philadelphia, Pa. Madison A. Furrh Elysian Fields, Tex. Robert D. Gengelbach Chicago, III. John D. Gordinier Baton Rouge, La. Irvin M. Grassgreen Raleigh, N. C. Humphrey H. Hardy, Jr Lecompte, La. John S. Herring Oak Grove, La. Joseph Hudes . Brooklyn, N. Y. Lawrence B. Hudson, Jr Hattiesburg, Miss. Carrol A. Johnson, Jr Wilson, Okla. Robert C. Kemp, Jr Baton Rouge, La. Joseph D. Landry New Orleans Frank R. Lock Hot Springs, Ark. Ariiiir n. Long, Jr EI Pnsn, Tex. lIiKAM A. McCoNNi-i.i Kavfttcville, Ark. ' l " iiOMAs J. Pavm:, Jr Dora, Ala. UvRON ' E. I ' m. LOCK Aliilcnc, Tex. Earl S. Sicale Mcriiliaii, Miss. EuciiN ' i; D. Simmons Jacksonville, Fla. Ira C. Skin ' S ' KR, Jr Sclma, Ala. Davrkf, D. Smith Og lcii, Itah SliAI.S S. Si ' KKR Hay St. Louis, Miss. Frank P. Si ' oro Tampa, Ela. John Ri:aran Miiulcii, La. KriiAN A. SiiLRRlLL, jR Houston, Tex. RiciiARO M. SiKi:i;r Sanford, N. C. Ll ' iiiKR I.. Tkkrv Ked Level, Ala. Francis O. TnRi-AnGiLi Kl Dorado, Ark. WlLiON E. TunwKLi Pensacola, Fla. CU ' ii.i.KRMO ' ASQUi;z (y Molina) . . Teg;ueif;alpa, Ilond. JoSKPH A. Vi;i.i.A New Orleans NoLLV H. Vinson Guntersvillc, Ala. Bknjamin C. Wallace, Jr Coolidge, Tex. Rui-us S. Walsh, Jr. Winnfield, La. lAMES V. Welch, Jr Long Leaf, La. Charles R. Williams Montgomery, Ala. Howard H. ' ili.iams ...... West Greene, Ala. Norman E. Williams Seville, Fla. Ilmnsiii V. sunA Kona, T. H. NEWCOMB Helen M. Anderson New Orleans Dora J. Bonquois . New Orleans TiiEi.MA J. HouDRA New Orleans MA ' iBELLE E. Boutall New Orleans Paliline T. Cabibi .......... New Orleans Margaret H. Carre New Orlean s Marv C. Chamberlain Natchez, Miss. Willomette a. Collev ........ New Orleans Patsy J. Cope New Orleans Dorothy M. Council New Orleans Ruth B. Crosby Greenville, Miss. Mary E. Dichmann ....... Maplewood, N. J. Helen P. DurouR New Orleans MoRNA E. DuSENBURY . New Orleans Martha C. Ellis Hazlehurst, Miss. Frances E. Evans New Orleans Genevieve W. Filson Houston, Tex. Gertrude Gvvin New Orleans Helen E. Harry Metairie Ridge, La. Rose Hartstein New Orleans Audrey C. Hebert New Orleans Frances B. Johnson Greenwood, Miss. Margaret M. Krumbhaar Hounia, La. Jeanne Laidl.uv Dallas, Tex. Katherine Legier New Orleans Bertha C. Leibovit . Miaini, Fla. Helen C. LeJeune . New Orleans Gladys D. Long Birmingham, Ala. Louise R. Lowenstein . Memphis, Term. Marie C. Lyons New Orleans Carolyn W. McBryde . New Orleans Elizabeth A. McMurrav McAlester, Okla. Carolyn Mai.t ky New Orleans Lyrianne L. Marrero Metairie Ridge, La. ' ircinia M. Marsh ......... New Orleans Frances M. Moise . New Orleans Nancy B. Morris New Orleans Leila L. Myers New Orleans Doris C. Paine Donner, La. Elenora J. Palmisano New Orleans Mary E. Pieri New Orleans Anna F. Pipes Houma, La. Amelia L. Plant New Orleans Helen Powell Metairie, La. Carolyn S. Riddle New Orleans Ruth II. Ryder New Orleans Rose D. Samuel New Orleans Katherine L. Sciii.egei New Orleans Margaret L. Schramm New Orleans N. 0MI J. Segall New Orleans Phyi.i.is-Anne Shaw New Or Virginia Springer Kansas Ciiv, Margaret E. Strange New Or! Rachel Sweeney Bonham, Frances W. Timraut Donaldsonville, Hetty R. Turner The Plains, Helen A. Wai.sh Atlantic Beach, Helen J. Wander Weeks, .Alva S. Weatiieriord Metairie, Natka F. Webb Rayne, ' ANTOiNE-nE P. Weed New ' Orl Luc y E. Weed New Orl LiSE Weiirmann New Orl Annette Weinberg . Quincy, leans Mo. cans Tex. La. Va. Fla. , La. La. La. eans cans eans Fla. ARTS AND SCIENCES John W. Alleyn New Orleans John M. Anderson Laurel, Miss. OcTAvio E. AvERHOEF Havana, Cuba Samuel H. Ballard Bav St. Louis, Miss. Frank A. Benitez Tampa, Fla. Abraham M. Blum New Orleans George W. Bolinger New Orleans George W. Bostick New Orleans Gordon W. Callender New Orleans Louis E. Cohen New Orleans William H. Cook, Jr New Orleans Charles Corso New Orleans Samuel J. Crapitto Houston, Tex. Abe D. Dashoi f . Newport, R. L ' ictor E. Deimel, Jr New Orleans James G. Economon Lowell, Mass. Cornelius J. Evereit, Jr . New Orleans Raymond E. Finke Houston, Tex. Frank E. Ford New Orleans Frank R. Gomila New Orleans Andrew M. Gregg New Orleans Jack B. (Jrifhn Chickasha, Okla. Thomas F. Hall, Jr New Orleans James H. Harvey New Orleans LoEL R. Haspel New Orleans Ellioit B. Hay McComb, Miss. Preston van F. Henley . New Orleans Leon Hershberg New Orleans William T. Hidden . New Orleans Carl O. Hill Burwood, La. Gordon St. C. Jackson New Orleans Earl H. Jung Bogalusa, La. Joseph Kleinfeldt New Orleans Jack M. Ki.uft Perth .Ambov, N. J. Elmer E. W. Kramer New Orleans Lamar L. Lambert French Settlement, La. Henry J. LeBlanc Napoleonville, La. Henry Leidenheimer, Jr New Orleans ZoLOMON Levin Golden Meadows, La. Frank C. Magne New Orleans Jose M. . L ldonado Port I.imon, C. R. Michael A. Maroun Shreveport. La. A ' ade H. Morgan, Jr . Pensacola. Fla. H erman Neugass New Orleans Edward J. Peterson New Orleans MiLTO B. Phillips New Orleans Robert J. Pitard New Orleans Homer R. Robinson Lake Charles. La. .Arciubaii) B. D. Saint New Orleans Tiio.MAS G. Sancton New Orleans Ira B. Simmons Houston. Tex. Guy T. Singleton Slidcll. La. Robert W. Smith Owcnsboro. Kv. Joseph D. Starr New Orleans Keniirick Taylor Alexandria, La. Farrei. B. Thomas Ft. Smith. .Ark. CIeorce E. Thomas New Orleans Wilbur F. Thomson ........ Beaumont. Tex. Roy O. Traiian New Orleans John ' . Trego Ephrata. Pa. Waiter C. Tuman New Vork, N. Y. (lEORGE B. VoGT.MAN New Orleans ' illiam D. Walthall New Orleans Louis E. Weisdorffer New Orleans Lawrence L. Zarrilli New Orleans Reuben A. Zarrilli New Orleans ENGINEERING Paul L. Andersen New Orleans Philip F. Beltramo . New Orleans Anthony J. Bruno Jr New Orleans Henry S. Chambers . New Orleans Alexander T. Covert .... Germantown, Phil., Pa. James A. Cronvich New Orleans Ralph H. Delaune New Orleans Gilmer W. Engelhardt New Orleans William J. Featherincill .... Independence, Kan. John B. E. Hite New Orleans Wade H. Hoffman, Jr New Orleans James J. Howe New Orleans Robert L. Lobdell New Orleans Daniel P. Mabei New Orleans Dennis C. Meyer New Orleans Daniel W. B. Murphy New Orleans LeRoy L. Newman, Jr New Orleans George H. Peters . New Orleans George A. Ray New Orleans Ripley C. P. Schoenberger New Orleans George S. Schrenk New Orleans Henry J. Seither, Jr New Orleans Leycester L. Trauth Gretna, La. Harry S. Vorhaben . New Orleans Fabian P. Wiederecht New Orleans COMMERCE Henry Barnett New Orleans Stanford M. Beer, Jr New Orleans John E. Church New Orleans Helion Dickson, Jr New Orleans Ernest J. Hollow.ay . New Orleans David W. Jacobus Tulsa, Okla. Edwin C. Jansen New Orleans Henry M. Lambert Shreveport, La. Frank H. Lichtenstein New Orleans PHARMACY LuciEN E. Thomas New Orleans FRESHMAN CLASS MEDICINE George S. Allen Springfield, Mo. Hubert L. Allen, Jr Kansas City, Mo. Edwin T. Arnold, Jr Philomath, Ga. Mike Balistrella DeRidder, La. Edward M. Boagni, Jr. Opelousas, La. Harold H. Bowerman Whittier, Cal. Dannie H. Byram Alexandria, La. Emmerson C. Chiasson Port Neches, Tex. Mary P. Chiasson Port Neches, Tex. James M. Ciaravella Tampa, Fla. Eugene H. Claverie, Jr New Orleans Ernest S. Cole Otoka, Okla. John Corso New Orleans Edwin A. Craven ........ Greensboro, N. C. Jack A. Crittenden Hartselle, Ala. Walter E. Crumpler, Jr Port Arthur, Tex. Lewis M. Dawson Mobile, Ala. Murray A. Diamond Brooklyn, N. Y. Charles J. Donald, Jr Fairfield, Ala. Gerald S. Doolin Somerset, Ky. Joseph B. Farrior Tampa, Fla. Attilio V. Filizola San Antonio, Tex. Martin L. Flynt, Jr Newton, Miss. Chester A. Fort, Jr Ocala, Fla. Thomas F. Fujiwara . Honolulu, T. H. Philip P. Giuffre New Orleans James R. Godfrey Dunkirk, N. Y. Saturnino M. Gonzalez Clifton, Ariz. Frank T. Gouaux, Jr Lockport, La. Walter W. Haar New Orleans Joseph F. Hallman Vale, N. C. Edwin j. Herpich New Orleans Jesse R. Hightower Itta Bena, Miss. Norman D. Hines Seven Springs, N. C. WooDROW M. Howdon Clearwater, Fla. Charles G. Hutcheson Kansas City, Mo. Carl R. Jensen Santa Fe, N. Mex. John M. Johnson, Jr San Saba, Tex. Harold T. Kimata Eleele, Kauai, T. H. Albert P. Kimball, Jr Yuma, Ariz. Minoru Kimura Honolulu, T. H. Thomas A. LeValley Miles City, Mont. Vera Lynne New Orleans Eugene W. McCollum Marion, Ala. George G. McHardy, III Baton Rouge, La. William C. Maloy Rhine, Ga. James L. Massey Quincy, Fla. Alfred J. Messina Vicksburg, Miss. John B. Milton, Jr New Orleans Samuel D. Murray Newman, Ga. Albep.t Owers Austin, Tex. Clarence A. Paine . Atlanta, Ga. Leon Phillips New Orleans William W. Phillips, Jr Roswell, N. Mex. Jesse S. Pugh New Orleans Frederick L. Risher Laurel, Miss. Malcolm P. Schwarzenbach New Orleans William H. Scott Pasadena, Tex. Harry B. Shaw, Jr Fulton, Miss. James J. Stewart Mobile, Ala. William R. Swango Hazelgreen, Ky. GuSTAvus W. Thomasson, Jr Dallas, Tex. George Y. Tomoguchi Hilo, T. H. Edwin W. Tucker New Orleans Julian T. Turner Coffeeville, Ala. William L. Tyler, Jr Owensboro, Ky. Gabriel Vandama (y Fernandez) . . . Havana, Cuba George A. Varino Monroe, La. Albert L. Ward . New Orleans Benedict Weinstein Brooklyn, N. Y. Joseph B. Wharton, Jr El Dorado, Ark. Raymond C. Yap Honolulu, T. H. John J. Young Natchitoches, La. LAW Gilbert Bernstein New Orleans Virginia Brittingham New Orleans Samuel C. Cashio Frisco, La. Judith C. W. Connell Bedford, Va. Fernando Dahmen New Orleans Robert A. Davis New Orleans Jack W. Dolan New Orleans Bennett J. Doty- Laredo, Tex. Benjamin M. Goodman New Orleans Joseph B. Holmes New Orleans Alwyn j. Justrabo New Orleans Charles G. Lee Shreveport, La. Harry ' M. Pelias New Orleans Robert C. Quinlan Tulsa, Okla. Charles E. Richards New Orleans William C. Richardson Shreveport, La. Drew L. Smith New Orleans Henry A. Taliaferro . Harrisonburg, La. Howard A. Weadock Tampa, Fla. Edward T. Weeks, Jr New Iberia, La. NEWCOMB Jane L. Amberg New York, N, Y. Lillian Aronson New Orleans Ruth M. Ballard Bay St. Louis, Miss. Naomi J. Basel New York, N. Y. Marie Bear Pensacola, Fla. Dorothy Beckemeyer New Orleans DoLivE M. Benoit New Orleans Sylvia Beres New Orleans Audry Bistes New Orleans Adele S. Bodker Ponchatoula, La. Ellen P. Brydon New Orleans Mary E. Burns . New Orleans Ora L. Carroll New Orleans Ivy p. Case Brookhaven, Miss. Veronica C. Catanese ........ New Orleans ., . ,. n,, ..,..■« . . . ■ Scnttsboro, Al;i. ' " ' ' . V ' mJ • • • N " V f ' - ' -« " ll " - Z . • • WlKUtOM, 1 -X. r " " " ' M nl;-,,- . . . . Ne» Orleans T ' ri uKKm- ■ ' ■ • Or.e,nvn,Hl, Miss. T A . ir;;, ' ;.■.■. New Orleans L.sr M. K,.,.u.K,.x ........ New Orleans MAK-n.-v •.i.vyAK.,s g La. Mki.ba M. Ki.fkr Orleans EMS-: M. RMKcn.u) ; | _ MAKV A, FKU.MAS g,, . ,, i.a. KA-niK.N S. Fox . .... . y i ,,, M.xkjokm: L. Fr. N . ■ • . . . h ,,,,, ,,, , Miss. Kathryn B. FucAii-. Orleans FRANCES EG.AN...LON. Ne Orleans HELEN L Goldman Helen MGou,MAN • ; f „. o ' rleans AileenM Hall ... ■ New Orleans Dorothy A. Hansen Pensacola, Fla. CAROLYN HeINBERG . . ' DOROTHY C.HE.NZELMAN New Orleans KATHER.NE J. Hh,1) .winnetka, 111. Edith B. Hirsch Orleans REBBA-NELL R. HOFFMAN New U _ Adelyn R. Hyman , , Orleans CHRISTINE M. JAQUES Alexandria, La. ESTHER V. JOHNSON •..••■ Canton, Miss. " ' M K HN • • • Ja ' " " . Miss. Cecile M. Kahn J h,.] „„ Jennie Kirschman •, New Orleans Grace G. Kisler " " K ' n ' l i Muriel M. Knoph New Or eans Cesil S. Kohlman New Or eans MARIAN F. KOHLM. N , ' ' Xl " ' Jean A. Kohn Cleveland Heights Ohio SARA J. Krakav;r • • Memphis Tenn. Suzanne B. LaCour New Or eans FANNIE M. Lemann • • New Or eans Sadie Levin - New Orleans JuLiErrE E. Levy New Ibena La. Emily D. McKee .Greenville, Miss. AGNES Magrudfr Po t Gibson, Miss. MILLICENT C;. MAVFIKLD ...... Enterprise Ore. Grac.ela Mayorai New Or eans Leah C. Miller New Or eans Maxim M. MILLER m ' " ' nl ' T Flora A. Moore New Or eans KATHLEEN J. MoTtE ■ • New Orleans HANNAH NfWSTADT ' ' ' ' " ' ' ' A ' ' ' , THERESA M. O ' Connor ....... New Or eans Myrtle J. Palmisano New Orleans FAITH Pennebaker • • Fainhope, Ala. Frances H. Poe New Orleans Sylvia J. Prkssburg Alexandria, La. Nancy R. Raulins x ' ' n ' l Sylvia B. Rosenson New Or eans Eda Rosenthal New Or eans M.. RCEL,.A Roth x ' " ' n ' ' " n ' JOEL Simon New Or eans Eunice Stayer New Or eans JANIS H. Stern -New Orleans Bessie C. Stingily Meridian Miss. Hertha E. Stokes .New Orleans MAXINE V. INGER Cleveland Ohio Gr.vce Vales New Orleans Ruth E. Wander eeks La. NUL M. Wardlaw Cristobal, Canal Zone Mary J. Weii New Orleans Adelaide V. W ' Fsr Norfolk, a. Helen M. Whutnger New Orleans Charlotte E. Wii bourn Meridian, Miss. Sophie Wrighi Eunice, La. Edward .A. Rk ' hakd O. ARTS AND SCIENCES Adky. Ill .• l LORD . New Orleans Henderson, Lex. WALTER G. Al.i.RE, Ir N :w Orleans Roy D. Ary StiKk-r, Okla. Irving Baer . Bayonnc, N. J. Wallace E. Bahm Osceola, La. Howard L. Bryan Shrcvcport, La. John P. Buckley . New Orleans Mac W. Burke New Orleans Mary A. Burke New Orleans Sylvester J. Cocchiara New Orleans Anna M. Corr New Orleans Joseph R. Costan .a Independence, La. Ai. F. COTION, JR New Orleans Antonio M. Vai.des-Dapena ..... Havana, Cub.i Warren E. Davis, Jr. . New Orleans Jacob DeCorte New Orleans James H. Eddy • ■ ■ New Orleans Robert R. Emery Shreveport, La. Emanuel Feldman Bayonne, N. J. Harley B. Ferguson, Jr. New Orleans Venancio a. Garcia San Jose, C. R. Leslie C. Gaudet Raceland, La. Fred Z. H. Gerdes New Orleans DoMiNicK J. Giarratano New Orleans Robert E. Gillaspie New Orleans Claude L. Giraud New Orleans Samuel J. Goldberg ■ . New Orleans Ernest H. Gould New Orleans Luther L. Greer McComb, Miss. John J. Griffin New Orleans Burl W. Hardcastle, Jr Memphis, Tenn. Frank J. Hartley, Jr New Orleans James W. Henderson Clarksdale, Miss. William R. Higginbotham ...... Monroe, La. Frank J. Hobbs ........ Bay St. Louis. Miss. Al:;x HoLLiDAY Bogalusa, La. Curtis R. House Naples, Fla. Pierre A. Hughes New Orleans Charles H. Ilgenfritz ..... Woodville, Miss. Perley R. Jackson, Jr New Orleans Beniamin C. King New Iberia, La. Henry A. Knebel New Orleans Markham D. Kostmayer Metairie, La. Emile J. Lafont ■ ■ New Orleans Wilton P. Ledet Larose, La. Werner Lentjes Tampa, Fla. Arthur G. Levy New Orleans Albert J. Linam • Columbia, S. A. Stanley D. Lodricues Patterson, La. Lee H. Lorenzen New Orleans Manuel C. Lores y Vallhour. t .... Havana, Cuba Joseph G. Lorio Kenncr. La. William R. McHugh, Ir • . • New Orleans Sarah R. McMahon New Orleans Salvador N. Macaluso New Orleans [ACQUES A. Magne New Orleans Harold G. Memts.xs . New Orleans Francis E. Menge New Orleans Samuel Meyer Springfield, 111. William P. Miller, Jr. . Talishcek. La. Carlos R. Mitcheli New Orleans losEPH M. MncHELi New Orleans Richard D. Moers Houston, Tex. Andrew G. T. Moore, Ir New Orleans, La. Eugene I. Morel . New Orleans loHN T. Murphy . Fl Dorado, Ark. Martin I.. Nance, Ir. Shreveport, La. Edward W. Nelson New Orleans Harry E. Nelson, Ir New Orleans James R. O Learv New Orleans, La. Leonard H. Oppenheim New Orlean. Julian . . Otii.i.io New Orleans lUNius H. Payne, Jr New Orleans William C. Petersen .Algiers, La. Robert I. Pitard New Orleans Paul A. Pitre . Algiers. La. Henry T. Posey New Orleans William C. Potter New Orleans Frederick C. Prerser New Orleans Royal I. Prinz Meiairie, La. loHN Ramirez NLnnzanillo. Oriente. Cuba William G. Rankin, Jr • • New Orleans Howard J. Rau Covington, La. JAMES T. Richards New Orleans Santiago F. Rodriguez New Orleans Theo M. Rouede New Orleans Fernando Saborio-Esquivel San Jose, C. R. Pedro F. Salcedo Havana, Cuba Joseph R. Samuel New Orleans William B. Seeskind, Jr New Orleans Leopold A. Sierra Algiers, La. Walter S. Singleton . New Orleans Ragan H. Spooner New Orleans Anthony F. Taormina New Orleans Oscar D. Thomas New Orleans Frank J. Trapani New Orleans Fred Tripp, Jr N Orleans Gilbert J. Victor N ' ew Orleans Joseph C. Walker, Jr. . New Orleans Zeb Ward, Jr New Orleans John A. Warner • • ■ New Orleans Edward J. Watson Portales, N. Mex. Ben F. Welborn New Orleans Edward T. White, Jr Pensacola, Fla. Raymond R. Woodson Algiers, La. ENGINEERING Felix L. Aucoin, Jr New Orleans Gilbert R. Barth New Orleans John C. Bendler New Orleans George H. Bick New Orleans Louis C. Bisso New Orleans Hobart W. Blakeslee New Orleans David J. Blakesley, Jr Franklin, La. Levie W. Branch New Orleans Leo E. Broders New Orleans Ralph T. Brown New Orleans Earl C. Calkins New Orleans Jesse C. Connelly, Jr New Orleans Wilton D. Corkern New Orleans John Cristadoro, Jr. . • New Orleans Lester J. Cronvich New Orleans John E. Davenport New Orleans Charles H. Dieth . New Orleans William C. Dinwiddie New Orleans Farrar R. Dodge New Orleans Albert F. Dugan New Orleans John S. Duhe Hahnville, La. Harold F. Favret New Orleans Harley B. Ferguson, Jr. ..... • Vicksburg, Miss. Marion E. Frater • Gulfport, Miss. Rudolph Haisfield New Orleans Martin Hebert, Jr. . . New Orle ans Albert E. Hodapp New Orleans Augustine L. Hogan, Jr New Orleans Theophile O. Hotard, Jr. ...... • New Orleans Walter G. Jahncke New Orleans Jacob Klegar New Orleans Sterling J. Knight New Orleans William R. Konrad New Orleans John H. Kostmayer New Orleans Edward J. McNamara Thibodaux, La. George L. Maness Gretna, La. Arthur G. Mechler New Orleans James E. Murrhee New Orleans Iversen Mvsing New Orleans Frederick M. Odom, II New Orleans James E. Peres New Orleans Joseph E. Poche, Jr Amite, La. Walter P. Raarup, Jr New Orleans Frank J. Rosato New Orleans Frank E. Rose New Orleans Alvin E. Schorr New Orleans Joseph H. Simpson, Jr New Orleans Edgar M. Smith New Orleans Joseph F. Tyler New Orleans Elvin J. Villarrubia, Jr Lacombe, La. Frank A. Vitrano St. Rose, La. Henry W. Voelkel New Orleans Clifford G. Webb New Orleans Milton F. Williams, Jr New Orleans Charles G. Wright New Orleans James A. Wright, Jr. . New Orleans COMMERCE Glen Bayles Newton, 111. Clarence E. Bonnett, Jr . New Orleans Irving J. Burglass . New Orleans Lawrence E. Cox, Jr New Orleans Gustave H. Crais New Orleans Walter Davis, Jr New Orleans John Salvador de Ben, Jr New Orleans Ernest H. Estes, Jr New Orleans Roberto Hernandez Havana, Cuba Jacqueline T. Katz ......... New Orleans Douglas Kelly-, Jr New Orleans Max A. Kreh New Orleans Humeerto M. Lopez New Orleans Margaret S. McLaughlin New Orleans Wallace G. Orr New Orleans Thomas A. Piacun . . New Orleans John R. Reuter, Jr New Orleans Roland R. Seward, Jr New Orleans Saul Singer New Orleans Clayton W. Squelch Buffalo, N. Y. Elmore R. Verlander New Orleans PHARMACY Joseph Candilora New Orleans Salvador J. Civiletto New Orleans SPECIAL STUDENTS MEDICINE Paul C. Foster New Providence, la. NEWCOMB Madlyn H. Bank New Orleans Julia S. Banos New Orleans Madeleine M. Bay-on New Orleans Jessie M. Bishop Urbana, 111. Theresa F. Graves New Orleans Elizabeth Malone New Orleans ZoRA K. NoRRis . New Orleans Sarah Peirce New Orleans Blu.ma C. Polmer New Orleans Mary- E. Seemann . New Orleans Atzie L. Smill Los Angeles, Cal. Mae p. Webb . New Orleans Mettha Westfeldt New Orleans ARTS AND SCIENCES George H. Brown, Jr. . . . . . ■ . New Orleans Carroll M. Ellins New Orleans Walter E. Grotefend New Orleans Charles W. Gruber, Jr. . New Orleans William L. Parcell Greenville, S. C. Urban A. Pfefferle New Orleans Leon M. Teles New O rleans COMMERCE William G. Blackwell New Orleans Ida C. Cohen New Orleans Edward C. Colcord, Jr St. Albans, W. Va. Arne O. Johansen ■ • . Bergen, Norway Calvin E. Kissgen New Orleans Alex P. McLachlan Columbia, Mo. Rena P. Mitchell New Orleans Harry L. Ross New Orleans Charles B. Stroble Covington, La. Waldo B. Utley New Orleans briqhi pages 1111 kJ- _ JL that rcFlcct those happy, corahdd days has been our cjoa A J. J. A COLLEICE. ANNUAL DIVISION I N THE LNC " " - ' • " ' !NC CC x!V BlRNui CHAM HE,A.UT OF TPIE SOUTH ' THIS BOOK PRINTED BY. Th E WORLD ' S LARGEST PUBLISHERS OF CO LLEG E ANNUALS CQLLEGE ANNUAL HEADWARTERS SVco ie ua c yWox ema imtpy uaeALdX xia iAcOAi MA-Oyicoy h= i:i5 S ■ . ■■ ' " ° ' ; -, M, ■•■.•■,.:■ ' .X W --- ' " ' ' ' ' - S :- t ' ' ' - ' " ' : -• " ■: ■ ' ?4 ' : I: I ' , mi :t ' MMM ' r ' iM .■• A ' . ' Vft ' - ' if l ' tti ' i ' ' - ' ' }-■%. .;, t., ' , . „ :■ ' ' f;:■v ' i■ ' . l■• ■ .if.; ' iiff ' - S ' iH? ' -i - ' i (1 -..., (X ,„i.., .j4.;,-- ' ' ;;a ' ■•■:■■■■ ' -■ :.y:;-|?? J ;i m. ' ■]■ ' ! ' . ' .

Suggestions in the Tulane University - Jambalaya Yearbook (New Orleans, LA) collection:

Tulane University - Jambalaya Yearbook (New Orleans, LA) online yearbook collection, 1930 Edition, Page 1


Tulane University - Jambalaya Yearbook (New Orleans, LA) online yearbook collection, 1931 Edition, Page 1


Tulane University - Jambalaya Yearbook (New Orleans, LA) online yearbook collection, 1932 Edition, Page 1


Tulane University - Jambalaya Yearbook (New Orleans, LA) online yearbook collection, 1934 Edition, Page 1


Tulane University - Jambalaya Yearbook (New Orleans, LA) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Page 1


Tulane University - Jambalaya Yearbook (New Orleans, LA) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 1


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