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' ' . - ;■■ ■• t :| ' s ik ni iis % ' J-iit i ' f = r Published bu THE STUDENTS f VOLUME ■M- Ri» ' :.Y -A. ft . L %: ,T ' _ L -C lllllljlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllilllllllllh . N TWC WURRY AND BUSTLE OF UVmO, TWiS W9i(RtCftLLS( SW lLE — . IN TUE mtLWW YEftRS.Y9U TURN THCSG PAGES VWITW A MAPPY. L9NQINQ S(GM TUE U6QR EXPENOeO ON TMIS VOLUl E MAS NOT BEEN IN VAIN. A- ' : . pfiW( iWs pHU ll 6 ' ' ' V ' -m p . mmk j SJ OR OUR DECORATIVE TUtN t, Wt HAVE CUOSENTUt LIFE OF TUAT GREAT BENE.rACTOR. PftUL TULANE A LIFE WHO WAS THE TYPICAL PRODUCT QF THE. TIMES IN WHICH IT WAS LIVED. MWE HAVt STR10E:N TQ PRE.S NX IN SOME MEftSURE, THE MAN TULANE AS «E WAS . ' A MAN IWOO FIZONDED UIS FORTUNE. ON A OENTURC (N SOftP ( MAN SHR£U 0 ftND SKILLFUL IN SUSINE:SS, BUT STAUNCHLY UPRIOHT. CHftRlTABLG. AND HU(Y ANLY e£.NEFlCtNT. i ' i- v ' ■J! i - " ' - ? " r+r: " -V;; . S: ■v-a WILLIAM U. P CRtiOUTON iv YOUR UNCANNY INSiCrHT INTO STUDENT NATURE AND SYtVtPA- TH£T(C TREAT(V)£NT THEREOF - BY YOUR INTENSELY UU(V AN qUAlr (TIES-- YOU MAUE INSPIRED RESPECT AND TRUE AFFECTION (N ALL WMO KNOVU YOU. !J SO --ON THE ANNIVERSARY OF YOUR THIRTY -EIGHTH YEAR OF LOYAL SERVICE TO THE UNIVER- SITY — THE EDITORS ARE PROUD TO DEDICATE TO YOU THIS THIRTY -SEVENTH VOLUME The Jambalaiia II aw ' ..» R " ' " . Fa ' -- - ' V . f- . The University Paul Tulane contemplates the bequest from which will arise the New Univer- sity, an opportunity to gain knowledge for those who strive. » » V TILTON MEMORIAL LIBRARY REAR STEPS — GIBSON HALL OLD ENGINEERING BUILDING NEWCOMB GYMNASIUM LUXURIANT FOLIAGE — NEWCOMB CAMPUS ivy COVERED RICHARDSON MEMORIAL NEWCOMB ART BUILDING JOSEPHINE LOUISE HOUSE Jn iipmunam ir, Enbrrt i ' liarp LL.D. President of the University, Emeritus Died January 23, 1931 ir. lE6mtn Auhrrsnu Al frmmt LL.D. President of the University (1900-1904) Died April 29, 1931 aiil ISpupit iHrklps iFraurpa DHargir i utttlj Senior School of Medicine Died February 2, 1931 Junior Newcomb College Died June IS, 1931 UlaxutpU lEJmmnJi i ' aurtrr Senior School of Medicine Died July 6, 1931 irptu A nlplt iJauant Senior School of Medicine Died November 4, 1931 (Earnltttp Jranria ISirlTarliiuiu Ph.D. Professor of English, Newcomb College Died April 13, 1932 Board of Administrators President, EsMOXD Phelps, A.B., LL.B. First Vice-President, Chauxce ' French Second Fice-President, Erxest Lee Jahxcke, B.E. Walter Robinson Stauffer Walker Brainerd Spexcer, A.B., LL.B. John Dymond, Jr., A.B., LL.B. Charles Rosen, A.B., LL.B. Abraham Brittin Marcus Johns Iagruder, ] LD. Paul Hill Saunders, A.M., Ph.D. Samuel Zemurr.ay Florence D oiond, A.B. Jules Blanc Monroe, A.B., LL.B. James Pierce Butler, LL.B. John Barnwell Elliott, A.M., ALD. George Elliot Williams, B.E. Ex-Officio Alvin O. King Thomas Semmes Wal: isley Governor of Louisiana Mayor of Ne - Orleans Thomas H. Harris State Superintendent of Public Education Lawrence Andre Wogan Secretary and Treasurer • PAGE TWENTY-TWO • Albert Bledsoe Dinwiddie, Ph.D., LL.D. President of tlie University PAGE TWENTY-THREE • ■M H 1 B S ' ii H L ,» r B mm mimm J 1 COLLEGE OF AMTS AND SCIENCES Edward A. Bechtel, Ph.D. Dean The College of Arts and Sciences is one of the oldest colleges of Tulane University and, with the exception of Neivcomb College, has the largest en- rollment. Courses are offered leading to the de- grees of Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, and Bachelor of Education in Physical Education. The curriculum in each case is planned so as to give a general education in fundamental subjects, and at the same time to afford specialization in some one group of studies with a view to the deve ' -opment of general culture and training. Special courses are planned for those seeking admission to the College of Law, the College of Medicine and the College of Pharmac} ' . Among the elective courses affording professional training is included the Department of Journalism. The course in Physical Education is planned to train men to serve in the secondary schools as athletic coaches and directors, while at the same time the academic subjects are properly represented in the curriculum. PAGE TWENTY-FOUR THE COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Douglas Smith Anderson, B.A., M.A. Dean The College of Engineering offers broad courses of professional training in the fundamental prin- ciples underlying the various branches of Engineer- ing and Architecture. The formulation of these courses is the outgrowth of the best thought of edu- cators and the engineering profession and of our own experience during the last two decades. The technical studies in the College of Engineer- ing are contained in four divisions, called schools. The schools are divided into departments. A department includes subjects, or groups of subjects, which are similar in nature. The schools are: Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Civil Engineering Chemical Engineering Architecture No candidate for a degree is allowed to restrict himself to the narrow training which might be imparted by any one school. Work in the technical departments of one of the above schools is made the backbone or principal part of a four years ' course and supplemental work is required in other schools in the college. • PAGE TWENTY-FIVE • NKWCOMB COLLEGE Pierce Butler, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Dean Newcomb College was founded by Mrs. Josephine Louise Newcomb, in October, 1886, as a memorial to her daughter, Harriet Sophie Newcomb. In her will, which is dated May 12, 1898, she left to the admin- istrators of the Tulane Educational Fund, for the benefit of Newcomb College, the residue of her estate after the payment of certain specified legacies. Mrs. Newcomb ' s feeling for the people of New Orleans and her desire to advance the cause of education of young women in Louisiana were the reasons that moved her to make this foundation. It was her expressed wish that there should he maintained a simple form of daily religious exercises in a chapel cr assembly room, but she specifically pro- vided, " I desire that worship and instruction chall not be of a sectarian or denominational character. " There are at present eight buildings of fine construc- tion upon the campus and several smaller buildings. We have recently completed and occupied a new dor- mitory, the Warren Newcomb House, fronting upon Newcomb Campus. This will probably form one unit in a plan of dormitories to he built. During the year 1938-29 we completed Dixon Hall, on the quadrangle fronting the Art Building, named in honor of President Emeritus Brandt V. B. Dixon. Dixon Hall, which was first used for the Commencement Exercises in 1929, provides an auditorium seating about one thousand, with a fine and well equipped stage ; studio and practice rooms for the School of Music; and an entire wing for the Library. The stack rooms here will provide for about sixty thousand volumes and may be expanded. The purpose of the college is to foster the intellectual life in any way that may seem most helpful and promising for the maintenance of a high standard of culture and it endeavors to equip young women for effective and intelligent service to society. The regular courses offered lead to the degree of B.A. or B.S., or for students in Art and Music, B. Design and B.Music. ,:1 • PAGE TWENTY-SIX THE GRADUATE Jo?iN MacLaren McBryde, Ph.D., Litt.D. D can To men and women holding the Bachelor ' s degree from Tulane University and from institutions of equal grade, the Graduate School offers courses lead- ing to advanced degrees in the fields of the liberal arts, the sciences, and engineering. In addition to these, advanced courses leading to the degree of Master of Science and Doctor of philosophy are given in special fields in the medical sciences by members of the Medical Faculties who have been elected to membership in the Faculty of the Graduate School. Opportunities are afforded for clinical work in the hospitals of the city under the guidance of well-known specialists. Thus the Graduate School presents carefully planned courses designed for teachers desiring to gain a broader and deeper knowledge of their chosen fields and for graduates in engineering and medicine wishing to specialize in some particular lines of work. • PAGE TWENTY-SEVEN • THE COLLEGE OF RuFus Carroli.tox Harris, A.B., LL.B., Jur.D. Dean The Tulane College of Law was established in 18+7 as the Law Department of the Universit)- of Louisiana. It has afforded legal training to thousands during the period of its existence. The purpose of the College of Law is to provide op- portunities and facilities for training equal to the best afforded ehewhere. It purports to inculcate a sound knowledge of both substantive and adjective law. How- ever, the school recognizes a duty beyond equipping and training of men to become practitioners. Many of the university students finds its courses valuable training ( ■■■ ■■H for citizenship and business The curriculum of th: College of Law has been ar- ranged to provide for the special training of those who intend to practice in Louisiana, and at the same time it has been arranged to afford training to those who may wish to practice in any of the other states. The College of Law owns a large and well selected library, which is today one of the most complete in the Southern States. It is a member of the Association of American Law Schools, and has been given the Class A rating by the American Bar Association, and its degree is registered by the New York College Board of Regents. These are the standardizing agencies for law schools. The publication of the Tulane Law Revieiv by the College of Law affords a medium for the expression of the best thought available on the Jurisprudence of Louisiana. • PAGE TWENTY-EIGHT THE SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Charles Cassedy Bass, M.D., D.Sc. Dean New Orleans has been the leading medical center of the entire South and Southwest for almost one hundred years. Wherever new ideas in medical progress have appeared, the medical profession of New Orleans has either reflected that progress promptly or has taken a leading part in its elucidation. Some of the scientific researches and contributions of the medical profession of New Orleans have commanded attention and high esteem in every civilized country in the world. Students and doctors from every state in the Union, and from many foreign countries, come to New Orleans for medical training. To meet the ever increasing needs in this direction, Tulane has erected a new Clinic Building, adjoining our great Charity Hospital, which provides the most complete and most extensive facilities for the best care of patients, com- bined with the best opportunities for a thorough study of diseases by the staff and students of the School of Medicine. Provision is also made in the new " Hutchinson Memorial " for the headquarters of the organ- ized medical profession of the city and state, represented by the Orleans Parish Medical Society and the Louisiana State Medical Society. Sufficient space is provided in the building for a library that will fall within the group of the largest five in the United States and will be a genuine storehouse of medical knowledge. • PAGE TWENTY-NINE • GBADUATE SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Henri- Daspit, M.D., F.A.C.P. Dean The Graduate School of Medicine is the depart- ment of the College of Medicine of the Tulane Uni- versitj ' of Louisiana, which provides post-graduate instruction to the medical profession. The courses offered are arranged to afford work from October to June of each year, and during that time there may be found medical graduates from all parts of the country who come to avail themselves of the opportunities presented in order to keep abreast with the recent advances in medicine and surgery, or to specialize in the major branches. Instruction during the forenoon is carried on in the wards and clinics of the Charity Hospital, Touro Infirmary and the Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital, and the afternoon and evenings comprise didactic lectures and work in the clinical laboratory at the Hutchinson Memorial Build- ing. All of the instruction, whether didactic or clinical, is under the direction of men experienced in the various branches of medicine and surgery. PAGE THIRTY THE SCHOOL OF J. F. Simon, Ph.M., Ph.D. Dean This school, the fourth oldest in the United States, was established in 1838. The first degree of Master of Pharmacy was conferred in March, 1839. In 1 91 3, with the reorganization of the divisions of the University related to Medicine, the School of Pharmacy became a part of the reconstituted College of Medicine and has been in continuous existence since that time. Beginning w ' ith Session 1931-1932, the School of Pharmacy was reorganized under a separate dean. This school holds membership in the American Asso- ciation of Colleges of Pharmacy, organized to promote the interests of pharmaceutical education. For beginning students registering for the academic year of 1933-1933, and thereafter, only a four-year course of at least thirty-two weeks each will be offered. Students completing this course will earn the degree of Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy. In virtue of the comprehensiveness of the new Four-Year Course in Pharmacy, at Tulane, our graduates will be enabled not only to excel in Pharmacy proper, but will also be perfectly at home in such specialized fields of endeavor as Chemistry, Bacteriology, Microscopy, Biochemistry, Zoology and Botany. In addition to these sciences, economic and commercial subjects distinctly related to, and naturally connected with Practical Pharmacy, will pave the way for a successful career in the commercial world. It is obvious, then, that a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy, from Tulane, will always be in demand in his chosen community. • PAGE THIRTY-ONE • THE COLLEGE OF COMMERCE Morton Arnold Alurich, A.B., Ph.D. Dean The purpose of this college has been, since its establishment in 19 14, to offer substantial profes- sional training preparatorj ' to a business career. The instruction offered is planned for students sufficiently ab ' e and mature to do work of uni- versity grade, and no student is received unless prepared to do work of this character. It is essential, also, to the permanent success of the college that its students approach their work in an earnest professional spirit. In order to make the business courses available for business men and women, classes are also held at night from 8 to 9:45 o ' clock. These classes meet in Gibson Hall, Tulane University, each course being held one night a week. By thus devoting only one night a week to attending a course, a man or woman already in business may take any of the night courses offered. PAGE THIRTY-TWO • ddile Frans Blom, Director One of Tulane University ' s most interesting featnres is the Department of Middle American Research, founded in 1924 to conduct advanced research into the history, archaeology, botany, products and natural re- sources of Mexico, the Central American republic:; and the West Indies, as well as to gather and disseminate information about tliese countries. Five expeditions have been sent into the field. One was primarily agronomical, and three others had archae- ology and ethnology as their object, but all collected as much general data as possible. The Fifth Tulane Expedition, financed by the Chicago World ' s Fair of 1933, spent four months in the ruined Maya nunnery at Uxmal, Yucatan, making plaster casts, photographing and mapping the great group of build- ings that will be reproduced in full size at Chicago for museum buildings during the Fair. Two Tulane archi- tecture students accompanied this expedition ; two other students had participated in the John Geddlngs Grey Hb ..l s. . , „. jfl Memorial Expendition in 1928. Many valuable and interesting collections are in the Department ' s museum, including material on Middle America and related anthropology, and on the Southwestern United States. The library of the Department ranks among the nation ' s leading research libraries. It contains thousands of rare items, including manuscripts, maps, and volumes on anthropology, archaeology, travel, geography, botany, biology and cartography of the Middle Americas. Both museum and library are open daily from 9 a. m. to 5 p. m., except Saturday afternoons and Sundays. They are also open each Wednesday night from 7:30 to 9:30 o ' clock. Volumes of the Department ' s Middle American Research Series are appearing regularly. Among those which have already received favorable scientific attention are ' ' Tribes and Temples " , a two-volume exploration report by Frans Blom and Oliver La Farge; " The Ethno-Botany of the Maya " , Ralph L. Roys ' study of Maya medical remedies; and " The Year Bearer ' s People " , another ethnological and archaeological study, by Oliver La Farge and Douglas S. Byers. Each number of the series is $5.00. An interesting pamphlet describing the department is also available for distribution. PAGE THIRTY-THREE THE SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WOBK Garrett Polhemus Wyckoff, A.B., LL.D. Director The School of Social Work is on a graduate basis of admission and aims to give thorough pro- fessional training for social work. The leading social work agencies of New Orleans cooperate in furnishing field work facilities for students. Being the only member of the American Asso- ciation of Schools of Professional Social Work located in the South between North Carolina and Southern California, the Tulane University School of Social Work attracts graduates from most of the leading universities of the South. PAGE THIRTY-FOUR COUBSES FOM TEACHERS James Adair Lyon, A.M., D.Sc, C uiirmati For many years Tulane University has operated a number of courses to meet the need of those whose hours of employment will not permit attendance upon regular classes. The classes are scheduled in the afternoon hours and on Saturdays, thus making it possible for teachers, especially if they so desire, to add to their equipment in many subjects. These courses are of full college grade, conducted by regular members of the faculty, ajid in the case of students who have satisfactorily fulfilled the entrance requirements, credits obtained may be app ' ied towards a degree. • PAGE THIRTY-FIVE • The Classes • The spirit of Tulane, the builder of knowledge, hovers o ver those branches of learning, the study of which he made possible. » » fl JSHi CI, enior v iass • Tulane, a successful and respected business man in the autumn of his Hfe, considering the bequest which was later to make his name revered by posterity. » » » Hilda C. M. Arndt New comb NEW ORLEANS Jennie C. Nixon Debating Club (1. 2. 3. 4- Debating Council (3); 1314 Debating Prize (3); George Debate (1, 2); Nixon Debate (2): Dramatic Club (1. 2. 3, 4); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2, 3, 4). Rebecca Barton II B Nenucomb NAPOLEONVILLE, LA. Dramatic Club (1, 2 3. 4); Newcomb Ball (1. 2. 3); Glee Club (1); Y. W. c. A (1); Class Secretary (1); tional Club (3. 4). Interna- Mary Ella Bom an A n Newcomb NEW ORLEANS Annie Laurie Breard A A n Nenucomb MONROE, la. Adrienne M. Bruno B A Newcomb NEW ORLEANS Mannolin-Guitar Club (2, 3, 4); Y. W. C A (1. 2, 3, 4); Dramatic Club (2, 3. 4); French Circle (1. 2). Lillian A. Bacher B A Newcomb NEW ORLEANS Art Club (3): Y. W. C. A. Alberta Bodker Newcomb pon ' CHATOUla, la. " N " Club; Varsity Hockey (1); VoUi-y Ball (2. 31: Newcomb Ball (1); Basket- ball (1); Baseball (1). Margaret Jane Bovard A n Newcomb NEW ORLEANS Y. W. C. A. (1. 2, 4 1. Virginia Brown A A n Newcomb LITTLE ROCK, ARK. Dramatic Club; Tennis (1); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2). Vivian L Carter A A n Newcomb NEW ORLEANS Dramatic Ciub (1- 2. 3. 4); Pan-Hellenic Council. • PAGE FORTY • Frances Cleveland n B Nenucovib NEW ORLEANS Pan-Hellenic Council. Irene Mayes Cooper K K r Ncwcomb LAUREL, MISS. Y. W. C. A. Yvonne Crespo B £ Neujcomb NEW ORLEANS Student Council (4); Glee Club (1. S 3), President (3). Accompanist (2 3j, Dramatic Club (1, 2, 3, 4), Stage Man- ager (2), Vice-President (3. 4); Y. W. C. A, (1. 2, 3. 4), Cabinet (2. 3, 4). Vice-President (3), Treasurer (4); De- bating Club (1, 2 3): D bating Prize; George Debate (2); Nixon Debate (3); Freshman Debating Council (2); Fiench Circle (1, 2); " N " Club (3); President 01 Music School (4); Executive (4); Pan-Hellenic Council (4). Mary Elizabeth Davenport K A e Newcomb NEW ORLEANS Lampyrids (2, 3. 4); Archery Team (2). Stephanie Dinkins n B Nenucomb SCOTT, LA. International Club; Art Club. Willie Frances Coleman M Newcomb DODDSVILLE, MISS. House Council; Y. W. C. A. (4); Gle Club (1. 2, 3, 4), Librarian (4). Florence M. Coyle B A Newcomb NEW ORLEANS Glee Club (1, 2, 3. 4). Anna Grace Daniels Newcomb ' , NEW ORLEANS i ■N " Club; Volley Ball (1, 2); Hockey (2) ; Baseball (1. 2). Leonie Davis A E Newcomb NEW ORLEANS Dramatic Club; Arcade; Debating Club; ■N " Cub; Glue Ciub; Basketball; Base- ball; Track; Newcomb Basketball; Hockey Captain; Volley Ball; Pan- Hellenic Council. Anna Jane Dohan X Q. B A Newcomb NEW ORLEANS Art School President (4); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2. 3, 4); French Circle (1. 2); Art Club (3, 4); Pan-Hellenic Council. • PAGE FORTY-ONE • Dorcas Jane Dusenbury K A e Nenucomb NEW ORLEANS Basketball (1. 2); Track (1, 2. 3); Newcomb Ball (1. 2); French Chclo (1); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2). Lady Nan Ferguson B 2 Nenocomb LAKE ARTHUR, LA. Dramatic Club; Debating Club. Winifred Folse A o n, B A Nenucomb OAK RIDGE, LA. Vict -President Freshman Debalini Club; Pan-Hellenic Delegate (.S. 4) House Council (3); Track Team (1) Class Trtasurer (2); Baseball (1) Basketball (2, 4); Varsity Basketball (2. i). Edna Louise Frantz ASS Newcomb NEW ORLEANS Glee Club (1. 2. 3, 4). President (4), Business Manager (3); Nixon Debating Cll.0 (2, 3. 4); Glendy Burke Cup (3); Nixon Debate Team (3); Orchestra (4); Arcade Staff (3). M. Celeste Gaudet Newcomb NEW ORLEANS WiNIFRIED V. ESKRIGGE n B Newcomb NEW ORLEANS Volley Ball (1); Hockey (1); Class Sec- retary (2): Chairman N. S. F. A.; De- bating Club (1, 2); Chairman Inter- national Club (2, 3, 4): Art Club (3, 4): Vice-President Executive; Student Council Vice-President. Eugenia Fischer A E Newcomb YAZOO CITY, MISS. Glee Club. Jane Branson Fox K K r Nevjcomb COLUMBUS, GA. student Council (2, 3, 4). President (4); House Council (3. 4); Finance Com- mittee (3, 4); Baseball Varsitv (1. 2, 3); Spalding (1, 2, 3); Track (1. 2, 3; French Circle (1); Dramatic Club. Hilda Fremaux A A II Newcomb CROWLEY, LA. LuciLE V. Gillican K K r Newcomb NEW ORLEANS PAGE forty-two Agnes Emma Goodman B A Nenacomb ARCOLA, LA. Vice-President Class (3), President (4): Winner Arciiery Tournament (1) : Ease- ball (1. 2); Hockey (1. 2); Fencing (2); Track Meet (2); Executive (4); Student Council (4). Camille C. Hagedorn A E ! Nevjcomh LA GRANGE, GA. Council (3. 4); President Warren House (4); Glee Club (1. 2 3, 4), Vice-Presi- dent (3, 4). Elsie Hartley B S Nev:comh NEW ORLEANS Dramatic Club (1. 2, 3, 4); T. W. C. A. (1, 2. 3. 4). EuLALiE B. Harvey B j: Nenjocomb NEW ORLEANS Mandolin-Guitar Club (1. 2, 3 4); Art Club (2. 3, 4): Horseshoe Team (3); Croquet Team (1. 2): Bowling Team (1. 2); " N " Club (2). Alice Hoff Neivromb SAN ANIONIO, TEX. Muriel Haas ASS Nevicomb NEW ORLEANS Nixon Debat ' ng Club (2, S, 4); Winner George Debate (2); 1914 Debate Team (2); Nixon Debate Team (3); Assistant Newcomb Editor " Hullabaloo " (3), Newcomb Editor (4); N. S. F. A. Com- mittee; Orchestra (2. 3, 4); Student Chairman Circulating Library (3, 4); International Club (2, 3). Wynogene Haggard B S O Newcomb METAIRIE RIDGE, LA. Mandolin-Guitar Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Glee Club (2, 3. 4). Edith Harvey IT B Newcomb NEW ORLEANS French Circle (1. 2); Art Club (2. 4); Y. W. C. A. (1). Laura Cunningham Hero Newcomb NEW ORLEANS Shirley Hollingsworth X 9. Newcomb NEW ORLEANS • page forty-three Rita Hovey-King Nenvcomb NEW ORLEANS Mary Catherine Jackson Newco m b NEW ORLEANS Katherine McC. Kammer M, B a Newcomb NEW ORLEANS Art Club (?. 3, 4), Vice-President (•!)■, Dramatic Club (1 2); French Circle (1, 2); Pan-Hellenic (3. 4). Ruth Helen Kleinpeter Newco m b DONNER, LA. Y. W. C. A. (2). Margaret Stewart Long Neivcomb EL PASO, TEX. Evelyn Magruder A n Newcomb NEW ORLEANS Class President (1); Associate Editor ■■Jambalaya " : Chairman Ring Com- mittee; Glee Club. Frances G. Ivens K K r Newcomb NEW ORLEANS Dramatic Club (1. 2, 3. 4). Clara Elizabeth Jones A o n Newcomb PETERSBURG, VA. House Council (1); President of Oi-- chestra (1); Glee Club (2); Athletic Council (1). Ethel E. Ketcham K K r. B A Newcomb NEW ORLEANS Secretary Class (3) ; Vice-President Class (4); Dramatic Club Stage Man- ager (4): Athletics (1 .2. 3, 4); Ath- letic Council (4). ZiNA F. LaNasa BIO Newcomb NEW ORLEANS V. W. C. A.; Debating Club. Fay Mackie K A e Newcomb NEW ORLEANS Mathilde Marks Newcomb NEW ORLEANS .ir-«;ir • PAGE FORTY-FOUR r Ruth L. Marks Newcomb NEW ORLEANS Glee CU)b (21; Mandolin-Guitar Club (1 2. 3), President (4); Lampyrids {1. 2. 8, 4). Elise McGehee K K r Newcomb YORK, PENN. President Lampyrids (4); Finance Committee (3, 4); Arcade Staff (3); Varsity Baseball (1, 2, 3); Dramatic Club President (4). Edith G. Norris K K r Newcomb NEW ORLEANS " Jambalaya " Editor (4); Student Council. Mamie Packer A n Newcomb ALEXANDRIA, LA. Glee Club (1. 2. 3); Y. W. C. A. (1, 3, 3); House Council (2, 3, 4). Jane Pharr K K r Neivcomb OLIVIER, LA. Dramati., Club (1. 2, 3. Circle (1. 2). 4 } ; l- ' iencli Mildred Porteous X a Newcomb NEW ORLEANS V. W. C. A. (1. 2, 4); Mandolin-Guitar Club (1.-2. 4); Art Club (2. 4); French Circle (1. 2). Adolyn McClatchey K A e Newcomb ATLANTA, GA. Glee Club (1); Mandolin-Guitar Club (1. 2); Varsity Volley Ball (1, 2); Varsity Basketball (1, 2); Y . W. C. A. (1, 2); Pan-Hellenic (3. 4); Athletic Council (1. 2): Associate Business Man- afrer " Jambalaya " . Katherine Menuet A A II Newcomb NAPOLEONVILLE, LA. LiNA Garland Odom K A e Newcomb NEW ORLEANS B.S., Centenary College of Louisiana; Dramatic Club; Glee Club. Winifred H. Palmer B ! A Newcomb NEW ORLEANS Glee Club (1. 2, 3. 4); Athletic Coun- cil (1-4); Swimming Meet (1); Oper- etta (2. 3); Art Club (2 3). Secretary- Treasurer (3); Letter " N " (2); Sweater (3); Volley Ball (1, 2, 3); Newcomb Basketball (1, 2), Spalding (1, 2. 3); Hockey (1, 2. 3); Baseball (2, 3). Elizabeth K. Pierson K K r Newcomb NEW ORLEANS Dramatic Club (1, 2, 3. 4); Secretary Cla s (4); Business Manager " Jam- balaya " (4). Frances Price A O II Newcomb CULFPORT, MISS. Glee Club (1. 2, 3); Debating Club (1, 2. 3); House Council (1, 2, 3, 4). PAGE FORTY-FIVE Sally Reed K K r, ASS Newcomb NEW ORLEANS Presiaent Student Body (4), Corre- sponding Secretary (3); Student Council (3 ■!); Glee Club (1, 2. 3. 4); Dramatic Club (1. 2, 3. 4); " Pinafore " 13); " Mikado " (4). Madelin Louise Richardson B S Nenucojnb NEW ORLEANS JIandolin-Guitar Club (2, 3, 4), Secre- tary-Treasurer (3. 4); Dramatic Club (1. 2 3, 4). Treasurer (2). Stage Man- ager ' (3); T. W C. A. (1, 2. 3, 4): Letter " N " : Debating Club (2. 3. 4); Freshman Debating Club; French Circle CD- Audrey Fay Sayman A A n, ASS Newcomb ALEXANDRIA, LA. Glee Club (1. 2. 3. 4) ; President Class (3): Debating Club (1); Orchestra (2. 3 4) President (2). Secretary-Treas- urer (3); Executive (2. 3. 4); Student Council (3, 4); Dormitory Council (2. 3, 4). Cora May Segura Nev;comb NEW IBERIA, LA. DeMarias Stevens Nev:comb DOTHAN, ALA. Mary Clyde Rhodes K K r Nevicomb NEW ORLEANS Hockev (1 2, 3); Xewcomb Basketball (1. 2. ' 3). Class Captain (1); Spalding Basketball (1. 2, 3), Class Captain (2). Mary Belle Rogan K K r Nmicomb NEW ORLEANS Basketball (1. 2. 3); Varsity Hockey (1. 2. 3); Athletic Council (3). Class Rep- resentative. Chairman (4); Baseball (1, 2, 3); T. W. C. A. (1). Jo Schiro Ne acomb NEW ORLEANS Dramatic Club (1. 2, 3. 4); T. W. C. -A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Lampyrids (2. 3, 4): Glee Club (3, 4); Mandolin-Guitar Club (3, 4); Operetta (3); Spanish Club (2). Hilda Simon A E Nevjcomb ALEXANDRIA, LA. Orchestra (3. 4). Beverly Swanton New CO m b NEW ORLEANS Y. W. C. A. (1. 3); Debating (1). Jane Margaret Taltavull B A Newcomb BILOXI, . 1ISS. Y. W . C. A. - J M CSii • PAGE FORTY-SIX • Shirley A. Teunisson B A Nevicomb NEW ORLEANS Glee Club (1, 2. 3); Athletic Council (3, 4): Baseball Captain (1, 2 3); Palfrey Memorial Jewelry Prize (3); May Day Arl Committee (3); Art Club (2. 3, 4). Margaret Tucker X S! Newcomb NEW ORLEANS Glee Club (1, 2. 3, 4): Dramatic Club (1, 2, 3. 4). Elizabeth D. Villere II B New comb NEW ORLEANS French Circle (1. 2); Art Club (2. 3. 4), President (4). Carolyn M. Vomberg B 2 o Newcomb NEW ORLEANS Glee Club (3, 4); Volley Ball (3. 4); Npwcomb Basketball (3); Art Club (2. 3, 4); " N " Club (3). Aline Weill A E Nevicoinb NEW ORLEANS Dramatic Club; Debating Club; CK-e Club. Helen Wilson X Q Newcomb NEW ORLEANS Dramatic Club (1, 2, 3. 4); T. T C. A. (1, 2. 4); Athletics (3); Assistant New- comb Editor " Hullabaloo " (3). LuciLE Torrey Newcomb SPRING HILL, ALA. " N " Club; Swimming; Y. W. C. A.; Dormitory Council (2. 3. 4); Doris Hall President. Frances Van Winkle K A e Newcomb SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH W. C. A. (1); Art Chairman of House (3, 4). Dorothy C. C. Vix Newcomb NEW ORLEANS Dramatic Club (1. 2 3, 4); Y. W. C. A. (1). Beverly Walton A n, B A Newcomb NEW ORLEANS Baseball Class Team. Varsity (2. 3): Track (]. 2. 3); Gl e Club (2. 3 4 ; Operetta f2 3). Secretary-Treasurer (31: T. " W. C. A. Cabinet (1. 2, 3. 4). President (4); Class Treasurer (4). Lenora White Newco m b GLILFPORT, MISS. 3 PAGE forty-seven • A. M. Abramson ! A E Medicine LAFAYETTE, LA. Medical Pan-Hellenic Council. Granville Alpha A A Law NEW ORLEANS Allain C. Andry, Jr. ATA. I A Laiv NEW ORLEANS Nicholas F. Atria p s Medicine WEST ORANGE, N. J. A.B.. Washington Lee University, Samuel L. Balofsky A K. n A Medicine BROOKLVN, N. Y. Edward Mayo Anderson A T Q, e K Medicine FOREST, MISS. University or Mississippi. ' 23- ' 27. W. W. Armistead, Jr. n K . X Arts and Sciences SHREVEPORT, LA. Morris M. Baker AS Commerce OCEAN SPRINGS, MISS. WiLLL M Pfaff Barrow A I . A X 2 Chetnical Engineering NEW ORLEANS Louisiana Engineering Society. ■iI.- .:LiLr-i:-X.--a---i. U -L • PAGE FORTY-EIGHT • it:- laa B gL i w jj ■■ ' ■ ■ ti . . t i. iii-ii;.l:;r-?,(l,;,; ,„!l ' - Harry W. Bergland A X 1 Arts and Sciences METAIRIE RIDGE, LA. Glee Club (2. 3, 4). James Gray Bledsoe Larw NEW ORLEANS The Tulane Law Review. Joseph Emile Blum III N S N Arts and Sciences NEW ORLEANS Max Brannan n K , X Medicine ROANOKE, ALA. Joseph Theodore Brierre AS . A K K. Medicine NEW ORLEANS Vice-President Medical Student Body; Owl Club; Pathogens. IL ' 1 Paul A. Bird Commerce NEW ORLEANS Robert Estes Blount n K A, N 2 N Medicine BASSFIELD, MISS. Boxing- (3); Honor Council (2. 4): Owl Club. James H. Boles ! K S. I X Medicine MCMINNVILLE, TENN. B..- ., Vanderbilt University. William H. Bridges n K A. A K K .-Iris and Sciences LONG LEAF, LA. Albert Edward Brown, Jr. Commerce NEW ORLEANS 3 • page forty-nine • UrBAIN J. BURVANT AS Commerce NEW ORLEANS Vice President Commerce Student Body; Baseball (J. 2); Inteifraternity Basket- ball (1. 2, 3). Adrian Bennett Cairns e K Medicine HOUSTON, TEX. A.B. Degree. Rice Institute. Thomas Frank Carbrey e K Medicine NEW ORLEANS Gerard E. Christie p s Medicine PENSACOLA, FLA. Evelyn H. Cochran K A Social JFork BALDWYN, MISS. B . . Degree, University of Mis- issippi ; Piesident of Senior Class School of So- cial Work. 7 bfiEDERICK G. BuTZKE S E. A X S. Arts and Sciences OUTWOOD, KY. Pan-Hellenic Council. KOHLMAN CaMPELL Chemical Engineering NEW ORLEANS Shelley Mouledous Medicine NEW ORLEANS Milton C. Clerc A M. E. Engineering NEW ORLEANS Irving H. Cohn SAM Commerce NEW ORLEANS Pan-Hellenic Council (2. 3): Manager Tennis (1). Assistant Manager Varsity (3), Manager Team (-1); Interfratcrnity Basketball (2. 3, 4); Interfratcrnity Tennis (2. 3, 4); Business Staff " Hulla- baloo " (2); " Jambalaya " Representa- tive (4). V -3 PAGE FIFTY John M. Cotton n K A, Medicine ALTUS, OKLA. Glee Club (1, 2); Pan-Hellenic Council (3. 4); Pathogens (3). Eugene H. Countiss K S. J X Medicine GRENADA, MISS. Pathogens: Owl Club; Honor Council (4); B.S. Degree, Millsaps. Charles Brigman Craft S A E. N S X, ■! •! Arts and Sciences MOBILE, ALA. Pan-Hellenic Council; President Class (2), Vice-President (1 3); Honor Coun- cil (1, 2, 3). G. R. Dalrymple E N Physical Education LITTLE ROCK, ARK. " T " Club; Thirteen Club; Freshman Football; Freshman Track; Interfrater- nity Track. Basketball (1, 2, 3); Var- sity Football (2, 3. 4); Tug-o-War; Varsity " n ' restling (2, 3). Joseph S. D ' Antoni Medicine NEW ORLEANS Hugh Barnette Cottrell N S N Medicine FAYETTE, MISS. Elda Scott Coyle p s Medicine SPRING HILL, LA. Honor Council (1); Band (1, 2, 3); Square and Compass. Louis Anthony Crapitto Medicine Arts and Sciences HOUSTON, TEX. Secretary-Treasurer Senior Medical Class. Frank Dameron, Jr. Ben Coimnerce NEW ORLEANS Intra-mural Football: Interfraternity Basketball. Lucious Lamar Davidge A K K Medicine DURANT, OKLA. B.A. Degree, Washington Lee. ■ page fifty-one Ben C. Dawkins, Jr. a k e. aaa. a k Arts and Sciences MONROE, LA. Secretary Class (1); Thirteen Club: Freshman Football; Scrub Football (2 3; Varsity Football (4); Glendy Burke (2); Glee Club (1. 2 3, 4), Manager (3), Presulcnt (4); Assistant Manager Boxing (4): Pan-Hellenic Council. Harry Duggan deBuys Ben. AAA. ON Arts and Sciences NEW ORLEANS President Freshman Law Class: " Hul- labaloo " (2, 3. 4). Sports Editor (4); " Jambalaya " Sports Editor (4): Glee Club (3, 4); Basketball (3, 4): Tennis (4); Intertraternity Basketball; Intra- mural Basketball. Antonio Fernandez del Valle s I Medicine MEXICO CITY, ME, :. John Stanley Desporte Z X. N :: N. B M Arts and Sciences NEW ORLEANS White Elephants. Emile Hussy Dieth Law NEW ORLEANS B A., Tulane, 1931; International Rela- tions Club; " Hullabaloo " Staff (1, 2, 3 4); Y. M. C. A. Michael E. DeBakey K K . B . I Medicine LAKE CHARLES, LA. Band (1, 2, 3). Calvert G. de Coligny A T £!, K A ! . OAK Commerce NEW ORLEANS Thirteen Club; White Elephant Cup (2): Freshman Football Captain; Var- sity Football (2 3. 4); " T " Club; Class President (1. 3); Class Secretary (2). Student Body President (4); " Jam- balaya " Staff (2); " Hullabaloo " Staff (1. 2); Pan-Hellenic Council (2. 3. 4); Freshman Track (1); Varsity Track (2, 3, 4) Alteinate Captain (3), Captain (4); Student Council. Theodore Dennery Z B T Arts and Sciences NEW ORLEANS Wiley Auva Dial e K Medicine SENATH, MO. Mary Dinwiddie K K r Commerce NEW ORLEANS • PAGE fifty-two • Francis S. Dixcn N S N, A -i ' Medicine NATCHEZ, MISS. B.3. D. gree. University of Mississippi. Claude E. Dolhonde Z A M. E. Enginecrijiy INDEPENDENCE, LA. Bea Tomblin A E I Medicine LOS ANGELES, CALIF. A.B. Degree, University of Southern California. Homer Joseph Durel Arts and Sciences NEW ORLEANS Hall T. Elder I A A Lanx) RUSTON, LA. Tulane Law Review. George W. Dodge A e. A f LavJ NEW ORLEANS William J. Drawe, Jr. 1 A. A M. " E. Engineering NEW ORLEANS Class President (1. 2); Freshman Foot- ball; Varsity Football (2, 3, 4); Vice- President Engineering Student Body (4). Eugene G. Durel Arts and Sciences NEW ORLEANS Claude Graham Eccles p s Medicine MOBILE, ALA. Honor Council; B.S. Degree, Tulane University. P. J. EricksoN;, Jr. K K M. is E. Engineering NEW ORLEANS Orchestra (2); Band (1 2 3, 4), Fir; t Assibtant Manager (5). -3 PAGE FIFTY-THREE Ernest L. Eustis, Jr. A r a Ckiil Engineering NEW ORLEANS " White Elephants; " T " Club; Dramatic Guild; Aero Club; Assistant Football Manager (2, 3), Manager (4); Fresh- man Track; Varsity Track (2. 3, 4); Varsity Wrestling (2, 3); Boxing (4); " Hullabaloo " Staff; Interfraternity Basketball (1. 2, 3. 4); Interfraternity Track (1, 2, 3, 4); Cross Country (2, 3. 4). J. H. Randolph Feltus A e. AAA. e N Arts and Sciences NEW ORLEANS President Arts and Sciences Class (3); Assistant Editor " Jambalaya " (4); ••Hullabaloo " Staff (3, 4); " Jambalaya " Representative (2); Intra-mural Bas- ketball (2, 3). John M. Filippone B M Medicine HOUSTON, TEX. Business Manager ' •Jambalaya " (4); Tug-o-war; Freshman Baseball. Willie Godwin Fisher S A E. X Medicine LAKE CHARLES, LA. Freshman Football; Scrub Football; Inter-class Football; L ' Apache. Olive May Fletcher AAA Social Work NEW ORLEANS President Student Body School of So- cial W ork; B.A. Degree. Vanderbilt University. William Bryan Faircloth n K A. ! X Medicine DALLAS, TEX. B.A. Degree. A anderbilt University; Honor Council (1. 4); Secretary Medical Student Body (2). Treasurer (3); L ' Apache; Class Football (2). James A. Ferry A K K Medicine RIDERWOOD, ALA. Class President (3); Pathogens; Medi- cal Pau-Hellenic Council; Owl Club. George Fink Lain MONROE, LA. Moot Court Board (3). M. M. Fishman Arcliitecture NEW ORLEANS Architectural Society. C. B. Flinn X. S A E Medicine HERNANDO, MISS. B.. . Degree, Vanderbilt University. PAGE FIFTY-FOUR Glendy Club (1 Ben M. Friedman Z B T Commerce NEW ORLEANS Percy James Leroy Fynn Arts and Sciences OKMULGEE, OKLA. Philip Gensler K A, A Lain NEW ORLEANS Walter J. Fountain ' " " r 2 N, B r s fA Commerce Ihu PICAYUNE, MISS. fln Secretary-Treasurer Class (3), Vice President (4); Vice-President Account ant ' s Club. .MmJk Jerome Frank Gi arratano Medicine NEW ORLEANS George A. Frilot, Jr. A . A A Lavj NEW ORLEANS B.A. Degree, Tulane University. Jacob M. Gensburger K K -f Commerce NEW ORLEANS Band (1. 2, 3, 4). J. S. Gentilich Ciml Engineering NEW ORLEANS William Howard Gillentine e K Medicine ft. MYERS, FLA. -3 PAGE FIFTY-FIVE iycS53CS Grace A. Goldsmith A E I, ASA Medicine Medical Pan-Hellenic Council: B.S. De gree, University of " Wisconsin. COURTLAND PrENTICE GrAY Jr K A, X Medicine Vice-President Class (1); Honor Coun- cil (3); Pathogens; Owl Club; Medica Pan-Hellenic Council; B.S. Degree, University of the South. Intra-mural Football (1, 2, 3) ; Spring Football (3, 3); Chess Champion (3), Runner-up (4) ; President Chess Club (4): Secretary-Treasurer Class (3); Y. M. 0. A. (1, 2. 3). Earl W. Green Gilbert B. Greene ATS. X Medicine BIRMINGHAM, ALA. Edward Rogers Grey 2 A. A X 2 Cliemical Engineering DESTREHAN, LA. Vice-President Class (3). President (4); Honor Council; Pop ' s Mental Gym Class. Edwin R. Guidry A K K Medicine NEW ORLEANS Varsity Baseball (2. 3); Honor Council (2); Owl Club. Joseph William Gunn A X S, A Cliemical Engineering NEW ORLEANS Carlos R. Hamilton e K . A 2 Medicine WACO, TEX. J t .0-3 • PAGE FIFTY-SIX • (r . ffi--, ' TJEr ' !3--= ' ' H G SXt ilJsg te IE Ina Morriss Harper A E I Medicine MONROEVILLE, ALA. Cornelius B. Harvey A , K K Ci ' vil Engineering NEW ORLEANS Varsity Bas.- etball (3); Freshman Bas- ketball; Varsity Wrestling (2); Inter- fraternity Basketball. J. E. Haynsworth, Jr. A K K Medicine ALACHUA, FLA. Francisco Hernandez Recio Laiu HAVANA, CUBA International Relations Club; B.A. De- gree " Institute de la Habana " . James Benjamin Holt M. E. Engineering VALLEY HEAD, ALA. Hatley Norton Harrison, Jr. K A M. Sf E. Engineering NEW ORLEANS Vernon C. Haynes Arts and Sciences LAKE village, ARK. Vice-President Arts Sciences Student Body; Football (2, 3, 4); Basketball (2, 3, 4); Track (2, 3, 4). Lloyd L. Hendrick ! A A Law SHREVEPORT, LA. Ambrose J. Hertzog K A, N 2 N Medicine DERRY, LA. B.S. Degree. Spring Hill; " T " Club; Pathogens; Owl Club; Varsity Baseball (2). Newton R. Howard Ben Arcliitecture NEW ORLEANS Architectural Society; Gargoyle, PAGE FIFTY-SEVEN Leon D. Hubert, Jr. Arts and Sciences NEW ORLEANS V. M. C. A Cabinet (1. 2); Oratorical and Debating Council Secretary (3). Chairman (4); Varsity Debates. Julian B. Humphrey S N , S A K Laii} NEW ORLEANS Moot Court Board; Dramatic Club. Fred E. Inbau A A Laiv NEW ORLEANS B.S. Degree. Tulane University; " Tu- lane Law Review " (5), Editor-in-Chief (6); Va.-sity Debater (2, 3, 4); George Debate Prize (3); Oratorical and De- bating Council (2. 3. 4, 5, 6); Glendy Burke Literary (2, 3). Philip E. James Ben, A , i Lain NEW ORLEANS Class President (2); Captain Freshman Basketball; Varsity Basketball (2, 3, 4); Honor Council; Glee Club. Kenneth C. Johnstone, Jr. Arts and Sciences NEW ORLEANS Robert Guerard Hughes A K E. A Lain NEW ORLEANS Aubrey L. Huskey B n. A E A Medicine DOTHAN, ALA. Anthony J. Italiano Arts and Sciences NEW ORLEANS Adolphus Young Jennings e K . A 2 Medicine ABILENE, TEX. A B. Degree, Simmons University: Pathogens; Square and Compass: Sec- retary Medical Pan-Hellenic Council (3). Morris Kaplan A E Arts and Sciences BRYAN, TEX. -J PAGE fifty-eight Ordway Kastler Commerce NEW ORLEANS Charles Barrett Kennedy Ben. N s N Medicine ABERDEEN, S. D. Pathogens: Owl Club; Interfraternity Medical Council. Henry Allen King, Jr. A K E. N :: X Medicine NEW IBERIA, la. Degree, Louisiana State Univer- sity; Pathogens: Owl Club. Charles Kohlmeyer. Z B T Laiu NEW ORLEANS B.A. Degree, Tulane University; Class President (4); Pan-Hellenic Council (3. 4, 5, 6, 7), Frank Monroe Labouisse A K E Architecture NEW ORLEANS Architectural Society; Interfraternity Tennis. Nathaniel B. Knight, Jr. AS . A A Law Arts and Sciences MCDONOGHVILLE, LA. President La ' .v Student Body (5); retary Student Council (5); Book Re- views Editor. " Tulane Law Review " (5); Editorial Board (4); Winner Ter- riberry Scholarship (4); Freshman Track; Interfraternity Track and Bas- ketball. Harry Koretzky A K Medicine NEW ORLEANS Matthew J. LaNasa A . K K Medicine NEW ORLEANS B.S. Degree; Secretary Medical Class (2); Glee Club (3, 4); Band (3, 4. 6, G); Intra-mural Football (3). • PAGE FIFTY-NINE • Edwin L. Landry Medicine DELCAMBRE, LA. J. M. Ledo Rojas Lata HAVANA, CUBA Eduardo F. Lens y de Vera Law HAVANA, CUBA International Relations Club; B.A. De- gree, Institute de la Habana. Trevor Christie Lewis A e Commerce NEW ORLEANS Accounting Club; " Jambalaya " Repre- sentative. William M. Light Ben, AA, BK Arts and Sciences SAN ANTONIO, TEX. Vice-President Junior Law Class: Intra- mural Football; White Club; " Tulane Law Review " ; International Relations Club (1, 2, 3, 4). Denvrich C. LeBreton 2 E Architecture NEW ORLEANS Architectural Society; Glee Club. Joseph E. Leininger z ■i M. E. Engineering NEW ORLEANS Vice-President Class (4); Intra-mural Basketball (2, 4) : Class Football (2, 3) ; Pop ' s Rowing Club. Austin W. Lewis K S. A $ Laiu SULPHUR MINES, LA. " Tulane Law Review " . J. J. Lienhard ATA, B r 2 Commerce NEW ORLEANS Captain Fencing (1); Wrestling Team (2); Swimming Team (3), Captain (4); Accounting Club (2, 3). John Patterson Little 2 A E. A Laiu NEW ORLEANS " Tulane Law Review " ; Pan-Hellenic Council. t ti X X • page sixty • mms i m... Myra Tincie Long M Social JFork LIBERTY, S. C. B.A. Degree. Newcomb. Mercer Lynch Ben. N s N Medicine NEW ORLEANS B.S. Degree. Robert C. Massengill N £ N Medicine BROOKH.AVEN, MISS. Charles L. Mayer 2 A E Laiu SHREVEPORT, L.4. Hoot Court Board. John G. McClure A K K Medicine ST. PETERSBURG, FLA. Gerardo Lopez 2 1, A X 2 Chemical Engineering ORIZABA, VER., MEX. Pop ' s Mental Gym Class. Doyle C. Magee A 2 Arts and Sciences BATON ROUGE, LA. Franklin H. Maury X Medicine SPRING HILL, ALA. Owl Club. Joseph McCloskey, Jr. a k e, $, b m, aaa Arts and Sciences NEW ORLEANS Intertraternity Basketball (1); Intra- mural BaskPtball (2); Assistant Base- ball Manager (2); Boxing Squad (4). Pegram L. McCreary A K K Medicine MONROEVILLE, ALA. B.S. Degree. Birmingham Southern College; Freshman Honor Council. PAGE SIXTY-ONE Tr3 3niiPS 73iIlD=Si ' ii Clementine McKeon A E I Medicine WASHINGTON, D. C. Harry Meyer Z B T, A E Medicine NEW ORLEANS Band (1, 2, 3, 4. 5. 6). Clark O. Miller E, A X 2;, B K, K K Chemical Engineering NEW ORLEANS Band (1, 2); Glee Club (1. 2, 3. 4). Vice-President (4). Business Manager (3); Alplia Chi Sigma Cup (1); Amer- ican Cliemical Society Prize (4); Pan- Hellenir Council (4); Interfraternity Basketball (1. 2, 3, 4); Interliraternity Tennis (1, 2, 3, 4). Rodney Mills S A E Commerce BOGALUSA, LA. Glee Club; T. M. C. A. Cabinet. Henri J. Molaison S ! A Chemical Engineering NEW ORLEANS Secretary Engineering Class (2, 3, 4) ; Sigma Phi Delta Award (1); Engineer- ing Honor Council (2. 3. 4). R. Frank Miller II K A, A K K Medicine Harold A. Moise, Jr. X X Commerce NEW ORLEANS Intra-mural Basketball: Interfraternity Basketball and Track; Winner of White Elephants Cup (1); Varsity Cheer Leader (4). Assistant (3); Swim- ming Team; Boxing Team. Brown Moore n K A Arts and Sciences NEW ORLEANS Speaker of Glendy Burke (4) ; Secre- tary-Treasurer Law Student Body; Business Manager Dramatic Guild; Varsity Debating Team (3); Vice-Presi- dent Y. M. C. A. (4); Chairman Campus Night (4); Oratorical and Debating Council. PAGE sixty-two Daniel Houston Moore A T !2. e K ' I ' Medicine QUITMAN, MISS. B,S. Decree, University of Mississippi. Clarence J. Morrow K 2 Arts and Sciences NEW ORLEANS Pan-Hellenic Council. Edward F. Neild, Jr. Arcliitcclurc SHREVEPORT, LA. Ulisse M. Nolan A K E Architecture NEW ORLEANS Interfraternity Basketball; Intra-mural Basketball; Architectural Society (2, 3. 4); Sergeant-of-Arms; Glee Club (2. 3. 4); Librarian. Charles Brown Odoivi AS , e K Medicine HARVEV, LA. E.S. Degree, Tulane University; Aca- demic Pan-Hellenic Council; President Student Council; President Medical Stu- dent Body; President Medical Sopho- more Class: Baseball (2, 3); Basketball (2 3): Interfraternity Basketball; Honor Council (2, 4); Owl Club. Mallory Van Morgan A T n. •! ' ! Commerce COLUMBIA, MISS. Joseph Walter Neal, Jr. 2 N, A K K Medicine walnut cove, n. c. A.B. Degree, Duke University; Patho- gens: L ' Apache. J. Willis Nelson, Jr. e K Medicine ALGIERS, LA. B.S. Degree. M. M. Norton M. E. Engineering . HAYNESVILLE, LA. John S. Oelkers Arts and Sciences NEW ORLEANS Fresliman Football, Track; Varsity Football (2. 3); " Varsity Track (2. 3, 4), Captain (3); Undergraduate " T " Club (2, 3). V. EL • PAGE SIXTY-THREE 3@i3S5 3S aSaS Charles William O ' Neill K 2 Arts and Sciences SLIDELL, LA. White Elephants; " T " Club; Vice- President and Treasurer Engineering Class (1): Freshman Football and Track; Scrub Football and Track; Scrub Football (2. 3); Intertraternity Basketball (1, 2. 3, 4); Varsity Track (3); Varsity Baseball (2); Varsity Football (4). John Edward Parker A A Laixi NEW ORLEANS B.A. Degree, Tulane University; Glendy Burke (2, 3. 4) ; International Relations Club (3, 4); Corpus Juris Prize; Callaghan Prize: Phi Alpha Delta Cup; " Tulane Law Review " , Board of Editors (5, 6). Ralph M. Persell S A E Chemical Engineering NATCHEZ, MISS. William Foster Pettit, Jr. Laiv NEW ORLEANS Jonathan E. Pierce Arts and Sciences NEW ORLEANS Freshman Football; Scrub Fo Varsity Football. William Jennings B. Owings e T Q. X Medicine SYLACAUGA, ALA. B.A. and B.S. Degree, University of Alabama. William F. Penney Ben Arts and Sciences GUATEMALA, C. A. President of Arts and Sciences Student Body; Student Council; Freshman Football; Varsity Football (2, 3, 4). Absalom Pettit ■i A A Laii} NEW ORLEANS Moot Court Board (2). WiLiLAM J. Phillips, Jr. Arts and Sciences NEW ORLEANS Chess and Checkers Club. Ik Ma- ' A DaRRELL J. PiSCHOFF Architecture LAFAYETTE, LA. Art Editor " Hullabaloo " (2. 3. 4); Art Editor " Jambalaya " (3. 4); Architec- tural Society (2. 3, 4); Chess and Checkers Club (3, 4); Vice-President Dormitory Club; Cross Country; Track (3 4); Intra-mural Basketball (3, 4); Interhall Sports (3. 4); Y. M. C. A. (3, 4). r • PAGE SIXTY-FOUR J. O. Prejean p 2 Medicine ABBEVILLE, LA. 4.;m Alberto Prieto E. s I Medicine PANAMA CITi ' , R. OF P. Cosmopolitan Club; " Jambalaya " resentative (4). Rep- Raymond C. Prouet A M. Sf E. Engineering NEW ORLEANS Robert R. Rainold A T SJ, 1 A Law NEW ORLEANS Swimming Team (1, 5); Football Man- ager (4); Glee Club 1); Glendy Burke (1, 2): Tug-o-War; Moot Court Board. Katherine Wright Rees AAA Social Work FAYETTEVILLE, TENN. B.A. Degree, Vanderbilt University; Vice-President Senior Class School of Social Work. James Rinaman r A, ■! X Medicine MIAMI, FLA. R. Shelby Putnam A Commerce ELTON, LA. In terfraternity Swimming; Interfrater- nity Basketball; Varsity Wrestling. Alexander L. Redon Civil Engineering NEW ORLEANS Quartermaster Civil Engineers Survey Camp. Erston H. Reisch Arcliitecture NEW ORLEANS Architectural Society. William Carey Rivenbark Ben. N z N Medicine NEW ORLEANS B.S. Degree, Wake Forest College; Pathogens; Owl Club. I O PAGE SIXTY-FIVE • r Milton Robelot Architecture NEW ORLEANS Fencing; Architectural Society. George W. Robinson S N, X Medicine SHREVEPORT, LA. Glee Club; Varsity Boxing (3, 4); Interfraternity Baslvetball and Track- Floyd S. Rogers, Jr. A G. X Medicine COLEMAN, GA. Joseph P. Salerno Medicine HOUSTON, TEX. Thomas R. Sartor, Jr. K S Commerce DE RIDDER, LA. Interfraternity Tennis; Secretary-Treas- urer Senior Class; Accountant ' s Club. E. B. Robichaux n K . X, i Medicine Arts and Sciences EXCELSIOR SPRINGS, MO. Academic Pan-Hellenic Council. John E. Rogan, Jr. S i A Civil Engineering NEW ORLEANS Civil Engineering Football (2, 3). Percy DuBose Saint A K E, A Lata NEW ORLEANS L. Julian Samuel A A Law GRETNA, LA. " Tulane Law Review " ; President Senior Law Class; B.A. Degree. Drew A. Savant S E. X. B M Medicine VILLE PLATTE, LA. W. • page sixty-six • r Harry JoHNSo I Schmidt ! P i. Medicine NEW ORLEANS A.B. Degree, Spring Hill College; Presi- dent Senior Medical Class. Vice-Presi- dent (2J: Medical Pan-Hellenic Council (2. 3). Irving Seligmann Z B T. K K Arls and Sciences SEGUIN, TEX. Glee Club: Oratorical and Debating Council; Varsity Debating (2); Secre- tary Dramatic Guild (3). Vice-President (4); Glendy Burke. Morris Shapiro A A Lww ALEXANDRIA, LA. Court Board (2) ; Secretary- Treasurer Senior Class Shepard Shushan S A M Arts and Sciences NEW ORLEANS Varsity Tennis (2, 3); Interfraternity Tennis (1, 2. 3. 4): Glee Club; Pan- Hellenic Council. Edward Benjamin Silverstein Z B T Architecture NEW ORLEANS Wrestling Team (2, 3); Intra-mural Handball (3); Intra-mural Football (2); " T " Club; Architectural Society; Glee Club Vice-President. Etta Schwartzberg K B n Lanu ALEXANDRIA, LA. Aero Club (2: Dramatic Guild (2, 3); " Hullabaloo " Reporter (3). I Cicero C. Sessions I 1 A E g " Law ji BATON ROUGE, LA. I Moot Court Board ot Advisors (4); ' : Assistant Business Manager " Tulane Law Review " (3). Herbert M. Shilstone, Jr. z X. Ciml Engineering NEW ORLEANS President Engineering Student Body; Vice-President Student Council. Frank A. Sica B M. A Medicine NEW YORK city William Shewen Slaughter 2 n. X Medicine BAKER, LA. page sixty-seven • Leon Slipakoff A K Medicine NEW ORLEANS B.S. Degree. Tulane University; Moot Court; Medical Pan-Hellenic Council. John Ennis Sorrells AS . OK Medicine HODGE, LA. Honor Council (3); Square and Com- pass. Phineas Jack Sparer Medicine BROOKLYN, N. Y. B.S. Degree, Tulane University. James Bowdoin Stapleton n K . B n Medicine DOTHAN, ALA. A.B. Degree, University of Alabama. Jodie W. Stout A A Laiu DELHI, LA. Carl White Stroud S A E. X Medicine MONROE, LA. Owl Club; Pathogens. JlL J. Alfred Snyder, Jr. 1 E. X Z Chemical Engineering BILOXI, MISS. Harry Souchon A K E, A . OAK, Law NEW ORLEANS Editor " Jambalaya " (3); Thirteen Club. Nelda Faye Stafford Medicine DENHAM SPRINGS, LA. Myrthe Stauffer n B Architecture NEW ORLEANS Archtectural Society Secretary (3); Secretary Engineering Class (1); Secre- tary Engineering Student Body (4). Edwin Alfred Stoutz A T S2 Commerce NEW ORLEANS Vice-President Class (1. 2). President (4); " Varsity Track Manager (3); Tug- o-War (1. 2); Interfraternity Track (1, 2. 3); Interfraternity Basketball (1. 2); " T " Club; Accounting Club; Dramatic Guild. Guy Palmer Stubbs, Jr. A K E. A Laiu MONROE, LA. Varsity Wrestling (2); Varsity Boxing (3, 4); " T " Club. page sixty-eight David Clarke Swearingen S N. { ' X Medicine SHREVEPORT, LA. Square and Conipass: Pan-Hellenic Council (Academic). Sherard Austin Tatum A 2 i , e K , !■ ! Medicine DUBACH, LA. B.A. Degree. Louisiana College: Presi- dent Freshman Medical Class; Secretary Medical Student Body (2); Pathogens; Pan-Hellenic Council (3); Interfrater- nity Basketball and Track; Square and Compass. T. W. Tedder N 2 N Medicine SUMRALL, MISS. .A.B. Degree, University of Mississippi; Pathogens; Owl Club. Jose Tellechea Lazv HAVANA, CUBA Edward Perry Thomas X, 2 A E Medicine MONTGOMERV, ALA. Medical Pan-Hellenic Council: Presi- dent Owl Club (4); Pathogens; B.A. Degree, Sewanee. Wesley Dee Thompson Jr. N S N, A e Medicine MUSKOGEE, OKLA. Joseph Sweig A K. B M Medicine NEW ORLEANS Band (2, 3, 4): Glee Club (2, 3): " Hul- labaloo " Staff Reporter (3, 4, 5); " Jam- balaya " Representative (5, 6); Medical Editor " Jambalaya " (6) ; Medical Pan- Hellenic Council. Garland F. Taylor K A Arts and Sciences BROOKHAVEN, MISS. Glee Club (1. 2); Dramatic Guild (1, 2, 3. 4). President (4); Band (3, 4); Alcee Fortier Memorial French Prize (3); Gilbert and Sullivan; T. M. C. A. President (4); National Student Com- mittee on Disarmament (4); Varsity Track; " T " Club. Lorenz Teer P 2 Medicine HALL SUMMIT, LA. Square and Compass. James Paul Tharp A T n Arts and Sciences NEW ORLEANS White Elephants: Captain Scrub Foot- ball (1, 2. 3); Captain Scrub Basket- ball (1. 2); Track; Freshman " Y " Club; Captain Intra-mural Football; Dramatic Club; Glendy Burke. Eugene Thompson E A, A Lain GREENWOOD, MISS. B..-V, Degree. University of Mississippi. Bea Dunlap B M Medicine LAWRENCEBURG, TENN. B.S. Degree, Tulane University. . DKKmOQ iTUu I PAGE SIXTY-NINE E. Walter Tucker Arls and Sciences NEW ORLEANS William N. Tuller S A E. A X S Chemical Engineering NEW ORLEANS William Ogden Vennard K A Arts and Sciences NEW ORLEANS Freshman Tug-o-War; I " ' ™: " " " ™ ' Football (2); Wrestlmg (2 3, Gleo Club (2, 3); Thirteen Club. Norton W. Voorhies B M Arts and Sciences NEW ORLEANS William H. Walters, Jr. X Medicine OXFORD, N. c. Owl Club. Leon S. Ward e K Medicine MT. PLEASANT, TENN. I rjk Wilday Tudury £ i M. Gf E. Engineering NEW ORLEANS Louisiana Engineering SDCiety: Class Football; Pop ' s Rowing Club. E. C. Upton, Jr. A K E, OAK Commerce NEW ORLEANS Pan-Hellenic Council; Class President (2) Secretary-Treasurer (1), Vice- President (3); Football (1, 2, 3, 4), Alternate Captain (4); Boxing (2); Thirteen Club; Glee Club (1, 2. 3). Gladys Vonau Social Work NEW ORLEANS B.A. Degree, Tulane University; Treas- urer Senior Class School of Social Work. Woollen Hands Walshe B e II, Law NEW ORLEANS Thirteen Club; " T " Club; Varsity Basketball (3, 4i; Pan-Hellenic Council (3, 4. 5. 6); Activities Committee (4, 5, G) Chairman and Treasurer (5. 6); Class Football (1. 2); Class Basketball (1, 2). CoNLEY C. Ward S A E Commerce DE FUNIAK SPRINGS, FLA. William Niebuhr Weaver Medicine UNIVERSITY, VA. B.A. Degree, University of Virginia. PAGE SEVENTY • 3;fe is 3S jB Leon Weill Z B T Arts and Sciences NEW ORLEANS Charles Weiss Arts and Sciences ALEXANDRIA, LA. Horace C. Welman 2 d Architecture METAIRIE RIDGE, LA. " Jambalaya " Representative Senior Engineering Class; Glee Club (3. 4); Gargoyle; Vice-President Architectural Society. Gerald N. Willlmvis 2 A E, X Medicine LINDEN, ALA. Vice-President Senior Class; L ' Apache; Owl Club; Pathogens; B.S. Degree, Birmingham Southern College. Marion J. Wolfe Medicine NEW ORLEANS Varsity Track Team (1, 2. S). William F. Woods, Jr. S A E La ' w Arts and Sciences SHREVEPORT, LA. Baseball (3); " T " Club, Louis Weinstein Medicine NEW ORLEANS James W. Welch n K A. A K K Arts and Sciences LONG LEAF, LA. Melvin H. Wetherill 2 A E Law VINTON, LA. Jack Allis Williamson K 2. A { Laiv LAKE CHARLES, LA. Robert Garland Wood I P 2 Medicine LITHIA, FLA. Medical Pan-Hellenic Council. Sam Zemurray, Jr. Arts and Sciences NEW ORLEANS Secretary Arts and Sciences Student Body; Football Squad (2, 3); Boxing (3. 4). - « PAGE SEVENTY-ONE Junior Class In the early New Orleans firm of Paul Tulane and Co., Paul him- self waited upon his customers. { s vW Wv I Ethel Alltmont, A E New Orleans Dramatic Club (1. 2, 3). Mary Elizabeth Barnett, B 2 . New Orleans Glee Club (1. 2, 3); T. W. C. A. (1, 2. 3); French Circle (1); Dramatic Club (1, 2, 3). Treasurer (2); Operetta " Mikado " ' and " Pinafore " ; Pan-Hellenic Council. Helen Bell, K K r New Orleans Edith M. Benedict X n New Orleans Sarah Bernhard Birmingham, Ala. Caroline Blessey, B 2 New Orleans T. W. C. A. Cabinet (3); Baseball (1); Operetta ■■Mikado " and ■ ' Pinafore " ; Glee Club (1. 2, 3), Secre- tary-Treasurer (3). Helen Hoyt Bradley, n B . . . New Orleans Varsity Cheerleader (2, S); T. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3); Dra- matic Club (1. 2, 3); Art Club (3). Marion Chandler, M . . . . VIcksburg, Miss. Mary Lucile Clark, X Q . . . . New Orleans M. S. C. W. (1, 2); University of Mississippi (3). Alice Comes, K K r . , . . San Antonio, Tex. Kathleen LaNoue Crawford X fi . New Orleans Newcomb Ball (1. 2); Newcomb Basketball (1, 2); Basketball (1. 2); Hockey (1. 2). Louise Ford Crawford, X f2 . . . . New Orleans Art Club (1. 2, 3). • PAGE SEVENTY-FOUR • Ne H comb Jueior Class Rose Crossgrove, JI New Orleans Alt Club (1, 2, 3). Fanny Dennerv, A E I New Orleans Assistant Editor " Janibalaya " (3); Finance Committee (3); Business Manager Glee Club (3); Debating Club; Drainatic Club; Student Council. Mildred Ellington, B A . . . . New Orleans Josephine Feltus, n B ! . . . . Natchez, Miss. Elizabeth Gill, Z T A Gilbert, La. Marietta Griffin, A II , . . . New Orleans Newcomb Basketball, Class and Varsity (1, 2); New- comb Ball, Class and Varsity (1, 2); Spalding Basket- ball. Class and Varsity (1. 2); Baseball, Class and Varsity il, 2); Hockey (2); Swimming Team (2). Elizadeth Hailey, K a . . . . New Orleans Y W. C. A. Art Club. Phala Hale, A A n Lake Charles, La. Newcomb Basketball, Class and Varsity (1. 2); Spald- ing Basketball, Class and Varsity (1. 2); Track Meet (1, 2); Rifle Team; Orchestra. Theone Hausmann, a E I . . . . New Orleans Glee Club (1, 2. 3). Joy Hearn Birmingham, Ala. " Hullabaloo " Staff (3). Stella Hebert, K K r New Orleans Art Club. Juanita Heiss, K a 9 Meridian, Miss. Dramatic Club (3); Glee Club (3); Pan-Hellenic Council. • PAGE SEVENTY-FIVE Nel comlb Junior Class Edna Lucille Herbert, Z T A . . . New Orleans Y. w. c. A. SozAxVNE HiRSCH, A E Monroe, La. Glee Club; Art Club. Bett - Holt, n B Galve:.ton, Tex. Glee Club 1, 2, 3); Art Club (2, 3); Track (1, 2, 3). Melanie Holt, n B J Galveston, Tex. Glee Club (1, 2, 3); Art Club (2. 3). Flores Hotard, B I a New Orleans Nixon Debate (2). Gertrude Jauncke, K K r . . . . New Orleans Marjorie KoHLiMAN, A E . . . . New Orleans Volley Ball (1, 2); Newcomb Basketball Varsity (1, 2); Basketball Varsity (1. 2): Baseball Varsity (1, 2); Basketball Captain (1); Dramatic Club (2. 3); De- bating Club; Track (2). Louise Lake, A II Greenville, Miss. Eleanor Legier, K K r New Orleans Class Secretary (2. 3); Student Council (2. 3), Secre- tary (3); Newcomb Basketball (1, 2); Spalding (1. 2); Hockey (1. 2); Basaball (1, 2); Archery (2). Adele Marjcrie Logan, n B . . . New Orleans T. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3); French Circle (1); Class New- comb Basketball i2i; Class Spalding Basketball (2); Varsity Spalding Basketball (2); Arcade (2); Assistant Editor " Jambalaja " (3); Student Body Treasurer (3). Kitta- Minor Logan, n B $ . . . . New Orleans Art Club (1, 2, 3); Class Newcomb Ball (1. 2); Class Hockey (1, 2); Class Basketball (1. 2). Virginia King Logan, K K F . . . Ne v Orleans PAGE SEVENTY-SIX Ne H comlb Junior Class Jean McCartney, A n Tifton, Ga. T. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3); Art Club (2, 3). Peggy McMahon, K A e Mobile, Ala. student Council; House Council. LiSETiE Sylvia Moore, J M . . . . New Orleans Art Club. Jen.vy Olsex, K a 9 New Orleans Captain Volley Ball (1, 2); Basketball, Varsity (1). SiGRiD Olsen, K a New Orleans Beatrice M. O ' Reilly, K K r . . . New Orleans International Club (1, 2). Ruth Owen, A n Gulfport, Miss. Elizabeth Randol, A A n Bunkie, La. Art Club (3); T. W. C. A. (2). Martha Remick. K K r New Orleans International Club (1, 2); T. W. C. A. (1, 2). Ida Rittenberg, A E $ New Orleans Arcade Reporter (2); Athletic Council (3); Assistant Cheerleader (2, 3); Basketball (1. 2. 3). Captain (3); Dramatic Club (1, 2, 3); Glee Club (1, 2, 3); Debating Club (1, 2. 3); Volley Ball (1, 2); Neweomb Basketball (1, 2): Tennis Class Champion (1. 2); Ping Pong Champion (2); Baseball Team (1, 2). Brent S. Robertson, K K r . . . . New Orleans T. W. C. A. (1); Fr ench Circle (1). Mel Robertson, A II OpeIou:.as, La. Class Bowling (1. 2); Rifle Team (1, 2); Class Volley Ball (1. 2); Baseball (1, 2); Hockey (1, 2); Basketball (1. 2). PAGE SEVENTY-SEVEN Ne H comb Junior Class Sophie Rollins . Gulf port, Miss. Mandolin-Guitar Club (1, 2. 3); Glee Club (1); House Council (2, 3), Secretary (3); Orchestra (1, 2), Secre- tary (3); T. " W. C. A. (1, 2. 3), Secretary (3). Ramona Ehlers Rose . San Diego, Calif. Margaret L. RosseRj n B ■! . . . . New Orleans Glee Club (1, 2, 3); Art Club. Adeline Myrthe Rush, K A . . . . Mobile, Ala. Dramatic Club; Glee Club. Helen Emily Russell, B I A . . . New Orleans Pan-Hellenic Council. Alice Schwartz, A E New Orleans Jennie C. Ni.xon Debating Club (1. 2. 3). President (3). Secretary-Treasurer (1); Nixon-GIendy Burke Debate (3, 3); Debating Council (2, 3). Secretary (2. 3); Dra- matic Club (1, 2, 3), Secretary (2, 3), Plays (1, 2); Vice-President Class (3); Student Government (3); Newcomb Ball (1. 3); Newcomb Basketball (1); Bas- ketball (1): Baseball (1); Varsity (1); Track Meet (1); Freshman-Sophomore Drag Committee; Pan- Hellenic Council (3), Secretary-Treasurer (3); Sopho- more Campus Night Stunu Chairman; Tennis; Ping Pong-. ZoE Shallcross, X fi New Orleans Dramatic Club (1, 2, 3); French Circle (1). Evelyn W. Shibley, II B . . . Glee Club; Art Club. New Orleans Nancy Burgoyne Stack, A II . Alexandria, La. Dramatic Club (2); House Council. Doris Stern, A E New Orleans Basketball {1. 2); Swimming Meet (1); Dramatic Club Plays (1. 2); Dramatic Club Treasurer (3). ♦ Wii.LOMETTE CoLLEY New Orleans IMOGENE Stokes, B I ' A New Orleans Dramatic Club; Y. W. C. A.; Debating Club. ♦Newcomb Freshman. PAGE SEVENTY-EIGHT Ne comb Jmeior Class Jane SwavzEj X Yazoo City, Miss. JuANlTA Tansey New Orleans Glee Club (1, 2, 3); Debating (1, 2, 3). Chairman (3); Freshman Debating Councilor; Sopliomore Debating Councilor; 1914 Debate Winner (1 ; George Debate Winner (2); Carnot Team Member (1). Dixie Tharp, K A 9 New Orleans Patricia Tucker, K K r Brunswick, Ga. Captain Rifle Team (2); Debating Club (1, 2, 3); Dramatic Club (1); Orchestra (2, 3). Viola Carmen Vail, K A 9 . . . . Mobile, Ala. Orchestra (1, 2, 3). Rosemary Virden, X fi . . . . Greenville, Miss. Shirley Mae Wa hl, A A II . , . New Orleans Art Club (2, 3). New Orleans New Orleans Helen E. Walker, K A 9 . . Glee Club (2). Mettha K. WestfeldTj n B 4 . Basketball Class Team (1, 2). Varsity (1, 2); Hockey Class Team (i, 2); Newcomb Ball (1); Class and Var- sity Baseball Class (1. 2); Track (2). Winner (2); Re- cording Secretary Student Body (2) ; Athletic Council (1. 2); Art Club (1, 2); Glee Club (1, 2); Student Council (2); Executive (1, 2); Junior Class President. Genevieve L. Whipple, $ M . Baton Rouge, La. Volley Ball (1); Hockey (1, 2); Baseball (2); House Council (3); Art Club (1). Carol Wiener Dallas, Tex. Debating Club (1, 2, 3); Volley Ball (1, 2). Marie Louise Wilcox, X n New Orleans Campus Night Chairman (3); Y. W. C. A. Commission (1), Cabinet (2); " Arcade " Stafi: (2); Assistant Editor " Hullabaloo " (3); Tennis (1, 2). Marjorie Wilson, K A 9 . . New Orleans Freshman Chairman; Sophomore President; Corre- sponding Secretary of Student Body; Volley Ball (1, 2); Baseball (1, 2); Executive. • PAGE SEVENTY-NINE • Junior Class Noel Adams, Jr. S A E New Orleans Arts and Sciences Assistant Tennis Manager. Chauncey August Alexius, A $ . . New Orleans Commerce John Mariox Anderson, II K $ . . Laurel, Miss. Arts and Sciences ISMAEL Anglade .... Guavama, Puerto Rico Arts and Sciences Robert L. Argus, 2 A New Orleans M. E. Engineering Vice-President Class (3); Honor Board: Pop ' s Mental Gym Class; Class Football; Louisiana Engineering Society. J. D. Atkinson, Jr., 2 A E, A X 2 . New Orleans Chemical Engineering Charles Francis Baehr New Orleans Ciml Engineering President Class (2) ; Tug-o-War. E. P. Barlow, A 9 Glasgow, Ky. Arts and Sciences White Elephants. Malcolm H. Barnes, I K 2 . . . McComb, Miss. M. if E. Engineering Anthony J. Barranco, A I A . Birmingham, Ala. Medicine Christopher F. Bellone New Orleans Medicine Vice-President Class (1); Secretary Medical Student Council (2); B.S. Degree. Leo W. Benson, A I . . . . Port Arthur, Tex. Arts and Sciences Intra-mural Football; Intra-mural Basketball; Track (2); Y. M. C. A.; Dormitory Club (1, 2). • PAGE EIGHTY • Juiaior Class Anna Berenson New Orleans Social If ' ork Straus BerthauTj B 2 New Orleans Arts and Sciences William G. Blackwell, A . . . . New Orleans Arts and Sciences Band (1, 2. ?), Assistant Manager (3). M. E. Block, Jr., $ A E . . . Greensboro, N. C. Medicine Harold Beekmak Bonart, SAM. . New Orleans Arts and Sciences Assistant Cheer Leader (2. 3) ; Interfraternity Easlcet- ball (1, 2, 3); Intra-raural Basketball (1, 2, 3); " Jam- balaya " Representative (3). Walter C. Boucere, Jr New Orleans Arts and Sciences President International Relations Club; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Oratorical and Debating Council. M. B. Bowman, Jr , 2 X, N 2 N, Hot Springs, Ark. Medicine Robert Brehm, A 2 $ New Orleans Arts and Sciences Locke Erown, Jr., K K ■ ! ' . Commerce Band. Thomas E. Lowe, 9 K I ' . . Medicine . New Orleans Houston, Tex. John ' H TINGT0N Burke, 2 X . . New Orleans Arts and Sciences Lawrence W. Burt, ATA, . . . New Orleans Arts and Sciences Thirteen Club. « ■ ' • PAGE EIGHTY-ONE • ' 5 » Archie Caine, K 2 New Orleans Commerce Secretary Class (1), President (2). Alston Callahan, 2 A E . . . Vicksburg, Miss. Medicine B.A. Degree, Mississippi College. S. J. Campbell, A 2 , X . . Headland, Ala. Medicine Pathogens. Leonard Caplan Alexandria, La. Law Moot Court. Enrique M. Carrillo Hermosillo, Son. M. Gf E. Engineering Eldredge Linus Carroll, 9 K ■ ! ' . . . Alco, La. Medicine A.B. Degree, Louisiana College; Honor Council (2); President Junior Class (3); Square and Compass. Joseph O. Carson, Jr., 2 J E . , . New Orleans Arts and Sciences Intra-murai Cross Country (1, 2, 3); Freshman Track; Varsity Track (2. 3); Glendy Burke (2, 3): Y. M. C. A. (2, 3); Delegate to Oratorical and Debating Council. Julio J. Castellanos, 2 I . Law Habana, Cuba Frank J. Chalaron, Jr , A T fi . . New Orleans Arts and Sciences Cheering Squad (1, 2, 3); Dramatic Guild (1, 2); " White Elephants; Track; Interfraternity Basketball. SiEG. B. Christensen, 2 n, i A A . New Orleans Law White Club. Albert P. Claverie, i K 2 . . . . New Orleans Commerce Vice-President Class (1); " Jambalaya " Representative (2); AVhite Elephants; Pan-Hellenic Council. Elias Cohen, K N New Orleans Commerce PAGE EIGHTY-TWO Leonard Cohen, Z B T Jackson, Miss. Commerce J. L. Collier, e K I ' Housto n, Tex. Medicine S. C. Collins, II K A Houma, La. rlrls and Sciences Ervin S. Cooper, ATA New Orleans Commerce Interfraternity Tennis: Interfraternity BasketbalL Daniel Van Sweringer Cresap, : . New Orleans Civil Engineering Antoinette Cuchia Beaumont, Tex. Arts and Sciences Dramatic Guild; " Hullabaloo " Staff. T. J. Cunningham, Jr., I A e . . Pine Bluff, Ark. Arts and Sciences Freshman Football; Varsity Football (2, 3). . Lowell Damonte, A , A X 2 . . . New Orleans Arts and Sciences Interfraternity Basketball (2, 3); Interfraternity Swimming (1, 2); Intra-rnural Football; Vice-President Engineering- Class (2); Pan-Hellenic Council. C. GiRARD Davidson Lafayette, La. Ben, ! ' A A, n r m, n k a Law Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Dormitory Club; Gleudy Burke; " Law Review " Board; B.A. Degree, Southwestern Louisiana Institute. Edward E. Davison New Orleans Commerce L. M. Dawson, n K I Mobile, Ala. Arts and Sciences John DeBuys, B 9 II New Orleans Arts and Sciences Boxing (1, 2, 3), Captain (3); Freshman Football; Varsity Football (3). PAGE EIGHTY-THREE • Elson M. Delaune, II K a . . . . Lockport, La. Arts and Sciences Freshiran Football (1); Varsity Football (2, 3). Sol DomeecKj A K Brooklyn, N. Y. Arts and Sciences Glee Club (1, 2); Dramatic Guild (2, 3). Henry G. Duke, n K A Ne«- Orleans Commerce Assistant Manager Boxing Team. Edgar M. Dunn New Orleans M. E. Engineering Intra-mural Football; Freshman-Sophomore Football (2); Aero Club. IsADORE Dyer, N 2 N New Orleans Medicine B.S. Degree. Perry Eastman, Ben New Orleans Arts and Sciences Thirteen Club; Tennis (1, 2); Scrub Football (2); Freshman Football; Intra-mural Football; Tug-o-War. Elmo J. Edwards, n K A . .... . . New Orleans Civil Engineering Secretary-Treasurer Class (1) ; White Elephants. Edward H. Ellis, A T a New Orleans Commerce Dramatic Guild; White Elephants. Peter Everett, Jr., N 2 N . . . . New Orleans Medicine B.A. Degree. Myron Falk, A. 9 i , B M, 2 A A . New Orleans Social JVork B.A. Degree, Tulane University; Treasurer Student Body (5); Treasurer Junior Class (5); Glendy Burke (1); Tug-o-War; T. M. C. A. Cabinet (1); Editor Y. M. C. A. Handbook (1); Business Manager Handbook (2); " Hullabaloo Staff (1). Campus Editor (3), Offlce and Circulation Manager (3), Business Manager (4), Counselor and Advisor (5) ; " Summer Student " Busi- ness Manager (3); Fencing (2); International Rela- tions Club (3, 4). Jimmy Farmer, A. i Kentwood, La. Arts and Sciences " Hullabaloo " Staff. John W. Fisk, I K 2 New Orleans Arts and Sciences " Jambalaya " Representative (1); Vice-President Class (2). PAGE EIGHTY-FOUR Jueior Class William Lee Fhts, III, S X . . . New Orleans Arts and Sciences White Elephants; Pan-Hellenic Council (2. 3). August C. Flach, Jr., 2 -I- A . . . New Orleans Cwil Engineering Ben p. Fleming, AS , OK -I ' . Houston, Tex. Medicine Pathogens; Vice-Piesiaent Class (2); Honor Council (1); Square and Compass. Daniel Leo Fleming, K S . . . New Orleans Arts and Sciences Intramural Basketball (1): Interfraternity Basketball (1. 2). Dudley C. Foley, Jr., A New Orleans Law Moot Court Advisory Board; Band; A.B. Degree. J. Y. FoNTENOT, 2 N Opelousas, La. Law Robert Balch Foster, Jr., K 2 . . New Orleans Civil Engineering Vice-President Class (1); " White Elephants; Glee Club; Aero Club. Albert Fransen, A New Orleans M. E. Engineering Class Secretary: Freshman-Sophomore Football (-): Varsity Track. Ralph Friedman, Z B T Oxford, Miss. Arts and Sciences Band. G. Shelby Friedrichs ATA. . . New Orleans Commerce Golf Team. Hubert T. Fuller, Jr., K A . . . Beaumont, Tex. Arts and Sciences Shelley R. Gaines, n K . . . . Enid, Miss. Arts and Sciences PAGE EIGHTY-FIVE f m Fraxklin W. Gardiner, 2 N, i A . New Orleans Law Vice-President Class (1). David Gertler New Orleans Law Wliite Club: Glendy Burke (1- 2, 3); Oratorical and Debating Council (3); Corresponding Secretary Menorah Society (2. 3) : " Tulane Law Review " , Philip Gidiere, 2 N, . . . . New Orleans Commerce Secretary-Treasurer Commerce Student Body; Pan- Hellenic Council (2, 3, 4). C. E. Gill, Ben Bogalusa, La. Commerce Scrub Football (1); Thirteen Club. Howard W. Gleason, ATA. . . New Orleans C ' lnjil Engineering President Class (1). James Godfrey Dunkirk, N. Y. Arts and Sciences Dramatic Guild; " Hullabaloo " Staff; Aero Club. Sidney Goldman, K N New Orleans Law Intra-mural Basketball; Livingston Club. Bennie Goodman New Orleans Arts and Sciences Joseph A. Graml New Orleans Commerce Accounting Club. Meyer Gurdin, ■! A E . . . . Hot Springs, Ark. Medicine Class Secretary (3). Harry Haas, Jr , 2 A M New Orleans Architecture Band; Architectural Society; Chess and Checkers Club; Glee Club. John A. Haase HI New Orleans Civil Engineering Aero Club (2, 3), Secretary (3). PAGE EIGHTY-SIX Julian B. HabAiVS, K 2, A A A . . New Orleans Arts and Sciences Track; Intra-mural Basketball; Interfraternity Basket- ball. Maree G. Hamu New Orleans Commerce James Henry Harrison New Orleans Arts and Sciences J. Clifford Hartman, A 2 J . . Montrose, Colo. Commerce Band (2, 3). Audio G. Harvey, A ! New Orleans M. E. Engiiieering Interfraternity Basketball: Interfraternity Handball; Tug-o-War (1, 2). Thomas J. Healy New Orleans Iris and Sciences Richard Walker Hendrix, " t X . Tuscaloosa, Ala. Medicine L ' Apache; A.B. Degree, " Washington and Lee; Square and Compass. Simon Herold, Z B T Shreveport, La. Arts and Sciences Jimmy Heyma.vn, Z B T New Orleans Commerce J. M. Hicginbotham, S X, N 2 N . Monroe, La. Medicine Basketball (1, 2, 3); Pathogens; L ' Apache. F. M. Hindelang, e K " . . McDonoghville, La. Medicine Horace Hinds, Jr., S I A, A X - . Gulfport, Miss. Chemical Engineering • PAGE EIGHTY-SEVEN • Junior Class J. H. HoDGixs, ' I A 9 Shreveport, La. Arts and Sciences Freshman Football: Varsity Football (2, 3). Paul Hoga.v, Jr., ' PAG New Orleans Commerce R. E. Holmes, Jr., 2 X, I X . Canon City, Colo. Medicine Elmer O. Huber, - ' ! E New Orleans Architecture Architectural Society; Glee Club. Charles Hume, B 9 II New Orleans Arts and Sciences F. G. HuN ' TRESS, Jr., Ben. San Antonio, Tex. Commerce TvLER Marshall Hurt, Jr New Orleans A K, K T A, 9 X Graduate Arts and Sciences E.A. Degree, Tulane University: Editor-in-Chief " Hul- labaloo " (5). Associate Editor (4): President Theta Nu (5): President International Relations Club (3. 4): Features Editor " .lambalaya " (3. 5): Vice-President Class (4): Publicity Manager Glee Club (3. 4. 5). Bex B. Hutchinson, B II . . . Lubbock, Tex. Medicine A.B.. B.S. Degrees, Missouri University: Acacia; Square and Compass. Stanford Leonard Hv.man, Z B T . New Orleans laza Tulane Oratorical and Debating Council: Pan-Hellenic Council; Winner Carnot Debate (3); Winner George Prize (4): Varsity Debater (2 3. 4); Winner Fresh- man Debate: Interfraternity Basketball (1); Inter- fraternity Handball (3). Leonard S. Isacks, Jr., A K E . . . New Orleans Commerce President of Class (1): Scrub Football: Secretary- Treasurer of Class (2), President (3): Thirteen Club; Manager Boxing and Wrestling Team (4). Euclid Arnold Isdell, 6 K P . Albertville, Ala. Medicine President Medical Class (1) , Square and Compass; Medical Pan-Hellenic Council. Anthony J. Italiano New Orleans Medicine PAGE EIGHTY-EIGHT Junior Class Gordon " St. C. Jackson New Orleans Arts and Sciences Glendy Burke (1 2, 3). Historian (2), Vice-Spealcer (3); Oratorical ard Debating Council; Varsity Debater (2); Editor Handboolc (2); Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (2); Dramatic Guild (1, 2); Sopliomore-Freshiman Debate (2) ; Carnot Debate. Robert Jackson New Orleans Arts and Sciences Glendy Burke (1, 2. 3). Secietary-Treasurer (3); Var- sity Debating Team; Oratorical and Debating Coun- cil; International Relations Club; Dramatic Guild. S. G. Jacobs, Z B T New Orleans M. E. Engineering Intra-mural Boxing; Varsity Boxing Team (2, 3); Glee Club. Ransom C. Jones, 9 K N, K K I ' . Iiidianola, Miss. Architecture Glee Club (2, 3); Band (1, 2. 3), Manager (3); Archi- tectural Society (1. 2, 3). President (3). Robert S. Jordan A K E Chicago, 111. Commerce Intra-mural Basketball (1. 2. 3); Interl ' raternity Bas- ketball (1, 2, 3); Manager Varsity Basketball (3); Glee Club. Warren Jung, $ K 2 New Orleans Commerce Intertraternitv Tennis (2); InterCraternity Basketball (1, 2, 3). Nolan Charles Kammer, A T n . . New Orleans Arts and Sciences Tug-o-War (1. 2); Freshman-Sophomore Basketball (2); Glendy Burke (1, 2, 3), Oratorical and Debating Council Delegate (2), Sergtant-at-Arms (3); Scrub Football |2, 3); Interfraternity Basketball and Swim- ming (2, 3); Dramatic Guild (2. 3). H. T. Kane, K A , 8 N, K T A . New Orleans Social JVork President Class. School of Social " Work; Vice-President Student Body of School ot Social Work; Editor " Hul- labaloo " (4), Associate Editor (3). Sidney S. Karp, SAM. . . . Stamford, Conn. Arts and Sciences Dramatic Guild. Richard Kehoe, K A New Orleans Arts and Sciences Freshman Trade; Varsity Track; Intra-mural Track; Interfraternity Track; Interfraternity Basketball. Frank Ingalls Kerr, A T fi . . . New Orleans M. E. Engineering Harry C. Knight, A K K, I 2 K . New Orleans Medicine Honor Council (3); B.S. Degree, " Wesleyan ITniversity. , PAGE EIGHTY-NINE L. T. KuHNER, K Z, A A A . . . . New Orleans Commerce White Elephants; Intra-mural Basketball (1. 2); Inter- traternity Basketball (1, 2. 3); Glendy Burke 1. 2), Vice-President (3); Varsity Track (2); Interfraternity Track (1, 2); Pan-Hellenic Council. George John Kyame New Orleans Arts and Sciences Freshman-Sophomore Boxing and Wresting Teams (2). Re.ve E. LaBruyere Marrero, La. Commerce James Landry, S I E Lafayette, La. Graduate Scliool B.S. Degree, Southwestern Louisiana Institute. Hunter C. Leake II New Orleans S X, A , B 11, B K Law B.A. Degree, Tulane University; Vice-President Lav Class (1); Class Football (1. 2, 3); Interfraternity Basketball (1); " Tulane Law Review " . Sam Le Blanc, Jr Napoleonville, La. Arts and Sciences W. P. Leverich, a T fi New Orleans M. S E. Engineering Edmond J. LeBreton, A T fi . . . . New Orleans Arts and Sciences Glendy Burke; Oratorical and Debating Council: Carnot Debate; Dramatic Guild; International Rela- tions Club. Arthur N. Lewis, Jr., B II, B M . New Orleans Arts and Sciences WiM.iAM M. Light San Antonio, Tex. Ben, A A, B K Laiv Vice-President Law Class (3); Intra-mural Pootbal) (1); White Club; International Relations Club (1, 2, 3, 4); " Tulane Law Review " . Winnie P. Lodrigues, K 2 . . . Patterson, La. Arts and Sciences Freshman Football; Freshman Tennis; Varsity Foot- ball (2, 3); Interfraternity Basketball (1, 2, 3). Norman O. Loeske New Orleans Cliemical Engineering PAGE NINETY Juiiior Class W. M. Long, S N, A K K . , Statesville, N. C. Medicine George Edward Burch, Jr., B M . . Edgard, La. Medicine Lenore C. Lynch New Orleans Commerce " Hullabaloo " - " Jambalaya " Representative. George Francis Macdiarmid, B 9 n . NeAv Orleans Commerce Irving Machlin, A K . . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. Medicine Assistant " Jambalaya " Representative. George Albert Maier New Orleans Laiv L. M. Marcello, I T p., K K I ' . De Ridder, La. Medicine Band (3), Secretary-Treasurer (2). H. P. Marks, Jr., Z B T Monroe, La. .Irts and Sciences L. K. Mason, 2 n, A K K . . . . Fairhope, Ala. Medicine Pathogens; Interfraternity Basketball. E. DE S. Matthews, K A, B JI . . . New Orleans Arts and Sciences Intra-mural Basketball (1, 2. 3); Interfraternity Bas- ketball (1. 2, 3); Interfraternity Track (1, 2); " White Elephants; Pan-Hellenic Council. Fred W. Matthews, Jr., B II . . New Orleans Comtnerce Secretary Class (3). Adriex a. Maught, J a 9 . . . . New Orleans Commerce Freshman Basketball: Intra-mural Track; Varsity Bas- ketball; Varsity Track. PAGE NINETY-ONE • John " F. McCormicKj n K A, A A . Monroe, La. Lav: Varsity Football; Vice-President Law School; " Tulane Law Review " . C. B. McEACHERy, 2 f A . . . Haynesville, La. M. S E. Engineering M. E. Football (2. 3); Class Office (2). Jim McKexzie Batesvllle, Ark. A K K, A X 2, e K X Medicine John H. McLeod, Jr Ne«- Orleans M. S E. Engineering Vice-President Aero Club (3). Perry D. Melvix, A K K Milton, Fla. Medicine President JlLdical Class (2); Pathogens. Carl C. Mendoza Jeanerette, La. Medicine Freshman Football; Interclass Football (3. 4); Treas- urer iledical Student Body (5). Jules Meralx. A I: t New Orleans Commerce Kalford Kreth Miazza, 2 X . . - New Orleans Arts and Sciences secretary-Treasurer Class (3). Lawrexce Michel New Orleans La w Paul H. Miller, A T O . . . . Gulfport, Miss. Commerce Glee Club. Leox Mixtz, 2 a il New Orleans Arts and Sciences Pan-Hellenic Council; Glee Club. PAGE NINETY-TWO Junior Class Arthur Moinet, Jr., A New Orleans rills and Sciences Band. James Edw.ard Moise, S X, A X 2 . New Orleans Chemical Engineering D.AVID B. Mo.vsKV, I A E . . . Montgomery, Ala. Medicine B.S. Degree, University of Virginia; Medical Pan- Hellenic Council. J. H. Morrison A T A, I A , I . Hammond, La. Law L ' Apache. Buford M. Myers, Jr., . T . . . New Orleans Arts and Sciences Glee Club (1. 2, 3), Business Manager (3); Dramatic Guild (1. 2, 3), Secretary-Treasurer (3); Glendy Burke (2, 3); Assistant Track Manager (1. 2, 3); Delegate to Oiatorical and Debating Council (3); Alcee Fortier Memorial Award (1). F. J. Neller, a T n, a a . Battle Creek, Mich. Law Class President (3); Moot Court Board. Lee Terrell Nesbitt, II K A , Birmingham, Ala. Arts and Sciences Garrold Harry Nungester .... Decatur, Ala. Medicine Guy Leary Odom, A 2 $, 9 K ' . . Harvey, La. Frank B. Ogden, A T fi, X Medicine Metairie, La. • PAGE NINETY-THREE • Horatio Nash Ogden, I K 2, I . New Orleans Civil Engineering Intel-fraternity Basketball (1, 2, 3. 4, 5); Intra-mural Basketball (3, 4, 5); Baseball (2, 3); Pan-Hellenic Council (3); White Elephants. Andrew H. Payne, Jr New Orleans Civil Engineering Francis C. Payne, K A, B M . Winterville, Miss. Arts and Sciences Secretary-Treasurer Class (2). President (3); Varsity Football (1, 2, 3); Varsity Track (1); Thirteen Club. Leighton H. Pearce .... St. Petersburg, Fla. Arts and Sciences Gladstone Phillips New Orleans Arts and Sciences Band; Internationa] Relations Club; Oratorical and Debating Council. J. J. PiTTMAN Tylertown, Miss. Medicine Square and Coiripss. A. L. Postlethwaite, Jr., I A 9 . Natchez, Miss. Commerce Interfraternity Basketball. J. G. Rainwater, Jr., I A 6, li ' A ! ' . New Orleans Law Pan-Hellenic Council; Freshman-Sophomore Tug-o- War: Freshman Golf; Varsity Golt (1, 2, 3). Captain (2, 3); Golf Reporter. " Hullabaloo " ; White Elephants; Interfraternity Basketball 2, 3); " T " Club. Robert Irving Reisfeld, Z B T . . . New Orleans Commerce Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society; " Hul- labaloo " Staff; Assistant Tennis Manager. O. J. Reiss, ' I ' a e New Orleans Arts and Sciences • PAGE NINETY-FOUR • Junior Class A. J. Reixach, K 2 New Orleans .Irts and Sciences Charles E. Richards, n K i . . Shreveport, La. Arts and Sciences Pan-Hellenic Council. John Karlem Riess, ■I ' K S . . . . New Orleans Arts and Sciences Alpha Clii Sigma Award (2). Roy F. Roberts, 9 K I ' , 2 K . . Asheville, N. C. Medicine Honor Council (3). Edward A. Rodrigue, 2 i E . . . . New Orleans M, if E. Engincciing Alfred J. Roth, Jr., 2 A . . . . New Orleans Civil Engineering " Jambalaya " Representative (3); Pop ' s Mental Gym Class. Robert E. Rougelot, Jr., A 2 ! Medicine Honor Council. . Ne v Orleans William Ford Ryder, K A . . . Beaumont, Tex. Arts and Sciences Roy J. St. Martin Houma, La. Arts and Sciences Arthur Scheinuk, 2AM. . . . New Orleans Commerce Business Manager " Jambalaya " (2, 3); Accountant ' s Club. O PAGE NINETY-FIVE • Jumior Class CoxNiE D. ScHN ' EiDAu, B O 11 . . . New Orleans Coinmerce Freshman Football: Freshman Basketball; Varsity Easkftball; Varsity Baseball. Rudolph Schulze, Jr , A T f . . . New Orleans Arts and Sciences Golf Team. J.ack; W. Schwab, I A 6, I A . . New Orleans Law Moot Court Board. Robert Segal, K X, I A K . . Los Angeles, Calif. Medicine Band (1, 2, 3. A); Interfraternity Basketball ; Intra- mural Football. Moss Sherman- New Orleans Arls and Sciejices Glee Club. Eugene Simon, I K 2 New Orleans Arts and Sciences Freshman Football; Scrub Football: White Elephants; Captain Sophcmore Tus-o-War. Luis Simox y H Havana, Cuba Lain Sidney H. Sims, 2 E . . . . Montgomery, Ala. Com7nercc Do.N V. Smith. A K K Miami, Fin. Medicine Class President Z): Medical Pan-Hellenic Council. Max Solomon, :: . M New Orleans Commerce • PAGE NINETY-SIX • Jiimior Class Norwood Spicer, K A New Orleans Commerce Freshman Track; Assistant Manager Track (1, 2), Manager (3); Interfraternity Track; Interfraternity Basketball. Melvin D. Steixer, Z B T, K K I ' . New Orleans Arts and Sciences Band. Frank B. Stewart, ' t i 6, ' t . . New Orleans Arts and Sciences Pan-He ' lenic Council. Homer H. Siockmann, 2 A . . . New Orleans Ci ' vil Engineering Chief Engineer (2), Assistant Chief Engineer (1); Tulane Summer Survey Camp; Class President (3). Rudolph Peter Stritzixger, i P 2 . New Orleans Mediciyie James E. Tate, e K ' . . . . Mt. Hermon, La. Medicine B.S. Degree. J. A. Tavi.or . Brookhaven, Miss. Commerce Page Hale Thar?, A T n . . . . New Orleans Arts and Sciences Freshman Football; Scrub Football Team; Varsity Boxing. N. K. Thomas, 2 E Tucson, Ariz. Arts and Sciences Glee Club. Hume A. Thomason, I P 2 . Medicine New Orleans • PAGE NINETY-SEVEN • Louis Milton Tognoni, 2 A . . . Ne«- Orleans M. Of E. Engineering T. B. TOOKE, JR, K A Belcher, La. Arls and Sciences D. H. Trepacn ' Ier, 2 A New Orleans Civil Engineering Ernesto Venecas, 2 1 San Jose, C. R. M. Gf E. Engineering Jules John Viosca Jr., A. K K ■ ■ . New Orleans Commerce Band (1. 2. 3). Publicity Manager (3). Carl Wahl 2 A E, X New Orleans Medicine Charles R. Walters, 2 X, B M . . New Orleans Arts and Sciences Allan G. Watkins, B JI . . . . Chardon, Ohio Graduate School Graduate Botany. Arthur C. Watson, K 2, i A ! . Natchitoches, La. Law " Tulane Law Review " ; Phi .Alpha Delta Cup. J. S. Webb, n K , X New Orleans M edicine • PAGE NINETY-EIGHT • Junior Class Edmund T. Wegener New Orleans La=w Livingstone Club. C. M. Williams, S A . . Ocean Springs, Miss. M. Gf E. Enffineerinff Class President. Richard B. Williams, K 2 . , . Natchitoches, La. Law Interfraternity Basketball; Interfraternity Tennis: " Tulane Law Review " , Charles Williamson, II K A, ■! A A . New Orleans Lain President Engineering Class (1); White Elephants; BenJKmiu Club. George A. Wilson Mansfield, La. A A, H 2 X, n r M Law B.A. Degree, Centenary College; Secretary-Treasurer Law Class: " Law Review " Bord. I. G. Wilson, 9 K 4 ' Stephenson, Miss. Mcdici7ie Solomon Winokur, $ A K . Medicine . Jamaica, N. Y. T. B. Woods, Jr., n K , X, I . Headland, Ala. Medicirie Don Zimmerman, B 6 II, A A A . . New Orleans Arts and Sciences Varsity Football; Basketball; Freshman Track; Varsity Track; Pan-Hellenic Council. John C. Weed, A T n, B M . . . . New Orleans Arts and Sciences Thirteen Club; Business Manager Dramatic Guild; Glee Club; Glendy Burke; Varsity Boxing. PAGE NINETY-NINE • Sophomore CI omore v.iass • Paul departs for New Orleans to seek his fortune. » » » Newcomb Sophomore Class Cecile Airey, K K r New Orleans Clare Frances Barr, B 2 . . . New Orleans Newcomb Advertising Manager " Hullabaloo " : Y. W. C. A.: Art Club (1. 2); Newcomb Ball Team (1); New- comb Basketball Team (1); Tennis; Track. Emma Recina Barrus New Orleans Bettv Bowers, K A New Orleans Art Club 1, 2); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2). Betty Bowman Staunton, Va. Margaret Bres, A n Brusly, La. Julie Brown, X U New Orleans Glee Club (1, 2); Dramatic Club (1, 2); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2). Marion Butler, A A n Houma, La. Orchestra; Y. W. C. A.; Debating Club. Mary Frere Caffery, II B . . . Franklin, La . Art Club (1, 2); Puppet Club (1, 2). Benita Carre, X Q . New Orleans Class President (1); Vice-President (2); Glee Club (1, 2); Class Newcomb Ball (1); Captain (1); Class New- comb Basketball (1) ; Class and Varsity Spalding Bas- ketball (1); Hockey (1); Baseball (1); Tennis (1). Nell Lyons Carson New Orleans Joan M. Chambers, K K T . . . . Houston, Tex. Babette Cohn, a E ' P New Orleans Dramatic Club (1, 2); Debating Club (1, 2); Hockey Team (1). Mattie C. Corley, B 1 a New Orleans Y. W. C. A.; Art Club. Martha Elizadeth Cosper, A A n . Monroe, La. Y. w. c. A. • PAGE ONE HUNDRED TWO Ne comnlb Sophomore Class Lilian Dameron, K K r New Orleans Y. w. c. A. (1). Mary Helen DohaNj X n . . . . New Orleans Class Hockey (1); Varsity Basketball (1); Varsity Baseball CD: Track (1); Newcomb Basketball (1); " Hullabaloo " Reporter; Dramatic Club (1); Art Club (1). Hilda L. Duncan, X fi . . . . Memphis, Tenn. Art Club (1, 2); Glee Club (1, 2). Laura FenneRj IT B New Orleans Art Club. Elizabeth B. Fitzenreiter . . Lake Charles, La. Y. W. C. A. (1, 2). Dorothy M. Fleury, $11 Gretna, La. Art Club (1, 2). Mary Ella Gardner, A A It . Fort Worth, Tex. Glee Club (1, 2); Orchestra (2). Irene Gayden, K A Gurley, La. Dramatic Club; T. W. C. A. Annie Merl Goldenberc New Orleans Inez Green, X n Lake Charles, La. Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); Art Club (1, 2). Rebecca Green, X O New Orleans Glee Club (1, 2); Art Club (1, 2). Dorothy Hailey, K A 6 New Orleans Christine Harries New Orleans Glee Club. Hester C. Harrop, n B ■! . . . Lake Charles, La. Art Club (1, 2). Helen Harry, K K T . . . Metairie Ridge, La. Dramatic Club (1, 2); T. W. C. A. (1, 2). • PAGE ONE HUNDRED THREE • Ne H comb Sophomore Class Claudia Harvin, n B . . . . Fort Worth, Tex. Art Club (1. 2); Y. ' n-. C. A. (1); Puppet Club (1). Eugenia Hay, X fi Frankfort, Ky. Louise Hirsch, A E 4 New Orleans Debating Club; Dramatic Club; Hockey; Baseball; Re- cording Secretary of Student Body. Eunice Howsmon, yi Atlanta, Ga. Class Chairman (1); Dramatic Club (1, 2); Glee Club (1, 2); Puppet Club (2); Editor-in-Chief " Arcade " . Pargie Hudson, n B Monroe, La. Gladys Elise Huey, A II . . . . New Orleans Frances Hummel, B 2 New Orleans Glee Club (1, 2); Art Club (1, 2); T. W. C. A. (1, 2); Bowling Tournament (1); Volley Ball (1). Evelyn Hi ' man, A E i New Orleans Virginia Jarman, K A 9 . . Oklahoma City, Okla. y. w. c. a. Beulah B. Johnson, n B . St. Francisville, La. Debating Club (1, 2); Art Club (1, 2). Elzalene Johnston, JI . . Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Yvonne Jumel, B 2 New Orleans Dramatic Club (1. 2); T. W. C. A. (1, 2). Edna La Nasa, B 2 New Orleans Glee Club (1, 2); T. W. C. A. (1, 2). Florence Rose Lazarus New Orleans Glee Club (1, 2). Alice Lemann, K K r . . . Donaldsonville, La. Glee Club 1. 2); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2). Vice-President (2). Emma Lemann, A E I . . . Donaldsonville, La. T. W. C. A. (1, 2); Hockey (1). PAGE ONE HUNDRED FOUR • p Louise Lester, A n New Orleans T. w. C. A. (1, 2). AsHTON Lewis, A n New Orleans T. w. c. A. Doris Lockhart, K A . . . . Haines City, Fla. Barbara M. Logan, n B t . . . . New Orleans Art Club (1, 2); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); Puppet Club (2). Peggy Logan, K K r New Orleans Kathryn Longmire, a n . . . Alexandria, La. Elizabeth C. Lowdon, A A n . . Fort Worth, Tex. Glee Club. Leone Maas New Orleans Mandolin-Guitar Club (2); Orchestra (1); Debating Club (2); Dramatic Club (2). May L Maddux, B ' E A New Orleans Glee Club (1, 2). Katherine Mahor.ver, X Q . . . . Mobile, Ala. Mary Elba Marshall, A n . Bay St. Louis, Miss. Glee Club (1, 2); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); Basketball (1). Jean Martin, K K r New Orleans Y. M. C. A. (2); Dramatic Club (2). Carolyn McBryde, K A 6 . . . . New Orleans Glee Club (1); Dramatic Club; Ping Pong Champion (1). Dorothy McFadden, Z T A . . Covington, Tenn. Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); Art Club (1, 2). Elizabeth Menuet, A A It . . . . New Orleans Glee Club; Y. W. C. A. LuciLE J. Meyers, n B J New Orleans International Club. PAGE ONE HUNDRED FIVE Lalise Moore, K A 9 New Orleans Dramatic Club; Art Club; T. W. C. A. Vassar F. Morelock, K A 9 . . Haynesville, La. Glee Club (1, 2); Basketball (1): Newcomb Basketball (1); Hockey Captain (1); Baseball (1); Track (1); Bowling (1); Athletic Council (1, 2). Josephine Noar Moses New Orleans Mandolin-Guitar Club (1, 2). Mary L. Nelson New Orleans Hockey (1). Gwendolyn Osha Randolph, Vt. Track (2). Alice F. Parker New Orleans Art Club (1. 2): Mandolin-Guitar Club (1); Newcomb Basketball ; Basketball. Catherine Payne, K A 9 . . . . New Orleans Elizabeth Pearce, K K r New Orleans Murray- Pearce, K K r . . . , . New Orleans Mary- Alice Person, Z T A . . . . New Orleans Art Club (1, 2). Helen Corinne Phillips, Z T A . New Orleans Dramatic Club (1, 2); Art Club (1, 2). Helen Priestly, X O Vicksburg, Miss. Madalin Rehage, B Z New Orleans T. W. C. A. (1. 2); Art Club (1, 2). Louise Ricks, K A 9 Memp his, Tenn. Dramatic Club; T. W. C. A. Marion Ronsheim, A E I . . . Cincinnati, Ohio Art Club (1, 2). June Rowley, A II New Orleans Newcomb Ball (1); Basketball (1); Newcomb Basket- ball (1); Hockey (1); Baseball (1); Art Club (1, 2); Athletic Council. • PAGE ONE HUNDRED SIX • Elizabeth Royals, X n . . . . Meiidi:in, Miss. Mary Frances Royals, X fi . . . Meridian, Miss. Dorothy Ryckman, Z T A . . . . New Orleans Art Club (1, 2). Eleanor Schupp, A n New Orleans Y. W. C. a.; Dramatic Club. Margueryte Elmer Scott, I M . . Atlanta, Ga. Art Club (1, 2). Mary Alice Sparkman, Z T A . Pascagoula, Miss. T. W. C. A.; Art Club; Hockey Team (1). Elizabeth Tatum, X Q . . . Hattiesburg, Miss. Kathleen E. Thornton, Z T A . Lake Charles, La. T. W. C. A. (1, 2); Glee Club (1, 2); Hockey (1); Basketball (1) ; Orchestra (1). May Thornton, K A 8 . . . . Alexandria, La. T. w. c. A. (2). Diane Tujaque, A A H New Orleans Beverly Tuttle New Orleans Gretchen Vitter, B E a New Orleans " Hullabaloo " Staff (2); Basketball (1). He ' lene Watrous, n B i . . . Tallevast, Fla. Isabel Welman, B 2 . . , Metairie Ridge, La. Art Club (1, 2); T. W. C. A. (1, 2). Anna Wolbrette New Orleans Glee Club (1, 2); Dramatic Club (1. 2); T. W. C. A. (2, 3). Susan Word, K A 9 Atlanta, Ga. • PAGE ONE HUNDRED SEVEN • Alfred E. Abaunza New Orleans Ctml Engi7ieering V ERNON R. Adrion, 2 A E . . . . Alexandria, La. M. E. Engineering Daniel Albeo Allain, Jr Patterson, La. Physical Education Freshman FootbaU. Letterman; Tug-o-War. Anchor ilan (2); Intra-mural Track (1): Freshman-Sophomore Track (1); Freshman Boxing. Hiram McCullough Anderson, X . Venus, Tex. Medicine B.A. Degree, University of Texas. James P. Anderson, X, B 9 II . . Brady, Tex. Medicine C. Dudley Andry, 2 A E New Orleans Clicmical Erigineering W. W. Armistead, Jr., n K , X . Shreveport, La. Medicine Harold J. Aronson, K N New Orleans Arts and Sciences Tug-o-War; Freshman-Sophomore Football: Interfra- ternity Basketball: Interfraternity Track. Linden B. Arthur New Orleans Commerce Leo J. Babin New Orleans Arts and Sciences Long Distance Team. Donald M. Baldwin, N 2 N . . Jacksonville, Fla. Medicine Ray Gregory Banister, N 2 X, S X . Monroe, La. Medicine John J. Barcelo, Jr., A $ New Orleans M. Gf E. Engineering Samuel Barkoff, K N, A K . . . New Orleans Medicine Chess and Checkers Club (1. 2), Secretary (2); Inter- fraternity Basketball (2) ; Academic Pan-Hellenic Council. Rodney R. Bartchy ' New Orleans Chemical Engineering C. Julian Bartlett, A K E . . . . New Orleans Chemical Engineering Thirteen Club: Track Team (1); Glee Club (1): Tug-o- War (2): Freshman-Sophomore Football: " Hullabaloo " Staff. PAGE ONE HUNDRED EIGHT A. V. Beacham, X Hattiesburg, Miss. Medicitw Ole Miss. (1). Ernest W. Beck, Jr Metairle, La. Chemical Engineering Intra-mural Basketball. William K. Becnel, S A E . . . . New Orleans Chejnical Engineering George S. Bisso, A 2 I New Orleans Ciml Eyigineering J. Vaughn Blake, Jr., K 2 . . . . New Orleans M. E. Engineering White Elephants; Tug-o- ' VS ' ar. Jane Blakey, K K r Dallas, Tex. Medicine Carver Blanchard, ATA. . . . New Orleans Commerce Freshman Tennis Team; Vice-President Class (2); White Elephants; Glee Club. Oscar Blitz K N, A E New Orleans Medicine Pan-Hellenic Council (3, 4); " Jambalaya " Represent- ative (4). Nicholas Bouzon New Orleans Commerce Freshman Basketball; Freshman Track. Charles H. H. Branch, Jr., N 2 N . Tampa, Fla. Medicine President Class (3). Frederic W. Brewer, A 2 ! , O K I ' . New Orleans Medicine P. E. Briley, Jr New Orleans Architecture Architectural Society. W. E. Brogan, Jr New Orleans M. E. Engineering Thomas R. Brown, S A E . . . . New Orleans Arts and Sciences Glee Club; Dramatic Guild. John Bruno, Jr., 2 n New Orleans Commerce Freshman Football, John A. Buchanan, K A New Orleans M. E. Engineering PAGE ONE HUNDRED NINE • (j)re vjiass Ralph F. Cairns, A New Orleans Cliemical Engineering Maximo Carrizo (y V.), 2 I, Ocii, Rep. de Panama Medicine John Glenn Carter, n K A . . . . New Orleans M. if E. Engineering Evelyn L. Casteel New Orleans Commerce Secretary-Treasurer Class (1). Beale Chambers, S A E New Orleans Architecture Architectural Society, Murray Cleveland, A K E, A A A . New Orleanj Arts and Sciences Thirteen Club; Freshman Basketball; Freshman Track; FreshrTian-Sophomore Boxing; Intra-mural Basketball (1, 2); Intra-mural Track (1, 2); Interfraternitv Bas- ketball and Track (1, 2); Glendy Burke. G. N. Click, ! X, S $ E . . , . Pensacola, Fla. Medicine James D. Collins, A New Orleans Commerce James Colomb New Orleans Arts and Sciences Raphael Conte Houston, Tex. Medicine Treasurer Medical Class (2); Track. Alfred J. Cooper, Jr., 2 I E . . . . New Orleans Civil Engineering Track (1); Interfraternity Track; Clifford B. Scott Scholarship Medal; Pan-Hellenic Council (2). Edward O. Cooper New Orleans M. E. Engineering Val Felton Cotton, Jr New Orleans Arts and Sciences Robert W. Cottrell, A T fi . . . . New Orleans Cliemical Engineering Walter J. Crawford, I A . . . . New Orleans Arts and Sciences Interfraternity Swimming; Tug-o-War; Intra-mur:il Basketball; Interfraternity Basketball. Charles W. Cunningham, AS . . . Cairo, III. Commerce Interfraternity Basketball. • PAGE ONE HUNDRED TEN • Sophomore Class • H. F. CURRIE, A K K, e X . DeFiiniak Springs, Fla. Medicine William J. Currv, Jr , S E . . . New Orleans Jits ami Sciences OsiNG CoTHBERT KoTTEMANN . . . New Orleans Architecture Architectural Society. Gayle L. Dalferes New Orleans Commerce " Hullabalco " Represt-ntative (2). A. L. Dart, 2 A E New Orleans Jrts and Sciences " Hullabaloo " Reporter (1). Leslie L. Daviet, A K K, A 2 I . . . LaRose, La. Medicine Hamlet I. Davis, Jr., N S N . . Galveston, Tex. Medicine William Russell Davis, 2 N, [ X . Denver, Colo. Medicine Harry A. Dawson, 2 A New Orleans Civil Engineering Vincent J. deP. Derbes, P 2, B JI . New Orleans Medicine Gayden Derickson, a K E . . . . New Orleans Civil Engineering " Janibalaya " Representative. ViNCENTE D ' Ingianni New Orleans Arts and Sciences Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society. A. K. Doss, K 2, $ X New Orleans Medicijie Robert Emery ' Dupre, A K K . . Ville Platte, La. Medicine Walter H. Dustmann, Jr New Orleans Arts and Sciences President Triangle Club (2); Freshman Football; Inter- class Boxing (1). Joseph H. Duval, I A New Orleans Arts and Sciences 4i • PAGE ONE HUNDRED ELEVEN « William E. Ehlert, K S . . . . Waterproof, La. Arts and Sciences Interfraternity Basketball. Eva Carol Eichold, A E . . . . Mobile, Ala. Medicine B.S. Degree. Newcomb College. Walter Fred Eigenbrod, A i . . . New Orleans Arts and Sciences Band; Aero Club. Ralph Elizardi, IT K A New Orleans M. E. Engineering Edward Eustis, K A, A A A . . . . New Orleans Arts and Sciences Interclass Boxing- Wrestling and Football; Intra-niural Basketball (1. 2); Intertiaternity Basketball (1. 2); Freshman numeral: Tug-o-War; Thirteen Club. Joseph Bres Eustis, A T fi . . . . New- Orleans Chemical Engineering AVhite Elephants; Sub-assistant Manager Tennis Team (1), Assistant Manager (2). James R. Fancher, N 2 N . . Chattanooga, Tenn. Medicine William C. Felton Schenectady, N. Y. Arts and Sciences Glee Club. Leo Ferber, 2 A :M Lake Charles, La. Arts and Sciences Scrub Football ; Interfraternity Track. C. Jack Fisher, II K A, A K K . . Cullman, Ala. Medicine Henry C. Flonacher, Jr , Z B T . . New Orleans Commerce Glee Club. R. M. Flynt, 9 K Newton, Miss. Medicine Louis Francillo New Orleans M. 3 E. Engineering Richard W. Freeman, I A . . . New- Orleans Commerce ■White Elephants; Intertraternity Basketball; Business Correspondence Proctor. L. Delerv Freret, 2 a . . . . New Orleans M. E. Engineering Aero Club, Hazel Rita Frey New Orleans Commerce PAGE ONE HUNDRED TWELVE Sophomore Class Marx Friedman Franklin, La. Arts and Sciences Robert E. Friedman, Z B T . . . . New Orleans Arts and Sciences Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society. Dan H. Funkenstein Macon, Ga. Medicine August G. Gadmer , New Orleans M. t? E. Engineering Wm. Kohlmann Gauthier .... New Orleans Arts and Sciences Triangle Club Cabinet. David C. E. Geier New Orleans A re kite dure Architectural Society. Irving I. Gerson New Orleans Commerce Harry Fred Gilmore, A. K K I ' . . New Orleans Chemical Engineering Band (1, 2); Inti-a-mural Football. Philip P. Giuffre, B M, K K P . . New Orleans Arts and Sciences Band; Glee Club. Tom Gl.ass, Jr., K 2 Minden, La. Arts and Sciences Interfraternity Basketball. M. B. Goldman, 2 $ E . Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mex. Arts and Sciences M. Racan Green, A 2 i, 6 K I ' . . . Ruston, La. Medicine B.S. Degree, Louisiana State University; Square and Compass. J. B. Griffin, K 2 Chickasha, Okla. Arts and Sciences Anthony Gilbert Guell New Orleans M. E. Engineering Charles F. Gund New Orleans M. E. Engineering J. Vardaman Gwin, a Demopolis, Ala. Arts and Sciences • PAGE ONE HUNDRED THIRTEEN » Sophoimore Class S. G. Frank Haas, Jr., n K . . , New Orleans M. iS E. Engineering Robert R. Haase New Orleans Civil Engineering William Henry Haeuser, Jr., A . . New Orleans Civil Engineering Band; Orchestra (1, 2, 3). George M. Haik, A Z Bogalusa, La. Medicine Football (2. 3. 4); Freshman Football. Henry Haller, ! K S New Orleans Commerce President Class (1, 2); White Elephants; Interfrater- nity Basketball (1. 2); Interfraternity Tennis (2). M. M. Hattaway, P 2 . . . . Waskom, Tex. Medicine Scott M. Hauser, 2 ] E . . . Hallywood, Calif. Leslie R. Hebert K . . . Paia, Maui, Hawaii M. E. Engineering Secretary-Treasurer Class (2); Interfraternity Sports; Intra-mural Sports. E. F. Henriques, a K E New Orleans Cliemical Engineering President Class (1, 2); Freshman Football; Scrub Foot- oall. H. HiMEL Henry Hj ' mel, La. Arts and Sciences Herman L. Herold, Z B T . . . Shreveport, La. Cnm7nerce John E. Hillier Westlake, La. Clicmical Engineering Jacob Hirsch New Iberia, La. Arts and Sciences Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society. R. G. Holcombe, K a Lake Charles, La. Arts and Sciences John Crafford Hslman, Jr., ! P 2 . Franklin, Tex. Medicine John A. Holmes, n K A New Orleans Arts and Sciences t PAGE ONE HUNDRED FOURTEEN • Sophomore Class Rudolph J. Holzer, " t K 2 . . . . New Orleans Ci ' vil Engineering Charles John ' Houlcrave, 2 i A . Destrehan, La. M. E. Engineering William A. HcwarDj n K , I X . Ne v Orleans Medicine Honor Council (2); InterfraLernity Basketball: Inter- fraternity Tennis. H. D. Rowland Ne v Orleans Arts and Sciences Freshman Football: Freshman Track; Varsity Track: Varsity Swimming. James Louis Hvde, Jr , K i) . . . . Ne%Y Orleans Commerce Freshman Tennis: Intra-mural Basketball; Interfra- ternity Basketball; Intertraternity Track; Glee Club. Harris Isbell, i P 2 Eastland, Tex. Medicine D. W. Jacobus, 2 X Tulsa, Okla. Commerce White Elephants. Paul Janssen A New Orleans M. E. Engineering President Aero Club (2). Alphe G. Jarreau, a K E . . . . New Orleans M, Gf E. Engineering Freshman Tennis. Charles A. Jones, G K SI ' . . . Kosciusko, Miss. Medicine Robert C. Kelleher, $ A O . . . . New Orleans Arts and Sciences W ' hite Elephants: Glee Club. R.AYMOXD KiERR, SAM New Orleans Arts and Sciences " Jambalaya " Representative (1): Debate Team (1); Class Treasurer (2): Treasurer International Relations Club (2); Historian Glendy Burke (2). Paul Kling, Jr New Orleans Commerce Jack Morris Knowles, K 2 . . . . Monroe, La. Arts and Sciences Glee Club; Cross Country; Boxing; Track. Joseph S. Kopfler, $ K 2 Kenner, La. Commerce Charles A. Kyle, A K E, A A A . . New Orleans Arts and Sciences Secretary-Treasurer Class (1); Freshman Football Interfraternity Basketball: Football (2, 3). O PAGE ONE HUNDRED FIFTEEN James Jack LaNasa, A I , K K -i ' . New Orleans Arts and Sciences Band: Triangle Club. J. Henry Larcse, Jr., 2 II, A K K . New Orleans Medicine E. Spencer Lazarus, Jr., SAM. . New Orleans Commerce Intia-mural Basketball. Joseph D. Lea, n K A New Orleans Commerce Secretary-Treasurer Class (2); Freshman Track Team; Cross Country (2); Honor Council (2). D. E. LeBlanc Paincourtville, La. Commerce Harold E. Lee, S $ E New Orleans Commerce Louis Sidney Levenstein .... New York, N. Y. Medicine Herbert I. LeVine, Jr., SAM. . Paterson, N. J. . ' Irts and Scie ices Intra-mural Basketball Captain; Glee Club. Joseph Levy, Z B T . . . . . . . Tulsa, Okla. . " Irts and Sciences International Relations Club. Ferd M. Lob, Z B T New Orleans Arts and Sciences Robert Denis Lottincer, 2 E . . . Houma, La. Arts and Sciences Freshman Track; Interfraternity Track; Intra-mural Football. S. H. Lumpkin, K A Amarillo, Tex. Arts and Sciences Martin Macdiarmid, Ben. . . . New Orleans Commerce Emory N. Maddux New Orleans ArcJiitecture J. D. Magee, Jr., e K Abilene, Tex. Medicine Jerome I. Malkin, A K . . . . Jamaica, L. 1. Medicine • PAGE ONE HUNDRED SIXTEEN • Sophomore Class Bernard L. Mai.ler, A K . . . Jamaica, N. Y. Medicine Chess and Checkers Team. Roger W. Manar, 6 K • Purvis, Miss. Mediciyie I. A. Marchiz, K N New Orleans Arts and Sciences Intel-fraternity Basketball; Interfraternity Handball. Fontaine Martin, Jr., A T Q . Bay St. Louis, Miss. Arts and Sciences International Relations Club; Thirteen Club; Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society. Jack Mar.y, Z B T New Orleans Arts and Sciences Henry Chappel McCarthy, K 2 . . New Orleans Arts and Sciences E. Patrick McCloskey, A K E . . . New Orleans Chemical Engineering Edward A. McLellan, B O II . . . New Orleans M. E. Engineering David McNeill, n K A . ... McComb, Miss. Arts and Sciences Debating (1); Glendy Burke; Dramatic Guild; Pan- Hellenic Council. Edwin M. Meek, N S X . . . West Point, Miss. Medicine Ole Miss (1). John Ends Mercier, A T O . . . Summit, Miss. Commerce Baseball. Walter Meyer, ' I ' A 9 Hondo, Tex. Arts and Sciences Lashley a. Micas, n K $ . . . . New Orleans Commerce Glee Club. Laurie J. Molaison Gretna, La. Arts and Sciences Ruble E. Moor, X, A X . . . Birmingham, Ala. Medicine M. H. Moore, N 2 N New Orleans Medicine • PAGE ONE HUNDRED SEVENTEEN • Sopliomore Class Wade H. Mokgax, Jr., 2 A E . . Pensacola, Fla. Arts and Sciences Freshman Footli-all; Freshman Track. B. O. MoRRisox, 2 X, A K K . . Baton Rouge, La. Medicine Bernard A. Mcses, 2 A .M . . . . New Orleans C icmical Engineering Hartwig Moss, Z B T e v Orleans Arts and Sciences ' Leslie Muxdt, Z B T Helena, Ark. Arts and Sciences W. E. Murphree, a K K, e X . . Gadsden, Ala. Medicine Garland D. Murphy, 2 X . . .El Dorado, Ark. Arts and Sciences E. R. Nelson, - X Shreveport, La. Commerce William Neville, Jr., A e . . McComb, Miss. Commerce Freshman Football; Freshman Track. Louis Ochs, Jr., Z B T, A E . . . New Orleans Medicine H; ' nor Council (4). J. A. O ' Connor, Jr., A T A, A A A . New Orleans Arts and Sciences Freshman Track; Inierfraternity Basketball (1, 2); Interfraternit.v Track (1, 2l; Intra-mural Track (1, 2); White Elephants; Glendy Burke. H. L. Orlov, :: a M, a E . . New York, X. Y. Medicine Hugh E. Parsons, K A Tampa, Fla. Arts and Sciences Geo. W. i. Perdue, K A . . . . Pine Bluff, Ark. Arts and Sciences J. Albert Peterson, 2 A . . . . New Orleans Civil Engineering AsHBY W. Pettxrew, Jr., 2 N . . . Houina. La, Arts and Sciences • PAGE ONE HUNDRED EIGHTEEN Sophomore Class Albert J. Phillips, Z B T . . . . New Orleans Ci-vil Engineering Elliot Phillips $ A K New Orleans Medicine Ned Pilsbury, Jr._, 2 I A New Orleans Ciml Engineering Donald R. Porter, 2 X, B M . Winter Haven, Fla. Arts and Sciences Boxing. P. E. Prouet New Orleans Medicine Secretary Medical Student Body. Edg.ar M.atthew Re.4, Jr., A T Q . . New Orleans Arts and Sciences Freshman Football; Scrub Football. Marion D. Redding, X Dallas, Tex. Medicine Wilbur Reuter New Orleans Commerce William Parke Rice, A K K, 9 X . Pensacola, Fla. Medicine N. Waldemar Richards New Orleans M. if E. Engineering Freshman Track. G. B. S. RiCKEFTS New- Orleans M, E. Engineering Kearnv Robert New Orleans M. E. Engineering John C. Roberts, Jr., K 2 . . Cleveland, Miss. Arts and Sciences Jack M. Roehm New Orleans M. fir E. Engineering Triangle Club; Aero Club. Allen Roussel, K A New Orleans Commerce Assistant Manager Football. Driver Rowland, P 2 . . .Hot Springs, Ark. Medicine ♦ PAGE ONE HUNDRED NINETEEN • J. C. Rush, Jr., O K ■ ' I ' . . . Waynesboro, Miss. MeJici ie Warren C. Rush A Gretna, La. M. E. Engineering John C. Russei,, Jr., ' I ' A . . . Cleveland, Miss. Arts and Sciences Maurice Edward St. Martin, A K E . New Orleans Commerce J. William Salisbury, K S . . . . New Orleans Commerce Intra-mural Basketball; Intertraternlty Basketball; Interfraternity Track; Glee Club. R. H. Sanders, Z X Mobile, Ala. Arts and Sciences Freshman Football; Scrub Football. E. A. Schexnayder Lagan, La. Medicine Ripley Pope Schoenberger, 2 A E . New Orleans M. E. Engineering Freshman Track; Aero Club. Hartwig a. Schuyten, S A . . . New Orleans M. £f E. Engineering D. B. Searcy, n K A, A K K . . Lewisville, Ark. Medicine H. J. Slither New Orleans M. E. Engineering E. Allen Sherrill, Jr., 8 K t . . Houston, Tex. Medicine C. W. Sherwood, ATA New Orleans Arts and Sciences Interfraternity Basketball; Tug-o-War (2). Cecil Maxwell Shilstone 2 X . . New Orleans Chemical Engineering William Donald Singer New Orlean s M. E. Engineering Glee Club. Gregory Smith, 6 K I ' . . . . Birmingham, Ala. Medicine PAGE ONE HUNDRED TWENTY Jefferson L. Smith, 2 J A . . . . New Orleans Civil Enffineering Herbert Solomon ' , SAM. . . . New Orleans Commerce James A. Sproles, Jr., 2 ' t E . . . New Orleans Arts and Sciences Vice-President Class (2). Gilbert Lee Stancliff, Jr., K 2 . New Orleans M. Gf E. Engineering Morris L. Steckel, A K . . . Scranton, Penn. Medicine Vance M. Strange, $ X, I K 2 . . Stamps, Ark. Medicine Walker Sullivan, B II . . . . New Orleans Coinmerce Joe L. Swanson, Jr., A T fi . . . . New Orleans Civil Engineering Freshman Football; Freshman-Sophomore Football. Leonard R. Swinney Plaquemine, La. Civil Engineering Glee Club (2). Chester L. Tarleton New Orleans Commerce Sheldon Teer, $ P 2 . . . . Hall Summit, La. Medicine Medical Pan-Hellenic Council; Square and Compass. J. D. Thetford, a T fi . . . . Montgomery, Ala. Arts and Sciences Thirteen Club. Francis M. Thigpen, Jr., I X . Montgomery, Ala. Medicine Raymond L. Thompson . . Cleveland Hts., Ohio Commerce FiSK Thomson, $ K 2 . . . . Beaumont, Texas Arts and Sciences White Elephants. Charles B. Thorn, Jr., ATA. . . New Orleans Chemical Engineering Thirteen Club; Freshman Basketball; Freshman Track; Interfraternity Basketball; Intra-mural Basket- ball. • PAGE ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-ONE • Sophomore Class Leon L. Titche Monroe, La. Medicine W. L. Treutixg, a , P 2, B il . New Orleans Medicine Vice-President Class (2). Ferdinand Arthur Troxler A K K . Reserve, La. Medicine Nelson Odis Tyrone, N 2 X . . . Prentiss, Miss. Medicine Adolfo (y F.) Urrutia, 2 I . San Antonio, Tex. Medicine " Jambalaya " Representative (3); Pan-Hellenic Council (4); Interfraternitj- Basketball (2, 4). Fred King Vaughan, E A, N 2 N . Monroe, La. Medicine Joseph Aloysius Vella New Orleans Medicine Freshman Football; Honor Council. Leopoldo VillareaLj 2 1 El Paso, Tex. Medicine " Janibalaj-a " Kepresentative (4). Arthur J. Waechter, Jr., ■! K 2 . New Orleans Arts and Sciences Robert George Wagner, cf p 2 . . . Cuero, Tex. Medicine Roger Irving Wall, •!■ P 2 . . . Wendell, N. C. Medicine Way ' NE Paul Wallace New Orleans Civil Engineering R. S. Walsh, Jr., 9 K , A 2 . Winnfield, La. Medicine William T. Walshe, B 9 n . . . New Orleans Commerce Intra-mural Basketball; Interfraternity Basketball. L. P. Walter, 9 K Abilene, Tex. Medicine William D. Walthall, 2 X . . . New Orleans M. E. Engineering PAGE ONE HUNDRED T VENTY-T X ' 0 • Sopho.imore Class Albert L. Ward, S A E . De Funiak Springs, Fla. Arts and Sciences Football; Tug-o-War. Douglas M. Warriner n K A . . Minerva, La. M. Gf E. Engineering White Elephants; Varsity Foothall Squad; Interfra- ternity Basketball ; Interfrateinity Track. Leonard D. Weaver Brewton, Ala. Arts and Sciences G. F. Weber, n K , B JM . . . Marshall, Tex. Arts arid Sciences H. Wechsler, I a K, 2 T . New York, N. Y. Medicine H. M. WesTj Jr New Orleans Ci ' vil Engineering George Westfeldt, Jr. K A . . . New Orleans Arts and Sciences President Class (2); Freshman Football; Scrub Foot- ball; Freshman Basketball; Interfraternity Basketball; White Elephants, Glee Club. Charles J. Wheeler, Jr., S 11 . . . New Orleans Medicine Vice-President Medical Class (1). John Arthur White, Jr New Orleans Arts and Sciences Freshman T. M. C A. Cabinet, Treasurer (2); Adver- tising Manager " Tulane Handbook " (1) ; Freshman Debating Council. William A. Wickes Cleveland, Ohio Commerce " Hullabaloo " Staff (2, 3); Business Manager " Hul- labaloo " (3). Fabian P. Wiederecht New Orleans Chemical Engineering Manfred Rayner Willmer .... New Orleans Arts and Sciences Glendy Burlve Literary and Debating Society. Russell C. Willoughby, K I ' . Port Arthur, Tex. Medicine Jack F. Wilson, 2 N San Diego, Calif. Architecture Architectural Society. Val Wilson Metairie Ridge, La. Arts and Sciences Band; Varsity Tennis Team; Glee Club. B. Foster Wimberly, A I New Orleans Commerce PAGE ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-THREE • Freshman Class • Tulane, the youth was a great admirer of Benjamin Frankhn. Susan Anthony, A A n . . . . New Orleans MiNOLA Backer, B I A . . . . New Orleans Mary I.ee Baker, II B $ . . . New Orleans Sybil Jackie Barker New Orleans Beall 8. Barnes, Z T A . . . . New Orleans Helen Barnes, K A O . . . BIytheville, Ark. Mary Barnes, B 2 New Orleans Ida Anne Barnett, B 2 . . . New Orleans Claudia Barret, X Q . . . Charlotte, N. C. Rosemary ' Lois Barton New Orleans Glee Club; Dramatic Club; T. W. C. A.; Art Club. Evelyn Beard, A II . . . . McComb, Miss. Dolores Bernard, B S . . . . New Orleans Marion Blessey ' , B 2 O . . . . New Orleans Mayeelle Boutall New Orleans Kathryn C. Briede, B 2 . . . New Orleans Anna Belle Briggs, X fi . . Lake Charles, La. Betty Brown, M . . . . Little Rock, Ark. Ruth Butt, K A 6 . . . . BIytheville, Ark. Mary Barbara Byrne, A n . . New Orleans Margaret Carre, K A 6 . . . . New Orleans Glee Club (1); T. W. C. A. (1), Mary Louise Castlen, I M . Greenville, Miss. PAGE ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-SIX • Nie H comb Fresliimae Class Sarah Cherry New Orleans Y. W. C. A.; Art Club. CoRiNNE Claiborne, K K r . . . Torras, La. Mercedes Clarke, A A n . . Montgomery, Ala. Vera Clay New Orleans Marie Corn New Orleans Roberta Sterrett, K K r . Birmingham, Ala. Hockey (2); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3); Art Club (1, 2 3). Halcyon ' Colomb, A n . . . . New Orleans Katherine Colvin, K a 9 . . . New Orleans Charlene Cooper Galveston, Tex. Patsy Jean Cope New Orleans Marion A. Cottxell, B 2 . . New Orleans Dorothy Council New Orleans Aurelia Crossette, n B I ' . San Antonio, Tex. Doris Dahlberg, Z T A . . . . New Orleans Elizabeth Daniel, 51 . . . Fairfield, Ala. Concetta Danna, B $ a . . . . New Orleans Grace Darden, K K r Waco, Tex. Morna Dusenbury, K a 9 . . . New Orleans Lily Anna Earhart, B 2 . . . New Orleans Florence Eddy, B 2 . . Alberna Place, Alg. Art Club; T. W. C. A. Martha Ellis, $ M . . . . Hazlehurst, Miss. N ' ewcomb Junior. PAGE ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-SEVEN • Ne H comb Freshmae Class Elise Fairchild, K a e . . . . New Orleans Lillian Fairlie, " ! M Atlanta, Ga. Anna Grace Favaloro .... New Orleans Ethel May Foerster New Orleans BETTi- Fortune, Z T A . . .La Fayette, Ga. Mildred Fossier New Orleans Dorris Fuller, K A 9 New Orleans Cecelia Gaspard, B A . . . . New Orleans Susie Gates, X O Eagle Pass, Tex. Odeyne Gill, Z T A Gilbert, La. Elaine Gillaspie, B i A . . . . New Orleans Etta Golenternek Tyler, Tex. Frances C. Gomila, B Z . . . New Orleans Verna Guenard, B 2 . . . . New Orleans Gertrude Gwin, A II . . . . New Orleans Dorothy Hansen, B 2 . . . . New Orleans Katherine Harrop, n B 1 . Lake Charles, La. Catherine Hartrampf, K A O . , Atlanta, Ga. Lynne Hecht, n B Ij New Orleans Isadel Louise Heckert, Z T A . New Orleans Louise Cecile Hoehn, X il . . . New Orleans • PAGE ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-EIGHT » Ne ' wcomb Freshmae Class Betty Hudson, K A 9 New Orleans Henrietta Huye New Orleans Marion Jacobs Cincinnati, Ohio Cora Jahncke, n B I New Orleans Frances Johnson, X fi . . . Greenwood, Miss. Josephine L. Jones, A A n . . . New Orleans Kate F. Jones San Benito, Tex. Lois Jones, A A IT New Orleans MiGNON JUMEL, B 2 . . . . New Orleans Doris Kirkham Houston, Tex. Frances Mary Koehler Cuero, Tex. Anna Lachin, B $ A New Orleans Suzanne LaCour, n B . . . . New Orleans Jeanne Laidlaw Dallas, Tex. Frances Langworthy, X n . . . Atlanta, Ga. Katherine Legier, K K r . . . New Orleans Marie Louise Legier, K K r . . New Orleans Helen LeJeune, n B ' I ' . . . . New Orleans Elizabeth Lupe, n B I . . San Antonio, Tex. Doris Lurie Montgomery, Ala. Genevieve Ly ' Kes, K K r . . . Houston, Tex. PAGE ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-NINE » Ne H comb Freshmaio Class Marie Celeste Lyons, IT B I . . New Orleans Emmarie Mailender .... Cincinnati, Ohio Rose Makheim New Orleans Frances McClure, JI . . . Roswell, N. M. Margaret McKinley, X fi . Birmingham, Ala. Leonora McLellax, II B $ . . . New Orleans Miriam McMakin, Z T A . . . Hinsdale, 111. Virginia McMillan, n B $ . . . New Orleans Elizabeth McMurray, K A G, McAlester, Okla. Louise Menge, II B New Orleans Hazel Ann Methe, Z T A . . . New Orleans Dramatic Club; Debating Club; T. W. C. A. Constance Meyer, K A 6 . . . New Orleans Frances Moise New Orleans Adeline Moore New Orleans Naxcy Bry Morris, n B . . . New Orleans Alice M. Morvaxt, JI . . . . New Orleans Frances Musser, K K r . . . . New Orleans Margaret Neff, K A 9 . Oklahoma City, Okla. Posary Ni.y, X f New Orleans Joyce O ' Dell, X 9. New Orleans Vada Odom, a a II Harvey, La. Doris Cone Paine Donner, La. PAGE ONE HUNDRED THIRTY N ' e ' H cofflilb Freslimam Class Elexora PalmisAxVO New Orleans Alma Louise Pecot, A A n . . Franklin, La. CoRiNNE Peterson, I M . . . . New Orleans Anna Pipes, K K r Houma, La. Evelyn Potter, A zl n . . . Fort Worth, Tex. Helen Powell, B 2 O . . Metairie Ridge, La. Suzanne Price, n B . . Crystal City, Tex. Billie Reed Alice, Tex. Naxcy R. Reeves, K K r . . . . New Orleans Elizabeth Rivers, K A . . . . Elgin, Tex. Ruth Alexander Robertson . . Opelousas, La. Pamela Robinson, n B ■! . . . . New Orleans Ruth Rogax, B 2 O New Orleans Cora Russell Alexandria, La. Ruth Helen Ryder, ! 31 . . . . New Orleans Lorraine Scharfenstein, B 2 . Metairie, La. Margaret Schramm, n B 1 . . . New Orleans GwYNNE Smith, K A 9 . . . . Louisville, Ky. Lucile Smith, IC A O New Orleans He ' lene Stauffer, n B 4 ' . . . Metairie, La. Gertrude Stiles New Orleans Florence Strug Bogalusa, La. • PAGE ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-ONE • Ne H comb Fresjhmae Class Louise H. Taylor, n B . . . New Orleans Frances W. Thibaut, X Q . Donaldsonville, La. Dorothy Thompson, JI . . Greenville, Miss. Joyce Tillery, Z T A . . . . Beaumont, Tex. Helene Titsworth, II B I . . Roswell, N. M. Elizabeth Trowbridge .... Franlclin, La. Drusilla Tudury New Orleans Elizabeth Jane Tuttle .... New Orleans Clarisse E. Vezien New Orleans Jane Walker, K K r . . . Vicksburg, Miss. Helen Josephine Wander, B 2 . New Orleans Barbera Watt , X . . . . Jonestown, Miss. Natka Webb, Z T A Rayne, La. Antoinette Weed, X Q . . . . New Orleans Lucy Weed X Q New Orleans LiSE Wehrmann, II B J ' . . . . New Orleans Annette Weinberg Quincy, Fla. Muriel Whitehead, Z T A . . . New Orleans Mary Jane Williams, X fi . . . New Orleans Alma P. Wirth, Z T A . . . . New Orleans Mary E. Woolford Houston, Tex. Constance Wyatt, A A n . Fort Worth, Tex. • PAGE ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-TWO • Freshmae Class Robert M. Adams, S A E . . . New Orleans Arls and Sciences ■miite Elephants; Glee Club. Walter G. Allee, Jr Metairie, La. Arts and Sciences D. H. Allen, A K K Tallulah, La. Medicine Baseball (2); Pan-Hellenic Council (3, 4); Intra- mural Basketball {1. 2. 3): " T " Club; Freshman Football. Arturo N. Alvarado, 2 1. . . Panama, R. P. Medicine Elise Axdrv, X 9. New Orleans Commerce Wallace E. Bahm Osceola, La. Arts and Sciences Bryan Baker, A T fi . . . Port Arthur, Tex. Commerce W. J. Barker, 5, K 2 . Brownsville, Tex. Medicine Baker University. John T. Barrow, AS . . . . New Orleans M. ii E. Engineering Secretary-Treasurer Class; Intra-mural Basketball. Bernard Hyman Bayer . . . Houston, Tex. Medicine Joseph Edward Be.asley, A T O . . Steele, Mo. Medicine Freshman Tennis: Varsitv Tennis (2), Assistant Manager (2). Manager (3); Glee Club (1. 2. 3); Glendy Burke (1, 2); T. M. C. A. (1, 2, 3) Vice- President (3). Stanford M. Beer, Jr New Orleans Commerce Frank A. Benitez Tampa, Fla. Arts and Sciences Gerald Bertinot, A K K . . . Opelousas, La. Medicine J. Edward Best, i K 2 . . . Memphis, Tenn. Architecture Hardee Bethea, A K E . . . . New Orleans Arts and Sciences Adolphe C. Billet, A K E . . . New Orleans Com7nerce William M. Blackman, K A . Shreveport, La. M. " E. Engineering Glendy Burke; High-T Club. James G. Blaine, Jr., X 2 X . Jackson Miss. Medicine Henry S. Blake, K 2 New Orleans M. E. Engineering Freshman Football ; White Elephants. Joseph Emile Blum IH, X 2 X . New Orleans Medicine Geo. Warren Bofinger, B © II . New Orleans Arts and Sciences Thirteen Club; Interfraternity Basketball; Tug-o- War. • PAGE ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-THREE Fresliiiiian Class TnOiMAS Hale Eoggs, B 9 n . Long Beach, Miss. Arts and Sciences Glee Club; Glendy Burke; Freshman Debating. Charles Bonds, K 2 . . . . Warren, Ark. Commerce Salvador Bonilla, 2 1. . . . Havana, Cuba Arts and Sciences Earl Bossoxc, II K A . . . . Cincinnati, Ohio Arts and Sciences Tennis Team. Lemanx H. EoundSj 2 E . . Meridian, Miss. Arts and Sciences Band. Warrex H. Bourgeois, ' J K 2 . . Houma, La. Arts and Sciences Lambert Tho.mas Boyd, n K ■! ' . New Orleans Arts and Sciences H. Elliott Bredow, 2 E . . . New Orleans Architecture W. H. Bridges, n K A, A K K . Long Leaf, La. Medicine J. R. Browx, Jr Columbia, La. P iarmacy E. M. Bue.vfil Campeche, Mex. Cifil Enciineering J. J. BuRDix, jR, K 2, A K K . Lafayette, La. Medicine J. Wirt Burxett, X ... . DeWitt, Ark. Medicine iRVix C.WEX, 2AM. . _ . . New Orleans Arts and Sciences Emile Cahx, Z B T . . . . . New Orleans M. S E. Engineering JoHX Hoyle Carlcck, X 2 X . Ardmore, Okla. Medicine A.B. Degree, Olclahoma University. Harry V. Carter, Jr , 2 X . .El Dorado, Ark. Arts and Sciences William H. Cassity, II K . Shreveport, La. Laiv A. DE Castro (P.-Vexto), 2 I . Havana, Cuba Law Glee Club. J. E. Church New Orleans Commerce James A. Chlstz .... Independence, La. Arts and Sciences J. J. ClOLlxo . ..... Greenville, Miss. Medicine PAGE ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-FOUR Freshman Class Augustus H. Clark, B e n . . . Macon, Ga. Arts and Sciences Freshman Football. S. H. COLVIN, Jr., n K A, I X . New Orleans Medicine William J. Condon, 2 E . . . New Orleans Lasw Glee Club; Band. Lawrence E. Cox, Jr New Orleans Commerce C. B. Craft, 2 A E, N 2 X, . Mobile, Ala. Medicine President Sophomore Arts and Sciences Class, Vice- President (1, 3): Pan-Hellenic Council; Honor Council (1, 3). GusTAVE Howard Crais .... New Orleans Commerce Kendall H. Cram, Ben. . Nashville, Tenn. Arls and Sciences Interfraternity Basketball. A. M. D ' Angelo Alexandria, La. Arts and Sciences Robert Daray, A e Chicago, III. Commerce Walter Davis, Z B T New Orleans Commerce Warren E. Davis, Jr., A . . . New Orleans Arts and Sciences Ben C. Dawkins, Jr Monroe, La. A K E, A A A Law Secretary Arts and Sciences (1); Thirteen Club; Freshman Football; Scrub Football (2, 3), Varsity (4); Glendy Burke (2); Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4), Manager (3). President (4); Assistant Manager Bo.xins (4); Pan-Hellenic Council. Charles A. Dawson, A e . River Falls, Wis. Arls and Sciences Robert C. Day, A K K, 2 X . . New Orleans Medicine Interfraternity Tennis; Interfraternity Track; In- terfraternity Basketball. Gilbert A. De Armas Tampa, Fla. Arts and Sciences Harry- Duggan deBuys .... New Orleans Ben, A A A, e x Law President Freshman Law Class; " Hullabaloo " Staff (2, 3, .4). Sports Editor (4); " Jambalaya " Sports Editor (4); Glee Club (3. 4); Basketball (3, 4); Tennis (4); Interfraternity Basketball; Intra-mural Basketball. Philip del Corral, K 2 . . . New Orleans Commerce Shirley de L.itour New Orleans Nevjcomb MoiSE Dennery, Z B T . . . . New Orleans Arts and Sciences Dramatic Guild. J. S. Desporte, 2 X, X 2 X, B il . New Orleans Medicine White Elephants. George de Tarnowsky ' .... New Orleans Ci ' vil Engineering Joseph John DiCarlo, Jr. . . . New Orleans Arts and Sciences O PAGE ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-FIVE • Freslimaii Class Jack W. Dolax, K K I ' . . . . Ne v Orleans La=w Band (1, 2, 3); " Hullabaloo " Staff. EuGEKE G. DuREL New Orleans Medicine Homer Joseph Durel New Orleans Medicine Stanwood R. Duval Houma, La. . rls and Sciences Alfred Dyer New Orleans M. S E. Engineering William Dvmoxd, Jr., ! A 6 . . New Orleans Arts and Sciences Freshman Basketball. Otis Edgerton, K A Tallulah, La. Arts and Sciences Freshman Football; Track; White Elephants. Geo. H. Edwards, Jr., Ben. . New Orleans Commerce Vice-President Class. Marquez p. Ehlixger, A 6 . . Bryan, Tex. Arts and Sciences White Elephants; Assistant Business Slanager " Jambalaya " . Bertram Ehrlich Bainhridge, Ga. P iarmacy Secretary-Treasurer Class. Laurance Eustis, Jr , K a . . Memphis, Tenn. Chemical Engineering Thirteen Club. JOH.v P. Everett, Z X . . . Farmerville, La. La w Edgar H. Farrar, A T Q . . . . Biloxi, Miss. Chemical Engineering Thirteen Club. Esmond A. Fatter, A New Orleans Arts and Sciences Band. Merviv E. Fatter New Orleans Arts and Sciences SiLVAxus H. Faubidx, Jr., S A . New- Orleans Arcliitecture J. H. Raxdolph Feltus .... New Orleans A e, AAA, e X LaiM Assistant Editor " Jambalaya " (4); " Hullabalolo " Staff (3, 4): President Arts and Sciences Class (3); " Jambalaya " Representative (2); Intra-mural Bas- ketball (2, 3). Carlos A. Fer .4xdez, 2 1. . Havana, C uba Arts and Sciences Francisco Figueroa Havana, Cuba La ijj Ray.mond Edward Finke . . . Houston, Tex. Arts and Sciences Dormitory Club. Thomas Crax.mer Fischer, K 2 . New Orleans Commerce George Robert Fisher .... New Orleans Architecture • PAGE ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-SIX Fresjhman Class Manuel I. Fisher, K N . . . . New Orleans Lmjo Stanley C. Fitzpatrick .... New Orleans Arts and Sciences Band. B. A. Fleury, " I " K S . . . . Savannah, Ga. Chemical Engineering T. P. FOLTZ, N 2 N Ft. Smith, Ark. Medicine M. Allen Forbes .... San Antonio, Tex. Arts and Sciences Inter-CIub Sports; Dormitory Club. Clarence H. Ford Viclcsburg, Miss. Lanv Glendy Burke (1. 2. 3); Dormitory Club (1, 2, 3); " Jambalaya " Representative Senior Arts and Sciences. Alcee Fortier, $ a 9 New Orleans Arts and Sciences Ross E. Fowler Harrison, Ark. Medicine Brent Fox, ATA. . . . Bogue Chitto, Miss. Arts and Sciences William E. Frantz, UK . . New Orleans Arts and Sciences Lucius Freiberger, Jr., A i . . . New Orleans Cfoil Engineering Alton Prentiss Frymire, •t K 2 . New Orleans Arts and Sciences White Elephants. Charles O. Gading, 2 E . . Goodhue, Minn. Arts and Sciences Bill Galbre.atHj P 2 . . . Shreveport, La. Medicine Charles Gay ' , K A Plaquemine, La. Arts and Sciences White Elephants. Benjamin R. Gendel Bronx, N. Y. A E, B JI, B K Medicine Wolfe Gerber, K N . ... New Orleans Arts and Sciences C. H. Gillespy, X, K 2 . Birmingham, Ala. Medicine A. B. Degree, University of Alabama. Walter Godchau.x, Jr., Z B T . New Orleans M. " E. Engineering Allan Michel Goldman .... New Orleans Arts and Sciences Elaine Goldsmith New Orleans Com?nerce John D. Gordinier, 2 A E . Baton Rouge, La. Medicine • PAGE ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-SEVEN • Fresliimaii Class William F. G;;ace, j A . . . New Orleans Commerce Freshman Basketball ; Tug-o-War. Irvin M. Grassghef.n, a K . Raleigh, N. C. Medicine JOHX R. Gray, K 2 New Orleans M. £ E. Engineering Luther Lee Greer, II K A . . McComb, Miss. Arts and Sciences White Elephants; Football. Ernest Pierce Griffin, K 2 . . . Atkins, Ark. Arts and Sciences F. M. C. Gruxewali), Ben. . New Orleans Commerce Charles Henry Guell . . New Orleans M. £? E. Engineering Marcel Gueniot New Orleans Pharmacy Vice-President Class (1). Jay J. Hainkel, A i , K K ■4 ' . . New Orleans Lasvi Band (1, 2. 3, 4), Drum Ma.ior (4); " Hullabaloo " Staff; Glee Club. M. R. Halbouty Beaumont, Tex. Arts and Sciences Interhall Sports; Triangle Club; Dormitory Club; Y. M. C. A. ; Gayarre Sports Manager. Richard King Hale, Jr New Orleans Arts and Sciences Tho.mas F. Hall, A ! . . r ,. . New Orleans Arts and Sciences Secretary-Treasurer Class; Vice-President Fresh- man " Y " . Virginia M. Hamilton . . . Ann Arbor, Mich. Co7nmerce Charles B. Hamlet III, K S . Picayune, Miss. Arts and Sciences Glendy Burke; Dormitory Club. Ben Jacob Haney-, Jr. . . . ' . . New Orleans M. E. Engineering B. W. Hardcastle, Jr., S X . Memphis, Tenn. Commerce Glee Club. Irving Hardesty, A T fi . . . New Orleans Arts and Sciences White Elephants; Glee Club. B. M. Harvard, Jr., ATA. . Hammond, La. Arts and Sciences Thirteen Club. James H. Harvey ' , A New Orleans Arts and Sciences Elliott B. Hay, K S . . . McComb, Miss. Arts and Sciences Band; Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society. Bernhardt C. Heebe, A 2 i . . . Gretna, La. Arts and Sciences E. A. Heffner, P 2 . . . . Shreveport, La. Medicine PAGE ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-EIGHT Freshmae Class William B. Heitman .... Ponchatoula, La. Arts and Sciences Intra-mural Cross Country. Archie Hellmax, K N . . . . New Orleans Commerce J. A. Hendrick, Jr.j K a, tl X . Shreveport, La. Medicine President Freshman Medical Class. P. va Fleet Henley, ATA. . New Orleans Arts and Seiners White Elaphants. Jack Chalmers Herman, S ) E . New Orleans Arls and Sciences Glendy Burke; Glee Club. W. R. HiGGiNBOTHAM, 2 X . . . Monroe, La. Arts and Sciences ■ Vhlte EUphants. Carl Orvix Hill, B 9 IT . . Greenwood, Miss. Arts and Sciences Football. Lloyd R. Himel Convent, La. M. E. Engineering Marlix B. Hoge, Ben. . , Ft. Smith, . ' rk. Arts and Sciences Tennis. Lewis Hood, Jr., A 2 ■I ' . . . . Biloxi, Miss. Pharmacy Class President. Louis H. Hoth, Jr. . . . . New Orleans Arts and Sciences W. M. HowDON, e K 1 ' . . Clearwater, Fla. Medicine James Howe, K 2 New Orleans M. " E. Engineering Julian- P. Howell, A 9, N 2 X . Marion, Ala. Medicine Leov D. Hubert, Jr New Orleans La-iv Oratorical and Debating Council (2. 3, 4), Chair- man (4); y. M. C. A. Cabinet (3, 4); Varsity Debates. Pierre Auguste Hughes, A K E . New Orleans Arts and Sciences Charles M. Ives, i A 9 . . . . New Orleans Commerce Freshman Basketball. W. C. Jacobs New Orleans Ciiiil Engineering Vice-President Engineering- Class. George Janvier, Jr., A T Q . . . New Orleans M. E. Engineering Thirteen ' Club. J. D. Jerabeck, 2 a E . . . . Houston, Tex. Arts and Sciences Bruce P. Jillsox - New Orleans M. " E. Engineering Carrol A. Johxsox, Jr., N 2 X . Wil:on, Okla. Medicine B.A. Degree, Oklahoma University. PAGE ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-NINE Freshman Class Ruth Elizabeth Johxson . . . Ne v Orleans Pharmacy A. J. Jones Bogalusa, La. Lofiu Second Vice-President Y. M. C. A. (3); Dormitory Club (1, 2, 3), Secretary (3) ; Glendy Burke. Beauford Jones, A . . . . New Orleans Commerce " Jambalaya " Representative. Victor L. Julius Newark, N. J. Co?n7nerce Intra-mural Boxing. Morris Kaplan, t ' A E . . . . Bryan, Tex. Medicine Camille Katten New Orleans Commerce Helen Regina Kaufman .... New Orleans Commerce Thomas Eugene Kelly, $ P S . Dallas, Tex. Medicine R. C. Kemp, Jr., K A, N S N . Baton Rouge, La. Medicine Charles Macdonald Kerr, Jr. . . New Orleans Commerce Calvin Earhart Kisegen A . . New Orleans Civil Engineering Milton Kline, Z B T . . . Vicksburg, Miss. xirts and Sciences Max a. Kreh, 2AM New Orleans Cotnmerce William Walsh Kyle, A K E . . New Orleans Arts and Sciences Lewis A. Lachin, AS . . . . New Orleans Architecture Architectural Society. OcDEN W. Lafave, a e . . . New Orleans Laav Golt Team. Spencer J. Lallande, 2 A E . . New Orleans Commerce Martin J. Lamden .... Hattiesburg, Miss. Arts and Sciences Arthur F. Landry, 2 N . _. . . New Orleans Chemical Engineering Alvin p. Landry, n K A . . . . New Orleans Commerce J. DuREL Landry, II K A, A K K . New Orleans Medicine A. C. Learned, A K E Monroe, La. Architecture Architectural Society; Freshman Tennis. PAGE ONE HUNDRED FORTY Freshmae Class Lee LeBlanc Sulphur, La. Law Charles G. Lee, K 2 . . . . Slireveport, La. Law Ralph N. Leonard, K S . . . . New Orleans Arts and Sdrncrs Albert A. Levin, K N New Orleans Conunercc Arthur E. Levine, K N . . . . Biloxi, Miss. Commerce Freshman FootbaU. Elma Lilla Levy New Orleans Commerce Melville L. Levy, K N . . . . New Orleans M. E. E?igineeriiig John Aden Lewis, Jr., K 2, $ X . New Orleans Medicine Frank H. Lichtenstein .... New Orleans Commerce Robert Liepsner, 2 X ... . New Orleans Chemica! Engineering White Elephants. W. C. LittelLj S a E, X . . Opelousas, La. Medicine Scrub Football; B.S. Degree. Allan Little, Jr., A 9 . . . Gadsden, Ala. Arts and Sciences Freshman Football. Frank A. Little, K A . . . Thomasville, Ga. Arts and Sciences Assistant Manager Tennis; Assistant Editor " Jam- halaya " . Roaul Livaudais, a K E . . . . New Orleans Architecture Architectural Society. William M . Lively, Jr., N 2 N . Dallas, Tex. Aicdicine Frank R. Lock, N 2 N . . Hot Springs, Ark. Medicine Harold A. Lockwood . . . Hot Springs, Ark. Commerce Intramural Basketball; Football; Freshman Tennis. J. E. Loftin, 2 X Baton Rouge, La. Arts and Sciences Freshman Football; White Elephants. Lee Hall Lorenzen, n K A . . . New Orleans Arts and Sciences Joseph A. Lucia Lutcher, La. Arts and Sciences Robert Lynch, B n New Orleans Arts arid Sciences • PAGE ONE HUNDRED FORTY-ONE e Fresliman Class W. J. Lynxh, a 2 New Orleans M. Gf E. Engineering Daniel P. Mabel New Orleans M. E. Engineering Freshman Football. Harry A. Mackie, S X . . . Covington, La. M. E. Engineering E.viiLE Maltry, K 2 New Orleans Irts and Sciences Glee Club. E. G. Baker Marsh, 2 X . . . . Kenner, La. Arts and Sciences Charles Marshall, A T i2 . Bay St. Louis, Miss. Arts and Sciences International Relations Club. Warden M. Martin Biloxi, Miss. Arts and Sciences Charnelcie Maschino . . . Tu:caIoosa, Ala. Pharmacy J. S. MashburN; 2 X ... . Hammond, La. M. E. Engineering Edward G.-iViN Mays, 2 N . . . New Orleans Arts and Sciences Rudolph M. McBride, A ■$ . . Hammond, La. Laiu Pan-Hellenic Council. Joseph McCloskey ' , Jr New Orleans A li E, , B M, A A A Lofw Interfraternity Basketball; Intra-mural Basketball (2): Assistant Baseball Manager (2); Boxing Squad (4). Charles McCollister . . . San Antonio, Tex. Arts and Sciences Donald Wilson McKay ' , ATA. New Orleans Commerce Intra-mural Basketball. John By ' RD McDaniel, Jr. . . . Camden, Ark. Co7nmerce Freshman Football. L. H. McDonald, 2 E . . . . New Orleans M. E. Engineering William Richard McHuch, Jr. . New Orleans Arts and Sciences Glendy Burke. Paul W. McIlhenny ' , K A . . . New Orleans Arts and Sciences " Wrestling: Rifle Team; Freshman Football. Hermann R. Meyer, A 2 J . . Chalmette, La. Lai}} Vice-President Freshman I aw Class; Varsity Bas- ketball. M. L. Michel, Jr., Ben. . . Biloxi, Miss. Arts and Sciences " Hullabaloo " Staff. William P. Miles, Jr., B IT . New Orleans Architecture Thirteen Club; Intra-mural Track; Interfraternity Track; Varsity Track; Intra-mural Tennis; Archi- tectural Society. PAGE ONE HUNDRED FORTY-TWO • Freshmae Class Allison Miller, K A, A A A . . New Orleans Laiu Secretary Freshman Law Class; Varsity Boxing (2); Varsity Track (2); Cross Country Track (2); Inti ' aniuial Track (2); Pan-Hellenic Council. Bernard D. Mintz, SAM. . . New Orleans Arts and Sciences Freshman Football: Freshman Track; Freshman Basketball; Interfraternity Basketball. Joe N. Mitchell Dallas, Tex. Medicine Brown Moore, II K A . . . . New Orleans Lacw Secretary-Treasurer Law Student Body (4); Speaker Glendy Burke (4); Business Manager Dra- matic Guild (3): Varsity Debating Team (3): Vice- President T. M. C. A. (4); Cliairman Campus Night (4); Oratorical and Dsbating Council. A. MoRAN, Jr., $ a e New Orleans Coinmerce White Elephants. Robert E. Moreton, S X . . Brookhaven, Miss. Arls and Sciences Clarence J. Morrow, K - . . New Orleans Law Pan-Hellenic Council. John W. Mullen, I K 2 . , . New Orleans Civil Erigineering E. John Muth, S N . . . New York, N. Y. Arts and Sciences Interfraternity Boxing; Band; T. M. C. A. O. P. Myers, N S N . . . Collinsville, Miss. Medicine Charles O. Noble, Ben. Lake Charles, La. Commerce Ferdie a. Nobile Lutcher, La. Arts and Sciences Ransom Nockton, Jr., $ A 9 . . Crowley, La. Arts and Sciences Albert Norwood, A K E . . . . New Orleans M. E. Engineering Thirteen Club. John O ' Conno;;, $ A 9 . . . . New Orleans John S. Odom, K A New Orleans Arts and Sciences Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society. McVea Oliver, B 9 II Monroe, La. Arts and Sciences N. D. Y. Olivier, B 9 n n K A . Lafayette, La. Law Glee Club; Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society. J. T. Orendorf, $ a I . . Bowling Green, Ky. Law Thelma Rosin ' IA O ' Rourke . . . New Orleans Arts and Sciences Special Student. J. S. OSTBY, JR , S N . . . . Memphis, Tenn. Cnmmercc Freshman Football. PAGE ONE HUNDRED FORTY-THREE Freshman Class Richard M. Page, A T fi . . . . New Orleans Arts and Sciences Freshman Football; Freshman Basketball: Fresh- man Track; Interfraternitv Basketball; Tug-o-War; Thirteen Club. A, B. Patterson, Jr., B II . . Houma, La. Arts and Sciences Glee Club; ' ■Hullabaloo " Staff. AsHTON Phelps, ATA. . . . New Orleans Arts and Sciences Intra-mural Basketball; Thirteen Club; Glendy Burke. MiLTO B. Phillips, 2 A E . . . New Orleans Arts and Sciences Football; Tus-o-War. Edward B. Poitevent, K A . . Mandeville, La. Arts and Sciences Thirteen Club; Freshman Football. Crawford Powell, II K 4 . . . New Orleans M. iS E. Engineering W. S. Powell Lakeland, Fla. Ciml Engineering Leon- A. Pradel New Orleans Arts and Sciences Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society. Ernest Pragst Schenectady, N. Y. Arts and Scieiices E. Jauquet Preis, S A E . - . . New Orleans Arts and Sciences Roy M. Pullen New Orleans Co nmerce Harold E. Ratcliffe New Orleans Arts and Sciences Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society. George A. Ray ...... New Orleans M. is E. Engineering Shirley O. Reed New Orleans Commerce Fred L. Reuter New Orleans Arts and Sciences Mildred Risemax Opelousas, La. Lamj Robert Y. Rivera New Orleans M. Gf E. Engineering James M. Robert, Jr , IT K A, $ I , New Orleans hav: Pan-Hellonic Council; " Jambalaya " Editor. Homer Rufus Robinson . . . Lake Charles, La. Arts and Sciences Freshman Football. Joe Rogers, A 9 Gadsden, Ala. Arts and Sciences Z. J. Romeo, A E, 2 A M . . New Orleans Medicine • PAGE ONE HUNDRED FORTY-FOUR Freshman Class Samuel Irving Rosekeerg, SAM. New Orleans Jris and Sciences Intra-mural Basketball. J. F. Roth, Jr., A T fl . . . . New Orleans Arcldteclure Harold L. Salaun, A T fi . . . New Orleans M. E. Engineering White Elephants. James Edward Sams, K S . . Meridian, Miss. Arts and Sciences White Elephants. Thomas Sanctox, a T A . . . . New Orleans Arts and Sciences White Elephants. Charles C. Savoie Bell Rose, La. M. E. Engineering Charles F. Seemann, B e II . . New Orleans Arts and Sciences " Jambalaya " Representative; Secretary Freshman ■■Y " Club. Sam Shixbaum, K X New Orleans Lofiu Interfraternity Basketball; Interfraternity Track; Intra-mural Basketball; Intra-mural Football. Robert L. Simon, K 2 . . . New Orleans Chemica! Engineering Claude Si.vioxs, Jr., ! K 2 . . . New Orleans Arts and Sciences Tug-o-War; Freshman Football; Interfraternity Basketball; Freshman Basketball; Freshman Track; White Elephants. Saul Sixger, K X New Orleans Commerce Sidney Sixger, K X New Orleans Law Interfraternitj- Basketball (1, 2); Glendy Burke. Archie Smith, Jr., K S . . . Covington, La. Commerce T. L. L. Soxiat, n K , B JI . . New Orleans Medicine JOHX Warrex Stahler, A T n . . New Orleans Commerce GiDEOx T. Staxtox, Jr., A T f] . New Orleans Arts and Sciences White Elephants; Glee Club; Debating. Edward Stauss, Jr., K A . . New Orleans M. E. Engineeri ng White Elephants. Warrex C. Stephens, Jr., 8 K t . Keener, Ala. Medicine Charles R. Stof.r, Jr Shreveport, La. Arts and Sciences George Ja.mes Strobel, S A JI . . New- Orleans Commerce JOHiX C. Suares New Orleans Arts and Sciences Band. PAGE ONE HUNDRED FORTY-FIVE Freshmae Class Marie Tkrkuhle New Orleans Commerce L. L. Terrv, n K A, A K K . Red Level, Ala. Medicine B.S. Degree, Birrriingliani Southern. William S. Terry, Jr., 6 K ' I ' . Jefferson, Tex. Medicine Interclass Football. George Dean Tessier, i A © . . New Orleans Arts and Sciences " White Elephants; Freshman Football. R. A. Tes£IE3, ! a e . - . . New Orleans Arts and Sciences Freshman Football. Ar.n ' Aud p. Te.xada, Jr., 2 I E . New Orleans M. Gf E. Engineering J. Del. Thames, A K E. O K 4 ' . Nata ' bany, La. Medicine Freshman Football; Scrub Football; Interfraternity Basketball. Francis Threadcill, N 2 N . . Eldorado, Ark. Medicine Charles Titche, Jr., Z B T . . . Monroe, La. La ' W Isabelle Todd . . New Orleans Commerce Frank O. Tomeny, A I , $ P 2 . . New Orleans Medicine Joseph Jean Torre New Orleans Lofiu J. H. Trep.agnier, a T fi . . . . New Orleans Chemical Engineering Norris Tricon New Orleans Commerce Frank D. Tuller, 2 A E . . . New Orleans Commerce Joe F. Tyler, A 2 I New Orleans Chemical Engineering William Lawrence Uhlich . . . Kenner, La. Chemical Engineering A ' ernon Umbach, a 2 ■! . . . . Algiers, La. M. Sf E. Engineering Ben L. Upton, A K E . ... New Orleans Arts and Sciences Mario Vandama Havana, Cuba Law John Thomas Varino Monroe, La. Arts and Sciences • PAGE ONE HUNDRED FORTY-SIX • Freslimae Class GuiLLERMO Vasquez, 2 I . Tegucigalpa, Hond. Medicine International Relations Club. Oswald William Viosca .... New Orleans Arts and Sciences Band. Harry Soland Vorhaben, A I . . New Orleans M. Gf E. Engineering President Freshman Class: Interfraternity Basket- ball. A. C. Vreeland, Jr., Ben. . New Orleans Commerce Louis B. Weisenburgh, A . Richmond, Ky. Arts and Sciences Sol Weiss, Jr., Z B T New Orleans Lain Intra-mural Basketball; Glendy Burke; Interfra- ternity Basketball; Interfraternity Handball. Frank Weitz Savannah, Ga. Medicine J. W. Welch, n K A, A K K . Long Leaf, La. Medicine Felix H. Welsch, K N . . . . New Orleans Pharmacy C. R. Williams, S N, ' l X . Montgomery, Ala. Medicine Emory University; University of Georgia. Robert H. Williams, B 9 n . . New Orleans Civil Engineering Edward White, 2 I E . . . . Pensacola, Fla. Arts and Sciences Jack McClure Wolfe . . . McKeesport, Pa. Arts and Sciences Glendy Burke; International Relations Club. HexVry Kixg Wolff, Z B T . . . New Orleans Arts and Sciences Harold J. Wormser, 2 A JI . . Jeanerette, La. Arts and Sciences Charles G. Wright New Orleans M. E. Engineering James A. Wright, Jr., II K $ . . New Orleans Ciml Enc ineering Mike Wright Mobile, Ala. Arts and Sciences J. G. YE.iRWOOD, JR , G K • ! ' . . Shreveport, La. Medicine Alvin N. Zander, 2AM. . . . New Orleans Arts and Sciences A. Hays Zieman, 9 K P . . . . Mobile, Ala. Medicine PAGE ONE HUNDRED FORTY-SEVEN Athletics The editors, after exhaustive research, are firmly convinced that attending fires was the main form of athletics indulged in during Paul Tulane ' s time. » » 1: ' H ;S ir. 7w-j5v: ..if ::- J ' ■•:■ ■■■■- ■mi . - , ' ■ ' ' • , .-.; . ' _;., -: ' - " . ' - " ■■ . ' - ' - ' ;■■ ■ ' - ' ■•.■f , - .:- :V ' ---i ' " l ' -■- . jtV,V 7 ,? ' -.f- , ' ' t. ' T. ,:. - 1 : ■■•■ i -. ■: ' I ■ . ■ ' ■ ' m iiiiiiiiiltiUJJiiiiliiiiijijililJiUUIiii r-ii " - r-4; 33iiiliifni iiiii iiii«iiuiJjii £ " ■-J lauiliiiiiiiiJiiijfiiUiiimMlii - i . " J m «, ? c JSrf J Dean- Hall Allen, Jr. Richard Bankston Joe E. Beasley R. E. Blount Jeb Blum Louis Boaseerg U. J. Burvaxt George Bush Charles Calhoun Thomas J. Cunningham, Jr. Gerald Dalrymple Lowell P. Dawson John F. DeBuys Calvert G. de Coligny Elson Delaune Warren W. Doyle, Jr. William J. Drawe, Jr. G. Perry Eastman, Jr. Ernest L. Eustis, Jr. Nollie C. Felts Shelby Friedrichs Harry C. Glover, Jr. James Van Buren Gresham, Jr. E. R. GUIDRY George Haik Cornelius Harvey Vernon C. Haynes A. J. Hertzog DoYLEss Hill James Hodgins W. R. Holbrook Samuel G. Jacobs Philip E. James Harold F. Lemmon J. J. Lienhard, Jr. Winnie P. Lodrigues John McCormick Doyle Magee Elmer Massey Martin Mayer Hermann Meyer A. T. Miller John S. Oelkers Charles O ' Neill Francis Payne William Penney DARRELL J. PiSCHOFF Robert R. Rainold J. G. Rainwater, Jr. John J. Read Will Patten Richardson Floyd Roberts John Scafide William Schroeder Rudolph J. Schulze, Jr. Shepard Shushan Edward Silverstein Edwin A. Stoutz Guy p. Stubbs, Jr. Clifford Suiter Garland F. Taylor Page H. Tharp E. Claggett Upton, Jr, Woollen H. Walshe Russell Welch John Wilson Valmore Wilson William F. Woods, Jr. Charles L. Young Samuel Zemurray, Jr. Don Zimmerman, Jr. - C hiUli »liiiliUi:iJlUU!£ Tuiaee Atliletic Council Officers George G. Westieldt Piesident Judge Rufus E. Foster Vice-President Robert L. Menuet Secretary Members Douglas Anderson A. N. Goldberg Dr. Charles Eshleman James M. Robert Clifford F. Favrot George Williams Dr. Wilbur C. Smith Itliletic Director Ted Cox Head Football Coach Claude Simons . . . . ' Physical Director F. E. Oakes Assistant Physical Director and Track Coach Ted Bank Freshman Football Coach and Boxing Coacli George E. Rodv Basketball Coacli Mercer Beaslev Tennis Coacli Horace Renegar Sports Publicity Director General Athletics 1 93 1 was a banner year in Tiilane athletics. The Green Wave ' s representatives in every branch of athletic endeavor swept to the heights of fame in intercollegiate sportdom. The nation ' s football fans went wild over the greatest gridiron team that ever came out of the South, which for the third year captured the Southern Conference title, and Avent down to glorious defeat in the Rose Bowl classic. Other championships fell to the eiiorts of the Tulane stars. Captain Jesse Rain- water led the Greenie golfers to another Southern title and a splendid showing in the nationals. Don Zimmerman ' s Frank Merriwell activities led the Tulanians to a Conference track and field title, with Captain Hugh Whatley and the rest of the team scoring numerous points. Doyless Hill won the Conference heavy weight title for the second year, with the rest of the Greenies scoring enough to win a second place in team scoring. Tennis maintained a high place in spite of the loss of several stars, while basket- ball started its comeback under the direction of a new coach. Baseball was resumed at the start of 1932 as an intramural activity. With the full interfraternity, intramural, and interclass activities being completed as per schedule, and a new gymnasium and tennis stadium in store, ensuing years promise to be still greater for Tulane athletics. Chalaron, Rittenberg, Moise. Bradley, Bonait The These five loj ' al students played an important role in the staging of a highly successful athletic year. It is hard to conceive of a successful team without student support, and equally hard to conceive of student support without good cheer leadership. Each road game of that great Green Wave saw some of the squad hard at work extracting from the faithful followers that inspiring noise — the college yell. Harold Moise headed the little troupe of cheerleaders and proved himself quite capable. His tumbling antics were a feature of the games. Harold was most ably assisted in his work by Harold Bonart and F. J. Chalaron in the Tulane stands, and those two niuch-written-of red-heads presiding over the Newcomb gathering. The entire squad contributed to the success of the team and shared in the glory that came with victory. 3 J[ 3 J OS3 PERENNIAL LET THE SCORES SPEAK Tulane Tulane Tukne Tulane Tulane Tulane Tulane Tulane Tulane Tulane Tulane Total .... 31 7 40 19 33 59 27 20 40 34 28 Ole Miss Texas A. M Spiring Hill Vanderbilt Georgia Tech Mississippi A. M 7 Auburn Georgia 7 Sewanee L. S. U 7 Washington State 14 338; Opponents ' Total 35 CHAMPIO NS •.? 5M -• - - • „ - FOOTBALL COACH BERNIE BIERMAN The Southern Conference football horizon as- sumed a permanent Olive and Blue hue during the 1931 season, when Tulane ' s mightiest Green Wave ascended the throne of Dixie gridiron supremacy for the third successive year. Nothing but destruction remained in its wake, as the rolling fields of the Southland became the flood bed for a rolling Sea of Green, at whose crest rode Coach Bernie Bierman, Captain Jerry Dal- rymple, and one of the greatest football teams the nation has ever produced. And what a record that team made for itself! With a forward wall well-nigh im- pregnable, and a backfield as versatile and aggressive as any in the country, the tur- bulent Wave tossed aside the best the South had to offer and maintained a brilliant undefeated and untied record through its eleven-game schedule. Speed, power, versatility, and deception were the four horsemen in the Greenie at- tack, which ran up 338 points in eleven games, while splendid defensive work held opponents to 33 points for the entire season. Ole Miss faced the Greenies in the opening game of the season, and proved more than a mere set-up for Tulane. Late in the third quarter " Red " Dawson turned on the power, and the Wavemen romped subsequently to a 31-0 victory. A powerful team from Texas A. and M. came next and gave the Greenies a scare on a soggy field. Tulane took advantage of one opportunity to score and was content to play a defensive game thereafter, maintaining a 7-0 lead to the final whistle. Bernie Bierman allowed his reserves a chance to show their stuff against Pat Browne ' s Springhill eleven, and the entire squad participated in a 40-0 Tulane vic- tory. The first real test of the season, against Vanderbilt, showed the Greenies just where they rated. A pair of first-quarter breaks gave the Commodores two chances to score inside the Wave 10-yard line, but Ted Cox ' s forward wall held, and Nollie Felts kicked out of danger. Then Don Zimmerman, Francis Payne, and Felts ripped the vaunted Commodore line to shreds and the Greenies left Nashville on the long end of a 19-0 score. PAGE ONE HUNDRED FIFTY-EIGHT HISTORY Georgia Tech ' s once formidable Golden Tornado resolved itself into the gentlest of breezes in the Tulane stadium Homecoming Day, with Dalrymple and Zimmerman furnishing the fireworks before a large crowd. Little Mississippi A. and M. then did what no other team had accomplished — they crossed the Tulane goal line. Spurred into action, the Greenies ran rampant, scoring 33 points in the final period alone, and left the field the winner, 59 to 7. The Green Wave again finished strong against Auburn, submerging the fighting Tiger, 27 to 0, in Crampton Bowl. The Plainsmen fought tenaciously, and only in the last minute of the first half could the Greenies cross their goal. The Wave worked smoother in the second half to finish the scoring. Georgia loomed as a powerful foe, but for the third straight year the Green Wave thwarted the Bulldog ' s title aspirations. Georgia scored, but Tulane had a 20-7 edge at the finish. The reserves, led by Jimmy Hodgins, stole the spotlight in the Sewanee clash. The Greenies scored two touchdowns in each of the first three quarters to win, 40 to 0. L. S. U. appeared next, and the upstate Tigers had their best team in years. An early Bengal score on a long pass spurred the Wave into action, and Zimmerman, Glover, et al ran roughshod over their arch-rivals to a 34-7 victory before 28,000 spectators. Washington State, Pacific Coast champions, met the Greenies in the season finale and showed sufficient power to score twice against a crippled Tulane eleven. Then Zimmerman started throwing passes to " Lefty " Haynes, and the Wavemen romped, 28 to 14. Sheer brilliance in every department of the game — brilliance radiating from a group of individual stars willing to sacrifice personal glory for the success of the unit- gave Tulane its greatest season in football history. COACHES COX AND LAUTENSCHLAEGER PAGE ONE HUNDRED FIFTY-NINE W»Wr4c« l ' f I , £- J ilB: £BHn9HMHBft " • -. T " " ' ' ■-T--r-ini hul. ww» " t» , i; i(« 5 " ;; .m 1 I ■ - ■ is " A.i. Top — Pat Richardson banking a fast turn against Ole Miss. Bottom — Quick work by the Texas Aggies, and quicker work by ' Papa ' Fehs. • PAGE ONE HUNDRED SIXTY • Top — Springhill kicks on their own. goal line. Bottom — Zimmerman scoring the first touchdown against Georgia Tech. • PAGE ONE HUNDRED SIXTY-ONE • f . , Jfc- -• ' 1 «K The Greenic line working in unison against Mississippi A. and M. Auburn ' s Hitchcock takes in a high one meant for Jerry. Nollie Felts crosses the Georgia goal line. PAGE ONE HUNDRED SIXTY-TWO " Wop " Glover ripping off a few yards against Sewanee. Don Zimmerman eludes an L. S. U. Tiger. " Lefty " Hayncs he aded for Washington State ' s goal line for the first Green marker. PAGE ONE HUNDRED SIXTY-THREE • Dalrvmple Dawson Haynes Upton Captain Gerald R. Dalrymple End Ail-American All-Soutliein The greatest end the South has ever seen, Jerry Dalrymple deserves a place among the greatest of foot- ball ' s greats. An uncanny diagnostician of opposing offenses, Jerry was always in the path of the play, and his all-around excellence earned him a unanimous ail- American berth for the second consecutive year. Vernon C. Haynes End All-A merican Honorable Mention All-Southern Honorable Mention " The lad with g ' ue on his finger-tips " , was what the sport writers said about this most sensational of pass- receivers. A great offensive end, " Lefty " was just as good on defense, and the way he smeared opposing plays aimed at his side of the line, coupled with his remarkable handling of passes, earned him national recognition. Lowell Potter Dawson Quarterback All-American Honorable Mention All-Soulliern Tulane ' s success is due in no small part to the head- work of one of the coolest, cleverest field generals the South has seen — " Red " Dawson. He was expert at diagnosing opposing defenses, and his superb quarter- backing, fine punting, and excellent blocking and de- fensive work will be extremely difficult to replace. Alternate Captain Eldon Claggett UptoN;, Jr. Tackle A more efficient or more dependable lineman cannot be found than " Tick " Upton. This huge mountain of a man was a bulwark in the Greenie defense whom op- posing interferers could not budge. " Tick " will be hard to replace next fall. • PAGE ONE HUNDRED SIXTY-FOUR • Felts Zimmerman LODRIGUES SCAFIDE Captain-Elect Nollie C. Felts Fullback All-A nerican Honorable Menlion All-Southern The backbone of the Greenie eleven, " Papa Nollie " , is probably the steadiest and the most consistent player on the squad. Nollie is an excellent interferer, a great kicker, an exceptional defensive player, and no line he ever opposed was able to stop him. He was high point scorer in the South. Winnie Paul Lodrigues Center All-Amcrican Honorable Mention All-Soutliern Honorable Menlion Winnie had the difficult task of filling " Preacher " Roberts ' shoes, but how he succeeded is now Tulane football history. Winnie was brilliant in every game, but his sensational work in the Rose Bowl, where he was instrumental in stopping the Trojan power plays, was the crowning achievement of a great season. Donald Gordon Zimmerman, Jr. Halfback All-American, Second Team All Southern The " Flying Dutchman " of Tulane was rated by players throughout the country as the best all-around back in football during 1931, and well he might be. A marked man in every game he played, Don nevertheless starred throughout the season with his brilliant ball- carrying, passing, kicking, blocking, and fine defensive play. Alternate Captain-Elect John Andrew Scafide Guard All-American Honorable Mention All-Southern Built like a box-car, this Italian power-house was a huge thorn in the side of every opposing eleven. He charged like a Mack Truck in low gear, and the yard- age made over " Baby Grand ' s " position was as scarce as hens ' teeth. The smile on Coach Cox ' s face may be attributed to the fact that Scafide has another year at Tulane. PAGE ONE HUNDRED SKTY-FIVE Glover DE COLIGNY McCORMICK Payne Harry Cyril Glover, Jr. Halfback All-Southern Honorable Mention Worlds of fight and stamina rolled up into one magnificent little football player, this " Little Stick o ' Dynamite " exploded against some of the strongest teams in the country to start the Green Wave flo ving on to victory. His magnificent play in the Rose Bo vl especi- ally deserves worlds of praise. John F. " Red " McCormick Guard The name of " Red " McCormick at Tulane means a 165-pound sorrel-topped Irishman, whose fight and de- termination more than make up for his lack of weight. " Red " put his heart and soul in every play of his three seasons of football at Tulane. Calvert Gaspard de Coligny Tackle All-Soutlicrn Honorable Mention It will take a real man next year to fill those No. 12 shoes vacated by " Foots " de Coligny. This " Creole Beauty " , as he is so well known, was a tower of strength in Tulane ' s great forward wall, a vicious tackier and a fine interferer. Francis Cameron Payne Back All-Sout icrn Honorable Mention 175 pounds of sheer power and drive, " Fanny " was the hardest-hitting back in the South, and no opposing line was able to stop him. " Fanny " was strong on de- fense and his great blocking paved the way for many a Greenie gain. • PAGE ONE HUNDRED SIXTY-SIX • Bankston SCHROEDER BOASBERG Calhoun Richard Edward Bankston Tackle Dick took a vacation from football in 1930, but re- turned to the Green Wave last fall for a great season. He alternated with de Coligny and Upton in the regular lineup and was a tower of strength in the Tulane line as well as a constant menace to opponents. Louis Mayer Boasberg End A star at tackle during the first part of the season, this powerful lineman was shifted to the flank position, where he has performed brilliantly. Boasberg is con- sidered a certainty for a place on Ted Cox ' s eleven. William F. Schroeder Guard " From Scrub to Varsity " is a brief history of Bill ' s meteoric rise on the Tulane squad. A running-guard candidate in a year when running-guards were plen- tiful. Bill ' s aggressiveness and ability under fire were prominent factors in the success of the Greenie line. Charles Calhoun Guard The heaviest man on the squad, but quick as a cat despite his weight, Charlie is one of the best linemen in the Conference. Even though Charlie substitutes for the great Scafide, he detracts nothing from the strength of the Greenie line. PAGE ONE HUNDRED SIXTY-SEVEN HODGIXS PeN ' KEY Delauxe Lemmos Jim Harold Hodgins Halfback This elusive ace back has seen plenty of service as a pony back for two yearj, and can be counted on for considerable yardage through his uncanny ability in an open field. Elson M. Delaune End An ex-scrubber, Delaune ' s great work earned him a place on the varsity this season, and played ro well in every game that he looks like the class of the wingmen returning next 3 " ear. William Frank Penney Guard Lack of weight is his greatest handicap, but there is certainly no deficiency in courage in this lad ' s makeup. Billy climaxed his football career at Tulane with a brilliant season as an alternate in Coach Ted Cox ' s great line. Harold Francis Lemmon Fullback This powerful fullback had the misfortune to play on the same team with Nollie Felts ; otherwise, he wou ' d be one of Tulane ' s greatest stars. Harold has plenty of driving power and hits like a ton of bricks when plunging or when backing up hi; own line. PAGE ONE HUNDRED SI.XTY-EIGHT Richardson Read Drawe Haik Will Patten Richardson Quarterback Pat has been " Red " Dawson ' s understudy for i vo years and looks like the logical choice for next year ' s field general. A fine ball-carrier and blocker, he has a cool and clever head on his shou ders at all times. William J. Dra ' we End For three years Bill has fought hard for a varsity berth on the Wave, but lack of size and weight kept him out. Bill was shifted from guard to end in 1931, where he saw service in a number of games. John James Read Center A fullback in his freshman year, Johnny was shifted to center because of the wealth of backfield material, and has there performed splendidly. He h a fine passer and his defensive work backing up the Greenie line is unsurpassed. Johnny is one of the two married Wave gridders. George M. Haik Halfback George has been a capable reserve back on the Greenie eleven for three years. An exceptional passer and a fine running back, George is a dangerous of- fensive threat whenever he sees service. PAGE ONE HUNDRED SIXTY-NINE Roberts Cunningham Magee De Buys Floyd Roberts Halfback Following an illustrious brother on the Green Wave eleven, " Little Preacher " has shown the same sort of stuff that made " Big Preacher " famous. A bright future is predicted for Roberts in his junior and senior years. Doyle Magee End Doyle was a strong offensive and defensive man for the reserves, and kept up his end of the work when the first-stringers were out of the game. The Wave loses a good end when Magee graduates in June. Thomas J. Cunningham, Jr. Tackle " Pete " hails from Pine Bluff, which has furnished Tulane with a number of excellent linemen. Well over 200 pounds, and with plenty of height, this big tackle looks like a strong line candidate for next fall. John Forrester De Buys Back " Red " has played every position in the Greenie backfield, but has shown up best at fullback, where he was playing great ball at the close of the season. This is his first year on the Wave and his drive and ag- gressiveness promise him a great future. PAGE ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY Paddock Zemurray O ' Neill Featheringill Alfred H. Paddock Guard Aggressiveness can make up for size to a considerable extent, and it certainly does in this lad ' s case. Al played fine ball until an injured leg forced him to the bench in mid-season. He has two years left to play for the Wave. Charles W. O ' Neill End " Peggy " is Slidell ' s candidate for gridiron glory, and his consistently fine play has stamped him as a fine prospect for the 1932 Wave. Light, but aggressive, " Peggy " is a hard man to get around, and is an ex- ceptional pass-receiver. Samuel Zemurray, Jr. Tackle Sam played in a number of games with the reserves, and his consistent good work gave the second team added defensive strength. Sam is big and rangy and has another vear with Tu ane. William J. Featheringill Tackle Featheringill is a big, strong lineman with plenty of power, and saw service often in 1931. With the ex- perience gained on this year ' s Wave, he should make a strong bid for one of the tackle berths on Ted Cox ' s eleven. PAGE ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY-ONE Warriner Hill Death March at Georgia. Douglas M. Warriner Quarterback Small, but plenty smart, Doug has two more years to play for the Green Wave. He improved greatly in 1931 and should make a competent alternate for Richardson on next year ' s Cox-coached varsity. DoYLESs L. Hill Center Whether he is in the ring or on the gridiron, Doyless is a real fighter, and packs plenty of power in his 195-pound body. A shoulder injury which took a long time to heal kept him on the bench during the latter part of the season. Manager Eustis PAGE ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY-TWO Nollie Scores — Mississippi A. and M. Dawkins Henriques f Ben C. Dawkins, Jr. Guard A hard worker and a real fighter, " Hawkins " played headsup ball whenever he got into action. Ben ' s consistent p ay may help out the guard situation next season, for this is his first year on the varsity. Edouard F. Henriques, Jr. End Eddie has been tried out at almost every position, and finally ended up at end. He is handicapped by lack of weight, but has plenty of fight and is a strong defensive man. Ma or Walmsley and Jerry PAGE ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY-THREE • Glue-Hands at work. PAGE ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY-FOUR » The Rose Bowl Line-up. THAT ROSE BOWL AFFAIR Victory in defeat! Such was the outcome for the greatest team of the South, which met the greatest team of the West, in the greatest football game of the season, at the Rose Bowl New Year ' s Day. For Tulane ' s greatest Wave out-gained, out-played, out-fought, and did everything but out-score Southern California ' s greatest Trojan team in one of the most brilliantly-played gridiron classics ever contested. Although pre-game predictions by the " experts " had it that Tulane was doomed to an igno- minious defeat by from three to six touchdowns, yet nothing but praise flowed from the typewriters of those men when the final whistle blew — praise for the team that lost, but the best team on the field that day. The score was 21 to 12, with Ernie Pinckert, the greatest Trojan of them all, providing the dif- ference between victory and defeat. Harry " Wop " Glover was the greatest player on the field. Running, blocking, tackling, or what-not, the " little stick o ' dynamite " was in every play, and contributed the finest game of his career. " Winnie " Lodrigues — " the best center ever to to play in the Rose Bowl " — was superb, as was that whole line from end to end and every man behind it. Captain Jerry Dalrymple also played a brilliant game, even though handicapped by an injury from which he had not fully recovered. The Greenie leader and his running mate, " Lefty " Haynes, treated the West Coast fans to one of the neatest exhibitions of end play they had seen. The center of the line out-charged the highly-touted Trojan forward wall which had never been out-played. The backfield evidenced its greatness by making twice as many first downs as the West- erners ' hitherto unparalleled set of backs. And the entire Green Wave showed its stamina and unlimited courage by coming back, after the breaks and Pinckert ' s great play had scored thrice for Southern California, to crash through for two touchdowns and threaten again. Southern California won the game. But never before has a Tulane triumph been so glorious as that victory in defeat won by Tulane ' s greatest Green Wave on New Year ' s Day. PAGE ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY-FIVE Top — Coach Bernie Bierman and his charges in a pre- game conference. Bottom — Don Zimmerman tack- led by Smith and Brown of U. S. C. • PAGE ONE HUNDRED SEVENTV-SIX • Top — " Wop " Glover sells out on a long jaunt. Bottom — Just one of the fifty- eight times that Don handled the ball. • PAGE ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY-SEVEN O r. " s w- sm y ¥J , aj) ; y-i? THE BABY BILLOW While the loss of every game of a three-game schedule cannot be termed a brilliant rec- ord, yet the 1931 Little Billow football season was of great importance in that it uncovered a wealth of potentially fine material which will be available for Coach Ted Cox ' s varsity next fall. The Wavelets looked powerful against Alabama in the first game of the season, tolling off 15 first downs to the Crimson ' s 4, but costly fumbles and carelessness in pass defense on two occasions left the Tulanians on the short end of an 18-0 score. Joe Loftin and " Little Monk " Simons started the Billow off right against Auburn, scoring two touchdowns in the first half. The Plainsmen, outgained throughout, took ad- vantage of the breaks in the second pe; riod and eked out a 20-19 victory. Then, for the eighth consecutive year, the Tiger Cubs of L. S. U. showed their heels to the Greenie Frosh. Two fifty- five yard runs in the third quarter by Junior Bowman, while the Tigers were holding the Billow forces at bay, gave the Bengals the ball game, 12 to 0. However, much credit is due Coach Ted Bank for his development of var- sity potentialities, some of whom are Loftin, Simons, Pete Menge, John Mc- Daniel, Bob and George Tessier, Frank Bodenger, Al Barker, Carl Hill, " Moon " MuUins, Gus Clark, " Whitey " Hall, Milto Phillips, Eddie Poitevent, Dick Hardy, and Farrel Thomas. Coach Ted Baxk PAGE ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY-EIGHT Joseph J. Davies Center Entering upon the scene at the opportune moment, Joe provided the necessary spark which routed the Greenies from the depths of defeat and started them on a winning streak which was broken only when ilhiess forced him to the bench near the close of the season. Hermann Rudolph Meyer Guard As smooth a player as the Tulane court has seen m years, " Midget " was forever a thorn in the side of opposing fives. While dribbling is his main forte, his excellent passwork, accurate shooting, and close guarding clearly show his all-round brilliance. Captain Vernon C. Haynes Forward " Lefty " was as big a star on the basketball floor as he was on the grid- iron. He was especially brilliant under the basket, and whenever he turned loose the ball from that big left hand of his, scorekeepers wouldn ' t hesitate to chalk up two points for the Wave. Murray Cleveland Guard A veritable ball-hawk, Murray is one of the finest guards ever to play on the Tulane court. A strong offensive player and the backbone of the Wave defense, Murray ' s play featured the season until an injured knee in the first L. S. U. series put him on the bench. Ernest W. Beck Forward The smallest man on the squad, Ernie ' s speed and fight more than make up for any deficiency in size. " Junior " is a fast breaker and a dead shot for the basket from any position on the floor. PAGE ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY John Arthur Taylor, Center Six feet and five inches in his stocking feet, " Slim " was a valuable player not only on the tip-off, but also under the basket. Taylor alternated with Davies until the latter ' s illness, and reached the peak of his form against L. S. U. Floyd Roberts, Guard " Little Preacher " was the only football player on the squad besides Haynes, and didn ' t see much action until late in the season. Roberts started as a forward, but his first-class guarding and fine floor work soon placed him at a defensive berth. Cornelius Donovan Schneidau, Forward Connie plays either forward or center, and plays fine ball at both posi- tions. Fast on his feet and a fighter under the basket, Connie is a hard man to stop, and can loop the ball through the hoop with the best of them. Adrien Andrew Maught, Guard Adrien was the versatile utility man of the squad, performing creditably at every position on the team. Strong, fast, and an accurate shot, his ex- cellent defensive play found him playing a guard position by the close of the season. Charles B. Thorn, Jr., Center Charlie was the hardest worker on the entire squad, and is, consequent- ly, one of the most improved. His height makes him a fine tip-off man, and, with a little additional weight, he should be an excellent prospect for next year. PAGE ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY-ONE REVIEW OF THE SEASON For several years, the weakest branch of Tulane University athletics, basket- ball, took a new lease on life during the winter of 1932 with George E. Rody, the newest addition to the Tulane coach- ing roster, holding the reins, and gave promise of attaining the same high rank as in days of yore. Captain Vernon " Lefty " Haynes and " Midget " Meyer were the only veterans available during the season, but served as a nucleus around which Coach Rody built Tulane ' s finest team in years. Employing the " Rody System, " a type of play new in Southern Conference bas- ketball, with some difficulty because of its novelty to members of the squad, the Greenie cagers lost their first pair of games to Alabama ' s powerful team, 10- 15 and 16-38, at Tuscaloosa. Then the inexperienced Wavemen re- ceived their baptism of fire before New Orleans fans, dropping their second series to a veteran Mississippi A. and M. five, 18-21 and 26-31. It was then that the excellently-coached Tulane quintette first began to show prom- ise. The Greenies reached the peak of their form at the end of that week, nosing out Sewanee the first night, 29-28, and trouncing the Mountain Tigers in the final contest, 37-20. New Orleans Athletic Club next fell before the sharpshooters from Tulane, 39-30, but Ole Miss out- scored the Greenies in a fiercely-contested encounter, 52-43. Undaunted, the Beck-Haynes-Davies- Meyer-Cleveland combination launched a powerful attack that submerged the Ole Miss cagers under a 41-29 score. A great Tulane quintette trounced the hitherto unbeaten Auburn five, 26-21, in the first contest of a two-game series, but then Disaster, in the form of illness to Joe Davies, crack Wave pivot man, dis- rupted the perfectly functioning Greenie first-string line-up. Auburn captured the second engagement, 42-37. Then, in the L. S. U. series, Murray Cleveland, the key of the Wave defense, injured a knee and took his place alongside Davies on the disabled list for the rest of the season. The Greenie five dropped three straight to L. S. U., 37-25, 34-22, and 29-26. With " Slim " Taylor, " Preacher " Roberts, Adrien Maught, and Connie Schneidau filling the vacancies, the Tulanians won the final Tiger contest, 33-29, and received an invitation to the Conference tournament. Kentucky, pre-tourney favorite, proved too strong for the Greenies at Atlanta, and the Wavemen closed their season on the short end of a 50-30 score. With but one player. Captain Haynes, to be lost to Coach Rody next season, and a fine freshman team coming up, prospects are fine for a banner yeir in Tulane Basketball. Coach George Rody- PAGE ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY-TWO MHIBHKMiBiK Sii Standing— Manager Stoutz, De Coligny, Carson, Taylor. Oelkers, Felts. Payne, Miller, Coach Oakes. Kneeling- — Assistant Manager Myers, Haynes, O ' Neill, Whatley. Zim- merman. Pischoff, Assistant Manager Spicer. Sitting — Guy, Eustis, Wells, Kehoe. ANOTHER CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP Fritz Oakes, Track Coach Track and field achieved unprecedented success during 1931, with Captain Hugh Whatley leading Tulane ' s greatest squad of spikemen through its most brilliant season, which culminated in the Greenies ' first Southern Conference championship. After a disappointing start in the Conference indoor championships, the Wavemen opened their outdoor season auspiciously with a 59J 2-52V2 victory over Alabama. Darrell Pischoff and " Foots " de Coligny topped the scorers with two first places each. Auburn temporarily spiked Tulane track aspirations the following week by winning six events and consistently scoring second places to win, 62 to 50. Don Zimmerman, Whatley, and de Coligny each scored two firsts. Eleven first places out of a possible fourteen gave the Greenies an easy victory over Missis- sippi A. and M., and the Aggies returned to Starkville smarting under a 76-36 defeat. Captain Whatley broke the Tulane 220-yard dash record by stepping the distance in 21 3-5 seconds, and the rest of the team displayed correspondingly good form. Tulane ' s football relay quartette broke its own record at the Drake relays, but was nosed out for first place by the University of Texas. Whatley, Zimmerman, Felts, and de Coligny carried the Tulane colors, while Elmer Massey, member of the team the previous year, was unable to compete because of a leg injury. PAGE ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY-FOUR Zimmerman Clearing the Bar For the first time since pre-war days, a Tulane team met L. S. U. and came away on the long end of the score. " Nebby " Miller broke 50 seconds in the quarter, Jimmy Wells and de Coligny each won two events, and the rest of the team boosted the total to 65 Vi for the Wave as com- pared with 46 ' 7 for the Tigers. A stirring bit of athletic drama featured Tulane ' s Southern Conference victory. Don Zim- merman had just bested the field in the pole vault and was preparing for a try for a new record, when it was learned that another place in the javelin throw, besides " Lefty " Haynes ' certain sec- ond place, would give Tulane the meet. Zimmerman had not participated in this event all year because of a bad arm, but cast dis- cretion to the winds as well as his opportunity for a new pole vault record, and tossed the spear for a fourth place and Tulane ' s first Conference title. It took more than one Tulane man to win that meet, however. " Foots " de Coligny was nosed out by inches in both hurdle races but scored two second places. Captain Hugh Whatley, fifth in both dashes, was right up with the leaders as the field swept through the tape in a blanket finish. " Pash " Massey ' s splendid 9.9 100-yard dash in his heat of the the century was also worthy of note. " Fatty " Oelkers shot-putting, " Nebby " Miller ' s bang-up quarter, in which he ran around the field to finish close to the record-breaker, Francis Payne ' s hurling of the discus to ' g inch of the rimner-up, all were responsible for Tulane ' s showing. But Tulane ' s real hero was a man who didn ' t score a point during the entire season, who didn ' t enter a single event, who didn ' t even don a track suit — but whose patience, instruction, skillful handling, and hard work made possible the most successful season in Tulane history — Coach Fritz Oakes. A Hot Finish it! th H-gh Hurdles — Auburn Meet de Coligny, Stewart. Carson PAGE ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY-FIVE Captain Hugh Whatley Sprints Eddie Stoutz Manager John " Fatty " Oelkers Slioi and Discus Vernon " Lefty " Haynes Jai ' clin Darrell Pischoff Tivo m ill ' s Calvert " Foots " de Coligny Hurdles 4 PAGE ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY-SIX jillTII|iiij«ii | ' • PAGE ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY-SEVEN • The 1931 Freshman Squad Charlie Thorn perform- ing in the Tulane-L. S. U. Freshman meet. Don Zimmerman followed his brilliant vaulting during the regular season by breaking the National A. A. U. Junior pole vault record, soaring 13 feet 5% inches at the annual championships held at Lincoln, Nebraska. The Frosh were not so fortunate as the Varsity against L. S. U., losing their only dual meet of the season, 73 to 28, to the Baby Bengals. Nick Bouzon scored Tulane ' s only undisputed first place in the 440, while Thorne and Richards tied with Tigers in the low hurdles and high jump, respectively. The Second Annual Tulane Interscholastic Relays, held in conjunction with the Mississippi A. and M. meet, was a great success. More than two hundred prep and high school athletes from five states helped chalk up seven new records in the competition. Beta Theta Pi won the Pan-Hellenic track and field championship for the second consecutive year, scoring 36 2-5 points to top Kappa Alpha with 24 ' 4. Delta Tau Delta was a close third. Don Zimmer- man, Beta star, was high point scorer with three firsts and a second. PAGE ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY-EIGHT Zemurray Though misfortune — in the form of illness, ineUgibihty, and the breaks — wreaked havoc with Tulane ' s finest ring pros- pects, the Greenie mittmen nevertheless won three out of four matches and captured runner-up honors in the Southern Con- ference boxing championships. A Conference champion, and two second place winners in the tournament last year, constituted the nucleus around which Coach Ted Bank was to build his 1932 team, and even though lack of numbers provided a difficult problem, a fine array of fighters entered the ring for the first bouts of the year. Boyless Hill decided the Florida match when he knocked out the ' Gator heavyweight with the score knotted at three bouts for each team. " Ding-Dong " Jacobs, Page Tharp, and Sam Zemurray were the other Greenie winners, while Ebo Eus- tis, Harold Moise, and John Weed were defeated in their first intercollegiate bouts. Captain John " Red " DeBuys celebrated his first bout of the year against Mississippi A. and M. by badly beating Chandler Page, Conference middleweight champion. Jacobs and Zemur- ray kayoed their opponents, while Hill had his man in a bad way at the final gong. Eustis and Moise won close decisions, while Weed was the lone Tulanian on the losing end, dropping his bout in the welter class. PAGE ONE HUNDRED NINETY Smashing victories in the last three bouts, following Ja- cobs ' win in the lightweight division, gave the Wave a close victory over Duke. Captain DeBuys ' opponent was saved by the bell, while Zemurray and Hill each tucked his man away in less than the allotted three rounds. Joe McCloskey lost a hairline decision in his first battle for Tulane, while Weed ' s defeat was also close. The Conferen-re bantam titleholder beat Eustis in the second round when a solit eye forced the Tulanian to retire. Lenny Isacks, Greenie manager, featured the L. S. U. bouts, when he entered the ring in the middleweight division in which Tulane had no representative. Although defeased, Isacks won the admiration of the entire assembly. Hill and Tharp — the latter fighting in the lightheavy divi- sion — were the only winners for Tulane, although Jacobs de- served a draw in his bout with Glaze, Tiger lightweight, who had defeated the national intercollegiate champ. Eustis, Moise, and Weed lost decisions. Sam Zemurray ' s illness, " Ding-Dong " Jacobs ' ineligibilitv, and Ebo Eustis ' injury crippled Tulane ' s hitherto sky-high hopes for the Conference title. Then, to cap the climax. Captain John DeBuys was the un- lucky victim of a lucky punch — the only one his opponent Moise PAGE ONE HUNDRED NINETY-ONE Coach Bank, Jackson, Hill, Zemurray, Tharp. McNeill. Haeuser, Manager Isacks. McCloskey, Jacobs, Moise. Captain DeBuys, Eustis, TS ' eed, Justrabo. : Hb landed in the entire bout — and took the count with but 15 seconds remaining in the final round. Page Tharp, subbing for Zemurray, reached the finals of the lightheavy division against much heavier men, but lost a close decision. Doyless Hill, Tulane ' s undefeated big boy, swept through the opposition in the heavy division with ease, and captured his second successive Conference title when his opponent in the finals failed to meet the bell. Bob Jackson, Harold Moise, " Putt " Porter, and John- nie Weed all lost first-round bouts in the four lower classes by close decisions. Hill, Zemurray, and DeBuys participated in the na- tional intercollegiate championships in April, and brought new honors in the circle to Tulane. To Coach Ted Bank goes no small share of the great success of the Tulane boxers, for his excellent work, both as coach and friend, in developing such a splendid group of ringmen to represent the Wave, and in surmounting the most disheartening handicaps to bring the season to such a successful close. Manager Leonard Isacks PAGE ONE HUNDRED NINETY-TWO ' S ' :i y -C - ira- •---- ' •; Aimm ■■ Hrs rj 1 A Rainwater Bush Welch V I r Tulane ' s finest array of club-swingers attained the heights of Southern Con- J L ■ ference golfdom during 1931, tossing aside the best that Dixie had to offer, • and tasted defeat only in the national intercollegiate championships. All the Greenie golfing candidates competed in a 72-hole medal play tournament at the begin- ning of the season, held for the purpose of discovering the best talent in the university. Cap- tain Jesse Rainwater won medalist honors. m. , • • » .. r -j . SCHULZE Dodge Friedrichs Georgia Tech, first on the Wave schedule, was easily beaten, but Alabama unexpected- ly held the Greenies to a tie. Then Duke fell before the Tulanian ' s accurate stroking, and the Conference tourney fell due. George Bush was medalist, and Rudy Schulze runner-up. Russell Welch and Captain Rainwater also qualified. In the play, Welch lost to Bush, and Schulze lost to an Ala- bama boy who broke the course record to do it. Rainwater fell before Albert Wheeler, Vandy star and the ultimate individual cham- pion, in two extra holes, while Bush was beaten in the finals by the same player, in another extra-hole match. The Greenies won the team championship with a score seven strokes better than Van- derbilt, the runner-up. The season closed when the Wavemen trounced L. S. U. badly at Baton Rouge. Dr. Frederick Hard handled the Tulane golfers during the entire season, and his ex- cellent and efficient management was greatly beneficial to and appreciated by the Greenie linksmen. In the early summer five Tulanians — Rainwater, Bush, Welch, Schulze, and Shelby Friedrichs — entered the national intercollegiate at Chicago, and made a very creditable showing. The team bettered the championship score of the previous year, but three strokes over the winning Yale card. Captain Rainwater reached the quarter-finals of the individual play, losing to Tom- my Aycock, who in turn lost to George Dunlap, of Princeton, the champion. Jesse won five of the last nine holes, but lost the 36-hole match, one up. KB- I Mayer Stubbs Eastman TENNIS while the season ' s tennis record did not quite come up to that of ' 29 or ' 30, Coach Mercer Beasley ' s net stars continued to uphold Tulane ' s excellent reputation on the courts during 1931, and topped off a highly successful season with a splendid showing in the Southern Conference championships. The Greenies started their campaign rather auspiciously with two decisive victories in one week-end — over the New Orleans Country Club and the City Park Tennis Club — and then journeyed to the Gulf Coast to defeat the Edgewater Gulf Hotel team. The University of Texas team, boasting some of the country ' s ranking players, were first to down the Tulanians, and the University of Illinois then eked out a very close vic- tory, 4 matches to 2. Perry Eastman, No. 1 for Tulane, played brilliantly to eliminate Jay Topper, one of the best in the Middle West, in the feature match. The following week seven Greenie stars entered the New Orleans Country Club invita- tion tournament, but none reached any further than the second round in competition with several of the highest ranking tennis players in the United States. A two-man team from Drake, boasting the Missouri Valley intercollegiate champion, next appeared on the scene, but Perry Eastman trounced the Valley titleholder in three sets and paired with Harry DeBuys to win the doubles and a 2-1 victory for Tulane. In the first Southern Conference match of the season, the Greenie aces earned a close victory over Alabama, 4 to 3. Captain King Stubbs won the final singles match which decided the day for Tulane. The Mississippi College Choctaws, undefeated in four previous team matches, were next to taste defeat at the hands of the Tulane racketeers, and failed to win a set out of seven matches played. PAGE ONE HUNDRED NINETY-SIX Assistant Manager Reisfeld, Eastman, deBuys, Wilson, Captain Stubbs, Doyle, O ' Kelley, Assistant Manager Cohn, Coach Beasley Manager Beasley " , Mayer, Blum, Caine, Shushan, Cox, Cooke L. S. U. ' s Tigers were as tame as kittens en the tennis court and scored but one victory as against six for the Greenies, and then csme the Conference tournament. The Tulanians failed to keep any of the titles successfully defended by Cliff Sutter and " Dooky " Bayon the previous year, but sent Perry Eastman to the singles semi-finals and both doubles teams to the same round. Eastman was defeated in a tough match with Ed Yeomans, who was runner-up to Ted- dy Burwell for the title, and paired with Martin Mayer, lost a close match to " Judge " Beaver and Ed Napier of Georgia. Warren Doyle and Lucien O ' Kelley lost to the doubles cham- pions, Yeomans and " Hinkey " Hendlin of North Carolina, in their semi-final match. Coach Mercer Beasley, who pro- duced this fine Tulane team from nothing but green material, deserves the utmost credit for the Greenies ' success, for which, according to ev- ery man on the squad, he is largely responsible. Freshman Squad PAGE ONE HUNDRED NINETY-SEVEN pt NEWCOMB ATHLETICS The Athletic Department of Newcomb College works hand in hand with the Newcomb Athletic Association to give every student an oppor- tunity to develop her skill in a wide variety of indoor and outdoor sports. With this aim in view, the Gymnasium schedule opens its program early in the school year with Newcomb basketball. This game has won renown for the college and for Miss Baer, who invented it, by its popularity not only at Newcomb, but at other colleges throughout the country. The final games in this sport are followed by the opening of the hockey season, at the beginning of the second term, and the excitements of this fast game bring many new fans out on the hockey field each year. After hockey comes Spalding basketball, with perha ps the most thrilling and the most hotly contested matches of the year. The interclass rivalry is very keen, and it is with a great and triumphant flourish that the winning class hangs its banner up in the place of honor in the Gym. The alumnae also show a keen interest in Spalding basketball, and every year send up a team which gives the varsity a very hard pull for a victory. In the meantime other sports have been progressing in the department, so that the girl who does not play on one of the basketball or hockey teams may have a chance to develop herself as an individual star. The department conducts daily classes in several kinds of THE FACULTY BASEBALL TEAM THE VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM dancing, and in swimming and diving in the Newcomb pool, while instruction in games is going on. The annual swimming meet in May is one of the high lights in the Newcomb athletic year. The exhibition and competitive swimming and diving are spectacular and stirring, and the winner of the meet is loudly acclaimed. While these activities are progressing, all the gymnasium classes are preparing for Gym Night, which occurs in March, and which is always a gala occasion for everyone. There is wide variety of enter- r ' " ' lrm ' Smith tainment offered by the exhibitions of fundamental ' - " ■ " " ' - ' W " - - at at gymnastics, fencing, dancing, and apparatus work. Clowns from each class amuse the audi- ence in their turn. Baseball comes next, and the varsity team is busy practicing on spring after- noons to beat the faculty nine in a game which is the gala event of the season ' s baseball. Our staid and solemn professors then leap about in the excitement of the day, amazingly agile, and astonishingly like cari- catures of their classroom selves — to the great delight and amusement of the cheering grand- stands, which contain proud parents, prouder chil- dren, less active teachers and pupils shrieking in ecstasy. THE ANNUAL TRACK MEET — Two varieties of jumps — Phala Hale and Betty Holt — Judging a close finish in the 50-yard dash — Elise McGehee putting the shot — Mettha Westfeldt in the discus throw. • PAGE TWO HUNDRED Senior Newcomb Ball Team Junior Newcomb Ball Team The Track Meet is the last event on the athletic schedule, and practice for jump- ing, shotput, etc., is continued along with the finals of the minor sports tournaments, which proclaim champions in bowling, ping-pong, horseshoes, archery, and tennis. There is an annual Varsity-Alumnae tenn ' s match, always a very thrilling event, fol- lowed by the famous Tennis Tea, where champions and would-be champions meet so- ciably. The program of the Athletic Department culminates each year in Field Day, when the Track Meet is held, and when students from the city high schools come on visiting tours to make the acquaintance of the college in which they will soon be stu- dents. Awards and prizes are given out on Tulane Trophy Night the latter part of May, when the formal closing of the Department of Physical Education takes place. PAGE TWO HUNDRED ONE To the Ladies An old Spanish courtyard, a youth, and a maid . . . » » » » I ' -f ■ .■•• • - A ■ i .S.« . }y--CZ ' ---- ' L ' : ' ' i ' C-- ' ' 5 ' ! I A .I ' M ' n m .- pw ttfti Mmtmfflmttffl fflmlt ; - :JA.-t-Lii. ' .-i-,. .-. ;oJC.BtMi.Ma»A J M- i.--i -- J " :- Featu res ® A typical New Orleans street scene in Paul Tulane s day. » ' MONK " Fencers in action, Robelot and Janssen . . . The tip-ofF ... A close finish . . . Coach Beasley ' s tennis class. Junior Cap and Gown Day . . . " Beas " and his boys . . . Mr. Maxwell at bat . . . The yearling banner . . . The Phi house . . . Tulane ' s 1931 Swimming Team. May Day Principals . . . Scene from May Day . . . The Hulla- baloo gets a birthday cake . . . Scene from Campus Night . . . More May Day. Summer Survey Camp . . . Stockmann and the bull . . . Before and After . . . The Sophs and the Juniors . . . Ewing and the Flag-pole. Registration in the Library . . . Freshman up a tree . . . The Soph end of the tug-o-war . . . And the Frosh end . . . " Spike " and Doc Smith. The bench, Spring Hill game . . . That 10,000 Chemistry explosion . . . Legs . . . And more legs . . . Moise vs. Auburn and the war eagle . . . The " round and ruddy " Mr. Renegar. Farewell and farewell . . . New Orleans ' reception for the Georgia victors . . . Conquerors of the Athenian Bulldog ... En route . . . The band on parade at Georgia . . . and at home. Bonfire, eve of Tulane-L. S. U. game ... the Dramatic Guild cup-winning combination . . . Balloting for the Rose Bowl trip . . . The Green and Tiger rah-rah squads . . . Crowd, Tulane-L. S. U. game . . . Scene from the prize-winning play, " The Other Side " . . . Can you do this? mi « ' »Cilr Just girls . . . and " Oh, girls! " . . . The Tulane Band in the Rose Bowl . . . Those famous red-heads ... A rainy day . . . " T " men on Home-coming Day . . . The Tulane goal in the Rose Bowl. " Phil, " " Ike, " and " Boby, " pegity champs . . . The Beta house . . . After seven more points . . . Hendrick and " Nat " Knight . . . Captain Jerry and the b ' ar . . . The Man Mountain and Jimmy Bierman . . . White Elephants. Fraternities The spirit of fraternity will as- semble stranse companions. ■i ijt- --i:- s-i « A- ermties Phi Kappa Sigma Pi Kappa Alpha Kappa Alpha Sigma Chi Alpha Tau Omega Sigma Nu Kappa Sigma Academic Tulane- Delta Tau Delta Phi Delta Theta Sigma Alpha Epsilon ' Delta Kappa Epsilon Beta Theta Pi Zeta Beta Tau Delta Sigma Phi Sigma Alpha Mu Kappa Nu Pi Kappa Phi SigMA Iota Sigma Phi Epsilon Arthurians Lambda Phi Sigma Phi Delta Neu ' ( Pi Beta Phi Alpha Omicron Pi Chi Omega Kappa Kappa Gamma Phi Mu Alpha Delta Pi Kappa Alpha Theta Alpha Epsilon Phi Zeta Tau Alpha Beta Phi Alpha Beta Sigma Omicron Phi Chi Alpha Kappa Kappa Theta Kappa Psi Nu Sigma Nu Professional Phi Rho Sigma Phi Delta Epsilon Phi Lambda Kappa Alpha Epsilon Iota Phi Delta Phi Phi Alpha Delta Alpha Alpha Alpha Beta Mu Alpha Chi Sigma Honorary Alpha Omega Alpha Owl Club Gargoyle Kappa Kappa Psi Phi Beta Kappa Beta Gamma Sigma Kappa Delta Phi Omicron Delta Kappa Phi Phi Alpha Sigma Sigma White Elephants Thirteen Club Tulane Square and Compass Beta Delta • PAGE TWO HUNDRED THIRTY-ONE S First Row: Earkoff ButzUe Claverie Cooper Damonte Second Row: Dawkins de Coligny Fitts Gidiere Gottschalk Third Row: Hyman Kohlnieyer Kuhner Matthews McBride Fourth Row: McNeill McPhail Miller Mintz Morrow Fifth Row: ■Odom Rainwater Richards Robert Shushan Sixth Row: Stewart Swearingon Upton Walsh e Zimmerman b: .i .-- ' .. iCt ' ' t ' ■ , ' t ' ■i ' ' ii«i» " : ' l, ' ■ i il i PAGE TWO HUNDRED THIRTY-TWO Tulaee Pan Hellenic Cowncil Officers F. Santry Reed Chairman James M. Robert, Jr. . Secretary Woollen H. Walshe Treasurer Woollen H. Walshe Chairman of .leti ' vities Commillee Frank Stewart Chairman of Griei ' ance Committee Calvert de Coligny . Chairman of Rates and Regulations Committee Members of the Council Phi Kapfia Sit ma Clarence J. Morrow Albert P. Claverie Pi Kapfia Alpha James M. Robert, Jr. David McNeill Kappa Alpha Edward de S. Matthews Allison T. Miller Sigma Clii W. L. FlTTS, III C. R. Walters Alpha Tail Omega Calvert G. de Coligny Rudolph J. Schulze, Jr. Sigma Nu Philip S. (Iidiere d. c. swearincen Kappa Sigma Hugh B. McPhail l. t. kuhner De ' .la Tan Delta L. W. Burt Richard C. Written Phi Delta Theta Frank Stewart Jesse G. Rainw.viek, Jr. Sigma Alpha Efsilon Lionel J. Gottechalk, Jr. Noel Adams, Jr. Delta Kappa Epsilon E. Claggett Upton, Jr. Een C. Dawkins, Jr. Ueta Theta Pi Woollen H. Vi ' alshe Don Zimmerman Zela Beta Tau Charles Kohlmeyer, Jr. s. l. iivman Delta Sigma Phi Richard M. Fletcher Charles B. Odom Sigma Alplia Mu Shepard Shushan Leon Mintz Kappa Nu Samuel Barkoff I A. Marchiz Pi Kappa Phi W. A. Howard L. Mercer Dawmn Sigma Iota Adolpho LIrrutia Ernesto Venf.gas Sigma Phi Epsilon Frederick G. Butzke Alfred J. Cooper, Jr. Lambda Phi Lowell B. Damonte Rudolph M. McBride PAGE TWO HUNDRED THIRTY-THREE First Row: Barnes Best Bonds Bourgeois Caine Second. Row: Claverie Del Corral Fisk Fleming Fleury Third Row: Frymire Griffin Haller Hay Hulzer Jung Fourth Row: Kopfler Lodrigues Mullen Morrow Ogden Fifth Row: O ' Neill Riess Roberts E. Simon R. Simon Sixth Row: Simons Stancliffe Strange Thomson Waocliter |,L ' i. " r - I; ' . " ' , lirni, Xi_ .-u n.-i-T. ii r4 O PAGE TWO HUNDRED THIRTY-FOUR • 3ig]nnia Founded at Universit} ' of Pennsjlvania, 1850 MU CHAPTER Estabiislied JS58 Fratres in Facultate Dr. Charles L. Brown Dr. Andrew Friedrichs William E. Cox, Jr. Dr. Sam Hobson Richard Rav Kirk Fratres in Universit,ate Warren B. Jung Henry C. Keith, Jr. Clarence J. Morrow Horatio N. Ogden Charles W. O ' Neill Vance M. Strange Malcolm H. Barnes Woodson A. Caine Albert P. Claverie John W. Fisk Juniors Daniel L. Fleming Hernan R. Franco Rudolph J. Holzer John M. Johnson Winnie P. Lodrigues Earl L. Mathes J. Karlem RlESS Eugene Simon Edward R. Tschirn Jack B. Griffin Henry Haller Sopliomoi-es Joseph S. Kopfler, Jr. Clifton L. Miller, Jr. John C. Roberts, Jr. Robert L. Simon Arthur J. Waechter, Jr. William P. Baucum, Jr. J. Edward Best John C. Bonds, Jr. Freshmen Warren H. Bourgeois Philip S. del Corral Ben a. Fleury, Jr. Alton P. Frymire Elliott B. Hay John W. Mullen Claude Sim ons, Jr. W. Fisk Thomson PAGE TWO HUNDRED THIRTY-FIVE First Row: Bossong Bridges Carter Collins Second Row: Colvin Cotton Lelaune Duke Edwards Third Row: Elizardi Faircloth Fisher Greer Holmes Fourth Row: A. P. Landry J. D. Landrj Lea Lorenzen McCormick Fifth Row: McNeill Moore Nesbitt Robert Searcy Sixth Row: Terry Warriner Welch Williamson • PAGE TWO HUNDRED THIRTY-SIX Pi Kappa Alpha Founded at University of Virginia, 1868 ETA CHAPTER Eslahlishcd 1S7S Fratres in Facultate Dr. Octave Cassegrain Dr. John Lanford Stuart G. Noble James M. Robert Dr. Robert A. Strong C. S. Williamson, Jr. Fratres in Universitate Seniors John M. Cotton W. Bryan Faircloth William S. Leake, Jr. Wvatt Sharp S. Clark Collins Elson M. Delaune Jiniiors Henry G. Duke Elmo J. Edwards John F. McCormick Lee T. Nesbitt John G. Carter Ralph Elizardi J. Bernard Fasterlixc, Jr. Sophomores Charles J. Fisher John A. Holmes Joseph D. Lea James D. McNeill Dan B. Searcy Douglas M. Warriner C. S. Williamson, IH R. Earl Bossong William H. Bridges S. H. Colvin, Jr. L. L. Greer Freshmen Alvin p. Landry Joseph D. Landry Robert L. Lobdell Lee H. Lorenzen A. Brown Moore Ralph S. O ' Leary James W. Welch, Jr. Russell L. Welch Edward B. Pitts L. L. Terry PAGE TWO HUNDRED THIRTY-SEVEN -fr: r!mx : :r rs ns 3j jj iSS2 First Row: Blackmail Buchanan Edgerton E. Eustis L. Eustis Second Row: Fuller Gay Gensler Gray Harrison Hendrick Third Row: Hertzog Holconibu Kehoe Kemp Little Lumpkin Fourth Row: Matthews Mcllhenny Miller Odom Parsons Payne Fifth Row: Perdue Poite ' ent Roussel Ryder Spicer Stauss Sixth Row: Thompson Tooke Vaughan Vennard Westfeldt 9 PAGE TWO HUNDRED THIRTY-EIGHT • Founded at Washington and Lee University, 1865 PSI CHAPTER Estahtislicd 1SS6 Fratres in Facultate Dr. David Blackshear Dr. Henry Laurens Dr. Herbert E. Buchanan Dr. Denecre Martin Mr. Borroughs Hill Dr. M. T. Van Studdiford Dr. James Winston Fratres in Universitate Seniors Ambrose J. Hertzog Ralph Hopkins, Jr. Wellborn Jack Thomas J. Fatheree, Jr. Philip Gensler C. Prentice Grav, Jr. Hatley N. Harrison, Jr. Robert C. Kemp, Jr. Edward F. Neild, Jr. Eugene Thompson W. Ocden Vennard J. D. Anderson John H. Cook Edwin A. Crowell, H Hubert T. Fuller, Jr. H. H. Hardy, Jr. Juniors John A. Hendrick, Jr. R. Gordon Holcombe H. Reichard Kahle Richard W. Kehoe Edward deS. Matthews Allison T. Miller Francis C. Payke William F. Ryder Norwood Spicer Thomas B. Tooke, Jr. James A. White, Jr. John A. Buchanan Edward Eustis S. Hugh Lumpkin Soplioiiiores Charles N. Monsted George W. Perdue Allen Roussel Fred K. Vaughan George Westfeldt, Jr. William M. Blackman Helion Dickson, Jr. E. Otis Edcerton Freshmen Laurence Eustis, Jr. Charles F. Gay Frank A. Little Paul W. McIlhenny John S. Odom Hugfi E. Parsons Edward B. Poitevent Edward F. Stauss, Jr. PAGE TWO HUNDRED THIRTY-NINE First Row: Banister Bowman Burke Desporte Fitts Second Row: Hai ' dcastle J. Higginbotham TV . Higginbolham Jacobus Johnstone Third Row: Leake Liepsner Loftin Mackie Marsh Fourth Row: Mash burn H. Moise J. Moise Moreton Porter Fifth Row: Sanders C. Shiistone H. Shiistone Walters Walthall PAGE TWO HUNDRED FORTY O Sigma CM Founded at Miami Universit.v, 1855 ALPHA OMICRON CHAPTER Established 1S86 Fratres in Facultate Mr. Wood Brown Mr. J. W. Carroll Dr. a. Cook Dr. E. D. Fenner Dr. E. p. Ficklen Dr. F. L. Logan Dr. p. a. McIlhenny Dr. V. C. Smith Fratres in Universitate Seniors Kenneth C. Johnstone, Jr. Harold A. Moise, Jr. Herbert M. Shilstone, Jr. Charles Magill Smith Elmer S. Allen, Jr. Roy G. Banister Morton Braswell John W. Burke Juniors J. Stanley Desporte NoLLiE Carpenter Felts William Lee Fitts, HI Carl A. Hartung James M. Higginbotham Hunter C. Leake, H James Edward Moise Wiley Woodward Wolfe, Jr. Sophomores David W. Jacobus Cecil M. Shilstone Donald Roy Porter William D. Walthall Freshmen B. W. Hardcastle, Jr. W. R. Higginbotham Emile J. Lanaux Robert Liepsner Joe E. Loftin Harry A. Mackie, Jr. E. G. Baker Marsh Jack S. Mashburn Robert E. Moreton R. Hadley Sanders PAGE TWO HUNDRED FORTY-ONE First Row: Baker Beasley Chalaron Cottrell de Coligny Second Row: Ellis E. Eustis J. B. Eustis Farrar Greene Hardesty Third Row: Janvier Kanimer Kerr Le Breton Lever ich Fourth Row: Marshall Martin Mercier Miller Morgan Myers Fifth Row: Ogden Page Rainold Rea Roth Sixth Row: Salaun Schulze Stahler Stanton Stoutz Swanson Seventh Row: J. Tharp P. Tharp Thetford Trepagnier Weed • PAGE TWO HUNDRED FORTY-TWO • la Tan Omega Founded at Virginia Military Institute, 1865 BETA EPSILON CHAPTER Established 1SS7 Fratres IX Facultate Nathaniel C. Curtis Dr. C. L. Eshleman Dr. Allan C. Eustis Dr. Frederick Hard Dr. R. C. Lynch Dr. Randolph Lyons Fratres in Universitate Seniors Joseph E. Beasley Calvert G. de Coligny Ernest L. Eustis, Jr. Edwin A. Stoutz James P. Tharp Mallory Van Morgan Edward Hardin Ellis Nolan C. Kammer Edmond Jules LeBreto.v Juniors William Priestley Leverich BuFORD M. Myers, Jr. Morris E. Popkins Rudolph J. Schulze, Jr. Joseph L. Swanson, Jr. Page H. Tharp John C. Weed Sophomores Frank J. Chalaron, Jr. Paul H. Miller Fontaine Martin, Jr. Edgar M. Rea, Jr. Bryan C. Baker Robert W. Cottrell J. Bres Eustis Edgar H. Farrar Freshmen Irving Hardesty, Jr. George Janvier, Jr. Frank I. Kerr Charles D. Marshall Richard M. Pace Harold L. Salaun John Warren Stahler Gideon T. Stanton, Jr. J. Dimmick Thetford Hardoncourt Trepagnier PAGE TWO HUNDRED FORTY-THREE ' ' U i " ---:- :n: • PAGE TWO HUNDRED FORTY-FOUR Sigma Nu Founded at Virginia Military Institute, 1869 BETA PHI CHAPTER Established 1S8S Fratres in Facultate Dr. E. E. Allcever C. E. Dunbar, Jr. Dr. George L. Hardin Dr. John M. McBryde Fratres ix Uxiversitate Gerald R. Dalrymple Robert C. Day John P. Evereit Joseph Y. Fontenot Walter J. Fountain Franklin W. Gardiner Philip S. Gidiere J. Walter Neal, Jr. George W. Robinson David C. Swearingen Juniors William R. Davis William M. Long Eric E. Guilbeau, Jr. Kalford K. Miazza Raynor E. Holmes, Jr. Robert M. Simonton Sophomores Bruce S. Hopkins Ashby W. Pettigrew, Jr. Jack F. Wilson Harry F. Allen Harry V. Carter, John R. Jochems Jr. Freshmen Arthur F. Landry- VOLNEY R. LiDDELL Edward G. Mays Garland D. Murphy E. John Muth Edwin R. Nelson Joe S. Ostby, Jr. PAGE TWO HUNDRED FORTY-FIVE First Row: Barker H. Blake J. Blake Burdin Countlss Second Row: Doss Ehlert Fischer Foster Glass Third Row: Gray Griffin Habans Hamlet Howe Hyde Fourth Row: Knowles Kuhnor Lee A, Lewis J. Lewis Leonard Fifth Row: Maltry McCarthy McPhail Reixach Salisbury Sams Sixth Row: Sartor Smith Watson AVilliams ■ Villianison • PAGE TWO HUNDRED FORTY-SIX • W-- Founded at Univer».ity of Virginia, iS SIGMA CHAPTER Eslablishcd iSSq Fratres in Facultate Theouore J. Cox Dr. Edmon ' d L. Faust Dr. Frederick L. Fenno Frederick H. Fox Dr. Arthur N. Houston Dr. Edward L. Kixg Fratres in Universitate Seniors Robert C. Hills Austin W. Lewis John A. Lewis, Jr. Hugh Bryant McPhail Thomas R. Sartor, Jr. R. B. Foster, Jr. Julian B. Habans l. t. kuhner Juni Armand J. Reixach Arthur C. Watson Richard B. Williams Richard E. Bankston John V. Blake, Jr. Sophomores William E. Ehlert Tom a. Glass, Jr. James L. Hvde, Jr. Jack M. Knowles J. William Salisbury Henry S. Blake John J. Burdin, Jr. L. E. Carruth, Jr. Ernest H. Estes T. C. Fischer Freshmen John R. Gray E. P. Griffin Charles B. Hamlet, Jimmie J. Howe E. Sharpe Landry Charles G. Lee Ralph N. Leonard Emile Maltry Henry C. McCarthy HI Jack F. Meyers J. Edward Sams Archie R. Smith, Jr. PAGE TWO HUNDRED FORTY-SEVEN First Row: Andry Blanchard Burt Second Row; Cooper Fox Friedrichs Gleason Third Row: Harvard Henley Lienhard McKay Fourth Row: Morrison O ' Connor Phelps Sancton Fifth Row: Sherwood Thorn Tropagnier • PAGE TWO HUNDRED FORTY-EIGHT • ©Ita Tan IDielta Founded at Bethany College, 1858 BETA XI CHAPTER Estahlis hrd 18S9 Dr. Pierce Butler Fratres in Facultate Dr. S. C. Jamison Dr. J. P. O ' Kelley Dr. T. H. Oliphani Fratres in Universitate Seniors Allain C. Andry, Jr. E. M. McCarroll Jul Hugh H. Brister Lawrence W. Burt Ervin S. Cooper G. Shelby Friedrichs Howard W. Gleason Jack C. Harding WiLLOOGHBY E. KiTTREDGE James H. Morrison William H. O ' Kelley Will P. Richardson W. C. Watson, Jr. Richard C. B. Whitten Sophomores Carver W. Blanchard Charles W. Sherwood Jack A. O ' Connor, Jr. Charles B. Thorn, Jr. Freshmen Brent Fox Bell M. Harvard, Jr. Preston V. Henley Arthur S. Huey, Jr. Donald W. McKay AsHTON Phelps Thomas G. Sancton Otis B. Trepagnier PAGE TWO HUNDRED FORTY-NINE First Row: Crawford Cunningham Daray Dawson Dodg e Second Row: Duval Dymond Ehlinger Feltus Fortier Fret man Third Row: Grace Hodgins Hogan Howell Ives Fourth Row: Jones Kelleher Lafaye Little Maught Fifth Row: Meyer Moran Neville Nockton O ' Connor Sixth Row: Postlethwaite Rainwater Reiss Rogers Russel Schwab Seventh Row: Stewart G. Tessier R. Tessier Thompson Weisenburgh - ' • --U O PAGE TWO HUNDRED FIFTY • Phi Delta Theta Founded at Miami University, Oxford, OViio, 1S48 LOUISIANA ALPHA CHAPTER Eslahlishcd 1SS9 Fratres in Facultate Dr. R. Ashman Dr. C. W. Duval Dr. H. B. Gessner Dr. J. B. Guthrie Dr. R. C. Harius Dr. H. E. Miller Dr. a. Ochsner Dr. F. W. Phillips Lowell Potter Dawson George Whitfield Dodge Hugh McCloskey Evans Fratres in Universitate Seniors J. H. Randolph Feltus Ogden William Lafaye Trever Christie Lewis Randolph Nelson Long Frank Bernard Stewart Wesley Dee Thompson, Jr. Juniors Edwin Powell Barlow Thomas Jefferson Cunningham, Jr. James Harold Hodgins Paul Hogan, Jr. Julian Parker Howell Ralph Benson Luttenton Adrien Andxew Maught John O ' Connor Alexander Lathrop Postlethwaite, Jr. Jesse Gould Rainwater, Jr. Jack White Schwab Weston Horatio Segura Caleb Cushing Weber, Jr. Sopliomores Walter James Crawford Joseph Heston Duval Richard West Freeman Robert Cody Kelleher William Neville, Jr. Oliver James Reiss John Charles Russel, Jr. Freshmen Robert William Daray Charles Arthur Dawson William Dymond, Jr. Marquez Pillot Ehlinger Alcee James Fortier William Francis Grace Charles Mitchell Ives William Beauford Jones, Jr. Allan Liitle, Jr. Walter Benjamin Meyer Alfred Jay Moran, Jr. Ransom Andrew Nockton Joe Handley Rogers George Dean Tessier Robert Andrew Tessier Louis Bayer Weisenburgh PAGE TWO HUNDRED FIFTY-ONE First Row: N. Adams R, Adams Adrion Andry Atkinson Second Row: Becnel Brown Callahan Chamb TS Craft Dart Third Row; Fisher Gordiner Gottschall! Jerabeck Lallande Littell Fourth How: Little Mayer Morgan Petsell Phillips Preis Fifth Row: Schoenberger Sessions Stroud Thomas F. Tuller V r. Tuller Sixth Row: Wahl A, T ard C. " Ward Wetherill Williams Woods fe.i:.;- ' ) - .K... i i .- . 1 ' . :1.-v;k r » PAGE TWO HUNDRED FIFTY-TWO Sigma Alpha Epsilom Founded at University of Alabama, 1856 LOUISIANA TAU UPSILON CHAPTER Established i8q7 Donald Derickson C. B. Dicks, Jr. Fratres in Facultate Dr. J. Adair Lyon Dr. John G. Pratt Dr. J. Clay Walker Dr. D. O. Wright W. Noel Adams, Jr. C. Brigman Craft Joseph V. Ferguson William G. Fisher Jack Gottschalk, Jr. Fratres in Universitate Seniors William C. Littell J. P. Lm ' LE Charles L. Mayer C. Rodney Mills Ralph M. Persell Cicero C. Sessions William N. Toller CoNLEY C. Ward Melvin H. Wetherill William F. Woods, Jr. Juniors J. Dudley Atkinson, Jr. John D. Gordinier Alston Callahan Drew L. Smith Carl N. Wahl Sophomores Vernon R. Adrion Albert L. Dart William K. Becnel Wade H. Morgan, Jr. F. Beale Chambers R. C. P. Schoenberger Albert L. Ward Freshmen Robert M. Adams Thomas R. Brown J. Barrett Daly William J. Daly Richard N. Hardy John D. Jerabeck Spencer J. Lallande Stanley E. Mathes Milto Bernard Phillips E. Jaquet Preis Frank D. Tuller Robert B. Waller I. V. Wood, Jr. PAGE TWO HUNDRED FIFTY-THREE First Row; Bartlett Bethea Billet Cleveland Second Row: Dawkins Derickson Henriques P. Hughes R. Hughes Third Row: Tsacks Jarreau Jordan C. King C. Kyle Fourth Row: W. Kyle Labouisse Learned Livaudais E. McCloskcy Fifth Row; J. McCloskey Nolan Norwood Saint Souchon Sixth Row: St. Martin Stubbs Thames B. Upton B. C. Upton • PAGE TWO HUNDRED FIFTY-FOUR • Founded at Yale College, 1844 TAU LAMBDA CHAPTER Established iSqq J. George S. Bush Bexj. C. Dawkins, Jr. Daniel J. Devlin, Jr. Harry C. Glover, Jr. Robert G. Hughes Fratres in Universitate Seniors H. Allen King, Jr. F. Monroe Labouisse Ladislas Lazaro Joseph McCloskey, Jr. Juniors Charles L. Chavigny Leonard S. Isacks, Jr. Alec A. Johnson Ulisse M. Nolan P. DuBose Saint Harry V. Souchon Guy p. Stubbs, Jr. E. Claggett Upton, Jr. Robert S. Jordan Hillyer S. Parker John T. D. Thames Sophomores C. Julian Bartlett Murray F. Cleveland Gayden Derickson Anthony J. Glover Edouard F. Henriques, Jr. Alphe G. Jarreau Charles A. Kyle Sawyer H. Labouisse E. Patrick McCloskey Maurice E. St. Martin Freshmen J. Hardie Bethea Adolphe C. Billet, Jr. Pete A. Hughes William W. Kyle Alvah C. Learned Raoul Livaudais Francis E. Mekge Albert M. Norwood Allen M. Steiner Ben Lewis Upton Howard A. Weadock PAGE TWO HUNDRED FIFTY-FIVE sa gSiiSS Sn niss First Row: Anderson B o finger Boggs Clark Cram Dameron Second Row: Davidson H. de Buys J. de Buys Eastman Edwards Gill Grunewald Third Row: Hill Hoge Howard Hume Huntress James Fourth Row: Kennedy Lewis Light M. Lynch R. Lynch G. Macdiarmid Fifth Row: M. Macdiarmid Matthews McLellan Midi el Miles Noble Sixth Row: Oliver Olivier Patterson Penney Rivenbark Schneidau Seemann Seventh Row: Sullivan Vreeland W. H. Walshe W. T. " Walshe " Williams Zimmerman W ■g : ,; .11 g?=aJB ]FS :ir:SnA:: ' r PAGE TWO HUNDRED FIFTY-SIX • Beta Theta Fi Founded at Miami Unlversit,v, 1839 BETA XI CHAPTER Establislied IQ08 Fratres in Facultate Dr. W. p. Bradburn Dr. F. E. Lejeune Dr. Charles J. Bloom W. B. Pipkin Dr. R. de la Houssaye Dr. Muir Bradburn Sumter D. Marks, Jr. Delvaille H. Theard James VaxM B. Gresham, Jr. Newton R. Howard Philip E. James Fratres ix Universitate Seniors William M. Light Mercer G. Lynch William F. T. Penney William C. Rivenbark Cornelius D. Schneidau Clifford S. Sutter Woollen H. Walshe Frank Dameron, Jr. Crow G. Davidson Henrv D. DeBuys John F. DeBuys Charles H. Calhoun Elwood R. Clay Martin A. Macdiarmid Juniors G. Perry Eastman, Jr. Charles R. Hume Frank G. Huntress, Jr. Sophomores Edward A. McLellan William Porcher Miles, Jr. Joseph L. Rhodes, Jr. George F. Macdiarmid Frederick W. Maithews, Jr. Ernest B. Mercer, Jr. Donald G. Zimmerman, Jr. J. Walker Sullivan Edward H. Sutter William T. Walshe G. Warren Bofinger Thomas H. Boggs Shelby Calhoun Gus H. Clark, Jr. Kendall H. Cram G. Hicks Edwards, Jr. Freshmen Clave E. Gill, H M. CORDILL GruNEWALD Carl O. Hill Marlin B. Hoge John P. King aide Robert C. Lynch Marshall L. Michel, Jr. Charles O. Noble C. McVea Oliver Nicholas D. Y. Olivier A. Balfour Patterson, Jr. Charles F. Seemann Gus C. Vreeland, Jr. Robert H. Williams PAGE TWO HUNDRED FIFTY-SEVEN -mam m ■. " !} ' ' ' " ' " ' ' ' 7 ' ? ™ ' r? ' n ' ?? -fe rrssHS First Row: Cahn Cohen Davis M. Dennery T. Dennery Second Row: Flonacher E. Friedman R, Friedman Robert Friedman Godchaux H. Herold Third Row: S. Herold Heymann Hyman Jacoljs Kline Kohlmeyer Fourth Row: Levy Lob Marks Marx Meyer Moss Fifth Row: Mundt Ochs Phillips Re is f eld Seligmann Silverstein Sixth Row: Steiner Weill Weiss Wolff Titche • i • PAGE TWO HUNDRED FIFTY-EIGHT Zeta Beta Tan Founded at Jewish Theological Seminary, li SIGMA CHAPTER Establislicd jqoq Theodore Dennery Ben M. Friedman Sylvian ' M. Gamm Stanford L. Hyman S. G. Jacobs Frater in Facultate Kenneth Kahn Fratres in Universitate Seniors Charles Kohlmeyer, Loris K. Levy Walter Lurie Harry Meyer Jr. Jur. Louis Ochs, Jr. Irving Seligmann Edward Silverstein Leon Weill Jacques L. Wiener Simon Herold Jimmy Heymann William B. Kohlman,Jr. H. P. Marks, Jr. Sol Weiss, Jr. Albert Phillips Robert L Reisfeld Melvin D. Steiner Charles Titche, Jr. Sophomores Henry C. Flonacher, Jr. Jack Marx Robert E. Friedman Hartwig Moss Joseph Levy Leslie K. Mundt Ferd M. Lob Jesse S. Rosenfeld, Jr. Freshr. Henry Barnett Emile Cahn Leonard P. Cohen Walter Davis, Jr. MoiSE Dennery Ralph Friedman Walter Godchaux, Jr. Herman Herold MiLT(3N Kline Henry K. Wolff PAGE TWO HUNDRED FIFTY-NINE ismmi j m : • V. ' " t " . First Row: Baker J. Barrow W. P. Barrow Bisso Brehm Second Row: Brewer Brierre Burvant Campbell Cunningham Third Row: Daviet Fleming Green Haik Hamilton Hartman Foui ' tli Row: Heebe Hood Jennings Knight Lachin Lynch Fifth Row: Magee Meraux Meyer C. B. Odom G. Odom Rougelot Sixth Row: Sorrells Tatum Tyler Umbaeh Walsh PAGE TWO HUNDRED SIXTY )©lta Sigma Phi Founded at College of the City of New York, 1899 CHI CHAPTER Established igi6 Fratres in Facultate Richard O. Baumbach Dr. R. R. Roberts George S. Thomas Dr. E. Garland Walls Morris M. Baker William P. Barrow J. Theodore Brierre URBAIN J. BURVANT Alexander L. Bisso, Jr. Robert Brehm Joseph Campbell Fratres in Universitate Seniors Norman E. Dietrich A. Y. Hamilton Adolphus Jennings Nathaniel B. Knight, Jr. Juniors Ben p. Fleming Richard M. Fletcher Joseph C. Hartman Jules Meraux Doyle C. Magee Charles B. Odom John E. Sorrells S. Austin Tatum Hermann R. Meyer Guy L. Odom Robert E. Rougelot George S. Bisso Frederic W. Brewer Charles W. Cunningham John W. Ashby ' John T. Barrow C. Oliver Dietrich Bernhardt C. Heebe Sopliomores Leslie L. Daviet Matthew R. Green George M. Haik Edwin J. Herpich Louis W. Hood, Jr. Freshmen Lewis A. Lachin Otto M. Lind, Jr. William J. Lynch Gordon H. Moyer, Jr. Rayford C. Mullins Alfred H. Paddock Floyd Roberts RuFus S. Walsh, Jr. Edwin J. Putzell, Jr. John Thomas Joseph F. Tyler Vernon J. Umbach PAGE TWO HUNDRED SIXTY-ONE First Row: Bonart Cahen Cohn Ferber Second Row: Haas Karp Kierr Kreh Lazarus Third Row: Li e Vine B. Mintz L. Mintz Moses Orlov Fourth Row: Romeo Rosenberg Scheinuk Shushan H. Solomon Fifth Row: M, Solomon Strobel Wormser Zander • PAGE TWO HUNDRED SIXTY-TWO • ongma Founded at College of the City of New York, 1909 SIGMA GAMMA CHAPTER Established IQ20 Fratres in Universitate Seniors Irving H. Cohn Shepard Shushan Juniors Harold B. Bonart Leon H. Mintz Leonard Greenburg Harrv Haas, Jr. Max Solomon Bernard A. Moses Arthur Scheinuk Sophomores Leo Ferber Raymond H. Kierk Emile J. Lehmann Paul L. Marks Harry L. Orlov Herbert G. Solomon Freshmen Irvin Cahen Sidney S. Karp Max a. Kreh E. Spencer Lazarus, Jr. Arthur G. Levy Nathan Lewis Bernard D. Mintz Zachary J. Romeo Samuel L Rosenberg Joseph D. Starr George J. Stroble Harold J. Wormser Alvin N. Zander PAGE TWO HUNDRED SIXTY-THREE First Row: Aronson BarkofE Blitz Cohen Second Row: Fisher Gerber Goldman Hellman Third Row: Levin Levine Levy Marchiz Fourth Row: Segal Saul Singer Sidney Singer Welsch • PAGE TWO HUNDRED SIXTY-FOUR • Kappa Nu Founded at Rochester University, igii SIGMA CHAPTER Established IQ22 Frater in P CULTATE Dr. Samuel F. Gandelman Fratres in Universitate Juniors Samuel Barkoff Oscar Blitz Elias Cohen Manuel Fisher Sidney Goldman Robert Segal Sam Shinbaum Sidney Singer Sophomores Harold Aronson Isadore A. Marchiz Sidney Miles Freshmen Frank Bodexger Arthur E. Levine Wolfe Gerber Archie Hellman Albert A. Levin Melville L. Levy Saul Singer Felix H. Welsch • PAGE TWO HUNDRED SIXTY-FIVE • First Row: Anderson Armistead Boyd Bran nan Second Row: Cassity Dawson Frantz Gaines Third Row: Haas Howard Micas Powell Fourth Row: Richards Robichaux Soniat Stapleton Fifth Row: Webb AVeber " Woods Wright _y - 1 li • PAGE TWO HUNDRED SIXTY-SLX • Pi Kappa Phi Founded at Charleston College, 1904 ALPHA BETA CHAPTER Estahlislicd 192 Frater in Facultate G. B. HAsn- Fratres in Universitate Seniors Max Brannan Eugene B. Robichaux Jur L. Mercer Dawson Shelley R. Gaines Charles E. Richards James B. Stapleton James S. Webb, Jr. Thomas B. Woods, Jr. Sophomores John M. Anderson William A. Howard William W. Armistead Tom F. Little S. G. Frank Haas, Jr. Gus F. Weber Freshmen Lambert T. Boyd, Jr. William H. Cassity William E. Frantz Lashley a. Micas Francis A. Nidor Crawford J. Powell T. L. L. SONIAT James A. Wright, Jr. PAGE TWO HUNDRED SIXTY-SEVEN 1 First Row: Alvarado Bonilla Carrizo Second Row: Castellanos de Castro del Valle Third Row: Fernandez Lopez Prieto Urrutia Fourth Row: Vasquez Venegas Villareal r. I I ?sr 7 Tp ' j »--, :,-, !tZT:ir .— 5rT Tm " ;. -.w jT:r;rTi. - if;-,.- 3 " • PAGE TWO HUNDRED SIXTY-EIGHT Founded at Louisiana State University, 1904 NU EPSILON CHAPTER Establislied 0)34. Frater in Facultate Dr. Rudolph Matas Manuel Garcia Gerardo Lopez Fratres in Universitate Seniors Alberto Prieto (y Eleta) Antonio F. del Valle JosEp?i D. Scolaro Juniors Ernesto Venegas Sophomores Maximo Carrizo (v Villarreal) Alejandro Perez Edward Vales Adolfo Urrutia (y Fernandez) Leopoldo Villareal Freshmen Arturo N. Alvarado GUILLERMO VaSQUEZ (y MOLINA) Pledges Salvador Bonilla y Sosa Julio Jesus Castellanos Alfredo de Castro (Perez-Vento) Carlos A. Fernandez George Marrero Carlos Mitchel Jose Mitchel Luis Martinez Pedro Rene Martinez Pedro Gabriel Vandama Signna Iota consolidated with Phi Lambda Alpha to form the national Phi Iota Alpha, established at Tulane January, 1932. PAGE TWO HUNDRED SIXTY-NINE First Row: Bounds Bredow Butzke Carson Second Row: Click Condon Cooper Curry Third Row: Gading Goldman Hauser Herman Huber Fourth Row: Landry LeBreton Lee Lottinger McDonald Fifth Row: Miller Rodrigue Savant Sims Snyder Sixth Row: Sproles Texada Thomas White • PAGE TWO HUNDRED SEVENTY • gma Founded at Richmond College, 1901 LOUISIANA ALPHA CHAPTER Established ig2g Frater in Facultate Dr. Paul C. Foster Fratres in Universitate Seniors Frederick G. Butzke James Landry V. J. Donnelly, Jr. Denvrick C. LeBreton Walter W. Haar Joseph A. Snyder, Jr. Seals S. Speer Jut, William J. Condon Edward A. Rodrigue Earl S. Seale Sidney H. Sims Sophomores Joseph O. Carson, Jr. Scott M. Hauser Alfred J. Cooper, Jr. Harold E. Lee William J. Curry, Jr. Robert D. Lottincer Merle B. Goldman J. Arthur Sproles, Jr. N. K. Thomas Freshmen Lemann H. Bounds Lionel H. McDonald Elliott Bredow Ashton Peyrefitte Charles O. Gading Arnaud P. Texada, Jr. J. Chalmers Herman Edward F. White, Jr. PAGE TWO HUNDRED SEVENTY-ONE f- ' ii jLi i ,:,,. First Row: Blackwell Cairns CI ere Second Row: Cresap Erickson Falk Foley Third Row: Gil more Gunn Gwin Haeuser Fourth Row: ICissgon Moinet Prouet Viosca PAGE TWO HUNDRED SEVENTY-TWO Founded at Tulane University, 1925 Fratres in Universitate Seniors Milton C. Clerc Peter J. Erickson, Jr. Joseph W. Gunn Arthur F. Moinet, Jr. Raymond C. Prouet Frank A. Sica Junto William G. Blackwell Daniel Van S. Cresap Myron H. Falk Dudley C. Foley, Jr. Mallory J. Read Jules J. Viosca, Jr. Sophomores Ralph F. Cairns William G. Fisher Leslie V. DeCou J. Vardaman Gwin William H. Haeuser, Jr. Freshmen James M. Butera Esmond A. Fatter Harry F. Gilmore Calvin E. Kissgen PAGE TWO HUNDRED SEVENTY-THREE First Row: Alexius Barcelo Benson Collins Second Row: Damonte Davis Urawe Eigenbrod Farmer Third Row : Fran sen Freiberger Frilot Hainkel Hall Fourth Row: A. Harvey C. Harvey J, Harvey Hebert Janssen Fifth Row: J. LaNasa M. LaNasa McBride Putnam Rush Sixth Row: Tomeny Treuting Vorbaben Wimberly • PAGE TWO HUNDRED SEVENTY-FOUR (Local) Founded at Tulane University, 1926 Fratres in Facultate Maurice F. Dufour Dr. John S. Kendall E. F. Pollard Alvyn J. Day William J. Drawe, Jr. Fr.4tres in Universitate Seniors George A. Frilot, Jr. Cornelius B. Harvey Matthew J. La Nasa R. Shelby Putnam Jut, C. A. Alexius Leo W. Benson Lowell B. Damonte Jimmy ' Farmer Albert J. Fransen J. J. Hainkel Audio G. Harvey DOVLESS L. Hill Frank O. Tomeny Sophomores John J. Barcelo, Jr. Paul L. Janssen James D. Collins James J. La Nasa Robert F. Cugle Lawrence J. Parker Walter F. Eigenbrod Warren C. Rush Girard J. Fernandez Waldo L. Treuting Leslie R. Hebert B. Foster Wimberly Freshmen Warren E. Davis Jr. Lucius J. Freiberger Whitey Hall James H. Harvey Rudolph M. McBride Louis R. Massett Harry ' S. Vorhaben PAGE TWO HUNDRED SEVENTY-FIVE First Row: Argus Dawson , Dolhonde Drawe Faubion Second Row: Flach Freret Grey Hinds Houlgrave Third Row: Leininger McEachern Molaison Peterson Pilsbury Fourth Row: Rogan Roth Schuyten Smith Stockniann Fifth Row: Tognoni Trepagnier Tudury Welman Williams • PAGE TWO HUNDRED SEVENTY-SIX • Sii {Social Engineering) Founded at University of Southern California, 1924 ZETA CHAPTER EslahlisJied ig2g Fratres in Facultate Douglas S. Anderson James M. Robert Claude E. Dolhonde WiLLWM J. Drawe, Jr. Fratres in Universitate Seniors Edward R. Grey Joseph E. Leininger Henri J. Molaison John E. Rogan, Jr. Horace C. Welman Robert L. Argus August C. Flach, Jr. Horace Hinds, Jr. ClaraiMOn B. McEachern Juniors Arthur deR. Rema.vjon Alfred J. Roth, Jr. Ellis J. Stearns, Jr. Homer H. Stockmann L. Milton Tognoni Dalton H.Trepagnier,Jr. WiLUAv Tudurv Richard E. Wagner Clarance M. Williams Sophomores Harry A. Dawson Charles J. Houlgrave L. Delerv Freret Ned E. Pilsbury, Jr. Jefferson L. Smith Freshmen SiLVAXus H. Faubion, Jr. John A. Peterson Hartwig a. Schuyten PAGE TWO HUNDRED SEVENTY-SEVEN First Row: Barnett Carter Cleveland Second Row: Crespo Davis Dohan Third Row: Folse Heiss Kammer Fourth Row: McClatchey Russell Schwartz • PAGE TWO HUNDRED SEVENTY-EIGHT • Ne H comb Pan Hellenic Association Officers Aline Roos President Alice Schwartz Secretary-Treasurer Members Elected Esther Cleveland Kappa Kappa Gamma Rebecca Barton Pi Beta Plii Jane Swayze Clii Omega Vivian Carter Alpha Delia Pi Mary Barnett Beta Sigma micron Rose Crossgrove Phi Mu Martha Barnes Zcta Tau Alpha Juanita Heiss Kappa Alpha Theta Frances Price Alpha Omicron Pi Helen Russell Beta Phi Alpha Alice Schwartz Alpha Epsilon Phi Members Ex-Officio Elizabeth Pierson Kappa Kappa Gamma Agnes Goodman Beta Phi Alpha Katherine Kammer Phi Mu Edna Herbert Zeta Tau Alpha Audrey Fay Sayman Alpha Delta Pi Yvonne Crespo Beta Sigma Omicron Frances Cleveland Pi Beta Phi Anna Jane Dohan Chi Omega Adolyn McClatchey Kappa Alpha Theta Winifred Folse Alpha Omicron Pi Leonie Davis Alpha Epsilon Phi PAGE TWO HUNDRED SEVENTY-NINE First Row: Baker Barton Bradley Caffery Cleveland Crossette Second Row: Dinkins Eskrigge Feltus Fenner H. Harrop K. Harrop Harvey Third Row: Harvin Hecht B. Holt M. Holt Hudson Jahncke Fourth Row: Johnson La Cour Le Jeune B. Logan K. Logan M. Logan Lupe Fifth Row: Lyons McLellan McMillan MengG Meyers Morris Sixth Row: Price Robinson Rosser Schramm Shibley H. Stauffer M. Stauffer Seventh Row: Taylor Trowbridge Villere Watrous Wehrmann AVestfeldt ■ ; --■■- ' --; v-y- v -t- • PAGE TWO HUNDRED EIGHTY • Pi Beta Phi Founded at Monmouth College, 1867 LOUISIANA ALPHA CHAPTER Establislicd iSqi In Facultate Mary Butler Helen Clifford Alice Monroe Labouisse In Universitate Seniors Rebecca Barton Edith Harvey Frances Cleveland Mvrthe Stauffer Stephanie Dinkins Elizabeth Villere Winifried Eskrigge Dorothy Walker Olivia Bartlett Charlotte Feeder Kitty Minor Logan Ju7iiors Marjorie Logan Lucille Meyers Margaret Robkrt Margaret Rosier Evelyn Shibley Mettha Westfeldt Billie Barksdale Betty Holt Sop io?nores Melanie Holt Barbara Logan Evelyn Lyons Irene Rice Mary Lee Baker Helen Bradley Mary Caffrey AuRELIA CrOSSETT Josephine Feltus Laura Fenner Hester Harrop Katherine Harrop Lynn Hecht Pledges Minna Hopkins Margaret Hudson Cora Jahncke Beulah Johnson Suzanne LaCour Lillian Lawrason Helen Lejeune Elizabeth Lupe Celeste Lyons Leonora McClellan Louise Mence Nancy Morris Sue Price Pamela Robinson Margaret Schramm Helene Stauffer Louise Taylor Elizabeth Trowbridge LisE M ' ehrmann PAGE TWO HUNDRED EIGHTY-ONE First Row: Beard Boman Bovard Byrne Colomb Second Row: Folse Griffin Gwin Huey Jones Third Row: Lake Lester Lewis Longmire Magruder Fourth Row: Marshall McCartney Owen Packer Price Fifth Row: Rol ertson Rowley Schupp Stack " Walton ilS--;ilv . ■J l .. . •1 ' ' iiiiiri A: r-.. x- :j:nJ-mm I ESi SsJ i PAGE TWO HUNDRED EIGHTY-TWO a omicroii Founded at Barnard College, 1897 PI CHAPTER Established 1898 In Facultate Dagmar R. LeBreton Anna E. Many Gladys A. Renshaw Marv Ella Boman Margaret Bovard Cerda Donovan In Universitate Seniors Winifred Folse Elizabeth Jones Evelyn Magruder Mamie Packer Frances Price Beverly- Walton Marietta Griffin Louise Lake Frances Evans Louise Lester Kathryn Longmire Juniors Jeanne McCartney Sophomores Mary Elba Marshall Elizabeth North Virginia Rembert Ruth Owen Nancy Stack Pamela Robertson June Rowley Eleanor Schupp Pledges Lockette Atkins Evelyn Beard Mary Byrne Mary Chamberlain Halcy ' on Colomb Aimee Delcroix Betty Dosch Gertrude Gwin Elizabeth Hadley PAGE TWO HUNDRED EIGHTY-THREE ■jT n r rj ni -!n [CTMi y. First Row: Barrett Briggs Brown Carre Clark Second Row: Crawford A. Dohan M. Dohan Duncan Gates I. Green Third Row: R. Green Hay Hoehn Johnson Lang worthy Mahorner Fourth Row: McKinley Ni x O ' Dell Porteous Priestly E. Royals Fifth Row: M. Royals Shallcross Swayze Tatum Tucker Virden Sixth Row: Watt A. Weed L. Weed Wilcox " Williams Wilson w::rrs ;ri|lssrTr:;;rr? ;ri PAGE TWO HUNDRED EIGHTY-FOUR • 11 omega Founded at University of Arkansas, 1895 RHO CHAPTER Estahiislicd IQOO In Facultate Clara Lewis Landry Betha Latane LuciLE Clark Anna Jane Dohan In Universitate Seniors Shirley Hollincsworth Katherine Mahorner Mildred Porteous Margaret Tucker Helen Wilson Jane Conover Louise Crawford Julie Brown Benita Carre Mary Helen Dohan Hilda Duncan Juniois Jane Swayze Sophomores Inez Green Eugenia Hay Hermine McBee Helen Priestley Marie Louise Wilcox Betty Williams Tenny Louise Raulston Mary Robertshaw Elizabeth Tatum Ruth Viallon Pledges Claudia Barrett Anna Belle Briggs Ruth Crosby Susie Gates Dorothy Heidelberg Louise Hoehn Frances Johnson Frances Langworth ' Margaret McKinley Rosary Nix Joyce O ' Dell Bert Prince Elizabeth Royals Mary Frances Royals Dorothy Stebbins Frances Thibaut Jane Virden Rosemary Virden Barbara Watt PAGE TWO HUNDRED EIGHTY-FIVE h| 3! --r aS!n3±ESS3SS S![l £p [Sfe!!lS 35SlS ■ First Row: Airey Bell Chamters Claiborne Combs Cooper Second Row: Dameron Darden Dinwiddie Pox Gil li can Harry Third Row: Ivens Ketcham E. Legier K. Legier M. Legier Leniann Fourth Row: Lykes Martin McGehee Musser Norris O ' Reilly Fifth Row: Pearce Pharr Pierson Pipes Reed Reeves Sixth Row: Remick Rhodes Robertson Rogan Tucker Walker • PAGE TWO HUNDRED EIGHTY-SIX • Founded at Monmouth College, 1879 BETA OMICRON CHAPTER Establislied igO:j. In Facultate Miss Elizabeth Raymond Miss Adehn Spencer Miss Florence Smith Miss Dorothy Seago Esther Cleveland Irene Cooper Mary ' Dinwiddie Jane Fox LUCILE GiLLICAN In Universitate Seniors Frances Ivens Ethel Ketcham Elise McGehee Edith Norris Jane Pharr Elizabeth Pierson Elizabeth Quinlan Sally ' Reed Mary Rhodes Mary Belle Rogan Helen Bell Stella Hebert Eleanor Legier Lilian Dameron Helen Harry ' Juniors Beatrice O ' Reilly ' Martha Remick Sophomores Alice Pilpatrick Alice Lemann Jean Martin Brent Robertson Roberta Sterrett Patricia Tucker Elizabeth Pearce Mary ' Louise Tobin Pledges Cecils Airey Nancy Reeves Frances Musser Katherine Legier Marie Louise Legier Nina Denis Joan Chambers Alice Comes Genevieve Lykes Jane Walker Grace Darden Nan Pipes Margaret Krumbhaar CoRiNNE Claiborne PAGE TWO HUNDRED EIGHTY-SEVEN ' ii d i U ::, First Row: Brown Castlin Chandler Coleman Second Row: Crossgrove Daniel Ellis Fairlie Third Row: Fleury Howsmon Johnston Kammer Long Fourth Row: McClure Moore Morvant Peterson Fifth Row: Ryder Scott Thompson AVhippIe -;r,-:i ' V, H - : ■fi nrw:rip?: gsrTT::;: : - j. CT S£fl • PAGE TWO HUNDRED EIGHTY-EIGHT Founded at Wesleyan College, 1852 (National, IQ04) DELTA CHAPTER Eslablished JQod In Facultate Katherine Hanley Eumce Baccich In Universitate Seniors WiLUE Frances Coleman Katherine Kammer Juniors Betty Briscoe Ruth Dickey Meredith Brock Velma Kidd Rose Crossgrove Lisette Moore Genevieve Whipple Sophomores Lucille Owens Emily Hanley Pledges Betty Brown Mary Louise Castlin Elizabeth Daniels Martha Ellis Lillian Fairlie Dorothy Fleury- Craig Hitt Eunice Howsmon Elzalene Johnson Frances McClure Alice Morvant CoRiNNE Peterson Ruth Ryder Marcueryte Scott Dorothy Thompson Bleka Walker PAGE TWO HUNDRED EIGHTY-NINE PAGE TWO HUNDRED NINETY • Founded at Wesleyan College, 1851 (National, igoi) EPSILON CHAPTER EsiahtisJicd IQ06 Katiierixe Hardesty In Facultate Mary Hardesty Duren Jaxet Wallace Audrey White In Universitate Seniors Annie L. Breard Vivian Carter Hilda Fremaux Katherine Menuet Audrey Fay Sayman Juniors Sally Breard Rosebud Piker Phala Hale Elizabeih Randol Shirley Mae Wahl Sophomores Marian Butler Elizabeth Joxes Elizabeth Cosper Alice Evans Mary Ella Gardner Magda Janssen Sue Lisso Elizabeth Menuet Diane Tujague Lorena Walker Sue Anthony Mercedes Clarke JosiE Jones Lois Jones Amy Ruth Lynch Pledges Vada Odom Alma Pecot Evelyn Potier Rachel Sweeney Grace Vales Constance Wyatt PAGE TWO HUNDRED NINETY-ONE First Row: Barnes Bowers Butt Carre Colvin Davenport Second Row: D. Dusenbury M. Dusenbury Fairchilcl Fuller Gayden D. Hailey Third Row: E. Hailey Hartrampf Heiss Hudson Jar man L ' ockhart Fourth Row: Mackie McBryde McClatchey McMahon McMurray Meyer Fifth Row: Moore Morelock Neff Odom J. Olsen S. Olsen Sixth Row: Payne Ricks Rivers G. Smith L. Smith Tharp Se enth Row: Thornton Vail Van Winkle " Walker " Wilson Word • PAGE TWO HUNDRED NINETY-TWO • Kappa Alpha Theta Founded at DePauw University, 1870 ALPHA PHI CHAPTER Established 1914 Is Facultate Mildred Christian Adele Drouet Mary E. Davenport DoRCUS Dusenbury Fay Mackie Elizabeth Hailey JuANiTA Heiss Peggy McMahon Grace Carr Margaret Carre Virginia Jarman In Universitate Seniors Adolyn McClatchey LiNA Odom Juniors Jen ' nie Olsen Dixie Tharp Sophomores Doris Lockhart Laura Louise Moore Vassar Morelock Tom Turner Jessa Soper Frances Van Winkle Viola Vail Helen Walker Marjorie Wilson Catherine Payne Louise Ricks Susan Word Pledges Bettie Bowers Helen Barnes Ruth Buttt Catherine Colvin MoRNA Dusenbury Elise Fairchild Dorothy Fuller Catherine Hartrampf Bettie Hudson Dorothy Hailey Katherine Lewis Connie Meyers Elizabeth A. McMurray Margaret Neff Elizabeth Rivers GwYNNE Smith Lucile Smith Dorothy W hite PAGE TWO HUNDRED NINETY-THREE First Row: AUtmont Cohn Davis Second Row: Dennery Eichold Fischer Hagedorn Third Row: Hausmann L. Hirsch S. Hirsch Hyman Fourth Row : Kohlman Lemann Rittenberg Ronsheim Fifth Row: Schwartz Simon Stern " Weill • PAGE TWO HUNDRED NINETY-FOUR Founded at Barnard College, 1909 EPSILON CHAPTER Ssiahlishcd iQlh Leonie Davis EuGExiA Fischer In Universitate Seniors Camille Hagedorn Hilda Simon AuxE Weill Ethel Alltmont Hermion ' e Cahn Fanny Dennery Juniors Theone Hausmann Suzanne Hirsch Marjorie Kohlman Ida Rittenberg Alice Schwartz Doris Stern Babette Cohn Louise Hirsch Sophomores Evelyn Hyman Roberta Kahn Emma Lemann Lena Marx Marion Ronsheim Elaine Adler Barbara Geisenberger Pledges Sara Greenhut Gladys Hanover Jacqueline Katz Louise Lowenstein Dorothy Betty ' Sale PAGE TWO HUNDRED NINETY-FIVE First Row: Barnes Dahlberg Fortune Gill Second Row: Heckert Herbert McFadden Third Row; McMakin Methe Person Phillips Fourth Row: Ryckman Sparkman Thornton Fifth Row: Tillery Webb Whitehead Wirth ::M M:: V ' ' fty : -? • PAGE TWO HUNDRED NINETY-SIX • Founded at Virginia State Normal, 1898 BETA KAPPA CHAPTER Establislu-d 1927 In Universitate Seniors Helen Dafoe Miriam Gilliam Martha Barnes Betty Bush Juni Edna Herbert Marian Rainey Sophomores Dorothy McFadden Dorothy Ryckman Mary Alice Person Kathleen Thornton Helen Phillips Mary Alice Sparkman Freshme Beall Barnes Lucille Cafiero Doris Dahlberg Betty Fortune Odeyne Gill Elizabeth Gill ISABELLE HeCKERT Maud Jarmon Freddie Kolstad Frances Alice Llewelyn Miriam McMakin Hazel Ann Methe Frances Mitchell Joyce Tillery Natka Webb Muriel Whitehead Alma Wirth PAGE TWO HUNDRED NINETY-SEVEN First Row: L. Baclier M. Bacher Bruno Corlty Second Row Coyle Danna Ellington Gaspard Third Row: Gillespie Goodman Hotard Lachin Fourth Row; Maddox Palmer Russell Stokes ■•■• •y ■■;..: •.■ ■■-■. -- .--..-. -: : -.— ■■- ;- :■-•--•....■-■ ■- -•-■■:■.-■-,■ • .■.■- .- . ■■ ' ■ --.■- -■- ■- ■■■ ' - - - ■.■rr:s i T • PAGE TWO HUNDRED NINETY-EIGHT • Founded at University of California, 1909 TAU CHAPTER Established ig2S Adrienne Bruno Florence Coyle Agnes Goodman In Universitate Seniors Winifred Palmer Marie Rodriguez Jane M. Taltavull Juniors Mildred Ellington Helen Russell Flores Hotard Imogene Stokes Sophomores Mattie C. Corley Betsy Greene Jane P. Slaughter Pledges Lilian Bacher Meredith Bechtel Consetta Danna Elaine Gillaspie Mae Maddox Jean Rathborne MiNOLA Backer Madge Burley Cecilia Gaspard Anna Lachin Caroline Maltry Janet Stevens PAGE TVCO HUNDRED NINETY-NINE First Row: Barnes I. Barnett M. Barnett Barr Bernard Second Row: Berthaut C. Blessey M. Blessey Briede Cottrell Third Row: Crespo Ear hart Eddy Ferguson Gomila Guenard Fourth Row: Haggard Hansen Hartley Harvey Hummel M. Jumel Fifth Row: Y. Jumel E. LaNasa Z. LaNasa Powell Rehage Richardson Sixth Row: Regan Scharfenstein VombGrg Wander Wei man PAGE THREE HUNDRED ieta SigMia iimicroia Founded at University ' of Missouri, 1888 ALPHA SIGMA CHAPTER Established ig2g In Universitate Seniors Yvonne Crespo Elsie Hartley Lady Nan Ferguson Eulahe Harvey Wynogene Haggard Zina LaNasa Madelin Richardson Juniors Mary Barnett Straus Berthaut Caroline Blessey Sophomores Yvonne Jumel Madelin Rehage Pledges Mary Barnes Ida Barnett Dolores Bernard Marion Blessey Katherine Briede Marion Cottrell Lily Earhart Frances Gomila Verna Guenard Dorothy Hansen Mignon Jumel Edna LaNasa Helen Powell Ruth Rogan Lorraine Scharfenstein Carolyn Vomberg Isabel Welman Josephine Wander PAGE THREE HUNDRED ONE Abramson. Ferry, Goldsmith, Gray Isbell, Jennings, Kennedy, Monsky Smith, Sweig, Teer, Wood PAGE THREE HUNDRED TWO Hellenic Council Fraternities Organized April, 1923 The Tiilane Council of Medical Fraternities was organized for the purpose of securing co-operation among the several fraternities and preserving standards of membership. Officers Albert M. Abramson President C. Prentice Gray, Jr Vice-President Carl A. Hartung Secretary Leland M. Johnston Treasurer Representatives Pill Chi C. Prentice Gray, Jr. Leland M. Johnston Plii Rlw Sigma LORENZ Teer R. Garland Wood Alpha Kappa Kappa James A. Ferry Donald W. Smith Plii Delta Epsilon Albert M. Abramson David B. Monsky Tlieta Kappa Psi Euclid A. Iseell Adolphus Y. Jennings Phi Lambda Kappa Robert Segal Joseph Sweig Nu Sit ma Nu Carl A. Hartung Charles B. Kennedy Alpha Epsilon Iota Edith Eskrigge Grace A. Goldsmith • PAGE THREE HUNDRED THREE • H. Anderson, J. Anderson. Armisteafl. Barker, Beachani Boles. Erannan. Burnett, Campbell. Click. Colvin Countiss. Davis, Doss. Faircloth, Flinn. Gillespy Gray. Greene, Hendrick. Hendrix, Holmes, Howard Lewis. Littell, Moor. Ogden. Redding. Rinanian Robichaux. Savant. Slaugrhter. Strange. Stroud. Thigpen Thomas. Walters. AVebb. C. Williams. G. AVilliams. Woods • PAGE THREE HUNDRED FOUR • 1 Eastern, Founded at Universit.v of Vermont, 1889; Southern, Louisville Medical College, 1S94; Consolidated, March 3, 1905 OMICRON CHAPTER Eslablisked igo2. Pi Mu mcrijed Scplc nhcr o, IC)22 Fratres in Facultate Dr. E. E. Allceyer Dr. C. C. B.ws Dr. F. T. Brown Dr. p. J. Carter Dr. F. L. Cato, Jr. Dr. M. J. CouRET Dr. J. A. Dan ' na Dr. H. Daspit Dr. a. C. Eustis Dr. E. L. Faust Dr. F. L. Fenno Dr. a. V. Friedrichs Dr. I. M. Gage Dr. M. J. Gelpi Dr. J. T. Halsey Dr. W. H. Harris Dr. a. N. Houston Dr. J. R. Hume Dr. S. C. Jamison Dr. J. A. Lanford Dr. E. H. Lawson Dr. G. K. Logan Dr. H. a. Macheca Dr. Urban Maes Dr. C. p. May Dr. L. J. Menville Dr. C. J. Miller Dr. H. E. Miller Dr. J. D. Rives Dr. R. H. Turner Dr. W. R. Wirth Fratres ix Uxiversitate James H. Boles Max Brannan Russell S. Butaud Eugene H. Countiss Thomas J. Fatherree, Jr. Daniel M. Adams, Jr. S. J. Campbell Edward Alexander Cleve Daniel J. Devlin, Jr. Elbert Jackson Giles Willie Godwin Fisher C. B. Flinn Courtland p. Gray-, Jr. Gilbert B. Greene Jut. Richard W. Hendrix Henry Witte Hodde Raynor E. Holmes, Jr. Leland Mann Johnston Henry Reichard Kahle Franklin H. Maury e. b. robichaux George W. Robinson William S. Slaughter James E. Kendrick, Jr. W. E. Kittredge, Jr. Benson Blake Martin Chas. H. McCollum, Jr. Frank B. Ogden Carl White Stroud David C. Swearingen Edward Perry Thomas William H. Walters, Jr. Gerald N. Williams David Henry Thornhill Robert Morgan Simonton Carl Nathaniel Wahl J. S. Webb, Jr. Thomas B. Woods, Jr. Hiram M. Anderson James P. Anderson Joseph D. Anderson W. W. Armistead, Jr. A. V. Beacham SlJpllOl William M. Boles Hunter Merrill Brown G. N. Click William Russell Davis A. K. Doss Luther S. Fortenberry William Allen Howard Tom French Little RandoIph Nelson Long Sim Bedford Lovelady ' James W. McMurray Ruble E. Moor Marion D. Redding Francis M. Tiiigpen, Jr. Leilas R. Lonnergan, Jr. Vance M. Strange Warren Jackson Barker James Leland Beaver Frank L. Bigsby " , Jr. J. Wirt Burnett S. H. Colvin, Jr. Otto K. DuBoise Madison Aaron Furrh Clarke H. Gillespy ' John A. Hendrick, Jr. Freshmen Carl Edwin Lewis John Aden Lewis, Jr. W. C. LiTTELL Eugene F. McCall Hiram A. McConkell Conn Lewis Milburn, Jr. Ira Clifton Skinner, Jr. Joh.n Reagan Stewart Charles Roy Williams • PAGE THREE HUNDRED FIVE • Allen, Bertinot, Bridges, Brierre, Burdin Currie, Davidge, Daviet, Day, Dupre Ferry, Fisher, Guldry, Haynsworth, Knight, Landry Larose, Long, Mason, McCiure, McCreary, McKenzie Melvin, Miller, Morrison, Murphree, Neal, Rice Searcy, Smith, Terry, Troxler, Welch • PAGE THREE HUNDRED SIX • Founded at Dartmouth College, 1888 ALPHA BETA CHAPTER Established 1903 a Dr. Henry J. Bayon Dr. O. W. Bethea Dr. M. Bradburn Dr. J. E. Brierre Dr. D. C. Browne Fratres in Facultate Dr. J. C. Cole Dr. H. B. Gessner Dr. C. S. Holbrook Dr. E. L. King Dr. E. S. Lewis Dr. F. L. Loria Dr. S. C. Lyons Dr. Edward McCormac Dr. a. L. Metz Dr. M. W. Miller Dr. W. C. Smith J. T. Brierre R. L. Buck J. M. ConoN L. L. Davidce J. N. BOSTICK P. H. Hanley C. M. Johnson H. C. Knight A. H. LiSENBY Fratres in Universitate Seniors J. A. Ferry E. R. GUIDRY J. E. Haynesworth, Jr. Juniors W. M. Long Jim McKenzie L. K. Mason P. D. Melvin L. D. Newman J. G. McClure P. L. McCreary R. F. Miller J. W. Neal, Jr. W. T. Sellers W. S. SiLER, Jr. D. W. Smith A. S. Tomb, Jr. R. W. Webb O. W. Cosby H. F. Currie L. L. Daviet R. B. DeLee R. E. DuPRE Soplio mores C. J. Fisher H. C. Gahacan J. G. Hart H. J. Kaufman J. H. Larose, Jr. V. R. Liddell W. E. Murphree D. M. Pipes W. P. Rice D. B. Searcy ,D. H. Allen, Jr. Ralph F. Allen Archie J. Baker Gerald Bertinot Andrew D. Bethea W. H. Bridges J. J. BURDINE, Jr. Fresh?nen R. B. Carson Robert C. Day J. S. Herring J. B. Holmes P. M. HUDDLESTON J. D. Landry C. E. NiEHUSS E. B. Pitts E. D. Simmons S. S. Speer L. L. Terry W. E. Tugwell J. K. Turberville J. W. Welch, Jr. N. E. Williams • PAGE THREE HUNDRED SEVEN • All dredge, Brewer, Cairns, Carbrey. Carroll Collier, Dial. Fleming, Flynt, Gillentine, Green Hamilton, Hindelang, Howdon. Isbell. Jennings, Jones Lowe, Magee. Manar, Nelson, C, B. Odom, G. Odom Sherrill. Smith. Sorrells, Stephens, Tate. Tatum Terry, Thames, Roberts, Rush, " Walsh, Walter Ward, Willoughby. AVilson. Year wood, Zienian PAGE THREE HUNDRED EIGHT Tlieta Kappa Psi Founded at Medical College of Virginia, 1879 PI CHAPTER Eslahlis iiti J008 Dr. Robert Bernhard Dr. Charles L. Brown Dr. E. Z. Browne Dr. W. R. BUFFIXGTON Dr. John K. Bullock Dr. W. W. Butterworth (Emeritus) Dr. George Collier Ronald E. Corkern Dr. L. E. Devron R. H. Alldredge A. B. Cairns W. A. Dial W. H. Gillentine Fratres in Facultate Dr. Roy F. Feemster Dr. Foster M. Johns Dr. Frank J. Kinberger Dr. Paul G. Lacroix Dr. Jerome E. Landry Dr. James P. L ' Kelley Dr. Paul A. McIlhenny Dr. Henry E. Menage (Emeritus) Fratres in Universitate Seniors C. R. Hamilton A. Y. Jennings A. V. MURRY W. J. Nelson, Jr. L. S. Ward Dr. William H. Perkins Bryson E. Pollock Dr. Robert H. Potts Dr. Joseph W. Reddoch Dr. William A. Reed Dr. Raymond Roberts Dr. Wm. H. Seeman Dr. Thos. B. Sellers Dr. Charles H. Voss Dr. Marion A. Young, Jr. C. B. Odom J. E. Sorrells S. A. Tatum J. R. Till, Jr. C. O. Bingham E. L. Carroll J. L. Collier B. P. Fleming R. M. Fletcher B. F. Allen F. W. Brewer F. D. Edwards R. M. Fly NT M. R. Green J. D. Hutchins Juniors F. W. Heath F. M. Hindelang E. A. Isbell T. E. Lowe J. G. NORRIS Sophomores C. A. Jones R. A. Kooken J. D. Magee, Jr. P. W. Mallory R. W. Manar J. C. Rush, Jr. E. A. Sherrill G. L. Odom J. T. Roberts R. F. Roberts J. E. Tate L G. Wilson Gregory ' Smith J. J. Stephen R. S. Walsh, Jr. L. P. Walter, Jr. J. A. White, Jr. R. C. WiLLOUGHBY J. W. ASHBY p. R. GOOGE .W. M. Howdon Freshmen L. B. Hudson T. J. Payne, Jr. E. S. Seale W. C. Stephens, Jr. W. S. Terry, Jr. J. T. D. Thames J. G. Yearwood, Jr. A. H. Zieman PAGE three hundred NINE Baldwin, Banister, Blaine, Blount. Blum Bowman, Branch, Carlock, Cottrell, Craft, Davis Desporte, Dixon, Dyer, Everett, Fancher Foltz, Hertzog, Higginbothani. Howell. Johnson Kemp, Kennedy, King, Lively, Lock Lynch, Massengill, Meek, Moore, Myers, Rivenbark Tedder. Thompson, Threadgill, Tyrone, Vaughan PAGE THREE HUNDRED TEN Nu Sigma Nu Founded at University of Michigan, 1882 BETA IOTA CHAPTER Established jgio Dr. Charles J. Bloom Dr. Octave C. Cassegrain Dr. Charles W. Duval Dr. Charles L. Eshleman Dr. Irvixg Hardesty Fratres in Facultate Dr. George L. Hardin Dr. Julian H. Lombard Dr. Rudolph Matas Dr. C. L. R. von Meysenburg Dr. Ambrose H. Storck Dr. E. W. Alton Ochsner Dr. Maurice P. Sullivan Dr. Albert B. Pitkin Dr. John G. Pratt Dr. Harry V. Sims R. E. Blount H. B. Cottrell F. S. Dixon A. J. Hertzog Fratres in Universitate Seniors C. B. Kennedy H. A. King, Jr. Mercer G. Lynch R. C. Massengill W. C. Rivenbark J. W. Tedder W. D. Thompson, Jr. M. B. Bowman, Jr. E. G. Cailleteau ISADORE Dyer Peter Everett, Jr. C. A. Hartung J. M. Higgineotham Ladislas Lazaro Charles McVea J. J. Stagg, Jr. D. M. Baldwin Roy G. Banister C. H. H. Branch, Jr. Sophomores H. L Davis, Jr. J. R. Fancher Edwin M. Meek M. H. Moore, Jr. N. O. Tyrone F. K. Vaughan Freshmen E. S. Allen J. G. Blaine, Jr. J. E. Blum, HI J. H. Carlock, Jr. C. B. Craft Edwin A. Crowell, II J. Stanley Desporte V. J. Donnelly, Jr. Nollie C. Felts T. P. Foltz H. H. Hardy, Jr. J. P. Howell C. A. Johnson, Jr. R. G. Keeton R. C. Kemp, Jr. William M. Lively, Frank R. Lock F. D. Threadgill Jr. • PAGE THREE HUNDRED ELEVEN • Atria, Christie. Coyle, Derbes Eccles, Ga ' -breath, Hattaway, HefCner. Holman Isbell, Kelly, Pre jean, Rowland, Schmidt Stritzinger. L. Teer. S. Teer. Thomason. Tomeny Treuting. AVagner. Wall, Wood • PAGE THREE HUNDRED TWELVE alio ijigmia Founded at North«estern Medical School, 1890 DELTA OMICRON ALPHA CHAPTER Established igiS Dr. Sidney W. Bliss Dr. Julian Graurarth Dr. John R. Hume Fratres in Facult.ate Dr. Lloyd J. Kuhv Dr. Seaborn J. Lewis Dr. Louis J. Lopez Dr. Anees Mogabgab Dr. Robert A. Strong Dr. WiLLiAiM A. Wagner Nicholas F. Atrh Gerard E. Christie Fratres in Universitate Seniors E. Scott Coyle Joseph O. Prejean Harry J. Schmidt LoRENz Teer R. Garland Wood Jean B. Martin, Jr. Juniors Rudolph P. Stritzinger Hume A. Thomason Lee J. Alexander Vincent J. Derbes M. Maxwell Hattaway Sophomores John C. Holman, Jr. Harris Isbell Ely D. Rowland Sheldon Teer Waldo L. Treuting Robert G. Wagner Roger I. Wall Wm. R. Galbreath, Jr. Otis F. Gay Freshmen Edward A. Heffner, Jr. John L. Ilko Walter O. McCammon Frank O. Tomeny " Howard B. Williams • PAGE THREE HUNDRED THIRTEEN Abramson, Blitz. Block Gendel, Gurdin Kaplan, Meyer, Monslcy Ochs, Orlov, Romeo • PAGE THREE HUNDRED FOURTEEN • FM Delta Epsilon Founded at Cornell University, 1904 ALPHA IOTA CHAPTER Established iQiS Dr. Emil Block Dr. Isidore Cohn Fratres in Facultate Dr. Sidney Copland Dr. Sam B. Saiewitz Dr. D. N. Silverman Dr. Sidney K. Simon Dr. Herbert Weinberger Fratres in Universitate Seniors Albert M. Abramson Harry Meyer Juniors Milton E. Block David B. Monsky Meyer Gurdin Harold H. Rothendler Sophomores Oscar Blitz Louis Ochs, Jr. Harry L. Orlov Freshmen Benjamin R. Gendel Morris Kaplan Zachary J. Romeo • PAGE THREE HUNDRED FIFTEEN BarkofC, Dombeck, Grassgreen Koretskv, Machlin, Malkin, Mailer Phillips, Segal, Slipakoff, Steckel Sweig. Wechsler, Winokur • PAGE THREE HUNDRED SIXTEEN • Founded at University of Pennsylvania, 1907 PSI CHAPTER Eslahlis iid IQ26 Fratres IX Facultate Dr. Walter E. Lew Dr. I. L. Robbixs Fratres in Universitate Seniors S. ' MnuEL L. Balofsky Leon Slipakoff Harry Koretzky Joseph Sweig Juniors Irvin ' c Machlin ' Marx Sterbcow Robert Segal Solomon Winokur Sophomores Samuel Barkoff Jerome L Malkin Bernard L. Maller Elliot Phillips Morris L. Steckel Herman Wechsler Freshmen Sol Do.mbeck Irvin M. Grassgreen • PAGE THREE HUNDRED SEVENTEEN • Goldsmith. Harper. McKeon, Tomblin Alpha Epsilon Iota Founded at Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1890 MU CHAPTER Estahlislied iglQ Fratres in Facultate Dr. Maud Loeber Dr. Marie D. Mattixgly Fratres in Universit.ate Seniors Grace A. Goldsmith Clementine C. McKeon Ina M. Harper Beatrice M. A. Tomblin ]unors Edith Eskrigge Irma C. Henderson Carroll Smithers Sophomore Audrey Ursula Heintz • PAGE THREE HUNDRED EIGHTEEN • Blount, Faircloth, Gillentine, Goldsmith Guidry, Savant, Sorrels, Svveig. Wolte Alpha Omega Alpha (To be Yoithy to serve the suffering) Honorary Medical Fraternity STARS AND BARS CHAPTER Officers Dr. Isidore Copin Counselor Dr. George Collier Secretary Honorary Members in Faculty Dr. Henry D. s?it Dr. Ansel M. Caine Members Elected From the Class of 193 i Dr. Willi. m a. Reed President Dr. Ch. rles S. Holbrook . . Vice-President Miss Grace Arabell Goldsmith Mr. Michael Ellis DeBakev Mr. William Bryan Faircloth Mr. Edwin Robichaux Guidry Mr. William Howard Gillentine Mr. Joseph Sweig Mr. Robert Estes Blount Mr. Marion Joseph Wolfe Mr. John Ennis Sorrells Mr. Drew Adolph Savant (Deceased) We believe in the tenets of abiding truth which is the guiding star of our order. We believe in the helping hand which is the bar which binds us in our calling. We believe in the unity of service to one another which lends to the weary a word of cheer, to the poor a portion of our share, to the weak a meed of pity, to the stricken a voice of comfort, to the old a memory of youth and to the wayfarer a help along to the Journey ' s end. Our emblem will always be an inspiration to duty, remembsring it stands for excellence in all things, purity of purpose and honesty of method and effort, with th; blessing of an Alma Mater upon each who wears her badge of honor. May our lives lie among the stars which light the way to the great mystery and may we so live that when we reach the end of the road we may find the veil, which parted leads to the heights of everlasting peace. Sic ad Astra! O PAGE three hundred NINETEEN • Blount, Eritjrre, Countiss Ferry, Giay, Gviidry, Hertzog Kennedy, King, Maury Odom, Rivenbarlv, Stroud, Tedder Thomas, Walters, Williams • PAGE THREE HUNDRED TWENTY • Founded at Tulane University, 1921 A J unirjr-Scn ' wr interfratcrnity honor society for the maintenance of hlylier standards in the Medical School. Officers Edward P. Thomas President Charles B. Kennedy Vice-President C. Prentice Gkay, Jr. . Secretary James A. Ferry Treasurer Members Seniors A. J. Hertzog C. B. Kennedy H. A. King, Jr. M. G. Lynch F. H. Maury C. B. Odom R. E. Blount J. T. Brierre E. H. Countiss T. J. Fatheree, Jr. J. A. Ferry C. P. Gray, Jr. E. R. GUIDRY J. C. RiNAMAN W. C. RiVENBARK C. W. Stroud J. W. Tedder E. P. Thomas W. H. Walters G. N. Williams Juniors D. M. Adams J. N. Bostick S. J. Campbell C. A. Hartung C. M. Johnson L. M. Johnston H. R. Kahle J. E. Kendrick, Jr. C. McVea P. D. Melvin J. J. Stagg, Jr. E. Vales L. yi. ViLLIEN • PAGE THREE HUNDRED TWENTY-ONE • Andry, Dodge. Gardiner, Gensler. Hughes James, Leake, Lewis, Little, Meyers Morrison, Orendorf, Rainold, Saint, Schwab Souchon, Stubbs, Thompson, Watson, Williamson PAGE THREE HUNDRED TWENTY-TWO PM Delta Phi (Legal) Founded at Michigan University, 1869 WHITE ' S INN Established igil H. Milton Colvin Charles E. Dunbar, Jr. Fratres in Facultate JuDgE RuFus E. Foster Sumter D. Marks, Jr. Walter J. Suthon, Jr. Delvaille H. Theard Fratres in Universitate Allain C. Andry, Jr. George W. Dodge Franklin W. Gardine? Philip Gensler Robert G. Hughes Wellborn Jack Philip E. James Austin W. Lewis J. P. Little G. Bennett Meyers Robert R. Rainold P. DuBose Saint Guy p. Stubbs, Jr. Eugene Thompson Ju7. Hugh H. Brister Alec A. Johnson Hunter C. Leake, H Archey B. McBride Jo T. Orendorf HiLLYER S. Parker Arthur C. Watson Richard B. Williams PAGE THREE HUNDRED TWENTY-THREE Alpha. Cliristensen. Davidson. Elder. Frilot. Hcndrick, Inliau Kniglit. Light, McCorniK k. Neller, Parker. Pettit. Samuel. Shapiro, Stout. Wilson. • PAGE THREE HUNDRED TWENTY-FOUR • Phi Alpha Delta (Legal) Founded at Chicago-Kent College of Law, 1897 FRANCOIS XAVIER MARTIN CHAPTER Establis ii ' d 192 Fratres in Facultate P. W. Brosman J. J. Morrison Rene A. Viosca Judge W. W. Wesierfield Fratres in Universitate Granville Alpha Siegfried B. Christensen Crow Girard Davidson Hall T. Elder Charles A. Gillaspie Lloyd L. Hendrick Fred Edward Inbau, Jr. Nathaniel B. Knight, Jr. George B. E. Konrad William Montgomery Light John F. McCormick F. Jack Neller John E. Parker Absalom Pettit Lloyd J. Samuel Morris Shapiro Jodie W. Stout George A. Wilson • PAGE THREE HUNDRED TWENTY-FIVE • Cleveland, Dawkins, de Buys. Eustis Feltus, Habans, Kuhner, Kyle McCloskey, Miller, O ' Connor, Zimmerman Alpha Alpha Alpha Honorwy Pre-Legal Fraternity Founded at University of Illinois, 1920 BETA CHAPTER Established igji Faculty Member Dr. Paul William Brosman Pre-Legal Members Murray Cleveland Edward Eustis J. Ben Habans L. T. Kuhner Charles Kyle John A. O ' Connor, Jr. Richard Whitten Don Zimmerman College of Law Members Ben C. Dawkins, Jr. Harry ' de Buys Randolph Feltus Joseph McCloskey Allison Miller Brown Moore PAGE THREE HUNDRED TWENTY-SIX Giuffre, Lewis, Matthews, McCIoskey, Payne Porter, Voorhies, Walters, Watkins, Weher, " Weed Beta Honorary Biological Fra crni y E. S. Hathaway Faculty Advisors W. T. Penfound F. H. Wilson Officers Norton W. Voorhies Joseph McCloskey, Jr. . . C. R. Walters . . . Members Clarke W. Cross Philip P. Giuffre Arthur N. Lewis, Jr. Walter A. Lurie Paul L. Marks .: y . x:::l_.. President ■ . . . . Vice-President . ■ . ■ Secretary Edward deS. Matthews Francis C. Payne Donald R. Porter Allan G. Watkins Gus F. Weber John C. Weed » PAGE THREE HUNDRED TWENTY-SEVEN O Howarcl, Welinan Gargoyle Founded at Cornell, 1902 " Honoj-ary Architectural Fraternity ' Installed at Tulanc, lt)2y Fratres in Facultate N. C. Curtis A. H. Levy S. Seiferth J. H. Thomson Charles Andry Charles Armstrong Dave Barrow E. H. Christy Collins Dieoll, Jr. Herndon M. Fair W. A. Follansbee D. V. Freret R. F. Gelpi Harold Haller Walter C. Keexan, Jacob Kessels II Fratres in Universitate Newton R. Howard Horace C. Welman Alumni Gerhard T. Kramer Simon Mansberg R. C. Murrell Allison Owen, Jr. Herbert Parker I. William Ricciuti Macill Smith W. P. Spratling A. Hays Town Mackey W. White Samuel Wilson, Jr. L. Lavelle Wright PAGE THREE HUNDRED TWENTY-EIGHT • Brown, Dolan. Erickson, Gensbuiger Gil more, Giuffre, Hainkel. Jones, J. I aNasa M. LaNasa, Marcello, Steiner, Viosca Kappa Kappa Psi National Honorary J Iinical Fraternity for College Banihineh Founded at Oklahoma State College, 1919 RHO CHAPTER Eslabiuhcd, May, ig2y Fratres in Facultate Dr. Frederick Hard Dr. Marten ten Hoor Fratres in Universitate Locke Brown, Jr. Jack W. Dolan P. J. Erickson, Jr. Sam Friedman Jacob M. Gensburger Harrv F. Gilmore Philip P. Giuffre J. J. Hainkel M. A. HiGGlNS R. Carv Jones James J. LaNasa Matthew J. LaNasa Melvin D. Steiner Jules J. Viosca, Jr. Richard E. Wagner • PAGE three hundred TWENTY-NINE • Atkinson. Barrow, Bergland Butzke, Danionte. Grey, Gunn Hinds, Lopez. McPliail, Miller Moise, Snyder, Tuller • PAGE THREE HUNDRED THIRTY O 11 a l|_ Professional Chemical FrateiJiity Founded at University of Wisconsin, 1902 ALPHA TAU CHAPTER Estahtislicd 192S Fratres in Facultate C. B. Dicks, Jr. Raymond Freas R. J. Landry W. E. Merrill H. W. MOSELEY C. S. Williamson, Jr. Fratres in Universitate Graduate Students BoRROUGHs R. Hill Louis J. Landry Forrest L. McKennon Arthur G. Rohwer William P. Barrow Harry W. Bergland Frederick G. Butzke Seniors Edwa rd R. Grey Joseph W. Gunn Gerardo Lopez Hugh Bryant McPhail Clark O. Miller Joseph A. Snyder, Jr. William N. Tuller James D. Atkinson, Jr. Ernest W. Beck, Jr. Charles L. Chavigny Ralph D. Babin C. Julian Bartlett Edgar J. C. Hagstette, Jr. Juniors Lowell B. Damonte Horace Hinds, Jr. James E. Moise Sophomores E. F. Henriques, Jr. John E. Hillier Warren D. Reimers Rivers Singleton Robert M. Ziifle Cecil M. Shilstone Charles B. Thorn, Jr. Edward R. Tschirn • PAGE THREE HUNDRED THIRTY-ONE • Phi Beta Kappa Founded at William and Mary College, 1776 ALPHA CHAPTER OF LOUISIANA Organizfd jQog Morton A. Aldrich May a. Allen Joseph A. S. Barry Edward A. Bechtel Walter C. Bosch Caroline Burson Pierce Butler Mildred G. Christian George Cramer Harold Cummins Albert B. Dinwiddie Brandt V. B. Dixon Charles E. Dunbar, Jr. William L. Duren, Jr. Lydia E. Frotscher Faculty Members Herman B. Gessner P. J. Kahle John S. Kendall Richard R. Kirk Har d N. Lee Isaac I. Lemann Monte M. Lemann Ernest S. Lewis John M. McBryde Roger P. McCutcheon Fannie Malone Anna E. Many Sumter D. Marks, Jr. Leon Ryder Maxwell Clara M. de Milt Rose L. Mooney Eugene A. Nabors Graden W. Regenos Caroline F. Richardson Ernest Riedel Myra Rogers Ralph J. Schwarz Dorothy ' W. Seago William Benj. Smith Lmogen Stone Marten ten Hoor Susan D. Tew Rene A. VioscA Marie J. Weiss Garret P. Wyckoff Recent Elections Honorary Frederick Hard William Louis Poteat Calvin Andre Claudel Flavia Claverie David Baine Comer, HI Walier Horace Coulson Benjamin Robert Gendel Mary Margaret Gordon Class of 1931 Lane Carter Kendall Leonard GREENBURg Arthur Julius Haas, Jr. Mary Haralson Marion Hirsch Hunter Collins Leake, II Wm. Montgo.mery Light Walter Albert Lurie Clark Ober Miller Erminia Wadsworth Audrey Blanche White • PAGE THREE HUNDRED THIRTY-TWO m Beta Gaimma Sigma Founded at University of Wisconsin and University of Illinois, 191 3 ALPHA CHAPTER OF LOUISIANA Inslalled Jgj6 Officers Walter J. Fountain President R. W. Elsasser Fice-Presidcnt John J. Lienhard, Jr Secretary-Treasurer Faculty Members Dean M. A. Aldrich R. W. Elsasser F. Santrv Reed J. C. Van Kirk dass of igj2 Walter J. Fountain Ordwav Kastler John J. Lienhard, Jr. Thomas R. Sartor, Jr. Class of IQJI Henry R, Crais Jack J. Margolin Lawrence W. Martin Frederic A. Youngs Class of 1930 Harold A. Arbo Martin L. Matthews, Jr. Edward Read Sherwood Bennie Weiner Class of ig2g Richard O. Baumeach Alfred Mercier. Jr. Class of ig2S Louis L. Lowentritt Edmond A. Salassi Class of igyy Herbert D. Cohen Marvin S. Mindledorff Joseph A. Cohen Class of ig26 Bennie Cohn Ernest Mason John E. Rvman J. Walter Hevman GEORgE T. Walne, Jr. Class of 1925 Albert E. Holleman Joseph W. Kidd Class of 1924. Hooper P. Carter P. Barney Hopkins A. Leonard Robinett Gus A. Elgutter Hugh B. Kohlmayer Robert L. Simpson Thomas D. Mingledorff HoNOR.ARY Member E. Davis McCutcheon • PAGE THREE HUNDRED THIRTY-THREE • De Coligny, Kane, McCancs, Roberts, Taylor. Kappa Delta Phi • Established at Tulaiie, 1904. Officers Calvert G. de Coligny President Garland F. .Taylor Vice-President Har ' nett T. Kane Secretary-Treasurer Class of igji Calvert G. de Coligny Harnett T. Kane Loyd T. Roberts, Frederick H. Fox Elmer M. McCance Garland F. Taylor Class of igjo G. ARMSTRONg Allen Edward H. Gessner Bruno Stolley Francis X. Armstrong Charles B. Henriques Charles E. Webb Louis Bristow Dan S. Moore Hugh W. Whatley, Jr Class of lQ2g Bernie Bierman Earl F. Evans Bernard McCloskey Sheldon S. Blue Herbert D. Ford Martin L. Matthews John Gidiere Andrew T. Hooper John S. Whatley Albin p. Lassiter Class of IQ2S Richard Baumbach Adam " Buster " Harper Wilmer " Dick " Rogers John Gidiere John Menville John B. Sanford Harry ' A. Monroe Class of igyj Gerald Andrus W. B. Carter Crawford Davidson John Baine Leonard Chamberlain W. O. Moss Edmund Cahn Harvey Wilson Kappa Delta Phi is an honorary fraternity for the promotion of Tulane spirit. It selects each year from the Junior and Senior classes men who have been conspicuous for school spirit during their university careers. • PAGE THREE HUNDRED THIRTY-FOUR • De Colisny. Hurt, Souclion, Upton. Omicroe Delta Kappa National Honorary Leadership Fraternity Founded at Washington and Lee, 1914 ALPHA ZETA CIRCLE Esiablishrd IQ O Fratres in Facultate Dr. Leon Menville Prof. Robert W. Elsasser Dr. Paul W. Brosman Members Elected in IQJO Louis J. Bristow Harry B. Kelleher Bruno Stolley Marion Epley Martin L. Matthews Charles E. Webb Edward H. Gessner John G. Menville Norton Wisdom Sherburne Sentell Members Elected in 1931 Armstrong Allen Marshall Hurt Morgan L. Shaw Calvert de Coligny Elmer McCance Harry Souchon William DeRamus E. Claggett Upton Graduate Members Cuthbert S. Baldwin Burt W. Henry Urban J. Mooney, Jr. Robert E. Craig J. Blanc Monroe Dr. Walter O. Moss Darwin S. Fenner Rudolph Weinmann Officers Marshall Hurt President E. Claggett Upton Vice-President Calvert G. de Coligny Secretary Harry Souchon Treasurer PAGE THREE HUNDRED THIRTY-FIVE • . ' ' - ' Butzke, Brierre, Craft, Gidiere McCloskey, McPhail, Morgan, Ogden Robert, Shilstone, Stewart, Woods Phi PM SPHINX OF TULANE Junior-Senior National Fraternity for the Promotion of School Spirit Members Harry N. Anders J. Theodore Brierre Frederick G. Butzke C. Brigman Craft Philip S. Gidiere Jack McCausland Joseph McCloskey, Jr. Hugh Bryant McPhail Mallory Van Morgan Horatio N. Ogden William H. O ' Kelley James M. Robert, Jr. Herbert M. Shilstone, Jr. Frank B. Stewart Woollen H. Walshe Thomas B. Woods, Jr. " The purpose of Sphinx of Tulane shall be that of a senior society choosing its members on a basis of character, leadership, mentality, and personality, to thus bring together in a feeling of fellowship the ablest and most active thought and leadership in collegiate life at Tulane University. " • PAGE THREE HUNDRED THIRTY-SIX • Crespo, Frantz Haas, Keed, Sayman ,a 2)iginia i3i_ Senior Honorary Fraternity Yvonne Crespo Edna Louise Frantz Members Muriel Haas Sally Reed Audrey Fay Sayman In Facultate Mildred Christian Adele Drouet Kathertne Hardesty Florence Pierson Alpha Sigma Sigma is the honorary senior fraternity, organized at Newcomb in 1916 to promote interest in college and class activities. Each year those juniors who, throughout their college career, have done the most loyal, effective, and unselfish work for their college and their class are elected to membership. PAGE THREE HUNDRED THIRTY-SEVEN Adams, Blalce, Edgerton. Ehlinger, Fry mire. Gay, Greer Hardesty, Henley, Higginbotham, Liepsner, Loftin, Sams Sancton. Simons, Stanton, Stauss, Tessier, Thomson, Trepagnier White Elephants Freshman Society for the Pro notion of School Spirit Founded at Tulane I ' liiversity, January, 1921 TULANE JUNGLE William R. Higginbotham Jungle Tnr.ik E. Otis Edgerton Jungle Tusk Sigma Chi William R. Hiccixbotham Robert F. Liepsner Joe E. Loftin Plii Kappa Sigma Alton P. FRViViiRE Claude Simons, Jr. W. FiSK Thomson Kappa Alpha E. Otis Edgerton Edward Gay Edward F. Stauss, Jr. Little Tusks Alpha Tan Omega Irving Hardesiv, Jr. Joseph F. Roth, Jr. Gideon T. Stanton, Jr. Kappa Sigma Henry S. Blake Ernest H. Estes J. Edward Sams Delta Tau Delta Preston V. Henley Thomas G. Sancton Otis B. Trepagnier Phi Delta Tlieta Marquez p. Ehlinger George D. Tessier Robert A. Tessier Sigma Alpha Epsilon Robert M. Adams Albert D. Barker I. Vernon Wood, Jr. Pi Kappa Alpha R. Earl Bossong Luther L. Greer Ralph S. O ' Leary The White Elephants ' cup is an annual award to the student of that year ' s fresh- man class adjudged the best all-around freshman by a faculty committeee, based on scholarship, athletics, general popularity on the campus, and with regard to campus activities and offices in general. PAGE THREE HUNDRED THIRTY-EIGHT • Eustis, Harvard. Norwood Page, Phelps, Poitevent TMrteem Clulb An honorary freshman intcrfraternity club for the purpose of promoting class and school spirit. Founded 1920 Members Class of ' 35 George W. Bofi ger Laurance Eustis, Jr. Clave E. Gill, II B. M. Harvard, Jr. George Janvier, Jr. Peter Menge Albert M. Norwood C. Julian Bartlett Murray F. Cleveland Edward Eustis Edgar H. Farrar Lawrence W. Burt Robert Higdon Leonard S. Isacks, Jr. Baylor Bell Winston Bradley Ben C. Dawkins, Jr. Class of ' 34 Tom Harry S. Hugh Lumpkin Fontaine Martin, Jr. Wm. Porcher Miles, Jr. Charles W. Sherwood Class of ' 33 Allison T. Miller William New John J. Read Class of ' 32 Calvert G. de Coligny G. Perry Eastman, Jr. Julius Hanover Richard M. Page Ashton Phelps Edward B. Poitevent J. Walker Sullivan J. DiMMICK ThETFORD Charles B. Thorn, Jr. Phil Wocan Desha Sims John C. Weed James Witherspoon Jack McCausland Claggett Upton • PAGE THREE HUNDRED THIRTY-NINE Carroll, Coyle, Fleming Green, Jennings, Hendrix, Hutchinson Isbell, Pittman, Sorrells, Swearingen Tatum. A. Teer, S. Teer • PAGE THREE HUNDRED FORTY Tulae© Square aed Compass An Intercolleijinte Fraternity of Master Masons Founded at Washington and Lee, 1917 TULANE SQUARE Established IQ20 Officers S. Austin Tatum President Jodie W. Stout Inner Tyler Bex p. Fleming Fiee-President Eldredce L. Carroll Chaplain M. Ragan Green Secretary Lorenz Teer Historian Ronald E. Corkern Treasurer Euclid A. Isbell . . Master of Ceremonies Eldredce L. Carroll Advisory Council S. Austin Tatum, Chairman W. C. Smith, M.D. J. E. Sorrells Lorenz Teer Benjamin F. Allen Hiram M. Anderson Clifton O. Bingham John N. Bostick Ronald E. Corkern Active Members Eldredce L. Carroll Euclid A. Isbell E. Scott Covle A. Y. Jennings Ben p. Fleming J. James Phtman M. Ragan Green John E. Sorrells Benjamin B. Hutchinson Jodie W. Stout David C. Swearingen S. Austin Tatum Lorenz Teer Sheldon Teer James A. White, Jr. J. A. Davilla W. J. Hugo E. L. Jahncke W. J. Kaiser Honorary Members P. L. Luck T. F. Mathes H. R. Perez George Poith E. T. Price R. E. Ramsey r. h. schaffnit Henrv Strack A. F. Suhling W. A. Tharp H. W. Wallace, Jr. Joe Barham, M.D. Fred D. Bartleson Sidney Bliss, M.D. H. A. Bloom, M.D. John T. Brown, M.D. R. K. Bruff C. W. Boyd, M.D. H. E. Cannon, M.D. Paul V. Colvin, M.D. L. T. Cox, M.D. J. W. Cummins, M.D. S. V. D ' Amico Charles T. Decker D. R. Davis, M.D. G. A. Elcutter G. H. Felders, M.D. J. R. Flowers S. F. Eraser, M.D. H. L. Gaidry L. F. Gray, M.D. Passive Members J. L. Green, M.D. H. C. Hatcher, M.D. C. H. Heidelberg, M.D. Hugo Jamierson C. A. Latham F. L. LoRiA, M.D. S. B. McNair, M.D. R. C. McDowell, M.D. Charles Midlo, M.D. E. M. Nabershing N. H. Palmer, M.D. E. F. Pollard, M.D. C. Porter Powell, M.D. C. S. Powell, M.D. Prof. F. W. Prescott a. l. robinett Grover DeW. Rockley m. l. rosenbaum, m.d. T. T. Ross, M.D. J. J. RUFFO T. B. Sellers, M.D. W. A. Simpson P. J. Slaughter, M.D. H. Bernard Shaw D. V. Smith, M.D. James L Smith V. C. Smith, M.D. W. C. Smith, M.D. L. E. Standifer R. A. Steinmeyer D. A. Strickland, M.D. A. M. SUTHON W. C. Vetsch C. H. Voss, M.D. L. F. Wakeman Charles E. Webb, M.D. M. J. White, M.D. C. S. Williams D. R. WOMACK, M.D. PAGE THREE HUNDRED FORTY-ONE Dohan, Folse. Kamnier, Ketcham Founded at Newcomb College, 1931 Founders Marcelle Leverich Lucille Livaudais Elizabeth Adams Nancy Allen Aurelia Arbo Hester Bernadas Charter Members Clara May Buchanan Katherine Byrne Amelie Chalaron LuciLE Chalaron Alice Mae Ellington Myra Frederickson Marjorie Haspel Margaret Henriques Betty Keenan Louise Livaudais Honorary Members Ellsworth Woodward Mary G. Sheerer Members Elected From the Class of 1932 Anna Jane Dohan Katherine Kammer Shirley Teunisson Winifred Folse Ethel Ketcham Beverly Walton Beta Delta, honorary art sorority, was founded at Newcomb in 1931. Its purpose is to promote interest in art and to recognize artistic ability. Each year those junior art students who have been sincere and outstanding in art work are elected to membership in the sorority. PAGE THREE HUNDRED FORTY-TWO f» " ' . -J de Coligny, Knight- Odom Penney, Eeed, Shilstone. The Tulame Student Council Officers Charles Brown Odom, President Medicine Herbert M. Shilstone, Jr., Vice-President Engineering Nathaniel B. Knighnt, Jr., Secretary Law Calvert G. de Coligny Commerce William F. Penney Arts and Science Sally Reed . New comb The Tulane University Student Council is an organization composed of the presidents of the various student bodies of the different colleges of the University. The council is supreme as a lavi -making and judicial body relative to all phases of student affairs which involve the University at large. The Student Council was or ganized with the inception of student government at Tulane, March, 1915. • PAGE THREE HUNDRED FORTY-FIVE e Crespo, Dennery, Eskrigge. Fox Goodman, Hirsch, Legier, Logan, McMahon Norris, Reed, Say man, Westfeldt Nc comb Situdeet Council Jane Fox President WiNiFRiED Eskrigge Vice-President Eleanor Legier Secretary-Treasurer Members Ex-Officio Sally Reed Audrey Fay Sayman Agnes Goodman Anna Jane Dohan Yvonne Crespo Mettha Westfeldt Marie Louise Tobin Members Elected Seniors Juniors Edith Norris • Peggy McMahon Elizabeth Pierson Fanny ' Dennery WiNiFRiED Eskrigge Eleanor Legier • PAGE THREE HUNDRED FORTY-SIX Eskrigge, Fox Reed, Teunisson, Wilson The Ne H comb Student Government Association Executive Committee Sally Reed President Winifred Eskrigce Fice-Presidetit Jane Fox President of Student Council Marjorie Wilson . ...... Correspo nding Secretary Louise Hirsch Recording Secretary Marjorie Logan Treasurer Audrey Fay Sayman House President Sophie Rollins House Secretary Lucille Torrey President, Doris Hall Camille Hagedorn President, JVarren House Agnes Goodman President, Senior Class Mettha Westfeldt President, Junior Class Marie Louise Tobin President, Sophomore Class Anna Jane Dohan President, Art Student Body Yvonne Crespo President, Music .Student Body Alice Schwartz President, Debating Club Elise McGehee President, Dramatic Club Elizabeth Jones President, Orchestra Edna Louise Frantz President, Glee Club Ruth Louise Marks President, Mandolin-Guitar Club Beverly Walton Presidetit, Y. IV. C. A. Mary Belle Rogan Chairman, Athletic Council Eunice Howsmon Editor of " Arcade " Muriel Haas Ne ' wcomb Editor of " Hullabaloo " Edith Norris Newcomb Editor of " Jambalaya " Elizabeth Pierson Ncwcomb Business Manager of " Jambalaya " Marie Louise Wilcox Chairman of Campus Night PAGE THREE HUNDRED FORTY-SEVEN de Buys, Feltus. Hurt. Norris. Pierson, Pisclioff, Robert, Scheinuk. The Tulam© Jambalaya Editor-in-Chief James M. Robert, Jr. Editorial Staff Edith Norris Neivcomb Editor J. H. Randolph Feltus Assistant Editor Harry de Buys Sports Editor Marshall Hurt Features Editor Darrell Pischoff Staff Artist Managerial Staff Arthur Scheinuk Business Manager Elizabeth Pierson .... Netvcomb Business Manager Mr. H. a. C.-iRLTON Photographer Mr. Leon M. Trice . . Sport and Feature Photographer • PAGE THREE HUNDRED FORTY-EIGHT • Eartlett, Cuchia, de Buys. Dolan Farmer, Feltus, Godfrey. Haas. Hurt Michel, Pischoff. Sweig, Vitter, Wickes, Wilcox The Tulane HuUalbaloo Official If cekly of Tulane University Editorial Staff Marshall Hurt Edilor-iii-Cliief Ralph Pearson issociate Editor Harrv de Buys Sports Editor Muriel Haas Nezvcomb Editor Marguerite Davenport . . Campus Editor Edmond LeBreton News Editor Joy Hearn Newcomb Features Marie Louise Wilcox Society Julian Bartlett . . Assistant Sports Editor Ralph O ' Leary Features Editor James H. Harrison Features Joseph Sweig .... Doicntown Medicine Joseph B. Holmes .... Uptoivn Medicine Elizabeth Kendall Architecture M. L. Michel Exchange Editor Darrell Pischoff Staff Artist Business Staff Imogene Stokes Local Adverlisine Manager Jimmy Farmer Circulation Manager Robert Reisfield Production Manager Linden Arthur Copy Manager Cob Russell, Assistant Local Ad ' vertising Manager William A. Wickes Business Manager ils.uTSBiffiWB ' Gretchen Vitter ' " . ' ' . ' ' u II ' iim; Newcomb Advertising Mgr. (wn Antoinette Cuchia mm Promotion Manager m James R. Godfrey Advertising Manager Jack W. Dolan Assistant Sales Manager • PAGE THREE HUNDRED FORTY-NINE • Davidson, Elder, Gertler, Inbau Knight, Leake, Lewis, Light, Little McCorniick, Parker, Samuel, Watson, Williams, Wilson Tulaee ' L.si ' w Kevie Officers Fred E. Inbau Jr Edilor-in-Cliief James J. Morrison Faculty Adviser George A. Wilson Secretary John P. Little Business Manager Hall T. Elder Civil Law Editor L. Julian Samuel Comparative Law Editor Austin W. Lewis Statutory Interpretation Editor Nathaniel B. Knight, Jr Book Review Editor James G. Bledsoe Index Editor John E. Parker Index Editor C. Girard Davidson David Gertler Members of Editorial Board Hunter C. Leake II William M. LigHT John F. McCormick Arthur C. Watson Richard B. Williams The Tulane Law Review is a legal periodical, published by the faciiltj- and students of the Tulane College of Law. It is a quarterly devoted primarily to civil law, comparative law, and statutory interpretation. Begun two yeears ago, as the successor to the Southern Law Quarterly, the Tulane Law Review has, in the brief span of its existence, gained prominence both in the United States and abroad as a leading journal of civil and comparative law. The Board of Editors is composed of junior and senior students attaining the highest scholastic honors in the College of Law. PAGE THREE HUNDRED FIFTY Caplan, Foley. Kolilmeyer. Mayer Kainold, Schwab, Sessions. Tulane Moot 4_.ourt s ompt Board of Advisers , , r .... Chairman C. L. Mayer (first semester) Chairman Ada MOTT (second semester) ], . ' , ' T HughBrister ■ ■ ■.i " " " " C. C. Williams, Jr Faculty Admscr Paul Brosman Faculty Admser Seniois George Fink Robert R. Rainold C. C. Sessions Charles Kohlmeyer Henrietta Schwartzburg Jack A. Williamson Juniors Lee Caplan Dudley Foley Leonard Greenburg Jack Schwab The Moot Court Competition is the medium through which law students receive practice in brief-writing and argument. It also teaches the use of a legal library and makes the study of law more real and more dramatic. The competition is to a certam extent modeled after vhe Ames Competition at the Harvard Law School, in that the entire student body is divided into clubs At the present there are four clubs composed of seniors and juniors. New members are elected from the freshman class during the second semester, but the points earned by them do not count in the competition. Only the points earned by the teams composed of senior and junior members when they argue against teams from other clubs determine the standing of the clubs which they represent. It takes two years to complete a competition, the points made durmg .he preceding year being added to the senior points of the current year. The two clubs having ihe greatest number of points argue in the final round, and the name of the winning club with all its members is placed on the marble plaque in the law library. The Benjamin Club, represented by Miss Margaret Carrick Lester and Mr. Bernard McCloskey, was the winner of the 1930-31 competition. . ..... r ,, n .. 1 t, ; The Moot Court Board of Advisers has exclusive jurisdiction of Moot Court work, it is composed of seniors and juniors of the College of Law, chosen by the faculty because of iheir rank as honor students in their respective classes. Under their direction, work which has received the approval and praise of some of the leading members of the Louisiana Bar has been accom- plished. PAGE THREE HUNDRED FIFTY-ONE Adams, Bartlett. " Bergland, Blanchard, Bosgs Brown, Dawkins, Felton, Gottschalk, Haas Hainkel, Hardesty, Huber, Hurt, Hyde, Jacobs Jones, Kelleher, Knowles, LeBreton, Maltry, Miller Mills, Myers, Nolan, Olivier, Sherman, Silverstein Stanton, Swinney, Thomas, Weed, Welman PAGE THREE HUNDRED FIFTY-TWO Tmlan© Glee Club Officers Henri Wehrman ' N Director Ben C. Dawkins, Jr President Edward B. Silverstelv Vice-President BuFORD M. MvERS, Jr Business Manager Lawrence C. Michel ... • Secretary Ulisse M. Nolan Librarian T. Marshall Hurt, Jr Publicity Manager Members James E. Bilbo Carver W. Blanchard Henry S. Chambers Clarke H. Gillespy First Tenors Harry Haas, Jr. Jack M. Knowles Luis Martinez Rene A. Martinez C. Rodney Mills Edward B. Silverstein Allen M. Steiner Clyde J. Surgi Naugle K. Thomas Joseph C. M ' alker, Jr. Clyde McD. Anderson C. Julian Bartlett Harry D. de Buy ' S William C. Felton James L. Hyde, Jr. Second Tenors Robert C. Kelleher Frank M. Labouisse Denvrich C. LeBreton Charles G. Lee Nicholas D. Y. Olivier H. Tharp Posey John C. Weed Horace C. Welman Fabian P. Wiederecht Valmore M. Wilson Robert M. Adams Harry W. Bergland Jack Gottschalk Charles W. Gruber, Jr. Baritones J. J. Hainkel Irving Hardesty, Jr. R. Cary Jones Emile Maltry Buford M. Myers, Jr. Ulisse M. Nolan A. Balfour Patterson, Jr. Gideon T. Stanton, Jr. Thomas H. Boggs Thomas R. Brown Ben C. Dawkins, Jr. Basses Elmer O. Huber Samuel G. Jacobs E. G. Baker Marsh Jack McBryde Lawrence C. Michel Paul H. Miller Moss Sherman • PAGE THREE HUNDRED FIFTY-THREE • The Tulame University Band Officers Dr. Frederick Hard Director R. C. Jones . ' . Manager Wm. H. Haeuser, Jr Assistant Manager Richard E. Wagner Librarian Philip P. Giuffre Assistant Librarian M. A. HiGGiNS Drill Sergeant J. J. Hainkel Drum Major James J. La Nasa Assistant Drum Major Samuel Friedman Property Manager William G. Blackwell . . Assistant Property Manager Jules J. Viosca, Jr Publicity Manager Patrick J. Araguel William G. Blackwell Lemann H. Bounds Locke Brown, Jr. A. J. Bruno, Jr. Joseph O. Carson, Jr. Ralph H. Delaune Jack W. Dolan Walter F. Eigenbrod Peter J. Erickson, Jr. Esmond A. Fatter Stanley C. Fitzpatrick Dudley C. Foley, Jr. Ralph Friedman Samuel Friedman Jacob M. Gensburger Harry F. Gilmore Members Philip P. Giuffre Harry Haas, Jr. William H. Haeuser, Jr. J. J. Hainkel Joseph C. Hartman Martin Hebert Joseph L. Helwick, Jr. Oliver W. Heyden M. A. HigGiNs James B. Hyndman Edwin C. Jansen R. Cary Jones Lane C. Kendall James J. LaNasa Matthew J. LaNasa Louis Masinter Harry Meyer Arthur F. Moinet, Jr. E. John Muth Hans Nielsen Jens C. Nielsen, Jr. Herbert P. Pellegrini Gladstone Phillips Frederick L. Reuter R. B. Rordam Irving S. Seligmann Wyatt Sharpe Robert J. Southerland Melvin D. Steiner John C. Suares Garland F. Taylor Jules J. Viosca, Jr. Oswald W. Viosca Richard E. Wagner Valmore M. Wilson PAGE THREE HUNDRED FIFTY-FOUR W -n (ibnuiitar Officers Ruth Louise Marks . . . Madelin Richardson Adrienne Bruno Eulalie Harvey Members Guitars Mildred Port eous Madelin Richardson President Secretary-Treasurer JosiE SCHIRO Eloise Voorhies Marion Biewer Jiolins Doris Lurie Sophie Rollins AlandoUns Banjos Wynogene Haggard Dorothy Hansen Jean Rathborne Jane Walker Piano Marie Louise Wilcox Ida Barnett Ruth Louise Marks Ukulele J. N. Moses Joel Samuel PAGE THREE HUNDRED FIFTY-FIVE e Methe, Schwartz, Tansey The Jemaie C» Nixon Debating Club Officers Alice Schwartz President JuANiTA Tansey C iairman of Debate Louise Hirsch Secretary-Treasurer Membership E. Adler H. Arndt M. Butler B. COHN P. Cope L. Davis F. Dennery C. Drawe Z. Ensenat A. Schwartz D. Stern J. Tansey H. Titsworth M. L. ToBiN A. Weill C. Wiener E. L. Frantz M. Fossier B. Geisenberger M. Haas H. Harry L. Hecht L. Hirsch S. Hirsch F. Hotard E. Hy ' man B. Johnson J. Katz M. KOHLMAN E. LaNasa Z. LaNasa L. Maas C. Maltry L. Marx H. A. Methe E. A. McMurray R. Nlx M. Richardson ' I. Rittenberg P. Robinson D. B. Sale PAGE THREE HUNDRED FIFTY-SIX Bouijere, Hubert, Hyman. Inbau. G. Jackson R. Jackson, LeBreton, Moore, Phillips. Seligmami Tualane Oratorical and Delbatinig Council Officers Leon D. Hubert, Jr. . . Edmond J. LeBreton . . Chairman Secretary Faculty Members Dr. J. M. McBryde, Chairman Dr. Clarence E. Bonnett Dr. Rufus C. H.arris Mr. Richard R. Kirk Mr. F. Santry Reed Student Members Walter C. Bougere, Jr. Leon D. Hub ert, Jr. Stanford L. Hyman Fred E. Inbau, Jr. Gordon St. C. Jackson J. Robert Jackson Edmond J. LeBreton A. Brown Moore Gladstone Phillips Delegates from Glexdy Burke Joseph O. Carson, Jr. Buford M. Myers, Jr. The Oratorical and Debating Council is an organization composed of faculty members and students, which supervises intercollegiate debating. • PAGE THREE HUNDRED FIFTY-SEVEN O Eoggs, Carson, Cleveland. Davidson, D ' Ingianni Friedman, Hamlet, Hay, Herman, Husch, G. Jackson R. Jackson, Jones, Kammer. Kierr, LeBreton. Martin McHugh, McNeill. Moore, Myers, O ' Connor, Odom Olivier, Phelps, Pradel, Ratclifte. Reisfeld, Seligmann Singer, ' Weed, Weiss, " Willmer, Wolfe • PAGE THREE HUNDRED FIFTY-EIGHT • Til© Gleedy Burke Literary and Defeating Society Officers A. Brown Moore Speaker Gordon St. C. Jackson . . Vice-Speaker Samuel W. Nelken Secretary-Treasurer Edmond J. LeBreton Censor Raymond H. Kierr Historian Nolan C. Kammer Sergeajil-at-Arms Richard T. Stephenson Faculty Critic Delegate to the Oratorical and Debating Council Joseph O. Carson, Jr. Delegate to the Oratorical and Debating Council BuFORD M. AIyers, Jr. Members Thomas H. Boggs Joseph O. Carson, Jr. Murray F. Cleveland David B. Comer, III C. Girard Davidson Robert E. Friedman Louis J. Genella, Jr. Charles B. Hamlet, III Elliott B. Hay Jack C. Herman Jacob Hirsch Gordon St. C. Jackson J. Robert Jackson A. J. Jones Nolan C. Kammer Lane C. Kendall Raymond H. Kierr Edmond J. LeBreton Edwin A. Leland, Jr. Walter A. Lurie Fontaine Martin, Jr. William R. McHugh, Jr. J. David McNeill A. Brown Moore BuFORD M. Myers, Jr. Leonard Nelken Samuel W. Nelken John A. O ' Connor, Jr. John S. Odom AsHTON Phelps Leon A. Pradel Edwin J. Putzell, Jr. Harold E. Ratcliffe Robert I. Reisfeld Andrew L. Romeo Gideon T. Stanton, Jr. John C. Weed Richard C. B. Whitten Manfred R. Willmer Jack M. Wolfe PAGE three hundred FIFTY-NINE • Brown, Chalaron, Cuchia, Dennery, Eustis Godfrey, Jackson, Kammer, Karp, LeBreton, McNeill Moore, Myers, Seligmann, Stoutz, Taylor, Tharp, AVeed The Tulanc University Dramatic Guild Officers Garland F. Taylor President Irving S. Seligmann Vice-President BuFORD M. Myers, Jr Secretary-Treasurer John C. Weed Business Manager Faculty Committee Dr. John M. McBryde Dr. R. P. McCutcheon Prof. R. T. Stephenson Thomas R. Brown Frank J. Chalaron " , Jr. David B. Comer, III Antoinette C. Cuchia Members MOISE W. Dennery ' Edward H. Ellis Ernest L. Eustis, Jr. Elliott B. Hay Nolan C. Kammer Sidney S. Karp Edmond J. LeBreton J. David McNeill Louis R. Massett Sidney Miles A. Brown Moore BuFORD M. MVERS, Jr. Samuel W. Nelken Irving S. Seligmann Eugene B. Simmons Edwin A. Stoutz Garland F. Taylor Howard A. Weadock John C. Weed B. Bernard Weinstein PAGE THREE HUNDRED SIXTY Crespo, Ketcham, McGehee, Schwartz The Nei comlb Dramatic Club Officers Elise McGehee President YvON ' NE Crespo Vice-President Alice Schwartz Secretary Doris Stern Treasurer Ethel Ketcham Stage Manager Mejmbership E. Alltmont E. Daspit C. Hartrampf E. McMurrav A. Schwartz H. Arndt L. Davis F. Ivens E. Norris Z. Shallcross H. Barnes F. Dewery M. Jumel L. Newman P. Shaw M. Barnes M. Dohan Y. Jumel M. Nelson M. Salomon M. Barnett K. Devereux M. Jannsen R. Nix E. Smith R. Barton D. Dahlberg M. Kohlman E. Pierson N. Stack P. Bennett A. Eddington B. Knox J. Pharr L. Tarlton S. Bernhard G. Ensenat V. Logan B. Phillips M. L. Tobin M. Byrne E. Fairchild E. LaNasa C. Porterfield D. Tujaque H. Bradley M. Fossier H. Lyon E. Peterson P. Tucker A. Bruno L. Fairlie L. Maas H. Powell F. Thibaut J. Brown L. N. Ferguson E. Magruder J. Quillian V. Vail M. Burton I. Gayden J. Meyer L. Quarterman R. Viallon B. Cohn E. Grace J. Martin M. Rainey D. Vox J. CONOVER V. GUENARD L. MarX I. RiTTENBERG H. WaLKER V. Carter F. Gomila L. Mayer B. Ricks A. Weill J. Chambers P. Hale L. McGehee P. Robinson E. Willoz S. Cherry E. Hancock L. Moore S. Reed M. Wilson M. Clarke E. Hartley L. Moore N. Reeves A. Wolbrette C. Claiborne J. Hearn V. Myers L. Rivers M. Whitehead M. Cottrell J. Heiss C. Maltry A. Rush H. Wander E. Cothran E. Howsmon H. Methe J. Samuel A. Wirth G. COYLE P. Hudson J. Moses C. Samuel A. Wise Y. Crespo T. Hausmann F. McClure J. Schiro L. Wehrmann L. Hecht C. Meyer E. Schupp • PAGE THREE HUNDRED SIXTY-ONE Frantz, Howsmon, Moore. Price. The Ne H comb Arcade Staff Eunice Howsmon Editor-in-CJnef Edna Louise Frantz Literary Editor Carolyn Bower Art Editor Class Editors Senior Sophomore Leonie Davis Inez Green Junior Freshman Doris Stern Alma Wirth Business Manager Assistant Business Manager Lalise Moore Frances Price • PAGE THREE HUNDRED SIXTY-TWO Blessey, Hagedoni, Frantz Ne H comb Glee Club Officers Edna Louise Frantz President Camille Hagedorn Vice-President Caroline Blessey • Secretary-Treasurer Fannie Dennery Business Manager Willie Frances Coleman Librarian Josephine Wander Accompanist Members First Soprancjs M. L. Baker A. Favaloro G. Hanover E. LaNasa K. Schlegel I. Barnett E. L. Frantz D. Hansen L. Lowenstein E. Shibley R. Beaver S. Gates T. Hausmann A. Morvan ' t E. Trowbridge D. Bernard F. Gomila F. Hummel V. Rembert D. Thompson J. Brown R. Green M. Jarmon I. Rice B. Walton B. Carre U. Guenard E. Johnston M. Rosser A. Weill M. Carre B. Geisenberger L. Jones M. F. Royals L. Weed C. Coats W. Haggard Y. Jumel A. Rush M. J. Williams M. Ellis C. Wyatt Second Sopranos M. Barnes M. Clarke B. Holt E. Menuet J. Samuel C. Barret E. Colomb J. Jones V. Morelock B. Walker R. Barton M. Cottrell D. Kirkham L. Owens H. Walker C. Blessey F. Coyle L. Lawrason W. Palmer L. Walker M. Blessey L. Earhart F. R. Lazarus E. Potter B. Watt V. Bourne E. Fischer A. Lemann B. Reed A. Weed K. Briede D. Fuller D. Lockhart E. Rivers L. Wehrmann M. Brumby M. E. Gardner B. Lowdon E. Royals M. L. Willoz V. Clay J. Heiss M. Maddux R. Ryder A. Wolbrette S. Hirsch R. Manheim C. Samuel Altos M. Barnett F. Dennery M. LoCascio L. D. Newman L. Scharfenstein B. Brown S. Greenhut E. Malter J. O ' Dell J. Schiro C. Carter C. Hagedorn K. Mahorner L. G. Odom R. Shaw W. F. Coleman P. Hale J. Marlow S. Reed J. Tansey L. Dameron M. Holt L. McLellan I. Rittenberg K. Thornton L. Davis C. Jahncke C. Merot R. Samuels V. Vail E. Lecier R. Moses A. F. Sayman PAGE THREE HUNDRED SIXTY-THREE Crespo, Haas, Rollins, Sayman, Simon The Ne H comlb Orchestra Officers Elizabeth Jones President LuciLE Owens Vice-President Sophie Rollins Secretary-Treasurer Members Violins First Audrey Fay Sayman Laura Plant Charlotte Merot Second Hilda Simon Sophie Rollins T iird Elizabeth Rivers Anna Wolbreite Rose Lazarus LoRNA Newman VioLiNCELLO Clarinets Lucile Owens Viola Vail Thelma Boudra PlAXO o Saxophone Cerda Donovan Muriel Haas H- P Mellophone Maude Jarmon . Louise Frantz Trumpets Drums Marion Butler Elizabeth Jones Pat Tucker Yvonne Crespo • PAGE three hundred SIXTY-FOUR Coleman, Fox, Hagedorn, McMahon Price, Rollins, aayman, Torrey Council of Kesident Stui deets Officers Audrey Fay Sayman President Camille Hagedorn Vice-Prrsidcnt Lucille Torrey Doris Hall President Sophie Rollins Secretary Frances Price East IFing President Tom Turner West Wing President House Council 1932 Willie Frances Coleman Elizabeth Jones Mamie Packer Jane Fox (ex-officioj Sally Reed (ex-officio) 1933 Sally Breard Juanita Heiss Peggy McMahon Nancy Stack Genevieve Whipple 1934 Anna Powell Burns Eunice Howsmon Emma Lemann Viola Vail Doris Hall Representative Eunice Howsmon Mistress of Revels Frances Van Winkle Art Committee Chairman Margaret Roberts Fire CInef • PAGE THREE HUNDRED SIXTY-FIVE Ketcham, Morelock, Palmer Rogan, Rowley, Westteldt Newcomb Athletic Council Officers Mary Belle Rogan ■ ■ ■ Chairman Ethel Ketcham • Secretary-Treasurer Geraldine Couturier President of " N " Club Members Seniors Geraldine Couturier Winifred Palmer Ethel Ketcham Mary Belle Rogan Shirley Teunnison Juniors Ida Rittenberg Mettha Westfeldt Sophomores Vassar Morelock June Rowley The aim of this organization and the council is to promote and foster interest in athletics, thereby forming and framing a stronger mind in a stronger body through participation in sports offered. • PAGE THREE HUNDRED SIXTY-SIX Bougere, Jackson, Kierr, LeBreton Tulane letematioiial Relations Clulb Officers Walter C. Bougere, Jr President Edmond J. LeBreton Vice-President J. Robert Jackson Secretary Raymond H. Kierr Treasurer Eduardo F. Lens Sergeant-at-Arms Members Ambassador Salvador Bonilla Mexico Ambassador Julio J. Castellanos Brazil Ambassador Alfredo de Castro Nicaraugua Ambassador Carlos A. Fernandez Chili Ambassador Hernan R. Franco Porto Rico Ambassador Louis J. Genella, Jr China Ambassador Francisco Hernandez (Recio) . . Turkey Ambassador J. Robert Jackson Russia Ambassador Raymond H. Kierr Germany Ambassador Ambrosio Lamadriz Siueden Ambassador Edmond J. LeBreton England Ambassador Eduardo F. Lens Cuba Ambassador Charles D. Marshall France Ambassador Fontaine Martin Jr Italy Ambassador Luis Martinez Argentina Ambassador Rene A. Martinez-Pedro . Philippine Islands Ambassador Gladstone Phillips Spain Ambassador Jose Tellechea (Otamendi) . . . Portugal Ambassador John M. Wolfe Japan Ambassador Morris Wright Denmark • PAGE THREE HUNDRED SIXTY-SEVEN Briley, Chambers, Geier, Haas. Howard, Huber. Jones Kotteman, Labouisse, Lachin, Learned, LeBreton, Livaudais, Miles, Nolan Pischoft, Reisch, Robelot, Silverstein, StauKer, Welman, Wilson The Tttlame Architectural Society R. Cary Jones President Horace C. Welman Vice-President Edward F. Neild, Jr Secretary LoRis K. Levy Treasurer Jack F. Wilson Scrijeant-at-.4rms Lewis A. Lachin Jambalaya Representative Members Seniors Newton R. Howard Denvrich C. Le Breton Milton P. Robelot Horace C. Welman F. Monroe Labouisse Ulisse M. Nolan Edward B. Silverstein William F. Williams Erston H. Reisch Myrthe Stauffer Juniors Harry F. Allen Charles J. Dean, Jr. Janet E. Hooper Loris K. Levy John W. Babst Moise M. Fishman Elmer O. Huber Earl L. Mathes Wm. J. Carmouche in Harry Haas, Jr. R. Cary Jones Edward F. Neild, Jr. DarRELL J. PiSCHOFF Sophotnores Percy E. Briley Emile F. Fuhrmann Clarence J. Hughes Osing C. Kottemann F. Beale Chambers David C. E. Geier Elisabeth R. Kendall Jack F. Wilson Freshmen James E. Best John M. Holling Raoul Livaudais Andrew S. Montz, Jr. Henry E. Bredow Minna B. Hopkins Robert L. Lobdell Joseph F. Roth, Jr. Silvanus H. Faubion, Jr. Lewis A. Lachin Emory N. Maddux Joseph C. Walker, Jr. George R. Fisher Alvah C. Learned William P. Miles, Jr. Mary J. Weil Lee p. Wells PAGE THREE HUNDRED SIXTY-EIGHT Blessey, Crespo, X.emann " Walton, Rollins, Wilson Youmg Women ' s Christian Association Officers Beverly Walton President Alice Lemann Vice-President Sophie Rollins Secretary Yvonne Crespo Treasurer Cabinet Members Frances Price Program C iairman Caroline Blessey Town Finance Marjorie Wilson Social Service Julie Brown Publicity Eleanor Schupp Entertainment Faculty Advisors Miss Troy Miss Anderson Miss Christian O PAGE THREE HUNDRED SIXTY-NINE O Ntnndin — Hubert, Davidson, Mc Waters, Gay, Bougere, Cook Sitting- — Mills, AVells, Taylor. Moore, Jones Tulaee s Young Mem s Christiaa Association Cabinet Members Garland F. Taylor President A. Brown Moore First Vice-President A. J. Jones Second Vice-President Lynn S. McWaters Secretary W. WiLLEROY Wells Treasurer Verbon F. Gay General Secretary Cabinet Members-at-Large Walter C. Bougere, Jr. Leon D. Hubert, Jr. William W. Cook C. Rodney Mills C. Girard Davidson Rivers Singleton Advisory Board Prof. A. Lee Dunlap Chairman Prof. G. W. Regenos Treasurer Dean E. A. Bechtel Rev. H. L. Johns Mr. Fred W. Ellsworth Rev. J. S. Land Dr. Frederick Hard Dr. J. Adair Lyon Dean Rufus C. Harris Rev. D. Will Miller • page three hundred seventy The Tulame Aero Officers Paul L. Janssen President John H. McLeod, Jr Vice-President John A. Haase III ' Secretary Paul H. Meyers Treasurer Honorary Members Rear Admiral T. P. Magruder Lieutenant J. J. Wilkinson In Facultate James M. Robert Lane C. Kendall Members Vernon R. Adrion Albert J. Fransen Louis R. Klein Thomas E. Alexander, Jr. L. Delery Freret Louis L Korn John B. Caron S. G. Frank Haas, Jr. Dennis C. Meyer Enrique M. Carrillo Audio G. Harvey Jack M. Roehm Edgar M. Dunn Charles B. Hassenboehler W. Donald Singer Alphe G. Jarreau • PAGE THREE HUNDRED SEVENTY-ONE • Haas, Pischoff, Phillips, Marchiz , The Chess and Checkers Club Officers William J. Phillips, Jr President William J. Carmouche III Vice-President Lynn S. McWaters Secretary-Treasurer Samuel W. Nelken Chairman of Tournament Committee Members Earl O. Dailey Isadore A. Marchiz C. Hermom Deam, Jr. Darrell J. Pischoff Samuel Friedman Andrew L. Romeo Joseph Kleinfeldt Leon M. Teles Louis Yasnyi Honorary Members VtKBON F. Gay Leon Goldberg Faculty Adviser Dr. Ernest H. Riedel O PAGE THREE HUNDRED SEVENTY-TWO • ent Receipts Student Fees $1,750,000.00 Graft on Contracts 444,000.00 Donations from Kind Friends Total $2,194,000.00 Expenses Opening Dinner Dance $ 5,000.00 Damages to Club After Opening Dinner Dance 16,455.61 Cost of Raising the President ' s Car from River . . 895.00 Salaries of Employes 45-50 Stamps 0.02 Stationery, Ink, Pencils, etc 1.98 Chaise Lounge for Office 150.00 Salaries of Detectives to Watch the Manager of Student Activities 6,500.00 Salaries of Detectives to Watch the Detectives Who Watched the Manager of Student Activities 22,000.00 Funds Stolen by Detectives 49.99 Cigars for Council Members 559-00 Allotments to Organizations 13.47 Lost at Southport 77,500.00 Entertainers for Council Meetings 45,000.00 Taxi-cabs 999.00 Final Banquet 7S-oo Fixings for Final Banquet 100,000-00 Total Expenses $ 218,653-72 Profit 1,975,346.28 Note: The surplus will be paid to the Council Members as a token of appreciation for their invaluable services. • PAGE THREE HUNDRED SEVENTY-THREE • Fraternity man giving Freshman a Rush. Tulane man being taken nback. Prof. Reed ' s little daughter gels a new spring bonnet. THIS IS RESERVEP FOR YOU TO PRAW YoL R fEKA M ,- 521 The hitch-hiker takes up channel swimming. ■4 i fmm. C ALP " " " Say, who is this guy " Action " that everybody - strips for? ' Martyr to science: " The Medics took my bones. " - e tgs Dr. Bonnett holds an Economics class. ' Who gave you that black eye? ' ' Nobody, I had to fight for itJ —fr -p- Josephine: " What ' s the greatest Greek tragedy? " Louise: " You know I never knock other sororities. " High School Grad: " Is this the Beta house? Well, I ' m a tennis player. " Beta Rush Captain: " Just a minute, sir, we will send right down. " Prof. Williams lectures to a class in Insurance. " How ' s your son getting along down at Tulane? " Appear in Paeel NEWCOMB SENIORS Ruth Allen . ........ New Orleans Esther Cleveland New Orleans Geraldine Couturier New Orleans Helen Dafoe New Orleans Cerda Donovan New Orleans Bernice Edwards Ponchatoula, La. RosuBUD Piker Baton Rouge, La. Elizabeth Quinlan Wichita, Kan. Edith Reeves Franklin, La. Marie Rodriguez New Orleans Lois Saunders Cleveland, Oiiio Jessa Soper Greenville, Miss. Tom Turner McComb, Miss. NEWCOMB JUNIORS Martha Barnes New Orleans Ruth Beaver New Orleans Meredith Becutel New Orleans Carolyn Bower Bainbridge, Ga. Sally Breard Monroe, La. Betty Briscoe Memphis, Tenn. Muriel Burkhardt New Orleans Florence Bush Mexico D. F., Mex. Hermoine Cahn New Orleans Cora Carter Atlanta, Ga. Jane Conover New Orleans Ruth Dickey New Orleans Dorothy Donald Goodman, Mi:s. Catherine Drawe New Orleans JuANiTA Gaille New Orleans Miriam Gilliam Huntsville, Ala. Shuree Guberman Goose Creek, Tex. Jeanelle Hardy Barnesville, Ga. RowENA Harrison New Orleans Dolores Hayford New Orleans Florence Kaplan Laurel, Miss. Sister Mary Kennedy New Orleans Mary LoCascio New Orleans Marcella Ogden Hattiesburg, Miss. Leonora Quarterman .... Ridgeland, S. C. Marion Rainey New Orleans Mariana Roach Dallas, Tex. Margaret Roberts Alexandria, La. Carolyn Samuel New Orleans Jane Smith Fon du Lac, Wis. Ellen Willoz New Orleans Annie Woods New Orleans NEWCOMB SOPHOMORES Anna Bailey . . ; Vernon, Tex. Edith Ballard Bay St. Louis, Miss. Dee Barksdale Alexandria, La. Bernice Barre Edgard, La. Velma Bosworth Birmingham, Ala. Meredith Brock Trenton, Ga. Madge Burley ' New Orleans Anna Burns Selma, Ala. Grace Carr Ardmore, Okla. Helen Carter Houston, Tex. Helen Cefalu Amite, La. Chaille Chiasson Port Nechez, Tex. Mary Chiasson Port Nechez, Tex. Carol Coats New Orleans Elizabeth Colomb New Orleans Martha Davis Ft. Worth, Tex. ZoiLA Ensenat New Orleans Alice Evans New Orleans Frances Evans New Orleans Marguerite Fesi Houma, La. Orahlee Flaspoller ..... Lake Charles, La. Nellie Green Houston, Tex. Betsy Greene Cleveland Heights, Ohio Elise Greenwald New Orleans TiLLiE Handelman New Orleans Mary Hanley Atlanta, Ga. Hattie Hitt New Orleans Magda Janssen New Orleans Elizabeth Johnson Chattanooga, Tenn. Elizabeth Jones New Orleans Roberta Kaiin Milwaukee, Wis. Zerline Kahn Winnsboro, La. Velma Kidd Birmingham, Ala. Alice Kilpatrick New Orleans Lily Laney Columbus, Ga. Lillian Lawrason New Orleans Elizabeth Lehman Portsmouth, Ohio Sue Lisso New Orleans Mary Logan Atlanta, Ga. Frances Lyle New Orleans Evelyn Ly ' ONS New Orleans Esther Malter New Orleans Lena Marx New Orleans PAGE THREE HUNDRED EIGHTY Mildred Mattison Rockford, 111. Hermixe McBee Greenwood, Miss. Charlotte Merot New Orleans Helen- Nagel Edgard, La. Baeette Netter Donaldsonville, La. Elizabeth North Corpus Christi, Tex. Lucille Owens Little Rock, Ark. Edith Perrin Pine Bluff, Ark. Marv Fieri New Orleans Margaret Preston Galveston, Tex. Tennie Raulston Richard City, Tenn. Virginia Rembert New Orleans Irene Rice New Orleans Mathilde Richards New Orleans Mary Robertshaw . . . . . . Greenville, Miss. Susan Robertshaw Greenville, Miss. Nanette Selig Monroe, La. Edvvina Shaw New Orleans Jane Slaughter Bogalusa, La. Dorothy Sprott New- Orleans Ann Sullens Jackson, Miss. Louise Tarlton New Orleans Marie Louise Tobin New Orleans Ruth Viallon New Orleans Eloise Voorhies New Orleans Mercedes V ' ulliet New Orleans Annie Walker Helena, Ark. Bertha We.xler New Orleans Hope Whisnant Charlotte, N. C. Albert Whiteknact New Orleans Elizabeth Williams New Orleans Eileen Wolff Plainfield, N. J. NEWCOMB FRESHMEN Elaine Adler Birmingham, Ala. Helen Anderson New Orleans Eleanor Atkins Monroe, La. Margaret Bates Bogalusa, La. Marion Biewer New Orleans Madelin-e Bayon New Orleans Marguerite Bayon New Orleans Ruby Billingslea Albany, Ga. Elfrida Bisso New Orleans Marie Bonneau New Orleans Dora Bonquois New Orleans Thelma Boudra New Orleans Virginia Bourne New Orleans Zaida Brown Rockford, 111. Martha Brumby Franklin, La. ZULA Mae Byrd Gulfport, Miss. Pauline Cabibi New Orleans Lucille Cafiero Donaldsonville, La. Clara Chamberlain Natchez, Miss. Mary Chamberlain Natchez, Miss. Louise Cohn Memphis, Tenn. Gertrude Day New Orleans Ruth Crosby Greenville, Miss. Doris Davis Kansas City, Mo. Aimee Delcroix New Orleans Nina Denis New Orleans Kathryn Devereux New Orleans Betty Dosch New Orleans Helen Dufour ......... New Orleans Orient Eberhart New Orleans Mary Fellman New Orleans Genevieve Filson Houston, Tex. Geraldine Gaudet New Orleans Barbara Geisenberger Dallas, Tex. Helen Goldman Dallas, Tex. Sara Greenhut Pensacola, Fla. Mathilde Gutman New Orleans Elizabeth Hadley Ruston, La. Gl.adys Hanover Birmingham, Ala. Rose Hartstein New Orleans Audrey Herbert Metairie Ridge, La. Dorothy Heidelberg Hattiesburg, Miss. Clare Hightower New Orleans Martha Hutchins Houston, Tex. Gertrude Jackman New Orleans Maude Jarmon New Orleans Jacqueline Katz New Orleans Juliet Kemp New Orleans Aline Kennedy New Orleans Freddie Kolstad Palestine, Tex. Margaret Krumbhaar Houma, La. Shirley de Latour New Orleans IRMA Lazarus New Orleans Katherine Lewis Ardmore, Okla. Frances Llewlyn Stockton, Calif. Gladys Long ........ Birmingham, Ala. Louise Lowenstein Memphis, Tenn. Amy Lynch Gretna, La. SuzANNA Malavansos Tyler, Tex. Elizabeth Malone New Orleans Carolyn Maltry New Orleans Josephine Marlow ..... Birmingham, Ala. Lydiane Marrero Metairie Ridge, La. Virginia Marsh New Orleans Janice Mayer Chicago, 111. Cecelia Merrill New Orleans Frances Mitchell Houston, Tex. Leila Myers New Orleans LoRNA Newman Cincinnati, Ohio Jane Niccrosi Montgomery, Ala. Gertrude Pearson Little Rock, Ark. Amelia Plant New Orleans Julia Ponder Amite, La. Myrtle Pope Bunkie, La. Bert Prince Houston, Tex. Janet Quillian HolK-wood, Calif. Jeanne Rathborne Decatur, Ga. Inez Reuland Kansas City, Mo. PAGE THREE HUNDRED EIGHTY-ONE Carolyn Riddle New Orleans Dorothy Sale Jonesboro, Ark. Mary Salomon Oklahoma City, Okla. JoFX Samuel New Orleans Rose Dell Samuel New Orleans Aldona Savage Vaux Hall, N. J. Kathertne Schlegel New Orleans Mary Seemann New Orleans Naomi Segall New Orleans Miriam Seward Yazoo City, Miss. Phyllis Shaw New Orleans Ruth Shaw Dallas, Tex. Virginia Springer Kansas City, Mo. Dorothy Stebbins Garyville, La. Janet Stevens New Orleans Margaret Strange New Orleans Rachel Sweeney Bonham, Tex. Elizabeth Turnipseed .... Washington, D. C. Grace Vales New Orleans Dorothy Walker New Orleans Helen Walker Dallas, Tex. Alva Weatherford New Orleans Dorothy White Kingsport, Tenn. Elizabeth Wiggins New Orleans Mary Wilson Waco, Tex. Eleanor Wise Lima, Ohio ARTS AND SCIENCES SENIORS Lowell Dawson River Falls, Wis. Alvyn Day New Orleans Robert Day New Orleans Luther Fortenberry Amite, La. DOMINICK Geraci New Orleans Harry C. Glover, Jr Bay St. Louis, Miss. Robert Hills New Orleans Dr. George Hopkins Vi lage, Tex. Stanford Hyman New Orleans Lucius Levee, Jr ■ New Orleans John A. Lewis, Jr New Orleans Noah L. Lord New Orleans Ephraim Lubritz New Orleans John M. McBryde, Jr New Orleans Charles Macmurdo, HI New Orleans Ney Jules Marks New Orleans Lawrence Michel New Orleans Arthur F. Moinet, Jr New Orleans James J. Morrison New Orleans Frank B. Ogden Metairie, La. Carroll J. Peirce New Orleans Julia Rhodus Chicago, 111. Walter Rodriguez New Orleans Charles Smith New Orleans Milton Steckler New Orleans William F. Woods, Jr Shreveport, La. Willy Lee Woodward .... Sicily Island, La. ARTS AND SCIENCES JUNIORS Edgar Aime New Orleans C. A. Allenburger, Jr Columbus, Nebr. Clitje Anderson Forest, Miss. Patrick Araguel New Orleans Marshall Ballard, Jr New Orleans Ruth Bass Hazlehurst, Miss. Lazard Brener New Orleans John B. Caron New Orleans Charles Carriere Laurel, Miss. Joel A. Dawson, Jr Mobile, Ala. Charlotte Feeder New Orleans WiLLARD FiNKELSTEiN El Campo, Tex. Grant Freeman New Orleans C. A. Geier, Jr New Orleans TuLLiE Gelpi New Orleans L. J. Genella, Jr New Orleans John M. Genovese New Orleans Eric E. Guilbeau, Jr Carencro, La. Lloyd DeCell Guy Monroe, La. Walter W. Haar New Orleans Mabel Herrick Lansing, Mich. DOYLESS L. Hill Sand Springs, Okla. Norman Hines Seven Springs, N. C. Charles Hooper Jackson, Miss. John Jochems Wichita, Kans. James H. Kepper, Jr New Orleans Wm. Ballin Kohlman, Jr New Orleans Harold Lemmon Patterson, La. Mary Loeb New Orleans Louis Long New Orleans Ralph Luttenton Sandusk y, Ohio Ernest McLellan New Orleans E. B. Mercer, Jr New Orleans Samuel W. Nelken New Orleans John J. Read Picayune, Miss. Alvin Roy Rolfs New Orleans Benjamin Sarota Lynn, Mass. William Schroeder .... Donald:onville, La. Rivers Singleton Slidell, La. Drew L. Smith New Orleans Edward Solomon Jacksonville, Fla. James Stephens Wylam, Ala. Clyde J. Surgi New Orleans Clifford Sutter New Orleans Morris Teles New Orleans Kathryn L. Veith Belcher, La. PAGE THREE HUNDRED EIGHTY-TWO Miriam Veith New Orleans Benedict Weinstein Brooklyn, N. Y. William W. Wells Baton Rouge, La. Richard C. B. Whitten New Orleans Morris Wright Eunice, La. M. L. Wuescher, Jr Bogalusa, La. ARTS AND SCIENCES SOPHOMORES Wilhelmina Bacher New Orleans Richard Bankston Hammond, La. J. L. BarroWj Jr Pelahatchie, Miss. J. W. BiCK, Jr New Orleans Joseph S. Blaize Bay St. Louis, Miss. Louis Boasberg New Orleans Bradley Brownson New Orleans Charles Calhoun Bastrop, La. Samuel Carriere Laurel, Miss. E. H. Claverie, Jr New Orleans William H. Cook, Jr New Orleans John Corso New Orleans Byard Edwards Ponchatoula, La. GiRARD Fernandez New Orleans William Fisher New Orleans Samuel Friedman New Orleans Vincent Gambino New Orleans Frank Geraci New Orleans Nathan Goldstein New Orleans Frank Gomila New Orleans Nat Greenblatt New Orleans Charles K. Haik Leland, Miss. Kenneth Hanemann New Orleans Edwin J. Herpich New Orleans John M. Johnson San Saba, Tex. Alwyn Justrabo New Orleans James T. Kell Pascagoula, Miss. James J. Kohlman New Orleans William S. Leake, Jr New Orleans Henry J. LeBlanc Napoleonville, La. Edwin A. Leland, Jr New Orleans Thomas A. LeValley New Orleans Roy Lee McKay Tucson, Ariz. Ford Macpherson New Orleans Paul L. Marks New Orleans Sidney Miles Brooklyn, N. Y. John B. Milton Jr Denver, Colo. Leonard Nelken New Orleans Alfred H. Paddock Ft. Smith, Ark. Leon B. Page New Orleans Tate C. Page Dover, Ark. Arthur M. Palmer Ponchatoula, La. Harry M. Pelias New Orleans C. E. Peres, Jr New Orleans Alejandro Perez Los Angeles, Cal. Leon Phillips New Orleans Robert Pitard New Orleans Philip Pizzolato New Orleans Warren M. Reid Harvey, La. Warren D. Reimers Hammond, La. Floyd B, Roberts Stigler, Okla. Andrew L. Romeo New Orleans A. M. Schneider, Jr New Orleans Marius Sheeren New Orleans Lloyd Sherrill Houston, Tex. Eugene B. Simmons New Orleans Eugene Sims Huntsvil ' .e, Ala. Edward H. Sutter New Orleans Eugene Thorpe, Jr New Orleans Joseph A. Tridico New Orleans Gabriel Vandama Havana, Cuba George A. Varino Mon roe, La. Howard A. Weadock Hammond, La. Benjamin Weinstein New Orleans Wiley W. Wolfe, Jr Columbia, Miss. Louis Yasnyi New Orleans Robert Alvarado New Orleans Jose Alvarez Panama, R. P. Rafael Armstrong . New Orleans William Ayres New Orleans Arthur F. Babin, Jr New Orleans Sam Ballard New Orleans Albert Barker Texarkana, Ark. Joseph Baxt San Antonio, Tex. Federico Beristain y Brito . . Mexico City, Mex. James E. Bilbo New Orleans Barnett Blitz New Orleans ARTS AND SCIENCES FRESHMEN Abraham Blum New Orleans Frank Bodenger New Orleans Edward Bostick New Orleans Elizabeth Brady New Orleans Joseph Brocato Wisner, La. Gordon Callender New Orleans Harry Caplan New Orleans Luther E. Carruth, Jr Ponchatoula, La. Louis Cohen New Orleans Charles Corso New Orleans Samuel Crapitto Houston, Tex. John B. Daly New Orleans William J. Daly New Orleans Abe Dashoff Newport, R. I. V.E. Deimel, Jr New Orleans James Economon Lowell, Mass. C. J. Everett, Jr New Orleans Frank E. Ford New Orleans Andrew M. Gregg New Orleans Richard N. Hardy Hattiesburg, Miss. Frank J. Hartley, Jr New Orleans Loeb R. Haspel New Orleans Scott M. Hauser Hollywood, Cal. • PAGE THREE HUNDRED EIGHTY-THREE Leon Hershberg New Orleans Louis Pierre de la Houssave, Jr. . . New Orleans James Hyndma.v Mobile, Ala. Lawrence Jaubert New Orleans Earl Henry Jung Bogalusa, La. Raymond Ketchmark Chicago, 111. Joseph Kleinffldt New Orleans Elmer E. W. Kramer New Orleans Roy Joseph LaFleur New Orleans Lamar L. Lambert Lions, La. Emile J. Lanaux New Orleans Ernest E. Landry New Orleans Arthur G. Levy New Orleans Nathan Lewis Houston, Tex. Frank C. Magne New Orleans Louis A. Mahoney New Orleans Jose M. Maldonado Pt. Limon, C. R. Michel A. Maroun Shreveport, La. Robert Mart New Orleans Stanley E. Mathes New Orleans R. B. Meadows, Jr Gulfport, Miss. Francis E. Menge New Orleans Clifton Miller Haynesville, La. Anthony P. Miranti New Orleans Carlos R. Mitchell New Orleans R. Charles Mullins New Orleans Roland Murray New Orleans Herman Neugass New Orleans Francis A. Nidor Miami, Fla. Ralph O ' Leary New Orleans Luis Rafael 0ms Ponce, P. R. Edward Peterson New Orleans Henry- T. Posey New Orleans Samuel Prager New Orleans Edwin J. Putzell, Jr New Orleans Orville Roberts New Orleans Laurence Robinson Dallas, Tex. Santiago Rodriguez .... Tegucigalpa, Hond. Archie D. Saint New Orleans William Sandras Westwego, La. Joseph Scardino New Orleans Harry Schwartz New Orleans Leopold Sierra Algiers, La. Alfredo Silva Managua, Nicaragua Charles E. Simon New Orleans John L. Smith Magnolia, Miss. Joseph D. Starr New Orleans Allen M. Steiner New Orleans Philip D. Sunseri New Orleans Farrel B. Thomas Ft. Smith, Ark. John A. Thomas New Orleans Roy O. Trahan New Orleans Edgar B. Vandiver, Jr Kennett, Mo. Joseph A. Varisco Bryan, Tex. Martin Villarreal . San Buenaventura, Coah, Mex. George B. Vogtman Frostburg, Md. James H. Waddle Hope, Ark. Robert B. Waller New Orleans John A. Warner New Orleans Louis Weisdorffer New Orleans Isaac V. Wood, Jr Mobile, Ala. Lawrence Zarrilli New Orleans Reuben A. Zarrilli New Orleans Joseph Zito New Orleans ARTS AND SCIENCES SPECIALS ISMAEL Anglade Guayama, P. R. Rose S. Brener New Orleans Brooks Connally ' Waxahachie, Tex. Walter Grotefend New Orleans William Hidden New Orleans James R. Leach New Orleans Andre Padovani Mayaguez, P. R. Urban Pfefferle New Orleans Lamar Pourciau New Orleans Laidlaw R.iiYMOND New Orleans Mrs. Rub - Rowlands Picayune, Miss. Curtis B. Stoker New Orleans Leeon Max Teles New Orleans William N. Weaver Mooreville, Miss. Rose A. Wiggin New Orleans N. L. Wilson Port Arthur, Tex. ENGINEERING SENIORS John G. S. Bush New Orleans Marcus J. Chalona New Orleans Frederick Cordsen New Orleans Earl O. Dailey New Orleans Fernand Lapeyre New Orleans Eugene McCarroll New Orleans William F. Williams New Orleans ENGINEERING JUNIORS Harry F. Allen Jackson, Miss. John W. Babst New Orleans A. L. Bisso, Jr New Orleans W. T. Boardman, Jr New Orleans Albert W. Brodtman New Orleans William Carmouche Crowley, La. Charles L. Chavigny New Orleans Aubrey- G. Code New Orleans Charles D. David Mandeville, La. Charles H. Dean, Jr Brookhaven, Miss. Jack C. Harding New Orleans Leo L. Holzenthal New Orleans Louis I. Korn .• . . New Orleans LoRis K. Levy St. Joseph, La. • PAGE THREE HUNDRED EIGHTY-FOUR • Lynn S. McWaters Brookhaven, Miss. Penseler Marice New Orleans Earl L. Mathes New Orleans Michael P. H. Michel New Orleans Jens C. Nielsen, Jr New Orleans Ruben O. Nunez Panama, R. P. Arthur deR. Remanjon New Orleans Will Richardson Ponchatoula, La. Ellis J. Stearns, Jr New Orleans Richard E. Wagner New Orleans Robert W. Ziifle Gretna, La. ENGINEERING SOPHOMORES T. E. Alexander, Jr New Orleans Paul L. Andersen New Orleans Ralph D. Babin Destrehan, La- Robertson Belden New Orlean. ' : John S. Boatner New Orleans Thomas W. Brown Carencro, La. Jesse W. Burt Summit, Miss. Alexander T. Covert .... Philadelphia, Pa. Ben Tucker Dean Brookhaven, Miss. Leslie Vilas DeCou Kilgore, Tex. Henry Borden Dunn New Orleans William Featheringill . . Independence, Kans. Emile F. Fuhrmann New Orleans Jacob S. Guepet Alexandria, La. E. J. C. Hacstette, Jr New Orleans Charles Hassenboehler New Orleans Janet E. Hooper New Orleans Bruce S. Hopkins New Orleans Clarence J. Hughes New Orleans Louis R. Klein New Orleans Guy H. Kraus New Orleans John Lepp New Orleans Walter A. McCabe New Orleans Dennis C. Meyer New Orleans Paul H. Meyers New Orleans Wilfred H. Middleton Buras, La. John J. Mora New Orleans Junius C. Neyland Shreveport, La. John L. Polizzio New Orleans George S. Schrenk New Orleans Edward R. Tschirn New Orleans Henry L. E. Vix New Orleans ENGINEERING FRESHMEN Enrique A. Aaron Prohacha, Colombia Walter W. Baker New Orleans Walter Baldenhofer New Orleans Philip Beltramo New Orleans John C. Bendler New Orleans Wallace L. Bendler New Orleans Adam F. Blumer New Orleans Henry E. Bredow New Orleans A. J. Bruno, Jr New Orleans Henry S. Chambers New Orleans James A. Cronvich New Orleans Oliver P. Darby New Orleans Ralph H. Delaune New Orleans Charles H. Dieth New Orleans John Sidney Duke Hahnville, La. G. W. Engelhardt, Jr New Orleans Gilmer W. Engelhardt New Orleans Thomas V. Flynn New Orleans Edgar John Haas, Jr New Orleans Wilfred Haydel Harahan, La. Joseph L. Helwick, Jr New Orleans John B. E. Hite New Orleans Wade H. Hoffman, Jr New Orleans Minna B. Hopkins New Orleans Arthur S. Huey, Jr New Orleans John B. Hynes New Orleans Luis Ibarra Jr New Orleans William C. Jacobs New Orleans Wallace A. Jacquot Biloxi, Miss. William J. Jordan Alexandria, La. Elisabeth Kendall New Orleans Gene T. H. Kilborn New York City Sawyer H. Labouisse New Orleans Ambrosio Lamadriz y Simeon . Mantanzas, Cuba Rene J. Lapeyrouse Houma, La. John Willy Lapeze, Jr. . . , St. Francisville, La. William L. LeBoeuf New Orleans Edward R. Lewis New York City Robert L. Lobdell Covington, La. Humberto M. Lopez . . . Puerto Castilla, Hond. Joseph M. Mitchell New Orleans Andrew S. Montz, Jr New Orleans Charles F. Moon, Jr Gulfport, Miss. Daniel W. B. Murphy New Orleans LeRoy L. Newman New Orleans Hector Ordonez New Orleans James Everett Peres New Orleans George H. Peters New Orleans Waldo S. Powell, Jr Lakeland, Fla. William G. Rankin, Jr New Orleans Irby a. Richard Church Point, La. James B. Ricketts New Orleans William B. Settoon New Orleans Robert J. Southerland New Orleans Henry H. Stengel New Orleans John T. Stephens New Orleans John D. Thomas New Orleans Walter W. Tolley New Orleans Leycester L. Trauth Gretna, La. Joseph C. Walker New Orleans Mary Joel Weil New Orleans Lee Payne Wells Chicago, III. Benjamin F. W. Welman, Jr. . . . New Orleans • PAGE THREE HUNDRED EIGHTY-FIVE • SPECIALS William P. Cullen New Orleans Charles W. Gruber New Orleans John M. Holling Charleston, S. C. Leo Edward Howat New Orleans JoHX H. Janssen New Orleans LAW SENIORS Malcolm de la Houssave Franklin, La. Hugh McCloskey Evans New Orleans Wellborn Jack Shreveport, La. George B. E. Konrad New Orleans Margaret C. Lester New Orleans Ada Mott Oak Ridge, La. Lester R. Steckler Ville Platte, La. Jacques L. Wiener Shreveport, La. LAW JUNIORS Ha rry N. Anders Winnsboro, La. Hugh Harding Brister New Orleans Thomas W. Davenport . . . -. . Mer Rouge, La. Eleanor Faulk Lafayette, La. Hernan R. Franco New Orleans James W. Frierson New Orleans Sylvian W. Gamm Shreveport, La. Charles A. Gillaspie New Orleans William A. Gillaspie New Orleans Leonard Greenburg Gulfport, Fla. James Van Buren Gresham, Jr. . . New Orleans Walter A. Haynes New Orleans Alec A. Johnson New Orleans P. Randolph Johnson New Orleans Duncan S. Kemp New Oileans Stanley E. Loeb New Orleans Archey B. McBride Bastrop, La. Moore M. Norman Marksville, La. William H. O ' Kelly New Orleans Hillyer S. Parker Monroe, La. Morris E. Popkins Ann Arbor, Mich. Douglass W. Svendson New Orleans William C. Watson, Jr Columbus, Miss. LAW FRESHMEN Homer E. Barousse Crowley, La. Theodore L. Bauer Natchez, Miss. Joseph J. Davies, Jr Gretna, La. John V. Ferguson New Orleans ViTALE G. Gallina Rome, Italy Robert Guerriero Monroe, La. Henry C. Keith New Orleans Lucius P. Levee, Jr New Orleans Max Levin New Orleans Ney Jules Marks New Orleans Rene Martinez (Pedro) .... Havana, Cuba James P. Moore New Orleans Eugene S. Prybylski Syracuse, N. Y. Joseph H. Rizzo, Jr New Orleans John A. Scafide Bay St. Louis, Miss. Jake Shapiro Alexandria, La. Louis J. Torre New Orleans Calob C. Weber, Jr Donaldsonville, La. MEDICINE SENIORS Richard L. Buck Houma, La. Russell S. Butaud Houston, Tex. Thomas J. Fatherree, Jr Quitman, Miss. Manuel M. Garcia Tabasco, Mex. James L. Gouaux New Orleans George Yerger Hicks Vicksburg, Miss. John Gill Lilly, Jr Tupelo, Miss. Abel Vance Murry Ripley, Miss. Lucien E. Myers, Jr New Orleans Beverly E. Smith Gulfport, Miss. William P. Stewart Eufaula, Ala. William B. Summers, Jr Hardin, Mo. Jacob Rell Till Jr Ten:aw, Ala. MEDICINE JUNIORS Daniel M. Adams, Jr Panama City, Fla. Marietta Alper . ..... Birmingham, Ala. Clifton O. Bingham Pineville, La. Herman S. Bloomstein .... Brooklyn, N. Y. John N. Bostick Monroe, La. Edward G. Cailleteau Alexandria, La. Cecilio a. Castillero Ocu, R. P. Lee-Russell Centanni New Orleans Edward A. Cleve Birmingham, Ala. Daniel J. Devlin, Jr New Orleans Edith Eskricge New Orleans Clarence G. Parish Grove Hill, Ala. Richard M. Fletcher Ft. Myers, Fla. Dominick J. Geraci New Orleans Elbert J. Giles Corpus Christi, Tex. Patrick H. Hanley Lockport, La. Carl Adam Hartung Bridgeport, Ala. Frederick W. Heath Oakdale, La. Irma Henderson Asheville, N. C. Henry W. Hodde Ruston, La. Calvin M. Johnson New Orleans Leland M. Johnston Hickman, Ky. Henry Reichard Kahle New Orleans Kenneth Myer Kahn .... Morgantown, Ky. James E. Kendrick, Jr Greenville, Ala. PAGE THREE HUNDRED EIGHTY-SIX Rov W. KiRCHBERG New Orleans WlLLOUGHBY E. KiTTREDGE, Jr. . Napoleoiiville, La. Philip P. LaBruvere, Jr Marrero, La. Ladislas Lazaro Washington, La. Richard Kui Chi Lee Honolulu, T. H. Amsie Horton Lisenby Dothan, Ala. Sam a. Loeb Stamford, Conn. Charles McCollum Ft. Worth, Tex. Robert McGrath Chicago, III. Mary An ' n McKinney ' .... Nacogdoches, Tex. Charles McVea Baton Rouge, La. Benson B. Martin Vicksburg, Miss. Jean B. Martin, Jr Hahnville, La. Joseph Massoky Waterproof, La. L. D. Newman Independence, La. John G. Norris Choudrant, La. Lup QuoN Pang Honolulu, T. H. Marie Louise Pareti New Orleans Joseph T. Roberts San Marcos, Tex. Harold Rothendler New York, N. Y. Joseph Scolaro Tampa, F!a. William Sellers McCuUough, Ala. Robert Simonton West Monroe, La. May C. Smithers New Orleana Julius J. Stagg, Jr Eunice, La. Joseph S. Staley Marion, Va. David Thornhill Picayune, Miss. Andrew S. Tomb, Jr Jacksonville, Fla. Harry- M. Trifon Pelly, Tex. Edward Vales Merida-Yucatan, Mex. Lastie M. Villien New Orleans Francis J. Vincent Maurice, La. Edward C. Watt Auburn, Ala. Robert W. Webb Dallas, Tex. MEDICINE SOPHOMORES Lee J. Alexander Lutcher, La. Benjamin F. Allen Flemingsbury, Ky. Joseph D. Anderson Franklin, Tenn. Vincent Blandino Cedar Grove, La. William M. Boles Glasgow, Ky. Joseph L. Brizard Shamrock, Fla. Hunter M. Brown Eufaula, Ala. Oswald W. Cosby Monroe, La. John E. DiGilia Lake Charles, La. Lucas L. DiGiglia Lake Charles, La. Shakeeb Ede Hattiesburg, Miss. Franklin Edwards Kissimmee, Fla. Sam J. Feducia, Jr Shreveport, La. Luther Fortenberry Amite, La. Henry Gahagan Coushatta, La. Edward F. Goldsmith, Jr Atmore, Ala. William Guerriero Monroe, La. John Garrett Hart Tyler, Tex. Audrey U. Heintz Covington, La. Lang F. Holland Blakelv, Ga. Sterling P. Holland, Jr BlakelV, Ga. JAMES D. Hutchins Newhebron, Miss. HoLLis Carlyle Ingram Orlando Fla Henry J. Kaufman, Jr Patterson, La ' . Robert A. Kooken Hamilton, Tex. Frederick J. Krueger Dallas, Tex. Joseph Kuljis Biloxi, Miss. VoLNEY R. Liddell Vicksburg, Miss. Tom F. Little Ocilla, Ga. Randolph N. Long Selma, Ala. Leilas R. LonnergaNj Jr Gadsden, Ala. Sim B. Lovelady Hartselle, Ala. Ephraim Lubritz New Orleans James W. McMurray Bartow, Fla. Philip W. Mallory San Antonio, Tex. Stuart N. Nicholas Shreveport, La. Pedros V. Nunez Panama, R. P. David McKowen Pipes Jackson, La. F. A. St. Sure, Jr Haiku, Mani, T. h! William S. Siler, Jr Beaumont, Tex. Milton I. Steckler New Orleans James J. Stephen Stephenvi ' le, Te.x. Raymond K. Uyeno Honolulu, T. H. MEDICINE FRESHMEN Elmer S. Allen, Jr Areola, 111. Ralph Fred Allen Milton, Fla. John Wesley Ashby Benton, Ark. Paul James Azar New Orleans Paul Ervin Baird ■ . Gallipoli:;, Ohio Archie James Baker Jacksonville, Fla. James Leland Beaver Fayetteville, Ark. Andrew D. Bethea Dillon, S. C. Frank L. Bicsby " , Jr Kirksville, Mo. Russell E. Blunk Virden, 111. Robert H. Brook Greensboro, Ga. William B. Buckner Davidson, N. C. James M. Butera Houston, Tex. Lou Gipson Byars Adairville, Ky. Russell B. Carson Orlando, Fla. Stanley Cohen New Orleans John Henry Cook Vicksburg, Miss. Edward A. Crowell, Jr Franklin, La. Sol Dombeck Brooklyn, N. Y. Verner J. Donnelly Houston, Tex. Otto K. DuBoise Lockhart, Tex. NoLLiE C. Felts Hattiesburg, Miss. Louis Filippello Tampa, Fla. Attilio V. FiLizoLA San Antonio, Tex. Benjamin Freedman Philadelphia, Pa. Madison A. Furrh Elysian Fields, Tex. Otis Franklin Gay Washington, D. C. PAGE THREE HUNDRED EIGHTY-SEVEN Robert D. Gengelbach Chicago, III. Paul Rogers Googe Booneville, Miss. Walter William Haar New Orleans Joseph Floyd Hallman Vale, N. C. Humphrey Hill Hardy, Jr. . . . Lecompte, La. John Stephen Herring Oak Grove, La. Joseph Beverly Holmes New Orleans Paul Milton Huddleston . . Huntington, W. Va. Lawrence Boykin Hudson, Jr. . Hattiesburg, Miss. John Louis Ilko CoUingdale, Pa. Roland Gerald Keeton .... Missoula, Mont. James William Land DeKalb, Miss. Carl Edwin Lewis Rowlands, Miss. Arthur David Long El Paso, Tex. Eugene Franklin McCall . . . Monticello, Fla. Walter Ovid McCammon .... Lebanon, Ky. Hiram Adonis McConnell . . . Fayetteville, Ark. Bruno Fragola Mancuso .... Newark, N. J. Hugh Jean Mayeield El Dorado, Ark. Conn Lewis Milburn, Jr. . . • San Antonio, Tex. Francis Joseph Mundo, Jr. . . . Vicksburg, Miss. Charles Edward Niehuss .... Riderwood, Ala. Thomas Jefferson Payne, Jr Dora, Ala. Dominic Cirino Pittari New Orleans Edward Braxton Pitts Fairfield, Ala. Rafael Rafols (Estrada) . . Duebradillas, P. R. Earl Spinks Seale Meridian, Miss. Eugene Douglas Simmons . . • Jacksonville, Fla. Ira Clifton Skinner, Jr Selma, Ala. Day-rel Driver Smith Ogden, Utah Seals Samuel Speer .... Bay St. Louis, Miss. Frank Peter Spoto Tampa, Fla. John Reagan Stewart Minden, La. Richard McIntosh Street .... Sanford, N. C. Wilton Earl Tugwell Pensacola, Fla. John Killiebrew Turberville . . . Century, Fla. Georgiana Joan von Langermann . . New Orleans Russell Lee Welch Norfield, Miss. Howard Bailey Williams . . . West Greene, Ala. Norm an Eric Williams Seville, Fla. Hiroshi Yasuda .... Kealakekua, Kona, T. H. PHARMACY SECOND YEAR Will Randoll Bushong . . . Tompkinsville, Ky. Clarke Walton Cross New Orleans Cage Shephard Harriss .... Ponchatoula, La. George Marrero Camaguey, Cuba FIRST YEAR Joseph Way Moody, Jr Boston, Ga. SPECIAL Shelby Causey Calhoun Monroe, La. COMMERCE SENIORS Augustus Elmer Massey, Jr. . Robert Langford Roland, Jr. . , • New Orleans Alexandria, La. JUNIORS Norman Edward Dietrich .... New Orleans Emmett Henry Fremaux New Orleans Louis Sidney Fremau.x New Orleans Clifton Homer Kees .... Brookhaven, Miss. Frank Lemann New Orleans Lenore Cecile Lynch New Orleans Claude Rodney Mills Bogalusa, La. Harold Alexander Moise, Jr. . , . New Orleans Mallory John Read New Orleans James Louis Schupp New Orleans Charlie Lemon Young Bastrop, La. SOPHOMORES James Falvy Barr New Orleans Elwood Roger Clay New Orleans Robert Fulton Cugle New Orleans Warren W. Doyle, Jr New Orleans John B. Fasterling, Jr New Orleans Otho Earl Hanna Jackson, Miss. Edwin Cornelius Jansen New Orleans Emile Jacques Lehmann . . . Morgan City, La. Walter E. McLaurin Meridian, Miss. Stephen D. Michell Jackson, Miss. Charles N. Monsted New Orleans Herbert P. Pellegrini New Orleans Sophie C. Rayl New Orleans Jesse S. Rosenfeld, Jr New Orleans Frederick J. Schluter, Jr New Orleans FRESHMEN Henry Barnett New Orleans William P. Baucum, Jr Haynesville, La. Frederick W. Boelte New Orleans Morton Braswell Monroe, La. William O. Clark, Jr Biloxi, Miss. William Wylie Cook New Orleans Allen Lenier Davis New Orleans Helion Dickson, Jr New Orleans Charles Oliver Dietrich New Orleans Ernest Harvel Estes New Orleans Luis Florencia Campeche, Campeche .Alfred Ferdnand Frayle New Orleans Anthony James Glover . . . Bay St. Louis, Miss. Harry Valeton Gordon New Orleans Aubrey Louis Gouner New Orleans O PAGE THREE HUNDRED EIGHTY-EIGHT Norman Harold Hatten Lyman, Miss. ' Ernest James Holloway New Orleans Gerald Moore Kees Brookhaven, Miss. John M. Kinabrew, Jr Ne« Orleans John Pico Kincaide New Orleans Otto M. Lind, Jr New Orleans Louis Robert Massett New Orleans Lloyd Francis Meyers New Orleans William McWillie Mitchell . . . New Orleans Gordon Hipple Moyer, Jr New Orleans Robert Edward Murphy New Orleans Lawrence Joseph Parker New Orleans George Michael Pelias New Orleans AsHTON George Peyrefitte .... New Orleans Joseph Lee Rhodes, Jr New Orleans Albert August Robbert, Jr New Orleans James Sheldon Ryan New Orleans Weston Hor. ' Vtio Segura Jackson, Miss. George Hebert Sullivan New Orleans Otis Baker Trepagnier New Orleans PARTIAL James Henry Harrison New Orleans Richard Wedig Kehoe New Orleans William Ballin Kohlman, Jr. . . . New Orleans Shepard Shushan New Orleans SPECIAL Robert Bailey Freeman . . New Orleans SOCIAL WORK SENIORS Catherine Crawford Caperton . Hattiesburg, Miss. Alvaretta Josephine Kenan . . Statesboro, Ga. Virginia Mae Parsons .... Birmingham, Ala. Margaret Rose Leakesville, Miss. SOCIAL WORK JUNIORS Ruth Andrews Jackson, A ' a. Ortell Josephine Bechtel .... New Orleans CoRiNNE Henderson Carter . . . Hammond, La. Louise Hechincer Goetter .... New Orleans Charles Atkins Greer Hereford, Tex. Margaret Alene Harris Piano, Tex. Anne Ruth Harris Richmond, Va. Marion Hirsch New Orleans Marie Louise Hoffman . . . Brookhaven, Miss. Florence Irma Jennings New Orleans Flora Webster McBryde New Orleans Ralph Eugene Pearson .... Vicksburg, Miss. Frances Bouldin Stark .... Gulfport, Miss. Eleonora Liebert Waldmann . . . New Orleans Margaret Glassell Weeks . . . New Iberia, La. Lois Adele Weinfield New Orleans Fanny- Segal Weiser Houston, Tex. Mary Clifton Wharton New Orleans Herbert Cook Wilson Kerens, Tex. • PAGE THREE HUNDRED EIGHTY-NINE BREEN ' S DRUG STORE Neff Breen, Proprietor Students Heaaquarters Always on Hand a Complete Line of LOOSE LEAF COVERS AND FILLERS SHAEFFER FOUNTAIN PENS AND PENCILS PHYSICIANS ' BOSTON BAGS Delicious Toasted Sandwiches Served at All Times TULANE AVENUE AND VILLERE STREET, OPPOSITE CHARITY HOSPITAL STUDY AT THE SCHOOL OF MEDICINE GRADUATE SCHOOL OF MEDICINE SCHOOL OF PHARMACY UNEXCELLED OPPORTUNITIES ALL SCHOOLS OPEN TO WOMEN ON SAME TERMS AS MEN Write for Catalogues and Particulars ■I " 47 " i " THE COLLEGE OF MEDICINE TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 1430 TULANE AVENUE NEW ORLEANS, LA. TULANE CO-OPERATIVE BOOK STORE THE STUDENTS MEETING PLACE HEADQUARTERS FOR BOOKS—MEDICAL AND ACADEMIC ALL SUPPLIES TOBACCOS TULANE PENNANTS AND BANNERS CONFECTIONS SENIOR CLASS RINGS COLLEGE CREST JEWELRY SENIOR CAPS AND GOWNS Everything for Your Meeds Co-o eration — Service ELLIS F. ROBBERT, Manager The Tulane University of Louisiana NEW ORLEANS THE UNIVERSITY EMBRACES THE FOLLOWING DEPARTMENTS: The College of Arts and Sciences The H. Sophie Newcomb College for Women The College of Engineering The Graduate School The College of Law The School of Medicine The Graduate School of Medicine The School of Pharmacy The Dental Clinic The College of Commerce and Business Administration The Courses for Teachers The Department of Middle American Research The School of Social Work The Summer Schools FOR CATALOGUE ADDRESS I Registrar of the Tulane University of Louisiana GIBSON HALL, NEW ORLEANS THE HOSPITAL DRUG STORE Paul D. O ' Donell Proprietor Formerly Druggist of Charity Hospital Hot Lunches and Toasted Sandwiches Served At All Times Special Attention to Tulane Students Tulane Avenue Phone RAymond 1400 Essential Service Electricity, Gas, Stteet Railway are services essential to community growth. To render such services adequately means the expendi- ture of millions of dollars for equipment and maintaining an army of trained employes. rAs the city continues its march of progress, 1 Pubhc Service will at all times keep abreast of || the parade, assisting in every e progress and prosperity o manner possible 11 f the community. Ne i? Orleans Public Seh ' ice Inc. Your Friends — Our Advertisers Patronize Them Best Wishes UNIVERSITY TEA ROOM Phone MAin 9845 1431 Tulane Avenue NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA MEDICAL BOOKS Students of Tulane Will Find a Full Line of All Books Recommended in the Medical, Dental and Pharmacy Departments — At Our Store J. A. MAJORS COMPANY 1301 TULANE AVENUE NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA H O LIVIES Wkere tke Younger Set Takes to Snop POINTS IN HOLMES ' FAVOR New Fashions . . . for modest budgets. Modes for sportswear, daytime and evening. Location . . . most convenient and comfortable for meeting dates. New Cooling System . . . mountain breezes all through the day. Restaurant Service . . . Main Floor and Cafeteria. Good meals served with atmosphere for less. Dependability . . . since our grandmothers ' day, everyone has learned to appreciate the dependability of Holmes. Holmes Maison Blanche Yesterday Today Tomorrow GREATEST STORE SOUTH MEYER BROS., Inc. Saint Charles at Julia Distributors of Hood Tires Raymond 3131 NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA BEST WISHES FROM I. L. LYONS AND CO., Ltd. STAUFFER ESHLEMAN CO., Ltd. A Tire for Every Trucli ' JOHN L OSTER GOODYEAR TIRE SERVICE Complete in Every Respect OFFICE: 801 CARONDELET STREET CORNER JULIA RAymond 5250, 5259 New Orleans EXPERT VULCANIZING ROAD SERVICE YOUNG MEN JUMP AT THE CHANCE TO WEAR GODCHAUX ' S CLOTHES Tulane students have been coming here so long for clothes that it ' s almost a part of the curriculum. We sug- gest that we he awarded the Degree of D.F.C., DOCTORS OF FINE CLOTHING go dvoux s M aya Fasli ions in our shops in Mobile, Memphis, Houston, Birmingham, as well as New Orleans, now priced lower than ever! C LJ MAYER rn. iTn. — FOR HEALTH AND BEAUTY EAT BROWN S VELVET ICE CREAM Served Everywhere MADE BY New Orleans Ice Cream Co. " Eat a Plate Every Day " SURGICAL SUPPLY COMPANY Incorporated Opposite Charity Hospital 1531 Tulane Ave. RA. 7104 Surgical Instruments and Furniture Hospital Anaesthetizing Pressure and Suction Outfits THE H. Sophie Newcomb Memorial College for Women Sitlanp Imupraitg of IGiuiiaiaiia 4. 4. 4. A COLLEGE OF HIGH STANDARDS OFFERING A TRAINING THAT WILL HELP OUR YOUNG WOMEN TO BECOME USEFUL CITIZENS COMPLETE COURSES IN ARTS AND SCIENCES FINE AND APPLIED ARTS MUSIC 4. 4. 4 ' FOR CATALOGUES AND INFORMATION ADDRESS REGISTRAR, NEWCOMB COLLEGE NEW ORLEANS, LA. HAUSMANN, Inc. NEW ORLEANS ' LEADING JEWELERS Special Department for College and Fraternity ] e-welry WALnut 1197 University Cleaners Incorporated 1011 Lowerline Street NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA WALnut 1197 1330 Tulane Ave. Phone MA. 4755 Microscopes and Accessories Diagnostic Instruments Dissecting Instruments Headquarters lor Medical Students Supplies Brown- Baumann Company Incorporated NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA DUNLAP SPORTING GOODS CO., Inc. 138 CARONDELET STREET Golf, Tennis, Athletic Supplies, Guns, Ammunition, Fishing Tackle, Sport Clothing. Distributors A. J. Reach and Wright Ditson Company PHONE MAIN 6660 Smartness in Eyewear Prescription O- ticians 833 COMMON Tormerly E. A. BARNETT, Inc. KREEGER ' S HATS FROCKS COATS ENSEMBLES FURS FOOTWEAR AND ACCESSORIES MAYER ISRAEL S APPAREL FOR COLLEGIATES TULANE NEWCOMB ONLY THE BEST KATZ AND BESTHOFF , LTD. Stcre No. 5- -St. Charles at Bt oadway Serving Tulane and Newcomb Wetzel Printing MAIN 3201 Incorporated 720-728 Perdido St. NEW ORLEANS ARNAUDS CUISINE DELICIEUSE " Dans le coeur du Vieux Carre ' 811-819 Rue Bienville Many Specialties With the Supreme Flavor, Distinctive of New Orleans Banquet Halls and Dining Rooms for Private Parties ARNAUD CAZENEVE Main Phone: Main 6339 Auto Painting Enameling Company Incorporated BOYLE AND OUSTALET 24-Hour Tire Service Woodwork Replacement Tops Covered and Dressed DuPont Duco Refinishing Motor Rebuilding Service Upholstering and Seat Covers Brake Relining and Adjusting Wrecked Cars Rebuilt Completely Chassis Alignment and Straightening Authorized Simoniz Service Station Alemite Lubrication Washing and Polishing Gas, Oils and Lubricants Wheel Alignment Service Goodyear Tires and Tubes Willard Batteries and Recharging Members of " AAA " Motor League Metal Rebuilding and Fender Repairs 24-Hour Mechanic and Trouble Service 24-Hour Wrecker Emergency Service " There is No Service More Complete " 24-HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICE UPtown 8400 Largest Complete Plant in the City at 1725 DUFOSSAT ST., CORNER DANNEEL PHOTOGRAPHS IN THIS BOOK BY REMBRANDT STUDIO 918 CANAL STREET MAin 1938 PHOTOS Of Any Size or Style From These Can Be Finished At Any Time Com. ' hments OF COLEMAN E. ADLER SONS, Inc. 722 AND 724 CANAL STREET NEW ORLEANS Our Advertisers Are Select Firms Buy From Them and Be Assured of the Best This hook is cased in an S. K. Smith Cover — a cover that is guaranteed to be satisfactory and is created and SMITH- CRAFTED by an organization of craftsmen specializing in the creation and production of good covers. Whatever your cover requirements may be, this organization can satisfy them. Send for Information and Prices to THE S. K. SMITH CO. 213 Institute Place Ch icago SOUND managerial policies and long successful experience have provided us with sufficient equipment, adequate personnel, and ample resources to render dependable service as artists and makers of fine printing plates. That you ■will be secure from chance, is our first promise. JAHN OLLIER ENGRAVING CO. 817 West Washington Blvd., - Chicago, Illinois In the foreground ' Ft. Dearborn re-erected in Grant Park on Chicago ' s lake front. Illustration by Jahn - Oilier Art Studios. THIS BOOK PRINTED BV. T HE WORLD ' S m LARGEST PUBLISHERS OF 1 COLLEGE ANNUALS COLLEGE ANNUAL HEADaVARTERS jTto ia uaaiut7yQ i emanmtp. -Jupe4.tQA. Q xia iAt la J42A Mcey n s ' Si? 5 S» ' ?S55S?SgS5W?( iUiiWMj . " . :». ' « (t« . ' . ' fe c1 ' S- : K ' ! ' ■■ % " :smW3 mik ' ' - M : :-i. ; -: l|H Vi. i- i ' r. . t:«AVili ■. ' !: ' |i x,V ' iL ,. v 4;«r,sr

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