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A J ; .Vi;. ' : ' I.. .1 ' I ' If a L?a i fes Copyright, 1928 hy J. B. Sanford, Jr. Editor- in- Ch ief Henson S. Coon Business Manager i . I R ! ' mie 192 B Tambalaya Mane University Ifew OrleansXa. In this volume of the Jambalaya we have attempted to present a record of one year of our lilies as students of ' butane University. Soon our college days will be over and we, li e many before us, will be gone and the things we have done will be called " tradition. " ' his love for " tradition, " this knowledge that Ive too will be looked back upon is the underlying reason for our presenting to you a book, garbed in the fashion of a period so dear to us all. , then, in years which are to come, this book Ivill aid in bringing back fond remembrances, in recalling old faces and friendships, and the days Ivhich were so happily spent at ' •Qulane, then our effort shall not have been entirely in vain and we shall have justified the faith. he Editors, Contents C S he University (glasses cAthletics fraternities Organizations 0 the Ladies feature Dedication to " Dr. njOilhur Q. Smith IjOho, as a teacher, has done more than train the minds of men; who as IDirec- tor of cAthlectics, has ever bent his energies towards the realization of a greater department of athlectics; and luho, as a man, has, by his own example, influenced the characters of those men with whom he has been constantly asso- ciated; the Jambalaya S if respectfully dedicates this, the thirty-third volume of the Jambalaya. r ALBERT BLEDSOE DINWIDDIE, Ph.D., LL.D. President of the University Tke President ' s Letter A student publication necessarily reflects in large measure the char- acter, ideals, and interests of the students. This is true of the serious portions of the book as well as of those devoted to the lighter or the humorous side of college life. There is also a business side of the comjiila- tion and publication of such a book; and an editorial side, in which judg- ment and taste are brought into play. It seems to me that in all respects the Jamealaya has from year to year shown progress. It is now a well organized, well edited, and attractive volume, and to each student who possesses one it will be an invaluable record of friendships and experiences throughout the rest of his or her life. I look for this Jambalaya to be the best issue yet published by the students of Tulane. There are many things yet needed at Tulane. Among these needs I place first those which would promote the health and comfort of the stu- dents; a gymnasium, large enough to accommodate all of the men students, with extensive floor space for exercise, for basketball and for other games ; with numerous showers, lockers and other conveniences for the students ; a community building where all students would like to gather to read, to play, to give concerts and plays, and to do all of those things which stu- dents should and would do if they had an attractive and suitable building of their own. Let us hope that some way may be found to provide those things which are so close to my heart that I think about them day and night. For Newcomb College it is difficult to say what I want first. My head and my heart are not agreed on this. For the standing of Newcomb in the college world and for the convenience and comfort of the students, we need two things: a commodious, well arranged and well equipped library build- ing and a large auditorium with additional rooms for music, in which this department might find adequate facilities for all of its present and future activities. Yours for a better and finer Tulane, Z?4r S, j i uo JJ President. has named NEWCOMB COLLEGE Pierce Butler, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Dean Newcomb College was founded by Mrs. Josephine Louise Newcomb in October, 1886. It Yas her desire to establish in this college a memorial to her daughter, Harriott Sophie Newcomb. In her will, which is dated May 12, 1898, she left to the administrators of the Tulane Educational Fund, for the benefit of New- comb College, the residue of her estate after the pay- ment of certain specified legacies. Mrs. Newcomb ' s feeling for the people of New Orleans and her desire to advance the cause of education of young women in Louisiana were the reasons that moved her to make this foundation. It was her specific desire that there should be maintained a simple form of daily religious exer- cises in a chapel or assembly room, but she specifically provided, " I desire that worship and instruction shall not be of a sectarian or denominational character. " There are at present six buildings of fine structure upon the campus, and several smaller buildings vhich are used for various purposes. An additional building, which will be a dormitory, is now being erected on the ground fronting Audubon Place, next to Doris Hall, this building VVarren Newcomb House, in memory of The Board of Administrator Mrs. Newcomb ' s husband. The present attendance is 699. These students are following the different regular courses offered by the College, namely, the one leading to the B.A. Degree, the one leading to the B.S. Degree, the four-year course in Art, leading to the B. Design Degree, or the four-year course in Music, leading to the B. Music Degree. The purpose of the College is to foster the intellectual life in any way that may seem most helpful and promising for the maintenance of a high standard of culture, and it endeavors to equip young women for effective and intelligent service to society. COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES EnwARD A. Bkcmtki,, Pli.D. Dean The College of Arts and Sciences is, with the exception of Newcomb College, the larg- est College of the University, with an enroll- ment of some 550 students and a faculty of more than forty. This College offers a wide opportunity for thorough training in language, literature, the social sciences, and the laboratory sciences. Its purpose is to prepare men for research work in the graduate schools, or for admission to professional study, or for a business career. The Pre-Medical Courses give a thorough preparation for the study of Medicine, while other courses provide for the needs of those who plan to enter upon the study of Law. THE COLLEGE OF MEDICINE Charles Cassidy Bass, M.D. Dean Emerson once said, and very truly, " The first wealth is health. " It is more precious to a people than good roads, the improvements of rivers and harbors, the fos- tering of agriculture, or the conservation of natural re- sources. Upon good health depends efficiency and hap- piness. The line between efficiency and inefficiency is drawn upon the ability of the individual to go to work today; that between happiness and unhappiness upon the ability to enjoy the work of today. Health is the great problem of life. In the past health has been dependent largely on curative medi cine. In the future it will be largely upon preventive medi- cine. Statistics show that every fifty seconds a life is lost to our country through preventable diseases. Med- ical science believes that the known preventable diseases constitute only a fraction of those that can be prevented. Ever since its establishment in 1834, the Medical College of Tulane University has been doing its utmost to raise a standard of medical education throughout the country. Now, after ninety years of active existence, it has taken its place with the leading medical colleges, not only of the state and country, but of the whole world. THE COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Douglas Smith Anderson, B.E., M.E. Dean The College nf Engineering offers courses of profes- sional training in the fundamental principles underlying the various branches of Engineering and Architecture. The formulation of these courses Is the outgrowth of the best thought of educators and the engineering profession and of our own experience during the last two decades. The technical studies in the College of Engineering are contained in four divisions called schools. The schools are divided into departments. A department in- cludes subjects, or groups of subjects, which are similar in nature. The schools are: Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Chem- ical Engineering, Architecture. No candidate for a degree Is allowed to restrict himself to the narrow training which might be imparted by any one school. Work in the technical departments of one of the above schools is made the backbone or principal part of a four years ' course, and supplemental work Is required in other schools In the college. THE COLLEGE OF COMMERCE Morton Arnold Aldrich, A.B., Ph.D. Dean BBB w " Hb The purpose of this College has been, since its estab- HH B IMll lishment in 1914, to offer substantial professional train- Jk bI " S preparatory to a business career. The instruction jft 11 " ' ■ ' ' is planned for students sufficiently able and Bk B a B H mature to do work of university grade, and no student ■BBB K » B BI B l is received unless prepared to do work of this character. It is essential, also, to the permanent success of the College that its students approach their work in an earnest professional spirit. Students failing to do so may expect to be asked to withdraw. In order to make the course available for business men and women, classes are also held at night from 8 to 9:45 o ' clock. These classes meet at Gibson ?Iall, Tulane University, each course being held one night a week. By thus devoting only one night a week to attending a course, a student may take any of the night courses offered. THE COLLEGE OF LAW RuFus Harris, LL.B. Dean The Tulane College of Law lias been in existence since 1847, vhen it was Icnown as the Law Depaitment of the Univei ' sit} ' of Louisiana. It was incorporated with its present organization in 1884, and the name of Tulane was added to perpetuate the memory of the pulilic-spirited citizen who then endowed it. Its diplomas have been conferred on more than 1600 grad- uates. The purpose of the College of La v is to provide opportunities and facilities for training equal to those afforded elsewhere. It purports to inculcate a sound knowledge of both substantive and adjective law. How- ever, the school recognizes a duty beyond equipping and training of men to become practitioners. Many of the University students find its courses valuable train- ing for citizenship and business careers. To this end the College has selected instructors for their fitness to teach. Satisfactory completion of at least two years of col- lege work in approved institutions is required for en- trance, and a period of three years of law study is required for graduation. The curriculum of the College of Law is unusually attractive. The College of Law owns a large and well selected library, by the use of which students become familiar with the extensive sources of the law- and " learn how to find law. " The College is a member of the Association of American Law Schools, and has been given the Class-A rating by the American Bar Association, and its degree is registered by the New York College Board of Regents. These are the standardizing agencies for law schools. THE SCHOOL OF PHARMACY Charle ' S Cassidy Bass, M.D. Dean This school was established in 1938. In 1908, the Pharmaceutical School of the Med- ical Department became the Department of Pharmacy of the Tulane University of Louis- iana, and in 191 3, with the reorganization of the divisions of the University related to Medicine, the School of Pharmacy became a part of the reconstituted College of Medicine. The school holds membership in the American Conference of Pharmaceutical Fac- ulties, organized to promote the interests of pharmaceutical education. ;:iV ' z . " .;.!.Y-;:ji aKi«i . THE GRADUATE SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Denegre MartiNj M.D. Dean The Graduate School of Medicine is the Post-Graduate Department of the College of Medicine of the Tulane University of Louis- iana. It is the Mecca for the physicians who wish to take short review courses, or those leading to a specialty. During the forenoon instructions are given by men of train- ing and experiences in the Clinics of the Charity Hospital, Touro Infirmary and the Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital, and in the afternoon and evening didactic lectures are delivered at the Hutchinson Memorial, covering all of the branches of Medicine. SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY Alfred Archin ' Ard Leefe, D.D.S. Dean There is nothing which has caused more regret to the Board of Administrators of Tulane University than the necessity of discontinuing temporarily the Dental School. It was found that in order to meet the raised standards of dental education in a way which the Board regarded as commensurate with the work of the Uni- versity in other professional fields, the budget required for the school would create a constantly increasing annual deficit which would in a few years amount to approximately $100,000.00. The administration is will- ing neither to compromise the position which it has constantly maintained for high standards of education nor to embark on the ultimately ruinous policy of ac- cumulating deficits. This explains why the Board has been compelled to suspend temporarily its School of Dentistry. It is hoped that at least the dental clinic, which has been operated so successfulh " , may be continued for it would be nothing less than a calamity to be .obliged to abandon this outstanding service to the poor people of New Orleans. THE GRADUATE SCHOOL John McL. ren McBrvde, Litt.D. Dean The Graduate School offers to men and women the opportunity of extending and rendering more thorough the scholarship obtained in undergraduate courses, and of advancing the boundaries of knowledge by special- ized work and research. The privileges of this school are extended to grad- uates of this University and of other institutions of equal grade. The general scope of the graduate in- struction offered in any subject may be gathered from the statements describing the Courses of Instruction. The work of graduate students is expected, however, to be in a measure independent of the regular courses of instruction. ,v, ..■■..,. jj- t} mmimamimii ' imamiMJim m 1 COURSES FOR TEACHERS James Adair Lvon, A.M., D.Sc. Dea7i For many years Tulane Univeriity lias operated a number of courses to meet the need of those whose hours of employment will not permit attendance upon regular classes. The classes are scheduled in the after- noon hours and on Saturdays, thus making it possible for teachers especially, if they so desire, to add to their equipment in many subjects. These courses are of full college grade, conducted by regular members of the faculty, and in the case of students who have satisfactorily fulfilled the entrance requirements, credits obtained may be applied towards a degree. SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WORK Garret Polhemus Wvckoff Director For seven years the Department of Sociology of the Tulane University of Louisiana has been giving courses intended for those expecting to make social work their profession. Two years ago these w ere organized into a one-year course for the training of social workers. In June, 1927, the Board of Administrators of Tu- lane University ' voted to authorize the expansion of the course into the School of Social Work. The school is a member of the Association of Schools of Professional Social Work. The particular phase of social work for which train- ing is at present offered are Family Social Work, Chil- dren ' s Case Work, Medical Social Work, Community Organization, Vocational Guidance, and Social Re- search. Field work with a social agency doing good work in its line is required of each student and occupies two full days of each week. Supervision of this work is in charge of a member of the faculty in order to make certain that it is really educative to the student. The School of Social Work is on a strictly graduate basis and has in its student body this year graduates of universities as far distant as Texas, Florida, and New York. IF : . ' tS«M)3»6«»n T ? ™. ' " A Group of Staff Omcials Members Ernest C. Miller Lawrence C. Daigre Daniel A. Camp Victor Buerkle Ferdinand H. Bernier George M. Lyle Albert J. Dickerson Albert E. Holleman »KiU(i:jii;xajiiii ' ,; ,:vV,:Uv:Lf; !ii ' tiir sie-i:iiimrj. iii:v.!!mimir€Xi ■;: ' na;S5E!iissssaa i asssiaiS£ Tke Board of Administrators Esmond Phelps, A.B., LL.B., Prrs ' uintl John Hapiist Li;vi:kt, H.Sc. Chauncev French, first l ' ia--Frrsidntl Marcus Johns MAGRur)ER, M.D. Ernest Lee Jahncke, B.E., Second I ' ur-I ' rrs- Jules Blanc Monroe, A.B., IJ,.B. ident Charles Rosen, A.B., LL.B. Abraham Brittin Paul Hill Saunders, B.A., A.M., Ph.D. James Pierce Butler, LL.B. Walker Brainerd Spencer, A.B., LL.B. Miss Florence Dymond, A.B. Walter Robinson Stauiter John Dymond, Jr., A.B., LL.B. (Jeorge E. Williams, B.E. John Barnwell Elliott, B.Litt., A.M., M.D. Samuel Zemurray Ex-Officio Oramel Hinckley Simpson Governor of Louisiana Arthur Joseph O ' Keefe Mayor of New Orleans Thomas H. Harris State Superintendent of Public Education Lawrence Andre Wocan Secretary and Treasurer Memberskip of University Council 1927-1928 President Dinwiddie, Cliairman President Emeritus, Sharp Biloxi, Miss. Ex-Officio Members Dr. Morton A. Aldrich . . . . ■ . Dean, College of Commerce Prof. Douglas Anderson Dean, Collc je of Ene ineerinc Dr. C. C. Bass . Dean, School of Medicine Dr. Edward A. Bechtel Dean, College of Arts and Sciences Dr. Pierce Butler Dean, Neivcomb Colleye Dr. Rufus C. Harris Dean, College of Law Dr. Alfred A. Leefe Dean, School of Dentistry Prof. J. Adair Lyon Chairman Commercial Courses for Teachers Dr. E. Denegre Martin Dran, Graduate School of Medicine Dr. John M. McBryde Dean, Graduate School Elected Members Term of Office — Sessions of 1926-27 and 1927-28 Dr. Allan C. Eustis, 3621 Prvt.Tnia Graduate School of Medicine Dr. a. C. B. Meynier, 921 Canal School of Dentistry Prof. Donald Derickson, Gibson Hall College of Engineering Prof. S. Santry Reed, Gibson Hall College of Commerce Term of Office — Sessions of 1927-28 and 1928-29 Dr. John H. Musser, 1527 Seventh Street School of Medicine Dr. Milton H. Colvin, Gibson Hall College of Law Dr. Marten ten Hoor, Gibson Hall College of Arts and Sciences Miss Lota Lee Troy, Newcomb College Newcomb College Dr. Daniel S. Elliott, Gibson Hall Graduate School Representatives of Alumni Advisory Committee Mr. Frank Wm. Hart, New Orleans Bank Bldg. Mrs. Alice M. Labouisse, 1331 Philip St. (These two assignments were made for a period of one year, or until otherwise changed by the Alumni Advisory Committee.) r K rmrji y T :-. -r ' rr; ' . f ' - ' r ' _T 1 1tWT ' ?; ' ■ .m i -. ' vJw i iH. ' . . ' . ...-1 wwtww ' ' ww n wp ggjg felsSit JSJfe CLASSES I s i i I i i i i I ' i i ig!O a T!!e i!a !toa gto ' Br.gto-!tT)S V»»0 ' a J Va« J V» -! Cf gFifmsvMifivr ' Triii ' 4 « y !feasr. g:g?c -e:gr cg:e c:»c ss c c gjger g?-c:g;c-g gjg«i gcgrcgjc: c?» •ig.c: c cr lgtfec: aCigG:gycg;?gSc35; r SENIOR CLASS AiTKENS, Attica New Oilcans, La. K A e Bacher, Leola New Orleans, La. A n E Batte, Shellye Jackson, Miss. (Picture not shown in panel.) Bayley, Catherine Atlanta, Ga. n B Baylor, Claudia Gulfport, Miss. X Q Baxter, Elaine ...... New Orleans, La. z 2 Bayon, Lucille Marie . . . New Orleans, La. French Circle (1); Stage Manager. (Picture not shown in panel.) Bearss, Katherine Mary . . Greenville, Miss. Z 2 Bland, Coralie Hallie .... Sumter, S. C. A n BODENHEIMER, EvELYN F. . . New Orleans, La. A E French Circle (1, 3, 4); Debating Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Debating Council (1, 2, 3, 4); Varsity Debating Alternate (1); Varsity Debating Squad (2); Secretary-Treasurer, Debating Club (2, 3); President Debating Club (4); Executive Committee (4). Newcomb College SSS 3E ES!S?« ? fi ) .:fe= y: sfegu! i i! vsgj trg; gva?.gg j7S?rgeygn;T !toig «L SENIOR CLASS Bradley, Camilla E New Orleans, La. n B j Bran ' dao, Esther New Orleans, La. z T A French Circle ( 1. 2, 3. 4); Debating Club (1, 2, 3. 4) Dramatic Club (3, 4); C. P. N. Class Debating Team (3) Student Council (3. 4); Secretary (3 : Vice President (4) Summer Committee (4). Rrener, Fannie New Orleans, La. Volley Ball (1, 3); Hockey (1, 2); Bowling Varsity (3). Brent, Martha Dale Laurel, Miss. Brown, Edith Minden, La. A n Agnes Scott (1. 2); Glee Club (1, 2); M. G, Club (3, 4); V. W. C. A. (1. 2. 3, 4); Classical Club (1. 2); French Club (1, 2); Sophomore Committee (2); Chairman of Mardi Gras Ball C2); May Day (1, 3). Blllock, Sara Crowell . K K r Columbus, Ga. Burrows, Elizabeth M Waco, Tex. n B Dramatic Club; French Club. Cahn, Bettie New Orleans, La. A E French Circle (1, 2, 4). §bsgf£ ga7cVg.-eJgcSi c3jr rSgayg!g I t SENIOR CLASS Cantrelle, Josie liouina, La. Carrau, Vivian Inez .... New Orleans, La. Z S Carre, Leila New Orleans, La. Chalaron, Helena M. . . . New Orleans, La. A o n Chequelin, Yvette Byrne . New Orleans, La. n B Clement, Kathryn .... New Orleans, La. M Dalton, Dorothy Bentonia, Miss. A n Daspit, Dorothy Katharine . . . Houma, La. (Picture not shown in panel.) DE la Houssaye, Sidonia L. . . . Franklin, La. Dramatic Club; French Circle. Newcomb College i u ' gj gir a» ga g Tysjfe3» ,, ato as5g rc-?is:jareTg» a g5g -gg5T gr.«s» SENIOR CLASS Devlin, Angela Jane .... New Orleans, La. K A e Tulane University Players (1) : Catholic Clula (2, 3. 4). Devlin, Shirley Amelie . . . New Orleans, La. K A e Tulane University Players (1); Catholic Club (2, 3, 4); Stu- dent Council (4). DoDDS, Dicv Miller .... Brookhaven, Miss. X fi Y. W. C. A. (2. 3, 4); Debating Club (2): French Circle (2, 3, 4): C. P. N, (4); Freshman Commission (1); House Secre- tary (3): House Council (3, 4); Executive (3); Finance Committee (3); Class Vice President (3). Dunn, Eleanor Amite, La. A A n East, Villa Belle Norwood, La. Freshman Commission (1): Glee Club (3. 4); J, L. House Council (3, 4); President Doris Hall (3, 4); Executive (4). Field, Beatrice McMillan . Lake Charles, La. A 2 2 Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Cabinet (2, 3); Dramatic Club (1, 2. 3, 4); Debating Club (1, 2. 3); Debating Council (1, 2, 3, 4); Class Debating (2); Class President (3); Class Secretary 12); House Council (3, 4); Treasurer (3); Volley Ball (1, 2, 3. 4), Captain (2); Newcomb Basketball (2 3), Captain (3), Varsity (3); Spalding Basketball (2, 3); Baseball (1. 2, 3), Varsity (2, 3); Student Body President (4); Tulane Student Council (4). Fisher, Enid Piseros Greenville, Miss. n B Y. W. C. A. (2, 3, 4); French Circle (2); Sub-Editor, " Ar- cade " Board (3, 4): House Council (2. 3, 4); Treasurer House Council (2); East Wing President (4); Class Secretary (3); Dormitory Chairman, Y. W. C. A. (3); Class President (4); Chairman May Day Committee (3). Foster, Ruby New Orleans, La. A n, A 2 2 Debating Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Mandolin-Guitar Club (1, 2); French Circle (2); Student Council President (4); Class President (2); Debating Club President (3): Varsity De- bating Team (3); Chairman of Debate (4); " Arcade " Stalt (2, 3); Assistant Newcomb Editor " Jambalaya " (3); Stu- dent Council Representative (2, 3). ■c cX!crSi i:iffc : i rrS»cl«rc :4!iirSii :JiSic Sl SENIOR CLASS Fowler, Florence Ruth . . New Orleans, La. A n E (Picture not shown in panel.) Fowler, Winnie Iola Asheville, N. C. Fox, Sue McDonald Columbus, Ga. K K r (Picture not shown in panel.) Freeman, Mary Ella . . . New Orleans, La. a X (Picture not shown in panel.) GoLL, Alice Dorothy . . . z s Caron, Delphine New Orleans, La. n B GoMiLA, Madeline C New Orleans, La. Gradwohl, Rose Hortense . New Orleans, La. Greaves, Mary Katherine . X fi, A 2 2 French Circle (3); Y. W. C. A.; Glee Club (3, 4): House Council (1, 2, 3, 4); RecordinB Secretary of Student Body Hockey (1, 2. 3); Newcomb Ball (2, 3. 4): Baseball (2. 3). (2): Corresponding Secretary (3): House President (4); Hardtner, Violet Alexandria, La. A n Hamilton, Helen Bostick . . Birmingham, Ala. M Glee Club (1. 2, 3); Water Color Prize (1); Fannie Bstelle Holley Prize in Art (3); Class o£ 1926 Prize in Art (3); Mandolin-Guitar Club (4); Art Editor of " Arcade. " Sjii iiiiiniiiiliTiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiii?n - " iQ Newcomb College «» g ig aS» -sg Ojara a g »iJ gr o;g;5 I Hlulli lirii ii II 1 1 SENIOR CLASS Atlanta, Ga. Hani.ey, Kathryn Tierrey . M Dramatic Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Glee Club (1, 2); Pan-Hellenic. Hayward, Stella New Orleans, La. n B Heaslip, Cora Wirt .... New Orleans, La. A o n Vice President of Student Body (4); Executive Committee (4); Member Finance Committee (3); Class Treasurer (2); Dramatic Club (1. 2 3. 4); French Circle (3); Newcomb " N " (2); Swimming Emblem (2); Varsity Hockey (1. 2, 3); Newcomb Ball Team (3). Herring, Albena M Monroe, La. A A n T. W. C. A.: French Circle. Hills, Doris Chase .... New Orleans, La. K K r (Picture not shown in panel.) Holberg, Vera Bernice . . . New Orleans, La. Hopkins, Gladys Katherine . New Orleans, La. n B 4 French Circle (1, 2, 3, 4); Newcomb Basketball (1, 2); Newcomb Ball (4); Treasurer (4). Howard, Katherine RL . . New Orleans, La. A z Jay, Rosalie Lairnia .... New Orleans, La. (Picture not sliown in panel.) Johnson, Gertrude Forest, Miss Newcomb College ' I 1 s 1 i SENIOR CLASS Julius, Elsie Bahette Coluinbus, Ca. A E I ' French Circle (2. 3, 4); Debating Clul) (2, 3, " 1); Deljating Council (4): Senior Glass Play Committee (4); J. Ij. House Council (3. 4); Second Vice President J. L. House (4); Vice President Glass (4); " Jambalaya " Representative (4), Kahn, Hannah Mildred . . Morgan City, La. Kahn, Ray Fredericka . New Orleans, La. Debating Club (2, 3, 4); French Circle (1. 2, 3, 4); Dramatic Club (1. 2, 3, 4). KuNDERT, Salome jVLargaret . . . Gretna, La. Lamb, Pat Cussons .... New Orleans, La. Z T A Lang, Edith Anna .... New Orleans, La. (Picture not shown in panel.) Lang, Robbie Gwendolyn . . New Orleans, La. z T A Newcomb Dramatic Club (1. 2, 3, 4); Cercle Francais (1, 2, 3, 4); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); May Day Committee (3); Vice President Dramatic Club (4); Senior Class Play Com- mittee (4); Volley Ball (3, 4). Lea, Eva Louise New Orleans, La. M Newcomb College i I I s I i SENIOR CLASS .Levine, Ronia New Orleans, La. Debating Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Varsity Debating Team (1. 2); Jennie C. Nixon Debate (1, 2). LiPscoi rR, Virginia Reese . . . Demopolis, Ala. (Picture not sliown in panel.) Martin, Dorothea .... New Orleans, La. n B ' I ' Frenoll Circle (2. 3, 4); Volley Ball (2. 3), Captain (3); Newcomb Basketball (1, 2. 3). Captain (1); Spalding Bas- Icetball (1); Hockey (2); Baseball (1); Track (1); Varsity Newcomb Basketball (1). Massey, Dorothy Nancy . Orlando, Fla. French Circle (1, 2. 3. 4): Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4)-, De- bating Club (1. 2). McLaughlin, Betty Forest, Miss. A 2 2 " C. p. N. " ; Manaolin-Guitar Club (2. 3, 4); Secretary-Treas- urer Mandoliu-Guitar Club (4); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2. 3): Debat- ing Club (2, 3. 4); Class Debating Team (3); Dramatic Club (1. 2. 3, 4); Student Council (4); House Council (4); Varsity Hockey (1, 2. 3); Newcomb Ball (3); Newcomb " N " . Menville, Muriel Marie . . New Orleans, La. A A n Newcomb Ball Team (1): Pan-Hellenic Representative (3. 4). Meyer, Louise New Orleans, La. K A e Metz, Ruth Matas New Orleans, La. Miller, Merrill Osceola, Ark. n B Glee Club (1, 2, 3). Newcomb College S I I i i i i I ft i I I SENIOR CLASS MoFFETT, Mary Wilfrid Monroe, La. A n MoiSE, Alice New Orleans, La. A n Atlil«tic Council (4): Newcomb Ball (1. 2, 3, 4); Newcomb Basketball (1); Varsity (3); Hockey Varsity (3); Varsity Bowling (3). MoisE, Marian Aline . A n MoNTEGUT, Bernice Claire . New Orleans, La. (Picture not shown in panel.) Mooney, Cecil Floyd K K r Athletic Association " Arcade " : Class President, ' 24; Student Council. ' 25; Athletic Association, ' 25; Assistant Business Manager " Arcade, " ' 25; Class Basketball, ' 24, ' 25; Varsity Ba.sketball, ' 24 ' 25; Newcomb Ball Class, ' 24, ' 25; Newcomb Basketball Class, ' 24, ' 25; Hookey Varsity, ' 25; Hockey Class, ' 24, ' 26; Baseball Varsity, ' 24, ' 25; Class, ' 24, ' 25; Track, ' 24, ' 25; Croquet Team, ' 25; Horseshoe Pitching Team, ' 25; Tennis Varsity, ' 25. Moreau, Modeste Bertha MoRPHY, Helen New York City (Picture not shown in panel.) Morrison, Edna Elizabeth . Z T A, A 2 2 Jennie C. Nixon Debating Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Y. W. C. A. (2, 3, 4); French Circle (1, 2, 3, 4); Class Debating Team (1, 2); Carnot Team (2, 3); " Winner, Jennie C. Nixon De- bate (3); Varsity Debating Team (3); " Arcade " Staff (3, 4); Literary Editor (4); Newcomb Editor " Hullabaloo " (4); Winner, Lazarus Medal tor English Essay (3); Secretary- Treasurer Debating Club (4). Mounger, Cecilia Ouida . M Glee Club. Neville, Ella McComb, Miss. A n Newcomb College j araT5lPigoTS grag J lJj oJa tj aaio.tB o l ij i i|r - • ; |fi iiiitliiiiiii SENIOR CLASS NocKTON, Lena May Crowley, La. A A n Packer, RLaxine Lanier . A n Alexandria, La. Parham, Louise Shreveport, La. Parsons, Edwarda .... New Orleans, La. Z T A French Circle (1): Dramatic Cluta (2. 3, 4); Pan-HcUenic (3, 4); President Dramatic Club (4): Treasurer oi: Class (3); Volley Ball (3); Hockey (1, 2. 3). Phillbrick, Vinnette . . n B Ramage, Sarah Thorpe Bil Mis oxi. Miss. Gulfport, Miss. Class Vice President (1): Freshman Commission fl) : Glee Club (2 3, 4); French Circle f4): " Jambalaya " Representa- tive (2), Business Manager (4); Baseball (2, 3). Roberts, Alice Alexandria, La. K K r Robertson, Margie White . . . . M T. W. C. A.; Debating Club. Bristol, Va. Newcomb College i SENIOR CLASS Rollins, Mary Lockett Gulfport, Miss. Debating Club (2, 3. 4); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Class De- bating Team (2, 3); Fresiiman Commission: Newcomb Ball (4); Pi Beta Plii Prize (3). Root, Alice Carol New Oilcans, La. K K r Rosenblatt, Mary Lillian .... Atlanta, Ga. M T. W. C. A.; Volley Ball, ' 25. ' 26, ' 27; Chairman Ctiapel Committee, ' 28. Sanders, Mary Roberta . . . New Orleans, La. K A e Y. W. C. A. (1); Volley Ball (2, 3, 4); Newcomb Basl etball (1, 2. 3); Varsity (1); Spalding Basketball (1, 2, 3). Varsity Squad (3); Baseball Squad (1, 2); Class Vice President (2). Saunders, Maridel New Orleans, La. n B Frenoli Circle (1, 2, 3, 4); Debating (2); Pan-Hellenic Coun- cil; " Arcade " Assistant Manager (3), Editor (4); Manager French Circle (2); Class Treasurer (1); Student Council (1): Athletic Council (2, 3, 4); Newcomb Ball (1, 2, 3); Newcomb Basketball (3); Spalding Basketball (1, 2, 3), Varsity (1, 2, 3), Captain (3); Hockey (1, 2, 3), Varsity (2, 3); Varsity Baseball (1, 2. 3); Varsity Tennis (1, 3). Seaward, Bertha New Orleans, La. Glee Club; Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Cabinet (2); Treasurer (3); Undergraduate Representative (4); Freshman Commission. Staples, Daisy Cooke . . K A e Alexandria, La. Thomason, Mary Louise . . New Orleans, La. A n E Volley Ball (3, 4); Newcomb Basketball (2, 3); Spalding (3); Hockey (3); Baseball (3). Newcomb College S V I t i ;Sa?» iM j ' .-j ' s5-» sjfT yg jaS o g».3 jgra l s niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiini; iiHii .»o Va« a ga S g»J«grag 4a-aa»:» Vagg5 SENIOR CLASS Valenzuel a, Sara Luz . . . Tobasco, Mexico El Institute de las Espanas Medal (3); Volley Ball (1, 3): Newcomb Ball (2); Newcomb Basketball (1. 2, 3); Spaldins Basketball 1. 2); Hockey (1. 2); Baseball (1, 2, 3); Tennis Tournament (1, 2. 3); Croquet Tour (1, 2, 3); Bowling Tournament (1, 2); Swimming Meet (1); Spanish Plays (1, 2, 3); Field Day (1, 2. 3, 4). VuNCANON, Annis Martha . New Orleans, La. Z T A Glee Club (1. 2, 3. 4); Dramatic Club (1, 2, 4). Wadsworth, Selma a. New Orleans, La. Waldmann, Eleanor S. . . New Orleans, La. Walker, AL rlan Newbern, Ala. X fi, A 2 2 Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Dramatic Club (2, 3, 4); French Cir- cle (2): Class Vice President (2); Student Body Treasurer (3); Athletic Council (3); House Council (4); Executive Committee (3, 4): Student Council (4); Preside nt Art Stu- dent Body (4); Volley Ball (1, 2, 3, 4); Spalding- Basketball (1, 2, 3), Varsity (3); Newcomb Basketball (1, 2. 3), Varsity (3). Wallace, Janet Isabel . . A A n New Orleans, La. T. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Dramatic Club (2, 3. 4); Debating Club (2, 3, 4); Debating Council (4); Pan-Hellenic (3, 4); May Day Committee (3); Chairman Ring Committee (4). Newcomb College ( r c:g. rgte:gr r?fec G-g c:g rgj;c c- cgg rg SENIOR CLASS Washrurn, Violet M onroe, JMa Ah: A n Werr, Gertrude New Orleans, La. A n WiGLHV, Dorothy Mari.owe . New Orleans, La. A n E WiLSOX, Martha F New Orleans, La. K A e Wilson, Muriel New Orleans, La. A E French Circle (1. 2, 3); Debating Club (I, 2): Dramatic Club (1, 2, 3); T. U. P. (1); Entertainment Committee (3); May Day Committee (3); " Jambalaya " Repre.sentative (3); Pan-Hellenic (3. 4): Executive Committee (4); Newconib Editor " Jambalaya " (4). WooDviLLE, Caroline E. . . New Orleans, La. (Picture not shown in panel.) ZiNK, Arline Villette Angola, La. Z 2 ESg g »to 5rag» avg »:5tSo a»:3:ig g» 5ff p I I 2 o o s w X I g .ja«7aeap a-eJa. j «a5.:-»i! rfh«g!t-a; !a5fg; -.»B. a.«ja r«= »iM=»g» ». ' J SENIOR CLASS Aderholu. James P., Jr Del Rio, Texas N 2 N Varsity Track, ' 26. Ane, Joseph Novell .... New Orleans, La. e K s[ ' , A n A Secretary Student Body, ' 25. Ayo, Thomas Raceland, La. A K K Band, ' 22, ' 23, ' 24, ' 25, ' 26; Glee Club Orchestra, ' 22, ' 23, ' 24; Dramatic Club Orchestra. ' 23, ' 24. AzAR, George James .... New Orleans, La. P S B.A. Baird, Valllant Clinton . . . Stamford, Texas e K I ' , A n A President Arts and Sciences, ' 25; President Medical; Pan- Hellenic, ' 28; President Class, ' 28. Boles, Arthur Edward Miami, Fla. P S, A fi A College of Medicine If ' " I I I I :c:jr cjg e c gr;s;cagc c:grc?aa s 5 ' !A?; n .lili ll i i ll SENIOR CLASS BLLMiurRG, AnE WiLLiAM . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. A E, K N Honor Council. ' 2 " ; Pan-Hellenic Council. ' 27, ' 28; Intei- Fraternity Basketball. ' 25, ' 26: Varsity Basketball. ' 27. B. VLK.s, John George Detroit, IMich. A.B., University of Michigan. Brickm.an, Isadore .... Chattanooga, Tenn. (Picture not shown in panel.) B.S. Broder, AVilliaim Jerome . A K Brooklyn, N. Y. Blsh, Leon.ard Ewing . . . Huntsvillc, Texas K i;, X Patliogens, ' 25, ' 26; Owls Club. ' 26, ' 27, ' 28. Cherry, Robert Herman . . New Orleans, La. 2 N, X B.S.. Tulano; Freshman Tug-ot-War. Collins, Conrad Green New Orleans, La. n K A, A K K B.S.; Varsity Tiack Team, ' 26. ' 27, ' 28; Varsity Golf Team, ' 26, ' 27, ' 2S; Tug-of-War. ' 23. ' 24; Interfraternity Basketball, ' 27, ' 2S; Interclass Track, ' 25, ' 26, ' 27, ' 28. Cox, Lvalan Talisiage . . . Sweetwater, Texas CuMMiNGS, Hatch W., Jr. . . . Hearne, Texas N 2 N, r A Owls Club; Historian Senior Class Medicine. College of Medicine II I M i|M Hi SENIOR CLASS Daly, George Shackelford A K K Daniels, James Palace . . i p s Opclousas, La. Pcnsacola, Fla. Davis, David Richard Emporia, Kaiis. a k k Square and Compass. Donaldson, Joy Kenneth . Green Forest, Ark. 2 A E, X B.S., University of Ailtansas; Patliogens; Owls. Paducah, Ky. Eaton, William Virgil, Jr. . A X A, i= X Pathogens, Ellender, Stephen Ernest P 2 Ellender, Willard Anthony . n K a, a k k Pathogens. EuBANKS, Oscar Gray .... Lucedale, Miss. e K l ' B.S., University ot MississippL ]5ourg, La. Houma, La. College of Medicine I i h ffg ar i:fe 7» trc Vgr: ?ig5gg 5 g5 ' g »i9 B g Ai5. SENIOR CLASS Farragut, Loyall David . . . Pascagoula, Miss. i; n, A K K (Picture not shown in iianel.) Fleming, Carlton Alonzo . . . Raconton, Ga. i; A E, N 2 N PatllogGiis. Owls. Gandelman, Saailel F. . . New Haven, Conn. I A E, K N Gilpin, Florence Ruth . . . Eastondale, Mass. A E I B.A. s Gooman, George Everard X Z X . . Terry, Miss. Gooding, Guy Vernon .... Kinstoii, N. C. e K A.B.. Uiiivci ' Kity of Noi-tli Cafuliiia. Graham, John Preston . . . Kissimniee, Fla. a t v., e K -1 ' Graves, Amos Maverick . . San Antonio, Tex. r A, N 2 N, A fi A Green, John Leighton, Jr. . Ft. Worth, Texas r A, N 2 N College of Medicine Fgag?« q gtggi i i i SENIOR CLASS Green, Morris Rmoklyn, N. Y. A K GuYNES, William Allison . . . Calvert, Texas e K Hanckes, Lloyd Joseph . . . New Orleans, La. A K K, A fi A B.S. ; I ' lnss Vice-Pi-esident, ' 24. ' 25. Hargrave, Robert Lee . . Wichita Falls, Texas t F , A n A B.S., Tulane; " Jambalaya " Repi-esentalive, ' 2G. Haw, William Hunter Benton, Mo. K A, B n B.A., L ' niversity of Missouri. Haydel, Henry Lawrence .... Convent, La. p 2 B.A. ; Band. ' 22. ' 23, ' 24. ' 25, ' 26; Giee Club Orchestra, ' 22, ' 2. ' !, ' 24; Dramatic Club Orchestra, ' 23. ' 24; Secretary Senior Class of Arts and Sciences, ' 26, Heiiielherg, Charles H. . . . Marshall, Texas e K Heiter, William Leslie Mobile, Ala. 2 A E, X Thirteen Club, Pathogens, Owls Club. College of Medicine i ' i i ? r g ' c:grog ?5ft » .ti aiLo 5 B VS :itod To! ;»J ,Sr 7 :rJ9§is;.Sr:,7S ,S ' S T» I- - - ifcfiliiiiii gs ;gto s g» araa» a-aas5 ' gTO;;gs SENIOR CLASS Hendrick, John Victor .... Shreveport, La. K A, X Hensox, George Grant Miami, Fla. ATA, I I , X Patliogons. Apaclio, Vice Prfsident Senior Class Med- icino, ' 27, ' 2S. Winona, Miss. Holmes, Edward Warren . ATA. $ X B.S.. University of Mississippi Kesler, Rorert Cicero .... Spencer, N. C. s n, a k k Klein, Warren Eihle .... Memphis, Tenn. Kii,MAN, Joseph Ray Dallas, Texas 2 a E, N 2 N Knight, Max John Merryville, La. n K A, e K ir Class Presirlent. ' 24, ' 25; Patliogons; Owl ' s Club. Lazari ' s, Jack Sanford, N. C. ' I A E, T E College of Medicine !grgggay?grea;ggs 3gggg «c ' c SENIOR CLASS Leeper, James Avery .... Lenoir City, Tenii. n K i , X z X B.S. Leslie, Frei5 . . . Lake City, Fla. X Z X Honor Council. ' 24. ' 25; Freshman Football. ' 22; Dormitory Governing Board, ' 25, ' 26. ' 27. Levy, Julius L.azard . . A K New Orleans, La. Class Wrestling, ' 24, ' 25; Tug-ot-War. ' 23, ' 24; Pan-Hellenic Council, ' 27. LiNDER, John Eugene . . . New Orleans, La. AHA, B n B.A.; Assistant in Physiological Cliemislry, Magee, Louis McNair Prentiss, Miss. X B.S., University of Mississippi. Magruder, Levin Freeland . . Starkville, Miss. ATA, X B.S., Mississippi A. and M. Martin, William Coda .... Liberty, N. C. X Z X MinLO, Charles New Orleans, La. A Q A Square and Compass. College of Medicine 2 ¥m ' ' [ irgg arsgj g a ga za g iysg ss I I- i I I I Murray, Mildred Lee . A E I B.A. Birmingham, Ala. Ferret, Frank Placide .... Jeanerette, La. E K 2, I P 2 Phillips, Percy Albert . . . New Orleans, La. n K , X z X " Hull.ibaloo " Representative. ' 27; A. A. U. Wre stling Cli.im- pion, ' 22. B.S. Pierce, Francis Dowdle Parrott, Ga. A e, N s N B.S., University of Georgia: Owls Club; Pathogens Club. College of Medicine SENIOR CLASS MiGLiORE, Anthony .... Pittsburgh, Penn. A n A B.S., University of Pittsburgh; Debate Team, ' 22. MiRAMON, George Charles . New Orleans, La. Monte, Louis Anthony . . . New Orleans, La. [ p 2 B.S.; Honor Counril. ' 25; Wrestling Team, ' 24. Morris, Clifton Tate .... Baton Rouge, La. ATA, 4 X Pan-Hellenic Council, ' 28. Morris, Neal Pensacola, Fla. e K (Picture not shown in panel.) B.S. I SENIOR CLASS PiNCUS, Elgi-ne Rosenthal . . Alexandria, La. I ' A s Benson, Ariz. Powell, Charles Spencer . . e K -I ' Square and Compass, Preston, Harr y Hansell . . Hot Springs, Arii. S X, N 2 N B.S. ; Secretary-Treasurer of Senior Class of Medicine; Pathogens. Price, Jerry Clay Gainesville, Texas K I ' , i X I ' athoKcns: Owl Club; President of Medical Pan-Hellenic, ' 2S. QuiNN, George Patrick . . ATA Assistant Editor " Janrbalaya, " ' 21 . Shreveport, La. Reed, Pal.mer Harding ..... Paducah, Ky. K 2, I X Owl Club; Vice President Medical Student Body, ' 2S. RiGGS, Ralph Hearsey .... Shreveport, La. n K i , X z X Honor Council, •27; Pan-Hellenic, ' 2S. Ripps, Isador Brooklyn, N. Y. A M B.S., College ot the City o£ New York. College of Medicine I S fc I t I % i i, ' o SENIOR CLASS Roberts, David Charles . . New Orleans, La. A K K, A n A B.S. Roberts, Earl Hambey Lawtey, Fla. A K K Honor Council, ' 27. Robertson ' , Ruth Foster .... Clayton, Ala. X fi B.A. Rogers, Wilmer Howell . . St. Francisville, La. A T fi, e K I ' Pathogens; Owls Club; Varsity Track, ' 25, ' 26, ' 27; President of Student Body of Arts and Sciences, ' 26: President of Student Body of Medicine, ' 28: Vice President of Stu- dent Council, ' 26. Rose, James Willlam Goldsboio, N. C. e K Ross, Thomas Trigg Okoloiia, Ark. A K K Square and Compass; B.A., Hendrix College. Sacco, Allan Charles . . p 2 Houston, Texas (Picture not shown in panel.) B.S., Tulane. S. ' CKS, David Robert .... San Antonio, Texas B n Safferstone, Irving New York, N. Y. ZBT, AE, AfiA Square and Compass. College of Medicine rg;grc -c»rg S ' Small, Milton Bernard . X Z X Smith, Earl Conway . . A K K Siler City, N. C. New Orleans, La. Poplarville, Miss. Strahan, Eva Eugenia . A E I B.S. (Picture not shown In panel.) Sullivan, Maurice Patrick . New Orleans, La. n K A, N 2 N, 2 T Academic Pan-Hellenic. •25, ' 26, ' 27. ' 28; Art Editor of •■Jambalaya, " ' 26; Staff, ' 25. Teaslev, Harry Eugene .... Hartwell, Ga. n K , e K I ' Secretary of Sophomore Class; Vice President of Junior Class. Thomas, Ford Alton Heflin, La. p s College of Medicine | c gg c (r c SENIOR CLASS Savage, Richard Stephen . . .St. I-ouis, Mo. Honor Council, ' 28, Shamblin, James Roscoe . . , Tuscaloosa, Ala. e K B,A.,, University of Alabama. Simmons, Samuel Joseph, Jr. . . Arcadia, Fla. A K K r f n gatraTguo g «LD g :8 jgt.:«5 :5 I D mliiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! ' , % ' cgC - a T iS» 5 : ' gk g!JLDjg SSgV S fe I i I i ri t n S! i SENIOR CLASS Trist, Nicholas Philip, Jr. . New Orleans, La. P 2 B.S. : Intel-class Wrestling, ' 2S, ■21; Interclass Tug-oC-Wai " , ' 23, ' 24; Class Presidint, ' 26; Treasurer of Medical Student Body, ' 27. Cullman, Ala. Tucker, William Lee . . . X B.S., University of Alabama. (Not in Panel.) Warner, Eugene Merwin . . Ft. Smith, Ark. K A Welsh, Clyde Lionel . . N 2 N Winn, Fred Charles . . A K K Mandam, N. D. . Columbus, Ga. Womack, Robert Kendrick . . . Blakely, Ga. Woodson, Waren Burbank . . Temple, Texas 2 A E, N 2 N Skull and Bones, ' 22, ' 23; Arrowhead, ' 22, ' 23; (University of Texas) Pathogens; Owls. College of Medicine i i H SENIOR CLASS Britsch, L. Delphin .... New Orlean.s, La. Class Roentgenologist. ' 28; Class Histoilan. ' 25. Busby, Robert Edw.ard . . . Hattiesburg, Miss 2 n, fi Cerniglia, Frank Pascal . Tallulah, La. Vice President Class, ' 25; Vice President Student Body, ' 2S; Woodward Prize, ' 27. FiELSCHMiDT, HuGO .... New Orleans, La. z B T Flinn, James Ambrose, Jr. . New Orleans, La. A 2 Freshman Football, ' 23; White Elephants, ' 23; Cl,a.ss Pres- ident, ' 2S; Varsity Football, ' 27. Floyd, Ashby Franklin, Jr. . . . Phoenix, Ala. Freshman Football, ' 23; " Jambalaya " Representative, ' 23; Honor Council, ' 25; Varsity Baseball, ' 25; Vice President Class, ' 2S; Varsity Football, ' 2S. College of Dentistry ilUI , k I l H S S :i ' il !Sia3Sr9»a 3 : p:J 7 S | ; r crJX9 - 5ral«3; S ?a; iara5»:3g i5;S5g5 ea r cgjse c i c g g gg Sgqgrc Kc: ' i SENIOR CLASS Rosen, Isidore Jacob Miami, Fla. Honor Council. ' 2S: Tug-of-War. ' 2! -i; " .Tnmhnlayfi " UnjiT-) ' - sentativp. ' 27; " Hullatjaloo " ReprcsL-ntativf;, ' 2S. Schwartz, Bernard Samuel . Greenville, Miss. K N Secretary of Class, ' 27; Secretary-Treasurer of Dental Stu- dent Body, ' 2S; Interfraternity Basketball, ' 27, ' 28. Strickland, Dee A. Harrisonburg, La. Square and Compass: Vice President of Class, ' 25; President of Class, ' 26; Vice President Student Body, ' 27; Assistant Editor of " Jambalaya. " ' 27; President of Dental Student Body, ' 28; Editor of Medical Section of " Jambalaya, " ' 28; Member of Student Council. ' 28. Wexler, David Frank . . . New Orleans, La. Freshman Tug-of-War; Honor Council, ' 28; Class Treas., ' 2S. Wharton, Wvant C Gulfport, Miss. Williams, Claude S., Jr. . . . Ellisville, Miss. 2 X, I ' Q B.S.. Mississippi A. and M. ; Pan-Hellenic Council, ' 2fi. WiRTH, Frederick Harold . . New Orleans, La. ! K 2, I ' n Class President, ' 25; Student Body Secretary, ' 2G; Woodward Prize, ' 27. College of Dentistry i I i ! i i I i I 1 8 Is ' , «l TT) ■Jjrc gt ' cJgc cJ grg cJiS«r gigca 1 1 SENIOR CLASS ARNiivr, Landon Carlin . Corpus Christi, Texas Arrington, Marvin Eldon . Brookhaven, Miss. . . Norfolk, Va. Barham, Joseph Hamlin A 2 Baseball Varsity (2, 3. 4), Captain (3); Pan-Hellenic; L ' Apache. BouDREAU, Floyd Thomas . . Washington, La. Bristow, Louis Judson . . . New Orleans, La. (Picture not sliown in panel.) Buchanan, Forest C. New Orleans, La. K A, T X E President of Class, ' 25, ' 26: President or Arts and Science Student Body; Secretary and Treasurer of Student Council; Class Football, Basketball, Baseball. Burton, Robert H. II . . . - New Orleans, La. (Picture not shown in panel.) Cabiri, Carlo Peter . . . New Orleans, La. Cahn, Leonard Baer . . . New Orleans, La. Cash, Henry Boseman . Boiling Springs, N. C. (Picture not shown in pa,nel.) Clayton, Sherwood Strobel . New Orleans, La. n H Interolass Debate (1, 2); Freshman " T " Club; Glendy Burke (!)■ Glee Club; President of Y. M. C. A.; Vice President of Senior Class; Librarian of Glee Club; Member of Academic Board (4). College of Arts and Sciences jcaagaJLsJgg ASigOT c gtr gc SENIOR CLASS Davidson, Hugh C, Jr. . . . New Orleans, La. Ben, K A i ' , i ' ' i Thii-teen Club; Freshman Track; InterL-Uiss Track (1, 2); Interclass Basketball (2); Varsity Basketball (3); Varsity Track (3); Pan-Hellenic Council (3, 3, 4); Chairman Pledge Committee (4); Secretary and Treasurer ot Arts and Science Student Body (4). DiNKiNS, Ladd a Scott, La. K A Interclass Wrestling 1 2. 3); Varsity Wrestling Team (2); White Elephants, Ehlert, Charles Dirker . . . Waterproof, La. A T n, ! X Fernon, Joseph G., Jr. . . New Orleans, La. K K Sr Band (2, 3, 4); Y, M. C. A. Cabinet (3, 4); Business Manager of Freshman Handboolt (4); Secretary of Senior Class; Honor Board (4). Fraser, Swepson Floyd Many, La. Gardberg, Manuel .... New Orleans, La. (Picture not shown in panel.) Gardner, Thomas Lloyd . . Clarksville, Texas Gelbke, Carroll Frank . . . New Orleans, La. Gold, Henry Raphael . . . New Orleans, La. (Picture not shown in panel.) Goodman, Samuel Jacob . . New Orleans, La. College of Arts and Sciences nil nil S:». S2igP. a 555feSi 5 !5 g afeiS » gra T itoa rc»gKa r ga g 3 gre »i ja »:3 «L» gro» g g SENIOR CLASS Gregor -, Ivey William, Jr. . A T n Freshman Football: Secretary-Troasurcr Freshman Class; Glondy Burke (1, 2, 3); Vice PresUlent Class (2); Committee on Student Affairs. Hagerty, William Philip . . New Orleans, La. Harp, Charles Ellington . . Huntsville, Ala. A T fi White Elephants. Harris, Edwin Chesnutt . . New Orleaii,s, La. Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (2, 3, 4). Atlanta, Ga. iK.iniliillllililliiilliliilii lil Harrison, Malcolm W. . . Montgomery, Ala. Harrison, Vernon Baker . . Ft. Vorth, Texas Hehert, Warren Harang . . New Orleans, La. (Picture not shown in panel.) Henriques, Charles Buck . New Orleans, La. Higgins, Lawrence Ernest . New Orleans, La. T X E Arthurians; " Hullabaloo " Staff (2, 3); Freshman Baseball; Interclass Baseball (2); " Jambalaya " Representative (4); International Club. College of Arts and Sciences :g5a r ' i SENIOR CLASS HoTH, [, coi! Otto .... New Orleans, f.a Jacobs, Sydney New Orleans, La. Joseph, Phillip Salem .... Shreveport, La. Kaplan, Ben Bryan, Texas President nf Dormitory; Governing Board (4); Vice Pres- ident of Arts and Science Student Body; Plonor Council (.3): Secretary ot Class (3); Dormitory Board (3); Terpens (2); Track (1); Interclass Football (1, 2); Int reiass Baseball (1, 2); Interclass Track (1, 2). Kleinfeldt, Ahrahari L . . New Orleans, La. Leach, Lee Solden New Orleans, La. (Picture not shown in panel.) LeBlanc, Charles Arthur .... Houma, La. Levy, Louis Malcolm .... New Orleans, La. Arthurians; Y. M. C. A. (2, 3, 4). LiPANi, John Gaspare . . . New Orleans, La. (Picture not shown in panel.) LoDRiGUES, RoYDEN RoTH .... Patterson, La. T X E Class Football (2); Class Track (2); Varsity Football (2, 3); Varsity Track (3, 4) ; Arthurians. College of Arts and Sciences 3Ia% i I 1 gg J r5 ' g»L ' !Lo gr T» ' ! £-? y.-? S i r i SI r rgfcl ' agSjg g5g ' Sg5Tg to r j5 I I ■ ' r f7 i i l ScjjTeSicJIii ca?cJtg« cJjgc-g e c?85S Sa | Q 1 SENIOR CLASS LvTLE, Jaimes Edwarh, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Ben Freshman Track. Mahone, George Savage . . New Orleans, La. 2 A E ] Lartinez, William H. . Cabo Rojo, Porto Rico Mays, Clifford Raymond . . Plain Dealing, La. (Picture not shown in panel.) McDowell, Robert Clayton . . . Trout, La. McKinney, Fred New Orleans, La. Aithurians; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (2, 3); Vice President (4); President ot State Student Council of Y. M. C. A. McShane, Rudolph Matas . New Orleans, La. Menville, John Gilmer . . New Orleans, La. Ben Mitchell, W. Hamilton . New Lebanon, N. Y. (Picturo not shown in panel.) O ' Neill, Maurice Edwin . . Morgan City, La. (Picture not shown in panel.) Planch E, Fellx Anthony . . . Covington, La. (Picture not shown in panel.) Porter, Robert Sutton .... Shreveport, La. College of Arts and Sciences CTgrc e:g?c ' eJ !g ' liCgg r g:«kHa c gg? fg SgB5gSS«-aff r c 7Jgggg5:ggca;craV (r gg i S ' i I I i I SENIOR CLASS Rrnken, Palil William . . San Antonio, Texas Richard, Golden George . . Lake Charles, La. RiERA, Rafael B. . . . Mayaguez, Porto Rico RosENRLUM, Leo New Orleans, La. Schaffner, Philippe V. . . . New Orleans, La T X E, K K • ' V Band (1. 2, ?.. 4): Assistant Manager (2, 3); Manager M) Glee Club (1. 2, 3, 4); Ai-thurlans; Vice President (4) Y. M. C. A. Cabinet Sentell, Charles S Plain Dealing, La. 2 N Setzler, Robert Kenneth . . . Crossett, Ark. Stahl, Leopold New Orleans, La. College of Arts and Sciences pcggcg:g;575g5 ;g5 :gg ; aiD»gr ; I ■: t I i r jjps ' ji n 9 J r« jregicJgc ejgrc cjgc -sgrc?;s SENIOR CLASS Stolley, Carl Hermann . . New Orleans, La. e A Tenpens: Glee Club; Dramatic Gui ' d; Band; President of Senioi- Class; " Ja,mbalaya " Representative (2); Secretary of Junior Class, Storey, Clifford Fulton . . Baton Rouge, La. Strug, Lawrence New Orleans, La. (Picture not sl o ■n in panel.) Talbot, Ralph Jefferson . Ruston, La. Terhune, Cornelius A. . . . New Orleans, La. Band (1, 2, 3 4); Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Interclass Tug-of- War; Interclass Debate (2); Treasurer of T. M. C. A. (4); Tulane University Players (2). Terrell, Vernon LaG., Jr. . Magnolia, Miss. Tessitore, Nicola Joseph . . New Orleans, La. Theriot, G. Roy New Orleans, La. Williamson, Samuel Ruthven . Bessemer, Ala. n K A, T X E (Picture not sliown in panel.) Youman, Joseph D., Jr. . . New Orleans, La. College OF Arts and Sciences H I i iiiniMihiiiMiiiwnifK SENIOR CLASS Baginsky, Herman New Ork-ans, La. Glendy Burke: Vice Speaker Glendy Burke (:i): Alternate ' arsity Debate (1); Oratorical and Debatinff Council; B.A., Tulane. Barnes, Ellis L Shreveport, La. Barre, ] Ielvin p. . Edgard, La. Benedict, Sommer W. . . . New Orleans, La. 2 N, $ A A Secretary Class (i) : Honor Council (1): Interfraternity Tennis (1. 2, 3. 4, 5. 6): Fresliman Basketball (1); Inter- fraternity Basketball (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, G). CooLEY, Henry Bell . . . New Orleans, La. B.B., Tulane. DuBuissoN, Edward Opelousas, La. A K E, B.A., Oxford University, England; Pan-Hellenic; President ol; Senior Law Class. Files, William Dan Oak Ridge, La. 2 X, $ A Grace, Daniel H New Orleans, La. (Picture not in panel.) Harrell, John Wells . . . New Orleans, La. S N B.A., Tulane. College of Law ii« g?ci Bi:c:gp a i m t ) i ' I i m £ r SSg2 2 i3g 3S S mm{ : ' t r ;$ 1 ,:. I ' HiiiMimiHii iiimi i i I i I I i s SENIOR CLASS HoLLOMAN, John B., Jr. . . New Orleans, La. 2 A E, A A Levy, Leonard Benjamin . . New Orleans, La. Z B T Pan-Helleiiic. McCain, James Irving . . . New Orleans, La. (Picture not shown in panel.) n K , I A A, I Glendy Buike; Glee Club; Dramatic Club. Morrison, Jacob H New Roads, La. S N, A B.A., University of Louisiana. Otto, Costello J Baton Rouge, La. K s, A A B.A.. LTnivei ' sity of Arizona. Provostv, Oliver Otis .... New Roads, La. (Picture not Bho ' n in p.anel.) I A e, ! A ■! B.A., Spring Hill Rainold, Alexander E. . . . New Orleans, La. A T fl, ' ! A Rorinson, Henry Moreland . New Orleans, La. n K $, A A, i ' i B.S.. Tulane. College of Law i i % SENIOR CLASS SliEHURG, KOLF InGE .... A X A, A I L ' Apache. New Orleans, La Smith, Allen L Monroe, La. 2 A E, A A, «I I , e A President of Law Student Body; Vice President Student Council; President Dramatic Club (3); Interfraternity Bas- ketball; Scrub Basketball; Scrub Football; L ' Apache. Smith, James Frank Leesville, La 2 N, e A I B.. ., University ot Louisiana; Band (iJ). White, Robert McLin . . . Alexandria, La. K A, i A B.A. ; White Elephants; Basketball (3, 4); Scrub Foot- ball (2, 3, 5). Wilson, Thomas F New Orleans, La. ATA, A White Elephant; Pan-Hellenic Council; Class Track; Moot Club (4, 6); Interfraternity Basketball (1, 2, 3, 4. 5, 6); Interfraternity (2, 3. 4, 5, 6); Secretary of Pan-Hellenic Council. Yancey, Benjamin W. . . . New Orleans, La. B K, e A ! B.A.; Glendy Burke; Dramatic Guild; Class Vice President (4, 6); President (5). College of Law P % jP " t i SENIOR CLASS AxDRLS, GiiRALD Louis Ciowlcv, La. s n Barrett, William B. . Lexington, Miss. K S Bye, Louis Kenton New Orleans, La. K s Canessa, Carlos J El Salvador, C. A. 2 I T. M. C. A. (1. 2. 3, 4). Dell, Valentine Kittredge . New Orleans, La. n K A Pan-Hellenic Council. Franklin, Benjamin Robt. . New Orleans, La. K A Intel-class Football (2); A. A. XJ. Wrestling (1, 2, 3, 4); Southern Champion (3); Varsity Cheer Leader (3); Soph- omore Football. College of Commerce i i SENIOR CLASS Geiser, John, Jr New Orleans, La. Y. M. C. A. (1, 2, 3, i): Class Basketball (1, 2). Hamilton, Stanley B. . . . New Orleans, La. A T n White Elephant; Manager of Varsity Baseball (4); Fresli- man Track (2); Pan-Hellenic Council (2, 3, " I); Academic Board (2, 3); Interclass Basketball (3). Hardie, Eben, Jr New Orleans, La. K A Freshman Football; Scrub (2), Varsity (3, 4); White Ele- phants; Vice President oi: Class (3); Secretary and Treasurer ot Commerce Student Body (4); Glee Club C3, 4). HoppENSiTz, Adolph A. . e N New Orleans, La. Arthurians (2); Y. M, C. A. (3); Business Manager " Hulla- baloo " (4): Assistant Business Manager of Handbook. Lowentritt, Louis Levy . . . Winnsboro, La. B r s Swimming Team (2); Commerce Reporter (3). McKenzie, William Alvin .... Homer, La. A T fi Interfraternity Track (2, 3). inniliM College of Commerce I P«g8i ' ! ' ! y5Rfe " 5W, !S( i illinllinll iiiimiiiiiiii hiiMiiiinii SENIOR CLASS Monroe, Harry New Orleans, La. A T n, $ i Freshman Track; Freshman Football; Cross-Country (1. 2), Captain (4); Class President (3); Track Team (2, 3. 4). Captain Track Team (4): Thirteen Club; Intertraternity Track (2, 3, 4). Rayl, Elsa Martha New Orleans, La. Reeves, Charles New Orleans, La. A K E Vice President o£ Class (1); Thirteen Club (1); Y. M. C. A.; Dramatic Club (2, 3, 5). RiGGS, Byron L Hot Springs, Ark. S X Band (2, 3, 4); Glee Club (2, 3, 4); Pan-Hellenic (4); Representative " Hullabaloo " and " Jambalaya " (4). Salassi, Edmond Abels Slidell, La. 2 E. K K , B r S Band (1, 2. 3, 4); Drum Ma.ior Band (3, 4); Glee Club (1. 2, 3, 4); Business Manager Glee Club (3); President Glee Club (4); Business Manager " Jambalaya " (4); Class Bas- ketball (2); Intertraternity Basketball (3, 4); Y. M. C. A. Sanford, John B., Jr New Orleans, La. K A, Thirteen Club; Vice President of Class (1); President ol ' Class (2); Vice President of Student Body (3); President ol: Class (4); Pan-Hellenic (2, 3. 4); Secretary of Pan-Hellenic (3); Assistant Editor of " Jambalaya " (3); Editor of " Jamba- laya " (4); Manager of Tennis Team (4); Interfraternity Basketball (1, 2). Wooster, Alice Lambert . K K r Centerville, La. College of Commerce Si er cX?frS t frS!itXfcrSi:tXr;rA i S SENIOR CLASS Bender, Charles A., Jr. . . . New Orleans, La. ATA Freshman Football (1); Sophomore Football; Tug-of-War (2); Class Secretary (3); President of Class (4); Ensineerlng So- ciety (3, 4); Pop ' s Mental Gym Class. Cohen, Max New Orleans, La. (Picture not shown in panel.) Collins, John Thomas Biloxi, Miss. (Picture not shown in panel.) Davis, Albert Baker .... New Orleans, La. De Fraites, Arthur A. . . . New Orleans, La. Devall, Lucien New Orleans, La. (Picture not shown in panel.) Ebaugh, Newton Cromwell . New Orleans, La. Tug-ot-War (1. 2); Captain Instructor Y. M. C. A. Life Sav- ing Corp (1, 2, 3, 4); Cabinet (3); Vice President ot Class (4); Engineering Society (3. 4); Pop ' s Mental Gym Class. Eustis, George Finlay . . . Greenville, Miss. (Picture not shown in panel.) A K E Glendy Burke (1): Dramatic Guild (2); Academic Board (3, 4), Chairman (4): President of Student Body (4); Student Council (4); Engineering Society (3. 4); Pop ' s Mental Gym Class. Follansbee, Wm. Arthur . New Orleans, La. A 2 Gargoyle; Wrestling (1); Glee Club (2, 3, 4). GuiLLORY, John Mason . . New Orleans, La. " .lambalaya " (1): Secretary-Treasurer of Senior Class; En- gineering Society (3. 4); Tug-of-War (1. 2); Pop ' s Mental Gym Class. B.S. Heinrerg, Max Pensacola, Fla. (Picture not shown in panel.) Z B T Band (2. 3, 4); Glee Club (2); Architectural Society. KiRST, Leonard R New Orleans, La. (Picture not shown in panel.) College of Engineering i i k 5SS i £22i£ Q2S S S Sl snf! ' x- S l gaS 5gg g ' ! j(gro»; i .5» ' »f SENIOR CLASS Ki.Eix, Irving New Orleans, La. SAM Band (1); Ar ' -liitectural Society. Lazarone, Carl Vincent .... Kenner, La. Engineering Society; Pop ' s Mental Gym Class. Mabson, Algernon Ashe . . New Oi ' leans, La (Picture not shown in panel.) McFarland, James Frank . . . Mansfield, La. (Picture not sliown in panel.) Band (1, 2, 3 4); Vice President o( Class (3); Vice Pres- ident of Engineering Student Body (4); Engineering- Society (3, 4); Pop ' s Mental Gym Class. Mysing, Hermann Day . . New Orleans, La. " .Tamb.alaya " Kepresentative (2, 4); Pop ' s Mental Gym Classes: Engineering Society (3, 4). Orr, Adloe, Jr New Orleans, La. Chess Championship (3); Engineering Society (3, 4). OsTER, William P New Orleans, La. Engineering Society (3, 4); Pop ' s Mental Gym CI.iss. Perrier, Theodore .... New Orleans, La. (Picture not shown in p.anel.) Reixach, Rene Henry . . . New Orleans, La. K S Engineering Society (3, 4); Secretary of E ngineering Stu- dent Body (4). College of Engineering I teg?5 g:g?c e:grc!a:c3grs 3gg g;cn c: i ■« r»; r .cag«rg ' ca g gia caffe ' ca gg;a SENIOR CLASS WiLLOz, Clifford Pall . . . New Orleans, La. Architecture Seerctiii-y (-1): A fctrrtoftviio S(K!icty { ' 2. ?,, li. Watson, Clement Jarmon . New Orleans, L S E, T X E Engineering Society (3, 4): Glee Clul) (1, Hellenic Council. ■I): ron- ToRTOAiAsi, Bernard J. . . . New Orleans, La. Pop ' s Ment. l Gym Class; Engineering Societ ' (.1. 1). Tremblav, Williams N. . . New Orleans, La. (Picture not slmwn in panel.) Class President (1); Interclass Football (2); T. M. C. A. (. ' !); Engineering Society (3, 4): Pop ' s Mental Gym Class; Tug- of-War (2). Stewart, Frank Gurley New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. Segel, George Jacob . . Varsity Debating (1, 2. 3); Glendy Burke (1. 2. 3. 4); Carnot Debate Medal (3); Oratorical and Debating Council (2. 3, 4); Open Forum (2); Chairman of Debating Council (2); Tug-of-War (1, 2); Engineering Society (3, 4); Pop ' s Mental Gym Class. Schmidt, Charles E. . . . Ocean Springs, Miss. Secretary of Dormitory Club (2, 3); Engineering Repre- sentative to " Hullabaloo " (4); Engineering Society (3, 4); Pop ' s Mental Gym Class. SENIOR CLASS i i i ( ■% ;! ■• f:g-C ' -- ' ! A- -o, Charles E., Jr Morgan City, La. n K ■! rtiKli ' iit Council, ' 2i;. ' 27; Frat ' inily Baskethail; Class President, ' 26. ' 27. Hrent, Alvin Eugene .... Summit, Miss. A T 9. Banfl, ' 20 ' 20. ' 27, ' 2,S: Tho Tiilanians; Interrlass Foollmll; Secretary-Ti-easui-(jr of Senior Class. Cerniglla, Joseph J.ay .- Delhi, La. Grado, Johnnie, Jr Houston, Tex. " Jambalaya " Representative. ' 27. ' 2S; Intramural Football ■28; Honor Council, ' 26, ' 27; Scrub Football. ' 25. Hochfelder, Joseph K. . . . New Orleans, La. KiRCHMiER, Chilton B Portsmouth, Va. ! K S, K I ' Class President, ' 27; Vice President. ' 26; Varsity Football, ' 2(i. ' 27; Track, ' 26, ' 27; " T " Club. KosT, Marguerite E. . . . New Orleans, La. Secretary-Treasurer, ' 20, ' 27; " Hullabaloo " Representative. ' 27, ' 28. iii i iii n i ii ii College of Pharmacy t i SENIOR CLASS Lrvv, Milton Sidney .... Morgan City, La. K N Inteilj-atcrnity Basket bjill. Marx, William Bogalusa, La. K N Vice Prt ' sidiiiit, " 25, " -7; Honor Council, ' ilj; Varsity Basu- ball. ' 20. ' 27; Fraternity Baslietljall, ' 2.5. ' 26, ' 27. Moore, Israella New Orleans, La. Wager, Oliver E Jennings, La. n H, K " V Band, ' 24. ' 25, ' 26, ' 27, ' 28; Fresliman Track, ' 25; Scrub Football, ' 25; Varsity Track, ' 27; Intramural Football, ' 27, ' 28. Walls, John Lewis .... Baton Rouge, La. (Picture not shown in panel.) A 2 Varsity Football, ' 26, ' 27; President Freshman Class, ' 25; Captain Freshman Football Team, ' 25, Wright, George DeVaugh . . . Crowley, La. s n student Council, ' 27, ' 28; Secretary ot Class, ' 2G. Zimmerman, Theodore R. . . New Orleans, La. College of Pharmacy Q a. H Z u Q en ►J -J z D c W o 82 1 JUNIORS 83 JUNIOR CLASS Newcomb College Barkoff, Sarah New Orleans, La. Burkenroad, Alicf. . . . New Orleans, La. A E I Baylor, Dorothy .... Gulfport, Miss. _ _ ' ' Carnahan, Corn ELIA . . New Orleans, La. Bergeron " , Fannie Mae . Napoleonville, La. A A n Carroll, Annette . . . New Orleans, La. Z 2 Blanchard, V ' ircinia . . New Orleans, La. Z T A Carroll, Dorothy . . . New Orleans, La. Z i; BoNDURANT, Martha ■ . New Orleans, La. A o n T. W. C. A.; Westmoorland College (1, 2). Chamberlain, Dorothy . New Orleans, La. fi X Bourne, Milbrey .... New Orleans, La. Chappell, Cynthia .... Columbus, Ga. n B i 8+ JUNIOR CLASS Newcomb College Clark, Irene New Orleans, La. Dinkelspeil, Sarah . . . New Orleans, La. A E I Cook, Tolley Lake Charles, La. j jl Dromgool, Bessie .... New Orleans, La. M French Circle (1, 2); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2, 3); Baseball (2); Newcomb Ball (3). Dyson, GERAtnixE .... Kentwood, La. Crowe, Catherine . . . .St. Louis, Mo. A O IT K K r French -Je Y W. C. A ;, J- W. C. A. ADELAIDE . . . New Orleans, La. A A n French Circle (2): Y. W. C. A. (2, 3). Daniel, Evelyn Columbus, Ga. K K r Ellsworth, Lois .... New Orleans, La. Davis, Beatrice .... New Orleans, La. K A 6 Davis, Susan Lyle . . . Brunswick, Miss. Fasterling, Edith . . . New Orleans, La. n B -J ' Z T A JUNIOR CLASS Newcomb College Fernandez, Gladys . . . New Orleans, La. Flanders, Kathrvn .... BogaKisa, La. A n E Gladney, Helen Rayville, La. K A e Y. W. C. A. (2, 3); French Circle (3); Volley Ball Squad (3). Fly ' , Mildred Summit, Miss. I) M Gonzalez, Carmelita . . New Orleans, La. FoLSE, Margaret .... Oak Ridge, La. A n Gough, Helen New Orleans, La. FuNKHOUSER, LlTTELL . n X Atlanta, Ga. Gastrell, Myrtle . . . New Orleans, La. n X Gerson, Beatrice . . . New Orleans, La. Harris, Caroline . . . Junction City, Ark. A A n Dramatic Club (1, 2, 3); T. W. C. A. (2, 3); Chairman Student Body Art Committee (3); Volley Ball (2). Hiller, Helen .... New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club; French Circle. 86 ,A: ? !( s ' i ' : ' L 0 fif)s ; ?t JUNIOR CLASS Newcomb College HiRN, IsADFXLA .... New, Orleans, La. Johnson, Frances Bogalusa, La. K A e A n E Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); Glee Club (2); Hockey (1); Volley Ball (2, 3). Katz, Bessie New Orleans, La. Hooper, Janet .... New Orleans, La. Keesler, Mary Nash . . Greenwood, Miss. fi X Hubert, Muriel .... New Orleans, La. Kendall, Elizabeth . . Tallulah, Ala. Huger, Elizabeth . . . New Orleans, La. Knowles, Ann Shreveport, La. A A n LiTMAN, Dorothy . . . New Orleans, La. Z T A Lambiotte, Louise .... Shreveport, La. Glee Club; French Club. Z 2 JUNIOR CLASS Newcomb College Lawrence, Pattee . . . New Orleans, La. Lea, Jane Ne«- Orleans, La. I M French Circle. McKiTTRicK, Grace . . . n B ! Natchez, Miss. T. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3); Stuaent Council (2, 3); " Arcafle " Staft (2, 3); Volley Ball (2, 3); Basketball (1. 2); Hockey (1, 2); Glee Club (1); French Circle (1); President of T. W. C. A. (3); Class President (2); Class Secretary (1). Maestri, Evelyn .... New Orleans, La. Z T A Mansberg, Bernice . . . New Orleans, La. Marquez, Hazel . . New Orleans, La. Marshall, Acnes . . . New Orleans, La. K K r Meredith, Jo Monroe, La. A n Micas, Thais New Orleans, La. A n E Glee Club; Dramatic; Athletic Council 192G: Hockey. Varsity (1, 2); Letter " N " ; Newcomb Ball (1, 2, 3); Newcomb Basketball (1, 2); Baseball (1, 2). MastiNj Sara Huntsville, Ala. K A e McGearv, Ruth Winona, Miss. MiTCHENER, AlLINE . . . n B Snmner, Miss. Debating: Club. Dramatic Club; " Arcade " Statt (2); Athletic Council (2); Hockey, Captain (1); Baseball (1, 2); Volley Ball (3). S8 JUNIOR CLASS Newcomb College MooNEY, Clara .... New Orleans, La. K K r French Circle (3); Glee Club (1, 2); T. W. C. A. (2, 3). Moss, Ruth New Orleans, La. Z T A French Circle (3); Dramatic Club (1, 2, 3). Newell, Margaret .... Natchez, Miss. K K r Nolan, Anita New Orleans, La. Mandolin-Guitar Club; Glee Club; Art Repre- sentative; Student Council (3). Muse, Ethel .... St. Francisville, La. Debating- Club (1. 3); Dramatic Club (1, 3); French Circle (1, 3); T. W. C. A. (1, 3); Ath- letic Council (3); Varsity Baslcetball (1); Varsity Hockey (1, 2); Varsity Baseball (2); Track (1, 2). Mysinc, Anna Belle . . New Orleans, La. M Newell, Lillian Natchez, Miss. K K r T. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3); French Circle (2, 3). Orr, Rosalie New Orleans, La. Pavy, Yvonne Opelousas, La. A A n T. W. C. A. (2. 3); French Circle (2. 3); Dramatic Club (2, 3). Perlman, Dora .... New Orleans, La. JUNIOR CLASS Newcomb College PiERSON, Florence . . . New Orleans, La. Scott, Elizabeth . . . K K r A n E . Atlanta, Ga. Plauche, Dorothy . . . New Orleans, La. ShvcLAiR, Lucv .... New Orleans, La. A n Plauche, Mildred . . . New Orleans, La. K K r Singer, Elaine French Circle; Y. W. C. A. New Orleans, La. Smith, Gorilla .... New Orleans, La. PoLACK, Katherine . . . New Orleans, La. Stearns, Dorothy . . . New Orleans, La. Saer, Miriam New Orleans, La. M 90 JUNIOR CLASS Newcomb College ToMLiNSON, Nannette . . Gulfpoit, Miss. Weil, Josephine .... Alexandria, La. A n A E House Council (1, 2, 3); House Secretai-y (3); Baseball Captain (2): Varsity (1, 2); Hockey Y. W. C. A. (1. 2, 3); Secretary (3); French Varsity (2); Volley Ball (1. 2, 3); House Council Circle (1 2); Debating Club (1, 2, 3); Debat- (2): Assistant Editor " Jambalaya " (3); Pan- ing Council (1, 2); Basketball (1, 2). Hellenic (3). ToxSMEiRE, Sue Biloxi, Miss. Westfelu, Ethel Jane . New Orleans, La. i M n B Y. W. C. A.; House Council. Dramatic Club; French Circle; T. W. C. A.; Debating Club; Freshman Temporary Chair- man; Hockey, Varsity (1, 2, 3); Newcomb Ball Touinwav Mjuv MpvidiTP Miss !• 2, 3); French Play (1, 2); French Circle iRbADWA , MAR-i .... ivicuclian, ivilss. Vice-President (3); " Arcade " Staff (2, 3); Y. j ) Q W. C. A. Cabinet (2, 3) ; " Jambalaya " Repre- sentative (3 . Treasurer of J. L. House; J. L,. House Council. Wilson, Rena Walker, Mae New Orleans, La. j- _ q n X Frcncli (1); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3), Vice-President (3); Debating Club (2, 3); Volley Ball (1. 3); „, „ , , Baseball (2); Hockey (1); Vice-President Class Walne, Lucy New Orleans, La. (o), secretary (3). A n French Club (2); Debating Club (2, 3); Y. W. WRIGHT, CLIFFORD C. A. (1, 2, 3); Baseball (2); Assistant Busi- ness Manager " Jambalaya, " (3). ' 1 ' - !■ 9 ' ( feRgeF T JUNIOR College of Abramson, Paul Shreveport, La. Z B T, I A E, K K [ ' B.S. Tulane; Band (2, 3). Allums, LoRAiNE Riiigold, La. I P s Baseball (2, 3). BaileVj John S Mansfield, La. A K K Square and Compass. Bardin, Malcolm Wilson, N. C. K -i ' Barnes, Moorman Enid, Okla. e K Pan-Hellenic Council. Barber, W. J Butler, Ala. e K B.A. University of Alabama. CLASS Medicine Bennett, T. L., Jr Florence, Ala. A T a, 4 X Pathogens; Owls Club; L ' Apache. Blackwell, Miles . . . Bro«n vood, Tex. e K 1 ' A.E. University of Texas. Blanchard, Fred El Paso, Tex. X Z X Born, Charles A Pensacola, Fla. I X, 2 A E Class President (2); Honor Council (2). Brewster, C. B Ft. Worth, Tex. A K K Assistant Business Manager " Jambalaya " (4). Bunyard, Alton .... Meridian, Miss. B.S. University of Mississippi. 92 JUNIOR CLASS College of Medicine Butler, G. Harrison . . McComb, Miss. K 2, X B.S. University of Mississippi. Cochrane, Robert H., Jr. . Tuscaloosa, Ala. r A, X B.A. University of Alabama. BuTKER, Henry .... New Orleans, La. A 2 , e K Pathogens; Varsity Baseball (3). Butler, Thomas B., Jr. . . McComb, Miss. K 2, X B.A., B.S., University of Mississippi. Carroll, Roland . . . Port Arthur, Tex. n K A, A K K Pathogens (2). Cathcart, Donald . . . Montgomerj-, Ala. S E, X B.S. Auburn; Pathogens; L ' Apaohe; Medical Honor Council (4); Medical Inter-Fraternity Council; " Hullabaloo " Representative (3). Chavez, Ernest Jr. . Cordoba, Ver. Mexico e K Dormitory Governing Board (2) ; S. A. A. U. Wrestling (1, 2, 3, 4); Runner-Up (2); Wrest- ling Team; Vice-President of Class (2); Olympic Try-outs (1). Cohen, Meyer Newark, N. J. A K B.S. College of City of New York. Collier, James P Tuscaloosa, Ala. A K E, X, X B B.S., University of Alabama. Cook, Henry Grady . . Hattiesburg, Miss. CoONj Henson S Monroe, La. A K Iv Square and Compass; Business Manager of " Jambalaya. " CoPELAND, Sidney M. . . New Orleans, La. A E 93 JUNIOR CLASS College of Medicine Davidson, James .... Thomasville, Ala. P 2 B.A. Spring- Hill. Ermon ' dson, H. E D ' Lo, Miss. E.S. University of Mi.s.sissippi. FiALK, Harry Union City, N. J. A K Gates, Richard .... New Orleans, La. $ A e, N 2 N Pathogens, Owls; Honor Council (3). St. Germaix, Ellis . . Breaiix Bridge, La. A 2 I ' , e K Sr Historian Freshman Class. Goi.DSTON, Alton .... GoUlstnn, N. C. e K SI ' Goldstein, Nathaniel . . Brooklyn, N. Y. e K ' Gold, Loran L. . . Kings Mountain, N. C. X Z X B.S. Wake Forest College. Greenberg, Philip . . . Jersey City, N. J. K A Harris, John B Ruston, La. AS , e K ' B.S. Tulane; Parthogens. Hatchette, Charles .... Marion, Ala. X $, X, O A K B.A. Hawkins, Joseph .... San Rafael, Cal. n A E, A K K Pa.thogens: Honor Council; Treasurer Medical Student Body (4). 94 JUNIOR CLASS College of Medicine Hill, Luther L Montgninerj-, Ala. Lynch, Harry .... Hot Springs, Ark. XZX 2X, N2N Pan-Hellenic Council. Madison, William .... Webster, N. C. Kahn, SlGMOND Rayne, La. G K I ' 2 A if, I A K B.S. Tulane; Pan-Hellenic. MARTIN, Farris ...... Brandon, Miss. e K -i ' iviRKPATRiCK, S. M. Jr SeliTia, Ala. „ „ _, . ., ,.,...„. . ■■ - ' B.S. University of Mi.ssissippi. K A, I X Pathosens. - t ' r t - -mi- McCoRMiCK, K Collins, Miss. Lacy, Gf.orge Ft. Worth, Tex. " e K I B.S.; M.A. B.S. McMains, v. E Miami, Ariz. Lancaster, Lamar Barton, Fla. ' X A, . E I K A, I X Pathogens; Owls. ' MlLLER, MORRIS Brooklyn, N. V. t A K LiPANi, John G New Orleans, La. Pan-Hclienic Council. 95 JUNIOR College of MuLLiNS, Clinton Monroe, La. n K A, A K K Class President (3). Paterson, Et-IZAbetii .... Austin, Te.x. A E I Patterson, R. D Liberty, N. C. e K i ' B.S. Wake Forest College. Planche, Felix Covington, La. n K A, A K K RiCGALL, Cecil .... Rochdale, England A K K Class Secretary (4); Medical Editor " Jamba- laya " (4). Roberts, Joseph .... Yazoo City, Miss. 2 A E, ' I X B.S. University of Mississippi. 96 CLASS Medicine Robins, Irvine Baton Rouge, La. 2 X, N 2 N White Elephants; Owls; Pathogens; L ' Apache, Russell, Howard H. . . Somerville, Ala. e K I ' , A 2 E.S. University of Alabama. RozAs, Sidney Chataignier, La. ' I P S Sanford, Alton .... Huntsville, Ala. ATA B.S. University of .Alabama. Schenfeld, Samuel . . . New York, N. Y. tl A K Sellers, David F Quinton, Ala. ■I X B.S. JUNIOR CLASS College of Medicine SiiuTi;, Frank C. Jr. . . . Opelousas, La. Ben, A K K Thomas, Henry .... New Orleans, La. A 2 I , e K I ' Class President (2); Honor Council (2, 3); As- sistant Instructor Anatomy (3). Shushan, Morris . . . New Orleans, La. I A E, K N B.s. Thomas, Robert . . . San Antonio, Tex. 2 A E, N 2 N Pathojjens; Owls. Spencer, B. E Spencer, La. e K I ' SvKES, RuFUS Conway, N. C. X Z X Tessitore, Nicola . . . New Orleans, La. B. S. Tulane; Freshman Tug-o(-War (1); Fresh- man Football (1). Tucker, E. J., Jr. .... Houston, Tex. A K K Wood, Arthur Mobile, Ala. e K I ' Wood, George Batesville, Miss. S A E, X E.g. Ole Mississippi. Wright, Claude • . .St. Petersburg, Fla. A e, A K K 97 JUNIOR CLASS College of Arts and Sciences Alleman, Hubert . . Metairie Ridge, La. Bi.AKE, George C. Vaniado, La. Browne, Pat New Orleans, La. .i K E, A I , K 4 Freshman Football. " 24; Varsity, ' 25, ' 26, " 27; Captain Football; Varsity Basketball, ' 25, ' 20; Varsity Baseball, ' 25, ' 2G. Blake, James D. . . . Cedar Rapids, Iowa Busii, C. N. Block, Moise B New Orleans, La. 2 A M, e N Campbell, Stephen R. . . New Orleans, La. Broad, William H. Jr. • New Orleans, La. A K E Vice-President Junior Class; A. and S.. ' 27, ' 2S; Track, ' 27; Glee Club, ' 27; Publicity Man- ager Glee Club, ' 28; Inter-Fraternity Basket- ball, ' 27, ' 28; Inter-Fraternity Track, ' 27, ' 28. CiiARBONNEl, Louis S. . . New Orleans, La. Crouere, Paul M. . . . New Orleans, La. Freshman Baseball, ' 24; Class Baseball, ' 25; Varsity Baseball, ' 27. JUNIOR CLASS College of Arts and Sciences CuciNOTTA, Louis Brooklyn, N. Y. Fowler, H. W New Orleans, La. Danna, Pascal L. . . . New Orleans, La. FniEitsoN, Wright . . . New Orleans, La. Gray, Calvin New Orleans, La. ni; I. A lIoussAYE, Malcolm . . Franklin, I.a. Delery, Baldwin . . Donaldsonville, La. Harter, William T. . . New Orleans, La. e N " Hullabaloo " Campus Editor; Publicity Staff Tulane Athletic Council; " Jainbalaya " Feature Contributor. ESKRICGE, Tatiiam R. . . New Orleans, La. A K E jAi-iNCKE, F. Stanton . . New Orleans, La. Freshman Football: Varsity Football, ' 27; , _ _ Basketball Squad, ' 26, ' 27; Thirteen Club. Zi Iv Ji 99 JUNIOR CLASS College of Arts and Sciences Jones, Wilmer G. . . . Grand Cane, La. Lew, Jack F New Orleans, La. Z B T KooNCE, J. Harrison . . New Orleans, La. LaBruver, Philip . . . New Orleans, La. LiNDSEV, Ralph II. . . . New Orleans, La. McCloskev, Bernard J. . New Orleans, La. A K E LaNasa, Maithew J. . . New Orleans, La. Glee Club, ' 20, ' 27, ' 28: Assistant Editor " Jam- balaya, " ' 2S; Varsity Baseball, ' 2G, ' 27. Lemann, Walter, Jr. . Donaldsonville, La. Montgomery, Brainerd S., New Orleans, La. K A !. .„ A -, T-i Ai Sophomore Class President; Junior Class Presi- MASHBURN, Melvin C. . . . Flomaton, Ala. dent; " Cross Country " Track Team ■•27. " .- oifea.0g?P- JUNIOR CLASS College of Arts and Sciences Moore, Alois Earle .... Helena, Ark. Schnyder, Eunice A. . . New Orleans, La. MuRPHV, Stephen R. . . . New Iberia, La. Simpson, Thomas R. . . . Meridian, Mis O ' Brien, Albert D., Jr. . New Orleans, La. PizZANO, John . . . Norristown, Penn. A 2 Fi-eshman, ' 25; Football Varsity, ' 26, ' 27; Al- ternative Captain Football, ' 27; Varsity Boxing, ' 25. ' 20; S. A. A. U. Championship. ' 25. Stoessell, Alfred L., Jr. . . Hammond, La. A K E Football. ' 25. ' 2C. ' 27; Thirteen Club; President Sophomore Engineering Class; Vice-President Freshman Engineering Class; L ' Apache Club. Stroud, Carl W. Mnnrne, La. Sanders, Lemuel M. Mobile, Ala. Wii.LoucHBv, KirrREDCE E. JUNIOR CLASS College of Law Balimcarten ' , J. H. . . . New Orleans, La. 2 N, ! A A Vice-President Class " 29. Charbon ' NET, E. B., Jr. . New Orleans, La. A T v., t A A CoTONio, Theodore, Jr. . New Orleans, La. AS , $ L ' Apache; Pan-Hellenic Council, ' 25, ' 26; Fresh- ni.an Football, ' 24; Scrubs. ' 25. ' 2C. ' 27; Track, •25; Inter-Fraternity Basketball, ' 24, ' 25, ' 2G. Haas, Leon S., Jr. Opelousas, La. K K 1 ' Tulane Band, ' 23, ' 24, ' 25, ' 26, ' 27; X. M. C. A.; Dramatic Club, ' 24; B.S. (Tulane), ' 27; Cross- Countr - Team. ' 24. ' 26; Freshman Track, ' 24; Class Football, ' 24. Harper, Adam H. . . . New Orleans, La. A T P., !■ A A, T X E Glee Club (3, 4, 5); Glendy Burke (4, 5); Y. M. C. A.; B.S. (Tulane). ' 27; Frosh Foot- ball; Baseball; Track; Tug-o ' -War; .Sophomore Inter-Class Activities; Class President (1); President Frosh Law Class (4); Scrub Football (2, 3, 4); Varsity Football (5); Varsity Base- ball (4); Assistant Track Manager (3); Track Manager (4); Varsity Track " T " ; Flower ' s Cup (4). LlElDlNOSFET.nER, MAX A. . New Orleans, La. S A JI " J.ambalnya " Represcnt.ativc, ' 27. Lassiter, Albin p. . . . . Alexandria, La. K 2, A i Glee Club (4. 5); President Junior Law Class, ' 27; B.A. (Tulane), ' 27. LiNDY, Hermax S. . . . New Orleans, La. 2 A JI Dramatic Guild (2); Glendy-Burke (2); Glee Club (3); Vice-President Law Class (4): Fra- ternity Basketball (1. 2. 3. 4); Fraternity Track (1. 2, 3, 4); Freshman Baseball (1). Smith, Jasper K Shreveport, La. 2 N, I A i ' Glee Club. SoKOLSKY, Saul .... New Orleans, La. K N Freshman Football (1) ; Fraternity Basketball (1, 2, 3. 4); Fraternity Track (3); Tug-o ' -War (1, 2). Ullman, J. Edmund . . New Orleans, La. K K " Hullabaloo " Reporter, ' 25, ' 26. ' 27; Band. ' 2a, ' 26, ' 27; Assistant Manager, ' 27; Publicity Di- rector. ' 26, ' 27; Tenpens; T. M. C. A.; Open Fo- rum Committee, ' 24, ' 25; Class Secretary, ' 27; Tug-o ' -War, ' 24. M ' ' iSDOM, John M. . . . New Orleans, La. (B.A. Washington and Lee.) A K E, EX, A A P.an-HoUenic Representative (1); Sport Editor " Jamlialaya " (1) ; B.A. Washington .and Lee. JUNIOR CLASS Co[ LKGE OF Commerce AssUNTO, Jacinto A. . . New Orleans, La. K K I ' Tulane Band, ■21, ' 25, ' 27. Baumbach, Richard O. . New Orleans, La. AS I Freshman Football: Basketliall ; Baseball; Var- sity Football. ' 27; Varsity Baseball, ' 27; Honor Council; Class President, ' 20; Vice- President, " 27. Blue, Sheldon S DeRidder, La. K 2 Freshman Football, ' 25; Scrub Football, ' 2G; Track Team, ' 27; Class President, ' 27. CoHN, Julius S New Orleans, La. Dreyfus, Clifton W. . . New Orleans, La. DuLiN, Harry H. • • . New Orleans, La. Elick, John J Granger, Tex. n K Fraternity Basketball, ' 20; Glee Club, ' 27. Goodwin, George VX. . . New Orleans, La. Harding, Eugene .... Shreveport, La. n K i Band, ' 20. Mercier, Alfred, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Arthurlans (1): T. M. C. A. (4); Assistant Business Manager " Hullabaloo " (2); Managing Editor " Freshman Handboolv " (3); Inter-Class Basketball (5). Palmcren, Carl A., Jr. . New Orleans, La. Vice-President (2); Assistant LTptown Business Manager " Jambalaya. " Pringle, E. M New Orleans, La. Shaw, Ethel G. (Mrs.) . New Orleans, La. 103 JUNIOR CLASS College of Engineering Abadie, Jacques, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Architectural Society. Bertram, George • . . Ne v Orleans, La. Brvson, Thomas J., Jr. . New Orleans, La. BuRPAU, E., Jr New Orleans, La. Caron, Louis D., Jr. . . New- Orleans, La. A e White Elephants; Golf, ' 25. CuRiSTV, George H. ■ . New Orleans, La. K S Architectural Society; Abacus. Conrad, Leonard H. . . New Orleans, La. Craig, Howard M. . . . New Orleans, La. Physics Staff. Ernst, Thomas E. . • . New Orleans, La. S N Honor Council; Secretary-Treasurer Junior En- gineering Class. EusTis, Leeds, Jr. . . . New Orleans, La. 2 X Abacus; Architectural Society. Fox, Charles W., Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Ben Pop ' s Mental Gymnasium Class; Intra-Mural Football, ' 27. Geiger, John B. Gretna, La. T X E GiDiERE, John J New Orleans, La. S N Thirteen Club; Class Vice-President (1); Class President (2, 3); Pan-Hellenic Council; Varsity Cross-Country (1); Varsity Track (2); Honor Council (1, 2, 3); Scrub Football (1, 2, 3). GuiDROz, J. Rudolph Crowley, La. Freshman and Sophomore Tug-o ' -War; Wrest- ling Team, ' 27; Vice-President Junior Class. 104. .. i hf ' Pys; : vv;: " imHB mmj fg aBSfss s h fsi ' JUNIOR CLASS College of Engineering Hooper, Andrew J. . . . New Orleans, La. Ben Varsity Football, ' 26, ' 27; Scrub Football, ' 25. HoTARD, Alvin E Gretna, La. Howell, Anne G. . . . New Orleans, La. Architectural Society; Abacus. JAQUET, Harold H. . . . New Orleans, La. A 2 Class Football, ' 24, ' 25; Tug-o ' -War. ' 24, ' 25; Inter-Fraternity Basketball, ' 26; Class Baseball, 24, ' 25. Johnson, Brent M. • . . New Orleans, La. T X E Scrubs, ' 27. LiPPMAN, Alfred, Jr. • . New Orleans, La. SAM Mayer, John K Amite, La. K K I ' Tus-o ' -War ' 25; Band, ' 25, ' 2G; " Jamba- laya, " ' 27. Parker, Herbert C, Jr. . New Orleans, La. Ben .■Vrchitectural Society; Treasurer, ' 27; Glee Club, ' 26, ' 27, ' 28; Librarian, ' 27. ScHULTZ, Eugene C. . . New- Orleans, La. Band, ' 25, ' 26. Snyder, John Y. Jr. . • New Orleans, La. Ben Underwood, Junius W. . New Orleans, La. Ben Architectural Society. Walker, W. Quealy . . New Orleans, La. A e Freshman Football, ' 25; Scrub Football, ' 26; Varsity Football, ' 27; White Elephants; Abacus; Architectural Society. Wicker, Chester H. . . New Orleans, La. Architectural Society; Glee Club. Wyckoff, Edward H Alton, 111. Ben 105 i .. =( S f m r JUNIOR CLASS College of Pharmacy Bagalman, H. New Orleans, La. GiACONA, Frank T. . . . New Orleans, La. Class President, ' 27, ' 2S. Byrd, Clifton Alexandria, La. K A Thirteen Club. Marquer, Constant G. . New Orleans, La. Vice-President, ' 2S. D ' Antonio, a. G. . • . New Orleans, La. Secretary-Treasurer, ' 27; Honor Committee, ■2G. ' 27. Marquer, Claude J. . . New Orleans, La. Class President, ' 26- ' 27; Honor Roll, ' 27- ' 2S. Frisch, Fred New Orleans, La. Oeiilschlaeger, J. II., Jr. . . Paducah, Ky. " Janibalaya " Reporter, ' 27; Plonor Committee. ' 27- ' 28. io6 -. f : ; ; ; t::i(? hifyS 7l JUNIOR CLASS (Juniors Whose Pictures Do Not Appear in Panel) Nkwcomb College Bakek, Mildred . Barclav, Sarah Barelli, Laura . . New Orleans, La. . Memphis, Tenn. . New Orleans, La. Z T A French Circle. Barker, Shirley .... New Orleans, La. A A n BiLLEAUD, LouiSEiTE • . New Orleans, La. Black, Helen New Orleans, La. BlacklocKj Frances . . New Orleans, La. n B I Dramatic Club (1, 2, 3); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2): French Circle (3); Freshman-Sophomore Play (1, 2); Volley Ball (1, 3); Newcomb Basketball (1, 2); Spalding Basketball (1, 2). BoATNER, Charlotte . . New Orleans, La. Bone, Phoebe Crowley, La. n B I Y. W. C. A.; French Circle. Daggeit, M. J New Orleans, La. K A e T. W. C. A. Ellis, Mary ' LL . . . . New ' Orleans, La. EsKRiGGE, Edith .... New Orleans, La. n B T. W. C. A.; French Circle. FiTZENREiTER, BiissiE . . Lake Charles, La. Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3). Graves, Cora New Orleans, La. GUERRIRO, CORINNE Monroe, La. Herbert, Audrey .... New Orleans, La. Hollis, Elizabeth . • . New Orleans, La. Lawrence, Patte .... New Orleans, La. James, Mary Helen . . New Orleans, La. Jordan, Eleanor .... New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club. Mass, Ruth New Orleans, La. Maddox, FlOY ' New Orleans, La. Metcalf, Jane Metcalf, Miss. Mollere, Alice . . . New Orleans, La. Wilson, CnARLorrE . . . New Orleans, La. Naccari, Doris .... New Orleans, La. Norwood, Katherine . . New Orleans, La. RoDDis, Sara Marshfield, Wis. Ryckman, Marie Louise . New Orleans, La. Z T A T. -W. C. A.; French Circle. Schwartz, Wilhelmina . New Orleans, La. Solera, Stella W. . . . New Orleans, La. Streiffer, Cometa . . . New Orleans, La. Wilson, Charlotte . . . New Orleans, La. College of Medicine Bayon, Philip New Orleans, La. Ben, N 2 N B.S., Tulane. Varsity Tennis (2, 3. 4); Glee Club (3. 4); Owl Club; " Hullabaloo " Representative. Belenky, a. Bronx, N. Y. Buchbinder, William . . Brooklyn, N. Y. Carreras, Wilfred . . . New Orleans, La. Couret, John New Orleans, La. n K A, N S N, t I ' " White Elephants; L ' Apache. Feemster, O Baltimore, Md. Forsyth, Harry Checotah, Okla. e K I ' Frazier, John Newbern, Tenn. A K E, N 2 N Owls; Pathogens. Friedman, Jacob .... New Orleans, La. B.s. Gallager, Henry .... Columbus, Ga. P 2; Garces, Julio .... San German, P. R. S I B.s. Goodman, Henry Carv, Miss. e K I ' Gordon, Frederick . . . New York, N. Y. Green, Max Mer Rouge, La. P 2 B.s. Tulane. Harry, W. R New Orleans, La. B.S. Hart, W. G Stockton, Calif. B.A. and B.S. 107 ' ■Lf ( S f)S!?:=r JUNIOR CLASS (Juniors N ' hose Pictures Do Not Appear iii Panel) College of Medicine (Continued) Het.mSj John, ]v. Tampa, Fla. I X Hn.i), Jack Douglas, Ariz. Hull, R. L HoUister, Calif. e B.A. Jackson, Paul Liberty, Miss. X B.S. Johnson-, Vesey Key West, Fla. 2 E, X, r S E Pathogens. Jones, Kenneth Tampa, Fla. 2 N, A K K Knighton, James .... Shreveport, La. Ben, N 2 N, Glee Club (1, 2, 3); " T " Club; Pathogens; Owls; Honor Council; L ' Apache; Thirteen Club; Varsity Baseball. LeMay, Louis Corsicana, Tex. K 2 B.S. McFatter, K Vernon, Fla. I X, 2 E, r 2 E Pathogens; Owls; President (4). MmER, Henry Zwolle, La. Z B T, A E MoiEL, Charles Brooklyn, N. Y. Oakley, John Favetteville, Ark. K . , X Pathogens; Owls Club. Praclin, Daniel ■ . . Los Angeles, Calif. Sackett, George . . .St. Petersburg, Fla. K 2, A K K Sagrera, George Abbeville, La. P 2 Seal, Alfred Ensley, Ala. K N Simmons, Daniel . De Funiak Springs, Fla. ATA, 4 X Owls; Pathogens; " F " Club. Tripoli, Carlo ■ . • . New Orleans, La. Watters, T Belcher, La. n K A, A K K Pathogens; Owls; Glee Club. Winter, John Houlka, Miss. X, n K A WiSHNOw, H Somerville, N. J. College of Arts and Sciences Bender, Nathan J. . Burcoyne, Bert R. . BuTAUD, Russell S. ■ ChATELAIN, HiLLARlES Cope, Reason Louis . D ' Antoni, Joseph S. . Drezinski, David J. . Freund, Paul, Jr. . • . . Marshall, Tex. . Monroe, La. . . Liberty, Tex. . . DeQuincy, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. n K Historian; Glendy-Burke (2); T. M. C. A. Gerodetti, Orlando F. Goodwin, George H. . I A e (1, 3); French Prize Cabinet (3). . San Antonio, Tex. Bastrop, La. Harrell, William S Ruston, La. Harris, Edwin C. . . . New Orleans, La. Herold, Sam L Shreveport, La. Hopkins, George S. Slagle, La. Kohlmeyer, Charles, Jr. . New Orleans, La. Z B T Vice-President Class ' 26; Secretary-Treasurer " 1. Class Lampert, Ralph ■ . Lilly, George D. . Maier, William . . Mauterer, Oliver P, . New Orleans, La. . Fayetteville, N. C. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. Nickel, Dean O Weslaco, Tex. io8 JUNIOR CLASS (Juniors Whose Pictures Do Not Appear in Panel) CoLLi-x;!-: OF Arts and Sciences (Ciinliiiui ' d) Ogden, Horatio N. • . . New Orleans, La. K 2 Pan-Hellenic Council, ' 28; White Elephants. ParetIj Marie L New Orleans, La. Pff.iker, Anna .... New Orleans, La. Petit, W. Foster .... New Orleans, La. ROELINC, Jeanna C. . . . New Orleans, La. Rosenberg, N. B ' New Orleans, La. Z B T Tenni.s Team; Inter-Fraternity Basketball (1, 2); Inter-Fraternity Tennis (1). Se.xton, Charles C. . Shane, Hugh . . . . Slipakoff, Leon . . Steckler, Mii.ton . . Stokes, Edward D. ■ TowNSEND, George G. Vincent, Willis E. . Weinstein, Louis . . Wolfe, Sharkey . . . Van Bureii, Ark. , . Marshall, Tex. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. . Baton Rouge, La. . . Morton, Miss. . Lake Charles, La. . BogaUisa, La. . Chatham, Miss. College of Law Breard, Harold A Monroe, La. S T, S A, B K, A A Trabue, Stephen F., Jr. . New Orleans, La. X ! ' B.A. University of Virginia. College of Commerce Barrett, William B. . . Lexington, Miss. Canessa, Carlos J . Santeago de Maria, El Salvador, C. A. Elwing, Wm. Esperance . Harlingen, Tex. Haspel, Leo A New Orleans, La. McAdam, Joseph F., Jr. . New Orleans, La. Secretary-Treasurer Junior Commerce Class, ' 27, ' 28; Academic Board, ' 27, 28. Turner, Laurence C. . . New Orleans, La. K 2 Glee Club, ' 24, ' 25, ' 26, ' 27. College of Engineering CouLOHERAS, Ernest A. . New Orleans, La. Ehrensing, Henry A. . . New Orleans, La. Architectural Society, ' 26, ' 27, ' 28. Estoroe, Theodose L. • . New Orleans, La. Gelpi, Rene F New Orleans, La. Ben President of Architectural Society; Glee Club ' 23, ' 24; Abacus; Architectural Club. LIanemann, Eric J. . . New Orleans, La. Isaac, Marx New Orleans, La. Kirst, Leonard R. . . . New Orleans, La. As.si.-stant Chief Engineer Summer Survey, ' 26; Chief Engineer Summer Survey, ' 27. Landry, Samuel P. . . Sullivan, Walter E. . Tremblay, Nelson W. Class President (1) ; Manager of Inter-Class Football (1); Inter-Class Football (2); T. U. Players (1); T. M. C. A. (3); Tug-o ' -War (2); Pop ' s Mental Gym Class (3); Prof. Williamson ' s Memory Course. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. . New- Orleans, La. Bessemer, Ala. Williamson, Samuel R. . n K A Scrub Track, ' 25: Inter-Class Track. ' 2. ' j; Inter- Class Fraternity Track, ' 25. 109 i g;( SfeQg;??T W • SOPHOMORES Wk. — » — y — - ; ( sa.R ?sy?i . Allen, Alvis, Armstrong, Atlee, Aubert, Baas, Bacon, Bailey, Barlow, Bartlett, Benedict, Blanchard, Born, Brandao, Brandao, Brock, Brown, Burton, Carnahan, Carroll, Carruth, Chopin, Coker, Colbert, A. Coleman, M. L. Coleman, K. Coleman, Colirele, Cortner, Coulson, Cunningham, Davis, Donaldson, Drawe, Durel, Ellis, Ellis, Ephraim, Fancher, Feingold, Ferguson, Finklea. SOPHOMORE CLASS Newcomb College New Orleans, La. E 2) ; Y. W. C. A. (2). . New Orleans, La. . New Or!eans, La. Allen, Margaret Laurel, Miss. I ' M Alvis, Marion New Orleans, La. K K r Armstrong, Aline Welsh, La. Atlee, Charlotte . . Chattanooga, I ' enn. J[ AuBERT, Marie Gulfport, Miss. Dramatic Club; French Circle, Baas, Frances Hazelhurst, Miss. BacoNj Kitty Ruth . . New Orleans, La. Y. W. O. A. (1, 2); Glee Club (2); Bowling (1); Swimming (1). Bailey, Dorothy . . . Washington, D. C. K K r Y. W. O. A.; French Circle. Barker, Vivian M Raceland, La. Barlow, Frances Glasgow, Kv. K A e Dramatic Club. Bartlett, Nellie . . . New Orleans, La. n B French Circle; Dramatic Club; Glee Club; De- bating- Club; Y. V. C. A.; Class Newcomb Ball; Class Spalding Basketball; Varsity Basketball; Field Day; Class Treasurer. Baumgarten, Mary E. . . New Orleans, La. Beeson, Rose . . A n Mandolin-Guitar Club (1, Benedict, Dorothy . . Blanchard, Edith . . Z T A French Circle; Y. W. C. A. Booth, Rilla Lee Natchez, Miss. Glee Club; Y. W. C. A. Born, Ida May .... New Orleans, La. Borrello, Nita C. ■ . . New Orleans, La. Brandao, Dorothy . . . New Orleans, La. Z 2, Mandolin-Guitar (1, 2); G ' .ee Club (1, 2); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); Dramatic Club (2); French Circle (2); Tulane Newcomb Christian Union (21; Student Council (1); Chairman Member- ship Committee T. N. C. U. (2); Track (1); Volley Ball Squad (2). Brandao, Ruth .... New Orleans, La. Z T A Y. " W. C. A.; French Circle; Debating Club. Brock, Ruth Magnolia, Miss. Brown, Dorothy .... New Orleans, La. Y. w. c. A. Brown, Helen Baton Rouge, La. Brown, Marian .... Birmingham, Ala. K K r Y. W ' . C. A. ; French Circle. Burton, Marie Louise . . New Orleans, La. Z S Y. W. C. A.; French Circle; Tulane-Newcomb Christian Union. Carnahan, Amelia F. • . Greenville, Miss. Carroll, Louise .... New Orleans, La. K K r T. W. C. -A.; French Circle. Carruth, Thelma . . . New Orleans, La. Y. W. C. A.; French Circle. Carter, Helen Hammond, La. ChApin, Huldah .... New Orleans, La. Clark, Anna Irene Monroe, La. Clement, Gladys . . . New Orleans, La. CoKER, Walton .... Birmingham, Ala. n X Colbert, Marvem Monroe, La. . O II Coleman, Elizabeth . . DciildsvlHe, Miss. I ' M Glee Club (1, 2); Y. W. (.:. A. (1, 2); Doi-mitory Council (2). Coleman, Kathleen . . New Orleans, La. Coleman, Mary Lee • . Doddsville, Miss. I JI Glee Club (1, 2); Y. W. C. A. (1, 21. Colville, Virginia . . McMinnville, Tenn. K A e CoRTNER, Mary .... Greenwood, Miss. X n Glee Club; Y. W. C. A.; Business Manager of Glee Club. CouLSON, Evelyn .... Marshall, Tex. Z 2 Y. W. C. A. Cousins, Marian .... New Orleans, La. Crystal, Anna .... New Orleans, La. Newcomb Basketball (1). CuLLEN, Mary .... New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club. Cunningham, Katherine . Shreveport, La. Davis, Alice Jo ... . New Orleans, La. French Circle. Dermody, Ruth Houston, Tex. Donaldson, Elizabeth . . New Orleans, La. A A n Y. W. C. A. Drawe, Dorothy . . . New Orleans, La. Y. AV. C. A.; Newcomb Catholic Club; Volley Ball (1, 2); Baseball (1); Swimming Meet (1). Duncan, Juliette Athens, Ala. DuREL, Micnonne . . . New Orleans, La. Z 2 French Circle; Y. W. C. A.; T. N. C. U. Ellington, Grace . . . New Orleans, La. Ellis, Amelie L New Orleans, La. Ellis, Marianne ..... Augusta, Ga. K K r Glee Club; French Circle; Y. W. C. A.; Class Treasurer (1). Ephraim, Pauline E. . . . Plaquemine, La. A E Glee Club; French Circle. Evans, Halue Kelly . . Shuzulah, Miss. Fancher, Ruth Harvey, Chattanooga, Tenn. Feingold, Rose E. . . . New Orleans, La. A E French Circle 1, 2); Dramatic Club (2); New- comb Ball (1); Hockey (1): Track (1); Swim- ming Meet (1); Swimming Emblem (1). Ferguson, Leila R. . . . Lake Arthur, La. Fine, Macie Evelyn .... Laurel, Miss. A E Dramatic Club (1, 2); Debating Club (1, 2). Finklea, Ida Nelle . . . Buena Vista, Ala. FoRCHEiiViER, Foster, Fry, Geary, Gebelin, Giles, Greaves, Grosz, Guion, Haas, Hafkesbring, Hagedorn, Hardesty, Hardie, Harris, Hayward, Heindel, Hidden, Holderman, Hosen, Hyman, Heyman, Hymel, Jahncke, Jarrott, Johnston, Kay, Kell, Kemp, Killeen, Kilpatrick, Klein, Knapp, Larkin, Lea, LeGardeur, Levy, Lewis, Long, Lurie, Mabry, Magruder. 114 SOPHOMORE CLASS Nevvcomb FORCHEIMKR, Natai.ii! . New Orleans, La. Y. W. C. A.; T. N. C. U.; French Circle. Foster, Adele New Orleans, La. A n French Circle (1, 2); Debating Club (1). Freeman, Mary Ella . . New Orleans, La. Fry, Josephine .... New Orleans, La. $ M Y. W. C. A. French Circle (1, 2); Class Presi- dent (1); Class Secretary (2); Student Council (1): Executive (1); Athletic Council (1); Pan- Hellenic (2); Volley Ball (1); Basketball (1); Hockey (1); Captain (1); Tennis (1); Horse-shoe (1). Geary, Dorothy .... New Orleans, La. K K r T. W. C. A.; French Circle. Gebelin, Norma C Garvville, La. Giles, Mary Louise .... Natchez, Miss. Y. W. C. A.; French Circle. GoFF, Celeste New Orleans, La. Greaves, Laurie L Bolton, Miss. X fi Y. Vf. C. A. (1, 2); Y. W. C. A. Cabinet Mem- ber; Newcomb Ball (1, 2); Basketball (1); Baseball (1). Grosz, Louise A New Orleans, La. GuERiN, Jeanne D. . . . New Orlean:,, La. Y. W. C. A. (1, 2). GuiON, Margaret Adair . New Orleans, La. X fi Dramatic Club; Y. W. C. A. Haas, Anna L New Orleans, La. Hofkesbring, Eleanor M., New Orleans, La. A n E Mandolin-Guitar Club (1, 2); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); Track (1); Swimming (1); Hockey (1). Hagedorn, Maxine S. . . . LaGrange, Ga. A E ! Glee Club (1, 2); Debating Club (I, 2); Volley Ball (1); Hockey (1): Swimming (1). Hardestv, Alice M. . . New Orleans, La. Hardesty, Katharine . New Orleans, La. A A n French Circle (1); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2); Debating Club (1. 2); Dramatic Club (1. 2); Debating Council (2); Freshman Chairman; Nevvcomb Basketball; Alternate Jennie C. Nixon Debate (1); Alternate Varsity Debating Team (1); Class Debating Team (11. Hardie, Flora S New Orleans, La. n B Y. W. C. A. (2); French Circle (2); Glee Club (1); Class Secretary (1); Class President (2); Newcomb Ball (1, 2); Newcomb Basketball (1). Harris, Norma E Dallas, Tex. A E Dramatic Club (1, 2); French Circle (1, 2); " Jambalaya " Representative (2). Hayward, Jane Bassett . New Orleans, La. n B E T.e Cercle Francais (1. 2); Glee Club (2); Stu- dent Council Repi-esentative (2) ; Newcomb Ball (2); Newcomb Basketball (1); Spalding Basket- ball (1); Hockey (11. Heindel, Margaret E. . . New Orleans, La. T. N. C. U.; Y. W. C. A. Heyman, Janet C. . . . New Orleans, La. French Circle; Y. W. C. A. Hidden, Ruth Algiers, La. Holderman, Mary Jane . . . Cocoa, Fla. HosEN, Bessie Laurel, Miss. Hyman, Betty E. . . . New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club. College Hyman, Helen .... New Orleans, La. Hylanb, Martha Vnkena, Miss. Hymel, Margakei- C. . . New Orleans, La. Jack, Marinan Memphis, Tenn. Y. w. c. A, Jahncke, Adele T. . . New Orleans, La. n B i I.c Coi ' cle Francais (1, 2); Y. w. C. A. (1, 2): Athletic Council (2); Newcomb Ball (1, 2); Newcomb Basketliail (11; Spalding Basketball (1); Hockey (1); Field Day (1); Winner of Swimming Mi ct. Jarrott, Sue Jo Ft. Worth, ' Lex. A A n Y. W, C. A.; Recording Secretai-y of Student Body. Jennings, Edwardo Vera . New Orleans, La. Johnston, Elizabeth B. . Ne • Orleans, La. Kay, Emily Wright . . New Orleans, La. Kell, Cornelia Tallulah, Ark. Kemp, Ethel R Amite, La. A A n Glee Club (1); Y. W. C. A. (2); Swimming Meet. Keyer, M. Mathilde . . . Natchez, Miss. Killeen, Rosemary J. . . New Orleans, La. A A n KiLPATRiCK, Nell L Matthews, La. Klein, Anna B New Orleans, La. T. N. C. U. ; Y. W. C. a.; N. C. C. Knapp, Inez Lake Charles, La. X il Y. V. C. A. (1. 2); Volley Ball (1); French Circle (2); House Council. Knost, Marjorie a. . Pass Christian, Miss. Lanier, Mary ' Lee . . McDonoghville, La. Larkin, Mataileen . . . New- Orleans, La. I 11 Glee Club; Debating Club; Member of Freshman Team which won Inter-Class Debates. Lazarus, Virginia . . . New Orlean:., La. Dramatic Club (1. 2); French Circle (11; De- bating Club (1); Dramatic Club Play (1); ■■Hullabaloo " Reporter (1). Lea, Marie Losey Bogalusa, La. Mandolin-Guitar Club. LeGardeur, Ethel M. . . New Orleans, La. Levy, Alice Columbus, Ga. A E I Levy ' , Julia E New Orleans, La. Lewald, Louise B New Iberia, La. French Circle. Lewis, Bertha L Woodville, Miss. X Q Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); Hockey (1). Lewis, Marion B Crowley, La. LiEPSNER, Marion C. . . New Orleans, La. LocKHART, Alice B. . . . New Orleans, La. Long, Bernice Lillian . Birmingham, Ala. Long, My ' RA T Libertv, S. C. M French Club (1, 2); Volley Ball (li. LuRiE, Jennie Florola, Ala. Mabry ' , Nellie .... Clarksville, Tenn. A n Maestri, Helen L. . . . New Orleans, La. Z T A Dramatic Club (2); Debating Club (1, 2); French Circle (1, 2). Magruder, Elsie B. . . . New Orleans, La. Mars, Masox, McBride, McElhinev, McGee, Miller, Muenzenberger, Norwood, Oliver, Peak, Peyrgnnin, Prosdame, Rhodes, Rowax, Rudolph, Russ, Seiler, Shand, Smith, Smithers, Stier, Stevens, Stewart, Storck, Strickland, Sweeney, Tete, Thomas, Teunisson, Upton, Van Horn, VoNAN, VooRHiEs, Warnack, Weinfield, Wexler, Weiner, Williams, Williams, Wogan, Wolff, Wright, Yates. ii6 SOPHOMORE CLASS NEWC0MI5 College Mars, Marcelle M. . . New Orleans, La. A n E Dramatic Club; French Circle; Glr-c Clulj; Sec- retary of Dramatic Clul). Mason, Willie Daisy . . New Orleans, La. McBride, Frances .... Meridian, Miss. McElhinev, Alice . . . New Orleans, La. McGee, Mary Hammond . New Orleans, La. Newcomlo Ball (1): Varsity Newcoml) Basket- ball (1); Spalding- Basketball (1); Varsity Hockey (1): Baseball. Miller, Margaret .... Hammond, La. A A n Y. W. C. A.; French Club. Minton, Elda L. . . . New Orleans, La. MiSTON, Elda Lucy- Algiers, La. Muezenberger, Marion . San Antonio, Tex. I M T. W. C. A.; French Circle. Norwood, Mary " E. . . . New Orleani;, La. Oliver, Harriet C Atlanta, Ga. O ' Neil, Alice M Shreveport, La. Palter, Rosalie .... New Orleans, La. Peak, Mary Alice . . . Baton Ronge, La. K K I ' French Circle; Y. W. C. A. Perkins, Hermione . . Bay St. Louis, Miss. Peyronnin, Gladys . . . New Orleans, La. Poche, Claire L. . . . McDonoghvi le. La. PoPKiN, Dora R Franklin, La. Prosdame, Irma L. . . . New Orleans, La. Remanjon, Inez L. . . . New ' Orleans, La. Remick, Frances L. . . . New Orleans, La. Rhodes, Allie Page ■ . . New Orleans, La. K K r T. W. C. A.; French Circle; Captain Basket- ball, ' 2C; Varsity Basketball Squad, ' 20; New- comb Basketball, ' 28; Baseball. ' 20; Track ' 211. Rowan, Helen Jackson, Miss. M T. YV. C. A.; French Circle. RucKER, Elizabeth L. . . New Orleans, La. Rudolph, Patsy G. . . Clarksville, Tenn. X n T. W. C. A. Russ, Dorothy P. . . . New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club; T. YV. C. A.; Secretary ot T. N. C. U. Schwartz, Estelle E. . . New Orleans, La. Scott, Lucile F New Orleans, La. K K r Y ' . Y. C. A.; French Circle. Seiler, Ovida M New Orleans, La. Shands, Aimee C Jackson, Miss. $ M Dramatic Club; T. W. C. A. Shpall, Edith L New Orleans, La. S.MITH, Pocahontas . . . New Orleans, La. n B French Circle; Y. Y ' . C. A. Smith, Ruth M Amite, La. A A n Glee Club (1, 2). Smithers, May Cakroi.i, . New Orleans, La. ri ]{ ! ' Stern, Josephine . . . Stevens, Mary Louise . Stewart, Catharine . Y. w. r, Stier, Audrey M. . . Storck, Elsa .... . Greenville, Miss. . New Orleans, La. New Or ' cans, La. A. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. K A e French Circle. Strickland, Elizabeth . . Kentwnnd, La. X a Sweeney, Mary Bonham, Tex. Tete, Virginia .... New Orleans, La. Teunisson, Dorothea . . New Orleans, La. Glee Club (1, 2); Hockey (1); Volley Ball (2). Thomas, Dorothy Mae . New Orleans, La. K K r Dramatic Club; Y . W. C. A.; Fri-nch Circle. Townsend, Charlo ' ite L. . St. Mary ' s, Ga. Upton, Katherine . . . New Orleans, La. Van Horn, Catharine L. . New Orleans, La. I M French Circle: Varsity Hockey (1). VicKNAiR, Olga S Gretna, La. VoNAu, Gladys L. . . . New Orleans, La. VooRHiES, Yvonne . . . New Orleans, La. V - ' ALLACE, RuBYE . . . Panama City, Fla. Warnack, Edna K. . . . New Orleans, La. Z 2 Captain Volley Ball Team (2). Watson, Belle .... New Orleans, La. Y. YV. C. A.; Newcomb Ball (1, 2); Ncwcomb Basketball (1, 2); Hockey Team (1); N. A. A. Representative (1); Y ' . W. C. A. Chairman Finance (2. 3); T. W. C. A. Cabinet (1). Weil, Isabel New Orleanr., La. A E I Weinfield. Lois A. . . . New Orleans, La. Mandolin-Guitar Club. Welsch, Elmere M. . . New Orleans, La. Wexler, Hulda Monroe, La. A E Wiener, Isabel Shreveport, La. WiGGiNGTON, Helen G. . New Orleans, La. Williams, Gladys I. . . New Orleans, La. Glee Club (1, 2); Volley Ball (1); Newcomb Basketball (1); Hockey (1); Baseball (1). Williams, Mary ' E. . . . Mer Rouge, La. Williams, Mary " L. . . . Greenwood, Miss. WOGAN, Marie Stella . . New Orleans, La. Wolfe, Daisy ' New Orleans, La. Wolff, Ruth Shreveport, La. Woodville, Dorothy ' H. . New Orleans, La. Wright, Clifford Macon, Ga. $ :m Wright, Willia P. . . . New Orleans, La. Yates, Charlotte Macon, Miss. French Circle (1, 2); T. W. C. A. (1, 2). 117 Alvarez, Andrews, Arnim, Arrington, Baird, Barham, Boudeau, Braunstein, Bristow, Cabibi, Clemmer, Colvix, Cook, Cummins, Davis, DeBakery , DoRNAK, Dunham, Ehlert, Erenfeld, Fisher, Flory, Fraser, Gardberg, Gardner, Grable, Green, Hand, Hanks, Harrison, Harrison, Hatcher. liicludctl by error. Ilg SOPHOMORE CLASS College of Medicine Alvarfz, John Arthur . . Ft. Smith, Ark. e K -I ' Anbrews, Neal L. . . . Birmingham, Ala. S i , A K K Pathogens; Scrub Football; Vice-Pre.sidpnt of Sophomore Medical Class. Arnim, Landon Carlin, Corpus Christi, Tex. 2 N, X Arnold, Dwight N. • . . Wilminstoii, Del. X Z X Arrington, M. E. . . . Brookhaven, Miss. Austin, D. M Altus, Okla. n K A, A K K Pathogens. Baird, J. p. Dyersburg, Term. Barham, Garnett E. . . . Oak Ridge, La. S A E, X Square and Compass. BouDREAU, Floyd T. . . . Washington, La. 2 n, A K K Boyd, Charles W. . . . Jackson% ' ille, Fla. A A, X Z X Masonic Order. Braunstein, Leo D Elnora, N. Y. A K B.S., City College of New york. Bristow, L. J., Jr. • . . New Orleans, La. BusEY ' , John F., Jr. . . . Jones Mills, Ala. n K A, A K K Pathogens. Cabibi, C. P New Orleans, La. Camp, J. S Jasper, Ala. Chappell, Amey Atlanta, Ga. X O, A E I Clrmmer, Hubert P Riple) ' , Miss. e K I ' CoLViN, Paul V Dubach, La. AS , e K I ' Pathogens. Cook, E. K Hilo, Ter. of Ha vaii Copeland, Joseph B. . . . . Tampa, Fla. 2 N, I X Pathogens; Honor Council. Cummins, J. W Northport, Ala. e K i ' Davis, Frank H Lafayette, La. Ben DeBakey ' , Micheal . . . New Orleans, La. Dekle, T. A Tampa, Fla. DoRNAK, Franklin K. . . Sour Lake, Tex. 2 X, N S N Pathogen.s. Dunham, Howard C. . . . Weslaco, Tex. A K K Ehlert, Charles D. • . . Waterproof, La. A T !2, X Pathogens. Ereneeld, Fred R Minot, N. Dak. K 2, ! ' X L ' Aljaohe Club. Evans, E. F New Orleans, La. Fisher, L. C, Jr Milton, Fla. Flory, Harold M. . . . Baton Rouge, La. 2 X, N S N Pathogens. Fraser, S. F Many, La. Gardberc, Manuel . . . New Orleans, La. I A E Gardner, Thomas L. . . Clarksville, Tex. Ben, N 2 N Pathogens. Gelbke, Carroll F. . . . New Orleans, La. Band. George, L L Fort Worth, Tex. Gonzalez, Hesquio N. . . Premont, Tex. 2 I Grable, James S Tampa, Fla. 2 N, I X Pathogens. Gray ' , Leon F Hamlin, Tex. Square and Compass. Green, Roy C Wehadkee, Ala. A A T, A K K A.B. Degree. Gruber. Frederick G. . Santa Monica, Cal. $ P 2 Hand, R. G Deeiner, Miss. Hanks, R. J Dallas, Tex. Harrison, Vernon B. . . . Ft. Worth, Tex. X Z X Arthurians. Harrison, Malcolm W. ■ Montgomery, La. A K K Hatcher, Henry C. . . . Baton Rouge, La. e K -I ' Square and Compass: Honor Council. Hebert, Hickman, Hoth, Jacobs, Joseph, LeBlakc, Liebermax, Lilly, Martinez, Menville, Meyer, Moffitt, Pickell, Reaser, Renken, Richard, Riera, Schmidt, Sentell, Setzler, Smith, Storey, Strug, Suehs, Talbot, Tanner, Terrell, Theriot, Walton, Webb, Youman. .ad SQ g.5 Ur ?{% Qiy— SOPHOMORE CLASS College of Medicine HiiBKRT, Warren H. . . . New Orleans, La. A e, N 2 N Hickman, Walter B. . . Hattiesburg, Miss, e K ! ' B.S. and A.B. Dcfc ' l ' ees. HoTH, Jacob O New Orleans, La. I P 2 Inter-Class Wrestling (Sophhomore vs. Fresh- men). Howell, R. P. Jr. • . . Lake Charles, La. Jacobs, Sydney .... New Orleans, La. B JI, ! A K Dramatic Club. ' 24. Joseph, Philip S Shreveport, La. i p :2 Kra.vier, Aaron S. . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. A M B.S., City College ot New York. LeBlanc, Charles A Houma, La. A S , e K I ' Pathogens; Freshman Track (1); Varsity Track (2, 3). Lieberman, Benjamin M. . Los Angeles, Cal. B.A., University of California. Lilly, George D. • . . New Orleans, La. Lyons, K. M Sulphur, La. McDowell, R. C ; Trout, La. S H, A K K Pathogens. Martinez, William H. . . Maricas, P. R. 2 1, P S Maithews. William E., Huntington, W. Va. Ben, N s N Mays, Clifford R. • . . Plain Dealing, La. n K A, A K K Pathogens. Menville, John G. . . . New Orleans, La. B en, I X Thirteen Club; Pathogens; Varsity Football, ' 25, ' 2G, ' 27; Varsity Basketball. ' 26; Fresh- man Football; Basketball and Track; Secretary of Freshman Class, ' 26- ' 27. MoFFiTT, L. W Tucson, Ariz. Norman, William D. . . Morgan Citv, La. Z B T, A E Partridge, C. V Mobile, Ala. A K K Phillips, Sam Camden, Ark. PiCKELL, Frank W. . • . Fayetteville, Ark. A K K Reaser, Edward F. . Huntington, W. Va. e K I ' Renken, Paul W. . . . San Antonio, Tex. s n, e K ' 1 ' Richard, Golden G. . . . Lake Arthur, L;l X Z X Riera, Rafael Berrios . . Mayiiguez, P. R. 2 I RosENBLUM, Leo .... New Orleans, La. Schmidt, Frank O. • . Ocean Springs, Miss. ' I P 2 Sentell, Charles S. . . Plain Dealing, La. 2 N, I X, «I Pan-Hellenic Council Representative; Pathogens. Setzler, Robert K Crossett, Ark. 2 n, A K K, I I Varsity Basketball, ' 26; Class President, ' 27. Smith, D. V Leesville, La. Spedale, Rhodes J. . • . . Plaquemine, La. Spoto, Joseph S Tampa, Fla. 2 I Storey ' , Clifford F. . . . Baton Rouge, La. 2 n, ! X Pan-Hellenic Council, ' 27- ' 28. SiRuc, Lawrence H. . . New Orleanis, La. A K Suehs, Herbert A Giddings, Tex. e K I ' Taintor, C New Orleans, La. Talbot, Ralph J Ruston, La. 2 N, X Tanner, Henry . . New York, N. Y. i A K Terrell, Vernon L. Jr. . . Magnolia, Miss. 2 N, X Baseball Squad, ' 27. Theriot, J. Roy ' , Jr Guevdan, La. B e n, $ X Glee Club, ' 26- ' 26; Track, ' 27. Walton, George B Hamilton, Ga. e K I ' Webb, Charles E. . . . New Orleans, La. K 2, X Square and Compass; Pathogens; President Sophomore Class, ' 27- ' 2S; Honor Council. ' 27- ' 2S; Secretary of Square and Compass; Secre- tary Medical School, ' 26- ' 27. Weil, Sol. B., Jr Houston, Tex. A E Wolfe, Sharkey ' .... Chatham, Miss. Freshman Football. ' 24. YouMAN, Joseph D., Jr. . New Orleans, La. 2 X Abaunza, Allen, Anderson, Anders, Bayhi, Bayon, Bethea, Black, Blitz, Bourg, Brian, Brown, Calvey, Caraway, Carroll, Clemmons, Cooksey, Collins, Cox, Darter, Dinwiddie, Dreyer, Dunlap, Fisher, Fortenberry, French, Frilot, Garcia, Gerodetti, Gillis, Glover, Green, Hack, Hall, Henderson, Holmes, Inbau, Italiano, Jahncke, Jones, Kahle, Kelleher, Kerr, Korn, Labouisse. SOPHOMORE CLASS College of Arts and Sciences Adaunza, Alkri;i) . . New Orleans, La. Freshman Football; Scrubs (2). Allen, Greer New Orleans, La. Anderson, John Mangham, La. A X A Anuers, Harry .... New Orleans, La. Bayiii, Charles .... New Orleans, La. Bayon, Maurice .... New Orleans, La. Ben Tennis Team (1). Black, Charles Hamniond, La. A K K Bethea, Theodore . . . New Orleans, La. A K E Blitz, Oscar New Orleans, La. K N Block, Moise New Orleans, La. SAM, e N Feature Editor of ■ ' Hullabaloo " (1, 2); Sports Editor " Jambalava " (2); Pan-Hellenic Council (1. 2); Dramatic Guild (1. 2); Director of Pub- licity T. A. U. ; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; " Hullaba- loo " Staff (1); Engineering Editor (1). BouRG, Otis Honma, La. Brierre, Joseph . . - . New Orleans, La. A 2 Vice-President of Class (2); Inter-Mural Foot- ball (2); B.M. Scientific Society; Y. M. C. A. Buck, Richard .... New Orleans, La. Brian, Donald New Orleans, La. Brown, James New Orleans, La. Burkenroad, Martin . . New Orleans, La. Swimming Team (1). Bush, Charles Laurel, Miss. S E Caraway, Archibald . . . Gulf Port, Miss. Carroll, Leigh .... New Orleans, La. 2 X Calvey, H. J New Orleans, La. Clemmons, Bryan . . . New Orleans, La. Chodos, Israel .... New Orleans, La. Collins, Charles, Jr. ■ . New Orleans, La. n K A Basketball (1); Inter-Fraternity Basketball (1). CoOKSEY, Sylvanus Oakdale, La. K 2 " Jambalaya " Representative (2) ; Inter-Class Football (2); Inter-Fraternity (2); Glendy Burke. CoXj John Robert . . . Merriam, Kansas Coyle, Elda New Orleans, La. Crapitto, Louis Houston, Tex. Darter, Lewis ..... New Orleans, La. n K A Inter-Fraternity Basketball (1). DeBakey, MiCHEAL . . . Lake Charles, La. Band (1, 2); B.M. Scientific Society. DiNwiDDiE, George . . . New Orleans, La. Dreyer, Edward .... New Orleans, La. Glendy Burke (1, 3); Dramatic Guild (1, 2). EccLES, Claude Mobile, Ala. Ellis, Ezekiel Covington, La. A K E Freshman Football; Scrub Football (2). Evans, Hugh New Orleans, La. FiLiPPONE, Johknie .... Houston, Tex. Fisher, Willie .... Lake Charles, La. 2 A E Freshman Football; Freshman Track; Scrub Football (2). Ford, Ili-RHERi New Or ' cans, La. I J H ir Freshman Football; Varsily Fool ball; VarBity Baskctliall. FORTENBERRY, LUTHER .... Amite, La. S K Clas.s Football 2); Glendy Burke; Jntra- Mural Football (2). French, Richard .... New Orleans, La. Frilot, George .... New Orleans, La. Garcia, Eugene .... New Orleans, La. Garcia, Manuel .... New Orleans, La. 2 I B.M. Scientific Sociely. Gardiner, Franklin . . New Orleans, La. 2 N Gerodetti, Orlando . . San Antonio, Tex. Ge.x, Lucien New Orleans, La. GiLLENTiNE, WiLLiAM . . Ft. Meyers, Fla. Glee Club (4). GiLMOUR, John .... Montgomery, Ala. Glendy Burlie, Literary Society (2); Ping Pong. Glover, Jambs ..... New Orleans, La. Goldman, Adolph . . . New Orleans, La. Gouau.x, James L. . . . New Orleans, La. Gray, Calvin New Orleans, La. Green, Wilbur .... Holdenville, Okla. 2 E Guastella, Vincent . West New York, N. J. Cotton, John M New Orleans, La. GuiDRY, Edwin . . .St. Martinsville, La. K 2 B.M. Scientific Society. Hack, Philip New Orleans, La. Hall, Henry Ocala, Fla. Harland, Robert Jackson, Miss. Harper, Robert .... New Orleans, La. Hauenstein, George . . New Orleans, La. n K A Henderson, Joh.n . . . New Orleans, La. Holmes. Joseph .... New Orleans, La. 2 n Class Secretary (1); Class President (2); Honor Council (1, 2); Assistant Varsity Cheer Leader (2); Y. M. C. A. (1. 2). Inbau, Fred, Jr Arabi, La. Jahncke, Edward . . . New Orleans, La. A K E Intra-Mural Football (2); Thirteen Club. Jones, Walter Grand Cane, La. Kahle, Henry ' .... New Orleans, La. K A Kelleher, Harry . . . New Orleans, La. A K E Glee Club (1, 2); Sport Staff of " Hullabaloo " ; Secretary of Class (2); Scientific Society; Pub- licity Staff; Intra-Mural Football. Km ' REDGE, Willoughby . Napoleonville, La. Koretskv, Harry .... New Orleans, La. T. M. C. A. (2). Kerr, George New Orleans, La. KORN, Heyman .... New Orleans, La. Glendy Burke (1, 2); Oratorical and Debating Society; T. A. I. Organization; Varsity Debating. Labouisse, John .... New Orleans, La. A K E Intra-Mural Football; Class Football; Tug of ■War (1, 2). :»u Lacour, Lammoxd, Long, Lantz, Long, Levy, McDowell, Evans, McGehee, Mendes, Meriwether, MiAZZA, Minor, Moore, Morrison, Nelson, Odom, Ocden, Ogden, Parker, Pettit, Pettit, Prieto, Pvburn, Rainolr, Regan, Robichaux, Robinson, Rosenstock, Rucker, Savant, Savoy, Seligman, Sica, Slaughter, Sparer, Seig, Thomas, Thomas, Viguerie, Vincent, Walshe, Weston, Whatley. 134 SOPHOMORE CLASS College of Arts and Sciences LaBruvere, Philip, Jr. . . . Manero, La. LaCour, Fritz Welsh, La. S n Lammond, Charles . . . New Orleans, La. e N " Hullabaloo " Staff (1); Campus Editor of " Hullabaloo " (1) : Campus Editor (1) ; New.s Editor (1); Editor-in-Chief (2). Lang, Samuel Savannah, Ga. SAM Alternate Carnot Debate (1); Varsity Debating Team (1); Winner of Carnot Debate (2); Glendy Burke Literary Society. Lantz, William .... Beaumont, Tex. Long, Trov New Orleans, La. Levy, Loris St. Joseph, La. Z B T LiNDSEV, Ralph .... New Orleans, La. LiTTELL, William ..... Opelousas, La. Lynch, Mercer .... New Orleans, La. Ben Freshman Football. McDowell, R. C. . . . New Orlean-, La. Evans, Hugh New Orleans, La. McGhee, Edward .... Hammond, La. A K E Varsity Football. Mendes, J. H New- Orleans, La. Meriwether, William . Flomaton, Ala. A e Class Football. Meyer, Harry ...... Beeville, Tex. Z B T Band (2); Inter-Fraternity Basketball (2). MiAzzA, Edward . . . New Orleans, La. S N Minor, Claude MiNTZ, Sam .... New Orleans, La, Moore, Daniel . . . New Orleans, La. Glendy Burke (1, 2); Y. M. C. A.; Vice-Presi- dent Dramatic Guild; Varsity Debate (1); Oratorical and Debating Council (1, 2); International Club. Morrison, James .... New Orleans, La. 2 E Band (1): Inter-Fraternity Tennis. Nelson, Willis .... New Orleans, La. Newbern, David .... New Orleans, La. Nickel, Dean Weslaco, Tex. Oakley ' , Allen Quincy, 111. Odom, Charles Harvey, La. Freshman Basketball. Ocden, Frank Shreveport, La. I K 2 Ogden, Horatio .... New Orleans, La. K S Inter-Fraternity Basketball (2). Parker, John New Orleans, La. Glendy Burke; Ping Pong. Pettit, Absalom .... New Orleans, La. Intra-Mural Football (2). Pe ' ITIT, William F., Jr. . New Orleans, La. Prieto (y Eleta) a. . . Panama Citv, Pan. Z I Intra-Mural Football. PvBURN, Hiram Ruston, La. S N Rainoi.d, Robert .... New Orleans, La. A T Q Tug-o ' -War (1); White Elephants; Swimming Team; Pan-Hellenic C;ouncil (2); AMHl.st.ant Football Manager (2); Intra-Mural Football. Regan, Goderey .... New Orleans, La. Reynolds, Adolphe . . . New Orleans, La. Richards, James Shreveport, La. 2 E Robertson, Claiborne . . .St. Landry, La. RoBicHAux, Eugene - Excelsior Springs, La. n K Robinson, George . . . New Orleans, La. RoSENSTOCK, Abraham . . New Orleans, La. K X RouGELOT, Robert . . . New Orleans, La. RucKER, Charles .... Pine Bluff, Ark. ■I " A e Freshman Football; Varsity Football. Savant, Drew Ville Platte, La. 2 E Dramatic Guild; Inter-Fraternity Tennis; Inter- Fraternity Basketball. Savoy, Preston Gueydan, La. A 2 E Varsity Basketball (2); Freshman Basketball. Seligman, Maurice . . . New Orleans, La. SiCA, Frank New York, N. Y. Slaughter, William, Jr. . . . Baker, La. 2 n Sparer, Phineas .... New- Orleans, La. Stabler, George .... New Orleans, La. A T fi SwEARiNCEN, DAVID .... Shreveport, La. SwEic, Joseph .... New- Or ' eans, La. Tamburo, Joseph . . New Orleans, La. Thomas, George . . . New Orleans, La. A 2 Intra-Mural Football (2). Thomas, George T. . . . Vicksburg, Miss. Thompson, Roscoe . . . New- Orleans, La. ToMME, Joe ....... Reyville, La. Trueting, Waldo . . . New- Orleans, La. ViGUERiE, Eugene Montegut, La. i K 2 Vincent, Willie .... Lake Charles, La. Wahl, Carl New Orleans, La. 2 A E Walshe, Woollen . . . New- Orleans, La. Ben Thirteen Club; Glee Club (1, 2); T. M. C. A. (2); Class Football; Basketball; Freshman Ten- nis; Tug-o ' -War; Inter-Fraternity Basketball. Weeks, Maury .... New Orleans, La. Weston, Horatio .... Logtown, Miss. 2 X Whatley, John Ravville, La. A K E Freshman Basketball; Freshman Football; Varsity Track. Wolfe, Marion .... New Orleans, La. Track. Woodruff, Fred .... New Orleans, La. WooDw. RD, WiLLEY Lee . Sicilv Island, La. Arbo, Arnold, Barkley, Barr, Beary, BicGAR, Boyd, Brewer, Brewer, Claverie, Doyle, DeBuys, Gallegly, Gaston, Hoffman, Halloway, Howcott, Johnson, Kissgen, Light, Mathews, Melun, Oelkers, Ross, Sherwood, Slipakoff, Sternfels, Stewart, Taylor Theriot, Thompson, Tomlinson, Weiner, Wise, Wood. 126 . fK 0s$ ' m .. ?;o P: 7?y C»-.; ' ' SOPHOMORE CLASS College of Commerce Arbo, HAROLn New Orleans, La. Freshman Football; Wiiinor oT AVliiLo Elephant Cup. ARNOLn, CliCiL .... Hattiesburg, Miss. Barki.i-v, Gary .... New Orleans, La. K A Bankrr, ' lI,l.IS B. . . . Lake Charles, La. A K E Barr, Fai.vv New Orleans, La. Ben Freshman Track. BicGAR, Jamk . ... New Orleans, La. " Hullnhaloo " Staff; Representative of " Jam- balaya " (2). Brary, D. R New Orleans, La. Tion, Mary ' New Orleans, La. Brewkr, Fraxk Alexandria, La. K S Brewer, James .... New Orleans, La. Freshman Basketball Team; T. M. C. A. CoHN, Julius New Orleans, La. S A M Claverie, M. F New Orleans, La. I K i; Crawford, Charles . . ■ New Orleans, La. DoY ' LE, Harwell Mobile, Ala. I K 2 DeBlanc, Denis .... New Orleans, La. DeBuys, Laurence, Jr. . New Orleans, La. Ben Glee Club (1, 2); Freshman Football; Assistant Varsity Cheer Leader (2). Dreyfus, Clifton . . . Ne v Orleans, La. 2 A M Franklin, Benjamin, Jr. . New Orlean.-, La. Gallegly, R. B New Orleans, La. n K A Gaston, Robert .... New Orleans, La. A e White Elephants; Inter-Fraternity Basket- ball (1). Goodwin, George Bastrop, La. Harding, James, Jr. . . . Shreveport, La. Hoffman, Roland . . . New Orleans, La. I K 2 HoLLOWAY, Roger E.. Ocean Springs, Miss. HowcoTT, Harley . . . New Orleans, La. ATA Johnson, James .... Birmingham, Ala. A T fl Tug-o ' -War (1); Olently Burlce (1. 2); Class l reslclent (1); Glee Club (1, 2); InlcT-Fratcrnity Basketball; Gym Dance Committee. Ki-iioE, Miles New Or ' eans, La. X I Kbsges ' , Louis .... New Orleans, La. Light, David, Jr. . . . San Antonio, Tex. Ben Maithews, Martin . New Orleans, La. Melun, Roland .... New Orleans, La. I K 2 " Hullabaloo " Staff; Inter-Fraternity Basketball. Oelkers, John .... New Orleans, La. O ' pRY, Lee New Orleans, La. A 2 ' I ' Pr(-si(lent of Engineering Class (1); Varsity Football (2, 3); Varsity Baseball (1). Palfrey, Karl .... New Orleans, La. Parker, Jack Monroe, La. Prikgi.e, Enoch Glenmnra, La. K K 7 ' Band (1. 2, 3). Ross, Clyde Pioneer, La. Sherwood, Edward . . . New Orleans, La. A T f! White Elephants; Freshman " Y " Club; Dram- atic Guild (1. 2); Inter-Fraternity Basketball; " Hullabaloo " Circulation Manager. Slipakoff, Harry . . . New Orleans, La. Sterniels, Roy Klotzville, La. Stewart, Charles . . New- Orleans, La. K A Taylor, Frank .... Lake Charles, La. K 2 Theriot, Alfred Gueydan, La. Glee Clulj; Freshman Track; Freshman Baseball. Thompson, Ale.y Houston, La. n K I TOMLiNSON, Paul . . . New Orleans, La. TuRRENTiNE, Dan . . . Ne v Orleans, La. Weiner, Bennie .... New Orleans, La. Debate CI, 2); T. A. I. Organization. Wise, Ronald Flint, Mich. I A Wood, W. B McComb, Miss. K 2 127 ...A: ; (V ' y i if h f)si Armstrong, Arny, Bierhorst, Colcock, Clerc, Clinton, Crump, D ' Aquin, Dorsa, Dupont, Fernandez, GlARRATANO, GOMII.A, HAAS, HanNA, HARRISON, HART, ICE, JoYNER, Kessels, Lewis, Martin, McCarroll, Mendow, Meyers, Neal, Norton, Nourse, Olsen, O ' Meara, Piesch, Poggi, Purcell, Schaffner, Seeuws, Shaw, Stern, Stolley, Swasey, Trunzler, Wehrmann, Wilson, Wood, Wright. 12S Armstrong, Francis X. . New Orleans, La. B e n Varsity Football, ' 26; Strub Football. ' 27. Arny, Robert A Montclair, N. J. Glee Club, ' 28. Baudier, Arthur P. ■ . . New Orleans, La. BiERHORST, John W., Jr. . New Orleans, La. Artburians. BiERHORST, Louis .... New Orleans, La. Arthurians; Band; Architectural Society. Bourgeois, Ellis P Gramercy, La. Braun, Frank W. . . . New Orleans, La. Brydon, Earl G New Orleans, La. Chalona, Marcus J. ■ . New Orleans, La. Church, Richard IL . . New Orleans, La. Clerc, Milton C. • . . Washington, D. C. Arthurians; " Wrestling Team, ' 2G, ' 27; Frosh- Soph Wrestling, ' 2(), ' 27; Tug-o ' -War, ' 27; Frosh-Soph Football, ' 27. CoLCOCK, Richard H., Ill . New Orleans, La. 2 X Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. Crump, Robert G., Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Clinton, C. L New Orleans, La. D ' Aquin, Earl M. T. . . New Orleans, La. Day, Alvyn Joseph • . . New Orleans, La. Basketball. DoRSA, Theodore J. . . . New Orlean;!, La. DuFOUR, Maurice F. . . New Orleans, La. Dupont, Edward P Eicenberger, Elroy L . . New Orleans, La. Fernandez, John P. . . New Orleans, La. Gerstner, Merrill A. . . New Orleans, La. Arthurians. Giarrantano, Jerome F. . New Orleans, La. GOMILA, J. C Haas, Arthur J. Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Hanna, Eugene C Jackson, Miss. Dormitory Club. SOPHOMORE CLASS College of Engineering Harrison, Hatley N. . . New Orleans, La. Hart, Henry Tardy Harvey, Cornelius B. . K K Band; Freshman Basketball New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. Hoover, Sidney M. Hummel, Marie L. . Shrevcport, La. New Orleans, La. Ice, Orville T. Jr. . . . New Orleans, La. T. M. C. A. Cabinet. Jones, Carlton R. Jones, Luther M. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. A E I Freshman Track Team. ' 26; Freshman Football. ' 2S; Varsity Football Squad, ' 27. Joyner, Walthall R Dallas, Tex. ATA Kastler, Ordway . . Kessels, Jacob J. H. . New Orleans, La. . Well, Netherlands President Cosmopolitan Clul); Architectural Association. KoHNKE, Edward F., HI . New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. Kramer, Gerhard T Secretary- Treasur Krieger, Jacob H Secretary-Treasurer Freshman Engineering Class. . New Orleans, La. T X E Lamberton, p. M., Jr. . New Orleans, La. Lecourt, Stanley M. . . New Orleans, La. Lessel, John W Bogalusa, La. A K E Freshman Football: Varsity Football. Lewis, Sidney F., Ill . . New Orleans, La. LoEB, Mary Freeman . . New Orleans, La. Martin, How. rd A. . . New Orleans, La. K S McCarroll, Eugene M. . New Orleans, La. ATA Freshman Football; Freshman Class President; Football, ' 27; Sophomore Vice-President. Mendow, Frank R. . . . New Orleans, La. " Jambalaya " Representative, ' 28; Band. 129 SOPHOMORE CLASS College of Engineering Messina, Richard F. . . New Orleans, La. Meyers, Albert J. . . . New Orleans, La. 2 E Band, ' 26, ' 27. Meyn, George F. ■ . . New Orleans, La. Neal, William H. . . Mexico Citv, Mex. 2 I Neild, Edward F., Jr. . . . Shreveport, La. K A Architectural Society. Nielsen, Jens Christian . New Orleans, La. Band (1). Norton, Mvrtis M. Haynesville, La. Nourse, Robert L. . . . New Orleans, La. n K A Occelli, Armando (v s) . . Mexico, D. F. S I Olsen, Olaf Herman, Jr. . New Orleans, La. Ben O ' Meara, John Patrick . New Orleans, La. Blacksmiths. Piesch, Carl New Orleans, La. PoGGi, Francis A Mohlle, Ala. n K A Price, Walter H. . . . New Orleans, La. Priscell, Jimmie .... New Orleans, La. Rolfs, George Andre . Metairie Ridge, La. Ryan, Elbridge F. • . . New Orleans, La. n H Fresh Class Football; Frosh Track; Sophomore Class Football; Varsity Football, ' 27; Varsity Track, ' 27: Swimming Team. Schaffner, Philippe V. L., New Orleans, La. T X E, K K I ' , B JI Arthurians; Band (1, 2, 3, 4); Assistant Man- ager (2, 3); Manager (4); Glee Clulj (1, 2, 4); Y. M. C. A. (3, 4); Vice-President T. M. C. A. (4). Seeuws, Thomas F. . . . New Orleans, La. Ben Freshman Football, ' 26; Varsity Football, ' 26; Scrub Football, ' 27; Thirteen Club; Freshman Track. ' 25. Shaw, Richard M. . . . New Orleans, La. 2 A E Spencer, Charles B. ■ . . Asliboro, N. C. S E Freshman Track, ' 2G, ' 27; Inter-Class Tr,-ick. 26, ' 27; Freshman-Sophomore Track, ' 26. ' 27: Cross-Country Team, ' 27, ' 2S. Stayer, Edgar New Orleans, La. T X E Wrestling, ' 27; Runnor-up Champion; S. A. A. U. ; Band, ' 28. Stern, Bernard H. ■ . , New Orleans, La. Z B T Stolley, Bruno New Orleans, La. Vice-President Freshman Engineers; President Sophomore Engineers; " Hullabaloo " (1); Glee Club (1, 2); Band (1, 2); Assistant Cheer Leader (2); Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (21; TXE Essay; Academic Board (1, 2); Award (1). Sturm, Emile M. . . . New Orleans, La. SwASEY, Haswell A. . . New Orleans, La. Trunzler, Joseph J. . . New Orleans, La. S N, TXE Frosh Football, ' 26; Basketball, ' 26; Track, ' 26; Football, ' 27 (Scrub); Inter-Fraternity Basket- ball and Track, ' 26, ' 27. Weber, Phillip A. New Orleans, La. Wehrmann, Henry R. . . New Orleans, La. A K E Glee Club, ' 24, ' 25, ' 26, ' 27; Varsity Tennis, ' 27; Band, ' 24, ' 25; Glendy Burke. ' 24; Secretary Glee Club. ' 26; Vice-President Glee Club, ' 27; Inter-Fraternity Basketball, ' 25, ' 26, ' 27; Inter- fraternity Track, ' 25; Ping Pong, ' 26; Architec- tural Society, ' 27; Acabus Club, ' 27; Secretary- Treasurer Sophomore Engineering Class, ' 27. Wilson, John W. . . . New Orleans, La. Wood, Carroll L., Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Wright, Laurie L Jackson, Miss. K K I ' Glee Club, ' 26, ' 27; Band, ' 26, ' 27; Architectural Society. 130 131 Abbott, Adams, Allen, Allert, Asbury, Autrey Bacher, Baptist, Bear, Benton, Bernadas, Bowen, Breard Breckinridge, Brown, McBryde, Buchanan, Byrne, Caldwell, Caracasain Carley, Cardone, Carter, Chalaron, Chalaron, Chandler, Chiz Clark, Clark, Claverie, Cleveland, Cockerham, Cohen, Cologne Crawford, Crozat, Daiches, Darter, Davenport, Davis, Deahl DeLoach, Denman, Devereux, Diamond, Dinkelspeil, Dinn, Dodd 132 . ;( 0? FRESHMAN CLASS Newcomb College Abbott, Marjorif, W. Adams, Elizabeth, K K V Allen, Nancy H., 11 1? I Y. W. C. A.; Dnuiiatiu Club; AtliUaics. Allen, Rosalie W. Dramatic Club. Allent, Mary E, Arbo, Aurelia C. AsBURY, Adrienke M. AuBERT, Marie L. AUTREY, LeNORA R. Bacher, Wilhelmina C. Ballentine, Mary E. Baptist, Lillian R. Barksdale, Jennie L. Barnete, Alameda M. Bear, Grace I. Bender, Catherine S , JI Benton, Maurice J. Berenson, Florence Eernadas, Hester C. bondurant, martha l. Bowen, Marjorie, a a n French Circle; Y. W. C. A. Breard, Elizabeth M. Breckinridge, Margaret P., 11 li I Brown, Dorothea C. Brown, Sarah G. BUNTON, EerNICE McBryde, Flora, K A 6 Buchanan, Clara M. Byrne, Katherine P. Calangne, Dorothy Caldwell, Mary A., X il French Circle; Y. W. C. A. Cambios, Helen L. Canady ' , Ada Beta Caracashian, D. Carley, Camille K. Cardone, Edith B. Carnahan, Ursula L. Carroll, Eleanor A. Carter, Corinne H. Cazenavette, Lillian M. Chalaron ' , Amelie Chalaron, Lucile a. Chandler, Lady Betfy Chiz, Bessie Florence Clark, Frances, K A Clark, Nancy McD., 1 JI Clarkson, Marguerite F. Claverie, Flavia M. Cleveland, Elizabeth, K K r Y. W. C. A.; French Circle. cockerham, dorothy m. Cohen, Leona Cologne, D. Crawford, Kathleen Crozat, Marguerite Daggett, Mary J. Daiches, Josephine Darter, Sarafi P. Davenport, Marguerite David, Barbara M. Davis, Carrie L. Deahl, Cecilia J. Dean, M. Robertike DeLoach, Leila F. Denman , Berta Devereux, Marjorie Diamond, Minnie Dinkelspeil, Ray M., A E Dinn, Catherine A., K A 9 Y. w. c. A. DOCHTERMAN, AdA DoDD, Mabel C. ' 33 . .K C c U . DossETT, DuFFV, Earhart, Edmiston, Edwards, Eichold, Ellington Ellis, Ellison, Eplev, EsDorn, Eustis, Evans, Evereite Fairchild, Ferguson " , Fisher, Fowler, Fowler, Fredericks, Frederickson Gaidry, Gay, Genella, Gordon, Gray, Grayson, Gugenheim Haggett, Halpern, Haralson, Harrison, Hartson, Hartsox, Harvey Haspel, Hayward, Heiderich, Henningway, Henriques, Herdman, Herzfeld Hirsch, Hoefeld, Holland, Isaacs, Jackman, Jett, Kammer 13+ fc ..r ?; a P)3 ?T ' dmSaJa] ilXiJVi io.o ,o„0-.o (iS ' fiSiSi ,0 ,r FRESHMAN CLASS Newcomb College DOSSETT, SaRMI B. Duffy, Rowen ' a M. Earhart, Martha E., A A n Dramatic Club; GU-e Club. Edmiston, Anne Kathleen Edwards, Louise EiCHOLD, Eva C, A E Ellington, Alice Ellis, Eleanor Ellison, Dorothea Englehardt, Carolyn Epley, Lucia Es ' DoRN, Helen French Circle. EusTis, Laura Evans, Mary Jo, K A 9 Mandolin-Guitar Clulj. Everett, Louella, n B I Dramatic Club; Glee Club; Y ' . W. C. A.; French Circle. Fairchild, Christine Ferguson, Lady Nan Dramatic Club. Feth, Florence Newcomb Ball; Captain Ba.skotball Team. Fischer, Eugenia Fisher, Addie Fletcher, Sara Ford, Beryl Foster, Sarah Fowler, Judith Fowler, Mary E. Fraley ' , Florence Frederic, Emelie Fredericks, Katheryn Frederickson, Myra Gaidry ' , Una, K A 6 T. W. C. A. Gay-, Shirley Genella, Norma Gladney, Julia Goldsborough, Anna Gordon, Mary Graves, Cora Gray, Frances, ' 1 ' M Glee Club; T. W. C. A. Grayson, Cecile Greenwall, Jeanette GUGENHEIM, IRMA, A E ' I Haggett, Aenid Halpern, Bertha, E Haralson, Mary Harrison, Mabel Hartson, Mildred Hartson, Miriam Harvey-, Mary E. Haspel, Marjorie, a E I ' Hayward, Helens Heiderich, Dorothy Heinauer, Rozella Hemingway, Emma Henriques, Margaret Herdman, Camille Herzfeld, Pauline, A E I ' HiRscH, Marion, A E l Hindelang, Edna HoEFELD, Maude, Z T A Dramatic Club; Y. W. C. A.; Volley Ball. Holland, Helen Holzer, Eunice HoLzER, Florence HuEY ' , Ruth Hyde, Margaret Isaacs, Marjorie, A E I ' Jackman, Gertrude Jennings, Florence Jester, Katherine Jett, Margaret Johnson, Eleanor Kammer, Joie, K A e Dramatic Club; French Circle; Newcoml: Ball; Basketball, Second Team. 135 Kammer, Keenax, Kent, Kerr, Kiersky, Knox, Kunnes KuNNEs, KusiN, Lambert, Laurason, LeBlaxc, Ledoux, Leverich Levincston, Lew, Lewis, Livaudais, Livaudais, Loeliger, Logan Mackenzie, Mahoney, Martizky, Marks, McAllister, McAllister, McCampbell McClintock, McCoy, McDonald, McGhee, McGriff, Mengis, Mixon Morris, O ' Donnell, O ' Rourke, Parker, Parlongue, Perkins, Platt Pollard, Pawell, Prague, Price, Rainold, Rainwater, Rice 136 CM. W 13??7T A (rVqm6ciJaj a FRESHMAN CLASS Newcomb College Kammer, Katherine Keenan, Armide E., II tt I ' French Circle; Athletic A.ssociation. Kelly, Ellen Kent, Susanna Kerr, Elizabeth Kiersky, Pauline Knox, Eertha KuNNES, Esther KuNNES, Ida KusiN, R. Lambert, Jane Laurason, Aurelie Laurason, Maxine LeBlanc, Leila LeBreton, Mireilla Ledoux, J. Leverich, Marcelle, a n Athletic Association; Y ' . " V. C. A. Levincston, Sylvia Levy, Kathleen Lewis, Elizabeth Livaudais, Louise LivAUDAis, Lucille LoELiGER, Anna Logan, Alice Lucas, Lorraine Mackenzie, Aline Mahoney, Annette Malone, Virginia MoRiTZKY, Marguerite Marks, Mathilde, A E I French Circle. Martin, Mildred McAllister, Elizabeth McAllister, Isabel McCampbell, Helen McClintock, Margaret McCoy, Billie McDonald, Harriet McGlIEE, LiLA M cGriff, Dorothy, M Y. W. C. A.; Le Circle Francals. Mengis, Dorothy Menville, Louise Milbee, Ruth Mixon, Helen Morris, Rose, A E French Circle. O ' Donnell, Elizabeth Ogden, Mildred O ' Rourke, Florence Overton, Margaret Parker, Sue Parlongue, Olga Pate, Mary Pearce, Carrie T. N. C. U. Pendercraft, Sadie Perkins, Marianne Phillips, Ly ' sle Platt, Dorothy Pollard, Alice Powell, Fleta Prague, Marie L. Price, Janie Rainold, Winifred Rainwater, Edith Rennie, Margaret Rice, Allie 137 iQgg? Richardson, Roach, Robertson, Rocan, Rollins, Rosser Saal, Sancton, Sandmever, Saracco, Saucier, Saunders, Schlegel Seiferth, Shaw, Shea, Shepard, Simpson, Strauss, Talier Theobold, Thibodaux, Trourck, Troescher, Tuite, Veith, Viguerie Villere, Wadsworth, Watil, Washburn, Wasserman, Watson, Watson Webb, Weil, Weir, Werlein, Westbrook, Whipple, White Williams, Williams, Williford, Willis, Wilson, Woods, Yandell 138 FRESHMAN CLASS Newcomb College Richardson, Alba, n B I Dramatic Club; Friilich Circle; Gloo Club. RiCHAND, Eugene Roach, Eleanor Robertson, Eleanor Robertson, Marie, A n Y. w. c. A. ROGAN, Rosalind, K K r Y. W. C. A.; French Circle; Dramatic Club; Workshop Play; Captain Freshman Volley Ball Team. Rollins, Rebecca Roseman, Dorothy RossER, Margaret RusiN, Rosalie Saal, Phyllis, A E [ ' Dramatic Club; French Circle. Sancton, Ursula Sandmeyer, Sybil Sandoz, Adeline Saracco, Carla Saucier, Clara M. Saunders, Mary scatterty, louise ScHLEGEL, Viola • Schmidt, Lily ScHVANT, Dorothy Seghers, Mary Seiferth, Roberta Shaw, Edwina Shea, Doris Shepard, Anne Simpson, Odile, X fi Mandolin-Guitar Club; French Circle; Y. W. C. A.; Athletics; Newcomb Ball (1). Sparks, Mariola Stauss, Valerie Swetman, Olga Taber, Ione Theobold, Frances Thibodaux, Julie Todd, Katherine Trawick, Alice Troescher, Margaret TuiTE, Mayme, Z 2 Dramatic Club; Newcomb Ball. Veith, Alcenith ViGUERlE, MaZIE, a O n M. G. C. Villere, Mathilde Wadsworth, Erminia Wahl, Shirley Walker, Mae Ward, Elva Washburn, Winifred Wasserman, Hilda, A n E French Circle; Dramatic Club; Debating Club. Watson, Grace Watson, Marguerite Webb, Mary Weil, Sarah Weir, Alice Weld, Hazel Werlein, Betti ' Westbrook, Dorothy Whipple, Jane White, Audrey Williams, Mary L. Williams, Sara Jane WiLLiFORD, Ruth Willis, Mary, M T. W. C. A.; French Circle. Wilson, Elizabeth, K A 6 T. W. C. A.; Newcomb Ball Team. Woods, Mary E. Yardell, Dorothy • 39 1 1 s M rv •I ' »f ' 7 " 1 ' l Addison, Arwbrey, Anderson, Binder Bergman, Brannan, Braund, Brock, Brown, Burgayne BuTAUD, Campbell, Caplan, Cattana, Charbonnet, Cope COTTRELL, CUCINOTTA, DaNNA, De La HOUSSAYE, De RamUS, DryER Fletcher, Gall, Gendeth, Glazer, Granade, Gray ' Greene, Gutierrez, Hamilton, Harrell, Haynsworth, Hoffpaiur 140 FRESHMAN CLASS College of Addison, W. P Shreveport, La. Alexander, J La Grange, Texas Alexander, L La Grange, Texas Allen, Joe New Orleans, La. Anderson, J. L Sears, Fla. Aranco, R. J. . Primer Piso, Havana, Cuba Awbrev, Reuben Roanoke, Ala. A K K Beck, M. C New Orleans, La. Bender, N. J Marshall, Texas Bergman, S. C Tampa, Fla. Berryman, L. D. . . . Russellville, Ark. Birdwell, J Shreveport, La. BoGRAD, N New Orleans, La. Brannan, Max Roanoke, Ala. n K , X Braund, R. R Gary, Ind. A K K Brown, John Gatesville, Tex. A K K BuRCOYNE, B. R Monroe, La. X Burnett, P., Jr. . . . . . Tampa, Fla. Burt, E. G Crossett, Ark. •Butaud, R. S Liberty, Tex. Brock, M. L Cadaval, J. ..... . Durango, Mex. Campbell, Stephen . . New Orleans, La. Caplan. D. a. . . Boiling Springs, N. C. Cattana, N. E New Orleans, La. Chamberlain, C. T. . . . Natchez, Miss. n K A, N 2 N A.B,. University of Virginia. Charbonnet, L. S., Jr. . New Orleans, La. Chauvin, L. E Abbeville, La. CoLLEY ' , Helen . . ■ . Mercedes, Texas B.A., University of Texas. Cope, R. L New Orleans, La. Cottrell, H. B Meridian, Miss. n K A, N S N Cucinotta, L Brooklyn, N. Y. Danna, p. L. . . . . . New Orleans, La. Darby, F. U Baton Rouge, La. Medicine DE LA Houssaye, Malcolm . Franklin, La. Ben Interfraternity Track (1. 2); Interfratcrnlty Basketball (1, 2); Scrub Basketball (2); Intor- class Basketball (2); Thirteen Club. DeRamus, W Verbena, Ala. Drezinski, D. J. . . . New Orleans, La. Dryer, R. G., Jr Austin, Texas J2 B n, A K K Eckels, P. R Temple, Texas Edwards, T. J , Jr. . . Chattahoochee, Fla. Faircloth, W. B EnsleY, Ala. n K A Feinberg, B. S New York, N. Y. Fershtand, J. T. . . San Francisco, Cal. N 2 N B.A,, University of Stanford. Fletcher, Richard M. . . . Arcadia, Fla. A 2 , e K Secretary of Medical Class (1): Interfraternity Basketball (2. 3): Interclass Football (1); Honor Council. Frederick, CO Covington, La. Gall, E. A New York, N. Y. Gehrels, E. L Costa Rica, C. A. B.A.. Baylor College. Gerodetti, Orlando . . San Antonio, Tex. Glaser, Harry . . . New Orleans, Lr. Granade, J. E. Statesboro, Ga. n K A, X Gray, Joel New Orleans, La. Greene, Gilbert . . . Birmingham, Ala. A T n, X Freshman Football; Interfraternity Basket- ball (2). Gutierrez, J. P. ... Verscruz, Mexico Hackney, J. F Bynum, N. C. Hamilton, A. S Berkeley, Cal. K A, N 2 N Harrell, William Ruston, La. 2 N, X Interfraternity Tennis. Hay ' NSWORth, J. E., Jr. . . . Alachua, Fla. Hoffpauer, A. C. ■ . . Estherwood, La. e K N, A K K B.3.; " Janibalaya " Representative. I+I ?;(%a;Q3?;?T •I .jf - H I P %j hollingsworth, hopkins, jacks, jenkins Johnson, Jones, Kent, Lampert, Lewis, McCreary Moore, Mosley, Nickerson, Ochs, Ogden, Patrick Powell, Kainier, Koeling, Rouse, Rushton, Schnyder Seale, Shane, Simpson, Stembach, Tatum, Tinnin TowNSEND, Velinsky, Ward, Weileaecher, Williams, Wood 142 .r::;:sata£ F i;i4 a ■. ?;( 5a;Q3 : FRESHMAN CLASS College of Medicine HoLLiNGSWORTH, J. W. ■ . . Wliigham, CJa. A K K Hopkins, G. S Single, La. II K i , I X HoSEN, H Laurel, Miss. JACKA, E. R Jackson, Mich. Jenkins, John F., Jr. . . Birmingham, Ala. K A, I ' X Johnson, C. C New Orleans, La. Jones, Wilmer .... Grand Cane, La. n K , $ X Varsity Basketball (3); President of Class (3). Keller, J. J Ensley, Ala. Kent, Earl New Orleans, La. P 2 Lampert, Ralph . . . New Orleans, La. Landry, E. L Delcambre, La. Lewis, J. T., Jr. . . . Tylertown, Miss. n K A, N S N B.S., Millsaps College. Lilly, G. D Fayetteville, La. Lynne, V New Orleans, La. McCuLLOM, J. H., Jr. . San Antonio, Tex. McCooK, Joel J., Jr Dallas, Tex. n K A, A K K McCreary, Pergam L. . Monroeville, Ala. A K K B.S., Birmingrham-Southern. McIntyre, D. S Evansville, Ind. Martin, E. J. Convent, La. Martin, J. B., Jr. ... Hahnville, La. Mauterer, O. p. . . . New Orleans, La. Moore, A. E Helena, Ark. MosELT, J. M., Jr. . . . Shreveport, La. MoSLEY, J. T Winnfield, La. P S MosLEY, John M Shreveport, La. n K A, N S N MosLEY, K. T Conway, Ark. Myers, L. E., Jr. . . . New Orleans, La. Nickerson, Paul Siluria, Ala. A K K OcHS, I New York, N. Y. Ogden, Henry, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. n K , N 2 N Glendy Burke (1, 2, 3): Dramatic Guild (1. 2, 3); Oratorical and Debating Council (2, 3). Oxford, T. M Dawson, Ga. Pannill, W. C Eastland, Tex. Parrino, p. S New Orleans, La. Patrick, William .... Umatilla, Fla. 2 n, A K K Piiiro.v, M. T New Orleans, La. Powell, Clifeord .... Auburn, Ala. 2 N, e K V] ' B.A.. University of Akvliama. Pruett, John Weogufka, Ala. Rainier, F. C Whittiei-, Cal. Ramsay, Thomas .... Laurel, Miss. A T fi, 1 X L ' Apache Clul). Ricks, G. H Brady, Tex. RoELiNG, J. C New Orleans, La. Rouse, Hillrie, Jr. . . . Popiarville, Miss. A 2 , e K J ' Ph.G., University of Mississippi. RouTON, W. M. . . . . Notasulga, Ala. RusHTON, J. F Emerson, Ark. Russell, W. S., Jr. . . San Antonio, Tex. Ryan, A. M Alameka, Cal. Saint, C. L Baton Rouge, La. Sartin, J. M Cleveland, N. C. ScHNYDER, E. A. . . . New Orleans, La. Seale, William . . . Birmingham, Ala. A K K Shane, Hugh Marshall, Tex. Shields, J. D., Jr Natchez, Miss. N 2 N B.S., Mississippi A. and M. Simpson, T. R Meridian, Miss. Staley, H. R Kansas City, Mo. Steckler, M. I New Orleans, La. Steinvach, Gustav . . . New York, N. Y. Summer, W. B., Jr. . . New Orleans, La. SuRRENCY, H. W., Jr Jesup, Ga. T.-VTUM, S. Austin .... Dubach, La. A 2 , e K B.S., Louisiana College. TiN.viN, H. I Shreveport, La. e K S[ ' B.A.. Mississippi College; Interclass Football. TowNSEND, G. G Morton, Miss. Velinsky, M Shreveport, La. Ward, A. G Jackson, Miss. n K A, N 2 N B.A., Millsaps College. Weilbaecher, J. O., Jr. . New Orleans, La. Weinstein, L Bogalusa, La. Williams, J. Richard . . . Selma, Ala. IC A, X Williamson, E. L Gurley, Ala. Wood, R. G Plant Citv, Fla. P 2 143 Abernathy, Anderson, Andry, Antoon Otz, Badger, Bagby, Baird, Baldwin, Bell, Bishop Blou, Boudreaux, Brierre, Brister, Brizard, Bulliard, Burch Butler, Caine, Cleveland, Cockrell, Comer, Conway, Cooke Costa, Costley, Cox, Devlin, Devron, Dieth, Eustis Faillo, Fenner, Fitzgerald, Foster, Fussell, St. Germaine, Glover Grace, Greenburc, Gresham, Guiory, Guy 144 i; ? %?a;Qg?;) FRESHMAN CLASS College of Arts and Sciences Abernathy, George C. Acer, John W. Anders, Harry N., S n Anderson, Victor G., K 2 Freshman Football; Y. M. C. A. Andry, Allain C, Jr. Antoon, Edward J. Y. M. c. A. Atz, Jake H., Jr., SAM Anders, Harry N. Badcor, Alfred J., Jr. Bacby, George F. Glendy Burke; Y. M. C. A.; Freshman " Y " Club. Baird, Houston K. Baldwin, Robert B., A K E President of Freshman Class. Barrier, Charles M., Jr. Bell, William A., Jr., A K E Dramatic Guild; Glendy Burke; Fre. ' ihnian Oratorical and Debating Council. Bellone, Christopher F. Bishop, Clarence A. Bledsoe, James G. Blow, Hiram, I K 2 Bodenheimer, Louis M. Booth, George D., Jr. Boudreaux, Abel J., Jr. BiERRE, Marion E., A 2 Brister, Hugh H., A T A White Elephants; Glee Club. Briuglio, Joseph P. Brizard, Joseph L. Brock, Milton L., 2 n Thirteen Club. Bruno, Leo F. BuLLiARD, Daniel T. BuRCH, George E., Jr. Butler, Edward S., Jr., A 9 Caine, Ansel M., Jr. Carbroy, Thomas F. Caruso, Michel J. Centanni, Lee R. B. Circe, Elmo D. Cleveland, Ashby DuB., Jr., A T fi White Elephants; Glee Club; " Hullabaloo " Reporter. CocKRELL, Francis M., HI Conway, Joel Henkv, li o II Comer, David B., HI Freshman Oratorical and iJcbatlriK I ' nLiiir ' il; Glendy Burke. Cooke, Paul S., A K E Glee Club; Freshman Basketball; Tennis. Costa, Jacob L. CosTLEY, Stanley F., K A White Elephants, ' 25. Cox, Vivien K. Cox, William E., Jr. CuMMiNGS, Joe H. Davison, Emile A., Jr. Swinimine: Team Captain; Gull " Coa.st Mil- itary Academy, ' 27. Devlin, Daniel J., Jr. Devron, Gustave p. DiETH, Enile H. Freshman " Y " Club; T. N. C. U. DiNwiDDiE, George S. Doyle, Warren W. DuRAN, John A. Egan, Bernard F. EusTis, Cartwright, in, K A Football; Thirteen Club. Failla, Joseph S. Fenner, Charles P., Jr., K A Glendy Burke; Dramatic Guild; White Ele- phants; Freshman Debating Council. Ferguson, Joseph V. Fitzgerald, James F. Foley, Dudley C, Jr. Band. Foster, Douglas S. FussELL, Robert C, n K A Genovese, John M. Geraci, Dominick J. GiLLis, James H. Glover, James O. Grace, Harold S. Glover, John A. Graffagnino, Peter Greenburg, Leonard Gresham, James Van B. Gruber, George W. Guidry, Ray A. Guy, Vincent W., Jr., A 2 Thirteen Club; Freshman Football. 145 Handlin, Hardie, Harneson, Hatch Hays, Heintz, Hellier, Henry, Heanold, Hicginbotham, Holleman Howard, Howard, Hylan ' d, James, Jex, Kane, Keith Kemp, Kennon, Kendall, King, Kircheary, Knight, Kristman Leake, DeDoue, Lehman, Lelong, Levy, Levy, Lewis Liebman, Leggio, Light, Little, Lucius, Lundy, Lurie Marcello, Martinez, Marx, McCloskey, Menge 146 FRESHMAN CLASS College of Arts and Sciences Haar, Walter W. Handlin, Joseph K. Hardie, C. F., Jr. Harveson, George E. Hatch, Charles N., S n Havs, Hamilton R. Hearold, Frank F. Heinberg, Ira, Z B T Heintz, Arthur T. Hellier, Harry F. Henderson, John D. Henry, Francis J. HiGCINBOTHAM, JamES M. Hindelang, Floyd M. Hingle, Kriss J. HoLLEMAN, George A. Howard, Newton R., B 9 II Howard, James W., Jr. Hurt, Tyler M., Jr. " Janibalaya " Reporter; Freshman Basket- ball. HVLAND, ParNELL J. Hy ' man, Stanford L., Z B T Carnot Debate; Nixon-Glundy Burke De- bate Italiano, Anthony J. James, Philip E., B 9 II Glee Club; Freshman Basketball Team. Janusa, Russell P. Jex, Gordon A. Jones, Bob R. Kahn, Kenneth M. Kane, Harnett T. Glendy Burke; Freshman Deljating- Council; " Hullabaloo. ' Keith, Henry C, Jr. Kemp, Robert C. Kendall, Lane C. Glendy Burke; Freshman " Y " Club; Y. M. C. A.; Freshnran Oratorical and Debating- Council. Kenney, Michael J., Jr. Kennon, Paul A., K S Freshman Football ; AVhite Elephants. Kerr, George S., - JI Thirteen Club, ' 27. King, Stanhope H., Jr. Kirchberg, Roy W. Knight, Nathaniel B., Jr., A i; ' ! KoHN, Kenneth Mvek, ' , li T KoiTwiTz, Charles J., Z B T Kristman, Herman B. KuLjis, Joseph LaRocca, Henry A. Leake, Hunter C, II, i; X Leggio, Sam M. Lehman, Emile J. Lelong, Pierre A., Ill Levee, Lucius P., Jr. Levy, Alvin W., Z B T Levy, Edward D. Lewis, Ocie V. Liebman, Claude D. Light, William M., B T II LisoTTA, Philip LriTLE, John P., 2 A E Glendy Burke; Tulane Dianiatie Guild; Cla.ss Football. Loeb, Stanley E. Long, Troy F. LUBRITZ, EpHRAIN Lundy, Louis A., Jr. Freshman Football. LuiRus, Leval Place LuRiE, Walter A., Z B T Glendy Burke; Freshman Oratorieal and Debating Council. Marcello, Luke McCloskey, John G. Mangum, Myrtus A. Marks, Ney J. Martinez, Francis P., K S Freshman Football. Marx, Benjamin, K N Mathes, John E., Jr. Mauldin, Henry G. Mendes, Guy M., Jr. Mendoza, Carl C, 2 E Freshman Football, ' 27. Menge, John H., Jr., A K E Freshman Football; Secretary-Treasurer of Freshman Class. Michel, Julius F. . t m: ' 147 ;Qi ;?i Miller, Miller, Millet, Moise, Monette Monroe, Monroe, Moore, Morrison, Mulhearn, Neff, Newman Nungester, O ' Kelley, Parson, Pearson, Ramsey Read, Reynaud, Robertson, Sandoz, Santangelo, Schiro, Scolaro Sternberger, Stibbs, Sutter, Tait, Tharp, Thomas, Wilson Thomason, Titche, Tonkel, Tritico, Vennard, Watson, Whatley Wheeler, Wilson, Winberry, Woods, Yokum 148 a .- ' Qj r; FRESHMAN CLASS COLLKGR OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Michel, Laurence C. Miller, Alphous O., I ' K i;, I 15 Y. M. c. A. Miller, Clark O. Band; Glee Club. Millet, Arthur N. Mims, James S. Minor, Claude A., Jr. Moise, Harold A., Jr. MONEiTE, Alexander C, Jr. Monroe, John H., A K E Freshman Football. Monroe, Malcolm L., A K E Thirteen Club. Moore, Lonnie A. Morrison, James H., T A Mulhearn, John E. Neff, Milton D. Newman, Leonce D. Nungester, Garrold H. Nacele, Raymond H. O ' Kelley, William H. Odom, Guy L. Parsons, Hugh E. Pearson, Ralph E. Member Glendy Burke Debating Society: Freshman " T " Club; Y. M. C. A. Petitjean, Winson J., S N Ramsey, James T. Read, James B., A T fi Glendy Burke; Glee Club; Thirteen Club. Read, James T. Reynaud, William E. D. Rivere, Luis A. Robertson, C. B. Rosenbaum, Marcus D. Rosenberg, Abram C. Rosenstock, Abraham, K N Sager, Julius B. Sager, Leslie M. Samuel, Lloyd J. Sandoz, Thomas R. Band. Santangelo, Anthony J. ScHiRO, John J. Dormitory Club; ScoLARO, Joseph D. Seligman, Maurice Snell, Hugh C. Sterbcow, Marx Freshman Basketball. Sternbercer, Joseph Stibbs, John H., B 6 n Stringer, William L., Jr. Stritzincer, Rudolph P. St. Germain, Henry, Jr., 2 K Suiter, Clifford S. Tait, Harry E., Jr. Tharp, James P. Thays, James P., A T fi Dramatic Club; Freshman " Y " Club; Intra- Mural Football; Freshman Football, Class Team; White Elephants Thomas, Ben J., Jr., Thomas, Eads P. Thomas, Robert A. Thomason, Hume A. President Freshman " 1 TiTCHE, Leon L. ToNKEL, Daniel, SAM Trahan, Ashby F. Tritico, Frank M. Football Team, ' 26; Vaccaro, Herbert A. Vales, Eduard Vennard, William O., K A Thirteen Club. Vincent, Willie C. Waldo, Benjamin T., Jr. Waldo, Ednard T. Watson, David L., Jr. Webb, James S., Jr., n K ! ' Wetherill, Melvin H. Whatley, Hugh W., Jr., A K E Freshman Football, ' 27. Wheeler, Charles J., Jr. Wiley, James V. Wilson, Thomas A., ATA Winberry, John J., Jr., Woods, Thom. s B., Jr., n K YOKUM, Jules A. Freshman Football; Freshman Basketball. Young, Richard B. Olub. Baseball Team. c. Anders, Bailey, Brown Epley, Fexner, Fullilove, Gladney, Goodman GoRDY ' , Hagerty, Henriques, Kleinfeldt, Lowery Margolin, Mexuet, Mitchell, Mudd, O ' Neal Parker, Parlongue, Price, Ramsey, Sandford Sizeler, Stahl, Weber, Weinstein, Wisdom 150 FRESHMAN CLASS College of Law Anders, David, Jr Winsboro, La. BAri.EY, Charles Abbeville, La. K S BoSTiCK, Houston Amite, La. A K E l3i!0WN, Wood Mirulcn, La. S X Burton, R. H., Ill . . . New Orleans, La. Butler, R. B Houma, La. Epley, Marion, Jr. . . . New Orleans, La. K S T ' Apache. White Elephants, President of Class (1); Swimming Team (2); Class Track (1, 2); Tug o ' War (2); Interfraternity Baskethall (2); Interfraternity Track (2); Pan-Hellenic (3). Fenner, Darwin . . . New Orleans, La. K A White Elephants; Class Football (2); Inter- fraternity Basketball (2). FuLLiLOVE, Jack, Jr. . . . Shreveport, La. K A Gladney, William , . . New Orleans, La. A T n L ' Apache; White Elephants: Dramatic Club; Class Football (1. 2); Class Track (1, 2); As- sistant Manager of Basketball (2) ; Manager of Basketball (3). Goodman, Samuel .... Abbeville, La. Glendy Burke; Oratorical and Debating Coun- cil (1, 2, 3, 4); Varsity Debating (2, 3); Car- not Debate (3). GoRDY, Walter . New Orleans, La. K IIacerty, William . . . New Orleans, La. 2 X L ' Apache: White Elephants; Vice President of Class (3); Pa,n-Hellenic (3, 4). Henriques, Charles . . New Orleans, La. A T fi Dramatic Guild (2, 3); T. M. C. A. Pbrum Com- mittee; Glendy Burke (2, 3, 4); Representative to Oratorical and Debating Council (4); Fresh- man Track; Assistant Manager of Track (3); IManager of Track (4). Kleinfeldt, Abraham . . New Orleans, La. LowERY, Henry E., Jr. . . . Morrow, La. S N Interfraternity Basketball (1. 2. 3); Secretary Law Student Body (4). Margolin, Bessie .... New Orleans, La. A E I " .lambalaya " Representative of Law Class (1). Maurer, Carl Shreveport, La. Menuet, J. a , Jr. . . . Napoleonville, La. AS MiRAMON, Charles . . New Orleans, La. A A Mitchell, William . New Lebanon, N. Y. A e, i Glee Club (3, 4); Secretary of Class (1). Mudd, Francis Shreveport, La. O ' Neal, A. Deutsche . . Natchitoches, La. Parker, Arthur D., Jr. . New Orleans, La. Parker, H. S Monroe, La. A K E Parlongue, Sydney . . . New Orleans, La. n K A White Elephant; Vice President of Law Cl.a.ss (1): Interfraternity Basketball; Pan-Hellenic (3); Swimming Team (2). Price, Jack Logansport, La. A S I Ramsey, John .... Pleasant Hill, La. A K E Sandford, Francke . . . Asheville, N. C. S N Track Team: Glee Club; Basketball; Orchestra. Saunders, William . . . Mansfield, La. SiZELER, Sidney .... New Orleans, La. K N Varsity Basketball (4). Spiess, Albin .... New Orleans, La. K S Scrub Football (2); Varsity Football (3). Stahl, Leopold .... New Orleans, La. Oratorical and Debating Council (1, 2. 3, 4); Secretary (4); Glendy Burke (1, 2. 3. 41; Dramatic Guild (1. 2, 3, 4); " Jambalaya " Representative (3); " Hullabaloo " (2); Varsity Debater (2. 3. 4). Weber, Caleb . . . Donaldsonville, La. $ A e Weinstein, Robert . . New Orleans, La. Wisdom, Norton . . . New Orleans, La. A K E Freshman Tennis; Fraternity Basketball. .-.ylK 0SJ?- J iQsgf; Bauer, Brown, Crais, Dietrich, Ernest EsHLEMAN, Ford, Fournier, Gelpi, Geren, Goldberg, Holbrook Johnston, Juden, Jung, LaCombe, La shley, Loeb, Lota Madonia, Margolin, Marquez, Martin, Massev, May, McCance McCoy, McNair, Miazzo, Mickal, O ' Kelley, Patuck, Plotkin Pool, Redlauer, Rainold, Read, Read, Reel, Roberts Sazer, Schwartz, Scoit, Shaw, Smithson, Stevens, Stewart Taylor, Watrous, Wills, Young, Ziegler 153 FRESHMAN CLASS College of Commerce Bauer, Seymour M., Z JJ T Freshman Football. Bearv, Donald B., 1 ' K i; Brown, Albert E. Cheer, Omar H., Jr. Crais, Henry R. Dietrich, Norman E., Aw Ernst, Charles R., - N EsHLEMAN, Benjamin F., i) X White Elephants. Ford, Justin L. Fournier, Alexander F., Jr., n K A White Elephants. Gelpi, Hermann K., I A 6 White Elephants. Geren, Pardue C, a K E Secretary and Treasurer ot Class (1). Greiner, Elbert F. Goldberg, Leon Haas, Jerome C. Freshman Football Team. Hoffman, Roland HOLBROOK, WaRUM R., I ' K 2 ' Hurt, William S. Johnson, Alec A., A K E JuDEN, John R., B 9 n Jung, Warren B., I K 2 Lacombe, Larry, 2 A E Lashley, Lawrence C, B 9 II Freshman Football; Thirteen Club; Class President (1). Lasker, Harry-, II, Z B T LoEB, Bertram S., Z B T Lota, Victor Madonia, Frank T. Glee Club. Margolin, Jack J. Marquez, Paul V., A K E " Jambalaya " Representative. Martin, Lawrence Massey, Elmer, Jr., A T Si White Elephants; Freshman Basketball; L ' Apache Club; Inter-Fraternity Basketball. Freshman l- ' oot- May, Charles, J., Jr., 2 II McCance, Elmer M., I ' A H Vice-President Class (1); ball; Freshman Track. McCoy, Vernon, n K ! ' McNair, Julius Edwin, Jr., K A MiAzzA, Gerald J., 2 N Mickal, Ernest O ' Kelley, Lucien Patecek, Frank J., Jr. Plotkin, S. Pool, William G., K A White Elephants; Vice-President oC Com- merce Class (1). Radlauer, Arthur G. Rainold, Emile a., Jr., 1 ' A 9 Read, Jack, A 2 I Read, Mallory J. Reel, Jerone V., A 2 Reiser, Samuel G., A 2 Roberts, Lloyd T. Freshman Football. Sazer, Samuel Schwartz, Bernard M., 2 A M Scott, William H., A K E Shaw, Morgan L., K A White Elephants. Sherman, Joseph Slipakoff, Harry Smithson, Jack, A 2 I , II H •■T " Club (1); Secretary of " Y " Club (1). Stevens, William, K 2 Stewart, Frank B., J A Tayxor, Malcolm J., Jr., 2 .-V E White Elephants. ToMLiNSON, Paul G. Watrous, Winston S., B 9 n Freshman Basketball. Wills, Turner Haff, 2 A E Youngs, Frederic, 2 N ZiEGLER, William W. 153 Alltmont, Anderson, Bisso, Bott, Breard, Breen, Brodtman BUDGDOEF, BURVAN ' T, BuSH, CaHILL, CaSSAGNE, CenTANNI, ClAMPIT Crettit, Dailey, Dalrvmple, David, Davis, DeBuys, de Laureal Deshotels, Dolhoxde, Fulham, Garcia, Gentilich, Hopkins, Hoyle Jastram, Keenan, Kerstens, Landry, Levert, Marice, Metzcer Monroe, Orr, Penney, Prouet, Quijano, Reed, Robert Scott, Silverstein, Souchon, Stubbs, Stubbs, Therrell, Trepagnier Wagner, Whiteknact, Williams, Wormuth, Wuerpel, Yeargain, Ziegler 1 54 FRESHMAN CLASS College of Engineering Alltmont, Alfrkd C. Anderson ' , James M. Baehr, Jerome C. Bandi, Nicholas J. Berdon, Sidney C. Bisso, Alexander J. Bliss, Arthur G. BODEN, Walter W. BoTT, Herbert A., ATA Boyd, John Kent Breard, Daniel A., Jr. Breen, Edward N., I K 2 Brodtman, Karl J. Brune, Lawrence C. BuRGDORF, Sherwood I. BURVANT, UrBAIN J. Freshman " Y " Club. Bush, John G. Butzke, Frederick G. Cahill, William A. Architectural Society. Cardaronella, Sam T. Carmouche, William J. Cassagne, Charles E., Jr., n H Centanni, Anthony M. Band. Clampit, James H. Clinton, Clarence L., A K E Code, Aubrey G. Crettet, Marcel E., Jr. Fresliman " Y " Club. Dailey, Earl O. Dalrymple, Gerald R. David, Charles D. Freshman " Y " ' Club. Davis, Charles L. Davison, Edward E. DeBuys, Herbert F. deLaureal, Thomas H., K 2 " White Elephants. deLostoo, T. a. Dennery ' , Theodore, Z B T Deshotels, Octave H., Jr. Dittmar, Theodore Dolhonde, Claude E. Dupont, Edward P. Durbin, Edward V. Edwards, John P., Jr. Erickson, Peter J., Jr. Evans, Linson R. EspiNO, Guillermo N. Fernon, James T. Fishman, Moise M. Intramural Football, ' 28; Archi- tectural Society. Fitch, James M. Flower, Sco ' it, Jr. Fulham, Fairchild D., B n Intramural Football; Architec- tural Society. Garcia, Enrique H. Gaudet, William G. Gentilich, John S. Gomila, Joseph C. Guidry, Joseph K., Jr. Gunn, Joseph W. Hale, Lawrence A. Hartson, James A. Heyden, Oliver W. Band. Hopkins, Ralph, Jr., K A Hoyle, John M. HuBER, Elmer O. Jastram, Adolph, E., B B II Captain Freshman Football; President Freshman Engineering Class; Thirteen Club; Architec- tural Society. Keenan, Walter C, Jr., B n Intramural Football; Architec- tural Society. Kerstens, Andrew J. Landry, Robert B. Lea, Edward A., n K Levert, John B., A T fi " White Elephants; Glendy Burke; Dramatic Guild. Long, Alvin E. Lonnegan, George W. Marice, Alvin J. Maxwell, Murvan M. Metzger, John J., Jr., Miller, Alberta A. " Jambalaya " Representative. Mills, Warren F. Monroe, George W. Freshman " Y " Club; T. N. C. U.; Tulane Dramatic Guild; Dormi- tory Club. Monteiro, Charles R. Moroney ' , Charles L. Architectural Society. 155 Morris, William Pate Mysing, Oliver K. Orr, Warren M. Pierce, Carroll J., Jr. Penny, William T. Persell, Ralph M., i) A E Phillips, John H., Jr. Architectural Society. Piesch, Carl Price, Daniel D. Prouet, Raymond C. Purcell, Jimmie D. Quijano, Carlos J., - I Reed, Edwin M., n K A Freshman Football; .Secretary- Treasurer Freshman Enffineerlng Class. Reisch, Erston H. Remanjou, Arthur deR. Risciuti, I. William Robert, James M., Jr., n K A Freshman Class Football. Roth, Alfred J., Jr. Schneider, John C. Scott, John T. Silverstein, Edward B. Snyder, Joseph A., Jr. deSostoa, Ignacio a. SoucHON, Harry V., A K E Thirteen Club. Stearns, Ellis J., Jr. Stubbs, Guy P., Jr., A K K Stubbs, William K., A K E SuRGi, George E. Therrell, Louis A. Trepagnier, Dalton H. Troyani, Simson a. Vincent, Hubbell F. Wagner, Richard E. White, Edward A. White, Mackey W. Whiteknact, John E. Williams, William F., 2 S Wilson, Samuel, Jr. Wormuth, Gust.ave WuERPEL, Charles E., A 9 Yeargain, Robert S. Architectural Society. Ziegler, Malcolm F. Collins, DeBakey Hardie, Harmon, Hingle Segal, Weinberg 156 Fresninan Class College of Pmarmacy BODENGER, M New Orleans, La. K N Freshman Football Team. Cafiero, a. J Pensacola, Fla. Centanni, J. J Kenner, La. Claverie, E. H New Orleans, La. Collins, T. H Coahoma, Texas Band (1). DeBakey, E. G Lake Charles, La. DeLee, E. G E el, La. Edmonston, J. M D ' Lo, Miss. Frisch, F Mobile, Ala. Hardie, R. L New Orleans, La. ATA Harmon, F. D. Elba, La. Heintz, Audrey Covington, La. Hendry, R. O Roseland, La. HiNGLE, R. E New Orleans, La. Holland, R. J Shreveport, La. A K E Freshman Football Team. Segal, R. New Orleans, La. K N, K K -y Band (1). Stephens, M. D Covington, La. Weinberg, G New Orleans, La. Young, J. W Slaughter, La. 157 Chamberlain ' , Cohn, Davis, Gilbert, Hebert, Luchsinger. Arts and Science . Pass Christian, Miss. Hardie, Charles . New Orleans, La. (Not in Panel) Hebert, Lillian ... New Orleans, La. (Graduate School) Henry Francis .... New Orleans, La. (Not in Panel) Luchsinger, Werner . . Milwaukee, Wis. McIver, Gladys Alexandria, La. (Not in Panel) Price, Grady DeQninc)-, La. (Not in Panel) St. Germain, Henry . ■ . Milwaukee, Wis. (Not in Panel) SCHUH, Rev. Edgar Ormo, Ohio (Not in Panel) Stewart, Virch Poplarville, Miss. (Not in Panel) DE LA BarRE, a. (Not in Panel) Brener, Rose New Orleans, La. (Not in Panel) Chamberlain, Leonard ■ New Orleans, La. K 2, , K A " I- (Graduate School) CoHN, Ida New Orleans, La. Davis, Lewis Rome, Ga. Gilbert, G. C New Orleans, La. (Graduate School) Glodt, Albert New Orleans, La. (Not in Panel) GoFF, Bessie .... Pascagoula, Miss. (Not in Panel) Graham, Joseph .... New Orleans, La. (Not in Panel) Weinberg, Daisy Beaufort, S. C. (Not in Panel) College of Commerce Specials Blackman, David .... Alexandria, La. Vinson, Benjamin . . . New Orleans, La. (Not in Panel) (Not in Panel) Hurt, William McComb, Miss. Wolff, Joseph Paducah, Ky. (Not in Panel) WoOD, Wyatt McComb, Miss. Plotkin, Samuel . . . New Orleans, La. ATA (Not in Panel) (Not in Panel) Partial Baigts, Juan Oaxaca, Mexico Bush, Charles Laurel, Miss. (Not in Panel) (Not in Panel) Jahncke, Frederick . . . New Orleans, La. (Not in Panel) College of Engineering Specials Blount, Allen .... New Orleans, La. Monteiro, Charles . San Juan, Porto Rico (Not in Panel) (Not in Panel) WuERPAL, Charles . . . New Orleans, La. (Not in Panel) Partial Mahoney, Evan . . . New Orleans, La. Sexton, Charles .... Van Buren, Ark. (Not in Panel) (Not in Panel) TiTSWORTH, Odessa . . . New Orleans, La. (Not in Panel) ATHLETICS fic cJdmSalaya Q J )JWi u7fi,n.,r „o.,n.a J u,n„on,;ir!.aa. ' LC,r;; .af;.ri;i;- .■..ui; j = .gy != ' w Ham Barham Sidney Sizeler Robert Porter Bernard McCloskey LoRA ixE Allums William Marx Paul Crouere Thomas Bruns Garret Martin Patrick Browxe Richard Baumbach Melville Smith earers Henry Butker Jake Landry- Adam H. Harper Charles LeBlanc Crawford Davidson Elbridce Ryan John Whatley Walter Moss Sheldon Blue Marion Wolfe Leonard Chamberlain royden lodricues of the " T " Benjamin Franklin, Jr. Eben Hardie, Jr. Jack Chatelaine Dave Drezinski Wilmer Jones William Blumberg Chilton B. Kirchmier Russell Butaud John Oelkers Tatham Eskrigge Jack Pizzano Earl Evans Herbert Ford Charles Rucker Willlam Maier Willis Banker John Menville Eugene McCarroll Alfred Stoessell Quealy Walker John Walls Gerald Andrus J. A. Knighton . ( P s m t6i ' ' U0 s! : ?y OJC X dsk: DiKZ " M K W Kr=3ilg ISIC 3nc I Mr. Paul K. Jahncke Tulane Atkletic Council Paul F. Jahncke President Judge Rufus E. Foster Fiee-President Richard Foster Secretary-Treasurer Members John Dymond, Jr. Dr. L. H. Landry Douglas Anderson Robert L. Menuet M. J. White George Westfeldt Dr. Wilbur C. Smith Athletic Director Albert E. Holleman Assistant Director OiC aic Dnc aK= IIC=HIC 3UC DitC PATRICK W. BROWNE Cu ' tain FOOTBALL OKI 3IC :3ac. jlk -- Jitc MiCi IH5C 31IC THE GREEN WAVE " Tulane ' s team wiU be composed of inexperienced men with plenty of weight and speed. Reserve strength is lacking, but the squad is determined to make a good showing with the hardest schedule ever at- tempted by the Green Wave. There are no easy games on the schedule, and there will be no opportunity at any time during the season for the gridsters to let up. " This was the message sent by Coach Bernard W. Bierman to the United Press office in Atlanta on Sep- tember 22, when the syndicate requested some " dope ' ' on the 1927 football team. The Greenie mentor ' s words were all too true. In lieu of the fact that Tulane only won two out of their eight games, it was the showing she made against Georgia and Georgia Tech that counted so much along with that decisive victory over our traditional foes, the Louisiana State Tigers, on Thanksgiving Day. Tulane made a master move in obtaining Bierman as head coach for the football team. An experienced mentor, well versed in the style of football the Greenies have been accustomed to using for the past several years, Bern ' .e fit well into the general scheme of things. Besides that, Bierman is well-known here, and is held in high esteem by those athletes who worked under him at Tulane during 1923, 1924 and 1525. He pos- sessed an air of confidence which he soon instilled into each of his Green Wave candidates. Bernie is a graduate of the University of Minnesota, where he won letters in football, basketball and track. He first coached the Butte High school. After that he entered the U. S. Marine Corps, during the World War, and after being discharged with the commission of captain, he began coaching the University of Montana football squad. During his regime at Montana, 1919 to 1922, he won the state basketball championships twice, plus three track and football titles. Bernie made such a remarkable showing with his Mississippi Agricultural and Mechan- ical College athletic teams that he was the first man considered last spring when it was urgent that Tulane find a new coach. Lester Lautenschlaeger and Pete Mailhes assisted Coach Bierman in prepping the Greenies for the 1927 sched- ule. Les, who is well known here, having made his letters in football, basketball and baseball while at Tulane, coached the backfield, giving special attention to the signal calling position. Pete and his scrubs provided the Dr. Smith a OKI IC ate ajcr jKzirxic 31IC DttC OKI X ::»ic 3IIC aK — HKmMic DiiC Site IXO THE GREEN WAVE (Conlirtucd) dally " meat " for the Gieenies. Pete ' s Greenie Reserves, for that is what the scrubs really are, won both of their games. They traveled to Lake Charles, where they defeated a Cavalry team, and then took over the Tiger scrubs in their own camp while Tulane ' s varsity was making her noble stand against the Georgia Bulldogs in the new Tulane stadium. Another newcomer to Tulane athletics in 1927 was one Theodore Jamison Cox, whose official title was coach of the freshman team. Ted, as the big boy is known in the Greenies ' lot, also assisted Coach Bier- man et al., before his freshman squad reported on the first day of school. Ted is one of the hardest working coaches ever seen here, and railbirds coming to the Tulane stadium daily to see the Greenies in practice looked forward to seeing Ted move the bucking machine by himself, and then get some huskies at it and yell in deep voice: " Come on, get in there! " Claude " Monk " Simons, as usual, kept the Greenies in perfect physical condition all during the season. As the Atlanta Georgian said during the early part of the pre-game season: " As usual, Monk Simons, one of the best known members of the Tulane athletic corps, was seen running around the old Greenie ball lot, un- blushingly clad in his trunks. " " Monk " always had the Tulane footballers on the hop. And now, last but not least, in the realm of Tulane athletics we arrive at Dr. Wilbur C. Smith, director. " Doc " arranged Tulane ' s schedule ' one of the best and most formidable ever, and was kept busy arranging this, that and the other all during the football season. However, after football, " Doc ' s " worries are just beginning, as there are other sports which he arranges for. Con:,idering the fact that Tulane ' s 1927 football record did not make such a good showing in the lose-and-win column, one must say that the wave did itself and Coach Bierman proud. Those Greenies did fight; anyone see- ing them hold Georgia in the third quarter of that hectic game; anyone seeing them run riot over a much too highly touted Louisiana State football team; anyone seeing them fight like demons against Georgia Tech on a field of muck and mire in Atlanta will vouch for that. The Marine spirit of " never say die " was deeply instilled within the hearts of every one of those Greenies, and as the old adage exclaims: " It ' s not what you win, but how you played " — Tulane ' s Green Wave did nobly! %KL DOC 31C ::xici::xici3H!C 3J[C aic OIC K 3tIC DBC DiiC=XlC=DiKZ 3nc Site :x : u K ■,,-vt.mvf l A REVIEW OF THE SEASON The mighty Mississippians from the University of Mississippi came to New Orleans on October i with victory in their hearts and a good football team to boot. After the final whistle the Greenies found themselves the victors by a 19 to 7 score. The Wave ran wild over Messrs. Cohen, Walker and Company. Some eight thousand spectators came out of the new stadium praising the Greenies as the " wonder team of the season. " Greenie stock soared ' way up among the clouds. Billy Banker, Tulane ' s " Blond Flash, " ran rough- shod over the Ole Miss squad. He scored two of Tulane ' s six-pointers while the " Old Reliable, " Johnny Menville, accounted for the other. After carrying the ball across for six points, Johnny added to his glory by booting the extra point. Captain Pat Browne saw the game from the sidelines, an injury to his ankle keeping him from playing. Sale Lilly stood out in the Ole Miss squad, doing his best to stem the Tidal Wave, but to no avail. The next week the Greenies traveled to Atlanta, where they met the Thousand and One Knights of Georgia Tech. Tulane played a devil-dog game against the Jackets. But, after wallowing around on a field of muck and mire knee deep, the Greenies found themselves holding the smaller end of a 13 to 6 score. There were two reasons why Tulane was beat by Tech — Stumpy Thomason and Tech ' s reserves. The Greenies were outnumbered, Tech has no end to its reserve strength ; a backfield was substituted, the whole line was renewed, and mean- while Tulane ' s reserve strength was sapping. Billy Banker made a deep impression on all the sports writers and spectators at that game. By tearing through the Tech line, by swerving in and out of secondary defenses, and finally after getting away from Tech ' s safety, Billy ran 92 yards for a touchdown. The whole Tulane team made a gallant stand against the Jackets. From end to end the line fought like enraged wildcats, the backs did all they could — but the Thousand and One Knights could not be held until they had made their thirteen points. The Aggies from Mississippi A. and M. beat the Greenies 13 to 6 in Tulane ' s stadium the week after Tulane ' s memorable game against Tech. It was a sort of disappointing defeat. All defeats are dis- appointing to the vanquished, but this was too un- expected. The Greenies were conceded to be the better team, A. and M. was Bierman ' s former team, and in a general way it was thought that Tulane could lick ' em. As usual Banker played a stellar game, hut Pappenheimer, Piekens et al. were not to be stopped. It was a battle between Pappen- heimer and Banker for most of the game; the A. and M. lad slightly outrunning the Olive and Blue gridster. Traveling to Nashville, the Greenies took the smaller end of a 32 to o score with the Vanderbilt Commodores holding their own in Dudley Field. The McGuginites entered the game favorites, and the showing they made against the Wave justified the pre-game dope. " Bounding " Billy Spears as skipper of the Ye Goode Shippe Vanderbilte, ran his crew safely through a menacing Green Wave. In plain, unadulterated English, Vanderbilt was too much for the Wave, and that ' s all there is to that game. The records show that Georgia beat Tulane 31 to o. That, however, fails to tell one-half of the story. Tulane played a brand of football during that game which she never had exhibited before. The Greenies ' stand in the third quarter of the fray when they held the Bulldogs for five downs on the two-yard line was reminiscent of the stand those Frenchmen made in the first battle of the Marne ok: DUC ::»ic ZHhL— — Jt " " " " ' Km ate auc X DIO OiC rHic IHIC =H!CirHKIZ3IIC =»iC DilC OiO ■i , • A REVIEW OF (Conti some twelve or thirteen years ago. Although the Greenies were decisively defeated by the Bulldogs, everyone seeing the game praised them for their noble stand. Georgia ' s highly touted Bulldogs were not overrated, but the Greenies could not turn the trick as she did against Vanderbilt back in 1924. Auburn the next week eked out a 6 to 6 tie over the Greenies in the new stadium. Both teams played about the same brand of ball all during the game. Banker again stepped out and made six more points for the Wave. Auburn seems to hold a jinx over the Greenies. Last year she helped Tulane dedicate her new $300,000 stadium, and to climax the affair she ran away with a 2 to o victory. The Wave was out for revenge th!s year, but the best she could get was a tie. Sewanee helped Tulane celebrate Homecoming Day by defeating the Wave by a 12 to 6 score. Kimbrough, erstwhile captain of the Mountain Tigers, and Schoolfield, another blond flash, were the two main reasons why the Greenies failed to defeat Sewanee. Again Banker did his best by running across the Sewanee goal. Tulane climaxed her season by decisively de- feating, licking, trouncing — or what have you — the Louisiana State University Tigers in their own stadium up in Baton Rouge on Thanksgiving Day. The Greenies ran up a 13 to 6 score against the Tigers, which upset all pre-game dope. Gene McCarroll and Billy Banker made the touchdowns which cut the Tiger ' s jugular vein, while Captain Pat Browne ' s dependable toe accounted for the extra marker after Banker had crashed through the Tigers ' line. THE SEASON nucd) " Tulane Lindbergh ' s Her Way to 13 to 6 Vic- tory " proclaimed the extra editions of the Baton Rouge Morning Advocate. Truly, the Wave by virtue of her aerial attack defeated the L. S. U. gridsters. With Dick Baumbach calling signals in a fashion that would have made Les Lauten- schlaeger proud, with Johnny Menville fighting nobly while a sore leg tormented him, while Banker tore hither and thither through the Tiger team, while Gene McCarroll rared up and snared a long pass, the east st ands of the L. S. U. stadium were going wild. It was a fitting climax — with the set- ting sun, red as fire, settling peacefully behind the west side stands of the Tiger lot, the curtain came down on the 1927 football season. After that game Tulane lost five letter men; Bill Maier, Adam Harper, Alfred Stoessell, Johnny Menville and Captain Pat Browne, all having had three years of varsity football at Tulane. Tulane ' s team was honored on two occasions this year. Once, when Billy Banker was selected on the Associated Press ' second All-Southern team, and later when Johnny Menville w-as sent to the Pacific Coast with the All-Southern squad. The 1928 Tulane football schedule will be: Sept. 29 — Louisiana Normal . . . Tulane Stadium Oct. 6 — M. ' ssissippI A. and M. . . Jackson, Miss. Oct. 13— Georgia Tech .... Tulane Stadium Oct. 2c— Vanderbilt Tulane Stadium Oct, 27— Georgia Athens, Ga. Nov. 3— Millsaps Tulane Stadium Nov. 10— Auburn Tulane Stadium Nov. 17 — Sewanee Tulane Stadium Nov. 2+— Louisiana College . . Tulane Stadium Thanksgiving Day— L. S. U. . . Tulane Stadium OIC zxc DJIC aK — mcrpitc: 3«C 30C OIC 9C DiKZ zmc OlKZZDiiC XK: one ate " Jack " Pizzano Jack vas one of the " fightines ' " Greenies on the team this season. When not calling signals, he was backing up the line of defense or carrying the ball. As alternate- captain, Jack led the team through three games in the absence of Captain Pat Browne. Jack has one more year of Southern Conference football, and it would not surprise us at all this year to see the Pennsylvania lad make a strong bid for an All-Southern berth. " Bill " Maier When Bill played his last game of football for Tulane this year, the Green Wave lost the best utility man it has had since Fred Lamprecht did his stuff. Bill not only played a stellar game at guard, but when Johnny Walls was forced out of the Greenie line-up due to illness, he was shifted to the pivot position, where he performed nobly. Willis " Bill " Banker Bill has had so many complimentary things said about him that it is hard for us to write of him without repeat- ing. " That ' baby ' really goes! " was one of the many re- marks we heard about Billy during the L. S. U. game, and that in every sense describes what Banker did during his first year of Southern Conference football. It is a safe bet to say that Billy will make All-Southern this next year, and then give a couple of fellows a good fight for an Ail- American berth in his last year of football. Tulane can bank her hopes on Banker. ' ' Johnnie " Menville " The Old Reliable, " as Johnnie was dubbed by the fol- lowers of the (Jreen Wave, made his exit from football in a most glorious fashion. It broke Johnnie ' s heart to not be able to play the last half of that L. S. U. game, but then he realized that considering the condition he was in that someone else could play to better advantage for Tulane in the last half of the game. Johnnie was honored on two occasions this year, once when he received the cup for the most valuable Greenie, and then later when he was selected and sent to the Pacific Coast with the All-Southern gridsters. 0!C 3ac DJJC 3HC=rHlC:=HIC aic I»C 310 ok: X 3IC =HfC oiK=:nK=xK: 3nc DiKl 30 a X Chilton " Chilly " Kirschmier " Chilly, " the lad from " Viiginny, " was a tower of strength in the Tulane defense. Many a time this big lad broke through a line to throw his man long ere he had gotten away. " Chilly " had hordes of friends among the Greenie followers, and those on the bench during the local games often heard cries of " Get in there, ' Chilly ' ! " and " Atta boy, ' Chilly ' ! " JOHHNY W.ALLS Although Johnny did not play much during the 1927 season, when he did play he was right there with the rest of the Greenies, fighting like an enraged wildcat. Johnny played for the greater part at center, but during the L. S. U. game he was shifted to guard, where he played a game that " Irish " Levy could well afford to be proud of. Charley Rl:cker A cleaner player, a better sportsman and a harder fighter never played varsity football for Tulane. The aforemen- tioned summarizes what every member of the 1927 Green Wave, the Tulane student body, and the followers of the Olive and Blue think of Captain-elect Charley Rucker, of Pine Bluff, Ark. The gridsters exhibited their esteem of Rucker by electing him captain of the 1928 Green Wa% ' e. Charley is the first junior to lead the Green Wave in many a year. ROYDEN LoDRIGUES Mercury with his winged feet was no faster stepper than Royden, the " Patterson Flash. " Last year Roy had a posi- tion on the reserve squad, but this year Coach Bierman used him quite frequently, and the Patterson lad did his duty by coming through. Now that Roy has had a year of varsity experience, it will be no surprise for us to see him hold a regular berth in the Tulane backfield this coming year when the Wave opens her 1928 season. oic auc 3JC nt v—v Krryifr 3tK: iSOC X SCO OIC X zhk: 3nc Diicrrjiiczajc DOC I IC DIO Al Stoessel Hammond is famous for two things: strawberries and Al Stoessel. Al played a fine game, holding down one of the terminal positions on the 1927 Wave. Due to a bad knee Al was not able to let out and show the folks all he really had, and this coming year, provided his knee is completely healed, he ' s going to be holding down one end on that Green Wave. Eben Hardie Although this lad did not play so often for the Greenies, when he did get in the game he made an impression on those holding ground opposite him. " Eb " never says much; he reserves that energy for his playing, and as one can readily see he, too, is chuck full of the ole fightin ' spirit. Earl " Cal " Evans Just because the nickname, " Cal, " has been hung on to Evans is no sign that the medic is silent and without fight. Just the opposite is true. Earl is as chuck full of fight and talk as a belligerent parrot. Many times during the year his war-cry of " Come on, now, the ole ginger! " rang out across the gridiron. Earl, in every sense of the expression, is one of the Greenies ' fightines ' fighters. Russell Butaud Russell ' s two hobbies are studying for a practical in anatomy and playing football. In both, as one does in all hobbies, this Texas lad excels. Russell is another Greenie who stuck in the line and fought like a rat with his back to the wall during that Georgia game. Russell said he was sure that that Georgia bunch could not get by, and they did not, either. OJC :2QC aic 3icrraK=XK: 3JIC zyac X 310 OKI 3«k: DBC DiK=HK=ZXK: 3nc :: ix: OiO Adam " Buster " Harper " If at first you don ' t succeed, try, try again, " says Bus- ter, as he exhibits his gold football he was awarded after playing on the Greenie squad for three years. Buster is small in stature, which probably accounts for his not mak- ing the regular team, but he put forth so much effort and played such a heart-to-heart game while scrimmaging with the Greenies that he earned his letter. Gene McCarroll One of the splashes from the Wave that drowned out L. S. U. on Thanksgiving Day is what Gene McCarroll can be called. It was Gene who snatched a long pass from Johnny Menville that accounted for Tulane ' s second touch- down, and incidentally put the well-known skids on the L. S. U. aggregation. Gene still has two more years of varsity football at Tulanc, and should make quite a mark in Southern Conference football before he plays his last game. QuEALY Walker Quealy was another footballer who was always on end when he played for the Green Wave. Quealy ' s " flying swan tackles and dives, " the experience for which he most likely obtained while serving as a life-guard at the City Park pool, were treats looked forward to by every follower of the Green Wave. Dick Baumbach This youngster bids fair to outgeneral Lester Lauten- schlaeger. It ' s still the talk of the town the way Dick ran those Greenie signals up on Baton Rouge and the way he heaved those nifty passes to the Greenie ends and backfield men during that memorable game. It seems as if Dick will be seen again at the signal-calling position when the Wave opens its 1928 season. 7 y ok: aic zxvz 3«JCr=M«=HIC 3)iC 3IC X OIC X 3iIC sue aicrrxicizsiic =»IC k: 30 Herbert " Lizzie " Ford Another Greenie always on end is " Lizzie " Ford. " Lizzie " uses his basketball experience to quite an advan- tage while playing for the Wave, and makes some nifty nabs. This was " Lizzie ' s " first year of varsity football for Tulane, and if it is any indication of his abilities — xvell, watch that boy go in 1928! Tatham Eskridge " That Big Boy " Tatham was another tower of strength in the Greenie line last year. Not only is Tatham big of stature, but he is of a class of fightin ' fighters that come only occasionally to a football team. Punishment was served Tatham in large quantities all during the last sea- son, but this lad took all his kicks, bumps, jolts and lesser knocks with a smile and gritted teeth. Johnny " Fatty " Oelkers Aside from the fact that " Fatty " was the owner of the greatest amount of avoirdupois on the Greenie squad, he used that bulk of weight to quite an advantage while hold- ing down one of the guard positions. Johnny stopped many a nifty line-buck by just putting his weight against the opponent ' s line and, like Humpty-Dumpty ' s horses, they " all fell down! " X a _ ox: Dx: ZHKZ •v " aiezrrzHK! auc 3UC Di0 Vic K aic : tc zt: k=hk=:xk: DOC 31C zao Captain Pat Browne Pat ' s playing this season was hampered by an injury to his ankle which he sustained in scrimmage just a few days before the season opened. He, however, paid up for lost time when he did get in the first game, and during the L. S. U. game he showed both Tulane and Bengal fol- lowers just how a defensive end should get his men. This was Pat ' s last year, and we wish him all the luck in the world in whatever field he happens to enter ; may his suc- cess be continuous! Gerald " Skinny " Andrus " Skinny " was a good manager for the ' VS ave. Daily he was seen trudging after players in the old stadium while they practiced for the coming games. In fact (and Monk will back us up on this), " Skinny " sure took lots of burden off Mr. Claude Simon ' s shoulders by performing little(?) duties for the team here and there! X StC :xic. 31C 3ilCrZHiCZ3JlC :xc 3BC bi 30 OKI 3IC aic D»CZ=HIC=XJC 3!C 3iK: 3JO id I 7: oic DOC 3!C 3JICZ=3!iCZr3«C aic aic IHO OiC aic 3ac MK -HK HK- DOC 3«C si X n 5k: 3ac rnic Dild DlKn UC 3UC 31C OKI OiKZ 3«C iHK rxidrxic :»c D»C 30 X OIC I UC DJIC iixKzi xiczr tK:: 3JIC IHIC 3IC DiKl :xk=:xk=xk: snc 3IIC g K jlJIiyi;; ' w arc: aic atcziaiciiaic 3JIC =»c OKZ sue DOC IHK HICZZaKI DOC :xtc 3ie The Little Billow That Tulane University would have no scarcity of future material for varsity football teams was evinced by the number of first-year men who reported to Coach Ted Cox in the old Tulane stadium the first day that practice for the yearlings was called. Exactly sixty freshmen were at that meeting, and every one of these was outfitted and in uniform for first practice. The Little Billow proved a formidable opponent to all comers. Al- though the University of Alabama ran riot over the Greenie, Jrs., piling up a 26 to o score, the yearlings put up a stiff fight against overwhelm- ing odds. Auburn ' s Rats were trounced by the Billow, who piled up a 13 to 6 score. Ole Miss ' frosh beat the Billow by a 6 to o score the week following, while the L. S. U. Baby Tigers beat the Little Ripple in the last battle of the season. From the ranks of the freshmen there are several players who will bid fair to get varsity berths in a year or so. Adolph Jastram, captain, Jules Yokum, Jerry Dalrymple and Morris Bodinger seem fair guesses as varsity players this coming season. The following frosh received their letters: Jastram, captain; Rob- erts, Lashley, Anderson, Bodinger, McCloskey, Penney, Abbot, Lunde, Therrell, Martinez, Holland, Dalrymple, Abernathy, Kennon, Guy, Menge, Yokum, Bauer, Millet, Whatley, Haas, Scott and Eustis. k: sac 3«C aiCZZHJCZZMIC aic ate 3JO ic " •w ' == JACK CHATELAIN Captain BASKETBALL ok: X DOC DiKl -M W i lK=XKZ aic DOC IStO « Review oi tne Season Though the record of the losses of the Tulane basketball squad greatlj ' exceed those of the victories the season cannot justly be construed as a failure. The Greenies learned much in each game and they fought like wild animals before the final whistle was blown. Coach Bernard W. Bierman began instructing the basket- eers immediately after the football season had been concluded. He had many veterans returning to the fold in Craw Davison, Dave Dezinski, Mack White, Leonard Chamberlain and Cap- tain Jack Cahtelaine. Preston Savoy and Herbert Ford also returned, forming a nucleus of what was said to be a strong basketball squad. For the first of the Greenies ' local games the Tulane Uni- versity Athletic Association brought down the University of North Carolina Tar Heels. For the past two or three years the Carolina lads had held a monopoly on the Southern Conference basket title, so it was a real treat for local sportdom to see the Tar Heels start off against the Greenies. In the initial game against the Heels on De- cember 29, the Greenies were nosed out by a 23 to 21 score. Local sportswriters were enthusiastic in their praise of the Greenies, ■who seemed to have a well-balanced and perfect passing quin- tette. The next night, the Tulane squad nosed out, in the final minute of the game, the visitors winning by a 20 to 19 score. The third and last game of the North Carolina series resulted in the crushing defeat of the locals. The Tar Heels ran up a 38 to 8 score against the Greenies and at no time did the Olive and Blue five have a semblance of a chance of beating the Caro- linians. X id OIC OIIC aic DiK — HKrrZHIC 3«C 3iIC DliC anc 3l it— — Jl 1 1 ■ HtLm :»c :xic : !o Traveling to Tuscaloosa on January 5 the Greenics met and defeated the University of Alabama five by another one-point score. This time the score was 37-36 when the game ended and the Greenie squad left ' Bama all " whooped-up " over their well-earned victory. The next day the Tulanians traveled to Starkville, the home of Mississippi A. and M., where the Hazelites defeated Tulane by a 54-13 score. Undaunted by their crushing defeat the Greenies came back the next night and grabbed off the smaller end of a 34-12 score. The Greenies then rested for four days before taking on the University of Georgia basketeers. Georgia, however, proved a too formidable opponent for the locals and piled up a 42-32 score against Coach Bierman ' s charges. The next night the id Tulane squad pulled itself together and held the Bulldogs to a 29-18 score. Ole Miss, otherwise designated as the Univer- sity of Mississippi, which later won the 1928 Southern Conference basketball title was the next visitor on the Greenies ' list. Ole Miss came, saw and conquered the Greenies, easily taking the two-game series from the locals. In the first game the Aiississippians ran up a total of forty- nine points to the Tulane squad ' s thirty-one. The next night the Ole Miss five ran off with a 43-28 victory, leaving the locals behind in a cloud of heavy dust. The old saying of " never two without three " was proved correct on January 20 when the Greenies grabbed a 35-23 victory from the Uni- f j «- !4-« ' 1 sac =XJC 3ttC=3JK=«!C 311C 3BC X OKI X 31IC DOC ilCZZ iJCTDJiC IHIC DiKZ 30 X versity of Clemson floor lads. It seemed like the locals were going to hit their stride thereafter and grab off a few games for themselves, but alas! Clemson the next night came back and took a 34-15 game from the Greenies. This victory on the part of Clemson was a surprise both to the Tulane and Clemson teams, not to mention those who thronged the stands and gallery in the Tulane gymnasium to see th e Greenies take the series. Six days later the Auburn Tiger from the Plains strolled in town, took one look and decided that the two-game series was to be theirs. The Greenies could not stop the Tiger five. The Auburnites ran up a 35-15 score in the first game and in the second they snatched away a 45-18 victory. All through both games much fight was seen in the Greenie squad and it was simply a case of the Greenies not being able to throw goals when they were needed most which caused the defeats. Louisiana State University, Tulane ' s traditional foe, was the host of the Greenie basketeers February 3 and 4. The up-staters took the first game by a 47-13 score and then took the second by a 45-18 score. Again during these games it was seen that the local ' s greatest need was accurate goal shooting, something which had caused their many defeats earlier in the season. In the second series of games the Bengals played in the Tulane gym, L. S. U. won the first by a 36-20 score, and then ended theirs and Tulane ' s basketball season by copping the final game by a 41-25 score. Just what was wrong with the basketball squad is a matter of conjecture even as this book goes to press. It seems that the Greenies were especially weak in the central and forward positions. Tulane failed to get the tap during the throw-up and then the forwards failed to get the ball in the basket once they had it in their pos- session. Coach Bierman worked long and hard with his charges so it seems that the trouble will have to be attributed to the team itself. OJC DOC ate aiczrsjiczsJK: aic aic ' HAM " BARHAM Captain BASEBALL OJC 31iC IC 3IICZZXICIZ3JIC DOC ISitC f H.-. id Regardless of the fact that Tulane ' s baseball team did not win a single conference game during the past season, there is no reason to feel that the season was a failure and the varsity nine was no good. It is all too true that the ineligibility of sev- eral men and the impossibility of others report- ing because of hard scholastic programs hurt Tu- lane ' s chance in the baseball campaign. Lack of hitting, errors at crucial moments and men playing in positions unfamiliar to them caused the poor showing of the baseballers last season. It was not the spirit of the team, for they had the same attitude of seeing " Tulane win or die " as other Greenie teams have carried into the battle. The New Orleans Pelicans engaged the Greenies in a practice game and easily outplayed the Greenies, winning by a score of 15 to 2. It was in the " unlucky fifth " that the Pels ' rallies, chasing Captain Hamlin Barham from the mound, ran up nine runs. Sid Sizeler and Paul Couere, erstwhile outfielder, and Blue lads. Traveling to the Plains, Tigers, the Greenies lost two games. With Cap- tain Barham pitching, the Greenies lost the first by a 12-3 score, and in the second, with Bob Porter in the box, the Greenies again succumbed to the Tigers, 6-0. starred for the Olive the home of Auburn Bernard McCloskey, relieving both Barham and Porter in their respective games, played superbly; aside from the fact that " Mac " showed Auburn some stellar pitching, he collected two- thirds of Tulane ' s hits. The University of Alabama nine journeying here two weeks later, took both games from the Greenies by scores of 15-2 and 11-3. In the first game Barham handled the visitors real well, but the Greenie defense crumbled and a stronger and more experienced squad trounced them. In this game Sid Cohen, brother of the famous Andy Cohen with the New York Giants, started for the Crimson diamondsters. In the second game, with McCloskey on the mound and with almost perfect fielding, a triple play, Marx to Allums to Bruns, put Greenie stock way up, but the Greenie defense again crumbled and the Crimson Tide swept over the Tulanians. Two games were dropped to the Louisiana State nine two weeks later. It was during the second game that Grevenburg on the mound for the L. S. U. nine, turned in a no-hit, no run game against Tulane, while his mates crossed the plate for four times. The Greenies lost the first game by a 7-1 score. Pat Browne, Tulane ' s greatest all-round star, playing his last game of Tulane baseball, scored the lone run of the series in the last game. OJC 3nc 3iC 3)KZI3!K=}1K: 3»C DBC HARRY MONROE Cw tain ,cS= " = " ==:v, TRACK OIC X 3IIC :»c 3IJCZIDIKZZIXK: 3k: 31IC lao X ¥ , J WW™ n X A team as great and glorious in defeat as in victory — such is the description offered of Tulane ' s tracksters. Led by Captain Walter Moss, one of the most popular and outstanding of all Tulane athletes, the 1927 track team went through the hardest schedule in the history of the University, defeating Alabama, Ole Miss and losing to the Aggies, Auburn and L. S. U. The Greenies opened with Auburn as their opponent. The Alabama lads led by " Weemie " Baskin and Euril Snyder swept to a 72 to 40 victory over the local tracksters. Baskin, speediest timber-top- per in the Southern Conference, was the individual star of the meet, winning three of the six events he entered, and taking second place in the two others. John Whatley running against Snyder, gave the Southern Conference title holder a hard fight, but was outdistanced. Moss also running against the Auburnite extended him. The Greenies battled on practically even terms with tlie Alabama boys during the first part of the event, but their weak- nesses in the weight events, the broad jump and the low hurdles began to tell when the Auburn lads monopolized the first places. Pat Ryan performed notably when he cleared the bar in the high jump with 5 feet, 7 inches. Ryan, it is to be noted, is not quite so tall himself. In their meet at Tuscaloosa the Greenies defeated the Ala- bama trackmen by a 62-50 score. Craw Davison was the indi- vidual high-point man for Tidane, winning the high hurdles event and tying for first place in the high jump and pole vault. The best mark of the day was hung up when Charles LeBlanc, Greenie, ran the mile in 4 minutes, 42 seconds. He also won the half mile, beating Royden Lodrigues, a team-mate, in the time of 2 minutes, 6 seconds. The Aggies waltzed off with the long end of an 81-31 score in their track meet with the Greenies the week after the Alabama meet. Tulane lost mainly for two reasons ; the rea- sons taking the form of Cato and Clark, the latter a famed football player at A. and M., who were the individual high- point men of the day. OIC DOC D»C DiKl DtXZ 3JO OiC X ixk: DOC D»c:z3Jicrzn!c DOC DiiC DiO X X For Tulane, LelJlaiic and Davison were the stars, each registering many points for the home team. Davison took first place in the pole vault and second in the high hurdles. LeBlanc took first in the half-mile sprint and then came out second in the mile run. Although the Greenies trounced Ole Miss by a 63-54 score it must not be construed that it was an uneven meet. The meet was not decided until the relay which gave the event to the locals. Whatley shared scoring honors with Tabb of Ole Miss, each gathering two first places. One of the features of the meet was Davison ' s leap of 1 1 feet, 6 inches in the pole vault. LeBlanc kept up his winning streak in the half mile when he hung up a win over Scott of Ole Miss with the fast time of 2 minutes, 7 2-5 seconds. Tulane ' s greatest weak- ness lay in her weights squad which only captured one event. L. S. U. ' s track squad trounced the locals in the Tulane stadium by running up an 80-32 score. L. S. U. aggregation later won the Southern Conference title and in their victory over the Greenies they did not surprise any of the large crowd of spectators which attended the event. Guy Nesom was the star for the upstaters, while for Tulane John Whatley stood out. The tall Tiger took first in the dis- cus and the shot-put. Whatley won the 100 and the 220-yard dashes in an easy manner. Captain Walter Moss, running his last race for the Olive and Blue, covered himself with glory by taking second place in the 100 and 440. Davison of Tulane tied for first in the pole vault with Fotenot of L. S. U., with a jump of 1 1 feet, 6 inches. Much of the credit for Tulane ' s track team is due to the labors of Fritz Oakes, erstwhile coach and assistant physical director, whose never ending efforts were concentrated in amass- ing a good track team. It seemed last year that Fritz had finally succeeded and this year with Fritz and Captain-elect Harry Monroe working perfectly, there ' s no telling how good a team the Greenies will have. : ■- ' ■ t OJC sue 3JC 3MC=I3UC=XIC 3UC nc 3JO OiC OiKZ DllC aiCZZMiCZZDJiC :xic :xKZ 3S X OIC DOC VZ DllCIZXKZIDiK: zak: DSC X 3tO OKI X 3!k: ZXKZ DJIC=HK=HIC sue 3liC DiO MlHOn SPORTS ll ii otc DOC ate DitcrrsKiz tic 3«C 30C it 30 OIC 3tIC 3nc snc 3!C :3JO yS l (JKS ' C-S; ML mmmmmwf 1 Km wBL infaiitii Golf The inelfgibilit} ' of Captain Al Reuning put Tulane out of the run- ning in Southern Conference golf last season. The lack of experience on the part of the remaining members of the team, as far as intercol- legiate competition was concerned, practically kept the Tulane golfers way out of their former standing in intercollegiate golf. Captained by the redoubtable Watts Gunn, the Georgia Tech golfers gained a well earned victory over the Tulane team on the links of the New Orleans Country Club and the Metairie Golf Club. The Georgians won five matches to Tulane ' s one. Gunn played a brilliant match during most of the match but at times fell a little below his usual standard. Originally paired against Al Reuning in the morning matches, the Tech star negotiated the difficult Country Club course with a 75 to defeat Conrad Collins 5 and 4. Reuning, as said before, was unable to compete. In the other morning matches Moraland Smith of Tech downed Gordon Johnson of Tulane while Joe Williams, a team-mate of SmitTi, trounced Leo Haspel. Merriman Irwin, Technician, won from C. Beresford Fox, Jr. In the afternoon matches at Metairie, Gunn and Irwin defeated Collins and Fox. Haspel and Johnson, however, took the measure of Smith and Williams in the last round that afternoon. OKI :»c DlIC oiKzzDtic::: ic IHIC zaic X a X 3IIC snc IHKZIDJKIIZXIC 3nc 3IIC 3iO f .? ' ■ " u IwH f f -! ' Tenn IS -X Tulane ' s netmen were successful in two out of three matches. They won from Alabama and Louisiana State players, but lost a triangular meet with Texas and Florida. The victories were featured by excellent playing on the part of the entire team, composed of Phil Bayon, Frank Stewart, Robert Wehrman and Nat Rosenberg. Prospects for this year ' s team are exceedingly bright, indicating that Tulane will have one of the strongest teams in the Southern Conference and one that is apt to carry oE many honors before the last ball is served in intercollegiate competition. This year the Greenies will have Leonard Chamberlain and Maurice Bayon, both rated among the first fifteen players in the South, accord- ing to a last year ' s issue of the National Lawn Tennis Bulletin. There will also be Stewart, Wehrmann and Rosenberg from last year ' s team and with such stellar players as Woolen Walshe and Her- bert Parker and many others to choose from Tulane should have a real good team. New tennis courts constructed within the confines of the old Tulane stadium on Freret Street caused a spurt of " tennis fever " which was raging high as the Jambalaya went to press. X %KZ DOC 311= DHczrsjicrrDJic 3UC tHZ D!0 OIC 3»C ZXC 3iy=XK=xK: snc 3k: a i0 ' (?! -» - ' l L4A ' TULANE Wrestling Tulane came second in the Southern A. A. U. wrestling championships conducted last May in the Tulane gymnasium by taking one first and two second places. The Y. M. G. C. team took first by amassing 42 points and the Bogalusa " Y " took third. Benny Franklin took first in the 126-pound class by defeating Jack Quarles, former Tulanian, in 3 minutes, 45 seconds. Franklin pinned his opponent to the mat, after a hasty tussle, with a reverse Nelson and wristhold. Billy Carter, defending his 135-pound title, went down to defeat at the hands of Gus Bienvenue, after nine minutes of hard wrestling. Edgar Stayer, a Tulane fresh- man, was defeated by Laborie of the Y. M. G. C. Clark of the Y. M. G. C. was given a referee ' s decision over Mytrus Mangum, Tulane. The outlook in wrestling for year is very good, as most of the old men are back, and in addition there should be a great deal of new material to report when Captain and Manager Ben Franklin makes his spring call. Possible A. A. U. and Olympic candidates should be among those to report. OIC 3»C 31C DiK=DilCZ=Xir aic ZXtC X DiO OIC X I KI 3«C 3iK=ZIHiC=HJC zavz =HIC zno NEVCOMB ATHLETICS OJC one 3IC aicirxtczzaK: auc DOC X 30 OKI DlIC DUC DJIC=aiC=D!lC DOC 3iK: 3JO X NEWCOMB SPORTS Newcomb ' s schedule of athletics is probably one of the most complete and all-inclusive of any girls ' school of its size. Every sport which the climate or location affords is included in this schedule, and every type of athlete is given a chance to show her worth in her favorite sport. With a personnel and equipment that excels any other Southern school, athletics at Newconib is one of the main factors of college life. The sea- sons of sports are elaborate and well planned, for in addition to a continual program of major sports, several minor activities go on at the same time. OiC D«C 3i!C -v « M tcrrmr 3K= DOC :xo OiC K IHfC DJIC 3 K HK=H)C DOC 3ik: Beginning in the fall, the first major sports are Newcomb ball and volley ball. With Jane Hay- ward as captain, the Sophomores championed the Junior team, captained by Sara Mastin, in New- comb ball. In volley ball, the Seniors, whose captain was Rosalie Jay, were victors over the Juniors, led by Fannie Mae Bergeron. A prominent fall event was a progressive tennis tea, at which Mary Allert and Dorothy Cham- berlain were the winners. Newcomb basketball, a game originated by Miss Clara Gregory Baer, director of Newcomb Physical Education, was the next major sport. In this the Juniors, with Agnes Marshall as captain, beat the Seniors, cap- tained by Eleanora Waldman. ■ ■f ■f ■, - ' ' ?a» ' Pi PI y i Vl|% ||. 1 OIC DOC :XKZ OiiC: iK=yiKl 3tIC 30C a ate- OIC X OiVZ 3nc J « K -M U H IT 3qc 31iC g iII lJ .• .-LkJ ' : With a great deal of interest focused on hockey, and with " Gym Night, " Spalding basketball, baseball and Field Day in the future, Newcomb ' s 1927-28 calendar will be quite complete. The cham- pion games are not always purely intramural, for there is the Faculty-Varsity baseball game, and the climax of each sport ' s season is the Alumnae-Varsity game. But this schedule of sports does not provide only for the more powerful athletic aspirants, for there is at the same time a full round of minor sports, in which much interest is shown through matches and tournaments. The minor sports include swimming, croquet, bowling, archery, fencing, apparatus work, dancing, and horseshoe pitching. The grand finale of the year ' s sports is field day, a day on which every athlete is given a chance to shine. The winner in May, 1927, was Elaine Singer. In order that each girl will receive credit for the work she has both tried and accomplished, there is a system of points. When seven hundred points have been earned, the girl is awarded with a Newcomb " N. " Thirteen hundred points gives her a sweater, and seven- teen hundred a bar. The greatest honor is a Newcomb bronze and blue blanket, which comes with the score of two thou- sand points. Although the interest in Newcomb sports is quite diversified, it has been found by popular vote that Spalding basketball is the most prominent sport on the campus. The Athletic Council chose Patricia Lamb as the most typical exponent of that sport. k: aic ZMIC 31KZr=«K=«tC 3liC ZXfC D!0 3K ir$ayig 4fe!9)ig e e:5GSiSa! c er:T FRATERNITIES p nsjML -ttmEM ACADE.A11C 199 Andrus Barham Block Blue Bye Davidson Dell DUBUISSON GOMILA Henderson Levy Ogden Porter B. RiGGS R. RiGCs Sanford Sentell SOKOLSKY Watson Wilson Wisdom Tke Tulane Council of Fraternities Officers Dr. Melvin J. White Cliauman Louis Bye Srcrdary William Hagerty Treasurer John Berkshire Sanfokd, ]«...CIimn. .Idknties Committee M ' lLLiAM Hagerty . . . Chairman Grievance Cnmmillee Crawford Davidson . . . Cliairman Pledtje Committee Phi Kappa Sigina Louis Bye Horatio Ogden Members of Council Sigma Alpha Epsilon J. D. Henderson William Fisher Pi Kappa Alpha KiriREDCE Dell Sidney Parloncue Delta Kappa Epsilon Edward Dubuisson J. M. Wisdom Kappa Alpha J. B. Sanford Dean Nickel Beta Theta Pi H. Crawford Davidson James Y. Snvdek Sigma Chi W. P. Hagert - B. L. RiGGS Zeta Beta Tau Charles Lob Charles Kohlmeyer Alpha Tau Omega Stanley Hamilton R. Rainold Delta Sigma Phi R. S. Porter J. H. Barham Sigma Nu Charles Sentell J. Gidiere Sigma Pi Gerald Andrus C. F. Storey Kappa Sigma Sheldon Blue Marion Epley Sigma Alpha Mu MoiSE Bloch Herman Lindy Sigma Epsilon C. H. Watson P. M. Lamberton Delta Tau Delta Thomas Wilson E. M. McCarroll Kappa Nu Sidney Sizeler Saul Sokolsky Phi Delta Theta J. C. GOMILA R. Wise Pi Kappa Phi Ralph Riggs E. Hardin Sigma Iota W. H. Martinez A. Prieto E. ((m..i;; f)3 Beary, Blow, Breard, Breex, Bve Caine, Christy, Claverie, Cooksey Doyle, Hoffman, Holbrook, Jung KiRCHMiER, Lewis, Martin, Martinez Melun, Miller, Ogden, Stevens, Wirth Thirty-five Chapters Phi Kappa Sigma Founded, University of Pennsylvania, 1850. Mu Chapter Established 1858. Mcmhersh p 8,119 Fratres in Facultate Richard Ray Kirk Dr. Andrew V. Fredricks C. Reynolds Dr. Samuel Hobson Dr. C. L. Brown Dr. Charles Bonnister Louis Bye Fratres in (Jniversitate Se?iiors Harold Wirth H. L. Chatelain Laurence Turner Albin Spiess Horatio Ocden Roland Hoffman Donald Beary J un ' iors Howard Martin Harwell Doyle Soplioniores Maumus Claverie Roland B. Melun Sidney F. Lewis, HI Chilton Kirschmier George Christy Edward Breen S. T. Cockshy Hiram Blow Ansel Caine Warum Hollbrook Freshmen Warren Jung Henry Keith Francis P. Martinez Alpheus Miller Bill Stevens 203 Brian, Carroll, Charbonnet C. G. Collins, Charles Collins, Cottrell, Darter, Dell Fitch, Fournier, Galleglv, Granade, Gray Hellier, Knight, LeDoux, Lewis, Long Nourse, Parlongue, Planche, Poggi, Reed Robert, Rushton, Sullivan, Ward, Williamson 204 -xf?; yag?i )M ) ( . i? ' j r; Pi K appa Alpha Founded, University of Virginia, 1868. Eta Chapter Established 1878. Dr. Octave Cassegrain Dr. John A. Lancforo Stuart G. Noble Fratrrs in Facultate Dr. Lucian Deboux Dr. Robert Strong C. S. Williamson Douglas V. Freret William Spratling James M. Robert Max King Conrad G. Collins V. KmREDGE Dell Fratres in Universitate Seniors Max J. Knight Maurice P. Sullivan WiLLARD ElLENDER Samuel R. Williamson John S. Couret Francis A. Poggi Juniors Felix A. Planc he Theodore A. Watters Calvin Gray Clinton R. Mullins J. H. Winters DiLDY M. Austin Donald R. Brian Louis S. Charbonnet Charles Collins Charles O. Frederick John M. Mosely Sydney J. Parlongue Hugh B. Cottrell John T. Lewis, Jr. Albert G. Ward Sophomores Joseph H. Cummings Lewis J. Darter George J. Hauenstein Freshmen John E. Granade Chas. T. Chamberlain Joel McCook Robert B. Gallegly ' James Robert Alexander Le Doux Karl B. Palfrey ' John Busey Clifford R. May ' s Robert L. Nourse A. F. Fournier, Jr. Edwin M. Reed Robert Fussell Richard B. Young Harry Hellier James Fitch Z05 Barkley, Buchanan, Bvrd, Costlev, Dixkins EusTis III, C. Fenker, D. Fexner, Fraxkllv, Fullilove Hamilton, Hardie, Haw, Hendrick, Hopkins Jenkins, Kahle, Kemp, Kirkpatrick, Lancaster Matthews, McNair, Monette, Montgomery, Pool Sanford, Shaw, Stewart, Vennard, White, Williams 206 y Kappa Alpha Founded Washington and Lee University in 1865. Psi Chapter Established in 1886. Fratres in Facultate Dr. H. E. Buchanan James M inston Robert Sharp Dr. David S. Blackshear Dr. Emment L. Irwin Dr. Pierre J. Kahle Forrest C. Buchanan Ladd a. Dinkins Benjamin R. Franklin, Jr. Fratri;.s in Ukiversitate Seniors Eben Hardie, Jr. Hunter Haw Victor Hendricks John B. Sanford, Jr. Gene Warner R. McLiN White Cornelius Berdon Darwin S. Fenner John R. Jenkins Juniors Alexander Hamilton Brainard Montgomery Edward F. Neild, Jr. Dean O. Nickel Samuel Kirkpatrick John F. Oaklev Richard Williams Gary Barkley Clifton Byrd Stanley F. Costley Cartwricht Eustis, III Charles P. Fenner, Jr. Sopho iiori ' s Reichard Kahle FresJuneii Ralph Hopkins, Jr. R. C. Kemp, Jr. J. E. McNair Convington Monette Charles Stewart Martin L. Matthews, Jr. William G. Pool Morgan L. Shaw William O. Vennard 207 Bristow, Brown, Carroll, Colcock DORN ' AK, ESHLEMAN, EuSTIS, FiLES Florv, Hagertv, Hicgin ' eotham, Leake Lelonc, Lynxh, Moise, Preston RiGCs, Robins, Sanders, C. Williams, W. Williams Sigma Chi Founded, Miami University, 1855. Alpha Omicron Chapter Established 1886. Dr. S. L. Logan Dr. p. a. McIlhenny Dr. V. C. Smith C. S. Williams W. P. Hacerty Fratres in Facultate Dr. L. B. Crawford Dr. E. D. Fenner Fratres in Universitate Seniors W. D. Files B. L. RicGS Dr. E. p. Ficklex Dr. a. Cook ■ J. W. Carroll RoBT. Robinson H. H. Preston L. M. Sanders Juniors Leeds Eustis I. A. Robins H. O. Lynch L. J. Bristow J. D. Youman Sophomores R. H. Colcock Leigh Carroll F. Dornak H. M. Flory H. C. Leake P. A. Lelong B. F. Eshleman Freshmen H. A. Moise Wood Brown C. L. Crawford Jas. Higginbotham W. Williams 209 Bennett, Boudreaux, Brent, Charbonnet Cleveland, Ehlert, Gillis, Gladnev, Graham Greene, Gregory, Hall, Hamilton, Harp Harper, Henriques, Johnson, Levert, Massey McKenzie, Mendes, Monroe, Ogden, A. Rainold R. Rainold, Read, Rogers, Sherwood, Tharp Nathan C. Curtis L. R. DeBuys Alpha Tau Omega Founded, Virginia Military Institute, 1865 Beta Epsilon Chapter Established 1887 Fratres in Facultate W. O ' Daniel Jones Randolph Lyons C. L. Eshelman Emile Stouse Allan C. Eustis Dr. R. C. Lynch Charles Ehlert Alexander Rainold William Gregory Charles Harp Fratres in Universitate Seniors WiLMER Rogers Joseph Allen William Gladney Charles Henriques Harry Monroe Adam Harper E. B. Charbonnet Stanley Hamilton W. A. McKenzie Alvin Brent Juniors EnwARD Stokes Harrington Hall James Gillis Frank Ogden Sophomores George Stabler Rudolph Johnson Robert Rainold Gilbert Greene Elmer Massey Read Sherwood James Tharp James Reade Freshmen John Levert A. J. Boudreaux Dan Bulliard AsHBY Cleveland Guy Mendes Andrews, Arnim, Baumgarten, Benedict, Cherry, Dalrymple C. Ernst, T. Ernst, Gardiner, Gidiere, Glover, Grable J. Harrell, W. Harrell, Jones, Kerr, Koonce LowREY, Mashburn, E. Miazza, G. Miazza Morrison, Pyburn, Robinson, Sandford, Sentell, J. F. Smith J. K. Smith, Talbot, Terrell, Trunzler, Weston, Youngs Sigma Nu Founded, Virginia Military Institute, 1869 Beta Phi Chapter Established 1888 Dr. J. M. McBrvde Fratres in Facultate E. E. Allgeyer C. E. Dunbar SoMMER Benedict Henry Baumcarten Ralph Talbot John Gidiere Fratres in Universitate Seniors Landon Arnim Eugene Lowry John Harrell Vernon Terrell Jake Morrison JiinUirs EnwARn MiAzzA Jasper Smith Frank Smith Sherburne Sentell Robert Cherry William Harrell George Kerr Bob Jones Sophomores James Trunzler Horatio Weston Hiram Pyburn Franklin GARniNER James Glover Neil Andrews Melvin Mashburn Stone Palmer Gerald Dalrymple Raymond Ernst Fresh resliinen George Robinson Jeff Koonce William Saunders Jerry Miazza Dave Sw ' earingen WiNsON Petitjean Edward Ernst Frederick Youngs 213 iQsR?? Allen, Bailey, Barrett, Blue Brewer, Bush, H. Butler, T. Butler Chamberlain, deLaureal, DeRamus, Epley Erenfeld, Gordv, Kennon, Landry Lassiter, Luchsinger, Reed, Reixach, Wood 214 i S B ? Dr. M. J. White Frederick H. Fox Wii.i.iAM Barrett SHEi.noN ' S. Blue Armstrong Allen Charles Bailey Hugh de Laureal Robert Lanhry Kappa Sigma Foiindetl, University of Virginia, 1869 Sigma Chapter Estnhlished 1S89 Fratres in Facultate Dr. Fred Fenno Norman Kelly Ted Cox Fratre.s in Universitate Sc?2iors Palmer Reed L. C. Chamberlain L. E. Bush Juniors Marion Eplev Louis Le May Sophomores Frank Brewer Charles Webb Freshmen Harrison Butler Walter Gordy, Jr. Werner Luchsinger Wyatt Wood Vic Anderson Dr. Ed Faust E. L. King Rene H. Relvach Albin Lassiter Fred Erenfeld T. B. Butler, Jr. Paul Kennon Frank Taylor - f rPsg- M 21S Abernathy, Andrv, Bender BoTT, Brister, C. Hardie, R. Hardie, Henry Henson, Howcott, Kittredge, Kohnke, McCarroi.l Millet, Moore, Morris, Morrison, L. O ' Kelley W. O ' Kelley-, Quinn, Sanford, Watson, T. A. Wilson T. F. Wilson, Wolff, Ziegler 216 Delta Tau Delu Dr. J. P. O ' Kelley T. FiTZHUGH Wilson Charles Bender Founded, Bethany College, 1858 Beta Xi Chapter Estableshed 1889 Fratres in Facultate Dr. Pierce Butler Fratres in Universitate Seniors Clifton T. Morris George G. Henson Freeland Magruder Benjamin R. Slater Dr. S. C. Jamison Patrick Quinn S. Holmes Earl Evans Juniors WiLLOUCHBY KiTTREDGE Earl Moore Eugene McCarroll Malcolm Zeigler James Morrison Herbert Bott Hugh Brister Sophomores Edward Kohnke Hamer O ' Kelley Wathall Joyner Freshmen David L. Watson Allain Andry Lynn Wolfe Arthur Millet August Wilson Gaines Abernathy Harley Howcott LuciEN O ' Kelley Francis Henry ' Robert Hardie C. F. Hardie 217 Butler, Caron, Dinwiddie, Evans Fitzgerald, Gaston, Gates, Gelpi, Glover GoMiLA, Goodwin, Grace, Hebert, Lilly McCance, Meriwether, Mitchell, Provostv, Raikold Regan, Rucker, Stewart, Walker, Weber Wilson, Wise, Wuerpel 218 -v ' Pki Delta Tketa Foiiiulcd, Miami University, if R. C. Harris F. W. Phillips Louisiana Alpha Chapter Established 1889 Fratres in Facultate H. E. Miller H. B. Gessner C. W. Duval M. M. SOUCHON J. B. Guthrie H. P. Jones Warren H. Hebert Fratres in Universitate Seniors Louis D. Caron Olivier O. Provostv William H. Mitchell Daniel H. Grace Hugh M. Evans Juniors W. QuALEv Walker George Goodwin George D. Lilly Joseph C. Gomila Charles M. Rucker Sophoi, George Dinwiddie Milton Grace Ronald W. Wise Robert W. Gaston, Jr. E. S. Butler, Jr. J. F. Fitzgerald Herman K. Gelpi John A. Glover Freslnnen Harold Grace Elmer M. McCance Wm. G. Meriweather Emile a. Rainold, Jr. Godfrey Regan Frank Stewart Caleb Weber Charles S. Wilson Carl Wuerpel 319 Barkham, Fisher, Fleming Fowler, Heiter, Henderson, Holloman Jex, Kilman, LaCombe, Little Mahon, Roberts, Shaw, Smith Stroud, Taylor, Thomas, Vincent , s. ! ' Sigma Alpka Epsilon Founded, University of Alabama, 1856 Louisiana Tau Epsilon Chapter Established 1897 Fratres in Facultate Dr. John Pratt Donald Dericksox Dr. Russell Pigford T. B. McKneeley Dr. J. A. LvoN C. B. Dicks W. L. Heiter J. K. Donaldson J. R. KiLMAN Robert Thomas Charles A. Born, Jr. Larry LaCombe Joe Barham William Fisher James Hartson Malcolm J. Taylor, Jr. Bonnie Wielbacker Scott Flowers Fratres in Universitate Seniors Carlton Fleming W. BuRBANK Woodson L. Selden Leach Juniors Waller Fowler David Newbern Sophomores William Littell Carl Wahl John D. Henderson Richard Shaw Freshmen Turner Wills J. B. Ferguson Ralph Percell Allen L. Smith J. B. Holloman George Mahon Gordon Jex Carl Stroud Melvin Wetherill Willie Vincent Ben T. Waldo, Jr. NiCKOLAS BaNDI John Little Warren Doyle, Jr. George Booth .f !: ; ' Hl « n i} }f S i . f -4 it! - o- I. ■ ., Jf. K, ■fek. „ ' f ' l Anderson, P. Baird, K. Baird, Baldwin, Bell Bethea, Black, Blake, Broad, Bush, Clinton, Cooke Devlin, Dubuisson, Eskrigce, Eustis, French, Frierson, Geren E. B. Jahncke, F. S. Jahncke, Johnson, Kelleher, Labouisse, Liebman, Marquez b ' . McCloskey, J. McCloskev, McGehee, Menge, J. Monroe, M. Monroe, Parker Ramsey, Reeves, Scott, Souchon, Stoessell, G. Stubbs, K. Stubbs ViGUERiE, Wehrmann, H .Whatley, J. Whatley, J. Wisdom, N. Wisdom Delta Kappa Epsilon Edward Dubuisson Patrick Browne Theodore Bethea Tat HAM ESKRIGGE Stanton Jahncke Willis Banker Richard French Harry Kelleher Waltman Lessel Founded, Yale College, 1844. Tau Lambda Chapter Established 1899. Fratres in Universitate Seniors Alfred Stoessel, Jr. Juniors John Whatley Henry Broad Sophomores Paul Baird Hilliard Parker Eugene Viguerie Norton Wisdom Ellis Bostick Edward Jahncke George Eustis Charles Reeves Wright Frierson Bernard McCloskey John Wisdom John Labouisse Edward McGehee, Jr. Guy Stubbs Henry Wehrmann Keim Baird William Bell, Jr. James Blake Clarence Clinton Dan Devlin, Jr. Pardue Geren Alec Johnson Henry Mence, Jr. Freshmen James McC. Anderson John Monroe John McCloskey Harry Souchon Hugh Whatley, Jr. William Scott Robert Baldwin Charles Black George Bush Paul Cook John Ellis John Holland Claude Liebman Vernon Marquez Malcolm Monroe John Ramsey King Stubbs Armstrong, Barr, Bayov, Cockrell, Conway, Davidson, Davis, H. DeBuys, L. DeBuys, de la Houssaye Fox, Fulham, Gardner, Gresham, Hooper, Howard James, Jastram, Juden, Keenan, Lashley ' , D. Light W. Light, Ly-tle, Menville, Murphy-, Olsen, Parker Penney, Seeuws, Shute, Snyder, Stibbs, Suiter Theriot, Underwood, Walshe, Watrous, Wyckoff 224 i c s fis Beta Tketa Pi Founded, Miami University, 1839. Beta Xi Chapter Established 1908. Dr. W. p. Bradburn Dr. F. E. LeJeune Dr. Roy de la Houssaye Fratres in Facultate William J. Rothfuss SiJM PTER Marks Dr. Muir Bradburn Dr. Chas. Bloom D. H. Theard Fratres in Universitate Seniors Hugh C. Davidson, Jr. James E. Lytle, Jr. James E. Knighton Frank C. Shute Rene F. Gelpi Andrew J. Hooper Thomas L. Gardner Francis X. Armstrong Thomas F. Seeuws M. L. DE LA Houssaye Joel H. Conway John Stibbs Winston S. Watrous Fairchild Fulham Clifford Sutter David Light William Light Juniors John G. Menville Chas. Wm. Fox, Jr. John Y. Snyder, Jr. Junius W. Underwood Sophomores Olaf H. Olsen Maurice H. Bayon Freshmen Herbert D. Ford Lawrence DeBuys Herbert DeBuys Van Gresham John Juden Lawrence Lashley Joseph R. Theriot Frank H. Davis Philip J. Bavon Wm. E. Mathews Herbert C. Parker, Jr. Mercer G. Lynch Woolen H. Walshe Falvy C. Barr Newton Howard Adolph Jastram William Penny Walter Keenen Steve Murphy Frank Cockrel Philip James 22s Abramson, Alltmont Bauer, Fieldschmidt, A. Lew, J. Levy Leonard Levy, Loris Levy, Loeb, Meyer Safferstoxe, Silverstein, Stern, Sternberch 226 Zeta Beta Tau Leonard Levy Founded, Jewish Theological Seminary, iS Sigma Chapter Established 1909. Frater in Facultate Justin V. Wolff Fratres in Un ' iversitate Seniors Max Heinberg Irving Safferstone Leo Haspel Charles Kohlmever Paul D. Aeramson Lorris Levy ' Harry Lasker Bertram Loeb Julian Keller Ira Hienberg Walter Lurie Juniors Jack Levy Sam Herold Henry Meyer Sophomores Harry Meyer Freshmen Louis Bodenheimer Joseph Sternberger Alfred Altmont Thedore Dennery Abe Rosenberg Dave Norman Nathanial Rosenberg Bernard Stern Stanford Hyman Charles Kottwitz Edward Silverstein Sam Bauer Joseph Cohn 227 Barham, Baumbach, Bisso, Bourg, Brierre, Butker CoLviN, CoTONio, Dietrich, Fletcher, Flinn FOLLANSBEE, St. GeRMAIN, GuY, HARRIS, HOWARD Jaquet, Knight, LeBlakc, Lewis, Men ' uet PizzANO, Porter, Price, Read, Rouse Russell, Savoy, Smithso.v, Tatum, G. Thomas, A. Thomas 228 Delta Sigma Pki Dr. Edward Brown Founded, New York College, 1899. Chi Chapter Established 191 6. Fratres in Facultate Dr. Benj. Lescale Lewis F. Wakeman Wynne G. Rogers J. Hamlin Barham Robert S. Porter Theodore Cotonio J. B. Harris Fratres in Universitate Seniors John Walls H. AsHTON Thomas Ellis H. St. Germain James A. Flynn Henry G. Butker Charles A. LeBlanc Wm. Follansbee Paul Colvin H. K. Rouse Jack Pizzano Manning Fletcher Richard Baumbach Sam G. Reiser James W. Howard Alex Bisso Marion Brierre V. W. Guy Juniors Tom George Austin Tatum Lee O ' Pry Sophomores Summy ' Thomas Jack Smithson Luther Jones Freshmen Otis Bourg Norman Dietrich N. Butler Knight J. V. Reel Harold Jaouet A. J. Menuet Jack Price Preston Savoy Teddy Brierre H. Russell O. V. Lewis Jack Read 229 Andrus, Arnold, Boudreau Busby, Butaud, Clemmons, Gilbert Holmes, LaCour, Lantz, May Renken, Robertson, Setzler, Slaughter Storey, Simpson, Wright Sigma Pi Founded, Vinceniies University, 1897. Omicron Chapter Established 1920. Dr. E. a. Bechtel Dr. W. C. Dixon Gerald L. Andrus Robert C. Kessler Robert E. Busbv Elmer G. Burt Cecil M. Arnold William H. Lantz Thomas F. Carbrey David Anders Fratres in Facultate Dr. D. C. Browne Fratres in Universitate Seniors Paul Renken R. K. Setzler Loyall D. Farragut Juniors Russell S. Butaud Thomas R. Simpson Soplioinores Joseph B. Holmes Claiborne S. Robertson Freshmen William S. Slaughter Milton L. Brock Dr. S. D. Gore Mr. E. C. Miller Clifford F. Storey George D. Wright Robert C. McDowell Carlton Gilbert Bryan Clemmons Fritz A. LaCour Charles J. May Harry Anders 231 Atz, Block Caplan, Cohn, Dreyfus, Greenberg Heidincsfelder, Klein, Kristman, Lang Lehman, Lev -, Llvdy, Lippman Schwartz, Seligman, Tonkel 2 2 Sigma Alpka Mu Founded College City of New York, 1909. Sigma Gamma Chapter Established 1920. Fratres in Universitate Seniors Herman S. Lindy Max A. Heidincsfelder Irving Klein Daniel Caplan Juniors MoiSE B. Bloch Julius S. Cohn, Jr. Clifton W. Dreyfus Alfred Lippman, Jr. Sophomores Samuel Lang Freshmen Jake Atz, Jr. Herman Kirstman Daniel Tonkel Maurice Seligman Bernard Schwartz Leonard Greenberg Edward Levy 233 Blitz, Blumberg Gandelman ' , Kochak ' SKV, Lew Marx, Rosenstock, Schwartz SiZELER, SOKOLSKV, SeGAL 234. Kappa Nu Founded, Rochester University, 1911. Sigma Chapter Established 1922. Fratres in Facultate Dr. N. W. Polmer ' Fratres in Universitate Seniors A. William Blumberg Samuel F. Gandelman Max Cohen Dave Drezinski Oscar Blitz Morris Bodenger Benjamin Marx Morris Kochanskv Saul Sokolsky Milton S. Levy Juniors Sidney Sizeler Sophomores Fresliiiien Leslie Sacor William Marx Bernard S. Schwartz Al Seals Maurice Shushan Abe Rosenstock Julius Sagor Robert Segal 23s Addison, Ayo, Birdwell Brannon, Caraway, Elick, Harding, Hopkins Jones, Leeper, McCoy, Mlxhearn, Ogden Parsons, Purcell, Riggs, Robichaux, Robinson Scott, Shane, Therrell, Thompson, Trepagnier Whiteknact, Willis, Woods ♦Incluaiid by error. 236 Pi K appa Pki Charles E. Ayo Jack B. Birdwell Jerome J. Elick Paul Freund, Jr. James D. Purcell William P. Addison Archibald Caraway Edward A. Lee Vernon McCoy Founded, Charleston College, 1904. Alpha Beta Chapter Established 1923. Fratres in Universitate Seniors Percy A. Phillips Juniors J. Eugene Harding George S. Hopkins Wilmer G. Jones Max Brannan Sophomores Eugene B. Robichaux Freshmen James S. Mims John E. Mulhearn Hugh E. Parsons John T. Scott, Jr. Louis A. Therrell Ralph H. Ricgs James L McCain Henry D. Ogden Hugh Shane Alex R. Thompson Dalton H. Trepagnier James S. Webb, Jr. John Whiteknact Thomas B. Woods, Jr. 237 Canessa, Garcia, Gerodetti Gutierrez, Martinez, Neal Prieto, E. Quijano, Riera 238 Sigma Iota Fraternity Nu Epsilon Fratres in Universitate OpprcERS William H. Martinez . . .■ President Alberto E. Prieto Secretary Rafael B. Riera Treasurer Manuel Garcia Armando Occelli William Neal Alberto Prieto Carlos Canessa Guillermo Fspino Members Orlando F. Gerodetti Julio E. Garces Joseph Gutierrez Hesiquio Gonzales Pledges Jaime E. Cadaval Julio Quijano Joseph Torretta William H. Martinez Rafael B. Riera Joseph Spoito Joseph Scolaro Enrique Hernandez Bender, Bush Cook, Fortenberry, St. Germaine, Green ' Lamberton, Meyers, Morrison, Rainier Richards, Salassi, Savant, Stolley Thomas, Townsend, Watson 2+0 E. K. Cook N. J. Bender Don Cathcart Allen T. Blount C. N. Bush W. R. Green Drew A. Savant James Barron Henry St. Germain, Jr. Sigma Epsilon (Local) Founded, Tulaiie University, 1926. Fratres in Universitate Graduate Student Paul C. Foster Seniors E. A. Salassi Juniors T. K. McFatter V. M. Johnson Dave O. Blackman Sophomores Sexton Fortenberry- P. M. Lamberton, Jr. Brennard Spencer Freshmen Carl C. Mendoza B. L. Thomas, Jr. C. H. Watson Frank C. Rainier George G. Townsend Albert J. Meyers James Morrison J. W. Richards Bruno Stolley H. G. Mauldin L. D. Newman 341 Old Pin By W. SoMMER Benedict II Old pin, you ' ve meant a lot to rae, I guess you know it, ' cause you see, I ' ve ivorn you every night and day For four long years, and happy, say — The first time that they put you there, My heart just jumped into the air; I ' d wanted you so bad before. And now I have vou evermore. Say, pal, I hate to give you up, I feel like an ungrateful pup To take you ofF — but how ' d I know That I would want to let you go? But I ' ll be seeing you each night. Unless we have — oh, darn! — a fight; Old man, you see just how I feel. Don ' t you, old pin? Her name ' s Camille. She ' s sweeter than the lotus tree, That hides the humming honey bee. You know — you know you do — S ie ' s not the kind to be untrue. ' Cause she told me — last night it was — She wanted 3 ' ou to wear because. Now we ' re engaged ' n ' everything, She ' d rather have YOU than a ring. And maybe, if I ' m still alive. In nineteen forty-four or five. There ' ll be a little brother true Who ' ll love, and keep, and wear you, too. But if some day we know that she No longer wants us — you and me — I guess we ' ll have to stumble through Our lives alone — just me and you. 242 ME VCOMB Baylor, Blanchard, Carrou, Chalaron Fry, Hanley, Hopkins, Menville MooNEY, Parsons, Pierson, Sanders Saunders, Tete, Walker, Wallace Weil, M. Wilson, R. Wilson, Zink 244 Newcomb Pan-Hellenic Association Officers Mrs. Marguerite McErnery President Dorothy Baylor Secretary Representatives Maridel Saunders Pi Beta Phi Helena Chalaron Alpha Omicron Pi Dorothy Baylor Chi Omega Cecil Mooney Kappa Kappa Gamma Josephine Fry Phi Mu Janet Wallace Alpha Delia Pi Rena Wilson Kappa Alpha Theta Josephine Weil Alpha Epsilon Phi Virginia Tete Alpha Pi Epsilon Virginia Blanchard Zeta Tau Alpha Arline Zink Zeta Sigma Alumnae Representatives Mrs. Helen Ogden Pi Beta Phi Louise Church Alpha Omicron Pi Mrs. Marguerite McErnery CJii Omega Flora Stratton Kappa Kappa Gamma Mrs. Gladys Goodfellow Phi Mu Zeta Sigma Members Ex-Officio Mrs. Mathilda Brewster Alpha Delta Pi Mrs. Helen Godat Kappa Alpha Theta Clara May Beer Alpha Epsilon Phi Marcelle Melun Alpha Epsilon Phi WiNNIFRED MeiSENHEIMER Zeta Tail Alpha Gladys Hopkins Pi Beta Phi Gertrude Webb Alpha Omicron Pi Marian Walker Chi Omega Florence Pierson Kappa Kappa Gamma Kathryn Hanley Phi Mu Vivian Carrau Zeta Sigma Muriel Menville Alpha Delta Pi Mary Sanders Kappa Alpha Theta Muriel Wilson Alpha Epsilon Phi Leola Bacher Alpha Pi Epsilon Edwardo Parsons Zeta Tan Alpha 245 - yf e S J Qgg Adams, Bartlett, Bayley, Bradley, Breckenridge Burrows, Caron " , Chappell, Chequelin, Dossett, A. Ellis E. Ellis, Everett, Fairchild, Fisher, Hardie, J. Hayward S. Ha -ward, Henriques, Hopkins, Huger, Jahncke, Keenan Lewis, Martin, Miller, McKittrick, Mitchener, Phibrick Richardson, Rosser, Saunders, Werlein, Westfeldt, Wogan 246 Pi Beta Pki Founded, Monmouth College, 1867. Louisiana Alpha Chapter Established 1891. Mary Butler Catherine Bayley Camilla Bradley Elizabeth Burrows Delphine Caron Frances Blacklock Phoebe Bone Cynthia Chappell Susan Lyle Davis Ida May Born Nellie May Bartlett Amelie Ellis Nancy Allen Margaret Breckenridge Sara Dossett Eleanor Ellis LouELLA Everett Christine Fairchild In Facultate Perrine Dixon In Universitate Seniors Yvette Chequelin Enid Fisher Stella Hayward Glady ' s Hopkins Juniors Edith Eskrigge Elizabeth Huger Grace McKittrick Alline Mitchexer Sophomores Flora Hardie Jane Hayward Adele Jahncke Pledges Elizabeth Fletcher Anna Goldsborough Margaret Henriqoes Betty Keenan Elizabeth Lewis Special Florence Adams Wilmer Shields Dorothea Martin Merrill Miller Vinnette Philbrick Maridel Saunders Polly ' Norwood Ethel Jane Westfeldt Charlotte Wilson Daisy Wolfe Pocahontas Smith Carroll Smithers Stella Wogan Mildred Martin Alba Richardson Eleanor Robertson Margaret Rosser Hazel Weld Betty Werlein 24-7 . P sSF Y Benedict, Bland, Bondurant, Brown, Buchanan Byrne, Chalaron, Colbert, Dalton, Dyson, Edmiston FOLSE, A. Foster, R. Foster, Gay, Hardtner, M. Hartson Miriam Hartson, Hayward, Heaslip, Johnston, Leverich, Mabry " Magruder, Meredith, Mofkett, A. Moise, M. Moise, Neville O ' Donnell, Packer, Price, Sinclair, Tomlinson, Walne Washburn, Webb, J. Williams, M. Williams 248 Gladys Ann Renshaw Alpka Omicron Pi Founded, Barnard College, 1897. Pi Chapter Established 1898. In Facultate Anne E. Many Mrs. E. L. LeBreton Coralie Bland Edith Brown Helena Chalaron Dorothy Dalton Ruby Foster Kathryn Barclay Geraldine Dyson In Universitate Seniors Violet Hardtner Cora Heaslip Mary Moffett Alice Moise Juniors Margaret Folse Josephine Meredith Lucy Sinclair Marion Moise Ella Neville Maxine Packer Violet Washburn Gertrude Webb Nannette Tomlinson Lucie Walne Dorothy Benedict Maryem Colbert Martha Bondurant Clara M. Buchanan Katherine Byrne Dorothy Calongne Kathleen Edmiston Louise Edwards Sophomores Adele Foster Elizabeth Johnston Pledges Shirley Gay Mildred Hartson Miriam Hartson Helene Hayward Marcelle Leverich Nellie Mabry Mary E. Williams Elsie Magruder Billie McCoy Elizabeth O ' Donnell Janie Price Winifred Washburn Jane Williams 249 Abbott, C. Baylor, D. Baylor, Caldwell, Carre A. Chalaron, L. Chalaron, Chamberlain, Crawford, Cortn-er, Darter DE LA HOUSSAYE, DODDS, EUSTIS, FUNKHAUSER, GasTRELL, K. GrEAVES L. Greaves, Guion, Jackman, Keesler, Kent, Knapp Lewis, Levy ' , Louise Livaudais, Lucille Livaudais, Massey, Nolan Norwood, Pollard, Sandmeyer, Saracco, Saunders, Stevens Simpson, Mae Walker, Marion Walker, Westbrook, Wright, Yates 250 Claudia Baylor Leila Carre Mary Freeman Cki Omega Founded, University of Arkansas, 1895. Rho Chapter Established 1900. In Facultate Bertha Latane In Universitate Seniors SiDONIE DE la HOUSSAYE DiCY DODDS Katherine Greaves Marion Walker Dorothy Baylor Milbrey Bourne Dorothy ' Chamberlain Mary Cortner Adair Guion Lucille Greaves Majorie Abbott Amelia Chaleron Lucille Chaleron Mary ' A. Caldwell Kathleen Crawford Sarah Darter Juniors Leila de Loach Lytell Funkhauser Myrtle Gastrell Mary Nash Keesler Sophomores Bertha Lewis Inez Knapp Mary E. Norwood Pledges Laura Eustis Gertrude Jackman Evelyn Kent Betti ' Kern Lucille Livaudais Louis Livaudais Kathleen Levy ' Nancy Massey Jane Metcalfe Helen Morphy Anita Nolan Patsy Rudolph Mae Walker Mary ' L. Stevens WiLLiA Wright Charlotte Yates Alice Pollard Sibyl Sandmeyer Carla Sarocca Mary ' B. Saunders Odile Simpson Dorothy Westbrook 251 Adams, Alvis, Clara Mooney, Billeaud, Brown Bullock, Carroll, Carter, Claverie, Cleveland Crowe, Devereux, Ellis, M. Frederickson, Fredericks Geary, Giles, Loeliger, Logan, Marshall Bailey, Cecil Mooney, L. Newell, M. Newell, Peake Pierson, Plauche, Rainold, Roberts, Root, Thomas 2 2 IK Ili! Kappa Kappa Gamma Founded, Monmouth College , 1879. ' Beta Omicron Chapter Established 1904. Adelin Spencer In Facultate Mary Spencer Elizabeth Raymond Florence Smith LOUISETTE BiLLEAUD Sara Bullock Catherine Crowe Agnes Marshall Clara Mooney Marion Alvis Dorothy Bailey Marion Brown Elizabeth Adams Louise Carroll CoRiNNE Carter Flavia Claverie Margaret Clarkson Betti ' Cleveland In Universitate Seniors Sue Mac Fox Doris Hills Juniors Lillian Newell Margaret Newell Soplicmores Marianne Ellis Mary Louise (Jiles Pledges Evelyn Daniel Marjorie Devereux Myra Frederickson Catherine Fredericks Dorothy Geary Jane Johnson Alice Blanc Logan Cecil Mooney Alice Carroll Root Florence Pierson Mildred Plauche Wilhelmina Schwartz Alice Peake Lucile Scott Dorothy Thomas Helene Loelicer Gertrude Perkins Hermione Perkins Winifred Rainold Alice Roberts Rosalind Rogan 253 .- K e ! ' 7ik L G S r Allen, Brock, Chandler, Clark, Clement E. Coleman, M. Coleman, Davis, Deahl, Dromgool, Duffy Fry, Gray, Hamilton, Hanley, Harolson, Kammer Kay, Larkin, Long, Willums, Whipple, Perkins G. Watson, McGriff, Stauss, Willis, Stearns, Theobald Rowan, Rosenblatt, Robertson, M. Watson, Mysing, Mounger Van Horn, McGhee, McGeary, McElhiney, J. Lea, E. Lea 254 ..A C SP ? Pki Mu Katherine Clemens Helen Hamilton Bessie Dromgool Mildred Fly Jane Lea Ruth Brock Elizabeth Coleman Mary L. Coleman Rebeckah Allen Lady Betty Chandler Nancy Clark Carrie L. Davis Jans Deahl Rowena Duffy Frances Gray Mary Haralson Dorothy Heidrich Founded, Wesleyan College, 1852 (National 1904) Delta Chapter Established 1906. In Facultate Bessie Monroe In Universitate Seniors Kathryn Hanley Eva Lea Cecilia Mouncer Juniors Ruth McGeary Anna B. Mysing Sophomores Josephine Fry Matailleen Larkin Pledges Margaret Hyde Katherine Kammer Emily Kay Marian Leipsner Alice Lockhart Leila McGehee Dorothy McGriff Marian Meunzeneerger Mary Ann Perkins Lysle Phillips Margie Robertson Mary Rosenblatt Sue Tonsmiere Dorotthy Stearns Clifford Wright Myra Long Alice McElhiney Katherine Van Horn Helen Rowan Aimee Shands Valerie Stauss Virginia Theobald Grace Watson Margaret Watson Jane Whipple Mary L. Williams Mary E. Willis 255 Bergeron, Brown, Breard Cook, Cunningham, Donaldson, Dunn, Earhart Elliot, Finklea, Hardestv, Harris, Harvey Herring, Jarrott, Kemp, Killeen, Knowles McCampbell, Menville, Miller, Nockton, Parker Pavy, Shea, Trawick, Wallace, White 256 -. r c ta ' m i i i hfifys ;:; Alpka Delta Pi Founded, Wesleyan Female College, 1851. (National 1904) Epsilon Chapter Established 1906. In Facultate Mrs. Gertrude R. Smith Mrs. Odessa L. Tittsworth Eleanor Dunn Albena Herring Shirley Barker Fannie Mae Bergeron Charlotte Boatner In Universitate Seniors Muriel Menville Juniors Helen Carter Tolley Cook Adelaide Elliot Lena May Nockton Janet Wallace Caroline E. Harris Ann Knowles Yvonne Pavy Elizabeth Cunningham Elizabeth Donaldson Ida Nell Finklea Sophomores Katherine Hardesty Sue Jo Jarrott Ruth Kemp Rosemary Killeen Margaret Miller Ruth Smith Marjorie Bowen Elizabeth Breard Dorothea Brown Martha Earhart Pledges Dorothea Ellison Mary E. Harvey Lucille Menville Helen McCampbell Sue Parker Doris Shea Clara Mae Soucier Alice Trawick Audrey White 257 AiTKENS, Barlow, Clark, Colville A. Devlin, S. Devlin, Dinn, Eplev, Ellis Ellsworth, Evans, Gaidry, Gladnev, Hagcitt Herdman, Lawrason, Mastin, McBrvde, Meyer Oliver, Sanders, Shaw, Staples, Storck Taber, Treadaway, Williford, E. Wilson, R. Wilson 258 «, ;; (% Qgg?N Kappa Alpha Theta Founded, DePau v University, 1870. Alpha Phi Chapter Established 1914 In Facultate Mildred Christian Attica Aitkens Angela Devlin In Universitate Seniors Shirley Devlin Louise Meyer Mary Sanders Daisy Staples Heloise Ellis Lois Ellsworth Juniors Helen Gladney Sara Mastin Rena Wilson Mary Treadoway Frances Barlow Sopko nores Virginia Colville Harriett Oliver Frances Clark Jessamine Daggett Catherine Dinn Berta Dinman Lucia Epley- Mary Jo Evans Pledges Una Gaidry Aenid Haggitt Camilla Herdman Joie Kammer AURELIE LawRASON Elizabeth Wilson Flora McBryde Edwina Shaw Elsa Storck lONE TABER Ruth Williford 259 BODENHEIMER, BuRKENROAD, CaHN, DaICHES R. DlNKELSPEIL, S. DiNKELSPEIL, ElCHOLD, EPHRAIM, FeINGOLD GUCENHEIM, HACEDORN, HALPERN, HARRIS, HASPEL Herzfeld, Hirsch, Isaacs, Julius, Levy Marks, Morris, Saal, Seiferth, J. Weil S. Weil, Wexler, Wilson 260 Alpha Epsilon Pki Founded, Barnard College, 1909. Epsilon Chapter Established 191 6. In Universitate Seniors Evelyn Bodenheimer Elsie Julius Beitie Cahn Muriel Wilson Juniors Alice Burkenroad Bessie Margolin Sarah Dinkelspeil Josephine Weil Pauline Ephraim Rose EvelVm Feingolii Soplio mores Evelyn Macie Fine Maxine Hagedorn HuLDA Wexler Norma Harris Isabel Weil Josephine Daiches Ray Dinkelspeil Eva Carol Eichold Eugenia Fischer Irma Gugenheim Pledges Bertha Halpern Marjorie Haspel Pauline Herzfeld Marian Hirsch Marjorie Isaacs Alice Levy Mathilde Marks Rose Morris Phyllis Saal Roberta Seiferth Sarah Weil 261 AsBURY, L. Backer, W. Backer, Baptist DODD, Ellington, Flanders, F. Fowler J. Fowler, Hafkesbring, Harris, Johnson Mars, Micas, Powell, Scott Smith, Tete, Tkomason " , Wasserman, Wigley 262 . .d ' rLi d is f)3 ; ?r . C...J Alpka Pi Epsilon (Local) Founded, Newcomb College, 1918. In Universitate Se?iiors Leola Backer Marv Lou Thomason Florence Fowler Dorothy Wigley Juniors Katherine Flanders Thais Micas Gorilla Smith Frances Johnson Elizabeth Scott VrRGiNiA Tete Rose Beeson Adrienne Asbury Lillian Baptist Mabel Dodd Judith Fowler Sophomores Marcelle Mars Vledges Cecil Overton Katherine Bender Wilhelmina Bacher El eanor Hofkesbring Alice May Ellington Mynn Harrison Fleta Powell Hilda Wassermann 263 Benton, E. Blanchard, V. Blanchard, E. Brandao R. Brandao, Fasterling, Hoefeld, Knox Lamb, Lang, Maestri, Morrison Moss, Parsons, Prosdame, Seiler Troescher, Vuncannon, Wahl, Webb, Woons 264 Zeta Tau Alpka Founded, Virginia State Normal, 1898. Esther Mary Branuao Sarah Edith Fasterling Beta Kappa Chapter Established 1927. Se?iiors Patricia Cussons Lamb Robbie Gwendolyn Lang Edna Elizabeth Morrison Edwarda DuC. Parsons Martha Annis Vuncannon Juniors Laura Barelli Evelyn Katherine Maestri Virginia Emily Blanchard Ruth Louise Moss Dorothy Beulah Pitman Mari Louise Ryckman Audrey L. Herbert Helen Maestri Sophomores Irma Prosdame Maurice Benton Edith Blanchard Ruth Brandao Maude Hoefeld Bertha Gwin Knox Eleanora Seghers Pledges OiDA Marion Seiler OuiDA Marion Seller Margaret Troescher Gwendolyn Webb Shirley May Wahl Mary Elizabeth Woods 26s Baxter, Bearss, Brandao, Burton Carrau, a. Carroll, D. Carroll, Coulsos DuREL, Goll, Law, Seaward TuiTE, Wadsworth, Warnack, Zink 266 .... t I OSfi ' yiyiM)! " 30: ■ cnr Elaine F. Baxter Catherine Bearss Zeta Sigma (Local) Founded Newcomb College, 1926 In Universitate Seniors Vivian I. Carrau Alice Goll Evelyn Law Bertha Seaward Arline Zink Anneite Carroll Juniors Louise Lambioite Dorothy Carroll Dorothy ' Brandao Marie Louise Burton Janet Hooper Sophomores Dolly Warnack Pledges Erminia Wadsworth Evelyn Coulson Mignonne Durel Mayme Tuite 268 .-.f c sfm 269 Ane Graves KiLMAN Pierce Baird Hanxkes Lindner Roberts Boles Hargrave MiDLO Safferstone cummings Heiter Migliore Teasley 273 Alpka Omega Alpha Medical Honor Fraternity Stars and Bars Chapter (To be wortiiy to scTve the suffHring.) Members Elected From The Class of 1927 F. DowDLE Pierce Charles Midlo h. w. cummings J. N. Ane H. E. Teasley A. E. Boles W. Les Heiter R. L. Harrrave J. E. Lindner W. H. Browning D. C. Roberts V. C. Baird Irving Safferstone A. Migliore A. M. Graves Joseph R. Kilman L. J. Hanckes We believe in the tenets of abiding truth which is the guiding star of our Order. We believe in the helping hand which is the bar which binds us in our calling. We believe in the unity of service to one another which lends to the weary a word of cheer, to the poor a portion of our share, to the weak a meed of pity, to the stricken a voice of comfort, to the old a memory of youth, and to the wayfarer a help along to the journey ' s end. Our emblem will always be an inspiration to duty, remembering it stands for excellence in all things, purity of purpose and honesty of method and effort, with the blessing of an Alma Mater upon each who wears her badge of honor. May our lives lie among the stars which light the way to the great mystery, and may we so live that when we reach the end of the road we may find the veil, which parted leads to the heights of everlasting peace. Sic ad Astra ! 271 Field Foster McLaughlin Morrison Greaves Walker Alpha Sigma Sigma Alpha Sigma Sigma is an honorary Senior fraternity organized at Newcomb in 1916 to promote interest in college and class activities. Each year those Juniors who, throughout their college career, have done the most loyal and effective work for their college and their class are elected to membership. Members Beatrice Field Bettv McLaughlin Ruby Foster Edna Morrison Katherine Greaves Marion Walker 272 Andrus BVE Chamberlain Davidson DUBUISSON Hagcertv Heiter Henson Mitchell Monroe - Porter Robinson Sanford Sentell Setzler Smith Phi Phi sphinx of Tulane Junior-Senior National Fraternity for the Promotion of School Spirit Henry Robinson Allen Smith William Mitchell Harry Monroe J. B. Sanford, Jr. Members Crawford Davidson Leonard Chamberlain Robert Setzler Sherbourne Sentell George Henson SurrON Porter William Haggerty Edward Dubuissom Louis Bye John Couret " The purpose of Sphinx of Tulane shall be that of a Senior society choosing its members on a basis of character, leadership, mentality and personality, to thus bring together in a feeling of fellowship, the ablest and most active thought and leadership in collegiate life at Tulane University. " 273 Andry Cleveland de Laureal Eshleman Fenner FouRNiER Gelpi Kennon Leake Lelong Levert O ' Kelly Pool Rainold Shaw Stevens Taylor Tharp Wilson Wkite Elephants, ' 27- " 28 TuLANE Jungle Honorary Freshman Inter-Fraternity Society Founded January, 1921 Fenner K A Pool KA Shaw K A Ferguson . . . . S A E Taylor S A E Booth SAE Leake 2X Eshleman . . . . SX Members LeLonc SX Gelpi I Ae Wilson I A 9 Rainold ' I A G FouRNiER . . . . n K A FUSSELL . . . . n K A Cleveland . . . . A T J2 Tharp A T (2 DeLaureal . . . . K 2 Levert A T SJ O ' Kelly . . . .ATA Brister ATA Andry ATA Stevens ■ K 2 Caine ' € KS Landry KS Kennon K S The White Elephant Cup is a varded annually after Easter to the best all-around Freshman in the University. 274. ' iff ihi Abramson Assukto DeBakey Brown Fernon Green Haas Mayer Meyers Princle Salassi Schaffner Segal Ullman Wright Kappa Kappa Psi Established 1919, Stillwater, Okla. Rho Chapter May, 1927. " National Honorary Musical Fraternity for College Bandmcn. " Prater in Facultate Marten ten Hoor (Honorificus) Alumni Paul D. Abramson Bennie Cohn R. Lyman Heindel, Jr. Joseph G. Fernon, Jr. Jacinto A. Assunto John K. Mayer J. Hollis Brown Michael E. DeBakey Wilbur Green Frank T. Jensen ' Ellis F. Robee..t Seniors Philippe Schaffner Juniors Marvel H. Schilling Sophomores Cornelius B. Harvey Robert Segal George T. Walne, Jr. Leon S. Haas, Jr. Herman S. Kohlmeyer Edmond a. Salassi Julian E. Ullman Enoch M. Pringle, Jr. L. Lavelle Wright Albert J. Meyers J. Chris Nielson 27s CUMMINGS Fleming Green Heiter Reed Rogers Woodson Gates Hendricks Thomas 276 Owl Glut An l.Tter-Medical Fraternity Club, Founded Tulane University, 1921. M. J. Knight J. C. Price W. B. Woodson H. W. CUMMINGS Members Sejiiors J. L. Green J. V. Hendricks W. H. Rogers F. D. Pierce C. A. Fleming A. K. Donaldson W. L. Heiter P. H. Reed L. E. Bush J. F. Oakley L. L. Lancaster T. K. McFati-er V. M. Johnson Juniors J. S. Helms R. P. Thomas R. F. Gates I. A. Robins P. J. BVON J. E. Frazar J. E. Knighton T. A. Watters C. T. Simmon 277 ,,y C: X XP ' }p;iM) l ss Beta Gamma Sigma Alpha Chapter of Louisiana An organization to encourage and reward scholarship and accomplishment along the lines of business and campus activities among students and graduates of commercial courses in American colleges and universities; to promote the advancement and spread of education in the science of business; to foster principles of honesty and integrity in business practice; and to encourage a more friendly attitude of the business public toward graduates of commercial courses. The local chapter was organized through petition of members of the former Commerce Key. Officers Joseph A. Conn Prrsidcnt Herbert D. Cohn Vice Prrsident Faculty Members Dean Morton A. Aldrich J. C. Van Kirk Class of ig28 Edmond a. Salassi Louis L. Lowentritt Class of IQ27 Herbert D. Cohn Marvin S. Mincledorff Joseph A. Cohn Class of ig26 Bennie C ohn J. Walter Heyman John E. Ryan Ernest B. Mason George T. Walne, Jr. Class of 1925 Albert E. Holleman Joseph W. Kidd Class of 1924 Gus A. Elcutter Thomas D. Mincledorff P. Barney Hopkins Hugh B. Kohlmayer Hooper P. Carter Robert L. Simpson A. Leonard Robinett Honorary Member E. Davis McCutchon 278 mi. 9m Pki Beta Kappa Founded at William and Mary College, 1776. Alpha Chapter of Louisiana Organized 1909. Morton A. Aldrich May a. Allen Edward A. Bechtel M ' alter C. Bosch Miriam Brown Caroline Burson Pierce Butler Mildred G. Christian Irene F. Conrad Harold Cummins Albert B. Dinwiddie Brandt V. B. Dixon Charles E. Dunbar, Jr. William L. Duren, Jr. Lydia E. Frotscher Herman B. Gessner Fannie T. Baumgartner Ethel C. Bauer George Bechtel Mary Hardesty Cha rles S. L. Hurt William T. Jervey Charles Taintor Faculty Member P. J. Kahle George Kalif John S. Kendall Richard R. Kirk Harold N. Lee Isaac I. Lemann Monte M. Lemann Ernest S. Lewis John M. McBryde Roger P. McCutcheon Marion E. Maclean Anna E. Many Sumter D. Marks, Jr. Leon Ryder Maxwell Clara M. de Milt Rose L. Mooney Garret P. Wyckoff Recent Elections Class of IQ2Y Clara May Beer Paul K. Kuhne Class of IQ26 William L. Duren, Jr. Virginia Fenner Rose L. Mooney Innis Patterson George Kalif Catherine H. Witt Caroline F. Richardson Ernest Riedel Louise B. Roberts Marian Ross Ralph J. Schwarz Robert Sharp WiLMER Shields William Benjamin Smith Imogen Stone Dacny Sunne Marten ten Hoor Susan D. Tew Odessa L. Titsworth Rene A. VioscA Frederick Wespy Ellsworth Woodward Irmine Charbonnet Brown Angelena L. Lota Ula Milner Mary Sedley Hayward Anna E. Hyman Etolia M. Simmons Benjamin W. Yancey 279 Andrus Barham PLEV Gladney GOMILA KllTREnCE Morris Seeberg Smith COTONIO Henderson Sanders Wise j8o A. L. Smith J. Morris Rolf Seeberg t. cotonio L Apacke Seniors H. Barham G. Andrus J. Wise W. P. Hagerty George Eustis L. M. Sanders J. C. GOMILA D. Donaldson J. Barham J. COURET Juniors T. Bennett J. F. Oakley D. Cathcart E. Knighton P. Sexton I. A. Robins G. Henson Al. Stoessel W. Kittredce J. Henderson L. Gardner Sophomores E. Massey Freshr. W. K. Gladney H. S. Parker G. DeRamus M. EPLEY T. Ramsey D. Fenner C. Ehrenfeldt D. Faircloth T. A. I. TuLANE Chapter Founded, Tulane University, 1926. The T. A. I. is an organization to encourage scholarship and fellowship and to promote interest in Jewish as well as college activities on the campus. It elects from the upper classes those men who in their time at school have taken an unusual interest in their work and the genera! activities at Tulane. N. BOGRAD H. Glazer R. Weinstein B. Weiner Members A. Goldman B. Kaplan C. KORN G. Weinberg H. Slipakoff 282 Pan-Hellenic Council of Medical Fraternities Organized April, 1923. The Tiilai ie Council of Medical Fraternities was organi .ed for the purpose of securing co-operation among the several fraternities and preserving standards of membership. Officers Price President V. Bairi) Vice President T. A. Waiters Secretary D. Cathcart Treasurer H. W. CuMMiNGS Reporter Representatives R. A. Robinson Nu Sigma Nu H. W. CuMMiNGS . . . ' Nu Sigma Nu T. A. Watters Alpha Kappa Kappa J. O. Hawkins Alpha Kappa Kappa J. Price Phi Chi D. Cathcart Pin Chi V. C. Baird Theta Kappa Psi M. B. Barnes Theta Kappa Psi L. L. Hill Chi Zeta Chi S. J. Rozas Phi Rho Sigma F. O. Schmidt Phi Rho Sigma William Blumberc Phi Delta Epsilon SiGMUND Kahn Phi Delta Epsilon Julius Levy Phi Lambda Kappa Morris M. Miller Phi Lambda Kappa Miss Mildred L. Murray Alplta Epsilon Iota Miss Elizabeth A. Faiterson Alpha Epsilon Iota 283 Arnim Baird Barham Bender Bennett BURDWELL Brannan Burgavne BUTAUD G. Butler T. Butler Cathcart Cherry Cochrane Collier DeRamus Eaton Ehlert Grable Granade Greene Heiter Hendrick Henson Hopkins Jenkins Jones Lancaster Magee Magroder Menville Morris Price Reed Roberts Savage Sellers Sentell Shane Simpson Storey Talbot Terrell Theriot TOWNSEND Webb 284. -.r ga i,.:ir ?S:f !f7r . Pki Cki Eastern, Founded Lniverslty of Vermont, 1889; Southern, Founded Louisville Medical College, 1894; Consolidated March 3, 1905. Omicron Chapter Established 1902. Pi Mu merged September 30, 1922. Fratres in Facultate Dr. C. W. Allen Dr. T. F. Ayers Dr. E. E. Allgeyer Dr. L. R. DeBuys Dr. C. C. Bass Dr. A. C. EUSTIS Dr. G. S. Bell Dr. E. D. Fenner Dr. S. Blackshear Dr. A. U. Friendricks Dr. P. J. Carter Dr. I. M. Gace Dr. F. L. Cato Dr. A. Gladney, Jr. Dr. M. J. COURET Dr. C. J. Miller Dr. J. T. Halsey Dr. H. E. Miller Dr. H. Daspit Dr. W . H. Harris Dr. J. F. Dicks Dr. R. PlGFORD Dr. R. Turner Dr. V. C. Smith Dr. J. HuMER Dr. S. C. Jamison Dr. C. p. May Dr. T. a. Tumbleson Dr. V. O. D. Jones Dr. J. A. Langford Dr. G. K. Logan Dr. Urban Maes Dr. L. J. Menville Dr. W. K. Phillips Dr. J. D. Rives Dr. W. R. Wirth Dr. F. T. Brown Dr. J. A. Danna Dr. E. L. Faust Dr. M. J. Gelpi Dr. W. W. Leake Dr. H. a. Macheca Fratres in Universitate L. E. Bush R. H. Cherry J. K. Donaldson W. V. Eaton J. V. Hendricks G. G. Henson J. C. Price Leslie Heiter P. H. Reed R. S. Savage D. F. Cathcart T. L. Bennett, Jr. C. A. Born, Jr. J. S. Helms, Jr. J. F. Oakley Sam Kirkpatrick V. M. Johnson C. D. Simmons L. L. Lancaster T. K. McFatter Sophomores Paul Baird Louis Bristow J. B. Copeland James Grable Dick Williams J. E. Granade R. C. Burnett, Jr W. S. Harrell W. P. Addison John Menville Clifford Storey V. T. Terrell, Jr. L. C. Arnim Joe Barham C. E. Webb R. F. Erenfeld C. S. Sentell Freshmen J. W. Allen R. S. BUTAUD G. S. Hopkins T. R. Ramsey G. G. TOWNSEND N. J. Bender J. B. BiRDWELL W. H. DeRamus J. F. Jenkins, Jr. Hugh Shane Ralph Talbot J. S. Camp Ro - Theriot Chas. Ehlert Earl Evans H. D. Brennan B. R. Burgoyne W. B. Faircloth W. G. Jones 285 Anderson Andrews Aubrey Ayo . Bailev Boudreau Braund Brewster Brown Carroll Collins Coon Daly Davis Dreyer Dunham Ellender, W. Green Hollincsworth Hanckes Hanks Harrison Hawkins Havnsworth HOFFPAUER Kessler McCreary McDowell NiCKERSON Patrick PiCKELL Planche RlGGALL D. Roberts E. Roberts Ross Seal Setzler Shute Simmons D. Smith E. Smith Winn Wright 286 Alpna Kappa Kappa Founded Dartmouth College, 1888. Alpha Beta Chapter Established 1903. Dr. Henry J. Bayon Dr. J. C. Cole Dr. M. S. Souchon Dr. C. S. Holerook Dr. a. L. Metz Fratres in Facultate Dr. D. C. Browne Dr. O. W. Bethea Dr. H. B. Gessner Dr. E. L. King Dr. E. S. Lewis Dr. W. C. Smith Dr. S. C. Lyons Dr. E. L. Irwin Dr. M. Bradburn Dr. M. W. Miller C. G. Collins D. C. Roberts L. J. Hanckes G. S. Daly T. T. Ross K. B. Jones J. S. Bailey C. B. Brewster, Jr. H. S. Coon C. B. Wright R. P. Howell, Jr. M. W. Harrison J. F. BusEY, Jr. R. D. Green P. L. McCreary R. G. Dryer J. M. MOSELY R. Aubrey A. C. HOFFPAUER Fratres in Universitate Seniors T. B. Ayo R. C. Kesler F. C. Winn E. H. Roberts J iiniors Cecil Riggall F. A. Planche C. R. MULLINS T. A. Watters SophomoT-es F. W. PiCKELL R. McDowell H. C. Dunham Freshmen J. L. Anderson W. W. Patrick C. O. Frederick A. W. HOLLINGSWORTH J. L. Brown E. C. Smith W. H. Browning W. A. Ellender S. J. SiMMONDS, Jr. D. R. Davis R. B. Carroll J. O. Hawkins G. L. Sackett F. C. Shute, Jr. E. J. Tucker R. Hanckes D. V. Smith T. L. George C. V. Partridge R. R. Draund T. J. McCooK W. A. K. Seales J. E. Hainsworth P. Nicholson 287 l i Q 9) r=y Blanchard GODMAN Harrison Martin RiGGS Hill Martin Richard Leeper MoSLEY Small Gold Leslie Phillips Sykes Cki Zeta Cm Dr. W. a. Lane W. C. Martin G. E. GOD MAN M. B. Small L. L. Hill Founded University of Georgia, 1903. Mu Chapter Established 1906. Fratres in Facultate Dr. W. E. Jones Dr. V. J. Cefaler Fratres in Universitate Seniors B. R. Slater Fred Leslie Juniors L. L. Gold F. H. Blanchard Dr. Sam Hobson, Jr. J. H. Leeper R. H. RiGGS P. R. Phillips R. P. Svkes P. C. Boyd Sophomores V. B. Harrison D. N. Arnold G. G. Richard R. J. Arango Freshmen K. T. MOSLEY J. H. Hackney Louis Cope 289 Alverez Ane Arrington Barnes Blackwell Butker Cummins Fisher Fletcher Graham Guynes Hand Harris Lacey LeBlanc Madison C. S. Powell Reaser Renken Russell Shamblin Spencer Teasley Thomas Tinnin Baird Barber Bardin Chavez Clemmer Colvin Fraser Goldston Gooding Hatcher Heidelberg Hickman Knight Martin Rogers St. Germain Walton Patterson Rose Suehs WOMACK C. P. Powell Rushton Tatum Wood 290 Tketa Kappa Psi Founded Medical College of Virginia, 1879. Pi Chapter Established 1908. Dr. Bernhard Dr. C. Brown Dr. C. L. BuiTERWORTH Dr. Carmichael Dr. W. Seeman Dr. J. O. Foley Dr. T. B. Sellers V. C. Baird N. Morris R. J. Shamblin J. P. Graham W. H. Rogers H. A. Thomas E. Chavez, Jr. V. E. Spencer E. L. St. Germain H. H. Russell W. J. Barber E. T. Reaser H. C. Hatcher P. W. Renken J. W. Cummins J. A. Alvarez H. W. SURRENCY T. M. Oxford G. H. Ricks W. C. Pannill C. L. Saints Fratrrs in Facultate Dr. Kinbercer Dr. P. E. Lacroix Dr. J. E. Landry Dr. Fernandez Dr. F. M. Johns Dr. E. Moss Dr. J. P. O ' Kelly Fratres in Universitate Seniors W. A. GUYNES C. H. Heidleburg M. T- Knight C. S. Powell J. W. Rose Juniors H. G. Butker M. B. Barnes R. M. Barden J. B. Harris A. A. Wood A. B. GOLDSTON Sophomores P. C. COLVIN R. G. Hand M. E. Arrington C. A. LeBlanc W. B. Hickman Freshmen H. I. TiNNIN S. A. Tatum H. K. Rouse, Jr. M. Fletcher J. N. Sartin " p. A. Eckels Dr. R. PoiTs Dr. McIlhanky Dr. H. Menage Dr. Campbell Dr. R. J. HiBARD Dr. Wallace Dr. W. a. Reed H. E. Teasley ' R. K. Womack J. N. Ane T. EUBANKS G. Gooding G. W. Lacey W. H. Madison M. F. Blackwell Paterson Goodman Martin H. A. Suehs L. C. Fischer S. F. Eraser H. P. Clemmer G. B. Walton G. E. Myers, Jr. J. O. Pruett, Jr. W. M. ROWTON T. F. Rushton C. P. POWELt 291 Aderhold COTTRELL CUMMINGS DORNAK Fleming Flory Gardner Gates Graves Green Hamilton Hebert KiLMAN Lewis Lilly Lynch MOFFITT Ogden Pierce Preston Robins Sullivan Thomas Ward Welsh Woodson 292 Nu Sigma Nu Founded, University of Michigan, 1882. Beta Iota Chapter Established 1910. Dr. Rudolph Matas Dr. Alton Ochsner Dr. Charles Duval Dr. Irving Hardesty Dr. Clyde Lynch Dr. Carl L. V. Meysenbuc Fratres in Facultate Dr. John Smy ' the Dr. Octave Cassecrain Dr. George Hardin Dr. Charles Bloom Dr. Dyer J. Farley Dr. M. T. Van Studdiford Dr. Waldemar Metz Dr. T. B. McKneely Dr. Harold Bloom Dr. Charles Eshleman Dr. Harry V. Sims Dr. John Pratt Dr. Julian Lombard Dr. Lucien Ledoux F. D. Pierce A. M. Graves C. A. Fleming J. P. Aderhold Fratres in Universitate Seniors H. W. CuMMINGS W. B. Woodson M. P. Sullivan H. H. Preston J. L. Green J. R. KiLMAN C. L. Welsh R. A. Robinson P. J. Bayon f. E. Knighton R. P. Thomas F. K. DORNAK W. E. Matthews Juniors R. F. Gates H. O. Lynch Soplirinorcs H. M. Flory W. J. Hebert J. S. COURET L A. ROBBINS J. E. Frazier T. L. Gardner L. W. MOFFITT A. E. Moore W. S. B. RussEL J. A. Fershtand G. D. Lilly H. D. Ogden Freshmen M. C. Beck David McInt -re Charles Chamberlain T. J. Edwards Dunbar Shields J. H. McCollum Scott Hamilton A. G. Ward J. T. Lewis, Jr. H. B. Cottrell 293 Allums AZAR Boles Daniels Davidson Ellender GUTHIERREZ Harcrave Haydel HOTH Joseph Kent Martinez Monte MOSLEY PORRET ROZAS Sacco Schmidt Thomas Trist Wood 294. ..r s ? ' l ,y SSr PTV 7! Pki Rko Sigma Founded Nnithwestern Medical Scliocil, 1890. Delta Omicron Alpha Chapter Established 1918. Fratres in Facultate Adolp De Campus Henriques H. Theodore Simon George Rudolph Hermann John Raymond Hume P. F. Murphy a. F. Burgis William Wagner James Ernest Pollock Rodger John Maihles N. P. Trist F. A. Thomas F. P. PORRET L. A. Monte L. L. Allums J. S. Davidson, Jr. Fratres in Universitate Sc7iiors George Azar O. E. Boles R. L. Hargrave Juniors M. M. Green- Henry Gallagher Edwin August Socola Louis James Lopez Francis L. Jaubert G. H. Hauser H. M. Vann C. A. Sacco J. P. Daniels S. E. Ellender H. L. Haydel S. J. ROZAS George Sacrera J. O. Hoth F. O. Schmidt Edward Landry Earl Kent E. J. Martin Sophomores S. G. Gruber Freshmen John B. Martin John T. Mosley H. B. Cash W. H. Martinez P. S. Joseph Joseph P. Guthierrez R. G. Wood Louis Chauvin - ? F ; ;? |JS 295 S. £ S: . Abramson Bergman Blumberg Copland Gandleman Gardberg Kahn Lazarus PiNCUS Safferstone 296 i.y; srif)3 ;??) ==% Pki Delta Epsilon Founded, Cornell University, 1904. Alpha Iota Chapter Establislied 1918. Fratres in Facultate Dr. Isidore Cohn Dr. Jacob W. Newman Dr. D. N. Silverman Dr. Emile Bloch Dr. Julian Graubarth Dr. Sidney K. Simon Jack Lazarus William Blumberg Paul D. Abramson Sicmond a. Kahn M. Gardberg Fratres in Universitate Seniors Irving Safferstone Juniors Maurice Shushan Sophomores W. D. Normand Sam Gandleman Eugene Pincus Sidney M. Copland Henry Meyer Sol B. Weil M. Velinsky D. Drezinski Freshmen S. Bergman J. Keller H. HOZAN 297 ' !! ' ■ M, . Bayles Braunstein Broder Caplan COHN FlALK Gall Green Glazer Steinlock Jacobs Levy Miller OCHS SCHENFELD Strug Tanner 298 ... s2 :g S A ■¥4 ' 6Q3ef;) 9 J Dk. Walter Levy Phi Lambda Kappa Founded, UnS ' ersity of Pennsylvania, 1907. Psi Chapter Established 1926. Fratres in Facultate Dr. I. RoBBiNS Dr. Jon as W. Rosenthal Wm. BRonER M. Cohen H. FlALK L. Braunstein S. Jacobs B. Feinberg H. Glazer E. Gall Dr. Walter Levy Fratres in Civitate Dr. Philip P. Feincold Dr. Benjamin Kocan Fratres in Universitate Seniors M. Green J. G. Bavles J. L. Levy Juniors M. Miller S. SCHENFELD Sopiiomores H. Tanner Freshmen N. BOGRAD D. Caplan Honorary Members Dr. Jonas Rosenthal D. Praglin C. MOIEL L. Rosenbaum L. Strug G. Steinbach I. OCHS D. Caplan Dr. Isidore Robbins 299 McCORMICK McMains Paterson 300 AlpKa Epsilon Iota Founded, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1890. Mu Chapter Established 1919. Fratres in Facultate Dr. Maud Loeber Dr. Marie Dees-Mattincly Fratres in Universitate Seniors Florence Ruth Gilpin Mildred L. Murray Eve E. Strahan Juniors Vivienne McMains Katharine McCokmkk Elizabeth Paterson Sophomores Amey Chappell 301 Britsch Williams Wharton Busby WiRTH 302 A Psi Omega Founded, Baltimore College, 1892. Eta Epsilon Chapter Established 1903. Thirty-nine Chapters. Membership 14,459 Fratres IX Facultate Dr. a. Leefe Dr. A. B. Bland Dr. W. C. Hava Dr. A. C. B. Maynier Dr. G. B. Croz.at Fratres in Universitate Seriior ' s Delphin Britch R. Edward Busby Wyant C. Wharton Claude S. Williams, Jr. F. Harold Wirth 301 Epley Fenner Files Fullilove HACGERTi- Lassiter Mitchell Morrison Parker Parlongue Provosty Rainold Seeberg Smith White Wilson 304 Pki Delta Pki (Legal) Founded, Michigan University, 1869. White ' s Inn Established 1911. Judge Rufus Foster Charles E. Dunbar Fratres in Facultate Albert B. Cox Devaille Theard Esmond Phelps Walter Suthon Edward Talbot T. FiTZHucH Wilson Mack White Rolf I. Seeberg Albin Lassiter Fratres in Universitate Seniors Alexander Rainold Lemuel Move Sanders Juniors Jasper Smith Olivier Provosty W. Dan Files Jacob Morrison Steven Trabue William Haggerty Wood Brown Sydney Parlongue Jarwin Fenner Frcshtnen Arthur D. Parker HiLLYER S. Parker Jack P. Fullilove Marion Epley Caleb Weber Wm. Mitchell Wm. Gladney Eugene Lowrey ... K c t 305 Qgg?T Baumgarten Benedict Charbonnet Harper HOLLOMAN Otto Ramsey Robinson Smith Wisdom 306 Allen L. Smith CosTELLO Otto Pki Alpka Delta (Legal) Founded, Chicago-Kent College of Law, 1897. Francois Xavier Martin Chapter Established 1924. Fratres in Facultate Judge Louis H. Burns Archibald M. Suthon Judge W. W. Westerfield Rene A. Viosca Fratres in Universitate Seniors James I. McCain J. B. Holloman, Jr. W. Sommer Benedict, II Henry M. Robinson Juniors John M. Wisdom Adam H. Harper John H. Baumgarten Edward B. Charbonnet, Jr. Charles Miramon Freshmen Norton Wisdom Albin S. Speiss William Saunders Walter Gordy Circero Ramsey Charles Henriques Charles Balie y 307 GiLLIS Block Bye Hack HOPFENSITZ LaMMOND Harter 308 -.f;csra£g ' ; ; l4 S i:i?;( sa2Q3erPT TKeta Nu Local Professional Journalism Fraternity Petitioning Sigma Delta Chi International Professional Journalism Fraternity Fratres in Facultate Prof. George E. Simmons Fratres in Urbe Maurice R. Ries Myron Harold Falk Arden Watson Chapman Allen Vories Fratres in Universitate Moise Blum Block James Gillis Louis Kenton Bye Charles M. Lammond Albert Hopfensitz Phillip Hack James W. Frierson William T. Harter Adolph P. Reynolds r KimsP y ytkm 309 iOs??? Tau Cni Epsilon Founded to Promote the Science of Chemistry, 1924. H. W. MOSELEY Faculty S. A. Mahood E. F. Pollard C. S. Williamson, Jr. Graduate Students Alvin D. Boston George C. Gilbert AvA Johnson Raoul J. Landry Evan W. Mahoney L. C. Chamberlain, Jr. Fratres in Universitate Sciiiors Adam H. Harper Clement H. Watson F. C. Buchanan Phillipe Schaffner John B. Geiger S. R. Williamson Edward Wvckoff Juniors Andrew Hooper Lawrence Higgixs B. Johnson R. R. Jones Roy Lodrioues Steven Murphy Sophomores Armstrong Allen J. B. Krieger P. M. Lamberton, Jr. Edgar Stayer J. J. Trunsler " F. B. Ogden 310 ummmm fei2 5f:5cS ' :5!i:5! :35eF ; ORGANIZATIOKfS Andrus Buchanan Eustis Field Smith Strickland Wright Tulane Student Council The Tulane University Student Council is an organization composed of the presidents of the various student bodies of the different colleges of the university. The council is supreme as a lawmaking body relative to all phases of student affairs vhich Involve the university at large. The Student Council was organized with the inception of student government at Tulane, March, 1915. Members for the past year were as follows: Gerald L. Andrus, President Commcree Allen L. Smith, Fice President Law Forest C. Buchanan, See ' y.-Treas Arts-Sciences WiLMER H. Rogers Medicine George T. Eustis Engineering George D. Wright P iarmacy Dee a. Strickland Dentistry Beatrice Field Newcoinh 313 - f - g sg M3 . • Qsg?; Newcomb Student Council Officers Ruby Foster President Esther Brandao Fice President Florence Pierson Secretary-Treasurer Members Ex-Officio Beatrice Field Flora Hardie Katherine Greaves Attica Aitkens Enid Fisher Acnes Marshall Marian Walker Members Elected Esther Brandao Grace McKittrick Betty McLaughlin Anita Nolan Shirley Devlin Florence Pierson Jane Hayward 314 Gonzalez Field Heaslip Jarrott Pierson Tne NeAvcotnb Student Government Association Executive Committee Beatrice Field President Cora Heaslip ' . . . Fice President Ruby Foster President of Student Council Carmelita Gonzalez .... Corresponding Secretary Josephine Fry Recording Secretary Florence Pierson Treasurer Katherine Greaves House President Nannette Tomlinson House Secretary Enid Fisher President Senior Class Agnes Marshall President Junior Class Flora Hardie President Sopliomore Class President Freshman Class Marion Walker President Art Student Body Attica Aitkens President Music Student Body Evelyn Bodenheimer President Debating Club Edwardo Parsons President Dramatic Club YVETTE Che ' juelin President Cercle Francais Stella Hayward President Glee Club Gertrude Johnson President Mandolin Guitar Club Grace McKittrick President Y. IF. C. A. Pat Lamb Chairman Athletic Council Maridel Saunders Editor of the Arcade Edna Morrison Neivcomb Editor of the Hullabaloo Muriel Wilson Newcomb Editor of the Jambalaya Sarah Thorpe Ramage Business Manager of the Jambalaya Myrtle Gastrelle Chairman Campus Night 31S Allen Broad Chamberlain Clay ' ton COSTLEY CUCINOITA Buys Devron Dreyer Follansbee Gardiner Gray Hall Hardie Harper Harveson Hart James Johnson Kelleher La Nasa Lassiter McCloskey Miller Nourse Ogden Parker Rainold RiCGS Robinson Salassi Schaffner Smith B. Stolley H. Stolley SWEIG Terhune A. Theriot J. Theriot Walshe Watson Wehrmann Wicker N ' right 316 Tulane Glee Club HiiNRI Wkhrmann E. A. Sai.assi . . Bob Whhrman . Mallard Seago . . . Dirrciar B. L. RiGCS Husinrss Muiuujrr . . President Bruno Stollky . . .hsl. Husiness Manayer Vice President Harry Ki-LLtRiioR . • . Publicity Manaijrr . . Secretary Shkrwood Clayton IJhrarian GiiORCE Harveson Paul Foster Daniel Tonkel Franklin Gardiner Matthew LaNasa First Tenors E. P. Dreyer Louis Cucino ' ita Frank Ogden SiHCRWooi) Clayto:; Albin Lassiier Lawrence Turner James McCain Melton Cotton R. E. Harper R. Arny V. K. Cox J. SWEIG E. Hardin B. Wehrmann W. H. Walshe First Basses ]?. SlOLLEY H. Stolley LL Kellerher J. R. Johnson H. Parker McCloskey P. S. Cook F. T. Madonia F. A. Brewer H. T. Hart C. Wicker C. Miller Calvin Gray G. Devron H. H. Hall James Read Hugh Brister J. J. Robert, Jr. J. E. McNeir Second Tenors H. N. Ogden A. J. Meyer A. Blount Wm. Mitchell H. Watson P. Schaffner A. J. Theriot L. L. Wright A. Allen B. L. Riggs G. Robinson R. Hays E. Hardie Chamberlain L. Brizard R. G. Hand A. Cleveland D. Caplan G. E. Booth S. Palmer G. Stahler Second Basses B. Waldo C. R. Mays P. Freund C. A. Terhune J. K. Smith B. FOLLANSEEE R. R. Rainold R. G. Crump E. A. Salassi W. Gillentine 317 ( sa Qi fTT Newcomb Mandolin-Guitar Club Gertrude Johnson ' President Bettv McLaughlin Secretary-Treasurer Dale Brent Nancy Clark Sue Mac Fox Mandolins Alice Goll Irma Gugenheim Helen Hamilton Hannah Kahn Marie Lea Betiy McLaughlin Alice T. Wier Adrienne Asbury Rose Beeson Banjos Dorothy ' Brandao Alice McElhieny Anita Nolan Odile Simpson Mazie Vicuerie Myrtle Gastrell Elizabeth Hollis Ukeleles Eleanor Hafkesburg Edwarda Jennings Bernice Mansberg Lois Wienfield Pianos Mary Jo Evans Gertrude Johnson Guitar Violin Drum Edith Brown Margaret Rennie Ruth Maas 318 m Lj f JP:??) The Tulane University Band Officers Mr. Rene Salomon Director Philippe Schaffener Manager Edmond Salassi Assistant Manager J. Edmund Ullman Assistant Manager R. Lyman Heindel Librarian C. Hermann. Stolley Assistant Librarian . Michael de Bakey Proi erty Man Wilbur Green Assistant Property Man Edmond Salassi Drum Major E. Antoon J. A. ASSUNTO H. K. Baird M. Barre L. BlERHORST A. Brent A. Centanni I. Collins E. S. COYLE E. A. Davison M. E. DE Bakey J. G. Fernon S. Flowers D. C. Foley C. F. Gelbke W. R. Green Members J. W. GUNN L. S. Haas C. B. Harvey M. J. Heinberg L. R. Heindel O. W. Heyden J. F. McFarland F. R. Mendow H. Meyer A. J. Meyers C. Miller L. Newman J. C. Nielsen W. F. Pettit C. E. PiTTMAN E. W. Pringle L. L. Wright M. J. Read B. L. RiGGS E. F. Rob BERT L. Rosenblum E. A. Salassi T. Sandoz P. Schaffner R. Segal H. Slipakoff E. Stayer B. Stolley H. Stolley J. SWEIG J. F. TOMME J. E. Ullman O. Wager - ff? P9? ' F)i ; ) 319 ' L i r ifJS H r BiGGAR Kelleher Block Labouisse Harter Lammoxd hopfensitz Mercier Tke Tulane Hullabaloo News Staff Charles Morris Lamond Editor James Wright Frierson Associate Editor Moise Blum Bloch Feaiures Editor William Thomas Harter ...... Campus Editor Edna Morrison Newcomb Editor Business Staff Albert Adolph Hopfensitz .... Business Manager Alfred Mercier, Jr ■Assistant Business Manager Jack Smithson Local .Advertising Manager James R. Biggar, Jr Circulation Manager J. R. Johnson ' Classified Adv. Manager Roland Baptistf Melun . . National .4dv. Manager -yf X S ' yM) ' rL S fyp fr . Brewster Coon Salassi Wilson Ramage Strickland Sanford McCloskey . Jambalaya Staff John B. Sanford, Jr Editor-in-C iief Henson S. Coon ■ Business Manager Editorial Staff Muriel Wilson Newcomh Editor Dee a. Strickland Medical Editor Bernard J. McCloskey Assistant Uhtown Editor Josephine Weil Assistant Nnvcomb Editor Cecil Riggall Assistant Medical Editor MoiSE Block Sports Editor T. Harter Feature Editor Maurice Sullivan Cartoonist ManagisRiai. Staff Edmond a. Salassi Uptown Business Manager Sarah Thorpe Ramace Newcomb Business Manager Carl Palmgren Asst. Uptown Business Manager Lucie Walne Asst. Newcomh Business Manager A. Brewster Asst. Medical Business Manager 321 BODENHEIMER Foster Morrison Tke Jennie C. Nixon Debating Club Officers Evelyn F. Bodenheimer President Ruby Foster Chairman of Debates Edna Elizabeth Morrison Secretary-Treasurer Aleen Armstrong Adrienne Asbury Nellie May Bartlett Elaine Baxter Evelyn Bodenheimer Esther Brandao Ruth Brandao Flavia Claverie Members Mabel Dodd Beatrice Field Macie Fine Dorothy Folse Ruby Foster Sue Mac Fox Carmelita Gonzales Anna Haas Maxine Hacedorn Katherine Hardesty Jane Hayward Bessie Hosen Florence Jennings Elsie Julius Hannah Kahn Ray Kahn Mataileen Larkin RONIA LeVINE Helen Maestri Betty McLaughlin Aline Mitchener Edna Morrison Ethel Muse Louise Parham Florence Pierson Margaret Rennie Margie Robertson Mary Rollins Roberta Seiferth Nanette Tomlinson Alice Trawick Margaret Troeschner Erminia Wadsworth Janet Wallace Lucie Walne Hilda Wasserman Ethel Jane Westfeldt Rena Wilson Audrey White 22 iM -i hf T Baginsky Dreyer Goodman KoRN Lang Segel Stahl Tulane Oratorical and Debating Council Officers George Jacob Segel Chairman Leopold Stahl Secretary-Treasurer Faculty Members Dr. John M. McBryde Francis S. Reed Richard R. Kirk Frank W. Prescott Dr. Clarence Bonnett Lester Hargreit Student Members Edward Dreyer Herman Baginsky Samuel Goodman C. B. Henriques Charles Korn Dan Moore Henry Ogden Samuel Lang B. W. Yancey A council of students and faculty members with complete control over intercollegiate debating affairs. 323 -. r T f ' ■. J % ;Qg S ?r Bagby Baginsky Bell Clayton Comer Dreyer Fenner Fortenberry Goodman Hack Hall Kane Kendall Korn Lang Levert Little LURIE D. Moore L. Moore Ogden Read ROBICHAUX Segel Stahl Terhune 32+ -.i;;(%a;Q3 ?T Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society Officers Benjamin W. Yancev Speaker Herman M. Bacinsky Vice Speaker Dan ' S, Moore Secretary-Treasurer Paul Freund Historian James I. McCain Censor George Kalif Critic C. B. Henriques Drirgatc in Oratorical and Debating Council EuwiN P. Drever Deler ale to Oratorical and Debalinrj Council Benjamin Yancey James I. McCain Herman M. Baginsky George Secel Cornelius Terhune R. Lyman Heindel C. B. Henriques Dan S. Moore Samuel Lang Paul Freund Edward P. Dreyer Eugene B. Robichaux Frank Ogden Charles Korn Members Walter A. Lurie Harnett Kane Luther Fortenbery David Comer Stanford Hyman Gustave Devron Sherwood S. Clayton Samuel Goodman Philip Hack Leopold Stahl John Gilmour Melvin Barre Lane Kendall V. K. Cox Charles Fenner James Read John Levert Pat Little John Parker A. Dallam O ' Brien William A. Bell LoNNiE Moore H. H. Hall Leon Goldberg Ralph Pearson Robert Rainold George F. Bacby 325 Bell Bloch Charbonnet Clayton Comer Darter Dreyer Fenner Fowler Gray Hall Levert Little Minor Monroe Moore Ogden Savant Shaw Sherwood Stahl Stolley Tharp 326 Tulane University Dramatic Guild Organized, 1922. Officers E. B. Charbonnet, Jr Presidfnl Dan S. Moore Vice President Waller Fowler, Jr Acting Secretary R. M. Shaw Treasurer Jeanne Tavan Business Manager T. A. Wilson Student Director MoisE Block Charles Henriques James I. McCain Mary Loeb Allen Smith Herman Stolley Jeanne Tavan Leo Stahl Benjamin Yancey R. M. Shaw E. B. Charbonnet, Jr. Edward P. Dreyer Members William K. Gladnev G. Theo. Kramer Dan S. Moore E. Reed Sherwood Louis Darter, Jr. J. P. Little Harrington Hall Sherwood Clayton Charles Fenner Claude Minor Calvin Gray D. A. Savant T. A. Wilson Gustave Devron M. E. O ' Neil Dallam O ' BkTen Wm. a. Bell James Tharp James Bledsoe David Comer Frank Ogden John Levert George Monroe W. Fowler, Jr. 327 Parsons Lang Mars Wright The Newcomb Dramatic Club Officers Edwardo Parsons Pnsidenl RoBniE Lang Vice PrrsidftU WiLLiA Wright Secretary Marcelle Mars Treasurer Helen Morphy Stage Manager E. Adams N. Allen R. Allen A. ASBURY L. AUBERT N. Alieert L. Backer S. Barker F. Barlow N. M. BARTL._rT K. Bearss F. Blacklock E. Brandao D. Brandao L. BiLLEAUD E. Burrows H. Cambias J. Cantrell A. Carroll D. Carroll V. Carrau C. Carnahan F. Claverie N. Clark L. Cohen M. Crozat M. Cullen M. Davenport L. Deloche S. de la Houssaye S. DOSSETT R. Duffy M. Earhart E. Ellis L. Everett H. Fancher B. Field . Finkle L. Fox L. M. Ferguson R. Feingold C. Fairchild M. Gastrell C. Grayson H. GoucH A. GOLL C. Gonzales A. GuioN M. Hartson M. Harrison B. Halpern K. T. Hanley K. Hardesty N. Harris Members M. Henriques E. Harris Haas C. Heaslip D. Hills H. Hiller M. Hoefeld E. HUGER H. Hyman B. Hyman E. Johnson B. G. Knox M. N. Keesler R. Kahn S. Kundert J. Kammer K. Kammer J. Ledoux E. Lewis A. Lockhart P. Laurence R. Lang L. Lambiotte ' . Lazarus A. Levy J. LURIE A. Mahoney M. Mars R. Moss B. McCoy F. McBryde H. Maestri M. McAllen L. Meyers M. Moise T. Micas A. Mitchner H. Morphy M. Michaelson B. McLaughlin E. Muse E. Parsons F. Pierson H. Perkins M. Patz Y. Pavy K. POLACK L. Phillips A. Richardson B. Richardson D. Russ B. Robertson R. ROGAN P. Saal N. Sancton M. B. Saunders A. Shands N. Seghers V. Stauss E. Singer D. Thomas M. Thomason M. TVITE E. O ' Leary M. VUNCANNON O. VMCKNAIR A. Veith M. VlLLERE J. Wallace M. Walker £. Westfeldt L. Wilson C. Wilson E. Waldermann E. Welch H. Wasserman B. Werlein A. White D. Yandell W. Wright A. ZiNK 328 c .i Hayward Backer CORTNER N. ewcom b Glee Club Officers Stella Hayward Prrsidrnl Alice Goll Vice P -esidrnt Leola Bacher Secretary-Treasurer Mary ' Cortner Business Manager Vivian Carrau Librarian Kathry ' n Bearss Frances Carnahan Mary Cortner Dorothy Daniel Villa East Eleanor Ellis Pauline Ephraim Edith Fasterling Katherine Greaves Mary Heiss Dorothy Ittmann Louise Adams Mary Armstrong Kitty Bacon Dorothy ' Baylor Vivian Carrau Elizabeth Coleman Leola Backer Dorothy Brandao Yvette Chequelin Dorothy Carroll First Sopranos Gertrude Johnston Salome Kundert Lucille Lazarus Marguerite Maritzky Helen McCampbell Mildred Michaelson Louise Parham RiLLA Lee Booth Elizabeth Cecil Mary Cunningham Bertha Denman Kathleen Edmiston Marionne Ellis Luella Everett Beatrice Gerson Stella Hayward Janet Hooper Elizabeth Johnston Ruth Kemp Mataileen Larkin Jean Ledoux Flora McBryde Thomasene McC orkle Alice Palanque Hermie Perkins Sarah Ramage Dorothy Schraut Dorothy Tennisson Martha Vuncannon Martha Wilson Margaret Rosser Bertha Seaward Mazie Viguerie Elmere Welsch WiLLiA Wright Second Sopranos Norma Gebelin Helen Hamilton Jane Hay ' WARd m. muenzenberger Marian Walker Dorothy Yandell Elizabeth Adams Attica Aitkens Frances Barlow Dale Brent Delphine Carron Mary Lee Coleman Arline Zink Alice Goll Flora Hardie Lucille Lang Mary Saunders Gladys Williams Altos Nellie M. Bartlett Martha Earhart Myrtle Gastrell Frances Gray- Margaret Hyde Thais Micas Anita Nolen Ruth Smith Maxime Hacedorn Marcelle Mars Clara Mooney Alba Richardson Dorothy Wigley 329 fc . O Qg? MOONEY Morrison Saunders The Newcomb Arcade Staff Maridel Saunders Editor-in-Chief Edna Elizabeth Morrison Literary Editor S. T. Ramage Exchange Editor Helen Hamilton Art Editor Ethel Jane Westfeldt Echoes Cecil Mooney Business Manager Sub-Editors Enid Fisher Doris Hills Grace McKittrick Macie Fine Elizabeth Lewis 33° Brandao Chequelin Westfeldt Newcomt) French Circle YvEiTE Chequelin Prcsidcril Ethel Jane Westfeldt Vice President Esther Brandeo Secretary-Treasurer Evelyn Maestri Stai e Manager Members E. Adams M. Aubert J. Bertlett D. Brandao F. Baas E. Baxter V. Blanchard E. Blanchard F. M. Bergeron C. Bradley I. M. Born K. Byrne R. Brandao E. Brandao L. Bayon G. Bear M. Burton F. Blacklock E. Breard B. Cleveland A. Chalaron L. Chalaron V. Carron P. Clarkson L. Cozenavette A. Carroll C. Chappell M. Crozat M. A. Caldwell A. J. Davis M. Deveraux M. Davenport S. Darter R. Duffy M. DUREL B. Denman A. Ellis M. Ellis E. C. Echold L. Everett E. ESKRIGCE L. EPPELEY L. Eustis H. Esdorn C. Fairchild I. Fowler K. Friedricks I. N. Fuickler L. FUNKHAUSER A. Goldsborough M. L. Giles N. Harris M. Hartson H. Hayward G. Hopkins F. Hardie M. Henriques E. HUGER P. Herzheld J. Ha tvard S. DE LA HOUSSAYE G. Jackson K. Kammer J. Kammer B. Keenan E. Kent L. Lambiotte R. Lang M. Leverich A. Levy B. Lewis L. LiVAUDAIS K. Levy L. LiVAUDAIS A. Logan P. LOLLIGER B. Mansberg H. Maestri D. Martin D. Mengis M. MoisE J. Metcalfe E. Morrison R. Moss D. McGriff L. Newell M. Newell L. O ' Donnell Y. Pavy- A. Pollard V. Philbrick M. Plauchee I. Prosdam W. Rainold S. T. Rammage A. Rhodes A. Richardson E. Robertson R. Rogan M. ROSSER S. Sandmeyer M. Saunders M. B. Saunders C. Saracco L. Scott O. Seiler D. Shea O. Simpson C. Smithers V. Stauss M. Troesher M. Walker E. Wadsworth H. Weld A. T. Weir B. Werlein D. Westbrook R. Willford M. E. Willis C. Wilson M. Wilson M. E. Woods H. Wasserman 331 Arckitectural Society, 1927-1928 Officers R. Gelpi President J. T. Collins yice President C. P. WiLLOZ Secretary W. A. FoLLANSBEE Treasurer Miss A. Howell Jambalaya Representative R. Gelpi J. T. Collins M. Heinberg Members Seniors I. Klein C. P. WiLLOZ W. A. FOLLANSBEE Miss A. Howell J. W. Underwood H. C. Parker M. Cohen Q. Walker Juniors E. Neild R. Crump L. EusTis G. Christy J. Abadie C. H. Wicker H. T. Hart A. T. Blaunt L. L. Wright E. P. Dupont Miss M. L. Hummel Sophomores J. J. Kessels R. Wehrman J. D. Purcell L. Bierhorst G. T. Kraemer S. M. Hoover N. J. Bandi F. A. POGGI J. P. Edwards G. A. Rolfs J. M. Anderson W. J. Carmauche W. A. Cahill J. H. Clampit C. Clinton J. M. Fitch M. M. Fishman F. D. Fulham H. E. Jastram W. C. Keenan, Jr. Freshmen E. A. Lea J. B. Levert G. W. Lonegan M. M. Maxwell C. L. Moroney Miss A. A. Miller 0. K. Mysing J. H. Philips 1. W. Riccintti E. H. Reisch J. C. Schneider J. T. Scott Silverstein W. K. Stubbs M. W. White G. P. Stubbs W. F. Williams S. Wilson, Jr. R. S. Yeargain S. C. Berdon 332 Cv .,: . ' Tulane Ne vcoint) Ckristian Union Officers Elisabeth Kendall President Cornelius Terhune Vice President Dorothy Ross Secretary Alice Goll Treasurer Lane Kendall Program Chairman Adrienne Asbury Dorothy Brandao Lawrence Brizard Sherwood Bergdorf Marie Burton Annette Carroll Dorothy Carroll Kyser Cox Will Cox Huldah Chapin Sherwood Clayton J. J. Davidson Members Mignonne.Durel Joseph Failla Alice Goll Helen Gough Katharine Hardesty Edward Hetland Lane Kendall Elisabeth Kendall Bertha Gwin Knox Alvin Marice J. J. Metzger Thais Micas George Monroe Dan Moore Mary Rollins Rebecca Rollins Dorothy Russ Colhorne Stewart Bruno Stolley W. F. Smith Virginia Tete Cornelius Terhune George Thomas Robert Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Hugh E. Robinson Advisors Tulane Newcomb Christian Union is an organization of Christian students, fostered by the Y. M. C. A. of Tulane and the Y. W. C. A. of Newcomb. The main object of the group is to discuss student problems and to find out in what ways Jesus helps to solve these problems. The unit seeks to bring about a greater fellowship of students, and also to broaden its interests into acts of service. All students of both Tulane and Newcomb are mojt welcome. 333 ., , , ; i : 1 " " ■ ' Bergeron Daniels Dodds East Field Fisher Foster Greaves Julius Knapp McLaughlin NocKTON Sweeney Tomlinson Tonsmiere Treadaway Josephine Louise House Council Officers Katherine Greaves President Enid Fisher Easi JVins President Elsie Julius Secretary Villa East Doris Hall President House Council 1928 Dorothy Daspit Dicy Dodds Lena May Nockton Marion Walker Beatrice Field (ex officio) 1929 Fannie Mae Bergeron Jo Meredith Evelyn Daniel Sue Tonmeire Mary Treadaway 1930 Inez Knapp June Pickens Mary Sweeney Doris Hall Representative Honorary Member Betty McLaughlin Ruby Foster 334 Lamb Jahncke Marshall MOISE Newcomb Athletic Council Pat Lamd, Clmirman Seniors Alice Moise Eleanor Waldermann Maridel Saunders Juniors Agnes Marshall Ethel Muse Dot Stearn Sop}lOlll07-l ' S Josephine Fry Adele Jahncke 335 m.. m F) Lambiotte McKrn-RiCK Seaward Tomlin ' son Wilson Y. W. C. A. Cabinet Grace McKittrick President Nanneite Tomlinson Rena Wilson • Vice President Louise Lambiotte . . Bertha Seaward . Undergraduate Representative Secretary Treasurer Nancy Allen Frances Baas Grace Bear Martha Bondurant RiLLA L. Booth Dorothy Brandao Dorothy Brown Clara M. Buchannan Mary A. Caldwell Louise Carrol Vivian Carron CoRiNNE Carter T. Carruth L. Chalaron A. Chalaron Huldah Chapin Cynthia Chappell Yvette Chequelin Peggy Clarkson Elizabeth Cleveland E. Coleman M. L. Coleman Mary Cortner e. coulson Catherine Crowe Kathleen Crawford Evelyn Crawford Evelyn Daniel Sara Darter Grace Ellington Eleanor Ellis Lucia Epley Louella Everett Beatrice Field Enid Fisher Bessie Fetzenreiter Myrtle Gastrell Shirley- Gay Mary L. Giles Frances Gray Lucille Greaves Eleanor Hafkesbring Katherine Hardesty Flora Hardie Mary Harrolson Margaret Henriques Helene Hey ' wood Marianne Jack Adele Jahncke Sue Joe Jarrott Cornelia Kell Betty Kendall E. W. Keeg Inez Knapp Louise Lambiotte Jean Ledoux Helene Levy Alice Logan Agnes Marshall Dorothy ' McGriff Grace McKittrich Clara Mooney M. Metzenberger Lillian Newell Margaret Newell Lena Mae Nockton Elizabeth O ' Donnel Vinette Philbrick Alice Pollard Janie Price Margaret Rennie Allie Rice Rosalind Rogan Mary Rollins Rebecca Rollins Dorothy Russ Carla Sapacco Louise Scallerty Bertha Seawood Doris Shea Odilles Simpson Gorilla Smith Mariola Sparks Dorothy Stearns Catherine Stewart Mary Sweeney Virginia Tete Virginia Theobald Nannette Tomlinson Margaret Troescher Alcenith Veith E. Wadsworth Lucie Walne Belle Watson Grace Watson Margaret Watson Betty Werlein Ethel J. Westfeldt D. Westbrook Mary E. Willis Rena Wilson M. L. Williams Dorothy Yandell 336 McKlNNEV Moore SCHAFFNER Terhune Tulane Young Men ' s Christian Association Officers Sherwood S. Clayton President Fred McKinney First Vice President Phillipe V. ScHAFFNER Second Vice President Dan S. Moore Secretary Cornelius A. Terhune Student Treasurer H. E. Robinson . General Secretary Dr. S. a. Mahood . Climn., Y. M. C. A. Faculty Comm. The Tulane Young Men ' s Christian Association is the only campus organization that is campus-wide in its scope. Membership in the Association is open to anyone who declares himself to be in accord with its aims. The program is carried on by the students under the direction of the General Secretary and is designed so as to care for the social, recreational and religious life of the student. Antoon Badger Bagby Cassagne Centanni Crettet David DiETH Failla Kendall Marice Metzcer Monroe Read Tharp Thomason 338 Fresnmen Y CIud Officers H. Thomason President M. Crettet Vice President J. Tharp Secretary C. Cassagne Treasurer Members E. Antoon A. Badger G. Bagby J. BONNETTE A. Centanni E. Dailey C. David G. DuBus J. Failla J. GUNN L. Kendall A. Long G. Monroe R. Pearson D. Price M. Read M. Seligman t . Tonkel S. Wilson J. Metzger A. J. Marice E. DiETH A. Kerstens G. E. Surgi U. J. Borvant A. J. Roth Advisors H. E. Robinson S. S. Clayton L. J. Darter, Jr. 339 Bailey Davis Heidelberg Safferstone Barkham Green MiDLO Strickland Coon Hatcher Ross Webb 340 Sq uare an d Co mpass An Intercollegiate Fraternity of Master Masons, Founded Washington and Lcc, lyiy. TuLANE Square Established 1920. Officers Dee a. Strickland President L. F. Gray Treasurer T. T. Ross Fke President H. S. Coon Inner Tyler C. E. Webb .... Recording Secretary G. A. Elgutter Chaplain D. R. Davis . . Corresponding Secretary J. S. Bailey Historian L. L. Allums Master of Ceremonies Advisory Council Dee a. Strickland, Chairman J. S. Bailey D. R. Davis C. E. Webb Honorary Members J. A. Davilla, Sr. George Poith W. A. Tharp W. J. Kaiser H. R. Perez R. H. Schaffmt P. L. Luck E. T. Price A. F. Suhling E. L. Jahncke R. E. Ramsey T. F. Mathes W. J. Hugo Henry Strack H. W. Wallace, Jr. Passive Members Dr. O. W. Bethea ■ Dr. F. L. Loria Dr. T. B. Sellers R. K. Bruff C. a. Latham W. A. Simpson Dr. H. a. Bloom Dr. S. B. McNair Dr. W. C. Smith S. V. D ' Amico Dr. N. H. Palmer Dr. V. C. Smith G. A. Elgutter E. M. Nabershinc D. O. Smith Dr. G. H. Felders Prof. F. W. Prescott James I. Smith Dr. Seth Floyd J. J. Ruffo Dr. P. J. Slaughter Dr. J. R. Flowers A. L. Robinett L. E. Standifer H. L. Gaidry C. S. Williams R. A. Steinmeyer Hugo Jamierson Dr. M. J. White A. M. Suthon Dr. M. L. Rosenbaum Dr. Kyle Hill L. F. Wakeman Dr. R. E. Summit Dr. V. S. Rabb Dr. P. Q. Stansall Dr. H. E. Cannon Dr. E. A. Ray Dr. D. R. Womack D. C. Easley C. G. Griffin W. C. Vetech Active Members L. L. Allums L. F. Gray D. V. Smith J. S. Bailey J. L. Green Irving Safferstone H. S. Coon C. H. Heidelberg Charles Taiktor L. T. Cox H. C. Hatcher C. E. Webb D. R. Davis Charles Midlo J. V. Willey J. E. Frazier C. S. Powell T. T. Ross S. F. Fraser D. a. Strickland 3+ :jii Cassagn ' e Clayton Minor Smithson Thomas Wager Terhone 343 fic c7am6a(aya 9« .i n.AAAPJia,n,.o,.o. )j),a.o.,ri,A ' LO.ori. Pi Eta Founded, Tulane University, May , 1927. Seniors S. S. Clayton C. A. Terhune O. Wager Juniors C. A. Minor E. F. Ryan Sophomores J. Smithson G- Thomas Freshmen V. Anderson C. Cassagne A. Miller 345 Anderson Antoon Arny Blow Brizard BURGDORF Clampit Cox DeBakey Failla GUIDRY Hanna HOLLEMAN Kennon Monroe NUNGESTER Read Tait Thomas Tritico Woods ZlEGLER 344 -- -f c f se ' ' t S f}J! ;??t Dormitory Club Ben Kaplan President C. Ernest Schmidt Secretary Michael E. DeBakey ' Treasurer Committeemen Frank Sica J. M. B. Filippone Vincent Guastella Members Seniors Ben Kaplan C. Ernest Schmidt Sophomores Michael E. DeBakey Vincent Guastella L. A. Crapitto J. S. Anderson James Fitch E. C. Hanna M. D. Rosenbaum J. M. B. Filippone Frank Sica C. M. Barrier R. A. Arny P. J. Sparer G. T. Thomas Freshmen L. A. LuNDY E. G. DeBakey R. A. Guidry Mackey White P. A. Kennon C. E. Dolhonde H. S. Tait F. M. Tritico J. H. Clampit J. S. Failla G. Nungester Philip Lisotta S. I. BuRGDORF Geo. Harverson J. W. Monroe Edw. Antoon L. Brizard W. W. Ziegler V. K. Cox R. A. Thomas L. D. Newman L. GrEENBURG J. S. BONNETTE HiRAM BlOW T. B. Woods G. A. Holleman Carl Chase J. R. Read W. E. Cox Special L. C. Davis Faculty George Kalif A. L. Aycock 345 BlERHORST BiGCAR CaBIBI Harrison Higcins Hopfensitz LODRIGUES McKlNNEY MeRCIER Clerc Fernon Inbau Levy Nelson Schaffner Arthurians Founded Februar) ' , 1925. Se?nors Carlos P. Cabibi Joseph G. Fernon, Jr. Vernon B. Harrison Lawrence E. Hicgins Albert A. Hopfensitz Louis M. Levy Juniors ROYDEN R. LODRIGUES Fred McKinney Phillippe Shaffner Reason Louis Cope Merrill A. Gerstner Sophomores Alfred Mercier, Jr. John W. Bierhorst Louis Bierhorst James R. Bigcar, Jr. Martin D. Burkenroad Milton C. Clerc Fred E. Inbau Willis J. Nelson, Jr 346 TrlC■, J ■l- | ' ■ -f. ' tI . " HWt T ' ' •?f C . 7-• -■ •— ;- ' _ ' :rrilt ' MS: W TO THE LADIES I cMiss " Dot Qeary cTKliss Frances Johnson Q iss Lucia Bpley oMiss etty Qleveland oMiss ' hhie Lang Q iss Irene Qlark Q iss c5 dele Jahncke e iss ] thleen Levy Q iss Jane illams (Miss llie oMahry 349 sTstiss IDot Qeary c iss ' prances Johnson ' V S ' ' ' ■ c iss Lucia 6pky J " iiSPk ' te ■ z? A :i cMiss ' etty (Cleveland wmk Tim eMiss " hhie Lang ■ I M- Q iss Irene Qlar cMiss fAdele Jahncke " - 1 m. m j ik; ' ' 4 . (2M.ISS } o.thleen Levy iVii %fe I Q iss ane ' Williams c iss Mellie oMahry To the Ladies And when a lady ' s in the case, You know, all other things give place. Gay: Fables. Ladies, like variegated tulips show, ' Tis to their changes half their charm we owe. Pope: Moral Essays. Beauty itself doth of itself persuade The eyes of men without an orator. Sliakcspcarc: Ring of Lucrece. A thing of beauty is a joy forever: Its loveliness increases; it will never Pass into nothingness. Keats: Endymion. If eyes were made for seeing. Then Beauty is its own excuse for being. Emerson: The Rhodora. Beauty, like wit, to judges should be shown, Both are most valued where they best are known. Anon. I 360 §:g?fnSifeSg iafe i 11 ft n FEATURES 51 - . «« ' v .-m ' ' jk-- , ' - d - ' . rr TT JAMBALAYA POPULARITY CONTEST I MOST POPULAR O MOST BEaUTIFUI. Ma m -| MvM?, BEST DRESSED (Stylish) MOST INTELLECTUAL J- MOST CHARM WITTIEST San- a V ac, tYV ■k; 7 BEST ALL AROUND ATHLETE ( MOST POPULAR TEACHER TAi ' 9, (A hna vAa - Lj. GREENEST FRESHMAN x. " 8- JOHN MENVILLE 4. ALLEN SMITH ■ 6. BEN FEAKKXIN « LEONAJRJD CHAMBERLAIN Ar.-RouDil Atli) " t.- T- DICK ROGERS S. THOMAS TRIGG ROSS ». DEE A. STRICKLAND l-.i.,.-(,u " -iiEJJtoi-of Jnn.l i.lnyft-P ' -r.».Doni«l 10. DR. H. E. BUCHANAN Just a few of the 9«9»999.999,99i).iK 9.! 87 an- swers to the original " Wlio was that I-ndy I seen you with last night? " Me: " Who was that lady I seen you with last night ? " You: " That was no lady; that was my brother with his new bell bottom trousers. " « First: " Who was that lady I seen you with last night? " Second: " That wasn ' t last night — it was this morning. " ■» f Con: " Who was that lady I seen you with last night ? " Sumption: " That wasn ' t my wife. That was a bob-haired bandit I was giving my money to. " Co-ed: " Who was the gentU-man I saw you with last night? " Second Dumbell; " That wan no g(-ntlr-man; that was a prohibition agent. " « Bororo: " Who was that lady I Heen you klnn on tho street last night ? " After: " That was no lady I kisHed on the street; I kissed her on the lips. " w « Sober: " Who was that lady I seen you with last night? " Full: " That was no lady. That was me dressed up like one — you was drunk and see- ing double. " FuUa: " Who was that lady you were with on the street last night? " Bull : " We weren ' t on the street ; I was in the gutter. " Coo: " WTio was that lady I seen you with last night? " Koo: " I wouldn ' t ask you that, if you had my wife out last night. " • It- Mary: " Wlio was that lady I seen you with last night? " Xmas: " That wasn ' t me — that was two other persons. " It- Howdy : " What could you be doing with that lady I seen you with last night ? " Doo: " I could have been playing polo — but I wasn ' t. " « Me: " Who was that lady I seen you with last night ? " Too: " Believe it or not, we were waiting for a street car. " Sal: " Who was that lady I seen you with last night? " Vation: " That was no lady, that was Julian Eltinge. " Sar; " Who was that collegian I saw you with yesterday? " Castic: " That was no collegian; he just lost his hat. " Ella: " Who was that lady I seen you with last night? " Phant: " Really and truly. I cannot tell a lie, as I am a direct descendant of Truthful George Washington, but that was no lady; that was niy wife. " This aint are de la Houssaye: " And why do you call me Pilgrim ? " Any Newcombite: " Because every time you call you make a little progress. " The Waitress who was so dumb that, when serving traveling salesmen, she didn ' t know whetlier Lettuce meant a vegetable or a propo- sition. ft- V- i « j I i % i Jt w ■jsmn THL DEPARTMLMT " r ' AMERICAN M - • V " ' f - t w Right This Hs Ladkels and Gkntlkmen ForTheBio Show I ..•-- : - ii . ' h l so GiKLS so CCOUHT, ■EM.) fe flS ' f ' t ; yc«p-j4oeii ; - T ' .a.r CRa nE, ORDER! BY THE LILY POND PAT tlLRSLLF o CAMPU3 O FOOT " NEWCOMB T MN5 MAY DAY Com us — A Pageant (Suggested by Milton ' s Masniie of Comus) The Class of ' 28 to the Class of ' 27 Saturday, May 7, 1927. Mirth and Merriment hold sway in the Enchanted Wood, where Comus, God of Revelry, reigns supreme. This day Comus chooses a Queen, and by means of his magic powers, he causes the Earth to pour forth its gifts in her honor. Bacchus, the father, and Circe, the mother of Comus, come to his rustic court with their followers. Circe gives the Queen a magic sceptre which enables her to glimpse the Palace of Eternity, wherein the Spheres and the Elements move. Sabrina, Goddess of the Silver Lake, who holds the key to the Land of Enchantment, admits mortals, who frolic for the pleasure of the Queen. Comus Beatrice Field Queen Dorothea Schlessinger Demigods Marion Walker Helen Morphy ' Mary Moffett Maridel Saunders Sue Mac Fox Janet Wallace Stella Havward Cora Heaslip Maids Naomi Hafkesbring Babette Wolf Frances Page Elizabeth Heaslip Fannie Baumgartxer Adele de la Barre Marcelle Melun Frances Shaw 373 The Four Horsemen OR Why Freshmen Medics Transfer to Soule ' s CAST First Horseman Death Second Horseman Wilbur Smith Third Horseman Irving Hardestv Fourth Horseman Wiley Denis Horses By the Southern Zoological Association Thunder and l.i jhlning By Jupiter Pluvius Head, Neck, Thnrax Abdomen Act I. Histology Act II. Embryology Act III. Arm and Leg Physiological Chemistry Physiological Chemistry Organology mmw What the Well-Dressed Man Should Wear (Apologies to Paul Mcllhenny, M.D.) I AND My Staff 374 ' hc(c7am6a(aya iinAfiai " i.ax;j:LOj " j).,ao,rtoAaaox ' ,ox)„o. «• mm 3HT • -REMEMBER?- ' ». • ' " 1] HEN DAV IS DOME- 375 AN INTERVIEW With a College Man Who Went Through College Without a Frat Pin By Snipen Snoop, Star Correspondent for Jambalaya The task of a reporter these dajs of balloon tires and pants, along vith the hazards of Ne v Fords, is endless. If it isn ' t a queen, it ' s a movie actor or a man who invented the combination knife, fork and spoon, and you ' re sent out to interview him about what he thinks of Russia or the problem of birth control. But the strangest story I have ever ventured upon happened last June, just about the time all universities are getting rid of a group of men who think they will just have to go out and show their goatskins to conquer the world. Anyway, this is how this happened: The August magazines were on the bookstand, therefore it was June; the Saturday Evening Post had just come out on the streets, this making the day Thursday, and just as I was settling down for a quiet afternoon with static on the radio and rustling of autos in the streets, learning the Black Bottom in ten lessons, the phone rang, and I heard the chief ' s voice: " That you? " " No, " I answered, " this is ray brother, and I ' m out of town. " " Well, get hold of yourself right away. I have an assignment for you, " I gave up the alibi. " It ' s I, after all, I find. I was just mistaken for a moment, chief. " " All the better. Run down to 2222 Twenty-second street. They ' ve just graduated a col- legian from Tulane University who in all his career at college was not drafted, dragged or politely urged into a fraternity. I want his views of the Greeks at the St. Charles institution, " asid the chief. " Right-o! " I said, as though I had lived in London all my life. I finished learning that step where you jump up and wiggle and then come down hard on both feet, and hopped a taxi. Life, as I see it, is very complex. We are living in an age of extreme uncertainty. I have yet to see the man who can jump from the roof of the Roosevelt Hotel and bounce, but after hearing about this man who managed to get through college without a frat pin, I began to believe in Santa Claus again. 376 The taxi cliove up to the door, and after arfiuiiin with the taxi driver about whether I K ' lt my full ride out of the last half mile, the street being bumpy, and me most of the time not on the back seat, I paid him my last $50.00 and gave him a dime tip. As I entered there I saw Mr. Ima Wonder, alluringly attired in a bathrobe of coon skin, trimmed with ermine, lying back in his luxurious armchair in a disorganized heap, wondering whether he was still drunk from the gin-party of the night before or was that really his diploma he held in his hand after hard years of work. Outside, the rays of the pitiless sun beat an unceasing tattoo on the expansive marble steps, wh ' .le the howl of the wind and rain reminded me of a zoo at feeding time. It was all very confusing, but at last I was having my much anticipated interview and nothing mattered. I spoke first. " This is indeed a most remarkable pleasure, have my card. " " Very glad to have you here, Mr. Snap, " he said as he read my card upside down. " Snoop, if you please, " I corrected. " I beg your pardon. I am a little nearsighted, and now just what is it you desire to inter- view me about? " " I am sure the readers of my magazine would be glad to hear about your career in Tulane, and how you managed to get through without being made a Greek, " said I, pulling a tj ' pewriter from my hip pocket and unfolding it. " There is really nothing I can say that w-ould interest anybody, " said the famous youth modestly, but lyingly, as he extracted a bundle of typewritten sheets from the drawer of his desk. " How did it happen that you did not get into any fraternal organization, and yet managed to get a diploma? " I asked, leaning over my typewriter to get every word. Whereupon Mr. Wonder smiled, displaying some nifty bridgework and a gold bicuspid. " It was most peculiar, I might say, accidental, Mr. Slop . . . " " Snoop, if you don ' t mind. " " Excuse me. It happened this way, " he said. " You can believe it or not, I was waiting for a street car . . . " " Now, now, Mr. Wonder. " " Now I recall that wasn ' t it al all. I remember now. " " But, Mr. Wonder, " I interrupted, we are getting away from the subject, I reminded him. So I turned to something else. " Mr. Wonder, what 65plen s $oe— (()??. " " I beg your pardon? " " My mistake, Mr. Wonder. It is getting quite dark in here, and I couldn ' t make nut the keys on my madiine. Could I trouble you to push that light button there . . . Thank you . . . Now then, what are your views of the Greek life on the Tulane campus? Coming from you, a nonfrat man, they will be impartial and most interesting. " His reply, which is not so hot, and not even worth repeating, will be found in the following paragraphs of this narrative. " Surely, " I ventured, " you are in accord with the twenty Greek organizations on the campus. " " Oh, yes, " he said, lighting a Murad and being nonchalant, " one is as bad as tha other, in my opinion, Mr. Slot. " " Mr. Snoop, " I corrected, doubling the " o " and substituting a " p " for a " t " . " Very inter- esting; tell me about them all, and what you really think of each of them. " " Are you going to publish this interview, Mr. Scoot, " he asked. " Mr. Snoop, " I urged him to call me. " Why, yes. " " Then this will be merely a formal interview, and no real truth in it. For if I told you in Russian what I think of those Greeks in German, and you were to print it in French, I would be arrested in English. " " Very well, " I said, just give me a mild opinion. 377 oyA ' - L(r-n.E-a- By-i of ' T-vou-CR ' i; AKE -wn.i.-i uED £-youBrf-A«o " Next in line would come the Betas, the D. K. E. ' s only rival in pledging contests; they grablied twenty-three yast year. They ' re really nice — that is, they try to be. Since Caruso has been dead, McCormick is having much competi- tion gaining notorietj- because of the Beta boys. Just the other day in Audubon Park Zoo someone thought the seals were getting fed, but it turned out to be a bunch of the Betas practising the latest opera, ' The Refrain from Smoking. ' " " Well, let ' s consider the D. K. E. ' s first. They are the original ancestors of the Mayflowers, or at least they think they are. Last year they pledged the babies of the campus by the whole- sale. I was wondering whether " Our Gang " from Hollywood was not an illustrative chapter of the boys here. And their parties — why I ' ve heard someone say they were almost as good as the ones given every night on the boat. But then when you think what blue-blooded boys they have decorating their furniture over at the house, you might forgive them. " " f " BE-CKY ' i ONE OF US. ' " The Alpha Tau Omega ' s idea of a good frat is one with a membership as large as the Elks. This can be seen by the number of freshmen they give the bum ' s rush every September. Nice, why they ' ll do anything for you — that is, of course, if you are a promising pledge. Occasionally they catch a man off his guard and before he knows what it ' s all about they have an A. T. O. pledge pin stuck on his coat lapel. But then, of course, have pity, they ' re a bunch of well-meaning chaps. " ■rKE-NEw-BETA-SOH " Have you ever heard of the Sigma Pi ' s? What? No! Why, then, you have never been on the Tulane campus. They claim they are the one and only salvation among the Greek members ; of course, that is their opinion. They promise more than a political candidate. Pledge Sigma Pi, they ' ll tell you, and you will never flunk. Dean Becky ' s one of us, and you ' re bound to get through. And collegiate — why, they never wear anything but plus fours, English cut clothes, and rainbow cravats. And are they socially prominent? Why, they have a monopoly on the 6:30 dates over at Broadway. " _ ___ ,0 " Do you like sailing? If so, here ' s your chance to get a nice r ' de up the picturesque banks of the new basin on a Jahnche barge. Yes, the big Sand and Gravel man from New Orleans is none other than a Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Not only that, but the S. A. E. ' s are a real frat. ' We have an Auxiliary Associa- tion, an Alumni Association, etc. We ' re always in the limelight; we ought to be, we pay enough to our press agents, ' the S. A. E. ' s will tell you. " _, vJE-ALSo - REAL- FRAT? AND- THAT ' S- CA.E. ' AN D-GET-YOUR T " With the clinking of tea cups and the chatter of voices anyone promenading down State Street can tell he is coming upon the Phi Delta Theta ' s house. ' We like our tea lukewarm and our women nice like we are, ' say the Phi Delts. ' Yes, we ' re very dignified, nothing rough about us. Any of our members who haven ' t afternoon classes can be found at the Audubon Tea Room, or some other such rendezvous gargling tea. ' You must come over and have tea with us sometime, the Phis veil in chorus. " " The Sigma Nu ' s are in a class all by themselves; they should be. They ' re a bad bunch. They don ' t ask a frosh to pledge in a nice civil manner — they threaten him. If the Sigma Nu ' s discover a good candi- date he has about as much chance of escaping them as a man has of not getting shot in Chicago. But then the boys are not so bad, it ' s what they feed them that gets them that way. They eat raw meat. " -Tbeoi Kt ° ' +Ae,. Those - 1 " If you want to find a Sigma Chi, take a stroll to the College Pharmacy; that is where they hold their meetings. They ' re the one, only and original drug- store cowboys. They ' re gradually dwindling down to a few members, and unless they lay off of cokes, in a year or two there ' ll be none left. They ' re mighty fine chaps, though, and they surely know their ice creams. " 379 4 ' oca. ccio 4or +he Ki: bo s " The country boy ' s haven. That ' s what the Kappa Sigs claim to be. They even have pic- tures of cows and chickens hanging on their walls to make their pledges feel at home. All the boys from the famous bayous of the state are grabbed up by the Kappa Sigs. Yes, they were very much in favor of farm relief; why shouldn ' t thev be — thev have to th ' nk of home sometimes. " " If you don ' t want to graduate from Tulane without being a frat man, all you have to do is make out an application blank, filling in your good features, and you are bound to be wearing a Phi Kappa Sig pin before you get your goat- skin. The Phi Kappa Sigs are very accommo- dating; they ' ll stretch a point to accommodate a pledge candidate. They are the last word in conveniences. ' ' ,,il?PtR ' " ' V Cr • 0 n ' ' ■vo Give YOU A •• -PHI KAPPA SIGMA P ' J ' - M Mi M " Tea social after tea social, the Kappa Alphas flock to. What would Tulane social life come to if it wasn ' t for this bunch of social hounds? They uphold the dear old name of Tulane in the social spotlight. Once there was a great social function at the B. K. A. Hall, the feature of which was a tea-drinking contest between the Phi Delts and the K. A. ' s. The K. A. ' s, after a wonderful gastronomical exhibition, dropped out ex- hausted, and the Phi Delts won by a Lip (ton ' s Tea). " " There ' s many a slip between your freshman and senior years, and if you don ' t watch your step that slip will cost you a membership in the Pi Kappa Alphas. Yes, they ' ve taken advantage of many a green fresh- man. They ' re noted for their love of nature and the great open spaces, the opener the better. Their love for the great open spaces can be seen by the way they have their house furnished. It ' s not furnished, that ' s the funny part, every room is a great oasis of noth- ingness. Next time Barnetts has a furniture sale, it Is rumored they are going to buy a chair or two. " E:M TRANCE TO BIG- OPEN SPACES 11 380 " Delta Tail Delta must have imported their pledges frnm Chicago. If you ever happen upon a hard looking bunch of bozos hanging on a corner that loolt like they are planning to stage a daylight holdup of the Hibernia Bank, don ' t be alarmed, it ' s nothing but a gang from the D. T. D. ' s house discussing the probability of grab- bing a freshman who, from all appearances, looks like ' Bull ' Montana ' s kid brother. " " One day while strolling down St. Charles Avenue I heard a bunch of funny noises. Coming closer, I found it was a conversation between some young men, but they were speaking in an entirely different language. ' V ' y, I tell you dot de Z. B. T. ' s is de best Semitic frat vot is at Jcwlane, ' I heard one say. ' You crazy mit der heat, the Kappa Nu ' s is mooch der better, ' another answered. And still a third voice put in, ' You all used to be pretty good, but since ve got a house, Oi, Oi, ve got it over you, my dear Izzy, ' said a Sigma Alpha Mu. To decide the argument each one put up a dollar, the one who would pledge the most Israelites next year would be the winner. It is rumored all are trying to import some Fratres from Jerusalem. " IS BEES A SEEJ-TEM? " If you can run, play football, tennis, base- ball, or even ping-pong, just as long as you have athletic abilities and you ' re not high-hat enough to get in the D. K. E. ' s, then you ' re certainly welcome over at the Delta Sigma Phi house. The boys keep in training all the time. They race for their meals, fight for the portions, throw the bread to one another and skip classes. And socially, how do they rate — why just ask any telephone operator. " we -TAKE-LEFT- O ER? BIG ' RACEl A.E.iJ) T?ONS ACLOSE SECOND TO A.K-.E. FOR ITHurriC MEMBERSHIP. " . ANb -XRV-TO-MAK-f FRATE-RlTV-MEMl M KU rj " Have you heard the ballad that one of the Greek orders has got out? It goes like this: ' Frcs imen and Upperdassmen don ' t you cry. If no one ' wants you, you can go Pi Kappa Phi. ' It ' s a fraternity ' s privilege to bid whom they please, but the Pi Kappa Phi ' s abuse this priv- ilege; they would bid everybody, if they thought they would accept. " 3S1 " Even your best friend won ' t tell you. And so it is the case with those garlic gargling Sigma Iotas. I never did like spaghetti, it always got mixed up with my tie, and as far as tripe stew is concerned. I even hate to think about it; it gives me indigestion. Then again my name is not Salvadore, Villarubia or Cortacco, so that is reason enough why I never joined the Garlic Eating bunch at Tulane. " 0- ' J THAT ARi.ic BONCH " Sigma Epsilons, the O. T. A. ' s are now two years old, and just as bad as when they started. They gave their best, but now he ' s gone, good old cheer leader, there ' s nothing left for them to do but to furnish the crowds with music, that is why most of them belong to the band. They holler " Well, give us time, give us time. " I am in favor of some judge giving them plenty ° ' ™ ' - " musicTansT After this lengthy information Mr. Wonder sighed heavily. " Now I can understand why you didn ' t become a frat man, but was just contented to be a college man, " I said. " Yes, " said Wonder, " when worse fraternities are made, Tulanians will make them. " It ' s a funny thing, after all the preparations I made in anticipation of this interview, it may interest you to know that I have had to write most of it from memory. For after I had returned to the office I discovered that while I had succeeded in getting down every bit of the interview just as it took place, I had neglected to put any paper in my typewriter. 11 -m iMtoo ' Ton g U-:£ 7-g " No MOTHRR TO GulDF. Her " Jim: " Look out. Big Boy, when you is ' round me, ' cause I ' se bad. " George: " How bad is you? Rate yo ' self, nigger, rate yo ' self! " 382 Senior Members of New comb Executive 1. Evelyn Bodenheimer President Debating Club 2. Muriel Wilson Newcomb Editor " Jambalaya " 3. Enid Fisher President Senior Class 4.. Cora Heaslip Vice-President Student Body 5. Maridel Saunders Editor of The Arcade 6. Beatrice Field President Student Body 7. Sarah Thorpe Ramage Business Manager " Jambalaya " 8. Ruby Foster President Student Council 9. Katherine Greaves President of the Dormitory " When a Feller Needs a Friend " (With Apologies to Brings) Garter Retriever Embarrassing Moments for Men Can Now IJe Overcome by This Astounding ' Sew Discovery Send I ' s Your a and Address Will Send You Wonderful New Conti-ai»tion Fay the lji !».876,»a6 Delivery Two Weeks Yon It, Send It Back Win Refund Your (Try to Ciet It.) Men of Good Taste INSIST ON THIS GAKTEK RETRIEVER Remember when you were at the Pan-Hellenic and your garter came loose ? Remember the terrible anguish? The embarrassment was un- bearable. You left the dance. Went home afraid, disgusted. And just on account of a little garter. No more need to miss any dances. We. Mi gentlemen ' s Accessories, Ink, Moskow, N. X., guarantee hoisting of your garter under the most delicate circumstances. New invention folds into the waistcoat pocket. When the gar- ter breaks, simply jerk retriever from pocket and hook up the elastic again. ON WITH THE DANCE. No Stooping — No Mortification Cooley ' s Contentful Undies " You Just Know He Wears ' Em " Next to Myself I Like C. C. U. ' s A daintj- and beautiful addition to mi-gentle- man ' s boudoir. The Season ' s most marvelous sartorial creation. Appropriate for trousseaus. Trimmed in all-wool Cluny lace, set off by a, bow of impassionate red, lavender or green. Hand-painted flowers on each of the step-in legs. Gives that dash of risque to mi- gen tie- man ' s under-lovlies. In all the delightful charming colors of spring, including lawn- mower green, hog-knuckle brown, grey de la avenue, pale peach, dandelion or nude. (Oh. Co-eds!) If your outer shirt ever tears you need not fear, just show your beautiful, mag- nifitent Cooley Undies. Styles to suit every figure. PRICED FROM $2.00 TO $10.00 BUY FROM YOUR DEAREST DEALER Q-.., i So )hie ' s Correspondence the Summer Before Her Freshman Year New Orleans, La. Diar Sophie: We are so collegiate. We have a milk truck and a senile Ford painted in exclusive designs. It is true we occasion- ally get into little difficulties, due to the fact that we have such high ideals that we have not time to think of mere Pan-Hellenic rules, but just the same we never mean any harm. We want you to come to Newcomb and be a good little Pi Phi. In case anyone should write you that we are not the best thing on the campus, it is dirty rushing; do not pay any heed to it. All that we ask you tn do is to join the French Circle (which ought to be easy) and to be athletic. Moreover, in spite of the dirty cracks in the .lamb in the past we ARE trying to be democratic. We are so broad- m ' .nded that we let little sisters gn Kappa. Sincerely, Pi Beta Phi. P. S.: And another thing — if YOU don ' t like us, vour mama will. New Orleans, La. Dear Sopliie: We are without doubt the best girls on the cam- pus. Most of the Deans ' daughters, all the Phi Beta Kappas, all the faculty, everyone who IS anything, is an A. O. Pi. Not only will we take you to our parties, but to everyone else ' s — after they are over. We have a hard-earned scholarship cup coming to us if we can ever wrest it from A. E. Phi or have a new one made. If you like our type (which you can ' t help doing), come with us and we guarantee within six months to make you one of us. Alpha Omicron Pi. New Orleans, La. Dear Little Sophie: All the Kappa Sigs and all the Chi Ome- gas are SO glad that you are coming to Newcomb. Wherever you go, whoever you meet, there will always be a Chi Omega among them. If you don ' t dance, we will teach you. Tell us what of- fice you would like, because, in spite of the fact that we don ' t politic, we do believe in helping our sisters along. We do en- joy presiding over Pan-Hellenic in spite of the fact that we some- times forget to come. We are very powerful in that body, and we can force anybody to apologize to anybody else with the as- sured backing of the two other members of the triple alliance. And don ' t forget this — if you are a Chi Omega, you are bound to rate with the boy friends. Yours till we meet at the train, Rho of Chi Omega. New Orleans, La. Sopliie Dear: You mu:t excuse my handwriting, but I have twenty-eight others to write, so I am in an awful hurry. We believe in quantity. We shall have a big chapter one of these days. We will meet you at the train — even if we have to race down the tracks to beat other people to 30U. If your papa is a K. A., you know what you are expected to do. Remember, they wrote our ritual. We haven ' t so man ' school offices, but, by gum, we have fraternity spirit — and look how we are making the f reshmen go out for activities I Phi Mu. P. S.: If we fail to convince you of OUR merits, let us strong ' v recommend as second choice Z. T. A. 385 r-@,x 0 feaiQg ?; New Orleans, La. Di-ar Sop tie: Enclosed find a date card. Some narroAv-minded people think we shouldn ' t send them out for another six months, so maybe you had better not say anything about it. We are nice law-abidinfc girls. We know you will love to be a Kappa Kappa CJamma, because then you will be so prominent on the campus. We have nothing again:.t an one, but our consciences are rather strict and we do believe that little penalties make people remem- ber things. Moreover, we have such a desirable type of alumns that we never have to break rules. We may not have so many Phi Beta Kappas, but we ARE the belles of the balls. Kappa Kappa Gamma. New Orleans, La. Diur So t iif: We have a good national. Our national is really marvelous. We do not mean to indicate that this is not a good chapter, but we just want to impress upon you that we lavc a good national. Come to our slumber party and you will get a liberal education. By the way, we have just had a good year, with an eye to the future (we are glad that you have five little sisters), and now, by heck, we defy anyone to say that we are not the best thing on the campus. If you are a Theta, you can be sure of bursting into print. Upon receipt of this letter we are sure that you will want to promise Theta without even wait- ing to look us over. Hopefully, Kappa Alpha Theta. New Orleans, La. Sopliif Dear! Do you like to act? If so, we are the girls for you. We all go out for dramatics. And you will be glad to hear that we no longer have to meet in a clothes closet. We ' ll admit the new room is not much bigger, but you have no idea how many nice girls can fit in ten square inches of bcaverhoard, and three windows prevent suffocation. We need you badly, because all of our Student Body officers are graduating in 1928, and our real reason for writing you is that you are president of the Hickville Debating Club. Yours for a bigger and better Zeta. Zeta Tau Alpha. P. S.: We forgot — if you don ' t go Zeta, for Gawd ' s sake go Phi Mu! New Orleans, La. My Dear Snpliie:. We hope that you are duly impressed w ' ith this letter, because we really do not have to rush. We wish you to note that in the recent mud-slinging contest ve escaped un- scathed. Nobody ain ' t got nothing on us. If ALL of our girls didn ' t get major offices, we at least have a majority in the C. P. N. — and there are always the past May Courts to fall hack on. Just because you are invited to our party, don ' t get conceited, be- cause we count out and only every thirtieth girl gets a bid. Hoping that you will be one of the lucky three. Sincerely, Epsilon of Alpha Epsilon Phi. d S S S Mr- m. @.. me.P)3 w. New Orleans, La. Dear So thir: We arc resliiifj; (in mir laurels and takirij life easy, but don ' t i;et alarmed. We can still turn out and vote when the occasion demands it. Hut we have gone past the office-seek- ing stage, for, after all, one Student Body President is enough to give us background. We are earnest girls, but do not get the im- pression that we are puritanical. We can outsmoke anybody on the campus except the Thetas, and with your kind assistance we might be able to beat even them. Enclosed find a carton of Lucky Strikes with the compliments of Alpha Pi Epsilon. New Orleans, La. Sopliie, Ciicrc: We haven ' t seen you yet, but any girl with all nineties in high school must be worth having. By gum, you are our type. No girl is admitted with an average of less than eighty- five. And look how we stand with the faculty. We are getting a monopoly on the Music School. Nobody has the low-down on us because we are so exclusive and keep to ourselves. However, we are spreading out and extending bids to a few out-of-town girls, 50 you can entertain some small hope. Yours, Zeta Sigma. New Orleans, La. Dear Sophie: We are in reality the daughters of the landed aris- tocracy of Louisiana. We are, consequently, very exclusive. De- spite anything Pi Phi or Theta may tell you, we are tlie oldest fraternal organization for women. After a long strugg ' e we have at last gotten a few people interested in activities. A.s yet we haven ' t been able to rake off many offices, but we have an option on the chairmanship of all hard-working committees. At prerent we are specializing in the intelligentsia. There is some good de- bating material on hand, but we are biding our time. You won ' t be sorry if you promise A. D. Pi. With best wishes. Alpha Delta Pi. Hickville, July 20. Dear Girls: It was very sweet of all of you to write to me, and I enjoyed hearing from you. After getting all eleven letters, though, I decided that the life at Newcomb is too complicated for a girl like me, so I am going to Ward-Belmont, where there are no fra- ternities. Thank 30U just the same. Hoping you have a successful rushing season, Sophie Green. 387 Soramer B. I: " Why is a se ving machine like a kiss? " Scmiiner B. II: ' Til hile. " (But really, HE won ' t.) Sommer B. I : " One sews seams nice and the other seems so nice. " Broad: " Why have you got your stockings on inside out? " Skinny (of course the one in step-ins) : " My feet got so hot I turned the hose on them. " Picture of a man being told that he couldn ' t buy a pear at the Pere Marquette. (Note terrible look of dejection on subject ' s face). The most humiliating thing that we know of is not the girl who blushes when she shouldn ' t, but rather the girl who doesn ' t when she should. ,.y K:S ; ' 0)7fk ' L; 9y p ?y :AI)VERT 13EnEHT3 ♦ ! fc¥ -.:i?; sa P)sSf;w. GODCHAUX ' S INTRODUCED ' University Style " TO MEN ' S ' ' Summer Clothing ' ' Now the two are married and we are seeing to it that they stay happily to- gether forever — in the Suits made in our own Summer Suit Factory! Zestful Patterns in Washable Fabrics Canal Near Baronne He ' s On His Way to Baldwin ' s to get sporting goods and togs. BALDWIN ' S has just what is needed — for whatever sport is proposed. And correctness, both as to quality and style, is characteristic of the entire stock. BALDWIN ' S A HUNDRED YEARS IN HARDWARE Camp at Common Compliments of Coleman E. Adier The Modern Boy Scout Lighting a Fire Without a Match KODAKS— KODAK FINISHING EASTMAN KODAK STORES, Inc. 21? BARONNE STREET COMPLIMENTS OF THE ELIAS SHOP 1060 St. Charles Ave. NEW ORLEANS We Cater Specially to TULANE STUDENTS Established 3 2 Years MOSS SHAVING PARLOR Ed. Moss. Proprietor 1 10 Baronne Street NEW ORLEANS. LA. WALK OVER BOOT SHOP T ' he Store of Beautiful Shoes LADIES ' SHOE DEPT.— MENS SHOE DEPT. 807 Canal St. 130 St. Charles St. Head of the Class In Quality Leads the Team in Performance M. STANDARD MOTOR OIL STANDARD THE ROOSEVELT When ihe family comes lo " college " have them slay at one of those splen- did hotels. The Roosevelt is in the very center of the theater, shopping and business district. The Bienville, facing New Orleans ' principal residen- tial avenue, was headquarters for evjry visiting football team during 1927. THE BIENVILLE Tke Copy for tke 1928 Jambalaya Was Written on a REMINGTON REMINGTON TYPEWRITER COMPANY YE COLLEGE TEA ROOME Audubon and Zimple Sts. The Rendezvous of the College Girls UNDER MANAGEMENT OF THE MISSES PALFREY Phone Walnut 2656 Hours 8:30 A.M.— 5:30 P.M. ®I|f t. dliarlf Alfred S. Amer ii Co., Ltd. Proprietors " The Finest Ail-Year Hotel in the South " Perfectly Located in the Heart of the Business and Amusement Centers of New Orleans Q ip Parts nf Ant? rira YOUNG FOLKS ' SHOP 221 Baronne Street SPECIALIZES IN DRESSES COATS SUITS HOSIERY Undergarments FOR COLLEGE GIRLS SURE WINNERS! " " one ma,n_k I COLLARS and TOI MO Miah j FRED SCHERER, Inc. " THE COLLAR STORE " 721-723 COMMON St. THE KREEGER STORE, INC. CORRECT COLLEGE TOGS FOR SMART MISS NEWCOMB HAUSMANN, Incorporated NEW ORLEANS ' LEADING JEWELERS Extend Greetings to Newcomb and Tulane Students and Hope to Often Have the Pleasure of Showing Them Through This Magnificent Establishment College Styles— Modes that originate on the Cam- pus, and that are eagerly taken up by Frosh, Sophs, Juniors and Se- niors, find their way to the various departments of wide-awake stores that have a collegiate following. IN COLLEGE CIRCLES IN NEW ORLEANS— IT ' S MAISON BLANCHE Greatest Store South MEDICAL BOOKS Students of Tulane Will Find a Full Line of All Books Recommended in the Medical, Dental and Pharmacy Departments — At Our Store We Take This Opportunity to Thank All Tulanians for Their Patronage J. A. MAJORS COMPANY 1301 Tulane Avenue NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA HEADQUARTERS FOR STUDENTS ' SUPPLIES Microscopes Dissecting and Biology Supplies Surgical Instruments Hospital and Physicians ' Supplies I. L. LYONS AND COMPANY, LTD. Camp and Gravier Streets " We Outfit Drug Stores " THE TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA NEW ORLEANS THE UNIVERSITY EMBRACES THE FOLLOWING DEPARTMENTS: The College of Arts and Sciences The H. Sophie Newcomb College for Women The College of Engineering The Graduate School The College of Law The School of Medicine The Graduate School of Medicine The School of Pharmacy The School of Dentistry (Senior year only) The College of Commerce and Business Administration The Course for Teachers The School of Social Work The Night School of Electrical Engineering The Night School of Architecture The Summer Schools FOR CATALOGUE ADDRESS Registrar of the Tulane University of Louisiana GIBSON HALL, NEW ORLEANS STUDY AT THE SCHOOL OF MEDICINE GRADUATE SCHOOL OF MEDICINE SCHOOL OF PHARMACY UNEXCELLED OPPORTUNITIES ALL SCHOOLS OPEN TO WOMEN ON SAME TERMS AS MEN Write for Catalogues and Particulars THE COLLEGE OF MEDICINE TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 1551 CANAL STREET NEW ORLEANS. LA. THE H. Sophie Newcomb Memorial College for Women alulaur Hniupraitg nf ICnuiaiatta • A COLLEGE OF HIGH STANDARDS OFFERING A TRAINING THAT WILL HELP OUR YOUNG WOMEN TO BECOME USEFUL CITIZENS COMPLETE COURSES IN ARTS AND SCIENCES FINE AND APPLIED ARTS MUSIC FOR CATALOGUES AND INFORMATION. ADDRESS REGISTRAR, NEWCOMB COLLEGE NEW ORLEANS, LA. Gus Mayer Co., Ltd. The Specialty Store SENDS THIS MESSAGE Congratulations to the Seniors! — one of many Newcomb classes this store has been privileged to serve, with correct toggery. We Specialize in the Fine Art of Dress stores in New Orleans Mobile Memphis Houston Shreveport Birmingham KATZ « BESTHOFF 4 ii GOOD DRUG STORES 911 Poydras Street FRESH PROVISIONS TELEPHONES MAIN 1809, MAIN 1876 HERBERT H. RUCH In the Years to Come SILVON PORTRAITS Will Remind You of Those Wonderful School Days 09 Baronnc Street Have Them Made Now NEW ORLEANS A SYMBOL OF SERVICE Wherever the above symbol is seen it means that more than 4,300 employees are engaged in the task of giving to the city of New Orleans the highest possible degree of gas, street railway and electric service. These 4,300 employees have made the above emblem truly a symbol of service. NEW ORLEANS PUBLIC SERVICE Incorporated Jahn OUi Again ' ' (oIIJe are America ' s largest school annual designers and engravers because we render satisfaction on more than 400 books each year. Intelligent co-operation, highest quality workmanship and on-time deliveries created our reputation for dependability. JAHN OLLIER ENGRAVING CO. Photographers, Artists and Makers of Fine Printing Plates for Black or Colors. 817 W. Washington Boulevard - Chicago Telephone MONROE 7080 We do not stib-let any art or engraving THIS BOOK PRINTED BY BENSON LARGEST COLLEGE ANNUAL PUBLISHERS IN THE WORLD HIGHEST QUALITY WORKMANSHIP SUPERIOR EXTENSIVE SERVICE COLLEGE ANNUAL HEADQUARTERS

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