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,t;V,Wa .,;j jk wlk 4 ' ' «[ (V) ; »» r ' i .;-35« iP i a i B ' ».Jrt f J LIBRIS Cop3 rigKt, ig2q Bjl BERNARD J. McCLOSKEY Editor- in -CKief C. B. BREWSTER. JR. Business Manager T ff MM TMElHpr I - -i, — OF Loinsi CORTERTS THE UNIVERSITY CLASSES ATHLETICS TO THE LADIES FRATERNITIES ORGANIZATI ONS HUMOR FORE D TN our book vJe ha-Oe tried to ■ sKov? tvJo tKings — the record of the e-Oents tKat happened in the ]pear that passed and the Carni-Oal Spirit of Old Nev? Orleans. If the book series in recalling happy memories of the ear at Tulane, and also ser es to remind 2?ou of the time in Nev? Orleans vJtxen the Lord of Misrule holds svJa ' and jo is unconfined, then our purpose is accomplished and vJ ' e shall not ha ' e labored in vain. o MDICATIOTl JULES BLANC MONROE A.B., L.L.B. TKe crooning riS erlet avJakes to spin the giant machine vjhen skillful direction pre- cipitates it o er the crest. At its source it gi ' es better e-Oidence of its potential strength. It a iJaits the Master ' s hand to de " i?elop its latent povJers. The inspiring strength and constant understanding of one x iho has created a nev? measure of progress for Tulane, stands forth before the e ' es of three thousand students. With an affectionate salutation totOard Jules Blanc Monroe, these three thou- sand ' R ' ish to dedicate respectfully? this, the thirt ' -fourth -Oolume, of the JAMBALAYA MSFTtir. 1 1 -K m % Tne President ' s Statement OLLOWING a statement by Tulane University of its need of a medical clinic building and of the estimated cost of such a building, the General Education Board has appropriated the sum requested, namely, $1,250,000, for the construction and equipment of this building. The new medical building will take care of all the work now con- ducted in the present Hutchinson Building on Canal street. It will pro- vide for the instruction of the third and fourth year medical students with the necessary classrooms and laboratories and will furnish a better distribution of space, as well as more adequate equipment for this work. The new building, however, is intended to do much more than this. In it will be operated out-patient clinics for the various medical branches. These clinics will be arranged and conducted for the purpose of teaching medical students the practical treatment of patients in preparation for their future work. The building will be erected on the property purchased recently by the University in the square adjacent to the Charity Hospital on Tulane Avenue. Plans are now being drawn up by the architects and it is hoped they will be completed at an early date. It will be necessary to conduct the clinic at first on a very small scale until the University is able to realize revenue from the Canal Street property to justify the enlarge- ment of the clinics to a full-time operation. H CP ' TT , TLvuo J ' President. " ■¥ , i i NEWCOMB COLLEGE Pierce Butler, B.A., M.A , Ph.D. Deaii Neivcomb College was founded by Mrs. Josephine Louise Newcomb, in October, 1896. It was her desire to establish in this college a memorial to her daughter, Harriet Sophie Newcomb. In her will, which is dated May 12, 1898, she left to the administrators of the Tulane Educational Fund, for the benefit of Newcomb College, the residue of her estate after the payment of certain specified legacies. Mrs. Newcomb ' s feeling for the people of New Orleans and her desire to advance the cause of education of young women in Louisiana were the reasons that moved her to make this founda- tion. It was her specific desire that there should be maintained a simple form of daily religious exercises in a chapel or assembly room, but she specifically pro- vided, " I desire that worship and Instruction shall not be of a sectarian or denominational character. " There are at piesent seven buildings of fine con- struction upon the campus, and several smaller build- ings. We have just completed a new dormitory, the Warren Newcomb House, fronting upon Audubon Place, which will probably form one unit in a plan of dormitories to be built. We are now building Dixon Hall, on the quadrangle fronting the Art Building, named in honor of President Emeritus B. . D. Dixon. Dixon Hall, ready for the session of 1929-1930, will provide an auditorium seating about one thousand, with a fine stage; studio and practice rooms for the School of Music; and accommodation for the Library. The purpose of the college is to foster the intellectual life in any way that may seem most helpful and promising for the maintenance of a high standard of culture, and it endeavors to equip young women for effective and intelligent service to society. The regular courses offered lead to the degree of B.A. or B.S., or for students in Art and Music, B. Design and B. Music. ■% - m. THE COLLEGE OF MEDICINE Charles Casseuv Bass, M.D., D Sc. Dean Emerson once said, and very truly, " The first wealth is health. " It is more precious to a people than good roads, the improvements of rivers and harbors, the fos- tering of agriculture, or the conservation of natural resources. Upon good health depends efficiency and happiness. The line between efficiency and inefficiency is drawn upon the ability of the individual to go to work today; that between happiness and unhappiness upon the ability to enjoy the work of today. Health is the great problem of life. In the past health has been dependent largely on curative medi- cine. In the future it will be largely upon preventive medicine. Statistics show that every fifty seconds a life is lost to our country through preventable diseases. Medical science believes that the known preventable diseases constitute only a fraction of those that can be prevented. Ever since its establishment in 1834, the Medical College of Tulane University has been doing its utmost to raise a standard of medical education throughout the country. Now, after ninety years of active existence, it has taken its place with the leading medical colleges, not only of the state and countr}-, but of the whole world. THE COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Douglas Smith Anderson, B.A., M.A. The College of Engineering offers courses of pro- fessional training in the fundamental principles under- lying the various branches of Engineering and Archi- tecture. The formulation of these courses is the out- growth of the best thought of educators and the engi- neering profession and of our own experience during the last two decades. The technical studies in the College of Engineering are contained in four divisions, called schools. The schools are divided into departments. A department includes subjects, or groups of subjects, which are similar in nature. The schools are: Me- chanical and Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Architecture. No candidate for a degree is allowed to restrict himself to the narrow training which might be imparted b_v any one school. Work in the technical departments of one of the above schools is made the baclcbone or principal part of a four years ' course, and supplemental work is required in other schools in the college. r- " THE COLLEGE OF LAW RuFus Carrollton Harris, A.B., LL.B , Jur.D. Dean The Tulane College of Law was established in 1847 as the Law Department of the University of Louisiana. It was incorporated with its present organization in 1884, and the name of Tulane was added to perpetuate the memory of the public-spirited citizen who then endowed it. It has afforded legal training to thousands during the period of its e.xistence. The purpose of the College of Law is to provide opportunities and facilities for training equal to the best afforded elsewhere. It purports to inculcate a sound knowledge of both substantive and adjective law. However, the school recognizes a duty beyond equipping and training of men to become practitioners. Many of the University students find its courses val- uable training for citizenship and business careers. The curriculum of the College of Law is unusually attractive in that it is arranged to provide for the special training of those who intend to practice in Louisiana, and at the same time it is arranged to afford training to those who may wish to practice in any of the other states. The College of Law owns a large and well selected library, which is recognized as one of the most complete in the Southern states. It is a member of the Association of American Law Schools, and has been given the Class A rating by the American Bar Association, and its degree is registered by the New York College Board of Regents. These are the standardizing agencies for law schools. THE GRADUATE SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Henry Daspit, M.D., F.A.C.P. The Graduate School of Medicine is the Postgraduate Department of the College of Medicine of the Tulane University of Louis- iana. From October to June, there may be found large numbers of medical graduates from this and other countries gathered here to take advantage of the review courses in order to iceep abreast with th; advances in the medical sciences or to equip themselves for the major specialties. All instruction, didactic and clinical, is di- rected and carried on by men who are matured in the varied branches of medicine and surgery. During the forenoon, instruction is given in the Clinics and Wards of the Charity Hospital, Touro Infirmary and the Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital. Afternoons and evenings are spent in the Hutchinson Memorial Building, where ali branches of medicine are covered in the laboratory and lecture room. Jt mm To men and women holding the Bachelor ' s degree from Tulane University and from institutions of equal grade the Graduate School offers courses leading to advanced degrees in the fields of the liberal arts, the sciences, and engineering. In addition to these, ad- vanced courses in medicine leading to the degrees of Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy are given in the College of Medicine by members of the Medical Faculties who have been elected to membership in the Faculty of the Graduate School. Opportunities are afforded for clinical work in he hospitals of the city under the guidance of well-known specialists. Thus the Graduate School presents carefully planned courses designed for teachers desiring to gain a broader and deeper knowledge of their chosen fields and for graduates in engineering and medicine wishing to specialize in some particular lines of work. DENTAL CLINIC Alfred A. Leefe, D.D.S. Dircclor At the close of the session, 1927- 1928, the School of Dentistry was temporarily suspended on account of the lack of funds for endowment. Owing, however, to the great service rendered by the dental clinic to the school children of New Orleans, as well as to the many patients who are unable to pay for such service, the Board of Administrators of the Tulane Educational Fund decided to finance the clinic another year, in the belief that through it, the University can render a most valuable service to the health and welfare of the people of New Orleans. The clinic staff consists of four full-time, three half-time, and four part-time operators. The Clinic is open daily, except Sundays during the entire year from 9 A.M. to 4 P.M., and on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 12 M. Since the causes of many disease have been attributed to local infection around the roots of teeth, unhealthy gums and unclean oral cavaties, it is earnestly hoped that some means may be found by which the work in the dental clinic may be continued. COURSES FOR TEACHERS James Adair Lyons, A.M , D.Sc. Dean For many years Tulane University has operated a number of courses to meet the need of those uhose hours of employment will -not permit attendance upon regular classes. The classes are scheduled in the after- noon hours and on Saturdays, thus making it possible for teachers especially, if they so desire, to add to their equipment in many subjects. These courses are of full college grade, conducted b)- regular members of the faculty, and in the case of students who have satisfactorily fulfilled the entrance requirements, credits obtained may be applied towards a degree. } DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION Mr. Bernard Bierman Director The work carried on by this department may be divided into several different cla.ssifications. 1. Giving the required physical education work to Freshm;n. 2. Giving instruction in the four year course of Physical Education and Athletic Coaching. 3. Sponsoring and administering all forms of intra-mural athletics. 4. Inter-collegiate athletics. There has been a steady and rather rapid increase in the number of men active in one or more of the four branches. During the past year about three hundred Freshmen have taken the required work, fifteen have enrolled in the four-year course, at least three hundred men have taken part in intra-mural athletics, and over two hundred have been candidates for inter-collegiate teams. m ' :hi ' : )r ' ' : ' ' :■ ' ' JP :- ' Board of Administrators Officers U YS? Esmond Phllps, A B., LL.B., Prcs ' tdcnl Chauncey French, First Vice-President Ernest Lee Jahncke, B.E., Second J ' ice- President Abraham Brittin James Pierce Butler, LL.B. Miss Florence Dymond, A.B. John Dymond, Jr., A.B., LL.B. John Barnwell Elliott, B.Litt., A.M., M.D. John Baptist Levert, B.Sc. Marcus Johns Magruder, M.D. Jules Blanc Monroe, A.B., LL.B. Charles Rosen, A.B., LL.B. Paul Hill Saunders, B.A , A.M., Ph.D. Walker Brainerd Spencer, A.B., LL.B. Walter Robinson Stauffer George E. Williams, B.E, Samuel Zemurray Ex-Officio HuEY Parham Long Governor of Louisiana Arthur Joseph O ' Keefe Mayor of New Orleans Thomas H. Harris State Superintendent of Public Education Lawrence Andre Wogav Secretary and Treasurer % REX GREETS THE QUEEN ' ' K Membership of University Council 1928-1929 President Dinwiddie, C iairman President Emeritus, Sharp Biloxi, Miss. Ex-Officio Members Dr. Morton A. Aldricii Dean, Colleije of Commerce Prof. Douglas Anderson Dean, Coltcyc of Enymeerinq Dr. C. C. Bass Dean, School of Medicine Dr. Edward A. Bechtel Dean, Colletjc of Arts and Sciences Dr. Pierce Butler , Dean, Neiacomb College Dr. Rufus C. Harris Dean. Colleric of Law Dr. Henrv Daspit Dean. Graduate Sc iool of Medicine Dr. . ' Alfred A. Leefe Director, Denial Clinic Prof. J. Adair Lyon Cliairman, Committee on Courses for Teachers Dr. John M. McBryde Dean, Graduate School Elected Members Term of Office — Sessions of i927- ' 28 and i929- ' 3o Dr. John H. Musser, 1527 Seventh St School of Medicine Dr. H, Milton Colvin, Science Bldg College of Laiv Dr. Marten ten Hoor, Gibson Hall College of .-Iris and Sciences Miss Lota Lee Trov Newcomb College Ncwcomb College Dr. Daniel S. Elliott, Gibson Hall Graduate School Term of Office — Sessions of i928- ' 29 and i929- ' 30 Dr. E. Denegre Martin, 3515 Prytania Graduate School of Medicine Prof. Wm. B. Gregory, Gibson Hall College of Engineering Prof. Robert W. Elsasser, Gibson Hall College of Commerce Representatives of Alumni Advisory Committee Mr. Nicholas Bauer, Municipal Office Bldg. Miss Susan K. Gillean, 348 Baronne St. (These two a.ssignments were made for a period of one year or until otherwise changed l)y the Alumni Advisory Committee). m the -i " THE 1929 JAMBALAYA " G S -Y 4, h; P = Jn il monam A.I.. KM.. ilj.S. An AUtnwa of Sti UntiifrBtty anil ProfrHsor nf 2Jio-CEl)pmiHtru ©ulan? Iniurrsttij T Kn SliP irH onl of iJIpiiirlnp of ▼ StPli ilanuary 9. 1929 r f jL uv SENIOR CLASS NEWCOMB COLLEGE Mildred Baker New Orleans, La. Kathryn Barclay Memphis, Tenn. A o n Y. W. C. A. (4). Laura Barelli New Orleans, La. z T A Volley Ball Captain (1); Spalding Basketball (1, 2). Shirley Barker ...... New Orleans, La. A A n Sarah Barkoff New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club (4). Fannie Mae Bergeron . . . Napoleonville, La. A A n House Council (2, 3. 4): President of Warren Ncwcomb Hall (4); French Circle (4); Volley Ball (1. 2. 3); Volley Ball Captain (.3); Newcomb Basketball (1. 2, 3). Varsity (2, 3); Baseball (3): Finance Committee (3, 4). Helen Black Orleans Parkway, La. Frances Blacklock .... New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) n B «■ Virginia Blanchard .... New Orleans, La. z T a Y. W. C. A. (1, 2 3, 4): French Circle (1, 2, 3. 4); Pan- Hellenic (3). ALartha Bondurant . . . • San Antonio, Texas A o n Y. W. C. a. (3, 4). 34 r SENIOR CLASS NEWCOMB COLLEGE Phoebe Bone Crowley, La. n B ' I ' French Circle (1, 2, 3, 4); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Hockey (1). MiLBREY Bourne New Orleans, La. X fi Y, W. O. A. (2. 3, 4): Fi-ench Circle (2. 3. 4 1. Ruth Brock ■ . . . Magnolia, Miss. M Glee Club (3, 4). | r f Alice Burkenroad New Orleans, La. A E I y Cornelia Carnahan .... New Orleans, La. Annette Carroll . . . . ■ New Orleans, La. z z Dramatic Club (3, 4); Y, W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); French Circle (1); T. N. C. U. (3. 4); Pan-Hellenic (4). Dorothy Carroll New Orleans, La. Z 2 Dramatic Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Glee Club (1, 2); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); French Circle (1). Helen Carter Hammond, La. A A n Dorothy Chamberlain . . . New Orleans, La. X n Drag Committee H. 2); Volley Ball (2); Tennis (2); French Circle (2, 3, 4); Y. W. C. A. (3); May Day Committee (3); Cheer Leader (4). 35 JLAJV SENIOR CLASS NEWCOMB COLLEGE HuLDAH Chapin . ■ Jonesboro, Ark. Cynthia Chappell Columbus, Ga. (Not in panel) n B Y. W. C A. (2. 3, 4); French Circle (2, 3, 4): Treasurer of Class 1); Swimming Team (1, 3). ToLLEY Cook Lake Charles, La. A A n French Circle (1. 2): Y. YV . C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4): Newcomb Ball 1, 2, 3): Baseball (1, 2, 3); Newcomb Basketball (2, 3). Catherine Crowe St. Louis, Mo. K K r Y W C A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Cabinet (3, 4); French Circle (1, 2, 3, 4); Class Vice-President (3, 4); Doris Hall President (4). Jessamine Daggett ...... Marianna, Ark. K A e Graduate ' Ward-Belmont; Hockey (3); Newcomb Ball (3); Tennis (3); Y. W. C. A.; Treasurer Senior Class; House Council. Evelyn Daniel Columbus, Ga. K K r Y W C A. (1, 2 3 4); Secretary of Class (4); Hockey (1. 2); Newcomb Ball (1, 2); Baseball (3); House Council (3). Beatrice Davis New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club (1). Leila DeLoach Greenwood, Aliss. X 9. Y. W. C. A. (3, 4); Dramatic Club |3, 4). Sarah Dinkelspiel New Orleans, La. A E Elizabeth Dromgooi New York, N. Y. ■I M 36 SENIOR CLASS NEWCOMB COLLEGE Geraldine Dyson Kentwood, La. A o n Adelaide Elliott New Orleans, La. A d n French Circle (3, 4); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2. 3, 4). Lois Ellsworth New Orleans, La. K A e Edith Eskrigge ....... New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) n B ■t Harvey F.axcher Chattanooga, Tenn. 1 Xot in panel) Bessie Fitzenreiter Lake Charles, La. (Not in panel) Gladys Fernaxdez New Orleans, La. 2 Q French Circle (1. 2, 3, 4); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4). Kathryn Flanders Columbia, I liss. B ! A Y. W. C. A. (1, 3, 3, 4). Mildred Fly . . . • Summit, Miss. M President Music School (4): Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Student Council. Margaret Folse Oak Ridg,e La. A o n Debating Club (1, 2, 3, 4); House Council (4); Hockey (1). Littell Fuxkhouser Atlanta, Ga. . p. French Circle (2. 3, 4); Y. W. c ' A. (1. 2, 3, 4), Myrtle Gastrell New Orleans, La. X 9. Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4). Cabinet (3, 4), President (4); JM. G. C. (1, 2, 3. 4), President (2): Campus Night Chairman (3); Glee Club (1, 2); Dramatic Club (1); Executive (1, 2. 3, 4). 37 ,V I TV: . SENIOR CLASS NEWCOMB COLLEGE Norma Gebelin Garyville, La. B i A Glue Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Dramatic Club (4); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); French Circle. Beatrice Gerson New Orleans, La. Helen Gladney Rayville, La. K A e Y W C. A (2, 3, 4); Blue Ridge Delegate (3); Volley Ball (3) ; Hockey (3). Celeste Goff • New Orleans, La. French Circle (4); Y. W. C. A. (4). C ' RMELiTA Gonzalez .... New Orleans, La. ASS Senior Class President: Debating Council: Dramatic Club (1 2 3. 4); Athletic Council (4); Baseball (1. 2, 3); New- comb ' Basketball; Newcomb Ball; Bowling (2, 3); Secretary Student Body (2, 3). Helen Golgh New Orleans, La. z s Dramatic Club (1, 2, ?,. 4): Y. W. C. A. (1, 4); French Circle (2, 4), Anna Haas • New Orleans, La. Caroline Harris . .... Junction City, Ark. A A n Dramatic Club (1. 2 3, 4); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2, 3. 4): Volley Ball (2); Chairman Student Body Art Committee (J). Audrey Herbert Houston, Texas. Z T A Volley Ball U): Spalding BasketlJall (1, 2). SENIOR CLASS NEWCOMB COLLEGE Helen Hiller New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club (1, 2, 3, 4); French Circle (1, 2, 3, 4). IsABELLE HiRN New Orleans, La. K A e Volley Ball (2, 3); Glee Club (2); Hockey (1). Elizabeth Hollis New Orleans, La. M. G. C. (1, 2, 3, 4). Janet Hooper ■ New Orleans, La. z 2 Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3. 4); Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4): Pan- Hellenic (4). Muriel Hubert New Orleans, Ala. French Circle (3, 4). Elizabeth Huger New Orleans, La. n B Dramatic Club (1, 2, 3. 4); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3. 4); French Circle (1, 2, 3, 4), President (4); Basketball (2, 3); ■■Hulla- baloo " Staff (1, 2. 3, 4). Martha Hyland Yokena, ] Ii.ss. (Not in panel) Dorothy Ittm.ann New Orleans, La. Z T A Glee Club (1. 2, 3, 4); French Circle (2, 3. 4); Y. W. C. A. (4). Eduarda Jennings New Orleans, La. Mandolin-Guitar club (1, 2, 3, 4). Frances Johnson New Orleans, La. B A Spalding Basketball (1, 2); Ncwcomb Ball (3); Pan-Hellenic; Ncwcomb Basketball (3). 39 SENIOR CLASS NEWCOMB COLLEGE Bessie Katz New Orleans, La. IMary Nash Keesler Greenville, Miss. X a Y. W. C. A. (1. 2, 3, 4); Dramatic Club (1. 2, 3, 4); As- sistant Chairman Campus Night (4) ; Mistress of Revels (4) ; Basketball (3). Elizabeth Kendall New Orleans, La. French Circle (1, 2, 4); Y. W. C. A. (1 2, 3, 4); StafE of ■•Arcade " (4) ; Editor of " Hullabaloo. " Marjorie Knost Pass Christian, Miss. (Not in panel) Anne LaCoste New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) Louise Lambiotte Shreveport, La. z s Dramatic Club (1, 2, 3. 4); French Club (1. 2. 3, 4); Treas- urer ot Dramatic Club (4); T. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4). Jane Lea New Orleans, La. M French Circle (4); Y. W. C. A. (4). Alice Levy Columbus, Ga. A E Dramatic Club (2 3, 4); French Circle (3, 4); Baseball (1. 2, 3), Varsity (1, 2); Volley Ball (2). Ruth Maas New Orleans, La. M. G. C. (2, 3. 4); Hockey (1, 2, 3). Varsity (2); Newcomb Basketball (2); Spalding (2. 3). Varsity (2); Baseball (1, 2, 3). Varsity (1). Floy Maddox New Orleans, La. Evelyn Maestri New Orleans, La. z T A French Circle (1. 2, 3, 4), Vice-President (4); Pan-Hellenic (4). 40 fj f " cXAMJ5yVLyOSV " SENIOR CLASS NEWCOMB COLLEGE Bernice Mansberg New Orleans, La. M. G. C. (2. 3, ■)): Fiencli Cii-cle (3, -ll. Agnes Marshall New Orleans, La. K K r T. W. C. A. (1. 2, 3. 4); Basketball (1. 2, 3), Varsity (1, 2, 3); Athletic Council (1, 2, 3): Student Council (3, 4); Presi- dent of Class (3): Vice-Persident Student Body (4); Secre- tary Class (2); Vice-President Student Council (4); Pan- Hellenic. Hazel Marques New Orleans, La. Hockey (2); Letter " N. " Sara Mastin Huntsville, Ala. K A e Dramatic Club (1. 2. 3); Cheer Leader (3); Newcomb Ball (1, 2. 3): Newcomb Basketball (1, 2, 3), Varsity (2. 3); Spalding Basketball (1. 2. 3), Varsity (1); Baseball (1. 2, 3), Varsity (1, 2, 3); Tennis (1, 2, 3). Varsity (1); Second Place Archery (1); Croquet (3); Horseshoe (1). Jo Meredith Monroe, La. (Not in panel) A o n Ruth McGeary Winona, Miss. M Y. ' W. C. A. (2). Gr. ce McKittrick Natchez, Miss. HE Secretary (1). President (2), President T. W. C. A. (3); •■Arcade " (2. 3, 4); Volley Ball (2 3); Newcomb Basketball (1, 2, 3); Basketball (1, 2, 3); Hockey (1. 2, 3); Student Council (2, 3, 4); Pan-Hellenic (4); Baseball (1, 2, 3). Thais Micas New Orleans, La. B A Glee Club (1, 2. 3. 4); Dramatic (1, 2, 3. 4): Athletic Council (1); Hookey Varsity (1. 2, 3): Letter ■■N " ; Newcomb Ball (1, 2, 3), Executive (4); Basketball (1, 2, 3); President Dramatic Club (4). Alline Mitchener Sumner, Miss. n B ■! Athletic Council (2); Dramatic Club (2, 3, 4); Debating Club (2, 3, 4): Hockey (1, 3), Captain (1. 3), Varsity (1. 2, 3): Baseball (1, 2); Pan-Hellenic (4); Varsity Baseball (1. 3). Ruth Moss New Orleans, La. Z T a Dramatic Club (1. 2, 3, 4); French Circle (3, 4). +1 J AJ A! y L.A C . SENIOR CLASS NEWCOMB COLLEGE Alice Mollere New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) Ethel K. Mi ' SE St. Francisville, La. A z z Dramatic Club (1. 3); Debating Club (1, 3, 4); Y. W. C. A. (1. 3. 4); French Circle (1, 3); Volley Ball (1- 2. 3. 4); Newcomb Basketball (1, 2, 3, 4); Spalding Basltetball (1. 3, 3, 4); Hockey (1, 2, 3, 4); Baseball (1, 2. 3. 4); Chair- man Athletic Council (4); Track (1, 2, 3, 4). Lillian Newell Natchez, Miss. K K r French Circle (1, 2. 3. 4); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3. 4). ALargaret Newell Natchez, Miss. K K r French Circle (1, 2, 3, 4); T. .V. C. A. (1, 2. 3, 4). Anita Nolan New Orleans, La. X s French Circle (1): Glee Club (1. 3. 3, 4); M. G. C. (2, 3, 4): May Day Committee (3); Student Council (3, 4), Executive (4); President of Art School (4); Pan-Hellenic. Polly Norwood New Orleans, La. n B Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); French Circle (2, 3, 4). Rosalie Orr New Orleans, La. B A Yvonne Paw Opelousas, La. A A n Dramatic Club (2. 3. 4); French Circle (2, 3, 4); Y. W. C. A. (2. 3, 4). Dora Perlman New Orleans, La. Florence Pierson New Orleans, La. K K r, a 2 2 Dramatic Club (1. 2. 3, 4); French Circle (1, 2, 3. 4): Hockey (2 3); Newcomb Ball (1. 2, 3); Spalding (1, 2, 3); Presi- dent of Class (1): Student Council (1. 2. 3, 4): Treasurer Student Bodv (3): President Student Body (4); Tulane Student Council (4); Pan-Hellenic (4). SENIOR CLASS NEWCOMB COLLEGE Dorothy Plauche New Orleans, La. Mildred Plauche New Orleans, La. K K r French Circle (3, 4); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2. 3. 4). Katherixe Polack New Orleans, La. Marie Louise Ryckman . . . New Orleans, La. Z T A French Circle (3, 4); Y, W. C. A. (2, 3, 4). Miriam Saer New Orleans, La. Wilhemina Schwartz . . . New Orleans, La. K K r Elizabeth Scott Atlanta, Ga. B 4 ' A May Morrell Prize in Art (3); Pan-Hellenic. Elaine Singer New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club (1, 2 3, 4): Field Day (1. 2, 3), Winner (2). Second Place (1), Third Place (3): Volley Ball; Swimming Meet (2); Mandolin-Guitar Club (4). Gorilla Smith New Orleans, La. B •! A y. W. C. A. (3, 4). 43 — , «■ J M SENIOR CLASS NEWCOMB COLLEGE Helen Brown Baton Rouge, La. Helen Smith Natchitoches, La. (Not in panel) Pocahontas Sahth New Orleans, La. n B ! Y. W. C. A. (3, 3, 4); French Cil ' cle (2, 3, 4). Dorothy Stearns New Orleans, La. M Newcomb Ball (1, 2. 3); Newcomb Basketball 1. 2. S). Cap- tain (1); Varsitj ' (1. 3), Spalding (1. 2, 3), Varsity (2. 3); Hockey (1, 2. 3); Baseball (1. 3); Freshman Commission; Athletic Council (3, 4); Student Council (4). Cometa Streiffer New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club (4); French Circle (1, 2. 3). ViRGiNLA Tete New Orleans, La. B A French Circle (4); Y. W. C. A. (3, 4); Hockey (3, 4); Base- ball (4). Nannette Tomlinson .... Gulfport, Miss. A o n House Council (1, 2 3. 4); President Josephine Louise House (4): House Secretary (3): Y. W. C. A. (1. 2, 3. 4), Secretary (3); French Circle (1. 2): Debating Club (1, 2, 4); Basket- ball (1. 2. 3); Pan-Hellenic (4), Executive (2, 3, 4); Student Council (4). Sue Tonsimeire Biloxi, Miss. •s M House Council (1. 2, 3. 4). j L ry Houston Treadaway . . leridian, Miss. K a e House Council (3, 4); House Treasurer (3); Vice-President of House (4). Lucie Walne New Orleans, La. a o n Debating Club (1, 2. 3, 4); Council (4); T. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3. 4); Undergraduate Representative (4); Assistant Business Manager " Jambalaya " (3). Business Manager (4); Baseball (3), Executive (4). 4+ SENIOR CLASS NEWCOMB COLLEGE Belle Watson New Orleans, La. K K ]■ Y. W. C. A. (1. 2. 3. 4). Cabinet (1, 3, 3, 4); Newcomb Ball (1, 2, 3); Newcomb Basketball (1, 2); Hockey (1); Croquet (3): Newcomb " N " (2); Athletic Council (1); Chairman Ring Committee. Josephine Weil Ale.xandria, La. A E Newcomb " N " : Baseball (1, 2, 3), Captain (2, 3). Varsity (1. 2, 3); Athletic Council (4) ; House Council (2): Assistant Editor " Jambalaya " (3). Newcomb Editor (4). E.Kecutive (4). Elmere M. Welsch New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club (1); Glee Club (1, 2. 3. 4). Ethel Jane Westfeldt . . . New Orleans, La. n B •!•, ASS French Circle (1, 2, 3, 4); Y. W. O. A, (1, 2, 3); Hockey (1 2, 3), Varsity (2. 3); Volley Ball (2); Dramatic Club (1, 2, 3); Student Council (1); " Arcade " (1, 2, 3, 4), Edi- tor (4). HuLDA Wexler Monroe, La. A E French Circle (2, 3, 4). Charlotte Wilson New Orleans, La. n B Dramatic Club (1. 2, 3. 4); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2. 3, 4). Rena Wilson ' . New Orleans, La. K A e Vice-President Class (2); French Circle (1); Y. " W. C. A. (1. 2, 3, 4); Vice-President Y. W. C A. (3); Debating " Club (2i 3), Secretary-Treasurer (3), President (4); Volley Ball (1, 3); Secretary Class (3); Student Council (4). Clifford Wright Macon, Ga. i u House Council (4). Edwina Young Paradis, La. A A n Y. W. C. A. (4). 45 ..A.: ,y 3 " SENIOR CLASS SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Paul D. Abramson Shreveport, La. ZBT. i iE, AQA B.S., Tulane; Band (1, 2, 3). LoRAiNE L. Allums Ringgold, La. p s Varsity Baseball (2, 3). John S. Bailey Mansfield, La. A K K, A Q A Square and Compass; President Senior Class of Medicine. WiLLLAM J. Babrer Butkr, Ala. e K B.S., University of Alabama. Robert M. B.ardin Wilson, N. C. e K A.B., North Carolina. John G. Bayles Detroit, Mich. (Not in panel) Moorman B. Barnes ....... Waco, Te.x. {Not in panel) Phillip J. Bayon New Orleans, La. B e n,- N s N Varsity Tennis (2. 4): Glee Club (2, 3, 4); " Jambalaya " Representative (4); Owl Club. Abe Allen Belenky Bronx, N. Y. Thomas L. Bennett, Jr Florence, Ala. A T n. t X Secretary Medical Student Body 3); President Medical Stu- dent Body (4); Secretary-Treasurer Student Council (4); Pathogens. Miles F. Blackwell .... Brownwocd, Texas, e K B..A., University of Texas. 46 SENIOR CLASS SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Fri:dkrick H. Blanchard X z X El Paso, Texas. MuRRv W. Bookbinder .... Biooklj ' ii, N. Y (Not in panel) Charles Allen Born, Jr. . . . Pensacola, Fla. S A E. X Class President (2); Honor Council (2). Clarence B. Brewster, Jr. . Ft. Worth, Te xas. A K K. A fi A B.S.. Texas A. and M.: Assistant Business Manager of " Jam- balaya " (3); Business Manager of " Jambalaya " (4). Henry G. Butker New Orleans, La. AS , e K Pathogens; Varsity Baseball (2, 3, 4); Jledical Pan-Hellenic (4). Joseph A. Bunyard Meridian, Miss. p 1 B.S., University of Slississippi. Harrison G. Butler ] IcConib, Miss. K 1, X B.S., University ' of Mississippi. TH0 LAs Bentley Butler, Jr. . ] IcConib, iVIiss. K 2. X B.A. and B.S.. University of Mississippi. Wilfred Carreras . Havana, Cuba Roland Benefield Carroll . Port Arthur, Texas. n K A. A K K Pathogens. %sr - 47 LA7vy3)yVL 3CA. -3 SENIOR CLASS SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Donald Froyd Cathcart . . Montgomery, Ala. s B.S.. Auburn; Pathogens; Honor Council. ' 27- ' 2S; Treasurer Medical Pan-Hellenic. •27- ' 3S; President Medical Pan-Hellenic, ' 2S- ' 29; L ' Apache, ' 2T- ' 2S- 29, President, ' 27; " Hullabaloo " Representative, ' 27, Ernest Chavez,, Jr. . Mexico Citj ' , Mex., D. F. e K B.S., Tulane; Class Vice-President (2); Secretary and Treas- urer (1); Dormitory Governing Board (1); Varsity Wrest- ling (1. 2. 3, 4); Olympic Try-outs, ' 23; Runner-up, ' 27. Rohert H. Cochrane, Jr. . . . Tuscaloosa, Ala. r .i. X Meyer Jonas Cohen Newark, N. J. A K James Porter Collier .... Tuscaloosa, Ala. B.S.. University of Alabama. Henry Grady Cook .... Hattiesburg, Miss. A.B., University of Illinois. Henson Coon Monroe, La. A K ' K Square and Compass; Business Manager of " Jambalaya, " ' 2S. Sidney M. Copland New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) John S. Couret New Orleans, La. n K A, N S N, " I " L ' Apache. James S. Davidson. Jr. . . . Thomasville, Ala. p s A.B., Springhill. 48 SENIOR CLASS SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Hansel Earl Edmondson D ' Lo, Miss. B.S., University of Mississippi. Harry Flalk Union City, N. J. ! A K B.S. Harry Pugh Forsyth Checotah, Okla. e K John Eason Frazier Newbern, Tenn. N S N Square and Compass; Owls Club; Pathogens. Jacob Henry Friedman . . . New Orleans, La. B.S., College of the City of New York. Philip Greenberg Jersey Cit} ' , N. J. ■SKA B.S.. College of the City of New York. Max M. Green Mer Rouge, La. P 2 B..S., Tulane; Honor Council, ' 25. ' 26. ' 27. Frederick Gordon Bronx, N. Y. Henry Brown Goodman Carj ' , Miss. e K B.S., University of Mississippi. 49 3 " SENIOR CLASS SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Alton B. Goldston Goldston, N. C. e K B.S.. University of North Carolina. Nathaniel Goldstein . . e K Brooklyn, N. C. LoRAN L. Gold Kings Mountain, N. C. X Z X E.S.. " W ake Forest Colleg;e. Richard L. Gates New Orleans, La. l AG, N S N, A fi A B.S., Tulane; Owls Club; Pathogens; Honor Council, ' 2G, ' 27. JiLio E. Garces .... San German, Porto Rico s I B.S., Tulano. Henry Gallaoer Columbus, Ga. p 1 William Robyn Hardy, Jr. . New Orleans, La. A A RoswELL L. Hull Hollister, Calif. z A.B., University of California. John Brooks Harris Ruston, La. A :: , e K B.S.. Tulane; Pathogens. 50 SENIOR CLASS SCHOOL OF MEDICINE William Guy Hart San Jose, Calif. Joseph O. Hawkins San Rafael, Calif. A K K Honor Council (1. 2, 3, 4); Treasuier Student Bodv (3); Pathogens, Owls Club, Medical Pan-Hellenic (3. 4). John S. Helms, Jr Tampa, Fla. S N, I X Pathogens: Owls Club. Jack R. Hild Douglas, Ariz. I P E B.A., University of Southern California. Luther Hill, Jr Montgomery, Ala. X z X B.S.. Tulane; Medical Pan-Hellenic, ' 2(i- ' 27, Paul Jackson Liberty, Miss. l ' X E.S., University of Mississippi. Vesey Marklin Johnson . . . Key West, Fla. E !■ E, I X, A n A Kenneth B. Jones Tampa, Fla. (Not in panel) S i , A K K, A fi A Pathogens, Sigmond a. Kahn Rayne, La. SAM, I A E, A fi A Medical Pan-Hellenic. Samuel M. Kirkpatrick Selma, Ala. K A ' I- X Pathogens. SENIOR CLASS SCHOOL OF MEDICINE J. Edward Knighton Shreveport, La. Ben, N 2 N B.S., Tul.ine; Honor Council (1); Class Secretary (2); Class VicL ' -President (3); Varsity Baseball, L ' Apache, Owl Club, Piisident ot Pathogens (2); " T " Club; Medical Pan-Hellenic. Gi ' ORGE Wilson Lacy .... Ft. Worth, Texas e K B.S. Lamar L. Lancaster Bartown, Fla. K A, X Owl Club (3, 4); Pathogens (2). John Lipani New Orleans, La. B.S., Tulane. Harry O. Lynch Hot Springs, Ark. IX, N S N William H. Madison Webster, N. C. e K Farris J. Martin Brandon, Miss. e K B.S., University of Mississippi. Katherine McCormick Collins, Miss. A E I, . 9. A Theron McFatter Vernon, Fla. i; E, I ' X, A R A Class President (3); Pathogens (2); Owls Club (3); Vice- President ot Class (4). 52 JLAJV SENIOR CLASS SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Henry S. Meyer Zwolle, La. Z B T. A E Morris M. Miller Brooklyn, N. Y. I A K Muillcal Pan-Hellenic. ' 2S. Charles S. Moiel Brooklyn, N. Y. B.S., New York University. Clinton Ross Mullins . . . West Monroe, La. nKA, AKK. AS2A Class President, ' 26; Pathogens, " HullalJaloo " Representative ' 29. John F. O.akley Fayetteville, Ark. K A, X B.A., University of Arltansas; Pathogens (2); L ' Apache: Owls Club, " Jambalaya " Representati ■e (2). Elizabeth Paterson Austin, Texas A E I Felix A. Planche Covington, La. nKA, AKK Daniel F. Praglin Los Angeles, Calif. (Not in panel) Joseph D. Roberts, Jr. . . . Yazoo City, Miss. I A E. X B.S., University of jVEississippi. Irvine A. Robins, Jr Baton Rouge, La. S X. N Z N L ' Apache; Owls Club; White Elephant; Pathogens. 53 cJyV AJ5y LyOCA. 4 SENIOR CLASS SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Sidney J. Rozas Chataignier, La. P 2 Robert A. Robinson, Jr Gloster, Miss. (Not in panel) Cecil Riggall Rochdale, England A K K, A n A Secretary-Treasurer, ' 27. ' 2S, ' 29; Medical Editor of " Jam- balaya, " ' 29. Howard H. Russel Somerville, Ala. AS , e K B.S., University of Alabama; Honor Council, ' 28, ' 29. George L. Sackett New Orleans, La. A K K. A n A Honor Council (3, 4). George D. Sagrera Abbeville, La. p s Mf Joseph A. Sanford Huntsville, Ala. Samuel Schenfeld New York, N. Y. A K Alfred Seal Ensley, Ala. K X 54 r SENIOR CLASS SCHOOL OF MEDICINE R. . k David S. Seller Quiiiton, Ala B.S., University of Al; l)ama. ■ ' ■ A Morris Shushan New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) K N, I A E. A S2 A Frank Creighton Shute, Jr. . . Opelousas, La. B e n. A K K Daniel C. S.mmons . . . DeFuniak Springs, Fla. ATA, X, A n A Vice-President of Medieal Student Body (4); Patliogens (2); Owl Club (3). Bennie E. Spencer Spencer, La. e K Ellis St. Germain Breaux Bridge, La. e K B.S.. Historian Freshman Medical Class; Band (1, 2, 3, 4). i RuFus Preston Sykes Conway, N. C. j „ . X z X . W ' Wit Nicola J. Tessitore New Orleans, La B.S., Tulane. 55 SENIOR CLASS SCHOOL OF MEDICINE H. AsHTON Thomas New Orleans, La. AS , eK , AS2A B.S,; President ot Class, ' 21, ' 29; Inter-class Football, ' 21. ' 22; Captain Tug-o ' -War, ' 22; Honor Council, ' 23. ' 24; Anat- omy Instructor. ' 26, ' 27. Robert P. Thomas, Jr. . . . San Antonio, Texas £ A E. N S N Pathogens; Owl Club. Carlo J. Tripoli New Orleans, La. B.S.. Tulane. E. J. Tucker, Jr Houston, Texas A K K Theodore A. Watters Belcher, La. n K A. A K K B.S. : Band. ' 22, ' 23. ' 24; Glee Club. ' 23, ' 24; Pathogens; Freshman Medical Class Vice-President. Secretary Medical Pan-Hellenic. ' 26. ' 27; Senior Class " Hullabaloo " Represen- tative; Owls Club. George H. Wood, Jr Batesville, Miss. John W. Winter Houlka, Miss. n K A, X B.S.. University of Mississippi; Inter-fraternity Basketball. Hyman Wishnow .... New York, New York Claude Wright St. Petersburg, Fla. A e, A K K 56 SENIOR CLASS COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES L. L. Allums Ringgold, La. i p s Merrill C. Beck New Orleans, La. N S N Nathan J. Bender Marshall, Texas 2 E. X Inter-fraternity Basketball. ' 26; Inter-fraternity Tennis, ' 27. W. Henry Broad New Orleans, La. A K E Varsity Trade (2, 3); Dramatic Club (1); Glee Club (I), Manager (2); Vice-President Junior Class; Vice-President and Treasurer Arts and Science Student Body (3); Inter- fraternity Track (1. 2, 3); Inter-fraternity Basketball (1, 2, 3). Jack B. Birdwell Shreveport, La. n K , i X Pathogens. George C. Blake Varnado, La. Freshman Football (1); Scrub Football (3); Varsity Foot- ball Squad (3, 4). Louis Bristow New Orleans, La. 1 X, X Honor Council (3); Fourth Tulane Expedition (4). B. R. Burgovne Monroe, La. n K , i X Russell S. Butaud Liberty, Te.xas 2 n, X. Football (2, 3, 4); Tulane " T " Club. 57 SENIOR CLASS COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Stephen Roy Campbell . . . New Orleans, La. A K K " Hullabaloo " Representative. Louis S. Charbonnet, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. n K A, X 1 X White Elephant; Intei ' -traternity Trade (1, 2- 3); Inter-tra- ternity Basketball (1. 2. 3): Inter-class Football: Honor Council (4). Louis Eaton Chauvin . p Abbeville, La. (Miss) Ida Cohn Alexandria, La. Reason Louis Cope New Orleans, La. X z X John Melton Cotton Altus, Okla. (Not in panel) P.A.UL Mitchell Crouere . . New Orleans, La. Freshman Baseball (1); Vafsity Baseball (2. 3, 4); Under- graduate " T " Club. Louis Cucinotta Brooklyn, N. Y. B M Historian Sophomore Class Medicine. Pascal L.awrence Danna . . New Orleans, La. Inter-class Football, ' 27, ' 2S; Scrub Football. ' 27. Baldwin Hunter Delery . . Donaldsonville, La. 58 SENIOR CLASS COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES David Jacob Drezinski . . . New Orleans, La. K N. A E Captain Varsity Basketball, ' 2S, ' 29: Varsity BasUetball. •2(1. •27- ' 27, ■28. Tatham Robsox Eskrigge . . New Orleans, La. A K E 13 Club (1); Football (1, 2. 3); Baslietball (2. 3); " T " club. Bernard Shaw Feimberg . New York City, N. Y. (Not in panel) Richard ALaxxixg Fletcher . . Ft. Myers, Via. A 1 i . e K + Inter-fraternity Baslvetball. Henry Waller Fowler, Jr. . New Orleans, La. Z A E. I Charles Oliver Frederick . . . Covington, La. n K A. A K K Inter-fraternity Easltetball. Paul Freund, Jr New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) James Wright Frierson . . . New Orleans, La. A K E Philomatheans; Fraternity Track; Editor " Tulane Hullaba- loo, " ' 28, ' 29. Orlando F. Gerodetti . . . San Antonio, Texas s I AsHNTON Thomas Griffin . . Goldsboro, N. C. (Not in panel) Gilbert Bamford Greene . . Birmingham, Ala. A T fi. X Intel -fraternity Basketball; Class Football. WiLLiATvi Philip Hagerty . . New Orleans, La. s X White Elephants II); Pan-Hellenic (2, 3. 4); Pan-Hcllenic Treasurer (2. 3). Secretary (4); Boxing and AVrestling Man- ager (4): Vice-President Class (3). 59 SENIOR CLASS COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES William Thomas Harter . . New Orleans, La. e N " Hullabaloo " Campus Editor, ' 2S. Associate Editor. ' 29; ■■Jambalaya " Feature Editor, ' 2S, ' 29: Aero Club: Interna- tional Club; Publicity Staff T. A. C. ' 28, ' 29. George Sanders Hopkixs Slagle, La. n K . X President Frcsliman Pharmacy, ' 25, ' 26; Glee Club, ' 25, ' 26. F. Stanton Jahncke .... New Orleans, La. A K E Vice-President (4). Wilmer Griffin Jones .... Grand Cane, La. n K , i X Varsity Basketball, ' 27, ' 2S; Class President (3). Charles Kohlmeyer, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Z B T Vice-President Class (2); Secretary-Treasurer Glass (3); President Class (4); Honor Board (2, 3, 4). Philip Paul LaBruyere, Jr. P 2 . . Marrero, La. Ralph Lampert . . . Obodovka, Podolia, Russia Walter Lemann, Jr. . . • Donaldsonville, La. Scrub Football t2. 3, 4). Jacques F. Levy New Orleans, La. Z B T Secretary-Treasurer Freshman Law Class. 6o 6J . r SENIOR CLASS COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES George Lilly New Orleans, La. A e Oliver Patrick Mauterer . New Orleans, La. ■f. P V Bernard Joseph McCloskey . New Orleans, La. A K E, ■i ' Varsity Baseball (1, 2. 3, 4): Editor-in-Chief " Jambalaya " ; Glee Club (1. 2, 3); " T " Club. Robert Clayton McDowell .... Trout, La. s n, A K K Thomas Brantley McKneely . Hammond, La. (Not in panel) John Miller Mosely, Jr. . . Vicksburg, Miss. (Not in panel) Brainerd S. Montgomery . . New Orleans, La. K A Pan-Hellenic Council; President Class (2. 3): Cross-Countrv Track Team (3, 4); Varsity Track (3. 4); Inter-fraternity Basketball (3. 4). Alois Earle Moore Helena, Ark. ATA, N 2 N. Albert Dallam O ' Brien, Jr. . New Orleans, La. Maurice Edwin O ' Neill . . Morgan City, La. (Not in panel) (Miss) Marie Louise Pareti . New Orleans, La. (Miss) Anna Pfeifer New Orleans, La. 6t r SENIOR CLASS COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Paul William Renke n . . . New Orleans, La. s n. e K + (Miss) Jeanne C. Roeling . New Orleans, La. A S I " Jambalaya Reporter (2). Nathaniel B. Rosenberg . . New Orleans, La. Z B T Inter-fratei-nity Basketball, ' 25. ' 26, ' 27; Inter-mural Foot- ball. ' 25: Tennis Team, ' 26; Inter-fraternity Tennis, ' 25. Hugh Shane Marshall, Texas Sf II K . f X Thomas Roge Simpson, Jr. . . i n, ■! X Meridian, Miss. Alfred Leopole Stoessell, Jr. . Hammond, La. (Not in panel) A K E Louis Weinstein Bogalusa, La. Samuel Ruthven Williamson . Bessemer, Ala. Ag . 62 SENIOR CLASS COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Jacques Abadie, Jr New Orleans, La Architectuial Society. Louis Caron, Jr New Orleans, La. I A 9 White Elephant; Golf Team (1. 4). George H. Christy New Orleans, La. ' ]• K i:, ! Gargoyle; Architectural Society. Howard M. Craig New Orleans, La. A Class Secretary (3. -1); " Hullabaloo " Staff (4); Y. M. C. A. (4); Physics Staff (3. 4). Max Cohen New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) Henry A. Ehrensing .... New Orleans, La. Architectural Society (1. 2, 3. 4); Aero Club (3, 4); Intra- mural Football I 3). Theodose Estorge New Orleans, La. George F. Eustis Greenville, Miss. A K E . T ' Apache; Secretary Class (2), President (3); Student Body President of Engineering School (3); Student Council (. ' ?); Honor Board (2, 3. 4); Chairman Class Football (2). Leeds Eustis New Orleans, La. (N ' ot in panel) John B. Geiger Grenta, La. A X z 63 SENIOR CLASS COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING John Gidiere New Orleans, La. S N, " j " College of Engineering Student Body President (4); Pan- Hellenic Council (4); Student Council (4); Vice-President Tulane Student Council (4); Class President (2); Kappa Delta Phi. Rene F. Gelpi New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) J. Rudolph Guidroz Crowley, La. Vice-President Class (3. 4); Tug-ot- " War (1, 2); Wrestling (2); Aero Club; Honor Council (3, 4). Eric J. Hanemann New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) Andrew Hooper New Orleans, La. sen, A X i: President of Class (4); Varsity Football (2. 3, 4). Alvin Hotard Gretna, La. (Not in panel) Anne G. Howell New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) Marx Isaacs New Orleans, La. Harold H. Jacquet . . . . . New Orleans, La. A 2 Vice-President Engineering Student Body. Vice-President Class (3); Class Baseball (2, 3); Tug-ot-War (1. 2); Inter- fraternity Basketball (2). B. M. Johnson New Orleans, La. A X S Scrub Football (3, 4). Alfred Lippman. Jr New Orleans, La. SAM Alfernon a. Mabson .... New Orleans, La. Pop ' s Mental Gym Class (4). SENIOR CLASS COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Herbert C. Parker, Jr. . . . New Orleans, La. Ben Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Arcliitectulal Society (1, 2. 3. 4); Gai-ffoyle; Varsity Tennis (3. 4); Golf (4); Inter-fraternltv Football (1); Inter-traternlty Tennis (1, 3); Tennis Man- ager (4). John K. Mayer New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) John Y. Snyder New Orleans, La. Ben Pan-Hellenic Council (3); Band (1); Y. M. C. A. (4); Inter- fraternity Basketball. Walter E. Sullivan . . . Metairie Ridge, La. A X S Y. M. C. A. Eugene Schultz New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) Nelson W. Tremblay New Orleans, La. Class President (1); Tug-ot-T ar (2); Class Football (2); Y. M. C. A. (3, 4); T. U. Players (1.). W. Quealy Walker .... New Orleans, La. A e, White Elephant; Architectural Society; Secretary Engineer- ing Student Body (4); Freshman Football, ' 25; Varsity Foot- ball, ' 27. ' 28. Junius W. Underwood . . . New Orleans, La. B e n Intra-mural Football. Chester H. Wicker . New Orleans, La. Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Band (4); Orchestra (2, 3, 4)- Ar- chitectural Society (1, 2, 3, 4); Arthurians. S. R. Williamson Bessemer, Ala. n K A, A X 2 Scrub Basketball (2, 3) ; Inter-fraternity Basketball (1 2 3, 4). ' ' ' Edward Wyckoff Alton, 111. (Not in panel) 6S SENIOR CLASS COLLEGE OF COMMERCE Jac a. Asslnto New Orleans, La. Secretary-Treasurer of Class (4); Band (1. 3. 4); Man- ager Band (4); " Hullabaloo " (3, 4); Orchestra (4). Richard O. Bauivibach . . . New Orleans, La. AS . Freshman Football: Freshman Basketball; Freshman Base- ball; Varsity Football (3, 4); Varsity Basketball (3); Var- sity Baseball (2. 3, 4); Alternate Captain (4); President Commerce Student Body (4); Class President (2); Vice- President of Class (3); Pan-Hellenic Council (4); Student Council (4); " T " Club. Sheldon Blue DeRidder, La. K S. Freshman Football; Freshman Basketball; Freshman Track; Scrub Football (2. 3); Varsity Track (2); Class President (3, 4); " T " Club. Herbert D. Cohen Chicago, 111. (Not in panel) Joseph A. Cohen Chicago, 111. (Not in panel) Harry H. Dulin New Orleans, La. Secretary-Treasurer of Commerce Student Body (4). J. J. Elick Granger, Texas n K Fi-aternity Basketball (1, 2. 3); Senior " Jambalaya " Repre- sentative. Eugene Harding Shreveport, La. n K . !■ 66 SENIOR CLASS COLLEGE OF COMMERCE Joseph F. McAdams New Orleans, La. i s Secretary Junior Class Academic Board (3); Vice-President College of Commerce Student Body (4); Academic Board (4). Alfred Mercier, Jr New Orleans, La. Freshman Inter-class Basketball; INIanaging- Editor of " Stu- dents ' Handbook " : Business Manager " Students ' Handbook " ; Assistant Business Manager " Hullabaloo " ; Business Man- ager " Hullabaloo " ; Arthurians; Y. M. C. A. C. A. P.4Li iGREX, Jr New Orleans, La. Vice-President Class (2); Uptown Business Manager " Jam- balaya. " Enoch-Marvin Pringle, Jr. . . Glenniora, La. K K Vice-President of Class (4); Band (1, 2. 3. 4). Laurence C. Turner .... New Orleans, La. K S Vice-President Class (1); Inter-fraternity Basketliall- Glee Club (2. 3. 4). -Ji :i (. SENIOR CLASS COLLEGE OF LAW John L. Anderson, Jr Shreveport, La. (Not in panel) ToMAS Bernardini, Jr. . Guayama, Porto Rico Charles F. Boagni, Jr Opelousas, La. (Not in panel) John H. Baumgarten .... New Orleans, La. S N, A A Vice-President of Class (2). E. B. Chabronnet, Jr. . . . New Orleans, La. A T fi, $ A A Dramatic Club President, ' 2S; Dramatic Club, ' 26, ' 27, ' 28, ' 29; Glee Club, ' 27; Glendy Burke, ' 26, ' 27; White Elephants, ' 25. Theodore Cotonio New Orleans, La. AS President Law Class, ' 29; Frosh Football, ' 24; Scrubs. ' 25, ' 26; Track ' 25; Pan-Hellenic Council, ' 26; L ' Apache. Pascual Frank Gajas, Porto Rico Greene C. Furman Shreveport, La. n K A Square and Compass. Leon S. Haas, Jr Opelousas, La. K K B S Tulane; Band, ' 23, ' 24, ' 25, ' 26, ' 27, ' 28, Drum Major, ' 28; Vice-President Class, ' 28; Glendy Burke; Dramatic Club, ' 23; Freshman Track, ' 23; Cross Country Team (1, 3); Class Football (1, 2); Tug-ot-War (1, 2). Adam H. Harper New Orleans, La. A T fi, A A, , K A BS Tulane; Frosh Football (1); Varsity Football (4, 5, 6); Assistant Manager Track (4); Track Manager (5); Varsity Baseball (4); President Frosh Law Class (4); Glee Club (3 4)- Glendy Burke (4, 6); Inter-class Activities (1, 2); White Elephants; Flowers Cup, ' 27. 68 SENIOR CLASS COLLEGE OF LAW Max a. Heidingsfelder . . . New Orleans, La. 2AM Inter-fratoinity Basketball, ' 2G, ' 27; " Jambalaya " Represen- tative, ' 29. Herman S. Lindy New Orleans, La. SAM Pan-Hellenic Council (2. 3. 4); Varsity Debating Team (4); Vice-President Law Student Body (4); Oratorical and De- bating Council (4, 5); Law School Honor Council (4); Glendy Burke (2); Dramatic Guild (2); Glee Club (3); Fraternity Basketball (1, 2, 3). James L McCain Minden, La. n K I , A A Glee Club; Glendy Burke; Dramatic Club. Albin Perry Lassiter Alexandria, La. K 2, I A President Student Council; President Law School; Glee Club (1, 2. 3, 4); President Junior Class. ' 27. Olivier O. Provosty New Roads, La. (Not in panel) Alexander E. Rainold . . . New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) Saul Sokolsky New Orleans, La. K N Freshman Football (1); Inter-fraternity Basketball (1, 2); Pan-Hellenic. Cyprian A. Sporl, Jr New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) J. Edmund Ullman New Orleans, La. K K Band (2, 3, 4, 5). Assistant Manager (4); " Hullabaloo " Staff (2, 3, 4); Tenpcns; Y. M. C. A.; Class Secretary (4, 5); Tug-of-War (1). John M. Wisdom New Orleans, La. A K E, A A B.A., Washington and Lee; .Sports Editor " Jambalaya " (1, 3); Sigma Upsilon; Terriberry Scholarship. 69 SENIOR CLASS SCHOOL OF PHARMACY Herman Bagalman New Orleans, La. Constant G. Marquer . . . New Orleans, La. K Vice-President oC Class (2). A. G. D ' Antonio New Orleans, La. K -f Honor Committee (1. 2. 3); Secretary-Treasurer (2). Claude Marqljer New Orleans, La. K Class Prositleiil (1); Honor Committee (2. 3); Baseball (1). Francis T. Giacona New Orleans, La. K Class President (2); Secretary-Treasurer (1): Honor Com- mittee (3). John H. Oehlschlaeger, Jr. . . . Paducah, Ky. 70 JUNIOR CLASS NEWCOMB COLLEGE Marion Alvis New Orleans, La. K K r y. W. C. A. (1. 2, 3); French Circle (1, 2, 3). Aleen Armstrong Welsh, La. Debating Council (2, 3); Glee Club (2); Alternate Varsity Debating- Team (1); Debating- Club (2, 3). KiTTV Ruth Bacon New Orleans, La. Glee Club (2, 3); Y. W. C. A. (1. 3). Dorothy Bailey Washington, D. C. K K r Y. W. C. A. (1, 2). Frances Barlow Glasgow, Ky. K A e Glee Club (1) ; Dramatic Club (1, 2, 3) ; Pan-Hellenic Council (3). Nellie May Bartlett . . . New Orleans, La. n B Dramatic Club (2, 3); Class Treasurer (2 3); Glee Club (1); Y. W. C. A. (1); Debating Club (2, 3): Campus Night Chair- man (3); French Circle (1); Basketball (1, 2); Tiack (1, 2). Eleanor Bassett New Orleans, La. Rose Beeson New Orleans, La. B ' t A MamJolin-Gultar (1, 2, 3): Dramatic Club 3); Y. W. C. A. (2, 3). Dorothy Benedict New Orleans, La. A o n Edith Blanchard New Orleans, La. Z T A French Circle (3); Y. W. C. A. (1, 3). Vita C. Borello New Orleans, La. 72 JUNIOR CLASS NEWCOMB COLLEGE Dorothy Brandao New Orleans, La. z 2 Finance Committee (3); Student Council (1); Freshman- Sophomore Commission (2); Vice-President Sophomore Class; Secretary-Treasurer M. G. C. (2). President (3); Librarian Glee Club (3); Assistant Editor ot " Jambalaya " ; y. W. C. A.; French Circle (2, 3). Ruth Brandao New Orleans, La. Z T A Debating Club (1, 2 3); Debating Council (3); French Circle (1, 2, 3), Secretary (3); ' ■Hullabaloo " (2. 3). Dorothy Brown New Orleans, La. B A Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3). Marie Burton New Orleans, La. Z £ Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3); French Circle (1, 2 3); Dramatic Club (3). Thelma Carruth New Orleans, La. z T A Y. W. C. A. (2. 3); French Circle (2, 3). Walton Coker Birmingham, Ala. Maryem Colbert Monroe, La. A o n Volley Ball (2); Y. W. C. A. (3); French Circle (3). Elizabeth Coleman .... Doddsville, Miss. • M Class Secretary (3); House Council (2, 3); Glee Club (2 3); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3). Mary Lee Coleman Doddsville, Miss. ■!■ M House Council (3); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3); Glee Club (1, 2, 3). Mary Cortner Greenwood, Miss. X s y. W. C. A. (1. 2. 3); Glee Club, Business Manager (2). President (3), Evelyn Coulson West Monroe, La. z £ Y. W. C. A. (2, 3); Debating Club (3); Baseball (2); New- comb Ball (2); French Circle. 73 JUNIOR CLASS NEWCOMB COLLEGE Mary Cullen New Orleans, La. z 2 Alice Joe Davis New Orleans, La. French Circle (1, 2, 3). Betty Donaldson New Orleans, La. A A n Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3). Dorothy Drawe New Orleans, La. Y. W. C. A, (1 2. 3): Volley Ball (1. 2); Basketball (2); Baseball (1. 2); N. C. C. (1, 2. 3). MiGNONNE Durel New Orleans, La. z 2 French Circle (1, 2, 3). Grace Ellington New Orleans, La. Marianne Ellis Augusta, Ga. K K r French Circle; Glee Club: Y. W. C. A. Rose Feingold New Orleans, La. A E French Circle (1, 2); Dramatic Club (2, 3); Newcomb Ball (1); Volley Ball (2); Basketball 1, 2); Hockey (1). Cap- tain (2), Varsity (2); Swimming Meet (1, 2): Treasurer Stu- dent Body (3), Executive (3); Pan-Hellenic (3). Leila Ferguson Lake Arthur, La. z s French Circle; Y. W. C. A. Ida Nelle Finklea Buena Vista, Ala. A A n Adele Foster New Orleans, La. A o n 74 JUNIOR CLASS NEWCOMB COLLEGE Josephine Fry New Orleans, La. M Class President (1. 3); Student Body Secretary (2); Student Council (1, 3), Executive (1, 2, 3); Class Secretary (2) Pan-Hellenic (2, 3); French Circle (2, 3); Volley Ball (1, 2) Basketball (1, 2), Captain (2); Hockey (1, 2). Captain (1) Swimming Team (2); Y. W. C. A. (2); Tennis (1, 3) Horseshoes. Dorothy Geary New Orleans, La. K K r y. W. C. A. (1. 2, 3). Mary Louise Giles Natchez, Miss. K K r French Circle (1. 2, 3); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2. 3). Anne Gray Augusta, Ga. Augusta Junior College (1, 2). LuciLE Greaves Bolton, Miss. X Q Houso Council (3); Y ' . W. C. A. Cabinet (2); Newcomta Ball (1, 2); Class Team Hockey (1, 2); Class Baseball (1, 2): Basketball (1. 2). Jeanne Guerin New Orleans, Miss. Hockey Sub (2); Y. W. C. A. (3). Adair Guion New Orleans, La. X 9. Student Council (3); Y ' . W. C. A. (1. 2, 3); Dramatic Club (i, 2, 3). New Orleans, La. Eleanor Harkesbring . . B A Dramatic Club (3); M. G. C. (1, 2. 3); Y ' . W. C. A. (1, S): Hockey (2); Swimming Meet (1, 2); Field Day (1, 2). Maxine Hagedorn LaGrange, Ga. A E ' t House Council (3); Glee Club (1, 2, 3); Debating Club CI. 2. 3); Hockey (1, 2), Varsity (2); Volley Ball (1, 2); Basket- ball (2). Flora Hardie New Orleans, La. n B President o£ Class (2); Student Council (2. 3); Basketball (1, 2); Newcomb Ball (1, 2, 3). Jane Hayward New Orleans, La. n B !■ Glee Club (2); French Circle (1, 2. 3); Debating Club (2. 3); Newcomb Ball (1, 2); Hockey (1, 2); Assistant Editor of " Jambalaya " : Student Council (2). 75 n f " JLAAlByVLyOSV JUNIOR CLASS NEWCOMB COLLEGE Margaret Heindel New Orleans, La. Ruth HinnEN New Orleans, La. Mary Jane Holderman Cocoa, Fla. Margaret Hymel New Orleans, La. Catholic Club (1, 2, 3); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2. 3). Adele Jahncke New Orleans, La. n B ! Newcnmb Bal! (1, 2); Captain Newcomb Basketball (1 2); Spalding Basketball (1. 2); Hockey (1 2); Winner Swimming Meet (1): Y. W. C. A.; French Circle; Athletic Council (1, 2. 3); Student Council (3). Elizabeth Johnston Monroe, La. A o n Glee Club (1, 2, 3); Dramatic Club (1. 2, 3); Y. W. C. A. (3): French Circle (1). Ruth Kemp Amite, La. A A n Y. W. C. A. (2. 3). Mathilde Keyer Natchez, Miss. Rosemary Killeen New Oi ' leans, La. A A n Catholic Club (1 2, 3); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2. 3). Anna Klein New Orleans, La. N. C. C. (1. 2. 3); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2, 3). Mary Lou Lanier .... McDonoughville, La. B A Newcomb Ball (2): Spalding Basketball Substitute (2); New- comb Ball Varsity (1); Hockey Substitute (1, 2); Baseball (1, 2); Bowling Team (2); Croquet (2); Horseshoes (1); Dra- matic Club. 76 JUNIOR CLASS NEWCOMB COLLEGE Mataileen Larkin . . . . Pontchatoula, La. ! M Debating Club (1, 2. 3); Glee Club (1, 2 3); Glendy Burke (2); Inter-elass Debating Cup (1, 2); Frencli Ciix-le (3). Marian Liepsner New Orleans, La. I M Bertha Lewis Woodville, Miss. X Q Vice-President (3); Hocltey (1, 2): Newcomb Ball (2); Base- ball (2): Freshman Committee (2); Swimming Meet (2); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4). Myra Long Liberty, S. C. ! M Dramatic Club (3); Volley Ball (1); French Circle (1, 2 3); Y. W. C. A. (3). Nellie Mabry Clarksville, Tenn. A o n Helen Maestri New Orleans, La. z T A Dramatic Club (1, 2, 3): French Circle (1, 2, 3); Debating Club (.1, 2, 3); Spalding Basketball (2). Elise Magruder New Orleans, La. A o n Marcelle Mars New Orleans, La. B A Glee Club (1, 2, 3): Dramatic Club (1 2, 3); French Circle (2, 3). Willie Mason New Orleans, La Mary Hammond McGee . . . New Orleans, La. Newcomb Ball (1. 2), Nfwcomb Basketball; Varsity (1. 2); Hockey Varsity (1, 2); Basketball (1, 2); Baseball (1), Varsity 12); Swimming iMei t (1 21; Track (1, 2). L rgari;t Miller Hanimoiul, La. A A n Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3); French Circle (1, 2, 3); Tennis (2). -r y ' MM 77 JLAJ y3)y -L-y 3CA -: JUNIOR CLASS NEWCOMB COLLEGE Mary Norwood New Orleans, La. X s French Circle (3); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3). Alice Peake Baton Rouge, La. K K r French Circle (1, 2, 3); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3). Claire Poche McDonoughville, La. Allie Rhodes New Orleans, La. K K r Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3). Geraldine Rudolph .... Clarksville, Tenn. X a Dorothy Russ New Orleans, La. Z T A Dramatic Club (1, 2, 3); Y. W. C. A. (2. 3); French Circle (3). Olida Seiler New Orleans, La. Z T A M. G. C. (1); French Circle 3). Aimee Shands Jackson, Miss. ! M Pan-Hellenic (3); Y. W. C. A. (2, 3); Dramatic Club (2, 3). Ruth Smith Amite, La. A A n Glee Club (1, 2. 3). Mary Louise Stevens .... New Orleans, La. X 9. Y. W. C. A. (1. 2, 3); French Circle (1, 3). Catharine Stewart .... New Orleans, La. Y W C A (1); Newcomb " N " ; Hockey (2), Varsity (2); Baseb;ill (2), Captain (2). 78 JL U AB)_A.LyOSA JUNIOR CLASS NEWCOMB COLLEGE Audrey Stier New Orleans, La. Y. W. C. A. (3). Elsa Storck New Orleans, La. K A e Y. W. C. A. (2, 3): Hockey (2). Mary Sweeney Bonham, Texas House Council (1 2, 3); Corresponding Secretary Student Body (3); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3). Eloise Tippins Gulfport, Miss. A o n Edna Warnack New Orleans, La. Captain Volley Ball (2); Athletic Council (3); Newcomb Basketball (1. 2); Spalding Basketball (1, 2); Baseball (2); Dramatic Club (3); Newcomb " N " (2). Isabel Wiener Shreveport, La. Debating Club (3): French Circle (3). Lois Weinfield New Orleans, La. A E Glee Club (3): G. G. C. (2, 3); French Circle (3). Mary E. Williams Mer Rouge, La. A o n T. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3). Gladys Williams New Orleans, La. Glee Club (1. 2, 3): Hockey (1 2); Basketball (1, 2); Volley Ball (1, 2); Baseball (1, 2); Winner of Archery Meet; Win- ner of Class Horseshoe (2). Ruth Wolff Shreveport, La. Glee Club (1). Charlotte Yates Macon, Miss. X 9. Y. W. C. A. (1, 2. 3); French Circle (1, 2, 3). ' p?r " f 79 J AAAByVL OCA. - JUNIOR CLASS SCHOOL OF MEDICINE William Milton Adams Ripley, Miss. K s. e K B.S.. University of Mississippi. John A. Alvarez Ft. Smith, Ark. e K Neal L. Andrews Birmingham, Ala. s X, A K K Owl Club; Pathogens; Vice-President Sophomore Medical Class; Scrub Football, ' 27. Landon C. Arnim .... Corpus Christi, Texas Z N, l X Marvin E. Arrington . . . Brookhaven, Miss, e K Jesse P. Baird Dyersburg, Tenn. •! X Pathogens; Assistant Editor of " Jambalaya, " ' 29. DoNN James Barber .... Birmingham, Ala. B n, z E M.S., University of Alabama. Garnett Barham Oak Ridge, La. £ A E, X Square and Compass, Cecil C. Belcher Brent, Ala. ■! B II B.S., University ot Alabama. F. T. Boudreau, Jr Washington, La. s n, A K K 80 JUNIOR CLASS SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Leo E. Braunstein Elnorn, N. Y, I A K Alrert T. Brickhouse . , X z X . Creswell, N. C. John F. Busey, Jr Jones Mills, Ala. n K A, A K K B.S.. Alabama Polyteclinic Institute; Pathogens; Medical Pan-Hellenic (3). James E. Cameron Birmingham, Ala. OK B.S., University of Alabama. Amey Chappell Atlanta, Ga. A E I Medical Pan-Hellenic. J. Bryson Copeland Tampa, Fla. Pathogens: Honor Council (3); . ssistant Medical Business Manager of " Janibalaya. " Lester A. Crowell, Jr. . X . Lincolnton, N. C. J. W. Cummins Northport, Ala. e K Square and Compass, Frank Hampton Davis . . Ben Lafayette, La. Howard C. Dunham Weslaco, Texas siygi A K K - ' imiM gt jlAj KKAlZA yx JUNIOR CLASS SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Charles D. Ehlert Waterproof, La. A T n. X Pathogens. Luther C. Fisher, Jr. . . e K Pensacola, Fla. Harold AI. Florv Baton Rouge, La. ' ■ v V ■ i„ i„i., ' : :-v . .; „ » - ' S X. N S N Pathogens. SwEPSOX F. Fraser lany. La. e K Square and Compass; Class President, ' 2J». AIaxuel Gardberg ..... New Orleans, La. A E IsA.AC L. George Fort Worth, Texas A K K Varsity Baseball (2). Leon F. Gr.ay ,...-.... Shreveport, La. Square and Compass. Roy Curtis Greex Wehadkee, Ala. A A T. A K K Wesley Hall, Jr Shelby, Miss. K £. e K + B.. ., Mississippi College; University of Jlississippi, ' 27. ' 2S. R. Granville Hand Deemer, Aliss. e K + 82 JUNIOR CLASS SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Robert J. Hanks Dallas, Texas A K K Honor CounL-il. Malcolm W. Harrison . . . Montgomery, La. A K K Henry C. Hatcher Baton Rouge, La. e K Square and Compass; Honor Count-il (2); Varsity Baseball (2). Jacob Otto Hoth New Orleans, La. P 2 Inter-class WrL ' Stling. ' 25. Robert P. Howell, Jr Lake Charles, La. A K K Sidney J.acobs New Orleans, La. A K B.S.. Tulane; Dramatic Club ' 24. Esther Kirk Fearn Springs, Miss. William H. Martinez . Cabo Rojo, Porto Rico 2 I, P 2 Clifford R. Mays Plain Dealing, La. n K A, A K K B.S.; Glee Club, ' 24, ' 25, ' 20, ' 27, ' 2S. Thomas B. McKneely .... Hammond, La. 2 A E, N 2 N B.S. ; Honor Council, ' 2(1. 83 I ' T lJ3 t JUNIOR CLASS SCHOOL OF MEDICINE John G. Menville New Orleans, La. Ben, X. Pathogens; President of " T " Club (4); IS Club; Varsity Football (2, 3. 4); Varsity Basketball (2. 4): Varsity Base- ball (4); Freshman Football, Baseball, Basketball and Track. Will Dave Norm.an Morgan City, La. Z B T, ■!• A E Medical Pan-Hellenic. Frank W. Pickell, Jr. . . . Fayetteville, Ark. A K K Edwin P. Preston Miami Beach, Fla. Golden George Richard . . . Lake Arthur, La. X z X Leo Rosenblum New Orleans, La. A K B.S., Tulane; " Jambalaya " Representative (S); Tulane Band (1, 2, 3, 4); Tug-ot-War (1); Pan-Hellenic Council (5). Frank O. Schmidt .... Ocean Springs, Miss. p I A.B.. Spring Hill; Medical Pan-Hellenic Council. C. Sherburne Sentell . . . Plain Dealing, La. i; N, X. Pathogens; 13 Club; Secretary-Treasurer Junior Medical Class; Freshman Football, ' 24. Dudley V. Smith Leesville, La. a K K Square and Compass. Clifford Storey Baton Rouge, La. z n, X 84 JUNIOR CLASS SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Lawrence H. Strug .... New Orleans, La. A K Herbert A. Suehs Giddings, Texas e K ViLisity Baseball (2). Ralph J. Talbot Ruston, La. Vernon L. Terrell, Jr. . . 2 N, X Magnolia, Miss. J. Roy Theriot, ]k Gueydan, La. Ben, i X Heyward C. Thompson . X Shelby, N. C. George B. Walton Hamilton, Ga. 3 K B.S. Charles E. Webb Vowell ' s Mill, La. K s, X Square and Compass; Owls Club: Pathogens; Class Presi- dent (2 1; Secretary Medical Student Body (1); Honor Council (2). Clarence H. White .... Townsville, N. C. OK T. Fr.asier Williams Hartford, Ala. e K B.S., University of Alabama. Joseph D. Youman, Jr. . . . New Orleans, La. 85 JUNIOR CLASS I COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Harry N. Anders Winnsboro, La. :; n Charles Maurice Bayhi . . New Orleans, La. Freshman-Sophomore Tug-of-War (2). J. Baylor Bell CotuHa, Texas Oscar Blitz New Orleans, La. K N Inter-fraternity Basketball. Richard Leonce Buck Houma, L;i. Edward Grant Cailleteau . . Alexandria, La. 2 X Archibald Fernando Caraway . Gulfport, Miss, n K ! Charles Collins, Jr . ... New Orleans, La. n K A V. Kyser Cox Selma, Ala. Louis Anthony Crapitto . . . Houston, Texas t l| Lewie Jefferson Darter, Jr. . New Orleans, La. n K A " Jambalaya " Representative (3): Inter-traternity Basketball ■j_ ' I _ (1, 2); President Y. M. C. A. 86 9 JUNIOR CLASS COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Lowell Potter Dawson . A G River Falls, Wis. Michael Ellis DeBakey . . . Lake Charles, La. Edward Peter Dreyer .... New Orleans, La. Freshman and Sophomore Debate (1): Varsity Debate (2). (Mrs.) B. G. Dunlap . . Lawrenceburg, Tenn. Claude Graham Eccles . . . Norwich, Conn. John Prentis Everett .... Farmerville, La. 2 N Myron Harold Falk .... New Orleans, La. Tug-of-War (1); Editor ■ ' Y. M. C. A. Handbook " (2): Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (2); Campus Editor " Hullabaloo " (2). Noah Feldman .... New York City, N. Y. John Marion Filippone . . . Houston, Texas Baseball (1): Tug-of-War. Willie G. Fisher Lake Charles, La. S A E Freshman Football; Scrub Football (2). Eugene Current Garcia . . New Orleans, La. 87 w : J AMM y%JLJ :XA j JUNIOR CLASS COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Franklin Wayne Gardner . New Orleans, La. 2 N Philip Gensler New Orleans, La. K A Edwin Robichaux Guidry . . New Orleans, La. Eugene Claud Hann.a .... Jackson, Miss. A Aero Club. Joseph Beverly Holmes . . . New Orleans, La. £ n Secretary-Treasurer Freshman Class; President Sophomore Class; Assistant Varsity Cheer Leader (2, 3); Second Vice- President Y. M. C. A. (3): T. M. C. A. Cabinet (2. 3); Honor Council (1. 2); Academic Board (1, 2); Inter-fra- ternity Basketball (1). Fred Edward Inbau, Jr Arabi, La. Varsity Debater (2); Oratorical and Debating Society; Swim- ming Team (1); Arthurians; Glendy Burke (2, 3). Waldo Trueting New Orleans, La. A Glee Club. Euclid A. Isbell Albertville, Ala. Edward B. Jahncke New Orleans, La. A K E Inter-class Football Scrubs. SvEA Otilia Johnson Good Pine, La. Reichard Kahle New Orleans, La. K A White Elephants; Inter-fraternity Basketball (2). JUNIOR CLASS COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Kenneth Mayer Kahn . . . New Orleans, La. z B T, B M Fencing. Hevman Charles Korn . . . New Orleans, La. T A I Varsity Debater (1. 2); Oratorical and Debating Council Chairman (3): Glendy Burke Literary and Debating So- ciety Vice-Spealier (3); Tulane Ad Club President; Tulane- Newcomb Debate (2); Runner-up in Chess Tournament (2). LoRis Katten Levy St. Joseph, La. Samuel Lang Savannah, Ga. A M Varsity Debater (1. 2, 3): Winner Carnot Medal Debate. ' 27; Winner Dorotliy Dix Journalism Prize. ' 2S; Winner Journal- ism Scholarship, ' 2S. Thom.4s H. Lowry ' Jr Winnsboro, La. Werner Joshua Luchsinger . West Allis, Wis. Melvin Clark Mashburn . . . Flomaton, Ala. Fellx Webster McBry ' de . . New Orleans, La. Gray Memorial Expedition, ' 28; Tenpens: Glee Club; Tulane Band. E. L. McGehee, Jr Hammond, La. A K E Varsity Football. H.ADEN Edwards McKay . . . . Humble, Texas Guy Mendes, Jr New Orleans, La. ATI! 89 JUNIOR CLASS COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Wm. George Meriwether . . . Flomaton, Ala. Harry Meyer Brookhaven, Miss. Sam Mintz Houston, Texas Dan Seguin Moore New Orleans, La. Secretary (2); Speaker (3); Vice-President of Class (3); Secretary (3); Varsity Debates (1, 2, 3); Vice-President (2, 3) ' Aero Club (2); International Club (1); T. N. C. U. (i, 3), ' President (3); T. M. C. A. (1, 2. 3), Cabinet (2 3) Sec- retary (2); Academic Board (3); Editor " T. M. C. A. Hand- book (2). Willis Joret Nelson, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Frank B. Ogden Shreveport, La. ATS John Edward Parker .... New Orleans, La. Y. M. C. A. Absalom Pettit New Orleans, La. John Pizzano Norristown, Penn. A 2 Freshman Football (1); Varsity Football (2, 3); Alternate Captain Football (3); Boxing (2. 3); S. A. A. U. Champion- ship. 90 JUNIOR CLASS COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Morris Evan Popkins . . . Ann Arbor, Mich. H. C. Pyburn Ruston, La. S N, X Robert Raixfort Rainold . . New Orleans, La. A T n White Elephants (1); Assistant Football Manager (1, 2, 3); Tug-of-War (1); Swimming Team, ' 26; Glendy Burke (1, 2): Glee Club (2); Activities Committee of Pan-Hellenic Council (2): Chairman Activities Committee of Pan-Hellenic Council (3); Inter-fraternlty Track (1, 2). Eugene B. Robichaux . . Excelsior Springs, Mo. Robert Emile Rougelot Jr. . New Orleans, La. AS ,! M Fencing. Charles Rucker Pine Bluff, Ark. " T " Club; Varsity Football (2. 3, 4), Captain (4). Drew Adolph Savant .... Ville Platte, La. Elmer F. Schulze Shiner, Texas Frank Anthony Sica . . New York City, N. Y. 9 ' JUNIOR CLASS COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Leon Slipakoff New Orleans, La. Joseph Sweig New Orleans, La. Robert W. Gaston, Jr. . . . New Orleans, La. A e Secretary Class (2); White Elephants (1). Harry Marx Trifon Polly, Texas z B T Freshman Football. J. K. TuRBERViLLE Century, Fla. S N Carl Nathaniel Wahl . . . New Orleans, La. John Summerlin Whatley . . . Rayville, La. A K E Varsity Track (2. 3, 4), Captain (4); Varsity Football (3 4); Secretary and Treasurer Class (3): Freshman Football; Track and Basketball. William Joseph White . . . Birmingham, Ala. Transfer from Vanderbilt University. Solomon Winokur .... Long Island, N. Y. William Fuqua Woods . S A E Shreveport, La. Horatio C. Weston Logtown, Miss. 92 JUNIOR CLASS COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING A. OccELLi (Sanchez) . . Mexico City, lex. 2 I Robert A. Arny Montclair, N. J. Glee Club. Sidney C. Berdon Baton Rouge, La. K A John Wm. Bierhorst, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Arthurians. rTtJT - Louis Bierhorst New Orleans, La. Tulane Band (1. 2, 3); Vice-President Architectural Society (3); Freshman Bouncer; Tug-of-War; Arthurians. Allen T. Blount New Orleans, La. X E Glee Club; Aero Club. HuTsoN CoLcocK New Orleans, La. Vice-President of Class (3). John M. Cotton Altus, Okla. n K A Robert G. Crump, Jr New Orleans, La. Glee Club (2. 3); Architectural Society (1, 2, 3). Maurice F. Dufour .... New Orleans, La. A ! , A X :; 93 JUNIOR CLASS COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Elroy I. EiGENBERGER .... New Orleans, La. Milton C. Clerc New Orleans, La. Freshman-Sophomore Tug-of-TVar (1, 2); Freshman-Sopho- more Wrestling: Freshman-Sophomore Football; Varsity Wrestling (1, 2, 3); Arthurlans. John P. Fernandez New Orleans, La. Arthurians. M. A. Gerstner New Orleans, La. Class Football (1, 2); Arthurians. H. Tardy Hart New Orleans, La. Glee Club; Architectural Society. Arthur J. Haas New Orleans, La. A ! " Jambalaya " Representative (3). Marie Louise Hummel . . . New Orleans, La. Orville T. Ice, Jr New Orleans, La. Gerhard T. Kramer .... New Orleans, La. Dramatic Guild (1, 2, 3); Secretary-Treasurer ot Class (3); Architectural Society (2, 3); Sophomore Class Football (2). 94 JUNIOR CLASS COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Stanley Lecourt New Orleans, La. Pop ' s Mental Gym Class. F. Robert Mendow New Orleans, La. " Jambalaya " Representative (1): Band (2, 3); Librarian of Band (2). Albert J. Meyers New Orleans, La. 2 E. K K Band (1, 2, 3). William H. Neal .... Mexico City, Mexico s I Aero Club. Walter H. Price New Orleans, La. A Elbright F. Ryan New Orleans, La. A Track, ■27; Football, ' 27; T. M. C. A. Cabinet, ' 28; Fresh- man Track; Class Football, ' 27. Philippe V. L. Schaffner . . New Orleans, La. K K , A X 2, B M B.S.. Tulane; Band (1, 2, 3, 4. 5); Glee Club (1. 2, 3, 4, 5); Assistant Manager Band (2. 3, 5); Manager of Band (4); Vice-President Y. M. C. A. (4); Arthurians. Ford Seeuws Long Beach, Miss. Ben Varsity Football (2 3); 13 Club. 95 JUNIOR CLASS COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Bruno Stolley New Orleans, La. Business Manager Glee Club (2); Glee Club (1. 2, 3); Band (1, 2); Class Vice-President (1); Class President (2, 3): Academic Board (1. 2, 3); " Hullabaloo " (1); Basketball (1, 2); Pan-Hellenic Council (2, 3); Tau Chi Epsilon Award (11; Inter-fraternity Basketball (2); President Glee Club (3). Haswell a. Swasey, Jr. . New Orleans, La. James J. Trunzler New Orleans, La. S N, A X I Secretary-Treasurer, ' 28: Frost Football, Basketball, Track; Tug-of-War; Inter-fraternitv Basketball, Track. Tennis, ' 27; Football, ' 28; Track, ' 27; Y. M. C. A., ' 28; " T " Club. Philip A. Weber New Orleans, La. " Janibalaya " Representative (1). Henry Wehrmann, Jr. . . . New Orleans, La. A K E Varsity Tennis (2, 3); Varsity Golf (3); Ping Pong; Glee Club (2, 3, 4); Class Secretary (2); Class Football (2); Ar- chitectural Society (2, 3); Glendy Burke (1); Inter-fraternity Basketball {1, 2, 3) ; " T " Club. John Wilson New Orleans, La. C. L. Wood, Jr New Orleans, La. A Pan-Hellenic Council. L. Lavelle Wright Jackson, Miss. £ n, K K Band (1, 2, 3): Assistant Manager Band (3); Glee Club (1 2 3); Architectural Society; Aero Club; Secretary Aero Club (3). i iaa- 96 y X JB JUNIOR CLASS COLLEGE OF COMMERCE Harold A. Arbo New Orleans, La. Freshman Football; Freshman Basketball; Vice-President of Class (2, 3); White Elephant Cup. F. X. Araistrong New Orleans, La. Ben Varsity Football, ' 2G, ' 2S; 13 Club; Inter-fraternity Basket- ball; Inter-fraternity Track; Tug-ot-War. Cecil M. Arnold Hattiesbiirg, Miss. James R. Biggar, Jr New Orleans, La. Arthurians; Assistant Business Manager " Tulane Hullabaloo " (3); " Jambalaya " Representative {2); Circulation Manager " Hullabaloo " (2). T. P. GaNXELL Shreveport, La. Laurence R. DeBuys Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Ben Glee Club (1, 2, 3); Cheer Leader First Assistant (2); Var- sity Cheer Leader (3); Freshman Football. Clifton Dreyfus New Orleans, La. ■ «P SAM Roger Holloway .... Ocean Springs, Miss. . .-. J 97 a 3 " JUNIOR CLASS COLLEGE OF COMMERCE Birmingham, Ala. Rudolph J. Johnson . . A T fi Inter-fraternity Track; Inter-fraternity Basketball; Tug-of- War: President of Class (1); Secretary-Treasurer Class (2); Honor Board (1, 2, 3); Glee Club (1, 2. 3); Glendy Burke; " Hullabaloo " Staff (2). Miles J. Kehoe, Jr New Orleans, La. John P. Labouisse New Orleans, La. A K E Manager Track Team; Sports Editor " Hullabaloo " ; Frosh- Soph Football; Tug-ot-War (2). David W. Light San Antonio, Texas Ben ALartin L. Matthews . New Orleans, La. K A President of Class (2. 3); Baseball (1, 2. 3); Basketball (1, 2 3); White Elephants; Inter-fraternity Basketball (1, 2, 3); Tug-ot-War; Frosh-Soph Basketball (1. 2); Pan-Hellenic (3). Roland Melun New Orleans, La. K 2 John S. Oelkers New Orleans, La. Freshman Football; Freshman Track; Varsity Football (2. 3); Varsity Track (2, 3); Undergraduate " T " Club. George H. Pitts Alexandria, La. K £ JUNIOR CLASS COLLEGE OF COMMERCE Samuel Plotkin New Orleans, La. Clyde R. Ross Pioneer, La. Edward B. Sherwood . . New Orleans, La. A T S2 White Elephants: Secretary " Y " Club (1): Circulation Man- ager of " Hullabaloo " (2); Business Manager Dramatic Guild (3): Glendy Burke (1); Dramatic Guild (1. 2, 3); Inter- fraternity Basketball (1, 2); Assistant Manag-er Track (2). Charles B. Stewart . New Orleans, La. Alfred J. Theriot Gueydan, La. Glee Club (1, 2, 3): Freshman Track; Freshman Baseball; " Jambalaya " Representative (3); Boxing Team. Alex R. Thompson Houston, La. n K Bennie Weiner New Orleans, La. Intra-mural Football (2); Inter-class Football (2); Inter- class Debating (1). 99 JUNIOR CLASS COLLEGE OF LAW David J. Anders, Jr Winnsboro, La. E n Charles Bailey Abbeville, La. K 2 Freshman Track; Inter-fraternity Track, Wood Browx, Jr Minden, La. Z X, ' t A •! Robert H. Burton New Orleans, La. Vice-President Law Student Body, ' 28. Marion J. Epley, Jr New Orleans, La. K S, A S Manager Basketball, " 28; Captain Swimming Team, ' 26; Presi- dent Freshman Law Class, ' 27; Tug-of-War, ' 26; White Ele- phant; Freshman Football, ' 25; Inter-Fraternity Basketball, ■25, ' 26, ' 27; L ' Apaches; Pan-Hellenic Council. Darwin S. Fenner New Orleans, La. K A, A ! , •{ Football Manager, ' 28; Inter-fraternity Basketball; L ' Apache. Jack P. Fullilove, Jr Shreveport, La. K A. A William K. Gladney .... New Orleans, La. A T n, A White Elephants; Manager Basketball (4); " T " Club; L ' Apache. Samuel J. Goodman .... New Orleans, La. B.S., Tulane; Varsity Debater, ' 24, ' 25. ' 26. ' 27, ' 28; Cornot Debating Team, ' 27, ' 28; Oratorical and Debating Council. Walter B. Gordy, Jr Abbeville, La. K Z, ' ! A A Inter-fraternity Track; Freshman Track. lOO JUNIOR CLASS COLLEGE OF LAW Charles B. Henriques . . . New Orleans, La. ATS!, I A i Freshman Track; Glendy Burke (2, 3. 1); Representative Oratoi-ical and Debating Council (O; Dramatic Guild (2. 3); Assistant Manager Track (3); Manager Track (4); Assistant Editor " Jambalaya " (6); " T " Club. ' •a Abrah. ' im L Kleinfeldt . B.S. New Orleans, La. Henry Eugene Lowrey Morrow, La. Z N, I A I Secretary Law Student Body, ' 2S: President Junior Class, •29; Inter-(raternity Basketball (2, 3, 4). Bessie Margolin New Orleans, La. A E Secretary- Treasurer (2). Joseph A. Menuet, Jr. . . . Napoleonville, La. A s $, A d Lee Mudd Shreveport, La. AS Albert D. O ' Neax Natchitoches, La. Sydney J. Parlongue .... New Orleans, La. n K A, A I , ! ' I White Elephants; Inter-fraternity Basketball; Pan-Hellenic. Leopold Stahl New Orleans, La. Glendy Burke; Dramatic Guild; Oratorical and Debating Council. Robert Weinstein New Orleans, La. T A I Norton L. Wisdom New Orleans, La. A K E, A A Track Team, ' 28; Inter-lraternity Basketball. jy M yXL A CA JUNIOR CLASS SCHOOL OF PHARMACY Ernest G. DeBakey .... Lake Charles, La. K Vice-President of Class (2). Andrea Cafiero Pensacola, Fla. K Eugene Claverie New Orleans, La. Fred Frisch . Mobile, Ala. Robert Hardie New Orleans, La. ATA. K Floyd Harmon Elba, La. Reginald D. Hendry . . . S E T. M. C. A. Roseland, La. JUNIOR CLASS Newcomb College (Juniors Whose Pictures Do Not Appear in Panel.) Frances Baas Hazelhurst, Miss. May E. Baumgarten New Orleans, La. Pauline Ephraim Plaquemine, La. Macie Fine Laurel, Miss. Ruth Foncher Chattanooga, Tenn. Inez Knapp Lake Charles, La. X Q House Council (2, 3), Secretai-y (3); French Circle (3), Ex- ecutive (3). Shirley Gay San Antonio, Texas Louise Grosz New Orleans, La. Katherine Hardesty New Orleans, La, A A n Freshman Chairman (1): Dramatic Club (1. 2. 3); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2, 3). Cabinet (3); French Circle (1); Pan-Hellenic (3): Debating Club (1, 2. 3): Chairman of Debate (3); Debat- ing Council (2. 3); Alternate Varsity Debate (1 ; Alternate Nixon Debate (1); " Winner Nixon Debate (2); Assistant New- comb Ball: Manager " Jambalaya " ; W inning Class Debate Team (1, 2. 3); Basketball (1, 2); Hockey (2). Emily Kay New Orleans, La. Cornelia Kell Tallulah, La. Alice Lockhart New Orleans, La. Jennie Lurie Florala, Ala. Ruth Maddox New Orleans, La. Marion Muenzenberger San Antonio, Texas Dora Popkins New Orleans, La. Elenore Schwartz New Orleans, La. Carroll Smithers New Orleans, La. Dorothea Teunisson New Orleans, La. Julie Thibodaux Houma, La. Olga Vicknair Gretna, La. Rubye Wallace Panama City, Fla. Isabel Weil New Orleans, La. Helen Wigginton New Orleans, La. Dorothy Woodville New Orleans, La. 103 JUNIOR CLASS School of Medicine (Juniors Whose Pictures Do Not Appear in Panel.) DwiGHT N. Arnold Wilmington, Del. DiLDY M. Austin Altus, Okla. Henry S. Bourland Fulton, Miss. Charles W. Boyd Jacksonville, Fla. Joseph H. Brown Ft. Worth, Texas Ross BuzzANCA Birmingham, Ala. Carlo P. Cabibi New Orleans, La. Hubert P. Clemmer Ripley, Miss. Franklin K. Dornak Sour Lake, Texas Earl F. Evans New Orleans, La. Olive S. Feemster New Orleans, La. Fred Falls Lattimore, N. C. Fred H. Fleming Lenoir, N. C. Thomas L. Gardner Clarksville, Texas Carroll F. Gelbke New Orleans, La. James S. Grable Tampa, Fla. Frederick G. Gruber Santa Monica, Calif. Vernon B. Harrison Ft. Worth, Texas Charles V. Hatchette Lake Charles, La. Warren H. Hebert New Orleans, La. Walter B. Hickman Louisville, Miss. Philip S. Joseph Shreveport, La. Aaron S. Kramer Brooklyn, N. Y. Benjamin M. Lieberman Los Angeles, Calif. Kyle M. Lyons Sulphur, La. ViviENNE E. McMains Miami, Fla. William E. Matthews Huntington, W. Va. Clarence V. Partidge Mobile, Ala. R. D. Patterson Liberty, N. C. Samuel Phillips Camden, Ark. Rafael B. Riera Mayaguez, Porto Rico Mack J. Roberts Pascagoula, Miss. John Asa Rogers Hattiesburg, Miss. Arthur L. Seale Moundville, Ala. Hilary G. Simpson Pickens, Miss. Rhodes J. Spedale Plaquemine, La. Joseph S. Spoto Tampa, Fla. Robert B. Stille Many, La. Charles Taintor New Orleans, La. Henry Tanner New York, N. Y. Charles E. Ward Tupelo, Miss. Charles H. Wiggins Kewanee, Miss. Sharkey Wolfe Chatham, Miss. 104. JUNIOR CLASS College of Arts and Sciences (Juniors Whose Pictures Do Not Appear in Panel.) Samuel Lawrence Balofsky Brooklyn, N. Y. Lawrence C. Blanchard, Jr Shreveport, La. K A Martin David Burkenroad New Orleans, La. Henry Boseman Cash Boiling Springs, N. C. Herbert Douglas Ford New Orleans, La. Ben J. Melton Cotton Altus, Okla. n K A Luther Sexton Forten berry Amite, La. Jerome Frank Giarratano New Orleans, La. William Howard Gillentine Ft. Myers, Fla. James Luger Gouaux Houma, La. Esmond A. Grosz New Orleans, La. (Miss) Ina Morriss Harper Monroeville, La. Harry Koretzky New Orleans, La. William Catlett Littell Opelousas, La. Horatio Nash Ogden New Orleans, La. College of Arts and Sciences (Juniors Wliose Pictures Do Not Appear in Panel.) (Miss) Rosalie Palter New Orleans, La. Harold H. Rothendler New York City, N. Y. Lemuel Moye Sanders Mobile, Ala. (Miss) Eunice A. Schnyder New Orleans, La. George Washington Snowden Wynne, Ark. George Sumney Thomas New Orleans, La. Phineas Jack Sparer Brooklyn, N. Y. Ednard Trist Waldo . . . ' New Orleans, La. S A E College of Engineering (Juniors Wliose Pictures Do Not Appear in Panel.) George Bertram New Orleans, La. Thomas J. Bryson, Jr New Orleans, La. Richard H. Church New Orleans, La. Ernest Couloheras New Orleans, La. Innocenti M. Grisaffi New Orleans, La. Cornelius Harvey Shreveport, La. Sidney Hoover New Orleans, La. Jacob J. Kessels Well, Limbing, Holland Walter Lemann, Jr Donaldsonville, La. Richard R. Messina New Orleans, La. John P. O ' Meara New Orleans, La. Ch.arles B. Spencer Ashboro, N. C. los College of Commerce (Juniors Whose Pictures Do Not Appear in Panel.) Falvy C. Barr New Orleans, La. Mary A. Boyd New Orleans, La. F. A. Brewer Alexandria, La. K 2 James L. Brewer New Orleans, La. Louis Kissgen New Orleans, La. Lee R. O ' Pry New Orleans, La. Roy Sternfels Klotzville, La. Glee Club. Dan C. Turrentine, Jr New Orleans, La. COLLEGE OF LAW (Juniors Whose Pictures Do Not Appear in Panel.) Henry Bernstein Monroe, La. Ellis H. Bostick, Jr Amite, La. Robert B. Butler, Jr Houma, La. William P. Clark Monroe, La. Carl H. Maurer New Orleans, La. Arthur D. Parker, Jr New Orleans, La. Jack E. Price Logansport, La. John H. Ramsey Pleasant Hill, La. Warren F. Sanford, Jr Asheville, N. C. £ N Albin S. Spiess, Jr New Orleans, La. SCHOOL OF PHARMACY (Juniors Whose Pictures Do Not Appear in Panel) Morris Bodenger New Orleans, La Robert E. Hingle New Orleans, La. George Weinberg New Orleans, La. K N 1 06 r ABBorr, AsBURY, Allert, Aubert, Backer, Baas Benedict, Bernados, Breard, Breckinridge, Buchanan, Caldwell Cambias, Carter, Cazenaveate, A. Chalaron, L. Chalaron, Chandler Clark, Clarkson, Cleveland, Crozat, Darter, Davenport David, Deahl, Denman, Devereux, Dinn, Dodd Earhardt, Evanston, Engelhardt, Ellis, Ellison, Ellington io8 t-r SOPHOMORE CLASS NEWCOMB COLLEGE Elizabeth Adams New Orleans, La. Marjorie Abbott New Orleans, La. X Q Y. W. C. A. (2); French Circle (1. 3). Nancy Hamilton Allek . . . New Orleans, La n B ! ' French Circle; Dramatic Club; Newcomb Basketball: Spalding Basketball; Y. W. C. A. Mary Allert Galveston, Texas M Varsity Hockey (1): Varsity Baseball (1); Frosh Ten- nis Team (1); Frosh Horseshoe Team (1); Frosh Bowling Team (1): French Circle (2); Newcoml Ball (1). Aurelia Areo New Orleans, La. Adrienne Asbury New Orleans, La. B A M. G. C. (1, 2); Debating Club (1, 2); Dramatic Club (1, 2); Freshman Chairman (1). Marie Louise Aubert .... Gulfp3rt, Miss, Dramatic Club (1. 2). Charlotte Atles Chattanooga, Tenn. Frances Baas Hazelhurst, Miss. Wilhelmina Backer. New Orleans, La. B r A Frances Barlow . Glasgow, Ky. Edith Benedict New Orleans, La. X a Catherine Bender New Orleans, La. Hester Bernadas New Orleans, La. J " " ' De. hl B a Y. W. C. A.; French Circle. Elizabeth Breard Monroe, La. .- A n Y. Y. C. A. (1. 3). Margaret Breckinridge . . . New Orleans, La. n B French Circle (1. 2); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2). Clara Buchanan New Orleans, La. A o n Y. W. C. A. (3), Katherine Byrne New Orleans, La. Lady Betty Chandler .... Baton Rouge, La. ■I ' M French Circle (1, 2); Y. W. C. A. il, 2). Frances Clark Corpus Christi, Texas K A e . Augusta, Ga. Nancy MacDougall Clark . . M Mandolin-Guitar Club; Dramatic Club; House Council (1, 2). Peggy Clarkson Raleigh, N. C. K K r Class Secretary (1); Baseball Squad (1); T. T ' . C. A. (1. 2), Cabinet (1, 2); French Circle (1, 2). Favia Claverie New Orleans, La. Betty Cleveland New Orleans, La. K K r Y. W. C. a. (1, 2); French Circle (1. 2). Marguerite Crozat New Orleans, La. Y. W. C. A. (1. 2); Dramatic Club (1, 2); French Circle (1. 2). Sarah Darter New Orleans, La. X 9. Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); French Circle (1. 2). Marguerite Davenport .... New Orleans, La. z z Dramatic Club (1, 2); T. W. C. A. (1, 2); French Circle ;Debating Club (2). Barbara M. David Mandeville, La. French Circle. Alice Joe Davis New Orleans, La. Alexandria, La. M Berta Denm. n Houston, Texas K A e Debating Club (2); Glee Club (1. 2); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); French Circle (1. 2). Marjorie Devereux New Orleans, La. K K r Catherine Dinn .... Corpus Christie, Texas K a e Y. w. c. A. (2). Mabel Dodd New Orleans, La. B A Debating Club (1, 3); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2). Mary Ann Caldwell .... New Orleans, La. Rowena Duffy New Orleans, La. X fi M T. W. C. A. (1, 2); French Circle (1, 3), French Circle (1, 2); Dramatic Club (1, 2). Helen Cambias ... . New Orleans, La. Martha Earhart ...... New Orleans, La. Baseball; Volley Ball; Dramatic Club. Ada Canady New Orleans, La. Corinne Carter Hammond, La. K K r Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); French Circle (1, 2). Edythe Cardone New Orleans, La. Lillian Cazenavette . . New Orleans, La. French Circle (1, 2); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2). Amelie Chalaron New Orleans, La. X a Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); French Circle (1, 2). Lucille Chalaron New Orleans, La. X n Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); French Circle (1, 2). A A n Dramatic Club (1, 3); Glee Club (1. 2). Anne Edmiston Mooresville, N. C. A o n Glee Club; Y. YV. C. A. Eva Carol Eichold Mobile, Ala. Alice Mae Ellington .... New Orleans, La. B A T. " W. C. A. (1, 2); French Circle (2). Dorothea Ellison Birmingham, Ala. A A n Y. W. C. A. (1, 2). Eleanor Ellis New Orleans, La. n B Carolyn Engelhardt .... New Orleans, La. B A 109 Epley, Eustis, Evans, Everett, Fowler, Frederickson Friedricks, Gladney, Garden, Gray, Halpern, Haralson Haspel, Henriques, Hirsch, Huey, Isaacs, Jennings J. Kammer, K. Kammer, Knox, E. Kunnes, I. Kunnes, Kusin Lambert, LeBlanc, LeBreton, Leverich, Levy ' , Lewis E. Livaudais, L. Livaudais, Hemingway, McCampbell, Mengis, Mott SOPHOMORE CLASS NEVVCOMB COLLEGE Lucia Epley New Orleans, La. K A French Circle; Y. W. C. A. Laura Eustis Greenville, Miss. X S2 Y. W. C. A, (1, 2); French Circle (1, 2); House Council (2). Mary Jo Evans El Paso, Texas K A e LouELLA Everett Atlanta, Ga. n B •] French Circle (1, 2): Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); Glee Club (1. 2); Dramatic Cluta (1. 21. Christine Fairchild .... Bay St. Louis, Miss. Lady ' Nan Ferguson New Orleans, La. Z 2 Dramatic Club (1, 2); Debating Club (1. 2); French Circle (2); Y. W. C. A. (2). Eugenia Fischer Yazoo City, Miss. Judith Fowler New Orleans, La. B I A Glee Club (1, 2); Archery Team (1). Myra Frederickson . . . Oklahoma City, Okla. K K r French Circle (1, 2) ; Y. W. C. A. (1, 2). Katheryn Fkiedrichs .... New Orleans, La. K K r French Circle (1, 2); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2). Una Gaidry ' New Orleans, La. Julia Gladney Rayville, La. K A e French Circle (2); Y ' . W. C. -A. (2). Mary Gordon McComb, Miss, B a Fran ' ces Gray Greenwood, Miss. [ M Glee Club (1, 2); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2). Cecilia Grai-son Campen, Ark. Irma Gugenheim San Antonio, I ' exas Bertha Halpern St. Louis, Mo. A E I • French Circle (2); Dramatic Club (1. 2). Mary Haralson Birmingham, Ala. Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); Mandolin-Guitar Club. Mabel Harrison . New Orleans, La. Marjorie Haspel New Orleans, La. A E Debating Club (1, 2): French Circle (1, 2). Margaret Heindel New Orleans, La. Emma Hemingway Greenwood, Miss. Margaret Henriques .... New Orleans, La. n B Dramatic Club (1, 2); French Circle (1, 2); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2); Class Basketball (1); Class Newcomb Basketball; Class Hockey; Class Croquet Team. Edna Hindelang New Orleans, La. Marion Hirsch New Orleans, La. A E ■! Secretary Class (2); Dramatic Club (2); French Circle (2). Ruth Huey ' Webster Groves, Mo. K a e Margaret Hyde Amite, La. Margaret Hymel New Orleans, La. Marjorie Isaacs New Orleans, La. A E French Circle (2). Florence Jennings New Orleans, La. Newcomb Basketball fl); Hockey (1); Debating Club (1, 2); Y. W, C. A. (1). Dorothy Jones ........ Hannibal, Mo. Katherine Kammer New Orleans, La. M Dramatic Club (1. 2); French Club (1, 2); Y ' . W. C. A. (1, 2). JoiE Kammer New Orleans, La. K A e Dramatic Club (1, 2); Newcomb Ball (1); Newcomb Basketball; Baseball (1); Field Day (1). Elizabeth Keenan New Orleans, La. Eleanor Kemp Amite, La. Bertha Gwin Kno.x . ... Lake Charles, La. Z T A Frosh-Soph Commission (1, 2); Dramatic Club (1, 2); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2): French Circle (2). Esther Kunnes Thomson, Ga. Ida Kunnes Thomson, Ga. Rosalia Kusin Monroe, La. Dramatic Club (2); Debating Club (2); French Circle (1. 2). Jane Lambert New Orleans, La. Jane Lewther Dallas, Texas Lelia LeBlanc McComb, Miss. MiREiLLE LeBreton New Orleans, La. Z : Y. " W. C. A. (2); French Circle (2); Glee Club (2). Kathleen Levy Natchitoches, La. X a French Circle; Y ' . W. C. A. Marcelle Leverich New Orleans, La. Ann French Circle (2). Elizabeth Lewis New Orleans, La. n B French Circle (1); Substitute Editor of " Arcade " ; Dramatic Club (1, 2). Louise Livaudais New Orleans, La. X a Y. W. C. A.; French Circle. Lucille Livaudais New Orleans, La. X P. French Circle; Y. YV. C. A. Anna Helen Loeliger . . . Staten Island, N. Y. Alice Logan New Orleans, La. Flora McBryde New Orleans, La. K a 9 Dramatic Club (1, 2); Glee Club (1, 2); Y ' . " W. C. A. (1, 2). Helen McCampbell Goliad, Texas. A A n Baylor College (1); Glee Club (2); Dramatic Club (2, 3). Margaret McClintock Belgono, Miss. Dorothy McGriff Livingston, Ala. Aline Mackenzie New Orleans, La. M. Marks New Orleans, La. A E ' !• French Circle (1). Annette Mahoney New Orleans, La. Billie McCoy New Orleans, La. A O II Dramatic Club (1, 31; Y ' . W. C. A. (1. 2); Basketball (1), Varsity (1). Dorothy Mengis Monroe, La. Z ■• " Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); French Circle (1. 2). Ada Mott Oak Ridge, La. A n Dramatic Club (2); Debating Club (2); Y ' . W. C. A. (1, 2). Mary Norwood New Orleans, La. Mildred Ogden Hattiesburg, Miss. Florence O ' Rourke New Orleans, La. •l M J.y A JB)yVL.A3CA. Overton, Pearce, Perkins Powell, Price, Richardson, Roach RoGAN, Rollins, Saal, Saracco, Saucier Sancton, Sandmever, Scatkerty, Scott, Seiferth, Shaw Shea, Simpson, Summers, Swetman, Theobald, Troescher Veith, Villfre. Wadsworth, Wasserman G. Watson, M. Watson, Webb, Werlein, Whipple A. White, J. Williams, M. Williams, Wilson SOPHOMORE CLASS NEWCOMB COLLEGE Cecil Oberton New Orleans, La. Valerie Stauss New Orleans, La. B ■! A f M French Circle (1, 2). Dramatic Club (1. 2): French Circle (1. 2). Mary Pate Birmingham, Ala. Elsa Storck , New Orleans, La. Carrie Pearce . .New Orleans, La. Helen Summer: Johnson Citv, Tenn. 1. In. C U. (J); 1. V. C. A. (-). ) ] j Sadie May Pendergraft .... Vicksburg, Miss. Marianne Perkins Batesvillc, Miss. ! M Class Vice-President (2); Y. W. C. A. (2). Alice Pollard Greenwood, Miss. Fleta Powell Port Arthur, Texas B l a Dramatic Club (2); Y ' . W. C. A. (1, 2): French Circle (2). Jane Price Gulfport, Miss. A O n 1 ' . " « ' . C. A. (1. 2). Treasurer (2); French Circle (1). Allie Rhodes New Orleans, La. Alba Richardson New Orleans, La. n B ■i- French Circle (1. 2); Glee Club (1, 2): Dramatic Club (1. 21. Eugene Richaud Houma, La. Eleanor Roach Orange, Texas Erminia Wadsworth New Orleans, La. i M Y. ■. c. A. (2). Olga Swetman Biloxi, Miss. Y, W. C. A. (2). Virginia Theobald Biloxi, Miss. !■ M Y. -W. C. A. (1, 2). Katherine Todd New Orleans, La. Margaret Troescher New Orleans, La. Z T a French Circle (1. 2); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2); Jennie C. Nixon Debating Club (1. 2). Alcenith Veith New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club (1, 2): Y. " W. C. A. CI, 2). Mathilde Villere New Orleans, La. Z 2 Dramatic Club (1, 2): Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); French Circle (1, 2). Gladys Vonan New Orleans, La. Volley Ball (1); Baseball (1): Varsity (1). Eleanor Robertson New Orleans, La. Marie Robertson Opelousas, La. Rosalind Rocan New Orleans, La. K K r Y. W. C. a. (1. 2), Cabinet (1); French Circle (1, 21; Dramatic Club (1, 2); Volley Ball Captain (1); New- comb Basketball (1); Basketball (1): Hockey (1) ; Field Day (1); " Jambalaya " Representative (1); Sec- retary Student Body (2). Rebecca Rollins Gulfport, Miss. Y. W. C. A. (1, 2). Phyllis Saal New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club 1, 2); French Circle (2). Ursula Sancton Ne%v Orleans, La. A A n Dramatic Club (1); Y. W. C. A. (1). Sybil Sandmeyer New Orleans, La. X a French Circle (1, 2): Y. W. C. A, (1. 2). Carlo Saracco Shreveport, La. X a French Circle (1, 2); Y ' . Vi: C. A. (1, 2). Louise Scatteriy- New Orleans, La. Y. w. c. A. (2). Clara Mae Saucier .... Pass Christian, Miss. Newcomb Ball (1); Volley Ball (1). Leby Schmidt New Orleans, La. Z S Volley Ball (1); Debating Club (1. 2); Class Debating Team (1); French Circle (1. 2); T. W. C. A. (1. 2); Dramatic Club 1. 2). Hilda Wassermann New Orleans, La. B ■( A French Circle {1, 2); Dramatic Club (1, 2); Debatingr Club (1. 2); Under-classman Committee (1. 2). Grace Watson Biloxi, Miss. M Frosh Volley Ball (1): Frosh Hockey (1); T. W. C. A (1, 2). Margaret Watson Biloxi, Miss. J[ Hockey (1): Basketball (1); Track (1); Swimming (1); Volley Ball (1). Gwendolyn Webb Shreveport, La. Z T A Dramatic Club (2): French Circle (1. 2); Y . W. C. .4. (1, 2). Alice Weir , New Orleans, La. Hazel Weld Waterto%vn, Conn. Betty Werlein New Orleans, La. n B Class President (1): Under-classman Commission (1); Student Council (1, 2): Y " . wr. C. A. (1. 2): Dramatic Club; Debating Club: Debating Council (1. 2): Al- ternate Jennie C. Nixon (1); Basketball (1); New- comb Ball (1). LuciLE Scott New Orleans, La. Jane Whipple Cinclaire, La, K K r M French Circle (1, 2, 3); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2. S). French Circle (1, 2). Roberta Seiferth Natchez, Miss. Audrey White Lecompte, La. A E A A n Debating Club (1, 2): Debating Council (1, 2); Dra- Debating Club (1. 2); Dramatic Club (1, 21; French matic Club (1, 2); French Circle (1, 2): " Jambalaya " Circle (2): Y. W. C. A. (21: Mandolin-Guitar Club (2). Reprcsentatiye (2): Jennie C. Nixon Debate 1): [yj LOUISE WiLLIAMS . . . Greenwood, Miss. Hullabaloo Reporter (2). . ,, ' Edwina Shaw New Orleans, La. y y - q . (1 2): Glee ciub. Doris Shea . . . . . ' . . Lake Charles, La. Sara Jane Williams . . . Mer Rouge, La. Odile Simpson . . . ' . New Orleans, La. Elizabeth Wilson . . . New Orleans, La. Mandolin-Guitar Club (1. 2); Y. W. C. A. , (1. 2): ,, Y ' . W. C. A. (1.2). President Sophomore Class (2) ; Newcomb Ball (1). KUTH WOLFF bhreveport. La. " 3 ' J-i — :v Addison, Anderson, Arango, Beck Bender, Bergman, Brannan, Brown, Burgoyne BUTAUD, CaDAJAL, CAMPBELL, ChARBONNET Chauvin, Cope, Danna, Drezinski, Cottrell CuciNOTTA, Fershtand, Gehrels, Gerodetti Glazer, Granade, Grefnf, Harrell, Hollingsworth 114 SOPHOMORE CLASS SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Wm. Pierce Addison Shreveport, La. n K I , r X Julius Alexander LaGrange, Texas Lassar Alexander LaGrange, Texas Joe West Allen New Orleans, La, A T n. X James Loomis Anderson .... Lake Wales, Fla. A K K Roger J. Aranco . . Havana Cuba (Primer Piso) X Z X Merrill Cahill Beck .... New Orleans, La. N S K Nathan Judson Bender .... Marshall, Texas s E, I X Inter-fraternity Basketball, ' 2G; Inter-fraternity Ten- nis, ' 20, ' 27. Samuel Bergman Tampa, Fla. I A E Lawrence Dixen Berryman, Jr. . Riissellville, Ark. S N, A K K B,S., Arkansas. Jack B. Birdwell Shreveport, La. n K ! . I X Max Brannan Roanoke, Ala. n K i . i X Ralph Raymond Braund Gary, Ind. A X A, A K K Louis Judson Bristow. Jr. . . New Orleans, La. s X, ' I X John Thomas Brown .... Gatesville, Texas a k k Birt R. Burgoyne Monroe, La. n K l X Paul Cecil Burnett, Jr Tampa, Fla. Russell Sterling Butaud .... Liberty, Texas s ir, X, Jaime Gonzalez Cadaval .... Durango, Mex. Stephen Roy Campbell . . . New Orleans, La. A K K " Hullabaloo " Representatiye. Chas. Thomson Chamberlain, Jr. . Natchez, Miss, n K A, N S N Louis Sidney Charbonnett, Jr. . New Orleans, La. n K A, N S N White Elephant; Inter-fraternity Track (1, 2, 3); Inter-fraternity Basketball (1, 2, 3): Inter-class Foot- ball: Honor Council (4), Louis Eaton Chauvin Abbeville, La. P s Paul Verlander Colvin Dubach, La. A I , OK Pathogen. Reason Louis Cope New Orleans, La. X Z X Hugh Barpetie Co ' ITREll . . . Meridian, Miss. n K A, N £ N Louis Cucinotta Brooklyn, N. Y. I! .M Historian Sophomore CIas.s Medicine. Pascal Lawrence Danna . . . New Orleans, La. Inter-class Football, ' 27, ' 2S; Scrub Football, ' 27. Wm. Henry DeRamus Verbena, Ala. K S. X Pathogens Club. David Jacob Drezinski .... New Orleans, La. K X, •!■ A E Captain Varsity Basketball, ' 28, ' 29; Varsity Basket- ball, ' 2G, ■27- ' 27, ' 28. Paul Revere Eckels Temple, Texas e K + Secretary . Thomas J. Edwards, Jr. . . . Chattahoochee, Fla. N :; X Fred Robert Erenfeld Minot, N. D. Bernard Shaw Feinberg . . New York City, N. Y. John A. B. Fershtand . . . San Francisco, Cal. N i N A.B., Stanford University. Richard Manning Fletcher . . .Ft. Mvers, Fla. AS , e K Inter-fraternity Basketball. Charles Oliver Frederick . . , Covington, La. n K a. a K K Inter-fraternity Basketlinll. Edward Alfred Gall . . . , Bronx, New York Elenor L. Gehrels . Puntarenas, Costa Rica, C. A. B..A., Baylor College, Batton, Texas Orlando F. Gerodetti . . . San Antonio, Texas 1 I Harry- Glazer New Orleans, La. T A I, A K John Edwin Granade Statesboro, Ga. n K a, i X Gilbert Bamford Greene . . Birmingham, Ala. A T Q, •! X Inter-fraternity Basketball; Class Football. Joseph Peter Gutierrez . . . Cordoba, Mexico James Franklin Hackney .... Bynum, N. C. Andros Scott Hamilton . . . San Francisco, Cal. K A, N S N William Spears Harrell Ruston, La. 2 N, X Josiah Edgar Haynesworth, Jr. . . Alachua, Fla. Alvin Claude Hoffpauir . . . Estherwood, La. 9 K N, A K K " Jambalaya " Representative, ' 27, ' 28; Pathogens, ' 28, Jesse William Hollingsworth . . Whigham, Ga. a K K " S hopki.vs, hosen, jacka, johnson Kent, Lamperi, Landry, Lilly, Mauterer McCreary, J. T. Mosley, K. T. Mosley, Nickerson, Ochs Ogden, Oxford, Patrick, Renken, Ricks RoELiNG, Rouse, Routon, Ryan, Shane Simpson, Velinsky, Weilbaecher, Weinstein ii6 SOPHOMORE CLASS SCHOOL OF MEDICINE George Sanders Hopkins Slagle, La. II K l . l X President Freshman Pharmacy, ' 25. " 26; Glee Club, •25, ' 26. Harris Hosen Laurel, Miss. A E B.S., Virginia. Edwin Russell Jacka Jackson, Mich. John Felix Jenkins, Jr . . . . Birmingham, Ala, K A, .X, e X A B.S., Birmingham-Southern College Chapman Gordon Johnson . . New Orleans, La. 2 A E Golr Team, ' 20: Intra-mural Football, ' 27; Scrub Foot- ball, ' 2S. VViLMER Griffin Jones .... Grand Cane, La. n K , I X Julian Jacob Keller Ensley, Ala. Earl Holland Kent New Orleans, La. P I Ralph Lampert Abodovka, Russia Edwin Louis Landry Delcombre, La. John Taliaferro Lewis, Jr. . . Tvlertown, Miss, n K a, N S N B.S., Millsaps. George Dunlap Lilly .... Favetteville, N. C. A e, N S N Joel J. McCook, Jr Dallas, Texas n K A. A K K Pegram Lazenby McCreary . , Monroeville, Ala. A K K President Sophomore Class. Jean Baptiste Martin, Jr. . . , Hahnville, La. Oliver Patrick Mauterer . . . New Orleans, La. l P s Alois Earle Moore Helena, . rk. ATA, N S N, •! ' Robert C. McDowell Trout, La. S n, a K K Pathogens. John Thompson Mosley .... Winnfield, La. p - ' B.A., Louisiana College: M.S., Louisiana State L ' ni- versity. - John Miller Mosley, Jr. . . . Vicksburg, Miss. Kirk Thornton Mosley Conwav, Ark. X Z X . . New Orleans, La. Henry Duplessis Ocden, Jr. . New Orleans, La. n K l . N 2 . - Oratorical and Debatine Council. ' 2G, ' 27; Tulano Dra- matic Guild. ' 20, ' 27, ' 28. Theodore Melvin O.xford Dawson, Ga. e K -k Paul Sampson Parrino New Orleans, La LuciAN Evans Myers, Jr. . Paul Nickerson Siluria, Ala. a K K IsiDOR Ochs New York City, N. V, B.S., College of City of New York. William Washington Patrick, Jr. .Umatilla, Fla. 1 n, A K K Clifford Porter Powell Auburn Ala S N, e K +, A E A S.A., University or Alabama. Thomas Rowe Ramsay Laurel, Miss. A T 9, X Paul William Renken . . San Antonio, Texas S n, e K Glenn Hall Ricks Bradv, Texas e K Jeanne Cecils Roeling .... New Orleans, La. A ■ I " Jambalaya " Reporter (2). Hillrie Kirk Rouse, Jr. . . . Poplarville, Miss. AS , e K William Mack Routon, Jr. . . . Greenville, Ala. e IV M ' Andrew Morris Ryan . . . San Francisco, Cal. Charles Ladislas Saint .... New Orleans, La. John Moses Sartin Statesville, N. C. William Arnold Kent Seale . Birmingham, Ala. n K a. a k k Hugh Shane Marshall, Texas n K , X Joseph Dunbar Shields, Jr. . . . Natchez, Miss. . i. . Tho.mas Roge Simpson .... Meridian, Miss, in. X Harry Ralph Staley .... Kansas City, Mo. William Boyd Summers, Jr Hardin, Mo. Morris Velinsky Shreveport, La. A E B.S., Centenary College. Albert Gay-den Ward Jackson, Miss. N S N Joseph O. Weilbaecker, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. S A E Scrub Football, ' 28 (4): Intra-mural Football. ' 27, ' 28: Inter-fraternity Basketball, ' 27, ' 28. Louis Weinstein Bogalusa, La. Jonathan Richard Williams . . . K a, X B.S,, Mercer University. Selma, Ala. 117 ■■ ■AJfc., Aeernathv, Adams, Alfieri, Alpha, Anderson Andry, Antoon, Arnold, Badger, Bacbv, Baird Baldwin, Bell, Bellone, Bledsoe, Bodenheimer Brackenbury, Brian, Brierre, Brister, Brizard, Brock, BuRSCH, Caine, Centanni, Clements, Cleveland Cohen, Comer, Cooke, Costa, Coulson, Cox Devlin, Devron, Dieth, Dinwiddie, Eustis Fitzgerald, Foley, Gillaspie, Gillie, Glover iiS SOPHOMORE CLASS COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES George Gaines Abernathy .... Tallulah, La. Leonard Caplan . Freshman FoothilT; Varsity Football. SHBY DuBoSE CLEVELAND, Jr. . Ne%v Orleans, La. Daniel Marvin, Adams. Jr. . . Panama City, Fla. Alexandria, La. e v Orleans, La. . Jackson, Miss. Lazar Ira Cohen Z B T Tulanc Band. Dramatic Guild; Historian for Giendy Burke, Tony Louis Alfieri Dallas, Texas Granville Alpha New Orleans, La. Harry Nathaniel Anders , . . Winnsboro, La. David Comer Baine. Ill . . . New Orleans, La. Victor Gordon Anderson .... Hammond, La. Dramatic Guild; Historian for Glondy Burke. K S Paul Saunders Cook Hernando, Miss. President Sophomore . rts and Science Class (2); Var- A KE sity Football (2); Honor Council (2); Y. M. C. A. Glee Club. (1, 2); Freshman Football; Inter-class Activities (1. 2). Jacob LouIS CosTA New Orleans, La. Allain Charles Andry. Jr. . . New Orleans, La. A ATA •■Hullabaloo " Staff (2, 3). •■Jambalaya " Repi esentative (2) ; Inter-fraternity Walter H. CoULSON Monroe, La. Edward Joseph Antoon . . Greenwood, Miss. William Ervin Co.x, Jr. ._ . . Robinsonville, Miss. Secretary and Treasurer of Dormitor- ' Club. ' K . Clinton Herbert Arnold . . Port Arthur, Texas ,, Pmiomathean Society; Y. M. c. A. Cabinet. ]f 2 Vivian Kyser Cox Selma, Ala. George Franklin Bagby . . . New Orleans, La. Daniel Joseph Devlin, Jr . . . New Orleans, La. Secretary-Treasurer of Giendy Eurke; Secretary of Y. A K E M. C. A.; Cabinet Advisor Freshman " Y " Club. Glee Club. A. Badger New Orleans, La. Gustave Pierre Devron . . . New Orleans, La. Houston KeIM Baird .... Dyersburg, Tenn. chairman Freshman Oratorical Council, ■27. ' 28. Robert Bruce Baldwin .... New Orleans, La. Emile Hussy Dieth New Orleans, La. A K E ' ...„,,.-,..,,. — „. International Relations Club; Y. M. C. A. George Summey Dinwiddie . . New Orleans, La. I A e A ' arsity Tennis (2). Cartwright Eustis, III ... . New Orleans, La. K A Wrestling; Scrub Football. Myron Harold Falk New Orleans, La. Charles Payne Fenner Jr. ■ . New Orleans, La. k ' a Joseph Vincent Ferguson . . . New Orleans, La. 1 A E Intra-mural Football; Inter-class Football. James Flood Fitzgerai d .... Vicksburg, Miss. l V Inter-fraternity Baseball. Dudley Chas. Foley, Jr. . . . New Orleans, La. Property Man of Tulane Band. Hugh Harding Brister .... New Orleans, La. Robert Woodward Gaston, Jr. . New Orleans, La. Glee Club (1, 2 ); ' ' White Elephants. WiLLiAM George Gaudet . . . New Orleans, La. Joseph Lawrence Brizard . . . Shamrock, Fla. John Michael Gexovese . . . New Orleans, La. ., „ ° " = ' ' ' = ' " ' ' " ■ 2 ' - , Philip Gensler Ft. Stanton, N. M. Marion E. Brierre New Orleans, La. , „,„,., A i; i DoMiNicK John Geraci .... New Orleans, La. George Edward Burch, Jr Eclgard, La. David Heaucke Gernon .... Madison, Wis. B M !, A e Milton Lee Brock . ._ . . . . Magnolia, Miss. Charles Arion Gillaspie . . . New Orleans, La. 13 Club. James Porter Gillaspie .... New Orleans, La. Ansel Marion Caine, Jr. . . . New Orleans, La. james Hill Gillis New Orleans, La. K 2 ■ ' ATS T • » ' " r ' - ' m ' V " ' ' ' ? ' Basketball (2). Wrestling Team (2); Inter-class Football (2); Tug-of- Director of Tulane ' s Latin-American Society. War (1); Philomatheans (3). Lee-Russell B. Centanni . . . New Orleans, La. jo„ , Armand Glover . . Merit DeWitt Clements, Jr. . Birmingham, Ala. ■!• A 9 A X A Leonard Greenburg .... South Gulfport, Fla. President of Fresliman Arts and Science Class, ' 27, " 2 ; Tug-of-war (1). William Alexander Bell, Jr. . New Orleans, La. A K E Philomathean Society; • ' Hullabaloo " Contributor (1. 2): Assistant Athletic Editor of " Jambalaya " (2); Giendy Burke (1, 2). Christopher Francis Bellone New Orleans, La. Vice-President (1). Clarence Alvin Bishop . . . New Orleans, La. James Gray Bledsoe Abilene, Texas Dramatic Club; Giendy Burke. Louis Moise Bodenheimer . . . New Orleans, La. Z B T Wayne A. Brackenbury .... Saginaw, Mich. l A e Freshman Football. Donald Reynaud Brian .... New Orleans La n K a New Orleans, La. 119 Gregory, Haxdlin, Haring, Harper, Helveston Henderson, Higginbacham, Hindelang, Holland, Hopkins, Hulsey Hurt, Hyman, Italiano, James, Johnson Kane, Keith, Kemp, Kendall, Kennon, King Km-REDGE, Knight, Konrad, Kottwitz, Kristman de Laurel, Leake, Level, Levy, Liebman, Light LisoTTA, Little, Long, Lundy, Lurie Machlin, Magee, Mangum, Marcello, Marks SOPHOMORE CLASS COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Joseph Anthony Gregory, Jr. . . . Tampa, Fla. Jos. Van Buren Gresham, Jr. . New Orleans, La. George Wolfin Gruber . . . New Orleans, La. Vincent William Guy, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Walter William Haar .... New Orleans, La. Ralph Block LL milton Wynne, Ark. Joseph King Handlin .... New Orleans, La. Frank Albert Haring . Piermnnt on Hudson, N. V. Robert Earl Harper Ne v Orleans, La. George Earle Harveson . . . Lake Charles, La. Robert Loys Helveston .... Gulfport, Miss. James Morris Higcinbotham . Bowling Green, Mo. s x Freshman Basketball (1); Inter-fraternity Basketball (1): Intra-mural Football (1); Intra-mural Basket- ball (2). Floyd Michael Hindelang , . McDonoghville, La. Robert Guerard Hughes . . . New Orleans, La. Marion J. Hulsey, Jr Tampa, Fla. K :s Tyler Marshall Hurt, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. " Jainbalaya " Representative (1): Freshman Basket- ball; " Hullabaloo " Cainpus Editor (2): International Club (2): " Jambalaya " (2). Stanford Leonard Hyman . . . New Orleans, La. Z B T Carnot Debate (1); Freshman Debating " Team (1). John Clark Henderson .... Houston, Texas i 9 Inter- fraternity Basketball. Jack Holland ....... Shreveport, La. A K E Freshman Football (1); Wrestling (1); Varsity Foot- ball (21. Ralph Hopkins, Jr New Orleans, La. K A Anthony Joseph Italiano . . New Orleans, La. Euclid Arnold Iseell Albertville, Ala. New- Orle La. (1); (2): La. Philip Edgerton James . . B n Vice-President; Captain Freshman Basketball Inter-fraternity Basketball (1. 2); Honor Board Class Basketball (1. 2). Percival Randolph Johnson ■ . New Orleans K 1 Harnett Thomas Kane . . . New Orleans, La. Assistant Feature Editor " Hullabaloo, " ' 27, ' 2S; Fea- ture Editor " Hullabaloo, " ' 28. ' 29; Editor " Tulane Summer Student " ; International Club; First Alternate Carnot Debate, ' 27; Fhilomathean Club; Associate Edi- tor of " Handbook. " Henry Clinton Keith, Jr. . . New- Orleans, La. i K s Inter-fraternity Basketball; Freshman Basketball. Robert Christie Ke.mp .... Baton Rouge, La. K A Lane Carter Kendall .... New Orleans, La. T. M. C. A. (1). Cabinet (2); Glendy Burke (1. 21; Cla.ss Football (1); Scrub Football (2); Freshman " Y " Club (1). Paul Atherton Kennon .... Kentwood, La. K S Freshman Football; Freshman Track; Varsity Track (2). George Stafford Kerr .... Baton Rouge, La. Stanhope Hall King, Jr. . . . New Orleans, La. Roy William Kirchberg . . . New Orleans, La. WiLLOucHBY Eaton Kittredge . Napoleonville, La. ATA Nathaniel B. Knight, Jr. . . McDonoghville, La. A i: i Freshman Track. George Ernest Konrad .... New Orleans, La. li M Chas. Joseph Kottwitz .... NewOrleans, La. Z B T Herman Bernard Kristman .... Belmar, N J. .X A . ' M Wrestling Team. Joseph Kuljis Biloxi, Miss. Henry Andrew La Rocca . . . New Orleans, La. Hugh Thomas de Laureal .... Broussard, La. K £ Varsity Track (2). Ladislas Lazaro, Jr Washington, La. Hunter Collins Leake, II . . New Orleans, La. s X Class Football (1); Inter-fraternity Basketball; White Elephants. Pierre Antonin Lelong, III . . New Orleans, La. 1 X " V ' -hite Elephants, ' 27; Alcee Fortier Prize, ' 27. Edward Diefenthal Levy ' . . . New Orleans, La. :s A M Lucius P. Levee Innis P. O., La. Claude Donovan Liebman . . New- Orleans, La. A K E William Montgomery Light . San Antonio, Texas B II Philip Lisotta Monroe, La. John Paiterson Little .... New Orleans, La. 2 A E Class Football (1). Stanley ' Ernest Loeb .... New- Orleans, La. Troy Frank Long Okemah, Okla. n K A Thomas Horace Lowry, Jr. . . . Winnsboro, La. Ephriam Lubritz New Orleans, La. Louis Alexander Lundy, Jr. . Ocean Springs, Miss. Frosh Football, ' 27; Frosh Basketball, ' 28. Walter Albert Lurie .... New Orleans, La. Z B T Carnot Debate Trj ' outs. John Galbreath McCloskey . . New Orleans, La. A K E Freshman Football; Varsity Football Squad; Inter- fraternity Track; Freshman Track; Track Squad. Edward Larked McGehee, Jr. . . Hammond, La. Irving Machlin Brooklyn, N. Y. MvRTUs Arthur Mancum Castor, La. Doyle C. Magee Franklinton, La. Luke Marcello De Ridder, La. K K Ney Jules Marks Napoleonville, La. Martinez, Mason, McCloskey, Mendoza, Menge Michel, Millican, Millicon, Moise, Monroe, Maloney Morrison, Newman, Odom, O ' Kelley, Carrillia Parsons, Pearson, Roberts, Rosenberg, Samuels, Santangelo SciRO, Scott, Searcy, Segal, Shapiro Sheeren, Snell, Sutter, Titche, Thorpe, Thompson Tuberville, Vales, Vennard, Walls, Webb Wetherell, Whatley ' , Wheeler, Woods, Yokum Francis Paul Martinez . K i; Freshman Football SOPHOMORE CLASS COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES . New Orleans, La. Dan Beville Searcy Lewisville, Ark. n K A Robert Segal New Orleans, La. Larkin Keith Mason Fairhope, Ala. K N, K K V ]j Intc r-fraternity Basketball. Joseph James Massony Waterproof, La. Marius Joseph Sheeren . . . New Orleans, La. Carl Clifford Mendoza .... Jeanerctte, La. Sidney Sizeler New Orleans, La. Fresiiman " Footbaii. ' 27. HuGH CLAYTON Snell .... New Orleans, La. John Henry Menge, Jr. . . . New Orleans, La. George Stahler, Jr New Orleans, La. Freshman Footban, ' 27; Sc b Football, ' 2S; secretary M.- RX Sterbcow New Orleans, La. and Treasurer Freshman Class; Secretary and Treas- urer Sophomore Class. William George Meriwether . . Flomaton, Ala. Lawrence Conroy ' Michel . . . New Orleans, La. Alpheus Overton Miller . . San Angelo, Texas Arthur Norbert Millet, .... Dallas, Texas Hallie Clifton Millican . . . Baton Rouge, La. R. L. Milligan, Jr. . e X Leland Wooten Stone Helena, Ark. Rudolph Peter Stritzinger . . New Orleans, La. C. J. Scott Birmingham, Ala. David M. Shapiro Mobile, Ala. Clifford S. Sutter New Orleans, La. B o n Joseph John Tameuro .... New Orleans, La. • Montgomery, Ala. j mes Paul Tharp New Orleans, La. James Samuel Mims Minden, La. n K ■! Harold Alexander Moise, Jr . , New Orleans, La. 2 X Winner of White Elephant (1); Inter-fraternitv Basketball (1). John Harry ' Monroe New Orleans, La. A KE Freshman Football; Scrub Football. Chas. Moroxey New Orleans, La. James H, Morrison Hammond, La. ATA Leonce Dolhoxde Newman • . Independence, La. AS Band, ' 27. John Graham Norris Choudrant, La. Garrold Harry Nundester .... Decatur, Ala. William Hamer O ' Kelley- . . New Orleans, La. ATA Guy Leroy- Odom Harvey, La. Alejandro CarrillOj Jr Sonora, Mex. Director of Tulane ' s Latin-American Society. Hugh E. Parsons Tampa, Fla. n K Ralph E. Pearson Vicksburg, Miss, Glendy Burke Delegate to Oratorical and Debating Council (2). LoYD Thomas Roberts Stigler, Okla. A 2 ■! Football. George Andre Rolfs Metairie, La. Abram Charles Rosenberg . . New Orleans, La. Z B T Lloyd Julian Samuel .... New Orleans, La. George Edwin Samuels .... Appleby, Texas John Joseph Schiro , . . Joseph Domenico Scolaro . A T fi Scrub Football; Basketball; Track. Hume Anthony Thomason . . New Orleans, La. Leon Lazarus Titche Monroe, La. Ashby " Fabian Trafian .... New Orleans, La. John Turberville Century, Fla. £ N Edward Vales Yucatan, Mex. B .M William Ogden Vennard . . . New Orleans, La. K A Denzil Warren Waits Atlanta, Ga. Benjamin Tay ' LOR Waldo, Jr. . New Orleans, La. £ a E Scrub Football (2, 3); Glee Club (2, 3). Ednard Trist Waldo .... New Orleans, La. John Lewis Walls Baton Rouge, La. AS , K ' I ' Varsity Football. ' 26, ' 27, ' 2S; Captain Freshman Team, ' 25; President Pharmacy Class, ' 25. James Samuel Webb, Jr. . . . New Orleans, La. n K Melvin Howard Weatherill .... Vinton, La. £ a E Hugh Walker Whatley, Jr. . . . Ravville, La. A K E Freshman Football, ' 27; Freshman Track, ' 27; Varsity Football, ' 28. Charles Jacob Wheeler, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. R. B. Williams New Orleans, La. K A John Josepfi Winberrv, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Thomas Baxter Woods, Jr. . . . Headland, Ala. n K . New Orleans, La. Jules August Yokum Ponchatoula, La. . . . Tampa, Fla. 1 A E Freshman Football; Freshman Basketball; Varsity Anthony- J. Santangelo . . . New Orleans, La. squad Football. 123 a : :j afc -;;::i .s s _ iSS ;:s Bisso, Breen, Brune, Burvant BuTZKE, Carmouche, Cassagne, Code, Crettet Davis, Daviesov, Dennery, Drane Erickson, Evans, Firth, Flower Garcia, Gilmer, Hevdek, Jastram, Joyner Keenan, Levert, Lew ' is, MacDonald 124 SOPHOMORE CLASS COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Carlos Joseph deArmas . . . Bay St. Louis, Miss. Claude Edgar Dolhonde . . . Independence, La. Terome Claudius Baehr . . . New Orleans, La. George C. Drane New Orleans, La. ■ " S X Arthur Peter Baudier .... New Orleans, La. vt - i t Peter James EricksoNj Jr. . . . New Orleans, La. Louis Bierhorst New Orleans, La. Cosmopolitan club (1, 2); Freshman Bouncer. Alexander Bisso, Jr New Orleans, La. L. R. Evans, Jr Jefferson Parish, La. V ,[, Secretary Cosmopolitan Club. President of Sophomore Engineers; Scrub Football. ScOTT Flower Tr Trinidad Colo Edward Nicholas Breen . . . New Orleans, La. S A E, K K K :: A. T. Firth, Jr Holly Bluff, Miss. Karl Joseph Brodtman .... New Orleans, La. Tuiane Band. T -. . r) TvT -. 1 T Enrique Hernandez Garcia . Brownsville, Texas Lawrence Claude Brune . . . New Orleans, La. v j Earl Guerrant Brydox . . . New Orleans, La. John Stone Gentilich .... New Orleans, La. Urbain Joseph Burvant . . . New Orleans, La. Edward H. Gessner New Orleans, La. AS ! A Secretary Sophomore Engineering Class; Freshman Class President A. and S. (2); White Elephants (1): Basketball. Class Wrestling (1, 2); Varsity Wrestling (1, 2). Frederick George Butzke . . s E Jackson, Miss. William Carmouche Gilmer . . Shreveport, La. A T n John Kent Boyd New Orleans, La. Joseph Elias Guidry, Jr. . . . New Orleans, La. 2 N ,,j , „ »T 1 T Henry ' Tardy Hart New Orleans, La. William Archinard Cahill . . New Orleans, La. Oliver William Heyden . . . New Orleans, La. Tuiane Band (1, 2); Freshman Bouncer. William Jeter Carmouche .... Crowley, La. Architectural Society New Orleans La. James Sander Janssen Glen Lawre.nce Carter . Chas. E. Cassagne, Jr New Orleans, La. Adolph Emile Jastram . . n H Ben Freshman Bouncer New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. Marcus Joachim Chalona . . . New Orleans, La. President Engineering (1) ; Vice-President Engineering (2); Architectural Society; 13 Club; Captain Frosh Football; Frosh Traclc; Varsity Football; Baseball. Aubrey George Code New Orleans, La. Walthall Robertson Joyn er . . . Dallas, Texas Freshman Bouncer. Inter-fraternity Basketball (2, 3). Marcel Emile Crettet, Jr. . . New Orleans, La, j ter Cook Keenan, Jr. . . . New Orleans, La. Vice-President of 1027 " Y " Club. g g H Earl Oscar Dailey New Orleans, La. ifr f n.V ' lT Ar n " t. Charles Lincoln Davis, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. j Kerstens . . . New Orleans, La. Edward Everett Davison . A ! New Orleans, La. Sidney Francis Lewis, HI . . • New Orleans, La. K S Alvvn Joseph Day New Orleans, La. , Freeman Loeb New Orleans, La. Herbert Fowler DeBu-.-s . . . New Orleans, La. g_ j ,„, Orleans, La. A T S2 Inter-fraternitv Track (1, 2); Intra-mural Football (1, 2); Freshman Football. Gerardo (y SOLIS) LOPEZ . . . Vera Cruz, Mex. Theodore Dennery New Orleans, La. ,, .,„ Vo,„ nrlenne Tn „ T, T, ' Frank Macdonald New Urieans, L.a. Theodore Joseph Ditimar . . McDonoghville, La. Freshman Basketball. 125 r Maxwell, McCarroll, Metzcer, A. Miller C. Miller, O ' Meara, Phillips, Peirce, Piesch Price, Prouet, Remanjon, Riccinti Robert, Sabathier, Schonberg, Silverstein SoucHON, Stayer, Stern, G. Stubbs, K. Stubbs Gessnerm, Wagner, Wilson, Ziegler 126 SOPHOMORE CLASS COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING MuRVAN Morris Maxwell New Orleans, La. FuLBERT Jean Sabathier . . . New Orleans, La. Architectural Society (2). Eugene Mlxson McCarroll . . New Orleans, La. ATA Frosh Football, ' 26; Varsity Football, ' 27; Class Presi- dent, -26; Vice-President, ' 27; Pan-Hellenic (2, 3). George Metcalfe, Jr Metcalf, Miss. John Joseph Metzger, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Alberta Anna Miller .... New Orleans, La. " Jambalaya " Representative (1). Clark O. Miller New Orleans, La. S E, K K AXE Chemistry Award; Inter-fraternity Tennis (1). Jens Christian Neilsen, Jr. ■ . New Orleans, La. A Freshman Bouncer. Irvin Henry Schonberg Covington, La. Richard Monroe Shaw .... New Orleans, La. Edward Benjamin Silversti in . New Orleans, La. Z B T Joseph Alfred Snyder, Jr Bilo.xi, Miss. Harry Vincent Souchon . . . New Orleans, La. A K E Edgar Stayer New Orleans, La. A X I Band; Wrestling Team, Chas. L. Maroney New Orleans, La. Bernard Harold Stern .... New Orleans, La. Z B T John P. O ' Meara New Orleans, La. Fresliman Track. Guy Palmer Stubbs, Jr Monroe, La. A K E Carroll J. Peirce New Orleans, La. Ralph Mountjoy Persell .... Natchez, Miss. William King Stubbs, . . . A K E Glee Club (2). Monroe, La. Carl Robert Piesch New Orleans, La. Freshman Bouncer. John Henry Phillips, Jr. E. Severance Stanley Kendsha, Wis. New Orleans, La. Hubbell Farley Vincent . . . New Orleans, La. Daniel Dana Price Marrero, La. Richard Erwin Wagner . New Orleans, La. Freshman and Sophomore Football Game; Intra-mural Football; Freshman Track; Freshman Bouncer. Raymond C. Prouet New Orleans, La. Freshman Bouncer. Arthur deRoaldes Remanjon . New Orleans, La. Italo William Ricciuti . . New Orleans, La. Wrestling (2); Aero Club (1, 2); Intra-mural Football (1); Freshman Bouncer (2). James M. Robert New Orleans, La. H K A Freshman Bouncer. Henry F. Wehrmann, Jr. . , . New Orleans, La. Mackey Wood White Live Oak, Fla. William Francisco Williams . New Orleans, La. Samuel Wilson, Jr New Orleans, La. Malcolm F. Ziegler New Orleans, La. ATA Inter-fraternity Basketball; Intra-mural Football. 127 Baker, A. Brown, Busch, Claverie, Crais Dietrich, Eshleman, Fournier, Gollegly, Hodges, Holbrook Johnson, Juden, Lamar, Lota, Lyman, Massey McCance, McNair, Miazza, Michal, O ' Kelley, Pool POITER, ReDLAUER, J. READ, M. READ, ReEL, RaY Shaw, Smithson, Stewart, Thibaut, Tomlinson, Youngs 128 SOPHOMORE CLASS COLLEGE OF COMMERCE Cecel Marion Arnold Hattiesburg, Miss. Morris McCluer Baker . . Ocean Springs, Miss. A i [ ' Willis Burton Banker . . . Lake Charles, La. A K E Richard Neely Barber, Jr. . . Waynesville, N. C. James Ricketi-s Biggar, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Frank Alois Brewer Alexandria, La. Albert E. Brown New Orleans, La. Herman M. Busch Sulphur, La. 2 A E Glee Club. Omar Hamilton Cheer, Jr . New Orleans, La. Henry Rosenberg Crais .... New Orleans, La. Secretary and Treasurer Sophomore Class. Laurence Richard DeBuys, Jr. . New Orleans, La. Norman Edward Dietrich . . New Orleans, La. A 1 ' [ B. F. Eshleman New Orleans, La. 2 X Inter-fraternity Basketball, ' 28, ' 29; Intra-mural Basketball, ' 29; Assistant Basketball Manas:er, ' 2!). Alexander Foster Fournier, Jr. . New Orleans, La. n K A Vice-President Class (2); White Elephants; Inter-fra- ternity Basketball; Inter-fraternity Track. R. B. Gallegly, Jr New Orleans, La. n K A Tuff-of-War; Inter-fraternity (Basketball; Inter-fra- ternity Track. Leon Goldberg New Orleans, La. Roy Clifford Hodges .... Port Arthur, Texas s E Glee Club; Advertising Club. Roland Joseph Hoffman . . . New Orleans, La. Warum Holerook New Orleans, La. l K I Inter-fraternity Basketball, ' 27. Alec Johnson New Orleans, La. A K E John R. Juden, HI New Orleans, La, B I-) n (Miss) Marguerite Lamar . . . New Orleans, La. A ' ictor Lota New Orleans, La. Harris Lyman New Orleans, La. K A Elmer Marsh McCance . . . Pine Bluff, .Ark. A e Varsity Football (1). Julius Edwin McNair. y . Lumberton, Miss. K A " Jambalaya " Representative (2); Glee Club. Jack Joseph Margolin .... New Orleans, La. Francis Martin New Orleans, La. Lawrence William Martin ' . . New Orleans, La. A. Elmer Massey, Jr New Orleans, La. AT " Freshman Basketball; Sophomore Basketball; Sopho- more Football; Varsity Football. ' 28; White Elephants; Pan-Hellenic Council. Gerald Joseph Miazza .... New Orleans, La. 2 N Ernest Mickal New Orleans, La. LuciEN DeBuys O ' Kelley . . . New Orleans, La. ATA White Elephants. William Guillemet Pool . . . New Orleans, La. K A White Elephants. Homer Reeves Potter .... Lake Charles, La. 2 N Arthur George Radlauer . . . New Orleans La. 2AM James Benjamin Read Gulfport, Miss. A T a 13 Club (1). Mallory ' John Read New Orleans, La. Cabinet Member Y. M. C. . .; Assistant Circulation Manager " Hullabaloo. " Jerome V. Reel New Orleans, La. A 2 Samuel George Reiser .... New Orleans, La. Clyde Russell Ross Pioneer, La. Victor Leander Roy, T " ,. . . . Natchitoches, La. ' K 2 William Hales Sco ' IT .... New Orleans, La. Morgan Langford Shaw . . . New Orleans, La. K A White Elephants (1); -Assistant Football Manager (2); Glee Club (2); Intra-mural Football (1, 2). (Miss) Edith Leah Shpall . . New Orleans, La. Homer Virgil Smithson, H . . New Orleans, La. AS Tug-ot-W ar (2); Inter-fraternity Tennis (2); Fresh- man Vice-President (2); " Y " Club Secretary (1); " Hullabaloo " Staff (2); " Y " Handbook Assistant Man- ager (2); y. M. C. A. (1, 2, 3). Frank B. Stewart New Orleans, La. •I A e Pierre Leonce Thibajt, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. A e Paul Gillespie Tomlinson . . New Orleans, La. Ronald Wilson Wise Flint, Mich. Frederic Allen Youngs . . . New Orleans, La. 2 N Inter-fraternity Basketball. ' 29; Sophomore Class President, ' 2i . 129 J AA yS). r JJ Jvy3)yVLy SA. .s-:-- ' •iiS :j:: x Aaroxs, R. Allen, L. Allen, Arndt Bacher, Baiden, Barton, Breard, Brewer Brown, Bruns, Blitler, Gambles, Carroll Carter, Caulkins, Childress, Clark, E. CLEVELAxn, F. Cleveland Cline, Cobb, Coker, Cole, Coleman, Colon Copeland, Coquille, Covington, Coyle, Crespo, Culbertson Dafoe, Davis, Diles, Dinwiddie, Dohan CouRs, Downing, DuQuesnav, Dusenberry 132 FRESHMAN CLASS NEWCOMB COLLEGE Cecilia Aarons Shelby, Miss. Lara Louise Cline Lake Charles La. Marjorie Abbott New Orleans, La. „, „, , ,,, , . , n „ , »T ,- 1 T ° ' ' = ' ' (! ■ Dramatic Club (1); Y. W. C. A. (1): Rosalie Allen New Orleans, La. French Circle (1) Dramatic Club (1); Y. W. C A. (1). KATHERINE COBB Fort Smith, Ark. Ruth Allen New Orleans, La. K A fi M French Circle (1); Y. W. C. A. (1). Theodora Anderson Tulsa, Okla. Dorothy May Cockerham .... Portland, Ark Hilda Arndt Dramatic Club (1); Y. W. C. Lillian Bacher New Orleans, La. y. w. c. a. (i). B A Christine Cole Newbern, Tenn. New Orleans, La. Florence Coker Yazoo City Miss C. A. (1). l» M J • Y. W. C. A. (1). Margaret Baiden New Orleans, La. Y. AV. c. A. (I). Marcha Banks Dumas, Ark. Rebecca Barton Napoleonville, La. ir B l Y. W. C. A. (1); Dramatic Club. Marv Belle Bass New Orleans, La. Z T A Glee Ciub (2); French Circle (1). Willie Frances Coleman . . . Doddsvi le Miss M ' ■ Y. W. C. A. (1); Glee Club (1). Myrtle Colon Gibsland, La. A A n y. w. c. A. (1). Alice Blacklock New Orleans, La. IR e Cooper Laurel, Miss. Alberta Bodker Ponchatoula, La. p „, Copeland . . " " [ . . Fort Myers, Fla. Mildred Boudreaux . Donner, La. y. w. c. a. (1); French Circle (1). Margaret Bovard New Orleans, La. Ruth Coquille New Orleans La a o n ' ' Y. W. C. A. (1); French Circle (1). Annie Laurie Breard Monroe, La. A A n French Circle (1). Carolyn Brewer Alexandria, La. A rr Y. W. C. A. (1). Virginia Brown Little Rock, Ark. A A n Dramatic Club (1). Sarah Browe Jackson, La. Adrienne Bruno New Orleans, La. Y. W. C. A. (1); French Circle (1). Amelie Buchmann New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club (1). Louise Butler New Hope, Ala. Z T A Y. W. C. A. (1); French Circle (1). Winifred Cambias New Orleans, La. Z s Y. W. C. A. (1); French Circle (1). Eleanor Carroll New Orleans, La. B ! a Y. W. C. A. Vivian Carter Carter .... New Orleans, La. A A n Dramatic Club (1); French Circle (1); Y. " W. C. A. (1), Cora Carter Atlanta, Ga. Henriette Caulkins .... Chattanooga, Tenn. X a French Circle (1); Y. W, C. A. (1). Evelyn Childress Amite, La. Z S A A n Dramatic Club (1). Geraldine Couturier .... New Orleans, La. Helen Covington Hazelhurst, Miss. M T. W. C. A. (1); French Circle (1). Florence Coyle New Orleans, La. B a Glee Ciub (1); Dramatic Club (1). Yvonne Crespo New Orleans, La. Z 2: Y. W. C. A. (1); French Club (1); Dramatic Club (1). Mary E. Culbertson Brazil, Ind. K K r Helen Dafoe New Orleans, La. z T A Anna Daniels New Orleans, La. Mary Elizabeth Davenport . . New Orleans, La. Leonie Davis New Orleans, La. a I ( French Circle (1). Mary Deen New Orleans, La. L ' LouiSE Dial McGehee, Ark Glee Club (1). Mary Dinwiddie New Orleans, La. K K r Y. " W. C. A. (1); French Circle (1). Anna Jane Dohan New Orleans, La. X a Y. W. C. A. (1); French Circle (1). Louise Donovan New Orleans, La. French Circle (1); Y. W. C. A. (1). Elizabeth Clarke Monroe, La. Lucille Dours New Orleans, La, A o n z T . Y. w. C. A. (1). Dramatic Club (1); Y. W. O. A. (1). Esther Cleveland New Orleans, La. Nancy Downing Atlanta, Ga, K K r M French Circle (1); Y. W. C. A. (1). Y. W. C. A. (1); French Circle (1). Frances Cleveland New Orleans, La. Dorcas T. Dusenbury New Orleans, La, n B K a e French Circle (1); Y. W. C. A. (1). T. W. C. A. (1). 133 Eaton, Ervin, Eskrigge, Evans Farrell, Feltus, Ferguson, Folse, Fournet Fox, Frantz, Freeman, Furlow, Gaudet, Genella GiLLASPIE, GiLLICAN, GoODMAN, GrESHAM, GrUN, GrUNDMANN Haas, Hagedorn, Haggard, Hancock, Hartley, Harvey Hayward, Heald, Hero, Hill, Hoff, Hollixgsworth Hovey-King, Ivens, Jackson, D. Johnson, W. Johnson J. Johnson, D. Jones, E. Jones, S. D. Jones 13+ FRESHMAN CLASS NEWCOMB COLLEGE Mary Alice Eaton New Orleans, La. Camille Hacedorn LaGrange, Ga. A o II A K • Y. W. C. A. (1). Glee Club (1); Fiench Circ-lc (1). Bernice Edwards Ponchatoula, La. Jessie W. Haggard New Orleans, La. DORRIS Ervin . St. Louis, Mo. „ . „ . ,,J " , „. , J g T. T r. c. A. (1): French Circle (1). T. W, C. A. (1); French Circle (1). AnNA ELIZABETH HANCOCK . . . Cartersville, Ga. Winifred Eskrigge New Orleans, La. n D l Chapel (1); Glee Club (1). Alice Elizabeth Evans .... New Orleans, La. A i n Y. W. C. A. (1); French Circle (1). Mary E. Farrell New Orleans, La. l M Florence Ferguson Monroe, La. n B i T. W. C. A. (1); French Circle (1). Clara Fitzenreiter Lake Charles, La. Henrietta W. Folse Bastrop, La. A n Debating Club (1); Dramatic Club. Gladys Feltus New Orleans, La. Jane Branson Fox Columbus, Ga. K K r Y. W. C. A. (1); French Circle (1). JuANiTA Fournet New Orleans, La. B a Dramatic Club (1); Glee Club (1). Edna Louise Frantz New Orleans, La. Glee Club (1); Y. W. C. A. (1). Rosa Freeman New Orleans, La. X a Y. W. C. A. (1); French Circle (1). MiLLY Fry Memphis, Tenn. Helen Elizabeth Furlow . . . Brookhaven, Miss. Glee Club (1). Marie Celeste Gaudet .... New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club (1); French Circle (11; Y ' . W. C. A. (1). A O II Y. V. C. A. (1); French Circle (1). Norma Anne Genel; a . . . . New Orleans, La. Mary Catherine Jackson Y. w. c. A. (I). Helen E. Gillaspie New Orleans, La. B ■[) A Dramatic Club (1); French Circle (1). Lucille V. Gillican New Orleans, La. K K r Acnes E. Goodman Areola, La. Dramatic Club; Y. W. C. A. Ama Gray Augusta, Ga. . Indianola, Miss. Mary Jeannette Gresham . Alberta Grun New Orleans, La, Dramatic Club (1); French Circle (1); Y. W. C. A. (1). Dorothy Grundman New Orleans, La. Sara Dean Jonks .... B l A X £2 Dramatic Club (1). Y. W. C. A. (1); French Circle (1). Muriel F. Haas New Orleans, La. Ray L. Journsay Houston, Texas X n Dramatic Club (1); French Circle (1). Elsie J. Hartley New Orleans, La. 7. y. Y. W. C. A. (1); French Circle (1); Dramatic Club fl). Edith Harvey New Orleans, La. n B Y. -W. C. A. (1); French Circle (1). EuLALiE B. Harvey New Orleans, La. Helene Hai-ward New Orleans, La. Carolyn Wade Head Troy, Ala. Mary Heald Jackson, Miss. I M T. w. C. A. (1). Audry Heintz New Orleans, La. Laura Hero . New Orleans, La. French Circle (1). Dorothy Hill Canton, Miss. X S Glee Club (1). Alice Hoff San Antonio, Texas Z i; Y. w. c. A. (1). Shirley Hollingsworth .... New Orleans, La. X : Y. X. C. A. (1); French Circle (1). Rita Hovey King New Orleans, La. A () n Debating (11; Y. W. C. A. (1); French Circle (1). Lois G. Irwin New Orleans, La. Frances Ivens New Orleans, La. K K r Dramatic Club (1); French Circle (1); Y. W. C. A. (1). May Ivy New Orleans, La. . . Hammond, La. Dorothy C. Johnson . ... New Orleans, La. n B Y. W. C. A. (1); French Circle (1). Eleanor Jane Johnson .... Waveland, Miss. Eva S. Johnson ...... New Orleans, La. X P. Y. W. C. A. (1); French Circle (1). Clara Elizabeth Jones .... Petersburg, Va. a i n Glee Club (1); Y. W. C. A. (1). Dorothy M. Jones Hannibal, Mo. K A o Y ' . W. C. A.; Cercic Francais. . . Albany, Ga. 135 Keenan, Ketchum, Krauss, Kreeger LaNasa, Langerm, Lazard, Lindner, Livaudais E. Lyman, M. Lyman, Mackie, Magruder, Matthews, Marks Marx, Marquez, McClatchev, McCoy, McGhee, McKee Mendoza, E. Meyer, S. Meyer, Morris, Morton NoRRis, Backer, Palmer, Pharr, Pierson, Pitard Oetersibm, Rainold, Powell, Price, Reed Reeves, Remanjon, Rhodes, Ric?iardson 136 FRESHMAN CLASS NEWCOMB COLLEGE Anita Keenan New Orleans, La. Katherike Minuet Napoleonville, La. T. W. C. A. d " ' p nch Circle (1). LISE L. Meyer Magnolia, Miss. Ethel E. Ketcham . ... New Orleans, La. Shonnette Weil Meyer . . . New Orleans, La. T. w. c. A. m: French Circle (1). Be. trice Meyers New Orleans, La. Ruth Kleinpeter Donner, La. Edna E. Morris . . ■ ;_ • . Birmingham, Ala. Babette Krauss . Monroe, La. Dramatic Club (1); French Circle (1). Adele R. Kreh New Orleans, La. Frances Kreecer New Orleans, La. B ! A Dramatic Club (1): Y. W. C. A. (1). Georgiana Langerman .... New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club (1): T. W. C. A. (1): French Circle (1). ZiNA F. LaNasa New Orleans, La. Y. w. c. A. (1). Alice Lawson Galveston, Texas K K r Y. w. c. A. (1). Lillian Lazard New Orleans, La. A E French Circle (1). Kathryn Lindner Atlanta, Ga. K A Eulalie Livaudais New Orleans, La. K K r Ellen M. Lyman New Orleans, La. T. W. C. A. (1); French Circle (1). Mary Chandler Ly ' man . K A 9 Y. W. C. A. (1); French Circle (1). Adolyn McClatchev Atlanta, Ga. K a e T. •« ' . C. A. (1); French Circle (1). Billie McCoy- New Orleans, La. Elise H. McGehee . ... New Orleans, La. K K r Mary Frances McKee . . . San Antonio, Texas K a 9 Y-. ■W ' . c. A. (1). Fay Julia Mackie New Orleans, La. K A 9 Evelyn W. Magruder .... New Orleans, La. A o Tl T. W. C. A. (1); French Circle (1). Pauline A. Mallitz New Orleans, La. Mathilde C. Marks New Orleans, La. Ruth Louise Marks New Orleans, La. Mandolin-Guitar Club (1). Leah Amelie Marquez .... New Orleans, La. Emilie Martin New Orleans, La. M T. W. C. A. (1); French Circle (1). Rose Moss Morris New Orleans, La. Mary Katherine Morton . . . New Orleans, La. Y. -W. C. A. (1); Glee Club: Circle Francais. Bertha M. Moss Lake Charles, La. X a Glee Club (1); Dramatic Club (1); T. W. C. A. (1); French Circle (1). Edith N. Norris New Orleans, La. K K r Dramatic Club (1): Glee Club (1); French Circle (1); T. TV. C. A. (1). Mamie V. Packer Alexandria, La. a o n Y. W. C. A. (1). Virginia Lee Owen Whitecastle, La. Winifred Palmer New Orleans, La. B A Glee Club (1); T. W. C. A. (1). Violet Peterson New Orleans, La. Z T A New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club (1); French Circle (1); T. W. C. A. (1). Ines Pitard New Orleans, La. M Jane Pharr . Olivier, La. K K r Elizabeth Pierson New Orleans, La. K K r Mildred Porteous New Orleans, La. X n T. W. C. A. (1); French Circle (1). Louise Powell Canton, Miss. K A 9 T. ' W. C. A. (1); Glee Club (1). Mary Frances Price Gulfport, Miss. A o n Glee Club; TT. W. C. A. Olgae du Quesnay ' New Orleans, La. K A e Sally ' Reed - . New Orleans, La. K K r Lenora Reeves Franklin, La. T. w. C. A. (1). Louise Remanjon New Orleans, La. A A n Y. V. C. A. (1); French Circle (1). Dorothy E. Marx New Orleans, La. Phoebe de Reyna New Orleans, La. Gladys M. Mathews Andalusia, Ala. Mary Rhodes New Orleans, La. a A n K K r Y. W. C. A. (1); French Circle (1). French Circle (1); Y. W. C. A. (1). Ruth B. Mendoza Yukon, Okla. Madelin Richardson New Orleans, La. 137 J AM RoGAN, Savman, Schiro, Shannon Simon, Skelly, Smith, Spencer, Spivy Steiner, Stinnette, St. Martin, Swanton, Taltavull, Tanneneaum ToRREY, True, Tucker, Van Winkle, Villere Vomberc, Waddill, Wallace, Walker, Walton, Ware Watkins, Watt, Weddington, Weilenmann, Weill, Weinstein Wexler, Wheeler, Whittington, J. Wilson, O. Wilson Withers, Wright, Wurzlow, Yandell FRESHMAN CLASS NEWCOMB COLLEGE Mary Belle Rogan New Orleans, La K K [■ Y. W. C. A. (1); French Circle (1). Marie Rodriguez . .... New Orleans, La. Madelin Richardson New Orleans, La. Z s Dramatic Club (1); French Circle (1): Y. W. C. A. (1). Alma Rowan New Orleans, La. A A n T. W. C. A. (1). Henrietta Salles New Orleans, La. Audrey- Fay Sayman Alexandria, La. A A n Debating Club (1): Dramatic Club (1): Glee Club (1): T. W. C. A. (1); M, G. C. (1). JosiE Schiro . . New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club (1); Y. Vi. C. A. (1). LiLAH ScHWiNG New Orleans, La. Frances Shannon Macon, Miss. K A 9 T. W. C. A. (1). Hilda C. Simon Alexandria, La, A E Helen Skelly ' New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club (1). Beatrice Smith Bay St. Louis, Miss. Frances Smith Fort Smith, Ark. K A e French Circle 1) ; Y. W. C. A. (1). Jesse Soper Greenville, Miss. Annie Laurie Spencer Strong, Ark. Debating Club (1); Dramatic Club (1). Ann Spivy Bonham, Texas n B l Y. W. C. A. (1); French Circle (1). Rhea St. Martin Houma, La. a a n T. " W. C. A.; French Circle; Dramatic Club. Mildred Steahle Westwego, La. Charlotte Steiner New Orleans, La. A A n T. W. C. A. Cl); French Circle (1). Phyllis Stern Montgomery, Ala. A E ■! Irby Stinnette Bay City, Texas T. w. c. A. (1). Margaret Stovall Picayune, Miss. Helen Summers Johnson City, Tenn. Beverly- Swanton New Orleans, La. T. W. C. A. (1); French Circle (1). Jane Margaret Taltavull .... Biloxi, Miss. Y. w. c. A. (1). Rachel T annenbaum .... New Orleans, La. a E French Circle (1). Shirley ' Teunisson New Orleans, La. Lucille Torrey ' Spring Hill, Ala. Marie Louise True New Orleans, La. A A n T. W. C. A. (1). Margaret Tucker New Orleans, La. X J2 Dramatic Club (1); Glee Club (1); Y. W. C. A. (1). Frances Van Winkle . . . Salt Lake Citv, Utah K a T. w. c. A. (1). Elizabeth Villere New Orleans, La. n II ' !■ Y-. W. C. A. (1); French Circle (1). Dorothy Vix New Orleans, La. Carolyn Vomeerg New Orleans, La. Martha Waddill Albany, Ga. X " T. W. C. A. (1); French Circle (1). Dorothy ' Walker New Orleans, La. n B French Circle (1); Y. W. C. A. (1). Margaret Wallace New Orleans, La. n B I Y. W. C. A. (1); French Circle (1). Beverly Walton New Orleans, La. a n Y ' . w. c. A. (1). Frances Ware Bonham, Texas Glee Club (1); Y ' . W. C. A. (1). Winifred Washburn Monroe, La. Helen Watkins Hattiesburg, Miss. 7, t a Y. W. C. A. (1); French Circle (1). Rosalie Watt Hot Springs, Ark. X Q T. W. C. A. (1). Bess Weddington New Orleans, La. I M Sarah Weil Corpus Christi, Texas Aline Weill New Orleans, La. Glee Club (1); French Circle (1); T. YV. C. A. (1). Cora Weilenman Leiand, Miss. a i rt Glee Club (1). Flora Weinstein , Greensboro, Ala. French Circle (1). Katheryn Westerook .... Ne%v Orleans, Ala. Fanny Wexler Monroe, La. A E ' I ' Sarah Wheeler Charlotte, N. C. A A n Y. " W. C. A. (1); French Circle (1). Dorothy Whittington Natchez, Miss. Mary White Gulfport, Miss. Helen Wilson New Orleans, La. X Q Dramatic Club (1); French Circle (1); T. W. C. A. (1). Olivette Wilson Amite, La. a A n Y ' . W. C. A. (1); French Circle (1). Elizabeth Withers Memphis, Tenn. K A 9 Dramatic Club (1); French Circle (1); T. W. C. A. (1). Fannie Belle Woodcock . . . Hot Springs, Ark. n B T. w. C, A. (1). Dorothy Wright New Orleans, La. 7, x Dramatic Club (1); T. W. C. A. (1); French Circle (1). Sidney Wurzlow Houma, La. A A n French Circle (1): Mandolin-Guitar Club; T. W. C. A. (1). Dorothy Yandell New Orleans, La. Z T A 139 ..V r, i ; ■; -ii ;; : Atria, Beatv, Brierre, Buck, Cairns, Countiss CoYLE, Crapitto, D ' Antoni, Dunlap, Eccles Parish, Ferry, Filippone, Fisher, Guidry Hamilton, Hertzog, Jennings, Kahn, Kelley Kennedy, LaNasa, Lehmberg, Levy, Lindsey Lowe, Martin, Matthews, Meyer, Miller, Mintz 140 FRESHMAN CLASS School of Medicine . . Lafayette, La. West Orange, N. J. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. . Pensacola, Fla. Albert Moses Abramson . . Nicholas Fred Atria . . . X z X A.B., Washington and Lee University Samuel Lawrence Balofsky . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. Anthony Joseph Barranco . . Birmingham, Ala. Stanford Wentworth Beaty .... Selma, La. K A. e K A.B., Louisiana College. Robert Estes Blount , . . . . Bassfield, Miss. n K A. N S N Joseph Theodore Brierre . . . New Orleans, La. A 1 ! . a K K James Henry- Boles .... McMinnville, Tenn. Richard Leonce Buck Houma, La. B M, A K K James Edward Buff Casar, N. C. Adrian Bennett Cairns .... Houston, Texas e K Thomas Frank Carbrey ' . Michel Joseph Caruso . Gerard Edward Christie John Melton Cotton Altus, Okla. Eugene Hendrix Countiss . . . Grenada, Miss. K 2, X Elda Scott Coyle Spring Hill, La. P s Honor Council, " 28, ' 29; Band, ' 27, ' 28; Band. ' 28, ' 29. Louis Anthony Crapitto .... Houston, Texas Joseph Steven D ' Antoxi . . . New Orleans, La. Lucious Lamar Davidge Durant, Okla. Michael Ellis DeBakey " . . . Lake Charles, La. B M, K K Band (1, 2, 3). Antonio F. del Valle . . . San Francisco, Cal. Beatrice Gallaher Dunlap . . Nashville, Tenn. B M Thomas Theron Earle .... Greenville, S. C. Claude Graham Eccles Mobile, Ala. ♦ PI Honorary Council. Jack Bennett Eidelbero . . San Antonio, Texas John Witherspoon Ervin . . . Morganton, N. C. Clarence Gladin Parish . . . Grove Hill, Ala. a K K Thomas Jefferson Fatherree, Jr. . Meridian, Miss. James Adolph Ferry ' Riderwood, Ala. n K A, A K K John Marion Filippone .... Houston, Texas Willie Godwin Fisher .... Lake Charles, La. S A E Freshman Football (1); Scrub Football (2). Clifton Boykin Flinn .... Hernando, Miss. Manuel Morales Garcia . Frontera, Tabasco, Mex. Jerome Frank Giarratano . . New Orleans, La. William Howard Gillentine . . Fort Myers, Fla. Grace Arabell Goldsmith . . .St. Paul, Minn. James Luger Gouaux Houma, La. Courtland Prentice Gray, Jr . . . Monroe, La. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. Joel Boyd Gray New Orleans, La. Ashton Tho.mas Griffin . . . Goldsboro, N. C. Edwin Robichaux Guidry . . . Grand Bav, Ala. a K K Aurelius Coleman Hagood .... Brewton, Ala. Carlos Robert Hamilton Waco, Texas A 2 , e K + Ina Morriss Harper Ruston, La. John Deaver Henderson . . . Morristown, Tenn. Ambrose John Hertzog Derrv, La. K A, N S N Harry ' Huger Houston, Jr . . . . Mobile, Ala. Adolphus Young Jennings . . . Abilene, Texas e K Edwin Stewart Kacy . Kenneth Myder Kahn , Z B T, B M Fencing. Cly ' de Arthur Kelley ' Houston, Texas e K Charles Barrett Kennedy ' . . . Aberdeen, S. D. X i; X George Sam Khoury ' Shreveport, La. Henry ' Allen King, Jr . . . . New Iberia, La. Saul Bernard Klein .... San Antonio, Texas Harry Koretzky New Orleans, La. Philip Paul LaBruyere, Jr Marrero, La. Matthew James LaNasa . . . New Orleans, Ala. Glee Club (3); Band (3); Inti ' a-mural Football |3). Charles Edward Lehmberg, Jr. . Columbus, Miss. K 2, X LoRis K.ATTEN Le ' y St. Joseph, La. Z B T, A E Sam Liberto Shreveport, La. Charles Sedberry Lisles Forest, Miss. Ralph Howard Lindsey .... Albertville, Ala. 2 E. e K William Catlett Littell .... Opelousas, La. Thomas Elton Lowe Houston, Texas e K Mercer Genin Lynch . . Ben John Gilkeson McClure . James Willard McMurray . DoNioN Randolph Martin . X Z X B.S., North Carolina. Golda Leonard Martin .... Wendell, N. C. Osler Flint Matthews, Jr -Urania, La. K 2, X Franklin Hervey ' Maury ' Mobile, Ala. Harry Mey ' er Brookhaven, Miss. Z B T Band (2, 3); Inter-traternity Basketball (1. 2). R. Frank Miller Welsh, La. H K A. A K K B.A., Vanderbilt University. Samuel Mintz Houston, Texas ■1 A K . New Orleans, La. St. Petersburg, Fla. Bartow, Fla. . . Wendell, N. C. 141 i-i — ■ ' ' SV Moore, Murphy, Nelson, Odom, Prieto, Pyburx RiNAMAN, RiVENBARK, ROBICIIAUX, ROBINSON, SaLERNO Savant, Schmidt, Schulze, Sellers Shapiro, Sica, Sweig, Slipakoff, Sorkin Sparer, Stafford, Tatum, Tedder, Thompson ToMBLiN, del Valle, Wahl, Ward, White, Williams 1+2 FRESHMAN CLASS SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Ernest Vic Moore .... Boiling Springs, N. C. William St.acv Sii.er, Jr. . . . Beaumont, Texas K ! ' William Shewen Slaughter, Jr. . . . Balier, La. Alton Launcelot Murphy .... Brewton, Ala. 1 n, X A K K Leon Slipakoff New Orleans, La. Joseph Walter Neal, Jr. . . Walnut Grove, N. C. samson Zelic Sorkin ' . ' ' . . . . Shreveport, La. Willis JORET Nelson, _JR_. .. . New Orleans, La. John Ennis Sorrells . ' " ' . ' ' . . . . Hodge, La. Charles Brown Odom . . e K Freshman Basketball; Tug-of-War; Sophomore Basket- ball. Abr. ham Harold Perman . New York City, N. Y. Philip Joseph Pollack . . Saratoga Spring, N. Y. Joseph Odess Prejean Abbeville, La. A. (y Eleta) Prieto . . . Panama Citv, Panama S I Intra-mural Football (2); Cosmopolitan Club. Hiram Culpepper Pyburn Ruston, La. 2; N, X Grover Dewitt Rackley .... Magnolia, N. C. William Walton Rainer, HI . . . Selma, Ala. James Rinaman Miami, Fia. ' I ' X William Carey Riveneark . . Ben. . i N B.S., Wake Forest College. Eugene Bissell Rodichaux . Excelsior Springs, Mo. n K I , X George Willis Robinson . . 2 N, X Inter-fraternity Basketball (3); Inter-fraternity Track (3): Student Academic Coach (3); Time Honorary Pre-Mcdical Fraternity; Candidate tor B.A. from Cen- tenary College. Joseph Peter Salerno Houston, Texas Drew Adolph Savant Ville Platte La 2 E, ! X Inter-fraternity Tennis (1, 2); Inter-fraternity Basket- ball (1); Dramatic Club (2). Harry Johnson Schmidt . . . New Orleans, La. ' I ' ] ' i Eunice Anastasia Schnvder . . New Orleans, La. Elmer Flent Schulze Shiner, Texas e K + Harvey La. Phineas Jack Sparer Brooklyn, N. Y. Frank Peter Spoio Tampa, Fla. Nelda Fay ' E Stafford . . . Denham Springs, La. GusTAv Ma.kim Steinbach . New York City, N. Y. Carl White Stroud Monroe, La. David Clark Swearingen .... Shreveport, La. Joseph Sweig , New Orleans, La. A K, B M Band. Sherard Austin Tatum Dubach, La. AS , e K President of Freshman Med ical Class: Honor Council- man; Inter-fraternity Basketball and Track. James Williams Tedder Sumrall, Miss. X S N LORENZ Teer Hall Summit, La. Haynesville, La. Edward Perry Thomas Wesley ' Dee Thompson. Jr . . ■tie. N s X Montgomery, Ala. . Dallas, Texas . Shreveport, La. Beatrice Maude A. Tomlin . . Los Angeles, Cal. Francis Jared Vincent Maurice, La. Carl N.athaniel Wahl .... New Orleans, La. X A E. X William Haywood Waters, Jr. . . Oxford, N. C. Leon Scott Ward Mt. Pleasant, Tenn. e K B.A., Vanderbilt University. William Henry Wariner, Jr. . . . Ruffin, N. C. Herman Gustav Weiss Austin, Texas James Hadley ' Wells Shreveport, La. James Alexander White, Jr . . Alexandria, La. K A, e K A.B., Louisiana College. McCullough, Ala. Charles Edward Wightman, Jr. . Jacksonville, Fla. William Thomas Sellers . a k k Morris Shapiro Alexandria, La. Gerald Nelson Williams Linden, Ala. X Frank Anthony Sica . . . New York City, N. Y. Marion Joseph Wolfe .... New Orleans, La. 1+3 Alexander, Allen, Allenburgek, Amis Arthur, Bankston, Barkoff, Beasley, Bergland Bergstedt, Blum, Bradley, Brewer, Caplan, Cutrer COLVIN, CONNERLY, COWEN, CrAFT, DaY, DaWKINS, Dean, H. DeBuy ' s J. DeBuys; Derbes, Desporte, E. G. Durel H. Durel, Earhart, Fallon, Feltus, C. J. Fisher, M. Fisher Ford, Foy ' , Francillo, Friedman, Fulco Fynn, Gardner, Gendel, Goldman 144 FRESHMAN CLASS COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES . Monroe, La. . Lutcher, La. Tallulah, La. . Lake Charles, La. . Tampa, Fla. . Shre ' eport, La. New Orleans, La. Willi am Matthews Adams . Lee Joseph Ale.xander . . . Dean Hall Allen .... :: n Freshman Football: Basketball; Baseball: Inter-fra- ternity Basketball and Baseball. Christian A. Allenburger . . . Columbus, Neb. 2 E Wayne Brocks Amis Gulf port. Miss. ' I K s Stanley Arthur, Jr. . ... New Orleans, La. s A E Business Manager of " Tulane Hullabaloo. " Alfred James Badger, Jr. . . . New Orleans, La. Richard Edward Bankston . . . Hammond, La. K 2 Freshman Football: 13 Club. Samuel Barkoff New Orleans, La. Susan Marie Bassett .... New Orleans, La. Joseph Edward Beasley Steele, Mo. A T S2 Fencing. J. Baylor Bell . . LaMotta Ranch, Cotulla, Tex. Harry Wilson Bergland . . . New Orleans, La. Cecil Ernest Bergstedt Richard Kenneth Bicham Dan Blanchard . K A Joseph Emile Blum, HI . John Winston Bradley ..... Ham.mond, La. A T Frosh Football: 13 Club. Frederic William Brewer . . . New Orleans, La. AS Gymnastic Team. Marion Eugene Brierre . . . New Or ' eans, La. Milton Lee Brock Magnolia, Miss. Leo Francis Bruno New Orleans, La. Leonard Caplan Alexandria, La. Andrew Lewis Cardinale Harvey, La. Charles Carriere Laurel, Miss. Siegfried Benj. Christensen New Orleans, La. Calvin Andre Claudel .... New Orleans, La. Samuel Harvey ' Colvin, Tr Mobile, Ala. n K A Arthur R. Connerly, Jr. . . Lake Village, Ark. Glee Club. Charles Henry Cowen Midland, La. s n Charles Brigman Craft ..... Mobile, Ala. S A E Carl Murry Cutrer Zula, Miss. Chapman Floyd Davis Delhi, La. Benjamin Cornwell Dawkins, Jr. • Monroe, I,a. A K E " Wrestling; Track; Baseball. Robert Clark Day New Orleans, La. Fencing. Charles Hermon Dean, Jr. . Brookhaven, Miss. Dramatic Guild. Harry Ducgan DeBuvs . . New Orleans, La. Ben Freshman Basketball: Intra-mural Basketball; Fresh- man Track; Inter-fraternity Track; Inter-fraternity Basketball; Tulane Ad Club. John Forrester DeBuys . . . New Orleans, La. Ben Freshman Football: Inter-fraternity Basketball. Elson Morris Delaune Lockport, La. Vincent Joseph dePaul Derbes ■ New Orleans, La. John Stanley Desporte . . . New Orleans, La. I X Warren Woodward Doyle. . . New Orleans, La. James Frederick Dunn, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. John Elton Coon Monroe, La. Eugene Gustave Durel . . . New Orleans, La. n K A Homer Joseph Durel New Orleans, La. n K A Valentine Adam Earhart . . New Orleans, La. 2 a E George Perry Eastman . . . New Orleans, La. Ben 13 Club; Freshman Football. Shakeeb Ede Hattiesburg, Miss. John Hampden R. Feltus . . New Orleans, La. A e Freshman Basketball; Intra-mural Basketball; Fresh- man Track; Inter-fraternity Basketball; Inter-fra- ternity Track; Tulane - d Club. GiRARD Joseph Fernandez . ■ . New Orleans, La. Jack Fisher .... .... Cullman, Ala. n K A President Freshman Class A. and S. ; Band; Honor Council. Manuel Isadore Fisher .... New Orleans, La. WiLLiA.M Harry Fitzpatrick . . New Orleans, La. Clarence Holmes Ford .... Vicksburg, Miss. s E Dormitory Club; Glendy Burke. Erle Humphrey Foy, T " . . . . Eufaula, Ala. S N Louis Joseph Francillo .... New Orleans, La. Freshman Basketball. Bernhardt Meyer Friedman . . New Orleans, La. Z B T Glendy Burke. Charles Edgington Fruin .... Globe, Ariz. Frank Russo Fulco Shreveport, La. Dormitory Club. James Leroy Fynn New Orleans, La. George Logan Gardiner, Jr. . ■ ■ Gueydan, La. S n Roman Hernandez Garma . Tampico, Tamps, Mex. Benjamin R. Gendel . Bronx, New York, N. Y. Dramatic Guild; Dormitory Club; Freshman " Y " Club. David Gertler New Orleans, La. Harry Cyril Glover, Jr. . ■ Bav St. Louis, Miss. ATA Freshman Football. Sidney Irvin Goldman .... New Orleans, La. K N Intra-mural Basketball. 145 gottschalk, grace, guerriero, gwin Haas, Haik, Hamilton, Hanover, Haynes Hemenway, Herring, Hoerner, Howard, Hubert, Huthnance Jallario, Johnson, Jordan, Kaplan, King, Lafaye Lanaux, Larose, Lawrence, Leonard, Lewis, Lopez Marx, Mason, Mathes, L. Mathes, McCloskey, McCormick McMahon, Mercier, Mirandi, Moinet, Moreau Mullen, My ' sing, Nesbitt, Ochs 146 FRESHMAN CLASS COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. Baseball. Vardaman Gwin Lionel John Gottschalk, Jr. . New Orleans, La. Jerome Henry Kramer .... New Orleans, La. ' Ogden William Lafave . . Harolb Stevens Grace .... Ne v Orleans, La. ,|, 9 Freshmln Football. ' STON LOUIS LANAU.X . William Frederick Guerriero . . . Monroe, La. j j . g _ . . _ Selma, Ala. William Owen Lawrence Leeds, Ala. Jerome Charles Haas ..... Opelousas, La. FreshminVootbail. ( Freshman Football; Scrub Football. «, , „ ,. „ T3 T To Henrv Jacob Ledou.x New Or eans, La. George M. Haik Bogalusa, La. „ ., , V A E Sam Mathew Legcio White Castle, La. Freshman Football. LUCIUS PLACE LeVEE, Jr Innis, La. John Joseph Hallaron .... New Orleans, La. evv Morgan City La. JAMES BUFORD HAMILTON, Jr Vienna, Ga. , , , Freshman Basketball: Inter-fraternity Basketball; Bertram Simon Loeb . Montgomery, Ala. . . . Biloxi, Miss. Freshman Baseball. Julius Busch Hanover Dallas, Tex. Florian Leal Lopez . . . ATA S X Freshman Football Team; Track; 13 Club; Glee Club. Freshman Football. Jack Cuyler Harding .... New Orleans, La. Joseph McCloskeYj Jr New Orleans, La. ATA A K E Vernon Carlton Haynes . • Lake Village, Ark. jojjj,, Francis McCormick Monroe, La. Freshman Football. Freshman Football. Paul Lisso Hemenway Alexandria, La. Richard Edward McMahon . . New Orleans, La. -Jambalaya Representative. BENJAMIN Marx ■ ■ ' ■ ew Orleans, La. John Clark Henderson ..... Houston, Tex. william Marx New Orleans, La. John Stephen Herring . . . . Oak Grove, La. Charles B. iSCUM Mason, Jr. . . . Collinston, La. Edward Joseph Hoerner " , 1r. . . New Orleans, La. John Earnest Mathes, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Thel Hooks, Jr ■ Smithfield, N. C. Jqhn Louis Mathes New Orleans, La. William Allen Howard . . . New Orleans, La. A 9 Frederick Joseph Mayer . . . New Orleans, La. . Little Rock, Ark. Chester J. Mays San Marcos, Tex. New Orleans, La. Clifford Lawrence Mercier . . New Orleans, La. . . Glenmora, La. Rufus Lee Milligan, Jr. . . ■ Montgomery, Ala. Sidney " S. Millspaugh, Jr. . . . San Angelo, Tex. George Huber Johnson, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Freshman Football. Freshman Football; Basketball; Track. jpg, . CONAN Magee Franklinton, La. Merne Johnson Logan, la. Anthony Miranda .... Ensley, Ala. Harrison Jordan Ruston, La. Bana. White Elephant; Intfr-iaternity Basketball. Arvhur FREDERICK MoiNET, Jr. ■ New Orleans, La. Frank A. Jallario Newark, N. J. Charles Niels Monsted . . Tulane Band. CLARENCE JameS MorROW . John Dean Kagy " New Orleans, La. ■ ' [ K r Morris Kaplan Bryan, Tex. rQ William Mullen . . Glendy Burke; Freshman " T " Club; Dormitory Club. K v Vice-President " T " Club; T. A. I. „ „ T- -D T Ray.mond Harold Nagels . Glenn Curtis Kellam Beaumont, 1 ex. John Joseph Kei.i.eher, Jr. . New Orleans, La. Lee Terrell Nesbitt . ■ William David King, Jr Douglas, Ariz. Band. 2 X Louis Ochs, Jr New Orleans, La. Stanhope H. King, Jr New Orleans, La. Z B T n K ■!■ Louis Frederick Hubener . Leon Dayries Hubert . . . Earl Thompson Huthnance K s Band. New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. Birmingham, Ala. 147 jy j AB y ]Ly cA Orlov, Palter, Patterson, N. Paz R. Paz, Perrix, J. Phillip, Posner, Powell Pierce, Prouet, Provostv, Reiser, Rodriguez, Schexnayder Shushan, Simoxto.v, Singer, Smith, Speer Strange, Stewart, Stroble, Sumlin Taylor, Tipping, Tomeny, Tridico, Voorhies, Walrous Weil, Weill, Weinstein, Weiss, Welch Wemple, Winborn, Wood, Zander 148 Harry Lawrence Orlov S A M Peter Joseph Pace New Orleans, La. Hugh Earle Parsons Tampa, Fla. Wallace Ben Patterson .... Norfield, Miss. 2 a E Vice-President Arts and Sciences Class; Honor Council. Narciso Paz (y Paredes) . San Pedro Sula, Hond. R. A. Paz (y Paredes) . San Pedro Sula, Hond. William F. T. Penney . Guatemala City, Guate. ' Alvyn T. Perrin New Orleans, La. Elliot Phillips New Orleans, La. William John Phillips, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. B M Louis Raymond Picheloup . . New Orleans, La. Rosalie Palter New Orleans, La. Jonathan Edwards Pierce . . New Orleans, La. Freshman Football. Merwin Thomas Pierce FRESHMAN CLASS COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES New York City, N. V. Leonard Herbert Stander . Robert John Pitard . . Ernest Marion Posner . New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. James Milton Powell, Jr Belzoni, Miss. 1 IT Prudence Etienne ProuiiT New Orleans, La. . New Roads, La. Wiendahl Gerard Provosty . A e Charles John Reiser New Orleans, La. A S ' ! Maurice John Richard . . . Grand Coteau, La. Joseph Henry Rizzo, Jr. . . . New Orleans, La. Jose Josquin Rodriguez Panama Walter Saturnino Rodriguez . New Orleans, La. Meyer Sabludowsky New Orleans, La. Anthony Joseph Santangelo ■ New Orleans, La. Earl Alfred Schexnayder Lagan, La. Eugene Morris Schenfeld . . . New Orleans, La. David Michael Shapiro Mobile, Ala. Shepard Shushan New Orleans, La. SAM Leonard H. Siander New Orleans, La. Local Advertising Manager " Tulane Hullabaloo. " Robert Leslie Simonton Selma, Ala. Freshman " Y " Club; Dormitory Club; Glendy Burke. William Donald Singer . . . New Orleans, La. Robert Taylor Smith .... Gloucester, Mass. Seals Samuel Speer .... Bav St. Louis, Miss. 1 E . . Opelousas, La. Reagan Stewart Minden, La. ATS Vance Medlock Strange . RossER Joseph Stroble, Tr. . Freshman Football; Basketball; Track; Inter-fra- ternity Basketball; Track; Inter-class Athletics. Zelmar Lee Sumlin Rayville, La. Fresliman Football. Garland Forbes Taylor . . . Brookhaven, Miss. Dramatic Guild; Glee Club; President Frosh " T " Club. Arthur Bramble Tipping . . K A Secretary-Treasurer Class U); Football. Frank Owen Tomeny . . . . . . Stamps, Ark. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. 13 Club; Freshman New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. Lake Charles, La. New Orleans, La. . . Century, Fla. . Newark, N. J. Joseph Anthony Tridico . . Frank Mitchell Tritico . . Edwin Walter Tucker . . . William George Tuberville Frank Anthony Vallario . Joseph Aloyius Vella .... New Orleans, La. Norton William Voorhies . . . New Orleans, La. Winston Shirley Watrous . . New Orleans La. Ben Inter-fraternity Basketball. Edmund Theodore Wegener . . New Orleans, La. Walter Harry Weil, Tr. . . . New Orleans, La. Z B T Leon Weill New Orleans, La. Z B T Fencing. Nathan Weinstein New Orleans, La. Charles Weiss Alexandria, La. " Hullabaloo. " Russell Lee Welch Norfield, Miss. n K A William Goss Wemple Mansfield, La. A T Richard Bascum Williams . . New Orleans, La. Trimble Errington Winborn . . . Elliott, Miss. Director Tulane Advertising Club. Dallas Sim Wood Franklinton, La. Louis Yasnyi New Orleans, La. Adrian Hayem Zander .... New Orleans, La. S A M Samuel Zemurray, Jr New Orleans, La. Ma.ximo (y Vili.arreal) Carrizo . Herrera, Pan. Charles James Scott .... Birmingham, Ala. 149 JLAJvy3)vVL.A3SV ' 1 1! Allen, Argus, Bishop Barrow, Boyd, Bres, LeBreton Bush, Camp, Carillo, Calokgne, Eustis EwiNG, FeriVandez, Flach, Drawe, Glodt, Gordin Gorham, Grey, Gunn, Haase, Harvey, FIiggins Hills, Holt, Hooley, Howard Jacobs, Jeanfreau, Kohlman, Labouisse, Leininger Leverich, Lemann, Lonnegan 150 FRESHMAN CLASS COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Harry Frank Allen . Jackson, Miss. Garner Glodt New Orleans, La. Frt ' Shman Football. Robert Lang Argus New Orleans, La. Paul Willis Gorham, Jr. . . . New Orleans, La. William Pfaff Barrow .... New Orleans, La. l A e Edward Rogers Grey Destrehan, La. Cornelius Evereit Bishop . . . Big Spring, Tex. Joseph William Gunn .... New Orleans, La. K K M- John Kent Boyd New Orleans, La. ulane Band; Assistant Librarian. Harold Givens Bres Shreveport, La. j. Rqy Haase Baton Rouee I a a T New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. Valley Head, Ala. Ernest Val Bruchez, Jr. . . . Ne 1 E Henry William Busch Sulphur, La. Orleans, La. ' ' °° ' ' Thomas Harvey, Jr. Richard S. tterfield Hayes 2 A E John George Schriever Bush Louis Emile Caboche . . . GiRARD Romaine Caloncne . Wendell Taylor Camp . . William Theodore Hidden . New Orleans, La. Edmond C. Higgins . . . . New Orleans, La. Robert C. Hills . . . New Orleans, La. K 2 Haynesville, La. Kohlman Campbell New Orleans, La. James Benjamin Holt . . Thomas W. Hooley, Jr New Orleans, La. Newton R. Howard . New Orleans, La. Enrique M. Carrillo Hermosillo, Mex. Ben Frederick Caspar Cordsen . . Lake Charles, La. Elmer Oscar Huber New Orleans, La. Charles Deln David Mandeville, La. Samuel George Jacobs, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Z B T George Cuthbert Drake . . . New Orleans, La. Glee club. William Joseph Drawe, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Maurice Connor Janchler . . New Orleans, La. Freshman Football. LEICESTER Leo Jeanfreau .... GaryviUe, La. Guillermo Nicolas Espino ■ Las Fablas, Panama William Ballin Kohlman. Jr. . New Orleans, La. Ernest Lewis Eustis New Orleans, La. Z B T A T n Glee Club. . New Orleans, La. LiNSON Rowland Evans, Jr. Daniel D. Ewing, Jr. . 1 N Herndon Moore Fair Columbia, S. C. Carlos Fallon New Orleans, La. Fencing Team. Edward Fernandez, Jr New Orleans, La. Albert Thomas Firth, Jr. . . Holly BlufF, Miss. New- Orleans, La. Frank Monroe Labou ' s- " A K E New Orleans, La. Fernand Stephen Lapeyre . . New Orleans, La. Edward Anding Lea New Orleans, La. Denvrich Lebreton New Orleans, La. Joseph Edward Leininger . . . New Orleans, La. Frank Lemann .... John Thomas LeSueur . William Priestley Leverich a t MoiSE Ma.x Fishman New Orleans, La. August Charles Flach, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Ignacio Florencia .... Campeche Camp, Mex. John Baptiste Levert, HI Herbert Loret Frost New Orleans, La. George Wilt Lonnecan . New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. N ew Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. iSi . JLAJ y3)yVL.A3CA. -: Marice, McCarthy, McCousland, McEachen, Michel, Molaison NOLAN, O ' CONN ' ER, O ' NeILL, PlSCHOFF, POND Reixach, Rittiner, Robelot, Rogan, Sbisa ScHNiDEAU, Seligmann, Severan ' ce, Shilstone, Sherfey SiNGLETOM, StAUFFER, StOCKMANN, SmITH, StOXE SwiGi, Tuller, Vallox, Williams, Williamson, Welman 152 FRESHMAN CLASS COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Dorothy McCarthy New Orleans, La. Jack M. McCausland . • New Orleans, La. Claramon McEachern .... Haynesville, La. Alvin J. Marice New Orleans, La. Penseler Jung Marice .... New Orleans, La. William Thomas Mehrtens . . New Orleans, La. Paul Harry Meyers New Orleans, La. Michael H. Michel New Orleans, La. Clark Ober Miller New Orleans, La. Warren Francis Mills .... New Orleans, La. EiGO Eddie Miyazawa Henri Jean Molaison . . James Edouard Morgan . Charles Louis Moroney . Oliver Knapp My ' sing . . New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. Ulisse Marinoni Nolan . . A K V. John O ' Connor New Orleans, La. A e Charles William O ' Neill Slidell, La. K 2 Vice-President and Treasurer of Freshman Engineering Class; Fresliman Football. Warren Montgomery Orr Donald Whitney Perelli . Darrell Joseph Pischoff . Russell Caffery Pond . . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. ATA White Elephants; Inter- fraternity Basketball. Carlos Julio Quijano Panama Alexander Louis Redon . . . New Orleans, La. Erston Henry ' Reisch .... New Orleans, La. Armand Justin Relxach . . . New Orleans, La. K 2 President Freshman Architectural Society (1). Roy Oliver Rittiner New Orleans, La. Milton Paul Robelot . . . Fencing. John Edward Rogan, Jr. . . Alfred Joseph Roth, Jr. . Paul Joseph Sbisa, Jr. . ■ . Paul Albert Schreider . . New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. Irving Sidney Seligmann Seguin, Tex. Z B T Glendy Burke; Dramatic Club. Stanley Edwin Severance Dorothy ' Hester Sherfey . . Kenosha, Wis. New Orleans, La. Herbert Ma.xwell Shilsione .... Gloria, La. S X Wong Wing Sing New Orleans, La. . . Slidell, La. Rivers Singleton . . Freshman Club. Jesse Evans Smith ...... New Orleans, La. ■Wrestling Team; Gymnastics Team. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. Stanley ' Robinson Snider . Ignacio Alejandro deSostoa Javier Francisco deSostoa . John Anthony Spansel . . Richard Parker Speed . . . Carl George Speh Jacksonville, Fla. Miss Marie Myrthe Stauffer . New Orleans, La. n B l Ellis Johnson Stearns, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Homer Hatton Stockmann . . New Orleans, La. Gordon Embry Stone .... New Orleans, La. LeRoy F. Stowe . Puerto Cortes, Honduras, C. A. William King Stubbs Monroe, La. George Eugene Adrian Surgi . New Orleans, La. James Samuel Tolson Chicago, 111. Dalton Harris Trepagnier . . New Orleans, La. William Alan Troup Mobile, Ala. WiLDAY ' TuDURY ' New Orleans, La. William Newton Tuller . . . New Orleans, La. 2 A E Ernesto Venegas San Jose, Costa Rica James D. Vallon New Orleans, La. 2 A E Horace Christian Welman Robert Grun Werner . . . Mctairie, La. New Orleans, La. Clarance Mohr Williams . Ocean Springs, Miss. Freshnian " Y ' . " Charles Samuel Williamson . New Orleans, La. n K A President of Freshman Engineering Class: Freshman Basketball: Freshman Track; Inter-fraternity Basket- ball; Tug-of- ' War. Malcolm Forno Ziegler . . . New Orleans, La. Robert William Ziifle Gretna, La. 153 Alexius, Bentlev, Berxius, Bird Brehm, Brown, Clenerdon, Cahk, Cooper Dameron, re Colign ' y, de la Houssaye, Edwards, Eustis, French Frierson ' , Gavle, Gensberger, Gerard, Geren, Gidiere Gross, Hainkel, Hellier, Joh son, Jung, Lienhard Macdiarmid, Mixtz, Pringle, Purcell, Rainwater, Roland Sartor, Shinbaum, Stoutz, Upton, Wlane Wallace, Woodcock, Young, Ziegler 15+ FRESHMAN CLASS COLLEGE OF COMMERCE Chauncey August Alexius . . New Orleans, La. Philip Charles Benedict . . . New Orleans, La. Llewellyn Eldridce Bentley, Jr. . Bastrop, La. l A a Charles Armond Bernius . . . New Orleans, La. Football. Paul Alfred Bird New Orleans, La. Robert Brehm New Orleans, La. A V Secretary and Treasurer Freshman Commerce Class. Albert Edward Brown ' , Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Locke Brown, Jr New Orleans, La. i: A K Herman Martin Busch Sulphur, La. Maumus Frank Claverie . . . New Orleans, La. I K 2 Paul Leland Cleverdon . . . Summerdale, Ala. Irving Heyman Cohn .... New Orleans, La. i a M William Douglass Cooper, Jr. . Birmingham, Ala. A K E Frank Dameron, Jr New Orleans, La. Ben Calvert Guerric de Coligny . . New Orleans, La. a T £2 13 Club; President Freshman Class: Football Team. Louis P. de la Houssaye Jr. . . New Orleans, La. I K s Byard Edwards ... ... Ponchatoula, La. ATA David Eusns New Orleans, La. i: X Freshman Football. Ellsworth Carlton French . . Lake Arthur, La. A T J George Stainback Frierson, Jr. . New Orleans, La. A K E " Hullabaloo " neporter. Robert Buckley Gallegly, Jr. . New Orleans, La. Charles Tessier Gayle, Jr. . . Lake Charles, La. 2 N Jacob Marx Gensburger . Band. Richard Edwin Gerard . . Charles Pardue Geren . . A K E Philip Stephen Gidiere . . £ N " Jambalaya " Representative. Julian Sydney Gross Kaplan, La. Z B T John Joseph Hainkel .... New Orleans, La. Harry Ferman Hellier Houma, La. n K A Warum Ritchie Holbrook . . . New Orleans, La. RoYCE Overton Johnson . . . New Orleans, La. ATA Freshman Football. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. , New Orleans, La. John Richards Juden, III . . . New Orleans, La. Warren Bohne Jung .... New Orleans, La. ' !• K 1 Ordway Kastler New Orleans, La. Lawrence Crawford Lashley . New Orleans, La. John Joseph Lienhard, Ir. . . . New Orleans, La. ATA Wheeler Lacey Lucas .... New Orleans, La. Harris Lyman New Orleans, La. ' ernon McCoy Monroe, La. George Francis Macdiarmid . . New Orleans, La. BOM Freshman Football. Leon Herman Mintz .... New Orleans, La. 1 A .M Orange Horatio Mitchell . . New Orleans, La. Malory Van Morgan Columbia, Miss. Harry Tolman Pringle Glenmora, La. Jimmie Dick Purcell ... Plain Dealing, La. n K ! Ralph Shelby Putnam Elton, La. Jesse Gould Rainwater, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. l A o Jerome Vincent Reel . . . Robert Langford Roland, Jr. Thomas Ryan Sartor, Jr. K s Tennis. Samuel Louis Sazer .... Cornelius Donavon Schneidau . New Orleans, La. Ben Freshman Football. Karl Schroeder New Orleans, La. Sam Siiinbaum New Orleans, La. K N Harry Slipakoff New Orleans, La. Earl Ensley Smith Canton, N. C. Edwin Alfred Stoutz .... New Orleans, La. A t f Vice-President. Paul Gillespie Tomlinson . . New Orleans, La. Eldon Clageit Upton, Jr . . . New Orleans, La. A K E Freshman Football. Joseph Howard Wallis, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. . 2 N Freshman Football. Richard Eugene Walne . . . New Orleans, La. :i ic Robert L.awson Woodcock . i; a k Charlie Lemon Young . . 1 X Freshman Football, ' 2G; Varsity Football. ' 28, ' 29. William Wallace Ziec ' .er .... Tallulah,La. New Orleans, La. . Alexandria, La. . . DeRidder, La. New Orleans, La. Hot Springs, Ark. . Bastrop, La. 155 Bayon, Broad, Bullen, Carroll, de la Houssaye, Evans Fox ' TENOT, Fowler, Frilot, Fullilove, Gatlin Glodt, Gray, Guion, Herold, Hendrick Kelleher, Lee, Legier, J. Levy, Levy Link, McCloskey, Mouton, O ' Brien, Regan Robertson, Rucker, Sanfokd, Savoy, Walshe, Weber 156 FRESHMAN CLASS COLLEGE OF LAW William T. Barham Oak Ridge, La. Maurice J. Bayon New Orleans, La. Ben 13 Club; Tennis Team. Theodore Bethea New Orleans, La. A K E W. Henry Broad Jr New Orleans, La. A K E Varsity Track. ' 27. ' 28; Dramatic Club. ■2(i; Glee Club, " 26, Manager, ' 27; Vice-President Junior Arts and Sci- ences Class, ' 27; Vice-President and Treasurer , rts and Sciences Student Body, ' 28; Inter-fraternity Track. ' 26, ' 27. ' 28; Basketball, ' 20, ' 27. ' 28. Margaret Scruggs Bullen . . New Orleans, La. A A n " Jambalaya " Representative. Leigh Carroll New Orleans, La. £ X White Elephants, ' 26. Malcolm L. de La Houssaye . . New Orleans, La. Ben Freshman Basketball. ' 25, ' 26; Scrub Basketball. ' 26, ■27; Inter-fraternitv Basketball, ' 25. ' 26; .Junior . . and S. James Domengeaux Lafayette, La. Hugh Mc Evans New Orleans, La. I A G Leo Austin Fontenot, Jr Opelousas, La. £ A E A.B.. St. Edward ' s University, -Austin. Texas. Henry Waller Fowler, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Paul Freund, Jr New Orleans, La. Geogre a. Frilot, Jr New Orleans, La. . Freshman Football, ' 25; Scrub Football. ' 27; " Hulla- baloo, " ' 28; Inter-class Football, ' 26; Pan-Hellenic, ' 28. Thomas Pope Fullilove . K A Maurice Brooks Gatlin . Lucien Marion Gex . . . William A. Gillaspie, Jr. . . Albert Anthony Glodt . . Local Advertising Manager . . Shreveport, La. . New Orleans, La. Bay St. Louis, Miss. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. " Hullabaloo. " . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. Harry Bartlett Kelleher . A K E Glee Club (1. 2, 3); Class Football (1. 2): " Hulla- baloo " Sports (1, 2, 3); Class Secretary (2); Aero Club (2); Varsity Baseball Manager C3). Elmo Pearce Lee Mansfield, La. K 2 Glee Club. John Robert Legier New Orleans, La. ATA A.B., Georgetown: Dramatic Club. Margaret Carrick Lester . . . New Orleans, La. Jacques F. Levy New Orleans, La. Z B T Secretary-Treasurer Freshman Law Class. Julia Levy New Orleans, La. Robert Sumter Link, Jr. . A e Davidson B. and A. Bernard Joseph McCloskey . . New Orleans, La. A K E, Varsity Baseball (1, 2, 3. 4); Editor-in-Chief " Jam- balaya " ; Glee Club (1. 2, 3); " T " Club. James Johnston Morrison . . . New Orleans, La. William Homer Moulton .... Lafavette, La. K £ Albert Dallam O ' Brien, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Jack Madison Parker Monroe, La. Philip Sidney Pugh, Jr Crowley, La. Godfrey- Zehner Regan . . . New Orleans, La. A e President Class; Oflficer of Student Body: Law Honor Council. Claiborne Bigamon Robertson . . St. Landrv, La. s n Abraham Rosenstock Westwego, La. Charles Murrah Rucker . . . Pine Bluff, Ark. A e Varsity Football (2, 3, 4); Captain Varsity Football (9). Preston Louis Savoy Guevdan, La. A 1 Secretary Law School, ' 2S; Freshman Basketball, ' 27: Varsity Basketball, ' 28; " T " Club. Calvin Stephen Gray . . . Louisville, Ky. James Thomas Shell, Jr Bastrop, La. n K a Joseph Spiro, Jr New Orleans, La. Eugene Francois Viguerie .... Montegut, La. Dramatic Club; International Relations Club; Vice- President Freshman Law Class. Walter Scott Guion . ! A . New Orleans, La. Lloyd Leroy Hendrick Gilliam, La. . . Shreveport, La. . Birmingham, Ala. Sam Levy Harold Shreveport, La. Z B T Carl Chambers Hughes . Woolen Hands Walshe . . . New Orleans, La. Ben 13 Club; Class Football (1, 2); Freshman Basketball: Freshman Tennis: Tug-o(-War (2); Pan-Hellenic Council (3). Caleb Cushinc Weber, Jr. . A e Donaldsonville, La. ' 57 CiRF. Haas, Wilson FRESHMAN CLASS SCHOOL OF PHARMACY Louis Brickman Chattanooga, Tenn. Elmo Cire, Jr New Orleans, La. K -P Class President. John A. Couturier , . . . . New Orleans, La. Isabel M. Haas Madisonville, La. Class Secretary. William L. Stringer Falkville, Ala. LuciEN E. Thomas New Orleans, La. Valmore M. Wilson New Orleans, La. K Class Treasurer. 158 JLAJ AJB A.! L.A3C - " ' WOK WSBT ' Barham, Boston " Gilbert, Johkson " , McKinney FRESHMAN CLASS Graduate and Special Students J. Hamlin Barham Norfolk, Va. A r Baseball (2, 3, 4), Captain (3). Alvin ' Dale Boston Paivnee, 111. K -I- i:. A X i: G. Carleton Gilbert Dublin, Ga. S n, A X £ AvA Jerome Johnson Westlake, La. in, A X :; Fred McKinney New Orleans, La. B M 159 n f " JLAJ 1B)v L.A3SAJZ i € VA -V-A-t.- .- ' c .-. li - - ' - - - - ' " -- ' " - ' ' :.-y -I g V I g Tne Department of Middle American Research Frans Blom, Director Due to its geographical situation, New Orleans is the logical location for a base for studying the countries immediately to the south, these countries so rich in historical background and with so many undeveloped potentialities that their future develop- ment promises to be one of the most interesting stories of the coming years. To the coordination of four fortunate circumstances — the broad vision of a man who foresaw the need for and possibilities of such a department of research ; the ex- istence in this city of such an excellent educa- tional institution as Tulane University; the fact that a rare collection of material on Mexico and Central America was about to be offered for sale ; and the generosity of a man interested both in the University and in the field to be studied, the Department of Middle American Research owes its existence. The Department was founded in 1924 for the purpose of advanced research into the history, archaeology, botany, natural resources and prod- ucts of Mexico, the Central American countries, and the West Indies. Its work was planned with definite aim of gathering and disseminating in- formation in regard to so-called Spanish America and, through fuller knowledge of and closer con- tact with these peoples, to help maintain friendly relations between the United States and its neighbors to the south. The Department has been long developed along four distinct but closely related lines, namely, the library, research work, expeditions and collections. Its idea of service has been carried out to some extent through personal contact, correspondence and printed publications, in this way making known the result of some of its investigations, and thus imparting to prospective visitors to Mexico and Central America information in regard to the countries they are about to visit; supplying busi- ness men with helpful economic information and furnishing Mexican and Central American citizens with knowledge which they seek from time to time. Opportunities for service of this sort will grow as the book funds of the Department increase and the library is able to supply the latest information obtainable. Frans Bloim In Cliarye of Department 161 Public Interest in the Department has been clearly indicated by the generous space allotted by local and national newspapers to information supplied by the Department in regard to its Expeditions and general growth. Not only have friends made generous individual gifts of books and museum pieces and loans of whole exhibits in particular fields, but, through the formation of the Exploration Society, they have united to give financial support for the purpose of sending expeditions into the field. Miss Matilda Gray and Messrs. Henry and William Gray, of Lake Charles, Louisiana, as a tribute to their father, made possible the John Geddings Gray Memorial Expedition which spent eight months of 1928 in the land of the Mayas, making studies which will throw further light upon the history of this interesting people. The completion of the extension of the New Science Building in the spring of 1928 almost doubled the quarters of the Department. This addition not only per- mitted the exhibits of the collections to be displayed to better advantage, but also pro- vided the library with more adequate stack space and an attractive reading room. 162 m w earers of the ' T ' Ham Barham Sidney Siezler Bernard McCloskev LORAINE AlLUMS William Marx Paul Crouere Richard Baumbach Hexrv Butker Adam Harper Elbridge Ryan John Whatley Sheldon Blue Marion Wolfe Elmer McCance Charles L. Young A. Elmer Massey Andrew Hooper Dave Drezinski ' 0if Wilmer Jones Russell Butaud John Oelkers Tatham Eskrigge J. A. Knighton Earl Evans Herbert Ford Charles Rucker Bill Banker John Menville Eugene McCarroll Alfred Stoessell QuEALEY Walker John Walls Darwin Fenner Lee O ' Pry Ford Seeuws Ike Armstrong Herbert Suehs Claude Marquer Tom George Henry Hatcher Charlie Henriques Falvy Barr Joseph Trunzler Maurice Bayon John Gilmour Preston Savoy William Gladney Jack Pizzano Hugh W. Whatley R. Jack Holland Morris Rodenger LoYD T. Roberts Myrtus Mangum 165 Tulane Athletic Council Officers Paul F. Jahncke ■ President Judge Rufus E. Fosier Vice-President Richard Foster Secretary-Treasurer Members John Dymond, Jr. M. J. White Douglas S. Anderson Robert L. Menuet George Westfeldt Dr. Wilbur C. Smith Athletic Director Albert E. Holleman Assistant Director i66 f f JLAAlJ5.A.LyOS r General Atkletics Since 1928 has been a period of athletic renaissance at Tulane and since 1929 gives promise of being a mile-post on a new road of athletic progress, we see it fitting to record in this Jambalaya a brief survey of such advancement. To the Tulane Athletic Association as sponsors of new movements in the field of sports, all Olive and Blue boosters must now bow. Headed by Mr. Paul Jahncke and by competent Athletic Di- rector Wilbur C. Smith, the Tulane Athletic Council having made possible the monster stadium on Willow street, itself a monument to sports ' progress here, have now opened to Tulane ' s warriors a series of ultra-modern concrete locker rooms situated under the great scoop. Sad to say, we still lack suflkient gymnasium facili- ties. The same energetic board, however, has expressed the hope that within a few years they will be able to offer Tulane a new gym which can adequately accommodate her 2,000 male students. With these innovations we will be able to boast the best athletic equipment in the South. It is also our privilege to introduce in the following pages forms of sport hitherto more or less strange to Tulanians and which indeed will care for any athletic talent previously unrewarded. When this copy went to press fencing was well under way under the direction of Coach Keith Kahn ; Coach Hosen was developing a large number of promising boxers, promising them meat galore in a schedule not then arranged. Wrestling classes were writhing energetically under the experienced eye of Dr. Teasley. With internationally famous Coach Mercer Beasley in charge, Tulane ' s net team was anticipating extraordinary ' success in the spring. Basketballers were setting a high par while Bernie Bierman alter- nated his expert attentions between them and fall gridders, who indeed give promise of returning the fabled 1925 football supremacy to home grounds. In prophesying for the future, let us not forget to underscore the past year as one rife with athletic achievement. A Tulane wrestler captured first honors in the S. A. A. U. matches last spring and two others reached the finals regardless of reports of outside strength. Two brilliant court champions annexed the Southern Intercollegiate Tennis Doubles trophy for Tulane ' s Hall of Fame. Two great stars redeemed a luckless track season. Six wins, three losses and two of these to national leaders, and a tie was all and more than could be fairly expected from the football team. So 1928 passed for Tulane ' s athletes leaving reason to expect super year followed by super year. Coach Simoxs 167 CAPTAIN CHARLES RUCKER 170 Tke FootLall Season ■i? If The Green Wave of 1928 was no mere ripple. Led by Captain Charley Rucker and Captain- elect Bill Banker, 264 points were amassed while the opponents netted only 76. L. S. U., with one of its strongest teams in years and fresh from a victory over Georgia, was fought to a stand- still, a perfect standstill, 0-0. Three of the ten games played were lost, but these were to the South ' s strongest elevens, Georgia Tech, Vanderbilt and Georgia; teams which were played on three successive Sat- urdays. The Golden Tornado, national champions, won by the scant margin of two touchdowns made from for- ward passes in a gruelling battle that weakened the team for the Georgia and Vanderbilt games, and from which the Greenies never fully recovered until the fracas with L. S. U. To single out individual players as especially deservant of praise would be unfair to the team as a whole. The backs produced more than twice as many points as were netted by the 1926 and 1927 teams. From end to end the line was as great a forward wall as Tulane ever put on a football field. Indeed, of the seven touch- downs made by Tech, Vandy and Georgia, four were made on passes, one on a fumble and but two through the line. Bill Banker, the Blonde Blizzard, with r23 points to his credit, led the South in scoring honors and was second in the nation. He was picked on several Ail- Americans and was virtually a unanimous choice for All- Southern. Rucker, Holland and Banker were the recipients of gold watches by virtue of their selection to play in the annual game between the northern and southern divisions of the Southern Conference. There is no doubt in the minds of all that next year the strongest team in Tulane ' s history will go into action. True, " Cal " Evans, great roving center if ever there was one. Wall, Hooper, Eskrigge, Butuad, Walker and Sentell will be lost to the squad. But we will hear again those familiar names that we have heard for the past two years: Charley Rucker, Ike Armstrong, Bill Banker, Ford Seeuws. Dick Baum- bach. Fatty Oelkers, Lizzie Ford, John Whatley and Al Spiess. Wei will hear once more the names we cheered last year: Bo Bodenger, Elmer McCanse, Jack Holland, Preacher Roberts, Jerry Dalrvmple, Brute Mangum, Rabbit Whatley, " Speck " Young. Adolph Jastram, Elmer Massev, Abernathy, Anderson, McGehee and McCloskej ' . Coming up from the Freshman ranks will be: deColigny, Glover, Dawson, Bankston, Upton, Haik, McCormick, DeBuys, Sumlin, Haynes, Lawrence, Schneidau and Strobble. Coach Bierman Tulane 65, Louisian.a. Normal o. Tulane breezed through its first game with little or no opposition. The backfield combination of Armstrong, Seeuws and Banker, with Hugh Whatley substituting for Seeuws, gained at will. The Blonde Blizzard led in scoring with four touchdowns, one of which was made on a sixty-yard run after having intercepted a pass. Seeuws and Whatley each accounted for two touchdowns, and Hooper and Jastram contributed one each. Nearly every man on the squad saw action. Tulane 51, Mississippi A. and M., 6 The Green Wave swelled to tidal proportions in its next encounter, and deluged the un- suspecting Aggies with a flood of touchdowns. Two beautiful broken field runs early in the first quarter, one of eighty yards for a touchdown by the irrepressible Banker and another of ninety- 171 { " three yards by the fleet Ford Seeu vs, served to break the spirit of the Mississippians and toward the end of the game Coach Hancocli ' s weary charges were extended to stop the rush of the light brigade; Hugh and John Whatley, Jastrara, Massey and McGehee. TuLANE o, Georgia Tech 12 In the case of Peter Fund et al vs. Charles Rucker et al, though there were forcible and heated arguments both pro and con, the decision was rendered 12-0 in favor of the Pundits. A running battle between two fast backfields had been anticipated, but the game developed into a fight between two lines, who repeatedly smeared the opposition before the interference could form. The speed of Banker, Seeuws and Armstrong availed little against the defensive play of Pund, Drennon, Speer, Maree, and the other Tech forwards. The Tornado ' s luminaries, Thomasson, Mizell and Lumpkin were less effective than in any game of the year, and, but for two passes, one of 24 yards and the other of 17, both on fourth down, the game would have ended 0-0. Let it not be thought that it was devoid of thrills. On one occasion, Tulane had the ball on the eight-yard line with two yards to go for a first down. Tried and failed. Another time, Fitzgerald intercepted a pass on his own fifteen-yard line. The tackles, as always in a game with the Yellow Jackets, bore the brunt of the battering. Young, Bodenger, Evans, Roberts, Holland — al! played well. 172 TuLANE 6, Vaxderbilt 13 One of the cleanest games, one of the most thrilling ever played in a Tulane stadium was that with Vandy. The Commodores scored twice in the first half before Tulane could get started. Soon after the second tally, following a series of beautiful end runs and off tackle smashes by Banker and Seeuws, the Blizzard tore the Vanderbilt line to shreds to carry the ball over the goal. That ended the scoring, for though Tulane had several chances in the second half, due to frequent fumbles at crucial moments and to Armistead ' s long, well-placed punts, those chances were not realized. One of the features of the game was the beautifully executed tackle of Jimmy Armistead by Ike Armstrong, when the Commodore star had eluded the field and was out in the clear. Tulane 14, Georgia 20 Still suffering from the bruising defeats on the two preceding Saturdays, Tulane lost to Georgia in Athens by the margin of a disastrous fumble that was converted into a touchdown. The Bulldogs got off to a flying start in the first quarter when they scored two touchdowns in quick succession. Harvey Hill was the Big Bertha in the offense, running 85 yards for the first and tossing a 30-yard pass to Maffet for the second. In the next quarter, Tulane uncorked a drive that ended when Hugh Whatley snatched a pass from the air and stepped five yards to the goal. The fourth touchdown of the da ' was the marginal one by Maffet, who picked up a 173 loose ball on the 25-yard line and raced the remaining distance to that final fatal thin white line. The last score followed four passes completed to Roberts, which alternated with off tackle dashes by Armstrong, and which culminated in a seven-yard successful scamper by Bill Banker. It was a hard game to lose. TULANE 27, MiLLSAPS O A letdown was the natural result of trying to crack in a row, three such tough nuts as Tech, Vandy and Georgia. The Millsaps Majors, with Miller in the fore front, presented a scrappy band of hard, clean fighters. The half ended 7-0 and it was not until near the end of the third period that the backs began to get going. When they did, Ike Armstrong shone as the individual star. A sparkling run of 27 yards for a score by Banker, in which at least every man on Millsaps had a chance to make the tackle was the outstanding play. Bill has made longer runs but never one more brilliant. TuLANE 13, Auburn 12 A kick from placement for the extra point after touchdown, decided the annual game with the Auburn Plainsmen. Tulane started with a flashing offense and before the visitors awoke to the fact that it was not ping pong, the scoreboard read 13-0. It looked like a big day for the home troops, but penalties and fumbles ruined the moneyed ambitions of the wise boys who ' 74 had given points. The Plainsmen came back strong in the second half with a combined running and passing attack that produced results once and then once again. When the two teams lined up for the play after touchdown, Tuxworth dropped back as if to kick. The ball was snapped to him, but there were no more points chalked up that Saturday, for Banker intercepted the pass from Tuxworth to Sellers. Armstrong furnished the crowd its biggest thrill when, on a reverse play, he knifed through tackle to the open field and sidestepped his way 55 yards to the goal line. TULANE 41, SeWANEE 6 The final score of the Sewanee game might indicate that it -was a set-up. For three periods it was a bitter fight in which every yard gained was a yard doubly earned. The half ended 7-6. Then something happened to the Wave toward the end of the third quarter for it cut loose, scoring 34 points, 27 in the final period. TuLANE 47, Louisiana College o The game with Louisiana College was a light limbering up affair, preparatory to the annual L. S. U. melee. Bill Banker with three touchdowns ended his point scoring for the year. Ike Armstrong and John Whatley, the latter with a 60-yard sprint to his credit, played fine offensive ball. Evans, Bodenger and McCance played havoc with the week-enders. 175 lyfi TULANE O, L. S. U., O The U o rivals for football supremacy in Louisiana — other colleges to the contrary, notwith- standing — grappled to a scoreless deadlock in the hardest fought game of their long series. Onl} ' twice before, in 1912, and in 191+, have there been tie games. The first downs tell the story, only four for Tulane and two less for L. S. V. Time and again linemen from one team or the other broke through to nab the runner before he could fairly start, and both forward walls were impregnable when the ball was in a crucial section of the field. The bitterness of the struggle is illustrated by the fact that Broncho Brown, Tiger star, gained only one more yard than he lost. It was a game not without thrills. On two occasions, Bill Banker and Ike Arm- strong broke away and seemed to be loose on runs certain to terminate over the goal. Twice, Brown and Stovall had only the Tulane safety to stop him. They iverc stopped. The sensa- tion of the day came in the third quarter and the Tulane stands went wild when the Blonde Blizzard apparently went over for a touchdown. Unfortunatel) ' , the referee — who first threw up his hands as a signal for a goal — ruled that when Bill was tackled, though he fell across the line within bounds, his right leg had gone out of bounds before he fell. It was the fourth down and the ball crossed hands on the six-inch line. L. S. U. ' s big chance to score was in the first quarter, following their only two first downs. Stovall raced through a gap opened by Tinsley and was downed by Banker, the safety, after a twenty-four yard gain. On the next play. Brown delayed, feinted to the left and shot off right tackle into the open with one man interfering for him and with only Banker between him and a touchdown. The L. S U. stands burst into a great cheer. The Tulane stands rose and gasped. With beautiful headwork. Bill eluded the interferer and nailed the runner. The crowd still gasped for breath as the Tigers lined up seven yards from the Greenies ' goal. Flesh and bone and muscle ground tcgcther as once, twice, three times. Reeves rammed and battered his way forward. A fourth time, they lined up. The ball was on the two- yard line. Tinsley, Nesom, Ellis, Jones and Wilson bent down with dogged determination. Mc- Cance, Bodenger, Evans, Oelkers and Rucker planted themselves in the solid earth, arms swing- ing. Four defensive backs and two ends made ready to dive. Snap, crash, and two lines merged into a circular, milling mass of humanity. The whistle blew. Legs and arms took shape. The ball was still on the two-yard line. A dead silence from one side. Cheer after cheer from the other. To designate the stars of the fray would be incomplete unless one specified their magni- tude, for all were stars Bodenger and Evans played the greatest games of their careers. Arm- strong and Banker were as great defensively as they have ever been offensively. McCance and Holland, playing opposite the All-Southern Tiger Captain. Tinsley, completely outshone him. Rucker, Roberts, Oelkers and Wall held up their side of the line in superb fashion. It was a great game, a fitting climax to a season of spectacular football. 1929 Tulane Football Schedule Sept. 2S — Louisiana Normal Tulane Stadium Oct. 5 — Texas A. and M Tulane Stadium Oct. r2 — Mississippi A. and M Tulane Stadium Oct. 19 — Southwestern Institute Tulane Stadium Oct. 26 — Georgia Tech Tulane Stadium Nov. 2 — Georgia Columbus, Ga. JJov. 9 — Auburn Tulane Stadium Nov. 16 — Sewanee Tulane Stadium Thanksgiving Day— L S. U Baton Rouge or New Orleans 177 178 Freskmen Football Players i9 32 Coach Ted Cox Eldon C. Upton John F. McCormick Elson M. Delauxe Richard E. Bankston Ross J. Stroble Vernon C. Haynes George M. Haik Lowell P. Dawson Harry C. Glover Doyle C. Magee Connie D. Schneiqau George Johnson Julius B. Hanover Owen W. Laurence John DeBuys Charles W. O ' Neill Wayne Brackenbury Joseph A. Vella George F. MacDiarmid Florian S. Lopez Zelmer L. Sumlin Harry M. Trifon Calvert G. de Coligny " Captain 179 r " " .i T:¥™i rTTrTni CAPTAIN DAVH URHZIXSKI I So Tke Basketball Season As this year ' s Jambalaya goes to press the Tulane basketball season is at the half- way mark. Following an early defeat by the strong Alabama squad, six straight games have been won, all from Conference foes. Every indication points to a highly successful season, one that will undoubtedly terminate with an invitation to play in the Southern Conference Tournament. Captain Dave Drezinski, veteran guard; Roberts, Walsh and Mangum, brilliant newcomers, and Savoy, Jones and Ford, lettermen, con- constitute one of the strongest teams in Tulane ' s basketball history. The first series — that with Alabama — was split. Though Tulane led the greater part of the game, the opener was lost by the score of 25-22. The second game, a thriller, told a dif- ferent story. Tulane was never behind, but twice the count was knotted. At the conclusion of the game the score was 22-22 and five minutes were ordered to break the deadlock. As the play proceeded in the extra period the gathering rose to its feet. Both side were guarding like demons and neither could break through for a chance at the basket. Then Woolen Walshe slipped through the Crimson defense within a few feet of the goal and with little effort looped the winning points. In the next series the cagers from the Uni- versity of Mississippi, Conference champions, were humbled in convincing fashion. Tulane took both games by the scorr of 42-30 in the first and by 40-33 in the second. The Greenies seemed a new team with Preacher Roberts back in the line-up, following his recovery from an illness that incapacitated him for the Alabama game. Tulane played inspired ball, the entire team working with perfect precision on the offense and presenting a defense that brought up shades of Lind, Morgan, Martin and the Hennicans. In the first fracas the score at one time actually stood 19-3. The next victim was Mississippi A. and M. ; though somewhat below the form dis- played in turning back " Ole Miss, " Tulane won both games with plenty to spare as the scores indicate. The result of the first game was 30-25, of the second, 27-18. Woolen Walshe stood out again for Tulane, while Mangum and Drezinski played their usual good brand of ball. Coach Bierman .y L oc 4 5 I c 3 " o g , ' " _ u -OS ' 1 s " u ■ " " « i 5 E - — . o I 82 The strong Kentucky team, victors over Notre Dame, were defeated in a fast game in which Savoy led the scoring with five field goals. The final result was 34-22. Schedule Tulane 22 ; Alabama 25 Tulane 24; Alabama 22 Tulane 42 ; Miss. Univ 30 Tulane 40; Miss. Univ 33 Tulane 30; Miss. A. and M 25 Tulane 27; Miss. A. and M 18 Tulane 34; Kentucky 22 ' 83 .yV. 3SV CAPTAIN LEE O PRY 1S4 Tke Baseball Season " i Seven letter men from the nine of the previous year reported to Coach Flournoy last spring and with them a wealth of promising material. Accordingly, " Peggy " turned out a scrappy, hard-working, hard-hitting outfit. Tlie season opened with a two-game series at Montgomery, Tulane dropping both to a strong Auburn team. Poor fielding and costly errors lost the first game, i-6, and the second, 3-9. Barham and McCloskey bore the pitching burden. In both games Menville ' s hitting and Crouere ' s fielding were outstanding. The first of the battles between Tul ane and Alabama was called in favor of Jupiter Pluvius, but the two teams fought out a double-header at Tus- caloosa the next day. Alabama turned the Greenies back with a shutout in the first game. OTry ' s bat collected most of the hits. George Porter failed to upset Alabama in the second encounter and Tulane was shutout again, 5-0. In the first home game L. S. U. received a good licking, 7-4. Beating these boys proved a hard task and the superior class of baseball which the team displayed was every bit a necessity. As undefeated-in-the-conference nine, Missi:sip- pi A. and M. bombarded base hits all over the lot to beat the Green, 12-4 in the first game of a two- game schedule. Barham and McCloskey proved helpless before the visitors ' bats. However, their win- streak came to an end the following day when George, establishing himself as a first- class hurler, pitched a 9-2 game. Baumbach and Johnny Menville hit in superb form. John Menville ' s four-bagger almost won the next L. S. U. game for the home team, but the Tigers ' ninth-inning lally upset whatever hope Tulane may have had of keeping the State University from winning a game. L. S. U. won 7-6. In the second battle with the Tigers George pitched another fine game and aided by Menville ' s hit- ting and homer, the second in two days, Tulane won 6-3. A non-conference meeting with Iowa State baseballers also figured on the schedule. Tulane won the first. 2-1. Barham stopped whatever designs the Westerners may have had of having a slugging bee, while Baumbach and Crouere did their bit with the bat. The lowans, however, put a gloomy finish on the series by walloping the Greenies, 6-1 in the second mixup. Coach Fi u knov 185 i86 Menville and McCloskey shared batting honors, while Crouere and Baumbach lagged not far behind. Good fielding by O ' Pry, Crouere and Suehs was a factor in every game. Coach and team merit praise for the season. In his first year as coach, " Peggy " Flournoy turned out a creditable team whose .252 batting average was a jump of more than a hundred points over that of the previous season. Bright spots in the 1928 nine, coupled with a victory over L. S. U., foretell a successful 1929 season. Baseball had not attracted the meagercst attention as a major sport at Tulane till the past spring when excited crowds banged their feet energetically on the boards of the Old Stadium corner stand at every game. Like all Tulane sports with shady pasts, baseball is destined to " come out of the fog " and take its place among Tulane ' s big sports drawing cards. It is not unwise to predict that, Old Man Weather allowing, 1929 will be baseball ' s big year. The record of the 1928 team, plus a good schedule, plus a nine letter man nucleus, makes a basis for this prophecy. Psychologists say that man ' s nature causes him to take out his grudges on his fel- low men. If such be the case, beware, O opponents, of Tulane ' s baseballers. The lineup of the Green is bristling with hard-worked medics and they love to slaughter the apple with the bat after a hard day among the bones. All of which is demonstrated by Menville ' s and Crouere ' s batting sprees of the past season. In the inattention that baseball has unjustly received, we are inclined to lost sight of the fact that Tulane ' s greatest ambassadors of sport have been intimately connected with the game here. Coach Flournoy was as skilled a baseman as he was a football player. Carl Lind and Eddie Morgan, who used to wear gloves for Tulane at first and second base, respectively, were a great source of pride to any Tulanian who watched the rumpus these boys raised in the big leagues while with the Cleveland Indians. Lind ' s batting average was a source of envy to some of the country ' s greatest swatters. If such is the calibre of players here, then such ought to be the interest in baseball. At the time of this writing nine letter men were promised the team for 1929. Mc- Closkey, Barham and George supply the pitching talent and have several years of base- ball experience behind them. Crouere, Suehs, Menville and Baumbach take care of the batting average. Such clever fielders as Marquere and Marx look after whatever his opponents may collect. CAPTAIN HARRY IMONROE i8S Tke Track S eason Handicapped by poor weather during practice time and by an unusually difficult schedule, the Tulane track team struggled along in noble fashion to win a single meet out of three possible encounters. The development of a few great individuals featured what success Tulane garnered. The season saw John Oelkers, husky weight star, twice threaten the Southern Conference record for the shot put and once e.xcel it, that time, unfor- tunately unofficially. John Whatley distinguished himself in the dashes and made a record that well merited his election as captain for the 1929 season. In the first meet, the one with Alabama, What- ley equalled the school record for the 1 00-yard dash, tearing the distance in ten seconds flat. Whatley also won the 220 event in the good time of 22 3-5 seconds. Trunzler ' s first in the quarter mile, Davidson ' s in the pole vault, Oelkers ' in the shot put and discus, Collins ' in the javelin and Ford ' s in the high hurdles were largely responsible for Tulane ' s capturing the meet 74 -373 . In the L. S. U. track meet Tulane lost 33-84. Oelkers made a mark of 46 feet, 4 inches in the shot put, winning the event and eclipsing the old Tulane record. " Fatty " also won second place in the discus event. Whatley was bettered in the dashes, getting two seconds. Allen, Wolfe and Ford took seconds in the 440, mile and high hurdles respectively, and Davidson poled high to tie for first in the pole vault. Gormley ' s stars, several weeks later, carried off the championship of the Southern Intercollegiate Conference. On the same day the Tiger Frosh walloped the Green Yearlings, 27-18. Hugh Whatley, younger of the fleet pair of Whatley ' s gave great promise of varsity triumphs by winning both da.shes. The next disaster came from Auburn. Plainsman Snyder burnt up the track in the dashes and left the Greenies blinking. They had plenty of other winners, too, and Whatley, Oelkers and Wolfe were insufficient armor against the Polytechnic " whirl- wind team. " The score was 43-69. Unluckily for Tulane, the Mississippi Aggie meet was rained out. Oelkers wore the Olive and Blue well at the S. I. C. meet in Birmingham, win- COACH OaKES 189 190 wing a second place in the shot put. John Whatley finished fifth in the dashes among a fast field of speedy sprinters. Shortly before this writing, Coach Fritz Oalces issued a call for track candidates. He found himself faced with the loss of Harry Monroe, Leonard Chamberlain, Craw- ford Davidson, Charlie LeBlanc and Dick Rogers, who in previous years have starred in distances, high jumping, pole vaulting and field events, respectively. These losses were partly offset, however, by the brilliant prospects on hand. In addition to letter men John Whatley, John Oelkers, Herbert Ford, Sheldon Blue, Falvy Barr, James Trunzler, Wolfe and Pat Ryan, Fritz ' s call was answered by John Whatley, Bill Banker, John Phillips, Brainerd Montgomery, Norton Wilson, Elmer McCance, John McCloskey, Preacher Roberts, Quealey Walker, Wright Frierson, Billy Scott and Spencer. The team ' s sprinters will be culled from the Whatley brothers, Bill Banker, who incidentally has twice been high point man in the interfraternity meet ; Barr and former Warren Easton star, Phillips. " Red " Trunzler and Banker will probably be trained for quarter-mile races. Wolfe, Norton Wisdom and Brainerd Montgomery figure among the distance rimners. Weight for weights will be the case in these events for McCance, Roberts and Oelkers will prove first-class heavers. Walker and Scott are Tulane ' s pole-vault material. Frierson ' s high jumping has gained him the job for this spring. Meets with Alabama, L. S. U., Mississippi A. and M. and others have been pre- pared for spring 1929. The manager of track this year is John Labouisse and his as- sistants, William A. Bell, Jr., and Reed Sherwood. 191 ennis With the opening of new courts in the old stadium enclosure interest in tennis at Tulane was given a new and permanent impetus. Not the blasting winds of fall and winter, 1927, could discoiu ' age student enthusiasm and consequently plenty of material for a tennis team was on hand in the spring. Seeding out top-notchers was accomplished by means of a tournament open to the whole school. Maurice " Dooky " Bayon swept through excellent opposition to win highest honors, which was no surprise to Tulanians who knew that Bayon is one of the highest ranked players in the South. The tournament over, the team got down to the business of set- ting up a notable record for itself, and right in the face of a hard schedule. Alabama and Florida, both powerful teams, were tied ; Southwestern was beaten, while Texas handed the team its only drubbing. Tulane played its first contest with Alabama. Unfortu- nately, Maurice Bayon couldn ' t participate, or there is little doubt that the scales would have swung in the Green ' s favor. Gilmour and Stuart both won their singles bouts and paired together, won the doubles, collecting enough points to tie the match. Tuscaloosa saw the event. Playing on home courts, the Tulane netmen swept South- western back scoreless. Wehrmann, Gilmour, Parker, Stewart and Dinwiddie easily collected winners ' scores in the singles matches, while Wehrmann and Stewart and Parker and Dinwiddie took off the honors in the doubles. The team ' s most notable effort was made against the University of Florida tennis team which owned a string of tennis luminaries most prominent of whom vas Gustave Feuer, later to be declared runner-up in the Southern Conference singles. The two teams deadlocked with matches at three all. A great, giant-powered Texas team took five matches from the Tulane varsity and so delivered us the year ' s only defeat. Bayon went down before Berkeley Bell, who stands high on the list of national junior players, and like outcome resulted in all other singled matches. The doubles matches, however, were a different story, Tulane ' s champion pair, Bayon and Chamberlain, winning an easy victory over the Longhorns ' best combination. The University had the singular honor last year of being the scene of the Southern Intercollegiate Conference Tennis matches. Ten universities from throughout the South sent aggregations to New Orleans to put their hand in the grab bag and snatch at titles. Florida, Texas, North Carolina, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Vanderbilt, Ala- , s Captain Chamberlain 192 JiyUVli5yVL,yOCA. Z Pakkiik, DixwiuuiF., Bayon, Chamberlain, Wehrmann, Gilmour, Stewart bama and many others were included in the list. The matches proved to be the most exciting diversion in tennis that New Orleans had ever witnessed. Ever} ' day the stands ranged along the new courts were laden with spectators. After plunging far into the latter rounds of the tournament singles, Bayon and Chamberlain lost out and the ranks gradually thinned till one day Gustave Feuer, of Florida, and Donald Cram, of Vanderbilt, being the only ones left, fought out the singles championship before what was probably the largest crowd of tennis spectators ever assembled here before. After five gruelling sets Donald Cram walked off the courts with the Southern Inter- collegiate singles championship crown on his head. A few days later, Tulane got the very pleasant thrill of seeing another crown, the doubles crown, being worn by its two sons, Bayon and Chamberlain, who had decisively defeated Feuer and Yennawine of Florida in the finals after coming through a field incomparable for the difficulties it presented. With the accession of Mercer Beasley, nationally known tennis coach and for many years coach of the Cuban Davis Cup Team, as mentor of this year ' s squad and with the return to school of Clifford Sutter, nationally ranking junior, the 1929 team prom- ises now to be a hundred per cent outfit. Bayon, Wehrmann and many others of last year ' s squad have returned and reported to Coach Beasley, further accentuating good predictions. For a second year Tulane has been chosen by the Conference as the scene for the annual tournament. 193 o p X 194. .yVL V CA. 4 Wehrmann, Parker, Caron Golf The golf season at Tulaiie jumped off to a precipitous start when in the first meet of the year, the Vanderbilt team was sent home with a stinging 9-3 defeat. George Bush and Bob Wehrmann paired in four- some against Vandy ' s best, won their match easily, while Louis Caron and Herbert Parker were doing the same thing to the other pair of Ten- nesseans. Though the Tulane golfers play no fixed schedule, they have been accustomed to playing a number of Conference opponents during the 5-ear and will probably continue this policy till the Athletic Council organizes matches more completely. At the time of this writing, the team looks forward to a number of interesting matches which it is hoped Confer- ence challengers will soon offer. The Green ' s Number One man, George Bush, is present holder of the Louisiana State championship and looms as a possible contender for the Intercollegiate crown within a few years. Bush ' s stellar game, coupled with the golfing ability of Wehrmann, Caron and Parker, ought to make the team ' s record a high one ; so golf promises to be recorded as one of the University ' s best athletic bets. 195 i9 3 New comb Atnletics Athletics at Newcomb holds an important place in the college life of every student. With a beautiful gymnasium, with an adjoining swimming pool, and with spacious and beautiful grounds for all outdoor games, every sport is taught and practiced. Not only are there games such as hockey, basketball and baseball for active, energetic girls, but there are the minor sports, such as croquet, bowling and ping-pong that never fail to appeal to the less athletic type. The schedule of events, divided into a fall and spring program, is a full one. The season is started off with Newcomb ball and volley ball, which is played on the outside courts. These are followed by Newcomb basketball along with the opening rounds of the croquet and tennis tournaments. In- structions in the minor sports of croquet, bowling, swimming, fencing, dancing, tennis, horseshoe, archery, apparatus work and ping-pong are held at certain periods throughout the year with the respec- tive tournaments or exhibitions bringing them to a close. Since every girl must enter at least one tour- nament, there is a great deal of interest aroused and with the increasing popularity of ping-pong, it prom- ises to be one of keenest excitement. Hockey, the next event, is a fast, tiring game that needs the cold winds of December and early January to spur on the players. Spalding basketball, always the favor- ite at Newcomb, is next. It is a fast, thrilling game that requires a clear head and speedy feet. The varsity alumnae game brings this sport to a stirring climax. Baseball follows close behind with Gym Night in March, a special attraction. Under the capable supervision of Miss Lucy Richardson and held in the spacious gymnasium, the classes give ex- hibitions of the work they have done during the year. Miss Florence Smith arranges the pyramids and performance of the upperclass- men. With stunts from all four classes and prizes for the best clown, this is always a gala occasion. The swimming meet in May is the next important event. It is held at night in the beautiful pool, the gift of the late Mr. Ratcliffe Irby, the director to whom both Tulane and Newcomb owe such a debt of gratitude. The meet always arouses the greatest interest. The girls who have attended the classes conducted by Miss Malone or any who have passed the preliminaries are eligible. Since all Juniors are compelled to pass a swimming test, no Newcomb graduate is without a sufficient knowledge of swimming. The old clothes race, the relay race and the diving contest are usuallv the feature attractions. Miss SMrrn (■ 111 ¥Ak ' r i NEWCOMB SWIMMING POOL The rest of the time Is devoted to practicing for Field Day, the grand finale of the athletic season. Running, high jumping, throwing the discus are just a few of the events in the competition. The girl with the highest number of points is declared the individual winner and is presented with a silver cup. Off and on during the year, there are hikes up the river and to such places as Packenham Oaks. The all-day hike is held every year on All Saints ' Day. The whole athletic structure is based on the point sy stem. Started in 1922, it has risen steadily in popularity with the faculty and students. A girl is given points for making the teams of the major sports, for attending the coaching periods, for entering tournaments, for apparatus work and for class work. It is purely voluntary but no credit will be given unless a girl signs up for points at the beginning of each semester. The " N " Club, a new organization on the campus, is the outgrowth of the system. During the half of the Sewanee game, the Homecoming Day for all wearers of the " T, " the " N " Club made its first public appearance. No Tulane man wore his letter with more pride than these Newcomb girls who proudly displayed their " N, " the sym- bol of many years of steady, untiring effort. With athletics conducted on the point system, not only are the girls rewarded who make class and varsity teams and who are winners in the tournament, but also those who have conscientiously tined and attended all the practices. When 700 points are earned, a girl is awarded the Newcomb " N " and automatically becomes a member of the Club. With 1,300 points, a sweater is given and with i,6oo, a silver " N. " The highest athletic honor that can be conferred upon a girl is a bronze and blue blanket, the reward for 2,000 points. A large score may be run up, since attendance at the practices of the major sports, nets a girl 10 points, 35 for making the squad and 50 for varsity, not counting the numerous minor sports throughout the year that come in for their share. With this brief summary one may see the extent of the supervision and wonderful equipment of the athletic department at Newcomb that makes it such a potent factor in oin- college life. Wr . V. Q iss Q ary Qortner eM,iss Qatherine Qroive oM iss Louella SveretP-- Q iss Irma QugenheinrL cMiss lora ardie e iss Jane ayWard Q iss ' Dorothy Johnsoru oMiss cilice Levy 1 oTKliss Sulalie Livaudais eMiss lice ' Feake eMiss Dorothy Tlaiiche 1 e iss L ouella Sveretp- cPHtiss Irma Qugenheim rijf ' i-u e iss cAlice ILe ' Vy ? c liss Sidalie Livaudais i gMiss (Alice Teake ■BHBOiHiHHH Fraternities Phi Kappa Sigma Pi Kappa Alpha Kappa Alpha Sigma Chi Alpha Tau Omega Sigma Nu Kappa Sigma Academic TULANE Delta Tau Delta Phi Delta Theta Sigma Alpha Epsilon Delta Kappa Epsilon Beta Theta Pi Zeta Beta Tau Delta Sigma Phi Sigma Pi Sigma Alpha Mu Kappa Nu Pi Kappa Phi Sigma Iota Sigma Epsilon Lambda Phi Arthurians Newcomb Pi Beta Phi Alpha Omircron Pi Chi Omega Kappa Kappa Gamma Phi Mu Zeta Sigma Alpha Delta Pi Kappa Alpha Theta Alpha Epsilon Phi Zeta Tau Alpha Beta Phi Alpha Phi Chi Alpha Kappa Kappa Chi Zeta Chi Theta Kappa Psi Professional Nu Sigma Nu Phi Rho Sigma Phi Delta Epsilon Phi Lambda Kappa Alpha Epsilon Iota Kappa Psi Phi Delta Phi Phi Alpha Delta Alpha Chi Sigma Honorary Alpha Omega Alpha Alpha Sigma Sigma Phi Phi White Elephants Kappa Kappa Psi Owl Club Pathogens Beta Gamma Sigma I hi Beta Kappa L ' Apache Square and Compass Thirteen Club 215 Baumbach, Blitz, Broad Eplev, Frilot, Gessner, Gidiere Gray, Hagertv, Kohlmeyer, Lindy, Matthews McCarroll, Parlongue, Rainold, Sokolsky Stolley, Walshe, Wood 216 Tulane Pan-Hellenic Council Officers Dr. Mei.vin J. White Chairman W. P. Hacerty Secretary John Gidiere Treasurer RoDERT Rainold . . . Chairman of .-Idivitics Committee Hamlix Barham . . Chairman of Grievance Commillee Phi Kappa Sigma R. B. Melun A. O. Miller Members of Council Pi Kappa Alpha Sidney Parlongue CoLviN Gray Kappa Alpha Brainerd Montgomery Levering Matthews Sigma Chi W. P. Hagerty R. H. COLCOCK Aiplia Tail Omc ja Robert Rainold Elmer Massey Sigma Nu John Gidiere H. C. Pyburn Delta Tau Delta Eugene McCarroll H. O ' Kelley Phi Deha Theta Ronald Wise Edward Gessner Sic ma Alpha Epsilon John Henderson William Fisher Kappa Sigma M. J. Epley Fritz Erenfeldt Delta Kappa Epsilon John Wisdom Henry Broad Beta Theta Pi John Menville W. Walshe Zeta Beta Tau Charles Kohlmey ' er Edw ' ard Silverstein Delta Sigma Phi Hamlin Barham Richard Baumbach Sigma Pi Thomas Boudreaux C. F. Storey Sigma Alpha Mu Clifton Dreyfus Samuel Lang Kappa Nu Oscar Blitz Robert Segal Pi Kappa Phi John E. Harding A. R. Thompson Sigma Iota O. F. Gerodetti Joseph Gutierrez Sigma Epsilon Bruno Stolley Drew Savant Lambda Phi George Frilot C. L. Wood, Jr. 217 cXAJ Ai5yVL.A3S Amis, Breen, Caine Christv, Claverie, Cox, De la Houssaye, Holbrook HuLSEY, Johnson, Jung, Keith, Lewis Martin-ez, Mathes, Melun- Millspaugh, Morrow MuLLiNs, O ' Neil, Turner 218 Phi Kappa Sigma Founded University of Pennsylvania, 1850. Mu Chapter Establislicd 1S58 Richard Ray Kirk C. Reynolds Fratres in Facultate Dr. Charles J. Brown Dr. Andrew Fredericks Dr. Samuel Hobson Dr. Charles Bonnister Horatio N. Ogden Laurence C. Turner Fratres in Universitate Seniors George H. Christy Albin F. Speiss Charles F. Boagni James Boles Jur, Roland J. Hoffman Roland B. Melun Sidney ' F. Lewis Carlos D ' Armis Ansel M. Caine Henry C. Keith Francis P. Martinez Sophomores Marion J. Hulsey Percy Johnson Warrum R. Holbrook Alpheus O. Miller Maumus Claverie Warren Jung William Cox Wayne B. Amis Sidney S. Millspaugh Freshmen John Mathes Charles O ' Neill Clarence Morrow John Mullens J. P. de la Houssaye 219 Blount, Brian, Bussey, H. Durel, Darter E. Durel, Charbonnet, Collins, Colvin, Coiton, Cottrell CouRET, Ferry, Fisher, Fournier, Fredrick, Furman Gallegly-, Granade, Gray, Hellier, Lewis, Long Mays, Mullins, Nesbitt, Parlongue, Robert, Seale Searcy, Watters. Welch, C. Williamson, S. R. Williamson, Winters Pi K appa Alpk. Founded University of Virginia, 1868. Eta Chapter Eslahlislicd 1S78 Fratres in Facultate Dr. Octave Cassegrain Stuart G. Noble Dr. John A. Langford James M. Robert Dr. LuciAN Ledoux Dr. Robert Strong C. S. Williamson, Jr. John S. Couret Clinton R. Mullins Fratres in Universitate Seniors G. C. Furman Sydney J. Parlongue Theodore Watters Samuel R. Williamson J. W. Winters Dildy- M. Austin Donald R. Brian Louis S. Charbonnet, Charles Collins Jr. Charles T. Chamberlain Hugh B. Cottrell Charles Frederick A. Foster Fournier, Jr. Juniors John M. Cotton Lewie J. Darter John F. Busey Sophomores Robert Gallegly, John E. Granade Harry ' Hellie John T. Lewis John M. Mosley Jr. Calvin S. Gray Clifford R. Mays Troy Long John E. Coons Joel J. McCook, Jr. James M. Roberts, Jr. William A. Seals Albert G. Ward Harvey Colvin Homer J. Durel E. G. Durel Freshmen Jack Fisher J. A. Ferry Lee Nesbit Elton M. Delaune T. F. Miller Dan B. Searcy C. S. Williamson HI RussEL Welch Berdon, D. Blanchard, L. Blanchard, Eustis C. Fenner, D. Fenner, J. Fullilove, T. Fullilove, Gensler Hamilton, Hertzog, Hopkins, Jenkins, Jordan, Kahle Kemp, Kirkpatrick, Lancaster, Lyman, Matthews, McCausland McNair, Montgomery, Oakley, Pool, Shaw Tipping, Vennard, White, R. Williams, R. Williams K appa Alph pna Founded Washington and Lee University, 1865 Psi Chapter Estahlished in 1SS6 Fratres in Facultate Dr. H. E. Buchanan James Winston Robert Sharp Dr. Emmett L. Irwin Dr. David S. Blackshear Dr. Pierre J. Kahle Fratres in Universit.ate Seniors Conrad Berdon John F. Oakley Samuel Kirkpatrick Brainerd Montgomery Richard Williams Clifton Byrd Stanford Beatty William P. Clark Darwin S. Fenner Jack P. Fullilove Lawrence Blanchard Cartwright Eustis III Charles P. Fenner, Jr. Ralph Jopkins, Jr. Dan Blanchard Harrison Jordan Juniors Thomas Fullilove Philip Gensler Paul Grey Ambrose Hertzog Sophomores R. C. Kemp, Jr. Harris Lyman - J. E. McNair, Jr. Freshmen Jack McCausland CtlARLES MONSTEAD Alexander Hamilton John R. Jenkins Martin L. Matthews Reichard Kahle Harry Smith William G. Pool Morgan L. Shaw William O. Vennard Dick Williams Edouard Morgan Arthur Tipping 223 JL 7 AB)-A.L.A3CA. -: St„iJi;ei;iK 3Kfc Bristow, Brown, Cailletau, Carroll CoLcocK, Desporte, Dran ' e, Eshleman ' , D. Eustis FlORV, HAGERTi " , HiGGlN ' BOTHAM, LaNAUZ, LeAKE DeLong, Lopez, Lunch, McKay, Moise Robins, Shilstone, Young, Youman 224. Sigma Cki Founded Miami University, 1855. Alpha Omicron Chapter Established 1SS6 Dr. S. L. Logan Dr. p. a. McIlhenny Dr. V. C. Smith Fratres in Facultate Dr. L. B. Crawford Dr. E. D. Fenner Fratres in Universitate Seniors W. P. Hacertv H. O. Lynch Dr. E. p. Ficklen Dr. a. Cook J. W. Carroll Leeds Eustis I. A. Robins, Jr. Juniors S. W. Brown, Jr. R. H. Colcock III Frank Dornak H. E. McKay H. M. Flory ' , Jr. L. M. Sanders, Jr. Sophomores L. J. Bristow, Jr. George Drane Ed Cailletau B. F. Eshleman James Higginbotham H. C. Leake II Pierre Lelong III H. A. Moise, Jr. C. L. Young Freshmen Leigh Carrol II John S. Desporte David Eustis W. D. King, Jr. Gaston Lanaux, Jr. Florian Lopez Herbert Shilstone, Jr. 225 OAAAiB). r Allen, Beasley, Bennett, Bres ClIARBONNET, CLEVELAND, DeCOLICNV, EhLERT, EuSTIS French, Gillis, Gilmer, Gladney, Greene, Harper Henriques, Johnson, Levert, Leverich, Massey, Mendes Ogden, Popkins, Rainold, Ramsay, Read Sherwood, Stewart, Stoutz, Tharp, Wemple 226 Alpka Tau Omega Founded ' irginia Military Institute, 1S65 Beta Epsilox Chapter Established 1887 Nathan C. Curtis L. R. DeBuys Allan C. Eustis Fratres in Facultate Cleanth Brooks c. l. eshleman W. O ' Daniel Jones R. C. LVNCH Randolph Lyons Emile Stouse Fratres in Universitate Seniors Thomas Bennett, Jr. E. B. Charbonnet Adam Harper Alexander Rainold Juniors Charles Ehlert James Gillis Frank Odgen William Gladney Read Sherwood Charles Henriques Robert Rainold Rudolph Johnson Elmer Massey Sophomores Joseph Allen AsHBY Cleveland Gilbert Greene John Levert James Reade James Tharp Guy Mendes Thomas Ramsey Joseph Beasley Harold Bres Calvert de Coligny Freshmen Ernest Eustis Ellsworth French Priestly Levertch Morris Popkins Reagan Stewart Edwin Stoutz William Wemple 227 TW . Arnim, Baumgarten, Bell, Bergstedt Boyd, Everett, Ewing, Foy, Gardiner J. GiDIERE, P. GiDIERE, HaRRELL, HeLMS, MaSHBURN, McBkYDE LOWERY, POITER, PoWELL, RvBURN, ROBIN ' SON ' , SaXDFORD Sentell, Stroebel, Talbot, Terrell, J. Tlirberville W. Turberville, Trun ' zler, Wallis, Weston " , Youngs 228 Sigma Nu Founded Virginia Military Institute, iS Beta Phi Chapter Eslablis ifd jSSS C. E. Allgeyer Fratres in Facultate Dr. John McBryde Dr. George Harding . C. E. DU.NBAR Fratres in Universitate Seniors Landin C. Arnim Eugene H. Lowrey John H. Baumgarten Charles S. Sentell John Gidiere Ralph J. Talbot Vernon L. Terrell Jiini Franklin Gardiner William Harrell Melvin C. Mashburn Webster McBryde Clifford P. Powell Hiram C. Pyburn George W. Robinson W. F. Sandford James Trunzler Horatio C. Weston Sophomores George Kerr Gerald Miazza Homer Potter Frederick Youngs James B. Bell Philip Benedict Cecil Bergstedt Kf.nt Boyd Pledges John Everett Earl Foy Charles Gayle Philip Gidiere Mervin Pierce William G. Turberville Joseph Wallis Rosser Stroble Dave Swearingen John K. Turberville 229 A„.?jf8fA.! ? «.r " " ' ' ' ' - ' M. Adams, Adams, Anderson, Arnold, Bailey, Bankston Blue, Brewer, Butler, Connell, Countiss DeRamus, Epley, Gordy, Hall, Hamilton Hills, Huthnance, Kennon, Lassister, DeLaureal Lee, Limbergh, Lewis, Luchsinger, Matthews Mouton, Pitts, Reixach, Roy ' , Sarter, Webb 230 K appa Sig ma Founded University of Virginia, 1867 Sigma Chapter Established i88g Dr. M. J. White Dr. Fred Fenno Fratres in Facultate Dr. E. L. King Dr. Edmond Faust Dr. a. N. Houston Frederick H. Ted Cox Fox Fratres in Uni ' versitate Se7iiors Sheldon S. Blue G. Harrison Butler T. B. Butler Albin p. Lassiter Jut. Milton Adams Charles E. Bailey Frank A. Brewer E. H. COUNTISS Marion J. Eplev, Jr. L. W. Hall Walter B. Gordy, Jr. Ed Lehmberc George H. Pitts Charles E. Webb Sopho?iiorcs D. M. Adams Victor G. Anderson Fred R. Erenfeld Paul A. Kennon Werner J. Luchsincer Leland W. Stone William Adams Clinton Arnold Richard Bankston Poole Conn ell Hugh de Laureal Freshmen Richard Hays James Hamilton Thomas Huth nance Robert Hills Elmo P. Lee, Jr. John Lewis, Jr. Thomas Sartor Lyman Thornton O. F. Matthews w. a. mouton Armond Reixach V. L. Roy, Jr. 231 v-V , i " S J¥ J i.;a. ' 2i: ' :stei " %;ii .«i i A: ufcii ;;isi Abernathy, Andry, Bradley Brister, Glover, Hardie, Hardixc Johnson, Joyner, Kittrebge, Lecier, McCarrol Moore, Morrison, O ' Kellev, H. O ' Kelley Pond, Simmons, Ziegler 232 Delta Tau Delta Founded Bethany College, 1858. Beta Xi Chapter Established iSSq Dr. J. P. O ' Kelley Fratres in Facultate Dr. Pierce Butler Dr. S. C. Jamison Cecil Burnett Earl Evans Fratres in Universitate Seniors Curtis Simmons A. Earle Moore Junto R. L. Hardie W. R. JOYNER W. E. Kittredge E. M. McCarroll Sophomores A. C. Andry, Jr. H. E. Brister J. H. Morrison L. D. O ' Kelly W. H. O ' Kelly M. F. Ziegler Pledges G. G. Abernathy J. W. Bradley B. Edwards H. Glover J. B. Hanover J. Leinhard L. Harding R. O. Johnson A. N. Millet R. C. Pond J. Legier 233 r 1 Bentley, Brackenbury, Dawson, Dinwiddie, Caron Evans, Feltus, Fitzgerald, Gaston, Gates, Gernon Gessner, Glover, Grace, Gorham, Guion, Hemenway Henderson, Lafaye, Lilly, Link, Mathes, McCance O ' Connor, PROvos-n-, Rainwater, Regan, Rucker, Stewart Stewart, Thibaut, Thomson, Walker, Weber 234 Pki Delta Tketa Founded Miami University, 1848. Louisiana Alpha Chapter Established iSSg R. Ashman P. BORGSTROM C. W. Duval Fratres in Facultate H. B. Gessn ' ER J. B. Guthrie R. C. Harris H. E. Miller a. Ochsner F. W. Phillips M. M. SOUCHON Fratres in Uxiversitate Seniors Louis Caron ' Olivier Provosty Warren Hebert Quealy Walker Jur George S. Dinwiddie Hugh Evans George Lilly Elmer McCanse Godfrey ' Regan Charles Rucker Charles Stewart Ronald Wise Soph( James Fitzgerald Robert Gaston Edward Gessner John Glover John Henderson Peter Tebault Wayne Brackenbury Lowell Dawson Randolph Feltus Dave Gernon Paul Hemenway Ogden Lafaye Freshmen Paul Gorham Harold Grace Walter Guion Henry LeDoux Robert Link, Jr. John Mathis James Murphy John O ' Conner Wiendahl Provosts- Jesse Rainwater Frank Stewart Caleb Weber Marc Wilcox 235 JLAT AByVLyOSV -: " . ' - ' Tt.l i - " TMrn Arthur, Barhan, Born, Brown Herman Busch, Henry Busch, Craft, Earhart, Ferguson Fisher, Fowler, Flower, Gottschalk, Haik, Johnson Lawrence, Little, Paiterson, Roberts, Thomas, Tuller Wahl, B. Waldo, E. Waldo, Weilbaecher, Wetherill Woods, Woodcock, Yokum, Vallon 236 rs Sigma Alpka E 1( pna iZ psilon Founded University of Alabama, 1856 Louisiana Tau Upsilon Chapter Establislu ' d jSq7 Dr. John Pratt Dr. Russell Pigford Fratres INT Facultate T. B. McNeeley Donald Derickson Dr. J. A. Lyon C. B. Dicks Post Graduate George Savage Mahon Charles Born J. O. Weilbacher Joe Barham W. T. Barham Herndon Fair Bill Fisher C. B. Flynn A. C. Hagood Warren Doyle, Jr. J. V. Ferguson Scott Flower, Jr. Seniors J. Roberts Juniors John Deaver Henderson Gordon Johnson Willie Littell Frank Maury J. T. Shell Sophomores J. P. Little Richard Shaw Ralph Persell Waller Fowler, Jr. Hardin Woods Carl Stroud Perry Thomas Carl Wahl Ednard Waldo G. N. Williams Will F. Woods B. T. Waldo, Jr. Melvin Wetherill Jules Yokum Stanley K. Arthur, Jr. Henry Busch Herman Busch Ix)cke Browne Freshmen Brigman Craft Val Earhart Lionel Gottschalk, Jr. Georke K. Haik Curtis Kellam Owen Lawrence, Jr. Pat Patterson Will Tuller James Vallon Robert L. Woodcock 237 i sssis awr.vcjc Baird, Baldwin, Bell Bethea, Broad, Cooke, Cooper Dawkins, Devlin, Eskrigge, Eustin, A. Frierson W. Frierson, Geren, Holland, E. Jahncke, S. Jahncke, Johnson Kelleher, J. Labouisse, S. Laboliisse, Leibman, B. McCloskey J. McCloskey, J. McCloskey, McGehee, Menge, Monroe, Nolan SoucHON, V. Stubbs, T. Stubbs, Upton, Wehrmann J. Whatley, H. Whatley, J. Wisdom, N. Wisdom 238 Delta Kappa Epsilon Founded Yale College, 1844 Tau Lambda Chapter Established iSgQ Theodore Bethea Ellis Bostick Henry Broad Tatham Eskridge Fratres in Uxiversitate Seniors George Eustis Wright Friersok Stanton Jahncke Bernard McCloskey John Ramsey Alfred Stoesel Henry Wehrmann John Wisdom Norton Wisdom Willis Banker Robert Hughes Edward Jahncke Juniors Harry Kelleher John Labouisse Edward McGehee, Jr. Guy Stubbs Eugene Vxguerie John Whatley KiME Baird Robert Baldwin William Bell George Bush Paul Cooke Sophomores John Holland Alec Johnson Claude Liebman John McCloskey Henry Menge John Monroe William Scott Harry Souchon King Stubbs Hugh Whatley Douglas Cooper Benjamin Dawkins Alan Devlin Freshmen George Frierson Pardue Geren Monroe Labouisse Ladislas Lazaro, Jr. George Metcalf Joseph McCloskey Ulisse Nolan Clagcet Upton 239 Armstrong, M. Bayon, P. Bayon, Davis, De La Houssaye, H. DeBuys H. F. DeBuys, J. DeBuys, L. DeBuys, Eastman, Dameron Hooper, Howard, James, Jastram, Joden, Keenan, Jr. Knighton, D. W. Light, Jr., W. M. Light, McDiarmid, Menvillh Parker, Rivenbark, Schneidau, Seeuws, Shute Sutter, Snyder, Theriot, Underwood, Walshe, W.atrous 2+0 Beta Tketa Pi Founded Miami University, 1839 Beta Xi Chapter EslablisJied iQoS Dr. W. p. Bradburn Dr. F. E. LeJune Dr. Roy de la Houssave Fratres in Facultate William J. Rothfuss Sumter Marks Dr. Muir Bradburn Dr. Chas. Bloom D. H. Theard P. J. Bayon A. J. Hooper Fratres in Universitate Seniors J. E. Knighton H. C. Parker, Jr. F. C. Shute, Jr. J. Y. Snyder, Jr. J. W. Underwood F. X. Armstrong F. C. Barr F. H. Davis D. W. Light, Jr. M. M. Bayon H. F. DeBuys Lawrence DeBuys M. L. de la Houssaye Perry Eastman Harry DeBuys John DeBuys Frank Dameron George McDiarmid Juniors H. D. Ford T. L. Gardner J. R. Theriot, Jr. Sophomores J. V. Gresham, Jr. N. R. Howard W. C. Keenan, Jr. Freshmen William Fitzpatrick John Juden Jack Kelleher William Penny Lawrence Lashley J. G. Menville T. F. Seeuws W. E. Matthews M. G. Lynch P. E. James A. E. Jastram W. M. Light W. H. Walshe Clifford Sutter Cornelius Schneidau Carey Rivenbark Richards Speed Winston S. Watrous 241 Bramson, Bodenheimer, Cohen, Dennery Friedman, Gross, Harold, Human, Jacob Kahn, Kohlmeyer, Kohlman, Kottwitz, J. F. Levy L. Levy, Lorie, H. S. Meyer, H. Meyer, Norman OcHS, A. C. Rosenberg, N. Rosenberg, Seligman, Silverstein Stern, Trifon, W. Weil, L. Weill 242 Zeta Beta Tau Founded Jewish Theological Seminan ' , i8 Sigma Chapter Establislii-d igOQ Frater in Facultate Justin V. Wolff Fratres in Universitate Seriiors Sam Herold Jack Levy Charles Kohlmever, Jr. Henry Meyer David Norman Nathaniel Rosenberg Kenneth M. Kahn Julian Keller Louise Bodenheimer Lazar Cohen Stanford Hyman Juniors Loris K. Levy Snphomores Charles Kottwitz Bertram Loeb Walter A. LuRiE A. Chas. Rosenberg Harry Meyer Harry Trifon Theodore Dennery Edward Silverstein Bernard Stern B. M. Friedman J. S. Gross Freslnnen S. G. Jacobs Wm. B. Kohlman, Jk. Louis Ochs, Jr. Irving Selicmann Leon Weill Walter Weil, Jr. 243 Baker, Barham, Barrow Baumbach, Bisso, Brehm, F. W. Brewer F. L. Brewer, M. Brierre, T. Brierre, Burvant, Butker COLVIN, COTONIO, DeITRICH, FLETCHER, HAMILTON, HARRIS HoOLEv, Jacquet, Knight, McAdams, Menuet, Mudd Newman, Fizzano, Reel, Reiser Roberts, Rouglot, Rouse, Russel, Smithson St. Germaine, Tatum, A. Thomas, Walls 244 Delta Sigma Pki Founded New York College, 1899 Dr. Edward Brown Chi Chapter Establislicd IQ16 FrATRES IX Facultate Dr. Ben Lescale Lewis L. Wakeman Wynne G. Rogers Hamlin Barham Richard Baumbach Henry Butker Paul Colvin Fratres in Universitate Seniors Theodore Cotonio Manning Fletcher J. B. Harris Harold Jaquet Adolph Menuet, Jr. HiLLRiE Rouse, Jr. Howard Russell Ellis St. Germain Ashton Thomas No rman Deitrich Lee Mudd Lee O ' Pry Juniors Jack Price John Pizzano Samuel Reiser Preston Savoy Jack Smithson Summey Thomas John Walls Alexander Bisso Urbain Burvant Vincent Guy Morris Baker William Barrow Robert Brehm Frederick Brewer James Brewer Sophomores Nathaniel Knight Jerome Reel Freshmen Marion Brierre William Cahill Thomas Earle Thomas Hooley Carlos Hamilton Lloyd Roberts Austin Tatum Joseph Brierre Joseph McAdam Leonce Newman Charles Reiser Robert Rougelot John Sorrells 245 H. N. Anders D. J. Anders, Allen, Arnold, Boudreau Brock, Butaud, Cowen, Gardiner, Gilbert Herring, Holmes, Johnson, Lovvry, McDowell Mason, Patrick, Powell, Renken, Robinson Ross, Simpson, Slaughter, Storey, Wright 2+6 Sigma Pi Founded Vinceniies I ' niversity, 1897 Omicron Chapter Establhlicd li)2o Dr. E. a. Bechtel Fratres in Facultate Dr. W. C. Dixon Dr. D. C. Browne Dr. S. D. Gore David J. Anders, Jr. Russell S. Butaud G. C. Gilbert F. T. Boudreau, Jr. Harry N. Anders Cecil M. Arnold Thomas Carbry Fratres in Universitate Seniors R. C. McDowell W. W. Patrick, Jr. Ava J. Johnson Juniors Joseph B. Holmes T. H. LowRY, Jr. C. B. Robertson T. M. Oxford Paul Renken T. R. Simpson Clifford Storey Clyde R. Ross W. C. Slaughter, Jr. L. L. Wright Sophomore Larkin K. Mason D. H. Allen Henry Cowen Freshmen R. N. Barber Milton Brock G. L. Gardner John Herring James Powell 247 jy j ' A )fci.; 3 s i;3Wi- J CoHN, Dreyfus, Heidingsfelder Kahn, Kristman, Levy, Lindy LippMANN, Lang, Mintz Orlov, Radlauer, Shushan, Zander 248 Sigma Alpka Mu Founded College City of New York, 1909 Sigma Gamma Chapter Estahtislied iq2o FrATRES IX UxiVERSITATE Sejtiors Max a. Heidix ' csfelder Herman S. Lindy SiGMUND A. Kahn Alfred Lippman, Jr. Juniors Clifton W. Drevfus Samuel Lang Sophomores Herman Kristman Edward D. Levy Arthur Radlauer Freshmen Irving S. Cohn Leon Mintz Shephard Shushan Adrian H. Zander 249 Blitz, Drezinski Goldman, Marx, Sokolsky Seals, Segal Shimbaum, Shushan, Weinberg 250 Kappa Nu Founded Rochester I ' niversity, 191 1 Sigma Chapter Established ig22 Frater in Facultate Dr. N. W. Polmer Max Cohen William Marx Fratres in Universitate Seniors Morris Shushan David Drezinski Alfred Seals Saul Sokolsky Juniors Oscar Blitz Soplioniores Morris Bodenger Robert Segal Sidney Sizler George Wienberg Freshmen Sidney Goldman Jesse Lew Benjamin Marx Abe Rosenstock Samuel Shinbaum 251 aAJvy3)yVL.A3SV Adderson, Birdwell, Brannon Bergayne, Caraway, Eleck, Hardeny, Howard HopKiKS, JoxES, McCain, Mims Odcen, Parsons, Purcell, Robichaux, Shane Thompson, Webb, Woods 2 2 Pi K appa Phi Founded Charleston College, 1904 Alpha Beta Chapter Established iq23 Frater in Facultate G. B. Hastv WiLLiAM P. Addison, Jr. Jack B. Birdwell Max Brankon Bert R. Burcovne Fratres in Uxiversitate Seniors Jerome J. Elick Paul Freund, Jr. Eugene Hardivg George S. Hopkins WiLMER G. JO.VES James I. McCain Henry D. Ogden, Jr. Hugh Shane Juniors Archibald F. Caraway Eugene B. Robichaux Alexander R. Thompson Sophomores Edward A. Lee Jimmie D. Purcell James S. Mims James S. Webb Thomas B. Wood, Jr. William Howard Charles Liles Vernon McCoy Pledge Jack Parker Hugh E. Parsons Stanley Snider 253 Cadaval, Hernandez, Garces Gerodetti, Martinez Neal, Ocelli, Prieto 254 Sigma Iota Fraternity Nu Epsilon Carlos Canessa Fratres in Universitate Seniors Julio E. Garces Joseph Torreta Juniors Vesiquio Gonzalez William Martinez William Neal Armando Occelli Joseph Spoto Rafael B. Riera Sophomores James E. Cadaval Orlando Gerodetti guillermo espisso joseph gutierrez Enriques Hermandez Julio Quijano Joseph Scolan Freshmen Alberto E. Prieto Pledges Gerardo Lopez Frank Spotto Eduardo Vales Enrique del Valle 255 Bender, Blount, Butske Ford, Hendry, Hodge, LeBreton Meyers, Miller, Posner, Savant Speer, Stolley, Walne 256 ' Sigma Epsilon (Local) Founded Tulane Universit -, 1926 Fratres in Universitate Graduate Students Paul C. Foster Nathan J., Bender Seniors Don Cathcart Paul R. Eckels V. M. Johnson T. K. McFatter Allen T. Blount Sexton Fortenberry Juniors Ralph H. Lindsey Albert J. Meyers James J. Morrison Drew A. Savant Bruno Stolley Charles B. Spencer Frederick G. Butzke Henry St. Germain, Jr. Sophomores Walter W. Haar Roy C. Hodges Carl C. Mendoza Clark O. Miller Clarence H. Ford Reggie Hendry Denvrick C. LeBreton Freshmen Ernest M. Posner Maurice J. Richard Arthur Richardson Stanley E. Severance Seals S. Speer Richard E. Walne 257 ' J-i- — ' i ' ' " Costa, Craig, Davidson DuFOUR, Friiot, Haas Hanna, Price, Ryan Sabathier, Treutixg, Wood 258 Lambcla Pki (Local) Founded Tulane University, 1926 Fratres in Facultate Dr. John S. Kendall E. F. Pollard Fratres in Universitate Seniors H. M. Craig Juniors Richard H. Church Eugene C. Hanna Maurice Dufour C. B. Harvey George A. Frilot, Jr. Walter H. Price Jerome Giarratano E. F. Ryan Arthur J. Haas, Jr. W. L. Treuting C. L. Wood, Jr. Sophomores Frank Braun Edward E. Davison Jacob L. Costa Alvin Day Fulbert J. Sabathier 259 J O A y ]Ly C . JOS ' : y Jtm,. :; i;LK r ,:,vr«:; . _ss — . ' sii? I.NBAU, FALK, ClERC schaffn ' er, mcklnney, fernandez, cope, j. w. blerhorst Gertner, Mercier, Foley, Dulin, L. Bierhorst Wicker, O ' Mera, Gunn, Evans, Biggar 260 Artk urians Founded Tulane, 1925 Fratres in Universitate Graduate Students Joseph C. Fernon, Jr. Fred McKinney R. Louis Cope Seniors Harrv H. Dulin Alfred Mercier, Jr. Philippe Schaffner Jiini John W. Bierhorst, Jr. Louis Bierhorst James R. Biggar, Jr. Martin D. Burkenroad Carlo P. Cabibi Milton Clerc MVRON Falk John Fernandez Merrill A. Gerstner Vernon B. Harrison Fred E. Inbau Louis Kissgen Willis Nelson, Jr. John P. O ' Mera Frank Sica Chester Wicker Sopho 11107 Ci Arthur Baudier LiNSON R. Evans Mallory Read Dudley C. Foley Joseph Gunn 261 .J Ji.ii --5 " " ; -fS« i. i Barlow, Carroll, Culberi Feincold, Fry, Hardest -, Harris Hooper, Johnt-on, Maestri, Marshall McKiTTRicK, Nolan, Scoit, Shands Tomlinson, Weil, Wilson 263 Newcomb Pan-Hellenic Association Officers Bertha Lathrop Marks Prrsident Acnes Marshall . Secretary Members Elected AcxEs Marshall Allike Mitchxer Pi Beta Phi Maryem Colbert Alpha Omicron Pi Katherin ' e Hardest ' Alpha Delta Pi Mary Ed Norwood Clii Omega AiMEE Shands Phi Mu Kappa Kappa Gamma Edith Blanxhard Zeta Tail Alpha Elizabeth Scott Beta Phi Alpha Janet Hooper Zela Sigma Fraxces Barlowe Kappa Alpha Theta Josephine Weil Alpha Epsilon Phi Members Ex-Officio Grace McKittrick Florence Pierson Pi Beta Phi Kappa Kappa Gamma Xaxette Tomlinson Evelyn Maestri Alpha micron Pi Zela Tau Alpha Caroline Harris Frances Johnson Alpha Delia Pi Beta Phi Alpha Anita Nolax Annette Carroll Chi Omega Zeta Sigrna Jo Fry Rena Wilson Phi Mu Kappa Alpha Theta Rose Feincold Alpha Epsilon Phi 263 r : -S. A- w% © " V- -S - , ' ' ,_.;■ _,; ' -j ' K Bartlett, Barton, Bane, Breckenridge, Chappell Cleveland, Ellis, Eskrigge, Everette Fercerson, Hardie, Harvv, Hayward, Henriques Huger, Jahncke, Johnson, Keenan Lewis, McKittrick, Mitchener, Norwood, Richardson Smith, Spivey, Stauffer, Villere Walker, Wallace, Werlein, Westfeldt, Wilson ' • r- ' -,T - .: ! 264 Pi Beta Pki Founded Monmouth College, 1867 Louisiana Alpha Chapter Estahlishi-d iSqI In Facultate Mary Butler Wilmer Shields In Universitate Post Graduate Maridel Saunders Frances Blacklock Phoebe Bone Cynthia Chappell Seniors Elizabeth Huger Grace McKittrick Alline Mitchener Edith Eskrioge Polly Norwood Pocahontas Smith Ethel Jane Westfeldt Charlotte Wilson Nellie Mae Bartlett Juniors Flora Hardi Jane Hayward Adele Jahncke Carroll Smithers Nancy Allen Margaret Breckinridge LouELLA Everett Sophomores Margaret Henriques Elizabeth Lewis Betty Keenan Hazel Weld Elizabeth Werlein Eleanor Robertson Rebecca Barton Alice Blacklock Frances Cleveland Eleanor Ellis Winifred Eskrigge Pledges Florence Ferguson Dorothy Johnson Edith Harry Anita Keenan Alba Richardson Anne Spiry Myrthe Stauffer Elizabeth Villere Dorothy Walker Margaret Wallace Fanny Belle Woodcock 265 r - Barclay, Benedict, Bo.vdurant, Vovard, Brewer Buchanan ' , Clark, Colbert, Dyson Eaton, Edmoniston, M. Folse, W. Folse, Foster Hayward, Johnston, Jones, Hovey-King, Leverich Mabry, Magruder, McCoy, Mott, Packer Hayward, Johnston, Jones, Hovey-King, Leverich Maery, Magruder, McCoy, Mott, Packer F. Price, J. Price, Tippins, Tomunson Walne, Walton, Weilemann, J. Williams, M. E. Williams 266 Alpka Omicron Pi Founded Barnard College, 1897 Pi Chapter Estahlishcd iSqS Glady " s Ann Renshaw In Facultate Anna E. Many Mrs. E. L. LeBreton Kathryn Barclay Martha Bondurant In Univesitate Seniors Geraldine Dyson Margaret Folse Josephine Meredith Nannette Tomlinson Lucie Walne Dorothy Benedict Maryem Colbert Adele Foster J It mors Shirley Gay Elizabeth Johnson Nellie Mabry Elise Magruder Eloise Fippens Mary Emma Williams Katherine Byrne Sophomores Kathleen Edeinston Jane Williams Janie Price Margaret Bovard Carolyn Brewer Clara Buchanan Elizabeth Clarke Ceda Donovan Mary Eaton Pledges Winnifred Folse Helene Hayward Rita Hovey-King Elizabeth Jones Evelyn Magruder Billie McCoy Ada Mott Mamie Packer Frances Price Beverly Walton Winnifred Washburn Cora Weilenman 267 Abbott, Benedict, Bourne, Caldwell, Caulkins, Challaron Chalaron, Chamberlain, Cortner, Darter, DeLoach DoHAN, Ervin, Eustis, Fernandez, F reeman, Funkhauser Gastrell, Greaves, Guion, Hancock, Hill HOLLINGSWORTH, JOHNSON, JONES, KeSSLER, LeWIS, LeVY LiVAUDAIS, LiVAUDAIS, MORTON, MOSS, NOLAN, NORWOOD PoRTEOus, Rudolph, Sandmeyer, Saroca, Simpson Stevens, Tucker, Waddill, Watt, Wilson, Yates 268 Chi Omega Founded University of Arkansas, 1895 Rho Chapter Established JQOO In Facultate Bertha Latane MiLBREY Bourne Dorothy Chamberlain In Universitate Seniors Lelia De Loach Gladys Fernandez LlTTELL FuN ' KHOUSER Myrtle Gastrell Mary Nash Keesler Anita Nolan Mary Cortner LuciLE Greaves Adair Guion Juniors Inez Knapp Bertha Lewis Mary Edwi ' n Norw-qod Alice Pollard Geraldine Rudolph Sybil Sandmeyer Mary ' Louise Stevens Charlotte Yates Mary Ann Caldwell Amalie Chalaron Sophomores LuciLE Chalaron Laura Eustis Louise Livaudais LuciLE Livaudais Carla Saracco Odile Simpson Henrietta Caulkins Anna Jane Doan Doris Ervin Rosa Freeman Ann Elizabeth Hancock Pledges Dorothy Hill Shirley Hollingsworth Eva Johnson Sarah Dean Jones Mary K. Morton Bertha Moss Mildred Porteous Margaret Tucker Martha Waddill Rosalie Watt Helen Wilson 269 Alvis, Bailev, Carter, Clarkson E. Cleveland, B. Cleveland, Cooper, Crowe, Culeertson, Devereux DiNwiDDiE, Daniel, Ellis, Fox, Friedrick Frederkson, Giles, Gillican, Ivens, Ketchum, Livaudais Marshall, McGehee, L. Newell, M. Newell, Norris, Peak PhARR, E. PlERSON, F. PlERSON, M. PlAUCHE, ReED Rhodes, M. Rogan, R. Rogan, Schwartz, Scott, Watson 270 Kappa Kappa Gamma Founded Monmoiitli College, 1879 Adelin Spencer Beta Omicron Chapter Establislird IQ04 ix f.acultate Mary Spencer Elizabeth Raymond Florence Smith Catherixe Crowe Evely n Daniel Agnes Marshall In Universitate Seniors Cecil Mooney Lillian Newell Margaret Newell Florence Pierson Mildred Plauche wilhelmina schwartz Belle Watson Marion Alvis Dorothy Bailey Juniors Marianne Ellis Mary Louise Giles Alice Peake Ll ' cille Scott Elizabeth Adams CoRiNNA Carter Sophomores Peggy Clarkson Flavia Claverie Marjorie Devereux Myra Frederickson Rosalind Rogan Betty Cleveland Esther Cleveland Irene Cooper Mary Culbertson Mary Dinwiddie Jane Fox Pledges Catherine Friedrichs LuciLE Gillican Frances Ivens Ethel Ketcham Alice Lawson Eulalie Livaudais Elise McGehee Edith Norris Jane Pharr Elizabeth Pierson Sally Reed Mary Rhodes Mary Belle Rogan 271 . ifri " ji - ji.i.i ' iii. . y.g A?, .i a ' - :- -a,iT-L. Allert, Brock, Chandler, Clark CoKER, E. Coleman, M. L. Coleman, W. F. Coleman, Covixgton Deahl, Downing, Dromgool, Duffy, Farrell, Fly Fry, Gray, Gresham, Haralson, Heald, Kammer Larkin, Lea, Leipsner, Long, McGeary, Morris O ' RouRKE, Perkins, Petard, Shands, Stauss, Stearns Summers, Theobald, Tonsmeire, G. Watson, M. Watson Weddington, Whipple, Williams, Wright Pki Mu Ruth Brock Bessie Dromgool Founded Weslex ' an College, 1852 (National 1904) Delta Chapter Established qo6 In Universitate Seniors Mildred Fly Jane Lea Ruth McGeary Sue Tonsmiere Dorothy Stearns Clifford Wright Elizabeth Coleman Mary Lea Coleman Josephine Fry Juniors Emily Kay Mataileen Larkin Marion Liepsner Alice Lockhart Myra Long AlMEE Shands Mary Allert Lady Betty Chandler Nancy Clark Jans Deahl Frances Gray Sophomores Mary Haralson Margaret Hyde Katherine Kammer Dorothy McGriff Florence O ' Rourke Mary Louise Williams Mary Ann Perkins Helen Summers Virginia Theoeold Grace Watson Jane Whipple Florence Coker Willie Frances Coleman Helen Covington Nancy Downing Pledges Elizabeth Farrell Mary Jeanette Gresham Mary Heald Marion Mennzenberger Edna Earle Morris Inez Pitard Margaret Watson Bess Woddington 273 BuLLEN, Brown, E. Breard, A. L. Breard, Bergeron Barker, Coquille, Cash, Colon, Cline, H. Carter V. Carter, Donaldson, Evans, Ellison, Elliott Earhart, Finklea, Hardesty, Harris, Kemp, Willeen McCampbell, Miller, Matthews, St. Martin, Pew, Ramanjon Sancton, Sayman, Shea, Smith, Steiner True, Wheeler, White, Wilson, Wurzlow, Youngs 274 Alpka Delta Pi Founded Wesleyan Female College, 1851 (National 1904) Epsilon Chapter Establislied igo6 In Facultate Mrs. Gertrude R. Smith Mrs. O. L. Tittsworth In Universitate Post Graduate . Jaxet W.allace Shirley Barker Fannie Mae Bergeron Seniors Helen Carter ToLLEY Cook Adelaide Elliott Caroline Harris Yvonne Pavy Edwina Youngs Margaret Bullen Elizabeth Donaldson Ida Nell Finklea JuKfjrs Katherine Hardesty Ruth Kemp Rosemary Killen Helen McCampbell Margaret Miller Ruth Smith Elizabeth Breard Martha Earhart Sophomores Dorothea Ellison Cecile Grayson Ursula Sancton Doris Shea Audrey M hite Annie Laurie Breard Virginia Brown Vivian Carter Myrtle Colan Ruth Coquille Alice Evans Pudges Louise Kline Gladys Matthews Katherine Menuet Louise Remajon Alma Rowan Audrey Fay Sayman Charlotte Steiner Rhea St. Martin Marie Louise True Sarah Wheeler Olivette Wilson Sydney Wurzlow 275 Barlow, Cobb, Daggett, Denman, Dinn DusENBURY, Ellsworth, Evans, H. Gladnev J. Gladyney, Hirn, Huey ' , Jones, Kammer Lindner, M. C. Lyman, Mackie, Mastin McBryde, McClatchey, McKee, Powell, DuQuesnay Shannon, Shaw, Smith, Storck Treadaway, E. Wilson, R. Wilson, Van Winkle, Withers 276 Kappa Alpha Tneta Founded DePauw University, 1S70 Alpha Phi Chapter Esiahlished 1014 In Facultate Mildred Christian Jessamine Daggett Lois Ellsworth In Universitate Seniors Helen Gladney Sarah Mastin Mary Treadaway Rena Wilson Frances Barlow Juniors Ruth Huey Dorothy Jones Elsa Starch Berta Denman Catherine Dinn Sophomores Mary Jo Evans Una Gaidry Julia Gladney JoiE Kammer Flora McBr -de Elizabeth Wilson Frances Clark Katherine Cobb Olga Du Quesnay Dorcas Dusenbury Lucia Epley Pledges Katherine Lindner Mary C. Lyman Fay Mackie Adolyn McClatckey Frances McKee Louise Powell Frances Shannon Frances Smith Frances Van Winkle Elizabeth Withers 277 burkenroai), davis, dinkelsplel Feingold, C. Hagedorn, M. Hagedorn, Halpern, Haspel HiRSCH, Isaacs, Lazard, Levy, Margolin Marks, Seifehth, Simon, Tannenbaum, Weil Weinfield, F. Wexler, H. Wexler 27S Alpka Epsilon Pki Founded Barnard College, 1909 Epsilon Chapter Established IQI6 Alice Burken ' road Sara Dinkelspiel In Universitate Seniors Alice Levy Bessie Margolin Josephine Weil Hulda Wexlcr Pauline Ephraim Rose Feingold Juniors Macie Fine Maxine Hagedorn Isabel Weil Lois Weinfield Eva Carol Eichold Bertha Halperx Sophomores Marjorie Haspel Marion Hirsch Marjorie Isaacs Roberta Sieferth Leonie Davis Camille Hagedorn Lillian Lazard Pledges Mathilde Marks Rose Morris Hilda Simon Phyllis Stern Rachel Tannenbaum Fannie Wexler 279 Barelli, E. Blanchakd, V. Blanchard, Brandao Butler, Carruth, Cole, Defoe, Dours Herbert, Ittman, Knox, E. Maestri, H. Maestri Moss, Russ, Peterson, Ryckman, Seiler Troescher, Watkins, Webb, Yandell 280 Zeta Tau AlpKa Founded Virginia State Normal, 1S98 Beta Kappa Chapter Establis icd jQsy Laura Barelli Virginia Blanchard In Universitate Seniors Audrey Hebert Dorothy Ittman Evelyn Maestri Marie Louise Ryckman Jiiiii Edith Blanchard Ruth Brandao Thelma Carruth Helen Maestri Dorothy Russ Ouida Seiler Sophomores Bertha Knox Margaret Froescher Gwendolyn Webb Pledge Mary Belle Bass Louise Butler Christine Cole Helen Dafoe Lucylle Dawes Violet Peterson Louise Scatterly Helen Watkins Dorothy Yandell 281 f J m O fl ( f% AsBUR -, Backer, Beeson, Beruados Brown, Carroll, Coyle, Dodd Engelhart, Flanders, Fournet, Fowler, Gebelin GiLLASPiE, Gordon, Gruxdman, Hafkesbring Johnson, Kreeger, Lamer, Ellington, Mars Micas, Orr, Overton, Palmer Powell, Scott, Smith, Tete, Wasserman 282 Beta Phi Alpka Founded University of California, 1909 Established IQ2S Katheryn Flanders Norma Gebelin In Universitate Seniors Frances Johnson Thais Micas Rosalie Orr Elizabeth Scott Gorilla Smith Virginia Tete Rose Beeson Juniors Dorothy Brown Eleanor Hafkesbring Mary Lou Lanier Marcelle Mars Sophomores Adrienne Asbury Carolyn Engelhardt Wilhelmenia Bacher Judith Fowler Katherine Bender Mary Gordon Hester Bernadas Cecil Overton Mabel Dodd Fleta Powell Alice May Ellington Hilda Wasserman Lillian Bacher Eleanor Carroll Florence Coyle juanita fournet Freshmen Helen Gillaspie Dorothy Grundman Frances Kreecer Winfred Palmer 283 J..AJ M5yVLy CA Burton, Brandao, Cambias, A. Carkoll D. Carroll, Caznaveite, Childress, Coulsox, Crespo CuLLEN, Davenport, Durel, L. N. Ferguson L. Ferguson, Gough, Haggard, Hartley, Hoff Hooper, Lambiotte, I.eBreton, Mengis Richardson, Villere, Wadsworth, Warnack, Wright 2S4 9 5Z Zeta Sigma (Local) Founded Neucomb College, 1926. Annette Carroll In Universitate Seniors Dorothy Carroll Helen- Gouch Janet Hooper Louise Lambiotte J tint Dorothy Brandao Marie Louise Burton Evelyn Coulson Mary Cullen MiGNONNE DUREL Lelia Ferguson Eleanor Schwartz Edna Warnack Lillian Cazenavette Marguerite Davenport Sophomores Lady Nan Ferguson Mireille LeBreton Dorothy Mencis Mathille Villere Erminia Wadsworth Pledges WiNNIFRED CAMBIAS Evelyn Childress Yvonne Crispo Wynogene Haggard Elise Hartley Alice Hoff Madeline Richardson Dorothy Wright 285 JJ„ Jvy3)yVL.A3CA Abramson, Bailey, Brewster, Gates Hardy, Johnsox, Jones, Kahn McCoRMicK, McFatter, Mcllins, Riggall Sackett, Shushan, Simmons, H. A. Thomas 286 Alpka Omega Alpka Medical Honor Fraternity Stars and Bars Chapter (To be ' woriliy 1o serve tlie suffering) Members Elected From the Class of 1929 P. D. Abramson J. S. Bailey C. B. Brewster, Jr. R. F. Gates Dr. a. B. Granger W. R. Hardy V. M. Johnson K. B. Jones S. A. Kahn Dr. E. L. King K. M. McCoRMICK T. K. McFatter C. R. MULLINS D. F. Praglin C. Riggall G. L. Sackett M. Shushan B. C. Simmons H. A. Thomas We believe in the tenets of abiding truth which is the guiding star of our Order. We believe in the helping hand which is the bar which binds us in our calling. We believe in the unit_v of service to one another which lends to the weary a word of cheer, to the poor a portion of our share, to the weak a need of pity, to the stricken a voice of comfort, to the old a memory of youth, and to the w=i.yfarer a help along to the journey ' s end. Our emblem will always be an inspiration to duty, remembering it stands for excellence in all things, purity of purpose and honesty of method and effort, with the blessing of an Alma Mater upon each who bears our badge of honor. May our lives lie among the stars which light the way to the great mystery, and may we so live that when we reach the end of the road we may find the veil, which parted leads to the heights of everlasting peace. Sic ad Astra! 287 Gonzalez, Marshall, McKittrick, Muse PlERSON, TOMLINSON, WESTFELDT, WILSON Alpka Sigma Sigma Junior Honorary Fraternity Members Carmelita Gonzales Grace McKittrick Ethel Muse Acnes Marshall Florence Pierson Nannette Tomlinson Ethel Jane Westfeldt Rena Wilson Alpha Sigma is an honorary Senior fraternity, organized at Newcomb in 1 91 6 to promote interest in college and class activities. Each year those juniors who, throughout their college career, have done the most loyal and effective work for their college and their class are elected to membership. 288 %w W % t9 13 ' Baumbach, Blue, Butaud, Christy, Fenner Fowler, Gidiere, Hardixg, Harper McCloskev, Menville, Moore, Parlongue, Walker Phi Pill Sphinx of Tulane Junior-Senior National Fraternity for the Promotion of School Spirit. Richard O. Baumbach Sheldon S. Blue Louis Bristow Russell Butaud ' George H. Christy Meaibers Darwin ' S. Fenner Waller Fowler, Jr. John Gidiere Eugene J. Harding Adam H. Harper Bernard McCloskev John G. Menville Earl Moore Sidney Parlongue QuEALv Walker " The purpose of Sphinx of Tulane shall be that of a Senior society choosing its mem- bers on a basis of character, leadership, mentalitj ' and personality, to thus bring together in a feeling a fello%vship, the ablest and most active thought and leadership in collegiate life at Tulane University. " 289 9 W %w 0Oa De la Houssaye, Desporte, D. Eustis, E. L. Eustis, Fisher, French Hamilton-, Hemenway, Hills, Johnson, King, Lafaye Nesbit, O ' Neill, Patterson, Stewart, Williamson, Woodcock White Elephants Freshman Society for the promotion of school spirit. Founded Tulane University, January, 1921. TuLANE Jungle Officers S. Williamson III Junr le Trunk Charles Monstead Junffli ' Tusk Members Dan Blanchard IC A Charles Monstead K A Paul Hemmingway ' I ' A 9 Odgen Lafaye A 9 Jesse Rainwater I A Stanley Desport 2 X Dave Eustis - ' William King 2 X Jack Harding ATA ROYCE Johnson ATA Caffray Pond ATA Ernest Eustis A T fi Elsworth French AT Regan Stewart AT Robert Woodcock . A E Wallace Patterson 2 A E W. O. Lawrence 2 A E Jack Fisher n K A Lee Nesbit n K A C. S. Williamson HI n K A Peter de la Houssaye K 2 Peggy O ' Neill K 2 James Hamilton K 2 Robert Hills K 2 The White Elephant Cup is an annual award to the best all around freshman in the University, judged by a faculty committee on the basis of scholarship, athletics, general popularity on the campus, and with regard to campus activities and offices in general. 290 C 0 Q Abramsox, Assuxto, DeBakey, Flowers, Gunn Haas, Makcello, Mayer, Meyers, Miller Prixgle. Schaffner, Segal, Ullmax. Wright Kappa Kappa Psi Founded Oklahoma State College , 1919. Rho Chapter Eslahlislicd May, l()2 ' j " National Honorary Musical Fraternity for College Bandmen " Marten ten Hoor Jacinto Assunto Leon S. Haas, Jr. Cornelius B. Harvey F. Robert Mendow Scott Flower, Jr. Joseph Gunn Fratres in Facultate Edmond a. Salassi R. Lyman Heindel, Jr. Fratres in Uxiversitate Scnion John K. Mayer Enoch M. Princle, Jr. Juniors Albert J. Meyers J. Chris Nielsen Sophomores Oliver Hayden Luke Marcello Ellis F. Robbert Phil V. L. Schaffner J. Edmund Ullman Robert Segal L. Lavelle Wright Clark Miller Mallory Read 291 l ' fcl Bennett, Frazier Hawkins, Knochton, Lancaster Oakley, Robins R, Thomas, Waiters, Webb 292 Owl Club Fnuiideit Tulaiie University-, 1921 Junior-Senior Inter-meclical Fraternity for the maintenance of fiigher standards in the Medical School. John F. Oakley L. L. Lancaster T. K. McFatter V. M. Johnson C. F. Simmons C. R. MULLINS J. S. Helms R. P. Thomas R. F. Gates I. A. Robins H. H. Russell T. A. Waiters T. L. Bennett, Jr. P. J. Bayon J. E. Frazier S. M. KlRKPATRICK J. O. Hawkins J. E. Knighton Juni John Menville Joe Barham C. S. Sentell I. L. George C. E. Webb Paul Baird T. K. DORNAK W. J. Hebert T. L. Gardner Neal L. Andrews K. M. Lyons C. R. Mays 293 Allen, Birdweli., Bristow, Braun Chamberlan, Colvin, DeRamus, Eckels, Edwards Fletcher, Fredericks, Hamilton, Hoffpauer, Jf.nkens Jones, Lewis, McCook, Moore, Powell Ramsey, Seale, Shields, Ward, Williams 294 Patkog ens An Inter-Medical Fraternity Club of Sophomore Medical Students. Founded Tulane University, 1924 Members John F. Jenkins, Jr. Richard J. Williams T. R. Ramsay W. H. De Ramus J. W. Allen J. B. BiRDWELL W. G. Jones C. P. Powell R. M. Fletcher P. A. Eckels A. E. Moore A. S. Hamilton C. T. Chamberlain T. J. Edwards J. T. Lewis, Jr. A. G. Ward J. D. Shields C. O. Frederick J. M. MOSELEY J. J. McCooK W. A. K. Seales L. D. Berryman A. C. Hoffpauer R. R. Braund 29s , -fl5? 3!S Beta Gamma Sigma Alpha Chapter of Louisiana Officers Richard O. Baumbach Presidenl. Alfred Mercier, Jr Vice-President Faculty Members Dean M. A. Aldrich J. C. Van Kirk Class of iQ2g Richard Baumbach Alfred Mercier, Jr. Class of IQ2S Edmond a. Salassi Louis L. Lowentritt Herbert D. Cohn Class of IQ27 Marvin S. Mingledorff Joseph A. Cohn Class of ig26 Bennie Cohn Ernest Mason J. Walter Heyman John E. Ryman George T. Walne, Jr. Class of ig2S Joseph W. Kidd Albert E. Holleman Gus A. Elgutter Hugh B. Kohlmaver Class of 1924 Thomas D. Mingledorff P. Barney Hopkins Hooper P. Carter Robert L. Simpson A. Leonard Robinett Honorary Member E. Davis McCutcheon An organization to encourage and reward scholarship and accomplishment along the line of business and campus activities among students and graduates of commercial courses in American colleges and universities; to promote the advancement and spread of education in the science of business; to foster principles of hones ty and integrity in business practice; and to encourage a more friendly attitude of the business public toward graduates of commercial courses. The local chapter was organized through petition of members of the former Commerce key. 296 Phi Beta Kappa Founded at William and Mary College, 1776 Alpha Chapter of Louisiana Orijanized IQOQ Morton A. Aldrich May a. Allen Joseph A. S. Barry Edward A. Bechtel Walter C. Bosch Miriam Brown Caroline Burson Pierce Butler Mildred G. Christian Irene F. Conrad Harold Cummins Albert B. Dinwiddie Brandt V. B. Dixon Charles E. Dunbar, Jr. Lydia E. Frotscher Leola Backer Enid Piseros Fisher Ruby Foster George Savage Mahon Fannie T. Baumgartner Faculty ] Ieaibers Herman B. Gessner Max Heller P. J. Kahle John S. Kendall Richard R. Kirk Harold N. Lee Isaac I. Lemann Monte M. Lemann Ernest S. Lewis John M. McBryde Roger P. McCutcheon Anna E. Many Sumter D. Marks Jr. Leon Ryder Maxwell Clara M. de Milt Rose L. Mooney Recent Elections Class of IQ28 Rudolph M. McShane Marian Aline Moise Bern ' ice C. Montegut Edna E. Morrison Lena May Nockton Class of 1027 Clara May Beer Irmine C. Brown CiRADEN W. ReGENOS Caroline F. Richardson Ernest Riedel Ralph J. Schwartz Robert Sharp Wilmer Shields William B. Smith Imogen Stone Dagny Sunne Marten ten Hoor Susan D. Tew Odessa L. Tittsworth F.ENE A. Viosca Ellsworth Woodward Garret P. Wyckoff Sarah Thorpe Ramagf Mary Lockett Rollins Maridel Saunders Leopold Stahl Paul K. Kuhne 297 ri£l , Barham, Bennett, Cathcart COTONIO, COURET, DeRaMUS, EpLEY EusTis, Fenner, Gessner Gladnev, Hagerti " , Knighton, Kittredge Oakley, Ramsey, Robins 298 L ' Apacli( Ham Barham Joe Barham Tom Bennett Don Cathcart John Couret t. cotonio W. DeRamus G. Eustis M. J. Epley F. Ehrenfeldt D. Fenner D. Faircloth Ed Gessner Frank Brewer C. Eustis W. Fisher J. Henderson W. JOYNER Actives L. Gardner W. K. Gladney W. P. Hagerty J. Henderson Ed Knighton W. Kittredge E. Massey F. Maury J. F. Oakley T. Ramsey I. A. Robins L. M. Sanders Al Stoessel R. Wise Pledges B. Littell C. RUCKER S. Reisier H. Rouse R. Williams C. L. Young 299 Bailev, Coon Cummins, S. Fraser, Frazif.r FURMAN, Grav Hatcher, P. Smith, Webb 3 CO Square and Compass An Intercollegiate Fraternity of Master Masons, Founded Washington and Lee, 1917. TuLANE Square Establislird IQ30 Officers Hensox C. Cook Prcsidcnl J. S. Bailey Vicc-Prcside it S. F. Eraser Recording Secretary L. L. Allums Corresponding Secretary G. E. Barham Treasurer H. C. Hatcher Inner Tyler C. E. Webb Chaplain J. VV. Cummins Historian D. V. Smith Master of Ceremonies L. F. Gray Advisory Council C. E, Webb, Chairman John " Frazier G. C. Furmax J. A. Davilla, Sr. W. J. Kaiser P. L. Luck E. L. Jahn ' CKE W. J. Hugo HoxoR.ARY Members George Poith H. R. Perez E. T. Price R. E. Ramsey Henry- Strack W. A. Tharp R. H. SCHAFFXIT A. F. SUHLIXG T. F. M. THES H. W. Wallace, Jr. Dr. O. W. Bethea R. K. Bruff Dr. H. a. Bloom Dr. L. T. Cok Dr. D. R. Davis S. V. D ' Amico G. A. Elgutter Dr. G. H. Felders J. R. Flowers H. L. Gaidry Hugo Jamiersox Dr. M. L. Rosexbaum Dr. H. E. Caxxox Passix ' e AIemrers Dr. J. L. Greex Dr. C. H. Heidelberg C. A. Latham Dr. F. L. Loria Dr. S. B. McNaik Dr. Charles Midlo E. M. Nabershing Dr. N. H. Palmer Dr. C. S. Powell Prof. F. W. Prescott J. J. RUFFO A. L. Robinett C. S. Williams Dr. M. J. White Dr. T. B. Sellers W. A. Simpsox Dr. W. C. Smith Dr. V. C. Smith James I. Smith Dr. p. J. Slaughter L. E. Staxdifer R. a. Steixmeyer A. M. Suthox Dr. T. T. Ross Dr. D. a. Stricklaxd L. F. Wakemax Dr. D. R. Womack W. C. Vetech L. L. Alums J. S. Bailey G. E. Barham Active Members H. S. Coox T. V . Cummins S. F. Fraser John Frazier g. c. furman C. E. Webb Charles Taixtor L. F. Gray H. C. Hatcher D. V. Smith 301 r - imfl Baird, Butker, Cathcart Chappell, Hawkins, Knighton ROSENBLUM, KaHN, NORMAN 302 Pan-Hellenic Council of Medical Fraternities Organized April. ig2J The Tulane Council of Medical Fraternities was organized for the purpose of securing co-operation among the several fraternities and preserving standards of membership. Officers D. F. Cathcart President J. O. Hawkins Vice-President J. E. Knighton Secretary SiGMUND Kahn ' Treasurer L RoSENELUM Reporter Scholarship Committee SiG.MOND Kahn, Cliairman S. SCHEXFELD Ed M.iTTHEWS Grievance Committee J. Hawkins, Chairman J. E. Knighton M. B. Barnes RePRESENT. ' XTIVES J. 0. Hawkins -ilplia Kappa Kappa John Bussey ilplia Kappa Kappa J. E. Knighton Nu Sigma Nu Ed. Matthews , Nu Sigma Nu D. F. Cathcart Phi Chi P. J. Baird . . Phi Chi M. B. Barnes Tlieta Kappa Psi W. D. Norma Theta Kappa Psi F. O. Schmidt Phi Rho Sigma ]. T. Moseley p ,i Rho Sigma Sigmund Kahn phi Delta Epsilon W. D. Norman Phi Delta Epsilon S. SCHENFELD Phi Lnmhda Kappa L. RosENBLUM Phi Lambda Kappa Vivienne McMains ilplia Epsilon Iota Amey Chappell Alpha Epsilon Iota 303 O ©0 IO Addisox, Alle.v, Arnim, Baird, Ben ' der, Bexxet T. Bl ' tler, Birdwell, Born, Braxnax, Bristow, Burcovxe, Putaud Butler, Butler, Cathcart, Cochraxe, Collier, Copelavd Crowell, DeRamus, Ehlert, Grexade, Greexe, Harrell, Helms HopKixs, Jacka, Jacksox, Jexkixs, Johxsox, Joxes, Kirkpatrick, Laxcaster Lehmeerc, Matthews, Mexville, McFatter, Oakley, Pyeurx, Ramsey Roberts, Robichaux, Savaxt, Sellers, Sextell, Shaxe SiMMoxs, SiMPSox, Storey, Talbot, Terrell, Theriot, Ward Wall, Webb, Williams, Williams, Wixters, G. Woor 30+ Pki Cki Eastern, founded Ihiiversity of Vermont, 1SS9; Southern Louisville Medical College 1894; Consolidated March 3, 1905. Omicron Chapter Estahlhlu ' d ig02. Pi Mu merged September 3o, 1Q22 Fratres in Facultate Dr. C. W. Allen Dr. J. F. Ayers Dr. F. Fenn ' o Dr. Dr. E. E. Allgever Dr. L. R. DeBuvs Dr. Urbax Maes Dr. Dr. C. C. Bass Dr. A. C. EuSTis Dr. R. TURXER Dr. Dr. s. Bl.ackshe.ar Dr. E. D. Fexner Dr. V. C. Smith Dr. Dr. p. J. carter Dr. A. V. Friedrichs Dr. J. Hume Dr. Dr. F. L. Cato Dr. I. M. Cage Dr. S. C. JAMISO.V Dr. Dr. M J. COURET Dr. A. Gladnev Dr. C. P. May Dr. Dr. H Daspit Dr. C. J. Miller Dr. W. 0. D. Jones Dr. Dr. T. F. Dicks Dr. W. H. Harris Dr. J. A. Langford Dr. Dr. G S. Bel Dr. H. E. Miller Dr. G. K. Logan Dr. Dr. E. H. Lawson ' Dr. J. T. Halsey Dr. Dr. H. W. W.ATKINS A. N. Houston Dr. L. J. Menville W. K. Phillips J. D. Rives F. T. Brown J. A. Danna E. L. Faust M. J. Gelpi W. W. Leake H. A. Macheca N. R. WlRTH R. Unsworth Fratres in Universitate T. L. Bennett, Jr. C. A. Born G. H. Butler T. B. Butler D. F. Cathcart L. C. Arnim J. P. Baird R. BUZZANCA L. A. Crowell W. P. Addison J. W. Allen N. J. Bender B. R. Burgoyne R. F. Butaud Max Brannen W. T. Bohle C. P. Gray J. Fatheree A. C. Haygood J. Heni erson J. W. Ervin C. E. Lehmberg R. H. Cochrane, Jr. J. P. Collier J. S. Helms, Jr. P. Jackson S. M. Kirkpatrick Jiini L. A. Copeland J. S. Grable Charles Ehlert Earl Evans C. V. Hatchett V. M. Johnson L. L. Lancaster T. K. McFatter J. F. Oakley J. D. Roberts, Jr. J. Barham J. G. Menville C. S. Sentell C. F. Storey R. J. Talbot Sophomores J. B. Birdwell P. C. Burnett L. J. Bristow, Jr. W. H. DeRamus J. E. Granade G. B. Greene F. R. Erenfeldt W. S. Harrel G. S. Hopkins R. J. Jacka J. F. Jenkins, Jr. W. G. Jones Freshmen F. Maury E. H. Countis W. Lyttel C. S. Matthews C. B. FtYNN J. W. McMurray H. C. Pyburn D. A. Savant W. S. Slaughter Carl Stroud J. Rineman J. W. Robinson E. B. Robichaux Walton Rainer D. F. Sellers C. D. SiM.MONS G. H. Wood J. W. Winter V. L. Terrel, Jr. R. Theriot H. C. Thompson C. E. Webb T. R. Ramsey Hugh Shane J. R. Williams H. R. Staley T. R. Simpson Perry Thomas Dave Swearingen W. G. Fisher G. N. Williams W. H. Walters C. N. Wahl 305 JL W Akderson, Bailey, Beati ' , Boudreau, Buck, Busey Brewster, Brierre, Brown, Campbell, Carroll, Coon Dunham, Parish, Ferry, George, R. C. Green, Guidry, Hanks Harrison, Hawkins, Hollingsworth, Hofpauir, Howell, K. Jones, Mays McCooK, McCreary, McDowell, Miller, Mullins, Murphy, Nickerson Patrick, Pickell, Planche, Riggall, Sackett, Seale Sellers, Shute, D. V. Smith, Tucker, Waiters, Wright 306 i M Dr. Henry J. Bavon Dk. J. C. Cole Dr. M. S. Souchon Dr. H. S. Holbrook Dr. a. L. Metz J. S. Bailey H. S. Coon C. R. MULLINS G. L. Sackett T. A. Watiers D. Austin J. F. BusEY, Jr. R. J. Hanks R. P. Howell, Jr. C. R. Mayes Alpna Kappa Kappa Founded Dartmouth College, i885 Alpha Beta Chapter EstablisliL ' d iQo3 Fr.atres in F.acli.tate Dr. D. C. Browne Dr. O. W. Bethea Dr. H. B. Gessner Dr. E. L. King Dr. E. S. Lewis Dr. J. E. Brierre FrATRES IX UxiVERSITATE Seniors C. B. Brewster, Jr. J. O. Hawkins F. A. Planche F. C. Shute, Jr. Juniors N. Andrews R. C. Green T. L. George F. W. Pickell J. L. Anderson A. W. HOLLINGSWORTH J. L. Brown J. M. MOSELY W. A. K. Seals W. S. SiLER T. Brierre McClure J. A. Ferry Soplioiiiores R. R. Braund J. E. Hay ' nsworth P. WiCKERSON M W. Patrick L. D. Berry ' man Freshmen A. L. Murphy C. E. ' WlCHTMAN R. F. Miller L. Davidce G. G. Farisii R. L. Buck 307 Dr. W. C. Smith Dr. S. C. Lyons Dr. E. L. Irwin Dr. M. Bradburn Dr. M. W. Miller R. B. Carroll K. B. Jones C. Riggall E. J. Tucker, Jr. C. B. Wright T. BOUDREAU M. W. Harrison H. C. Dunham C. V. Partrioge K. M. Lyons C. O. Fredericks A. C. HOFFPUIR P. L. McCreary J. J. McCOOK S. Campbell J. M. Cotton Neal W. T. Sellers E. GUIDRY Blanchard, Brickhouse, Cope Gold, Hill Martin, Mosely, Skyes 308 yL -J Cki Zeta Cki Founded University of Georgia, 1903 11 R. W. A. Love Dr. H. Odcen, Jr. Mu Chapter Established IQ06 Fr.4tres in Facult. te Dr. Sam Hobsox, Jr. Dr. Leonel Gordon Dr. Lloyd Kuhm Dr. S. J. Lewis Fr.ATRES IX UxiVERSIT.WE Seniors F. H. Blanchard L. L. Hill L. L. Gold R. P. Sykes C. W. Boyd A. T. Brickhouse Juniors D. N. Arnold G. G. Richard Sam Philips . B. Harrison Fred Folk J. F. Hackney K. T. MOSELY Sophomores R. G. Arango Louis Cope D. R. Martin Freshmen G. L. Martin 309 »,v,r ' ' .;i£ai Adams, Arrington, Barber, Bardin, Blackwell Beatv, Butker, Cairns, Camersos, Chavez, Cummins, Hamilton Fisher, Fletcher, Forsyth , Frazier, Goldston, Goodman, Hall Eckles, Hand, Harris, Hatcher, Jennings, Kelley Lacy, Lindsey, Lowe, Madison, Martin, Moore Nelson, Oldham, Oxford, Powell, Rankin, Ricks, Rouse Routon, Russell, Schulze, Spencep, St. Germain, Seuhs, Tatum H. Thomas, White, Ward, White, Williams, Walton 310 Theta Kappa Psi Founded Medical College of Virginia, 1S97 Pi Chapter Established jgoS Fratres in Facultate Dr. Bernhard Dr. C. Brown Dr. C. L. Butterworth Dr. Carmichael Dr. W. Seeman Dr. J. O. Foley Dr. T. B. Sellars Dr. Robert Potts Dr. H. Menage Dr. W. a. Reed Dr. Kixeerger Dr. p. E. Lacroix Dr. J. E. Landry Dr. Fernandez Dr. F. M. Johv Dr. E. Moss Dr. J. P. O ' Kelly Dr. p. McIlhennv Dr. Campbell Dr. J. W. Reddock Dr. S. McNair Dr. J. K. Bullock H. A. Thomas E. Chavez, Jr. B. E. Spencer E. L. St. Germain H. H. Russell W. J. Barber H. G. BuTKER M. B. Barnes Fratres ix Universit.ate Senioi-s R. M. Bardin J. B. Harris A. B. Goldston G. V. Lacy W. H. Madison M. F. Blackwell H. W. Goodman F. Martin H. C. Hatcher J. W. CUMMINGS R. G. Hand W. B. Hickman L. C. Fisher Jti H. P. Clemmer W. M. Adams J. E. Cameron C. E. Ward R. D. Patterson J. A. Alvarez M. E. Arrington H. A. Suehs S. F. Fraser G. B. Walton W. W. Hall T. White H. S. Bourland C. H. Wiggins Williams T. M. Oxford C. L. Saints M. Fletcher P. R. Eckels W. M. Routen T. COLVIN Sophomores G. R. Ricks H. K. Rouse, Jr J. N. Sartin G. E. Mvers, Jr. C. P. Powell P. W. Renken Leon S. Ward A. Y. Jennings T. F. COREREY Stanford Beats ' J. A. White, Jr. Freshmen Carlos Hamilton M ' m. H. Gillentine E. V. Moore R. H. LiNDSEY J. E. Sorrels 3 " W. J. Nelson T. E. Lowe A. B. Cairns E. F. Schulze C. A. Kelley H. H. Houston T. T. Earle J. E. Buff G. D. Rackley S. A. Tatum cXAAU5yVLv 3SV 4 Bayon, Beck, Blunt, Charbonnet COTTRELL, COURET, EDWARDS, FURSTAK, FlORES Frazier, Gates, Hamilton, Herozoc Kennedy, Knighton, Lewis, Lilly, Lynch McKneely, Ogden, Rivercacher, Robins Shields, Tedder, Thomas, Thompson. Ward 312 Dr. Rudolph Matas Dr. Altp " Ochsner Dr. Charles JIuval Dr. Irving Hardesty Dr. R. Clyde Lunch Dr. L. Von Meysenburg Nu Sigma Nu Founded University of Michigan, 1S82 Beta Iota Chapter Establislird IQIO Fratres in Facultate Dr. John Smythe Dr. Octave Cassegrais Dr. George Hardin Dr. Charles Bloom Dr. Dyer J. Farley Dr. M. Van Studdiford Dr. Waldemar Metz Dr. Harold Bloom Dr. Chas. Eshleman Dr. Harry V. Sims Dr. John Pratt Dr. Julian Lombard Dr. Lucien LeDou.x Philip J. Bayon John S. Couret Fratres in Universitate John E. Frazier Richard F. Gates J. Edward Knighton L Ashton Robins Robert A. Robinson, Jr. Robert P. Thomas, Jr. Franklin K. Dornak Merril C. Beck Charles T. Chamberlain Sidney Charbonnet H. Barnette Cottrell Juniors Harold M. Flory T. Lloyd Gard.ver Warren H. J. Heeert Sophomores T. J. Edwards John A. Fershtand A. ScoiT Hamilton John T. Lewis, Jr. George D. Lilly Edwin Matthews Alois E. Moore Henry D. Odgen, Jr. J. Dunbar Shields Gayden Ward Robert E. Blount Ambrose Hertzoc Freshmen C. Barrett Kennedy Henry A. King Mercer G. Lynch W. Carey Rivenback J. William Tedder Wesley Thompson 313 - Allums, Bunyard, Chauvan CoYLE, Davidson, Eccles, Gallagher Green, Hild, Hoth, Kent LaBkuyere, Martinez, Mauterer, Mosely Sagrera, Schmidt, H. Schmidt 314 Pni Rko Sigma Founded Northwestern Medical School Delta Omicron Alpha Chapter Established Q S Fratres in Facultate Adolph D. Henriques George R. Hermann John Raymond Hume P. F. Murphy a. F. Burgis H. Theodore Simon William Wagner James Ernest Pollack Rodger J. Maihles Edward A. Socola Louis J. Lopez Francis L. Jaubert G. H. Hauser Dudley M. Stewart L. L. Allums J. S. Davidson, Jr. Fratres in Universitate Seniors M. M. Green Henry Gallagher S. J. ROGAS George Sagrera Jack Hild J. O. HOTH F. A. Schmidt J uniors S. G. Gruber W. H. Martinez P. S. Joseph Joseph S. Spoto Earl Kent John Martin Soplio H ' jres John T. Mosley Jos. P. Gutierrez Louis Chauvin O. P. Mauterer Claude Eccles Henry J. Schmidt E. COYLE Freshmen L. Teer J. H. Wells E. S. Kagy J. GlARRATANO J. O. Prejean Gerard Christie P. LaBruyere Sam Khoury ' 315 J.AJ M y Ly CA. Abramson, Bergman ' , Drezinski Gardberg, Hosen Levy Kahn, Meyer Norman, Shushan, Velinsky 316 Pki Delta Epsilon Founded Cornell University, 1904 Alpha Iota Chapter Established igi8 Dr. I. CoHxM Dr. D. Silverman Fr. TRES in F.4CULTATE Dr. J. Graubarth Dr. E. Block Dr. B. Efream Dr. H. Weinberger Fratres in Universitate Seniors S. A. Kahn S. M. Copeland H. S. Meyer M. Shushan P. D. Abramson ' Juniors W. D. Norman- S. B. Weil S. Bergman Sophomores D. Drezinski M. Velinsky A. Abramson M. Gardberg H. HOSEN Pledges J. J. Keller L. Levy H. Meyer 317 ' SV Braunstein Cohen, Glazer, Jacobs, Fiai.k Miller, Rosenblum, Schen ' feld, Mintz Slipakoff, Strug, Sweic, Sorkin 318 Pki Lambda Kappa Founded Universitv of Pennsylvania Psi Chapter Established IQ26 Dr. W. Levy Fratres in Facultate Dr. I. L. RoBBiNS Dr. J. W. Rosenthal Meyer J. Cohen Harry Fialk Fratres in Universitate Senio7-s Morris M. Miller Samuel Schenfeld Jujiiors Leo E. Braunstein Leo Rosenblum Sydney Jacobs Lawrence Strug Henry Tanner Bernard S. Feinberg Sophomores Edward A. Gall Harry Glazer Z. 8. SORKIN S. L. Bolofsky P. J. Sparrer J. Sweig Fresh?, S. MiNTZ L. Slippakoff H. KORETSKY G. Steinbach 319 J. Vvy3).A.L.A3:A 4 -ffei ROELING Patterson McCoRMic Chappell Alpha Epsilon Iota Founded Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1890 Mu Chapter Estahlislicd igig Fratres in Facultate Dr. Maud Loeber Dr. Marie D. Mattingly Fratres in Universitate Seniors Katherine McCormick Elizabeth Paterson J un ' iors Vivienne McMains Amey Chappell Sophomores Jeanne Roeling 320 COFERIO, CiKE, D ' AnTOXIO, DeBaKEY GlACONA, HarDIE Marquer, Oehlschlaeger, Wilson, Walls E. F. Pollard Kappa Psi (Pharmaceutical Fraternit) ' ) . Founded 1879, Medical College of Virginia Beta Theta Chapter Fratres in Facultate J. O. Foley Fratres in Universitate A. J. Cafiero E. D. Cire A. G. D ' Antonio E. G. DeBakey L. F. Simmon R. L. Hardie C. J. Marquer J. H. Oehlschlaeger W. L. Stringer F. T. Giacona V. M. Wilson 321 i Brown, Eplev, Fenner Gladney, Fullilove Lassiter, Lowry, Pavlongue Pki Delta Pki (Legal) Founded Michigan University, 1869 White ' s Inn Established IQIJ Fratres IX Facultate Judge Rufus E. Foster Charles E. Dunbar Eugene Nabors Devaille Theard Esmond Phelps Milton Colvin • lter southon Edmund Talbot Newman F. Baker Fratres in Universitate Seniors Albin p. Lassiter Oliver Pkovostv Alexander Ralvold Ju mors Henry Bernstein Wood Brown Marion Epley Darwin Fenner Jack P. Fullilove Wm. Gladnev Wm. Hagerty Eugene Lowrey A.sthur D. Parker Sydney Parlongue Move Saunders 323 JLAJ AB)- r i Baumgartes, Charbonnet, Gordy Harper, Henriques, McCaix Menuet, T. Wisdom, N. Wisdom 324 it Pki Alpka Delta (Legal) Founded Chicago-Kent College of Law, 1897 Francois Xavier Martin Chapter Established ig2 Fratres IX Facultate Judge W. W. Westerfeild Rene A. V ' lOSCA John M. Wisdom Fratres in " Universitate Seniors Adam Harper James I. McCain E. B. Charbonnet, Jr. John H. Baumgarten Juniors Norton Wisdom John H. Ramsey Charles Henriques Walter Gordy Charles Bailey Joseph A. Menuet 335 DuFOUR, Boston, Geiger Gilbert, Hooper A. Johnson, B. Johnson, Pollard Stayer, Schaffner, Sullivan, Williamson 326 Alplia Cki Sigma Founded University of Wisconsin, 1902 Alpha Tau Chapter EsiahlisJicd IQ28 " Professional Chemical Fraternity. " Fratres in Facultate H. W. MOSELEY E. F. Pollard S. A. Mahood a. O. Kastler C. S. WiLLLAMSON, JR C. B. Dicks, Jr. Evan W. Maho ey Alvin D. Boston Fratres in Universitate Graduate Students George C. Gilbert W. Douglas Smith ava j. johxsos Philippe Schaffner JoH B. Geiger Evan W. Mahon ' ey Seniors S. RuTHVEN Williamson ' Andrew J. Hooper Walter E. Sullivan Brent M .Johnson Edward H. Wvckoff Maurice F. Dukour Juniors Jacob H. Krieger Carlton R. Jones James J. Trunzler Philippe Schaffner Sophomores Edgar Stayer 327 Tkirteen Club Founded 1930 An honorary Freshman interfraternity club for the purpose of promoting class and school spirit. Members 1926 Maurice Bavon Edward Jahncke Clifton Bvrd Richard French George Kerr WOLLEN WaLSHE 1927 Milton Brock Gerald Dalrymple Cartwright Eustis III Vincent Guy Adolph Jastram Lawrence Lashley Arthur Millet Malcolm Monroe James Read Harry Souchon Wm. O. Vennard 1928 Baylor Bell Winston Bradley- Chapman Davis Benjamin Dawkins Calvert de Coligney Richard Bankston Bonnie Hanover Jack McCausland Arthur Tipping Richard Speed Eldon C. Upton G. Perry ' Eastman, Jr. 328 ORGANIZATIONS 4s _6i:iii ' li(r. ' -;: i; ' .je.V y.iXT. r ' .. GiDIERE, LaSSITER, PieRSON Montgomery, Bennett, Baumbach Tulane Student Council Officers Albin p. Lassiter, President Law John J. Gidiere, Vice-President Engineering Thomas L. Bennett, Jr., Secretary-Treasurer Medicine B rainerd S. Montgomery Arts and Sciences Richard O. Brumbach Commerce Clifton Byrd Pharmacy Florence Pierson Nenucomh The Tulane University Student Council is an organization composed of the presidents of the various student bodies of the different colleges of the University. The council is supreme as a law-making and judicial body relative to all phases of student affairs which involve the university at large. The Student Council was organized with the inception of student government at Tulane, March, 1915. 331 S- . TS OEJ r 1 1 o ... . . _. Fly, Fry, Gonzalez GuiON, Hayward, Jahncke, Marshall, McKittrick PiERSON, Simpson, Sweeney, Tomlinson, Wilson New comb Student Council Officers Grace McKittrick President Agnes Marshall Vice-President Flora Hardie Secretary Members Ex-Officio Florence Pierson Josephine Fry Nannette Tomlinson Odile Simpson Carmileta Gonzales Anita Nolan Mildred Fly ' Members Elected Senior Junior Agnes Marshall Flora Hardie Dorothy Stearns Adele Jahncke Rena Wilson Adair Guion Sophomore Betty Werlein 332 ci PlERSON Feixgold ROGAN Sweeney Tlie Nevi ' comt) Student Government Association Executive Committee Florence Pierson President Agnes Marshall Vice-President Grace McKittrick President of Student Council Mary Sweeney Correspojiding Secretary Rosalind Rogan Recording Secretary Rose Feingold Treasurer Nannette Tomlinson House President Inez Knapp . House Secretary Catherine Crowe President Doris Hall Fannie Mae Bergeron . President If ' arren Newcomb Hall Carmelita Gonzalez President Senior Class Josephine Fry President Junior Class Odile Simpson President Sopliomore Class Anita Nolan President Art Student Body Mildred Fly President Music Student Body Rena Wilson President Debating Club Thais Micas President Dramatic Club Elizabeth Huger President Cercle Francois Mary Cortener President Glee Club Dorothy Brandao . . . President Mandolin-Guitar Club Myrtle Gastrell President Y. JF. C. A. Ethel Muse Chairman, At iletic Council Ethel Jane Westfeldt Editor of tlie Arcade Elizabeth Kendall . Nenucomb Editor of llie Hullabaloo Josephine Weil . . . Ncu-comh Editor of the Jambalaya Lucy Walne . . . Business Manager of the Jambalaya Nellie May Bartletl .... Chairman Campus Night 333 Arnv, Bell, Blount, Brizard CONNERLY, COITON ' , CoX, CrUMP, CuCINOTTA, DAWKINS Devlin, Dreyer, Fowler, Fren ' ch, Gardiner Hanover, Harper, Hart, Hulsey, James, Johnson LaNasa, Lindy, McBryde, McCain, Odgen, Miller Parker, Rear, Robinson, Schaffner, Stolley SwEiG, Taylor, Turner, Walshe, Wehrmann, Wright 33+ cXAAAByVL A SA 4 Tulane Glee Club Officers Henri Wehrmann Director Bruno Stollev President Bob Wehrmann Vice-President J. Rudolph Johnson Business Manager Harry B. Kelleher Issislant Business Manager James M. Robert Librarian J. B. Bell C. Berdon J. M. Cotton L. CUCINOITA E. Dreyer Members Tenors F. W. Gardiner P. Geren P. G. Foster G. E. Harveson J. J. Kelleher W. B. Kohlman M. J. LaNasa C. S. Liles A. P. Lassiter J. I. McCain F. B. OCDEN A. T. Blount H. H. Brister A. R. CONNERLY L. R. DeBuys R. C. Hodges G. P. Devron Second Tenors P. E. James C. O. Miller W. G. Provosty J. B. Read J. M. Robert G. . Robinson P. V. Schaffner M. L. Shaw D. P. Speed A. J. Theriot W. O. Vennard A. L. Welch L. L. Wright R. A. Arny F. A. Brewer P. S. Cooke V. K. Cox E. C. French Baritones J. R. Johnson H. B. Kelleher E. P. Lee B. J. McCloskey H. C. Parker K. W. Stubbs B. Stolley E. C. Upton W. H. Walshe B. Wehrmann C. H. Wicker H. M. Busch A. D. Cleveland R. G. Crump Second Bass B. C. Dawkins P. Freund H. W. Gillentine G. S. Hopkins S. G. Jacobs F. W. McBryde G. F. Taylor 335 N ewcom b Mandolin-Guitar Club Officers Dorothy Brandao President Eleanor Hafkesbring Secretary-Treasurer Members JMandoUns Frances Clark Nancy Clark Nancy Downing Wynogene Haggard Mary Haroldsox Alice T. Wier Adrian Asbury Rose Beeson Banjos Dorothy Brandao Eleanor HafkesbrIxNG Adolyn McClatchey Myrtle Gastrell Annette Mahoney Anita Nolan Odile Simpson Ukelelees Christine Cole Eduarda Jennings Ruth Louise Marks Rosalie Watt Elizabeth Hollis Bernice Mansberg Shonnette Meyer Lois Weinfield Evelyn Childress Myrtle Colon Mary Jo Evans Gtiitar Mildred Porteaus Tiolins Audrey Fay Sayman Hilda Simon Audrey White Pianos Elaine Singer Drum Ruth Maas 3,6 The Tulane University Band Officers Dr. Marten ten Hoor Director Jac. a. Assunto Manager PtiiLiPPE V. L. ScHAFFNER First Assistant Manager L. Lavelle Wright Second Assistant Manager F. Robert Mendow Librarian Joseph Gunn Assistant Librarian Dudley C. Foley, Jr Property Man Mallory J. Read Assistant Property Man Leon S. Haas, Jr Drum Major Jac. a. Assunto Louis Bierhorst Locke Brown, Jr. Ernest Bruchez, Jr. Lazar Cohen P. J. Erickson, Jr. A. T. Firth Jack Fisher Scott Flower, Jr. Dudley C. Foley, Jr. Jacob M. Gensburcer Joseph Gunn Leon S. Haas, Jr. Members John J. Hainkel R. Lyman Heindel, Jr. Oliver W. Hey ' den Earl T. Huthnance Roy Wm. Kirchberg Matthew J. LaNasa John A. Lewis, Jr. Luke Marcello F. Robert Mendow Harry Meyer Albert J. Meyers Clark O. Miller Claude A. Miranda Dan S. Moore Lee Nesbitt J. Chris Neilsen E. M. Pringle, Jr. Mallory- J. Read Philippe V. L. Shaffner Robert Segal Harry Slipakoff Edgard Stayer Joseph Sweig Frank A. Vallario J. Edmund Ullman Chester Wicker Valmore M. Wilson L. Lavelle Wright 337 ff " cXAJ AJ5y LyOSV ASSUNTO, BiGGAR, FrIERSON, HARTER HiERT, Kane, Kendall, Labouisse, Mercier Tulane Hullabaloo News Staff James Wright Frierson Editor William Thomas Harter Associate Editor Harnett T. Kane Feature Editor Ednard Waldo Art Campus Editor Elizabeth Kendall Nenucomb Editor Business Staff Alfred Mercier, Jr Business Manager James Ricketts Biggar, Jr. . Assistant Business Manager Stanley Arthur, Jr. . . • Local Advertising Manager Jac a. Assunto Circulation Manager Mallory Read Assistant Circulation Manager 338 0© Brewster, Harter, Hexriques, McCloskey Palmgren, Riggall, Walne, Weil Jambalaya Staff Officers Bernard J. McCloskey Editor-in-Clncf C. B. BrewsteRj Jr Business Manager Editorial Staff Josephine Weil Newcomb Editor Cecil Riggall Medical Editor Charles Henriques Assistant Uptown Editor Dorothy Brandao Assistant Neu-comb Editor Jane Ha ' S ' ward Assistant Newcomb Editor Paul Baird Assistant Medical Editor John Wisdom Sports Editor T. Harter ■ Feature Editor Mary Moffett Art Jt ' ork Managerial Staff Lucie Walne Nenucomb Business Manager Carl Palmgren Uptown Business Manager Katherine Hardesty Asst. Neiucomh Business Manager 339 Larkin " , Harrestv, Wilson The Jennie C. Nixon Debating Club Officers Rena Wilson President Katherine Hardesty CJiairman of Debates Mataileen Larkin Secretary-Treasurer Aleen Armstrong Adrienne Asbury Ruth Brandao Flavia Claverie Evelyn Coulson Berta Denman Marguerite Davenport Mabel Dodd Lady Nan Ferguson Macie Fine Margaret Folse Members Winifred Folse Carmelita Gonzalez Rita Hovey-King Maxine Hagedorn Katherine Hardesty Florence Jennings Rosalie Kusin Mataileen Larkin Helen Maestri Ada Mott Ethel Muse Audrey Sayman Roberta Seiferth Annie L. Spencer Nannette Tomlinson Margaret Troescher Erminia Wadsworth Lucy Walne Hilda Wassermann Audrey White Isabelle Wiener BETTi ' Werlein Rena Wilson 3+0 Dreyer, Goodman, Inbau, Kane, Korn Lang, Lindy, Moore, Pearson, Stahl Tulane Oratorical and Debating Council Officers fl. Charles Korn C iniimun Dan S. Moore Secrrtary-Treasurcr Faculty Members Dr. John M. McBryde Frank W. Prescott Richard R. Kirk Student Members Edward P. Dreyer Samuel Goodman Fred Inbau Harnett T. Kane Charles Korn Samuel Lang Herman Lindy Dan Moore Ralph Pierson Leopold Stahl The Council is an organization of students and faculty members that controls inter- collegiate debating affairs. 341 Antoon, Bagby, Beasley, Bell, Bledsoe Comer, Cox, Df.vron, Dreyer, Fontexot, Ford Friedman, Garcia, Hyman, Inbau, Kane Kaplan, Kendall, Korn, Lang, Little, Lurie Moore, O ' Brien, Ogden, Carillo, Parker Pearson, Read, Simonton, Stahl, Weill, Williams 342 Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society Officers Dan S. Moore Speaker H. Charles Korn Ficc-Speaker George Bagby Secretary-Treasurer David Comer Hislorian James I. McCain Censor Lane Kendall Scrgcanl-at-.-lrms James S. Barry Critic Harnett T. Kane Delegate to Oratorical and Dchatiufj Council Ralph Pearson Delegate to Oratorical and Debating Council James I. McCain Dan S. Moore Edward Dreyer Charles Korn Samuel Lang James Read l. a. fontenot Dallam O ' Brien John Parker Lane Kendall Walter Lurie Members V. K. Cox Fred Inbau Harnett Kane Ralph Pearson Pat Little Alex Carillo George Bagby David Comer William Bell Gustave Devron E. C. Garcia Edward Antoon Irving Seligman Morris Kaplan L. SiMONTON Leon Weill Clarence Ford James Domengeux Leon Haas C. A. Beasley Ben Friedman James Bledsoe David Gertler 343 Arnold, Bacley, Bell, Bledsoe, Comer Cox, Dean, Devron, Drever, Fenner Fowler, Gendel, Grey, Gregory, Kramer Moore, O ' Brien, F. Ogden, H. Odgen, Sabathier Stahl, Sherwood, Stockman, Taylor, Tharpe 34+ Tulane Dramatic Guild Officers James I. McCain President Dan S. Moore Vice-President George Bagbv Secretary Waller Fowler Treasurer William A. Bell Business Manager Members C. H. Arnold George Bagiy William A. Bell David Comer Lewie J. Darter C. H. Dean GUSTAVE DeVRON Edward P. Dryer Waller Fowler Benjamin Gendel Calvin S. Gray S. M. Hoover Gerhardt Kraemer John Legier Pat Little Dallam O ' Brien James I. McCain Dan S. Moore Jean Sabathier Irving Seligman Shepherd Shushan Homer H. Stockman Ednard Waldo James Tharp 345 x:s -. " JSTs.-T Mars, Carroll, Lambiotte, Micas Tke Newcomb Dramatic Club Thais Micas . . . Dorothy Carroll Officers . . President Marcelle Mars . Vice-President Louise Lambiotte • Secretary Treasurer E. Adams N. Allen R. Allen H. Arnat A. ASBURY L. Aubert S. Barker S. Barkoff F. Barlowe N. M. Bartlett R. Beeson F. Blacklock L. Billeaud D. Brandao R. Brierre V. Brown A. Buckmann E. Burrows M. Burton H. Cambias C. Carnahan D. Carroll A. Carroll V. Carter F. Claverie N. Clark L. Cline L. Cohen R. Coquille F. Coyle M. Crozat Y. Crespo M. CULLEN B. Davis M. Davenport L. Deloche L. DouRS R. Duffy M. Earhart E. Ellis W. FOLSE C. Fairchild F. Fancher A. FiN ' KLEA M. Fine L. N. Ferguson R. FiNEGOLD J. FOURNET C. Caudet N. Gebehn H. Gellespixe Goodman C. Gonzalez H. Gough C. Grayson A. Grun n. Grundman A. Guion A. Haas E. Hafkesbring Members B. Halern K. HARDESTi- N. Harris M. Harrison M. Hartley M. Hartson M. Henriques H. Miller M. HiRSCH E. Huger F. IVENS E. Johnston R. Kahn K. Kammer M. Keesler B. Krauss F. Kreeger A. Kreh R. KusiN L. Lambiotte Langermann M. Lanier Lawrence V. Lazarous E. Lewis A. Levy ' A. Loach A. LOCKHART M. Long J. LURIE A. Mahoney H. Maestri P. Malletz M. Mars A. Marshall S. Mastin H. McBryde A. McCampbell B. McCoy E. McGee T. Micas Michaelson A. Mitchner B. Moss R. Moss A. MOTT E. NORRIS Y. Pavy F. PlERSON E. PlERSON V. Peterson J. Pharr L. Phillips O. Picknair F. Powell S. Reed A. Richardson M. Richardson R. Rogan r . Robertson M. Rosenstock D. Russ P. Saal U. Sancton A. Sayman D. Schiro R. Seifferth A. Shands E. Singer H. Skelly A. Spencer V. Strauss H. St. Martin C. Streiffer M. TUITE M. Tucker A. Veith Y. ViCNAIR M. Villere C. Vic E. Wadsworth E. Warnack H. Wassermann B. Werlein E. J. Westfeldi A. White H. Wilson L. Wilson C. Withers D. Wright C. Yandell 346 Hooper, Brandao, Mars, Cortxer, Micas Newcomb Glee Club Mary Cortner . Marcelle Mars . . . . President . ■ Vice-President DoROTHV Brandao Jan ' et Hooper Thais L. Micas . . . . . . Librarian . Business Manager Secretary-Treasure) D. Brandao L. Cli e W. F. Coleman F. COYLE E. Dial F. Barlow M. Cortner E. Coleman L. Everett D. Ervin E. Ellis P. Ephraim K. Edmin ' ston M. Fly E. Adams K. R. Bacon C. Cole M. L. Coleman B. Denman Fischer, H. FURLOW Members Altos J. Fowler M. Hagedorn C. Hagedorn E. Jones K. LiNDER E. Martin First Sporanos J. FOURNET J. Hooper D. Hill M. Heald E. Johnston M. Larkin H. McCampbell M. Morton Second Sopranos E. L. Frantz F. Gray N. Gebelin M. LeBreton J. LURIE D. McGriff M. Mars B. Moss L. Powell T. L. Micas A. Nolan S. Reed A. F. Sayman Stehle W. Palmer F. Price A. Richardson M. Tucker R. Watts F. Ware E. Welsch C. Weileman G. Williams M. Stehle R. Smith D. Teunisson S. Teunisson L. Weinfield M. L. Williams R. Wolff 347 Hardie Marshall, Westfeldt The Newcomt) Arcade Staff Ethel Jane Westfeldt Editor-in-Cliicf Macy Fine Assistant Editor Literary Editors Grace McKittrick Bettv Keenan- Elizabeth Kendall Elizabeth Lewis Business Staff Agnes Marshall Business Manager Flora Hardie 4 dvertising Manager Elizabeth Scott Art Editor 348 L. Maestri, Huger, A. Maestri Le Cercle Francais Elizabeth Huger President Evelyn Maestri I ' icc-Presidcnt Ruth Brandao Secretary-Treasurer Helen Maestri Stage Manager Members C. Aaroxs M. Durel D. Johnson M. Richardson H. Bernades D. Dusenburv D. Jones M. Rhodes E. Blanchard M. Eaton A. Keenan M. Rogan A. Blacklock a. M. Ellington R. Kusin H. Salles M. Bovard E. Ellis G. Langermann S. Sandmeyer D. Brandao E. Eskrigge E. Lewis E. Schwartz R. BRAND. ' io A. Evans M. Leverich B. Swantor A. Bruno L. Ferguson L. Livaudais M. Tucker W. Cameias L. N. Ferguson E. Livaudais E. Villere V. Carter G. Fernandez L. Livaudais M. Waddill H, Caulkins J. Fournet E. Lyman E. Wadsworth E. Childress J. Fox M. C. Lynaie B. Walton P. Clarkson R. Freeman H. Maestri M. Walker E. Cleveland L. Gilligan E. Maestri H. Watkins F. Cleveland J. Gladney A. Mahoney A. Weill C. Cole A. Grun E. M.agruder B. Werlein R. CoQuiLLE J. Hai-ward B. Mansberg F. B. Weinstein E. CouLSON S. Hero K. Menuet H. Weld Y. Crespi D. Hill E. MeGehee S. Wheeler S. Darter M. Hirsh Y. Pavy A. White M. Davenport S. Hollingsworth J. Pharr H. Wilson B. David R. Hove --King M. Plauche B. Withers B. Denman E. Huger M. Porteus D. Wright M. Dinwiddie M. Isaacs A. Richardson D. Yandell A. J. DOHAN E. Johnson L Wiener 349 Abadie, BiERHORST, Carmouciii;, Crump, Ehrinsing, Hart Jastram, Kee.van, Kramer, Maxwell, Parker Phillips, Ricciute, Underwood, Wehrmann, Wisker, Wright Architectural Society, 1928- ' 29 Officers H. Tardy Hart President Charles L. Moroney . . Secretary-Treasurer Louis Bierhorst Vice-President M. L. Hummel . Jambalaya Representative Jacques Kessels . . . • Serc eant-at-.lnns Jacques Abadie George Christy Max Cohen Conrad S. Berdon Louis Bierhorst H. Tardy Hart William Cahill George Drane H. M. Fair MoisE Fishman Adolph Jastram W. C. Keenan, Jr. Seniors Robert G. Crump, Jr. Henry ' Ehrensing Anne Howell Herbert Parker Juniors Sidney M. Hoover Jacques Kessels Marie Louise Hummel H. F. Wehrmann Sophomores Edward Lea M. M. Maxwell Alberta Miller John Phillips E. H. Reisch Italo Ricciuti E. B. Silverstein J. W. Underwood QuEALY Walker Chester Wicker L. L. Wright Carlos deArmas William Gilmer G. P. Stubbs W. K. Stubbs J. D. Vallon W. P. Williams Samuel Wilson A. T. Blount 350 Tulane-Ne vcomt) Ckristian Union Officers Dan S. Moore President Katherine Hardestv Vke-Presidenl Dorothy Brandao Secretary Membership D. M. Adams Dorothy Brandao Adrienne Bruno Myse Cox Will Cox Howard Craig Lewie J. Darter, Jr. Edna Louise Frantz Katherine Hardesty George E. Harveson Reggie Hendry Elizabeth Kendall Lane Kendall John Metzger G. H. Nungester Fleeta Powell Madelin Powell Dorothy- Russ William Smith H. E. Robinson, Ad-v ' nor 351 f% o JJ rff Bergeron, Clark, L. Coleman, M. L. Coleman, Crowe DiGCETTE, EUSTIS, FOLSE, GrEAVES Hegedorn, Tomlinson, Tonsmiere, Treadway, Wright Council of Resident Students Officers Nannette Tomlinson President Mary Treadway East Winej President Sue Tomsmeire IFest Wing President Inez Knapp Secretary Fannie Mae Bergeron . . . Warren House President Catherine Crowe Doris Hall President HOUSE COUNCIL 1929 Jessamine Dacceti Margaret Folse Clifford Wright 1930 Elizabeth Coleman Lucille Greaves Maxine Hagedorn Mary Coleman Mary Sweeney 1931 Nancy Clark Peggy Clarkson Jane Whipple Laura Eustis 352 Muse, Gonzalez, Jahncke, Weil Newcomt) Atkletic Council Officers Ethel Muse C iainnan Adele Jahncke Secretary-Treasurer Members Seniors Carmileta Gonzalez Josephine Weil Dorothy Stearns Ethel Muse Juniors Adele Jahncke Edna Warnack Sopho nores Catherine Bender Polly Loeliger 353 Crowe, Gastrell, Hardesty Lambrotte, Muse, Price, Walne Y. W. C. A. Officers Myrtle Gastrell President Katherine Crowe Vice-President Louise Lambiotte Secretary Janice Price Treasurer Lucy- Walne Vnderyraduale Representative Cabinet Members Peggy Clarkson Katherine Hardesty Sarah Darter Cornelia Kell Helen Gladney Ethel Muse Belle Watson ' Freshman Commission Christine Cole Louise Powell Bertha Moss Madeline Richardson ' Beverly Walton ' 354 ff- JL 7 AJ5yVL.A3CA .l .% Baoby, Craig, Holmes McKiNNEY, Moore, O ' Brien, Schaffner Tulane Young Men s Christian Association Officers Lewie J. Darter, Jr President A. Dallam O ' Brien First Virc-President Joseph Holmes Second Vice-President George F. Bagbv Secretary Howard Craig Treasurer B. Montgomery .... Stu-dent Council Represrntati-ve H. E. Robinson General Secretary Members of Cabinet Lane Kendall Philippe Schaffner Dan S. Moore Wilt, Cox Joseph Gunn Mallory Read Charles David Board of Advisors Professor A. Lee Dunlap, Chairman Dr. E. a. Bechtel Dr. Rufus C. Harris Dr. S. A. Mahood Dr. Louis Bristow Rev. H. L. Johns Rev. D. W. Miller Mr. Fred Ellsworth Rev. John S. Land Mr. G. H. Terriberrv Professor D. M. Halley Dr. J. Adair Lyon Howard Craig Dr. Irving Hardest - Lewie J. Darter, Jr. The Tulane Young Men ' s Christian Association is the only campus organization that is campus-wide in its scope. Membership in the association is open to anyone who declares himself to be in accord with its aims. The program is carried on by the students under the direction of the General Secretary and is designed so as to care for the social, recreational and religious life of the student. 355 Beasley, Ford, Gendel Kaplan, Simonton, Singleton Stone, Taylor, Williams 556 Freshman Y Club Officers Garland Taylor President Morris Kaplan Vice-President Russell Welch Secretary-Treasurer George F. Bacby Advisor H. E. Robinson Ad-visor Members Rives Singleton Clarence Williams Earl Schexnayder B. R. Gendel Carl Cutrer Leslie Simonton Lee Alexander Clarence Ford Joseph Beasley Seals Spears 357 r Kaplan, Ford, V. K. Cas SiMONTON, Lenee, Fulso, W. Cox, Al kxa der Welch, Pearson, Gendel, Curtrer, Bergaitdt WiNAKOR, COCATT, SmIT?I, FeLDMAN, BiSHOP 358 .L 3 " . ' j: ..-r.-jsu.:A-.v:-. " ' ,.-.:£: LisoTTA, Antoon ' , Haxn ' a, Rothendal GARROLD NUiVGESTER Dormitory Club Eugene C. Hanna President Philip Lisotta Committeemen Edward J. Antoon Secretary H. ROTHENDLER Lee Alexander Charles H. Cowen Claude Dolhonde George E. Harveson Lucius P. Levee Charles Carriere Walter H. Coulson V. K. Cox William E. Cox LaSalle Hall Gerardo Lopez John G. Norris Harry Orlov C. J. Scott Bienville Hall Carl Curtrer Clarence H. Ford Frank R. Fulco Charles T. Gayle James Holt Leslie Simonton George Snowden Frank A. Vallario Russell L. Welch Mackie W. White Irving Machlin Ralph E. Pearson Alan Troup SOLOMAN WiNOKUR D. M. Adams, Jr. C. E. Bishop Cecil E. Bercstedt Frederick E. Cordson Herndon M. Fair Gayarre Hall Noah Feldman Benjamin R. Gendel Bennie Kaplan Morris Kaplan J. J. Massonv Johnathan E. Pierce Stanley E. Severance S. SiZELER Robert T. Smith Vance M. Strange 359 !Z7 Undergraduate " T ' Club Organized 1927 Officers John G. Menville President Richard O. Baumbach ' . . . Vice-President Charles Rucker Secretary Lee O ' Pry Treasurer Ham Barham Sidney Siezler Bernard McCloskey Loraine Allums William Marx Paul Crouere Richard Baumbach Henry Butker Adam Harper Elbridge Ryan John Whatley Sheldon Blue Marion Wolfe Elmer McCanse Charles L. Young A. Elmer Massey Andrew Hooper Members Dave Drezinski Wilmer Jones Russell Butaud John Oelkers Tatham Eskrigge J. A. Knighton Earl Evans Herbert Ford Charles Rucker Bill Banker John Menville Eugeke McCarroll Alfred Stoessell Quealey Walker John Walls Darwin Fenner Lee O ' Pry Ford Seeuws Ike Armstrong Herbert Suehs Claude Marquer Tom George Henry Hatcher Charlie Henriques Falvy Barr Joseph Trunzler Maurice Bayon John Gilmour Preston Savoy William Gladney Jack Pizzano Hugh W. Whatley R. Jack Holland .Morris Bodenger Lloyd T. Roberts Myrtus Mangum Organized and created to help in all causes looking to the advancement of Tulane University in educational, literary, athletic, forensic and general activities, and generally to do and perform any and all things necessary to effectuate the high purposes of the said University; to promote college activities in every form and to assist the authorities in keeping them in proper bounds by making them an incidental and not the principal feature of intercollegiate and univer- sity life; the establishment of friendly relations between the athletes of the university in securing unitv of action and sympathy in matters of common interest between them and the building up of an organization that recognizes mutual respect for the rules of the university and assistance in enabling the University to more easily comply with the laws of the Conference to which it belongs. 360 HUMOR Mirandy, wic coinr yo ' nil done madr yo ' liair iv iilc Do?i ' l yo ' all know f cntlimcn prejulis blondcsf THE TULANE HULLABALOO SLAIN IN REAR APARTMENT Blunt Instrument Blights Blower of Sax Mary Aldrich, alleged saxophone player and dean of Tulane Commer- cial School, of 34567 Audubon Park Drive, was brutalh ' beaten in his rear apartment, between the hours of 2 o ' clock Sunday morning and 3 o ' clock Wednesday afternoon, according to re- ports from Police Chief Raise office last Christmas. The body of Aldy was found lying across a Duncan Phyfe divian, with two broken legs and green upholstery, with his favorite Conn Tenor-Bass saxophone, 12 carrots gold, inlaid with platinum and three diamonds set in the mouthpiece, when Detective Snippen- snoop entered the wrecked apartment. Chief Raise, who answered to a tele- gram delivered by special delivery over the radio, said that the attempt on Dr. Aldrich was done by someone who did not appreciate good music. Raise was also in favor of the execu- tion of Aldrich ' s assaulter. The blow across the middle of the center of Aldy ' s forehead was due to a crush from a blunt instrument. Aldrich, after several days investi- gation on the part of the police, fire and S. P. C. A. society, was rushed to the Hilarity Hospital, where he was treated with fallen arches. Mrs Aldrich told police that her husband had purchased the saxophone only two months ago, but had been longing for one since his childhood. " I wanted to be popular, " murmured the suffering man through his tightly closed lips. Mrs. Aldrich insisted, how- ever, that she had warned her husband at the time, that he had spent too much money to blow in. Fingerprints found on an empty whiskey flask near the central corner of the room, led police to think it might be a rum plot, but this theory was abandoned when the prints were found to be that of Detective Snippensnoop. Three hundred and fifty Tulane stu- dents as well as several good-looking co-eds are being held at police head- quarters for questioning concerning the matter. FLASH xbgkqjcmfwypffifl. . . gk cmfrf 6OVBCDEF ? M ' zfiflffwvBCDE jp TAO etaoi shrdlu cmfwyp vbgkqj xzfiflzfiflff fiflzbmhtt vcsecmfwypp qjxzfiflffffi kqw gfiflffff tmbbthr xzfiflffffi flqqbgkqi ,)33 123456 783456 vbgkqjodkkfliylqy etaoinshrdl ;6..9()x ][ 9 UHKN — VBCDEF. A,.syf,Vjf ;ilild3 ' fdwytaoly y schrdlu cmfwyp vbgkqjetaoinm wypp ATHER OR NOT Local — Increasing fogginess as hang- overs begin to clean up. Lots of hot air and wind as classes begin. Further cloudiness as science profs begin to ex- plain theories. Sunshine and clear skies as 4:30 nears. More fogginess as students leave home for another night of whoopee. Tomorrow, ditto. t)ean Grace M Kittnck ' r ■rjx -T- S President of Newcomb ifcjn T n V.v o student Council Pr---- ' X)ean oitlis ■Lav f School ' iresid, V O E Zoo i i ' jt " ' -(- s:?B» ' " j - ' Dot Chamberlain Newcomb Cheerleader tU ' lt )A i! - ° ' the B° castor D • «s»«r:arar ' iii- ' ' " f-ify Florence Pierson Pres. of The Newcornb Student Body tAttof 2S : ' » Carmelita Gonzalez Pres. of Senior Class at New comb Vrev -• -_ i j. ..i«..ji.. .» r. . jc :.; - ' «fte..JJfcfi l£ ' XT: - -rrgi_jV« - I ' Ar JViQL TO■ STI;]R , l¥3 ©H. BHTWroiilE , ' •Aiqm TLA . .; j. " f ,.-iiv- yEB VTAIS - ' iO COM .V ' ,,..,, OjMfjj ■ m i ( ooi F of us f Fact 2- A ' RibPB ' ' - .A l R -r IS ' ;6 A . F5 (F -c , D ( ? iJVr IMA J Ki-MA ' oO M Pi S CrMAK ficTOR-E ° f V rR.y IV Or r j- ' _S ' i ' Cr rf r»A7 AtiwYo ' e eise ' 7s rz va -THE M K - S - SAM: " ' • e Fl eJ A 1 ,r ' s v f( i_A Si rMfi l°rA -iT y - y y c C yJ A rHf ' A l l P A F ' £ Program Doctor Melvin White and the Pan-Hellenic Players Present: " A WEEK WITH THE GREEKS ' A FARCE IN- ONE ACT BV Joe Brunk, alias " Butch " DRAMATIS PERSONAE Ima Deke A Football Player Ima Beta A Singer Ima Kaya J Southern Gentleman Im N. Ateeyo An Elk Ima Sigmapi Bechtel Ima Phi (Name Witheld) Im N. Esaye Who hf Ima Kappasig A Rustic Ima Sigmanoo A Boulevardier Ima Sigmaki A Clerk in Broadivay Pharmacy Ima Pikaya (Censored) Ima Phikappasig PP ' ho Isn ' t? Ima Delta Scarface Al Capone Whosen Oteeya? A Sigma Epsilon Ima Deltasigmaphi Another Football Player Ima Pikappaphi Yeahf Three Israelites, Zeebeetee, Kappanoo and Ima Esaye, A. Spaniard, S. Iota and a Porter, Lamd A. Fie. Oh, yes! We almost forgot A. FRESHMAN. SCENE I The play opens in a hotel-sized house on Henry Clay Avenue. A rather be- wildered freshman is sitting on a couch in a living room big enough to run a race in. He is cornered by Ima Deke. Ima Deke: Can you play football, basketball or do anything on the track? A. Freshman: No. . Deke: Can you write for some publication, loaf well or drive a car? A. Freshman: No. . Deke: Did you like our last party? 371 A. Freshman : To be frank, I don ' t know. I was injured in the mob. Where are the rest of the fraternity ? . Deke: Over at school correcting the mistake by which the faculty put us last on the scholarship list. (Exeunt) SCENE II Another hotel-sized house on Henry Clay Avenue. Enter Im N. Ateeyo who, hearing freshmen approaching, rushes to door and clasps freshman in arms telling him what a wonderful boy he is (thi s is their first meeting.) I. N. Ateeyo: Come, my dear, and let me have your promise that you ' ll go A. T. O., for we need good men like you. A. Freshman: Why? . A . A.: Well, you see we get bigger and better every day and believe me, you ' ll belong to the biggest fraternity on the campus if we can ever manage to pledge three men per year. A. Freshman: What ' s that noise? Im N. Ateeyo goes to cellar door and tries lock to make sure the rest of the fraternity can ' t escape, but A. Freshman does. SCENE III Curtain discloses plot of ground along Audubon Street. Freshman is standing there cornered by Ima Beta, Ima Kaya and Ima Pikappaphi. Ima Pikappaphi: Come, come with us and be original. A. Freshman: No. (Exit Pikappaphi.) I?na K. A.: Come, come with us and be a Southern Gentleman, uphold the traditions of the South ' s heroes. Come with us and drink tea. Come with us and you ' ll get a good view of Newcomb girls going into the tea room. Ima Beta: No, come with us and sing. We ' ll put you in the Grand Opera. Furthermore none of the forbidden liquid ever comes beyond our threshold. We have an alumnus who owns three Stutzes and you can ride to your heart ' s content. We are strong in the West and in the East and even in the South. We were one of the last fraternities established at Tulane and look where we are. A. Fresh nan: Where? (Exeunt). SCENE IV The scene shifts to State Street. Enter A. Freshman pursued by Ima Phi. A. Freshman : One at a time now boys. Ima Phi: Here, don ' t go with that other boy, can ' t you tell a good fraternity when you see one? Just think of all the great men we have, more than the Betas or the 372 Dekes. Just evidence the cups we have on our walls, mantels and so forth. What? You say that one man won all those cups? Well, he counts more than any big man another fraternity can boast. And we have the only fraternity house here that was designed for a fraternity house, and such polite boys who revel in tea drinking as their wildest occupation ! SCENE V Curtain reveals three old Tulanians, Zebeetee, Kappanoo and Ima Esayem, walking frantically to and fro. Enter A. Freshman. A. Freshman: What ' s the matter, have you lost something? All three (in chorus) : Yes, yes. Three days ago we were sent dance invitations; two weeks ago we all had houses and now we can ' t find ' em. It ' s terrible the way these boys treat their alumni. Zebeetee: I went to where the Z. B. T. house used to be and a lady poked out her head and said: " To be shure, begorra, there ' s no fraternity house here. " Kappanoo: I went to where the K. N. house used to be and a man stuck out his head and said: " My good wee mon, there ' s no fraternity bairnies here. " I?na Essayem: That ' s nothing. When I went to the old Esayem house a hand- some man, and I mean a handsome man, poked out his head. Right then I knew I was in the wrong place. SCENE VI Scene is laid in the vicinity of Broadway. Im N. Essaye is out distributing circulars to all passersby. Enter A. Freshman pursued by Ima Kappasig and Ima Sigmaki. Ima N. Essaye: Step right this way gents and lend an ear. We pledge more every year and every man we pledge gets somewhere. We have the best fraternity magazine ever published and just piles and piles of great men and all sorts of associations to keep us from going to the dogs. Take a circular, it ' s all free. Learn about the organization of this really great fraternity. (A. Freshman escapes.) Ima Kappasig: You say you come from Bugtussle, La.? Come with us and feel at home. We furnish straw mattresses to all our pledges. We ' ll let you milk the cow. All our boys have that attractive Southern drawl and believe me it goes big with the ladies. Ima Sigmaki: No, come with us and help us move to our new house right back of the old one and right on Broadway. Ice cream and soda all day and every day and Newcomb girls passing in and out all the time. We ' re very particular about whom we pledge; so don ' t feel bad if you ' re the only one there on Pledge Night. And ask anyone in New Orleans that ' s out of college which fraternity has the best alumni. It ' s us! Freshman : I did, and everyone I asked was a Sigma Chi. 373 Being ill the neighborhood of Pine Street, it seems proper that we introduce Pine Street ' s newest nuisance, Ima Sigmapi. He has moved to Pine Street because it ' s not paved. The corner of State and Willow Streets was terrible as a location for such a quiet bunch of boys. Ima Sigmapi: Don ' t listen to those raucous boys. We have Tulane ' s best com- bination on our rolls. Dr. Bechtel plus a second assistant varsity cheer leader. With us you ' ll learn what it is to have school spirit and at the same time spend your full time at the University without making any involuntary trips home. (Exeiinl). SCENE VII Scene shifts to St. Charles Avenue and Lowerline Street. On the porch of a corner house stands Ima Sigmanoo gesticulating proudly toward the passing throngs on New Orleans ' main thoroughfare. He ' s doing it for the benefit of A. Freshman. Ima Sigmanoo: Join Sigmanoo and live on the Avenoo. Travel broadens one, but you don ' t have to travel if you join us, the whole world passes by our threshold. We guarantee and specialize a home for anyone who wants to stay at Tulane eight or nine years. (Enter Ima Delta). Ima Delta: Say bo, youse is in de wrong place. Come wid me and see a real swellelegant fratoinity. Loin how to be hard-boiled and swing a blackjack. A. Freshman: Pardon me, I must go to register. (Curtain). SCENE VIII Enter Ima Phikappasig, Ima Pikaya and Whosen Oteeya. They see A. Freshman and become all excited over getting a chance at anyone. Ima Phikappasig: Don ' t rush, freshman, any time, any year and any where that you feel like joining a fraternity just tell us your name and address and we ' ll give you a pledge button. Really we get some awfully nice boys by waiting for desperation to drive them to us. We get the good boys that other fraternities don ' t notice. Ima Pikaya: If you like lots of room to work off your animal instincts come with us. There ' s room after room over at our house with not a single piece of furniture to get in your way. Our batting average is getting better every year. Last year, we had two (2) pledges that someone at Tulane knew. Whosen Oteeya: Versatility is our middle name. In two more years we were two different fraternities and in a little while we may be another, a big national fraternity. Sigma Epsilon teaches its men consistency. Last year we had an Assistant Varsity Cheer Leader and this year he was assistant again. If you can play in the band or sing in the G lee Club here ' s your environment. Someday someone is going to call us a fraternity, by gum. 374 SCENE IX Curtain rises on Ima Deltasigmaphi and S. Iota. Ima D.: Saa-a-y youse, let ' s see your profile. (A. Freshman shows profile). H-m-m, not a big enough mug. And say, youse looks like a daisy, ain ' t never been in a fight ; look at dat straight nose and dem ears. However, if youse can do sometin ' wid dose hams, we ' ll take youse. A. Freshman: I can ' t. (Ima Deltasigmaphi faints, not believing such a man exists). S. Iota: Ah, senor, Habla Vd. espanol ? Si? Son sus parentos castellanos? Si? Then com-a weeth us and eat awnyons. We tenemos un chapter a Loyola, ain ' t zat elegant ? We ' re primeros on the scholarship standing list, no es verdad ? (Exit Frcsh- ?nan. disgusted). SCENE X It is after pledge night. A porter, Lamd A. Fie, is sweeping up the left overs from a big slaughter. (Enter- A. Freshman.) Lamd A. Fie (Timidly) : Maybe your honor might come with us, no? We may win the Interfraternity basketball trophy in a year or so. Our runner-up place this fall made other fraternities sit up and take notice. A. Freshman: What else would? Oh, that I should have come to this! (Dies. Some Arthurians, whatever they are, come and take him to the " Y " hut and pray for his soul. They dig a grave, lower him in, and kick themselves in after him.) THE END 375 J Pizzangum: " I doji ' t t ihik Hathaiuay is so hot as a biology teacher. " Manffzario: " How come? " Pizzangum: " I asked him lioiu long a human being could li-ve without brains and he asked me how old I was. " Jazzed Dictionary for Tulane Students automobile — 20th century model of the old parlor sofa. Most important part: clutch. spree — Something done by a man who has fallen behind in his drinking and then tries to make it up; also called " bender, " " bat, " " looper, " et al. bootlegger — A college graduate with lots of frienda who call him by his first name and, strangely, consult him about all parties they go on or give. Scotch — (See also wood alcohol. Prohibition, iodine, ether, gasoline, benzine, medicine). A people of the British Isles. A beverage containing about 55 per cent alcohol. Authentic only up to 191 7. textbooks — Useless articles carried only for the sake of effect. zebra — Sport model of. a jackass. co-ed — Strange two-legged being which has the power of drawing the focus of the eyes of the genus iiomo sapiens, especially downward. degree — a piece of important looking paper given by the faculty in recognition of escape from all their pitfalls. Camt us — large grass covered area used by student as a short cut to the stadium. Plunk — Used by professors to break the sad news to diligent students who have received a mark of 69.9 — also used as a reference in referring to the Chief or a lousy date. Phi Beta Kappa — A man unworldly wise, knows his science and blushes when talking to co-eds. Never drinks. Holiday — Generally happens after an L. S. U. football game, but only after students have yelled themselves hoarse. Well received during the latter part of December and the early part of June. Crip — Usually an economics or history course. Exam — Comes twice a year, twice too often, and mars the daily pleasures of the undergraduate. Employed by Profs to find out who is the person or persons always interrupting his lectures by loud snoring. Dormitories — We refer you to any out-of-town man that hasn ' t enough money to sleep in beds. Football — An oval inflated pigskin object, which causes a lot of discussion between twenty-two men during the months of September, October and Novenber. Also a good reason why athletes drop out of college at the end of the first term. Coach — A man very popular with the student body, but does not agree with the faculty as to their scholastic rulings. Never called by his last name. JVhoopee — Can ' t be defined. Actions speak louder than words. 576 After sixteen and a half years of ex- haustive research, the university authori- ties have come to the conclusion that Bovaltine is the stuff; yes, Bovaltine. For example, we will take Tulane ' s most representative student since 1902. " Yes, that ' s when little Stanislaus Phillipots first came to us, " says Dean Milkjohn. " He was but a raw youth, but we knew that he had a brilliant fu- ture before him. Perhaps aviation, who could tell whether the boy was to walk or fly. " We see in picture ( i ) that Dean Milkjohn was not far from right in this conclu- sion. At that time, Stanislaus was a se- date youth sticking close to home, but he soon fell into bad ways. In picture (2) we see what the ravages of dissipation have done to little Stanislaus. His mar- velous ear development has disappeared, due to ducking his head in the Gumbo bowl, his curly locks have gone the way of Staycomb. Alas! Alas! Even his well rounded face is becomijig pinched, but the authorities have nothing to fear. Bovaltine will come to the rescue. In picture {3) he has taken to- drinking Cokes and smoking Cubebs. The effect of Garbo on the innocent students of this country is readily seen, but he is get- ting something out of col- lege. After all, he has read Pelbert Blubbard ' s Book and is now able to talk on any subject, no matter how personal, even evolution. In picture (4) you will readily see that he has mended his ways, although he has taken to ping pong and playing postoffice, he is getting to be a little devil with the ladies. In picture (5) we see the finished product; a steady diet of Bovaltine and Nuxated Cast Iron will lengthen his years. He has just graduated, and at the tender age of sixtj ' -four looks upon the world with a new hope. ( Note the bi- focals.) " Without a doubt, " says the Dean, " he owes it all to Bovaltine — and the School for Sleuths, where he tells bedtime stories to night watchmen. " 377 Peggy Pass tke Potatoes ' Society Notes on tke Jambalaya ' s Annual Ball ' ! ' P J ' ' i ,liii:i ' !F ' ' ;f ' rl ' ' ' : ' ' ' ' ' ' ? The Jambalaya was host yesterday evening at the Pythian Hall in connection with the Bull Social Club. Due to the heavy rain, pirogues were used to convey the guests. The ball itself was a beautiful affair, being one of the high-lights of the social season. The hall was beautifully decorated with water hya- cinths and empty beer bottles hanging from the ceiling and glistening in the pale green light, which gave the effect of looking at the world " through rose colored glasses. " The curtain rose to the tune of " Carry Me Back to Old Virginny, " presenting to view Her Majesty Henrietta Broad, supported by seven pages. With dif- ficulty the captain blew his whistle and all noise ceased in the areana except for the rattle of a few bottles which had been carefully suspended from the wall by the electrician. The captain chose the following for his court: Miss Edwina Jahncke, Miss Mary Walshe, Miss Lizzie Ford, Miss Myrtle Mangum, Miss Peggy Yokum and Miss Charlee Rucker. Her Majesty, Bull, was lovely in a plain wine vat. Miss Edwina Jahncke dressed in a thin dress of fog looked simply stunning, while Miss Myrtle Mangum, concealing a thought, was also particularly attractive wearing a rhinestone beaded bag trimmed with dew drops. Miss Mary Walshei wore a Jantzen bathing suit, her golden locks in striking contrast to the brilliant blue haze of cigarette smoke and stale gin. Miss Lizzie Ford was lovely in a pair of pink garters, trimmed with lace. Miss Peggy Yokum was gorgeously clad in a gown of gooper- feathers with an ostrich plume in each hand. The Ball at one time was interrupted by a slight riot in the gallery, the Phi Delta Theta brothers were at it again. Miss Charlee Rucker, counting the Phis (Flies) on the wall, while shaking hands with somebody in the balcony was clouted on the chin with one of the unhung beer bottles, which happened to be handy, and took the long count. The ball would have lasted indefinitely had not thff police interfered. The fracas ended, leaving nothing but a few bodies suspended from the Pass-Out Boxes. Those noticed in this connection were Bill Hagerty, Ford Seeuws, Charlie Henriques, Buster Harper, Junior Waldo, Norton Wisdom, Ike Armstrong, Charlie Ox, Joe Brunk, Bill Gladney, Billy Bell, Jack Pizzano, Olive Provosty, Miss Barry, Miss Crawford, Ted Cox, C. B. Brewster, Bernie Bierman, Al Holle- man and Judge Lamprecht. " Hoixi did Goldsmith get his in- spiration to write ' The Deserted I ' il- lage ' f " " He ivas in Glasgoiu, one tag day. " 378 " Tills book tells about Jwu: blotting paper ij- ' as discovered. " " It must be quite absorbing. " AN INTERVIEW WITH THE DEAN I ' ve been around visiting a lot since I came to Tulane. The other day I received a little letter in a brown envelope (really it was the most original invitation), which asked me politely, but firmly to visit the Dean. The bell clanged and I rushed out bubbling over with anticipation. I entered his ante-room and was greeted by a polite young lady who let me in the gate (there was a fence) and ushered me into the Dean ' s private boudoir. All around the rooni were objects devoted to his life ' s works. When I entered he almost leaped out of his chair with glee and chortling with joy he offered me a seat. While he poured over pages and pages of records, I noticed his allurmg dress. He was attired in an alluring vermillion negligee flounced with cerise papier mache and he had a delightful odor like that around violets in springtime. From a long jade cigarette holder protruded a Murad and wreaths of blue smoke coiled up- ward from it. Then he looked up and with the politest of phrases asked me to resign from the university. He was so charming and courteous that I just couldn ' t refuse him, and so I said: " Sure, old pal, anything to oblige, " and I walked out proud of my service to humanity. 379 ' ' -voe« ,ei T« 6«=,coeoc T gg.gg, The Glee Club in Havana " Valencia " ' " June Niglil " " Beloved: " I ' m " Lonesome and Sorry " " If ' ithout You, Sweellieart. " You ' re llie " Girl of My Dreams " and wlien we ' re married ive ' lt go " Together " luliere " There ' s A Long, Long Trail A - finding " to my little " Dream House " " Where TJia Shy Little Violets Groin. " Just think of those " Memories Of France, " you knoiv " I Loved You Then As I Love You Now " luJien we sat by " Moonlit Waters " and sang " Love ' s Old Sweet Song. " I just " Can ' t Give You Anything But Love. " " Who " ever said lue couldn ' t get along " Together, We T wof " " Good-night, " " Sonny Boy " Advertising at Tulane That Extra Touch of Distinction in Appearance Stephenson Don ' t Shout Miss Bell Body by Fisher The Fair Co-ed Play a Tune in Ten Minutes The Banu Save the Surface and You Save All Keep off the Grass Four Out of Five Have It Probation Say It With Flowers An Interview With the Dean Eventually, Why Not Now? A New Gym Fifty-seven Varieties The Medical Faculty- Absorbine Jr Monk 99 44-100 per cent pure The Tulane Y. M. C. A. Don ' t Be A Weakling Mangum and Pizzano Plenty of Fresh Air The Dormitories Best in the Long Run The Track Team Smooth Performance The Basketball Team Learn to Fly Hallv 380 lAx v svjn " You had better get a air cut. " " But it costs money. " " IFcIl, it ' s clieaper tlian buying a violin. " Three Famous Song Hits The Orange Juice Song — ' ' Orange juice, sorry that you made me zxy. " The Tango Melody — " Tango rain no more no more. " The Tomally Song — " Just Molly and Me. " Reporter: " To what do you attribute your marvelous ability as a swimmer? " Lady Champion : " Oh, I used to walk back from rides in Venice. " The Battle to the Death The air was thick with smoke. Under blinding lights two brave men were fighting life ' s greatest battle. Beyond, in the shadows, huddled crowds of people, breathing heavily, cheering on their hero, shouting the name of the old Alma Mater. Tears came to the eyes of the fighter in green. Tulane should never suffer defeat as long as he could move hand or foot. Now beads of sweat stood on his pale brow and his legs quaked under him. But his opponent was weakening, too. If he could just last another minute. He thought of his mother and father at home listening to the struggle over the radio, because they couldn ' t stand the excitement of the actuality. He mustn ' t disappoint them. No, hr must raise high the name of old Tulane and win this ping-pong game. 381 M,Hui»T She: " It ' s ' very good of you to ask me to dance. ' He: " Don ' t mention it, this is a charity ball. " TULANE LAW REVIEW Collateral Reading — Criticism for February " THE KISS ETERNAL " BY Theodore " Tony " Cotonio This. Mr. Cotonio ' s most recent effort, radiates the spirit of that august and learned assembly of which the writer is the venerable and hoary President. Price " Oddman ' for the Lot ATTRACTIONS FOR THE COMING WEEK 50 — GIRLS— 50 " OLIVET " PROVOSTY— RACHEL SOKOLSKY EDWINA CHARBONNET AND THEIR GIGGLING GIRLIES 382 Larry De Buys: Now, fellas, le ' s hear ya give a GREAT BIG HUL- LABALOO! Announcement Dr. Bull Broad announces his new theory on Alternating Current Generators, He claims that the impendance of the entire circuit is obtained by adding the real quantities to fake quantities, vith the result that Z equals lo, minus j 11-4 x 2 square z. It is claimed that this new theory will revolutionize the Carnival Spirit in New Orleans, also, it will allow the intake manifold to function as usual. 383 J.,A7V MODERN GREEK DRAMA Pi Beta Phi Setting: Two rooms and a bath. Profussion of red carna- tions (pardon, wine). Time: Cast of Characters: Heroine Grace McKittrick Hero G. McKittrick Villain McKittrick Villain ' s Mother-in-law G. M. Footman G. McIC. Loud sneezing off-stage. Enter E. J. W. (driving any model Nash). E. J. W. (deep tones): Has anybody seen Jinks? No. its not a formal debut! Yes, you ' ll have to get that story in today for the ARCADE. Has anybody seen Jinks? (Exit, whistling.) G. McK.: Tes, Student Council at 4:30, Thursday. At Ge- neva this summer so many interesting — E. H.: Don ' t forget Le Cercle Franoais this afternoon. Nellie May: Really, you don ' t MEAN she ' s back? Betty: Who? Chorus: Floppie! !!!!!!! Adele: G-e-e-e-e-e--! I ! ! ! ! CURTAIN. Alpha Omega Pi Setting: Room in dormitory. Profusion of pillows, cookies. Time: Quiet hour. Cast; Nannette. Nannette: Listen, you all, remember this is quiet hour. Don ' t forget you all must helo with the dormitory party tonight, you hear ? " Nellie, Jane: But there ' s a dance tonight. Nannette! Eloise: And I ' m going to the Bienville Roof! Voice (from Latin book, drawling) : I ' ll help. (Other willing voices.) Nannette: Have you all had your Jamb, pictures taken? Poor Lucye is almost worn out. Wootsie: I ' ve a guest coming for dinner, but I ' ll be out from 6:30 to 7:30. Can somebody look after her for me? By the way. Nannette, isn ' t next Tuesday a free night out? Nannette: Yes. (Joyous chorus.) Nannette (from hall): SH! SH ! SHI SH! SH ! CURTAIN. Chi Omega Setting: Annual " the dansante " — young girls in colorful dresses — natty collegians. Time: Waltz. Cast: Dot. Harvey, Adair, Lytell (ad infinitum). Stage hands: " Fraternity boys. " The Act. Anita: Have you met Dorris yet? -ind Rosalie, and Dot and Henrietta and one over there in the pink dres Dorothy (varsity-dragging by — to other Anita looks cute as a horse doesn ' t she? Harvey (gliding along): Too bad Myrtk couldn ' t come. The Y. W. is killing her. These offices are a bother, but we must not be one-sided. It ' s our duty — Pledge (any) : Yes, and isn ' t she the cutest cheer leader — Pledge (any other): Isn ' t this a wonderful party! I ' m SO glad I went Chi Omega varsity dragger) : Curtain falls on gay scene. 38+ Phi Mu Setting-: Antebellum mansion in the Old South. Time: At twilight. Cast: .Girls in old-fashioned costumes seated on steps and humming: DIXIE. K. A. ' s below strumming guitars. Scene 1 Chorus: Mildred, give us a song. Mildred: I might be able to sing something simple. I ' ve only studied six years. Jo: All you Juniors come over here and we ' ll sing a peppy college song. Bessie (putting her arm around Jo and Mildred) : Now, dear girls, remember you are sisters. Tex (coming off of a croquet court): These long skirts are terrible! Nancy: Now let ' s tell bedtime stories. Chorus (softly and in perfect unison) : " We were founded at Wesleyan in 1S52. (They mount the stairs, waving good-bye to the admiring Southern gentlemen below). CURTAIN. Kappa Kappa Gamma Setting: Student Body meeting. Time: Lull in business of voting. Act I. Group of Seniors: I love Student Body meetings, don ' t you? Act II. Group of Juniors (looking around): There ' s no one at Stu- dent Body today. Where are Peake and Betty and Marion and Dottie? Other Juniors: Oh, they ' re meeting Sue Mac and Cecil and Miriam and Dottie and Gee-Gee down at Silvon ' s. Sophomores: Last year I hated to have to come to Student Body meetings, but this year, I don ' t at all! Let ' s yell " Loud- er! " Little Sisters (occupying a section of the crypt): Doesn ' t Florence look precious in her cap and gown? Kappa Alpha Theta Setting:: The parking circle at Newoomb. Time: Day after pledge day. Cast: " Hope. " Hope: " Well, I ' m Jes.s about done for, I Treadaway the wee small hours of every night this week and if they don ' t show me more consideration, I ' ll raise a Dinn. As soon as they get me some new boots, I ' ll be going as hard as ever. I suppose, dragging this bunch around. They sure do like to ride; that ' s about the best thing they do. After all, T don ' t really mind, though, for in my day, I ' ve heard lots of talk and I don ' t mind working for people who seem to have prestige somewhere. Cloud of Dust. [ I T MI ' iHOPE scar 385 Zeta Tau Alpha Setting " : Dark room in the house of a fortune-teller; crystal ball visible. Cast: Can ' t see them. An air of expectancy .prevails. Fortune-teller: And I see in the past a dark-haired queen presiding over a May festival. Voice (breathlessly): Yes, that ' s Esther! F. T. (unpressively) : Kindly allow me to continue without interruption. As I was saying, I see a May queen and a list of illustrious names, including actresses debaters, and sportsmen — indeed, your past has been short and glorious. Voice (from dark): Now tell us about the future! F. T. : Well, perhaps it would be best to pass over the pres- ent. Let me see, let me see — somehow the future seems slightly blurred. Optimism can do no harm in your case. That is all, I believe. Voices: O. thank you! (Heard as their owners depart) : Wasn ' t she REMARKABLE? — so true! Think of the glorious future before us! In a few more years we will have every office. Isn ' t that what she said? (Enthusiastic chatter is drowned by approaching feet). Alpha Epsilon Phi Mississippi Gulf Coast. Setting: Palatial mansion on the Time: Easter holidays. Cast: Here 1 — Feingold. Hero 2 — Weil Heroine — Levy. Act I Maid (dusting " room) : Well, I ' m glad to have these girls. We make enough in four days to live off of the rest of the year. Such a shame Miss Rose had to leave. They say the faculty called her home to help run the college. Poor dear Miss Jo is in another Jamb. She doesn ' t look like such a sticky girl, either. Miss Roberta wrote a poem about me this morning. She means to like country girls, but I can ' t see why she does. It looks like she would write about some of the lilies of the field, because goodness knows. I ain ' t beautiful. Now, I must go look after that unfortunate Miss Fine. You know, they have to keep her locked up now. She is raving crazy over May Day. Exit (gathering up stray dollar bills.) CURTAIN Beta Phi Alpha Setting:: Student Club room in basement of eym. Time: Any off hour. Dramatic Persoiiae: Protagonist, Antagonist, Extra. The Act. Protagonist: What ho, Kitty! Whither goest athletic garb? Bear my greetings to our sisters on the field. (Knocking is heard at portals). , , , Protagonist: ' Tis friend to those who wore the badge of B.A. Be there ai.y such within? Pro.: Yea, in sooth a multitude. You will always find us here. Enter and lend tliy presence to our band. Antagonist (entering majestically) : Hail friends, and who may ye be ? Protagonist (sotto voce) : We are a group with laurels newly won. We manage the dramatics of this college, and when we have a moment free from arduous duties, we withdraw to this charming spot for refreshing communion together. Our dis- cussions are always most worthwhile. This year we are niuch intrigued with the science of Biology, since the doctrine ot B-vo- lution has been proved anew by our coming up from the Apes. (Group disperses as bell rings.) 386 Zeta Sigma Setting:: Group anywhere on campus; atmosphere of entliu- siasni. Time: It doesn ' t matter. Cast: Some girls. Act 1. One girl: Isn ' t it thrilling ' to have a member on Executive! Another: Yes, and maybe we can get more next year — it just takes time and pep. Ditto: If we just keep on showins " college spirit, we ' ll get there. Chorus: Good! Here comes Annette! Annette; Come on girls. How about some good clean fun I CURTAIN. ' iM . V 1 f?,i 1 ll ' 1 IscattJ i iiiLti-j ' ' ' ij. Alpha Delta Pi Setting: Broadway Pharmacy. Time: Any day at 5:30. Cast: Peppy girls, a profusion of gay collegians. Tolley (buying a 16-ounce bottle of Jade perfume): Have you met all our darling freshmen? Masc. Collegians (in chorus); I ' ll say we have! Enter the Sweetheart of Sigma Pi: Hello everybody — I ' ll see you all at the dance tonight. Must rush off to my dinner date. Katherine (dashing in): Why weren ' t you all at the try- out for the Carnot debate? ' ' ' e must start going out for activ- ities. Raby-faced Pledge: We ' d rather just go out. 387 He: " Gee, but it ' s ciild toniylit! " She: " Yes, would you like to dance? " He: " No, Miss Milclicll, I can ' t dance. " Good-bye ! Farewell ! I am going to Paris where women are weak and the wine is strong; where children are common and men are rare. Facts I ' ll shun and inaccuracy adore ; classes I ' ll skip and co-eds never miss. To h — with the birds who want to know if their pictures are in the Jamb, or, " this copy is wrong. " To the land of passion and Vie Parisienne I go. Good-bye, good-bye. Lavj Worries The laic on this is settled well hid though lue think all laiv is hell. Just ask Professor Fred Bcutel, Who quotes profusely N. I. L. If Weinstein, Kleinfeldt. Good nan, too, Can ' t pester one to death; Each talks until his face is blue And has to gasp for breath. Gesticulating all the ivhile The law of which they ' re leery As Beutel tries to hide n smile And says — As to that — Scd Quaere. THIS BOOK PRINTED BY BENSON 4 LARGEST COLLEGE ANNUAL PUBLISHERS IN THE WORLD HIGHEST QUALITY WORKMANSHIP SUPERIOR EXTENSIVE SERVICE COLLEGE ANNUAL HEADQUARTERS MAYER ISRAEL « CO. APPAREL FOR COLLEGIATES TULANE NEWCOMB THE ROOSEVELT When the family comes to " college " have them stay at one of those splendid hotels. The Roosevelt is in the very center of the theater, shopping and business district. The Bienville, facing New Orleans prin- cipal residential avenue, was head- quarters for every visiting foothill team during 1927. THE BIENVILLE Established 1865 CORRECT APPAREL FOR Women and Misses COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND THE PRINTING BUSINESS IN NEW ORLEANS HAS A Pay Roll of $1,500,000 and $2,500,000 Invested Capital Employs Over 1.000 People HAVE YOUR PRINTING DONE IN NEW ORLEANS Consult Your Printer BRANDAO PRINTING COMPANY 5 24 Natchez Street NEW ORLEANS PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS YOU CAN ALWAYS TELL A UNIVERSITY MAN Even if You Can ' t Tell Him Much M The Distinction is Still Greater if He Wears Clothes from GODCHAUX ' S 43 vaux ' STATIONERY SOCIAL ENGRAVING FOUNTAIN PENS LOOSE LEAF SUPPLIES DAMERON-PIERSON 400 CAMP ST. COMPLIMENTS OF Coleman E. Adler IMPROVE YOUR GAME WITH Baldwin Equipment Wc Carry a Complete Stock of Goldsmith Baseball Uniforms, Mitts. Gloves, Baseballs, Shoes Louisville Slugger Bats Special Prices to Teams BALDWINS Camp at Common Sts. BRIDGING THE MISSISSIPPI =3nc=o Travelers on the Old Spanish Trail and Jefferson Highway, Bisso-served at Westwego and Walnut Street, and those who use the river ferries at Jackson Av enue, Louisiana Avenue, Kcnner and LEling. never miss a bridge over the river, for traffic flows smoothly and freely, with hardly a pause. The reason is prompt and efficient service — double service, with a boat en route as the boat pulls out. Charges are extremely nominal, thirty cents for the average automobile. A handsome, new, larger ferry is now completed for use at Kenner. Ten- minute service at Kenner and Walnut Street. All steel equipment. The shortest routes east and west via the highways. There is no ferry problem on Bisso- served routes. Traffic is constant. BISSO FERRY COMPANY Captain A. L. Bisso, President ' Ideal Vacation Trip ' A CARIBBEAN CRUISE ON A STEAMER OF THE " Great White Fleet " ALL EXPENSES 9 TO 16 DAYS $100.00 and up Phone or Write to UNITED FRUIT COMPANY 321 St. Charles Street YE COLLEGE TEA ROOME Audubon and Zimple Sts. The Rendezvous of the College Girls UNDER MANAGEMENT OF THE MISSES PALFREY Phone Walnut 2656 Hours 8:30 A.M.— 5:30 P.M. ONLY THE BEST KATZ AND BESTHOFF, LTD. STORE NO. 5 — SERVING TULANE AND NEWCOMB For White Sport Oxford Crepe Soles or Deauville Sandals SEE HAASE ' S SHOE STORE !119 Oak Street Just Off Carrollton Avenue HEAD OF THE CLASS IN QUALITY Leads the Team in Performance ' STANDARD " STANDARD MOTOR OIL MAISON BLANCHE Greatest Store South College life demands a complete and tastefully selected ward- robe . . . for the college man or girl is always smart — at classes — on the campus — for sports — at dances. The Collegian ' s judgment in the matter of clothes is excellent. That is why you will find the majority of them shopping at Maison Blanche Where College Styles Are Authoritative HEADQUARTERS FOR STUDENTS ' SUPPLIES Microscopes Dissecting and Biology Supplies Surgical Instruments Hospital and Physicians ' Supplies L L. LYONS AND COMPANY, LTD. Camp and Gravier Streets " We Outfit Drug Stores " MEDICAL BOOKS Students of Tulane Will Find a Full Line of All Books Recommended in the Medical, Dental and Pharmacy Departments — At Our Store We Take This Opportunity to Thank All Tulanians for Their Patronage J. A. MAJORS COMPANY 1301 Tulane Avenue NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA THE TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA NEW ORLEANS THE UNIVERSITY EMBRACES THE FOLLOWING DEPARTMENTS: The College of Arts and Sciences The H. Sophie Newcomb College for Women The College of Engineering The Graduate School The College of Law The School of Medicine The Graduate School of Medicine The School of Pharmacy THE Dental Clinic The College of Commerce and Business Administration The Courses for Teachers The Department of Middle American Research The School of Social Work The Night Classes in Electrical Engineering The Night Classes in Architecture The Summer Schools For Catalogue Address Registrar of the Tulane University of Louisiana Gibson Hall, New Orleans THE H. SOPHIE NEWCOMB Memorial College for Women ®ulanp llmuprattg of IGnutHiana A COLLEGE OF HIGH STANDARDS OFFERING A TRAINING THAT WILL HELP OUR YOUNG WOMEN TO BECOME USEFUL CITIZENS Complete Courses in ARTS AND SCIENCES FINE AND APPLIED ARTS MUSIC For Catalogues and Information Address REGISTRAR, NEWCOMB COLLEGE NEW ORLEANS. LA. STUDY AT THE SCHOOL OF MEDICINE GRADUATE SCHOOL OF MEDICINE SCHOOL OF PHARMACY UNEXCELLED OPPORTUNITIES ALL SCHOOLS OPEN TO WOMEN ON SAME TERMS AS MEN Write for Catalogues and Particulars THE COLLEGE OF MEDICINE TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 1551 CANAL STREET NEW ORLEANS. LA. SURE WINNERS! ( COLLARS and ▼01 AMD Mllfa FRED SCHERER, Inc. " THE COLLAR STORE " Phone Main 1050 3 M 721-723 Common St. " Let ' s Get Acquainted " Supplies and Equipment for Dining Rooms and Kitchens The Loubat Glassware B Cork Co. 510-516 Bienville Street Main 6100 ' — - G Htrt .Oft. e© -ay. i 7 " I ' X TULANE CO-OPERATIVE BOOKSTORE The Students ' Meeting Place CO-OPERATION AND SERVICE Everything for Your Needs ELLIS F. ROBBERT, Manager WALK-OVER SHOES 130 St. Chas. St. MEN ' S SHOES— WOMEN ' S SHOES 807 Canal St. JAHNCKE HAUSMANN, Inc. NEW ORLEANS ' LEADING JEWELERS Special Department for College and Fraternity Jewelry GUS MAYER CO.. LTD The Specialty Store At Your Service Covers the South Keeping It Truly a Symbol of Service We believe that the efforts of the hundreds of employees of this Company to render a street railway, gas and electric service second to none elsewhere in this country, has resulted in the above emblem becom- mg truly a symbol of service. But every day new problems of operation arise as conditions change in a great metropolitan com- munity. It is not enough that the above emblem be now a symbol of service. Million s of dollars must and will be expended to keep it so; and hundreds of employees will continue on, imbued with a true spirit of civic trust, adopting new methods to meet changing conditions so that the above emblem may continue to he truly a symbol of service. NEW ORLEANS PUBLIC SERVICE, INC, I

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