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U i:i K t Km3:o? ' MmMb ' ' ' - ' % - i ■• ■ ' : Copyright, 1930 ' By Charles B. Henriques Sditor-in-Chief Jesse P. Baird ' Business SManager F i We, the editors of the 1930 Jam- balaya, have earnestly worked to present to you, the students of Tulane, a record of events of the past year which, now and later as the years go by, will he of most interest to you — your classmates, your champion foot- ball team, your class rivalries, and scenes around the campus. i i We hope that our efforts toward this end will be acceptable to you. C © M T ¥ I n The University Classes cAthletics To the Ladies Fraternities Organizations Features heme Sxplanation S the subject for the decorative theme in our book we have used those incidents from the history of our state which we regard as most fitting for the division pages, i i First, we have the Indian in his native land undisturbed by the White Man, and then the coming of De Soto, the first person, other than an Indian, to view the Father of Waters. La Salle next is seen calmly coming down the Mis- sissippi, serene in the knowledge that all he sees will be new lands to conquer. So should the senior go out into the world armed with the knowledge that his learning will enable h ' m to succeed. Then Bienville founding New Orleans typifies the Junior laying the foundation of his career. The wild Indians with their tomahawks express the feeling of the untamed Sophomores. As the transfer of Louisiana from France to the United States is one of the greatest events in the History of Louisiana, so is the transition from Preparatory School to the Freshman Class in College one of the greatest events in the life of a student, i i Athletics, General Andrew Jack- son at the Battle of New Orleans; To the Ladies, Evangeline; Fraternities, La Fitte; Organizations, Ku Klux Klan; and Features, Voodoo Dancers. il 1 1 ' J PECATHOF 6 0 i j ernie W ierman B.A. F A man who quietly and conscientious- ly goes about his work in the knowl- edge that he will do his best to meet whatever obstacles present themselves, who can instill a spirit into others to fight with all their energy for love of him, and who accepts victory without too great enthusiasm, is one we all admire. To such a man we feel privileged to dedicate this, the thirty-fifth volume of the yambdldyd 1 - 1 1 1 1 cAlbert " Bledsoe T inwtddie, Ph.D., LL.D. President of the Uni ' vcrsity ly he ' T residenfs S ' t TUDENTS and faculty returning to Newcomb at the open- ing of the session found the departments housed in Dixon Hall in full operation in their nev home. The Library Wing not only is an attractive place for readers and stu- dents, but offers every facility for the comfort and con- venience of the student. The School of Music has, for the first time, quarters of its own designed for the needs of th ' s department. The new auditorium in Dixon Mall has proved a convenient gathering place not only for concerts and lectures of Newcomb, but for campus night programs and other student activities. The administration is working on plans for the beautification of the Newcomb campus and for a better plan of roadways and wa ' ks on that campus, with reference not only to the present needs, but to the future development of the college plant. The framework of the new Medical Clinic Building is approaching completion and indicates that this will be one of the most impressive and commodious buildings of the whole Tulane group. A committee of the faculty and Board of Administrators is now selecting equipment for this building which will make it beyond question one of the out- standing clinic buildings of the country. While athletics do not constitute the chief aim of the Unvers ' ty, t gives great pleasure to all of those interested in Tulane to know that our football team achieved the distinction of being declared champions of the Southern Conference. It is also gratifying to note that the Southern Conference has again placed the annual tennis tournament at Tulane University, The thing we most hope for is that some man with a big heart and a big purse will give a modern gymnasium for the benefit of the health and welfare of the hundreds of young men now attending the Uni ' versity. C tT , Gxi uu WtU " President. .•iitSSli Ml i£iS . i ,Z. , : itJ M: f -ly j iY ' f ,f; ' wi:!»xi eem-v: Board of Administrators Officers Esmond Phelps, A.B., LL.B., PiesidrnI Chauncey French, First Ficc-Presidenl Ernest Lee Jahncke, B.E., Second Vice-Pn-sidrnt Abraham Brittin James Pierce Butler, LL.B. Miss Florence Dymond, A.B. John Dvmond, Jr., A.B., LL.B. John Barnwell Elliott, B.Litt., A.M., M.D. John Baptist Levert, B.S. Marcus Johns Magruder, M.D. Jules Blanc Monroe, A.B., LL.B. Charles Rosen, A.B., LL.B. Paul Hill Saunders, B.A., A.M., Ph.D. Walker Brainerd Spencer, A.B., LL.B. Walter Robinson Stauffer George E. Williams, B.E. Samuel Zemurray Ex-Officio Huey Parham Long Arthur Joseph O ' Keefe Governor of Louisiana Mayor of New Orleans Thomas H. Harris Slate Superintendent of Public Education Lawrence Andre Wogan Secretary and Treasurer ege Pierce Butler, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Dean Newcomb College was founded by Mrs. Josephine Louise Newcomb, in October, 1886. It was her desire to establish in this college a memorial to her daughter, Harriot Sophie Newcomb. In her will, which is dated May 12, 1898, she left to the administrators of the Tulane Educational Fund, for the benefit of Newcomb College, the residue of her estate after the payment of certain specified legacies. Mrs. Newcomb ' s feeling for the people of New Orleans and her desire to advance the cause of education of young women in Louisiana were the reasons that moved her to make this founda- tion. It was her specific desire that there should be maintained a simple form of daily religious exercises in a chapel or assembly room, but she specifically pro- vided, " I desire that worship and instruction shall not be of a sectarian or denominational character. " There are at present eight buildings of fine con- struction upon the campus and several smaller build- ings. We have recently completed and occupied a new dormitory, the Warren Newcomb House, fronting upon Audubon Place. This will probably form one unit in a plan of dormitories to be bui ' t. During the year 1928-29 we completed Dixon Hall, on the quadrangle fronting the Art Building, named in honor of President Emeritus Brandt V. B. Dixon. Dixon Hall, which was first used for the Commencement Exercises in 1929, provides an Auditorium seating about one thousand, with a fine and well equipped stage; studio and practice rooms for the School of Music; and an entire wing fot accommodations for the Library. The stack rooms here will provide for about sixty thousand volumes and may be expanded. The purpose of the college is to foster the intellectual life in any way that may seem most helpful and promising for the maintenance of a high standard of culture, and it endeavors to equip young women for effective and intelligent service to society. The regular courses offered lead to the degree of B.A. or B.S., or for students in Art and Music, B. Design and B. Music. M gL I COLLEGE OF AMTS AND SCIENCES Edward A. Bechtel, Ph.D. Dean The College of Arts and Sciences is one of the oldest colleges of Tulane University, and with the exception of Newcomb College, has the largest en- rollment. Courses are offered leading to the de- grees of Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, and Bachelor of Education. The curriculum in each case is planned so as to give a general education in fundamental subjects, and at the same time to afford specialization in some one group of studies, with a view to the development of general culture and training. Special courses are planned for those seeking admission to the College of Law, the College of Medicine and the College of Pharmacy. Among the elective courses affording professional training is included the Department of Journalism. A new course has this year been introduced in Physical Education, leading to the degree of Bachelor of Education. The aim of this new course is to train men who can serve in the high schools as athletic coaches and at the same time teach certain academic subjects. The College of La Rl ' fus Carrollton ' Harris, A.B., LL.B., Jur.D. Dean The Tiilane College of Law was established in 1S47 as the Law Department of the University of Louisiana. It has afforded legal training to thousands during the period of its existence. The purpose of the College of Law is to provide opportunities and facilities for training equal to the best afforded elsewhere. It purports to inculcate a sound knowledge of both substantive and adjective law. However, the school recognizes a duty beyond equipping and training of men to become practitioners. Many of the University students find its courses valu- able training for citizenship and business careers. The curriculum of the College of Law is unusually attractive in that it is arranged to provide for the special training of those who intend to practice in Louisiana, and at the same time it is arranged to afford training to those who may wish to practice in any of the other states. The College of Law owns a large and well selected library, which is recognized as one of the most complete in the Southern states. It is a member of the Association of American Law Schools, and has been given the Class A rating by the American Bar Association, and its degree is registered by the New York College Board of Regents. These are the standardizing agencies for law schools. The publication of the Tulanv Laic Rfvicv} by the College of Law affords a medium for the expression of the best thought available on the Jurisprudence of Louisiana. 24. THE COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Douglas Smith Andcrson, B.A., M.A. Dean The College of Engineering offers broad courses of professional training in the fundamental principles underljing the various branches of Engineering and Architecture. The formulation of these courses is the outgrowth of the best thought of educators and the engineering profession and of our own experience dur- ing the last two decades. The technical studies in the College of Engineer- ing are contained in four divisions, called schools. The schools are divided into departments. A depart- ment includes subjects, or groups of subjects, which are similar in nature. The schools are: Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Civil Engineering Chemical Engineering Architecture No candidate for a degree is allowed to restrict himself to the narrow training which might be imparted by any one school. Work in the technical departments of one of the above schools is made the backbone or principal part of a four years ' course and supplemental work is re- quired in other schools in the college. 25 THE SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Charles Cassedy Bass, M D., D.Sc. Dean New Orleans has been the leading medical center of the entire South and Southwest for almost one hun- dred }-ears. Wherever new ideas in medical progress have appeared, the medical profession of New Orleans has either reflected that progress promptly or has taken a leading part in its elucidation. Some of the sci- entific researches and contributions of the medical pro- fession of New Orleans have commanded attention and high esteem in every civilized country in the world. Students and doctors from every state in the Union, and from many foreign countries, come to New Orleans for medical training. To meet the ever in- creasing needs in this direction, Tulane is now erect- ing a new Clinic Building, adjoining our great Charity Hospital, which will provide the most complete and most extensive facilities for the best care of patients combined with the best opportunities for a thorough study of disease by the staff and students of the School of Medicine. Provision is also made in the new " Hutchinson Memorial " for the headquarters of the or- ganized medical profession of the City and State, represented by the Orleans Parish Medical Society and the Louisiana State Medical Society. Sufficient space is provided in the building for a library that will fall within the group of the largest five in the United States and be a genuine storehouse of medical knowledge. 26 THE COLLEcGE OF COMMEKCE Morion Arnold At drich, A.B., Pii.D. Dean The purpose of this college has been, since its establishment in 191+, to offer substantial profes- sional training pr eparatory to a business career. The instruction offered is planned for students suf- ficiently able and mature to do work of univer- sity grade, and no student is received unless prepared to do work of this character. It is es- sential, also, to the permanent succe:s of the college that its students approach their work in an earnest professional spirit. In order to make the course available for business men and women, classes are also held at night from 8 to 9:45 o ' clock. These classes meet in Gibion Hall, Tulane University, each course being held one night a week. By thus devoting only one night a week to attending a course, a student may take any of the night courses offered. 27 THE SCHOOL OF Charles Cassedy Bass, M.D., D.Sc. Dran In order to increase the amount of training in the cultural and general scientific subjects given to pharmacy students and in keeping with I HHl l HI H a policy of raising standards to the equal of the best schools of the country, the Tulane School of Pharmacy inaugurated this year a four-year curriculum and will discontinue the three-year course with the graduation of the 1931 class. All students who entered In 1929-30, were registered as students in Colleges of Arts and Sciences, where they must spend two aca- demic years, before taking up the last two years of the course, the first of which will start in 1931-32, and w ' ill consist of purely pharmacy subjects. This School holds membership in the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy, or- ganized to promote the interests of pharmaceutical education. 2% (GMADUATE SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Henry Daspit, M.D., F.A.C.P. The Graduate School of Medicine is the Post-graduate Department of the College of Medicine of the Tulane University of Louisiana. From October to June, there may be found large numbers of medical graduates from this and other countries gathered here to take advantage of the review courses in order to keep abreast with the advances in the medical sciences or to equip themselves for the major specialties. All instruction, didactic and clinical, is directed and carried on by men who are matured in the varied branches of medicine and surgery. During the forenoon, instruction is given in the Clinics and Wards of the Charity Hospital, Touro Infirmary and the Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital. Afternoons and evenings are spent in the Hutchinson Memorial Buildings, where all branches of medicine are covered in the laboratory and lecture room. 29 Deparitmeiit of Middle American Mesearch Frans Blom, Director The Department of Middle American Research was founded in 1924 for the purpose of advanced research into the history, archxology, botany, nat- ural resources and products of Mexico, the Cen- tral American Republics, and the West Indies, and to gather and disseminate information in regard to these countries. Four expeditions have been sent into the field. Three of these have been primarily archasological or ethnological, and one agronomical, but each has gathered as much general data as possible. The Museum of the Department contains many valuable and interesting collections, having material on Middle America and related Anthropology, as well as on the Southeastern United States. The Library ranks among the leading research libraries of the country. It holds not only anthropological and archasoligical books and rare manuscripts, but also volumes on travel, geog- raphy, botany, biology and cartography of Central America. B|y l pi I Ih F " jE H 1 - " ■- -c 1- ' 1 L HR ' ' ' ' [ g m ■•=1 ... -ije- r J 30 THE CGMADUATE John MacLarf.n McBryde, Ph.D., I.ilt.D. Dean To men and women holding the Bachelor ' s de- gree from Tulane University and from institutions of equal grade the Graduate School offers courses leading to advanced degrees in the fields of the liberal arts, the sciences, and engineering. In ad- dition to these, advanced courses in medicine lead- ing to the degrees of Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy are given in the College of Medicine by members of the Medical Faculties who have been elected to membership in the Faculty of the Graduate School. Opportunities are afforded for clinical work in the hospitals of the city under the guidance of well-known specialists. Thus the Graduate School presents carefully planned courses designed for teachers desiring to gain a broader and deeper knowledge of their chosen fields and for graduates in engineering and medicine wishing to specialize in some particular lines of work. COURSES FOM TEACHEMS James Adair Lvon, x-V.M., D.Sc. Cliairman For many years Tulane University has op- erated a number of courses to meet the need of those whose hours of employment will not per- mit attendance upon regular classes. The classes are scheduled in the afternoon hours and on Saturdays, thus making it possible fcr teachers, especially if they so desire, to add to their equipment in many subjects. These courses are of full college grade, con- ducted by regular members of the faculty, and in the case of students who have satisfactorily fulfilled the entrance requirements, credits ob- tained may be applied towards a degree. 3« R. VVeinmann The Tulame Alunrmi Assvociatioe Officers Rudolph J. Weinmann President CuTHBERT S. Baldwin Vice-President Louis S. Goldstein Secretary Larz E. Jones . . Treasurer G. Fred Lamprecht General Manager Executive Committee Dr. M. p. Boebinger and Dr. Edmond L. Faust Medical Walter J. Suthon, Jr. and Louis L. Rosen • Law Nicholas Callan and Sumter P. Cousin . Arts and Sciences G. Arthur Seaver and Clifford F. vrot . Engineering James W. Hopkins and Alfred Schmidt . • Graduate Yvonne Sonnemann and Hazel Hafkesbring Newcomb Dr. J. P. Wahl and Dr. J. Melville Smith Dental R. B. Cato and Albert E. Holleman Commerce John Danneker and Henry C. Richards Pharmacy Principal Activities Publishes the Tulanian monthly for 2,500 members; Freshman Football Smoker; Alumni Football Smoker; Home-coming Day; Annual Dinner Dance; Flag Pole dedicated to the 1929 Football Team. Directory of Alumni Clubs Alexandria Crowley Lafayette Monroe Atlanta Dallas Lake Charles New Iberia Baton Rouge Franklin Memphis New York Beaumont Hammond Mississippi Gu ' f Coast Shreveport Chicago Houston Mobile 33 Ne H comb Senior Class Marion Louise Alvis .... New Orleans, La. K K r T. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3); French Circle (1. 2). Aleen Armstrong Welsh, La. Newcomb Student Council (4); Debating Council (2, 3); Glee Club (2); Alternate Varsity Debating Team (2); Debating Club (2, 3. 4); House Council (4); Win- ner 1913 Prize Piano and Pianoforte Sight Playing (1); Winner Dave Franlc Music Sliop Prize (1); President Music School (4). Marjorie Frances Bass Hazlehiirst, Miss. Kim- Ruth Bacon New Orleans, La. Glee- Club (2. 3, 4); " N " Club (3. 41. Dorothy Bailev Washington, D. C. K K r Pan-Hellenic. Frances Barlow Glasgow, Ky. K A e Pan-Hellenic Council; Glee Club (1, 3, 4); Dramatic Club (1, 2. 3, 4). Nellie May Bartlett . New Orleans, La. n B Dramatic Club (2. 3, 4); Class Trrasurer (2, 3); G ' .ee Club (1); Y. W. C. A. (1); Campus Night C hairmtn (3); French Circle (1); Basketball (2); Track (1, 2); Newcomb Ball (1, 2. 3). Eleanor Frances Bassett . . . New Orleans, La. Rose M. Beason New Orleans, La. B A Mandolin Guitar Club (1, -2. ?.. 4); Y. W. C. A. (2. 3, 4); Dramiuic Club (3, 4). Ne H comb Senior Class Dorothy Mmciha Benedict . . New Orleans, La. A n Edith Amy Blanchard . . . New Orleans, La. Z T A Y. W. C. A. (1, 2. 4); French Circle (3, 4). Charlotte H. Boatner New Orleans, La. A A n Dorothy Brandao New Orleans, La. B 2 O, A 2 £ Student Council (1); Dramatic Club (1, 2, 3. 4); Freshman-Sophonicre Coinmission (1, 2); Vice-Presi- dent Sophomore Finance Committee; Secretary-Treas- urer Mandolin-Guitar Club (3, 4); Pr. " sident Mandolin- Guitar Club (3, 4); Librarian Glee Club (3); Busi- ness Manager Glee Club (4); Associate Editor " Jam- balaya " (3); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4). Dorothy Brown New Orleans, La. B A Y. w. c. A. Thelma Edwina Carruth . . . McComI), Miss. Z T A Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); French Circle (2, 3, 4). Maryem Colbert Monice, I.a. A n Y. W. C. A. (2, 3, 4); French Circle (3). ELizAnETH Coleman Doddsville, Miss. Student Council; Y. W. C. A. (1. 2, 3); House Council; Glee Club (1. 2. 3, 4); Class Secretary (3); Executive (4); Faculty Stud.nt Coinmitto.i (4). Mary Lee Coleman Doddsville, Miss. JI Y. W. C. A. (1. 2. 3,, 4); Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4); House Council (3); Croquet. ItaiMilMML V THe H comTb Senior Class Walton Coker Biimingliam, Ala. X S Class Bowling Team (3); Vai ' Sily (3). Mary Cortner Greenwood, Miss. X Q Glee Club; President and Business Manager Y. " W. C. A. (1. 2, 3. 4); House Council (1). Evelyn Elizabeth Coulson . . West Monroe, La. B S O Debating Club (3, 4); French Circle (3); T. W. C. A. (2, 3, 4i; Baseball (2); Bowling (2); Newcomb Bas- ketball (2, 3, 4); Volley Ball (3, 4). Mary ' Cullen New Orleans, La. B £ Dramatic Club (2, 3, 4); Y. W. C. A. (4); Track (2). Betty- Donalson New Orleans, La. A A n Dorothy Drawe New Orleans, La. Volley Ball (1, 2, 3); Varsity VolKy Ball (3); New- comb Basketball (2, 3); Baseball (2. 3); Varsity Base- ball (3): Swimming Meet (1); " N " Club (3. 4): N. C. C. (1, 2, 3, 4). MiGNONNE C. DuREL ..... New Orleans, La. Marianne Mekinne Ell!S . . . Augusta, Ga. K K r Class Treasurer (1); Glee Club (1. 2. 4); Y " . W. C, A. (1. 2, 3, 41; Swimming Meet (1, 2); French Circle (1, 2, 3. 4). Rose Feincold New Orleans, La. A E . A I 2 Pan-Hellenic; Treasurer Student Body (4); Dramatic Club (2. 3, 4): Basketball; Hockty; Volley Ball; Swimming. Ne H comb Senior Class Leila Ferguson Lake Arthur, La. B 2 Y. W. C. A. (3, 4); French Circle (3, 4). Ida Nelle Finklea ... . Hucr.a Vista, Ala. A A n Y. " W. C, A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Dramatic Club (2); Glee Club (4); French Circle (2). Josephine Fry . New Orleans, La. •t M, A 2 2 Class President (1, 2); Secretary of Student Body (2) President of Student Body (4); Student Council (3. 4) French Circle (1, 2, 3); Volley Ball; Basketball Hockey: Tennis. ' Natalie Bess Forcheimer . . New Orleans, la. Adele Foster Dorothy Geary A n K K r Neiv Orleans, La New Orleans, La. Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4): French Circle (1. 2). Louise Grosz New Orleans, La. Jeanne Desdunes Guerin . . New Orleans, La. Y. W. C. A. (3, 4); Hockey Substitute (2); Treasurer of Class (4); President of Doris Hall (4). Adair Guion New Orleans, I a. X a Dramatic Club (1. 2, 3, 4); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2. 3, 4); Student Council (3). Eleanor Hafkesbring New Orleans, La. B ! A Dramatic Club (3, 4): Newcomb Sweater; Swimming Relay (1, 2, 3); Y. W. C. A, (1, 2, 4); " N " Club (3, 4), Secretary-Treasurer (3, 4). Maxine Hagedorn La Grange, Ga. A E Glee Club (1, 2. 3); House Council (3, 4); D bating Club (1. 2, 3, 4); Hockey (1, 2), Varsity (2); Volley Ball (1, 2, 3); Basketball (2, 3); Baseball (1, 2, 3). — Picture not in panel. Novcomb Senior Class Katharine Hardestv ..... New Orleans, La. A A II, A :; s Pan-Hellenic; Class President (4), Vice-President (1); Debating Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Y. W. C, A. (1. 2. 3, 4); Dramatic Club (1, 2, 3, 4); International Club (3); Class Debating Team (1, 2, 3); Nixon Debating Team; Winner George Debate (3); Assistant Business Man- ager of the " Jambalaya " (31; Student Council (4); Basketball and Hockey (1, 2, 3). Flora S. Hardie : New Orleans, La. n B ! , A S 2 Sophomore President (2); Newcomb Ball Team (1. 2, 3); Student Council (2, 3, 4); French Circle (1, 2); Glee Club (1); President of the Student Council (4). Jane Havward New Orleans, La. n B Student Council (2, 4); Vice-President Student Coun- cil (4); Newcomb Editor of " Jambalaya " (4); French Circle (1, 2, 3); Glee Club (2); Newcomb Ball and Hockey (1, 2. 3). Margaret Heindel New Orleans, La. Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4), Mary Jane Holderman Cocoa, Fla. Adele Jahncke New Orleans, La. n B French Circle II, 2); Athletic Council (1, 2, 3 4); Student Council (3, 4); Executive (4); Presidnt of the Art School (4 1; " N " Club (2); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2): winner of Swimming Meet (1); Newcomb Ball (2, 3); Hockey (1. 3, 3); Spalding Basketball (1, 2, 3). Elizabeth Johnston Monr A n La. Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Llormitory Club (1. 2. 3. 4); Y. W. C. A. (3, 4); French Circle ll). Dorothy M. Jones Hannibal, Mo. K a e French Circle (3, 4); Y. W. C. A. (3. 4). Ruth Kemp Amite, La. A A n y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 41; Glee Club (1). Ne wcomb Senior Class M. Mathilde Kever Natchez, Miss. Anna B. Klein New Orleans, La. •■N " Club: N. C. C. (1, 2. 3, 4); Y. V. C. A, (1. 2 3, 4); Track (1, 2). Inez Knapp Lake Charles, La. X n Dormitory Council, Executive (3, 41; President of Warren Hall (4); House Council (2, 3, 4); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4). Mary Lou Lanier ..... McDonoghville, La. B ! A Dramatic Club; " N " Club. Letter and Sweater; New- comb Ball (1, 2, 3); Hockey Substitute (1. 2. 3); Spalding: Basketball Substitute (1, 2. 3); Horse Shoe Team (3); Newcomb Basketball (1, 2, 3). Mataileen Larkin Ponchatoula, La. M Secretary-Treasurer Debating Club (3); Glee Club (1, 2. 3, 4); Glendy Burke Cup (2); Class Debating Cup (1, 2); Newcomb Editor of " Hullabaloo. " Bertha Latane Lewis Woodville, Miss. X n Y. M. C. a. (1, 2, 3, 4); Blue Ridge Delegate (3): Freshman Committee (2); Hockey (1. 2. 3); Baseba 1 (1, 2, 3); Swimming Meet (2. 3); Varsity Newcomb Ball (2). Marian Leipsner New Orleans, La. M Alice Burt Lockhart .... New Orleans, La. M Dramatic Club (2). Myra Tincie Long • . Liberty, S. C. •if M Dramatic Club; French Club; Y. W. C. A.; Volley Ball; Basketball. Jennie Lurie Florala, Ala. •Picture not in panel. NcM coml]) Senior Class Ruth Maddox New Orleans, La. Secretary Student Council (3); All Class Teams (1, 2); Varsity Hockey (1, 2); Varsity Basketball (1, 2); Varsity Baseball (1, 2). Helen Maestri New Orleans, La. Prench Circle: Debating Club; Dramatic Club; Junior Class Debating Team; " N " Club; Archery Squad. Elsie Brandon Magruder . . A o n New Orleans, La. Marcelle Mars New Orleans, La. B A Dramatic Club (1, 2, 3, 4), Secretary (2, 3); Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4), Vice-President (2, 3); French Circle (1, 2, 3, 4). Mary Hammond McGee . K A . New Orleans, La. Newcomb Ball (1, 2, 3); Newcomb Basketball (2, 3); Varsity Hockey tl, 2, 3); Spalding Basketball (1, 2, 3); Varsity Baseball (2. 3); Swimming Meet (2, 3); Second Place Track Meet; Newcomb " N " and Sweater. Margaret Miller Hammond, La. A 4 n., Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Tennis (2, 3). ' Helen Atkinson McCampbell . . Goliad, Tex. A A n Marion Muenzenberger . M . San Antonio, Tex. student Council (4 ; Junior Volley Ball Team: Art Chairman Josephine Louise House (3); President East Wing Josephine Louise House (4). Clare Poche McDonoghville, La. Alice B. Pollard Greenwood, Miss. X Q Y. v. ' . C. A. (2, 3, 4); French Circle (2, 31: M. S. C. W. (1). — Picture not in panel. Ne H comb Senior Class Dorothy Pauline Russ .... New Orleans, La. Z T A Dramatic Club (1, 2, 3, 4); T. ' W. C. A. (3. 4); French Circle (3); " Jambalaya " Business Manager. Allie Page Rhodes New Orleans, La. K K r French Circle (1. 2) ; Varsity and Class N wcomb Basketball: Captain Spalding Basketball: Freshman- Sophomore Drag Committee. Geraldine Rudolph Clarksville, Tenn. X Q T. W. C. A. (2, 3, 4): French Circle (3, 4). Mary Runyan Sartor DeRudder, La. E. Elenore Schwartz .... New Orleans, La. B S Dramatic Club (3). OuiDA Marion Seiler .... New Orleans, La. Z T A French Circle (1, 2, 3, 4); Y. V. C. A. (2, 3, 4). AiMEE Cecile Shands Jackson, Miss. •i- M Pan-Hellenic: Senior Class Poet: Dramatic Club. Ruth Marsalis Smith Jackson, La. A A n Glee Club (1. 2. 3, 4); Tennis (1, 3, 4). Catharine Stewart New Orleans, La. ASS Chairman Athletic Council: " N " Club; Y. W. C. A. (2): Field Day (1, 2 3): Class Champioi of Bowling (3): Captain of Baseball (2): Hockey (2. 3): New- comb Ball (1. 2, 3): Spalding (2). Audrey M. Stier New Orleans, La. Y. W. C. A. (3. 4); " N " Club; Volley Ball (3); Hockey (3); Baseball (3); Track (3). — Picture not in panel. Ne H comb Senior Class Elsa Storck New Orleans, La. K A e Hockey (2, 3); Y, W. C. A. (2, 3). Mary Sweeney Bonharn, Tex. A A n Secretary Student Body (3); Secretary Senior Class House Council (1. 2, 3, 4), Executive (3); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Student Council (4). Dorothea Teunissox .... New Orleans, La. Vollev Ball; Newconib Basketball; Hockey; Glee Club (1. 2, 3); " N " Club. Eloise Tippins Gulfport, Miss. A n House Council. Olca S. VicKNAiR Gretna, La. Gladys Vonau New Orleans, La. Edna K. Warnack New Orleans, La. B S Dramatic Club (3, 4); Debating Club (4); Athletic Council (3. 4); Varsity Croquet (3); Baseball (1. 2, 3); Freshman-Sophomore Comniission; Spalding Bas- ketball (1. 2, 3). Isabel Weil New Orleans, La. A E [ Lois Adele Weinfield .... New Orleans, La. A E .[■ Glee Club (3, 4); Mandolln-Gultar Club (2, 3, 4); French Clifle (3); Dramatic Club (4). Isabel Wiener Shreveport, La. Debating Club; Dramatic Club; French Circle (3, 4). Mary Louise Williams . . . Greenwood, Miss. M y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Glee Club (3. 4); Gl:e Club Librarian (4). Gladys Williams New Orleans, La. Glee Club (1, 2. 3, 4); Athletic Council (4); Hockey (1, 2, 3); Baseball (1, 2, 3); Ba.sketball (1 2, 3), Captain (3); Volley Ball (1, 21. Mary Emma Williams .... Mer Rouge, La. A n Y. W. C. a. (1, 2, 3, 4). Ruth Wolff Shreveport, La. A E Glee Club; Debating Club. DoROTHY Helen Woodville . . New Orleans, La. Clifford Lockhart Wright .... Macon, Ga. Charlotte Yates Macon, Miss. X !! French Circle; Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4). — Picture not in panel. i k I School of iMedicine William M. Adams Ripley, Miss. K 2. 9 K B.S. Degree, University of Mississippi. John A. Alvarez ...... Fort Worth, Ark. e K B.A. Degree at Arl ansas; Vice-President of Student Council. Neal L. Andrews Birmingham, Ala. 2 N, A K K Vice-President Sophoniore Medical Class; Owl Club President (4); Pathogens. Landon C. Arnim .... Corpus Christi, Tex. 2 N, X, B.S. Degree. DwiCHT N. Arnold .... Washington, D. C. DiLDY M. Austin Altus, Okla. n K A, A K K Pathogens. Jesse P. Baird Dyersburg, Tenn. A K E, X Owls Club; Medical Pan-Hellenic; Class Secretary (2); Assistant Business Manager " Jambalaya " (3): Busi- ness Manager " Jambalaya " (4); Pathogens; President Medical Pan-Hellenic. J. G. E. Barham Oak Ridge, La. 2 A E, X B.S. Degree, Louisiana State University; Square and Compass. Cecil C. Belcher Brent, Ala. ! B n B.S. Degree, Auburn. ' 2( ; University of Alabama. ■27, ' 28. F. Thomas Boudreau, Jr. . . . Washington, La. 2 n, A K K Pan-Hellenic Council (3); B.S. Degree, Tulane. — Picture not in panel. Senior Class School of SMedicine Henry S. Bourlavd Fulton, Miss. e K B.A. Degree, University of Mississippi. Charles W. Bovd Jacksonville, Fla. P S. A A Square and Compass; Honor Council (4). Leo E. Braunstein Elnora, N. Y. A K B.S. Degree. Albert T. Brickhouse .... Creswell, N. C. Joseph H. Brown " • Fort Worth, Tex. X John F. Busey, Jr Frisco Cit.y, Ala. n K A. A K K B.S. Degree, Alabama Polyteclinic Institute; Medical Pan-Hellenic (3. 4); Pathogens. Carlo P. Cabibi New Orleans, La. Arthurians. James E. Cameron Birmingham, Ala. e K B.S. Degree, University of Alabama. ' 2S. Amey Chappell Atlanta, Ga. A E I, X R H. P. Clemmer Ripley, Miss. e K B.S. Degree, Mississippi College; Secretary Medical Pan-Hellenic (4). • — Picture not in panel. Senior Class School of iMedicine Joseph B. Copeland Tampa, Fla. X, :s N Pathogens; Honor Council (3); Assistant Business Manager Medical Section " Jambalaya " ; Class Presi- dent (4). Lester A. Crowell Jr Lincolnton, N. C. X, A X A J. M ' . Cummins ■ . Northport, Ala. e K , A Si A Square and Compass. Frank H. Davis Lafayette, La. B e n, X class Football; Inter-fraternity Track; Inter-fraternity Basketball. Franklin K. Dornak Sour Lake, Tex. 1 X, N I N Pathogens; Owl Club, Howard C. Dunham Weslaco, Tex. A K K Honor Council (2, 4). Charles D. Ehlert Waterproof, La. A T S), X B.S. Degree: Pathogens. Earl F. Evans New Orleans, La. A T A, X Football (2, 3. 4); Track Team (2); Athletic Council; " T " Club. Fred Falls Lattimore, N. C. P 2 Senior Class School of Medicine •Luther C. Fisher, Jr Pensacola, Fla. Fred H. Fleming Lenoir, N. C. Harold M. Flory Baton Rouge, La. 2 X. N 2 N B.A. Degree; Pathogens; Owl Club. SwEPSON F. Fraser Many, La. e K B.S. Degree. Tulane, ' 28; Class President (3); Square and Compass: Honor Council (2). Manuel Gardberg New Orleans, La. A E, A n A B.S. Degree. Thomas L. Gardner Clarksville, Tex. B e n, N 2 N ■ Owl Club; L ' . paL-he; Class Vice-President (3); Pathogens. Carroll F. Gelbke New Orleans, La. B.S. Degree, Tulane. L L. George Fort Worth, Tex. AS . AEiA. AKK Owl Club; Baseball (1, 2), Captain (3). Golden G. Richard Lake Arthur, La. Hesiquio N. Gonzalez Premont, Tex. 2 I B.S. Degree; President Centro Unlversitario Latino Americano. ♦ — Picture not in panel. School of Medicine James S. Grable Tampa, Fla. :: N, X Pathogens. Leon F. Gray Shreveport, La. Square and Compass. Roy C. Green Wehadkee, Ala. A A T, A K K A.B. Degree. Howard College. Frederick G. Gruber . . . Santa Monica, Calif. ■! P S Wesley W. Hall, Jr Shelby, Miss. e K , K 2 E.A. Degree, Mississippi College, ' 26; Ole Miss (1, 2). R. G. Hand Philadelphia, Miss. e K B.S. Degree, Mississippi College. Robert J. Hanks Dallas, Tex. A K K Honor Council (2). Malcolm W. Harrison .... Montgomery, La. A K K B.S. Degree, Tulane. ' 27. School of iMedicine Vernon B. Harrison Fort Worth, Tex. P £ B.S. Degree; Chairman Medical Dormitory; Govern- ing Board; Arthurians. Charles V. Hatchette Marion, Ala. X , X, A K Henry C. Hatcher Baton Rouge, La. e K Square and Compass: Honor Council (2); Class Treas- urer (4); Varsity Baseball (2, 3); " T " Club. Warren H. Hebert New Orleans, La. A e. N 2 N B.S. Degree; Pathogens; Owl Club. Walter B. Hickman Louisville, Miss. e K B.A. Degree, Mississippi College; B.S. Degree, Mis- sissippi College. Jacob O. Hoth ....... New Orleans, La. P 2 B.S. Degree, Tulane, ' 28; Inter-Class Wrestling (1). Robert P. Howell Jr. . . . . Lake Charles, La. A K K B.S. Degree, Centenary College. Sydney Jacobs New Orleans, La. A K, B M Dramatic Club, ' 24. Senior Class School of SMedic ' me Philip S. Joseph Shreveport, La. P S B.S. Degree: Associate Business Manager of " Jam- balaya. " Esther Kirk Fearn Springs, Miss. A E I B.S. Degree. University of Mississippi. A. SiGMUN ' D Kramer Brooklyn, N. Y. A M B.S. Degree. Benjamin M. Lieberman . . . Los Angeles, Cal. B.A. Degree, University of California. Kyle M. Lyons . Sulphur, La. A K K. Z N Owl Club: Pathogens. John G. Menville New Orleans, La. B e n, f X, K A , B.S. Degree, Tulane; Pathogens: Thil ' teen Cluh; Owl Club: Secretary of Class (3): Honor Council (6); Katz-Bestoft Cup. ' 27: Porter Cup, ' 28; Shearer Cup, ■28; Varsity Football (2, 3, 4); Varsity Basketball (3, 4); Varsity Baseball (3, 4); President " T " Club (3, 4). ViviENNE E. McMains ..... Del Rio, Tex. A E I. Z X A Medical Pan-Hellenic. Thomas B. McKneely Hammond, La. N £ N. S A E B.S. Degree, Tulane; Pathogens. Senior Class School of SMedicine William E. Matthews . . . Huntington, W. Va. N 2 N, B e n B.A. Degree, University of North Carolina; Medical Pan-Helienic, William H. Martinez . . Maricao, Porto Rico ! P 2, 2 I B.S. Degree. C. R. Mays Plain Dealing, La. n K A, A K K Patliogens; Owl Club. William D. Norman .... Morgan City, La. Z B T. •! A E Medical Pan-Hellenic. Clarence V. Partridge Mobile, Ala. A K K R. D. Patterson Liberty, N. C. e K + ♦Samuel Phillips Camden, Ark. Frank W. Pickell, Jr Fayetteville, Ark. A K K Rafael B. Riera .... Mayaguez, Porto Rico S I B.S. Degree. — Picture not in panel. nor School of iMed ' tc ' me Mack J. Roberts Pascagoula, Miss. JoiiN A. Rogers ...... Hattiesburg, Miss. Fr.ank O. Schmidt .... Ocean Springs, Miss. P 2 Medical Pan-Hellenic; Class Vice-President (1, 4); Vice-President Medical Pan-Hellenic. Charles S. Sentell Plain Dealing, La. 2 N, X, £ ■! Owl Club; Pathogens; Thirteen Club; Pan-Hell nic Council (2): Secretary-Treasurer Class (3). Dudley V. Smii-h Leesville, La. A K K B.S. Degree: Square and Compass; Virginia Military Institute, ' 19. Rhodes J. Spedale Plaquemine, La. Joseph S. Spoto . Tampa, Fla. S I, •! P 2 Robert B. Stille • . Many, La. Clifford F. Storey . . ■ . . Baton Rouge, La. X, s n B.S. Degree, Tulane. ' 28; Pan-Hellenic Council (4); Inter-fraternity Basketball (1, 2, 3, 4). Lawrence H. Strug New Orleans, La. A K — Picture not in panel. Senior Class School of Medicine Herbert A. Suehs Gitklings, Tex. OK TulaiiG Varsity Baseball (2). Raiph J. Taibot . Ruston, La. 2 N, I X B.S. Degree, Tulane. Charles Taintor New Orleans, La. Henry Tanner New York, N. Y. Samuel R. Terhune .... Birmingham, Ala. B n University of Alabama, ' 27, ' 28. Vernon L. Terrell, Jr Magnolia, Miss. S N. ' I " X B.S. Degree. J. Roy Tiieriot, Jr Gueydan, La. Ben. i X B.S. Degree, ' 28; Glee Club (2, 3); Track (2); Wrest- ling (4). Heyward C. Thompson Shelby, N. C. X B.A. Degree, Duke University. George B. Walton Hamilton, Ga. e K B..S. Degree, University o£ Georgia, ' 24. — Picture not in panel. School of iMedicine CHARM ' S E. Ward Tupelo, Miss. OK B.S. Degree, University of Mississippi. ' 2S. Charli-s E. Webb . Robeline, L;i. K I X President Medical Student Body (4); President Stu- dent Council (4); Owls; Pathogens; Pr sident Square and Compass (4); Class President (2); Secretary Medical Student Body; Honor Council (2. 4). Soi. B. Weil, Jr. . Houston, Tex. A E Clarence H, W?nTE .... Townsville, N. C. e K B.S. Degree, University of North Carolina. C. H. Wiggins, Jr. . . ■ . • . Kewanee, Miss. OK B.A. Degree, ' 2G; B.S. Degree, ' 2S, Univtrsity of Mississippi. Thomas F. Williams Hartford, Ala. e K B.S. Degree, University of Alabama. Sharkey Wolfe Chatham, Miss. Ph.G.; Freshman Football (1): Wrestling (3); Acting Manager of Freshman Medical Baseball Team (1); Chairman North Hail (2); Class Football (1). Joseph D. Youman, Jr New Orleans, La. Z X. A fi A Senior Class College of oArts and Sciences Samuel L. Balofsky Brooklyn, N. Y. Jesse H. Bardin Flora, Miss. K r Charles M. Bayhi New Orleans, La. JosEPH T. Brierre New Orleans, La. Ulysses L. Brackin Newville, Ala. Band. Robert B. Butler, Jr Houma, La. Tulane Chess Club. Archibald F. Caraway, Jr. . . . Gulfport, Miss. n K Shelby G. Carr ....... Richmond, Ky. Mrs. Rosalie P. Cohen . . . New Orleans, La. Charles Collins, Jr. .... . New Orleans, La. n K A Secretary Student Council. Jacob L. Costa New Orleans, La. A Internationa! Relations Club; " Hullabaloo " (2, 3, 4) Louis A. Crapitto Houston, TtA — Picture not in panel. College of oArts and Sciences Ai,ni:KT W. Chessman Pottstowii, Pa. LowELL P. Dawson .... River Falls, Wis. MiCHAEi, E. DeBakev .... Lake Charles, La. Wn.EY A. Diai Senath, Mo. Murray A. Diamond Brooklyn, N. Y. Dormitory Club. Edward P. Dreyer ..... New Orleans, La. Glendy Burke (1, 2, 3. 4); Dramatic Guild (1. 2, 3. 4); Oratorical Council (1, 3, 3, 4); Glee Club (2, 3, 4); Freshman Debate (1); Varsity Debating Teanr (2). Mrs. Beatrix G. Dunlap . Lawrenceburg, Tenn. Claude G. Eccles Norwich, Conn. JoHN M. Fii.ippoNE Houston, Tex. Herbert D. Ford New Orleans, La. B e n, K A Captain Track (4); Co-captain Basketball 4); Fresh- man Football. Basketball: Track; Varsity Football (2, 3); Varsity Basketball (2. 3); Varsity Track (2, 3); President Class (3); President of Arts and Sci- ences Student Body (4); Thirteen Club; " T " Club; Student Council. Paul Freund, Jr New Orleans, La. Eugene C. Garcia New Orleans, La. Glendy Burke. William H. Gillentine . . . Fort Myers, Fla. B M Glee Cluh (2, 4); Fencing (3, 4); Aero Club (3). James L. Gouaux New Orleans, La. Gilbert B. Greene .... Birmingham, Ala. Edwin R. Guidry New Orleans, La. A K K, B M Varsity Baseball (3). Eugene C. Hanna Jackson, Miss. JoHN D. Henderson .... Morristown, Tenn. •Joseph Hudes Brooklyn, N. Y. Fred E. Inbau New Orleans, La. B M Varsity Debater (2, 3); George Prize Winner (3); Glendy Burke (2, 3) ; Oratorical and Debating Society (2, 3). — Picture not in panel. Senior Class College of oArts and Sciences EnwARD B. JAHNCKE . . ■ . Ncw Orleans, I.a. A K E. ■!• I Sucretar-y Senior C ' lass: Class Kr)nl.liaII; Scrubs; Thirteen Club. Henry R. Kahi.e . . ... Ncw Orleans, La. K A, •! X, B M White Elephants; Inter-fratcriiity Basketball; Fresh- man Baseball. ••WiNSTEAD W. Knight .... Sicily Island, La. 2 n Harry Koretzky New Orleans, La. I A K Hey ' man C. Korn ...... New Orleans, La. Glendy Burke: Oratorical and Deliating Council. Chairman (3. 4); Vice-Speaker Glendy Burke (3); Varsity Debater (1, 2, 3); Newcomb-Tulane Debate (2. 3); Chess and Checker Club; Glee Club. Samuel Lang Savannah, Ga. Werner J. Luchsinger . . . New Orleans, La. Mercer G. Lynch ..... New Orleans, La. B e n. N 2 N F. Webster McBryde .... New Orleans, La. 2 N Fourth Mayan Expedition ' ; Glee Club. JOHN M. McBryde, Jr. . . . New Orleans, La. Bessie Margolin New Orleans, La. A E I -William G. Meriwether . . . Flomaton, Ala. Harry Meyer New Orleans, La. Dan S. Moore . New Orleans, La. President Class (4), Vice-President (3); Glendy Burke (1, 2, 3, 4), Secretary (2). Speaker (3, 4); Dramatic Guild (1, 2, 3, 4), Vice-President (2, 3), President (4); Varsity Debate (1, 2, 3, 4); Band (3, 4); Publicity Manager Band (4); Oratorical and Debating Council (1 2, 3, 4), Secretary (3); Y. M. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4), Cabinet (2. 3), Secretary (2); T. N. C. U. (2, 3), President (3); Academic Board (3. 4); Features Edi- tor " Hullabaloo " (4). Willis J. Nelson, Jr New Orleans, La. e K ' I ' — Picture not in panel. Lk Senior Class College of oArts and Sciences Charles B. Odom Harvey, La. e K , A r •!■ President Pophomore Medical Class; Freshman Bas- lietball; Inter-class Football; Tug-ot-War (1, 2). Frank B. Ocden New Orleans, La. John E. Parker New Orleans, La. Glendy Burke (2, 3, 4); International Relations Club (3, 4). Absalom Pettit New Orleans, La. John Pizzano New Orleans, La. AS Freshman Football (1); Freshman Boxing (1); Var- sity Football (2, 3, 4); Alternate Captain Football (3); Varsity Boxing (2, 3, 4), Captain (3, 4); Varsity Base- ball (2. 3); 160-175 Boxing Champion, S. A. A. U.; Inter-fraternity Basketball (1, 2, 3, 4); " T " Club. Robert R. Rainold New Orleans, La. A T n, Glee Club (2); Glendy Burke, (1, 2); Assistant Foot- ball Manager (1, 2, 3). Manager (4); Swimming Team (1); Freshman Tug-of-War (1); Pan-Hellenic Coun- cil (2, 3, 4). JAMES C. Rinaman Pittsburgh, Pa. OscAR B. Rogers . . . East Longmeadow, Mass. George W. Robinson Shreveport, La. Harold H. Rothendler .... New York, N. Y. Drew a. Savant ...... Ville Platte, La. HuGH Shane . Marshall, Tex. Frank A. Sica New York, N. Y. Arthurians; Academic Dormitory Council (2); Fenc- ing Club (3, 4). LuCY T. Sinclair ..... New Orleans, La. Leon Slipakoff New Orleans, La. A K • — Picture not i n panel. Senior Class College of oArts and Sciences May C. Smithers New Orleans, I.a. Carl W. Stroud Monroe, La. S A E, 1 X Lawrence H. Strug New Orleans, La. Joseph Sweig New Orleans, La. ■! A K, B M Band (2, 3, 4); " Hullabaloo " Representative; Glee Club (2, 3). Georce S. Thomas New Orleans, La. Waldo Treuting New Orleans, La. A I , B M Carl N. Wahl New Orleans, La. Herman Wechsler New York, N. Y. Horatio C. Weston ...... Logtown, Miss. 2 N John S. Whatley Rajville, La. A K E, K A Freshman Football (1); Scrub Football (2); Varsity Football (3. 4, 5); Freshman Track (2). Varsity (3, 4), Captain (5); Secretary-Treasurer Class (5i; Vice- President Arts and Sciences Student Body ((!); Vice- President ■■! " Club (6); Honor Council (5. 0). William J. White Birmingham, Ala. 2 E Solomon Winokur Jamaica, N. Y. A K — Picture not in panel. Senior Class College of Law David J. Anoers, Jr Winiisboro, La. S n Charles F. Bau.ev Abbeville, La. K 2 Inter-fraternity Track; Board o{ Editors " Tulane Law Review " (3). Henry Bernstein, Jr. . . . ■ • . Monroe, La. Ellis H. Bostick, Jr Amite, La. Wood Brown, Jr. ...... . Shreveport, La. 2 X. A ! President Law Student Body; Vice-President Student Council: Civil Law Editor " Tulane Law Review " ; Board of Advisors of Moot Court (3, 4); Assistant Librarian Law School (2, 3, 4); Tennis Squad (3). ROBERT H. Burton, III . . . New Orleans, La. Robert B. Butler, Jr. . ..... Houma, La. William p. Clark ....... Monroe, La. Marion J. Eplev, Jr. . ... New Orleans, La. K S. A L ' Apache; " T " Club; Dramatic Guild; Inter-fraternity Track (2, 3, 4); Pan-Hellenic Council (3, 4. 6); -White Elephants; Fi ' eshman Football; Tug-ot-War (2); Cap- tain Swimming Team (2); Inter-fraternity Basketball (1. 2. 3. 4); Captain Intra-mural BasketbaU (4, 5); Basketball Manager (4); President Freshman Law Class. Greene C. Furman Shreveport, La. n K A Lucien M. Ge.x Bay St. Louis, Miss. William K. Gladney .... New Orleans, La. A T !2, A L ' Apache; " T " Club; Manager Basketball (41; White Elephants. — Picture not in panel. Senior Class College of Law JoSE GoNZAi.i-z y Heknandi: , . Salinas, Porto Rico Samuel J. Goooman Ne v Orleans, La. B.S. Degree, Tulanc. ' 28; Varsity De1:iater (1, 3, 4, 5); Oratorical and Debating Council (1, 2. 3, 4, 5, G) ; Carnot Debate 3. 4, 5); Tulane Moot Court Board ot Advisors (5); Moot Court Finals; Glendy Burke (2, 3. 4); Honor Student Law School (4, 5); Hai-rison Prize Law School (4); " Tulano Law Review, " Edi- torial Staff (C). Charles B. Henriques .... New Orleans, La. A T fi. ! A A B.S. Degree, Tulane, ' 28; Freshman Track; Glendy Burke (2, 3, 4); Dramatic Guild (2); Kepr sentative Oratorical and Debating Council (4); Assistant Man- ager Track (3); Manager Track (4); " T " Club, Sec- retary (6): Fencing (5); Moot Court (5, 6); Moot Court Finals (6): Assistant Editor " Jambalaya " (5); Editor-in-Chief (G). Pablo Juan v Toro . ■ San German, Porto Rico Abraham L Ki.eikfeldt . New Orleans, La. B..S. Degree, Tulane; " Jainbalaya " Representative; Secretary Tulane Chess and Checkers Club (4). NELvn, L. LeBeuf New Orleans, La. Bessie Margolin New Orleans, La. A E ! Student Editor of " Tulane Law Review. " Carl H. Maurer Shreveport, La. Joseph A. Menuet, Jr. . . . Napoleonville, La. A 2 . [ A A ' Intef-fraternity Basketlmll (1); Secretary Senior Law. — Picture not ii panel. Senior Class College of Law A. Deutsche O ' Neai NatchitocKes, La. 2 E Arthur D. Parker. Jr. . . . New Orleans, La. Sydney J. Pari.oxgue .... New Orleans, La. n K A, A , l Vice-President Senior Law Class; " White Elepliants; Inter-fratcrnity Baslietball: Tulane Pan-Hellenic Council. Jack E. Price Logansport, La. AS President Senior Law Class (4); Board of Editors " Tulane Law Review. " (-1); Board of Advisors (4): Scabbard and Blade. Herbert G. Purcell Eunice, La. 2 N, A I B.S. Centenary College. Leopold Stahl New Orleans, La. B K B.A. Degree, Tulane. ' 28; Varsity Debater (2, 3); Oratorical and Dtbating Council (2, 3, 4, 5. 6), Sec- retary (3); Tulane Dramatic Guild (2, 3 4); Glendy Burke (2. 3. 4); " Hullabaloo " (1); Y. M C. A. (3, 4. 5. 6); " Jambalaya " Representative (3); Tulane Moot Court Board of Advisors (6 Pres.dent (6); Moot Court Finals (6). Robert Weinstein New Orleans, La. Terreberry Scholarship (3); Law Dean ' s Medal (3); Uniform Statute; Kditur of " Tu aiie Law R view. " Norton L. Wisdom New Orleans, La. A K E, A A B.A. Degree. A ' ashington and Lee; Pan- Hell or ic Coun- cil; " T " Club; Inter-fraternity Track; Inter-fraternity Basketball; Varsity Track (2. 3, 4). — Picture not in panel. Senior Cla ss College of Sngineering Robert A. Arny Montclair, N. J. X Glee Club (2, 3, 4); Aero Club (3, 4); " Jambalaya " Representative (4). Conrad Berdon New Orleans, Ln. K A, A X 2, E K 2 Architectural Society; Glee Club (3, 4). George Bertram New Orleans, La. Louis Bierhorst New Orleans, La. Arthurians; Vice-President Architectural fociety; Band (1, 2, 3, 4). Charles B. Spencer Asheboro, N. C. 2 E Glee Club (4); Track (1, 2, 3. 4); Aero Club (3, 4); Inter-fraternity Track- (3, 4). Thomas J. Bryson, Jr New Orleans, La. A Richard H. Church New Orleans, La. Richard H. Colcock, III . . . New Orleans, La. 2 X, White Eltphants; Vice-President Junior Class; Presi- dent Senior Class; Glee Club. " Ernest a. Couloheras . . . New Orleans, La. — Picture not in panel. Senior Class College of Sngineering Maurice F. Dufour New Orleans, La. A ! . A X S Secretary-Treasurer Engineering Student Body (4); Intra-mural Basketball; Inter-fraternity Baslcetball. John P. Fernandez New Orleans, La. Cosmopolitan (1); Aero Club; Arthurians; Chess and Checker Club. El.ROV L ElCENBERGER New Orleans, La. Merrill A. Gerstner .... New Orleans, La. 2 A Class Football (1, 2); Arthurians. Arthur J. Haas, Jr New Orleans, La. A , A X 2 " Janibalaya " Representative (3). Sidney M. Hoover . ..... Shreveport, La. Architectural Society; Dramatic Guild. Marie L. Hummel ..... New Orleans, La. B £ Architectural Society: " Jambalaya " Representative (21. Orville T. Ice, Jr New Orleans, La. Y. M. c. A. Senior Class College of Sngineering Jack J. H. Kessels Limburg, HollaTid Gai ' goyle; Architi-ctural Society; President Cosmopol- itan Club. Gerhard T. Kramer New Orleans, La. Gargoyle; Architectural Society (2, 3, 4); Di-amatic Guild (1, 2. 3, 4): Secretary-Treasurer Freshman Class. Stanley M. Lecourt .... New Orleans, La. J. K. Mayer Amite, La. K K Aero Club Treasurer (3), Vice-President (4); Band (1, 2); " Jambalaya " Representative (2, 3); Fencing (3, 4); Tug-o(-War (1). F. Robert Mendow New Orleans, La. K K Band (2, 3. 4); Librarian of Band (3); Assistant Man- ager of Band (4); " Jambalaya " ' Representative (2). Richard F. Messina New Orleans, La. Albert J. Meyers New Orleans, La. S E, K K Band. William H. Neal Mexico City, Mex. £ I Aero Club. Armando Occelli . Mexico, D. F. 2 I Cosmopolitan ( ' lub; International Relations Club. Senior Class College of Sngineer ' ing Wai.trr H. Price New Orleans, La. A I . S I A Philippe V. L. Schaffner . • New Orleans, La. A X S, B M B.S., ' 28; Graduate School (A. and S.); Band (1. 2, 3. 4. 5. G), Assistant Manager (2, 3, 5), Manager (4); Glee Cluta (1, 2, 3, 5, 6); Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (4, B, 6), Vice-President (4); Arthurians. Eugene C. Schultz . . . . . New Orleans, La. Band (1, 2); Vice-President Aero Club (3), President (4); Pop ' s Mental Gym Class (3). Bruno Stolley New Orleans, La. £ !•£, I Class President (1, 2, 3); Assistant Cheer Leader (2, 3); Varsity Cheer Leader (4); President Engineering Student Body (4) " Hullabaloo " (1): Pan-H llenic (2, 3); Basketball (1. 2); Business Manager Glee Club (2); President Glee Club (3); Band (1, 2): Tau Chi Epsilon Award (1): Academic Board (1, 2, 3, 4): Student Council (4). Haswell a. Swasev, Jr. New Orleans, La. J. James Trunzler New Orleans, La. S N, A X S " T " Club. Secretary-Treasurer (3). Vice-President (4): Frosh Football, Basketball, Track; Tug-of- " War (1, 2); Inter-traternity Basketball (1, 2, 3, 4); Track (1, 2, 3, 4); Tennis (2, 3); Football (2); Y. M. C. A. (2, 3, 4). Philip A. Weber New Orleans, La. Carroll L. Wood ..... New Orleans, La. A Vice-President Engineering Student Body; Chief En- gineer Summer Survey Camp; Pan-Hellenic Council (3); Freshman Basketball: Intra-mural Basketbad (3, 4); Inter-fraternity Basketball (3, 4). Laurie L. Wright ..... New Orleans, La. E n, K K Architectural Society; Treasurer Architectural Society (4); Assistant Manager Band (3); Glee Club (1. 2, 3); Aero Club Secretary (3); Gargoyle; Secretar y-Treas- urer Senior Engineering Class; Inter-fraternity Tennis (3, 4). Senior Class College of Commerce Harold A. Arbo New Orleans, La. Vice-President (2. S). Pr ' -sident (4); Freshman Foot- ball: Freshman Basketball: White Elephant Cup. Francis X. Armstrong .... New Orleans, La. Ben, Football (1, 2. 3, 4), Alternate Captain (4); Trade (3, 4); Thirteen Club: Vice-President Senior Class: President " T " Club. WiLLis B. Banker Lake Charles, La. A K E Falvy C. Barr Lafayette, La. Ben Varsity Track: " T " Club. Frank a. Brewer Palmetto, La. James L. Brewer, Jr. . ... New Orleans, La. A 2 Clifton W. Dreyfus . . • ■ New Orleans, La. SAM Pan-Hellenic Representative. Roger Holloway Ocean Springs, Miss. Miles J. Kehoe, Jr New Orleans, La. X Louis E. Kisscen ...... New Orleans, La. Arthurians. David W. Light, Jr San Antonio, Tex. Ben Y. M, C. A. (3, 4 : Inter-fraternity Basketball (3, 4). — Picture not in panel. Senior Class College of Commerce Martin L. Maithews, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. K A, , K A , B r 2 Pan-Hellenic; Student Council; White Elephants; Class President (2, 3) ; President Commerce Student Body; Inter-Fraternity Baslcetball (1. 2, 3, 4); Base- ball (2, 3, 4); Tug-of-War; Freshman-Sophomore Basketball (1, 2). Lee R. O ' Pry New Orleans, La. A 2 " T " Club; President Freslinian Engineering Class; Thirteen Club; Baseball (2, 3. 4), Captain (4); Foot- ball (1, 2, 3), Captain (1); Workroom Committee (4, 5); Assistant Prol:essor Accounting (5); Treasurer of ■•T " Club (4, 5); Inter-traternity Basketball (2, 3); Y. M. C. A. (1). EnwARn R. Sherwood .... New Orleans, La. A T S2, B r X Wliite Elephants; Circulation IManager " Hullabaloo " (2); Glendy Burke (1, 2); Dramatic Guild (1, 2); Assistant " Varsity Track Manager (2, 3); Varsity Track Manager (4); Secretary Dramatic Guild (2); Secretary " Y " Club (1); Workroom Committee (4); Inter-fraternity Track (1, 4) ; Inter-fraternity Bas- ketball (1. 2, 4); Secretary-Treasurer Commerce Stu- dent Body (4). Roy Sternfels ........ Klotzville, La. Intra-mural Basketball (-). Charles B. Stewart . New Orleans, La. I A e Alfred J. Theriot Gueydan, La. A 2 Glee Club (1. 2, 3, 4); ' ' T ' ' Club; Boxing Team (3, 4); Frosh Baseball, Track; " Hullabaloo " Staff (2); " Jam- balaya " Kepresentative (3); Secretary-Treasurer Senior Class. Ai.EX R. Thompson Hosston, La. n K I , I ' 1 Pan-Hellenic Representati ' e: Fi-atornitv Basketball (1, 2. 3). Bennie Weiner . ..... New Orleans, La. Intra-mural Football (2, 31; Inter-class Football (2); Inter-class Debating (1, 2); Inter-cljiss Basketball (2). Ronald W. Wise Flint, Mich. A e, L ' Apachc; Pan-Helienic; Freshman Basketball; Inter- fraternity Basketball; Secretary-Treasurtr (3). Senior Class School of ' ' Pharmacy -Monies Booi;xci;ii . . ■ • New Orleans, La. K N Andrea J. Cafiero Pensacola, Fla. K Honor Council (1, 2): " ' J inihalaya " Representative (31. Eugene H. Claverie . . ■ . . New Orleans, La. President Freshman Pliarmacy Class (1); Student Honor Council (2). Ernest G. DeBakey Lake Charles, La. Vice-President (3). Fred Frisch Mobile, Ala. Cla.ss Secretary and Treasurer (2, 3 . Robert L. Hakdie New Orleans, La. ATA Pan-H _llenic. Floyd D. Harmon Elba, La. K Reginald O. Hendry Roseland, La. Z » u R. Emmet Hingle New Orleans, La. George Weinberg New- Orleans, La. K N — Picture not in panel. Xn ffipmnnam liinttir Mtxm fell SuIatiP librarian EmcritUH ICtlirariati of Sulanp Itttuf ratty from 1895 ta 1929. iipji Sanuarg 5, 19311. 70 ' ewcomb College FIRST KOW Adriennf. M. Asbury .... New Orleans, La. », I T B ! A Elizabeth Adams Ne%Y Orleans, La. y K ■• Mandolin-Guitar Club (1. 2. 3); T. W. C. A. (3); Dramatic Club (1. 2. 3); Debating Club (1. 2); Fresh- Dram-itic Club (1 2 3). man Chairman (1): Junior Advisory Committee (3). SECOND KOW Nancy Hamilton Allen . . . New Orleans, La. Wilhelmina Backer New Orleans, La. HE B I A Treasurer of Class (1); Y ' . W. C. A. Cabinet (1. 2): French Circle (1. 2, 3); Class Basketball (1, 2); Dra- CATHERINE BENDER New Orleans, La. matic Club (1. 2. 3); Newcomb Ball (2); Hockey (2); „ ., , Ncwconib Basketball (1. 2). B 1 A Hester Bernadas New Orleans, La. B A Mary Allert Galveston, Tex. y w c A M Art Chairman of House; Bowling (1. 2); Tennis (1): c,,,,„ .,,„ T5„,;,„r, Mnnrnp T i House Council; Baseball (1, 2); Hockey (1. 2); New- ELIZABETH BREARD Monroe, La. comb Ball (1, 2). A A 11 French Circle (1); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2). Aurelia Arbo New Orleans, La. Margaret Breckinridge . . . New Orleans, La, Baseball (1). II B 72 ' ewcomb College FIIiST KOW SKCONU KOW Katherine Byrne ■ New Orleans, La. Amelie Chalaron New Orleans, La. A ir X £! French Circle (1. 2, 3); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2. 3). Helen CambiAs New Orleans, La. Lucile Chalarox New Orleans, La. X !2 Edith Cardone New Orleans, La. French Circle (1, 2, 3): Y. W. C. A. (1, 2. 3, 4). Flavia Claverie New Orleans, La. K K r Dramatic Club; Debating Club. CoRiNNE Carter Hammond, La. ' 5 Betty Cleveland New Orleans, La. T. w. c. A. K K r French Circle; Y " . W. C. A. LILLIAN CAZENAVETTE .... New Orleans, La. .„_ . Cockerham ...... Portland, Ark. s- « AOn Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3); French Circle (1, 2. 3); Secre- „ .„, „ ,,., tary-Treasurer of French Circle. i- " • C. A. {S). 73 T ewcomb College riRST ROW SECONB KOW Emma Cothran M Charlotte, N. C. Mary Gordon McComb, Miss. B A Marguerite Davenport . . . New Orleans, La. Cecile Grayson Camden, Ark. B S A A n Dramatic Club (1. 2. 3); Debating Club (2. 3). Berta Denman Houston, Tex. Dramatic Club (1); T. W. C. A. (1). K A e Laura Eustis Greenville, Miss. X Q Glee Club (1. 2. 3); House Council; Debating Club (2, 3); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2. 3); French Circle (1, 2); French Circle (1. 2); House Council (1, 2, 3): Y. W. " Hullabaloo " Staff. C. A. (1, 2, 3); Secretarj ' of House Executive. Mabel C. Dodd New Orleans, La. Judith S. Fowler New Orleans, La. B A B ■! ' A Y-. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3); Debating Club (1, 2). Julia Gladney Rayville, La. K A e French Circle (1. 2, 3); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2, 3); Fresh- man Commission (3); Student Council. Glee Club (1, 2, 3); Dramatic Club (2. 3); Archery Team (1). MvRA S. Frederickson . . Oklahoma City, Okla. K K r Y. W. C. A. 74 ' ewcomb Qollege riKST KOW SKCOND KOW Mary Haralson Birmingham, Ala. Ruth Huey Monroe, La. K A e Marjorie Isaacs New Orleans, La. A E French Circle (1, 2, 3). M Mandolin-Guitar Club (2, 3). Marjorie Haspel New Orleans, La. A E French Circle; Pan-Hellenic. Betty Keenan New Orleans, La. n B Junior Class Treasurer; Basketball (1. 2); French Circle (1, 2); Assistant Editor " Arcade " ; Assistant Editor " Jambalay a " ; Newcomb Basketball (2); New- comb Ball (1. 2). Word Henderson Clarksdale, Miss. M Glee Club; Debating Club. Margaret Henriques New Orleans, La. n B Dramatic Club (1, 2. 3); French Circle (1. 2, 3); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); Newcomb Ball (2); Hockey (2); Class Newcomb Basketball 1, 2). Marion Hirsch New Orleans, La. A E French Circle (2, 3); Dramatic Club (2, 3); Class LelIA LeBlANC McComb, Miss. Secretary (2); Class Vice-President (3); Assistant Business Manager " Jambalaya " (3). Freshman Committee; T. AV. C. A. Bertha Gwin Knox Lake Charles, La. Z T A Dramatic Club (1, 2, 3); T. W. C. A. (1. 2, 3); French Circle (1, 2); Y. W. C. A. Cabinet; Freshman-Sopho- more Commission (1, 2). 75 ' ewcomb Qollege FIKSX KOH SECOND ItOU MiREiLLE Le Breton ' New Orleans, La. Lucille Livaudais New Orleans, La. B 2 X fi Glee Club (2, 3); French Club (1. 2. 3); Y. W. 0. A. French Circle (1, 2. 3); Y. W. C, A. (2); Bowling Team (2); Archery Squad (2). Alice Blanc Logan New Orleans, La. Marcelle Leverich New Orleans, La. K K r A n Junior Class Secretary. Baseball (1, 2); Newcciiib Ball (1, 21; Newcomh Bas- ketball; Y. W. C. A.; French Circle; Basketball (1). Flora McBryde New Orleans, La. K A e Louise LewALD New Iberia, La. Finance Committee (3); Basketball (1): Y. W. C. A.; Glee Club (1. 3); Pins Pong (2); Dramatic Club (1, 3); Volley Ball (1). Elizabeth Lewis New Orleans, La. n B Margaret McClintock Belzoni, Miss. Dramatic Club (1, 2, 3); ■■Arcade " (1, 2); Editor Z T A ' •Arcade ' (3). Y. W. C. A. (1). Louise Livaudais New Orleans, La. Dorothy Menc X 17 . Sterlington, La. B Z Archery Squad (1. 2); French Circle (1. 2, 3); Volley Ball (2); Baseball (2); Y. Vf. C. A. (1, 2); Y. W. C. A. (2). French Circle (1, 2. 3). 76 Juaiior Class J ewcomb College FIRST KOW SISt ' ONI) KOU Sadie May Pendergraft .... Vicksburg, Miss. Rosalind Rocan New Orleans, La. T. W. C. A. (3). K K r Pan-Hellenic; Athletic Council; Campus Night Chair- man; French Circle (1); " Jambalaya " Representative; „ .,, -,. Junior Committee; Dramatic Cluta; Freshman Com- Marianne Perkins Batesville, Miss. mis.sion; Captain Volley Ball (1); Varsity Basket- ! M ball (2). Vice-President (2): Varsity Baseball (2). Rebecca Rollins Gulfport, Miss. House Council; Y. W. C. A. Secretary. JANIE May Price Gulfport, Miss. - " " ' Carla Saracco • Shreveport, La. Y. W. C. A.; House Council. X French Circle; Y. W. C. .A. Eleanor Roach Orange, Tex. Volley Ball (1); Newcomh Ball (2); Baseball (1. 2); Basketball (1, 2). Sybil Sandmey ' ER New Orleans, La. X Q Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3); French Circle (1. 2, 3). Eleanor Robertson New Orleans, La. ,, ,, t -■i, • .- A,fv, _ _ , Clara Mae Saucier .... Pass Christian, Miss, n B (i» A A n Vollev Ball (1); French Circle (1. 2, 3); Dramatic . „ ,„,.,,,-„,„ Club (1, 2). • Volley Ball; Tennis; Newcomb Basketball; Baseball. 77 Jumior Class ' ewcontb College FIRST ROAV SECOND ROW Louise Scatterty New Orleans, La. Olca Leah Swetman Biloxi, Miss. Z T A Swimming Team (1, 2); Class Volley Ball (2); Track Bowling (1. 2, 3); Y, W. C. A. (1. 2). 1. 2): Cass Basketball (2). ' Roberta Toan Seiferth Natchez, Miss. „ ,, , -r , „ , Margret Troescher ..... New Orleans, La. A L p Z T A Glee Club (3); " Arcade " ; " Hullabaloo " Reporter; French Circle (1, 2, 3); Dramatic Club (2, 3). French Circle (1, 2. 3); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2. 3); De- bating Club (1, 2, 3); Pan-Hellenic. Odile Simpson New Orleans, La. Alcenith Boyden Veith . . . New Orleans, La. Mandolin-Guitar Club (1, 2); Athletics; Class Prcsi- _ - r , i o ' ■ -tr x r r n ' - 1 dent (2); Student Council (2, 3), Secretary (3), Exec- Dramatic Club (1, 2. 3), Y. W. C. A. (1. -. o). utive (2. 3); Treasurer Student Body (3); Assistant Editor " Jambalaya " ; Underclassmen Commission. Mathilde Villere New Orleans, La. Valerie Stauss New Orleans, La. B £ I M Volley Ball (2); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2. 3); Dramatic Dramatic Club; Glee Club. Club (1, 2, 3); French Circle (1, 2). 78 Jueior Class f ewcomb Qollege riKST KOW SECOND KOW Ermina Wadsworth New Orleans, La. Audrey White Lecompte, La. B 2 A A n French Circle Plays (1, 2); T. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3); Debating Club (1. 2, 3); Dramatic Ciub (2); Jennie Nixon Debate; 1914 Debating Team. French Circle (2); Y. W. C. A. (2. 3); Debating Club (1, 2, 3); Dramatic Club (1. 2. 3); Mandolin-Guitar Club (2, 3). Betty Werlein New Orleans, La. n B Junior Class President; Debating Council (1. 2, 3); Assistant Newcomb Editor " Hullabaloo " : Student Council (1, 2. 3) ; Executive Committee (1, 3) : Fresh- man Class President; Underclassmen Commission; Freshman-Sophomore Drag Committee; Basketball (1, 2); Jennie C Nixon Debating Team; Class Newcomb Ball; Dramatic Club Plays. Rosalie Roos Wiener New Orleans, La. Jane Williams Mer Rouge, La. A n T. W. C. A. (3). Jane Whipple Baton Rouge, La. M Varsity Newcomb Ball; Class Baseball (2); French Circle (2); House Council (2); Dramatic Club (3). Elizabeth Cleveland Wilson . New Orleans, La. K A e Newcomb Ball Team CI, -): V. W. C. A. (1. 2, 3). 79 School of SMedicine riKST KOW SKCOND KO» ' W. P. Addison Shreveport, La. Mcrrilll C. Beck New Orleans, La. It K , !• X N s X B.A., Louisiana Colic? Julius Alexander La Grange, Tex. Nathan Judson Bender £ E. X Academic Pan-Hellenic Council. Lassar X. Alexander La Grange, Tex. Jack B. Birdwell Shreveport, La. n K i , i X Pathogens; Band ( ' 26). J. W. Allen . New Orleans, La. Ralph R. Braund Gary, Ind. a T n. [ X A K K, A X A Pathogens. Pathogens; B.A. Ironi DePauw University. Louis Judson Bristow .... New Orleans, La. John H. Arrington, Jr. . . . Monticello, Miss. v x, ■!. x e K , S N Honor Council (1); Class President (2); Fourth Tu- University of Mississippi. lane Expedition (2); Pathogens. So ► " -■iir Junior Class School of SMedicine nUST KO SECOND I50 V John T. Brown Gatesville, Tex. Jaime G. Cadaval Dgo, Mexico A K K 2 1 Stephen Roy Campbell . . . New Orleans, La. Ira Price Burdine, Jr Amory, Miss. A K K e K ■{ ' , K S B.S., University of Mississippi. Louis Sidney Chareonnet, Jr. . New Orleans, La. n K A, N 2 N R R RiiurnvME lVfnnrr.p Tn Honor Council; Wliite Elephant: B.S.. Tulane; Inter- a. K. CURCOWE monroe, l.a. f,.aternity Basketball (1, 2. 8); Inter-class Football n K I , I X (1, 3, 4); Pan-Hellenic (2); Scrub Football (2); Inter- fraternity Track (1, 2. 3. 4). P. C. Burnett, Jr Tampa, Fla. ! X, A T A Paul V. Colvin Dubach, La. e K , A E A.B.. Louisiana College; Pathogens. Russell Sterling Butaud .... Houston, Tex. Louis Cucinotta .... 2 n, I X, I l B M Football (2. 3, 4); " T " Club. Glee Club (1, 2. 3, 4) Brooklyn, N. Y. Si School of SMedicine FIRST BOW SECOND KOH ' Pascal Lawrence Danna . . . New Orleans. La. Orlando F. Gerodetti .... San Antonio, Tex. Class Football (2, 3). 2 I, B M Pan-Hellenic (4. 5); B.S. William Henry DeRamus . . . K S, [ X Pathogens; L ' Ap.ache. Verbena, Ala. IvvLVN Lee Girardeau .... Thomaston, Ga. A E I Paul R. Eckels Temple, Tex. J- Edwin Granade Atlanta, Ga. e K n K !., X A.B.. Trinity University. =S- f " " M " ' ' ' ' ' University. Bovu Clark Edwards Jackson, Miss. Gilbert B. Greene Birmingham, Ala. K 2, X University of IMississippi. A T S. I X Joseph Peter Gutierrez . . . Cordoba, Mexico P 2, s I John A. Fershtand .... San Francisco, Calif. pj 2 j Pan-IIiUenie; •■HullabiUoo " Representative. School of Medicine FIRST ROAV SECOND KOW A. ScoiT Hamilton Berkeley, Calif. Edwin Russell Jacka Jackson, Mich. K A, N S N X, T K E Pathogens. John F. Jenkins, Jr Birmingham, Ala. I X. K A William Thomas Harper .... Fayette, Miss. _, , Pathogens; B.S. Degree. O K H ' B.S. from University of Mississippi. Chapman Gordon Johnson . . New Orleans, La. S A E William Harrell Ruston, La. Freshman Football; Scrub Football (3); Intra-mural - ' ' ' ' ■ ' ' - Football (3, 4); Golf Team (2); Y. M. C. A.; Inter- traternity Basketball (1. 4). Alvin Claude Hoffpauir . . . Estherwood, La. A K K 9 K N - - Jones Grand Cane, La. n K . $ X Pathogens. Varsity Basketball (2. 3, 4); " T " Club; Pathogens. George Sanders Hopkins Slagle, La. .v, , t „ „ , J _ Earl H. Kent New Orleans, La. P S Glee Club (1. 2); President of Freshman Pharmacy ( ' 2G- ' 27). Vice-President (3). S3 Jmiiior Class School of SVIedicine FIRST ROW SliCOM) l!0« John T. Lewis, Jr Tylertown, Miss. Hexry Duplessis Ogden, Jr. . . Ne«- Orleans, La. N 2 N. n K A N i; N. n K ■! Pathogens; B.S., MiUsaps, ' 27. Dramatic Guild. George D. Lilly Fayetteville, N. C. Clifford Porter Powell Auburn, Ala. N s N, i a e - N. e K . A E A B.S. Degree. Robert C. McDowell Good Pine, La. A K K. 2 n Patliogens. Alois Earle Moore Helena, Ark. N E N, ATA, B.S. ; Pathogens. B.A. from University of Alabama: Pathogens: Square and Compass. Thomas R. Ramsey Laurel, Miss. A T B. I X Pathogens; L ' Apache. Paul Renken ....... San Antonio, Tex. G K , £ n Kirk T. Mosley Conway, Ark. q h Ricks ' I P S Seoretary-Treasui ' cr of .Tunior t ' lais; A.B. Degree. Paul Nickerson Brady, Tex. A K K Siluria, Ala. Jeannf. Cecile Rolling .... New Orleans, La. A E I 84 W " Junior Class School of Syted ' tcine FIRST KOH SECOND 1{0« HiLLRiE K. Rouse, Jr Poplarville, Miss. John E. Tate Blue Mountain, Miss. A 2 I . e K . I e K Honor Council (4); Ph.G., University of Mississippi. University of Mississippi .1 2). Morris Velinsky Louisiana. t A E Andrew M. Ryan San Francisco, Cal. g. Degree Centenary. William Arnold Kent Seale . Birmingham, Ala. n K A, A K K Pathogens: Medical Pan-ITellcnic. A. G. Ward Jaclcson, Miss. N S N Pathogens: B.A. Degree. J. O. Weilbaecher, Jr. . . . . New Orleans, La. S A E, N 2 N Scrub Football (3): Inter-class Football (3. 4): Inter- fraternity Basketball (3 4. 5). Hugh Shane Marshall, Tex. n K . 4 ' X Louis Weinstein . Bogalusa, La. J. Richard Williams Selma, Ala. Thomas R. Simpson Meridian, Miss. K A, X X IT, i X Pathogens: L ' Apache. 8S College of oArts and Sciences FIKST v.o SECOND KOW G. Armstrong Allen .... New Orleans, La. K 2 Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4), Presidpnt (J): Frosh Ti-ack; Varsity Track (2. 3); White Elephants: Inter-frater- nity Track (1, 2); Pan-Hellenic Council. RiCH.- RD O. Baumbach .... New Orleans, La. A 2 ■•T " Club; Prosh Football, Basketball and Baseball: Varsity Football (3. i, 5); Varsity Ba.seban (2. 3, 4): Varsity Basketball (3): Porter Cup ( ' 28); Class Presi- dent (2): President of Commerce Student Body (4): Pan-Hellenic Council: Student Council (4): B.B.A. Degree. John S. Anderson New York City, N. Y. Edward J. Antoon Greenwood, Miss. Glendy-Burke. William A. Bell, Jr New Orleans, La. A K E " Hullabaloo " Contributor: " Jambalaya " Sports Staff; Dramatic Guild. Christopher Francis Bellone . New Orleans, La. George Franklin Bagby New Orleans, La. r. M. C. A. Cabinet; Dramatic Guild: Glendy-Burke: Frosh " T " Club (1); Advisor Frosh " T " Club (2); International Relations (2, 3): Secretary-Treasurer Glendy-Burke (2): Vice-Speaker (3). Oscar Blitz New Orleans, La. K N Pan-Hellenic Council (2, 3). Samuel Lawrence Balofsky . . Brooklyn, N. Y. Hugh H. Brister ...... New Orleans, La. ATA 86 JiMiior Class College of oArts and Sciences FIKST KOW SECOND KOW Ansel M. Caine New Orleans, La. Joel Augustus Dawson, Jr Mobile, Ala. K £ Vice-President of Junior Arts and Science. David Blaine Comer III . . . New Orleans, La. Glendy Burke Historian; Secretary of International Relations Club; Treasurer of Dramatic Guild; Jour- nalism Scholarship (3); Carnot Debate (1). Paul S. Cooke Hernando, Miss. A K E Glee Club. Walter H. Coulson Monroe, La. Dormitory Club. Theodore Dennery New Orleans, La. Z B T Gustave Pierre Devron . . . New Orleans, La. Glee Club (1, 3); Glendy-Burlce (1 3): Varsity De- bating: (3); Secretary of Oratorical and Debating Council; Dramatic Guild. Martha E. Earhart New Orleans, La. A A n Cartwright Eustis New Orleans, La. K A, B M William E. Cox Robinsonville, Miss. p. shman Football; " IS ' ' Club; Wrestling Team $ K S (1. 2, 3). 87 ( allege of oArts and Sciences FIKSX isow Myron Falk New Orleans, La. B M, e N Arthurians; " Hullabaloo " Staff, Sales Man ager (1). Campus Editor (2), Offloe and Circulation Manager (3)- Editor of Students ' Handbook, (Business Man- aeer) (2)- International Relations Club; Class Base- ball (1); Y. M. C. A. (1); T. M, C, A, Cabinet (1). SECOND KOW Charles E. Fruin Globe, Ariz. Band; Dormitory Club. Jerome F. Giarratano Louisiana. Charles Payne Fenner, Jr. . . New Orleans, Jr. K A Joseph V. Ferguson New Orleans, La. 2 A E White Elephants; Intra-mural Football (1. 2). James Hill Gillis New Orleans, La. A T S2 Inter-class Football (1, 2 ; Wrestling (3); " Jamba- laya " Sports Editor (3); " Hullabaloo " Sports Staff (4), Dudley C. Foley, Jr New Orleans, La. Band (1 ,2, 3); Arthurians. John A. Glover New Orleans, La. A e Luther Sexton Fortenberry . . . 2 E Intra-mural Football (1), Amite, La. Joseph A. Gregory Tampa, Fla. Boxing (2); Dramatic Club. College of oArts and Sciences FIRST BOW James V. Gresham, Jr New Orleans, La. Ben Sub-Assistant Football Manager (2); Assistant Foot- ball Manager (3); Pan-Hellenic Council. Walter S. Guion New Orleans, La. A e George Earle Harveson . . . Lake Charles, La. Roy M. Harman Fort Smith, Ark. Scrub Football (3). Mrs. Helen T. Hill Atlanta, Ga. SECOND BOW Ralph Hopkins, Jr. .... . New Orleans, La. K A Tyler M. rshall Hurt, Jr. • . New Orleans, Jr. Campus Editor " Hullabaloo " ; " Jambalaya " Reporter (1); Vice-Presiaent (2, 3); International Relations Club; Glee Club; Tulane Dramatic Guild (3); Depart- mental Editor oC " Hullabaloo " (2); Acting News Ed- itor " Summer Student " (2); Features Editor of " Jam- balaya " (3); Fencing (3); Sports Editor " Student Handbook " (2). Stanford L. Hyman New Orleans, La. Z B T Varsity Debating (3); Glendy-Burke (1, 3): Inter- traternity Basketball (1); Tulane Oratorical and De- bating Council. Harnett T. Kane New Orleans, La. International Relations Club; " Hullabaloo " Staff, Fea- ture Editor (2), Associate Editor (3); Dorothy Dix Award; Editor " Handbook " ; Glendy-Burke (1. 2); Dramatic Guild; Student Editor of " The Tulanian. " R. C. Kemp, Jr Baton Rouge, La. K A 89 Jmeior Class College of oArts and Sciences FIRST now SECOND KOW Lane C. Kendall New Orleans, La. Doyle C. Magee Franklinton, La. Scrub Football (2. 3): Class Football (1); Glendy A 2 Burke (1, 2, 3); Y. M. C. A. (1. 2, 3), Cabinet (2, 3); Varsity Football. Aero Club (2. 3). Nathaniel B. Knight, Jr. . . McDonoghville, La. Myrtus A. Mangum Castor, La. Varsity Football (2, 3); Basketball (2); Wrestling (3). Hunter C. Leake II New Orleans, La. N. T. Marks New Orleans, La. White Elephant; Class Football (1, 2, 3); Inter-fra- ternity Basketball (1). William M. Light San Antonio, Tex. John Henry Menge New Orleans, La. Ben A K E Intra-mural Football (2); International Relations Fi-eshman Football (1); Scrub Football (2); Secretary Club. Freshman Class (1); Secretary Sophomore Class (2). Ephraim LuBRiTZ New Orleans, La. Scrub Football (2, 3). JOHN HARRY MoNROE Houston, Tex. A K E Walter A. Lurie New Orleans La. Scrub Football (2. 3), Z B T Varsity Debater; Secretary-Treasurer of Glendy Burke: Librarian of International Relations Club; Secretary RALPH E. PEARSON ...... Vicksburg, Miss. of the Menorah Society; Carnot Debate; Student Com- mittee; Oratorical and Debating- Council. Dormitory Club: Glendy Burke Society. 90 Jiainior Class College of Q trts and Sciences FIRST KOW SECOND ROM ' M. E. PoPKiNS Ann Arbor, Mich. Marx Sterbcow New Orleans, La. ATS Rudolph Peter Stritzinger . . New Orleans, La. LOYD Roberts Stigler, Okla. A 2 Freshman Basketball. Freshman Football; " T " Club; Varsity Football (1, 2); Varsity Basketball (1, 2). Leon L. Titche Monroe, La. International Relations Club. Carl N. Wahl New Orleans, La. 2 A E, X A. Charles Rosenberg .... New Orleans, La. z B T Hugh W. Whatley Rayville, La. A K E Baseball Squad (2); Secretary-Treasurer Class 3). L. Julian Samuel Gretna, La. President of Junior Class (3); " T " Club; Freshman Football and Track (1); Varsity Football and Track (3); Alternate Captain Track (3); Inter-traternity Basketball and Track (1, 2, 3). Jules A. Yokum Ponchatoula, La. S A E Freshman Football (1); Freshman Basketball (1): Hugh C. Snell New Orleans, La. Football Squad (2). 91 College of Law FIRST ROW SECOND ROW Leigh Carroll . New Orleans, La. Harold L. Guilbeau Opelousas, La. 2 X President of Junior Law (3); White Elephant (1). Julian B. Humphrey Opelousas, La. AS Hugh Evans New Orleans, La. I A e Harry Bartlett Kelleher . . New Orleans, La. A K E. ■! ' A A Henry Waller Fowler . . . New Orleans, La. 2 a E, A 1 . B K Dramatie Guild: B.A. from Tulane. Glee Club (1. 2. 3): Class Football (1 2); Class Sec- retary (2); Aero Club (2): Varsity Baseball Man- ager ( 3 ) . Margaret C. Lester New Orleans, La.. B A Maurice B. Gatlin Jacques F. Levy ' New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. z B T Pan-Hellenic Council. Jose Gonzalez Salinas, Porto Rico Julia Levy New Orleans, La. 92 Jueior Class College of Law FIRST KOW SECOND now Robert S. Link New Orleans, La. Godfrey Z. Regan ..... New Orleans, La. i A e I) A e. A ! President of Frosh Law Class; Honor Council; Student Council: Swimming Team; Tug of War; Inter-mural Football. Bernard J. McCloskey .... New Orleans, La. A K E, K A I ' . ■•T " Club; Boxing Team (4); Glee Club (1, 2. 3); CHARLES RuCKER Pine Bluft, Ark. Editor " Jainbalaya " (4); Varsity Ba seball (1. 2, 3, 4). ! A Varsity Football (1 2. 3. 4). James J. Morrison New Orleans, La. 2 ■! E Preston Savoy Gueydan, La. A 2 A. Dallam O ' Brien, Jr. . . . New Orleans, La. A A Glendy Burke; Dramatic Guild; President Y ' . M. C. A.; " Tulane Law Review. " Barbee Ponder Amite, La. Secretary of the Law School; Basketball (1. 2, 3). Jodie W. Stout New Orleans, La. Elliott Thompson Monroe, La. Vice-President of Junior Law Class. 93 College of Sngineering FIRST KOM SECOND KOW Jerome C. Baehr New Orleans, La. Marcel E. Crettet, Jr. . . . New Orleans, La. 2 $ A i; ! A Clasp Secretary (3). „ X, , , T Charles Delu David Mandville, La. Allen T. Blount New Orleans, La. V ,j, j; Y. M, C. A, Cabinet (2). Freshman Basketball (1); Glee Club: Aero Club, Pres- ident (3). Charles L. Davis New Orleans, La. Lawrence C. Brune .... New Orleans, La. Clark Miller New Orleans, La. Claude E. Dolhoxde .... Independence, La. S E, A X 2. K K V i, A Glee Club (1, 2, 3); Business Manager (3); Band (1, 2): Alpha Chi Sigma Cup; Y. M. C. A. (1, 2. 3); Inter-fraternity Tennis and Basketball, Peter James Erickson, Jr. . ■ New Orleans, La. Audrey G. Code New Orleans, La. Band (2 3); Orchestra (2); Cosmopolitan Club (1. 2). 94 College of Sngineering FIRST ROW SECOND ROW Herndon M. Fair New Orleans, La. Hatley ' Norton Harrison, Jr. . New Orleans, La. K A Architectural Society. EDWARD Heim Gessner .... New Orleans, La. Cornelius B. Harvey .... New Orleans, La. Ae A . KK Vice-President .Junior Class; Manager of Boxingr and Wrestling (3, 4); White Elephant; Class Wrestling (1, 2); Varsity AVrestling (1, 2); Treasurer of Pan- Hellenic (3, 4); L ' Apache. J. s. JANSSEN New Orleans, La. Freshman Football; Intra-mural Football. W. C. Gilmer Shreveport, La. A T S2 Adolph Emile Jastram . . . New Orleans, La. Architectural Society (1, 2, 3). R A IT •■IS " Club. J. Roy Haase Baton Rouge, La. Architectural Society. Walter Cook Keenan .... New Orleans, La. Ben Eugene C. Hanna Jackson, Miss. .,, . , ., t, . .■ ,o t » , t . • ' ' Jambalaya ' Representative (2); Intra-mural Foot- A X £, A I ' , S $ A ball (1) ; Architectural Society. 95 ' JiMiior Class College of Sngineering FIRST KOW SECOND ROW Sidney F. Lewis III New Orleans, La. Charles R. Monteiro .... New Orleans, La. I K 2 Cosmopolitan Club. Frank W. Macdonald .... New Orleans, La. A „ , ,v, „ ,,, MvRTis M. Norton Haynesville, La. Basketball (3). - • Pops Mental Gym Class. Murvan Morris Maxwell . . New Orleans, La. s l A „ . John P. O ' Meara New Orleans, La. Intra-mural Football (2J; Architectural Society. Arthurians. Eugene M. McCarroll . . . New Orleans, La. ATA Ralph Mountjoy Persell .... Natchez, Miss. ■ T " Club; Fi-eshman Football; Inter-fraternity Basket- ball (1. 2. 3); Pan-Hellenic (2, 3); Varsity Foottall 2 A E (2); President of Junior Class (3); President of " Freshman Class (1); Sophomore (2). John J. Metzger New Orleans, La. Carl R. Piesch New Orleans, La. 96 JiMiior College of Sng ' ineering FIRST BOW SECOND HOW ITALO William Riccuti .... New Orleans, La. Wm. King Stubbs Monroe, La. Architectural Society; Intra-mural Football (1. 2) ; A K E Wrestling (2, 3). Inter-fraternity Tennis and Basketball (1. 2); Glee Club (2); Architectural Society. JAMES M. Robert, Jr New Orleans, La. r, ,,, e. Wagner New Orleans, La. n K A J, Glee Club (1, 2. 3). Band (3); Louisiana Society of Engineers. Ford Seeuws ....... Long Beach, Miss. Henry F. Wehrmann .... New Orleans, La. Ben A K E Football; Varsity (1, 2, 3, 4); " IS " Club; " T " Club. ..r .. club; Varsity Tennis (2, 3. 4): Varsity Golf (3); Band (1, 2); Glendy Burke (1); Glee Club. Vice-Pres- ident (2. 3, 4); Class Secretary (2); Architectural So- ciety; Inter- fraternity Tennis, Baseketball and Track. Edward Silverstein New Orleans, La. Architectural Society; Intra-mural Football (1. 2); MACKEV W. WHITE Live Oak, Fla. Wrestling (1, 2). K S Secretary of Architectural Society. Harry Souchon New Orleans, La. A K E John W. Wilson New Orleans, La. ■■13 " Club; " Jambalaya " Staff. Basketball, (1, 2, 3); Track (1). 97 College of Commerce riKST KOW SECOND KOW Morris M. Baker Ocean Springs, Miss. B. F. Eshleman New Orleans, La. AS - Inter-fiaternity Basketball (1. 2. 3); Intra-mural Bas- ketball (2, 3); Varsity Basketball Manager (3); White Elephant. Albert Edward Brown . New Orleans, La. Robert B. Gallecly New Orleans, La. n K A Tug of War; Inter-fraternity Track, Tennis and Bas- ketball; Secretary-Treasurer (3); Y. M. C. A. Omar H. Cheer, Jr New Orleans, La. elbert F. Greiner New Orleans, La. Lazar Ira Cohen Jackson, Miss. Z B T " Hullabaloo " Advertising Staff; Band (2). WarUM R. HolBROOK Leon Goldberg ....-.■ New Orleans, La. Vice-President Chess-Checkers Club; Menorah Society. . . . . New Orleans, La. ■{■ K S Inter-fraternity Basketball (2). Henry R. Crais ...... New Orleans, La. Marguerite Lamar New Orleans, La. 98 College of FIRST ROW Edward D. Levy New Orleans, La. SAM Victor Lota New Orleans, La. Ajthurians. A. Elmer Massey, Jr New Orleans, La. A T n White Elephant; Inter-fraternity Baslietball; Varsity Football (3. 4); Varsity Track (3); L ' Apache; " T " Club; Pan-Hellenic Council (4). Lawrence Martin New Orleans, La. K 2 Intra-niural Basketball (3). Elmer M. McCance Pine Bluff, Ark. A 9 Vice-President Freshman Class; Frosh Football (1): Varsity Football (3, 4); " T " Club. Commerce SECOND KOW Vernon McCoy Monroe, La. n K Inter-fraternity Football. J. E. McNair, Jr Lumberton, Miss. K A Glee Club (1); " Jambalaya " Representative (2); Sec- retary-Treasurer (3). Roland B. Melun New Orleans, La. K S. Pan-Hellenic; Junior Class Vice-President. Gerald J. Miazza New Orleans, La. 2 N Ernest Mickal New Orleans, La. Assistant Business Manager " Hullabaloo; " Hullaba- loo " Staff (2. 3). Lucien O ' Kelley New Orleans, La. ATA W hite Elephant; Varsity Tennis (2); Tennis Manager (3); Vice-President (2); Inter-fraternitv Tennis and Basketball (1. 2). 99 Junior Class College of Qommerce FIRST KOW SECOND KOW Homer R. Potter ...-.■ Lake Charles, La. v. l. Roy, Jr. 2 N Natchitoches, La. Ralph Shelley Putnam Elton, La. Samuel Louis Sazer New Orleans, La. Tug of War. Arthur Radlauer New Orleans, La. SAM Morgan L. Shaw New Orleans, La. Menorah Society. K A White Elephant; Assistant Football Manager (2, 3); Class Football (1. 2); Glee Club (2, 3). TAMES B. Read Biloxi, Miss. A T SJ », , T „ , . , , Pierre L Thibaut, Tr New Ur eans. La. Club; Librarian of Glee Club; Oratorical and ritKKt i.. inin iui, j i . , Debating ' Council; Glendy Burke; Dramatic Club. !■ A e Mallory T Read New Orleans, La. Frederic A. Youngs New Orleans, La. K K - N -Ho., M ■ ' t - Y M C A (1 2)- " Hullabaloo " President Sophomore Class; President Junior Class; iiand tl. -, j ' j ff ' - •,).• Aj.-jhur ' ians. Pan-Hellenic (3) ; Inter-fraternity Basketball (1, 2. 3). Junior Class School of ' •Pharmacy Louis Brickman Chattanooga, Tenn. Vice-President Hoiioi- Council (2); Honor Council (3). Elmore Cire, Jr. . New Orleans, La. K -I ' Class President (2, 3). Theodore Joseph Dhtm. r McDonoghville, La. Isabel M. Haas Madison ville. La. Alpha Chi Sigma Award, ' 29. Val M. Wilson Ne v Orleans, La. Treasurer of Pharmacy Class; Tennis Team; Band. — Picture not in panel. J ewcomb College (Juniors whose pictures do not appear in panel.) Marie Louise Burton New Orleans, La. Ada Canady New Orleans, La. Jans Deahl Alexandria, La Marjorie Devereux New Orleans, La. Eva EiCHOLD Mobile, Ala. Alice Mae Ellington . . New Orleans, La. Marv Louise Giles Natchez, Miss.. Frances Gray Greenwood, Miss. Edna Dorothy Hindelang San Antonio, Tex. Margaret Hyde Amite, La. Margaret Cecilia Hymel New Orleans, La. Florence Jennings New Orleans, La. Eleanor Kemp Amite, La. Jane Lambert New Orleans, La. Aline Mackenzie New Orleans, La. Dorothy McGriff Livingston, La. Mildred Ogden Hattiesburg, Miss. Florence O ' Rourke New Orleans, La. Margaret Overton New Orleans, La. Mary Pate Birmingham, Ala. Carrie Pearce New Orleans, La. Alba Richardson New Orleans, La. Mary Margaret Swords New Orleans, La. Hilda Wassermann • . New Orleans, La. Alice T. Weir New Orleans, La. Junior Class School of ' Medicine (Juniors whose pictures do not appear in panel.) James Loomis Anderson Cross City, Fla. Roger Joseph Arango Prima Piso, Habana JosiAH DoziER Bancroft Birmingham, Ala. George Elliott Patric Barnes Newville, Ala. Samuel Bergman Tampa, Fla. Lawrence Dixon Berrvman, Jr Russellville, Ark. Joseph Spiegel Camp Jasper, Ala. Charles Thompson Chamberlain, Jr Natchez, Miss. Louis Eaton Chauvin Abbeville, La. Reason Louis Cope New Orleans, La. Thomas Ansel Dekle Tampa, Fla. David Jacob Drezinski New Orleans, La. Thomas Jefferson Edwards, Jr. . . Chattanooga, Tenn. Bernard Shaw Feinberg New York City, N. Y. John Aloysius Buckley Fershtand San Francisco, Cal. Charles Oliver Frederick Covington, La. Edward Alfred Gall Bronx, N. Y. Harry Glazer New Orleans, La. James Franklin Hackney Bynum, N. C. William Gibson Harris Gibson, N. C. Harris Hosen Laurel, Miss. Julian Jacob Keller Ensley, Ala. pRANk Foster Kennedy Youngstown, Ohio Ralph Lampert Russia Edwin Louis Landry Delcombre, La. Joe Joshua McCook, Jr Dallas, Tex. William Russell McGehee, Jr Gloster, Miss. Oliver Patrick Mauterer New Orleans, La. John Thompson Mosley . . . ' Winfield, La. Isador Ochs New York City, N. Y. Theodore Melvin 0.xford Dawson, Ga. Paul Sampson Parrino New Orleans, La. William Washington Patrick, Jr. . . Umatilla, Fla. William Mack Routon Greenville, Ala. Charles Ladislas Saint New Orleans, La. John Moses Sartin Statesville, N. C. Joseph Dunbar Shields, Jr Natchez, Miss. Harry Ralph Staley Kansas Citv, Mo. 103 Jujiior Class College of oArts and Science (Juniors whose pictures do not appear in panel.) Carl Baldridge Morrow, La. Louis Moise Bodenheimer New Orleans, La. Ulysses Lionel Brackin Newville, Ala. Hunter Merrill Brown Eufaula, Ala. Oswald Whitney Cosby , . . Monroe, La. William Russell Davis Steamboat Springs, Colo. Murray Allen Diamond Brooklyn, N. Y. Eugene Current Garcia New Orleans, La. David Heaucke Gernon Madison, Wis. Leonard Greenburg Gulfport, Fla. Roy Merrell Harmon Fort Smith, Ark. William Thomas Harsha, Jr Chicago, 111. John Clark Henderson Houston, Tex. Euclid Arnold Isbell Albertville, Ala. Harry Bartlett Kelleher New Orleans, La. Stanhope Hall King, Jr New Orleans, La. Pierre Antonin Lelong HI New Orleans, La. William Cattlett Littell Opelousas, La. Stanley Ernest Loeb New Orleans, La. Frank Troy Long Okemah, Okla. Randolph Nelson Long Selma, Ala. Jerome Irving Malkin Jamaica, N. Y. Bernard Lazarus Maller Jamaica, N. Y. Lawrence Conroy Michel New Orleans, La. Sam Mintz Houston, Tex. Elward David Stokes Baton Rouge, La. Noley Hugh Vinson Abbeville, Ala. Ayer Crouch Whitley Matthews, N. C. Willy Lee Woodward Sicily Island, La. 104. College of Law (Juniors whose pictures do not appear in panel.) Maurice J. Bayon New Orleans, La. Theodore Bethea New Orleans, La. Margaret S. Bullen Shreveport, La. Malcolm L. de la Houssaye Franklin, La. Carl Abram Fisher New Orleans, La. L. Austin- Fontenot Opelousas, La. 2 N, A A B.A. from St. Edwards LTniversity, Austin. Tex.: Moot Court Board: Busine.ss Manager of Debating: Club; Oratorical and Debating Council; Glendy-Burke. Paul Freund, Jr New Orleans, La. George Alphoxse Frilot, Jr New Orleans, La. Walter Brown Gordy, Jr Abbeville, La. Lloyd Leroy ' Hendrick Gilliam, La. Sam Levy Herold Shreveport, La. Carl Chambers Hughes Birmingham, Ala. Hubert Adolph LaFargue Thibodaux, La. Elmo Pearce Lee, Jr Mansfield, La. John Robert Legier . ' New Orleans, La. William H. Mouton Lafayette, La. Philip Sidney Pugh, Jr Crowley, La. Claiborne B. Robertson St. Landry, La. James Thomas Shell, Jr Bastrop, La. Woolen Hands Walshe New Orleans, La. los College of Sngineering (Juniors whose pictures do not appear in panel.) Arthur Peter Baudier New Orleans, La. Sidney Conrad Berdon New Orleans, La. John Wm. Bierhorst, Jr New Orleans, La. Charles Emile Cassacne, Jr New Orleans, La. Marcus Joachim Chalona New Orleans, La. Milton Charles Clerc Washington, D. C. Earl Oscar Dailey Balboa, Canal Zone Alvyn Joseph Day New Orleans, La. Wallace Campbell Drennan New Orleans, La. MoiSE Max Fishman New Orleans, La. Enrique Hernandez Garcia Brownsville, Tex. Joseph Elias Guidry, Jr New Orleans, La. Oliver William Heyden New Orleans, La. Carlton Reeo Jones Gloria, La. Carroll Joseph Peirce, Jr New Orleans, La. Raymond Constant Prouet New Orleans, La. Bernard Harold Stern New Orleans, La. College of Commerce (Juniors whose pictures do not appear in panel.) James L. Brewer, Jr New Orleans, La. Cameron H. Easterbrook West Palm Beach, Fla. Jack J. Margolin New Orleans, La. Francis Martin New Orleans, La. George H. Pitts Alexandria, La. io6 io8 Sophomorie Class— NewcoMib College riKST COLUMN Fi,ORF.NCE CoKER Yazoo City, Miss. Cecilia Aaroxs Shelby, Miss. M RuTH Allen New Orleans, La. w. c. A. i, 2,. Rt«ALiE Allen New Orleans, La. Myrtle Louise Colon Gibslanc! La. Hilda C. M. Arndt New Orleans, La. IREne Mayes Cooper Laurel, Miss. Dramatic Club (1, 2); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); Freshman SYBIL CoRBET Jasper, I ' la. Debating Club 1); George Debate (1); Jennie C. Z T A Nixon Debating Club (2). y. W. C. A. Marie Louise Aubert Gulfport, Miss. Geraldine Couturier .... New Orleans, La. Lillian A. Backer New Orleans, La. Florence Coyle New Orleans, La. B A B A Dramatic Club (2); Y, W. C. A. (1, 2). Gl ee Club; Dramatic Club. Rebecca Barton Napoleonville, La. Yvonne Crespo New Orleans, La. n B ■! B 2 Newcomb Ball (1); Y. W. C. A. (1): Dramatic Club Gj e Club (1, 2); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2), Cabinet (2 ' : (1, 2); Glee Club (1, 2). Dramatic Club (1, 2), Stage Manager (2): French Alberta Booker ....... Ponchatoula, La. circle (l. 2); Freshman Debating Club: Nixon De- Varslty Hockev Team; Newcomb Ball; Newcomb bating Club (2); Council. Basketball. FIFTH COLCStN Mildred M. Boudreaux Donner, La. Helen Dafoe New Orleans, La. Y. w. C. A. (2). Z T A SECOND COLUMN Mary ELIZABETH DAVENPORT . . New Orleans, La. Margaret Bovard New Orleans, La. K A 9 A n -Anna Grace Helen Daniels . New Orleans, La. " • ' „ ' - c- - ™ ' " ' ' ' " ' ' - ,, T ' ' Barbara Margaret David . . . Mandeville, La. Annie Laurie Breard . . . . . . Monroe, La. leonie Davis New Orl eans, La. ChARLTTOE BrEARD Monroe, La. varsity Volley Ball (3); Hockey (3); . ' •quart Basket- SarAH GOOFWIN Brown Houma, La. bail (3); Varsity Baseball (3); Y. W. C. A.; French Virginia BROWN Little Rock, Ark. ,l,„,3, ial . . " : " ' . ' " ■. " ■. . McGehee, Ark. " Mary Morrison Dinwiddie . . New Orleans, La. K K r Anna Jane Dohan New Orleans, La. Arda Louise Donavan . . . New Orleans, La. A A n Dramatic Club (1. 2). Adrienne Bruno New Orleans, La. B A T. W. C. A.; Dramatic Club; French Circle. »Clara MAY Buchanan . . . New Orleans, La. n ncy Downing Atlanta, Ga. A n M Amelie E. Buchanan .... New Orleans, La. Mandolin-Guitar ciub d, 2); y. w. c. a. (D. Dramatic Club (1 2); Freshman D baMng Club; DoRCAS jANE DuSENBURY . . . New Orleans, La. Jennie C. Nixon Debatmp; Club (2); George Debate „ (1). THIUD COLrMN Nancy ' Butler New Hope, Ala. Z T A French Circle (2); Y. W. C. A. (2). Evelyn Louise Butler ■ . . New Hope, Ala. Z T A Y. W. C. a. (1. 2); French Circle (1, 2). WiNiFRED Cambias .... New Orleans, La. B S K A e Y •W. C. a. (1): French Circle (1). Bernice Edwards Ponchatoula, La. Alice May Ellington .... New Orleans, La. Eleanor Parker Ellis .... New Orleans, La. n B Carolyn Claire Engelhardt . New Orleans, La. DoRRis Ervin . St. Louis, Mo. X a French Circle (1); Glee Club (1. 2). Eleanor Carroll New Orleans, La. Winifried Eshrigge New Orleans, La. B ! A Y. W. C. a. (1. 2). Cora Lillian Carter Atlanta, Ga. Glee Club (2); Debating Club (2): Y. V. C. A. (2i. Vivian L Carter New Orleans, La. A A n Dramatic Club (1, 2): Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); Frenc ' i Circle (1). Henrietta Caulkins . Lookout Mountain, Tenn. X a French Circle (1. 2); Y. W. C. A. (1 2). Frances Cleveland .... New Orleans, La. n B Y. W. C. A. (1); French Circle (1. 2). FOURTH COLUMN n B Freshman Debating. SIXTH COLUMN Elizabeth Farrell . . • . New Orleans, La. M Gladys Batchelor Feltus . . . New Orleans, La. Y. w. C. A. (2). Florence Ferguson Monroe, La. n B Basketball (II; Y. W. C. A. Winifred Folse Oak Ridge, La. A n Track Team (1); Treasurer of S-phomore Class; Freshman Baseball Team; Vars ' ty Basketball; Vice- President Freshman D bating C ub. Esther Cleveland New Orleans, La. Jane Branson Fox Columbus, Ga. K K r K K r Y. ' W. C. A. (1); French Circle (1 ; Varsity Ne v- y. W. C. A.; Student Council; Track Varsity New- comb Basketball; Class Hockey; Varsity Basketball. comb Ball; Varsity Baseball; Varsity Newcomb Bas- Katherine Cobb . Fort Smith, Ark. " ketball. K A 9 Edna Louise Frantz New Orleans, La. Y ' . W. C. A. (1); French Circle (1). Glee Club (1, 2); Freshman Deba ' ing Club; Jennie Willie Frances Coleman . . . Doddsville, Miss. c. Nixon Debating Club. M Glee Club (1, 2); Y. AV. C. A. (1, 2). — Picture not in panel. 109 Class=- FIRST COmiVIN Helen Furlow Brookhavcn, Miss. GlGG Club. Marie Celeste Gaudet . . . New Orleans, La. Helen Gillespie New Orleans, La. B I A Dramatic Club; French Circle; Y. W. C. A. Lucile Gillican Brunswick, Ga. K K r Newcomb Basketball; Track Meet. Agnes Goodman Areola, La. B A Archery Tournament; Y. W. C. A.; Dramatic Club. «Nancy Grace Griggs Orange, Tex. Dorothy Grundmann .... New Orleans, La. B A Dramatic Club. Muriel F. Haas New Orleans, La. Jennie C. Nixon Debating Club; French Circle; Fresh- man Debating Club. SECOND OOLUMN Camille Caheen Hagedorn . . . LaGrange, Tex. A E Jessie Wynogene Haggard . . New Orleans, La. Mynn Harrison ...... New Orleans, La. Elsie Hartley New Orleans, La. B £ Dramatic Club (1, 2); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); French Circle (1). Edith Harvey New Orleans, La. n B French Circle; Y. W. C. A. EuLALiE Harvey New Orleans, La. Y. W. C. a.; Mandolin-Guitar Club; Baseball; Basket- ball; Hockey. Laura Hero New Orleans, La. Y. W. C. A.; French Circle. Dorothy Hill Canton, Miss. X a Glee Club 1, 2); French Circle (1).; Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); Drag Committee. Alice Hoff San Antonio, Tex. Shirley E. Hollingsworth ■ . New Orleans, La. Rita Hovey-King New Orleans, La. A n Debating; Y. W. C. A.; French Circle. THIRD COLUMN Frances Ivens New Orleans, La. K K r French Circle (1. 2); Debating Club (1. 21. Mary Catherine Jackson . . . Hammond, La. Dorothy Johnson New Orleans, La. n B !• French Circle (1, 2); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2). Elizabeth Jones Petersburg, Va. A O n Glee Club; Y ' . W. C. A.; Athletic Council. Ray LaRue Journeay Houston, Tex. Katherine Kammer New Orleans, La. M French Circle II, 2. .1); Elramatic Club (1, 2, 31. Ethel Ketcham ...... New Orleans, La. K K r Newcomb Ball (1); Varsity Basketball (1); Hockey (1); Baseball (1); Track (1); French Circle; Y. W. C. A. Ruth Helen Kleinpeter Donner, La. Y. W. C. A. (2). rOCRTH COLUMN Babette Krauss Monroe, La. Dramatic Club (1. 2); Debating Club (2). ■Ne H comb College ZiNA Font LaNasa New Orleans, La. G. J. Von Langermann . . . New Orleans, La. Eulalie Livaudais New Orleans, La. K K r French Circle; Y. W. C. A. Ellen Lyman New Orleans, La. K A e Newcomb Ball (1); Hockey; Bowling; Croquet; Hors? Shoe; Varsity Ping Pong; Varsity Baseball; Y. W. C. A. Mary Chandler Lyman . . . New Orleans, La. K A e Y. W. C. A. Fav Mackie ........ New Orleans, La. K A e Y. W. C. A. Evelyn Winston Magruder . . New Orleans, La. A O n Pi-esident of Freshman Class; Y. W. C. A.; Freshman Debating Team. Ruth Louise Marks New Orleans, La. Mandolin-Guitar Club; Glee Club. Mathilde Carolyn Marks . . New Orleans, La. FIFTH COLUMN Gladys Mathews Andalusia, Ala. A A n French Circle; Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); Cheer Leader (2). Adolyn McClatchey Atlanta, Ga. K A e French Circle (1): Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); Mandolin- Guitar Club (1, 2); Glee Club (1): Athlet ' C Council (2); Varsity Volley Ball (1); Class Basketball and Newcomb Ball. BiLLiE McCoy . New Orleans, La. A H Dramatic Club; Y. W. C. A.; Freshman Basketball. Shonnette Weil Meyer . . . New Orleans, La. Elise McGehee .... Fort Davis, Canal Zone K K r Dramatic Club (1, 2); French Circle (1. 2); Class Hockey and Newcomb Ball; Varsity Baseball. Katherine Irene Menuet . . Napoleonville, La. A A n Mary Morton • New Orleans, La. X S Glee Club (1, 2); French Circle (11; Tennis. Bertha Moss Lake Charles, La. X n Glee Club (1, 2); Dramatic Club (1, 2); Y. " W. C. A. (1. 2). SIXTH COLUMN Edith Norris Ne%v Orleans, La. K K r Mamie Packer Alexandria, La. A n Glee Club (1, 2); Y. W .C. A. (1. 2). Winifred Palmer New Orleans, La. B A Glee Club (1, 2); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2). Anna Jane Pharr . . .... Olivier, La. K K r Elizabeth K. Pierson .... New Orleans, La. K K r Dramatic Club (1, 2); French Circle (1. 2); Man- ager Arcade; Class Hockey; Newcomb Ball and Bas- ketbal ' . Mildred Porteous New Orleans, La. X a French Circle (1. 21; Y " . V. C. A. (1. 2); Mandolin- Guitar Club (1, 2). — Picture not in panel. Ill Sophomore Class=- riKST COLUMN Louise Azeline Powell . . . • . Canton, Miss. K A e Chairman of Freshman Class; Y. W. C A, (1, 2); President of Sophomore Class; Glee 0:uIj (1, 2); Freshman Commission. Frances Price Cjnlfnpit, Miss. A n Y. W. C. A.; Gh e Club. Sally Reed New Orleans, La. K K r Assistant Business Manager Arcade; Glee Club. Lenora Reeves Franl lin, La. Mary Clyde Rhodes . ... New Orleans, La. K K r Y. W. C. A.; French Circle; Class and Varsity Basket- ball; Class and Varsity Nevvcomb Basketball; Class Hoekiy Team. SECOND COLUMN Madelin L. Richardson . . . ■ New Orleans, La. B S Debating Club (1. 2); Dramatic Club (1. 2); French Circle (1); Y. W. C. A, Beity Robinson Shreveport, La. K K r Marie Rodriguez . . . • New Orleans, La. B l A Mary Belle Rocan . . New OrleanS; La. K K r Y. W. C. a. (1); Class Hockey: Class and Varsity Spalding Basketball ; Class and Varsity Newcomb Basketball. Audrey Fay Sayman Alexandria, La. A A n Glee Club (1, 2); Dramatic Club (1. 2 ; Freshman Baseball Team (1); House Council; Fj-eshman Debat- ing Club; Mandolin-Guitar Club. Josie M. Schiro New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club; Y. V. C. A. TIIIIJD COLUMN LiLAH Schwino New Orleans, La. K A e Edwyna Scott Ripley, Tenn. Frances E. Shannon Macon, Miss. K A e Y. W. C. .A. (1, 2.; Dramatic Club (2). Doris Shea Lake Charles, La. A A n Hilda C. Simon ....... Alexandria, La. A E i Mandolin-Guitar Club. Frances Smith Fort Sinith, Ark. K A e Y. w. C. A. (1). rOURTH COLUMN Jessa Soper Greenville, Miss. K A e Y.w. C. a. Ann Spivy Benham, Tex. n B •! Basketball; Y. V. C. A. Newcoimlb College ' •Piivi.i.is Harriet Stern . . . Montgomery, Ala. Bf;verlv Estei.le Swanton . . . Shcfiicld, Ala. JANK Margaret Taltavull .... Biloxi, Miss. Shirley A. Teunisson ... New Orleans, La. Glee Clulj; Captain o. ' I.Uisiba.l nj; Ncwcfjmb lia. - ketball (1); Volley Hall (Tl. Mav Smallwood Thornton . . . Alexandria, La. K a rtl ' TH COLUMN Lucii.E ' I ' orkey ....... Spring Hill, Ala. Margaret Tucker ... New Orleans, La. X a Glee Club; French C.A-rh-; Dramatic ( lub. Frances Van Winkle . . . Salt Lake City, Utah K A Y. w. c. A. (1, 2). Elizabeth Villere Ne v Orleans, La. n B French Circle; V. W. C. A. (1, 2). D0R0THv Christine Vix . . . New Orleans, La. Carolyn Vomberg New Orleans, La. Y. w. c. a. Georgiaka Von Langermann . New Orleans, La. Dramatic club d. 2); Debating Club; Y. AV. C. A. SIXTH COLUMN Dorothy Walker New Orleans, La. n B Y. V. C. a.; Glee Club; French Circle. Beverly Walton New Orleans, La. A n Glee Club; Y. V. C. A. Rosalie Watt Hot Springs, Ark. X Si Mandolin-Guitar Club (1, 2); Glee Club (1. 21. Bess Weddington New Orleans, La. M French Circle; V. W. C A. Aline Weill New OrleanSj La. French Circle; Dramatic Club; Debating Club; Glee Club; Y. W. C. A. Lenora White Gulfport, Miss. SEVENTH COLUMN Emma Sue Williams Athens, Tenn. Helen Wilson ... ... New Orleans, La. X a Dramatic Club (1, 2); French Circle (1. 2); Swim- ming (1, 2): Tennis (2). Beitv Withers . . ... Memphis, Tenn. K a Y. V. C. a. Dorothy Wright New Orleans, La. B S Glee Club; Dramatic Club; Debating Club; Y. W. C. A. Norma A. Genella New Orleans, La. — Picture not in panel. 114 Sophomore Class= FlUST COLUMN Albert Moses Abramson .... Lafayette, La. I A E Nicholas F. Atria .... West Orange, N. J. ! P £ A.B. from Washinf ton and Lee University. Samuel Lawrence Balofsky . . Brooklyn, N. Y. i A K, n A i Robert Estes Blount Bassfield, Miss. N 2 N Pathogens. JAMES Henry Boles .... McMinnville, Tenn. Max Brannan Roanoke, Ala. Joseph Theodore Brierre . . . New Orleans, La. A , S [ , A K K Patliogens. RiCHARD Leonce Buciv Hoiima, La. Adrian Bennett Cairns .... Houston, Tex. e K i ' A.B. from Rice Institute. SECOND COLUMN Thomas F. Carbrey New Orleans, La. e K Honor Council (4). Michel Joseph Caruso . . . New Orleans, La. Gerard E. Christie Pensacola, Fla. P S John Melton Cotton Altis, Okla. Eugene H. Countiss ..... Grenada, Miss. X, K S Milisaps College; Pathogens. Louis Anthony Crapitto .... Houston, Tex. JbSEPH Steven D ' Antoni . . New Orleans, La. Lucious Lamar Davidge .... Durant, Okla. Michael Ellis DeBakey . . . Lake Charles, La. K K Antonio Fernandez del Valle .... Mexico •Wiley Auva Dial Senath, Mo. Beatrix Gallaher Dunlap . Lawrencehurg, Tenn. Claude Graham Eccles Mobile, Ala. $ P S Honor Council (1). THIRD COLUMN William B. Faircloth ...... Ensley, Ala. X, n K A A.B. from Vanderbilt University: Medical Honor Council (1); Secretary Medical Student Body (2); L ' Apache. Clarence Gladin Parish . . . Grove Hill, Ala. A K K T. J. Fatherree, Jr Meridian, Miss. K A, X Pathogens. James A. Ferry Riderwood, Ala. n K A, A K K B.S. Degree: Pathogens. John M. Filippone Houston, Tex. B M W. G. Fisher New Orleans, La. 2 A E, X Freshman Football (1); Sciub Football (2); L ' Apache. i5 " Newcojimlb CoU-egc rOl ' KTII COM , M.N C. B. Flinn Hernando, Miss. ■P X Manuei. Mokales Garcia . . New Orleans, La. Jerome Frank Giarraiano . . New Orleans La. A ' I ' , ' li I ' 1 ' ' WiLLiAM H. Gillentinr . . . Fort Meyers, Fla. Grace Arabell Goi.DSMrni . . New Orleans, La. •James Lucer Gouaux .... New Orleans, La. Joel Boyd Gray New Orleans, La. APE Chess Champion (2, 3): President of the Chess and Checkers Club (3, 4): Intra-mural Football (1, 2, 3). C. Prentice Gray Monroe, La. K A, X Class Vice-President (1); Pathogens: B.S. from Uni- versity of the South. Edwin Robichaux Guidry . . . New Orleans, La. Carlos R. Hamilton Waco, Tex. A i •!■, K Ina Morriss Harper .... Monroeville, Ala. riFTH COLUMN John D. Henderson Morristown, Tenn. 2 A E, I X White Elephants; L ' Apache: Inter-fratfrnity Basket- ball; Scrub Football (2, 3). Ambrose J. Hertzoc Derry, La. K A, N 2 N Pathogens. Adolphus Y. Jennings Abilene, Tex. e K ! ' , A 2 Pathogens; A.B. from Simmons University. •Kenneth Myer Kahn .... New Orleans, La. Charles Barrett Kennedy . . . Aberdeen, S. D. N 2 N, B e n Pathogens. S. G. Khoury Shreveport, La. P 2 Henry Allen King, Jr New Iberia, La. N 2 N, A K E B.A. Degree from L. S. U. ; Pathogens. SIXTH COLUMN Harry Koretzky ...... New Orleans, La. Philip R. La Bruyere, Jr Marrero, La. P 2 M. J. La Nasa New Orleans, La. P 2 Glee Club (3, 5); Band (3. 4. 5); Secretary-Treasurer of Sophomore Medical Class; Intra-mural Football (3). •Joseph Adair Lawrence . . . Tallequah, Okla. Ralph H. Lindsey ...... Albertville, Ala. e K , 2 E Pathogens. Mercer Genin Lynch .... New Orleans, La. Ben DoNiON Randolph Martin . . . Wendell, N. C. P 2 •Jean Baptiste Martin Hohnville, La • — Picture not in panel. ii6 School of medicine ' " " Antizonv Sica . . New York City, N. Y. ,,..,o,., ,. ». .T,. T William SiiKWiiN Slaughter, Jr. . . . Haker, I.a. I ' IKM COl-UMN V n I Y Frank H. Maurv Spring Hill, Ala. , „ ' », , x , Z k H Lron Slipakoff New Orleans, La. R.S. Dfgree from Sliriiif Hill ColcSu; L ' Apaclie. John G. McClure St. Petersburg, Fla. foiutii column „ , John Ennis Sorrells Hodge, La. Pathogens, - J, ,„ p J. ,,, PegRAM L. McCreARY .... Monroeville, Ala. imor-dass Footliall; A.B Di-t-ivM. ' n-oin Louisiana j jj- jj Colliei " , PatliDt ' uns. B.S. Degree from Birmingham Southci ' ii Colleges „ _ „ t i i xt tr Freshman Honor Council. PhINEAS JacK SPARER Brook yn, N. Y. Harry Meyer New Orleans, Ala. siNelda Faye Stafford . . . Denham Springs, La. Z B T, I A E Basketball (1); Band (2, ?.. 4). (. White Stroud Monroe, La. R. Frank Miller Welsh, La. A K K, n K A David C. Swearingen ..... Snreveport, La. Pathosin.s. Z N, ' I X ■•Joseph Walter Neal, Jr. . . Walnut Cove, N. C. Joseph Sweig New Orleans, La. Willis Joret Nelson, Jr. . . • New Orleans, La. S. Austin Tatum Dubach, La. A 1 i , e K Charles Brown Odom ...... Harvey, La. Freshman class President; Secretary ol Medical Stu- dent Body (2): Inter-fraternity Basketball; B.S. De- gree from Louisiana College; Square and Compass; SECOND COLIIMN Pathogens. T O. Preiean Abbeville, La. T. W. Tedder Sumrall, Miss. pv N£N, GKN „ T . n f Ti Pathogens. Alberto Prieto . ■ Panama Citv, Kep. or Panama -2 1 ■•.Tambalava " Representative (2); Tntia-mural Foot- FIFTH COIitJMN ball; cosmopolitan Club. j . ,, s , ;„_ a. William Walton Rainer HL . . . Selma, Ala. I P S I X. B K, I A e .,._ „ „ .. ,, B..S. ITom Sewanee; Honor Council (2). - EdWARD PeRRY ThOMAS . . . Montgomery, Ala. James Rinaman Miami, Fla. v. p. Thompson Jr Hugo, Okla. N 2 N, A William Carey Rivenbark . . New Orleans, La. Pathogens. B e n, N S N i T T. -T- T T- A 1 Pathogens; B.S. Degree. " " J ' - ™ ' ' Rell Till, Jr Tensaw, Ala. Eugene B. Robichaux , . Excelsior Springs, Mo. ' -Beatrice M. A. Tomblin . . . Los Angeles, Cal. n K , X A E I Academic Pan-Hellenic Council. William Ha -wood Walters, Jr. . Oxford, N. C. George W. Robinson Shreveport, La. - ' ' Pathogens. Varsity Boxing (3); Inter-fraternity Track and Bas- ketball; Student Academic Coach (2); Glee Club. LEON S. WARD Mt. Pleasant, Tenn. e K THIUI) COLUMN jAMES H. Wells . Shreveport, La. Joseph P. Salerno Houston, Tex. P S Honor Council (2). Track (1). Drew A. Savant Ville Platte, La. Gerald N. Williams Linden, Ala. X, 2 E, B M 2 A E, X Dramatic Club (2). B.S. Degree from Birmingham Southern Co lege; Pathogens. Harry Johnson Schmidt . . Ocean Springs, Miss. ,, , x c P V -Marion Joseph Wolfe .... New Orleans, La. Class Vice-President; Medical Pan-Hellenic Council. Robert Garland Wood Tampa, Fla. Elda Scott Coyle Spring Hill, La. l P 2 P 2 Honor Council (1). • — Picture not in panel. " 7 Sophouimore Class College of oArts and Science FIHST COLIIMN George Abernathy Tallulah, La. ATA Freshman Football: Varsity Footljall. Lee Joseph Alexander Lutcher, La. Dean H. Allen Tallulah, La. 2 n Intra-mural Basketball; Inter-tratcrnity Basketball and Tennis. C. A. Allenbercer Columbus, Neb. 2 ■1 ' E Assistant Clleer Leader. W. WiLCHiA Armistead .... Shreveport, La. n K Inter-class Football (1); Inter-fraternity Basketball (2) Clinton Arnold Houston, Tex. K 2 Assistant Cheer Leader; Dramatic Club. RiCHARD Edward Bankston . . . Hammond, La. Samuel Barkoff New Orleans, La. K N Chess and t heckers Club, Secretary (2). Joseph E. Beasley Steele, Mo. ATS Assistant Manager Freshman Tennis (1) ; Inter- (raternity Basketball; Intra-niural Basketball Glee Club; Y. M. C. A.; Glendy Burke. SECOND COLUMN Harry W. Bergland New Orleans, La. Glee Club. Cecil E. Bergstedt Lake Charles, La. 2 N Dormitory Club. Joseph E. Blum New Orleans, La. Freshman Basketball; Captain of Freshman Tennis; Intra-mural Basketball; Glee Club. Maxwell Hughes Braswell . Spring Hill, Ala. Frederic W. Brewer .... New Orleans, La. A 2 Gymnastic Team. Harris Joe Brewster .... New Orleans, La. »Leonard Caplan ...... Alexandria, La. Charles Carriere . Laurel, Miss. Enrique M. Carrillo Herriosillo, Mex. Treasurer of " Centro LTniversitario Latino-Ameri- cano. " Steg. B. Christensen .... New Orleans, La. 2 n Glee Club; Inter-fraternity Basketball. Calvin Andre Claudel . . . New Orleans, La. Leonard L. Collins Shawmut, Ala. ATA Glee Club. THIRD COLUMN S. H. COLVIN, JR Mobile, Ala. n K A " Arthur R. Connerly, Jr. . . Lake Village, Ark. Charles Brigman Craft Mobile, Ala. 2 A E Vice-President Class (1); President Class (2). Gerald Richard Dalrymple . . Little Rock, Ark. Robert Clark Day New Orleans, La. 2 N Fencing Club fl). Harry- D. DeBu -s ...... New Orleans, La. sen John DeBuys New Orleans, La. 119 V. Joseph de Paul Dkrbes . . New Orleans, La. J. SiANLEY Desporte New Orleans, La. 2 X White BleijhantH. Warren W. Doyle Jr New Orleans, La. JAMES Frederick Dunn . . . New Orleans, La. Eucene Gustave Durel . . . New Orleans, La. HoMER W. J. Durel .... New Orleans, La. Shakeeb Ede Hattiesburg, Miss. Scrub Football (2). Jack Fisher Cullman, Ala. n K A Freshman President; Sophomore Secretary-Treasurer; White Elephants; Frosh Football; Glee Club; Glendy Burke. rOlHTH COLUMN William Harry Fitzpatrick . New Orleans, La. Ben Clarence H. Ford ...... Vicksburg, Miss. Dormitory Cluli; Glendy Burke. Ben M. Friedman New Orleans, La. Z B T J. H. Randolph Feltus .... New Orleans, La. A e " Jamljalava " Representative (2); Intra-mural Ath- letics (1. 2); Inter-fraternity Athletics fl, 2). J AMES Leroy- Fynn Memphis, Tenn. WiLLiAM John Garland .... Logansport, La. Benjamin R. Gendel Bronx, N. Y. Vice-President o( Dormitory Club; Dramatic Guild. " John Michael Genovese . . New Orleans, La. David Gertler New Orleans, La. Glendy Burke; Dramatic Guild; Chess and Checker Club. J AMES Porter Gillaspie . . . New Orleans, La. Harry Cyril Glover, Jr. . . Bay St. Louis, Miss. A K E Freshman Football; Basketball and Track; Varsity Football. FIFTH COLUMN Sidney Goldman New Orleans, La. K N Intra-mural Basketlia 1; Fraternity Basketball. Lionel John Gottschalk, Jr. . New Orleans, La. 2 A E JosEPH Otto Graham W. F. GuERRiERO Monroe, La. Walter William Haar . . . New Orleans, La. Jerome Charles Haas Opelousas, La. George Michel Haik Bogalusa, La. JOHN Joseph Hallaron . . . New Orleans, La. Ralph Block Hamilton Wynne, Ark. Jack Cuyler Harding .... New Orleans, La. ATA Vernon Carlton Haynes • . Lake Village, Ark. Burton B. Hebert New Orleans, La. Audrey ' Ursula Heintz . . . Covington, Miss. Robert Chadwick Hills . . . New Orleans, La. John S. Herring Oak Grove, La. 2 n Edward Joseph Hoerner, Jr. . New Orleans, La. Rhule Jack Holland Shreveport, La. William A. Howard New Orleans, La. n K Intra-mural Basketball; Inter-fraternity Basketball. Louis Frederick Hubener . . Little Rock, Ark. Leon D. Hubert, Jr New Orleans, La. Carnot Medal (1); Glendy Burke; Fencing Club. — Picture not in panel. Sophomore Class College of oArts and Science „, J oriiiii (oi.i.vi.v ' William Frank Pi;.vni;v , . , (;uatcmala, C A Thomas JACKSON Belzo„i, Miss. ' ' " ' " ' ' ' " ' ' ' ' " " ' ' ' l;; ' ' - ' " ' ■ U Y..r.My i,„n.. - A E Ei,LiOTT Philliis New Orlc-ins T t Harrison- Jordan Ruston, La. William John Phillips . New Orleans ' la .,u«-r,ater,my BasUcn.aii. ma,f fnV " ■ ' " ■ New Orleans ' , La! Morris Kaplan Bryan, Tex. ' ' " ' ™ ' ' " i ' ootbaih ntra-murai AU.ioti.H; .sn-ui, J0SEPH KuLjis . °° " . " " . " ' -: : ' ' " . " ■ . . Biloxi, Miss. ;TprouS " ' " ' ' ' ™ " " ' T ' ?! ' r ' ' -• - t 1 . -t . rKOUEI New Orlein ; T -i John Joseph Kelleher .... New Orleans, La. jj m wricans, La. Fresh r n.Lail ; Gi e cu,„ (1, 2,. ' °rTr " i ' ' p ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' Ne- Orleans, La. WILLIAM W0.0 Koonce . New Orleans, La. ! ' T : - ' J X " - , BaskGlball. Gaston Lanau.x, Jr New Orleans, La. Elbridge Franklin Ryan . . . New Orleans La 2 X Anthony Joseph Santanclo . New Orleans ' La. SECOND COLIIMN i-ARL A. SCHEXNAVDER Logan La Joseph Henry Larose, Jr. . ■ New Orleans, La. »r,.„ n „ ' ' ' • • ' - sn Dan Beville Searcy Lewisville, Ark. Lucius Place Levee, jR Innis, La. J rius Joseph Sheeren . . . New Orleans, La. »Louis Sidney Levenstein . New York City, N. Y. " " sier Sherfey New Orleans, La. John A. Lewis, Jr. . . . . New Orleans, La. fifth colu.mn , ShEPARD ShUSHAN .... New Orlenns Ta Philip Lisotta Monroe, La. 2AM Orleans, La. Enrique Martin Longoria . . Brownsville, Tex. Robert Leslie Simonton ..... Selma Ala George Wilt Lonnegan . . . New Orleans, La. r ' i„„i „- -, ' „ „ , TTi • i »- o „ „ Glendy Burke; Glee Club. Florian Seal Lopez Biloxi, Miss. Seals S. Speer Bay St. Louis Miss Charles Bascum Mason, Jr. . ■ . Collinston, La. S $ E S n D0NALD Bernard Stafford . . Baton Rouge La Intra-mural Baskctbsl ' ; Inter-frati-niity Tennis and M0RRIS Lee StECKEL Srrantnn ' P, ' Basketball. Frani.- R Q ' ■ - - . ocidiuun, i-a. Engstfeld Francis Marin, Jr. . . Patterson, La. " • Stewart . . . . . New Orleans, La. Edward Peuch Madden . . . New Orleans, La. Vance M. Strange " St-,mn. Art- Archey Bain McBride Bastrop, La. K s ' ' ' ' ' ' ' • Joseph McCloskeYj Jr New Orleans, La. Rosser Joseph Stroble, Jr. . . New Orleans La intcr-rraternity BasK-etbti? ?!.: Intra-mural Basket- Cl.IFroRD Samuel SuTTER . . . New Orleans ' , La. ' ball (2). OAKLAND F. Taylor Brookhaven, Miss. T. F. McCoRMICK Monroe, La. .«,-. „° ' ' ' " i2, " ' = CJuJId; Glee Club (I, 3). n K A - JAMES Paul Tharp New Orleans, La. Football (2). THIRD COLrMN v.. n T- " ' ' ™ ' ' ' " " A T .f T ivT i T PRANK Owen Tomeny .... New Orleans Tn Arthur F. Moinet, Jr ._ . . . New Orleans, La. j„3„„ ridico ..... New Orleans: La Brown Moore New Orleans, La. ; ° ' ' ' Walter Tucker Chicago, III. n K A Eloy Velasco . . . Santander, Colombia, S. A. Glendy Burke; Dramatic Quid; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. JoSEPH AlOYSIUS VeLLA . . . New Orleans La Clarence Morrow New Orleans, La. Norton Voorhies New Orleans ' La ' ••Hullabaloo ' - Reporter, JP " N WiLMER WATKINS Bunkie, ' La! Lee Terrell Nesbitt .... Birmingham, Ala. , ° " " ' ° Theodore M ' egener . New- Orleans, La. Pedro V. Nunez . Santa Marta, Rep. of Columbia eon W fill . . . ■ - ■ • New Orleans, La. Joseph Walter Neal, ]r. Walnut Grove, N. C. Giendv Burke , ,rK ' . 1=.,, Charles Weiss Alexandria, La. A B. from Duke Un.vers.ty; Patl gens. RuSSELL LeE WeLCH Norfield, Mis« Louis Ochs, Jr. . . . . . . New Orleans, La. charles Jacob Wheeler, Jr. . New Orleans, La! Frosh Tug-ot--iVar. RiCHARD B. WILLIAMS . . . New Orleans, La. Charles W. O ' Neill Slidell, La. _ „, K A i K Z Charles S. Williamson IH . . New Orleans, La. Freshman Football and Track; White Elcphant.s; II K A Scrub Footba ' l. ■V ' hite Elephants. Harry Lawrence Orlov Bronx, N. Y. John Joseph Winberry . . . New Orleans, La. - Hugh Earle Parsons Tampa, Fla. Louis Yasny ' i New Orleans, La. ■«Narciso Paz Honduras, C. A. Samu el Zemurray, Jr. . . . New Orleans, La. ■ Rafael Arturo Paz Honduras, C. A. ' —Picture not in panel. College of Sngineering riKST COLUMN Harky Frank Allen Jackson, Miss. 2 N Intor-rraternity Basliutball ; Aoro Clulj. Robert L. Argus New Orleans, La. 2 I A William Pfaff Barrow . . . New Orleans, La. A 2 ■! Alexander Louis Bisso, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Ernest Val Bruchez .... New Orleans, La. Henry W. Busch Sulphur Mines, La. Z A E George Bush ....... New Orleans, La. Frederick George Butzke .... Jackson, Miss. A X S, :2 [ E K0HLMAN Campbell .... New Orleans, La. Enrique M. Carrillo .... New Orleans, La. SKCOND COLIIMN Frederick C. Cordsen .... Lake Charles, La. L ormitory Club. Edward Everett Davison . . New Orleans, La. Herbert Fowler DeBuys . . New Orleans, La. William Joseph Drawe, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. S A, A Freshman Football: Class Presidont (1, 2); Varsity Football (2). Ernest L. Eustis, Jr. . . . . New Orleans, La. A T n Freshman Track; Wrestling Team; White E ' ephants; Assistant Manager of Football Team ; Inter-fraternity Track and Basketball. Daniel D. Ewing, Jr. ... . New Orleans, La. S N " Vice-President of Freshman Engineering. JosEPH York Feitel New Orleans, La. THIKD COLUMN August C. Flach, Jr. ... . New Orleans, Jr. 2 !■ A Band. Scon ' Flower Trinidad, Colo. Charles Lange Gambel . . . New Orleans, La. JnHN Stone Genitlich . . . New Orleans, La. Edward Grey Dcstrehan, La. A X Z. X. •] ' A Joseph William Gunn .... New Orleans, La. K K , A X i; Assistant Manager Band. •Hatlei ' Norton Harrison, Jr. . . Abbeville, La. H. Tardy Hart New Orleans, La. ' Eldon Thomas Harvey Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Horace Hinds, Jr Gulfport, Miss. rouinn com.MN James Benjamin Holt . . Valley Head, Ala. Newton R. Howard New Orleans, La. Ben Elmer Oscar Huber .... New Orleans, La. S. C. Jacobs New Orleans, La. Z B T Glee Club. Andrew Joseph Kerstens .... Algiers, La. Monroe Laeouisse New Orleans, La. A K E Glee Club. FIFTH COLUMN Ocden W. Lafaye New Orleans, La. A e Inter-fr.aternity Basketball and Golf. " Fernand Stephen Lapeyre . . New Orleans, La. A e Denvrich C. Le Breton . . . New Orleans, La. 2 E Tennis (1, 2); Fencing (2); Architectural Society. Joseph E. Leininger ..... New Orleans, La. i; A Frank Lemann New Orleans, La. Jack M. McCausland .... New Orleans, La. K A Track (1, 2, 3); " n " Club. Claramon B. McEachern . . . Haynesville, La. S A " Jambalaya " Representatiye; Aero Club. — Picture not in paneL 123 124 Sophoimor© Class College of Sngineering JosEi ' H Alfred Snyder, Jr. liiloxi, Miss. riKST t ' Ol.l ' MN Gerardo Lopez Solis . . . 2 I Orizaba, , Vcr Mexico Hugh Brvakt McPhail . . . Jacksonville, Fla. iJorniitoi-y I : ' lub. Penseler Jung Marice . . . New Orleans, Henri J. Molaison New Orleans, La. La. rounTn ( ) MVRTHE StAUFFER .... II B l Architectural licpr .sentalivc I.I M.N . . Neiv on thi. • Orleans, La. ' .Ifiml»filaya. " .Secretary of Sophomore Engineering. ■ ' ■Ellis Johnson Stearns, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Ulisse M. Nolan New Orleans, La. A K E Intra-niural Basketball; Inter-I ' raternily Basketball; Glee Club; Architectural Society. Homer H. Siockman . . . 2 A Dramatic C! . . New uilfl. Orleans, La. Darrell J. PisCHOFF Lafayette, Art Editor o ' ■ ' Hullalialoo. " La. ■■William King Stubbs . . Monroe, La. ■ " Alexander Louis Redos . • • New Orleans, Erston Henry Reisch .... New Orleans, La. La. George E. Surgi .... 2 I A Aero Clu Dalton H. Trepagnier, Jr. . . New b. . . New Orleans, La. Orleans, La. A. DE R. Remajon New Orleans, 2 I A La. WlLDAY " TuDURY . . . ■ 2 !■ A . . New Orleans, La. SISCOND COLlIiMN Ro " Rittiner . . riFTH COLUMN William Newton Tuller . . New Architectural Society. Orleans, La. Milton Robelot New Orleans, Fencing (1, 2). John E. Rogan New Orleans, 2 A Alfred J. Roth, Jr New Orleans, La. La. La. 2 A E James Vallon 2 a E Architectural Ernesto Venegas .... . . New Orleans, La. Society. . San Jose, Costa Rica 2 I A ■ ' Hubbell Farley ' Vincent . . . New Orleans, La. THIKU COLUMN Stanley E. Severance Kenosha, Wis. S E Glee Club. Horace C. Welman . . . Architectural •• ' ■■Robert Grun Werner . . . New Socict -. . . New Orleans, La. Orleans, La. " ■ ' Richard Monroe Shaw . . . New Orleans, Herbert M. Shilstone Gloria, S X Edward B. Silverstein .... New Orleans, La. La. C. M. Williams Ocean Springs, Miss. 2 ! A Glendy Burke; Freshman " Y " Club. La. Wm. Francisco Williams , , . New Orleans, La. Rivers Singleton Slidell, Glee Club (2). La. ROBERT WiLLIA.M ZlIFLE . . . Gretna, La. — Picture not in panel. I 25 126 Sophomore Class College of Commerce riKST COLUMN JoHN JosKPii Hainkei. .... Ncw Orleans, La. Chauncev a. Alexius . • . New Orleans, La. TuK-oi-war; B;ii,d, L. E. Bentlev Bastrop, La. J- LbRoy Harrington .... Marchfiekl, Wis. JAMES R. BiCGAR, Jr New Orleans, La. Warren B. Jung . . ... . New Orlaens, La. ' I K 2. Paul A. Bird Shanghai, China -Ordway Kastler New Orleans, La. Edward Breen New Orleans, La. Ralph Kern Shreveport, La. I K S " Jambalaya " lie] n ' esenta Live. ' Phillips Daniel Lewis .... Carbondale, II Locke Brown, Jr New Orleans, La. J. J. Lienhard New Orleans, La. Band (1, 2). A T A Herman Martin Busch .... Wharton, Tex. Allison La Vicca Little Duluth, Ga. Glfe cfub. FOVKTH COI.r.MN Urbain J. Burvant New Orleans, La. George MacDiarmid .... New Orleans, La. A 2 Ben Freshman " Y " ; Freshman Basketball; Secretary Maiorv V4v MnRf-AV roliimhia Miss Sophomore Engineers (2i: Inter-fraternity Basketball; MAL0R1 NAN MORGAN ■ ■ • • LolumBia, IVUss. Varsity Baseball. A 1 Si Maumus Claverie ..... New Orleans, La. -John Ernest Mulhearn Monroe, La. White e ' lephants. JiMMIE D. PuRCELL .... Plain Dealing, La. n K r» Irving Cohn New Orleans, La. t sse G. Rainwater New Orleans, La. SAM ,t A e Pan-Hellenic Representative; Freshman Tennis Man- white Elephants: Golf Team; Inter-fraternity Baskot- ager; Inter-fraternity Basketball and Tennis. 1, 11 j ,, Golf. SECOND COLUMN NoRMAN H. Rattner ...... Mobile, Ala. Frank Dameron, Jr New Orleans, La. James W. Richards Shreveport, La. Intra-mural Football (1); Glee Club (2). R0BERT L. RoLAND, Jr Alexandria, La. Calvert de Colicny New Orleans, La. Thomas R. Sorter DeRidder, La. A T B . K S Football (1, 2); Track (1); " IS " Club; Class Presi- dent (1); WTiite Elephants Cup (1); Secretary-Treas- Fir ' J ' H COLUMN urer ot Sophomore Class. Connie D. Schneidau .... New Orleans, La. David Eustis New Orleans, La. B 9 IT 2 X Freshman Football; Basketball and Baseball. White Elephants. j_ , ScHEiDKER New Orleans, La. Walter J. Fountain Picayune, Miss. „ »t . t V j T ■ Sam Shinbaum New Orleans, La. K N Ellsworth C. French .... Lake Arthur, La. t- a c h i . • -dj t A -r o Edwin Alfred Stoutz - . . Metane Ridge, La. . A T Q White Elephants. Vice-President of Commerce Class; Inter-fraternity T. „ jt r ...... XT r-v 1 T Basketball and Track. Jacob M. Gensburger .... New Orleans, La. K K I ' Eldon C. Upton, Jr New Orleans, La. Band (1, 2). A K E Glee Club; Football (11. RiCHARD Edwin Gerard . . . New Orleans, La. , tt tr xt .-. i t Arthur H. Vignes New Orleans, La. Pardue Geren New Orleans, La. .,_ _ ,, u t _ J. J, Eugene Francois Vicuerie .... Houma, La. Glee Club. JOSEPH H. Wallis ..... New Orleans, La. 2 N THIRD COLUMN Freshman Track; Tug-of-War and Football; Inter- Philip Gidiere New Orleans, La. fraternity Track and Basketball. 2 N Pan-Hellenic Council (2). Elbert Forrester Greiner .... Harvev, La. Julian Sydney Gross Kaplan, La. Z. B T — Picture not in panel 127 ' ■Dalton Williamson Jackson, Miss. ' Robert Lawson Woodcock . . Hot Springs, Ark. ' Charlie Lemon Young Bastrop, La. 128 130 Freshimairii Class f ewcotnb College FIRST COLUMN Dorothy Aarons, A E I . . . Milwaukee, Wis. Glee Club; Dramatic Club; French Cirele. MAKCAKf ' T Boorn, X il Wiergate, Tex. Y. w. ( ' . A. UnviRD New Orleans, La. Lois Ader, B I A New Orleans, La. Carolyn Bowkr, A ' , Bainbridge, Ga Y. w. c. A. Nell Alexander, X Pine ]iluff, Ark. Glee Club; Y. W. C. A. MoLLiE Alford New Orleans, La. Y. W. C. A. Sally Allen, A A n Charlotte, N. C. Y. vv. c. a. RosALiE West Allen . ■ New Orleans, La. Ethel Alltmont, A E ' ! . . . New Orleans, La. Glee Club; Dramatic Club. Helen Bradley, II li ' 1 ' . . . New Orleans, La. Urnmatic Cluli; Y, VV. C. A. Caroline C. Branan, A A Tl . New Orleans, La. Glee Club; French Circle. Sally Brkard, A A II Monroe, La. Y. w. c. A. Genevieve Lydia Breen . . . New Orleans, La. riFTII f ' Ol.UMN Elaine Brigcs, ' I JI Oak Grove, La Y. w, c. A. Juanita Alsina, B ; A . . . New Orleans, La. g .,, , . Briscoe, ; I M . . . . . Memphis, Tenn, Joan Bain, A II Pittsburgh, Pa Kaiherine Balako Trov, Ala. Glee Club; Y " . W. C. A. SECOND COLUMN Vivian Ballard Thibodaux, La. Martha Barnes, Z T A . . . New Orleans, La. Glee Club. Mary E. Barnett, B 2 O . . New Orleans, La. Glee Club; Dramatic Club; Y. " VV. C. A. Laura Barkley, K A 6 . . . Washington, D. C. Glee Club. Glee Club; Mandolin-Guitar Club. Meredith Brock, I M . . . Chattanooga, Tenn. Odele Marie Broussard . . . Breaux Bridge, La. Marguerite Brown, K K r . . New Orleans, La. T. w. c. A. Clyde Bryant, ' I M Coffeeville, Miss. y. w. c. A. Hermione Cahn, a E . New Orleans, La. Lillian Barton, II B I . . Glee Club. LuMMiE Bartlett, II B 4 . . . New Orleans, La. Glee Club; Dramatic Club; Y. W. C. A. Mary Frances Buck, n B I . . New Orleans, La. Y ' . w. c. A. ■ ' Muriel Ann Burkhardt . . . New Or ' eans, La. Napoleonville, La. Florence Elizabeth Bush • Popotla, D. F., Me.x. EvELY ' N Louise Butler .... New Hope, Ala. SIXTH COLUMN Mary- B. Basso New Orleans, La. Josephine Cahn, A E . . . Montgomery, Ala. Glee Club; French Circle. RuTH Katherine Beaver . New Orleans, La. THIUn COLUMN Margaret Calhoun, X fi . ... Laurel, Miss. Margaret Carre, K A . . . New Orleans, La. Y. w. c. A. Emma Perrin Cathran . Meredith Bechtel, B I A . . New Orlaens, La. Y. y. c. A. Marie Beers, K K r . . . . Roswell, N. Mex. Y. v. c. A. Helen Bell, K K r New Orleans, La. Carol G. Fox Fannie Berenson, A Bogalusa, La. Charlotte, N. C. Jane Conover, X fl New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club. Mary Lynn Covington .... Summit, Miss. Waynesboro, Ha. Bud Bellamore New Orleans, La. Grace Coyle, Z T A Orange, Tex. Y. w. c. A. Louise Ford Crawford, X fi . . New Orleans, La. French Circle; Y. ' )V. C. A. Sarah Bernard Birmingham, Ala. Dramatic CluIi. „ „ „ T , T ' ' Cromwell, K A 9 . . . New Orleans, La. Straus Berth aut, B 2 . . . New Orleans, La. Glee ciub- y w c a Glee Club; Dramatic Club; Y. W. C. A. Betty Cromwell, K A 6 . . . New Orleans. La. FOURTH COLUMN Glee Club; T. W. C. A. Caroline Amelia Blessey . . New Orleans, La. -Picture not in panel. f ewcomb riltST COI-UMN Rose Crosscrove, I JE . . . . New Orleans, La. Draniatit Club; Glee Clulj. Sue Crutcher, X S) Pine Bluff, Ark. Y. W. C. A.; Glee Cluh. Grace de la Croix, A A n . . . Plaqiiemine, La. YvONNE Anna Cusimano . ■ . Hammond, La. Elma Allain Daspit Houma, La. Hannah Sarah Davidson . . . Des Moines, La. Martha Zoe Davis Fort Worth, Tex. ■ ' " Mildred Winsor Davis . . . Baton Rouge, La. Fanny Dennery, A E ! . . . New Orleans, La. Glee Club; Dramatic Club; Debating Club (Probation). Ruth Dickey, ■ ! M New Orleans, La. Dorothy Elizabeth Donald . . Goodman, Miss. Susan Douglass, A II . . . Birmingham, Ala. y. w. c. a. Marguerite Dover Florien, La. Catherine Drawe New Orleans, La. SECOND COLUMN Elizabeth Drew, A A II Monroe, La. Y. w. c. A. Helen Dufour New Orleans, La. Frances Elizabeth Durham . Chattanooga, Tenn. Orient Mary Ebenhardt . . New Orleans, La. Ethelyn Edrington, B S . . . Houston, Tex. Glee Club; Dramatic Club. Mildred Ellington, B $ A . . New Orleans, La. Y. W. C. a.; French Circle. May Elizabeth Ellis . ..... Amite, La. KiTTi ' Ernst, ! M New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club; Glee Club. ' " Alice Elizabeth Evans . . . New Orleans, La. Charlotte Felder, II B . . . New Orleans, La. Adele Alexander Ferguson . . . Cincinnati, O. Lucy Ellen Field, K A 6 . . . . Calvert, Tex. Y. W. C. A.; Debating Club. THIRD COLUMN Orahlee Flaspoller, X O. . . . New Orleans, La. Glee Club. Allie Adams Font B $ A . . New Orleans, La. Glee Club; Y. W. C. A. JuANiTA Gaille, A A II . . . New Orleans, La. Y. W. C. A.; French Circle. Rae Geary, K K r New Orleans, La. Y. w. c. a. ' Margaret D. Gillican, K K r . Brunswick, Ga. Anna Gray Augusta, Ga. Jane Goodwill, K A 9 Minden, La. Y. w. c. a. o Class College Nei.i.ii: Kai iiERiNi- Green, K A V. V. c. A. 9 . Houston, Tex. Marietta Grhtin, A If . . New Orleans, La. Shunee Guberman .... Goose Creek, lex. FOUIM ' H (OLUMN Elizabeth Haii.ev, K A 6 . . Y, W. C. A. Phai.a Hale, A A 11 . . . . New Orleans, Lake Charles, La. La. Dorothy Hammatt Baton Rouge, La. Anna Elizabeth Hancock, X £2 Glee Club; Dramatic Club; . Cartersville, Y. -w. C, A. Ga. Marion Hanemann, K A 9 . . Dramatic Club; Y. W New Orleans, . c. A. La. Emily Harding, A A n . . . French Circle. . Shreveport, La. •Jeanette Mitchell Hardy . . Barnesville, Ga. Rowena Eloise Harrison . . New Orleans, La. Theone Hausmann, a E I . . Glee Club. New Orleans, La. FIFTH COLUIMN Dolores Hayford Y. W. C. A. Joy Hearn Dramatic Club. New Orleans, Birmingham, La. Ala. Edna Herbert, Z T A . . . . Y. w. c. a. New Orleans, La. Stella Hebert, K K T . . . , Y. W. C. A.; French , New Orleans, Circle. La. Gladys Helberg, K K r Rosedale, La. Y. w. c. A. Virginia Hemphill, tl JI . . Chattanooga, Tenn. JuANiTA Heiss, K a . . . . Meridian, Miss. Glee Club; Dramatic Club; Y. V. C. A. SIXTH COLUMN Raphielou Hirschman .... Natchitoches, La. Suzanne Hirsch, A E ' I ' Monroe, La. Glee Club; Debating Club. Hattie Craig Hitt New Orleans, La. Martha Holman, K A 9 . . . Owensboro, Ky. Y. W. C. A. Katherine Holt, II B ■ . . . Galveston, Tex. Glee Club. Melanie Holt, II B 4 . . . . Galveston, Tex. Marigayle Hopkins, n B ' I ' . New Orleans, La. Y. -w. c. a. Blumie Lena Hosen Laurel, Miss. Flores Hotard, B 4 a . . . . New Orleans, La. Debating. Earle Elizabeth Hudson . . Hattiesburg, Miss. Martha Hutchins, A A n . . . Houston, Tex. Y. ' W. c. a. — Picture not in panel. 133 Iris If ( ' NIm.. IH Freshmaii Class ' ewcomb College FIRST COI BiMN FOUItTH COLUMN Gertrude Jackman, X fi . . . New Orleans, La. Nem,e Martin, Z T A . . . . Memphis, Teiin. Glee Club; Y. W. C. A. Y. W. C. A.; Gleo Club. Luella Jackson, K A 9 . . Y. W. C. A. Janet Jacobs, A E ' t . . . Glee Club. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. ' ' Norita Massicot New Orleans, La. Bertha-Alyce Masur Monroe, La. Fn.-nch Clrrle. ., „ , r Doris Metcalfe, X il Metcalfe, Mi59. New Orleans, La. m ,. mm,. F,.,.,„,h circle: Y. W. C. A, Gertrude Jahncke, K K r . Charlotte Janney .... Fredericksburg, Va. Eleanor Moss, Z T A Lake Charles, La. Y. w. n. A. Olsen Jenny, K A e . . . . New Orleans, La. Deane McClelland, II B . . New Or ' eans, La. Y. W. C. A. Preneh Circle. Dorotht C. Johnson, n B I . New Orleans, La. Jeanne McCartney, A n . . . . Tifton, Ga. Alice Jones, X O New Orleans, La. Myrtle McMahon New Orleans, La, Dramatic Club. Ray Louise Journeay ..... Houston, Tec. Florence Kaplan Laurel, Miss. Glee Club. Beatrice Kearny, n B I . . . New Orleans, La. Glee Club. SECOND COLU3IN Velma Kidd, $ il Birmingham, Ala. Y. w. C. A. Evelyn Knapp, X fi Lake Charles, La. Y. W. C. A.; Glee Club. Marjorie Kohlman, a E i . . New Orleans, La. Debating Club. Gertrude B. Kott, Z T A . Fredericksburg, Tex. Dramatic Club; Y. " W. C. A. Emily Krouse, A n . . . . Meridian, Miss. Y. w. c. A. Alice L. Lawson ; Ga ' veston, Tex. Eleanor Legier, K K r . Dramatic Circle. FIFTH COLUMN Peggy McMahon, K A . . . . Mobile, Ala. Dramatic Club. Maude Mellen Livingston, Ala. Bertha Rubel Meyer Shreveport, La. Freda Mirsky Savannah, Ga. Martha Cornelia Moon . . . Livingston, Ala. Lisette Moore, M New Orleans, La. Glee Club; Dramatic Club. Elizabeth Moore, A II . . . . Ripley, Tenn. Marion Kathleen Moore .... Miami, Fla. Eleanor Estelle Moss . . . Lake Charles, La. Rosamond Norton, X fl . . . . Pine Bluff, Ark. Y ' . W. C. A.; Glee Club. Marcella Bliss Ogden . . . Hattiesburg, Miss. Glee Club. CoRiNNE Leader, A E . . . Birmingham, Ala. Glee Club; French Circle. Marguerite Lehder ..... New Orleans, La. Barbara C. Leovy New Orleans, La. Margaret D. Lewis Woodville, Miss. Kathryn Lindner Atlanta, Ga. Reta Fay Livingston .... Russellville, Ark. THIKD COLUMN Mary Lo Cascio New Orleans, La. Glee Club. Mary Bell Long, X fi Richmond, Va. Dramatic Club; Tennis Club; Y. W. C. A.; A.t Club. Kitty Minor Logan, n B $ . . New Orleans, La. Y. W. C. A. New Orleans, La. Jenny Olsen ....... New Orleans, La. SiGRiD Olsen New Orleans, La. Mary M. Parrish, n B i . . . Birmingham, Ala. Glee Club. SIXTH COLUMN Beatrice O ' Reilly, K K T . . New Orleans, La. French Circle, Alice Orto, X fl Pine Bluff, Ark. RosELAND Piker Baton Rouge, La. Martha Peach Sheffield, Ala. Marion Pruyn Chicago, 111. Dramatic Club. Olga Marie du Quesnay . . . New Or ' eans, La. Leonora Quarterman Savannah, Ga. Dramatic Club. Marion W. Rainey, Z T A . . New Orleans, La Marjorie Logan, n B . . . New Orleans, La. Elizabeth Randol, A A n Bunkie, La. Y. W. C. a.; French Circle Madalin Rehage, B is New Orleans, La. Virginia King Logan, K K r . New Orleans, La. Y ' . w ' . c. a. Y. w. c. A. Neville Reid . Amite, La. Owene Lynch, X n . . . Signal Mountain, Tenn. Martha Remick, K K r . . . New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club; Y. W. C. A. y. - y c. A.; French Circle. Martha Kearney Machen . . . Magnolia, Tex. French Club; Y. W. C. A. " Picture not in panel. I3S 136 Fr(es]lMTiiae Class ' ewcomb Qollege Martha Riorji.E, J[ . . . . Chattaimnga, Teiin. Y. w. r. A. Ida Rhtenberg, A E I . . . . New Orleans, La. Glee Club; Debatiner Club. Margaret Roberts, II B ! . . . Alexandria, La. Y. AV. C. A. Brent S. Robertson, K K r . . New Orleans, La. Y ' . W. O. A.; French Circle. Mel Robertson, A II Opeloiisas, La. Elizabeth Anne Robinson . . . Shreveport, La. Sophie Rollins Gulfport, Miss. Glee Club; Mandolin-Guitar Club. Margaret L. Rosser, n B I . . New Orleans, La. Glee Club. SECOND COLUMN Helen Emily Russell, B I ' A . New Orleans, La. Glee Club; Dramatic Club. Ethel Marie Rovira, B 2 . New Orleans, La. Y ' . w. c. A. Margaret Sager A II . . . . Louisville, Ky. Glee Club; Mandolin-Guitar Club; Y ' . W. C. A. Elizabeth Sale, Z T A . . . Covington, Tenn. Glee Club; Y ' . W. C. A. Laura Sale, Z T A- Covington, Tenn. Glee Club; Y ' . W. C. A. Carolyn Samuel New Orleans, La. I ebating- Club; Dramatic Clulj. Mary Katherine Sanders .... Amite, La. Audrey Schmidt New Orleans, La. Glee Club; Mandolin-Guitar Club. THIKD COLUMl Mary Love Schwartz, Z T A . . . Uralde, Tex. Alice Schwartz, A E [ . . . New Orleans, La. Debating- Clul]; Fre.shman Newcomb Ball. Cora May Segura New Orleans, La. ZoE Shallcross, X f! . . . . New Orleans, La. French Circle; I)ramati -- Club. Frances Ellen Shannon , . . New Orleans, La. Evelyn Shibley, II B [ . . . New Or ' eans, La. Glee Club. Jane Smith, K K r . . . . Fond Du Lac, Wis. Katherine S.mith, II B ■! . . New Orleans, La. y. w. c. A. Doris Stern, A E I New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club. FOURTH COLUBIN Vivian Jane Stern, A E " I . . . . Tulsa, Okla. Roberta Sterrett, K K r . . . Birmingham, Ala. Y ' . w. c. A. De Marias Stevens Dothan, Ala. Imogene Stokes, B ! A . . . New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club; Y. W. C. A. Love St. John, $ M . . . . Johnson City, Tenn. Y. w. c. A. Margaret S. Sundberv, 1 ' M . . . . Hoijma, La. Jane Swavze, X U Yazoo City, Miss. . w. r-. A. • ' Juanita Pamela Tansry . . New Orleans, La. I ' lFTH COLUMN Dixie Tharp, K A 9 New Orleans, La. Y. w. c. A. Eleanor Thompson, X fi . . . . Jackson, Miss. Y ' . W. C. A.; Tenni.s; .Swimniiriy. Virginia Tyler, " I ' M . . . . Birmingham, Ala. Glee t ' lub; Y. W. C. A. Patricia Lucile Tucker, K K r . Brunswick, Ga. Dramatic C Iub; Debating Club. Viola Carmen Vaii Mobile, Ala. Di ' amatic Club. Grace Verde New Orleans, La. Glee Club. Helen E. Walker, K A 9 . . New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club. " Shirley May Wall .... New Orleans, La. SIXTH COLUMN Katherine Webb, A II . . San Antonio, Tex. Y ' . w. c. A. Lorraine Werlein, II B I- . . New Orleans, La. Glee Club; Y. W. G. A. Mettha K. Westfeldt, II B I . New Orleans, La. Glee Club. Genevieve L. Whipple, $ M . . Baton Rouge, La. ■ Nathalie Whitall K K r . Sayville, L. I., N. Y. French Circle; Dramatic Club; Glee Club. Albert Whitknact New Orleans, La. Glee Club; Y ' . " V. C. A. Iska Wiederccht, I M . . . . New Or ' eans, La. Dramatic Club. SEVENTH COLUMN Carol Wiener Shreveport, La. Debating Club. Marie Louise Wilcox, X fi . . New Orleans, La. Y v. c. A. Ellen Marie Willoz .... New Orleans, La. Marjorie Wilson, K A 9 . . . New Orleans, La. Y. w. c. A. Mae Winkler, A E Cleveland, O. Debatiiig Club. Amy Wise Yazoo Citv, Miss. Glee Club. .Anna Wolbrette, A E . . . New Orleans, La. Glee Club; Dramatic Club. " Florence Wolf Tyler, Tex. " Annie Katherine Woods . . New Orleans, La. " Evelyn Yarborough Atlanta, Ga. " Alma Blanche Zeagler Monroe, La. — Picture not in panel. 137 138 Freshmae Class School of ' SMedicine riUST COLUMN Daniel Marvin Adams, Jr. . Panama City, Fla. Tony L. Alfieri Dallas, Tex. Marietta Alper Birmingham, Ala. Miguel O. Amado .... Panama City, Panama J. S. Anberson, a K K, a X a . New Orleans, La. Joe D. AndersoNj K A, ' t X . . Franklin, Tenn. WiLLiAM C. Barcliet, Jr. . . Birmingham, Ala. Anthonv Joseph Barranco . Birmingham, Ala. Fred Durant Bartleson . . . Fort Meyers, Fla. Chris Francis Bellone . . . New Orleans, La. Viui -President of Arts and Science (1); Ilonor Coun- cil Sclicol of Medicine (1). C. O. BiNGHAlW, e K I ' A ' exandria, La. SECOND COLUMN Milton Block, I A E . . . . Greensboro, N. C. Herman S. Bloomstein .... Providence, R. I. John N. Bostick, A K K Monroe, La. Mist riaii of Freshman Medicine. Milton B. Bowman, Jr., S X . Hot Springs, Ark. C. H. H. Branch, Jr., 2 X, N 2 N . Tampa, F!a. J. Lawrence Brizard, P S . Jacksonville, Fla. Glee Club. THIRD COLUMN George E. Burch, Jr., B M . . ' . . Edgard, La. E. G. Cailleteau, N S N, 2 X . Alexandria, La. Alston Callahan, S A E . . . Vicksburg, Miss. A.B., Mississippi College. S. J. Campbell, X, A 2 . . Headland, Ala. University of Southern California. ViTO Joseph Canizaro .... Vickiburg, Miss. Eldredge L. Carroll, K I ' Alco, La. ■•Cecilio Augusto Castillero . . . Ocu, Panama Lee-Russell B. Centanni . . New Orleans, La. Edward Alexander Cleve . . Birmingham, Ala. James Leath Collier, 6 K • ■ . . Houston, Tex, E.A. from Rice Institute. FOURTH COLUMN R. E. Corkern, e K - ■ . . . . Natchitoches, La. Sciuare and Compass. Sebron Culpepper Dale .... Prentiss, Miss. Charles Thomas Decker .... Mission, Miss. Daniel Joseph Devlin, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. IsADORE Dyer, N 2 N . . . . New Orleans, La. Ei)ini ESKRIGCE New Orleans, La. Herman Euranks, n K I ' . . . . Rayville, La. Peter Everett, Jr., N 2 N . . New Orleans, La. Ben Powell Fleming, 9 K I ' . . Hnuston, Tex. I-lonor Council. Henry C. Gahagan, A K K . . . Coui-hatta, La. Vice-President of Freshman Medical C ass. FIFTH COLUMN DoMiNicK John Geraci . . . New Orleans, La. Elbert Jackson Giles . . . Corpus Chri--ti, Tex. Meyer Gurdin, $ A E . . . . Hot Springs, Ark. ' Patrick Henry Hanley .... Lockport, La. Carl Adam Hartung ..... Bridgeport, La. Frederick William Heath . . . Oakdale, La. Elwood Daniel Hemming, Jr. . Jacksonville, Fla. Irma Carlene Herderson ■ . . Asheville, N. C. R. W. Hendrly, $ X, A X A . Camp Hugh, Ala. Square and Compass; A B. Degree from Waihington and Lee University. J. Hicgineotham, 2 X, N 2 N . Bowl ' g Gre:n, Miss. Basketball (1, 2). F. M. HiNDELANG, © K l ' . . McDonogh ville. La. Henry Witte Hodde Ruston, La. Raynor Elmore Holmes, Jr. . Canon City, Col. J. D. HUTCHINS, e K I ' . . . New Hebron, Miss. B.A., Mississippi College. SIXTH COLUMN Euclid A. Isbell, K -i ' . . . Albertville, Ala. Prcsic ent of Freshman Medical CI -ss. Anthony J. Italiano .... New Orleans, La. ' Calvin Morris Johnson .... Plymouth, Fla. Leland M. Johnston, ! X . . . . Hickman, Ky. William Thoreau Jones, A K K . Shreveport, La. Henry Claudius Jordan . . . Robertsdale, Ala. Henry Reichard Kahle . . . New Orleans, La. James Erasmus Kendrick, Jr. . Greenvil ' e, Ala. Roy W. Kirchberg, K K " P . . New Orleans, La. Band (1). •■ Willoughey E. Kittredge, Jr. . Napoleonville, La. X, , A T A L ' Apache. — Picture not in panel. n9 140 School of FIKST COLUMN Harry C. Knight, A K K . . New Orleans, La. Frederick James Krueger .... Dallas, Tex. Charles F. Lacey, A K K . . New Orleans, La. Henry Andrew LaRocca . . New Orleans, La. Ladislas Lazaro, a K E, N 2 N . Washington, La. RiCHARD Kui Chi Lee .... Honolulu, T. H. Amsie Horton Lisenby Dothan, Ala. Sam a. Loeb . ...... Stamford, Conn. WiLi.iAM Maithews Long . • Stater.ville, N. C. Thomas E. Lowe, K I ' . . . . Houston, Tex. Irving Machlin, $ A K . . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. LuKE Marcello DeRidder, La. Larkin K. Mason, A K K, S n . Fairhope, Ala. ♦Joseph James Massony .... Waterproof, La. C. H. McCoLLUM, Jr., X . . Fort Worth, Tex. RoBERT George D. McGrath . . . Chicago, 111. SECOND COLUMN Jim McKenzie, A K K . . . . Batesvi ' le, Ark. Mary Ann McKinney . . . Nachidoches, Tex. James Willard McMurray . . . Bartow, Fla. ■ " Charles McVea ...... Baton Rouge, La. Perry David Melvin Milton, Fla. Carl C. Mendoza Jeanerette, La. Freshman Football (1). W. G. Meriwether, K A, I X . . Flomaton, Ala. Boxing 2); " T " CUib. David Brockman Monsky . . Montgomery, Ala. Leonce D. Newman ..... Independence, La. A 2 , A K K, B JI John G. Norris, B M, 9 K I ' . . Choudrant, La. Garrold Harry Nungester .... Decatur, Ala. Guy L. Odom, 9 K Harvey, La. " Janibalaya " Kepresentative. THIRD COLUMN F. B. Ogden, tl X, .V TO. . New Orleans, La. Glee Club (1, 2. 3); Glendv Burke (1. 2 1; Dramatic- Club (2). Lup QuON Pang Honolulu, T. H. Marie Louise M. Pareti . . New Orleans, La. James Jewell Pittman . ■ . Tylertown, Miss. Grover DeWiit Rackley . . Magnolia, N. C. Joe T. Roberts, 9 K SI ' . . . San Marcos, Tex. Assistant Business Manager of " Jambalaya. " an Class f SMedicine Roy F. Roberis, e K ! ' . . . . Ashevillc, N. C. Raoul Simon Rosenthal . . . . . Dallas, Tex. ' Harold H. Rothendler . New York City, N. Y. ■ ' Robert E, Roljceloi-, Jr. . . . New Orleans, La. Ulous F. Ryan, 9 K I ' . . . . Fryesburg, La. ■ EuNiCE Anastasia Schnvder . New Orleans, la. • ' Joseph Domenico Scolaro . ■ . . Tampa, Fla.- R. Segal, K N, A K, K K M ' . New Or ' eans, La. Band (1, 2, 3, ■!). " William Thomas Sellers . • McCullough, Ala. John Ross Shipp, 9 K P . . Lorena, Tex. ■-William Stacy Siler, Jr. . . . Beaumont, Tex. " Robert Morgan Simonton . . W. Monroe, La. rOUlSTH COLU.MN J. M. SiZEMORE, 2 $ E, I X . B.R. from Howard C Birmingham, Ala. ollege. ' Donald William Smith . . . . . Miami, Fla. " May Carroll Smithers . ■ ■ New Orleans, La. Julius James Stagg, Jr., N S N . Morton, Miss. " Joseph Stuart Staley . . . . . Marion, Va. Mar.x Sierbcow, ' I a K . . . Tug-of- VVar (1. 2); Fre.shman New Orleans, La. Basketball I2i. Rudolph P. Stritzinger . . . New Orleans, La. ■ James E. Tate, 9 K P . . . . Mt. Hermon, I a. Hume A. Thomason, PS. , New Orleans, La. ■ " Andrew Spencer Tomb, Jr. . . . Jackson, La. " AsiiBY Fabian Trahan . . . New Orleans, La. " Harry Mar.x Trifon .... . • . Pelly, Tex. " Edward Vales . Yucatan, Mexico " Lastie Maurice Villien . . . . . Maurice, La. " Francis Jared Vincent . . . ■ ■ Maurice, La. William C. Vincent, 2 A E . Lake Charles, La. riFTH COLUIMN Carl Nathaniel Wahl . . . . New Orleans, I a. J. S. Webb, Jr., 4 X, n K ■! . New Orleans, La. ■ " Robert Watkins Webb . . . . . Dallas, Tex. ' ■ jAMEs Alexander White, Jr. . Alexandria, La. William Joseph White . . . Birmingham, Ala. C. E. WightmaNj Jr., A K K . Jacksonville, Fla. IvA Gordon Wilson, 9 K . Stephenson, Miss. Solomon Winokur . Jamaica, N. Y. T. B. Woods, n K ! , I X . . . Headland, Ala. — Picture not in panel. 141 142 Freshman Class College of oArts and Sciences FIIJIT COLUMN E. A. AlMi- . New Orleans, La. Arturo Narciso Alvarado . . • Panama, R. P. Wayne Brooks Amis Gulfport, Miss. Patrick J. Araguel .... New Orleans, La. Marshai.i. BallarDj Jr. . . . New Orleans, La. E. P. Barlow, A 9 Glasgow, Ky. White Elephants. Joseph Frederick Baroco .... Pensacola, Fla. Edward Arvill Baumbach . . New Or ' eans, La. Ernest W. Beck, Jr., 2 n . . New Orleans, La. Leo W. Benson Port Arthur, Tex. William George Blackwell . New Orleans, La. •►Wesley Alexander Blair • . . Brooklyn, Ala. SECOND COLUMN Reginald N. Blaize, Jr., 2 n . Bay St. Louis, Miss. Kenneth M. Blue DeRidder, La. Harold B. Bonart, 2AM. . New Orleans, La. Walter Clarence Bougere . New Orleans, La. Kermit Brau Mayaguez, Porto Rico ' Robert Brei-im New Orleans, La. Leo Francis Bruno .... New Orleans, La. John W. Burke, S X . . . . New Orleans, La. Lawrence W. Burt, ATA. . New Orleans, La. Freshman Football; Thirteen Club. Thaddeus Othello Butaud .... Vinton, La. Band; Dramatic Guild. Jim M. Butera Houston, Te.x. Dormitory Club. JOHN Baudean Caron . . . New Orleans, La. ►Samuel Carriere ....... Laurel, Miss. Joseph O. Carson ..... New Orleans, La. THiKo column- Jim Gather, I A G Oakdale, La. Frank J. Chalaron, Jr., A T fl . New Orleans, La. Charles L. Chavigny, A K E . New Orleans, La. Joseph Joseph Ciolino .... Greenville, Miss. William Kendred Clemons . . . Opelousas, La. " ■►Stanley Cohen New Orleans, La. ' ►Samuel Clark Collins Houma, La. JAMES Joseph Conrad, Jr. . ■ . Patterson, La. John Corso New Orleans, La. Val Felton Cotton .... New Orleans, La. Asiiton Gerard Cousins . . . New Orleans, La. CiiARLES Joseph Cucchiara . Independence, La. T. J. Cunningham, I A B . . Pine Bluff, Ark. l ' ' rt.shijian ] ' ' (,ot t.nll •►Pablo Arosemena Panama, R. P. ■►Orien Earl Dali-on Abbeville, La. ' ■Joseph James Davies, Jr. .... Gretna, La. ■ Benjamin C. Dawkins, Jr. . . . Monroe, La. Lewis Mercer Dawson Mobile, Ala. •►Ferdinand A. DeJean . . . Church Point, La. " ■►Elson Morris Delaune Lockport, La. Stayton C. Dempsey .... New Orleans, La. FOURTH COLUMN Rene de Montlazen . . . Bay St. L-uis, Miss. •►Vincente D ' Ingianni .... New Orleans, La. JACK Willis Dolan .... New Orleans, La. Sol Dombeck Br. oklyn, N. Y. Glee Club; Dormitory C ' luli. •►Theodore John Donai.son, Jr. . ■ Roscdale, La. Eugene H. Dours, Jr., I ' K 2 . New Orlean3, La. John Wesley Dowlinc, 2 A E . Grand Cane, La. White Elephanl.s. • ' ■George Cuthbert Drane . . New Orleans, La. " ■►Henry Collins Ducgan . . . Wiggins, Miss. ' " Louis Cyrille Dupont Houma, La. ■►George Perry Eastman . Byard Edwards, ATA. . ►Charles John Edwards . NoRRis J. Edward, n K ' t Thomas L. Ellis, A T fi . . New Orleans, La. . . Ponchatoula, La. . Vicksburg, Miss. . . Columbus, Ga. L ' nion Springs, Ahi. FIFTH COLUMN Jimmy Farmer Kentwood, La. Dormitory Clulj. ►William J. Featheringill . Independence, Kan. " ' NoLLiE Carpenter Felts . Edward J. Fernandez, Jr. . Willard C. Finkelstein . . " Manuel Isadore Fisher . . " John Weaver Fisk New Or ' eans, La. William Lee Fitts, III, 2 X . New Orleans, La. White Elephants. Daniel Leo Fleming, [ K 2 . New Orleans, La. H. C. Flonacher, Jr., Z B T . New Orleans, La. — Picture not in panel. . Hattiesburg, Miss. . New Orleans, La. . . EI Campo, Tex. . New Orleans, La. 14 144 Freslimaii Class College of oArts and Sciences R. S. HicDON, B 6 n . . . . Brookhaven, Miss. n;iii(i; J- ' rcshiTian Tenuis: f ii-clir-wi rri : " i:{ " rrinii. ]5ovr.ESS HUJ., I ' A O . . Foolball. FIRST COLUMN Pete Fowler, K A Alexandria, La. Grant M. Freeman New Orleans, La. Freshman Footliall. Malcolm Louis Furlow, A S I . Logansport, La. Jim Harold Hodcins .... Kermit Albert Gaar Dotlson, La. John Erwarb Hogan, K William John Garlanii . . . Logansport, La. Sidney John Hourguetles . Charles A. Geier, Jr New Orleans, La. Julian P. Howell Marion, Ala. Sidney Louis Gelpi, 2 A E . . New Orleans, La. White Eleph.ints. Fort Smith, Ark. . Shrevcport, La. . St. Louis, Mo. • . Cjretna, La. " Louis JuLiEN Genella, Jr. SECOND COLCMN rOUKTH COLUMN New Orleans, La. Charles Hume, B n , . . New Orleans, La. Earl T. Huthnance, K 2 . . . Glennnora, La. San Antonio, Tex. . New Orleans, La. Dennis Gibeins Houston, Tex. Frank G. Huntress, Jr. . . Dormitory Club. Gordon St. C. Jackson . . . Allen Hart Generes, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Gientiy Burke, Tarlton Sebastian Gianfala . . Patterson, La. Robert Jackson New Orleans, La. Glendy BurUe. Luke Gillin New Orleans, La. James Godfrey Dunkirk, N. Y. Dormitory CIuli. Bennie Max Goodman . . . New Orleans, La. Nat Greenblait, 2AM. . . New Orleans, La. Robert B. Guerriero Monroe, La. • ' Eric Edor Guilbeau, Jr. . . ■ ' . Carencro, La. Walter Scorr Guion .... New Orleans, La. Thomas Guillon, Jr. . . . C, Victoria, Tamps. Lloyd Guy, Ben Monroe, La. J. Ben Habans, K 2 New Orleans, La. Football (1); Basketball (1); Track (11. JoHN Bernard Hagerty . . . New Orleans, La. Charles Kelly Haik LeLand, Miss. JAMES Henry Harrison . . • New Orleans, La. George Raymond Havens .... Stigler, Okla. THIKD COLUMN Frank James Henry, Jr., i K 2 . Shreveport, La. Clarence C. Henson, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Simon Herald, Z B T Shreveport, La. ■■•Edwin Joseph Herpich .... Ga ' .veston, Tex. JOHN Stephen Herring .... Oak Grove, La. Allen Landaiche ....... Covington, L; John William Hicklin Chicago, 111. • — picture not in panel. S. Cecelia Johnson New Orleans, La. John M. Johnson, ! K 2 . . . San Saba, Tex. A. J. Jones Bogalusa, La. Ivy C. Jordan Pickering, La. FIFTH COLIIMN Nolan C. Kammer New Orleans, La. Glendy Burke; Freshman Football. Louis A. Kask . Algiers, La. Richard Kehoe, K A . . . . New Orleans, La. James Thomas Kell .... Pascagoula, Miss. Glenn Curtis Kellam . . . Beaumont, Tex. JoHN Joseph Kelle?ier, Jr. . New Orleans, La. JAMES Henry Kepper, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. JoHN Abness Kerr, Jr Muldoon, Tex. WiLLlAM David King, Jr. . . Sacramento, Cal. WiLLiAM Wood Koonce . . . New Orleans, La. Ferdinand M. Krauss Monroe, La. »George John Kyame .... New Orleans, La. EwELL Lamar New Orleans, La. Band (1) ; Intra-mural Basketball. H5 146 Freshman Class ( allege of aArts and Sciences riKST COI.UiMN J. DuREi, Landry, n K A . . New Orleans, La. White EU-pliants. Charles K. Langlinais, Jr. . . Bmussard, La. William S. Leake, II K A . . New Orleans, La. Sam Le Blanc ■ Napoleonville, La. Edmond J. Le Breton, A T fl . New Orleans, La. Dramatic Guild; Glendy Burke. Harold Francis Lemmon .... Patterson, La. Jesse H. Levy, K N Morgan City, La. S. Paul Levy, Z B T . . . . Vicksburg, Miss. ■ " Hullabaloo " Reporti r; TntPrnational Rflations ( " lult; Gleudy Burke. VlCTOR LODATOj Jr New Orleans, La. WiNNiE Paul Lodricues . . . New Orleans, La. SECOND COLUMN Louis Long, n K A . . . . New Orleans, La. Charles H. Lorenzen, n K A . New Orleans, La. Sam Joseph Loria New Orleans, La. Edward Joseph Lucas . . . New Orleans, La. J0HN Ford Macpherson . . . New Orleans, La. Bruno Mancuso Newark, N. J. Dormitor - Club. ' •Charles Marichal .... San Jose, Costa Rica H. P. Marks, Jr Monroe, La. Autrey Maroun Shreveport, La. E. Martin New Orleans, La. Joseph P. St. Martin, ATA. New Orleans, La. Nesom Alfred Martin Tickfaw, La. Charles Andrew Matassa . Donaldsonville, La. THIRD COLUMN Edward Matthews, K A . . . New Orleans, L,i. White Elephants. • Martin Albert Mayer . . . New Orleans, La. Chester J. Mays San Marcos, Tex. Rudolph M. McBride Hammond, La. JOHN Brown McIntosh .... Oak Grove, La. JosEPH Graham McKinnon . Hattiesburg, Mi;s. Richard Edward McMahon . New Orleans, La. Simon August McNeely . ■ New Orleans, La. Ernest B. Mercer, 15 n . . New Orleans, La. Aero Club; " irullabaloo " Art Ktlllor. BuFORD M. MvERS, . T V. . . New Orleans, La. Kai.ford K. MiA .zA, 2 N . . . New Orleans, La. Lashi.v a. Micas, IT K ! ' . . . New Orleans, La. I ' Oinn ' H column- Ernesto A. MiERES New Orleans, La. Band. A. T. Miller, K A .... New Orleans, La. White Elephants. ' RuFus Lee Mili.ican, Jr. ■ . Montgomery, A ' ;i. Leon Mintz, i: A M . . . New Orleans, La. Inter-lialernity Ba. ' kelball (1). Charles Niels Monsted, K A . New Orleans, La. Leoncio Montemayer .... Eagle Pass, Tex. " Rene de Montluzin, II K A . Bay St. Louis, Miss. White Elephants. John William Mullen . . . New Orleans, La. Samuei. Fulton Neai New Orleans, La. ' Samuel William Nelken . . New Orleans, La. George Withers Newton . • Fort Worth, Tex. JAMES Edward Norris . . . . ■ Columbus, Ga. John O ' Connor, " I A 9 . . . New Orleans, La. WiLi lAM Ostrov Yazoo City, Miss. Francis C. Payne, K , . . . Winterville, Miss. •■J. ' i " Club; Fre.shman Football. FIFTH COLUMN James Percy, ATA. . . . New Orleans, La. Gladstone Phillips, 2 N . . . New Orleans, La. Band. Nathan Phillips New Or ' eans, La. RonERT John Pitard .... New Orleans, La. Philip Pizzolato New Orleans, La. George K. Pratt, III, A . New Orleans, La. White Elephants. Clyde V. Ratci.iff, Jr., S X . . Newellton, La. White Elephants. Cleo Ray, ATA Weatherford, Tex. Freshman Football; " 13 " Cub. JoHN James Read Picayune, Miss. — Picture not in panel. 147 148 Fresliimae Class College of oArts and Sciences FIRST COLUMN Robert Irving Reisfiei.o . . . New Orleans, L:i. Gleiirly Burke. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. Oliver James Reiss, I A 9 Karlem RtEss, I K i; . . Y. M. C. A. Maurice John Richard . . Grand Couteau, La. Charles Edward Richards . . New Orleans, La. Arthur Whitfield Richardson ■ Norwood, La. JosE Joaquin Rodriguez .... Panaina, R. P. Alvin Roy Rolfs New Orleans, La. Zachary J. Romeo, SAM. . New Orleans, La. Ralph B. Ross Del Rio, Tex. JAMES Tunney Russell .... Gulfport, Miss. JoHN Andrew Scafide . . Bay St. Louis, Miss. WiLLiAM F. Schroeder . . . Donaldson ville. La. R. J. SCHULZE, Jr., a T n . . New Orleans, La. Glee Club. Page Hale ' 1 ' iiari ' , A T U . i ' ' ....tiiiiii (1). P. A. Thayer Panama City, Panama Charles Titciie, Jr., , I! T . . . . Monroe, La. Edward Roosevelt Tschirn . New Orleans, La. Edwin W. Van Orden, 11 K . Marshall, Tex. FOURTH (:OI.l ' l.MN Adolfo Fernandez Urrutia . San Antonin, Tex. ' Frederic W. Usner .... New Orleans, La. GuiLLERMO Vasquez . . Tegucigalpa, Honduras New Orleans, La. Kathryn Veith Miriam Veith . riraniatie Club. New Orleans, La. Dramatie C:ub, BiRNEY Feli.x Voorhies . . . New Orleans, La. Fritz R. L. Von Kurnatowski . Covington, La. Clinton Wallis Tampa, Fla. Richard Walters, 2 X . . . New Orleans, Ln. . Rayville, La. " 13 " Club. Earl S. Seale, Z I E Meridian, Miss. Thomas Hundley Seay .... Detroit, Mich. Glee ciub. »JASPER Ernest Shealy, Jr. . Alexander City, Ala. William Wansley • ■ ■ . • . Mansfield, La. ■ ' ' - Football, Hester Sherfey New Orleans, La. »Leonard Daner Weaver .... Brewton, AU. George M. Webb, Ben. . . . Tallulah, La. SECOND COLUMN Moss Sherman . New Orleans, La. fifth column Gene Simon, A T n . . . . . New Orleans, La. John C. Weed, A T fi . . . . New Orleans La Football (1). " IS " Club; Glee Club; Glendy Burke. ' Leon Picard Weil New Orleans, La. Walter H. Weil, Z B T . . . New Orleans, La. Leon Weill New Orleans, La. Sol Weiss, Jr., Z B T . . . . New Orleans, La. Glendy Burke. ■Emory Lee West New Orlean;, La. Richard Whitten, ATA. . . New Orleans, La. White Elephants; Vice-President of Freshman Arts and Science. Bervl Wolfson, K N . . . . New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club. Dall..vs Sim Wood Franklinton, La. Morris Wright Eunice, La. John Youngblood Monroe, La. Football (1). Don Zimmerman, Jr., Ben. Lake Charles, La. Hoytt De S. Sims, B 9 n . . Inter-fraternity Basketball ; Sidney H. Sims, S $ E . . . . Montgomery, Ala. Sidney ' Singer New Orleans, La. George L. Sirgo New Orleans, La. T. L. L. Soniat New Orleans, La. Leonard Herbert Stander . . . Opelonsas, La. THIRD COLUMN Melvin D. Steiner, Z B T . . New Orleans, La. Frank Bernard Stewart . . . New Orleans, La. Clyde John Surgi New Orleans, La. " Salvador Enrico Tamburo . . New Orleans, L-i. Morris Teles New Orleans, La. John D. Thames Natalbany, La. Football (1). -Picture not in panel. 149 150 Freshmiaji Class College of Law FIKST COI UMN I ' nii.ii ' CE ' Nsi.kr, K A . . . . New Orleans, La. Granville Alpha New Orleans, La. FOIIKTH COLUMN Harry N. Andi;rs, 2 11 . . . . Winnsboro, La. Pan -Hellenic. Chari.ks A. CJiLLASPiR .... New Orleans, La. Allain C. Anrry, ATA. . . Ne v Orleans, La. xt r i t Haroid L. Guilbeau .... New Orleans, La. Donald R. Briak, IT K A . . New Orleans, La. Philip E. James, B n . . . New Orleans, La. Benet F. Cain New Orleans, La. class President (2) ; Varsity Baskaban (2. 3): Fr. sh- , Basltetball (1); Inter-lralernity Basketball (1); Bachelor of Arts; Glee Club. Ho:ioi- Connfil (1, 2); " T " Cluh. SECOND COLUMN Henry C. Keith, Jr., K 2 . New Orleans, La. Fernando Dahmen New Orleans, La. Freshman Basketball; Inter-trat,-rni-.y Basketball. LowELL Dawson, I A 6 . . . River Falls, Wis. N. B. Knight, Jr., AS . . McDonoghvil ' .e, La. Football. Ifreshman Track (1); Inter-fraternity Basketball (1). Emile H. Dieth New Orleans, La. Y. M. C. A.; International Eelalions Cli b. C. KOHLMEYER, Jr., Z B T . . New Orleans, La. Secretary-Treasurer Class (2 ' ; Vic-Prslclent of iT.„ r r .„ nt m tu • t Class 13); Class President (4); B A. Degree. ' 29; Pan- Haroi.D C. DlElLEIX, 2 N . . . New Iberia, La. Hellenic Council (3. 4, 5); Inter-fraternity Tennis A.B. from Spring Hill, ' 25. d. 2. 3, 4). George W. Dodge, $ A 8 . . Napoleonville, La. fifth column A.B. from Princeton; President of l- ' r. shnian Law; Tiger Inn Cub. George Konrad New Orleans, La. Harold a. Dempsey .... New Orleans, La. Charles Kottwitz, Z B T . . New Orleans, La. Hall T. Elder Ruoton, La. Baseball IManager (4). •■ ' George Fink New Orleans, La. „, „ ,, - . ,. xt i t W. P. Hagerty, S X, I a I . New Orleans, La. i ' uii i rm T t-K, L ' Apache; White Elephants; Class Vice-Pnsidsnt (3); IHIKL) LOLUiUIN Pan-Hellenic Treasurer (3. 4); Pan-Hellenic Sec e- tary (5, 6); Boxing Manager (5); A.B., Tulan:-. " 29. James F. Fitzgerald, A . . Vicksburg, Miss. JosEPH King Handlin . . . New Orleans, La. J. Y. FoNTENOT, 2 N Opelousas, La. William T. Harter .... Metairle Ridge, La. Sylvian GamM, Z B T . . . . Shreveport, La. secretary-Trea =nrer Arts and Schrces Stud nt Body, (3); Editor " Hullabaloo " (4); Secretary-Treasurer _ , , „ „ , Law School 4); Aero Club; Publicity Staff T. A. C; Franklin W. Gardiner, 2 N . New Orleans, La. Features Editor of " Jambalaya " ; international Rela- Glee Club (2, 3); Vice-Presice:U o; Fre.hn.an Law. " " " = lub; Dramatic Guild. Robert W. Gaston, A 6 . . New Orleans, La. Robert G. Hughes, A K E . . New Orleans, La. Secretary of Cla.ss (2); White Elep ' ans (1); Inter- fraternity Basketball (1, 2). — Picture not in panel. 151 Freshmae Class College of Law nusT coiAWMN John E. Parkkr New Orleans, La. Glendv Burkf (2, 3. ■! ) ; Pint ' Pont, " (i. 3); Interna- , _ , . lioiKil KclalioTiH Cluh C!. 4). JOHN B. Harvev New Orleans, La. JACK MAnisoN Parkkr Monroe, La. M. J. HuLSEV, I) K 2) Tampa, Fla. Absalom Pettit New Orleans, La. JULIEN B. Humphrey . . . New Orleans, La. FOURTH COLUMN Fred Edward Inbao, B JI . . . New Orleans, La. W. Foster Peiiit, Jr New Orleans, La. Percivai, R. Johnson .... New Orleans, La. Robert R. Rainoi.d ..... New Orleans, La. J0HN Wailes Kline .... New Orleans, La. Russeli, Ross, li . . New Orleans, La. Austin W. Lewis, K 2 Sulphur, La. Percy D. Saint, A K E . . . New Orleans, La. John P. Little, S A E . . . New Orleans, La. Lloyd J. Samuei Gretna, La. Tug-of-War; Class Football (1, 2). .r. r- r j t Preston L. Savoy ....... Gueydan, La. Louis A. Lundy, Jr. . ■ . Ocean Springs, Miss. Frosh Football (1); Frosh Basketball (1); Varsity FIFTH COLUMN Baseball (3). Henrieita Schwartzberc . . . Alexandria, La. Robert L. Mack, t d 9 . . . Fort Smitll, Ark. Dramatic Guild; Aero Club. Freshman Football. David Michael Shapiro, T A I . . Mobile, Ala. SPrn ' l f ' tfil TiTX Glendj- Burl e; Chess and Checkers Club. Morris Shapiro Alexandria, La. George A. Maier New Orleans, La. Frank C. Smith, A e Flint, Mich. E. L. McGehee, Jr., A K E . . . Hammond, La. JODiE Willie Stout Delhi, La. Pierre A. Moore, Ben. . . New Orleans, La. .. ,„ , ..,,,,,, .. T, 4 Guy Palmer Stubbs Monroe, La. Dramatic Club; " Hullabaloo Reporter. ' „ „ , „, , „ , M.« Turk Bluefield, W. Va. James H. Morrison, ATA. . . Hammond, La. ' Francis R. ' accaro . . . ■ New Orleans, La. Ada MotTj A II Oak Ridge, La. " Jambalaya " Reporter: Representative oC Law School. LUC.AS A. VacCARO New Orleans, La. THIKD COLUMN " RussELL H. VAN NoRMAN . . Lake Charles, La. .,,.,,- Melvin H. Wetherill, 2 A E . . . Vinton, La. Moore Meadow ' s Norman . . . Marksville, La. William F. Woods, Jr., 2 A E . Shreveport, La. Fred Marion Odom, H, K .-V . . Shreveport, La. secretary-Treasurer of Freshman Class (1); Pan- Hellenic. William H. O ' Kelley, ATA. New Orleans, La. » — picture not in panel. 153 154 Freshman Class College of Engineering riKST COI.lllMN ■■ ' ' Harry Frank Allen .... University, Mifs. J. D. Atkinson, S A E . . . New Or ' eans, La. ■ Emile Marcus Eabst, Jr. ■ • New Orleans, La. ■ JOHN WiLLL ' iM Babst .... New Orleans, La. Charles Francis Baeiir . . . New Orleans, La. ■ Walter Wright Baker . . • New Orleans, La. Malcolm H. Barnes McComb, Miss. Dormitory Clul:). Camile Benjamin Beauford • . Morganza, La. B. Van Pelt Biggar, K S . . New Orleans, La. ■■Hullabaloo " Staff. JosEPH S. Blaize Bay St. Louis, Miss. Jas W. Blake Varnado, La. Wm. Tyler Boardman, Jr. . New Orleans, La. Francis N. Eoudreaux . • . Napoleonville, La. ■ Albert William Brodtman . New Orleans, La. William E. Brogan n K ; . . New Orleans, La. Football (1). Milton Boaman BuRCKEiT . . Shreveport, La. GiRARD RoMAiNE Calongne . New Orleans, La. SECOND COLUMN John Glenn Carter New Orleans, La. Charles Cassidy ' , $ A 9 . . . . Bogalusa, La. ■ ' ■George Leopold Celles . . . New Orleans, La. JOHN Breanon Cleary- . . . New Orleans, La. Robert CoopeRj $ A 6 . . . . New Orleans, La. Daniel Van S. Cresap . . . New Orleans, La. RuFus Joseph Crull ...... Bogalusa, La. LowELL Damonte ..... New Orleans, La. ■ Harry Andrew Da-wson . • • New Orleans, La. ■ Charles Hermon Dean, Jr. . Brookliaven, Miss. ■ Leslie Vilas DeCou El Dorado, Ark. ■ Clifford Dell New Orleans, La. ■ Chester Paul Doullut . . . New Orleans, La. Edgar Merlin Dunn .... New Orleans, La. Elmo J. Edwards n K A . . . New Orleans, La. Gecretary-Treasurer of Freshman Ens ' ineeriiig Class; White Elephants. N. E. England, ATA. New Orleans, La. THIItl) COLUMN ■ " Albert Octavius Espinosa . . New Orleans, La. ■ Ignacio Florencia . . Campeche Camp, Mexico Roi!f:rt Balch Foster, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Louis Francillo New Orleans, La. Albert Fransen New Orleans, La. J. Omar Frazier New Orleans, La. Lawrence Delery Freret . . New Orleans, La. " Lawrence Nathaniel Frost . New Orleans, La. Howard W. Gleason, ATA. New Orleans, La. Class Presklont (1). August Gronstedt New Orleans, La. rOURXH COLUMN Harry ' HaaSj Jr.j SAM. . . New Orleans, La. John A. Haase New Orleans, La. William Henry Haeuser, Jr. . New Orleans, La. Ashton M. Hardy Gu ' fport, Miss. Football (1); Basketball (1); ■• y Club. ■ AuDio Gray ' Harvey, A iI . . New Orleans, La. ■ Charles B. Hassenboehler . . New Orleans, La. L. M. Hernandez, S I E . . New Orleans, La. riFTH COLUMN Clarence H. Herrman, S !) E . New Orleans, La. Glee Club. ■ JiMMY Heymann New Orleans, La. ' ■Horace Hinds, Jr Gulfport, Miss. WiLLiAM Lamar Holcombe, Jr. • • Como, Miss. Leo Leonard Holzenthal ■ . New Orleans, La. Rudolph J. Holzer, I K 2 . . New Orleans, La. ■White E ephants. ■ ' Clarence Joseph Hughes . . New Orleans, La. ■ David Warren Hullinchorst . New Orleans, La. D. W. J.acobus, 2 X Tulsa, Okla. ■White Eephants. ' Paul Lewis Janssen .... New Orleans, La. Ransom Cary Jones ..... Indianola, Miss. Calvin Earhart Kisscen . . . New Orleans, La. Louis R. Klein New Orleans, La. ■ " William B. Kohlman, Jr. ■ New Orleans, La. ■ ' " Louis Isaac Korn New Orleans, La. ■ Ogden William Lafaye . . . New Orleans, La. Merkl Lagarde, as . . . New Or ' eans, La. John Stuate Lange .... New Orleans, La. ■ James Frank Larsen Westwego, La. — Picture not in panel. 155 156 College of FIRST COLUMN William P. Leverich, A T n . New Orleans, La. Alex Bernard Levy Alexandria, La. LoRis Katten Levy St. Joseph, La. William R. Libano, Jr., 2 I A . New Orleans, La. O. M. LiND, Jr., as . . . New Orleans, La. N. O. Loeske New Orleans, La. Nolan Preston Magoun .... Vidalia, La. Earl L. M. thes, K S . . . New Orleans, La. SECOND COtXTMN John Hugh McLeod, Jr., K 2 . New Orleans, La. HuGH Bry ' Ant McPhail . . . Jacksonville, Fla. Hermann Rudolph Meyer .... Meraux, La. Michael Henry Michel . • New Orleans, La. James E. Moise, 2 X . . . . New Orleans, La. JoHN Joseph Mora .... -New Orleans, La. Bernard A. Moses, SAM. . New Orleans, La. WiLLiAM New Waynesville, N. C. RuBEN O. Nunez . Santa Marta, Colombia, S. A. Orlando Oliver Orsborn . . • Shreveport, La. Lawrence Joseph Parker . . New Or ' eans, La. Andrew H. P. y " N " e, Jr New Orleans, La. Aero Club. Ned E. Pilsbury, Jr. • ■ ■ • New Orleans, La. Darrell Joseph Pischoff .... Lafayette, La. John Louis Polizzio .... New Orleans, La. THIRD COLUMN J. N. Reaben McComb, Miss. Dormitory Club. Charles John Reiser .... New Orleans, La. n Class InKineerine Armand J. Reixach, K S . . . New Orleans, La. Rov Oliver RriTixoER . . . . New Orleans, La. Edward Rodrique, S ' I ' E . . Paincourtville, La. Will P. Richardson, ATA. . Ponchatoula, La. John Joseph Ruckert . . . New Orleans, La. Warren Coney Rush . . . • • . Gretna, La. Joseph p. St. Martin, ATA . New Orleans, La. Howard L. Sanders, n K . . New Orleans, La. Hal Saucier . . . SUdell La. FOURTH COLUMN William R. Schultz ... Glee Club. . New Orleans, La. Lewis Edward Schwarz, Jr. ■ New Orleans, La. ' Irving Sidney Seligmann . , , New Orleans, La. Bruce Barton Sharp ... . Biloxi, Miss_ William Donald Singer . . . New Orleans, La. Jefferson L. Smith .... . New Or ' eans, La. ■ " Sanders Smith ■ Greenwood, Miss. Stanley R. Snider, n K . . New Orleans, La. FIFTH COLUMN Joseph L. Swansok, Jr., A T n . New Orleans, La. Hugh Wilbur Till .... New Orleans, La. Theodore Jaques, Jr., S n . . New Orleans, La. Louis Milton Tognoni . . , . New Orleans, La. William 0. Vennard, K A . . New Orleans, La. Glee Club; Wrestling " (2, 3): •■13 " Club; Tug-of-War- Inter-traternlty Basketball (2, 3). Frank Lawrence Wilson . . New Orleans, La. Lynn Stanley McWaters . . Brookhaven, Miss. J. W. Witherspoon, K a . . New Orleans, La. Howard Harris Yates . . . New Orleans, La. Adrian Haye.m Zander . . . New Orleans, La. — Picture not in panel. 157 iS8 Freshman. Class College of Commerce I ' lKST COLUMN William Bacher, I K 2 . . . New Orleans, La. Clifford Walter Bernadas . New Orleans, La. Irwin Bienn New Orleans, La. Douglas L. Black .... Jefferson Parish, La. Lou!s Mayer Boasberg . ■ . New Orleans, La. Alvin Bond, ' t K 2 . . . . New Orleans, La. Edwin W. Booth, Jr., I K 2 . New Orleans, La. Harry Bosofsky, K N . . . . New Orleans, La. George L. Bott, ATA. . . New Orleans, La. SoL E. Brinefield ... .. Montgomery, Ala. " Urbain Joseph Burvant . • . New Or ' eans, La. SECOND COLUMN Archie Caine, K 2 . . . . New Orleans, La. Albert P. Claverie, K 2 . . New Orleans, La. White Elephants; Vice-President of Freshman Com- merce. Elwood R. Clay, Ben. . . New Orleans, La. Elias Cohen ....... New Orleans, La. Leonard P. Cohen, Z B T . . . Jackson, Miss. Thomas H. Connolly ' , K 2 . . Shreveport, La. ••13 " Club. Ervin S. Cooper, ATA. . . New Orleans, La. White Elephants. Louis Pierre de La Houssaye . New Orleans, La. THIKD COLUMN Henry G. Duke, K K A . . . New Orleans, La. Edward Hardin Ellis, A T fi . New Orleans, La. White Elephants. John B. Fasterling, n K A . New Orleans, La. Glee Club. Edward R. Ferry-, K A . . . New Orleans, La. Secretary-Treasur..r of Freshman Comni rce. Thomas W. Ford, K A Houston, Tex. Emmit H. Fremau.y New Orleans, La. rOUKTH COLUMN L. S. Fremaux New Orleans, La. Ellsworth C. French .... Lake Arthur, La. G. S. Friedrichs, ATA. Metryclub Gardens, La. White Elephants: Freshman Football. Philip Stephen Gidiere . . . New Orleans, La. Paul Willis Gorham A G . New Orleans, La. Joseph A. Graml New Orleans, La. Francis Grimmer Lafayette, La. JuLiEN Sidney Gross . ..... Kaplan, La. William T. Hardie, K A . . . New Orleans, La. White Elephants; Football (1). FIFTH COLU.MN Harry Ferman Hei.mkk Houma, La. Jack Edwin Helms Gulfport, Miss. Paul L. Hemenway Alexandria, La. Paul Hogan, I ' A 9 New Orleans, La. White Blephant.s. • Earl Thompson Huthnance . . Glennnora, La. Leonard S. Isacks A K E . . . New Orleans, La. " 13 " Club; Footljall (1); ClaKS President (1). Edwin C. Jansen New Orleans, La. O. Eugene Jenkins, A T O . . . Summit, Miss. Glee Club. Charles Douglas Jones . . . New Orleans, La. Robert S. Jordan, A K E . . Ne v Orleans, La. Jean B. Jung, K 2 . . . . New Orleans, La. SIXTH COLUMN C. Homer Kees Brookhaven, Miss. Ralph H. Kern Shreveport, La. Lienhard Kuhner, K 2 . . . New Orleans, La. White Elephants. Paul Labanca New Orleans, La. Rene LaBruyere Marrero, La. Wheeler Lacy Lucas .... New Orleans, La. Lenore Lynch New Orleans, La. Fred Ma-ithews, Jr., B 9 II . . New Orleans, La. ■Jambalaya " Representative from Freshman Class. Jules Meraux, A 2 . . . . New Orleans, La. SEVENTH COXA Cecil St. John Mortimer, K A JosEPH Louis Pizzolato . . Carlos Julio Quijano . . NoRMAN Harold Raitner . Arthur Scheinuk, 2 A JI . Irvin Henry- Schonberg . . Karl Schroeder James Louis Schupp . • . Max Solomon .... Tug-ot-War. Norwood Spicer, K A . . . James L. Sullivan .... Arthur Tay-lor Glee Club. ' Julian Kahn LThry . . . " Arthur Henry Vignes, Jr. ■ Jules John Viosca .... JosEPH Howard Wallis, Jr. — picture not in panel. MN . New Orleans, La. ■ New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. . . . Mobile, Ala. . New Orleans, La. . . Covington, La. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. , Brookhaven, Miss. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. ■ . . Algiers, La. 159 o O z w Z w Z Id Z h D 1 60 Paul Tmilain© How many times have I ' ulane students gazed ab.,tractly at this large oil painting which hangs at the main entrance of Ciibson Hall with- out considering that it represents an act directly responsible for Tulane University as it exists today? The painting is symbolic of Paul 1 ulane mak- ing his great donation of all his New Orleans property to promote the higher education of " the white persons in the city of New Orleans. " General Randall Lee Gibson, then United States senator from Louisiana and later fir t presi- dent of the board of administration, is seated with Mr. Tulane. A. G. Heaton, the artist, painted the picture at Washington in 1887. He has clearly por- trayed in the faces of the two men the human interest and benevolence of the one and the keen judgment and foresight of the other. Thus in a fitting manner was the greatest event in Louisiana ' s educational history commemorated. Paul Tulane was born in Cherry Valley near Princeton, N. J., of French Hugenot parentage, on May 10, 1 801. He was the only son among five who did not receive a college education, but this was because of his " strong bent toward business. " He entered the employ of a merchant at fifteen and was so engaged for two years. Then, with a French cousin of the same name, a probate judge of Tours, he traveled in the South and visited at the homes of Andrew Jackson and Henry Clay. On innumerable occasions he displayed his uncanny business sense. Gradually he became wealthy. His philanthropic nature, especially toward education, was one of his most distinguishing charac- teristics and his gifts were irrespective of creed. In 1882 Mr. Tulane donated all his New Orleans real estate for the estab- lishment of this university. " The university at New Orleans is my child, " he said not long before his death. His lifelong ambition had been to aid the young people of Louisiana educationally, and though he died at Princeton, N. J., on March 27, 1887, at the age of 85, he lived long enough to see this wish at least in part fulfilled. The hundredth anniversary of this institution as a university and its fiftieth anniversary as Tulane University of Louisiana will be celebrated in 1934. Per- haps if he were present Paul Tulane, whose spirit has guided the university ' to its place as the South ' s leading educational center, would feel that his life had not been lived in vain. 161 Commodore Ernest Lee Jahncke Commodore Ernest Lee Jahncke, B.E., ' 99, vice-president of tlie Tulaiie Board of Adminis- trators, is New Orleans ' first cabinet officer in nearly half a century. On March 12, 1929, he was appointed First Assistant Secretary of the Navy by President Hoover and this appointment was later approved by the Senate. The Commodore was born in New Orleans in 1880 and vras educated in the public schools and at Tulane University. He is the son of the late Frederick and Margaret Lee Jahncke. He married Miss Cora Van V ' oorhis Stanton, granddaughter of Edwin M. Stanton, President Lincoln ' s Secretary of War, and of Mary Ashley Townsend, Louisiana writer. A lieutenant-commander in the naval reserve. Commodore Jahncke is also a member of the LTnited States Olympic Games Committee. He has been a consistent worker for the upbuilding of his community and his acquaintance with maritime affairs qualified him for the federal position. Tulane is justly proud of her alumnus who has done so much to bring honor to Louisiana. 16:! George Westfeldt Tulane AtMetic Council Officers George Westfeldt President Dr. Charles Eshleman Vice-President Clifford Favrot Secretary Richard Foster . Treasurer Members Douglas Anderson Robert L. Menuet M. J. White Judge Rufus E. Foster George Williams Dr. Wilbur C. Smith 4thletic Director Bernie W. Bierman Head Football Coach Ted Cox Line Coach Ted Bank . . Freshman Coach Claude Simons Physical Director Horace Renegar . Director of Sports Publicity 164 Wearers of the T ' Ike Armstrong Willis Baxker Richard Baxkston Falvy Barr Richard Baumbach Maurice Bayon Morris Bodenger Urbain Burvant Russell Butaud Paul Crouere Gerald Dalrymple Lowell Dawson Calvert de Coligny Dave Drezinski Earl Evans Herbert Ford Isaac George William Gladney Harry Glover Jerome Haas Henry Hatcher Charles Henriques Jack Holland Phil James Wilmer Jones Harry Kelleher Lou Lundy Myrtus Mangum William Marx Elmer Massey " Elmer McCaxce Eugene McCarroll Bernard McCloskey John McCormick John Menville W. George Meriwether Lee O ' Pry Jack Pizzano Robert Rainold LoYD Roberts Charles Rucker Elbridge Ry-an Preston Savoy Ford Seeuws Herbert Suehs Clifford Sutter Alfred Theriot Joseph Trunzler Clagget Upton Woolen Walshe Henry Wehrmann Hugh Whatley John Whatley- Norton Wisdom Marion Wolfe Charlie Young 1 65 Claude Simoks General Athletics AVithout a doubt the year 1929 will go down in Tulane ' s athletic calendar as one of the most successful ever witnessed by Tulane supporters. The wearers of the " T " in every line of activity, while not all winning cham- pionship honors, came through with shining colors- Furthermost in the minds of followers of the Olive and Blue athletes will be the mem- ories of Tulane ' s first Southern Conference champion gridders. Four other conference championships came to Tulane during the year. " Bevo " Sutter won the tennis singles title and he and " Dookey " Bayon captured the doubles championship to make a clean sweep ci conference net laurels. The tour- nament was held on Tulane ' s courts. Jerome Haas won the middleweight boxing championship at the conference tourna- ment held at the University of Virginia during the spring. A football shuttle relay team composed of Bill Banker, Elmer Massey, Hugh Whatley and John Whatley came down in front in an exhibition race at the conference track meet. The basketball team enjoyed a successful season and the baseball team broke even on its schedule. The track team, although losing every meet, led by " Fatty " Oelkers, with a record-breaking heave in the shot-put, finished eighth in the conference meet with eleven points. Intra-mural athletics under the capable guidance of Coach " Monk " Simons reached the highest peak of class rivalry and enthusiasm. More than seventy-five candidates came out for intra-mural football, while an equal amount played games among them- selves on the basketball court. Cross-country runs was another attraction which found m any candidates trying for positions. The spirit and enthusiasm of intra- mural events grows each year, and has come to be a chief source of supply of material to our varsity teams. The Tulane track was remodeled with many new additions, the placing of a concrete border around the edges of the quarter-mile cinder path and a general rematting of the track itself should make it one of the best in the South. 166 Willis B. Banker Captain Three Times All-Southern A II- American FOOTBALL Line-up Line: Dalrymple Ruckcr McCormick Roberts Bodcnger McCance Holland Backfield: Armstrong Secuws Banker Baumbach y w v ' lv ' lvtvyl lVlVlV l lVlV lV lvyl - lwl ylVlvylv lv l - ' l lVl - ' t ' Coach Bernie Bierman and a fine corps of assistants were mainly responsible for Tu- lane ' s great success on the gridiron during the past season i -f i Ted Cox developed a fine line, Lester Lau- tenschlaeger was back- field coach, Ted Bank directed the Freshman team and Pete Maihles had charge of the scrubs. ' Monk " Sim- ons was back at his old post as trainer. Cox Lautenschlaeger Bierman Head Coach Bank Maihles Bcrn ' te Bierman Coach Tulane, Southern Champions, 1929 These eleven men formed the starting line-up in most of the games of Tulane ' s most successful season. Coach Bierman developed a great grid machine in which all eleven stars subordinated their own chances to shine to the welfare of the team as a whole. That was the 1929 team! Banker, Armstrong, Baumbach and Seeuws formed a splendid backfield which functioned behind one of the mightiest lines in Southern football history. Call the roll, from left end to right, it was a great forward wall — Holland, McCance, Bodenger, Roberts, McCormick, Rucker and Dalrymple. Hats off to the line and a mighty cheer for the backfield! All hail the Southern Champions of 1929! The most successful team in Tulane ' s footfall history carried the Olive and Blue to its first Southern Conference championship. It vas a brilliant record which that team of 1929 made. Under the guidance of a truly splendid coach vith a capable staff of assistants, the Tulane team «-ent through a season of nine games without a defeat to an undisputed claim for the highest honor in Dixie football. It was a truly great team — that team of ' 29. Starting the season acclaimed by the experts as the dark horse of the conference, it won somewhat unimpressively and a bit disappointingly from Louisiana Normal, 40 to 7. The Texas A. and M. battle the following Saturday was the one in which the real team of 1929 was born. After leading at the half, 7 to 2, Tulane allowed the Texans to cross her goal line in the third quarter to assume the upper hand, 8 to 7. It was a beautiful pass by Ike Armstrong to Harry Glover in the final quarter which brought the Greenies victory. The Aggies scored another safety in the final period, but it was Tulane ' s game, 13 to 10. The Mississippi Aggies came next on the schedule. A highly-touted team which had given Georgia Tech bad dreams the Saturday before, the Aggies succumbed before Tulane ' s onslaught by a 34 to o score. Southwestern was the breather before the anxiously awaited Georgia Tech battle and Tulane romped away with ease, 60 to o. Revenge was sweet for Tulane on October 25. Georgia Tech, the roaring Tornado which had carried away the conference title two years hand running, met its real master and Tulane crashed over a 20 to 14 victory. That score does not show how close the game really was. Tulane scored three touchdowns in the first half, and the Yellow Jackets did not put over their two scores until the second half when Coach Bierman took out his regulars to save them for Georgia and sent in the reserves. Bill Banker and Ike Armstrong careened to a great day while the line gave a grand defensive exhibition. Dick Baumbach played a well-nigh faultless game at quarter. The team suffered a slight let-down against Georgia. An intercepted pass in the last minute of play in the first half when Tulane led 14 to 9 gave the Bulldogs a one-point margin, but the Wave with some great line plunging by Bill Banker and Ford Seeuws marched eighty yards for another touchdown in the third quarter and Tulane carried away the laurels, 21 to 15. Auburn proved a field day for Tulane. The Plainsmen fell by a 52 to o score. All of the reserves got into the game. It was about the most decisive defeat handed one conference team by another during the season. Sewanee, the valiant little Tiger from the mountain, threw a scare into Tulane by hold- ing the Wave scoreless for the first half, but the Greenies put over three touchdowns in the last two periods to win, 18 to o. The Green Wave closed its season with a great 21 to o triumph over its ancient rival, the L. S. U. Tiger. Tulane played spectacular football in this game. The first touchdown came on a beautiful pass from Banker to Armstrong in the first quarter. In the second period Jerry Dalrymple snatched another pass from Armstrong and scampered more than half the length of the field for another, and " Preacher " Roberts, whose great play that day resulted in his election to the captaincy of the 1930 team, pulled down an L. S. U. toss to dash for the final score. It was a truly magnificent team which seemed never really taxed to its full capabilities. It might have scored more touchdowns if it had needed to, but it always had something left for the next game. Coach Bierman faces his hardest schedule in 1930. Added to the headliners which appeared on the Greenies ' chart of ' 29 is Northwestern, one of the strongest teams in the Big Ten. The L. S. U. games snuffed out the grid careers of an entire backfield — Dick Baumbach, quarter- back; Ike Armstrong and Captain Bill Banker, halfbacks, and Ford Seeuws and Jack Pizzano, fullbacks. Charlie Rucker, great lineman and captain in ' 28, also played his last game, along with " Lizzie " Ford and John Whatley, reserves. Nearly an entire first string li ne will return, but much of the success of 1930 will depend on the showing of last year ' s reserve backs — Lowell Dawson, Hugh Whatley, Elmer Massey, Harry Glover, George Haik and a capable but green batch of recruits coming up from the first-year ranks. 170 fi. V : ' 1 ' 1 V -? f j ft- Francis X. Armstrong Halfback This little halfback and 1929 ' s alternate captain made a name for himself as one of the greatest broken-field runners in the country. Ike ' s great playing vas largely responsible for Tulane ' s vic- tories over Texas A. and M., Georgia Tech, Georgia and L. S. U. Richard O. Baumbach (Juarterback Dick vas the team ' s field general. He ran the eleven without a flaw in its splen- did victory over Georgia Tech and threw the pass for one of ' ' the touchdowns. Baumbach played his last game opposite the L. S. U. Tigers after leading the Greenies against them for three ' ears without defeat. T. Ford Seeuws Fullback " Susie " developed into one of the best line plungers in the South in 1929 and his blocking was all that could be asked and then some. His great bucking against Geor- gia materially paved the way for the Green Wave ' s victory. Summering in Wis- consin seems to agree with football players. Loyd T. Roberts Center ' ' Preacher " intercepted more forward passes than any player in the conference last fall, snatching one toss out of the air to score against the Tigers. He was one of the best centers Tulane ever had and was almost unani- mous choice for All-South- ern. " Preacher " will cap- tain the Wave in 1930. Gerald R. Dalrymple End Jerry was one of the out- standing Sophomores on the Southern gridiron. This big boy smeared so many plays around his terminal that he was selected on the " official " All - Southern with lianker and Roberts. He scored Tu- lane ' s second touchdown against L. S. U. John Pizzano Fullback The " Phantom of the Opera " has had the reputa- tion since 1926 of being one of the best defensive backs in the South. He ripped the Texas A. and M. line to shreds, paving the way for the Wave ' s winning touch- down. Jack will be missed in ' 30. 173 l£y Charles M. Rucker Ta«kle They called him an All- Southern tackle, and why not? Charlie, captain of the 1928 eleven, closed three years of glory against L. S. U. He played the game of his life against Georgia. Even a broken nose couldn ' t keep him out. R. Jack Holland End The net yardage gained by backs who tried to circle this boy ' s end would have to be expressed in minus quan- tities. Jack played in the Georgia game despite a high fever and was hailed as one of the greatest terminals in Dixie. Elmer M. McCance Tackle " Dynamite " was one of the real stars of the team. He squared the account with Vance Maree, star of the Golden Tornado, and found a place on the New York Journal ' s All-American. He will be back to shine again next fall. ;: %fe iK.4,,{4jt I .! f V w K Morris Bodenger Guard This mighty shade of the great " Irish " Levy performed in grand style last fall. Morris was universall} ' rec- rgnized as one of the finest running guards in the coun- try and we look forward to his making all-Southern next season. He was elected al- ternate captain of the 1930 eleven. Myrtus A. Mangum Onard Myrtus played a fine game in the line last season, his second on the team. He ruined many an opposing play directed at the middle of Tulane ' s forward wall and still has another year to play. John F. McCormick Guard " Red " came up from the Freshman team unheralded, but cinched a regular job for himself on the varsity. He w ' as 175 pounds of con- centrated arsenic in the mid- dle of the Greenie line. j»«wra»!MiriM«m» siM « 174 Z ' J Eldon C. Upton Center " Tick " is the boy who didn ' t play regularly only because he had an all-South- ern center to compete against. " Preacher ' s " sub didn ' t get so much chance to star, but when he did get in his play captured the praise of many. Calvert G. deColigny Tackle They call him " Foots " be- cause he wears the biggest shoes on the squad. This big boy did some nice work sub- stituting for Rucker and Mc- Cance in his first year on the team. Watch him next fall I Hugh W. Whatley Halfback Popularly known as the " Rabbit, " Hugh lived up to the reputation of that ani- mal and often showed his fleet heels to opposing ends. He has another year to play and ought to have a fine season. ' iA lif , !il " fp 175 John S. Whatley llallliiKk The elder member of the Whatley family closed his grid career in the Turkey Day battle. During his three years on the team he vas one of the fastest men ever to wear a green jersey. A. Elmer Massey l ' iii:baok The " King " did some nice line plunging and several times broke through for sub- stantial gains. He has an- other year to play and should do most of the full-backing this fall. Harry C. Glover llallbsnk " Wop " and Ike were the Wave ' s midget backs. Harry took a pass from Armstrong to score the winning touch- down against Texas A. and M. He enjoyed a fine sea- son in his Sophomore year and more will be heard from him later. 176 t.1 ' " ■ " »- £ ' ' " ' fii ft 11 1 11 1 " ' v , i i " ■%■■: % Herbert D. Ford End " Lizzie " has made letters in three major sports — foot- ball, basketball and track. In the game against L. S. U. he finished three years of play on the gridiron as a capable ying man. Lowell P. Dawson Quarterback " Red " vill be fayorite to succeed Dick Baumbach as regular field general this fall. He showed plenty of class in last season ' s battles and probably saved the day for Tulane by calling a safety in the Texas A. and M. game. Charles L. Young End Charlie is a brother of " Speck " Young, captain of the Mississippi A. M. team which defeated Tulane in 1924, but he helped t o wal- lop the Aggies vhen they played here last October. ' 77 Richard E. Bankston Tackle Bankston vas another Sophomore to make the squad. Dick teamed «ith " Foots " deColigny as under- study to Rucker and Mc- Cance. He has a promising future with two more years to play. George M. Haik Halfback This Sophomore flashed fine form in the games he got into. He is another boy who ought to make ' em step in 1930. Doyle C. Magee Fullback Doyle was another prom- ising Sophomore to win a place on the squad during the past season. He is a good blocking back with two more years to play. nL-OsAiUfivvt v..; .u :x. - i ' S.-iV ' S.. ' ■ ■ ' i« " :Vi ' i : ;:-. 178 William F. Penney Guard Here are three of the hard plugging reserves who worked their way on to the squad in their Sophomore year. Spirit such as these boys showed to work in the face of odds is what helped the team along to the title. During the next two seasons they ought to see a great deal more action. Vernon C. Haynes Kiid William J. Drawe Gimrtl Robert R. Rainold lanager The " Baron " had the good fortune to be the manager of the first Tulane football team to win the conference championship. He made a good job of his duties and we understand that he is an authority on the team ' s table manners while on trips. ■-n 179 Freshman Football 1933 ers Jim Hodgins Nolly Felts DoYLEss Hill J. J. Reed Robert Mack J. D. Thames William New Gene Simon Harold Lemmon F. C. Payne Bill Hardie John Scafidi Bill Schroeder Eddie Tschirn Tom Cunningham w. lodrigues Robert Pitard George Havens Cleo Ray AsHTON Hardy James Conrad Tarleton Gianfala Page Tharp Emory West Lloyd Guy Ted Bank 1 80 f ' Jt Herbert D. Ford Captain BASKETBALL t:t. f ? n ip ' ' : 1 ' .Atff m% Standiriff: James, Keith, Blum, Caine, Coach Bierman, O ' Neill, Wilson, Glover, Eshleman, Ma7iaffer. Kticclhtg: Roberts, Dawson, Ford, Schneidau, Mancum, Havnes, Walshe. BASKETBALL 1929 Coach Bierman led the Greenies to a very succ essful season on the basketball court in 1929. Starting the year off with a 25 to 22 defeat at the hands of Alabama, Captain Dave Drez- inski and his cohorts came back the next night to win and captured seven in a row before they succumbed, 40 to 25, in the second game of the series with Auburn. That winning streak, outside of Alabama, saw Ole Miss and the Mississippi Aggies lose two each and Kentucky and Auburn drop a single contest apiece before the Wave Cagers. Following the Auburn series the Greenies broke even in four games with their ancient rivals from Baton Rouge — the L. S. U. Tigers. The team went to the Conference Tournament in Atlanta conceded a chance to make an excellent bid for the champion- CoACH Bierman ship, but illness handicapped Coach Bierman ' s boys and they fell in the first round, 2g to 15, before the Kentucky Wild- cats, a team they had soundly trounced earlier in the season. Captain Dave Drezinski and " Preacher " Roberts were the big stars for the season. Eight men were awarded letters. They were Captain Drezinski, Roberts, Mangum, Ford, Savoy, Walshe, James and Eskridge. The election for captain resulted in a deadlock and two leaders were chosen for 1930. They are Herbert Ford, guard, and Preston Savoy, forward. 1930 t t With six lettermen slated to report, prospects for a winning team in 1930 were high, but a severe blow was dealt the Greenies ' chance when Co-Captain Preston Savoy announced that he would be unable to play for the first half of the sched- ule, due to the press of scholastic duties. After several practice games the Greenies embarked on a state tour just prior to the Christmas holidays. They met and defeated Southwestern, Louisiana College and Louisiana Normal on successive nights. The team opened its conference season badly, losing two games to Alabama. Next it split a two-game series each with Mississippi College and the Mississippi Aggies. Ole Miss was beaten twice and the team seemed to assume the proportions of a real championship contender against the Oxford boys. Games yet to be played include a two-game series with Spring Hill, another with Auburn and four con- tests with the L. S. LT. Tigers. Tulane has won three and lost three within the conference and a clean sweep of the L. S. LT. and Au- burn games would send her standing in the conference soaring. As this goes to press the news comes that Preston Savoy has reported for practice. Out of ] Iangum, Walshe, James and Savoy, Coach Bierman ought to develop a forward 183 I combination which will function well in the conference tournament. Co-Captain " Lizzie " Ford and " Red " Dawson, a sophomore, have been going well at the guard positions, while Roberts has been displaying his usual good form at center. Haynes and Glover, two other sophomores, are a pair of prospects who have been :oming along nicely. 1929 Tulane 22 Tulane 24. Tulane 42 Tulane 40 Tulane 30 Tulane 27 Tulane 34 Tulane 48 Tulane 25 Tulane 40 Tulane 21 Tulane 35 Tulane 33 Tulane 15 RECORD Alabama 25 Alabama 22 Ole Miss 30 Ole Miss 53 Mississippi A. and M. . 25 Mississippi A. and M. . , .18 Kentucky 22 Auburn 35 Auburn 40 L. S. U 37 L. S. U 28 L. S. U. . 37 L. S. U 32 Kentucky 29 184 t 1 Isaac Qeorge Captain BASEBALL « 5 ;t ,| T , . , : y , ■HI s .fefi . - ? F ro?; Roiv: LUNDY Crouere Marquer Middle Roiu: George BuRVANT Hatcher McClosk EY O ' Pry Bac : Roiu Kelleher, Manayer Young Marx Coach Flournoy Ted Ban ' k i86 Tulane ' s 1929 baseball team had a unique record. It gained an even break with every team on its schedule. The Olive and Blue diamond representatives played a 4-4 tie with the Mississippi Aggies, split two-game series with Alabama and Auburn and captured two out of four from L. S. U. Rain resulted in the cancellation of several games originally scheduled and accounted for the team ' s abbreviated record. The season was opened quite successfully with a 10-6 victory over Auburn, but the Plainsmen reversed the decision the following afternoon to the tune of 17 to O. Tom George pitched fine ball in the first game, but led by Crawford, hard-hitting outfielder, the visitors knocked several Tulane pitchers out of the box in the second affair. Alabama came next and the Crimsons took the first of a two-game series, 9 to 3, but in the second game Bernard McCloskey, pitching superb ball, let the opposition down with one hit to shut them out, 3 to O. Darkness put an end to the first game of a two-game series with the Mississippi Aggies when the count was tied at 4-4 and a deluge stopped the second. The L. S. U. Tigers came to New Orleans for two games and took the first, 8-6, but Tulane captured the second, George pitching a shut-out, 3-0. 187 The two teams split another series in Baton Rouge. Tulane won the first, 7 to 6, but ended the season in defeat by dropping the second, 5 to 3. Tom George ' s great pitching earned him the captaincy of the 1930 team, while Bernard McCloskey hurled a fine one-hit shut-out over Alabama. Captain Lee O ' Pry at second base, Paul Crouere at short and Dick Baumbach and Johnny IVIenville in the outer gardens, all played good ball. These four will be missed on this spring ' s team, along with Hatcher, Mar- quer, Marx and IMcCloskey. Ted Bank, new freshman football coach, has replaced " Peggy " Flournoy as diamond mentor for this year. He has only four lettermen as a nucleus for his team. They are Captain George and Lundy, pitchers ; Guidry, catcher, and Burvant, outfielder. Luchsinger, McGehee, James, Roberts, Kehoe and Pizzano, along with several promising Sophomores, will be de- pended upon to fill the vacant places. o aJa ■. nC ■ John Whatley Captain TRACK THE TRACK Fritz Oakes A more spirited than successful track team wore Tulane colors through the spring season of 1929. Fritz Oakes ' handful of old reliables and a little rugged new material dropped every meet, but got " A " in effort and fifth place in the Southern Intercollegiates. There were stars, too, to light up the dark sky that drizzled rain through the whole of two important meets. The dim torch passed to the 1930 Greenie track team and was handed over with a firm hand. John Oelkers well earned the laurels of captain-elect by consistent first place performance in the shot-put and good work with the discus. " Omar " had been trying for a long time to crack the Southern 16-pound weight record and sure enough he heaved the shot 46 feet, 914 inches to lead the S. I. C. field at Birmingham and take the record home. Hugh and John Whatley performed more than creditably in the dashes; " Lizzie " Ford starred in the high and low hurdles; Montgomery was an untiring miler; Scott, in the pole vault, and Wisdom, in the half mile, experienced eccentric success. In the opener with Alabama at Tuscaloosa, Tulane took a 72-51 licking. The Crimson ' s Bradley showed his heels to the Whatleys in the dashes to collect a ten-point starter for his team, while Smith added another five with a first in the broad jump and the rest of the aggregation totaled enough firsts and seconds to roll up a mighty 72 points. Oelkers won the shot and Ford stepped to firsts in both high and low hur- dles. Norton Wisdom surprised everyone by copping the half and incidentally made his best time of the season, 2:02. Wolfe ran to a speedy first in the mile. A few brave onlookers huddled unsheltered in the old stadium, while the Mississippi Ag- gies splashed to a 27-21 victory over the Tu- lane swimmer-trackmen. Tulane ' s courtesy allowed the Starkville Farmers a choice of events to suit Jupiter Pluvius and unfortu- nately the Aggie coach picked on things that were obviouslj ' Tulane failings or there is little doubt that Cake ' s team would have took firsts in the quarter and two-mile races. Oelkers won the shot and discus and Mont- HuGH Whatley 190 BBHHHBBBHB FORD VS. AUBURN gomery trudged a noble mile over the rain-sopped track to come in ahead. A. and M. had enough mediocre athletes to collect a large total from second places. Three exceptionally fast Auburnites — Bell, Beard and Virgin — leaped hurdles and ran dashes beyond Tulane ability and the Plainsmen team chalked up 6i markers against, which Tulane could only offer 51. Oelkers and McCance accounted for eight points in the shot-put and " Fatty " took another first in the discus. The mile was won by Montgomery in creditable first place time. Scott vaulted 11 feet, 9 inches to top place in the pole vault. The Olive and Blue faded before the Tiger Ay the annual meet at Baton Rouge while rain poured from the capital sky. With the exception of Montgomery, Ford and Scott, the whole Tulane team dwindled, even veteran Oelkers. L. S. U. piled up 76 points, Tulane 36. Percy Brown outran the Whatleys and Guy Nesom outheaved Oelkers. There were also plenty of other militarists to help the Old War Skule along. Ford was great in the hurdles and Scott vaulted in best form. Montgomery offered a first in the mile, but beyond these L. S. U. had her way. MONTCOMERV Trunzler ■»ft - " - 191 D O .f -iS,. i - t- ■ SnLiUM i , t SUindiiuj: CoAcii OAKiiS Massi;v. W ' isddm, TKUN .i.hK, Uli.keks, Sloit, 11. ' iiAiLE , McCloskea " . Sitting: Spencer, Moise, Mence, J. Whatlea ' , Allen, Montgomery. Tulane took fifth place in the annual S. I. C. track and field meet at Birmingham. Oelkers smashed the shot-put record for one honor and Tulane ' s football-relay team sho- ved the South a fast backfield. The team was composed of Hugh and John Whatley, Elmer Massey and Bill Banker. Other good indi- vidual performances were made by Scott in the pole vault, Massey in the loo-yard dash and Ford in the hurdles. Intra-mural track proved itself a great success last spring and served to bring out all kinds of material for Coach Oakes to look over with a far-seeing e ' e. Dick Foster, of the Tulane Athletic Council, offered a big silver cup for school-wide high- point man. The trophy was won by Hugh Whatley with 26 points. It will be offered again. On the same day of the Aggie meet the Freshmen track team held its annual telegraphic meet with the Aggie Yearlings and got beat 73j -32y2. de Coligny, big Greenie frosh, collected 15 points to tie with the opponents ' Leigh as high-point man. " Foots " has an imposing athletic record behind him and the proficiencv he exhibited in high and low hurdles and weights last spring shows him to be a sure choice on the 1930 team. ' FATn " Oelkers 192 Chalaron, Arnold, Stolley, Matthews, Allenburger Cheer Leaders Cheering, that seemingly essential accessory of football games, reached an unusually high point at Tulane this year. Bruno Stolley and Gladys Matthews were varsity leader and Newcomb leader, respectively, with F. J. Chalaron, Clinton Arnold and Allenburger as assistants. Stolley and Miss Matthews accompanied the team to Georgia and played an important part in the Wave ' s defeat of the Bulldogs. All four of the cheer leaders were present at the game with Louisiana State and again played an important part, but this time they were useful as amusement for the crowd because there was no necessity for cheering. A new method of seating in the stands was adopted this year, members of the Freshman Class being scattered throughout the stands instead of sitting in a body. Another effort at organization of the cheerers resulted in the forma- tion of a Rooters ' Club which ended a successful season with several hundred members. ' 9J TENNIS Tulane ' s most potent sports ambassador of the school year 1928- 1929 was the tennis team. Guided by the accurate head of Mercer Beasley, the Green court squad swept through a hard schedule vith but one nick and its brightest stars closed up the season by sifting through the South ' s best and leaving every Southern intercollegiate honor right on our own courts. One by one teams fell before the brilliant lobs and smashes from Tulane rackets. Grinnell sent a game aggregation all the way from Iowa and all it drew was a tie in one match. Tulane won five. Cliff Sutter put a 6-+- 6-0 K.O. on Coggershall, the lowans ' captain and star. " Dooky " Bayon, Philip Bayon and Bob Wehr- mann all won their singles matches. Bayon and Sutter easily took one doubles match, while Parker and O ' Kelley deadlocked in theirs. The Greenie netmen invaded Atlanta and came home with Geor- gia Tech ' s scalp. Drake fell next. Tuscaloosa was the scene of a big killing, of which the University of Alabama tennis team was victim. After " Dooky " Bayon had skinned through a first set with Little, the Alabama ace, 7-5, he got down to business and walloped the Crimson star with ease. Sutter whaled another ' Bama star, Oschmann, in straight sets. Phil Bayon and Bob Wehrmann won the other singles and a Sutter-Dinwiddie and Bayon-Bayon com- bination took the doubles matches. Bayon, Coach Beasley, Sutter 194 TENNIS It happens that Tulane has no stars yet rated hy the National f.awn Tennis Association and Texas University has two — Berkeley Bell and Bruce Barnes. Bell rates eleventh on the N. L. T. A. list and Barnes somewhat further down the line. Sutter withered before Bell ' s drives and Bayon fell prey to Barnes, though he was a tough mouthful. There were other good Texans to take care of Phil Bayon and George Dinwiddle in both singles and doubles. Barnes and Bell just did manage to win over Sutter and Bayon in what was about the best doubles match seen on Tulane courts in years. Tulane jumped back into the winning again with a decisive victory over Southwestern at Lafayette. Morning rains slowed the courts and lessened the effectiveness of the drives of Bob Wehrmann and Herbert Parker too much to make the day a clean sweep. For the second successive year Tulane was host to the Southern Intercollegiate Tennis Tour- nament. Some ten or a dozen Southern institutions sent teams to reach for crowns. The mighty Donald Cram of Vanderbilt, singles titleholder, bowed in the semi-finals as did Feuer of Florida, his opponent in the finals of last year. Sutter and Bayon made extra sure that Tulane would have the singles honor for the year. They met in a hot game in the finals and Cliff took the laurel wreath. This same pair smashed and drove through all doubles competition and won that crown too. Tulane now reigns supreme on Southern courts. Mercer Beasley, who pointed the way to Tulane supremacy, has contracted to be with the Greenie net team for two more years at least. Nearly every star of last year is back and it looks like repeated glory. Standing: Dikwiddie, Rosenberg, Bavon ' Brown, O ' Kelley Kneeling: Wehrmann, Sutter, Parker, Walshe 195 Coach Bank, McCloskey, Theriot, Pizzano, Meri- wether, Haas, Gessner, Manager. Boxing entered Tulane ' s athletic portals on a vave of popularity in 1929. T%vo meets were held with L. S. U., the Greenies winning both, and the team of five men captured third place for the Olive and Blue at the con- ference tournament in Charlottesville, Va. Jerome " Red " Haas came back from " Old A ' irginny " Avith the title of Intercollegiate Middleweight Champion of the South. The Tulane boxer battled his way through the preliminary rounds to a victory in the finals. Darwin Fenner and Bill Meriwether reached the semi- finals in the welter-weight and light-weight classes, re- spectiveb ' . Captain Jack Pizzano was eliminated in the quarter finals of the light-heavyweight tourney on a close decision, while " Buster " Theriot lost out in the light- , veight class. ' k - Captain Pizzano •Red " Haas The 1930 team, coached by Ted Bank, opened the season just as the Jambalaya went to press by winning five out of seven matches from Clemson. The per- sonnel of the team is: Captain Jack Pizzano, heavy- weight and S. A. A. U. middle-weight champion; Jack Holland, light-heavyweight; " Red " Haas, ' middle- weight; Roy Theriot, welterweight; " Buster " Theriot, lightweight; Henry Menge, featherweight; " Pee Wee " Thompson, bantamweight. WRESTLING Tulane did not put a team in the intercollegiate wrestling field in 1929, but Myrtus Mangum captured the S. A. A. U. heavyweight title. ■iiS 196 Golf at Tulane during 1929 was at the lowest ebb it has been for some time. There were no dual meets, but George Bush ably represented Tulane in the Southern Conference tournament, reach- mg the semi-finals. There are several good golfers who will be eligible for the team this year and these with Bush should give Tulane a fine team for 1030. c J FENCING Nineteen hundred and twenty-nine saw fencing for the first time at Tulane. The team was coached by Dr. Keith Kahn, a fencer well above the average. Several of the Tulane team entered the S. A. A. U. matches and succeeded in capturing second and third places in the Junior foils and third in the Seniors. Although only one dual match was held, that with Alabama, and although the Crimson fencers were victorious, the individual matches were very close. The Greenies displayed promising material and with a little experience plus a more thorough grounding in form will prove a dangerous foe for all future opponents. Caotain Lien- hard and Leon Hubert are exceptionally good with the foils and with more experienced teammates than last season they ought to make a fine showing this year. 197 U0CK1Z TEAM Ne H comb Athletics The Athletic Department of Newcomb College is gradually enlarging its program of sports to cover a wider range of inter-mural activities. The year ' s schedule of events shows this tendency vi ' ith the Progressive Tennis Tea opening the season and Newcomb ball, volley ball and Newcomb basketball following close upon each other until mid-term. During this time, too, supervised instruction in bowling, ping-pong. RACING . — — ■ fencing, archery, horseshoe is given. The hikes which occur frequently throughout the year tend to promote friendliness and fellowship among the students. The second term opens with the fast gams of hockey, then Spalding basketball, voted by the entire student body as the most popular sport and in ] Iarch is gym night, an exhibition held under the auspices of the Department of Physical Education under the management of ] Iiss Lucy Richardson, and in which the four classes par- 198 FACULTY VS. ARSI I -1 ticipate. The gaiety of the occasion is increased by class stunts and clowns who amuse the spectators. Baseball is the next major event, and running parallel with it are the tournaments of the various minor sports. The swimming meet in May is always a spectacular and interesting event and this major sport, under the careful training of Miss Malone, is brought to a stirring finale. The track meet in the spring is a gala occasion, as it is not only an exhibition of physical prowess, but SWIMMING POOL also a general gathering of the Seniors from all the high schools in New Orleans who are invited to visit the college on that day. There is a varsity-alumnae tennis tournament, a faculty-varsity baseball game, always an amusing event, and finally Trophy Day, the closing of the athletic season. Whenever possible, the department endeavors to combine the athletic with the social side of each sport. The tennis tea in the beginning of the vear is held a a 199 splendid means of promoting friendliness among new and old students on the campus. In the Archery-Croquet-Horseshoe Coffee the same plan is evident. On Trophy Day all awards are based upon the point system which was intro- duced at Newcomb in 1922 by Miss Florence Smith, acting head of the department. The system is arranged in such a manner that a person may obtain points for par- ticipating in all sports, and even if she is unable to make any team, her efforts are rewarded. The idea is that each person shall be recognized in proportion to her effort. A member of a squad and the first and second teams in all sports receives 35, 40 and 45 points, respectively. Points in minor sports vary between 10 and 25 points. The various individual awards within the system are: An official Newcomb " N " for a score of 700 points, a sweater for 1,300 points and a blanket for 2,ooo points. A silver " N " is awarded to any Senior who has made 1,600 points or over, pro- viding she is ineligible to receive a blanket. Also a regular Senior who has made 1,200 points may receive a sweater on recommendation of the Newcomb Athletic Council and the Faculty Athletic Council. For winners in the tournaments of the minor sports, individual bronze medals are given. A cup is awarded to the class scor- ing the highest number of points in the annual Field Day, aside from the individual Field Day cup and ribbons. As an outgrowth of the point system the wearers of the Newcomb letter formed in 1925 the " N " Club, which has as its purpose the pro- motion of athletics at the college. With an ever-increasing interest in athletics at Newcomb and with constant addi- tions and revisions being made regarding the equipment, the Newcomb Athletic De- partment has a true and worthy motto in " a sport for every girl ; every girl in a sport. " O THE SMiss Edith ' orris iMiss Frances barlow 3Vliss Frances Qleveland iMiss T eane McClelland Miss Odile Simpson SMiss Elizabeth Holt Miss Margaret Qalhoun Miss Mary %hodes Miss Ida %ittenberg SMiss Edith ISlprris c5Wi55 Frances barlow 3Aiss Frances Qleveland iss Tfeane McClelland SMiss Odile Simpson iss Elizabeth Holt iss Margaret Qalhoun iss SMary %hode$ iss Ida. %ittenberg PEROT SAYS: shall not sigh that we are not immortal, That in so brief a time our lives are sped, All loveliness we ' ve known shall live eternal. And these things shall not die though we be dead: Friendship and kindliness, loving and giv- ing. First blush of tulip on the spring green lawn And trees and lights of night and seas of living. Bright everchanging color and the dawn. And still shall wind-swept rain drench other faces. There will be singing though we sing no more. In strange, unseen, undreamed of, far-off places Still shall the green waves lisp against the shore. There will be Life and Laughter, Stars and Sun, And Beauty shall not die. Oh Lovely One! Academic TULANE Phi Kappa Sigma Pi Kappa Alpha Kappa Alpha Sigma Chi Alpha Tau Omega Sigma Nu Kappa Sigma Delta Tal; Delta Phi Delta Theta Sigma Alpha Epsilov Delta Kappa Epsilon ' Beta Theta Pi Zeta Beta Tau Delta Sigma Phi Sigma Pi Sigma Alpha Mu Kappa Nu Pi Kappa Phi Sigma Iota Sigma Phi Epsilon Lambda Pi:i Sigma Phi Delta Arthuriaks Newcomb Pi Beta Phi Alpha Omicron Pi Chi Omega Kappa Kappa Gamma Phi Mu Alpha Delta Pi Kappa Alpha Theta Alpha Epsilon Phi Zeta Tau Alpha Beta Phi Alpha Beta Sigma Omicrox Phi Chi Alpha Kappa Kappa Theta Kappa Psi Nu Sigma Nu Professional Phi Rho Sigma Phi Delta Epsilon Phi Lambda Kappa Alpha Epsilon Iota Kappa Psi Phi Delta Phi Phi Alpha Delta Alpha Chi Sigma Honorary Alpha Omega Alpha Alpha Sigma Sigma Phi Phi White Elephants Kappa Kappa Psi Owl Club Pathogens Beta Gamma Sigma Phi Beta Kappa Gargolye L ' Apache Square and Compass Thirteen Clue " T " Club 215 2l6 Tulane Pan Helleeic Couiecil Officers Dr. Melvin J. White Chairman W. P. Hagerty Secretary Edward H. Gessner Treasurer Charles Kohlmeyer Cliauinan of Ictwilies Commillee W. Hamer O ' Kelley Chairman of Grievance Commillee M. J. Epley Chairman of Rules Committee Members of the Council First Column Armstrong Allen K 2 H. Anders 2 II Dick Baumbach A 2 I N. J. Bender 2 E Oscar Blitz K N Third Column R. Hardie ATA H. C. Keith K 2 Harry Kelleher A K E Charles KohLiMeyer Z B T Jack Levy ZBT P. Little 2AE Second Column Leigh Carroll 2 X I. CoHN 2AM C. W. Dreyfus 2AM Edward Gessner E A 9 Philip Gidiere 2 N J. V. Gresham, Jr. . . ' . . . . B 9 n Fourth Coluimi Elmer Massey . . A T fi Martin L. Matthews . . . . . K A R. B. Melun . . K 2 Sidney Parlongue . . . . . . n K A Robert R. Rainold . . . . . A T fi E. B. Robichaux, Jr. . . . . . n K Fiftli Column A. R. Thompson II K Ronald Wise $ A 9 Norton Wisdom A K E W. F. Woods, Jr 2 A E Fred Youngs 2 N Picture Not Ix Panel John Cotton n K A W. P. Hagerty 2 X Hamer O ' Kelley ATA M. J. Epley K 2 Woollen Walshe B 9 n Alex Bisso A2 I Alvin Day ... P. Savoy A2 J R. Butaud 2 n S. Shushan 2AM Morris Bodenger K X J. J. Morrisson 2 E George Frilot, Jr A A 217 21 8 Phi Kappa Sigma Founded University of Pennsylvania. 185c. Mu Chapter Bstablhhcd 1858 Fratres in Facultate RiCHARU Ray Kirk Dr. Charles L. Brown Dr. Andrew Friedrichs Dr. Sam Hobson Fratres in Universitate First Column William Backer, ' 33 Alvin ' Bond, ' 33 Edward Booth, ' 33 Edward N. Breen, ' 31 I. P. BuRDINE, ' 31 Ansel M. Caine, Jr., ' 31 W. A. Caine, ' 33 Second Column Albert Claverie, ' 33 Maumus Claverie, ' 31 William E. Cox, Jr., ' 31 Eugene Dours, ' 33 Daniel Fleming, ' 33 Fifth Coliunn Third Column Frank Henry, ' 33 John Hogan, ' 33 Warum Holbrook, ' 31 Rudolph Holzer, ' 33 Marion J. Hulsey, Jr., ' 31 J. M. Johnson, ' 33 Warren Jung, ' 31 Fourth Column Baptiste Jung, ' 33 Henry C. Keith, Jr., ' 31 Phillips D. Lewis, ' 30 Lawrence J. Martin, ' 31 Earle Mathes, ' 33 Roland B. Melun, ' 30 Clarence Morrow, ' 32 Charles O ' Neill, ' 32 J. K. Riess, ' 33 Vance M. Strange, ' 32 Clinton. Wallis, ' 33 Mackey White, ' 31 Wayne B. Amis, John Fisk, ' 33 33 Picture Not In Panel Sidney F. Lewis IU, ' 31 w. p. lodrigues, ' 33 John Mullen, ' 32 Edward Tschirn, ' 33 219 Pi Kappa Alpha Founded, University of Virginia, 1868. Eta Chapter Establis ied 1878 Dr. Octave Cassegkain Dr. John A. Lanford Fratres in Facultate Stuart G. Noble James M. Robert Dr. Robert Strong C. S. Williamson, Jr. Fratres in Universitate First Column Dildy M. Austin, ' 30 Donald Brian, ' 31 John F. Bussfv, ' 30 Louis S. Charbonnet, ' 30 Charles Collins, ' 30 Sefojid Column Harvey Colvin, ' 32 Harry Duke, ' 33 Elmo Edwards, ' 33 Brian Faircloth, ' 32 John Fasterling, ' 33 J. A. Ferry ' , ' 32 Fifth Column Third Column JacI; Fisher, ' 32 R. B. Gallegly, Jr., ' 31 J. E. Granade, ' 31 DuREL Landry, ' 33 William Leake, ' 33 John T. Lewis, ' 31 Fourtli Column Lewis Long, ' 33 Charles Lorenzen, ' 33 Clifford R. Mays, ' 30 John F. McCormick, ' 32 T. F. Miller, ' 32 Rene de Montluzin, ' 33 Brown Moore, ' 32 Sydney J. Parlongue, ' 30 Jas. M. Robert, Jr., ' 31 W. A. Shale, ' 31 C. S. Williamson III, ' 32 Charles Chamberlain, ' 31 John M. Cotton, ' 30 H. B. Cottrell, ' 31 Elson M. Delaune, ' 32 Clifford Dell, ' 33 Picture Not In Panel Charles Frederick, ' 31 G. C. Furman, ' 30 Harry Hellie, ' 31 Stanhope King, Jr., ' 31 Harold Lemmon, ' 33 Joel J. McCook, ' 31 John M. Moseley, ' Lee Nesbitt, ' 33 D. B. Searcy, ' 32 A. G. Ward, ' 31 RussEL Welch, ' 32 a Founded Washington and Lee University, 1865. Psi Chapter Established in 1SS6 Dr. David S. Blackshear Dr. H. E. Buchanan Fratres in Facultate Dr. Emmett L. Irwin Dr. Pierre J. Kahle Dr. Henry Laurens Dr. Robert Sharp Dr. James Winsto.v Fratres in Universitate First Column J. D. Anderson, ' 33 Conrad Berdon, ' 30 Cartwright Eustis III, ' 31 Thomas Fatherree, ' 32 Charles P. Fenner, Jr., ' 31 Edward Ferry, ' 33 Second Column Thomas W. Ford, Jr., ' 33 Pete Fowler, ' 33 Philip Gensler, ' 30 Prentis Grey ' , ' 30 Alex. Hamilton, Jr., ' 30 William Hardie, ' 33 T ' iird Column H. N. Harrison, Jr., ' 31 Ambrose Hertzog, ' 30 Ralph Hopkins, Jr., ' 31 John R. Jenkins, Jr., ' 30 Harrison Jordan, ' 32 Reichard Kahle, ' 30 Fouiili Column Richard Kehoe, ' 33 RoBT. C. Kemp, Jr., ' 31 Edward Matthews, ' 33 Martin L. Matthews, ' 30 Wm. G. Meriwether, ' 31 Jack McCausland, ' 32 Fifth Column J. E. McNair, Jr., ' 31 Allison Miller, ' 33 Charles Monsted, ' 32 Cecil Mortimer, ' 33 Fred M. Odom II, ' 31 Francis Payne, ' 33 Sixth Column Morgan L. Shaw, ' 31 Norwood Spicer, ' 33 Wm. Ogden Vennard, ' 31 Richard Williams, ' 31 Dick Williams, ' 30 James W. Witherspoon, ' 33 William P. Clark, ' 30 Picture Not In Panel Jasper Shealy, ' 33 James White, ' 30 223 224 .;2 v. Founded, Miami University, 1855. Alpha Omicron Chapter Established 1886 Dr. G. K. Logan Fratres in Facultate Dr. p. a. McIlhenny Dr. V. C. Smith Dr. E. D. Fekner Fr. ' tres in Universitate First Column Berry Bow.man, ' 33 Hardin- Braxch, ' 33 L. J. Bristow, ' 31 Wood Brown, ' 30 J. W. Burke, ' 3--, Second Column E. G. Cailleteau, ' 33 Leigh Carroll, ' 31 hutson colcock, ' 30 J. S. Desporte, ' 32 Frank Dornak, ' 30 Third Column b. f. eshleman, ' 31 David Eustis, ' 32 W. L. FiTTS III, ' 33 H. M. Flory, Jr., ' 30 Fourth Column W. P. Hagerty, ' 31 Jimmy Higginbotham, ' 33 D. W. Jacobus, ' 33 Gaston Lanaux, Jr., ' 32 H. C. Leake, ' 31 Fiftli Column James E. Moise, ' 33 Clyde V. Ratcliff, Jr., ' 33 Herbert Shilstone, Jr., ' 32 C. R. Walters, ' 33 J. D. Youman, ' 30 George C. Drane, ' 33 NoLLiE Felts, ' 33 C. A. Hartung, ' 33 Picture Not In Panel W. D. King, ' 33 P. A. Lelong, ' 31 Florian Lopez, ' 32 Charles McVea, ' 33 C. L. Young, ' 32 225 226 Alpha Tau Omega Founded, Virginia Military Ini-litule, 1865. Beta Epsilon Chapter Eslahtislird 18S7 Nathan C. Curtis Dr. Allan C. Eustis Fratres in Facultate Frederick C. Hard Dr. C. L. Eshleman Dr. R. C. Lynch Dr. Randolph Lyons Fratres in Universitate First Colunm Third Column Joseph Allen, ' 31 Charles Henriques, ' 30 Joseph Beasley, ' 32 Eugene Jenkins, ' 33 F. J. Chalaron, Jr., ' 33 Edmond LeBreton, ' 33 Calvert de Coligny, ' 32 Priestly Leverich, ' 33 Charles Ehlert, ' 30 Elmer Massey, ' 31 Hardin Ellis, ' 33 Buford Myers, ' 33 Mallory v. Morgan, ' 3 Second Column Thomas Ellis, ' 33 Ernest Eustis, ' 32 Ellsworth French, ' 33 James Gillis, ' 31 William Gilmer, ' 31 William Gladney, ' 30 Gilbert Greene, ' 31 FourtJi Colum7i Frank Ogden, ' 30 Morris Popkins, ' 31 Robert Rainold, ' 30 Thomas Ramsey, ' 31 James Reade, ' 31 Rudolph Schulze, ' 33 Read Sherwood, ' 30 Fifth Column Eugene Simon, ' 33 Leslie Simonton, ' 32 Edwin Stoutz, ' 32 Joseph Swanson, ' 33 Page Tharp, ' 32 John Weed, ' 33 227 228 Sigma Nu Founded Virginia Military Institute, 1869. Beta Phi Chapter Established iSSS Dr. E. E. Allgeyer P ' ratres in Facultate Dr. John ' McBrvde C. E. Dunbar Dr. George Hardin Fratres in, Universitate First Column Harry F. Allen, ' 33 Neal L. Andrews, ' 30 Landin C. Arnim, ' 30 Cecil E. Bergstedt, ' 32 Robert C. Day-, ' 32 Harold C Dietlein, ' 33 Second Column Daniel D. Ewing, Jr. , ' 33 Walter J. Fountain, 1 J J Joseph Y. Fontenoi, ' 33 L. Austin Fokien ' ot ' 33 Fra.nklin Gardiner, ' 30 Philip Gidiere, ' 32 Fifth Coluin Third Column William Harrell, ' 30 Webster McBryde, ' 30 Kalford K. Miazza, ' 33 Gerald Miazza, ' 31 J. Walter Neal, ' 33 Gladstone Phillips, ' 33 Fourth Column Homer Potter, ' 37 Clifford P. Powell, ' 30 Herbert G. Purcell, ' 33 George W. Robinson, ' 30 Charles S. Sen tell, ' 30 David C. Swearingen, ' 30 Walter W. Baker, ' 33 Gerald Dalrymple, ' 33 Charles J. Edwards, ' 33 Ralph J. Talbot, ' 30 Vernon L. Terrell, ' 30 James Trunzler, ' 30 Joseph H. Wallis, ' 33 Horatio C. Weston, ' 30 Frederic Youngs, ' 31 Picture Not In Panel Eric Guilbeau, ' 33 Jack McBryde, ' 31 James P. Moore, ' 33 John J. Read, ' 33 Ross J. Stroble, ' 33 Robert M. Simonton, 33 229 , ::» ITS! ' ' - ' _ W 230 )ca angina Founded University of Virginia, 1867. Sigma Chapter Eslabtis jcd l88g Dr. M. J. White Dr. Edmond Faust Fratres in Facultate Ted Co. - Dr. Fred Fenne Dr. a. N. Houston Dr. E. L. King Frederick H. Fox Fratres in Universitate First Column Milton Adams, ' 30 Armstrong Allen, ' 31 Clinton H. Arnold, ' 32 Jesse Bardin, ' 33 Second Column Van Pelt Bigcar, ' 33 Thomas Connolly, ' 33 E. H. Countiss, ' 31 William de Remus, ' 31 Marion J. Epley, Jr., ' 30 Charles F. Bailey, ' 30 Richard Bankston, ' 33 Kenneth Blue, ' 33 Frank A. Brewer, ' 30 Robert Foster, ' 33 Third Column Ben Habans, ' 33 L. W. Hall, ' 30 E. T. Huthnance, ' 33 l. t. kuhner, ' 33 Austin Lewis, ' 33 Fourth Column John A. Lewis, Jr., ' 32 John McLeod, ' 33 Hugh McPhail, ' 33 George H. Pitts, ' 31 Armand Reixach, 33 Fifth Column Victor L. Roy, Jr., ' 31 Thos. R. Sartor, Jr., ' 32 Charles E. Thompson, ' 31 Charles E. Webb, ' 30 Picture Not In Panel Walter B. Gordy, ' 31 Robert C. Hills, ' 32 James Kepper, ' 33 James Konrad, ' 33 Elmo P. Lee, Jr., ' 31 Joseph G. McKinnon, ' 32 William H. Mouton, ' 31 Fulton Neal, ' 33 Earl Tombs, ' 33 E.mory West, ' 33 232 -say Delta Tau Delta Founded Bethany College, 1858. Beta Xi Chapter Eslahtishrd 8Sq Dr. J. P. O ' Kf.lley Fratres in Facultate Dr. Pierce Butler Dr. S. C. Jamison Fratres in, Universitate First Column G. G. Abernathy, ' 33 A. C. Andry, Jr., ' 31 George Bott, ' 33 Hugh. Brister, ' 31 Cecil Burneit, ' 30 Second Column Lawrence Burt, ' 33 Leonard Collins, ' 33 Ervin Cooper, ' 33 Byard Edwards, ' 33 Norton England, ' 33 Earl Evans, ' 30 Third Column Shelby Friedrichs, ' 33 Howard Gleason, ' 33 Jack Harding, 32 Robert Hardie, ' 30 W. E. Kittredce, ' 30 William Koonce, ' 33 rourth Column John J. Lienhard, ' 32 Preston St. Martin, ' 33 E. M. McCarroll, ' 31 A. Earle Moore, ' 30 J. H. Morrison, ' 31 Hamer O ' Kei.ley, ' 31 F ' ijl]i Column L. D. O ' Kelley, ' 31 James Percy, ' 33 C. NoRRis Ray, ' 33 W. P. Richardson, ' 33 Richard Whitten, ' 33 233 M . 234 i l Phi Delta Theta Founded Miami University, 1848. Louisiana Alpha Chapter Estahlislu-d iSSq Dr. R. Ashman Dr. C. W. Duval Dr. H. B. Gessner Fratres in Facultate Dk. T- H. Guthrie Dr. R. C. Harris Fratres in Universitate Firsi Column Edwin Barlow, ' 33 Charles Cassiov, ' 33 James Gather, ' 33 Robert Cooper, ' 33 T. J. Cunningham, ' 33 Lowell Dawson, ' 32 Second Column George Dooge, ' 32 Robert Gaston, ' 32 Hugh Evans, ' 31 Randolph Feltus, ' 32 James Fitzgerald, ' 32 Edward Gessner, ' 31 Third Column John Glover, ' 31 Paul Gorham, ' 33 Walter Guion, ' 33 Warren Hebert, ' 30 DoYLESs Hill, ' 33 Paul Hogan, ' 33 Dr. II. E. Miller Dr. a. Ochsner Dr. F. W. Phillips Fourth Column Ogden Fafave, ' 33 George Lilly, ' 31 Robert Link, Jr., ' 31 Robert Mack, ' 32 Elmer McCance, ' 31 John O ' Connor, ' 33 Fifth Column George Pratt, ' 33 W. W. Rainer III, ' 32 Jesse Rainwater, ' 32 Godfrey Regan, ' 31 O. J. Reiss, ' 33 Charles Rucker, ' 31 Sixth Column FRANk Smith, ' 32 Charles Stewart, ' 30 Frank Stewart, ' 32 Pierre Thibaut, ' 30 Wesley " Thompson, ' 30 Ronald Wise, ' 30 Charles Gambel, ' 31 David Gernon, ' 32 Picture Not In Panel Burton Hebert, ' 32 Paul Hemenway " , ' 32 James Hodgins, ' 33 235 236 gm a Founded University of Alabanna, 1856. Louisiana Tau Upsilon Chapter Established i8c)7 Donald Derickson Fratres in Facultate C. B. Dicks Dr. J. A. Lyon Dr. John Prati Fratres in Universitate First Column Dudley Atkinson, ' 33 Joe Barham, ' 30 Herman Busch, ' 32 Henry Busch, ' 32 Alston Callahan, ' 33 Bricman Craft, ' 32 Second Column j. w. dowlinc, ' 33 Herndon Fair, ' 30 J. V. Ferguson, ' 31 Bill Fisher, ' 30 Waller Fowler, Jr., ' 30 Sidney Gelpi, ' 33 Tliird Column Lionel Gottschalk, Jr., ' 32 John D. Henderson, ' 30 Tom Jackson, ' 33 Gordon Johnson, ' 30 J. P. Little, ' 31 Fourl i Column Frank Maury, ' 30 Ralph Percell, ' 31 Carl Stroud, ' 30 Will Tuller, ' 32 James Vallon, ' 32 W. C. Vincent, ' 31 Scott Flower, Jr., ' 31 Ralph Hamilton, ' 31 W. C. LiTTELL, ' 31 Fifth Column C. N. Wahl, ' 33 J. O. Weilbaecher, ' 30 M. H. Wetherill, ' 31 G. N. Williams, ' 30 Wm. F. Woods, Jr., ' 30 Jules A. Yokum, ' 3; Picture Not In Panel George Newton, ' 33 Richard Shaw, ' 31 J. T. Shell, ' 30 Drew Smith, ' 33 Perry Thomas, ' 30 Robert L. WooDcock, 237 238 Founded Yale College, 1844. Tau Lambda Chapter Establis inl Sqq Fratres in Universitate First Column Paul Baird, ' 30 William Bell, ' 31 Charles Chavigny, ' 33 Paul Cooke, ' 31 Pardue Geren, ' 32 Second Column Harry Glover, ' 32 Robert Hughes, ' 30 Leonard Isacks, ' 33 Edward Jahncke, ' 30 Robert Jo rdan, ' 33 Harry Kelleher, ' 30 Third Column Allen King, ' 31 Monroe Labouisse, ' 32 Ladislas Lazaro, Jr., ' 32 Bernard McCloskey, ' 30 Jos. McCloskey ' , Jr., ' 32 Edward McGehee, Jr., ' 30 Fourth Column 31 Henry ' Mence, John Monroe, ' 31 Ulisse Nolan, ' 32 DuBOSE Saint, ' 30 Harry " Souchon, ' 3 King Stubbs, ' 31 Willis Banker, ' 30 Theodore Bethea, ' 30 Ellis Bostick, ' 30 Frank Brunson, ' 33 FiftJi Column Clagett Upton, ' 33 Henry ' Wehrmann, ' 30 Hugh Whatley ' , ' 31 John Whatley, ' 30 Norton Wisdom, ' 30 Picture Not Ix Panel George Bush, ' 31 Benjamin Dawkins, ' 32 Alan Devlin, ' 33 Ashton Hardie, ' 33 John Holland, ' 31 John McIntosh, ' 33 Guy Stubbs, ' 30 23 5 24° Founded Miami University, 1839. Beta Xi Chapter Established Q08 Dr. W. p. Bradburn Dr. F. E. Lejeune Dr. Charles J. Bloom First Column F. X. Armstrong, ' 30 F. C. Barr, ' 30 Elwood Clay, ' 33 Frank Dameron, ' 32 . F. H. Davis, ' 30 H. D. DeBuys, ' 32 Fourth Column Fratres in Facultate W. B. Pipkin Dr. Roy de la Houssaye Fratres in Universitate Second Column W. H. FiTZPATRicK, ' 32 H. D. Ford, ' 30 T. L. Gardner, ' 30 J. V. Gresham, Jr., ' 31 Lloyd Guy, ' 33 Dr. Muir Bradburn Sumpter D. Marks, Jr. D. H. Theard Third Column Robert Higdon, ' 33 N. R. Howard, ' 31 Charles Hume, ' 33 P. E. James, ' 31 A. E. Jastram, ' 31 W. C. Keenan, Jr., ' 31 John Kelleher, ' 33 C. B. Kennedy, ' 30 W. M. Light, ' 31 D. W. Light, Jr., ' 30 Fifth Column M. G. Lynch, ' 30 G. F. Macdiarmid, ' 32 Fred Matthews, ' 33 W. E. Matthews, ' 30 J. G. Menville, ' 30 Sixth Column Ernest Mercer, ' 33 P. Albert Moore, ' 33 W. F. Penney, ' 32 W. C. Rivenbark, ' 32 Cornelius Schneidau, ' 33 Seventh Column T. F. Seeuws, ' 30 Bruce Sharp, ' 33 DeSha Simms, ' 33 J. R. Theriot, Jr., ' 30 George Webb, ' 33 Don Zimmerman, ' 33 M. M. Bayon, ' 31 H. F. DeBuys, ' 31 J. F. DeBuys, ' 32 Picture Not In Panel M. L. DE LA Houssaye, ' 31 Perry Eastman, ' 33 Frank Huntress, ' 33 John Kerr, ' 33 C. S. Sutter, ' 32 W. H. Walshe, ' 31 241 I — " Ill III I 2 Z Zeta Beta Tau Founded Jewish Theological Seminary, 189S. Sigma Chapte r Established igoQ Fratres in Universitate First Column Third Column Leonard Cohen, ' 33 Lazar Cohen, ' 31 Theodore Dennery, ' 31 Henry Flonacher, Jr., ' 33 B. M. Friedman, ' 32 Second Column Sylvian Gamm, ' 31 J. S. Gross, ' 32 Simon Herold, ' 33 Stanford Hyman, ' 31 S. G. Jacobs, ' 32 Chas. Kohlmeyer, Jr., ' 31 Charles Kottwitz, ' 31 Paul Levy, ' 31 Jack Levy, ' 30 Walter Lurie, ' 31 Fourth Column Harry- Meyer, ' 30 David Norman, ' 30 " Louis Ochs, Jr., ' 32 A. C. Rosenberg, ' 31 Edward Silverstein, ' 31 Fifth Column Melvin Steiner, ' 33 Charles Titche, Jr., ' 33 Leon Weil, ' 32 Walter Weil, Jr., ' 33 Sol Weiss, jr., ' 33 Louis Bodenheimer, ' 31 Sam Herold, ' 31 Jimmy Heymann, ' 33 Kenneth Kahn, ' 31 Julian Keller, ' 30 Picture Not In Panel Ralph Kern, ' 33 Wm. B. Kohlman, Jr., ' 32 Loris Levy, ' 33 Samuel Nelken, ' 33 Raoul Rosenthal, ' 31 Irving Seligmann, ' 32 Louis Schwartz, Jr., ' • Bernard Stern, ' 31 Max Turk, ' 31 Julian Uhry-, ' 33 243 244 Sigma Jriii Founded New York College, 1899. Chi Chapter Eslahlishcd J()i6 Frater in Facultate C. G. Jaeger Fratres in Universitate First Column Tliird Column Morris Baker, ' 32 William Barrow, ' 32 Richard Baumeach, ' 30 James Brewer, ' 30 Fred Brewer, ' 32 Joseph Brierre, ' 31 Second Column Urbain Burvant, ' 31 Paul Colvin, ' 30 Malcolm Furlow, ' 33 William Garland, ' 33 Isaac George, ' 30 Carlos Hamilton, ' 33 FiftJi Column Julian Humphrey, ' 32 A. Y. Jennings, ' 33 Nathaniel Knight, ' 31 Merkl Lagarde, ' 33 Otto Lind, ' 33 Doyle Magee, ' 32 Fourth Column Adolph Menuet, Jr., Jules Mereaux, ' 33 Leonce Newman, ' 32 Charles Odom, ' 33 Lee O ' Pry, ' 30 John Pizzano, ' 31 Lloyd Roberts, ' Hillrie Rouse, ' Preston Savoy, ' John Sorrells, Austin Tatum, Alfred Theriot, 31 ' 31 ' 31 ' 33 ' 31 ' 30 30 Alexander Bisso, ' 31 Robert Brehm, ' 33 Richard Gerard, ' 33 Picture Not In Panel Edward Herpick, ' 33 Hermann Meyers, ' 33 Guy Odom, ' 33 Jack Price, ' 30 Hugh Vinsen, ' 33 245 Sigma Pi Founded Vincennes University, 1S97. Omicron Chapter Eslahthhcd jq20 Fratres in Facultate Dr. E. a. Bechtel Dr. D. C. Browne Fratres in Universitate rirst Column Third Column D. H. Allen, ' 32 S. B. Christensen, ' 32 David J. Anders, ' 30 J. S. Herring, ' 33 Harry N. Anders, ' 33 W. W. Knight, ' 31 Charles Bascum Mason, ' 32 J. H. Larose, ' 33 C. B. Mason, ' 32 Second Column Merriel Beck, ' 30 " " ' ' Z ' Colmnn R. N. Blaise, ' 33 R. C. McDowell, ' 31 F. T. Boudreau, ' 30 Paul Renken, ' 31 R. S. Butaud, ' 31 Clyde R. Ross, ' 33 T. R. Simpson, ' 31 riftli Column W. S. Slaughter, ' 32 Clifford Storey, ' 30 Theodore Jacques, ' 33 L. L. M ' right, ' 30 Picture Not In Panel Larkin K. Mason, ' 33 T. M. Oxford, ' 31 Claiborne B. Robertson, " 31 W. W. Patrick, ' 31 247 248 Foiiiuletl College of the City of New York, 1909. Sigma Gamma Chapter Eslablislird ig20 Fratres in Universitate First Column Second Column Harold Bonart, ' 33 Nat Greenblatt, ' 33 Irving H. Cohn, ' 32 Harry Haas, ' 33 Clifton W. Dreyfus, ' 30 Edward D. Levy, ' 31 Third Column Leon Mintz, ' 32 Bernard Moses, ' 33 Arthur Radlauer, ' 31 Fourth Column Zachary Romeo, ' 33 Arthur Sheinuk, ' 33 Shepard Shushan, ' 32 Picture Not In Panel Samuel Lang, ' 30 Harry Orlov, ' 32 AiiRiAN Zander, ' 32 249 250 Kappa Nu Fouiuled Rochester University, lyii. Sigma Chapter Estahlishcii ig22 Frater in Facultate Dr. N. H. Polmer Fratres in Universitate Virsi Column Second Column Samuel Barkoff, ' 33 Sidney Goldman, ' 32 Samuel Balofskv, ' 32 Jesse Levy, ' 32 Oscar Blitz, ' 31 Robert Segal, ' 31 Samuel Shinbaum, ' 3 ' Tliud Column Sidney Singer, ' 33 George Wienberg, ' 31 Beryl Wolfson, ' 33 Picture Not Ix Panel Morris Bodenger, ' 31 David Drezinski, ' 30 251 L . »:i u. 252 Foiirulecl Charleston College, 1904. Alpha Beta Chapter Eslahlislicd ig2S Frater in Facultate G. B. Hasty Fratres in Universitate First Column P. Addison, ' 31 W. W. Armistead, ' 33 J. B. BiRDWELL, ' 31 W. E. Brogan, ' 33 B. R. BURGOVNE, ' 31 Second Column A. F. Caraway, ' 32 Edward Norris, ' 33 H. EuBANKS, ' 33 G. S. Hopkins, ' 31 W. A. Howard, ' 32 Tlurd Column W. G. Jones, ' 31 V. T. McCoy, ' 33 L. A. Micas, ' 33 H. D. Ogden, ' 31 FnurlJi Column J. D. PURCELL, ' 32 E. B. ROEICHAUX, ' 32 H. Sanders, ' 33 H. S. Shane, ' 31 S. Snyder, ' 33 Fijili Column A. R. Thompson, ' 30 E. Van Arden, ' 33 W. Wansley, ' 33 J. S. Webb, Jr., ' 32 T. B. Woods, ' 32 M. Brannon, ' 31 Picture Not In Panel j. e. mulhearn, ' 32 H. E. Parson, ' 33 J. Parker, ' 33 253 jma Founded Louijiana State University, 1904. Nu Epsilon Chapter Established 1924. Frater in Facultate Dr. Rudolph Matas first Column Jaime Cadaval, ' 31 Orlando Gerodetti, ' 31 Hersiquio Gonzalez, ' 30 Jose P. Gutierrez, ' 31 Fratres in Universitate Second Column Wm. H. Martinez, ' 30 William H. Neal, ' 30 Armando S. Occelli, ' 30 Kernet Braw, ' 33 Antonio F. del Valle, ' 32 Manuel Garcia, ' 32 Jose Gonzalez, ' 33 Third Column Alberto Prieto, ' 32 Rafael Riera, ' 30 Gerardo Lopez (y Solis), ' 33 Joseph Spoto, ' 30 Picture Not In Panel Enrique Hernandez, ' 31 Enrique Longoria, ' 33 Joseph Scolaro, ' 33 Adolfo Urrutia, ' 33 Eduardo Vales, ' 33 GulLLERMO VaSQUEZ, ' 33 Ernesto Venegas, ' 33 255 2S6 Foiniclecl Riclimorul College, lyoi. Louisiana Alpha Chapter EsiahlhJied lQ2g Frater in Facultate Paul C. Foster Fratres in Universitate ¥irsi Column C. A. Allenburcer, ' 32 Nathan J. Bender, ' 31 ALLE ■ T. Blount, ' 31 C. Brennard Spencer, ' 30 Frederick Butzke, ' 31 Second Column Clark O. Miller, ' 31 L. S. Fortenberry, ' 31 Reginald 0. Hendry, ' 30 Louis Hernandez, ' 33 Clarence Herrmann, ' 33 Third Column Denvrick LeBreton, ' 32 Stanley E. Severance, ' 32 Ralph Lik ' dsey, ' 30 James M. Sizemore, ' 30 Fourlh Column . Albert J. Meyers, ' 30 James J. Morrison, ' 31 Deutsche O ' Neal, ' 30 Edward Rodricue, ' 32 Drew A. Savant, ' 30 Fifl i Column Earl Seale, ' 33 Sidney Sims, ' 33 Seals S. Speer, ' 32 Bruno Stolley, ' 30 William J. White, ' 30 Picture Not In Panel Walter Haar, ' 32 Lloyd Hendrick, ' 32 2S7 258 (Local) Founded Tulane University, 1926. Fratres in Facultate John S. Kekrall E. F. Pollarb Fratres in Universitate Virsl Column Tliird Column Richard H. Church, ' 30 A. G. Harvey, ' 33 Jacob L. Costa, ' 31 Maurice Dufour, ' 30 Second Column Jerome Giarratano, ' 30 Arthur J. Haas, Jr., ' 30 Eugene C. Hanna, ' 30 C. B. Harvev, ' 31 Frank Macdonald, ' 31 Fourth Column Walter H. Price, ' 30 W. L. Treuting, ' 30 C. L. Wood, ' 30 C. Cassagne, ' 33 L. Damonte, ' 33 Edward E. Davidson, ' 33 Picture Not In Panel Alvyn Day, ' 31 W. Drawe, ' 33 George A. Frilot, Jr., ' 30 E. F. Ryan, ' 31 i. h. schonberg, ' 33 259 26o )igma (Social-Professional Engineering) Founded University of Southern California, 1924. Zeta Chapter Establislied QsS Fratres in Facultate Douglas S. Anderson James M. Robert Fratres in Universitate First Column R. L. Argus, ' 32 J. C. Baehr, ' 31 M. E. Crettet, Jr., ' 31 C. E. DOLHONDE, ' 31 W. J. Drawe, Jr., ' 32 Second Column A. C. Flach, Jr., ' 32 M. A. Gerstner, ' 30 Edward Grey, ' 32 E. C. Hanna, ' 31 Third Column J. E. Leininger, ' 32 William Libano, ' 33 M. M. Maxwell, ' 31 C. B. McEachern, ' 32 Fourth Column W. H. Price, ' 30 A. deR. Remajon, ' 32 J. E. Rocan, Jr., ' 32 A. J. Roth, Jr., ' 32 ■ " ' Column H. H. Stockman, ' 32 G. E. SURGI, ' 32 R. E. Wagner, ' 31 Wildav Tudury, ' 32 C. M. Williams, ' 32 E. V. Bruchez, ' 32 Ignacio Florencia, ' 33 Picture Not In Panel H. Hinds, ' 32 H. J. MOLAISON, ' 32 H. C. Welman, ' 32 E. J. Stearns, Jr., ' 32 D. H. Trepagnier, ' 32 261 262 Fnuiuled Tulnne, 1925 Fratres in Facultate Philippe Schaffner Fratres in Universitate First Column Louis Bierhorst, ' 30 James R. Biggar, Jr., ' 31 Carlo Cabibi, ' 30 MvRON Falk, ' 31 Second Column John Fernandez, ' 30 Dudley Foley, ' 31 Merrill Gerstn ' er, ' 31 Third Column Joseph Gunn, ' 32 Louis Kissgen, ' 30 Victor Lota, ' 31 Fourth Column Patrick O ' Mera, ' 31 Mallory Read, ' 31 Philippe Schaffner, ' 30 Frank Sica, ' 30 Arthur Baudier, ' 31 Milton Clerc, ' 31 Dan Cresap, ' 33 Picture Not In Panel Lesley Decoux, ' 32 P. J. Erickson, ' 31 Vernon Harrison, ' 30 Arthur Moinet, Jr., ' 32 R. Prouet, ' 31 Alvin Rolfe, ' 32 H. Swasey, ' 30 263 264 P ewcomfe Pam Helleeic Association Officers Katherine McFetridge Jans Deahl . . . . . President S ' fniary First (johiinn Dorothy Bailey Kn ipu Kal ' pa Gamma Member Elected Frances Barlow Kal f ' i -llplia Theta . . . . Member Ex-Officio Rose Beeson Beta Phi Alpha Member Elected Dorothy Brandao Beta Sigma Omicron . ■ . . Member Ex-Officio Rose Feincold . . . Katherine Hardesty Marjorie Haspel . . Sernjul Coli m Alpha Epsiloii Phi . Alpha Drita Pi . Alpha Epsi ' on Phi Member Ex-Officio Member Ex-Officio . . Member Elected riiiid Column Jane Hayward Pi Beta Phi . . Inez Knapp Chi Omega . . Flora McBrvde Kappa Alpha Tlnia Member Elected Member Elected Member Elected Fdiirth (jolmini Rosalind Rogan Kappa Kappa Gamma . ■ . . Member Ex-Officio Margaret Troescher Zela Tau Alpha Member Elected Aimee Shands Phi Mu .... . . Member Ex-Officio Mathilde Villere .... Beta Sigma Omieron Member Elected Picture Not In P.anel Dorothy Benedict llplia Omicron Pi Member Elected Maryem Colbert Alpha Omicron Pi . . . . . Member Ex-Officio Jans Dealil Phi Mu Member Elected Flora Hardie Pi Beta Phi .... . . Member Ex-Officio Bertha Gwin Knox Zcta T au Alpha ... . . Member Ex-Officio Marcelle Mars Beta Phi Alpha Member Ex-Officio Odile Simpson CAn Omega Member Ex-Officio 265 266 Ueta Founded Monmouth College, 1867. Louisiana Alpha Chapter EsiahlisJied iSQr •Mary Williams Butler In Facultate Helen Rees Clifford Alice Monroe Labouisse In Universitate First Column Nancy Allen, ' 31 Lillian Barton, ' 33 Rebecca Barton, ' 32 Nellie Bartlett, ' 30 Olivia Bartlett, ' 33 Helen Bradley, ' 33 Second Column Margaret Breckinridge, ' 31 Mary Frances Buck, ' 33 Frances Cleveland, ' 32 Winnifred Eskrigge, ' 32 Charlotte Felder, ' 33 Florence Ferguson, ' 32 Flora Hardie, ' 30 Third Column Jane Hay-ward, ' 30 Edith Harvey, ' 32 Margaret Henriques, ' 31 Elizabeth Holt, ' 33 Melanie Holt, ' 33 Marigayle Hopkins, ' 33 Adele Jahncke, ' 30 Fourth Column Dorothy- Johnson, ' 32 Mary B. Kearny, ' 33 Armide Keenan, ' 31 Elizabeth Lewis, ' 31 Kitty Logan, ' 33 Marjorie Logan, ' 33 Deane McClelland, ' 33 Fifth Column Mary N. Parrish, ' 33 Margaret Roberts, ' 33 Eleanor Robertson, ' 31 Margaret Rosser, ' 33 Evelyn Shibley, ' 33 Kathrine Smith, ' 33 Ann Spivy, ' 32 Sixth Column Mettha Westfeldt, ' 33 Lorraine Werlein, ' 33 Betti- Werlein, ' 31 Dorothy Walker, ' 32 Elizabeth Villere, ' 32 Myrthe Stauffer, ' 32 Picture Not In Panel Alba Richardson, ' 31 267 268 Founded Barnard Co ' lege, 1897. Pi Chapter Eslahlislicd iSi)S Gladys A. Renshaw In Facultate Anna E. Many Dacmar R. LeBreton In Universitate Fit si Column Joan Bain, ' 33 Dorothy Benedict, ' 30 Margaret Bavard, ' 32 Katheri ne Byrne, ' 31 Dorothy ' Cockerham, ' 30 Maryem Colbert, ' 30 Srcond Column Susan Douglass, ' 33 Winifred Folse, ' 32 Marietta Griffin, ' 33 Rita Hovey-King, ' 33 Elizabeth Johnston, ' 30 Elizabeth Jones, ' 32 Tlibil Column Emily ' Krouss, ' 33 Marcelle Leverich, ' 3 EVELY ' N MaGRUDER, ' 32 Elsie Magruder, ' 30 Jean McCartney, ' 33 Billie McCoy, ' 32 Fourth Column Elizabeth Moore, ' 33 Ada Mott, ' 33 Mamie Packer, ' 32 Frances Price, ' 32 Janie Price, ' 31 Pamela Robertson, 33 Genevieve Breen, ' 33 Fiflli Colu nn Margaret Sacer, ' 33 Eloise Tippins, ' 30 Beverley Walton, ' 32 Katherine Webb, ' 33 Jane Williams, ' 31 Mary- E. Williams, ' 30 Picture Not In Panel Adele Foster, ' 30 Nancy- Griggs, ' 33 ifg 270 FoiiiuiccI University of Arl ansas, 1895. Rho Chapter Eslablislii ' d J(joo In Facultate Clara Lewis Landry Bertha Latane In Universitate First Column Nell Alexander, ' 33 Margaret Booth, ' 33 Margaret Calhoun, ' 33 Henrietta Caulkins, ' 32 Lucille Chalaron, ' 31 Walton Coker, ' 30 Jane Conover, ' 33 Mary Cortner, ' 30 Second Column Louise Crawford, ' 33 Sue Crutcher, ' 33 DORRIS Ervin, ' 32 Laura Eustis, ' 31 Orahlee Flaspoller, ' 33 Adair Guion, ' 30 Anne E. Hancock, ' 33 Third Column Dorothy Hill, ' 32 Gertrude Jackman, ' 33 Alice Jones, ' 33 Evely ' n Knapp, ' 33 Inez Knapp, ' 30 Bertha Lewis, ' 30 Louise Livaudais, ' 31 Fourth Column LuciLE Livaudais, ' 31 Mary- Belle Long, ' 33 OwENE Lynch, ' 33 Doris Metcalfe, ' 33 Mary ' K. Morton, ' 32 Bertha Mary Moss, ' 32 Rosamond Norton, ' 33 Fiflli Column Alice Orto, ' 33 Alice Pollard, ' 30 Mildred Porteous, ' 32 Geraldine Rudolph, ' 30 Sybil Sandmeyer, ' 31 Carla Sar acco, ' 31 ZoE Shallcross, ' 33 Sixth Column Charlotte Yates, ' 30 Helen Wilson, ' 32 Marie L. Wilcox, ' 33 Rosalie Watt, ' 32 Margaret Tucker, ' 33 Eleanor Thompson, ' 33 Jane Swayze, ' 33 Odile Simpson, ' 31 Picture Not In Panel Amelie Chalaron, ' 31 Anna Jane Dohan, ' 32 Shirley Hollingsworth, Margaret Lewis, ' 33 32 271 272 Kappa Kappa Gaimma FouikIccI Monmouth College, 1879. Beta Omicron Chapter Establislii ' d 1 04. Elizabeth Raymond Ix FacuLTATK Florence Smith Adelin Spencer Mary Spkncer In Universitate First Column Elizabeth Adams, ' 31 Marion Alvis, ' 30 Dorothy Bailey, ' 30 Marie Beers, ' 33 Helen Bell, ' 33 Marguerite Brown, ' 33 CoRiNNE Carter, ' 31 Second Column Flavia Claverie, ' 31 Betty Cleveland, ' 31 Esther Cleveland, ' 32 Marianne Ellis, ' 30 Tane Fox, ' 32 Myra Frederickson, ' 31 Dorothy Geary, ' 30 Tliird Column Rae Geary, ' 33 Lucille Gillican, ' 32 Stella Hebert, ' 33 Gladys Helberg, ' 33 Frances Inens, ' 32, ' 33 Gertrude Jahncke, ' 33 Ethel Ketcham, ' 32 Fourtli Column Eleanor Lecier, ' 33 Eulalie Livaudais, ' 32 Alice Logan, ' 31 Virginia Logan, ' 33 Elise McGhee, ' 32 Edith Norris, ' 32 Beatrice O ' Reilly, ' 33 Fifl i Column Jane Pharr, ' 32 Elizabeth Pierson, ' 32 Sally Reed, ' 32 Martha Remick, ' 33 Allie Rhodes, ' 30 Mary Rhodes, ' 32 Elizabeth Robinson, ' 32 Sixth Column Brent Robertson, ' 33 Mary Belle Rogan, ' 32 Rosalind Rogan, ' 31 Tane Smith, ' 33 Roberta Sterrett, ' 33 Patricia Tucker, ' 33 Natalie Whitall, ' 33 273 274 Fir si Column Mary Allert, ' 31 Elaine Briggs, ' 33 Betty Briscoe, ' 33 Meredith Brock, ' 33 Clyde Bryant, ' 33 Florence Coker, ' 32 Second Column Elizabeth Coleman, ' 30 Mary Lee Coleman, ' 30 Willie F. Coleman, ' 32 Emma Cothran, ' 33 Rose Crossgrove, ' 33 Ruth Dickey, ' 33 Founded Wesleyan College, 1852. (Nntionnl 191)4) Delta Chapter Esiahlhhcd IQ06. In Facultate Kathryn Hanley In Univi-rsitate Third Column Nancy Downing, ' 32 Kitty Ernest, ' 33 Elizabeth Farrell, ' 32 Josephine Fry, ' 30 Mary Haralson, ' 31 fourth Column Virginia Hemphill, ' 33 Word Henderson, ' 31 Katherine Kammer, ' 31 Velma Kidd, ' 33 Mataileen Larkin, ' 30 Seventh Column Virginia Tyler, ' 33 Bess Weddington, ' 32 Genevieve Whipple, ' 33 Jane Whipple, ' 31 Tska Weidericht, ' 33 Mary Louise Williams, ' 30 FijtJi Column Marion Liepsner, ' 30 Alice Lockhart, ' 30 Myra Long, ' 30 Lise ' ite Moore, ' 33 M. MuENZENBERGER, ' 31) Sixth Column Marianne Perkins, ' 31 Martha Riddle, ' 33 Aimee Shands, ' 30 Valerie Stauss, ' 31 Love St. John, ' 33 Margaret Sundberry, ' 33 Ruth Allen, ' 31 Carol Cox, ' 33 Jans Deahl, ' 31 Adele Ferguson, ' 33 Picture Not In Panel Frances Gray, ' 31 Craig Hitt, ' 33 Margaret Hyde, ' 31 Eleanor Kemp, ' 30 Dorothy McGriff, ' 31 Clifford Wright, ' 30 Evelyn Yarbrough, ' 3- 27s 276 Jp a Founded Wesleyan Female College, 1851 (National 1904.) Epsilon Chapter Eslahlislied IQ06 Gertrude R. Smith In Facultate Odessa L. Titsworth Janet Wallace In Universitate First Coluiiui Sally Allen, ' 33 Charlotte Boatner, ' 30 Candler Brannan, ' 33 Annie Breard, ' 32 Elizabeth Breard, ' 31 Sally Breard, ' 33 lond Column Virginia Brown, ' 32 Grace de la Croix, ' 33 Betty Donaldson, ' 30 Elizabeth Drew, ' 33 Martha Earhart, ' 31 Third Column Ida Finklea, ' 30 Cecile Grayson, ' 31 Fay ' Hale, ' 33 Emily Harding, ' 33 Katharine Hardest ' , ' 30 Fourth Column Martha Hutchins, ' 33 Ruth Kemp, ' 30 Gladys Matthews, ' 32 Margaret Miller, ' 30 Elizabeth Randal, ' 33 Margaret Bullen, Vivian Carter, ' 32 Fifth Column Clara Mae Saucier, ' 31 Audrey ' Sayman, ' 32 Doris Shea, ' 32 Ruth Smith, ' 30 Mary Sweeney " , ' 30 Audrey White, ' 31 Picture Not In Panel Helen McCampbell, ' 30 Katherixe Menuet, Neville Reid, ' 33 277 278 Kappa Alpha Theta Founded DePauw University, 1870. Alpha Phi Chapter Esiablislied igi In Facultate MiLURED Christian Adf.le Drouet In Universitate Virsi Column Laura L. Barklev, ' 33 Frances Barlow, ' 30 Margaret Carre, ' 33 Catherine Cobb, ' 32 Amy Cromwell, ' 33 Elizabeth Cromwell. ' 33 Mary E. Davenport, ' 32 Second Column Berta Denman, ' 31 Dorcas Dusenbury, ' 32 Lucy Field, ' 33 Julia Gladnev, ' 31 Jane Goodwill, ' 33 Nellie Green, ' 33 Elizabeth Hailey, ' 33 Third Column Marian Hanemann, ' 33 JUANITA Heiss, ' 33 Martha Holman, ' 33 Ruth Huey, ' 31 Luella Jackson, ' 33 Dorothy Jones, ' 30 Ellen Lyman, ' 32 3 Fouri i Column Mary Chandler Lyman, Fay Mackie, ' 32 Flora McBryde, ' 31 Adolyn McClatchey, ' 32 Mary Hammond McGee, ' 30 Peggy McMahon, ' 33 SiGRlD Olsen, ' 33 Fiflh Column Jenny Olsen, ' 33 Louise Powell, ' 32 LiLAH Schwing, ' 32 Frances Shannon, ' 32 Frances Smith, ' 32 Jessa Soper, ' 32 Elsa Storck, ' 30 Sixtli Column Dixie Tharp, ' 33 May Thornton, ' 32 Frances Van Winkle, ' 32 Helen Walker, ' 33 Elizabeth Wilson, ' 32 Marjorie Wilson, ' 33 Betty Withers, ' 32 Picture Not In Panel May Ellis, ' 33 379 28o Founded Barnard College, 1909. Epsilon Chapter EslahlislicJ I(ji6 In Universitate rirst Column Dorothy Aarons, ' 33 Ethel Alltmont, ' 33 Hermione Cahn, ' 33 Josephine Cahn, ' 33 Leonie Davis, ' 32 Fanny Dennery, ' 33 St ' toHii Column Rose Feingolo, ' 30 Camille Hagedorn, ' 32 Max ' ine Hagedorn, ' 30 Marjorie Haspel, ' 31 Theone Hausmann, ' 33 Marion Hirsch, ' 31 Fift i Column Third Column Suzanne Hirsch, ' 33 Marjorie Isaacs, ' 31 Janet Jacobs, ' 33 Marjorie Kohlman, ' 33 CoRiNNE Leader, ' 33 Bessie Margolin, ' 30 Fourth Column Ida Rittenberg, ' 33 Alice Schwartz, ' 33 Roberta Seiferth, ' 31 Hilda Simon, ' 32 Doris Stern, ' 33 Phyllis Stern, ' 33 Isabel Weil, ' 30 Lois Weinfield, ' 30 Mae Winkler, ' 33 Amy Wise, ' 33 Anna Wolbrette, ' 33 Ruth Wolff, ' 30 Hannah Davidson, ' 33 Picture Not In Panel Eva Carol Eichold, ' 31 Bertha Meyer, 282 ( ' Zeta Tau Alpha Founded Virginia State Normal, 1898. Beta Kappa Chapter Established ig2y Anna Howe In Facultate Patricia Lamb Rose Mooney In Universitate First Column Martha Barnes, ' 33 Edith .Blanchard, ' 30 Louise Butler, ' 33 Nancy Butler, ' 32 Second Column Thelma Carruth, ' 30 Sybil Corbett, ' 32 Grace Coyle, ' 33 Helen Dafoe, ' 32 Edna Herbert, ' 33 Fifth Column Third Column Bertha Gwin Knox, ' 31 Gertrude Kott, ' 33 Helen Maestri, ' 30 Nell Martin, ' 33 . Margaret McClintock, ' 31 Fourth Column Elinor Moss, ' 33 Mildred Rainey, ' 33 Dorothy Russ, ' 30 Elizabeth Sale, ' 33 Laura Sale, ' 33 Louise Scatterty-, ' 31 Mary L. Schwartz, ' 33 OuiDA Seiler, ' 30 Margaret Troescher, ' 31 Picture Not In Panel Elizabeth Bush, ' 33 283 28+ a Founded University of California, 1909. Estahlislicd iQsS First Column In Universitate Third Column Lois Adair, ' 33 JUANITA AlSINA, ' 33 Adrienne Asbury, ' 31 Lillian Backer, ' 33 WiLHELMINA BACHER, ' 3 1 Rose Beeson, ' 30 Florence Coyle, " 32 Mabel Dodd, ' 31 Mildred Ellington, ' 33 Allie Font, ' 33 Judith Fowler, ' 31 Helen Gillaspie, ' 32 Second Column Meredith Bechtel, ' 32 Katharine Bender, ' 31 Hester Bernadas, ' 31 Dorothy Brown, ' 30 Adrienne Bruno, ' 32 Eleanor Carroll, ' 32 Fourtli Column Agnes Goodman, ' 32 Mary ' Gordon, ' 31 Dorothy Grundmann, ' 32 Eleanor Hafkesbring, ' 30 Flores Hotard, ' 33 Mary Lou Lanier, ' 30 Fiftli Column Margaret Lester, ' 31 Marcelle Mars, ' 30 Winifred Palmer, ' 32 Marie Rodriguez, ' 32 Helen Russell, ' 33 Imogene Stokes, ' 33 Alice May Ellington, ' 31 Carolyn Engelhardt, ' 31 Picture Not In Panel Audrey Heintz, ' 33 Cecil Overton, ' 31 Hilda Wassermann, ' 31 28s 2g6 Founded University of Missouri, i88 Alpha Sigivia Chapter Established ig2Q In Universitate First Column Mary Barneit, ' 33 Straus Berthaut, ' 33 Dorothy Brandao, ' 30 Lillian Cazenavette, ' 31 Evelyn Coulson, ' 30 Second Column Yvonne Crespo, ' 33 Mary Cullen, ' 30 Marguerite Davenport, ' 3 Ethelyn Edrixgton, ' 33 Third Column Leila Ferguson, ' 30 Elsie Hartley, ' 32 Marie L. Hummel, ' 30 Mireille LeBreton, ' 31 Fourth Column Dorothy Mexcis, ' 31 Madalin Rehage, ' 33 Madelin Richardson, ' 32 Ethel Rovira, ' 33 Fifth Column Elexore Schwartz, ' 30 Pat Villere, ' 31 Erminia Wadsworth, ' 31 Edna Warnack, ' 30 Dorothy Wright, ' 32 Picture Not In Panel Marie Louise Burton, ' 30 Winifred Cambias, ' 32 Wynogene Haggard, ' 32 287 (To be worthy to serve the suffering) Stars and Bars Chapter Members Elected From the Class of 1930 J. B. CopELAND H. N. Gonzalez J. W. Cummins T. B. McNeely H. C. Dunham W. D. Norman M. Gardberg R. B. Stille I. L. George J. D. Youman We believe in the tenets of abiding truth which is the guiding star of our Order. We believe in the helping hand which is the bar which binds us in our calling. We believe in the unity of service to one another which lends to the weary a word of cheer, to the poor a por- tion of our share, to the weak a need of pity, to the stricken a voice of comfort, to the old a memory of youth, and to the wayfarer a help along to the journey ' s end. Our emblem will always be an inspiration to duty, remembering it stands for excellence in all things, purity of purpose and honesty of method and effort, with the blessing of an Alma Mater upon each who bears our badge of honor. May our lives lie among the stars which light the way to the great mystery, and may we so live that when we reach the end of the road W " e may find the veil, which parted leads to the heights of everlasting peace. Sic ad Astra! 289 Brandao, Fkinuold, Frv Hardesty, Hardie, Stewart Alpha Sigma Sigma Senior Honorary Fraternity Members Dorothy Brandao Katherine Hardesty Rose Feixcold Josephine Fry- Flora Hardie Catherine Stewart Alpha Sigma Sigma is an honorary Senior fraternity, organized at Newcomb in 191 6 to promote interest in college and class activities. Each year those juniors who, throughout their college career, have done the most loyal and effective work for their college and their class are elected to membership. 290 Armstrong, Arnim, Colcock, Henderson, Jahncke, Kittredge Matthews, Melun, Rainold, Rouse, Stolley, Thompson, Wise Phi Phi Sphinx of Tulane Junior-Senior National Fraternity for the Promotion of Scliool Spirit. Members Francis X. Armstrong Landim Arnim Frank A. Brewer R. H. Colcock III Calvin Gray John Henderson Joseph Holmes Edward B. Jahncke W. 0. Kittredge Martin L. Matthews, Jr. Roland B. Melun Robert R. Rainold H. K. Rouse Bruno Stolley Alex R. Thompson Ronald Wise " The purpose of Sphinx of Tulane shall he that of a Senior society choosing its members on a basis of character, leadership, mentality and personality, to thus bring together in a feeling of fellowship, the ablest and most active thought and leadership in collegiate life at Tulane University. " 2gi Founded at William and Mary College, 1776. Alpha Chapter of Louisiana Orffanizcd iQog Morton A. Aldrich May a. Allen Joseph A. S. Barry Edward A. Bechtel Walter C. Bosch Miriam Brown Caroline Burson Pierce Butler Mildred G. Christian Irene F. Conrad George Cramer Harold Cummins Albert B. Dinwiddie Brandt V. B. Dixon Chas. E. Dunbar, Jr. Faculty Members Lydia E. Frotscher Herman B. Gessner P. J. Kahle John S. Kendall Richard R. Kirk Harold N. Lee Isaac I. Lemann Monte M. Lemann Ernest S. Lewis John M. McBryde Roger P. McCutcheon Anna E. Many Sumter D. Marks, Jr. Leon Ryder Maxwell Clara M. DeMilt Rose L. Mooney Eugene A. Nabors Graden W. Regenos Caroline F. Richardson Ernest Riedal Myra Rogers Robert Sharp Wm. Benjamin Smith Imogen Stone Dacny Sunne Marten ten Hoor Susan D. Tew Rene A. Viosca Ellsworth Woodward Garret P. Wyckoff Recent Elections From The Aluiiuiae Myra Rogers Helen E. Brown Catherine Crowe Henry W. Fowler, Jr. Leola Backer Enid Piseros Fisher Ruby Foster George Savage Mahon Class of ig2g Carmelita Gonzalez Janie B. Lea CAass of IQ28 Rudolph M. McShane Marian Aline Moise Bernice C. Montegut Edna E. Morrison Lena May- Nockton Albert D. O ' Brien, Corilla Smith Rena Wilson Jr. Sarah Thorpe Ramace Mary Lockett Rollins Maridel Saunders Leopold Stahl 292 ©ta Gamma Sigma Alpha Chapter of Louisiana Officers Martin L. Matthews, Jr President Harold A. Arbo Vice-President Faculty Members Dean M. A. Aldrich J. C. Van Kirk Harold A. Arbo Class of 1930 Martin L. Matthews, Jr. Edward Read Sherwood Bennie Weiner Class of 1-929 Class of 1928 Richard O. Baumbach Alfred Mercier, Jr. Edmond A. Salassi Louis L. Lowentritt Hebert D. Cohn Bennie Cohn J. Walter Heyman Class op 1927 Marvin S. Mindledorff Class of 1926 Ernest Mason Joseph A. Cohn John E. Ryman George T. Walne, Jr. Joseph W. Kidd Class of 1925 Albert E. Holleman Gus A. Elgutter Hooper P. Carter Class of 1924 Robert L. Simpson Thomas D. Mingledorff P. Barney Hopkins Honorary Member E. Davis McCutcheon A. Leonard Robinett Hugh B. Kohlmayer 293 Kessels, Kramer, Wright Gargoyle Founded at Cornell, 1903. ' Honorary Architectural Fraternity ' Installed at Tulanc, igi Fratres in Facultate N. C. Curtis A. H. Levy J. H. Thomson Fratres in Universitate Jacob Kessels Gerhard T. Kramer L. Lavelle Wright Aluimni Charles Andry ' 27 Charles Armstrong . . .... Cornell Dave Barrow ' 27 E. H. Christs- ' 28 N. C. Curtis . ■ ' 27 Collins Diboll, Jr ' 27 w. a. follansbee . ....... ' 27 D. V. Freret Cornell R. F. Gelpi ' 28 A. Hays Town . . Harold Haller ' 27 Herbert Levy ' 27 Simon Mansberc ' 27 r. c. murrell . ' 27 Allison Owen, Jr. ' 27 Herbert Parker ' 28 Magili. Smith . ' 27 W. S. Spratling ' 27 J. H. Thomson Cornell ' 27 294 igz7 Undergraduate T ' ' Club Organized 1927. Officers Ike Armstroxg President John Whatley Vice-Presidenl Charles Henriques Secretary Lee O ' Pry Treasurer Ike Armstrong Willis Banker Falvy Barr Richard Baumbach Maurice Bavon Morris Bodenger Urbain Burvant Russell Butaud Paul Crouere Dave Drezixski Earl Evans Herbert Ford Isaac George William Gladney Jerome Haas Henry Hatcher Members Charles Henriques Jack Holland Phil James WiLMER Jones Harry Kelleher Lou Lundy M yrtus Mangum William Marx Elmer Massey Elmer McCance Eugene McCarroll Bernard McCloskey- JOHN Menville W. George Meriwether Lee O ' Pry jAck PiZZANO LovD Roberts Charles Rucker Elbridce Ryan Preston Savoy Ford Seeuws Herbert Suehs Clifford Sutter Alfred Theriot Joseph Trunzler Woollen Walshe Henry Wehrmann Hugh Whatley John Whatley Norton Wisdom Marion Wolfe Charlie Young Organized and created to help in all causes looking to the advancement of Tulane LTniversity in educational, literary, athletic, forensic and general activities, and generally to do and per- form any and all things necessary to effectuate the high purpose of the said University; to promote college activities in every form and to assist the authorities in keeping them in proper bounds by making them an incidental and not the principal feature of intercollegiate and uni- versit.v life; the establishment of friendly relations between the athletes of the universitv in securing unity of action and sympathy in matters of common interest between them and the building up of an organization that recognizes mutual respect for the rules of the universitv and assistance in enabling the university to more easily comply with the laws of the Conference to which it belongs. 29s Barlow, Chalaron, Claverie, Cooper, DowLiyc, Edwards, Ellis, Fitts Friedrichs, Gelpi, Hardie, Holzer, Hocan, Jacobs, Kuhner Landrv, Matthews, Miller, de Montluzin, Pratt, Ratcliff, Simon ' , Whitten Wliite Elephants Freshman Society for the Promotion of School Spirit. Founded Tiilane University, January, i92r. TuLANE Jungle Richard Whitten . . . Edward Matthews . . Jiinr le Trunk Jungle Tusk Alplia Tau 0 ncga F. J. Chalaron, Jr. Edward H. Ellis Eugene Simon Kappa Alpha Edward Matthews Allison Miller William T. Hardie, III Pi Kappa Alpha Elmo Edwards J. DuREL Landry Rene de Montluzin Little Tusks Delia Tau Delta Ervin S. Cooper Shelby Friedrichs R. C. Whitten Phi Delta Theta E. Barlow Paul Hogan George Pratt Sigma Alpha EpsUo7i George W. Newton J. W. Dowling Sidney Gelpi Sigma Chi William Lee Fitts, III D. W. Jacobus Clyde V. Ratcliff, Jr. Kappa Sigma L. T. Kuhner Kenneth Blue Robert Foster Plii Kappa Sigma Edward Tschirn Rudolph Holzer Albert P. Claverie The White Elephant Cup is an annual award to the student of the Freshman Class adjudged by a faculty committee the Best AIl-Around Freshman on the basis of scholarship, athletics, general popularit} ' on the campus and with regard to campus activities and offices in general. 296 Miller, Gensburger, Gunn, Heixkel, Harvey, Kirchberg Mendow, Meyers, Read, Schaffner, Segal, Wright Founded Oklahoma State College, 191 9. Rho Chapter Marten ' tex Hoor Luke Marcello John K. Mayer Scott Flower, Jr. Ern ' est V. Bruchez Established May, IQ27 rary Musical Fraternity for College Bandmen. " Fratres in Facultate Philippe V. L. Schaffxer Ellis F. Robbert Fratres in Universitate Seniors F. Robert Mendow Philippe V. L. Shaffner Albert J. Meyers L. Lavelle Wright Juniors Oliver Heyden Mallory J. Read Roy Kirchberg Sophomores Jacob M. Ginsburger Jay J. Hainkel Joseph W. Gunn 297 1 ! 298 Fotimled Tulaiie University, 1921. Junior-Senior Inter-niedical Fraternity for the maintenance of liigher standards in the Medical School. First Column Neal L. Andrews, ' 30 Jesse P. Baird, ' 30 Franklin K. Dornak, ' 30 Tliird Column Warren H. Hebert, ' 30 Kyle M. Lyons, ' 30 Clifford R. Mays, ' 30 Second Column Harold M. Flory, ' 30 Thomas L. Gardner, ' 30 Tom George, ' 30 Fourtli Column John Menville, ' 30 C. Sherburne Sentell, ' 30 Charles E. Webb, ' 30 J. W. Allen, ' 31 Garnett E. Barham, ' 30 L. J_. Bristow, Jr., ' 31 John F. Busey, Jr., ' 30 C. T. Chamberlain, ' 31 W. H. DeRamus, ' 31 Picture Not In Panel T. J. Edwards, ' 31 C. O. Fredericks, ' 31 A. S. Hamilton, ' 31 J. T. Lewis, ' 31 J. J. McCooK, ' 31 Thomas B. McKneely, ' 30 J. M. Mosely, ' 31 W. W. Patrick, ' 31 T. R. Ramsay, ' 31 W. A. K. Seale, ' 31 J. O. Shields, ' 31 J. R. Williams, ' 31 299 30O An Inter-Medical Fraternity Club of Sophomore Medical Students. Founded Tulane University, 1924. Members First Column Joe W. Allen Jack B. Birdwell R. E. Blount J. T. Brierre E. H. COUNTISS Second Column William DeRamus T. J. Fatherree J. A. Ferry C. P. Gray, Jr. A. J. Hertzog J. F. Jenkins, Jr. Third Column A. Y. Jennings W. G. Jones C. B. Kennedy H. A. King, Jr. R. H. Lindsey J. G. McClure Foiirili Column R. F. Miller J. W. Neal, Jr. W. C. RlVENBARK J. E. Sorrells S. A. Tatum J. W. Tedder Fiflli Column W. D. Thompson, Jr. W. H. Walters, Jr. Leon S. Ward G. N. Williams J. R. WiLILIAMS J. M. Cotton Picture Not In Pavel L. t. Davidge E. P. Thomas 301 303 L ' Apacli© First Column W. DeRamus M. J. EPLEY C. EUSTIS B. Faircloth Third Column W. P. Hacerty John Henderson W. Kittredge E. Massey Second Column W. Fisher L. Gardner Ed. Gessner W. K. Gladney Fourth Column F. Maory T. Ramsey R. Williams R. Wise Picture Not In Panel Joe Barham Frank Brewer B. LiTTELL C. RUCKER C. L. Young 303 30+ Square aed Comtipass An Inter-collegiatc Fraternity of Master Masons, Founded Washington and Lee, 1917. TuLANE Square Established iQio Officers Charles E. Webb President Joe Barham • • Vice-President S. F. Fraser . . . Corresponding Secretary J. W. Cummins . . . • . . . Recording Secretary L. F. Gray Treasurer H. C. Hatcher Inner Tyler D. V. Smith Chaplain G. C. FuRMAN Historian Charles Taintor Master of Ceremonies Advisory Council Charles E. Webb Chairman Joe Barham J. W. Cummins S. F. Fraser Honorary Members J. A. Davilla, Sr. W. J. Hugo R. E. Ramsey A. F. Suhling W. J. Kaiser George Poith Henry Strack T. F. Mathes P. L. Luck H. R. Perez W. A. Tharp H. W. Wallace, Jr. E. L. Jahncke E. T. Price R. H. Schaffnit Passive Members Dr. O. W. Bethea Dr. C. H. Heidelberg Dr. T. B. Sellers R. K. Bruff ■ C. A. Latham W. A. Simpson Dr. H. a. Bloom Dr. F. L. Loria Dr. W. C. Smith Dr. L. T. Cox Dr. S. B. McNair Dr. V. C. Smith Dr. D. R. Davis Dr. Charles Midlo James L Smith S. V. D ' Amico E. M. Nabershing Dr. P. J. Slaughter G. A. Elgutter Dr. N. H. Palmer L. E. Standifer Dr. G. H. Felders Dr. C. S. Powell R. A. Steinmeyer J. R. Flowers Prof. F. W. Prescott A. M. Suthon H. L. Gaidry J. J. RuFFO Dr. T. T. Ross Hugo Jamierson A. L. Robinett Dr. D. A. Strickland Dr. M. L. Rosenbaum C. S. Williams L. F. Wakeman Dr. H. E. Cannon Dr. M. J. White Dr. D. R. Womack Dr. J. L. Green W. C. Vetsch Active Members First Column Third Column Joe Barham H. C. Hatcher C. W. Boyd R. W. Hendrix R. G. Corkern Porter Powell Second Column Fourth Column J. W. Cummins D. V. Smith S. F. Fraser S. T.atum L. F. Gray C. E. Webb 305 3o6 Pan Helleeic Couecil of Medical Organized April, 1923. The Tulane Council of J Iediral Fraternities ivas or janizcd for the purpose of secur- inff co-operation anionc the several fraternities and preserving standards of menibcrsJiip. Officers J. P. Baird President F. O. Schmidt Vice-President H. P. Ci.EMMER Secretary J. G. E. Barham Treasurer First Column J. P. Baird, X J. F. Busey, Jr., A K K H. P. Clemmer, e K I ' Representatives Second Column W. E. Matthews, N 2 V. E. McMains, a E I W. D. Normal, A E Third Column H. J. Schmidt, P 2 F. O. Schmidt, P 2 W. A. K. Seale, a K K Picture Not In Panel H. K. Rouse, e K I ' G. E. Barham, I X S. Bergman, A E S. Jacobs, A K Jeanne C. Roeling, A E I C. T. Chamberlain, Jr., N 2 N 307 3o8 Eastern, founded University of Vermont, 1889; Soutlicni, Louisville Medical College, Consolidated March 3, 1905. Omicron Chapter Eslablu ted igo3. I ' i Mu mer jed Scplcmhrr o, J(j22 Fratres in Facultate Dr. W. H. Harris Dr. a. N. Houston 1894; Dr. E. E. Allcever Dr. C. C. Bass Dr. S. M. Blackshear Dr. F. T. Brown Dr. p. J. Carter Dr. F. L. Cato Dr. M. J. CouRET Dr. J. A. Danna Dr. H. Daspit Dr. a. C. Eustis Dr. E. L. Faust Dr. F. L. Fenno Dr. a. V. Friedrichs Dr. I. M. Gage Dr. M. J. Gelpi Dr. J. T. Halsev Dr. J. R. Hume Dr. S. C. Jamison Dr. J. A. Lanford Dr. E. H. Lawson Dr. G. K. Logan Dr. H. A. Macheca Dr. Urban Maes Dr. C. p. May Dr. L. J. Menville Dr. C. J. Miller Dr. H. E. Miller Dr. J. D. Rives Dr. R. H. Turner Dr. W. R. Wirth First Column W. P. Addison, ' 31 J. W. Allen, ' 31 Joe D. Anderson, ' 33 L. C. Arnim, ' 30 J. P. Baird, ' 30 G. E. Barham, ' 30 N. J. Bender, ' 31 J. B. Birdwell, ' 31 Second Column L. J. Bristow, Jr., ' 31 J. T. Brown, ' 31 B. R. Burgovne, ' 31 P. C. Burnett, Jr., ' 31 R. S. BUTAUD, ' 31 S. J. Campbell, ' 33 J. B. COPELAND, ' 30 E. H. CouNTiss, ' 32 C. H. McCollum, Jr., ' 33 Fratres in Universitate T iird Column L. A. Crowell, Jr., ' 30 F. H. Davis, 30 W. H. DeRamus, ' 31 C. D. Ehlert, ' 30 E. F. Evans, ' 30 W. B. Faircloth, ' 32 T. J. Fatherree, Jr., ' 32 W. G. Fisher, ' 32 C. B. Flinn, ' 32 Fourth Column J. S. Grable, ' 30 J. E. Granade, ' 31 C. P. Gray, Jr., ' 32 G. B. Greene, ' 31 C. V. Hatchette, ' 30 W. S. Harrell, Jr., ' 31 J. D. Henderson, ' 32 R. W. Hendrix, ' 33 C. S. Hopkins, ' 31 Scvcntli Column J. M. SiZEMORE, ' 33 Huge Shane, ' 31 W. S. Slaughter, Jr., ' C. F. Storey, ' 30 C. W. Stroud, ' 32 D. C. SWEARINGEN, ' 32 R. J. Talbot, ' 30 V. LaG. Terrell, Jr., J. R. Theriot, Jr., ' 30 32 Fifth Column E. R. Jacka, ' 31 J. F. Jenkins, Jr. W. G. Jones, ' 31 L. M. Johnston, ' 33 H. R. Kahle, ' 33 V . E. KiTTREDGE, Jr., ' 33 F. H. Maury, ' 32 J. G. Menville, ' 30 W. G. Meriwether, ' 33 Sixtli Column F. B. Ogden, ' 33 W. W. Rainer hi, ' 32 L. R. Ramsey, ' 31 Cj. W. Robinson, ' 32 E. B. Robichaux, ' 32 T. C. Rinaman, ' 32 D. A. Savant, ' 32 C. S. Sentell, ' 30 T. R. Simpson, ' 31 Eiijlith Column H. C. Thompson, ' 30 C. N. Wahl, ' 33 W. H. Walters, Jr., ' 32 C. E. Webb, ' 30 J. S. Webb, Jr., ' 33 G. N. Williams, ' 32 J. R. Williams, ' 31 T. B. Woods, Jr., ' 33 D. M. Adams, Jr., ' 33 E W. C. BarclifTj Jr., ' 33 D. J. Devlin, Jr J. H. Boles, ' 32 E. J. Giles, ' 33 H. W. Hodde, ' 33 Picture Not In Panel A. Cleve, ' 33 R. E. Holmes, Jr., ' 33 ' 33 J. E. Kendrick, Jr., J. W. McMuRRY, ' 33 R. M. Simoxton, ' 33 H. R. Staley, ' 31 33 S. A. Tatum, ' 32 E. P. Thomas, ' 32 309 3IO Founded Dartmouth College, 188I Alpha Beta Chapter Established igo Dr. Henry J. Bayon Dr. O. W. Bethea Dr. M. Bradburn Dr. J. E. Brierre Fratres in Facultate Dr. D. C. Browne Dr. J. C. Cole Dr. H. B. Gessner Dr. H. S. Holbrook Dr. E. L. Irwin Dr. E. L. King Dr. E. S. Lewis Dr. S. C. Lyons Dr. a. L. Metz Dr. M. W. Miller Dr. W. C. Smith First Column J. L. Anderson, ' 31 N. L. Andrews, ' 30 D. M. Austin, ' 30 j. n. bostick, ' 33 F. T. Boudreau, ' 30 R. R. Braund, ' 31 Second Column J. T. Brierre, ' 32 J. T. Brown, ' 31 J. Y. Busey, Jr., ' 30 S. R. Campbell, ' 31 H. C. Dunham, ' 30 C. G. Farish, ' 33 J. A. Ferry-, ' 32 J. S. Anderson, ' 33 L. D. Berryman, ' 31 R. L. Buck, ' 32 J. M. Cotton, ' 32 L. L. Davidge, ' 32 C. O. Frederick, ' 31 Fratres in Universitate Third Column H. C. Gahagan, ' 33 J. L. George, ' 30 R. C. Green, ' 30 E. Guidry ' , ' 32 R. J. Hanks, ' 30 M. W. Harrison, ' 30 A. C. HOFFPAUIR, ' 31 Fourth Column R. P. Howell, Jr., ' 30 W. T. Jones, ' 33 H. C. Knight, ' 33 C. F. Lacey-, ' 33 K. M. Lyons, ' 30 L. K. Mason, ' 33 C. R. Mayes, ' 30 Picture Not In Panel P. H. Hanley ' , ' 33 C. M. Johnson, ' 33 F. J. Krueger, ' 33 A. H. Lisenby ' , ' 33 W. M. Long, ' 33 P. D. Melvin, ' 33 J. M. Mosley, ' 31 Fifth Column J. G. McClure, ' 32 P. L. McCreary, ' 32 J. J. McCook, Jr., ' 31 J. McKenzie, ' 33 F. R. Miller, ' 32 J. W. Neal, ' 32 L. D. Newman, ' 33 Sixth Column P. Nicherson, ' 31 C. V. Partridge, ' 30 F. W. Pickell, ' 30 W. A. K. Seals, ' 31 D. Smith, ' 30 C. E. Wrightman, ' 33 W. W. Patrick, ' 31 W. T. Sellers, ' 33 W. S. Siler, ' 33 D. M. Smith, ' 33 A. S. Tomb, Jr., ' 33 R. W. Webb, ' 33 311 SUPP Theta Kappa Psi Fnundei! Medical College of Virginia, 1879. Pi Chapter Established ic oS Fratres in Facultate Dr. Robert Bernhard Dr. Charles L. Brown Dr. John K. Bullock Dr. W. W. Butterworth (emeritus) Dr. George Collier Dr. L. E. Devron First Column W. M. Adams, ' 30 J. A. Alvarez, ' 30 M. E. Arrington, ' 31 C. O. Bingham, ' 33 H. S. Bourland, ' 30 I. P. Burdine, ' 31 J. E. Cameron, ' 30 A. B. Cairns, ' 32 Second Column T. F. Carbrey, ' 32 C. L. Carroll, ' 33 H. P. Clemmer, ' 30 J. L. Collier, ' 33 R. E. Corkern, ' 33 P. V. COLVIN, ' 31 J. W. Cummins, ' 30 P. R. Eckels, ' 31 Dr. James O. Foley Dr. Foster M. Johns Dr. Frank J. Kinberger Dr. Paul G Lacroix Dr. Jerome E. Landry Dr. Paul A. McIlhenny Dr. Henry E. Menage Dr. James P. O ' Kelley Fratres in Universitate Third Column B. P. Flemming, ' 33 S. F. Eraser, ' 30 W. W. Hall, ' 30 C. A. Hamilton, ' 33 R. G. Hand, ' 30 W. T. Harper, ' 31 H. C. Hatcher, ' 30 VV. B. Hickman, ' 30 Fourth Column F. M. Hinderlang, ' 33 J. D. Hutchins, ' 33 E. A. ISBELL, ' 33 A. Y. Jennings, ' 32 R. H. Lindsey, ' 32 T. E. Lowe, ' 33 W. J. Nelson, ' 32 J. H. Arrington, f; D. Bartleson, W. A. Dial SeiJcnth Column S. A. Tatum, ' 32 C. H. White, ' 30 G. B. Walton, ' 30 C. H. Wiggins, ' 30 L. S. Ward, ' 32 T. F. Williams, ' 30 C. E. Ward, ' 30 F. G. Wilson, ' 33 Picture Not In Panel 31 C. L. Fisher, Jr., ' 30 W. R. McGehee, ' 31 ' 33 W. H. Gillentine, ' 32 T. M. Oxford, ' 31 F. W. Heath, ' 33 W. M. Routon, ' 31 Dr. Robert H. Potts Dr Joseph W. Reddoch Dr. William A. Reed Dr. Wm. H. Seemann Dr. Thos. B. Sellers Dr. Charles H. Voss Dr. Marion A Young, Jr. Fiftli Column J. G. NORRIS, ' 33 C. B. Odom, ' 32 G. L. Odom, ' 33 R. D. Patterson, ' 30 C. P. Powell, ' 31 P. W. Renken, ' 31 (!. H. Ricks, ' 31 Joe Roberts, ' 33 Sixtli Column R. F. Roberts, ' 33 H. K. Rouse, Jr., ' 31 W. F. Ryan, ' 33 Ross Ship?, ' 33 J. E. Sorrells, ' 32 H. A. SUEHS, ' 30 A. Tate, ' 31 J. E. T.ATE, ' 33 G. Rackley, ' 33 J. M. Sartin, ' 31 Jacob R. Till, ' 32 J. A. White, Jr., ' 33 31J 314 Nu Sigma Nu Founded University of Michigan, 1882. Beta Iota Chapter Esiahl ' ished igw Dr. Charles J. Bloom Dr. Octave C. Cassecrain Dr. Charles W. Duval Dr. Charles L. Eshleman Dr. Amos Graves Fratres in Facultate Dr. Irving Hardesty Dr. George L. Hardin Dr. Julian H. Lombard Dr. R. Clyde Lynch Fratres in Universitate Dr. Rudolph Matas Dr. C. L. R. von Meysenbug Dr. E. W. Alton Ochsner Dr. John G. Pratt Dr. Harry V. Sims Tliird Column Warren H. Hebert, ' 30 First Column Merrill C. Beck, ' 31 Robert E. Blount, ' 32 Hardin Branch, ' 33 Edward Cailleteau, ' 33 L. S. Charbonnet, Jr., ' 31 Franklin K. Dornak, ' 30 Second Column TsADORE Dyer, ' 33 Peter Everett, Jr., ' 33 John A. B. Fershtand, ' 31 Harold M. Flory, ' 30 T. Lloyd Gardner, ' 30 A. Scott Hamilton, ' 31 Fifth Column W. Carey Rivenbark, J. J. Stagg, Jr., ' 33 J. William Tedder, ' 32 W. D. Thompson, Jr., ' 32 A. Gayden Ward, ' 31 J. O. Weilbaecher, Jr., ' 31 Ambrose Hertzog, ' 32 James Hicginbotham, ' 33 C. Barrett Kennedy, ' 32 Henry A. King, ' 32 Ladislas Lazaro, ' 33 Fourth Column John T. Lewis, Jr., ' 31 George D. Lilly, ' 31 Mercer G. Lynch, ' 32 W. Edwin Matthews, ' 30 ALOIS ' E. Moore, ' 31 Henry D. Ogden, Jr., 31 ' 32 Chas. T. Chamberlain, Sebron Dale, ' 33 Charles Decker, ' 33 T. J. Edwards, ' 31 Picture Not In Panel ' 31 Carl Hartung, ' 33 Elwood Hemming, Jr., ' 33 J. Lawrence, ' 32 Thos. B. McKneely, ' 30 Charles McVea, ' 33 J. Dunbar Shields, ' 31 Edward Vales, ' 33 Lastie Villien, ' 33 315 3t6 Phi Mho Sigma Founded Northwestern Medical School. Delta Omicron Alpha Chapter Eslahlis iid igiS Sidney William Bliss Julian Graubarth Adolph deC. Henriques George Herrmann Fratres in Facultate John Raymond Hume Seaborn Joseph Lewis Louis V. J. Lopez Anees Mogabgab H. Theodore Simon Edwin A. Socola DuDLE - M. Stewart Robert A. Strong William A. Wagner Fratres in Universitate First Column Nicholas F. Atria, ' 32 Charles W. Boyd, ' 30 Joseph L. Brizard, ' 33 Gerard E. Christie, ' 32 Claude G. Eccles, ' 32 Fred Falls, ' 30 Second Column Jerome F. Giarratano, ' 32 Frederick G. Gruber, ' 30 Joseph P. Gutierrez, ' 31 Jacob O. Hoth, ' 30 Earl H. Kent, ' 31 Fiflli Colmnn Third Column George S. Khoury, ' 32 Philip S. Joseph, ' 30 P. P. LaBruyere, Jr., ' 32 Matthew J. LaNasa, ' 32 Donion R. Martin, ' 32 Fourth Column Wm. H. Martinez, ' 30 Kirk T. Mosley, ' 31 Joseph O. Prejean, ' 32 Harry J. Schmidt, ' 32 Frank O. Schmidt, ' 30 Elda Scott Co yle, ' 32 Joseph S. Spoto, ' 30 LoRENZ Teer, ' 32 Hume Thomason, ' 33 James H. Wells, ' 32 Garland Wood, ' 32 Roger J. Aranco, ' 31 A. Thurman Brickhouse, ' 3o Louis E. Chauvin, ' 31 R. Louis Cope, ' 31 James F. Hackney, ' 31 Picture Not In Panel Wm. Gibson Harris, ' 31 Vernon B. Harrison, ' 30 Edwin Stewart Kagy, ' 32 Luke Marcello, ' 33 Jean B. Martin, Jr., ' 32 Oliver P. Mauterer, ' 31 John T. Mosley, ' 31 Golden G. Richards, ' 30 Francis J. Vincent, ' 33 317 Phi Delta Epsilon Founded Cornell University, 1904. Alpha Iota Chapter Established igj8 Fratres in Facultate Dr. Emil Block Dr. Paul Meyer Dr. Daniel N. Silverman Dr. Isidore Cohn Dr. Sam B. Saiewitz Dr. Herbert L. Weinberger Fratres in Universitate First Column Second Column Albert Abramson, ' 32 , M. Gurdin, ' 33 M. Block, ' 33 Harry Meyer, ' 32 Manuel Gardberg, ' 30 David MoNskY, ' 33 Third Column W. D. Norman, ' 30 Morris Velinsky, ' 31 Sol B. Weil, Jr., ' 32 Picture Not In Pansl Samuel Bergman, ' 31 Harris Hosen, ' 31 Julian J. Keller, ' 31 David Drezinski, ' 31 H. Trifon, ' 33 319 320 Founded University of Pennsylvania, 1907. Psi Chapter Established iQsd Fratres in Facultate Ur. Walter E. Levy Dr. I. L. Robbins Fratres in Universitate First Column Second Column S. Balofsky, ' 32 I. Machlin, ' 33 L. Braunstein, ' 30 R. Segel, ' 33 S. Jacobs, ' 30 L. Slipakoff, ' 32 H. KORFTZKY, ' 32 Tliird Column M. Sterbcow, ' 33 L. Strug, ' 30 T. SwEiG, ' 32 S. WlKOKUR, ' 33 Picture Not In Panel E. Gall, ' 31 H. Glazer, ' 31 H. Tanner, ' 30 321 Chappell, Girardeau, Kirk, McMains, Roelinc Founded Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1890. Mu Chapter Establis ifd iqiq Fratres in Facultate Dr. Maud Loeber Dr. Marie D. Mattingly Fratres in Universitate Senio7-s Amey Chappell Esther Kirk Vivienne McMains Juniors IvYLYN Girardeau Jeanne C. Roeling Sophomores Grace Goldsmith Beatrice Tomblin 322 Harmon, Cire, Cafiero (Phannaccutical Fraternity) Founded 1879, Medical College of Virginia. Beta Theta Chapter E. F. Pollard Fratres in Facultate J. O. Foley J. F. Simon Fratres in Universitate A. J. Cafiero, ' 30 Elmo Cire, Jr., ' 31 E. G. DeBakey, ' 30 R. L. Hardie, ' 30 V. M. Wilson, ' 31 324 (Legal) Founded Michigan University, 1869. White ' s Inn Estahlished IQII Newman F. BAkER H. Milton Colvin Charles E. Dunbar, Jr. Fratres in Facultate Judge Rufus E. Foster Sumter D. Marks, Jr. Eugene A. Nabors Walter J. Suthon, Jr. Edmond E. Talbot Delvaille H. Theard Fratres in Universitate First Column Second Column ' 30 William Gladney, Wood Brown, Marion Epley, ' 30 Waller, Fowler, ' 31 William Hagertv, 30 ' 31 Third Column Sydney Parloncue, ' 30 Herbert Purcell, ' 30 Godfrey Regan, ' 31 Theodore Bethea, ' 31 Henry Bernstein, Jr., ' 30 Hubert Lafargue, ' 31 Picture Not In Panel Nevil LeBeuf, ' 30 Elmo Lee, ' 31 Arthur D. Parker, 30 Sydney Pugh, ' 31 Charles Rucker, ' 31 James Shell, ' 31 32s 9£ ihiH ii 326 A (Legal) Founded Chicago-Kent College of Law, 1897. Francois Xavier Martin Chapter Eslablis icd jq3 Fratres in Facultate p. J. Brossman Rene A. ViosCA Judge W. W. Westerfield Fratres in Universitate First Column Second Column Austin Fontenot, ' 31 Harry Kelleher, ' 31 CuAs. B. Henriques, ' 30 Adolph Menuet, ' 30 Dallam O ' Brien, ' 31 Tlih ' il Column Leslie Ponder, ' 31 Norton Wisdom, ' 30 Picture Not In Panel George Frilot, ' 31 Walter Gordy, ' 31 John Segier, ' 31 Claiborne Robertson, ' 31 327 328 " " ' " WSm-; Alpha Chi Sigma Founded University of Wisconsin, 1902. Alpha Tau Chapter Established Q28 " Professional Clieiiiical Frater?iity " Fratres in Facultate C. B. Dicks, Jr. H. W. Moseley E. F. Pollard Dr. S. a. Mahood C. S. Williamson, Jr. Fratres in Universitate First Colunui Second Coluinn Frederick Butzke, ' 31 Arthur Haas, Jr., ' 30 Clark Miller, ' 31 Eugene Hanna, ' 31 Maurice Dufour, ' 30 E. R. Grey, ' 32 Third Column ■ J. W. GuNN, ' 32 Philippe Schaffner, ' 30 James Trunzler, ' 30 Picture Not In Panel Alvin Day, ' 31 Ralph Hopkins, ' 31 J. A. Snyder, ' 32 R. C. Hills, ' 32 Carlton Jones, ' 31 R. G. Werner, ' 32 H. J. MOLAISON, ' 32 329 Burt, Cameron, Coxxally, Higdon ISACKS, Ray, Sims, Weed, Witherspoon Thirteen Club Founded 1920. An Iioiioiary Freshman intcr-frateniiiy club for the purpose of promoting class and school spirit. Members Class of Lawrence Burt Thomas Connaly AsHTON Hardy Richard Bankston Baylor Bell Winston Bradley Milton Brock Gerald Dalrymple Cartwright EusTis III. Maurice Bayon Clifton Byrd Robert Higdon Leonard Isacks Allison Miller William New Cleo Ray John Read James Witherspoon Class of ' 32 Benjamin Dawkins, Jr. Julius Hanover Calvert de Colicny Jack McCausland Perry Eastman, Jr. Richard Speed Class of ' jl ViciNTE Guy Arthur Millet Adolph Jastram Malcolm Monroe Lawrence Lashley James Read Class of ' jo Richard French Edward Jahncke Desha Sims John Weed Emory- West Arthur Tipping Claggett Upton, Jr. Harry Souchon William Vennard George Kerr Woollen Walshe Brown, Ford, Fry Matthews, Stolley, Webb Tialaee Student Council Officers Charles E. Webb, President Medicine Wood Brown, Vice-President Law Morris Bodexger, Secretary-Treasurer Pliarmacy H. D. Ford -Irts and Sciences Bruno Stolley Engineering Martin L. Matthews, Jr. . Commerce Josephine Fry Newcomb The Tulane University Student Council is an organization composed of the presidents of the various student bodies of the different colleges of the University. The council is supreme as a law-making and judicial body relative to all phases of student affairs which involve the uni- versity at large. The Student Council was organized with the in- ception of student government at Tulane, March, 1915. 333 LL : ' .L .-i. Armstrong, Coleman, Fry, Gladney, Hardesty, Hardie Hayward, Jahxcke, Muenzen-berger, Simpson, Sweeney, Troescher ,s, :u Officers Flora Hardie President Jane Hayward Vice-President Odile Simpson Secretary Aleen Armstrong Elizabeth Coleman Members Ex-Officio Josephine Fry Katherine Hardesty Adele Jahncke Louise Powell Betty Werlein Members Elected Senior Junior Jane Hayward Julia Gladney Marion Meunzenberger Odile Simpson Mary Sweeney Margaret Troescher Sopho?nore Jane Fox The Student Council has jurisdiction over the conduct of the students in their relations to the college and to one another. It regulates all cases of infractions of the rules of the Honor System, and all cases of discipline regarding the action and dress of students on the campus. 334- Caulkins, Feingold, Fry, Isaacs, Simpson The Newcomb Stiademt Govemmeiit Association Executive Committee Josephine Fry President Rose Feingold _ Vice-President Flora Hardie President of Student Council Marjorie Isaacs Corresponding Secretary Henrietta Caulkins Recording Secretary Odile Simpson Treasurer Elizabeth Coleman House President Laura Eustis House Secretary Louise Aubert President of Doris Hall Inez Knapp President IFarren Neisjcomb Hall Katharine Hardesty President Senior Class Betty Werlein President Junior Class Louise Powell President Sop iomore Class Adele Jahncke President Art Student Body Aleen Armstrong President Music Student Body Roberta Seiferth President Debating Club Marcelle Mars President Dramatic Club Lucille Chalaron President Ccrcle Francais Maxine Hagedorn President Glee Club Dorothy ' Brandao President Mandolin-Guitar Club Janie Price President Y. JF. C. A. Catherine Stewart Chairman Athletic Council Elizabeth Lewis Editor of The Arcade Mataileen Larkin Neiucomb Editor of Hullabaloo Jane Hayward Neiucomb Editor of Jambalaya Dorothy Russ . Business Manager of Jambalaya Rosalind Rogan Chairman Campus Night 335 Bailey, Brown, Gladney, Goodman Margolin, Parker, Price, Weinstein BULLEN, GatLIN, KeLLEHER, MORRISON, O ' BRIEN Tulame La n Review Officers Wood Brown EJitor-in-Cliief Frederick K. Beutel Faculty Advisor Bessie Margolin Ck ' il La-iu Robert Weinstein Uniform Laws James Morrison Common Law Charles Bailey Book Review Samuel Goodman Index A. Dallam O ' Brien ' , Jr Secretary Margaret Bullen Maurice Gatlin Members William K. Gladney Harry Kelleher Arthur D. Parker, Jr. Jack Price Philip Pugh, Jr. The Tulane Law Review is a professional publication edited by the Law School, and is of particular interest to the legal profe;-.sion. It covers the entire field of law, but particular attention is given to the civil law and to comparative law. It is of especial interest because it is the only publication of its sort in this country, which devotes a department to the civil law. 336 Butler, Gladney, Kleinfeldt, Stahl Fowler, Levy, Herold, Shell Tiilane Moot Court Competition Board of Alwisers Leopold Stahl • President H. Waller Fowler ...... Secretary Seniors Robert Butler, Jr. WlLLL M K. GlADNEV Abraham L Kleinfeldt Leopold Stahl Frederick K. Beutel . . Milton Coi.vin .... Juniors Austin Fontenot H. Waller Fowler Sam Herold Julia Levy Faculty Advisor Faculty .IJinsor James Shell The Board of Advisors is made up of seniors and juniors of the College of Law, chosen because of their rank as honor students in their respective classes. Into the hands of this Board is placed the exclusive jurisdiction of Moot Court Work. The year 1929-1930 marks the second year of a very active and worthy life. The Tulane Moot Court Competition operates thus: the entire law student body is divided into what are known as Law Clubs. The clubs are: Martin, White, Livingston and Benjamin. Each club is composed of junior and senior students; and arguments between clubs are con- ducted as between juniors against juniors and seniors against seniors. Points earned by the contestant teams go to the credit of the clubs represented. The two clubs having the highest total scores — which said total scores are obtained by adding one-half of the juniors ' points made during the preceding year to the senior points of the current year — elect those of its senior members who are to participate in final senior rounds to be held in the spring. The winning team of this final argument will have their names engraved on a per- manent marble plaque placed in the law library. As this volume goes to press, it is learned that the White and Martin clubs will participate against each other in the final senior round of the Moot Court Competition. The Moot Court Competition is optional for the students of the two upper classes but is compulsory with the first-year class. Prominent downtown lawyers act as judges in junior and senior cases and the upper class- men and faculty members sit as judges on freshmen cases. 337 r " a IkM g ' J 0 338 Tulae© (Glee Clwlb Oi rici ' RS Henri Wehrmann Director Armstrong Allen I ' rrsidcnt Bob Wehrmann p ' icc-l ' rrsidinl Clark O. Miller liushirss Mana jcr Paul S. Cooke Assislani liusiniss Mana jer James Read . . Lihrarian ■ Marshall Hurt Piihlicily Manaycr Members First Column Third Column ' fift i Column Armstrong Allen Frank Dameron, Jr. M. J. LaNasa Joseph E. Beasley Gustave P. Devron Stanley Severance Conrad Berdon Sol Dombeck F. Webster McBryde Harry W. Bergland Edward Dreyer Buford M. Myers, Jr. Allen T. Blount J. B. Fasterling Ulisse Nolan Joseph E. Blum Jack Fisher C. W. O ' Neill Brennard Spencer Ellsworth French James Read Herman M. Busch Scco7id Column Fourth Column Sixth Column B. Cain P. Geren James M. Robert, Jr. Siegfried Christensen Ben Habans G. W. Robinson Clark O. Miller C. H. L. Hermann Philippe Schaffner R. H. Colcock Marshall Hurt William R. Schultz Leonard Collins S. G. Jacobs R. Schulze, Jr. Paul S. Cooke ' Harry Kelleher Leslie Simonton L. Cucinotta M. Charles Korn Rivers Singleton ' M. Labouisse Seventh Column Bruno Stolley E. C. Upton J. Arthur Taylor W. O. Vennard Garland F. Taylor John C. Weed Alfred J. Theriot Bob Wehrmann Picture Not In P.anel Robert A. Arny A. R. Connerly William B. Kohlman Harry W. Bergland Ben C. Dawkins Elmo P. Lee, Jr. B. Van Pelt Bigcar Tom Ellis Laurence Michel F. A. Brewer R. B. Foster Morgan Shaw Hugh H. Brister Paul Freund, Jr. K. W. Stubbs E. H. Caswell, Jr. Wm. H. Gillentine Russell L. Welch Elmer O. Huber Morris Jenkins 339 Ne H comb Mandolin Giaiitar Cliilb Dorothy Brandao .... Eleanor Hafkesbrinc Bett ' Briscoe Nancv Downing Adrienne Asbury Myrtle Colon Sophie Rollins Rdth Louise Marks Adolyn McCl.atchy Adrienne Bruno Pian Mary Newman Parrish Officers Members Mandolins Wynogene Haggard Mary Haraldson Banjos Dorothy Brandao Eleanor Hafkesbrinc Violins Audrey Fay Sayman Audrey Schmidt Ukuleles Shonnette Mey ' er Guitars Eulalie Harvey Prcsidenl Secretary- Treasurer Carrie Pierce Alice T. Wier Rose Beeson Hilda Simon Audrey White RosiE Watt Lois Weinfield Mildred Porteus Drums Gladys Matthews 340 The Tulaee Umiversity Band Officers Dr. Frederick Hard Director Mallory J. Read Manager F. Robert Mendow First Assistant Manager Joseph Gunn Second Assistant Manager Chester Wicker Librarian Jacob M. Gensburcer ...... Assistant Librarian Ernest Bruchez, Jr. . . , Property Man Scott Flower, Jr Drum Major Dan S. Moore Publicity Manager Members Irvin Bienn p. J. Fynn Albert J. Meyers Louis Bierhorst Jacob M. Gensburcer Ernesto A. Mieres William Blackwell F. Grimmer Arthur F. Moinet, Jr. U. L. Brackin Joseph Gunn Dan S. Moore Locke Brown Harry Haas Lee T. Nesbitt Ernest Bruchez, Jr. M ' illiam H. Haeuser, Jr. Gladstone Phillips Thad O. Butaud John J. Hainkel Mallory J. Read Edward H. Caswell, Jr. Oliver W. Heyden P. V. L. Schaffner Lazar Cohen Robert Higdon Robert Segal Tack W. Dol an E. C. Jansen Irving Seligman P. J. Erickson, Jr. R. C. Jones Joseph Sweig Jack Fisher Roy Wm. Kirchberg Hugh W. Till August C. Flach, Jr. Ewell Lamar Richard E. Wagner Scott Flower, Jr. Matthew J. LaNasa Chester Wicker Dudley C. Foley, Jr. Luke Marcello F. L. Wilson Charles E. Fruin F. Robert Mendow V. M. Wilson Harry Meyer 341 J. BiGCAR, V. BiGGAR, FaLK, HaRTER, HuRT Kane, Larkin, Mercer, Mickal, Moore Tulane Hullabaloo News Staff William T. Harter Editor Harnett T. Kane Associate Editor Marshal Hurt Campus Editor Mataileen Larkin Ncwcomh Editor BETTi ' Werlein Issistant Neiocomb Editor James H. Gillis, Wm. Fitzpatrick . . . Sports Editors D. PiscHOFF, Ernest Mercer Art Editors James R. Biggar, Jr. Business Manager Ernest Mickal Assistant Business Manager Business Staff iiTrLW.«Mni«tiJiG BAND TO GET NEWUNIFORMS Van Biggar Local A dvcrtising Manager Myron Falk Office and Circulation Manager E. H. Caswell, Jr., Assistant Office and Circulation Manager 342 Baird, Grable, Harter Havward, Henriques, Russ, Souchon Jambalaya Staff Charles B. Henriques Editor-bi-Chicf Jesse P. Baird . . . ' Bus ' mess Manager Editorial Staff Jane Hayward . . . . Ncwcomb Editor James H. Gillis Sports Editor James S. Grable Medical Editor William Bell . . . Assistant Sports Editor Harry Souchon . Assistant Uptown Editor William T. Harter . . . Features Editor Marshall Hurt . . . Assistant Features Editor Managerial Staff Dorothy Russ Mr. John Chase Art JFork Mr. H. a. Carleton Individual Pliotograplis ' Nenvcomh Business Manager Marion Hirsch .Assistant Ncwcomb Business Manager Mr. Leon Trice Sport and Feature Photographs 343 Maestri, Seiferth, Wadsworth The Jennie C Nixon Debating Club Officers Roberta Joan Seiferth President Helen Louise Maestri CImirman of Debates Erminia Wadsworth Secretary-Treasurer Hilda Arndt Amelie Buchmann Cora Carter Pecgv Clarkson Evelyn Coulson Yvonne Crespo Hannah Davidson Berta Denman Fanny Dennery Mabel Dodd Winnie Eskrigge Lucy Field WiNNIFRED FOLSE Edna Louise Frantz Muriel Haas Maxine Hagedorn Members Katherine Hardesty Roberta Seiferth Word Henderson Juanita Tansey Suzanne Hirsch Margaret Troescher Flores Hotard Patricia Tucker Florence Jennings Dorothy Vix Marjorie Kohlman Olga Vicknair Babette Krauss Erminia Wadsworth ZiNiA La Nasa Edna Warnack Georgianna Langermann Betty ' Werlein Mataileen Larkin Audrey ' White Helen Maestri Isabel Wiener Bertha Meyer Carol Wiener Madelin Richardson Mae Winkler Ida Rittenberg Ruth Wolf Carolyn Samuel Dorothy Wright Alice Schwartz Alma Zeagler s organization is to foster interest in argumentation, nd current events. 344 Devrox, Drever, Fontenot, Goodman ' , Hvman In ' bau, Korn, Lurie, Moore, Read Tulane Oratorical and Debating Council Officers H. Chari.es Korn Chairman Gustave p. Devron Secretary-Treasurer Dr. Rufus C. Harris Faculty Members Dr. John M. McBryde Prof. Francis S. Reed Dr. Clarence E. Bonnett Student Members Gustave P. Devron H. Charles Korn Edward P. Dreyer Samuel Goodman Stanford Hyman Fred Inbau Samuel Lang Walter Lurie Dan S. Moore Albert D. O ' Neal Leopold Stahl Deleg.ates From Glendy Burke Leo Austin Fontenot, Jr. James B. Read The Oratorical and Debating Council is an organization composed of faculty members and students, which supervises intercollegiate de- bating. 345 346 The Glendy Burke Literary aed Delbaitie Officers Dan S. Moore Speaker George F. Bagby Vice-Speaker Walter A. Lurie Secretary-Treasurer Eugene C. Garcia . . • Censor David Comer Ilislorian Lane C. Kendall Scrgcant-at-Arvis James A. S. Barry . . • Faculty Critic Austin Fontenot Delegate to the Oratorical and Drhaliiu Council James Read Dcleijate to tlie Oratorical and Dchalin j Council First Column Edward Antoon George F. Bagby Joe Beasley ' David B. Comer Gustave p. Devron Edward P. Dreyer Members Second Column Jack Fisher Austin Fontenot Clarence Ford Eugene C. Garcia David Gertler Harry Haas Leon Hubert Third Column Robert Jackson Gordon Jackson Nolan Kammer Lane C. Kendall H. Charles Korn Edward LeBreton Fourth Column Paul Levy VrALTER A. LuRIE Brown Moore Dan S. Moore John E. Parker Ralph E. Pearson James Read Fifth Column Robert I. Reisfeld Morris Shapiro R. Leslie Simonton John Weed Sol Weiss Clarence Williams Leonard Caplan L. T. Kuhner Picture Not In Panel Pat Little Samuel Nelken Foster Pettit Arthur Richardson Alvin Rolfs Irving Seligmann 347 348 Tulan© Dramatic GwiM Officers Dan S. Moore President H. Waller Fowler, Jr Vice-President George F. Bagby Secretary David B. Comer Treasurer Austin Fontenot Business Manager First Column George F. Bagby William A. Bell Thad Butaud David Comer GUSTAVE DeVRON Members Second Column Edward P. Dreyer Austin Fontenot H. Waller Fowler, Benjamin Gendel David Gertler Jr. Third Column William T. Harter Marshall Hurt Gerhard T. Kramer Edmond LeBreton Pat Little P. A. Moore Fourth Column Brown Moore Dan S. Moore James Read Henry Scheidker Etta Schwartzberg Fifth Column Homer Stockman Garland Taylor Miriam Veith Kat?iryn Veith Beryl Wolfson Picture Not In Panel C. H. Arnold C. H. Dean Marion J. Epley, Jr. J. A. Gregory T. Griffin Charles B. Henriques S. M. Hoover John Legier A. Dallam O ' Brien, Jr. Irving Seligman Richard Shaw Shepherd Shushan Elliot Thompson J. W. Watkins 349 Hartley, Mars, Richardson, WarnacIc The Ne H comb Dramatic Club Marcelle Mars ....... President Edna Warnack Vice-President Yvonne Crespo . • . Members Elsie Hartley Secretary Madelin Richardson Treasurer . . . Stage Manager D. Aarons E. Adams N. Allen R. Allen M. Allert E. Altenant H. Arndt A. ASEURY L. Bacher M. Barn ' ett L. Bartlett N. M. Bartlett R. Beeson S. Bernhard S. Berthaut H. Bradley D. Brandao V. Brown A. Bruno a. buckmann M. Burton H. Cambias M. Colbert J. Conover F. COYLE F. Claverie Y. Crespo R. Crossgrove F. Demmery M. Davenport H. Davidson The Dramatic Cub ' s by monthly programmes In these programmes. E. Edrington E. Eichold K. Ern ' st W. False R. Finegold I. Finklea J. Fowler H. Gillaspie A. Goodman D. Grundmann E. Haffkespring F. Hale B. Halpern A. Hancock M. Hanemann E. Hartley K. Hardesty C. Harris J. Hearn J. Heiss W. Henderson M. Henriques M. Hirsch B. Hosen F. IVENS A. Jones K. Kammer B. KN0.X G. Kott B. Krauss G. Langermann aim is to foster intere and two regular night M. L. Lanier M. Long O. Lynch H. Maestri P. Mallitz M. Marks M. Mars A. McCampbell B. McCoy E. McGee M. McMahon P. McMahon L. Moore B. Moss A. MOTT E. NORRIS E. Pearson M. Pruyn J. Pharr L. QUARTERMAN S. Reed A. Richardson B. Richardson M. Richardson R. ROGAN D. Russ H. RUSSEL C. Samuel A. Sayman J. Schiro W. Schwartz D. Wright St in the drama and also in d performances. Every member R. Seifferth Z. Shallcross A. Shands F. Shanon B. Smith D. Stern I. Stokes V. Strauss K. Stewart M. Tucker P. Tucker ' . Vail A. Veith M. ViLLERE D. Vlx E. Wadsworth A. Walbreite M. E. Walker D. Warnack H. Wassermann G. Webb A. Weil L. Weinfield B. Werlein J. Whipple A. ' HITE I. WiEDERECHT I. WiE.VER E. WiLLOZ H. Wilson F. ' S ' olf ramatic technique must participate 35° L Mh a Brandao, Coleman, Hacedorn, Mars, Williams Maxine Hagedorn . ..... President Marcelle Mars Vice-President Mary Louise Williams Mary Lee Coleman . Dorothy Brandao . . Librarian M. Barnett O. Bartlett M. Basso D. Brandao B. Briscoe C. Carter W. Coleman D. Aarons M. Alexander N. Allen E. Altmont L. Barton C. Bryant M. Carree E. Coleman M. CORTNER M. Ellis K. Bacon C. Balako L. Barkley M. Barnes S. Berthaut C. Blessey C. Branan M. Burton A. Cromwell B. Cromwell R. Crosscrove H. Davidson F. Denery E. Dial M. Dinwiddie L Finklea E. Frantz E. Hancock M. Haralson T. Hausmann D. Hill R. HOVEY-KiNG J. Jacobs C. JANNEY E. Johnston M. Coleman F. COYLE S. Crutcher G. DE LA Croix E. Edrington E. Ellis J. Fowler H. Furlow Members Altos O. Flaspoller A. Font C. Hagedorn M. Hagedorn M. Henriques M. Holt E. Jones F. Kaplan First Sopranos V. KiDD E. Knapp M. Larkin R. Marks N. Martin F. McBryde D. McGriff S. Meyer M. Moon M. Morton Second Sopranos F. Gray W. Haggard J. Heiss W. Henderson S. Hirsch K. Holt G. Jackman B. Kearney E. Lecier C. Leader M. LeBreton M. Lo Casio M. Marks L. Moore S. Reed L Rittenberg Secretary-Treasurer . Business Manager A. Sayman J. Tansey G. Verdi D. Walker L. Weinfiled R. Wolff D. Wright B. Moss M. Packer M. Parrish F. Price A. Richardson M. ROSSER H. Russell M. Sager E. Sale E. Magruder M. Mars D. Metcalfe W. Palmer L. Powell T. Price R. Rollins S. Rollins E. Shibley M. Tucker V. Tyler B. Walton R. Watt A. Weil L. Werlein G. Williams E. WiLLOZ A. Wise L. Sale R. Smith V. Stauss M. SWARTZ S. Teunisson M. Westfeldt M. Williams A. WOLBRETTE Yvonne Crespo Pianist 351 Lewis, Pierson, Seiferth Staff Elizabeth Lewis Edilor-in-Chief Betts- Keenan Assistant Editor Literary Editors Edith Norris Roberta Joan Seiferth Business Staff Elizabeth Pierson Business Manager Leonie Davis I dvertising Manager Sallie Reed ' lssi:tant Business Manager 352 Cazenavette, Chalaron, Maestri ]Le Cercle Framcais Officers Lucille Chalaron - ■ President Erminia Wadsworth Vicc-Presidenl Lillian Cazenavette . . . . ■ Secretary-Treasurer Helen Maestri . . ■ Stage Manager Members D. Aarons L. Ferguson B. A. Msur N. Allen M. Fredreckson E. McGhee M. Barnett J. Gaille D. Mengis H. Bell M. C. Gaudet D. Metcalf M. Booth ' L. Gillican M. C. Morton O. Broussard J. Gladney E. Norris A. Bruno M. Haas ■ B. O ' Reilly M. Calhoun E. Harvey E. Pierson E. Cardone L. Hero J. Pharr n. Caulkins M. Hirsh S. Reid L. Cazenavette S. Hollingsworth L Rittenberg A. Chalaron R. Hovey-King B. Robertson L. Chalaron D. Irvin E. Rovira E. Cleveland M. Isaacs C. Saracco J. CoNOVER K. Kammer J. Smith L. Crawford B. Keenan Z. Shallcross y. Crespo M. LeBreton M. Troescher M. Devereux B. Leleder E. Villere A. J. Dahan B. Leovie E. Wadsworth H. Dufour L. Livaudais A. Weill M. Durel a. Logan N. Whitall B. Durham M. Logan A. White E. Edrington M. Marks L Wiener E. Eskricge M. Winkler 353 Allen, Berdon, Bierhorst, Fair, Gilmer, Haase, Hoover, Hummell Keenan, Kessels, Kramer, LeBreton, Maxwell, Nolan, Robelot, Ricciutti RlTTINER, SiLVERSTEI.V, StUBBS, VaLLO-V, WeHRMANN, WeLMAN, WhITE, WrIGHT ArcMtectitiral Society 1929 30 Officers H M Fa ir . . President M. W. ' hite GHT cpresi ... .... Secretary Treasurer Illative Louis Bierhorst Myrthe Vice-President L. L. Wr Stauffer . . . Jambalaya R Seniors Conrad S. Berdon Louis Bierhorst Sidney M. Hoover Marie Louise Hummel Jacobus Kessels Gerhard Kramer H. F. Wehrmann L. L. Wright Juniors A. T. Blount H. M. Fair M. M. FiSHMAN W. C. Gilmer J. R. Haase H. T. Hart A. E. Jastram W. C. Keenan, Jr. M. M. Maxwell E. H. Reisch L W. Ricciutti Sophomores E. B. Silverstein W. K. Stubbs M. W. White W. F. Williams Samuel Wilson C. H. Daen Clarence Herrmann N. R. Howard E. 0. Huber F. M. Labouisse D. C. LeBreton U. M. Nolan DaRRELL J. PiSCHOFF R. 0. RlTTINER M. P. Robelot Myrthe M. Stauffer H. C. Welman J. Vallon 354 • Bagey, Beasley, Kendall Moore, O ' Brien, Schaffner Tulame Young Men ' s Christian Association Student Officers Lane C. Kendall President George F. Bagby Vice-President Joseph E. Beasley Secretary Charles David - Treasurer Advisory Board Prof. A. Lee Dunlap Chairman Prof. Jay C. Van Kirk Treasurer Dr. J. Adair Ly ' ON Faculty Member Dr. Edward A. Bechtel Faculty Member Dr. Samuel A. Mahood Faculty Member Dr. Irving Hardesty Faculty Member Fred Ellsworth Member-at-Large Dr. Louis Bristow Member-at-Large Rev. Henry L. Johns Mcmber-at-Large Rev. D. Will Miller Member-at-Large Rev. John S. Land Mcmber-at-Large Lane C. Kendall Student Member (Ex-Officio) Charles D. vid Student Member (Ex-Officio) 355 yk V - Jahncke, Rogan, Stewart, Waknack, Williams Ne H comb Athletic Council Officers Catharine Stewart Chairman Rosalind Rocan Secretary-Treasurer Members Seniors Adele Jahncke Edna Warnack Gladys Williams Catharine Stewart J uniors Catherine Bender Rosalind Rocan Sophnniorcs Elizabeth Jones Celeste Gaudet Purpose The aim of the Association and the Council is to promote and foster interest in athletics, thereby forming and framing a stronger mind in a stronger body through participation in the sports offered. 356 Allen, Crespo, Gladn ' ey, Hardesty, Knox Lewis, J. Price, F. Price, Rollins, Walton Cabinet Janie May Price President Mary Frances Price Vice-President Rebecca Rollins Secretary Beverly Walton Treasurer Bertha Lewis Pro jram Cliairman Julia Gladney Group Discussio7i Leader Bertha Gwin Knox . . . Dormitory Finance Chairman Yvonne Crespo Town Finance Chairman Nancy Allen Social Service L ' LouiSE Dial Publicity Alice Logan Entertainment Katherine Hardesty Senior Advisor F.4CULTY Advisors May a. Allen Anna E. Many Miriam L. Bomhard Rosa L. Wyatt The Young Women ' s Christian Association meets twice every month, having as the purpose of the organization: " We unite in the desire to realize full and creative life through a growing knowledge of God. We determine to have a part in making this life possible for all people. In this task we seek to understand Jesus and follow Him. " This is the only Christian organization on the campus and it unites in work of SociaJ Service, Discussion Groups and Vespers. 357 Caulkins, Coleman-, Denman, Guerin, Hagedorn, Jones Knapp, Price, Rollins, Sweeney, Tippins, Torey CoiMicil of Mesident Students Officers Elizabeth Coleman President Inez Knapp Warren House President Jeanne Guerin Doris Hall President Laura Eustis Secretary Marian Muenzenberger ..... East If ' ing President Maxine Hagedorn West Wing President House Council Mary Cortner 1930 Mary Sweeney Eloise Tippens Mary Allert Peggy Clarkson Henrietta Caulkins 193 1 Bertha Denman 1932 Elizabeth Jones Frances Price Janie Price Rebecca Rollins LUCILE TORREY The executive, judicial, and legislative power of the Association of Resident Students is vested in this council which governs personal conduct in the dormitories and regulates social activities in order to obtain development of individual honor and the best results in scholarship. 358 Bacby, Comer, Costa, Dreyer, Falk Garcia, Harter, Hurt, Kane, Kendall, Levy LuRiE, OccELLi, Parker, Pierson, Titche Initemaitional Melations Clulb Officers Harnett T. Kane President Marshall Hurt Vice-President David Baine Comer .... Secretary Walter Lurie Librarian Members George F. Bagby David B. Comer Jacob Costa Edward Dreyer Myron Falk Gene Garcia Jose Gonzalez William T. Harter Leonard Tiche Marshall Hurt Harnett T. Kane Lane Kendall Paul Levy Walter Lurie Armando Occelli John Parker Ralph Pearson 359 36o Bercstedt, Gendel, Lopez, Pierson Officers Cecil C. Bergstedt Presidetit . . Benjamin R. Gendel Vice-President . Ralph C. Pearson Secretary-Treasurer Gerado Lopez Commitlecman . Lee J. Alexander Committeeman . Delegate-at-Large Representative, Gayarre Hall Representative, Bienville Hall Representative, Bienville Hall . . . . Delegate-at-Large Members First Column Malcolm Barnes Leo W. Benson Jim Butera f. c. cordsek Second Column Walter H. Coulson Murray A. Diamond Sol Dombeck Jimmy Farmer V iird Column Clarence H. Ford Charles E. Fruin Dennis Gibbins James Godfrey- Fourth Column Morris Kaplan Bruno Marcuso J. N. Reaben Gerardo Solis W. A. Blair Earl O. Dailey T. J. Donaldson E. H. Garcia Picture Not In Panel Francis Grimmer Charles HaiU John E. Hogan A. J. Jones Louis Levenstein E. M. Loncoria William A. Wickes 361 ' EATUI EcS ' . J TuLl Tie Seniors Admin i str e oro 1929 G r Ci d la b t J.on wasmm 364 TULANE ' S HALL OF FAME B!, -• . - ' ' Bruno Stolley and iMorr ' ts ' •Bodenger Because as cheer leader Bruno led the crowds in voicing their applause of Tulane ' s teams. Because his class- mates elected him to the highest honor of the Engineering School, their stu- dent body president. And finally be- cause through his own enthusiasm he has imbued others with the old spirit of Tulane. Morris, because he served as secre- tary-treasurer of the Student Council. Because his splendid playing on the 1929 football team won him the place of alternate-captain. And finally be- cause he knows how to take success, always ready to greet everyone with a cheery smile and a word of fun. »- rii . ' ■•flPmn " Lizzie " Ford Because, during the four years he spent at Tulane, " Lizzie " was a tireless worker for her good. Because he is president of the Arts and Sciences Student Body. Because he has made letters for three years in football, bas- ketball and track. And finally because in his Senior year he has the distinction of being captain of both the basketball and track teams. yosephine Fry Because as a leader from her Freshman year Jo has won the hearts of the entire school and faculty. Be- cause she is intelligent, sympathetic and capa- ble of seeing both sides of any question. And finally because she stands at our head as president of the New- comb Student Body. 365 TULANE S HALL OF FAME mis- - ' " iir ' banker Because he hascar ' etl for himself such a niche in Tniane ' s Hall of Fame that he shall never be forgotten. Be- cause as captain of the 1929 football team he led the Wave to the S o u t hern Conference championship. Because his great playing for three years won for him a place on the all- conference team and a place on ail-American. And finally because in all his playing his sportsmanship was ad- mired and admitted by all, whether they played with him or against him. Flora Hardie Because Flora fills her difficult position as Student Council pres- ident by meting out justice tempered by good judgment and intelligence. Because her popularity comes as a logical outcome to her natural charm and grace. Dr. D. S. Elliott liecause all those who have ever been in his classes like and ad- mire him. Because he hides a true feeling of warmth and friendship for each student be- hind an appearance of severity. Because in the years he has been at T u 1 a n e he has greatly improved the P h y s i cs Department. And finally because for his service in student affairs he has been elected to Kappa Delta Phi. Charles E. Webb Because he is the possessor of many keys and political acumen far above the average. Because he has filled the combined offices of president of the Med- ical Student Body and of the Tulane Student Council in an admir- able manner. And finally because he car- ried on in the absence of a director of stu- dent activities. TULANE ' S HALL OF FAME T-—l Ike oArmstrong m- Because he is one of [3 the pluckiest halfbacks Tulane has ever had and one of the best in the South. Because he has more grit than most men twice his size. Because his play- ing last season greatly contributed to our team ' s victories. Be- cause he is an able trackman. And final- _i ly because he has a f r| multitude of friends JK " ' ho will be sorry to » see him leave Tulane. Katherine Hardesty JJecause as the pro- gressive leader of the Senior Class, Kath- erine shoulders her re- sponsibilities as grace- fully as she does her cap and gown. Be- cause her initiative, humor and forcefulness have contributed in no small way to the suc- cess which has been attendant upon all her undertakings. William T. Harter Because as editor-in- chief of the Hullabaloo he has kept up the high standard of that paper. Because he rec- ognizes student needs and brings them be- fore the faculty and the student body. Be- cause he has a keen sense of humor. Be- cause he is a student above the average. And finally because he is one of the most pop- ular men in the uni- versity. Sari F. €rans I LOJ ! M T J .i. " Cal, " as he is fa- miliarly known, be- cause he has found time while attending to the duties imposed upon him as a student of medicine to play through three seasons of football with an en- viable record. Because this year as assistant coach of T u 1 a n e ' s Freshman squad he contributed his share in their successful sea- son. And finally be- cause he leaves behind him on graduation day a multitude of warm friends. epii: 367 TULANE S HALL OF FAME :. } ' ■■ ' ■ . I ■-■ T.- " " ' Dan SMoore Because he has worked conscien- tiously and untiringly for the univer- sity. Because he is Senior Class presi- dent of the College of Arts and Sci- ences. Because he is speaker of Glendy Burke and president of the Dramatic Club. Because he took an active part in other organizations too numerous to name. And finallj ' because when- ever there is anything to be done, Dan is always on hand to do his best for his school. %ernard SMcCloskey Because he is well liked by all his fellow students. Be- cause he is a pitcher of no mean ability. Because he is one of the best boxers of his weight. And finally because he did a fine job as editor-in-chief of the JAMBALAYA in ' 29 and succeeded in getting the book out earlier than ever before. " " Bobby " %amold Because he has the distinc- tion of being the manager of the first football team to win the Southern Conference champion- ship for Tulane. Because he has served as chairman of the activities committee of Pan-Hel- lenic. And finally because he always carries that big smile around that makes him " Bobby " to all his friends. 3(:.8 _J05EPMTNE: FRY JOSEPHINE V EIL ' ■ MAYDAY ! 1829 PAGEANT or KING ARTHUR 369 .JAMBALAYA PCFL ' LARIT " ! HULLABALOO CONTEDT « 7 ' ' ' " ' J: — ,„ MOST aEAUTirUL MOST POPULAR Ti: CHLR janf rox MTSS MAlsTl ' liOST i I i L LLL-- 1 UAL KATHERINE ■HARtES ' TY JAMBALAYA »[1ULLABAJ.OO .- P0PUL Rir, ' j CONTi::jT ■ c .1 .1 I ' J. DA 4 CRE3APS ,x - 371 Tul Tie NevcombDr iiicxtic C lub Tu Ic -ne Glee C lub Ar ni5 OsTid t he ricxri ' 372 Tulaee ' s Beau Brummels Captiare S. I, C Sartorial Championship If this best-dressed man contest becomes an annual event at Tulane, it is bound to cause ill feelings among the other colleges of the Southern Conference and some day, who can tell, it may come to this. The S. I. C. inaugurated a new conference to decide the championship among the best- dressed colleges of the Southern Promenade. The Grantland Rices of the tweed and broadcloth industry elected the Olive and Blue team undisputed rights to the championship by virtue of their victory over their old rivals, L. S. U. Tennessee, who was the runner-up, was auto- matically put out of the race when they were held by a TIE with Kentucky. An account of the game, which gave Tulane the title, clipped from a sport bulletin read like this: (By Special Live Wire) New Orleans, Thanksgiving Day — Thirty thousand spectators thronged the stadium as the Greenie Sartorial outfit lined up against the L. S. U. well-dressed men. It was the Wave ' s last game of the season and it meant the championship if they could put it under their derbies. Tulane ' s fashion plates employed the Kuppenheimer, Sears-Roebuck and Finchley shifts, while L. S. U. used the Society Brand, Fashion Park and Hart, Schaffner Marx plays in their repertoire of tricks. Tulane after much difficulty succeeded in engaging Adolphe Menjou as head coach, while L. S. U. signed up Lew Cody as their mentor. Both coaches were equally confident and a RIPPING game was in sight. At 2 P.M. the whistle blew and twenty-two custom-tailored men swagged out on the green. Tulane made first down on her pointed lapel formation. L. S. U. was using an unbalanced formation, with five buttons on the vest and three on each sleeve. On a signal for a sack suit Tulane tore off five yards of imported woolens. L. S. U. called for rainbow colored sus- penders and braced up. The next play L. S. U. was penalized when Cuff-Links was found running loose around the end of Shirt-Sleeves. The Wave, on three attempts to look Ritzy in blue serge suits, lost the crease in their pants. This was, however, recovered when Hot-iron was sent into the game. The ball went to the Tigers on Tulane ' s pen- cil striped line. Coach Adolphe sent in a Tulane substitute in a form-fitting dinner jacket. The Tiger ' s mentor, ' Lew Cody, retaliated by throwing in three tuxedos with white vest and pique shirts. On the next play L. S. U. was penalized for slugging when Manhattan Shirt ' s stud busted and hit an Olive and Blue model in the eye. L. S. U. then reeled off twelve yards by putting on three pairs of plus-fours. The Tulane captain asked for time out and called for mirrors from the sidelines, and after tiddying up the Greenies looked much better. The Tulane stands went into an uproar when Coach Menjou sent in Stetson, his head man and a triple threat. Stetson was wearing a tall silk hat, a pea jacket and white buckskin shoes. This sub puzzled the Tigers for a minute. They could not tell whether he was going to the opera, joining the navy or playing tennis. The Tigers were demoralized, but stiff collars and red cravats made them stand out in a blaze. (Continued on page 402) ill -T " HEN HOME COniNG DAT GAXECil GAME BUT T HE VAVE V ILL NOT E ' E DAMNED TOM LSU. DECORATES THE LIE F.ARY SOPHOMORES GET WET 374 IHSi CAMP V IMMING : TULANE SURVEY CAMP AT GURLEY LA FOOD JUNIOR CH-CLAS ) THROVniMG CHURCH IN 1-IORE FOOD 375 Ae Eveemg in Night Count Silas Samuel Snoopnose, cub reporter for the Tulane Nevjs Bulletin, «as told by the city editor to cover night court in New Orleans just after the police had raided all the notorious gambling houses and opium dens near the Audubon Park " Tango Belt. " Strange to say, all twenty-two of these so- cial, aid and pleasure clubs pleaded guilty as charged. However, every one of them offered rea- sons why the court should show le niency in each case. Here are some of the reasons as jotted down hurriedly by Cub Snoopnose (special correspondent of the Jambalaya). Case No. 1 Phooev Kinda Simps: " Sure, yer honner, we ' re guilty of vagrancy, suspicious characters and no visible means of support. Dat ' s straight. But we ain ' t always been bums. An ' we got ambitions. Our plan is to hock the silver basketball cup the umpire gave us and then we ' ll have enough to live on until the D. P. W. takes us on as White Wings. " Case No. 2 Privately Kept Animals: " Reckon they ain ' t no use argying with you, jedge. ' Spect we did look pretty ornery when we come in from the wide open spaces, but now we got a swell dump on the Great White Way and if you let us go this time, we promise never to yell at the little girruls who pass by our front porch. When we get some chairs we ' ll even sit inside and besides now we have a John L. Sullivan to protect our honor. Case No. 3 Kiss Another: " Suh, how could we remain re- spectable when you think who our neighbors are? Besides, the rowdiness you heard was just the tea- girls feeling a little bit more at home since we took down " Welcome " and put " Step In " above the door. And because we gave several black and white af- fairs, even though we are Southerners, is no reason to keep us here all night, suhl " 376 Case No. 4 Sellit Cheap: " We admit Tammany llrill would only be a back alley without us. Sure, we are politicians. We WOODen never get no offices otherwise. Don ' t blame us all, though; blame Bill, the " Boss. " When he gets out we ' re gonna turn respectable again an ' clean up politics. Then we can put on another membership drive an ' find some- body to stay in our house of iniquity. " Case No. 5 Another Terrible Organization: " We ' ve man- aged to keep out of jail for years, and now just look what happened. This time it looks pretty bad. Although we have a lot of lawyer members, none of ' em are any good, and we haven ' t enough money to bribe the jury. However, maybe Clara Bow ' s co-partner can do it for us. But take a look at our scholarship and you ' ll be bound to show us leniency. " Case No. 6 Semper Nihil: " We never pretended to be much, your honor. And we ' ve actually become so de- graded that we don ' t have to get drunk to see snakes. But if we are lucky enough to lure more rich country bumpkins away from the cracker bar- rels in Logtown, we ' ll promise to stop taking nickels out of the collection plate in Sunday school. " Case No. 7 Keep Sober: " What we need most, yer honner, is more moral support. We wuz good boys until Pappy Webb went out to California and got ruined. Then Granddaddy Armstrong has started staying out all night yodeling, and " Pee-Wee " came home the other night with a black eye, after being ar- rested in a street fight. We ' re getting bigger mem- bers, but we need better ones ; but give us one more chance and we ' ll do our best to pull ' em in. " 377 Case No. 8 Don ' t Touch a Drop: " On oiir word of honor, judge, we don ' t deserve this. It ' s true we have been disturbing the peace on every Sunday afternoon, but there is something in that tea we drinlv that gets our Irish up. So don ' t be too hard on us be- cause one of our members hit the cop a murderous blow with his tennis racket and just because a couple of boys changed to other clubs. " Case No. 9 Pretts ' Dumb Toasters: " Judge, this is a case of mistaken identity. That isn ' t an opium den in our house. It ' s just a Turkish bath for rushees. And don ' t accuse us all of gambling just because Evans and Fitzgerald ran a lottery once. Besides ain ' t it bad enough to have two guys like Eddie Gessner, " the Goose, " and Johnny Glover, " the Gander, " in the same social organization? Come on, judge, let us off, " Case No. 10 Sweet AND Elevated: " Since our choice FLOWER went up in a CRAFT all by himself, we ' ve been expecting him to land in a BUSCH any day, but LITTLE by little he and the rest of the boys are coming back to earth and we promise not to get any FOWLER, and that is not YOKUM. Besides, we only come to the city for classes, since we moved out in the suburbs of Broadwav. " fc:- Case No. 11 Do Keep Elsewhere: " To tell the truth, judge, we just couldn ' t help ourselves. We went broke on the Big Meeting last Christmas and nearly had to sell the house. So we thought we ' d save it by doing a little gambling. And honest we weren ' t trying to get away from the policeman when he tried to arrest us, but were rushing to satisfy a quotation by our Big Brutal Bashful Blonde Bliz- zard that there was an artist model in the house. So don ' t be too hard on us, judge. " 378 Case No. 12 Beautiiui, Timid Papas: " Now, judge, we didn ' t mean any harm. You can see we ' re sweet boys because we still wear baby pink and baby blue and the big noise we were making was just the finish of our back-to-nature swimming party. Be- sides since all our football players are leaving we ' ve got to do something to keep our mothers rushing for us. " Case No. 13 Zoom Bam Toot: " Well, your honor, it was this way: We had a couple of boys visiting us from out of town, a sort of convention, you know, and since we only had " Four Days to Live, " we were making the best of it when little Charlie got a little too much, thought he was in school politicking and got mixed up with some other boys, also on a con- vention, but really, we had nothing to do with it. " Case No. 14 Darling Star Players: " We, your honor, abso- lutely deny that anything such as we are accused of could have occurred within the walls of our palatial and most highly respected domicile. What with a Phantom of the Opera keeping us in cold shivers all the time and a preacher to show us the straight and narrow path — what chance, I ask you, have we to do wrong? " Case No. 15 Swell Punks: " Your honor, we ' re always WRIGHT except when we are wrong. Besides, the boys were a little noisy as they have no HOLMES this year, and while Sig was about to SLAUGHTER a piece on the piano, Suitcase Simp- son thought he would give us a little tap dance and he hit his BUTARD on the floor and that was what really raised the rumpus. " Case No. 16 Some Are Mute: " Sure we ' re guilty, but what are you going to do about it? We have the power of the press behind us. We know all about sports and are on the " in " about everything in general — just ask our boys Sam and Cliff, but as for the rest of us — we ' re dumb. " Case No. 17 KiNDA Noisy: " Your honor, all we can say is — we got a football player! Hooray! We got a football player! We got a foo " Case No. 18 Positively King Pins: " We were merely cele- brating Paul ' s marriage, and we were all making a toast to the groom when one of our alumni came in and started singing soprano, and all the boys thinking it was Paul ' s w ' ife ran to greet her, and in the rush spilled their soda water on the floor. And that is what you have evidence of, soda water, noth- ing hard. " Case No. 19 Spanish Inquisitors: " Si, senor, although ignor- ance of the law is no excuse, you might excuse us because of custom. Some of our boys did not know it was against the law to fence, and besides we never were so good as basketball players. " 380 Case No. 20 SuRR Plenty Echoks: " We admit there was a lot of noise. We are noted for that, but then we have a good excuse. Bruno was just training an understudy to take his place next year and had him running through yells with the rest of the memhers. It ' s sort of a tradition with us, disturbing the peace. First, we had Lawrence, then came Bruno, and now we just have to have somebody to succeed him, and, your honor, that was what all the racket was about. Besides a few of our memhers play music and were practicing up. " Case No. 21 Lowest Price: " That noise we made was only because we were practicing basketball. We can ' t play nothing else, and we lost our students since Craig left. Pat does nothing but Putt Putt and the rest of us sleep. Really, we ain ' t guilty. " Case No. 22 Angelic: " Why, oh why, dear judge, did your naughty policeman drag us here with the rest of this common herd. We are like Caesar ' s wife — above suspicion. If you don ' t think so, the Y. M. C. A. records will prove it. Besides, our boys are all hard-working men. They try to get ads and make wise cracks, but purely parlor jokes, we assure you. " 381 G RE E N V AVE RETURNS " FROM GEORGIA -«3 ' 1 MASSEY AND OUR MAdCOT A N K E R VELCO r i ED J 382 ■ wd 383 A Sales Talk Salesman : " As Balfour ' s representative I feel it a privilege to be able to talk before this circle of the ' recommended ' few of the Freshman Class. You see before you a collection of eleven pins, the virtues of which I shall endeavor to place before you. With the aid of my magic lantern and a few descriptive phrases I will give you an intimate glimpse into fraternity life. I feel sure that one of these pins will prove desirable to each of you. " PI BETA PHI Follow this arrow, for it points straight to the beauty section. You needn ' t wear it when you have your large picture made. Everyone will know you are a Pi Phi any way. This year your chances which were always good were unanimous, having both editors of the Jambalaya. You must not mistake this arrow. It belongs to Venus and not Cupid, showing that the " mama " influence is still strong. You ' ll ride in aero- planes and battleships. Wearers of this pin may be able to get their little sisters and daughters next year now that they can rush in such a large way. ALPHA OMICRON PI This is a very simple pin, just three letters — any child could wear it. The wearers of this pin don ' t allow the departure of Nanette to crush them too com- pletely, for some day, somewhere, they expect to find another even if it is at someone else ' s rushing party. They have the " Price " of ofhce-holding to offer you. Tradition has it that the Alpha Omicron Pis have bril- liant heads on their shoulders and the golden splendor of the present chapter ' s crowns of glory sustain this. 38+ CHI OMEGA This X and horseshoe pin has had a ' warm " time this year. If you join these Elks, you may be the one Freshman to be first temporary chairman. If you stay with them for four years you can be assured of a place on executive. You can always count on an annual — The Dansant — even if you don ' t get invited anywhere else. But remember, if you are interested in the opposite sex, the Chi Omegas are like the North- west Mounted Police — " they always get a man. " KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA This key will unlock the doors of New Orleans society to you. But to keep them open you will find it expedient to get down on j ' our knees nightly and pray for another Kappa debutante year like the last one. To the members of this society beauty no longer counts — they have had their quota in the beauty section (besides this they have enough frills and ruffles rep- resented) and now they are out for brains. If you accept this key you will immediately go into training for Phi Beta Kappa. PHI MU Consider this peculiarly shaped pin carefully. It has taken over the management of the J. L. House, but it doesn ' t seem able to manage its " campuses " so successfully. In spite of a late start this year they ran into a large school of fish and caught twenty-three for the " fry. " Their numbers are large, but they do give some the " gait. " (See the one called Tex.) It may be well to take this pin with the heart. It ' s always a good hand. 3Ss ALPHA DELTA PI " u Am Here ' s the diamond-shaped pin with the democratic handclasp. If others have staged more successful cam- paigns for executive, the wearers of this pin are more original and form their own organizations with them- selves as head. They despair not of publicity after the departure of the favored Freshman from Bayou Pom Pom, for grandstand notice is given to the Alpha Delta Pi pin, rivaled only by the auburn billows of the Rah Rah girl backing the Green Wave. Perseverance is their motto: If they can ' t make any headway with the Freshmen the first year they are not discouraged, for after all it ' s just first down and three to go. KAPPA ALPHA THETA This kitish looking pin inspires its members to non- chalance. After an embarrassing rushing season they don ' t reach for a Murad, but just say " We have met our quota. " This is the only true fraternal organi- zation on the campus, the true haven for little sisters, but there is a limit for every family even though kites known no bounds. One of Newcomb ' s outstanding modistes who wears this pin imports her styles from Wisconsin instead of Paris and has a controlling in- terest in a " nightly fag vehicle " for dormitory students. ALPHA EPSILON PHI If you wear this pin, simple yet expensive, you can waive constitutions at will " as see-forth " and so-forth. One of their worthiest put the Debating Club on its feet so that she could run it. You may not have air- ships, but you can ride in Rolls Royces and ' tis said that La Salle coupes are in vogue and diamond wrist- watches are being worn now at Newcomb. Dizzy and dazed from the persistent pursuits of eager Fresh- men the Alpha Epsilon Phis changed overnight from a retail to a wholesale concern and open their " pearly gates " to 21. Hence, ' tis rumored that short talks by Margaret Sangster of " anti-population " fame are now in order on the subject of pledge control. 386 ZETA TAV ALPHA A young national, it is true, but this shield covers a great deal of campaigning and if their politic smiles hold out perhaps Pepsodent will have a proposition to maice. They haven ' t the luck of the Alpha Delta Pis. They form organizations, but fail to get the presidencies. Since the little Iamb has left their fold your chances for morning, afternoon, night and late dates on the Easter house party are not so good, but if you are " misogamistically " inclined (look it up) this won ' t bother you. BETA PHI ALPHA This intriguing pin is representative of the advance from the simple pin and simple composition of the Apes to the more complicated Beta Phi Alphas, who have included in their history tamers of " Blonde Bliz- zards, " rising aspirants of Phi Beta Kappa and candi- dates for the laurels of Sarah Bernhardt. But even if they have lost their old name they still keep up with their old habits, and with the aid of the Biology Department and a rose without thorns they have swung from branch to branch daring even to swerve from the monopoly on the Dramatic Club to other activities. BETA SIGMA OMICRON And this is another three-letter pin. Perhaps the letters D. A. B. would be more representative. De- spite the storm and strife in their midst the majority won out. The minority walked out and Beta Sigma Omicron was established. Aside from furnishing music and amusement for the school they also have outstand- ing debaters and child prodigies. With their firm foot- hold on the minor offices some day they may progress to major ones too. 387 Ncvcone) celebrations 388 % p d Vc ,T3ity-TlxcultvE) s.-5e£fc . " il e " nior Pc rtY Mr Uni li sCv eli ver - Dr But ler. Flier s 389 ■ I " ti J i BANKER PRCAKi rUROUGH " IKE ' AROUND END L; k 1 1 r " :t TULANL-L.su Cl EraLrAn!,;RS NLV C-ME§ ' 5 CliCLT.LLADLR 35° HAUSMANN, Inc. NEW ORLEANS ' LEADING JEWELERS Special Department for College and Fraternity ] evuelry COMPLIMENTS Coleman E. Adler PHOTOGRAPHS or Quality C. BENNETTE MOORE 109 BARONNE STREET Ckoice Gut Flo wers HENRY KRAAK 1425 ELEONORE STREET Phone Uptown 1198 New Orleans, La. FLORAL DECORATIONS WALK-OVER SHOES MEN ' S SHOES— WOMEN ' S SHOES 130 St. Charles Street 807 Canal Street " Let ' s Get Acquainted " Supplies and Equipment for Dining Rooms and Kitchens Tke Loubat Glass vare Cork Co. 510-516 Bienville Street MAIN 6100 -V c Haa rfi ff " Did you go OUT last night? " " No, I knew what I was doing all the A y pwf |mL i time. " .iM ' _ FENNER AND BEANE Compliments of a Friend n [■fc COLLEGE ANNUAL HEADQUARTERS As. the Medical Student Sees You FRED SCHERER, Inc. " THE COLLAR STORE " Phone Main 1050 721-723 Common St. C3 U Z ' MAYER riL Tn. — 30 Years of Successful Serv- ice to Girls and Women of the South SHOPS IN MOBILE, HOUSTON, SHREVEPORT MEMPHIS, BIRMINGHAM, AND NEW ORLEANS IMPROVE YOUR GAME WITH BALDWIN EQUIPMENT We Carry a Complete Stock of Goldsmith Baseball Uniforms, Mitts, Gloves, Baseballs, Shoes, Louis- ville Slugger Bats special Prices to Teams BALDWINS CAMP AT COMMON STREETS " Whither hasteiieth thou, dear stu- dents? " " To a joint recital, " they told Dr. Bech- tel " Julius Caesar ' s ghost! A joint recital? " " Sure, dean! Hast never been to the Dauphine burlesque? " KREEGERS HATS FROCKS COATS ENSEMBLES FURS FOOTWEAR AND ACCESSORIES SCHEUERMANNS FLOWER SHOPPE Henry Scheuermann, Prop. FLORIST 821 Common St., Pcre Marquette Bldg. Phones: Main 2021, 1881 Branch: Washington Ave. and Carondelet St. Phone Jackson 0844 NEW ORLEANS, LA. TULANE MAYER ISRAEL CO. APPAREL FOR COLLEGIATES NEWCOMB A M Dr. Colvin said there are some lawyers who never ask a fee for defending a boot- i Mtfil - r r R legger. They are satisfied with just get- wV Pf ting a case. ' Consult An Oculist For Eye Examination " E. A. BARNETT, Inc. Prescription Opticians Q ' 5 ' ? COMMON STREET Phone Main 1414 New Orleans ALL PHOTOGRAPHS IN THIS BOOK MADE BY THE REMBRANT STUDIO 918 Canal Street Photos of Any Size or Style From These Can Be Finished At Any Time COMPLIMENTS Warriner, Inc. Florists 2 STORES 3416 PRYTANIA STREET 125 BARONNE STREET STATIONERY SOCIAL ENGRAVING FOUNTAIN PENS LOOSE LEAF SUPPLIES DAMERON-PIERSON 400 Camp Street PHONE RAYMOND 1204 ONLY THE BEST KATZ AND BESTHOFF, LTD. Store No. 5 — St. Charles at Broadway Serving Tulane and Newcomb Modern Drama — Two Acts college: MuaT- VACATION MAISON BLANCHE Greatest Store South College life demands a complete and tastefully selected wardrobe . . . for the college ynan or girl is always smart — at classes — on the campus — for sports — at dances. The Collegian s judgment in the matter of clothes is excellent. That is why you will find the majority of them shopping at Maison Blanche. c Where College Styles Are Authoritative E. S. UPTON PRINTING COMPANY COMMERCIAL FORMS RAILROAD TARIFFS BOOKLETS MAILING PIECES SPECIFICATIONS BRIEFS 535-537 Magazine Street NEW ORLEANS As Dr. Hathaway pointed out in zoology, not only are ants the busy little animals, but others have occupations also as you will see : Coics Watching trains pass Doffs . Wagging their tails Hippopotamuses Wiggling their ears Monkeys Hunting fleas Chickens Feeding Flies Massaging themselves Mosquitoes Raising hell - He was an engineering student, and left blue prints on her neck. Headquarters for Students Supplies Microscopes, Dissecting and Biology Supplies, Surgical Instruments Hospital and Physicians ' Supplies I. L. LYONS AND COMPANY, LTD. " WE OUTFIT DRUG STORES " 800 TCHOUPITOULAS MEDICAL BOOKS Students of Tulane Will Find a Full Line of All Books Recommended in the Medical, Dental and Pharmacy Departments — At Our Store J. A. MAJORS COMPANY 1301 TULANE AVENUE NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Make the Roosevelt your headquarters while in New Orleans. This fine hotel is located in the very heart of the theater, shopping and financial district. FRANKLIN MOORE, Manager. j oosevelt Dean Harris: " If a person were to sneak up on you at night and flash a light in your face, would that constitute a battery? " Lundy: " Sure. " Dean Harris: " Well, Mr. Lundy, where would the battery be? " Lundy: " In the flashlight, sir. " " NOT THE CHEAPEST, BUT THE BEST " - ROYAL CARPET CLEANING COMPANY Carpet and Rug Cleaners Exclusively PHONES: GALVEZ 2121-2122 420 South Derbigny Street Tkis Big Busy DEPARTMENT STORE Is at the Service of the College Girls and Boys Twelve Months in the Year. Youthful Togs Are a Specialty with us and you will always be assured of finding us First with the Latest. -4 S jAA§aM ' ' i Professor: " What happens when Greek meets Greek? " Alpha Sister (dreaming of Omega brother) : " They neck. " And one little girl while riding past the Crim- inal Courts building with Holland was overheard to ask, " Is STATUE, Jack? " TULANE CO-OPERATIVE BOOKSTORE THE STUDENTS ' MEETING PLACE Headquarters for BOOKS— MEDICAL AND ACADEMIC ALL SUPPLIES TOBACCOS TULANE PENNANTS AND BANNERS CONFECTIONS SENIOR CLASS RINGS COLLEGE CREST JEWELRY SENIOR CAPS AND GOWNS Everything for Your Needs Co-o eration — Service ELLIS F. ROBBERT, Manager ALL au rr ON THE- VEs r f v Fmvr YE COLLEGE TEA ROOME AUDUBON AND ZIMPLE STS. The Rendezvous of the College Girls Under Management of MISS S. H. PALFREY Phone Walnut 2656 Hours 8:30 A.M. — 5:30 P.M. Ideal Vacation Trip A CARIBBEAN CRUISE ON A STEAMER OF THE ' Great Wkite Fleet ' ALL EXPENSES 9 TO 16 DAYS 100.00 AND UP Phone or Write to UNITED FRUIT COMPANY 321 ST. CHARLES STREET u( ;;7 - " ' " A ' RyNNER.Up ' v :WiT ' - ' YOU CAN LEAD A MAN TO COLLEGE BUT YOU CAN ' T MAKE HIM THINK n Thinking young men, however who have vision, and instinctive- ly turn to the good things in life, realize the importance of cor- rect clothes. Godchaux ' s Clothes for College Men create an outward impres- sion of a well-ordered straight- thinking young man within. n o e$va; ux ' s HANDY DICTIONARY OF FOOTBALL .Itumnus — One who watches the (rjotl)all K me while he consumes Scotch and makes bets on the Alma Mater. Halt-— An oval inflated pig ' s overcoat that is brntally kicked or fallen upon. Cleats — A rather inducing shoe addition to which opposing players ' faces are magneted. Defense — Eleven men who are trying to make you lose the bet you made on your college team. Down — Time to take another drink while the football players are thinking of another way to put out the 275-pound guard. Eleven — Nickname for some football teams. Foriuard Pass — A play which causes the spec- tators to rise and fall, just as the ball does. Gridiron — A field on which the only person who is sure to get any pay every time is the referee. Interference — When the bozo in front of you won ' t stay sit. Officials of the Game — Hard-boiled nuts who are always penalizing the home team when every yard means something. Referee — An official of the game who cannot be popular with all the people any of the time. Scrimmae e — When opposing teams try to play football between arguments. Side Lines — Where coaches and staunch sup- porters sit and dare the referee to come when he pulls a raw one. Tackling — A playful way players have of breaking the neck of the fellow who is carrying the ball. Touc idoivn — The ability of one player to have ten men knock out eleven opposing men so that he can put the ball in a certain spot for the rooters and cheer leaders to go crazy about. Also another good excuse for one more drink. Victory — An intangible thing which students use as an excuse to shout for a holiday next Monday, or why they haven ' t got their lessons prepared, or to celebrate in the popular fashion, anti- Volstead. Tulane ' s Beau Brummels Capture S. I. C. Sartorial Championship Coach Cody then sent in his latest find, Oxford, who worked up from the scrub squad of clothing dummies to the varsity. Oxford stamped all over the Tiger backfield wearing broad- toes. L. S. U. made another scratch play with Heavy Woolens getting right next to the skin. The Tulanians were now wearing racoon skin coats, enabling them to hide their bodies from exposure. So the Tigers sent in Wellgroomed wearing a similar outfit. The referee called a taxidermist to determine which coat had the better skins. It was a toss-up, but Tulane won by inches with its plaid lining. Using the Prince of Wales formation, the Wave now flashed blue shirts against the Tigers and wore them down with a series of fancy vests. The Tigers called time out and tried on several camel ' s hair coats to no avail! As they lined up again it looked as if the Tulanians would score a touchdown. The L. S. U. men ' s trousers were baggy at the knee as they dug in for their last-stand defense. The Tigers expected the Greenies to try a heavy chinchilla ulster through the line. But the Wave quarterback outguessed them by putting on two-pants suits and ploughing around end while Tuxbow was adjusting his tie. It was a touchdown, the Greenies having gained yard after yard, adding extra material all through the game. The Greenies also got the point after touchdown on a smoking jacket with silk-faced lapels. Shortly after the whistle blew and the game ended. The Tigers became enraged and tore off everything, exhibiting pink and blue neg- ligees, but Coach Cody saved the day when he sent Kimonos out to cheer up the boys. It was a great day for the Olive and Blue dressers. After the game Arrowshirt was still stiff, while Coatcuffs was muddy and Longpants baggy, but why worry? The boys brought home another championship, and nobody could tell them that clothes did not make the woman — they all had dates that night. The Ben L. Lewis Corporation REALTORS REAL ESTATE IN ALL ITS BRANCHES 213 Camp Street, New Orleans, La. Telephones Main 2024 Main 2025 Main 2026 STUDY AT THE SCHOOL OF MEDICINE GRADUATE SCHOOL OF MEDICINE SCHO OL OF PHARMACY UNEXCELLED OPPORTUNITIES ALL SCHOOLS OPEN TO WOMEN ON SAME TERMS AS MEN Write for Catalogues and Particulars THE COLLEGE OF MEDICINE TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 1551 CANAL STREET NEW ORLEANS, LA. THE H. Sophie Newcomb Memorial College for Women ululattp Untupratty uf IGnuiHtaita A COLLEGE OF HIGH STANDARDS OFFERING A TRAINING THAT WILL HELP OUR YOUNG WOMEN TO BECOME USEFUL CITIZENS COMPLETE COURSES IN ARTS AND SCIENCES FINE AND APPLIED ARTS MUSIC FOR CATALOGUES AND INFORMATION ADDRESS REGISTRAR, NEWCOMB COLLEGE NEW ORLEANS, LA. The Tulane University of Louisiana NEW ORLEANS THE UNIVERSITY EMBRACES THE FOLLOWING DEPARTMENTS: The College of Arts and Sciences The H. Sophie Newcomb College for Women The College of Engineering The Graduate School The College of Law The School of Medicine The Graduate School of Medicine The School of Pharmacy The Dental Clinic The College of Commerce and Business Administration The Course For Teachers The Department of Middle American Research The School of Social Work The Night Classes in Electrical Engineering The Summer Schools FOR CATALOGUE ADDRESS Registrar of the Tulane University of Louisiana " GIBSON HALL, NEW ORLEANS HEAD OF THE CLASS IN QUALITY Leads the Team in Performance STANDARD MOTOR OIL STANDARD Reneiumg the Pledge of the Symhol of Service Through the constant efforts of the hundreds of employes of this company, the above emblem has come to symbolize the highest type of gas, electric, and street railway service. As the City of New Orleans continues on its march of prog- ress, we of Public Service shall keep abreast of the parade. In carrying on our work with efficiency and dispatch, we send to you the pledge of the symbol of service: as intelligence, earnest effort and purpose can guide us, we will so our duty of serving the com. at our good-will may be mer- d throughout the year. " ' ] Nevi? Orleans Public Service Inc Jahn Oilier Again ' ' 6ft E are America ' s largest school annual designers and engravers because we render satisfaction on more than 400 books each year Intelligent co-operation, highest quality workmanship and on-time deliveries created our reputation for dependability. JAHN OLLIER ENGRAVING CO. Thotographers, Artists and Makers of Fine Printing Plates for Black or Colors. 817 W. Washington Boulevard - Chicago Telephone MONROE 7080 Ve do not sub-let any art or engraving ■Hi lit liv Hnj i Jll H|r jI ' 1 ly !». ' 14. t. tin. ■■.♦ - ' K r ' i ill r v»ir- . PP l !|ffe«lii« 1 i; ' l ikiinn i;! ■ . I iliHIHIfnilfliiHilnifl m ' h mumi IMlnlHini n ' i: i :: i!Mi;A ' : 11;

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