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; iy rv r«IS33 Yv t V. y rt t •A . ' ywj 7 r f 1 C ' ' N t f? . - , ' ii!C- • y ' If in . ( ' - ■U: I- e " ! ( « So THAT THE MEMORIES OF A FULL AND HAPPY COLLEGE YEAR MAY NOT BE FORGOTTEN IN THE DREAMS OF THE FUTURE, WE, THE EDITORS, OFFER THIS VOLUME OF THE JAMBALAYA i 4t J 4 S- ' i ' n % THEME EXPLANATION AS A DECORATIVE THEME FOR THIS BOOK WE HAVE CHOSEN THE MAYAN EXPLORATION OF FRANS BLOM AND THE TULANE STUDENTS. MR. BLOM HAS GAINED NATIONAL RECOGNITION FOR THESE MIDDLE AMERICAN EXPLORATIONS. » WE SEE BEFORE US AN ILLUSTRATED MAP OF THE TERRITORY THROUGH WHICH MR. BLOM HAS LED THE STUDENTS. 1)111) fe ' iY ' ric tu ■vf W) DOUGLAS SMITH ANDERSON B.A., M.A., DEAN A MAN WHO, THROUGH- OUT HIS YEARS OF FAITHFUL SERVICE AT THE UNIVERSITY, HAS WON HIMSELF A PLACE IN OUR HEARTS AS A BRILLIANT DEAN AND A TRUE FRIEND TO ALL. WE CAN EXPRESS OUR APPRECIATION BY THE HUMBLE DEDICATION OF THIS VOLUME OF ' V c; 4-: theJambalaya ii Ml Officers President, Esmond Phelps A.B., LL.B. First Vice-President, Chauncey French Second Vice-President, Ernest Lee Jahncke, B.E, Walter Robinson Stauffer Walker Brainerd Spencer, B.A., LL.B. John Dvmond, Jr., B.A., LL.B. Charles Rosen, B.A., LL.B. Abraham Brittin Marcus Johns Magruder, M.D. Paul Hill Saunders, M.A., Ph.D. Samuel Zemurray Florence Dy ' mond, B.A. Jules Blanc Monroe, B.A., LL.B. James Pierce Butler, LL.B. John Barnwell Elliott, M.A., M.D. George Elliot Williams, B.E. - Kysfrv -wwfl vf " ?ff Albert Bledsoe Dinwiddie, Ph.D., LL.D. President of the University Pierce Buti.er, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Dean Newcomb College was founded by Mrs. Josephine Louise Newcomb, in October, 1886, as a memorial to her daughter, Harriot Sophie Newcomb. In her will, which is dated Maj ' 12, 1898, she left vo the admin- istrators of the Tulane Educational Fund, for the benefit of Newcomb College, the residue of her estate after the payment of certain specified legacies. Mrs. Newcomb ' s feeling for the people of New Orleans and her desire to advance the cause of education of young women in Louisiana were the reasons that moved her to make this foundation. It was her expressed wish that there should be maintained a simple form of daily religious exercises in a chapel or assembly room, but she specifically provided, " I desire that worship and instruction shall not be of a sectarian or denominational character. " There are at present eight buildings of fine con- struction upon the campus and several smaller build- ings. We have recently completed and occupied a new dormitory, the Warren Newcomb House, fronting upon Newcomb Campus. This will probably form one unit in a plan of dormitories to be built. During the year 1928-29 we completed Dixon Hall, on the quadrangle fronting the Art Building, named in honor of President Emeritus Brandt V. B. Dixon. Dixon Hall, which was first used for the Commencement Exercises in 1929, provides an Auditorium seating about one thousand, with a fine and well equipped stage ; studio and practice rooms for the School of Music ; and an entire wing for the Library. The stack rooms here will provide for about f ixty thousand volumes and may be expanded. The purpose of the college is to foster the intellectual life in any way that may seem most helpful and promising for the maintenance of a high standard of culture and it endeavors to equip young women for effective and intelligent service to society. The regular courses offered lead to the degree of B.A. or B.S., or for students in Art and Music, B. Design and B. Music. AND SCIENCES Edward A. BechteLj Ph.D. Dean The College of Arts and Sciences is one of the oldest colleges of Tulane University, and vith the exception of Ne-ivcomb College, has the largest en- rollment. Courses are offered leading to the degrees of Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, and Bach- elor of Education in Physical Education. The cur- riculum in each case is planned so as to give a general education in fundamental subjects, and at the same time to afford specialization in someone group of studies, with a view to the de- velopment of general culture and training. Special courses are planned for those seeking admission to the College of Law, the College of Medicine and the College of Pharmacy. Among the elective courses affording professional training is included the Department of Journalism. The Course in Physical Education is planned to train men to serve in the secondary schoqls as athletic coaches and directors while at the same time the academic subjects are properly represented in the curriculum. RuFus Carrollton Harris, A.B., LL.B., Jur.D. Dean The Tulane College of Law was established in 1847 as the Law Department of the University of Louisiana. It has afforded legal training to thousands during the period of Its existence. The purpose of the College of Law is to provide opportunities and facilities for training equal to the best afforded elsewhere. It purports to inculcate a sound knowledge of both substantive and adjective law. However, the school recognizes a duty beyond equipping and training of men to become practitioners. Many of the University students find its courses val- uable training for citizenship and business careers. The curriculum of the College of Law is unusually attractive in that it is arranged to provide for the special training of those who intend to prac- tice in Louisiana, and at the same time it is arranged to afford training to those who may wish to practice in any of the other states. The College of Law owns a large and well selected library, which is recognized as one of the most complete in the Southern states. It is a member of the Association of American Law Schools, ' and has been given the Class A rating by the American Bar Association, and its degree is registered by the New York College Board of Regent:-. These are the standardizing agencies for law schools. The publication of the Tulane Laiv Review by the College of Law affords a medium for the expression of the best thought available on the Jurisprudence of Louisiana. THE COLLEGE OF ENGINEEKING Douglas Smith Anderson, B.A., M.A. Dean The College of Engineering offers broad courses of professional training in the fundamental prin- ciples underlying the various branches of Engineer- ing and Architecture. The formulation of these courses is the outgrowth of the best thought of edu- cators and the engineering profession and of our own experience during the last two decades. The technical studies in the College of Engi- neering are contained in four divisions, called schools. The schools are divided into depart- ments. A department includes subjects, or groups of subjects, which are similar in nature. The schools are: Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Civil Engineering Chemical Engineering Architecture No candidate for a degree is allowed to restrict himself to the narrow training which might be imparted by any one school. Work in the technical departments of one of the above schools is made the backbone or principal part of a four years ' course and supplemental work is re quired in other schools in the college. THE SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Charles Cassedy Bass, M.D., D.Sc. Dean New Orleans has been the leading medical center of the entire South and Southwest for almost one hun- dred years. Wherever new ideas in medical progress have appeared, the medical profession of New Orleans has either reflected that progress promptly or has taken a leading part in its elucidation. Some of the Ecientific researches and contributions of the medical profession of New Orleans have commanded attention and high esteem in every civilized country in the world. Stu- dents and doctors from every state in the Union, and from many foreign countries, come to New Orleans for medical training. To meet the ever increasing needs in this direction, Tulane has erected a new Clinic Building, adjoining our great Charity Hos- pital, which provides the most com plete and most extensive facilities for the best care of patients combined with the best opportunities for a thorough study of diseases by the staff and students of the School of Medicine. Provision is also made in the new " Hutchinson Memorial " for the headquarters of the or- ganized medical profession of the City and State, represented by the Orleans Parish Medical Society and the Louisiana State Medical Society. Sufficient space is provided in the building for a library that will fall within the group of the largest five in the United States and will be a genuine storehouse of medical knowledge. The purpose of this college has been, since its establishment in 1914, to ofFer substantial profes- sional training preparatory to a business career. The instruction offered is planned for students sufficiently able and mature to do work of uni- versity grade, and no student is received unless prepared to do work of this character. It is essential, also, to the permanent success of the college that its students approach their work in an earnest professional spirit. In order to make the business courses available for business men and women, classes are also held at night from 8 to 9:45 o ' clock. These classes meet in Gibson Hall, Tulane University, each course being held one night a week. By thus devoting only one night a week to attending a course, a man or woman already in business may take any of the night courses offered. ,- ' ■ . . By action of the Board of Administrators of the Tulane Educational Fund of the Tulane University of Louisiana, the School of Pharmacy has been indefinitely suspended effective vith the close of the 1930-31 session. The Board and Faculty have satisfaction in the fact that until the school was closed it was maintained and conducted on the very highest plane and that the Alumni can always feel proud that they graduated from this School. Suspension of the School was made necessary by the fact that it had no endowment and it was impossible to maintain the standards for which Tulane Uni- versity of Louisiana stands without some income other than that from student fees. w ssmmm sm The Graduate School of Medicine is the depart- ment of the College of Medicine of the Tulane Uni- versity of Louisiana which provides post-graduate instruction to the medical profession. The courses offered are arranged to afford work from October to June of each year, and during that time there may be found medical graduates from all parts of the country who come to avail themselves of the opportunities presented in order to keep abreast with the recent advances in iii ' edicine and surgery, or to specialize in the major branches. Instruction during the forenoon is carried on in the wards and clinics of the Charity Hos- pital, Touro Infirmary and the Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital, and the afternoon and evenings comprise didactic lectures and work in the clinical laboratory at the Hutchinson Me- morial Building. All of the instruction, whether didactic or clinical, is under the direction of men experienced in the various branches of medicine and surgery. Frans Blom, Direclor The Department of Middle American Research was founded in 1924, for the purpose of advanced research into the history, archaeology, botany, natural resources and products of Mexico, the Central American Repub- lic " ., and the West Indies, and to gather and dissem- inate information in regard to these countries. Five expeditions have been sent into the field. One of these was primarily agronomical, and three others had archteology and ethnology for their chief purpose, but all of them gathered as much data as possible. The fifth expedition went to the Nunnery Quad- rangle of the ruins of Uxmal in Yucatan, for the pur- pose of making a complete and detailed study of this group of structures which will be reproduced in full size as an anthropological museum at the World ' s Fair of Chicago in 1933. This expedition was financed by the World ' s Fair of Chicago, and the National Re- search Council of Washington selected Tulane Univer- mm jjj mij f H to do The Museum of the Department contains many val- uable and interesting collections, having material on Middle America and related anthropology, as well as on the Southeastern United States. The Library ranks among the leading research libraries of the country, and contains anthro- pological and archnological books, man ' rare manuscripts, and also volumes on travel, geog- raphy, botany, biology, and cartography of Central America. Both the Museum and Library are open every week day from 9 to 12 A. M. and r to 5 p. M., except on Saturday afternoons. A new society has been formed this year, its membership consisting of those who have taken in the Field with the expeditions conducted by the Department of Middle American Research of Tulane University. Each expedition member has received a key composed of the letters T. U. X., which stands for " Tulane University Expedition, " and on the reverse is engraved his name and year or years he was in the field with the outfit. F. Blom, 1925-1928-1930 O. LaFarge, 1925-1927 E. S. Haskell, r925 A. C. Hartenbower, 1925 C. Aguilar, 1925-1928-1930 D. Beyers, 1927 L. Bristow, Jr., 1928 W. McBryde, r928 C. Basauri, 1928 G. Kanter, 1928 H. Bever r929 J. H. Thomson, 1930 R. H. Merrill, 1930 G. Kramer, 1930 H. Fair, 1930 Dan Leyrer, 1930 E. Alferez, 1930 W. Hayden, 1930 G. Trujillo, 1930 P. Pamtoja, 1930 John MacLaren McBryde, Ph.D., Litt.D. Dean To men and vomen holding the Bachelor ' s de- gree from Tulane University and from institutions of equal grade the Graduate School offers courses leading to advanced degrees in the fields of the lib- eral arts, the sciences, and engineering. In addi- tion to these, advanced courses leading to the de- gree of Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy are given in special fields in the medical sciences by members of the Medical Faculties who have been elected to membership in the Faculty of the Graduate School. Opportunities are afforded for clinical work in the hospitals of the city under the guidance of ivell-known specialists. Thus the Graduate School presents carefully planned courses designed for teachers desiring to gain a broader and deeper knowledge of their chosen fields and for graduates in engineering and medicine wishing to specialize in some par- ticular lines of work. COUBSES FOR TEACHEKS James Adair Lvon, A.M., D.Sc. C iairman For many years Tulane University has op- erated a number of courses to meet the need of those whose hours of employment will not permit attendance upon regular classes. The classes are scheduled in the afternoon hours and on Saturdays, thus making it possible for teach- ers, especially if they so desire, to add to their equipment in many subjects. These courses are of full college grade, con- ducted by regular members of the faculty, and in the case of students who have satisfactorily fulfi.led the entrance requirements, credits ob- tained may be applied towards a degree. NewcomTb Senior Class ' ■- " Elizabeth Adams New Orleans, La. K K r New Orleans, La. Nancy Hamilton Allen . . n B President Art Club (4); Class Treasurer (1); French Circle (1. 2, 3); Dramatic Club (1. 2, 3, 4); T. W. C. A. Cabinet (3, 4); Basketball (3); Glee Club (3). Mary E. Allert Galveston, Tex. ' I M House Council (3. 4); President Art School (4); Athletic Blanket (3): Art Chairman House (3); Bowling (1. 2, 3): Hockey (1, 2, 3); Baseball (1. 2, 3). Aurelia CoRALiE Arbo New Orleans, La. Adrienne Asbury New Orleans, La. B A Mandolin-Guitar Club (1, 2. 3. 4). President (4); Dra- matic Club (1, 2, 3, 4), Stage Manager (2); Debating Club (1, 2); Y. W. C. A. (3, 4); Freshman Chairman; Lampyrids (3, 4). Marie Louise Aubert Gulfport, Miss. Dramatic Club (1); Art Club (3). WiLHELMiNA C. Bacher New Orleans, La. B A Hockey (3); Volley Ball (3); Newcomb Basketball (3). Catherine Shine Bender .... New Orleans, La. B ■! A Athletic Council (2. 3); Basketball Team (1. 2, 3l: Base- ball (1, 2, 3); Hockey (3). Hester Bernadas New Orleans, La. B A Art Club (3, 4); Y. AV. C. A. Pictui-e not in panel. Ne H comnlb Senior Class Charlotte Breard ......... Monroe, La. A A 71 Elizabeth Breard Monroe, La. AAA Clara Buchanan New Orleans, La. A n Y. W. C. A.; Art Club. K.atherine Byrne New Orleans, La. A n .A.rt Club (3, 4): Dramatic- Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Athletics (3. 4). Helen Cambias Neiv Orleans, La. Dramatic Club. DiRUHi Caracashian .... Merida, Yucatan, Mex. (Special) Edith Cardone New Orleans, La. CoRiNNE Henderson Carter . K K r Hammond, La. Lillian Cazenavette New Orleans, La. B S French Circle (1. 2, 3); Volley Ball Team (3); Y. W. C. A. Picture not in panel. Ne H comTb Senior Class Amelie Chalaron New Orleans, La. X £2 French Circle (1, 2, 3); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2. 3, 4); Dra- matic Club (3, 4); Art Club (3, 41. LuciLE Chalaron ....... Ne v Orleans, La. X Q Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); French Circle (1, 2, 3), President (31; Art Club (3, 4). Peggy Clarkson Raleigh, N. C. E K r Secretary of Class (1); T. V. C. A. Cabinet (1, 2, 3. 4); Debating Club Chairman: House Council (2. 3, 4); Stu- dent Council (4); Chairman Campus Night (41; Hockey Class Team (2, 3); Basketball Class Team (3); Art Club (3, 4); Secretary of Art Club; " Hullabaloo " Reporter (2, 3); " Arcade " (41. Flavia Claverie New Orleans, La. K K r Dramatic Club (1. 2, 3, 4), President (4); Debating Club (1, 2). Barbara M. David Mandeville, La. Marguerite Davenport New Orleans, La. B S Dramatic Club (1, 21; Debating (2); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2); Nevvcvjnib " Hullabaloo " Editor (4). Jans Deahi Alexandria, Va. ! M Alt Club. Emma Cothran . ....... Charlotte, N. C. •1 ' M Orcheslra. U Alice Mae Ellington New Orleans, La. B A Art Club; Y. W. C. A. Eleanor Ellis New Orleans, La. n B Laura Eustis Greenville, Miss. X a House Secretary (3), Executive (3); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); French Circle (1. 2); Art Club (4); House Co.uncil (2, 3, 4); Pan-Hellenic Council; Warren House President. Judith S. Fowler New Orleans, La. B ■! A Glee Club (I, 2, 3, 4); Operetta (3); Lampyrids (3, 4), Secretary-Treasurer (3, 4); Archery Team (1); Swim- ming Team (3). Myra Shelby Frederickson . . Oklahoma City, Okla. K K r French Circle (1, 2, 3); Art Club (3, 4). Mary Louise Giles Natchez, Miss. K K r Julia Sigourney Gladney Rayville, La. K A e Berta Denman Houston, Tex. K A e Y. ' W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); French Circle (1, 2); Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4); House Honor C ' ouncil (3); jTinior Bowling Champion; Debating Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Sophomore De- bating Team; Lampyrids Club; " Arcade " (1); Varsity (3); Neweomb Ball (3); " Hullabaloo " Staff (3). ■ Marjorie Spelman Devereux . . New Orleans, La. K K r Mabel C. Dodd New Orleans, La. B A Y. ■W. C. A. (1. 2. 3, 4); Debating Club (1, 2, 3); Lam- pyrids (3, 4); Spanish Club (3. 4). ♦Picture not in panel. Ne H comb Seeior Class Mary Gordon McComb, Miss. B A Frances Marian Gray Greemvood, Miss. M Glee Club (1, 2. 3, 4); Y. W. C. A. (1): French Cirele (1 ; President Music School (4); Newcomb Student Council (4). Cecile Grayson Camden, . rk. A A n Dramatic Club (1, 2); Y. W. C. A. (2. 4); International Relations Club (4); Tennis (4). Mary Haralson Birmingham, . a. M Mandolin-Guitar Club (2, 3); Glee Club (3, 4); Track (1, 2, 3): House Council (3, 4). Marjorie Haspel New Orleans, La. A E Class Treasurer (4); Art Club (3. 4); French Circle (1, 2); Debating Club (1); Pan-Hellenic Council. Margaret Henriques New Orleans, La. n B Vice-President Art Club; Captain Hockey (3); Athletic Council (4); Class Newcomb Ball; Class Newcomb Bas- ketball; Class Hockey; Tracl;; Spalding Basketball; Dra- matic Club; Glee Club. RuTH Hidden Algiers, La. Edna Hindelanc San Antonio, Tex. Art Club. Marion Hirscm ........ New Orleans, La. A E Secretary Class (2), Vice-President (3); Student .Council (4); Executive (4); Vice-President Student Body (4); Pan-Hellenic Council; French Circle (1, 2, 3); Dramatic Club. Picture not in panel. fe eiiior Elizabeth Marshall Hudson .... Monroe, La. Marcaret Cornelia Hyde . M Hammond, La. Marjorie Tsaacs New Orleans, La. A E Class Treasurer (2); Corresponding Secretary Student Body (3); Vice-President Class (4); French Circle (1, 2, 3. 4); President Alpha Sigma Sigma. Florence Irma Jennings New Orleans, La. Debating Club (1. 2, 3); Y, W. C. A. (1. 2 ; Newconib Ball (1, 2. 3); Basketball (1, 2, 3); Hockey (1. 2, 31; Newcomb Sweater. Betty Keenan New Orleans, La. nrB class President (3); Assistant Editor " Arcade " (3). Art Editor (4), Staff (1, 2); Assistant Editor " Jambalaya " (3); French Circle (1, 2, 3); Art Club (3. 4): May Day (3); Field Day (1, 2); Pan-Hellenic Council (3, 4). Bertha Gwin Knox Lake Charles, La. Z T A Freshman-Sophomore Commission (1. 2); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2, 3, 4), Cabinet (3); French Circle (1, 2); Dramatic Club (1, 2, 3, 4). JANE Lambert New Orleans, La. Lelia LeBlanc McComb, Miss. MiREii.LE LeBreton New Orleans, La. B £ Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Volley Ball Team (3); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2. 3, 4); French Circle (1. 2, 3): Art Club (3, 4). Marcelle Leverich New Orleans, La. A n Art Club; Dramatic Club; Baseball; Track; Basketball; Newcomb Ball; Chairman Summer Committee. •Picture not in panel. Marianne Perkins Batesville, Miss. M Vice-President Class (2); Vice-President Orchestra (4); Varsity Baseball (2. 3). Janie May Price Gulfport, Miss. A n Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4), President (3), Treasurer (2, 4): House Council (2. 3, 4), President (4); Pan-Hellenic Council (4); Student Council (4); Glee Club (3); Execu- tive (3, 4). Alba Beauregard Richardson . n B ! New Orleans, La. Rosalind Ruth Rogan New Orleans, La. K K r President Senior Class; Student Council (4); Executive (2, 3. 4); Campus Night Chairman (3); Recording Sec- retary Student Body (2); Secretary-Treasurer Athletic Council (3); Pan-Hellenic Council (3, 4); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2), Cabinet (1); French Circle (1): Junior Commit- tee Freshman Commission; Volley Ball (1, 2, 3); Basket- ball (1, 2, 3); Newcomb Basketball (1, 2, 3); Hockey (1, 2, 3); Track (1, 2, 3); Varsity Basketball (2, 3); Dra- matic Club (1, 2). Rebecca Rollins Gulfport, Miss. Baseball (2, 3); Y. V. C. A. Secretary (3). President (4); House Council (3, 4); Orchestra (3). Louise Lewald New Iberia, La. Elizabeth Lewis New Orleans, La. 11 B 1 " Arcade " (1, 2, 3), Editor (3); French Circle (1, 2); Dramatic Club (1, 2). Louise Livaudais New Orleans, La. X a Y. W. C. A. (1, 21; French Circle (1, 2, 3); Art Club (3, 4); Archery (1. 2). Lucille Livaudais New Orleans, La. X a French Circle (1, 2. 3); Y. W. C. A. (2); Art Club (3, 4); Archery Squad (2, 3); Newcomb " N " ; Newcomb Ball (3); Bowling (2, 3); Flying Fish (3). Picture not in jjanel. THe H comb Seeior Class Alice Blanc Logan New Orleans, La. K K r Secretary (3, 4); Finance Committee; " Jambalaya " Stalt. Business Manager at Newcomb; Hoclcey (1, 2, 3): Bas- ketball (1, 2, 3); French Circle (1. 2, 3); T. W. 0. A. (1, 2, 3, 4). Cabinet. Aline Mackenzie New Orleans, La. Flora McBRvnE ........ New Orleans, La. K A G Glee Club (1, 3, 4); Y. W. C. .A-. (1. 2. 3); Finance Com- mittee (3, 4); Basketball (1); Volley Ball (1); Ping Pong (2); " Jambalaya " Newcomb Editor (4); Pan-Hellenic Council. Margaret McClintock Belzoni, Miss. Z T A Dorothy McGriff Livingston, Ala. M Librarian ot Glee Club. Dorothy Louise Mengis Sterlington, La. BSD French Circle (1, 2, 3); Art Club (3, 4): Y. W. C. .-V. (1, 2, 3. 4); Volley Ball Captain (3); Pan-Hellenic Coun- cil. Mildred Ogden ........ Hattiesbiirg, Miss. Orchestra (3); Y. W. C. A. (4). Marcaret Cecil Overton .... New Orleans, La. B a Mary Pate Birmingham, Ala. Carrie E. Pearce New Orleans, La. Mandolin-Guitar Club (3, 4). Sadie Mae Pendergrafi ' Vicksburg, Miss. ♦picture not in panel. Ne H comTb Senior Class Sybil Knight Sandmeyer .... New Orleans, La. X a Y. W. C. A. (1, 2. 3, 4); French Circle (1, 2). Clara Mae Saucier Pass Christian, Miss. A A n Volley Ball: Newcomb Basketball; Hockey; Baseball. Louise Scatterty New Orleans, La. Z I A Class Bowling (2); Y. W. C. A. (1). Odile Simpson New Orleans, La. X a Underclassman Committee; Class President (2); Executive (2, 3, 4); Student Council (2, 3, 4), Secretary (3), Presi- dent (4); President Student Body (3); A.ssistant Editor " Jambalaya " (3); Newcomb Ball (1. 2, 3, 4); Athletics; Varsity (2); Mandolin-Guitar Club (1, 2); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2). Olca Swetman Biioxi, Miss. Swimming Team (1, 2, 3); Class Volley Ball (2. 3); Track (1, 2, 3); Class Basketball (2). Margaret Katherine Troescher . New Orleans, La. Z T A Debating Club (1, 2, 3, 4); T. W. C. A. (1. 2, 3, 4); French Circle (1. 2, 3, 4); Student Council (3); Pan- Hellenic Council (3, 4). Alcenith Boyden Veith Y . New Orleans, La. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Dramatic Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Mandolin-Guitar Club (4). Pat Villere New Orleans, La. Volley Ball Team (1, 2. 3); French Circle (1. 2); Y ' . W. C. A. (1, 2, 3); Dramatic Club (1, 2, 3); Art Club (31; Pan-Hellenic Council (3). Neircomb Senior Class Erminia Wadsworth New Orleans, La. B Dramatic Club (2, 3. -1); Debating Club (1, 2, 3, 4), Sec- retary-Treasurel-; Nixon Team (2); 1914 Debating- Team (2); President Jennie C. Nixon Deljating Club (4). Hilda Wassermann New Orleans, La. A Alice Tee Weir New Orleans, La. Mandol in-Guitar Club. Bettv Werlein . New Orleans, La. n B •! President Class (1, 3); Student Council (1, 2, 3. 4); As- sistant Editor " Hullabaloo " (3 ; Debating Council (1, 2, 3): Underclassman Commission (1); Fresbman-Sophomore Drag Committee; Jennie C. Nixon Debating Team (2) ; Dramatic Club (1, 2); Student Body President (4); Tulane Student Council. Jane Randolph Whipple Baton Rouge, La. ' i M Art Club; House Council: Class Teams; Newcomb Ball: Spalding- Basketball; Baseball; Assistant Editor " Arcade. " Audrey Blanche White Lecompte, La. A A n Debating Club (1. 2, 3); Dramatic Club (1. 2, 3): French Circle (2, 3); Y. W. C. A. (2, 3); Mandolin-Guitar Club (2, 3); Orchestra (3, 4); House Council (4); Pan-Hellenic Council. Jane Williams Mer Rouge, La. A n T. W. C. A. (2, 3, 4). New Orleans, La. Elizabeth Cleveland Wilson K A e Newcomb Ball (1. 2. 31; Tennis Class Champion (3); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Pan-Hellenic Council. Senior Class School of SMedic ' ine William Pierce Addison Jr Shreveport. La. HE , i y. B.A. Degree, Louisiana Coll ge. Julius Alexander . Lassar Alexander . . La Grange, Tex. . La CJiaiigr, Tex. J. W. Allen New Orleans, La. ATS, X Pathogens; Owl Club. Tames Loo.mis Anderson . . A K K Roger J. Arango Cross City, Fla. Havana, Cuba ? £ John H. Arrington, Jr Monticello, Miss. 2 N, e K University of Mississippi (1. 2, 3, -I). Marvin Eldon Arrington . . . Brookhaven, Miss. JosiAH D. Bancroft Birmingham, Ala. Z N, X A.B. Degree, Howard -CoUege. George Elliott Patric Barnes . . . Newville, Ala. Merrill C. Beck New Orleans, La. N 1 N •Picture not in panel. Senior Class School of SMedicine Nathan Judson Bender Marshall, Tex. S ! E, X B.S. Degree. Tulanc; Pan-Hellenic Council, ' 29. Samuel Bergman Tampa, Fla. A E, A S2 A Medical Pan-Hellenic Council. J. B. BiRDVVELL Shreveport, La. n K , X, A a A Pathogens (6); Band (4). Ralph R. Braund Gary, Ind. A K K, A X A Pathogens; A.B. Degree, De Pauw University. Louis Bristow New Orleans, La. S X, X, OAK Pathogens; Owl Club; 4th Tulane Expedntion; Class President (3). John Thomas Brown Gatesville, Tex. A K K Ira p. BuRDiNE Amory, Miss. ■1 K r, 9 K Bert R. Burcoyne Monroe, La. n K , !■ X Paul Cecil Burnett, Jr. ..... . Tampa, Fla. ATA, X ?eior Class School of SMedictne R. Louis Cope New Orleans, La. P 1, A Honor Council (5, 6). Ross BuzzANCA Birmingham, Ala. X B.S. Degree, Alabama, 1927; M.S. Degree, Alabama. 1S2S; Fellow of Gorgas. Jaime G. Cadaval Durango, Mex. Z I J. S. Camp Jasper, Ala. S N, X Honor Council; A.B. Degree, Univei ' sity of Alabama; L ' Apache; Pathogens. Stephen R. Campbell New Orleans, La. A K K Charles Thomson Chamberlain, Jr. . Natchez, Miss. n K A, N S N, a n A A.B. Degree, University of Virginia. Louis Sidney Charbonnet Jr. . . New Orleans, La. n K A, N S N B.S. Degree. Tulane (4); Honor Council (3); Pan-Hellenic Council (2); " W hite Elephants (1); Scrub Football (2); Inter-Class Football (3, 4). Louis Eaton Chauvin Abbeville, La. P S Paul V. Colvin Dubach, La. AS , e K Pathogens; A.B. degree. Louisiana College; Square and Compass. Senior Class School of SMedic ' tne Louis Cucinotta Brooklyn, N. Y. B M Historian Sopliomore Class; Glee Club (1, 2. o. 4). Pascal L. Danna ....... New Orleans, La. B.S. D-Siee. T. A. Dekle New Orleans, La. William Henry DeRamus Verbena, Ala. K 2, X Pathogens: Student Council Vice-President: President Medical Student Body: L ' Apache: Owl Club. David Jacob Drezinski New Orleans, La. Paul R. Eckels Temple, Tex. e K Boyd Clark Edwards Jackson, Miss. K S, X B.S. Degree, Millsaps College. Thomas Jefferson Edwards . . . Chattahoochee, Fla. A e, N S N B.S. Degree. L ' niversity of Florida. Olive Swaggerty Feemster .... Baltimore, Md. Bernard S. Feinberg New York, N. Y. John A. Fershtand ...... San Francisco, Cal. N I N ♦Picture not in panel. Seeior Class School of tSMedicine Charles O. Frederick Covington, La. n K A, A K K InLer-Fraternity Basketball (2, 3, 4); Inter-Fraternity Track (2) ; Owl Club. Edwaru a. Gall . New York, N. Y. I A K, ASA Secretary-Treasurer (2); Class Football (1. 2). Orlando F. Gerodetti San Antonio, Tex. 2 1, ABA, B M Honor Council (2); Pan-Hellenic Council (2). IvYLVN Lee Girardeau Thomaston, Ga. A E I A.B, Degree. Agnes Scott College. Harrv Glazer New Orleans, La. A K John Edwin Granade ....... Atlanta, Ga. n K A, ! X Joseph Peter Gutierrez Cordoba, Mex. Pan-Hellenic Council (4. 5): " Hullabaloo " (3). J. F. Hackney Bynum, N. C. ■!• P 2 Andros Scott Hamilton Berkeley, Calif. K A, N 2 N, A Q A Pathogens; Class Football (4); Class Day Committee (S) ; Owl Club. Seeior Class School of SMedicine John Felix Jenkins, Jr Birmingham, Ala. K A, X Pathogens. Ch. ' pman Gordon Johnson . . . New Orleans, La. 2 A E Freshman Football: Fr ' shman Basketball: Inter-Frater- nity Basketball (1, 2. 4- 5. 6): Intra-Mural Football (3, 4): Inter-Fraternitv Handball f5. 6); Scrub Football (3); Varsit.v Golf (2); Y. M. C. A. William Thomas Harper ..... Fayette, Miss. OK B.S. Degre:-. University of Mississippi. William Spe. rs Harrell Ruston, La. s ?v ' , X William Gibson Harris Gibson, N. C. r S Alvin Claude Hoffpauir Estherwood, La. A K K, e K N Pathogens: " Jambalaya " Representative. George Sanders Hopkins Slagle, La. UK . X Harris Hosen Laurel, Miss. 4 " A E B.S. Degree. E. Russell Jacka Jackson, Mich. X, T K E Seeior Class School of SMedicine W. G. Jones Grand Cane, La. 11 K , X Julian Jacob Keller New Orleans, La. Z B T, A E A.B- Degree. Frank Foster Kennedy Youngstown, O. A K E, B n Square and Compass. Earl H. Kent New Orleans, La. P S Vice-President Class (3). Ralph Lampert New Orleans, La. B.S. Degree, Tulane; Honor Council (3). John T. Lewis, Jr Tylertown, Miss. n K A, N Z N Pathogens; B.S. Degree, Millsaps College-, Owl Club. Benjamin Maurice Lieberman . Los Angeles, Calif. George D. Lilly . Fayetteville, N. C. ■tie, N 2 N Joel J. McCook, Jr Dallas, Tex. n K A, A K K Pathogens; Owl Club. •Picture not in panel. Senior Class School of SMedicine Robert C. McDowell Good Pine, La. 2 n, A K K Square and Compass; Pathogens. WiLLiAM Russell McGehee, Jr. . . Gloster, Miss. Oliver P. M.auterer New Orleans, La. Honor CounciL Alois E. rle Moore Helena, Ark. ATA, N S N, ■{ John M. Mosely Arcadia, La. n K A, A K K Owl Club; Pathogens. John T. Mosley Winnfiekl, La. Kirk T. Mosley Conway, Ark. S N, P S, ABA Honor Council (2); Secretary-Treasurer (3); Vice-Pres- ident Medical Student Body (4); A.B. Degree. Hendri.l College. Paul Nickerson Siluria, Ala. A K K, A n A Isidor Ochs New York, N. Y. •Picture not iji panel. Senior Class School of SMedicine Hii.LRiE Kirk Rouse, Jr Poplarville, Miss. A Z , e K ' ! ' , Ph.G. Deeree, University of Mississippi; Ph.C. Degree, Tulaiie University: Honor Council (3); Historian Class C4). HnvRv Dl ' Plessis Ocden " , Jr. . . . New Orleans, La. n K , N £ X Oratorif.al and Debating Council; Dramatic Guild; B.S. Degree. Theodore Melvix Oxford Dawson, Ga. 2 n, OK P.AUL Sampson Parrino .... New Orleans, La. Clifford Porter Powell Auburn, Ala. Z N, e K , A E A Square and Compass; Pathogens; Busin?s3 Manager 1931 " Janibalaya " : B.A. Degree. University of Alabama. Edwin Pearson Preston .... Miami Beacli, Fla. B.S. Degree. 1930. Thos. R. Ra.msay Laurel, Miss. A T 0, X Treasurer Medical Class; D ' Apache; Pathogens: Owl Club; Pan-Hellenic Council. Paul Renken San Antonio, Tex. in, e K G. H. Ricks Brady, Tex. OK President Senior Medical Class; Owl Club. Jeanne Cecilf, Roeling New Orleans, La. A E I B.S. Degree, Tulane. 1929; Medical Pan-Hellenic Council. lior Class School of Medicine William Mack Routon Greenville, Ala. S n. e K Andrew M. Rvan San Francisco, Cal. Charles Ladislas Saint New Orleans, La. e K J. M. Sartin Statesville, N. C. e K Henry Schwartze Brenham, Tex. Arthur L. Seale Moundville, Ala. •{■ B n B.S. Degree, University of Alabama. lliiiS. W. A. K. Seale Birmingham, Ala. n K A, A K K Owl Club; Pathogens; Medical Pan-Hellenic Council President. Hugh Shane Marshall, Tex. II K ■! , ■!■ X J. Dunbar Shields, Jr N atchez, Miss. E A, N 2 N, A Q A Owl Club; B.S. Degree, Mississippi A. M. ggSSMOtHH School of SMedicine Thomas R. Simpson Meridian, Miss. 2 n, X Harrv R. Staley Kansas City, Mo. K £, X John E. Tate Blue Mountain, Miss. e K B S., B.A, Degree, University of Mississippi. Morris Velinsky Shreveport, La. 4 A E B.S, Degree, Centenary. A. G. Ward Jackson, Miss. nKA, N2N, AftA B.A. Degree, Millsaps College; Pathogens. J. O. Weii.baecher, Jr New Orleans, La. S A E, N S N Scrub Football (2); Inter-Class Football (1, 2); Inter- Fraternity Basketball (1. 2, 3. -1); Inttr-Fraternity Hand- ball (3, 4). J. R. Williams Selma, Ala. K A, X B.S. Degree, Mercer University: Vice-President Class (4); Pathogens; Owl Club. Arthur A. Wood Mobile, Ala. e K A.B. Degree. Springhill. Senior Class College of cArts and Sciences G. Armstrong Allen New Orleans, La. K 2, , K A President Senior Class (5); Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4), Pres- ident (4): Freshman Track. Varsity Track (2. 3, 4); Inter- Fraternity Track (1, 2); Tennis Manager (4); " T " Club; White Elephants; Pan-Hellenic (4. 5). Sherburne Anderson New Orleans, La. A K K, A X A Edward J. Antoon Greenwood, Miss. Freshman Law, Secretary-Treasurer: Dormitory Club, Sec- retary-Treasurer (2): Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, Secretary (4); Glendy Burke. Sergeant-at-Arms (4); Delegate to Ora- torical and Debating Council (3). George Franklin Bagby . . New Orleans, La. Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society (1, 2, 3, 4); Secretary-Treasurer (2). Vice-Speaker (3), Speaker (4); Y. M. C. A. (1, 2. 3, 4), " T " Cabinet 2, 3.4), Secretary (2), Vice-President (3), President (4); Freshman " Y " Club (1), Advisor (2, 3, 4); Tulane University Dramatic Guild (2, 3, 4). Secretary (2, 3), President (4); Inter- national Relations Club (2, 3. 4). William A. Bell, Jr. . New Orleans, La. A K E, e N Assistant Track Manager (2); Glendy Burke (1); Dra- matic Guild (1. 2), Business Manager (2); Assistant Sports Editor " Jambalaya " (3); Sports Editor " Jam- balaya " (4); " Hullabaloo " (1, 2. 3, 4), Campus Editor (4). Chris Francis Bellone New Orleans, La. Honor Council (1); Vice-President Class (1); Secretary of Student Body (3). Oscar Blitz New Orleans, La. K N, A E Pan-Hellenic (2, 3), Louis M. Bodenheimer ..... New Orleans, La. Z B T Joseph Theodore Brierre . New Orleans, La. ♦Picture not in panel. Senior Class College of cArts and Sciences Hugh H. Biuster New Orleans, La. ATA Ansel M. Caine, Jr New Orleans, La. K S, Vice-President Junior Class; Vice-President Arts and Sciences Student Body: Inter-fraternity Baslcetball (1, 2. 3, 41; White Elepliants; Pan-Hellonic Council. Shelby Gibson Carr New Orleans, La. ■ ' Marcus Joachim Chalona . . . New Orleans, La. Calvin Audre Claudel New Orleans, La. Freshman Trade; Tug-al-War (1, 2); International Re- lations Club (1). Samuel Harvev CoLviN, Jr. . . . New Orleans, La. David Baine Comer, III New Orleans, La. Glendy Burke (1, 2, 3, 4), Historian (2, 3); International Relations Club (2, 3, 41, Secretary (3). Vice-President (4); Dramatic Guild (1, 2. 3, 4), Treasurer (3); Joui-nalism Scholarship (3, 4); Philomathean (2). Paul Saunders Cooke Hernando, Miss. A K E Tennis Team (3); Gle_ ' Club (1, 2, 3. 4). Walter H. Coulson Monroe, La. William E. Cox, Jr Columbus, Miss. K £ Varsity Tennis Squad (2, 3. 4); Inter-Fraternity Tennis (2, 3, 4); Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (2); Secretary Arts and Sciences Student Body (4). ■ ' Lowell Potter Dawson .... River Falls, Wis. •i A e Theodore Dennerv . . ... New Orleans, La. Z B T Gustave Devron New Orleans, La. B M Oratorical and Debating Council (2). Secretary (3). Chair- man (4); Glendy Burke (1. 2, 3), Secretary (4); Varsity Debating (2, 3); GUe Club (1, 2, 3); Liramatic Guild (1, 2. 3). Emil H. Dieth New Orleans, La. Y. M, C. A.; International Relations Club; " Hullab.iioo (1. 2. 3). Circulation jManager (4). Martha E. Earhart New Orleans, La. A A n, N John Frentis Everett Farmerville, La. 2 N Myron Falk New Orleans, La. e N, B M Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (I); Glendy Burke (1); Tug-o(-War (1); Fencing (2); Editor Y. M. C. A. Student Handbook (2), Business Manager (3); " Hullabaloo " Staff (1), Campus Editor {2), Circulation and Officer Manager (3); Business Manager (4 ; Business INIanager " Summer Student " (3); Arthurians. ♦Picture not in p.anel. College of oArts and Sciences Leon Goldberg New Orleans, La. President Chess and Checkers Club Glendy Burke (1); Secretary Menorah Society: Commerce Workroom Com- mittee; " Hullabaloo " Representative. LEON.-iRD Greenburg Gulfport, Fla. Arthur T. H.- as, Jr. . . . . . . New Orleans, La. A , A X S George Earle Harveson ' .... Lake Charles, La. John C. Henderson ....... Hnuston, Texas A e Inter-Fiaternity Ba.sketball (2. 3, 4): L ' Apache. Helen T. Hill New Orleans, La. Dorothy Dix .lournalism Awartl (M). JosEPH Beverly Holmes .... New Orleans, La. Ralph Hopkins, Jr New Orleans, La. K A, A X 2 TvLER Mar-shall HurTj Jr. . . . New Orleans, La. e N Vice-President Senior Class (4); Honor Council (4); Asso- ciate Editor " Hullabaloo " (4); Campus Editor (2, 3); President International Relations Club (3. 4), Vice-Pres- ident (2): Jambalaya Class Representative (1); Assistant Feature Editor (2, 3); Sports Editor Student Handbook (2); Freshman Basketball (1); Fencing (3); Glee Club (3, 4), Publicity Manager (3, 4); Dramatic Guild (3, 4). " Stanford Leonard Hvman . . . New Orleans, La. Z B T Charles Payne Fenner, Jr. , . . New Orleans, La. K A Glendy Burke (1); Dramatic Guild ( 3 ) : White Elephaut.=i. Ross Alexander Fisher Tampa, Fla. " Richard Manning Fletcher . . . Fort Myers, Fla. Dudley Charles Foley, Jr. . . . New Orleans, La. A Band George a. Frilot, Jr New Orleans, La. Benjamin R. Gendel Bronx, N. Y. Dormitory Club. Vice-President (2); Dramatic Guild (1, 2); Track (2); Intra-Mural Cross Country (2). James Hill Gillis New Orleans, La. A T Si, e N Tug-of-War (1); Inter-Class Football (2); Scrub Football (3); " Hullabaloo " Sports Editor (4, 5): Class Secretary (5). John A. Glover New Orleans, La. A e ♦Picture not in panel. College of Q Irts and Sciences ' ■Euclid Arnold Isbell Albertville, Ala. Percival Randolph Johnson . . . New Orleans, La. Harnett T. Kane New Orleans, La. Editor-in-Chief " Hullabaloo (4). Associate Editor (3); President and Vice-President International R lations Club (2, 3); Editor " Summer Student " (2, 3); Dorothy Dix .lournalism Award (3); Glendy Burke (1, 2): Delegate to Oratorical Debating Council 2); Dramatic Guild (3); Editor and Assistant Editor T. M. C. A. Handbook (2, 3); Philomatheans (2). Harry B. Kelleher New Orleans, La. A K E, A A Pan-Hellenic Council. Robert C. Kemp, Jr Baton Rouge, La. K A Lane C. Kendall New Orleans, La. Band (4): Campus Nite (1, 2, 3, 4); Scrub Football (2. 3); Varsity Track (3, 4); Y. M. C. A. (1, 2. 3. 4), Cabinet (2, 3, 4). Treasurer and President (3); Aero Club (2. 3, 4). President (4); International Relations Club (2, 3, 4); Edi- tor Student Handbook (3, 4); Intra-Mural Cross Country (3, 4); Reporter " Hullabaloo " (1. 2, 3. 4): Glendy Burke (1. 2, 3, 4). Stanhope Hall King, Jr New Orleans, La. WiLL0UGHBY Eaton Kittredge ■ . Napoleonville, La. Matthew J. LaNasa New Orleans, La. Glee Club; Band; Secretary-Treasurer Sophomore Medical Class; Arthurians. Hunter C. Leake, H New Orleans, La. 2 X, B M Vice-President Beta Mu; Vice-President Frosh La v; White Elephants (1); Class Football (1, 2, 3); Inter- Fraternity Basketball (1). Pierre Antonin Lelong, IH . . . New Orleans, La. 2 X, B M Alcee Fortier Prize (1): Secretary-Treasurer Beta Mu (3); President Beta Mu (4); Inter-Fraternity Basketball; Inter- Fraternity Swimming; White Elephants. William M. Light San Antonio, Tex. Ben Intra-Mural Football (2) ; International Relations Club (3, 4). William Catlett Littell ..... Opelousas, La. 2 A E Inter-Class Football (2. 3); Inter-Fraterntiy Basketball; L Apache. Stanley Ernest Loeb New Orleans, La. Walter A. Lurie New Orleans, La. Z B T Glendy Burke (1. 2, 3, 4); Secretary-Treasurer (3); Menorah Society (2, 3, 4), Secretary (2), Vice-President (3), President (4); Alcee Fortier Memorial French Prize; Aaron Hartman Medal for Psychology; International Re- lations Club (2, 3, 4); Librarian (3). Treasurer (4); Ora- torical and Debati ng Council; Pan-Hellenic Council. JoHN McLaren McBryde, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Edward Larned McGehee, Jr. . . . Hammond, La. A K E Varsity Football (2. 3). Jerome L Malkin Jamaica, N. Y. A K Bernard L. Maller Jamaica, N. Y. A K chess and Checkers Team. Myrtus Arthur Mangum Castor, La. Football (2, 3, 4); Basketball (2, 3. 4); Wrestling (2, 3 4); Basketball Captain (4); Wrestling Captain (4). •Picture not in panel. Senior Class College of oArts and Sciences A. Charles Rosenberg New Orleans, La. Z B T Secretarv-Treasurer Class (3); Tennis Squad (2 3, 4); Inter-Fraternity Basketball; Inter-Fraternity Tennis. EuNiCE Anastasia Schnyder . . . New Orelans, La. Hugh Clayton Snell New Orleans, La. Marx Sterbcow New Orleans, La. I A K Carl White Stroud . Monroe, La. Leon L. Titche Monroe, La. International Relations Club. Carl N. Wahl New Orleans, La. S A E, X Robert Weinstein New Orleans, La. Horatio C. Weston Logtown, Miss. S N Hugh W. Whatley- Jr Ravville, La. A K E, K A President Class (3); President Student Body Arts and Sciences (4); Football (1. 2. 3, 4); Track (1. 2 3, 4); Honor Council (3, 4); Chairman Honor Council (4); Stu- dent Council; " T " Club. Richard B. Williams New Orleans, La. K A Thomas Fitzhugh Wilson . . . New Orleans, La. WiLLY Lee Woodward Sicily Island, La. Ney Jules Marks New Orleans, La. John Henry Menge, Jr New Orleans, La. A K E Treasurer Freshman Class; Treasurer Sophomore Class: Varsity Boxing (3. 4); Freshman Football; Scrub Football (1): Frosh Squad (2); Inter-Fraternity Track; Inter- Fraternity Basketball; Captain Boxing Team, ' 30. Lawrence Conroy " Michel . . . New Orleans, La. Clark O. Miller New Orleans, La. Frank Beverly Ogden ..... New Orleans, La. Ralph Eugene Pearson Vicksburg, Miss. Dormitory Club (2 3, 4), Secretary-Treasurer (3), Pres- ident (4); Inter-Hall Sports (2. 3, 4); Intra-Mural Basket- ball 4); Freshman " Y " Club (1); Y. M. C. A. (1, 2. 3, 4). Treasurer (4); Glendy Burke (1. 2, 3, 4), Representative to Oratorical and Debating Council (2), Censor (4); Ora- torical and Debating Council (2); " Hullabaloo " Staff (3. 4), Assistant Campus Editor (4); International Relations Club (3, 4). " Virginia Powell New Orleans, La. Godfrey Z. Regan ....... New Orleans, La. A e, ! A LoYD T. Roberts Stigler, Okla. A 2 Football (2, 3, 4); Captain of the Green Wave (4); Bas- ketball (2, 3, 4); " T " Club. •Picture not in panel. " j !)r College of Law Maurice Joskph Bayon New Orleans, La. Ben Tennis Team (1. 2. 3), Caytain (2, 3); Thirteen Club. Theodore Bethea New Orleans, La. A K E, •! A Luis J. Botifoll Havana, Cuba Margaret Scruggs Bullen .... Shreveport, La. A A n " Tulane Law Review " (2. 3 ; " Jambalaya " Representative (1, 2, 3). Leigh Carroll II New Orleans, La. 2 X, A Pan-Hellenic Council: President .Junior Law Class; White Elephants. Malcolm Louis de la Houssaye . . . Franklin, La. Ben Thii ' teen Club; Freshman Basketball; Scrub Basketball (2); Inter-Fraternity Basketball (1. 2, 3); Inter-Fraternity Track (1, 2. 3, 4). Henry Waller Fowler, Jr. . . . New Orleans, La. S A E, ! A i , , e A , $ B K " Law Review " , Business Manager (4); Moot Court Board. Secretary (3), Chairman (4); Dramatic Club; Glendy Burlve; B.A. Degree, Tulane. Paul Freund, Jr New Orleans, La. Maurice B. Gatlin New Orleans, La. Corpus Juris Prize (1); " T aw Review " (2); Terriberry Scholarship (3). Harold L. Guilbeau Opelousas, La. E. Hermann Guillory Ville Platte, La. A $ " Law Review " Board; L ' Apache. Calvin Evans Hardin, Jr Lake Charles, La. K S LL. B. Degree, 1-larvard Law School. Sam Levy Herold Shreveport, La. ♦Picture not in panel. Senior Class College of Lav Harkv B. Kelleher New Orleans, La. A K E, OAK, A A Pan-Hellenic Council. HuBERT Adolphe Lafargue .... Thibodaux, La. Nevil Louis LeBeuf New Orleans, La. Jose M. Ledo (Rajas) Llavana, Cuba Elmo P. Lee, Jr Shreveport, La. K i:. A • John R. Legier ....;... New Orleans, La. li 6 n, A A Dramatic Club. Jacques F. Levy New Orleans, La. Z B T Golf (4); Baseball (1). Julia E. Levy New Orleans, La. K B n Tulane Moot Court Board of Advi.sors (2); Tulanc " Law Review " (3). Robert S. Link, Jr New Orleans, La. I A e B.A. Des ' ree. Davidson College. Bernard J. McCloskey New Orleans, La. A K E, A ■!•, 1 , K A ! Varsity Baseball (1. 2, 3. 4): Glee Club (1. 2, 31; " T " Club; Editor " Jambalaya " (3); Boxing Team (3, 4). James J. Morrison New Orleans, La. S [• E, B M Tulane Band; Aero Club; Tulane " Law Review " . William H. Mouton Lafayette, La. K S Francis Lee Mudd Shreveport, La. A Z ♦Picture not in panel. eior Class College of Law James T. Shell Bastrop, La. i; A E, 1 A President Law School (3); Moot Court Advisory Board (2): Law School Honor Council (2. 3); " Law Review " ; L ' Apache; Student Council. ■ Frank Carol Smith Detroit, Mich. Jose Tellechea Havana, Cuba C. Elliot Thompson Monroe, La. K 2 Vice-President Class (3, 4); Boxing Team (3); Inter- Fraternity Tennis; Inter-Fraternity Basketball; Glee Club (3); Dramatic Club (3); Law Honor Council (3, 4). Max Turk Bluefield, W. Va. Helmuth Carlyle Voss Bogalusa, La. 2 A E, A B.E. Degree in Civil Engineering. Tulane, 1921; M.S. in Civil Engineering. Louisiana State University, 1925; Tu- lane Engineering Society (2. 3, 4); Student Council (4) Summer Survey Camp (2, 3); Varsity Wrestling (2, 3, 4) Tug-of-War (2); Glendy Burke (4); Tulane " Law Review ' Board (S); " Uniform Statutes " Editor (8); Square and Compass. Benjamin A. Whitaker Alexandria, La. A. Dallam O ' Brien Jr. . . . ; . New Orleans, La. A A Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Chairman Campus Nite; " Law Re- view. " Leslie Barbee Ponder, Jr Amite, La. A A Moot Court Board of Advisors. " Philip Sidney Pugh, Jr New Orleans, La. Godfrey Z. Regan New Orleans, La. A e, $ A President Class; OfTicer Law Student Body; Law Honor Council: Law Review: Board of Advisors; Moot Court Competition Finals; International Relations Club; Pan- Hellenic Council; Swimming Team. Claiborne B. Robertson St. Landry, La. 2 n, ■! A A Charles Murrah Rucker . ♦Picture not in panel. Pine Bluff, Ark. College of Sngineering Jerome C. Baehr New Orleans, La. 2 A Secretary Class (3); Secretary Engineeiing Student Body (4): Chief Engineer Summer Survey (3). Allen T. Blount New Orleans, La. 2 E, Glee Club: Aero Club; Engineering- Student Body Vice- President; Tug-of-War (1. 2); Fresbman Basketball; Inter-Fraternity Tennis (1, 2. 3); Inter-Fraternity Basket- ball (1, 2, 3); Inter-Class Football (1). Lawrence Claude Brune .... New Orleans, La. Charles E. Cassagne Jr New Orleans, La. A Aubrey G. Code New Orleans, La. Charles L. Davis, Jr New Orleans, La. Claude E. Dolhonde Independence, La. 2 J A Pop ' s Rowing Club. Wallace Campbell Drennan . . New Orleans, La. Peter James Erickson, Jr New Orleans, La. K K , A Band (2. 3, 4); Orchestra (2, 4). Herndon M. Fair Columbia, S. C. 2 A E Architectural Society; Gargoyle. Edward Gessner New Orleans, La. A e, , K A , OAK Class President (2), Class Vice-President (3); Varsity Wrestling (2); Manager Boxing and Wrestling (3); President Student Body (4); President Student Council (4); White Elephants; L ' Apache; " T " Club; Pan-Hellenic (2, 3), Treasurer (3). William C. Gilmer Shreveport, La. A T fi, Architectural Society (1. 2, 3. 4). ♦Picture not in panel. Senior Class College of Sngtneer ' ing Joseph Elias Guidry, JR New Orleans, La. Arthur J. Haas, Jr New Orleans, La. A , A X Z J. Rov Haase Baton Rouge, La. Architt-Ctural Society. H. Tardy Hart New Orleans, La. Architectural Society (2, 3 4). President (3); Glee Club (2. 3). Oliver William Heydex .... New Orleans, La. K K Band (1. 2. 3. 4); Pop ' s Rowing Club. James S. Jakssen New Orleans, La. Freshman Football; Scrub Football: Commissary of Civil Engineering Camp. Adolphe Emile Jastram New Orleans, La. sen Captain Freshman Football; Freshman Track: President Engineering (1), Vice-President (2); Varsit.v Football (2, 4); Varsity Track (2); Thirteen Club; Archit ' , ctural So- ciety. Senior Class College of Sngineering Walter Cook Keenan, II ... . New Orleans, La. Ben IManager Boxing and " Wrestling (4); Intra-Mural Foot- ball (1); " Jambalaya " Representative (2); Architectural Society. Sidney F. Lewis, III New Orleans, La. K 1 Eugene Mixsox McCarroll . . . New Orleans, La MuRVAN Morris Maxwell .... New Orleans, La. 2 ■!■ i .A.rcliitectural Society (1. 2, 3, 4): " Hullabaloo " Staff (3. 4): Intra-Mural Football (1, 2); Pop ' s Mental Gym Class. Frank W. Macdoxald New Orleans, La. A ! Varsity Basketball (1); Freshman Basketball. John Joseph Metzger, Jr New Orleans, La. Charles R. Monteiro New Orleans, La. John P. O ' Meara New Orleans, La. A Pop ' s Rowing Club. ♦Picture not in panel. Senior Class College of Sngineering T. Ford Seeuws ....... Long Beach, Miss. Ben Freshman Football; Varsity Football (2, 3. 4); Thirteen Club; " T " Club. Bernard Stern Ne v Orleans, La. Z B T Wm. King Stubes Monroe, La. A K E " T " Club; Varsity Tennis (3): Inter-Fraternity Basket- ball (1. 2, 3); Inter-Fraternity Tennis (1, 2, 3); Glee Club (2. 3, 4); President Architectural Society (4). Mackey W. White Live Oak, Fla. K 2 -Architectural Society (1. 2, 3, 4). Secretary (3), Vice- President (4): Gargoyle. John W. Wilson New Orleans, La. Basketball (1, 2. 3, 4). Samuel Wilson Jr New Orleans, La. .Architectural Society (1. 2, 3. 4): Toledano Prize (3); Special AIA Prize (3). Carroll J. Pierce New Orleans, La. Pop ' s Rowing Club. L Willia.m RicciUTi New Orleans, La. Gargovle; Architectural Society (1. 2, 3. 4); Vice-President (3). Treasurer (4); Glee Club (4); Aero Club (1. 21; In- ternational Relations Club (3. 4); Intra-llural Football (3. 4); Wrestling (1, 2). Ja.mes M. Robert, Jr New Orleans, La. n K A •■Jambalaya " Staff; Pan-Hellenic Council. College of Commerce BiLL Banker Lake Charles, La. A K E Omar H. Cheer, Jr New Orleans, La. Lazar Ira Cohen Jackson, Miss. Z B T, K K Band (2. 3, 4); " Hullabaloo " Business Staff (2, 4). Henry R. Crais New Orleans, La. A 2 , B r £ President Commerce Student Body; Student Council. Benjamin Franklin Eshleman . . New Orleans, La. EX, White Elephants; " T " Club; Glee Club; Varsity Basket- ball Manager (3), Assistant Manager (2); Intra-Mural Basketball (2, 3); Inter-Fraternity Basketball (1, 2, 3. 4). Marguerite Lamar New Orleans, La. Edward Levy New Orleans, La. SAM Fraternity Basketball. Victor Lota New Orleans, La. A " Hullabaloo " Business Staff. Elmer Marsh McCance Pine Bluff, Ark. A e Vice-President Freshman Class; Vice-President Commerce Student Body; " T " Club; Freshman Football; Scrub Foot- ball; Varsity Football (1, 2, 3, 4); Track (1, 2, 3, 4). J. E. McNair, Jr Lumberton, Miss. K A Glee Club (1): " Jambalaya " Representative (2); Secre- tary-Treasurer Class (3): Pan-Hellenic (4). •Picture not in panel. MJy iiAiA gaaffl WMifM College of Commerce Jack J. Margolin New Orleans, La. Francis Martin New Orleans, La. Lawrence William Martin . . . New Orleans, La. K £ " Jambalaj-a " Reprsentative: Intra-Mural Basketball; Inter-Fratel-nity Basketball; Inter-Fratc niity Track. Roland B. Melun New Orleans, La. Vice-President Class (4). President (5); Pan-Hellenic Council Secretary (5), Pan-Hellenic (;i. 4, fij. Gerald Joseph Miazza New Orleans, La. 2 N Ernest Mickal New Orleans, La. ••Hullabaloo " Staff (2, S. 4). LuciEN D. O ' Kelley New Orleans, La. ATA Vice-President Class (2), Secretary-Treasurer (4); Int.r- Fraternity Tennis (1. 2, 3); Inter-Fraternitv Basketball (2, 3); Varsity Tennis (2, 3); White Elephants; • ' T " Club. G. H. Pitts Alexandria, La. K S Homer R. Potter Lake Charles, La. 2: N L ' Apache, Arthur George Radlauer .... New Orleans, La. SAM Menorah Society; International Relations Club. James B. Read Gulfport, Miss. A T Q Glee Club Seci-etarv and Treasurer (1- 2, ' A. 4); Glend ' Burke (1, 2, 3, 4); Dramatic Club (3. 4); Thirteen Club. V. L. Roy, Jr Natchitoches, La. K E Inter-Fraternity Track; Inter-Fraternity Basketball. Morgan L. Shaw New Orleans, La. K A, White Elephants (1); Glee Club (2, 3); Inter-Class Foot- ball (1, 2); Secretary-Treasurer Class {3); Secretary- Treasurer Student Body (4) ; Assistant Football Manager (2). Pierre L. ThirauTj Jr New Orleans, La. !■ A e Pan-Hellenic Council. Dan Turrentine New Orleans, La. Advertising ' Manager Freshman Handbook. Frederic A. Youngs New Orleans, La. 2 N, 4 ! , B r S President Sophomore Class; President Junior Class; Vice- President Senior Class; Inter-Fraternity Tennis; Pan- Hellenic Council. • " Picture not in panel. Senior Class School of ' Pharmacy Elmo D. Cire, Jr New (Drleaiis, La. Class President (1, 2, 3. 4). " Theodore Joseph Diitmar . . . New Orleans, La. Isabel Marv FLaas Mailisonville, La. Alpha Chi Signia Award, ' 29, Valihore M. Wilson New Orleans, La. ♦ — P icture not in paneL iM sr Class ' ewcomb College RUTH Allex NeiT Orleans, La. HiLDA Arxdt New Orleans, La. LiLLiAy Augusta Backer ..... New Orleans, La. B A Rebecca Barton Napoleonville, La. n B Dramatic Club (1, 2, 3); Newcomb Ball (1, 2); Glee Club (1); T. ' W. C. A. (1); Class Secretary (1). Alberta Jennie Booker Ponchatoula, La. Margaret Jane Bovard New Orleans, La. A n T. ' W. C. A. (1, 2, 3). Annie Laurie Brearu Monroe, La. A A n Sarah Goodwin Brown New Orleans, La. Adrienne M. Bruno New Orleans, La. B A Mandolin-Guitar Club (2, 3); Dramatic Club (2, 3); T. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3); French Circle (1, 2). Evelyn Louise Butler New Hope, Ala. Z T A T. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3); Fj-ench Circle (1, 2); Art Club (2, 3). Winifred Lee Cambias ...... New Orleans, La. B 1 T. W. C. A.; French Circle. Vivian Carter New Orleans, La. A A n Esther Cleveland New Orleans, La. K K r Frances Cleveland • . New Orleans, La. n B French Circle (1, 2); T. W. C. A. (1, 2); Art Club (31. Willie Frances Coleman Doddsvllle, Miss. T. ■« " . C. A. (1. 2, 3); Glee Club (1, 2, 3); House Council (3). •Picture not in panel. 74- ' § 1g= ' ewcomb College Irene Cooper Laurel, Miss. K K r Geraldine Couturier ...... Ne-sv Orleans, La. Florence Coyle New Orleans, La. B A Glee Club (1, 2, 3); Dramatic Club (1, 2, 3), YvoN ' NE Crespo New Orleans, La. B 2 0, B M Glee Club (1, 2, 3), President (3); Dramatic Club (1. 2, 3), Stage Manager (2), Vice-President (3): Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3), Cabinet (2. 3), Vice-President (3); Debating Club (1. 2. 3); Debating Council (2); Freshman Debating Prize; George De- bate (1); Nixon Debate (2); French Circle (1, 2). Helen Dafoe ;......... New Orleans, La. Z T A Anna Grace Daniels New Orleans, La. Mary ' Elizabeth Davenport .... New Orleans, La. K A e Archery Team (2). Leoxie Davis . New Orleans, La. A E Advertising Manager Arcade; Volley Ball (1, 2), Varsity (1); Newcomb Basketball Varsity (3); Class Hockey (1. 2); Class Basketball Varsity (1, 2); Class Baseball Varsity (1, 2). Anna Jane Dohan New Orleans, La. X 9. Cerda Louise Donovan New Orleans, La. A n Bernice Edwards . ....... Ponchatoula, La. WINIFRIED ESKRIGGE New Orleans, La. KB Volley Ball (1); Hockey (1); Cla ' ss Secretary (2); Chairman N. S. F. A.; French Circle (2); Debating Club (1, 2); Inter- national Relations Club (2, .3). Lady Nan Ferguson Lake Arthur, La B i Dramatic Club (1, 2); Debating Club (1, 2). EuGENiA Fischer ........ Yazoo Citv, Miss. A E Winifred Folse Oak Ridge La. A n House Council; Track Team (1); Treasurer Class (2); Base- ball Team (1); Basketball Team (2), Varsity; Vice-President Freshman Debating Team. " •Picture not in panel. 75 Class f ewcomb Qollege Sarah R. J. Forsyth Er.mont, Va. ri B Jane Fox Columbus, Ga. K K r student Council (2, 3); House Council (3); Finance Commit- tee (3); Vai-sity Newcomb Ball (1, 2); Varsity Spalding (1); Varsity Baseball (1): Varsity Newcomb Basketball (1); Track (1, 2); French Circle (1). Edna Louise Frantz New Orleans, La. B M Glee Club (1, 2, 3); Debating Club (2, 3); " Arcade " Staff (3); Glendy Burke Cup (2). Hilda Fremaux Crowley, La. A A n Marie Celeste Gaudet New Orleans, La. Miriam Gilliaih Huntsville, Ala. Z T A LuciLE Vardell Gillican Brunswick, Ga. K K r French Circle (1, 2, 3); Spanisli Club (2); T. W. C. A. (1). Agnes Goodman Areola, La. B A Vice-President Class (3); Baseball (2); Winner Archery Tournament fl); Fencing Team: Vice-President Spanish Club (2); Dramatic Club (1); Y. W. C. A. (1). Muriel Haas New Orleans, La. Jennie C. Nixon Debating Club; Orchestra; Dramatic Club; Assistant Newcomb Editor " Hullabaloo " ; 1914 Debate Team; Winner George Debate. Camille Hagedorn La Grange, Ga. A E i Glee Club (1, 2, 3), Vice-President (3); Dormitory Council (3). Picture not in panel. 76 Junior Class ' ewcomb College WvNOGENE Haggard New Orleans, La. B 2 Glee Club; Maiidolin-Guitar Club. Mabel Mynn Harrison ...... New Orleans, La. Elsie Hartley New Orleans, La. BIO Edith Harvey New Orleans, La. n B French Circle (1, 2); Y ' . V. C. A. (1. 2); Art Club (2, 3); International Club (3). Eulalie B. Harvey New Orleans, La. B S Horse Shoe Team; Basketball; Mandulin-Guitar Club. Laura Hero . . ' New Orleans, La. French Clulj; Y. YV. C. A. Alice Hoff San Antonio, Tex. Y. YV. c. A. Shirley Elizabeth Hollingsworth . New Orleans, La. Rita Hovey-King New Orleans, La. A n Y. Vf. C. A.; Glee Club. Margaret Cecilia Hymel New Orleans, La. Frances Graham Ivens New Orleans, La. K K r Mary Catherine Jackson Hammond, La. Clara Elizabeth Jones Petersburg, Va. A n House Council; Secretary of House; Mistress of Revels; Pan- 1-lellenic Council. Katherine McCulloch Kammer . . New Orleans, La. $ M Picture not in panel. 77 Fay Julia Mackie New Orleans, La. K A e Evelyn Magruder New Orleans, La. A n " lass President (1); Glee Club (2, 3); Dramatic Club (3); Associate Editor " Jambalaya " (3); Y. W. C. A. Ruth L. Marks New Orleans, La. Mandolin-Guitar Club. Adolyn McClatchey ■ . . Atlanta, Ga. K A e Athletic Council (1); Varsity Volley Ball (1, 2); Basketball (1, 2); Y. W. C. a. (1); Glee Club (1); Mandolin-Guitar Club (1, 2); Associate Business Manager " Jambalaya. " Elise H. McGehee New Orleans, La. K K r Katherine Menuet Napoleonville, La. A A n Y. W. C. A. (3). ' ♦Picture not in panel. 78 Junior Class fs ewcomb College Sally Reed New Orleans, La. K K r Corresponding Secretary Student Body; Glee Club (1, 2. 3); Dramatic Club (1, 2. 3). Lenora Reeves Franklin, La. Mary Rhodes New Orleans, La. K K r Newcomb Basketball Varsity (1. 2), Class Captain (2); Spaulding Basketball Varsity (1. 2), Class Captain (1). Madelin L. Richardson New Orleans, La. B 2 iMandolin-Guitar Club (2, 3), Secretary-Treasurer (3); Dra- matic Club (1, 2, 3), Treasurer (2), Stage Manager (3); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3); Newcomb Letter " N " ; Debating Club (2, 3); Freshman Debating Club; French Circle (1). Edith Norris New Orleans, La. K K r Editor " Arcade. " Mamie Packer Alexandria, La. A u n Glee Club; Y. W. C. A. Winifred H. Palmer New Orleans, La. B 1 A Glee Club (1, 2, 3); Athletic Council (1); Swimming Meet (1); Art Club (2, 3); Operetta (2); Volley Ball Varsity (1, 2); Newcomb Basketball (1, 21; Spaulding Basketball (1, 2); Hockey (1, 2); Baseball (2). Jane Pharr Olivier, La. K K r Elizabeth K. Pierson New Orleans, La. K K r Dramatic Club; Treasurer Student Body; Manager " Arcade. " Frances Price Gulfport, Miss. A n Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3), Vice-President (2); House Council (2); Glee Club (1, 2, 3); Debating Club (2). 79 Junior Class f ewcotnb College Marie Rodriguez New Orleans, La. B I A Mary Belle Rogan ....... New Orleans, La. K K I- Audrey Fay Sayman Alexandria, La. A A n Class President (3); Glee Club (1. 2, 3): Di-amatic Club (1); Mandolin-Guitar (1, 2); President of Orchestra (2); House Council (1); Baseball. Jo ScHiRO New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club (1, 2, 3); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3); Lampyrids (2, 3); Mandolin-Guitar Club. Edwyna Scott ..... ' . Ripley, Tenn. A n Cora May Segura New Orleans, La. Hilda Simon Alexandria, La. A E 1 Mandolin-Guitar Club; Orchestra. Frances Smith Fort Smith, Ark. K A student Council. Jessa Soper Greenvi ' .le, Miss. K A e Marion Stebbins New Orleans, La. K K r go Junior Class ' ewcomb College Beverly Swanton New Orleans, La. Jane Margaret Taltavull Biloxi, Miss. " SHiRLEy Austin Teunisson .... New Orleans, La. LuciLE ToRREY Spring Hill, Ala. Doiinitoiy Council (2, 3). Frances Van Winkle Salt Lake City, Utah K A e Y ' . W. C. A. (1); Art Chairman or I-Iouse. Elizabeth Villere New Orleans, La. n B Frenuli Circle (1, 2); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); An Club (2. 3). " ' " Dorothy Chrishne C. Vix .... New Orleans, La. Carolyn M. Vomberg New Orleans, La. Dorothy Walker New Orleans, La. H B I Y. W. C. A. (1); French Circle (1); Glee Club (1, 2); Art Club (3). " " Mary Vivian Walker Mobile, Ala. I M Beverly Walton New Orleans, La. A n Baseball Class Team " Varsity (2); Glee Club (2, 3); Art Club; Operetta; Y. W. C. A. (2, 3), Cabinet. Aline Weill New Orleans, La. Glee Club (1, 2, 3); Debating Club (2, 3); Dramatic Club (2, 3); French Circle (1, 2, 3). " Mary Lenora White Gulfport, Miss. Helen Wilson New Orleans, La. X 3 Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3); Tennis (1, 2); Swimming (1, 2, 3). Elizabeth Withers ........ Memphis, I ' enn. K A e " Mae Verne Wright New Orleans, La. B 2 ♦Picture not in panel. 8i - A School of SM ed ' tcine Albert M. Abramson, A E Lafajette, La. Pan-Hellenic Council. RuFUS Henry Alldredge, 2 II, 9 K ■4 ' . Brooksville, Ala. University of Alabama. Edward Mayo Anderson Forest, Miss. N. F. Atria, I P 2 West Orange, N. J. Samuel L. Balofsky, A K, n A . . Brooklyn, N. Y. Honor Council, RoBERT E. Blount Bassfield, Miss. JAMES Henry Boles McMinnville, Tenn. Max Brannan, n K J ' , ■! X Roanoke, Ala. Joseph T. Brierre, A 2 •! , A K K . . New Orleans, La. RiCHARD Leonce Buck Houma, La. Russell S. Butaud, 2 II, X, . . . Houston, Tex. Football (1, 2, 3); " T " Club. Adrian Bennett Cairns, OK . . . . Houston, Tex. A.B. Degree, Rice Institute. Thomas Frank Carbrey New Orleans, La. Michel Joseph Caruso New Orleans, La. ' Gerard Edward Christie Pensacola, Fla. JOHN Melton Cotton Altus, Okla. H. B. CoTTRELL, N 2 N Forest, Miss. Eugene H. Countiss, K 2, X . . . . Grenada, Miss. B.S. Degree, Millsaps College: Pathogens. Elda Scott Coyle, P 2 Spring Hill, La. Honor Council (1); Square and Compass. Louis A. CRAPirro Houston, Tex. — Picture not in panel. Junior Class School of SA ' Ied ' tc ' me Joseph S. D ' Antoni New Orleans, La. L. L. Davidge, a K K Durant, Okla. Michael E. DeBakey, K K I ' , B M . . Lake Charles, La. Band (1, 2, 3). Antonio F. del Valle, SI Mexico Wiley Aliva Dial Seiiath, Mo. Francis S. Dixon, N 2 N, A I ' . . . . Natchez, Miss. B.S. Degree, University of Mississippi. Beatrix Gallaher Dunlap Nashville, Teiin. Claude Graham Eccles Mobile, Ala. WiLLiAM Bryan Faircloth Ensley, Ala. C. Gladin Farish, a K K Grove Hill, Ala. Thomas Jefferson Fatherree, Jr. . . Meridian, Miss. James Adolph Ferry II K A, A K K . Riderwood, Ala. B.S. Degree. Howard College; Pathogens: Owl Club; Presi- dent Class (3); Medical Pan-Hellenic Council, John M. Filippone Houston, Tex. W. G. Fisher, 2 A E, I X Lake Charles, La. Freshman Football: Inter-class Football (3, 4): Track (5): Scrub Football (2); L ' Apache. C. B. Flinn, X Hernando, Miss. B.A. Degree, Vanderbilt. Manuel Morales Garcia New Orleans, La. Jerome Frank Giarratano .... New Orleans, La. Wm. Howard Gillentine, G K ■ . , .Ft. Myers, Fla. B.S. Degree; Glee Club. Grace Arabell Goldsmith .... New Orleans, La. James Lucer Gouaux New Orleans, La. CouRTLAND Prentice Gray, Jr., K A, X . Monroe, La. B.S. Degree, University of the South; Vice-President Class (1); Honor Council (3); Pathogens; Owl Club. — Picture not in panel. ? Jueior Class School of •Medicine Carlos R. Hamilton, A 2 ' i , K I ' . . . Waco, Tex. Ina Morriss Harper New Orleans, La. JosiAH E. HaynswortH; Jr., A K K . . . Alachua, Fla. Ambrose J. Hertzog, K A, N 2 N Derry, La. Owl Club; Varsity Baseball (2); " T " Club. George Yerger Hicks Vicksburg, Miss. AuBREY Layton Huskey Dothan, Ala. Adolphus Young Jennings, A 2 I , O K ■ . Abilene, Tex. A.B. Degree, Simmons University; Pathogens; Secretary Med- ical Pan-Hellenic Council; Square and Compass. Charles B. Kennedy, B e n, N 2 N . Aberdeen, S. D. Pathogens; Medical Pan-Hellenic Council. Sam G. Khoury, i P 2 Shreveport, La. Baseball; " Hullabaloo " Representative. Henry A. King, Jr., A K E, N 2 N . . New Iberia, La. Pathogens; A.B. Degree. Louisiana State University. Harry Koretzky, A K New Orleans, La. Philip P. LaBruyere, Jr., " I " P 2 . . . . Marrero, La. Maithew J. LaNasa, K New Orleans, La. Glee Club; Band; Secretary-Treasurer Sophomore Medical Class. Edwin L. Landry Delcambre, La. John Gill Lilly, Jr., I A 9, ! X . . . Tupelo, Miss. B.S. Degree, Mississippi. Mercer Genin Lynch New Orleans, La. — Picture not in panel. 84 School of SMed ' tc ' tne John G. McClure, A K K . . . .St. Petersburg, Fla. Pecram Lazenbv McCreary, A K K . Monroeville, Ala. B.S. Degree. Birniinghani-Southern College. Clementine McKeon Washington, D. C. DoNiON Randolph Martin Wendell, N. C. RoBERT Cameron Massengill . . . Brookhaven, Miss. Franklin Hervev Maury . Mobile, Ala. Harry Meyer, Z B T, A E . . . . New Orleans, La. Band (2, 3. 4, 5); Freshman Basketball; Baseball (4). R. Frank Miller, 11 K A, A K K . . . . Welsh, La. Daniel Houston Moore Quitman, Miss. Abel Vance Murry, 9 K ! ' Ripley, Miss. B.S. Degree, University of Mississippi. Lucien Evans Myers, Jr New Orleans, La. Joseph W. Neal, Jr., 2 N, A K K . Walnut Cove, N. C. A.B. Degree, Duke University: Pathogens; L ' Apache. Willis J. Nelson, Jr., 6 K ■ ! ' . . . . New Orleans, La. Charles Brown Odom, A D , 9 K 4 ' . . . Harvey, La. President Sophomore Medical Class: Honor Council; Inter- fraternity Baslcetball; Freshman Basketball; B.S. Degree, Tulane University. Joel Boyd Gray, AT- New Orleans, La. Intra-mural Football (1, 2. 3); Spring Football (2. 3); Chess Champion (3); Chess Champion Runner-up (4); President Cliess Club (4); Secretary-Treasurer .Junior Medical Class (4). Earl Webster Green Leaf, Miss. Gilbert Bamford Greene Birmingham, Ala. E. R. GuidrYj a K K New Orleans, La. Varsity Baseball (2. 3); Owl Club. • — Picture not in panel. 85 M School of Medicine George W. Robinson 2 N, S . . . New Orleans, La. Glee Club: Tnter-fratGrnity Basketball: Inter-fraternity Track; Student Academic Coach (2, 3, 4). Floy Sterling Rogers, Jr Coleman, Ga. Joseph P. Salerno Houston, Tex. Drew Adolph Savant Ville Platte, La. - ' Harry Johnson Schmidt New Orleans, La. Frank A. Sica, B M, A New York, N. Y. W. S. Slaughter, Jr., Z n, I X Baker, La. Leon Slipakoff, A K New Orleans, La. B.S. Degree, Tulane; Law Moot Court: Medical Pan-Hellenic Council. Beverly E. Smith, B 9 II, X . . . . Gulfport, Miss. B.S. Degree, University of Mississippi. John Ennis Sorrells, A 2 ! , O K P . . . Hodge, La. Pathogens; Honor Council (3); Square and Compass. William J. B. Owings, G T fi, X . . Sylacauga, Ala. A.B., B.S. Degree, University of Alabama. " Joseph Odess Prejean Abbeville, La. Alberto Prieto, 2 1 Panama City, R. of P. " Jambalaya " Representative (2): Intra-mural Football (2); Inter-fraternity Baslietball (4): Cosmopolitan Club. •■James Curtis Rinaman Little River, Fla. William C. Rivenbark, B 6 II, N 2 N . New Orleans, La. Pathogens. E. B. Robichaux, n K , $ X, . Excelsior Springs, Mo. Academic Pan-Hellenic Council. — Picture not in panel. 86 i j ' ' -;■ ' 3! ' -J . ' SI ' ' ! School of SMedicine Phineas Jack Sparer Brooklyn, N. Y. B.S. Degree. Tulane Univeisit -. Nelda Fave Stafford Denham Springs, La. JAMES BowDoiN Stapleton Dothan, Ala. VViLLiAM Petrv Stewart Eufaula, Ala. C. W. Stroud, 2 A E, $ X Monroe, La. WiLLiAM Boyd Summers, Jr Nexv Orleans, La. David C. Swearingen, S N, X . . . Shreveport, La. Joseph Sweig, A K, B M New Orleans. La. " Jambalava " Representative; " Hullabaloo " Reporter; Band (2, S, 4, 5); Glee Club (2, 3); B.S. Degree; Medical Pan- Hellenic Council. Sherard a. TatuMj a 2 , 9 K ■ , . . Dubach, La. President Medical Class (1) ; Secretary Medical Student Body (2); Inter-fraternity Basketball; Inter-t ' raternity Track; B.A. Degree, Louisiana College; Pathogens; Sciuare and Compass; Academic Pan-Hellenic Council. J. W. Tedder, N S N Sumrall, Miss. Pathogens; B.A. Degree, University of Mississippi. Lorenz Teer Hall Summit, La. Edward Perry Thomas . .... Montgomery, Ala. Wesley Dee Thompson ' , Jr., N 2 N . . Muskogee, Okla. Pathogens. Jacob Rei.l Till, Jr., Tensa v, A a. Beatrice Maude Alice Tomelin . . Los Angeles, Cal. William Haywood Walters, Jr., $ X . . O.xford, N. C. Pathogens. Leon S. Ward, 9 K I ' Mt. Pleasant, Tenn. William Niebuhr Weaver University, Va. Louis Weinstein New Orleans, La. James Hadley Wells Shreveport, La. Gerald N. Williams, 2 A E, X . . . . Linden, Ala. B.S. L ' )egree. Birminghanr-Southern College; Pathogens; L ' Apache. Marion J. Wolfe New Orleans, La. Track Team (2, 3, 4). RoBERT Garland Wood Lithia, Fla. — picture not in panel. College of oArts and Sciences Dean H. Allen, S n Tallulah, La. Pan-Hellenic Council: Varsity Baseball; Intia-niural Basket- ball; -T " Club. Christian A. Allenburcer, Jr., S E . Columbus, Neb. Inter- fraternity Basketball. Joseph E. Beasley, A T fi Steele, Mo. IVIanager Freshman Tennis, Assistant Manager Tennis (2), Manager Varsity Tennis (3); Vice-President Y. M. 0. A.; Glee Club (2, 3). Harrv W. Bergland New Orleans, La. Glee Club (3, 3). Ellsworth T. Bivins, 2 n Milledgeville, Ga. Joseph E. Blum, III New Orleans, La. Glee Club (2, 3); Freshman Basketball; Captain Freshman Tennis; Varsity Tennis (2); Basketball Squad (2). ' Morris Bodenger . . New Orleans, La. Varsity Football; Co-captain of the Green Wave (4). William H. Bridges, n K A Long Leaf, La. Frederick George Butzke, 2 " I " E, A X 2 . Outwood, Ky. Inter-fraternity Basketball (1); Inter-fraternity Ti ' ack (2). Charles Carriere Laurel, Miss. John H. Cook, II K I Vicksburg, Miss. Charles Brigman Craft, 2 A E Mobile, Ala. Pan-Hellenic Council; Viee-P]-esident Class (1, 3), President (2). Everett Howell Crawford .... Tylertown, Miss. — picture not in panel. Jiunior Class College of oArts and Sciences Gerald R. Dalrvmple, 2 N . . . . Little Rock, Ark. Fi-eshman Football. Track and Wrestling: Varsity Football (2. 3); Varsity Wrestling (2. 3); Inter-fraternity Basketball (2, 3); Track (1. 2, 3); Thirteen Club. Ben C. Dawkins, ]v.., A K E Monroe, La. Secretary Class (1); Thirteen Club; Tug-of-War (1, 2); Scrub Football (2, 3); Freshman Football; Glee Club (1, 2, 3), Manager (3); Glendy Burke. Robert Ci.ark Day, 2 N New Orleans, La. Fencing Club. Harry D. DeBuys, Ben New Orleans, La. Glee Club (3); " Hullabaloo " (2. 3); Intra-mural Basketball (1. 2, 3). John Stanley Desporte, 2 X, B JI . . New Orleans, La. white Elephants. John W. Dowling, 2 A E Grand Cane, La. TiMOTHY Loyola Duggan New Orleans, La. Eugene G. Durel New Orleans, La. Homer J. Durel New Orleans, La. HuGH McCloskey Evans New Orleans, La. J. H. Randolph Feltus, A 9 . . . New Orleans, La. President Class (3); " Jambalaya " Representative (2); Intra- mural Basketball (1, 2, 3); Inter-fraternity Basketball (1, 2, 3); Inter-fraternity Track (1, 2, 3). Thomas Price Foltz Fort Smith, Ark. Clarence Holmes Ford Vicksburg, Miss. Luther Sexton Fortenberry, 2 it E, ' P X . . Amite, La. Percy James Leroy Fynn Memphis, Tenn. TuLLiE DE Mahy Gelpi New Orleans, La. JOHN Michael Genovese New Orleans, La. • — Picture not in panel. College of oArts and Sciences David Gertler New Orleans, La. Glendy Burke; Oratorical and Debating Council; Chess and Checkers Club; Corresponding Secretary, Menorah Society. Harry Cyril Glover, Jr Bay St. Louis, Miss. L. J. Gottschalk, Jr., 2 A E . . . . New Orleans, La. ' •■Joseph Otto Graham New Orleans, La. George M. Haik, AS Bogalusa, La. Freshman Football; Varsity Football (2). Vernon C. Haynes Lake Village, Ark. Football (2. 3); Basketball; Track. Robert Chadwick Hills New Orleans, La. Rhlile Jack Holland, A K E . . . . Shreveport, La. Varsity Football. Louis F. Hubener, 2 E, B M . . . Little Rock, Ark. Leon Dayries HuberTj Jr New O rleans, La. Thomas M. Irwin A O Jacksonville, Fla. Thomas R. Jackson, 2 A E Belzoni, Miss. Morris Kaplan Bryan, Tex. l-tonor C ' ouncil; Tntra-niural Basketball; Inter-hall Sports; Secretary Dormitory t ' lub; Junior " •Janilialaya " Kepresen- taiive. Henry Clinton Keith, Jr., I K S . . New Orleans, La. N. B. Knight, Jr., A 2 , A A . McDonoghville, La. ■ " Tulane Law Review, " Board of Editors; Freshman Track; Inter-traternlty Track; Inter-fraternity Basketball. — Picture not in panel. go imior Class College of oArts and Sciences Wii.i.lAM B. KoHLMAN, Jr., Z B T . . New Orleans, La. Glee Club; Intia-mural Football. Ogden W. Lafaye, ■! a O New Orleans, La. Intra-niural Baseball; Intra-mural Tennis. Lucius P. Levee New Orleans, La. John Aden Lewis, Jr., K 2 . . . . New Orleans, La. Glendy Burke. Philip Lisotta, Tfi Monroe, La. Dormitory Club (1). Joseph McCloskev, Jr., A K E, B JI . New Orleans, La. Inter-fraternity Basketball (1); Intra-mural Basketball (2, 3); Assistant Baseball Manager (2, 3). Richard E. McMahon New Orleans, La. Doyle Magee, AS Baton Rouge, La. Arthur F. Moinet, Jr., A New Orleans, La. Band (2. 3). Brown Moore, II K A New Orleans, La. Secretary-Treasurer Class (3); Vice-Speaker Glendy Burke: . . Business Manager Dramatic Guild; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. , % IT «,- Jiamior Class College of oArts and Sciences Clarence J. Morrow, ■! K Z . . . . New Orleans, La. Lee Nesbitt, II K A Birmingham, Ala. Bana. John Sharrington Oei.kers .... New Orleans, La. Freshman Football; Freshman Track; Varsity Football and Track (2, 3); Captain Track (3); " T " Club. Charles W. O ' Neill, I K 2 Slidell, La. Vice-President and Treasurer Freshman Engineering Class; White Elephants; Freshman Football and Track; Scrub Foot- ball (2, 3); Varsity Baseball (2); Inter-fraternity Basketball and Track. William F. Penney, Ben. . Guatemala City, C. A. Varsity Football (2). Elliot Phillips, A K New Orleans, La. W. J. Phillips, Jr New Orleans, La. Chess and Checkers Club, Secretary-Treasurer. Jonathan E. Pierce New Orleans, La. Freshman Football; Scrub Football (2); Varsity Football (3); Inter-class Athletics. Walter S. Robriguez New Orleans, La. L. Julian Samuel, I A A Gretna, La. " Tulane Law Re ' ie v, " Board of Kditors (4). «Wyatt Duncan Sharp ■. Jackson, Miss. — Picture not in panel. 92 Class College of oArts and Sciences Shepard Shushan, SAM New Orleans, La. Inter-fratcii-nity Tennis; Varsity Tennis Team; Pan-Hellenic Council. Seals S. Speer, 2 E Bay St. Louis, Miss. Frank B. Stewart, A e New Orleans, La. Pan-Hellenic Council. RossER Joseph Stroble, Jr New Orleans, La. • ' Clifford Samuel Sutier New Orleans, La. Garland F. Taylor Brookhaven, Miss. Glee Club (1, 2, 3), Librarian (S); Dramatic Guild (1, 2. 3). Vice-President (3); Band (3); Varsity Track; Won Southern A. A. U. High Jump (2); Y. M. C. A, Second Vice-President (3); " T " Club. James Paul Tharp, A T n New Orleans, La. Scrub Football and Basketball; Dramatic Club; Glendy Burlic. Frank O. TomenYj A I New Orleans, La. Edwin Walter Tucker New Orleans, La. NoRTON William Voorhies .... New Orleans, La. Joseph Crossley Ware, K A Jackson, Miss. G;ee Club. Charles Weiss Alexandria, La. James Welch, n K A Long Leaf, La. Russell L. Welch, n K A Norfield, Miss. Secretary-Treasurer Class (1). Vice-President (2); Inter-fra- ternity Basketball (2); Inter-traternity Track (2). Samuel Zemurray, Jr New Orleans, La. Scrub Football (2); Varsity Squad (3). — Picture not in panel. 93 College of Law Granville Alpha New Orleans, La. Harry N. Anders, 2 n Winnsboro, La. Allain Charles Andry, Jr New Orleans, La. White Elephants: Manager Baseball (3). James Gray Bledsoe, B M New Orleans, La. " Tulane Law Review. " Fernando Dahmen Chile, Santiago Emil H. Dieth ■ . New Orleans, La. George W. Dodge, A O, i A . . New Orleans, La. ■ Hall Trigg Elder Ruston, La. George Fink • • Monroe, La. J. Y. FoNTENOT, - N Opelousas, La. Franklin Wayne Gardiner, 2 N . . New Orleans, La. Glee Club (2, 3); Vice-President Freshman Law. Philip Gensler, K A, A . . . . New Orleans, La. President Class (o). Charles A. Gillaspie, I ' A A . . . . New Orleans, La. James Van B. Gresham, Jr., Ben. New Orleans, La. Pan-Hellenic Council: Assistant Manager Football (2, 3), Manager (4). Robert G. Hughes, A K E, A I . . New Orleans, La. Moot Court Board of Advisors; Freshman Football: Tug-of- War; Dramatic Club (1); Scrub Football (2, 3, -1); Boxint ' (i). — Picture not in panel. 94 College of Law M. J. HuLSEV, Jr., I K 2 Tampa, Fla. JULIAN Bernard Humphrey .... New Orleans, La. Fred E. Inbau, ■! A A New Orleans, La. E.S. Degree, Tulane 1930; " Tulane I avv Review " (5); Varsity Debater (2. 3, 4); George Prize Winner (31; Oratorical and Debating Society (2, 3, 4, 5); Swimming Team (1); Glendy Burlie (2, 3). Whitfield Jack, K A Shreveport, La. Philip E. James, B 9 n, I A , ! I . New Orleans, La. Class President (2); Freshman Ba.sketball; Varsity Basket- ball (2, 3, 4); Honor Council (2); Glee Club (2, 3). Percival Randolph Johnson .... New Orleans, La. N. B. Knight, Jr., A S !•, I A A . McDonoghville, La. Charles Kohlmeyer, Jr., Z B T . . . New Orleans, La. B.A. Degree, Tulane. 1929; Pan-Hollt-nic Council (2. 3, 4, 5, 6); Class President (4); Inter-fraternity Tennis (1, 2, 3, 4, 6). George E. Konrad, A A New Orleans, La. Austin W. Lewis, K S, t A I ' . . . Sulphur Mines, La. " Tulane Law Review. " John Patterson Little New Orleans, La. Robert Lynn Mack Ft. Smith, Ark. Charles L. Mayer, 2 A E Shreveport, La. Moot Court Board. Bennett Meyers New Orleans, La. Pierre A. Moore, B 6 II, $ A $ . . . New Orleans, La. B.S. Degree, University of Virginia; Secretary-Treasurer of Junior Law Class. James H. Morrison, A T A, ! A I , I ' t . Hammond, La. L ' Apache. Ada Mott, AOn Oak Ridge, La. Vice-President Law School; Moot Court Board. — Picture not in panel, 95 College of Law William Hamer O ' Kellev, ATA. . New Orleans, La. Pan-Hellenic CounciL John E. Parker, A A New Orleans, La. B.A. Degree. Tulane. 1930; " Tulane Law Review. " Board of Editors: Corpus Juris Prize: Glendy Burke (2, 3, 4): Interr national Relations Club (3. 4): Phi Alpha Delta Cup. Absalom Pettit New Orleans, La. William Foster Pettit, Jr New Orleans, La. Robert R. Rainold, A T £2, . . . New Orleans, La. .Assistant Football Manager (1, 2, 3), Manager M): White Elephants: Tug-ot-AVar: Swimmnig Team (1): Glee Club (2); Glendy Burke (1, 2): Pan-Hellenic Council. Percy DuBose Saint, A K E, I A i . New Orleans, La. Lloyd Julian Samuel, I A A Gretna, La. Henriette Schwartzberg, K B II . . . Alexandria, La. Dramatic Guild: " Hullabaloo " Reporter. Cicero C. Sessions, 2 A E Baton Rouge, La. Morris Shapiro, J A A Alexandria, La. Moot Court Board. Harry Souchon, A K E, " f . . . . New Orleans, La. " Jambalaya " Editor; Thirteen Club. Lester Richard Steckler New Orleans, La. Guy Palmer Stuebs, Jr., A K E, ' t A . . Monroe, La. Varsity Wrestling (3); " T " Club. R. H. Van Norman Lake Charles, La. " ■ " Woollen Hands Walshe New Orleans, La. Melvin H. Wetherill, 2 A E Vinton, La. " JACK Allis Williamson Lake Charles, La. William F. Woods, Jr., i) A E . . . . Shreveport, La. Baseball; " T " Club; Pan-Hellenic Council. — Picture not in panel. 96 Class College of dngineering Robert L. Argus, 2 i ' A New Orleans, La. Pop ' s Mental Gym Class. William Pf. ff Barrow, A 2 , A X S . Ne v Orleans, La. Alexander L. Bisso, Jr., AS . . . Ne%v Orleans, La. JoHN George Schriever Bush . . . New Orleans, La. Kohlman Campbell New Orleans, La. Frederick C. Cordsen Lake Charles, La. Y. M. C. A.; Intel-hall .Sports (1, 2, 3); Doimitoiy Club. Marcel Emile Crettet, Jr., 2 I ' A . . New Orleans, La. Earl Oscar Dailey New Orleans, La. Charles Delu David Mandeville, La. Alvyn Joseph Day New Orleans, La. Charles Hermon Dean Brookhaven, Miss. Vice-President Chess and Checkers Club; Dramatic Guild; Architectural Society. Theodore Dennery, Z B T New Orleans, La. William J. Drawe, Jr., I; A, A i . . New Orleans, La. Class President (1, 2); Freshman Football; Varsity Football (2, 3). Ernest L. Eustis, Jr., A T fi . . . . New Orleans, La. W ' hite Elephants; Freshman Track; Track (2); Inter-fra- ternity Track (1, 2); Inter-fraternity Basketball (1); As- sistant Football Manager (2. 3); ' estling Team (2). Daniel D. Ewinc, Jr., 2 N . . . . New Orleans, La. Sc0TT Flower New Orleans, La. John S. Gentilich New Orleans, La. Edward R. Grey, 2 A, A X 2 . . . . Destrehan, La. vice-president Class (3). Joseph W. Gunn, A X 2, K K ' , A . New Orleans, La. Pop ' s Mental Gym Class; Band (1. 2, 3); Y. M. C. A. — Picture not in panel. 97 College of Sngineering Hatlev Norton Harrison, Jr., K A . New Orleans, La. Cornelius Bradford Harvey .... New Orleans, La. JAMES Benjamin Holt Milwaukee, Wis. Harrv Buckner Howard New Orleans, La. N. R. Howard, B O II New Orleans, La. Architectural Society. S. G. Jacobs, Jr., Z B T New Orleans, La. Glee Club. " Andrew Joseph Kerstens ..... New Orleans, La. Frank Monroe Labouisse New Orleans, La. ' - ' ' Fernand Stephen Lapeyre New Orleans, La. Denvrich Charles LeBreton, - E . New Orleans, La. Architectural Society. Joseph E. Leininger, - I A . . . . New Orleans, La. Pop ' s Mental Gym Class; Intra-mural Basketball (2, 3); Intra-mural Football (2); M. E. Football Team (3, 4). Gerardo Lopez, 2 I, A X 2 . . . Orizaba, Ver., Mex. Jack M. McCausland, K A . . . . New Orleans, La. Pan-Hellenic Council; Thirteen Club; Track (1. 2. 3). C. B. McEachern, 2 a Haynesville, La. Class Office (2); Aero Club; Louisiana Engineering Society; Class Football (2. 3); Pop ' s Mental Gym Class. • — Picture not in panel. 98 College of Sngineering Hugh Bryant McPhail, K 2, A X 2 . Jacksonville, Fla. Pan-Hellenic Council (3); " Jambalaya " Representative (3); Intei ' -fraternity Basketball (2). P. J. Marice New Orleans, La. Pop ' s Mental Gym Class; M. B. Football Team. C. O. Miller, S E, A X i), K K I ' . New Orleans, La. Glee Club (1. 2, 3, 4), Business Manager (3). Vice-President (4); Pan-Hellenic Council (4); Alpha Chi Sigma Award (1): Inter-fraternitv Basketball: Inter-fraternity Tennis: Band (1, 2). Henri J. Molaison, 2 A New Orleans, La. Secretary Sophomore Class (21. Secretary Junior Class (3): Engineering Honor Council (2, 3); Sigma Phi Delta Prize (1). Ulisse M. Nolan, A K E New Orleans, La. Glee Club: Architectural Society, Sergeant-ot-Arms; Inter- fraternity Basketball: Intra-mural Basketball. Myrtis Marion Norton Haynesville, La. RuBEN OcTAVio NufJEZ . . Curazao, W.D.T., Colombia Horatio N. Ogdex, J K 2 New Orleans, La. Inter-fraternitv Basketball (1, 2, 3, 4): Intra-mural Basket- ball (2. 3): White Elephants: Inter-class Basketball (1, 2): Pan-Hellenic Council (3); Scrub Baseball (2, 3). Carl Robert Piesch New Orleans, La. Darrell J. PiscHOFF Lafayette, La. Inter-hall Sports; Intra-mural Basketball: Track; Staff Artist " Hullabaloo " ; Architectural Society; Dormitory Club. Ravmond Constant Prouet .... New Orleans, La. Alexander Louis Redon New Orleans, La. Erston H. Reisch . New Orleans, La. Architectural Society. •Arthur deRoaldes Remanjon . . . New Orleans, La. — picture not in panel, 99 Class College of Sng ' tneering Milton Paul Robelot New Orleans, La. Architectural Society; Fencing. John E. Rocan, Jr., 2 A New Orleans, La. Civil Engineering Football Team (2, 3). Alfred J. Roth, Jr., 2 $ A . . . . New Orleans, La. Civil Engineering Football Team (2, 3). Irving S. Seligmann, Z B T, K I 4 ' . . . Seguin, Tex. Secretary Dramatic Guild; Publicity Manager Band; Glendy Burke: Oratorical and Debating Council (2); Varsity De- bating (2). Stanley E. Severance, 2 ■! E Kenosha, Wis. Glee Club. Herbert M. Shilstone, Jr., 2 X . . . New Orleans, La. Edward Benjamin Silverstein . . . New Orleans, La. J. A. Snyder, Jr., 2 ! E, A X 2 . . . . Biloxi, Miss. Myrthe Stauffer, n B New Orleans, La. Class Secretary; " Janilialaya " Representative Architectural Society; Secretary Architectural Society. Homer H. Stockmann, 2 A . . . New Orleans, La. President Junior Class; Dramatic Guild; Pop ' s Mental Gym Class. Dalton H. Trepagnier, 2 A . . . New Orleans, La. WiLDAY ' TuDURY, 2 l A New Orleans, La. Pop ' s Mental Gym Class. William N. Tuller, 2 A E, A X 2 . New Orleans, La. Richard E. Wagner, 2 A, K K ' . . New Orleans, La. Band; Orchestra; Louisiana Engineering Society. Henry Fernand Wehrmann .... New Orleans, La. Horace C. Welman, 2 $ A . . . Metairie Ridge, La. Architectural Society: Glee Club. C. M. Williams, 2 A . . . . Ocean Springs, Miss. Pop ' s Mental Gym Class; Glendy Burke (1, 2, 3). William Francisco Williams . . . New Orleans, La. — Picture not in panel. lOO Jumior Class College of Commerce C. A. Alexius ....;.... New Orleans, La. Morris M. Baker, A i; ! . . . . Ocean Springs, Miss. Paul A. Bird Shanghai, China Urbain Joseph Burvant, AS . . . New Orleans, La. Freshman Basketliall: Varsity Baseball (2. 3, 4). Captain (4); Intei--fraternity Basketliall; Intra-mural Basketball. Irvikg H. Cohn, 2 a JI New Orleans, La. Pan-Hellenic Connril. Fran ' k Dameron, Jr., BOH. . . . New Orleans, La. Intra-mural Football (1, 2); Glee Club (2). Calvert G. de Coligny, A T fi . . . New Orleans, La. Junior Class President; Freshman Class President; Sopho- more Class Secretary and Treasurer; Football (1, 2, 3); Track (1. 2, 3); ■•Hullabaloo " Staff (1. 2); White Elephants Cup (1); Pan-Hellenic Council (2, 31; " Jambalava " ; " T " Club. NoRMAN- Howard Dietrich .... New Orleans, La. Mary Dinwiddie, K K r New Orleans, La. David Eustis, S X New Orleans, La. White Elephants. , W. J. Fountain, 2 N Picayune, Miss. Class Secretary and Treasurer. Ellsworth C. French, A T n . . . . Lake Arthur, La. White Elephants; Assistant Manager Basketball. Ben M. Friedman, Z B T .New Orleans, La. Robert Buckley Gallegly, Jr. . . . New Orleans, La. Jacob M. Gensburger, K K . . . New Orleans, La. Assistant Manager Band; Treasurer Kajipa Kappa Psi. Philip S. Gidiere, 2 N New Orleans, La. Pan-Hellenic Council (2, 3). John J. Hainkel, K K New Orleans, La. Band (1, 2, 3). • — Picture not in panel, lOI Class College of Commerce Warum R. Holbrook, 4 K Z . . . . New Orleans, La. Assistant Manager Basketball (3), Manager (4); Inter-fra- ternity Basketball (2). Warren B. Jung, $ K 2 New Orleans, La. Inter-fraternitj- Basketball (1. 2, 3); Inter-fraternitv Tennis (2). Ordway Kastler New Orleans, La. Trevor C. Lewis, ! A O New Orleans, La. Inter-fraternity Track, JOHN Joseph Lienhard, Jr New Orleans, La. A. Elmer Massey, Jr., A T fi . . . . New Orleans, La. White Elephants; Freshman Basketball: Varsity Football (2. 3. 4); Varsity Track (1. 2); L ' Apache; " T ' Club. Rodney Mills, Z A E Bogalusa, La. Inter-hall Sports (3); Dormitory Club; Glee Club. Harold A. Moise, Jr., D X New Orleans, La. AVhite Elephants Cup (1); Assistant Cheerleader (3); Inter- fraternity Basketball (1, 2, 3). Mallory Van Morgan, A T fi . . . . Columbia, Miss. Mary Morton New Orleans, La. JiMMiE D. PuRCELL, 11 K 4 . . . . Plain Dealing, La. Pan-Hellenic Council (3). R. Shelby Putnam, A •! Elton, La. Varsity Wrestlins Team; Intra-mural Basketball (1, 2). R0BERT Langford Roland, Jr Alexandria, La. Thomas R. Sartor, Jr., K 2 DeRidder, La. Inter-fraternity Tennis. Samuel Louis Sazer New Orleans, La. Connie D. Schneidau, B n . . . . New Orleans, La. Freshman Football; Freshman Basketball; Varsity Basket- ball (2); Varsity Baseball (2). Irvin H. Schonberg, A $ Covington, La. Inter- fraternity Basketball. Sam Shinbaum, K N New Orleans, La. Inter-fraternity Basketball; Track: Intra-mural Football: Freshman-Sophomore Tuj?-of-War; Pan-Hellenic Council. Edwin A. Stoutz, A T fi . . . . Metairie Ridge, La. Vice-President Class (1, 2): Track Manager (3); Tug-of-War (1. 2); Inter-fraternity Basketball (1, 2, 3); Inter-fraternity (2, 3). Eldon Claggett Upton, Jr., A K E . . New Orleans, La. Secretary-Treasurer Class (1), President (2), Vice-President (3); Thirteen Club; Football (1, 2. 3); Boxing (2, 3); " T " Club; Pan-Hellenic Council; Glee Club. Charlie Lemon Young Bastrop, La. — Picture not in panel. Jn iUpmoriam SoHf ilary (CaBp grlianl of Art Npuiromb (UolUgf Wxeh Nouftttbpr 22. 1930 ; - Sophomore Class f ewcomb Q allege Sally Allen, A A II Charlotte, N. C. Y. w. c. A. (1). Ethel Alltmont, A E I New Orleans, La. L raiiiatiG Cluli. Pearle Appleby, B I A New Orleans, La. Katherine Balako Troy, Ala. Y. V. C. a.; Glee Clul). Martha Braggins Barnes, Z T A . . New Orleans, La. Mary Elizabeth Barnett, B 2 . . New Orleans, La. Glee Club; Dramatic Club Treasurer; Y. W. C. A. LuMMiE Bartlett, II B $ New Orleans, La. Glee Club (1, 2); Art Club (1. 2); Dramatic Club (1, 2); Hockey Team U). Ruth Beaver • New Orleans, La. Volley Ball (1); Hockey (II. Meredith Bechtel, B I a New Orleans, La. Helen Bell, K K T New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club (1, 2). Edith M. Benedict, X fi New Orleans, La. (Special) Fannie Berenson, a ' t . Bogalusa, La. Sara Bernhard Birmingham, Ala. Straus Berthaut, B 2 New Orleans, La. Glee Club; Dramatic Club. Caroline Blessey, B 2 New Orleans, La. Glee Club; Baseball Team; Operetta " Pinafore. " -Mary Ella Boman New Orleans, La. Carolyn Bower, A Z Bainbridge, Ga. Art Club; Y. W. C. A. (1, 3). Helen Bradley, IT B ' t New Orleans, La. Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); Dramatic Club (I, 2); Cheerleader (2). Caroline Candler Branan, A x . n . . New Orleans, La. Glee Club. Sally Breard, A A II Monroe, La. Y. w. c. A. " Betty Briscoe, $ M Memphis, Tenn. Meredith Brock, 5 M Chattanooga, Tenn. Virginia Brown, A A n Little Rock, Ark. Dramatic Club; Tennis (.11; Y. W. C. A. MuRiEL Ann Burkhardt New Orleans, La. Elizabeth Bush, Z T A Mexico City, Mex. Art Club; Y. W. C. A. Nancy Butler, Z T A New Hope, Ala. Art Club; Y. W. C. A.; Pan-Hellenic Council. Hermione Cahn, a E ■! ' New Orleans, La. Cora Lillian Carter, A A n Atlanta, Ga. Jane Conover, X fi . . New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club; Student Council, Mary Lynn Covington Summit, Miss. io6 s- rm v5oJ g ' f s ' .rliJ m FMffm If ' ewcomb College Grace R. Coyi.e, Z T A Orange, Tex. Art Club; Y. W. C. A. Kathleen LaNoue Crawford, X fi . . New Orleans, La. Y. W. C. A (1 ; Newconib Ball (1). Louise Ford Crawford, X il . . . . New Orleans, La. French Club. Rose Croscrove, I M New Orleans, La. Glee Club. " " Yvonne Anna Cusimano ...... Hammond, La. Elina Allain Daspit Houma, La. Hannah Sarah Davidson Des Moines, la. Martha Zoe Davis . Ft. Worth, Tex. Fanny DennerYj A E I New Orleans, La. Class Secretary 1); Debating Club; Dramatic Club; Glee Club. RuTH Yvonne Dickey New Orleans, La. Dorothy Elizabeth Donald .... Goodman, Miss. Susan Douglass, A n Birmingham, Ala. Y. " W. C. a. (1, 2); Art Club (1, 2). Marguerite N. Dover Florlan, La. " Catherine Eugenia Drawe .... New Orleans, La. Dorcas Jane Dusenbury, K A . . . New Orleans, La. French Circle (1): Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3); Newcomb Ball (1, 2); Class Basketball (1). Mildred Ellington, B 4 A New Orleans, La. ' . w. c. a. May Elizabeth Ellis, K A 6 Amite, La. Charlotte Felder, II B ! New Orleans, La. Y. W. C. A. (11; Art Club (1, 2). JuANiTA Gaille, A A II New Orleans, La. Rae Geary ' , K K r New Orleans, La. Margaret Drew Gillican, K K r . . . Brunswick, Ga. Jane Goodwill, K A 9 Minden, La. Y ' . w. c. a. (1, 2). Nellie Katherine Green, K A 6 . . . Houston, Tex. Y. W. C. A. Marietta Griffin, A n New Orleans, La. Newcomb Basketball Class and Varsity (1); Newconib Ball Class and Varsitj- (1); Spaulding- Basketball Class and Var- sity (1); Class Baseball and Varsity (1). Shuree Guberman Goose Creek, Tex. Elizabeth Hailey ' , K A 9 New Orleans, La. Phala Hale, A A II Lake Charles, La. Dramatic Club; Orchestra; Newcomb Basketball Class and Varsity; Spaulding- Basketball Class and Varsity; Track Meet. Jeanelle Mitchell Hardy Barnesville, Ga. Rowena Eloise Harrison New Orleans, La. Theone Hausmann, a E $ New Orleans, La. Glee Club (1, 2). Dolores Hayford New Orleans, La. Joy Hearn Carbon Hill, Ala. 107 Djnomore Class J ewcomb College JuANiTA Heiss Meridian, Miss. K A e Glee Club (1, 2); Dramatic Club (1. 2). Virginia Hemphill Chattanooga, Tenn. M Florence Hempstead Mobile, Ala. ! M Edna Lucille Herbert New Orleans, La. Z T A Stella Hebert New Orleans, La. K K r Art Club; Gym. Suzanne Hirsch Monroe, La. A E Glee Club. Hattie Craic Hitt New Orleans, La. •! M Bettv Holt Galveston, Tex. n B ! Melanie Holt Galveston, Tex. n B Glee Club: Art Club Marigayle Hopkins New Orleans, La. n B Art Club. Flores Marv Hotard New Orleans, La. B A Earle Hudson . Hattiesburg, Miss. B A T. W. C. A. (2). Martha Hutchins Houston, Tex. A O n T. W. C. A. LuELLA Jackson New Orleans, La. K A e T. W. C. A. Janet Jacobs New Orleans, La. A E Glee Club. Gertrude Jahncke New Orleans, La. K K r Florence Kaplan Laurel, Miss. Glee Club (2). Velma Enslen Kidd . Birmingham, Ala. ! M Glee Club; Y. W. C. A. Evelyn Knapp Lake Charles, La. X S Glee Club (1, 2); Y. V. C. A. (1, 2); Class Treasurer (2); House Council. Marjorie Kohlman New Orleans, La. A E f Volley Ball; Newcomb Basketball Varsity. Class Captain; Baseball Varsity; Dramatic Club; Debating Club. Emily Krouse Meridian, Miss. A o n T. W. C. A.; Art Club. Eleanor Legier New Orleans, La. K K r Class Newcomb Ball (1); Class Basketball (1); Class Hockey (1); Athletic Council (2); Class Secretary (2). io8 Sophoimore Class ' ewcotnb College Marguerite Eulalie Lehder . . . New Orleans, La. Margaret Davis Lewis, X f2 . . . . Woodville, Miss. Mary Rita LoCascio New Or ' eans, La. Adele Marjorie Logan, n B . . . New Orleans, La. y. W. C. A. (1, 2); " Arcade " Staff (2): French Circle (1); Art Club (2). Kitty Minor Logan, II B I . . . . New Orleans, La. Art Club; Class Newconib Ball; Class Hockey; Class Bask et- ball. Virginia King Logan, K K r . . . . New Orleans, La. Marv Bell Long, X Q Richmond, Va. Bertha Alvce Masur Monroe, La. Mildred Mattison, K K r Rockford, III. Art Club; Y. W. C. A. Billy Mays, K K r Ruston, La. Y. w. c. A. Jeanne McCartney, A n . . . . New Orleans, La. y. W. C. A. (1, 2); Spanish Club (1); Art Club (1, 2). BiLLY ' Louise McCoy, . II . . . . New Orleans, La. Peggy McMahon, K A Mobile, Ala. Vice-President Class (2). Doris Metcalfe, X fi Metcalfe, Miss. Y. W. C. A.; Glee Club. Bertha Meyer, A E Shreveport, La. Dramatic Club: Debating Club. LiSETTE Moore, JI New Orleans, La. Glee Club (2); Art Club (2); Dramatic Club (2). Marcella Ogden Hattiesburg, Miss. Y. W. C. A. Jenny Olsen, K A New Orleans, La. Varsity Basketball; Captain Freshman Volley Ball; Y ' . V. C. A. SiGRiD Olsen, K A 8 New Orleans, La. Beatrice O ' Reilly ' , K K r New Orleans, La. Mary Newman Parrish, n B ! . . . Birmingham, Ala. Glee Club (1, 2); Mandolin-Guitar Club (1. 2); Art I ' lub (2). Rosebud Piker, A A II Baton Rouge, La. Y W. C. A.; Art Club. ■ " Leonora Quarterman Ridgeland, S. C. Elizabeth Radford Quinlan, K K r . . Wichita, Kan. Marion Woodson Rainey ' , Z T A . . . New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club; .Art Club; Class Team Hockey tl); Class Team Swimming (1). Elizabeth Randol, A A II ...... . Bunkie, La. Y ' . W. C. A.; Art Club. Madalin Rehage, B 2 New Orleans, La. Martha Remick, K K r New Orleans, La. X. W. C. A.; International Relations Club. 109 ' ewcotnb College Ida Rhtenberc New Orleans, La. A E Glee Cluh: Dramatic Club; Debating Club; Basketball. Class and Sub-Varsity; Class Volley Ball; Class Baseball; Assistant Cheerleader. Marcaret Neal Roberts Alexandria, La. n B Brent S. Robertson New Orleans, La. K K r French Circle (1); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2). Mel Robertson Opelousas, La. A n Class Bowling (1); Class Hockey (1); Class Baseball (1); Class Volley Ball (1). Sophie Rollins Gulfport, Miss. Mandolin-Guitar Club (1, 2); Y, W. C. A. (1. 2); Glee Club (1, 2); Orchestra (1, 2); Council (2). Margaret L. Rosser . New Orleans, La. IT B Glee Club; Art Club. Helen Emily Russell New " Orleans, La. B $ A Glee Club; Dramatic Club; Lampyrids. ■ ' Love St. John Johnson City, Tenn. M Elizabeth Sale Covington, Tenn. Z T A Y. W. C. A.; Art Club. Laura Sale Covington, Tenn. Z T A Y. W. C. A. Carolyn Samuel New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club; Debating Club. Alice Schwartz New Orleans, La. A E ! Nixon Debating Club (1, 2), Secretary-Treasurer (2); Nixon Team (1); Nixon-Glendy Burke Debate (1); Dramatic Club (1, 2), Secretary (2), Plays (1); Newcomb Ball (1); Basket- ball Squad (1); Freshman Baseball, Varsity (1); Track Meet (1); Secretary Debating Council. ZoE Shallcross New Orleans, La. X B French Circle (1); Dramatic Club (1) Evelyn W. Shibley New Orleans, La. n B Glee Club; Art Club. Dorothy B. Simon Alexandria, La. A E [ Jane Smith Fond dii Lac, Wis. K K r Nancy Burgoyne Stack Alexandria, La. A n Doris Stern New Orleans, La. A E ! Dramatic Club; Basketball; Swimming Meet. Vivian Jane Stern . . Tulsa, Okla. A E Roberta Sterrett Birmingham, .Ala. K K r Art Club; Y. W. C. A.: Swimming Meet. DeMarias Stevens Dothan, Ala. Imogene Stokes New Orleans, La. B 4 ' A Dramatic Club; Debating Club; Y. AV. C. A. Sophomore Class " ewcomb College Jane Swavze Yazoo Citv, Miss. X £2 JuANiTA P. Tansey New Orleans, La. Debating Club; Glee Club. Dixie Tharp New Orleans, La. K A T. W. C. A. Margaret Tucker New Orleans, La. X S! Patricia Lucile Tucker Brunswick, Ga. K K r Basketball (1): Debating Club (1, 2); Dramatic Club (1, 2). Virginia Ross Tyler Birmingham, Ala. M Viola Vail Spring Hill, Ala. K A e Orchestra; Dramatic Club. Shirley Mae Wahl New Orleans, La. A A n Helen Walker New Orleans, La. K A e T. Y. C. A.; Dramatic Club. Lorraine Werlein New Orleans, La. n B Glee Club; Art Club; International Relations Club. Mettha Westfeldt New Orleans, La. n B Basketball, Class Team (1), Varsity (1); Hockej ' Class Team (1); Newcomb Ball. Class and Varsity (1); Baseball. Class (1); Track (2); Recording Secretary Student Body (2); Ath- letic Council (1); Art Club (2); Glee Club. Genevieve Whipple Baton Rouge, La. M Volley Ball Team; Hockey; Art Club. Albert WhiteKnact New Orleans, La. Carol Wiener Shreveport, La. Debating Club (1, 2); Volley Ball (1). Marie Louise Wilcox New Orleans, La. X 9. Y. W. C. a. Commission (1). Cabinet (2); " Arcade " Staff; Tennis. Ellen Marie Willoz New Orleans, La. Marjorie Wilson New Orleans, La. K A Class President (2); T. W. C. A. Cabinet (1. 2); Newcomb Ball Team (1); Baseball (1); Student Council (1, 2). Amy Wise Yazoo Citv, Miss. A E Glee Club (1. 2); Dramatic Club (2). Florence Wolf Tvler, Tex. A E f Dramatic Club. A.KNiE Katherine Woods New Orleans, La. Evelyn Yarbrouch Atlanta, Ga. M Alma Zeagler . . Monroe, La. Ill Sophomore Class School of SMedicine D. M. Adams, Jr., K S, X . . . . Panama City, Fla. Inter-fraternity Basketball. Mariett.a Alper ........ Birmingham, Ala. JoSEPH Drake Anderson Franklin, Tenn. Sherburne Anderson, A K K, A X A . New Orleans, La. Anthony Joseph Barranco .... Birmingham, Ala. Fred Durant Bartleson, 6 K ■ ! ' , G X . Fort Mjers, Fla. Square and Compass; Pathogens. Chris Francis Bellone New Orleans, La. Honor Council (1); Vice-President Class (1): Secretary of Student Body (3). Clifton O. Bingham, K ■ Pineville, La. A.B. Degree. Louisiana College. M. E. Block, I A E Greensboro, N. C. Herman Bloomstein New York, N. Y. J0HN Nathaniel Bostick Monroe, La. M. B. Bowman, Jr., S X, N 2 N . . Hot Springs, Ark. J. Lawrence Brizard Jacksonville, Fla. George Edward Burch, Jr., B M . . . . Edgard, La. Edward G. Cailleteau, 2 X, N 2 N . . Alexandria, La. Alston Callahan, 2 A E Vicksburg, Miss. A.B. Degree, Mississippi College. S. J. Campbell, A 2 , $ X Headland, Ala. Vno Joseph Canizaro Vicksburg, Miss. E. L. Carroll, e K ir Alco, La. A.B. Degree, Louisiana College. Cecilio a. C. stillero Ocu, R. P. Lee-Russell Benedict Centanni . . New Orleans, La. Edward Alexander Cleve .... Birmingham, Ala. James Leath Collier, 6 K Houston, Tex. Honor Council. Sebron Culpepper Dale Prentiss, Miss. ' Charles Thomas Decker Mission, Tex. ■• " Daniel Joseph Devlin, Jr New Orleans, La. — Picture not in panel. 112 School of SMedicine IsADORE DvER, N 2 N New Orleans, La. Edith Eskridge, A E I New Orleans, La. Peter Everett, Jr., N 2 N New Orleans, La. Ben Powell Fleming, A S $, K . . Houston, Tex. Vice-President Class (2); Medical Honor Council (1); Patho- gens; Square and Compass. D. M. Fletcher, A 2 I , 6 K ■ . . . Fort Myers, Fla. DoMiNiCK John Geraci Nexv Orleans, La. E. Jack Giles, A T Q, J X . . . . Corpus Christi, Tex. L ' Apache, Meyer Gurdin, I A E . . . . . . Hot Springs, Ark. Pat H. Hanley, A K K Lockport, La. Carl A. Hartunc, Z X, N 2 N , . . Bridgeport, Ala. Frederick W. Heath, 9 K ■ ! ' Beebe, Ark. Elwood Daniel Hemming, Jr. . . . Jacksonville, Fla. Irma Carlene Henderson Asheville, N. C. John D. Henderson, 2 A E, X, I . Morristown, Tenn. Freshman Football; Scrub Football (2, 3. 4); Inter-traternity Basketball; Inter-class Football; White Elephants; L ' Apache. Richard W. Hendrix, A X A, X . . Camp Hugh, Ala. A.B. Degree, AVashington and Lee; Square and Compass; L ' Apache. J. M. Hicginbotham, 2 X, N 2 N . . . . Monroe, La. Freshman Basketball; Varsity Basketball (2, It; L ' Apache. Floyd Michael Hindelang, G K ' . McDonoghville, La. H. W. Hodde, X Ruston, La. Ray " NOR Elmore Holmes, Jr Canon City, Colo. J. D. Hutchins, O K I ' Newhebron, Miss. Euclid Arnold Isbell, O K t . . . . Albertville, Ala. President Freshman Medical Class; Square and Compass. Anthony J. Italiano New Orleans, La. " Hullabaloo " Representative. Calvin Morris Johnson Plymouth, Fla. Leland Mann Johnston Hickman, Ky. Wilham Thoreau Jones ...... Shreveport, La. Edwin Stewart Kagy i P 2 . . . . New Orleans, La. — Picture not in panel. " 3 aim ore Class School of tSMedicine H. R. Kahle, K a, X Ne v Orleans, La. B.S. Degree; White Eleiihants. James E. Kendrick Jr., 2 X, S . . Greenville, Ala. L ' Apache. RoY William Kirchberg New Orleans, La. W. E. KittredgEj a T a, X, $ $ . Napoleonville, La. L ' Apache. H. C. KxiGHT; A K K New Orleans, La. Charles Frank Lacey Kosciusko, Miss. Henrv Andrew LaRocca New Orleans, La. »Ladislas Lazaro Washington, La. RiCHARD Kui Chi Lee . Honolulu, T. H. Amsie Hortox Lisenby Dothan, Ala. Sam A. Loeb Stamford, Conn. WILLL4M Matthews Long, A K K . . Statesville, N. C. Thomas E. Lowe, 9 K I ' Houston, Tex. Charles H. McCollum, Jr., A X A, J X . Ft. Worth, Tex. -Robert McGr-Ath Chicago, 111. Jim McKenzie, A K K Batesville, Ark. Mary Ann McKinney Nacogdoches, Tex. James Willard McMurray Barto v, Fla. Charles McVea, 2 X, X 2 X . . . . Baton Rouge, La. Irving Machlin A K Brooklyn, N. V. Luke Marcello, K K De Ridder, La. Secretary and Treasurer Sophomore Medical Class; Band. Larkin K. Mason, 2 IT, A K K . . . . Fairhope, Ala. Joseph James M.assony Waterproof, La. Perry D. Melvin, A K K Milton, Fla. President Sophomore Class. Carl Clifford Mendoza Jeanerette, La. David Brock-vian Monsky Montgomery, Ala. Leonce D. Newman, A 2 , A K K . Independence, La. John Graham Norris, G K . . . . Choudrant, La. Garrold Harry Nungester, B M . . . . Decatur, Ala. Guy L. Odom, BK I ' Harvey, La. I ' rank B. Ogden, a T n, X . . . . New Orleans, La. Glee Club (1. 2, 3); Glendy Burke (1, 2); Dramatic Club (2). Lup QuoN Pang Honolu ' u, T. H. Marie Louise Madeline Pareti . . New Orleans, La. Jame3 Jewell Pitt.man Gylertown, Miss. •Grover DeWitf Rackley Magnolia, N. C. • — Picture not in panel. 114 Class School of iMedic ' tne JosEPH Thomas Roberts San Marcos, Tex. Roy F. Roberts, 9 K [ ' , S K . . . . Asheville, N. C. Harold H. Rothendler, A E . . . New York, N. Y. Secretary-Treasurer Freshman Medical Class; Honor Council Soplioniore Medical Class. Robert Emile RougeloTj A 2 i . . . New Orleans, La. Ulcus F. Ryan, 9 K - P Fryeburg, La. ♦Eunice Anastasia Schnyder .... New Orleans, La. Joseph Domenico Scolaro Tampa, Fla. RoBERT Segal Los Angeles, Cal. William Thomas Sellers McCullough, Ala. JoHN Ross Ship? Lorena, Tex. WiLHAM Stacy Siler, Jr Beaumont, Tex. Robert Morgan Simonton, IS X, X . West Monroe, La. DoNALD William Smith Miami, Fla. Carroll Smithers, A E I New Orleans, La. B.S. Degree. JULius James Stagg, Jr Morton, Miss. JoSEPH Stuart Staley Marion, Va. Marx Sterbcow, I A K New Orleans, La. Rudolph P. Stritzinger, $ P 2 . . . New Orleans, La. " Jambalaya " Representative; Intra-mural Football; Intra- mural Basketball. James E. Tate, 9 K I ' Mt. Herman, La. Hume A. Thomason, P - . . . . New Orleans, La. Intra-mural Football; Wrestling: Intra-mural Basketball. Andrew Spencer Tomb, Jr Jackson, La. AsHBy Fabian Trahan New Orleans, La. H. M. Trifon, i AE Pelly, Tex. Freshman Footltall. Edward Vales Merida-Yucatan, Mex. Lastie Maurice Villien Maurice, La. Francis Jared Vincent Maurice, La. William C. Vincent, i: A E, X, ' I ' . Lake Charles, La. Carl N. Wahl, 2 A E, $ X . . . . New Orleans, La. James S. Webb, Jr., n K $, X . . . New Orleans, La. Robert Watkins Webb Dallas, Tex. James A. White, Jr., K A, OK . . Alexandria, La. B.A. Degree, Louisiana College; President Square and Com- pass; Pathogens. L G. Wilson, 9 K I ' Stephenson, Miss. Solomon Winokur, A K Jamaica, N. Y. Thomas B. Woods, Jr., n K ! , ■t X . . Headland, Ala. — Picture not in panel. College of oArts and Sciences Noel Adams, Jr., 2 A E New Orleans, La. ' Samuel Boyd Adams, Jr Mobile, Ala. Edgar Allan Aime New Orleans, La. John Parker Airey, A K E . . . . New Orleans, La. Arturo Narciso Alvarado Panama, Panama Patrick J. Araguel ....... New Orleans, La. Intra-mural Football (1); Intra-mural Basketball (1). Marshall Ballard, Jr Bay St. Louis, Miss. Leo W. Benson Port Arthur, Tex. Intra-mural Basketball (2); Intra-mural Footliall (1); Vk-e- President Dormitory Club (2). William G. Blackwell, A . . . . New Orleans, La. Band (21. Harold Beekman Bonart, 2AM. . New Orleans, La. Assistant Cheerleader. Walter Clarence Bougere, Jr. . . . New Orleans, La. Arnim Steven Brasfield Hattiesburg, Miss. Kermit Brau Mayaguez, Porto Rico Robert Brehm, A 2 New Orleans, La. RosE Simmi Brener New Orleans, La. (Special Student.) John Whittington Burke, 2 X . . . New Orleans, La. Lawrence William Burt, ATA. . New Orleans, La. Thirteen Club; Freshman Football; Freshman Basketball. Jim M. Butera, A Houston, Tex. Dormitory Club. Charles Carriere Laurel, Miss. Joseph O. Carson, Jr New Orleans, La. Y. M. C. A.; Glendy Burke; Freshman Trark. John B. Cavon New Orleans, La. Joseph Joseph Ciolino Greenville, Miss. Edwin B. Clark, K A New Orleans, La. Stanley ' Cohen New Orleans, La. S. C. Collins, 11 K A Houma, La. Thomas J. Cunningham, Jr., A 9 . . Pine Bluff, Ark. Freshman Football; Football Squad. John Richard Curtis Gary, Ind. (Special Student.) Joseph J. Davies, Jr . Gretna, La. Lewis Mercer Dawson Mobile, Ala. John F. DeBuys, B 9 II New Orleans, La. Freshman Football; Boxing (2); Track (2). Elson M. Delaune, n K A Lockport, La. Freshman Football. Stayton C. Dempsey New Orleans, La. Jack W. Dolan New Orleans, La. Band. Sol Dombeck Brooklyn, N. Y. Glee Club (1, 2); Dramatic Club (2); Dormitory Club (1); Associate Member Y. M. C. A. Theo. J. Donaldson, Jr Maringouin, La. Dormitorj- Club; Inter-hall Sports (1); Tntra-mural Basket- ball (2); y. M. C. A. (21. Eugene H. Dours, Jr., $ K 2 . . . . New Orleans, La. — Picture not in panel. ii6 Sopliomore Class College of cArts and Sciences Perry Eastman- B 6 n New Orleans, La. Charles John- Edwards Vicksburg, Miss. JiMMV Farmer Kentwood, La. NoLLiE C. Felts, 2 X New Orleans, La. WiLLARD C. FiNKELSTEiN, K N . . . .El Campo, Tex. M.ANUEL IsADORE FiSHER New Orleans, La. John W. Fisk, 4 K 2 New Orleans, La. William Lee Fitts, III, 2 X ... . New Orleans, La. Daxiel L. Fleming, I K 2 New Orleans, La. Grant NL Freeman New Orleans, La. Charles Anthony Geier, Jr. . . . New Orleans, La. Louis Julian Genella, Jr New Orleans, La. Dennis Gibbins, A " S " Mont Belvieu, Tex. James Godfrey Dunkirk, N. Y. Merle B. Goldman, 2 " t " E . . Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mex. •Benjamin M.ax Goodman New Orleans, La. John Dunn Gordinier, 2 A E . . . Lake Charles, La. Nat Greenbl.att, 2 A M New Orleans, La. Walter Emerson Grotefend Crowley, La. Robert Bernard Guerriero Monroe, La. Eric Guilbeau, Jr., 2 X Carencro, La. Lloyd D. Guy, Ben Monroe, La. Walter Williams Haar, 2 E . . . New Orleans, La. Julian B. Habans, K 2 New Orleans, La. Charles Kelley Haik Leland, Miss. JOHN Joseph Hallaron New Orleans, La. •James Henry Harrison New Orleans, La. T. J. Healy New Orleans, La. John A. Hendrick, Jr., K A Shreveport, La. SiM0N Herold Shreveport, La. John S. Herring, 2 n Oak Grove, La. Robert S. Higdon, Ben Brookhaven, Miss. Doyless L. Hill Sand Springs, Okla. JiM Harold Hodcins Shreveport, La. Julian P. Howell, 4 A e Marion, Ala. Lawrence Boykin Hudson, Jr. . . . Hattlesburg, Miss. Charles Hume Ben New Orleans, La. Jefferson Benjamin Hunt McComb, Miss. Gordon St. C. Jackson New Orleans, La. Robert Jackson, 2 E New Orleans, La. John M. Johnson, $ K 2 San Saba, Tex. — Picture not in panel. " 7 College of oArts and Sciences Kenneth C. Johnstone, Jr., 2 X . . New Orleans, La. A. J. Jones Bogalusa, La. Nolan C. Kammer, A T n New Orleans, La. Richard Wedig Kehoe, K A . . . . New Orleans, La. James Henry Kepper, Jr New Orleans, La. William D. King, Jr., 2 X El Paso, Tex. George John Kyame New Orleans, La. J. DuREL Landry, n K A New Orleans, La. William Sam Leake, Jr New Orleans, La. Sam Le Blanc, Jr Napoleonville, La. Edmond J. Le Breton, A T fi . . . . New Or ' .eans, La. Harold Francis Lemmon Patterson, La. S. Paul Levy, Z B T Vicksburg, MisB. Winnie Paul Lodrigues, il ' K 2 . , . . Patter:on, La. Arthur David Long El Paso, Tex. Louis Long, n K A New Orleans, La. Florian Seal Lopez Biloxi, Miss. NoAH Louis Lord New Orleans, La. Rudolph Moore McBride, A $ . . . . Hamnnond, La. William Robert McIver Cleveland, O. SiM0N August McNeely New Orleans, La. Charles James Macmurdo, III . . . New Orleans, La. Ford J. Macpherson New Orleans, La. Bruno Frayola Mancuso ...... Newark, N. J. H. P. Marks, Jr., Z B T Monroe, La. Autrey ' J. Maroun Shreveport, La. Edward Maithews, K A New Orleans, La. Chester J. Mays San Marcos, Tex. Ernest B. Mercer, Ben New Orleans, La. Kalford Kreth Miazza, 2 N . . . New Orleans, La. Allison Miller, K A New Orleans, La. Leon Mintz, 2AM New Orleans, La. Rene de Montluzin, II K A . . . Bay St. Louis, Miss. BuFORD M. Myers, Jr., A T Q . . . . New Orleans, La. Albert J. Naftel, Jr., A T Q . . . Montgomery, Ala. Samuel William Nelken New Orleans, La. J. Edward Norris, II K Columbus, Ga. Henry Blumer Owen Key West, Fla. Andre C. Padovani Mayaguez, Porto Rico Francis Cameron Payne, K A . . . Wi nterviJe, Miss. Narciso Paz (y Paredes) . San Pedro Sula, Honduras, C. A. Leighton Huske Pearce St. Petersburg, Fla. James S. Percy, ATA New Orleans, La. Gladstone Phillips New Orleans, La. DoMiNic CiRiNO Pittari ...... New Orleans, La. • — Picture not in panel. iiK Class College of oArts and Sciences Leroy Alex Rainey San Antonio, Tex. JoHN James Read Picayune, Miss. Walter F. Reixkinc, 2 II . . . . Mexico City, Mex. Robert Irving Reisfeld, Z B T . . . New Orleans, La. Glendy Burke; ■ ' Hullabaloo " Staff. Oliver James Reiss New Orleans, La. A. J. Reixach, K Z New Orleans, La. Charles Edward Richards, n K . . . Shreveport, La. Karlem Riess, K S New Orleans, La. Y. M. C. A.; Alpha Chi Sigma Award. Alvin Roy Rolfs New Orleans, La. Zachary Joseph Romeo, 2AM. . . New Orleans, La. JOHN Andrew Scafide Bay St. Louis, Miss. Varsity Football, William F. Schroeder Donaldsville, La. Scrub Football. Rudolph J. Schulze, Jr., A T Q . . . New Orleans, La. Earle S. Seale, 2 E, B M Meridian, Miss. Moss Sherman New Orleans, La. Glee Club. Gene Simon, $ K 2 New Orleans, La. Sf-ruli Football (2); Freshman Football: " White Elephants. HoYTT DeSha Sims RayTiUe, La. Sidney H. Sims, 2 E, B M . . . . Montgomery, Ala. Sidney Singer, K X New Orleans, La. Glendy Burke; Inter-fraternity Baslcetball. Drew Linard Smith ....... New Orleans, La. T. L. L. SONIAT, II K , B M . . . . New Orleans, La. Leonard Herbert Stander Opelousas, La. Melvin David Steiner, Z B T . . . New Orleans, La. Davis Stokes, A 9 Gulfport, Miss. Track. Clyde J. Surgi New Orleans, La. MuRRAY BoLLiNG SwANN Marion, Ala. MoRRis Teles New Orleans, La. John DeLoach Thames, A K E . . . . Natalbany, La. Fre.shnian Footliall; Scruli Footliall; Inter-l■raternit ■ Basl et- ball. Page Hale Tharp, A T fi New Orleans, La. Scrub Football Team. Charles Titche, Jr Monroe, La. Thomas B. Tooke, Jr., K A Belcher, La. Guillermo Vasquez (y Molina), 2 I . Tegucigalpa, Hond. Kathryn Lucy Veith New Orleans, La. Miriam Veith New Orleans, La. BiRNEY Felix Voorhies, II K . . . New Orleans, La. Clinton Wallis, K 2 Tampa, Fla. Charles R. Walters, 2 X New Orleans, La. Glee Club (1. 2). Leonard Daner Weaver Brewton, Ala. John C. Weed, A T £ New Orleans, La. Thirteen Club; Fre.shman Basketball; Dramatic Guild; Glendy Biirke; Glee Club. Walter Harry Weil, Jr New Orleans, La. Leon Weill New Orleans, La. S0L Weiss, Jr New Orleans, La. Richard C. Whitten, ATA. . . . New Orleans, La. Vice-President Fieshman Class; White Elrphants. Louis Napoleon Williams Battleboro, N. C. Edwin Alton Wilson Bastrop, La. Trimble Errington Wineorn . . . Coldwater, Miss. Louis Yasnyi New Orleans, La. Don Zimmerman, Jr., Ben. . . . Lake Charles, La. Varsity Football; Freshman Track. Morris Wright Eunice, La. — Picture not in panel. 119 College of Sngineering Harry Frank Allen Jackson, Miss. J. D. Atkinson, Jr., 2 A E . . . . Ne v Orleans, La. JOHN William Babst New Orleans, La. Charles Francis Baehr New Orleans, La. President Class (2). WiLLiAM Oliver Barclay New Orleans, La. Malcolm Harold Barnes McComb, Miss. Joseph Frederick Baroco Pensacola, Fla. Dormitory Club (2); Aero Club (2); Inter-hall Athletics (2). Ernest W. Beck, 2 H New Orleans, La. Inter-fraternity Basketball; Intra-mural Basketball; Fresh- man-Sophomore Basketball. William T. Boardman, Jr New Orleans, La. A. W. Brodtman New Orleans, La. Will J. Carmouche Crowley, La. Cxlendy Burke; Oratorical and Debating Council: Architec- tui-al Society: Chess and Checkers Club; International Re- lations Club; " Hullabaloo " Staff. Enrique Marcor Carrillo .... New Orleans, La. John Glenn Carter, n K A . . . . New Orleans, La. Charles L. Chavignv, A K E . . . . New Orleans, La. Robert A. Cooper, ATA New Orleans, La. Daniel Van S. Cresap, A New Orleans, La. Lowell Damonte, A ! New Orleans, La. vice-President Class (2); Inter-fraternity Swimming; Intra- mural Football. Edgar Merlin Dunn New Orleans, La. Elmo J. Edwards, n K A New Orleans, La. — picture not in p.inel. 1 20 op College of Sngineering Norton E. England, ATA. . . . New Orleans, La. August Chari.es Flach, Jr., 2 ! ' A . . New Orleans, La. Band. Ign ' Acio Florexcia, 2 ' I a . . . Campeche, Camp., Mex. Robert Balch Foster, Jr., K S . . . New Orleans, La. " Whit, Elephant. ; Vico-Pre.s;dent Class (1). Albert Fransen New Orleans, La. Delerv Freret, 2 I a New Orleans, La. . ero Club. Howard W. Gleason, ATA. . . . New Orleans, La. Harry Haas, Jr., SAM New Orleans, La. Architectural Society; Glendy Burke; Glee Clul); Band; Chess and Checkers Club; Sigma Phi Delta Award (2). John a. Haase, HI New Orleans, La. Aero Club. Jack C. Harding, ATA New Orleans, La. AuDio Gray Harvey New Orleans, La. Charles B. Hassenboehler .... New Orleans, La. JiMMY Heymann Ne v Or ' eans, La. Horace Hinds, Jr., 2 A Gulfport, Miss. Leo L. Hoi.zenthal New Orleans, La. Elmer O. Huber, 2 E New Orleans, La. Architectural Society; Glee Club. — Picture not in panel. 121 Sophomore Class College of Sngineer ' ing Paul L. Janssek New Orleans, La. Treasurer Aero Club; Fencing Clutt. Ransom Carv Jones, G K N, K K . . Indianola, Miss. Arehitectural Society. " Jambalava " Representative (2); Mill- saps College; Band (1, 2); Glee Club (2). Louis R. Klein New Orleans, La. Aero Club (1). Loui3 Isaac Korn New Orleans, La. Merkl Lacaroe, a Z $ New Orleans, La. W. Priestley Leverich, ATI). . . New Orleans, La. Alex B. Levy Alexandria, La. LoRis K. Levy, Z B T St. Joseph, La. Architectural Society. V. R. LiBANO, Jr., 2 a New Orleans, La. Intra-mural Football (1); Tug-ot- Var (1). NoRMAN O. LoESKE New Orleans, La. John H. McLeod, K 2 New Orlean:-, La. Lynn McWaters Brookhaven, Miss. Earl Lawrence Mathes, $ K 2 . . . New Orleans, La. Architectural Society. Hermann R. Meyer, A 2 Chalmette, La. Freshman Basketball. Michael H. Michel New Orleans. La. • — picture not in jiancl. 122 Sophomore Class College of Sngineering James E. Moise 2 X ■ . . New Orleans, La. W. P. Morris Shreveport, La. Glee Club. Edvvard Fairfax Neii.o, Jr Shreveport, La. J. Christian Nielsen, Jr New Orleans, La. Lawrence J. Parker A New Orleans, La. Secretary and Treasurer Class (2); Pl-eshman Basketball. Andrew H. Payne, Jr New Orleans, La. Secretary Aero Club. Albert J. Phillips, Z B T New Orleans, La. Warren Denkmann Reimers .... Hammond, La. Will Patten Richardson, ATA. . . Ponchatoula, La. Freshman Football: Freshman Basketball; Varsity Football (2). Edward A. Rodrigue, 2 J E . . . . Paincourtville, La. JoHN Joseph Ruckert New Orleans, La. William Donald Singer New Orleans, La. Glee Club. RiVERS Singleton Slidell, La. Stanley R. Snider, II K " f New Orleans, La. Ellis Johnson Stearns, Jr New Orleans, La. GoRDON Embry Stone New Orleans, La. George E. Surgi, S $ A New Orleans, La. M. E. Engineering Football (2, 3). Joe L. Swanson, Jr., A T Q , . . . New Orleans, La. Freshman Football: Tntra-mui-al Football. Milton Tognoni New Orleans, La. Ernesto Venegas . . . Aragiiez, San Jose, Corta Rica William Ogden Vennard, K A . . . New Orleans, La. Wrestling (1. 2. 3): Tug-of-War (1, 2); Intra-mural Foot- ball; Glee Club (1, 2); Thirteen Club. Robert G. Werner, 2 A New Orleans, La. RoBERT William Ziifle Gretna, La. — Picture not in panel. 123 (jmore Class College of Commerce VVii.i.lAM C. Bacher, I K 2 . . . . New Orleans, La. Freshman Basketball; Tnter-fraternitv Basketball (1. 2); Intra-inural Basketball (1, 2). Edwin W. Booth, Jr., I K 2 . . . . New Orleans, La. In ti ' a- mural Basketball. Soi. ExAviAR Brinsfiei.u, Jr New Orleans, La. LocKE BrowN; Jr New Orleans, La. W. Archie Caine, ■! K S New Orleans, La. Secretary l ' lass (It. President (2); Tnter-fraternitv Basket- ball. Albert P. Claverie, I K 2 . . . . New Orleans, La. AA ' hite Elephants; Vice-President Class (1); " Jambalaya " and " Hullabaloo " Representative (2), Ei.iAS Cohen New Orleans, La. Ervin Seifert Cooper, ATA. . . . New Orleans, La. ■■■■EnwARD Everett Davidson New Orleans, La. Edward H. Eli.is, A T n New Orleans, La. Emmett H. Fremaux New Orleans, La. L. S. Fremaux New Orleans, La. Shelby Friedrichs, ATA New Orleans, La. Vice-President Class (2); " Hullabaloo " Stalf. Joseph A. Graml New Orleans, La. " ' ' Francis Grimmer Lafayette, La. Maree G. Hamil Gulfport, Miss. J. Clifford HartmanNj A 2 I) . . . . Montrose, Colo. Transfer fi ' om University of Colorado; Band. Harry Ferman Hellier, 11 K A Houma, La. Jack Edwin Helms Gulfport, Miss. Paul Hogan, Jr., A 9 New Orleans, La. Frank Granger Huntress, Jr., Ben. San Antonio, Tex. Earl T. Huthnance, K 2 Glenmora, La. Freshman Football; Freshman Track; Inter-fraternity Bas- ketball (1, 21; Inter-traternily Track (1); Band (1). — Picture not in panel. 12+ sophomore Class College of Commerce Leonard S. Isacks, Jr., A K E . . . . New Orleans, La. President Class (1); Secretary-Treasurer (2); Freshman Football; Scrub Football; Thirteen Club. Edwin Cornelius Jansen New Orleans, La. Otis Eugene Jenkins, A T Q Summit, Miss. Glee Club, Charles Douglas Jones New Orleans, La. RonERT S. Jordan, A K E New Orleans, La. Inter-fraternity Basketball; Intia-mural Basketball. Clifton Homer Kees Brookhaven, Miss. Charlie Franklin Kinz.bach ..... Houston, Tex. L. T. KuHNER, K 2 New Orleans, La. AVhite Elephants: Inter-traternity Track; Inter-fraternity Basketball; Intra-mural Basketball; Glendy Burke. Rene La Bruvere Marrero, La. Frank Lemann • . New Orleans, La. Lenore Lynch New Orleans, La. George F. Macdiarmid, B 9 II . . . NeAV Orleans, La. Fred. W. Maithews, Jr., B O n . . . New Orleans, La. " Jambalaya " Representative (1); Tug-of-War Captain (1); Freshntan Track; Inter-fraternity Basketball. Adrien Andrew Maught, ' t A B . . . New Orleans, La. Jules Meraux, A S I New Orleans, La. Paul H. Miller, A T Gulf port. Mi s. Glee Club. JAMES Patrick Moore New Orleans, La. (Special Student. 1 Alexander L. Postlethwaite, Jr., I ' A G . Natchez, Miss. Inter-fratcrnity Basketball; Inter-fraternity Track. Arthur Scheinuk, SAM... . New Orleans, La. Glendy Burke (1. 2) ; Business Manager Uptown Campus " Jambalaya. " JAMES Louis Schupp New Orleans, La. Max Solomon, SAM New Orleans, La. Glendy Burke. Norwood Spicer, K A New Orleans, La. Assistant Manager Track Team. YuKl0 Tanaka Honolulu, Hawaii (Special Student.) JOHN Arthur Taylor Brookhaven, Miss. Frank Calvin Trouslot, Jr Newton, Kan. (Special Student.) A. H. ViGNES New Orleans, La. Jules J. Viosca, Jr., A New Orleans, La. Band. ' • " William Alexander Wickes Cleveland, O. Herbert Graham Wright, 2 II ... . Jackson, Miss. — Picture not in panel. toi-iBit r f v y f- V Adams, Airey, Altman. Anzalone, Babin, A. Bailey. E. Ballard Ballowe, Barksdale, Barr, Barre, Bennett, Berenson. Beury Bonnabel, Bosworth, Bourne, Bowers. Bradford, Bres, G. Brown J. Brown, Buck, Bunkley, Butler, Caftery, Cahn. Camp Carr, Carre, Carson. Carter, Case, Cefalu. Chappuis Clippen, Coates, Cohn, Colomb. Cosper. Covey. Dameron Damm, Daspit. Davis. Dohan, Drapekin, Duncan, Eddy Freshmae Class ' ewcotnb Qollege Mary Jane Adams, n B 1 . . . . Cleveland, O. Cecile Airey, K K r . . . . New Orleans, La. T. w. C. A. Myrtle Altman Beaumont, Tex. Frances H. Anzalone .... Independence, La. Marie Elise Babix, B i; . . White Castle, La. Y. AY. C. A.; Art Cluh. Beremce Germaine Bach . . New Orleans, La. Anxa Bailey, Z T A Vernon, Tex. Sanny-Sue Bailey Ft. Worth, Tex. Edith Loeber Ballard . . . Bay St. Louis, Miss. ViviAN Ballard Thibodaux, La. Mary Sue Ballowe, K A 6 . . . . Dallas, Tex. JuLiA S. Bands New Orleans, La. I .Special) Dee Barksdale, n B i . . . . Alexandria, La. Clare Frances Barr, B 2 . . New Orleans, La. Bernice Barre Edgard, La. Gloria Clara Barrett . . Freeport, L. L, N. Y. (Special) Emma Regina Barrus . . . Jefferson Parish, La. Madeline Marie Bayon . . . New Orleans, La. (Special) Marguerite Marie Bayon . . New Orleans, La. Patricia Bennett, K . 9 . . . New Orleans, La. Y ' . w. c. A. Fannie Berenson, A $ Boga ' usa, La. Julia Beury, II B . . . . Charleston, W. Va. Art Club; Glee Club. LuELLA Bonnabel, B 2 . . . . Metairie, La. Velma Bosworth Birmingham, Ala. Virginia Bourne, X n . . . . New Orleans, La. Betty Bowers, K A © . . . . New Orleans, La. Art Club; Y. W. C. A. Eloise Bradford Atmore, Ala. Margaret Bres, A II Brusly, La. Gladys Brown, B S O . . . Metairie Ridge, La. Julie Brown, X f2 New- Orleans, La. Y " . W. C. A.; Dramatic Club. Zaida Ladd Brown Rockford, 111. (Special) Fannie Catherine Brush .... Laurel, Miss. Mary Frances Buck, n B . . New Orleans, La. Dorothy Bunkley, A A n . . . Stamford, Tex. T. w. c. A. Rebecca Burdette New Orleans, La. Madge O ' Deal Burley . . . New Orleans, La. Anna Powell Burns Selma, .Ala. Marion Butler, A A n Houma, La. Mary F. Caffery, n B i . . . . Franklin, La. Art Club. Hermione Cahn, a E . . . New Orleans, La. Newcomb Basketball (1). Laura Camp El Paso, Tex. Grace Carr, K A 9 Ardmore, Okla. Glee Club. Benita Carre, X n New Orleans, La. Nell Lyons Carson New Orleans, La. Volley Ball; C;iee Club. Helen Carter, A A II Houston, Tex. Rose Mary Case, X fi . . : . . Jackson, Miss. Harriet Virginia Catlin . . Wilmington, Del. Isabelle Marie Cazes .... New Orleans, La. Helen Cefalu Amite, La. Barbara Chappuis, Z T A Rayne, La. Art Club. Emmerson Chaille Chiasson . Port Neches, Tex. Mary Pauline Chiasson . . . Port Neches, Tex. Rosemary Clippen, B $ A . . . New Orleans, La. Y. . c. A. Carol Haas Coates New Orleans, La. jlee Club; " Mikado " Chorus. Babette Cohn, A E . . . . New Orleans, La. Elizabeth Colomb, X Q . . . New Orleans, La. DoROTHY Phelps Coquille . . New Orleans, La. Mattie C. Corley New Orlean::, La. M. Elizabeth Cosper, A A n . . . Monroe, La. Y. W ' . c. A. Emma Perrin Cothran .... Charlotte, N. C. Eugenia Covey, X cj Van Buren, Ark. Lygustia Coxon Wooster, O. Winifred S. Culpepper Monroe, La. Lilian Dameron, K K r . . . New Orleans, La. Nadine Damm San Antonio, Tex. Elizabeth Daspit, Z T A Houma, La. Y. W ' . C. A.: Art Club. Maunitte Davis New Orleans, La. Shirley Inez Delesdernier . . Pilot Town, La. " ' " Stephanie B. Dinkins Scott, La. Mary Helen Dohan, X Q . . . Nevs- Orleans, La. Emily Drapekin New Orleans, La. Hilda Duncan, X £3 Memphis, Tenn. ■ JANE Adele Eddins Slidel, La. Florence Eddy-, B 2 O Algiers, La. Art Club; Y. W. C. A. Picture uot in panel. 129 mmo JEiislen, Epstein. Evans. Fenner, Filson, B. Fine. E. Fine FitzenrcMti r. Fleury, Floyd. Gallegly. Gardner, Gayden. Grace Graham, I. Green, R. Green. Vittcr, Gross. Gutman. Hailey Handelman, Hardin, Harries. Harrop. Harry, Henry. Hicks Hirsch. Hoefeld, Hopson, Howsmon, Hudson, Huey. Hummel Hyman. Janssen, Jarman. Jenkins. B. Johnson, B. Johnson. Jumel R, Kahn, Z. Kahn, Kline, Keener, Kolstad, LaCour, LaNasa ' ewconib College ZoiLA Rosa Ensenat New Orleans, La. Charloite E. Enslen, M . . Birmingham, Ala. Glee Club; Orchestra; Mandolin-Guitar Clulj. Sylvia Epstein Lake Village, .Ark. Frances Evans, A n . . . . New Orleans, La. Laura Fenner, IT 13 I . . . . New Orleans, La. Genevieve Filson Houston, Tex. Beryl E. Fine Laurel, Miss. Elise Fine Laurel, Miss. Elizabeth Fitzenreiter . . . Lake Charles, La. Annie O. Flaspoller, X fi . . New Orleans, La. Dorothy Fleury, 1 ' M Gretna, La. Matelyn Floy ' d, X n . .. . . Y. w. 0. A. Jackson, Miss. Mary ' Ellen Gallegly ' , I M . . New Orleans, La. " ' Katherine R. Gambel .... New Orleans, La. Mary ' Ella Gardner, A A II . .Ft. Worth, Tex. . . . . Gurley, La. New Orleans, La. . Shreveport, La. Irene Gayden, K A 6 . . . . Dramatic Club. " Annie Merl Goi.denberc ' Mary p. Goldstein . . . Evely ' N Grace, X fi New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club; Y. W. C. A. Grace Graham, K K r . . . New Orleans, La. Inez M. Green, X n . . . . Lake Charles, La. Glee Club; Y ' . W. C. A. Rebecca Green, X SI New Orleans, La. Y. w. c. A. Betsy Furniss Greene . . Cleveland Heights, O. Elise Gilston Greenwald . . New Orleans, La. Gretchen Vitter New Orleans, La. ■ Nancy Grace Griggs Orange, Tex. Sadie F. Gross Kaplan, La. Mathilde Gut.man New Orleans, La. Dorothy ' Hailey, K A O . . , New Orleans, La. Tillie Handelman New Orleans, La. ■ M. Emilie Hanley Atlanta, Ga. Marjorie Belle Hanna .... Shreveport, La. Julia Hardin New Orleans, La. Christine Harries New Orleans, La. Y. w. c. A. Hester C. Harrop, n B . . Lake Charles, La. Helen Harry, K K r . . . . Metairie Ridge, La. • Claudia Harvin Ft. Worth, Tex. ■ EuGENiA Crittenden Hay . . . Frankfort, Ky. • Elizabeth Frances Heid . . . New Orleans, La. Kathryn Henry, B $ A . . . New Orleans, La. LoursE Herman McAllen, Tex. Virginia Hicks Glencoe, 111. Louise Hirsch, A E . . . . New Orleans, La. Julia Hoefeld, Z T A . . . . New Orleans, La. Jean Hopson McGehee, Ark. Eunice Howsmon, I M Atlanta, Ga. Dramatic Club; Glee Club. Pargie Hudson, n B . . . . New Orleans, La. Art Club. ■• ' Ediih Margaret Hudson Monroe, La. Gladys E. Huey, A n . . . New Orleans, La. Tennis; Y. W. C. A. Frances Hummel, B 2 . . . New Orleans, La. Evelyn Hyman, A E $ . . . . New Orleans, La. ■ Gertrude Jackman New Orleans, La. ■■ " Elizabeth Rose Jacobs . . . San Antonio, Tex. ■■ ' •Pairicia James Ft. Worth, Tex. Magda Janssen, a a n . . . . New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club. Virginia Jarman, K A O . . Oklahoma City, Okla. Y. w. c. A. Clara Jenkins Eunice, La. Beulah B. Johnson, HE . St. Francisvillc, La. ' ■Catharine Johnston .... Cleveland, Tenn. (Special) Elizabeth Johnson .... Chattanooga, Tenn. ■ ' Elizabeth Isabele Jones . . . New Orleans, La. Yvonne Jumel New Orleans, La. Roberta Kahn, A E . . . . Milwaukee, Wis. Zerline Kahn Winnsboro, La. • Sister Mary John Kennedy . New Orleans, La. ■ " Alice L. Kilpa-irick .... New Orleans, La. Pauline Kline Clarksdale, Miss. Edith Koerner, !• M New Orleans, La. Sarah Kolstad, Z T A Palestine, Tex. Lorraine LaCour, IT B . . . New Orleans, La. Edna LaNasa New Orleans, La. Y. W. C. A. Picture not in panel. Laney, Lawrason, Lazarus. Lehman. A. Lemann, E. Lemann, Lester Levy, Anne Lewis. Ash ton Lewis. Lisso, Lockhart, B. Logan. P. Logan Low, Lowdon, Luckiesh, Luria, Lyie. Mass. iladdux Malter, Marshall. Martin. Marx. Mayer. McBee. McBryde McDade, McPadden. Menuet. Merot. Meyer, Minsky. Moore Morelock. Moses, Myers, Nagel, Nelson, Netter. NlckoU North, Osha, Parker, Payne, E. Pearce, M. Pearce, Person Fresliimaiti Class f ewcomb Q allege Lily Laney, K K T Columbus, Ga. Lillian- Lawrason, II B I . . . Muskogee, Okla. Florence Rose Lazarus .... New Orleans, La. Elizabeth Lehman Portsmouth, O. Alice Lemaxn, K K r . . . Donaldsonville, La. Emma Lemaxv, A E I . . . Donaldsonville, La. Barbara Castleman Leovy . . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. Louise Lester, A n . . . Y ' . w. c. A Felice Levy, A E $ . Anxe Lewis, n B I . . Oklahoma City, Okla. Ft. Sam Houston, Tex. Alt Club. AsHTON Lewis, A O n . . . . New Orleans, La. Sue Lisso, A A II New Orleans, La. Doris Lockhart . Haines City, Fla. Barbara M. Logan, n B $ . . . New Orleans, La. Y. AV. c. A. Gertrude Monroe Logan . . New Orleans, La. Peggy Logan, K K r New Orleans, La. Margaret Long El Paso, Tex. ISABELLE M. Low, Z T a . . . New Orleans, La. Bett - LovvnoN, A A n Ft. Worth, Tex. Marcella Luckiesh, JI Atlanta, Ga. Glee Club; Y " . W. C. A. Edmee Luria, B 2 . . . . New Orleans, La. Y. V. C. A.; Art Club. Frances Inez Lyle New Orleans, La. Y " . w. c. A. Evelyn Luria Lyons .... New Orleans, La. Leone Maas New Orleans, La. Mandolin-Guitar Club; Debating Club; Dran atic Club. Olive Mae MacDonald Reserve, La. May Ida Maddux, B $ A . . . New Orleans, La. Esther Malter New Orleans, La. Mary Elba Marshall, A n . Bay St. Louis, Miss. Jean Martin, K K r . . . . New- Orleans, La. ' . - V. C. A.; Dramatic Club. Lena Marx, A E New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club. Janice Mayer, . E Chicago, 111. Hermine McBee, X n . . . . Greenwood, Miss. Carolyn McBryde, K A . . . New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club. Martha McDade, K A 9 Minden, La. Dorothy McFadden, Z T A . . Covington, Tenn. Y. ■«•. c. A. Myrtle Viola McMahon . . New Orleans, La. Elizabeth Menuet, A A IT . . New Orleans, La. Charlotte Merot New Orleans, La. Lois Meyer, A E (I Detroit, Mich. Dramatic Club. LuciLE Josephine Meyers . . . New York, N. Y. Irene Minsky ....... Lake Village, Ark. Mary Claiborne Mi.xon . . . Hattiesburg, Mis:.. CoRRiN Margaret Mooney . . New Orleans, La. Lai.ise Moore, K A © . . . . New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club. Vassar Fambrough Morelock . . Haynesville, La. Josephine Noar Moses .... New Orleans, La. Violet E. Myers Sour Lake, Tex. Dramatic Club. Helen P. N.agei Edgard, La. Mary L. Nelson New Orleans, La. Babetie Netter, Z T a . . . Donaldsonville, La. Ann NiCKOLL, A E Milwaukee, Wis. Marcery Lee Norman Houma, La. Elizabeth North, A n . . Corpus Christi, Tex. Gwendolyn Osha Randolph, Vt. LuciLE Owens ■ . Little Rock, Ark. Alice Parker New Orleans, La. MiLDRED Pattie Clarksville, Tenn. Catherixe Payne, K A 9 . . . New Orleans, La. Elizabeth Pearce, K K r . . . New Orleans, La. Murray Pearce, K K r . . New Orleans, La. Gertrude Pearson, A A n . . Little Rock, Ark. Virginia Pearson, n B I . . . . Houston, Tex. Edith Miriam Perrin Pine Bluff, Ark. Mary- Alice Person Z T A . . New Orleans, La. T. V. C. A.; Art Club. Picture not in panel. 133 Pesi, Phillips, Pierl. Porterfleld, Kabe, Rand. Raulston Raid, R;mbert, E. Rice. I. Rice, Ricks, M. Robertshaw, S. Robertshaw Ronshelm, Rosenberg. Rowley, Rubin, Ryckman. Schupp. Scivicque Scott, Selig, Shat ' er, Short, Slater, Solomon, Sparkman Sterrett, Sullens, Tarlton, Taylor. K. Thornton, M. Thornton, Tobin Tujaque, Turner, Viallon. Vincent. Voorhies, Walker, Wehnan " Wemple, Wexlcr, Whisnant. Wolbrette, Wood, Woodall, Word, Young Freshmaii Class ' ewcomb College Marguerite Fesi Houma, La. -Jane Phillips Slaughter, B [ A . Bogalusa, La. Helen Corinne Phillips, Z T A . New Orleans, La. Rae Rose Solomon New Orleans, La. Dramatic I ' lub: Art Cluli. x a o t. i ht- Mary Alice Sparkman .... Pascagoula, Miss. Jack Pieri New Orleans, La. », o xt . t ■ DoROTHV Spro ' it New Orleans, La. Blanche Raney Porter . . . New Orleans, La. „ „ ,, „ , n- • i. ai Sarah Sterreit, Iv K r . . . Binmngham, Ala. Cora G. Porterfield, I JI . . . Galveston, Tex. »t o i t - i t Freshman Sports; Volley Ball. J- ' ' =T STEVENS New Orleans, La. Margaret Louise Preston . . . Galveston, Tex. Asselia Strobhar, B I. A . . . Charlotte, N. C. Helen Scarborough Priestley . Vicksburg, Miss. ' Sullens, X n Jackson, Miss. Y. W. C. A.; Art Club. Ruth Rabe San Antonio, Tex. , , i,-,txxt -ii t ' Louise Larue Tarlton, A II . New Orleans, La. Frances Rand, A O n Alexandria, La. Dramatic ciub; Y. " W. c. a. T. L. Raulston, X Q . . . . Richard City, Tenn. ' Elizabeth Burton Tatum . . Hattiesburg, Miss. Mary Heloise Reid, Z T A . . . . Orange, Tex. Jane Taylor Z T A St. Joseph, Mo. Eleanor Buckner Thompson . . Jackson, Miss. Virginia Rembert, A O II . . . New Orleans, La. ,. r- r, ,., . t , , , Newcomb Ball KATHLEEN E. THORNTON, Z T A . Lake Charles, La. Y. v. c. a. Elizabeth Rice Austin, Tex. «»c t „ . ,, i-t May S. Thornton, K A 6 . . . Alexandria, La. Irene Hayward Rice, n B . New Orleans, La. ,, , „ t- t- t xt , r ' Marie Louise Tobin, K K r . . New Orleans, La. Mathilda Josephine Richards . New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club. Louise Ricks, K A O Memphis, Tenn. Diane Tujague, A A n . , . New Orleans, La. Internationa] Relations Club. Mary A. Robertsh.vw, X . . Greenville, Miss. „ Tom Turner, K A McComb, Miss. Susan Treys Robertshaw, X . Greenville, Miss. d ir . -i- r. xr i t Y. w. c. a. ' Glee Club. ' ™ VlALLON, X Q New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club. Marion Ronsheim, A E ! . . . . Cincinnati, O. h en Vincent, M . . . . New Orleans, La. Lucille Rosenberg, A E . . . Milwaukee, Wis. Eloise M. Voorhies New Orleans, La. June Rowley, A n . . . . New Orleans, La. Manrtoiin-Guitar Club. Newcomb Ball; Y. w. c. .A.. Mercedes Mary Vulliet . . . New Orleans, La. Sara Rubin Tulsa, Okla. Lorena Walker, A A II Helena, Ark. „ „ .., , XT , T Glee Club; International Relations Club. Dorothy Ryckman, Z T A . . . New Orleans, La. , „, Isabel WelmaNj B 2 Metaine, La. Lois Anne Saunders, n B I ' . . . Cleveland, O. „ . „, , , tt x.r j .j t Blanche Wemple, A A II . . . . Mansheld, La. Audrey Lorenza Schmidt . . New Orleans, La. Glee club; y. w. c. a.; Dramatic ciub. Eleanor Jean Schupp, A n . New Orleans, La. Bertha Natalie Wexler . . . New Orleans, La. T. W. C. A.; Dramatic Club; Athletics. HoPE SPENCER Whisnant, A A II . Charlotte, N. C. Hilda Scivicoue, B 2 . . Denham Springs, La. Gerda Agnes Wii.lemoes .... Wiggins, Miss. Dramatic C lub. . t nr x- xt i r ■ ' Elizabeth I. Williams, X fJ . New Orleans, La. Maroueryte Elmer Scott, ' ! ' JI . . Atlanta, Ga. . ,,, . , , xt -. i t Anna Wolbrette, A E I . . . New- Orleans, La. NanE ' ITE Selig Monroe, La. Dramatic Cluli; Glee Club. »Daphne Alford Sellards .... Austin, Tex. June Wood, K A 9 New Orleans, La. Y. W. C. A.; Art Club. Ruth Shafer, A A II . . . . San Antonio, Tex. ,, „. r, „, . r , .r, ' Viola Woodall, Z T A . . . . Sour Lake, Tex. Phyllis-Ann Shaw, K A 9 . . New Orleans, La. Art club. Elizabeth Short, A A n . . . .Ft. Worth, Tex. Susan Word, K A 9 Atlanta, Ga. Louise Young, B 2 . . . . New Orleans, La. Elizabeth Slater Birmingham, Ala. Art Club; T. W. C. A. ' Picture not in panel. UTM i1;ll d m) i ' ri} ' rQm ,- i x Alexander, Allen, H. M. Anderson, Banister, Barkoft, Blandino, Blitz Boles, Brewer, Brown, Cabell, Carrizo, Clements, Click Colvin, Conte, Davlet, H. Davis, W. Davis, Derbes, J. B. DiGiglia 1,. L. DiGiglia, Donnelly, Doss, Dupre. Ede, Fancher, Feducia Fisher, Flynt, Fortenberry, Gay. Green, Guerriero, Haik Holman, Holmes, Howard, Hudes, Ingram, Jones, Kaufman Kooken, Larose, Levenstein, Liddell, Long, Lonnergan Fresliimae Class School of SMed ' tc ' tne Mark Ei.bert Adams .... J.icksoiiville, Fla. Lee J. Alexander, P 2 Liitcher, La. Ben F. Allen, 9 K I ' J.ickson, Miss. Square and Compass. H. M. Anderson, I X Venuj, Tex. James Parris Anderson Brady, Tex. WiLLiAM Wii.CHiA Armistead . . Shreveport, La. DoNALD Morrison Baldwin . . Jacksonvi le, Fla. Ray G. Banister, 2 X, N 2 N . . . Monroe, La. Samuel Barkoff, K N, A K . New Orleans, La. Chess and Checkers Club (1, 2), Secretary (2). Jane Blakev Dallas, Tex. Vincent Blandino Shreveport, La. Oscar Blitz, K N, ' J A E . . . New Orleans, La. Pan-Hellenic Council (2. 31. W. McD. Boles, X Glasgow, Ky. Chas. Henry Hardin Branch, Jr. . Tampa, Fla. F. W. Brewer, A 2 , O K ' . New Orleans, La. Hunter M. Brown, 2 N, X . . . Eufaula, Ala. John F. Cabell, 6 K . . . . Greensburg, Ky. Maximo Carrizo (Villarreal) . Ocu-Herrera, R. P. Merit DeWitt Clements, Jr., . Birmingham, Ala. A A K, A X A, K r A G. N. Click, 2 E, X . . . . Pensacola, Fla. S. H. COLVIN, Jr., n K a, X . New Orleans, La. Raphael Conte Houston, Tex. OswALD Whitney Cosby Monroe, La. Howard Fletcher Currie .... Freeport, Fla. Leslie L. Daviet, A K K Larose, La. Hamlet L Davis, Jr., N 2 N . . Galveston, Tex. Wm. R. Davis, 2 N, X . Steamboat Springs, Colo. ' Richard Berkeley DeLee . . . Shreveport, La. V. deP. Derbes, P 2, B M . New Orleans, La. John E. DiGiclia Lake Charles, La. Lucas DiGiglia Lake Charles, La. Verner J. Donnelly, 2 I ' E, N 2 N . Houston, Tex. A. K. Doss, K 2, I X . . . . New Orleans, La. James Frederick Dunn, Jr. . , New Orleans, La. R. Emery Dupre, A K K . . . . Ville Platte, La. Shakeeb Ede Hattiesburg, Miss. Franklin Dozier Edwards . . . Kissrmmee, Fla. Ev a Carol Eichold Mobile, Ala. J. R. Fancher, N 2 N, 9 A I . Chattanooga, Tenn. Sam Feducia, Jr., ■! T fi . . . . Shreveport, La. Jack Fisher, n K A, A K K . . . Cullman, Ala. Band (1, 2, 3). R. M. Flynt, 9 K ! ' Newton, Miss. B.A. Degree, Mississippi College. Luther S. Fortenberry, 2 E, X . Amite, La. ' ■Dan Hertz Funkenstein Macon, Ga. ' Henry Cole Gahacan Coushatta, La. Otis F. Gay, P 2 Athens, Ga. Edward Fuller Goldsmith, Jr. . . Atmore, Ala. M. R. Green, A 2 J , 9 K . . . . ' . Hico, La. Fidencio Miguel Guerra .... McAllen, Tex. W. F. Guerriero Monroe, La. George M. Haik, A 2 . . . . . Bogalusa, La. Freshman Football; Varsity Football (2). JoHN Garrett Hart Tyler, Tex. Milton Maxwell Hattaway . . Waskom, Tex. Audrey Ursula Heintz .... Covington, La. Lanc Floyd Holland Blakely, Ga. " Sterling Price Holland, Jr. . . . Blakely, Ga. John C. Holman, Jr., P 2 . . . Franklin, Tex. J. B. Holmes, 2 n, A K K, $ . New Orleans, La. Secretary-Treasurer Class (1); President Class (2); Varsity Cheer Leader (5); Assistant Cheerleader (2, 3): Honor Council (1, 2); Vice-President Y " . M, C. A, (3). Wm. a. Howard, n K , X . New Orleans, La. Joseph Hudes, A K Brooklyn, N. Y. HoLLis Carlyle Ingram Orlando, Fla. -Harris Isbeli Eastland, Tex. Charles A. Jones, 9 K ' . . . Kosciusko, Miss. Henrv Kaufman, Jr Patterson, La. R. A. KoOKEN, 9 K -I ' Hamilton, Tex. Joseph Kuljis Biloxi, Miss. J. H. Larose, Jr., 2 n, A K K . New Orleans, La. Louis S. Levenstein New York, N. Y. Wrestling; Intra-mural Basketball. VoLNEY R. Liddell, A K K , . . Vick:,burg, Miss. ToM French Lhtle Ocilla, Ga. Randolph N. Long, ! A 9, X . . . Selma, Ala. President Freshman Medical Class. L. R. Lonnergan, 2 ip 2, X . . Gadsden, Ala. — Picture not in panel. 137 Lovelady. Magee. Malkin. Mailer. Mallory, llanar, Moor Moore. Morrison, Munson, Murphree. Nunez. Ochs Payne, Phillips, Pollock. Prouet, Redding. Rice. Rush St. Sure. Saucier. Schexnayder, Shaw, Sherrili. Smith Steckel, Stephen, Strange, Thigpen. Thornal, Titche. Treuting Troxler, Tyrone. Uveno, Vaughan, Vinson, Wagner Wall, Wallace, Walsh, Waiter, Wechsler. Wheeler, Willoughhy Sim B. LovEr.ARV, ! X School of SMed ' tc ' ine Hartselle, Ala. E. Allen Sherrill, Jr., 6 K -i ' Houston, Tex. Ephraim LuBRiTZ New Orleans, La. Gregory Smith, G K P . . . Birmingham Ala. B.S. Degree. Blriniugham-Southern College. J. D. Magee, Jr.j O K I ' Abilene, Tex. Jerome I. MalkiNj A K . , . Jamaica, N. Y. Bernard L. Maller, I A K . . . Jamaica, N. Y. Chess and Checkers Team. Philip W. Mali.orv, B K I ' . San Antonio, Tex. M. L. Steckel, a K Scranton, Pa. James J. Stephen, 6 K I ' . . Stephenville, Tex. Vance M. Strange, K S, X . . Stamps, Ark. Sheldon Teer Hall Summit, La. Roger W. Manar, 9 K I ' . . . . Purvis, Miss. F. M. Thigpen, Jr., K 2, -Ij X . Montgomery, Ala. Ruble E. Moor, I X . . . . Birmingham, Ala. R. B. Thornal, 6 K I ' Silsbee, Tex. M. H. Moore, Jr., K A, N S N . Starkvi le. Miss. Leon L. Titche Monroe, La. Lee Guard. Intei-national Relations Clul). Benjamin O. Morrison, A K K . Baton Rouge, La. W. L. Treutinc, A I , I P 2, B M . Neiv Orleans, La. VVm. W. Munson, a T a, A K K . Baton Rouge, La. Ferdinand A. Tro.xler Reserve, La. W. E. Murphree, A K K . . . . Gadsden, Ala. Nelson Odis Tyrone, N 2 N . . . Prentiss, Miss. Stuart Nardale Nicholas . . . Shreveport, La. a. Urrutia (y Fernandez) . San Antonio, Tex. Pedro V. Nunez Panama City, R. P. Louis Ochs, Jr., Z B T, I A E . New Orleans, La. Harry Lawrence Ori.ov Bronx, N. Y. T. J. Payne, Jr., n K $, 9 K I ' . . . Dora, Ala. Elliot Phillips, A K . . . . New Orleans, La. David McKowen Pipes Jackson, La. Byron E. Pollock, 9 K - . . . . Abilene, Tex. P. E. Prouet, B M New Orleans, La. Marion D. Redding, X Dallas, Tex. William Park Rice, A K K . . . Pensacola, Fla. - - Wallace, Jr., 9 K M- Raymond K. Uyeno Honolulu, T. H. Fred K. Vaughan, K A, N 2 N . . Monroe, La. ' Joseph Aloysius Vella . . . New Orlean:,, La. Leopoldo Villareai El Paso, Tex. N. H. Vinson, A 2 , K A ' . Blountsville, Ala. Robert G. Wagner Cuero, Tex. -Denzil Warren Waits Albany, Ga. Roger Irving Wall, $ P S . . . Wendell, N. C. . Cooledge, Tex. ELy Driver Rowland . J. C. Rush, Jr., 8 K i ' Frank A. Si. Sure . , . Hot Springs, Ark. - - ' ' ■ " ' J ' " ' • ' ' ' ■ Winnfield, La. . Waynesboro, Miss. L. P. Walter, Jr., 9 K M ' . . . Abilene, Tex. Haiku Maui T H Herman Wechsler, i A K, 2 T I . New York, N. Y. Maxwell E. Saucier, K 2, A K K . Lafayette, La. Charles J. Wheeler, Jr. . . . New Orleans, La. Vice-President Freshman Medical Class. E. A. SCHEXNAYDER Lagan, La. n r tit - -,r r r r, A 1 rr, ' R. C. Willoughby, S X, 9 K ■ . Port Arthur, Tex. Dan Beville Searcy Lewisville, Ark. University of Arkansas. Bernard Shaw, 8 K I ' Fulton, Miss. Theodore Fred Young, Jr. . . Vicksburg, Miss. Square and Compass; B.S. Degree, Birmingham- Southern College. — Picture not in panel. 139 Aronson, Arthur, Barrow Bick, Broussard, Bul ' kin, Calhoun. Callaway, Centannl Chalaron. Christ Sanson, Church, Cleveland. Colonib. Crawford Cuoohiara. Culotta, Curry. Dart. Davis, D ' Ingianni Dustmann, Duval. G. Edwards. R. Edwards, Ehlert. Eigenbrod Engeran, Eustis, Feiber Fresliimaii Class College of oArts and Sciences Daniel Albeo Allain, Jr Patterson, La. J03EPH Robert Alvarado . . . New Orleans, La. JoSE Alvarez Panama, Panama Beukek Fraxcis Amann . . . New Orleans, La. Harold J. Aronson, K N . . . New Orleans, La. Freshman Forensic Council; Cliess and Cliecliei-s Cluli. Linden B. Arthur New Orleans, La. Leo Joseph Babin New Orleans, La. RoBERT Erle Baer Houston, Tex. Fred Lee Barnes ...... Farmcrville, La. Jefferson L. Barrow, Jr. . . Pelahatchee, Miss. J- ' resliman Footl all Team. John W. Bick, Jr New Orleans, La. Louis Mayer Boasberc . . LoRiN Albert Boswell . . ■ " George Lincoln Bott . . Preston J. Broussard . . . Bradley Claude Brownson Turner M. Bufkin, A K E . . Thaddeus Othello Butaud . . Charles Calhoun, B n . . Charles E. Callaway, S $ E . . Meridian, Miss. Intra-mural Basketball. Frank Victor Cardenia . . . New Or ' eans, La. John Baudean Caron .... New Orleans, La. Harold David Carter Cameron, La. " Adolph Casares New Orleans, La. JosEPH Peter Cassidy Bogalusa, La. Michael S. Centanni Kenner, La. •Salvador Julius Centanni .... Kenner, La. Frank J. Chalaron, Jr., A T fJ . New Orleans, La. First Assistant Cheerleader; Inter-fraternity Basket- ball. Louis deH. Christianson, ATA. New Orleans, La. White Elephants. New Orleans, La. . Fort Worth, Tex. . New Orleans, La. . New Iberia, La. . New Orleans, La. . Gulfport, Miss. . . . Vinton, La. . . Monroe, La. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. John Edward Church . . . Murray Cleveland, A K E . Thirteen Club. James Colomb New Orleans, La. DoMiNic Salvador Condie . . New Orleans, La. ■ ' James Joseph Conrad, Jr Patterson, La. WiLLiAM Henderson Cook, Jr. . New Orleans, La. JoiiN CoRSO New Orleans, La. Val Felton Cotton New Orleans, La. . . Houston, Tex. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. . . Hartselle, Ala. New Orleans, La. Independence, La. ■ ' Samuel Joseph Crapiito . RocuM Hughes Crasto . . Walter J. Crawford, ' I ' A Jack Aubrey Crittfnden . ■ ' ■ " Clarke Walton Cross . . Charles J. Cucchiara . , . Scrub Football. Joseph Culotta Summit, Miss. William J. Curry, Jr New Orleans, La. Albert Laplace Dart, S A E . New Orleans, La. Champ W. Davis Harrisburg, 111. Vice-President Class. ViNCENTE D ' In gianni .... New Orleans, La. " Vartan Nevdon Dombourian . New Orleans, La. •LvLE J. Doyle San Antonio, Tex. ■ ' ■Sidney Dominick Duhon .... Abbeville, La. Walter H. Dustmann .... New Orleans, La. Joseph Heston Duval, I ' A 6 . New Orleans, La. ■ Maurice Noel Duvio .... New Orleans, La. ■ Franklin Sproles Edwards . . Vicksburg, Miss. George H. Edwards, Jr., Ben. New Orleans, La. Robert D. Edwards New Orleans, La. William E. Ehlert, K 2 . . . Waterproof, La. Inter-hall Sports; Dormitory Club; Intra-mural Bas- ketball. Marquez PiLi.OT Ehlinger .... Bryan, Tex. Walter Fred Eigenbrod . . . New Orleans, La. ■■ ' ■Everett Jason Ekiss Bethany, 111. ' (Special Student.) Virgus a. Engeran Houma, La. ■ Abdala Espat (S.) . . . British Honduras, C. A. Edward Eustis, K A New Orleans, La. Intra-mural Basketliall; Freshman Basketball: Intra- mural Football; Thirteen Club. Esmond Anthony Fatter James George Feiber, K A . . White Elephants, -Picture not in panel. New Orleans, La. Jacksonville, Fla. Ferber, Fisher. Fortier M. Friedman. R. Friedman. Gamble. Gauthier, GifEord, Glass Goldblatt, Grace. Gwin. Harris. Herold, Hirsch Holiday, Holmes, House, Howl and, Humphreys, Kelleher Keller. Kierr. Klay, Knowles, Kreeger, Labouisse LaNasa, Landry, LeBlanc, Leidenheimer Freshman Class College of oArts and Sciences Leo Ferbhk, 2AM Lake Charles, La. Jacob Hirsch, K N New Iberia, La. Scruli Footljall. Glendy Burke; Freshman Forensic Council. GiRARD Joseph Fernandez William G. Fisher, A . . A. J. FORTIER, I A e . . . New Orleans, La. Stanley Holiday New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. John Holmes, n K A . . . . New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. Curtis R. House, AS Naples, Fla. Alphonse Peter Franz, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Louis P. de la Houssaye, Jr. . New Orleans, La. Ben Freedman Philadelphia, Pa. Henry D. Howland New Orleans, La. Fontliall. Marx Friedman Franklin, La. " ' George Thomas Hubbard Ri iston, La. Robert E. Friedman, Z B T . . New Orleans, La. Glendy Burke; International Relations Clulj. Henry W. HUMPHREYS, 2 X . . Fernandine, Fla. Samuel Friedman New Orleans, La. Arthur Johnson, Jr Clanton, Ala. Vincent Joseph Gambino . . New Orleans, La. John Newton Jones, Jr Bastrop, La. James C. Gamble Haynesville, La. Alwyn John Justrabo . . . New Orleans, La. William Kohlmann Gauthier . New Orleans, La. James Thomas Kell .... Pascagoula, Miss. Frank Peter Geraci .... New Orleans, La. Robert C. Keli.eher, A . . New Orleans, La. Tarleton Sebastain Gianfala . . Patterson, La. Clifford Keller, A 2 Eunice, La. Paul Gifford, E K S . . . . Port Arthur, Tex. Dormitory Club; Glee Club. Philip Peter Giuffre .... New Orleans, La. Tom Glass, Jr., K 2 Minden, La. Louis Goldblait, K N . . . . Montgomery, Ala. Nathan Goldstein New Orleans, La. " Frank Raymond Gomila, Jr. . New Orleans, La. William F. Grace, ■! A G . . New Orleans, La. J. Vardaman Gwin Deraopolis, Ala. Aero Club; Dormitory Club. Kenneth James Hanemann . . New Orleans, La. Amos C. Harris New Orleans, La. Freshman Forensic Council; T. M. C. A. S0L0N Hart New Orleans, La. " ScoTT Morrison Hauser .... Hollywood, Cal. Burton B. Francis Hebert . . New Orleans, La. Hector Himei, Henry Hymel, La. Herman Herold, Z B T . . . New Orleans, La. Golf Team. Raymond H. Kierr, 2 A il . . New Orleans, La. Freshman Forensic Council; International Relations Cluli; " Hullabaloo " and " Jambalaya " Class Represen- tative: Glendy Burke. Homer J. Klay, Jr., A 2 . . .Ft. Myers, Fla. Jack M. Knowles, K 2 Monroe, La. James Julian Kohlman . . . New Orleans, La. M. Mortimer Kreeger, 2 E . New Orleans, La. lutra-mural Football; Bo-xing:; Dramatics: " Hullaba- loo " Staff. ' Charles Andrew Kyle . . New Orleans, La. Sawyer H. Labouisse, A K E . . New Orleans, La. Freshman Football. James J. LaNasa, A . . • . New Orleans, La. Band. Ernest Scharpe Landry, K 2 . New Orleans, La. Daniel Walker Lanier .... Alexandria, La. Henry LeBlanc Napoleonville, La. Andre Seguin Leche . . . Bay St. Louis, Miss. Henry Leidenheimer, Jr. . . . New Orleans, La. Edwin Albert Leland, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Edwin Joseph Herpich Jacksonville, Fla. -Picture not in panel. Let tun, A. Levy. J. Levy, Lottinger Lumpkin. Lytal, McNeill, Maggiore, Marchi;;, Marks Martin, Melito, Miles, Miller. Milligan. Moore Morgan, Morris, Morrison, Morrow, Moseley, Mosely Moss, Mundt, Muth. J. A. O ' Connor, O ' Leary, O ' Shca Paddock, Palmisano, Perdue, Perrodin, Plauche Freshman Class College of oArts and Sciences Alden H. LetteNj Jr., A tt . . New Orleans, La. Thomas Alexander LeVallev . Miles City, Mont. Arthur G. Lew, SAM. . . New Orleans, La. " ' Mrs. Bernard G. Levy . . . New Orleans, La. (Special student.) Florence Lew New Orleans, La. Joseph Lew, Z B T Tulsa, Okla. International Relations Club; Tenni.s. Ferdinand Michel Lob . . . New Orleans, La. Robert D. Loitincer, 2 [ E . . . . Houma, La. Y. M. C. A. S. H. Lumpkin, K A Amarilo, Tex. Thiiteen Club. Malcolm Lytal, 2 X . . . . New Orleans, La. JoSEPH Patrick McAndkews . . . Pittston, Pa. Vernon McCoy Monroe, La. Mrs. Paul A. McIlhenny . . New Orleans, La. (Speeial Student.) David McNeill, n K A . . . . McComb, Miss. Glencly Buike. Joseph S. Macgiore Kenner, La. I. A. Marchiz, K N New Orleans, La. Freshman Forensie Couneil. Paul Marks, IS A M New Orleans, La. Fontaine Martin, Jr., A T fi . Bay St. Louis, Miss. Thirteen Club. JACK Samuel Marx New Orleans, La. Martin Albert Mayer . . . New Orleans, La. Alphonse Melito New Orleans, La. Melville Louis Menendez . . New Orleans, La. Carlos Gonzales Mercadal . . La Ceiba, Hond. Sidney Miles, K N Brooklyn, N. Y. Inter-fraternity Basketball; Tennis. C. L. Miller, Jr., K 2 . . . Haynesville, La. Shannon S. Milligan, 2 E . Montgomery, Ala. Donald Shannon Mills Zachary, La. Rabbi Leonard C. Mishkin .... Chicago, 111. (Special Student.) Harold Louis Molaison Gretna, La. Laurie Joseph Molaison Gretna, La. Robert Moore, Jr., 2 E . . . . Winfield, Ala. Freshman Football. Wade H. Morgan, Jr., 2 A E . . Pensacola, Fla. President Freshman Class; AVhite Elephants. A. B. Morris, Jr. . . Bastrop, La. William Autrey Morrison, A ■! . Livingston, Tex. S. U. Morrow, 2 N Cullman, Ala. Andrew Jenkins Moseley, 2 II . . Lincoln, Ala. Charles Mosely, A K E Monroe, La. IlARTWic Moss, Z B T . . . . New Orleans, La. Leslie Mundt, Z B T Helena, Ark. Samuel DuBose Murray .... Newman, Ga. Jos. H. MuTii, K 2 Lake Charles, La. BoYCE Moody Neal Monroe, La. (Speeial Student.) Leonard Nelken New Orleans, La. ' John O ' Connor New Orleans, La. John A. O ' Connor, ATA. . New Orleans, La. White Elephants. Richard E. O ' Leary, II K . . New Orleans, La. Brewster C. O ' Shea New Orleans, La. Alfred H. Paddock Fort Smith, Ark. Freshman Football. Leon Brooks Page ..... New Orleans, La. ' Arthur Macdonald Palmer . . Ponchatoula, La. Dominic S. (Bill) Palmisano .... Arabi, La. Harry Michael Pelias . . . New Orleans, La. ' Felix Marshall Pena .... Camaguey, Cuba George William Perdue, K A . Pine Bluff, Ark. • ' Charles Edmond Peres, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. ' Alejandro Perez .... Panama City, Panama J. Hart Perrodin Ville Platte, La. Ashby ' William Petticrew, Jr. . . Houma, La. Leon Phillips New Orleans, La. Nathan Phillips New Orleans, La. RoBERT Henry Picou .... Donaldsonville, La. Louis PizzANO New Orleans, La. (Speeial Student.) ■ ' Philip Pizzolato New Orleans, La. Henry H. J. Plauche, 2 A E . New Orleans, La. Aero Club; Intra-mural Basketball; White Elephants. -Picture not in panel. 145 Porter, Prater. Rea. R ster Richard, F. Roberts. J. Roberts, Rodgers. Roye. Sanders Seemann, Selby, Sherwood. Simmons. R. L. Simon. Spring Sproles, Sutter. Thomas, Thorpe. Tolleson, Toth Varino. Waechter. " Walsh. AVebb. Weber. West Westfeldt, White, AVillmer, Wogan Freshman (Class College of oArts and Sciences Donald R. Porter 2 X . . . Winter Haven, Fla. Edvert Prater Vivian, La. George King Prait, III . . . New Orleans, La. Barre Pritchett Charlotte, N. C. (Special Student.) Edgar M. Rea, Jr., .V T n . . . New Orleans, La. Warren Marshall Reid . . . New Orleans, La. Reid R. ResteRj a 2 I Bogalusa, La. Freshman Football; Dormitory Club; Inter-hall Sports. Euclid L. Richard, 2 I E New Orleans, La. Floyd Roberts, A 2 Stigler, Okla. Freshman Football. John Roberts, Jr., $ K 2 . . . Cleveland, Miss. White Elephants. Ho-MER RuFUS Robinson . . . Lake Charles, La. Brown Rodgers, Jr Gulfport, Miss. Andrew Laurence Romeo, Jr. . New Orleans, La. GoRDON Wallace Edward Ross . Buffalo, N. Y. John W. Rove Stigler, Okla. Freshman Football. Robert Hadley Sanders, 2 X . . . Mobile, Ala. AVhite Elephants; Freshman Football. Joseph Andrew Scardino . . . New Orleans, La. ToM Roger Schneidau .... New Orleans, La. Arthur M. Schneider, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Harry Preston Schwartz . . New Orleans, La. Thomas Hundley Seav .... Detroit, Mich. Charles F. SeemanNj B II . New Orleans, La. Fredrick C. Selby Bastrop, La. Moss Sherman New Orleans, La. Lloyd Haggard Sherrill .... Houston, Tex. Charles W. Sherwood, ATA. New Orleans, La. Thirteen Club. Alfredo Guillermo Silva . Managua, Nicaragua Eugene B. Simmons, n K $ . . . . Mobile, Ala. Dramatic Guild. Charles Emile Simon . New Orleans, La. Eugene Sims Huntsville, Ala. »JACK Colbert Smith Minden, La. Graham K. Spring .... New Britain, Conn. J. A. Sproles, Jr., 2 •! E . . . New Orleans, La. Ma. Frederick Stockner . Lake Providence, La. William Davis Stokes .... Gulfport, Miss. Joseph B. SuNSERi Algiers, La. Puii,ip D. SuNSERi Algiers, La. Edward H. Suiter, B 9 H . . New Orleans, La. Leon Ma. Teles New Orleans, La. (Special Student.) " " Joseph Dimmick Thetford . . Montgomery, Ala. N. K. Thomas, 2 $ E Tucson, Ariz. Glee Club. Eugene Thorpe, Jr New Orleans, La. Alfred W. Tolleson, K 2 . . . Eufau ' a, Okla. Joe Toth, Jr Cleveland, O. G. A. Varino Monroe, La. A. J. Waechter, Jr., $ K 2 . New Orleans, La. LioNEL Omer Waguespack, Jr. . . Vacherie, La. Robert J. Walsh, A K E . . . Memphis, Tenn. Albert Lee Ward Panama City, Fla. George M. Webb, BOH. . . . Tallulah, La. ' andidate for Basketball Manager. G. F. Weber, n K I Marshall, Tex. Benjamin Bernard Weinstein . New Orleans, La. Edwin Hudson West New Orleans, La. George Westfeldt, Jr., K A . . New Orleans, La. " White Elephants; Freshman Football; Freshman Bas- ketball. J. Arthur White, Jr New Orleans, La. Freshman Debating Council. M anfred R. Willmer . New Orleans, La. Robert Lionel Simon, K 2 . New Orleans, La. White Elephants. International Relations Club; Glendy Burke; Fresh- man Forensic Council. Philip B. Wogan, K A . . . . New Orleans, La. Thirteen Club. — Picture not in panel. 147 Antoon, Bergstedt. Blister Christensen, Coulson, Davidson, Fenner Foley, Franco, Ganiltel Gertler, Goldman. Greenberg, Guion Harvey, Henderson, Johnson 148 College of Law EnwARD J. Antoon Greenwood, Miss. Charles L. Gambel, A 6 . . New Orleans, La. Freshnum Law, Secretary-Treasurei-; Dormitory Club, Spcretary-Treasuier (2); Y. M. G. A. Cabinet, Secre- tary (4); Glendy Eurlce, Sergeant-at-Arms (4); Del- egate to Oratorical and Debating Council (3). Cecil E. Bergstedt, S N David Gertler . New Orleans, La. Glondy Burke; Oratorical and Debating Council; Chess T 1 nu I ■ T ' " " " Checkers Club; Corresponding Secretary, Menorah Lake Lnarles, La. Society. Hugh H. Brister, ATA. . . New Orleans, La. " Leonard Capi.an Sidney Goldman K N . . . . New Orleans, La. Intra-mural Basketball; Inter-fraternity Basketball: Pan-Hellenic Council. Alexandria, La. SiEG. B. Christensen, 5) n . . New Orleans, La. Leonard Greenburc Gulfport, Fla. Walter H. Coulson Monroe, La. Walter Guion, A 6 . . . . New Orleans, La. Crow Girard Davidson B n . . Lafayette, La. Glendy Burke; Dormitory Club; Band. John B. Harvev, 2 n . . . . New Orleans, La. Charles P. Fenner, Jr., K A . New Orleans, La. John C. Henderson, !• A . . . Houston, Tex. Glendy Burke (1); Dramatic Guild (3); White Ele- Inter- fraternity Basketball (2, 3, 4); L ' Aijache. phants. Dudley Chas. Foley, Jr., A . . New Orleans, La. " ' Stanford L. Hyman, Z B T . New Orleans, La. Band. Hernan R. Franco .... San Juan, Porto Rico Alec Johnson, A K E . . . . New Orleans, La. James Wright Frierson . . . New Orleans, La. • — picture not in panel. 149 Kemp. Lang, Leake Light, Lisotta, Lytal. McCormick Marks, Michel, Monroe Pnrknr. Rainwater, Schwab. Trousdale Watson. Williams, Williamson 150 Freshman Class College of Law Duncan S. Kemp, 2 A E Monroe, La. Moore Meadows Nokman . . . Marksville, La. Secretary Law Class. HiLLVER S. Parker, A K E, A . , Monroe, La. Al.LEN Joseph LACOBIE Lafayette, La. President Freshman Law Class; L ' Apache. Samuel Lang, SAM Savannah, Ga. ' -Morris Evan Popkins .... Ann Arbor Mich. B.A. Degree. Tulane, 1930. Jesse G. Rainwater, Jr., a . Ne«- Orleans, La. Hunter C. Leake, II, 2 X, B JI . New Orleans, La. inter-fraternity Basketball (2. 3); Freshman-Sopho- Vice-President Beta Mu: Vice-President Freshman " Zu- ' G!unZVvle7 ' - ' ,u,u ; 7 " ' :? ' %,?. ' " ' ■ freshman Law; AVhIte Elephants (1); Class Football (1, 2, 3); ' ° " P " " " ' Hullabaloo ' ; White Elephants. Inter-fraternity Basketball (1). " Joseph Henry Rizzo, Jr. . . . New Orleans, La. William M. Light, E 9 II . . San Antonio, Tex. Intra-mural Football (2); International Relations Club (3, 4). Mark Joseph Roy Marksville, La. Philip Lisotia, T fJ Monroe, La. Jack W. Schwab, A 9 . . . New Orleans La. Dormitory Club (1). " Jamhalaya " Representative. Freshman Law Class. ■■ ' ■Stanley Ernest Loeb .... New Orleans, La. James H. Trousd ale, Jr., A K E . . Monroe, La. Lake Henry Lytal, 2 X . West Palm Beach, Fla. ARthur C. Watson, K 2 . . . Natchitoches, La. ■ Archey Bain McBride Bastrop, La. Edmund Theodore Wegener . New Orleans, La. John F. McCormick, n K A . . . Monroe, La. ' ' " " ' ' ' ' ' Whitehead . . . New Orleans, La. ■Varsity Fo " tball (2). Richard B. Williams, K 2 . . Natchitoches, La. Ney Jules Marks New Orleans, La. inter-f.atemity Tennis. Lawrence Michel New Orleans, La. - - Williamson, III, n K A . New Orleans, La. ■White Elephants John Harry Monroe, A K E . . . Houston, Tex. scrub Football (2, 3). ' ' " ' = ' = ™ ' ' " ° " ' Mansfield, La. ■ Francis John Neller . . . Battle Creek, Mich. -picture not in panel. 151 Aarion. Alexander. Andrus, Barcelo, Bartlett Beenel. Bisso. Blaize, Blake, Bliss. Briley Bunhanan, Chambers, A. Cooper. E. Cooper. Dean. Derickson DouUut. Dymond. Elizardi. Ervin. Eustis Farrar. Fernandez. Pourrier. Geior. Gilmore. Gund Haas, Haase. Haeuser. Hagstette. Hebert. Hillier Houlgrave. Jarreau. Kendall. Kottemann. Lacliin Freslimae Class College of Snghieering Vernon R. Adrion ' , 2 A E . . , Alexandria, La. Wliite Elephants. Tom E. Ale.x. n " deRj Jr New Orleans, La. P. UL Louis Andersen .... New Orleans, La. Edw. rd L. Andrus, a K E . . . . Crowley, La. Claude Dudley Andry . . . New Orleans, La. Ralph Dennis Babin Destrehan, La. Walter Wright Baker . . . New Orleans, La. John J. Barcelo New Orleans, La. RoDNEY Richard Bartchy . . New Orleans, La. C. Julian Bartletf, A K E . . New Or ' eans, La. Thirteen Club; Glee Club (1): Intia-mural Basketball. WiLLiAM Perry Baucum Jr. Haynesville, La. Maurice Beauvais Boston, Mass. (Special Student.) William K. Becnel, 2 A E . . New Orleans, La. Wallace Livingston Bendler . New Orleans, La. George S. Bisso, A 2 i . . . . New Orleans, La. Freshinan Football. JosEPH Sebastian Blaize . . Bay St. Louis, Miss. Reginald N. Blaize, Jr., 2 n . Bay St. Louis, Miss. J. Vaughn Blake, Jr., K 2 . . New Orleans, La. White Elephants: Freshman Football. Charles Henry Blasini . . . New Orleans, La. Minter a. Bliss, 2 $ A . . . New Orleans, La. Vice-President Freshman Class. Clysses Lionel Brackin .... Newville, Ala. P. E. Briley New Orleans, La. Architectural Society. Wilham Elmer Brogan, Jr. . New Orleans, La. Thomas Weston Brown .... Carencro, La. John Buchanan K A . . . . New Orleans, La. Emile Cahn New Orleans, La. Ralph Francis Cairns . . . New Orleans, La. F. Beale Cha.vibers, 2 A E . . New Orleans, La. Alfred J. Cooper, Jr., 2 $ E . . New Orleans, La. Edward O. Cooper New Orleans, La. RuFUS Joseph Crull Bogalusa, La. Allen Lenier D.4VIS .... New Orleans, La. Gilbert Edward Dawson . . . New Or ' eans, La. Harry Andrew D.awson . . . New Orleans, La. Ben Tucker Dean Brookhaven, Miss. Band. Gatoen Derickson, a K E . . New Orleans, La. Chester P. Doullut New Orleans, La. Henry Borden Dunn .... New Orleans, La. William Dy.mond, Jr., $ A . New Orleans, La. Ralph Elizardi, II K A . . . New Orleans, La. Jesse P. Ervin, 2 i A . . . Belington, West Va. Architectural Society. Joseph Bres Eustis, A T fi . . New Orleans, La. AVhite Elephants. New Orleans, La. Baton Rouge, La. New Orleans, La. New Or ' eans, La. . New Orleans, La. . Alexandria, La. Edgar H. Farrar, A T Q Biloxi, Miss. Thirteen Club; Freshman Football. WlLLlAM J. FeAtheringill . Independence, Kan. Edward Fernandez, Jr New Orleans, La. Y ' . M. C. .A. Gerard Ford Lawrence C. Fourrier . . Louis Joseph Francillo . Emile Frederick Fuhrmann, Jr. . Goodbee, La. AuGuST Gaudenz GadmeRj Jr. . New Orleans, La. JosE Morales Garcia . . . Frontera, Tab., Mex. Frank Joseph Gardey Luling, La. David Geier, 2 ! A New Orleans, La. Secretary Freshman Engineering: Class: Secretary Freshman Architectural Class; Architectural Society. Paul Matthew Gill .... New Orleans, La. Harry Fred Gilmore, A . . . New Orleans, La. Band. Anthony Gilbert Guell . WiLSON Clement Guenard . Jacob Stephen Guepet . . Charles F. Gund New Orleans, La. Frank Haas, Jr., II K . . . New Orleans, La. Robert R. Haase New Orleans, La. William H. Haeuser, JR-, - . New Orleans, La. Band (1, 2); Orchestra {1, 2). E. J. C. Hagstette, Jr New Orleans, La. Leslie Hebert Maui, Hawaii Dormitory Club; Intra-mural Basketball; Inter-hall Sports, Edouard F. Henriques, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. John E. Hillier Westlake, La. Dormitory Club. Rudolph John Holzer .... New Orleans, La. Janet Estelle Hooper .... New Orleans, La. Bruce Shaw Hopkins .... New Orleans, La. Charles J. Houlgrave, 2 ! A . . Destrehan, La. Clarence Joseph Hughes . . . New Orleans, La. Theodore Jaques, Jr New Orleans, La. Alphe G. Jarreau, a K E . . New Orleans, La. William John Jordan .... Alexandria, La. Elisabeth Kendall New Orleans, La. Charles Macdon.ald Kerr, Jr. . New Or ' eans, La. O. C. Kottemann New Orleans, La. Architectural Society. Guy Harold Kraus New Orleans, La. Merlin Joseph Kreider . . . New Orleans, La. Lewis A. Lachin, A 2 . . . New Orleans, La. Architectural Society. John Str.ate Lange New Orleans, La. James Roland Leach .... New Orleans, La. (Special Student.) WiLLiAM Lloyd LeBoeuf . . . New Orleans, La. -Picture not in panel. LeJeune, Lobdell, Lynch, McCloskey McCoy, McLellan, Maddux. Martin, Moran. Moses MuUer, Myers. Pearce, Perry, Peterson, Pilsbury Richards. Ricketts. Roehm, Rose, Rush Salaun, Savoie, Schoenberger. Seither, Sheeler, Shilstone Stancliff. Swinney, Thorn, Tolley, " U ' allace. Walthall Warriner, Wehrmann. West, Wiederecht, Wilson Freshmae Class College of Engineering Alfred LeJeun ' e, n K A . . . Waveland, Miss. ' hite Elephants. JOHN (Jack) Lepp Newark, N. J. (Special Student.) Robert L. Lobdell, n K A . . . New Orleans, La. Architectural Society. W. J. Lynch a 2 New Orleans, La. Walter Albert McCabe . . . New Orleans, La. E. Patrick McCloskey, A K E . New Orleans, La. Frank McCoy, K - New Orleans, La. " White Elephants. Edward A. McLellan, B G H . New Orleans, La. Emory N. Maddux New Orleans, La. Edwin Knoepfler Marks . . . New Orleans. L . AsHTOx Joseph Martiv, K A . New Orleans, La. White Elephants. Bernhard H. M. Matthiesen . New Orleans, La. Reginald Brown Meadows, Jr. . Guifport, Mi:.s. Dennis Camp Meyer .... New Orleans, La. Paul Harry Meyers .... New Orleans, La. WiLFRED Howard Middleton .... Buras, La. JoHN Joseph Mora New Orleans, La. Alfred Moran, A T fi . . . . New Orleans, La. hite Elephants; Freshman Football. Bernard A. Moses, SAM. . New Orleans, La. Inter-fraternity Basketball. Leon T. Muller, 2 A . . . . Destrehan, La. Robert Edward Murphy . . . New Orleans, La. Walter S. Myers New Orleans, La. ■ Wallace Carawan Nelson . . New Orleans, La. JuNius Charles Neyland . . . Shreveport, La. Miles Pearce, Jr New Orleans, La. C. R. Perry, K 2 Alco, La. Architectural Society. John Albert Peterson, 2 $ A . New Orleans, La. Ned E. Pilsbury, Jr., 2 A . . New Orleans, La. Georce Edward Pitcher . . . New Orleans, La. ■ " ■John Louis Polizzio .... New Orleans, La. James Daniel Prassino ..... Algiers, La. ♦Frederick Monroe Richards . New Orleans, La. Norvin Waldemar Richards . . New Orleans, La. G. B. S. RiCKEiTS, 2 A . . . New Orleans, La. Kearny Quinn Robert . . . New Orleans, La. Jack M. Roehm New Orleans, La. Paul C. Rose, Jr., 2 II ... . New Orleans, La. Warren C. Rush Gretna, La. Harold L. Salaun, A T fi . . . New Orleans, La. White Elephants. WiLLiAM Anthony Sandras . . . Westwego, La. Charles C. Savoie New Orleans, La. R. C. Pope Schoenberger . . . New Orleans, La. . ero Club. George Staehle Schrenk . . New Or ' eans, La. Hartwig Andrew Schuyten . New Orleans, La. Lewis Edward Schw-Wtz, Jr. . New Orleans, La. Henry J. Seither, Jr New Orleans, La. J. E. R. Sheeler, 2 a Lafayette, La. Cecil M. Shilstone, 2 X . . . New Orleans, La. AVhite Elephants Cup. Jefferson Lusk Smith Burrwood, La. G. L. Stancliff, JR:, K 2 . . New Orleans, La. John Themistocles Stephens . New Orleans, La. Frank a. Stonecipher . . . Chattanooga, Tenn. Leonard Swinney Tampa, Fla. Charles B. Thorn, Jr., ATA. New Orleans, La. Thirteen Club. Walter W. Tolley New Orleans, La. . M. c. .A. ' ■Edward Roosevelt Tschirn . . New Orleans, La. Henry Luther Eugene Vex: . . New Orleans, La. Wayne Paul Wallace .... New Orleans, La. William Dorr Walthall, 2 X . New Orleans, La. white Elephants Douglas M. Warriner, n K A . . Minerva, La. White Elephants Philip Mereaux Wehrmann, A . New Orleans, La. Benjamin F. WEtMAN, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. H. M. West, Jr New Orleans, La. JoHN Edward Whiteknact . . New Orlean " , La. Fabian P. Wiederecht .... New Orleans, La. Jack F. Wilson, 2 N . . . . Point Loma, Calif. Architectural Society. -Robert Alexander Wright . . New Orleans, La. ■ Honore Batchelot Zeringue, Jr. . Algiers, La. -Picture not in panel. I5S Blanchard, Bruno. Carruth, Casteel, Clay Ferrv. Freeman, Frey, Haller, Hardie, Harry Hyde, Jacobs, Jenkins, Jordan. Kling, Kopfler Kos ' tmayer, Lambert. Lamkin, Lea, Lee. Lehmann Macdiarmid, Mercier, Miles, Neville, Petteway, Quarles Rayl, Khodes. Roussel. St. Martin. Salisbury, Schluter Solomon, Sullivan, Tupper, Walshe, Witherspoon, Wood Freslimae Class College of Commerce . Ne%y Orleans, La. Carver Blanchard . . . ATA Glee Club; White Elephants. NiCHOLAs Christopher Bouzon . Ne v Orleans, La. John Bruno, Jr. a New Orleans, La. S n Freshman Football. Luther E. Carruth, Jr Ponchatoula, La. K 2 AVhite Elephants. Evelyn Casteel New Orleans, La. Secretary-Treasurer Class (1). Edward Henry Caswell, Jr. . New Orleans, La. (Special) WiLLiAM OCRO Clark, Jr Biloxi, Miss. Elwood R. Clay New Orleans, La. Ben Intra-nrural Basketball. JAMES Daniel Collins . . . New Orleans, La. •Joseph Cotlar New Orleans, La. " Robert Fulton Cugle . . . Metairie Ridge, La. Gayle Lindor Dalferes . . . New Orleans, La. •Dudley William Denton . . . Blytheville, Ark. Warren Woodward Doyle . . New Orleans, La. John Bernard Fasterling, Jr. . New Orleans, La. Edward Robert Ferry, Jr. . . . New Orleans, La. K A Intra-mural Basketball. Luis Florencia .... Campeche, Camp Mexico Richard Freeman New Orleans, La. •( A e Vhite Elephants. Hazel Frey . New Orleans, La. Irving Israel Gerson .... New Orleans, La. •Anthony James Glover . . Bay St. Louis, Miss. Henry Haller New Orleans, La. K 2 President Class; Inter-fraternity Basketball: White Elephants. William T. Hardie New Orleans, La. K A Scrub Football; Vhite Elephants. Thomas C. Harry, IH . . . Metairie Ridge, La. A K E Thirteen Club; " Janibalaya " Representative. James Louis Hyde, Jr New Orleans, La. K S D. W. Jacobus Tulsa, Okla. S X White Elephants. Ralph Jenkins Lyman, Miss. K S Ivy C. Jordan Leesville, La. Frsehman Football. Paul Kling, Jr New Orleans, La. Z B T Joseph Starns Kopfler, Jr Kenner, La. ! K 2 M. D. KoSTMAYER Metairie Ridge, La. K 2 Henry M. Lambert ...... Shreveport, La. K S Vic Lamkin, Jr Alexandria, La. s X Freshman Football Team. Alvin Paul Landry New Orleans, La. Joseph D. Lea New Orleans, La. n K •! DuRAND Etienne LeBlanc . . Paincourtville, La. Harold E. Lee . New Orleans, La. S I E Dramatic Club. Emile Jacques Lehmann . . . Morgan City, La. SAM Glendy Bu rke. ■Otto Michaelis Lind, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Elisha Anthony Lott Kiln, Miss. Martin A. Macdiarmid .... New Orleans, La. Ben Freshman Football; Freshman Basketball. Engstfeld Francis Marin, Jr. . . Patterson, La. John Enos Mercier Summit, Miss. ATS! Baseball. Lashley Augustus Micas . . New Orleans, La. •Stephen David Michell .... Jackson, Miss. William Porcher Miles. Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Ben Freshman Track; Inter-traternity Track; Thirteen Club. •Oscar Thomas Mire Thibodaux, La. •Charles Niels Monsted . . . New Orleans, La. William Neville, Jr McComb, Miss. A e Freshman Football; Freshman Track; White Ele- phants. •Herbert Philip Pellegrini . . New Orleans, La. Earle Petteway Asheville, N. C. ■! A e Hugh Coleman Quarles . . . New Orleans, La. E A E Football. Sophie Rayl New Orleans, La. •Wilbur Richard Reuter . . . New Orleans, La. Joseph Lee Rhoads, Jr New Orleans, La. Ben •Jesse Sigmond Rosenfeld, Jr. . New Orleans, La. •Maurice Theophile Rouede . New Orleans, La. Allen Roussel New Orleans, La. K A Maurice E. St. Martin . . . New Orleans, La. A K E J. William Salisbury .... New Orleans, La. Fred J. Schluter New Orleans, La. Herbert G. Solomon .... New Orleans, La. SAM Glendy Burke. Walker Sullivan New Orleans, La. Ben Vice-President Class; Thirteen Club. •Chester Leo Tarleton . . . New Orleans, La. Deas G. Tupper New Orleans, La. K A William T. Walshe New Orleans, La. Ben Intra-mural Basketball. •CONLEY Chesler Ward . . . Panama City, Fla. •Benjamin Foster Wimberly . New Orleans, La. I. Wardlaw Witherspoon . . . New Orleans, La. ■ ' K A Freshman Basketball; Thirteen Club. Clara Wood Franklinton, La. ♦Picture not in panel. Morris Bodenger Thomas Cunningham Gerald Dalrymple Lowell Dawson Calvert deColigny NoLLiE Felts Harry Glover James Gresham Football Vernon Haynes James Hodgins Jack Holland Harold Lemmon W. P. Lodrigues Elmer McCance John McCormick Doyle Magee Myrtus Mangum Elmer Massey Francis Payne Will Pat Richardson Loyd Roberts [OHN Scafide Claggert Upton Hugh Whatley Don Zimmerman Lowell Dawson Benjamin Eshleman Herbert Ford Dean Hall Allen Urbain Burvant Isaac George H. C. Glover Edwin R. Guidry F. X. Armstrong Calvert deColigny Herbert Ford H. C. Glover Basketball Harry Glover Vernon Haynes Philip James Baseball Ambrose Hertzog Miles J. Kehoe, Jr. Charles J. Kottwitz Werner Luchsinger Louis Lundy ' , Jr. John Menville Track Vernon Haynes Elmer McCance Elmer Massey Edward Sherwood G. F. Taylor Myrtus Mangum Loyd Roberts Woollen Walshe Charles W. O ' Neill Lee Riley O ' Pry Herbert Suehs William Woods, Jr. Charlie Young John Trunzler James Wells Hugh Vv ' hatley John Whatley Armstrong Allen Maurice Bayon Tennis Wood Brown Paul Cooke LuciEN O ' Kelley King Stubbs Clifford Suiter John DeBuys Edward Gessner Boxing Jack Holland Henry Menge John Pizzano Alfred Theriot Roy Theriot Gerald Dalrymple C. B. Harvey George Bush Wrestling John Hogan Myrtus Mangum Golf Dave Gernon Jessie Rainwater Edward Silverstein Guy- Stubbs Henry Wehrmann, J:t. i6i George Westfeldt Officers George Westfeldt Prrsidenl Judge Rufus E. Foster Vice-President Robert L. Menuet Secretary Richard Foster • • Treasurer Members Douglas Anderson Clifford F. Favrot Dr. Charles Eshleman M. J. White George Williams Dr. Wilbur C. Smith Ithletic Director Bernie W. Bierman Head Football Coach Ted Cox Line Coach Ted Bank Freshman Coach Claude Simons Ph ' sical Director Horace Rexegar Director of Sports Publicity 162 Claudk Simons There was joy in Tulaneville during most of 1930. New Orleans again went wild over a champion football team that won sweeping victories at Jiome and abroad. It went wild over Jerry Dalrymple ' s making every all-American and the national and southern honors accorded " Preacher " and " Don " and " Dynamite " and " Jack " and Morris. Tulane produced champions not in football alone. Clifford Sutter swept the country ' s tennis courts to return with an imposing array of titles headed by the Intercollegiate Singles Cham- pionship. The track team ' s football relay combiiiation established a record at the Southern Conference meet. Enviable records were made by " Foots " deColigny in the hurdles and " Jimmy " Wells in the distances. In its second season the boxing team established itself as a leading Tulane sport. Jack Holland and Jack Pizzano won championships in their respective classes at the Southern Conference tournament. In 1931 Doyless Hill triumphed in the conference heavyweight division. Wrestling and golf became increasingly popular and enjoyed fairly active seasons. A milestone in Tulane athletic history was passed when the University abolished base- ball in 1931 for ever and ever. Amen. During the year 1930-1931 the full inter-fraternity, intra-mural and inter-class schedules were completed. Great numbers of Tulanians who loved to play the game and to compete but were ineligible or incapable of varsity participation played football, basketball, baseball, tug- o-war, swimming, and track. In 1931 Manager of Student Activities Barkley started a rifle team which was g:ing strong during the first months of spring. Equipment in many forms of sport was added to and improved. The athletic renaissance of Tulane has begun ! Moise. Chalaron, Holmes, Bonart Cheer Leaders The rah-rah squad had a great share this year in the glory of the Green. When it wasn ' t along on road games, the crowd wasn ' t just satisfied and up in Chicago the sports writers and Windy City fans nearly had a fit because Helen Bradley was missing. They had never seen a real sure ' nuff, live girl cheer leader and a red-haired one at that. Joe Holmes got the crowds to yelling in the darkest moments and when the Greenies started rolling, there was no stopping him. Harold Moise did some handsome flip-flopping reminiscent of Benny Franklin; and F. J. Chalaron and Harold Bonart did their part in assisting. Bon- art could make the freshman section cheer itself into one big hoarse throat and Chalaron persuaded the reticent upperclassmen to " get or- ganized. " Miss Bradley and Ida Rittenberg, the Newcomb leaders, always were a hit with their red hair and white dresses and gloves. They made the " Ick-Da-Minniger " doggerel as much a part of Newcomb and foot- ball games as Dr. Butler and the ball itself. ■..-:Ji- ' } ' -- ' rf i! -.-(.K-. - fiUAw.n-,fi»i)Ai. r rc —.ai;. . TuLANE ' S Mighty Coach Bernie Bierman A mighty Green Wave surged in an almost unbroken swell 10 share Southern Conference honors with Alabama for 1930. A loss to Northwestern, co-holders of the We;t- ern Inter-Collcgiate Conference title, a:one precluded a perfect season and perhaps an invitation to play a west coast team in the Bowl of Roses. Tulane ' s was a team of superlatives. Tradition es- tablished by such as " Irih " Levy, " Brother " Brown, " Peggy " Flournoy, and " Bill " Banker was more than up- held by Don Zimmerman, Nollie Felts, " Wop " Glover, " Preacher " Roberts, " Jerry " Dalrymple and Elmer Mc- Cance. It was difficult to point out any particular ttar, for the entire eleven worked like a machine, " Tick " Up- ton or " Foots " de Coligny, John Scafide or John McCor- mick, Captain " Preacher, " Morris Bodenger, and Mc- Cance blocking the line and giving the backfieid plenty of time to get away ; the ball-carriers flying behind in- terference led by Dalrymple and Jack Holland. And on the defense the team would swarm into opponent ' s back- fields, knock down and intercept passes and smother the enemy runner;. Just how great power the Wave had is shown by the 263 points rolled up against opponents ' 30. In all games won Tulane showed she deserved to win by making more first downs, completing and intercepting more passes and gaining more yardage from scrimmage than its victims. There was no denying the quality of the Olive and Blue. Sports writers, and particularly those from Atlanta, who ventured that Tulane ' s schedule was not difficult enough to put it among the top notchers, were bound to praise when the Greenbacks crushed Georgia, conquerors of Yale and N. Y. U., 25-0. When it is conidered that Tulane had perhaps as hard a road schedule as anv team in the Conference, playing such juggernauts as Northwestern, Texas A. M. and Georgia Tech a long way from home, the " sched- ule " objection didn ' t hold water. And now Tulane has signed up Kentucky for games in 1932 and 1933 to silence the calamity howlers forever. All Dixie takes its hat off to Bernie W. Bierman, wh has given Tulane two Conference champion- ships in the four year:, he has been here and whose teams have never lost to L. S. U., winning in 1927, 1929 and 1930 and tieing in 1928. Undoubtedh ' the modest, gray-haired man who crouches silentlj ' on the sidelines as his teams crush America ' s best is one of the best coaches in the country. With him as assistants he has Ted Cox, who has trained the finest lines ever seen in the new stadium, and Lester Lautenschlaeger, who has been an invaluable mentor of backfields, training them with the famous strategies of the great 1925 team. Lester and Ted have done some neat scouting which ha:, enables Tulane teams to solve the worst riddles opponents may spring on them. Admittedly the Wave and the Red Elephants ofAlabama were among the five best teams in the United States during 1930. On any ail-American, jerry Dalrymp ' e deserves a place at end. On any all-Southern, " Preacher " Roberts and Don Zimmerman can be included with most honorable mention to Elmer McCance, Nollie Felts and Jack Holland. At the first call for fall practice, Bierman was faced with the back problem. Banker, Armstrong, Seeuws, Pizzano and Baumbach were gone. Who was to take their place? It Captain Roberts Dalrymple Upton Green Wave « « Cox BlERMAN LAUTENSCHLAEGER wasn ' t very long before Zimmerman, Hugh Whatley, Glover, Felts and Dawson adequately answered these questions and there was lots of good reserve strength in Francis Payne, a plunging fullback; Pat Richardson, clever at quarter; Jim Percy, a fleet half, and Jim Hodgins, another worthy back. Zimmerman, Felts, Payne, Percy and Hodgins were all sophomores — the greatest crop of them ever developed. The line was all right from the ' tart. Charlie Rucker was the only loss and Upton, who, by ihe way, boots a ball at kick-off with unerring precision, and de Coligny, who plays an equally good game at end, filled up the gap. Scafide, another sophomore, ihared honors with McCormick at one guard with Bodenger playing a steadily good game on the other side. Mc- Cance p ' ayed his heart out at the other tackle, a thing he had been doing for two years previous. Good judgment was shown in electing Roberts captain, for he served as a constant inspiration to his team by al- ways breaking into the opponent ' s backfield whenever they had the ball and stopping about half of any team that ever tried rushing the Tulane ball carriers. A special paragraph goes to the ends. Jerry Dalrymple was the best all-round player on the team. There were times when he actually took out as many as five opposing tacklers and in three-quarters of all plays in every game Jerry was mixed up, urually as the first to stop a ball-carrier or the first of the interference for a Tulane runner. He blocked kicks, intercepted passes and tackled and blocked with every ounce of his r8o-odd pounds. He caught several passes that meant touchdowns for Tulane and he spilled many plays that might have meant touchdowns against Tulane. Jack Holland, over on the other side, played a remarkably fine game throughout the season, especially when you consider that he suffered severe injuries, one to his arm that was painful every time he tackled or caught a pass or blocked. But he did those things just the same. There was only one dark spot in the season as regards players. Elmer Massey, who had tried three years to become a great back without ever having any previous experience and who had his wishes denied him because there were bigger and more experienced stars, was about to realize his dream when big Frank Speer of Georgia Tech landed on an ankle and crack went the ankle and the dream and Elmer was on crutches throughout the rest of the season. In the first game, played in New Orleans before a surprisingly large crowd of 15,000, the Wave easily submerged the Southwestern Louisi- ana Bulldog by the second largest score in Tu- lane history, 84-0. After Massey, Zimmerman, Felts and Glover had done for S. L. I., Dawson, Hodgins, Payne, Whatley, Jastram, Percy, Haik, Tschirn and Lemmon ran around gaily as the score mounted every time Tulane got the ball. Massey ' s playing was the most outstanding and Zimmerman ' s value as a back was very definitely determined when he scored two touchdowns after long runs. Felts Dawson Roberts Zimmerman Bodenger McCance Holland Tulane, 25; Georgia, 0. The following Thursday, the team entrained for Chicago and ran out on the field at Dyche Stadium, Evanston, Illinois, against Northwestern University on Saturday. It was tit for tat throughout the first period, but then the Wildcats launched a powerful scoring offensive headed by Captain Hank Bruder and " Pug " Rentner, both mentioned as ail-American material, and the game ended Northwestern, 14; Tulane, o, which is the lowest score the Westerners were held to by teams they beat and they beat them all except Notre Dame. The Micks only walloped them by two touchdowns and Rockne ' s boys were the best in the world. There were a lot who thought Tulane could have drow ' ned the Wildcats had they been playing the game they fhowed Georgia Tech and Georgia. At least Tulane was off form. Dalrymple played his sole poor game. Dalrymple Zimmerman Tulaiie, 21; Auburn, 0. But Northwestern was obviously too powerful a team to defeat in the second game of the season Coach Dick Hanlev let loose reserves like bees, while Bierman only used six. Ihen ihe " breaks were theirs. A ' pass of Massey ' s was intercepted by Bruder who ran 54 yards tor the fir-.t touchdown. Holland, for Tulane, played his greatest game of the season. I ' elts, Massey and Glover also deserve high praise. Roberts, as usual, effectively stopped up the line The Greenies had no sooner returned than they were on the road again, this time to Uallas and a . ame with Texas A. M. The Farmers were a great team, despite tuture defeats. 1 hey were not as good as in 1929 but thev met the 1929 champions of three conferences on three r,uc- ce sive Saturdavs, Nebraska, champion of the Big Six, Tulane, and Texas Christian Universitjs champion of the Southwestern Conference, and defeats by these don ' t preclude their recognition as a o-ood outfit. They scored nine points on Tulane, a safety, the first score of the game, and Holland BODENGER McCance Tulane, 21; Birmingham-Southern, 0. a touchdown in the last period after Tulane had fini:hed its day ' s work with 19 points. " Wop " Glover scored two touchdowns and was easily Tulane ' s star. The line played air-tight ball from end to end and Felts and Dawson went well behind. The Greenbacks paid New Orleans a brief visit to roll over Birmingham-Southern, 21-0. The Panthers exhibited surprising power and Tulane was kept on its toes although at no lime was there any doubt of the outcome and the visitors were thoroughh- out-played in every de- partment. Georgia Tech is always dangerous. Tulanc ' s victories over the Golden Tornado have been few and far between, but this season the Greenbacks made it two In a row by thoroughly trounc- ing the Jackets on Grant Field, Atlanta, 28-0. There never was a chance for the old glory of Southern football, but they had the psychology with them as they had not yet been crushed Glover Dawson Tulane, 53; Miisissippi A. M., 0. by Peiin and Florida. Maree, Speer, etc., Avere stopped dead while Zimmemian, Felts, Glover, et al., played real football. The force of Tiilane ' s attack was dazzling and the Atlanta icribes admitted it. The price of victory was heavy, though, for it was in this game that Massey ' s ankle was broken and he had to he carried off the field after he had started things going with an eighteen-yard gain in the first quarter. Home for the rest of the season, the Wave started off auspiciously by running rough-shod over the Aggies from Mississippi, 53-0. Zimmerman and Felts did their share as usual but it was the reserves, Percy, Payne, Hodgins and Lcmmon that ran wild to chalk up four touchdowns in the final period. Zimmerman was the high-scorer with three touchdowns. The line loafed but not so much that the Aggies could get through, not even Bobby Herrington, their game quarterback. Whatley Upton Tulane, 84; Southwestern, 0. Auburn got doused 21-0 in spite of their revised Notre Dame system and new coach, Chet Wyne. " Rambling Don " Zimmerman averaged slightly under five yards, totalling 109 yards in twenty-six attempts. Felts showed his power as a plunging fullback. Roberts, on the line, was in every play. For the visitors, Hatfield and Hitchcock played good football. Highly-touted Georgia was next on the program. They came here with the scalps of Yale and New York University, two of the East ' s finest teams. They came here in perfect condition with " Jack the Ripper " Roberts, " Catfish " Smith and Captain Maflett raring to go. But they didn ' t. They w ' ere stopped still, while Tulane scored 25 big points and Dalrymple proved his right to all-Southern above either of the great Red and Black ends. The Bulldogs didn ' t look weary, either. They opened up play through the line that made the first quarter a scary affair, although the ball stayed in the middle of the field. And it stayed there all through the second Payne SCAFIDE Tulane, 12; L. S. U., 7. period until Don Zimmerman changed his mind about ihroxving a pass in Georgia ' s territory and ran 24 yards across the goal in the hist minute ot the half. After tliat it was church for the Bulldogs. Although Zimmerman was so badly hurt on touchdown play that he had to be removed for the rest of the game, Whatley went wild in the second half and the score rolled up. Glover was greater than ever before. Holland was as good as he was in the Northwestern game. Felts, placed at quarter while Dawson sat injured on the bench, showed the neatest field generalling home fans had seen in a long time. Louisiana State was all that remained in the Greenie ' s path to another title. It seemed easy. South Carolina, Mississippi A. M. and Alabama had licked the stuffings out of the Tiger. But the admittedly greatest L. S. U. team to play here in the last ten years nearly rocked :he Wave from the throne. It showed the power it had shown in walloping the Porkers from Ar- Tulane, 0; Northwestern, 14. kansas, 27-7. It showed in " Dobie " Reeves, " Billy " Butler and Sidney Bowman three of the trickiest halfbacks exhibited in the new stadium this season. It showed that Russ Cohen was by no means through as a coach and it showed that Louisiana had two truly great football teams. Louisiana first scared Tulane in the first quarter when it cut loose some clever plays that looked goalward-bound. But the invincible Wave line tightened and L. S. U. took a back seat while Tulane scored twice during the second and third quarters. But that was all Tulane could do although it threatened the Tigers five times and five times was tossed back at the door of a touchdown. In the last quarter, Tulane ' s quick kick that beat Georgia, called at a bad time when the ball was deep in Tulane territory and the Wave had two downs to go, was blocked by an L. S. U. lineGman who took the ball over the goal. Then L. S. U. kicked goal and the Tulane Mancum Tulane, 28; Georgia Tech, 0. stands stopped breathing. Every minute was a thrill from then on and Louisiana once ieriously threatened to score again. Tulane ' s failure to liick goals after the touchdowns might have cost them the victory. At last the game ended and Tulane breathed its relief. It vas a hard game. Roberts had been knocked out in the first half. Lodrigues sub;:tituted vell but the line just didn ' t seem to function those last minutes. But Tulane had won, 12-7, and tied Alabama for the title, the Tide having beaten Georgia in Birmingham the same Thanksgiving Day. " Preacher " Roberts played his last game Thanksgiving. So with Elmer McCance, Jack Hol- land, Morris Bodenger, Hugh VVhatley and Elmer Massey. A great team will be badly " shot " this fall but there is still the greater portion of a fine line — Dalrymple, Upton, Scafide, Mc- Cormick and de Coligny along with nearly all of the backfield stars — Glover, Zimmerman, Felts, Pavne, Hodgins, Percy, Dawson and others. Tulane can look forward to another great year of football. Uncovering varsity potentialities was the achievement of the Baby Billow in 1930. While their big brothers were going through another undefeated season in the conference, the freshman football team lost the whole of a three-game schedule. Several stars were uncovered, however, and each of the opponents had a dickens of a time getting going against the youngsters, none scoring until late in the game. The little Crimsons of Alabama trounced the fro:.h, 27-0, in the opening game, played at Tuscaloosa. The great reserve strength of the Reds — they used thirty-five men — proved the un- doing of Tulane, but it was not until the last period that the result was sure. In this quarter Alabama scored three touchdowns and it was all over, even the shouting. Auburn freshmen beat Tulane, 19-0, in New Orleans. It was not until the last minutes of the first half that the Plainsmen scored — via the air route. Keeping to the air they -.allied again in the second half and again. Charlie Kyle ' s sensational punting kept Tulane out of many a tough situation. Meadows, Calhoun, and Alternate Captain Eddie Henriques also distinguished themselves. It took all that was in L. S. U. to squeeze out a 7-0 victory over the ancient rivals of New- Orleans. Again the score did not come until late in the game. The loss was a bitter one, for the Green team outfought the Tiger kitties the whole way. " Little Wop " Glover, " Sonny Boy " Westfeldt, and " Little Preacher " Roberts were the Tulane stars. Kyle again did excellent rescue work with his kicking toe. Homer R. Robinson was captain of the Billow, and Fontaine Martin and Allan Roussel, man- agers. Ted Bank did a nice job of coaching. Daniel A. Allain, Jr. Fred L. Barnes J. Lafayette Barrow, Jr. George S. Bisso Steven A. Brasfield Bradley C. Brownson John Bruno, Jr. Charles H. Calhoun Walter H. Dustmann, Jr. Anthony J. Glover Edouard F. Henriques, Jr. Henry D. Howlaxd George T. Hubbard Charles Kyle Sawyer H. Labouisse Daniel W. Lanier Malcolm A. Lytal Martin A. Macdiarmid Bill Meadows, Jr. Wade H. Morgan WiLLiA.M Neville, Jr. Alfred H. Paddock Felix M. Pena Alejandro Perez Edgar M. Rea, Jr. R. Reid Rester Fi.OYD Roberts Homer R. Robinson John Rove R. Hadi.ey Sanders Gecrge Westfeldt, Jr. fyA m ' . fjt L i- standing: Manguni, Haynes. Roberts, Felts, Macdonald, Glover Kneeling: Bacher, Myer. Ruckert, Guy While concluding a fairly successful basketball season foi ' 1929-1930 with seven victories to two defeats, the Tulane basketball team enjoyed little glory during the 1 930- 1 93 1 season. Coach Bernie Bierman was confronted by the loss of such men as Dave Drezinski, Lizzie Ford, Preston Savoy, Phil James, and Woollen Walshe and the new team was more willing than able and lacked teamwork i throughout the year, although it showed flashes of form at times. It ' ! rf was a better football team than a basketball one. W In closing the previous season Tulane won from Springhill twice, » 41 to 20 and 26 to 20. Auburn went under the Wave, 45-40, and iv » again 41-37. Then the win streak halted and L. S. U. took two games, 30-35 and 15-24. The Green cagers came back, however, to share the series with the War Skule five, winning the next two games, 27-25 and 30-27. In between fights with L. S. U. Bierman ' s boys walloped St. Stanislaus, 42 to 29. Tulane ' s conference record was satisfactory and the team quali- fied for the tournament only to be put out in their first game by Georgia Tech. This year ' s story was a different one and a sadder one. The quintet won only six games out of twenty played and these from only mediocre and poor teams. The support given the team by the stu- dent body and by local fans was worse than the team ' s playing and to a great de- gree responsible for it. In the first schedule game Tulane defeated the N. O. A. C. players, 50-37, and a freshman star of the past season was brought to light as a varsity king pin— " Midget " Meyer, a forward. On December 18 Tulane began a tour of southwestern Louisiana inauspiciously by losing to Louisiana Normal at Natchitoches, 18-42. They next lost to S. L. L at Lafayette, 20-30. To complete the sad road to nowhere they were downed by Louisi- ana College, 30-53. Lack of teamwork was held responsible for this string of defeats. Tulane got back on Southwestern by licking them here twice, 30-23 and 36-35. In two exceedingly rough games with Ole Miss, the Greenies broke even, taking the first tilt, 42-40, and losing the second, 40-50. Players were removed for fouls like jumped men on a checkers board. The Louisiana State cage five took three games of a four-game series from Tulane, the Green winning only the first. Sewanee Mountain Tigers swept the Greenies off the local court, 27 to 25, and 49 to 39. Mississippi College was beaten, 49-40, and then allowed to win and split the series. Auburn won two games from Tulane and Alabama, last year ' s conference champs. Tulane ' s record did not merit a bid to the Southern Confer- ence tournament and the quintet stayed at home to hope for bet- ter luck and material next year. 179 Following is the record made by the 1929-1930 Green Cagers: Tulane 31; South«estern L. 1 2+ Tulane 27; Louisiana College 26 Tulane 36; Louisiana Normal 29 Tulane 16; Alabama 34 Tulane 15; Alabama 24. Tulane 27; Mississippi College 25 Tulane 26; Mississippi College 27 Tulane 20; Mississippi A. M 22 Tulane 22; Mississippi A. M. . . 19 Tulane 27; Ole Miss 17 Tulane " .... 33; Ole Miss 27 Tulane 41 ; Springhill . 20 Tulane 26; Springhill 20 Tulane 45 ; Auburn 40 Tulane 41 ; Auburn 37 Tulane 30; L. S. U 35 Tulane 15; L. S. U 24 Tulane 42; St. Stanislaus 29 Tulane 27; L. S. U 25 Tulane 30; L. S. U 27 Tulane Southern Conference . . . . 31 ; Georgia Tech S3 180 ■ ' T.lk -iL ' tM- X ' ' ' - ' -- ' ' " ' " ' ' - ' m.mw m W i :_ Ij iD XJ U -L BASEBALL TEAM Baseball died a violent death in its last season on a Tiilane diamond. The 1930 team dropped every game of fourteen played and the letters given to the outfit were the last that will ever be given a baseball team here, for in February, 1931, the Tulane Athletic and Student Councils voted to abandon varsity ball. On the plains of Auburn Tulane went down to its first defeats in successive days, 1 1-5 and 2-1. Johnny Menville ' s fine hitting was the only redeeming feature of the Tulane losses. Johnny collected three runs in the first game and hit thrice out of five times at bat. Burvant also made three hits out of five chances. Menville made two three-baggers. Auburn, incidentally, was fresh from a 12-1 victory over the Birmingham Barons, the champions of the South- ern Association. The New Orleans Pelicans walloped Tulane, 18-0, in spite of Captain Tom George ' s good pitching. Minnesota, one of the best elevens in the Big Ten, crushed Tulane here, 15-6. Menville, O ' Pry, Hertzog and Burvant played good ball for the locals. Tulane paid Alabama a sad visit at Tuscaloosa, coming home with two black eyes, 4-12 and 6-7. Alabama pitchers struck out sixteen Tulanians in the first 182 game. Tulane led for the greater part of the second, but the Tide rallied in the lucky seventh to jnit across six runs and ice the game. George led in hitting, although he was knocked off the mound. Springhill College of Mobile put the skids under Long Tom George in the first of a two-game series and under Louis Lundy in the second. The scores were 12-7 and 20-0. The Farmers of Mississippi A. and I L had a two-day spree here, defeating the Grecnies, 3-2 and 6-5. Both games were hard fought as the scores indicate and it was no holiday for the Aggies, although in the first game their pitcher, Gregory, fanned nineteen, count ' em, Green batters. In the second game a Tulane rally led by OTry, Menville, Luchsinger and Hertzog came too late in the last inning to give the team a victory. Springhill took another from the Green, 6-1, making their supremacy very decided. Errors lost the first game to L. S. U., 4-8. The game was played here and in spite of the attraction only a handful attended. A second game played here was again last, 4-12. Louisiana finished lapping up the series in two games played in Baton Rouge. The first the Tigers won, 12-4, and the second, lO-i, and the curtain dropped on the season and the sport for Tulane and it could hardly be called less than a tragedy. The Athletic and Student Councils decided that the shocking support base- ball received at Tulane, the general unpopularity of college amateur baseball and the number of men that applied for the sport did not merit the expense of sup- porting the game. Accordingly, in spite of bitter opposition from the Hullabaloo and several New Orleans newspapers, they voted unanimously to cancel baseball as a competitive varsity sport. It was decided, however, that should enough support be given, intra-mural baseball would be furthered. 3n iipmonam iifj» April 15. 1931 ■: 3 -a iij TRACK TEAM Although not enjoying the samo national prominence as Tulane ' s football and tennis t ar— track team of 1930 came out Irom b ihind that curtain which had bt-en hiding the. Olive and Blue runners from sectional recognition during preceding years. No dual mets were won but a team composed of football backs won the chief relay event at the Drake Relays and lowered the record. With a bare handful of representatives. Tulane registered fourth places al the Southern Conference Indoor Meet at Chapel Hill and later at the Conference rally at Birmingham. A third place was scored ai the Georgia Tech Relays in Atlanta. Coach Fritz Oakes developed two great trackmen in " Foots " deColigny and " Jimmy " Wells. The former was a consistent winntr in high and low hurdles throughout the season and a good performer in the high jump. " Wells happened to be the first star distance runner developed here within the decade, but it didn ' t just happen that he was an A-1 miler, two-miler and half-miler among the best in the South during that season. Captain " Lizzie " Ford. Vernon Haynes, Red Trunzler and Captain-elect Hugh Whatley experienced more than eccentric success throughout the season in the hurdle events, runs, weights, and dashes respectively. " Ike " Armstrong performed creditably in the 60-yard low hurdles, Garland Taylor in the high jump and ex-Captain John Whatley and Elmer Massey in the dashes and relays. Outside of the regular track " curriculum " was to be found the granting of a charter to Tulane for a chapter of Sigma Delta Psi. national track fraternity, with the " encouragement of moral, physi- cal and mental development and training among college students " as its purpose. The fraternity was brought here by Coach Oakes in the hope that It would stimulate greater interest in track and create furthei- trips to big meets such as the Drak. ' Relays. To qualify for membership the can- didate must pass certain tests of track ability. These tests were held and several men were, " taken in. " Alpha Tau Omega and Beta Tlieta Pi tied for first place in the inter-fraternity meet and each claimed a leg on the new trophy, the old one having gene into permanent possession of the Dekes. The trophy went to the Betas, however, as Massey, an important point- winner for th, ' A. T. O. ' s, was ruled ineligible because he had won his letter in the Southern Conference meet of 1929. Representing the New Orleans Athletic Club and the Elks in th? S. A. A. U. meet held at the close of the season, several Tulane stars won high honors. Ford, Massey, Glover. Miller, Trunzler, Armstrong, Taylor, Scafide, Zimmerman. Payne and Haynes were among the point scorers. Because of baseball, track was deprived of " Wop " Glover until the last meet. Too bad, for " Wop " tied for first in the pole vault with 12 feet, a height seldom crossed in conference vaulting. As it was. Glover won the Porter trophy for the best all-round a thlete, taking undisputed claim to that honor with his track letter, his fourth within the year. Cross-country rell Pischoft " , a d; hopes to build a The first itLiii versity of North representatives sc Wells allowed tlu win in 4 minutes, the meet, in the work. Although termined that " li- WHATLEY VS. L. S. U. got its real start in 1930. Tulane winning- a dual meet with L. S. U., 2T-2S. Dar- ark horse lor the Green, crossed the line first. Wells placed third. Coach Oakes real distance aggregation out of these men and other promising candidates. on the Greenie track bill was the indoor meet held under the auspices of the Uni- Carolina at Chapel Hill. Running on a board track for the first time, the Tulane ored eleven points lor a fourth place. And with only tlirce men entered! " Speedy " North Carolina entry to set the pace then burst for the finish of the mile run to 37 2-5 seconds. DcColigny ran second to Speer, of Washington Lee, which won high hurdles, placed fourth in the lows and third in the high jump, a good day ' s judges failed to pick " Ike " Armstrong in either hurdle event, it was later de- e " ran second in the lows. Alabama was the first dual meet opponent and it started things off badly by whipping the Green- men 681 to 59 . Tulane led the visitors for the greater part of the meet but the Crimson swept the last three events and made the relay unnecessary. Hugh Whathy placed second to Smith of Alabama in both dash events. Falvy Barr won a thiid for Tulane in the 220. Wells won the mile, trailed in by two Alabamans. Elmer McCance and Haynes placed second and third respectively in the shot put. DeColigny won the high hurdles with Captain Ford third. The lows also were mostly Tulane with deColigny and Ford placing in order. Armstrong Allen placed second in the 440-yard dash. Haynes was third in the pole vault, and Spncer in the two-mile. The high jump was all Tulane with deColigny, Taylor and Ryan placing in order. Haynes and Trunzler placed first and second respectively in the javelin throw and Trunzler won a third in the half mile. McCance placed second in thu discus. In the broad jump deColigny was second and Pat Ryan third. DeColigny and " Wells continued their brilliant work by taking two first places for Tulane in the Georgia Tech relays at Atlanta. " Foots " walked away in the 220 low hurdles, finishing in 24.7 seconds. Wells ground out a first in the two-mile, taking 10 minutes, 7.3 seconds to get around the distance. These vic- tories threw Tulane in a tie for third with Georgia Tech and Mississippi A. and M. The Mississippi Aggies, however, were way out of Tulane ' s class when Oakes ' men paid a visit to Stark- viUe. The score was SI to 3G with Tulane on the liad end. Tulane only won three events. DeColigny won the low hurdles in 24.7 and the highs in 15.2. Cajjtain Ford placed second in both these events. Trunzler took the otlier first place in the half-mile. Wells was unable to run in this meet, precluding any Tulane chances in the distances. A race called the National Football Letterman Re- lay was added to Tulane ' s list of 1930 championships when Massey, the two Whatleys and Armstrong cov- ered the 440-yard distance in 4 3.6 seconds, a new I ' ecoi-d for the Drake relays held at Des Moines, Iowa. A flashy Notre Dame team of O ' Connor, Keplan, Brill and Mullins finished second. A great aggregation of Auburn it es swept Tu-ane off their home plains in the next dual meet. 60 to 50 ' . As usual " Foots " won both the high and low hurdles. Jimmy Wells won the mile and the half mile; Hugh Whatley the 220, and placed second in Whatley 187 the century. Taylor leaped six feet in the high jump for another Greenie first, and Red Trunzler added another five points in the quarter. " Buck " Haynes won second places in tlie pole vault, high jump and javelin throw. Ford, in the high hurdles, and Armstrong in the broad jump also scored second places. But in spite of all this effort and success, the Plainesmen had more men to do different things and the forced-to-be-versatile Tulanians could not play supermen and win the meet. In the- only meet in which the relay had to be called upon to decide the victors, Louisiana State eked out a win over Tulane, 62 to 55, in the last dual contest for both teams. Tulane won the first five events on the pro- gram and s:emed to have the meet well in hand when the Tigers started pil- ing up the points until things stood 57-55 and the relay was called upon. L. S. U. won it. And just when the Greenics threatened to score their first track victory in more than a dozen years over the DlC ' oi.KJN traditional rivals. DeColigny was the high point scorer of the meet, winning firsts in both hurdles and tying for first in the high jump at 6 feet. A inch. Wells scored his usual victories in the mile and half mile. Hugh Whatley outsprinted Percy Brown of L. S. U. in the century and came second to Massey, Tulane. in the 220. Haynes von the shot-put for Tulane and Glover tied with the L. S. U. entry for pole vault honors. Ike Armstrong. Spencer and Pat Ryan also scored Tulane points in the low hurdles, mile and deColigny and Armstrong McCance broad jump, resp ctive- ly. The Greenies cap- tured every track event except the 440 and the two mile, but the Tigers scored heavily in the weights, Bordclon, Tu- lane. placed second in tlie marathon. In a driving rain Tulane collected 22% points and fourth place in the Southern Conference meet at Birmingham. They placed ahead of L. S. U., Alabama and Auburn, all of whom had beaten the Greenies in dual meets. DeColigny missed by a fraction of a second cracking the record as ho snapped the tape in the high hurdles. Captain " Lizzie " placed third. " Foots " sprained his ankle while attempting to do big things for Tulane in the high jump and consequently was so hindered in the low hurdles that he only placed third. " Hinkey " Haynes tossed the javelin IGS-odd feet for another Green marker. Haynes also tied for fourth place hi the vault. Wi lis, who had been ill all week, still got a third in the mile. Hugh Whatley scored a point in the 220, but failed to register in the 100. The curtain rang down on the 193 Tulane track sea- son when the team elected Whatley captain. DeColigny. Haynes, Massey, Allen, and Wells all returned to school in the fall and another and brighter " Tulane Day " in the Southern Conference track year is promised. i8g " " " ,,«ia ■ ' S:;.. IP lf Ty. f ' S • 1 ™ ■J Four of America ' s greatest tennis titles are Tulane ' s. Clifford Sutter, who developed into a championship player on Tulane courts under the coaching of Mercer Beasley, is the holder of the National Intercollegiate, the Longwood Bowl, the Eastern Grass Court and the Southern Intercollegiate singles trophies. He was the runner-up in the Eastern Intercollegiate, the Western Open and the Southern singles tournaments. If Tulane has been effectively advertised throughout the world by an individual, that individual is Sutter. His conquest of the courts while wearing the Olive and Blue has out-shone the glory of the great football teams of 1925, 1929 and 1930. Nor have Sutter ' s victories been confined to single matches. Paired with Maurice " Dooky " Baycn, another championship quality player developed at Tulane, Cliff has helped bring the Tri-State, Western and Southern Intercollegiate Doubles titles to Tulane along with runner-up honors in the Longwood Bowl Doubles . Dan Mur- ray, a Tulane graduate, and Sutter were runners-up in the Southern Doubles. But it was not just individuals that put Tulane on the tennis map. The team, although its schedule was not as intensive as it might have been, smashed its way to some plausible accomplishments. Clifford Sutter Sutter and Bayon 190 Sutter and Bayon Bayon and Iowa was the first dual match. Cliff swept the courts with Don Jones, 6-0, 6-i, while Dooky wal- loped John Kent, 6-4, 6-1. The Westerners were game, but it was no contest. Bayon and Sutter took the doubles, of course, 6-4, 6-1. There is irony in tennis as well as in life. Bryan Grant took the Southern singles title away from Cliff Sutter last summer and still holds strong claim to Position Number One on Mason and Dixon courts, yet at Pinehurst, N. C, early in the spring, Dooky Bayon licked the stuffing out of Grant. In the same tournament Sutter beat Fritz Mercur only to lose to Johnny Doeg. George Lott and Doeg defeated Sutter and Bayon in the doubles. Texas seems to have the perennial jinx on Tu- lane Bayon defeated Earl Taylor of the Longhorns in this dual meet, 6-0, 6-1, but then Bruce Barnes, who incidentally has an N. L. T. A. rating, upset the dope and Sutter 6-3, 4-6, 6-0. The rest of Tulane ' s team was not so good as the rest of the Steers. ' Lacoste ' beat O ' Kelley, 6-0, 6-1. King Stubbs went down, 6-0, 6-3. Pan ' ed, O ' Kelly and Stubbs lost to a Texas combination in three sets. Sutter and Bayon versus the New Orleans Lawn Tennis Club was the next meet. Tulane won. ,. lust before the big battle— the Southern Conference Tournament— Tulane split a meet with the Tarheels from Chapel Hill. Sutter put out Bill Merritt, 1 1-9, 6-3, which shows that Mr. Merritt was hot competition. Bayon let Hinkey Hendlin down. 9-7, 9-7, which shows that Mr. Hendlm was also hot competition. The Tulane championship pair defeated Mer- ritt and E. K. Graham, 6-2, 6-1. Liskin of North Carolma beat Wood Brown 6-0 and 6-3. Graham eliminated Shep Shushan, Tu- lane No. 4, 6-2, 6-1. Hendlin and Liskin finished up North Caro- lina ' s share by defeating Brown and Luke O ' Kelley, 6-2, 7-5. The courts behind the gym were again the scene of the tourna- ment between the best in the college South. Over twelve institutions sent their ' choicest racquet wielders to Tulane, but without avail for all the honors were kept right on the home lot. In the singles finals Cliff decisively defeated Don Cram, the Nashville ace representing Vanderbilt. In the doubles finals, Sutter and Bayon did their usual act, beating Sally and Gus Feuere of Florida, 6-4, 6-2, 6-4. The tennis season ended then as far as our seeing Tulane win - was concerned but it really only began, for right after school closed, Sutter and Bayon embarked on the crest of the Green Wave and washed North, East, South and West to highest honors in singles and doubles. 191 Sutter n. Although only in its third year boxing has become one of the most popular sports at Tulane. Officials hope that Tulane will get a new gymnasium which will attract and hold a larger crowd at matches and serve participants more adequately than does the present old stadium arrangement. In spite of handicaps, however, there have been a large number of students answering Coach Ted Bank ' s calls and for so young a sport the attendance has been large and the teams ' records good. The 1930 Jambalaya did not include the record of the boxing team for that 3ear; so it is our duty to be its biographer. The first match, against Clemson, was won by Tulane five matches to two. Menge, Roy Theriot, Haas, Holland and Pizzano won their bouts, while " Pee Wee " Thompson and " Buster " Theriot lost. All fights were closely contested and all decided by decision. Louisiana State was the next to go down for the count. Tulane boxers won five out of seven matches — Pizzano, Holland, Haas, Buster Theriot and Menge all winning. L. S. U. got the proverbial sweet revenge in the rivals ' second meeting, however, at Baton Rouge this time, winning the season ' s closing meet before 5,000 howling Red Stick fans, five to two. Jack Holland and " Red " DeBuys were the only Greenies to connect. Big Ed Khoury was not given a chance at Pizzano, who had beaten him in their last mixup, but crumpled " Tick " Upton, giant Greenie tackle in a third round knockout. Georgia was easy for the Greenie sluggers, losing to them five out of seven. Both Theriots, " Red " McCormick and Jack Pizzano won their matches and a fifth went to Tulane by default. Florida was a little tougher, but the Tulanians came out on top four matches out of seven. Roy Theriot, DeBuys, Holland and Pizzano won their bouts. Menardi, Florida featherweight, kayoed Voorhies within a few minutes. " Tulane placed third in the S. I. C. tournament matches, held at Char- fc[ " lottesville. Coach Bank could well be proud of Jack Pizzano ' s heavyweight • ' - title and Jack Holland ' s lightweight title. Florida copped the conference 1 prize and V. M. I. was runner up. Menge BOXING TEAM 192 ii ■f f J I i ' S 3 J " " •- «« m-ammi ' 1 " : •ff fiimi:: Dovless Hill a fat heavyweight, suddenly burst out of obscurity to become the best slugger TuHn has developed. H 11 won the conference chartipionship at Charlottesville this year Ld DeBuvs and Lmurrav were runners-up in their respective divisions. Zemurray was handicapped during a part of the season by an injury or no doubt Tulane ' s record would have been better off. t i, Clemson fell easily before Tulane in the first competition of 1931- Wallis, Menge Jacobs, GianfaTa Zemurrav and Hill contributed to the swamping. Hill won a second round knock- out from Siegal of the Tigers. Blount was the only Greenie to lose. ecu TuZne kfp up the good work with a knock-down and pick-up defeat of Southwestern a LafaN tte Menge Jacobs, Tharp and Zemurray each won their bouts by knockouts. Decker ts hi heavyweight go by a technical K. O. to " Red " Brown, S. A. A. U champion whom Ja k Holland knocked out in a non-collegiate fight several months ago. Gianfala won his match bv decision. Guy Stubbs was the only other loser. Thus Tulane climbed out of the 1931 boxing ring, four times victorious and three times defeated and second place winner in the Southern Conference Tournament. Wrestling Coach Monk Simons ' matmen engaged in more activity last year than any Tulane wrestUng team has ever done. Two exciting matches with the ancient rivals from up river and entry into the S A A. U. tournament composed the schedule. The Greenie wrestlers won four out of seven matches from the Tig " ; " fo a ' al ' Ed ina at Baton Rouge. Guv Stubbs, Tulane, threw his L. S. U rival, Marx, for a tall, i d SiWersteIn won by fall from Tiger Andrews. Earl Daly toppled the S ' . ' - " Alnaokary enough to win bv a decision. " Cutie " Eustis, Tulane, struggled to a draw with Raburn, L. S U. ¥he Louisiana winners were Hornsey, Morgan and Clarke, who defeated Tulanians Lienhard, Clair and Hogan, respectively. . . In the second match, wrestled in New Orleans, Tulane ' s victory was even more decisive. Only Eustis and Harvey lost matches, while Stubbs, Hogan, Silverste.n, Leinhard, Daly and Mangum won easily, inmost cases by falls, from their Tiger opponents. , , , . Captain Myrtus Mangum and Jerry Dalrymple won their way to the finals of the S. A. A U matches in their respective classes, but were defeated at this point. ' Eddie Gessner, manager, and C. B. Harvey, John Hogan, Guy Stubbs, Mangum, and Silver- stein won letters. There had been no wrestling program so far this year. A " big time " golf team was in prospect for Tulane as this went to press. Captain George Bush, city champion and holder ot many local and sectional amateur titles, led a group composed of Jesse Rainwater, sensational Country Club golfer; « ' •• " ' S ' ' " ' " ? ' . best young golfer of the Metairie Country Club; Shelby Friedr.chs, Jacques Lew, Bobbv Wehrmann and other stars, new and old. Competition ' for team positions was severe-the material was so excellent. A schedule was being arranged. In 1930 the golf team played only one game against Louisiana Staters here April 26. L. S. U. smarted from an 18-0 defeat Captain Jesse Rainwater drove his way to the semi-finals of the Southern Conference tournament only to .be defeated by Perry, of Alabama, the tournament champion. Other members ot the Tulane team were: George Bush, captain-elect; Jacques Levy, and Dave Gernon. A former Tulanian and football linesman, Fred Lamprecht, has distinguished himself by his golf record. Lamprecht was fan- American champion until this year. f «S -5! ■»» «Si - ' Bus?i AN D Rainwater THE RIFLE TEAM Neivcomlb Athletics Because of the fact that the Jambalaya goes to press when Newcomb ' s athletic season is just beginning to get under way, the account of activities must necessarily be limited. An important addition has been made to the regular athletic program this year. A weekly class in riflery is being conducted under the supervijion of expert sharp-shooters at the Army Supply Base. Quite a few girls have joined the classes, and as evinced by the enthusiasm shown and the excellent scores already achieved, it is probable that Newcomb will claim many marks- men of great ability in the near future. The first three major sports, Newcomb Ball, Vol- ley Ball, and Newcomb Basketball, have been played off, and for each of these there was an admirable attendance, with the Freshmen proving themselves to be remar kably skillful in their first games with experienced upper classmen. Now-, all lovers of sports are intensely interested in Hockey which seems to be the favorite of the majority of the student body. The oncoming sea- sons when Spalding Basketball and Baseball will be played are being eagerh ' looked forward to. If the classes report for these as eagerly as they did for the preceding activities, then a successful ath- letic season may certainly be predicted. Meanwhile, the gym is by no means an idle place, for Miss Malone daily supervises classes in swimming and diving which will be brought to an end in May when the annual swimming meet is held. Tournaments in the minor sports — bowling, ping-pong, and flying fish — are played ofl at dif- ferent periods during the year parallel to the major sports. While all of these activities are going on, the entire student body, under the direction of Miss Lucy Richardson, is preparing for gym night which occurs in March, and which is always a gala event Getting Set 194 A SURE GOAL at Newcomb. There will be exhibitions of fencing, apparatus work, wand and drill exercises; clowns, one chosen from each class, will supply the amusement for the audience during the inter- missions. The program for the Department of Physical Education culminates at the end of May with the coming of Field Day. All Seniors, from every High School in New Orleans, are invited to come and be the guests of Newcomb in order that they may become familiar with the environ- ment in which they will shortly be students. On this day the track meet in held, when compet- itors from each class strive for honors in throwing the javelin, fifty-ya rd dash, broad jump or whatever their choice might be. There is also the Faculty-Varsity baseball game played in May when our professors appear in a role quite different from that in which we are accustomed to seeing them. The contest is always an amusing and enjoyable one, with the faculty anxious to prove their superiority over the students in baseball as well as in knowledge. Athletic Council has decided this year that a Senior may receive her sweater during the year provided she gains the required number of points. This decision has won the approval of every- one because formerly such an award was given only at the end of the year. Through this new ruling, the Seniors will be privileged to wear their sweaters just as soon as they have attained the proper requirements. All other tro- phies and awards will be given on Trophy Night in June when the final closing of the Department of Physical Education will take place. There is alwaj ' S something that a girl might do at Newcomb whether she is ath- letically inclined or no. To further em- phasize the desire to please. Miss Smith announced at the beginning of the year that classes in tap-dancing would be con- ducted. They are probably the most im- portant new additions made to the cur- riculum this year due to the fact that through them many students have dis- covered that though they are not especially enthusiastic over sports, their talent lies in this new enjoyable form of exercise. Till: Start Miss Marianne Perkins Miss Elizabeth Lewis Miss Marion Rainey Miss Martha McDade Miss Lorraine LaCour Miss Lisette Moore Miss Virginia Jarman mJ -- Miss Lois Meyer Miss Mary Sue Ballowe ooooasoo. Academic Phi Kappa Sigma Pi Kappa Alpha Kappa Alpha Sigma Chi Alpha Tau Omega Sigma Nu Kappa Sigma Delta Tau Delta TULANE Phi Delta Theta Sigma Alpha Epsilon Delta Kappa Epsilon Beta Theta Pi Zeta Beta Tau Delta Sigma Phi Sigma Pi Sigma Alpha Mu Kappa Nu Pi Kappa Phi Sigma Iota Sigma Phi Epsilon Arthurian ' s Lambda Phi Sigma Phi Delta Newcomb Pi Beta Phi Alpha Omicron Pi Chi Omega Kappa Kappa Gamma Phi Mu Alpha Delta Pi Kappa Alpha Theta Alpha Epsilon Phi Zeta Tau Alpha Beta Phi Alpha Beta Sigma Omicron Phi Chi Alpha Kappa Kappa Theta Kappa Psi Nu Sigma Nu Professional Phi Rho Sigma Phi Delta Epsilon Phi Lambda Kappa Alpha Epsilon Iota Omicron Delta Kappa Phi Delta Phi Phi Alpha Delta Alpha Chi Sigma Honorary Alpha Omega Alpha Alpha Sigma Sigma Phi Phi Gargoyle Phi Beta Kappa Beta Gamma Sigma White Elephants Kappa Kappa Psi Owl Club TuLANE Square and Compass Thirteen Club D. H. Allen, G. A. AI en. Caine. Carroll Craft. Cohn, deCoMgny. Sidiere, Goldman Greshani. Kelleher, Kohlmeyer. Lurie. MoCausland McNair, McPhail. Melun, Miller. O ' Kelley Rainold. Robert. Roldehaux, Shinbauni, Shushan Stewart, Tatum, Thibaut. Upton, Youngs Officers Dr. Melvin J. White Chairman Roland B. Melun Secretary Woollen H. Walshe Treasurer W. H. Walshe . . . Cliairman of Activities Committee Frederic A. Youngs . Chairman of Grievance Committee Robert R. Rainold . . . Cliairman of Rules Committee Members of the Council Phi Kappa Sigma R. B. Melun A. M. Caine, Jr Pi Kappa Alpha J. M. Robert R. L. Welch Kappa Alpha J. E. McNair J. McCausland Sigma Chi L. Carroll W. Fitts Alpha Tail Omega R. R. Rainold C. deColigny Sigma Nu F. A. YouNCs P. GiDIERE Delta Tan Delta W. O ' Kelley L. Burt Phi Delta Theta P. L. Thibaut Frank Stewart Sigma Alpha Epsilon J. P. Little C. B. Craft Kappa Sigma Armstrong Allen H. McPhail Delta Kappa Epsilon H. Kelleher E. C. Upton Beta Theta Pi W. H. Walshe V. Gresham Zeta Beta Tau C. KOHLMEVER W. A. LURIE Delta Sigma Phi A. Bisso A. Tatum Sigma Pi R. S. Butaud D. H. Allen Sigma Alpha Mu J. Cohn S. Shushan Kappa Nu S. Goldman S. Shinbaum Pi Kappa Phi J. B. PURCELLE G. Robichaux Sigma Iota Orlando Gerodetti Joe Gutierrez Sigma Phi Epsilon C. Miller S. S. Spear Lambda Phi C. Day L. Damonte 213 Bacher, Booth, Burdine, A. Caine, W. Caine Claverie, Cox, Dours, Fisk, Fleming Gifford, Haller, Halbrook, Hulsey, Jenkins, Johnson Jung, Keith, Kopfier, Kostniayer, Lewis, Lodi ' igues Martin, MathPS, Melun. Miller, Morrow, Ogden Perry, Riess, Roberts, E. Simon, R. Simon, Stancliff Strange, " Waechter, Wallis, O ' Neill, White Founded at Ihiiversity of Pennsylvania, 1850 Mu Chapter Establhhi-d 1858 Fratres in Facultate Richard Ray Kirk Dr. Cahrles L. Brown Dr. Andrew Friedriciis Dr. Sam Hobson Ansel M. Caine, Jr. William E. Cox, Jr. Warum R. Holerook Marion J. Hulsey, Jr. Fratres in Universitate Seniors Warren B. Jung Henry C. Keith, Jr. Sidney F. Lewis, III Lawrence W. Martin Roland B. Melun Horatio N. Ogden Reginald Perry Mackey W. White Clarence J. Morrow Juniors Charles O ' Neill Vance M. Strange William Bacher Edwin Booth, Jr. W. A. Caine Albert Claverie Eugene Dours, Jr. Sophomores John Fisk Daniel Fleming Rudolph Holzer John M. Johnson w. p. lodrigues Earl L. Mathes Karlem Riess Eugene Simon Edward R. Tschirn Clinton J. Wallis Paul E. Gifford Henry Haller Ralph Jenkins Joseph Kopfler Freshmen M. D. Kostmayer, Jr. Clifton L. Miller, Jr. John C. Roberts, Jr. Brown Rodgers Robert Simon Gilbert Stancliff A. J. Waechter, Jr. Carter, Charbonnet, Collins, Colvin Delaune, Edwards, Elizardi, Fisher, Frederick Hellier, Holmes. Landry, LeJeune, Lobdell Long, McCook, McNeill, McCormick, Moseley Bridges, Moore. Nesbitt, Robert, Scale Warriner, J. Welch, R. Welch, Williamson Founded at University of Virginia, if Eta Chapter Established iSyS Dr. Octave Cassecrain Dr. John ' A. Lanford Fratres in Facultate Stuart G. Noble James M. Robert Dr. Robert Strong C. S. Williamson, Jr. L. S. Charbonnet Charles Frederick Robert B. Gallegly Harvey Colvin John M. Cotton C. Jack Fisher Fratres in Universitate Seniors Stanhope H. King Joel J. McCook Juniors Harry Hellier John F. McCormick A. Brown Moore John Moseley James Robert, Jr. A. K. Seale Lee T. Nesbitt D. B. Searcy Russell Welch John Carter Harry G. Duke Sophomores Elmo J. Edwards Durel Landry William Leake Louis Long C. S. Williamson, IH William Bridges Elson Delaune Ralph Elizardi John Fasterling John Holmes Freshmen Donald Kerr Alvin Landry Alfred Lejeune Robert Lobdell David McNeill Rene de Montluzin Boyce Neal Kearny Robert James Welch Douglas Warriner 217 Buchanan, Clark, Eustis, Feiber. Fenner Ferry, Gensler. Gray, Hamilton. Harclie. Harrison Hendricks. Hertzog. Hopkins, Jack, Jenkins, Kalile Kehoe, Kemp. Lumpkin, Martin, Matthews, McCausland McNair, Miller, Payne, Perdue. Roussel, Shaw Spicer, Tupper, Tooke. Vaughan, Vennard, Ware Westfeldt, White. J. Williams, R. Villiams, Witherspoon, Wogan Founded at U ' ashiiiston and Lee rniveisity, 1S65 Psi Chapter Establuln-d 1SS6 Dr. David Blackshear Dr. H. E. Buchanan Dr. Emmett L. Irwin Charles Payne Fenner Alexander Hamilton Ralph Hopkins, Jr- Thomas J. Fatheree Philip Gensler Prentice Gray Hatlev Harrison, Jr. J. D. Anderson Edward Ferry William T. Hardie John Hendricks John Buchanan Edwin Clark Edward Eustis James Feiber Fratres IX Facultate Dr. Pierre J. Kahle Dr. Henry Laurens Dr. Denegre Martin pRATRES IX UXIVERSITATE Seniors R. C. Kemp, Jr. J. E. McNair, Jr. Morgan Shaw Juniors Ambrose Hertzog Whitfield Jack John R. Jenkins, Jr. Sop io nores Reichard Kahle Richard Kehoe Edward Matthews Allison Miller Freshmen Hugh Lumpkin AsHTON Martin William Meadows George Perdue Allen Roussel Dr. Robert Sharp Dr. M. T. Van Studdiford Dr. James Winston Ogden Vennard R. B. Williams Richard Williams Jack McCausland Charles Monsted Edward F. Neild, Jr. JosEPFi Ware Francis Payne Norwood Spicer T. B. Tooke Wardlaw Witherspoon Deas Tupper Fred K. A ' aughan George Westfeldt, Jr. Philip Wogan 219 Banister, Bowman, Brlstow Burke, Carroll, Callleteau, Desporle, Eshleman. Eustis Felts. Fitts, Hartung. Higginbotham, Humphries. Jacobus Johnstone, King, Lanikin, Lea ke, Lelong, L. Lytal M. Lytal, McVea, H. Moise, J. Moise, Porter, Sanders C. Shilstone, H. Shilstone, Walters, Walthall Founded at Miami University, 1855 Alpha Omicron Chapter Established 1SS6 Fratres in Facultate Dr. E. D. Fen-ner Dr. P. A. IVIcIlhenny L. J. Bristow Leigh Carroll J. S. Desporte David Eustis Fratres in Universitate Seniors B. F. Eshleman Juniors K. C. Johnstone, Jr. Florian Lopez Harold Moise H. C. Leake, IL P. A. Lelong, III Herbert Shilstone, Jr. C. L. Young Berry Bowman Hardin Branch J. W. Burke E. G. Cailleteau Sophomores W. L. Fitts, hi C. A. Hartunc J. M. Higginbotham W. D. King Lake Lytal James E. Moise Charles McVea C. R. Walters Ray Banister Henry Humphries D. W. Jacobus Freshmen Vic Lamkin Malcolm Lytal Donald Porter Hadley Sanders Cecil Shilstone William Walthall -Not a meinlier. Beasley. Chalaron, deColigny, French Gilmer. Ellis, E. Eustis, J. Eustis, Farrar, Gillis Jenkins, Kammer. LeBrcton, Leverich. Martin, Massey Mercier, Myers, Moran, Morgan, Miller, Naftel Ogden, rtainold. Ramsey. Rea. Read, Salaun Schulze. Stout z, Swanson. J. Tharito. P. Tharjiu, Weed Alpha Tau Omega Founded at Virginia Military Institute, 1S65 Beta Epsilon Chapter Established 1SS7 Fratres IX Facultate Nathaniel C. Curtis Dr. Allan C. Eustis Frederick Hard Dr. C. L. Eshleman Dr. R. C. Lvnch Dr. Randolph Lyons Joseph Allen James H. Gillis Fratres in Uxiversitate Seniors William Gilmer Gilbert Greene Augustus E. Massey Thomas Ramsey James B. Read Joseph F. Beasley Ernest L. Eustis, Jr. Juniors Calvert G. de Coligny Mallory Van Morgan Robert R. Rainold Edwin Stoutz James Tharpe Frank J. Chalaron Hardin Ellis Ellsworth French Otis E. Jenkins Sophomores Nolan C. Kammer Edmond LeBreton Priestly Leverich Buford M. Myers Morris E. Popkins Rudolph Schulze Joseph Swanson Page Tharpe John C. Weed Bres Eustis Edgar Farrar Fontaine Martin Freshmen John Enos Mercier Paul Miller Alfred Moran Jack Naftel Edgar Rea Harold Salaun Demmick Thedford 223 Bergstedt, Dalrymple. Davis. Day, Everett Ewing, Pcntenot, Fountain, Gardiner, Gidiere Guilbeau, Harrell, Miazza, Morrow. Mosley Neal, Potter, Powell, Robinson, Sinionton Swearingen, Weston, Wilson. Youngs m-M ' yd ' f)U) ' My ' ' M Sigma Nil Founded at Virginia Military Institute, 1869 Beta Phi Chapter Established 1SS8 Dr. E. E. Allcever Fratres in Facultate C. E. Dunbar Dr. George Hardin Dr. John McBkvcib J. P. Everett W. S. Harrell, Jr. J. M. McBryde, Jr. Fratres in Universitate Se7iiors G. J. Miazza K. T. MOSLEY H. R. Potter C. P. Powell H. C. Weston F. A. Youngs G. R. Dalrymple R. C. Day D. D. Young, Jr. J. Y. Fontenot C. E. Bergstedt E. E. Guilbeau, Jr. Juniors W. J. Fountain F. W. Gardiner P. S. Gidiere Sophomores R. E. Holmes, Jr. K. K. Miazza Gladstone Phillips J. W. Neal, Jr. G. W. Robinson R. J. Stroble, Jr. D. C. Swearingen John Read R. M. SiMONSTON F. L. Barnes W. R. Davis Freshmen Bruce Hopkins Sidney ' Morrow A. W. Pettigrew, Jr. Jack Wilson 225 Adams, Allen. Blake. Cairuth Count iss, DeRanius, Doss. Ehkrt, Foster, Glass Habans, Hardin, Huthnance, Hyde, Knowies Kuhner. Lambert. Landry, Lee, A. Lewis, J. Lewis McCoy, McLcod, McPhall, Mouton, IMuth Pitts, Eeixach, Roy. Sartor, Saucier, Staley Tbigpen, Tbompson, Tolleson. Watson, " Williams a igma Founded at University of Vivgini:i, 1869 SiGiviA Chapter Established 1SS9 Ted Cox Dr. E. L. Faust Fratres in Facultate Dr. Fred Fenne Frederick H. Fox Dr. a. N. Houston Dr. E. L. King Dr. M. J. White Fratres in Universitate G. Armstrong Allen C. E. Hardin, Jr. E. P. Lee, Jr. W. H. MOUTON V. L. Roy, Jr. H. R. Stalev C. E. Thompson E. H. COUNTISS ROBT. Hills Juniors A. W. Lewis J. A. Lewis, Jr. H. B. McPhail T. R. Sartor, Jr. J. A. Williamson- R. B. Foster, Jr. J. B. Haeans Soplwinorcs E. T. liUTHNANCE L. T. Kuhner A. J. Rei.xach R. B. Williams J. V. Blake, Jr. L. E. Carruth, Jr. W. E. Ehlert Tom Glass, Jr. J. L. Hyde, Jr. Freshmen Arthur Johnson, Jr. J. M. Knowles H. M. Lambert E. S. Landry F. S. McCoy J. H. MUTH Max Saucier A. W. TOLLESON A. C. Watson 227 W k Andry. Burt, Christianson, E. Cooper R. Cooper, Blanchard. Brister. Burnett, England Friedrichs, Gleason. Harding, Kittredge, Morrison Moore, Munson. O ' Connor, L. O ' Kelley, W. O ' Kelley Percy, Sherwood, Richardson, Thorn, " Whitten Founded at Bethany College, 1S58 Beta Xi Chapter Established iSSq Dr. Pierce Butler Fratres in Facultate Dr. S. C. Jamison Dr. J. P. O ' Kelley Cecil Burnett, Jr. Fratres in Universitate Seniors E. M. McCarroll L. DeB. O ' Kelley A. E. Moore A. C. Andry, Jr. H. H. Brister L. W. Burt Ervin Cooper Robert Cooper Juniors J. C. Harding Sophomores Norton England Shelby Friedrichs Howard Gleason W. E. KiTTREDGE James H. Morrison W. H. O ' Kelley James Percy W. P. Richardson R. C. Whitten Carver Blanchard George Bott Freshmen Louis Christianson Warren Munson Jack O ' Connor Charles Sherwool Charles Thorn, Jr. 229 Crawfoi ' d. Cunningham. Dodge, Duval, Dymond Feltus, Fortier. Freeman, Gambtl, Gessner, Glover Grace, Guion, Henderson, Hogan, Howell, Irwin Kelleher, Lafaye, Lewis, Lilly, Link, Long Mauniit, McCance, Neville, Petteway. Postlethwaite, Rainwater Regan. Schwab, Stewart, Stokes, Thibaut Founded at Miami University, Oxfotd, Ohio, 1848 Louisiana Alpha Chapter Eslalilislicd iSSq Dr. R. Ashman Dr. C. W. Duval Edward H. Gessner John A. Glover Fratres in Facultate Dr. H. B. Gessner Dr. R. C. Harris Dr. J. B. Guthrie Dr. H. E, Miller Dr. a. Ochsner Dr. F. W. Phillips Fratres in Universit. te Seniors George Lilly John C. Henderson Godfrey Z. Regan Robert S. Link Elmer M. McCance Charles M. Rucker Fran ' k C. Smith Lowell P. Dawson George W. Dodge Pierre L. Thibaut J iiniois Hugh McC. Evans J. H. R. Feltus Thomas Irwin Wesley D. Thompson Ogden W. Lafave Frank B. Stewart T. J. Cunningham, Charles Gambel Walter S. Guion James Hodgins Paul Hogan, Jr. Julian P. Howell Walter Crawford Joseph Duval William Dymond J«. Sophomores Trever Lewis P.. Nelson Long Robert Mack Adrien a. Maught John O Connor Freshmen Marquez Ehlinger Alcee Fortier Richard Freeman William Grace A. L. Postlethwaite, Jr. George K. Pratt, III Jesse G. Rainwater, Jr. O. J. Reiss Jack Schwab Davis Stokes Robert Kelleher William Neville Earle Petteway Adams, Adrion, Atkinson, Becnel Callahan, Chambers, Craft, Dart, Dowling, Fair Fisher, Fowler, Gordinier, Gottschalk, Henderson Jackson, Johnson. Kemp, Littell, Little, Maury, Mills, Morgan, Plauche, Quarles, Schoenberger Sessions, Shell, Stroud, Tuller, Vincent, Voss Wahl, Weilbaecher, Wetherill, " Williams, Woods Founded at University of Alabama, 1856 Louisiana Tau Upsilon Chapter Eslahlished jSgy Donald Derickson C. B. Dicks Herndon Fair Waller Fowler, Jr. Gordon Johnson Brigman Craft Wesley Dowling Bill Fisher Scott Flower Cliff Flynn Jack Gordinier Noel Adams Dudley Atkinson Alston Callahan Vernon Adrion Dudley Andry Bob Baer Will Becnel Fratres in Facvltath Dr. G. W. Kutscher, Jr. Fratres in Universitate Seniors William Littell JiMMiE Shell Carl Stroud J u mors Jack Gottschalk, Jr. Tom Jackson Duncan Kemp Pat Little Frank Maury Sophomores Edward Cleve ■ Johnny Henderson Mark Roy Fresh lien Beale Chambers Albert Dart Lang Holland Price Holland Dr. J. A. Lyon Dr. John Pratt Carlyle Voss Bon ' N ' ie Weilbaecher Melvin Wetherill Rodney Mills Cicero Sessions Perry Thomas Will Tuller Jerry Williams Willie Woods Drew Smith William Vincent Carl Wahl Wade Morgan Hester Plauche Hugh Quarles Pope Schoenbergek Airey, Andrus, Bartlett, Bell, Bethea Bufkin, Chavigny, Cleveland, Cooke, Dawkins Derickson, Harry, Hughes, Isacks. Jarreau, Johnson Jordan. Kalleher, King, Labouisse, B. McCloskey, E. McCtoskey J. McCloskey, McGehee, Menge. Monroe, Moseley, Nolan Parker, Saint, Souchon, St. Martin, G. Stubbs, K. Stubbs Thames, Trousdale, Upton, Walsh, " VVhatley [amMMfffB Founded at Yale College, 1844 Tau Lambda Chapter Established iSqq n Willis Banker William Bell Theodore Bethea Paul Cooke Fratres in Universitate Seniors Harry Kelleher Allen King Bernard McCloskey Edward McGehee Henry Menge King Stubbs Henry Wehrmann Hugh Whatley George Bush Benjamin Dawkins Alan Devlin Harry Glover Robert Hughes Charles Chavigny Juniors Monroe Labouisse Ladislas Lazaro, Jr. Joe McCloskey, Jr. Ulisse Nolan Sophomores Leonard Isacks Dubose Saint Harry Souchon Guy Stubbs John D. Thames Clagett Upton Robert Jordan Parker Airey Edward Axdrus Julian Bartlett Turner Bufkin Murray Cleveland Gayden Derickson Freshmen Anthony Glover Tom Harry Edward Henriques A. Jarreau Charles Kyle Sawyer Labouisse Edward McCloskey Charles Moseley Maurice St. Martin William Seay ' Harry Swartz Robert Walsh Bayon, Calhoun, Clay, Dameron. Davidson H. DeBuys, J. DeBuys, de la Houssaye, Eastman, Gresham, Guy Higdon, Howard. Hume. Huntress. James, Jastram Keenan, Kennedy, Legier. Light. G. MacDiarmid M. MacDiarmid. Matthews, McLellan, Mercer, Miles, Moore Penney, Rhodes. Rivenbark. Schneidau. Seemann, Seeuws Sullivan, Sutter. Walshe, Webb, Zimmerman Dr. W. p. Bradburn Dr. F. E. Lejeune Dr. Charles J. Bloom Beta Theta Pi Founded at Miami University, 1839 Beta Xi Chapter Esiahlislied iQoS Fratres in Facultate W. B. Pipkin Dr. R. de la Houssave Fratres in Universitate Dr. Muir Bradburn Sumter D. Marks, Jr. Delvaille H. Theard M. J. Bayon M. L. DE LA HOUSSAYE N. R. Howard A. E. Jastram W. C. Keenan, II J. R. Legier W. M. Light Ford Seeuws W. H. Walshe Frank Dameron, Jr. H. D. DeBuys J. F. DeBuys J. V. Gresham, Jr. P. E. James Juniors C. B. Kennedy A. N. Lewis, Jr. M. G. Lynch G. F. MacDiarmid P. A. Moore W. F. Penney ' W. C. Rivenbark C. D. Schneidau C. S. Sutter Lloy ' d Guy ' Robert Hicdon Chas. Hume Sophomores F. G. Huntress, Jr. F. W. Matthews, Jr. E. B. Mercer H. D. Sims D. G. Zimmerman, Jr. Chas. Calhoun Elwood Clay Girard Davidson G. P. Eastman Hicks Edwards, Jr. Freshmen Edward McLellan Martin MacDiarmid PoRCHER Miles, Jr. J. L. Rhodes, Jr. Thomas R. Schneidau Chas. Seemann Walker Sullivan Edward Sutter M ' m. T. Walshe George Webb Bodenheimer, Cohen, Dennery, B. Friedman, K. Friedman Herolcl, Jacobs, Kling, Kohlman. Kohlmeyor J. F. Levy, J. Levy, L. Levy, P. Levy, Lurie Marx, Meyer, Moss, Mundt, Ochs Phillips, Reisfeld, Rosenberg. Selig-mann, Steiner. Stern 2. 8 Zeta Beta Tata Founded at Jewish Theological Seminary, if Sigma Chapter Esiahlishcd igog Frater in Facultate Kenneth Kahn Louis Bodenheimer Lazare Cohen Theodore Dexnery B. M. Friedman S. G. Jacobs, Jr. Fratres in Universitate Seniors Stanford Hyman Walter Lurie Juniors Wm. B. Kohlman, Jr. LoRis Levy Louis Ochs, Jr. Harry Meyer A. C. Rosenberg Bernard Stern Irving Seligmann Leon Weill Simon Herold Jimmy Heymann Sophomores Paul Levy H. P. Marks, Jr. Albert Phillips Robert Reisfeld Charles Ttitche, Jr. Sol Weiss, Jr. Emile Cahn Robert Friedman Herman Herold Paul Kling, Jr. Freshmen Joseph Levy Ferd Lob Jack Marx Hartwig Moss Leslie Mundt Jesse Rosenfeld, Jr. Lewis Schwarz, Jr. ' Max Stockner 239 Baker, Barro v, A. Bisso, G. Bisso, Brehm Brewer, Brierre, Burvant. Campbell, Tolvin, Crais Doullut. Fleming, Fletcher, Green, Haik. Hamilton Hartman, House, Jennings, Keller, Klay, Knight Lachin. Lagarde, Lynch, Magee, Meraux, Meyer Mudd. Newman. Odom. Rester. F. Roberts, L. Roberts Rougelot, Rouse. Sorrells. Tatum, Vinson, AValsh igmia. FM Founded at New York College, iS Chi Chapter Establislied IQ16 Fratres in Facultate Dr. C. G. Jakger Dr. E. Garland Walls Fratres in Universitate Seniors Paul V. Colvin Henry R. Crais LoYD T. Roberts Hillrie K. Rouse, Jr. Morris M. Baker William P. Barrow Alexander Bisso, Jr. J. Theodore Brierre Juniors Urbain J. Burvant Carlos R. Hamilton Adolphus Y. Jennings Nathaniel B. Knight, Jr. Doyle C. Magee Leonc e D. Newman Charles B. Odom John E. Sorrells Sherard a. Tatum Robert Brehm Ben Fleming R. Manning Fletcher George S. Bisso Fred W. Brewer Chester P. Doullut Matthew R. Green George M. Haik Edwin Herpich Sophomores J. Clifford Hartman Merkl L. Lagarde Jules Meraux Freshmen Curtis R. House George T. Hubbard Clifford L. Keller Homer J. Klay " , Jr. Lewis A. Lachin Hermann Meyer Guy Odom Noley H. Vinson William J. Lynch Robert R. Rester Floy ' d B. Roberts Robert E. Rougelot, Jr. John W. Roye RuFus S. Walsh, Jr. 241 A5 ( Aldrich, Allen, Anders, Beck, Bivins Blaize, Bruno. Butaud, Christonsen, Harvey Herring, Holmes, Larose, Mason, McDowell Moselcy, Oxford, Reinking, Renken. Robertson Rose, Ronton, Simpson, Slaughter, Wright Sigima Pi Founded at Vincennes University, 1897 Omicron Chapter Established IQ20 Dr. E. a. Bechtel Fratres in Facultate Dr. D. C. Browne Dr. L. Gordon Robert C. McDowell T. M. Oxford Fratres in Universitate Seniors Paul Renken Claiborxe B. Robertsov William Mack Routo.v Thomas R. Simpson, Jr. Ju mors B. E. Aldrich Dean H. Allen Harry N. Anders Russel S. Butaud Joseph B. Holmes Henry Larose, Jr. W. S. Slaughter, Jr. Ernest Beck, Jr. Ellsworth Bivins Sophomores Reginald N. Blaize, Jr. RdcuM H. Crasto John S. Herring Keith Mason Walter F. Reinking John Bruno, Jr. S. B. Christensen Freshmen J. B. Harvey A. J. MOSELEY W. M. Reid P. C. Rose, Jr. H. G. Wright Bonart, Cohn, Ferber Greonblatt, Haas. Kierr. Lang Lehniann, A. Levy. E. Levy. Marks Moses. Mintz, Radlauer. Romeo Scheinuk, Shushan, H. Solomon, M. Solomon 244 Sigma Alpha Mm rounded at College of the City of New York, 1909 Sigma Gamma Chapter Eslahlislii ' d igso Fratres in Universitate . Seniors Edward D. Levy Arthlir Radlauer ] Liniors Irving H. Cohn Shepard Shushan Sophomores Harold B. Bonart Bernard A. Moses Nat M. Greenelatt ' Zachary Romeo Samuel Lang Arthur Scheinuk Leon Mintz Max Solomon Freshmen Leo Fereer Arthur G. Levy Raymond Kierr Paul L. Marks Emile J. Lehmann Harry Orlov Herbert G. Solomon Aronson, Baikoff. Blitz Everett, Finkelstein, Goldblatt Goldman, Hirsch, Marchiz Miles, Shinbaum, Singer Kappa Nil Founded at Rochester University, 191 1 Sigma Chapter Eslablislicd IQ22 Frater in Facultate Dr. N. H. Polmer Fratres in Universitate Seniors Morris Bodenger David Drezixski Robert Segal Juniors Sidney Goldman Sam Shinbaum Sophomores Samuel Barkoff Oscar Blitz WiLLARD FiNKLESTEIN Sidney Singer Freshmen Harold Aronson Jacob Hirsch Louis Goldblatt Isadore Marchiz Sidney Miles 247 Addison, Birdwell, Brannan, Burgoyne, Cook Haas, Hopkins, Howard, Jones, Norris Ogden, Lea. O ' Leary, Paine, Purcell Richards, Robichaux, Sliane, Snider, Simmons Soniat, Voorhies, Webb, AVeber. AVoods Pi Kappa Phi Founded at Charleston College, 1904 Alpha Beta Chapter Established 1923 Frater in Facult xte G. B. Hasty Fkatres in Univer sitate Post Graduate R. A. Fisher W. P. Addison, Jr. J. B. BiRDWELL Seniors B. R. BURGOYNE G. S. Hopkins W. G. Jones H. Ogden H. S. Shane Max Brannan Juniors J. D. PURCELL E. B. ROBICHAUX T. Jacques, Jr. C. E. Richards Sophomores S. R. SXIDER T. L. L. Soniat B. VOORHIES J. S. Webb, Jr. T. B. Woods, Jr. W. W. Armistead, Jr. J. Cassidy F. Haas, Jr. W. A. Howard J. Lea Freshmen T. Little V. McCoy L. Micas J. E. NORRIS R. O ' Leary L. Page R. L. Paine E. Simmons D. Waits G. Weber 249 Cadaval, Gerodetti, Lopez Prieto, Valle, Vasquez 250 Founded at Louisiana State University, 190+ Nu Epsilon Chapter Establis ird IQ24 Frater in Facultate Dr. Rudolph Matas Fratres in Universitate Seniors Jaime G. Cadaval Joseph P. Gutierrez Juniors Manuel M. Garcia Gerardo Lopez (y Solis) Orlando F. Gerodetii (y Cuellar) Alberto Prieto (Eleta) Antonio F. del Valle Sophomores Kermit Brau Edward Vales Joseph D. Scolaro Guillermo Vasquez (y Molina) Ernesto Venegas Freshmen Arturo N. Alvarado Jose M. Garcia Maximo Carrizo (Villarreal) Alejandro Perez Adolpho Urrutia (y Fernandez) Leopoldo Villareal 251 E( Allenburger, Bender, Butzke, Callaway Click, Cooper, Donnelly, Fortenberry, Goldman Haar, Huber, Jackson, Kreeger, LeBreton Lee, Miller, Milligan, Moore, Morrison Hubener, Richard, Rodrigue, Seale, Severance Snydei " , Speer, Sproles, Thomas. West Sigma PM Epsilom Foiimled at Richmond College, 1901 Louisiana Alpha Chapter Eslablislied 1Q2Q Frater in Facultate Paul C. Foster Nathan J. Bender Allen T. Blount C. A. Allenburger Charles D. David Walter Haar Fratres in Universitate Seniors Frederick G. Butzke V. J. Donnelly Juniors Louis F. Hubener Elmer Huber Denvrick LeBreton Edward Rodrigue Clark O. Miller James J. Morrison Stanley E. Severance Joseph A. Snyder, Jr. Seals S. Speer Clarence Herrmann Sophomores Robert Jackson Earl S. Seale Sidney H. Sims Freshmen Charles Callaway Alfred J. Cooper Merle B. Goldman Scott M. Hauser Chris Kreeger Harold Lee Robert D. Lottinger Sellers Millican Robert Moore, Jr. . Euclid Richard J. Arthur Sproles, Jr. N. K. Thomas Ed Hudson West 253 Blackwell, Eutera, Cope Cresap, Erickson, Falk. Foley Gilmore, Gunn, Haeuser LaNasa, Lota. Moinet, O ' Meara Sica, Viosca, Wehrmann 254 Louis Cope Peter Erickson ' Myron Falk Joseph Gunn Matthew LaNasa Jim Butera William Blackwell Founded at Tulane, 1925 Frater in Facultate Philippe Schaeffner Fratres in Universitate Seniors Dudley Foley Victor Lota Juniors Arthur Moinet, Jr. Sophomores Dan Cresap Pat O ' Meara Raymond Prouet Philippe Schaffner Alvin Rolfe Frank Sica William Haeuser, Jr. Jules Viosca Freshmen William Fisher Harry Gilmore Philip Wehrmann 255 Cassagne, Damonte, Drawe, Gibbins Haas, Hanna, LaNasa. Letten Macdonald. McBride, Morrison, Parker Putnam, Schonberg, Tomeny. Treuting Lamlbda Phi (Local) Founded at Tulane University, 1926 Fratres in Facultate Dr. John S. Kendall Jacob L. Costa E. F. Pollard EuGEXE Hanna C. Cassagne, Jr. G. A. Frilot, Jr. Alvyn J. Day W. J. Drawe, Jr. Jerry Glarrataxo Fratres in Universitate Seniors Arthur Haas, Jr. Juniors J. J. Hainkel C. B. Harvey R. S. Putnam F. W. Macdon ' ald W. L. Treuting Irvis H. Schonberg Frank O. Tomeny L. Weaver Sophomores L. Damonte a. Harvey Dennis Gibbins Rudolph McBride L. J. Parker C. Ale.xius James Collins RuFus Crull Freshmen James J. LaNasa Alden H. Letten W. A. Morrison Argus, Baehr, Bliss, Dolhonde, Drawe Ervin, Plach, Florencia, Freret. Geier, Grey Hanna, Hinds, Houlgrave, Leininger, Libano. Maxwell McEachern, Molaison, Muller, Peterson, Pilsbury, Crettet Ricketts. Rogan, Roth, Sheeler, Stockmann, Surgi Trepagnier, Tudury, Wagner, Welman, " Werner, Williams Sigma Phi Delta (Professional Engineering) Founded at University of Southern California, 1924 Zeta Chapter Estahlislird ig2g Fratres in Facultate Douglas S. Anderson James M. Robert Eugene C. Hanna J. C. Baehr R. L. Argus M. E. Crettet, Jr. W. J. Drawe, Jr. E. R. Grey J. E. Leininger C. B. McEachern A. C. Flach, Jr. I. Florencia Fratres in Universitate Seniors C. E. Dolhonde Juniors H. J. MOLAISON A. deR. Remanjon J. E. ROGAN, Jr. A. J. Roth, Jr. H. H. Stockmann Sophomores H. Hinds, Jr. W. R. LiBANO, Jr. E. J. Stearns, Jr. M. M. Maxwell D. H. Trepagnier, Jr. W. TUDURY H. C. Welman R. G. Werner C. M. WiLLLAMS R. E. Wagner G. E. SURGI M. HOGONI M. A. Bliss J. P. Ervin L. D. Freret Freshmen D. Geier C. J. Houlgrave L. T. MULLER A. Peterson N. PiLSBURY G. B. S. Ricketts J. E. R. Sheeler 259 Asbury, Butler, Eustis Haspel, Keenan. McBryde Mentis, Price. Rogan Troescher, White, Wilson 260 Ne H comli) Pan Hellenic Associatioiti Officers Janet Wallace President AuDREV Fay Sayman Seoelary Members Elected Katherine Kammer Phi Mu Winifred Folse Alpha Oiiiicion Pi Betty Werlein Pi Beta Phi Esther Cleveland Kappa Kappa Gamma AuRDEY Fay Sayman Alpha Delta Pi Adrienne Asbury Beta Phi Alpha Dorothy Mengis Beta Sigma micron Laura Eustis Chi Omega Nancy Butler Zeta Tail Alpha Marjorie Haspel Alpha Epsilon Phi Elizabeth Wilson Kappa Alpha T ieta Members Ex-Officio Marianne Perkins Phi Mu Janie Price Alpha Omicron Pi Betty Keenan Pi Beta Phi Rosalind Rogan Kappa Kappa Gamma Audrey White Alpha Delta Pi Judith Fowler Beta Phi Alpha Mathilde Villere Beta Sigma Omicron Odile Simpson Chi Omega Margret Troescher Zeta Tail AlpJia Marion Hirsch Alpha Epsilon Phi Flora McBryde Kappa Alpha Tlieta 261 Allen, Barksdale, Bartlett. Barton, Beury Bradley, Buck, Caffery, Cleveland, Ellis, Eskrigge Felder, Fenner, Forsythe, Harrup, Harvey, Henriques B. Holt, M. Holt, Hopkins, Hudson, Johnson, Keenan Lacour, Lawrason, A. Lewis, B. Lewis. B. Logan, M. Logan K. Logan, Parrish. Rice, Richardson, Rosser, Shibley Staufter. Villere. Walker, B. Werlein, L. Werlein, Westfeldt Beta Founded at Monmouth College, 1867 Louisiana Alpha Chapter Establis ied iSgi Mary Butler In Facultate Helen ' Clifford Alice Monroe Labouisse Nancy Allen Eleanor Ellis Rebecca Barton Frances Cleveland Olivia Bartlett Maricayle Hopkins Kitty Minor Logan Billie Barksdale Julia Beury Helen Bradley Mary Frances Buck Mary Caffery Virginia Catlin Stephanie Dinkins In Universitate Seniors Margaret Henriques Betty Keenan Elizabeth Lewis Juniors WiNIFRIED EsKRIGGE Edith Harvey Myrthe Stauffer Sophomores Marjorie Logan Evelyn Shibley Margaret Roberts Pledges Charlotte Felder Laura Fenner Sarah Forsyth Hester Harrop Betti- Holt Melanie Holt Margaret Hudson Beulah Johnson Lorraine LaCour Alba Richardson Betty Werlein Elizabeth Villere Dorothy Walker Margaret Rosser Lorraine Werlein Mettha Westfeldt Lillian Lawrason Anne Lewis Barbara Logan Evelyn Lyons Mary Newman Parrish Virginia Pearson Irene Rice Bovard, Bres, Buchanan, Byrne Douglas. Evans, Folse, Griffin. Hovey-King. Huey Jones, Krause, Lester, Lewis, Magruder, Marshall McCartney. Mott. North, Paclier, F. Price, J. Price Rand, Remhert, Robertson, Rowley. Schupp, Scott Stack, Tarlton, Walton, Williams Alpha Omicroe Pi Founded at Barnard College, 1S97 Pi Chapter EstahlisluT iSgS Dacmar R. Lr Breton In Facultate Anna E. Many Gladys A. Renshaw Clara May Buchanan Katherine Byrne Margaret Bovard Winifred Folse Rita Hovey-King Elizabeth Jon ' es Susan Douglass Marietta Griffin Margaret Bres Frances Evans Gladys Huey Louise Lester In Universitate Seniors Marcelle Leverich Juniors Emily Krouse Evelyn Magruder Ada Mott Sophomores Mel Robertson Pledges AsHTON Lewis Mary Elba Marshall Elizabeth North Frances Rand Janie Price Jane Williams Mamie Packer Frances Price Edwyna Scott Beverly Walton Nancy Stack Jeanne McCartney ViRGixiA Rembert June Rowley Eleanor Schupp Louise Tarlton Benedict, Boui ' ne, Brown, Carre, Case A. Chalaron, L. Chalaron, Colomb, Conover, Covey, K. Crawford L. Crawford, Dohan, Duncan, Eustis, Floyd, Grace T. Green, R. Green, Knapp, Louise Livaudais, Lucile Livaudais, McBee Metcalfe, Raulston, M. Robortshaw, S. Robtu ' tshaw, Sandmeyer, Shall cross Simpson, SuUins, Swayze, Viallon, Wilcox. Wilson Founded at rniversity of Arkansas, 1S95 Rho Chapter Eslahlhlu-d 1900 In Facultate Ci.ARA Lrwis Landry Bertha Lataxe Amelie Chalarom LuciLE Chalaron In Universitate Seniors Laura Eustis Louise Livaudais Odile Simpson Lucille Livaudais Sybil Sandmeyer J uni Anna Jane Dohan Shirley Hollingsworth Mary Katherine Morton Helen Wilson Edith Benedict Jane Conover Evelyn Knapp Sophomores Margaret Lewis Mary Bell Long Pledges Virginia Bourne Julie Brown Catherine Brush Benita Carre Rose Mary Case Elizabeth Colomb Eugenie Covey Kathleen Crawfoxd Louise Crawford Mary Helen Dohan Hilda Duncan Matelyn Floyd Evelyn Grace ZoE Shallcross Jane Swayze Marie Louise Wilcox Inez Green Rebecca Green Hermine Mc3ee Doris Metcalfe Helen Priestley T. L. Raulston Mary Robertshaw Susan Robertshaw Ann Sullens Eleanor Thompjon Margaret Tucker Ruth Viallon Betty Williams Airey, Bell, Clarkson, Claverie, Cooper, Danieron Dinwiddle, Fox, Frederickson, Geary, Giles, Gillican Graham, Harry, Herbert, Kctcham, Laney. Legier Lemaiin. A. Log an, P. Logan, V. Logan, Martin, Mattison Mays, Norris, Pharr, E. Pearce, M. Pearce, Plerscn Reed, Remick. Rhodes, Robertson. M. Rogan. R. Rogan Smith. Stebbins, R. Sterrett. S.. Sterrott, Tobin, Tucker Founded at Monmouth College, 1879 Beta Omicron Chapter Established IQO In Facultate Miss Elizabeth Raymond Miss Floren ce Smith Miss Adelin Spencer Elizabeth Adams CoRiNNE Carter Margaret Clarkson In Universitate Seniors Flavia Claverie Marjory Devereux Myra Fredrickson Mary Louise Giles Alice B. Logan Rosalind Rogan Esther Cleveland Irene Cooper Mary Dinwicdie Jane Fox Lucile Gillican Helen Bell Margaret Gillican Stella Hebert Juniors Frances G. Ivens Ethel Ketcham Elise McGehee Edith Norris Sophomores Eleanor Legier Margaret Mooney Beatrice O ' Reilly Brent Robertson Jane Pharr Elizabeth Pierson Sally Reed Mary Rhodes Mary Belle Rogan Jane Smith Roberta Sterrett Patricia Tucker Cecile Airey Lilian Dameron Grace Graham Helen Harry Alice Kilpatrick Lily Laney Pledges Alice Lemann Peggy Logan Virginia Logan Jean Martin Mildred Mattison Virginia Mays Elizabeth Pearce Murray Pearce Betsy Quinlan Martha Remick Marion Stebbins Sarah Sterrett Mary Louise Toein Allert, Buclv, Coleman Cotliran, Crossgrove. Deahl, Enslen, Fleury Gallegly, Gray, Haralson, Hemphill, Hitt Howsmon, Kidcl, Koernfr, Lucliiysh, Mc Griff Moore. Perkins, Porturficld, Scott, Tyler Vincent, G. Wliipple, J. Whipple. Yarbrough Touncled at Wesleyan CoIlcs:;c, 1852 (National, 1904) Delta Chapter F.slablishcd igo6 Ix Facultate Kathkrixe Hanley Mary Allert Jaxs Deahl Frances Gray Willie F. Coleman In Universitate Seniors Mary Haralson Margaret Hyde Juniors Florence Hempstead Katherine Kammer Dorothy McGriff Marianne Perkins Jane Whipple Vivian Walker Beity Briscoe Meredith Brock Sophomores Ruth Dickey LisETTE Moore ' iRGiNiA Tyler CSenevieve Whippli- Emma Cothrax Rose Crosscrove Charlotte Enslen Dorothy Fleury Mary E. Gallegly Emilie Hanley ' Pledges ' iRGiNiA Hemphill Craig Hitt Eunice Howsmon Velma Kidd Edith Koerner Marcella Luckiesii LuciLE Owens Cora Porterfield Margueryte Scon Love St. John Helen Vincent Evelyn Yarbrough 271 Allen, Branan, E. Breard. A. Brearrt, S. Breard Brown, Bunkley, Butler, H. Carter, V. Carter, Cosper Earhart. Freniaux, Gardner. Grayson, Hale. Hutchins Janssen, Lisso, Lowdon, E. Menuot, K. Monuet, Piker Randol. Saucier, Savman, Shafer, Short, Tujague Wahl, AValker, Wemple, Whistnant, White Founded at Wesleyan College, 1851 (National 1904) Epsilon Chapter Estabiislicd igo6 Katherine Hardesty In Facultate Mrs. Gertrude R. Smiih Jaxet Wallace In Universitate Seniors Elizabeth Brearij Clara Mae Saucier Cecile Grayson Audrey White Juniors Annie L. Breard Vivian Carter Katherine Menuet Virginia Brown Hilda Fremaux Audrey Fay Sayman Caroline C. Branan Sophomores Sally Breard Phala Hale Pledges Sally Allen Sue Bailey Dorothy Bunkley Anna Burns Marion Butler Helen Carter Dorothy Coquille Elizabeth Cosper Mary Ella Gardner Martha Hutchins Macda Janssen Elizabeth Jones Sue Lisso Hope Betty Lowdon Olive M. MacDonald Elizabeth Menuet Gertrude Pearson Rosebud Piker Elizabeth Randol Ruth Shafer Elizabeth Short Dorothy Sprott Diane Tujague Shirley Mae Wahl LoRENA Walker Blanche Wemple Whisnant Ballowe, Bennett. Bowers, Carr, Davenport Deiimann, Duseiihurj-, Ellis, Gay den, Goodwill, Green D. Kaili-y, E. Huiley, Heiss, Jac-kson, Jai ' mon, Mackie M(.Bryde, F. McBryde, McCIatchey, McDade. McMahon, Moore J. Olson. S. Olsen, Payne, Ricks, Smith, Soper Tharp, Thornton, Turner, Vail, Van " Winkle, " Walker E. M ' ilson, M. Wilson, " Withers, " Wood, " V ord Kappa Alpha Theta Founded at DcPauw University, 1870 Alpha Phi Chapter Established igi4 In Facultate MiLDRKD Christian Adele Drouei ' Berta Denman IVIary E. Davenport Dorcas Duseneurv Fav Mackie IVIav Ellis Nellie Green Elizabeth Hailey JUANITA Heiss Mary Sue Ballowe Patricia Bennett Elizabeth Bowers Grace Carr Irene Gayden In Universitate Seniors Elizabeth Wilson Juniors Adolyn McClatchey Frances Smith Sophomores LuELLA Jackson Peggy McMahon Jennie Olsen Dixie Tharp Pledges Jane Goodwill Dorothy Hailey Virginia Jarman Carolyn McBryde Laura Louise Moore Catherine Payne Flora McBryde Jessa Soper Frances Van V ' inkle Elizabeth Withers May Thornton Viola Vail Helen Walker Marjorie Wilson Louise Ricks Phyllis-Ann Shaw Tom Turner June Wood Susan Word Altniont, Calm, Cohn. Davis. Pennery Hagedorn, Haspel, Hausmann, L. Hiist-Ii, M. Hirscli, S. Hiisch Hyman, Isaacs, Jacobs, Kahn, Kolilman. Lehmann Levy. Marx, Mayer. B. Meyer. L. Meyer, Xieholl Rittenberg. Uonsheim. Rosenberg . Schwartz. D. Simon, H. Simon D. Stern, V. Stern. Wolff. Wise. ATolbrette Alpha Epsiloe Phi Founded at Barnard College, 1909 Epsilon Chapter Estahlislifd igi6 Marjorie Haspel Leonie Davis Hermione Cahn Fanny Dennery Theone Hausmann Suzanne Hirsch In Universitate Seniors Marion Hirsch Juniors Camille Hagedorn Sophomores Janet Jacobs Marjorie Kohlman Bertha Meyer Ida Rittenberg Alice Schwartz Marjorie Isaacs Hilda Simon Dorothy Simon Doris Stern Vivian Jane Stern Amy Wise Ethel Alltmont Babette Cohn Louise Hirsch Evelyn Hyman Roberta Kahn Pledges Emma Lemann Felice Levy Lena Marx Janice Mayer Lois Meyer Ann Nickoll Marion Ronsheim Lucille Rosenberg Dorothy Senion ' Anna Wolbrette Florence Wolf 277 Bailey, Bush, L. Butler. N. Butler Chappius, Coyle. Dafoe. Daspit, Gilliam Herbert, Hoofeld, Knox, Kolstad, Low McClintock, McFadden, Netter. Person, Phillips Rainey, Reid, RucUman, E. Sale, L. Sale Scatterty, Taylor, Thornton, Troescher, " Woodnll Zeta Tau Alpha Founcled at Virginia State Normal, 189S Beta Kappa Chapter Established igsy In Faclltate Patricia Lamb Rose Le Dieu Moonev Bertha Gvvin Kxox In Universitate Seniors Margaret McClintock Louise Scatterty Margret Troescher Juniors Nancy Butler Helen Dafoe Sophomores Martha Barnes Edna Herbert Betty Bush Marion Rainey Louise Butler Elizabeth Sale Grace Coyle Laura Sale Pledges Anna Bailey Babette Netter Barbara Chappuis Mary Alice Person Betsy Daspit Helen Phillips Miriam Gilliam Mary Heloise Reid Julia Hoefeld Dorothy Ryckman Sarah Kolstad Jane Taylor Isabelle Low Kathleen Thornton Dorothy McFadden Viola V ' oodall 279 Appleby. Asbury, Bacher, Bender Bernadas, Bruno, Clippen, Coyle, Dodd A. M. Ellington. M. Ellington, Fowler. Goodman. Gordon Honry, Hudson. Maddux. Palmer. Eodi-iguez Rutsell. Stokes. Wasserman. Zeagler 280 Founded at University of California, 1909 Established IQ 28 Adrienne Asbury WlLHELMINA BaCHER Catherine Bender In Universitate Seniors Hester Bernadas Mabel Dodd Alice M. Ellington Judith Fowler Mary Gordon Cecil Overton Hilda Wassermann Adrienne Bruno Juniors Florence Coyle Acnes Goodman Winifred Palmer Marie Rodriguez Mildred Ellington Sophomores Flores Hotaru Earle Hudson Helen Russell Imogene Stokes Pearl Appleby Meredith Bechtel Rosemary Clippen Pledges Mattie Corley Winifred Culpepper Katherine Gambel Betsy Greene May Maddux Jane Slaughter Asselia Strobhar 281 Babin, Baniftt, Barr Bertllaut, Blessey, Bonnabel, Brown. Cambias CazcnavGtte. Crespo, Davenport, Bddy, Ferguson Haggard. Hartley, Harvey, Hunimel, LeBreton Luria, Mengis, Rehage, Richardson, Scivique Villere, Wadsworth, Welman, Young ©ta Sigma Founded at University of Missouri, iS88 Alpha Sigma Chapter Establislu-d ig2g In Facultate Alice D. Goll In Universitate Seniors Lillian Cazen ' avette Marguerite DAVEN ' porvX MiREILLE LeBrETON . Dorothy Mengis Mathilde Villere Erminia Wadsworth Juni Yvonne Crespo Lady Nam Ferguson Wynogene Haggard Madelin Richardson Mary Barnett Mary Elise Babin Clare Frances Barr Caroline Llessey LUELLA BonNABEL Gladys Brown Sophomores Straus Berthaut Pledges Winifred Cambias Florence Eddy Elsie Hartley Eulalie Harvey Frances Hummel Madalin Rehage Edmee Luria Hilda Scivicque Isabel VVelman Mae Verne Wright Louise Young Eirdwell, Bergrnan. Gall Gerodetti. Hamilton, Ward Alpha Omiega Alplia (To be icorthy to serve the suffering) Stars and Bars Chapter Dr. C. Jeff Miller Dr. W. a. REkD Dr. G. B. Collier . . . Dr. Isadore Cohn . President liAQA ! Vice-President l9(j2 y ' .... Secretary-Treasurer . . . Counsellor Samuel Berg.man Jack Birt Birdwell Members Elected from the Class of 1931 C. T. Chamberlain " , Jr. Axdros Scott Ha.viilton " Joseph D. Shields, Jr. Edward Alfred Gall Kirk Thorntox Moslev A.lbert Gavdex Ward Orlando F. Gerodetti Paul Nickerson We believe in the tenets of abiding truth which is the guiding star of our Order. We believe in the helping hand which is the bar which binds us in our calling. We believe in the unity of service to one another which lends to the weary a word of cheer, to the poor a portion of our share, to the weak a need of pity, to the stricken a voice of comfort, to the old a memory of youth, and to the wayfarer a help along to the journey ' s end. Our emblem will always be an inspiration to duty, remembering it stands for ex- cellence in all things, purity of purpose and honesty of method and effort, with the blessing of an Alma Mater upon each who bears our badge of honor. May our lives lie among the stars which light the way to the great mystery, and may we so live that when we reach the end of the road we may find the veil, which parted leads to the heights of everlasting peace. Sic cul Astra! Allert, Clarkson, Hirsch Isaacs, ' Simpson, Werlein 2)igma 5igma Senior Honorary Fraternity Members Mary Allert Margaret Clarkson Mariox Hirsch Marjorie Isaac Odile Simpson Betty Werlein Alpha Sigma Sigma is an honorary Senior fraternity, organized at Newcomb in 191 6 to promote interest in college and class activities. Each year those juniors who, throughout their college career, have done the most loyal and effective work for their college and their class are elected to membership. Allen, Caine, Eshleman. Gessner Gilmer. Holmes. James Morrison, Moore Robichaux, Shaw. Souchon, Tatuni, Vincent, Youngs Sphinx of Tulane Junior-Senior National Fraternity for the Prornotion of School Spirit Members G. Armstroxg Allen Allex T. Blou.vt Ansel M. Calve, Jr. John M. Cotton Frank Eshleman Edward H. Gessner William Gilmer Joseph Holmes Philip James Ja.mes H. Morrison E. B. Robichaux Morgan Shaw Harrv Souchon Austin Tatum William C. Vincent Frederic Youncs " The purpose of Spliinx of Tulane shall be that of a Senior society choosing its members on a basis of character, leadership, mentality and personality, to thus bring together in a feeling of fellowship, the ablest and most active thought and leadership in collegiate life at Tulane University. " Fair, White, Ricciuti Gargoyle Founded at Cornell, 1902 ' Honorary Architectural Fraternity ' Installed al Tulane, 1Q27 Fratres in Facultate N. C. Curtis A. H. Levy J. H. Thomson Fratres in Universitate Herndon ' M. Fair I. William Ricciuti Mackey W. White Alumni Charles Andry Charles Armstrong Dave Barrow Ei H. Christy Collins Diboll, Jr. W. A. Follansbee D. V. Freret R. F. Gelpi Harold Haller L. Lavelle Jacob Kessels Gerhard T. Kramer Simon Mansberg r. c. murrell Allison Owen, Jr. Herbert Parker ' Magill Smith W. P. Spratling A. Hays Town Wright Pill Beta Kappa Founded at William and Mary College, 1776 Alpha Chapter of Louisiana Organized iqoq Morton A. Aldrich May a. Allen Joseph A. S. Barry Edward A. Bechtel Walter C. Bosch Miriam Brown Caroline Burson Pierce Butler Mildred G. Christian George Cramer Harold Cummins Albert B. Dinwiddie Brandt V. B. Dixon Charles E. Dunbar, Jr. Lydia E. Frotscher Faculty Members Herman B. Gessner P. J. Kahle John S. Kendall Richard R. Kirk Harold N. Lee Isaac I. Lemann Monte M. Lemann Ernest S. Lewis John M. McBryde Roger P. McCutcheon Anna E. Many Sumter D. Marks, Jr. Leon Ryder Maxwell Clara M. de Milt Rose L. Mooney Eugene A. Nabors Graden W. Regenos Caroline F. Richardson Ernest Riedel Myra Rogers Ralph J. Schwarz Robert Sharp William B. Smith Imogen Stone Dagny Sunne Marten ten Hoor Susan D. Tew Rene A. Viosca Melvin J. White Ellsworth Woodward Garret P. Wyckoff Recent Elections From the Faculty From the Alumnae Melvin J. White Florence Dymond Dorothy I. Drawe Edward P. Dreyer E. Current Garcia Class of igjo Jeanne D. Guerin Eleanor M. Hafkesbring Katharine Hardesty H. Charles Korn F. Webster McBryde Fcuiidcd at University of Wisconsin and University of Illinois, 191 3 Alpha Chapter of Louisiana Inslatli-d IQ26 Officers Frederic A. Youngs • • • President Henry R. Crais Viee-President F. Santry Reed Seeretary-Tieasurcr F. ' cuLTY Members Dean M. A. Aldrich Robert W. Elsasser F. Santry Reed J. C. Van Kirk Class of 1931 Henry R. Crais Jack J. Margolin Frederic A. Youngs Lawrence W. Martin Class of 1930 Harold A. Arbo Martin L. Matthews, Jr. Bennie Weiner Edward Read Sherwood Class of 1929 Richard O. Baumbach Alfred Mercier, Jr. Class of 1928 Edmond a. Salassi Louis L. Lowentritt Class of 1927 Herbert D. Cohen Marvin S. Mindledorff Joseph A. Cohen Class of 1926 Bennie Cohn Ernest Mason John E. Ryman J. Walter Heyman George T. Walne, Jr. Class of 1925 Joseph W. Kidd Albert E. Holleman Class of 1924 Hooper P. Carter P. Barney Hopkins A. Leonard Robinett Gus A. Elgutter Hugh B. Kohlmayer Robert L. Simpson Thomas D. Mingledorff HoNONARY Member E. Davis McCutcheon Adrion, Blake. Blanchard, Carruth, Christiansen, Eustis. Feiber, Freeman Haller. LeJeune, Martin, McCoy. Moran, Morgan, Neville, O ' Connor Plauche, Roberts, Salaun, Sanders, Shilstone, Simon, Walthall, Warriner, Westfeldt White Elepiiamts Freshman Society for the Promotion of School Spirit Founded at Tulane University, January, 1921 TuLANE Jungle Hes ' RY H.aller Carver W. Bl.anxh.ard Jungle Trunk . Jungle P ii Kappa Sigma Henry H.aller ToHx Roberts, Jr. Robert Simon Kappa Sigma J. Vaughn ' Bl. ke Luther Carruth Frank McCoy Pi Kappa Alpha Alvin Landry A. LeJeune D. M. Warriner Little Tusks Delta Tau Delia Carver W. Blanchard Louis Christianson J. A. O ' Connor, Jr. Kappa Alpha James Feiber AsHTON Martin George Westfeldt, Jr. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Vernon Adrion W. H. Morgan, Jr. H. H. Plauche Phi Delta Theta Richard Freeman Bob Kelleher William Neville, Sigma Chi Robert Sanders Cecil Shilstone W. D. ' althall Alpha Tau Omega Bres Eustis Alfred Moran H. L. Salaun Jr. The White Elephant Cup is an annual award to the student of the Freshman Class adjudged by a faculty committee the IJest All-Around Freshman on the basis of scholarship, athletics, gen- eral popularity on the campus and with regard to campus activities and offices in general. 290 Cohen. Erickson, Gensburger, Gunn. Hainkel Heyden, Jones, Marcello, Seligmann, Wagner Kappa Kappa Psi National Ho?iorary Musical Fraternity for College Bandnien Founded at Oklahoma State College, 1919 Rho Chapter Established, May, IQ27 Frederick Hard Fratres in Facultate Marten ten Hoox Fratres in Universitate Seniors Peter J. Erickson, Jr. Roy Kirchberc Joseph W. Gunn Luke Marcello Oliver W. Heyden Richard E. Wacner J uniors Lazar Cohen Jacob M. Gensburger Scott Flower, Jr. Jay J. Hainkel Irving Seligmann Sophomore Jules Viosca Philippe V. Schaffner 291 Allen, Blount, Brierre, Bristow, Countiss DeRamus, Ferry, Frederick, Gray, Guidry, Hamilton Hertzog, Kennedy, King, Lewis, Maury McCook. Mosely, Ramsay, Ric-ks, Rivenbark. Seale Shields, Stroud, Walters, Vard, Williams Founded at Tulane University, 1921 Junior-Senior- Infer-nicdiral Fraternity for the Mnintentuiee 0 Higher Standards in the iMedieal School Officers Charles T. Chamberlain President Louis J. Bristow Vice-President J. T. Lewis Secretary William H. DeRamus . Treasurer Members demors J. W. Allen L. J. Bristow C. T. Chamberlain W. H. DeRamus T. J. Edwards C. O. Frederick A. S. Hamilton J. T. Lewis J. J. McCooK J. M. Mosely T. R. Ramsay G. H. Ricks W. A. K. Seai.e Dunbar Shields A. G. Ward C Juniors J. R. Williams R. E. Blount J. T. Brierre E. H. COUN ' TISS J. A. Ferry C. P. Gray, Jr. E. R. GUIDRY A. J. Hertzog C. B. Kennedy H. A. King, Jr. F. H. Maury W. C. Rivenbark C. W. Stroud L. P. Thomas W. H. Walters N. Williams 293 Allen. Bartleson, Colvin Coyle, Fleming, Hendrix, Isbell Jennings, McDowell, Powell, Shaw Sorrel Is, Tatum. Voss, White 294 Jn Inter-collegiate Fraternity of ] Iaster Masons Founded at Washington and Lee, 1917 TuLANE Square Estahlislu-d l()20 Officers James A. WhitEj Jr President C. Porter Powell Inner Tyler Charles T. Decker .... Fiee-Presidenl R. W. Hendrix Secretary R. E. Corkern Treasurer Paul V. Colvin Chaplain E. Scott Coyle Historian F. D. Bartleson . . . Master of Ceremonies F. D. Bartleson Advisory Council James A. White, Jr., Cliairman R. E. Corkern A. Y. Jennings B. F. Allen Fred D. Barileson John T. Brown Eldridge L. Ca: roi.l Paul V. Colvin Ronald E. Corkern E. Scott Coyle Charles T. Decker J. A. Davilla W. J. Hugo E. L. Jahncke W. J. Kaiser P. L. Luck Dr. Joe Barham Dr. O. W. Bethea Dr. Sidney Bliss Dr. H. a. Bloom R. K. Bruff Dr. C. W. Boyd Dr. H. E. Cannon Dr. L. T. Cox Dr. J. W. Cummins S. V. D ' Amico Dr. D. R. Davis G. A. Elgutter Dr. G. H. Feldeks Active Members Ben p. Fleming Reagan Green R. W. Hendrix Euclid A. Isbell Adolphus Y. Jennings Robert C. McDowell James J. Pittman C. Porter Powell Honorary Members T. F. Mathes H. R. Perez George Poith E. T. Price R. E. Ramsey Passive Members ]. R. Flowers Dr. S. F. Eraser H. L. Gaidry Dr. L. F. Gray Dr. J. L. Green Dr. H. C. Hatcher Dr. C. H. Heidelberg Hugo Jamierson C. A. Latham Dr. F. L. Loria Dr. S. B. McNair Dr. Charles Midlo E. M. Nabershing Dr. W. C. Smith Grower DeW. Rackley H. Bernard Shaw John E. Sorrells David C. Swearingen Sherard a. Tatum LoRENz Teer Sheldon Teer James A. White, Jr. R. H. Schaffnit Henry Strack A. F. Suhling W. A. 1 HARP H. W. Wallace, Jr. Dr. N. H. Palmer Dr. E. F. Pollard Dr. C. S. Powell Prof. F. W. Prescott a. l. robinett Dr. M. L. Rosenbaum Dr. T. T. Ross J. J. RUFFO Dr. T. B. Sellers W. A. Simpson Dr. p. J. Slaughter Dr. D. V. Smith James L Smith Dr. V. C. Smith Dr. W. C. Smith L. E. Standifer R. A. Steinmeyer Dr. D. a. Strickland a. m. suthon W. C. Vetsch Dr. C. H. Voss L. F. Wakeman Dr. Charles E. Weeb Dr. M. J. White C. S. Williams Dr. D. R. Womack Ferry Jennings Kennedy Roeling Soale Slipakoft " Sweig- 296 Pan Helleeic Coimricil of Medical Organized April, 1923 The Tidanc Council of Mctlictil Fraternities irns organized for llie purpose of securing co-operation among the several fraterjiities and preserving standards of membership. Officers W. A. K. Seale President Charlie Chamberlain Vice-President A. Y. Jennings Secretary Thomas R. Ramsey Treasurer Theta Kappa Psi H. K. Rouse A. Y. Jennings Representatives Phi Rho Sigma F. O. Schmidt J. H. Wells Phi hambda Kappa Joseph Sweig Leon Slipakoff Alpha Kappa Kappa W. A. K. Seale J. A. Ferry Phi Chi E. P. Thomas T. R. Ramsey Alpha Epsilon Iota Jeanne C. Roeling Grace Goldsmith Nu Sigma Nu C. B. Kennedy Charlie Chamberlain Phi Delta Epsilon Samuel Bergman Albert Abramson n 1.1 - 4 4a -7 - Adams, Addison, Anderson, Bender, Birdwell, Boles, Brannan, Bristow Brown, Burgoyne, Burnett, Butaud. Canip, Campbell, Click, Col v in Countiss, Davis, DeRamus, Doss. Giles. Granade, Fisher, Flinn Fortenberry, Gray, Harrell, Henderson, Hendrix, Hodde, Hopkins, Howard Jacka, Jenkins. Jones, Kahle, Kendrick, Kittredge, Long, Lonnergan Lovelady, McCollum, Moor, Ogden, Owings, Ramsay, Redding, Robichaux Robinson, Shane. Simonton. Simpson, Slaughter. Staley, Strange. Stroud Swearingen, Thigpcn, Vincent, AVahl, Walters, Webb. G. Williams. J. Williams, Woods Eastern, Founded at University of Vermont, 1889; Southern, Louisville Medical College, 1894; Consolidated March 3, 1905 Omicron Chapter Esla])lislifd H)02. Pi Mu i ii-ri rJ Si-picmhcr 30, l()22 Fratres in Facultate Dr. E. E. Allgever Dr. C. C. Bass Dr. F. T. Brown Dr. p. J. Carter Dr. F. L. Cato, Jr. Dr. M. J. CouRET Dr. J. A. Danna Dr. H. Daspit Dr. a. C. Eustis Dr. E. L. Faust Dr. F. L. Fen ' no Dr. a. V. Friedrichs Dr. I. M. Gage Dr. M. J. Gelpi Dr. J. T. Halsey Dr. W. H. Harris Dr. a. N. Houston Dr. J. R. Hume Dr. S. C. Jamison Dr. J. A. Lanford Dr. E. H. Lawson Dr. G. K. Logan Dr. H. a. Macheca Dr. Urban Maes Dr. C. p. May Dr. L. J. Menville Dr. C. J. Miller Dr. II. E. Miller Dr. J. D. Rives Dr. R. H. Turner Dr. W. R. Wirth W. P. Addiso n J. W. Allen N. J. Bender J. F. Birdwell L. J. Bristow, Jr. Fratres in Universitate Seniors R. B. BURGOVNE P. C. BuRNEiT, Jr. J. S. Camp W. H. DeRamus J. E. Granade J. E. Harrell G. S. Hopkins R. S. Jacka I. F. Jenkins W. G. Jones T. R. Ramsay H. Shane H. R. Staley J. R. Williams W. T. BOHLE Max Branon e. h. countiss W. B. Faircloth J. T. Fatheree D. M. Adams Joe D. Anderson Ed Cleeve Joe Campbell Dan Delvin J. Giles H. M. Anderson J. P. Anderson W. W. Armistead Don Boles Hunter M. Brown Gus N. Click W. G. Fisher Cliff Flynn C. P. Gray G. Greene F. Maury J. RiNAMAN G. W. Robinson E. B. Robichaux Drew Savant W. S. Slaughter Sophnmores Jno D. Henderson R. W. Hendricks H. W. HODDV R. E. Holmes Lelaxd Johnson T. Kittridge H. R. Kahle J. W. McMurry C. McCallum F. B. Ogden Freshmen F. H. Colvin W. R. Davis A. K. Doss L. S. Fortenberry Lang F. Holland S. P. Holland W. A. Howard Tom F. Little Nelson Long Sim B. Lovelady C. W. Stroud Dave Swearinger E. P. Thomas W. H. Walters G. N. Williams M. SiMONTON W. C. Vincent J. Webb C. N. Wahl T. B. Woods L. R. Lonnergan Ruble Moots Marion D. Redding Vance M. Strange F. M. Thigpen D. Waites 299 J. L. Anderson, J. S. Anderson. Braund, Brierre, Brown Campbell, Clements, Davidge, Daviet, Dupre, Parish Ferry, Fisher, Frederick, Guidry, Hanley, Haynsworth Hoffpauir, Holme s, Knight, Larose, Liddell, Long McClure, McCook, McCreary, McDowell, McKenzie, Mason Melvin, Miller. Morrison, Mosely, Munson, Murphree Neal. Newman, Nickerson, Rice, Saucier, Scale Founded at Dartmouth College, i8 Alpha Beta Chapter Established JQOJ Dr. Henry J. Bayon Dr. O. W. Bethea Dr. M. Bradburn Dr. J. E. Brierre Dr. D. C. Browne Dr. J. C. Cole J. L. Anderson R. R. Braund J. T. Brown S. R. Campbell J. T. Brierre R. L. Buck J. M. Cotton L. L. Davidge J. S. Anderson J. N. EOSTICK C. T. Decker P. H. Hanley C. M. Johnson W. T. Tones M. E. Adams M. D. Clements, Jr. O. W. Cosby H. L. CURRIE L. L. Daviet R. B. DeLee R. E. DupRE Fratres in Facultate Dr. H. B. Gessner Dr. C. S. Holbrook Dr. E. L. Irwin Dr. E. L. King Dr. E. S. Lewis Fratres in Unlversit.ate Seniors C. O. Frederick A. C. HOFFPAUIR J. J. McCooK Jimiors C. G. Farish J. A. Ferry E. R. GUIDRY J. E. Haynswortii Sophomores H. C. Knight C. F. Lacey A. H. Lisenby W. M. Long Jim McKenzie L. K. Mason P. D. Melvin Freshmen C. J. Fisher H. C. Gahagan J. G. Hart J. B. Holmes J. H. LaRose V. R. Liddell Dr. F. L. Loria Dr. S. C. Lyons Dr. Edward McCormac Dr. a. L. Metz Dr. M. W. Miller Dr. W. C. Smith R. C. McDowell J. M. Mosley P. P. NiCKERSON W. A. K. Seal J. G. McClure " p. L. McCreary R. F. Miller J. W. Neal L. D. Newman W. T. Sellers W. S. Siler D. M. Smith A. S. Tomb, Jr. R. W. Webb B. O. Morrison W. W. MUNSON W. E. Murphree D. M. Pipes W. P. Rice M. E. Saucier D. B. Searcy 301 Alldredge, Allen, Arrington, Eartleson, Bingham, Brewer, Eurdine Cabell, Cairns, Carroll, Collier, Colvin, Eckels, Fleming, Fletcher Flynt, Gillentine, Green, Hamilton, Harper, Hindelang, Heath Hutchins, Isbell, Jennings, Jones, Kooken, Lowe. Magee, Mallory Manar, Murry, Nelson, Norris, C. Odom, G. Odom, Oxford Payne, Pollock, Powell, Renken, Ricks. R. F. Roberts. Rouse, Routon Rush, Ryan, Saint, Sartin, Shaw, Sherrill. Smith Soi-rells, Stephen, James Tate, John Tate. Tatum. Thornal. Vinson, Wallace Walsh, Walter, Ward, White, Willoughby, Wilson, Wood Tlieta Kappa Psi Founded at Medical College of Virginia, 1879 Pi Chapter Estahlislic d jgo8 Dr. Robert Bern ' hard Dr. Charles L. Brown Dr. E. Z. Browne Dr. W. R. Buffington Dr. John " K. Bullock Dr. W. W. Butterworth (Emeritus) Dr. George Collier Ronald E. Corkern Fratres in F.acultate Dr. L. E. Devron Dr. Roy F. Feemster Dr. Foster M. Johns Dr. Frank J. Kinberger Dr. Paul G. Lacroix Dr. Jerome E. Landry Dr. Paul A. McIlhenny Dr. Henry E. Menage (Emeritus) Dr. James P. L ' Kelley Dr. Robert H. Pons Dr. Joseph W. Reddoch Dr. William A. Reed Dr. Raymond Roberts Dr. Wm. H. Seeman Dr. Thos. B. Sellers Dr. Charles H. Voss Dr. Marion A. Young, Jr. J. H. Arrington, Jr. M. E. Arrington I. P. Burdine, Jr. P. R. Eckels R. H. Alldredge A. B. Cairns W. A. Dial W. H. Gillentine F. D. Bartleson C. O. Bingham E. L. Carroll J. L. Collier B. P. Fleming R. M. Fletcher B. F. Allen F. W. Brewer J. F. Cabell F. D. Edwards R. M. Flynt M. R. Green Fratres in Universit.ate Seniors W. T. Harper T. M. Oxford P. W. Renken G. H. Ricks H. K. Rouse, Jr. W. M. ROUTON Juniors C. R. Hamilton A. Y. Jennings A. V. MURRY W. J. Nelson, Jr. C. B. Odom J. E. SORRELLS Sophomores F. W. Heath F. M. HiNDELANG J. D. Hutchins E. A. ISBELL T. E. Lowe J. G. NORRIS G. L. Odom G. D. Rackley J. T. Roberts R. F. Roberts Freshmen C. A. Jones R. A. Kooken J. D. Magee, Jr. P. W. Mallory R. W. Manar T. J. Payne, Jr. B. E. Pollock J. C. Rush, Jr. H. B. Shaw, Jr. E. A. Sherrill, Jr. Gregory Smith J. J. Stephen C. L. Saint J. M. Sartin J. E. Tate S. A. Tatum J. R. Till, Jr. L S. Ward U. F. Ryan T. R. Shipp J. E. Tate J. A. White, Jr. I. G. Wilson R. B. Thornal N. H. Vinson B. C. Wallace, Jr. R. S. Walsh, Jr. L. P. Walter, Jr. R. C. Willoughby Banister, Beck, Bowman, Charbonnet Cailleteau, Cottrell, Davis, Dixon, Dyer, Donnelly Everett, Fancher, Fershtand, Hamilton, Hartune. Hertzog Higginbotham, Kennedy, King, Lewis, Lilly, McVea A. E. Moore, M. H. Moore, Ogden. Rivcnbark, Shields, Thompson Ward, Wtilbaecher, Tedder, Tyrone, Vaughan Nu Foimded at University of Michigan, 1882 Beta Iota Chapter Estabtislud IQIO Dr. Charles J. Bloom Dr. Octave C. Cassegrain Dr. Charles W. Duval Dr. Charles L. Eshleman Dr. Irving Hardesty Dr. George L. Hardin M. C. Eeck C. T. Chamberlain, Jr. L. S. Chareonnet, Jr. T. J. Edwards, Jr. R. E. Elount H. B. COITRELL F. S. Dixan A. J. Hertzog M. B. Bowman, Jr. E. G. Cailleteau S. C. Dale I. Dyer Fratres in Facultate Dr. G. W. Kutscher Dr. Julian H. Lo.vbard Dr. R. Clyde Lynch Dr. Rudolph Matas Dr. C. L. R. von Meysenbug Fratres in Universitate Seniors J. A. Fershtand A. S. Hamilton J. T. Lewis, Jr. G. D. Lilly A. E. Moore Juniors C. B. Kennedy H. A. King, Jr. M. G. Lynch Sophomores P. EVEREIT, Jr. E. D. Hemming, Jr. J. M. Higcenbotham C. A. Hortung L. Lazero Dr. E. W. Alton Ochsner Dr. T. Hillman Oliphant Dr. John G. Pratt Dr. Harry- V. Sims Dr. Maurice P. Sullivan Dr. E. Garland Walls H. D. Ogden J. D. Shields, Jr. A. G. Ward J. O. Weilbaecher R. C. Massengill W. C. Riveneark J. W. Tedder W. D. Thompson, Jr. C. McVe, J. J. Stacg, Jr. E. Vales L. M. Villien D. M. Baldwin R. G. Banister C. H. H. Branch, Jr. Freshmen H. L Davis, Jr. V. J. Donnelly J. R. Fancher M. S. Moore N. O. Tyrone F. K. Vaughan 305 Alexander. Arango. Atria, LaBruyere Chauvin, Cope, Coyle, Derbes Gay, Hackney, Harris, Holman Kagy, Kent, Khoury, Mosley Stritzinger, Thomason, Treuting, Wall Phi Mho Sigma Founded at Nortlnvestern Medical School, 1890 Delta Omicron Alpha Chapter EsUiblishcd igiS SiDN ' EY William Bliss Julian ' Graubarth Adolph deC. Henriques George Herrmann ' Fratres in Facultate John Raymond Hume Lloyd John Kuhn Seaborn Joseph Lewis Louis V. J. Lopez Anees Mogabgab H. Theodore Simon Edwin A. Socola Robert A. Strong William A. Wagner Roger Arango Louis Chauvin Louis Cope Fratres in Universitate Seniors James Hackney William Harris Earl Kent Oliver Mauterer John Mosley Kirk Mosley NicKOLAS Atria Gerald Christie Scott Coyle Claude Eccles Edwin Kagy ' J uniors Sam Khoury Philip LaBruyere Joseph Prejean Sophomores Rudolph Stritzinger Harry Schmidt LORENZ TeER James Wells Garland Woods Hume Thomason Lee Alexander Vincent Derbes Fred Dunn Otis Gay Freshmen Max Haitaway John Holman Ralph Rohner Sheldon Teer Waldo Treuting Robert Wagner Roger Walls 307 • " k Abranison, Beif inan Blitz, Block, Gm-din Hosen, Meyer, Ochs Rothondler. Trifon. Velinsky Founded at Cornell University, 1904 Alpha Iota Chapter Established Jgi8 Dr. Eviil Bloch Dr. Isidore Coh.n ' Fratres in Facultate Dr. Sidney Copland Dr. Sam B. Saiewitz Dr. D. N. Silverm.an ' Dr. S. K. Simon Dr. Herbert Weinberger Sophomores Seniors Sam Bergman H.arris Hosen D.WE Drezinski Julian Keller Morris Velinskv Juniors A. M. Abramson Harry Meyer Sophomores M. E. Block Dave Monsky Meyer Burdin Harold Rothendler Freshmen Oscar Blitz Louis Ochs, Jr. Harry Orlov 309 Barkoft, Balot ' sky, Gall, Glazer Hudes, Koretzky, Machlin, Malkin Mailer, Phillips, SlipakofE, Steckel Sterbcow, Sweig, Wechsler, Winokur 310 Founded at University of Pennsylvania, 1907 Psi Chapter Established IQ26 Fratres in Facultate Dr. Walter E. Levy Dr. I. L. Robbins Fratres in Universitate Seniors Edwaro a. Gall Harry Glazer Juniors Samuel L. Balofskv Leon Slipakoff Harry Koretzky Joseph Sweig Sophomores Irving Machlim Marx Sterbcow Robert Segal Solomon Winokur Samuel Barkoff Joseph Hudes Freshmen Elliot Phillips Jerome L Malkin Bernard L. Malle: M. L. Steckel Herman Wechsler 311 Eskrigge, Girardeau Roeling Smithers Alpjha Epsiloe Iota Founded at Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1890 Mu Chapter Established iqiq Fratres in Facultate Dr. Maud Loeber Dr. Marie D. Mattixgly Fratres in Universitate Seniors IvvLvx L. Girardeau Jeaxxe C. Roelixg Juniors Grace A. Goldsmith Clemextixe McKeon Ina M. Harper Beatrice M. A. Tomlin Sophomores Edith Eskrigge Irma C. Hexdersok May Carroll Smithers 312 Bristow, Gessner, Epley Fenner, Kelleher, Menville. StoUey Sentell, Webb, Wisdom Omicroa Delta Kappa Founded at Washington and Lee University, 1914. Alpha Zeta Circle Established igjo Fratres in Facultate Dr. Leon Menville Dr. M. J. White Louis J. Bristow Marion Epley Edward Gessner Members Elected in 1930 Harry B. Kelleher Martin L. Matthews John G. Menville Sherburne Sentell Bruno Stolley Charles E. Webb Norton Wisdom Robert E. Craig Graduate Members Darwin S. Fenner Urban J. Mooney, Jr. Rudolph Weinmann 313 Bethea, Cari-oU, Dodge Fowler, Gensler, GuiUory, Hughes James, Lee, Lewis, McCloskey Moore, Morrison, Parlcer, Regan Saint, Shell, Stubbs, Voss Phi Delta PM (Legal) Founded at Michigan University, 1869. White ' s Inn Ustahlislied igii Fratres in Facultate H. Milton Colvin Charles E. Dunbar, Jr. Judge Rufus E. Foster Sumter D. Marks, Jr. Eugene A. Nabors Walter J. Suthon, Jr. Edmond E. Talbot Delvaille H. Theard Theodore W. Bethea H. W. Fowler, Jr. Philip Gensler Hubert Lafarcue Fratres in Universitate Seniors Elmo P. Lee Austin Lewis Bernard J. McCloskey George Dodge R. G. Hughes P. E. James J. P. Little P. H. Moore J lint II fs Godfrey Regan Charles M. Rucker James T. Shell Frank S. Smith James D. Morrison W. Hamer O ' Kelley Robert W. Rainold Percy D. Saint Harry Souchon Gillaspie, Inbau, Kelleher Knight, Konrad, Legier O ' Brien, Parker, Ponder Robertson, Samuel, Shapiro 316 (Legal) Founded at Chicago-Kent College of Law, 1897 Francois Xavier Martin Chapter Established 1924 Fratres in Facultate Paul Brossman Rene A. Viosca Judge W. W. Westerfield Fratres in Universitate Seniors Harry B. Kelleher James J. Morrison ' John- R. Legier A. Dallam O ' Briex, Jr. Leslie B. Ponder Juniors Hall T. Elder George E. Konrad Charles A. Gillaspie John E. Parker Fred E. Inbau Absalom Pettit Nathaniel B. Knight L. Julian Samuel Morris Shapiro 317 Barrow, Butzke, Grey Griffith, Gunn, Haas, Hanna Hopkins. Lopez, McPhail. Merrill Miller. Snyder. Tiillor 318 Professional Cheiiiicnl Fraternity Founded at University of Wisconsin, 1902 Alpha Tau Chapter Estahlislicd IQ28 Fratres in Facultate Dr. a. O. Castler C. B. Dicks, Jr. Dr. Raymond Freas R. J. Landry H. W. MOSELEY E. F. Pollard P. V. L. SCHAFFNER C. S. Williamson, Jr. Fratres in Universitate Graduate Students Frank S. Griffith Eugene C. Hanna William E. Merrill Seniors Frederick G. Butzke Arthur J. Haas, Jr. Ralph Hopkins Clark O. Miller Juniors William Barrow Alvyn J. Day Edward R. Grey Joseph W. Gunn Gerardo Lopez Hugh B. McPhail Joseph A. Snyder, Jr. William N. Tuller Robert W. Ziifle 319 Bartlett. Cleveland. Eustis, Farrar Harry, Lumpkin, Martin Miles, Sullivan, Sherwood, Thorn, Wogan Thirteem CluTb An honorary Freshman inter-fraternity club for the purpose of promoting class and school spirit. Founded 1920 Members Class of ' 34 Edgar Farrow Fontaine Martin, Jr. Walker Sullivan Tom Harry Porcher Miles Hugh Lumpkin Charles Sherwood Phil Wogan Class of ' 33 Leonard Isacks William New Allison Miller John Read James Witherspoon Class of ' 32 Jack McCausland Baylor Bell Benjamin Dawkins, Jr. Julian Bartlett Murray Cleveland Edward Eustis Lawrence Burt Robert Higdon Demick Thetford Charles Thorn Desha Sims John Weed Perry Eastman Julius Hanove. Clacget Upton Winston Bradley Calvert de Coligny Class of ' 31 Maurice Bayon Vicinte Guy Harry Souchon Milton Brock Adolph Jastram William Vennard Gerald Dalrymple George Kerr Woollen Walshe James Read V " ! " -. Established at Tulane, 1904. Gerald Andrus John Baine Edmund Cahn Faculty Members Class of 1927 W. B. Carter Leonard Chamberlain Crawford Davidson W. O. Moss Harvey Wilson Richard Baumbach John Gidiere Class of 192S Adam " Buster " Harper John Menville Harry A. Monroe Wilmer " Dick " Rogers John B. Sanford Bernie Bierman Sheldon S. Blue John Gidiere Class of 1929 Earl F. Evans Herbert D. Ford Andrew T. Hooper Albin p. Lassiter Bernard McCloskey Martin L. Matthews John S. Whatley G. Armstrong Allen Francis " Ike " Armstrong Louis Bristow Class of 1 9 JO Edward H. Gessner Charles B. Henriques Dan S. Moore Bruno Stolley Charles E. Webb Hugh W. Whatley, Jr. Kappa Delta Phi is an honorary fraternity for the promotion of Tulane spirit. It selects each year from the Junior and Senior classes men who have been conspicuous for school spirit during their university careers. Crais, DeRamus, Gessner Shell, Wcrlcin, Whatley Tulane Studemt Council Officers Edwaru H. Gessner, President Engineering William H. DeRamus, Vice-President Medicine James T. Shell, Secretary ..■■■■ ITT 117 . . T„ ... Arts and Sciences Hugh W. Whatley, Jr ,, „ „ ..... Commerce Henry R. Crais r, TIT ....... Newcomb Betty Werlein The Tulane University Student Council is an organization com- posed of the presidents of the various student bodies of the different colleges of the University. The council is supreme as a law-making and judicial body relative to all phases of student affairs which involve the university at large. The Student Council was organized with the inception of student government at Tulane, March, 1915. Allert, Clarkson, Conover, Dusenbury Gray, Hirsch, Rogan Simpson, Smith, " Werlein, AVilson Ne H comt) Student Coumcil Officers OniLE Simpson President Marion ?Iirsch F ice-President Sally Reed Secretary Members Ex-Officio Betty Werlein Audrey Fay Sayman Janie Price Marjorie Wilson Rosalind Rogan Mary Allert Frances Gray Members Elected Senior Junior Adrienne Asbury ' Dorcas Dusenbury Peggy Clarkson Sally Reed Marion Hirsch Frances Smith Sophofnore Jane Conover Hirscli Pierson Simpson Werlein AA pstfeldt The Nei comb Student Government Association Executive Committee Betty Werlein President Marion Hirsch Vice-President Odile Simpson ' President of Student Council Sally Reeb Corresponding Secretary Metha WESTFELnT Recording Secretary Elizabeth Pierson ' Treasurer Jan ' ie Price House President Camille Hacedorn House Secretary Jane Whipple . . President Doris Hall Laura Eustis .... President ll ' arren Newcomb Hall Rosalind Rocan President Senior Class Audrey Fay Sayman President Junior Class Marjorie Wilson President Sophomore Class Mary Allert President Art Student Body Frances Gray President Music Student Body Erminia Wadsworth ... . President Dehatinij Cluh Flavia Claverie President Dramatic Cluh Audrey White President of Orchestra Yvonne Crespo President of Glee Cluh Adrienne Asbury . . . President Mandolin-Guitar Cluh Rebecca Rollins ' President Y. JF. C. A. Catherine Bender Chairman Athletic Council Edith Norris Editor of the Arcade Marguerite Davenport . Neiucomb Editor, " Hullabaloo " Flora McBryde .... Neivcomb Editor of the " Jamhalaya " Peggy Clarkson Chairman Campus Niglit Alice Logan Business Manager of the " Jamhalaya " Bledsoe, Fowler, Guillory, Inbau, Knight Lafargue, Levy, Lewis, Morrison, O ' Brien Parker, Regan, Samuel, Shell, Voss Tulane Lai Keviei Officers James J. Morrison Editor-in-CIiief F. K. Beutel Faculty Adviser L. Julian Samuel Secrrtary H. Waller Fowler, Jr Business Manager Godfrey Z. Regan Business Manager Hubert T. Lafargue Book Review Editor Julia T. Levy , Statutory Editor A. D. O ' Brien, Jr Ciniil Lanv Editor Philip S. Puch Index Editor James T. Shell Common Laiu Editor H. Carlyle Voss Uniform Statutes Editor James G. Bledsoe Margaret S. Bullen Hall T. Elder Members Ernest H. Guillory Fred E. Inbau Nathaniel B. Knight Austin W. Lewis John E. Parker " The Tulane Law Review " is a professional publication edited by the Law School and is of particular interest to the legal profession. It covers the entire field of law, but particular attention is paid to the civil law and to comparative law. It is of especial interest because it is the only publication of its sort, in this country, which devotes a department to the civil law. Fov.-lei-, Huglies Lester Mayer, Mott, ' Ponder Tulane Moot Court Competition H. W. Fowler. Jr. Robert G. Hughes . Faculty Adviser Marcaret C. Lester Absalom Pettit Board of Advisors H W Fowler, Jr President F. K. Beutel ...... Faculty ■■i tse,- Ada Mott . . Secretary Paul W. Brgsman Seniors Sam L. Herold, Jr. Harry B. Kelleher Leslie B. Ponder, Jr. Juniors Charles L. Mayer Ada Mott Morris Shapiro The Board of Advisers is made up of Seniors and Juniors of the College of Law chosen because of their rank as honor students in their respective classes. Into the hands of this board is placed the exclusive jurisdiction of Moot Court work. The year 1930-31 marks the third year of a verv active and successful life. The Tulane Moot Court Competition operates thus: The entire law student bodv is divided into what are known as clubs. These clubs are entitled the Benjamin, Livingstone, Martin, and White Clubs. Each club is composed of Junior and Senior students, and arguments between the clubs are conducted between Juniors against Juniors and between Seniors against Seniors. , , , , j a .u a f Points earned bv the contesting teams go to the credit of the clubs represented. At the end ot the vear the Senior sections of the clubs having the highest total scores— which totals are obtained bv the addition of the Junior points of the preceding year to twice the amount of Senior points ot the current vear— elect those Senior members who are to participate in the hnal Senior round, which is held in the spring. The team winning the final Senior round has its name engraved on a permanent marble placque in the Law Library. , , t u c. ui Last year the winning team was composed of Messrs. Samuel J. Goodman and Leopold Stahl, of the White Club. As this volume goes to press, it is announced that the Benjamin and Martin clubs will participate in the final Senior round of the competition of 1930-31. Competition in Moot Court cases is optional among the two upper classes, and compulsory in the first vear. . Prominent downtown lawvers act as Judges in the Senior cases, and also on the Junior cases, where upper classmen sit with them as associates, and faculty members with upper classmen as associates sit on Freshmen cases. 329 Bartlett, Beasluy, Bergland, Blum. Dawkins DeBuys, Dombeck, Eshleman, Gifford, Godfrey, Haas Huber. Hurt, Jacobs, Jenkins, Kohl man. Miller Mills, Morris, Myers, Naftel, Nolan, Read Ricciuti, Roberts. Severance, Sherman, Singer. Stubbs Taylor, Thomas, Upton, AValters, Ware, Welman Tulane Glee Clulb Officers Henri Wehrmann Director Bob Wehrman ' N President Clark O. Miller Vice-President Ben C. Dawkins, Jr Business Manac er Garland F. Taylor Librarian Marshall Hurt Pubiicity Manager Carver W. Blanchard Sol Dombeck Harry Haas, Jr. Members First Tenors C. H. L. Hermann Rodney Mills Albert J. Naftel, Jr. Edwards B. Silverstein N. K. Thomas C. Julian Bartlett Joseph E. Blum, HI Paul S. Cooke Harry D. DeBuys Paul Gifford Second Tenors Frank M. Labouisse Clark O. Miller W. P. Morris James B. Read Stanley E. Severance William D. Singer Charles R. Walters Joseph C. Ware John C. Weed Horace C. Welman Philip B. Wogan Harry W. Bergland Ransom C. Jones Allison T. Miller Baritones Paul H. Miller BuFORD M. Myers, Jr. Ulisse M. Nolan I. William Ricciuti Wm. King Stubbs Bob Wehrmann Joseph E. Beasley Ben C. Dawkins, Jr. Benjamin F. Eshleman Basses Paul Freund, Jr. Elmer O. Huber Lawrence B. Hudson S. G. Jacobs, Jr. L. C. Michel Moss Sherman Garland F. Taylor Nei comlb Mandolim Gwiitar Club Officers Adriexxe Asbury President Madelix Richardson ' Secretary-Treasurer Me:vIbers Guitars Adriexxe Asbury EuLAHE Harvey Wyxogene Haggard Madelin ' Richardson- Mandolins Alzenith Veith josie schiro Eloise Voorhies Alice T. Weir Banjo-Ukuleles Jeaxelle Hardy J. M. Moses Banjos Adrien ' ne Asbury Alice Parker Drum Mary Newman Parrish Piano Leoxe Maas iolin Sophie Rollins Uiulcle Ruth Loluse Marks 332 The Tulame University Band Officers Dr. Frederick Hard Director Oliver W. Heyden Manager Jacob Gensburger . . . First Asst. Manager Dudley Foley, Jr. . . Second Asst. Manager Richard E. Wagner Librarian William H. Haeuser, Jr. . . Asst. Librarian M ' illiam Blackwell .... Property Man Peter J. Erickson, Jr. . Asst. Property Man Scott Flower, Jr Drum Major Oliver W. Heyden . First .Asst. Drum Major Robert Higdon . . Second .Asst. Drum Major Irving Seligmann . . . Publicity Manager Bob Baer Louis Bierhorst William Blackwell LocHE Brown t. o. butaud Frank Gardenia Charles Carriere Lazar Cohen C. GiRARD Davidson Ben T. Dean Jack Dolan Peter J. Erickson, Jr. Edmond Fatter Jack Fisher August Flach Scott Flower, Jr. Dudley C. Foley-, Jr. Meaibers S. Friedman P. J. Fynn Jacob Gensburger Harry ' Gilmore Philip Giuffre Jack Gordinier Harry Haas, Jr. William Haeuser Jay- J. Hainkel J. C. Hartman Oliver W. Hey ' den Robert Higdon M. A. Higgins e. c. jansen Jenkins R. C. Jones Lane Kendall Roy Kirchberg- James La Nasa M.mthew La Nasa Luke Marcello Harry Meyer Arthur Moinet Lee Nesbit Chris Nielsen Herbert Pelligrini Gladstone Philips Philippe Schaffner Irving Seligmann Wyatt Sharp Melvin Steiner Garland Taylor Jules Viosca Richard E. Wagner Valmore M ' ilson 333 Bell, Cohen, Davenport, DeBuys, Dieth Falk. Gillis, Hurt, Kane, Levy Lota, Maxwell, Mercer, Pearson, Reisfeld The Ti America ' s Greatest College J ' Feekly Editor-in-Chief Business Manager Harnett T. Kane Myron Falk Editorial Assistants Marshall Hurt Associate Editor James H. Gillis Sports Editor Marguerite Davenport Ncnvcomh Editor William A. Bell . Campus Editor Ralph Pearson Assistant Campus Editor Harry DeBuvs . Assistant Sports Editor Muriel Haas Assistant h ' riucomh Editor Helen Wilson Assistant h ' riccomh Editor Joseph Sweig Downtown Medicine Henry La Rocca Uptown Medicine Mary Louise Wilcox Society T. E. Wineorn Exchanges Darrell Pischoff Sta§ Artist Nancy Allen Newcomh Staff Artist Business Assistants Robert Reisfelu 1 diu-rtising Manager Victo Lota Sales Manager MuRVAN Maxwell .... . . Promotion Manager Henry Crais . Copy Manager Lazar Cohen National Advertising Manager Emile Dieth Circulation Manager Ernest Mickal Local Advertising Manager Clare Bark Newcomb Advertising Manager 33 4 Logan, McBryde, Powell Robert, Scheinuk, Souchon The Tulane Jamlbalaya Harry Souchon Editor-in-Chief C. P. Powell DoivntoiA.-ri Business Manager Arthur Scheinuk Uptown Business Manat er Editorial Staff Flora McBryde Newcomh Editor John Tate Medical Editor James M. Robert -Issistant Uptown Editor William A. Bell Sports and Feature Editor Managerial Staff Alice Logan Newcomh Business Manat er Darrell Pischoff Staff Artist Mr. H. a. Carleton Plwtographer Mr. Leon Trice .... Sport and Feature Plwtographer 335 Clarkson, Schwartz, Wadsworth The Jennie C, Nixon Debating Clulb Officers Ermin ' ia Wadsworth President Peggy Clarkson ... Chairman of Debate Alice Schwartz Secretary-Treasurer Hilda Arndt Marion Butler Babette Cohn Chaille Chiasson Peggy Clarkson Leonie Davis Fanny Dennery Members Catherine Drawe Edna Louise Frantz Muriel Haas Rowena Harrison Louise Hirsch Suzanne Hirsch Flores Hotard Beulah Johnson Marjorie Kohlman Babette Krauss ZiNA La Nasa Georgiana Lancermann Felice Lew Leonie Maas Bertha Meyer Madelin Richardson Ida Rittenberg Carolyn Samuel Alice Schwartz Imogene Stokes Juanita Tansey Patricia Tucker Ermin ' ia Wadsworth Betty Werlein Carol Weiner Alma Zeagler Devron, Gertler, Inbau, Kammcr, Lurie, Seligmann Tulaee Oratorical and Debating Council Officers GusTAVE P. Devron Chairman Leon " D. Hubert, Jr . Secretary-Treasurer Faculty Members Dr. John M. McBryde, Chairman Dr. Clarence E. Bonnett Prof. Richard R. Kirk Dr. Rufus C. Harris Prof. F. Santry Reed GusTAVE P. Devron Leon D. Hubert, Jr. Student Members Stanford L. Hvman Fred E. Inbau, Jr. Walter A. Lurie Irving S. Seligmann Delegates from Glendy Burke Nolan Kammer David Gertler Delegates from the Freshman Forensic Council Manfred Willmer Edwin Leland, Jr. The Oratorical and Debating Council is an organization composed of faculty members and students, which supervises intercollegiate debating. 337 Antoon, Bagby, Carmouche, Carson, Comer Davidson, Dawkins, Devron, Friedman, Gertler, Gibbins Haas, G. Jackson, R. Jackson, Kammer, Kendall, Kierr Kuhnor, LeBreton, Lewis. Lurie. McNeill, Moore Mvers, Pearson, Read. Reisfeld. Soheinuk, Seligmann H. Solomon, M. Solomon. Tharp. AVeed, AVilliams, Willmer. n Ofiicfrs George F. Bagbv Speaker Brown Moore Vice-Speaker GusTAVE P. Devron ' . . . ' . Secrelary-Treasurer Leon ' D. Hubert, Jr Historian EiiwARn Antoon Sergeanl-at-Arms Ralph E. Pearson Censor Nolan Kramer Delegate to Oratorical and Debating Council David Gertier Delegate to Oratorical and Debating Council Richard T . Stephenson, Faculty Critic Edward Antoon George F. Bagbv Walter C. Bougere, Jr. William Carmouche, II Joseph O. Carson David B. Comer, III Girard Davidson Gustave p. Devrox Clarence Ford Robert Friedman David Gertler Dennis Gibbins Harry Haas, Jr. Amos Harris Jacob Hirsch Members Leon D. Hubert, Jr. Gordon Jackson Robert Jackson A. J. Jones Nolan Kammer Lane C. Kendall Raymond Kierr l. t. kuhxer Edmond LeBreton Edwin Leland, Jr. John A. Lewis, Jr. Walter A. Lurie David McNeill Brown Moore BuFORD Myers, Jr. Leonard Nelken Samuel W. Nelkem Ralph E. Pearson James Read Robert I. Reisfeld A. L. Romeo, Jr. Arthur Scheinuk Irving S. Seligmann Sidney ' Singer Herbert Solomon Max Solomon John C. Weed Sol Weiss, Jr. Manfred Willmer Bagby, Comer, Dean, Dombeck Fowler, Godfrey, Hurt, G. Jackson. R. Jackson LeBreton, Legier, Levy. Moore Myers, Read, Selignaann. Simmons, Stockmann Taylor, Tharp. Thompson, Weed 340 © Officers . President George F. Bagby „ T, ... Fice-Prcsident Garland Taylor . Irving Seugmann Secretary-Treasurer Brown Moore Business Manager Members C. Herman Arnold George Bagby- Thad Butaud David Comer, III C. Hermon Dean, Jr. Henry Duggan H. Waller Fowler, Jr. Benjamin Gendel M. A. Higgins Julian Humphrey Gerhardt Kraemer John Legier Paul Levy Brown Moore Buford Myers Dallam O ' Brien, Jr. Frank Ogden H. Schwartzberg Irving Seligmann Shepard Shushan Homer Stockmann Eugene Simon Garland Taylor John Weed Barnett, Clave-rie. Cipspo, Schwartz The Ne comb Dramatic Clulb Officers Flavia Claverie Yvonne Crespo . President . . . ■ Vice-President Madelin Richardson . Alice Schwartz . Marv Barn ' eit . . . Stage Manager . Secretary Treasurer Members E. Altmont H. Arndt M. Barnes M. Barnett O. Bartlett R. Barton P. Bennett S. Bernhard S. Berthaut H. Bradley A. Bruno J. Brown C. M. Buchanan M. F. Buck M. Burton V. Catlin F. Claverie B. COHN J. Conover E. Cothran G. COYLE Y. Crespo E. Daspit L. Davis F. Dennery M. Dohan A. Eddington G. Ensenat C. Feeder N. Ferguson S. Forsyth J. Fowler I. Gayden E. Grace P. Hale E. Hancock E. Hartley E. Harvey J. Hearn J. Heiss M. Henriques J. Hoefeld E. Howsmon M. Isaacs F. IVENS E. Jacobs M. JANSSEN Y. JUMEL M. Kohlman B. Knox G. Langermann M. Leverich E. Lewis M. LUCKIESH L. Young H. Lyon L. Maas E. Magruder J. Meyer J. Martin L. Marx L. Mayer B. Mays C. McBryde B. McCoy L. McGehee M. Mooney L. Moore L. Moore V. Myers E. NORRIS E. PlERSON J. Pharr B. Phillips C. Porterfield L. QUARTERMAN M. Rainey F. Rand M. Richardson I. Rittenberg R. Rogan C. Samuel J. SCHIRO E. ScHUPP A. Schwartz Z. Shallcross P. Shaw N. Stack M. Stebbins D. Stern V. Stern A. Strobhar L. Tarlton J. Taylor M. L. ToBiN D. Tujague P. Tucker V. Vail A. Veith R. Viallon D. Vix E. Wadsworth H. Walker L. Werlein E. Willoz M. Wilson A. Wise A. WOLBRETTE F. Wolfe 343 Crespo, Frantz, Hagcdorn, McGriff ee Yvonne Crespo . . Camille Hagedorn V. Bollard L. BONNABEL J. Brown B. Carre V. Catlin C. COATES H. Duncan E. L. Frantz R. Green F. Anzalone M. Barnes K. Balako S. Berthaut C. Blessey V. Bourne G. Brown G. Carr N. Carson H. Cefalu R. Clippen M. Barnett L. Bartlett C. Branan C. Carter W. Coleman R. Crossgrove H. Davidson F. Dennery Officers . . . . . President Ceverlv Walt3n . . . . . Vice-President Edna Louise Frantz Dorothy McGriff Librarian Members First Sopranos W. Haggard M. Hanna M. Haralson T. Hausmann F. Hummel J. Jacobs E. Knapp E. La Nasa M. E. Marshall B. Wemple C. McBryde F. McBryde D. McGriff D. Metcalfe Marcella Ogden Mildred Ogden Mamie Packer M. N. Parrish V. Rembert E. COLOMB E. Covey F. COYLE M. Davis C. Enslen E. Fischer J. Fowler M. E. Gardener F. Gray C. Harries E. Harvey Second Sopranos J. Heiss S. HiRSCH K. Holt E. HOWSMON E. Hudson F. Lazarus A. Lemann B. Lowden O. M. Macdonald M. Maddux E. Magruder Alto F. Evans C. Felder C. Hagedorn M. Holt F. Kaplan M. LoCascio M. LeBreton E. Legier M. Luckiesh E. Malter L. Moore S. Reed L Rittenberg A. F. Sayman J. Schiro M. Stebbins . Secretary-Treasurer . Business Manager . Rice S. Robertshaw M. ROSSER E. Shibley V. Tyler B. Walton L. Werlein A. Wise M. E. Reid E. Menuet L. Owens W. Palmer V. Pearson C. Samuel E. Short D. Simon H. Walker L. Walker A. Wolbrette A. Strobhar J. Tansey S. Teunisson K. Thornton A. Veith C. Vomberg M. Westfeldt L. Young 3+3 Norris, Pierson, Reed, Whipple The Ne ' wcomb Arcade Staff Edith Norris Editor-in-Chie] Sally Reed Assistant Editor Sub-Editors Pecgv Clarkson ' Elise McGehee Edna Louise Frantz Ida Rittenberg Elizabeth Lewis Audrey Whit;i Marjorie Logan Jane Whipple Marie Louise Wilcox Business Staff Elizabeth Pierson Busintss Manager Leonie Davis Ad ' vcrtising Manager 344 Butler. Cothran, Enslen, Haas, Hale, Jones Maas, Merst, Minsky, Perkins, Rollins Sayman, Simon, Thornton, Tucker, Vail, White The Ne H comb Orchestra Officfrs President Mari ' anne ' Perkins . ' ' . rice-Prrsidcnl Audrey Fay Sayman Sceretary-Treasurer Members I ' iolins Audrey White Charlotte Enslen Emma Cothran ClIAKLOTTE MeROT l ioloncello Lucille Owen Flute Marianne Perkins Clarbieis Kathleen Thornton Viola Vail First Mildred Ogden Second Phala Hale Hilda Simon Third Sophie Rollins Audrey Fay Sayman Audrey White Irene Minsky Piano Elizabeth Jones Trumpets Marion Butler Pat Tucker Saxaplione Muriel Haas Drum Leone Maas The orchestra is a new organization, having been formed only last year. Under the leadership of Mr. Maxwell and with a large appropriation from Student Body for new instruments, the organization is expected to flourish and become one of the best on the campus. nw ij Bi-iley. Carmouche. Dean, Ervin, Fail-. Geier, Gilmer, Haas Haase. Hart, " Howard, Huber, Jastram, Jones, Keenan, Kottemann, Lachin LeBreton, Lew, Lobdell, Mathes, Maxwell, Nolan. Perry, Plschoff, Eeisch Ricciuti, Robelot. Stauffer, Stubbs. kVelman, White, J. Wilson, S. Wilson Officers Wm. King Stubbs • President Mackey W. White .... Vice-President Myrthe Stauffer Secretary I. Wm. Ricciuti Treasurer Ulisse M. Nolan .... Sergeant-at-Arms R. Cary Jones . " Jambalaya " Representative Members Seniors A. T. Blount Herndon Fair W. C, Gilmer A. E. Jastram Denvrich LeBreton Ulisse M. Nolan H. F. Allen J. W. Babst J. Roy Haase H. T. Hart W. C. Keenan, H Murvan Maxwell Juniors E, H. Reisch Milton Robelot E. B, SlLVERSTElN Myrthe Stauffer Sophomores W. J. Carmouche, II C. H. Dean, Jr. Harry Haas, Jr. R. Cary Jones L. K. Levy E. O. Huber Freshmen Earl M.athes I. Wm. Ricciuti Mackey W. White Sam Wilson, Jr. W. King Stu bbs H. F. Wehrmann, Jr. W. F. Williams E. F. Neild, Jr. D. J. PiSCHOFF P. E. Baily Emile Fuhrmann, Jr. F. B. Chambers D. C. E. Geier R. A. Cooper Janet Hooper J. P. Ervin Clarence Hughes Lewis E. Schwartz, Jr. Theo. Jaques, Jr. R. L. Lobdell Elisabeth Kendall E. N. Maddu.x O. C. Kotteman C. R. Perry L. A. Lachin F. M. Richards J. F. Wilson An toon, Bagby. Beasley, Gay, Hubert Jackson, O ' Brien, Pearson, Singleton, Taylor Tiilane Young Mem s Christian Association Cabinet Members Verbon F. Gay General Secretary George F. Bagby President Joseph E. Beasley First Ficc-President Garland F. Taylor Second Vice-President Edward J. Antoon Secretary Ralph E. Pearson Treasurer Cabinet Rlembers-at-Large ■ Leon Hubert, Jr Chairman Social Service Gordon Jackson Chairman Freshman Work Brown Moore Chairman Campus Service A. Dallam O ' Brien .... Chairman Campus Night Rivers Singleton . . . Cliairman Extension Committee Advisory Board Prof. A. Lee Dunlap Cliairman Prof. G. W. Recenos Treasurer Dr. E. a. Bechtel Mr. Fred Ellsworth Dr. Irving Hardesty Dr. Rufus C. Harris Rev. H. L. Johns Rev. John S. Land Dr. J. Adair Lyon Rev. D. Will Miller 347 Allert, Bender, Henriqiies, Legier, Logan, Westfeldt Officers Catherine Bendek C iairman Shirley Teunisson ' • . . Secretary-Treasurer Members Seniors Mary Allekt Mai ' .garet Hen ' riques Catherine Bender Olga Swetman Juniors Mary Bell Rocan Shirley Teuniseon Sophomores Evelyn Legier Metha Weestfeldt Crefcpo. Logan, Prite. Rollins, Walton, Wilson Y„ W, C, A. Officers Rebecca Rollins Pn-sidenl YvowE Crespo I ' icc-Prrs ' idenl Julia Gladney Secretary Janie Price Treasurer C.4RINET Members Beverly Walton I ' ro jram Chairman Roberta Sterret Dormitory Finance Chairman Marjorie Wilson Toi:;n Finance Chairman Peggy Clarkson Group Discussion Chairman Grace Coyle Fuhlicity Mary Louise Wilcox . Social Service Nancy Allen Senior Adviser Alice Logan Entertainment 349 Allert, Coleman, Eustis, Folse Fox, Hagredorn, Haralson, Knapp, Price Rollins, Torrey, T hipple, White Officers Janie May Price President Laura Eustis Vice-President Jane ' HIPPLE Doris Hall President Camille Hagedorn Secretary Rebecca Rollins East iring President Audrey White JFest JVing President House Council 1931 Mary Allert Mary Haralson Peggy Clarkson 1932 Willie F. Coleman Jane Fox Audrey Fay Sayman Winifred Folse Mamie Packer 1933 Evelyn Knapp Soppiie Rollins Virginia Tyler Lucile Torrey Doris Hall Representative Jane Williams Mistress of Revels Frances Van Winkle Irt Committee Chairman Sophie Rollins Fire Chief 350 Comer, Hurt, Kendall, Lurie Tulaee Imtereatioeal Melatioes Club Officers Marshall Hurt President David B. Comer yicc-Presidcnt Lane Kendall Secretary Walter Lurie Treasurer Members George F. Bacby R. E. Friedman Samuel Nelken Luis J. Botifoll Marshall Hurt Andre Padovani Walter Bougere, Jr. Raymond H. Kierr John Parker William Carmouche Henry S. LaRocca Ralph Pearson David B. Comer William M. Light Arthur Radlauer Jacob Costa Jose M. Ledo William Ricciuti Emile H. Dieth Joseph Levy Jose Tellechea Robert B. Edwards S. Paul Levy Guillermo Vasquez Myron Falk Walter Lurie Mackey White Hernan R. Franco Rudolph McBride Morris Wright James G. McNamara Sponsored by the Carnegie Foundation for World Peace, this club is one of a number of similar organizations existing at the largest American universities. Founded at Tulane in 191 5. Re-organized, new constitution adopted May, 1930. Purpose, to encourage the study of inter- national affairs among students. 351 Baioco, Barrow, Benson. Butera Cord sen. Davidson, Dombeck. Donaldson Ehlert, Gibbins, Gifford, Hillier Kaplan, Mills, Pearson, Perry Pischoff, Spring, Van Norman. Wlckes Officers Ralph E. Pearson President Delegate-at-large Frederick C. Cordsen .... . . First Vice-President . . Hall Representative (Bienville) Leo W. Ben-son ' ... .... Second Vice-President . . . Hall Representative (LaSalle) Morris Kaplan Secretary .... Hall Representative (Gayarre) Dennis S. Gibbins Treasurer Delegate-at-large Verbon F. GaYj Faculty Advisor Members Malcolm H. Barnes Charles K. Haik Joseph F. Baroco Leslie R. Hebert J efferson L. Barrow John E. Hillier James M. Butera James B. Holt Samuel X. Carriere A. J. Jones C. Girard Davidson Allan J. Lacobi Theo. J. Donaldson, Jr. Bruno F. Mancuso William E. Ehlert Stephen D. Michell ViRGUs A. Engeran C. Rodney Mills Clarence H. Ford C. Reginold Perry Benjamin R. Gendel Darrell J. Pischoff Paul E. Gifford Graham K. Spring Francis Grimmer Russell H. Van Norman J. Vardaman Gwin William A. Wickes 353 ■ s?Y- -V 7. ' Carmouche, Dean, Farmer. Gay Goldbert. Haas, Harris McWaters, Phillips, Pischoff, Surgi The Chess amd Checkers Club Officers Leon Goldberg . President Hermon Dean Vice-President W. J. Phillips Secretary-Treasurer W. J. Carmouche Cliairman of Committee Dr. E. H. Riedel Faculty Advisor Honorary Members Cerbon F. Gay Arthur Herbert Levy Members W. J. Carmouche Lynn McWaters Earl Dailey Sam Nelken Hermon Dean W. J. Phillips J. Farmer Darrell Pischoff Leon Goldberg A. L. Romeo Harry Haas George E. Surgi Amos Harris James Weatherford The Tulane Aero Club Officers C. Kendall President C. B. McEachern Vice-President A. H. Payne, Jr Secretary P. L. Janssen Treasurer Honorary Member Rear Admiral T. P. Magruder Members P. L. Andersen L. C. Kendall J. F. Baroco L. I. Korn S. C. Carriere R. M. McBride A. J. Fransen C. B. McEachern L. D. Freret J. H. McLeod, Jr. J. V. GwiN P. H. Meters J. Haase C. R. Mills P. L. Janssen A. H. Payne, Jr. A. G. Jarreau R. C. Pope Schoenberger SUHV,y GURLEY, LA. FLAG POLE ERECTION COMPANY STREET HARD GOING RURAL FREE DELIVERY r s smu ' Mm Harry Glover Hall of Fame HARRY GLOVER Because of what a little man can do. Harry has shown him- self to excel in almost all sports. He has been one of our main- stays in football, a letter man in basketball, baseball and track. EDDIE GESSNER Because of his popularity with his fellow students, and because of the noble way he has handled the hardest of jobs. President of the Student Body. There isn ' t a student on the campus who doesn ' t know " Eddie. " The of- fice he holds, and the manner in which he performs the duties of his office can best typify him. JERRY DALRYMPLE Because by his pluck and never tiring energy on the football field, he has won himself a berth on the All-American Football Team, and won his way into our hearts as one deserving of any honor we can bestow on him. BOB WEHRMANN Because of his winning personal- ity, and because of his manage- ment of the Glee Club this year as its President. Because of his- faithful work with the Glee Club in the past. Because of his service on both the golf and ten- nis teams. Jerky Dalkvmple Bob W ' eur.maxn Preacher Roberts PREACHER ROBERTS Because of the way he led our 1930 Green Wave, Co-Southern Champions, as Captain, through a highly successful season. Be- cause of the way he Captained the Basketball team. And be- cause of Preacher ' s general pop- ularity and fame as an All- Southern center. DR. HARRIS Because of his popularity not only with his fellow professors, but also with all students who come in contact with him. Be- cause by his efforts as Dean, the Law School at Tulane is on the top. DON ZIMMERMAN Because, not only was Don the flashiest back on the football team, and an All-Southern, but also because Don is well liked by all who know him, and few are found who do not. HUGH WHATLEY Because of his three years of faithful service on the football team, during which time his fleetness of foot gained him a berth on the All-Southern team. Because as a member of the Student Council his duties have always been well fulfilled. Dr. Harris Don Zimmerman Hugh Whatley BeTTV WliRLElX Hall of Fame BETTY WERLEIN Because as Junior Class and Student Body presidents she has led her fellow students wisely and diligently. Because she is an intelligent, versatile and en- thusiastic worker in everything she attempts. Because through her efforts, the curricula at New- comb is being constructively in- vestigated with change and im- provement in view. ROSALIND ROGAN Because as campus night chair- man she proved herself an apt organizer and gifted leader. Be- cause she is an enthusiastic and talented actress. Because as Senior Class President she has led her class with ease and with a sunny disposition that only Rosalind could have. ' A.- Rosalind Rogan ODILE SIMPSON Because as President of the Sophomore Class she gained a place of merit and popularity. Because she is an athlete of no mean ability. Because as Stu- dent Council President she car- ried out her duties with an ease and capability all her own. And lastly because she was voted the most popular student at New- comb College as the result of her winning personality and charm. IVIARGUERITE DAVENPORT Because as Hullabaloo editress she has helped bring the stand- ard of that paper up to what it now is. Because she recognizes student needs and presents them to the faculty and student body. Because, although the youngest Senior at New ' comb, she is a stu- dent above the average. Because she is one of Newcomb ' s staunch- est supporters. Odile Simpson Marguerite Davenport r«e PHANTOM OF THE OPERA THE ArHcerrc fjelos f LL SOUTtitRtt PAINTERS OFF TO NORTHWeSTERM HOWeCOMfNO OAY COMMlTTee Dr. Clara G. Bonneck, notorious economist, says that the solution to the business depression is More Advertising. " The public has its hands in its pockets (i. e., Dr. Nixon) and won ' t take them out. The only way to get them to loosen up besides hitting them on the jaw is to advertise. It is the key-word of American buying power. So let ' s go buy-buy. " And so, taking the advice of this friend to mankind and football players, the Tulane fraternities have planned campaigns and selected the Jantbalaya as their medium. A K E Ask The Man Who Owns One Ask the man who owns a DEKE pin If he doesn ' t belong to the best fraternity in the world. " Sure, " he ' ll say. Definite class appeal. Sat- isfaction guaranteed or money refunded. If 3 ' ou haven ' t got class we ' ll supply it. You put on the button and we ' ll do the rest. If you can play football you ' re wanted. We ' ve taken All-Americans off the sport page and put them on the society page. We supply your every need. Artist ' s models? Moving picture actors? Farmers? We have ' em. SUPERMEN— NO END (trade mark, reg. U. S. Pat. Off.) If You Want to be a Tau Delt, Just Come Along With Me. . . . Yes, dear public, that ' s all you have to do — come along with me. I can take you where pink elephants and green snakes romp in luxuriant tropic underbrush, where beds whirl ' round and the Chinese army will march through your mouth bare-footed. The round trip costs about $4 (a quart). Delta Tau Delta has come into its own, in spite of severe losses two years ago. We are now in the class with the Betas, K. A. ' s, Dekes and Phis and every once in a blue moon we bump them on a freshman or two. Also we now are getting very classy and going around with Pi Phis and Kappas but we still stick to our parallels — every night we enter that way. ATA 2 N ? ? ? ? ? After death what? Sigma Nu is the answer. When you ' ve died above the shoulders and rigor mortis has set in, when you want to sit down by a fireside and have the protecting care of a house mother while you dream of the cricks and lanes and hog calling contests on the old farm — Sigma Nu is the answer. It is also the question. We don ' t want our public to be duped. We moved away from St. Charles Ave- nue because we wanted to get peace and quiet out the distant reaches of Pine Street, not because we couldn ' t pay the rent or because we had designs on 1229 Broadway. Gone are our red-heads and gone our leaders of yore. Come with us far from the maddening crowd ' s ignoble strife and rot away the years. Oh, the Turkey in the Hay, the Turkey in the Straw. . . . Farmers! Farmers! Bargain mail order offers. Kappa Sigma pins are going daily at the rate of 30 a minute. Attractive star and crescent, with jewels, $0.15, without $0.02. Models A-iooi, A-1003J, B-85-7 are very popular (consult our annual catalogue). We also have mail order houses at strategic points all over these great United States — there are some 109 of these, now, we believe — we lost count after 10 but that ' s what Old Man Craig says. Armstrong Allen — our executive in the Southern territory — offers a choice lot of minor positions at the Tulane factory. He will turn these over to you or put you in line for them if you dare go Kappa Sig. He ' s been an understudy of the big shots for about seven ' ears now. K S 2 A E We Tried, We Failed, We Quit. . . . Once upon a time we were a great fraternity, on a par with the Pi Kappa Phis even, and we could insert full page ads congratulating Brer Jahncke, La. Epsilon ' 06, on becoming a Republican office holder. We were even known to exist — but now it is not quite sure whether there is a Tulane chapter of S. A. E. or not. Sometimes we have one man living in the house and if we pledge a single freshman that has been rushed by another fraternity or even a single freshman, we get drunk for a month celebrating. We ' re disgusted with life and we ' re gonna quit unless some other chapter lends us some good men. Simple! All you have to do is fill out the information requested below, clip the ad and send us a stamped return envelope and within a week we ' ll send you a pin, a certificate of membership and a correspondence course in the grip and " How a Phi Kappa Sigma Should Misbehave. " When you have finished Lesson Five, we send " Chesse " Keith to see if we have made another mistake or not. Our batting average is pretty good seeing we take in anyone who wants to make a fraternity and can ' t. Now sign on the dotted line and answer yes or no — Name Age Weight • Color of Eyes Color of Hair Address College Ever belong to any other fraternity? Do you have feelings of remorse about not being a fraternity man? K Pikas — Not Pikers Don ' t let anyone tell you that appearances aren ' t everything. Gaze at our beautiful 100 x 50 lot on Broadway — in the heart of the exclusive residential district — and our classic mansion. History has already been made under our roof — we had a fire. Variety isn ' t the name for it. We have every breed, sect, sex and kind. It takes all sorts of men to make a fraternity; so we pledged that missing link that runs around in the red Graham with the top down whether its pouring rain or just pouring. You seldom hear of us around Tulane — but there ' s something we can say for ourselves, we ' re just a quiet, home-loving bunch and we like our women and our liquor like every other patriotic American. FKAT CBACKS A e Lose Pounds Overnight How -would you like to lose your superfluous avoirdupois by a natural method? No tonics, no harmful dieting, no strenuous exercise. Five billion physicians recommend the Phi Delt way. WE TALK FLESH OFF OF YOU. All you have to do is be a rushee and say you don ' t like our methods. You ' ll sweat in a good old fashioned way. People must like our course, just read these testimonials. Hugh, " Fd die for dear old Rugby, Loyola and Tulane. " Evans, Holmes ' New Orleans: " I ' ve tried the Phi Delt course for about eight years. It certainly is grand. I stopped it once but immediately began feeling so bad that I came back. " John Glover, City Dump, New Orleans: " For about seven years now the Phi Delt course and I have been great pals. Look what it ' s done for me. " Edward Gessner, Stewed-ent Council, Tulane: " It ' s made me what I am todav and it onlv took seven vears to do it. " ■Where The re ' s a Will There ' s a Way Give ear to this tale — a tale of triumph, woe, pain, and courage. Once upon a time we (with the Sigma Chis) had the best alumni in New Orleans. Everyone who was anyone was an A. T. O. Today everyone who isn ' t anyone is an A. T. O. We ran the carnival balls and Tulane University and the names in the society columns sounded like a roster of our great fraternity. Today people faint if they see an A. T. O. ' s name in the news unless it is that of a condemned mur- derer. But think you that we have let misfortune eat away at the roots of cur noble symbol — the Palm? No! Courage has triumphed and now we have one handsome man, one rich man and a few Y. M. C. A. members. We have sent our alumni a letter telling them how good we are and they believe us. They would rather than come around and see what ' s happened. -1 c Announcing — The Greatest Merger of History The Sigma Chi council and corporation takes pleasure in announcing to its customers the most stupendous merger in American business his- tory. Think of a combination of Standard and Shell Oils and you ' ve hit it. Think of General Motors and Ford as one and you ' ve hit it again. It is now Stigma Chi plus Alpha Tau Omega. Through the post-graduate (?) work of that great old party Dem- ocrat Bill Haggerty and the Baron de Rhine-fort Rainold these great lodges have decided to merge. We now boast the finest alumni you ever saw-. Blue blood has mingled with good, red wine. Think of the consummate intelligence of Sigma Chi and Pierre Lelong merged with the A. T. O. Joiners. Their motto was " a man in every activity " and ours, " an A on every report and a bottle in every pocket. " The new corporation which will seal the strength of the Old Regulars will hold its meetings in the Broadway Pharmacy — finally awarding recog- nition to an old stand-by. Now we can get enough men between us to call ourselves a fra- ternity. Come On Daown South Let the band strike up " Dixie " ! Come on, you all, down below the Smith and Wesson line. Where Kappa Alpha roses bloom all year round. Learn manners without Emily Post. Laze in the warm South- ern sunshine on our front porch. Poker, cool mint juleps, white suits — nothing to do but rest your weary brain. Camps at all strategic passing out points. Play hard without getting your hands dirty. We consider applications only from the upper crust and onl ' the F. F. ' s of New Orleans have a chance. Engraved calling cards and strictly impeccable names absolutely required. Apply Wardlow Witherspoon, K.C.B., F.R.S., D.A.R., K.A. GENTLE GENTLEMEN K A They Laughed When I Opened My Mouth to Sing But when the first note came out they simply rolled on the floor — up hill and down dale (our floors are unique scenic effects; you get away from that flat feeling). Go to Woogland when you die. All the in- teresting people are there. Learn to sing b} ' singing. Get the bene- fits of fresh air. We have decided to do away with the house and let all sleep in the open. Look what we ' ve done with shy, timid boys like Ford Seeuws — gotten him in " College Humor. " The Beta way to fame. Ben For Castellano Espanoles Only Si, Si, Si, Si, Si, mi pequena senorita — right on top, as you say, eh? These Americano they brag too plenty much. Vivo Alfonso! (Is he still king?) Well, vivo los revolucionares. Usted pronuncia that C as TH. Es castellano! If you prounounce eet SEE, you are darty Mejicano and we keek you out. But zat ' s all right eef you keep us above los Gringos in scholarsheep — eh? Several yars and steel on top. Si, los Americanos, dey brag too much. We are ze best. 2 I This Space Reserved for S. P. E. (Note: It is the Jambalaya ' s policy to reserve space for its advertisers. S. P. E. has advertised for seven years as O. T. A., S. E. and finally last year as S. P. E. We don ' t know where they are. Lost prob- abh ' . But we are doing them the courtesy to reserve this advertising space until they turn up. However, be it known to any S. P. E. that may read this: Mr. Stolley ' s credit is no longer good and we refuse responsibilitv for any debts run up bv his understudies in CHEER- LEADERS, INC.). 2 $ E A 0000.02 Reward! Reward! $0000.02 The Civic Sheriff ' s office and the Police Department of the City of New Orleans offer the above generous reward for any information as to the whereabouts or actions of a group of alleged Tulane University students known in body as the Lambda Phi fraternity, a local organi- zation founded in 1928 by a number of individuals whose names ap- pear on the police register along with their finger prints. Said Lambda Phi is reported to have won an interfraternity basketball contest at one time and to have placed high in a swimming meet. Last heard of November, 1930. Ain ' t been seen since. 99 44 100 Per Cent Pure You can ' t go wrong with any Arthurian song. Good clean fun. The answer to where the Hullabaloo money goes — ARTHLIRIANS! If the work that Jimmy Biggar started is kept up by Myron Falk and Victor Lota, we will have enough in the treasury to start a national fraternity. But don ' t get us wrong. We ' re as pure and white as the snow on the mountainside. Just too sweet for words. Every year we pledge enough of the band and business department of the Hullabaloo to keep alive. That ' s where the money goes, to buy our brothers ' clothes. A 2 His Only Gym Was the Delta Sigma Phi House and Yet He Had ' Athlete ' s Foot " Are you a victim of this horrible and insidious disease? It is pos- sible to be an athlete and be a fraternity man. In fact, that ' s our only requirement. Just go out for something and we ' ll go in for you. You get the letter. We give you a pin. Lincoln said, " All men were created free and equal. " So you don ' t have to have a pedigree (they used to demand that at the DKE, Beta and K. A. lodges). Lincoln also said " This is a fraternity by the athlete, of the athlete and for the athlete. " We ' re not conducting a theological seminary but we have got a Preacher. If Not In " Who ' s Who " Then In " Whose Zoo " Look to the future. Don ' t look to the present — no one has ever paid us any attention yet. But look ahead 3,000 years. Tulane has crum- bled. The captains and the kings have departed. Yet proud above the ruins Sigma Pi raises its hoary head. Now we get one good man every seven years that everyone else has overlooked. Tomorrow we will get every good man because there will be no one else. You re- call the story of the tortoise and the hare. Well, if Dr. Bechtel em- bezzles some university funds, we may be able to buy off a few good ones. There is just that much chance. Addenda: We have a piano player. i; II Uncle S. A. M. Needs You! Right away, queeck, we need feefty mens. The Zeebetees are way ahead of us. Rally, rally to the cause. Sam and Cliff are no longer around. What are we going to do? ? ? ? Another of the fast dis- appearing tribes of Israel waiting for another Moses to lead them across the Green Wave. Sign here on the dotted line, queeck 2 A 11 K N The Swan Song of the Gnu (Kappa Nu) We are going home. We are going back to Zion and weep in the shadows of Palestine ' s alabaster walls. We didn ' t mind that first op- eration they performed on us but when they took Morry — nize Morry — awav, we put sackcloth and ashes on our heads and wept in the wil- derness. Thenks, nize liddle boys what koom to urr fraternity. Yom Kippur, Rosh Hoshana — good bye, good bye. Needles and Pins, Needles and Pins — Vou know the rest: When a man marries his troubles begin. Single or wed, single or wed, a man has his troubles until he is dead. We know our own minds. One of our brothers married and got unmarried P. D. Q. — the result of long training under the Pi Kappa Phi method. A nice quiet fraternity for fellows with soprano voices and social am- bitions. Distinctive, too. We never take a freshman that anyone else wants. Situated close enough to a ferry house. We deal specially in medics and patent nostrums and pater nostrums. n K r r rr r Z B T Free ! Free ! Free ! Don ' t all speak at once and keep this under your hat but we have pork roast selling at .20 the pound toda_v — practically free for nothing at the Sign of the Three Gold Balls. We pledged some men that weren ' t so ugly this year. We ' ve got an arrangement just like the V. M. C. A. — they meet at the church, we meet at the synagogue. There ' s no denying our superiority among the tribes of Israel. We number shoe peddlers ' sons, pawn shop owners ' sons, old umbrellas, scissors, passover bread, revolvers, joolry, etc., etc. 370 A Strange (It ' il i .Ipolofjies to Euycne O ' Neill) ACT I Timf — Rush Week. Placr — Pascayoola — Chi Omega House Party. Characler — Rushee, Tew Many. She speaks: " I have never enjoyed a house party as much in my life and I like your lype. You were so darling to me and I would love so to promise «oai ' , but I had really better wait until I write mv sister. " STRANGE INTERLUDE She thinks: " So many thought this was JFedncsday and I could promise and here it is only Monday. Could 1 have misinterpreted the Rush Rules? " " Are they afraid to wait till tlien? " " No Chi Omega little sister need hope of aspiring to anything bet- ter since it ' s strictly a family affair. " " She ' s only a GREEN freshman, but she ' s got her man and may soon be DONned with a pin. " " Since they are a Fraternity, they can do anything!! What an opportunity! " ACT II Ti ne — Rush Week. Plaer — Inn-By-the-Sea — Zeta House Party. Cliaraeter — Rushee, Tew Many. She speaks: " This houseparty surely was fun, especially the dances. You all were so lovely to me and I do hope that I will see lots more of you! " STRANGE INTERLUDE She thinks: " Those older girls were mighty cute. Wish they were in the chapter noiu. But the LAMB and PARSONS are still with the fold. " " Hope I made a good impression on that Physics teacher because I must pass the course! " " But if I don ' t promise Zeta — ? Is it worth it? " " This Practice-Teaching I hear so much about! Does she realh ' mean to teach her class dressed in a Tea Gown? " ACT III Time — Rush Week. Pliifi ' — Phi Mu Gypsy Party. Cliaracler — Riishee, Tew Many. She speaks: " This was such a darling party and I had the grand- est time. You all have the cutrst bunch and I like you lots, but I ' ve really not decided just iv iiih onr on the campus I prefer. " STRANGE INTERLUDE She thinks: " Talented cousins help cut, especially when one has de- cided to go in for quality and not quantily. AIMEE be — I wonder? " " At least they are not jumping from the FRVing pan into the fire — in fact, things are PERKoIating right now. " " How ALLERT and artistic that senior is! TEX a lot of skill to be so versatile. " Lizette Moore has a football, hut Kitty has keys to MOORE hearts — how manv MOORE? " ACT IV Timr — Rush Week. Place — Alpha Epsilon Phi Tea. C iaractrr — Rushee, Tew Man} ' . She speaks: " This was such a pretty tea and I surely enjoyed my- self. Thanks so much for letting me be among the honored guests. " STRANGE INTERLUDE Town? have of She thinks: " That song they were singing, ' If ' w Runs llic I. E. Plii — A. E. Plii — A. E. Plii! ' What a good opinion they themselves ! " " But when there ' s no compi ' iition, Avhat more can ou expect? " " Ton bad so many freshmen were disappointed this season, but it ' s all in the family ' " " Aw, IIIRSCH! " " Odd, their rushing such a number of out-of-town girls! " " Why are they playing, ' Wedding Hells Are Breaking Up That Old Gang of Evidently somebody was married this summer, but they don ' t seem so distressed about losing Mine ' ? her! " " Where, oh, where is their poetess? Gone, I guess! Gone, I guess ACT V Timr — Rush Week. Plarc — Kappa Alpha Theta D ance. Character — Rushee, Te y Many. She speaks: " I certainly did have a cjrand time at your dance. So many darling boys! I ' d really love to promise, but I MUST write my Chi Omega sister about it. " STRANGE INTERLUDE She thinks: " They seem to find young men a big help in rushing — one of those boys nearly had me sciued up. " " This promising business — it certainly does mix me up — vhen can you promise? " " Strange, the personal friendship formed during the summer — I thought rushing had just begun! " " If I should go Theta, would I get into a JAMb? " " It nvould be nice to say that I belonged to the ' Oldest National Women ' s Fraternity ' ! " " They ' re pretty near the KAT ' s Me-Ow! " 373 JWi. WJ ACT VI Time — Rush Week. Place — A. O. Pi House Party. Character — Rushee, Tew Many. She speaks: " The house party was plenty of fun. These favors are too adorable — I can hardly wait to show them to all the unlucky ones who went somewhere else. Won ' t they be sorry, though? " STRANGE INTERLUDE She thinks: " These favcrs — what PRICE jewelry? Bribing rushees? " " But they are cute and I ' m glad I came. " " I wonder whether that girl broke her Chi Omega promise for the rushees or for the Fra- ternity? " " From all appearances, their prospects are better this year than last! " " Those alumnae are very attractive! They are so sii-ect to me, how cati I refuse them? " " They ' ll be Jail (pardon, J. L.) keepers this year, so guess I ' d better try to get on the good side of them. " ACT VII Time — Rush Week. Place— Beta Phi Alpha —The Dansant. Character — Rushee, Tew Many. She speaks: " The party was simply swell and I had a c ra id time. I never can thank you enough for inviting me. Call me up again soon, won ' t you? I must RUSSEL along. " STRANGE INTERLUDE She thinks: " Never saw this bunch of rushees before. " " Wonder who told them about me? My name — spelled incorrectly! " " They say these girls practically run athletics and the Mandolin- Guitar Club. " " Won ' t have to BENDER finger to make the teams if I go B. Phi. A. and ASBI ' RY about joining M. G. C. " " They may be new, but their future looks promising. " " Anyway, their radio will keep them in touch with the outside world. ACT VIII Time — Rush Week. Place — Kappa Kabaret. Character — Rushee, Tew Many. She speaks: " What an enjoyable party! I certainly did have a most pleasant evening, girls. You all were so sweet to have me here and I ' ll see you tomorrow at Registration, I suppose (if you can find me in the mob). You ' ll be around, won ' t you? Wish I could promise then, but I have some other dates to fill. " STRANGE INTERLUDE She thinks: " Glad we didn ' t play bridge again tonight. Hate to keep winning all the time. No doubt part of the game! " " A haven for nxjould-be actors, editors, religious fanatics and those otherwise aggressive? There ' s safety in numbers, so perhaps this wouldn ' t be a bad choice, politically speaking! " " That tall, thin blond — what a line! A Kappa characteristic? " " The profile on the curly haired blond — IVENSeen one as forcedly attractive before! Tricks in every trade. " " This talk of their changing living quarters — convenience or — ? " " Debut guaranteed, with promisiufl results! " 374 Placr—K. 2. O. Party. Character — Rushee, Tew Many. She speaks: " Well, thank you all for the pleasant evening, party was so nice and I don ' t know inhcn I ' ve had as much fun. hope to see lets more of you in the near future, mayn ' t I ? " The I do STRANGE INTERLUDE She thinks: " I understand that certain actives claim to have an option on that bench under the weeping willow tree by the Art School. Mavbe if I promise, I can use it some night. " ' ' Strange their winning a Scholarship Cup in spite of this! " " They say all the pledges will be required to take tap dancing this year so that they may follow in the footsteps of their illustrious predecessor, D. A. B. " " B. O. ' s? Some advertisement! " " Hullabaloo, Rav-Ray, M.D. Ray-Ray. " " The baby national will be bursting into print ERRE you know it ' Give voursel ' f a PAT on the back ' . " and ACT X valking by itself. Time — Rush Week. Place — Pi Phi Supper. Character — Rushee, Tew Many. She speaks: " I never enjoyed a supper more in my life. Such delicious food and so much of it! Must have been horribly expensive. " (Voice from rear — " Ask Betty Werlein! " ) " You all are mighty attractive and I like your style, but I haven ' t had a chance to look the rest over as yet. Couldn ' t I give you my promise later? My cousins are Kappa ' s. " STRANGE INTERLUDE She thinks: " None of them were smoking! " . " The supper would have been great if there hadn ' t been so many crest-fallen expressions! Wonder whv? " .- , , , , , • i " To them, promises are small matters, but they may find that though they aim to please, too often the arrow misses its mark! They lack the power of persuasion! " " Strange what a break they are giving out-of-town girls this year— hope it ' s no reflection on the home products. " „ , .• :,i, " Suppose they WERLEIN to me when they said they would run Student 15cdy this year. ' ' " Society beckons — shall I follow the Arrow? " ACT XI Time — Rush Week. Place — A. D. Pirate Party. Character — Rushee, Tew Manv. . . She speaks: " This was such an enjoyable party and you all make very attractive pirates wath your taking ways. I ' m fond of all of you, but would rather wait awhile before I give you an answer. Mighty WHITE of you to want me! " STRANGE INTERLUDE She thinks: " One little girl whose mother is a member of this fra- ternity had to write home about accepting tlieir bid! Shall I risk it? " " That little sister thinks she ' ll go .i. 0. Pi. " " But with all the other girls here, they ' ll never miss me! " " Their wholesale pledging — could it be for political reasons in prep- aration for the BIG ELECTION this year? Do you suppose ancient president will be carried out? Those taking ways! " " Majority usually rules in spite of honest efforts! Perhaps it does pay to blow your own horn! What S.-IY, MAN? " 375 THE BANO THE SWAN SOMG- TO O ' W A P . -i IN THe STftNOS OUR GOV;e( N0R. The Sorrowful Tale of cAnnie Tew There was a little jresliie. Her name nuas Annie Teiu; SIic came to Sophie Neivcomb Not knowing ' what to do. The Pi Phis met her at the train — She thought they were the stuff ; They bragged about their pedigree- She thought she ' d had enough. A. O. Pis were in pursuit — A desperate bu7ich ivere they. The favors, tears and " IFon ' t you please? " Made her almost give way. Old A. D. Pi (not to be outdone) In luinjiing Annie Teiv, Had Pirate parties, what you will — Boy, how tlie ashes fiew! She made the Kappa " Kabarel " — Almost went up in smoke. But when they started on their line She said, " This is a joke. " Phi Mu, artists and athletes, too. Believed in " Music hath charms " And with a talented cousin ' s aid Had Annie iii alarm. Theta ' s got her to their dance — A time was had by all; And when they said, " Oh, promise us, ' She nearly took a fall. Chi O was running after her — • A mob of anxious dames. She wasn ' t sure she liked them. But the pressure started flames! Next Z. T. A. with courage vied To make a good impression. But to her family alone She made a big confession. The A. E. Phis had her to tea— The food was of the best. In quantity they led them all. And equally in zest. The Beta Phi Alphas, bless their hearts. Kept up the steady pace. But Annie Tew, then quite worn out. Dared not put forth her face. Beta Sigma O micron came on the scene. The newest frat to call. In writing, scholarship, debating — They thought they beat them all! Alas, for poor, dear Annie Tew! Whate ' er would be the end? She couldn ' t choose between them all. But lioped she ' d be their friend! The frat appeal was not so strong. She wasn ' t such a flapper; And so she said, " IF ell, after all, I ' ll lake Phi Beta Kappa. " y fi ' t a c ijL 9 ' .30 a-t j ' t ' -i ' uc ., ..t: .-t .e ' ( y-Z. ' T - ' - ' t z ( Ct- fst Lo J i ,iZ i, ' ' !r U t ..;:? l ., J ,,Z Cx. )D.e - L-e , a ' - -,fv -, e ' ■ Jl j?. s2- -e- rvn . - JZ, Cu " Z; J ,; : . - . y Cy fu c;? ....... yf ZiM. -ij n t e-.rK - -:ft..4 e , e-- e.z. (L Cf r - - vL X ' ' ■ • ' Jf ff ' i ' V He rises from his seat among the others waiting their turn to go to the chair. A silent individual with an official look beckons him to the chair. He steps into it and resigns himself to his awful fate. The official individual bends over him and adjusts the straps. Suddenly there is a horrible, macabre, buzzing noise. For a moment the man in the chair rises a little. There is a fixed stare in his eye. Then he sinks back. Soon it will be all over. His last words are, " Cut it short. " This is Station WAB signing off, ladies and gentlemen. We have just given you an eye-witness account of the execution of a Tulanian in Joe ' s Barber Shop. He was having his hair cut. » Honor the Light Brigade, Oh, what a charge they made — One dollar, sixty-nine. Doctor: " When I was here a week ago, I told you to take a nip of whisky every other day. Did you? " Patient: " Hie — Better ' n that. Doc! Um sixsh monthsh ahead of schedule. " EMPORIUM, Inc. 629 CANAL STREET Stylish Ready-to- Wear at Popular Prices New Orleans, La. Flowers for All Occasions 2600 St. Charles Phone JACkson 2600 Ave., Cor. Third St. New Orleans, La. RAymond 4668 Incorporated Luggage and Leather Goods 604-06 Canal Street New Orleans TULANE MAYER ISRAEL CO. APPAREL FOR COLLEGIATES NEWCOMB COMPLIMENTS OF MEYER BROTHERS, Inc. I. L. LYONS 8C CO., Ltd. WOODWARD WIGHT CO., Ltd. TERRY JUDEN CO., Ltd. 141 Carondclct Street MEN ' S FURNISHINGS— SHIRTS, LINEN SUITS AND UNIFORMS TO MEASURE Established 1885 Fast: " Let ' s stop here — this is a girls ' school. " Past: " Oh, no, it can ' t be. Didn ' t you see that sign, ' Slow School Ahead ' ? " — Bosto?j Beanpot. " And what is your son doing in college? " " Aging, mostly! " KREEGER S HATS FROCKS COATS ENSEMBLES FURS FOOTWEAR AND ACCESSORIES HAUSMANN, Inc. NEW ORLEANS ' LEADING JEWELERS S ' ecial Department for College and Fraternity Jeiuelry ALL PHOTOGRAPHS IN THIS BOOK MADE BY THE REMBRANDT STUDIO 918 CANAL STREET PHOTOS OF ANY SIZE OR STYLE FROM THESE CAN BE FINISHED AT ANY TIME The Tulane University of Louisiana NEW ORLEANS THE UNIVERSITY EMBRACES THE FOLLOWING DEPARTMENTS: The College of Arts and Sciences The H. Sophie Newcomb College for Women The College of Engineering The Graduate School The College of Law The School of Medicine The Graduate School of Medicine The School of Pharmacy The Dental Clinic The College of Commerce and Business Administration The Courses for Teachers The Department of Middle American Research The School of Social Work The Night Classes in Electrical Engineering The Summer Schools FOR CATALOGUE ADDRESS I Registrar of the Tulane University of Louisiana ivfvj-4.-ii—:-3 GIBSON HALL, NEW ORLEANS Consider the sad pi ght of our dumb freshman who had a date with the fat lady of the circus and a fter hours of heavy necking found that he was only holding her arm. — Octopus. " Consult An Oculist For Eye Examination " E. A. BARNETT, Inc. Prescription Opticians ortrt COMMON ODO STREET Phone Main 1414 New Orleans It Pays to Look Well QUALIFIED TO GIVE SCIENTIFIC SCALP AND FACE TREATMENTS C ¥ l ApffeFs Barter SKop L. H. APFFEL, Proprietor 4620 Freret Street Upt. 8484 Surgical Instruments and Appliances Chemical and Laboratory Apparatus Veterinary Instruments Artificial Limbs, Orthopedic Apparatus Hospital and Office Fixtures Elastic Hosiery, Trusses, Crutches, Etc. TKe McDermott Surgical Instrument Co., Ltd. 734-738 Poydras Street PHONE RA. 1166-67 NEW ORLEANS, LA. Fractional Wisecracks A lady much above the usual size was trying to enter a street car. A passenger, who was waiting to get off, began to laugh at her futile efforts. " If you were half a man , you ' d help me on this street car, " snapped the fat lady. The passengei retorted : " Madam, if you were half a lady, ) ' ou wouldn t need any help. " — Lakpoon. TULANE CO-OPERATIVE BOOK STORE THE STUDENTS ' MEETING PLACE HEADQUARTERS FOR BOOKS-MEDICAL AND ACADEMIC ALL SUPPLIES TOBACCOS TULANE PENNANTS AND BANNERS CONFECTIONS SENIOR CLASS RINGS COLLEGE CREST JEWELRY SENIOR CAPS AND GOWNS Everything for Your Needs Co-o eratwn — Service ELLIS F. ROBBERT, Manager THE H. Sophie Newcomb Memorial College for Women SulanF Intitprattu of ICnmsmna A COLLEGE OF HIGH STANDARDS OFFERING A TRAINING THAT WILL HELP OUR YOUNG WOMEN TO BECOME USEFUL CITIZENS COMPLETE COURSES IN ARTS AND SCIENCES FINE AND APPLIED ARTS MUSIC FOR CATALOGUES AND INFORMATION ADDRESS REGISTRAR, NEWCOMB COLLEGE NEW ORLEANS, LA. FENNER AND BEANE BEST WISHES TO THE STUDENTS From Jerry s Restaurant 1420 Canal Street " Have you heard about the meanest man in the world? " " Yea. He throws chewing-gum in the streets foi Austins to get stuck on. " - — Yellow Crab. » Then there was the absent-minded professor who scratched his pancakes and poured syrup on his head. BREEN ' S DRUG STORE Neff Breen, Proprietor Stuaents ' Headquarters ALWAYS ON HAND A COMPLETE LINE OF LOOSE LEAF COVERS AND FILLERS SHAEFFER FOUNTAIN PENS AND PENCILS PHYSICIANS ' BOSTON BAGS Delicious Toasted Sandwiches Served at All Times TULANE AVENUE AND VILLERE STREETS— OPPOSITE CHARITY HOSPITAL » STUDY - :=== == AT THE = === = SCHOOL OF MEDICINE GRADUATE SCHOOL OF MEDICINE SCHOOL OF PHARMACY UNEXCELLED OPPORTUNITIES ALL SCHOOLS OPEN TO WOMEN ON SAME TERMS AS MEN Write for Catalogues and Particulars THE COLLEGE OF MEDICINE TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 1430 TULANE AVENUE NEW ORLEANS, LA. WETZEL PRINTING Incorporated MAIN 3201 720-728 Pcrdido St. NEW ORLEANS KEEP YOUR DOLLARS AT HOME Patronize the Independent, Home-Owned Retail Grocer Ask for Albert Mackie Co. Products BEST OF ALL BLUE LABEL HUNTS BROS. MISSION ORANGE CANADA DRY GINGER ALE BOHN MOTOR CO. Incorporated i bf Service Sold It New Car Department Broad and A ' ashingtoii JACksun 4310 Used Car Department S. tTuihnriie and 31eli inneiie JACkson 2200 PHYSICIANS ' AND SURGEONS ' BUILDING BARBER SHOP Corner Aline and Prytania Streets OpIMJsite Touro lnti ma . JOE ' S UPTOWN SHOP Oyen from 8 A.M. tii 7 r.M. aturiia.vs tii » r.M. BOBBING HAIR A SPECIALTY First Class Servile Plione lI ' toHn lASi JOE AZEMARD YOUNG MEN JUMP AT THE CHANCE TO WEAR GODCHAUX ' S CLOTHES Tidane students have been coming here so long for clothes that it ' s almost a part of the curriculum. We sug- gest that we be awarded the Degree of D.F.C., DOCTORS OF FINE CLOTHING »44 Xvauxs HEAD OF THE CLASS IN QUALITY Leads the T earn in Performance STANDARD ' siandard MOTOR OIL MEDICAL BOOKS Students of Tulane Will Find a Full Line of All Books Recommended in the Medical, Dental and Pharmacy Departments — At Our Store J. A. MAJORS COMPANY 1301 TULANE AVENUE NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA THE HOSPITAL DRUG STORE Paul A. O ' Donell, Proprietor Formerly Druggist of Charity Hospital Hot Lunches and Toasted Sandwiches Served At All Times Special Attention to Tula ne Students Tulane Avenue Phone RAymond 1400 ONLY THE BEST KATZ AND BESTHOFF, LTD. Store No. 5 — St. Charles at Broadway Serving Tulane and Newcomb DUNLAP SPORTING GOODS CO., Inc. 138 Carondilft Street Golf, Tennis, Athletic Supplies, Guns, Ammunition, Fishing Tackle, Sport Clothing Distributors A. J. Reach and Wright 8C Ditson Co. Pliuiie .Main 6(i(H " Gotta drink? " " Naw, I do it because I like it " — Pointer. There was a time when " teacher ' s pet " was a phrase and not a whole sentence.- -The Log. The Ben L. Lewis Corporation REALTORS REAL ESTATE IN ALL ITS BRANCHES r Main 2024 213 Camp Street, New Orleans, La. Telephones- Main 2025 L Main 2026 Jull le Tea Room 1037 AUDUBON STREET THE RENDEZVOUS of the COLLEGE GIRLS PHONE WALNUT 5579 SURGICAL SUPPLY COMPANY Incorporated Opposite Charity Hospital 1531 Tulane Ave. RA. 7104 SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS AND FURNITURE HOSPITAL ANAESTHETIZING PRESSURE AND SUCTION OUTFITS Everj ' thing maj ' have a hidden meaning. Even the little red schoolhouse has some- thing behind it. — Bison. Essential Service Electricity, Gas, Street Railway are services essential to community growth. To render such services adequately means the expendi- ture of millions of dollars for equipment and maintaining an army of trained employees. ■y As the city continues its march of progress II Public Service will at all times keep abreast o I the parade, assisting in every manner possible ■1 the progress and prosperity of the community NevP Orleans Public SerCice Inc. Hanan Offers the " Astrald Line " OF YOUNG WOMEN ' S SHOES RETAILING AT $10.75 THE PAIR In All the Wanted Spring Materials and Styles Modern College Songs Cornell— " I ' ll C. U. in My Dreams. " Harvard— " The Broad ' A ' Melody. " N. Y. U.— " The Stein Song. " California — " For It ' s Always Fair Weather. " Mississippi— " Oh, How I Miss U. To- night. " Ckoice Cut Flow ers HENRY KRAAK 1425 ELEONORE STREET Phone Uptown 1198 New Orleans, La. FLORAL DECORATIONS E. S. UPTON PRINTING CO. BOOKLETS— BRIEFS COMMERCIAL FORMS MAILING PIECES RAILROAD TARIFFS SPECIFICATIONS 535-537 Magazine St. New Orleans OUT DOOR COURTS OPEN ALL NIGHT 1. Patio Golf Courts ROYAL AND ST. LOUIS STREETS 2. Lee Circle ST. CHARLES AND HOWARD 3. Jung Golr Courts NEXT TO JUNG HOTEL Incioor Courts 412 ST. CHARLES AVENUE CHOOSE A GOOD COURSE WHEN YOU WISH TO PLAY MINIATURE GOLF brighi pages- - - - , ii that reflect those happy, carefree days has been our goal ± A JL A CO LLELCE: ANNUAL DIVI ION COM PANJ-V BiRMIK ' CHAM ♦ IN THE HEART OF TI-IE SOUTH " THIS BOOK PRINTED BV. Th E WORLD ' S LARGEST PUBLISHERS OF CO LLEG E ANNUALS ENSOPJ ' tPRlNTING C0.1 NASHVILLE JTENN COLLEGE ANNUAL HEADaVARTERS s?5S33- • cf ■ A-. c9. ( c ' ' f k ' x ' • ' . J

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