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: ' t- ' :.-Jf ' .- • r.- r rW m X r- -■ r - -- JAMBALAYA Copyright 1927 hy the Students of Tulane University TULANE UNIVERSITY NEW OMvEANS, I, A. wmmmmmmmmmm ' m -1 J ■■ ' 3 ' IfOREWOR© WB,, THE EBITORS OF THI YDLUME, fSAVE LABORED UNCBASTNGLYJN OUREl ORTB TO PRESErlSTTG)TTE 3TUDEN!E FACULTY, AND ALUMNI OFimS GREAT LT IVERSlTk , A FDU R ANB MOKE VARIED CHROMCLR or LT BRGRADUAtE TIPE THAN HA BEEN GIVEN IN PREvrous jambala :as. WE HAVE CHOSEK AS THE BACRGROmSD A (D BECORATIVE THEME OF THE 1927 JAMBALAVA THE MISSISSPFI RIVER -50 GUO- RIOUSLY SHROUDED WITH ROMAMANTK ANECDOTES, $0 RICH m xxs m romc mx ' ■ i rTD so CU)5ELY IPfTET?WO - EK VTITH THE HliSTORY OF OtR aW3S CRESCENT aTY. WE HAVE t T EAVORED TO POR- TRAY, m ADTHBirric histor- ical SEQUENCE, THK UEB AND DEVEU)P ' IEI ok the RIV R EROMTHETCME OI ixs DISCOVERY UP TO rm pre,Se;i t, showing thc ari0(u3 types ofboax AND THE STYLE OE DRESiS IN VDCUE DURINCfc THE DIF- FERENT PERIODS. WE HOPE mm EFFORTS WILly BE VE XWt,Ji AS ETOimS- IA5TICAL1,Y M THEY WER GIVEN. 11 K -i DEDICATION T© CYMBL UY GcWF IN PROFESSOR OF BAnKm( AND BUSINBS5 FDiANCE WE RESPECTI ULUY DEDICATE THIS THS TFilRTf-SECOM) VOLUME OF ' TH JTAMBALATA -» 1. CONTENTS THE UNIVERSITY TME CLASSES TO THE LAMES ATHLETICS FRATEKNITIES FEATURES 3u il mnrtam tUtam HalrlttTr Jrhy Pn ' Ht f ut uf tbr Inarft nf Aiimiuistratiirs of aluUinr lluiurnutii iicii Nminnbrr 2Q, 1020 J ,n v yj, tmk Administratioin JAMBALAYA Ai.r.i.KT Hi.iiisoh DiNWiiiDii., I ' ll. I)., l,L.l). PnsiJnil of l ir I ' lii-vnsily - Ill ' THE 19 27 ;klsfckij . JAMBALAYA " ' =-— • PiRRCK Blti.kr, n.A., M.A.. I ' ll. I). Pidii of , iii{omli Cnllriir 3 THE 1927 sSEa= Edward A. Hi:l-iitei,, Ph.D. Dean of tlie Colti-ijr of Arts and Sciences College oi Arts and Sciences The College of Arts and Sciences is, with the exception of Newcomb College, the largest College of the University, with an enrollment of some 525 students and a faculty of more than 40. This College offers a wide opportunity for thorough training in language, literature, the social sciences, and the laboratory sciences. Its purpose is to prepare men for research work in the graduate schools, or for admission to professional study, or for a business career. The Pre-Medical Courses give a thorough preparation tor the study of Medicine, while other courses provide for the needs of tho.se who pi,i]i to enter upon the stud of I„iw. 14 Jldci: RiiLs Edward I ' ositK, LL.K. Diiin of llic Coltiije of l.avi Tne College of Law I ' lir Tulanc Collcjic of Law 1i:in been in rxisti ' iici- since 1X47, when it was knowi! as till- Law I)i-partnuMit of tlu- I ni crsity of Louisiana, wliiili subsciiucntly bi anu ' Tulani ' University. Tlu ' purpose of the Collfjic of Law is to educate men for successful practice in tlie courts of I ouisiana anil in the Federal courts. In all courses .special attention is paid to the Louisiana statutes and decisions, but this in no way lessens the value of such courses for students who come from other states. The aim of the College is through the study and analysis of cases, to develop a lefjal mind and to ground it in legal principles. To this end the college has selicted instructors for their fitness to te.icli and to train and for their willingness to devote themselves enthusiastically to these subjects. The college provides a large and well .selected librar by the use of which students become familiar with the extensive sources of the law and learn " how to find the law. " Its courses cover e ery important topic, and a period of three years ' study of law is reipiireil for graduation, enabling the student to bicoine thorough in discipline ami knowledge. .Satisfacforv completion ol at le.ot two years ol college work in an approved insti- tuliori is reipiired before entering the College of Law. ' 5 THE 1927 :i sar CiJARLKS Cassidv Bass, M.D. Dean of the School of Mcdidm- and I ' hai tna y The College oi Medicine Emerson once said, and very truly, " The first wealth is health. " It is more pre- cious to a people than good roads; the iiiiprovements of rivers and. harbors; the fosterina; of agriculture, or flic conservation of natural resources. Upon good health depends efficiency and ha|ipiness. The line between efficiency and inefficiency is drawn upon the ability of the individual to go to work to(la ' ; tliat between hajipiness and ludiappiness upon the ability to enjoy the work of today. Health is the great problem of lite. In tlie past Jiealrh has been (K-prrnK ' nt largely ujion curative medicine. In the fiitinc it will be largely dependent upon pre entive medicine. Statistics show that ever litt seconds a life is lost to our cciuntr through preventable di.seases. Medical .science believes that the known pic entable diseases constitute only a fraction of tho.se that can be |irevented. Ever since its establishment in 1834, the Medical College of Tulane I ' ni eisit ' has been doing its utmost to raise a standard of medical echication throughout the country. Now, after ninety years of active existence, it has taken its jilace with the leading medical colleges, not onl. of the state and coujifiy, buf ol the bole world. 16 . JAMBALAYA Dknecri; Martin ' , M.U. Dean of the Graduatf Stiiool of the Colleyc of Midhine Tlic Graduate School of Medicine ' llic ( ii;i(lii;itc Stliiiol ot .Medicine is the Fost-Ciraduatc Department of tin- (. " ollc e ot Meilii. ' ine i)t tlie Tulane I ' niversity of Louisiana. It i tile .Mecea for the physicians wlu) wish to take short, re ie v cour.ses, or tho.se leailiri); to a specialty. During the forenoon instructions arc niven by men of tr;iinin ' ami experiences in the clinics of the Charity iiospital. Toiiro Infirmary and the Kye, Kar, Nose and Throat, Hos- pital, and in (lie attcnionn and cxeninji didactic lectures are delivered at the lliilrliiMin Mcniorial, coNeriny; all ol tiie hranclu ' s iit Medicine. ' 7 , JAMBALAYA UoiGi.As Smith Anderson, B.E., M.E. Dttiii of ilir ColU ' iic of Eniiinirrinri The College of Engineering 1 Ik- C " olic ic (it l ' .nf;nuH ' nn;i oHfis riiiiisi ' s ol |irofi ' s,sional tiMiniii in tin- liinda- nu-nral piiiici|)k-.s uiulcrlyinii tlu- arimis biaiich;-s of Engineering and Arcliitecture. The formulation of these courses is the outgrowth of the best thought of educators aiul the engineering iirofession and of our own experience during the last two decades. The technical studies ui the College of Engineering are contained in fnui ' divisions called schools. ' I he schools are di iiled into departments. A department includes subjects, or groups of subjects, which are similar in nature. The Schools are: Mechan- ical and IJecti ' ical laigiueei iug ; Ci il Engineering; Chemical Engineering; Archi- tecture. No candidate for a degree is allowed to restrict himself to the narrow training which nught be imparted by any one school. Work in the technical deji.-ii tments of one of the abo e schoids is niadi- the backhor.e or priiuipal p.irt ot a lour years ' cour.se, and supplemental work is rc(|iiirc(l in othci schools m the college. t-iii ' i i M JAMBALAYA MdKiov Arsoi.i) Ai.DRicii. A.H., I ' li.D. J,«H « ■ Collii i- of Cnmnuri, mi, I ISiisiiiiSs lilmiiiislnilin): The College of Commerce The purpose of this College has hcen since its establishment in I ' ll 4. to offer siih- staiitial professional trainitif; preparatorv tii a business career. ' I he iiistructinn offered is planned for students siilheiently able and niatuie tn do u(jik ot university grade, and no student is received unless prepared to do unik c)i this character. It is essential also to the permanent success of the College that its students approach their work in an earnest professional spirit. Students failing to do .so may expect to be askeil to vith lra v. In order to make the course available for business men and women, classes are also belli .It night trom S to ):4 ' i. These classes meet at (libson ll.dl, Tulane Ifiiversity, each course being held one night a week. I! thus devoting nnl one night .1 week to art ' nding a course, ;i student ina t.ike an iil the night courses offered. ' 9 . ' ' ; i - S7 1 JAMBALAYA Al.VKI-ll AklIIUJAUi 1.1. 111., U.U.b. Dian of the School of Denistry The College of Dentistry The School of De ntistry was organi .ed twenty-six years ago as the New Oileans College of Dentistry, and in October, lyoQ, became the Dental Department of Tiilane University of Louisiana. With this consolidation the equipment was lar.iiely added to, increasing materially the facilities for instruction. Additions to the equipment will be made each season as the progress of modern dentistry demands. Beginning with the session of 1913-1914, the title of the Dental Department was changed to the School of Dentistry of the College of Medicine. The school is a member of the American Association of Dental Schools, and is rec- ogm ' .ed by the National Association of Dental F.xamincrs. Beginning with the session of 1917-1918, the School of Dentistry has offered a four-year covirse, leading to the degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery. The School of I entistry, beginning with the 1 92 s- 1926 session, requires a student to have successfully completed one year ' s studv in the College of Arts and Sciences before enrolling in the Freshman Class, thus making the study of dentistry a five-year course. It is for this reason that no freshman class was enrolled last year. t.. J JAMBALAYA CIkorck Stiart Urowv. M.l ' ii., M.O. Cliairmaii oj tin ' Ftiiully of llu- St iool of I ' linrmaty The School oi Pharmacy This school was cstabh ' shfd in wSjS. In njoS, rlic Phaiiiiaccutical Schui)! ot the Medical Department became the Department ot I ' harmacy ot the Tiil.nu- I rii ersit of Louisiana, anil in I ' JlJ, uitii the reorsjani ation of the (h ' isions of the I riiversitv r -latcil to Medicine, the .School of I ' liarm.icy becime a part of the reconstituted Collefje cpI Mc(h inc. The sihool holds mcnihership in the American Conference of Pharmaceutical I ' aculties, ort;ani ed to promote the interests of Pharmaceutical education. JAMBALAYA ==c Ul ' TOWN TULANE FACILTV " " mz ' THE 1927 1 i I r. t;;: -V-X- ?% ' ■ " tWii EJ NEWCOiMB FACL ' LTY 21 .-i " THE 1927 Franz Hlum Olivi:r LaFargh The Department of Middle American Research I ' lu- Ilcp:ulr7icril iil Mkldk- . iiuii(:iii Kt-searih, yoiiiiKe t iif Tulaiie ' s activities, was IoumiIl-iI in March, 1924, for studies in Mexico ami Central America. While its program eventually em- braces the formation of a center of information on all phases of the subjects, in ii;25 anlhro- pological and agronomical expeditions xvere sent out. The jiast year has been devoted to work- ing lip the reports of this field work, to the organi ation of the department, and to ordering and (ompleting its extensive library of reference. At present it gives no courses, ' but offers to the university and to visitors, through exhibits and books, the means of becoming actpiainted with the most picturesque and interesting part of tlie two Americas. Scientists and business nun from various parts of the United States and from foreign countries have already bcgmi to avail themselves of these facilities. The department ' s preseni plans involve a slow expansion of its field of interest, more explorallon, and contiiuiation ot its policy of welcoming and assisting visitors. Students ot the university arc particularly welcome at all times. 24 THE 1927 BC ' ' JAMBALAYA Committees of tKe University Faculty Tfif iVfsident »if iht- l ' ni ' iT it ' is ex-nfficio iiiemher of al! coniinitlees. Ciiininillii- on .Idmissitin and .Idvancid Standimj — Professors Ueihtcl, Mfiuict, Aiulfrson, I.yoii, Tew, Durel, V ' aii Kirk, Bass, McCiitchcon. ( ' .ommillii- on llhtitics — Professors White, Aiulersoii, Huihanaii, Smith, Klliott. ( ' (iinmilln- iin ( ' .(iinnuni rnunl — Professors I ' mtcher, Crozat, Ciessner, Ten lloor, Rohert, Klliott, (Jrithii, Many, Hriiff. Commillii ' iin Dihnlinij — Professors Mel5r iie, IJoiHiell, Kirk. Prescolt. Reed, llar rett. Commillii on J ' raliiniliii — Professors W ' liile, .Moseley, Derricksoii, Ilartlcsly. Cominillir on Grounds and Buildinijs — Professors Aiulersoii, Cocks (neecaseil), Robert, Derrieksoo, ' riioinsoii. (. ' ominillii- on I ' nivirsily l.ilirary — Professors Cocks (Deceased), White, Hecluel, McHryde, Kendall, Klliott, liuchanaii, McCutcheon, GreKory, Miss Hell. Commitlif on Sludint I ' uhlmilions — Professors McUryde, McCulcheon, Siiniiions, Ilardesly, Kendall, Martin. I ' .lsasscr. Commilhr on Dislnhiilion oj l n- Sliidinl I ' l,- — Professors Heclilel, ( .itini, Kniierl, Ashman. ( ' oninntti I ' on Dnrmiloni y- Protevsors llardc-lv. . iulerson. ( ' .ommillii- on Tulinii ). . ( ' . .1. — I ' rolessors Maliood, I.yon, Ilardesly, Sellers, Punlap, l.alimer. Sinnnons. »5 JAMBALAYA The University Council Presidf.XT OlNWlDDIE, Chairman President Emeritus, Suakp Ex-OkFICK) Ml-.MHIiR.S Dr. Moriok Ai.DRicH I),an, Culli ,- nj Commerce Proi ' . Dout7LAS An ' DERSon Dean, Cullei e iij F.mjineerinij Pk. C. C. Bass Dean, Sthixil nf MeJidne Dr. Edward Bechtel Dean, Culleije i j Iris an,! Siiemes Dr. Pierce Butler Dean, Seicimnli Cnller e Judge Rufus Foster Dean, C.nlleije of l.aic Dr. , ' i.KREn Leefe Dean, S(liniil nf Denlislry Prof Adair LvoN ' ( ' Iiinn. C.nmnienial ( ' .(,iirsis jnr Teat hers Dr. Den ' GRE Martin Dean, (inulnali Sihiml nf M,,liiine Dr. John McHr df Dean, (hdjuate Si kkiI Elected Memhers ' rerm nl Otinf — Sessions of 1925-26 and 1926-27. Prof. C. W. Duvai SehonI nf Mediiine Prof. . . B. Cox Cnlleije nf l.anv Prof. Uaf W. Moseley Cnller e nf .Iris and Siiemrs Miss Lvdia K. Frotscher Neivcnmb Cnlleije Dr. Irvi.mg Hardesty Graduate Se iool Term of Office — Sessions iif 1926-27 aiul 1927-28. Dr. Allan C. Eustic Craduale SihnnI nf Mediiine Dr. a. C. 15. Meynier SihnnI nf Denlislry Proi Dokai.d Derickson Cnllrr e nf linijineiruKi Prof. F. SA •■|R • Rffd Cnlleije nf Cnmmene Ri;i ' Ri ' SEXT, riVF:s of All mm Adnisok ' S ' Com ni " n:ic Miss Carmfi.itf Ianvifr Gustaf R. Wksiifldf . . 26 JAMBALAYA Alumni Association of Tulane University OT Louisiana IriKirfii riiliJ .lunuary Jo, SqS GIRSON II All, St. Charles Ave., New Orleans, La. Ofkickrs, 1926-1927 LuciAN II. I.ANDRv PrcsUcnl 3523 Prytania Street S. Waitkr Stkr.s- Vice-Prrsi.linl 840 I ' Tiion Street Rkmakii li. Mov rf;nMr:R Secrilary 818 Whitney Central Bldg. IIevr F. ScMfRER Tnasiircr 721 Coininon Street J. RAVMdii ' ii FoniK Genrral Miiimijfr Gibson Hall, Fulane I iiivcrsity ExECLTiVE C )MMnri:i;, 1926-1927 Colliiji- of Mfdiiine Graduate Sr iool Kd.mi ' M) I,. Faust Lionel C. Dirfi, J. O. Rives Nicholas Bauer Cotlef e of l.atv Nivjfomh CoUnjr CuiJinERT S. UAi.nwiN Leanne Lanchetee Wii.i.iAM II. ' I ' AinoT Mni.i.v Palfrev Collrijf of .Irts and Sdiiicij SiJimil of IJittlislry Lewis F. Wakeman F,. L. Foriirr Rudolph Weismaw S. r . Gore Collri r of Eni inerrinii Colli-tie of Commrrcr James P. Kwis M. V. Wallace, Jr. Pail IIaiians I " . Havis MiCitchon Sihnol nf I ' iarmaiy AllAM WiRIM JllllN DaNM KKR a? Jn ilfmnnam l lirhar •u1u Jlriifrniuir nf iUntauit of Sulaur Huiitrrsity it Nnitnnbrr 21. lUait 28 Wm . 5: - !|«s-; fl! :is £ Sn iiiiliJilliJlL J osephine-Louise House SENIORS THE 1927 ck: ,,,:!.g| i i=- , JAMBALAYA U 4 " Aaron ' , Josephine Nachitoches, La. 1?. L MOARTNER, FaNNIE A A n French Circle. A n ]■: N - v Orleans, La. C. p. N.: Debating Club fl, 2, 3, 4 ; Pebntlnu Council (.1, ; Dramat ic Club (3, 4): Secretary (4); Giro Club (3, 4): BuHlheH.H Manager " Jambalaya " H): C|aa» Dobatine Team (2, 3): Newcomb Ball (3. ;!); Ne» onib BaHketball (3); Hockey (3); Baseball (S, 3); Croquet Team (2. 3); Bowling Team (2. 3). Beairi), Fredeev Cirv. Mi X s. ' , A i: Mnnilolln-fiullur " ' lul. ID; fib. ' I ' lub (1 ; Debaling flub (I. 2. 3, 4); Y. W. c. A. (1. Is; Claim VI I ' reMldcnt (1); ClaxM rrexlilenl Cl; Debating club ■ ■reHlibnl 131: Debating Council (2, 3. 4); Secretary (3); Chairman or DebatiH 14); ciuKK Debatex (1, 2); Cnrnot Debate (3); Nljcon Debate (3); Inter-Col- leglale Alternate (31; Slu li-nt Body Vlce-rri ' Mlilent (4); Student Council (2); iluuae Cnuuell (4); Kxecullve Commltlce (2, 3, 4). HeER, Cl. K ( f OlIlMlls, L;i. A V. -I ' , A :; i .Mi nibilln-r!ullHr ' liib (1. 2, 3, 4); Debating I ' lub (1. 2. 3, I); Dnimatlc club 1. 2. 3. 4); lYinch I ' IrcIo (1. 2. 3»; Arcaile Hnanl (I, 3); Cla»ii Prexliient (3); MtUilent Hoily I ' reNldcnt (41: Debaling Coumll (I. 2. 3, 4); Athlelb- Council (2. 3l; Kxecullve Committee (3. 4); Student Couhill (3, 4 ; Hiiretary Mnndullii- (lullar I ' lub (31; Clanx Debate (I. 2); Inti ' r-Cnileglale liebale (3); Oeorge I rl«e (3); Itunkelball (2. 31; Cnptaln (2); Volley Itall (1. 2, 3. 4). SENIOR CLASS Ncrvcomh ColU-gc THE 1927 xj i a: , JAMBALAYA HiRi.NsoN , Anna 15oj;alousa, La. I ' raiiKitii- Club (2. S, -1); Gli-o CIul) (2. 3, 4); Ni ' wromli BivU (2, 3. 4). liRDi ss Ki). Agnks Alibc ilk-, La. A n V. V- !•. A. (2); lii-liatiiiK ' lul) (2); Krfshman f ' oniml.ssion (1); M.inilolili- Cuitar Club II); Var.sity Tennis (1). liKdWN. Marion ' New Oilcans, I a. Fl-ench Cil-flu (1); D.aniallc- Club (1); Glee Club (1). Cakuin ' i:. Lrix New Oilcans, La. A A IT SENIOR CLASS NeJVcomh College " v- i - ■ L, JAMBALAYA C» fc! «- OP. " Ftt ? 1 % A ; 1 ' « JIE9«». Cii i.. R() , L ' l.AiRi: Xi-w ()rl(.-;iii , l,a. X Q Fri-ii.h Circle (1. 2. 3, i); DcbatlnB Club (1. 2, :!): Dramatic Club (1. 2, 3. 4); ProHldcnt French Circle (4); Secretory-Treasurer (3); Freshman CommlH- Hlun (1). C H AR H( ) IT . 1 R. l I N " i; i ( )rlf;ins. I, a. K K r French rhcle (1. 2. 3. 4); Iielmlhm ' ilul. (I. 2, 3. 4); Arciule Bnard 2 ; Inter- I ' luMH Delmle (1. 2. 3); Frcm h I ' lnys (I. 2, 3. 4); Se retary lieluitlnK ' ' lul (2); iJebiillni: Couiiill (1. 2); Vlcc-Prc»l lcnt French Circle 14); Newcuiiih Kdllor " llullahalou " (4); t ' arnot Ijcbatc (2). ClJR, llll.i: c V () licaiis. I. a. CowiiiA, Ri 111 Ilnimia, I, a. V. w. c. A. SENIOR. A ' c ' U ' conit College S , - 57 Craw loRn, Alai Cross, Agnes New Oilcans, La. Haivcv, La. Dkan, . L r Ll la Henniiito, Miss. A A n Y. W. !•. A.; Ficiuli circle. DK I. A Harre. Adei.e . . ' ass Chiisri.iii, Miss. ■I ' M Iirnniatii- Cluli (1. 2. ?,) ; Y. W. C. A. (I. Y, V. C. A. Caliinet (2. 3); P;in-Hilli ' llii- live Committee (4): Swimmini; Emhl.ni 2, ? t: Kditor Newcomb " Arrade " (4); I ;: ) ; M;iy l :i - Commit tec ( :{ I ; lOxecu- SENIOR CLASS Ncivcomb College THE 1927 i L« fei £; . JAMB Dii.iii.wii ' S, W ' li.i.ii. M Mobile, Ala. K A e Atlilitl.- I ' ouiicll; Baseball (1, 3); BiiMkctliall (I); Vi.ll.y Hidl (H. l: I ' apl. H). DuDDS, Siiiu.i.in Biookh.nfii, Miss. X Frfiich Circle (1. 2. 3); Y. V. C. A. (1, 2, 4): Student Couuill (I); Doi " iUoiy Council (3); Cla w Secretary (2); Election Committee (3). Di Di.i; . W ' lNDKR l- " Ifmiii;;biir :. Miss. K K 1- Sluilcnl ' ' ..nn.ll; Anailc nruircl. Ul .Mi ' .sTRi;, .Adki-aidi; New ( )ilfans, La. SENIOR CLAS5 Ncivcomb College Cr K z ttsL JAMBALAYA D ' l.Moxi). I ' " ran ' ces Wells i ' cjiiir, I, a. n li -i Frill. h l-iicli- 2. :!. 4). I ' i ' Kni SOX. ,l " C■ • Gultport, Miss, Mll.sic Scllool I ' l-csiiU ' llt. Foi.si . Ddkorin Oak Ridge. La. A () n V. W. 1 ' . A. (1. t, 3); Stiuiiiit Coun. ll (2. ?.. 4i; . ' i.-ri-i-tury (3); Hou.sc Council (3, 11; Hcliutiiife- Club (1. 2); ran-llfllc-nii- (1). (rwiiu.i:, D()R()TH ' New Oilfaiis, La. K !•: r lU ' ljaiini, ' I ' luli: Urainiuli- Club: P.in-lli ' ll. ' iiic. SENIOR CLASS Nctvconib College cP ' THE 1927 ' ■Tm- 4 ( " lAsr.XRU, Km iii.i i: - . c C)ilc;ms, I,;i. Cioi.uiiiiRG, KsTiiLR New Orleans, La. Tulnlic I ' nlvcrxUy Players (2); Ncwconil) Drnmntif cliili (.1, 1); Dobntlne flub (3). GoLDSTl-lN, ll.xRRiiT New Orleans, I, a. IKhniliiK ••lull (1. 2. :i); Ficn.h CIr.lf (■(). GoLDSTKix. Natai.ii: Shreveport, La. A E I Kronch riivli-. SENIOk CLA55 Ni-n ' iomb College . L ' ' v y If JAMBALAYA ( !l IHRII, Cl. R A I AUKSDAI.R Moiiroc, La. n B ' i Y. W. C. A. (1. 2, 3, 4); Glee Club (1); Junior Prom Committep. llAFKESimrxG, Naomi New Orleans, I, a. A 11 !•:, A i: i: l- ' reiich Circle (1, 2. :!, I): ' ruliine-Newcomb Christian Union (3, 4). Secre- tary (4); Finance (_ ' oinniil tec (U, 4): Glee Club (3. 4); Business Manager Glee Club (4); Mandolin-Guitar Club (1, 2. 3. 4); Secretary-Treasurer (4); V. W. C. A. (1. 2, 3, 4), Cabinet (2, 3). President (4); Volley Ball (2, 3. 4); Newcomb Basketball (2, 3); SpaUlinB Basketball (1, 2, 3); Captain (3); Hockey (2, 3); Baseball (1. 2. 3). Heaslip, Elizahrth New Orleans, La. A ) ][, () A -l- Newcomb Dramatic Club fl. 2. 3. 4); Tulane Dramatic Club (1); Tulane University Players (2); Board of Directors (2); Chairman Campus Night (3. 4); Assistant Cheer Leader (3); Varsity Cheer Leader (4); Assistant Editor " Jambalaya " (3); Kxeclitlve Committee (3, 4); May Day Committee (3); C hairman Senior Class Play T ' onimittce (4). HnxR-i, MdDiiNMi Vinnsb()r(), [ a. A () II SENIOR CLASS NeJvcomb College ' •rtBBWll " ' -- " S. JAMBALAYA 1 r 0i.t- Jlini; Ri), |j)iiii New Orleans, La. Z 2 Glee Clul) (1, 2. 3, i); Y. W. C. A. (2, 3. 4); Draniatir- Club (1, 2. 3. 4); VolU-y Ball (3). lliKN. I- ' k. nci;s New ()ilian , I. a. K A IldNOI.li, i ' .liiill New Orleans, La. Y. W. (. ' . A. (:!. I); .SiMihlliig Ha»l(. ' ll)all (.11; Varnlly BaHfliall (3|. lioi ' SDX, I ' j.iz Mil Tri Moiiriic. La. . II K Fruiich CIrcIf (I): IH ' liatInK ' ' luli (1. 2i: Y, v. i A. (I. :;): filiM. Cliil (1. I). SENIOR. CLASS Nvn ' comh College c:: .- K l y 4 L JAMBALAYA HovE , Elizahlth Atlanta, (ja. Hi. MIC, Loi ISH Miami, I ' la. X ! y. W. C, A. (1, 2, 3); Fr. ' ii.li CircU- (1, 1): Draniatir riuli (3, 4). Jkaxfrhau, Olga Gearyvillf, La. Deliatinj; Club (3, 4); Fiemli Circle (2. 3, i); Dramatic Club (3. 4). Jov, Sue Naslnillt-, ' ri-nn. K K r Glee Club (1. 2, 3, -1); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2, 3. 4); Student Council (1). SENIOR CLASS Nclvcomb College fcP Kai.iski, Rosalia Monroe, La. A I-: ' I- Glue (-■liih (1, 2, 3, I); Dranmlli- Club (1. 2. " , I). I AMMiRT. Ottilie . . •. Ni-w Oilcans, La. Clou fluh; Kivnili Cliilf; Class Si ' CTftaiy (II. Lang, Li (.ii.i: Xc-w Orleans, La. Okc Club U " . 3. I); .Niwtijiiib ria.Mkull.iill (1); l ' i.Hliiiian Ciinmil.ssliiii (I). Lrv -, Ki.oRA Vhitc- Castle, La. M;iliil p|ln Cullal Clilli CI. 1). SENIOR. CLASS A ' c ' lrio«i CoUcgc C - " - . . ' ' S - fcg«- 37 THE 1927 , JAMBALAYA y Lew, .Mildri.i) Momof, La. L ()X, Elizabeth New Orleans, La. A n Fii ' ii. Ii c ' irclr (1. 2. :!, ); Y. W. I ' . A. (1. 2, S. 4). Oaliiiu-t (3, -t). .Sefrctary (-1); I ' la.ss Tli ' usuier (3); Class VUe-Prosiiii-lit (4). Lmi , K THi;RlNE Gieeinille, AL ' ss. Maric ' e, Elsie New Orleans, I a. SENIOR CLASS Netvcomb College i»- ■ — ■ — — -n THE 1927 jjti 1 ; fiP .. . V JAMBALAYA 5[i M»fcS -- ' id.. " m It. Maksk, Mii.diuu A A II Y. ' . C. A. . CrowlcN-, I-a. McCnvvrr.I., (ixiTUrR Xmv Orleans. I. a. A II V. •. p. N.; Kronnh f ' lrrlp (I. 2); nramallo fluli (2. 3. J ) ; ' Di-bnlliiB f luli (3); OU ' K Club (4): Class Scirctnry (3); Class Trwisurcr (II: Ni ' Hi-omh Ball (3. ). Captain (3): NhwcoihI) Baskclhall (2, 3); lloiki-y (2. 3); SpaUIIni; naskothall (3); Baseball (2, 3); ArLlicry Pin (2, 3); Newfonili " N " (3). MeisenhI ' Imi k, Wimi ri i ( )i leans, I, a. r ' K O A ' !• Tulan - Dramatic Club (1. 2); Ntwcomb Kramatlo Cluh (1. 2. 3. I); Dt ' batlnt; Club (I); Y. W. C. A. (I. 2); ' ■Hullahaliio " (3, 11; Vlce-ProsUlpnt Drnmatic CTub (I); Npwromb Ball (3); Horki-y (3): Basketball (3). Mil. I , .M. Rtl I.I.I- Neu )rleans, I, a. A II K, e A -I- Urainatli- Club; Kr.-mli (.Miile; licbatlng Club; OIim- Club; Pruslilunt Dramatb- Club ( ). Socrelary (3». SlaKf ManaKor (2); Ht«Ki ' MiinaRcr Kroncli clnlo ( ); Ni ' Wcoinb Ball 3); llnckcy (3). SENIOR. CLASS Ni-ri ' conih ColU-gc .A s f-oP THE 1927 .Mi:ri;i)1TH, Axgih Monroi-, La. A o n House f ouncil (-1); Kalulolph-Mafjon College (1, 2). . [()() ■|; , MiRi i New Oilcans, La. K K V c;ie, Chill (1. 2. r.. 4); Hel.olinK I ' lul, (1. 2): Kr.ii. h Cinle (1.2): DrMliiatk- (■lull (1, 2. ■:,). Morrison, .S.m.lie . Ml Mji EENEY, Mary Hammoiul, La New Orleans, La. SENIOR CLASS NchKomh College i — I ' i " JAMBALAYA ■ po - ,%. Nil 1. 1.. Fran ' ces . . i. ii.i.i , 1 1 ,i;i, . . Whalcv, Miss. Macoiiii ' , Miss. K Y. V. C. A.; Volliy H;ill (I). OsltoKM ' , Kl.l .. ui.l II (jiiltporr, Miss. . ( II P. r,i:, Fr Wei ' s Columbia, Tcnii. !• M. A i: i: FroHhnmii raninilHHUui (1); ciuhh Scrrotftry (I); ViirHlty llockov (1); Ni ' w- comli null (I, 2l: V. W. I ' . A. (I, 3, 3. i): DiO.nllliK fluli (1. 3. 3); ClnsH Vli: !-rn ' ilil ' lit (21; .Stuili ' iit Hotly Srcii-tiiry (2); Kniuh t ' irrip (2. 3); Iioriiil- lory Counill 1 2. 3, 4); Exui-utlvp Coinniltloo (2. 3, -1); Dohnelnit Counill 12); Stuilcnt I ' liuiKll (3. 4 ; .Stud. ' lit nmly TlcnmniT (31; Miiluliilln-Oiillar I ' luli (3, 4); Htuili ' iit CnlliK ' ll I ' liHlili-iit ll. SENIOR CLASS NcU ' comh ColL-gc ._J ' 5 -,ig - 37 THE 1927 B JAMBALAYA m 1 Jpl ' ' E9 fe IJ. 1 ' ARll AM . .Xl.KTU . Shri ' v i ' |i )ir, L Patti;.v, (ilsse New Oilc-.uis, La. x i l ' " rcuich Oirclp (3, 4); ' ..I1( y Hall (1. I); N.-wioiiil. llrill (2); Baskftball (3). I ' ftitjf AX. Irkvk Ra iic, La. A A n N.-winnil. Dianialic Club (2, 3, 4); Tulano Dramatic Guild (2, 3, 4); Varsity Basketball (2); Ncwcomb Ball (4). Rai.xoi.i). Li CiK AL i-; . New Oik-aiis, L K K I " SENIOR CLASS Nervcomb College ' mm THE 1927 ; " isffiiSiirLa-Li JAMBALAYA = li ' fcWWwl 1f» m r f Renal i . Marii l.m isi ■ . i; Niw ( )rli ' aiis. La. Vullcv Biill (1. 2. 3, I); Ilnikey (2. " ): Fnin ii cii-.k- (1. 3); Freshman Com- inlHHlon (1); Y. V. c. A. (1, 2. 3. I). Cabinet (3. I), Vice-President (I); Glee fluli (1. 2. 3, 1), Pn-KiiU-nl (4); Executive Committee (I). Richardson, M i.ri.i; New Orleans, La. A II !•; CJleo Club (2. 3. I); Seiieliir. -Triasurer (4); lir.iniatle Club (3. 4): Frcneli Circle (1. 2, 3, 4); Volley Ball (3); Neweomb Basketball (3); Hockey (3). RiicKi;. Ai.ici: New Orleans, La. A II K Tulanu UnUcrslly I ' layirn (2»; Knii.li C lnle (4); Niwcomb Ball (4). Sciii.i.M.Ncj.R, iJoKoi iii.A St. Fiaiici.s illc, La. A !■; !•, . 1 i; C. p. N.; Dramatic Club (2, 3. 4). Tieaaiiier (3, 4); DelmthiK Club (2. 3. 4)-. French CIrilo (3. 4); Pormllory Council (4); " Arcatio " Hoard (4); HuHlncie) ManaKcr " Arcade " 4»; CorrcHpondliiK .Met ret a ry Htudciit BOfUv (3 : AVlni; Prenldclit (4): Pan-llellcnic (41; CIuhh lii ' luile Team (3): ■•|iullabalcM " (II; Ilebullntc Council (4); Neweomb Ball (2. 3, 4); .S|i ldlnii llaHkutball (2, 3. 41; llockuy (2, 3, 4), Captain (2); Clanu TeiiidH (2 . SENIOR. CLASS Ncmcomb College m y , JAMBALAYA Si A Shaw, Frances New Oilcans, La. K A e, e A C. p. N. President; Freiuli Circle; Newoomb Di-amatic Chili; TuUine I.iramutlc Club (2. 3); Freshman Commission (1); Neweomb Ball (2, 3); Senior " Jam- balaya " Representative; Pan-Hellenic; Swimming Meet (2, 3); Assembly Committee. Sii.vKR.MAX, Esther New Orleans, La. Tulane University Players (2); Neweomb Dramatic Club (3, 4); MebatinK Club (3). Snvuer, P]lizabeth New Orleans, La. X V. Dramatic Club (1. 2, 3, 4); T. W. C. A. (1. 2, 3. 4); French Circle (1, 2); President Art School (4); Executive Committee (4); Student Council (4); Pan-Hellenic (4); Hoelcey (1, 3); Neweomb nail (1. 3); Baseball (3); Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (3. 4). Snyder, Zi;i,i iA Winnshoro, La. A O II Stii:fvati;r, Anne New Orleans, La. SENIOR CLASS Nervcomh College j3Sfi THE 1927 IF Soi.U.MUN Mll.DRI.I) . . . Greciuilli ' , Miss. fL 1 ' 1 A I.OR. RlTII Fii ' inh Cli- 1.-; Athk ' tli Cnuni ' ll: N -Miomb Ball (1. 2. 3. II. laplnin (1); BaHkftball (2. 3); Hockey (2. 3). M. ■ - " V TlllM l T, KVKI, . No x ( ilcms, I, ' I ' lloMI ' SOX, { IlCORGIiTTH K K r Kiiliih CInle. r ♦ . . New ( )i leans, .. rhalrnmii Nfuronili Athli ' tli- Cuiiiwll; lOxcrullv ' ( " " nmnilttfo (4); VoIU ' y Unll (1, 2. .1. I); Ncw.ornl) na; k ' ll all 12, S); HpaMliiK nnMkutball (2, 3); Hoi-ki-y (1, 2, 3); BuMLliall (1, 2. 3); Y. W. l A. (1). SENIOR CLA55 Ni-n-Lonib College ' Wt , JAMBALAYA • J ' I ' lloMsov. JAMES Dcllii, La. M T. V. C. A.; French Circlu. Tlten, Martha Lake Charles, La. A A 11 y. w. c. A. Wagner, D()R()TH ' Stephenson, Miss. Class President (■(); Kxecutive Committee (3, 4); Student Council (4); House Council (4); Piesidcnt Glee Club (3); Class Vice-President (3): Dramatic Club (1. 2, 3, 4); Y. V. O. A. (1. 2, 3. 4); May Day Committee (3); French Circle (1, 3); N ' ewcomb Hall (3); Vulli ' y Ball (3); Faculty Stuilent Com- mittee (4). Wallace, Virgin ' ia Woodville, Mi.ss. Glee Club (1, 2, 3); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Mandolin-Guitar Club (3. 4). SENIOR CLASS NeWcomb College Watsov. Marjory Memphis, Temi. K K r, A M i; Houae Council (1. 2. 3, 4). ■ PrMlilcnt (i); Y. V. C. A. Cabinet (2. 3. 4); House Secretary (3); French Circle (1, 2); Executive Committee (4); Student Council (3. i); Art Kdllor 1927 " Janilmlaya. " W ' lirn . I i HI RIN1-: Live Oak, I- ' la. W ' liiii:, r ARjoKii. New Orli-ans, I. a. A !•: + French Circle (1, 2. :i. 1); i;i.e I ' liili. W ' niA, iJoRorm Vinona, Mi.vs. X !i Y. W. r. A. (1. 2, 3, 4): Drnuiallc Club (3. i). SENIOR CLA55 Ncrt ' comh College -_1 ' ' 5 4g y 37 JAMBALAYA jf i!S . . 1 " ' ■ JUj, _»L 7 V r li W ' oi.i-. Bahi-.tti; . Nc-w ( )rlc:iiis, I,;i CLASS Ncivcomb College A E !■ 1 ' . r. N.; French (Mrcle (1. 2. 3. 4); Senioi- Class Play Commltteo (4); May Day Committee (3); Newcomb " Jambalaya " Assistant Kditor (3), Editor (4); Athletic Council (3); Executive Committee C4); Pan-Hellenic (3); Freshman c.iriitnission (1). Wright, AxNii Jackson, Miss. X n, A 2 2 C. p. N.; y. W. C. A. (1): French Circle (I); DebatinK Club (3); House Coun- cil (2, 3, 4); " Arcade " (2, 4); May Day Committee (3); Freshman Commis- sion (1). ' ' i:. Ni, S DXEv New Orlt-ans, La. A II E French Circle (1. 3. 4-); .Newcomb Ball fl. 3, 4). YlCXNI. YvoxNH Nw Orleans, La. A II K Mandolin-ilnilar Chilr (1); French Circle (3, 4); Tulane University Flayers (2). Yol ' XC, Ethki Alexandria, La. A () n V. W. c. A. (1, 2. 3, 4); Debatinc Club (1, 2); Volley Ball (2. 3); Hockey SFNIOR (1. 2, 3): Baseball (1. 2). . JAMBALAYA AxDHRSox, Wii.soN Di wii; Vhitnc , ' l ' as X W. D. has two supei ' lor talents — one for work and tlie other for his choke of Newconib ' s faireai daughters. Ai ' i ' MWFriTC. Xr»R i w Fi.r.iOT Jackson. Miss. K A, -I X R.A.. MlllHnpfi ColleBO. ' 23. Succ«HH will follow his efforts — It can not hut be bestowed u|ion one havlnK Ideals surh us he. combined with the Interest and love for his work. ArnoM). Waltj.r Frank San Francisco, Calit. •i li a Arnold h:is the niaUInK " f a Kreat surKeon and we predict he will make himself famous some day. Att v ' . Ci Riis r,i:K ' illr Piartr. Fa. A K K Honor r(»unell. ' 27; rroKram rummltlee. 27. If physb ' Hl iMMiKer could do fur a riiDn ' s Imdy what hunK ' r for leurnlnic h«ii to (hiM miin ' s mind It would be a tine, rieiin, wel|-pr ipornonrd body with an vnormous heart. All. IK. Ill CO Alfrfj) FIkiii, Texas N Z N ' T " Club. ITnlvernUy of Texna, ' 24, I|UK . your het-ry NinUe Is like the mornluK sun; Vttu ' ll rise In tli« top III yitur I ' litiNfii ilfld. wf know, hut you II iiIho hii e N(Miii run. CLASS College of hledic ' me . JL. ' M y , JAMBALAYA Seaboard, X. C. I{ar i:s. VAI.TI;R Loi is e K Bacheloi- of Arts. Wake Forest College. Smoky, as he is known to us, is a good student, his intelligence being exceeded only by his good looks. HovcTT, lv Denixk Oxtoiil, Miss. Bachelor of Silence. University of Mississippi, " 25. He is true to his work, his wold, his friends, and such has made hliu a friend to all. Bayne. Rembert Duui.ev Seliiia, Ala. 2 A E, X Honor Council, ■27; Sifma llpsilon; TathoKcns; Owl Cluh. Uembert. handsome. Industrious, always ready for a light or a frolic, is loved by his class and Newcomb. Heacha.m, Hugh Tiih.mpsox IhiltlolnirE, Miss. X Z X Bachelor of .S ieneo, fjniveisity of Mi.ssis.slppi, ' 25. A QUlet, unassuming, r-ilable man. The more you know lilm the better you like htm. SENIOR CLASS College of MeJicine 15()izi:i.i.E, Kki.ix New Orleans, La. I H n Honor Council, ' 25, ' 26; Class Night Committee, ' 27. Felix is a hard worker, a man of high Ideals, unselflsli ambitions, and pleasing personality. iii ' i " THE 1927 23= Brouv, Morgan W ' nsii.i Kaglaiul, Ala. BaL-helor of Scloiiee. As a fiiend and sluih-iit he has few eniialR, and as a physii-ian hv wiM havt.- no equals. Hri usrik, 1 1 in r I- ' ord . . Rustoii, La. K 1, 1 X, A A BaehcUir of SrU-ni-c, Tulane. ' 25; Honor Council. ' 27; rrr.sldi-nt Senior A. and S. Cla.ss, ' 25; Ivy Doy Committee, ' 27. Brewster Is an earnest worker, always busy, always eheerful. .ind he Is a leafier In thoUKlit and work. [?Rn , Ci rilHlKi ji sil New ()ilc;ms, I.;i. !• B n Itaeheliir of Sriehri-, Tulane, ' 2.1; Historian. ' 2(i; Vlee-I ' resldent. ' 27; Seerctary .Senior A. and S., ' 2G. Kndowed with the God-KlCled power of reasonhiK. honesly of purpose, Kood nature, Inilustry and seholarshlp. OlIAIN. (its W I,ilU-|)lll, . l:i. •I ' X Alnluirna h nhniit to i ' rr-i |vi ntii nt ht r ini f«t mnnrhMitlnun nml nipnttlo rlnrtnrH. Vu wl}«h hint thv nurrvHB hu ili nurvt ii. SENIOR CLASS College of McJicine - W y JAMBALAYA SENIOR CLASS Cannon . Hi Riii-RT Eugene Himiinghaiii, Ala. A K K, S |iiare and Compass He is all raniL ' st stmli-iit. a dilm-iit wurUtT and abu o all. a gfiitlonian. Cei.li, Ern ' 1;.st • . . . New Orleans, La. Ba. llil " r iif .Srinico, Tulalip, ' 25; Vice-Pn-sklunt. ' 26. iOiiiist is vrry inilustr-ious. alway.s ready for a jolte and one of the In-l htest men in his class. Chai ' M.ax, Sims . ' TKiN.s New Oileaiis, I, a. B n Baehelor of Seience, Tulanc, ' 25. Cliappi, whose aniliitions. good sense of liunior and personality have wmi hini a plaee in our hearts. Clayton. Prici; Birmingham, Ala. e K i ' He aeenis lo liave learned the seeret attached to a. groat man ' s malting. A man who meets you and makes you lilte him. Cook, Eleanor Lake Charles, La. A E I Historian, " 27. Sincerity of purpr,se. splendid ahillty. and keen insight of human nature, assures hel " success. College of Medicine m ' JAMBALAYA ,, , Ccrrm;, Mt. () Magee, Miss. () K k Mar deflervi ' M ir.-iiit inr mi ' i-titiK Hiul oviTt-ointng obstacles that would havu discouraged most anyliody. Luck to Mac. Di I.MRixr,, Hi) i jwii.s Hroussard, I, a. Owls; Piithogciis. Wo roBiicrt I. auric for his sound JudKiiipnt, keen mentality and senuinc |ier- soiiallly. DiixMiRrii. ll Kiii.i) C jasper. . la. 2 N, X nacli ' -ior of Arts; Owls; ruthoKcns. A spletulld mixer, an all-around Rood fellow whom all of us are proud to cull our friend. KcK, Andriw j()ii N.u Oilcan, ' ,, I, a. lltH lo e for Ills i-lioMen pr ireKHloii, K neroUH and kind heart, and sympathetic nature, fureshudtiw a brillaltit MucceMs, I ' kwk. IIikmw Will (ladsdtn, . la. ■I A K Bnchvlur of Hi-lelice, Tulline, 2S. Ilo Is suri ' to h« n nueCDSs; may wi ' all listen to your paper at the A. M. A. convention In iO:i.1. SENIOR CLASS College of A c irinc . . M$ ' JAMBALAYA [2. SENIOR CLASS College of Medicine Cjoddari), JL LiA L). v Nevv Orleans, La. A 10 I Baoht ' lor of Arts, Newconib. Tin- least ijf us in slatlin , Iiut I ' altking hiyh In scholarship, praotiral ability and tlu ' I ' liuini ' cstcrni nl her elassniatos. (joocH, JoilX Harr New Orleans, La. X Z X, A U A Bachelor of Science. Tulane. ' 2. ' i; Debating Team, ' 25; Dramatic Club, ' 24; Glendy Burlie, ' 23. Industry is bis middle name, .and be ill make the old Crescent City pioud of bim one Ml tbe.se day.s. CioRDO.N, EUDIIC Mo.NROh W ' estu ego, La. X Z X Bachelor of Science, Tulane, ' 25: Treasvircr Senior A. and S. Class, ' 25. Lieutenant Kddic Mnnrne (lerdnn. .Tr.. i s on the way to ijiiin laurels In the liand uf ser ire tliat lias d.me siieb w.iU ' lers lui- our .Southland. (iRl-KX, xMaRM.V ' J ' aRI ' I.IA ' ieo, La. e K i ' , A i: ' I ' President A. and K. Student Body, ' 25; President Y. M. C. A., ' 23; Sccretarj- tJlciidy Hurki-. ' 22; Secretary Dramatic Club, ' 23; Sec- retary Pan-IIcllenie, ' 2( . Marvin ' s futtn-e is assuied Imm ause of bis rar ' e insiglit to human nature, and his ability to make and liold friends, to say nothinij of his medical ability. (]ra ()1s, John Andri: White Castle, La. !. P 2, E K 2 Vice-PresbU-nt Medical Student Body, ' 27. Vc all Know him as a man who stands for all th.at ' s good and ri bt. S ' , JAMBALAYA Hand, W ' im.i a. i Fn .c.i.r ald . . I ntlu Miss. x Bachelor of Science, Unlveraity of Mississippi. ' 25. With an envious rcfortl hohhul him at Olr Miss, and equally t ood one at Tuhuif. Vf iirt ' dii ' t a Hurrcssfu! cari ' cr in his chosen profession. I! All iiriTi:. SrxKi I. Fonvii.lk Marl(»n, Ala. A X l h X Bachelor of Science, VlrK ' nl " , ' 23. The Junior and St-nlnr years orTen-d no liiindl -a[i for Stakely for he slept six luturM, wiiit I It MrhiHil rlKht. rouritd III 111-, Mludled tilt? remainder of the t u flit -r ' liiir, iiimlf k ' uiid Kt ' adfS unil uot iiiiirrlfd In Ihc iiifiinlliue. 1 1 11.1.. KvM- Temple, Texas A K K, S itiarf ami C ' tnnpass Bachelor of Science. Kyl - ' boKan hiH medical studies with a determination In hecomo a Kood phyHlclfiM, and his hn|ifH will Im- rciiltxi-ri. Ilnciil IM ' l R. !?IK ' AR|) New ( )i leans, La. •I ' Iv riernle In a fellow we nilore. lie Ih Just full of medlrnl lure. Iloi.l.wo, C ' l.l l.i. (iRlsllAM Anioiy. Mi sissi| pi Fl } li I? ■■• - • " CLASS With hlM willlnK dlF4|ioHltlnn li In nure to BUerned. College of Medicine . " K fSs y , JAMBALAYA SENIOR CLASS College of Medicine 1 i(K,i,n . Josi ' i ' H Clark DurlKuii, N. C. A K K Bactielor of Science. Hi- is a loyal Irii iui. k ' od spoit ami :i itiliKHiit stutletit. Wltli his ability to sintr as well as tn ease p;iiii, lit- is Ijnuiitl to Iteeonie a successful M.D. lloi sTox, Arthir Ni:shitt Tucson, Ariz. K i;, i X Owls; Pathogens. llf lias been one of our most conscientious students and has come out each year on top. Hull, Eogar Pascagoula, Miss. A K K, A i A Medical Pan-Hellenic, ' 2G; President Medical Pan-llcllenic, ' 27; President Class, " 27. " I mean he ' s a man of proportions, " said Mr. Beadle, " with as much sound judgment as learning, and a damn ' uncanny insight Into our liuman nature. " Joxi-s, Gl V RiCHARo Rfnny, La. p i; I ' r.-shman Wr-stling Team, ' 21; Glee Club, ' 22. With six years at Tulaiic we can understand huw he knows all about ladles and medicine. Joxis. Vii.r.[ M Niciior.sox Ct-ntciA illc, Ala. ' l It il Bachelor of Science, Alabama, ' 25. JTe possesses an unusual array of attributes and as a gentleman, he Is a model, as a doctor he should be great. |» M « THE 1927 JAMBALAYA Kviiv, I,i() ii. I, RayiiP. I, a. Hachelor of St-lcnce. Tulane. ' 25. He hu8 a willingness co upled with a keen Insight Into the fun lanu ntals of medicine, KiNC, Rm.i ' II V. Columbia, La. II, . K K, S{|ii;irf and C ' omp.Tss PathoKens. lie is a man amonK men. his ]ior ularlty Is second to none, a good student and workiT who has chosi-n nu-dlchit- as his profession. Kl MX, I.l.oM) j f v Oilcans, La. X Z X Bachelor of .siclence, ' 25; Secretary, ' 23. A product of New Orleans, and a Kood exainpli ' of stuilent who believes In a Kood time moderately. LlWIS, Si MIOKV [osll ' K Ellfaill.l, . l:l. X Z X Medical I ' an-llellenic, ' 20. f)ne of otir miirrle l men who Is a proud iiapa. Always snilllnff and one of tliif most popular students. LoCW, (HIIKtil JAMI-S Natfllf ., Mi.SS. •I ' I ' 1 llaelielor of .Science. Tulane, ' 25. We tlon ' l know where he nc(|iilred his knowleilKe of the lailles hut we are sure he Kot his medicine al old Tulane where he made u Kond recoril. SENIOR CLASS College of Medicine i JAMBALAYA ToRliTTA, J ' bor City, l ' l:i. He has a constant cold. Li eKii;. Kkxn ' ktii Eari.k PIcasanr llill, Ala. Earhclor of -Art. ;. Alabama, KciiTiilli is ;i r.al Snnthorn Bcntli-maii. Willi liis pfisonalll y and sincere iinalili.-.s anil al.ilit lir will sin-ocod. M l,M) ■, Martin- Litiikr Himiinfiliain, .Ala. o K I ' Willi nalnial ability anil lliull idial. i. lip is bound to lie a loader. Mar.sh.m.i., RoiiHRT B New Orleans, La. 15 n He has bcionii- cndi-arf-d to all nt iis diiiiiii; his years at Tulane. We wish him all the siiei ess in the world. IVIattiii ' ws, Mdrcw Whii ' .sitt liuiikic, La. i; N. ?• X, . s A We will miss his .smiling ronntenanee lint we wish he may be as successful in his iirofesslonal duties as he was in making friends. SENIOR CLASS College of Medicine THE 1927 fsn- ' JAMBALAYA McCo ' , Cli.i.kx .Milks Cove City, N. C. A K K Bachelor of Science, N, C. TIio« i who know htni l»eat admire htm most. M(. ' Cl ISTION, II. . h I- Al.llK Pan ' s, Texas A T S. A ' .; A Mac Is one of Ihi; haril -Ht workfTs In tlie claH.s. and his efforts were crowned liy Ills election to A. O. A. Meyhr, I ' m I. RiiMs Lafayette, La. 1 A .M, -I ' A K Meillcal ran-Ilillenh . ' 2r,; TleasuriT Medical Pull-Ucllcllic. " 27. Meyer ' s Jovial manner and ability to amuse should materially aid him in minlHierini; to the needs of the youuK. Mos.s, W ' ai.iik ()i,i Lake Chailcs, I. a. K 1, ' I ' . Sphinx; While Klephaiits; Owls; PathoKens; Manauer Flasketlmll, ■27; President Htudent r ' nunell, ' 27; .Secretary Mi ' dieal Student Hody. ' 26; Varsity Fool hall; Track. Kor Ills sincere efforts, Walter has Itcen awarded the highest lienors that could he Klvell hy 111. fellow Htlltlents, .MiKKii.i, W ' m.iih I.imoi.n Collax, La. 1 II, A K K Honor Council, ' 24, Presiilvnt. ' 2 . A larKc mnn in xtnlure, nnd n Boofl frilnw in prnpnrtlnn (o his pI»». SENIOR CLASS College of Medicine m THE 1927 SENIOR CLASS OvKRTox, Carrhli. Davis Kt-o, Ark. N 2 N " Prof. " of Anatomy, ' 25, Carroll is a vi-rsntiiL- man with export, knowledge and expt-iicnce In many vocations including medicine. Parks, Thomas Jiuilrson nrouks illc, Miss. K 2, ' t ' X White Klephants; Pathogens; Owls; Bachelor of Science, Uni- versity of Mississippi. I ' ark.s and his i)lcasant smile have been known all over the campus and we know he will succeed. Pi ' ARi.sTKiN, JAt ' oi! Brooklyii, N. Y. A K Here ' s to Jack, a brainy lad, Always jolly, never sad. Petersox. Richard Jones Greenwood, Miss. A ft ' llow we like is Peto, Always gentlemanly and discreet. R HI ' .. ViRC. Si I.LIVAN Siuitln illc. Texas N — N, Square and Compass A man from the Lone Star state whom we like and admire. College of Medicine " " m y ' R. MiRi:z (y Santos), R Caguas, Porto Kico Known to all nur (S at Touio. Charity. Presbyterian, Baptist and Freneli Hospitals. K v. Elgin Amo.s Hirmingliam, Ala, ,V K K, S(ni;irc ;itul CnrnpaNs A man wlio Is IiIk in stature and mind. R.s ' . RdHiRT Hi KRIS Kosciusko, Miss, e K A ' Bachelor or Selenee, MIsa. A. M.; Honor Counrll. " 26, t- ' on.-i I ' litlouM work, an nnalytlr mind, ami keen JutlKment will i-nrry Boh Tur In IiIm medlcul enreer. R w I K, Ki NM 1 11 i( MDi.s Kaiikaki-c, III, 11 W A, A K K, . !. ' A InHtructor In Amitomy, ' 2.1; Honor Couiuil. ' 27. " The heHt iihyuhian In alno a phlluHopher. " RrPDOCK, Jnsi I ' ll Wll I I M Hope (lull, , |a, II K ' I ' , . !. ' A Honor Counrll, ' 26; Borhelor of Selenio, Tulnile, ' 26. Joe , , , the Haiillm lluKpltnl, SENIOR CLASS College of Medicine JAMBALAYA Rizzo, Frank Paul Momor. La. P 2, A 9 A J;iniIiaUiya Representative, ' 24. Frank is sniull but he will be a big man some day. l ()i . jl Llo C " ' auci), Porto Rico 2 N As a ptuflunt he is brlKht and conscientious, and as a friend, sincere and dependable; the support o£ the French hospital. Rouse, Clyde Carlos Giilfpoit, Miss. A 2 ! ' , •! B n Bachelor of .Siricncu, University of Mississippi, ' 25. Foxy is endowed with a personality that is magnetic, a disposition that Is ideal, ability that is envied, wit that is rare, and all qualifications of a leader In his iirofcssion. R I SH, Leslie V AUGHAN Mciiilian, Miss. 2 A K, ! X Owls; Sib ' ina Upsilon. Leslie always has a pleasant word and a smile, and he is as serious about the study of medicine as he l8 pleasant. SENIOR CLASS College of Medicine " ' ' i " " «r S. i.j ' i;in ' , I ' liii II ' jniiv Algier s, La. Hailiclor .)( Stli-nce. Tulane, •25. Evoii hl» most Intlnmti ' friends have not been able to fathom " Silent Sal. " yet hl!i outer -semblance of re»erve has been Ineapable of disguising his in- trl ' ulng I ' ersonallty. ScoTl, josi I ' ll TlKiMi ' soN ' Nt ' w ()rl( ' aiis, I, a. K . , •! ' X We are t ' lad li» iia e Known you, Jne; may our palh.s i-ross often. Sowiii.. Ri CFi. Krikrsov Forney, Tt-xas X Bar-Ilelor of Arts. One of tile realty praeili ' al men in the elasB who Is bound to succeed. Mjiy tiie llrm of Sowell Womacit prosper! Sl.MMoVDs. ()i;i, ' I ' iii)M. .s Mix. null ia, I. a. K 1, I ' X in all his studies lie has oiuislslently made n very eredltalile slinvvlnK. We ilko hini. SENIOR CLASS College of Medicine C: THE 1927 .1 V n JAMBALAYA 1 Slathr, BeXJAiMIX R. . Newport, Ky. A T , X Z X Honor Counril, ' 25; President, ' 26. Ben was our president in our Junior year and we know lie will l)e as successful a pllysii ' lan as he was a P ' - ' liticiali. Smith. Chari.ks McDanf.i P.iris, Ark. Bachelor of .Science, Tulane, ' 25. A deei thinker, a man of excellent juiiKinent, a true friend, and a hard wuliier. Smith, Wh,liam Gordox North Cirolina e K Bachelor of Science, University of N. C. He came to us a Junior from f ' liappel Hill and now that he has made good in medicine, he i.s returning to the Tar Heel State and the girl he left behind him. SENIOR CLASS College of Medicine x ::: THE 1927 JAMBALAYA Stansi:i.i., I ' ali. (Jliniin San Antonio, Texas " 1 ' 1! II, S iuarc ami Compass Bar-holor of Arts, Austin College, ' 22, This is Just r. Q. from tlii ' I.on Star state, who always will remain calm no matter II ' the house burns down. Stiavaki. Di iii.i M iui s fw (Orleans, I, a. •I- I ' S Bachelor of Selenee. S| rlni;hlll, •2.1; MeilUal Pnn-llcllenic, ' 25, ' 2»i, ' 27; " Jambalaya " HepreHeiitatlve, ' 27. .Sui-i-esHl Wliat else ean time eoneeal for one so lavishly endowed? Stranoi:, Jack Kzii.i IiiilcpciHlciicf, I, a. 2 N Jnel . liHM i i- -d himself worlliv of any Kood fortune the future mav hold for him. SiM.Mi-R. Wii.i.iAM C ' arroi.i Nfwbcny, S. C 1 , A K K t wlM; PalhoKi ' DH; Mnelielor of Arts, Newherry. 2.1. A keen Intelh ' i t In a eotiHelenllons wnrkt-r here Is a kooiI eomhimitlon. r :- 1 s 4 5 SENIOR CLASS College of Medicine . ' ' r m ToWKSRXD, ROBKRT CiLKXN LvmibcitOll, N. C. e K ' B.ulitlor of Arts, Wake Forest. II.- is Li man among men anil Ills qualities as a gentleman ooiikln ' t be surpassed. W ' mtrii ' , I ' dWiiATW Ml KM Foit Wiiitli, Tcxas X «! ' , N 2 N PatlioK-ns: Owls; Barhelor of Arts, University of Texas, •23; Secretary Medleal Pan-Hellenic, ' 25; Varsity Tennis Team, ' 25. ' 26. The Beau Brummel of the .Senior class, who is as excellent In his work as he is in his satorial efforts. Waot, I acr H Calhoun City, Miss i X Bailiilor of Science, Alabama. A film. I, a s.li, ir, and a lientlenian. Doe, with your jK-rsonality and spirit, im lanli.it Imt make a success in any line. Warxir. 1,1 ciix I •()R Htl Rio, Texas i; X, .N i; .v, A S! A I ' atbot;i-ns; Owls; Varsity Baseball, ' 25. It is said that a wInninK iiersonality, an amiable dl.sposltion and a brilliant student forms a combination that can ' t be beat. SENIOR CLASS College of Medicine THE 1927 i S, . JAMBALAYA " 1 1 Warnkr. P. i I. I.i STV Nashville. Tcini. !• K i;, -I- X Pathoyt ' lis; Owls. " Fuz ' ,y " Is our idea of a good all-arouiui physician. Watkin.s. j. . ii,s Harold ' Yrm, . Ia. i N, -I ' X Owls. Always liiduslrlous lu- Is one of our most successful and best liked men In tho class. Watkins, I,hk Ci.iifori) I.Iaim, Texas A K K, Square aiui Compass Ctlftcd with k ' niid looks, BtronK character, and a forceful Intellect. WkINKII ' I.I), r,R i:ST Hi;RTRA.M (« Oilcans, I, a. A K Bachelor of Science, Tulane, " 25; Gleo Club, ' 22. Ern« ' Ht has already Kalneil an enviable repulatton an n musician, and wo know he will Kaln thu nanto reputation In medicine. SENIOR CLASS ColU-gc of Medicine ■ ' I - _ - _i ' s - ' ' 37 JAMBALAYA SENIOR CLASS College of Medicine Wi.iss, Cari. Austin Baton Rouge, La. P £ Bachi-lor of i c-iciici ' , Tulane, ' 25; Secretary ami Treasurer, ' 25; Band, ' 25. Willi kniiwlprlye aplenty and friends galore he is hniind to go out and make the world talte notice. W ' n.Li.AMS, Gv D.AVKNPORT Mer Rouge, I.a. 2 X, N 2 N Pathogens. Guy is a dlllKent worker, and has a congenial disposition and pleasing i er- sonality. WiLLiFORi). Loi ' LS EsTES Houstoii, Tcxas K £, -tX Wliite lOlephants; rathogens; Owls, I ' resiiiciil, ' 24; M ' -dical I ' an- Ilelienii-, " 2(1; " Zoology I -partnient, " in 192;i. Steady and reliable, which will lead to success In the near future. WoMACK, David Ray Dallas, Tcxas 2 A E, N £ N, a !- A, Square anil Compass Bachelor of -Arts, Tulane, ' 2S; Bachelor of Science, Tulane, ' 25; Business Manager " Janihalaya, " ' 27. " He chews tobacco and cor-ka his hat. But he ' s a damn good fellow for all o ' that. " W ' oRTHiNGTON, WiLLiAM NORWOOD Lcxington, Ky. x Bachelor of Art.s. BUI is a man who meets people and makes friends wherever he goes. THE 1927 li-v: JAMBALAYA •«MJtTra»= ' .- ISig w I5()R , Charms Ai.i.ix, Jr l -iisacola, Fla. i; A i;, ' I- X X rf«l l»rnt I ' r(, ' .shinan Mfdical (_ ' la««: Honor I ' ouiu-il (2. :i) ; Paii-Hellenlo Council. HamiN, I ' llli.ll ' I New Oilcans, I. a. x i: X lU iKiR, llisR C New Orli-aiis, La. A 2 -1 ' nRKK r N, A .New Oilcans, La. C I ' I.. .M ' , Sll). l. . L R I. . cu Orleans, La. SENIOR. CLASS Cnllcfic of .Ills and Sciences m y J JAMBALAYA Cii.w iiz, Erm;.st, jr. L ' onlobii, iMf.MCi) e K i ' Ituniiitriry (;r crning Board (2); Class Seuretafy- ' i ' rt ' asurer. (S): Class Vicu- Pi-.-siilulit (I): Wl-estlinu Teum (1. 2, 3); A. A. U. Wrestling (1, 2, 3). Coi Rl T, [l)ll ' . . . . Nrw ( )rK ' ans [ ;i II K A Willi, Kl.|.h:illls. CoLNlX, E . . New Oilcans, [,;i Ch.M ' .m.w, a. Watson . . New t)iU-an.s, La T X !•: (Tliuidy Burkp (1, 2. 3, 1); Oralorical and Debating Council (3); Dramatic t ' lub Orchestra (1); Class Debate (1. 2); ( ' lass Secretary (2); Tulane Uni- versity Players (2); Dramatic Guild |3. 4); Tenpens (2. 3, 4); " Hullabaloo " Staff Keliorter (3). Engini-ering Editor (3). News Kdltor (3. 4); Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (3. 4); Vice-President i4); Knginecring Student Body Secretary (4); American chemical Society (1. 2. 3. 4); Engineering Society. SENIOR CLASS College of Arts and Sciences THE 1927 £3= :ii,L i JAMBALAYA r r, y ' ' - r fHlSK: ' U« I . Wilms ( i ' . . . Chicago, 111. A li ■! ' Y. M. C. A. Cabin et (2, 3); Business MiUiaKtr Slurtont Hand Book (3); Editor (4J; " Jnnibnlaya " lii-pn-sontatlvc (t): Dormitory Ooverning Board (1). Gati:s. Rum r !• ' M.immdml, I,;i. V AG, N 2 N Wlilir I ' .li ' iiliants: riiihoKi ' ns: Honor r ' oun ' il (3. 1). Haas, Jii. IAN K Shrcveport, La. I ' ri ' shlenl ol Arix an.l Silcmo Sludinl Boily 1; Student Counrll (1): Hor- nillriry t; ivt rnlnu Hoard (I): nuHln4 SH Manager •■llullalialoo " (3); Chairman Aiadi ' lnlc Hoard (t); Y. M. C. A. I ' alilnet (1). Haas, Li-on S., Jr Opelmisas, f a. Band (1, 2, 3. IK CroH.4 Country Team (2, 3). SENIOR CLA.SS Co c-go () Alls ami Sciences my THE 1927 J :UJsfeij JAMBALAYA Hi 1,1.. I.ITHKR I, ICON IDAS lVIontsonici , Ala. X Z X Hkindi-i.. R() I New Orleans, La. Baml (1. 2. :i. 1): Y. M. C. A. (I, 2. 3. 4); (llee Clul (4); V. M. C. .A. Caliin.-t (4); Honor Board (4); Tulanp lliilvi-rsity riayiT.s (2); " Jambalaya " U.-iju- sentative (3); clas.s Secretary-Treasurer (4). I I i(i ' i K. All i II New ( )iic ' ,iris, I, a. A T ! , ' 1 ' X E Class Pre.siiient (I); rresifieiit l- ' r-eshinaii Law Cla.ss (4); Fresliman Football: Freshman Baseliall. Hasketliall, Traek: TuK-o-War (1, 2); Gymnasium Danei- Committee; Siruli Footliall (2. 4); Assistant Trael; Manager (3); Traek Man- ager (4): (;i.-e Clul. (3, 4). Ji:n.son, Frank T New Orleans, La. T Ji •! Y. M. C. A. (1). Cabinet (2), Vice-President (3), President (4); Band (1. 2. 4); Tulane-Neweoinb Christian Union (3, 4); Tug-o-War (1, 2); Dramatic Club Orchestra (1); Glee Club Orchestra (1); Class Secretary (1, 3); " Jambalaya " llepresenlatlve (2); Vice-President Arts and Science Student Body (4). SENIOR CLASS College of Arts and Sciences K vilV, SiG.MOM) A Raync, La. 1 A M, •!• .i K KmoiiiiiN . J WHS 1 li Kli Slirc eport. I, a. Ben Splilnx Cluh. Ki iiM, 1 ' u I, k Tcxarkana, Texas i; i:, r x r. C ' InRi PifHld.-nl (4); ••limn Sccnlliry (3); Honor Council (2, 3. 1); Class root- bull (I. 2); TuB-o-Wnr (1. 2). Lassiti-r. Ar.Kix P Alcxaiidria, F,a. K i; SENIOR CLA55 College of Alls and Sciences . M y ' THE 1927 Li;ach. Li;e Skldon New Orleans, La. i; A E M. HOXi;v. EvAX W NcwOrl.ans, l.a. T X E SriUl. 1 ' miI1,:i1I (: ' .); Cliiss Kd.jI l.iill (1. 2). McKnuhia. Thomas H Haminomi, La. NoLDK, E N - v Orleans, La. Pi.AxniK, V. A Covington, La. A K K SENIOR CLASS College of Arts and Sciences THE 1927 I JAMBALAYA I ' oRll.K, KolilRi S Shri; cport, La. A i; •! ' iia.st. ' iiall (:;, :!). I ' m. MIR. Dwiii Ni-w ( " )ilcans, F-a. RoHltlRT. I ' .r.l.is F Ni-w ()rl(aiis, I, a. 2 X Buiul (1. 3, 3), MiiiiUk-er (I); Vlco-Presldonl Class (1). St. (jiiR.MAiv, Ki.i.ii L . Breaux Bridge, I-a. (I K ' I ' Sill II. I ' KWK (. ' ., JR Opi ' loiisas, La. II H n, A K K Tlili ' li ' . ' ii Cluli; I ' l ' iHH riMillmll. MiihIu ' I hull, niiniball il. :i. SENIOR. CLASS Collciic of Arts iiiii} Sciences " my • ' i A. m. ■ . ' -? - Spencer, Bennie E Spencer, La. e K Class Baseball (I. -); " Janibalaya " Kt pfesentativo (3, -1). ' liioMi ' SOX, B. Franki.ix, Jr Alexandria, I a. K A Toby, Edw.ari) M., Jr New Orleans, La. T X E I ramatlc Club (2, 3); Assistant Director (3); Assistant Bu.sinoss Manager (3); Olendy Burke (2, 3, 4, 5); Y. M. C .A. (2, 3, 4, 5); Assistant Chairman of Campus Nights (4); Tug-o-War (1, 2); Secretary Class (5). Tru ' OI.!, C. RI-(i Josei ' H Ne - Orleans, La. Werner, Albert G New Orleans, La. SENIOR CLASS College of Arts and Sciences JAMBALAYA i:l % J All MS. Si . Cl. IKI . JR. New Orleans, La. K E " Juiiilpalaya " l; |iresuiitatlvc. ' 23; flass Vlcc-Prcalduiit, ' 2S; Frcslimaii Ba.sUt.t- linll. -Zi. .• mm:i..J New ( ili-ans, I.;i. Uewson. l, uKi ti K Hammoiiil, La. «lili. KlriihiintH. •22: fil.iiily nurkc ' 23; A»»l«tnnt Chf.T I.i ' iidpr, ' 23; Vnrslly " ■hciT LcailiT, •21. •2. ' ;: Moot Court, ' 21; Clas-s Vl f-Presldcnl, ' 24. C n , lj)M() li New ( )||c,lil . L;i. 7, H r VnrMlly n -I at.-i- til; Muniik ' iT l ' r4 ' .Hhmall lixlialliik ' Train II). Iiraiiiatli- lii-luit- lilK I2l: ValHlly ln-lial.r 12); riiiniil Miilal ( ;; I ; ManiiKtr . ii| ' li " lii.ii-.. I ii ' lialllii: 12); Alii ' i ' I ' lirll.r Auaiil (2); I.milH HumIi Knii. h Mnlal l ■_■ ) ; VnrxUy Pi ' IhiIit I.T); Hi ' Tf|iir ' - ' rfcu«urfr ( ralorl -al ami lirhiiMiiK I ' nuin-ll (3); " Ja ' iiihalaya " Hi ' liri ' M. ' iilallv.. 13): Tulani- rlul. (I. 2. 3, II; Pan-lhlli ' iili ' I ' luiiirll (1i; Moal fourl (3. I. fi); I ' hl Ili ' ta Kap|ia (3); I ' lialriiiali Oialnrltnl ami IlrliatlllK I ' liUllrll III; Vaijilly |i,.|,al4i ' III; .slu-nia I ' linlluli. L " I. IHII , I.Ol IS 15. , Nivv )i IcaiiN, La. ■!• A n. .!■ .i 1., 1 T Kdliiir-lii-i ' hii ' r " Jnnibulnyn. " li, Aiinliiiaiil IMItur " Jaiiibaliiya, " ' 36; ran- lla ' tlvnk- C ' ciuni ' ll, ' 26. ' SB. SENIOR CLASS College of .nil ' ' • m y DwiDsiiN, JaiMks J., Jr. . Latavctte, La. A A SiJuakor Glclidy Burko; Secretary Y. M. C. A. Debating Teiini; Oratorical and Debating Council; Varsity Debater, ' 24, ' 25. DixKHi.si ' iri,. Ci.ARii New Oilcans, I, a. M i.il I ' ourt, ' 24. ' 25; Sci-retary-Trcasurcr I ' o-rd Student Bedy, ' l ' , ' 21!. Ul Ki:, William Claude New Orleans, La. K S White Elephants; Class Basketball, ' 23; Class Wrestling, ' 23; Secretary Law School Student Body, ' 24; Honor Board, ' 24; Tulane Moot Court, ' 24, ' 25. FiNKjl New Orleans, F H. Flani)i;r.s, Kl.mkr D New Orleans, La. Vice-President Law Student Body, ' 2ri; Glendy Burke; Moot Court. SENIOR CLASS College of Law THE 1927 o=. -tgn- JAMBALAYA ? Hdir.M.W, I,l.() i) L ' New ( )i-lc;iiis, J-a. ' - K i: Vlin-Pri ' sldent Senior Ana and Sili-noes flaas. " 24: FroHhnian TuK-o-Wnr, ' 21; IntiTihiss Track, ' 22; Moot Court. ' 25; Scrub Bn.ifbnil. |iiii si) . |- ' i.()i K •() C, JR New ( )rlcaiis, F,:i. A T Fri-Hhiiinn Foollmll. ' J.!; Thirtetn club. ' 23; Scrub Foulbtill. ' 21. ' 2. ' ;; " Janibn- laya " HeprcMcntatlvo. ' 25; Moot ourU r Mii( . I M ' OH S i- - Ilicn ' .i, I. a. i: X, ! ' A ' l- Pnn-Hcllonlc Council. " 23; Claiw Secrolnry, ' 24: VIco-ProBlrtont, ' 25; Glcndy Burki-: AHKlHtnnt MnnRK ' r BaHobnU, " 25: ViirBlty Track. 23: I ' rosH Country Team. ' 23; Scrub Football, ' 23, ' 2t. ' 25; IntorcloHH Football, naakctball. Track and WrcHtllnK- .tv , His Niw ()il(aii-., I, a. K .Mm. I iMUrl. l.oKii. i) ii New Orleans, l,.i. Hand. ' 23. ' 21, ' 2G; ISlcndy llurkc. ' 2ri, .SENIOR CLA35 Colic He of Low -t " X T iy ' " Ll N, W ' li.iu RN Shicvciiort, La. K S M Kt I s. Dwii) C Hf l itliicr, La. A T A Ml MKiir. wii. Ch ARi.is T Monroe, La. K 2 Pitts, Joiix L Alexaiuln ' a, La. K 2 R , Li.(ivi) A New Orleans, La. 2X Wliilc Kl.phnnts, ' 21; Class Prosldpnt. •27; Pnii-Hi ' ll.nic Counril. SENIOR CLASS College of Law m ' r . THE 1927 JAMBALAYA ■ -rrrr; fb r Kam.. ll.j New Orleans, La. SiMov, Warriv Bmiissatd, I. a. K i: SToVAi.r.. W. S New (Orleans, La. II K ' ! TllOMI ' SOV, Ml NJAMIV l ' " .. |k. . K A Alexandria, La. W ' odhw Ki), T New Oilf.iiis, La. II K -I- flU ' liily niirki ' , ' 23, ■■it. ■2:,, Vli..-1 ' nBlil..lU, ■■•!,; Dramallr Ollllil. ' 21, ' Sri; Tuliinc riilli. ' 2ri. SENIOR. CLASS College of ,(ii) ' .-J -K ' ' V pV ' - V i JAMBALAYA IJoGEI., Jos l{ I ' M . . New Oilcans, La. CuATiif. i , Hii.i.ARiis De (Juiiiry, La. ■|. K i; V. ' Iiilc Elcplinnt.s; i phinx f n ,; I i-Finti riiity n;iKkrtlj;ill. ' 2 l. •25. ' 20, ' 27; Cla.ss Viii ' -PrcsiiUiit, ' 2 I; StvnliMil BdjI.v Sm-rctary-Trensui ' ci-. ' 25. Cartir. AVii.i.iAM New Orli-ans, La. A T 12 Thlrtofii Cluli; .Spliinx cliili; ( ' .!.■ ' Clul) (2); Class Prosident (1, 2); Wn stllng and BuxiiiK Tram (2), MiiiiaBcr CI); Assistant Cheerleader (3, 4); Chairman Student Body Danees (1); I ' rjsident Commerce Student Body (4). SENIOR CLASS College of Commerce and Business Admiiiislralion m ycy ' Church, Nhi.son New Orleans, La. Clasx Prcsldunl, ' 27; LliisH Viix-Pitsldilil, ' 26; Class Si-citliiry and Treas- urer. " 25. D() i,i ;. RoHiRi Glosten, La. i; A !■: .Sfrrulai ' y and Tri-asur ' -r of .Senior Cla.ss. Gl-Ai)S(J. , JuH.N WlLLl.A.M Riiiggolii, La. Glcndy Burko 1, 2. 3): " Hullabaloo " (2, 3): Dramatic Club (2. 3): Band (I, 2. 3): " Jninhalaya " Ufprpsentntlvc (1): Y. M. C. A. (2. 3). SENIOR. CLASS College of ConiHicrcc and [iiisinas Admirmlration K y _ JAMBALAYA SENIOR CLASS College of Commerce College of Commerce and Business MixGi.iiuoRiF, Marvix Sa amiali, Ga. B r 2 " Jamb:ilaya " Represfntati ' e. ' 2(5: Class Pr-esident, ' 26; " Hullabaloo " Repre- spiitatUf, " 20: Assistant Busitit-ss Manager " Jainbalaya, " ' 26; Uptown Business Manager " Janibalaya, " ' 27: I ' resident Beta Gamma Sigma, ' 27. Salassi, Octave Gerard New Oik-ans, La. S K Y. M. C. A. Class Baski-tball. ' 22. ' 23; " Janibalaya " Representative. ' 25. Thompsox. William Hlghes Hosston, La. II K ran-Hillenie rouncll. VHI■rl.F■ •, Thomas nARR ' " . . . Shicvcport, La. 2 M Vice-President Senior Class. Wrkiht. H.MRi) AL H()L.M, JR JlaniiiiDiul, La. A O Sphinx Club. ■ m ' .Ukj jambalaya H.MNC. |(lll Ci1. I,. 1IlRS . New Oilcans, I, a. A T A Tulanc EiiKlin; -iin SorU-ty; Whlto KIt ' phants; Studi ' iit i ' ounoil; ProsUIi-nt KnKltu-erinK Stu«l ' iu Body: Kri ' Hhnian Haskctball: Scrub Basketball; Tuniils, ■2li; Class Prc ' Slrlent, ' 25, ' 26; Paii-HclkMilc Council. BooKsii, Thomas Schlati-r I ' laiiuemini ' , La. Brolgii, Charms Mimov X ' icksburg, Mi.ss. B n f.lcM Club (1. 2, 3, 1, .1), VI ' f-rri ' HUli ' iit (.1), .S.Mri ' lary-TiiHsur.r M); KmkI- niiTlni,- Soilcty 13, 1. .1); Pnii-ilclli ' lilc Cuuncll (4. 5); TUK-o- Var (1. 2): Class I ' outball (2); S rub Kootball (1. 6). Hk(iu . Ciiari.is William . New ( )i leans, 1, II II Ill ' s llouliik- I ' liib: Siinb l ' ' cin(ball. ' ! ' . ' : I ' lass KinMbull. ' 2L CiiAi ' MW. . riii. Watson Nr« ()il(ans, I, a T X !■: OIi ihI ' Itiirkc (b-alnrlrnl an l ItcbaihiK ( ' nnnill i 1, 2, 3. -1); Tlilaiir IM ' aniiill I ' hib ih.bi ' Sliji (It; Inlinlass liiballiiu (I. 31; . " .•■ nlary iiT I ' lass (2); Tlllall ri)l iTsll i ' layiTs i ); Tulitnr t ' lilvi-i-stly i rainallt Oullil (3, t): Hccri ' larv (3. II: TciiiMiis (3. n, 41: " llullabaliiii " .ttalT (3. I): Kt ' iHirlcr (.1 , KiiKlni ' crlni; Kdltiir Ul. News Killt.ir I 3, 11; Y. M. i A. I ' alilln ' l (.1, )l; Vlii ' -Pn ' slilnil III Hiuibnl Huily St ' iTi ' lary (II: Aiiii ' i-lian I ' lii ' inlial Muilnly 1 1, 2, 3. I), Tulam KtiKliii ' t- rliiK Morli ' ly; Piiii ' ii Kowlnir Cluh, SENIOR. CLA5.S College of Engineering f my TO IP Cha.mhkri.aix, Uoxali) K Z . New Orleans, La. Cn AMHERL ix. Ci.ARi; LEONARD Ncw Orleans, La. K 2, T X E White El. ' lili! nt.s; Glee Cluli, ' 23. ' 24. ' 25, ' 20; Toil ' s Howine fluli: Kre.sliman Ha.sl;etl all. ' 2:!; Viir.«ity Trai-k. ' 2a; Basketball, ' 21); Serub Football, ' L ' O; Tell- iii.s, ' 25; Captain Teiiiiis, ' 2 j. ' 27. L ' arru, Walter New tJrleans, La. I A e Pop ' s Rowint ' Club: Fle.slimaii l ' oolball, ' 22; Val ' .sity Football, ' 2:i; Varsity Football, ' 25. D ' Aquix, Loii.s Esi.ER ■r X E Tulane nraiiialii- Culld, ' 27; I ' op ' s KuwiiiK Clol New ( )i le;ms. La. V inton, La. FoRMAX, Hl ' XNEN ' At. FRED i; x !•: l.llee flijl, Ci, 1); I ' aii-llell eiii.- (3, U ; Kimiiie. rlliK .Soelety; Viee-l ' le.sideiit Wtudellt Body. SENIOR CLASS College of Engineering mM. THE 19 27 Jl) JAMBALAYA = syafg7 S. i m :■?? IIai.i.i.k, IIaroi.I) ( )rii) New ( rk-ans, I, a. •l- K i; Whitf Klcphnnts; ArL-liitocturnI Soriety. nA. ril.Tnv, IIiRiiiRT New Orleans. La. i; A !•: Han ' rmaw, SiiKi.DoN Jamics i- v Orleans, I, a. T X ] ' . Aincrlf-un choniU-ftl Soi-lt ' ty; Pop ' H Ilowlim ImI». II WIRKAMI ' , JollV New Orleans, I, a. 2 !■; Tulniin GiiKlniKTlnK Soili ' iy; inlcrolnss Fonlluill (1); TuK-n-Wnr (1); Fronli- fiiiiii Track Team (U; CIuhh Hum-tary and Tri ' HHurcr (3); Senior CIa«a Prf«l- ili ' rit. l,l . M i Kit I Will. I ' Xew Oilr.ins, I-a. Z II T SENIOR CLASS College of Engineering . ' i ■yn? III -I I i TSFta- ' THE 19 27 J :U«tfe i,t i JAMBALAYA |y| 2 Lou, Charles New Orleans, La. v. 1! T Assistant Commissary Siimmpi- Survey Camp (2); Commissary (3): Varsity Golf Squad (2, ?,. 4); liitcr-Pratwnity Basl etbaU (1, 2, 3, -1). Me ' i|-k. IF. ])i. KE, ii)Kh: New OiU-ans, r,a. ■I ' A e AL:vi ' ks. WiM.i AM Lin- R, JR Memphis, Tenn. Nelson, Lawrence Kitchener New Orleans, La. Vice-President. ' 27; Vicc-1 ' risident Tulane Kiiniiucriiif Society, ' 27; Chairman .Senior l- ' rolie. Newlix, Alhhrt KiiRsiA- New Oileans, La. ' 1 ' K i; Tulanc EnKlne.rink ' Society: Pan-Hellenic I ' lesidiTil rl); Fresluiian. Soplio- moro Football. SENIOR CLASS College of Engineering ■ ' ,«■■ ' ;■■■,. i JAMBALAYA it- » Sf ' ' «» Osi R. Wai.tir Ki r,si.i: New Orleans, La. 2 A E Tuliin. ' lOtiKiiii ' i ' i-liit; SoL-lely. ' 25. ' 26. ' 27. OsTMR. WfM.l M Pi:Tr,R New Orleans, F.a. R xrwii.i.i:, V i ri:R Sifwart. Jr f Metiia. I-a. T X !■: Tuliin. Urnninilf rjullil (1); Anii ' i-Uan rhrnilial Si)ili.| ; Pop ' H ItowliiK Club. Rei . ch, Leov Mi ' Vkrs .... 2: A j[ Ne ' (Trleans, F.a. Tuliinr KllKliH- ' -rlliK Siirli-ty; Fri-Nliiiian Ilaskt ' ttuiU .Si-ruli; Foottiall, 24; St ' rub RaHki ' llmll. ' 21: .Siruli Tra.k, ' 21; i;lnn« " Jnmlialaya. " •21, ' 25; Pail-llollcnli ' , ' 2.1, ' 2-1. ' iU. •2tl. S. Rr.INI. lll R H rk - Diirant, .Miss. s A !•; ' riilani ' Kiiul rlhK j ciili ' ly ; TiilatiM nraiiialli ' Oiillil: Vlii ' -I ' riHlila ' iil Junloi ' rlimM. ' 21. ' 2ri: " .Innilialaya " Itcimni-lilallvc Hi ' liliir Claiw, ' 211, ' 27; I ' ri ' nlilftil Tlllani ' KllullH ' i ' I ' lllic . ' tiirlcty (II. SENIOR CLASS College of Engineering ._i my SiMi ' Sox, Si .mxi;r VAl.Tl■;R New Oilcans, La. I A e ScrrctMrv-Treasxirfr Si-nior (Mass, ' liU; Pan-Hetlciiic CoYllloil. " 24, ' 25; Scrub Baskfthall, •: !. ToRTOM ASI. J Mi:S Bl-RIi ARl) Ncw Oilcaiis, La. V. T.sox. Ri-GiNAi.n Kin ARl). Ill San Dicfio, Calif. Vii.s()x. AsuTON Harvev New Orleans, La. A ' 1 ' A, ' 1 ' A ■!• Tliirtc.ii C ' lnls Sphinx Cluli; Frfsliinan Kootliall; Basket ball ; Wrestling; Var- sity Foolhall (2. :!, 4). SENIOR CLASS College of Engineering JAMBALAYA BoLRGi-ois. S. j., Jr Morgan City, La. •I ' K ! ' U " Ted " Is a chfiTfuI l oy. always .smiling and lauphinK no matter whnl huppcnH. J{1h motto .sofiiiH to In-. " A joke a djiy keeps worry away. " And as for th» ' la Iles— Ted Is ju.st naturally drawn to tliein like Iron filings to a magnet, Suf - -ess Is his; if not by work he can win It In a walk by talking. Class President (1, 2). BoYETTi-, Roy New Orleans, La. One of those men. indi-ed. In whom the essential elements to suceess are so rombliied and blended as to mellow his body and mind Into an Indomitable eharneti-r of K " " d and of determination. Suceess shall not pass him by. Honor ' ounfll (I. 2); Seerelary-Treasurer Class 3, 1); Class President (A. 5). CRAr , Sin:i,Li; Kdg.ar New Orleans, La. Quiet and reserved In his manner. Shelley hns beeome a sound thinker and a Kuod student; eomblned with his love of his work ho will succeed. Cn jdKif. C ' li RM s I Nrw C rlcans, La. Clinrles stands fnr the beNi fliere Is In dentistry ami will undnubtedly be one of the best deiidsiN of the future. Me believes In helphiK others and Is very eapable of dnIiiK so; always proves to be the friend In need. " Jambitl ' iyii iCepresentatlve (2 ; niior Counell (3), Dario. .M RjnRii M Baton Roii jc, I-a. " Mnrtco " Is Just one union i; us. Hhe has n Kontl foundntlnn as shr has one deKreo already. The ehlldren i-ry for her as she handles Ihein with sueh ease. We liellt vi In MiirK and predlet sui ' esji ft r lier. AD. iH ' Kroo L. H. V.. ' 23; r ' lnss Heerelary-Trensurer (2); Honor Counrll (1. i . _, J|Vg SENIOR. CLASS College of Dcnlhli}f SENIOR CLASS DiitHMAW, ()i.i i-K I)iKi iK Ni ' w ( )rlcan , F.a. Scholar, athlet - :iml sheik; whai nioru could man ( ir woman) ask? FrL ' shman Truck; Varsity Track. ' 25, ' 26; Assistant Football Manager, ' 25; Football ManaBcr. ' 2i;. Earnicst. j. Ci.Ai DK Lf Cninpn-. La, 2 n i laiui sonic, but his Krr-ntnst at tract i i-n cms lies not therein but in his sin- eerily, ready syinpalhy and uniirin willinKuess to aid his follow students. EASLrv. David C McComh, Miss. Z 1 ' I ' He is conscientious, relialde, and always on tlie job. A disposition that makes friunds and a personality that kc-eps them. A perfect gentleman in every sense of the word. He will be a credit to his profession. Class President, ' 25; Vice-President Dental Student Body. ' 2fi: Assistant Medical Editor " Jambalaya, " ' 2tl ; Mcdirnl Krlitnr. " 27 ; Honor Council, ' 27; Square and Compass. Jordan, Wool) Wfrr Autan avillc, Ala. 2; A K. ! ' X A man we will always remember and whose good Influence will help ns for many years to come. H is imi)ossil)le to see anything in the fvitui-e fr)r him except a great sucr-ess. " Jambalaya " Uei)resentative. ' 21 : Medical Editor, ' 2ii ; Honor Council, ' 26; President Dental Student Body, ' 27; Secretary-Treasurer Tulanc Student Coun- cil, ' 27; Square and Compass. Lambardo, Salvo J Ncwellton, La. A disposition of pure sunshine coinbinc.l with a genuine desire to make friends. Newelllrm will Ind in him rm,. )i„ earnestly strives to give the best that is In hliii. Laxdal, I HV.SHR Artiiir AIoMt onuTy. Ala. Z 15 T .studioUH, ambitious and resourceful, he possesses fully those qualities which ar(! necessary to achieve greatne-ss in his chosen professii n. Pan-Hellenic Council, ' 2 ;, ' 27; " .Jambalaya " Rei)resentative. ' 2; ' ); Pcntal l-Jditor " Hullabaloo. " ' 21. ' 2(3; Class Historian, ' 26. College of Dcntislr}f _ JAMBALAYA LoKio . l. ! I J,K Ki) L.ikclaiiil. L;i. 1 n AI ln, thr l.iRt of a toTiff line nf brdtlicrs tn leave the su ar plantation for a profi ' W.slfin. Although hf Is a ' Ut and dyed In the wool On-cnie he will i-asi liis lot In tht- Ti». ' T teiTltory with IiIh hrothers. We are sure his wonderful perHonalti - will Kain for htm ixh many friends wherever he noes as he has here. Varsity Knothall. ' 24, ' 25. " 26. L () s, Norwood K ari Opclousas, [.a. Z ' P !• A man of wonderful eharaeier, hroiidmhwleil and clever. He will liave ntan.v friends In the future as he has had in the past. We ' re expeetln threat thlnk ' of you, Nr»rwiKtd. V. M. f. A-: Tuk ' -o-War. ' 23. NoKRis. W ' lLLiA.M Baton Ruuj;c, La. :; •!•. z i ' ' I ' Uah! lC;ili! 11 Is InipoHsltde not to like eollese hoy Nnrrls. Ho In tho moKt i-olleKhit4 ' niai) In thi- elans. Mis Iqhs will eertalnly bo Rrcatly felt tn cnllo- Klate etreles. 8 CTftury-TreH«urer ClaMS, ' 21. ' 25; TuK-o-War. ' 27; Iiiterfniternlty naHkeltuill. Ott. A ll, ,1 Taliahassrr. Fla. Z k ' I ' Azel. old hoy. there Is no dnuht Hueross will he your mtddio nnmo on ono eondttloii- -thjit you don ' t |»raetlee on tlio Florida Womnn ' s Colleico t amp i ' ' - W( hat 1o loHc you as a friend and we are eerlnin you will meet with sueeess on llfe ' f lonK hiKhway. I ' ai.i K in. I st i. I ' i I t Oilt-ans. La. r %! .|. PnHenl IH a deservlnu wearer of the " T. " Tho qunlKlos nf unneinshnesn and Koud nature have won for him n host of frlondn. Varsity Kimthall. 2l, ' 26. " 26. Riri-o. Anthony Li-onard New Orleans. La. " Iluf " Is one atnoiiK us who ha» many frli-mls. We predlrl irrent sueeess fur htm. as ho has shown his nldllly ns a denllsl. Clootl lu«-k, Kuffo, Maiiauer Wresillnw Team. 27. SENIOR CLASS Lollcgc of DcnlisliV , JAMBALAYA ; , ,,p Siiiii.iG, Joseph RonhRX New Orlcajis, La. K N Joe ' s small of body but big of mind. doc;s athletics of almost ovory kind, and a more agreeable friend you ' ll .seldom Hnd. Acting I ' n-sident Class. ' 25; Secretary Class, 2G; " Jambalaya " Ueiiresontativc, ' 21; Inter-fraternity Basketball, Tennis, S.MiTii, J. MuLMLLE New Oilfans, La. n K A, 1 ' 12 We predict for " Mel " a great future in his chosen profession, as ho is the type that is hound to succeed. Quiet and unassuming, he has always been one of the most likeable fellows in the class and a student of sterling qualities. Freshman Track. Basketball, Ila.seball; Varsity Baseball, ' 2G, ' 20, ' 27; Honor Council. ' 2G. SoXI.AT, SlDXi: ' Lt)l IS New Orleans, La, i: n, -i ' u It has been a pleasure to know Sid and c feel that he will make .a sucim ss of his life ' s work. He h.as been duly rewarded for his efforts by receiving the " Woodward i rize for ' 25 and ' 2G. Honor Council, ' 23, ' 24. ' 25. W ' .MXWRlGMT, L.MRIX L I?ei nice, La. II K . , ■! ' U It. I,, can not hcli» but succeed with such a disposition. SENIOR CLASS V i,i)j:r, S.AM .... New Orleans, La. Sam ' s Advice Is " Don ' t worry. " If he follows his own advice he will be .a success due to his nack of making friends. College of Denlisliy THE 1927 L JAMBALAYA Senior CI ass NKWC ' OMH coi.i.ix;!:. Mii.i.KR, Acnes New Orleans, l.a. NoRIIIRLP, I, NM-: . . Pass Cliristiaii, Miss. K K r Frrndi r ' irclc: Dramatic rlub: Y. W A.: f ' i ' fshman Commission (1): V. V. C. A. Calilnct (2); Anail.-. Art Keillor (?.). Swords, Mary New Orleans, La. ' nv Ar , Ri Til HciustDn, Tex. (■()i.i.r,(;r oi- Minicixi-: Mallowii , Masmf. .... Trenton, N. J. Munnlf h heart and houI In hlH prorc tsion. i»v T many a book he has port-d. Never seemliiK to Ket bored. Noi.Ax, Stlart E. . . Mexico City, Mexico One of the quiet moniberH of the elass whom we don ' t see often — (stays nt home a lot). ROBINSOX, Hardy (h;o Hcrirue, l.a. A K K fieol ' Ke has masleriil the funtlameiitals nf the heallnR art with apparently little errort. He will, wi ' believe, solve the problems of life in lhi same ijulet. eltl- ei.-nt nninner. (Seniors % hose pictures are not shown in panel.) CREicinnv, Vm. IIknrv . . New Orleans, Devai.i., I.llif. .... New Orleans, Kastler, John- Ordway . . New Orleans, Santos, Ra.vierk.x R. New Orleans, l.a. SowEi.i,, Frierson ' FuflKi.. . . Forney, Tex. •I ' X No one should have any fear froni laU- inff a pill rolleii by one who holds his eltosen enllinK In KUeh IiIkIi esleem, ToRRKiTo, Niciini.AS Jos.. . . I ' ainpa, Fla. r I ••A nnise of Terpsb-hore, lie ' s a Iteiir on a shiny lloor. " c()1.i,K(;k of kncinkkrinc;. Urtss, Tuns. Nflson ( ' .. New Orleans, I.; X Hphliix riub: MiKebnll. •3r,. La. La. La. La. l.a. La. La. La. eiin. La. La. La. ( " ariionh.i, Mar I in ILivana, Culi.i Ki.KiNPETER, V. Ernest .... C.retna, ' Tulane KnK ' neering Seeretary, Levy, Mii.ton Lamreri . . New Orleans, Madden ' , Edward Peich. New Orleans, Maier, Wii.I.IAM .... New Orleans, Merriit, Pai ' I, (;., Jr. . . New Orleans, Meyers, Wm. L., Jr. . . . Memphis. T Rolcelot, Rodney K. . . New Orle ans, TuLinc Engineering Society. SwAV, Herbert Cecil . . New Orleans. Tillalie EnKlneerinK Soci.-ty. Weed. James Evans . . . New Orleans, i ' A e Tulane Engineering Society. collece oi I . w. Hrowne, Patrick V. . . New Orleans, La. A K !■:, l A -I ' , K A l Davison, J. J., Jr l.afayelle, La. l A A (ilendy nurke Speaker. ' 26. ' 27; Ora- torical and Debating t ' ouheii, ' 2-1. ' 2ri, ■2(i. ' 2T; Vnrslly Debute. " 24. •2. ' i. ' 2(i; ttxfoi- l Debate Teatn; lnlei-inilii niil I ' lub; V. M. C. A. Cabinet, •2. ' , •2ll. ' 27; Moot Court. •2ri, ' 20. ' 27: .slpMhlsli Club. •2 ' l. Cesei.i., Meri.e F. . . p New Orleans, La. .Ininbalnya Itepresi ' ntiitive, ' 2 ' !. HvMMKi, JiniN IL ... New Orleans, La. .M.mt Court. LeHi NC, Kaiiierine F. M. . New Orleans, L Ml Ei.i.ER, K(i .... San . ' Xnlonio, I ' rx. Raney, Jakvev T Zwolle, La. JAMBALAYA enior CI ass (Seniors whose pictures are not slmwn in panel.) COI.I.l ' .Cil-. OF ARl ' S Arkamsos, Pai_i, n. . . . Shreveport, l.;i. li ' I ' , ' l- A K B.iml (2, 3). Ai.M MS, I.nRAish RingK I ' l. ' ' i- [. I ' i; Baseball C ' .). AriAWAv, CiRTES Lee . . Naiehitoclies, I,n. A n, Thomas Bes ' iov . . . Rac-elaml, I. a. KiRNSiFiN, 1IF ■R , Jr. . . . Monroe, I. a. Hi.ANxiiARU, Frederick . . . F l Haso, lex. X Z X CiARCE, Jl LIO Enriqi E . San (lernian, 1 ' . R- i: I iREi: Max Mami . . . Mer Ronj. ' ,e, l.:i. nnii..r c-i.uri.il I 1. 2, :■. I. IIarov, William R Hrewton, -Ma. (I K + Harris, John Brooks .... Rnston, .Ma. i i; i ' , e K ! ' PathoKfii.s. KoiiLMEVER, Herman S. . . New Orleans, I. a. Z li T Baml (I. 2, ?.. i . l.II ' AM, Jons (; New Orleans, l.a. Maiimews, Perrv E. . . New Orleans, l.a. Me er, HE ■R ■ S Zwolle, l.a. ANH SClENCr.S Nevvmak, IslIlORt New Orleans, La. Z I! T Haii.l 11. 2. :i. H. Partridge, ri.AREME V Mobile, .Ma. Preston, Kdwis 1 " . . . Miami Heaeli, Ma. RiES, Mairre R New Orleans, La. i; !■: I ' .dil. r llullal.al.i " (11. .MiOKii- ' inii Editiir i::i. , rls and Siuii.f EUilcir (2); HviUa- l.alno Slafr (1); .lanilialaya Staff (1. 3); V. M. ( ' . A. Cabinet (2). Viee-I ' res- Ideiit (3); Band (1, 2, 3); C.U-e Club Orchestra (1); Tulane Univcrsll.v Play- ers (21; Dramatic Cuild (2): Forum Committee (I. 2): Oratorical and De- batinK Council (2, 3): Winner Hullaba- loo I ' oetry .Award. ' 21;; Class Vite- Pre.sidelU l2l. Rosas, SlD E J ChataiRnier, La. Smith, Oavi.e Aikev . . New Orleans, La. II K A White Elelihants; Ki)biilx Club; Kdiliir .Ianibala -a l-l). Business Maluiger (3). Humor Editor (2); Assistant Manager Kontball (21; Hullabaloo Staff (1. 2. 3); V. M. C. A. " ■. l. Siiiif, RoiiiKi li Many, La. () K M ' Tessitose, Nicola Jos. . New Orle;ins, la. Waiters, ' I ' meadore A Helclier, La. II K . , . K K Patbogens; Band (2. 3); (11. e Club Or- chestra (3, 4); filee Club II. . ' . l ; Viee- I ' resident Cla.ss (T.. II). Wilson ' , Gordon E. . . . New Orleans, La. A K V. Varsity Football (2. 3, 1): Varsity Baa- k.tbal ' l 12. 3, 4); Valsity Track (2. 3). -,B - JUNIORS - JAMBALAYA Junior Class NEWCOMB COLLEGE AlTKENS, AlTICA, K A 9 . . . . New Orleans, La. Glee Club. Bacher, Leoi.a, . UK New Orleans, La. Uraniatli- I ' lul, (1. 2, 3); DebntinK Cluh (1. 2. 3); Oli f Club (1, 2, 3); Vlcc-Pri.8l lent Glw Club (3); Bowling Team. Rairi), .Assh, K K 1 ' Baird, Mi s. Kate, Audrkv New Orleans, La. Bavlev, Caiiikrini:, II li ■! ' . tlanla, Cia. Y. V. C. a. Ci); I ' nlK h circle (2, 3). BavI-OR, C ' i.ALDIA. X IJ CJultporl, Miss. Y. V. C. A. (2, 3); DebutlllK Club c;, :1|; French Circle (3). Uaxikk, ICi.AiNE New Orleans, La. licbatInK Club (1. 2. 3): French Chile (1, 2. 3); Y. W. C. A. Bil.l.EAun, I.oi ' lZKTiE, K K r . . . . Broiissard, La. Dramatic Club (1. 2, 3); French Clnle (1, 2. 3). BODENMEIMEK, F.VEI.YN, A E ' l . . . New Orleans, La. liebiillnK Club (I. 2, 3) Allernale VarHlly De- hatUiK T ' -ani; Varxlty I ' ebitllnu ' I ' eum (2): .Mci-relary-TreaHUrer OebatInK Club (2. 3); I- reni b Circle ( I. 3 . Braiiiiv, Cammi , II It •!• . . . . New Orleans, La. Frendi circle (1. 2. 3); V. W. C. A. (2 ; AHHiHtant tiuHlneHfi MuniiKer Newconih Jamba- Inya. " 3 " V Junior Class NEWCOMB COLLEGE 1!kam . (), EsiiiKR, r I New Oilcans, La. InhaliiiK I ' luh (1. 2, 3); PretK-li Clrilo (1. 2. ;; ) ; I r;ini;»tif t ' lul) (o): Socrftary Stuilcnt I ' ouiii-il I ' .i): Dcbatiiiy Team (2); SwimniitiK M.-.-t (I). i;KF. r, Dale Laurel, Mi s. Maiulolin-GuiUii- ' lult. Bkown ' , I ' .iiiiii, a () II New Orleans, La. ,Mallil..liil-i:uitai ' I ' luli; V. V. (. ' . A. ( " aii , Kl.iili., A K ' ! New Orleans. La. I ' rriuli Cirrli . CAKVAirw. v ' nRN ' KI.IA New Orleans, La. . . w . (iiuli ln-aniatir Club (1, 2 1. Cakon ' , Mmi ' Iiim, II H I . . . New Orleans, La. i;ii . I lub; French Cireb- { ' akkm, ' [via New Orleans, La. Iiiaiiialii Club; Frellell f ' inb ' ; Gh-p Club; Y. W. C. A. ( ' AKKb, Li.Ii.A, X i New Orleans, La. l-r.n. h Chi I,. (1); Glee Club (1, 2); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2. :!); Slutlent Oouueil (2); Fresh- man Coiiiniission (1); Volley Ball (1. 2); Itasli.lball (1. 2); Var.sity (2); SpaldhlK Ba.s- bitball (1. 2); Var.sity (2); Captain (2); lloekry (1. 2), Captain (1), Varsity (2). t ' llAVAWK, Kost, A (I 11 .... New Orle;ins, La. Glee Club. (■|iK(ji K1.IS-, YvKTTE, FT H ■! . . New Orleans, La. I ' rc-ni b Circb-; Glee club; Student Hu.ly Hance t ' uniiniltee. 11 + THE 1927 ' J -i JAMBALAYA .ib il ' :•■— te;_ Junior Class NEWCOMB COLLEGE Dai.tox, DoKonn, . n || . . . . Hiriiiiiiia, Mi ■. n.vsrMT, DoRoniv Iliuima, La. Y. w. f. A. (1. 3. 3). OAUGKriK, L. New Orll•all , La. DeHlieix, Lotis, K a H Na(liit(i(lu , La. Cl.-,- I ' lull ; Y. V. C. A. DKI.AIIOUSSAVE, SlIlONIE, X U . ... FrallKlill, La. lM-aitia(lr rruh; Kronrh rirelf. Dkvi.is, . ' (;ki.a, K A 6 . . . . New Orloan , La. t ' lilhullv Clul (2. 3). Ohvi.i , SiriKi i:v, K A O , , . . Ni-w OrU-an La. ( ' lilhohi- rlult (2. 3K Tuliilli ' rnlvor.sliy I ' lay- ITH (1). Ooiiris, OlcHV, X Si Brookliaviri, Mi . Kr.li.li Cllilr ' (2, 3); Hi ' liallnif Cluli (2); V, W. r. A. 3): Fri ' Hhnmii I ' uniniiHHton (U; Vli-i ' -I ' rt ' itltli ' iil ' liiM« (3t; Hi ' iT tHry I t rinttiiry 43); l ' ' ltiuiiri. I ' liiiiinlttff t3J; Kxi (.-uttvi ( tni- tnllli ' x (31: tloUNo I ' oull ' . ' ll (3). Dt NS, Ki.KANOK, A i II AmiU ' , La. V. W. r. A.; l ' ' rciii-h CIri-lc. Hasp, N ' iiia . . NurwiHid, 1. rrfHlili ' tit I ' lult Uiii ' iitlliiry ; IIuuni- Oiiuiti-ll, ii ; 1 THE 1927 ssai JAMBALAYA Junior Class NEWtOMH COLLEGE Ellis, M K , K A 6 Amite, La. m.-c Club (1. 2); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2). Fasikki.ino, Edith, T I ' New Oilcans, La. I ' ll 1 1), Bfatrice Lake Charles, La. . V. •. A. (1, 2, 3); Caliintt (2, 3); Iiriiliiatir Cluh 11. 2. 3); Llebating Club (1. 2. 3); IJeliat- int; r ' lmncil (1. 2, 3); Cass Pn-sidi ' lit 13); Class SiHTL ' tary (2); Housp Counril (3); Volh ' y Hall (1, 2. 3): Captain (2); Ncwcomb Bas- k.tball (2): Spalding Basketball (3); Base- bull (1. 2); Varsity (2); Class Debating (2). FisiiKR, Enid, II 15 Greenville, Miss. ■ ' . W. C. A.: Frenrli Circ-le; Jaiiibalaya Kt presentative (1); Class Secretary (3); Ar.iulu Board (3); House Counoil (2, 3); Treasunr (2). I ' dsiKR, Rinv, A o II ... . New Orleans, La. liel.atinK Club (1. 2, 3); President (3); Varsity Ih-batini; Alternate (1. 2); Frenell Cirile (1. 2. 3|; Mandolin-Guitar Club (1. 2. 3); Pres- ident ' lass (2); Areade Roard (3); Assistant Newennib Janil)alaya Editor (3). I ' " ov i.i;k, Florrnci-:, . II K . . . . New Orleans, La. luiwi IK, Ini.A Aslieville, N. C. I ' M-esliinan Commission (I). (iiiMiii , MxDKi.lNE New Orleans, La. Gm.wis, Kahikrink, X O liullun, Miss. , W C. A. (1): Freneh (Mr. le 13); (ilee Club (3); House Couneil (1. 2. 3); Student lb„i UeeordiUK S eretary (2); Student Hody Corresponding Seerotary (3); lloekey (1. 21; Neweonib Ball (2, 3); Baseball 12). IIamii ION, lli.l.l. , ' I ' .M . . . liirininglKiin, Al;i. Clee Club; Freshman Commission; Fresliniiin Water Color Prize (1); Flr.st P. ace Fiehl Liay (2). ii6 - , JAMBALAYA 1WWwL ' ' ■•— id. Junior Class NEWCOMB COLLEGE Ham.ev, Catherine, I .M Atlanta, CJa. a pc Club (1, 2. 3): Dramatic Clul. (1. 2. 3): French CMrcle (1. 2. 3). Hardtner, E New Orleans, La. IIavvvarii, Stem, a, II li ' 1 . . . . New Orleans, La. Gh-e r-luh (2. 3); Niwpomb nail (I. 2. 3); Husfliall (2). Heaslip, Cora, A O n New Orleans, La. Nowi-omb Uraniatlf f ' lub (1. 2. 3); Fi-t ' iii-li flrcle (3); Tulaiii ' t ' nlvcr. ' iit.v Play.rs (1); VarHJly Hix-ki-y (1, 2): SwIniiiilriK Knilili-m (2): Ncwfomtp " N " (2); Cla.is Tna.sunr (2); Finance CommlttiM; (3). Herring, Ai.bena, . II Mnnnic, La. Y. W. C. A.; French Circle. HoPKis ' s, Gladys, n B + . . . . New Orleans, La. l-nn. h Circle (2. 3); Pan-H. lenlc (3); N. w- conili Daaketlmll (2, 3). Kaiin, Hannah New Orleans, La. nehallni; clul.; Miiiiilolln-C.ultar Cluli; .New- c.inil. Hall (I. 21: lloikey (1. 2): nnxehall (2); HpaldhiK llaHkelljall (2). Kahv, Ray New Orleans, La. Iiraniallc Cluli (I. 2. 3); French ' lri Ic (1. 3); llelijtiinu Club (3). KivDERT, Salome Gretna, la. fllee Cluli; Y. W. C. a.; Iiraniallc Clul.. JoKiiAN-, Eleanor New Orleans, La. Iiraniallc clul. (1); Tulane tinlveiKliy I ' lay- ••m (1). " 7 JL. Junior Class NEWCOMB COLLEGE Julius, Elsie, A K ' I ' Coliiinlms, (ia. Kn-ncli Circlp (2. 3); nobathi!; C ' luli (2. :i); Dormitory (- ' ouncil (:i). L Mi!, I ' airicia, I ' I ' New Orleans, La. AlhLtii- I ' oum-il: Class Sorrotary (1); Vi.llt Hall II, 2. 3). Calitain (3): Nfwcoml) Bas- kiMl.all (2); .Spnldili)? Basketball (1. 2). lUuU.-y (I. 2). Lang, RonniK, I ' ' I ' New Orleans, La. Ncwconili iMariialic Cluh (1. 2. 31; Kr.Micli I ' iril.- (1, 21; V. V. l ' . A. (1. 2. 3); Volley nail (3). l.AU ' , ICvKLVN Franklin, La. Y. W. (•- A. LiA, Eva, ■!■ M New Orleans, La. Makiin, DoKoiiiKA, II li ' 1 ' . . . . New Orleans, La. KriMic-h Cin-le (2. 3); Volley Ball (2. 31. (Mii- laiii (2); Ni-wcomli Basketball (). 2). Captain (2). Hoekey (21; Basi-l.all (11. NL ssi;v, Nancv, X i2 N ' iiia, .Ma. DebatinK •■luh (2); I ' lcn.-li Circle (2. 31; V. V. C. A. Cll MtwiiLi:, MuKiKL, . A II . . . New Orleans, La. I ' ' i.ii.li CInl,.; Xiwconib Hall (21. Ml KALI I, 1a l. X !. ' New Orleans, L;i. Mil , Rilii New Orleans, La. L ' lrnrb rirrle (1); Pebatiim I ' luli (2). IlS - rE7 L JAMBALAYA Ti5 Junior Class NEWCOMK COI.I.IXJE Mkyer, I.olisk, K a O New Uileaiis, La. ilockcy (I. 2). MOFFKIT, f. RV, A n Mnnrnc, I.a. Mistrt-ss of UcvelM. MoiSE, Al.ICR New Orleans. I.a. MoiSE, M.ARl.w, .A O n New Orleans, La. rn-ni h rlr l ; .Ni i onili I)r:ini;itlc t ' lllli; llnc-kcy (2). MooNKV, ClXM,, K K r New Orleans, Ln. Alhl«tlr ' nuii ll (2): Cln.iH Prf.slilent (1); Sludi ' lU Couiirll (2); AHHiHtunt HusIiu ' .sh Man- RKiM- Ariiiilf (2); Vnmlty naski ' tluill (1. 2): Varsity Hockey (1, 2); Janilialayn StafT (S). MoRPiiv, Helen, XV. New Orleans, La. Iiraniiilli- cliili; Kn-nrli clnli.; .Sluili-nl I ' nun- ' ll. MoUN ' flRR, Cecet.ia, I ' M .... Cnllllllliia, Miss. li.l.alliiK I ' lul. (I, 2); Fn-li.h clnli- t, 2. :i I : V W. C. A. (1). NnrroN, Li v Mw, A A II ... . (nnvlev, I.a. V. v. •. A. (1. 2. n). Packer, Maxink, A II . . . . Alexandria, I.a. Y. V I ' . A. 11. 2); I ' r in h iMr.lr (1); MmiHi- ■ iiiiiii II r. Rii. . i, Louise Slirevepnrl, La. Ill luli; iHlMiiInu ( ' lull (I, 3. HI. 4 V t iS ..J. - — 1 Junior Class NEWCOMB rOl.I.FXiE Paksons, l ' ' in akda, I ' 1 ' New Orleans, La. I ' " riiiili CiiTle; Dramatic Club (2, 3); Volley Hall (2); Hockey (1. 2); Class Treasurer (3). I ' llllJlKKK, N ' lNNKTIH, II 11 ' i ' . . . . Hlluxi, MisS. Y. V. C. A. (1. 2. 31: Freni ' h rhcl. ' i:t); Y. V. C. A. Caljillet (3): Wiiuwr i.l Swiiii- mint, ' Meet (2). ivwMCK, Sarah Thorpe Gulfport, Miss. I ' ' reshnian Commission (1); Glee Club (2, 31; Class Vice-President (1); Janiltalaya Uepre- sentative (2); Baseball (2). R()i.i.i s, Mak (uillpdit, Miss. iJi liatiiiK Club (2, 3); Class Debate (2). RiKir, AiifF ( ' ARRni., K K I ' . . . New Orleans, I.a. KosKMii.Air, Mari, ' I M Atlanta, Ga. V. V. C. A.: Volley Ball (2. 3). SwDKRS, Marv, K a 9 New Orleans, I.a. Newcomb Basketball (1. 2); Volley Ball (21; SpaldinK Basketball (1. 2). Captain 111. .Varsity (1); Class Vice-President (2). Saun1)I-:rs, Maridki,, II li ' !• . . . New Orleans, La. Frencb Circle (1. 2, 3); Debating Club (2); Student Council (1): Athletic Council (2, 3): Class Treasurer (1); Newcomb Ball (1, 21; SpaidinK Basketball (1, 2). Varsity (1. 21; Hockey (1. 2). Varsity (2); Tennis Varsity (1); Baseball (1. 2), Varsity (1. 2); Assistant Business Manager Arcade (3), Skaward, Hkrtiia New Orleans, La. Y. V. C. A. (1. 2, 3); Cabinet (2. 3); Treas- urer (3). SiAi ' i.i-s, I)ais , K a New Orleans, La. riioMASON, Mary Lolisi:, A II K . . New Orleans, La. Y. W. C. A.: Newcomb Basketball (21; Arihery (2). riCNTR, Lksi.Ii:, K K r . . . New Orleans, La. M JAMBALAYA Junior Class NEWCOMH COI.I.IXJE V ' uN ' CAN ' soN, Martha, Z T A . . . New Orleans, La. Drar.iatl.- Club (1. 2); Glee Club (1. Z. :!); Tulanc University Players (1). WadSWORTH, Sei.MA New Orleans, l.a. Walomann, Ei.eaxora New Orleans, La. I ' rarnatlc Club; Hockry Varsity (1, -); New- comb Ball (2). Walker, Marios ' , X i! Ncwberg, Ala. Glee Club (1, 2. 3); Dra.llatle Club (2. 3); Kreni-h circle (2); Student Body Treasurer (3): Class Vice-President (2): Athletic Coun- cil (3); Varsity Basketball (2); House Coun- cil (3). Wallace, Janet, A A II .... New Orleans, La. Kren.h Clr.le (1, :u ; Iminiallc- cUili il. 3); Y. V. C. A. (1. 2. 3); DebalhiK Club (1, 3). WEnn, CiiRiRUDi:, . n H . . . . Nf« Orleans, La. V. W. f. A. (I. 2); I ' renrh Circle (1). Wini.EV, HoKOiin, . II K . . Glco Club. New Orleans, La WlLSOS ' , . LxKiiiA, K A (I . . . . New Orleans, La. Clue club; V. V. C. A. (2. 3); Krenrll Circle (1). Wll.sON, MuKiEi,, . !■; ' I ' . . . New Orleans, La lYeiii h circle (1. 2, 3); nranintb ' club (1. 2. 3); Hebatlnu Club (I. 2); Tulalle I ' lllverslty I ' layers (1); Janibatnya Keiiresentiitlve 131; Junior ( lass Kntertalnitielit Conilnlttee. WoODVlM.K, Caroline New Orleans, La. ZiNK, .Aki.IVE Cluriikee, . l;i. Tulani ' University PlayiTs (II: .Si ' ivconib Liranmtic Club (I, 2. 3); Y. W. (. ' . A. (3 . .Jl. F y ' Junior Class COLLEGE OF MEIMCINE Adi Kiiiii I), JK,, I s. P, ri.EriK, N - . . Oil Kin, Trx. Tiai U, ■2li. Am.. JdSF.i ' ii Novi-i.i,, () K ! ' , . . New Oiit-iiiis, La. SiMTi-tLiry Arts ami SriiniL- Slutlriit Hoci , ■•j:,. Alo, Tlin.viAS Bk to , A K K . . . . Rn((l;iiul, L; AzAR, (lEORfTE James, P 2 . . . New Orleanv, La. B.A. Degree. li.MKii. Xailiani, h K -1 ' .... Staiiiliinl, I ' ex. President Arts ami Seiellee Sellior.s. " Sil; Jalii- halaya Rejire-sentative, ' 25; Medical I ' au- Hellenic, ' 27. Km .viiu !«;, .A. W ' li i.iA.vi, ' I A !■:, K . IJrookl.Mi, N. . Pan-Hclh ' Uic Ciiunril; lli m r Couneil. Hums, .Akiiii ' k F.nvvAKi). ' I ' I ' - . lis, n.Krec-. . Miami, Fla. 1!kowsi i:, WilliAM II., A K K . . Spriii ;liill, I, a. I ' las.-i I ' n-.-iid.iit. ' J " ; ralliijh-en.s. C ' uL,E.viA. , Joii.v NL, X Z X . Miiiciila, lex. ( ' Di.i.FNS, Conrad, II K . , . K K . . New Orleans, La. B.S. Degree Tuhilie; Varsity Gull Team. ■21; Var.sity Track Team. ' 25; Scrub Football. ' 23. ' 24, ' 2a; Interela.ss Football, ' 23, ' 24; Seriili Basketball. ' 25; Tue-of-war, ' 22, ' 23; 1 liter- class Track, ' 23, ' 24, ' 25. " vsv -y ' THE 1927 ' li ii%- JAMBALAYA Junior Class COl.I.KCili OF MKDIC ' INE C ' OOV, HenSON Stanton, A K K . West Munnic, I. a. S(|uare nn l ( orii| af«i«; A».sist:int i-tu.sines.s Man- ayor Medical Section Janibalaya. 27. CUMMINCS, JK., II. V.. •!■ |- .i, 1 N . IK-ariif, I ' cxas Owls. Paniki.s, Jamks Pai.aci;, ' I ' I - . . Pensacola, Fla. Davis, Davm) Ruhakd, A K K . . . I ' mpDria, Kan S«iniir ' aii ' l l ' «»nil a»; . Devyks, Orvii.i.e Lestos " , a K K . . . Owosso, Mich. Square and CunipartH. Donai.dsov, J. K., 1 A i:, -I ' X . Cri-cii Forest, Ark. Ei.l.ENDKK, KuNEsr Stki ' hi-n, ' I I ' - . Hiiurn, I. a. El.i.liMiKK, Will iakI) a., II K , A K K . Iliiiiina, I. a. i ' iithi K -nH. FakrAci I, I.( AII. nwm. Ill, K K . I ' ax-aK ' Mila, Miss. Fi.KMiMi, Cahi ION A., - . !•;, X il . liaciiiitiin, IJa. PalliiitienH; DwIn. •I? .Jl K ' l JAMBALAYA Junior Class COI.I.KOE OF MEOICINE FoRsi HI, IIakri I ' lcij, h K 1 ' . . Chccotali, Okla. (Ml. PIN, Miss Fi.orenck R., A K I . A.B. DeKlue. Kastciiul.Tlc, Mass. c;oDMA -, George E., X Z X . . . . Terry, Miss. B.A, Degree, Mississippi Colh-ge. l(ini)i G, Cm- ' hrnon, 6 K ■4 ' . . Kinston, N. C. , .LI. IJi yn f. University of North t-arolina. t; RAVES, Amos M., I I ' .1, N i; N . San Antonio, Texas Ckeev, Jr., John 1.., ' I V S, N 2 N . San Antonio, ' I ' ex. S iu;ir ' ' atnl Conipass: (Jvvls. llwcMS, I.. J., A K K . . . . New Orleans, La. (_Mass Vi --e-l resici ' nt, ' 21. II Will I. IIenrv Lawrence, P S . . . ronvent. La. ■l-iilaii,. Hand, ■■iX. ' 24. ■25. ' 21;; Tuhinr ell,, dull Orclle.stra. ' 23. ' 24; Iirainatic- Cluli Oreliesitra, ' 23, ' 24; H..S. Defc-rie. IIendrick. Joii.m Vicior, K A, 1 X . dwls. IIensen, Geo. Grant, A T A, ! X I ' athogelia. Slireveporl, L;u . Miami ,Fla. 124 " ■ t ' THE 1927 rw-i- Junior Class COLLEGE OF MEDUIMF. KfiSLER, Robert C, i; II, A K K . . . Spencer, N. C " . Kli.MAS, Joseph Ra , i; A i:, N i; . . Dallas, Tex. Kmcht, Max John, II K A, O Iv ! ' . MerryviUe, La. Path »Ki n.s; tnvlH; c;las8 Presldtfiu. ' 24. Lazarls, Jack, ■!■ A K, T !•: ' ! . . Sanford, N. C. Leslie, Fred, X X Lake City, Fla. H.8. ItfKrtM ' ; Honor Council. ' 24, ' 25; Krt ' sh- man Kootball; Uorniltory GoviTlilng Board, •25. ' 27. Llorens, Fersamm), ATA, ' I ' . . . . SaiitiaK " , Cuba PathoK ' n»; A.n. DfcrtM-. UiilviTslty of North Carolina. Macee, Loi ' is McNair, ' I ' X . . . . Prlniiss, Miss. U.S. DcKri ' o, llnlvirMliy of MlN.tlH.-lpiil. Macrider, Li viv I " ., A T A, ' I ' X . . Starkvllle, Mis U.S. Incrif. Ml.i«lsHl|i|.l A. M. CoIImki ' . Mariiv, W ' imiwi ( ' ., X Z X . . . . Liberty, N. C. Mniio. ( ' MARIES New Orleans, La. i4i|uarr antl ( ' ontvaro . 135 ■ S - « " 57 • " ir. mLl JAMBALAYA , - ' ( ' ■ Junior Class COLLEGE OF MEDICINE Mici.ioRH, Anthony Texarkana, ArK. n.S. Hesrif. Univfisity of Pilt.sliiiTK. MiiNii:, I,()i;is Amhonv, I ' 1 ' i; . . New Orleans, La. l ' ..S. ni i;itM; liunor iVjuni il. " 21!; Wrrslliiitr Tfnni. •21. MiKKA ' i, Mii.DRiM) Lee, A E I A.B. licsri-i . I-Hniiin liani, Ala. I ' iRRii ' , Frank P., ' !• P -, EKl . . . Jeaiurettc-, La. If7 I ' liii I IPS, Percy A., IT K I ' , X Z X . New Orleans, La. 1 1 iiUalialoo Rcpro-sontativc. •27: A. A. V. Wiisllinn ClKiiiiriiuii, ' 22 I ' liun:, Francis D., ' I ' A ), N 1 N Patlinii nns; Owls. I ' arrcitt, (ia. Pi NCI IS, ElJCENE R., ' ! A E .AIe an(lria, La. I ' URI, jlRK Cl.Al, ' ! ' K -1 ' , ' I ' X . . Ciaiiisville, Tex. r:illic E:i-ns; Owls. i--r, : rEP THE 1927 V fiy U . JAMBALAYA iO o %% Mwi r Junior Class COLLEGE OF MEDICINE Ol ' Ins ' , (Jkokce P.mkick, ATA. . Slircveport, ' Ri:i:i), I ' aimir llAKi is(;, K -, ' V X Owls. r ' adiiinli, Kv RlGGS, Rmimi, II K •[■, X Z X . . Ildiior Council. Shrevcpiirt. I. a. RlPFS, ISADORR MrDoklyn, N. ■. RdiiiKis, Davii) Charms, K K . . Ni« Orleans, i.a. RoBKKis, Eari. II., . K K . Lowir.v, Ela. ROBEKTSOX, Ruiii FosiHR, X W . . . . Cl.l.VtIill, Ala. A.H. iii-Kr« ' -, riilvi-rt-lly nf Aliituiiim. Rniil sii ' , Jr.. Rom. A., i) X, N il N . (illl l •r, Mlv. I.I7 , JAMBALAYA %1 Junior Class COLLEGE OF MEDICINE Rnci KS. W. H., A T fi, e K I ' . St. Francisville, L:i. ()vvls; VLirsity TrjKjk. ' 20; Presidt-nt Arts and Sc-ii nro Student Body, 2G; Vice-President .Student Council, ' 20. RnsF, James William, fi K . . . Goldslinro, N. C. Ross, Thomas Tricg, A K K . . Arkaclelpliia, Ark. Square :unl ( ' nniiiass; A.B. Degree. Sacco, Charles Allan-, I V - . B.S. Degree. Houston, Tex.. Smikrstoni:, Irving, Z B T, I A E . New York, N. Y. Square and (. ' oinpass. SiiAMDLiN, Jamks Roscoe, 6 K I ' . . Tuscaloosa, .Ma. .A.B. iJegree, ' 25; LTniversity of Alaliania. S.viAl.L, MiMON Hernaro, X Z X . . Siler City, N. C. Smith, Earl Conway, K K . . B.S. Degree. New Orleans, I.a. Tiio L s, Ford Alton, ' I ' I ' 2 IK-frni, La. Frisi, Jr., Nicholas Philip, P - . New Orleans, La. l; W. Degree; Intel ' cla. ' s Wrestling. ' 24; Tug- nl-war. ' 2-1; ( ' Lass Vice-President-PreSident. ' 211; class Treasurer. ' 27. Welsh, Clm)E Lio.nel, N i) X . Acacia. . New Orleans, I.a. WoMAtK. RoKERE KeNDRICK, K class Secretary, ' 2G. Rlakelv, Ga. 128 1 , • fli i:... THE 19 27 J iilsMfi iliiL, JAMBALAYA Junior Class COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Hariiam, JosKi ' ii IIami.in, a i; ' P . . . Norfolk, ' a. Varslly Ba.stljall (2); Caplalli Bascljall (3). Bouoreau, Flovd T WashiiiKtoii, La. Buchanan, Forest C, K A, T X E . New Orleans, La. (Mass Prisidcnt (2. 3); Class Football (1, ' Z); l- ' roshnian Kootball. Clayton, Sherwood S New Orleans, La. Kn-ahmali -y Cluli; Y. M. A. fablilct (1. 2. 3): Vi.i-rrfsklpnt Y. M. C. A. (3); Fn-sh- man-SophomorL- Debate (1. 2); Glcu Club (3). Pkehkr, Thomas E Morgan City, La. Evans, Eaki., ATA New Orleans, La. Fennemork, J New Orleans, La. Fernon, JosKi ' ii ti., Jr., T li ' !■ . New Orleans, La. ArconautM; Tulaiie I ' nlviTSlty Haiiil (1. 2. 3): Clee Club 13). Fox, CiiARi.is H., .i K K . . . New OrUanv, La. Fraskr, Shi-I ' Sds li.oM) M.iii , l.i. Fkikkson, W ' RK.iir, .i K K . . . New Orleans, la. (;amiii.k, Marry I ' ., Jr. New Orleans, La. A T .i, ' !■ .i •!•, K .i ' !■ Thir 11 Club; Hphliix club; " T " Club; VarHliy l ' ' oniball (2. 3, I. M. Cnplain, ' 211: Varnlly WreHlllliK 12. 3. I). Catilalll (31: UiK- I ' xuiiil Cbnnipliiii 2): WrenlliiiK ami llnxlliu ManaV ' T fll: TilK-) ' - Vai- Ml: Cltljiii IJllH kelball (I): ClanH riiiitball II). JAMBALAYA Junior Class t 9- i i ij» : ' i ,o rf)i,i.r ;r of arts an ' o sciknces ( ; Ki)i ' .i KC, M.W ' iiF.l New OiKaiis, I. a. ( fiKiiiMAN, Samuel J New Oilcans, La. Miatol-ical and Di-bathiK Niini il; CIcihI.n- HiirU, ' ; Varsity Di ' liati- (1. 2). CrKKaoRv, r. Wii.t.iAM, Jr., A T V. . . Atlanta, C,a. Oli ' iuly Burkii (1. 2. :0: Si-rretary- ' l ' rrasnr. r Class (1); Vicu-Presictent rlas.s (2); l ' ' i-.sli- niiui K.j.ilball. IIacikii ' , Wil.l.lAM P., - X . . New Orleans, La. Wliiti ' Klc ' pliaiils; ran-lhlliiiii 1 ■nuii. il ; I ' lass Viri ' -PlfSUli-m C!). IIai iU!.i) , NLm.coi.m V. M(inl;;(iiiKi y, Ala. Ill Ki()ris, CiiAKi.KS Buck, A T V. . New Orleans, La. I ' lamatic Guild (2, 3); Gleiuiy Hurkc (2. 3); , M. ( ' . A. Open Forum Coniniittfo; Fresh- inaii ' I ' raili; AssistaiU Manager Trai-U Ci). Ilii.i,l s, l. WKi ci- Krnf.si . . New Orleans, I. a. ArKOiiauls; T ' lrslinian Itasil.nll; I ' lass Itjisi ' - ball (2); Hullabaloo HlalT (2. :l). Iiisii ' ii. I ' liiiii ' S Slire ipnii, I. a. K i ' i, , Hi A ' , K N Hrvan, Tex. •ri-lipins, Class Foolbill III. l- ' iisb ina n ' I ' la ck ; .Sreretary Class Cll; 1 iorniilof. Coiiiniittce. KiiiMiiiii, AiiKAiiAM 1. . . . New Orleans, La. Junior Class (■{)i.i.r.(;r. of aris an ' o scikncks LeBlanc, Chari.ks A Iliuinia, I.;i. Lkvv, I.ouis M New ()rli:iiis, La. Arthurlans. LoDRIGUiiS, ROVOKN R Patterson, I, a. LOVVRY, IIlNKV K., i; Mmrdw, I. a. Lvri.H, Jas. Kduakii, Jk., I ' , n II Ww (irlr.iiiN, I. a. I ' ' r sliiii:iii Tr-iiiU. MahOX, CJkorck S., i; a I; . . . New Orleans, I.a. Mariix, Hudson Carrhit, i) X . New Orleans, I.a Wlilti- Kli ' lillania; Hii.sk tliall Sciuiul C! ) : ClaHM TreHMUrur (2); Ilitei-KraliTiilly Ti ' aek. .MlSmasi, Kl I " ii I ' ll Mmas . . New Orleans, I.a. MtSVll.l.K, Jons (;., 11 II II . . New Orleans, I.a. VarMlly Kunlliall (2. J); KriHliinjin T ' liil liall : niiKki ' lliall Mquad (2). MllVMI.I.I., Will 1AM II. ( ull| rl, Miss. ' y Junior Class rOLLEtJE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Pipi R. Jfsse M Baton Rouge, La. RiESA, Rafaci. B. Mayaguez, Porto Rico RiNAMAN, E New Orleans, La. RnsFABLUM, Lf.o New Orleans, La. Si II i 1 ER, Phillippe, T X E . . New Orleans, La. Ai- ' onauts; Band (1. 2. ;u : Assistant Manat ci- (2. 3) ; Glte Club (1. 2. 3). Sin I ' liAKi), Sam Tixsos ' .... Birmingham, Ala. Shook, P., ' !■ A () San . ' ntonio, Tex. SoBEi., J New Orleans, La. ta V M 132 THE 1927 Junior Class COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES SPED.M.it, 11 New Orleans, La. Stahl, Leopold New Orleans, l.n. Glf-ndy Burke (1. 2. 3): Dranialli- Guild 2. 3): Oratorical and Debating Council (3); Varsity Debater (3): Y. M. C. A. (3); Hulla- baloo Starr (3): Jambalaya Representative (3). Stollev, Cari, H., Q a J . . . . New Orleans, La. Tenpln.s; Y. M. C A.; Dramatic Guild; Hulla- baloo; Jambalaya Representative (1. 2); Aca- demic Board (2). Storey, P New Orleans. La. Stoessel, Alfred L., A K E . . . . Ilammnnti, La. P ' rcMhninn Kootball; Var.ilty S(|uad (2. 3); Class I ' rcHldent (2); Vice-President Kreshman Class. Strug, S New Orleans, l.;i. Terhune, Cornelius A New Orle;ins, I.i. Clcn.ly Ilurke (1.. . 3); Hand (1. 2. 3|; Glee I ' liib (2. 3); " Y " Club (1); Tulani ' University Players (1); Y. M. f. A. Cabinet (3); class Di ' bale (I. 2); TuK-i ' -War (1. 2); Tulnne- Newromb Christian Union 12, 3). TlllKRiri, v., II n II New Orleans, l.;i. Variso, a New Orleans. 1 ;i. • V ni y fM THE 1927 , JAMBALAYA •S yC Junior Class COLLEGE OF LAW I!. (;i sKV, Hkrman Michel . . New Orleans, La. lll.iiily Burke; Class ni ' lialhiK (2): Viu-sity lirliatiiiK Alternate {?,, 4); International ( ' lul (3. I); Oratorical and Dehatlnn Couneil (3. 4). Darki:, MiUAix V. F.clKartI, La. I!im:i)ict, Vm. S., :i X, ' I A A . . New Orleniis, La. Krisliinan Baslietliall ; Inler-Fraternity Has- kellpMll and Tinnis (1, 2, 3. 4. B) ; .Scrub Bas- kethall (2. 3); Class Secretary (1). DciiuissiiN, F.DWAIU), A K E . . . . Opeldus is, La. FiiKs, Dan, i; X Oak Riilj c, La. ll ui ti.i., JOHN Wki.i.s, Jr. Livv, L. H. New Orleans, La. Slir( ' epnrt, La. MiC ' Ais, j. L, II l •! ' , ' ! A A, O A ' I , New Orleans, La. CI.,, iliil.; lUillal.aliio Staff: Spliinx Club; Clenilv Hurke IJraniatie Onllil; .laiiil.alaya Uepres. ' lltatlve; Kdltnr of llandl k. 11125; DebatluK Team (5). Si:i:i!i:R(;, Roi.r Incje New Orleans, La. WiiMJN. 1. l ' ., A T A Yanli:v, ». W. Leerville, La. Nesv Orleans, La. Ml tsrs " 5 |W ' Junior Class COI.I.r.C.E OF COMMKRCE Andrus, Geram) Louis, i; II . . . . Crowley, La. Sccri-lnry Sphinx Cluli (4); GIpc Club (2. 3. 4): Hu.slncss ManaKer (3); President (4): Band (1. 2. 3); Y. M. C. A.; IntiTclnss Wrestling (1, 2); Assist.int Koolbnil Mana t-r (4); Dramatic Club Orrhfslra (1, 2); CJIi ' i? Club Orchestra (2, 3. 4); I.i-adi r-Dlnctor (3. 4); Secretary C ' ommerce Student Body (4); Pan- llellenlc Counill (3, 4). Rarrktt, G New Orleans, La. Canaiskv, Karv, I a O lola, Kaiis. Tulane l ' nlver»Uy Hand t3). CanessA, a New Orll ln l.:i. On 1 , ' i KN irvi- K., II K A niETl.El , MAKOII) ( ' ., 1 X . New Orleans, I. a sew Ineria, La. [■■ranki.in, Hesj amis Rom., K . New Orleans, La. Wri.stllnK Team (1. 2, :l); TuK-of-War (I). Griser, John-, Jk New Orleans, La. V. M c a.; Cla h Misketliall (2). C;i,ai .m;v, W.si. Kli.i.v, .V T V. . . . New Orleans, La. AHHiNtani MnnaKer llaskc tball : While Ele- idiaiilH: Cla.s.H Ki, III bull i2); ClaHi Track |2). I1a. iii.4o , Stam.ev li., . T i! . . New Orleans, La. While Kleidiantu; Y. M. C. A.; Kre»hnmn Traik; Inlcr-Kliil Track (1. 2); ABnlmanl ManaKi ' r Hani ' ball (;l): Inter-ChiHH lluHkilliHll 12); clasM Tri ' iiMUiir (2): I ' an-llellenic Coun- cil. llAKiiii, l.iiiN, Jr., K a . . . . New Orleans, La. While lOleidlanlM; ChiiK Vli. ■ i ' rexld.iil I :l I ; I ' reHhniMii I ' liciilijill; Hci ' uli I ' liiilball (21; ValMlly I " . .1,1 bull 13). BvK, Lntis Kemon, I K i: . . New Orleans, La. lli Hlni H Manak-cr Tulalic I liillabiibn, |3I; l- ' rcHhnian l- ' nolball; ClaHH I ' reHlileiil Ml; chiiu Vli elTi ' Mlilelll 12); AnilNlanl llnnlneiis Miitl- iiKcr Tulalic llullabalnii (31. " X JAMBALAYA t ' m Junior Class COLLF.GE OF COMMERCE 1 1 M ' EL, Leo a., Z li T . . . . New Orleans, La. Inter-FrattTiiity Basketball (1. 2): Jiunba- laya Representative (2): Dramatic C ' lul (1). LcnvhMRiTT, Louis Lew Winnboro, La. MiKenzie, Wm. Alvin, Jr., A T f2 . . . Homer, La. Inter-Fraternity Track (1, 2). Monroe, Harry A., Jr., A T 12 . . New Orleans, La. Thirteen Club; Y. M. C. A.: Pan-Hellenic Council (2): Cross-Country Team (1. 2, 3); Varsity Track (2); Fresliman Track; Class President (3); Inter-Frat Track (1, 2); Janibalaya Representati ' e (2). Raw., Miss Elsa Martha . . . New Orleans, La. Vice-President Co-Eds. Reeves, Charles H., A K E . . . New Orleans, La. Thirteen Club; T. M. C. A.; Urainatlc Club (1. 2); Class Vice-President (1). RiCGS, BvROM L., - X Hot Springs, Ark. Glee Club (1. 2. I!); Band (1. 2, 3. 4). Sai.assi, Edmond a., - E, T li ' !• . New Orleans, La. Band (1. 2); Ilium Major (31; Clee Cluli (1. 2). Business Mana lcr (3); Assistant Business Manager Jaml.alay.i ; class Basketball (2). Sanford, John B., Jr., K A . . . New Orleans, La. Thirteen Club; Sphinx Club; Y. M. C. A.; Class Vice-President ID; Class President (2); Stu- dent Body Vice-President (3); Assistant Editor Jambalaya (3); Pan-Hellenic Coun- cil (2. 3); Secretary Pan-Hellenic (3); Inter- Fraternity Baski ' tliall (I); Inter-Class Bas- ketball (2). Smith, 1L 1 ' New Orleans, La. WoosTER, Miss A. Lambert, K K r . Centreville, La. Class Secretary-Treasurer (3). 136 ys7 THE 1927 U;g ;l JAMBALAYA Junior Class «v SCHOOL OF I)E •l■Is K ■ .f. » .ev- ' Britsch, L. Delphis, 1 ' . . Ntw UrUanv, I, a. t H Class Historian. ' 26. ' V Sll i K Blsbv, Robt. Edward, ' .!. - II Ilatticslnir);, Miss. " I - " a Cerniclia, Frank Pascal Tallulah, La. ' ' B . " Class Vke-Prcsidtnt. ' 27: TuK-nf-War. - H r B Chairman Y. M. C. A. nuildlni;, ' 2ii; llonrir B ' V Council. -26. 1 V ' J FIELSCHMIDT, Huco, Z li T . . . New Orleans, I.a. i ' B Fi.iMN ' , Ja.mes Ambrose, A - I . . New Orleans, I.a. l V V rJ m WW Fl.OM), ASHBV F ' lliiellix Citv, .Ma. " -•■■ ■ i ' Henrv, Vernon James .... Port Arthur, 1 ex. Ls Class .Siir.tary. ' 21; ctuHB Vlif-I ' r Hl(lint. tS L. ' _ 20; CIn.xH r ' ri ' siiltnt. ' 26. r t ' Kkagv, Wiiiiwi Okvii.i.k . . . licavir I ' alK. I ' a. B i ' k Kociianskv, Morkis. K . . . . . HaMiniie, N. |. Ml RoDRU.t ' F . Miss CoNSiKi.o C. . . San Aiitonin. Tv . r ( ' liiKM Tri-»Hurt r. ' 2 : ' Iiihh Hrrri-lary itixl H TrcuHuriT, ' 2 : I ' laitft Hlnturtiin. ' 27; WuuU- | ward Vr zv for 8choliiri»lil| . ' 2Q, rf fi.-M ._i ' si :4k JAMBALAYA Junior Class SniOOI OF nKNTISTRV Kiisi-x, IsiDOKK J Miami, I ' ' la. Jaml.:ilii a l; ] r s.lUil I i i ' , ' 21;; TUK-ul-War. ' 2-1. Stiiu Kr , Hi:kn ' . ki S., K N . . . (ireeiivllU-, Mi s. S.-.i-,taiy and Trra.sin r cif Class. -27. Si KUki.AM), OiiK A IlnrriMiiilnirn, Lm. S(|iiarc ami Curnpass; Class Vifc-l rt ' siih-iit. •2r ; Class rrcsiiU-lU, ' 21!; Vi Pn-siili ' iit of nt-ntal Studftu Body, ' 27: Assistant Kditor M.ili.al Si-. ti, n Jaml.alaya. ' 27. IvsTOT, R.MPii Edmund, X M ' ! . . New OiU ' ans, l..i. .lanilijilaya Ui- ' pff.sfntathv. ' 2r). NMdllS, W ' .XM ( ' ., -[■ il . . . . tillllpDIt, Mis . r Wii i.i. MS, ( ' i., LDK S., i; X, A ' i . . Ellisviik ' , Mis U.S. 1 , Kri ' i- Mississippi ,- . M. CoIIi-kc; I ' an- Ui-UiMiic Coullc-11. Win Ml, I ' . ll. K()i,i), ' I ' K i; . . . . New Oi leans. La. Class President. ' 25; Ilcnlal Stud ' lil |{od. Seci-etury. ' 27. ns ' m ' Junior Class COI.I.KCiE OF ENGINFU-.RING Bender, Ai.fiert Charles, ' I ' A . Ntw Oilcnn , I.j. Class Sfcretary-TrfasuriT (I!); Ki-i-Hlini:in Football; Class Football (2); Tug-of-War (2). 1) | , KR1N, ' I ' K i; . . . . New ()rlc;iTis, I.j. Davis, Al.BKRi, Jr Ni-w Orleans, I. a. DeFrauks, Ariiilr New Orleans, I, a. Draper, Marian New Orleans, I.a. l |-aliiHtb ' Club. ' 21. ' ' 2 ; l raniutlr tlullil, ' 2) ; Arehltfc ' tural Soilety. ■2S. ' 2(1; Mall of Fanii ' . ' 2-1; Fri ' Hliinaii c ' tieer Lendir; AsHlHtatu Chrfr UailiT. ' 25; Hullabaloo SlalT. ' 25. ' 21;. Enoucil, Cromweli. Newton . . New Orleans, l„ ChiMH I ' liiilbnII 111; ' I ' UK-or-War (1. 2), Ca| - talii uiitl lUHtrui-tor ' rulaiit hire Sa ' hiK CorpH (1. 2. .1); ClnsH SiTi-elary (I); V. M. t ' . A. (. ' llbllli ' t (2, 3). KUSTIS, CiKimcE, A K P: (Ireeiiville, Ml (ili ' lKly llurke (II; liranialle (iullil I ' . ' I ; I ' lix- lili-Dt ClafH (III; .Si i-ri ' tary- ' rrfiiH(ii-4 ' r clitHH (2); Inler-ClaHH Foulbull (21. 1 ' ) - n THE 19 27 JAMBALAYA Junior Class COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Fn.v, W ' m. ( ' has., _|k., BOH. . New Orleans, La. GuIl.LOl ■, M. S0N ' John .... New Orleans, La. f.K.m fSiJ. »?5 •« ' ' 11ki 1!IK(;, M.w, Z H T . . . . New Orleans, La. . rchiti iturnl Society; Tulane Baiul (2, .1} , Tulanc Glee Club (2); Freshman Baskethall. I.MjL ' hi, Henry Harold, A i; ' I ' . New Orleans, La. I iitff-t ' Iass Koothall (1, 2); I nterclass Baseball (I, 21; TuK-ol-War U. 2)- KiFIN, 1kvi 0 New Orleans, La. I.. z. RON-r:, Cari, Vinxent Kcinier, La. LiDDl.K, Jay Meridian, Miss. Mabson, Algernon New Orleans, La. Jambalaya Kcpresentativu (3); Tug-ol ' -VVar (2). fi ' ii ' 140 THE 1927 J Uifei ir ! JAMBALAYA Junior Class COI.LECE OF ENCINKKRINC Mi B . » 1 MvsiNG, Hermans Oav .... New Orleans, La Janibalaya Uopresentatlve (2). Rkixacii, Hknkv Renk, K 2i . . New Orleans, La ScMVIIMT, E ' rnest Ocean Springs, Miss. BB - 1 1A " ' " Seaco, Mallard, K A .... New Orleans, La »u m Glee Club, ' 24. ■2I ' i, ' 20. ' 27. " f% Segel, George New Orleans, La. ' Gh-ndy Burke I.U.rary IlfhatlllK Socli-ty. ' 21. • ' £ l ' ' 25, ■2r,; Open Forum, ' 24. ' 25; Oratorical and g k _ k --X Uekatlni; Counell. ' 24, ' 25; Varnlty Llehater. W ' m ■■ ' ■ 1 Tremblav, Nelson New Orleans, La. T. I ' . Players (1): ClaM President (1): Inter- V " ( ' IBH.S Kuottiall ManaKer (I): Inter-c ' lass Foot- ' ' l k l ull (2); TUK-of-War (2). ■ J Wadsworth, Horace, ' I ' A n . . . . I ' attersnn, La. B V B ' ickkr, Cjiksier New Orleans, La. ■ ' ' Arehlteeturnl Soelety. ' 25. ' 20; Glee I ' luli. ' 26. ISl ■ ■2(1; finnjo I ' luli, ■2«; Y. M. ( ' . A., ' 26, •JO; m W OreheMlra. ' 25. ' 21). Williamson, Sami ' kl, II K . , T X K . Kcs%rinrr, Ala. . F KreHhiuan HuHketlMill, 1021; Ho|illfilniire ' lai«H J lltalorliin. 11(21-25. ir " -.i a 1 1 ' Ci ■ - " «i» .-i yi y iVr ii3tLka_. £3; THE 1927 JAMBALAYA Junior Class (■()i.i.f.c;e of pharmacv Ain, ( " iiARi.KS E., II 1 ' 1 ' , K . Mdi ' snn City, La. l ' ' ratcriiity Bnskcl hiill ; Class rivsi.lrnt. ' liil, ' 27; Stmlent Couniil. ' 20. ' 27; Presiilvni rii:ir- niacy Si ' hool. I ' lKi ' .i, Ai.viN EuGF.N ' K, A ' I ' ll, K M ' . . SiiniTiift, Mi . Baiul, ' r,. -20, 27. Ci R ii;i.iA, JosRPH J Dellii, La. I ' l.slniiiill l- ' o(.tliall. ' 23; Honor f ' ounril, ' 2. ' ;. KiRCiiMiER, Chilton B., K . . . Pnrtsmnutli, V.i. Football Team. Var.sity, ' 21 ' ). " J7. I!i)cinM.iii:R, Joseph K New Orlean , La. 1,1 , Mil ION Sidney, K N . . . . M(irnan City, Ln. I lit IT- Fraternity naskctlirill MooRi:, IsRAELLA New Orleans, La. ' ai;er, Oliver Eugene, K ■ ' . . . . Jennings, La. Hand. ' 24, ' 2r), ' 21;; Freslini.ni Traek, ' 25; Siruli Football. ' 25. Walls, John, -i - ' ! , K ! ' . . . . Ilatoii R(iu ;e, La. Var.sily Football. ' 211. ' 27; Kr. ' .sluna ii Footl.:ill. Willi I,, Marion Jom imi .... Now Orleans, La. I.i AMA, CARi.diiA Nexv Orle;in-, La. " 4 THE 1927 i fsf ._ SX t JAMBALAYA Junior Class fjiiniors Wlinvf I ' iitiins Hii Nut Apprar in Panel) NIWCOMH COLLEGE An ' dersox, Dorotiiv . . New Orleans, La. lloi.nERC, Vhra .... New Orleans, La. Bavox, Lucille .... New Orleans, La. IIow.ard, Kaim.vrine . . New Orleans, La. Fr.n.li (-ircio (2). j . r j , „, New Orleans, La. Bearss, Katherine . . . ireenville, Miss. VhILv H:i1I d. 2. .1); NiHiomii nask.t- Glee Club (1. 2. 3): Frinch Cinlu (1. hull (I. 2); llnik.-.v (1. 2). " • ■ " ■ Iiiiisi-ON. C.ERTRiDE .... Forest, Miss. Becklev. Irma . . . New Orleans, la. j . . . . j ew Orleans, La. Blake, Marv .... New Orleans. La. Keev, Kather.se . . . New Orleans. La. Bloviv, Elizabeiii . . . New Orleans, La. ri t „., i „ ,. , ,, Lang, Edith New Orleans, La. K .V O ,, „ x- I I LiviNK. Roma .... New Or ' eans. La. Bre ER, Fannie . . . New Orleans, La. i ...batint- Club (1. 2. 3); n.l.„tln« T.am Bullock, Sara ( ' dIumiIivis, (ia. • 2). K K r McLaughlin, Betty .... Forest, Miss. ,, , II . I,. Mandcilin-C.ultiir Club (2. 3); Y. V. C. Cavirei.le. Josie Iliinrna, L.i. , ,i „. .i); i ,-imtiiiK club (3): Dra- Chalaron, IIklesa . . New Orleans, La. N, ' .w ' , ' ' ,,,|, ' l, " ' ' |i;,H ' ,2 ' ) ' ' " " ' ■ " " ' " ■ " ' • ,;],.,. ,.|„|, Movteguet, Bernice . . New Orleans, La. Ci imfvt, Kaiiierine . . New Orleans, La. Morrison, Edna . . . New Orleans, La. ' I. M 1 ' ,, , , n.-biulne Club (1. 2. 3); rrcn.h Circle Ol.KOS ' , Sai.lIE .... New Orleans, La. (i. 2. 3); Y. W. c. A. (1. 2, 3); Frcsh- , ., XI 1 i„ mini Commis sion (1): Clas. Ui-bntlnK Oui.lON, Margaret . . New Orleans, La. .,,,.,„„ ,1,. ,-,„.not Debate (2): cia.s.s EvEREiT. K.vniARiNE . . New Orleans, La. iKimie (2) ; l.-batlm,- coun.ii (3) : " Ar- Naccari, Dokis .... New Orleans, La. FO.X, Sue MacDon-M.!. . O.lumlnis, c;a. n,,,.,,,,, jt,,., Marome, Miss. " ' A II MnlKlolln-Ouitar club (1. 2. 3); Preiieh ■ ' " CIril.. (3); Y. V. c. A. (I); Nowromb SwilT, Mary NewOrleans, La. rtall (1. 3): SpalilliiB nask.tball (1). o«iii,ivi .Ki . . Goi.L, Alice New Orleans, La. f,- n. b cii.i, (i. ' j. " :ii; 1. Ismail,- I ' lui. {;ii-i- Club (2. 3); Manclolln-Cuitar Club ,1. ;. n. (3); Tulnne Ilnlvir. ' ll y I ' layn-.s I 1 ) ; Y. xi ,, 1 1 VV. C. A. (2. 3); Tul.in.-N.w...inb AI.EN UEI.A, SARA . . . NewOrleans, La. Chrl.Htlan rulou (3). Fnn. Ii Clr.lv; Volley Hall (I); New - „ „ XT I I eiimb Ha.tketball 2 ) ; SpalillliK na.ski-l- Gravwoiil, RoiE . . . New Orleans, La. i,.,,, ,2,. ii„..„.i,all tl, 2(: ilo.k.v d. 2). .N.-ivii.nib nail (I); Ilii.Uiy |2). ,. „ ,.. • ,v, • ,, _ cu T iRii RE. Ri 111 . . . ( iniiniiati. Ohio IlEROi.l), RoSE.MARY . . . Shrevepnrt, La. ,. ... . ' ' ' ■ ' " Hullabaloo " (1. 2. 31; " .lambalaya " llll.is. OORIS New Orleans, La. .v- .sl.siant l-:.llt..r (3i; " Anmlo " Hoanl Freiuh cirele d. " 2. 3); in-nmntle Club Weber, Stella .... New Orleans. La. n. 2 3): Tula.!., l-nlversliy IMnyerH (I): WestermeU). Ku muiii . New Orleans. La. MaiidoUn-fJultar Club (2. 3): naHUetbuli (I); " Anaile " Hoard (3). 11 1 ' l ' coi 1 1 cr or I . ' Barnes, Ellis I Shrevepun, la. Kulinson, I1enk M. . . New Orleans. La. II K -I ' . ■! . A Har.neit, Norman . . . New Orleans, La. iia«k.ib,. ' i 11. 2); t.hiiIh (3, ii; m- ihanaiiollH Club (3. I, . ). Smiiii, .Allen Lewis . . New Orleans, La. McGee, Rov J New Orleans. La. iT,.»M,.nt l.rMin.r.l ' .j ' ulld: VI IVoM- d -n( Law Hlndelll llody. Olin. CosrilLo . Hatnn Rmine. La. Smi 1 11 . I MI s I K N K, Ir. . . Leesville. La. sciKKii 01 i)i:n ls R ■ KiNCAiii, RoiiEKT C. . . I ' elali.iic 111. , Mi ' --, Wimir, Owin Frank . New Orleans, La. Tlllalli ' llHIid. ruKo-Wiir. " 21. THE 1927 isssr: JAMBALAYA m B Mfc fc ;» " - tea. J unior CI ass (Juniors ' lii) e Pictures On Not Appear ill Panel) Bavles, John G Chicago, HI. A K Brickman, Isauore . . Chattanooga, Tenn. Broder, William J. . . . Brooklyn, N. V. A K Bush, Leonard Ewinc . Huntsville, Texas K 2, X Piithogons; Owls. Cherry, Hermoin Robert . New Orleans, La. 2 N, X Cox, L. T New Orleans, La. K ! ' Daly, George S Opclousas, La. A K K Eaton, William Vircil . . Padiicah, Ky. A X A, ! ' X Eubanks, Gray Oscar . . Lucedale, Miss. e K Gandelman, Samiiel F. . New Haven, Conn. K N, 1 ' A ]•: Graham, John P. . . . Kissimmee, Fla. H K ! ' , . T Green, Morris Brooklyn, N. V. A K Guynes, William Allison . Calvert, Texas e K V Harorave, Robert Lee . Wichita Fall, Texas p i; ■•Jambalaya " Ucpn ' sentative. ' 25. Haw-, William Hunter . . . Benton, Mo. 1 H ir, K . Heidelbekc, Charles H. . Marshall, Texas () K -I ' SiiVMi-r iiml C ' c.llip. ' lSS. Heiter, William Leslie . . Mobile, . ' Via. S A E, ' ! X PiitlioK ' -n- ' ; Kpliinx t ' lul); OwLs. Holmes, Edward Warren Winona, Miss. A T A, -I- X Klein, Warren F.iiile . New Orleans, La. COLLEGE OF MEDICINE Leefer, James Avery . Lcnior Citv, Tenn. n K ■! , X Z X Levs ' , Tl ' Lius Eazard . . New Orleans, La. ■! A K Lindner, John Eugene , New Orleans, La. B n Miramon, George C. . . New Orleans, La. Baseball TraiU, VrestIing, BoxiliB, ' 22. Morris, Clifton Tate . Baton Rouge, La. ATA, X Powell, Charles Spencer . Benson, Ariz. e K •i ' S(iuari. and C onipas.s. Presion, Harry Hansei.l . Hot Springs, . rk. N :; N, 2 X Pathogi-ns: Vice-Pre.sident Senior CTas.s . rt.s and Sciences. ' 2G. Sack?, David R. . . San Antonio, Texas I B 11 M.-ill.al Pan-Hellenic; Secretary Mc. Il- eal Student Body. Savage, Richard S St. Louis, Mo. ! X Simmons, Samuel Joseph . . .-Xcadia, Fla. A K K Strahan, Eva Eugenia . Poplarvillc, Miss. Sullivan, Maurice P. . New Orleans, La. n K A, N 2 N, 2 T ■•Jamlialava ' ' Staff. ' 25; Art Editor ■■.lamlialaya. " •2G; Pan-Helleni.-. ' 25. ■20. Teasi.ey, Harry Eugene . . llartwell, (ja. e K i ' , n K !■ Vice-President Cla.ss, ' 27 Ticker, Lee William . . . Cullman, Ala. X U.S. Det ' ree, ' 2(i. University of Alaliania. Warner, Eugene Merwin . Fort Smith, , ' rk. A K K, K A Winn, Fred Charles . . . Columbus, (!a. A K K Woodson, W. B. . . . New Orleans, La. i: A E, N 2 N Owls; Pathogens. Bergerei, Harold Peier . New Orleans, La. Arclilteitnral SncU-ty. Cohen, Max New Orleans, La. Collins, John Thomas . . . Biloxi, Miss. .■ rcliitectural .Society. KiRST, Leonard .... New Orleans, La. Assistant Student Engineer; Summer rami). Landry, Pierre Samuel . New Orleans, La. COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING McFarland, Frank J. . . Mansru-UI, La Uaiicl. Vice-President. ' 2i;. . . . New Orleans, La Okr, . ' Vdi.oe .... Saunders, George M. . New Orleans, La. SiEWARi ' , Frank Gurle-s ' . New OrUMiis, La. Tennis ' l ' c;ini. Swoop, James Ti.mony . New Orleans, La. Wii.io , Clifford P. . . New Orleans, La. Architectural Society. 14+ " ' ' %C JAMBALAYA Junior Class (Juiiiiirs ' lin e ' i •| lrc Do Not Appear in Panel) COLLEGE Ol " ARIS AND SCIENCES Armm, Lasdov C. Corpus Chrirsti, Texas Harrison, Vernon Kakkr . New Orleans, La. Akringios, Marvin E. . Hrookhaven, Miss. IIkrir t. Wakri s H. . . New Orleans, La. Bailev, John Swan . . . MansHcUl, La. ' ' " " ' • • ' - ' „ . «. T VI 1 I Hnrn. Tacob O New Orleans, La. Bishop, Andrew M., Jr. . New Orleans, La. uMin, j. ..,., vy. „ r- VI r. 1 T Jacobs, Symnev .... New Orleans, La. Block, Ferdinand . . . New Orleans, La. - ' „ , . , V r I I Ta [)KF , .Xkiihr S Nccnah, ' is. Brisiow, Loi [S J., Jr. . . New Orleans, La. .|. m ism , .i „ T II vol I KoHiMK FR. Herman . New Orleans, La. Burton, Robert H. . . New Orleans, La. ivuni,.Mr.i r.K., nr .i Z li T Cabibi, Carlo P. . . . New Orleans, La. McHowKLL, RoBKRi C Trciiit, La. Cahn, Leonard B. . . . New Orleans, La. r Ri[NE , V ' . 11. .. Calm Riijd, Portii Rico CiLARBONNET, Nlma J. . New Orleans, La. MoKiMT, Lai ' RA W. . . . Tucson, .Ariz. Davern, L k Kaiiileen . Navasota, Texas Ij 1 Mlniz, Rafael R. . . Anasco, Porto Rico DAvnisoN, llKiii C, Jr. . New Orleans, La. O ' Neill, Mairice E. . New Orleans, La. " " Plauciie, Joseph H. . . . Villa Plate. La. Tlilrti ' -n Clul ' : Fr(_ ' .sliln:ill Track; Tntcr- ilimi) HHski-thnll (1.2); liilcrila.s!i Traek (1. 2): BaHki-tl.all .Squall (2); Track Prlfit. IniiN O W eoRutka. . ' Ma. St|ua l (2); Var.- Uy Baskitliall (3). Dedeaux. Henrv Morgan . New Orleans, La. Rknken. Pai l W. . San Antonio, Texas IlLVL, W ' n.FV AliVA .... Senath, Mo. Rodkiih f . John .... IlidalK " , ' Texas EiiLERT, Charles D. . . . Waterproof, La. Senfell, Charles S. . . I ' hiln OealinK, La. . T ;; i; N ... ,. ,., , .,, .,. Tlilrtiiii Cliili; Kri ' sliinaii I " ootl all; (lARDFNLR, 1 H OMAS I ' . . ( l:irksVllle, 1 exas S. luli Kontlmll (2. 3). Gelbke, Carroll Krank . New Orleans, La. Skf ler, Robert K Crossett, Ark (JREENE, CJilberi B. . I5i rminKliain, . ' la. -• " Varsity BaMkclliall (2. 3). Harp, Cil rles E. . . . Iluntsville, .Ala. , •[ ' ) ' (11 MAN. JoslPJi n. Jr. . . ' ew Orle;ins, I.;l Whitr F:ii ' |ilialil». 1 . COI.I.i:(,l, Ol CONLMERCi: CojrFN, lliRF.iRi I). . . New Orleans, La. CJn.BERT, Evan L. . Ileclric MilU, Mi-. . nil ' 1 N CoHFN, JosEPir A. . . New Orleanv, La. llnpFFNSFi ., Albert A. . New Orleans. La. rllitirlniiH; . HNUliinl IttiNliii ' K.M MuiiaK« ' r •• - I •liullabaloii " (3). SCIKK II 1)1 I ' ll KMA( ' Brown. WiLi I M T. . Pic;i une, Miss. M r . ii i i m Bonaloiisa, La. Crado, Johnnie, Jr. . . . Iloiislon, Texas InliT-Krjitrnilty HaxUcttiall. ' 25; Vni ' Ml- Kosr, Marcukriti; . . . New Orleans, La. " ' " " -• " " " • ' «. flauM HeiTvtary-TrenMurur, ' 20, ' 27. Li AMA, CARLoriA . . . New Orleans, La. Zimmerman, Tmeadore R. . New Orleans, La. 11? 3 -L S7 ' " ' ' im i»? L- ■ -- SOPHOMORES 1 JAMBALAYA Adams, Aro so , Ash, Ari.i:i;, Hai.duin, Bakklf-.y BaRI-I.I.I, BARKKR, BeRCKROV, BlACKI.OCK, Bl.ANCllARl), BOATNER, BoRN Bourne, Broun, Camfbei.i., Carnahan, A. C ' arkoi.i,, D. Carroi.i,, C ' hamukri.ain CiiAPPEi., Cooke, Crowe, Cruicksuask, OAMEt. Davis, Devai.i. HlN-KELSPlEI., DrOMGOOI., O SOK, Ki.I.IOIT, Ei.STER, KSKRICCE, KVANS FANCHER, I ' ' 1. ANDERS, I ' Vll.SE, KORSIUn ' , FrEV, FREEDMAN ' , FUNKIIAUSER 148 r THE 1927 ' • ' Tl- " t JAMBALAYA Sopho more CI ass NEWaJMH AuAMS, Florence .... New Orleans, La. U I! ■!■ Aronsox, ' ircim. . . . New Orleans, La. A E Kreneh Circle. Ash, He riett.a .... New Orleans, La. A K l- ' r nrli circli-. Haker, Mildred .... New Orleans, La. Haldwin ' , Arthe .... New Orleans, La. Hakker, Shirley .... New Orleans, La. A A n Iinitnatif Club (1, 2); French Circle (2). Barklev, Kathervn ' . . . New Orleans, La. A O II Barker, Viviam Raceland, La. Harkoff, Sarah .... New Orleans, La. Hate, Audrey N ' cw OrKaiis, La. K H Dramatic Clulj. liAM.OR, DoROTHV CJulfport, Miss. Hexneit, Mary .... Lake Charles, La. BERfJEROX, Faxxy Mae . . Napolconville, La. A A n llouiie Council; Volley Ball (1. 2); Bas- iK ' lhall (1). Black, Helex New Orleans, La. Blacki.ock, Fraxcis . . . New Orleans, La. Blaxciiard, Virhixia . . New Orleans, La. r V. V. C. A.: Knnch IMnle. BoATXER, ( lARLOTTE . . New Orleans, La. A A II BoxE, I ' liOEBE Crowlev, La. II It ' I- V. W I ' . A.; h ' reiuh clrilc. Hari I.LI, Lai RA .... New Orleans, La. r !• Barkiiv. Kmmk x . . . Memphis, Tenn. |{nK , ln Mx .... New Orleans, La. II li -I ' Boi.RXE, Mll.iiREY .... New Orleans, La. X U Y. W c. A ; French circle. Browx, Alice Lou . . . VVasliinKton, La. BiRCK, Lisa New Orleans, La. Bl ' RKEXKOAD, .AlKI . . New Orleans. La. A 1-: !• Bi ' Ki, Ri!iii New Orleans, La. C ' akvaiiax, Fraxcis . . . Cirecnville, Miss. Carxaiiax. Corxei.ia . . New OrIcan La. CCJI.I.ECE Ca.mpbell, Marcarel . . New Orleans, La. X n Glee ( luli; Dramatic Club; Debating Club; Y. V. C . A. Carroll, Axxeit .... New Orleans, La. Y. W. C. A.; French Circle. Carroll, Dorothy . . . New Orleans, La. C.l.e Club (1. 2); l ramatlc Club (1. 2); Y. V. C. A. (1 ; French Circle (1, 2). Chamberlain-, Dorothy . . New Orleans, La. X n French Circle; Volley Ball. CiiAPi ' Ei.L. CvMiiiA .... Columbus, Ga. II li •! Clark, Irene West Monroe, La. CoMii, Adrexe .... Bay St. Louis, Miss. Cook, Talley Lake Charles, La. Y. V. I-. A. (1. 21; French Clicle (2). CoLSixs, Mariox .... New Orleans, La. Crowe, Catherine . . . .St. Louis, Mo. K K r Y. V. C. A.; French Circle. Cruickshank, Lucille . . New Orleans, La. W V. C. A.; French Cir« ' le. Crutciier, Mary Loiise. New Orleans, La. Oaxiel, IloROiHY .... HirminKham, .Ala. Oaxiel, Fvei.yx Columhus, Ca. K K r Y. V. C. A.: Frill, b I ' lr.l,-; Niwionib Hall. Oavis, Beatrice .... New Orleans, La. Davis, Susax Brunswick, Miss. Dervioody, Ruth llousion, Tex. Devai.l, .Axxe New Orleans La. Y. V. c. A. (1. 2); Dnimatlc Club (I. 21; DebatlnK Club (I): French Cireio (I. 2); Volley Ball (1). DiNKEi.sPEii., Sarah . . . New Orleans, La. Ire ixski, Ida New Orleans, La. Dro.vioool, I ' j.l .AnEiil . . New Orleans La. ! ' M V. W. 1 ' . A. IH XCAX, JlLILIlE .Allulls, . la. D sox, Geraldixe .... Keiilwoml, La. A ( II I ' m . Ih Alls I II .... New Orleans, La. Ki.l.swoRril, Lois .... New Orlcan-. La. I ' .sKRiccE, Fnmi ... New Orleans, La. II II l V. W c. A.; Fremh Mr. le. Ki.l.imT, .Adelaiiik . . . New Orleans, La. A A II Y. W C. A ; Fr.iK h I ' Ir.le. +9 THE 1927 " I J , JAMBALAYA - ■ ■- - g ' gaz; S_ ' rV I fflM Vi . ■.i ' ' V N« i Gastrki., (il.ADNKV, C;i:iii:i.i , Coir, Coi.DniKc, (lovzAl.KZ (a FiRKiKRn, Haas, Hardy, Harriss, lli:i;iii:Kr, IIh.i.ik, IIirn- lUni-Ri-, IRiCKK, IhMAs-, Kai , Ki-:i.si.kr, Kixi., Ki:m)A1.i. Km:1N ' , Kll.I.F.KN-, KnOWI.KS, I.I ' A, I.kvv, I.ivaudais, I.ockiiari II. Lynch, V. I.yn-ch, I.M ' Ri.y, Maas, Maksiri, Mai.abl-iii;, Manshkrc Makcoi.in, Marcues, Marshall, McKitirick, Mkrrdith, Mhicali-k, Moonkv J 50 -3S- rcP THE 1927 l s Sopno more CI ass M.WCOMU ELSTER, UUROIHV llciUMKl, I.n. Liiliutiin; rluli II. 21. Evans, IIattie ShuKualak, Misv. Fasteri.ino, F.Dmi . . . New OrU-anv, l„i. r •!■ Faleber, Ruth . . . Chattaimoga, Tenn. Frrsandez, Glauvs . . . New Orleans, I. a. X J2 y. W. C. A.; French rii.lp. FlTZEXREliER, BESSIE . . . Lake Charles, I. a. Y. W. A.; Frfiiili clnlr. Fi.ANDEKS, Kaiherixe . . . H(iKali)usa, I. a. Fl.ovi), Mnvi.iXE .... New Orleans, I. a. Fly, Mildred Summit, Miss. FoLSE, Margaret Oak RiclRe, I. a. A () n Y. W. ' ■. A.; H. ' l.alinK I ' lul.. Forman, Helen intcin, l.a. FoRsiiEV, Ada N ' ickslnjrn, Miss. !■ .M Freeman ' , Marv .... New Orleans, In. X 1! Frey, Josephine .... New Orleans, l.a. FiiNKiiAusER, I.riTEi.i Atlanta, Ca. X - ' CiARSAND, IIerminik . . . New Orleans, l.a. Gastrei.l, M RTl.E . . . New Orleans, l.a. X 1. ' V. W. I ' , a. (1. 2); G ,-r nul (2); Ex- ci-iillvf foninilttff (2): ManilolJn-OuUar ( ' lull 11): IVi ' .sldint (2). ( " iKHEi.in, Norma Garryvillc, I,a. (il,i. iluli (2); lYciiili flrili ' (2(. (iERSOn, Hratrice .... New Orleans, l.a. Gi.AiiNKY, Helen Ravville, l.a. V. V. •. A.; Kr.ih h i-|r.li- CiON .AI.ES. Carmelita New Orlean-, l.a. Il.-l.nllilK r-iuii i. 2»: Y. v. c. a. (1. 2): Iiramiltlr I ' liili (1. 2): Neu ' eniiili Hull (11: IliiHi ' linll (1): VnrHlt.v KrliulInK Teiiin (I): .Sluclinl Hmly Ui ' inrillliu Hi-r- ri ' tnry (2): IhIiiiIImk I ' niUKll (2). GoEF, Celeste New Orleans, l.a. Goi.imERG, Elaine . . . .Alexamlrla, l.a. Gounii, Helen New Orleans, l.a. GUERRIRO, CoRiNNE Monroe, l.a. Haas, Anna New Orleans, l.a. Iii ' linlinK ' lul (2): lirnninlli ' ' lul II. 21. Hariiif, Hkitt New Orleans, l.a. II li ' I ' Harriss, Caroline . . Jiineiion Ciiv. .Ark. Uniniiillr I ' liili (1. 2); Y V. r. , COLLEGE Herbert, .Aldrev .... New Orleans, l.a. r IliiiKR, Helen New Orleans, La. IlMiN, IsABEi.LE New Orleans, La. I • -Ii:itin( ' lul) (I): |)raniatie Clult (1. ■Jl: V. W. c. A. (2); Hockey Varsity ID: Volley Hall (2). Hoi LIS, Elizabeth . . . New Orleans, La. Hnoi ' ER, Janet New Orleans, La. HriiERT, MuRiEi New Orleans, La. llrciR, Elizabeih . . . New Orleans, La. II li ' I ' IriMW, niiKDiMV .... New Orleans, l.a. Jennings, Edwarda . . . New Orleans, La. Johnson, Francis BnEalmisa, La. Haskethall Jones, noRoiiiv .... HattiesliiirK, Miss. Kahn, Hannah .... Merman City, La. Kaiz, Hessie New Orleans, La. Keen, Katiierine .... New Orleans, La. Keesi.er, Marv Nash . . (ireeinMind. Miss. X S! Y. V. I ' . A.; I Iranian.- iMiil., Kill, Cornelia Tallulali, La. K K r Y. V. C. a. (I. 2): Hockey Varsity (1): Newconil. Hall 12): French rlr- cl,- (2). Kendall, Elizabi hi . . New Orleans, La. Fnnch (■lr ie (1. 2); Y. V. c-. A (1. 2) Kever, Marie Natehez, Miss. Kii.i.EEN, Rosemary . . . New Orleans, La. Knowles, Ann Shrevepnrt, La. A II Y. V. c. A : I ' r. iieh circle. I.AMnoiTrR, Louise . . . Cctlar Grove, La. Y. V. •. A.: French Clrcl,,: Uramall.- Cliilt: TreaMUrcr Tnlane- Newconili rhrl.H- tlan Union. Lang, Ennii New Orleans, La. Lazarus, Virginia . . . New Orleans, La. A E ' I- I I . 1 M New Orleans, la. I- M Levy, Alice C.iIiiiiiImiv. G:i. LncKIIARr. .A I HE .... New Orle:)ns, l.a. •I ' M LliTCOvn, ' lRi:iNi . . Pemopolis, Ala. I.IVM DAIS, llliiiv . New Orleans, La. Loi . i(iiii Nc Orleanv, la. I I KM , li Meriili.in, Mi-. K A M ' JAMBALAYA i £J ff- FrM _ _ Micas, A. Mm-iisFK, ( " . MntiiNKR, Mkisk, NhsiNn, L. Nkwei.i, M. Nf.wim.i,, Noi.ax, Ork, Paw, Pkarck, Piarlman, Pikrson POLACK, RnBMAK, RlCHAKDSnS ' , RODDIS, RODKlGi:!; , RoSi:NliF;R(;, RVCKMAN Saf.r, Scott, Schwartz, Shoi:maki:r, Sinclair, Sinci-k, Si-. Martin Thomas, Tomi.inson, To smi;iri:, ' R :I)AV ■A , Ti ppi:r, Waiat:, Watson Weil, Wills, Westfeldt, Wexler, C. Wilson, R. Wilson, Wolfe ii " , " . " I 152 ■ ' ' % JAMBALAYA Sopnomore Class NEWCOMH COLLEGE LvNCH, 1Iele j Mi ' inphis, Tenn. Norwood, Kauikkink . . New Orleans, La. XV. ' II 15 I Lv.scil, Viola New Orleans, La. ' - " ' • ' ' • - - ■ ' ' ' ■ " - ' C " ■ ' ■ ' ' • Mass, Ruth New Orleans, La. " ' ' ' • " ' ■ ' ■ ' ew Orleans, La. ManOolln-Guitar Club. PaVV, VvON:.V. ' E Opelousas, La. McGf.arv, Ruth Winona, Miss. A A IT McKirrRICK, Grace .... Natchez, Miss. nran.ati,- nub; Y. W. C. A.: French circle. n B I Pearce, Marjorh: . . . Lake Charles, La. President Sophomore Cla.ss; Arcade . II K Board: Y. w. c. A. Perlman " , Dora .... New Orleans, La. Maddo.x, Floy New Orleans, La. p.erso.v, Florence . . . New Orleans, La. Maddo.v, Ruth New Orleans, La. K K r Maestri, Evelvx .... New Orleans, La. J ' S ' } - Dramatic Club; Debatlne ' ' Club; French Circle; Class President I » ' n); student Council Representative Mallacher, Mildred . . New Orleans, La. ' ' - ' = N ' «conii. Bail. Mansberc, Bernice . . . New Orleans, La. Pi.auche, Dorothy . . . New Orleans, La. Mandolin-Guitar ciuii. Plauche, MiLDREn . . . New Orleans, La. Margolin ' , Uessik .... New Orleans, La. K K r A K .|. V. w. c. A. Deljatlns Clul.; French Circle. POLACK, Katherine . . . New Orleans, La. MarQUEZ, HazeI New Orleans, La. inamati.- ciul.; French Circle. Marshall, Olive .... New Orleans, La. Poi ' kin, Dora Franklin, La. Marshall, Acnes . . . New Orleans, La. Hrentiss, Emita Lueno, Cuba Mastin-, Sarah .... lluntsville, Ala. OuQuesnav, Amki.ik . . New Orleans, La. Meredith, Josephim: .... Monroe, La. Rerman, Ina Courtland, Ala. A n II K K r I ' ronch Cin-le; Y. W. C. A.; Newcomb Metcalfe, AsNE .... Metcalfe, Miss. Haii cJi; iimkey d). X " ' Richardson, Konnkr . . . Greenwood, Miss. Micas, Thais New Orleans, La. X il Alhletic Council. Y. W. C. A.; Drnniatlc Club. Mitciiner, Clotilda .... Sumner, Miss. RonERifON, L RCiE Bristol, Va. ' - • RoDDis, Sarah MarshtieUI, Wis. MirCHEXER, .Al.l.INF .... Suiniier, Miss. ' ' - ' - ' ' ■ II I! ' I- Rodriguez, Ei.vvra . . . Viuo, I ' orio Kico liranialic Club; Delmthli; Club; Ar.aile Board. Volle.v Ball. MoLLERE, Alice .... New Orleans, La. Roseniierg, Lilly .... New Oilcans, La. MooNKY, Clara . Nc» Orleans, La. Rosenstock, Morise . . . Greenville. Miv.. ,. ,. ,. I i-amatie Club. i K I ., „ xt 1 I RvcKMAN. Marv I.oi ' iSE . New Orleans La. Moss, Ri hi .... New Orleans, La. ., ,. - ,, . ... , Saer. .Miriam New Orleans, La. Muse, Ktiiei St. I ' rancisville, La. ., . „ ,., r I t bcilwARi , Wn.iiH.MlNA . . New Orleans, La. MUSING, Anna Belle . . New Orleans, La. ,. ,. ,, I M 1 1 1 ' ' ■ • ' ' Fnneh Circle. I- rencli CircU . , VI 1 »i- ScoiT, I-.LiZAnETll .Vllanla, (ia. Newell, Lillian Naiche , Miss. ii p K K r Y. V. 1 ' . A.; French I ' ir.ie. SINCLAIR, Lucv New Orleans, La. Newell, Margari i . . Natchez, Miss. - " " 1 1 ]■ Singer, Elaine New Orle;inv. La. Y. V. c. A.; French Circle. Mramalic c|„b; Y. V. c. A.; V y Hall; s«in - nihlK Meet. Nolan, Anita New Orleans, L;i. . rv,„.. . . v r i ,. , Smiiii, C orii.i.a .... New Orleans, la. (lie,, dull. Fr.tich Circle; .Manib.llh- lullar Club STAPLES, PaiSV .Alexandria, La. «SJ THE 1927 Sopno more CI ass Stkarns, Dokoiiiv StRKIFFER, COMITA Streiffer, Hannah Tete, Virginia . . Thomas, Madei.vn X NEWCOMB New Orleans, I, a. New Orleans, l.a. New Orleans, l.a. New Orleans, l.a. New Orleans, l.a. . Cinlfpiirl, Miss. rciMMNSON, NANNETT . . A II Jo.s ?philH---Louise House I ' ouiicii; FriMU-h Circle (1. 2); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2); De- batine t ' lub (1. 2); Deljatine Council (1, 2); Biiskctball (I). ToNSMiERE, Sue Biloxi, . Ilss. French Circle; V. W. C, A.; Ili usc Council, TkEADAWAV, MAKV K T. W. C. . . Trei.les, Carmen . Walne, Lucy . . . . . Meridian, Miss. A (t Frcnili (. ' irclc. . . New Orleans, La. . . . New Orleans, l.a. A o n French circle; Debating Cluli; Y. W. C. A. Ward, Stella New Orleans, La. Watson, Belle . . ' . . . New Orleans, La. K K r Y. W. C. A.; French Circle; Newcomb Ball. COLLEGE Weil, Josephine Alcvandria, La. A 15 " ■|uh 1 ' nrniitory Kepre.sentative; Volley i ' .ull 11); Baseball (1). Weil, Marie .... Corpus Christi, Tex. A E Mamlolin-Ouitar Club (1, 2); French Circle (1, 2): Dramatic Club. Wells, Alice New Orleans, La. Draiiiiilie Club; Y. V. C. A. Wesifli.dt, Ethel Jane. New Orleans, La. n 15 ■! French Circle; Dramatic Club; V W. - ' . A. ; Newcomb Ball. We.vler, Hulda Monroe, La. A E ! Welsch, Elmire .... New Orleans, l.a. Dramatic Ciuli; Glee Club. WlLEV, Florence .... New Orleans, La. Wilson, Charlotte , . . New Orleans, La. Wilson, Rena New Orleans, La. K . ( I ' reuch Circle; V. V. C. A.; Debating Club; Volley Ball; Class Vice-President. Wirr, Leone CSree ' iville, Miss. E I Wolfe, Daisy Ci.enn . . New Orleans, l.a. Wyatt, Ruth New Orleans, La. ' 5+ feW37 ' ,,;3uj5= gy5v, JAMBALAYA Sophomore Class cui.i.Kcr: oi " Arramson, Pa I 1. I). ... Shri-veport, l.a. Z 15 T Bami. i:iL ' 4, ini.i, i!i2i;. Al.l-UMS, I.ORAINE I Rinnucllll, l.a. ! ' V 1 Ua.s.ljall. -li;. Bailev, John Swan .... Mansfield, 1 .i. K K Hardin, Robert . I WiUon, N. ( ' . e K -V Uarnes, Moorman B Kniil, Okla. () K ■ f Havon, Philip Joseph . . New Orleans, l.a. N 2 N Olfe club; Varsit.v ' IV-nnis, ' 24. Benneti ' , Thos. L., Jr. . . . riorcrHe, Ala. A T 1. ' S( ' cri ' tal-y Mortical Student Ltody; I ' atlui- Kuns. Biackwei.i., Mit.es F. . . Browinvdnd, Tix. B K 1 ' Bl.ANCIlARI), V. 11 lil Pasn, lex. x z . Bi.enkv, Abe New Orleans, l.a. rooKBiNDER, M. VV. . . . Brooklyn, N. ' . Born, Charles M Pensacola, I ' la. i; A K, ' X FrL ' Shmnti ClaMji I ' rt MUK iit, " jr. Ui IKER, Henry G. . . . New Orleans, l.a. A : ! ' , B K k il.is.H Kji.1 ' liall, •;), ' 2r.: V»i»llv llMs.- l»all. ' lit;; I ' alhoKenH. ' 2 ' ;. Brkwstf.r, C. B., Jr. . . . Tort Winili, 1 1 . . K 1 Cai HEART, Donald I ' . . . MontKonicry, Ala. 2 ! ' v., ' !■ X I ' HilioK ' iis, ' 21 ' .: llu:lH l aloo Iti ' iiri mmlii- ilvi-. ' Sii. ' 27. CARRERRAS, Wll.FREIl New Orleans, la. Cinvi: ,, Kknesi, Jk. . . Mexico Citv. Mex. O K ' k WluBllliiK Ti-iiin ll. 2. .1): 8. A. A. V. Wii KllliiK (1. 21; olyiuiile TryiiulM, " 24; UiiniH r-u|i H. A. V., ' 2ri; C nwn Soerelnry- ' rri ' aMui- T tl); Vlfo-PrfBlili-nl (2 . Cohen, Mevkr J. . Cook, (Jradv II. . Copland, .Sidse M. . . Newark, N. J. llaltiesliiirK, Miss. New Orleans, l.a. ■!■ A i; CoiRLl, John S New Orleans, l.:i. II K A Wlilli ' KI- ' phalilK MEDICINE Carroll, Roland B. . . . I ' mt . itluir, lex. A K Ix, II K A I uthoKuns. " 26. Davidson, Jas. S., |r. . . Tlioinasville, . la. •h 1 " 1 1-RiED.viAN, Jacob 11. . . . New Orleans, l.a. lii.AK, Harry .... Varion Citv, N. J. ■!■ K Cai.lacer, I1l k .... Coluinlnis, CJa. !■ I ' i; CjATES, Richard F. . . . New Orleans, La. ' I- A e rathoKens; Honor t tiun -iL 2i;. ' 27. C ARL ' ES, Jl ' i.io F.NRiciE . San Herinaii, P. R. 1 I (Joi.DsiEiN, Nathaniel . . Brociklvn, X. . ■I ' A K, V Ix -l ' ClKARDEEAr, 1nyl n . , . TlioiiKistiin, Ca. A !•: 1 (loRDON, Frederick . . ,. New Vork, N. ' . (iRUN, Ma. Mayo . . . Mer RotiKe. l.a. l I ' i; chairman Ilotmr ( " itunrij. ' 2. ' i. ' 2 ;. ' 27. CJreenberc, Philip . . . Jersey Citv, N. J. !• Ix A (il ELKO, !• " . I . Ilonsioii, Tex. . Ix Ix Harris, |ohn Brooks .... Riislon, l.;i. A i; •! ' , T Ix " V P.llhuK ns. ' 2tl. Hart, VV. C, Sioekt.m, Cal. Hawkins, Joseph O. . . . San Rafael, Cal. . Ix Ix, i: A !•; rallif K - nH. ' 2tl; Ihiior Counell. II III), Jack R Douglas, Ariz. IliRscH, Warren . ' . . . . New Orleans, l.a. A r ' I ' Hill. I.i IHER I.., |k. Mniitt;onierv, .Ma. X • , X lltll. R iswiii III .... Ildllisier, C;il. ■ , ' I ' Jones, Kenneih B lamp;!, lla. i: . K K Johnson, ' i;sev M Ke West, lla. :; •!■ !•:, ■!■ x Kxii;iiT0N, Jas. K Slireveport, l.a. x i; x, II n II lloli,ir I ' niitii II til; t ' ltiMM Si ' iTi tiiiy- ' I ' lfamu ' tT til; l ii(lloK ' nA t21. Kmin, Sii;mond . ' xron Ravne, l.a. •I ' A !■:, i: .V l m THE 1927 ' f ' 2aa= fet JAMBALAYA Ai;ramso , Haii.kv, Harnks, Hakdiv, 15A n , Bkwft Bi.ACKWKi.i,, Hoke, Carrom,, Cathcart, Ciiavkz, Copland COURKT, (JAI. I.ACER, CJaTES, CiRARDKAU, HawKIXS, IllI.I, Kahn, KrRKi ' AjRicK, McCormr ' k, McKnkelv, McMain, Mevkr ()aklk -, Paiifrsov, Pi.avchk, RniiRixs, St. c;i;rmai , Seaition SlILTE, Sl ' ENLKR, SjEI ' II ENSOV, TliOMAS, TkU ' OI.I, TucKER 156 m ' THE 1927 I ' Tiarr ' Sopho more CI ass KiKKi ' AiKiCK, S. M Selina, Ahi. K A, X Patliogi ' iis. Lacv, Geo. W Fort Wnrtli, I x. e K -V Lancaster, Lamar Leo .... 14.irti ii, I ' la. K A, X l utlioKL-ns. Leslie, Stella M. . . . New Orleans, La. Hullaltaloo Kcprf.Sfntntlve, ' 2ii, •2i:; Class Historian. ' 26, ' 27. Le Mav, Louis T. . . . Corsicana, Tex. K r Lispani, Jons J Nfw Orleans, La. LvNcn, JLvRKV O. . . . Hot Springs, . rk. i: X, N i N Maitiievvs, p. F. Calioi Ruck, . ' rk. X Z X McFatier, Theron ' K Vernon, Fl.i. i; ! K, X McKrov, Clementine . . New Orleans, La. McCoR.MlCK, Katiiekise . . . Collins, Miss. A !•: I . KM i s, ' . F.lcenk .... Miami, Fla. Z X A, i; 1 McKvEEi.v, Thos. H. . . . Hammond, La. 2 A E, X i: N Honor Counfll, ' 26; Pal)ir Ki ns. Meyer, Henry S Zwolls, La. Z H T Frcflhmnn Kooiliall; nnnkt-lttall. MoiEii, Charles .... lirooklvn, . . MuLi.iNS, Clinton Ross . . . Monroe, La. II K . , A K K Oaklev, John 1 ' . . . Favellevllle, . ' rk. K A, ■!■ X T ' nthoK n». ' 26; ' lai»H Itt-iireHontntivf Jarntialaya, ' 26. PAR ' rRiDCE, Clarence V. . . Mohile, . la. . K K Paterson, Ki.i AnEiii .... . iisiin, Tex. A K I Pl.ANCIIE, V. A CovinKlnii, La. A K K Praijiis, Paniii F. Lo i AiiKrloH, Cal. ■!■ A K CULLFcn: OF MEDICINE RozAS, Sidney Jos. Preston, F.i v!n I ' . RicfiALL, Cecil . . .Mi;imi liraeli, Fla. Rorlul.ilr, I ' .liKlaiul . . . Chataignier, La. I I ' r Sackeit, (Jeo. Leslie . St. Peterslnirg, Fla. K i:, . 1 K Sacrena, George 1) Asheville, La. ' F I ' i: SciiENKELD, Samiei. . . . N ' ew Orleans, La. I ' A K Seal, .Ai.ered Enslcv, Ala. SllusilAN, MuKKis .... New Orleans, La. A E Glee Cluli. Smute, Frank C, Jr. . . Opelonsas, La. A K K, I! (I II SlM.MONS, Daniei. . He I iiniak Springs, Fla. ' !■ X Siir.LE, RoiiEKi ' Hrown . lanv, La. K ! ' Spencer, Hennie F; Spencer, La. O K k Class Baselmll. ' 23. •2-1, ' 25; Novice Tennis Championship, ' 23. " 24; Jumba- laya Rcprcin-ntative, ' 2. ' . ' 26. Stephenson, Vm. G. Chattanooga, Tenn. () K ! ' Lees ' ille, La. Comvay, N. C. . K K Robins, Irvine A. ... Halon Roiigr, La. £ X, N £ N rnlhoKi-nn, Wlilti Kit plianlii. S.Miiii, Dudley N ' eksov . . A K K Sykes, Rl Kis Presion . . X Z X St. (Jekmain, Ellis I.. . Hreaiix Mriilge, La. (» K ! ' nan.l, ' 21. •:.■.. ' 26. Tessiiore, Wicoi.A Jos. . . New Orleans, La. •!■ r 1 I ' liOMI ' SON, I.l.OM) (I. ( Ireeiislioro, N. C. I) K ! ' Thomas, R. P. . . ... San Antonio, Tex. I A E, N £ N l ' ,iihoKi-nt«. Tripoli, J. Carlo .... New Orleans, La. V M lERS, Ted .A. Helclier, La. II K A, A K K IhUKi, ' 22. ' 23; (lie,. Cluii. ' 23. ' 51; Vl.-e- I ri-nl4lelll CIllNP, ' 2(1. W ' isiiNOw, Hyman L. . . Somervrlte, N. J. W ' lMii), .Arihi K .AvsdN .... Mobile, Al.i. »( K ' 1 ' Vkii;mi, Ci M OP li. Si. Peier»liiirg, Fla. ■!• Ad, A K K M7 THE 1927 _, JAMBALAYA liriiii A, HiRDvviM., l-iiofii, UkdAii. Hrm KliSII, Cl.KMMONS, C ' OFIKN, ( ' OI-OMB, C ' LllMi ' I ' Oawa, i)i; i.a IlnussAVK, Ok Rouen ' , Dki-vhis, Dkk inskk, nuRF.N r.pi.in, I ' ' kv kr, Fai.k. Flktciikr, Frkdreck, I ' " Rii,or (iFiRODKiii, (;i,a i:r, Gl rii-RRi-z, Haas, Haas Hakrcll, Hrbkrt, Hfnslev, Hudson, Jahn ' cke 158 S feW37- THE 1927 Soph omore Gl ass COLLEGE UF ARl ' S AND SCIENCES AvvBKKV, Rkuben Roanoke, Ala. df. i.a Houssave, M. Beck, Merrill Cahill . . New Orleans, La. . Marshall, Tex. New Orleans, La. Eraiikliii, L.i. Bender, Naiiian Judson ' Bethea, Theodore . . . .i K !•; HlACKLF-DHE, W ' lIlIAM . . Blake, CiEo. Clintov . Bledsoe, Thomas Files . . Bi.ocH, MnisE Bi.LM . . . Saucier, Miss. Varnado, La. Abilene, Tex. New C)rleans, La. i; A M Frt ' Hhinan n.iskcHmll (1): Ul-am.ilic chih 11. L ' ); Hullabaloo Ktair ll): En- Blnui-rln ; KdUor (J); F ' at(ii-i Editor CS); run-llilUniu Counrll (2). BoORAD, Nathan- .... New Orleans, La. Broad, M. IIisk . . . New Orleans, I.a. A K !•; Dramatic- I ' lulj II): CWiy Club (2); Intcr-Fratcinlty Baskilball (I); IntcT- Frati-rnlly Tra;k (1 I Burt, Elmer Gordon . . . CrosMit, . rk. i: II Bush, Charles Nolan .... Laurel, Miss. BuTANi), Russell S Liberty, I ' ex. Calderoni, F. Froilan . . New Orleans, La. Campbell, Stephen Rov. New Orleans, L:i. Charbonnet, Louis S. . . New Orleans, La. 11 K A White Glcplianl: I ' aii-llollenlr roum II (2); InliT-KrutiTnlly Track (11; lutrr- FrntrniUy Hankftball ( 1 ». Ciiauvin, Louis Eaton . . . Abbeville, La. Churchill, Frank L. .y JaeksDiiville, Tex. ATA Cons, |i I lus Simon, Jr.. New Orleans, I.a. C01.0.MI1, Arthur M. . . New Orleans, La. ■i- A (I Wlllti ' EIrlihalilH. COMNEl.L, TlNSI.EV G Mindell, La. II K . Coi ' i:, Rl ASdN I. fills . . . New Orleall , I 1. CoroMd, I ' liKoixjRE, Jr. . . New Orleans, I 1 A i; i ' Fn-rfhiiifin Fnolliall (1): Hcriib Fnnl- iMill (2, 3 : Triirk (2): Sphinx I ' luli; I ' nn-IIi ' llinle Couiull (2. 3). CuciNOTTA, Louis .... New ork, N. . Ci Di ii ' i ' , W.M. S., [r. . . . New Orle.ins, I .1, K . Oanna, 1 ' ascai. I New Orleans, I .1. Dav, Rkdus F.dward , Hainn RniiKe, La. i: x 1! II Dreyfus, Cliiton Vm. . . New Orleans, La. i; A M Drezinski, David . . i; A M Duren, James Bfnnfit . Eplev, Marion J., Jr. . New Orleans, La. New Orleans, I.a. New Orleans, La. White Eli-phants. Eskrigce, T. Robson . , New Orleans, La. A K E Thirteen Cluli: Fre.sliman Football; Varsity Footl all (2); While ElephaiU Freshman i u| (1). Evans, Hugh McCloskev New Orleans, La. Falk, Mvron Harold . . New Orleans, La. B M Argonnuts; Tug-n " War (1); Hullabaloo Stntr (I, 2). Fknmmori:, IdiiN M. . . . I ' licienix, . ' ri .. K , . Fenner, Darwin S. , . . New Orleans, La. K . White El M hanls. Fletcher, Richard M. . . . Lakelaiul, Fla. Frawiev, John Joseph . New Orleans, La. " -I A Frederick, Chas. O. . . , . CiiviiiKtini. la. II K . , li M Freund, Pail, Jr. , . . New Orleans, La. Frierson, I as. Wkiciii . . New Orleans. I.a. A K 1: FRii.or, George . ' ., Jr. . . New Orleans, La. (iERODEuri, Orlando F. . San Antnnin, I ' ex. CiiLBERT, EliwARn I.KE . I ' .leetrie Mills, Miss. Gl.AZER, IIarrv .... New Orleans. La. (ilASII 1.1 A, V ' INCFNI . West New ■(lrk, N. J. II Hni I 1 . Wm. Si ' EARS RiiNliin, la. N 1 1 VRRLS, KimiN C. ... New Orleans, La. IIarter, William Thos.. New Orleans, I.a. IIebirt, Hi RioN Francis. New Orleans, la. •V A t IIi:nsi.k , Ijias Turnir ., Ne Orleans, La. IIeroi.I), SA.M Lew .... Slireveporl. La. 1 1 ingle, Ronr. F.mmet . . New Orleans, La. Jaiinke, F. Sianion . . . New Orleans La. A K K- IS9 " THE 1927 I i iitrn JoiiNSOM, G. JoiiNSOv, Jo i:s, KiriRKDCE, Lkp. McBkvdi:, McCi.ockkv, Mc-Ooucai.d, McKinn ' ev, Mknuet MiSSHKSMllll, MONTGOMKR -, MOORK, NlCKI:!., 0(;[)|:N, PAR[.0NCUE PopKixs, Pi ZANO, Ro[iKR]snv, Rnia.iNt;, RosKKnr.RC, Scai.ks Schn i)[;r, Shank, Sizhi.kr, Si ' 1i:ss, Sioki:s Tavan, ' I ' iioknion ' , WAMiri, ' Arsn ' , WirARinN 1 60 y ' vl JAMBALAYA Sopno more CI ass COLLKtiE OF AKIS Joiixsox, CiiAPM.w G. . . New Orleans, l.a. ATA Johnson ' , Ronr. Harbour. New Orleans, l.a. Jones, Wilmer Griffin . . (jraiid Cane, La. n K Clas.s Football (11; Inltr-Fiatornily Basketball (1). Koiil..vii;vKR. CllARi.KS, Jr. New Orleans, l.a. n T ClaHd Secri-tary-Tr -asur T 2). Lre, Albert E McComb, Miss. I.KMANN, Walter, Jr. . Donaldsonville, l.a. .S.rub Football (■_ ). Lew, Jacques ..... New Orleans, La. McBrvde, Feli-v Webster. New Orleans, La. 2 N nnnti (1); Gloc Club (2): Glendy Burke (1). Spcri ' tary (2); Ten Pins; Secretary International Club (1, 2); Dramatic Club. McBryde, J. Mtl.., Jr. . . New Orleans, La. 2 N McCloskev, B. Joseph . . New Orleans, La. A K K f;iee Club (1. :•!. McCoLLUM, Jas. IL, Jr. . . San .Xnionid, Tex. McDoucALD, Roman M Clavtdii, la. McKiVNEV, Freo .... New Orleans, La. V. .M. c. A.; Tulane-Neweonib clnl.i- Ibin I ' liion. Mariin, Carri rr II. . New Orleans, La. i; X Massonv, Josei ' H James . . Walerpnmf, La. Maites, Leov New Orleans, La. Mauterer, Oliver I ' . . . New Orleans, La. Menuet, Aimii I ' ll JoSKlMl . Napoleonville, La. Messersmiim, W ' m. W. . . New Orleans, La. A T A While ICIeiihanIs; Serub Foolbjill (1. :; ) : Clann FiinlbiiU (I, 21; TuK " ' - Viir 121. Montgomery, B. Spencer. New Orleans, L;i. K A Clnni Vlro-rrealilent (2). MnoRE, Alois Karle . . St. Hele n;i, Aik. Moore, IIowki.l M. . . . New Orleans, La. n M V. M. r. A. Cabinet: Cbalrnnin «t CafnptiN Servlee Ciirnnilttee. MoROAV, F.invARn Carre. . . Krnner. La. A S •!• Ilnxebnll r:. 3. ); nunkelball (2, 3. I): Fniitball (3. .1. 4). . Shrcveport, La. . Weslaco, Tex. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. AND SCIENCES MosELV, John Mh.i.kk . . H K .V Nickel, Dean O K .V Norwood, Rav Leslie O ' Brien, Albert D., Jr. Oni)FN, Hknrv D., Jr. ir K Oratorieal and Debating Couneil; Tren.s- urer Tulane Dramatic Guild; Glen ly Burke. Og»en, I ' rial B., Jr. . . Kirbwillc, Tex. Parloncue, Sydney J. . . New Orleans, La. n K . White Elephant.f. PizzANO, John .... St. Morristuwn, Pa. A i: •! ' Fi-eshnlan Koi tl ;ill; Varsity Fuotl all; Bo. inK. Reynolds, Adolpii P. . . New Orleans La. Rinaman, Jas. Curtis . . . Pittsluirtj, Pa. Robertson, Claiborne 15.. . St. Lamlry, La. Roelinc, Jeanne Cecile . . New T)rleans, La. Rosenberg, Nathaniel B.. New Orleans, La. 7, n T SciiNMiER, Eunice A. Shane, Hugh . . . SlIEPAKD, IIeBKRDKN . Simpson, I ' homas R. Si .Ei.ER, Sidney . . Spiess, . i.bin S., Jr. Stai.ey, Marry R. SlECKl.ER, M. L ■!• K •!• A () Stokssel, .AiiREi) L., Ik. A K I ' . New ()rU:uis, La. . NLirsliall, Tex. New Orleans, La. Meridian, Miss. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. Kansas Cil , Mo. New Orleans, L:|. . Ilaniincinil, La. lialnn Ri ti|;e, La. Stokes, F.dwarii 0. . SrRouii, Carl White .... Monroe, La. Tavav, Jeanne .Adei.k . . New Orleans, La. Thornton, Samih . . . . New Orleans, La. K i; VoRiES, Allen IL, Jk. . . New Orle;ins, La. WllNsMiN, I.oi ' lS .... New Orleans, Ln. WEiNsriiN, Rdhiri ' . . . New tUleans, La. Zil.DEN, Sam Toledo, Ohio 1 1 , JAMBALAYA Assux ' TO, Haumbach, Hfatiy, Bi.uk, Crawford C ' ropprk, Of Hlakc, Pormonoe, Dukk, Dulin Ei.icK, llARDiN ' c, IIavwari), I.awrknce, Locan, McAdam McCtIxxis, Mkrcmkr, Pai.m(;ri:x, Paxjox, Prichard Priesti.i: , Rankin-, Ri f-ninh, Stroi ' I " , Zodkr 162 ' THE 1927 £2= . JAMBALAYA Sopnomore Class COLLEc;i: OF C ' UMMl.KCE AssuNTO, Jacimo a. . . N ' lu Orleans, La. Hakkkit, Will i m K. . . I.ixiiisitoii, Miss. K i; Baumbach, RiciiAKi) O. . . New Orleans, La. A 1 I ' Fri-slimiin I ' Mulhall. B isUilliiiU ami Hiisfball; Y. M. C. A.; S iub Kooiball; Iiitir-Fiattrnlty Haskctljall. Hi ;c: K, J AS. K„ Jk. . . . New Orleans, l.a. HkATIV, Maix ' OI.M Hi 1!. . . liiriMin;;liarn, . la. K A IJl.Li;, SuiJ.DON S.villil . • ■ DeKiilder, La. K i; l ' ' r.-slinian Fi.ntliall; Si ruli l ' ' ....! l.all. ' ili. HoGKl., llKNRY Jos. . West Pint .ArliuH, Tex. Can ' essa, Carlos J. . Kl Salvailur, ( ' . . C ' llAi.AROS-, Ili; R ' i ' lios.. New Orleans, La. A ■! ' S Vlilt - Kl«-rilialit»; riesl le.il Fn-sliman ClaM.M. ' lid. Crawford, Ciiaki.hs L. . . New Orleans, La. t . Ckoi ' I ' IK, Naiiiamii. I ' . . . Kernwoml, Miss. I)i;|{| Ave, Dims Josiimi . New Orleans, La. DliNM-yn, Kram ' IS K. Mc 1)imhii] ;1i ille, La. Tiilalii ' Fiilvirslty I ' , inil I ' )oi iioMii:, I ' rask K. . . Tnite, La. 1 !•: DliKi:, I ' .DVVIN C New Orleans, La. •1. K 1 l)ii,i , IIakk II New Oile.ins, l.a. Frikdriciis, C ' . C, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. II K A Wllitif Klepliants; Frushman Fnolliall 11); Jambalaya Representative O): Tug-o ' -VVar (1); Glee Cub (I). Harding, Klgf.nk, |r. . . New Orleans, La. ir K •! ' JtaiKl. Haiuakd, Wn.M M ;. . . New Orleans, La. K i: I, WKi ci:, I ' F-RCI ' Lee Li K, IIakoi.I) . ( ' r() lev. La. . I Illusion, Tex. ■I ' A () LOGAV, l) I ' lH K .... Slireve|i(irt. La. LowK, Melville Isidore . . New Orleans, l.a. l-lullabulon StafT (2); Freshman l- ' uot- ball : I- ' reshman Basketball; Tui;-o ' - Var. Mc.Ada.vi, Jos. F., Jr. . . New Orleans, La. McIn ' MS, Daniel K. New Orleans, La. 1 II Mercier, .Ai.ered, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. PAL. I a E , CVRL . ., Jr., New Orleans, La. 1 ' rhmard, CIeo. L., |r. I ' orl . rtliur, Tex. Tulalie I ' nlver.-ilty Banil I ' RIESII.I , i. M., |r. . . . I ii-eil.ile, Miss. k Fre.slinian E ' lMilball I ' RiNGi.E, F.vocii M., Jr. . . . (ileimmr;!, I.;i. Tnlane fnlversUy Minil Kankin, RuiiARD I ' .. . . . New Orleans, La. II K l i;i lull. ' 25. Ki.UK, loiiN J (iraiiKer, Tex. II K •!• Rei ' Mm;, .Al.iiERl U. . . . New Orleans, La A K !■: Kl.wiSG, Wiiil M F.. . . Ilarlin ;er, Tex. FoRKSMAV, L s. 11. . . . Kleelrie Mills, Tex. :; N :iee I ' lub. Sr ri ' . I ' wiii Wiiiii K . . . ( iiill|iiirt, Mlvs. Smw ri, ( ' m s. H. . . . New Orleans, La. IlKViR, I.. Cl.AUl) . . . New Orle;in l.a. 1 ., THE 1927 I JAMBALAYA AlLSBROOK, CARON, CHRISTV, CsEICER, I ' .DUARDS Gaidrv, (iKSSVkr, CUniKRF, Gii.mf.r, (JoMii.LA, Hart Ilooi ' KR, IIowi-.i.i,, Johnson, Lii ' pman, I.okh, Ma i:r MlA .ZA, OcriKN, PaRKI-R, RoV, SkEUWS, SllAlMil-RC Snvdhr, U ndkrwooo, Walker, Wei.man, Weiss 164 my ' _ JAMBALAYA Sopnomore Class AnAniK, Jacques, Jr. . . New Orleans, I. a. Ar«_-hit(-Ttural Sfjri,-t . Armstrong, Francis . . . New Orleans, I. a. li e II Thirteen Club; Frishman Football (1); Scrub Football (2); Varslly Football (3). Bertram, George .... New Orleans, I.a. HiERiioRST, John W.m. . . New Orleans, I.a. Brvsox, Tho.mas Jackson. New Orleans, I.a. Caron, I.oli.s, Jr New Orleans, La. i A e W ' liti- Eliphanis; Ciolf. ' 21. ' 2. . CiiRiSTV, G. IIOSKINS . . New Orleans, I.a •t K i; Arthitiituial Soilety. Conrad, Leonaro Henrv New Orleans, I.a. Coui.CHERAS.vt, E. (i. . . New Orleans, I.a. Craig, IIowarh MacI.ane New Orleans, I.a. Davilla, Joh.v Edward . . New Orleans, I.a. Ehrensing, Henrv A. . . New Orleans, I.a. An hitii tural Koility. Ernst, Thos. Edward . . New- Orleans, I.a. EsTORGE, Theodore L. . . New Orleans, I.a. EuSTis, Leeds New Orleans, la. 2 X Ar hlt Mtiir;il .Soilily. (; ii)K , Wilfred .... New Orleans, I.a. ' ! K i: CjEICer, John H (;reina, I.a CJerstner, Mkrii.i. A. New Orleans, I.a. ClEssNER, IIeim Edward . . New Orleans, La. •I- A H Whili ' Klii)hanl. ' i: A. S.; CIio.m rnslilfiit. (IlDlKRE, John Joski-h . New Orleans. I.a. i; Thlrliin Club; Cla s VIci-l ' ri- ilil.l-i 111: ClHim I ' ll alilfllt (2): Sirub Fiwilball (I. 2); VarHlty _ ' ro! « CouTlry (li; ( hiH.M Foolball (I): ClnM.H Track (11: llUcr- Frulcriilly Track and IlaHkclhall. (III. MIR, C. WlII.IAM . . Slirevepcirl, I.a. . r i; Ari-liil.-i|ilr:ll .•s.,.l,-t y. CoMii.i.A, Jos. Carroi.i. . . New Orleans, I.a. !• A (1 (iRisAlll, I. MlcliAEl. . , New Orleans, I.a. Cl ' lliROS, Jui.ES R. . . . New Orleans, I.a. IIaneman, Eric Joseph . New Orleans, I.a. Hart, IIknrv Tardv . . New Orleans, La. Ar. bllccluinl .Society; liraniatic iliilld llotARD, .Al.vlN Elx AR .... (Irelii;!, I,:i. Trcatturcr Snphniiinr ' ' CIumh. Iloni ' iR, Andrew } ' .. New Orleans, La. II n II Scrub Koolbill (I); VjUHlty I ' liolliiill (2). llowKl.l., Anne (lARNHriH New Orleans, ].a. Hicrclary Archllcilural Hoil.ly. COLLEGE OF ENGINEERINc; Isaacs, Marx New Orleans, La. Johnson, Brent .... New Orleans, La. Jones, Cari.ton R. . . . New Orleans, La. I.IPI ' MAN, .Alfred, Jr. . New Orleans, La. .V . I LoEB, Marv Freeman . . New Orleans, La. .lambalaya Hepn Si- ' lltatlvc; .-Vrcliitcctur- al Society. Mahan, Jas. Edward . . New Orleans, I.a. lA ER, John King .-Xmite, I.a. T 1! II HaiKl. Mi A, I-.nwARD Tlios. . . New Orleans, La. i; Nkii.i), K. Fairfax .... Slirevepurl. la. K . Ogden, II. Nash .... New Orleans, La. l K i; While lOleplKilils: Inli r-Fralernlty Ha.s- ketball. Parker, IIerhert .... New Orleans, I.a. li H II Treasurer Architectural SocU-ty; Libra- rian, aiee Club. ! ' ri(. ' e, Wai.ikr 1U ;h . . New Orleans, La. Roi.FS, CiEORGE Andre . . New Orleans, I.a. Ai ' chiiectiiral Society; llullababto Spurt. ICcllloi-; Arclilti ' ciur.il Society. l (i , John Overton . . Natehitiulies, I.a. K 2 Arehiti ' ctural Society. RvAN, Elbridge F. . . . New Orleans, I.a. Seeuus, Ford Thos. . . . New Orleans, I.a. K H II Varsity Foolball; I ' la.sH Track (1); In- ter- Fraternity Iti- kelbal ; I- ' reMliniaii Football. SiiAlNBERG, Gerald . . New Mailriil. Mn. i; . M Snmiir, John ' oi;ng, Ir.. New OrU;iMv. I.i. II (» " II Seine, Joseph Thomas . . New Orleans I.a. Sl ' I. I.IVAN, Walter Edw.. New Orleans. La. I ' nderwood, Junius W. . . New Orleans, I.a. B H II Arlrhlti ' cluial Soelely. Walker, Wii liam Q. . . New Orleans, La. •I ' A (t lYiMliliiaii I ' oolliall; Scrub Football. WtiMAN, (lEO. August . . New Orleans, La. Wicker, Cihsier II. . . New Orleans, i.a. Wisi, William James . . New Orleans, La. tilei ' Club. W CKOI F, I ' llW ARIl II. Alton. III. f " ; 3 : JAMBALAYA IUkii. Ham acrp. llol ' I ' KI S RllODON, Ricou ir,r. :5 teWS7 ' .......9S ' JAMBALAYA Sopnomore Llass COLLECil " . OK I ' HARM ( Bagalviw, IIirm.w . . . N ' tw Orleans, I. a. M arih f:r, (osstam (i. .. New Orleans, La. Brno, Ci.irroN- AUxniulrin, I. a. K A lliilliil.iil .o l:i|ircsiMitatlvi ' ; Thirtion Cluli. IVAmomi:, a. (Ickard . . N ' cw Orleans, La. Iloi ' Kiss, CIko. SAvriiRS ... . Slavic, La. II K l ' President of f ' In. ' ffl. ( lACONA, Fkavcis Tmos. . New Orleans, La. llAilAtKI, JA.S. CONSICR . . . ICllisville, Miss. Marijifr, Ci.audk Jos. . . New Orleans, La. VU ' f-Pri-Mllli ' Mt of riiiHH. PiAiciiF, Mai RicF, Jr. . . . rnvinHtcm, La. I ' uor, . iii;i; v li. ... New Oilean-, La. 1 Ii.iiiir ' n:nniitti ' Rimiiis, ]n llAKOi.r) . Sli.lell, La. i: M.nili ' -r of Ilnnor t ' l ininlltt ' e; Fro.Mlimnn [■■..i.tl.all: V. M. f. A. CiCllMlDi R, Ukrvarii . . Wincina, Mi s. i; . .M rinsa IllHtorlan I ' ;? FRESHMEN Ai.i,F , Ai.vis. AuiiKKT, Hass, B. ii.i:v, Bakicivv Bartm-it, Bi:ni:i)K1 ' , Bi.anl ' iiakd, Bi.oni wni rii, Bkasdao, Burton, R. Brandao BROWS ' , Carroi.i., Carriiiii, C ' kcu,, Corkkr, Coi.vii.i.i;, K. Colkman K. Coleman, M. L. ( " oi.i:mav, Coi.ocm;, Cort ' i:r, C ' oui.sox, Crawiori), C ' ross Cruickshank, Cunmxcha.vi, Oavidson, Davis, Oawsov, Oi-an, Donaldson DrAWE, DL ' REL, I ' .DMISION, EllRMAN, ElLIS, KI ' HRIAN 170 ' ' SX rcP ' 1 JAMBALAYA Fresh resninan CI ass NF.WCOMH COLLEGE aclams, loui c alien, inarj aret, ' I ' M airey, mrs. janu a. alvis, rnarioii, K K I " Fitnih cinlu; V. W. C. A armstrong, mary atkins, Ionise atlec, charlotte aubert, marie French Circle. baas, frances bacon, kitty Y. w. c. A. baker, anna hailry, donithy may barlow, frances, K A H Dramatic Cluli; C.li-.- c ' luli. bartlett, nellie may, 11 U l Glee Club; Y. French t ' ircle; Ball Team. W. C. A Newcotul. beeson, rose benedict, dorothy bcnnctt, ellcn blanchard, edith, I ' I Y. W. C. A.; Frcmh Clr.Ic. bloodworlli, douglas, X V. Y. W. r. A.; French Tin Ic boehrinKer, ella barrello, vita brandao, ilumtliy brandas, riilh brock, ruth lirowii, (birotbv V. w. i A. brown, inarion brian, helen burton, marie Y. W. I ' . A. cahn, tCTcsc, A V, !■ Frcnih Clrcli-: v.ill.y Hall. Coleman, anne coleinan, kathbcn, n II Coleman, inarv be caloiiKiie, dorolhv. An II Y. W. C. A : Fri ' Mch Clnlc carnahan, urMila Carroll, loiii " ' C carrnlb, ibclroa K A t» Cecil, mary clement, gladys cohen, leona cokcr, watton colville, vir;;inia, cook, mary cortner, mary coulson, evelyn Crawford, willene Y. V. C. A.; Ncwcomh Hall CaiJlaIn; Sut -( ' Iialr- man Membership ( " ummit- ti-e. cruickshank, duiutliy, X 1. ' «lee Club: I ' r.n.h Circle; Y. W. C. A. crystal, anna l- ' i-cncl) cii ' cle. ciillcn, mary cijiinliigliain, k;ilhl ii, A A II Mcc Club; V. u . c. A. clauKette, tennie cbivliNon, lilly, X I ' l-. lich I ' ircl,.; V. w. C. A. davis, alice dawson, ruby dc:iri, mignon Kr. iich circle. dcrM:ick, beverly diinaldson, elizabelli, A A II V. W ■■ . ; Fl-.-nch Circle. dr;iwe, dorothv Y. W. c. A.; Vulley Hall; Newconili Calhollc Club. dudley, katherin (hirel, emma durel, celiiiia edmiston, anne edw:irds, Virginia ebriiKin, jean, . V. ' I ' ellis, marianiie, K K I ' lll.c Club. cilis, aiirelie e|ibr;iim, paiiline everelt, kalbryne f;iircliild. ruth Icdcrii ' o, :inn:i feingold, rose evelvii, A V. ' I ' l r ' ncli circle; Ni ' Wi-iuiili Hall. ' 7 Feingold, Ferguson, Fine, Finki.p:a, Foster, B. Fox I.. Fox, Federico, Fry, Furgotson, Cearv, Creaves, Guerin (;i ' ii)R ' , (iiiiON, Hai KKsnRi (7, llA(;Ei)n , Hardestv, Hardy, Meindel Haywood, Hoses, HLiNTER, Hliicuens, Hymei,, Jack, Jahncke Jarroit, JoiiMsoN, Kaiin, Kay, Kutinc, Keever, Kemp Klein, Knapp, Koeiii.er, Lanier, Larkin, Lea 172 ' SV rcP JAMBALAYA FresK reshman CI ass NEWCOMB COI.I.Kdl-: ferj;usoi», Ifila fine, evelyn, A K I rjraniatlc iMul Club. flonacher, evelyn finklea, ida, A A n DruniHtlc- Cluli; Y. " . I forcheimer, natalie forgotston, pauline foster, adele, A O II DehntliiB Cltlli l ' bjiti(ii; cle I ' niK h cMr- fournier, marjorie fox, elizabetli fox, lucille, AS II Glev I ' lub; Driilnatii; CIul. fraley, florence freeman, nfiary, X i! friedinaii, alice frv, laura, I ' M Volley Hall. geary, dorothv, K K I ' V. W. C. A.: I ' r.ri, h I ' M-.-li-. Riles, mary gilmore, Catherine greaves, lucille, X SJ V. V. I ' . A.; Kiflii-h ClrclL- Nrwf iml Ball, green, mary greenwald, carol gienn, elsa gross, dorothy gross, louise giicrin, Jeanne V. w. r. A. gnidry, editli giiion, margarct Iialkeshring, eleanor, A II IC hagerdon, maxinr filii Club; nt ' bathiK I ' hlb; Volley Hull. halsey, noci hardesty, alice liardcsty, karheriiir, A A II I ' r. ' iiili I ' Inl.-; V. v. c. A ; lM-u)iiaIl(- Club; l i biilliiu Club; Hitollil Fr.t.limiili ( ' hiilrnum. hardie, flora, II II ' I ' hardtner, violet harriss, niirMi;i, A ]■ ' , -I- luiyward, jane, II li 1 l- ' ri ' iicb t. " irele. heiiulel, margaret hciss, margaret hellier, eHie heymaii, jaiict hidden, ruth hincks, sylvia hogaii, mariim holderman, mary jane hoseii, bessie Hi-bating- Club. Iiiiiitir, sflah, X S2 I ' r. M. Ii I ' Ir.l.-. hutchins, mary franres, K A 9 hyland, martha hyman, elizabeth hyman, helen h iiu-l, margaret Isaacs, lucille, K . O jack, mariiKiii jahncke, adele, II B I I ' leneh Chele .N ' cweonib ■ Hall; Ba.sketball Ca|italll. janssen, marion jarrott, sue jo, A A II V. V. C. A.; v.. by Kali. Jennings, coriiic jonston, elizabeth, A () II Glee Club; l i ' amatlu Club. kav, emily Volley Hall. keating, shirlcy keever, sarah kclly, ellen kenip, ethel keyer, marie killeen, rosemary kilpatrick, nell klein, anna Y. W. C. A,; Nenenmll Calhulle Club. knapp, Inez Vi.lley Hall; V. I ' rellell Cllele. W. C. knost, marjorie koehler, erna, A A II Glee Club. lanier, marv hui V. v. ' c. A. ' 73 m IT A f- ( y v If tr T ' V 1 1 15. I.FWis, M. Lewis, Likmiard, Likpnkr, I.ono, Lurie Maiirv, Makstki, Mackudhr., Marks, Mars, Martin Mason, McHrm i:, McCkarkv, McEi,iii;ini:v, MAnKi;, Mknard, MuRNZRNBURr; Mii.i.KR, MiciiAHi.soN, E. M()R(i()N, M. MoRcov, Mor-r, Norwood, Olivkr OvKKTON, Pari.i-v, 1 ' aez, Hjiakr, Pickkxs, Porikr Prosdame, Rainwater, Ravnor, Remajon, Rhodes, Robertson Ci I7t " SS P S ' " TT " I II iiiiiii THE 1927 pB Lli JAMBALAYA Fresh resnman CI ass NKwccjMH culi.i;c;k Ni ' ivroinh A.; Cl.e larkin. tnalnilcfn lassen, mninic lazanis, lalla lea, marie legardeur, cihel levy, Julia lewald, Ionise lewis, bcrtlia, X !. ' . y. c. A. lewis, marian, A 11 lienhard, valerie Untiiiaili ' I ' lull: Ball: V. v (■ Cluli. liepsner, marioii little, Carrie lockhart, alice loiiR. bernice long, myra, " I " M FliMlih Clri-li.; Y. V. C. A.; Volley Ball. lurie, jeannie incbride, frances mccorckle, tomascne mrcrary, marKaret mcelhiiiey, alice, " I ' M magee, mary N ' cwciHnli null. mabrv, nellv laestri, helcn, I ' l liiliiillliK Cluli; • Iv. Kleliih Mr- magnider, elsie, A II V. V. •. A.; I ' -r Ii mallry, allliea marks, fclice mars, marcellc, A II i; l riiiiiiill - I ' luii. i;i -f I ' Vi ' liili r ' ir.l,. martin, miUlred, II II -I " marline ., emma masnn, wlllic maycr, aliso miller, inargarel micliaelvin, mi Id red mislon, eld. I inrKirr, m:Mi;.irrI moore, pearl inDrgan, evel n morgan, mary I ' iciiih ' circle; Y. W. C. . . mott, ada, A O II y. V. C. A.; Frinch rirde. miienzenberger, marion nachary, annette nortlirop, lois norwond, mary, X S) V. W. C. A.; I ' rcnrh Ciri !f. Oliver, Harriett o ' neill, alice overtop, inarn iret pallet, Julia palanrpie, alice palter, rosalie paslay, vivian patz, madelyii I ' r.tinatii- ' lul . peak, marv, K K I ' Y. W. r. A.: V.iMcy rtnli. perkiiis, bermionr. K K 1 ' pbarr, patricia, II I! ■!■ (il. ' i- Clul), pickcns, Caroline, II I! ' I ' Y. v c. . . pickrcll, edwina poche, dare porter, frances, I ' M Nfwrmnli Hall. prosdamc, irma, 1 ' l rainwater, editli raybiirn, kalbrMi reiii, Miarianrie reinanjon, inez rcniick, frances rliodes, allie, K K T l- ' nn. Ii rir.li ' : Y V. C. A. ri(linr ls, lorraine, •!• M rivarde, bertha rnbertson, marie, . i» II Kr.ii. Ii I ' ll-. I. . u (■ A. robinson, doris roscr, Janet rnii.li ririli-. rinvan, lieleii, " I ' .M rnlienslein, Janice riiw, dornlhy Kraniiille I ' luli. St. martin, hilda 3 JAMBALAYA rtM V.: « Le Gardfur, Robinson, Rosen, Rubfnstein, Russ, Sarooz SCIIRONI, SCHUR, SeII.ER, SlIUSHAN, SMITH, SmITIIERS, StAHI. Stahi.woriii, vStern, Stevens, Stoi-er, Stork, Strickland, Sweenev Swift, Thomas, Thomi ' son, Tipimns, ' riiowNSENn, Tusson, t ' pTON Vanan, VnoRHiES, Wart, Warnack, Wukhiei.d, Wiener, Wim.ey G. Williams, M. E. Williams, Wogan, Wright, Wolf, Yates 176 37 ' . , JAMBALAYA Fresh man CI ass NKWCOMH saiidoz, marie scliur, i-ihel schraut, clorolhy Schwartz, clcnore scott, lucillc, K K 1 ' l- ' rrnr-Ji ( ' ill!.-. seller, ouida, I ' I ' Alaiiilnlin-Cuilai- clul.. sliDemaki-r, cathcryiic slipall, cdith shiishan, rose smith, pocahoMtas, II I! ' I ' smith, ruth, A A II Glc-i- Cluh. Miiithers, cairi}!!, II i; •! stahl, paullni ' stern, Josephine stalhvorth, };lad.vs Stevens, inarv Stewart, sarah sticr, aiidrey stofer, agncs Ok ' .- Cluh. storck, elsa Strickland, cllzaheth, X U V. w. c. A. suiter, Kertrudc sweeny, tnary swift, nnra, K K ! ' ' ;i -.- Clnl.; rnpljili, Vnili-y Hall: l ' " lr.il Fri ' Sliniaii Clialr- liiari. thihodaux, jii ' ie ihnmas, (Icirciili , K K r thornas, helen liKiier, leslie lee, K K I ' lippens, eldise, A () II V. W. r. A,; 1-riii.li cini,.. COLLEGE todd, katherine townsend, charlotte trim, patti turner, jane tusson, louise, A () I[ Fiviuli Ciril,-; Vijlk-y Ball. upton, katherine, X S. Kr.-n,li Cinl,-; Y. W. C. A. van horn, Catherine vicknair, olga Dranialli I ' liil.; V. w. r. A; Ncwi.iinl, Hall. vi;;uerie, ma ie vonau, jjladys voorhies, yvoniie, II li .|. vait, mary Wallace, ruliy warnack, cdna V. V. C. A.; V.illiy Ball. Weil, Isabel, . V. l weinfield, lois welsch, elmere wiener, Isabel " ipginton, helen willey, ruby Williams, mary Williams, jjladvs ;ii ' i. riill,; V..I1.V 11:, li Hask.lliall. wnRan, marie, II i: {• woltf, ruth woodville, dorothv Wright, cliffor l wrinht, willia, X !. ' Urarnatl. ' Clnl.; Maiiilnlin- Cullar Cluli. V. v. C. A. yatcs, charlnltc, X V. 1 JAMBALAYA 1 1 1? 1 Ai.vARHZ, Andrls, Als]i , Hams, Hcindkiau CoiAiN, Davis, Dkhakkr, Kvans, Fi.orev, Krasi:r Carddfrc, c;ari) kr, CJnszAi.KZ, Crekn-, Harrison, IIiukri- IIdtu, Joseph, I.eHi.akc, Marris, Mathews, Mi is Newmw, Piper, Rieva, Rodriqukz, Sobei,, Speir SrOKEV, Tai.i.ev, Tiierioi, ' ari o. Waul, Vi n. lyS ' sv g -ys ■ -- S ' -vL JAMBALAYA FresKman CI ass COLLEGE Alvari-z, JuliM Artliur . , Eort Smith, Ark. t) K ! ' Aii(1re v , Meal Lcrov . . IJiniiiriKham, Ala. A K ArmstniiiK, MarHaret . . . Coffeevilli-, Miss. Austin, Dildy N ' cinnan, Okla. A K K, 11 K A Ariniii, L. C Corpus Christi, Texas i: . ArriM«t(Mi, M. E nrcnkliavcM, Miss. O l M ' •I ' ril. J. K DsersliurK, TeriM. : K !■:, .|. . Boyd, C. W lackMMivllli-, Fla. . , X Klock, F. II N!i-w Orleans, La. X X, K n Ki-i-shmiin Bii.ikilbnll. ' 24. Haiiiv, William Mldiiiitsvillr, .Ma. II K •!•, () K ! ' liiiiulreai], I " . T Wa-lnn«tiMi, La. 1 II, A K K liitir-I ' iiil r,]lty BiskiUmll. Brauiislein, Leo Elmira, N. ■ ■I ' A K IJuscy, John Lrai.cis . , , |,,nes Mills, .Ma. 11 l A, A K K Harharii, Carmtle i;ili- . . . Oak Rui i- la 1 A i:, .|. . Calvin, I ' aiil V k,,,, | ., A i: -I-, (I 1 -I ' Camp, Joseph Spiegel .... jasper, .Ma 1 , ' I ' . ■ " " ' ' ■ ' •••• liilo, Hawaii Cahihi, Carlos New Orleans, La. . t ' k ' " iiiint ' 4. D.itniron, (u-orKc Rolierl . Kalon Kook. la 1 A !■:, ■!. X nnrnak. Franklin K. . . . S.iiir Lake, Texas i X, . i; . Durham, Howard Conner . . Weslaco, Texas A K K I aiicv, Cora Cary . . . New Orleans, La. I avis, Frank ll.,Mipt..n . . l.aLnelle, La. K II 11 Hcdeaux, llenr 1. . New Orleans, La. " •• " ' ' " • I- ' ■ ' ■ Morgan Cit , La. X y, X Dial, Wiley Anva . . . New Orleans la fl K ! ' OF MEDICINE Epting, Robert Everett . . . Chapin, S. C. Evans, Earl Foster . . . New Orleans, La. ATA, -l- X Fresliman Football, " 24; Varsity Fodtball. ' 25. •2(i. Flory, Harold Michael . . Baton Rouge, La. i; X, X 2 N I ' isher, I.ullier CaKin .... Milinn, Ma. U K v| ' Eraser, Swepeon Flovd .... NLinv, La. (I K M ' Cruller, Frederick (ieorge, Santa Monica, Cal. ■F I ' i: (ireen, Roy Curtis . . New Orleans, La. () K -F (MUi ales, II. N Fremont. Texas i; I Cilorioso, Sam I.aFavette, La. Ceorge, F saac Lehman . . Fl. Wnnh, Texas A K K (Jray, Leon Fowler .... Hamlin, Texas Cardner, ' Thomas llo d . Clarksville, ' Texas It n iT N i; N Ciarln-r, |. ' Morgan Cilv, La. X • . X (iral)le, |anu ' s S Tampa, l " la. i: X, ' F X (iarcllurg. Manuel N. . New Orleans, La. ArKoiiaut.s. ILilclur. Henri Cl;n , . Halon Rniige, La. (I K ' F I Links, Rnhert Jesse . . . Dallas. Texas A K K ILith, Jaeol, On,, . . New Orleans, La. ■!■ I ' Hickman, Waller Hcniard, I Lillicslnirg, Miss. n K !■ Hand, U lurl (i. . .1 liiladelphia. Miss. (» K F Herli rl, Warren Jos;ph . New Orleans, La. •!• in, X Harrison, ' eriiori li. . It. W.iiili, Texas n K F Harrison, M.ilco ' m Willuir . MonlgDnu-rv, La. A K K F ' srpli. Tliilip Salem . . . Shreveport, La. •I- r 1 K rimer, . ,iron SiKiniind . Ne ork, N. ' . ■F A M, -F A K KrllM Imi.in, Wilson R. . . New Orleans, La. ■i? -:- ■ fe t-U JAMBALAYA Fresn resnman CI ass C ' OLLFXiE OF MEDICINE Lilly, CIcorge Duiilap . . Favetteville, N. C. A e, N i; N Lcilierinan, Benjamin . . Los Angeles, Cal. Le Blanr, Charles A Umima, La. A 2 Frt-yhniall and Varsity Track. " M. ' 2 ' . Lyons, Kvle Madison .... Sulphur, La. i; N, A K K Mills, Rdhert E New Drieaus, La. Morris, CJerald L. . . . New Orleans, La. K 2, •! ' X Martin, Hugh New Orleans, La. N Z N, II K A Matthews, William E. . Hartingtoii, W. a. ]i B II, N S N MoHit, I.. W Tucson, Ariz. N i: N Mays, Clifford Raymond . Plain Dealing, La. II K A, A K K Martinez, William .... Moyoguez, P. R. 2 I, ■!■ P i: McDowell, Robert Chuton . . . Trout, La. A K K Mcnville, John Ciilmer . . New Orleans, La. IJ B n, 4 X secretary and Tr»-asurer Freshman M(-diral C ' Ia.s.s; Varsity Football. ' :i. ' . ■■If,: Baskctliall, ' aG; Thirteen Club. Muniz, Rafail R Anasco, P. R. i; I, !■ p i; Norman, William Dayid . Morgan City, La. •1 ' K i;, -I. A !•; Ne yinan, Lucien Dade ' ille, Ala. A K K Nowlin, R. S Weir, Texas Piper, Jesse M Baton Rouge, La. P S Honor Connril Freshman Mnliral iMass. ' L ' li; V. M. ( ' . A. Rosenlilum, Leo .... New Orleans, I. a. A K nand. ' 24. ' 25. ' 26: Jamhalaya Representative Freshman Medir-al Clas.s. ' 2B. Riera, Rafael Berrios . . Moyoguez, P. R. i; I Renken, Paul William . San .Antonio, Texas i; II, () K ' [■ Rodriguez, M. J jliddgo, Texas i; I Richard, G. V, Lake .Arthur, La. X Z X Selbke, Carroll F New Orleans, La. ]:ana. ' 24. ' 25, ' 21;; Y. M. C. A. Speir, Philip Greenville, Ala. B K A ' , i; A X Setzler, Robert D Crossatt, Ark. i: n Viee-I ' resid,-nt Freshman Medical Class. Strug, Lawrence .... New Orleans, La. ' ! A K Spedale, Rhodes Joseph . . Plaqueman, La. Strickland, Louis .... Tangipahoa, La. e K ! ' Spoto, Joseph S Tampa, Fla. Sentell, Charles S. . . . Plain Dealings, La. i; N, ■! ' X TlOtleen riub; Fr.shnian Football. •21. Storey, Clifford Fulton . . Baton Rouge, La. i; H, ' I ' X Sabel, Harry Brooklyn, N. V. I)r;unatii; Club. ' 24. •2r,. ' 2r,. Sweks, Herbert A New Orleans, La. B K M ' Tanner, Henry New York, N. V. 4- A K Taintor, Charles . . New Orleans, La. •I ' li K Theriot, (. R., Jr Gueyilon, La. B e II C;lee Club, ' 2S, ' 211. Talbot, Ralph J Huston, La. N, ' I ' X Terrel, X ' ernon La Ci., |r. . Magiiolin, Miss. K i:, ' l " X X ' arino, George Vincent . . Monroe, La. p :i Walter, (Jeorge Britain . . New Orleans, La. Weil, Sol B Houston, Texas ■I ' i; A, ' I ' A K ' oumaii, loseph Dudle ' . New Orleans, La. 1 X Zopala, Miguel .Antonie . . Moyoguez, P. R. i; 1, X 6 X i8o " o JAMBALAYA FresKman Class COLLEGE OF LAW linumearti-Ti, Joliii H. . . New Orleans, La. Bern teiii, lliiiry, Jr. . . New Orleans La. CharboiUHt, Kilw. H., Jr. . New Orleans, La. A T Clark, Edward A I ' l-t ' .siil« ' lU-KU-«-t Art.s and Science Sludent Boil.v (3); Y. M. ( " . A. Cab- Int-t (2); Sfd-ttary I-aw Student Hody 11); Class Football (2); Class Wri-mlinK (2). ILias, Leon Samuel, Jr, . . New Orleans, La. Tuliini ' Hand (1, 2, 3, 4 ) ; V. .M. C. A.; froHH-f ' ctuntry Team (2, 4). Harper, Adam Harin in . . New Orleans, La. . T Si Prenldent Class (1); President Fr« «liman Law Class (4); Fresh- man Fniitball: Inter-Class Football. Kaak ' tball, Traek. Baseball : As- sistant ManaKer Track (3); Man- aicer Track (4): Tug-o-War (I, 2): Scrub Football (2. 4); Honor Coun- cil (I): t.ym Dance Committee; nirnily Burke; VVblte Rlepbants; (ilea Club; Y. M. c. A. IL-itliiiK»fel(lcr, Max A. . New Orleans, La. 1 A M Kell , ILirrv jllll ... , ()rle;ins, T.a. . li r Tulane I!iilv4i ' slly ll.in.l. KirrhhcrK, ILirry M. Knlllcr, Isadore . . . . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. I.assilcr, Alliiii I New Orleans, La. K i: nice Cliil.; V. M. C. A. Linil , Herman S New Orleans, La. i; A M Glee Cub. Miramon, Charles J. . . . New Orleans, La. Pcihner, Oiiviil New Orleans, La. Porter, Robert Siitlon . . New Orleans, La. -i i; !■ Vars:ty B.iseball (ai. Rainold, . lex;iiuler E. . . New Orleans, La. A T il Sanders, Lemuel Mo e, Jr, . . Whit.- Klcph.-uiis .Mobile, Ala. Slipakoff, Leon .... New Orleans, La. Smith, Jasper, K., Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Sokolsky, Saul New Orleans, La. K N Freshnia?! I ' ontball, Sleekier, Lester New Orleans, La. ■l ' h;il(her, dray .... New Orleans, La. Touer , niik New Orleans, La. Vul ' man, J. lUlmund . . . New Orleans, La. Tenpins; Y. M. C, A.: Forum Com- mittee (1. 2): Ilullabjiloo Starr C2. 3): TuK-o- Var (1); Tulane I ' nl- verslty Band (2. 3». Wisilom, John Minor . . New Orleans, La. A K !•:. X T It. A.. WashliiKlon and I , " 211; ,liiiobalayH KepreHcnt alive. i8i , JAMBALAYA HauMOARTI-N, ClIARnONNKT, C ' l.ARK Haas, IIarim-k, Hi iDisosrFi.DKR, I.assitkr LiNDAV, LnVVKRV, PnLMKR, POR 1 1 R Sandi-rs, Slii ' akoh-, Sokoi.skv, Wisdom 7 . THE 1927 xU-Jpyi U Fresn resnman CI ass CULI.i ' .C;! " . OF ARIS aliauiiza, alfrcd cugfiie aKf, John william allirtcht, lyle echvin aiulerson, james mcconncll barrier, charles marii M, jr. bass, charles cassidv, i: A K bayon, maurice Joseph, 1! I) II becker, arthur harry bellone, Christopher bernstciii, eilward blache, geralil louis black, charles, A K E blitz, oscar boltoii, richarcl anthony brian, clonaUl reynaml, II K A brierre, Joseph thcodore brigiiglio, Joseph peter brown, james hollis biirgoyne, bert r. burkenroad, iiiarliii d.niil Campbell, fred william Carroll, Uigh, i; X rariiso, michcl Joseph charbonnet, jos. eminttl, II K A Whiti ' Kli-iihiiiitM. claverie, ciigenc cicmmons, bryan Collins, charles, jr., II U . colvin, parker a., A i; ' I ' cooksey, sylvaniis tiniiitln cnsta, Jacob loiiis rnnlson, waiter horacc cox, vivian kyser crane, lawrcnce Imiiv, ' I ' A O ciirric, I. sterling darter, lewis Jefferson, jr.. 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M Tulunc I ' llivrr.stty Iiramar.-- Iluilil. gremillion, Cornelius groskind, oscar hvman, Z H T l- ' l-cnhlnnn I- ' untltiill. guidry, edwin robichaux, K i! haar, adrian jaines haar, waiter william haber, dave jack hamilton, louis frederick hamner, norman ernest harlatui, robert emnielt harper, robert carl hauenslein, george Jacob, jr. II K A Willi. ' i:i.|.liiinl». hellier, harry ferinan, II l helveston, robert loyv hendrrvin, John (leaver hcv, lewis iS, » . . r . .r S k ij nk jHk . % 1 ' tl. Abaunza, Anderson, Bayon, Bernstein, Black, Brian Brikkrf, Brown, Carroll, Casta, Ciiarbonnet, Collins Coi.viN, CosTi.KV, Cox, Dartf.r, Die Bakkv, Drackeit, nRl-VKR DtiNLAi ' , Kavai.ons, French, Kui.li:r, (;alleclv, Gardiner, Cilmouk tiREENP.l.AIT, (JrOSKINI), HARLAM), 1 1 A UENSI EI N, HENDERSON, IloEEEI.D Hughes, Jahncke, Keenan, Kelleher, Klein, Labouisse .S+ ii: ' THE 1927 ■i s , JAMBALAYA Fresn reshman CI ass COLLEGE OF ARTS hiiigle, kriss Joseph hoefeld, christian schertz hollis, max randolph, 11 K A holmes, Joseph beverley, — II Sc ' crc ' tary-Treasui-tT Class, hughes, robert Kuernril, K E iiibau, freil ccluard italiano, anthoiiy Joseph jacnbs, Joseph hnward jahiu ' ke, eduard bcnjaiiiiTK ' , K K Thirteen Club. Jones, bob reiley kahle, hciirv rcichard, K A Whlli ' KI.-i.lKuits. keeiiaii, bruce, ! ' A () kciiiiey, michael Joseph, jr. kcllchcr, harry bartlett, A K K kern, «allace henry kerr, Ktorjjc statfcird kinn, John «., jr. kirkland, niatthew louis kittredge, xvilloughby eatoii konrad, Keor e eriiM, H K ' I ' korelsky, harry korn, heyman charles Ch ' lul.v Hurkc. kiiss, arnold uilliani laboiiisse, jidiii priestlev, A K 1) la cour, frilz anihony lammnnd, charles morris laiiK, samiiel, i; A M ;i» ' lHly Hiirk - lii ' hatliiK So- •■li ' ly; Alternate Carnut Iir- hate. lant?:, willlain howard larosc, jaines ortave, ' I ' K i) levi, irviiie levy, loris kaltcn liltcll, willlain rntlelt loiineKan, neor e wilt lynch, mercer Keiiin, I! ii II mrRchee, edward arned, jr. manKtiin, myrtii i .irlhtir l- ' riHliniali Knolliiill. mark, henry albert inarkovil , theoilore, jr. martin, doimlas v. S .WD SCIENCES mendez, albert edwaril, jr. incyer, harry mims, james sainuel, II K ' 1 ' minor, claude albert, jr. moore, dan sequin Glcndy Burkf; Tulaiu- Uni- V " rsity Dramatic Guild; Krfshnian l- ' oothall. morrisoM, james johnstun, 1 IC muller, alwin robert nagele, raymond harold nelson, willis joret, jr. nickel, dean o. iKirinaii, davld Joseph oakley, alien odom, charles brown ogden, frank beverly, . T iJ (ilindy Burlioi ' cJIec Cluh. o ' kelley, william homer, ATA Palermo, murphy neorRe paiie(|uc, theodore thomas parker, John edward pettie, abraham a. pettlt, william foster liiciscin, illiarn henry plaru ' hard, Jerome ailrien popkins, morris evan prieto, alberto p burn, hirani Culpepper, ii .N rainold, robert reinfort, A T IJ W ' hltr l-2lt ' |tll:tnts ; TUK-d ' - S. r. richards, james william, K rizzo, Joseph henry, jr. robichaiix, euKene bissell robertsDii, arthiir rosenbaum, marciis daniel. . It T nicker, charles miirrah l ' ' r ' .sliiiian r ' oiill iill. sagor, Julius beriiard sagor, Icslie maniiel saunders John diaries, A K I-) savant, dre« ailolpli savoy, prcslon sellers, owen frink sellier, irene mary sheppard, willis f, K 1 liaiiil; (lli ' K I lull. 185 THE 1927 ikL4!l J£ £3= Liivv, I.htel, L Nt ' ii, Mount, Mims, Mia.viN Mi:Nr)i:z, Mkvi:r, McCknick, Nki.son, Ocdhn, O ' Kr.ixv PiF.RSON, Hai.mkk, Rosenbaukn ' , Rai oi,I), Richards, RonnciiAUX, Stone Smith, Slav, Simvkv, Savav, Saundkrs, Stahi.kr, Sf.i.likr Savant, Tmomas, Thomas, Thomas, V ' accaro, X ' eri.andkr Wai.I ' T, Walshk, Vi:rin:Rii,i,, Weston, Whatlev, Voung isr, THE 1927 1 . f M 1 JAMBALAYA Fresn resnman CI ass COLLEGE OF sic3, traiik aiithuiiy singerman, harry slipakoff, harry Hand, smith, thomas littlcton, _i i; ' !■ spiney, ercil meeks, i; i; stahler, george, jr., A T V. stone, leland wooten striiiKcr, uilliam lowc, jr. Mrit ingiT, rudnlph pcti-r vl■i)J, jdM ' ph tainburo, Joseph jnhii thomas, george summiy, A i; ' 1 thnnias, george taclros Irriilin , walili) liniiv iipton, John turlcv, A K H vaccaro, franris regis ARTS AN ' D SCIENCES vaccaro, herbcrt arthur verlandcr, herbcrt st. george vigueric, eugcne francois, ' ! K i; «ahl, carl nathaniel, i. " A K waklo, edward trist. i; X walet, charles taylor, ' I ' A () walshe, woollen hands, U H II Thlrtten Club; Glee Club. watson, david lipscomb, jr. wclier, william patterson western, horalic) cubiirii, i; . wttlierill, inelviii howard, i; A K » barton, edward baylor, ATA wbatley, jobii siiinnu ' riin wight, alfrcd thicrs, jr. voung, charles lemon, i) X White Klclphants. yoimg, richard blenk, II K A % THE 1927 i JAMBALAYA a a li I ■ ' ' k 1 Al.l.KN, HOLRCKOIS, Hrhkv, Ci.krc, C ' oi.cock CoTiKN, D ' Aquin, Darnki.i,, DkBuvs, Oovi.k, Ewing Frankknbusii, Kri-drk-k, IIARTSON, HnKFKl.I), JONKS, JOVNKR KOHN ' CKK, I.AMnKRTON, LllSSKI,, l.rl.CRINf;, Neii.skn, Nourse Pocci, PiiRCEi.i., QijiNN, Sergo, Shaw, Stawi.ey Sturne, Weber, Winch esier, Wright, Zif.cler err::: iSS THE 1927 JAMBALAYA Fresh resnman CI ass collec;e of kn(;ineering alien, greer armstrong aiulcrson, John hcrbvirne a mard, louis laiigley haiuli, nicliolai joM-ph baiiditT, arthur peter bicrhorst, louis Uullil. bliss, arthur george. bnnnable, altred alovsius Gke I lul.. bourgeois, cilis paul l ' r.shiii:iri Football. brauii, frank wliitinore breeii, ethvard iiitliiilas blotjiit, t. alien brydon, carl giicrrant biiik, richard leonce callihan, elmer wright chalona, marrns joachiin church, richard harrison clerc, niilton charles W ' ri-jitliiiK Ti-am. Clinton, clarence lanark, A K 1 Kri-.sliinali I ' lM.ll.iill. rolciick, richard hii- ' nn III cotten, einily d ' ar|iiin, carl niamial tlionia darnall, Joseph hanry davison, cduard everctt dav, alvvn Joseph Hask.tl.iill. debuys, herbert fowler deshotels, fictave henry, jr. dillon, Joseph henry doyle, harwell janies diifiiur, maiirice francis dnpont, edward paul edwards, John palmer, jr. ewing, daniel denijelt, ir.. i; X r.,..llMill T.ain; Kr.Mhmnii I ' onll.nll. fernande , John philip fraiikenbush. Joseph warren gaiidet, willlain gei rge giarralatio, jerotne frank glover, iohn arniand gronstedt, august dave gross, (eaiik scigfrieil haas, arthur Julius haas, John harrison, hallev norton, jr. harvcy, bradford Cornelius hirsch. godfrcv inavor llulirl. hoefeld, inaudr 111 Man hoover, sidiirv inarinougel hotard, Joseph huinmrl, m.irir Inuisr III ice, thomas orville, jr. Jones, martin hither, A i; II Kr.sliniari F ...tlia[l. joyner, walthall robertson kastler, ordway kesscis, jacobus John henry kohnke, edward trederlck, A J ' A kramer, thcodnre krieger, Jacob bexekiali lanibe.-ton, placide mare, jr., Zi E lecourt, Stanley morris lessel, John waltman mc Carroll, eiigene mixson, A ' i ' A I ' la.-i.-i I ' r. sill, lit. martin. h:)ward albert mcrubiw, frank robcrt Y. " M. C. A. meyrtd, slbrtv james V. M. r. . .; Hinil. nie ri, george fretl miller, philip neal, william luTinan iiielson, jeEis christain ISanil. nortort, myrtis marion noursf, robert leslie, II K . occelli. armando sancbe o ' meara, John patrick piesch, carl robert poggi, francis anthony, 11 |)iircel!, jimmie dick |uinn. Joseph inc mah m sabatliier, fulbert jean schonberg, irvin benrv Segal, robert shaw, richard monroe. sirgo, george louis spencer, charles breruiard stayer, edgar stern, bernard harolil stollev, bruno llallil: CI. . ' I ' llil.; Mill Ion, slum, einile inichael swasey, haswell aubrev, IriMi ler, Joseph iames, i; Krt ' Nhiiinn l- ' nol hull. vales, augusiin guslave wallis, daniel dewey weber, |ihilip anieiiu ' welirman, hern fernand. ilson, John wadsworlh winihrsier, francis dancy wood. Carroll lee, jr. Wright, laurir lavelle eigler, forno malcolin 11 K A . i: ir. N A K !•: I So THE 1927 - 1 0== = :=: JAMBALAYA Adckr, Araiin ' za, Ai.kxils, Aknoi.h, Uarki.i.v ISahmcartnkr, Hkar ' , Higcar, Hom), Hrkv i:r, Hri:vvi:r Carrot. I., Carikr, Dai.v, Dufky, Kvans Foss, Frikdriciis, (JAsrny, (in. lis, (Jrovi:, Mom-man Iloou, Ilowcon, Israel, Johnson, Kisscen 190 Freshman CI ass COLLEGE OF abaunza, gonzalo, jr. adger, ellison m., jr., i; N alexius, carl henry Band. arbo, harold a. Fre.shman Football. arnold, cecil raarion, i) II banker, willis burton, A K K barkley, gary, K A VliltB ' Kkphants. barr, falvy carl baumgartner, george t. beary, donald bradford, ! ' K i; Frt ' -slinian Foulhall. beary, edward douglas, i; X FrL ' Hliman Football. boone, wilfred Cogswell Fri ' Hhman Football. boyd, mary alberta (miss) bradford, willie ray brewer, frank aldi , K i; brewer, james I. bundy, robert elwood Carroll, john h. carter, john boatner, A K E daily, leon j., Z B T duffy, jean melviii, A T A evans, boyd alexandcr, II K I ' foss, spencer dentz, A T A gaston, robert woodward, " I A O Whilv Fb ' phanl.H. gillis, james hill, A T f hofTman, roland, j., ' I ' K i) hood, beverly fiirnivs howcott, harlev biiiler, A T A White Kl.phants. ingram, lindscy wood, i; X Israel, sam, jr., Z H T ivey, george leslie Johnson, alec andrcw, A K V. Johnson, james nidolph, A T !! Whllo lOli-iihanlH: i ' Ijinm rri ' HJflfiit. kahn, jules abraham kissgcn, loiiis earhart kotlwil , charlcs Joseph, Z It T lacombc. larry, i; . K laiig. bcnjnMiin charles, 1 ' . M langlirhn, olio frank, S . K COMMERCE inccance, elmer marsh martel, earl james, i; K (jlee Club. martin, francis Tulant? University Band. massey, augustus elmer, A T U Class Seciv tary-TrcasuriM . matthews, martin levering, jr., K A White Elepliaiils. mc closkey, john gaibrcath, A IC E Glee Club. melun, roland baptiste mills, nestor john morrison, james hobsoii, ATA oelkers, john s. Freshntan I ' ' M,tb;ill ami Track. o ' pry, lee riley, A 1 l palfrey, carl p., II K A paxton, William f., A T A periy, donald luiiry. i: . pitts, george hardy, K 1 pitts, lewis bovkin, II K A White Klephants. reiser, samuel george, A i: l rosenstock, abraham ross, Clyde russell schtibert, fritz jack, i; .V I-: sessions, roy brumbv, 11 6 IT Glee Club; ' Whlti! Ele- phants; AnslHtant Cheer Leader; Jambalaya Repre- Hentatlve. sherwood, dale chittciulen, H O II sherwood, edward read, . T i. ' Whit. ' El.phants. smiilivm, homer virgil, II. sternfels, roy stich, Charles, Z It T styron, charles gnini, jr.. ATA iherint, alfretl Joseph thompson, alcx rogers, II K I ' tolcdano, john hall, II K A Fr. ' Hhman Fitotl ' iill. liirrentiiic. ilan clarence watrcMis, winsiiin shirley, II T II wcinlvrg, genrge weinir, bennie oiler, John edward, jr., 1 ' .N KoTTWiTz, LaCombf, Lanc, Martin, Massey Matthews, McCi.oskev, Morrisen, Palfrey, Puts Prinole, Reiser, Rosesstock, Ross, Schubert, Sessions Sherwood, Smiihson, Stitch, Styron, Tolebano Theriot, Thompson, Turrentine, Watrous, Winer 192 THE 1927 JAMBALAYA Siilalilis Ih Jiralc A ' cii ' Sliuliiiii HiinijiK i (ij till- Tutiuii Siilr Lines ( ' luh in llonnr of l ir ' 26 Grcin Wave, Tiji " « i Inn of the RiiiiH-vcU Ihilet. - THE 1927 -- ' THE " T " CLUB EX. ARMSTRONG H.BARHAN L.BENjON EW BROWNE KG.BUTKER O.DEICHT ' IAN Wn, DURErf H. GAMBLE CB.KIRCMIER A.LORIO VmMAIER J. MEKVILLE LC CHAMBERLAM ED. MORGAN D NORMAN L. O ' PRT P PALERMO J PI2ZAN0 . R.5. PORTER K 3ETZLm F. 5EEUW.3 J. M. MITH H. TALBOT G-.WIL SON H.WIL50N .W B. CARTER 209 JAMBALAYA I ' ll - - ys7 ? THE 1927 v ; istyy JAMBALAYA 9 ! f Siiai(;iim:ssv Sideline Warrio rs ,1 w II WIMIIM) Smiiii 37 Tulane Athletic Council Paul F. Jaiixcke President Ji ' EKiE Ruias E. Foster I ' ice-Prisidint Rriiari) Foster Srcritat y-Trrasiirer John DvinoNn, Jr. Douglas Anderson M. J. White Dr. L. H. Landry H. E. Buchanan George Westfeldt Dr. Wn,BUR C. Smith Atldetic Director Albert E. Holleman Assistant Director Arthur Hammond Frrsliman Coach Clark D. Shaughnessv Head Football Coach Claude Simons Physical Director Jos. Kn.i.EEN Dircilor of Vuhliiily Fritz Oaks Assistant l iystutl Director Sti ' oent M.an ' aghr.s, 1026-1927 Oliver Deichmann Football W ' alhk O. Moss 11 as let ha 1 1 Edwin Patterson Track Jake I.andry Baseball David Norman Tennis William Carter Iloxintj and ITrestling II ' ' FOOTBALL fe-b JAMBALAYA S:, mk tss Jl 1 : 41 ' 9 v-W " - J i i fl 214 K rcP jgyg: 4 JAMBALAYA K :iJ - ' vmamm ig j Secuii ' S Irniiihl End — .1 . if M. Giiii Review of tne S eason I lu ' (iTcin W ' .uc, liki ' most waves, li.ul its iijis ;iiul downs. Tlu ' downs wcvc not ifinotilc, the ups were brilliant. Pursiieil by ill luck, minus men of the stellar mafjnitude ot " Peggy " Flounioy, " Irish " Levy ami Lester Lautenschlae- ( ' AI-rAIN IlAKKV GAMDI.E m Mi:nvii.i.i DURHN Skeuws ;i i; THE 1927 T-m ' -— — - — ■ — — ki i JAMBALAYA - " Ihi ' s " Ilrilhiuil 0 -ytiiJ P.iui fur a Toin hli.iLii bi llir Si ' u.iuirr Game ger, and faced with the most difficult football schedule ever attempted by Tulane Uni- versity, one tli:it called for the (ireen Team to he on the road three successive week- ends, the (Ireen Team made a recoril of which none need be ashamed. Ridinji on the crest of the Wa e were Captain " Harry " Clanible, All-Southern end; " Pat " Brown, captain-elect; " Hoss " Talbot, Harvey Wilson and Ike Armstrong. The (i|ienin;,: izame, with Loiusiana Pohtechnic, was placed on No emb,r 2f)th, in the old stadunn. Captain Blue Hogt; and his teammates fought hard, hut 1 ulane succeeded in bringing home the bacon with a 47-1 ' score. NearU e er - (iieenie in uniform got into the game. The following Saturdax, on a water-so.aked lirhl rlic C ireen ' a e jiarticipated in the operu ' ng of the Missouii Aleniorial Sr.ulium b being party to ;i n-n game. Twice XuK.MAN Ak. isiko. g U ' l ' KV 2t6 m ' " I ' al " Kiiks from ISihinJ doal — .luhiirn (!amc. Tuhmc worked rhc ball to tiic Tigers ' tcn- ard line, anil twice Hacchus, All-Anu-ri- can end, knocked down a pass but a few yards from the goal. Morjian ' s lonji; hoots, netting an advantage of ten to twenty yards on each exchange, kept Missouri on the defense throughout. The great Tiger team, that subsequently crvished West Virginia 27-n, never advanced further than Tulane ' s thirty-yard line. Morgan, O ' Pry, Tal- bot and Hrown stood out for the (greenbacks. Georgia Tech ga c Tul;uic her lirst setback. .An ) ei heliuing last hall attack, which reached it zenith in tin- liri.il period, overcame a six-point advantage and wv ept I ' AI.KKMO I. OK 10 Wai.ij 517 ' f y ' THE 1927 I4U ?feU-a JAMBALAYA ' ■I " liiiutui i.iid — Si ' wanrc Oainr. the Golden Tornado on to a ()-6 triuniph. To tin- tri[i lianinu-r pliinm ' s of one " Red " Barron and to an inspired Tech line wliich was adamant toLir times on its two-yard hue can the result be traced. Gamble, Armstrong and Talbot starred. Tired from two road trips and crippleil by the loss of tlie invaluable Harvey Wil.son, after a battle royal in the first quarter, Tulane proved easy for the New York University team that went through the season undefeated until their last same. A da .zling aerial attack featured b the (h ' adly passing of Connors and the line PiZZAXO Talbot Waison r - " -- Jiisl a " Ford " Tiariruj ThroiKjh — .7. it M. Game plunges of Hrianfc bi-hiiul a charging wall of giants proved too much for the hanili- cappeil CJreeniccs. Ford Secuws and Menville bore the brunt of the Wave ' s nflensi e. In the first game in the new stadium, two yards was the scanty margin h w iiich Tulane missed the victory, and two points was the scanty margin b w iiich Auburn annexed the game. A blocked kick rolled behind the goal and was recovered by an Auburnite for a safety. The line functioned uell, but offensive pimch was lacking. Tulane broke its losing streak by takini: Oie Mi s into c.uiip, 6-0. " Pat " Hrowne, playing ilefensi c end, w.i-. tiie inili idual st.ir of tlie game. Making two shoe-string Moss ( 1. W ' llSDN n.w 319 THE 1927 Mi fvillr riiKnii h llif Lm,- — Oli- Miss (. ' utine catches of passes, he iihiiited the last on the one-yaiil line and " Hahy-face " Piz .ano carried it over. Ford Seeuws and Johnny Menvillc were the best grovnid gainers for the Green Team. Though Tulane made eleven first downs to Miss. A. M. ' s nine, the Aggies blanked the Wave, 14-0. Fumbles which three times brought drives to an I ' nd within A. M. ' s twenty-yard line, ruined ' J ' ulane ' s chances to win. " Doc " Wilson, Har- vey Wilson, Talbot and Seeuws playeil well. The next Saturday foiuid Tulane iianding Sewanee a ig-7 defeat — Sewanee, the team that held Alabama to a safety. AVith the ball in the Green ' s possession for the first time, 57 seconds after tiie starting whistle, " Ike " Armstrong si|uirmed and side- KlKCllMMK SrOKSSEL Evans THE 1927 5u. ssa= i) ' " -• — . jMI Sfeuius Goes for l.oiiij diiiii lijainsl the Tii irs Stepped sixty-two yards for a touchdown. The teams lined up and Tulane kicked off. The ball went to " Traveling Toninn " Young, who made a se ent - ard tour throufjh the entire Tulane team, oidv to be pulled liown from behind by rlie deet P ' ord Seeuws. Thi- second touchdmvii w a made li a pass to Ciamblc ((dlouirif; a thirty-five-yard return of a punt b - Armstionj:. TJu- last score for the (Ireen ' a e came shortly after as a result of a drive down the field, Seeuws ami Meinille doinc most of the ball c.irryinir. I ' cr (ireenie on the held pla ed well. " I)ih " Wilson. Harvey W ' ilson, ( iaiuble, .Maier and Pi ano played superl.iti ely j;ood football. lU I.XKII II. Vii,..s Kl Ai Kl M.e. ' V fepiV THE 1927 S3= JAMBALAYA ' .Y: - • ' I ' m " Calihin.j lit,- I ' liss i hat Hi ' lniliJ Ol, ' Miss. Thf ' riianksi;i ini; ltmiir ' with L. S. U. was one of tin- most bitterly contested games in the history ot tlie series. The first downs were even, thirteen apiece. The ground gained from scrimmage was just about the same, but Tiger passes worked where Tulane passes failed and the result was a oiie-tonchdown victory for L. S. U. Tinslcy, Haynes and Wilson stood out for the Bengals. For tlie CTreenbacks, Shorty Norman, Ike Armstrong, Harvey Wilson, Pizzano and Maier were the stars. It was not a successful season, but as Coach Siiaughness tolil riie team, after the L. S. IJ. game, " ou can walk up the street and look arnliody ui the e ' e ; you cave your best, and I ' m proud of you and Tul.uie is |iroud ol you. ' ' " tJ? ' S Morgan Browne J ' THE 1927 xjii ii5 SSsai . JAMBALAYA Tulane Vs. L. S. U, Never in tliL ' history of the athletic relations between Louisiana ' s two great uni- versities has there been so much enthusiasm and so keen and friendly a spirit of rivalry as there was in the 192ft Tiger-Cireenic clash. 1 he odds were overwhelmingly in favor of the Bengals until several weeks before the game, when the Cireen Wave drowned Sewanec by a ig-6 score. After this superlative demonstration of their power, Tulane was placed on an even footing with their friendly enemies in Haton Rouge. The game itself, though not spectacular, was a fierce battle, but cleanly played throughout. The Tigers ' touchdown early in the first (juarter, which gave them a fi-O victory, was all the scoring done in the game. This was the first grid victory for the Tigers at the (ireenies ' expense in four years. M.iy it be the last. (ffiititr.i iitiliii tn, Itfitti liiffi ' i- it (. ' itf iiiily r ' ff :;. . M3 THE 1927 Mt jpir..r The Little Billo Freshman Football Till ' i.ittlc Billow (if 1926 proved a fonnidabk- oppoiu-nt. The first two games of the season were victories, ami it was only in the hist ame that they suffered the sting of defeat. The game with Ole Miss resulted ui an easier victory than the score would indicate, and the game with the ca lets from (lulf Coast also showed a powerful little Green Wave in action. However, much to the amazement of everyone, the Uaby Bengal from Baton Rouge sauntered down to New Orleans to trim our h. " retofore victorious freshies m the bloodiest battle of the season. I ' nder the expert g iidance of Coach Arthur Hammond, a wealth of good ma- terial was developed. The offensive playing of Captain Alangum and Banker, and the defensive work of McC_ ance and Rucker were the outstanding features in the Freshman games. 224 BASKETBALL Hr . t JAMBALAYA Baskettall Revie v At tlu ' beginning of the season, Coach C ' laiiile " Aloiik " Simon was confronted with tlu- ilehcate |irobleni of organizing a team of basketeers from a grouji of promis- ing but inexiu-rienced material. Captain Wilson, Hrowne and Setzler were the only letter men from last year who reported for duty. However, " IVIonk. " took the ma- terial he had and de eloped a formidable quintet whose |H ' p and lighting ability oft- set to a gre.-it extent what they lacked in experience. 226 Baskettall Review To opi-n tlu " season 1 ulanc nos;-(l out Scwance in two games. They were biMtin by Olc Miss twice, but by a eiy close margin and showed considerable improve- ment in form. Tuiaiie then lost a couple of contests to the .Mississippi Aggies and one to .Auburn. In the game with Auburn the ( ireem ' es were without the services of their star forward and Capt.iiii ( lordon " Doc " Wilson, who had just resigned Ironi the University. 227 THE 1927 , JAMBALAYA 1 Basketball Revie v There .lie frames yet to be played with ALiburii, Alabama, Georgia Tech and L. S. U. If Tulanc continues to improve at its jireseiit rate, they should win tlic major- ity of the remaining games. Captain Wilson, Chatelain and ISnm n were the stars of the season, aitiioiigh the work of " Craw " Davidson and Set .ler was exeeptionaily good. This is r)a idsoirs irst year on the varsity — he is fast and an anurate shooter and shoidd develop into a stellar performer by next season. Cliam- beilain, i.c and se eral others also siidued up well in man of the games. 228 BASEBALL m r JAMBALAYA Baseball HE BASEBALL SEASON, whiU- it niuM not b- calK-,1 satisfactory from a standpoint of games won and lost, was interesting, and the ' 1 ulane team showed potential power at all times, and prospects for next year are good. Most of the games lost were by small margins, and the Greenies appeared as good a fielding team as any in the conference, but inability to hit wlien hits meant runs spelled defeat in the majority ot the lost contests. The season opened March 2(1-27 with the strong Mississippi Aggies, and Tulane dropped both games — the first by a one-run margin — but the Aggies showed their power in the second fray and the Greenies were snowed under. The Auburn Tigers were the next to play u New Orleans. Coacli Simons Greenies broke even and chalked up the first win of the season by taking tlic opening game of the series 4 to 2. The second was lost, 4 to (i. W isconsin iila ed one game here which the ' won 2 to o, the other contest be- ing rained out. The next two weeks found the (neenies on tiie road, and a pair of games were lost to both Ole Miss and Alabama. Scores in the Ole Miss series were 4 to 2 and 5 to (), while the Crimson swamped tlie Green Wave 15 to 2 and 8 to 2, in con- secuti e games. On Monday, ] Liy 3, Tulane met the " Upstate I ' Vline " on State Field, and lost in the rain b a 2 to () score. Tulane played fine hall in this game and deser ed a better break. One hit and an encir in the fifth iiuu ' nii gave the Tigers two runs which proved the winning margin. The following Friday and Saturday tlic Tigers came to New Orleans, and the Greenies took the second game 4 to 2. With one game to play, hopes were high for a win in the annual series, but the " House Cat " came back strong and made it two out of three b wiiuu ' ng the final game of the season by a 4 to 2 score. Twelve letters were awarded, and Ham Barhani was elected captain of the 1927 squad. Eight or more o f the letter men are expected to return, and the (neem ' es are looking forwar I to a successful season itli the " Old Reliable " Coach " Monk " Simon once more at the helm. 230 TRACK THE 1927 TRACK ' rul;nR ' ' s i )2l tVMck sfaxin :is rcasoruibly successful. I lu- liist event of tlie year was tlie annual A. A. IJ. cross-country race at City Park, which Tulane won in fine st le. The first Tulane man to cross the linish line was Harr Monroe, who placed secoiul. Tulane opened its intercoUefiiate track season with a triangular meet with Ole Miss and the University of Havana. The meet was held at Oxford, Mississippi, and Ole Miss came nut the winner. Tulane sent two men ro the (Georgia Tech relays at Atlanta, and P lll l)uren, our star hurdler, placed third in the high hurdles. The Alabania-Tulane meet took place here and the Olive anil Blue easih won the contest, pilmi; up a score ot 7S, ' j points to Ala- bama ' s 5( . . Hill Duren, Walter Moss and Criptain Cicorge DeCJarno each captured two places. Tomnu ' Killeen began Tulane on the win- nuig end when lie took fn t m the liiii-yard dash. Wallace lla upheld Tulane ' s colors in the field e ents by outjum|iing his opponents in the high jump and t ing for first in the pole ault. John Rochester hea cd the jaxelin tor anothci Tulane lust place. Ilarr Mciniiie showed fine- style against Tommy Smith, .Alabama ' s crack chstance m.in, but w.is beaten by Smith ' s dash at tln ' end. ' I he d.i ' of the ' :nidy- ' l ulane meet vas r.iiiu ' , and as a result tour field e ents were cancelled. V ' a.iuU wmi the meet b ' taking seven first places and si.x second places. Hill |)uien was the best performer for 2 2 5 P- S7 ' vL JAMBALAYA -. 1 __ B H ■ TiiL-inc. lie won Imtli the 22( - ar(l dash and I2(iyard ln;:li luiidlcs. The KKj-yard dasli rcsiiltc l in (inc of tin- closest linislu ' s c cr known at Tiilanc. Killccn, who won, witli Applci;ati ' ot ' andy, and Walter Mo.s.s, who canu- second and third, respectively, were almost in a dead heat for the entire distance. The animal track meet between Tulanc and L. S. U. took place at Haton Roujje. The Ti ;ers showed better form than we did, and piled up a lar};e score to their credit. Diiren and DeC arno were the Tiilane stars of this meet. I )e{ i.irno ' s race with .Mitiiuj in the mile was one of the most interestinji events of the meet. Tlv. ' race was close, but Captain ( " ieorj;e ' s spirit at the end enabled him to win. The meet witii Mississijipi Ajjjiies pr.icticalK cinsed tiic track sea- son at Tiilane. The Vfijiies showed a strong, well jialanceil team, and were especiall stroni; in the weij;lits. ' I ' his enabled them to win b a fairly small ni;uj;in. Killeen showed line form b t.ikin;: tiie KHvyard and 221) yard d;ish -s, the former in the remarkable time of fen sec- onds. Ch.imberlain and I! ay took first and second in the hi-:!) jump, and Duren ;md !)e( larno each took their events. At the Southern conferc-nce meet .it Chapel Hill, N. C.. IMI Duren came second in the lii h hurdles. .Also at the Natifinal Inter colleuiafe meet at Chicaco he came fourth in the same event. MINOR SPORTS ' JAMBALAYA Golf ' ? I F ' ! " ( ) Till " iiH-li j;ibilit ' of sc cral stcll.ir |ila crs, TuhuK ' fe; was not ri ' incsiMited bj ' a golf team last year. HiiwcNcr, ' ' JpiA Captain (I. l ' " icJ Lamprecht, star golfer anil football play- ' rr: : er, nianageil to keep Tulane to the fore in golf by easily winning the lyouisiana State Chanipionshi|i for the second time, the (nilf States Chamjiionship for the fourth consecutive time, and National Intercollegiate Championsliip for the second consecutive time. During his stay in school Lamjirecht has also helii the .New Orleans City Champioi ' iship, Southern Intercollegiate Cham|iionship, and the Cleveland District Championshi|i. In winning the .National Intercol- Icgi.ite Championship for the second consecutive time, Lamiirecht holds the unii|ue distinction of being the only one besides Dexter Cummings of ale to hold the title for two years. Although Lamprccht ' s loss will be keenly felt, the outlook for this year ' s team is very bright. Tulane ' s best bet to again reign su|ireme in collegiate golf seems to rest in Captain " Al " Reuning, who has twice won the junior Cit Championship. W is going in great toiiu, having recentlv won the " I ' inc Hills Open. " Those returning who have al- ready |ilayed varsity golf are C. 15. I ' " o , Conrad (7. Collins and Louis Caron, while from the freshmen such plavers as ( iordou llaNward, (lordon Johnson, ( ).ikley and Don Armstrong will be on li.iiid. W ' ith such a wealtli ot materi.al Tulane should not only capture individual ch.ampioiiships. but the te.ini ti(i|)liies as well. 23S THE 1927 %42 ' JAMBALAYA y Tennis in.tffe ' K ' R ' l ' ' ' - I ' l ' l I ' y till- necessity of breaking in practically a whole new I t f ' f- J i ' team. Tuhine ' s netnien of ' 26 acliie e(l considerable success, defeatinj - - ' , I I- S. I . twice, t inK .Alabama at Tuscaloosa, and lifzhtinfz their wa - to jj :. ' I i ' lie ' iii:d rounds in singles and doubles in the Soutlu-rn C ' onterence Chani- " ■ jiionships — losing in long, hard-fought matches. 1 he ' 26 team was composed of Leonard Chamberlain, captain ; John Haine, Merle Waltrip and Frank Stewart. In the Southern Conference Chainiiioii hips e ' haniberlain lost in linals to Florida m fne .sets. Chamberlain and Haine lost in finals to Georgia ' Fech in live sets. Results ot other matches were as follows: rM i;KSir ' S l)|- . i, l! .MA Chamberl.iin defeated Co. 6-2 6-0 Stewart defeated .Mi ell fi.j i.f, (,. Haine lr)st to Hurkhanlt j.f, y.c _5 A ' altrip lost to .Allison ,.4 S-6 Chamberlain and Stewart defeated Cc. and liuiLliardt ()-2 4-f. 6-j Haine and Waltrip lost to .AIliMiii and Mi ell .... 6-4 ()- 1,( L i.si. . . St. ti; IMvi-R.sn . t . i Oki.c.vns Chamberlain defeated I.anier 6-2 fi-o Haine defeated Said 6-1 ( ■ ' Stewart lost to ( lold (■,., ,(, y. Waltrip defeated O ' Hannoii 6-4 7-5 Chamberlain ami Waltrip .leleafed I.anier an.l Cold . 6-2 6-3 Stewart and Maine defeated D ' Hannon and Saul . . . 6- 4-6 9-7 I. )lisi. ' .A St. ti lVl:R.slr . r !{, r ) Rm ci: Chamberlain defeated ( Jold (,. ■ (,. , Haine lost to l.;inier (, a. j -.7 Chand)erlaiii and Haine defeated I.anier atid ( iold . . . 6-2 6-2 as? THE 1927 sa= JAMBALAYA Boxing and Wrestling ' rhi. ' Tulane wrestling team won two clianipionships in the S. A. A. U. meet in 1926. The same material as last year and much more is available, so prospects are great and a record team should be entered in 1927. Although boxing is not of such importance as wrest- ling, there is a quantity of good material and an excellent record should be established this year. 238 :2 3 Newcomb Athletics THE 1927 -jgra- 1 JAMBALAYA NEWCOMB BASKET!) ALL Newcomb Sports The Nfwcomb sclu-dulc tor sports is an i-laborate one. It begins with Newcomb ball aiul volley ball in order that the irls might aeeelerate speed for the tour major sports — Newcomb basketball, baseball, Spalding b.isketball and hockey. Varsity teams are chosen for the last four sports, and these teams iila. ' the alumnae. Hut the feat ire of the year is the V arsity- Faculty baseball game. The grand finale is Field Uay ; the real athlete gets her chance to shine here. 240 W ' Er JAMBALAYA Iri I Al ' l ' R l I S liKM.I. Those Kirls «1ki arc didic cmci;:! ' !!!- |)i:ii.-tia- .Mtlx r , tciRiiij;, suimmin;; aiul ap- paratlis work. Later in the year meets are helil tor these acti ities. ' I ' nuniameiits in tcntiis, bowlin;; ami enxiiiet are hehl tnim time to time to vie tor elass lioiiors. K er - fhiny: tliat a irl aeeomplislu-s or even tries tor jzises her a certain mimher ol points. I he first award tor points is a Neueomh " , " tlie seeoml a sweater, and the third and most dillieidt to ohtain, a Neueomh hron i- and hliie hlankel. ' This has nnlv heen • iii h f)iie jjirl. a|i Ncunomh " A " fc i ' ixSi pisfi ' l . m m mm bbb iihb Fifty-Yard Dash lindny ,r:l PILOTS B£ im.FM ' ASiSOCJ TJOX ■ ! « ai|iiy l | ' g w | t Afi qM mB JAMBALAYA 244 TKe Tulane Council of Fraternities OiricERs I)r:. Mki.vin J. White Chairman John B. Sasford, Jr Sicrtlary WiiJ.iAM Hacgkrtv Triasurcr Crawford Pavidson ' . . . Climn. .Itlivitirs Commilhe IIksrv RonivsoN ' . CJiinii. ( ' •rlcvatuv Com. Mi:.mi!i:rs ok Coi , cil ' ;; Ka ifa Sii ma Kaf ' [ a Sii Drila Kappa Epsiinn Ai.BHRT Nkvvliv Norman Barxett St. Ci.air Adams, Jr. Varre - Datz Sai.u Sokoi.skv Kdward l)i biissov ' ;■ Kappa .llplia Su ma Su 11,1a Tlnta I ' i SiDNKV CirARRONNRT ll KK ■mll. : Crawford Davidson Malrick Sui.i.ivav Jacob I.andkv Ciiari.es Broigh Kappa .llplia Kappa Siyma ' .,la 11,1a Tail Jniiv B. Samord, Jr. I.oiis Wii.i.iioRi) Leonard B. Lew Bev,j mis riioMPMis SiiEi.no Bi.nE Ai Tin R I.akdau Sifima Clii Delta Tan Dilla I),lla S ' mma I ' lii I.i.ovD Rav David Marcus Theodore Cotomo Wii.i.iAM IIaccertv Joii Baive Si ' rrox Porter ■ llf ' ia Tail Omii a I ' lii I), ha Tliila Sii ma I ' i WiiiixM McKks ' zir W ' m MR Carre Claude Ernest SiAM.E IIamiiton Josei ' ii (Io.viii.i.a Ckrai.d .Andrews Sii ma .llplia Mii Sii nia .llplia T.psilon I ' i Kappa I ' lii MoisE Block II. Foreman 1Ii r Rohinson ' lllRMXS . SI J. B. IIoIIOMAN WllllXM rilOMI ' SON Siiima Epsiinn Sii ma Inia Lawrence Benson M. J. Rodricufz Clem Watson R. R. Muniz Jtl I , : mm THE 1927 " ' " •tiiTrr I JAMBALAYA Bi:ar ' , Hoi:K€EOIS, Chatelais, Curistv, Datz Haller, IIoeema ' , Hoffman, I.I])[)LE Mei.un, Nkwlin, Ocden, Palmer, Speiss Vaccaro, Warner, Winchester, W ' irth, Hve 24.6 ■: JAMBALAYA Phi Kappa Sigma FoiMulcd, liiivt-r ily (it l ' fnn ylv;-.nia, 1S5C Mu Chapter E t;lhli lu•(l 185S I ' RAIRI ' S 1 F.ACl I.TATK Richard Rav Kirk C. Revxolbs Dr. Samufi, Hobsox, Jr. Dr. C. L. Brown Dr. a. Fredricks Dr. Chas. Boxxister r. I.. Warxer ri.AL ' r)E Dlke Sylvester Bougeois flARoi.i) Wirth EiiwARii Duke Wir.i RHi) Caidrv Al.FllV Si ' IKSS IIURAIIO C)(;i KX John Palmer Hugh (Jill Regis ' accaro •■raIKI S l - (. l l KSlTATli Seniors IIakoi.i) Mai. IKK Al lURT N ' lAM iv l.l.OM) ildllMAX J iiniois I.awrexce Turxer I.nuis Bye Roy Blacki,eik;e Soph ' iiiioiis Howard Martix HaRWII I, DllYLK C. KiRSCIIMIKK Fresh nil- II Roland Hoiimax Donald Hkary RoiiKRT Walikrs Daniel Winiiikmir Mannus Ci.avkrie H. ClIATKI.AIX Dave Normw Chas. Wikjii. Ill Carlos D ' .Armas Warri Dai Jay I.iDiii.E ■| ' 0RE (.E .Al.l.SIlROOK (Jkorge Ciirisi y Jdirs Dkmkut Thomas Siiiaikr r. I. A Rose 247 , JAMBALAYA Austin, Hrian, E. ( ' iiAKiioNNi:r, S. Ciiakikinm i, Ciiariks Coi.i.ins CoKRAR C ' oi.i.iKS, CoLKKT, Oakikk, Okli,, Fkankknulsji, Frfdkjciis Frikdrichs, Gam.kclv, Hauf-nsikin, Kmch]-, Ma- s, Nolrsic Pai.frev, Pari.oncuf, Pi.an ' Cmf,, Pn(;ni, RA ' i i:r, (i. Smiiii M. Smith, Sullivan, Toledano, WAiNv Ric;iri, W ' iii.iamsds- 248 JAMBALAYA 21 lr£-M Pi Kappa AlpKa I ' OiirulicI, rnivcrslly iil N ' iii iiiia, iS6S Eta Chapter Establibhed 1S78 Dk. OriAVK Casskcraiv Dr. John A. Lancforo Stlart C. Noble J. Mi;r.vii,i.i: Smuii MAURICI; r. Si 1 ] IVAN ' Roi.AM) Cakkoi.i, C ' l.lMORIl Mavks Sll)Ni;V ( ' llARnONNKT VVaRKI-V rRASKKMIL ' SII KmMKIT ( " llAKnONNKT ClIAKtlS COI.I.INS J. IIiii.ikr I ' kmres in Facli-tatu Hr. I.iciAV I.kIIoux Hr. Robkrt. Strong C. S. Williamson DoucLAS V. Freret Fit AIRKS I I l I HSIT Ti; Seniors John Col ret !■. Pr AUNCIIE Kennkiii Raiir Juniors Km ji(i;i)i:i; Di:i.i. VV. C. IJ.I.ENDER Max Kniout j. i . lUSEY Sophomores Carl FRUDRicris Duin ArsiiN CllAS. i ' REIIRIL ' KS I ' ll slinu II I.KWIS It. I ' ll IS Donald Hrian RODERI (lALLECLV Gkokoe IIal ' nstein cxri i ' m 1 riv Wll I 1AM Sl ' RAII.ING James M. Robert Max King Cj ' avle Aiken Smith CoNRAi) Collins John Mi 1.1. ins TllEOIlORE WaI lERS S I)NE I ' ari.onguk JOMN ' II. Tol.EDANO Francis I ' oggi Leslie Noi ' rse I.. Darter 349 .-o THE 1927 ' - , JAMBALAYA liARKI.Kl, lil-ATTV, BlXHANAN, HvRI) COSTI.KV, C lI)l.lPP, I ' ENNF.MnRE, FkNNKR, FrANKLIN Fredrichs, IIi:m)Rick, Har[)1K, Kirpatrick Mathews, MoMCOMtRv, Nickel, Oakley, Priestley Sa ford, Scott, Seaco, Thompson 250 JAMBALAYA V Kappa Alplia FraTRIS I I ' " (. ' I I.TATE Dr. H. E. Huch.asas- James Winston Charles P. Fenner Dwm S. Hi.acksiiear Robert Sharp | . IIakgrkit Fratrhs in Universitate Siriiors Joseph I.. Scorr Hinjamin r. Iho.mpson Forrest C. Blcmanav Be.vjamin Franklin, F.IIEN IlARtiti:, Ir. Juniors IIlnier Haw ' icroR Hendricks I.AMAR Lancaster Cksf. Watner Samuel Kirkpatrick John F. Oaklev John H. Saniord William Ci dlipp Sofilioniores Darwin Fenner Hrainarm Montcomerv Dean O. Nickel Gary Rarklev John M. Fennemore ■ ' ( slim I II Cliiton H ri) Charles N. Fredricks Martin I.. Matiiiews RiiMAKii Kahie »S« THE 1927 ' ' ' ' ' — — . — . , JAMBALAYA Hkisiow, Cakkoii,, Cni.c-ocK, CKAVvinRii Fll.KS, Kl.ORV, IlAGflKRIV, MaRIIN, RAV RiCGS, ROBBKRTS, RoiiISS, ROIIIVSON, SA 1)FRS WAino, W ' akmr, (5. Wir.i.iAMS, ( ' . Williams, N ' oukg 252 " ' " y ' JAMBALAYA Sigma CKi rciunilfil, Miniiii Cnivcrsity, 1855 Alpha Omicron Chapter l- talilivlu-il 1886 Ok. S. I., l,ot;w 1)k. I ' . A. McIi.iiicNW l ' ' u iRi;s IX Faclltath: Dr. V. C. Smith Dr. I.. H. Crawiord Dr. E. n. r-i : m:r Dr. v.. V. FicKi.Kx Dk. a. Cook J. W. ( ' AKKdI.I. I.OMl KaV I ' UAIKIS i - I M I RSITATH Sdiinis v.. V. RniiKRTs 1. D. Wlll.lAMS I.. W ' armr 11. I ' rksiox D. F11.HS B. L. RlGGS J llllidl s . r. llACIRrA K. .A. RoiiiNsn.v I,. M. SWDKRS Dl l)I,i:V ■()l•MAM C. U. Martiv ( ' . S. W ' m I I MS F,. Ui.AcKl.KnnK II. (). I NVCII Sofilioiiiorcs I.. ICrsiis J. A. RoiiiNs II. Siiir ' i ' ARi) ( ' . I . ( ' k « ior.), Jr. I.. Mkisiow I.KII.II ( ' KU III, J ' It sllllll II F. Dorsak C. L. ' ou c: M. 1 inRKV K. II. ( ' (II COCK a53 ' y ' THE 1927 ; « Bennkit, Car] IK, ( ' ii.m.aron ' , Charbonnet GlI.I.IS, (in.Ml-K, (il.AI)NK , (iRKGORY IlAMii.Tos ' , Haki ' hr, Hknkiijuks, Johnson, Massey Ml ' Kenzie, Monroe, Ogden, Rainold Rogers, Sherwood, Stahler, Stokes 254 THE 1927 JAMBALAYA Alpha Tau Omega Fourulcil, ' iruinla Milltar In-limtc, 1S65 Beta Epsilon Chapter F. t. bllshl■lI 1887 N.VIIl.AN C. CURIIS L. R. DeB.uvs I ' " r. tri.s in Kacl ltate W. O ' Danihi. Jonks C. I,. ESHEI.MAM Al.I.AN- C. EUSTIS Dr. R. C. Lvncii Randolph Lyons Emii.k Stouse William Carti-r ClIARLKS EllLKRI- FrATRFS IV rxiVFRSITATK Sf ' iiors VVll.MER RoCKRS Adam IIakpkr Alexander Raixold Jnii (Ikmiam E. |{. Cm riiosm r Willi M CJi.adnev Juniors William (iRL(;oRv Stavi.kv Hamilton ClIARLKS Harp ClIARI KS HhnRKIIKS W. A. McKknzie IIarrv Monroe Tom Hennet So lifinirirfs IIesrv Chai.aron AlVIN Hrkm Edward Siokes IIarrinctov Hall Wm. Cm mkr Jamks Cii.i.is R| ' im li ' ii Johnson ' j amis moonev I ' ll slii ii n Elmer Massev Erank Ocden RODERT Rainold Reed Sherwood Ckoriie Siaiii.er till.nKRT CiREENE m ' v THE 1927 tllkO JAMBALAYA jl WWMfc. 7 - V , ZM € r i UAL ' MCARTNER, UrnKDICT, UnOKSH, DiE.lI.IIN DlLI.WORIH, EWINC, CJARDINKR, CilDIKRK, IIARRELL IIk.vsi.kv, Landry, Lowrv, MArnirws McHrvdk, Mia a, Adckr, Strange, Summer Watkins, Wesion, Wiini.KV, Zodfr 256 ' S y y ' S7 ■ Si ma Nu FoiiiulccI, ' irniiiia Military Iri titutc, 1869 Beta Phi Chapter KMablishcil iSSS Dk. J. M. NUHKVDr: I ' KMItliS IN F.ACll.TATn I ' .. K. Allgeykr C. 1;. DUVUAK Thomas Hooksh Mdkcav Maithkws Fr.atrl ' s in I Ni i:Rsri. ri ' Sc niors Jacob Landrv IIarrv T. Wiini kv C ' arroi.i. Slmmkr lIoKAci: I ' Ai.iini SOMMKK BHSRIIICT IIknrv Haumcartkn SlIKRDLlRN ' K SkNTKI.I. JoiiM M. McUrvde Juniors l ' r)W Ri) I,. CIii.iiiKr (iKW rilATCIII-R Joiiv IIakrki.t. Haroi.i) niT:ri.i:is- Vkrnon Tkrrii.i. Evas Ciii.iiKRr Landon Arkim Kl ' nKVK I.OWRKV Rai.i ' ii Tai.iiot John- Ciimkrk Sf filiotnnn s WlIlSII-R MiHkM)K Kdwari) Miazza Tt ' RNRR IIkVSI.KY I.iN ' iisi.Kv Ingram Jamks Forhsmav Has Kwivf; (JlORCK Kkrr II. Coni ' RN Whsiov I ' icsliiiirn Jasi ' kr K. Svinii OoNAi.i) Pkrcv Jamks TRr zi.i;R JAMKS (iroVIR Wll.l.lAM 11 RRKI.1. John Zodir MOUI.TRIK AnOFR KRAVKI.IS (lARIlM K Roill-RI Jl) KS illRAM I ' Vllt ' RV KlIWARIl Hi ARV 257 THE 1927 1 JAMBALAYA Al.LKN, Bl.l ' F, Br1;WI:R, BrHWESTEK, UroWN, 1). t ' llAMlURI.AIN I.. Cir AMBKRI.AIN, ( " l.ARK, DeLaLREAI., KpI.EV, UAVWARI), HOUSTON I.AssiTHR, I.eMav, Lunn, Morris, Moss, MuMini.i.AXD Parks, C Pins, J. Puts, Reid, Rov, Reixach Simon, Simmoxds, Stone, Tallev, Thornton, Williford 258 ' 37 ' i I!!ii!il Kappa Si ma Fi)Utule(l, ( ' iii trslty (it ' ir;;iiiia, 1869 Sigma Chapter K l:ilillvlu-il iS8y Melvin J. Whitk FrATRICS in- l ' " . Cl l.TATi: F. H. Fox Frhofrick Fevno William I ' . Hrowv l ' .i) Ki) King Joiiv I.. Pins, Jr. D. I,. Chamberlain II. Hrewesier L. !•:. WiLLIEORl) I ' RATKIS l rMVKRSITATE St iiiors L. C. Chamfikrlaix, Jr. Noel T. Sim.monds Walter O. Moss Bo.Mi re I.aureal W. 1 1 vv i. .1. I ' ARKS W. SiMOV I ' O.SI MUMIOI.I.ASU Rene II. Rmxacii Juniors Raniioi.pii rilURCll IIarrv Siai.ev I.. K. Hush (iORI)0 II W WARD S. .A. TiroRMos AlIIIN I ' . I.ASSIIER S ' j ' li ' jui ' iris Ri ' Uradiori) Marion- I-j-i.ev SiiEi.i ON Hi IE loiiN ( " arroi. j. (). Rov LoL ' is Le May J. I ' . Tam.ev Iloi I IS Hrown Wii I IS Sim I ' i ' ARii Frank Brewer Fif.iliiiit II (!. Morris .Armsiron : .Allen ( ' . F. WEiiii I.Ei.ANi) Stone Palmer Reed I ' d. a. Clark Wm. Pearson Kn. (7i ' ii Rv C. Purs 159 JAMBALAYA .■: . % Baink, Bi-ndkr, Di iFv, Evans, Koss, Cambm-: Hf-N-son ' , Hom.am), Howcoit, C. Johnson, C. Johnson, Kittrrdci! KoiiNrKK, Ma(;kui)i:k, Marcus, McCuiston, Mhsshrsmito, Moori-, Morrison 0 ' Kei.lev, Paxion, G. Quinn, ). Qiinn, Scai.ks, Slatfr Styron, D. L. Watson, Wharton, H. VN ' u.son, T. Wilson, Ziecler 2 Co ' JAMBALAYA f Delta Tau Delta Kouiuli ' il. Bclhanv College, 1858 Beta Xi Chapter Estalilislu-d 1889 Dr. J. P. OKellv U. M. HiMs I ' KAlRhS IN 1- Al. I I.TATI-: Chaii.i.k Jamison PiKRCK lU ' TI.KR E.MII.E Nalf C. F. Taeusch Clell Holland JOHM Bain ' e FrATRES I IMVIKSITATK Si riiors H. M. McC ' LiSJioN ' Carter Johnson Harvev Wilson Harrv Gamble Davk Marcus H. Slater E. Morris S. Holmes Juniors F. Magruder F. Llorens ' 1 " . E. Wilson C. Simmons H. C. Henson G. V. QUINN C. Bender W. F. Paxton Sofihomons W. KrriRKDc.E Wm. MhssERSMrrii R. Scales E. Moore C. St -ron J. Ql INN H. Howt ' oiT M. Zkici.er Fresh III I II G. McCakroi I. F.I). WiiARins J. Johnson M. DunT J. Morrison H. OKm.EV E. KOIINKE F. Churchill P. Foss A. ' I " . WiniiT if,i m t ' AN.MSI. , C ' AKOV, C AKRi:, C ' l.AVKRIF. C ' oi.oMB, DiNwiDDiK, Frawi.kv, CJastox, Gatks. (;fssm:k, Oomu.a, W. IIkdrrt, K. llEnKRT Kkknas, MiTciiKi.i., M KKS, Shook, Simpson Wadsworih, Wale I, Walkfr, Wright 262 c:: ' g MBALAYA Phi Delta TKeta Foiimlcil, Miami T iilverNity, 184S Louisiana Alpha Chapter E tahli lic(l 1889 F. V. Pmi.Lips H. E. M11.LKR Fr. TRI:.S 1 l ' ' . Cl I.TATE H. B. CJkssxkr C. V. Hlvai. M. M. Soiciio.v I. H. CUTIIRIK II. K JosKs Louis H. Ci.avkrik Richard F. Oatks lIoRAci M. Wadswortu Fratkis i IMnirsitate Seniors MAl.cof.vi H. Wkiciii. Jr. Walter S. Simi-sox Wai.tkr V. Carri:, Jr. Juniors WaRRKS- IlKnKRT I.ni ' is n. C ' arov Jamks ' hi:i) W ' m. Mrrciiri.i, II. K. MiMRS IIaroi.i) I.i k M. Stkcki.kr Hugh M. Evan ' s Siiftlioinons . Q. Waikir Edward (;i:ss i:r J. r. OiMii.A TwioR Wami HiKiov IIhiiri . rIIIIR ( ' (ll.OMII Ni(;isi I ' Rovnsrv I ' llll.lP .SlKM)K Frfshmcn C ' llARI.KS Rri ' KKR {h()R ;i: |)i viddik (iio. Lima Hrici- Kikvan- Aimi- .SiKlKI.KR KlIIMKI (i SIOV LiMiR MiCwiK Karv Canatskv jniiv Frawi.k M. (Jrack I.AWRKNCI- { ' rank aAj THE 1927 3sn- JAMBALAYA ■. ' " " - ' T Bavnk, Darnali,, DnNAi.Dsnv, Dowi.int;, Forman iI MlI.IO , llARISOV, IlliNDKKSOX, JORDAN, KlI.MAV, I.AtOMHE Lancbehv, I.nAcii, Liiiki.l, Towkrv, Maiios M l ' KM ' KI.v, Oshr, Rush, Sarci- t, Sciiurkri, Shaw Stroud, I ' homas, Wahl, VVeiiierill, Womack 26+ x THE 1927 %- 3 Sigma Alpna Epsilon I ' mimlcd, riiivcr it til AhiliaiiKi, 1856 Louisiana Tau Epsilon Chapter I ' .stablished 1S97 FrATRKS IN ' F.ACl I.TATIi IloxAl.l) Dkriiksov Dr. J. A. LvON Remiiert Kavse RoiiKRi ' Dovvi.iNt; II K H. Saroi-nt Fratris in I i i;RsirATK Seniors IIkck Rush V. K. OSKR L. Sei.don ' I.kacii A. IIknn ' On Formav IlKRnKRT IIamii.ion Dwin R. WnviAcK JOV K. DOSAI.DSON JOSKIMI Kll.MAN J iiiiidi s Ai.i.KN I.. Smiiii I.KSI.IK lIl ' MIKR ( ' ARl,rf) [ ' il-MINn V. H. Wnorjsox J. H. lloi.l.OMAM C;i:oRGK Maiion ROIIKRI ' I ' llOMAS So lio iiftrcs CiiARiis H()R , Jr. Rkiiarii Towirv r. li. MiKmii.kv C ' llAKI.KS COVAN ' Frank I.asciikms VV ' m. r- ' lSIIKR Kritz Siii ' TiiRr hi I shiiii II Jamis IIarisos N. Ham)I I.ARRV I.A( ' r)MllK JnSKPII Oarxai.i. Mki.vim WiniiKRii.i. RUII RI1 Sll vv Cii VKi IS Hass Caki. Waiii. John Hknukrson W ' m. I.rni-i.i. r, »«■ ' Adams, Amikrson, Aumstronc, Hi; nil ' a, ISi.ack, Hkoad Carikr, Di; RnuF-v, OunuissON, EusTis, Fox, l ' ' Ri:st-n Friicrsov, Crovk, HiioiiHS, F. Jaiinckic, S. Jahnxke, Kf ' I,i,i;iii:r, I.aiuilissk I.EssELi,, B. McCi.osKKV, J. McCi.osKRV, Mc ' Grhke, Pi.auciik, RamSI ' V Reeves, Rue.sikg, Saunders, Stoessei., Whatlev, Wisdom 266 ' SS gfe S ' II " ! II I I i TT THE 1927 Kkl Jambalaya Delta Kappa Epsilon Foumlcil, ' alc Collide, 1S44 St. Ci.aik Adams, Jk. Tau Lambda Chapter KMalilisluii 1899 FraTRES in iNIVriRSITATE Scnhirs GoRoox Wilson ' Patrick Hkowm: Edward Oubuisson W ' Kiiiin Fkierson Juniors GkORCK KlSTlS CiiARi.KS Uki:vi:s IIkn ' rv Wkiirman- C. K. Vox Al.KRKD SrOKSSHI, ' I ' lllODOKi; limiKA lAfiiwi Kskri(;(;k Aim Ki Rkuninc Mac Asdkrson Aivis Dk Rocks RoillKI lIlCIIKS .|()lf I.AIIOIHSSK Kdvvard Mc(;kiikk John Saundkrs So ph ' i 1111)1 ts IIksrv Kroad SlAMON JAIINCKK John I iton Freshinin Will, IS Havki-r C ' llARI.KS Hl.ACK Jack Ki.i.is Ai.Kc Johnson Wai.iman I.ksskl H K() I ' l.Aiciii; John Wisdom EUGKNK VlCUKRIK John Cartkr KkrNARD MC1..0SKKY n. Armsiroau Ci.arenck Ci.imon Richard Trkncii Harry Kki.i.khkr JoilS McCl.OSKKV John Ramskv Ed. Jahncke 2«7 THE 1927 JAMBALAYA Bavon, Brown ' , Huolcii, Davis Dl HllS, l)K LA HOUSSAVK, FOX, (lARDNHR, Ilodl ' lK Kmohton, Lvnxii, l.viEi., Mkxvii.i.i: Parkkr, Skkuws, Skssioms, Siiutk, Swdkr ThERIOT, rNDERWOOl), WaI-SHK, VVATROL ' S 268 m Z ' JAMBALAYA Beta TKeta Pi l- ' iiiiiuleil, Mlaiiii riii iTsit , 1839 Beta Xi Chaptkr KstnlilMud ic)o8 Fr tri;s i - I ' ' ( I I taii-: 1)k. W. 1 ' . Hkadburn ' 1)k. MriR liRAnniRv Dr. Rov i)k la IIoussave Or. F. K. I.eJkinr Si ' MTKR Marks Dr. Ciias. Bi.oom n. II. TllEARn J. KiiwARu Kmciiiox Fratrks i - rxi i rsii ATI-: Seniors CiiAS. M. Hrouch Prikstlv Flourn ' oy F. CRRifiinnx Sihtk Amirkvv llnopKK II. ( ' . l)Avir)sns- J iiiiiois John Mknvii.i.k J. v.. LvTKi.K, Jr. Rov TiiKRinr I.I.OMl 1 ' . (; KIIM R CiiARi,i:s Fox Francis Armstrovc IlKHiir.Ki C. I ' arker T. Fori) Shkuvvs SnfiltDiiiiiiis Joiis S.WDKR. Jr. MAi.i ' or.vi 1)1 t.A IIoussavf Jl ' Ml ' S I ' snKRWOOl) IIkriikri ' FoRii Wissios W ' mrous IIVMi ' ins Davis l II sli iit II Mkrckr Lvncii IIhkiikri ' I)i-I (ivs Mai ' riik Havox nAI.K SlIRRWOOII Wooi.KN Wai.siii: Rov SESSION ' S 3 ft., THE 1927 SEa= 1 JAMBALAYA AnRiMSON, Cai:n, Pailv, Fifi.hschmidi ' , Ckoskim) IIaspki., IIr:i Bi:i;(;, Israki., Korrwnz, I.anmiau l.ios ARi) Lkvv, I.ouis 1.KVV, M. I.i:vi ' , l.on, Mi-vkr II. Mkvir, RnsrsnAiM, Rosknbkrg, Sah HRsmsF, Sticii 270 " 37 ' JAMBALAYA Wfc. 1 .r -- j _ Zeta Beta Tau riuiruli-cl, Jc vi li riuMilcijjical Seminary, 1S9S Sigma Chapter I ' stalilislii ' d 1909 Fkaiki: i l- ' tlI,T. TE J; Ml V. W ' OI.KF ClIARLKS l.OEB MkKMAN ' Knill.MKVRK 1 ' ' U. TRI:.S IN I M I KSIT.XTi: Seniors AUTIIOK I.ASDAU KdMOM) C ' AilN ISADOKI-: N i: VM AN Davk Groskim) Maurick I.kvv Lio A. IIasi ' i;i, Juniors Max llnMiKRO Ikvivc Sai 1 PiRSmXI: IU ' (;0 Fllil.DSCIIMIDT I.IOV KI I.KVV ClIAS. KOJII.MIMR Snfili ' iiii ' ircs Howard Jaioiis Jack .v Naiiiami-i, Rosi: ni:R(; IIkxrv Mi I R C ' llAS. SlICII Sam Israh, 111 SK M KKS I ' rrs iniiii C ' llAS. Knrnviiz i.oris i.kvv IIrvrv Mhvkr I.KO Pailv Hax RnsKNnAiM Oscar (Jroskim- 271 THE 1927 .1 -m— - - 11% JAMBALAYA 21 sa z£j4=:i=i saS Z J»f5 % r.AKIJAM, H,M VIliACIl, lUjKlK, ( ' niA ' I ' , P. { ' Ol.VIV CO ' IONK), DlULIIMAN.V, Fl.I ' .U ' ll l-K, I ' " l.INN, Fui.IJ ' R Green, Jaquet, Jones, I.eBi.anc, l.uiGviNt; Memm-.t, Morcav, MnuM ' , NnitKis, Pizzano Porter, Reiser, Rouse, Thomas, Walls 272 THE 1927 Delta Sigma Plii Kniiiuled, New iirk (. ' cilU-ne, 1899 Chi Chapter K tal Ii ' -lKil 1916 Ok. I ' .DUAKi) Ukovvn l ' ' i . iRi:s IX F. cL LTATi; Or. Ufsj. Lkscale Ltvvis F. Wakkman W ' vNM-: C RociRS r ' .llVVAKI) ( ' . MORGAM Ct.VDF. C. ROUSK Ol.lVKR PUCIIMAX 1 ' k iiu;s in r ivi;RsnATK Seniors TllfiODORK C ' oroMII Henrv G. Butkkr V. C ' iMii: NnRRis Marvin T. Ori:i;s; .1. K. Harris RcillKKr S. I ' ORIKR W. I DM.ANSIIKK J II II in IS 1 MI A. Fl.VS J. II MI.IN ' BaKIIAM C ' llAS. A. LhlilANC |(iiis W ' ai.i.s S ' lfiliOIIIOI IS Manning Flktciikr RlCIIARf) Haiimiiacii Jack I ' izzano I.I K Ol ' RV I.l rilKK JdNI-S I ' AUI. C ' OI.VIN llAKni.n Jaqdkt CiAHTRKAll LUTCRINC ■I I slum II S l Kl ISKR K. I.. Il l.l.hR joK MniM John IIdw rii I ' arkkk Colvin S. ' I ' llOMAS T. I.. Smmii .1. I . I ' ll ISIAN a73 •L l Akdrus, Arnold, Boudrkau, Uiisnv Cl.l-MMONS, EaRNKST, FarRARUT, IIOI.MKS Hudson, Kkslhr, King, I.ORin MuRRELL, Slav, Sonl t, Storlv, W ' ruiiit 27+ THE 1927 JAMBALAYA Sii gma Foumleil, ' iiH ' i-iirHs rnivir il , 181 7 Omicron Chaptiir Estalili lK ' il 1920 Fratres i 1 ' Ai. I iiATi; Dr. ICdwaki) A. Hkciuki, Hk. S. P. Oork Dk. V. M. Dixon Dk. D. V. Krowne J. Clal ' dk Earnkst Fratres i I ni irsii mi Siiiiors Al.VlS- U. l.ORIO Raumi K. King SiE)Mv I.. Sn i r K. l-.mvARi) liisnv J II I) lot s (il-ORCK D. W ' Riciir CiERAI.l) L. AnDRUS R. Cicero Kesler I.{) All. D. I ' AKRACUT Rl ' ssei. S. Mi iarii Sophoniorfs I ' .I.MKR C;. lU RT Damii. K. McInms Wll, 1,1AM II. I S I . R. KiWKTIl Skt i.ek I ' aii. K. Resiiin Thomas V. Houdreau I ' l liliiiiiti UrVAN- C ( " l.EMMOVS ( " ecu. M. Arnam) Ci.ii iiiRii K. Skiria Lawrence i. Hudson, Jr. ()ii N. Revnai.ds J 01 IV W. Kim;, Jr. Joe li. lloLMis 17s f .?• .,5jr _ ,-.; - ■ ■9 ■■ if lil.llL ' ll, { ' OHN, Dki 1 I I s, (iRi:i-. nLATr IIi:ii)i (;sri:i.m:R, Ki.kin ' , I.ako, Lindv I.lPl ' M.W, MevF.R, RtlNACII, SllAlNBERC 276 ' s THE 1927 ' X. 1 ■V■ it JAMBALAYA • Sigma Alpha Mu l-nuriiliil, ( ' Dllejjf of tlic ( ' it (if New York, lyog Sigma Gamma Chaptf.r l ' ,-.tal livlHil i(;;o I ' u MI l:S IX I ' mVI KSITATK Sciiinrs IRVISC KlKIS I.ros- M. RlIVACIl J iini ' iis Mkrman S. I.isdv Sicmom) Kmis Pali. Mkvkr M III lIlINfiSFKLDKR i ophdiii ' ircs MoisK B. HincFi Ci.inos V. nKKVFUS J. S. Cons- (5krai,I) Siiaiviuro Al.lRl:i) I.IPPMAN Rks ' jamin I.A r. !• 1 1 shiiii II KllllARI) GRKF.Nni.ATT UlKNAKI) ScilVhIDKR Sami KI. l.AVn 277 H . K ' c THE 1927 JAMBALAYA £Il ' £Fia=-: ' ■miifii-iTVKm Mfe.: ;srsaKB. mMsww»iiir.iBit..,aa Drf.zikski, Kocii.miskv l. ltvv, m. i.kvv, sokoi.skv Schwartz, Seelig, Sizkler 278 " rE ' 2 THE 1927 . l?Wfe:tr JAMBALAYA Kappa Nu Fouiulcil, Rochester Iniversitv, 191 1 Sigma Chapter Estalilished 1922 FraTRI; I KacI l.TATH Dr. N. II. Hoi.MKK NORMAV BaRVKTT Max Coiikn Frntrrs in- IxivrRsiT ti; Seniors Gus Lkvv Maurice Shusiias- Joseph SKKr.in S. (lAVDIIMW W ' li I iwi Hi iMRFRf: Al Seals Ferdiv m Hi.ncK Juniors Morris Kociianskv Sail Sokoiskv Bernard Siiiu artz Dxvii) I)re .i ski So lioniorcs SlnSEV SiZEI.ER Wii.mam Marx Mii.Tnv I.Evv THE 1927 1 JAMBALAYA 1 A-SO, BiRDVVKI.l., F.MCK, EVANS Hakdikc, Hopkins, Jones, Logan McCain, Mims, Ocdf.n, Phillips, Purcell Rankin, Ricgs, Robiciiaux, Shane Stovall, W. Thompson, A. Thompson, Woodward zio A JAMBALAYA Pi Kappa PKi FouTuleil, Charleston College, 190+ Alpha Beta Chapter Estahlislu-d n;23 Hexrv Robivsov Fr. tri:.s in- rMvi:RsiT. Ti; Seniors Wavsk Stovaii. M. T. ' oor)v ARii W. II. InnN CiiAs. v.. Avo, Jk. Juniors }. A. I.PFI-I-R RaI I ' ll RiCGS I ' l Kl. I ' llll I IPS I ' AUI. Frkim), Jr. Jamks I. McCain Jack |{iki vki i. oplioniorcs W. C. Jones Hexrv Ocden JkRRV F.l.ICK D. P. .nc., s F.L ' OBXE Harding Hicii Shank hovi) kvans Eugene Robichaux James Pircei.i. I ' rishmi n AsinoN Fknkt (j. h. konkai) George Hopkins jAMhS MiMS A. I ' llOMPSOS iSl THE 1927 £3:: ' m 4 ) JAMBALAYA Hl-NSON, Bl.Al ' KM.W, Ul,[SS, Hl.OUNT BOCEL, DkI.UONDF., llWHRKAMP, KuiiNi:, Lambi-rton Marthi., Priciiari), RiinriKv, Richards, F.. Salassi (J. Saf.assi, Savant, Simvky, Watsom 282 JAMBALAYA v I.AHKkvch K. Ukvso.v Haul K. Kuiim; Sigma Epsilon (Li)cal) hniiulcd I ' lihirif rMivi-rvit , 1926 Fratrijs in- L ' nivi:rsitate Siniors Josi I ' ll H(«;ki, Maikhi-: Rii:s C. II. Wmmis I. n. 11 V1 KK MI ' ■ ' •. O. Sai.assi Davk Hi.ack.viax v. m. johnson ' AtK Pn lI(;Kl:w K K 1:. Dol.llONDh I ' l.Mini; I.AMiii ' KiiiN, Jh. I ' KKW A. Savam ROIIKKT Hi Nl) J iiiiiurs KlKIAR K. ( " OOK Tkank Ranikk 1 . A. Sai.assi So ilio ii ' irrs I.AKi I. M Kii:i, ■ ri ill nil II John II. Riiodkn MUKS Si ' lVKV " HOO " MUKKISON ' V o Catiicart T. K. McFatirr Burt C. Duni.oi George Prikharh J. W. RiCIIARI.S Al.l.KN- I ' l.niM (J. Hl.iss 2R, " i)ii Hi,ii:ux, DE i,A Harre, nuDi.Kv, Foi.se CJamiu.e, (iRi-AVEs, Hafkksbring, IIeaseip, Hopkins Melun, Mekvillk, Pace, Parsons, Sali ' [)ers Schlesinghr, Shaw, Snvder, Tuten, Wilson 28+ Newcomt) Pan-Hellenic Association Officers Mrs. Margaret Pkdrick I ' rrsiJinl ELizABtrii IIeaslip Secretary Maridei. Salsders Pi liela Phi Elizabeth Heaslip .llp ia Omicron Pi Katiierise C.reaves Chi Omeija OoROTiiv Gamble Kappa Kappa Gamma Adele de la Hakke Phi Mu Rehresoxtativics EniTii IliniiARi) Zela S iff ma Martha Tites .llpha Delta Pi Loti s oe Blieux Kappa .llpha Thela MLRrEI. ViLso - .-llpha Epsilon Phi Marcelle Melun- .llpha Pi Epsilon KnwARDA Parson ' s ' .eta Tau Alpha A I r M N A I- R FPRESEMTATIVnS Mrs. Helen- Ocden ' • lieta Phi Mrs. Margaret Pedrick .llpha Umiiron Pi Lucille Reed Chi Omega Clara Fitzpatrick Kappa Kappa damma Mrs. Maiiii: W ' kil Phi Mu Mrs. RncER Brewster .llpha Delia Pi I. nL ScillI.ER Kappa .llpha Thela Aline Lazarh llpha Epsilon Phi Ethel Baier .llpha Pi Epsilon I.i ' cii.LE Maestri Zela Tau .llpha Ml Mlil RS I " ,. -( )l ' ll(.l() Gladys Hopkins Pi lleta Phi Oorothv Ti.ose .llpha Omicron Pi I ' .Li AiiiiH Snvdkr Chi Omeija W ' iMXR III 1)1.1 V Kappa Kappa (iamma Frances Page Phi Mu MlRIEL MeNVII.I.E .llpha Delta Pi Frances Shaw Kappa .llpha Thela nr)R()rHEA SCHLESINGER .llpha Epsilon Phi Naomi Haekeshrino .llpha Pi Epsilon RlTH VlRll ' E Zela Tau .llpha Marie I.ouijk Renaud Zela Sioma 2«? -my THE 1927 %if AriAMS, Harii.f.tt, Ham.i: , Hi.acki.ock, Born Uradi.kv, Taron ' , ( " hapi ' Jii,, ( ' iif:()i:i:i,i , IIvmom), F.i.i.is r.sKRiCGi:, FisuKR, CriFiRih, ]i. IIardik, 1 ' ' . IIardik, J. IIAVWARI) S. IIavvvari), Ilni ' Kiss, IIuci-r, Iajivckk, D. Mariin, M. Martin ' McKiriRICK, PiLKI-VS, PlIARR, Pll II.IIRKK, Saiadf.rs, Smijhkks Stoker, V ' ooriiii;s, Wi:siri:i,i)i ' , VN ' ii.soN, Wocan, VVoi.fe 286 JAMBALAYA Pi Beta Phi Foiindfd, Mmuiioulli College, 1867 Louisiana Alpha Chapter Kstalilislied 1891 l FaCL ' I.T.ATIv Marv IUti.rr Marjoku; ll.w In Univrrsitate Seniors Fran ' ces DvMovn Ci.ara CJuthrik Cathkrin ' e Bavi.rv YvErrE CiiEouEr.is Gi.ADVs Hopkins Juniors Maridki. Saunders Camima Hraiii.ev E sm FisiiRR PoRoriiEA Mariin- F.i.izAiiErii WEsri-RiiKi.n niiiMiivh; Caros- StEI.I.A llA WARJ) VlNNETIK I ' llll.nRICK Artiii: Hmiiwiv CVVTMIA ClIAI ' I ' ELI. ( ' llARIOr-IK WlI.SOV Hi I m II Ri)iK Sopfioiiiorrs Etmei. Jane Westkei.t Frances Ki.acki.ock F.niTII FSKRIGCE IiiA Mae Horn I ' oi.i.Y NnRWf«)i Al.INE MlfiPIMR PtinEBE Hum (Jrace MfKiriRicK Fl.l AI.ETII lIllCER Marv II. ' I ' iii per I.ntirsE Atkins Flora IIarihe Mii.iiRii) Mar I IN PfHTAiiovrAs Smith Pl.ICDCICS Yvonne Vooriiies Nei.i.ie Mae Harti.eit Jane IIavward PaTKII ' IA PlIXRR Carroi.i. Smiiiiirs Marie Wckian Amei.ii Ijms Adei.e Jaiini-ke Caroline I ' ickens Agnes Stofer any K 37 Barclay, Ui:m:i)1ct, Broussakd, Hrovw, Ciiavanne Cai.on ' One, Coi.kman, Dai.ton, D. 1 ' oi.sk, M. Folse, A. Foster R. Foster, C. IIeasi.m ' , F.. Heasmp, Henrv, Johnston, Lyon Magrurer, Marri ' , a. Meredith, J. Mereduti, Mokfett, Moise MoiT, OsnoRNE, Packer, Roberison, Snyder, Tippins ToMLissoN, ' 1 ' l ' sson, ' alne, Wehii, Williams, Youkg 288 " 3V! . ' Alfeife JAMBALAYA Alpha Omicron Pi Founded, Hariiard College, 1897 Pi Chapter Established 1898 Gl.M) s Aw Rkxsiiaw I F.AC L I.TATE A ' E E. Many Mrs. v.. L. LeBreton AOXES Hroi ' ssard Modem; IIknr Elizabeth Osborne In LM i;Rsrr. TE Seniors DoROTHv Foi.sk Elizabeth I.yon Zelma Snyder Elizabeth Heaslip Ancie Meredith Ethel Young Rose Chavannk Cora IIkaslip Ella Neville .1 iliii ' jrs OOROTIIV nAI.ION Marv Moikeit Ma.xink Packer Kdiim Hkowv Ruby Foster Marion Moise CIertrude Webb Katiiryn Harci.ay IIelksa Ciialaron So hornorrs Ceraliiine Hyson Nanneti ' e Tovimnson Josephine Meredith Lucy Sinclair Marharet Foi.se I.ICIE Walne Dorothy Henedici Fl 1 MIHH JciHVSItlN Kmma Ruth Makiivk Kloisk Tippins Fi.i:iK.i:s Kathleen Coleman Nellik Mabrv Ada Mo it Louise Tusson Mary Emma Williams Dorothy Coi.oncnk Adele Foster EijiE Macruder Marie C. Roberi-son i8i) 7 ; : JAMBALAYA ( %■ i i.s k r fi . ' - M,: W 1.- ' ■ w V V) ▼? " " i f % f - % f € H a. 4J ■ ' j4 ' ih Ap % %m ' . { © ( ® e; E Ari.riK, ( ' . Havi.ok, D. IJ.w i.ok, lir. iKi), Bi.odduokjii, Houknk, Camphki.i. CAKRR, C ' liCIL, CHAI.AKON, ClIAVinKRLAlX, COKFiR, CoRlNFR, CrI: ICKSII AX K Davidson-, he la Haussavk, O. Douds, S. Dodds, I ' A ciri:R, Winv, C;astri:i,l Greavks, L. CJreaves, CJuion, Hume, Hunter, Keesle r, Lewis Massev, a. Mktcai.i ' e, J. Metcalfe, Morpiiv, Nolan, Norwood, Pa-iten Richardson, Snvder, Stevens, Strickland, Swii t, Taylor, Thomas Upton, Walker, Wallace, Funkiiauser, A. Wright, W. Wright, Yates 290 THE 1927 J-j SiWiu. ■S£a= JAMBALAYA -a Chi Omega Fiiiimltil, riiiversity of Arkcinsas, 1895 Rl iO CllAl ' ll.R E tiili!i lucl 1900 In K.AC L I.TATE Herth.a Latane Cl.AIRK ClIALAKOS ' Rl III Tavlor DoRoiin WiriT In Universit.ate Seniors FRKDr.EV Hkaird Virginia Wallace ELizAnETii Snvoer LOI ' ISE Ill ' .VIE SlIELLIE DOUDS GussE Patten A m: VKii:iri Dicv Doniis Ja k Mkicai.kk KATIIKRIS ' K CiRKAves SlIKIMK l)K LA lloi ' SSANK A.vvK Mkicai.h; IIarvkv Fanchkr linNNKR Richardson Will lA Wriciii .Mak N ' i)RW(H)i Cm AKi III i : ■, lKs KAIIIKRIM ' . I ' l ' KIS Ki.i AiiKrii Stricki.an ' u ' I ' avi.or Daviiimik Adair t;i:ios J It II 10 IS Nancv Massk - I.HiLA Carri; Marv Swirr Snpli ' jitions (il.ADVS FkRVAXDI-Z Maihi.vx riir),MAS I.i cii.i.K Criiksiiavk Pl.l-DT.ES noRoniV C ' lIAMIIkRI.AIN ' Marv Nasm Kkhsi.er OoUCi.AS Hl.OODWORTII Marv I.oi ' isk Sikvens CiixRioi IK Aii.ee Kkriiia Lewis Anita Nolan Marv Cortner Ci.Ai ' DiA Baylor Marion Walker Helen Morpiiv MiiiiR Hni ' RNE hRii.K Castrell POROTIIV BA I.OR I.riTKl.l. Fl ' NKIIOlSKR I.ICII.E tjRKAVES PoRoniv ( " riicksiiavk Marv Frkeman Wal«)n Coker Selaii Hunter I ' ' Li AnEi ' ii Cecil Margaret Camimikll 191 4g «» Ai.vis, Haii.ki, Haiki), Hiii.i: i d, Brown Carroi.i., CiiARRo =. ET, Crowk, Daniel, Dudlev, Gambie Geakv, Jo -, Kei.i,, Marshai.i., Cecii, Moonkv, Ci.ara Moomfv M. Moonev, I.. Newem., M. Nevvem., Piersom, Rainoi.d, Rfbman Rhodes, Root, Schwartz, Scon-, Swiir, Tiiibmjt Thomas, ' I ' ig.vek, ' Iownsend, B. VVatsom, M. Watson Wooster 292 " SV IWS ' THE 1927 JAMBALAYA Kappa Kappa Gamma Fiiiirulfil, Mcininiiulli ( ' nllcfje, 1870 Beta Omicron Chapter lvslahlivlu-il 1904 AflEI.IV Srt.NCER In Facultate Mary Spkscpr EuzABKTii RA . IO Florrkce Smith Ir.VIIXK ClIARnONSKT Sue Joy LucYE Mae Rainoi.d ASXE KairI) Doris IIii.i.s In Uxni rsitati; Sciiinrs W ' iMlKR Dl DI.EY Miriam Moovhy KvEi.vN ' TiiinAir J iiniors I.ODISEITK Hll.I.EAlI) Ckcii. Moonev Alice U ' ooster Dorothy Gamble i.ym.v nortiirip Marjorie Watson Sarah Hri.i.ncK Alice ( rk()1 i. Root Catherise Crowe Cornelia Kkll Lillian Newell Mildred Piaiciie So ifiomorcs Evelyn Daniels Acnes Marshall Margaret Newell InA RlllMAN " Sue MacDonai.d I ' ox Clara Moonev Florence Pierson Helle Watson Marion Alvis Louise Carroll Dorothy CIearv Florence Fkai.iv Ai.i.iE Rhodes Dorothv Thomas I ' l i:iK-.i:s DOKOIIIV Haii.ey Catherine Diuii.ev MaRV I.OIISE Cill.ES iliRMiNE Perkins I.UCILE ScoiT J Ell Ev Lee Ikjner Marion Krown Marianne F.llis Alice Peak WiiHEMNA Schwartz Nora Swiet Lucile Townsend 29? -tt JAMBALAYA ( " l.HMI: T, l)h I. A BAKRI:, nKOMCdOI., K()RSIIA , 1 ' ' kv IlAMiLiov, IIam.kv, IIovkv, 1 " .. I,i:a, J. I.ka LiKPSNER, LOCKIIART, l.ONf;, McEl.HlMiV, MoUNCER MvsiNG, Page, Rosemu.ait, Thomson-, Tosjsmeire »• ■ — ■ — ■» 294. THE 1927 PKi Mu Founded, Wcslcyan Colk ' Ki ' . 185J (National 1904) Delta Chapter Kslahlished 1906 AoEl-R i K i.A Uarri- Iv Tn-ivi-rsitati- Seniors Frances Paok Jamie Thompson Elizabeth Ilovfv Katherine Ct.ement FVA I.EA Juniors Katii ' ivn- IIam.ev Helen- Hamilton m kv rospmmait MlLORED FLV Cecilia Moinoer Sophornorrs JaME I.EA Sl ' E TONSMEIRE Rerekah Allen Ruth Krock Kessie Pkomcooi. Helen Rovvav Alice I.ockhaht Alice Mi I ' .i iiinev Pi.i-nr,i:s MiNNErrE Menarii Frances Porter Lorraine Kuiiards Marion I.mp ner Cliiiorii ' ri(;mi TllllM XM SI Ml ClIKkl I Anna Haker Anna Belle Mvsinc Aha Forsiiav Marcie RonERrsoN Uk I.on ; Josephine Krv Ji? THE 1927 ' ■-f w Aarov, ]{. kkir, Hi RCKKfiv, Boatnir, Carimnk CUNNilNCIIAM, DhAN, l)ONAI.I)Sf) , DuNN, ELI.IOTT Finki.ka, Fox, IIakdhstv, Harris, Hi:rrin(;, Jarroit Kkmi , Kim,f;ia ' , King, Knovvi.ks, Kohmi.hr, I.hwis Marsh, Mhwu.i.k, Mii.i.kr, Nocktok, Pavy Pkiiijhan, Rhmosjonj, Smith, Tuikn, Wallace 1 01 296 Alplia Delta Pi Foiimlcd, ' csli-. aii Female C ' lilkj c, 1S51 (National 1904) Epsilon Chapter Estal)li hcd 1906 In Faclltate Mrs. Gkrirlde R. Smith J031E Aaron F.RINK CARBINK Fleasok Drsv SlIfRIKV HaRKKR FaSMK MaV liKRCKROM Kr.l AriKIII Cl ' NNINGIIAM BKHT POVAI.IISON I.i:eii.K Fox Ida Nf.1.1. Fiski.ka In I ' mversitate Seniors Mary Lulu Peav Mli.DRli) Maksii Juniors MURIKI, Mknvii.i.e Alben ' a IIerrin ' g Len ' a Mav Nocktov Sophomores AtiKi.Aii)!-: Fi.iiorr Carolyn Harris ClIARLOriE BOATNER Pi.EDCES KAriiERisK IIariikstv Sue Joe Jarrot LotJISK KOKIII.IR Rum Kemp Marian I.ehis Irene 1 ' etii.ikan Martma Futen Jasei Wallace Ann Kvowi.es Yvonne I ' avy NfARCAREI Mm i.kr Inez Remajon Ruth Smith ROSEMARV KlI.I.EKN Mk . Jirrv Kisi; SlMXIAl.S Mr.s. M k Nt vkc vri I Swo Riis , JAMBALAYA Atkins, Bah:, li, Ki,(iv , ( ' (Haii.i.i: Di- Hlihux, I)i;i.ciiami ' S, A. Dkvi.in, S. DiiVLiN El.I.IS, IIiRM, HlcWIINS, I.MKI.V, MlJCllNER Mi;vi:r, Oi.ivrr, Sandkrs, Shaw Sl ' ALLWORIIl, SlAPLES, TrKADAWAY, WlLSON 298 T HE 19 27 v , :=fefe;y JAMBALAYA Kappa Alpha TKeta rouMdcil, Dil ' auw Itiivtrsitv, 1S70 Alpha Phi Chapter E l;ll)!i lll•(l 1914 1 l- ' Cl I.TATi; MiiDKri) CpiKisri.w WlLLIK M.W Dhl.CII.XMI ' I I i i;rsitate Stiiiors Fk. ci:s IIikn- Fravl ' Is Siiav LoL ' isE Mkvkr StIIKI.FY UkVLIX Juniors LoTis HkHlikix Mary Savdkrs AriKA AlKINS Ancki.a IIkvi.is ' IIkloish Ki.lis lllA I.OUISK I.VHRI.V C ' llI.OIIJ.DK MircilVKK Sofihiiiniiiis OAISV StAI ' l.KS KiSA W ' ll.SOS Makv I ' mriadawav Al•l)R : Hatk Mar Armmrosc Marv I ' rascks IIirrciiiN ' ) IIahriii Oiivkr 1 1. I.I k; lis Corinsf: Jcnmscs Francks Uari.ow ViKCMMA C ' OI.VII.I.H VVONSK Dtm KSNAV Mariiia Wii.sos Ma.mne Jordan lucii.i.h isacks GLAins STAI.1.VV0RTII 09 v y THE 1927 l,w]tf| , JAMBALAYA WwJ I " 1 1 - f . Aroxsov, Ash, Hkkr, HnriKMiKiMKK Caiin, I ' jirman " , Kkincoi.I), Fim:, (;oi.i)S ' ii:i j II IJIS, K.M.ISKI, MaRCOI.IS ' , PfEIIKR, SCIII.KSKNGKR W ' rir,, Wexlkr, White, Wii-son, Woi.r 300 " ' v r ' I JAMBALAYA AlpKa Epsilon PKi Foijiiilfil, linrnaril CDllfKe, 1909 Epsilon Chapter Kstnlilislicil 191ft Cl.AKA MaV BkKR MaKJORIE WlllTE I I ' n ' ivkrsitate Si iiinrs dorotiii-a sciii.ksivckr Rosalia Kai.iski Natai.ik (;oi.i)stki ' Habhiik Woi.f KVRt.VN UnriKVIIHMKR A , I ' t HI IK Juniors Makiiia N ' kwburckr Elsie Jii.ius HEirrE Caiiv Ml ' RIlU. W ' llSON ' iR(:iMA Aro so - Sitfihnniriris Hesrietia Asm Mfsstk Mari:oi i - Alice Hlrkenroaii ISARKi. Weil Rose Feincold lll ' LDA W ' EXf.ER Pi.i;i)cns RosEMARV IIeROLI) ' fRi;iVIA I.A ARIS J I 1 ' . P I R M S M RII Will. N ' KM II HRIS Trrese Camn Josephine Wei KvEi.vN Fine I.EONE Witt JOI 5 THE 1927 - ' - - ISacmik, Hai:m ;. rtm-R, Everhttk, Fnvvi.F.R E. IlAKKfsiiRisn, N. llAFKEsnRiNn, Iloi ' soM, Mars, McConnrl Mici.UN, MnRCAN, Pearci:, Richardson, Riixkk ' I ' llOMASON, WlCLEV, S. YeNNI, V. VENNI 302 Jl m y ' 7; " - JAMBALAYA Alpha Pi Epsilon ll.inal) Fmindcil, Ntwcnml) CollcKe, 1918 Fankv T. Ualmcakixfr Gaitiikr McCosnei.i. Al.ICfi RiFCKE I.EOI.A liACKEK In Universitate Seniors Naomi IIakkksrking Marcri.le Melun SiDNKV VkNm ' Juniors Florence Fowler OotOIMV WlCLEV F.I.IZARETll IlnpsON- Merle Ruiiardsov Yvonne ■ l MVK Ini: TllOMASOX Katiirvn Flanders K rilKRINE F.VERUT Sofi iniiiorrs Marjorie Pearce I ' i.i:i)r,i:.s Marcelle Mars FVELVN MoR(; N SiTCI AI.S I I HI I lUlKR Fane I.esier lu.izAiiKiii Scott Eleanor IIafkesarini. 3 ' n .2i " v: ; r ' - . « .-r, .«c- ■:- ;j: S-- - ' i;j., ; , TA-. .J Hakfm.i.i, K. I!i,a cii. ri), ' . Hi.anciiarii, V.. Ukamiao R. Hkandao, I ' Asmki.im;, IIiriifki, IIokiii.d I, AMI!, I,A 7, K. Mai;siri, II. Maf:s]ki Meisexhkimkr, I ' rosdamk, Parsons, S[-ilf:r, Tiiompsom 304 3 g|l y57 ' JAMBALAYA Zeta Tau Alpha I ' liviruliil ii;;iiiui SUitt- Normal, 1S98. l ' ' . tahllvluil Ni-ucDiiili { ' nllf(»e, 1927. Georceite Thompson Seniors WiMI KKI) Ml ISKMIIIMKK I ' K.WCKS NllI.I. Juniors Esther Branoao I ' m Iamb Koiiuik I.wg EuNA Morrison Edwarda Parsons Ruth Virtue Ediiii Fasikri.inc MARTir ' r (. nN I.Al RA liARKI.I.I lR(;fMA l:i.A CIIARI Sophornoris AuDRKV Herbert EvKr.vs Maksi ' ri DciKiiiin lii iA Ruth Moss Marv l.niTsi: Rmkman Km I II Hi AMiiARi) Helen Maestri 1 ' i,i:ik;i:s Ri III Krandao Irma I ' kosdamk Mal ' dk IIoki 1 1.11 OUIDA SEILER- ■ K. Zeta Sigma (Local) Founcletl Newconih College, 1926 Siniors Euiiii IIinBARi) Sallie Morriso.v Marie Louis Ren-auo Vivian Carran Edith Baxter Juniors Ukriha Seaward Alice Gni.i. Arline Zink Katherine Heakss S ' ) tlir lll ' IC ' S Louise Lambioite Dorothv Daniel Pledges Evelyn Law Marion Muenzenhi uci k Katherine Lvon Anneite Carroll Valerie Lienhard 3ofi J : ' - ■■ sas , Professional Fraternities . X JAMBALAYA (i irVi Adams, Bfnson Cl.AVKRIK, I.ANDRV, Mu NllOl.I.AM) Thompson, Wilson c:::: 308 s ' - ' _ JAMBALAYA TT5 , f Jvi-K-.f. Runs FOSTKR Louis B. Ci.avkrik C. T. MiMioi i.wri Phi Delta Phi Fourulcil. MIchiKnii I ' liiversity, iSr)9 White ' s Inn Kstalilivlud ii;i 1 Kratri:.s i 1 ' c I i.tath C ' llARl.KS HlMlAR Frxtris i - U i i:ksit. ti- Siniors Jacob S. Landrv St. Ci.air Adams Ai.RKRT B. Cox- Patrick W. Bkowv I.AWRKNCI K. BtVSOV Juniors liioMAs Wilson Ai.kxam.ir Rainold 309 I HiMDic r, Oavidson IldllMANN, Mi ' CmN 310 ' rE7 I JAMBALAYA Pki Alpha Delta (l.njal) Foniultil, ( ' hii:iK " -Kiiit (hIIcjjc of Law, 1897 Francois Xavier Martin Chaptf.r Established 1924 Rfne a. iosc. Fratrks in Faci lt.ati: Judge W. V. Wi-stfkhkid Archidai.ii M. Sltiion- JiDci: Burns W ' akkin M. SiMf) 11. M. KoilINSON FratRRS in I l IKSIIMr Stniftrs i.i.ovi) c. iioiimav VVavne Siovai.i. Juniors Aii.K Smith J. H. llniir)Mnv James I. McCain ! " winsoN SOMMKR HlMUKI, III Itl THE 1927 f firm ( " MAMr.KKi.Aix, Chapman, D ' Aquin Hanemans ' , Klmne, Mamosev, Rainville ToBV, Watson, Williamson 31a - THE 1927 -r " — ■ — JAMBALAYA £m. ' -ra i r o Tau Chi Epsilon I iHjniiiil tci I ' niniinc tin- Siicnir of Clicmistry, 1924 C. S. Williamson, Jk. l- ' l MKI S IN l ' ' . CL l.T.ATi; II L W ' ali ' krs Moslhv C. 15. Dix K. K. Hoi.i.AKi) Dr. S. a. Maiiood R. Landrv Fr.atres in rNi i.Rsn. ri; (iriii li i iS ClIARI.KS I ' akks ClIARLKS WlKIFl, III W. I). Smiih Lkonari) Ciiavikkklain KsLKR D ' Aouiv Cleme.vt Watson St ni(jrs A. Watson Chapman SlIKI.DON IIannkMAN I ' .invAKi) M. Tom, Jr. Adam IIari ' mr W M ] 1 K K MWII.r.K I ' M I K r 1 1 V K lA Maiionkv I ' lin.ll ' SclIM 1 NKR John (incKR J until IS SaMI ' KI. WiLllAMSON KhVVARIl Wmokk Andrkw IIoopkr FORKST UllllANAN I MI S M Ml s THE 1927 JAMBALAYA % WK%. 1 7 - jcil Pan-Hellenic Council of Medical Fraternities {)r ;aiii .cd April, 1923. The Tulanc CouiKil of Medical Fraternities was organized for tlic purpose of securing co-operation among the several fraternities and preserving standards of membership. Ol riCKRS EncAK IIii.i Pri-i, Jons H. GooCM I ' ice-Pr,sil,iit Dlulev M. Stkwart Secrrlary I ' Aii MiMK Tnasunr 1 ' . A. U ' ArrtRS Ripnrhr tint Scilol. KSIIII ' (. ' l I ' L ' oM.MniHE Mari.v T. Gkkks John H. CiOolm PaC ' I. MlVKK DUDI.KV M. SlKWAKr ( iRll; ANCI-; Co.M.MITTKE ROBHRI A. RtmlNSON T. A. Waiters Paih. Mk kr .... VVll.l.rAM Hl.lMllKRG . Maris 1 " . Crkkn . . ' ai. Hairii . . . . Rkmiikki n. Ha sk . Ji;rrv I ' riik . . . . KoilKKI . ' . RoniNSON ' Thomas H. McNkki.v Ili ' ni.i-v M. Sthwari . SinvKV J. Ro As . . Ki)oar IIui.i T. A. WArruRS . . . John- U. (;ooin . , . OwMi R. Sacks . . . II. II. Haw . . . . Phi Oclta F.psilon Phi Delta F.psilon I ' heta Kappa Psi riui.i Kappa I ' si . Phi Chi . . . Phi Chi . Nu Sigma Nu . Nil Sigma Nu . Phi Rh(. Sigma . Phi Rhn Sigm.i .Alpha Kappa Kappa Mpha Kappa Kappa . Chi Zcta Chi . Phi Heta Pi . Phi Heta Pi ri " i n f ' . " ?, .: , ;3, :- , • SS Moss, Andkrsos ' , Brown-, Bo kti ' , Bkiavkstkr, Bavm-, Bknnkit . COLVIN, C ' ATUCART, DlUVORlll, DoK AI.[)S0 ' , IIol.I.AM), 1 1 A ICIl li 11 K Hand, Henson, Houston, Hindrkk, Kim-atrick I.iXKiK, Mager, , Maithf.ws, McQuiSTON, Macri ' dkr, Oaki.fv Parks, Prick, Rush, Rekd, Sowi;i.i,, Siorky, San r SiMMONDs, Tai.i.hv, W ' adi:, Wu-i.uoRi), Warner, Worthingion, Watkins 316 JAMBALAYA PKi CKi Eastern, fnniulcil rnivcrsity of V ' crinoiit. 18S9; Simtlierri, founded I.oiiisville Medical College 1894; Consolidated March 3, 1905. Omicron Chapter Ebtablished 1902. I ' i Mu Merged Septtmlier 30, 1922. Dr. C. Dr. K. Dr. C. Dr. c;. Dr. S. Dr. I ' . Dr. r. Dr. M Dr Dr. II. W. Ar.i.i-N K. Al.l.CKVKR C. Hass S. Bri.i. Hl.ACKSllKAR J. Carikr I.. Cato J. CoiRKT T. IIai.skv Daspit II. M. Mkcmavt R. D. Hawk II. I-. Hrkvvsikr . (). Moss A. N. II()iisrr) R. S. SAVAflK J. V. IICNDRICK D. V. CArinARf T. K. Ml I ' A I II K J. I ' . Hmhi R. J. Taiiioi C. S. Skmh.i. Cmfforii Stavkv Dk. 1)k. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. A. C. K. D A. r. I. M. A. c. Fr.ATRE.S IX FaCI LT.ATl- Dr. R. Pickfori) Dr. R. I ' lRNKR Dr. ' . C. S.Mirii Dr. Dr. Dr. Dk. I)k. Dk. II. 1: IlK. W. 1. I ' . Dicks j. I- ' . .Al HRS I,. R. DkIUvs Klstis I ' ' k i;r Fririiricks Cacr Cil.ADSRV, Jr. Mm i.RR , MlI.l.RR II. Harris J. IIl.mrr S. C. Ja.misox T. A. TUMIII.ESON- V. (). D. Jones J. . . l.ANCFORI) Dr. c;. K. Locav Dr. t ' RiiAN- Mars Dr. C. p. Mav Dk. I., j. Mrnville Dk. W. K. Pimm. IPS Dr. j. D. Rivhs Dr. V. R. WiRiii Dr. K. r. Hrow V Dr. 1. A. Davna Dr. 1:. I.. FAisr Dr. M. J. CJri.pi Dk. W. W. 1.RAKR Dr. II. . . Machrca l-KMRTS IX UxiVI-RSITATr; Si niiiis II. C. Dti.vvortii J. T. Scon W. N. V ' oriiii (:i i P. I.. Warm K I.. I-.. Will. MORI) J iinhirs I.. K. Bi sii R. II. ClIRRRV S ' if liiimoii s . M. jMMSsn S. KlRKPAIRICK I. S. lln.Kvs. Jr. j. V. Oaki.rv I.. I.. I.ASCA.VtRR D. C. SiM.MOSS Pl.EIXJK.S Chart, Rs F-iiirrt J. S. (irarlr I oi IS Hrisiow I.. C. .Vrvinr Vrrnon I.. Trrrkm., Jr Josfpii II. Camp J. H. CopKi.ANii II. C Wriiii K. KVANS I. W. Maiiiikws K. I.l CKIR 1. 1. I ' KKS I. D. BOVRIT W. D. .Amirrson- W. F. IlAM) c;. W. Coiviv N. F. .Appi.Kwiint R. F. SdUKii. ( ' . (;, Mill 1 Mi M. W. Hrown rs J. K. DovAi.nsnv I. C. Prick W. I ' .AION P. II. Rrri) (1. (i. lllSSRN r. I. Hkwht, Ir. C. A. HiiRv, Jr. ' R. DWIFRON w. n Riov J. I.. Mfiwiiif J. Tfrrifo 117 -M THE 1927 , JAMBALAYA s. H ■| C vl 7 A ' ITAW. , AllSTIN ' , A l), BaiI.1 ' 1, linL![)RRAU Brovvmnc, Cannon, Collins, Coon, Davis, 1)knvls Elleoner, CIrekn, Hanckes, Harrison, Hill, Hoi.lowav Hull, Kest.er, King, Ma ' ss, McCov, Ml ' rrfll Newman, Planche, Rav, Raver, D. Roiiekis, Rdiu ris Ross, Sihjk, Smith, Summer, Tucker, W ' atkins C 318 " " sv te-ys ' JAMBALAYA " - lis.. Alpha Kappa Kappa Fouiulid nnrliii.iiilli CulU-m-, 1888 Alpha Beta Chapter K l;lhlivlicii 1903. Dk. IllNRV U.wox I ' K. R. Lyons Ok. J. C. Cole Or. M. S. Souciiox Or. C. a. Bahn Or. C " . S. IIoi.brook Dr. J. F. Okscmner Fratrks IX l- ' .Acri.TATi: Dr. Ji:i.iA Irvvis ])R. U. W. Hkhiica Hr. a. K. MdisE Dr. II. H. Gessxer Dr. K. I.. Ki c. Dr. W. V. Smith Dr. Shiriev V. I.vnvs Dr. K. I.. F.Rwix Dr. J. D. I.Kwis Dr. M. Hradrlrn Dr. . . I.. . Iktz Dr. H. R. Hexmger Dr. v.. S. Lewis Dr. Humber C. L. Atiawav J. IIOI.I.OWAV C. M. McC ' ov K. N. Raver r. H. Avo H. S. Cnnx (). L. Dexves R. ( ' . Kesi.er T. 1 " . Ross F. C. NVisN T. S. Uaii.ev K. li. (ones F. A. i ' lAVCIIE F. J. ' I ' i ' fKRR T. Sack Err Dii.nv Austin R. D. nREEN M. VV. ILxRKisnv S. ' V. MnunRRAC.v FraTRI S in LxiVIiRSITATE Seniors H. E. Cannon FnCAR IIui.L W. L. Mlrrei.i, C;. II. ROFUNSOV I. ( ' . ' TKI S Juniors V. II. Hrovvniso C. S. Dam V. A. Fl.I.ENDER D. ( ' . RoniRis S. J. SiM.MONS, Jr. Sofilioniorrs C. |{. Ur wksiir, C. R. Ml ir i s C. Ri(;r;Ai.T. T. A. Waiters D. R. S.MITI1 Frrshinin r. R. Mays I.. Newman R. MiDowKi.i, ' I " . (ilORCE 11. r. Dunham JR. Kvi.E Hill R. F. King i:. A. Ra - W. Sli.mmer v.. M. KM R c. (;. (Oi.Lixs D. L. Davis I,. .1. Hanlkes !■:. II. RimEKi-s F. r. Smith j. D. Hawkins C. ' . I ' aririix e 1 " . ( ' . Suite, Jr. R. M. Cakroi.i. Wrioiit J. F. Hi ' SEV, Jr. M. I.. Andrews R. J. Sesi.er R. IHmkks 3 ' 9 JAMBALAYA BeACIIAM, Cni.KMAS ' , nRKIIKR ( " lODMAN, ClontFi, Ki n , I.kslie I.KWis, Makjis, Piiii.Mi ' s, Rinns Seattin, Slatkr, Small, Svkes 320 " i JAMBALAYA 1 Clii Zeta CKi Dk. W. a. I.ane II. 1 ' . Hl-ACIIAM E. M. Gordon, Jr. J. M. COI.EMA. " (i. K. CiODMAN Frko Leslie v. II. IJl.WCIIAKI] FdutuIciI rnivtTsity iil (Jccirni::, 1903. Mu Chapter I■ " tallli lu•(l i ;o6. I ' RMKIS l F.ACLl.T.ATli l K. W. K. JOXES Dk. v. J. Ckfai.kr Fr.ATRES in UNlVfiRSIT.ATir Seniors J. H. ;nncii I.. J. Kins J II II I ' US W. C. M Kii ' r. A. I ' liriiii ' s biitfili ' iiniins I.. I.. Mri.i. R. V. Sconrv Dr. Sam IIobsos ' , J S. J. Lewis B. R. Slater K. II. Kic:(;s M. H. Smai.i. J. .A. Lkki ' er R. 1 ' . S KES C. W. MliMlE I). N. .Ar oii) I- ' rIS1IMI I ' l.llKlKS r. I). Dkiiiik J. ' . (iARIlIK V. H. Harrison ' (I. c;. Ru ' iiARii M. | iii 3J ' THE 1927 i%- ;s ki5fl lW i JAMBALAYA r--i ■ ■ - -X. AkSOI-D, BOIZKLLK HmnvN, Chapman, Jones Rouse, Stansell 322 ' SV y ' S ■ THE 1927 . JAMBALAYA " Or PKi Beta Pi I ' liiMHlcd N ' t .t PrniiMlvania Medical College, 1891. Alpna Beta Chapter ii tabli liL(l 1907. llR. J. M. H.MLKV Ok. J. K. Uraud Dr. C. I ' . Urovvm Dr. Ai.do Casiki.i.ani Dr. Oscar Dowi.ing Fr. tri:s in K.aclltatk Dr. II. Dupuv Dr. J. E. Dupuv Dr. V. II. Fuciis Dr. J. J. Irwim Dr. a. a. Khi.i,i:k Dr. C;. . ' . Mavi:r Dr. J. r. Nix Dr. J. M. Perrett Pk. I. I " . Points I)k. II. W. Waithkr I)k. a. ( ' iKi , Jr. W. F. Arnoi.i) V. Hf)i i:i.i.K ( ' . J. Hrovvn W. !. llnw Fr.xtres in Unmversitate Seniors S. . ' . ClIAI ' MAN V. N. JOSES J iniinis J. K. I.IMIMK K. H. . I RSIIA1.I. Cl.VDK l Roi ' SE p. Q. Stansell D. R. Sacks W. K. Km. isciiMAR I ' liihiiii n A. 1. M( li rv.i W. H. Hickman 311 J JAMBALAYA l Ane, Ami, Haiku, M. IJarnks, Barnes Blaokvvki.i,, UriKKR, Cmavi; ,, Fkaser, Gooding C;ri:i; , Kiriiimier, Kniciit, Mai.i.ov, Rav Reddock, Ro(iERs, Rose, Shambi.in, Spencer Smith, Townsend, Wacer, Womack, Wright 324 Tneta Kappa Psi FountUil Mtilunl ( " olit-ni iif ' irKliiia, 1879. Pi Chapter K talilislu-cl 1 90S. FrATRES I I ' .ACri.T.ATIC Dr. Bkrxhahd Dr. KlMiKRCIR Dr. O ' Kelly Dr. ( ' . Hrovvn Dr. 1 ' . E. I.AcKoix Dr. R. Potts Or. Bl ukrworiii Dk. J. K. I.AMIRV Dr. McIi.hensv Dr. C ' ARMICIIAKI, Dr. Ki:r am)KZ Dr. II. Mts.xGR Dr. V. Skkmas Dr. F. M. Johns Dr. ( ' a.vii |!i:i.l Dr. I. 0. Fot.KV Dr. E. Moss Dr. I ' lio.MAs Dr. r. H. Skm.krs FraTRKS IX UMVnR.SIT. Ti. Sriiiors Dr. R. J. 15. IlmnARi) M. 0. C ' lrrir M. I.. Mai.i.ov R. C. ' Fnu si : n M. 1 " . Grekn I. V. Rkdihkk R. H. Ra W. ;. Smiiu J tin il) IS W. 1. li KMS V. C. liAIRI) W. . . (U VN ' KS R. K. WOMACK N. Morris ( ' . II. Ill 11)1. KnURC II. SlIAMIII.IM II. 1 ' . l ' ()RS iir M. J. Kviciir J. N. .Ask J. F. (iRAIIAM (. ' . S. FnwKi.i. T. KUHANKS VV. H. RCK KKS I. V. RosK II. I Tkasi.kv Sofihoiiinirs (1. (lOniUN ' C K. { ' HAVKz, Jr. II. C. Kl I ' KKR I.. (;. I ' llOMl ' .SOV R. H. .Sill IK M. H. Harnks M. K. Hi Ai ' KWKi.i. H. K. SfiMiR R. M. H Ri.Kx C. W. I IKV K. I.. Si. (IfRMAIN J. U. I1 KRIS I ' l 1 shiiiin (;. w. iivRi.v II ( II XK ' MKR 0. V. RiS(;oii I ' . Spur M. . .XRsni.D !.. C. FisciiKR C. H. W ' AI.TIV 1 ' . W. Kkskin v. (;. DiAi 1 ' . ( " . Cniviv K. 1;, Mil, 1.5 1.. II. SiRllKI AMI V. r. Hmss, Ik. 1. W. Cl MMIVS S. 1 ' . I ' rashr R. C. Mam. 1. A. . ' l VARKZ II. 1 ' . (1 1 MMI M. 1 ' . .ARRivirroN il. A. Sims C. A. LeHlanc 3»S : L JAMBALAYA Adkkfioi.I), Ai i.i:k, K. o , Cl mmiscs, Im.kmmino Fu)KK , Cah-s, (Jardnkk, CSkavks, C;ri:en HiBiR]-, Kii.MAN, Knichion ' , McKnkki.v, Ovkrtox, Pierce RARR, RORRIVS, RolilNSON, SUM.IVAK, ThOMAS Wamrip, V ' ar hr, Welsh, Wii.i.iams, Womack e: 326 m ' Nu Sigma Nu Fouiulfd LiiiviTsitv of MieliiKaii, 1882. Beta Iota Chapter Dr. Charles Bi.oom Dr. H. a. Ki.(K)m Dr. O. C. Casskgrais Dr. Charles Eshlema.v Dr. D. J. Farlev Dr. Irving Hardkstv Dr. Clyde Lynch KrATRE.S in FaCL I.TATE Dr. I.uch:n Ledolx Dr. Ri[)oi.i ' M Matas Dr. (;. I.. IIardiv Or. Walrermak Met , Dr. C. vo MvsENnuG m. C. W. DivAL II. A. .-XlLER V. S. Rabb Fratres in Universitate Seniors V. M. W ' altrip n. K. WdMACK C. 1). OVHRTOV Dr. a. B. Pitkin- Dr. John Prati, Jr. Dr. C. a. Sharp Dr. II. V. Sims Dr. John Smith Dr. M. VAN ' Stl ' uuikori) Dr. Me.sdohlso. i I.. M. Warner c;. D. Williams J. P. llENf l.l), C. S. F1.E.MING J. L. fiREEN II. II. Prrstov Jr. P. Bavon J. P.. Knighton Juniors M. P. Si I, I. IVAN W. B. Woodson II. Cl ' MMlNGS Softhoniorfs T. K. McNeii.i.y R. Thomas R. F. Gates .A. M. Oraves D. Pn KCR R. A. RnniNsoN, C. I.. WUSH II. I.VNCII I. A. ROBBINS Jr. F. DdRNACK M. Fi.oRY L. Gardner irrshniiH W. Hkiiert G. Lilly I ' .. Mathkvvs I . Moffat II. Martin 3»7 THE 1927 , JAMBALAYA AZAK, COI ' I.AM), l)l l.Al KF I., OAMIIS El.I.KNDI-R, CJallacrr, CJravois, Hamihi. Joseph, Logan, Mathnkz, Mimz, MoMt Piper, Rizzo, Stewart, Sacco Trist, Thomas, ' arino, Weiss 3 8 Pni Rho Sigma Fi)uniliil N ' rirtlnvotcrii Mtiliinl Sdmiil, iSyo Delta Omicron Alpha Chapter EstaliU-liiil i )iX FrATRES in FaCL I.TATE Adoi.i ' II Dk Campi s IIi;sRifjri:s Rodckr Joiis ' Maiiii.ks (iF.oRi. ' K Rudolph IIkkkmanv Kinvi.v Auclsi ' Socola Joiix Ravmom) Hume Louis James Lopez P. V. MuRPiiv Francis L. Jaubert A. F. HuRCis (;. H. Haishr IL TiiEonORK SiMOX Wuiiam Va(; er James Ernest Pollock H. M. ' ann (lUV RmiAKi) Jones John Asdri c;ravois Fratrhs in Universitate Siniors James George Logan Frank Paul Ri .zo James Honi DeLaureal Dudley Marcus Stewart ( " arl Austin Weiss Oeorge Azar Ariiiur Kdward Holes Robert Lee IIargrave Louis A. Monie Juniors James P. Daniels Ernest S. Ellknoer IIhnrv L. ILwdei. Allan Charles Sacco FoRn Alton ' I ' homas Nicholas P. Trlst, Jr. Frank P. Perrki Uenrv ' I ' raiian James S. Davidson, Jk. lUsRV ; l. LAGER Siifiliiiiiioris Ma. - M. { reen SlDM V J. Ro AS George D. Sagrera LORAINE .AlI.UMS ■ ;■( slim I II JlSSE M. Pill R I ' liii.ii ' S. Josipii Jacoii Orio lloiH IIenky Dedkaux FrIDIRICK (;. liRl HER Frank (). Schmiih V. IL Martinez R. K. MuNiz 3=9 THE 1927 AliRAMSOV, Hlumberg, Frank K.AI1N-, Mi-vKR, Mever, Pincus Sajkerstone, Weil, Weinfielu 330 % wSbJ%£ ' i " .• " - j e PKi Delta Epsilon Dk. I ' .MII.i Hl.tlLlI Dr. Isadori; Coiin Fratrks in Faclltate Dr. Julius Davidson Pk. Montk F. Mever Dr. JAcon V. Nkwman Dk. Sidxkv K. Simov Dr. Da.mel M. Sii.vkrm an Fratres in Universitate r. K. Mkver IIirman W. Frank Euckm: R. Pincus Jiini ' is SAMI Kl. CiANDl.KMAN .Abraham W. Hi iMriKRc Irvinc Saiferstone I ' m I. D. .AnKAvisoN So thomores Sic.vioNi) A. Kamn IIe.nrv S. Mever Maurice Shusiian SiDNEV Coi ' l-I.ANI) Jack I.a arus Pledges Krnesi ' Weinkieli) W. D. N ' clRMAN Soi. H. Will. THE 19 27 i yiJg Ur JAMBALAYA " k -A lIoeiiii ' i.iirK, I.Kvv MlI-LtH, I ' i;. KI,Sll-.IN RoSENIil.UM, StRUO 332 - - g - I K. W.MJIK I.IVV Phi Lambda Kappa I ' dumlcil I ' liiveisily of l ' ciiiis lv;iiii:i, lyo?. Psi Chapter I ' , t;il)iisliftl 1926. Fr.atrks in Faci i.tatk Or. I. Rnnni s Or. Jinas W. RdsFMiivi I ' ratius i Civitati: Dk. i ' llILlp I ' . Tkincoi,!) Or. Hi;m mi Knc; FraTRI-S IY UxiVKRSlTATF Si ni ' irs jAcnn I ' lAKi.siriN IIikvakd lldcimiDiR J II ni ' irs [nii a. liAvi.Ks VViM.iAM J. HKnmu Morris Crefv Jl ' l.lrs I.. I.IVV MkVKR J. CoilKN IIakrv Tiaik So ihoindrrf Natiiamii. Cni.DsriiN MOKRIS M. MlllfK ClIARI.KS S. MoiKI. nwiii. !• ' . I ' raci.iv SamIH. SCIIHN ' FF.I.II 1. 1:0 K. Hronstkin SiiiNKV jAinns Fiishiiii II I. in RnsiMiiiM I.Al ' RKNCK SlRliC llhVKV Tavmr m . S7 ,» V 2£Ii ri4i«M!SBa» .- vi;ir i Cook, Guimn GiRAKDKAU, (iOUOARI), McMaIN Murray, Patterson 334 " ss l -ys ■ THE 1927 ■ - rf " ! I - " ' iXLL_ , JAMBALAYA Alpha Epsilon Iota Founded Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1890 Mu Chapter Established 1919 Fratres in- P acl I.TATK Dr. Maud I.oeber Dk. Marik Ders-Mattincly Fratres in Universitate Seniors Eleanor Cook Ju.ia Goddard Juniors Florence Gilpin Mildked Murrv Sofihomori ' s IvLVN Girardeau Vivienne McMains Kmm ri e McCormick Elisabeiii 1 ' aierson r " - JJJ " ' 7 JAMBALAYA Bourgeois, Husni ' , Di-icumann Earnest, Smith, Somat, Wainwricht VViiARTOx, Williams, Wirth l _ 536 - THE 1927 ,1 f j, f |fc fe: , JAMBALAYA Psi Ome a Koiiiuliil Kaltiirinrc College, 1S92 Beta Epsilon Chapter I ' .slallli-lllll |i;oi Kr. tri;s i F ti iTATi; I)K. A. H. Mi.AM) i)k. a. a. Lkefe Hk. (,-. 15. (Ko AT |)K. A. H. Mevnier Ok. W. C. llwA I ' R vTKi:s IX Umvirsitati; St iiiors S. J. HniROKOis (). H. Di-icriMAM J. C. 1£ar est J. M. Smiiii S. I,. SoMAr 1,. I.. W ' aiswkicjit .liini ' in J. n. IlKIUII W. (■ WiiAKION A. K. Uusnv |.. II, w,K,„ C S. Wll.i.IAMS, Jk. 337 Honorary Fraternities ' j JAMBALAYA ' ..j i ' ♦ • H f Attawav, Brewster, Chapman, Goocii Hull, Lewis, McCuisiion, Raver Reodock, Rizzo, Warner, Womack 340 " cP AlpKa Ome a Alpha Medical Honor Kratcriiitv Stars and Bars Chapter ITn 1.. V " rlli In fr ' ' till ' sufffi-lni?. ) .Mi:. ii ' ,i;rs Mmctim) irum riii-: Ci.ans or 192 IIVDKR Ford Urewster EllOAR 1 1 III, Curtis I.ek Aitawav Kes ' neth Niciioi s Raver IIarrv McF. McC " i iSTiON David Rav Womack LuciEN MisDK W ' arskk Mor(;a W ' imsiri Mai-iiikws JOHV HaRR (idfU ' M Seaborn Joseph I.kwie Sims Atkins Chapman Frank I ' al ' i, Rizzo Joseph Wiimvm Rmidock We lie ' ieve In the liiiils of ,il l(linn Irutli whlili is llir nidin star of our Orilrr. Vc Ivlicve iti llic liclpinj; hand which is the bar whicli hinils us in our calling. W ' r lirlicve ill the unity of service to one another which lends to the weary a woril of cheer, to tile poor a portion of our share, to the weak a meed of pity, to the stricken a voire of coniforl, III the old a ineiiior of oulh. am! to the wayfarer a help alonj; to the journey ' s cnil. Our einlilrtn will alwavs lu ' an iiispiratiim to dnl , riineinherinn it stands for excelleiue in all tliiiiK purity of purpose and honesty of method aiul effort, with tlic lilcssiii); ol an . ' Mma Mater upon cai ' h wlio wears licr hadi e of honor. May our lives lie ainoni; the stars which li ;lir the wa to the i;r(at nusicrv, and inav we so live ihar when we reach the end of the ro.id wc max tinil the veil, which parted leads to the heights of everlasiint; peace. Sir iiil lilrti. ' 34 « THE 1927 y - Beairi), Beer, Hafkesbrino, Pace SCHLESINGER, WaTSON, WrIGHT Alpha Sigma Sigma Alplia Sifjnia Sifiiiia is an hi)norai ' St-nlor tratcriiity Digaiiiz. ' d at Newcoiiib in 1916 to iironiuti ' interest in cullcm- and class acti ities. Each year those Juniors who, throughout their college career, have ' lf)ne the most loyal and effective work for the college and th ir cla;,s are elected to membership. Mli.MHKRS Fkei)ke Heairi) Anne Wright Naomi IlAEKESiiRiNC Marjorie Wai ' dn! Frances Pace Ci.ara Ma 15ei r Dorothea Sciii.esincer 342 JAMBALAYA W Adams, Andrls, Carter, Chatki.aiv, Coiomo, Kmcjiton ' , Laxdrv McCain-, Moss, Rav, Sanford, Smitm, Wilson, Wright Sphinx Club Jiliiior-S -ni(ir Club Inr ilu ' I ' ldiiiiniciii ul Sclmcil Spirit ()l IK ' IRS IIarvi; Wn.soM l ' r,siJ,nl VVai.tkr Moss rla--l ' nsU,nl St. Ci.air Adams. Jr Serri-lary (Jkrai.d Andrus Ciirrrs ' oniliiif Sfin-liiry Gayle Smith Traisiir,r AIi;. iiii:rs Kdward KMriiiroN Cerai.d Asdrus Wm.i.iam Carikr TllKODORE COTOMO J. B. Samorii l.l.OVI) Rav St. Ci.air Adams, Jr. I.esi.u: IIi:iter Cavi.e Smith Walter Moss IIarvev Wilson Malcolm Wrichi Jacob Landrv ll. Cmatm.aiv J. I. McCain " The piirposr of Sphinx Oinll l. - th;it „ :i Senior s.iritiy (•h.M. in( it incinhi-rs on a hiisi of ih.ir.Ktrr, lc,i lrr,hip, mrnl.ililv .iiui pi-rv)niilily, to thti- LrinR toRtihcr in n fccliiiR of fellowship, the .ihlrM iinil most .nlivr lh ' .ii«hl :in l Ira.l.rship in c.llryijt.- lifr :it riil inc rnivcrsitv. " in THE 1927 g l o JAMBALAYA fcw " .» ' ••• gi. Allex, Carroll, Charbonset, CoLcncK, Coi.omb, Foss Gaston-, Hauenstein ' , Yolng, Rainold, Sherwood, Henderson- White Elephants, ' 26. ' 27 HoiKirarv Frc lirnaii Intcr-Fratiriiity Society Founded January, 1921. Officers Armsironc Allen . . ( " lEARV Barkley . . Ju ii lr Trunk Jitni lr Tusk Robert Rainolo Elmer Massev Reed Sherwooo George Hounstein Emmett Charbonnet Louis Pitts Geary Barkley Members Richard Kahle Martin Mathews Arthur Colomb George Dinwiddie Robert Gaston Chas. Young Louis Carrol Mamus Claverie Regis V ' accaro p. colcock Spencer Foss Hamer CnCELLY John Henderson N. Bandi Armstrong Allen Willis Shepherd The White Elephants Cup is awarded aTuiually after Easter to the best all-around Fresh- lan in the Cniversity. 3+4 W THE 1927 JAMBALAYA • ■w ■ ' A-rr Bf.njamis W. ■ c■ :v TKeta Alpka Pki {Honorary Dramat ' .i) I ' " (iiirulf(l. Chicnpi, 191 9 Louisiana Beta Chapter Kvtalillvlu-il 1925 l-RATKi: IN l ' . CL LTATK Or. J. M. McBrvde FrATRHS I I VIVIiRSITATI- Wai.i.er Fowler, Jr. Miss Elizabeth IIeasi.I " Miss Frances Shaw Miss Marckii.e Mkllv i ' j2f) Ij.ix-tuixs Miss VV. Meisenheimer James Irvinc McCain Ai.i.EN I,. Smith Herman Stoi.lev 115 THE 1927 LjjtiWa-. a AlII.F.R, BaVSF., 1)K I.AIRKL, Fl.KMMIXn lIni:sio , IIkndrick, Mnss, Prick PiKRCK, Rogers, Rush, Summer Wai.irip, Warner, Watkins, Wim-iford 3+6 THE 1927 JAMBALAYA Owl Club All Iiiter-Mecliral Frattriiity Club. I ' " oiiiidi-d I ' lilaiie I iiivtrt-ity, 1921. II. A. Ail.iR K. I). H.WNE 1;. .1. nrX.ALRII.L Membkrs Seniors H. C. DlI.VVORlH A. N. IlOLSTO.V T. J. Parks J. C. Price L. V. Rush C. S. Summer P. M. W.M.iRip W. n. Moss I.. M. RS ' ER P. L. W.ARNER J. II. W.VTKINS c;. n. wii.i.iAMs I.. K. W ' lLLiinRi) W. Urowmnc I.. 1:. Hush Juniors II. W. ClMMlNGS 1. Donaldson C. ll.EMISG j. I . CiREEN I . I li 1 1 i:r J. . IIexdrick M. J. K.MGIIT I " , n. I ' llRCE I ' . II. Ri r. W. II. K(x;ers K. W ' OODSO.V 117 " THE 1927 -■ ' =-— — - — »_ — , JAMBALAYA Cannon, C ' nnN, Davis, Easley (iKi:F: , Ilii.L, Jordan, Miulo R IK, R v, Ross, Safferstone SlKllKI.AM), W ' aTKINS, W ' oMACK, WkliniT I ' • 3+8 ' c7 J AMB AL A Y A rgfTT ■ - - Square and Compass An IiittrcollcKi ilt ' I ' ratcriiity of Master MaMins, reiiiiulril ' a hin);ti ii and Lcc, 1917. I ' wenty-two Sfiiiares; Memliir liip 1,124. Tulane Square Established 1920. ()l TICERS n. R. WoMAtK . . SV. W. Jordan- . . J. S. Haii.rv . . . DkK a. SlRICKI.AXIl . . I ' r.siili III . . I ' iii-l ' risiJiiil Ritording Siirrlary ( ' orrisp ' jiijiii Sn y. M. H. Wrichi ' , Jr. n. C. Kasi.ev . . I). R. Davis . . . P. E. Maithrws . . H. S. Coos- . . . Miultr of Ciriiiioniis Treasurer InncrtyUr . C iaf ' luin Itisloriiin Ai) is()i Col Ncii, ( ' . II. IlinjELBERG 11. E. Cannon M. H. Wright, Jr. Km.k IIii.i. J. . . nAVM.I.A, Sr. W. I. Kaisrr r. I,. I.LCK 1;. I.. Iaiinckk V. J. ilira IIoN ' oR.AR ' Mi;. ihi:rs ( " .korhk Fonii II. R. I ' KRKZ E. l ' . I ' rice R. E. RA.MSEV IIksrv Sirack V. A. IFIARP R. II. ScllAllMI " A. K. Siiii.iNG r. n. Wharton- r. !■ " . Matiiks II. W. Wai.i.aci:, Jr. Dr. O. W. Bkhiea R. K. Uruik Dr. II. A. Hi.ooM S. V. D ' Amico (;. A. Ei.oiriER Dr. .Sriii Ei.ovn Dr. (J. II. Ffi.dxkr l K. J. R. Flowers II. I. (iAlDRV lli I. II Jamiikson Dr. M. I.. Ro.sKNiiAi-M Dr. R. E. Sum mitt P. ssi -| .Ml MHERS T. C. I.voN- Dr. F. L. I.ORIA C. A. Latham Dr. S. B. McNair F.. M. NAnERSCHING Dr. N. II. Palmer Prof. V. W. Prescoit J. J. Rl MO Dr. R. ( ' . Richards A. I,. RoFHSEIT C " . S. Wii I i MS Dr. M. I. Wiiiii Dr. T. n. Sellers W. A. SlMI ' SON Dr. W. C. Smiiii l K. ' . ( ' . Smiiii D. (). Smiiii James I. Smiiii Dr. p. J. Si.Ai cuter I.. E. Standher R. A. Steinmever .• . M. Si-nioN- W. C. Vetch I.. I- ' . Wakemw J. S. Haii.rv II. E. Cannon II. S, Coon I). K. Davis (). I.. Denves D. ( ' . Easlkv L. F. Grav Active Memri-rs r. G. GlEFIN- J. I.. Green C. II. llEIDEI.nERG Kme Hill W. W. Jordan Charles Midio C. S. Powell V. S. Rmiii E. A. Rav T. T. Ross Irving Sakeersitine P. Q. Stansrll Der A. Strickland I. ( ' , WXTKIVH n. K. WnM k M. I{. Wrichi. Jr. If) . ' ' • m THE 1927 - ' ' - ' aara.- 1 JAMBALAYA I- T Beta Gamma Sigma Alpha Chapter of Louisiana An organizntinii tr) encoiiraKf aiui rcwaril schtilarsliip and accomplish riiiiil al()Tl ; the lines of hiisiness anil cainpu; activities amniiK students and kT ' TIu ' T s of the iDinniercial ciiur ' .es in American colleges and universities; to promote the advancement and spread of education in the science of business; to foster principles of honest) ' and integrity in business practice; and to en- courage a more friendly attitude of the business public towards graduates of commercial courses. The local chapter was organized thniugli the petition of members of tlie former Corinnerce Key. OfIICIsRS Marvin S. Minci.koori-k, Jr., I ' rrs ' uliiit V: vv n Mi;.mi!i;rs Di-AN, ' Morton A. Ai.kkh J. C " . ' a Kirk C. C GiTFIM I(J27 Marvin S. Mivglkoori f, Jr. IQ26 Bknnik Conn Ernest B. Mason (;i;orgi-: T. Wakni:, Jr. J. Waittr IIimhan John E. Rvan 1925 Al.BHKI I ' .. HOI.I.KMAN JOSKPII W. KlDI) CiUS A. El.GLJriKR Hugh K. Kohlmever Thomas I). Minci.ehori 1 HoopRR P. Carifr A. Leonard Roiunett v. 15ARNKV Hopkins Robert L. Simpson 350 PKi Beta Kappa i.Ird Alph pha Elizabeth VV. Ai.dricfi MOKIOS A. Al.DRlCH Mav a. Ai.i.f.n I ' dw AKi) A. Bkchtki. Sa.vii Ki. Bkckkr W ' aiikr C. Bosch l.ri.A K. Brown Caroi.isk Burson I ' lKKCK Bi ir.KR MiiiiRii) ( ;. Christian IIaroi.ii Cimmins A. B. DiSWIDDIK Branut ' . B. Dixon CiiARi.fs K. IH ' MiAK, Jr. Whiiam I.. DuRHN, Jr. I.MiIA K. I ' ROI ifllKR ilKRMAN B. (iKSSSKK Jr. F.1IIKI. C. Baiikr (iK)R(;K Bum in. Whiiam I.. Dt kj ; ViRCIMA l ' ' fS KR M RV ll RI IMA Marv Si dm II x uARii IUATKICR AllAMS Kl l AIH 111 W. . IIRU II 1. 1 I. A I " . Brown I ' .IIMONII N. ( ' Alls ;it Williain and Mar ( ' (illene, lyyrt. Chapter of Louisiana Orjjani etl 1909. l ' " . ci i.Tv Members M AKV llARDKSrV Max Ilii.i.ER Anna K. IIvman P. J. Kahi.k (iH ORCK KAI.IF John S. Kkndai.i. Rii ' MARi) R. Kirk. IIaroi.i) N. I.ee Isaac I. I.emann Monte M. Lemann Krnest S. Lewis John M. McBrvde R(K:kR I ' . McCl TCHEON I ' .imARii J. McShank Marion K. Maclean Anna K. Manv Si.MiKR P. Marks, Jr. I. EON R. Maxwell Recent Kliitions JQ26 OlIARLHS S. I.. lll ' RT Anna K. IIvman WiiiiAM r. Jervkv (iEORi;E Kalie Anceikna I.. I.OI A I ' l.A Mll.NKR llilFV r.. llir.llK.I Ai HE Tnv ImiNsnN Janui M. I.oeii Clara M. OeMilt Rose L. Moonev Caroline F. Richardson Ernest Riedel l.oiisE B. Roberts Ralph J. Schwar Robert Sharp V.M. Benjamin S.mitii Imogen Sione DAflNV (1. SUNNE Marten ten IIoor Susan I). Tew Odessa I.. Titswortm Rene A. X ' loscA Frederick Wespy Ellsworth Wihidward CiARREI P. W ' CKDKK Rose I.. Moonkv Innis Patikrson EmiiA M. Simmons Charles Tain ior Catherine II. Wir r Benjamin W. anckv FnxvARi) J. McSiuNK Marv Renaid (»wen Olive C. Koberis I.l ' CILI.K SONIAT J5I Dennett, Falk, Fernon, GARniiERC HiGciNSj Levy, Lodrigues Arthurians Officers Manuel Gardberg President Joseph G. Fernon I ' la-President Malcolm Levy Srrrelary Lawrence E. Higcins Treasurer Vernon B. Harrison . . President Elect Mkmrhrs ROYDEN Roth I.odrigues Myron H. Falk Millard Gkrstner John W. Bierhort Phillippe Schaffner Louis Cope Carlo Cabibi Freh McKinney Francis Dennett Alfred Mrrcier 352 S g WS7 ' ■ V Bi KK, Hrandeo, Dlmh-EV, Ferguson ' , Field, Folse Foster, Joy, McKittrick MoRi ' HEV, Page, Pierson, Snyder, Wagner, Watson Newcomt) Student Council Officers Frances Page President Winder Dudley I ' ice-Prcsidctit Esther Brando Secretary Members Ex-Officio Clara May Beer Grace McKittrick Marjorie Watson Elizabeth Snyder Beatrice Field Lucy Ferguson Dorothy Wagner Members Elected Winder Dudley F ' .stiier Brandao Dorothy Folse Helen Morphy Sue Joy Florence Pierson Ruby Foster fc ' i JAMBALAYA , .. ' • it. Tulane Student Council llic Tiilaiu- I ' niviTsity Studfiit Cniir.cil is an organization composi ' il ot tin- presi- dents ot the various student bodies ot the different ccdleges ot th;- university. Tile coun- cil is supreme as a lau-niaLin ; body relative to all phases ot student affairs which involve the university at iarg-. The Student L ' ouncil was orjiani .ed w itli tlv.- incep- tion ot stuilent govertunent at Tulane Marcl), I ' jlv .Members lor tlu ' |)ast year were as toliows: Wai UK (). Moss, rl■ illl■lll MiJiiiiif I.AWKKVci-; K. Hknson. N ' icr-l ' rrsidi ' iit l.ai!: W ' liiii W. Jordan, Sfcri-tnrv- ' I ' riMMinr l)i-iilislry Julian K. Haas lrl unJ Stiinrcs W. Banc Caktkk Commi-rir John C. Baink, Jr Hni im-frini riiAHi.KS Avo . I ' harmiiiy Cl.ARA Mav Hkkr Scv-iomb SS5 Mt-,. 1 JAMBALAYA Allrn, Bavon, Hrom), Hrolcii, Chambkklain CuARBONNF.T, Clavton, Ferson " , Harper, McCain, McCloskey Parker, Riggs, Schaffner, Seago, Salassi, Watson Terhune, Theriot, Walshe, Watson, Wicker, Wise Tulane Henri Wehrmann . . . Musical Dirrdni Jerai.I) Andrus Prisiiliul Charles Brougii .... I ' icc-PrisiJrnl Bob Weiirmann Sicrilmy II. Parker . . . First Tenors J. I. McCain Clayton D. Chamberlain Turner C. Ball II. P. Smith L. Cucinotia Frank Ogden II. liROAl) Second Tenors L. Chamberlain G. L. Andrus H. Watson B. L. Riggs A. Harper P. SCIIAIINER A. J. Theriot G. A. Allen Mitchell Wright C. Styron I. Dyer Gl ee Club v.. A. Salassi . Business Mariaffi ••r B. I,. Riggs . . ,lss. 1. Ilusiness MaruK i ■r J- I. McCain . Puhlieily Manac i -r Buster Harper .hsi. . Publicity Manaijer . . Librarian I ' irs 1 Basses H. Parker Byon B. McCloskey A. J. Johnson E. CllARBDNNET Bn NNABEL Bob WiiiRMANN W AI.SHE E. A. Salassi Green B. Stoi.ley C. Wicker Kellerher W . S. Sheppard .S roiiil Busses Chas. Brougii M. lISryde M . Seago Canatsa C. Terhune I- H. Foreswan W ise D. C. Sherwood Hopkins J. K. Smith " ' THE 1927 , JAMBALAYA L. Baink, Hril ' gii, IIavehcami " , Newi.i OsER, Rkinacii, Sarckni ' , Simpson Tulane Engineering Society lli K li. Sarcknt I ' risuliitl I.vukkmh; K. Nrlson . . riii-l ' r,sij,iil Ri I)m: RoiCKi.or Sni.niiy unJ Tnasuiir Sl-MOR Ml-iMRl-RS Ai.riKRi Cfiaki.ks Hkndir IIknrv IIaroi.d Jauikt Krvfst Schmidt Ai.nKRT Davis, Jr. Irvivc Ki.kis- Mai.i.arh Skaco Ariiiir HkKraiths Cari. Vimkvi I.AZARosh CiKOKOK Sn:n. C ' RnMvvKM, N. Enoncii Jay I.iddi.k Nkisov Ikkmiii av Chorck Ki ' STU Ai.ciRvns Maiisos IIorack WAiiswriHiii Vm. C ' iiari.ks Fox, Jk. IIkrmasv U Mvsim; Ciikstkr Wkkkr Mason John Cuillorv IIknrv Rkvf Riivaih Samuel Williamson 357 .. . Sr ' l ' THE 1927 iii Li iM JAMBALAYA The Tulane Hullabaloo Editorial Staff A. Watson Chapman Editor Chas. M. Lammond Nfws Editor MOISE B. Bloch Friiiiirr Editor Wright Frierson Campus Editor Irmine Charbonnf.t Ncwiomh Editor Business Staff Louis K. Bve Hiisinrss Mamu rr Albert IIopfensitz hst. liiisinrss Maiiur rr Hekhert V ' accaro Issl. .Idvcrtisiny Manai rr Joseph Cohen Isst. Loral .1 d ' vcrlisinij Manai rr Melville Lowe C ' irculalion Manager 358 JAMBALAYA %.%wwfc!!4il ' ! 7 - g i ' . " -.ff u 1 v 4m - Bacinskv, Goodman, Ojutx, Segal, Siaml, Vanchv Tulane Oratorical and Debatingf Council ()|-i ' 1li:rs Benjamin W. Yancey Chairman George Secel Secretary F. ci i.r M imhi:rs I)k. John M. McUkvdi: Kravk W. Pkkscoit Francis S. Rkhd Dr. Clarenck Bonnett Richard R. Kirk Lester IIakcreit Sti i)i: T . 1i. iiii:rs I ' .DMnsj) Caiin IIenrv Okden l.EOi ' Oi.D SiAiii. Sami ' ei, Goodman J. J. Davidson, Jr. IIi;rma Bacinskv A niimiil of tll(ll■lll ;iiul faculty iiu-idIhts with compltle control over liitcrcolleniatc debating affairs. HO THE 1927 a I JAMBALAYA P. .-« Baumgartner, Coon, Easley MiNGLEDORFF, SaNFORD WoMACK, Wolf 360 ■■■ ■-■ " B THE 1927 THE. JflMB ' STflFF Gavi.e Aikex Smith FJilor-in-C iie, ' David R. Womack liiisimss tanaiicr KonnKi i. SrAiF Babetik Woi.k Nfiucomh EJilor n. C. Easlky MtJical Editor J. B. Sasforo hst. I ' ' lii ' un EJilur D. A. SiRicKi.AM) Issl. MiJidil EJilor Makjorie Watson Irl EJilor Jons Minor Wisdom Sporis EJilor Harry Monroe Sna is iol EJilor Cecil Mooney Nnucomh Smtpshni EJilor El.izABETil Snyder CarlnonisI Malirice p. Sullivan Carloonist M N (;i Ki i. Sr w-v M. S. MlNCi.EnoRKF I ' pioivn liusiness Manaorr Fanny I ' . Baumgartner S ' l-v.comh Husitiiss Stamujir Edmond Salassi hsi. I ' pionL ' n Hutinrss Manaiifr Menson S. Coos Issl. MrJiuil Iliisimss f inin (r ,6i V gy THE 1927 " cx: 4 ' «.v « f - ' §p 4i ,! k ' Chapman, IIaki, IlH Ki(iiii:s, McCain OfiDKN ' , Raiwu.m;, Sarc.knt, Siahi, Tavan, TonEV, Woodward, Y ' ancev 3fi2 ' SV g S ' 2 JAMBALAYA %%wwwlVi r " - j? ' -. Tulane University Dramatic Guild Orj;aiii t ' tl. 1922. Oi-iici:rs Ai.i.EX S.vinii I ' r,si,l,nl Benjamin- Vancev lic-l ' nsiJ.nl A. Waison Chapman Sifrrlary Henry Ogden Treasurer Herman Sioi.i.ey . . . Ilu in,ss Manaarr MnisE Biocii A. Watson C ' iiai-man Chari.es Henriques James I. McCain Ann Howell NlARY I.OEB Ai.i.EN Smith Hi.kman Stoi.i.ey Jl ANNE ' I ' aVAN J.KVVARi) M. Ton , Jr. Members Lio Staim Benjamin ancey Henry B. Sargent R. M. Smaw M. T. Woodward, Jr. Webster McHrvde T. Fii.es Bledsoe E. B. ClIARBONNET KSI.ER I.. n ' .AlJlIN Lewis J. I arier Jr. Edward P. Dreyer Henry S. Oiggan ' i. K. Gladney K. 1 ' . (iREENBI.ATT C. Theo. Kramer Ben. C. I.anc n. W. Martin Oa ' S. Moore Waiter Rainvili.e E. Reed Sherwood Mkivin Weiherii.l Hknky Ogden J«3 THE 1927 rf:i=._ " .s ' ' -:- ' : I1KIS•| , Ilxiz, Dk. i i;r, Kai.i.kr Hamilion ' , Howell, Klkix, Liddle, Loeb Parker, Roy, Underwood, Walker Architectural Society CiEORGE Christy Harold Hallkk L. Klein Herbert Parker Members Warren Datz Hebert Hamilton J. Liddle S. Roy O. Walker Marion Draper Anne Howell Mary Loeb Junior Underwood 3fi+ Field Rksalu Naomi HArKESBRisr; Hkairick Field . Haiki-sbrim, Y. V. C. A. Cabinet I. VON Skawari) I ' rrs ' uliiil I iiilirr riiiluttlr Ri [ . I5KR1IIA SlAUARIl Marie Louise Renalo Klizabetii I, vox . . ... Trfiisurcr riii-l ' risiJiiit . . Siirt-lary Fr1;SII.M Co.MMITTKK WiLLENE Crawford Kaiiilikn Sue Joy Jarroh Coleman- Margaret Mill Eleanor Mafkesbring ER Marion Ai.vis I.oiiisE .Atkins ClIARlniTE . ' Nri.EE Elaine Haxier noRoiiiv Haii.v Frances Hlacki.ock EdIITI Hl.ANCllARI) Virginia Ulanciiard Ella Hoeiiringer PiiEOBE Hone Alice Eoii Brown DoROTHV Brown Edith Brown Marion Brown Leila Carre Vivian CARRr)N Helena Ciiai.aron Mary Lfe Coleman Ruth Connei.v Ei.i ABEiii Coleman ToLLEY Cook Dorothy Coi.onguk Catharine Crowk POROIIIY CrUICKSHANK Lucille Cruickshank Willenk Crawford E. Cunningham Louise Carroi i Susan Lyi f Dmro EvEi.vv Panhl Nf ARV Li i.u Dean BlIEUX Mignon Pean LoTis I ' m II A DE PiCV PODDS SlIKl.IIE PODDS I ' ll AiiEiii Donaldson KaiHERINE Pl ' DI.EV IvI.FANOR PUNN Edith Eskrigge Mai. LIE K. Evans Marvev Fancher .Anna Fkderico Beatrice Field Nellie Finki.ea Enid Fisher Bessie Fif enreiter (ii ADvs Eernande Pr)ROIHY (lEARY Mak Louise (Jiffs lln FN P. Cl ADNFV Jeanne Cuerin Lucille Crkaves Alice Coll Katherine Mardfsfy Eleanor Mafkfsiiring Margxrff IIymfi. loi,Fr Hardi nfr CXROI.INF IIVRRIS I ' m III .A. IIoNiii D J NFI I ' , lllMlPFR AlhlNX lllRRING .Ml MHI RS i ' .fizabeth iiuger Marinan Jack Sue Joy Jarroit Cornelia Kei.l Katherine Keen Rosemary Killeen Inez Knai p Anne Knowles Nell Kii.pairick ' KI.ARIE LlENHARD NhRA Long X ' ioi.et Lotz Ida Loi isE Lveri.v Nellie Maury Mildred Marsh Nancey Massev Agnes Marshall Thomasene McCorki Jane Mffcalfe Cl ARA MOONEY Margaret Mill fr m. mufnzenberger Margaret Newell Lillian Newell Lena May Nockion Lois Northrup Frxnces 1 ' age yonnf i ' avy Alice I ' eak Junk 1 ' ickens PoROTHV I ' l.AI CUE Ina Rebman .Ai.i.iE Rhodes Bonner Richardson MAR.IOKIE RollFKlSON Marie C. Rohertson Sali.ie Roddis Mary Rollins Mary Roseniii.ait Helen J. Rowan Mary L. R ckman .Adeline Sandoz Mary L. Si evens Catherine Stewart Elizabeth Siricki.and Ei.oisE ' I ' lrriNs Katherine Todd NANF IMF FOMINSON Sue Tonsmifre Mary Frfadawav Katherine CrTON Janff Wait ace S ' iRGiNiA Wallacb Lucy Wai.ne Florence Wiley Ri nv WiLLEV Rfn Wilson PoRoiiiv Wiin ' Clifford Wright Wei 1 1 P. Wright CiiAKFoFiE Yates m f The Newcomb Dramatic Club OiricERS Marcelle Melun Piiiuti-nl Winifred Mkisenheimer Vicc-PrcsuUnt Fanme T. Baumoartner Setrclary Dorothea Schlesincer Triasurrr Elizabeth Heaslip . . . Slatjr Mmun ir Members L. Bacher S. Barker F. Barlow K. Bearss C. M. Beer A. Berexson L. BlI.LEAUD F. Blacklock E. BOEHRINGER R. Brierre M. Brown M. Campbell J. Cantrell v. Carrau D. Carroll C. Carnahan C. Chalaron I. Charronnet M. Cochran L. Cohen A. Crawford A. de la Barre S. DE la H0USSA E W. Dudley K. Everett H. Fancher A. Federico B. Field E. Fine I. FiNKI.EA L. Fox H. GoucH E. Goldberg C. Gonzalez A. GuiON A. Haas K. Hanlev K. Hardestv E. Harris N. Harris C. Heaslip E. Heaslip E. Hibbard H. Hili.er D. Hills L. Hume E. HUGER B. HVMAN H. HvMAN (). Janfreau E. Johnston M. Keesler R. Kaiin R. Kaliski S. KUNDERT L. Lambriotte R. Lang ' . Lazarus V. Leinhard A. Lew J. LURIE M. Mars M. McAleer G. McConnell W. Meisenheimer L. Meyers M. MiCHAELSON M. Melun A. MnCHNER B. McLaughlin H. MORPIIY E. Muse L. NORTHRUP E. Parsons M. Patz Y. Pavy H. Perkins L Petit ' tean V. PlERSON K. POLACK B. Richardson M. Richardson B. Rivarde M. Rasenstock D. Russ D. SCHLESINGER F. Shaw R. Shushan E. Silverman E. Singer E. Snyder M. SWTFT ' D. Thomas M. Thomas O. V ' lCKNAlR D. Wagner E. Waldman M. Walker S. Weber E. Welsch E. J. Westfeldt M. Weil L. Wilson C. Wilson M. Wilson A. Wells W. Wright Y. YociiiM E. Bran ' j.-.o A. ZiNK T. Micas E. O ' Leary f m ■ 366 THE 1927 JjJu!!£0 Tgra:: _ JAMBALAYA Hkaiki), 1;oi)F.mikimhr, Foster The Jennie C. Nixon Debating Club OlIlCERS Ruby Foster Frebeen ' Beaiko .... Evelyn Boden ' hei.mkk PrciiJcnt Cliairman of Drhalfs Secretary- Trtasur,r F.i.AiNE Baxter Ci.ARA May Beer Rl ' TII Brandao PoROTirY Kl.STER Marcaret Foi.se Dorothy Camiii.e Ma.xine Ha(;ei)OS- Mi ' .muhrs F.i.siE Jn.ii ' s Roma I.evink Bei-iv M(.i.Ai ' (;m.iN ' K[)NA Morrison Florence I ' iersov Mary Svviit I.uciE Wai.xe Fannie Baimcartskr F ' vei.yn ' Bodkmieimer Marcarei ' Cami ' iielu Bea Field .AiiKLE Foster ( " ARMKLIIA ( " iON ' ZAI.KZ Kaimkrine IIardestv II s Ml KaHN Miles Maestri MarCEI.I.E VIlLl ' N Ivmii. MrsK Mar(;orii RoiiERisON Naslite Tomlinson Rena V ' u.son FrEOEEN Bi AIRI) F.stfier Bravdao IrMIVE ClIARnONAEr Kvei.yn Fine RiiiY Foster AsNA Haas O1.CA Jeanfrau Ray Kaiin- Bessie Marcolin Aline Mitviiner l.OI ISE I ' ARIIAM doroiiiea sliilesincer Janet Wallace 1 rrM 0 «S: • fo ' ' DE LA Bakre, Foster, Schlesinger The Newcomb Arcade Staff Adei.e de la Harre Edilor-in-Cliiel RuRY Foster . l.iliiiiry hiiilnr Anne Wright Cnllfije Editor Winder Dudley Exclia iyc Editor Dorothea Schlesincer liusincss Maiiai cr Maridel Saunders Issistant liusinrss Maniu i-r Lynne Northrop Irt Editor sub-euitors Aline Mitchner Doris Chase Hills Grace McKittrick Ruth Virtue Ethel Jane Westfelt Enid Fisher Edna Morkisov I ' ' »! I 3 K S7 ' THE 1927 sse. w Chalaron, CiiARnoxNET, Maksiri Newcomb French Circl Ci.AiRK CiiAi.AROs President Irmink CiiARnoNXET I ' ice-Presidriit EvKLVX Maestri SetrilaryTreasurcr V. Adams M. Alvis II. Ask M. AinF.RT N ' . M. Hartietp K. Havi.ev I). Bl.OODWORlII K. F. HODESlltl.VII-R I ' . Bosh M. linURNE I ' .. Hrasdao K. Urandao M. Hrown M. HlRTO.V I.. ( ' Alls M. ( ' AMpni:i,i. I). Caron M. I,. CJii.ES N. COI.DSTKIN H. CiOLDSTRIS ' C. G01.KN n. (iKOSS K. Crkavks A. (Ji ' Rinv N. Mai KESHRiNc A. IIardisiv K. II Ri i sn N. Harris 1. II WARM ( ' . Ill ASI.II . I. lllIHS K. M. llEKOi.n I. lliRN n. II III.!) M. Nkwi 1 1. t. NoRUOIIIl C;. I ' AlllRN Ml-.MBERS . Paw R. ' . Piiii.nRicK E. C. Pickens E. F. PlERSOV L. !■:. Pride S. I. Rlll.VtAN A. A. Rhodes (). M. Rkhardson E. A. Rii(. KE R. M. KnilERTSON M. |. ROSER C. n. Rus3 E. M. Sai ' nders a. n. SCIII.ESINGER O. II. ( IIAI.AROX I.. 1). ( ' llAMI)l RIAIN M. I. (llARUOWEr M. v. ClIEQUEI.IN H. I.. rniiEN II. r. ( " ooK E. . ' . Crawford M. { " . Crowe 1). A. Crvsi ' AI. M A. J. Havis F. v. Davison F. S. HE I A llniiSSAYE M A. DivAl.t, W M. IHXN I.. I). Dnniis P. S. DoHiis M, E. J. DuRKi, A. M. PUREI. C. J. F ' llRMAN P. A. Ei.i.is A. E. ESKRIGCE M, G. Fernasiiez R. e. fei.vcoi.d Fine IIexcer III! ME IllMER Jahxcke Jean I RE A II j II. IIS Kaiin KiGER KiLI, Kendai-i. KVOWI.ES I.AMIIERT I.EWAI.D 1. 1 WIS I.ONO Margolin Maestri Maestri Mars Ma RUN . Mar I IN Marks Meiseniiei.mkr . Memn . Schwartz: Scott SlAIII. . I.. Stevens Smi ER SiREIMER Smith Siter Swirr I ' avi.or ' . Tete K. ToDus N. TOMI.INSON S. TONSMEIRE L. TussoN K. Ci ' iON V. ' 00RIIIES I.. W ' ALNE H. Watson M. White II. Wext.er I. Weil M. Weil I. Wiener F. Fisher H. Fitzenreiier N. FORCIIEIMER P. I ' orgot.son A. I ' OSIER R. Foster M. FREE.MAN M. Manard M. Menvii.i.k . . Mficai.f . ' . Miller M. Miller M. MoisE II. MoRI ' IIV I.. N I WELL C. Wll SON I . Win |{. Wolf C. Yates S. Yenni Y. Yenni P. CJehelen E. Morrison w THE 1927 -M JAMBALAYA i, r.! SK , ClIAI ' MAN, DaVIIISON DrEMCR, (iOODMAN, (jREGOKV, McCAIN OoDEN, Shgicl, Shane, Siaiil Terhune, TonKv, Woodwaru, Yancey 370 f: JAMBALAYA Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society Officers J. J. Davidson-, Jr Speaker M. T. Woodward, Jr Vice-Speaker Webster McBrvde Secretary-Treasurer Paul Freund Historian Wm. Grecorv Senjeant-at-Arms James I. McCain Censor U. W. Vancev Oraloriial an J Pehalinr Cuuneil Representative Hevjry Ogden: Oraloritat and Dehalini (Uiumil Representative Professor Kirk Critic Members Frank Ogoen K. R. Siihrvvood C. IlKNRrguES 1). MnoRK II. C. KoRN ' K. Drvkr C. Teriiune (.Jeorce Secel F.. B. CiiARBONNKi, Jr. Weiister McHrvde L- Staiil H. Hacinskv M. T. Woor)v AKii W. { " irekory S. Goodman J. I. McCain- Hen W. Yancey A. Harper J. J. Davidson R. Johnson v. Ireund B. Lang W. Chapman Lowery IlrvKv Ocden IIiendei. 17 ' THE 1927 ■ra JAMBALAYA I w Newcomt) Mandolin-Guitar Club Myrtle Gastrell ■ ■ Prisidcnt Naomi Hafkesbrikg Secretary Maiiilohns Dale Hrent Sle Mac Fox Alice Coll Doris Hills Marie Lea Betty McI-AutuiLis ' Anna Pfieker Guitars Agnes Brolssard F.dith Brown Elizabeth Cecil WiLLiA Wright Biliijrjs Clara May Beer Dorothy Branoao Pat McAleer Mazie Vigurie Rose Beeson Myrtle Gastrell Mary Mllqueeny Frances Pace Anita Nolan JJkehles Adelaide Dlmertre Kdwarda Jennings Elizabeth Hollis Flora Levy Naomi Hafkesbring Eleanor Hafkesbring Bernice Mansberg Mary Freeman Marie Weil Ruby Foster Pianos Gertrude Johnson Drum Ruth Mass ' iRCiNiA Wallace OuiDA Seiler 372 TKc Tul anc Un iversitv Band ()l TICKRS Ok. Mvrtis- tkv IIoor Dirn nr l-.i.l.is F. RoEiBERT Manayi-r Pllll.li ' SciiAKFNKR hsislani Mamif ,r EtiMusn Sai.assi . ' . Asslslant Mamuji-r Fra k McFarland Profierly Man Frank Jknsev ■ ■ ■ Librarian WtBSiKR McHrvdk Librarian Fi)MUM Sai.assi nrum Major Kdwarm SrtiKKS hsislant Drum Major Mrmbers 1 ' . n. AnRAMSON G. M. IIiRScu It. I.. Rinns ( ' . VV. AI.E.V1U3 F. I.. JKNSEN l ' . F. RoilRIRT I.. HiERIinsT II. II. KeM.Y I.. Ro.SKMU.l.M J. NV. HiERiiosT . II. Kern 1 . A. Sai.assi M. I ' . HORRE II. S. KdHI.MEVER I ' . SlIAIINER J. HiRDWii.L Noam Lord M. Sciiii.i.iNf; A. K. Urixt F. Martiv F. C. Sciiii.iz J. II. Hrowm J. K. Mayer R. Seoai. M. E. DkHakey F. W. McHrvdk V. J. Sueppari) J. G. Ferson J. F. Mil ' ARi.Asn Sl.ii ' AKniK C. F. Gei.iike a. J. Meyers J. Smiiii VV. Green J. J. Morrison IC. I,. Si. Germain L. S. Mass, Jr. I. Niwman F.. D. Stokes Fur.EVE IIariiing J. ( ' . Nieijon H. Stoi.i.ey C. U. IIaKVKV R. I. I ' OI.ACK C. A. lERIIUNK M. IliisiiERn F. M. I ' RiNOi.K (. F. I ' i.i.man R. S. lliEvDEi. I,. I ' RirciiARii 11. Weiirmann 171 ' V; JAMBALAYA »: ■:• - ■ ' ■» r - I " " Ml l I Deairii, Keer, Gonzalez ( " iRFAVFs, Walker TKe Newcomb Student Government Association ExECLTU ' E Com M I IT i; I ' Clara Mav Beer I ' r.siJenl Fredeen Beaird J ' ur-Pr,suintl Fran ' ces Pace I ' raiiLrti SliutirU ( ' .oiiiuil Katherine Greaves .... Carns ' ii iJini Siditary CARMEi.riA (inNZALKS R,ii» tui(i Sii iiiiiry Marian Walker Tr,auir,r Maruirie Watson- Ilousr riis ' uirni Dorothy Wagner I ' nsiJinl Srninr Class Beatrice Field I ' residrnt Junim Class (Jrace McKitirick Prcsidrnt So mmnr,- Class Josephine Fry President Fiislnnan Class Elizabeth Snm)ER Presidrnl .Irl Sehnol Lucy Ferguson Presidrnl Musie Sludent liody Ruby FrrsTER President Drhalini Cluh MARCELi.p Melun President Dramatie Cluh Claire Chai.aron President Freneli Cirele Marie Louise Renaud President Glee Cluh Myrtle Gastreli President Mandolin-Guitar Cluh Naomi IIakkesbring President Y. II ' . C. . . (Jeorgeiik Thompson President .It ilelie Cnuneil Adele I)E la Barre Editor " .Ireade " Irmine Charbonnett Nnviomh Editress " llullahaloo " Fanny Baumgariner Husiness Manae er " Jamhalaya " Babette Wolfe Seij.-fomh Editress. " Jamhalaya " F.lizabeth Heasi.ip Chairman Campus Ni jlit 374 Hkaiki), HiiK, Hkvkrox, Oodds, East, Fifid, Fisiicr Foi K, (Jrkavi-s, Jli.rs, Mkkhdhii Pagk, Schi.excrr, Tovii ivsov, U ' acvkr, Wai kkr, Waijon, Wright Josephine Louist; House Council ()i I ici:rs Marjdkik Watson I ' r,s ' utiiii Anne Wright First l ' ii,--l ' r,siJ,nl DOROTIIV StTII.KSINGKR Sl ' inllJ I ' id- I ' risiililll Vli.i.A Easi- Cluh Onrmilory I ' nsiArnI IIkv DoiiDs Sicrelary Sininrs pRKKtlKN BaIRI) AnCIK MkRI-DITM DoROTiiv Foi.sk I ' )oroitiv Wagnkr J It nil) n Beatrick Fiku) ICi.sii-: Ji ' i.ius Katiikrivk (iRh WIS Marion Walker I ' !nii) Fisiikr Snfthiiiiini cs Ivssii M K Hi:rc,i:ron Nanski-ik Tomiisson Sl ' H ToNSMUKF. (Jltli D ' H iiiitor y Ri firisiiltdtixu ' Jiisi.I ' Iiim: Whi. lldSoK K MiMlll RS Frances I ' m.i . , firn.l.nt Stii.lritt Cmimil (I R M ItiiR I ' reti.lfnl StuJfnl llndy " Mfs JAMBALAYA Tul ane N e ' com b Christian Un ion Cornelius Teriiunk I ' rrsiilrnl Elizabeth Kendall ri(,--l ' r,siiti itl Naomi Hafkespring Scoflary Louise Lambiotte Treasurer Alice Gill Pni ' jram C.liairman V. K. Coz Louise Cucinotta J. J. Davidson Mary Lula Dean Willis G. Dwen Bessie Fitzenreiter Alice Goll Wilbur Green Vincent Guasterla Naomi Haiesi-king Members Hill Howard Lyman Heindei. Edith Hibbard Edith Honoi-d Frank Jensen Texas Joyner Elizabeth Kendall Lane Kendall Louise Lambiopie Mr. and Mrs. Hugh E. Robinson Advisors Jack McHr de Frank McFari.and James Richards Mary Rollins Hertha Seaward Gordon Seaward William Shei ' pard Cornelius Terhune WiMKRED ThoMI ' SON Rriiv Wallace Tulane Newcomb Christian (riiDti is .to nrganization of Christian students, fostered In the Y. M. C. a. of Tulane and tha ' . W. C. . ni Newcomb. The main object of the fjrnup is to discuss student problems and to find out in what ways Jesus helps to solve these problems. The unit seeks to brin;; about a greater fellowship of students, and also to broaden its interests into acts of service. All students of both I ' ulane and Newcomb arc most welcome. 376 .rt. THE 1927 ■ lAK ' = L4iLi JAMBALAYA ■ 11 Newconib Glee Club MARrK Louise Renal ' D l ' r,siJini Leoi.a Haliikr rl(f-l ' nsiJfnl Mkri.h Richardson Srcnlary-Trrasuri-r Naomi IlArKi:snRi n Ilii.iin,ss Manatjir firs! ' jpKinos Kathrvn- Ukarss Mazie Vicurie Agnes Stofer I- ' LizAnETH Cecil Marv Bi.akh Ai.ici- Palantjue Leslie Tiover Katim.ken, ' Edmision ' Salome Kundert Lnnii IIiiiiiard I ' .imire ' i;i.scii nciKoiiiv C ' ri ' Icksiiank DoRdiiiv IIaniei. Ja ki IIooimr Marina Wilson I ii aiii in Ciamvcmam Mariawe Ki.i.is Ruth Kemp Mhri.k Richardson- aikkii; Lh-nhard Heairice (iErson LixiLi.E Lazarus Ki.izaiikih Joiinsion I ' homksene McC ' orkle Stella IIavward Lous de Hi.ieux Certrudk Johnston Mildred Michaelson IIermie I ' erkins Lucille Rix Ki.i.a I oehrincer Doroihy Teunisson ' l oRoiHv SciiRAUT Marv IIeiss Mar(;aret Cami ' iihi. Louise Kokhler Ediih Shi ' AI.l Sarah Uamace Irancks Carnahan Mariha ' uncannon ' Sfcniiit Siiftiiiiins Louise Adams Patricia I ' harr Alice c;oi.l nEii ' iiiNE Carron ArncA AiiKiNS Cladvs U ' iii i ms I ' .i.sik L rick I ' i i ' aiihii Coleman Frances Harlow NLxrian Walker Miki m Moonev Marv Lee Coleman Vivian Carrau Doromh (Jross Loi [■ v I ' arham I.ucv Kercison Rose Ciiavanne Flora Mardie N ' mimi II m ki siirivc Kmiierine Shoemaker Marv Cortner Lucille Lani; I-ii miiih IIhi ' son Ki in Hawson Norma Cjehelin Jean Khrmas Mar Armsironi; NLvrion Mi en eniiercer Orrii.iK Lambert Jennie Creen Louise Koeiii.er Marv Louise Renauo .Hlos Leoi.a Haiher Doroiiiv Wh.iev Sue Jov Nellie M w Harm in DoRoiHV Carroll Rum Smith Thais Micas Kannie Haumcariner Anna I ' ederico Marcelle Mki.i ' n Jeanne Lurie vei-ie Ciiequelin Maxine 1Lm;kdorn Marcelle Mars Aniia Nolan Nora Swift lloRomv Waoner Clara Moonev (Iaiiher McConneli. Bethea, Chapman, Clayton, Dwen, Davidson, Heinuel Haas, Fernon, Jensen, McKinnev, Moore, Vancey Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, 1926-27 Okfichrs Frank T. Jensen I ' nsiJiiil A. Watson Chapman First yice-l ' iis ' ulcnl Sherwooo Clayton Siiond ritf-Prrsidinl R. Lyman Heindel, Jr Srcrrtary Forest Buchanan Tnasurer II. E. RoDiNSON .... Unurtit Siirrtary Cd.MiMlTTKKMRN A. Waison Chapman (Uiatrman I ' uhliiily Committrr Sherwood Clayton Cliiiiiintui I ' ns imnn Commillic Willis Dwen (. ' mi) man Ihiiis,- (. ' i mmilln- Eddie Harris Clnnn. I ' lml (tint HilliarJ Room Coinmiltii- Julian Haas SiiiJinl Coiiiiiil Rrprisnilali-vc James I. McCain C.limn. Campus Nii lil Commiltir Fred McKinney Climii. Mi-mhrrsliip (. ' nmmillii- H. M. Moore ( ' una. ( ' amhus Srrvia ' ( ommiltee Cornelius A. Terhune . Rrliiiintis H ' ork ( ' .(imniilhr ; Dindnr Y. M. C. .1. Sinn- Mi-..Miii;RS-.AT-L. R(;i; J. ]. Davidson Malcolm Levy Ben W. Vancey Herman Stoli.ey TURNEY HeNSLEY H.w ' DiiooK Co MM ITT in; .• . HophKNsnz Myron F ' alk Joe Fernon 378 kEcu JAMBALAYA Tulane Y. M. C. A. The vcar for the Tulaiie V. M. C. A. Ikin scei riuiiiy chaiiKes. New activities were iii- trodiRcil and old ones were improved. (Jrowth and development have readily been witnessed by those who have known the " Y " in the past few years. The hut has become a greater stu- dent center than it has ever been. The new General Secretary, Mr. II. K. Robinson, arrived at the beginning of the year, and has received the whole-hearted approval of limh faculty arid students since that lime. The Handbook for the Freshmen, with its " iio-repcat " goal accomplished as regards articles describing campus activities and personages, was distributed to all new stutlents and to many upperclassmen as well. The " Y " sought to co-operate with the churches of the city by furnishing volunteer stu- dent workers and speakers at various times. The Tulane-Newcomb Christian I iiinn met each Sunday evening for discussion of student pr ' -blems in the light of Christian principles. Devo- tional services were conducted each Wednesday noon and foun l a place in the campus life. Deputation teams were sent to nearby towns and to local churches and institutions. Hlble stud groups were conducted amoi g dormitory men, fraternities, and other students. There have been several of the ever-popular " Campus Nights, " and otber entertainments given in the hut by campus organizations. In addition, the lounge room has a steady source of entertainment with its Orthophnnic Ictrula, piano, and magazines. Ping-pong has become a serirms indofir sport fitr inari of the vtudtiitv. and pool aiul billiards drew th eir share of interest. The I ' art-I ' ime F.mployment Bureau was responsible tor the placing of many students in after-sch(M)l positions. ' I ' he Dug-Out was started during the ear, and candies, pop arul other refrevhments vere « I(I. It also served coffee to the Campus (uiards on the eve of the I.. S. 1 . game. The Cabinet met each week to plan the work of the organization, aiui lieM numtlily meetings to stu ly the deeper meanings of the Y. M. C. A. Ihc Freshman Club was organized again, arid a number of new men found work and accpiainlances there. Readers of the daily newspapers and the Tidane Hullabaloo have been kept in touch with the progress of the " Y ' s " work through the efforts of the publicity committee. The exhibit ill the downtown store displa window vliow n during the Conununilv Che t drive w av the wcirk of this group. ' I ' lilane was represented at the first National Student Conference, held at Milwaukee, Wis- consin, December 28 to January i, by two " " members — Fred McKinney and Joseph Fernon. Membership has been on a service basis, those doing adlve uork being known as Active Members, while all others were classed as Associate Members. The " " has received its linancial support from students, the universii , ilu- churches of the citv, the Community Chest, and friends at large. Othcers for the year 1926-27 were: Frank T. Jensen, presiileiit ; A. Watson Chapman, first virc-presiilenl ; Sherwimd S. Clayton, second vice-president; R. I. lleimUl, Jr., secrelar ; Forest Hiichanaii, treasurer; II. K. Rnbinsnn, (leneral Secretarv. The Faculty Coinmillec has the following as melnb(■r : I ' rofe-jir S. A. Mahood, di.iir- maii ; Profesv r J. A. I.yon, Professor Irving llardesly. Professor Thomas H. Sellers Professor A. I.er Diinlap, Professor Claiborne ( i. I.atiiner, Professor Cieorge F. Simmons. File Cabinet members wer e: F. Kuchaiiaii, A. W. Chapman, S. S. Clayton, J. J. David- son, W. :. Dwell, M. Falk, J. Fernon, Julian Haas, F. Harris, R. I,. Ileindel, Jr., I " . Hrnslry, V. T. Jensen, F. McKinne , II. M. Moore, H. Slollev, C. A. Terhuiie, H. W. Yancey. ITT THE 1927 ■ OiL Newcomb Athletic Council Georgette Thompson. ' , Chairman Senior Memrers Ruth Taylor Wii.i.ik Mak Dei.champs Marian Walker Junior Mem hers Pat I.amb Maridel Saunders SornoAioRE Members Ruth Maddox Thais Micas 380 £ 1:2: a ' THE 1927 ; JAMBALAYA WE NOMINATE FOR THE HALL OF FAME CI ara Mae B eer Because she lias won t!ie admiration of all students for her untiring worli for the college, her charming person- ality, her never-failing smile, her consideration for all has given her the highest place in student government — tlie presidency of the Student Body. Because she has never failed in Student Body meet- ing to relieve situations by saying the unexpected. Be- cause she is Clara Mae Beer. ' ranees Pag. Marjorie Watson Because, in her (piiet a , lie has acconipli lu-tl afi :inia iii amount, hotii in llu- art and in the acailernic schoiil ; she has capably filled her ofhce as president nt llu- Josephine Louise House; lu-- fauve she did the ar ' t work for this book. hi ' h speaks for ilself. Because she has made a rather unpopular office pop- ular — that of president of Student Council. She has done much in activities for which she has received no credit. 382 , JAMBALAYA WE NOMINATE FOR THE HALL OF FAME H arry Gamble Because he was captain of the 1926 Green Wave. Uecause he was selected All-Southern End. He- cause he has proved him- self so wf)rth ' of his membership in K;ippa Delta Phi. . iul liecansc he is a Renlleman, scholar, athlete and husband. William Du ren Martin T. Hoor li.r.iiiM ' lir h.is l.ilu.rrd lireltssly 10 ({ive Tulane a band and orchestra of «liii ' li she Mia will be proud. Uecause he is a Urnlleman and true friend, aiul is so popular with the sliidenls. " Mill " — because he is a glorious example of what strength of character and (Ictcrinination can accom- plish. Hc iruiin; as a mediocre track a-pirani, he succeetlfd in becoming ine lit the be-t hurdlers in nixie. , ml bri ' ;iiiNC he is I incMibcr ol I ' lii Heta Kappa. 1R1 THE 1927 1 JAMBALAYA WE NOMINATE FOR THE HALL OF FAME Walter Moss Iie •aLl e lie Is hiiiiiirtti and respected by his fel- low students. Because as president of the Student Council he has lu-Ul the interest of his univirsit above everything. He- cause his collegiate life has been so active and varied. Finally, because after several years of per- se ' ernnce and hani wink he rnadf his letttr in fniit- ball. D i Lawrence Benson Because " l.arr " is a hundred per cent all- around K " ' " ' fellow. So sincere and such a cap- able student. Because he is a member of the Stu- dent Council. Because as cheer leader he has ac- complished more than any III his predecessors in get- ting the throngs to cheer as a body. m Harvey Wilson lucause he has risen so high aTuong his classmates and is yet so modest. Be- cause he was selected as the most valuable player on the 1926 football team. And because he is a true gentleman in ever sense of the word. " ss ssii ys ' JAMBALAYA WE NOMINATE FOR THE HALL OF FAME Webb Jordan W ' tlili li.is Ml manv U iii(l trail llial ii iicril only lip place IiIn iiaiiu- iiikUt liiv iiirlurc In auakt ' ii in llii ' iiiiiuN of Wf Irifiiih .111(1 a( ' i|iiaiiit- aiu ' VH all the thiiiK a man •mikIii t(i lif. Ill- i pri ' v- idrnl iif llir ilrnlal ln(lrnl body and a incinlxT ol llir Stiidriit Coiinril. Ilin inodf lv ci|iiaN lii« ahil- ity. ' I ' hc iinivcriity i» lotiiiK " ' " ' il " inosi alilr supporter from nndcr- Krailnalc life, and hi (rl- lo« i n most rlirrislird a»- 9(H-inlion. Hycier Brewster Hccause he has estab- lished such a hifih and enviable record as a stu- dent of medicine; one that is a product of an ever flaming desire and diligent effort to knoiv the truth rather than to excel. Because he is richly en- dowed with those hu- mane, ujidirstarulinn and appreciative tiualities of man along vith charac- ter, personality and the proper amount of dignity. Ami finally because as a friend he touches our in- most heartstrings that awakens re-echning senti- ments that sing strong and clear. X i ■ =5 ? ' ' " Sm ■ . H0USEPARTIE3 J V, ? 1 ■ m ' i AT THE BAY THE PASS A rD BILOXl ' DiXIfc ' i SWEETHtART " CHIEF PtHHtTUAL NOMlMEEa CrlvjCUaS CAMpnB PHIE " HEI13ELF MR. WOODWARD ' ' M DR. BUTLER v l P OUR TRAGEDIENNE M HAT A SOLID FOUNDATION ' OW cS I ' ( Ei Ei srsAnH " A GREAT BIG HLTLLABALOO " NEWCOMBITES ON PARADE - s: ' e,f - -re - DR. DINWIDDIE AND ELIZABETH. HEASLEP Hi ATLANTA Air £xS X ' 3 BLACK BOTTOn DEITLEIN 3 LLCK. v ' lqL W y- AN AQUATIC PARTY NOON HOUR EXCEPTED I JAMBALAYA Adelaide Dumestre Katherine Lvon Gaither McConnell Evelyn Campbell Rose Cornelson Louise Feilschmidt Clara May Beer, ' .aim Lucille Maestri, Queen Gentlemen liueeaneers Marie Louise Ri:naui) Frances Silwv Ma ' uis M. v. Mariin- Fentress Helen McCi.fm.an Evelyn Thibaut Georgette Thompson Marger V ' ais() ' Alice Montgomery Charlohe ' oss Matilda Talmage Cargoes if ' i(,. A May Fete from ( ' las , nf ' 27 tci Clas Saturday, May 1, uti( . Oiiinquireme of Ninevuli jiain chshinl ( J iu Riiivimi home to uivrn in sunny I ' alesline, ll ' illi a earijo of ii)o y I nd .Ipes and Feaeoeh, SandaliL-ood, eedarivnod, and sixeet ix-liile liine. Stately Spanish i alleon lornin from the Isthmus, Dipfiini llirouijh the Tropiis l y the palm-i reen Shores, If ' it i a eargo of diamonds, Emeralds and amethysts. Topazes, and (innamon and ijold moidores. Dirty Ilritish roaster luith a salt-raked smoke slaek, Buttinij ihrouijli the CJiannel in the mad Mareli days, IVitli a cargo of Tyne ioal. Road-rails, pig lead. Firewood, honiLiire and iheap tin trays. — John Masff iti.i). Once upon :i time I ' ' ,astern merchant |irin(is lieaileil l) Zalin ol Opliir, hesieKet! re|H ' aleiil on the boimdiiiK main by pirates, became gentlemen buccaneers, and as it came to pass were cast upon the isle of the CJenii. Hy chance Zahn discovers an ancient chest containinr; the long- buried Aladdin ' s lamp, whereupon he and his crew wish, in true j ' lirate fashinn. f(U- those Carj oes from the (juest of which they had been temporarily turnetl. 392 !»»■ » THE 1927 -I K : ;;; _ jambalaya [L ' J- N 1 ] Ol Papa Du Rock s Bedtime Story A I ' dlyjlnt iiiiry J ' iir nj Miiilii n ) aiilh " Papa Hii Rock, " screami-d Mama l ii Rmk (who was washing the dirty dishes in the li in(; room sink), " ' I ' dl Junior a bedtime story just like they tell on dc radio. " " Sure, " rejoined Papa unabashed, " Let ' s see. Oh, yes. Once upoii : liinc tlurr were three bears and a little girl named Red Kidiiig Hood — " " Hell, " interrupted V. Du Rock, Jr., aged 2, (who was in every sense a modern youth). For Pete ' s sake don ' t bore me again with that silly yarn about her. I know how she kept the wolf from the door. " " Well, what sort of stuff do ou want me to tell about? What about a traveling salesman story? Did you hear the one about the farmer and his daughter and the beans — " " Hell, yes, that ' s nundier 402. Oh say, do you know anything about the (ireek world? " " Do I, " proudly exclaimed the elder Du Rock. " I am the original Delphian oracle. I know everything. When a CJreek meets a (ircek they open a restaurant where they sell ros bitf. — " " Oh, Hell, no. If you weren ' t purported to be my pater, I ' d call you an idiot — I mean the World of the Collegian. " " l ' ardf)n me, son. Of course 1 know what ou nuMii. I li.nl a Irliiul ihkc w Im knew some- one who belonged to the (ircek Letter lads, and In- mid me all about them at Tulane. Let me Mart, as would Plato ' s Crilo, at the beginning, by giving a metaphipical definition ol a fra- ternity, then follow the method of induction by citing numerous individual examples from which by Socrates ' deductive method, you might tiraw a conclusion. " " Cheri), " ct ' inplimenled the infant. " Vou didn ' t read Dr. l.lliotl ' s 5-fool shelf every dav for imlhing. " ( lulllor ' s note — Not an advertisement). riieii Papa Du Rock, feeling that he had regained the prestige which he a moment ago had lost with his all Iimi poorish crack, smiled, spat his tobacco in the spittoon, and began his di»4 ' ourse on iralernilies. Sic iat: " . ' fralernilv, son, is wh.ii is known in xernacular as a suck-in. It is an organi a- lion outh joins in a momeiii r l iiiadne s and like Meel ebuli and his fallen arch angels, he spends the rest of his college lite lr ing lo suck other bo s in to gel even, . nd the worse his fralernilv is, the more he trie to get even. It ' s just a cpieslion of suffering. There are twenty lodges at Tiilane sporting the apellation of tireek letter dubs. I ' heN are all terrible and my advice to you is (o join the Y. VL C. .A. when you go to Tulane. Vi THE 1927 1 JAMBALAYA The frattiest frat on the camp- us is Si ina Pi. It is (nul s j;ift to the rural buys, aiul aM iin us- pectinjj; hui froin the liayoiies and tlie tall timbers will fiiul hiniselt pleilned to Dean Becky ' s frat it he doesn ' t watch out. And that ' s not all: He ' ll be dressed a la collegiate overnight and be a real frat boy. Insitle of two weeks he ' ll be making 6:30 to 7:30 dates, gol darn it! The Alpha Tau Omegas mean well. They rush more and gel less than any other fraternity iir the world. They never give up trying and every rusliiiig season ou can see them patting silly little freshmen on the back, bow- ing to them, flattering them, shining their shoes, etc, etc, etc. Once every twenty years or so some child, who has a sen e ot Christian pity, goes A. I " . O., but it ' s better not to go A. I ' . O. than to wish von hadn ' t. :5 g w37 ' A(lvcrtiMtm-nt iv the uatili- word of the day We have ad- vertising churches, realtors, au- tomobile dealers — even advertis- ing fraternities. The Si ma Alpha Kp ilons, largest benevo- lent and protective order of col- legians in the world, are the original advertising frat. Their press agent writes weekly in the papers of their Auxiliary Soci- ety, and their Alumni Associa- tion, etc., as if aiivbody cares. Anyone who knows the facts of the matter would say all is not gold that glitters or in oilur words df)n ' t believe what you read in the newspapers. JOIN OUR FRAT LflKGtST ON EARTH Sl nR RLPHR EP6IL0N f v. flUw. , flilocx .-V,o , etc 111) m : : :, ._ I ' m 1 1 -- Cicero Ramsey ' s fraternity g.ive a party at the Patio. It was a cold night, so Cicero wore his longs, but somehow or other 111- couliln ' l dance, so big-heart- iilly he helped the policeman at I lie do ir take up the strictly iii- ilalional admit cards ol the trateniity representatives. . big time was had by all, in f.ict, as one of the girls said — It was belter than any De MoIa dance she had ever been to. Y ni have to hand it to (hose D. K. K. ' s, THE 1927 A A wandering Phi Delta Tlieta alumnus, feeling the urge of by- gone (lays, dropped in to State Street hungalow to see the boys and whoop it up a bit. As he entered, a strange sight greeted him. The Phi Delta Theta Mothers Club was in session sewing the boys ' socks and fix- ing the curtains, and telling all the little boys how nice they were. " Hell, " he grumbled, turn- ing on his heel, and leaving, This ain ' t the Phi Delta Theta House, it ' s the Beta House. " " This is Station S-i-g-m-a N-u. The world famous Sommer Bene- dict will tell you all about the fraternity world and what the best frat in the world is — Voice on the Wire: the Sigma Nus have never lost a man to anv other fraternity. That ' s all I have to say. Good night. " .And the truth of the matter is, his statement is correct. -s - A man may be down but he ' s never out. So may a fraternity. Look at the Sigma Chis. They still have their chapter, but that ' about all. The) ' mij ht statue a comeback sometime, but as loiiy as they continue to exhibit them- selves on drug store corners there i-n ' t much hope. BROADAY PHARMACY No, sir, the Sigma Pis ain ' t got nothin ' on us when it conies to the country lads. Why, when us Kappa Sigmas suck in some poor country gentleman ' s son we at least attempt to make him feel at home. Look at our so- cial functions. There ain ' t any of our boys (nor our guesti) but what feels just like they ' re at a good old time barn dance. I ' ledge Kappa Sig and meet the Ncwcombite from your own home town. 197 THE 1927 JAMBALAYA riif Hetas make nice fellas nut (if anyliody. They sing and ihey sing and they sing and they -•ing. In fact, it is the singing trateriiity. You can always tell a Heta by the fact that he sings and alsn — well, nu knnw, er — he ' s a nice fellah. And Caron Ball is still itl; us. Down the road lhe came. Caron aiul his lhirl freshmen, hravc and true to Caron. On to St. Hernard to stop the trappers ' war. Caron and his freshmen and with them many unfortunate rushees to see the great outdoors and learn the glory and prin- ciples of Pi Kappa . lpha. ( I ' .d- itor ' s note: This was ri ' all worse than this luil I couldn ' t let it get by). 398 i JAMBALAYA Everybody must satisfy their gregarious instinct. Therefore are 3 Semetic guilds. However it is pre-ordaine l who shall be- long to what fraternity. The boys whose fathers have their stores on or near Canal street will be Zeta Beta Taus. Those a little farther down on Rampart will be Sigma .Mpha Mus while those down on Rampart near Julia have the choice of joining Kappa Nu or Kappa Nu. HDD □ ODD D □ DDD SQD D a D DD a a a □ Q Q Q □ 11 DLL □ Q[ DD ■50.l?fl PART5Tl A chain is as strong as its weakest link, the K. . ' .s will tell you. It is said that that or- ganization of Southern (ienlle- meii in all accordance with I ' an- Ilt ' llcnic rules pledged a com- bine of 7 frohmen before pledge night. Hill llic- iitches came loose in one, and like Ilumply Puinpty, they had a great tall. Hut undaunted they set out try- ing to buy some men. liul the (lavs of slaverv are over. lo ) ' " JAMBALAYA uPrtK. tLRS ncN Any freshman who doesn ' t get a liid to a fraternity or any up- per classman whom everybody else has passed up — need never fear of going through college un- hid. All he has to do is let the Phi Kappa Sigmas know he ' s willing and the ' MI do the rest. They are an oasis for the unfor- tunates. When you see a flock of pugil- istic looking individuals dressed like college boys — don ' t be alarmed, they ' re only Delta Tau Deltas looking for somebody to chew up. They were a good fra- ternity once but soincthing must have happened to them. If you didn ' t know they went to college you ' ll cill thrin roughnecks. 400 , JAMBALAYA The O. T. A. ' s have changed their name and Larry says they ' re going to be a howling success. It ' s a great consolation to be optimistic, anyway. Yet they have contributed a rhecr leader and several musicians to the band. It ' s just a hard life — ihev mav exist. If You ' iiB mn HJHI.£TC HMO mhh e . K . e J ONT ««■» ' .■ nd the worst of all arc the Helta Sigma Phis and Pi Kappa I ' his. They are listed as fra- ternities but that ' s about all; which i the worse nobody knows anil nobody cares, but any self-respecting non- fraternity man that joins cither never for- gets it. There should be a law against them. " So my son, when m u go to m himl p.is up ibr (irrrk . .ind join Munrthiiig . ' nirrican like Ihr V— •• Mot IV On R M ' k, jr.. bad lortg inee t;illcn asleep. 401 THE 1927 i ANNOUNCEMENT FOR 1927-28 The College of Neckology and Kiss- ological Arts ProKKSSOR U. KlSSEM Insirudor of Tcilmique Assistant I ' rofessor I. Huggem Insirudor of Lihiral .his and Grips (1) Principles and Purpose The L ' liivcrsity, ri ' ali ini; the necessity of iillinj; a void in its curriculum ami desirous of raising its stanilards in keeping with the deselopnient of modern arts and sciences, has found this new college to he of vital importance to the future welfare and success of this great institution. The fundamental aim is to convert a crude practice into one with a nohler and more artistic scope. (2) Labor Problems, Etc. In this division of the course the two approaches to the labor aspect and the various phases of the problem are analyzed. Among the subjects considered are the points over which there is issue in the conflict, such as hours and working conditions, the open vs. the closed shop, employment and training of workers and similar topics. Te.xt Books: Bennett, Kecking Assocliit ' wiis in the United Stales. Three hours a in ' ght for beginners. Elective. Usually open iiidy to students who have completed Neckology i . (3)Statistical Methods and Research The puriiose of this course is to introduce the student to experiences of the past masters and to enable him to make independer.t research along such lines as statistical method is applicable. The latter half of the course will be devoted to making an(i analyzing of the studetits ' individual researches. Five hovirs a day or m ' ght. Elective. Only open to students of the graduate school. Text Books: I ' lotscher and l?utler, Xecl-o cyii nl Siirees. ' i anil Melluiih. 402 g M JAMBALAYA m. ' msm ' l - v WHO ' S WHO??? . «■ ' 1 Iff y r. r » " ? ._J ' x py THE 1927 t JAMBALAYA THK run M IK A I I Pizzano: " W ' liaf s your favoritt ' son ? Nc ' v (.iiil.it.-: " ' Baby Fare. " " Maurii.-f: " What did you marry Miirii ' l for? " Ries: " Korever, " IMir innii ' r N if 1iImii.Ii s till- iiHjiv we see nl l.](.IHi. ' .S. t t ' laiii; " nu (ju kiKiw what tln-y ;tll lu-afht ' S (not Poarhes Browning) at Nowcomb ? " Walter: ' " So. what? " Piddy: " Peaches. " B ' -Ile. Willry Drills: " Say, Wilbur, who was dat fieiitlemaii 1 sih ' ii your wife wit last iii ht ' . Dr. Wilbur Siiiitb ; " t)li, dear niel That was no Ktiitleman, that was myself. " 404 THE 1927 S U o JAMBALAYA I Ills iv l.iliiiii ( . A. 1. lull. nil .ivtiii .iiul llu- lU ' illiiiir Slor Kill U .ilmul In Inniii llif ail liiil Iriir M(ir 111 how tlir lai ' iill i)f Nrucomb CiillcKc tnr ilniiio our i ; dciiiliil that tlic little triiltrnil nilii ' s weren ' t cin tile up and up aiul mi the lime had rcune tii wipe em out and ilamp down the lid, and so the told each and ever little fraterni( (h.it it Miuld lia (- lo i ' e at lra«t nnr unod rranon why it shoulil tav, whii ' h thev all did. Driir rfiiilifri: We love our Icarhcrn. W ' r do love our liaihrr . We alw.ns ir lo do what ' s ritfht. and when wr are had we at least try to he rlrver ahoul it. (See minutes of i ' an ' llelleiiic). Wc are verv necessary to this rollrije. We are tine ri.itnple ' i of piddic spirit, sinre in the last Iwii years wc have Keiierouslv lei the sludenl hody presi- deni he turned over lo rank outsiders. And we are also shininK examples ot what pull and jerk will do tor one in the ( imii depart- ment, (or insianre. Our last i ' l,iim to tainr lies in our two fraternity husses. (.Aren ' t those dear little rhildren rule?) These are a pari of our reienlly launihed ailverlisint; campaiKn lor ineinhers. Mav it pay to advertisr! Yours for ileiiiiHraey, TiiK I ' l HtiA HillS. 4o? THE 1927 sza= tes4, JAMBALAYA Diar Faiulty: We want to let everyone know that this ain ' t no Folse organization. We ride our cnvn hvcycles and always carry our lunch. Ain ' i we got the sweetest girl in Dixie and all that. If you kicked us off the campus, who ' d give the free feed to the Phi Beta Kappas every year, anyway? And although nobody has heard much of us since Agnes Broussard won the tennis championship some years back, yet as long as there ' s an Alex- andria our bunch has hopes. A fair chance for everybody, Alpha Omicron Pi. Dfar Profs: Where do you get this stuff, anyway? Chi Omega knows its groceries. Don ' t we try to avoid all hard feelings among freshmen by sending bids to everybody? We do all the hard work around here and never get any recognition; in fact, we ' re too modest to ac- cept office. We go out for the sweet school girl tyne. We also try to do the wright things b little sisters, come what Willia? May we never weaken. The Chi Omegas. Ihirlint Faculty: We have to admit that we are an asset to am establishment in being the backbone of tlif serious side of college life. We are mod- els i f unselfishness as you will see by the graceful and sisterly manner in which we allow the Pi Phis to carry off the Bone of contention. No one can deny that our fresh nir farm in North Carolina doesn ' t work. Be- sides that we can always guarantee intro- lions to the best frat boys on the campus. Diplomatically yours, Kappa Kappa C amma. 406 THE 1927 s4 J JAMBALAYA Dear Faculty: We ' re k ' -t ' " f ' h ' S " ppnrtiiiiity to iiifuriii evcrybdily that we ' re still here, in case any- one has fiir otten it. Of course, we realize we should have been better after the Fly got out of the ointment, but it don ' t look that %vay. Obscurity is just one of the trials good girls have to bear. Adele ' s poetry is about our only claim to fame. Anyway, don ' t any- body take a Page out of our book, or we ' re sunk. Watch us, we might be somebody some day, Thk Phi Mus. Dire Teachers: We ' re just dying to tell u all our good points, so as to get your K. O. on us. F ' irst, we are so honest we would burn at the steak before we ' d brake a rule of Pan-llcU. Our motto is " get your woman. " Look at the ptTsevcaring way we swung on to Irene from her fresh womanhood to what she is today. We never " interfere ' ' with colidge activities. Anyway, it ain ' t every fritirnity what can get a Kappa little sister, is it ? Not that we ' d think of Tulen our own horn! More strength to Pan-Hellenic, Ai.PH. Dki.i ' a Pi. • P.S. — Excuse speling, as we are to busy running the colidge to go to class. Dear I ' rnjessors: We are just a little bunch of nice girls try- ing to gel along and we ' ll say we got in some classy material last fall. If wc can only keep it through the I ' rcshman year we ' ll be silling prrlty. Wc arc proud to advertise thai Wf have the Hello of the Mitchncr family ai least. Our policy now is tn grab the best of the country girls, wc having convnted to leave all the town girls for Kappa and I ' l Phi. During rushing last fall some cal Iricil to iiully nur fair name by hinting we weren ' t exactly scrupulous. Oh, (P)Shaw, we should worry. Those things will leak out. Hoping to do bigger aiul briler things, Kaita .Ai.imia Tiikta. 407 Diiir I ' m iilly: riit-rc ' s nil tiiuilu in the M)rUi but vhat Ncucomli would fall flat were A. E. Fhi thru ' it nff the campus. (The kicks we ' ve i ' ilirn ti tin- rit have made us so modest). W ' r hnlil the world ' s championship for the vell nianii ' ure, the Misses ' hite, Boden- heiiner, Cahn and Wolfe are staging a con- test as to whose flnger-nails can look the long- est and reddest. Dot and Bab, of course, should be persuaded to have less to flaunt about their rival publications. Well, there ' s very little use making a fuss about kicking us ofl the campus. All our prominent girls leave honorably in June and judging by the death rate of the underclassmen, well, give us a year and we ' ll hang ourselves. Snobbishly yours. Alpha Epsilon Phi. Dfar Family: There ' s no use trNing to bump u off. We won ' t be luniipfd. We ' re here and we ' re go- ing to --ta . We were ju t burn this way. It ' s a poor Student Hiid meeting or Executive meeting which Marcel and Fannie can ' t bust up with their snappy repartee. We are all quiet and demure, altho ' we will admit go- ing on V. W. conventions has made Naomi a trifle wild. , ' n way, we try to live up to our inntto: " Moiikev business in everything. " . ipiiA Pi Epsilok. VVU -M y iJiiir 1 ' iojrs.uiis: We ' re so young, that we haven ' t had a chance to do anything to prove our excuses for living. We are fast workers tlio ' and expect to do very well. ' nu see a social light like Pat I.amb always helps. We swear b N ' irtue, and our favorite song is: " It won ' t lie long now. " In fact we got our charter, and iainnia Phi is now Zkta Tau Ai.imia. itll vS » S7 ' Dear Faculty: Alas, we have no reason why we shouldn ' t be suppressed, kihashed and made extinct. All we can say is that if anybody wants to know all about the responsibilities of sitting on Executive, just ask Marie Louise Renaud. My dear: Why are we? Easy admission to the Glee Club promiseil to anyone who can help answer this question. ' ours hopefully, Zkta Sioma. !»• . Ill III s Ki ' NNist: TiiHoucii a Class I.tcTURi! | " 0 ' v , THE 1927 ) JAMBALAYA " A Kiss WITH A Kil ' k " Louise: " Dili you kiioxv that darling Haby Peggy was at the Oiphcuin in person hist week? ' Helena: " Jhat adnrahlc creature. 1 bet he was embarrassed to death. " Dr. Aldriih: " ; ndrus, u ' e the word ' sonnet ' in a sentence. " Skinny: " Franklin swore h ' ' hadn ' t taken my li(|uc)r, but I snn- net in his pocket. " I ' rof. McCutiheiin : " What in the thunder is all this racket in here? " Parlongnc: " Oh! That ' s just Broad ' s animal instinct cropping cut. He made seventy in his Eng- lish exam. " M any 1 ' a pa K venings 1) iffer I n H as A R ouged C osmetic M ama S titiiulatinn A l va " s ( ' rving V a a I ' l " fissor If (luring to his i {ass in tlir Pes (hnihmtt- S( (iol of M I di( inc. 4-10 H a H y. (A V. o u y w a LOUIS CLAVERIE BOOKMAKER Prompt Delivery My Motto I GUARANIEE TO FuLFILL AlL OrDERS ON TiME (Reference: 1 926 Jambalaya) BIG SALE Large assortment of men ' s underthings. Winter is here — get your longs while they last. CICERO RAMSEY, INC. 1469 Henry Clay Ave. COURTESY CO-OPERATION SERVICE (Just try to get them) MR. LYON S CO-OPERATIVE BOOK STORE NEWCOMB COLLEGE For Young Women Send us your daughter and she 11 bring hack a boy friend. TULANE UNIVERSITY COi LFGE FOR OL ' NG MIN F.M1 DlR BdV AMI lit Will BRING ll (K A GIRL FRIEND Come One! Co me AU! EX-MF.DICAL STUDENTS EX-A. S. STUDENTS EX-LAW STUDENTS EX-PHARMACY STUDENTS EX-ENGINEERING STUDENTS LLvcn L.x-Denlistry sludcnls arc always wcl come. If you bust out of any other deparlment come to see me. MORTON A. ALDRlCll Keeper COLLEGE OF COMICS FOR COLLEGE GIRLS (Since Grandmother ' s Day) LVDIA E. BINKAM ' S Vegetable Soup ' our Mm. Binlfham : You may prmi the lollowiiig Icslimomal: Before I came to Newcomb I was frail and unattractive. All the other girls pitied me when I arrived and cmht sororities black- balled me. lorlunalcly. a true friend ad- vised me to lake your wonderful soup. .After rlrinkniK " 2 bottles of your vegetable soup I was a different |KTSon. I now belong to Zcta Sigma sorority and have had a 6:30 to 7: 0 dale with Sommer i encdicl. I owe all my success to your wonderful soup. Gratefully. Miss Iduinka l.ois. CAMPUS NIGH T BLACK BOTTOM CONTEST at the Y. M. C. A. Miss Frotcher and Dr. Pierce Butler Melle. Willev Denis and Dr. Wilbur Smith Miss Anna Manev and Dr. " Pops " Creighton Vs. Vs. Vs. Miss Minnie Bell and Dr. Albert Dinwiddie Jim the Porter Oliver LaFarge and Franz Blum DEAN ANDERSON WILL LEAD THE CHEERS Think of all the fun you ' re missing, just because your best friends won ' t tell you. USE BLISTERINE AND BE POPULAR Hear the Latest News SCANDAL!! SCANDAL!! SCANDAL!! SCANDAL!! 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Wance oppoii a time I tutt pipple idder sizzed adwemage hof dere huppor- tuiiities to learn Cirikk witt Lettin wM filussophy odder dey gif a Honk from dere hexems witt a hexpulNion efter. Hm, gredually I geeve a look in de mega iiir Humor from the C ' ollitches end — Isadorr: " Dode you bean Gollitch Hubor? " Mrs. F.: " Yi, yi, yi, yi, yi ! ! what comes from mekking soch eruptions from a spich ? Smack! Smack!! Rilly tutt I is diss a feet! Plizz to someone tell me is de collcetchians soch goot for nottings « itt proffciiity uitt slipping in clesses witt putties from de neck witt cucktails witt ottermubbiles witt Bleck Huttoms? Soch a nerfousness win rushing allways over de kcmpus. Is diss a system ? " Isadora: " Babba, kad I have a dickel to buy a tlollitch Ihibor? " Mrs. F.: " Ha! Soch a leedle dope! To gotter read it yet de Kummics from Collitches to ruiti de murrals mebbe yes. Geeve it a look in Pebbles from Hesup ' s Henimals. Smack! Now 1 rizzume my sturry. Gradually I ' ll gonna see it witt my unn heycs et de collitch from New- comb. But soch a henigma! Witt a hutt school witt a school of hakademics witt picnner school witt a tirrum witt a Jim ' s building! U-m-m-m. Oun ' t esk. Meks it a dizziness in der haid. Ha, is diss a collitch odder a kempus for hugginizations witt surrurrties? Like a CJrikk kendy sturr witt some Keppas odder de Thettas odder de Ki from Homeggas. Rilly, soch a rushing efter frets hexcepting unly one nemmed it Phi Better Keppa. F.nd a dremetic club witt telents from Sera Burnhutt odilcr from (Jlurria Swunsun — end hibby- Jibblzz at rehearsals. F.nd debetts. ' Oun ' t esk! Plizz ' ll someone hinfum me how de sobjecks are cluiz en ? Must gonna be to chess a va tie hinsumnia. Ha! Knd the club of glifful song-boids iilder bleck-boids odder keinierries, Witt high luitts witt fency trills. ' I ' i, yi, yi, yi, yi ! Why I deedn ' t tutt befurr from de Mendullin Club? Soch jczz bcbbies in dere dollink lectle jeckcts. Soch trenning in de physics iss remuk- kable! Witt huckey witt besketball witt cruckay witt huss-shoes. I ' m-m-m-m, dun ' t esk! Witt strungness from de Emezons. Is titorr: " Babba, who bakes the touchdowds od their foodball deeb? " Mrs. F.: ' Ha, internally erupting. Smack! Sharrop, you lectle full. I, eddies dun ' t play gemms odder witt soch teckling. Wot meks it a charing section odder dan de s itties from de Collitch witt Tulane? Witt freshiemen in grin keps witt striinmers from ullif end blue witt Elmer Mutter from a spunser witt Green V ' evv sungs. Soch a bleck lie iss Humor from de Collitches. Witt slepping in clesses, yes, witt ottermubbiles oppon de keYnpus is werified feet. But ferry tales iss de bed lengwidge witt patting poddies witt intuxicaling flesks in tie puckers yet. Yi, yi, yi, yi, yi! Is diss a sistim from slendering collcttchians? Isaitorr: " Babba, you tlidut go doo Doolade, did you? " Mrs. • ' .; " Smack! Smack! Smack! Sharrop anil gerratlohere ! ' ou himp hof Setcn. Ooh, soc ha tloilink bain done zipped opp all tie ciinn biff %itt kebbitlge. The Highest Conception of Comfort. Cleanliness and Security in Garterwear. FQfinW.KJ Dt IN US jT? MADE IN NEW ORLEANS COMPLIMENTS OF ALBERT MACKIE COMPANY, LTD. WHOLESALE GROCERS COMPLIMENTS OF SOUTHERN HARDWARE « WOODSTOCK COMPANY Take A Summer Course In University Style Godchaux ' s. in their own shops, tailor wash suits. And our Tulanc Model is designed to follow precisely the lines of the approved University Coat. Godchaux workmanship means fit mm the retention of style through end less w ash a n d wear. Canal Near Raronne 43 W UX ' s Colleyc Den 2nd Floor THE KREEGER STORE, INC. CORRECT COLLEGE TOGS FOR SMART MISS NEWCOMB DAVIDSON DENTAL SUPPLY CO. INCORPORATED DENTAL SUPPLIES— DENTAL LABORATORY Maison Blanche Building NEW ORLEANS Branch Branch Hutchison Building Lamar Life Building Shreveport. La. Jackson. Miss. JACOBS BROS. WALK-OVER SHOES The Store of Beautiful Shoes 807 Canal St. NEW ORLEANS HEADQUARTERS FOR STUDENTS ' SUPPLIES Microscopes Dissecting and Biology Supplies Surgical Instruments Hospital and Physicians ' Supplies I. L. LYONS AND COMPANY, LTD. Camp and Gravilr Streets " We Outfit Drug Stores " The Copy for the 1927 Jambalaya Was Written on a REMINGTON REMINGTON TYPEWRITER COMPANY YE COLLEGE TEA ROOME Audubon .ind Zimplc Sts. The Rendezvous of the College Girls UNDER MANAGEMENT OF THE MISSES PALFREY Phone W.ilniit 26 5 6 Hours 8:M) A.M. 5: 1 P.M. ESSENTIALS OF PROGRESS Transportation, power and fuel is to a city ' s physical life what educational institutions are to its intellectual life. A city cannot progress without them. Conscious of this fact the New Orleans Puhlic Service Inc.. strives at all times to render a street railway, gas and electric service that not only meets the needs of the present. but anticipates the developments of the future. NEW ORLEANS PUBLIC SERVICE Inc. FRESH PROVISIONS 91 1 PovDRAS Street Telephones Main 1809. Main 1876 HERBERT H. RUCH We Cater Specially to TULANE STUDENTS Established 5 2 Years MOSS SHAVING PARLOR no Baronne Strket Ed. Moss. Piupridor NEW ORLEANS. LA. HAUSMANN, Incorporated NEW ORLEANS LEADING JEWELERS Extend Greetings to Newcomb and Tulane Students and Hope to Often Have the Pleasuie of Showing Them Through This Magnificent Establishment In the Years to Come SILVON PORTRAITS Will Remind You of Those Wonderful School Days Have Them Made Now ' .OQ Baronne Street NEW ORLEANS This Advertisement is Written Directly To and For the Students of Newcomb and Tulane University Who Decidedly Want the Newest and Smartest Collegiate Apparel for Classes. Games and Proms SNAP. STYLE AND CLEVERNESS IN SPORT CLOTHES PARIS " CHIC " IN LOVELY EVE- NING ENSEMBLES—AND MANNISH CUT, ENGLISH LINES IN MENS TOGS AT MAISON BLANCHE Greatest Store South ROSE McCaffrey Multigraphing Addressing of Envelopes 322 Balter Building Phone Main 2838 Formerly in the Masonic Temple Building Thorn s-Pnste re r Dental Supply Co., Inc. DKXT.AI, SI I ' l ' MKS Phone Main 3998 820-S:!2-S21 All. lul. 1)11 Hl.li; 927 riiniil Stn-.t NKW OKl.KANS. I.A. Gus Mayer Co., Ltd. The Specialty Store SENDS THIS MESSAGE Congratulations to the Seniors! — one of manv Newcomb classes this store has been privileged to serve, vsiih correct toggery. We Specialize in the Fine Art of Dress Stores in NEW ORLEANS MOBILE MEMPHIS HOUSTON SHREVEPORT BIRMINGHAM Audubon Dental Supply Co. " QiKi i U Goods for Less " 322 Audubon Bldc. NF.W ORLEANS. I.A r r7. WM ' ymm M ' The College Man ' s Hotel " TKe Tulane UniVersit)? of Louisiana NEW ORLEANS THE UNIVERSITY EMBRACES THE FOLLOWING DEPARTMENTS The College of Arts and Sciences The H. Sophie Newcomb College for Women The College of Engineering The Faculty of Graduate Studies The College of Law The School of Medicine The Graduate School of Medicine The School of Pharmacy The College of Commerce and Business Administration The Night School of Electrical Engineering The Night School of Architecture The Courses for Teachers The Summer Schools FOR INFORMATION. ADDRESS Registrar of the Tulane University of Louisiana GIBSON HALL. NEW ORLEANS THE H. Sophie Newcomb Memorial College for Women aulaur lluiurriiitu uf ICnuiHiatin A COLLEGE OF HIGH STANDARDS OFFERING A TRAINING THAT WILL HELP OUR YOUNG WOMEN TO BECOME USEFUL CITIZENS COMPLETE COURSES IN ARTS AND SCIENCES FINE AND APPLIED ARTS MUSIC FOR CATALOGUES AND INFORMATION. ADDRESS REGISTRAR. NEWCOMB COLLEGE NEW ORLEANS. LA, " JAHN OLLIER AGAIN FINE annuals, like brilliant victories, are brought about by the co-or- dination of skillful generalship and trained effort. The Jahn Oilier lingravingCo. is America ' s foremost school annual dcsij ning andengra iny specialist, because in its organization are mobilized America ' s leading cre- ati e minds and mechanical craftsmen. THE JAHN OLLIER ENGRAVING CO. Photographers, Artists and Makers of Fine Printing Plates for Black and Color. ' 817 W. Washing I ON Blvd., Chicago ' s . i J W-ff- STUDY AT THE SCHOOL OF MEDICINE GRADUATE SCHOOL OF MEDICINE SCHOOL OF PHARMACY UNEXCELLED OPPORTUNITIES ALL SCHOOLS OPEN TO WOMEN ON SAME TERMS AS MEN V rite for Catalogues and Particulars THE COLLEGE OF MEDICINE TUl.ANi; UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA I SSI CANAL STREET NEW ORLEANS. LA. ---m THIS BOOK PRINTED BY BENSON all ' ' ! " - LARGEST COLLEGE ANNUAL PUBLISHERS IN THE WORLD HIQHEST QUALITY WORKMANSHIP SUPERIOR EXTENSIVE SERVICE 1 COLLEGE ANNUAL HEADQUARTERS ENSOlsl ' kPRINTINGCO. NASHVILLE., JENN. FINIS ' V ... i»,4,i .. ' iJte! I mr m - " " ■if-:

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